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File: 1424320528004.jpg (93.72 KB, 960x720, 33 (3).jpg)

No. 51365

Someone said she should have her own thread

For those not in the know, she was the wife of the late Rosterteeth animator Monty Oum.

No. 51375

No. 51379

She looks deformed. Wtf those giant ears and ugly face

No. 51447

No. 51453

She says during her AMA "there is no irredeamable evil" -this kind of attitude drives me absolutely crazy, of course there is??? Child abuse?? Readeam that, bitch!

No. 52294

Wow, she's….really average. She isn't even cute. Just average.

(That kick ass Ape Escape mascot suit in the background.)

No. 52888

Does anyone have the post about her taking Monty's sperm while he was in a coma and turning his ashes into a necklace or something?

No. 52892

What… Did she really do that?

No. 52898

Yes and yes, old news. Looking forward to her eventual posts about it.

No. 52903

Wow. I've never heard of this but God damn, that sounds crazy. I understand grieving over a loved one and that people do it in different ways but this sounds bizarre as hell.

No. 52927

iirc Monty was never really one who wanted kids, I think? But if she somehow did take his baby gravy to get pregnant by I'm wondering if it's for either
a; more sympathy for her husband dying
b; milk more money out of fans who donated to her
c; she's fucking mental.

Was she able to get her citizenship after she married Monty? He died less than a year of marriage and I'm not sure how green cards or citizenship works?

I wonder if RT will hire her out of pity but didn't some anons on /cgl/ say she legitimately had no real skills?

No. 52930


Monty never wanted children. He always said he had bigger things in life to tackle first and family as it was would only get in the way of his time.

You can still get a green card even if the spouse died but how long she would stay in TX is up in the air as RT has no use for her and she came only for Monty. She has always referred to cosplay as her job (lol) and is currently working on cosplays with the fundme money.

No. 52931

>use dead person to get followers

Seems she's not joining RT

No. 52932

Every time I had met her she always tried to present herself as the official cosplayer for not only RWBY but RT in general. She "made" the weapons for the main 4 that were on display at RTX but when looking at them, they were just 3D printed things with images of the weapons Monty already created so all she really did was sand them and paint them rather crudely.

And isn't that kind of shady? Wouldn't the money be put to better use like a memorial or donated to help fight allergic reactions or hell, even to animal shelters so there aren't strays like the ones she brought in to his home.

idk, it seems very selfish to me that money given to help Monty and whatever bills would come and funeral, are going towards her mediocre cosplay.

From the sounds of it, she also burnt a lot of bridges with the Canadian cosplay groups so I guess she wouldn't exactly be welcomed with open arms.

No. 52946

As someone who had to deal with Sheena vainly describing her figure as "too unrealistic because I'm naturally skinny but have big boobs" I doubt she'd get pregnant right now. She honestly is trying to act like cosplaying is her career and that she makes as much money as Jnig.

No. 54025

File: 1424763710182.jpg (550.81 KB, 1509x771, only1000.jpg)


Wtf $250,000 from the internet was not enough? Gotta start selling everything related to Monty while it's still at a premium?

No. 54028

>present herself as the official cosplayer

We know she's reading here, it's not a coincidence this was added to the ebay post.

>Monty contacted my friends and I and asked if we would like to be the official RWBY cosplayers

No. 54029

Is that her actually selling that weapon?

She's trying to fucking cash in on Monty like that? He got pissed off when someone was going to GIVE away a poster with his autograph on it as a giveaway prize. He would be absolutely furious about this shit.

No. 54030

He would never stand for this. He hated the idea of people taking advantage of his fans for personal gain.

Sheena's instagram and tumblr is still a Monty expose show of his facebook posts to gain sympathy. He wouldn't appreciate that either.

At some point she's going to run out of things from when they were together, and she already has made up a bullshit narrative of how they met. She only knew him for about a year and the bulk of his accounts are filled with things from before he knew her.

No. 54032

I really wish someone would call her out for that bullshit. She's selling his shit for cash to go in her pocket when he made that weapon either just for her or with her being the driving force behind it. So that's disgusting of her to be doing this and trying to cash in on his death.

Oh yeah didn't they meet and she ended up cheating on her ex with Monty while they were still together (and she was still living for free with the dude) in Canada?

I cannot believe she is using his death for her gain and going to get away with it.

No. 54034

She was living with her previous boyfriend's family and he her took her to Japan. At the same time she was trying to get with Monty.

No. 54052

WOW, she's fucking disgusting–inside and out. If my husband died, you can sure as hell bet I wouldn't be selling his stuff for financial gain just because of his name. The guy hated it when fans gave away stuff with his autograph on it for free and for her to be selling an item with his autograph? An item he most likely made with her in mind???

Goes to show that this bitch was really just a gold digger. Any other woman would hold onto that stuff.

No. 54053

Wait, I take that back about that eBay auction. I just checked that username and the photos. That Weiss cosplayer looks WAY too good to be Sheena's ugly Dumbo ass. It's not Sheena selling it but someone else. Monty didn't make that prop, Johnny did.

No. 54058

Sushimonster/Chloe always did seem like a nice cosplayer and really skilled.

iirc, she met Miles and Chris at Comic Con2013 where she did her Weiss cosplay there with a group of friends, which, was really good. They kind of became the faces for the first wave of cosplays of RWBY.

RTX 2014, Monty gave Chloe and her boyfriend, I think, the images of what Emerald looked like before Vol2 aired, weapons and all, so he showed her favoritism and they got a lot of coverage at RTX while Sheena was also there though her cosplays in contrast to Chloe's looked like shit.

The fact that Sheena's allowing it to be sold with Monty's autograph is still disgusting as hell because Monty would never want that, even if the money is going to Sheena's pocket or on her behalf.

No. 54061

It's so shady that both Sheena and Chloe thought it would be a great idea to take advantage of Monty's fans to fund Sheena's cosplays. She collected enough money from Monty's death as it is.

Does anyone know what Sheena's real name is though? It has changed so many times in the past few months.

No. 54063

Nicole, I believe.

And yeah it's ridiculously shady they're doing this to fund cosplay of all things at this moment.

I know life goes on after someone you love dies, but to use generous money for your own selfish purpose seems just so bad to me. Why not use that money to make sure you have a future or hell, donate some for allergy research or any of the organizations Monty supported through Rooster Teeth.

No. 54068


This needs an oscar for the amount of bullshit it contains.

No. 54101

This. I really wish someone would call her out on her lies.

She's gone so far as to delete everything on Monty's social media accounts from before he met her, so that it seems as though they were together longer. She also changed her last name and their fbook statuses to married only after he was in a coma. He never wanted this public.

No. 54109

Monty's death really sucks, but he seems like a loser beta to let someone like this walk all over him. Who the fuck would get with a girl by cheating and then marry her? Fuck that.

No. 54114


literally have no idea what this thread is about and just saw this on the front page, but guys who try to hide online that they're in a relationship deserve to fall into a coma and have their wife out them as being married

No. 54115

Can Sheena get deported? What's keeping her here other than the convention scene?

No. 54116

They got married for the VISA so she can stay in USA.

No. 54120

>"there is no irredeamable evil"

Though it explains why she doesn't feel guilty about all the evil she dishes out.

No. 54360

I didn't realize she deleted a bunch of his posts, what an insult to his memory before she came in to his life.

When Burnie announced that the gofundme was set up for Monty's wife I was confused because Sheena seemed the kind that would of flaunted that they were married since it happened back in May. I wanted to donate to help but without any details other than he was in a coma, it just seemed like a red flag. I understood they wanted privacy but to blindly donate just wasn't doing it for me.

And she only talked about their marriage what, in a recent post she made about his memory? It seems too fishy to me and just really inappropriate. Now throw her selling his things for pocket gain to fund convention trips and she's absolutely disgusting. Convention trips should be the farthest thing from her mind after her husband just died from stray cats she kept bringing in to the house.

No. 54386

After he passed she posted that Monty would have wanted her to move on. Clever way to stop any questions about money before they start. Add pseudo-intellectual words about love or death and suddenly using fan money to cosplay seems acceptable to the average onlooker.

The real question is why call cosplay and living expenses for one person "family support"? Who is the family?

>Sheena seemed the kind that would of flaunted

She did it before, but where he can't see. Now she doesn't have to hide it.

It's really sketchy posting personal things of Monty's, but adding spin on them to hide that they really got married for a greencard right on the month she would be deported. Nobody says it's sketchy though, because the only friends Sheena has were shallow ones through Monty who won't dare to say anything either way.

No. 54391

In one of the posts archived, someone mentioned that the girls of Rooster Teeth didn't like her and I have to wonder if anyone really knew her for what she was. Going by what Canadian Seagulls said, she looks for any reason to hate other girls because they're all some sort of competition. She badmouthed and belittled JNig but suddenly they're besties cause she voiced Cinder.

The way Burnie made it sound, was that all the money was going to Monty's Wife and his brothers/sisters family but it seems like it's just all gone towards Sheena? And now Sushimonster is raising more money for her for the sake of a cosplay career?

If my husband died, and knowing full well he'd want me to move on, I don't think I could this early. Projects would feel so depressing without him and I'd probably just grieve way too much and not want to do anything or talk to anyone. If she's able to bounce back so quick from a tragic death, good for her and her emotions but from an outside view of things, she seems to be making his death about her personal gain.

No. 54392

>her husband just died from stray cats she kept bringing in to the house

Was a cat performing surgery on him when he had the allergic reaction?

No. 54518


Maybe she knew it and was covered in cat hair before the surgery purposely killing him to milk in the money

No. 54632

He was getting a routine cat allergy shot when the fatal reaction happened.

No. 54634


Don't mistake hanging out at cons or tweets about being buds for being besties. Everyone tolerated Sheena's presence for Monty's sake and allowed her into circles she otherwise has no place in due to not wanting to strain the friendship with Monty or public image.

Sheena had access to all his accounts so people could never tell him what they thought unless he was alone. Sheena hardly let him be alone, even at work.

No. 54639

Sometimes that's all it takes to convince people [or yourself] you're oh good terms with someone but I see your point. I apologize for jumping the gun on that one.

Her not leaving him alone sounds kind of clingy but then again, with how popular Monty was getting, any younger or attractive cosplayer could of swooped in and probably make Sheena jealous just if he was friends with the girl.

I'm an RT fan and I'd watch some of the 24 hour livestreams they would do for charity and whenever Sheena stopped by with Monty, he'd hang out for a bit then leave and she'd just sit quietly off to the side looking at her phone and not interacting with anyone at all.

I wonder if she's going to stay in Texas?

No. 54847

The fulltimers at RT barely tolerated her since they knew she's there just to live off Monty while hoping to get a job animating on his team. She had minimal experience at school and gave zero fucks about animating so it would be nepotism at best.

This is why you don't see her interacting, she's not passionate about what RT is about but wants to cosplay or be a model since she couldn't do so on any professional level.

Everyone knew what she really was about but for Monty's sake and for RT's cover of everyone being a tight knit family, they let her be around. Pretending to be friends on public social media and interacting at conventions with fans is part of the business.

No. 54850

That's even worse. Wow. What a fucking loser.

No. 54853

Where is she even from?

No. 54854

Canada I believe. I think her ex-boyfriend lived in Vancouver which is why the Canadian seagulls knew a lot about what kind of person she is.

No. 54856

So many fucking psychos are from Canada lately.

No. 54870

its gotta be something in the water

No. 54879

No. 54889

Again, I really wish someone could call her out about taking advantage of Monty's fans but I'm afraid to even look at her AMA for all the asskissing.

No. 54946

>Sold for $4,900.00

No. 54948


I shouldn't give a fuck about this but I just can't help but be so disgusted by her and her friends cashing in on his death.

I only met him a few times ad he was nice but near the end, a bit egotistical and self centered but he seemed to still care about his fans happiness with his series.

It's such an insult to his memory and I can't believe people are buying in to it and throwing money at her she does not deserve at all.

No. 54949

People are really naive if they think Chloe isn't getting a cut of the profit, and if they think someone with med and life insurance magically has bills exceeding $250k after they die.

No. 54957

Chloe's already really successful, isn't she? Her cosplay and her boyfriend's propwork are really amazing so I guess I can see why Sheena's latched herself to them.

At RTX, Chloe was going up to other cosplayers and looked like she was having a lot of fun and actually talked to the people but Sheena would just sit and wait for people to come to her.

But still, this whole selling shit with his name on it? Bad taste. So much bad taste that Monty would never be okay with.

No. 54961


>If it's alright to ask, what's your day job? Your stickers/edits make it seem like you're a graphic designer of some sort.

>I studied to be a writer, then an animator/actor. I've been hired to do the latter in the past.

Confirmed for having no job. Bitch, he asked you what you did not what you've been hired to do in the PAST. Confirmed for leech. Also being good at edits/photoshopping does not a graphic designer make. As an actual designer, I would know.

And the asskissing is bad anon. Super bad. And obnoxious. Also 'don't be sad for people who have passed' answer wtf is this bullshit.

I'm sorry if my husband died, I'd be fucking devastated to the point I don't think I'd do anything for a few months. Least of all work on frivolous fucking cosplay.

No. 54963

I hate the Weiss picture she usually uses because it's like is it a painting or is it a cosplay? She's shooped it so much it just looks like a painting.

So she literally has no job but seems to think she should be getting paid to cosplay?

>>I'm sorry if my husband died, I'd be fucking devastated to the point I don't think I'd do anything for a few months. Least of all work on frivolous fucking cosplay.

Thank you. The same goes for me. If my husband died I sure as hell wouldn't be in the mood to furiously work on cosplay and sell off things with his name on it. It might be a coping mechanism but still seems in bad taste.

Does she have any animations or images she's done?

I pray to God she doesn't get cast as a voice on RWBY.

No. 54964

This didn't need to be confirmed, it would be illegal for her to work in USA.

She already violated it by selling cosplay things online while her greencard is pending though. But I doubt she made any money to make it worth noting by the government.

No. 54969

>I just wanted to thank you, whom Monty's memory still survives by, his equally talented wife.

Dat autism.

>I've studied literature, creative writing, theater, prosthetics, animation both 2D & 3D as well as acting, though I've only been officially employed for the last three.

Her work history fits on the back of a napkin. Working as an extra a few times does not mean acting and Boss Management Inc. in Vancouver is not the same world class Boss Models agency she claims to have been represented by.

No. 54970


I know right? Just the thoughtof loosing my husband sets me on edge. I certainly wouldn't be selling his stuff. At all. It's just weird to me this whole situation. She acts so casual like 'Oh he's gone but he's here with me in spirit and don't tell me 'I'm sorry for your loss'. You know what? It sounds super disingenuous.


It's not that difficult to get a work visa as a Canadian or vice versa. If the company you work for like you enough, they'll apply and go through it.


Also claims to have worked in a studio in Canada as animator I imagine but lol. No 3D portfolio? At all? 'Kay. But every 3D artist ever starting out wants to be an animator in games/films and the draw for it is huge despite the small slots of jobs. Nobody wants to do particle or effects or rigging or tech artists but that's where they need people. And looking at her DA dat subpar anime art.

No. 54973

Studied but does she have a degree or is it just independent studies? Nothing wrong with either since I mostly do independent art and history studies but she tries to sound so elite but tiptoes around with the bare minimum of words it seems.

Same. So much same. My husband helps me with everything and it just my overall best friend I love talking to. If that was taken away from me so suddenly, I'd feel so alone and sure as well wouldn't be able to brush it all off within a month's time. Again, it could be some coping mechanism but it sounds like she didn't love him at all if she's able to so easily move on from such a traumatic event.

Tempted to look at her art but eh. I'm guessing she went to live with Monty fully expecting RT to hire her right off the bat for her skills.

No. 55042

His fans are autistic as fuck.
and I'm sure if someone tried to call her out on her shot reddit would just ban them.

No. 55045

To get a work visa you must prove that locals aren't as qualified for the job and you need a degree and credentials on top of that. That's all moot since she applied for a greencard with her marriage, not a work visa.

>worked in a studio in Canada

Unpaid internship and working as an unpaid extra. So profesh!

That's because most couples here had a marriage of love not convenience and knew each other longer than just a few weeks through the internet before going all in.

No. 55619

I'm disgusted with myself. I'm disgusted I'm so obsessed with knowing all the dirt on her or that I enjoy reading people's reactions to outright hating her.

I hate how she has friends who do >>54025 and that she gets away with it despite it being something Monty would never of wanted. I hate how she had money all but thrown at her and all she cares about is cosplay and moving on so quick and easily.

I hate that I want to hear more stories like >>52946 and >>54847, especially because I want to know if it's true or not about RT Employees not particularly caring for her.

I hate that she deleted some of Monty's life before her on his accounts. That's selfish and disgusting and yet she's going to get away with it. She pumps out mediocre cosplay, calling it her 'job' and milks her husbands death despite "moving forward". She's going to sell his shit and reap the benefits and no one is going to say shit.

It's jealousy, it's petty and I hate myself for just wanting to hear more bad things about her because from the first day I met her, she'd been nothing but obnoxious towards myself, friends and her fans while desperately trying to sexualize genderbent cosplays (like her Ooblek or 'Booblek' as she called it) and become like JNig. You were only worth her time if you had a name for yourself or coat tails she could ride.

Monty was no saint but I would rather he be alive with his ego getting stroked than her deleting his past, erasing things from before she was around and believing she is the actual inspiration for each female character in RWBY and how DARE anyone else cosplay them when they're all so obviously her.

She is not a good person and she's being rewarded.

No. 55659

anyone want to take bets on how long it is before she starts banging some other animator/cosplayer/whatever that she can leech off of?

No. 55665

That's not even a bet.
Its a known fact she'll hook up with someone like that.

No. 55727

10 bucks on attempting Markipiler.

No. 55733

It's not Sheena selling the sword. It's a friend of Monty's who wants to donate the money from the sale. (I know the girl selling it personally).

No. 55735

From what I understand, the sales from the sword and things like that will go towards paying off Monty's final expenses (funerals are expensive as shit, i don't know if anyone is aware) and supporting Sheena since she was pretty much dependent on him (and, though no one has outright said it, may not be able to legally work in the US).

It sucks, but I dunno, it doesn't really seem like she's milking it to me. If I had a spouse I was financially dependent on and he suddenly died, I know I would be pretty fucked for things like rent and car payment, etc.

Mind you, I didn't know Monty or Sheena, so I could be talking out of my ass. But I do know Chloe who is selling the sword, and she's a really sweet and genuine person, and i don't think she would be helping support Sheena if she believed that she was trying to milk Monty's death.

No. 55746

I don't think you're jealous, I think you're just disgusted with the mess she is. You clearly don't want to be in her shoes, especially since some day what she has done is all going to be found out.

No. 55747

Monty didn't have an expensive funeral. He had a wake where Sheena disprespectfully showed up in a short skirt.

Sheena is going to be fine for money for a long time. Chloe used the opportunity to get Sheena even more money.

No. 55762

>>…where Sheena disprespectfully showed up in a short skirt.

Did she? I guess I didn't see any pictures posted but I've been kind of avoiding those things.

That actually doesn't surprise me. She showed up to a charity auction that was semi-formal attire in pleather looking booty shorts, corset and stiletto heels.

Chloe is a nice person from what I can tell and her heart is probably in the right place but I still believe that Monty would not like the fact that Chloe is using a prop with his signature on it that he no doubt, signed for her, only to sell it. Especially after she got 250,000$ from generous fans and no doubt whatever help Burnie will be willing to give since he seemed very effected by Monty's death.

No. 56867

So did she actually kill him or what?

No. 56921

ugh, I can't stand him.

No. 56922

In a way. She had cats and he was highly allergic. He kept going the allergy shots and then reacted badly, fell into a coma and died.

No. 56937

Yes. With cats.

No. 56999

She also had the docs pull the plug if Monty stopped breathing, instead of trying to keep him alive.

No. 57012

Why do people have sympathy for this bitch again? She clearly married this man and used him for both his money and VISA, then killed him and didn't shed a tear.

No. 57041

She got the money, so now she gotta Keep Moving Forward duh!

>Monty Oum spent the rest of his life with me, and that’s a priceless transaction I will never refund.

No. 62499

File: 1426408585535.jpg (44.63 KB, 400x600, Neo_800_400w[1].jpg)

Sheena plugging new prints saying Monty took the photos.

Her twitter is now sheenaoum.

No. 63516

Holyshit. That's deplorable.

No. 63524

I'm finding all of this morbidly amusing. That's terrifying.

No. 65165

>putting his signature on things that he didn't create to sell more

Dude's dead and she still isn't done making money off his name.

No. 65235

The more I learn about this goblin, the more I wonder what Monty saw in her. She's crazy, she's ugly, shes a gold digger and she seems all around unlikable. Monty himself wasn't a saint but holy shit, he could've done better.

No. 65236

Agreed. But Monty was beta as fuck. She probably gave him easy sex and he got guilted into marrying her for her visa and couldnt get out of the relationship.

No. 65240

Visa in exchange for pussy, not that hard to put together.

No. 65243

You sound like an extremely simple person. And by simple, I mean a moron.

No. 65539

She's going to milk his death for all the money she can. Despite saying she's going to "move forward" she's going to use him the entire way even after he's dead.

Is she even going to stay in Texas? What does she have keeping her there?

No. 65710

Monty was trying to get with a few of his fangirls and they weren't reciprocating. She was the first one who was willing to move in and be his cumdumpster.

No. 65712

>What does she have keeping her there?

She's holding out for a job at RT but with all the money she's sitting on, a job doesn't matter anymore. She's cosplaying as usual and soon going to be buying a PS4.

No. 65724

I thought no one at RT liked her but yeah with all that money she's good for a while and it looks like she's just going to keep raking in the dough if she keeps slapping Monty's name on images of her.

No. 65734

Whether they like her or not, what can she really bring to the company? I know she did art or w/e in school, but with all the stuff RT pumps out, is she even on par with any of it? If they do for some reason hire her, if no one likes her that's bound to encourage her to leave if she can't get along with her co-workers.

No. 65998

I don't think they would hire her, if they wanted to they would have already. She hung out at their offices as though she worked there for months.

No. 66008

Yeah right, because it isn't obvious that that was her plan.

No. 66028

Hi Nicole!

No. 66034

From what I remember on CGL is that she tries to pass off she's an artist but has no talent to actually back up her claims. Her cosplay is sub-par and rides coat tails on any cosplayer that can get her more followers. I haven't seen any of her art personally, but I can't see her doing anything for RT other than trying hard to be their "official" cosplayer.

No. 81280

Looked at her Twitter. I know everyone grieves different ways but it is… quite special that all Sheena has been up to is creating more costumes, promoting her print shop, and now she recently announced she's going to MCM Expo.

No. 81458

She's literally just using her dead husbands name on things to sell herself on his behalf and rake in the money.

It's something everyone's been slowly noticing.

If she puts up a new print, she specifically says "Monty took this picture" and people throw money at her.

No. 81463

She was at a con and bragged about signing things Monty normally would. She's enjoying the cosfame from his death for sure, it has got her to new cons she would never have been a guest at unless Monty went and she followed. Since he had a job and tight schedule, it wouldn't have been possible before.

No. 81466

She also has been vaguely talking as though she has a real 9-5 job when it is clear all she does is cosplay. I don't get why she keeps up the facade.

No. 81477

That's pretty gross. I wish someone would call her out on that because that's just wrong. She believes she's RWBY's incarnate and taking more of the credit for it with Monty gone despite doing nothing but making sub par cosplay.

No. 81541

File: 1428978376167.jpg (216.28 KB, 619x807, why.jpg)

Keep on beggin' for handouts!

No. 81554

Is she a guest at MCM? There is no announcement. It looks more like she's blowing a ton of money to have a eurotrip by following Nigri's coattails once again.

No. 81670


She can fuck off along with Nigri. MCM is already a overcrowded shitfest but will be even more so if they attend as 'guests'.

No. 91099

Heyyy speaking of a new suggar daddy! Apparently this Adam dude is her new photographer, that built her a PC a week after Monty passed away. Damnnnn she moves fast.

No. 91101

There is another guy who has been doing stuff for her as well. She begs for him to come over thru Facebook when she needs random things.

No. 91128

I know there are two Adams at RT but I doubt they're them? But it wouldn't surprise me if she's looking for someone else to leech off of. She already made a post talking about moving on so quickly after his death.

Is she already sleeping with someone in Monty's bed? I assume she took over his apartment.

No. 91130

Can someone explain why the gofundme is still going on? Didn't Monty die quite a while ago and she got a ton of cash?

No. 91144

He passed away Feb. 1st, I believe? They'll probably keep the GoFundMe for a long time. She's already spending a lot on convetions, cosplay and doesn't seem to be looking for an actual job.

No. 91177

How many more avenues does she use for silly handouts from Monty's fans?


No. 91186

She's probably trying to pull a Ray hoping she'll get 19k in one day on twitch like he did. Props to Ray who deserves it.

Sheena's going to ride that pity me with handouts train and milk Monty's death for all it's worth.

No. 91219

That fucking asshole is set for life.

No. 91241

Fans need to stop donating to this lanky bitch. She basically killed her husband.

No. 91249

No. 91254

Um what do you mean by this?

No. 91260

Apparently she brought in a stray cat into their house and Monty was allergic to them or something. I don't know, it's at the beginning of the thread.

No. 91264

I was scrolling through her twitter and not once did I see her mention anything about Monty. If my s/o died I would mention him soo much if I was that active. Hell I dont even know if I couldbe that active If he died. I love cats and would def take in strays but if my husbando was deathly allergic I wouldn't even think of bringing any into my house. Shes a horrible person.

No. 91269

She only mentions him when she puts up any of her photographs to sell with 'oh he took this one of me…so sad' and reaps the benefit of leeching off his name. Like here >>62499

I also assume her not bringing him up is a way to mask her pain but then I read stuff like >>81463 >>56999 >>55747 and I just feel disgusted.

No. 91280

He had an allergic reaction during a "simple medical procedure" which resulted in his death. I can't find a lick of evidence that the allergic reaction had anything to do with cats.

No. 91283

Fans knew about Monty's allergies because of RTPodcast and other mentions. He even tweeted a few times about how he would one day get a cat after dealing with his allergies and a reason Joe the Cat left the RT offices was because of Monty's allergies.

Monty had wanted to get the shots to combat his allergies but after the first he felt ill and Sheena kept pushing him to go in for the next one and the next one but he had been feeling sick for a good two months prior to his death.

Is it Sheena's fault? Partly but also partly Monty's fault for allowing it or not saying anything against it.

What people are pissed about is how she's taking advantage of her dead husband's fame and making it her own while piggy backing on his name and it was only after he died was it even mentioned they were married at all. The wedding was in secret, supposedly, but that still seems sketchy.

It could all be a tale of a plethora of bad luck stringing along, we won't know.

No. 91292

Excuse my stupidity, but what exactly triggered the allergic reaction? Why did it happen when he was getting the "medical procedure"?

No. 91293

If I recall correctly, to help with allergies via allergy shots, you are usually injected with low dosages that help build up a tolerance and slowly brings your immunity up while keeping some anti-allergic medication so he doesn't fully have an all out reaction.

If he was getting injected with low dosages but then being exposed to high dosage via his home life, he was getting far more exposure that could of triggered an anaphylactic shock during one of his injection appointments. Given he also is a known workaholic and doesn't stop till he drops, his immunity system could of been dangerously low.

No. 91297

Damn that's unlucky. Apparently the fatality rate is 1 in 2.5 million.

Thanks for answering my questions.

No. 91319

Occam's Razor, bitch

No. 91574

File: 1430435134589.png (291.2 KB, 533x668, sonico.png)

More with Adam Patrick Murray

No. 91577

File: 1430435524062.png (272.94 KB, 540x608, adam.png)

Are we taking bets on the black widow's next victim?

No. 91579

This makes me sick to my stomach

No. 91583

she looks like a 40 year old woman who had a midlife crisis and is now trying to be relevant through those "cuh-yoot japanese fashions"

No. 91591

Well… She seems to be taking his death quite well. Fuck this ugly bitch.

No. 91592



No. 91625

File: 1430441709254.png (833.38 KB, 1026x631, before.png)

boob job? before:

No. 91627

File: 1430441747262.png (870.69 KB, 1039x627, before2.png)

No. 91629

File: 1430441830453.png (984.7 KB, 1024x618, after2.png)

heard monty bought his ex implants when they were dating

No. 91641

She should never wear her hair up for back. She has the ears of a fucking chimp and they are super crooked. Yes, I know the majority of people do not have perfect facial symmetry but god damn, hers is kind of extreme in that regard.

No. 91760

I hate this because she never says anything about Anna [the other woman] making all the fucking costumes for all the girls. she focuses on look i made that prop! No, you painted and sanded a 3D print of a model your dead husband already had before he even knew you.

she was called out on tumblr for making it seem like she's taking credit for anna's work on the costumes.

No. 91761

He was already sick from the cat at home, the shots clearly put him over the edge. If you saw him in person the month leading up to his death, you could see how messed up his eyes and body got due to allergies.

No. 91762

>wanted to be a voice actress herself
>riding Jnig's success
>attention whoring it up

Is that the only guy who ever takes photos of her?

No. 91763

Good catch, either it's shoop or implants. A ton of her old shoops had big breasts in them, so in Yaya form she might have gotten them among other fixes.

No. 91772

did you see him a month before he died? in person?

No. 91775

not that anon but I heard he was at ALA this year but spent most of it in the hotel room because he was feeling sick.

No. 91918

Heard somewhere that she absolutely hates Meg Turney. But acts all buddy buddy now to get ahead.
She used to be completely obsessed with Gavin.

No. 91928

In the CGL archives, I think someone said she hated all the girls at RT because they were all some sort of competition in her mind. I wouldn't be surprised if she hated Meg for something petty.

Another anon said, in a cgl thread, that she hates others for ridiculous reasons like "they had parents who stayed together while mine got divorced, I hate them."

Whenever RT did one of their 24 hour charity streams and Sheena would appear, she hardly contributed. She just sat there on her phone and barely spoke to anyone.

No. 92112

She tells everyone a story about how her parents abused her.
But tells everyone a different version of her childhood.
Basically her entire life is built around pitying her.

No. 92121

If her parents abused her, how come they paid for her to go to animation courses and whatever? That stuff isn't cheap.

No. 92135

She had a scholarship to VFS and took loans out to go there. But her ex bf's family helped pay those off and paid her way through Capilano
still hasn't paid the exbf back

No. 92156

File: 1430523662454.jpg (87.94 KB, 960x720, 644544_975821844203_543431964_…)

That's disgusting. I hope she uses some of that fundme money to pay back all her debts.

Anyways, I'm with the anons who think she got a boob job with the money.

No. 92159

File: 1430523921215.jpg (73.92 KB, 1280x800, 11088408_925233274187989_50679…)



No. 92279

Yeah… I'm calling boob job too. The tit looks super round and big under her skin and I see what looks like 2 stretch marks. Donation money to a "grieving" widow well spent!

No. 92288

Why haven't people exposed this? Or are her neckbeards in denial like they are about JNig's breasts.

Also, I had a thought earlier, if she no longer works for RT but still sells prints of herself in RWBY cosplay, shouldn't she be in trouble for using their IP? I know her husband was the creator but the company, I believe, is the owner of the IP. So while fanartist, other cosplayers selling prints, cosplayers selling cosplays, and other people get shut down or a warning from RT, she gets to keep cashing in on mourning fans?

Or is that something protected under parody law?

No. 92293

its fucking disgusting that you would bring an animal that your husband is allergic to into your home and force him to be around it. not everyone is meant to have cats ugh. he would have been alive if it wasn't for you. you killed your husband so you could have a stupid cat.

No. 92349

Wow. How fucking disgusting to sell her husband's stuff few weeks after his death for her gain. Is there any proof that she still does this to her fans after a few months? Someone outta call out on her shit.

No. 92365

Anon, I don't know if you've ever dealt with the death of a family member personally, but that's just kind of what you do. You can't keep everything. Sitting in a house full of things that do nothing but remind you of your dead loved one fucking blows, and I speak from experience. She's shitty for other reasons. Selling stuff that is legally hers is not one of those reasons.

No. 92751

Except the husband never wanted his stuff to be sold.

He didn't even want his stuff to be given away for free in contests.

No. 92752

Where are the stretch marks? That would be proof right there…

No. 92796

>memories fading

It hasn't even been a year, not that she knew Monty that long either.

No. 92797

Memories fading probably is Sheena talk for justifying that she's possibly already fucking someone.

No. 92988

File: 1430695290663.png (60.34 KB, 647x239, yikes.png)


No. 93046

I mean, that shit is annoying no matter what. I have these neighbors who blast their music sometimes on Saturday night, but we do have rules to not play loud music after midnight, so people can complain. A lot just don't. I tend to work a lot of morning shifts, so unless I wanna be a zombie at work, i need my sleep. Some people think everyone has a mon-fri job when you know that's b.s.

No. 93060

I agree 100% with this. Yeah, it's annoying when foreign people blast their music and expect you to cater to them and learn their language.

I'm a foreign person myself but I actually put forth the effort to learn English.

No. 93094

File: 1430707062907.jpg (400.6 KB, 569x930, squall_24_by_montyoum.jpg)

Wasn't Monty dating some asian girl called Hootie? I remember seeing them together at cons all the time. He even credited her in his Haloid video as Huetran Duong. They were childhood sweethearts, dated for almost 15 years or something like that and stayed together well into the beginning of RWBY. He'd make her costumes for her and all. They were mostly genderbends of FF characters like Squall, Cloud, and Vincent. Her photos were all over his deviantart account. Did Sheena take them down? That'd be pretty fucked up.

No. 93101

I'm not sure about Hootie but >>54360
>>54101 both say Sheena's been deleting things from his accounts from before he met her.

No. 93103

Yeah, Sheena the bitch took all photos of Hootie down. Monty was so whipped that he let her do it which is a fucking shame. To be honest, I think he felt threatened by her because well, just compare Sheena's looks to Hootie's.

No. 93134


What happened between them? Was it the distance?

My brain is literally not computing why anyone would leave Hootie for Sheena.

No. 93149

I want to know too but from what I know about Hootie and Monty, they've been dating for years and have been long distance for quite some time. I'd still rather be with Hootie than a goblin like Sheena even if there was distance. It's not like they weren't able to visit one another. I don't think we'll ever know what happened between the two but I think Sheena was jealous of Hootie big time.

No. 93152

File: 1430711028106.jpg (7.22 KB, 200x301, 1430707062907.jpg)

She looks like a nasty ho too. Why did Monty have such shit taste in women?

No. 93157

Don't blame her. He designed and made the outfit.

No. 93167

Seriously? It's bad. Like basement dweller's fantasy bad. Monty really was a pathetic beta otaku.

No. 93205

Yep. That costume is pretty bad and he's awful at designing a lot of crap. He was only good at choreographing fight scenes imo.

No. 93225

Can't you call the cops or something for disturbances?

No. 93228

Sheena took things down after he died and before she posted the romance fiction of their visa marriage.

No. 93241

Sheena was trying to get with Monty for a year before Hootie left him.

Some of the anons in the archive were there where when Sheena freaked out about Monty replying to her or tweeting back to her.

No. 93247

The photos of Hootie were missing well before that actually. I remember looking in his gallery for those strange Final Fantasy gender ends Monty designed and they were missing for about a year or more.

No. 93251

Didn't she flaunt it almost desperately like "teehee he's flirting with me whatever should I do he's soooo in to me"?

The Canadian Seagulls sure had a lot to say about her.

No. 93311

You can but, depending on where you live they might not do anything about it.

No. 94207

File: 1430876940851.jpg (38.57 KB, 599x288, CEMf_MiVIAA51I1[1].jpg)

Is she a guest or did she make this banner to look like one?

No. 94218

checked. not a guest.
just riding some coat tails.

No. 94219

The fuck? Is she already ditching Oum as her married name? Guess it only needed to be on there so people would pity and throw money at her.

So she made the banner herself? That's some desperate grabbing there, Sheena.

No. 94220

File: 1430879700853.png (277.53 KB, 495x574, Screenshot_2.png)

> a million barfing sounds everywhere

No. 94232


that makes me wonder….don't most widows keep their late husbands last names? I mean, if they actually loved them.

No. 94238

I had assumed so. If they really were married, license and all, then her last name would be legally be Oum and widows often keep their last name unless they get an annulment or marry again.

No. 94240

I think she's using it as her cosplay name now. To avoid…confusion?

No. 94241

You could be right.

All I know is was only until after his death she changed basically all her social media profiles to say Sheena Oum.

No. 94247

>not a guest
>posting photos with the logo as though one
>begging to be invited

That's pathetic.

No. 94448

Anything for the e-famu. She's started streaming on Twitch recently, too; not that it matters I guess but the highest I've seen anyone donate to her was $75.

No. 94454

Does she even do anything remotely interesting in twitch? She honestly does not seem like she likes any games or anything, really.

I wonder what JNig really thinks of her.

No. 94460

$75?? Wtf It steams me that these lazy leeches just have people give them money when i bust my ass wity 10 hour days at work.

No. 94462

File: 1430932046134.png (823.78 KB, 600x800, 003final_sm_by_nyurt-d62kqbc.p…)

Her ex is in this photo. Dude with blue hair.

No. 94463

She sure has yellow fever it seems.

but in all seriousness, he looks pretty cute and I feel horrible for the shit she's done to him.

No. 94466

She's been playing Guild Wars 2, apparently. https://twitch.tv/sheenaduquette

Yeah, I watched that one stream from Twitch she backed up on Youtube, and throughout the entire stream I've only heard her say "Thank you" once. She gained one follower. Of course she won't be grateful for people's donations, she's a fucking queen.

No. 94470

> Which her ex paid for, and I don't think she will ever pay him back.


I agree, plus I just find it hilarious that she still has pictures of her ex up (she probably forgot) but she has the gall to mess around with Monty's shit so it could seem like they were together longer. Then the dramatic fanfiction romance to either gain sympathy or set her ground as "more important." Bitch is thirsty, tbh.

No. 94475

She's so blah looking. I dont understand why these guys dated her.

No. 94496

That pisses me off so much. If there's any shit I want her called out on it's tampering with Monty's social media accounts to wipe away the time before he met her.

Well she was second choice for Monty since his first choice didn't meet up with him at PMX. I think Canadian seagulls said she kind of bullied her ex to do things (like the FREE shoot) so he probably was a quiet shy guy?

No. 94529


You would be surprised at what a guy will do to not to be lonely

No. 94550

he's an OK guy. Basically imagine a cgl tripfag who is unpopular and boring and hangs out in /fit/. nice guy, basically a brick.

No. 94582

I saw she got $1000????

No. 94583

Have we ever seen her without circle lenses?

No. 94681


Best one so far:

… To be honest I wish she could get called out, maybe even LIVE if need be. (Then again there are mods, and she's going to get white-knighted. /eyeroll)

I used to have mutual friends with her through Tumblr, and when I asked them about her they all told DIFFERENT stories. Especially about the part where she discloses about her family. It really baffled me because before that, we would actually cross paths but never really meet in a sense? And she was always reserved and she wanted to stay with the "top" ones. Looked you from top to bottom and wasn't as friendly as she seemed.

So, all this shit she's delving into, spreading herself thin and riding coat-tails? Sure, it's one way to get somewhere but after the shit I've seen and read and heard from people, I REALLY hope karma backhands her like a S.O.B. She deserves it. So I don't exactly doubt people who say she "killed" Monty.

LOL Hootie should show up soon and backhand her, if need be.

No. 94712

I can only hope and pray she gets called out. So far all she really is known as is either Monty's widow or the girl who killed Monty. The pity will soon stop pouring in and hopefully people will see that she's doing nothing but using his name to further herself and make herself rich.

One day all her lies will catch up to her.

No. 94730

She's screwed over a lot of people. It seems it's only a matter of time before she moves on to new people who don't know her past.
Leaves destruction in her wake.

No. 94736

Wow she was still with her ex… not that long ago!

No. 94737

Must be from the same sad people who donated, the types who already buy prints and other garbage.

No. 94738

Well at least the cosplay world is pretty small and people talk. She won't have anywhere to run soon enough and with more people learning about her and wising up to her antics, she'll be brushed off.

Unless she does something to redeem herself and become a better person but… that seems almost impossible.

No. 94740

You can bet she told Monty and his friends her version of a family sob story, despite her social media history showing a priviledged single white female.

No. 94828

who was monty's first choice anyways?

No. 94936

File: 1431016091516.png (131.71 KB, 295x436, ninjapucca.png)


No. 94943

I watched one of the videos and she is really, really bad. I've been playing GW2 since release, and watching her was just aggravating.

She didn't even do any PvP, just open world PvE, which is boring as fuck. And I about died when she was playing a range class and just stood in AOE dying.

Jesus help me.

No. 94949

I had my bf decipher this since he's a Guild Wars 2 junkie and he's laughing.

Does she even do anything involving the people who watch? Like interactions or talking to them or is it just quiet and 'watch how cool I am' time?

No. 94951

I just skipped through it because she was bad and it was killing me. But from what I watched she didn't say much to the people watching, but was talking about what she was doing etc.

She is really, really, really dumb though. Like, she doesn't know how certain really basic things in the game work. I may not be the best player, but it makes me happy when there are people like her who play.

No. 94952


It's depressing to think she got donations during this…

No. 94953

even more depressing knowing it's probably all going to be spent on shit.

No. 94954

Yup. How easy life must be.

No. 94957


Spending it on shit while saying to people "monty would have wanted this" so they don't question it.

No. 94960

Absolutely disgusting how she uses his name like that and continues milking his death for her benefit.

And people won't call her out because of her neckbeard following?

No. 94966


Her neckbeard fans and 99% of the RYwb following are the kind to instantly white knight Her and Get your comment removed pretty easily so you would need a huge amount of comments constantly flowing.

That and a lot of people are still in the mode of "she lost her husband/boy toy/meal ticket so you can't say mean things to her" which doesn't surprise me. Think on how many people were like "I was always a fan of his!" after he passed away…

No. 94997

As a RWBY and RT fan, I really dislike her. She honestly believes every female character is suppose to be her and will shit talk any cosplayers who dare cosplay the same character she has on/has cosplayed.

I'm disgusted that Neo's one of my favorite characters as far as appearances go, but that it was probably 100% based off of Sheena (she kind of has her wide ears and is short to all hell). Meeting her was never an enjoyable experience.

Guess it's back to just sitting, waiting and hoping she'll do herself in.

No. 95049


Best way to start is calling her by name. Only reason why Nicole asks people to use other name is so she wants you to forget that she's a human

No. 95074

Didn't she move in with him after only dating for 4 months?

No. 95111

>> 94949
>> 94951

:/ I don't think it's even about being bad, it's that she's such a SHOW-OFF and she's coming off as an incredibly UNGRATEFUL person, only known for being "Monty's 'wife' " and someone who probably "killed" him. When you think about it, if people stopped donating to her out of pity, she wouldn't actually be recognized regardless of being a cosplayer and riding coat-tails. lmao.

>> 95074

She did, yeah, all the pictures are on her Instagram. You'll see the timeline from 2014 and onwards.

>> 94997

What was she like when you met her? Is it as what the Seagulls were saying?

No. 95250

I'm kind of surprised so many fans of his were trying to hook up with him.

No. 95254

>character with big ears

Not watching RWBY but is it true that one character was based on her because of her dumbo ears? kek

No. 95258

Her facebook literally goes straight from living with her ex to living with Monty.

No. 95350

I've talked to her ex a bit, never about her, and he always seems like a sweet, quiet guy. It really pisses me off that she would do him dirty. But I guess her MO is to latch onto an easily controlled Asian guy and leech off of him until something better comes along. I can't believe I have friends who let this snake into their inner circle and defend her. Fuck.

No. 95470

File: 1431062250099.png (114.85 KB, 800x1200, 10633340_640287366086139_80821…)

Yep. Neopolitan has ears that stick out more than the rest of the characters.

No. 95471

File: 1431062279130.png (81.93 KB, 576x960, 1379505_480865675361643_112883…)


No. 95472

How can anyone be a fan of this weeby garbage? It's not even good.

No. 95474

File: 1431062734918.png (358.6 KB, 690x444, Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 10.2…)

I'd say Neo matches Sheena pretty well. She spends most of the time just as Torchwick's lackey, out of focus, silent, and bored in the background like Sheena in the RT 24 charity streams.

No. 95477

I'm just here for the fight scenes, man. I don't think the series is good or anything but the fight scenes are pretty well choreographed imo.

Disclaimer: I have no background in choreography and directing. I'm more of a drawing person.

No. 95482

Other than ears that stick out, I have a hard time seeing how she's based on Sheena. Is there any official mention of this?

The outfit is atrocious though, a whole lot of elements that would have been fine on their own but are a nightmare together.

Monty did the fight scenes, so what's gonna happen now?

No. 95483

The B-Team will do the fight scenes. B-Team or, Shane really, did the Pyrrha VS Team CRDL fight scene so there's some hope for the future. Monty just worked harder than the others and I believe he had at least a few scenes already played out for Volume 3.

No. 95494

oh shit that's one of my favorite fight scenes too.

honestly I just said this as a joke in reference to how Sheena desperately wants to be part of the RT crew but also doesn't do shit. I don't think there's any official mention.

No. 95497


The sad thing is any form of criticism about Nicole is now is met with 'well her husband just died so you're not allowed to talk shit about her' from those friends now.

No. 95502


Shrug, you're at least honest about it which is totally cool and I appreciate. You wouldn't believe the amount of people that tell me:

- the characters are awesome
- the story is good
- the amount of effort put into the show = you have to like it
- you're not allowed to talk shit about it if you can't do it

No. 95505

Yeah, sorry about that. When the episode with Neo came out it just struck me as 'huh, I wonder if he made this character for Sheena' just because she was short, quiet and idk, just struck me as something she'd cosplay which she then did.

I love the fight scenes and I love the character possibilities and some of the outfits are pretty cool. I know shit about appealing things but I just like drawing the characters.

Putting my love for it on the shelf, yeah, it's really just mediocre but props to you for being civil about it. Thank you, anon.

No. 95519

The characters aren't that original in the first place. They all fit into TVTropes pages perfectly. They're very cookie cutter like Pyrrha the perfect girl who can't get dates, Weiss the stuck-up snob who secretly has a soft side and a dark family history, Ruby the cheerful little hero girl with a tragic past, etc.

The plot is boring as fuck too. It's super common and it's not unique at all. To be honest I don't see where all the hard work went because the buildings are just solid blocks except for Beacon, the characters look like fanmade MMD models, the story is bad, the voice acting and fight scenes are good (except for jnig oh gawd). Really the only thing that sticks out to me at all are the weapon designs and fight scenes cuz they're totally unique.

TL;DR: Everything's cookie cutter basic shit except for the weapons and fight scenes, so they're the only reason why I like RWBY.

No. 95525

File: 1431071212838.png (61.05 KB, 156x184, DerpEmote.png)


I like RWBY ironically (shit, call the hipster bus) because it reminds me of something I would have made when I was a 14-year-old weeb. It's like eating a fuckload of sour patch kids- terrible for you, but easy to binge on and somehow kind of satisfying regardless.

It ain't good, though. Hell no.

No. 95671

The voice acting sucks though. Everyone sounds like shit except for Ironwood. Ozpin, and Torchwick; though I'll credit most of the bad performances to bad directing. Monty was an excellent fight choreographer; director, not so much.

No. 95773


uh can we get back to this? screenshots anyone?

No. 95776

where did anon see this????
I feel like we might get an announcement on the 10th

No. 95863


Oh? Did she post something on facebook about the 10th…?

No. 95936

File: 1431120434548.png (269.88 KB, 594x438, 5-10-15.png)

from her twitter

No. 95980

Probably just a huge post about Monty to garner more sympathy pats and donations.

No. 96226


She sure went through those donations really fast then if she intends on trying to gain more sympathy/donations.

Sadly it'll work :/

No. 96251

>> 95482

I think it was in her AMA on Reddit; if I remember she answered someone who asked that question and the gist of her reply anyway was, "Yes, but I'll never tell who it is."

No. 96267


She said that Neopolitan was based off their friend's genderbent Roman cosplay

No. 96280

I didn't think she'd impregnate herself with his mojo yet. She still wants to be a gravure moderu cosplayer.

I fear for the baby , but you know that she will get donations for the baby anyway.

No. 96289

Oh, okay, my bad! Thanks for the correction. :D

Good luck to her if she does have a child; otherwise I think she's too selfish and self-righteous to even consider such a thing since she thinks of cats as children anyway.


Sidenote: She could be f'ng someone new.

No. 96291

I also wonder what her parents must think of her. Or if they ACTUALLY know that she tells different stories about her childhood. Do they know about Monty Well heck, I wonder if they know anything about her online life and "reputation" in any way.

No. 96311

If the child doesn't come out looking like half Monty she won't get money tho.

Considering her name changes and how her parents and friends aren't a part of her life anymore, I don't think they now.

No. 97088

It's probably too late for her to rake in donations on the child. Monty's been dead for a while and if she suddenly goes "oh by the way…", then very few people would even buy the story.

No. 97090

wait i forgot sheena's fans don't have brains. i apologize.

No. 97124


Her name is Nicole, calling her by the other name gives her more power to her :p

No. 97217

Since she has his sperm, raking it in can be doable even years from now when she really needs the dosh.

It all depends on how fast she can spend the 300 thousand she got. Don't forget Monty had a life insurance payout to her.

No. 97232

2 months

No. 97255

Shit, bitch, and I thought I moved fast.

Really, though, I don't understand Nicole's appeal. She isn't interesting, she's whiny and bitchy, and she's not good looking. Her face and ears remind me of Dubya. Mostly the ears.

This had better not be the announcement. Surely she wouldn't….(she would)

No. 97272

There will always be pathetic beta fags.

No. 97282

Those attention whoring tweets, she really wants to make money as a streamer it seems.


The Monty Oum fans pandering to her, calling her amazing but can't explain why is so ridiculous.

She has no education, experience or talent, yet tweets as though she's someone who made it and is inspiring others to follow!!1

No. 97504


Well to be fair she got the right dick to make her famous so she's inspiring other gold diggers in a sense. She's like the Monica lewinsky for RT. You know it's bad when she makes me respect Jnig cause at least Jnig does things and worked her butt off to get there.

As to the Monty Oum fans pandering as I mentioned before that the *99% of them don't care and/or willingly ignore the fact she doesn't do anything for the show which is bloody amazing in itself.

*the 1% being here who actually see through her bullshit

No. 97665

Lel @ that Tweet. A joke, but still quite pathetic nonetheless. She's spreading herself incredibly thin just to rake all dat moolah.

> I understand the need to express her sentiment, but godDAMN. At this point it's all FAKE and just to get some attention. lmao.

>>97090 >>97124
Yeah, I think from now on we should just call her Nicole. Calling her "Sheena" just feeds that pretentious facade and that won't help one bit. Will just help her achieve elite status. Not something she deserves, tbh.

I think she has education, it's just that people are putting her on a pedestal just because she sucked famous dick, and she keeps talking about "moving forward" blah blah, "working hard to get somewhere" as her gist… when she hasn't exactly proven herself just yet. It's honestly really stupid, but all of us can sit here cackling at the fact she will be NOTHING more than being labeled as: "Monty Oum's wife." That's IT.

Jessica worked hard by showing cleavage 98% of the time —— for another thread, but, about Nicole, she's going to end up as another JNig, at the rate she's going. Lololol. Tfw she suddenly pushed up her "boobs" a little after she became friends with JNig. (Points @ Boobleck poster.)

Shit talk about ___ > Become friends > Learn something > Ditch them.

Let's be honest: that's how the world goes for basic bitches, and they're all fake as hell and NOTHING about that will change.

No. 97919

She doesn't have a degree, but even if she had education, none of it means she's employable. Otherwise she'd have been working at RT.

I don't think she'll ever catch up to Jnig even with the new implants. She doesn't have an approachable personality and Jnig spent years carving out her niche after going viral for her bod. The internet is a bigger place now.

No. 97947

>>She doesn't have an approachable personality and Jnig spent years carving out her niche after going viral for her bod.

This. Nicole already acts like a self entitled bitch so she's hardly approachable. She's rude to people online and in person unless you have a name to you which, suddenly her attitude changes but she'll still shit talk you behind your back.

No. 97969


Grinds my gears that even pointing these out to the Monty fans pandering to her falls on deaf ears.

Why are most of them THAT dumb?

No. 98048

>working her ass off to achieve anything
Please stop

No. 98090

Ahhh, I gotcha. I thought you just meant 'education' as a general term. Sorry! But yeah, very true. If she had been lingering long enough @ RT and at least trying to get her name in with her portfolio, even if it isn't extensive… and not just through Monty, they probably would have considered her. Idk.

I saw that RT Salute video Nicole was in and she seemed nothing more than snarky and self-absorbed, always looking at her phone. I never saw her put the damn thing away. Every time she spoke or joked around it just felt like she was trying to show off or one-up for some reason.

No. 98322

so what was the announcement anyways?

No. 98332

What video is this?

No. 98338


The point is Jnig did and does more than Nicole. Nicole is trying to ride off Jnig's coat tails.

No. 98347


New Nicole and Monty fiction about how they like TOTALLY REALLY were gonna get married for lurve after knowing each other for a few months, and how it wasn't for a visa. Looks boring and another grab for sympathy and praise over how strong she is.

No. 98361

Wow. Just wow. She's really grasping for straws now to get sympathy bucks thrown at her. Sadly, it might work, too.

4chan's /co/ board seems to kiss her ass, too.

No. 98375


Think we should do a tally on how many times nicole mentions Monty in a post to gain sympathy/donations

No. 98392

Good majority of 100% of any posts with Monty will include some sob story and (not so)subtle hints of needing donations.

When is MCM? I'm hoping to not see her at Fanimecon. She was there last year but based on >>94207 she's going as a photobomb to JNig and I hope they're the same time. (Fanime is 22nd - 25th of May)

No. 98397

Isn't /co/ full of hardcore RWBY fans? Can't help them.

No. 98398

I wonder what her legal name really is at this point.

No. 98407

Is it weird that she doesn't mention Michael or Lindsey's name at all? She just refers to them as "our friends." And its not like she's trying to be discreet, she posts a picture of Michael and anyone who follows RT/ AH would figure it out that it was their wedding?

No. 98416

Must grind Nicole gears that Meg has so much more Facebook likes. Then again Meg doesn't come off as a bitch and several times more attractive

No. 98425

Maybe they're not really friends? It's such an unusual post, especially in the way the wedding's description was worded, particularly in regards to the guests and "people" there.

No. 98456

She probably hates Meg cause Meg 1: has Gavin and 2: portrays herself as a cosplayer and is more successful than Nicole.

You'd think she'd mention names but I think she's just flaunting how oh so nonchalant her relationship with them is. Like how everyone wishes they could be friends with the Jones' but nope, she's so casual with them she doesn't need names.

Kind of. They're like hardcore but then act like they only ironically like RWBY or Monty's work. I guess since they're all dudes they all want to bang Nicole.

No. 98457

No. 98461


Legal name, not sure, but I saw her LinkedIn profile. As for her personal Facebook name she's changed from Sheena Petra, to Sheena Oum. But her Facebook page is Sheena Duquette.

No. 98515

What's wrong with her body…am I the only one seeing this?

No. 98559

Who is Meg?

No. 98561

Meg Turney

No. 98562

Skinnyfat body, big ears and now has implants. OP pic is stuffing though.

No. 98568

Check out her left arm though, that shit looks deformed

No. 98580

I'd like to think she said "our" in reference to Monty and herself, when it is obvious she was just a +1 to the wedding.

I don't see her hanging out with these people or on any RT things anymore.

No. 98672

Yeah, I saw the RT Livestreams when they were doing the 24 hours streams and whenever she showed up she was always on her phone and hardly contributed to anything. They never had her close to the mics or really invited her to participate, either. They'd say hi but it was often left at that.

But, some anon in the cgl archives said that RT just puts up with her but she's catty towards the girls who work there and tries to play it off like they all hate her or are jealous of her. idk though, Nicole seems to tell so many versions of stories that I can't even begin to understand how she keeps them straight or remembers who she told lies to.

I wish I could talk about the times I met her but they're rather specific so she might be able to pinpoint who I am but almost to the point where idgaf. She's vile and I hope she can turn herself around before she destroys every bridge, lose every friend and realize how utterly alone she really is. One of the only people who could put up with her is dead and that's on her.

No. 98686

Fuck the bitch, spill the receipts.

No. 99119

I get where you are coming from. If you spill the receipts then she'll use it as people on the internet bullying her or making up lies while she is STILL GRIEVING HER DEAD SUGAR DA– HUSBAND. And thus more sympathy pats

No. 99163


You're assuming she spends all of her time here which is insane considering how busy she is with…not much…

Nicole if you can read this we're on to you

No. 99647

She's here and she has reacted to posts in private but I don't think she would dare point out this thread as what she's reacting to.

This is her last group of fake friends to have been adopted through Monty and she wouldn't dare lose them by letting this thread expose a ton about her because they'd know it's true.

No. 99661

So she's posting passive aggressive shit about this thread on her? Must be a helluva read.

No. 99676

It's pretty boring. She complains a lot in general, mostly the people watching her stream and her facebook fans.

No. 99677

If she continues that up she's really going to chase everyone off from ever liking anything she does.

No. 99679

Here's a receipt

"This new generation that hides in the internet is so reclusive from real people."

No. 99680

Why do you think she was so eager to leave Vancouver?

No. 99686

Well if she does that in the US where does she have left to run to? Not back to Vancouver, I'm guessing?


No. 99704


Knowing the same friends she had a lot are too chicken shit to actually outcast her. Talk big yes but if she came back it would be like old times

No. 99719

Sono matter what she'll get away with things until she slips up and outs herself since no one else will step up?

I know I won't only because >>99119 is right. I really don't want to deal with the people she could sick on me. That's not something I'm wanting to deal with.

No. 99754

People like her will always have rabid fans. Its disgusting but its what the internet culture has created, this false sense of worship for people who manipulate and make us perceive them in a certain way. But, just because those dumb nuts are always around, doesn't mean there aren't any people who actually listen and realize what kind of person these people are.

I use to be into the Onision truth tumblr/ YT big time. Yes I had fans frothing at the mouth to me, telling me I'm a liar/ stalker. But I probably had just the same amount of people who would contact me privately to tell me how my blog allowed them to see who Onision is, and that they're not a fan anymore.

tl;dr People are dumb, but there are plenty of non-dumb people who listen and learn.

No. 99756


No shame in admitting it as I'm afraid of the most monty fanboys too as they will go far enough to slience all forms of negative press.

No. 99764


I think you're lucky as Onision fanbase is largely dedicated as tween girls who can't do anything

No. 99772

What could her fans possibly do? Is her fanbase some sort of l33t hacker group or

No. 99776

I'd rather not stoop to the level of calling her out. It may seem like she's a pain right now, but 5 years from now? No one will care.
Basically I want to be the bigger person BUT DAMN DO I HAVE RECEIPTS.

No. 99793

no one cares if you have receipts if you don't actually provide the receipts

No. 99821


Still quite unbelievable to think that Nicole, who was actually a writer / roleplayer and cosplayer on Tumblr from 2011 or so up to late 2013, elevated to this status after pining for Monty.

FYI she wrote / roleplayed as Lightning.

No. 99825

>>99661 >>99647 >>99163

I would LOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEE to see what she has to say about this thread. I'm all for anarchy ignited on her behalf. Just because she's a con artist.

Plus I want to see whether her cosplay friends now will white-knight her. Chin rub.

No. 99832

File: 1431404160529.png (75.56 KB, 669x625, LOL hyp.PNG)

Excuse me while I laugh. NOT.

No. 99873

Considering she real life roleplays everyday, that explains where she practiced.

No. 99874

What is she even talking about? It's not career, so.. cosplay?

No. 99875

No. 99895

Haku or Sheena?

No. 99902


No. 99906

Is it Nicole or Nicolle, i've seen it spelt both ways in this thread?

No. 99917


No. 100016

She started on the internet. It's the same way she has to go down somehow.

No. 100018

She should write a "motivational book."

>>99874 >>99895 >>99902
Haku was talking about something concerning her career, I guess? She was probably just letting her feels out, so no big deal I guess. Nicole's "advice", though…..

No. 100019

poetic justice is needed

No. 100021

Yeah iirc Haku works for RT doing the backgrounds for rwby (are there even backgrounds in rwby which aren't solid blocks? although i think Haku does background design like designing beacon academy) and RvB. Nicole's "advice" probably has nothing to do with what Haku is talking about in the first place.

No. 100811

She jumps at all opportunities to act like she's some kind of established and talented worker online, so this isn't too surprising. I couldn't read more than two of her reddit posts without rolling my eyes.

No. 100835

Sounds about right. I can't even read anything she puts out anymore knowing she's trying to breeze through life from others generosity only to give nothing in return.

I hate that I'm jealous of her but not for her looks or cosplay skills because she barely has any, I'm jealous that she's getting to fame by riding coat tails, getting pity parties of donations and begging for free shit without earning it. No one cared who she was before Monty and soon enough, no one will care about her after she posts the millionth "Monty would of wanted this for me" post.

I guess I can take comfort in the fact that I can still grow as a cosplayer and artist and have real friends while she'll just fade in to nothingness and probably end up giving back alley blowjobs for money because she spent it all on fickle things for herself with the idea that she could just get more from fans as if they're ATMs.

Monty was no saint, far from it, but I'd rather have him alive being a prick than Nicole shoving his dead body aside for the spotlight to be on her.

No. 100910

To be fair, Monty had some sort of right to have pride because he DOES work hard with what he's got. I'm pretty sure he understands his flaws.

Coincidence that you would note him being a "prick"! I just saw GameInformer on Facebook post something concerning Dead Fantasy with the headline "Fanfics so wild they inspired their own fanfiction" ( https://www.facebook.com/gamesradarplus/posts/10152961312743095 )

Someone commented saying that "Seeing Dead Fantasy brings tears to my eyes"… but I think people have forgotten the fact that once, Monty actually bitched in a public post that he was so happy to create a new page / profile, because in the previous one, people kept "bothering" him about Dead Fantasy. The irony.

Also, anon, you don't have to feel jealous of girls (yes, girls) like Nicole. At the very least, you seem pretty aware of what you're doing and MORE IMPORTANTLY, you seem as honest as it gets about that sort of thing. Unlike some.

No. 100911

The word is, "pseudo-celebrity."

No. 101002


Another thing that grinds my gear, I was never a huge fan of Monty and I thought he was an ass but from what I knew of him he wouldn't stand for someone else declaring that they were involved in the process of making the show if they did nothing.

You know what Monty would have wanted nicole? Maybe keep on living and keep working on his stuff, not be "married" with kids which again I find the claims of them being married a bit strange.

Were any of His RT friends there to validate the claims…?

No. 101407

OT but I know Haku was concept artist and then art director. I've followed Haku for several years now and I really admire a lot of their work and I'm happy they got offered the job even if it was only through connections (and a little bit of luck). I'm a bit peeved when I see some interactions and mentions from Haku about Nicole because it's just like… Haku is so hardworking and admirable in my eyes and gained a following through their own efforts, and Nicole is just… ???? Just gonna stand there and look pretty and get by in life on your late husband's name? Ok

sorry for OT but augh it really annoys me. I only give the tiniest shit about RWBY because I saw that Haku mentioning they were working on it as well…. Haku seems to get along with Nicole pretty well though.

No. 101425

Is she the tripfag on cgl? laika or something?

If that's her, then yeah, she's one of the nicest tripfags on cgl and seems like a genuinely nice person. Nicole probably just clings to her because she has all the talent she wishes she could have (but lies to everyone about having).

No. 101433

Idk if she's Laika because I rarely read the AA threads on cgl unless I need to ask some dumb shit or manufacturer links, but I've also followed Haku for quite a while now and I do admire her. Not only for her work but also her personality since she really does work hard to get herself places instead of being like "HEY GUESS WHO I KNOW???"

I guess Haku is pretty much obligated to reply to Nicole and pretend they're buddy-buddy since she works on RWBY and even though Monty's not there anymore, it'd still make her look bad if she ignored Nicole like a normal person.

Sorry for OT

No. 101441

That probably means she takes a lot of the brute force in dealing with Nicole since no one else at the RT Office seem to give her the time of day.

The only time I heard them talk about her by name was after Monty's death but before that she was always "Monty's gf".

Poor Haku must hear all the bullshit Nicole talks about the other girls at RT and can't say anything in return.

No. 101464

I stopped lurking on cgl after a while so I don't know any of the tripfags but I'm pretty sure Haku isn't Laika.

A few years ago Haku was linked to a cgl thread (that I made lol, it was a harmless favorite cosplayer thread that turned into malicious rumors and stuff) and they were suuuuuper unhappy about it. I don't think they're all into cgl, before and now after the lack of drama.

No. 101576

Which claims? That they are married?

They got legally married right before Nicole's 6 month visitor limit so she can stay in USA.

No. 101626

This is all hearsay from Nicolle that they even "got married". Nicolle told NO ONE, not even her close friends. And by the way she has been wording her stories, and how desperately hard she tried to change all her social media status to "married" and "Oum" makes me think its a hoax by her trying to get all his money.

Like WHILE Monty was in the comma, she suddenly was "married" to him on FB. Obviously Monty didn't do that. It was just Nicolle trying to get access to that donation fund.

No. 101628

I find everything odd about the sudden mention of marriage. I had seen them together and she was referred to as Monty's gf but once he died, Burnie said she was his wife which was so sudden for everyone to find out and a really shitty way to find out.

Then Nicole desperately changed everything social media wise, to married, Oum and mentioned they were married in what, secret? It took her 'husband' dying to say they got married? That always irked me and was a bit of a red flag.

Sadly, I can buy that she probably only did it, or said it, to prolong her visa since she didn't get a job and no one in Canada seem to want her back. But it's still suspicious as fuck yet fanboys all but threw their money at her.

Is their marriage even valid? Or is there some kind of wait period before she could be considered a US citizen after marriage?

No. 101634

Isn't there a wait period? Idk, that's just something I think by my own common sense would be typical and procedural considering she crossed over from Canada. :0

Also, I agree with you guys saying that the fact they stated they were "married" after Monty died was a RED FLAG. Therefore Nicole's sudden burst of "oh we wanted it to be a surprise" is hereby null; I'd also think that as much as Monty wanted to keep the issue private, he would have AT LEAST given a hint that "Hey, here's my girlfriend —— I'm so proud of her!" regardless of Nicole's underlying issues regarding her "popularity" surge.

Haku seems pretty cool, and chill, and I agree with the idea that Nicole seems to be using people to her own advantage. It's just sad people are letting her run rampant and she doesn't own up (Nicole) to her own humanity and flaws. We don't know about her relationships with the people she's around, now, but for what it's worth, Nicole is more or less a gold digger.

I, for one, would NEVER donate to a cause that the person asking for donations from, was open about in the first place —— regardless of the fanbase / support system / sponsors.

No. 101636

What I find remarkable are the people who are continuing to donate to her after she's already gone through the 250k on top of about another 10k that was given from various friends that sold their own Monty memorabilia and Monty's life insurance or whatever RT might of offered when he was hospitalized.

You'd think after going through that much money THAT quickly would be another red flag.

No. 101637

Apparently not, sadly. She wants to spread herself thin, because —— //jazz hands ~*~*~* Publicity! E-famu! Cospureii!

No. 101638

And more money. :|

No. 101886

No. 101914


A rather small amount of fans responding but it speaks volumes on how…blind they are

No. 101972

>"I don't want to be rude but fuck off"

Wow. I'm glad someone wised up though. Good for that OP.

No. 102102

>RT was going to continue paying Monty's salary to her for the foreseeable future

I did not know this.

> The money people donated probably went to expenses for the medical treatment that insurance didn't cover, funeral arrangements, expenses after his death, and paying for family to visit him while he was in the hospital.

Also, she is a cosplayer and could have possibly been invited to the convention. And I'm sure she has her own job.

>it's not like she was some broke hobo before the crowdfund. I'm sure she has more than enough money to go to a con on her own.

These people are so stupid lol.

>meaning he probably had a good share of money saved up that went to Sheena

Monty was deep in debt and had spending problems for years, even before Nicole.

No. 102103

There is a wait period but there is also another process if the spouse dies where they can still get the green card. It depends on whether she did her papers on time and correctly. I hope she gets deported and taxed on all the money being thrown at her.

No. 102121


He was in deep debt? From what?

No. 102126

Always do the opposite of what /co/ says.

No. 102128

From cgl, I remember that he tried to get in to a hotel at San Japan with his credit card but it was declined so he had another one? But some kind of bitchfit was thrown because Nicole was a "guest" judge so she should of been treated to free rooming and free everything.

Monty flew a lot of places and I think he had a pretty huge figure collection? I'm not sure what else he spent his money on before Nicole but he was an anime nerd so probably art books and other stuff as well as convention hopping.

No. 102148

From spending far more than he makes. He was jobless for a few years and was seriously in debt before RT.

RT isn't some magical place that pays for your personal expenses. His old debts only lead to bigger ones because of his habits.

No. 102155

>It took her 'husband' dying to say they got married? That always irked me and was a bit of a red flag.

Monty's family didn't know they were "married" until after he died either. Red flag would be an understatement.

No. 102170


Thanks for the clarification! It was my understanding that Monty was paid well at RT to keep him happy. Logic being keep the golden goose happy for a long time as he pumps out fights but I guess either spending gone mad or the pay isn't as big as I thought (thinking 50k-80k a year)


It makes the reddit topic from earlier more depressing, these red flags and people just willingly ignoring them.

No. 102206

>don't donate if you care so much
>I'm sure most of that money was her own
>Don't be so rude

jfc that whitekniting!!

No. 102245

lmao y'all should create a throwaway (no email required) just to upvote this shit cuz I wanna know…

No. 102318

Fucking hell these people are so fucking stupid.

Sheena wouldn't be one to abuse the money, this crowdfunded money also has no concern to you, so don't worry where it is going."

>> … No concern??? NO concern?? People need to be socked in the mouth, it seems!

No. 102319

I had no idea that "guest judges" were also treated as royalty.

No. 102321

Also, NICOLE —— not Sheena, guys. I think it's about time we call her with her real name. lol

No. 102365

>>102321 why would someone change their name to Sheena from Nicole? yeah, Nicole is a generic white girl name but it's miles ahead of Sheena. Sheena sounds so trailer park-ish. Maybe she was trying to go for a southern belle in a trailer park vibe.

No. 102647

I guess she was trying to stand out since Nicole is a generic name like you said. Sheena is more uncommon and probably exotic in her eyes. Sheena does sound pretty trailer park-y.

No. 102977

I thought she took the name Sheena from an anime or something?

No. 102978

her trailer park name goes well with her trailer park face.

No. 102979

File: 1431763572648.jpg (498.62 KB, 800x1200, In_20The_20Sky_800_original[1]…)

No. 102984

Did Monty "take that photo" too? e_e

No. 102985

LOL I always imagine that TV series with Gena Lee Nolin.

>>102647 >>102978 >>102365
It doesn't sound professional, tbh. It does have a ring to it, like if someone says the name 'Sheena' she'll probably come first to mind, but if that's what she's aiming for… she's honestly not getting anywhere, at least not while people who know of her bullshit still exist.

No. 102990

At least Nicole admitted in her fanfic story about her and Monty that she practically STALKED him down. Of course, with the added "dumbing down" as she poses questions like, "This must be destiny?"

No. 102993

She can not digital her prints worth a damn. Especially attempting placement or recanting a scene. Those shadow castings are atrocious…

Also the fact she's using his name on things that he didn't do (I really doubt he took this picture but I could be wrong)is really false advertising. If he did take it, then okay whatever, but she's slapping his signature on everything is just more of her trying to gash in on him for money.

That cape looks really weird. Like it's almost drawn in.

I also only partly believe she made some of his cosplay; at her panel at a convention she did admit to getting taobao cosplays she showed in her slide show of her. Props for owning up to it but eeeh.

No. 102996

Seems all photos where she pasted his signature are "taken" by him. The shoop is so bad though.

No. 102997

B-but she's an artist~

See Bio section

No. 103003

More like a con-artist.

No. 103042

File: 1431777797566.png (14.06 KB, 591x128, lel.png)

For an artist, though, I have to admit she is quite a hypocrite. I did attempt to ask her for help for cosplay since we had some mutual friends and we had crossed paths before, but she was literally stuck-up in giving answers when I asked her for some valuable tips and notes. Maybe because she was aiming high for her fame at that point (Monty was still around then) but for someone so "thankful" for people's support, she sure as hell does not know how to give back except if it has anything to do with MONEY.

So, con artist, yes.

No. 103056


I wonder how the white Knights would justify that behavior

>youre not entitled to ask for her help

>don't want to be rude but fuck off with the questions
>asking for help with cosplay? Lulz, nerd!
>it's no concern of yours if she wants to help or not

No. 103144



Fall 2013 – Winter 2014

Story Development
Character Design
Weapon/Prop Modeling/Texturing
Updated & Corrected Textures
Matte Painting
Additional Voices

No. 103147


Didn't haku do the character designs…?

No. 103159

top kek at that bad photoshop

No. 103161

Haku did background and architecture designs. Monty himself did the character designs.

No. 103168

Haku stated in her post about Monty that she designed like 2 characters. I think she mentioned that someone else does charact designs?? My memory is shifty but its not hard to find the post on her blog. Not sure if the characters she designed were used or not, but my friend who LOVES rwby recognized them.

No. 103205

No. 103265

Haku's post confused me a little lol.

>Monty also had me try character designing, since Patrick was booked with other tasks and projects (he usually takes care of the character designing aspect). It was honestly my weakest point but I gave it a try and I had quite a lot of fun. He had me design two members of SSSN’s team, Scarlet and Sage, and the whole group was basically inspired by the Kpop group Big Bang

Rereading it she does say Eileen does character design, then states here it was Patrick (that she temporarily took over for). Regardless, I think that who it was, it definitely wasn't Nicole.

She also mentions Nicole, saying how she was such a nice friend and everything when Haku had to move to Austin to work on rwby. If Nicole can't really get along with anyone else at RT, why at least Haku, I wonder?

The post is at http://rockets.tumblr.com/post/110211155786 if anyone is interested, but it's mostly just Haku's experience with Monty and stuff.

No. 103281


Keep in mind that nicole is known to be two-faced so perhaps she puts up a good front for haku but haku herself doesn't see the bad side or think that they're over exaggerated

No. 103291

Wow. Nicole's idea of doing character design was probably things that were off clock like conversation's she'd have with Monty at home giving whatever small input she had.

Or she just befriended Haku to get close to RT and probably considered Haku her foot in the door. I hope Nicole isn't Haku's only friend but I can see Nicole bitching about other people to her to sort of segregate Haku for herself.

idk. everything this girl does I assume has some kind of angle because she genuinely seems like a horrible person only out for her own gain.

No. 103298

>Monty at home

He hardly ever was thou. Let's be frank, Nicole is starting to take creds for a ton of shit she isn't involved in to look legit with the people paying her stream salary.

No. 103301

Okay maybe not at home but whenever they were together like going to conventions. Or she thought she was legit cause she kept following him in to the office so if she's there she must clearly be an employee.

The title of Freelancer though makes it seem like she's hiding behind that word for "I didn't get paid but I talked about it therefore I'm involved and did these things".

>Nicole is starting to take creds for a ton of shit she isn't involved in to look legit with the people paying her stream salary.

Yeah that's pretty much what I assumed she was doing it for.

It's depressing no one at RT seems to give a shit enough to say she's wasn't working for them? Or are they also stuck on the mentality of her being a grieving widow and afraid of fan backlash?

No. 103313


Which is the really sad part cause I think anyone from RT (burnie, Meg, Gavin, so forth) could say something but I guess choose not.

I don't think the fan backlash would be that massive as I think the dude in fucking charge of RT has more clout than Nicole unless the fans are really that dumb

No. 103316

Judging by their Reddit, yeah fans kind of are. But you're right about Burnie, Meg or Gavin calling her out, they could yet decide not to.

Probably some fear about any sort of bad publicity since they're merging with so many big companies.

No. 103321

Nicole was definitely not Haku's only friend. Haku has a lot of artist friends outside of RT. I'm not sure about her relationship with the rest of RT though.

No. 103343


To be fair those guys could just be unaware of Nicole's lies and how far it goes

No. 103417

>Nicole mistaking freelancer with "working" for free at RT

Sounds about right.

No. 103445

No one is that idiotic. They're in massive denial.

No. 103463

>"It's depressing no one at RT seems to give a shit enough to say she's wasn't working for them? Or are they also stuck on the mentality of her being a grieving widow and afraid of fan backlash?"

Quite frankly, that could honestly be it, and as >>103445 has said, massive denial.

I think they're trying to protect the brand, and keeping a mentality of "any friend of Monty's is a friend of mine", which means more moolah for Nicole, more rep, and more sympathy. Just because she's Monty's S.O.

Not to assume but if the RT people also lurked elsewhere (like here, for example) and found out about Nicole, I think eventually they SHOULD be able to call her out.

No. 103470


To add to this, the only way they would out her is Nicole does something so incredibly stupid which with her track record could happen

No. 103472

File: 1431838092159.png (40.6 KB, 584x190, Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 5.08…)

Poor Haku….

No. 103473

I hope she's not going to be hanging around Haku's booth because I wanted to see her table.

No. 103475


Ignore nicole when you see haku cause nicole will ignore you unless you're important

No. 103476

Our paths have crossed a handful of times but I'll be sure to do that cause fuck her.

No. 103518

>>103475 >>103476
Apparently she likes to look at people from top to bottom and if you're wearing the same cosplay as her, she sulks when she isn't getting attention. LEL

No. 103529


So clearly the plan:

-pretend to not know who she is

No. 103532

Wonderful. I'm pretty sure she'd be pissed off if someone who's an RT or RWBY fan sees her and ask who she is. Like in a "how dare you not know me" sort of way.

Sorry bitch, you'll always just be Monty's widow. Keep trying to outshine him.

No. 103536

File: 1431854553461.png (65.21 KB, 1605x267, Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 2.21…)

oh no the Nicole Neckbeard Squad has infiltrated cgl

No. 103537

They're just as dumb as the Jnig neckbeard squad…

No. 103538

Or she's whiteknighting herself.

No. 103557

It sounds like a girl not a neckbeard. Good to know more people will see this thread and the truth though.

No. 103610

If she's trying to fool anyone, joke's on her.

No. 103611

Also, not sure if you guys knew, but someone (or it could be her…) made a Tumblr blog about her.


No. 103614

Almost afraid to look. Is it an ass kissing one where they paint her as some kind of great artist and cosplayer who had tragedy strike and that she deserves to be a Saint with money thrown at her?

No. 103683

File: 1431887205491.jpg (149.95 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

I'm putting my money on it's her kissing her own ass. Look at those tags ffs.

No. 103816

Let's see; pretty graphics of her, owned by a girl named 'Hollie Ann.' It's a side blog apparently. Honestly the posts on that sheenie-queenie blog most of the time don't get much likes. The most I've seen was 187 for one.

I honestly believe the same. Although I notice with Nicole's "speech" pattern on the internet, she refrains from using emoticons a lot and is very 'forward'. Maybe a subtle push from her end to make herself seem more… 'professional.'

'Professional' my ass.

No. 103832

It's not that hard to change how you type, though. I talk differently here than I do on my Facebook and Twitter. I still would think that Nicole owned the blog if it weren't for "Holie Ann"

No. 104027

I feel like she made this herself. The timing lines up with when she had even more free time than ever. Plus the laziness…

No. 104029

The tags sound a lot like Nicole when she's being silly. She rarely uses the faces outside of facebook, so the overuse of them here is how she's trying to sound like another person.

No. 104480

does anyone have defined proof of any of her actions other that what's been screencapped on this thread?

No. 104513

Talk to the Seagulls.
There's a reason why she doesn't want to deal with them anymore, and vice-versa. ;)

No. 104544

Someone just needs to make an ED for her so it's not such a mess.

No. 104574

Her face expression though. Its so derpy to me.

No. 104584

All i see are people white knighting her on /cgl/

No. 104596

Probably whiteknighting herself since it caught on.

No. 104602

Guess again. Research, and read back.

You mean the very few white-knights [her.]

No. 104611

>She ought to run panels on how to successfully gold dig through cosplay.

top kek.

No. 105554

She'll get a Medal of Valor for that.

No. 105638

No. 105668

Anon, I just want to give you a hug right now. AMAZING find.

No. 105677


Small step but it's beautiful all the same

No. 105691

I had to read that thread three times…

It's so beautiful I'm going to cry. ♥

It's about goddamn time that people FINALLY get a grip on issues like these. It's fine to defend someone, but THINK LOGICALLY before you decide to. Read between the lines and know where you're giving your sympathy, or to what kind of person.

She's the biggest con artist thus far, in my opinion, duping people to think that their loyalty means a goddamn thing when she's only after popularity and money. She knows how to craft, but her personality is showing and it's beautiful that her stupidity is FINALLY getting the spotlight it deserves.

*Sidenote: She's finally in the UK.

No. 105700


Did she get a pity invite to the UK or was it paid for by Her fans?

No. 105701

Another find. (see image)

← That's a constructive comment about her video, "Dreamscape", which was featured for YoutubePlay Guggenheim something whatever a few years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2H8T1ylW9Sg

I think it was around last week, but she posted something on Twitter or on Tumblr saying she wanted to watch CCS again.

Just trying to connect to the fact that this little girl has no originality whatsoever :-)

No. 105702

File: 1432149308679.png (33.55 KB, 895x181, still no originality.png)

Oh, oops, image wasn't included. Here it is.

No. 105703

I'm pretty sure it was because of JNig and the money that Nicole's been getting through Twitch, and the Gofundme campaign for Monty.

Update: Biggest donation thus far is 1,200. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3I7X-zCxN9Q

No. 105726

It was her fans and her Monty's dead :( donations. She wasn't invited like she makes it look like and JNigs didn't take her.

No. 105760

This makes me so happy that people are no longer putting up with her bullshit. Hopefully she will mature the fuck up or get chased back to Canada. I'm glad other people find her behavior highly suspicious.

No. 105946

Gw2 fag here

I want to die. Kill me please.

All she's doing is casual as fuck open world shit and going full signet on her thief.

Take me out back and shoot me now.

No. 105954

So is JNig even distancing herself from Nicole? I thought she was going with JNig and going to hover around her booth and try to soak in some of the limelight.

No. 105959


She got donation money to do that. Let that sink in…

No. 105988

That's the fucking worse. I work my ass off to improve in this game and I guarantee if I streamed I wouldn't get shit. But some fake ass bitch plays abysmally and she just gets money thrown at her.

i mad and slightly jelly, only because I want money thrown at me

No. 105994

I feel you.

I've been wanting to start up a livestream or youtube channel dedicated to playing Horror Games I enjoy or find interesting but I don't think people will throw money at girl who jumps at every sound and talks about historical folk legends or mythologies surrounding the games I like (games like DreadOut, I could talk for days on the use of Indonesian folk creatures). They seem to only want people like the Achievement Hunter dudes or Markiplier.

But she hardly says shit, barely says or acts thankful for any donations and is getting it all but thrown at her for playing so painfully bad. Points to her for not going with the typical League of Legends route most often migrate towards, but damn girl. Learn the play a little better before you start twitch streaming. Shit's just painful to watch.

Completely jelly and I hate myself for it.

No. 105995


No lie I encourage you to do the channel if only because you appear passionate for horror games at least.

No. 105998

The fact that she seems like she has 0 personality is also totally grating. If you're going to be terrible, at least be interesting.

And I agree with this anon >>105995 do the channel! Do it because its something you love, not just because you want freebies like Nicole. I've been wanting to start streaming too, just because like I said I want to improve and get better and maybe people would be helpful about it? Either that or be total trolls, which is whatevs~

No. 106075

Do the channel. :-) I have a channel myself, and it's hard at first getting the amount of views and subs you want, but just remember it's all about doing what you love and that you are truly passionate to share your experience with others. Everything else will fall into place. :D

No. 106076

I also noticed that most COSPLAYERS now are going down the Twitch route and flashing their boobs. I know that Kelly Jean is doing that, and JNig and Artyfakes.

No. 106077

What sucks is that she gets so many followers as a default. Her 20K pity twitter following.
Over 1000 subs on YT? She puts no effort towards it and there are those who work a lot harder.

No. 106081

… Omg someone wrote a fanfic on Monty and Nicole lmao https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11084418/15/Tiny-Miracles

No. 106313

Monty needs to stop watching over her for that and she should work on her own stuff without using other people for her own benefit.

No. 106357


Well he is…kinda dead so I don't think he can do much watching. That being said, does she do anything else outside of cosplay and game?

No. 106371

LOL good point, although that is what i was pointing at… anyway- no. Apparently she worked for DHX Media before, hence "Animator" in her 'official website' / resumé / Rooster Teeth profile.

No. 106394


thanks for the Intel! I have a few contacts so I'll look into it. Interestingly enough the green card doesn't get revokved in the event of the death and its good for 10 years.

She can also apply for citizenship in 3 years as well

No. 106395

It's interesting, one thing I've noticed is she's trying so hard to push this perfectly curvy/soft in all the right places/womanly curves kind of thing in all her photos and in her image (getting a boob job, how thick/soft her hips look in this pic, all the busty characters and cosplayers etc). It's amusing to me because I met her IRL several times and she looked like an awkward skeleton. Huge ears, twitching facial expressions, that translucent spotty skin of pasty white girls that are too thin, hunched posture and just nothing but bones.

No. 106406

wow this looks like garbage

No. 106420

This is terrible and if you look at the credits it was a school group project???

She claims to have worked for DHX Media on a short contract but so many people have done unpaid or barely paid internships there for a few months. It doesn't mean squat.

No. 106424

> Even Ray Charles can see through her bullshit.


It was paid for by her fans, she photoshopped a thirsty banner with herself and Jnig to look like she's an official MCM guest though.

She also plans to shop a lot to "heal" while here. Get her out of my country!

She also lists Boss Models in her resume when it wasn't really Boss Models and she doesn't have the body to do modelling. Let that sink in.

No. 106426

>all those fanfic reviews
Can't believe there's an audience for this…

No. 106436


I didn't read but what does the fanfic even contain? Is the title a reference to the miracle that she hasn't been caught yet? ;)

No. 106481

Or maybe the miracle that she might get pregnant with artificial insemination.

No. 106717

Let there be Dumbo ears when she gets pregnant.

No. 106772

She did work at DHX for a year or more. Not on MLP though.
She turned down a contract renewal there to go live with Monty.
Bragged about how great of a work ethic she had quite often.

No. 106776

File: 1432282437243.jpg (69.11 KB, 599x798, CFdmcfwWEAEf3cy[1].jpg)

Who is this guy she's in London with?

Tragic that she's experiencing all the things Monty will never get to with the money from his death.

No. 106783

File: 1432284407686.png (213.69 KB, 590x544, nope.png)

I bet she will be selling prints beside them at their table.
Probably will get trickle effect fame.
OR is running Jnigs' booth because she's grovelling for famu

No. 106785

He's not famous enough to leech off of. So he's safe to live another day.

No. 106989

To that anon who said she buys really cheap and ugly wigs? I agree with you. Lmao.

Pro-tip: check her twitter, she's starting to post stuff about her MCM Expo experience.

Also, she's getting her boob job all plumped up for her cosplays, it seems.

No. 106990

File: 1432321235148.png (17.4 KB, 711x169, Screenshot_7.png)

← Not sure what she's referring to with this retweet but i believe you guys / my senses are tingling that she does lurk around here.

Well, it ain't exactly "ruining" someone when people are speaking the truth, no?

No. 107044

Shot of her Canadian passport. https://instagram.com/p/235Tiam2Ns/

No. 107063

File: 1432331278358.jpg (18.01 KB, 236x353, b4c09cb12c15b1103e07c4506aef98…)

"official cosplayers"
are there pictures? because i bet that they dont look half as good or even accurate (physically i mean, because you know they will buy the pre-made stuff) as other cosplayers

No. 107067

new boyfriend already? after her husband's death?! she couldn't wait for even a month………..

No. 107070

like most gold-diggers. she probably has been cheating on monty with him the whole time, the girls that are in it for the money have the sugar daddy, but in secret have a actual boyfriend because they are so shallow

No. 107236

>trickle effect fame

She has been doing this ever since she moved in with Monty and added all his friends on twitter. Her followers went from 100 to 1000 overnight by constantly tweeting at Jnig and her ilk.

No. 107245

She already posted in reaction to the threads here on twitter and facebook.

Notice that she never actually links to this place when complaining because it's all true.

No. 107253

File: 1432340700694.jpg (107.45 KB, 640x640, 11273009_902670636461807_20376…)

How many RWBY characters has she badly cosplayed? Ears must have cosplayed tons of them by now.

No. 107310

This girl has ears and ugly that go on for miles…

No. 107314

Only 2. Weiss and Neo.

No. 107316

She also cosplayer Cinder. Badly.

No. 107379

She prob should have fixed her ears before getting the tit job tbh

No. 107384

she actually cosplayed 4. she was Weiss, Neo, Cinder, and Pyrrha.

No. 107389

File: 1432352896572.jpg (96.02 KB, 579x1024, CFoizalWYAA3qf9[1].jpg)

5 actually.

No. 107393

File: 1432353149042.jpg (40.07 KB, 599x337, CFnIVz1WgAEE1fi[1].jpg)

>I bet she will be selling prints beside them at their table.
Probably will get trickle effect fame.

Anon was right…

The implants have made their con debut.

No. 107421

File: 1432354040154.png (399.93 KB, 581x668, Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 9.06…)

even Haku misses Monty more than nicole does

No. 107428

Seems that Nicole is probably going to try and shoehorn herself in with those other two cosplayers by getting implants and fillers, then flash tits on streams for donations.

That's so sad.

No. 107438


Oh nicole, you wish you had jnig line power

No. 107441


Seeing how Nicole reads this thread, give her a few days to mention Monty or something and how "he would have loved the UK"

No. 107465

Why is Nicole considered RT staff by fans?


No. 107474

I want to know why they're including Jnig

No. 107476

She voiced Cinder

No. 107513

they're the same autists who proudly call themselves nicole's fans

No. 107565

Having like two lines in a voice over doesn't mean you're part of the company that created it.

So dumb.

No. 107618

The guy in the photo with her is SamBattyVA. I think he also streams on Twitch. They'd been talking for a while now, I think; judging from her tweets it looks like they've been talking a lot behind the scenes. Like what she does with JNig and stuff.

Lel at dat trickle effect famu power.

She honestly has NO right to complain when she's got her shit all over the place. And when people can smell her bullshit from a mile away. She ain't fooling anybody; girl's stupid if she thinks that she can make all RT fans ("fans" on her end) bow to her just because she was Monty's S.O.

No way am I calling her Monty's wife. Nicole is shady as fuck.

No. 107627

File: 1432367245929.png (264.66 KB, 946x731, Capture.PNG)


>>"I bet she will be selling prints beside them at their table.

Probably will get trickle effect fame.
OR is running Jnigs' booth because she's grovelling for famu"

Sharing is caring.

No. 107635


So I get that nicole wasn't invited but how did she get a table? I somehow don't think fans pity I mean donation funds can get tables as well

No. 107636

For someone who supposedly was inspired by Monty enough to try to be like him, Nicole is so unlike him it's astounding.

Monty would never show up to cons just to sell things or to beg for free things. Much less even hang onto more popular people in hopes of being relevant.

Even before he was famous he would go to cons with the purpose of running panels on animation to share his knowledge that he gained on his own. He was all about giving and inspiring others while she's the complete opposite. She also can't animate or teach others to animate for shit since she has no career, so idk why people are calling her inspiring. What a joke.

No. 107637

Sounds like all three of them split the cost of the table. Jnig is the real owner so Nicole and the other chick probably paid a smaller fraction.

No. 107644

Probably because "omg u just got married and Monty's gone too soon ;;;;A;;;;"

Sympathy gets people far. But how far enough, is the question.

No. 107667

If there is one thing I have learned from following lolcows is that shitty people get away with shitty behavior. I expect this will last a long time tbh

No. 107686

Until someone rains on their parade.

No. 107830


From what the reddit page earlier would suggest, saying anything gets the blind fans who defend bad behavior

No. 107875

Reddit page?

No. 107897


I believe they are refering to this >>101886

No. 107967

Pretty much this

Look at all the shitty people that have done shitty things, they never actually have to deal with any consequences about it. Thats why I don't give a fuck if I have dirt on someone, I spill that shit because apparently shitty people never have to deal with it

No. 108002

File: 1432426744922.png (521.16 KB, 569x496, boobjob?.png)

Their first con appearance

No. 108076

File: 1432438651315.jpg (46.32 KB, 640x960, 1601044_820494671323592_276768…)

Her cosplays are now so different with them.

Now she no longer has to shoop fake brasts in like in her old photos.

No. 108158


No. 108181

I didn't even know this was an RWBY character, so does this mean she's cosplayed 6 of them now?

No. 108193

lol @ the fantards saying "she's so nice & kind"… ummmm yeaaaaah until she stabs you in the back & milks u for her own benefit, js.

No. 108194

Shhhhh, the dumb girl has a logic of "boobs = more money"! We gotta keep hush about it!

No. 108243

File: 1432481163030.jpg (78.54 KB, 475x761, image.jpg)

Yep. And she jnig-ed this one up for her "fans" I guess. Pic related.

I mean she's not wrong. Her "fans" would be more than willing to throw their money at her tits. I've had the misfortune of meeting a Nicole fan and it's 100% cuz tits and Monty's wife.

No. 108260


They had nothing else to say on why they like her? Man those monty fans are thirsty for anything he did (includes doing Nicole, zing)

No. 108316

>thirsty for anything he did (includes doing Nicole, zing)


No. 108607

She bragged about having her own lineup at the celebrity signing area.


No. 108611

File: 1432527719792.png (46.18 KB, 571x192, Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 9.21…)

Ok Nicole but don't forget she cheated her way into wealth irl too.

No. 108649

Birds of a feather?

No. 108663

donation link: http://www.gofundme.com/MontyandSheena

Nicole's deviantart: http://sheenaduquette.deviantart.com/gallery/ (reminds me of my art from I was 13)

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm6690244/

CosPix (costume list): http://cospix.net/sheenaduquette/costumes/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/sheena-duquette/20/8b6/377

her LinkedIn says "Causes Sheena (Nicole) cares about: Animal Welfare, Poverty Alleviation" i.e. bringing home strays and alleviating her own poverty.

No. 108667

http://sheenie-queenie.tumblr.com/ is updating with pics of Nicole and her fans. Damn in that pic with her and JNig, she even makes JNig look like a supermodel.

No. 108671

>I am a multi-faceted artist in all aspects of life currently residing in Austin, TX. I'm enticed by every medium in animation, from story boarding to scene layouts and conceptual design, rigging, texturing, animating and compositing. I am willing to try my hand at anything should the need arise.

>Proficient in Maya, Photoshop, Flash and After Effects. I specialize in illustration, design, modeling and story writing, with experience in character and effects animation for 3D, building characters and backgrounds in Flash, and matte painting.

So basically she's an artist of everything but has nothing to show for it.

No. 108672

File: 1432543862842.jpg (90.68 KB, 500x667, tumblr_nowbr9ci0u1ursz6jo2_500…)

>S with the Oum

Did Nicole seriously copy Monty Oum's signature and make it her own?

I don't even know what to say at this point.

No. 108674

She apparently asked for specific birthday gifts from strangers on her DA before coming to UK.

No shame in being so entitled that she'd be specific with the handouts she gets at this point.

>While I know some of you want to give me gifts or food, I must ask you not to bake me anything! I’m sorry to say I will have to refuse any hand-made food, though I cannot refuse gifts. If need be I’m prepared to ship a small box back, but I’m not going to anticipate that. There’s no way I can decline your generosity or good will, but do keep in mind I only have so much space!

No. 108687

The Monty donation thing is STILL going? I thought it closed down after he passed away? What a stupid fucking bitch and fuck all these neckbeards that keep donating to this cunt. I wish news about her would spread like wildfire so she can just fuck off.

No. 108688

Double posting, but do you guys think we have enough shit to start an ED page?

No. 108699

My god. CELEBRITY SIGNING AREA? COPYING MONTY'S SIGNATURE? Nicole needs to fuck off and realize the effects of her cunting MONETIZATION STRATEGY following Monty's death. Does she NOT have any fucking sympathy? This CUNT is so full of fucking bullshit that she feels the right to feel so entitled because "sniff I have your support. TY for Monty's support…. pageantry wave"

And yes, we have enough shit to start an ED page. Gather the Seagulls and this page and we have enough to build an army.

Anyone who supports this bitch and believes that sympathy is what she deserves is stupid as fuck.

No. 108702

OF COURSE she has NO shame whatsoever. She's monetizing her husband's death and is REVELING, BASKING in the glory of well-known cosplayers and riding coat-tails because she "needs a break from the heartache that Monty's death had on her."

She has no shame because she has a mentality of "haters gonna hate"; for all we know she lurks in this thread and maybe even picked up on the thread by PULL, and she will feel validated that the "true" fans will back her up. Especially now that she's in the UK.

Anon, Nicole has PSEUDO-tits.

What do they say? "Jack of all trades, ace at none."

Top kek. Thought the SAME thing, anon.

No. 108704

File: 1432555330251.png (374.7 KB, 474x476, haha_loser.png)

… So I had to use some PS magic to debunk the Mystery of Nicole's Chest.

I had to amp up the hue and saturation, brightness and contrast. So yes, those are stretch marks.

Stretch marks are either red, or purple/blue.

First of all, encircled subject IS NOT CAUSED BY A SLIGHT FOLD IN THE SHEER FABRIC. IF IT WAS, it would have been something close to the slight fold leading to the clasps of her bra. (Lower right corner; left side of her bent arm.)

Some women's breast sizes increase when they gain weight, and lose it when they lose weight. Given that Nicole has a "slim" figure, and from her FLAT-CHESTED PHOTO ( https://lolcow.farm/pt/src/1430523662454.jpg) she did NOT GAIN WEIGHT that significantly. At least in my opinion.

Typically, scars from BA (breast aug) are usually on the underside of the breasts, and SOME women who have BA experience stretch marks.

Throwback to the anon that said Monty used to give his exes some implants! Like Hootie or w/e? (Please (re)-confirm.)


TL;DR: For a girl that boasts about photography and knowing how to pose because she was a "fucking" model, she doesn't know how to own up to her so-called reputation.

Nicole can fuck off. She builds lie after lie to make up for whatever misery she's got. I hope the bitch rots and suffers. Girl is a psycho crazy bonkers version of the word "schadenfreude" itself.

No. 108705

File: 1432555413627.png (407.86 KB, 417x579, haha_loser_again.png)


Much love,
People Who Can See and Smell Your Bullshit

Shoutout to the dumb fucks that believe her!!! :D

No. 108709

Too much shit for an ED page at this point.

No. 108714

Hootie has never had implants. The Squall cosplay Monty created for her was done with a push up bra and I clearly remember he made a tutorial on it.

She's a career woman who paid for Monty's debts when he was unemployed and has nothing to do with Nicole.

No. 108728

So there has been flooding in Texas, eh? Oh, dear…. ;)

No. 108729

Ah, great! Thanks, Anon. I've seen the Hootie pic / Squall cosplay but it's great to know she's not as awful as Nicole.

No. 108869

No. 108897

Thank you for this. I can't work photoshop worth shit and this best shows the stretch marks of implants.

No. 108902

Stretch marks can also be white on some skin tones, not standing up for her because that's clearly a scar incision just wanted to point out for anyone else that they can look white or shades lighter than your skin tone

No. 108903

Didn't an anon here or elsewhere make a prediction that Nicole would go on a trip with the money since she used to mooch off her exes and Monty?

There should be more predictions on how she'd spend. My money is on face fillers and earsize reduction like ear pinning back by next year.

Never knew that about the breast augmentation. Somehow I think she'll go bigger like Jnigs in time as the attention on her wanes.

No. 108932

Has anyone thought to message RT on the down low about all these claims to working for them and the ridiculous spending she's been doing since Monty's death?

Had I donated to Monty I would be pretty pissed that some bitch was spending it on shopping while begging for gifts.

No. 108940


I've met Hootie before and I have a few friends from RI who know her personally. I think she's a Brown student and a fitness instructor on the side. I mean look at her. Real friendly too.

It boggles me why Monty would cheat on her for Nicole.

No. 108947

That's awesome. Is she more open with fans? Deets! Honestly she seems like a more interesting girl than Nicole. Nicole just spews "fake" everywhere.

AH, yes, I forgot about that too. Yeah, some stretch marks are skin tone or white. :) Thanks! I overlooked that one.

Anon, I doubt that messaging them would work, for "integrity" purposes as a man-made law in the company. Chances are they won't disclose on it, OR they'll continue to defend her because "any friend of Monty's is a friend of ours."

Unless someone on RT lurks here and can confirm it.

I was actually thinking the SAME thing. She'll continue to work on her body, the more she rides coat-tails. She can't pose for shit, though; she should REALLY work on owning up to her "pride". >_>

I mean, I honestly get it that some women who cosplay, use cosplay itself to get over their physical insecurities. But altering your body to VISIBLY please people and NOT yourself is questionable. And Nicole's case is DIFFERENT, altogether, because by "continuing Monty's legacy" as she so honorably and quietly holds up (eyeroll), and with her reputation from the Seagulls AND her questionable habits, she's already TARNISHING herself.

Which is wonderful, tbh.

Anyone made an ED thread/post based on our thread here?

No. 108967

They won't do anything, and even they did it would be very much on the downlow and probably wouldn't change much.

Didn't Bernie and other RT people start the gofundme for Monty when he was sick, or was that all Nicole? I really hope RT had nothing to do with it, because the fact its still running makes me really pissed tbh

No. 108991

I heard from Burnie first that they were married and a lot of fans were a little shocked that it was so sudden out of nowhere. But the RT podcast the following Monday said they had a donation thing for Nicole. Idk if they started it or she did and asked Burnie to mention it. Burnie is also probably too kind for his own good towards her. Others seem to have moved on and continued his legacy by continuing his series rather than begging for handouts, free trips, free gifts and sympathy bucks to make shitty cosplay and pretend they're RT Official.

If she's selling pictures of herself in an RT IP Held license series, widow or not, she should be giving RT royalties.

No. 109006

Wait. He cheated on Hootie for Nicole?! Why the fuck would anyone downgrade like that???

No. 109007

He did. So did Nicole, with her boyfriend of 4 years —— who PAID for her trip to Japan, who PAID for her college stuff, and let her stay at his place.

No. 109009

I have a feeling Nicole gave Burnie the go signal to mention it, because Monty passed away, and Monty probably wouldn't mind and it was ok to be open about it. They probably had a little talk before they decided to do the podcast.

No. 110766

Hooty isn't a cosplayer and she was never part of the scene other than being a muse for Monty's creations. Like >>108940 said just by looking you can tell she does the healthy living and fitness thing.

There was some consternation at RT which is why it took days to get the first announcement and then the first podcast up after he died. Mostly around how to avoid any mention of certain details, some relating to Nicole.

No. 110767

Both Monty and Nicole deserved each other at that point.

No. 110769

Jason Rose made it on Nicole's behalf when Monty was in a coma since she didn't want to make it herself. That would make her intentions far too obvious.

Can confirm that Nicole wrote the copy that accompanied the page, where it alluded to herself being his only family in need of support.

No. 110782

I think at this point, the factor of surprise lies in the higher morals people thought Monty held over Nicole.

But c'mon bro, 15 years with your ex and he picks this girl?? Something smells.

No. 111183

15 years with Hootie? … So SHE was the one Monty blogged about on http://montyoum.net/

Yeah. Fishy is as fishy does, especially with Nicole.

No. 111225


Oh no, someone of Montys past she hasn't deleted yet. Better save that quick before nicole deletes it

No. 111404

15+ years was back in 2012…that would have made it around 17-18…DAMN. What was he thinking??

Calling that she'll probably start posting Monty's unreleased work, ex. raw Dead Fantasy clips. He said several times that he only posted work he perfected to the bone. But she'll do it in a way that is 'sentimental' and 'in memory'

Sadly RT fans are going to eat that shit up

No. 111430


If he perfects his work to the bone then why release RWBY? (Zinnnnng)

Anyway I don't doubt that she would do that seeing how most of his fans are THAT stupid

No. 111513

Nicole probably doesn't have the password to the site. Since the domain probably won't get renewed someone better archive it.

She would only if she can figure out how to work with his work or gets someone else to make a video of unfinished work he had done. She's not really an animator, otherwise this would have been the first thing she monetized.

No. 111514

>thinking he picked Nicole
>thinking he had choices at the time


No. 111548

DAMN, the poor dude. Can you imagine spending like 25K+ for her school, housing her sorry ass, AND spending another 2K on a Japan trip; just to get cheated on. Shiiiiit. That's just terrible to even imagine. How someone can be so ungrateful astounds me. I actually want to meet this chick now just to see what she's like for myself.

No. 111574

Is he a neckbeard?

No. 111576

Nope. He's the Haru(Blue-Black hair) in this group >>94462

He's a bit introverted and she apparently pushed him to do FREE! cosplay so she could claim popularity for having a "we did it first" sticker.

No. 111581

He's good looking.

But is he a neckbeard on the inside?

No. 111584

I don't think so? Honestly I don't see Nicole's appeal?! …(But who knows, he probably is.) They were together way back before Nicole hounded Monty for his famu and moolah, back when Nicole was practically nobody but a bitch among the Seagulls lolol

No. 111699

I think someone said previously that he's very beta, so I can imagine Nicole pushing him around a bit to get what she wants. Some guys like that?

No. 111924

Can someone please create one of these for Nicolle? With pre-and-post boobjob photos too


No. 112032

I'm guessing you haven't dated many geeky asian guys. Most are betas.

No. 112080

Not especially, but that doesn't mean they'll all put up with being pushed around by a basic bitch with no tits.

No. 112091


The dude strikes me as the kind to try to please everyone and not say no to things but a lot of guys seem to be that way when they get into relationships.

Case in point geeky white Guy I know is in a fairly abusive relationship where when he went to PAX the girlfriend DEMANDED he go home to her on the second day. Despite paying for 4 day passes and his hotel he packed up and returned home which was a 3-4 hour car drive.

So beta geeky guys exist despite the race

No. 112199

No. 112275

Good work anon

No. 112354

I hope a page gets made, and I hope she spergs out about it

No. 112402

File: 1432789139055.jpg (119.52 KB, 640x640, 11375334_645370362230891_19206…)

There will be some sperging starting tomorrow.

No. 112434

Did Sheena bleach her hair to look like JNig?

No. 112441

No. 112443

Creepy. I sure hope JNig isn't allergic to anything.

No. 112446

File: 1432794325238.png (49.26 KB, 593x244, Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 11.2…)


As much as I hate JNig, I don't want her cause of death to be Nicole.

No. 112451

Do you think when Jnig goes into her coma Nicole will make another gofundme page?

No. 112460

She's probably already planning out the sob post at how much JNig meant to her and inspired her.

Then take JNig's implants for her own.

No. 112462


That's some single white female shit. Fake boobs and dead hair, maybe next she'll get a tan and start doing some cardio.

No. 112470

File: 1432799016266.png (132.33 KB, 233x308, Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 12.4…)

>tfw you gotta take a huge dump but first you gotta take a selfie with your new man to show off how qt 3.14 you guys are together

No. 112699


No. 112807

She poses the same way she did with Monty, never quite like a couple would pose.

No. 112905

I doubt Ryan would go for her after being with Jessica. Unless it's the whole "she was there for me though it all yadda yadda". Maybe Nicole might try to break them up? Wouldn't put it past her to try? Anything for the 'fame'.

No. 112908

No, Ryan will never break it off with Jnig. He was way too thirsty for that fame and had such a fanboy hard on for Jnig from the get-go. I can see Nicole trying to break them up but Ryan would never go for it imo

No. 112943

The PULL thread is getting some replies but they seem a bit confused, someone needs to post >>108672 which has the forged signature they're talking about.

No. 113079

If you just look at her prints since Monty died, she has the copied signature that resembles Monty's old one. And if you look at all the prints that she says "Monty worked on", Monty's signature is printed on the photo.

No. 113107

>copied his signature on prints

I didn't know that. Unoriginal as fuck but typical for Nicole.

No. 113332

File: 1432917145099.png (44.48 KB, 871x377, Screenshot_4.png)

LOLOL the cow level is too high!

No. 113337

No. 113361

I couldn't even get through the whole vid (got to the point where they were cheering Nicole on for drinking something?) and seriously… has she gone through any of the normal modes of grief? Because if you knew nothing about her, you would not have guess she lost her 'husband' earlier this year.

No. 113444

It honestly makes me question even more whether she was actually married, or if she at least really loved monty, or even cherished being married as she makes it out to be with her personal blog post.

Nicole's attention-seeking behavior is no surprise, given that she's riding on JNig's fame, but that clip showing her drinking beer and they were cheering her?!… How low can she get?

No. 113451

Even if you take the 5 stages of grief into account, none of them, not even 'Denial' would look like this.

I don't think she ever loved him. Just realized he was a better meal ticket the her last boyfriend and who knows what Monty saw in her… all around, Hootie seems better.

I'm pretty sure Nicole would do porn with JNig if it meant that she would be as famous as her. (Also, is JNig desperate for friends or something? The relationship seems weird. And am I the only weirded out by the boob-bounce thing in the vid?)

No. 113452

that boob bouncing thing was super weird. And yeah of all people why Nicole? She's such a downer all the time complaining about her life.

No. 113455

She has to keep it "real", y'know. Happy and creative to lure the fans in.

No. 113456

I agree with you, anon. None of her behavior could fall under grief and all things with it.

I bet Monty's rolling in his grave right now.

No. 113458

Who? Nicole or JNig? Because neither have real boobs (which made it hilarious when JNig signed some girl's clearly real breasts.)

I think that's the really upsetting thing too. He wouldn't be gone if it wasn't for her. And her cat.

No. 113468

Oops, I meant Nicole, anon :) With her and her "tactics" to lure more fans. Not about her boobs. (Although you could consider them part of that. )

No. 113478

As opposed to making good cosplay? As much as I don't like JNig or Yaya at least they aren't completely mediocre. I don't think I've seen a single cosplay from Nicoe that didn't look at least a little bit sad.

No. 113544


Nicole cosplays always look like a little girl trying to play dress up

No. 113701

I got a headache from trying to watch the womenchildren (is that even a term?) in that video.

Can someone post a summary?

Why are you still wondering this? She only said that they were married after he died because they got married for a VISA.

Monty did not mean for this to be public, otherwise he would have been screaming to the rooftops about how much he loved his wife and vice versa.

Instead, Nicole had to pretend she was working in USA on a legit visa. She still pretends now with all the nonexistent skills and jobs her linkedin listed.

No. 113712

Jnig doesn't make her cosplays, come on now

No. 113734


What in the fuck even qualifies her for that? Isn't that a category for makeup gurus or something? And don't you have to have some kind of… Beauty? Dumbo is fucking hideous.

No. 113746

Web star? Beauty? The fuck is this?

No. 113803


Did she delete this? Can't find it.

No. 113835

Gotta include links to archive those pages anons!

No. 113846

File: 1432967365554.jpg (110.39 KB, 640x640, 11093086_510195152467629_10993…)

>nite nite

Everyone sleeps in makeup, falsies and circle lenses duh.

No. 113910

Guys is this the same person? She posts on everything Sheena does and borders on creepy if so.


No. 113911

No. 113915

jesus fuck this is so creepy. yes, it does appear to be sheena-queenie…

No. 113916

She's disgustingly ugly with makeup on. If she took it off and took a pic, she'd blind us all.

No. 113955

I'm still wondering because although she's doing some shit moves, I probably still have some hope she'll wisen up and realize what she's doing is wrong.

Then again, bitch is fucking arrogant, ungrateful and not grieving, so she doesn't deserve my personal sympathy. :')

No. 113956

>>113803 >>113835
Two scrolls down on her Tumblr page, guys.

Anyway, here's the link. http://sheenaduquette.tumblr.com/post/120257307367/check-out-choose-your-teen-choice-2015-nominees

No. 114270

>hope she'll wisen up and realize what she's doing is wrong

Someone already died tho. Anything she does is going to be too late.

No. 114321

… True. :l

I mean, I'd like to think she's still a human being but she literally stalked up, and killed her husband with her psycho self.

No. 114327

File: 1433033349239.png (200.8 KB, 874x544, ahaha.PNG)

>"As far as I know"
……… LOL. Ok, Nicole.

No. 114329

Part of me wants to blame them both though. When people are so vain they do stupid things despite the warning signs all around them.

No. 114330

No. 114335

>Sure Jan

Let the sperging begin.

No. 114338

File: 1433034578430.png (124.08 KB, 917x452, lmfao.PNG)

No. 114352

>i just posted the category people were already voting for me

Yeah, all one of them.

No. 114387

Lol. Only one vote. She doesn't fall into any of the categories on the Teen Choice Awards website anyway. Killing your "husband" that you never fucking loved and doing bad cosplay are not great accomplishments.

No. 114393

I'm sorry but why are you guys keep saying she killed her husband? Not being rude, I'm just curious.

No. 114396

Read the thread.

No. 114399

Because I don't have newfags: Monty was allergic to cats. Sheena wanted cats and didn't care, Monty went in for allergy shots frequently, he had a bad reaction to one, went into a coma and eventually died. If Sheena never insisted on keeping cats Monty would probably still be alive

No. 114401

*hate, whoops

No. 114447

Wonder if she sends herself those fan anons

No. 114456

Wonder if she sends herself those fan anons

No. 114472

B) that was me

Don't forget that she PULLED THE FUCKING PLUG on Monty. It wasn't that he died while in a coma, she pulled the plug.

No. 114496


No. 114520

Ask anyone who was close friends with Monty or his family and their friends. His family was disgusted and still doesn't associate with her despite her trying to use the last name.

No. 114526

how do I ask them?

No. 114527

They're right on his facebook account. For twitter just look amongst the people he followed before Nicole.

No. 114601

Link, anon? So we can at least archive them and we have more evidence. :)

I'm trying to find the evidence among the "Posts on this page" but they're not popping up. It's hoards of fans covering the space he's got. lol

( Is this his sister? https://twitter.com/theary1884 )

No. 114664

Someone on PULL said that RT is very well aware of threads like this one but they're choosing to ignore them.

No. 114665

I think that's her. I mean how common is the name Theary Oum?

No. 114676

Thank you, kind anon! Wow, I'm really disgusted.. I read the news and all, but the cause of his death is so unclear (all mentioned his allergic reactions) this bitch is so disgusting and vile.. i wish he had never married her

No. 114705

Yeah, I just wanted to confirm because of RT's blog post upon Monty's death.

If they're speaking about INTEGRITY for the company, here's a piece of advice: better to PULL OUT the thorn itself and be TRANSPARENT, than try to bury skeletons in the closet. Honestly? It'll do everyone some good instead of pretending like it never happened.

No. 114765

I've heard from other Canadian cosplayers that Nicole's been telling them that Monty was the one that wanted the cat, and she refused. And she blames Monty for going through the injections and dying on her.

I don't really know how they even heard that, since Nicole lost all her friends here, (possibly one friend of Nicole is trying to save her face) but that's the rumor that's going through Canada.

No. 114770

Well the first logical fallacy here is that she still has the cat and hugs it, says she misses it while she's away, etc. If she really didn't want the cat, she would've gotten rid of it when Monty died.

She probably lurks so if she sees this she's gonna be like "I kept our kitty baby to ~in remembrance of Monty~"

No. 114786

You KNOW that's gonna fucking happen when someone calls her out on it

No. 114788

Someone's gotta call her out on her shit eventually. If her bullshit story were true, I wouldn't fucking want to keep that cat. I'd re home it.

No. 114806

What if she wanted to keep it because he wanted the cat? That could be a little piece of him that she couldn't have given away or something. At least, I'd have trouble with that if my husband died.

No. 114815


"I'm friends with someone who used to work for RT, he did the RT Comics (obv. they're done now). He told me about Monty passing away, & it seemed really awful. Apparently there's a really low chance that getting allergy shots can backfire, but the chance is still there, and he just so happened to have the bad reaction. So apparently he choked on his own vomit etc. & it sounded really really awful.

I don't think he knew Nicole very well (although he is from Vancouver so maybe he did know her, I should probably ask), but apparently the RT staff are aware of these threads, & are just ignoring them. I think it's pretty fucked up that they'd know this stuff is circulating, & not address it at all. Plus the fact that they keep supporting her etc. knowing all of this is really fucked up, imo."

This depresses me so much. RT knows what she's doing and they're just turning a blind eye?

I wonder if it's because they're still in early stages of getting bigger corporations to sponsor them or buy them and something like this could potentially damage them especially with Laser Team set to release soon. They wouldn't want news of one of their employees dying brutally to really get out which is probably why no one's still saying anything.

Sure they mention Monty here and there but I don't think anyone from RT has actively brought him up a lot on their social media devices. While Nicole drops his name every time she needs cash.

The video of her drinking at MCM with people cheering is just disgusting. That's not someone who's mourning as much as she says she is.

No. 114836

File: 1433115941281.jpg (43.23 KB, 603x442, casey-anthony-mourning.jpg)

No. 114935

Look at twitter or their facebook accounts, they both wanted the stray cats. They were feeding it for some weeks which made it want to stick around and follow them naturally, then they posted pics and videos of the cat long before bringing it into the apt.

No. 114939

RT has no obligation to address these threads. They had an employee who died and other than ensuring the life ensurance payout happened. They already went the distance by giving Sheena more money on top.

They should be giving that money to his family, considering the way they monetized even the announcement of his death by making the tribute an RT exclusive for the first few days or so.

No. 114947

File: 1433127252504.jpg (44.45 KB, 540x960, CGTUAI2U8AAbp_C[1].jpg)

That's not his sister. His sister starts with an S and Oum is a highly common last name. If in doubt, look up his friends from RI or before he was at RT and RWBY. There are a ton and note that none of them added Nicole.

Someone needs to make a header GIF with her drinking and put "in mourning, plz donate".

No. 114957


No. 114982

There's still a picture of Hootie's Squall cosplay on Monty's deviantart.


It's in the background as a WIP. Looks like Nicole overlooked this one.

No. 114984

I remember the media frenzy on this one. Such similar sociopathic tendencies.

Is it me or does his account look very empty? I remember seeing far more in there.

No. 114993

that stretch mark is nothing to go by, normal girls with real tits get stretch marks too. That looks like a big ass vein that's being pushed out against her skin from the SUPER OBVIOUS round line of an implant. Regular large breast tissue follows up into the armpit, hers ends abruptly. Also, her bra is waaay too small for her and her boob is not spilling out the side because it's a bubble (aka the implant), not tissue that can spill out and make its own shape.
Could also be the implant scar, depending on the type of surgery she went for.

No. 114995

he's pretty much a plank of wood. Birds of a feather, maybe.

No. 115063

yeah I got some deets from an RT staff member today, also showed him this thread, haha.

No. 115066

are you gonna share the deets or what? it's pretty much useless to say you did unless you're sharing.

No. 115067

When I get on a computer, I can screenshot or whatever, unless you'll settle for text.

No. 115073

Don't be keeping us waiting!

No. 115077

In the interest of not keeping anyone waiting, I'll post a few chunks of text, & upload screencaps later.

I asked if it was true that Nicole pulled the plug while he was in a coma.
"No. He was on a ventilator to keep him breathing, but his heart was beating on its own. But after a week his heart just stopped beating and that was that."

Apparently they set up a fund before Monty even died.
"It was obvious he wasn't going to make it. So they set up a fund for his funeral costs/take care of sheena. To my understanding the money all went to funeral expenses, travel for family members and living expenses. But from the money they put together I'm sure there was a fair bit left over."

I asked if it was true that she was disliked by other RT staff.
"I think it's more that she just wasn't involved that much in RT, just more kept to herself."

She's not on RT payroll, they don't give her money, as far as he knows.

He didn't speak too much about Sheena herself, as he only met her once, but he was given certain medical deets that weren't made public, etc.

So there's some shit.

No. 115083

iirc someone who said they were on terms with some of the other RT staff members said that she would talk about the other girls behind their backs. She told some of the Canadian Seagulls that no one likes her because they're jealous of her skills so she doesn't give them the time of day.

Did she ever work for them or did she assume 'Freelancing' was spouting ideas that were considered? She also seems to try and sell herself as RWBY and RT's official cosplayer.

Does your source know if RT really wants anything TO do with her or are they just trying to keep her happy?

Thanks for the info, anon.

No. 115202

So basically, both were dumb to cater to each other's WANTS when what they needed was to NOT have a cat in the house to save each other. Turds.

Also, regardless of whether that's a vein or a stretch mark, Nicole was pretty fcking stupid to talk about her knowledge of photography and modeling elsewhere, but not exercise the credit she gives herself.

No. 115236

File: 1433184992357.png (27.39 KB, 603x217, Screenshot_3.png)

They were talking abut Luna Lanie's experience at Momocon and "cosplay is not consent" in general, but this one in particular caught my eye. https://twitter.com/sheenaoum/status/605407580035395585

No. 115246

So. Is this her tactic for getting in with the popular kids?

No. 115247

Wouldn't put it past her

No. 115280

No mention of the con or the year. Generic "poor me I am ways the victim" tweet. She pretend to be a "strong independent woman" yet is always depending on a man to survive.

No. 115328

>Fatally Allergic to Cats
>Wants a Cat.

Most guys will put their health on the line for the woman they love.
It's really up to her if they say "No, don't do this".

No. 115333

hahahah, sounds exactly like her. She tried to get Monty to fire a RT RWBY employee because she felt the girl was being rude and wasn't giving her the proper amount of respect she deserves as the princess she is.

From what I'm hearing, RT doesn't bother with her. They're pretty much done with her.

I can also attest to everything that was said, except for Sheena pulling the plug. From my source, Monty was on life support, and Sheena took him off it despite his family's refusal. But Sheena was the "wife" so she had the ultimate power on the decision.
However, I can't say the person wasn't biased about her feelings for Sheena, so… she could have been over exaggerating.

No. 115369


Any chance that RT making that "being done with her" more official? I do get they don't want to sour whatever big deal is coming but I would argue that she's bad for the image of RT anyway

No. 115483

RT comic staff almost has the story right.

Monty was braindead because his heart stopped but was put on ventilator. Sheena pulled the plug after realizing he'd be needing costly care.

Source on this is a sibling of Monty's who was there.

No. 115485



No. 115487

It was verbal.

No. 115492

So did Nicole not want to pay the money or was worried about the cost? Is that why they started the gofundme or did she just not want to waste money on her Husband?

No. 115504

Dunno. Depends on his diagnosis. I mean, if he had no brain stem activity there would be no reason to leave him on the ventilator any longer than it took for friends and family to say goodbye.

No. 115514

I remember hearing he was in a coma and could have lived vegetative but then the brain death happened. Very tragic.

No. 115523

Tbh I would have pulled the plug too if that was the case. If my husband was going to be in a vegetative state I don't think I could justify keeping him alive. Reminds me of Terry Schaivo

No. 115537

She did her face up just to get more teen snapchat followers.

Maybe dressing up and doing her face in order to stream for neckbeards was too much effort.

No. 115539

Keeping someone alive who will never recover is really selfish though. I cant imagine being trapped in a vegetative state in your own body.

No. 115892

Those details didn't come from Comic staff. The person I spoke to wanted to remain anon. It was a PULL member that spoke with a Comic person.

No. 115898

So if Sheena effectively killed Monty, why are no charges being brought, or why is it at least not being pointed out more? If the answer really is just fangirls protecting her, then yes, I do weep for justice now.

RWBY sucked and was embarrassingly cliché, but man, no guy deserves a death (and afterlife) like that.

No. 115916

If Monty consented to the cat coming into the house then there can't be any charges brought forward. And considering the fact Monty consented to the allergy shots, then what happened isn't technically illegal. Monty consented to the cat, and consented to the shots, therefore no foul play.

Nicole is still a stupid bitch for pushing it on Monty and I hope she feels bad about it for the rest of her life. (Spoiler: she won't)

No. 115939

Yeah she is the victim in all of this.
Monty wasn't a great guy anyways. He liked to throw people he didn't like to his rabid fans.

No. 115980


That's another thing about monty, that's a pretty shity thing to do to a person but for some reason a lot of other people look the other way. I guess most of them are just that thirsty for generic waifu fighting

No. 116059

Nicole does the same thing, now that she actually has more than 50 followers on her twitter. She'd bitch about people who disagree with her and let everyone know to go blindly attack back on her behalf by quoting or using the . before the @mention so followers see what people said to her.

I don't care whether or not people do this shit. It only serves to show how they can't fight their own battles like adults or show some class by ignoring trolls completely.

No. 116079


Didn't know nicole is doing that as well. Any proof of this?

No. 116086

It's right on her twitter account…

No. 116087

File: 1433297425499.jpg (28.87 KB, 600x450, CGieYMnU8AAHw-V[1].jpg)

That's a few cup sizes up alright.

No. 116104

Pure silicone…

No. 116108


Think she'll pull a "monty took this picture…"?

No. 116167

If you can find proof that he was cohered into things, that overrules given consent after the fact.

No. 116213

Does guilt tripping to the point of caving count?

No. 116215

Yes, but you'd have to prove that beyond a reasonable doubt, and that will probably only happen if Nicole ever admitted to it and did a signed confession that she forced/ coerced Monty into it.

No. 116349

Yes and she'll probably be like "I made this a year ago but decided to keep it a surprise until now! Monty took this pic buy my print or I'll kill you"

No. 116382

Or "Monty would totally want to support for anything RWBY related!"

Honestly, did Monty get with Nicole to have a cosplay model or something? Because that's what it feels like now, esp if Hootie wasn't into cosplay.

No. 116418

He just wanted a kawaii cosplay weeaboo gf. She cospkayed his creations so that makes her amazing.

No. 116424

She ain't kawaii. She def not worth dying for.

No. 116486

He got with her because she was the last option. The 3 other girls that con rejected him.

No. 116566


Wow nicole, you weren't even a bronze medal for him

No. 116590

Or you can just look at the pictures Sheena posted on facebook of Monty playing with streetcats. They began to feed them knowing cats will gather where there is food.

Since the cats no longer looked for their own food, the pressure to adopt came from simply wanting to be nice to animals and commenters on the photos.

No. 116602

That doesn't prove that Nicole forced anything on Monty? That just shows Monty willingly fed cats, and he had absolutely no obligation to adopt them.

No. 116605

Of course she didn't force him. Women use other ways to get what they want. How can anyone not feel guilt for the poor cats hungry outside of a thin walled apartment mewling all night during a storm?

No. 116613

Then that proves my point that Nicole won't be able to get charges pressed against her. She may have manipulated him to get the cats, but she probably did that for her own selfish reasons and wasn't some sort of evil plan to kill Monty.

No. 116625

File: 1433387469005.png (612.22 KB, 483x617, Screenshot_8.png)

LOLOL I'm sorry, but WHO is the victim?

>>"Of course she didn't force him. Women use other ways to get what they want."
I think we know what she used exactly to get what she wanted.

◄ Also, someone euthanize this bitch; she's NOT kawaii as fuck and neither is she appealing.

Must be pretty lonely at the fucking top, Nicole. Enjoy the last slew of neckbeards you've got. What's even worse is people knowing about this shit and NOT saying something against it.

Yeah, spill your tits out. That's one way to conform to "Cospureii all u wanttttt IT'S YOUR FAULT THERE ARE PEOPLE" + "Cosplay is not an "excuse for women to dress like sluts." Why are we still using that word? If we're pointing fingers why not the designers?"

Meanwhile, hypocrites tittyfying everything.



And no, how the fuck will Nicole ever admit that she coerced Monty - NOT BLINDLY - fully aware of what she could get? Nonconforming against what his family thought? "I'm the wife, I was with him for the remainder of his years, y'all bitches have no say in what I can and cannot do, stfu."

No. 116630

>Another awkward photo with a bad wig.

Suddenly she wants SJW points because those are the type of neckbeards who would buy Jnig's stuff.

No. 116636

>live alone
>get into full cosplay and makeup
>take several selfies to sell prints
>forget to clean the rat infested room in the background
>post videos of the rat instead

No. 116894

File: 1433437528514.jpg (171.1 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Is this noodle?

No. 116940

No that was her roommate's cat back when she lived in Canada. Tigger was its name. Hahahahah, the stories that happened between Sheena and her roommate.

No. 116941


Please share stories

No. 116984

Please share? Who was her room mate?

No. 117012

Of course she's going to aim for that, the little girl has to "keep moving forward" because "that's what Monty would have wanted." Pffffffffffffffffssfhsfhsfhtttt.

Nicole isn't a grieving wife. Not even the old saying "everyone has different ways of going through grief" can justify her actions.

All for the e-famu. Even worse that the company associated with her husband is covering her shitty attitude subliminally.

No. 117022

She's posted a 15 min long video of all the presents people gave her…

No. 117118


I can't watch this garbage right now, can someone summarize it?


No. 117129


Hootie's dA gallery

Some pretty depressing photos…

No. 117134

Her whole account seems pretty depressing when you compare it to how Monty basically dropped everything for Nicole. You could tell Hootie and Monty loved each other but Monty and Nicole? It looked extremely one-sided.

No. 117147


He would probably still be alive if he stayed with hootie. Instead we got nicole living off his name

No. 117151

They owned or shared those dogs I think. This looks sweet and like a real relationship. Two people just being people, not e-famewhores bragging about whatever material thing they just got.

Monty once said that he looked his best in those years and was always trying to look like that again.

No. 117153

Something like this would have made a great picture for Monty's obituary or for the gofundme if it was legit for his health.


Instead, we get Nicole's sloppy selfies where she happens to be beside him and a gofundme to fund her cosplaying as a non guest around the world.

No. 117155


How else does she need to remain people she's sad without her in his photos? Remember to donate :/

No. 117159

"Ahh, the future. Monty and I have to save up for our wedding also , the dowry and the everything."
Oh god I wanna give her a huge hug since that was the future she wanted and Sheena basically ripped it out of her hands… I feel so bad for Hootie.

No. 117160

I wonder if the Corgi in RWBY was modeled after this one. It's not an exact copy of it, but it doesn't seem like an accident he put a Corgi in RWBY instead of a German Shepard or a Chihuahua…

No. 117174

That is really sad when you put it like that :/

No. 117196


Nearly all her long journal entries are about him. And Hootie posted these long before Monty got even a shred of e-fame.

No. 117205

>weird circle lenses
>too much makeup
>all small packages
>Dumb necklace, probably bought at Target
>How is Nicole "Inspiring"
>Man I wanna marry a nerd famous animator, have him die, make friends with a cheesecake cosplayer and become famu myself!
>Oh god those lashes are awful
>Is this normal make up for her?
>Shit she's so fucking plain
>Damn now I'm jelly
>Venus was always my fave
>She excited over a fucking chocolate bar?
>You're on the internets
>Amazon that shit
>She stares at the Weiss charm knowing someone is making money off of Monty's work that's not her
>I don't think anyone has actually sent her shit
>It's all stuff from her London con
>No one cares about you Nicole
>I hope she gets fat now
>So much junk food
>Also Nicole has officially committed a crime for sure
>She brought Kinder Eggs to the US
>Does Nicole even play Monster Hunter?
>God she looks awful

And that's more or less it. I didn't really watch/listen to the letter parts, I assume asspats, sorry for her loss, Stay strong etc. I just feel sorry for the people who gave her this stuff who are genuine people, considering how Nicole is…

No. 117258


I somehow think that 99% of those gifts are from the super thirsty blind "fans"

No. 117283

One was a Ruby cosplayer (she put a pic up) the rest… probably.

No. 117286

>> 117118
The fuck. She looks like a raccoon that got ran over by a fucking truck. JNig wannabe much?

No. 117288

LOL in the video, one fan said "You can never go wrong"…….


It starts around 8:00.

UMMMMMMM… Think again, honey. The bitch you worship is a devil.

No. 117290

No. 117293

You know, one thing that really bugs me is how much she's all "AWWWW CANADA <3 <3 <3 ~~~" Like she's compensating for something. Maybe she just loves the place and not the people.

But if you ask her to cosplay there or anything along that line, she'll decline. lmao. Because she basically burned down ALL her bridges there…

No. 117294


No homo but dang son those abs. Also I can sorta see why nicole was able to walk all over him seeing how people mention him as beta but fit guy

No. 117297


Local from BC, why would we invite her when we can get jnig? You don't go for diet coke when you can get real coke :p

Not like cons in BC are any good, most of them are jokes.

No. 117300

Maybe. Cons differ to each person after all. But it's just ironic to hear something regarding Canada from Nicole when she practically wrecked her friendships there. And that's direct from the Seagulls on /cgl/.

No. 117303


The sad thing is it's not like her BC friends are any better in my opinion. A lot of them that were friends with her were either too nice to say anything (probably would welcome her back with open arms) to her or talked shit behind her back as well.

No. 117355

Did anyone get a Source on this room mate?

No. 117363


So just to be nice, I'll call the ex-roommate Ashley.
Basically, Nicole and Ashley were like besties. In the year that they moved in together it all went to shit. Nicole was telling everyone, and I mean everyone who had ears, especially people who knew Ashley, that Ashley was the worst roommate ever. According from Nicole, Ashley was rude to Nicole and all her friends that came over, never cleaned the house, ignored her own cat constantly so Nicole HAD to take of Tigger instead, yada-yada. Eventually Nicole just started calling Tigger HER cat. Everyone that heard Nicole’s story took her side and started to isolate Ashley from the community.

When Nicole started to ignore her so called “friends” after getting Monty’s attention, a lot of us in Canada realized that Nicole had just been using us for favors. When she finally moved away (just 2.5 months after meeting the guy) we kind of starting chatting amongst ourselves and realized that Nicole had making up shit about every one of her “friends”. Before, Nicole was always bitching about this person or that person she was “acting” friendly towards, but we never knew she was talking out of her ass the whole time, or that she was also talking shit about her own circle of “close” friends. Basically, there was not one person that Nicole knew, that she didn’t talk shit about to someone else.

Anyway, a lot of people felt bad for believing Nicole the whole time, even people from America (like I said, Nicole told everyone she could). Although I don’t see Ashley at all really, I can only imagine how shit it must have been to have so many people ignore you without even knowing why. Nicole made her own personal drama into some highschool shit and I am so fucking happy she is no longer here. Seriously, I want her to stay in Texas and away from all of us. Plus, drama follows her like a dark cloud so more entertainment for me without needing to be around her.

No. 117377

File: 1433544592712.png (715.34 KB, 603x730, Yes.png)

Much better. Even if he's beta, he's a hot beta.

No. 117381


Like this >>117303 said, a lot of your BC friends would welcome her back with open arms.

How does it feel to know your friends are too chicken shit to do anything?

No. 117386

More pics are needed before confirmed hot

No. 117420

Please. I know exactly who those people would be by name and I can count them on one hand. They're Nicole's tumblr friends that don't get out of the socialize much. Or the thirsty cosplayers that want to ride her tailcoats.

No. 117421

He shared 3 corgies with Hootie, not a coincidence.

No. 117425


I think they shared them until his death. If you look on facebook Hootie is still taking care of them but Monty and Hootie aren't friends anymore even though they both have pictures and posts of eachother up still.

No. 117427

File: 1433551301385.jpg (24.59 KB, 450x313, a98682_beg_1-bigger-boobs[1].j…)

Thank you anon.

No. 117431

America doesn't want her either. Please take her back.

No. 117434

File: 1433552353547.gif (20.45 KB, 520x471, RGGa5DD[1].gif)

Don't feel bad for her. Monty said he didn't deserve her and vaguebooked about his heart hurting after she left. That went on until RI friends called him out for cheating and lying to her. He deleted those posts without fighting back and the things his real friends said about him were worrying.

While Monty continued to be heartbroken for several months onward, Nicole was making moves and flirting with him online without delay. Have a receipt.

No. 117435

No you guys can keep her.

No. 117442


The only way she would get kicked out is if you can prove that she worked illegally in the states before they got "married" for the green card.

Unless she was working for RT with a working visa

No. 117450

She made money off prints, does that count as a business?

No. 117451

She does not work for RT, this has been long established. See >>52931

No. 117458


Gross, she is completely revolting.

No. 117461


Depends on the state she's in, you may need to double check


If you can find her stating she "worked" for them when she didn't then you may have something interesting to anonymously tip off…

No. 117466

I think it states on all her sites that she worked freelance for RT. Probably take screencaps but I'm not sure if it will do good?

RT has a lot of unpaid internships and while she's in videos, everyone only refers to her as Monty's gf (it wasn't until he died that she became his wife).

If she's not working for RT and selling RWBY prints of herself, with Monty's autograph, she could potentially get in trouble since those are copyright to the company. They don't allow people to sell fanart, fan goods, or anything else based on their IPs so if she's making money, I doubt she's paying royalties to the company.

No. 117472


Working freelance still is working a job that someone local could have done. Issue is now if it was "freelance" when she was in Canada or even if it exist.

I do see a case where she's making money off his signature being a huge no no but it seems like RT is aware of it and ignoring it or is just unaware of it.

Does anyone have a date where she was "married?" Nicole strikes me as not too bright enough to cover her tracks and any information helps.

No. 117488

More on this, please?

No. 117498


I think I saw the guy during Fanime last month, he had a large fairy tail looking tattoo across his chest and shoulder that's not present in the picture, maybe it was shoddily shopped out by Nicole along with his entire collarbone.

From what I briefly saw of him at random room parties and around the convention, he was always hanging around two girls, one in a stitch rave outfit, the other in a gloomy bear rave outfit. I presume he's dating one of them, or both, either way they both look way better than Nicole so he's doing far better.

No. 117510

so Monty died during plastic surgery, didn't he?

No. 117523


Nice try diverting us nicole

No. 117528

So Monty is a two-faced little shit. I'm not surprised by this one bit.

No. 117536

I think he was just a regular guy and after his death people tried to turn him into a saint.

No. 117538

Sure seems like it. I still remember back when his only claim to popularity was Dead Fantasy and he sent his crazy fans after people that created fan sites for him. If anything, Hootie was way too good for him. He sounded slightly unhinged.

No. 117554


Pretty much, Ive always said he was only ever good at fights but even those are decent. Problem is a lot of people are of the mindset of "he's dead now so you have to like his stuff"

No I don't

No. 117559

She's getting influenced by Kooter.

She's going to a con in LA with the gofundme now.

No. 117565

They ask if she's real because she looks like a goblin?

No. 117566

LA con? Or do you mean PAX Prime? Either way there's people she's irked all over the place

No. 117567

Is she still getting the gofundme money through the Monty's dying/dead post? Why doesn't she just post her own about partying at conventions because that seems to be where all this money is going to.

No. 117568

Handout is a handout.

No. 117588

She's going to LA then PAX prime. This thread totally called out that she'd burn thru the money. Countdown to another Japan trip.

No. 117589

I wouldn't call a guy that was caught cheating on their gf while using her money just regular.

He wouldn't admit to having cheated on facebook even with his friends admonishing him for having done it and for continuing to hound her. Months later in this post he is beginning a new narrative where he was so in love. I'd say that was his guilt making him talk but his ego wanting empty sympathy from people who don't know what happened.

No. 117668


Not too surprised, he always seemed like a man child who found a niche that everyone liked.

No. 118060

File: 1433694662836.jpg (121.05 KB, 640x941, image.jpg)

How… Expected.

No. 118062

File: 1433694707499.jpg (100.74 KB, 636x791, image.jpg)

No. 118067

Now it's even easier for neckbeards to remember when to donate to the "grieving" widow!

No. 118106


You just gave me an idea. I'll photoshop that in later when I'm home

No. 118289

File: 1433729918443.jpg (95.51 KB, 640x798, image.jpg)

Special snowflake.

No. 118298

>they turn blue when swimming
what is color theory

No. 118299

File: 1433731945793.gif (998.02 KB, 500x280, SHUTUPTHEY'REFUCKINGGREEN.gif)

Bitch your eyes green, shut the fuck up.

No. 118303

I can't stand it when basic bitches do the "my eyes actualyl change color!!!" bullshit. No bitch your eyes are green and you're not special.

Also bitch does not have heterochromia, we've seen her without the stupid circle lenses. It's something she only learnt from too many hours on wikipedia.

No. 118304

She always attributes her self promotion ideas to other people, to hide that she really wanted to do it but didn't want to come off as desperate as she really is for money.

No. 118312

but lighter eyes do reflect color based on what you're wearing. I have (lighter) blue eyes and they can appear more intense in color when I wear blues or greens or fade to a more grey-blue when I'm wearing black (which is 85% of the time; my ex actually thought my eyes were grey because of this.). I don't know about green eyes in particular, but I can say that /actual/ blue eyes can reflect shit.

No. 118314

Nobody is disagreeing. >>118298

No. 118337

File: 1433738858130.jpg (117.93 KB, 493x740, image.jpg)

No. 118344

File: 1433739303181.jpg (51.65 KB, 604x453, 4.jpg)

In reality, it's actually the colored contacts she wears 24/7

No. 118356

File: 1433742377879.jpg (62.85 KB, 480x223, nicolewhatever.jpg)


and back. Credits go to >>118067 for the spark.

No. 118359

her wigs always look like disasters

No. 118364


She doesn't know her eyes are green, how can she pick out a wig?

No. 118369

File: 1433744912995.png (132.81 KB, 1259x482, Screenshot_15.png)

Nicole needs to STFU with all her "explanations" to come off as some sort of legit artist. ARTIST??? In the creativity department??? More like CON artist to me.

If you want to see her eye color, go watch the interview where her "Dreamscape" entry (where she basically copied Kero from CCS) was accepted into the Youtube Guggenheim thing a few years ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PT7e1NtGWHQ Around the 1:24 mark. It's a little blurry but hey, it's something to take from.

Also, THIS is her old Youtube channel. It's where she kept her Dreamscape animation.

And that screenie - not bad for a reference for what you described, Nicole.

No. 118370

^ Sorry 'bout that, forgot her "other" channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLOruhzZwsdm1nM77BBVEWA

No. 118371

>>"They turn blue when swimming"

I understand that some people CAN open their eyes in the swimming pool while in activity, sans goggles and all. But … c'mon Nicole. You can do better than that. lmfao

No. 118373

She said something in her interview where she "doesn't like making impressions of people"…

Ummmm… how about what the Seagulls said that you looked a cosplayer from top to bottom, ESPECIALLY one that cosplayed the same character as you, and you were repelled no matter their craftsmanship? LOL.

Either that was poorly worded and she meant something else, or she ACTUALLY meant what she was saying.


No. 118375

Is she wearing circle lenses in that clip? Her eyes look really dark.

No. 118402

File: 1433763594677.jpg (115.62 KB, 1145x1172, 10397171_10152500411969444_889…)


He's dating the girl that was dressed as Stitch.

No. 118418

Holy shit, I follow her on FB.
Too bad she now does slutty cosplay, or I'd continue following her.

No. 118446

MySpace hair

No. 118452

File: 1433777969477.jpg (92.35 KB, 685x666, image.jpg)


She's the Ruby cosplayer from their original group, seems like they started dating around the same time Monty and Nicole did, good to know they've lasted longer than them.

No. 118467

File: 1433780071467.jpg (29.22 KB, 274x377, escher.jpg)

was so confused for a while orz

No. 118744

I feel like the cosplays you can buy of Mikasa are more accurate.

No. 118752

>>118402 >>118418
For a second I thought the girl was Haku. lmao.
So what's the name of the guy? Or at least in the cosplay circles?

And what's the name of the girl?

No. 118898

Deeana? Diana? Something Dee, can't remember.

No. 118900

She never officially worked for RT, no. At least that's what I was told. I don't think the staff dislike her, they just don't really associate with her as she supposedly keeps to herself, and doesn't really make an effort to make friends with anyone etc.

Regarding the life support thing, I was told that wasn't the case, but you never know. Regardless, I would think that if his heart had stopped etc. there wouldn't be a point to keep him on anyway.

No. 118995

If his heart stopped, then not even life support could save him. He'd be medically dead.

No. 118996

You can be resuscitated. Brain death is irreversible.

No. 119012

She sure likes to act like she works, and for RT. All those self given job titles on her website are funny.

No. 119070


What's sorta "clever" on her part is she can state that the "work" she did was all freelance which is can be non-credited if someone ask her about her name not showing up in the credits.

No. 119072

Except anyone could inquire with RT directly to check if that is the case. It doesn't help that she thinks freelance mans working for free WHICH IT DEF IS NOT.

No. 119073


The way she possibly sees it the only one worth being "friends" is the top level people as everyone else won't take her far

No. 119075


Of course someone can ask RT directly but they are pretty quiet on anything regarding Nicole or just plain out ignore questions.

You're welcome to ask them on the reddit page though

No. 119077

I've never reddited, but if I could I'd probably ask them if they have ever contracted freelancers. And for what.

No. 119095

I don't think so. Freelance does not equal free work. Freelancers are paid.

No. 119098

But what work would she have done? She has no skills or experience.

No. 119103

Didn't she say on her site that it was character design? That is a specified field in concept work that a lot of freelancers do. Considering their recent job listings have been for productions artists (which would include concept work) I feel like they wouldn't contract that out to someone like Nicole who has no known art skills.

No. 119105

She says she does everything. Just happens to lack proof.

No. 119142

If by "character design" you mean bossing Monty around, then sure, she m'fing aced it. She doesn't have proof because that's what she probably did. lmfao.

Now look what happened.

No. 119306

Haha awesome! I'm glad I could inspire you.

No. 119592

Eurofag here. I have it on very good authority our little Nicole has already been spreading her legs for another imbecile. You've seen him if you follow her Twitter. I wish I could say more, but that would reveal my identity.

No. 119595

You don't need to name names, just post deets. You could be anyone in their friend circle if you know deets, so they wouldn't be able to single you out.

No. 119609


Pretty much this, hard for her to pinpoint an exact person as she strikes me as the kind to be paranoid in general

No. 119649

Sam Batty?

No. 119670

File: 1433974074203.jpg (47.75 KB, 640x640, 11390138_971960076157987_35695…)


This. It has to be Sam Batty right? His profile picture on Facebook is this for gods sake…

No. 119691

Most of the time, when RT staff is asked anything about Monty, it just really upsets them, so they don't talk about him or things going on with Nicole.

It is the opinion of some staff that the reason why she's going to all these cons, taking trips, etc. is because "well obv. she's upset cause her husband is dead." Some people want to defend what she's doing, some don't. So really it depends on who you speak to.

But tbh, the RT staff talk a lot of shit. As someone who's been to a lot of the events, and been close with some of the staff etc. I would honestly not want to associate with most of them.

No. 119707


Of course they would be upset…they lost their main cashflow/workforce so they actually got to do work now.

No. 119732

They look the same.

No. 119771

Even though it's a Sheena/Nicole thread, I'm kinda interested in any stories you might have of the RT people? Or stories anyone might have. Kind of like the Holly/Game Grump thread hybrid.

They come off as "we're a community family" but it just seems like it's all for show.They don't really care unless you're giving them money and even then they don't really.

I noticed the Adam photographer for Nicole has been doing a lot of images with Barbara in them and she looks like she's lost a lot of weight.

Also I've love to see Nicole's neckbeard fanatics get butt hurt she's already banging someone else.

No. 119775

Maybe its just me being a stan, but I've never noticed this before. I know there is some drama between some members here and there, but nothing like GG.

No. 119828

I don't think the neckbeards care and the rest would probably be like "Nicole needs to be happy!"

No. 120116

File: 1434060449572.jpg (65.76 KB, 621x543, image.jpg)

retching noises

No. 120119

File: 1434060536126.jpg (47.6 KB, 640x414, image.jpg)

No. 120126

File: 1434061001817.jpg (107.8 KB, 625x938, image.jpg)

Why does her face look so different??

No. 120128


I see that she's doing Montys "say anything to sound deep" routine. Sadly the fans do actually eat these up

No. 120131

Her face looks fatter.

No. 120162

She had fillers done like Taylor to look less old.

No. 120224

It makes her look so bad…
She has the facial features of an adult woman but her baby cheeks throw everything off

No. 120226

She looks like she just gained weight to me

No. 120230

That's not how weight gain works, especially since the rest of her is the same.

No. 120521

It's that double chin, or more specifically the shadowed area between her chin and her neck. Lack of jawline.

No. 120733

The whole area around her eyes and cheeks is also different from what we're used to. It used to be deep or concave and now it puffs out.

No. 121197

So if the rumours are true, she's fucked a guy less than 6 months after her husband died.

No. 121199

It helped her get over the grief of her dead husband


No. 121201

yes 4 months if were exact

No. 121237

imo she's cuter (as cute as she can get) without the fillers.

No. 121256

Someone that she was with someone soon after the death, around when she was planning on the cosplays and the AMA.

She looks like she's got coke bloat now.

No. 121325

That's like half a year man… I'm disgusted with Sheena/Nicole/Nicolle/whatever making money off Monty's death too and don't like her, but jesus, do you expect her to grieve and not touch anyone for the next half year? Sure, she could do that, but… it doesn't prove she isn't genuinely sad. There isn't a certain time one needs to wait before dating again. Of course it would be weird if it was a few weeks or a month or two after, but it's more than that. Do you expect her to just sit in her room and cry alone for the next forever? That's pretty awful.

No. 121332

We spent an entire thread speculating that she was using her husband only for fame/a meal ticket and married him only when it was dire, but we're surprised she got with someone half a year later? Lol mk

No. 121380

Sure Nicole, how awful.

No. 121383

I don't think anyone was surprised, rather their suspicions were merely confirmed.

No. 121474

File: 1434326258891.jpg (83.77 KB, 600x900, CHey4eUUAAAL6a7[1].jpg)

It seems she has gone to E3.

She's there for socializing and not necessarily contributing to the industry events that Monty used to work so hard to simply go to.

No. 121477

Where did she post that she was there?

No. 121648

First of all… STOP defending Nicole.

She's "pretty" to some, but she's a human being, yes. And she's a human being, but a person may sit around and look pretty, but when their sneaky personality and ugly reasoning comes to light and you see who they are, they're as useless as dust.

No. 121870

chances are she was fucking that guy when monty was still alive
we just dont have any 100% evidence, yet

No. 121871

usually, grieving people in general lose most of their sex drive for years
moreso with their significant other
i know a guy that lost his girlfriend in an accident and he hadn't had sex for years after it
it really mentally fucks you up

No. 121875

i know for sure he didn't have any for atleast 5 years
and he wasn't even married although he was with her for a long time

No. 121879

alot of them are pedos, im sure of it. and they prey on their fans too
i remember in one of their podcasts one of them that was in his mid-to-late 20s and he admitted to hitting on a 14 year old
it was really uncomfortable, he made a joke how it was inappropriate but he went on about how sexy she was
they are fucking creepy

No. 121880

the 14 year old was also a fan

No. 121896


Wow, just wow and the fans turn a blind eye to this…

No. 122067

File: 1434411207511.gif (348.03 KB, 291x200, 5406056 _eb5235081b26708b6d38e…)

well, i think most of the fans are pedos too
i remember an 11 year old in the RvB fandom said that another fan that was a middle aged man tried to get her to masturbate on cam
and others that were men were swarming her when they found out she was a girl
those faggots have to be the thirstiest motherfuckers i have ever seen
gif unrelated, i just want to see what the fuck it was again, lol

No. 122087

So you believe what an 11 year old on the internet is telling you.


No. 122090

File: 1434414579137.png (27.61 KB, 391x486, Screenshot_5.png)

This could be why Sheena is at E3 or something.

No. 122092

^ Oops, sorry. NICOLE*. But yeah. That could be why.

No. 122104

chatlogs and said guy admitting to is by saying "its no big deal" i think he is just retarded
his usernames is TheCunningCondor
if you are so curious

No. 122105

and the reason i say usernames is because like most retards online, he uses the same username everywhere
he also lures young girls on minecraft too

No. 122110

I just did a quick google and I don't see anything with him being connected to RoosterTeeth.

No. 122113


More nicole on her phone looking bored while everyone else talks?

No. 122153

People deal with loss in different ways though. Just because one dude reacted by not having sex for a long time doesn't mean everyone should. I'm not defending her, I'm just saying it's shitty to rag on ANYONE for handling loss in a certain way. I can imagine dating people to get your mind off traumatic events would help some people feel better, meanwhile some wouldn't be able to handle it at all.

No. 122173

She barely knew the guy, so it's not like she suffered a huge loss. She admits she got tons of gains from being with him.

She calls their relationship a transaction right on that blog post pinned to her twitter.

No. 122190

Sometimes people do the exact opposite, though, and have a lot of sex. My old roommate did that.

No. 122199

I think they were talking about that guy being a fan,and how its has a lot of pedos/young people in the fandom.

No. 122591

Apparently Onision just released some video making fun of dead "youtubers", including Monty. Wonder if Nicole will see it

No. 122601

No. 122602

No. 122653

No. 122655

thats unhealthy for someone who is supposedly grieving
and she seems to have lots of pics with the guy so i think they are dating. she just moved on quite fast for a widower

No. 122761

Random question. And I still don't like Nicole. :p But, in Nicole's livestreams, anyone know what headset she's wearing?

Was looking for one myself, thought her mic quality was pretty A+ for a gaming headset. Debating whether on getting the same or going for Astro's, or Steel Series Siberia.

Is it Logitech?

No. 122765

Do you have a cap of it?

No. 123272

I will never get people like these


No. 123278

Lonely tub-o-lard with a two inch dick who thinks if he buys shit from Nicole and donates enough to her that she'll want to slobber all over his anus.

People are pathetic.

No. 123281

Also it's disgusting that Nicole allows these people to fawn over her so she can take advantage of their wallets.

No. 123287

Isn't that what most "famous" (i use the term loosely because Nicole is just a fame sucker) cosplayers do? Yaya, JNig… other people…

No. 123774

she has scoliosis doesn't she? i don't think she got implants.

No. 123900

Guess she's at E3 with Sushimonster. 5 bucks says she'll move to LA within the year.

No. 123902

God I hope not. I don't want her in my state.

I hope she moves in with her new meal ticket wherever he is.

No. 123910

Guess she's at E3 with Sushimonster. 5 bucks says she'll move to LA within the year.

No. 123911


It's all over her twitter now. It's saddening that Monty who belongs at such events couldn't ever afford to go and never had the time and there she is enjoying it thanks to him.

No. 125691

Today's Monty's birthday. Let's see how many times she tries to plug in sympathy in order to sell stuff.

No. 125880

You guys really need to get a life. Who cares what she gets up to, it's her life and none of you know a thing about her or how she feels. Nerds need to calm it.

No. 125891


Hey Nicole

No. 127123

Nevermind, anon, I found out what it was. :) Afterglow Prismatic (Prysmatic)? headset. I thought it was the Siberia Prismatic by Steelseries. :) I saw it from one of her earlier streams/videos.

Lmfao people will never learn.

Shut up. Honestly? YOU'RE in the wrong place. Shoo, fly, don't bother us. ♫

Someone made a prediction that Markiplier will be her next target. Honestly I hope not. I wouldn't be surprised in the future. I guess the slag is going for the "clean slate" route before she starts using her black widow antics again.

No. 127199


>none of you know a thing about her or how she feels.

Psychopaths don't have feelings. It's like pulling the wings off a fly, they don't feel the pain, just the momentary stress of having their shit touched.

Except in this case the fly has a bad personality.

No. 127205

> none of you know a thing about her

I'm supposed to be her friend, we have each other on facebook and twitter. But I'm here. What does that tell you?

No. 127467

I think Markipliers spoken before about being in an abusive relationship in the past so if she tries hopefully he sees through her shit

No. 127475

He sucks anyway who cares

No. 127530

Who is this guy tho?

No. 127536

Another LP-er. Friends with the Grumps. His fans are mortal enemies of Pewdie's. Is half Asian (so fulfils Nicole's yellow fever tendency) and quite popular.

And yeah, I think Markiplier used to be rather beta, but after an abusive relationship he's unlikely to put up with Nicole's shit.

No. 127567

so what "simple medical procedure" was Monty having done when he died?

I find it strange that I can't find any information on it.

No. 127570

Did you even read the thread?

He was getting allergy injections because of cats. He was known as a workaholic so his immune system was pretty low to begin with.

Allergy shots + Direct Contact with a cat living in his apartment that Nicole brought in = overdose for his immune system so he went in to shock and was educed to a coma.

He ended up brain dead, plug pulled and Nicole reaps the benefits of $250,000+ from fans, has him cremated, wears something inappropriate to the funeral while acting bored the entire time, goes through the money like PT goes through Mochi, begs online, gets more money, has a new chest and continues to boo-hoo for pity money and sells images she claims Monty took and stamps them with his autograph to make them 'authentic'.

No. 127574

>almost 900 posts

fuck no I didn't read the thread. I skimmed.

No. 127586

What did she wear to the funeral?

No. 127588

I don't know a huge amount about Mark personally but he came off as a real sweetheart I everything I have seen with him in it. The very idea of her getting her little ho-bag claws in to him…shiver

No. 127594

Short skirt and super high heels.

It was a wake and not a funeral, but money shouldn't have been an issue since the gofundme was out for weeks.

No. 127595

You forgot the sperm thing. This is why we need an ED, it's hard to read these threads.

No. 127624

IS that real? That really just seems like a crazy rumor. Not saying she's not capable of doing some fucked up shit but it's still very wtf?

Doesn't surprise me she'd wear that. At a cocktail party she wore booty pleather looking shorts, jacket but a near sheer halter top and stiletto heels when the dress code was semi-formal. About 20 minutes at their arrival she already shed the jacket and just wandered around looking pretty hookerish.

No. 127626

Pics or it didn't happen

No. 127631

>wanting pics of a wake
>wanting pics of a postmortem sperm retrieval

Never change, cows!

No. 127647

As she's going to PAX with that Sam guy and his friends I'm going to guess she's getting with him. Paying to fly Brits to her with the gofune money. Really nice Nicole

No. 127655

Holy shit, is she paying for more than one ticket for them?

I seriously hope her 'fans' start realizing she's blowing through their money for completely mundane things and so she can bang this dude at PAX.

Has she even set aside a majority of it for future security or did she just spend it as quickly as she could then beg for more?

No. 127692

The sad thing is that the gofundme is still active

No. 127721

He's def one of the nicest personalities on YT right now. I think he was brought up before because he has a loose connection to Nicole (As said, friends with the Grumps, two of whom were friends with Monty, who Nicole contacted when shit went south at the hospital. If you watch the MAGfest Grump Panel there is a point about half way through where one of them is checking their phone about it) but I don't think they've ever actually interacted. Not that he's ever expressed to having a type, but I don't think Nicole would ever be it.

Ugh. I wonder if there is anyway to get it closed without being the account that set it up.

No. 127846

She's pretty much on vacation forever with the money. She went to a spa while at E3, something she never afforded before.

No. 127917


What bothers me is how pointing out that it's still up to "fans" doesn't bother them at all.

To those fans: Monty is dead…I don't think he needs that money

No. 127924

even if there aren't pics of the wake, there should be pics of the cocktail party, right?

No. 128278

File: 1435442124038.png (1018.88 KB, 977x646, Screenshot_25.png)

>>127624 >>127924

I'm all about style and fashion - but properly executed.

If this girl can wear this get-up ( https://instagram.com/p/lambyiG2Hg ) for a DATE out and people actually condone it (see comment in photo), what makes you think she'll be tame to a wake or FUNERAL?

(yes, to each their own, blah blah blah, heard it all before; women's outfits should never be the basis for their personality… but have people actually heard of clothing being a reflection of themselves? I wonder if she has.)

No. 128288

File: 1435443480005.png (285.55 KB, 552x530, 1323447084803.png)

>those brown roots and shitty blue weeb dye

No. 128291

the fuck is this hot mess

No. 128307

Not a single thing about this screams "classy dinner".
It's so badly coordinated that it reminds me of Neo, the RWBY character that has her ears.

No. 128319

>hair color and texture looks like shit
>hair style is shit
>face looks like shit
>expression also shit
>no ass no tits so the pose to show them off is shit
>clothes are 3 different shades of black and some used looking shit
>shoes are bargain looking eurotrash shit

What about this is not shit?

No. 128324


>you can have anything ever

That beta

No. 128327

Just because its all black doesn't mean it matches, Nicole.

No. 128347


What restaurant is this appropriate at? Burger king drive thru?

No. 128477

Mermaid hair? More like fail hair.

No. 128492

File: 1435481277825.jpg (140.83 KB, 711x1011, image.jpg)


No. 128508

All those stupid drawings don't hide the clutter and dirt in the background…

No. 129134

Plot twist: It's her way of instigating that she "works hard." lel

No. 129136

She looks looks like a dead blow-up doll. So emotionless… She's saying thank you yet doesn't even convey a facial expression of gratitude. Is there a picture where she does smile? This picture looks awkward as fuck.

No. 129150

the blur on her ears lmao

No. 129305

She's always on @sambattyva twitch at 8pm English time.

No. 129570

She reminds me of kaka, hard to watch. Then she uses whatever is a current trend topic to be relevant, kind of like the cosplays being trend ones.


No. 129571

File: 1435642784188.png (15.08 KB, 197x28, Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 10.3…)


No. 129575


There's no hope in this world.

No. 129615

He's (I assume he) been donating steadily over the past few months. The highest donation was around $1000
Maybe it's a guide to donate money to herself?

No. 129616


No. 129617

File: 1435657200147.jpg (41.84 KB, 750x388, image.jpg)

Uhh huh.
I hate when she tries to sound deep, because it's in direct contradiction to her actions (behind the scenes).

No. 129653

File: 1435670040613.png (360.73 KB, 996x664, Screenshot_33.png)

I think she means, "never underestimate a con artist." trolololol~

Nicole, your silence means nothing. Sometimes there's a reason why people talk about people. You chose this lifestyle, so get used to it. ;)

Also, to add, she did sound deep too like… 6 days ago. :'D https://instagram.com/p/4T4fXCG2Ev/

No. 129654

Someone even went up to like 1k.

Lol I'm just laughing at her choice of branding for "humor." … "Freshest weenie?" "Sheenie weenie?" Yeah. People seem to enjoy her humor but it's no wonder people also talk about her… she's a weenie too in the sense of the word because she USES PEOPLE for her own benefit. lmao. The attention grab is real. Not about having fun anymore. I wonder if she GROVELS before bed to Monty going "uguuuuu senpai am i doing something right??? Why people gotta h8???"

Yeah, no. I'd rather call her Nicole. A lot more real that way.

No. 129756

You can totally tell she is trying to shift to the LA crowd with the grumps and Markiplier and SushiMonster etc.
She's gonna make a move to be BFFs with Suzy, and get IN with that YT crowd.

No. 129774

She left out the last line of the quote:
"Broken minds spend all day taking selfies."

No. 129833

Nicole… If you're reading this… if you weren't such a skank… people wouldn't ACTUALLY be revealing shady things about you… you know? :^) Just sayin'.

All this drama llama about how you tell different stories about your home life to garner sympathy, and you jumping on someone's D to get what you want and portraying the cute, hardworking and naive moe…. it's getting old, lass. (That's what prosti's do, right?)

No. 129834

RIGHT?? Lmao! It's so OBVIOUS, she's shifting gears. Gonna get in with the YT crowd because Rooster Teeth won't stand up for her (there's nothing to stand up for, let's be real here - she's just sitting around looking pretty in spite of promoting "hard work" (aka: sucking Asian dick), or going down the Twitch route because cosplayers are doing it.

It's utterly DISGUSTING to see that she has all that privilege just because she can drag Monty's name around like that.

(I'm not even going to call Monty her "husband".)

No. 129836

>"I'm supposed to be her friend, we have each other on facebook and twitter. But I'm here. What does that tell you?"

- Any deets you can tell us, amigo?

No. 129837


If she's going all in with the YT crowd then why be friends with sushi monster? It's not like that girl is a YT star.

Then again Nicole strikes me as the kind to not plan for the bigger picture

No. 129839

I'm pretty sure she's taking baby steps so in her case it isn't obvious and people wouldn't "judge" her. lol.

Then again, why wouldn't people judge her? I get that people have different ways of grieving but the donations themselves are red flags.

No. 129846


I don't see the point in baby steps now as we already established there's enough brain dead RT fans who will ignore giant red flags due to thirst for anything monty did ;)

No. 129891

So if Monty's gofundme is still going,[which I think it is?] wasn't it purposely so that it could help with hospital bills and whatever happens to his person?

With him dead, and her still getting money, is it false advertising to have the donation be for Monty? Sure, it's for his wife, but it's easy to tell she's spending it clearly on new shiny things and lavish trips. It seems sketchy to continuously donate to a fun that really does not need to be open any longer.

That has to be some kind of rule breaking for gofundme to wrongfully be advertising use of money, doesn't it?

No. 129895

No. 129903

she looks very cute

No. 129966

Checked your links. If that doesn't say "monty would have wanted this for me /cry", I don't know what else will.

No. 129979

She would try to suck on Suzy's dick for fame

No. 130015

She's working on new cosplay for the next time she travels to a con with the internet's money.

No. 130016

Gofundme has no rules and Monty has been dead for half a year, so…

No. 130020

No. 130046

Of what? I now it'll be something with boobs/stupid amounts of fanboy fodder.

No. 130991

File: 1435886478564.png (84.67 KB, 546x322, Screenshot_1.png)

…. Riiiiiiiiiiightttttt.

No. 130998


- She talks about her ex in one point. Not sure if it's the beta fit guy.

No. 130999


No. 131015

So … from what I gathered from middle to end of that video… she basically says in that snippet of her stream after blabbing on about how her "ex-boyfriend's" mother wasn't accepting and etc. because the dude said something against gay men ("" inserted, assuming it's not some fabricated story just to garner sympathy) … was that she moved to the US because she was uneasy about the whole being "behind" on the whole legalizing gay marriage issue (???? Canada being behind? Or USA being behind? Apparently Canada has made this legal since 10 years ago?)

… I'm looking at her eye contact with the camera and honestly I still don't trust her. Body language. lololol

No. 131119

It sounds completely made up to sound like a good person,(I've been her fb friend for years) both her previous ex before Monty and the ex before that had never met her mom's bf at the time (the mom was single)

No. 131141

Big bag of made up bullshit. Thing is she knows everyone will eat up this fiction and be like "aww you are a perfect person!" because they have no idea about her true self until Monty put her on the map.

No. 131162


Minor red flag but just to be sure did someone prompt Her about her ex or did she casually decide to talk about it?

if it's the latter then that's a pretty good red flag (among others) of something is off

No. 131166


Based on a quick google Seach, Her home town of BC has had same-sex marriage legal since 2003 so I don't know what she's talking about

No. 131197

Yeah, that makes it 12 years ago. :) Thanks for the info, though, Anon.

Anyway, I still don't believe her stories. :^)

No. 131199

I want to know who it is that keeps donating to her. That "faze"-something person.

Deets, anon!

No. 131248

First off, the fact that this thread has existed for 4 months bashing a single person shows an impressive commitment. So… good job for that, I guess. But really, this thread thus far has been a wallowing pit of pessimism and gnashing teeth. If you hate her so much, why not discuss your hatred with her on her twitch or twitter? She doesn't have a huge stream, usually 50 people or so, so you could yell profanities at her personally if that's what you want to do. twitch.tv/sheenaduquette Personally I think she's mildly attractive and have no qualms with her, but since you all do, I think it would be best for all parties if you'd say it to her face, i.e. Twitch.

No. 131275


Hey nicole ;)

No. 131279

wait, who's Nicole? I thought this thread was about Sheena Oum…?

No. 131285

>calling this thread bashing and choosing not to address everything that was proven true about her

>telling everyone to go to her stupid twitch for dollars so her neckbeards can protect her and throw away more of their money, lel

Only one person could be this invested and she's on skype.

No. 131288

>knows everything about the twitch in detail and plugs it
>sperging on thread without reading

No. 131294

would you like any more of my personal information as proof? You can look me up on Twitter and such if you'd like. You donate money on Twitch if you want, you can view for free and talk in chat. My Twitch username is yelingsquirrel if you need further verification. I just want to see you solve your grievances via talking directly to her.

No. 131299

LOL go away

No. 131301

oh boo fucking hoo, people are being mean on the internet and aren't being ~rill~

you're point is irrelevant since its already been confirmed nicole knows and checks this thread. so everything we say here, she sees anyway :)

No. 131303

But it would spread your message to her fans in her Twitch. The ones you criticize for donating and call neckbeards (for some reason). I'm not mad at you for being mad or mean, I just want to see your anger resolved.

No. 131305

you're just a regular jesus christ aren't you

No. 131308

Wow you're so new, read the fucking thread. We know Nicole and you don't, get it?

No. 131310

Go away you freak. Sheena won't suck your dick just because you foolishly attached a name to your whiteknighting.

No. 131315

Do you want me to remove my name? There. Why isn't Twitch a legitimate solution to your problems?

No. 131321

Do you want me to delete my previous comment with the name attached?

No. 131327

Why don't you think for yourself and use some tact?

No. 131338

I bet he is like "look Nicole I'm defending youuuu" rn

No. 131383

Wonder how he go there, either Nicole sent him with the promise of kinky polaroids or he is frantically typing her name on google, both sad kek

No. 131443


No. 131451

>" I just want to see you solve your grievances via talking directly to her"

Nice to see a newb around here. Do you honestly think she would even clear the area if you confronted her in front of her fans? LMAO. Think about that for ONE second and assess the situation.

>"But it would spread your message to her fans in her Twitch. The ones you criticize for donating and call neckbeards (for some reason). I'm not mad at you for being mad or mean, I just want to see your anger resolved."

You expecting the internet to be kind? Top kek.

And I checked for "yellingsquirrel" on Twitch. Non-existent. So go away.

No. 131490

I'm not sure how I ended up here, I've never even been on this site before. It's yelingsquirrel with one "L" not two. I had the two Ls account originally, but I lost and couldn't recover the password, so I made the new one with one L. I didn't mean to rile you all, I just thought I had a solution you might like. But it seems you don't, so I'll go. Sorry for interrupting you.

No. 131563

Look. It's pretty understandable there will always be people defending someone? But you would THINK that with all the red flags, people would GET the hint. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "I'm not sure how I ended up here" , either.


No. 131625


Man nicole you're just really dumb to think we would fall this for this. Also your twitch has:

>no past Broadcast

>both accounts follow RT people

Way to be subtle there Nicole

No. 131940

File: 1435987093042.jpg (55.91 KB, 737x704, image.jpg)

let me tell you, she puts up a front that she won't tell anyone but will use your personal problems as conversation starters with other people.

No. 132168

Agreed, anon.

And why the fuck would anyone know the "real" her when she can feast on people's worship of her? And she's Monty's S.O., right? That shit gets her anything apparently. Little girl really needs to stop.

Why would anyone have the opportunity to know the "real" her when all she has to do is sit there, be fake, and have a case of schadenfreude (look it up.) with all the people in her life she considers her "friends", and she can just gather all the information while collecting sympathy… And when the time comes, she'll stab you in the back and make herself "queenly"?

Oh, right. Because she's "Sheena Duquette", Monty Oum's "wife"….

… Fuck no. She's /Nicole/. Pulling the sympathy card 100% apparently works when you've got friends in high places!

And I truly hope her "friends" are reading this thread; I feel sorry that all of them actually put up with her shit.

Remember: Education is keyyyy~! ;)

No. 132201

I've reported the gofundme page making the point that monty being dead since February has made the page no longer valid.


There's a link if you peeps wish to do the same

No. 132233

Anyone else see a resemblance to Brianna Wu at that angle?

No. 132239

The FAQ says
"With GoFundMe there are no deadlines or time-limits. Your campaign will remain live until you choose to stop donations or remove the campaign altogether. Most users leave their campaigns live indefinitely as a lasting memory of all the wonderful comments and support they received."


No. 132240

GoFundMe is also the site where people rewarded Darren Wilson for killing Mike Brown with charitable donations. GoFundMe isn't going to take down her fund, esp. since they get a cut and she's gotten a lot of money.

No. 132254


Good point, I think I wanted to try to do something rather than just complain about it.

Oh well

No. 132260

>"Most users leave their campaigns live indefinitely as a lasting memory of all the wonderful comments and support they received"

/ A lasting memory of all the wonderful comments and support they received. /


No. 132484

File: 1436072246243.png (1.05 MB, 1003x690, Screenshot_10.png)

>"I find myself wanting to make it again now with everything I've learned! "

You mean with everything you EARNED* from Monty's name being used. Ok. O-k.

>"Everything else was handmade by me, including the boots!"

Honestly Nicole, your outfit looks BOUGHT. lol. I'm not even saying that as a compliment… I've seen photos of her Lightning even before, zoomed in and checked whether it was uneven in a way (no garment is perfect).

In her write-up for her Lightning cosplay, she doesn't even post pictures of the outfit. Just "professional" photos of her cosplay. I think she even had a write-up on her Tumblr but did the same thing. No DIY / progress photos of the outfit. Just said "oh i made this."


Honey, if you're going to make a write-up, SHOW EVERYTHING.

No. 132487

File: 1436072440245.png (209.91 KB, 505x451, Screenshot_12.png)

Found this on Tumblr under her tag;
LMFAO @ Nicole pulling the artist card.
Congrats, you get the Best Con-Artist Award.
Swallow that fucking medal and choke on it.
#sodeep #sosodeep

No. 132497


Actually that outfit was made in its entirety, I've seen it in person multiple times and it does not look good at all. She had to constantly re-adjust it because it was falling apart, and she herself stated that it was held together by bobby pins and hot glue and she had to make major repairs each time she wore it because it was so badly done.

Calling it a bought outfit would be a compliment.

No. 132499

All of her recent cosplays (Lucy, Sonico, both Yangs) are bought and then "tailored".

The Lucy one is clearly not tailored at all since it fits her like a sack.

No. 132589

Far from it.

I don't think we need to worry about her cosplays fitting her like a sack since soon enough she'll be going down the Nigri route.

No. 132801

I can't tell from the rest of the costume, but that armor looks handmade, in the worst possible way. Like she had craft foam and thought a butter knife would work to cut it.

Has she worn a single cosplay that actually fits her properly?

No. 132898

FYI her uplifting bs tweets are actually copypastas of things Monty used to say.

No. 132939

lmao dumbass cgl bitches be like "where's the proof that sheena's a piece of shit??? THERE IS NONE BECAUSE SHE'S A PERFECT ANGEL"

like no, nicole literally killed someone for fame.

No. 132946

What thread? I saw the one that listed her with some hated cosplayers and it seemed like everyone was pretty much agreeing that she's a piece of shit.

Probably her reddit fans or herself trying to make her out to be the most perfect little girl who has bad things happen and deserves all the happiness and money in the world.

It's like Monty was getting too much attention and she was always just Monty's gf so she had to get rid of him to be in the spotlight. Must suck to live under your dead husbands shadow even now.

No. 132948

What I want to see is a legit story of where she was a good person. I've never seen one.

Everyone who is a fan of Monty transferring their love for him onto her are pretty silly. They describe her with general terms such as sweet and awesome but can't even say why they think that because it's due to Monty.

No. 132951


this one? yeah most just say she's shitty and annoying. honestly, she deserves nothing.

same but i don't think there's a single person in the world that truely loves her other than her reddit neckbeards.

No. 132961

>same but i don't think there's a single person in the world that truely loves her other than her reddit neckbeards.

And even then it's not her personalty they truly love.

When I first met her I assumed she was a nice person. Kind of quiet but I chalked it up to her being shy. The second time I met her, she wuoldn't look at me, rolled her eyes when I asked how she was and left in the middle of talking to Monty.

There were numerous other times and not once did she ever seem genuine when talking to any 'fan'.

No. 132980


And that's the real problem. I get it, the fans are super upset that a dude who made dolls fight each other decently is dead and you'll never get to see any new stuff from him. I get it really but to transfer that love to someone who doesn't have a cent of his skill is nor does she contribute to the actual making of the show in ANY way is baffling to me.

No. 133055

Honestly shes banking on the societal taboo of questioning a widow. A lot of people still will defend her just on the virtue of losing her husband

No. 133107


Doesn't surprise me based on that reddit thread when someone causally asked about it and they were shat upon quickly

No. 133389

At least someone did ask. I wonder how people will react when she runs out of money again and decides to get pregs with his sperm for more donations.

No. 133407

There will be some people who will be like "wait a sec…." but you can count on Mont- I mean Nicole's diehard fans being like "HOLY SHIT TAKE MY WHOLE BANK ACCOUNT"

No. 133600

Aw, looks like the thread's gone. I knew it would be a matter of time.

All my respect for that person who put themselves out there to ask a legit question of concern for where their money is actually going.I hope they're not still getting angry shits messaging them with "how dare you, she's a grieving widow!"

And you. All my respect and admiration, anon. You actually took steps in a direction that it needed to go. It's a shame not much can be done but it took balls to voice your concerns to gofundme. I know SR was all, don't poke the lolcow but in this case, I hope more brave souls rise up because her ego, spending and habits are becoming red flags with red flares and sparklers all over them. Yet her fanbase, or Monty's fanbase, would rather remain ignorant.

No. 133632

No. 133668

File: 1436253133754.png (416.72 KB, 942x381, orly.png)

lel this post

>If you knew Monty at all, you would know that the cat was HIS idea, not hers.

Nicole was bored and unemployed, of course she would want a companion when Monty was never home.

No. 133691

oh god in that reflection she looks like aly

No. 133721

Didn't even notice the reflection, looks like a 40 year old.

No. 133876


Knowing monty the way I do he wouldn't want his name on sell after he died which nicole is taking full advantage.

Then again he would still want to be alive but that's aside the point. I take comfort knowing that Nicole was a bronze medal of choices of girls he could have had.

No. 134048

I love cats. I'd find that story adorable if it hadn't ended in a man's death.

No. 134256

Can't unsee

No. 134660

I await the day a cat scratches her face raw and leaves her so scarred.

No. 135467

Fun fact: Nicole has scoliosis. Majorly. Her spine is twisted, which is why her body is shaped so weirdly–look at the arch of her back, it's not normal.

She got surgery for bigger boobs and didn't fix her bad back. Probably didn't want to lose her right to complain constantly.

No. 135562

She said something about her posture blahblah/ It was on Twitter I think or her Instagram, someone questioned her about her posture and back and etc.

LOL right on that, Anon… More for pity.

No. 136018

I don't know what it is but someone posted that Nicole was Periscoping? I think it's probably like a VINE I'm not sure, but it's mostly of her cat which kind of seems in bad taste to me. But, gotta do whatever for the fame.


No. 136075


Well what else is she going to do? Not like she can animate to his stiff level now.

No. 136376

All the does is sit around and be pretty, and pass off a persona that she's this "artist." What else is she gonna do? LMAO.

No. 136485

I have yet to see an instance of where she was employed as any of the things she claims to be on her website.

No. 136498

As far as I know and from sources of people who have apparently worked for RT, she has never been employed by RT or even Freelanced for them.

All she did was hang around the office because of Monty and worked on 3D Printed weapons from RWBY for RTX2014 that looked like shit up close.

Monty still did all the work for that since they were his models and the company's 3D Printer. All she had to do was sand and paint them but takes credit for them.

No. 136615

AHAHAHAHAHA "artist"…… even the ladies who posed for that "laughing with salad" meme would laugh AT HER………

No. 136790

At least you can get tips on unemployment from her

No. 136842

Apparently she's moving to LA to live with Sushimonster/Chloe, I'm starting to wonder if the theory of her trying to get into Suzy's friend circle/Game Grumps is true?

No. 136844

Ugh. Chloe's too kind for her own good. Nicole will use her up like a resource and probably spread shit about her behind her back.

Also fuck, I don't want this bitch in my county.

No. 136861

What the heck is she going to do living with Chloe? Mooch off her like she did with Monty?

No. 136873

File: 1436765958673.png (87.12 KB, 594x495, Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 10.3…)

>@sheenaoum Tip #1: apply for a job

I feel so bad for Chloe. Nicole is going to use her and try to ride her coat tails. I can already smell drama brewing.

No. 136893


Ooooh that burn. I hope Nicole didn't like delete that or her fans rag on that one comment

No. 136894

The mental gymnastics she did on the reddit AMA when confronted whether she had a job were great though.

No. 136898

No. 136899


That comment was beautiful. She has no talent except milking her deceased husband's image. Of course she can work around unemployment when neckbeards donate money to her for stupid shit. 'Good tips'…oh I'm sure.

No. 136903

No. 136912

I know Chloe gets invited a lot of places because she's actually skilled and has earned her name. Nicole is really just going to use her but hell, who knows, maybe Nicole might actually learn how to sew.

If she's unemployed (especially after claiming for a few months that her 'job' was cosplay), there's no way she'll be able to help pay for shit in California. Rent is crazy high, living here is crazy expensive and what's she going to do? Pay rent with donations from her neckbeards? I hope Chloe's generosity doesn't bite her in the ass.

Nicole doesn't look the type to keep her room or work station clean, probably doesn't do dishes, has fabric and cosplay shit thrown about so I imagine her living with others will be rather strenuous after the 'fun time' is over.

Chloe also has a stable relationship, iirc? How long before Nicole makes passive aggressive remarks about how they make her feel sad because her husband's dead so please donate to help heal that hurt. Don't forget to get your Monty Oum signed cosplay pictures of her.

Hah! 10/10. I hope that person isn't getting shit like the one person who actually raised question about the gofundme money.

No. 136913

The way she namedrops all these RWBY characters no one else has seen is so cringey. Well done Nicole, you're so special for knowing everything first.

No. 136917

>wait till the honeymoon is over

Pretty much this. I expect Chloe to get frustrated with her within a month or so, and Sheena need to look to other housing options soon after. How much is Sheena getting from the GFM and neckbeards buying up her prints? It seems she has some other source of income that is unaccounted for, does RT pay her because of Monty?

No. 136918

>How much is Sheena getting from the GFM and neckbeards buying up her prints? It seems she has some other source of income that is unaccounted for, does RT pay her because of Monty?

Nowhere near as much as Nigri which she seems to be shooting for. As for the gofundme, I believe she's actually blown through all of the money, hence asking for more.

RT paid out the year for Monty's salary and insurance, I think? But that's it. Now it's just her begging for donations or buying her prints with her husband's name on it. I doubt she's done taxes for those prints or pays RT for using their characters without real consent. They bitch at artists who sell fanart prints yet she gets away free because she's his widow? She's still infringing on IP and has lied about working for them. I'm sure RT wants to cut all ties with her, or at least I hope they do.

Well she is known for her special snowflake syndrome.

No. 136982


There's another thing with taxes. I somehow don't think she would do her taxes or do "donations" don't count?

Anyway she strikes me as the kind to avoid taxes which will bite her in the ass as IRS don't exactly care for sob stories

No. 137003


>I believe she's actually blown through all of the money

>over 130k gone (assuming there were medical expenses paid for montys stay) in the span of 4-5 months

The hell, how do you spend that much money?!

No. 137010


You can get like 10,000* in untaxed gift money a year in the US. As in, its on the giftgiver to pay the taxes, not the recipient.

*(not sure about the exact number, so don't quote me on it)

No. 137039

No. 137071

As long as she stays away from San Diego

No. 137215

Not 130k. 250k+ is gone. The gofundme alone made her 250k that she spent. While gofundme does take a small percentage, it's not like it would be a huge dent in that amount of money.

Who knows if she even paid out his final bills. From what I heard, he had a lot of credit card debt, mostly from spending it on her, too, but had a big spending problem. But, those could of been taken care of by the company along with his cremation and wake.

Shortly after his death and wake, she had new cosplays, new photos, new wigs, new cameras, new computer and a new chest,so we all know where the money went. Especially desperately following Jnig to London, begged for proper gifts from her wishlists rather than be grateful anyone would give her anything, and where she then went shopping because 'Monty would of wanted this' for her.

Only reason for her to go to San Diego is to attempt to suck MEGA64's cock.

No. 137224


Oh I know, I was ball parking how much was taken off due to medical expenses assuming that RT insurance didn't pay for all of it but you're right about his debts so a lot more could have been taken off the 250k.

All the same that's a lot of money gone in a matter of SIX MONTHS.

But nooooo, we're not allowed to openly talk about this due to taboo of the widow which I highly doubt they were married which I would like to check the receipt on that.

No. 137237

>But nooooo, we're not allowed to openly talk about this due to taboo of the widow which I highly doubt they were married which I would like to check the receipt on that.

Yeah I don't understand why exactly is that taboo to bring up? How dare we question the legality, I'm assuming?

It was really sketchy because every convention I had seen them at, she was Monty's girlfriend. Even at RTX she was called by everyone as Monty's girlfriend and by that time, in the timeline, they had been married for a few months. He falls ill and in to a coma and suddenly she's Monty's wife? Only THEN does she change all her social media names to Oum? How does that not raise red flags to anyone?

If they wanted to keep it quiet, why? To what purpose? Because all I see here is a Canadian who spent up her visa doing nothing and suckered Monty in to marrying her only for him to be dead not even a year in to their marriage and now she's off on bigger adventures than even he was able to go on all because of his name.

No. 137238

Monty had a ton of debt reaching back many years. His coverage with RT took care of the wake and medical.

The main reason for the fundme was for his debts (see: original goal) and to fund Nicole's unemployed lifestyle for a few more months until she finds someone new.

Nicole quickly burned through all the money though, she's never worked a day and she now has more costly habits.

No. 137239

The red flags were raised by anyone who is grown up. Think of Monty's fans though, most are young and very naive.

They don't understand common sense and see Nicole as someone they were able to more easily "connect" with than Monty through social media or buying her garbage.

No. 137245


I believe the 'reason' the marriage was kept quiet was how Monty was a private person.

I say reason as this was mentioned as he got sick so the legality is setting off even more red flags.

No. 137304

>Nicole quickly burned through all the money though, she's never worked a day and she now has more costly habits.

She now seems to have a taste for the lavish lifestyle of needing everything catered to her and of course, the worst part is it's working for her.

I'm so salty and jealous. I absolutely hate that she's getting away with this shit and that everyone thinks she's this great artist when I don't think I've ever seen a drawing or art piece by her.

My father just had a stroke and his insurance refuses to offer payment for his hospital stay of 65k yet she's blown through 250k+ on herself and people keep giving her more while I try to work 3 jobs.

I heard he was rather private but even still, you'd think there'd be some other kind of mention of at least fiance or just more than girlfriend. You're exactly right though, as soon as he was sick only then did they call her more than just girlfriend.

>Think of Monty's fans though, most are young and very naive.

That's also true. And again, if anyone dare raises questions then they're quickly harassed and bullied by these naive fans. Monty was no saint and would use his fans to harrass others who tried to make money off of his stuff yet here Nicole is, doing exactly what he was against.

No. 137358

It was kept quiet because she had to get married to stay in the country. It's embarrassing.

He didn't want children or a wife with this marriage, he wanted a girlfriend and couldn't get one localy.

No. 137359

Sorry to hear about your father anon but don't compare yourself to her. You've got the real love of a family to focus on and that's what matters.

No. 137372

Is that an actual fact? Like, it's seriously sketchy and all signs point to it, but is it pretty much completely true that that's what happened?

I would still love to know what people at RT really think of her.

This is actually the nicest thing anyone has said to me since his stroke, thank you, anon. Truly.

I do feel lucky I have family and real friends but, selfishly, I would enjoy the money that's being thrown at her. I hope the truth about her comes to light and that there will be nowhere left for her to run to.

No. 137438

Sushimonster is going to be the next Ashley. Yikes.

No. 137654


No. 137879

He didn't tell his family or closest friends about it because it was for convenience. It was only revealed by Nicole after he died.

Money can bring peace of mind but if you made it by taking advantage of others, karma will catch up.

No. 137897

The supposed Ex Roommate from Canada

No. 137956

I have a question, why the fuck are her hands so long?

No. 138291

Curious to know did monty have a life insurance policy on himself? Would explain some additional income for Nicole

No. 138303

Probably not, given his debt, but RT may have taken one for him (which companies can do). It may be where the money for the wake and all came from.

No. 138308

He had life insurance, expect about 50k but I do not think she was added as a beneficiary. They were together for only a short time. She was getting a death certificate for possible payouts though.

No. 138309

It takes longer than that to get the payout, the wake wasn't paid by insurance.

No. 138319


Thanks for the Intel, I was wondering if there were missing funds outside of the gfm and the twitch stuff

No. 138329


I guess it's confirmed that guy is her new boyfriend?

No. 138336

Thought you meant the guy in twitter and checked his profile and saw he was 14. Had a moment of disgust.

But, if she does already have a new boyfriend, I hope her neckbeards turn on her kind of like how JNig's just sit there ad bitterly hate on her bf and start realizing she's really shit.

No. 138378

She has plenty of drawings up on her deviantart. For a "professional", none of them are good.

No. 138383

File: 1437033003929.png (57.63 KB, 606x280, Screenshot_39.png)

Um, no, Nicole, stop acting so fucking nonchalant. Disgusting.

No. 138387

Her retarded fans anger me more than her

No. 138392

I'm on mobile, I'm sorry. Is there a particularly bad one on her da someone can post?

Ugh. I'm sad Ray and Tina are supporting her like that. During one of the streams, Tina was sitting by her and Sheena hardly looked at her or replied when she spoke to her.

I think Tina's a cutie, but I heard Nicole makes fun of her for being chubby so considers herself clearly better as a person.

No. 138427

I'm posting from oldest to newest. The newest is alright

No. 138428

File: 1437050544244.png (545.96 KB, 638x825, snow.png)

lmao dropped pic

No. 138429

File: 1437050616552.jpg (535.58 KB, 960x1200, ma.jpg)

No. 138430

File: 1437050699141.png (1011.94 KB, 720x1080, hahahahahaha.png)

No. 138431

File: 1437050883472.jpg (477.26 KB, 800x1200, link.jpg)

No. 138444

This almost looks traced. The colors aren't bad and at least she has an eye for that. idk maybe because it looks too similar to the Kingdom Hearts Cloud image.

This looks really really ugly. Colors are nice but that horrible blending and rough edges.

I have no idea what I'm looking at here. His face tho.

No. 138490

This is probably the worst of the 3. Sharp edges, too much blurring makes it look like it all melded together and it's just a giant mess. It looks like something a 15 year old one de