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File: 1449478630822.jpg (244.76 KB, 1800x1200, That face.jpg)

No. 211596

Thread #1 >>51365
Thread #2 >>147888

Nicole "Sheena" "Oum" is a cosplayer from Vancouver, BC who dropped everything to move to Austin, TX so she could sleep her way into RoosterTeeth. She "married" Monty Oum, something that was only revealed after Monty was in an allergy-induced coma (that she caused), after hooking up with him PAX 2013. It's highly suspected they only married so she wouldn't get deported because no one knew about their marriage (including Monty's family).

After Monty's death, she took thousands of dollars worth of donations for his care and funeral and went on vacation in England with Jnig, flaunting her new purchases the whole way. After returning, she used more money to get giant fake boobs despite having "severe" scoliosis that she uses as an excuse for pity.

She is currently living in LA, despite being in the country not as a legal citizen, and not being allowed to have a job in the country.

Let us continue to watch her sociopathic attempt at ~cosplay fame~ while causing destruction and death in her wake

No. 211598

File: 1449479260762.jpg (86.15 KB, 1080x1080, 12331537_962978703794856_18827…)

>clearly fit to judge cosplay

No. 211603

No sauce or screenshots? Probably a vendetta thread.

No. 211605

Did you even glance at the past 2 threads you faggot?

No. 211681

I was wondering why no one had commented for over a week

No. 211682

>2 previous threads that hit post limit
>cries vendetta anyways

No. 211728

File: 1449522970252.jpeg (264.22 KB, 1920x1920, received_10153652842680837.jpe…)

im surprised people can recognise her at cons

No. 211798

File: 1449535786153.jpg (105.08 KB, 1080x1080, 12331381_951144338297857_59928…)

She's trying to be Kelly Jean.

No. 211803

that's pretty creepy.

first she was trying to, what looked like, be Lightning by dying her hair that ugly washed out pink color, then tried to be JNig by tagging along with her, dressing like her and doing the same cosplays and now she's trying harder to be Kelly? In some of the images last thread, she did look almost uncanny to KJ that I had to do a double take.

Anything for that fame.

No. 211811

This shit again? Don't you get tired of all this salt?

No. 211905

Don't you get tired of talking about Kota, Venus, and/or PT?

She has no personality of her own. The only thing she can do is latch onto others and hope to gain something from them.

No. 211938

Dude she's the most legit lolcow on this board. She fucking killed her husband and used donations for his "care" to get fake boobs. How are people forgetting this?

No. 212059

>a wild nicole appears

No. 212063

IDK, why didn't Monty just say no cats? My boyfriend is allergic to animals and if his allergies were deadly 1. I wouldn't be selfish enough to bring the animals around, and 2. He wouldn't let me bring animals into the house anyway.

No. 212067

Because he's a thirsty pushover, did like cats and Nicole's a bitch. He didn't start the treatments until after she broughtthe stray into their home.

No. 212068

She's been doing that for a while now. Have you seen that tweet where she was going on about how she had to do a double take on a photo of her looking like Kelly?

No. 212074


This. So much.

No. 212084

Yeah but it's unfair to blame Nicole only. It was both their faults.

No. 212092

Is Monty at fault for Nicole using his death for her own gain or for Nicole getting huge fake boobs with money donated for his care?

No. 212120

No, that's not his fault. I'm just saying that she isn't the only one to blame for his death. He should have put his foot down and said no. My boyfriend is an animal lover too but he knows he can't have cats and dogs and most other animals. And if I brought one home he'd say that we couldn't keep it.

No. 212225

'my boyfriend does this so everyone else's must too'

No. 212228

I think this too. If he was that allergic, he should have told her no.

No. 212229

Well if you're freaking anaphylactic over animals the bringing one home is a bad idea, it's called common sense.

No. 212234

Kinda makes me wonder if she just flat out murdered Monty because she was obsessed with Gavin. I mean, Monty did kind of made Gavin/Meg get to know each other since they wouldn't do it themselves. Seems over the top, but I don't know.

No. 212235

I know from experience avoiding allergens is the best way to you know….not die. I have allergies to various things. Food, meds, nickel, etc and I'm not stupid enough to eat foods I know I am allergic to, and to carry an epi pen everywhere.

Nicole is being a douchecanoe post-Monty, but it's not fair to blame only her for his death. They were both dumb and Monty paid the price for their joint stupidity.

No. 212250

No, she started sleeping with Monty so she could use him to get attention. She was dating the creator of RWBY which meant she was the ~official~ cosplayer in her eyes.

No. 212252

Yes because it's unreasonable to expect everyone's boyfriend to care about staying alive.

No. 212264

Link to the tweet?

I noticed she was basically taking selfies with Kelly's old poses and outfit looks whenever she's about to stream.

When you just glance at the heavy eyemakeup, outfits with push up bras and fake tits, it's hard to tell them apart.

No. 212343

No. 212471

But isn't cosplaying her full time 'job' ? How does she live?

No. 212475


It's hilarious in hindsight that she was thirsty for Gavin because Meg hates her guts. There's no way Gavin likes her at all, is there? Surprised that Meg and Nicole were scheduled to host a panel to together at RTX.

No. 212476

Monty's donation money and twitch. It's why people were trying to shut down the indie go go campaign because it's not to anything to do with Monty anymore.

No. 212493


That sounds like a stretch but it does make you wonder if she started dating Sam because he is British/has an accent like Gavin…presumably

No. 212518

if you go back far enough in her old tumblr she used to be obsessed with gavin in a fangirl crush way.

No. 212610

I find that amusing. I think this year Ross from GG mentioned that Monty had wanted to bring him from Australia to the US to be at rt, but at the time they were working on bringing Gavin over and didn't want to deal with another similar thing.

I suspect Nicole would've still been with Monty either way, but I don't doubt her tryin to flirt with Gavin if she thought she could get away with it. Had they gone with ross… she wouldn't have flirted with him.

No. 212622

I wanna get into this lolcow, but I'm too lazy to look up all the deets. Anyone want to provide, like a summary? Probably not; worth a shot though!

No. 212633

File: 1449720874815.jpg (58.2 KB, 720x466, 12341084_1053618038011253_8504…)

Weird eye makeup

No. 212635

everything in this picture is a solid 4/10. everything is just slightly below average. literally everything; the cosplays, the wigs, their looks, the makeup, the photo composition, fx etc.

No. 212637

File: 1449721289754.jpg (50.74 KB, 480x720, 12295304_1051451038227953_5301…)

No. 212642

fuck, that blue wig is cut so blunt. Is that how the character is supposed to look? Otherwise, that's an awful cut wig.

No. 212644

Thread 2 has a summary in the first post.

No. 212702

File: 1449736440692.png (508.31 KB, 2079x614, Mercury_turnaround.png)

He's cosplaying Mercury Black from RWBY. Pic related is how he looks like. That guy's cosplay isn't accurate. Mercury's colors are grey/silver and black (because you know, mercury is silver and his last name is Black), not blue and black.

Is Nicole's head really that tiny? Also she doesn't suit Cinder at all since Cinder is supposed to be a sultry femme fatale and Nicole is… well, dumpy ol' Nicole.

No. 212703

Nicole's Cinder is by far one of the most laziest and shittiest costumes she's ever had such pride in. She looks horrible; the dress hardly fits and the gold pieces are always puckered or straight up coming off of her costume. The dress is the typical shiny silk satin and her wig always looks crunchy.

As much as I dislike JNig, I'd rather her cosplay Cinder since she's the VA and probably look 500% better than Nicole.

Also my own gripe, but this girl cannot smile without looking so forced, fake and awkward.

Mm, all those Taobao gold bias tape that give away she didn't make this cosplay either. She seems to just bandwagon jump on 'what's cool' or what will get her likes and more fans. The thirst.

No. 212730

File: 1449753916601.jpg (231.33 KB, 1200x800, 1553544_820425657997160_661611…)


I'm actually pretty sure she made this cosplay. When you see other pictures it looks fucking /terrible/, and I don't think she really started buying costumes until after she got with Monty.

No. 212758

It's a cut crease. A really bad cut crease that's not blended properly.

It's a shame, I really like cinder's design, as animu as it is. Nicole looks awful as every rwby character she has cosplayed.

No. 212807

What ever happened to that rundevinrun girl? They used to cosplay everything together

No. 212811


She stopped hanging out with Sheena and through hardwork/dedication is running her own life now?

Devin has a real job, unlike Nicole.

No. 212824


Devins a nice girl and I always wondered why she was friends with nicole but I imagine nicole was probably showing Devin another side

No. 212828

Really? I work with her and all she does is talk shit about Sheena. Funny how she works at the same place she used to

No. 212833

anyone who says Devin is a nice girl doesn't know shit about this cunt. So hi Devin or white knights

No. 212837


No surprise she talks shit. I'm also wouldn't be surprised if she welcomed nicole back with open arms.

I'm just making the point to ask why did devin bother to be "friends" with Nicole

No. 212930

I always thought Devin was the nicer of the two only because she seemed rather genuine as opposed to Nicole's flat out fake face but sucks to hear that Devin's pretty shitty too.

That picture just showed how thirsty they both were for cosplay fame and that side image of Nicole compared to one now just screams at how much of a boob job she got so there's no denying that. However, since it was paid with blood money, that's the part that pisses me off.

I genuinely don't think 'Monty would of wanted this' for her.

Nicole is also just not capable of making a pleasant face, is she?

And now that she's in LA Nicole seems to be cozying up to Ross and the GG squad. Hope Holly isn't allergic to anything. Given Nicole's recent exploits in the UK, I wouldn't even be surprised if she tried to sleep with Ross or get him to cheat on Holly with her.

No. 212938

File: 1449806584950.png (534.82 KB, 556x848, wtf.png)

In thread #2, it was said that Sheena and Devin were friends because Devin's bf and Sheena's ex were friends. But Devin wear's the pants in that relationship so it's total bs. What Devin does, bf does. So something had to have happened between Devin and Sheena.

Devin and Sheena met in school, became best friends and cosplay buddies. They talked shit about other people all the time, and were each other's white knight. It was obvious if a post/comment on their fb irritated one of them, they would talk about it privately before the other people publicly stepped in. They made quite a pair, and nothing good can be said about them being friends.

Even though Devin was probably her closest friend, Sheena still talked shit about Devin to others. Sheena just can't stand to see someone better than her and will talk down about everyone to anyone. Sheena just can't be a nice person (unless she wants something from you, or is sucking off fame). So Devin probably just wasn't useful to her anymore.

Not to say that Devin was a victim in any of this, nor does it excuse the terrible things she did and said while friends with Sheena. I don't know who is worse honestly. If you look at her page, RunDevinRun, her posts are so… "oh look at me, I'm amazing and you should all think the same." While Sheena's are like, "oh woe is me, my life sucks and you should pity me."

In the grand scheme of things, I think Sheena is worse than Devin. What with the BS Sheena has pulled, and is still pulling. However, I know from others personal interactions with Devin, they would disagree. In the end their both terrible people that are really good at hiding it, and should be avoided.

No. 212951

Any news on Nicole? What new amazing cosplay is she working on?

No. 212964

She's working on than hideous Harley >>211598

No. 212965

….is she wearing that while a guest at a con or? It looks like Halloween store garbage.

No. 212966

Ew is she still being invited as guests or is she self inviting herself to places?

No. 212981

devin cant be that wonderful because she effectively ended a lot of friendships that her boyfriend had. his ex-friends-because-of-her said that she was extremely controlling and very manipulative

No. 212982

sheena and devin still pretend to be friends though. they talk to each other via facebook and make similar suck-upy posts like this periodically

No. 212995

Con organizers mostly invite people based on the amount of their facebook likes, not credibility and talent. They have no fucking idea about cosplay so they just deduce that fb likes correlate with skill and that all cosplayers will be hyped to see this bitch when most of her fans are people who don't even care about cosplay.

No. 213005

Main thing is that ross is very much in love and crazy about holly. Nicole has other members of GG she can try to get with who aren't as attached to someone.

Also some cons go off of attendee requests. If they get a request, invite the person and they accept… well it wouldn't be hard for Nicole to get in that way either.

No. 213026

Uhh no, no that's not true. They haven't spoken since before Monty died. Nicole got jelly and threw her away.

No. 213072

Anyone who says Devin is a nice girl clearly doesn't know her. She talks shit about pretty much everyone and has harassed people. Her beta as fuck boyfriend just gets tagged along because he's the one getting pegged in the relationship.

She had a period of time where all she did was apologize to the public about "how awful of a person she was" because of Sheena. Clearly blaming your shitty actions on Sheena makes you a better person. The fact that she had a need to apologize to a wide group of people shows how much of a raging cunt she is. She had a falling out with Sheena which is why they don't cosplay together - two alpha bitches don't mix well.

No. 213073

What a horrible person.

Also good LORD is her face disgusting. Why do all of the known cosplay chicks have such unfortunate faces when not abusing photoshop?

She did what she did because she's way too unattractive and pudgy to make it otherwise.

No. 213074

You know some people are fucktards and don't care, right? I'm allergic to peanuts and can't use epipens because tachy. My eldest sister and father still leave peanut products all around the house, even though they know. I'm betting he said it and she didn't give two shits.

No. 213084

If they don't care then the onus is on them. I'm tachycardic too but I take meds and I would rather use my epi-pen than die of an allergic reaction. Anaphylaxis sucks, I've been there before.

No. 213086

Also that's inconsiderate of your family. I don't bring peanut butter and peanuts in the house, and everytime my boyfriend cooks eggs I have an allergic reaction for the rest of the day. Though since it's only itchy/runny eyes and sneezing, I don't say anything. If I were experience anaphylaxis, I'd tell him to stop making omelettes when I'm around.

No. 213098

Is it bad that I want to hear all the stories about Devin? Is there enough shit on her to even start a seperate thread?

No. 213101


I would like to hear more on Devin as well but I'm not sure just how much is there….and I'm a little scared to know

No. 213112

Do it. Spill about Devin, pls. I was always curious about her and why they stopped talking. Moar info!

No. 213116

There aren't any stories. I've been spilling stuff on Nicole since the beginning of the first thread, trust me if Devin did anything I'd know and I'd bring it up. She's a normal girl.

Are you… Mad that she apologized for being a bitch…? How is that lolcow material? That's not even snowflake level.

No. 213125


Hi rundevinrun

No. 213126

Don't know either of them personally but have been hearing shit about them for yeaaaaars. The way I understand it, Nicole is just a lot more cutthroat. All that shit about Devin being "genuine" is obviously total bullshit but it's true that she's a bit more tame. She just seems dumber and more willing to get down on her hands and knees to gain the trust of people. IMO it makes sense that people are split when you ask them who they hate more. Nicole seems to have more pride while Devin seems to be easier to get along with so it depends on what you value I guess.

Ngl I wonder what would have happened if Devin was the one to get really popular and Nicole wasn't. I feel like Devin would have tried to keep Nicole by her side, not out of kindness or anything but maybe to feel superior and needed, instead of ditch her but I don't know them.

No. 213148

I think Devin didn't do the extreme things Nicole did to move up in the cosplay popularity circuit because she had more to lose.

Nicole had nothing to lose and everything to gain by cheating on her boyfriend to be with Monty.

No. 213204

It's the fact that she blamed Nicole for all her shitty past actions, instead of owning up to them that makes the apologies worthless. Plus, if she's telling everyone that it was Nicole's fault to begin with, then she's just trying to make everyone take her side and hate Nicole. It wasn't a bad plan if she's trying to make everyone hate Nicole honestly. But if people really knew Devin's intentions then it would still be meaningless.

I swear Devin has white knights on her. Or she's on here herself

Nicole would have probably sucked up to Devin to leech off her fame, like she's doing now. She tries to become friends with anyone that can get her popularity.

No. 213221


I'll fully admit my interaction with her have been limited and only heard things off hand so I didn't have enough to judge her outside of "okay I guess"

If anything I thought of her bf as one who wouldn't be so beta but I may be wrong about this as more info comes along

No. 213240

More Shitna less other people.

No. 213264

Considering Nicole doesn't even follow comic books, my best guess is that she's cosplaying with famous cosplayers who are Catwoman and Ivy for some Christmas event or shoot. I can't wait to see the end result honestly.

Other than that, doesn't appear to be any new news on her since con season is over for the year. Oh, we'll see if her new boy toy spends Xmas with her in a couple weeks.

No. 213287


Speaking of Sam, have we figured out if they split up or not yet?

No. 213319


Can't wait to see another group pic where she's the weakest link yet again

No. 213335

Has anyone from RT commented on her? There has to be some people that hate her guts, I cant believe any of them didnt say anything to Monty about him letting her keep cats around in the first place.

Bunch of limp wristed faggots

No. 213336


RT is the place that caved to montys demands to use out of date software because he didn't want to relearn how to use shortcuts.

You bet your ass no one would say "hey those cats may kill you" or "no one likes that girl you're dating"

No. 213385

Sounds like he was quite the bitch then.

No. 213393

File: 1449960816646.jpg (97.18 KB, 720x960, 551474_10152781928571712_87353…)

They said things to him but he was so focused on trying to not be single and depressed after he was caught cheating, that he let everything Nicole did slide.

His gofundme slowed to a halt

Monty's (Nicole's) gofundme still getting paid

No. 213394


Quite, My fave is whenever someone said some minor critique on his work monty would throw a fit

No. 213395


Well I bet he had a good time sliding into the coffin

No. 213396

He was cremated.

No. 213398


Shrug, guess Nicole wasn't hot enough for him then

No. 213404

Sucks that he died, but he was a massive tool

Hopefully the people he worked with had their eyes opened from his death, Miles is still the most annoying faggot with the company

I think his girlfriend left him this year, dont even know if she is still voicing her RWBY character

No. 213405


Two females with an 'alpha' aura (or TRYING) in the same room will NEVER get along. So you're basically saying they're MIRRORS of each other, the other one is just Shit(-na.)

I'm actually really surprised to hear how lame Devin is. If anything, I thought she was the more tamer of the two.

I guess she just knew how much of a bullshit person Nicole was to reach for the stars but in the process let her plot her own downfall. ( ° ʖ °)

I see no reason to white-knight these bitches, though. Why the fuck do we let little retarded girls become famous.

Go back to school and do something worth it. If creative, something more attainable. Girls who copy these turds, especially in cosplay, are just blinded by fame. So sad. Cosplay isn't going to last long. It's going to fall in line with the rest of demeaning professions usual girls fall into.

Next thing you know they'll be pure cam girls to provide for themselves. Twitch is just the first step.

No. 213406

Only liked Rooster Teeth during their early days. Ever since RWBY came to light I just feel so disgusted with the company for some reason. I feel very off with them. But ESPECIALLY when Nicole garnered e-famu. Got dat yellow dick right. Hashtag black widow.

Regardless of whether it was Monty's or Shitna's fault, I'd rather blame the living than the dead. Monty was a douche in life and he's dead now, what can we do about it.

Both were enablers, but Shitna weighs heavier.

Also I can't wait for her next cosplay so we can see how much of a GURUUU she is.

No. 213407


Speaking of, realistic speaking how long can that shit show go on for? I don't imagine everyone else is weeb enough to want to go on with it in RT

No. 213409

>"It's the fact that she (Devin) blamed Nicole for all her shitty past actions, instead of owning up to them that makes the apologies worthless."

Oh, but isn't that the same exact tactic Nicole uses to gain "friends" behind the scenes?

Except now she inserts shitperational in her daily life to seem like she's "wise" after Monty's death.

No. 213410


Ya, Arryn did leave him sometime before RTX. She's voicing Blake in Volume 3 so i'm assuming she's still in it.

No. 213411


Not too hard to fake that weird inspiration bullshit. Here's one I did just now with shit on my desk:

>do not be the empty glass, instead work toward being the lamp behind the monitor of your own life


I presume most of it was already recorded so I wonder if she'll be back for volume 4

No. 213413

>Next thing you know they'll be pure cam girls to provide for themselves. Twitch is just the first step.

Shitna has Monty's GFM money and is already doing the cam shows with her tits out so she's good for a while.

At some point that money will run out and at the same time people will lose interest in her shitty prints because someone younger and more infamous will take her place. This is why she's looking for the next guy to bankroll her.

No. 213415

File: 1449965768325.jpeg (115.56 KB, 746x737, image.jpeg)

No. 213441

>[…] a hug without the physical contact feels like. It's warm.


No. 213449


See what I mean by nonsense? You can cut and switch the second sentence around for all of those and it'll make just as much sense

No. 213472

File: 1449979792317.jpeg (76.39 KB, 750x741, image.jpeg)

No. 213488

I actually laughed way too hard at this. Thanks, anon!

I can't wait to see her go down in flames.

Also I was wondering why she hasn't latched on, or even tried, with Yaya Han and ride her coattails. I wonder if Yaya could sense Shitna's nothing but all talk and using Monty, so they haven't really hung out or whatever. lmfao. That shit would be hilarious.

No. 213507

Top kek

No. 213525

So ironic on the account of her sticking her nose in everyone's shit that has talent suddenly made her have a diff perspective. Shes so damn retarded. STOP TRYING TO PLEASE OTHERS NICOLE THAT'S HOW YOUR DUMPY ASS GOT MONTY ALL YOU DO IS TRY. Dude shes just so ugh can she like join monty in death yet or what?

No. 213527


I feel like Yaya treats cosplay more as a business than anyone else. I'll bet Nicole has tried talking sucking up to her but Yaya is just too busy to care about her. The other girls Nicole is friends with are people who have been friends with Monty or are just like her and want to use her as much as she wants to use them. Most of them aren't anywhere near the popularity of Yaya even if they're well-known. For example, Jessica Nigri might be famous but the way she treats cosplay is clearly different than the way Yaya does. Unless there's some crazy drama behind Yaya that I don't know about, as far as I know she's too mature and serious about cosplay as a profession to care about a shitty, coattail-riding small fry like Nicole. She probably doesn't even dislike Nicole or care/know about what she's done–she probably just doesn't give a shit. I don't follow Yaya though so maybe I'm wrong.

No. 213528

Shitna has tried to kiss up to Yaya for a piece of that cosfame through Monty's circle but it never worked out.


Yaya also doesn't seem have Shitna on Facebook or Twitter. I think Yaya has always known Nicole was shady, since she and Monty were close friends.

No. 213550

Why is there not a plethora of people linking these threads to Shitna and Devin on twitter? Holy fuck wouldn't you guys want them to see this? God damn.

No. 213577

For all of those who wants to know how much Rundevinrun sucks. Here's an absolutely horrible cover of the RWBY theme song. The second vocal is offsync and it looks like she's lipsnynching the whole fuckin' thing.


No. 213648


What would happen is:

Nicole: these are just haters who are jealous! Insert random inspiration bullshit

No. 213701

Video of Devin and Shitna back in '11 or '12 cosplaying Type-0: https://youtu.be/fFbld63wJdU

No. 213777

That's cringeworthy.

No. 213838

She reads this thread daily and sometimes spergs on twitter about what's said about her with vague quotes like >>213411

Her followers wouldn't understand this format. If it was in a wiki (someone please make a dramatica!) they might understand, but reading the long threads is very hard.

No. 213840


Oooooh good to know.

No. 213940

I need we need some banners featuring her for lolcow.

No. 213942

Out of curiosity, how big is she on lolcow? I don't give a shit about any other lolcows so I have no idea if this a popular thread or not. It'd be awesome to see her in the banner regardless.

No. 213943

After a lot of reveals at just how horrible of a person she is, she's gone from lolcow to near horrorcow.

No. 213945

So many banner possibilities. Think of her unshooped comparisons, pre and post boobjob, or animate her throwing cats at Monty until he dies while her Gofundme number grows.

A quote from her self authored bio at http://www.sheenaduquette.com/about/ would be fun, it's one of the most horrible things I've ever read.

No. 213946


>them badly harmonized back up vocals

>barely makes an effort
>looks like she's lip-syncing

No. 213947

File: 1450073331581.gif (481.32 KB, 500x281, rage.gif)

>not giving a shit about pt
>on a board called /pt/

No. 213949


what's pt

No. 213953

This is embarrassing. PT, or Pixyteri, is the namesake of our board. She's one of the 'original' cows.


Just google 'pixyteri encyclopedia dramatica.' Newfags, I swear.

No. 213995

File: 1450082360537.jpeg (53.49 KB, 750x313, image.jpeg)

No. 214006

This is really gross coming from someone who just lost her 'husband.'

No. 214187

Anyone has the pic of her and Rundevinrun in RWBY cosplay underwear? I miss fapping to devin's ass and these pics are NOWHERE to be found anymore. Wtf.

No. 214199


uh oh, when she sees this she's gonna bitch about it on her page again

No. 214223

Sadly the animation and only redeeming quality in RWBY's taken a dive since Monty's death. Looks like whatever work he did on season three has been exhausted.

No. 214231


Animation was always as stiff as he is now.

Plus I thought RT mentioned how he had stuff planned onto volume 5 but I guess that's just fluff

No. 214313

He had a lot of general stuff envisioned but nothing really planned out until he actually animates it.

Now that he's not around to animate fight scenes, I don't know who will stay interested.

No. 214315

Planning doesn't mean fully written out. He might have just had an outline of major plot points and characters and the like, buy that does not make for a complete story. Not that the writing was very strong to begin with.

No. 214335


Realistically speaking how long can RT try to keep it going? I don't see them trying beyond volume 4

No. 214365

I think i saw/read somewhere that Monty wanted people to grow up watching RWBY.

No. 214403

File: 1450141042078.jpg (29.96 KB, 450x450, laughingcheeta.jpg)

No. 214406

Monty had characters and what he wanted to happen to them fleshed out till about a volume 9 however, Volume 1 2 and part of 3 could of been the original volume 1 but they only do a handful of 10-15 minute episodes now while Volume 1 was about 5-10 minute episodes.

He left it up to his writers to fill in the blanks of what he wanted to have happen, Monty just really wanted to do the fight scenes. With him gone, Shane Newville is doing them instead and while some are a little lackluster, they're still pretty good. RT is also having better VAing with new sound equipment and people from Funimation stepping in to do some of the characters.

There was a rumor at RTX that Nicole was suppose to voice someone but she kind of just upped and fled from Texas without much of a word.

No. 214415

RT got their fans to pay for Lazer Team, when 90% of the people working on the movie work for Rooster Teeth, when they already have and own the equipment needed and have a studio

RT gets their fans to subscribe to the site to watch videos that are already free, just so they can have early access, talk to them on forums, and pretend they are friends

RT has made a business out of exploiting losers

No. 214469

>Nicole was suppose to voice someone but she kind of just upped and fled from Texas without much of a word.

She was never supposed to voice a character or be employed by RT.

Nicole is smart because she's using this same business model on a small scale, after having observed it from the inside.

No. 214475

People come and go, maybe sometimes you murder your husband. Life goes on.

No. 214512

File: 1450165240792.png (76.7 KB, 300x100, banner1.png)

I'm bored and I'll make banners based on suggestions.
Doing "expectations vs reality" next.

No. 214523

File: 1450168355548.jpg (113.87 KB, 720x960, Limphammer.jpg)


okok, last thing about Devin. Limp dick.

No. 214566

This is perfect.

No. 214567

please make more using >>214475

No. 214571

From the thumbnail i thought it was Monty in drag

No. 214573

Fucking disgusting, jfc. She makes me want to puke. And not with rainbows for any equal measure.

No. 214574

If you're going to make a hammer, even if it's just props, use Google and get your goddamned physics and build right.

It's because of cosplayers like these with no measure of common sense AND are only concerned with aesthetic, T&A, shitty attitudes, drama and implants, that make the cosplay community so unbearable.

No. 214607


BC community is a weird bag. Case in point I got an invite for a panel called "commissions: asking other people to make your cosplay"

As lame as it sounds that type of panel even existing bothers me

No. 214608

You're not the one to talk, hypocrite.

No. 214706

Hi Nicole! ;)

No. 214719


This please.

No. 214724

No. 214735

File: 1450238343409.jpg (73.08 KB, 600x800, CWPfINXUsAAaIpD[1].jpg)

Didn't she quote Monty with "gotta keep on movin" when he died?

No. 214739

She got partnered with twitch yesterday and now has a sub button.

No. 214744

Gotta keep the ho' bills rollin'.

That she did. Diff. anon here, but I also remember her treating Monty's passing as something different; something like she didn't want to hear he was "dead" but that he "left" or something or other like that.

Just another one of her tricks to not be associated with him anymore after getting his money. Lel.

No. 214746

Kinda pushes the Kelly Jean theory even more to the spotlight. Wow.

No. 214747


I don't really follow twitch so forgive me if this is a dumb question but what does that mean? Does she get more profits? More ad space?

No. 214763

Considering how she's also going for the extremely white skin filters and light blonde hair look, Kelly Jean can't be too happy about this.

No. 214776


Not like KJ can do much, can't be a home wrecker when the husband is dead :p

No. 214792

I just realized that there's some shit on her lips, wtf?

No. 214816

She's so damn ugly OMG.

No. 214820

It means that now people can pay to subscribe to her channel.

No. 214878

KJ didn't invent Twitch. I'd say her photos suffice.

No. 214969

Why did she change her name to Sheena? Sounds very trashy.

No. 215076

It's her middle name, she uses it to sound more ~original~

No. 215088

here i thought it was a weeaboo tales of symphonia thing

No. 215199

File: 1450391015861.jpeg (58.25 KB, 750x606, image.jpeg)

No. 215284

File: 1450411477739.jpg (55.46 KB, 1080x1080, 12346253_982870055092855_33716…)

>when your GFM has gone down to less than 500 a month and you gotta stream for cash

No. 215285

The desperation.

The filters too holy shit.

No. 215288

Lord. I had to double check to make sure this wasn"t the Ahripop thread. All those filters and she still can't hide the ugly.

No. 215326

File: 1450428354619.png (138.89 KB, 611x923, Brownnose.PNG)

She's always licking her ass.

No. 215329

Ugh god her tits look so awful, they're bigger than her head and don't match her body at all…

No. 215386

A cosplayer asked Nicole and a few others for help in starting a Twitch channel. Everyone but Nicole replied and I wonder if it's because she kind of looks like Nicole.


No. 215401

In her weiss cosplay she had sum feet tho!

No. 215424


Why would nicole help? One less cosplayer to steal the spotlight

No. 215519

Because Nicole is holier than thou, you cuck.

No. 215568

File: 1450501573930.jpeg (130.61 KB, 600x800, image.jpeg)

No. 215571

This is actually kind of a cute photo. I like the Ivy at least.

No. 215572

ho ho ho

No. 215576

I'm gonna be nitpicky, but I'm not a fan of Ivy's bodypaint. It looks like she got sweaty and forgot to seal it. I also don't get why Catwoman has Darth Vader on her sweater. I get that the sweater itself is Christmas themed, but its just out of place and pandering to nerds. Sheena's got the worst face of the bunch kek
This would be cute photo if it was executed better and had a nice backdrop.

No. 215577


Once again nicole is the weakest in the group. Was jnig too busy? Why go for the no name brand cereal of cosplayer girls in that area?

No. 215578

The one in the Vader is Leeanna vamp

No. 215579


Oh I know, I was referring to nicole as the no brand cereal of cosplay girls in LA when they have a ton of better ones

No. 215580

My bad! I can't believe she's tricked all those people in LA. Only a matter of time until she burns those bridges…

No. 215584


She's stroking their egos so I don't think she'll burn any bridges for a while. The only way she'll get hers is someone actually reports Her to immigrations

No. 215596

She shouldn't have light so close to her crotch with legs spread open like that… Sure neckbeards gonna fap but jfc Nicole's desperate for attention.

With how much her ears stick out, in that hat, it almost looks like she had elf ears on.

That red filter on the light behind them (Is that what is it?) means there's going to be more of this photoshoot huh? Woopy.

No. 215636

She can't help but talk shit about everyone around her. No doubt she's already been telling everyone about how Sushimonster is SOOOO jealous of her fake boobs.

No. 215672

Totally called it. Damn, Nicole looks like a gremlin. I was looking forward to Nicole painting her face white. Why can't she do anything right…?

No. 215680

She's like the Miley of the group.

No. 215681

Because she's Nicole. I almost didn't notice her in the pic to be honest. It was similar for her Sakura too, you'd think she'd try to take over in shoots rather then get pushed to the back.

No. 215750

Leeanna never fails to repulse me and Nicole looks like an imp.

No. 215827

I don't even know who Leanne is, but she looks awful too, but she at least draws your eye a bit. Nicole just blends. Ivy, who ever she is, is decent, but her body paint does suck like someone said. They could have gone for a non green skin version but I guess she wouldnt read so much as tree then.

No. 215912

Katyuska Moonfox wears this shit better than Nicole can.

All these filters can't hide Nicole's ugliness.

No. 215922

File: 1450580568594.jpg (138.26 KB, 1080x1080, 12345955_487202391452865_94086…)

The Ivy seems to be the only attractive one.

No. 215968

This whole shoot is so tryhard

No. 215989

Maybe if the Leanna chuck didn't have the fangs. Catwoman doesn't have fangs, usually. They are pointless. AND don't fit her mouth. Fuck if you're gonna half ass this shit at least try to look good.

No. 215997

File: 1450626825292.png (435.57 KB, 936x600, obvious.png)

No. 216059

Ivy looks jaundiced.

No. 216063


I'm confused to what's going on here

No. 216075

Same ugly top thing as seen here? >>215284

No. 216094

Damn, I actually like that top. Anyone know where it's from ?

No. 216096

I kind of want to know too… it might pair nice under sheer tops.

No. 216098

No. 216099

Thanks. That's pricey.

No. 216100

Yeah there was another place that had it for half the price, but the site seems to be down. I'm sure you can find similar ones elsewhere anyway.

No. 216190

They spent most of the trip together and shopped in London.

No. 216262

Funny how they bought the same bra and it to bait at around the same time then.

No. 216419

File: 1450749376788.jpeg (167.83 KB, 736x718, image.jpeg)


No. 216422

File: 1450750140190.jpg (39.04 KB, 400x400, 1445122913225.jpg)

Sheena looks like a rat chewing through some wires in your attic

No. 216424

Her pose and face compared to the other two, top kek

No. 216426


Like I said, she's always the weakest link in a group shot

No. 216435

LOL It's true.

No. 216436

Nicole's not even bothering to do any Harley facepaint. Her makeup is so basic and terrible. She looks nothing like the character. Only Poison Ivy looks okay here.

No. 216437

>hey baby, i want to suck your titties

Jnig's fanbase is repulsive. I would never subject myself to do this shit.

No. 216564

During MCM or when she went with Sam?

No. 216650

At mcm, nigri wasn't there when she went to England to see Sam and go to the league quarters.

She doesn't talk to Sam or Rikk at all anymore, not a single tweet and they arnt in her twitch room anymore.


No. 216682

When she doesn't show her tits on instagram she leeches with the game grumps.

No. 216732

She has been associating with Game Grumps so much lately that some fans of theirs think she's part of them.

No. 216823

File: 1450868273961.png (96.33 KB, 585x707, Screenshot_2.png)


No. 216824

File: 1450868351811.png (39.5 KB, 592x278, Screenshot_3.png)

No. 216846

File: 1450879901235.jpeg (128.2 KB, 750x731, image.jpeg)

No. 216848

Was this bitch seriously at little Tokyo?? Imma get my squad and get at her smh stay out of Los Angeles Sheena go back to Canada
Seriously considering reporting her to the immigration services here in Los Angeles

No. 216852

>green card husband died, muh goals :(

No. 216879


Report her please

No. 216885


Dunno why but Ross and Holly are such a cute couple to me

No. 216886

Because they are genuine, have real chemistry and actually like each other- not to mention do jobs and hobbies away from each other, unlike Arin and Snoozy.

No. 216887

She is so up GG's asscrack. Wow.

No. 216889

>"everything I knew was turned on its head"
>"I didn't get around to accomplishing goals"

Really? You leave out the ONE goal you accomplished that EVERYBODY remembers? You leave that out to make yourself seem clean and "woe is me"? This bitch is unbelievable.

No. 216900

Well I don't think she set out to kill monty, buy it really didn't do much for her either way in the long run.

No. 216909


I don't think nicole is smart enough to plan things for the long term

No. 216968

So you're also basically condoning the fact that she isn't satisfied by scamming a lot of people following Monty's passing. Correct?

No. 217064

Sam has liked a few of her tweets and I think likewise. Keeping up appearances?

No. 217091

File: 1450951547264.jpg (698.69 KB, 845x1079, ap-soiree-ah14-07.jpg)

Damn, I actually like Agent Provocateur. Sadly I'll never be able to afford it, no matter how pretty their lingerie is. So I'm jealous that Sheena has the money to blow it on designer lingerie and gift it to Jnig. Ugggh; I'm disgusted anyhow on the way Sheena earned all that money.

Anyway, I find AP to be way better than Victoria's Secret crap, especially considering the fact that Agent Provocateur was founded by the son of Vivienne Westwood…

You can find the AP brand at the boutique itself, or sometimes in Nordstrom and Macy's. AP is more widely seen in the higher-end department stores like Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Saks, etc. for those of you who want to buy it in the US.

You can also buy it on their website: http://AgentProvocateur.com

AP also released a more 'price friendly' line, called L'Agent. It's stuff from their previous AP seasons that are a little more basic, but nonetheless pretty: http://lagentbyap.com/lingerie

You're more likely to find L'Agent at Macy's and Nordstrom than Agent Provocateur.

>secretly admitting that I'm a lingerie addict here and have the same taste as Dita von Teese. Gotta admit, I liked what Jnig was wearing but at first I thought it was Bordelle, which is even more expensive.

No. 217099

I like AP a lot. Its god tier. But I seen too many hoebags wear it lately

No. 217147

Good luck with deportation in Cali

No. 217158

>Sheena has the money to blow it on designer lingerie and gift it to Jnig

Jnig made a big deal about donating a few thousand to Monty, so maybe in a way Nicole saw it as paying her back?

No. 217161

File: 1450990781148.png (125.67 KB, 723x723, Screenshot (253).png)

I seriously will. Just please give me any important information on her, like DOB and anything further. Legit name, address?
I seriously will call. Sheena Oum is her legal name yes? Is there anymore information you can give me? I know I could just look through the threads but I want to give Sheenie Weenie and the farmers here a lovely Christmas Gift and get this Black Widow out of California. She does not belong here.

No. 217172


You jelly cows won't do a single thing to me

No. 217183

A few anons have already talked before about reporting her but nothing seems to have happened so far.

And you don't even know her first name.

No. 217247

Nicole Duquette

No. 217374

Her full name is Nicole Sheena Duquette Oum. Duquette is her maiden name.

She came to Austin, TX to "visit" Monty a few months after they met. They got married in secret at the exact time Nicole's visa was up. She got a visiting visa with the intent to stay permanently (which is illegal) and she married Monty to stay in the USA (also illegal).

I posted the dates in the last thread I think, let me see if I can find them.

No. 217417

$300 bras and they can't even have a decent collection of sizes to offer
>forever salty about my tit size

No. 217474

File: 1451123358386.jpg (67.49 KB, 599x479, CWzZ6spWUAAFXOF[1].jpg)

No. 217475

File: 1451123437668.jpg (165.82 KB, 750x938, 12393829_1666840806907305_9161…)

No. 217497

This is the only pic that works in Nicole's favor because she's standing. The ornery two are still more eye catching.

No. 217500

*other. Dumb phone

No. 217552

The face/body paint on the Ivy is horrendous.

No. 217553

None of their outfits are great, but Nicole's is legit bad because the fabric choices. Why would she used that cheap ass looking halloween adventures type fabric??

No. 217566


It's ironic that she has the least tits revealing costume of them all. Her chest looks super lumpy and unflattering under that fabric as a result.

No. 217572

Yeah I hate how they're ruining one of my favorite brands. :(

No. 217630

File: 1451182894057.jpg (173.7 KB, 1186x806, teefury.jpg)

Is this shoot "inspired" by this drawing?

No. 217631

Looks like it. And they got NOTHING right.

No. 217632

literally didn't even try one bit with Harley, did they?

No. 217639

Well that's Nicole. Like she'd bother to get it right.

No. 217644

Holyshit, it is. And nothing was even attempted to be accurate or holiday festive.

No. 217646

Not one person came close.

No. 217650

The Poison Ivy is Milynn Sedai/Sarley, a member of "Team Unicorn" (a super-cringey group of pseudo-famous 'geek girls' who call themselves "unicorns" because "like unicorns, hot geek girls aren't supposed to exist". I'm pretty sure Milynn is actually the one who started the group). She is the only legitimate "fake geek girl" I have ever encountered. She's a basic bitch who uses being "geeky" as a way to gain followers/fame, but she actually thinks its all incredibly lame and just revels in the attention. I have always thought the idea of a "Fake geek girl" was complete bullshit until I met Milynn.

No. 217653


The sad part is its works too

No. 217655

> "Team Unicorn" a super-cringey group of pseudo-famous 'geek girls' who call themselves "unicorns" because "like unicorns, hot geek girls aren't supposed to exist"

2015 and people still do this?

No. 217704

File: 1451206842160.gif (194.45 KB, 477x456, villager-mad.gif)

That's beyond shitty. Women who play video games have existed since video games. my mom was the gamer in my family and owned an NES and gameboy before passing them both down to me. It's bullshit to act like 'omg, we're so rare, guys!!'

Disgusting male pandering garbage and lies. Normal women gamers suffer because of that shitty stereotype.

No. 217729

The geek girl thing is stupid in a way that being a geek isn't about what media you like, you can be the most basicest bitch and still be attracted to a comic book. Being a geek is being someone who's socially awkward, is dedicated to something out of ordinary, probably has above average intelligence, doesn't fit in with the main crowd etc. Not being a trendy hipster who just likes to wear a Star Wars/Batman shirt.

This "everyone can identify as a geek if they want to!" thing is bullshit. A geek's life is miserable, why the fuck would you want to be one?

No. 217769

Polish bras are 500x better anyway.

No. 217776

Nicole Sheena Petra Duquette actually

No. 217777

It's like the over the top Mary Su OC name.

No. 217790

Some of this is accurate but I can't help but tip my fedora to you.

No. 217791

Isabella Marie Swan…?

No. 217796


Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way

No. 217812

I love the zero attempted emotion put into these pictures in relation to their reference. >>217630 No costume similarities, they just decided to make shitty cosplays of Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn just to awkwardly pose in front of a fir. These are cosplayers to be envied, the peak of cosplay potential.

No. 217824

Well she BASICALLY functions like the worst Mary Sue.
>targets high-tier man
>social climber
>tries so hard, gets so far, but doesn't really matter

No. 217827

File: 1451249921151.png (38.76 KB, 442x346, Screenshot_8.png)

No. 217829

The best.

No. 217830

Oh, and this is her mother (it seems), in case you need extra information.

No. 217957

Using RT's business tactic of luring lonely people into a fake community to get for their money.


No. 217960

Thank you so much. I already made the report and they said they shall look further into the investigation regarding her citizenship status. I emailed them the archives and even the evidence of the prints and money pandering. :)
Wish us luck farmers.

No. 218011


Do keep us updated

No. 218029

she's in California now, she's basically untouchable

in California, you can practice medicine or law without proof of legal residency

legal alien residents, like Ross, still have to deal with all the red tape bullshit of the Feds. Sheena doesn't.

No. 218030

>Practice medicine or law without proof of legal residency

That… Wow. I had no idea that was even a thing. Why would they think that kind of law is proactive?

No. 218037

But because the marriage took place in Texas, can't she be held accountable for Texas law of illegal immigration?

No. 218077


I always get confused by this. Ross has to deal with a lot of red tape but nicole for some reason doesn't. If I Already didn't see the marriage certificate I would have suggested nicole never actually got married.

Here's hoping IRS chases the money she's making

No. 218142

aw, this cosplayer is really cute

No. 218164

No one is "untouchable" in California, FFS

No. 218170

racism or something, idk


Sheena can also get a driver's license without proof of legal residency in CA

No. 218171

the thing is, the marriage doesn't matter. she'd be fine if she didn't even have a visa at all.

No. 218172

if she could afford to live in San Francisco, she would be untouchable.

No. 218185

Speaking of which, does anybody have her address or where she is staying at? They contacted me again and the more information the better for them.

Thank you so much. Again, I know this may not be as much milk for us farmers but it would be quite the delight if this really triggered Nicole to go back to Canada.

No. 218200

Immigration from Canada to America is very, very lax, probably more than anywhere else. The countries are so similar and close that it's not a big deal until situations like this arise.

Also worth bringing up is that she acquired over $5k in donations/gifts and never was required to pay any sort of taxes. She may be tax immune in the US due to her immigration status BUT she definitely owes taxes as a Canadian citizen.

No. 218244

I think she owes taxes for the donations from the gofundme. I think once you reach over 10 grand you do have to pay some sort of tax but she's also sold prints of herself a LOT and I don't think she has a seller's permit nor filed taxes for that.

She also sold pictures of herself when she was in the UK and while it was private exchange, she did it on private property of the hotel and openly told people to buy from her there. I doubt she had a permit to sell in the UK, too.

She has a PO Box where she begs for gifts to be sent, doesn't she? Or was that back in Texas?

No. 218246


I believe she has one for her current address as well. She's too vain to not realize she could be tricked so one of us could just tweet her asking the address under the guise of a fan wanting to send a nice and expensive gift

No. 218302

Yeah as much as I love AP, I still end up having to order "sister sizes" just to fit into their bras.

No. 218399

File: 1451437474322.jpg (58.44 KB, 720x960, 936548_10153190040836712_66638…)

No. 218427

File: 1451442268205.jpeg (75.3 KB, 749x496, image.jpeg)

Expensive flights like its no big deal.

No. 218430

She went to Hawaii with her ex's money while she was cheating with Monty. Might as well go again with Monty's fund.

No. 218521

Monty is dead, he doesn't give a FUCK about that money.

No. 218611


No. 218612


Of course he doesn't, but that doesn't mean she's any less of an opportunistic skank

No. 218613

No. 218633

So she hasn't mentioned Monty in a long while but Feb 1st his the anniversary of his death. Chances are she'll start spamming with boo hoo sob stories for more donations and pushing sales of her RWBY cosplays. I honestly hope someone calls her out on her shitty use of Monty for money.

Is it confirmed that she no longer speaks to Sam and his group after the UK fiasco? And did the girl involved ever really come forward with what exactly happened cause all I've heard was she POSSIBLY slept with Sam's best friend and broke up a relationship.

She sure is becoming a Kelly Jean clone.

No. 218671


No one will call her out as its social taboo to mention "hey why would she need the money still…"

No. 218672


That one guy did on reddit and got shat on by her neckbeards. God bless him for trying at least.

No. 218674

It was only about 6 months after so for many it would still have been 'too soon'. She is going to use up whatever sympathy points/time she's got left before people legit forget about her. She'd do better to try and make herself into a YT celeb but she has no talents or interesting personality so… time to latch herself onto one and milk off of their success!

>Watch out GG, she's coming for you

No. 218684


I remmeber that guy, he was actully being polite about it as well but was met with fury


I don't follow GG much cause of arin(? I think that's his name, the one with no chin) but seeing how there's a thread on that guys wife wouldn't she stopped nicole dead in her tracks on being a part of GG?

No. 218690

I follow Suzy as well (besides Pixy she's my fav cow) and she and Nicole seem to at least be friendly on social media. It's been noted that Nicole is trying to get in good with them, and it helps her that Arin and Ross were both good friends with Monty, so they might, MIGHT, feel compelled to help Nicole out and offer her a job. I'm fairly certain Holly keeps her distance because she's got other shit to do (like making actual costumes) and that she doesn't play around with facades as much as Nicole and Suzy.

I can imagine them trying to do an all girls addition of Grumpcade and it being horrible.

No. 218693

>I can imagine them trying to do an all girls addition of Grumpcade and it being horrible.

Fuck, I almost wish that would happen. It would indeed be horrible but it'd be delicious as well. I can just about see Suzy and Nicole trying to outdo each other on how hard they've had it while simultaneously bragging about how hot everyone thinks they are.

No. 218695


I sorta want this as well seeing how her twitch is apparenrly very bad so I wanna see how would they edit around it

No. 218696

Don't forget! They would also probably try to outdo each other in nerd cred as well, even though both just bandwagon like fucking crazy.

No. 218700

GG and editing? Bahahaha!

it should be a fight to the death about who was the first guuuuurrl to like videogames. It's like the Highlander - there can only be one.

No. 218704

Yeah they probably wouldn't edit around it. In fact they have admitted at panels that there are episodes which have never aired because they were just boring and unfunny. I remember one time Ross said that if they aren't having fun in about the first 5 minutes, it's something that's not going to last long. I'd wager that if they even attempted something like an all guuuuuurrrrls addition of Grumpcade it's probably so dumb and boring it'd never air.

No. 218709

it feels like that panel must have happened at least one year ago because GG hasn't been great for a while. They've uploaded so many episodes where no process has been made, nothing happened, they told the same joke 50 times in a row, etc.

Has Nicole (to stay somewhat on topic) ever talked video games though? Other than on her twitch which I've never seen.

No. 218711


I've never once see nicole talk about games or anime or really anything with passion.

As a contrast, Jnig I spoke to her about love hina (old series I know) but she would not stop talking about the characters and spoke with passion

No. 218725

The only thing Nicole talks about with passion is about herself, it seems. Every time I have met her she has been quiet and just stands there with a judgmental look if you're not worth her time.

I think she just cosplays flavors of the month or copies other people's cosplay (like JNig's Mikasa) or shoves her way in to groups by pretending she's oh so in to that fandom.

She only has also shown 'passion' for cosplaying from RWBY. She acted as if she were RT's OFFICIAL~~~ cosplayer and uses it to get money/likes/gifts/everything from Monty's fans because she's cosplaying their waifu.

When someone wore one of the alt costumes, Nicole thought and asked if they were an OC because she didn't know about their outfit despite it being one of the major character's alt attire.

No. 218736


No surprise she would cosplay flavor of the month stuff as I find it very hard to believe someone would spend time and money to cosplay lightening from FF13 seeing how that character has a personality of a wet paper towel

No. 218737

It's a question they get asked regularly, because fans are dumb, so I've heard it multiple times thanks to the panels getting recorded and aired on YT somewhere. GG has def hit something of a rut as there are more and more runs of things they are doing now that I can't bring myself to care enough to watch. Esp in contrast to other channels where they'll talk about the game itself, and its history if it has one. Arin attempts this from time to time, but he really isn't that well versed on anything so the attempts aren't often.

Yeah, that's why I can't think of JNig being a complete fake geek girl, just one who panders to fandoms she doesn't give two shits about because she can get attention for them faster then on stuff she might care about.

Damn…now I really want to meet her. And test her on shit. You know, subtly.

No. 218783

Nearly all of her cosplays have been a rush job of is trending at the moment or a group cosplay. She also never engages in conversation about the characters outside of how their costumes look.

Her thinking that Lightning is the best heroine ever seals it.

No. 218785


I honestly don't think she likes that character or even played that game. Again flavor of the month and off the design only which I will admit design wise she looks interesting

No. 218867

>>Her thinking that Lightning is the best heroine ever seals it.

For me it's either Terra or Celes from VI.

No. 218913


Can confirm. I know the group and the dirt on Rikk and Sam too.
The girl has tumblr, it's been posted a few times here so ask her, seen her answer a few anons

Deaddaysbrightnights.tumblr.com to save you looking

No. 218915

But those two characters don't have 10 versions of their character cosplaying other characters for her to reuse the stupid wig.

No. 218948

All those filters made her chin disappear.

No. 218951


Sure can't hide the dopey ears though

No. 218955

Holy Overexposure!!

No. 219371

File: 1451808194914.jpg (192.43 KB, 1080x1350, 10268749_1034139669960506_2118…)

>Chances are she'll start spamming with boo hoo sob stories for more donations

He's in her best 9 instapic since he's the reason she got so many followers. Expecting a sob post about how she is so strong and overcame so much next month.

No. 219373

Has she officially quit being RT's "official" cosplayer? RT has put RWBY on the back burner.

It's kind of sad to see that RWBY lost the only redeemable thing about it (the fight scenes) since Monty passed away/got murdered. As bad as RWBY was, it seems like he was the only person who actually gave a shit about it.

No. 219375

RWBY is still going on and currently airing on Sundays. Shane is doing pretty good with the fight scenes but she has to wear RWBY cosplay to get those sympathy bucks from Monty's fans.

RT hasn't addressed the issue at all ad I think they want it swept under the rug but just fuck this bitch for using blood money from gofundme to RT Paying out his salary for the year for her own personal shit.

No. 219659

Do you think there will be a Memorial Stream in Monty's honour?
Raising awareness for…Sheena's struggle?

No. 219704

File: 1451897439043.jpeg (139.26 KB, 750x802, image.jpeg)

No. 219764


Probably. Best way to get the most donations in a single day

No. 220013

File: 1451977747849.jpeg (78.73 KB, 750x577, image.jpeg)

Anyone know what this is about?

No. 220015

Some cosplayer was lying about being the voice for a RWBY character while insisting he was also the inspiration for that character. He lied that Monty modeled it off of him and has lied about being a guest at Texas conventions and some California ones.


No. 220016

Also "Do you realize who you're trying to convince" is pretty bitchy but kinda true. She hardly mentions Monty unless it can benefit her and in this case, yeah it kind of can.

Soon she'll boohoo about how much that hurt her for the sympathy bucks.

Wish someone would call Sheena out on her own lies since she also had once put down she worked for RT when it was a lie.

No. 220018


If only people put this much effort to out nicole

No. 220021

File: 1451979603935.png (60.11 KB, 544x690, Screenshot_6.png)

No. 220022

File: 1451979690597.png (35.73 KB, 907x592, Screenshot_7.png)

As a bonus:

No. 220023


We should really post that up when she starts the sob "donate to me" story come time his anniversary

No. 220026


No. 220044

Dat irony.

He's some nobody so it's an easy problem to fix, but she's not keen on any cosplayers other than herself riding Monty's coat tails.

I agree with you but she still doesn't know everything about Monty or his inspirations. When you look at it, she actually knew him for a very short time.

No. 220046

That's why she had to delete his life before her.

If she really wanted to honor Monty's memory, she would of tried to keep RWBY going rather than passing it off to Miles and Kerry. She would of stayed to make sure their production was what Monty would of wanted but nope, she had to spend all the money on herself then flee Texas to California.

This someone here who took the name?

No. 220049

>she would of tried to keep RWBY going rather than passing it off to Miles and Kerry. She would of stayed to make sure their production was what Monty would of wanted

She has zero qualifying work experience as an animator and RT couldn't hire her since she wasn't there on a work visa.

She wasn't even allowed to be an intern and that was with Monty pushing them.

No. 220292

She also used Monty to try to get a job at RT and when they weren't interested in trying to get her a work visa, she used Monty for a marriage visa instead.

No. 220315


Not to mention Miles and Kerry wrote RWBY with Monty. It would be kind of a dick move for her, someone who had NOTHING to do with RWBY, to take it.

No. 220858

More info https://www.reddit.com/r/RWBY/comments/3zaqlb/a_notice_to_the_rwby_community_about_a_cosplayer/

I found it hilarious since Sheena lied about giving a shit about Monty, but now that everyone sees her as his poor widow, she can milk this even more.

No. 220859

My thoughts exactly.

No. 220937

File: 1452305937757.jpeg (114.29 KB, 750x1013, image.jpeg)

On vacation in Mexico with sushimonster

No. 220955

Great place to celebrate the anniversary of when your greencard went into a coma.

No. 220958

Im no expert but isnt it a bit unwise to be leaving and re-entering the country all the time when your visa is in question?

No. 220959

She's on a cruise. They don't check visas. I went on a cruise to mexico a few years ago and didn't even need to have a passport.

No. 220961

idk, I mean it's not like she came from a 3rd world county and doesn't speak the language. I'm sure she can easily get away with leaving/entering the US without arousing suspicion.

No. 220962

Man the level of shit she gets away with is staggering. I truly hope her luck runs out soon.

No. 220979

Right? tfw her tardknights come to the rescue: "Monty would've wanted this 4 her u guiseeee"

No. 220986

But don't you guys fucking get it? IT IS what Monty would've wanted holy fucking GOD!

No. 220992


I thought she has a legit green card due to the marriage? I'm surprised that got process so…quickly when I know a lot of couples who had a beatdown in terms of the process of checking "this is a marriage of Love, not solely for green card purposes"

No. 220995


Is it doe? I mean he didn't even want to tell people they were married so something tells me he'd be less than thrilled that she's using that little tidbit to get sympathy monies to galavant around being a cosplay slut with

No. 221003

I don't think she has a greencard and that's why she went to Cali.

No. 221029

No. 221030

To get a marriage green card, you have to get married, then apply for the gc, and go through interviews and have written testimonies from friends who know you well describing the relationship and have pictures of you together etc. If no one knew they were married, I doubt they went through all this. Also, the US citizen is responsible for them for 5 years and I'm not sure if death would void that if they got it.

No. 221037

It's very different for Canada to USA marriages. It's ultra relaxed, no interviews or anything from what I've read. She's white and doesn't have a criminal record so they probably didn't care.

I don't know how, but she definitely has a valid passport/greencard/whatever considering she's traveled to England twice since Monty's death and is now on a cruise to Mexico. It's very obvious that it was a green card marriage though.

No. 221038

I think it's legal. What's going to be a kick is how she's going to handle the taxes.

No. 221060


Is she stupid enough to not pay her taxes though? Cause IRS doesn't screw around if they catch wind of you not paying

No. 221062

She isn't working and can pass off her donations as gifts. I believe her citizen status as being a new citizen also makes her immune for having to pay a gift tax BUT she definitely owes taxes to Canada for that money.

No. 221066

Considering she does open sales in California, even online, that counts as a business that she needs to pay taxes for.

I think since she went to UK not as a guest, but sold prints off site, it could be illegal since I doubt she had a permit to do any sort of business there but boy did she advertise it.

If she is going to be punished or caught or anything, I do think it will have to be because of her failure to respond to taxes until then, let's hope she still get immigration on her ass. She might of fled to California, but all her consequences are back in Texas which they'll haul her ass back to.

No. 221102

Someone needs to take archive screenshots of her talking about selling prints at cons offsite as well as archiving her prints website with the prices and whatnot.

No. 221142


You don't need a license to be a business in the UK. Pretty much as long as your turnover is under the VAT threshold (£82k a year) you can do whatever you want (excluding the EU VAT MOSS shit with digital products but HMRC don't seem to care much anyway).

It's actually strange how the US is meant to be the "capitalist" "land of the free" but everything requires a license and the tax labyrinth is much worse than the UK (don't get me started on the forever changing tax nexus shit for non-US businesses - why invest money in the US when the IRS could seize it next time the law changes?).

No. 221330

If you're visiting the UK to make money aren't you supposed to declare that you're there to sell things instead of going as a personal trip?

No. 221378


US & Canada don't need visitor or business visas. So she can't "work" but she can do "paid engagements" or other minor things related to her business (which I think would include selling her works).

So for example an expert can make a paid speech, an artist can perform, etc. But you must be invited by a UK organisation. I would assume that having a booth at MCM would count as an "invitation" but since she didn't have a booth…

No. 221381

Yes. Yes, you are.

No. 221489

File: 1452558591229.jpg (132.06 KB, 528x960, 12512516_10206892204837090_805…)

No. 221495

Looks like he came all over her pyjamas

No. 221504

lmao what the hell? She looks like an outpatient.

No. 221538

She looks like an old woman who's stopped caring about how she looks and dresses and just chooses to be eccentric ask the time.

No. 221650

those fake tits are out of control

No. 221717

File: 1452672099437.jpeg (134.42 KB, 750x774, image.jpeg)

No. 221718


she sounds like a fucking sociopath

No. 221725

>I really miss having someone I can boss around 24/7.

Awww, how endearing.

No. 221726

Monty must have been the most pussywhipped man on the planet

No. 221963

File: 1452751355477.png (966.69 KB, 600x900, 1618621_827769084000821_691272…)

>mkaing this costume was HARD due to lack of time and shooting even harder with lack of sleep.. & I still look like that wth!!

No. 221982

he was an asian beta male.

No. 221987


I don't understand how her "fans" can look at that and think "yeah that's a good costume".

Are they that stupid?

No. 222024

But she didn't make most of it?
It looks like she went to a hot topic and a Strippers R us store and randomly wrapped silk ribbon around herself.
And sorry to be nit picky but a "great" costume does not use logo running shoes… or running shoes in general.

No. 222037

File: 1452784394186.jpg (84.46 KB, 620x478, Jessica-Albas-Isabel-Marant-Ba…)

Yes she made most of it, I remember a post about how she only made in like 2 days or something (and it looks like it was made in 2 days.) If I remember the source image, the shoes should be something like these in style, but in black and pink. Now look at her's.

No. 222041

>that moment when you relate Nicole.
I need to re-evaluate myself.

If the shoes in >>221963 are supposed to look like >>222037, then it's like she didn't even try. That's Halloween-tier styling she's done.

No. 222042


Fuck, not to blog here, but I know what you mean, anon.

I think it's pretty narcissistic to write multiple tweets about that kind of thing, but I'm nitpicking a bit.


I feel like the "bossiness" depends on whether you want to always call the shots or you want/are open to other people coming up with spontaneous ideas too, tbh


This is so heavily shooped it looks like fanart. Christ on a bike.

No. 222048

She's humblebragging about how awesome and busy she is.

It's not like she's employed and has dependants or responsibilities. Her planning is what cosplay to do or videogame to stream and she can't even do that right.

No. 222056

Nah just remember that she puts up a giant persona and tries to looks like that put together big older sis on her twitter. We all know that Nicole is just a shut in who can't socialize.

And about the shoes, yeah. You can find them in black easily off of aliexpress and taobao, so the reason she doesn't have them is because of time. When she can probably walk into a f21 ot something and find cheap versions locally pretty easily. And that's the tip of the iceberg of everything wrong with that cosplay.

No. 222058

This is so true. She acts like she has a grand cosplay goddess life, where she's also a model and also an animator and also super talented in everything she did as a child!

The Monty fans who follow her are people who also aspire to be cosfamous, but don't realize that she's not even a paid con guest.

No. 223514

File: 1453252931116.jpg (74.35 KB, 1400x933, 12487322_1368301396528739_7565…)

Nicole's latest high level shoop

No. 223565

it's amazing what professional hair, makeup, and photography can do

No. 223577

It seems the photographer drew makeup onto her face. The eyebrows don't look right.

You can also see the wrinkles around her eyes and mouth he tried to erase.

No. 223581


I'll…admit I'm a noob but you normaly remove those right? Why would you leave the wrinkles around the eyes?

No. 223582

Looking at the photo, her eyes look circled by a white color, idk if that's suppose to be eyeshadow or just the unevenness of her skin tones. Either or, it looks sloppy but then again, she's known for her sloppy shoops.

She's a stones throw away from flat out doing porn. Who knew just shortly coming up on a year since his passing, she'd be whoring herself out for sympathy bucks.

No. 223583

This isn't the first time she has done a lingerie shoot.

Before she had Monty's deathbucks for Agent Provacteur, she did a poorfag underwear shoot with the RWBY chicks. Photos are on the second thread.

This reads like "Don't you know who I am?"

I hope this thread is the first result in google for her.

No. 223584

I hope her ego is what eventually does her in. Or someone finally calling her out on her bullshit.

No. 223591

The photographer blurred her skin. With blur, you need to be careful to stay within the same hue/texture. You'd use a clone tool to remove the wrinkles, but apparently this one can't photoshop too well.
Sharpening was applied to her hair and facial features but not to the skin, so the wrinkles stand out even more.

No. 223594


Makes sense, poor photoshop job in a different way compared to her other shots


Quite honestly I don't see anyone calling her out on her bullshit. Mostly because of the social taboo of calling out a widow and the monty fanboys are dumb as shit

No. 223638

File: 1453269581853.jpg (84.95 KB, 1024x576, CZIvq9dUkAANUcH.jpg large.jpg)

>Kelly Jean makeup and pose

No. 223645

File: 1453270793437.jpg (1.93 MB, 1920x1280, IMG_9785-web[1].jpg)

No. 223646

File: 1453271017016.jpg (107.74 KB, 1080x1080, 1922102_775441859252806_670417…)

No. 223647

Is this another taobao costume? The quality is not that great and the shiny plastic bits cheapen the look imo. she cannot pose at all, can she?

You can def tell she got a boob job because they're too perky and just kind of slapped on her chest.

No. 223648

File: 1453271406956.jpg (719.22 KB, 1280x1920, tumblr_nzspixrVuH1r3mqjyo10_12…)

No. 223649

You're better than this, Sushimonster.

No. 223650

File: 1453271641084.png (157.65 KB, 468x541, artist. model. web designer..p…)

another one she bought

No. 223651

File: 1453271789491.jpg (292.46 KB, 1280x1085, tumblr_npjd3cs7Gw1tsexq7o1_128…)

it seems Nicole's web of deceit can entrap more than just thirsty betas

No. 223653

File: 1453272515903.png (1.01 MB, 935x557, cooking skillz.png)


No. 223654

File: 1453272688332.jpg (24.57 KB, 680x383, 238749.jpg)

>canned green beans

No. 223656

canned green beans are my guilty pleasure food….

I will see myself out.

No. 223657

File: 1453272913070.jpg (101.23 KB, 640x640, 10809860_312306475639971_30969…)

found a picture of her back

it's worse than I thought it was

No. 223658

File: 1453273104051.jpg (100.57 KB, 640x640, 10475085_649773205116392_25901…)

No. 223660

File: 1453273508023.jpg (64.01 KB, 612x612, 11242885_1077870692229775_4376…)

>You can def tell she got a boob job because they're too perky and just kind of slapped on her chest.

well that and the fact that this is what she looked like pre-Monty

No. 223661

File: 1453273593744.jpg (78.05 KB, 612x612, 11208423_1664254987135946_2669…)

No. 223665

Monty's face and Sheena's body. Glad they didn't have kids.

No. 223667

That's her ex she cheated on with Monty. She was living with him for free but ran off to Texas after hooking up with Monty.

No. 223681

She has no ass I'm dying

No. 223683

So she's always been an opportunist. Well I'm no longer surprised by her morality.

No. 223696

This is embarrassingly caucasian

No. 223698

>I hope this thread is the first result in google for her.

Unfortunately not til the second page. Google bomb, anyone?

No. 224116

she looks like a 43 year old with a vegan body.

No. 224154

The shoop made her so long that her feet look like a clown's.

No. 224155

How do you do that?

No. 224176

File: 1453342965559.png (458.06 KB, 582x565, thirsty beta.png)

No. 224178

I feel like she must have some kind of disorder like fragile x or something to have this low amount of muscle mass. It is like a 60 year woman body that never worked out 1 day of her life to have this low of muscle tone. This is not normal.

No. 224185

being a sex-linked disorder, fragile X is almost exclusively found in males. it also causes intellectual and social impairment.
I think that any diagnosis would have to account for her severe scoliosis as well.

No. 224186

She doesn't go outside much less work out, so she wouldn't have any muscle tone.

She does have the ears for fragile x tho.

No. 224335

Actually scoliosis is comorbid plus females with fragile x usually aren't as severe.

I shouldn't have even said fragile x but what I mean is this amount of low muscle tone in someone under 30 is abnormal and there's a lot of genetic defects where low muscle tone is a syndrome. And the scoliosis just points more to her having some kind of genetic defect.

No. 224356

>when you remember she doesn't shave legs and does these kind of shoots

No. 224365

File: 1453356146230.jpg (87.03 KB, 1400x933, 12496417_1362670677091811_2399…)

FiveRings always shoops like that. He blurs random parts and sharpens others and it doesn't mesh well.
>pic related, another one of his lingerie tuesday photos

I hope KJ snaps at some point and rips Nicole a new one.

No. 224760

I swear this is something both Sheena and Devin do to make their butts look bigger. I can arch my back like that too and it's perfectly fine. Everyone has back problems. Sheena only complains about her scoliosis when she's trying to gain pity points. Otherwise she's cosplaying and partying in tall heels like it's a walk in the park, and then she whining that her back hurts.

She doesn't eat for shit so she has that skinny-fat going for her. She's just weak af. She was struggling to hold up her buster sword during PAX South last year when Monty wasn't being her bag bitch

No. 224779

How can she stand next to those two cosplayers and their really good quality costumes with her shittier halloween adventure bullshit? You can see all the fraying on the ribbon.

No. 224780

All of this looks bought from the frozen food section. come on now.

No. 224788

File: 1453445726140.png (47.47 KB, 636x346, nicd monty.png)


No. 224790


Argh better avoid the net on the day of his passing. In anycase heres a good example of why no one will call nicole out as there is that social taboo of questioning the widow.

No. 224791

File: 1453446164236.png (16.21 KB, 587x130, retweet.png)

sheena retweeted that

No. 224794

She knows that she'll become relevant again on the anniversary of his death, expect her to harness the potential pity money with something like a post or stream.

No. 224796

there will be some serious milk

No. 224937

It has already begun.

No. 224956

File: 1453519362904.png (44.34 KB, 636x345, sheena.png)

No. 224957

File: 1453519466780.png (1.83 MB, 638x5547, sheena.png)

capped the responses, lawd

No. 224990


I'm still manages to make it about her. How tacky

No. 224992

Ugh god, how the fuck are this many people blind? The stupidity is very strong in this bunch.

No. 225010

File: 1453543774157.gif (6.08 KB, 510x168, bs.gif)

No. 225011

File: 1453544122559.jpg (156.65 KB, 540x764, smiling.jpg)

No. 225048

Whoever is screencapping the statuses she posts from her personal account, I fucking love you. It's honestly amazing to see her hypocrisy. ❤ Keep going!

No. 225915

File: 1453781444493.jpg (138.94 KB, 1080x1350, 12407244_1015703965169569_3861…)


No. 226034

Good god, her toes are LONG.

No. 226062

Looks like she's taking the year anniversary of Monty's death rather well.

No. 226082

Is it just me or does she look really primitive/ape-like? Incredibly long noodle arms, huge hands (relatively speaking), long toes, ears that stick out super far, etc.

No. 226148

File: 1453802389384.jpg (52.81 KB, 604x453, CZoTblcWEAAw9pM.jpg large.jpg)

babby Nicole

No. 226149

File: 1453802514509.jpg (45.45 KB, 407x604, CZoUDHNWYAA9Hh4.jpg large.jpg)

No. 226168

So she's always had that middle aged mom look.

No. 226181


Sheena: Queen of the Jungle :^)

No. 226184

The classic weeaboo look.

No. 227435

Shoulda been cast in that "Mom Jeans" segment on SNL. She'd have fit right in there.

No. 227436

LMFAO wtf is this shit?

No. 227447

I'm sure many of us agree with you. She does look primitive. And ugly.

No. 227448

Please give us more

No. 227790

File: 1454118075063.jpg (13.37 KB, 569x186, whore.jpg)

This whore is literally up every popular cosplayer's ass.

No. 227798

Millions of years later she still poses like this and the clothes she wears are still as cheap looking.

No. 227837

File: 1454135248984.jpg (86.8 KB, 640x640, 11372464_728670393928024_18913…)

No. 227839

File: 1454135418903.jpg (75.27 KB, 612x612, 11351732_387552161432966_24669…)

No. 227840

File: 1454135442809.jpg (65.7 KB, 960x540, 1797496_10152555800531712_8857…)

No. 227841

File: 1454135456837.jpg (64.17 KB, 960x540, 10947346_10152555800486712_657…)

No. 227973

I honestly forgot what Monty looked like without his wigs and jrock clothes….. Apperance wise they were meant for each other. Back when I knew her Sheena's goal was to become a stay-home-mom. Such high goals, right? Imagine if they had kids like she wanted ohmyeww

No. 227983

they are both so ugly. holyshit

No. 227984

This is Monty??? DAMN, he's plain and ugly as shit.

No. 227998


I remember one girl in high school was super stressed out about getting the best grades to get into UBC

Her end goal? She wanted to be a hair stylist…

No. 228011

There's nothing wrong with being a hairdresser , anon. It's an actual job that has a way to get different places in life, unlike being a stay at home mom.

No. 228037

Wow… Monty was so god damn average to ugly without the wigs and visual kei clothes. I wonder wtf Hootie ever saw in him. He and Nicole are uglies that were made for one another.

Nothing wrong with being a hair stylist. You can go places with that career so long as you never stop learning.

No. 228043

JNig looks like someone's middle aged mom trying to stay hip and Sheena looks like a granny trying to keep up with everyone else

No. 228044

all I can read on her face is "ugh, this asshole again"

No. 228045


Ooooh I was misunderstood, I never thought it was strange or thought badly to be a hair stylist. I thought it was strange she cared so much for her grades to be at 100% at all times when it didn't need to be.

No. 228053

File: 1454192275485.png (733.32 KB, 815x541, nic2015.png)

>thanks for killing my husband, 2015!

No. 228054

Ah, okay. My mistake then, anon.

No. 228061

File: 1454192947292.jpg (83.22 KB, 640x640, 11375119_414817208690712_33122…)

No. 228069


>here are two pics of him so you don't forget him and donate to me.

No. 228094

>Sheena's goal was to become a stay-home-mom. Such high goals, right? Imagine if they had kids like she wanted ohmyeww

Ewww she had his sperm taken while he was in the hospital, so she can still have his kids. But her goal was to not work at all and she already made it.

No. 228101


keeping that in storage is pretty expensive

No. 228102

File: 1454205802112.jpg (91.61 KB, 1080x1080, 11377977_984351728294895_70903…)

she looks like a weeb streetwaker

No. 228103

File: 1454205822949.jpg (110.33 KB, 640x640, 10948698_1548986398720578_1285…)

No. 228110

She looks like the girl who has autism in my class lol

No. 228111

This was what she wore for the Grump Halloween party. She's a 'professional cosplayer' who didn't cosplay, when Holly did and even Suzy did.

No. 228128

>People who put their drinks right on the control panel of arcade machines

No. 228129

I always thought Sheena was gross looking, but monty is not a looker himself. He's really unattractive.

No. 228137

Don't you love it when two unattractive people fine love Anon~

No. 228138

No. 228142


Weebs didn't exactly like him for his looks. They enjoy stiff animation as much as he is now

No. 228298

File: 1454278105563.jpg (240.13 KB, 1024x1366, CaE6NJWUMAA9y3q.jpg)

>cosplay guru

No. 228301

Is she with Miyazaki?? fuck this cunt

No. 228303

that's a Miyazaki cosplayer

"cosplay was a mistake. it's nothing but trash."

No. 228307

I will never understand the appeal of cosplaying real people

No. 228353

They're good at looking like a stunt-double, but it's still pretty creepy to do.

No. 228361

I've seen a Monty cosplayer. After he passed away. I was laughing too hard to even be offended by it

No. 228406

I'm starting to think she filters the fuck out of her photos to hide how damaged her hair is.

No. 228407

Definitely! I'm betting that as well.

rofl I need to see this photo.

No. 228445

File: 1454305326746.png (13.26 KB, 903x189, rncap.png)


No. 228491

At least they had reasons.

No. 228514

So much for dat fame.

No. 228554

File: 1454346524504.png (196.57 KB, 586x1492, dead husband.png)

happy Dead Husband Day, /pt/!

No. 228576

>"…But you proved to me I can do anything I set my mind to."
"And then I killed you. Thank you SO much for EVERYTHING, Monty."

No. 228577

literally came onto this thread to see the shit she was saying, lmao

No. 228582

More fake inspiration and fake quotes, Monty style. She makes me want to throw rocks at her and I don't even like Monty or his work.

No. 228600

All the posts about her dead husband are all about her. It's all "me me me" and "what you gave to me". You got a ton from him, specifically money, fame and pity points you got from him being dead as shit.

No. 228614


I don't know what kind of purpose she could possibly have been capable of serving being his right hand besides the occasional jerk-off.

No. 228678


Ah yes the gift of always being known as the widow. Such a high end goal

No. 228703

>People who expect anyone to recognize or know Sheena when she didn't exist as his wife until after Monty died.

No. 228704

This is right up there with the post on her website when he died and her self-written biography.

What's scary is that she truly believes she's amazing for making shitty cosplays and streams.

No. 228722

Like that time someone described her job as a "full time creative"

No. 228735

Or that she was a "model" belonging to an "agency" (definite BS)

No. 228737

Don't worry, Ross, Shitna doesn't give a rat's ass, either. Only how Monty made her "who she is today". pfft.

No. 228738

Sorry, Sheena's not that famous.

No. 228761

File: 1454380685162.jpg (233.33 KB, 560x999, gettingthroughthisday.jpg)

>make post about self to bait pity party
>tell people don't really wanwt pity party in same post
>make some super deep tweets
>go out to celebrate

No. 228762

Wow, glad she put on Monty's last name for this day purely.

No. 228765


Of course, gotta get those pity donations

No. 228805

I'm surprised she didn't try to capitalize on the anniversary more so with like a twitch event or a YouTube video

No. 228806

File: 1454389213413.jpg (317.07 KB, 517x750, thxu.jpg)

Fans have yet to notice that there was no thanks to Sheena.

No. 228807


He mentioned thanks for the funds donations so nicole didn't get all of it?

No. 228808

Well she's not part of RT…

No, pretty sure she's getting all of it. It's not Monty's family's fault that Sheena is a piece of shit.

It'd be nice to ask if donations could still be made to assist the Oum family and see what he says.

No. 228811


>I don't care about any of the games she plays (unless it's a Jackbox game), but I still watch from time to time just because I like her so much.

No. 228812

Some money went into their flights. His family is still living as they previously were. Meanwhile Nicole is jet setting with new tits, a new pad and eating well in LA.

No. 228813

Something got deleted, what was it?

No. 228814

File: 1454389960787.jpg (47.75 KB, 640x640, 11390138_971960076157987_35695…)

>The loyalty is both heartwarming, and heartbreaking to think about the pain she must feel.

No. 228815

File: 1454390195974.png (1.06 MB, 938x594, cat.png)

I hope the fucking cat was worth it, Nicole

No. 228816

while hipster boy there plays with the tits Monty's corpse paid for

No. 228818

File: 1454390409057.png (817.52 KB, 932x552, fucking cat.png)

No. 228822

OMG no wonder he fucking died from complications of a deathly allergy.

No. 228823

Cat hair and dander all over the fucking car.

No. 228829

File: 1454391393903.png (1002.47 KB, 935x588, mcat.png)

No. 228830


No sympathy on how he died now cause holy shit man, why would you do this if you have allergies?

No. 228832

File: 1454391653084.png (1020.71 KB, 935x579, ncat.png)

cat > husband

No. 228834

File: 1454391760761.png (943.12 KB, 931x556, shm.png)

No. 228837

This sounds like a dumb romcom. Esp since her Weiss cosplay is shit.

No. 228842

File: 1454393954846.jpg (69.48 KB, 960x540, 10610696_781345215270492_48416…)

That's nothing, cat was also in his uncleaned bed and couch.

Nicole trying to hide that he was busy trying to get with other fans during that con.

No. 228860

underrated post

No. 228862

Yeah, seriously. Her Weiss cosplay is one of the worst I've ever seen.

And the comment by vampybitme made on >>228834 makes me shake my head so hard but then again, they are both ugly and dumb so they deserved one another.

No. 228959

File: 1454432260989.png (475.55 KB, 587x548, boohoo.PNG)

No. 228961

File: 1454432323494.png (25.59 KB, 590x217, classy.PNG)

No. 228963

File: 1454432346031.png (20.95 KB, 583x162, HAHAH.PNG)

No. 228966

File: 1454432446452.png (411.47 KB, 499x584, LOL.PNG)

"Oh look at me! I was a total wannabe…. still am today."

No. 228975


Still an embrassment even now…

No. 229005

File: 1454440165516.png (163.51 KB, 569x749, sheena.png)

Had a lurk on her moms facebook page and I had to give a laugh that her mum posts and overshares all the typical mom things like "Share this if you love your daughter" and tags Sheena in it but didn't actually share that her daughter was married?
There were friends on there who didn't even know there was a connection (see pic).
My mom and a good number of friends moms are just as stereotypical as Sheena's mom and as soon as any of us got engaged/married we were being congratulated by complete strangers to us simply because they read it on our moms facebooks.

No. 229066

File: 1454451199156.png (398.11 KB, 582x466, nah.png)

No. 229068

File: 1454451334652.jpg (65.46 KB, 400x600, er.jpg)

can we please talk about some of the horrid photoshopping in a lot of these shots? unless this is actually a painting of her cosplay, it looks seriously awful.

No. 229101

>Store is open!

…did it ever close?

this smells like desperation to me.

No. 229103

wow, so NOBODY knew they were married until Monty died, outside of Monty, Nicole, and Nicole's mom.

No. 229109

The family didn't know about her being his wife until after his death, so I'm sure they've kept their eye on her since then. They probably noticed real quick what a shit bad she is and don't want anything to do with her. I'm happy they're turning their backs on her, but it still sucks they have to be in any way associated with her.

No. 229111

Was this the cat that was used as an indirect murder weapon?

No. 229113

actually Nicole isn't on good terms with her mom afaik so her mom probably found out through Facebook/the news as well

No. 229117

Maybe because I don't visit a lot of places online but I noticed there wasn't a huge anniversary revisit for monty from a lot of geeky media outlets

No. 229118

pretty much the only place I saw it was the Rooster Teeth reddit page

No. 229146

weebs are a fickle bunch, huh? I'd forgotten about his death anniversary until I came on here. No one really cared

No. 229187

Nobody knew about the visa marriage because she was a roommate with benefits.

Not once did Monty refer to her as his wife while he was alive. He didn't act like they were married while living with her.

No. 229189

Not to mention while RvB is pretty huge as far as it's following, RWBY is less so, mostly because it is a bit more niche. You kind of have to be a weeb to like it, while you don't have to play Halo to get RvB.

No. 229192


That make sense seeing how the only people I run into who like it are weebs and the people who "ironically" like it

No. 229398

SHE was the one who did this, actually. If I recall correctly she and Monty used to do these mini-photoshoots apart from her connection to Soulfire Photos. She did this way back before she started sucking up to the e-famous cosplayers and getting photoshoots with them (which happened AFTER Monty died.)

Nicole will want to retain no connections to "people she knew" (including her mom) anyway. She's too busy projecting a "woe is me! All the people in my life before were shit! I lived in a shitty household! But look how awesome I am because I endured SO MUCH! The only person who believed me is Monty and now I'm friends with the people you knew because YOU WOULD WANT THIS FOR ME and they support me" image.

May I add that she merely covered it up by saying the CLASSIC tagline: "We wanted it to be a surprise, but felt we weren't ready!"

She DIDN'T want anyone to know. Monty was just the perfect accomplice to her crime because $$$$$$ and "love".

No. 229828

>She DIDN'T want anyone to know.

Actually, Monty didn't want anyone to know.

The first thing she did when he was in a coma was change his facebook account to say they were married.

See previous thread for screenshots of confused people on facebook.

No. 229890


Hmm I wonder why he didn't want people to know.

No. 229944

I wonder that too for someone who was supposedly so "special" to him.

No. 230009


I think it's the other way around. Monty let it slip that Sheena was his wife one time on his private fb. I feel Sheena went into his fb to change their relationship status so she became his beneficiary while he was in the coma. Sheena told no one that they got married, until it was public on fb. That same week when he was in the coma she added a ton of photos of them together, and changed her profile photo and cover photo to them (something she NEVER did not even once, while they were together for the 10months prior). It all felt like a public ploy for her to fool the government/bank to give her all his money when he finally kicked the can.

The whole thing was so sketchy I'm amazed no one close thought to involve the cops.

And then her running off to LA, getting a boobjob, and getting a new boy toy from London, now apparent ex? (Don't know if this is confirmed? Since he didn't visit her during the holidays) She's just soooo shady.

I know she's feeding her 'bffs' SushiMonster, JS Cosplay, and whoever actually talks to her completely different stories. If they were keen enough they'd be able to smell her bs, but they don't want to appear rude to Monty's widow.

No. 230010

Lmao of course her and Anne are hanging out. They're both vapid fame hungry twats who create all their own problems.

No. 230027


That's the key really, no one will question the widow due to the social taboo nature of it. That and we have very little concrete evidence of her being scummy.

The evidence has to be so good that even the weebest of weebs will turn againist her

No. 230063

>Monty let it slip that Sheena was his wife one time on his private fb.


No. 230271

I don't remember the day or when in their relationship it was. I just rmemeber seeing it and wondering wtf is that typo. I've seen a screenshot of it too somewhere on the internet so I promise I'm not making it up. I'd go back through his fb to find it but Sheena deleted/added a lot of stuff since he passed.

No. 230470

This would have to have happened after their legal marriage of convenience but there's nothing there.

No. 230514

No. 230519


Not clicking so I don't have her a view count but I somehow don't think she's good at engaging conversations in LPs

No. 231093

Everyone has done this game by now, too.

No. 233957

So where's anon that was going to report her with all our collected evidence? Update, please! :)

No. 234772

She's going to have a booth at Anime Matsuri later this month to "sign and take photos"…

No. 234883

God I hope most of her time at the table is her sitting there in a shit cosplay not doing anything because no one knows who the fuck she is. Especially if she's in between famous va tables or artists. I don't even think Yaya actually goes to any of the tables she gets at cons.

No. 234907

Several anons in Nicole's threads have already said I'M GONNA REPORT HER!!! and nothing happened thus far.

No. 235102

Mostly because the process of deportation isn't as cut and dry as everyone expects it to be.

No. 235106


Plus nicole is a pretty white girl in LA, the government would sooner chase her for unpaid taxes than immgirations

No. 235208

>a pretty white girl in LA

Not even, the pretty women in LA don't look like monkeys.

No. 235210


Hehe that is true, point still stands they are not going to go after her until she doesn't pay taxes or something

No. 235230

Mine's about that bad too. I want to know what degree her spine is at for comparison. Is she saying the blue thing is for her scoliosis?

No. 235260

It looks like a typical taping for neck pain not scoliosis.

No. 235263

That's what i thought, especially since her spine is curved so low. I wonder if she ever had to wear a back brace like I did because of it.
But also if she's still bitching about scoliosis it's bullshit. It stops getting worse when your 17/18 and usually stabilizes till youre old and gray. It's really only a cosmetic defect for most people

No. 235266

She uses it for sympathy points and to pretend she's delicate or some shit, even though she is wearing heels all the time.

No. 235276

And when she does go "woe is me" it's for a holier than thou, inspirational BS attitude.

No. 235409

If I could punch any lolcow in the face, it would probably be Nicole. Her, or Onion.

No. 236131

Does anyone else think the milk is running dry right now? I expected much more from Monty's death anniversary

all she's doing now is camming, I mean, streaming on Twitch, and trying to crawl up the ass of Let's Players

No. 236241

She could've milked it WHILE streaming because she could've streamed RWBY: Grimm Eclipse and earned sympathy points that way by talking about how 'Monty would be so proud that there's a game now' or smth.

No. 236276


More like:

>monty would have been so happy for me that I get to finally play that game for my own enjoyment cause me. Meeeeeeee

No. 236544

She never mentions RWBY outside of context of her costumes and prints. She is like that with all the popular characters she tries to cosplay.

The only milk was that she spent the day of her husband's death out celebrating and telling her friends not to judge. The next few days she went overtime plugging her prints, knowing more people were viewing.

All the while, dozens of tributes by Monty's family and friends who miss him were happening.

No. 236548

How fucking beta did Monty have to be to hook up with this creature?

No. 236703

… Okay I was agreeing with that first sentence and then the next three you noted made me feel sad for Monty's family.

Shitna's selfishness makes me want to fucking hurl.

On a scale of 1-10 I'd say it was a 20.

No. 237166

File: 1455432446427.jpg (137.14 KB, 1024x1536, CazATeAUUAQHqqe.jpg)

Sheena, pls stop

No. 237213

File: 1455440833385.jpeg (150.16 KB, 750x988, image.jpeg)


No. 237219

Ngl I think their outfits are kinda cute.

No. 237225

File: 1455441918500.jpg (137.54 KB, 528x960, 12743546_10207114737240261_850…)

Just in case anyone was still on the fence about whether or not she used Monty's blood money to buy some new tits. They're bigger than her fucking head

No. 237235

File: 1455442805952.jpg (176.4 KB, 500x750, tumblr_n8h0pj88HI1qc0wl2o1_500…)

jesus christ

I wonder how many surgeries she's had to get them up to that size

No. 237239

File: 1455445046996.jpg (119.82 KB, 332x310, boobs.jpg)

This actually just looks like they're being pushed up a lot, the way Jnig use to do before she got her new knockers. You can see that the line of the boob doesn't follow the line of the bra. Blue line=actual boob. Pink line=bra/padding.

No. 237242

I guess that makes sense

I just assumed that was a fat underwire for those melons glued to her chest

No. 237246

She's so fucking flabby. The straps on her leg are so tight that it's turning red, kek.

No. 237271

Not even the best boob surgeon in the world could make up for those unfortunate ears

No. 237303

Ok but what is going on with her right foot here wtf

No. 237311

Not only hook up, but put a ring on it! Even if it was a greencard marriage, he was beta enough to need a bargain bin foreign ho instead of finding a decent one locally or anywhere else.

No. 237312

Her boobs were shopped bigger in this pic and legs longer, that's why the foot is weird. Not to mention the face.

No. 237313

He tried a few locals and got rejected tho, Sheena was like attempt number 4.

No. 237319


Oh nicole, not even the bronze medal of selections

No. 237322

File: 1455475386846.jpeg (82.31 KB, 734x1275, image.jpeg)

I feel you buddy.

No. 237350

This just reminds my of Talixoxo's ravesets. Another Canadian cosplayer that Sheena hated because Tali made a better Lightning/Supergirl/everything than her.

No. 237372

"Cute" will never hide desperation.

No. 237378

File: 1455487963749.jpg (87.94 KB, 960x720, 1430523662454.jpg)

Oh, honey, that doesn't "actually just looks like they're pushed up a lot, the way JNig used to do before she got her new knockers."

No. 237379

actually the same thing happens when you wear a bra that's too fucking small.

No. 237397

I somehow missed that cosplay completely but that bra doesn't fit and would do little to support her boobs. Bikini tops sometimes look like that when they want to put support in without a band.

No. 237439

Obviously Sheena was as flat as a board, but the girl on the right shouldn't wear tight dresses like that

No. 237446

She hated Talixoxo?

No. 237483

>but the girl on the right shouldn't wear tight dresses like that
Haha, so true.

No. 237552

Why exactly does everyone keep saying Monty died from a deadly allergic reaction to cat hair? Roosterteeth said he was undergoing a standard procedure at the hospital and his body had an allergic reaction to the anesthesia…
Don't really know why they'd lie about that

No. 237556

He was undergoing treatment for cat allergies due to Nicole continuously bringing in stray cats and letting them lay on his bed. He decided it was an okay time to try and start getting the injections use to combat against allergies.

The allergens introduced are small dosages of what he's allergic to; cat dandruff, saliva, other things that could of spurred a reaction. This, in itself, is a standard procedure for those wanting to build their immune system to be more accepting to the initial allergen.

What wasn't put in to account was that Monty worked about 40 hours weeks. No sleep, only when he was done and to the point of passing out. I doubt he had a proper diet and so his body was in a constant state of exhaustion. That GREATLY weakened his immune system so administering the shots because Nicole kept bringing in cats and he was too beta to say no, he had an Anaphylactic Shock‎ that made him vomit, sweat and his brain over heated.

Roosterteeth probably didn't want to go in to the horrible details because it's a pretty painful way to go. And the gofundme was set up to help with his medical bills because there seemed a chance he might recover; sadly, he did not and the gofundme is still going, unchanged(since I last checked) that gives some sliver of hope he might recover when unknowing to others, or new fans, he's not coming back.

No. 237559

Oh, that makes sense. Thank you for explaining.

No. 237576

File: 1455525475885.jpg (240.37 KB, 936x538, doingitforthekitty.jpg)

There are a million screenshots in the other threads.

No. 237595

Some anon mentioned a while ago that Meg hates her? Could someone elaborate on that?
Sorry if it has been explained before I'm too tired to go through the other threads

No. 237609

>That GREATLY weakened his immune system

you don't know how allergies work, do you?

No. 237652

>Monty worked about 40 hours weeks. No sleep, only when he was done and to the point of passing out

40 hours is a pretty standard workweek? That's 9-5, M-F.

No. 237661

Meg is a cunt who would probably try to fight every other female she feels threatened by. the only reason she's still working at RT is cause she's shacking up with Gavin, one of their main cash cows. I'd prefer Sheena was at RT over Meg because at least she has an iota of talent.
sage for pure salt

No. 237688

[also sage for salt]
I mainly don't understand why Meg is considered a 'model'? She really doesn't have that great of a body. Like, how did she get a Playboy shoot? I know it's because she's a ~nerd gurl~ but like??? how did she get this popular?

No. 237725


lol Devin is gonna seethe about this for weeks

No. 237726

No. 237728


It's funny because Nicole more or less DOES fight every other female she feels threatened by (i.e. usually by shittalking them endlessly and trying to destroy their reputation). I'm curious, care to elaborate on that iota of talent Nicole could provide at RT?

No. 237729

They probably meant 80 or some other high number, Monty lived at the office.

No. 237732

Meg got where she is on her own. Where as Sheena only became known when she started dating Monty. Sheena also just appeared out of no where and immediately was living off of Monty with no job of her own and crashing at RT studios and using their green screen, printers, 3D printer, and tools for her own cosplays and cosplay prints. Granted Monty let her do all this at first, but then RT told them to stop using work resources.

Plus, Sheena also hated Meg back because she was more famous than her. The underlined theme with all the people that Sheena hates is that they're prettier/more famous than her. Sheena hated Sushimonster and Nigri too before she was able to buddybuddy up to them. But even though she hates them, she'll try to be all nice to get them to like her, but continue to shit talk them behind their backs. She did this for years in Canada and to people she met across the border. It's the reason why she barely has old friends from before she moved in with Monty. A lot of people found out what a terrible 'friend' she was. Even now she barely has friends. Just people she's meeting through friends she is using for their fame and connections.

If you can't benefit Sheena in anyway, she doesn't care about you. That's how she's always been.

No. 237735

there was an incident at RT where someone in the RWBY team wasn't being nice to Sheena and she complained to Monty and wanted the worker to be fired. Thank goodness Monty doesn't have that kind of power, otherwise Sheena would also have been working at RT like he promised her before she moved. Or maybe that's just what she told people to justify her suddenly moving in with a guy she knew for less than 4 months. It's hard to trust anything she's ever said in the past and even now

No. 237745

>Meg got where she is on her own
>implying she didnt sleep around to get the jobs she got
Meg has no real chops to put her where she is. She's not a 'model'. She's a shit-tier cosplayer. She literally hasnt done anything to have gotten her where she is.

not necessarily saying Nicole's talents could work for RT but Meg has nothing. Even Nicole's shit cosplays are better than anything Meg has made.

No. 237749


Holy shit would love more details on that if they exist.

No. 237754

you just described sheena: "literally hasnt done anything to have gotten her where she is"
I see no difference between the two of them besides the fact Meg is more famous honestly

No. 237851

They're both shit, Meg just managed to get the more loaded and popular guy. Sheena got the biggest beta ever born on this planet.

No. 237853

I'd say both were a little more "dull" back then, but at least Devin actually worked out to get a better body.

No. 237855

Meg is just a "busty redhead" - I'm pretty sure certain people can attest to liking "busty redheads." Just sperm fuel. /shrug. Meanwhile Sheena is a jealous and manipulative girl, and honestly, they're no better than each other.

No. 237886

I don't get the Meg hate–I know a lot of things Nicole has done were pretty bad (I mean Monty practically died due to her selfishness). Do you guys dislike Meg because she's overhyped or because you've heard of her doing things that would tarnish her reputation? Like Nicole would straight up stab people in the back on a regular basis and be a frosty bitch at cons, but as far as I can tell Meg is pretty good at keeping up a nice personality. Am I missing something? It's kind of hard to get dirt on the RT girls.

No. 237889

I know Meg has a lot of fans and I guess she's a good person? Sheena has shown herself to be completely selfish and a huge bitch. She's standoff in person and keeps looking at you like she's better than you or deciding what shit she can spread about your physical appearance to make herself feel better and superior.

Meg and Sheena were suppose to hold a cosplay panel at RTX but when Sheena just last minute went not going they found someone else to help Meg.

Meg seems like someone I can only handle in handfuls. I don't like her on podcasts, I don't want FreePlay because it's Meg just talking as loud as she can about gamer gurl anime gurl nerd gurl so cool xxx stuff. Other than that, I see no reason to dislike her? I've never seen her completely shit talk other cosplayers (not saying it doesn't happen, Sheena just seems more open about it).

I just feel bad sometimes for Gavin and Ryan's Wife who constantly are bombarded with 'Meg and Ryan have to be fucking one another because their chemistry together on camera' where Meg does kind of hang all over him.

No. 237890

Also iirc; Sheena actually wanted Gavin first because fame thirst, but Meg 'got' to him first so she settled for Monty since Monty settled for her.

No. 237953

This is very true. She went full retard over Gavin on her Tumblr, way before she started hoarded after the e-famu.

No. 238125

Anon was saying that his lack of sleep and bad diet greatly weakened his immune system.

No. 238143

allergic reactions are caused by an overactive immune system

No. 238146

Nitpicking. Point was that his immune system was not functioning properly.

No. 238273

no, it's not. it's like saying hypothermia can cause a fever.

No. 238445


Friendly reminder that Meg did work actual jobs supporting herself for several years before working at RT. She interned at G4, had the gig at SourceFed, her own YouTube channel. She didn't have to bag Gavin to get ahead, and probably could have gotten an RT job on her own since The Know is in her wheelhouse professionally. She was also from Austin originally, so even though they were dating when she moved back, you can't even put that entirely on their relationship. Say what you want about how she looks or cosplays, but reality doesn't really match up with the narrative that she bagged Gavin for fame.

No. 238447


I agree. While her youtube is really I'm a gamer girl/tryhard, the way she interacts with people is funny and she's a lot more down to earth than other 'famous cosplayers,' which is probably what got her popular in the first place. There are plenty of other net celebs that are textbook better looking but don't even have half her following. Good career choices helped there too.

No. 238449

I smell samefag. None of what you wrote proves her relevancy pre-Gavin/RT in any way.

No. 238473


I'm 238445, I didn't mention anything about her personality. I just gave her resume.

I didn't know shit about her until she started working at RT. I found out about her existence because of how much clamor there was when it was announced she'd be joining RT (which is why I assumed she had relevancy before that job, even if she has more now). Her career and personality are not at all in my tastes, but the fact is she did (does) have a career and isn't just some nameless, talentless famewhore like Nicole, which previous posters were trying to claim.

Once someone appears on screen, everyone seems to forget about the behind-screen work they did before and still do. Meg's got chops in that area, and she did put in actual work to get where she is. Her resume backed up her current position in RT even if it was Gavin that handed it over for consideration. Comparing her to someone who fucked their way into the vicinity of the same place without putting in any work for it is a bit disingenuous.

No. 238491


To be fair Nicole knees must have been sore after all of her hard work :p

No. 238502

File: 1455739531454.jpg (129.09 KB, 900x1121, meg before.jpg)

at first I was like

No. 238503

File: 1455739551943.jpg (201.49 KB, 1920x1080, wallhaven-18185.jpg)

but then I was like

No. 238504

File: 1455739630926.png (761.34 KB, 1366x610, NadVmfX.png)

No. 238527

At least she looks way hotter than sheena

No. 238547

File: 1455745042576.jpg (156.26 KB, 1280x720, meg-turney-top.jpg)

can't be a cosplay goddess without fake tits, I guess

No. 238553

What's wrong with fake tits? I mean out of all things to nicpick damn that is a hot body.

No. 238561

#1: I was totally wrong, that looks like a pushup/padded bra

#2: her boobs in >>238502 are cute and fit her frame.

No. 238605


Nice tummy, but I find her pear frame awkward with small boobs and such large hips.

No. 238606

found the girl with fake tits.
If you want fake tits, whatever, but lately all these cosplay trash and attention whores have turned the hobby into soft core porn. and if you look at any of these bitches, they all have fake tits: Yaya, Jnig, Sheena, Kelly jean or whatever. the list goes on.

No. 238641

>has brown eyes
>dyes her hair red

why is this allowed?

No. 238642

Because people can dye their hair whatever fucking color they want.

No. 238666

Aw, did you get your red hair from a bottle too?

No. 238669

>this blasted over hair dye

No. 238753

You do know that natural red heads don't have to have green/hazel eyes… right? Not saying that her hair is naturally red, but most red heads do have brown eyes.

>cosplay goddess
Cringe. Was she on Heroes of Cosplay? Her name sounds familiar.

No. 238757

Exactly. What a bizarre way of thinking.

No. 239277


She was on one episode, but that was enough to get her in the title credits for the season. Her entire appearance basically came off as Chloe Dykstra roping her into it.

Although that show made the decent people look bad and the bad people even worse, and no one looked liked organized adults.

No. 239338

File: 1455955053476.png (7.45 KB, 676x182, lel.PNG)

> "poverty alleviation"

No. 239352

She means alleviating her own poverty with money raised in Montys name

No. 240162

File: 1456205950227.png (601.29 KB, 586x647, OUM.png)

note the signature

No. 240172

I know it's supposed to say S. Oum but it looks like Sum instead.

Speaking of Oum, has she found a new income source yet?

No. 240177

She straight out copied Monty's signature didn't she

No. 240178

File: 1456207325404.png (3.94 KB, 200x124, Mounty_Oum_signature.svg.png)

Twitch streaming, selling cosplay prints


No. 240180

File: 1456207681658.png (2.65 MB, 872x2389, the cat.png)

this is old, but I'd never seen it before: http://www.sheenaduquette.com/personal/keep-moving-forward/

she seems quite fond of the little murder weapon now.

No. 240187

Gotta make money off his dead body in more ways than one.

No. 240338

She's a really cute cat. Not her fault that Monty is a beta idiot who can't say no. They could have found a good home for her instead of keeping her.

No. 240354

I dunno, it honestly looks like he wanted the cat too. I'm not fond of Sheena either but it really does look like he wanted the cat too.

No. 240404

It may have been more that he wanted a pet. Pets are awesome to have, they can really help reduce stress. Was it just cat allergies or was he allergic to all animals? If it was just cats I don't know why he couldn't have just gotten a dog or chinchilla or something.

No. 240457

I think he was just allergic to cats, but he really happened to love cats. I remember that on the RT Podcast, they said they had to retire Joe The Cat, their office cat, so "he wouldn't kill Monty" and that Monty really loved Joe. I think the whole issue was that he loved Noodle, and that was ultimately his downfall. :(

No. 240503

I have a cat allergy, but it's only to long hair breeds. When I stayed over at a friend's who had a Maine coon I had a horrible reaction. If Monty's were life threatening and not something that could be fixed by taking a benadryl, like in my case that's all I needed, they should have been smarter about it. Nicole is a selfish bitch and wouldn't have made sure monty was quarenteened properly until his treatments were over. Hell even if they just freaked cleaned more often so that everything in the house wasn't always potentially covered in cat dander he would be better off. Any pics of their home was always grungy as fuck.

They were both stupid about taking care of this cat in regards to Monty's allergy, but his death is proof that she didn't give a shit about him because I do think that any person who cares about their apparent husband would take the steps to make sure his treatment works, even if he isnt.

No. 241396

File: 1456399433819.jpg (111.15 KB, 750x750, 12751156_518834884969797_17470…)

some Kingdom Heart cosplay she's making, with molded plastic boobs

No. 241397

File: 1456399487604.jpg (102.63 KB, 675x1200, Cb7qHBsVIAAbnYx.jpg)

No. 241398


God I am cringing. The white and blue fabric look like fucking tissue paper for chrissake. And that top makes her look huge.

No. 241400

What the fuck are those glasses?

No. 241411

With all the money she's scamming people out of, you'd think she'd use higher quality fabric than this. It looks like she bought the cheapest fabric she could find out of the remnant bin at Joann's. And those glasses are fucking horrible… They make her look like someone's grandmother.

No. 241416

Wowwwwww, that looks bad.

The corset thingy should have boning to make it look smooth. It should not be wrinkly.

No. 241418

Even with higher quality materials she would need actual talent in costume design and sewing.

No. 241514

Are we sure she 'made' this? It looks like the shit you get from online Chinese cosplay stores.

No. 241516

I garentee you online Chinese stores would make a better cosplay. But yeah she made it, she has more progress photos of this. She's been working on it for over a year now but it still looks like garbage

No. 241533

File: 1456429642624.png (1.09 MB, 1616x2064, AquaCG2.png)

Are you sure? I know that' gotten better about not selling horrible stuff, but the fabric used says that. Then again it is KH.

Either way the only 'nice' part are those pink straps. Even interfacing of some kind would help the corset, and the skirt is def broad cloth because it's the cheapest fabric you can get at Joanns by the yard.

Also the actual character for reference. Satin for the skirt would have made so much more sense then cheap cotton.

No. 241542

I don't follow her thread so I'm sorry if this has been said before, but goodness she is so godawfully homely looking. She is unappealing in every way.

Oh, and that cosplay is awful.

No. 241626

white fabric ribbons around the hips look like they're made out of toilet paper

No. 241629

She actually sewed the top pretty decently, except that the boob parts are way too big and too low down for the shape she made them. They're kind of supposed to be like demi-cups and she made full coverage ones and just dropped them low. Looks like saggy titties.

No. 241632

File: 1456440373012.jpg (276.98 KB, 2048x1152, CcAOAqpUMAAPAhc.jpg)

No. 241634

File: 1456440507232.jpg (382.13 KB, 1024x1820, CbcYfvHUMAA4bkQ.jpg)

I guess all the shit she's been 3D printing is for this costume

No. 241652

Why do these look so… uneven? Like if someone made 3d models to print from they should be more symmetrical.

No. 241706

The thing about her top is that it make her boobs look saggy and she used some sort of translucent fabric that shows off her clevage. If she didn't have those giant boob cups you'd be able to see her tits. If you look at kh, that's not what the character's shirt looks like at all. She just made it slutty to be a slut

No. 241710

I don't get why the fuck Sheena used sheer fabric for Aqua's top. It's not sheer at all in reference pictures. Especially not here.

No. 241711

holy fuck somehow just noticed that. Wow… those giant saggy boob cups and the random sheer fabric just… wow.

No. 241712


I've been 3d printing for my own costume and Im wondering the heck is she even doing as the print quality is below average.

For the people who aren't seeing it, I'm noticing some minor warping on the bottom pieces. I'm actually very curious to see the rest of the pieces if you guys could post them

No. 241725

why is it all cracked and jagged and fucked up looking and not quite symmetrical? is that how all 3D stuff comes out before you sand it, or is she just fucking terrible?

No. 241726

No idea but if you go to her insta she has a video of some stuff being printed. It's not what's been posted so far.


No. 241732

No. It looks like she cracked it. Probably when she was trying to scrape it off of the printer bed she broke it. And the unsymmetrical shape is her shitty modeling skills

No. 241733

You have to remember that back when she 3D printed some of the rwby props and cosplay accessories, Monty was alive and had them all modeled for her. Now she's trying to model on her own and doing a poor job at it

No. 241754

She doesn't know how to do 3d modeling. It was all Monty's work before.

No. 241760


That >>241712 guy here. Special thanks for >>241726 posting as it gives me a better idea

The bottom of that piece actually a raft which is a feature in printing when you don't want your prints to warp during printing but this is depended on what material you're printing with. I use PLA with my prints and I never get warping so I suspect she's using ABS which is more sensitive to heat.

The raft is totally okay to break after printing is finish though

The asymmetry however shouldnt be there as when you model a piece you tend to work on one side and then mirror it after and weld the points so it's perfect.

I suspect she never quite looked into fixing her prints after or even played around with the features or dialed in numbers on her printer if they look like that for now

Heck her printer is worth about 2k where as my printer cost 1300$ and prints are better quality

No. 241808

of course she has one of the most expensive home 3D printers.

No. 241812

File: 1456463793626.png (57.73 KB, 587x550, lewd.png)

>She just made it slutty to be a slut

she is 5 star lewd, after all

No. 241816


Lol accurate

No. 242119

File: 1456523220543.jpg (371.7 KB, 1620x1215, CcKKubGUkAEnMJ8.jpg)

No. 242122

File: 1456523454288.png (132.59 KB, 197x540, Lucy_Anime_S3.png)

I'm kind of surprised she hasn't done a more recent version of Lucy. It's much more fanservice-y and will show off her great skinny fat abs and flubby fake tits.

And I hope that cosplayer had no idea who she was as a famous cosplayer, and just wanted a photo because animu.

No. 242131

File: 1456525304277.jpg (328.47 KB, 1024x1820, CcKcvS5UcAA8F-R.jpg)

I can guarantee you she bought that costume

otherwise, I agree.

No. 242137

that wig is way too big for her head.

No. 242145

Ngl she looks pretty cute here. The wig actually kinda suits her imo because it hides her giant ears and sunken eyes.

No. 242153

Because she bought it.

No. 242183

File: 1456531438202.jpg (84.05 KB, 431x650, Fairy Tail Lucy Heartfilia4551…)

You guys say this like she couldn't buy the more recent one. It's been in the manga for well over a year (not that she'd know since she doesn't read/watch anything she cosplays. This is the real reason guys.)

Sadly anon, her natural hair is super fried and will probably never look close to that wig.

No. 242228

She was doing a photoshoot today with a well known Texas drama queen cosplayer, so I can't wait to see them get buddy buddy and then the eventual shit fest afterwards. I saw them today while walking out of the convention center.

No. 242231

The difference between her edited filtered photos and real is great.

No. 242250

It looks like someone edited the photo and moved her entire face just slightly to the right to make it look off.

No. 242259

That is so very true. Also wonder if asian sizes can fit those balloon tits.
I find it really funny that she's cosing from fairytail recently because her ex bf was made fun of for looking like Gray. Don't know if that's her trying to fk with him or just a coincidence

No. 242260

Was she a guest at AM or just had a booth?

No. 242262

Most chinese sites give you the option to put in custom measurements. Nothing every seems to fit her so she can't even measure herself properly.

And why would anyone make fun of someone who looks like an attractive ripped animu character?

No. 242277

I was looking for a wishlist or something where she would list her measurements, when I found this


No. 242278

Oh wow i didn't realize how annoying her voice was.

No. 242337

That's her fake 'cutesy' voice. Her real voice just sounds like a bitch. Not even being salty, she has a basic white girl voice with a hint of asian wannnabe

No. 242351

I couldn't make it more than 8 seconds into that. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard.

No. 242397

>people that think winking like that looks good in real life

No. 242595

File: 1456600343745.jpeg (141.18 KB, 600x800, image.jpeg)

No. 242597


Why does the blue fabric look like tissue paper?

No. 242598

Even her wig looks like crap. I'm laughing so hard right now.

No. 242599

Is probably cheap cotton broad cloth that she didn't bother to steam the creases and wrinkles out of.

No. 242614

Oh my god… that's not even cosplay…or a decent cosplay of Aqua. I would agree, the blue and white look like fucking tissue paper! It's fucking TERRIBLE. And she's been flaunting casually that she's been WORKING hard on her cosplays?? lmfao this is so laughable.

No. 242615

500,000$ in Monty blood money and this bitch can't even afford a goddamn iron

No. 242620


>has access to a 3d printer worth 2k

>no iron

Sure can't 3d printer an iron haha

No. 242686

What is happening. The whole thing looks like ass. How can this girl be proud to be vetern cosplayer

No. 242695

I'm going to agree with everyone else that says that the fabric looks like tissue paper. What the fuck?! The wig looks horrible. It looks like a beginner's venture into wig styling. Horrible Aqua cosplay all around.

No. 242717

File: 1456617879452.jpg (101.26 KB, 600x1067, CcPYE4pUAAEihex.jpg)

No. 242718

File: 1456617953332.jpg (236.68 KB, 1024x1365, CcQkyEGWAAAh48v.jpg)

No. 242766

Wow her table just looks like paintings and selfie levels of shit. I'm pretty sure she cropped the name out of all the photographers who took those pictures for her, too. Hoped she asked permission at least.

As for the costume, jfc, will she ever stop with the horrible satin ribbons.

No. 242780

I didn't think it could get worse. It got worse. What the hell was she thinking? Even her 3D printed elbow pieces look retarded. Fuck her wig is a mess

No. 242791

Need any more boob padding there, Nicole? This entire costume looks like she made it out of things she found in a dumpster. What happened to all the Monty cash she was flowing in?

No. 242793

I think all that goes towards buying herself shit rather than costumes. All her fabric choices and construction are shitty but boy does she have a lot of 200$ bras, a 1k 3D printer, new computer stuff, new apartment, new breasts and other things but god forbid she uses that blood money to make a god damn decent costume.

She usually just buys shit off of taobao, barely alters it and claims it's her own work. So cosplay guru.

No. 242794

That wig is awful and her faketits look like floation devices. Why do these beta losers like this trash?

No. 242797

He liked her before she had those faketits. Once he died she used his money to get them.

idk it's just sad. Dude was a beta and a douche to his fanbase sometimes, but he died thinking he loved someone who only loved his name and using his name for her meal ticket.

No. 242806

File: 1456632664813.jpeg (105.88 KB, 600x800, image.jpeg)

She lured another beta to be her "handler"
Poor girl.

No. 242818

Is this beta girl the one that keeps saying "my woman crush Sheena" and runs her fan groups?

No. 242819

>Dude was a beta and a douche to his fanbase sometimes

I stopped keeping up with RT a while ago, what did he do?

No. 242824

Go read the past two threads

No. 242869

File: 1456654124487.jpg (355.23 KB, 1536x2048, CcHCtCPVIAAQImV.jpg)

No. 242870

File: 1456654196474.jpg (134.74 KB, 1024x768, CcMNkmlUEAAgHTe.jpg)

No. 242872

I find it hilarious that Sheena's only hanging out with her #1 fan at the con. She really has no one else. No Haku or Vampy or anyone she was 'friends' with when Monty was still around

No. 242876

I wonder how much cash Nicole swindled out of this poor fan of Monty.

No. 242897

Yeah that's the Hollie Ann girl or sth.

No. 242936


Is this girl the girl you hire when you want to look better by comparsion?

Feels like something nicole would do

No. 242986

I love this tweet.

No. 242987

File: 1456686729249.png (294.28 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 243003

File: 1456688387080.jpeg (67.85 KB, 750x652, image.jpeg)

No. 243005

I'm so thrown off by the word 'handler'. Why can't she just say she's her friend or her helper? Handler makes her sound like she has to keep Sheena in control because she's some kind of special needs adult.

I wonder how much shit talk Sheena will do behind her back.

No. 243012

or personal assistant? Sounds much better (for both parties involved)
Is this girl doing this for free?

No. 243016


I bet you Holly is starting to realize how high maintenance/needy Sheena is

No. 243035

this girls name is Emma though, Holly Ann is another person who runs her fansite

No. 243080

why the hell does Sheeny have a fansite?

No. 243109

Please tell me this girl is getting paid. We all know Nicole isn't a real guest, and wouldn't have a PA from the con staff. Right?

No. 243171


I think handler is the title cons use for con staff that are assigned to directly to a specific guest (I've seen it used when talking about guests from Japan). I haven't been following anime matsuri (that con is a fucking shitshow in its own right) but I doubt Nicole is a guest there. This girl is probably some overzealous fan who is just casually hosting her and letting Nicole squeeze every last drop out of her. She clearly wants it so good for them I guess.

No. 243175

This random girl let Nicole sleep in her hotel room and fed her but it's okay, because it's as a handler!

Nicole isn't even a guest lmao

No. 243221


Has she been a Guest for ANY con?

No. 243223

Only one I know of is San Japan.

And the people in charged hated dealing with her and Monty invited himself, expecting to be treated as a guest too.

She did that God awful photoshop of herself with Jessica and KJ pretending to be a guest at MCM.

No. 243271

I can't stop laughing.

No. 243332

File: 1456767053882.png (674.16 KB, 630x721, Capture.PNG)

Emma changed her twitter name. And is she a part of Sheena's booth beyond "handler?"

No. 243337

Totally unrelated to Sheena but; it's xWhiteRussia and Sunlit Cosplay!

No. 243445

oh look, two lolcows in one photo. not sure why no one has made a thread on xwhiterussia between her self made masturbating videos and drama bullshit
good she's with shitna. theyre perfect for eachother

No. 243456

lol, shitna

No. 243469

File: 1456793678377.jpg (196.65 KB, 1024x576, CcaCsA1WIAAVWZD.jpg)

No. 243485

She needs to find a new photographer… First photo is OK but has no energy and derpface, second photo her face is covered in shadow, you can't see her tail clearly, her legs look awkward and her face is dark, third photo her face is just straight up covered in unflattering shadows. Also dat wrinkly ass Scout uniform.

No. 243491

They're all different photographers. It's more like Sheena needs to learn to pose. The second photo is her trying to show her ass and her front at the same time so it looks awkward as hell. Her Sailor sout was taken by Monty and photoshopped by her. It's such a terrible photo all around like you can clearly tell she painted those shoes

No. 243506

videos? I thought only one existed. What drama? I've not heard of this. Inquiring minds wish to know. Reveal your secrets oh wise anon.

No. 243519

>painted the shoes

The more I look at the pic the worse it is. The baggy wrinkly ebay costume blinded me.

No. 243542

File: 1456815862747.jpg (114.48 KB, 1080x1080, 12751616_1669208846677523_2072…)

can anyone explain this bisected double picture shit and why she does it in half the photos she posts?

No. 243662

the bow on the back of her Senshi uniform needs to be put out of it's misery.

No. 243778

She edits the pics longer but then it gets too long for instagram, so might as well stick two beside each other.

No. 243789

File: 1456892746531.jpg (242.82 KB, 2048x1365, 12783810_10107258005835000_844…)

No. 243790

File: 1456892782711.jpg (100.54 KB, 960x960, 11050226_1102016153171441_3221…)

No. 243806


Why does nicole do this? She's always the worst looking one in any 2+ picture

No. 243826

File: 1456904863470.jpeg (45.59 KB, 600x338, image.jpeg)

Hi Kelly Jean.

No. 243838

She wishes

What's the shit under her armpit/elbow? It doesn't even look attached to the costume.

No. 243888

I think it's Aqua's pauldron. Clearly she "worked hard" on this "cosplay" to even pay attention to when everything is just FAILING for her.

I thought that was Yaya Han with her. Jeez. I just realized that's VampyBitMe.

No. 243889

Don't feed the bear. Shitna takes it as a compliment when people compare her to KJ.

No. 243891

File: 1456933119136.png (64 KB, 591x413, LMAO WHAT.png)

>"not correctly finished to my standards"
This girl gets WORSE the more she talks about her "achievements."

No. 243892

Why tho? KJ is borderline butterface… she's not ugly but I get major "girl next door" vibes from her pics and Nicole is several steps under that. Which 8 guess makes sensr, since Nicole is below average and needs make up and shoop to be average.

No. 243907

Shitna actually boasted about that on her Facebook or Twitter. Bottomline was that she apparently met KJ a few years ago on Deviantart and ever since then she's been trying to ride her coattail, going so far as to boast that people would APPARENTLY compare her with KJ and that they looked like each other. This was before her (Shitna's) explosion here on lolcow following Monty's death.

No. 244041

I.e. she's reading the thread and realizing how garbage it is. I wouldn't even be surprised if she never fixes it.

No. 244043

>not correctly finished to my standards
She has standards?

OT but there's this girl in my art history class named Sheena and she looks so similar to Nicole that it's unfortunate.

No. 244051


The irony of someone seriously trying to pretend they're some kind of super critical perfectionist when their entire 'career' consists of milking their husband's death for all it's worth and riding the coattails of more popular people

No. 244087

She makes these comments so the followers can reply with sympathy and compliments.

No. 244127

File: 1456991035696.png (353.69 KB, 437x585, hanadoki.PNG)

She's going to a small local con in my area.

No. 244128

She has no techniques. She has no skills.
Fuck this money hunger murdering cuntbag.

No. 244137

I remember in a previous thread when someone linked Sheenas DA and it was hilariously awful

No. 244140

Gross. I was planning on going to that convention now I don't want to.

No. 244147

nah, you should go and take candid shots of her and her shoddy construction so you can look back and laugh at them later on.

No. 244196

She reminds me of Miss Hannah Minx in OP's picture just a little bit

No. 244208

This is the only type of con she can be a guest at kek

No. 244218

Dolldelight has her own fashion show at Hanadoki too. Maybe Hanadoki staff has a thing for people with awful construction and fabric choices.

No. 244236


Lying and being an awful person is sorta a skill. Not a great skill though…

No. 244263

File: 1457037970438.png (333.28 KB, 579x626, lel.png)

>>"not every project is fun 100% of the time"
Is that why you buy your costumes for the most part & claim you made them? LEL

No. 244264

File: 1457037998756.png (444.24 KB, 632x619, Screenshot_1.png)

No. 244265

her wonky as shit eyes are making me lol

No. 244275

Her boobs look saggier than it normally does

No. 244291


Probably because she hasn't been able to get her boobs replaced yet. You're suppose to get your fake boobs replaced each year, she be low on funds so her boobs look like shit

No. 244293


I thought she earns decent donation funds off of twitch?

No. 244304

I suppose if you're paying for rent for an expensive apartment, a pet, traveling, cons, shitty cosplays, and other useless crap, you're going to eventually run low on money. Also matters on how much she actually gets during streams. But the there's the gofundme that's she's pocketing from from the monthly donations. I just don't understand why she doesn't at least use decent fabric for her cosplays

No. 244368

>You're suppose to get your fake boobs replaced each year
What? As long as they stay in their capsule/the capsule forms correctly and doesn't harden, don't burst, don't separate/move, and don't cause medical issues, they can stay in your chest for decades.

No. 244369


Huh, you make a lot of reasonable points and she probably does piss her money away on things and doesn't budget herself properly.

No. 244398

File: 1457070960564.jpg (57.56 KB, 596x452, Screenshot_11.jpg)

No. 244399

File: 1457071297439.jpg (93.84 KB, 596x596, Screenshot_12.jpg)

No. 244401

I'm just waiting for the IRS or something. She made income in USA and in UK without reporting it.

No. 244414

Nicole is trash but I envy her thin arms in this photo.

No. 244415

how do you know she didn't report it? It's not exactly the kind of thing people openly discuss on their social media

No. 244500

You also have to realize that she likely isn't taking care of her boobs properly either. She'd need some help because fuck proper support and exercise to help your breasts right?

Eh. Gut yourself some dumbells for cheap at a 5below or something and do basic curls everyday. You'll have nicer looking arms that aren't skinnyfat. Her lack of a deltoid kinda bugs me tbh.

Because it's Nicole who's in the US illegally (married Monty for a visa) and likely wouldn't do anything that would get her noticed.

IDK if she still has to pay Cananda because of citizenship purposes, as IDK how all that works.

No. 244504


I don't think she would need to do "anything" per say as the tax people don't screw around so they will notice when she's not paying taxes

No. 244540

Gotta wink like da animuu gurls

No. 244548

Her body is like atrophied everything.

No. 244706

File: 1457164375758.jpg (24.78 KB, 306x476, 2A161D3800000578-3143226-image…)

Nicole in 10 years

No. 244710

Holy shit, what happened here?

No. 244726

File: 1457173420062.jpg (Spoiler Image, 132.67 KB, 1200x912, before.jpg)

No. 244800

Read your link, her reduction looks great. I suppose any rational woman who gets huge implants should also plan for a future one just in case shit goes down like it did for this woman

No. 244801

By one I meant surgery

No. 244812


The post is talking about her skills while she's wearing a costume that SHE BOUGHT.

No. 244823

Bought and then likely made no alterations too. I don't mind cosplayers buying costumes, even if they brag about their skills, but fuck, at least alter bought pieces. Sometimes resourcefulness is something to brag about.

No. 245100

File: 1457238901742.jpg (128.61 KB, 2048x1365, 12792312_1153918487952098_1769…)

No. 245103

File: 1457239042008.jpg (89.11 KB, 640x960, 12841339_1049700248435386_7289…)

No. 245104

File: 1457239107930.jpg (129.58 KB, 2048x1365, 12823279_1049700238435387_2979…)

No. 245105

If you buy a costume, you are not allowed to brag about your skills.
That's the same logic as watching a video game Let's play on youtube and saying you completed a game.

No. 245134

it would take two minutes of effort to straighten up the costume. why??

No. 245149

Those contacts be some exorcist looking shit.

No. 245205

File: 1457269616569.jpg (54.55 KB, 440x960, i-made-this-comic.jpg)

Well if you want to use that logic, buying a costume and altering it to fit better is like playing a video game and using a walkthrough/let's play to complete a portion of it. There's nothing wrong with that, because you're still dumb if you don't even try and get help in some fashion, but Nicole is def not doing that.

Because it's a cheap Chinese costume. And it's Nicole.

No. 245264

her tits aren't fake though

No. 245322

pics or it didn't happen

No. 245366


Her tits are big but they look a lot more natural than Jnigs and Sheenas. They have natural sag.

No. 245687

just look at her MIMP photos where she's not wearing a bra. You can tell they're natural

No. 245742

Well done fake tits look natural, just because they look a tad bit more natural, doesn't rule out that they can be fake.

No. 245912

You can get fake tits that sag naturally. You just have to ask your doctor to shape them that way. most women who get implants want them to be fake-perky and porn star like, but not all implants look that way.

No. 246150

File: 1457421728323.jpg (88.19 KB, 640x960, 12794769_1051162491622495_4021…)

No. 246151

File: 1457421743743.jpg (305.68 KB, 2048x1365, 12823283_1051162608289150_3402…)

No. 246152

File: 1457421781913.jpg (101.19 KB, 640x960, 12080281_1051162598289151_3731…)

No. 246153

File: 1457421816363.jpg (258.75 KB, 2048x1365, 10355547_1051162681622476_2331…)

No. 246154

File: 1457421834974.jpg (221.15 KB, 2048x1365, 859965_1051162604955817_721347…)

No. 246156

Someone needs to screen her in this video and put it side by side to the shooped pics above

No. 246217

Two cosplayers with less than half a visible chin between the both of them. Incredible.

No. 246335

Well this is also the first time where Nicole appears to be the superior looking cosplayer. But that's mostly because that Juvia is just that much more awkward looking, and I'd assume Nicole shooped these. She looks too good in them.

No. 246374


1/100 of looking superior in a group photo is still a bad ratio :p

No. 246400

I want shit on Sheena, not a ton of photos of the same bought cosplay

No. 246483

File: 1457474688564.jpg (37.84 KB, 500x333, meg.jpg)

she told a whole story about when she shot with playboy she couldn't wear half of the clothing they'd picked for her because they were shaped to make fake boobs look good and hers aren't. Besides they don't look even slightly fake

No. 246504

That doesn't make sense to me. Fake breasts look just like normal breasts unless you get over the muscle or high profile implants. If she meant beach ball tits that's fine but it sounds like she's just trying to shit on implants to make herself look better and "real"

No. 246511

Sheena found someone literally so ugly to shoot with that it made HER look good. Wow.

No. 246520

File: 1457478739487.png (792.06 KB, 611x573, noboobjobatallllll.png)

Meg is 100% full of bullshit
>Only started to complain about being sexualized after she started RT and got into tumblrites viewpoint and yet she will blatantly retweet people implying they plan on masturbating to her prints therefore ENCOURAGING the sexualization.
>Blatantly bought facebook likes: She had less than 500k when she started posting pictures of her 1 million celebration shoes and then within a week she magically had the 1mil
>also magically has over 1mil on facebook and has less than 400k on twitter? If anything she interacts with people more on twitter
>Also I'm pretty sure she has a small implant picture included. She's lost wait but her 'compressed' boobs are bigger now and her boob shape looks weird in the sports bra.

I partially blame the photographer on this but HOW could they not see that their hands werent even. Like Seriously. I'm not a professional photographer at all and even I would be able to say 'ah uhm no lemme fix you guys'

Also sage for Meg rant

No. 246581

Wtf is with this retarded photo/pose?
The heels of her feet makes it look like she has a little pile of poop under her ass.

No. 246595

its so neckbeards can picture themselves behind her nailing her asshole

No. 246603

A person helping Nicole at the con apparently was tweeting about everything she did, even trips to the bathroom. Was it this girl?

No. 246606

>Only started to complain about being sexualized after she started RT and got into tumblrites viewpoint and yet she will blatantly retweet people implying they plan on masturbating to her prints therefore ENCOURAGING the sexualization.

I hate when people do this shit and so many cosplayers are guilty of it. "oh don't sexualize me I'm pure but I'm ok if you want to be a little bit naughty teehee"

No. 246637

Why don't you start a separate lolcow for Meg?

No. 246642

File: 1457494475900.jpg (49.33 KB, 640x960, 12814350_1105183046188085_1924…)

No. 246715

Because there's no milk other then "Are they fake or not?"

No. 246717

That shit light. It would have been sort of okay if the photographer moved their fucking ass so it didn't blow out her eye.

No. 246723

This isn't even fucking close to "photography." Smh.

No. 246726


I feel like this would be a photoshop request gone funny where nicole would request someone to remove the lens flare but they remove her instead

No. 246733

I really want that to happen. lmfao.

No. 246751

This is probably the only photo of her that I somewhat like because you can barely make out her face.

No. 246771

File: 1457514149024.png (201.72 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 246772

File: 1457514163109.png (236.21 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 246777

I was wondering when Sheena would start shit talking that girl. It's sad because she looked like she was Sheena's only friend throughout that entire convention.

No. 246784

okay in NO WAY is it sane or okay for anyone to tweet about everything someone does so her complaining DOESNT make her horrible. Sure lots of other things do but lets be real the helper girl was creepy as fuck.

No. 246797

Yet Sheena decided not to stop her while she was doing these things? Or asked to not text every little thing isn't that hard. Instead, she's going to shame the girl and turn herself into a victim of something she could have avoided but no, this brings the pity and the drama.

And Sheena herself doesn't seem to be the best company either given >>242987

No. 246800

File: 1457519035484.png (360.84 KB, 591x413, Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.2…)

I actually feel bad for this girl. Nicole couldn't take one nice selfie with her? A rabid fan would cherish that.

On the other hand, this is pretty ominous: https://twitter.com/emmamamana/status/704032759841329153

No. 246813

File: 1457521987504.jpg (26.65 KB, 590x176, Capture.JPG)

'if I'm not online a lot'
>tweets fucking errythang

Also, isn't Sheenurr concerned this 'handler' of hers is gonna see her FB comments ….?! Yikes. If this girl is more than just a silly OTT fan, that could have been a really unsafe move on Sheena's part… yikes.

No. 246814

Apparently not, since I actually went back through this girl's twitter and it's not at all as bad as Sheena says. A bunch of pictures, but hardly posting about her every move, let alone pee breaks. Just seems like typical Sheena feeding her own ego.

It seems cruel. Emma was the only one to hang out with her all weekend and Sheena drags her as soon as she gets back behind her keyboard.

No. 246844

your literal only bit of milk is completely wrong though.
She was close to 900k and was rising fast, so planned and did her 1mil shoot planning to release pics when she hit 1mil. Then fbook did their cull of fake accounts, and she went down about 100k. It took a good few months for her to get up to 1mil, but in that time the Chive got impatient and released the pics anyway.

I see what you mean with your pic, but bandages wrapped around tits will definitely give a different shape than a sports bra

No. 246858

That video is creepy but it wouldn't be the first time Nicole slept with someone strange she met online.

No. 246860

>I wonder how much shit talk Sheena will do behind her back.

This anon saw the future.

No. 246861

Am I the only one that wants an RT general thread? tumblr and reddit are hugboxes when it comes to them, because they can Do No Wrong.

No. 246862


You are not alone.

No. 246864

isn't it suspicious in itself she had 900k fake accounts to begin with?

why not make sheena's thread a general RT thread, like how Suzy's is also about GG.

No. 246866

what? there were about 100k inactive accounts following. Jnig went down by over that aswell when fbook did the cull. Like on instagram when Kim K lost over 1mil. Not all spam accounts are bought likes

No. 246868

agree. Can all future sheena threads also be RT General?

No. 246872

but she is not really part of RT though?

No. 246873

No, but there isn't really anywhere else to discuss RT drama. Considering a lot of Sheena's dirt has to do with monty, it would make sense to allow rt shit in her threads

No. 246875

She claimed to work for them and then withdrew it and made a post going jk and she did marry and aid in the death of their main mo-capper. She autographs things with Monty's Oum' signature and continues to pretend she's the only one who can cosplay RWBY correctly.

Might be indirect but at least she has things to do with RT/AH. I'm all for the Sheena/RT thread since I'd like to know what other drama might surround them.

No. 246882


Seems like she's mad about the whole "sheena wont get up and we've got to check out" tweet. lol

No. 246883

oop i read what i quoted wrong. 100k fake/ bot accounts makes more sense than 900k.

no, but her threads always end up talking about RT/ AH related things anyway since she does have a connection to them.

No. 246971

Wtf Nicole? You couldn't take a single non-mocking photo with a fan?

Said fan does sound pretty creepy though. Of course, anyone obsessed with Nicole is mental in some way.

No. 246990

I'm pretty sure it was under 500k around that time because I have a message from a friend saying 'why is she saying 1 mil when she doesnt have half that?' so either I looked at it after the cull and she had lost 400k or whatever neither of us have proof so whatever

Also the shape wasnt what I was commenting on it was the size. The bandages arent tight at all and there's a visual difference in the size.she shape of her boobs in her tight sports bra (see underarm squeezing) would make her boobs more even and wouldnt show the difference between her pecs-boobs as much as you can see it on the right side of the image. (I'm using Cassey Ho of blogilates as comparison on my end)

Still doesnt stop her from being gross, wanting to gain points from tumblrinas as well as her sweaty fanboys

honestly if you look at most pictures from cons people seem to prefer posting pictures of derp faces because in their opinion it feels more 'personable' since the 'sidehug fakesmile' is pretty overdone

No. 247031

lol it really wasn't. She was less than 200k away from 1mil

No. 247052

File: 1457568017106.png (80.44 KB, 510x554, 4752611492757504.png)


No. 247053

lol kelly jean can't talk shit she's the biggest cunt in the cosplay comm

No. 247064


Funny how most of the cattiness was from Nicole herself.

Oh KJ, the one girl who went "I'm not a home wrecker if they're still married!"

No. 247081

Nicole is stirring up drama with Devon Norman for leaking her facebook posts to lolcow right now!

No. 247085


Lol, that's why you don't shit talk except in person.

No. 247090

Don't know who Devon is, but whoever is posting screenshots from her person fb, keep them coming!

No. 247093


How in the fuck did she overlook her profile picture when capping that…

No. 247095


Perhaps I'm missing something but who is Devon? Is she the helper?

No. 247100

Nicole confirmed that she's been on lolcow for a long time but didn't link it because her fans would find out the truth.

No. 247101


I think anon was talking about the capper not censoring their profile picture. That's how nicole found out who posted it here.

No. 247102

Chloe found out who it was by looking at the pic.

No. 247105


Okay? The conversation was about how retarded the capper was about not editing out their profile pic from the caps, not about who identified them.

No. 247106


You think she posts here at times?

No. 247141

File: 1457583165740.jpeg (45.63 KB, 747x396, image.jpeg)

No. 247143

I know Sheena has friends on here and white knights that defend her. Devin used to be one of them and Sheena did the same for her.

No. 247145


I'm surprised nicole didn't try to send her army of Knights here to take down lolcow

No. 247147

It was either this thread, or the last one where Sheena or some white knight made a comment going like, "you're never going to deport me bitches"

No. 247148

File: 1457584126763.jpeg (110.39 KB, 750x592, image.jpeg)

I looked through this girl's Twitter and she seems annoying but sweet. Nicole is just a bitch.

No. 247149

Any dets on this Devon Norman girl? Why does she not like Sheena? Because I'm rooting for her to shut Sheena down. Whatever is happening on facebook, I hope Devon rips that hoe a new one. And I also want screenshots of it all

No. 247150

File: 1457584162368.jpeg (109.63 KB, 739x587, image.jpeg)

No. 247151


100% confirm that was nicole

No. 247152

Someone should send this Emma girl want Sheena said about her on her personal fb. She deserves the truth

No. 247153


She seems sweet, it's too bad that nicole basically got Emma to be the stand in girl so nicole looks better by comparison

No. 247155

Ahahahahahaha GOOD! We pissed her off enough to get her to write on her own hate thread. Gold

No. 247157


Won't do much, when you're deep in you're just going to ignore the "haters"

Ever try to tell a fanboy of monty that his animation is meh? They will bite your head off

No. 247158

Oh don't worry, some of us already did.

No. 247159

>someone shares caps of shitna being a 110% piece of shit person
someone needs to call her out publicly for actually being the real bitch

No. 247160

I take it Chloe and Nicole had a falling out. No surprise since Nicole is a psycho bitch.

No. 247163

Uhh did you read the thread? They caught someone posting Sheena's personal Facebook caps in this thread.

No. 247166

File: 1457585677701.jpeg (107.59 KB, 746x769, image.jpeg)

No. 247171

You're the real MVP here

No. 247173

I want to know this too, who is this?

I'm not surprised she's posting here. She has been complimenting herself on previous threads. I vaguely remember when she was selling something that Monty signed for money, something he would never do. Sheena was also white knighting herself.

Adminsama should get them IP checks on whenever we get invaded.

No. 247179

funny you mention because that because so many bits of the RWBY character models are blatantly ripped from random MMD models. the fans lose their shit when its brought up.

No. 247181


No big surprise seeing how his dead fantasy are just game models he didn't even make :p

No. 247186

Devon Norman is Rikk Malice's ?ex? girlfriend. Rikk is Sam Batty's best friend
the one Nicole allegedly cheated on Sam with which caused Devon and Rikk to break up…

the icon pic is same one she used in her Twitter profile

No. 247188


I used to have respect for Chloe despite her association with Nicole but this is pretty sad. I get that just because this girl gave Nicole a place to stay doesn't mean there isn't a possibility she couldn't have made her guest feel harassed and uncomfortable, but the way Sheena chose to deal with it kind of proves how much of a privileged bitch she is.

And yeah maybe it was morally sketchy for Devon to anonymously leak caps but I personally don't blame her. After all, this is the girl whose relationship Nicole completely fucked over by sleeping with her boyfriend WHILE she was already in a relationship–the guy she got with RIGHT after Monty. Do you even know what the fuck you're defending, Chloe? None of us are in the dark, none of us are questioning what Nicole has done and doesn't. We /know/ what she's done and you're just dragging yourself into the mud along with her. You can be a real friend without turning into a mindless sack of shit by calling her out, but you'd rather condone her questionable actions and act as if you're both sitting on top of the world. Yeah, Monty would be real proud of you both.

No. 247194

The facebook profile says she was hacked. The plot thickens.

That explains a lot.

Chloe is starting to sound a lot like Sheena though. Apparently they both had been posting here for a year trying to figure out who was leaking.

No. 247195


Plot twist is chloe who is the leak

Dun dun dun

Very unlikely but would be fun for drama

No. 247196


I was wondering why her picture looked so familiar.

'Hacked'. Lol, that's the weakest excuse ever. Just own up to it…

No. 247197

Date of the post was February..

No. 247200

I've lost all respect for Chloe. I used to think she was nice but the way she keeps defending Nicole reminds me of how snooty she used to be when she first started to get noticed for her cosplays back in the day.

No. 247209

File: 1457592566471.png (17.37 KB, 510x118, 5529998694285312.png)

No. 247215

You used to be a good person, Chloe. It's sad how far you've fallen for this piece of trash who's only using you for her gain.

No. 247218

I think it's mutual they need each other for different reasons. Nicole has the money.

No. 247220

Chloe at least is skilled, I'll give her that. She makes beautiful costumes and had always been nice but since she became Nicole's caretaker after Monty, she's turned sour and unapproachable. She used to be nice but yeah, you're kinda right that they're leeching off of one another.

Nicole's just being more flaunty about it.

No. 247224

And who also talked mad shit about you before she could use you for her own personal gain. Do you hear Sheena talking shit about another human beings (even her other "friends") over irrelevant things such as cosplay/makeup/body proportions/how much better their life is than hers? Sheena did the same thing to you, and very possibly is still doing it to you with other people she calls friends. If you're ok with that, than you're just has low of a person than Sheena is. I actually thought you would be a better person than that, and I'm sad I was wrong.

No. 247239

Chloe basically replaced Devin. She even replies in the same passive aggressive fashion.

No. 247240

File: 1457597548228.png (312.81 KB, 584x462, lolcow crossover.png)

Sheena is the nexus of all lolcows.

No. 247243

Lmao hard working is a new one for Snooze

No. 247247

Would of signed my name if people thought it as trying to be anon.

If sheenas going to bitch about her helper the second she leaves her that's just fucking nasty ok. Guess like when Sheena asked Sam to be her handler at comic con, what 3 months after her husband died and was sleeping with him?

I got together with Rikk and he told me about Sheena, and I had no idea she was the one who lost her husband from the way she was acting at all.
Also that awesome day when I was on rikks laptop and a message from Sheena popped up, with them two flirting and talking about sex in the messages. Then I had to fly to Seattle with him, he booked the ticket without checks with me first. Sitting on a 10 hour flight with 2 guys more excited to see Sheena than anything else, one being my boyfriend ignoring me the whole flight.

Staying in the hotel, with her and Sam laying in bed til 11am then pissing off and pretty much telling me and Rikk to go away so her and Sam could fuck and go to the convention together without us. Then of course at the end there being 'oh added tax on the room so you owe me $400 more' funny thing was I said that would happen. Why did I spend over £1500 to go to his thing with Sheena and the guys to be ignored and made to leave our room the whole time to the point I was in tears from her and Sam being rude. Then having to try and help Sam feel better when we left, seeing how much pain he was in from being in love with her but them not being together.
So I was going through his breakup and had to go to the lol quarters with her and Sam and Rikk. Rikk was worried it would be awkward cos the stuff going on with me and him but it was Sam and Sheena that were fighting, they wouldn't even talk to each other and all because Sheena 'couldn't do it, I need to think of my late husband' didn't see a single thought of him the months everything else was going on, cue the day being ruined and trying to make them both feel better again.
In the end Rikk Malice blocked me when I told him I was pregnant and miscarrying, asking for him to come to the hospital and be with me. I spoke to Sam and Sheena for some comfort and got met with typical best friend shit from Sam saying to give him space and Sheena telling me all about her experiences and turning it to involved herself somehow.

So Sheena didn't pay for the trip, Rikk payed for all 3 of us, and we sat laughing at the rumours. Or at least I did until they started involving me. I didn't get a chance to pay him the money back. No doubt he's telling everyone I was like all of his other girlfriends not paying in back for trips.

I have had no end of abuse from people associated with Sheena through this forum, maybe I should send a screenshot of my message box on tumblr. Prying messages all day while the person I loved broke up with me all with people saying he slept with Sheena while we were together. So yeah, I don't give a fuck really, Sheena doesn't effect my life at all and I'm quite happy not seeing her sob story, sub par cosplay, don't you know who I am, oum/duquette bullshit.

drops mic

No. 247248

File: 1457598465432.jpg (79.9 KB, 600x600, CdIRV1EUkAE9tMP.jpg)

I like where this thread is going.

No. 247249

Christmas comes to lolcow

No. 247254

File: 1457599473844.jpeg (122.03 KB, 750x1004, image.jpeg)

Oh shit she commented this on Sheenas personal page

No. 247255


No. 247256

Someone needs to make an ED on Nicole.

No. 247257


This is incredible but there's no way that Nicole's going to respond to that

No. 247258

Fucking savage. A+

No. 247261


Devon, you are awesome and you bascialy confirmed what we already knew in which Nicole never cared Monty outside of what being associated with him could do for her fame.

@chloe - how does it feel to be diet devin? The coke zero of devin?

No. 247262

No. 247263

File: 1457599970613.png (119.85 KB, 268x282, tumblr_inline_mkfz4uOrva1qz4rg…)

>this thread

You should get in contact with some of Sheena's old friends, they'll help you. Her ex-bf and ex-bff from before she was with Monty would be good people to connect with.

No. 247265

File: 1457600120629.gif (342.75 KB, 500x281, tumblr_n4ecfnuCmu1qlvwnco1_500…)



Drag her all the way to hell girl!!!

No. 247266

Fucking drag her! But what baffles me is why Sheena would keep Devon as a Facebook friend after either fucking or at least trying to fuck her boyfriend, and being the cause of their break-up. Why the fuck would she think that wouldn't come back to bite her in the ass somehow? I don't get this bitch.

No. 247267


where are the canadian gulls when you need them? might as well go completely public with it at this point on tumblr n reddit for a good show.

No. 247268

File: 1457600336246.gif (366.83 KB, 417x241, 82447-tear-the-bitch-apart-gif…)

I'm proud of you, Devon!

No. 247269


Careful suzey, she might try to dig her nasty talons in Erin.

No. 247270

Oh course she never knew I saw the messages. I don't think she slept with Rikkbut she spoke about it and that's shady enough for me. I tip my hat to all of you. Also I can't read the replies to my comment so updates on her page are welcome

No. 247271

She is either too stupid or wanted to prove that she could.

So did all the other cows in Sheena's facebook comments knighting her know about her fucking these guys right after Monty died? I'm assuming Chloe had to know.

No. 247272

File: 1457600574254.png (756.73 KB, 972x551, rubberninjer1.png)

the speculation is that Sheena's gunning for Ross

No. 247274


Figured that hoe bag would eventually try to attach herself to another franchise. Hopefully Holly doesn't put up with her sleazy shit.

No. 247276

they're BFFs, see >>247052

No. 247277


Holly threw a fit when femshepard became officially a red head.

If she could throw a fit over something fictional I imagine she'll rain hell on Nicole

No. 247279

>Holly threw a fit when femshepard became officially a red head.

lol autism

like Chris Chan freaking out over Sonic's blue arms

No. 247281


Jeezus fuck Holly.

No. 247285

Oh I can see, so her 'friends' think I'm a cunt and it's totally acceptable for to act the way she does. Ok guys

No. 247293


Best to just cut your losses (which let's be honest, nothing of value was lost in this deal) and move on to greener pastures. You snatched her wig, and she showed her ass, so she's the one who looses in the end.

No. 247294

That says a lot about the kind of company she keeps. People that defend Nicole and think she can do no wrong are blind, stupid and scum. I really don't understand how she has so many people wrapped around her finger. She's not beautiful, attractive or the least bit sexy, her personality is vile and her shit is all over the internet.

No. 247311


I love you and think you're extraordinary.

No. 247312

And it feels so good seeing plastic bimbos not practice what they preach, aka: "OH U KNO, I DONT NEED HATE, WE GOTTA SPREAD THE LOVE IN THIS COMM ❤❤❤❤"

Stfu. And here I thought Chloe was better. "Everyone spreading rumors about Sheena can fuuuuck offff" Yeah well maybe if you didn't get all buddy with her just because she was Monty's supposed "wife", you know?

No. 247314


Spill all the details, honestly. That's basically the reason why all of this - this thread and the two ones from before - is because Shitna always spews BS and we ALL know the goddamn truth, people just choose to be blind and it's pathetic. So we appreciate this form of honesty from you.

I don't think I've seen anyone hate on you on this thread either? I may be wrong or missed out on something but honestly, who cares, YOUR honesty is appreciated.

No. 247315

The only reason why she's acting like Holly's best friend - and I'm noticing it seems to be a HABIT with any of her friends who are in a relationship with someone "recognized - is because she seems to think that "fucking her way to the top" is acceptable. I mean, Kelly Jean did that, soooooo…. it should be okay with HER. Because it's all about "ME ME ME" for Shitna. Correct? lmao.

Lmfao good luck, Shitna. Continue to prove you're just as tremendously HORRIBLE as you're TRYING so desperately to hide.

No. 247317

>"In the end Rikk Malice blocked me when I told him I was pregnant and miscarrying, asking for him to come to the hospital and be with me. I spoke to Sam and Sheena for some comfort and got met with typical best friend shit from Sam saying to give him space and Sheena telling me all about her experiences and turning it to involved herself somehow."

So… wait. What did Shitna tell you?

Also go ahead and spew out all the Tumblr messages. The more we have here, the merrier, the more of truth the better. If you are able to track their IP addresses too and display them, EVEN BETTER.

No. 247318

File: 1457609176713.png (1.16 MB, 1218x754, dear god.png)

Smh. I feel bad for the "handler". Or anyone who believes Shitna's "all that", tbh.

Looking at you, CHLOE DOAN.

No. 247331

Not my place to say but some of her comments weren't welcome and didn't help.

No. 247332

What do you want to know?
All I can speak about is what I experienced first hand. My tumblr was full of questions about her, nasty messages warning me what she was like, saying I was a cunt for being her friend and having anything to do with her. Having my pages stalked for info on her

No. 247368

i love you and i want to marry you

No. 247389

> I really don't understand how she has so many people wrapped around her finger.

$250,000 is how.

No. 247391

She also has the sob story that's she tells EVERYONE about how her mom abused her. At least that's what she told me. But if you're around her enough you'll hear that same sob story change. Somehow she took ice skating lessons (which she wrote on her RIP Monty blog). Wow such abuse.

No. 247398

Nicole deleted Devon's post and is pretending nothing happened, only a handful of people saw it.

No. 247403


Ooooh it's starting, here I was thinking she would just send her Knights in instead of burying it

Nicole, you afraid people are going to look for the truth…?

No. 247406

That's because Shitna just talks a big game behind her keyboard. She sucks at confrontation. She's more likely to apologize in your face, and talk more shit about you behind your back.

A++ to you Devon for not taking her BS.You're literally the hero this thread needs. And you deserve retribution for all the craps she put you through.

I'm sorry to hear that people harrassed you due to Shitna. You did nothing wrong, you didn't know how terrible of a person Shitna was at the time, no one deserves that. I'm also sorry to hear about the miscarriage and hope you've found friends who truely truely love you and helped you through that. Hearing that Shitna turned your pain into a life lesson about herself (isn't surprising) but just wtf.

It never ceases to amaze me how terrible of a person Shitna can be.

No. 247491

File: 1457648032184.png (231.52 KB, 1399x1507, Screenshot_20160310-140050~2.p…)

No. 247501

>"Not my place to say"
Everything's welcome here.

No. 247502

Flat as a board.

No. 247504

Was there any message(s) sent to your Tumblr that seemed to have been sent BY Shitna and/or Chloe and their hoard of white knights?

Were you able to screencap them? Are you still able to?

No. 247507


You talkng about her chest or personality? ;)

No. 247516

Oh, DEFINITELY both. There's nothing good about her, everything is fake and entitled. lmao

No. 247562

File: 1457663276904.png (671.06 KB, 583x676, Screenshot_1.png)

It's so nice to see such "love" between a self-entitled white trash toddler and her Asian nanny!

No. 247568

File: 1457664670166.png (107.03 KB, 579x796, oh shit we got a badass over h…)

I'm sorry to turn this into a thing about Chloe, but I can't stop laughing. She's just as deranged as Shitna.

Maybe it's because it's true, Chloe, and you're just in denial about being a bitch. Pat yourself on the fucking back.

No. 247573

They're both on the old age end for the cosplay scene anyway. They already got the fame and money they need from Monty, now it's time to have fun and get STDs at music festivals.

No. 247596

What the hell is that red girdle thing on the right that shows her belly button?
They both look awful

No. 247599

They both think they have a sense of style.Both outfits are a mess.

No. 247602


Why are you posting pics of the elderly? :p

No. 247617

She really is in denial about her personality. LOL

I can understand her saying that cosplay and cons bore her now though.

No. 247630

Ohhhhhh myyyyy!

No. 247633

>If I seem like a bitch at cons it's because I think they're below me

No. 247635

She was probably always like this. It's just that people are only noticing this now.

No. 247668


It's kind of sad that Chloe is more or less fueling the trolls. It just makes her look really pathetic. I'm not gonna lie, the one impressive thing about Sheena is her ability to just quietly seethe over these things without calling attention to them.

No. 247675

do you know her in person? she's all about the shit stirring lyfe

No. 247676

"Without calling attention to them"? LMAO.
Either you're new to this thread or you overlooked some.
May I direct you to: >>246771 and >>246772
You're welcome. ✔

No. 247743


A personal, friendslocked FB account isn't nearly as bad as complaining on twitter where it's completely open to the public is what I meant lol.

No. 247828

That or being metaphorical & using Monty's name and pretending for "good vibes" isn't great either.

No. 248004

File: 1457776752645.jpg (93.73 KB, 800x960, 11923239_10152988182696712_474…)

The recent shitstorm between Nicole and Devon just makes this awkward purikura that they took together that much better

No. 248025

Devon has the face of someone about to tear a bitch down

No. 248031

I adore it. lmfao

No. 249056


No. 249103

File: 1458019625242.jpg (119.46 KB, 640x960, 12472391_1707791326131401_8700…)

No. 249122

File: 1458024001017.jpeg (124.06 KB, 750x821, image.jpeg)

No. You really don't want her as a roommate .

No. 249182

Isn't that the girl she did the "Chubby Bunny" challenge with on video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdapfeV7Gtw

No. 249189

does she actually make her cosplays or are they bought? all of her outfits look PT level

No. 249192

ooooooh my god i thought her pyrrha was a piece of shit already but until this video i had NO IDEA how bad she hasn't even at least interfaced the top so it stands up on its own?? like actually using fishing wire for that neckline holy shit she's awful

No. 249253

Her first attempt looked better than her second, actually (this is her second). And I think it's clear brastrap.

No. 249257

I agree. Her first was still awful but looked so much better. Ahh yes I think you're right. Still she should know better by now ha

No. 249266

File: 1458068663900.jpg (683.12 KB, 2785x2000, PicMonkey Collage.jpg)

Her 1st (left) compared to the 2d (right) and the reference. Her first is by far better.

No. 249268

I remember some Canadian Gull talked about how at one Anime Los Angeles she bullied another Pyrrha cosplayer (who was better) out of a group because they couldn't have doubles and Sheena was far better. Then proceeded to shit talk to girl behind her back to the others.

I really dislike her Pyrrha and she can't even get the wig color right it seems. All of it looks like it's held together with glue and a prayer.

Super fucking salty about her being a guest at Hanadoki. All her shit is taobao and her panel at San Japan was an hour of her showing images of herself and how she bought the costumes and altered them so she totally made them herself.

No. 249270

same, can't stand her pyrrha. The wig is the wrong colour, the top is awful, the armour is awful. Only good bit is the collar, which is really nice to be fair

No. 249278

I thought the point of remaking a cosplay is to make an improvement, but…

No. 249282

Good god has she never heard of boning? The bunching is sooooo bad ewwww

No. 249384

Didn't Monty make part of one of these RWBY costumes for her?

No. 249386

idk whgat monty's skill level was at making costumes, but that would explain the difference in quality

No. 249390

File: 1458099463246.jpg (400.6 KB, 569x930, squall_24_by_montyoum.jpg)

I think he mostly re-purposes pieces, but his previous gf in a fem!Squall design he made. His sense of character design is shit, but he was generally better at construction. IDK if his previous gf helped with this.

I know that Nicole did claim she made RWBY weapons, when all she did was paint them after Monty had them 3d printed at RT.

No. 249396

Can confirm. She tried to take credit for doing everything when it came to the RWBY weapons but Monty literally had he models made far before their getting together and the company has a 3D printer they use a lot.

All she did was sand them and paint them but they were on display at rtx 2014 and they looked gritty and unpolished. They were streaked to all hell, too and it looked like she only put one layer of acrylic paint on them.

That was also around the time she claimed to be working for RT.

No. 249399


Did she take credit for her KH 3d prints? I know she printed them but I'm curious to know if she 3d modeled the pieces

No. 249400

Probably. The 3D model shouldn't be too hard to find online then just print it or she had Johnny Junkers do it since he actually knows what he's doing.

She just did a piss poor job smoothing it out and painting it.

No. 249401

Didn't she stream modelling them in maya?

No. 249404

>not using chrome spray paint for cars

I shouldn't be surprised at Nicrap's shitty work. I have a friend that does the paint work for a popular cosplayer and he uses spray paint for cars for a realistic look. Her using acrylic paint for props is dumb as fuck with the amount of money she scammed people out of.

No. 249410


I hope she switches paint as I want to see her screw up while spending that cash haha.

No. 249502

I wish the same thing. lmao. Unfortunately it seems like she's going to play it "smart" and stick to the "strong independent women who don't need no man" who have "helped" her, and stick to her old ways because she's THOROUGHLY believing she has a "reputation" to uphold. lmfao.

Thanks, Monty.

No. 249549


Haha strong and independent…that needs your monthly donations

No. 249732

File: 1458192222721.jpeg (121.59 KB, 750x1036, image.jpeg)

No. 249734

>they don't have the ball to admit it
>the ball

No. 249754

It's not a conspiracy theory if Shitna/Nicrap runs away from issues, builds up her lies, and plays victim to people about Monty or otherwise, if only to gain their sympathy.

How about Shitna addresses these issues upfront? I want to see how many Seagulls are going to be there to disprove her and how it's going to blow up in her face.

No. 249757

And did that "handler" of hers say anything to the true screenshots about how Shitna talked shit behind her and smeared some form of "ego" she has to make herself look better?

I doubt she would believe it, but honey, the truth is HERE.

No. 249951


I wanna believe that this is a self post but I also know there are people who are very stupid in the world…

No. 249957

> who kept me and thousands of other people going

aaand 10k put on for that she wrote this to herself.

No. 250006

This is why Nicole hasn't posted links to lolcow ever. She knows that people would instantly change their minds when confronted by proof and it would backfire. Everyone keeps saying this but it'd be easier if she had an ED.

No. 250007

It's probably a self post, it reeks of the type of things crap she spews about change that's stolen from Monty.

What thousands of people though? And how does she keep people going? By taking their money?

No. 250225

I bet that the same person from the previous thread who tried to "justify with kindness" that she wasn't "qualified" for an ED page or whatnot IS Shitna herself. lmfao. I wouldn't be surprised if she tried to pose as somebody else here and defended herself, the same way she did with the anon msg sent to her.

She's been in the Tumblr community LONG enough (oh I'm looking at you, "Lightning" ;) to know about anon trackers and that people sometimes send anons to themselves. lmao. I wouldn't be surprised if she has sent mean anons to others as well just to glorify her ego.

And I may be looking into it too much, but she just replied to it with "❤", when it would have been more convincing if she replied with a long message in return, but she probably thinks that "❤" would encourage her saintly appearance to others.

She's writing a letter to herself, awwww how sweet. /Not./

No. 250227

There are NO "thousands of people." Only the same amount of people as those she is trying to fool, wanting her for something just as much as she's trying to drain them dry.

Interesting how karma works, doesn't it?

No. 250492

File: 1458346992389.jpeg (2.58 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpeg)

Guess who's the guest of honor at a loval con and did the subpar con guide cover?

No. 250534

Wow. That's…. really bad.

I'm going to the convention this weekend and I'm not too pleased to know she's the guest since well, everything in this thread points to her just being a horrible human.

No. 250600

These have to be stock poses from a "How to draw Manga" book. With stolen flower clipart.

No. 250704


Did she draw herself?

No. 250708

did she also choose the fonts? Because goodlord, that swirly script makes me wanna murder someone.

No. 250747

with the crooked spine?


No. 250748

speaking of which, how does her fucked up back support those massive udders she had installed?

pretty sure implants aren't any lighter than natural breasts.

No. 250823

Can you guys not, we don't want that in Canada either.

No. 250824

Pls don't send her to Canada we put a lot of time into driving her away.

No. 250836

You should really hide your picture where it says write a reply. Everyone can see you.

No. 250845

Who cares, the truth's out.


No. 250846

No. 250897

File: 1458417410119.jpeg (89.51 KB, 600x600, image.jpeg)

Oh that wig styling honey…

No. 250900

File: 1458418234360.png (879 KB, 631x906, lmao no.png)

No. 250901

File: 1458418258428.png (664.33 KB, 580x681, nope.jpg.png)

No. 250903

File: 1458418315295.png (696.29 KB, 578x680, wet duck.png)

Funny she should urge people to "take a photo with Aqua", she looks like a dumb wet duck. lmao

No. 250910

File: 1458419923557.jpeg (148.23 KB, 600x1067, image.jpeg)

No. 250917

isn't this the costume she insisted was shitty, unfinished, and not up to her standards?

No. 250971

God her body looks like a drawing with bad anatomy. No wonder her art is shit.

No. 250972

Keep reading down, it got better.

No. 251003

File: 1458444775861.jpeg (119.21 KB, 748x358, image.jpeg)

No. 251005

>artist by trade

No. 251006

File: 1458445094426.jpeg (37.53 KB, 599x312, image.jpeg)

Looks like she is rolling out merch

No. 251007

File: 1458445238107.jpeg (125.83 KB, 960x540, image.jpeg)

No. 251008

So she was selling keychains of herself and the cat that helped contribute to Monty's death?

No. 251015

Was Mr Noodles the weapon or the accomplice????? WELL?????

No. 251016

Who wants to buy a keychain of a chibi version of a real person? That's so weird

No. 251018

At first I was laughing because there's no way anyone would buy this garbage, but then I remember Monty fans are batshit…

Btw this is a new level of shilling. Does any other cosplayer sell art of themselves? Does anyone even do that at all besides Sheena and Suzy????

No. 251022

Yaya's Hot Topic tshirts count towards that I guess

I did make an ED for her during the end of her first thread but it got deleted because there "wasn't enough content".

I would love to see Sheena and Suzy fight since Suzy works so hard to remain the only girl in GG to be ~speshul and yoonique~.

No. 251060

File: 1458477094903.jpeg (64.41 KB, 750x460, image.jpeg)

No. 251064

Don't forget to also passive aggressively kill your popular husbando with a cat

No. 251071

thats pretty fucking tastless with the cat tbh

No. 251205


That's sad to see and I don't get anyone who would buy this. I understand some sad beta buying a print for wank material but a shirt not so much.

No. 251227

She's talking about Monty's fans who whiteknight her.

I wonder how big her ego is, cosplayers who buy their costumes don't normally do this. But then again most cosplayers aren't sitting on a ton of cash to spend on stupid thngs.

No. 251233


Most cosplayers tend to have some sort of "talent" though and I use that word lightly.

Then again most don't have a dead husband to piggyback on :p

No. 251256

I hate that she gets called 'guru' when she literally is subpar in everything she does. She's not outstanding in anything other than getting sympathy bucks and lying.

Her art isn't that great, her cosplays are mediocre, she can't game for shit, her 'inspirational' spewing is hypocrisy yet she's considered this aspiring, 'life saving' role model?

No. 251258

"Life saving"? She heavily contributed to her husband's death!
Like ya, Monty supposedly loved cats, but would he have brought a cat into his home?

No. 251262

Try telling that to people like who support her like in >>249732
>>247568 even if one is probably a self sent anon. Then you see her do shit to her 'fans' like >>246771 >>246772 and people would rather not see what a bitch she is.

Monty did love cats but even RT tried to accommodate when his allergies got bad by removing Joe The Cat from the office.

No. 251303

Lmfao be kind, my ass. Tried to catch up to her because we had the same old circle of friends, she was a bit of a stuck-up bitch. She means the ones with popularity she can leech off of.

No. 251305

Did anyone go to the convention she was the Guest of Honor at?

Is she bratty in person or does she try to be all sunshine and smiles?

No. 251490

File: 1458603920701.png (23.74 KB, 511x183, image-1.png)


Doesn't look like it was all sunshine and smiles for Shitna

No. 251493

Oh boy I hope there's bitching on her facebook about how her fans are mouth breathing smelly creeps.

No. 251516

I second this.

No. 251540

I doubt it, she knows someone on facebook caps her posts and posts them here

No. 251709

Well then hopefully that has prompted her to STFU and stop bitching about people who offer to help her when she's asking for it.

On that note, anyone hear about @emmamamana or something? She was sent a screencap of Nicole shit talking about her on Facebook.

If sh