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File: 1545882385771.png (962.12 KB, 720x897, ibsmomokun.png)

No. 617802

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>610871

Website: https://momokuncosplay.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: BANNED FOREVER for ban evasion
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (used to be xmariahmalladx), momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad
Google Drive:

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/snow/644215
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/snow/705676
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

The basics:
>The original “Thicc Samus”
>Has received 2+ lipo and coolsculpting sessions and in attempt to create some sort of figure, all while lying about weight loss through exercise and diet (and weight loss teas)
>Is laughably bad at making own cosplays; buys and commissions 90% of her costumes and props, neglects to properly credit the commissioner or store (see: David Han/KoreanBarbq, Cookie Kabuki Cosplay, myOppa, “Waisetsu Missile” creator Taropun)
>Rips off designs/ideas from smaller creators in the community then backpedals when she’s found guilty (See the myOppa Red Riding Hood drama)
>Claims money is “hard earned” through her half assed, overly photoshopped sets priced at high marks; scams patrons by claiming 3-5 “teaser pictures” are exclusive when in reality they ARE the whole set and are all posted on IG
>Has delusions of grandeur; beefs up certain things she does so she looks more important than she is. Isn’t above using her social media status for free convention badges or getting into “exclusive events”
>Despite earning 10k+ a month through Patreon, she still ghosts conventions and begs for money
>Likes to pretend to be a fan of a series, expresses warped knowledge of said series so she is in the right, gate keeps and posts spoilers despite hating it when others do so
>Professional backpedaler with a lack of remorse; has lewded young characters for photosets, said she sexually assaulted multiple acquaintances due to her ADHD, makes controversial statements/rants that paint herself in a negative light, but won't accept ever being in the wrong
>Preaches the false narrative of “positivity in the community” while she attacks and exiles people once they speak up against her. Surrounds herself with yes man and declares anything else a "witch hunt"
>Momokun has been proven to be a sexual predator, has assaulted multiple people in order to bully and assert dominance over them. Refuses to take responsibility for it, tries to pin it on her attention deficit disorder and both her and her lackey Vamp have publicly mocked her victims

Last thread:
>Signed up for a PornHub account as she slowly loses all other forms of social media but has yet to post anything on it, "gotcha"-ing the hopefuls left from her Camversity days once again
>Rented and moved into a new house but still doesn't believe in buying bedsheets
>Most likely skipping ALA but plans on going to Katsucon despite the fact that last year was a trainwreck and the east coast hates her
>Planned on getting another kitten from a breeder and naming him after a Fate character because she is still the biggest fan, but no news in two weeks and the post has disappeared off her cat IG
>Does a "workout" Pochaco cosplay featuring her turtle face and dirty feet in dance tights and promises to make a workout video if she hits 1200 patrons
>Goes on a shopping spree and buys a new iPhone, an ugly Gucci wallet, and Balenciaga shoes because she can't actually fit in their clothes
>Promised to shoot multiple Christmas sets but seems she only ended up doing Lucoa in an unflattering bikini
>Claims she's going to begin streaming on Twitch again but so far hasn't shown up to any streams she's planned
>Does a Chef Pochaco cosplay, starring Dorito Chin brought to you by Face Tape™, with a guest appearance by Saggy Tits in Ugly Pasties
>Buys a dozen pairs of cat ears to fill the void in her life and announces plans to cosplay Quiet from MGS, Tifa, and Howl
>Puts in some shitty hair extensions and tries to act like she's not bothered her Instagram was taken down (again) on Christmas

No. 617803

We had two #87 threads so surprise, we're at #90! Congrats farmers!

No. 617809

Wait why isn’t the fact that her IG was shut down again mentioned in the last thread post

No. 617810


>Puts in some shitty hair extensions and tries to act like she's not bothered her Instagram was taken down (again) on Christmas

Please learn to read.

No. 617812

Oh I missed that sry

No. 617826

Newfag here, but did I miss something? Because I thought we were on thread 89 now, rather than 90? I don't mean for any spoon feeding, just genuinely confused.

No. 617831

Reposting free content for $12


No. 617833

Threads counted wrong. Current thread is correct thread number.

No. 617837

>>617831 Bless you for this. She can't possibly compete on a porn site. Patreon is a completely different animal that caters to a wide variety of users. Her Onlyfans subscribers might cover her monthly sushi expenses, but it's not going to go beyond that.

No. 617842

this constitutes content wow. just…wow

No. 617843

imagine paying for that unironically

No. 617852

Anon, her sushi bill is over 12 dollars a month.

No. 617860

File: 1545901172002.png (356.47 KB, 639x673, momokun.png)

I kept wondering why her expression reminded me of something, until a friend pointed out that coughing cat meme that's been going around. definitely not ahegao material.

No. 617867

File: 1545902862064.jpg (302.46 KB, 720x986, 1545860858460.jpg)

So I realized, all pics in this dress are her leaning forward/bent over. You think shes trying to hide the fact that they're saggy pancakes?

No. 617878

and her huge, bumpy waist

No. 617881

Did Moo ever show off her Christmas presents? cause >>616559 might've called it

No. 617905

File: 1545919191977.png (1.47 MB, 1188x1270, moo cough.png)

I couldn't resist

No. 617913

Lmao. Someone please do the same with the cat's face on her body.

No. 617919

File: 1545926696094.png (388.03 KB, 1440x2392, Capture _2018-12-27-10-59-03.p…)

I think her account got permanently deleted. Pic related is what I screenshotted just now. Her account doesn't show up when searched even though just yesterday when I searched her account the name popped up and when I clicked on it I was sent to an empty page with an error message.

No. 617920

She’s been reaaaaallllly quiet about it which is surprising because last time her account went missing she threw a big fit on her backup.

No. 617921


Which makes me think that this time it’s permanent. She only stays quiet when she knows there isn’t shit she can say to defend herself. She’s hoping that no one will notice and will forget about it as time passes and that eventually her backup account will reach her old numbers.

No. 617922

Her backup will eventually get banned for ban evasion though.
I’m almost sad though because that’s another udder drying up for us. Her Twitter was a gold mine

No. 617924

Imagine being such a piece of shit that you get banned from the biggest sites you use to market yourself. You'd think she's learn after twitter and losing her instagram once.

No. 617926

She posted a gift bag full of socks. There were other presents

No. 617930

File: 1545928830504.png (1.62 MB, 1028x1032, cat ahegao.png)

99% of people can't tell the difference

No. 617932

Its still there for me, but the page is blank when you click it.

No. 617934

Websites literally don't give a shit about this. Stop spewing ban evasion. Only places like lolcow and such give a shit about something like that.

No. 617935

She also thinks she's unstoppable anywhere, so no doubt thought she could get away with being a cunt and post content that Instagram already warned her about posting again and again. Must really be hard for her ego. She's running dry on major platforms, however will she cope lol.

No. 617940

It's what got her perma banned from Twitter sis, it's pretty damn relevant

No. 617941

It's literally in their terms. Every site cares about "ban evasions" especially if they realize it's you. It just never matters in a lot of sites because getting banned is meaning. Getting banned from a large social media however..where you pander to make money, however…

But that's too much logic to take in, I know. It's about time she starts getting punished for her stupidity.

No. 617944

Dammit, you beat me to it.

No. 617956

Moo probably thinks Instagram will brush it to the side. They're not that generous, not a second or third time around with the bullshit she pulls. That secondary account of hers will be on watch now too.

No. 617958

How did she get banned in the first place? Isn't she doing the same thing as other costhots on insta?

No. 617959

How did she get banned in the first place? Isn't she doing the same thing as other costhots on insta?

No. 617960

How did she get banned in the first place? Isn't she doing the same thing as other costhots on insta?

No. 617963

it will probably just get banned like her twitter accounts did. she was super haughty after her 1st twitter account was banned. i remember she was all "dw guys, some idiot tried to say i told someone to drink bleach, but my twitter will be back soon!" only for that twitter to also be deleted.

No. 617965

She posted lewd content that was deemed too adult in their eyes. Maybe other sex workers don't get mass reported like Moo does as it takes joint effort to bring down an account or users that have a large following themselves did the work for Instagram to care enough. It's all about numbers with them to notice anything, the amount of those here who've reported her shit and it's always been the same response so it's likely. Plus she has had a habit of being a cunt in comments which could be deemed as harassment or bullying.

No. 617981


Neckbeards have pretty thin skin. She had a lot of comments on her "ahegao" post about how she wasn't doing it properly and she got salty. She was probably reported by the men she blocked after clapping back at them. As we saw with camversity, she is constantly biting the hand that feeds her. If your audience is gross ESL men, you have to be nice to them.

No. 617982

We don't know if that's what got her banned from Twitter. no one knows what got her banned from Twitter. We aren't sure if it was the bleach, the real life threat she made to meet someone at her 'school' to beat them up which I remember someone reported to the school and they were going to investigate it. Could be because she made another account, but millions of people make alt accounts after losing one and nothing happens. Same with instagram. Models with accounts removed make another one and nothing happens. Usually it goes down due to mass reports, but gets reinstated anyway.

So no, we don't know, SIS, if that's what took her account down. Ban evasion, literally, only matters in places like Twitch, forums like these, Discords.. Normal sites like Instagram and Twitter literally don't give a shit and always just ignore it until someone either mass reports or they really do do something against ToS.

As far as I can tell, nothing Moo did was against ToS aside from having another account, but again.. She's not the first, not the last, and not even the most relevant person for Instagram to 'go after' as people keep thinking the company does. It's all automated ffs.

No. 617985

Clapping back isn't enough to get her taken down from Instagram. Unless it's a threat, they usually reply very quickly about how your report was useless and it doesn't violate ToS. Same with most of her posts lately. It's the same automated reply about how they thank you for your time in reporting, but it doesn't count against ToS.

So we are at the tinfoiling as to why she got it removed again. We don't know specifically and will probably never know unless Moo opens her fat mouth to say what happened.

No. 617987

The costhot game on ig is all about skating a thin line. You have to be 'sexy' without being 'sexual' it's why kaybear got temp banned for her shibari pictures because they were sexual.

A lot of people dont have to make alt accounts and then act like tough bitches about it. It's the fact that momo went right back to being the piece of shit she was and got reported. Most people wont get reported after making new accounts because people dont care that much to keep reporting them but momo NEVER changes except for expanding and becoming more disgusting so she keeps getting reported.

No. 617991

>Normal sites like Instagram and Twitter literally don't give a shit and always just ignore it until /someone either mass reports/ or they really do do something against ToS.

you said it yourself, sis; mass reports will do it. it's probably never one singular thing, and all of those things you mentioned had a pretty equal weight in the decision to ban her. it's all those things combined, as a repeated pattern of behavior. whichever was the last scandal before she got banned was just the last straw.

No. 617992

so her other cat is dead then or what
the cat she had like 2 days

No. 617993

dumbass norton flags this as a virus, which gave me a chuckle. he's just trying to protect me

the front of her doesnt look attached to the back of her

No. 617994

File: 1545936733296.jpg (63.93 KB, 584x960, tumblr_ozbyjckbNq1wgdp08o1_640…)

>when even the animals shopped on you end up looking worse

No. 617996

They do if you keep breaking the rules like a retard.

in b4 numbers get inflated with bots

then again, did anyone check her numbers after the alleged crack down? or was that just a twitter thing

No. 618002

I feel like momocunt wouldn't dare make a new twitter account and not because of the ban evasion.

All of the cosplay and sex worker community hate her and we all know how much of a scared bitch she is. Imagine entering territory where everyone hates your guts. She can't delete comments on twitter and you bet people will be posting her controversy in all her tweets for all to see.

Stay made and sad mariah

No. 618005

A lot of them are talking about it on Twitter right now too. Gabby made a post being very vague about other creators sharing someone so toxic, like Akemi, who S4S Moo before Moo's account got taken down.

No. 618010

No. 618012

File: 1545938774733.jpg (497.32 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181227-132542_Ins…)

She made the cringiest gasp noise in this. Shes sooooo quirky gaiz

No. 618017

File: 1545939871937.jpeg (615.17 KB, 750x1105, 2E3462C0-4C0D-4D73-A516-FD260E…)


No. 618018

File: 1545939977879.jpeg (668.51 KB, 750x1101, 0B50072D-29B0-4A93-8867-1B4E5B…)

No. 618019

File: 1545940080208.jpeg (638.48 KB, 750x1083, C29F83C4-0D09-4FF1-B35B-DB7BE8…)

No. 618020

File: 1545940175302.jpeg (684.56 KB, 750x1101, D53CABE5-2C16-4A58-84F3-6AB241…)

No. 618021

Why does she look like she’s posing for school portraits? She looks so stiff it makes me feel uncomfortable. She doesn’t look natural at all. Not to mention the shitty fucking wig…

No. 618022

File: 1545940303804.png (38.76 KB, 110x123, insta.png)

when you gotta act like getting banned doesn't bother you

No. 618024

Don't tell me she had this set for sale…it's fucking shit.

No. 618027

she looks like posing for portraits after waking up 5 minutes before she had to be there. jfc that wig and makeup make it look like a day after a bender.

No. 618030

No it’s not for sale, I think she’s just trying to make herself look better on her backup account. these are from uhhh, probably whenever she wore this last? some con?

No. 618031


can't unseen the amputee here …

No. 618033

that ratty ass wig…

No. 618034


Yep. All this is, is damage control. Her account got nuked for near naked pornographic photos so now she has to pretend that “That isn’t the kind of content I upload!!! This has to be some kind of mistake!!!!”

No. 618035

All hail the glorious return of Simple Jack Saber!

Yes Moo, backpedal more, I love it.

No. 618036

This wig is absolutely destroyed I have no idea how she is just okay using it and will not get a new one.

No. 618037

File: 1545942241563.jpg (12.62 KB, 256x256, 1ceppmvN_400x400.jpg)

Return of the Sader

No. 618039

sader is better, don't do this to her

No. 618040

And it's not like she's gonna actually use her pornhub account. Cause her 'lewds' would be instantly crucified on a website that is literally for porn. She's a absolute moron, but she knows damn well the only thing that remotely kept CamV going until they dropped her was Vamp actually doing shit. Even with how much it pissed her off.

No. 618041

File: 1545942786157.png (3.55 MB, 1242x2208, 7F2E8372-2656-41D8-B767-C3F6BF…)

Her lack of lip makes it look like she has a mustache

No. 618052

This horribly cut wig coupled with the VERY dark brows and the concealer lips…has it been airbrushed or does her face always look like its melting into itself? Also, her eyes looks so dead. So much accuracy and passion my dudes.

No. 618053

Samefag but definitely airbrushed. No vagina eye bags and honestly her eyes look they have been photoshopped on her face.

No. 618054

it's sad that she still looks like this after all the shoop.

No. 618055

She looks so painfully average when she does non-lewd cosplay, how sad.

No. 618056

File: 1545945318773.jpg (365.52 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181227-131436_Chr…)

Im wondering if these guys reported her insta for false advertising. She has a new link up on Patreon though.

No. 618075

i hope she isn't perma banned. without her IG, there's really no more milk.

No. 618078

It just means the downfall and fallout of her losing will start to spiral though, so I see no losses.

No. 618085

>>618075 If a permanent ban is the first real step in rehabilitating Mariah into a respectable human being, then I'm all for it. I love visiting the threads, but when you sit back and look at how much she's regressed since the early days, it's hard not to take a step back and wish that she actually behaved like a normal adult for once in her life.

I won't hold my breath though, and you won't have to worry about a shortage of milk, because she'll find other ways to fail horrendously on social media sooner than later.

No. 618086


I look forward to her being forced to solely update from Pornhub and guys getting pissed at her for not doing nudes lol.

No. 618090

File: 1545956099375.png (174.66 KB, 313x454, norton.png)

looks infected to me!

every day is a day after a bender for Moo

yeah these have got to be older pics? she looks smaller lol

No. 618091

You have to be a special breed of dumbass to start a career that depends on social media and then systematically get banned from almost all important social media.

No. 618092

File: 1545956762518.jpeg (403.07 KB, 950x600, 6EFB74DB-4599-4149-9985-B49449…)

Why does she remind me of a fatter version of Karla Homolka here

No. 618093


It’s because she thinks she’s untouchable. That she can say or do whatever the fuck she wants and won’t ever get into trouble or face any sort of punishment. She can tell people to go kill themselves or upload all the trashy, borderline porn photos she wants because nothing won’t happen to her. Because as spoiled brat growing up, all she had to do was whine and cry and eventually she got whatever she wanted from her parents. And she is slowly but surely learning a hard lesson about her actions having consequences. And I’m willing to bet that she’ll respond like she always has: Like a toddler who just had their favorite toy taken away and thinks they can get it back by crying as loud as they can.

No. 618095

How long was it between when her account was banned the first time and her getting it back?
Are we past that amount of time? I wouldn’t start to hope until then..

No. 618096

Barely 2 days..I believe? She got it back pretty quickly.

No. 618097

She doesn't know how to do normal, non-lewd poses

No. 618098

she doesn't even know how to do lewd poses kek.

No. 618105

Hope she never turns into a normal adult. Hope this bitch suffers for all the shit did did and money she made from it.


If she's banned from Insta can't wait to see her scramble trying to get people to join her patreon after they get bored and leave. Whenever she's low on patreons she just post some half naked pictures to gain more patreons and now that her big accounts gone, she's gonna have to do more to gain people.

No. 618107

Will poor little Moo have to actually work hard to earn neckbeard bucks? Well well. Bet she turns fully to Snapchat as that's an easy platform to lure in cucks.

No. 618121

>>618107 I personally think she'll face the same challenges on Snapchat as she'll face on Onlyfans and Pornhub. She isn't as attractive as these other women who sell premium access on Snapchat, and she won't show the goods (and I use the term "goods" loosely) on Pornhub or Onlyfans.

Mariah may have gotten away with wanting to be a good girl who just wants to sew and play video games on Camversity, but that shit isn't going to fly anywhere else, except for Twitch and YouTube. And now that the more perverse fans are aware of her new OF/PH accounts, they aren't going to settle for cosplay shots, or even lewds for that matter. So Mariah really pigeonholed herself by announcing the creation of those accounts, not to mention people are going to think that a straight porn career may be just around the corner after seeing her shitty firefighter Adam & Eve promo.

She pretty much only has Patreon to rely on. The Onlyfans subscribers will leave once they realize they aren't going to get what they signed up for. She can't fake her way through crafting or gaming on sites, so I'm not banking on her becoming a consistent streamer for fear of exposing herself (much like she did on Camversity, when others saw her terrible makeup jobs and her gargantuan body).

The bottom line is that she'll probably take a huge hit on Patreon without Instagram. Even though she shares a lot of the same shit on Facebook, she's constantly getting roasted over there, and IG gives her more control in a sense.

If there is a God, she'll permanently lose her main account, as well as btsmomokun.

No. 618124

Mariah? Becoming a respectable human being? This far down the rabbit hole? Unlikely. She's probably just going to have a meltdown and double down, get even more desperate and further beat the dead horse that is her dignity by somehow manage to outdo her last cringefest of a Patreon photoset. She's too far gone. She just rented a new place and she needs money to spend on tacky Gucci shit. She's not becoming a respectable human any time soon… if ever.

I don't know how her miserable experience camming hasn't given her an insight on what "sex work based" websites are like. She'd quit Pornhub the same way she quit camming because she's a big baby and somehow thinks getting naked is above her, despite the fact that she could have gotten naked much sooner and somehow been a much more respectable person than the disaster she is with her disgusting ~~~implied~~~ stuff (i.e being covered in shit looking brown liquid, her special needs ahegao face etc).

No. 618127

I don't know why she wont get naked. Everyone has seen every part of her. Nipple slips, self leaked nudes, butt hole and vagina lips. What is she so scared of?

No. 618129

she wouldn't be able to claim she's "not like the other thots." moo is boring and has nothing going for other than her fans waiting to see her naked body. she knows her fans will drop her once she does it because the allure will be lost.

No. 618130

She probably thinks she's ~too good, high~ for that type of thing or releases how disgusting she would look.

I mean she hasnt had a boyfriend or sex for who knows how long. She knows shes a hambeast

No. 618132

It's a combination of she thinks she's too good for it (even though she tries to pretend that isn't the case) and she's far too insecure these days. She knows her body is really unappealing to a large majority. She plays it off like she views herself as some kind of master in the art of the tease, but we know it's really because she hates herself and can only tolerate her body being viewed in a specific and very controlled light.

No. 618133

bingo. we've already seen how bad she is without photoshop in minimal clothing thanks to the camversity misadventure, she'd have 0 to hide behind naked.

No. 618134

And it would be the last straw with her family too. Right now she can pretend that all she is doing is cosplay and they can pretend to believe it. Once she goes full frontal all that changes.

No. 618142

Maybe her nipples are too fucked up from her breast reduction

No. 618145

true - the next logical step would be making porn, which would be a wild adventure for us on the farms but pretty devastating for her

No. 618148

Knowing her, she'd try to do "tasteful porn my dudes no penetration, only implied" or something stupid.

Either way, I hope her neckbeard army catches onto her bs soon so the spiral begins.

No. 618149

She is going to be SCREWED if her second account gets banned. What will she have then?? Patreon and onlyfans? Maybe her twitch and pornhub if she decides to follow through with those.

But even so, without a strong social media presence she isn’t going to stay afloat. Most people subbed to her aren’t going to pay $50 for years and years in a row. Sure, she may have some paypigs, but the average big spender probably subs for a few months, unsubs, then subs back if their interest is peaked. But their interest isn’t going to peak back up if she isn’t spamming her social media with whatever horrors she’s currently up to.

She got all those subs and now she may lose them. Typical Mariah screwing herself.

No. 618152

I doubt the success of jumping to porn would last long. It'll be like every time she's gone lewder. She creates the hype and gets a jump in patrons but then they realize when the excitement wears down that 1. It just looks bad 2. It's the same thing over and over and they stop seeing the need to pay for her until she goes lewder again. It's just not sustainable or guranteed (most sex work is like this but I'd put her at the worst end of the spectrum since it's been this way for years). She'll never reach nigri status, and I don't mean in terms of # of patrons but the security of income while staying at a comfortable level of lewd. Jess hasn't had to resort to the shit moo has and probably never will

No. 618154

>>618152 A lot of porn stars with staying power have done so on the power of crossover success, which is why they've managed to stay somewhat relevant (Traci Lords and Sasha Gray are two examples that I could use here). But in the case of Moo, she doesn't have any crossover appeal. Her clothing line aspirations never amounted to anything. She wasn't making the money she had hoped to during her first tenure on Twitch, when she was at an acceptable weight and tried to play League Of Legends for cuck bucks. Her sponsorship deals are mostly one-and-done opportunities that don't pay well, and she fucked up the only known long term contract once she spit in the faces of the Camversity reps by bashing the product in the middle of what turned out to be her final CamV stream.

One would think that since Moo attended and graduated every college course known to man that her knowledge and experience would transcend into other business avenues to explore with a modicum of success, but she's an idiot. She has no plan. No direction. She's a lost soul.

Had she taken time off after the ADHD fallout, she might not have ended up in the position she's in. But as luck would have it, she's screwing up every first, second, and third chance she gets, because she never had people in her life who tried to make her hold herself accountable, with the exception of her dad, who she writes off as a person who emotionally abused her.

No. 618155


As much as I hate JNig she's set for life. She's cringy as hell, but a professional and after this cosplay gig is over im sure she can get other jobs in the business.

Moo is fucked. I've never seen someone get banned from major platforms before (lets hope her main insta stays dead) If she runs to twitch its only a matter of time before she gets ran off of that.

No. 618162

She can’t do twitch. Sure she could have cuck mods delete comments but that’s going to be a full time commitment. She got so butt flustered seeing all the comments her camversity streams got and could barely keep it together.

No. 618166

She's already a middling voice actress, which is better than what she was before, an absolutely shitty voice actress. Nigs is in the 'community' for the long run now.

Which is something we can't say for Moo because her desperate attempts to be something more have all failed horribly due to her fowl personality and fowler actions. The bitch had so many chances and has squandered each and every one, it has been a pretty fun ride so far.

No. 618183

You can't start getting paid on twitch immediately, right? Doesn't it take time to become a partner or affiliate? Or can you monetize as soon as you start streaming?

No. 618184

You have to reach one of those statuses. People can tip you through Streamlabs and any other means you provide but not from Twitch directly for a while. So if she's looking for a quick payout she's screwed.

No. 618191

You aren't allowed to be a slut on Twitch anymore. She lost her chance.

No. 618216

File: 1545991896714.jpg (58.13 KB, 960x940, rnVNTRM.jpg)

Her censor makes it look like she's shitting herself

No. 618218

File: 1545992518861.png (1.07 MB, 750x1334, 0A598071-08D7-45C9-8EB4-AEC5CF…)

Oml! I cannot handle this right now!
Laughing too damn much

Is your version the actual patreon version because this one is on her btsmomokun ig story.
I hope all her cucks are absolutely thrilled that there was another sticker under these heart stickers. They’re getting what they deserve

No. 618219

Naw fb version she just posted it I still follow it just to see her get torn apart in the comments

No. 618220

I'm pretty sure it was because of ban evading (her making a new account), not the bleach thing, and Twitter banning her IP and devices. She know she'll get mass reported to hell if she makes another account so that's probably why she hasn't made another account.

I can't believe how hard I laughed at this, good lord anon

No. 618232

Please just stop saying "ban evading" that's HERE not twitter. They DO NOT enforce that on twitter unless you remake accounts to continue harassing one person.(mini-modding)

No. 618233

no one cares

No. 618236

Ugh you’re big mad about something you’re also hella wrong about. No service bans someone’s IP/devices unless they’ve continued to create accounts after they’ve been explicitly told they were banned and not welcome to use their service anymore.

Since, last I checked, no farmers in here can say “I work for Twitter/IG can confirm that we do/don’t do this”, your autism is pointless.

Pls shut up and stop shitting up the thread with your sperging about how ‘nO oThEr SiTe cULd evR cUrR aBt bAn eVaSioN’

No. 618244

File: 1546004704103.jpeg (337.57 KB, 746x1071, 4A3DF334-EDA4-4DD2-85AF-2F9B97…)

So people can please just stfu. Will probably bitch about the date or something but the point stands that ban evasion IS a thing.

Just google “twitter ban evasion” and let’s just drop it once and for all

No. 618247

Why didn't she use a present box or something YIKES

No. 618252

I'm guessing because the Christmas tree emoji is phallic looking, but yeah she just looks like she's shitting a green turd. The original pose isn't that visually pleasing to begin with, the emoji just brings out the essence.

No. 618253


It looks like she took this off her IG. lmao I was just looking at her stories, and it's not there.

No. 618262


Lol she’s totally got rabbit ears now. She’s going to delete any slightly sexual picture cause she’s scared Instagram will come for her again. Exactly what her dumbass deserves

No. 618266

She hasn’t responded to one person on her backup about her main account. A lot of people are asking too.
I really do think it’s banned this time.

No. 618267

too bad she'll get banned anyway for ban evading.

what a holiday treat!

No. 618269

Usually she's all over it like a rash like it's such a big deal, her quietness is really showing something major happened to her account once and for all.

No. 618273

What happened to her TEAM of lawyers? I think it’s hilarious that her IG is gone. Sure maybe milk won’t be as abundant but the inevitable manic breakdown will be glorious.

No. 618275

File: 1546016181376.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 206.62 KB, 1343x2015, 6C70EEED-207A-47BD-8EF2-BAB9DB…)

Someone on her FB page posted the uncensored pic

No. 618277


That had to be one of the stupidest lies that she tried to pass off. What dipshit would believe that she some how has this crack team of lawyers that she can call up at a moments notice. You would have thought that she maybe should have called them up for all the other shit she did and not for simply trying to get an Instagram account back.

But if course now that everyone told her how stupid that sounded she is going to pretend like she was joking about it the whole time and everyone totally fell for it trololololol

No. 618278


She posted this to facebook? FB loves to take down pages with even a hint of sexual showing, so how long untill she gets mass reported there and banned?

No. 618280


That had to be one of the stupidest lies that she tried to pass off. What dipshit would believe that she some how has this crack team of lawyers that she can call up at a moments notice. You would have thought that she maybe should have called them up for all the other shit she did and not for simply trying to get an Instagram account back.

But if course now that everyone told her how stupid that sounded she is going to pretend like she was joking about it the whole time and everyone totally fell for it trololololol

No. 618281

She just posted on her backup ig that “it’s just an Instagram account” and she’s “gonna be active on Reddit now” Her main IG is banned for good probably

No. 618284

Ooooooo boy Reddit.
There’s two subreddits. One where she is a mod and one where you’re allowed to post whatever the fuck you want about her.

No. 618286





>“gonna be active on Reddit now”

I just browse Reddit here and there but I feel people over there love to tear people a new hole. They can be super harsh wew

No. 618288

Did they edit out her butthole because there's no way we wouldn't see it

Though I'm glad we don't it's just a fucking hilarious idea that some fucking photographer had to edit her ugly starfish out

No. 618292

You her “career” is shot. I can’t tbibk of a single well known thotty that doesn’t have an active social media. It’s the best way to market yourself, without it she’s not going to be able to have s steady growth of new Patreons. Good job fucking up your free ride. After she bought s new house and everything

No. 618294


I figured that would be her next stop once she got banned on Instagram. Bad news for her is that just like her Facebook, most people on her subreddit are there to roast her. Can’t wait to see her sperg out there as well. Unfortunately I’m already banned. Roasted her a while back and then she made herself a mod and banned me.

No. 618297

Did she shoop out her anus again?

>active on Reddit now
Of all the places she could've gone she chooses one that will rip her apart faster than PornHub.

No. 618299


I just found this one https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

which is the other one?

No. 618301


It’s not like she has any other options at this point. She’s already burned through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I love that she is trying to act like this is just her simply developing another social media outlet to draw in more fans when it’s so obvious that she is running out of places to not get banned from and just hoping she can find somewhere that sticks. So how long until she gets banned from reddit? I give it a couple of months lol.

No. 618302


No. 618303

Lol she’s so stubby I thought she was doing some weird “downwardfacing dog” pose but she’s actually on her knees. But if you squint it just looks like she got tiny chungus legs.

No. 618304


You can practically hear it in her voice. She’s trying to convince herself that’s it’s “just an Instagram account” after losing out on 500k+ followers. She knows just how much she fucked herself by losing that account. Even if all her followers subbed to her subreddit that still wouldn’t come close to the numbers she had on her main Instagram account. Not to mention she’ll get even less fan interaction since the only people who frequent her subreddit are the degenerate creeps who hack off to her and people there to roast her. If she thinks all the fans she had on her main account are going to flock there suddenly, she is in for a rude awakening.

It seriously cannot be underestimated how much she has fucked herself this time lol.

No. 618305

she's going to piss off her fans on this one too. they say shit like "she's annoying as hell but i'd smash" and that shit will get banned so they'll just move to the other one.

No. 618306

File: 1546021243455.png (1.08 MB, 720x1201, Screenshot_2018-12-28-10-17-30…)

Just know when she makes this face she realizes the situation's fucked

No. 618307


Not only that, but they can also downvote her posts into oblivion, making sure little to no one sees them. Which is a death nail to someone trying to build a social media presence with little to no other options. Which means Moo will have to ply nice this time. But of course we all know she won’t and she’ll snap the second someone makes a snide comment she doesn’t like or roasts her for her appearance.

No. 618310


Bitch be looking late-stage Michael Jackson.


There's… literally no ass in this picture, and she photoshopped her butthole out again.

That's some good shit right there.

No. 618312


Yup. That is the face of someone who knows that they just fucked up in a big bad way. She can’t even attempt to laugh it off or pretend that everything is ok and that this was all some big mistake and that it will get sorted out. She’s completely fucked and she knows it.

No. 618313

File: 1546022329923.jpeg (144.48 KB, 640x545, 6DDA2C59-B3BA-4466-9611-8629E0…)

No. 618315

yooo moo is platinum retarded.

No. 618316

>>618306 This face is the epitome of self destruction, and I love it.

My other favorite part of the IG story is how she reveals her plans to do more with Reddit and her personal website, and then immediately follows up with some post of her talking about watching Fate porn while using a shitty filter.

She's off to a great start!

No. 618317

There's no way in hell she'll get any substantial amount of the "normal" followers to follow her and commit to checking Reddit for her. Like you said it's going to be all the creeps who likely had a Reddit presence already. She'll likely never make it to front page either because Reddit has an exceptional amount of people who hate fat people.

She sure is bad at this growing your business thing then.

No. 618319


And yet again she can decide between “just weeb with a sewing machine who loves cosplay and anime” and “successful businesswoman”. Funny how whenever she gets grilled for one, she always immediately claims that she is the other. Her lazy ass bikini cosplay gets called out? “I can cosplay however. I’m just here because I love anime my dude”. Getting called out that she has nothing going for her than her cheap trashy photos? “Look at all these sponsors and invitations I’m getting while you’re stuck at home hating someone you don’t even know. Stay mad my dude”

No. 618326

File: 1546023699993.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181228-130043_Ins…)

"Softest girl on the block" I'm so confused. Is it because she thinks shes nice or is it because shes a ham beast? Even then her skin probably feels like greasy sand paper.

No. 618329

I think the Chocolate starfish was one of the many nails in her main IG accounts coffin. So she had to learn to bend over just enough to look "sexy" without going far enough to expose the world to the Eye of Suaron.

But it's hilarious to think someone either had to photoshop it out, or worse. Conceal that bad boy with makeup.

No. 618330


If by “soft” she means that she isn’t actually the “big, tough, bad bitch who will fight anyone who disrespects her” that she constantly tries to make herself out to be, then I guess she is right.

If she means in terms of skin, then that’s a big fuck no.

No. 618331

does anyone still have her somewhat new pics with the overall?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 618337

Oh sure Moo it was just an Instagram account, with nearly half a million followers, granted many were probably fake but all those likes, DMs, asspats and neckbeard love she got; it was JUST an Instagram account? Didn't know it wasn't that important after all! Oh she's real hurt by this lmao cunt finally got hit hard.

No. 618340

>>618331 Might wanna linger around Reddit from now on. Didn't you hear the news?

No. 618351

File: 1546026368184.jpeg (757.79 KB, 750x1107, EBF76A56-4CED-4C91-BB28-040F18…)

In other “I’m totally not bothered” news let’s walk down the year of cosplays with her

No. 618352

File: 1546026455970.jpeg (803.49 KB, 750x1081, 0C7C9620-F7D3-4B73-878A-079E7D…)

remember how many of these have her tits out next time she tries to say BUH MUH BIG BILDS

No. 618356

File: 1546026575979.png (3.44 MB, 1242x2208, EEA22419-3A83-4D57-B6FB-2BBF53…)

So she’s posting these, herself, uncensored on her reddit, but also trying to sell them on her Patreon?

No. 618357

File: 1546026578340.jpeg (753.55 KB, 750x1087, 5521B583-3546-4E00-909E-659965…)

this year she’s been a woman of many (taped) faces

No. 618358

And unshooped apparently bc y i k e s

No. 618359

File: 1546026729401.jpeg (756.03 KB, 750x1084, ACEDA411-3E69-4020-8382-3FC91F…)

No. 618361

File: 1546026786842.png (9.89 MB, 1242x2688, 4E4DA136-C07C-45AD-B0C5-F8F13F…)

She’s got a giant piece of hair sticking up?? It takes two seconds to get a couple of drips of water on your hand to flatten it out.(nitpicking)

No. 618369

I'm honestly really shocked that she's still doing the same old bullshit. Not shocked by her behavior because she's an awful person but shocked that she's still trying to cosplay. Doesn't everyone hate her now? How can she go to any cons?

No. 618386

File: 1546029308758.png (50.6 KB, 140x138, insta.png)

This is so shooped it doesn't even look like Moo

No. 618391

File: 1546029525126.jpeg (2.52 MB, 3840x5760, 5F739964-F6CA-4378-82A2-BB7478…)

Wtf is this facial expression?

No. 618394

Coke nail is back. How much does she spend on the shitty nail jobs I wonder.

No. 618395

I always knew that nothing would bring Mira down other than her own toxic ass. She's her own worst enemy
"I'm just a nerd with a sewing machine!"
"I don't actually make anything, I commission artists"
"I am desperate for likes and followers? This is a business my dudes"

No. 618396

same fag but did they shop her shoulders? or just edit her head bigger to make it less linebacker?

No. 618397

They just look like straight up porn star nails. The squared off, long French/gradient nails. Porn star nails.

No. 618400

I think the fact that her hands are hiding her shoulders is helping a lot

No. 618405

This just reminds me of what she admitted on her Camversity stream - that she didn't want to take a break during her sexual assault apology because she was afraid she was going to be forgotten. Welp, look what you did now Mariah. You fucked up so hard you lost your biggest platform.

My favorite part is the "I didn't include this bikini cosplay, that lingerie cosplay, that other bikini cosplay, or my latest lingerie cosplays…" GOOD BECAUSE THEY AREN'T COSPLAYS this dense broad.

No. 618406

Why does it look like she let out a fat, nasty fart and she's sniffing it

No. 618408

No. 618410


her chin/jaw looks so lumpy here? is that the coolsculpting or just weird photoshop?

No. 618413

Looks more like the shadows making it look weird because I didnt notice anything at first

No. 618421

Christ her face looks lumpy. Photoshop fail to the max.

No. 618424

At this point, getting naked would be one of the least humiliating things Mariah's ever done.

Because as much as she likes to believe otherwise, that's what she is.

No. 618433

her "lucoa" expression anon


No. 618471

What’s going on with the tangled bells in between her legs…?

No. 618490

Probably her not even noticing she got a bell hooked on her boot laces until she tried to move and nearly face planted.

What is quality control?

No. 618511

She has her thumbs stuck in her ears and she is saying La la la la la la la I cant hear you to all the people who are trying to tell her that she will get destroyed on reddit.

No. 618516

She shoulda stuck with Pornhub and got destroyed slowly, rather than the beaches of Normandy that's about to happen to her. It's gonna ripple through to her onlyfans too because even there people catching on.

No. 618531

I think it's funny that she lost her main IG account at a time when her looks have severely deteriorated. I'm not saying she was hot once upon a time, but people aren't going to miss seeing her in the same sense that they likely would have, had she lost the IG account while she insisted she was Samus or Mei. The stuff she's sharing on Reddit is pure nightmare fuel. Worse yet, it's not like she's the only one who's posting Momokun pictures on Reddit.

A toast to a very promising 2019.

No. 618546

More and more people are going to be banned on her subreddit and migrate over to the other one. The other subreddit constantly has all her paid shoots leaked.
The comments on her subreddit are even worse than her instagram in the creep factor.

No. 618554

Her IG getting the banhammer must have been one hell of a Christmas present. Imagine her materlistic ass already preparing the day to flex and behold her account was gone. Oh the look on her hideous face must have been wonderful.

No. 618565

File: 1546043522026.png (23.81 KB, 821x270, 63a03fd424d3775eafe3d3bc7ceb9c…)

Not milk, but seeing these made me laugh. Even her fans know when she photoshops the shit outta herself. Just noticed on this pic that she literally shooped out her asshole? Or maybe it was so dirty she had no choice but to

No. 618568

Even her cucks want to see the stretch marks. Maybe for once in her life she should actually listen to them, they appreciate her disgusting neglect of a body more than she does.

No. 618569

I’d sage this if I could, but it’s so depressing to look back at some of her earlier threads and see how much better looking she was? She’s never been gorgeous, but fuck, how did she let herself this bad??
She has a shitty personality but I feel like less cosplayers would’ve had a vendetta against her if she was more physically attractive…
What do you guys think was the big MOO moment that triggered this downward spiral? The sexual assault allegations might have ruined her, but I feel like she started going downhill the second she joined Nigri’s “squad”. I feel like that taste of “fame” inflated her ego way too much.

No. 618571

>>618569 Seems like the beginning of the end may have been kicked off by her unwillingness to admit to cosmetic surgery, emphatically stating that everything was natural, only to make that YouTube video in which she shrugged it off like "yeah, I lied, but who cares?".

I feel like that's the first time people really started wondering what else she could possibly be lying about. Suddenly, she didn't have proof of attending classes at UNLV. Then it became known that she wasn't responsible for most of her cosplay gear. On top of that, she also proved that she isn't a gamer, as she foolishly said her PSN trophy level was at zero (you start at level 1 the moment you create a PSN account), and then she said she would try to present more authentic photo sets, only to double down on photoshop.

There are several other reasons to speculate on when the downfall began, but Mariah is prone to screwing up and shooting herself in the foot.

No. 618572

Going through her history. I love that she plays the minority card while doing stuff like this. I haven't met a muslim woman yet who poses like this. Her dad must be real proud.

No. 618574

File: 1546045402537.jpg (18.46 KB, 600x400, whatever nerd.jpg)

>couldn't even sweep the shit on the floor that's in the shot

No. 618575

the downfall began the moment she got attention. that zero suit samus ruined her. she's extremely narcissistic and attention-seeking and that gave her a high that she'd never reach again, and all of this spiraling down into lewder and lewder territory is chasing that high. the self-destruction and her nightmarish finances are just symptoms of how much this is about attention and praise, not about creating a sustainable business. nigri has her faults and there's many reasons to hate her, but her hustle isn't one. momo was never smart enough to become a nigri, she's just the cosplay equivalent of a z-list reality start trying to make a career out of their one hit.

No. 618576

Damn, now she's gonna have to fire her lawyer too!

No. 618578

imagine chasing the cheap spandex suit dragon for the rest of your days, you wrapped it up very nicely anon.

and I know it’s been said before but the fact that we thought she looked bad and sloppy at thread 1? god if only we knew what was to come and how much worse it would get.

No. 618579

Does she not mod her Fb at all? It's just people ripping her apart lmao

No. 618581

>the uncensored >>618216 is posted by herself


Why would anyone pay?

No. 618582


I’d argue that the biggest hit she took was the sexual assault allegations coming out. It was the one thing she couldn’t hand wave away as “The internet/jealous haters making up lies about me to ruin my reputation” or “It’s something everyone does but the only reason you guys come after me for it is because (insert minority groups she claims to be a part of)”. She used to be able to weasel out of any sort of scrutiny by using those excuses and the internet largely let her off the hook. She was even able to escape the lying about lipo by yet again claiming to be the victim. But the sexual assasult stuff was the thing the internet couldn’t look the other way on. It was what dealt the biggest blow to her reputation and it still follows her to this day. And since being outed as a molester it’s been a downward spiral for her.

No. 618607

File: 1546051404378.png (24.23 KB, 843x76, Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 8.42…)

I spat out my drink lul

No. 618611

Her cosplay convention days haven't been the same since either. No more making new costumes to debut at cons, no more hardcore partying with the community, having photos taken and bragging about her status. Now she's a complete pussy who barely shows her face at any con, rocking up in her usual lazy attire and buying merch.

No. 618613

And no more companies willing to work with her at cons.

No. 618614

That included which was a huge chunk dug right into her ego. Conventions were basically her life, she lived and breathed them, now she has to low key hide, not even cosplay at these cons and pretend everything will be just dandy.

No. 618617

>>618607 She's insane if she thinks she's going to compensate for the Instagram ban by putting more of an emphasis on her personal site and Reddit. She went from getting over 20k likes per stupid photo, to a few hundred upvotes per Reddit post. Nobody buys shit from her website, since the material is already gratuitously floating around online. She gets pummeled on Facebook. Tumblr is dead. She blew it on Camversity. And she can't use Twitter.

If someone told me at the start of the year that Mariah would become solely reliant on Reddit, her dormant website, a Twitch account she doesn't use, an Onlyfans account that doesn't offer porn or exclusives, and a largely ignored backup account on Instagram, I would have thought you were more insane than Mariah.

No. 618629

I wonder if her IG getting banned was part of the big purge IG was doing over not followers? They were purging ton of bot accounts and accounts with tons of fake follows. Maybe hers was clearly enhanced by bot followers and they shut it down, and she’s not making a stink about it and trying to laugh it off because she knows she got caught.

No. 618634

The Camversity gig was really simple, all she had to do was take care of her appearance and clean her surrounding area. Especially since Twitch is getting rid of the titty streamers, just bring the titty streaming to Camversity. They weren't forcing her to get naked or anything, should've just jiggled her boobs and twerked occasionally and she would've had nothing to worry about. But nah, she got on there haggard and wearing clothes she probably slept (don't forget the dirty background) in while Vamp was the one raking in the coins by shaking her ass.

No. 618636

You put a nice neat bow on it. It's funny I didn't even hear of Moomoo until the sexual assault allegations came out. I'd seen her around, but she already came off as an attention seeking thot, using her "thiccness" to become popular.

I think her only option at this point is to move to Japan and start over there. She can start going to cons again, plus the Japanese love big women, and I'm sure she can get a loyal fanbase of gullible guys. Besides in Japan when she screws it all up again, she can cling to that small taste of fame on those screwed up game shows, or better yet dip into porn over there, in their "other" category.

No. 618638

So does anyone know what Vamp gets out of this friendship? I keep hearing she does the bulk of the work when they team up, and aside from being "friends" why does she stick with Moomoo? I feel anyone who cosplays has their reputation partially tarnished by being around Moomoo. I don't follow Vamp at all, so I could be wrong. Maybe she is Moo's best friend, and will continue to ride that blimp as it burst into flames and plummets to the ground.

No. 618639

She knows if she goes into porn her career is over at that point.
Maybe if she gets desperate enough for money she will go porn but at this point it’s the only option left for her once Patreon goes away.

No. 618646

She gets access to Mariah's money (ex Moo pays for everything cause Vamp is a poor loser)

No. 618647

You don't really hear much on Vamp lately. She use to hate Momo but was her bff. Every time Vamp tries to be a little sassy Momo makes fun of her nose, teeth or something else about her.

On Camversity when Vamp got too much attention Momo was petty enough to tell people Vamp use to be a crack addict and threw her under the bus. Then she told people Vamp likes shota, trying to play up she's a pedo. She buys Vamps friendship like all her other friends, and Vamp is broke which makes her a total leech. But I think a huge part of it is Momo has some dirt on Vamps and she knows she isn't afraid to use it

No. 618648


It’s because Vamp is a total loser with no friends besides Moo.

No. 618649

File: 1546060600073.png (439.79 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-12-28-23-14-19…)

Another sushi place?

No. 618650

File: 1546060637800.png (421.05 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-12-28-23-14-49…)

No. 618651

Anon she has to keep up the illusion she has bank. And that her main insta getting nuked so doesn't bother her.

No. 618653

But Vamp got to go to Sensei's for christmas so she has that over Moo. Can't imagine Moo is so keen on her bestie rn until she finds some other thing to throw in her face gift or insult.

No. 618662

I think she's wearing the g-string inside out lmao

I'd always hoped she'd get chased off insta, but now that it's happened I'm kinda sad, gonna miss the constant posts and endless story uploads tbh

No. 618663


looking at it again, I think you may be right lol only mariah could fuck something so simple up. this isn't even the first time she's worn underwear or a bikini backwards or inside out.

No. 618664

GabbyCCpsplay revealed that Vamp used to text her about how much she hated Mariah and vamp said "well you were friends with Steff" vamp lost all her friends she only has moo now they deserve each other. I think vamp is holding out for that clout and money.

No. 618665

Top kek its totally inside out, how dumb can you be.

Genuine question, does she not get stretch marks? I know most of her body imperfections get shooped out, but when she makes those stupid videos on her story it seems she doesnt have any? Just curious since she gains weight so rapidly

No. 618666

File: 1546062862990.jpg (Spoiler Image, 169.69 KB, 810x1080, Momokun_2_019.jpg)

i think hank hill has more ass then her

No. 618667

It's too bad. With all the stupid gifts Vamp didn't want and Momo's dumb flexes she could have fixed her nose

No. 618668

File: 1546062957072.jpg (Spoiler Image, 120.47 KB, 810x1080, Momokun_2_010.jpg)

why is she too poor to have a photographer nowadays? all of her recent pictures are low effort, random dirty house items and shit cosplay. what the hell is she supposed to be cosplaying right now? some shitty may hybrid

No. 618669

her butt makes no sense here, what is she even thinking with this shit editing

No. 618670

I'm fairly certain I've seen stretch marks, or at least the signs of them beneath shoop.

No. 618671


She definitely does, there are a few photos in the previous thread where there are clear deep purple ones on her thighs and she has lots of faded white ones all over, she just usually hides them better.

No. 618674

File: 1546063501749.png (Spoiler Image, 1.2 MB, 1244x775, stretchmarks.png)


spoilered for your safety, proceed with caution, but here's a close up of her stomach/groin/thighs where you can see some pretty clear stretch marks she didn't bother to airbrush.

No. 618675

File: 1546063548908.png (446.52 KB, 480x981, 29430917-266F-4A72-94FC-AEE5CB…)

she does all her shoots in these sprees where she travels for a week (or makes them come and stay with her) and pads the time between those shoots with these shitty “selfie sets”

no idea, assuming some loosely pic related to tie in with the free Adam and Eve she got

No. 618676

File: 1546063976528.gif (3.92 MB, 337x600, A0738B68-B437-47D5-A9D4-2E7989…)

business as usual with annoying people at dinner. cat tries to film her napkin twice (its folded like a shirt) and momo jumps in both times. once with this and some ninja sounds and then in the next video she keeps trying to grab it away with her chopsticks. Cat zooms in on her face in both of them and says “if you don’t stop”

No. 618678

Yes Momo, you keep pissing off your friends for entertainment and eat those feelings away

No. 618680

she looks so old here, like.. i don't understand how she can be so young but be aged so badly… it's kinda sad

No. 618681

and you know she spent 2 hours on make up caking it on (We know her routine, thank you cam V), face tape and has her ratty extensions in. Nothing can help her now

No. 618683

She looks like she's wearing a bad wig with a receding hairline here.

No. 618694

>>618676 Makes me wonder if her strategy here is to try to steal the spotlight in a cheap effort to generate some buzz whenever she's around people who have a fairly large following on social media.

This immediately reminded me of the time when Holly Wolf was doing some filming while in Japan, and Mariah kept looking at the camera while trying to make out with a horrified and, let's be honest, sexually assaulted Vamp.

No. 618695

File: 1546068015394.png (4.98 MB, 1125x2436, C849A546-FF44-4BF5-8372-832256…)

No. 618696

It would explain why she dresses nice whenever she gets people to go out. Usually she looks like a haggard mess but she put effort into her appearance today.

Would be wild if she called her friends in a panic like "My account was taken down and I need you guys to advertise me!"

No. 618698

File: 1546068775718.png (33.12 KB, 610x424, 1517717474761.png)

When I first saw these I thought they were pubes, not stretch marks. If they're stretch marks that's just sad. Looking real rough, Moo.

No. 618703

Is this the start of new glasses kun? since she likely lost her Mei Beekeeper 'totally legit' ones?

No. 618712

File: 1546071759447.gif (1.37 MB, 502x600, 0905072F-7379-49FB-84DE-A3A1C8…)

No. 618718

Why people still choose to be seen in public with her is beyond me. She's a sinking ship, there's no point anymore.

No. 618720

Haha! Classic Mariah, so fun and quirky. You guys still think I'm fun and quirky… right? …Guys?

No. 618723

How has this grown ass woman not matured from her extreme attention whore weeb phase yet?

No. 618729

File: 1546077053917.gif (615.44 KB, 480x270, giphy (3).gif)

Looks like ingrown pubes/follicles irritated from overwaxing to me. Compare this what Shay has going on.

Does she think this is cute? This is the kind of shit an eight year old would do. I'm really sad sensei kept her rrom doing this in Japan.

No. 618761

kind of a combo of both. there are reddish/purple lines which means fresh/newer stretchmarks aa opposed to white old ones which shows how much weight gain has happened for her recently

No. 618773

It always fascinates me how people hate this chick so much and supposedly find her so gross yet can't stop talking about her. Like who're you kidding? You all want to fuck the absolute shit out of her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 618774


At this rate not even free dinner will get people to be seen with her in public. She's an overgrown child.

No. 618775

This is a special level of unflattering, even for Mariah.

No. 618777

Hello Mariah, I know you're bored without your main IG and reddit and FB is tearing you apart your photoshopped asshole, but is it really a good idea to try to seek solace here?

No. 618778

i mean im a straight woman but go off i guess
Some of the people in these threads aren't just random angry neckbeards, alot of them are people that knew Moo

No. 618781

Moo is a garbage person overall. Being incredibly turned off by someone doesn't make people want to sleep with them. This is also basically a female dominated image board. I understand some girls like girls but fuck off newfag.

No. 618783

Yknow how people watch compilations videos of things being destroyed with a 1000 degree knife, or some random kid blowing stuff up, or car crashes or train wrecks or people getting smacked in the face??
Mariah is like the human version of a stupid compilation video: gross, funny and stupid beyond belief.
She's like the cosplay version of Jackass.

I may be a girl who likes girls but I like girls who have like, self respect and shit so.
Its okay if you wanna fuck her, though. You're allowed to be gross.

No. 618796

Which calf has stumbled in now? Danielle? The Munchie? Cat? Vamps as usual?

Everyone who still associates with her deserves her, really. Yeesh, what a nightmare it is to dine with her.

No. 618799


It's either Vamps or Moocow herself, the timing is hilarious considering her losing her shit.

No. 618804

I legitimately thought this was a lewd Grunkle Stan cosplay at first in the thumbnail and I can't get it out of my head now.

No. 618809

Ah yes, the year of Forest kun.

No. 618835

this is a 5th grade level comeback, mariah.. come on…. even you can do better than that

No. 618839

That’s what it reminded me of too, so I posted a pic of him as a reply last thread and got a temp ban lmfao.

No. 618840

Honestly, I wouldn't be opposed to someone doing something like that (taking a completely unsexy character and jokingly doing a sexy version of them), because it's funny and self aware.

But she would never do that, because Moo is neither of those things. Also, Moo is terrified of the idea of crossplay, 1) because she has the complete wrong bldy for it and 2) because she's lowkey homophobic.

No. 618841


It's such a weird mindset as well, the idea that you can only be interested in something you want to fuck

No. 618852


It’s one of the first deflections both thots and the white knights who defend them love to use: That anyone who criticizes them is some self-loathing, basement dwelling virgin who deep down just wants to fuck them or someone like them. It makes it much easier to deflect criticism when you write off all your detractors as all losers who just need to get laid.

No. 618889

The fact she thinks it's perfectly acceptable to show this shit just proves how low of a point she has reached. Couldn't even make downstairs look presentable for her cucks and instead it looks like a crackwhore's infested cave. Jesus fucking christ.

No. 618894

Just proves if her neckbeard army stops fapping to her for a month and take their money elsewhere she's 100% finished.

No. 618895

That's freaking rough. She keeps her in her pocket, and has no problem roasting her when she "steps out of line" and on top of that she will crush her if she gets the slightest bit of traction. This sounds like the 2 chicks from Death Becomes Her. They hate each other, but cling to the weak friendship they have, even though one is an abusive attention whore and the other is a leech.

You know what would be crazy. Moomoo brought down by Vamp. Like this whole time she was just patiently waiting to drop bombshell after bombshell, in such a devastating way that Moomoo just vanishes from social media because even her skin isn't tough enough to handle the firestorm it all unleashed.

No. 618896

Men can't comprehend the idea that a person's actions can be motivated by anything but sex.

I'm a gay woman, but I would rather eat a bowl of living cockroaches than have sex with Moo. The WKs always conveniently forget how unhygenic she is. Several people have encountered her IRL and noticed that she smells bad, she wears the same clothes days in a row, never washes her hair, etc.

Given all that, her vag probably smells like a a rotting fish in a used gymsock. Hurl.

No. 618899

I hope I don't get banned for this but here goes.

It's not just men, its everyone. Men and women. I'm a man, and I was explaining to my female friend why Moomoo was a garbage fire. She asked why I cared at all, and then said I just wanted to fuck her because she is thicc costhot. I then explained my fascination with Moomoo is the same as my fascination with idiots getting into car accidents. I love seeing stupidity punished, and then watching the wreckage burn for awhile.(male)

No. 618903

Hi, woman here - It's not just men and I get 2018 was the year of "lol all men are wrong and evil!" but let's be honest here, if a man was doing even an iota of the stuff Moo does, people would have long moved on or tried their best to get him destroyed.

But because moo is a woman, she's still getting a pass. Realistically the only people who stupport her still either forgot they're subbed or were looking for a quick fap and not realize (way better) is out there for free.

I know plenty of women who were attracted to Moo 2 years ago. So yes, it's just "certain people" don't realize there's more to things than sex.

I bet you women are far more sex crazed in thinking than men are, but that's an off topic subject.

No. 618904

I'm male and don't think like that. You should say "some people", because that's how it is. There are women who think that all actions of all around them are motivated by sex.

It's more a function of projection. If you're thinking about sex all the time and it motivates all your actions, you think everyone else is thinking about sex all the time and motivates all their actions as well.

Alternatively, if you have recently become woke to something, it is more likely you will over-identify false positives when you expect to find certain "hidden" motives(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 618909


Who let these spergs in

No. 618913

they're right tbh.

No. 618937

No one cares because even if they are or aren’t it’s irrevleant and no one cares. This thread is about moo not men. No one cares about men’s opinions or women’s blogposting defending them here, it’s in the very rules of the site.

Seriously, someone comes in WKing her and then it sparks an argument about notallmen. Which one of her fans or calves found this site for the first time today?

No. 618943

then report it and get over it. whoever wrote. >>618896 is also fucking off topic but you didn't quote them to stfu. don't sperg out over your bias.

No. 618947

>I'm male and don't think like that. You should say "some people", because that's how it is.

Please God shut the fuck up you incel

No. 618950

Sorry anon didn’t realize I had to mini mod a whole thread and make sure to quote every single post so you feel like it’s all ~fair~. Go sperg about men’s rights on reddit or something. No one cares about your fee fees.

Back on topic so autists like you can get buried, can any brave Patreon anon that may still be around confirm is moo is still doong her “monthly costume plans” posts for Patrons? I remember throughout this year she was promising cosplay after cosplay and I feel like she BARELY delivered on 1/4th of them?

Is it because she was only surface level interested in the characters and wanted to ride a popularity wave on their backs, or did she run out of money to fund all these costumes and supposed “big builds”? 2018 is almost over and I feel like she barely cosplayed anything finished and polished that wasn’t a bikini-fied or lewd version?

No. 618967

Are you guys unaware of what site you're using?

Take this garbage to Reddit. No one cares about men's feefees here.

No. 618976

File: 1546133849185.png (5.58 KB, 369x211, 26bb44ed9b0b6507f3ed18fb10bd07…)

so much for the pornhub account huh
last login was three weeks ago

No. 618979


I’m guessing she regretted it the instant she signed up. She knew what kind of content would be expected of her if she tried to post and we all know how she feels about that. So she dipped and hoped no one would notice or bring it up to her anymore.

No. 618983

Eeehhhhhhhh it was like camversity. She wanted to gather more neckbeards for dollars. She knows what pornhub expects of her. She made the account so she can say to the neckbeards "I totes have a pornhub account as a talent, see I'm into sex". Guaranteed
IRL chick prolly hasn't been laid in months and even then has to pay men to do it, or buy them gifts like a sugarmomma. How pathetic, a woman at age 23 that has to pay for sex.

No. 618990


She said she only slept with 3 people and Vamp slept with as many as she is years old.

Mariah's sex life is easy to follow
- hs bf
- that guy she dumped to cosplay
- kbbq

No. 618993

chiefs not confirmed but with all she's spent she prob tied him down at least once

No. 618994

>Believing anything that Mariah says

She's absolutely porked Justin Rojas (ex-Funimation shill) and Overtflow. I don't think she's gotten much ass beyond that, but she's bent over for more than three idiots.

No. 618996

I only believe it because she's such a fucking loser. However, I think this is only relating to penetration.

I wouldn't be surprised if she sucked off every fuckboi who let her.

No. 618997

I always figured she was hoping but perpetually friendzoned, remember when they went on that driving vacation a little while back? For a wedding or an event for someone Chiefs knew or something? I figure if anything happened it would have happened then, and if it did, they either would have continued on afterwards or he would have abruptly disappeared. Of course I could be totally reading it wrong but my bet is he was a long–time hopeful but didn't amount to anything kek

No. 619001

I genuinely don't think they've ever fucked, moo is just thirsty for him and he's strung her along for the perks.

No. 619004

>>618997 We may never know for sure, but Mariah hasn't been seen with him since the baking stream st his sister's place of business. I didn't watch the stream, but I wouldn't discount the possible outcome that she rubbed the employees the wrong way, which may have finally given Tattoo-kun an excuse to separate from Mariah.

When Mariah used to spend time with him, she was always filming him, or always mentioning how he did something beneficial for her (book recommendations, Mariah's sore back that Tattoo-kun magically fixed). Between the lack of holiday footage (Vamp was clearly with him, but Mariah was missing from the scene), along with her removal of "peaceful warrior" from her original IG account bio, I think he's a non-factor going forward.

Many of us suspected that Japan would be the last straw, as it can't be easy to spend that much time around Mariah without getting fed up with all of her faults.

And even though it's embarassing for a guy to sleep with Vamp (which he did), I sincerely doubt that he did anything with Mariah. He gave her a chance, she blew it, and he rewarded himself for his efforts by going to Japan and accepting free food and gifts.

Mariah, the ever-so-observant genius, played herself by thinking she could accomplish what Vamp already did.

No. 619012

So what you're saying is Vamp is the fun one? NICE! blaarrgg

There is no way Moomoo has only been with 3 people. She has been called out for sexually molesting/assaulting people. Men and women. I'm pretty sure there have been countless drunken BJs, and several late night booty calls when she was the only one available. I wouldn't be surprised is she has actually gone all the way with a few women.

Scary thing about Moomoo is her history of alcohol abuse, and her demonstrating she has no objection molesting people. Does she seem like the type to be above taking advantage of someone passed out? Or would she say fuck it, I can blame it on the booze later?

No. 619016

In a group I'm in threads on her pop up from time to time. A guy claimed once he matched with her and she just lay like dead and smelled. Can't say if true but I wouldn't doubt her matching just to feel like some guy wanted her.

No. 619027


I remember when we all predicted this would happen when tat boy was first mentioned. Mariah youre such a sad person

No. 619028

Yeah if anything, it was pretty much how many anons predicted. Tattoo-kun pretty much ghosted/bailed as soon as Japan was over.

I’d feel sorry for her if she wasn’t so… Momo.

No. 619032

Now that you mention it he really has bailed out since Japan ended. Moo failed miserably once again in snagging a fuckboi to last.

No. 619034

Tattoo-kun probably just kept giving Moo attention until and during the Japan Trip to mooch as much as he wanted, My theory is that he went to soapland or something, cause we didn't really see him during most nights. or he just kept getting second hand embarrassment with all the cringy stuff Moo has pulled.

I would not be surprised that everytime she did a bikini cosplay after taking photos she would go to into his room and try to get harpooned by him, He probably go sick of it and that's why Moo moved places alone too

No. 619053

Well she was seen in Japan trying to forcefully kiss vamps and I'm willing to bet tattoo kun dipped out sometime during the trip and they had a "falling out" which was why momo was so fucking clingy with vamps

No. 619054

I think what happened to Sensei is what happened with Overtflow. They both got annoyed or preoccupied with something more important and she got instantly offended. You saw what happened that night she made fun of Dangerrrdoll's sexual assault; she was googly eyed for the dude. It was obvious she had a lady boner for someone that didn't want her.

She is carrying a insecurity from KBBQ's relationship where she thinks "guys dont want me because I'm fat, fuck them I'm a indepedent woman" but in reality she's spoiled, lazy and let herself go as soon as she didn't have to impress jocks anymore. It's easier to assume money will buy long term relationships when it's with Vamps or Antares or even Roxy but when it's a man with feelings, it's less easy to manipulate.

No. 619056

Any male that already has a partner, is linked to something "dramatic", someone she can use for her own benefit or the kind that only want her for a no guilt fuck because of her desperate need for attention truly shows how fucked Moo's mindset is when it comes to forming any sort of relationship. Every single one of them is toxic, her chasing after Vamp's fuck buddy sloppy seconds is just the bottom of the barrel and low & behold Tattoo-kun dipped in no time. Narcs can't love anyone else but themselves.

No. 619059

Oh man the baking! I remember catching that cringe fest in the threads and think I saw an instastory or two, did she stream her entire time there? I can't imagine how sensei's sister and her staff felt with Moo showing up and being loud to be loud on the internet. Bleh! She gave him an easy out to dip for good with that one didn't she?

No. 619061

Lmao I hope he enjoyed the free vacation abroad. Dude totally played Moo like a fiddle; he may be a manipulative user, but at least he chose to prey on a scummy girl who deserved it.

No. 619062

A self absorbed cunt taking advantage of another self absorbed cunt, what fun. All the sudden increase in insecure lewds reek if trying to "this is what you're missing". Moo pulled the same shit with OverTFlow when he chose his girlfriend over her zit infested ass.

No. 619063

It's always funny when I see these people around lolcow because it's obvious they escaped from Reddit and have NO IDEA. Lol.

It's just hard to see Mariah as anything but a sexless blob. She may do lews excessively but she still looks like she doesn't even know what a penis looks like.

No. 619065

File: 1546148171515.jpg (3.31 MB, 5312x2988, 20181230_183129.jpg)

Made momokun in darksouls, I think
It's pretty accurate(no one cares)

No. 619070

The bakery streamed it themselves iirc.

No. 619090

vamps might have a jacked face but at least she has a decent body. you can't really paperbag moo.

I'm still not convinced KBBQ cut her off for her body alone. He has no problems porking her through the majority of her weight gain. I think her vile personality was the nail in the coffin.

No. 619130

Mariah pre-AX was a cock-hungry slut who desperately threw herself at any attractive guys she came across. It doesn't mean she is any good at sex or knows how to be reasonably sexual, but she sure as hell played at being such. We joke about her being a pump-and-dump for a reason.

The guy is taken? Hell yeah, she'll dive right in. Is he Asian? Move over because the Moo is charging in like a fucking bull. Is he E-famous? Bitch, she's already tried to fondle him hours ago! Don't forget that she accused Nathan DeLuca of raping her for ME TOO pity points, only to recant and flip out when someone tried to help her and make the story public.

Since her recent weight gain and public infamy, she's social poison now and has a harder time pursuing the type of fuckbois that she used to. Dudes can't tolerate her for fame and side pussy anymore because it is no longer worth it, so she's slowly giving up on the whole thing. You'll get your vision of a sexless blob soon enough, no worries.

No. 619137

God I hope she reads this and spergs our anywhwre she isn’t banned lol. Makes another crying YouTube video or somthing then sad binges and gains ten more pounds.

No. 619138

late to the party but how did no one comment on her thumb on her left (our right) hand. what the FUCK is going on there

No. 619139


The only men that lust over her now more than ever are the degernate neckbeards with nothing else better to spend their money on. Funny how many other lewd cosplayers all have loving partners, genuine friends and solid hobbies outside of their cosplay job. Moo is nowhere near as settled and can't even keep consistent.

No. 619141

>>619138 Holy shit! I didn't even notice this! She must've crushed it after she dropped her spam musubi on it.

No. 619142

I just assumed it was her usual "I'm trying to be sexy, but my neckbeard army faps to me and gives me money anyway" pose.

No. 619148

It’s from shopping her shoulders smaller

No. 619153

>The only men that lust over her now more than ever are the degernate neckbeards with nothing else better to spend their money on.

this, absolutely. (not racebaiting, but) it seems like a lot of her remaining fans are "open bobs and vagene" tier ESL guys who only use the internet to hit on girls on social media - aka the mold growing on the absolute bottom of the barrel. those guys will never disappear, so she'll always seem to have an audience, but they're also not going to pay for her content, much less religiously like the waifu-pillow neckbeards she used to have. they will get ruthless or lose interest the moment they realize she won't actually get naked, as we saw in her pornhub streams.

at this point, the quality of her cosplay is just so poor and her body is just so wrecked that even photoshop can't save her, and anyone with sense can google exactly how photoshopped she is. she can no longer do the waifus enough 'justice' for the neckbeards to drool over - remember her brief bit of attention for being 'irl mei'?

there's really no potential redemption arc for her either. if she lost all the weight, she'd be left with sagging skin and stretch marks etc that would necessitate her to be just as photoshopped anyway. if she apologized to the community, the majority of it wouldn't believe her and she'd never be able to be the nigri figure she wanted. she really has nothing else besides shaygnar-tier porn or getting a real job kek

No. 619155

She must be losing her mind right about now. She's been silent damn near everywhere since her ban. I cant wait to see her publicly have another breakdown.

No. 619156

File: 1546195524458.jpg (637.16 KB, 1080x1761, Screenshot_20181230-124505_Chr…)

From the momokun reddit.

No. 619157

She's forever doing the SAME shit over and over. Unless Cuckeon, Reddit/Pornhub/Onlyfans don't fuck around.

No. 619158

like a fifth of her areolas are still visible. this isn't any better than being completely topless.

No. 619160


God this is just so sad lol
She loos so dead inside, her body is just surreal to look at (specially around the hip area wew) including her tiny head jesus christ. There are so many examples where girls go full naked and look classy and lustful then this ~tease~ mess with those star stickers and panties that are being swallowed by her fat yikes.

No. 619161

All I see is amputee

No. 619162

maybe her neckbeards find her seductive because she looks like a realdoll.

No. 619163

jeez the amout of fat spilling over on that left (our left) side. Wtf has she done to her body. Girl you cant hide it with the damn robe we can see it.

No. 619164


And of course she is getting completely roasted in the comments. This is what you have to look forward to Moo lol.

No. 619165


Jesus her dead eyes are pure nightmare fuel

No. 619168

File: 1546196679787.jpg (50.07 KB, 841x586, redditMooo.JPG)

No. 619169

Holy fucking shit. Though you guys were exaggerating how much her reddit user roasted her, they show no mercy. Looks like they aren't your average beta cucks and are sentient.

No. 619170

man, you'd think that, for someone whose entire career consists of selling their body, they'd bother taking care of it. how hard is it to maintain a mildly chubby body?

No. 619172

File: 1546197916612.jpg (408.59 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181230-132508_Chr…)

I'm dead

No. 619173

>>619156 I'm beginning to think that she isn't working with a new photographer at all, and that she's merely using the timer option on her camera. These look like typical erroneous poses and submissions that have Mariah's fingerprints all over them. Between the uneven band underneath her gut in this picture, the twisted fabric where her crotch is on the photo where she's bending over with the floss up her ass, and the other picture where the bells got tangled up as she kneeled down, it's safe to assume there isn't an actual photographer around to advise her of how stupid she looks.

No. 619174

She looks like a bootleg lifeless anime sex doll. Moo just give up, your cosplay 'career' is over, just make daddy proud and go into porn. No amount of bikinis and wigs can save any fragment of that cosplay title you once had.

No. 619175

So whatever happened to the Momokun that was all about the deadlifts and butt squats. Did she give up on that because she realized that the gains weren't as immediate as she had hoped?

She seems so lazy. Even the pictures of hew new home show the house/rooms with nothing in them and shit just on the floor…

No. 619177

If her lazy ass put in even a half hour of squats and lifting a day she'd still have more definition than now. Fuck.

No. 619178


It was a combination of her constantly getting criticized for her poor form and the fuckboi she was trying to drag away from his girlfriend dumping her due to his girlfriend likely telling Moo to keep her greasy fat hands to herself.

No. 619181

The quest for OverTFlows dick was hilarious. She went on a lewd spree in a desperate plea to make herself feel validated after he dipped out once his girlfriend got notified about Moo's actions. A fine example of how toxic she is, chasing after cucks who already have girlfriends like it's just normal.

No. 619182

I can't wait to see how her Patreon numbers are going to be affected by the loss of her primary IG account.

Also, what kind of shit is she planning on throwing at a wall in January with the hopes that it sticks? I know she announced a few things, but I lose track of Mariah's scheduled cosplays due to her frequent last minute changes, or her inability to come through on announced sets.

I have no idea what she's doing for January. Not that I have any interest, for that matter. It's just worth mentioning that she hasn't been adamant on anything, and I bet she's not going to do her 30 minute workout video either.

No. 619186

File: 1546200915802.png (1.5 MB, 1080x1252, MooOOooO.png)

Her body is de pr ess i n g

No. 619188

Man. Those are the most lifeless eyes she has given us.
This cow has been used up

No. 619192

Hmmm, I’d consider this a lewd spree too tbh. They always seem to have some correlation for when she gets dumped.

Shouldn’t her numbers start showing a decline since it’s nearing the end of the month?? Curious how or if they bounce back.

No. 619212


Looks like she's deleted this post already

No. 619213

She got so roasted over the new Reddit picture she deleted it already.
Oh man I would pay to see her face right now.

No. 619214

It didn't look like it was posted BY her tho, maybe she had it removed.

No. 619216

No. 619217

I can’t find it when I sort under new posts.

No. 619218

yeah I couldn’t find it skimming the front page of the sub anymore but when I went back in my history the post still shows and the link works? weird

No. 619219

File: 1546207602923.png (15.12 KB, 423x269, 2346123.png)

fucking lel

No. 619225

When MooMoos big Instagram page got deleted and people noticed that she was popping up in other feeds for the sake of advertising her other Instagram, people saw right through it. Associating with her is automatic blacklisting these days lol.


No. 619226

Yeah, not sure what she was thinking. She won't find a hug box on reddit.

No. 619227


She’s either deleting or or having them hidden. Unfortunately she can do this when her posts get flooded with comments she doesn’t like. Some dipshit white knight gave her mod status a while back.

No. 619228

File: 1546210611224.jpeg (115.29 KB, 693x983, E32324B3-3D72-4E11-AD62-A5CD21…)

I noticed this too. It’s not on the sub anymore but it’s still in that OPs post history which means she deleted it from the sub.

Also found this in his history, sorry if it’s a repost but even wearing stockings her ass is rippling

No. 619234

File: 1546212258015.png (2.56 MB, 1125x2436, 2DE13931-A98B-4554-9D2F-E5BB2C…)

she's dropped about 25 patrons in the last like.. week. i swear the last time i checked she was ~1210

No. 619237

You're too generous anon, there's no more tit under that robe, it's why it's there to give the illusion of big tiddy. You can see the shadow on our left that shows those sad udders are deflated and saggy

No. 619239

Where else can she go now that her IG is banned again? Seriously, where is she gonna attention whore?

No. 619242

This certainly feels like the end of an era.

No. 619244

She's been suspiciously quiet for the past couple of days. I assume she got the nail in the coffin from Instagram and has to come to terms that her biggest marketing tool is gone. Highly doubt she'll ever reach 500k again and she knows that.

No. 619246

Not yet, some bullshit always happens that makes her stay relevant/gets no punishment. If it is though, 2019 just got better. We'll lose a cow but she'll learn a harder lesson.

No. 619248

File: 1546214439251.gif (1.25 MB, 320x240, tpzNnS.gif)

There is one character she can still cosplay that she can do perfectly. Bonus Toot is a vile bitch as well

No. 619249

What? Moo's layers arent able to get her insta back? Poor cunty cow

No. 619254

Really hoping her btsmomokun account will be hit but highly unlikely. She's back to a pityful following like she deserves and her Instagram hugbox is now even more tragic in size. None of her inner circle have given a shit either, watch them begin to drop as her efame decreases along with it.

No. 619258

I've never seen a cosplay career be over in just a short couple of years.

After this is over she will only have a minimum wage job to look forward to since she plastered her real name with her porn name.

No. 619262

Moo will most likely give in to being a really shit sex worker online at best. The type that still make money just for the bare minimum; which let's be real there's plenty of them because tits and vag slips sell even if it's just selfies. Her audience will pay anything, she does less actual cosplay costumes than before and she still makes bank off the low lives who soak it up like a sponge.

No. 619264

I kind of want to see it not get banned. I want to witness her fall into obscurity

No. 619268

Did she delete this post from Reddit? It seems like the original post was deleted, but someone posted it again because there are zero comments this time.

No. 619270

Yes, she deleted posts including what she posted lol.

No. 619272

File: 1546218518060.jpg (12.71 KB, 240x300, 10277753.jpg)

ah yes, just like my animes

No. 619273


She’s way too prideful to settle for a minimum wage day job. She’ll eventually fall into being a fetish model selling videos on something like clips4sale. She’ll eventually start having to do some kind of nudity though, otherwise she is going to be completely fucked. But yeah, a regular day job is out of the question for her.

She thinks she’s being slick and that no one will notice, but yes. She did delete. She has been shadow-deleting posts that have comments that are roasting her.

No. 619274


So… all of them?

No. 619276

>no arms

Now I can't unsee.

Holy shit, top comment. Basically, "I like her but I wouldn't pay for this trash". How is that not a wake up call?!

No. 619277

File: 1546219097619.png (117.07 KB, 372x351, tumblr_inline_niiamgxftd1rnnse…)

>when even your "best friend" won't photog for you

No. 619283

i dont know how to save a gif from twitter
but this person has predicted the work out video

No. 619291

File: 1546223618351.jpeg (134.59 KB, 494x1024, 3F69438E-B17A-459C-83BD-8728EB…)

Moo wants to do Quiet even though she’s the fat fuck now?

No. 619295

File: 1546223980155.png (16.52 KB, 628x64, Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 8.39…)


No. 619296


B-but anon. Don’t you know? That was ages ago and she’s “learned soooo much since then. People change my dude, you should try it”.

It really shows just how much of a cunt she is and was back then. The fact that this bitch had the nerve to walk up to another cosplayer and and call her fat is astounding.

No. 619297

When your entire persona is based on lies and bullshit you can't exist on a forum where you can't control the narrative. Moo is finding this out the hard way and it is positively delicious milk.

No. 619298

File: 1546225006578.png (3.08 MB, 750x1334, F28F9F5A-270F-4440-B6E4-F85FA0…)

still wearing these extensions or whatever also for all the cat anons bernkastel is getting neutered tomorrow.

No. 619299


Exactly. She’s always been so used to either blocking people or deleting comments she didn’t like. Now she can’t do any of that and is forced to just sit there and take it and it pisses her off so much. All because she thought she was the big bad bitch and no one could ever touch her. I’m sure she’s in her room either crying or kicking and screaming about all of this.

No. 619300

File: 1546225070387.jpg (284.72 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181230-205732_Ins…)

Basically all her skinnier ones. Even changed her icon to this pochaco

No. 619301

File: 1546225283363.png (2.59 MB, 750x1334, E4C80176-C868-4518-BDB9-64EDDE…)

Instagram banned her new phone so she has to use her old phone to post to Instagram now kek.

No. 619302

I know some people shit themselves over talking about what is and isn't ban evasion but I feel like this is ban evasion lul.

No. 619306

>>619301 It baffles me how this dumbass girl is deliberately using Instagram as a platform to reveal how she's tiptoeing around the device ban which was put in place by Instagram.

Also, who fucks up so much, their device gets banned as a result? I mean, there are some creepy scumbag motherfuckers on IG who still have their accounts. Mariah must've really pissed someone off.

Maybe she should fire her lawyers for mishandling the dispute process.

No. 619308

File: 1546226098621.png (52.46 KB, 836x646, 05867f8f32297f9173bd56a6420b36…)

When your own subreddit knows how toxic you are, so they make a reddit where you arent a mod sp you cant delete comments like the spineless coward you are

No. 619310

Truth hurts badly for our dearest cow. What a pussy.

No. 619311

Holy shit she openly admits that her phone is banned from posting, so she's using another. How long until btsmomokun is banned from instagram kek

No. 619312

Asif this stupid cunt is using another phone how DESPERATE holy shit.

No. 619315

File: 1546226924837.jpeg (53.47 KB, 750x380, 93CBEE7A-5DF2-478E-8DAC-A5A9E4…)

No. 619316

Why did she get banned in the first place? Is a device ban more severe than an account ban? What is going on????

No. 619317

I know it really limits what you see from her but I hope she loses it too just for how funny it is to imagine her getting mad about it like the internet is her life, think about how many stories she posts on insta like reddit is nothing compared to that, she must be bordering on clinical depression rn

No. 619318



No. 619319

'a bunch of girls got hit on Christmas' bitch where? either way lots of costhots get their accounts taken down and they come right back in a couple of days. Same as yours did the first time moo? why's it still gone this time hmm?

No. 619320

She's too retarded. Thanks for letting everyone know, Mariah. Now you can get banned on that device too!

After that, she'll hang around Vamp 24/7 to use her phone.

No. 619322

I thought a device ban for lewd pictures sounded a little intense too? I haven’t really heard of any of the calves/other costhots having that happen before. maybe it’s because she had previous strikes? but still a device ban just sounds like an intense step.

No. 619323

Hope there's a record anon lurking here, she'll backpedal on it in no time if her second account gets taken down lol.

No. 619324

File: 1546227425629.jpeg (39.75 KB, 300x230, 1479622233392.jpeg)

>gets mobile ban from instagram
>films self complaining about it
>uploads to instagram

What part of any of this makes sense?

No. 619325


Did anyone else get taken down or? As I recall it was only her.


I'm assuming it was because she had a previous strike.


I've got it recorded, but I hope another anon records it as well just in case I lose it. Mariah is so fucking stupid

No. 619326

Moo thinks she's unstoppable, Instagram simply won't care anymore obviously, no need to fear the banhammer again! My god she is a dumbass.

No. 619327

That's our double major, former pharmacy school student, chess aficionado, fluent Japanese speaking, semi pro athlete in several sports plus weight lifting moo. She's another one of those stable geniuses everybody keeps talking about.

No. 619328

how long until this account goes down now?

I can't imagine how many people are reporting this

No. 619332

File: 1546228532335.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 194.97 KB, 810x1080, 942E5EA7-6A39-4BD6-BE06-F4ED12…)

i don’t remember this one being posted either

No. 619333

It's over said but yikes she really does look like a 40 year old mom who probably lurks around her teenage son's friends

No. 619334

Gosh, every newer post has been raunchy and tasteless, adding more and more just makes them nasty to see, there are girls that show only a leg or abdomen (even being fat) and look sexier than this shit

No. 619335

File: 1546228725947.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 143.89 KB, 810x1080, 23A8C313-A9C9-41B6-9877-BE3734…)

dumping a couple others I didn’t see sorry for deleting once

No. 619337

File: 1546228778539.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 144.04 KB, 810x1080, FF9DA4D4-7301-493F-9E72-27ED6B…)

weird 80s work out milf vibes?

No. 619338

What's the point of her shooped sets if she doesn't even bother editing snaps like this? One minute next to no back fat, in this she's got tons and her arm looks huge. Moo is so dense.

No. 619339

what the fuck is wrong with her face

No. 619340

>>Why did she get banned in the first place? Is a device ban more severe than an account ban? What is going on????

Hardware bans are usually a service's way of telling you to fuck off forever, and evading one will basically just get every single fucking internet-capable device you own added to the list.

Whichever anon was losing their shit at people for going "no one cares about ban evading!!" is rather definitively proven wrong if she was hardware banned, and she's also not getting that account back. Additionally, if the account she's posting to now with a different phone is busted, that phone will also be blacklisted and that account will be gone, too.

She won't be able to turn Reddit into a hugbox, she can't show her face at cons, her friends are visibly losing patience with her behavior, and all of her fuckbois have abandoned ship.

2019 is going to be fucking radical.

No. 619341

File: 1546228938439.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.38 MB, 3464x3464, F43B9014-57C9-48EC-8431-4C0651…)

No. 619342


Really clear she's been crying a lot, and she's extremely bad at doing makeup.

No. 619343

This is an absolute train wreck.

No. 619344

File: 1546228997314.jpeg (115.88 KB, 810x1080, 4D52C323-1575-4F98-852A-773F1C…)

there’s a couple of serious standard MySpace mirror pictures in here too, dirty mirror included!

No. 619346

File: 1546229088133.jpeg (104.97 KB, 810x1080, 170DD7A3-CEFB-459C-B1E5-0205E3…)

not over chin in these yet either

No. 619347

She looks like how she did when AX blew up during the sexual assault victims coming forward. Shiny, red faced, swollen and puffy eyes. Moo must truly be miserable, this super confident and amazing front she's got going on won't last for very long.

No. 619348

File: 1546229207813.jpeg (143.81 KB, 810x1080, 9884C61C-B4A2-4826-BC57-3D6763…)

but two chins here

No. 619349

Hope moo figures out a way to pay off her house payments in the future.

No. 619350

She really looks like she was crying in this one.

No. 619352


Apparently there was a crackdown over Christmas for meme accounts. I saw an article on the Atlantic about it, but there was no mention of other accounts getting the ban unless there was suspicion that the username was traded/stolen.

So Moo isn't "wrong" per se, but she's definitely twisting it to sound like it was costhots when it was meme accounts. Lul

No. 619353

That is the face of someone who has truly given up and knows she's fucked up.

No. 619355

File: 1546229512830.gif (764.03 KB, 557x743, 0315CE33-DACC-4D83-9038-BB7778…)

made a gif of this photo and the next one in the set to show how her body shifts with posing. sitting up just a little made a world of difference

No. 619358

WTF is this? Like seriously wtf is this? She looks like a dog eating a hotdog and vomiting at the same time. She is really a shit person, because clearly no one in her life cares about her. Even a fake entourage would pull a person aside and tell them this looks bad. There is nothing sexy about that dead eye, wide mouth, tongue derped out expressionless face she is making.

No. 619359

I hope she deep throats a fly. Her mouth is always hanging open and she straight up looks like those stereotypical blow up dolls.

Bitch went from moving up in the cosplay world to blow-up doll selfies for a few bucks.

No. 619360

can someone record and save this here? like a webm?

No. 619361

File: 1546229717607.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 149.28 KB, 810x1080, 51EF2A6B-D9F9-42FC-9A2E-DE3C75…)

one more pochaco

No. 619367

Her boobs don't even look real they're so….disgusting

No. 619369

So does anyone follow Vamp on social media? I was wondering if it's worth it. Not to look at her or any of that crap. Just as another angle on the dumpster fire that is Mooron's life. Also because I really feel she is going to go full on Edward Snowden on Moo, in a tell all Vlog.

No. 619370

it only looks better because she's giving herself the illusion of a waist with her hands and hiking up her underwear even further.

No. 619371

From cheap spandex Aliexpress chic dismissing sex workers to wanting to be the next Nigri to this fucking disaster of a career she calls 'cosplay'. This has to be the biggest downward spiral of a cosplayer I've ever seen.

No. 619372

She's supposedly quitting cosplay at the beginning of the year, so no

Just check in every so often

No. 619373

using the same lingerie from her last sets. She completely gave up, there is no effort left anymore. She's just trying to milk the last few bucks she can before her career is completely dried up

No. 619374

I think Mooron might actually be able to make a serious comeback. Think about it guys, she would be perfect working for the CIA.

Some foreign spy has been caught and taken to a black site for interrogation. He is ready because he was trained to handle water boarding. His body is use to almost all drugs used by the CIA. He has nothing to worry about. Until he hears the crane backing up. Suddenly he is slammed to the ground where he is anchored to the floor so he can't move. He looks up in horror as he sees THIS being lowered towards his face. The more he screams the more Moo crouch air he takes in.

No. 619375

>he hears the crane backing up

I started laughing at this point in the story

No. 619378

the dirty mirror and mess of a bathroom counter in the pochaco selfies really shows how much she doesn't care anymore and it's hilarious

like it's the most amateur shit but not the good kind

No. 619379

It's like one is inflating and the other is deflating.

No. 619383

File: 1546232353640.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 483.82 KB, 2316x3088, A7A173E6-0AF6-4EA5-AC0C-6B86B2…)

Her areolas are basically all showing in her Grunkle Stan cosplay.
She’s trying so hard to cling to her pride and not go completely topless but she basically already has. These workout pochaco and xmas lucoa pics are just….sad.
She’s on the verge of some type of breakdown, that’s for sure.

No. 619387

Honestly I think at this point I would have just the tiniest inkling of respect for her if she went topless.
My theory is her nipples are too fucked up from her breast reduction and that’s why she won’t do it.

No. 619390

I almost don't want her to fail, you know? She's a horrible person, a sexual assaulter, a racist, yada yada, but I'm attached to her in some weird way.
Schadenfreude is real, I guess.

No. 619392

Maybe you two are peas in a pod.

No. 619393

>>619390 Her downfall was inevitable. She constantly makes mistake after mistake. She never takes advice. She never tells the truth.

Besides, this just looks like the end of the cosplay era. We still have the live sex act streams and the highly anticipated return to Starbucks to look forward to on lolcow.

No. 619395

There’s some old leaked nudes easily available, they were from after her reduction but the nips don’t look botched. With actual nudes already floating around it makes it even weirder for her to refuse going topless. Nothing she does makes sense

No. 619398

She’s probably gained at least 80 pounds from those photos though. That can’t be good for any of the plastic surgery she’s gotten done.

No. 619400


Her nips look weird in this? They look like pepperonis

No. 619401

look like implant scars

No. 619402

They match her saggy, enlarged udders: stretched out from weight gain. Can pretty much already tell what they look like cause they’re too big to hide with her pasties. They just look like regular big fat chick nips to me. They might not be very nice but also dont seem anything too out of the ordinary.

No. 619403

Her main IG account is back up now. Lol

No. 619404


Of course it is. Instagram’s tos is a fucking joke.

No. 619406

Guess we can say goodbye to her posting on reddit for now then. Since it isn't needed.

No. 619407

File: 1546235963675.jpeg (252.22 KB, 750x1000, DAFECEEC-9D7F-46FD-93F3-0D801E…)

smooth criminal momo strikes again

No. 619409


Maybe not if she keeps having to deal with bans every other week. She might be fed up enough with insta to leave.

No. 619410

Highly doubt it. She gets ass pats on IG.

No. 619411

>>619409 That's not going to happen. Instagram is the closest thing she has to a lifeline, especially with her main account. And if the last handful of days have taught us anything, it's that she's incredibly despised across the social media alternatives (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and an honorable mention to Camversity, Onlyfans, and Pornhub).

She knows she's toast without IG. That's where she has the most control, and it's also where people suck up the most.

A fat person isn't going to push a spoonful of desert away, basically.

No. 619412

>>619411 Dessert*


No. 619413

How does she keep getting unbanned? Is she giving the IG staff bribes?

No. 619414

Maybe she's threatening them with uncensored nudes

No. 619419

She really does get away with everything, it's sickening as fuck.

No. 619421

how do you go from a device ban, making fun of them for using another device to post, then getting unbanned?
Either way I feel like she's going to fuck it up again in less than a week

No. 619422

Who wants to place bets that she's gonna completely abandon her posting more frequently on Reddit lol

No. 619423

Nothing says "sensual" like an eerie, dimly lit, empty room.

Also please tell me she's not trying to pass this off as a cosplay.

No. 619425

if she puts a wig on she does call it cosplay. But when you call her out on it she claims "boudoir". It really depends on her mood

No. 619426


This 100%. Though to be fair, Moo wasn't even that active on there these past few days after claiming she would be. I was banking on her actually trying to interact with her "fans" on there, but nope.

No. 619427

she did interact with fans remember? she hide the posts roasting her kek

No. 619428


Actually when you call her out for it, she loves to play the “Cosplay however you want. No one gets to decide what is and isn’t cosplay. We’re all just showing our love for the things we like and you’re being toxic by trying to dictate what constitutes as cosplay” card.

No. 619429

Time to just report the main account again. If it got to a device ban this time, maybe it’ll be a permanent ban next time.

Because all of the other girls that are getting hit with account deactivations aren’t getting device bans since they can use and create their backups just fine. Moo must be really on the edge.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 619430

that's right, she likes to change the definition of things. Like how she tried to change the def for porn. But 98 percent of the community agrees that a bikini and a wig isn't a cosplay

No. 619431

As soon as she tries to post some onlyfans, patreon pasty over tits pic she's going to get mass reported. Honestly it's only a matter of time before she gets banned again(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 619440

I tested reporting one of her pics for being against ToS and within 45 seconds was updated with "It's not against ToS" so I'm assuming they're just blanket ignoring reports now of her acct.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 619445

80 pounds?? anon, you are way too generous

No. 619446

i vote for this to be the next thread pic

No. 619468

Hana Bunny lost hers too, not sure about anyone else in the moment

No. 619475

fitting since she keeps shooping herself a michael jackson nose

No. 619480

Holy shit. The moment she got her main account back she went to work advertising all of the crap that was being thrown away on reddit in her iG story.

Now she is doing a year in review. Letting people see she wasn't always a washed up costhot failure. It's crazy. She was actually "cosplaying" for the beginning of the year. It wasnt until around November when she declined into full on thoterritory. I honestly thought this behavior was going on all year.

I can't decide what's worse. He taking a nose dive like this, or her starting the year off as shit, and then just swimming further down the septic tank.

No. 619482

If the device was banned, then yes, it def is.

No. 619483


No. 619484

Sounds like she got reported for bullying or harassment if her device was banned

No. 619485

not sure if bad lighting or theres tape on her chin??

No. 619486

File: 1546252277631.jpg (368.02 KB, 1018x2126, Screenshot_20181231-022951_Chr…)

Shes been ignoring her OnlyFans since the 22nd and then nuked her links for the month before the end of the month and has refused to post it back up for PAYING fans. What a fucking cunt.

No. 619494

I am actually really surprised her account is back. The way she was blowing it off and trying to make her Reddit a thing really made it seem like she knew there was no hope. Compared to the last time she made a huge deal about trying to get it back.

No. 619503

I think they'll give you your account back if you remove whatever the offending content is, or they remove the for you, I'm not entirely sure. Unless she was banned for harassment or something like that I think odds are she won't be permabanned?

No. 619507

Please let this be next thread pic! Great job

And of course it's back. Do you think she'll actually be careful now? or she'll get banned again soon?

No. 619508

Instagram won't permaban for what she's done, its not straight up her vagina nudes. It's been proven, especially if the user brings alot of traffic.

No. 619510

You’re not alone anon, I feel the same way. I wish this story had a happy ending, and not in the massage parlor sense.

No. 619527

If her follower count is legitimate then I can see how it would make sense. Half a million followers so of course she'll get her account back until she fucks up so badly they have to actually keep her banned this time. Meanwhile smaller accounts are getting permabanned for tamer stuff than she's putting out.

No. 619528

I'm not even worried about her account being back. She's degraded down to pasties and weird fetish shit. It'll be down in another month or so. Then again. Then again. She has enough people that hate her and puts out content that gets her banned, she'll get reported a million more times and eventually lose it. Its a waiting game. We just have to wait it out. It took like a dozen bans to get my cousin's account removed (she deserved it) and she had more followers than Moo. So just keep waiting. Until then, the milk will continue.

No. 619530

She'll be careful for a while, but afterwards she'll go back to her usual ways. The banning will be on again off again, and she wouldn't see being banned as a big deal.

I for one is glad the account is back. I want to see her follower count go down in real time, plus she'll continue to post a billion IG stories a day.

No. 619533


Most definitely. She’ll start feeling herself a bit too much thinking that she has gotten away with it again and will post something that will get her banned again.

No. 619540

File: 1546276104427.png (1.86 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181231-090656.png)


No kidding. Just saw this on her main. She's still salty about the takedown I bet, but she'll be good for a little bit.

No. 619541

File: 1546276270892.jpeg (132.37 KB, 750x636, 0CA79AF9-C55A-452A-A41A-1E3095…)

you right

No. 619543


Lol stay mad you dumb cunt. She’s going to be so pissed that she can’t lure in desperate neckbeards with trashy low effort half naked photos.

No. 619544

Ugh I actually liked Jenny's stuff, these thots really do stick together.

No. 619545

I bet you she drops a lewd new years selfie tonight.

No. 619546


loving the amputee look here again lol

No. 619547

Acting like she was showing too much skin but the main issue is she's peddling porn

No. 619549


Of course she will. It will be a combination of her making the same mistake of thinking she is untouchable again and her needing to get attention and focus back on her after being away. And what better way than tricking her brain dead neckbeards into thinking that they’ll finally get to see nudes? Literally every time she goes into a slump or is forced to go away after getting banned from some site she makes some huge grand announcement teasing her neckbeards that “what she’s got coming next is nothing like what they’ve seen before and that they should sign up for her patreon so that they won’t miss out”.

It’s textbook that this point.

No. 619557

File: 1546280284991.jpeg (495.38 KB, 750x841, 01DC33F5-DFDF-4B91-BA18-1CB2C1…)

No. 619559

I really like this picture. One of the few of Momokun. Is this in a hotel?

No. 619560


I seriously cannot fucking get over those extensions. They look terrible on her. I wish she'd get a stylist for 2019 so she'd look more put together at least – especially if she's going to drop so much money on tacky stuff just because of the damn brand. She looks so ugh in this photo. Where the fuck are her hands even??? It's like she's trying to make herself look skinnier, but amputee Moo rears her head again instead.

No. 619564


Carpet looks like Planet Hollywood hotel

No. 619569

File: 1546281607101.jpeg (1.65 MB, 3464x3464, 7AB26357-0710-4351-BF63-0295FC…)

I’m not sure on the exact number of costumes she’s done this year, but Antares made a whopping 8 for her total.

No. 619584

File: 1546282505914.jpg (220.56 KB, 1080x941, Screenshot_20181231-125500_Ins…)

No. 619586

Did she forget she's "muslim" again?

No. 619591

Did her main account get shut down again or can I just not find it?

No. 619594

It’s still there anon.

No. 619595

It’s a meme

No. 619599

She deleted the wig comment like a little puss puss. She cant handle even the smallest insults.

No. 619607

The cognitive dissonance of her doing weird fetish shit but feeling she's too good to actually get naked kills me.

At this point, it's likely modesty and pride aren't the main issue. As other anons have suggested, she probably has some sort of body image problem specifically related to her nips or vag.

No. 619617

I'm 99% certain that is a lace front

No. 619620

Here's hoping that 2019 is the year she finally hits rock bottom and loses her shovel. That she finally realizes that she can't continue this constantly degrading cycle of toxicity in herself, her choices, and her relationships and makes a sincere effort to change for the better.

No. 619621

>arm cellulite

do not.

No. 619624

Looks like someone’s drunk great aunt took a tumble at the local bbq

No. 619629

who the hell cares if she changes for the better. she screwed over a lot of people, like KBBQ and the other female cosplayers she harassed and assaulted. she's trash and deserves to be in the trashcan.

No. 619631


I hope she doesn’t and she spirals down further into misery and sadness. She absolutely deserves every awful thing that happens to her after all the people she has fucked over and abused.

No. 619634

So…bets on her shitty calendar and the excuses she makes?

No. 619637

Her stupid little god speech there in jest or not …. Don't think that will make her beards all hot bothered. Its like she steps on every mine in the field

No. 619639

>Irritable Bowel Syndrome Momokun
all I can see

No. 619648

And her back taxes plus penalties.

No. 619649

she's renting.

No. 619652

You still pay rent.

No. 619660

I'm glad shes back on insta. It's so much easier to follow all her dumbass antics that way. And being a bigger platform it also hastens her demise. She could limp along for years without it but the more people she can touch with her hotdog water aura the faster she will implode.

No. 619664

You know what, as much as I make fun of her she has more money saved up then I will ever see, she could easily disappear from 2019 and come back with weight lost and a reinvented personality and she would still be good. Who really recognizes her outside of nerds.. she would be as lowkey as she would want.

No. 619665


Not gonna happen. She literally said that the reason she didn’t step away during the sexual assault allegations coming out was that she didn’t want to be forgotten about. She at no point wants to be “low key” because she knows that the second she leaves the public, she’ll be easily forgotten about and it will be all over for her.

No. 619666

The way she blows through her money, I dont think she has that much saved up. Even if she did, her money management is going to suck it all up

No. 619669

Money saved up?! LMFAO

No. 619670

Ah yes, where she's wearing the bottoms backwards (the scrunch part goes in the back to accentuate the butt) giving herself an exaggerated camel toe

No. 619672

>rents a wholeass house
>her bed is just a mattress on the floor with absolutely no other furniture

This is the saddest flex

No. 619673


Not for nothing, but it looks like a mattress on top of a foundation on the floor.

Still shameful.

No. 619683

So now she's resorting to scams? Stay classy, Mariah.

I agree. I sort of don't want her to get banned purely because of all the milk she provides through that platform. Imagine what we'd still be getting if she wasn't permabanned from Twitter.

This should have happened when the sexual harassment claims came to light. She should have taken time off to reflect. A lot of anons said that, in fact. But she'll never do that because she'd die without the attention.

No. 619695

I think it would be easy for her to do a big chungus cosplay

No. 619697

what the FUCK is that ass?

No. 619699

She's always scammed. Just people still shovel their money onto her regardless cuz it's a girl getting lewd.

No. 619703


It's like those people who move into a trailer so they can afford a Porsche.

No. 619709

grandma missing an arm and poorly cropped pic so her legs look fucked too

No. 619712

>it's likely modesty and pride aren't the main issue
yeah, its not. its a muslim issue. she would get hanged for going full nude.

No. 619719

This, along with the photobooks. Then again she's way too lazy to actually make physical goods.

No. 619720

I think it's interesting that it's been literal years since the last time she donned Samus- despite Samus being her most famous cosplay.

And by "interesting" I mean "obvious because the suit doesn't fit her anymore, and even if she ordered a large one should would still look like an overstuffed blue sausage wearing it".

No. 619726

They didn’t fit her anymore and she sold the suits

No. 619729

It's funny how she obsesses over Christmas and god but whenever you call her out on being a shitty muslim she goes on a full blown sperg

No. 619733

did the fool ever sell the shit he bought? kek

No. 619734


I hope 2019 will be a "good" year for Moomoo. This way she can keep producing quality milk, all year long. At least until society finally decides to put her down, and roll the body into obscurity.

No. 619737

Does anyone have the collage of all of moo’s slut-shaming/fat shaming Facebook posts?

Sorry not trying to ask for spoon feed, been here since early threads I just don’t have anything compiled

No. 619739

wild new years prediction: going topless becomes inevitable, so she gets a boob job despite her prior reduction and ends up botched

No. 619740

Wow , this is shocking tbh, I check up on her from time to time and every few months she reaches a new milestone of fatness. I think something is very very wrong mentally with her, she is not in a good place. It's one thing to be fat all your life and maintain your weight and another to drastically gain so much so fast, I'd feel bad for her if she wasn't so rotten.

No. 619748

File: 1546339968667.jpg (326.36 KB, 1434x733, Screenshot_20190101-104341.jpg)

Looks like someone already asked her.

No. 619750

And of course she had to be passive-aggressive about it.

No. 619764

She's trying pretty hard not to straight up be shitty to someone.

No. 619772

In layman's terms, she's a facetious fat cunt who, because she's in a maelstrom of her own terrible decisions, will take any port to get out of the storm. Her boat is named, Dad's Dismay.

No. 619780

God, the absolute filthy state of that mirror to boot, couldn't she at least have wiped down the inch of dust off it so her fingerprints don't show?

No. 619783

this is the body of a child free 23 year old, oof.
i think if her parents were gonna do something other than disapprove and kick her out, they would have done it by now.

moo is doing that thing that catholic girls do, anal sex to keep her boyfriend happy, and still "technically" be a virgin.

damn near naked, but still covering up her gross vag and pepperoni nips. Allah technically can't be mad at that, right?

No. 619784

Her family aren’t devout muslims if they’re even muslim at all, which I also doubt. If they’re supportive of her binge drinking, sleeping around, posting photos of herself in thongs and nipple pasties, simulating oral sex, showing off her pubes and ass hair, covered in fake semen and with a fuckbuddy’s thumb up her ass they’re not suddenly going to disown her for showing nip. Her dad has probably given up on her already but her mom seems unwaveringly supportive.

No. 619791


She literally cant be any of them. One of the first rules of the 10 commandments are "thou shall not put any other god before me" not to mention false idols.

I am loving the flex maybe she will identify as asian next with all that damn face tape.

No. 619849


always gotta try and clap back. one of these days she's gonna clap back at the wrong person and get clocked into next week.

No. 619859

>>619849 Back when Moo still had Twitter, I used to think that she would greatly benefit from having a publicist, or a manager that wasn't a figment of her imagination.

Then she uploaded her insincere apology video to YouTube, proclaimed she would take a little break, and immediately posted a series of IG stories showcasing her attitude problems and lack of remorse for others.

She thinks she's clapping back, but the reality is that she's the aggressor, rather than the one who's retaliating against any valid attacks on her character. All this bitch ever does is complains about how unfair it is that she gets stung by comments, when she's the one who constantly hits a hornet's nest with a stick.

No. 619892

File: 1546377170687.png (2.14 MB, 1395x2048, Screenshot_20190101-131008.png)

She sure is salty. This is only her second post being all this is Christian/family friendly content uwu, and I'm already tired of it.

No. 619895


She’s already being obnoxious about it

No. 619912

She’s actually worse than pewdiepie

No. 619920

Is she suggesting that only Christians dislike her gross butthole and torpedo tits? Because as a non-follower, I can say all of that offends me, including her sick-child-coughing face.

No. 619930


I don't think she's trying to suggest that it's only Christians who don't like her. Moo is just being really dumb and childish now that she's got her main account back. She's trying to play it off like she's so cool with her /s captions. I really hate this attitude she's flaunting right now, but I hope her being so dumb bites her back in the ass soon.

No. 619934

File: 1546382531365.png (1.53 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190101-174135.png)

Look who's back to shilling pedobase!

No. 619935


Not as if her reputation could have sunk any further.

No. 619937

Flaunting that pedo-bait, Momo. No wonder people keep calling you a pedophile.

No. 619943

anyone else feel like her bit of rivalry with chelhellbunny is why she occasionally namedrops shad? considering chel is as thirsty as humanly possible for shad and has cosplayed his OCs. i know it sounds like a stretch but we know momo does this with other female cosplayers.

No. 619944

That may be part of it but I think the greater part is because Shad has a dick and popularity. She either wants him to do art of her (like her bragging about that game character) or wants to leech off of his pervy fanbase with her own stuff.

No. 619947

Right? Doesn't she know that's supposed to be mother and son? I thought she ~totally played it, my dudes~.

No. 619948


I’d be inclined to believe that was the reason, but unfortunately those cows haven’t collided for a while now. This is just her desperately trying to get Shad’s attention and maybe score some fan art of her from him. Which she won’t ever get. Not even Chel ever got that “honor” and she practically had his balls in her throat on a daily basis and she still ended up getting ignored by him.

No. 619949

If you check her bio shes going to katsucon. I cant wait for her to try going regularly now. For all the milk that's bound to spill.

No. 619951

I wonder how her debut back into cons is going to go. You know people will be on safari hunt for her.

No. 619953

She keeps forgetting that people on the East Coast hates her ass as much, if not more than, the West Coast. Katsu is seen as such a 'prestigious' and 'fun' con though, our cow could not resist. Plus it tends to fall on Vamp's birthday, so she can pretend she's an awesome friend again even though she ditched her dog two Katsus in a row to bug to more popular thots.

Looking forward to more stores about her hiding and her late night photo at the gazebo, as that is the only time her flat ass is allowed near it.

No. 619954


Same as usual. Hide out hoping no one catches her on camera so that she can deny ever being their and inevitably saying or doing something stupid that will draw attention to her and have the internet roasting her yet again.

No. 619958

Um what? "covered in fake semen and with a fuckbuddy’s thumb up her ass" I feel like there is a lot I missed out on. I didn't start following moomoo till October, and I didn't find this thread until December.

If this literally happened, I don't know what she is waiting for. At this rate a sex tape is going to come out and completely destroy any momentum she could get going with a porn career.

No. 619966

Yes it literally happened why don't you go back and read old threads? It isn't our job to go bring back old stuff.

No. 619976

Bless she thinks this will be her big comeback moment and all will be forgiven because it's a new shiny year. What a mug…

No. 619984

Local to Katsu farmer - I’m incredibly tempted. But I can’t decide if I hate myself enough to make a weekend out of it. Might just if she keeps on this “Christian family content only!!!!” Obnoxious shit. Like bitch you wouldn’t have to say it if you didn’t get your shit taken down because of having your whole disgusting ass and titties on your account?

No. 619990

File: 1546395504847.png (281.81 KB, 500x285, 04f.png)

Remember how she bought this game, meme'd it for like 2 days, then never mentioned it again?

Also, it's not only pedo, it's incest. gg moo

I think she's trying to reference this (imo) stale meme, but I might be giving her too much credit.

It comes off as cringe either way, and I bet a ton of her cucks are actually Christian so lol i hope you lose more patrons cunt

No. 619992

They're both Mei cosplays. I think.

No. 620004

stfu christcucks nobody gives a fuck about your Imaginary Friends and holy toilet paper books

No. 620005

File: 1546401598541.jpg (Spoiler Image, 711.82 KB, 1080x1657, Screenshot_20190101-225228_Ins…)

Wow, she is really something. Only Moomoo could post a bikini picture of a character never seen in said bikini, and call it a "non-lewd". And of course her neckbeards and costhots just eat it up.

No. 620007

File: 1546401706390.jpg (243.79 KB, 1080x830, Screenshot_20190101-225714_Ins…)

At least she is still being civil when people call her out on her BS. I wonder how long that will last?

No. 620008

Ahh yes, the sunken ass and lighten of crap stained feet edit. Much family friendly

No. 620010

Sooo she's still throwing a tantrum about this. ANd instead of working on new cosplays her fat arse is just posting old pics she's done. Going to be hilarious if she gets taken down for her lewds again and watch her melt down more than usual

No. 620013

Yes Moo, spreading your asshole to the world and having your tits out is family friendly. Nice apple watch too, very authentic and loyal to the character who we all know also wears a peach toned apple watch

No. 620017

>squatting with her tits and ass hanging out of her too small bikini
>JuSt GeTtInG sOmE sUn My DuDeS

keep being a spiteful bitch, that next ban is just around the corner.

No. 620019

There will be more than enough of us at Katsu that someone's bound to spot her if it doesn't go all over Twitter first. By now it'll be a drinking game for Katsu attendees. Take a shot every time you see Momo trying to get attention.

No. 620020

Did they airbrush her feet? Especially on the left heel it looks like someone just blasted it in MS Paint until it became a blurred mess.

No. 620025

The style of those bottoms is awful, it makes her ass look even worse than usual

No. 620027

Complete nitpick but that’s a definition moo not a history.

And really how hard is it for her to make some filler content between projects so she doesn’t have to post lewds all the time?

No. 620034

She claims that lewds are just filler content, but she's too lazy to start projects, especially after AX, so lewds is in fact her main content, there's nothing lazier for her to do for filler. Plus after her dumpster fire Umineko project I doubt any calves wants to work with her anymore, and she's out of money to commission cosplays, so she's resorting to lewd selfies and recycling old content.

No. 620035

That's right, her Umineko was her last "big build" project and she didn't even do anything. Antres did all the hard work for her and Momo had the audacity to bitch about a chipped nail and a sore back from laying down so much. She even made videos of her going out and stuffing her face while her friend was on the verge of a mental break down.

The whole Umineko project makes me wonder if Momo's tweets were passive aggressively making a jab at her sweat shop workers "Aaawe poor babes are tired? Well I have my own problems. My back is sore from laying down soooo much. Gasp! I broke a nail. But seriously excited for MY project."

No. 620039

File: 1546412811568.png (1.65 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190102-150325.png)

I have his gut feeling she did not celebrate her new year's well. Like just celebrated on her own? Just a theory. Incoming IG stories

No. 620040

File: 1546412846476.png (1.14 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190102-150346.png)

No. 620041

File: 1546412879164.png (1.56 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190102-150352.png)

No. 620042

File: 1546412950335.png (1.09 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190102-150417.png)

Mooriah @ camversity 2.0 ? I need more of that milk

No. 620043

File: 1546413010510.png (1.3 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190102-150411.png)

She won't really follow these "promises" and will keep her followers hanging on these.

No. 620044

Not like she's welcome to any parties with the way she behaves anyway

No. 620049

what dont they airbrush on her photos

i can only think of our god vein chan

No. 620050

was vamp too busy with sensei?

No. 620058

I really hope this is the case honestly. What a way to give a nice fuck you to Moo: Use her for her money for a trip to Japan only to get back with the man she was trying to flex on so desperately during the past few months. And Moo can't do anything about it because she was yelling up and down that 'they were just friends my dude!1!!'

No. 620062

Can you imagine being bullied by this bitch in high school? This is my kind of sweet revenge kek

No. 620074

Why does she have to act like the biggest fan of every series? Moo, we know you haven't loved Overlord since 2015, you never even mentioned it until Albedo became one of the big thot cosplays this year. It's like she's constantly trying to make up for the fact that she doesn't really like anime all that much by being the Biggest and Best Fan of every single series.

No. 620077

Shadman's art is so freakin ugly. i dunno how he even has a fanbase, but then i realize people like Moo and under bottom of the barrel people like his gross shit and he'll never actually be a respectable or good artist.

If she was alone on New Years, that would be hilarious

2019: Still commissioning.

No. 620085


Nah. Vamps spent NYE with her. She posted a story of the two of them together.

No. 620097

I said it before.. If her device was blocked, its not from posting against ToS. That usually results from harassment/bullying reports.

No. 620098

I hope anons really arent sperging over one of her dumb youtuber tier jokes (again) like the "Christian account!" Stuff.
Its so embarassing seeing shit like
"Wait wusnt she a mooslem??" Whenever she jokes or mentions anything. She hasn't really claimed the whole arab minority bullshit since she cut her back lenght hair(besides sometimes in relation to her dad or some spiritual mumbo jumbo and Self help cancer) and anons keep going on shit fits for whats essentially watered down webm comedy like you refuse to even pretend you know whats shes referencing the same way people refuse to admit they know who pewdiepie is. Outta all the things to shit on her for so many autists gotta go for the nitpicks that gives off such a "local cosplayer who doesnt browse the board" vibe, but its been like this for over a year and one can pray Mariah does something so milky anons dont have time to reach higher than the stars for the sake of posting.
Come back tattoo kun, Vamp plz just expose her i bet there would a spike in your followers even if ppl hate you lmao

No. 620101

Okay calm down mariah.

No. 620108

I doubt Camversity would take her back after she skipped out on her contract. She'll have to hit up other camsites.

No. 620117

File: 1546449807858.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1242x1874, CC3C3A6F-DB98-40F2-B246-CF9CA9…)

Looks like comments are no longer limited.

No. 620121

It's not like you need to be hired by camv to start an account and stream on their site. She won't be sponsored like before, but she'll still be able to use their services, unless the neckbeards mass reported Moo or something I doubt they'll care if she's camming there again.

No. 620145

She’s back to not crediting people on her posts.

No. 620147

if she flaked out on them she's probably banned tbh. why would they want moo's haughty ass wasting their bandwidth and pissing off their paying users? the site has like 10 people on there so i don't doubt they'd bann her.

No. 620155

We still have zero proof of her working for them. Some anons said there was a sponsorship deal all because she got posted on their Instagram, but there never seemed to have been a timeline or any bullshit like that. People say she skipped out on the sponsorship rules, but what rules besides the ones anons claimed was a thing?

No. 620157

File: 1546457401482.jpeg (96.9 KB, 640x712, 1D20534B-FA05-4BFD-A73F-4C8436…)

Sorry if this question has been answered before but is she always online on camversity? Some models are listed as offline so it’s not default

No. 620158

she’s not online by default so she must be on. maybe cleaning things up?

No. 620170

She seems like the kind of spazz to be online on ALL her social accounts, even ones she doesn't use. She's always on her phone, so her checking everything doesn't seem that odd

No. 620185


Odd. Maybe she is going to go back to trying to be a non-nude mukbang person. Camversity's audience is so fucking tiny that even with her fans she'd not make any money though.

Come on Momo, go Chaturbate. Do it. It'd be a win/win with you and your betabux.

No. 620201

It's doubtful that she's going back to Camversity. She bashed the site during her last stream, and said she preferred Twitch. Then she neglected to go on Twitch when she announced she was building gingerbread houses. She also has an Onlyfans account, and won't stream on there for those who pay for subscriptions. Mariah hates streaming, because she can't hide behind filters while she does it, nor can she handle valid criticism during a live session. So don't expect a return to Camversity, or even Twitch for that matter. And she's clearly disinterested in Onlyfans and YouTube based on the eyeball test.

And as far as her other announcement goes regarding a Katsu appearance, don't expect that to happen either. She's already not attending ALA with Miso Tokki by the looks of it, so I'm not expecting her to grow a set for Katsu, even if Vamp is around. She's making her money thanks to heavily edited content, so live streams and live appearances probably aren't going to happen, because she's too gross and notoriously despised to put herself in an uncomfortable position. And again, she's selling heavily shopped content to neckbeards who don't care, or who don't know better, all while she's able to remain in her reclusive state at her new home.

No. 620210

the ones she laid out in her streams. she went on about a lot of shit, many of which made it both seem like she not only had a contract but was holding the reigns on the contract.

>not being able to do full nudes

>needing to stream for x hours for 20 days out of 1 month over a 3 month period
>needing to do certain things in the streams

it ended up all that "i can't go nude or accept tips" was just her puffing, but she went from being dressed in a sweatshirt and greasy hair to wearing full makeup and pasties in a few days before she mysteriously stopped streaming. holly also spilled some beans about getting someone sponsored for camv (even though she swore up and down it wasn't moo) i'd say it's about 80% likely that moo did infact have a contract.

No. 620221

File: 1546475825115.jpeg (966.91 KB, 1242x2200, E935361D-4DF6-4D9F-BF32-557DD6…)

Oh I bet you are Mariah.

I bet you are…

No. 620222

So she’s finally admitted it. That’s why she always goes for guys in relationships or guys who like her friends.

No. 620226

It's not really a love triangle moo when you're the one thirsting over some dick and no one is attracted to you

No. 620239

Love triangles are one of the biggest tropes for women.

No. 620241

She said thats what she wanted to do, not some rules given her

No. 620252

no she did not, she said she "wasn't allowed" to do full nudes go back to the stream threads.

No. 620254

it doesnt matter, not being allowed to go use twitch is telling enough in itself.

No. 620296

File: 1546490102799.png (32.71 KB, 537x411, taxes.png)

Since sperging about taxes will come up soon, it is possible Moo doesn't pay them or might've been late. Patreon does not withhold as some people keep saying.

No. 620302

the worst part about the taxes discussion is the absolute sperg(s) who insist everyone who's tired of it is mariah

also, are we discarding the tinfoil that she IS reporting her taxes, but in such a way that she gets a huge refund and that's how she's afforded things like lipo?

No. 620305

No. 620309

File: 1546492831742.gif (1.88 MB, 337x600, A6BA2D52-BB64-4E0E-AC81-AD519F…)

keychains are back on the menu

No. 620315

I said this >>619719 and now she ordered those "keychains", of all things to clap back on lmao. Bitch where are the calendars and photobooks you lazy cunt?

No. 620317

it's much more likely that she's hoping to turn to merch for sales, to compensate for what insta popularity was earning her

No. 620320

And now that artist wants nothing to do with her
I almost feel bad for Wisp having her art sold by Moo

No. 620321

And now that artist wants nothing to do with her
I almost feel bad for Wisp having her art sold by Moo

No. 620322


I love how she’s milking this one fanart that isn’t even good. Also, how fucking long who did she order those keychains? Feels like it’s been a year.

No. 620333

If I was the artist, I'd be pretty embarassed just by association.

Is it fanart, or did Mariah commission it? Because if Moo didn't pay for it, then it would be within the artist's rights to tell her to stop using it.

No. 620336

it's in previous threads so maybe you should go search a bit.

No. 620340

r u saying shes onisioning her taxes

No. 620342

She said she ordered a fuck ton of keychains and mouse pads right after the first set. I am guessing last fall maybe? Circa bee mei cosplay?

No. 620343

She commissioned it

No. 620352

Whoa wait I missed that, for real? Lmao was there a twit post?

No. 620354

It was on Instagram back when she stole that girls cow maid picture

No. 620376

Autist, kill yourself.

No. 620379

She brought the rights to a fan art of the original cow girl manga character. I don’t think she outright had these commissioned

No. 620383

You're right. It was fan art from Wisp. It was the only "good" Fan art Moo had. She did commission Wisp to slightly change the design so it is a lil more different. The first design of these key chains were basically fan art of "Milk Party"

To this day it isn't really Moo's OC. It's just the Milk Party character. Wisp also revealed that Moo commissioned her for a second piece of work. But Moo never paid her, so she could never finish it past the concept sketch.
So it's confirmed Moo doesn't pay her artists, why no one will work with her

No. 620440

You'd think Moo would be embarrassed to use art done by an artist who has now disassociated herself from her
But Mariah has no shame so

No. 620467

Honest to god, who in the fuck would want a Mariah Mallad keychain?

What kind of unspeakably sad piece of shit wants to display merchandise of the gross cosplay whore they yank it to?

No. 620470

She strikes me as the kind of girl dudes jerk it to shamefully in secret and would never want anyone to know lul.

No. 620481

She did claim for a while to have a mommy fetish.

The fake cum was Beekeeper Mei and later a Camilla kimono set and the thumb up (or at least very very close to) her asshole was an older Mei POV set with KBBQ. I think that was around the same time as her Wicke POV blowjob sets.

No. 620486

>>620467 Considering how it took a handful of months for her to ship out prints her patrons were paying for on Patreon, it's natural to assume she won't be in any hurry to send keychains out either.

She looks like she has anywhere between 50-100 keychains. So theoretically, that could result in 50 trips to a post office. This is too much work for Moo. She'll change the quantity to "sold out" and sit on her abundance of keychains just to avoid shipping anything out.

No. 620504

File: 1546552376361.jpeg (555.3 KB, 750x1080, 89E68491-7D55-4F5D-92AA-D7944C…)

I’m glad all her boyfriends are 2D, they don’t have to suffer the fate of being smushed further by her

No. 620514

File: 1546554730568.gif (2.31 MB, 337x600, C2BD7BEE-BE1A-437F-B646-FC81FB…)

No. 620521

If you go further in her stories shes hardcore pulling the Muslim card.

No. 620527

>>620514 I don't recall seeing her wearing anything other than this long sleeved orange and black sweatshirt since she went out to dinner with Antares the other night.

She must smell like a mixture of cat piss, cigarettes, bad feminine odor, and spices by now.

No. 620530

Has she ever even played Pokemon?

No. 620531

Recognize all of them but the purple one

No. 620540

sinbad from magi

No. 620557

My question is if she's played fire emblem lol. This cow is too dumb- even for fates.

No. 620560

File: 1546560358132.jpeg (68.25 KB, 750x222, C9E01558-4FA3-4F41-B871-FE6B93…)

No. 620561

I’m actually so excited to see what happens with her at Katsucon..I know she’s probably gonna mostly stay in her hotel room hug box. But since this is bigger con, there’s a HUGE chance she’ll run into someone who hates her. I can’t wait to see how she reacts when she gets mean comments straight to her face.

No. 620563

Conquest is easily some of the worst writing out of all 15 games, no wonder she likes it. It's simple for her 5 yr old brain to understand.

No. 620566


>both Fates

Clearly she didn't read enough wikipedia on FE. Oh, I wish she stopped owning up fandoms and being the bestest, longest fan of everything.

No. 620569

She doesn't smoke cigs and vapes don't smell like normal cigs.

No. 620572

File: 1546563145995.jpeg (604.98 KB, 750x1097, E490EDA1-4215-42A3-9829-C9F846…)

No. 620573

>>620569 Buddy, if you want to take a scroll through past threads, I am solely responsible for posting a screenshot from an IG story where she was out with CircleOfChiefs and smoking yellow American Spirit cigarettes. Not only was she taking drags, she also had the pack sitting on the table right in front of her.

We really need some of you closet Mariah supporters to go through the earlier material. Too many people are giving her the benefit of the doubt. There are 90 threads worth of reasons not to succumb to this.

No. 620575

Everything else by her? didn't pineappleprops (dannydoit) make the hook?

No. 620577

"Made" is a strong word for those bought pants, bought chain and bra with pins stuck on

No. 620578

File: 1546564001132.jpeg (583.92 KB, 750x1085, DCA884EF-8E47-43B5-A64D-4BCD0D…)

No. 620579

File: 1546564159476.jpeg (464.7 KB, 750x1111, C409F476-86EE-4566-A258-4A97E4…)

No. 620582

and the love triangle appears

No. 620587

I can’t be assed to go back and find it but there’s a shot of her at Fanime smoking cigs

No. 620594


>>583888 is where I posted it. Thread 83. So I'm assuming you're a new farmer. Please go back and read some of the older material. You don't have to read all 90 threads, but the last 20 or so are very relevant, so I suggest you pay attention to what Mariah does, rather than take her word at face value.

No. 620612


No. 620613

Like make it more obvious you hand on our every word, kek.
Sorry for double post.

No. 620615

Why are there any retards paying her money ? i can get a hooker (that isnt a whale) for 40€ in my area and i could actually fuck her instead of getting some badly shopped pics(no one cares)

No. 620617


An overly dramatic “omg I’m so grateful to have you in my life!!!” post? Sounds like she’s found a new dick to go after.

No. 620618

I was specifically talking about fanime. Learn to read before you cry newfag.


No. 620619

>both fates
She is actually retarded. She really doesn’t even put any effort in her lies. Not like that’s news though.

No. 620621

>>620618 I just gave you a more recent example, after she tried to sell the illusion that she's only been vaping. You're the one who said her sweatshirt couldn't possibly smell like cigarettes because she only vapes, in which I pointed out that she still smokes cigarettes.

GG. Thanks for playing.

No. 620635

File: 1546571818628.png (2.57 MB, 750x1334, 3A2C7914-5FEB-4ADF-8C71-6E86B8…)

“I got a buddy for Craig!!! And there’s my water bong”

Craig’s the flamingo, water bong is self explanatory but it’s funny since at the point when she was streaming on camversity she said she wasn’t smoking anymore.

No. 620641

It's not a new dick, it's Tattoo Sensei, Moo still hasn't given up lmao.

No. 620653

She's doing what she did with that OverTFlow guy or whatever his name was. When he was distancing herself she would post pics from years ago. The next pic will be an old pic of her snuggling up or dry humping Tattoo kun to remind him what he's missing… which makes the guys run away faster.

No. 620661

File: 1546578906160.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, DB44537D-54DC-41FD-921C-1DFC30…)

60 keychains are live now

No. 620663

File: 1546578997192.jpeg (145.03 KB, 750x848, 70CDFC2A-2D2C-43C6-A749-3FFFC9…)

price with shipping, remember the first time she sold these they came with a print too I think. idr the price of the first round either

No. 620666

He's old dick, newfag.

She mentioned Conquest too tho.

She did like 75% of the work on the lie.

No. 620667

pics or it didnt happen

No. 620672


7.50 for shipping? As someone who constantly ships merch something like this only cost 3.50 to mail in bubbler mailers at usps

No. 620673

lmao all but archer were cosplayed by kbbq

No. 620674

The fact that she's selling these key chains for 12 dollars is laughable all on it's own

No. 620675

Haha holy shit. That has to be the biggest rip off I’ve ever seen. Unless she’s also including a print or sticker. Even then it’s still a rip off.

No. 620676

according to the description it’s ONLY the “keychain” this time which is actually a cellphone strap because she didn’t buy metal key rings, in her story she appears to be using the same little shitty string strap as before

No. 620680

you mean the same dinky lil strap that she twitted last year broke from literally nothing? Awesome

No. 620681

yup you can see them in the corner of >>620309

No. 620684

The fact that Moo has half a million followers on IG and is only selling 60 of them because even she is aware of the actual demand is hilarious af too.

No. 620691

Who the hell do you think posts all her Patreon content. I've been here. Calm the fuck down about 'closet supporters'. Shut the fuck up. No one really talked about it in the past threads except a few in a couple replies to the post. Missed it? my bad, but don't be a salty cunt about it.

No. 620693

I posted the vaping, not the other anon you're replying to. Jfc. A lot of people missed the whole cigarette thing over vaping because NO ONE REALLY TALKED ABOUT IT. It was literally a couple replies and then it went dark. Chill the hell out. You're probably the same anon who constantly screams of her 'smelling like hotdog water'. Jesus christ.(infighting)

No. 620694

That and her numbers seem hella fake. My friend has similar activity as Moo but with just 20k followers

No. 620700

There is so much about this chick I don't know. I'm happy I discovered this dumpster fire later than most. She is the gift that keeps on giving. Past, present, and future.

No. 620701

That looks like a blunt. Even the burn is cone shaped. I can't tell if that is a blue line around it which might be a cigarette tell, but cigs don't burn like that, but blunts certainly do and she did say before that she was high as hell at Fanime. Also that example is from two years ago. I think everyone is talking about her smelling like cigs now.

No. 620702

File: 1546589750950.jpg (13.75 KB, 487x153, poskermit.jpg)


can we please stop the cigarette sperging?

No. 620732

I'm so done with her grammar

No. 620733

Ryouma would be repulsed by Moo, so its pretty close to her IRL boyfriend prospects.

Fates is such a bad game by FE standards no wonder she "liked" it.

These probably cost - max - 3 bucks each to make, and she didnt even create the art, why the fuck so expensive? Acrylic keychains are never this expensive. Thats, what, a 400% markup for her "burando"

No. 620736

Even funnier, she doesn't mention playing Revelations. aka the only Fates game where her precious Ryoma/Camilla can happen.

And I can't see her playing Conquest, setting writing matter aside, the game is infamous among FE fans for how hard it is (and I can vouch for it since I've the three Fates games). She probably just watched a walkthrough and called it a day, which would also explain why she knows jack shit about Camilla other than how she looks and how she's ~her little psycho~.

No. 620804

12 fucking bucks for this shit? Extremely talented artists sell their charms for half that amount and Momo didn't even create the art herself!

No. 620805

12 fucking bucks for this shit? Extremely talented artists sell their charms for half that amount and Momo didn't even create the art herself!

No. 620852

The shipping is the real crime. A single charm, even with a metal clasp would be less than $4 shipping on a bubble mailer.
Such a business woman

No. 620877

File: 1546626503682.jpg (207.84 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190104-100953_Sam…)

Just for reference its back in thread #44. The bundled was keychain and signed print and after shipping and tax was a total of $33.49. An early anon calculated that it was around ~$260 to get all the keychains made in the first place. Also shipping was still $7.50, even though this time there's no print to ship, hmmm…

Also would like to throw in - this was a YEAR ago. It took her a FULL YEAR, to get out a second batch of keychains. Not even any mousepads or calanders in sight.

No. 620884

Its so funny to me that she thinks she is going to get some comeback at some point
Like even if people aren't actively hating on her, they don't give a shit
She is becoming irrelevant

No. 620890

And how about that $1.99 handling fee? What a scammer dumbass.

No. 620901


Exactly. She’s retarded if she thinks anyone with any sense of self-respect wants anything that has to do with her. Calling it now that the majority of these are going to go unsold and she’ll mysteriously stop promoting these after a day or to of “LOOK HOW FAST THESE ARE SELLING! YOU GIYS BETTER BUY THEM BOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!!” bullshit overhyping.

No. 620902

3D pig disgusting.

No. 620912

She posted the story about them 14 hours ago. Over 500K subscribers, 60 keychains. Still available for sale. No one wants that shit.

No. 620913

Why is this shit $12?
Of course no one wants this stupid crap. If I ever see some neck beard IRL with one of these shit keychains I'll know who to avoid having a conversation with.

No. 620917


It’s practically a scarlet letter. If you see anyone with one of those then it’s a clear sign that they are someone to stay as far away fucking possible from.

No. 620921

The only one that owns one is her. She couldn't even get her friends to use them.

No. 620922

Most people prefer stickers too. She could sell two 3” stickers for 12 and it would be a better deal. That shipping is still a fucking scam tho. You can throw stickers in a white envelope with a stamp.

No. 620926

DAMN it anon you broke me

No. 620945

File: 1546631872699.png (63.81 KB, 1073x316, Screenshot_20190104-195555.png)

I like how keen he is to emphasise that he's a friend. I wonder if it embarrasses him.

No. 620946

15 hours and she's sold 22.

No. 620949

I like keychains but i never put them on bags or anything. I usually use them as collectibles and use them to decorate my room.

But fuck me if i ever had one of these, I'd be embarrassed if someone saw my room with a momo keychain. At least if her neckbeard followers wear them out in the open we know who's still one of her lapdog supporters.

No. 620972

love how she says " I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!" and he just says thanks for the kind words lol

No. 620977


Ouch. Must have stung to still be called “friend” after all the slobbering over his Vick she did.


It’s because her dumb ass doesn’t understand that some people may not want all that over the top bullshit she does, especially if they aren’t even dating over even recognize how much of an uncomfortable position that puts them in. It’s obvious to everyone that she is acting as if they are a couple or wants to be seen as if they are. She doesn’t seem to get how embarrassing it is for the guys she does this to. She’s luckily that he was as polite as he was because he could have easily told her to fuck off and stop. Which is what I would have done if I were him.

No. 621025

It's the exact same thing she did with Vamp on stream lol. "We're girlfriends, we love each other so much!"
Then someone asks Vamp if they're together: "What? Did you tell them we're dating? We're not dating, we're just friends."

No. 621028

The poor saps who bought these will be lucky to get them by this time next year. Honestly, how long is it going to take moo to package and ship 22 items? Weeks if not months for sure. kek

No. 621046

>That shipping is still a fucking scam tho. You can throw stickers in a white envelope with a stamp.

You can do the same with flat acrylic charms, actually. you can get a pack of 100 bubble mailers for 12 dollars.

No. 621049

7.50 shipping is crazy for something you can send out in a small bubble envelope or yellow packet. she's greedy af

No. 621050

Bless, anon. I can't believe it's been a year already!! She's the laziest person ever. She doesnt deserve money from people for doing nothing at all.

No. 621051

If she's selling on storeenvy or etsy, that fee is automatic.

No. 621060

no it isn't.

No. 621107

Etsy seller here. It's not. You choose your shipping cost and etsy pushes hard for you to offer free shipping. She's greedy if she's asking $7+ no matter where she sells.

No. 621113

I'd almost guess she calculated the total cost by how much money she needs to earn for her next bill if they all sell and deliberately kept availability low to try to justify it. I don't doubt she's that underhanded, although I do doubt her capabilities at basic math, so there's that.

No. 621127

storenvy has a fee that is up to the seller to turn off.

No. 621135

File: 1546655229900.jpg (696.56 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190104-202702_Ins…)

Cant tell if hips or just fucking W I D E.

No. 621138

I wonder how much damage she’s doing to her rotator cuffs right now.

No. 621140

So shes doing GLOW now? A show she literally had never, ever talked about?

No. 621142

No. 621143

Stop desecrating slav culture you fat whore

No. 621144

I thought this was a good family friendly Christian blog. I wonder what happened? I had high Hope's she would turn over a new leaf in 2019.

No. 621145

File: 1546656660895.jpeg (454.92 KB, 750x1073, 1AE708B0-C672-451A-8E02-4A685B…)

No. 621146

File: 1546656828006.jpeg (585.65 KB, 750x1088, 35110193-B1AF-4D8A-B315-D3879B…)

No. 621147

Once again our savvy business women manages to repulse with her ads instead of entice. What a bold and creative strategy!

No. 621148

She's not even wearing Adidas…disgusting. why is she pretending to be into slav memes now?

No. 621149

Those awful lipo abs will never cease to make me laugh.

I see she's finally sinking low enough to advertise for an adult website. She'll be doing porn cam shows before 2019 is done.

No. 621150

I hope it's because he got a lot of shit from other people/friends for hanging out with her. He SHOULD be embarrassed

No. 621153

for the love of god can someone get her some lip color for those concealer lips she looks DEAD. I know she makes the money to afford way less ratty extensions, too. Extensions aren't supposed to look like extensions – or at least the good ones.

No. 621154

they're not abs, she's sucking her gut in. i thought we already established this

No. 621155

the lines she has there are from cool sculpting that she got. the reason they're showing up is because she's sucking it in but she did try to cool sculpt abs after she got the last round of lipo.

So it's both

No. 621157

Since we can't sage I apologize, but you can even mail a fucking gift card to someone in a generic envelope with a single forever stamp in the US. Like, I doubt the keychain weighs more than that. Stuff it in a thank you card and call it good, Moo.

No. 621158

what is this supposed to be?

No. 621159

Some sorta sexy pewdiepie meme?

No. 621162

With keychains you can't do stamped. Stamped goes through a specific sorter that is only for flat contents (cards, bills etc) As soon as you get into something bulky that could clog up a sorting machine like a keychain, it'll go up from stamped price. Every now and then you'll get away with putting bulky items in a stamped envelope, but they're cracking down recently.

Either way, Mariah SHOULD be including a tracking number with each order, so her best bet is the $3 First Class shipping. Tracked, 3-4 day ship time, etc. $7+ is really egregious price gouging, even 2 day priority would be like $5.

No. 621164

Gotcha. I know recently I sent a friend a gift card for Christmas and figured I'd get it sent back for lack of postage due to ignorance… but I'd think a keychain would be about the same width to fit in a secondary card she could just get printed out?

No. 621166

The sorting machines for have a tendency to break acrylic keychains. It's best to send them in a bubble mailer first class but again that's only like $3.
Priority mail is starting at $7 though (I do a lot of mailing) so I'm guessing that's how she's shipping but it's really not needed when you can get a tracking number for free for first class postage if you purchase your shipping label through paypal.

No. 621169

This is untrue, they sort bulky stamped mail, as long as the stamps pay for the weight. I used to both work at the post office and at a furniture store that would send hinges via the mail.

No. 621172

Her thighs are like almost twice as big as her head now holy crap.

No. 621173

File: 1546660053979.jpg (50.72 KB, 425x553, AAAaaa.jpg)


No. 621174

File: 1546660089995.jpg (Spoiler Image, 65.4 KB, 425x553, Aax.jpg)

No. 621175

File: 1546660188110.png (313.91 KB, 425x553, kk.png)

No. 621179

File: 1546660828198.png (236.6 KB, 541x408, 9oAca.png)

Her "abs" remind me of this guy top kek. Abs appear when you have a low body fat percentage…

No. 621180

I know that it's been thrown around a lot in the past about how she looks like a middle-aged mother, and every time I read that I rolled my eyes because it was kind of a reach…

…But damn. This photo. She looks like an overly-botoxed old housewife and I can't unsee it.

No. 621184

Yeah, you can put MORE stamps on the envelope but that still means it doesn't go through the stamp machine sorter. It goes through the sorting machine with the other bulkier envelopes (because it's paid for bulkier shipping). The first anon said slap "a single forever stamp" on it – you can't just put one stamp on a keychain. That was the whole point anon.

Enough shipping sperging. Mariah is still overcharging shipping either way.

No. 621186

The back of her hair looks so crimped and wavy. Does she have no one who will help her straighten her hair or at least tell her if it looks good? Not one single person?

Also that strap on her back is digging in for dear life.

No. 621189

I can't unsee the amputee. Is she doing this pose because we've laughed at her line-backer shoulders?

No. 621190

She got her abdomen contoured when she did her lipo so yes, they are fake abs but she got so fat afterwards that you can only see them when she sucks in.

She always tries to bring back memes that have long since died down. Is she hoping one of them gets popular again because she's doing this shit or what?

No. 621194

There is not one god damn thing attractive about her. Botched fake body, a giant unit, saggy breasts with scars, stretch marks on her inner thighs and crotch (seriously?), fried hair, a flat ass despite being the size of a truck, awful acne ridden skin, short limbs and horrible make up application.

I just don't get it, neckbeards. I mean she's attainable…incredibly attainable, but she's so gross. Is her audience full of fetish mongers who like her because she's disgusting?

She's loud and obnoxious, fakes being an anime nerd, can't game, shows no interests in geek culture like board games or D&D. She has a jock/popular kid personality who has no friends. Her tastes in clothes is basic bitch thot…I can go on. I don't fucking get it, anons. I don't…

No. 621195

Stretch marks and saggy boobs really shouldn't be something to get at her about. A lot of women have saggy boobs, even ones that look like Moos. And anyone can get stretch marks. Even very skinny women due to shit they can't control and yes, in areas where Moo has them. That's just nitpicky like how short her arms and legs are.

No. 621196

File: 1546662593866.jpeg (148.13 KB, 768x958, 194FBF00-9E57-4128-87F5-9FE4FB…)

The way her arms are positioned in the right picture makes her look like a stumpy armed midget. Trying hard to hide those ham-hock arms.

No. 621197

Oh look, one of her 3 same basic bitch poses. I really can't believe people actually pay for this lmao

No. 621198

i would agree with you if it wasnt her literal job to shop that shit out/make her tits at least appear perky. it's not that she has them in the first place that's the problem, it's that she leaves it in what should be edited glamour boudoir photos.

No. 621202

but last time they sold out in a day!

No. 621203

Not trying to nitpick because a lot of attractive women have many of the traits Mariah has. Acne is fine, stretch marks can be a consequence of growing too fast during puberty, big breasts sag, etc. I'm talking about the whole package, anon. The entire lump of lard. A few flaws here and there won't make a person ugly and are sometimes charming. There's just no redeeming qualities about her. I'm not trying to say "ewww vein-chan" as if that's going to destroy someone's appearance. I don't understand what's ATTRACTIVE about Mariah that anyone would ever be a fan of based on her looks.

No. 621205

jfc its so small on her it's cutting in everywhere. I get they didnt have her size but GOOD LORD

No. 621206

jfc its so small on her it's cutting in everywhere. I get they didnt have her size but GOOD LORD

No. 621240

File: 1546667443859.jpg (425.51 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190104_214839.jpg)


Here's the product and the size chart of what she's wearing. She's shoving herself into the Large/Xlarge is my guess. The sizes are pretty lenient for most women's brands.

No. 621248

Her shoulder looks kinda weird here? And her calf is super smooshed and is her foot…green?

No. 621255

that center ring on the bottom is holding on for dear life.

No. 621268

It could be a generic size chart like how Amazon uses for everything when not everything follows it. Especially if some items are actually coming from China and the model posing for the American site is wear the largest in the Asian sizing. Not to say Moo probably didn't get the right size also, but its super common for shops like Adam and Eve to do this shit.

No. 621270

it looks to be super stretchy cheapo fabric, she's probably wearing the l/xl and that's why it's screaming for help like >>621255 puts it perfectly. just look at how deep it's digging into her back in >>621174

No. 621275

I doubt she can squat at all, let alone with her heels on the ground LOL

No. 621287

what you see as her shoulder is actually her back fat, you can kinda see it in the mirror how it sticks out. her shoulder is the most forward lump.

No. 621290

Moo meets Jersey Shore

No. 621291

you rite but she also has talked down those same woman calling them ugly and fat, it is very nitpicky but its also "look now you look like that, haha, how the cookie crumbles or it would if you didnt swallow it"

No. 621293

Trying to be an edgy pewdiepie meme, ends up captioning her photo LITERALLY “bitch whore”

How fitting

No. 621298

She needs to stop hiking up bottoms to create the illusion of shape. Like stop Moo we know you have short cabbage patch baby legs why you tryin to lie.

No. 621308

I'm speechless. She looks like a 40s MILF porn actress in this. Isn't she like… 22?

No. 621320

File: 1546677396602.png (212.69 KB, 720x553, thefuture.png)

No. 621321

Wow she's looking extremely rough

No. 621334

File: 1546682342732.jpeg (18.66 KB, 750x168, C58F0B98-5BE7-432E-AB97-49866E…)

leave it up to sssniperwolf to be fake as fuck and pretend moos hair doesn’t look like a ghoul from fallout.
also, yeah, she’s probably trying to gain dank meme xddd followers since she keeps commenting under belledelphines posts trying to find some clout

No. 621336

Remember when she didn't want to take a break from cosplay because she didn't want to become irrelevant? Oh, Mariah.

I think a break would have done her good, she could have at least pretended to come back a better person after reflecting for some type, but she's too much of a desperate attention whore to even consider something like that, yet now she's still irrelevant even after trying to hard to cling onto any notoriety she had lol.

She's a couple years late.

Of course they like each other. Shocker.

No. 621345

This may be the most autistic of nitpicks, but why cant she manage to position her feet nicely? It's like she uses up all her brain energy trying to make the rest of her body look passably posed that she forgets her feet? That curled foot looks so unappealing to me.

No. 621348

hoo boy that's a great way to piss off a pretty big amount of Eastern European/post-Soviet countries, parading around with a hammer and sickle. I do hope she gets called out

stop reaching, that phrase is a complete meme in the west https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/blyat-cyka-blyat

No. 621350

Sssniperwolf and Moo desperately clung to each other at Blizzcon as the most hated women in the convention center. Horrible thots got to stick together!

Man that clip where Moo waddled around and clapped back at a drunk Twitch guy to try and defend her new bestie's honor was absolutely amazing.

No. 621352

You know for once I'm actually jealous of Mariah. Her house looks gorgeous but then I don't feel jealous because at this rate she won't be able to pay her rent/mortgage through the year. She'll wind up losing it by summer 2019.

No. 621358

File: 1546698632295.png (114.21 KB, 228x293, 1429776402465.png)

You know she can't even do a proper slav squat, because she'll just tumble backwards.

No. 621359


how long until she will post this on her IG again with something like "thihi look my dudes, they use my ~lewd~ pictures for totally legit porn ads!!!1"

But seriously, this cow just looks rough and used. Makes you really wonder HOW she actually look like when she hits the 40s damn

No. 621363

File: 1546701535648.jpg (387.21 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190105-091852_Ins…)

It's happening guys!

No. 621366

anon she doesnt even know how to wash her feet, dont expect too much

No. 621369

hope record anon is still with us, i want to see that mess in motion once more

No. 621370


what time?

No. 621387

File: 1546707954786.webm (15.61 MB, 640x1136, dance.webm)


I'm still here and ready for whenever she decides to start

No. 621388

Maybe she'll cry on cam some more about how her dad emotionally abused her. She's so good at camming.

No. 621390

I cant tell if this is her fucking around and purposely doing this weird shit or if she actually just cant dance. Either way, I hate her too much for this to be funny.

No. 621392

oh no
I liked this song(derail)

No. 621395

What you do in your empty home because no one wants to go out in public with you or come over.

No. 621396

When you get so fat you can't squat anymore. I dont know what's funnier. Her slav attempt or the fact that shes pretending her massive size isnt fucking with her health.

No. 621397


She is fat but her body looks always so hard? There is no softness about her appearance idk it's so weird

No. 621410

File: 1546712063610.jpg (838.1 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190105-121329_Ins…)

She always manages to make everything she wears look fuckin stupid.

No. 621417


Man. Her face looks so fat(nitpick)

No. 621438

What is the most abominable combination I have ever seen
This bitch is so tacky

No. 621440

File: 1546718389442.png (1.11 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4560.PNG)

Camversity just posted her in their story

No. 621441

Looks like she won't flake then. Hopefully.

No. 621442

she must be real desperate.

No. 621443

Of course she is. Look how much money she blew on three roundtrips to Japan plus her Gucci "flexing".

No. 621447


expectations vs. reality >>621173

No. 621448


Oh yeah. Most definitely. After all the flexing she did and the Japan trip I have to imagine her wallet is looking pretty thin these days. Better crawl back to Camversity to try to scam a few unaware neckbeards hoping to see titties.

Can’t wait to see the look on her face when her chat is yet again filled with people roasting her and demanding nudes from her. The way you can visibly see her mentally check out hoping someone changes the subject to something she actually wants to talk about is astounding.

No. 621450

>>621363 Seeing her crawl back to Camversity gives me the impression she'll have Vamp over her house during practically every stream, since Vamp is easily the more appealing woman out of the pair.

Also, I thought she was planning this grandiose return to Twitch? Is she still pretending she hasn't properly set up her computer area?

Why does this woman lie and bounce around like a tennis ball all of the time?

No. 621459

Wow, that look really emphasizes her eyeginas.

No. 621464

The thing is I don't think she'll have any luck this time. Her last stint on Camversity ended roughly 3 months ago (how time flies!) but by then word had spread and people tipping weren't happy. This time around she can't get away with the same shit she pulled last time.

Not to mention that on Camversity there's barely 10 cams going at a time. Momo has to compete with girls doing full nudes and sex acts and guys coming for that from Momo won't tip for nothing and Camversity regulars (what few there are) would sooner tip hotter girls willing to do more than tip Momo to do nothing.

Really the only hope Momo has at some quick cash is to go to a proper camsite with a wider audience. She'd probably make buck on Chaturbate but she'd never do it because she thinks she's better than actual sex workers because she doesn't have to do nudes/sex acts.

No. 621466

i almost wish some other popular and more lewd costhot will vindictively join camV at the same time moo does to steal her thunder.

No. 621467

>>621464 There are people arguing in the CamV chat feed as we speak. Seems like a lot of people are really jaded over her behavior, her contradictions, and her refusal to follow up on announcements.

In other words, you're absolutely right about this being a disastrous return.

No. 621468

File: 1546722328897.jpg (727.95 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190105-150514_Ins…)

Cant cam but she can fuck around while making everyone wait.

No. 621471

File: 1546722761885.gif (185.99 KB, 151x192, 99937755-E7D3-486D-B592-F1CE0C…)

remover the dancing baby from the 90s? this is him now. feel old yet?(nitpick)

No. 621472


Her chat is a mess right now. This is going to be an absolute shitshow lol

No. 621474

Stream won't be till 6 or 7 PST tonight

No. 621477

File: 1546723358552.jpg (18.11 KB, 350x93, camcomment.JPG)


wew I had to check it for myself

No. 621478

File: 1546723384934.jpg (26.26 KB, 363x225, camcomment2.JPG)

No. 621479

File: 1546723404835.png (575.5 KB, 1372x622, dumbass.png)

There are some people in her chat against her, defending her while waiting for her to go online. One person that caught my attention is GodOfKnockers/PlayBoyMan/LordPlayBoyMan AKA Patrick Blake Mason. He's been defending Mariah in the whole chat when someone speaks against her so i did some digging. I'm AMAZED this guy was stupid enough to use the SAME USERNAME he uses for his Twitch account. He made a Twitch video defending Mariah when the sexual assault came out. Don't watch unless you wanna get pissed off hearing this guy's voice and him defending Mariah. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/284995563

Picture is something i whipped up after googling his username, gg for doxxing yourself bro. Another fun fact, this guy is 39 YEARS OLD turning 40 this year defending this lolcow.(derail)

No. 621480

Jesus christ that dude should have been in the TV show Hoarders look at all that shit

No. 621481

>>621479 Gotta love it when literal, actual basement dwelling neckbeards resort to calling Mariah's critics literal, actual basement dwelling neckbeards.

No. 621482

homeboy prolly has his computer set up in mommy's spare room with all her junk.

No. 621483

File: 1546723987803.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1242x2217, BD6F7B3F-384B-46AE-9CFF-C5A77F…)

She just mentioned on her story that people are asking why she’s suddenly back on camversity and why she didn’t stream for so long
>claims someone who worked at camversity (now fired) said some things she didn’t like. Implies camversity fired this employee because of her complaints and boycotting streaming on there
>says everything is fine now and she’s excited to be back with the girls and “new” crew
>excited about the “new changes on camversity”

No. 621488

this is a lie for 2 reasons
>she would have mentioned this many many many times
>camV seems to only have a handful of staff

No. 621489

Love the unopened scale under the counter of her already filthy bathroom.
Moo maybe you should step on the scale.

No. 621493


I’ll take “Things That Never Happened” for 500, Alex.

Of course it was because “Someone who worked there was sooo rude to me and I boycotted the site until they were fired”. Not because she is a lazy sack of shit who didn’t like that she was being called out for being a piece of shit and didn’t like that she had to sit there being treated like fuck meat by a bunch of degenerates who thinks she is too good to have to show her tits. It’s always someone else’s fucking fault with her and she always has some bullshit excuse to absolve herself of any culpability. She is such a fucking child I swear.

You know what, I hope this stream makes her completely fucking miserable. I want see her fat ass sit there crying greasy tears. Seriously, she can absolutely go get fucked.

No. 621494

Interesting changes to her main account on IG. Seems like there may have been some discreet agreement where in order for Mariah to use CamV again, she has to do a better job of promoting it.


No. 621495

File: 1546724608014.jpg (177.35 KB, 715x917, 20190105_134038.jpg)

No. 621499


I love that she added links to her Patreon and Camversity but not Onlyfans

No. 621502


I give it a couple of days. We already know how much this cow hates being told what to do or how to act. The second someone says something she doesn’t like or she has a bad day she’ll fuck .org and do whatever she wants. She is practically allergic to carrying herself with any modicum professionalism and the second it is expected of her she’ll go back to claiming that she is “just a weeb with a sewing machine”.

No. 621503

>>621499 It's just the idea that her Onlyfans subscribers probably signed up for the shit she's about to do on Camversity for free. I can't see how she hasn't been reported and banned from Onlyfans.

No. 621506


Maybe she has been and isn’t telling anyone. When was her last post on there?

No. 621507

File: 1546725257891.png (2.9 MB, 750x1334, 3A88D8D5-ADFE-49E9-B233-D3B4C3…)

man she’s feeling herself today

No. 621508

Didn't she only sign up for CamV because another costhot was doing it and making money? Besides she doesn't need one to do that because her viewer's eyes will wander if they're not there to mock her and they'll head to the other girls.

I give this a month at most. She'll quit CamV again when it all goes south against her.

No. 621509

File: 1546725308514.png (3.53 MB, 750x1334, 5478D0C7-E99D-42F0-8E4B-29ACC7…)

No. 621511


I think she only joined because Holly was on there and thought she could scam people with non-nude content like she does.

No. 621512

Looks like she's going to challenge Shayna for most motivated camgirl. She can't hop on while people are waiting for her but she can clomp around her house in full outside gear taking selfies in every room?

No. 621513

>>621506 She just uploaded pics on there from when she took pictures for the Adam & Eve promotion. She's wearing her Chris Farley at a biker bar cosplay.

No. 621514

File: 1546725565659.gif (4.22 MB, 418x600, BF687393-2890-4498-8901-435964…)

No. 621517

This looks like hes living in a storage shed or storage locker. Jfc these guys are disgusting who like Moo

No. 621520

She looks like a giant baby.

No. 621522


This is the exact kind of unwashed losers you always see in photos with her. Not the small Asian fuckbois she wishes for. This is the perfect image of the type of guys who leave comments on her photos.

No. 621523

File: 1546726295687.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1242x2194, E601DECA-E98E-4DA0-A7AC-F2AFDF…)

Caption this.

No. 621526


“. . . Shoot me”

No. 621527

don't let her lie to you i'm the 13th one this year

No. 621533

>>621523 "Hold still while I siphon this cookie crumb out of your mane."

No. 621536

"I hope she's not TOO hungry…"

No. 621538

Why does she always wear falsies lol

No. 621546

Not like this. Not like this. NOT LIKE THIIIIIIII…

No. 621558

on the off chance that one of her asslickers will post her to felix's subreddit and get on lwiay, probably.

Tinfoil off, she beats dead memes. She jumps on things very late, it seems compulsory for her.

No. 621570

so, isn't she supposed to be going to japan soon? when she was there last, she announced (shortly around the time that nigri did for herself) that she was coming back in spring and made it sound like tickets were already bought. that'd be 1-2 months from now depending, so maybe this return to camversity + suddenly restocking keychains is an attempt to scrape up money for it? especially if she already committed to the tickets and hotel room but has nothing for spending money…

No. 621590


No. 621601

So is she still not online on camversity? Here I foolishly thought I'd miss the shitshow being at work but I forgot Moo can't be on time.

No. 621653

it’s PST

No. 621670

Stumbled upon someone wearing the same thing, but who looks 20x better than out butter shaped, chunky fat cow. Also called the Bridgette too. Moo, you steaming again??

No. 621671

File: 1546734068793.jpg (242.22 KB, 1080x1125, 20190105_162024.jpg)

Dropped pic of girl Im sure shes stealing ideas from now

No. 621685

holy fuck idk if i'll be able to even enjoy the milk if moo starts ACTUALLY hanging out and associating more with SW.

I love watching all of the dumb cow shit mariah does; but everything about sniperwolf makes me want to literally jump in front of a moving bus. I hope she doesn't curdle the milk.

No. 621686

File: 1546734723392.png (1.19 MB, 699x1221, OHLAWDSHECOMIN.png)

No. 621693

wait a second…

did this bitch put on her eyeshadow AFTER her falsies? why the fuck is there eyeshadow dust all over the fucking eyelashes?


No. 621712

sniper and her have hung out a couple of times. I know they did at uhh, maybe blizz con last? And while they were in Japan SW was commenting on how they should ~totally go together next time~

No. 621713

>the white to pink fade isn't even blended

i wish she would look up some tutorials because this tired white and pink never looked good in the first place

No. 621714

What I think actually happened

>flaked on her "contract" but still wanted to get paid

>CV employees were was like "nah sis"
>mariah threw a temper tantrum demanding she gets what she thinks is owed to her
>CV people tell her they can arrange another "contact" with her

Which is probably why we're seeing CamV back to promoting her and why she all of a sudden is getting back into streaming even though she seemed to fucking hate it last time

No. 621718

File: 1546736349313.jpg (49.6 KB, 499x720, 7fcd5503d0c75334448c3771d2fa7c…)

she is, she's using this tutorial.

No. 621719

i doubt that. i think she's just super desperate and they are too. she probably flounced initially and came crawling back and they took her in with open arms.

No. 621721

you use it as an insult but back when she was italian she bragged about being that way

No. 621722

File: 1546736608015.jpeg (125.71 KB, 750x547, BE480663-3CDE-48CF-90E2-4A77A3…)

No. 621747

Tbh could still be no contract. Why the fuck wouldn't they promote someone in Instagram with over 500K followers on their page too to garner even more traffic to their site? It's a smart business move on their part and she has still yet to confirm if she even had a contract with the to begin with. You're not allowed to not tell people if you are working. That's the whole sexret sponsor issue that people keep having. If she is going to play that game, then everyone has the right to bitch at her until she admits to being a part of their company #sponsored

No. 621783

File: 1546740227612.gif (1.99 MB, 337x600, 6A32F588-46C5-4EFD-A574-F0D27F…)

she’s live!

No. 621791

Old stream thread >>569199

No. 621792

now don't chase her off again

No. 621797

moo only does shit for $$.

No. 621898

One of her tags is 'arabic' Moo you're fucking white

No. 621928

File: 1546742391856.jpeg (201.16 KB, 750x408, FB24A431-AFA7-40A0-AB9B-716BC2…)

looking like a fat shitless baby tonight

No. 621960

If it makes you feel any better, it's empty aside from literal garbage thrown around.

No. 621986


do you think daddy momos co workers jerk off to his daughter

No. 622035

lucky for me i have a nice highrise apartment so i don't. idc if this is blogposting, or w/e i just hate salty jelly girls in moos thread. some of us up here in 3k a month apartments with saunas bby.(blog)

No. 622043

sure jan

No. 622053

lol sorry, girls who are jelly of moo are PULL tier.

No. 622061

File: 1546745619383.gif (2.33 MB, 440x440, 6B7E233D-DAEF-4770-9345-4A091C…)

squats on stream, I promise she’s wearing a peach crop top

No. 622063

File: 1546745672845.gif (1.48 MB, 541x600, C2B57637-0A31-4A26-9E84-F3BC84…)

No. 622078

>ahegao fake cum drip
Jesus Christ please tell me someone is ready to record this disgusting embarsssment

No. 622079

record anon is getting it don’t worry!

No. 622093

So Camversity models keep $0.05 from every token right?

Well Moo is trying to get 3000 tokens for this stream so she's basically doing all of this for $150. Each time she flashes her tits she gets $5. For someone claiming to be good and Christian, shaking your tits for $5 is such a low bar. Love it.

No. 622105

File: 1546746807976.jpeg (296.13 KB, 750x674, E96B0CC0-EB84-468E-A79D-40839B…)

hit goal so if anyone wants to see the train wreck feel free to pile now

No. 622112

'good christian thread/server/stream' is a meme, she's not serious or claiming she is, how many times do people have to post this?

But 5 dollars for shaking her saggy pancakes? LOL so pathetic.

No. 622117

That's the Bad Dragon cum lube. So we know she uses bad dragon dildos

No. 622120

What a fucking lard. Her forms all off

No. 622123

Hair is confirmed a wig. She just said she didn't want lube all over her wig.

No. 622130

File: 1546747436027.gif (2.42 MB, 440x440, A0528380-FA76-4D09-8CB4-EC8554…)

here’s our star!

No. 622134

>eyes closed
>side view

coward lol

No. 622136

File: 1546747550621.gif (2.82 MB, 538x600, 4385BD85-C202-45DC-AA09-6BEF9B…)

sorry for these

No. 622139

File: 1546747679671.gif (3.79 MB, 528x600, 5D369DA1-1C61-4DA7-9324-AD6CF5…)

No. 622142

We have to remember not to kill the messenger. We are in this together, anon.

Also what's that dumb random light in the background?

No. 622145

light that reacts to her voice

No. 622146

so she's going to leverage her natural disgustingness for neckbeard bucks. good play actually.

No. 622157

File: 1546748179672.png (Spoiler Image, 1.83 MB, 1242x2208, 5499AE72-13E6-4E50-9607-9C590B…)

Welp, this is…interesting

No. 622159

File: 1546748225166.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 556x600, DCE565D4-D888-42BB-9535-CBFFBC…)

VERY CURSED, spoiler for her nipples. she poured fake cum all over her shirt

No. 622162

File: 1546748284730.png (3 KB, 268x44, Capture.PNG)

No. 622166

File: 1546748356752.gif (914.95 KB, 440x440, CAFB3B9D-10E7-4907-AD15-F17970…)

No. 622180

"Guys don't share the screenshots"
lmao too late

No. 622206

File: 1546749297782.gif (2.2 MB, 440x440, 3808B81C-A180-4F51-81EF-47622A…)

nipples out and bong rips on camera, camversity blessings!

No. 622214

Well we've seen the nipples. No excuse to not go nude.

No. 622221

she blows the smoke out right away. wow can't even smoke weed right, why are men paying to see this?

No. 622257

File: 1546750176835.gif (1 MB, 440x440, 4E0AAC4A-6A57-452D-9D1B-58A919…)

she did hold a majority of the hit not that it matters. she ended up getting ash or something in her mouth and was trying to blow it out I think

No. 622324

File: 1546751418459.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.77 MB, 600x543, 79C7DBEC-EB2D-467C-B419-48B8E0…)

two more

No. 622328

File: 1546751472135.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.12 MB, 600x575, 53C03EC7-E7E5-4555-A128-34ED45…)

she instantly realizes this was a mistake

No. 622335



No. 622354

File: 1546752209582.webm (Spoiler Image, 4.93 MB, 1205x676, sexy.webm)

Moo trying to be sexy

No. 622357

… No words…

No. 622372

File: 1546752965980.jpeg (248.61 KB, 750x1053, 520B13B9-C823-48C1-B109-DA6741…)


No. 622384

something pewdiepie had in his office for a couple of months, it became a bit of a meme

No. 622422

File: 1546755793980.png (350.11 KB, 720x1196, Capture _2019-01-05-23-14-18.p…)

From a fb post that shared JN's Wario. Lot's of the other comments are ppl trashing the whole thots calling their smut cosplay instead of porn or pornplay or cosporn etc. Think it's fair to say at this point there's no denying that the cow is a wannabe porn star

No. 622426


This bitch was high as fuck in her stream and pretty much showed her nipples to everyone? Is she that desperate for money?

No. 622430

She has PewDiePie's lights. Why am I not surprised?

No. 622434

Okay okay okay. I know we all dunk on moo for being a wide-ass bitch… but holy fuck. She is fucking WIDE. Between this webm and the T-Shirt pics it's REALLY REALLY noticeable. She's easily pushing 280lbs at this point. As a serious question… does anyone think she'll actually ever have an "oh shit" moment and start ACTUALLY working out and eating right; or will she just go full hambeast until she's BBW status?

Most people see a certain picture of themselves or something and have that "aha!" moment where they realize "holy shit I need to make a change to save my body". I wonder what Mariah's will be; or if there will even be one.

No. 622438

>>622328 Am I the only one who thinks tonight's stream is going to have a severely negative OR a severely positive effect on Moo's career going forward?

On one hand, she's been very adamant about not showing nudity, but she practically threw that policy out the window once everyone got a view of her chest in that see-through shirt.

So the question is, are the neckbeards going to save their money and seek greener pastures after seeing what they wanted to see? Or are they going to throw more money and requests at Moo, thinking she may be less reluctant to do real porn after having survived tonight's stream?

No. 622439

Damn them udders be nearly down to her gut lmao

No. 622440

Judging from how pissed a lot of them were for the disappointing end to the stream I don't think many will be returning, and if they do return they won't be positive. I know some people were upset that she blocked someone for no reason too so it's just adding to her disapproval rate at this point.
Can't wait to see what horrors await tomorrows stream.

No. 622448

This camversity shit is seriously the most degrading crap she’s ever done. Jesus. Parents still proud of you, momo?

No. 622450

Considering how she's only gotten wilder in the years we've known her, and how she's still taking ""lewds"" despite looking like a giant lumpy fat baby and the reality of her body hasn't dawned on her, my guess is that she'll so full hambeast. Well, not that she hasn't already. She's close to going full camgirl, Mariah is absolutely desperate and hopeless, I bet she'll go BBW soon and start eating on cam for fetishists.

No. 622451

I think she genuinely has issues with self control and will not get better about her eating. We have seen her many many times attempt to keep to ‘diets’ and she’s binge eating within a few hours so, no, I don’t think she will ever get better. I don’t think she’s capable of even having that moment because she doesn’t have a single ounce of what it takes to criticize yourself or grow as a person. It would probably just be another crying stream where she tells everyone she’s sad about her weight and never changes anything.

No. 622454

She paid $230 for that stupid light.

No. 622456

What are they even? Just looked like random lights reacting to sound

No. 622457

No. 622475

>back when she was italian

late, but i cackled.

jesus christ. daddy must be proud.

No. 622476

She is only wide because she chooses to munch on junk food and read us all day than take 30 mins to an hour taking a fucking walk.
I expect nothing less from her. She's the weeb version of Amberlynn

No. 622477


Lel. You KNOW her father's work colleagues have found out what she does, gotta be pretty humiliating for him.

No. 622479

because it takes her two hours to put on foundation

No. 622482


sorry for the cross thread ref, i never save shit from lunas

No. 622490

File: 1546772620668.jpg (Spoiler Image, 141.6 KB, 1860x919, Screenshot_5.jpg)

Have you ever had a dream?
Where you just want.
You just want to use an industrial air suction pump.
To suck the worst out of a person.
And condense it into an image.
For innocent to see.

No. 622491

File: 1546772683799.jpg (Spoiler Image, 141.6 KB, 1860x919, Screenshot_5.jpg)

Have you ever had a dream?
Where you just want.
You just want to use an industrial air suction pump.
To suck the worst out of a person.
And condense it into an image.
For innocent to see.

No. 622492

File: 1546772563084.jpg (Spoiler Image, 119.33 KB, 1862x920, Screenshot_3.jpg)

Have you ever had a dream?
Where you just want.
You just want to use an industrial air suction pump.
To suck the worst out of a person.
And condense it into an image.
For innocent to see.

No. 622495

File: 1546780126641.gif (2.84 MB, 250x255, 1qvxobew.vichan.gif)


imagine being a patron for months and paying this cow money just to see her naked and then she does this for free

No. 622496

Lol well neckbeards had to pay but yeah most people get it for free. Imagine continuing to give Mooriah money knowing she's literally scamming people.

No. 622497

Damn, her workout line game is strong

No. 622514

Holy fucking shit IT LITERALLY IS PORN NOW

No. 622516

Guys. Holly just installed a bunch. I dont think it has to do with Pewd.

No. 622518

Isn't vamp moving soon? And what happened to Moo going back to school? Is that cam whore life jist too much money?

No. 622527

Vamp moved out ages ago and Sensei moved in. She confirmed it last night on stream

No. 622529

File: 1546790345382.jpeg (676.06 KB, 743x1057, 9B044E77-B885-48B3-9A94-C5AB17…)

Japan pic we never saw posted by Holly’s whatever guy friend. kek @ vamp and sensei standing close while she hogs the center

No. 622532

File: 1546791730055.png (1.7 MB, 1224x2048, Screenshot_20190106-081937.png)

Just saw this gem in her stories.

No. 622536

Why the fuck am I not surprised someone named ahegaobabygirl is gushing over something that never happened? No wonder moocow will never completely fall off the wagon, she has too many ass lickers.

No. 622537

Lastnight's stream is up


Part 3 is where she does pasties and wet tshirt

Part 4 is when she takes off her pants and then stops the stream

No. 622539

File: 1546792769066.jpeg (647.87 KB, 750x1063, 93B3ED03-9005-4C61-8393-375D05…)

never forget FACETAPE! FACETAPE! FACETAPE! and the deleted video which she’s still never reposted

No. 622540


We don't deserve you recordanon. Doing the work that breaks stronger anons.

No. 622553

Congrats, Mariah, on being the first cosplayer to reach featured thread status on KF!

No. 622556

newfag here but how tall is she? i always got the impression she's this massive mountain troll of a woman but she's the shortest one in the picture

No. 622559

It has nothing to do with Pewds, for two years tech YouTubers have been using them and then PewDiePie had a small time with them. NanoLeaf is pretty popular at tech shows and is sold in Best Buys here in Vegas (probably nationally, too). Holly getting them and then her going, ooh, lemme copy that… that's cool is probably more likely.

Also, is she streaming on Camversity again? Is her goal gonna change? How often can she do the same thing?

No. 622560

File: 1546794535923.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.41 KB, 759x654, why bother.JPG)


Anon, you are a fucking legend. Thank you so much to make it possible to witness this horror show.

This made me wonder why she even bothers with pasties and shit, it happened, everybody has seen your peperoni's moo

No. 622573

She's around 5'3" in shoes. She's not a mountain, she's just very W I D E.

No. 622574

What anon said, like 5'3 5'4?

She's not a mountains more of a lumpy hill.

No. 622594

File: 1546797465225.gif (637.71 KB, 275x122, BE6F0607-ADD1-4D7D-B7D0-B7D412…)

already submitted this for a banner but have a version that doesn’t say lolcow on it for all of your irony/blessing 2019 milkflow needs

No. 622595

File: 1546797620399.png (2.97 MB, 750x1334, 6797B0C2-99E1-484E-951C-FA3946…)

wants to do a YouTube video sperging about the web comics she reads

No. 622597

does moo really still think people care about her?

No. 622598

What's good anons who were convinced she was fine money wise? I'm sure she has great savings and lots of money in her accounts to be begging for tips with her body, showing her nipples on a free website while gargling fake jizz made for furries.

No. 622599

What was that one part in the video?
>Silliness warning!
Sooooooo cringe

No. 622604

>>622527 I'm surprised we haven't seen one piece of evidence in the form of a photo or video that makes it appear he really lives with her. He's an attention whore, so I'm not giving him the benefit of the doubt that he requested not to appear in her videos. She hasn't shown off his room, or any of his belongings. Also, wouldn't we have heard or seen his dog by now?

No. 622605


Timestamp for when she said this?

No. 622609

One week into 2019 and we have Moo going back to camversity and showing her nipples, the Onions outed as child groomers, Dasha outed as escort… truly the year of milk.
Hear me out: this is the year of Moo going full nude.

Lmao, let's say she's a mountain only width wise…

No. 622611

Part 2 29:43 is where she says " That's my mate and my roommate."

No. 622613

Sorry 29:33 is when the question is asked

No. 622620

File: 1546801386724.png (458.18 KB, 788x812, IMG_20190106_200223.png)

The cat's face. I can't breathe. Lmao

No. 622628


>tfw you realize there is no escape from this monster

No. 622629

She also said on last nights stream (between using the word “mate” in a bad Aussie accent every 2 sentences) that she went on a date yesterday. Obviously not with sensei though.

No. 622631

Jesus Christ. Is she gonna eat it?

No. 622632

I'm sure the guy was expecting her to look like her overly shopped cosplay photos but she came in looking like a dark souls boss.

jfc she can't even do squats right and she's still trying to tell people she's into fitness. Other than her weird body, can someone explain why when she touches her breasts they are rock hard? I know they are not implants, but her boobs have no squish or softness to them. Like they are made from harden overly packed balls of fat

No. 622633

must suck that the only way to get your cats to stay with you is to put them in a strangle head lock. What a sad life to be nothing more than a prop for pictures.

No. 622636

The worst part is that anyone who googles her last name gets bombarded with her gross photos. Even if they are just trying to find someone else with the same last name. There are quite a few people in her extended family who are not happy about this turn of events.

No. 622640

File: 1546803775143.gif (3.7 MB, 400x400, 6CABF627-65E7-4E3D-95ED-4090C3…)

No. 622642

If gifs are allowed to be OP pics then I vote for this one. Thank you for this wonderful contribution, anon.

No. 622652

File: 1546806493377.png (2.67 MB, 750x1334, 6A9DB856-9E3B-4730-AC54-D75422…)

thanks for crediting your art momo but don’t forget the part where will-o dropped you after all that bs

No. 622659

File: 1546807193014.png (107.9 KB, 505x583, Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 20.3…)

I called Momo a thot, and a rare female white knight came to her defence (1)

No. 622660

File: 1546807274952.jpg (Spoiler Image, 163.88 KB, 1491x1093, Untitled.jpg)

Niagara Falls cosplay

No. 622662

This is priceless. Lmfao. That cat is in shock. At first I thought it might have a contact high, but now i realize the horrible truth.

Either she is topless and the cat feels that bumpy pepperoni on bacit's back. Or it recognizes the smell of the cum lube and knows what comes next is the sights and sounds of a thot-back whale about to harpoon itself with Big Donny's Bad Dragon.

No. 622665

icon is showing

No. 622669

File: 1546807857099.png (97.16 KB, 500x640, Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 20.3…)

>>622659 (2)
>>622665 Thanks

No. 622670

Why the fuck does she take so long to pull the ahegao face lol. she puts fake jizz in her mouth, looks up like shes at some doctors exam and then just freezes in place until it drips out. i know u have 2 braincells momo but this is a video, not a photo

No. 622674

They're not "Pewdiepie lights". They're by a company called Nanoleaf, they're just cool light panels that seem to be gaining in popularity. They look pretty weird on their own, but they can look nice if the room is coordinated well.

No. 622676


No. 622680

>>622620 This is my vote for the next thread header. This is also my favorite cat out of the 39 that have lived with Mariah at some point for this facial expression alone.

No. 622681

She clearly stuffed herself into a shirt that was way too small. I was uncomfortable just watching her wear it. Her tits are in the “belly” area of the shirt and all the fabric meant for her actual chest is stuffed in her armpits and gathered just above her chest.

I’ll bet she had to cut that shit off when she was done

No. 622682

She's posting more videos of herself dancing like a fat baby in her stories - can anyone say manic episode

No. 622683

moos life is a manic episode tbh

No. 622684

File: 1546810925360.jpg (335.51 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190106-133907_Ins…)

This chick's pants are higher than Steve Urkel's.

Seriously, she may want to start shopping in the maternity clothing sections if she's going to wear her pants up to her belly button in an unsuccessful effort to conceal her obesity.

No. 622685

gotta hide that fupa

No. 622686

Maybe I was naive but i honestly never thought she'd end up going this far. Or at least in this manner. I always figured if she went full on nude she'd hype it and put it behind her Patreon. But to just have nips hanging out for free on CamV… fucking hell Mariah.

I wonder if she still thinks this is ~implied nude~

No. 622696

I remember Vamp wasn't allowed to have people over. I feel like Sensei won't put up with the same shit.

And seeing >>622529 … I feel like Moo's money rekindled that fuck buddy thing.

No. 622697


Tbh, the other person is right. Stop being salty about the fact that people will and still do pay her for her shit. They will pay. They won't go away. I know you guys like to freak out about they are wising up, but they are not and they keep coming, she keeps growing [in both terms]. It's not going to stop, people will call her out, she will get more followers after due to traffic. It's what happens. A lot of followers are there JUST to keep tabs on her too, not because of actually liking her stuff, so why be salty over something you could do too if you just take your clothes off and market the fuck out of yourself until you have no dignity left.

She's a shitshow, but she IS a shitshow people pay for. Just like Trisha. Just like any other cow who uses socials, YouTube, or Patreon to gain followers and money. It fucking sucks, but that's the reality of Moo. She is going to make money no matter how much people who hate it bitch and moan and I'm not trying to WK her either. This is literally how it goes and now that she's back to camming, she's going to be getting the camming guys too. She can be as gross as she wants, but people don't give a shit as long as they are interesting in jacking off. They will do it to ANYTHING.

No. 622699

Holly, Moo's friend, just bought a huge lot of them for her camming room. Moo is literally playing off of Holly's camming setup in the background. Holly is getting a bunch of them to stack together on the wall for a whole wall of them. Lets see if Moo does it too now.

No. 622700

I know she says so. But Moo documents EVERYTHING if this guy was really there she would be shoving the camera in his face every minute. He even in the past had to tell her to stop recording some good deed he was doing with the flowers.

No. 622701

Sensei moved in with Mariah? Oh this gonna be good

No. 622704

According to the stream, he is moving into her new place but he hasn't moved in yet.

No. 622706

Anyone else recall her telling people that bimbosim is wrong and the word is wrong, but then telling them to go to stephanymichelle and envyus if they want that content and those two dont even market their shit as bimboism on stream last night?I wonder if milk will come from that.

No. 622709

File: 1546814016615.jpeg (263.17 KB, 750x927, 9543C808-AB7D-4206-96A8-364E2F…)

irrelevant but Stephanie does market herself as bimbo and even posts herself on bimbo subreddits.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 622710

Record anon missed a big crucial part from Mariah's stream in the very beginning. According to someone on KF who was watching the stream

>Momo admitted to groping people and said she apologized for using ADHD as an "Excuse," but doubled down and said she never claimed it was the reason why it happened. Then she made up some bullshit about how she thought the random dude she groped was her friend (the video evidence makes it pretty clear she didn't know him).

The video she's referencing is the video of her touching the guy's ass while she was cosplaying as Gohoe.

No. 622712

I dont think she markets herself as one though. She posts in places she knows that her looks look like what the fetish lovers want, but Ive never seen her outright call herself a bimbo or claim to be into bimbofication. She has said she is fascinated with surgery, but that's about as far.

No. 622714


Recordanon here, I only missed recording the first 3 minutes of the stream and only missed listening to the first 2.

No. 622716

File: 1546815060423.gif (23.36 KB, 100x100, XD.gif)

>How often can she do the same thing?

just look at her patreon

No. 622722

I'm guessing the date went bad since she just got high and (basically) nude online right after.

No. 622730

Dude, she's on cloud 9 and I dont mean just by how high she is from weed. Im thinking Cheif said yes a day or two ago to moving in because that's when this whole super happy, goofy, hahahahah look at me thing started.

No. 622737

File: 1546817042820.gif (4.29 MB, 337x600, 37BCD34C-0CD4-41DB-B263-8417AD…)

more singing, more dancing but with props this time! blah blah blah some sorta irony hidden in momo singing the line “only fools rush in” from can’t help falling in love with you

No. 622740

File: 1546817211911.png (1.96 MB, 750x1334, 9BF0B8D6-7892-41B2-BC79-EBF726…)

Looks like will-o didn’t completely drop her which is pretty lame since she claimed she was going to cut off all ties with her

No. 622742

File: 1546817334869.jpg (500.15 KB, 728x640, trump forty keks.jpg)

nice meme, anon

100/10–especially that file name

No. 622745

How bored is she that she keeps dancing for IG stories in practically the same getup as yesterday alone in her house? Doesn’t she have packages to ship and costumes to make (lol)

No. 622746

Sensei running around begging people for a place to crash offscreen

No. 622750

Twelve year old got her first smartphone.

No. 622751

Lol, the moderators are on their periods. So many red bans. I’m trying to enjoy milk but unfortunately your fucked up totalitarian rules are ruining it. Why don’t you take a break off of the red bans and chill. There’s milk. Nothing wrong. Calm down.

No. 622753

I'm sure she's smoking and taking more drugs because the guy uttered the most dreadful phrase ever "you don't look like your pictures…"
You expect some plus sized model comes to your date but instead you get a bloated mountain troll who can knock out a banshee with her voice and an odor to match.

No. 622759

hmmm…. maybe. bad date, but sensei dick movin in so who cares. i can see that being a possibility

No. 622773

There's only 2 red bans in this thread within 24 hours, if you're that salty take it to /meta/.

I'm thinking he said something along the lines of "sounds good" and "I'll think about it", I don't think it's likely he'll move in though since he owns a dog and there's 3 (soon to be 4) conflicting cats in the house, unless Moo paying for the whole rent (which she probably offered to) is a good enough reason for him to give his dog away or something, either way we'll see him in Moo's IG stories more often in the future if it's true, and you can bet she'll invite Vamp over as often as possible to rub it in her face.

No. 622784


Redtexting is used for posts that get multiple reports so anons know not to report the post.

No. 622820

File: 1546825798732.jpg (197.07 KB, 1080x1921, 49818272_269551937075060_41771…)

Stream cancelled tonight

No. 622824

It's literally 6PM for her. There's no way in hell she's going to go to bed now. How much do you want to bet that she will be posting more Instagram crap until like 4 am?

No. 622826

File: 1546826740163.png (716.25 KB, 911x949, Screenshot_95.png)

Looks like shes not moderating her reddit today either

No. 622833

Give her a break anons. She did stream for one whole day in a row.

No. 622835

More like "I accidentally showed off my actual tits and now don't want to go on air again." Bet her next stream we're back to troll Moo

No. 622849

File: 1546829941191.jpg (284.25 KB, 720x1223, 20190106_185134.jpg)


>Spends the entire day singing to a giant wooden spoon she uses to eat pudding.

>Decides not to stream tonight, claiming she has to conserve what little bit of energy she has left after singing to her favorite utensil.
>Decides to go on a tour of sorts to let everyone know she's pretending to fall asleep by 7:00 P.M. her time.
>Lingering neckbeards who hang on her every word shower her with kindness once she visits a chat room that shouldn't be occupied, really.

No. 622850


Did she get filler? Something's not right with her lip…

No. 622851

>>622849 Samefag. She's asking if she could borrow energy from the idiots who loiter around on CamV. For what? Why would a person who hired movers, and who clearly has most of her shit in her new house by now, need to lift a finger?

Just an assumption on my part, but I think she's about to crash from whatever she's been abusing these past few days.

No. 622854

It's her bottom lip, she's just pouting

Honestly her nipples look fine to me, so unfortunate that she cares so much about being "better" morally than other costhots… if she hasn't hyped it up so much it wouldn't have been a big deal.

No. 622855

shes pouting her bottom lip. how would she get filler in the short time frame of singing into her spoon a while ago to now comeonnow.jpg

No. 622856

That's her bottom lip anon, she's pouting and showing off that undernose acne

No. 622872

File: 1546834819812.png (3.63 MB, 750x1334, 47DCB6FB-51CD-454D-8F11-C71D26…)

No. 622873

Jesus the amount of editing having needing done

No. 622877


This was literally the most predictable thing possible. Everyone who saw her go "I'm streaming again tomorrow with a sexy cosplay!" immediately knew there was going to be nothing tomorrow, and that was before she ended up showing everyone her nipples completely for free.

No. 622881

Will O' Dick makes herself look two-faced as fuck. She was here and on Twitter talking mad shit about Moo, but here she is, feeding into Mariah's shit after all the sexual assault and drama from last year surfaced. I hope the idiot loses clients.

She always acts like this when she finds a new guy to latch onto. She won't be doing this when he gets rid of her soon.

No. 622882

I think other anons were right. She was blitzed on whatever she was taking and didn't realize when you get a white shirt wet it becomes see through.
She when she gets off her high she has to accept that people have seen her topless and has to push further into porn

No. 622885

File: 1546836939490.jpg (366.43 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190106-205054_Ins…)

>>622824 Still awake. She was making a 9 course meal with her fake girlfriend Vamp.

She just got back on Camversity, and she's already doing everything in her power to avoid streaming.

If Mariah applied as much devotion to sewing, professionalism, physical health, and her appearance as she does lying and being a shitty person, she might not be the irreconcilable mess she undoubtedly turned into.

No. 622886

Moo went to castle for her bodysuit after Bunny got hers from them. Then goes on to say shes calling herself a soft girl which bunny has been marketing herself as for a year. Keep taking shit moo.

No. 622888

File: 1546838685340.jpg (25.58 KB, 220x327, Blair_Witch_Project.jpg)

This reminds me of this lmao.

Also I don't know what's grosser, her natsy white head over her lip or had freakishly spider leg looking lashes.

No. 622889

it's not being two faced, it's called being professional. You smile and be nice to people even if you disagree with their politics or things they've done.

No. 622891

or alternatively you just ignore the @ and not go “omg thank you!” to a sexual predator you denounced many times before.

No. 622892

It's called shooting yourself in the foot. No one in any circle is gonna care she's being 'professional' They are just seeing her endorsing a known predator and art thief

No. 622893

If you think continuing to work with someone who is an unrepenting art thief is 'being professional' you're decidedly wrong. As the other anon said it would be 'professional' to ignore her. If anything it was extremely unprofessional for her to say one thing and then turn around and do another on the same platform and will get her blacklisted from anyone who cares because who would want to hire someone who will say whatever money and popularity tells her to?

No. 622899

I almost forgot about Castle. You don't hear them interact as much. But it must suck that castle took such a huge dent in her career just to squeeze out a couple of K for Momo.

No. 622900

It seems more like moo tagging her only vs Will still working with her. She hasnt gotten new art from Will in over a year. They arent collaborated

No. 622905

Moo's dense but she's not that dumb. Ofc she knew a white shirt getting wet is gonna be see through, that's why it was a goal people were donating to reach. Seems to me she's just getting closer and closer to accepting her fate of being an actual camgirl.

No. 622906

This makes no fucking sense… the swords in the ground next to her make it look like it's supposed to be the Battle of Camlann, in which case, her pose and facial expression make no sense, nor does the background (it was on a hill, this is in the anime).
Also, she couldn't edit the ahoge to look decent or the skirt armor to not be bending in every direction or something? I guess she got exhausted editing the face to look decent.

No. 622913

Boy she is DEFINITELY looking like a 40 year old mom here today.

No. 622917

File: 1546846946019.jpg (36.71 KB, 467x960, rukidding.jpg)

I'm shit at screenshotting but yeah, she is defs not distancing herself

No. 622918

That desperate for followers?

No. 622920

Glad to see that she'll be back in the calves' thread.

No. 622924

It's funny she is trying to steal "soft" when anons have specifically been mentioning how hard her body is despite being so fat.

wtf is wrong with her eyes, her left/our right looks busted af

No. 622925

she probably tagged will because we reminded her that will fucking hates her and regrets working with her

No. 622928

Oh, that's definitely why she tagged her, but clearly will isn't that bothered by it, seeing as she acknowledged the tag.

Will must think that it's safe to associate with her again. Idiot.

No. 622930

Watch her convince Will to draw more art for merch instead of leaving the girl alone and asking another artist. Which reminds me, what about the artist Moo paid to "design" her MooMoo OC rip off?