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File: 1535660306724.png (829.47 KB, 720x720, 1535596058786.png)

No. 569199

Current Main thread: >>>/pt/563425

Previous Stream thread >>>/pt/564208

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun, momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad

Google Drive:

Stream Archive:

Attn: Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/snow/386826, >>>/snow/644215
The Basics:
>Hired to promote Camversity and try to get in non nude and other streamers to the service
>Under an NDA so cannot talk about it but keeps mentioning some things that likely break the NDA
>Suppose to do 20 4 hour streams a month for 3 months
>Has exclusivity agreement and cannot stream on Twitch for 3 months

Stream summary:
>She barely tries to do anything on stream or look presentable just gets Vamp to twerk for tokens
>Barely interacts with chat half of the streams, Vamp is left to manage and interact with chat
>Made comments about depression and that people should just get over it, twitter dramma ensued
>Did a photoshoot stream, took 2 hours to do her makeup and then didn't show the photoshoot due to not meeting goals
>Told so many lies that she can't keep them straight, Vamp has refuted some of them
>Read her terrible boring book on stream and mispronounced or shuttered on ever 5th word
>Almost every stream she orders delivery food or gets her mom to bring her food, never cooks at home
>Finally showed her boobs in pasties, its what everybody expected
>Lewd streams have shown how her much coolsculpting, lipo and not exercising have fucked up her body
>Did a cosplay stream, showed exactly how inept at she at making anything
>Dressed up as Ethan Klein and blew vape smoke on Vamp's ass while she twerked
>Done of a couple of gaming streams, she doesn't show gameplay just watching them play

Currently 15 out of a possible 60 streams

No. 569205

aka How Much More Boring Can it Get? Edition

No. 569208

Don't even joke anon, we're already suffering.

No. 569218

"Is the milk even worth it" edition
"Is there even any milk" edition
"Recordanon deserves a medal" edition

No. 569246

Are people still tipping her when vamp isn't on stream too?

No. 569269

Very rarely and small amounts. I think she got like 50 lastnight

No. 569278

2 hours of her playing God of War then Vamp is coming over to make things lewd.

No. 569283

Second stream shes going to wear a bikini, if hit goal pasties

No. 569284

>Use to watch HannahMinx all the time

Explains a lot

No. 569285

That head to neck contrast she looks like a bloated corpse Jesus.

No. 569289

File: 1535679659840.png (1016.42 KB, 708x705, Screenshot_79.png)

No. 569294

Did anyone else notice that outfit is eerily similar to what jnig wore today?

No. 569296

File: 1535681366872.jpg (138.93 KB, 1080x1920, 40007694_327849851303727_68444…)

Shes wearing the same exact hat jnig wore

No. 569303

It's nice to see that, even after this horrible controversy, she still wants to skin and wear jnig.

No. 569311

Moo isn't wearing anything under her sports bra, just straight up showed nipples

No. 569312

she just left the stream to go eat
Her arms and shoulders looked so MASSIVE

No. 569318

She's even doing similar make up holy shit lol

No. 569321

Why doesn't that dumb ass eat before streaming? and there are still thirsty neckbeards in chat too who will wait.

No. 569323

so this is her new way of fucking off her camV stuff huh- "errands" and "eating". Wonder how long she thinks this will fly

No. 569324

Same outfit too. Sports bra and leggings.

No. 569331


Much like her changing her appearance and offering actual rewards, I'm sure she is going to get strongly worded message telling her to knock this shit off and actually stay on camera.

It's obvious she is using this "errands" and "eating" bullshit to leave because she is completely miserable having to entertain guys who are only there hoping she'll take her clothes off

No. 569332

To be fair, she rarely wears anything other than that

No. 569334

She's still offline and the neckbeards are getting antsy

No. 569335

File: 1535686403806.png (346.68 KB, 522x512, Screenshot 2018-08-30 at 8.33.…)

back with Vamps

No. 569336

her head looks like it was copy pasted from another person. wow

No. 569339

>doing Tsunade and Sakura lewds with Vamps

No. 569341

Someone asked her if she would be attending two cons in the Midwest (Chicago area). She read the question, and never provided an answer.

She knows she's toast in the community, not to mention a coward.

No. 569344

She fell over like last night and is covering her stomach with her dakimakura

No. 569347

Someone asked if she'd do lola from space jam and she said she had it ready?? Does she spend all day lying?

No. 569348

>before knee injury she claims she squatted 250-275 lbs then asked how many reps

No. 569349

She bought it a long time ago at the Halloween store with her scarecrow and beer girl

No. 569350

So that means she can't fit into it then.

No. 569352

Probably not. I think it was a Large or something and we had many laughs. She probably didn't do it because she STILL did not fit it even last year.

No. 569353

I can't handle the lies and Mariah's tendency to casually ignore good questions asked by viewers. She makes Vamp stare at the screen the whole time as she bounces around the room like a walrus on meth. You can tell she hates doing these streams just as much as I hate watching them. And yet, here we are.

No. 569356

I went out for a bit and come back to her zipped up hoodie trying to prevent nipslips…ok

No. 569362

Random question, but do any of you think Mariah dreads the thought of hitting her goal whenever she says she'll wear revealing articles of clothing? I mean, angles and breathing techniques only go so far, and many people are aware of how tubby this bitch is by now.

No. 569363

File: 1535694150553.png (495.11 KB, 909x510, Screenshot 2018-08-30 at 10.41…)

No. 569365

File: 1535694778408.png (378.99 KB, 720x740, 20180830_225040.png)

She used that awful shade of makeup on her neck as well. I thought it was an issue with the lighting at first. I was wrong. She moved around way too much to chalk it up as a coincidence.

No. 569366

did you guys see just how many different ways that jello moved when she was moving around? Ugh. she aint thicc or whatever

No. 569367

At first glance I was very confused by this picture. I thought her tits was below her arm,so what was she covering?

No. 569368

File: 1535694923508.jpg (367.56 KB, 1067x754, bb6532f3f7d68d0f6bd81598a9d9e2…)

No. 569370

Looks like she got more cool sculpt done my dudes.

No. 569371

File: 1535695563922.png (167.36 KB, 425x383, Screenshot 2018-08-30 at 10.47…)

No. 569372

File: 1535695581827.png (453.99 KB, 907x505, Screenshot 2018-08-30 at 10.47…)

No. 569373

File: 1535695601561.png (349.2 KB, 726x435, Screenshot 2018-08-30 at 10.47…)

No. 569374

File: 1535695637690.png (279.32 KB, 466x512, Screenshot 2018-08-30 at 10.57…)

she kept saying the bottoms were too tight

No. 569375

File: 1535695652252.png (427.03 KB, 912x506, Screenshot 2018-08-30 at 10.58…)

No. 569376

>I'm not white reeeeeeeeee

No. 569379

My god these are painful to look at. How can she look in the mirror and think this looks okay? No wonder she wears the same shitty clothes all the time, I’d be ashamed too if my body looked like a lumpy misshapen mass.

No. 569384

Ugh I can see her slit but it just looks like her butt from the front.

No. 569385

How high can you stack jello? About 5'8"

No. 569391

Is this her "micro" bikini? Bitch, you're just fat.

No. 569394

File: 1535703102348.jpeg (128.54 KB, 750x1110, 059BCF4F-1CEB-4C7B-A74F-8EDDD5…)

Hold up. Is she wearing her bikini backwards? That scrunchy part is supposed to be worn on the back. Pic is some random girl when you google “scrunch bikini bottom”

No. 569401

holy. fucking. shit

No. 569411

File: 1535716306917.jpg (514.39 KB, 750x1090, IMG_8015.JPG)

Well she has worn a shirt backwards as well. She's not exactly that smart.

No. 569418

Didn't she also wear it backwards for a set she released in it?
(was it Pochaco? I'd look for it, but I have to leave for work)

No. 569435

But if its backwards she can say, "Whoops~"when someone calls her out instead of admitting she's just a trashy vegas bitch who wants to look provocative.

No. 569442

Imagine getting to the age of 23(How old is this idiot?) and still not knowing how to put on clothes properly. Getting this far in life and being utterly retarded. That's just fucking embarrassing.

No. 569451

But anon! How else would she "enhance" her assets?

No. 569460

What if she has it on backwards because it's so small on her that it can't even properly cover herself up when worn normally. Maybe she thought she might as well wear it so that the front part works as a thong instead of having her vag nearly exposed.

No. 569463

that's probably it, i mean it's supposed to show some ass but i imagine moo bought a tiny size cause she's delusional. like how her "microbikini" was just the standard aliexpress anime bikini top, probably cause microbikinis wouldn't fit over her nips.

No. 569467

Microbikinis wouldn't fit on her in general. They would get sucked into her rolls and we would barely be able to tell that she's wearing one.

No. 569469

a microbikini would be eaten by her body like cookie monster

No. 569518

She looks like blowup doll pumped so full of air she's about to burst. It's so uncomfortable to look at.

No. 569523

>hand bra #128283
If you want to entertain your audience, at least do something different in each sexy stream you do. Though I question the people who are genuinely attracted to this in the first place.

No. 569547

File: 1535768990773.png (875.1 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180831-192655.png)

See you folks on Monday.

No. 569553



No. 569607

The chat is generally a pretty good time.

No. 569630

wtf does that even mean?? a long drive?

No. 569631

It’s long with 2 1 “neighboring key” misses that formed a legit word.

No. 570098

File: 1535925169209.jpeg (513.25 KB, 2048x2048, 046F3FBA-E6F1-49B8-9146-10676F…)

ust checked tattoo mans Instagram and she went to Utah with him for a wedding.
I don’t think someone would take a just a friend to a wedding that far. I’m pretty sure these two are dating at this point.

No. 570120

If you’re all in the wedding party it’s common for people who don’t know each other that well to travel together. I’m not sure their driving out there means anything, tbh.

No. 570121

Momo wasn't in the wedding party. It was a friend of Tattoo Guru's that was getting married. Momo didn't know these people.

No. 570141

She was asked if Nick/tattookun and her were dating, she said no they are just best friends

>I've worn this shirt for like 3 days

No. 570142

Still wearing that gross pink sweatshirt. Imagine being a Camversity rep and seeing this fucking mess of a human being.

No. 570143


No. 570144

did you just get here anon?

No. 570145

I'm not just tossing this around to be mean.

This is the worst she has ever looked.

No. 570146

>best friends

Just like how she is “soooo close” with every other guy she throws herself at

No. 570147

Moo just confirmed that Vamp and Nick are fuck buddies

No. 570148

so moo is trying to get with him!

No. 570149

So he is taken …in a way
Prime target for moo

No. 570153


it's like somebody set up a webcam in the aisle at a random Walmart and this cow sat down and started talking

No. 570156

…did she just say "celibacy is a great thing"?

No. 570157

She did…

No. 570159

Right after she talked about looking at porn constantly.

No. 570161

Is she on drugs or something? Sorry, this is my first live show of hers I've watched.

No. 570162

This is my first one too and holy shit she has gotta be on drugs

No. 570163


This is kinda normal, shes usually not as erratic or rambling though

No. 570164

I bailed already. She's such an unpleasant mix of painfully boring and spastic that it was mentally exhausting to even have open in another tab. I can't imagine trying to be around her in real life.

No. 570168

She really is so boring. Who the fuck wants to watch her bitch about vape juice?

No. 570169

>Going to AX next year

No. 570170

No screencaps? I’m at work and can’t watch this trainwreck

No. 570171

Her solo streams are usually trainwrecks. She usually has Vamp to entertain chat

No. 570172

File: 1535938718979.png (1.65 MB, 1162x653, Screenshot_81.png)

No. 570173

obviously the cosplay community won't have even forgotten/forgiven in a year, but it's baffling to me that moo thinks her career will last that long.

No. 570174


I have to turn this off too.

I'm getting too close to feeling pity.


No. 570176

Also said a booth at SDCC wanted to have her there and that a bunch of cons reached out to her
This bitch is delusional.

No. 570177

File: 1535938904885.jpg (59.62 KB, 1024x630, ninamorifake[1].jpg)

this is always what i think of when i see moo's fake dumb glasses.

No. 570178

i cant even with this bitch

No. 570179

I see she has a twin of herself on the fridge behind her.

No. 570180

Pretty sure she just said that she signed some contracts with cons recently

No. 570181


Bitch is actually retarded if she thinks she’ll ever be able to step foot in any big name con again. The most she can hope for is sneaking into some podunk one in the middle of nowhere where somehow no one knows who she is.

No. 570182

File: 1535939141380.jpg (27.64 KB, 540x507, moo's patreon crash.jpg)


Quick, without looking at the label, is this

a) moo's patron count


b) Camversity's stock price?

No. 570185

yes. both.

No. 570186

Mariah just screamed about having "the best news!!!" and then went quiet to text for a long time

No. 570187

low chance of that, even the conhead in the shitty con in my home state knows about moo.

No. 570188

So than vamps Facebook post about catching feels and the people falling for someone else was probably about Mariah and this tattoo dude? Cause he’s around her way more than we see with vamp. Just saying.

No. 570190


Incoming trashy fight on Moo’s front lawn over him?

No. 570192

we don't know for sure, vamp doesn't post her entire life on IG. moo would fucking post every time she took a shit if it was popular/acceptable to do so.

No. 570193

>>570188 Typical douchebag guy if that's the case. He played Vamp, and is now trying to move on to Mariah, assuming he didn't get in there during the Utah trip.

I just can't understand why Moo would buy him a ticket to Japan if she wasn't interested in him. I would love to know about the sleeping arrangements at the hotel once they arrive.

No. 570194

moo is such a child. camversity bitched at her last week to step up her game and now she's back to square one thinking that she can fuck around since they're off her case.

it's obvious they wanted moo to titty stream for them and she's just using this as an IG supplement because she's under the impression anyone cares about her.

No. 570195

vamp gets a doggy bed!

No. 570196

File: 1535940687891.jpeg (441.25 KB, 1242x2024, 3F1F0D8F-833E-4A65-8666-6F6B63…)

Them abs my dudes.

But seriously, she’s more unhinged than usual in this stream it seems. Her voice and constant hand gestures are extremely offputting. Also, her mom just called during stream.

No. 570197

File: 1535940715684.jpg (81.59 KB, 1271x488, grannykei.jpg)

Looking like a granny. Has she legit not washed her face since the wedding?

No. 570198

Her mom called?? that's…wow. Every mother's dream to call during their daughters cam stream, i guess

Also, someone posted a link to her nudes and she completely ignored them.

No. 570199

She said she had 3 monsters on the way back from Utah, that could definitely be adding to her idiocracy.

No. 570200

Her face looks like a god damn oil slick, every time the light caught it, it made my stomach turn a little, had to shut that shit off.

No. 570201

Did anyone else catch where she mumbled about being tired of being told she’s copying?

No. 570203

she really needs to brush her hair. She looks like she's balding because the greasy hair is in bunches

No. 570204


No. 570205

>it's another handbra
I guess she's embarrassed to show her ass especially since the audience enjoys Vamp's more

No. 570207

>>570205 The tokens haven't been rolling in tonight. Viewers are probably wishing they could pay her to put articles of clothing back on.

No. 570208

sweat probably that bitch is so ashamed of her body she wears sweatshirts in 90+ weather. she is fucking fat and fat people overheat easier to begin with.

No. 570211

I feel like I'm watching a live action mental breakdown rn

No. 570213

This new Frump Porn is actually kinda difficult to fap to.

No. 570214

File: 1535943289647.png (77.01 KB, 846x652, meg_on_couch_by_gnight.png)

Oh come on, I can't be the only one thinking this!

No. 570215

She touches her face like every minute greesy bitch.

No. 570216

Holy shit, I also thought that it was a satin bra.

No. 570220

File: 1535943928832.jpg (84.99 KB, 1080x493, Screenshot_20180902-225041-1-1…)

No. 570221

Fuck me, this is beyond boring. She has no natural gaming prowess. She doesn't engage. Even the chat feed is on life support.

No. 570222

File: 1535944487179.jpg (60.25 KB, 956x551, False Advertising.jpg)

I dunno, this kinda seems like false advertising.

No. 570223

>>570222 This reminds me of the trial size mouthwash bottles you take with you on flights, versus the economy size bottle that's currently a sweaty mess on her couch.

No. 570226

File: 1535944879055.jpg (64.89 KB, 905x429, Sweatshirt Burka.jpg)

Sweatshirt Burka

No. 570227

File: 1535945168510.jpg (58 KB, 863x410, Best Camgirl Ever.jpg)


Best. Camgirl. Ever.

No. 570228

File: 1535945484761.png (307.59 KB, 492x531, uuuhh.png)

to whoever left their special needs child in the frozen foods section, please come pick her up at the customer service desk

No. 570229

Let's not forget that earlier she sneezed inside of her shirt too. Keep it classy girl

No. 570230

>"I'm hungry. I haven't gone shopping"
when have you ever amirite

No. 570232

File: 1535945895500.png (514.23 KB, 613x607, 50.png)


No. 570236

>bought those stupid ass yoga skeletons

No. 570237

>pronounces "Persephone" per-se-penny
>said she wanted to commission someone for a dress for Persephone

No. 570238

>for 2 hours, she's working on Tsunade's kimono tomorrow
…2 hours?

No. 570241

>wants to do a bloody nurse for Halloween
>said last Halloween was her best month and she enjoyed herself. "So many fun things"
>kinda wants to do, like, a winter dragon this year. Had the things last year but "bitched out" because she thought she wasn't ready

No. 570243

File: 1535947191455.png (617.26 KB, 913x491, Screenshot 2018-09-02 at 8.59.…)

>is going to add elastic underneath her chest to wear this "rig" a commissioner made for her (Deadspace)

No. 570244

Wow she's SO boring and sounds so stupid.

Camversity needs to bring in people for moo to compete with, be jealous of, intimidate, abuse, and destroy. Then we'd see a camgirl with enthusiasm.

No. 570246


She really only puts in effort whenever she is trying to upstage or embarrass other people.

No. 570247

>might go to Spring Mountain area, never finished her reason why
>wants a "small japanese table", was going to pay 300 bucks for it but it wasn't coming til September 11th

No. 570248

>said she's doing a shoot with Gabby?
Wait she means GabbyCCosplay? I thought they were done?

No. 570250

File: 1535948010235.png (563.65 KB, 908x486, Screenshot 2018-09-02 at 9.13.…)

No. 570251

File: 1535948046137.png (522.27 KB, 907x484, Screenshot 2018-09-02 at 9.13.…)

i hate this

No. 570252


Holy fuck she is wide

No. 570253


Just put all the cats on the sofa and let them take it from here moo.

No. 570254

File: 1535948366386.png (359.1 KB, 906x488, Screenshot 2018-09-02 at 9.19.…)

she's showing off her fate weapons

No. 570255

I'm getting major "fat ninja" vibes from Momo from her playing with her weapons. If you don't know who that is go on youtube for 5 seconds.
Gah, I can't believe this chick photoshops herself to look like a normal girl of average weight

No. 570256

>tuna and crackers recipe is 2 cans of tuna, mayo, plus Triscuits
>apparently doesnt drink at home and bring alcohol people leave at her house to other parties
>says Vamps eats all of her snacks so she has to hide them

No. 570257

File: 1535949054711.png (526.33 KB, 902x474, Screenshot 2018-09-02 at 9.28.…)

No. 570258

Vegas anon here. Spring Mountain is the road running through Chinatown. So that might be what she’s referring to.

No. 570259

File: 1535949173954.png (531 KB, 902x485, Screenshot 2018-09-02 at 9.32.…)

Damn girl you live like this

No. 570260

>sperging over Mattress Firm and is asking the chat for feedback but the chat is dead

No. 570261

"Vamps eats all my snacks"
bitch you have no room to talk

No. 570262

>if you make money, invest your money

No. 570264

>03:40:22-ish doesnt mind people jack it to her and appreciates people involving her in something so "spiritual" and "intimate" and people shouldn't tell her what to think

No. 570265

>3:41:00 says she doesn't hide her boudoir as cosplay and wants to make that coin so guys can bust their nut

No. 570266

>said when she showed off her ancestry results it was actually her dad's and mom's
>~03:44:00 someone cowtipped and said she knew someone irl that goes on lolcow. asked what this friend looks like because she wants to know the type of person who browses here. said she "gets it" and its a form of entertainment. calls us her "biggest fans". 03:45:00 additional commentary

No. 570267

She has no room to talk being a wide load herself. I don’t know how Colette puts up with Mariah’s fucking abuse.

No. 570268

what better way to invest than in yourself!

No. 570269

>~03:48:00 apparently doesnt use Twitter anymore because its a "mean and negative place with grr people". asks the chat if they understand what "grr" means.
>calls out DokiDoki for being a farmer around 03:50:00 and mocks them

No. 570270

holy shit she's currently sperging out hardcore because someone is calling her out in the chat

No. 570272

Someone still salty she's banned from twitter forever. But extra luls she's pretending she had a choice

No. 570273

whoever is dokidoki in the chat is fucking cringe

No. 570274

File: 1535950511908.png (487.18 KB, 905x482, Screenshot 2018-09-02 at 9.54.…)

apparently its 80 dollars now

No. 570275

She's getting us good milk though.

No. 570276

momo wanted to keep her in the chat for fun and games, but when dokidoki mentioned momo going for another round of lipo thats when momo lost her cool and blocked her lmao.

No. 570277

No. 570278

File: 1535950881876.png (940.75 KB, 1329x747, dk rap playing in the distance…)

No. 570279

File: 1535950950822.png (503.31 KB, 908x487, Screenshot 2018-09-02 at 10.00…)

>apparently she has another account to donate tokens to other models

the good stuff lmao

No. 570280

File: 1535950969231.png (419.44 KB, 914x483, Screenshot 2018-09-02 at 10.00…)

No. 570281

The chat is asking if the money still goes to Vamp lmao

No. 570282

File: 1535950984250.png (464.41 KB, 906x482, Screenshot 2018-09-02 at 10.01…)

No. 570284

it's surely not to post in her own chat!

No. 570287

Watching her is like watching granny porn… ugh.

No. 570289

>apparently she has another account to donate tokens to other models

…right, Mariah. Donate just like you donated to the earthquake and 1 October victims. Oh, wait…

No. 570290

Dear Lord. These are unwashed boobs. My retina on my left eye is forever damaged.

No. 570292

File: 1535951155577.png (36.34 KB, 374x384, Screenshot 2018-09-02 at 10.05…)

No. 570295


This could be a thread pic. Ugh. So confirmed basically that she tips herself from other accounts cause we know she won't tip to anyone much less a camwhore that's beneath her

No. 570296

she buys IG likes, fake patreon subs, and everything in between, it's easier to doubt that she's not tipping herself.

No. 570297

does she realize she can tip with her regular camming account?

No. 570300

Love it how people in the chat were telling her to not engage with "haters" but she said she wanted to because it wasn't hurting anyone.
So much for reflecting on her actions. Thanks for the clips, Mariah

No. 570302


Lol wonder how many haters and "accidents" she has had in the camv shows since she started. Gotta be in the 100 range.

No. 570303

Alright lads, all thank lord moo for the good milk tonight 🙏

No. 570304

you have been visited by the MOOMOO udders of sagginess.

good milk and coolsculpted abs will come to you but only if you reply "i don't do porn, my dudes".

No. 570305

This is like some sort of horror show; accidentally walking in on grandma getting out of the shower.

She really should have used her 2nd round of lipo on that back fat. Those side lumps are worse than the fake abs.

No. 570306

Dudes, what if she tipped herself those last 3k tokens to distract from the sperg ????

No. 570307

Or to make herself look better since she could only get like 450 ?

No. 570308


wait 3-6pm? is she hoping most people will be at work or some shit?

No. 570310

<3 is a emote, anon.

No. 570311

She already admitted she made multiple accounts on cam U and when she's offline she still bans people. Her tipping herself isn't so far fetched since she pays into her own paetron and buys followers and likes

No. 570312

One thing I have to pat moo on the back for is the fact she’s reliable. Every time one of her scandals calms down she fucks up again. Ahh moo… the only cow who reliably milks herself literaly every other day.

No. 570316

Yeah, it had nothing to do with being banned lmao

No. 570327

Wonka-chan, methinks.

No. 570342

You can see where her surgeon sewed her underboob too far up (probably because she had a smaller frame and it didn't look as off). That's why her boobs look so tubular now. They don't fall naturally at all, and it shows. They have that flattened bottom/underboob area that shows how the fat filled back in more width-ways than horizontally. She really ruined them after gaining all that weight back.

No. 570343

she didn’t, the guy who did it was in chat answering questions about which pasties she should wear. her hands were full as he was chatting so it couldn’t have been her typing from a different account

No. 570381

So this is her current life, trying to keep relevant in the cosplay game, still hiding from cons, while steadily losing Patrons and looking like a 50 year old house bound mom trying to make ends meet by getting out her haggard looking tits on cam for pennies. She's deteriorating at a nice pace.

No. 570382

Why does she insist on wearing pasties? They're just nipples. She would get so much more money. Are her nipples really that ugly that she doesn't want to show them? Does she think it's somehow less "slutty" to wear pasties? Mariah, you're on a cam site ffs

No. 570395

Maybe she's self conscious about them? When you get breast reduction, they have to cut and reshape your nipples, and most of the time they don't end up looking perfectly round and nice.

No. 570396

Especially after 3+ surgeries and added weight gain her nipples are probably mishapen.

No. 570397

Maybe it was vamp who tipped her!

No. 570399

isn't it obvious that you save that for a much higher price? i don't think she has ever (officially) shown them though which means the value will go down as soon as she does. for as long as possible if she can get paid for pasties she should

No. 570406

Each time I see the thread pic I have a good hearty kek. Jontron looking fugly mug.

Because she's still trying to delude herself into thinking that she isn't really a sex worker "as long as I don't show nips I'm still not a sex worker!".

No. 570548

Did she decide not to go to Dragon Con?

No. 570558

>>570548 She'll use the wedding as an excuse for why she didn't. Also, tons of cosplayers that have disassociated themselves from her (Midna and Sabrina immediately come to mind) are there, and you know Mariah likes to huff and puff without actually blowing anyone's house down.

No. 570569

Shes live

No. 570571

wow she isn't trying at all. but I shouldn't be surprised.

No. 570572

User pointed out the increased cost of her "hand bra" perk. Previously 300 tokens. Up to 500 now.

No. 570574

"Cosplay making tonight".

Does this mean she'll be opening padded envelopes and Priority Mail boxes stuffed with Etsy purchases?

No. 570579

She needs a long ass boss HP meter on top of the screen because holy fuck, those weapons makes her look menacing

No. 570580

Cracking that monster already

No. 570582

>Looking at buying a house

With what money?

No. 570583

She’s talking about buying a house. Sure Jan…

No. 570585

She is talking about things being really good financial recently even though Patreon is being a bitch

No. 570587


She literally lost hundreds of patrons over the weekend and even more are still jumping ship and yet she is talking about buying a house?

You know what, let her. It’ll be her fault when in a year her dumb ass be on the street begging for money.

No. 570588

I love how she thinks not showing her nips is somehow more idk dignified or whatever like hand bra is just ugh hand bra! I can't. It makes me think of hand banana

No. 570590

She is so, so dull. And why is she so fucking slow when it comes to making costume components? It's no wonder why she's constantly making all of these posts about how great her friends are. They're the only ones with any costume making ability!

No. 570591


Because to her full nudity means she is a trashy slut who has to take her clothes off for attention. She’s always had a problem with porn and always felt it was beneath her and only trashy no talent girls do it because they don’t have the skills for anything else besides selling their bodies.

No. 570593

maybe … her nipples are really weird …

No. 570594

File: 1536025563853.jpg (91.48 KB, 1360x541, ew.jpg)

Her neckbeard fans are disgusting

No. 570595

she already has nudes, post reduction. she just leaked them because she's a weird exhibitionist, but doesn't want anyone to actually know. that's why she likes POV sets and doesn't wear panties to cons.

No. 570596

She's going on about being picky and not wanting to date any men right now. Her saying she is picky is down right hilarious

No. 570599

>I'm like "Uh, she is so shitty" (Keeps on fapping)


No. 570600

>"but why am i reading all these romantic stories"
because you're thirsty. please stop pretending. Also she's denying the fact that she's doing "date for cash" when cosplayers pretend there's a chance fans can date them? She's done shit like that before

No. 570604

>said "Eric" was a "big Mexican guy with a belly" when she dated him long distance. She would go out to see him in California.
>got into a huge fight at Anime Expo and he apparently tried to fake a suicide? Turned off his cell, at parent's home and used mother's phone instead, it triggered her so bad

No. 570605

She said she dated David. Is that KoreanBBQ??

No. 570606

>dated Eric for 8-9 months
>dated David for about a year. "fucked her up" a bunch and tried to spread things about her
>tried dating someone else but didn't work out

No. 570607

No. 570608

>One raped one, one abused me and one wanted to get at my money

No. 570609

She's talking about her 'rape.' I hope record anon is getting this down.

No. 570610

~around 59 minutes
>when the rape happened she contacted David, Nick and Collette. When they were contacted, they wanted to get her. She denied it so much after it happened.

No. 570611

File: 1536026547720.png (5.35 KB, 395x64, Screenshot 2018-09-03 at 7.02.…)

No. 570614

Her emotions are all over the place. she is drinking monster energy drink and probably not sleeping, but whenever i've heard women speak about sexual assault (ie: bunnyayumi) they get very emotional or have a certain look on their face.

Momo is fake and it's hard to ever believe anything a constant liar has to say, esp when she has sexually harassed people herself.

No. 570615

She's lying. Things went south between them because he wouldn't date her smelly ass.

No. 570617

I know this is super nitpicky but she called thread 'string' and has said it before. Another sign she never sews? lol

No. 570619

Yeah, this is yet another pity grab that she usually does when she gets "deep" on stream. Some anons are going to fall for it, other anons will call them dumb, rinse and repeat cause Mariah does this all the time.

No. 570620

>~01:05:00 said there was a cosplayer recently that lied about one of her friends raping her. (talking about Rae Kay Bro)

No. 570623

Mariah said cosplayers have been lying about shit and she made her friends circle small on purpose and she's happy with her friends now.

>"I had to get rid of people."

Who the fuck is her friend now besides Vamps?

No. 570625

Someone in the chat (I'm not gonna say names) seems to be an expert at reeling her and Vamp in. I've seen the name several times. Can't tell if it's a farmer or not, but he/she is very good at capturing attention and creating dialogue.

No. 570626

I was thinking the exact same thing. Watching her attempt to work so slowly just makes it clear she has no idea what she's doing. I think in 4 hours she might succeed in threading the machine.

No. 570627

>~01:08:00 nature rant

No. 570628


She said on the stream that shes not good at making things and spends most of the time just trying to figure out how to do something

No. 570629

What fucking nerve does she have to talk about her 'rape' story and then say 'well, someone else lied about their rape. buncha liars' and then she is trying to talk to these neckbeards about rape survivor stories. She has no right.

No. 570630

Confirmed that after lipo she didn't eat healthy and got fat again

No. 570631

She is trying to come off as inteluctional and just kinda insulted camgirls by saying ' i know you guys come here to jerk off, but sometimes we need real streams.'

No. 570632

Had to get rid of people? Or was it people had to get rid of her? Keep on lying moo

No. 570633

yup! And now she's going on a rant about how she loves her body. oh boy, she has to be high on something

No. 570634

Duh, because the other girls were/are whores and she's the true victim ad most real person on the internet!

No. 570635

her huge fucking ego. but that shit pops like an overfilled balloon so quickly, this will end with another cringe crying session.

No. 570636


Said she loves her body, now talking about how she wants to be thinner

No. 570639

>said her chin cool sculpting was 1500 dollars
>was the only place she got it done
explain your shitty "abs"

No. 570640

she wants to get lip fillers oh honeyyy

No. 570641

i was just about to post this. moo, that will NOT HELP.

No. 570642

Said she loses weight she wants a boob job and get big fake anime titties

No. 570643

File: 1536027999399.jpg (30.26 KB, 580x435, 46e.jpg)

>wants to go to her nana's girl
ooohhhh hoooooonnneeey

No. 570645

classic BDD shit from moo right here.

No. 570646

She really does have an unhealthy addiction to liposuction but it seems like mostly just an all around body-image thing where she'll continuously get modifications.

She'll come out looking like a bleeding Picasso.

No. 570647

nah she's just gonna look like a mix of dasha and penny underbust.

No. 570648

Currently talking about how people in general have trouble being themselves.

It's no wonder why Tattoo-sensei had to sage the mirror. 0% self awareness.

No. 570650

Whats the cosplay community like in vegas?

>No comment

No. 570651

File: 1536028321836.jpg (131.49 KB, 360x517, Sewing with nancy.jpg)

This reminds me of the hot webcam shows of the "Mad Men" era

No. 570652

he saged the mirror but the issue wasn't the mirror, just what was in the mirror, so, moo.

No. 570653

Her lips are one of the ugliest things about her. All lip fillers look hideous, but in Moo's case, it can't look worse than now? Of course her lips would look better if her face wasn't so bloated.

No. 570654

Can I just say there's a way to sew the lapel of a kimono 10x faster than what she's trying to fidget and do right now. This is driving me crazy

No. 570655

stop offering help June, the fuck.

No. 570656

You think I'd would waste time to make an account to teach Moo anything? Definitely not me.

No. 570658

File: 1536028951357.jpg (80.32 KB, 1050x1050, sexy-lingerie-japanese-cherry-…)

lmao, anon her "kimono" is going to look like this aliexpress tier shit regardless, so it's not like sewing it any neater would help anything.

No. 570659

If Nicoletters already taught her why did she conveniently forget? She's bad at lying about how to sew

I know. She picked dress fabric instead of cotton like everything else. It's making me scream

No. 570660

I still can't sit there and watch without the cringe level getting higher and higher

No. 570661

I think that dude's trolling.

Always has Jam or Jammer in his name. Says some shit like this, gets banned.

Comes back on with a new name (with Jam or Jammer)

Says 'Oh Mariah I'm so sorry, I hope you can forgive me'

Trolls until he gets banned again

I think "Uh, she is so shitty" (Keeps on fapping)is hilarious, especially because IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO FAP TO ANY OF THIS

No. 570663

shes talking about how she poured hot wax during sex on a guy and being dominant

No. 570665

and just confirmed Moochlette is a whore

No. 570666

moo is fucking weak shit. she should talk about being a big bad dom when she's done shit like pierce a guy's dick.

No. 570667

confirmed shes going to Katsucon. already secured rooms

No. 570668

update, she says shes more of a kinky girl and likes mens in suits and she is totes not vanilla guiys!!

No. 570669

>she is drinking monster energy drink and probably not sleeping
I don't know if it's ever been pointed out, but ever since she claimed the ADHD defense, I've been thinking about her constant Monster habit. People who have ADHD react "backwards" to stimulants. These energy drinks should be making her calmer if she really has it. I have it and coffee puts me to sleep. Little bit of a nitpick, but something that's been bothering me since that ploy.

No. 570671

File: 1536030450899.webm (339.2 KB, 960x540, Untitled.webm)

When you're out in public and the special needs kid in the background goes off

No. 570672

>Lip Fillers
that ain't gonna work moo. You need a jaw lock surgery to weld it shut so you won't pig out so much!!!

No. 570674

classic moo!
>i love my body
>proceeds to explain how she wants it to be entirely different

No. 570676

File: 1536031125497.png (2.93 MB, 1242x2208, 62D4E0B6-80D9-4B6E-92CD-ECE338…)

Of course her room is still a disgusting pigsty but what could we possibly expect from a disgusting pig

No. 570681

File: 1536031354593.png (416.13 KB, 720x386, piggyroom.png)

No. 570682

> webcam facing light source, making her look even darker
> those token tip levels
> "cosplay making" on a cam site where men go to jack off
Moo does it hurt to actually watch camgirls for research?

No. 570683

She was implying she made her Shampoo? I thought Antares made it?

No. 570684

Moo researching? Pfft anon, lets be real, the girl doesn't research shit.

No. 570685


It's because no one here wants to deal with her.

No. 570686

she also knows to shut the fuck up about shit because she'd have to out herself getting banned and ostracized.

No. 570690

File: 1536033477525.png (3.78 MB, 1242x2208, 8DC218AA-A0E3-48B9-A0A3-D4AF17…)

“Omg so much work to do!” Continues to text the whole time

No. 570693


No. 570698

Anyone else have the feeling she only mentioned “buying a house” because so many anons brought up the Onion situation? Since she’s obviously losing money as it is, she probably won’t be able to rent the house she’s currently in for long.

No. 570699

>is texting people trying to set up Vamps photoshoot

No. 570700

>wants to make/buy Kratos for him and her
>said dad always wanted to cosplay and go to a con

No. 570701

File: 1536035287366.png (476.13 KB, 914x513, Screenshot 2018-09-03 at 9.27.…)

No. 570702

I don't even watch these streams and I'm tired of the handbra

No. 570704

She could've used this platform for great cosplay interaction with fans but does this shit lmao

No. 570705

u must be new

No. 570706

>03:30:25-ish someone commented on her not making things

No. 570707

It’s because she can’t do anything else. She’s too afraid to show her body all she can do is palm her lipo tiddies

No. 570708

Looks like a lopsided shiny ass.

No. 570709

>one commissioner asked her to remove their name tag on instagram due to getting hate on a recent cosplay

No. 570710

Also didn’t she say her waist was 34 inches? More like 340

No. 570711

>I made it!
>oh, but Kein made 90 percent of the armor then I "edited" it
>I made this too!
>oh but Cat pleated this for me!!

No. 570712

boogie prob has better looking tits tbh

No. 570714

File: 1536036458032.png (527.22 KB, 908x506, Screenshot 2018-09-03 at 9.47.…)

>going through deviant art and "getting ideas"
thought she was not going to do this again

No. 570715


It was only a matter of time before the neckbeards got sick of the handbra. Eventually they are going to demand tits.

No. 570717

It's like going shopping and taking things without paying. In her mind it's okay to steal cause "it's for ideas!".

No. 570719


Way to waste money she'll be torn apart

No. 570724

I'm sure it's been asked before, but, why doesn't she just become a Twitch titty streamer? She doesn't have to get naked and all she has to do is play games and show her cleavage. (However, now that I think about it she would have to have some type of personality, her streams, in general, are very boring.)

No. 570725


Another weekend of crying and hiding in her hotel room like AX. Unlike EVO, she won’t have the luxury of immediately running back home when she gets btfo’d by the community again the second someone sees her.

No. 570727


Well yes aside for her being a complete snooze fest with no personality that no one wants to watch, she couldn’t do any of the shit she offers as rewards on Twitch without getting immediately banned. So she ran to a cam girl site pretending it was because “Cam girls having to take their clothes off is a bad stereotype and I want to help change that” because everything does has to be through the lens of her being a patron saint who only wants to help people. It certainly wasn’t because “camgirl” isn’t a sanitary enough occupation for her, one that she would be embarrassed having to tell people that she does it, so she has to try to clean it up by pretending like “IT’S MORE THAN JUST GIRLS TAKING OFF THIER CLOTHES AND DOING SEXUAL STUFF!!!!”

No. 570728

She’s tried it before and didn’t get the attention she wanted.
She can’t stream for a couple months on twitch because of the contract with camversity.

No. 570735

File: 1536038408175.png (824.89 KB, 720x720, camsept4.png)

TL;DR for todays cam show.
>venting about rape
>wants to get lip fillers on upper lip
>wants breast implants
>opens up about not being "vanilla"
>couldn't do a basic stitch on tsunades kimono
>talks about people accusing her of not crediting cosplay/photoshoot
>wants to do god of war cosplay with dad
>spent final 1h talking and ordering food

No. 570739

File: 1536039805105.jpg (75.13 KB, 960x960, tumblr_p2nxgc547R1wgdp08o1_128…)

Twitch has been cracking down on them for awhile.

And yeah, she tried.

No. 570747

jesus… I don't think I'll ever be over just how much bigger/wider her shoulders and arms are these days. she used to be a normal sized person.

No. 570748

Oh man, I cant wait to see a recording of this session. I wanted to see it live but things happen.

No. 570751

File: 1536044964006.png (432.1 KB, 907x484, moo.png)


Not sure if this is what you asked for, so I did something custom

No. 570810

what is she even doing here? How do you play a game looking in multiple directions and flailing your hands?

No. 570829

so how long until we get archives for the streams after aug 29

No. 570853

Hopefully soon, lastnights should be up later today and hopefully get the rest done soon

No. 570984

>I'll be back at 6 and work on more cosplaying

Currently after 7 and no new insta stories in 3 hours

No. 570985

Either face down on a plate of sushi or trying to wedge herself under Tattoo-kun.
You can't fault her work ethic.

No. 570989


>work ethic


No. 570992

Last night's stream was just posted in main thread.
Recordanon has the lolcow sperging stream in the works.

No. 571001

She gonna just not stream tonight, huh?

No. 571003

>>571001 Apparently not. On the plus side, she isn't taking up all of the bandwidth.

No. 571004

Anyone randomly just go to her cam page during the day (say 3am her time) and count the number of people listed as being there? I don't think its neck beards I think its screwy bots and weird

No. 571007

>>571004 Yeah, it's definitely sketchy. There are usually anywhere between 130-200 unregistered guests idly standing by. I usually don't take those numbers into consideration, since unregistered guests aren't buying tokens or commenting on the chat feed. But it's definitely bizarre that she gets so many "viewers" around the clock.

No. 571026

She really has almost no real viewers. Like everything else in the world of moo outside of the many layers of bullshit there is nothing at the core.

No. 571214

She's wearing the same "Filthy Casual" hoodie she was wearing two days ago.

No. 571215


All camsites do this, usually with sponsored models or their girl of the month/week/top earner.

Room looks busier, makes more people check it out, etc. It's not just a Mariah thing - the site is likely doing it to her automatically because of her deal with them.

No. 571217

"I've never made a costume by myself…wait.." mumble mumble

No. 571218

Talking about selling costumes. She's definitely losing money at a rapid pace.

No. 571219

(of a woman or her clothes) dowdy and old-fashioned.
"a frumpy housewife"
synonyms: dowdy, frumpish, unfashionable, old-fashioned; drab, dull, homely, shabby, scruffy
"the clothes made her look frumpy""

No. 571222

I have no idea lmao. I assume it was a scary game and she was overreacting but the directions she's looking in is weird af.

No. 571223

God her pants are so dirty

No. 571227

Yea nope. I'm out. I tried. Seeing her gut shoved into the camera because of her dirty ass leggings that dont fit…I'm done. Y'all brave souls.

No. 571228

Shes talking about how she'd want to kill herself or die if her cat ever died

No. 571229

Screenshot? I refuse to go.

Well she's in for a fucking surprise

No. 571232

Any guesses about what she's high on tonight?

No. 571233

File: 1536192981777.png (861.96 KB, 697x695, Screenshot_84.png)

No. 571235

>I'm doing a sexy lewd Winnie the pooh

No. 571236

>Are insects animals?


No. 571237

"Jammer" dude is back, tonight as "Ukelele Jammer." Trolling has begun. He linked to his new subreddit "Momokun, But Less Toxic."

JammerBan coming in 3…2…

No. 571238

I regret asking, but thank you none the less.

No. 571239

File: 1536193289788.jpg (603.65 KB, 2360x1396, Greasy.jpg)

No. 571240

She just talked about a conspiracy that there is so many mattress stores so close together because they are laundering money

No. 571242

>Am I going to have a nose bleed right now? All I smell is copper

More milk for tinfoil cocaine anons

No. 571247

Dropped the hand bra down to 300 tokens again, after previously trying to get 500 because she thought she was hot shit.

No. 571249


why does she never shut up about this

No. 571253

She looks as filthy and unwashed as usual.

No. 571255



How do I send tokens to Marissa_bae?

No. 571256


This is literally stolen from a Shane Dawson conspiracy video, I just watched it yesterday. She has no originality.

No. 571257

June keeps trying to give her advice on how to sew things but Moo's clearly has absolutely no idea how to sew at all

No. 571258

to be fair… to someone, because this is probably exactly where Moo got it, but Shane didn't invent that conspiracy. it's been around for a long while.

No. 571260

she'll run out of money at this rate and I wonder what she will do next because she's too ugly and fat to be a hooker

No. 571263

back in with mommy like the neckbeard she is.

No. 571264

File: 1536195845851.jpg (92.75 KB, 660x495, wlamart scooter jockey.jpg)

>>571260 "Crazy Cat Lady on Welfare" and

"Walmart Scooter Jockey"

No. 571266


She'll finally start doing nude shoots and camming for real to try to continue her current lifestyle

No. 571272

yeah anon but did you forget that all camgirls are subhumans because they show their pussies and they don't censor their nipples? Moo would never go that low because SHE IS NOT DOING PORN. Or maybe she will go that low for her daily intake of pizza.

No. 571273

File: 1536196456996.png (2.87 MB, 1242x2208, 95D011E3-D41B-4A28-A404-6B88A1…)

“Wow I’m so out of breath from running up the stairs” panting

“I work out guiz I swearr”

No. 571274

File: 1536196556744.png (2.78 MB, 1242x2208, 911632E1-014B-4194-80E5-3D47D9…)

She’s really just sitting there knawing on a coconut?

No. 571275

Gnawing* sorry

No. 571276

Yea but Momo has shown that she's now obsessed with him so just like with h3h3 she's going to try to emulate him as much as possible. She was even doing the mouth pop thing he does a lot in one of her streams with vamp. It's so obvious

No. 571277

She keeps going on and on about how she never ears during the day, and she eats excessively at night to compensate.

Bitch, you don't eat during the day because you typically don't wake up before 3:00 in the afternoon. Stop it already.

No. 571278

“Oh no they put tofu and turkey in there”

Okay? So you can’t take the turkey out? No ones making you eat it? Damn bitch is dumb

No. 571279

>>571278 I think she ordered it that way on purpose, and made arrangements with her mom before the stream started.

She's just acting like she's repulsed by the turkey because she pretended to be vegan for about a week. Gotta lie to cover up another lie when you're Mariah.

No. 571281

Let the record show that these cosplay design streams barely feature any cosplay design whatsoever.

She's sitting there eating every single item in the food pyramid and looking like a busted ass tweaker.

No. 571282

haha, this is my first time tuning into her stream and she's just stuffing her face. Guys like to watch this…? And pay for it? When there are thousands of other camgirls online who will actually entertain them?

No. 571285

>Buy manga don't read it for free on a site

>Use to help translate manga

No. 571287

File: 1536197394027.jpg (50.13 KB, 630x541, groucho-marx-movies-duck-soup.…)

Anybody else seeing this?

I think she could cosplay Groucho. Quite a resemblance

No. 571291

Boy, if only Mariah took cosplay as seriously as she takes overeating.

No. 571292

Moo does have more of a mustache than Groucho did here when they painted it on.

No. 571299

how is she not embarrassed to eat on cam when she's that big

No. 571301

She must be so embarrassing to have at any kind of social outing, she eats like a pig with her mouth open smacking constantly.

No. 571302

>>571299 In two hours, she downed a can of Monster, an entire coconut, and 3 decent sized loaded turkey/tofu wraps. And now Colette brought her Starbucks.

No. 571305

She killed her succulent and her other ones are dying.

Like the easiest plant to keep alive

No. 571306

said she "felt like donkey kong" when she ripped open the coconut…

No. 571307

>>571302 Moo was also trying to open a container that looked like it contained sliced peaches while Vamp was holding a cat.

No. 571308

it was honeycomb

No. 571309

kek she's still at 240 tokens

No. 571313

Apparently she left a dildo out and Vamp found it

No. 571316

>>571313 moo won't do anything on cam with sex toys.

Maybe if they were edible tho…

No. 571317

File: 1536200742546.png (411.07 KB, 720x391, 20180905_192454.png)

She has a side profile like an older version of Ichabod Crane.

No. 571321

File: 1536201073556.gif (908.86 KB, 397x293, 3B6322CB-AD83-4727-90F3-B652E1…)

her hair is so fucking greasy. god.

No. 571331

File: 1536203775058.png (377.81 KB, 589x503, Screenshot 2018-09-05 at 8.14.…)

No. 571333

File: 1536204052962.png (279.61 KB, 451x441, Screenshot 2018-09-05 at 8.20.…)

How does Moo plan to fit in this Raven belt if Vamps fits it like a glove?

No. 571334

File: 1536204101754.gif (865.37 KB, 370x281, momokun-at-night.gif)


The 4th wall is being broken, but we all know she lurks. hahaha

No. 571337

File: 1536204310167.png (275.52 KB, 499x442, Screenshot 2018-09-05 at 8.24.…)

I'm screaming

No. 571340

File: 1536204494286.png (195.93 KB, 397x441, Screenshot 2018-09-05 at 8.27.…)

w h e w dat tuna n' mayo doing wonders

No. 571341

File: 1536204583604.jpg (8.02 KB, 150x103, A5D0A5B9A5B1A5C3A5C8A5B1A1BCA5…)

>>571337 Her back rolls remind me of an old horror film called "Basket Case", which featured this character:

No. 571342

I feel bad for her. she really goes out in public like this thinking she looks cute. Mariah pls stop with the crop tops.

No. 571344

File: 1536204742712.jpg (240.34 KB, 1280x722, maxresdefault.jpg)

this is more than i eat in a day, but i consider myself borderline wannarexic

well, god bless these cam shitshows for showing us that her snap/insta/whatever didnt lie - she really does just spend all her time eating


No. 571345

Wow. Someone actually asked what was happening in Japan. Mariah and Vamp both confirmed they aren't going there for shoots or projects.

No. 571348

Vamps said shes collabing with Moo but its a secret

No. 571350

collab on senseis dick

No. 571351

>>571350 vamp isnt in hoe mode so no

No. 571353

This is just terrifying. The pictures on the right are getting me especially.

No. 571356

Apparently Vamp is hanging out with Sensei tonight

No. 571385

no one fucking curr about your fake anorexia nonny, don't shit up the thread

No. 571433

Fuck sake anon you made my entire server laugh
god bless

How do people watch her at all, if not just to make fun of her? I find it so hard to believe she has real fans.

No. 571435

File: 1536238665262.jpg (44.19 KB, 800x450, Aliens.jpg)

She looks like she's losing what little sanity she had.

No. 571462

If she just lost some weight and showered - she looks super greasy she could at least be pretty personality aside. When you have a small chin being even slightly overweight doesn’t look ok and honestly now the way she looks reminds me of foreverkailyn

No. 571941

File: 1536346089945.png (521.93 KB, 912x514, Screenshot 2018-09-07 at 11.44…)

No. 571942

>chat asked if there was a new goal, she literally just changed the number goal and not the description

No. 571943

If she did then she'd have to do something other than hand bra for the 500th time.

No. 571945

>said she'll be on after the shoot. Can't have other people on so she cant record the shoot

No. 571953

>Apparently she's been working on the design of the mousepads and every one she's "printed out" she hasn't liked it. Should be out soon

No. 571954

moo might actually be opening up camming to celebrities.

Suppose say Gwyneth Paltrow hears about this and says, hell, if this adjectives deleted "Momokun" person can make money doing random PG-13 bullshit on cam, I can sit in front of my laptop in a bikini and talk about my GOOP products or philosophy or gossip or play games like she does.


No. 571969


>can't have others on

Has vamp on to save her every other show

No. 571974

This has been covered, Vamp is a registered user so it’s allowed.

No. 571976

Moo is not that special and celebrities dont need to do that. People like moo do. They arent celebrities.

No. 571982


People are going to follow her example, anon:

drag a pre-existing fanbase with you onto a cam site; then just do whatever you were going to do anyway - eating, work on projects, talk on phone, play games;

tell your fans that because it's on a webcam site, they're getting a "cam show" instead of just a boring vlog that could be hosted anywhere;

reap tokens for an occasional PG-13 "boob shake" or "hand bra"

No. 571991

Yeah, maybe other nobodies desperate for cash? But not celebrities.

No. 572166

File: 1536381614267.png (427.3 KB, 907x505, Screenshot 2018-09-07 at 9.39.…)

She's on

No. 572169

File: 1536381839131.png (3.91 MB, 1242x2208, 09373D9F-2CBE-46BB-A64A-3050A3…)

“The ropes dug into my skin” yeah it’s because you’re fucking fat “I’m so tired I just got back from a 4 hour shift” wow that’s almost half a shift at a normal job

No. 572170

>did milking in the shoot but wanted to do more. had to hold the suction to her nipples the whole time. Tried to glue them to her nipples
>needs a vaccuum pump so it stays
>tomorrow she brought a whole set for tsunade tomorrow.

No. 572172

File: 1536382092887.png (571.37 KB, 904x507, Screenshot 2018-09-07 at 9.47.…)

>bought a ballgag; stick gag

No. 572174

File: 1536382149168.png (380.28 KB, 900x509, Screenshot 2018-09-07 at 9.46.…)

she's acting weird like she's drunk

No. 572176

>almost hit a homeless man as she passed through a green light.

No. 572178

It seems like she is. I couldn’t get past a few minutes of hearing her voice, it grates on my nerves. She has this way of talking where I just want to punch her.

No. 572179

funny thing is that someone mentioned doing a bump and she was like "whats a bump"

No. 572184

>says a family member was homeless. says this family member does "it of her own accord" and has mental illness schizophrenia/multiple personalities. there was a incident where she took her cell phone, said "you have no permission to record me" then throw it. said they tried to help her by putting her in mental hospitals and nothing worked. corrected herself to say it was her family and not her dealing with it. this relative would ask for money even from the mental hospital. Moo said she'd pay for her apartment for a while.

No. 572185

>said worst part was after she got her relative a good apartment that cost more than the rent on her house is that she would take her mattress, sit out in the hallway eating garlic and scream at people

No. 572189

File: 1536383040821.png (579.1 KB, 911x506, Screenshot 2018-09-07 at 10.01…)

gyrating her butt while bending over on stream saying her back hurts

No. 572192

she’s said she’s sponsored by a vape company

No. 572196

>33:52 someone asked how she came up with Moomoo and why. At first she wanted to do Milk Party then she wanted to do more stuff and make it other things. She asked herself why she didn't just say it was her OC and continued on but then said it wasn't a good idea since it's stealing

Um fucking try again lmao

No. 572198

>new tattoo: one winged eagle now on her outer forearm versus her thigh. wants it to say "without magic it cannot be seen"

No. 572199

>feels like someone who has tattoos like kelly eden look better in cosplay than her

No. 572201

>wants to do Shenran in red on her back. wants androids on upper shoulder, majin buu on lower back with frieza
>reserving left arm for anime tattoos
>46:33 why she doesnt do full nude shoots. she doesn't know, doesn't want to disappoint fans/family members but is way past that point

No. 572202

>was offered contracts to do nude shoots

No. 572206

File: 1536384478076.png (4.03 MB, 1242x2208, 99B7EB74-A4FE-4104-9A2C-5F5FE4…)

Omg you can still see her acne through all the layers of makeup

No. 572208

>apparently has Mt Lady costume already made and sitting in her closet

No. 572210

File: 1536384776348.png (563.84 KB, 910x512, Screenshot 2018-09-07 at 10.32…)

No. 572214

File: 1536384938567.png (474.01 KB, 910x507, Screenshot 2018-09-07 at 10.35…)

old photo with smeared lipstick

No. 572219

>says she sleepwalks to the bathroom and wakes up on the toilet

No. 572221

>says she doesnt wear underwear to bed because she said "it traps moisture"

No. 572222

She's just going on a garbled rant about a comic and doesn't even acknowledge when someone tips her until like 2 minutes later. What a shit camgirl.

Now she's bragging about how she's "done" a few "mangas" but doesn't share her art with people.

No. 572224

>apparently mom handles business email

No. 572225

Suuuuuurrrreeee that's why she has to beg artists to draw her things? She also just showed us her shitty OLD art a few weeks ago. Why would she possibly be okay with sharing art from years ago but not show how she's improved. Also if she was able to design things why can't she design her own OC? It would be different if she said she did doujinshi but there's 10000000 ways that makes no sense.

No. 572226

File: 1536386861515.png (693.94 KB, 1146x684, stroke.png)

No. 572228

>1:36:13 feels like Bardock scandal (where he made transphobic comments etc) as a whole, she has no real comment. She doesn't support Bardock. Doesn't generalize anyone but says he makes his own content and is cemented in his opinions.

No. 572230

>done a few mangas

She can’t even read one, she can’t “do” one.

No. 572231

File: 1536387629650.png (569.69 KB, 910x505, Screenshot 2018-09-07 at 11.20…)

not the first time she's shoved white rocks in her nose amirite

No. 572235

What do you mean? Is Moo cosplaying Raven too?

No. 572236

I'm only tuning into the last of the stream and she seems on something, for sure. She says the chat is "perfect right now" even though they keep calling her mommy, asking her to feed them, asking for vore, and more. It's disgusting and she can't stop giggling about it wtf.

No. 572237

File: 1536389230810.png (187.27 KB, 422x334, Screenshot 2018-09-07 at 11.46…)


she said someone gave her the belt in Mexico so I assume so

No. 572238

File: 1536389376334.png (2.18 MB, 1847x789, mulansinging.png)

The stark difference in tone from her skin to her foundation is ridiculous. She even commented on it being more yellow than she is. If she knows then… why.

No. 572239

yikes. she knows she can go to like, sephora or something and they can color match her, right? this foundation is terrible for her.

No. 572241

File: 1536390000679.png (2.06 MB, 1402x786, moomoomakeup.png)

All this make up and she still looks like that. Yikes.

No. 572251

Not to defend moo but that’s actually a suggested thing to do. Knowing our cow she needs to vent out that thing all night at least. Bet that only thing she actually DOES do to take care of it.

No. 572257

looks gross and dirty.

No. 572259

where the tiddy jiggle webms at(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 572273

pissing myself at the fridge comments

No. 572373

>Doing a Sakura and Tsunade photoshoot today

No. 572376

>Currently talking about darkweb and child porn

Perfect convo for a cam site

No. 572377

File: 1536427165252.png (1.39 MB, 1047x704, Screenshot_88.png)

No. 572378

She isn't gonna shower the whole trip

No. 572380

Shes half way to her goal already

No. 572384

File: 1536428338177.png (529.96 KB, 585x460, Screenshot_89.png)

Vamp called Moo Satan and a creepy bitch.

Moo is currently in the closest

No. 572388

Over 3/4th of the way to her bikini goal

No. 572389

Vamp is quitting cosplaying soon, they might do a Ariel Ursula shoot before then

No. 572391


And people really say Vamp is the “cute” one. Holy shit they both look completely busted

No. 572392

Now talking about taking adderall and how Vamp has done meth

No. 572393

Well, compared to Momo, she IS the cute one

No. 572394

Meth explains a lot

No. 572395


And the polite one.

No. 572397

… people think vamp is cute? both of them look like they got a shovel to the face.

No. 572399

File: 1536430491535.png (498.15 KB, 909x506, Screenshot 2018-09-08 at 11.14…)

No. 572400

yj was just talking on twitter about that being her favorite princess and now they’re suddenly going to do ariel and ursula? not to reach far but unless it was mentioned before it wouldn’t be surprising if this was vamps idea since yj went after her on twitter not long ago.

No. 572404

Shit Moo really doesn't want to do bikini. She argued with Vamp about her doing twerk instead of bikini

No. 572406

Now the chat is mad she "changed the goal" and are asking when she's going to be on tonight for bikini

No. 572407

banned a user who did not donate but said she was changing goal

No. 572408

So…she decided to fuck over her own camroom and not fulfill what she said…typical Moocunt shit there. Sorta like Patreon

No. 572409

>~1:40:00 condescending remark about that user

No. 572410

>Vamp was asking if Moo saw "Kanye West Roblox" and Moo said she just posts her shit and leaves

No. 572412

File: 1536432352752.png (111.81 KB, 329x294, Screenshot 2018-09-08 at 11.45…)

No. 572413

Momo clearly got a degree in camming and is ahead of techniques to get money.

But really, how stupid do you have to be to do this? Does she really just not care about tokens because she barely makes any already?

No. 572415

Both of them are just sitting on their phones.
Def professional.

No. 572416

>mom calls while on stream, says Guzma has diarrhea
>Moo implies it's from the kittens or eats their food and got sick from it

No. 572419

another stream at 9 apparently

No. 572427


she should not be fostering cats

No. 572431

She looks like a trailer park meth head

No. 572451

She already backed down on that lie and said they're hers. Only time will tell.

No. 572458

>already backed down on that lie

jesus is there anything she won’t lie about?

No. 572467

How are those types of subjects not banned?? it seems really dangerous and gross to bring that up on a cam site.

No. 572571

it's 9:23 pm and she's not on.

No. 572572

>>572384 so is vamps held hostage as moos friend? Like moo promised to give vamps some of her excessive income to fix vamps teeth and nose and she’s just patiently waiting for that day to come?

Also why is moos skin so bad and face so fat? I thought she spent a shit ton of money on coolsculpt and facials

No. 572574

Surgery does nothing when you eat like shit and admit to not following after-surgery advice

No. 572581

Tonight's stream has been cancelled, she is going to do a bikini stream tomorrow

No. 572882

Shes live and shes doing a makeup tutorial before changing into bikini

This is gonna be good

No. 572885

File: 1536542548755.png (1.5 MB, 1245x703, Screenshot_90.png)

No. 572887

>Always wanted to do Tsunade, not sure what sparked me to do it

No. 572891

File: 1536543421376.jpg (113.46 KB, 903x519, The Moo Loo.jpg)

Best part of the show so far

No. 572892

This is the life you desired, cow.

No. 572896

File: 1536543981686.jpg (69.81 KB, 620x388, frank_1803867b.jpg)

Watching moo go through her FULL makeup routine, is really like being in Dr. Frankenstein's lab, watching him create his monster

No. 572897

Her mom just called, and she put her on speakerphone. on a camsite.

No. 572898


So hot.

So many times I am on camsite, thinking, girl is so hot, she make silicon dildo melt and run away, but why can not mother be on speaker in middle of hot show? I lose erection.

No. 572899

>Now my skin looks like a piece of ham you found out of the trash

No. 572900

Asking if her cosplay was hard, she said she only made the tail and wig so it was easy.

Like… bruh. The tail looked like shit. Put effort into your props, my god.

"Kat von D you're doing great things out there, except for like not vaccinating your kids. And being petty to Jeffree Star."

I mean she's done a ton of other shit like openly supporting a nazi, her current man blaming his daughter for being sexually abused by his friends, but you do you momo. Trash supports trash.

No. 572904

File: 1536545193876.png (419.14 KB, 662x507, Screenshot 2018-09-09 at 7.05.…)

>she broke a color in the pan of her palette

No. 572906

dis kunt jus wack o wut?

No. 572908


Pretty much having a melt down over it, buying a Blood sugar palette but shes upset

No. 572910

Because she broke the color, she tried to buy a $52 palette, said it was sold out, thought about dropping $70 for a palette on ebay, then went to "beautylish" for it.
40 minutes into her "makeup tutorial" and she's having a mini-meltdown about eyeshadow.

No. 572911

Don't they sell it at Ulta? Can't she just GO TO ULTA??

No. 572913

Every place she is checking the palette is sold out, she seems upset

No. 572914

Bigger meltdown incoming, bitch has been on an absolute tear today on all fronts.

No. 572915

>someone suggests putting rubbing alcohol in her broken palette pan to fix it (normal diy fix)
>doesnt want to do it since it'll hurt her eyes

No. 572920

File: 1536546030375.gif (22.48 KB, 440x464, up yours customer.gif)

"Hand Bra" back to 500 tokens again

In other words, "Up Yours, Customer"

No. 572924

File: 1536546530108.jpeg (275.76 KB, 750x426, 60CF89CF-447D-4927-88A2-76CC1D…)

here’s a test

which eye has she “blended”?

No. 572925

Fucking neither. I don't know why she didn't use a nude color for her inner eye.

No. 572926

File: 1536546654983.png (668.85 KB, 1263x645, buh.png)

crazy how this is literally the only makeup look she ever does and she's still so fucking bad at it

No. 572928

>said she and Vamps were going to do Timon and Pumba cosplay. Asked the chat "do you know who would be who?"

No. 572929

File: 1536546892103.png (385.33 KB, 640x510, Screenshot 2018-09-09 at 7.34.…)

>uses 3 liquid eyeliners
but why

No. 572930

mascara before eyeliner WHY

No. 572931

>when someone asked "how much for a buttshake" she said 2000 tokens for a buttshake.
>took it back because she said the donor would complain about it and told them to not donate because she doesnt want to do it

No. 572932

>someone suggested an ass slap or shaking her butt by jiggling it with her hands under the cheeks and she still said 2000 tokens
what the fuck

No. 572934

File: 1536547388780.png (426.96 KB, 699x512, Screenshot 2018-09-09 at 7.42.…)

No. 572935

This bitch is wrecking her eyelashes.

No. 572937

>she's not using one liquid eyeliner to let it "rest" and used the second one to tap onto the existing liquid liner line
>~01:31:00 says she has a "big fucking Arabic nose"

No. 572938

File: 1536547780666.jpg (196.8 KB, 1024x680, haznat.jpg)

so much chemical shit on face Hazmat team shows up

No. 572939

She said earlier Vamp taught her how to do makeup.

I wonder if Vamp trolled the shit out of her or if she just didn't pay attention and doing what she thinks is right

No. 572940

>puts on a shitton of contour because it "washes out in photography" if she doesn't load it on

No. 572941

this show today is a damn travesty. her skin is FUBAR and she is layering the FUCK out of her cake to make sure she makes it worse.

No. 572942

>Cool sculpting alone can't fix this fat chin mess

No. 572943


>~1:37:00 holy shit she's fucking salty

No. 572944

File: 1536548145859.png (451.45 KB, 905x508, Screenshot 2018-09-09 at 7.55.…)

She's dragging the contour all the way down her fucking neck I'm cringing

No. 572945

File: 1536548248821.jpeg (246.79 KB, 750x341, 85347ED2-8114-4D81-A72B-DFDC38…)

the difference between her contoured neck and face

No. 572946

>I cover my insecurities with contour

No. 572947

she is melting down lmao

No. 572948

How to get crows feet 101

No. 572949

Who took the corpse out of the casket

No. 572950

>I spend $10000 a year at Sephora

>I hate myself

No. 572951

>01:45:30 someone asked about her instastories and she said nothing caused them in particular. something minor happened but she "doesnt want the drama"

No. 572952

then why doesnt her foundation match?

No. 572953

Her saying she hated herself was the most honest thing in this entire debacle of a chat.

>doesn't want to take about her cryptic callout from IG earlier
>will gladly go into detail about her rape incident
Uh huh, sure Jan.

No. 572955

>says she's annoyed because she had to do a stream after driving hours home
um that your fucking choice

No. 572956

she is scaring away the neckbeards by being a huge passive aggressive cunt tonight lmao

No. 572957

>was once told she was yellowfacing due to her upper lip looking smaller and called the person an idiot
she is LIVID

No. 572958

Shes got the face tape out

No. 572959

File: 1536549148160.png (549.39 KB, 1322x511, Screenshot 2018-09-09 at 8.12.…)

>now she's saying it was incorrect to come for her for yellowfacing when there's people who tape their faces so bad so their eyes are "asian"
>BuT My FaCe TaPE Is DiFfEreNt

No. 572961

File: 1536549342646.png (507.23 KB, 911x508, Screenshot 2018-09-09 at 8.15.…)

No. 572962


Holy shit! Face Tape???

70 year old Hillary Clinton don't have to do this much prep for her cam shows

No. 572966

File: 1536549486454.png (377.53 KB, 685x509, Screenshot 2018-09-09 at 8.17.…)

she's blending a shitton of concealer onto her bottom lip please help her

No. 572968

File: 1536549593922.png (339.2 KB, 377x763, WpY64AT.png)

somehow this is the best and worst post at the same time

No. 572969

Someone please tell me she wasn't done taping her face in this screenshot wtf it looks like a tumor

No. 572970


Legit looks like a fucking alien here. Nice duct tape roll. Face tape my ass

No. 572971

she was just showing how she does it, she took it all off right after

No. 572972

Bitch is retarded. Alcohol evaporates you dumb cunt, also you don't put eyeshadow on your fucking eyeballs anyway!

Moo is really inspirational in the way that she's so shit at things anyone can easily out do her, I thought I'm bad at makeup but at least I have the common sense to match and set my foundation, and actually blend eyeshadows.

Is she thinking of making a tutorial using this stream footage or is this the tutorial? If it's the former is it possible that she'll use Recordanon's footage, being the lazy cunt that she is? Maybe Recordanon should add a watermark of some sort lol.

No. 572973

she hit goal because of a 2700+ token tip
refuses to do her goal until the end of the 4 hours.

No. 572974

The only make up she does is the same YT vid she has faved I thought? She's tryna shit on Vamp for no reason.

No. 572976

I have been lurking stream a lot and I am pretty sure this same tipper has tipped very large amount before as well

No. 572977

No. 572978

>ring on ring finger

No. 572979

File: 1536549931132.png (499.95 KB, 911x506, Screenshot 2018-09-09 at 8.25.…)

No. 572980


Lol just like she was gonna the bikini she was tipped for yesterday? Yea hope one of camv mods show up. Bitc is just scamming harder now

No. 572981

reference for this, she is making tippers pay extra separate 500 tokens for any hand bra, even though goal was passed

No. 572982

I still think the big tipper is someone from camv or moo herself(or a calf)

No. 572985

i think it is a calf as well, she knew they would be ok with her waiting till the end of the 4 hours to do the goal, even her chat seemed to question that

No. 572986

File: 1536550155413.png (655.34 KB, 1299x684, terrifying.png)

what the fuck even is this

No. 572987

>says CamV is a more supportive stream than her Twitch stream

No. 572989

confirmed she is funding vamp 100% for the japan trip "for her xmas gift"

No. 572990

>>572973 This is the issue I have.

Yes, Mariah has a gross body. But a goal is a goal. She should be have immediately put on pasties, and continues her makeup shit show.

Instead, she's trying to get away with not showing skin for as long as possible. She took the money, and is running.

No. 572994

she looks like a middle-aged pageant mom going through her mid-life crisis lol

No. 572995

She looks like the lost Golden Girl

No. 572996

What the fuck is going on with the lips?

No. 572997


she jus dunno how to dip them biscuits in some gravy

No. 572998

File: 1536550869851.png (1.57 MB, 1242x2208, 78C826E9-F723-42E9-A703-D5DB3D…)


No. 572999

File: 1536550907532.png (664.45 KB, 1073x616, Screenshot_20180909-203950~2.p…)

Oh god

No. 573000

File: 1536550922561.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x1992, B8423662-82DB-4FD9-911C-A2E847…)

First photo was from her “milking” set. This is from her shibari.

No. 573001

File: 1536550965223.png (565.37 KB, 909x506, Screenshot 2018-09-09 at 8.38.…)

IT's going in 40 tier and is "a dark theme"

No. 573002

File: 1536550990766.png (523 KB, 909x506, Screenshot 2018-09-09 at 8.40.…)


No. 573004

File: 1536551024800.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x1985, 598BCA2C-3341-4A0A-91CE-55E437…)

Like a pig at a luau….

No. 573005

File: 1536551192154.png (555 KB, 909x508, Screenshot 2018-09-09 at 8.41.…)

said she told Squarenoodles to do minimal skin retouching

No. 573006

Hearing her blow so much smoke up her ass is so nauseating

No. 573007

File: 1536551239326.png (556.02 KB, 911x508, Screenshot 2018-09-09 at 8.43.…)

No. 573008

File: 1536551247580.jpg (175.25 KB, 1500x1500, disintegration.jpg)



No. 573009

File: 1536551259060.png (487.29 KB, 906x509, Screenshot 2018-09-09 at 8.44.…)

No. 573010

File: 1536551278295.png (Spoiler Image, 519.17 KB, 908x507, Screenshot 2018-09-09 at 8.45.…)

No. 573011

I really don’t believe her when she says she doesn’t like sweets and “spits out the cake” or frosting or whatever during a shoot. You don’t get that big just binging on sushi alone girl.

No. 573012

File: 1536551525082.png (Spoiler Image, 511.36 KB, 910x508, Screenshot 2018-09-09 at 8.45.…)

more "puking"

No. 573013

File: 1536551682527.jpg (146.22 KB, 555x726, blecch.jpg)



No. 573014

File: 1536551741145.png (537.67 KB, 910x508, Screenshot 2018-09-09 at 8.49.…)

>Said photography was lackluster and wish she worked with someone else for the witch shoot
>said she wanted to avoid another Kanna incident with the Tsunade shoot. Someone asked why they didn't do a older Sakura in the first place but she said she liked the mommy and daughter aspect of the shoot
>someone asked if she received any offers since Camv and she said she got some but they were giving immediate deadlines and she didn't like the pushiness
>thinks they used the fact she is so talked about to advertise her

No. 573015

File: 1536551766591.png (393.53 KB, 908x509, Screenshot 2018-09-09 at 8.49.…)

No. 573018

don't speak ill of the dead like this

No. 573020

She just said she was offered over a million to do legitimate porn what a joke who would ask her that

No. 573026

fat fetishists

No. 573028

she looks so dead behind the eyes in these

No. 573030

Sure she did.

No. 573033

She got butthurt when people started talking about Nick lmao

No. 573034

>Said photography was lackluster and wish she worked with someone else for the witch shoot

lol, the one even we praised her for the overall look on? ok moocow, sure.

No. 573036

>Said if Kevin James (Mall Cop) asked her to marry him she would drop everything and do it

No. 573037

Paul Blart is her type.

No. 573038

She thinks Adam Sandler is adorable.

No. 573039

>thinks John Mulaney is cute too

No. 573040

The witch shoot? As in her Halloween shoot last year?

No. 573042

Says she hates partying.

No. 573043

Yes. Cosplay Bunny shot it

No. 573046

>sometime in May she tried shrooms and it didn't do anything for her

No. 573047

Oh. Yet another one of her victims. Gee what a coincidence she doesn’t like it now.

No. 573048

>said she read Vamps texts "like a fanfiction" infront of the rest of their friends to make them laugh
>wants to be a comedian and wish she was funnier to make people laugh

No. 573049

>says she has a "uncontrollable gag reflex" towards coleslaw and will vomit

No. 573050

to be a comedian you have to laugh at yourself.

Not throw all your “friends” under the bus.

No. 573052

>said Vamps has done cocaine. Said there's alot of models that do cocaine but she won't out them.

No. 573055

but outs vamp. Ok…

No. 573057

>>573052 In another stream, she said Vamp did meth before, too.

This bitch is straight up projecting, and Vamp is the pin cushion.

No. 573058

I really hope Recordanon caught that Cosplay Bunny shade about her witch shoot~

No. 573059

Nah. I feel like if anything fetish studios are even stricter than vanilla studios. Between her absolute shit reputation and her inability to actually have the discipline to grow a business that was handed to her by stroke of luck, she's unhireable in any field.

No. 573060

Lol she only says this because thenphotographer for the witch set was TheCosplayBunny and she also came out as a victim of moo’s sexual assault a few weeks ago.

No. 573061

Is vamp in this stream? Does she know moo is blasting this shit online behind her back?

No. 573062

>says her bottom for the new bikini is there but not the top
So you fucking lost the top conveniently?

No. 573064

File: 1536554367267.png (373.2 KB, 909x507, Screenshot 2018-09-09 at 9.37.…)


No. 573065

File: 1536554383985.png (406.56 KB, 908x513, Screenshot 2018-09-09 at 9.37.…)

No. 573066

File: 1536554406228.png (458.04 KB, 907x512, Screenshot 2018-09-09 at 9.38.…)

No. 573068

File: 1536554422371.png (427.88 KB, 910x507, Screenshot 2018-09-09 at 9.38.…)

"new bottoms"

No. 573070

File: 1536554436577.png (406.86 KB, 904x508, Screenshot 2018-09-09 at 9.38.…)

No. 573072

File: 1536554472210.png (472.04 KB, 907x510, Screenshot 2018-09-09 at 9.39.…)

No. 573075

File: 1536554536033.png (2.67 MB, 1242x2208, B2B21F50-1456-436A-9CBE-41C4CE…)

Jesus I can’t even look at her, that’s how bad her makeup is. This bitch obviously has no idea what she’s doing. I’ve been doing pretty well putting up with her bullshit to watch these streams but I can’t do it today. She looks too awful. I didn’t think she could look worse than she does without makeup but here she is…

No. 573076

File: 1536554544205.png (555.48 KB, 911x508, Screenshot 2018-09-09 at 9.42.…)

No. 573077

File: 1536554678573.png (498.82 KB, 909x507, Screenshot 2018-09-09 at 9.44.…)

No. 573078

File: 1536554816186.png (575.92 KB, 904x508, Screenshot 2018-09-09 at 9.46.…)

No. 573084

said the chatgoer who was complaining about no pasties was a freeloader because they didn't donate

No. 573085

… I hope Vamp knows that.

No. 573087

>01:49:00 freeloader rant

No. 573088

100% this.

No. 573089

this looks like two people squished together ffs

No. 573093

Greatest album ever and… worst cosplayer ever. No, anon. No.

No. 573095

She’s only had like 10 people donate, so all 300 other people are freeloaders to her


No. 573097

God, what a bitch.

No. 573100

I understand where she's coming from but from day 1 she's neglected to do things on purpose. It'd be different if she was doing this all the time and they were nitpicking hardcore but there are 500+ people in the chat getting free screens whenever people donate so ?????

No. 573101

She’s doing the exact thing she did with her Patreon. Empty promises. She creates things for people to pay for and then refuses to give them up when people pay for them. She’s a scammer.

No. 573103

She just said the guy came in going “SHOW YOUR TITS” when all he did was ask her questions and it upset her. That was some good milk. It needs to be saved/recorded

No. 573105

hey now
don't do robert smith dirty like that

No. 573106

> can’t pronounce “Haruhi”

No. 573107

>02:04:00 freeloaders are not "respected"

No. 573109

> maybe I’ll do a show for the guy that tipped a lot

So fuck everyone else that contributed right?

No. 573110

guys record this shit please

No. 573111

>lazy people don't afford first class flights to Japan

No. 573112

>her current man blaming his daughter for being sexually abused by his friends


No. 573113

> lazy people don’t afford first class flights to Japan


No. 573114

This meltdown is delicious

No. 573118

Her description says “pasties @ goal”. Not “pasties for last 10 min if goal is met”

She’s a fucking scammer no matter what she does, she can’t even cam correctly

No. 573122

File: 1536557214034.png (Spoiler Image, 443.96 KB, 908x507, Screenshot 2018-09-09 at 10.25…)

Glad you could project, Moo. Shitty people tend to stick together

No. 573123

File: 1536557290627.png (Spoiler Image, 492.43 KB, 909x506, Screenshot 2018-09-09 at 10.27…)

tying her bikini top underneath to lift her sagging boobs

No. 573124

File: 1536557387639.png (Spoiler Image, 654.8 KB, 1314x702, frontbutt.png)

saggy front butt

No. 573125

File: 1536557440402.png (Spoiler Image, 385.42 KB, 910x509, Screenshot 2018-09-09 at 10.30…)

No. 573126

Someone said they were admiring Mariah's six pack. … Where is our god?

No. 573127


10 minute long fart sound

No. 573130

File: 1536557635648.png (Spoiler Image, 584.8 KB, 1227x750, sag1.png)

No. 573131

File: 1536557674782.png (Spoiler Image, 656.17 KB, 1305x744, sag2.png)

imagine having a breast reduction and lift and still having tits this saggy.

No. 573132

I hate being THAT person, but she made such a fuss saying “I’m wearing pasties for the last 10 minutes!!!”

As a dumb OCD curiosity experiment I timed when she started wearing them, she only had them on for 7 minutes

No. 573133

If this stream didn't prove to people how much of a shitbag Mariah is, I don't know what would.
She's not even being dominate, she's being a money hungry brat. Keep on gaining weight, bitch, it looks good with your shitty attitude.

No. 573134

there's always going to be people stanning for her unfortunately. there was one in her chat tonight talking about what a good person she is and how frustrated they are that people want to make her out to be some awful person and yadda yadda. You just can't get through to some people.

No. 573136

Watched quite a bit of tonight's stream. Thoroughly convinced she'll venture into showing actual nudity sooner than later. She really hates her body, but she also knows there's a market that would throw cash at her like crazy if she started showing her tits and ads uncensored. Maybe wouldn't do the vagina right away, but that'll come once she gets into actual porn.

No. 573137

It's pretty sweet. Before she was a basic bitch chubby girl, now she's got horrid face acne, butchered body, fucking fried out hair, ugly bags under her eyes and line backer shoulders.

Seeing her do camming is just hilarious after her fall from cosplay heaven. During her rant she was talking about how she didn't care about money and that she couldn't go to cons with sheer bitterness. She knows that the constant call outs they're able to take those two exact things from her and without them she'd be miserable. Just keep eating your happiness and shaking your barely covered tits while guys talk about how fat pussy. Glad you could give cam girls a good name.

No. 573138

Must be hard trying not to brownnose a fucking sex offender. They want e-pussy, not a friendship. Not loyalty. If she was dominate in her field, she would at least pull a Nigri and keep her opinions to herself.

It's sad because some camgirl go above and beyond for creativity but here is Mariah calling her potential donors "freeloaders". BigQueefy or whatever was even saying he didnt give tokens a whole lot but loved the free shows. How does it make your "freeloading" group feel when you say that? Do private shows or shut the fuck up.

No. 573141

This looks like someone's mom ugh

No. 573143

is it the lighting/pixelation or is she really dirty

No. 573145

it's her personality coming out of her pores

No. 573149

>”Is this a critique of the meat industry?”

Underrated comment

No. 573175

Didn't the photog of the witch shoot recently outed Moo for groping her during the shoot? Just like everyone else who decided to cut ties with her she got shat on by Moo.

No. 573176

Yeah she did

No. 573437

File: 1536625502349.png (250.05 KB, 348x657, Screenshot 2018-09-10 at 5.24.…)

No. 573894

Shes live right now, shes cleaning her fridge

No. 573896

I thought she was cutting down on meat, she got like a ton of chicken

No. 573897

>Starting keto diet

No. 573899

"I don't drink" while she has a big bottle of vodka on top of her fridge

No. 573903

Also bought a ton of smoked salmon for snacks

No. 573906

this angle with the vapidity of her makes me want to scream

No. 573907

im glad she has a troll doll that she matches

No. 573908

Smoked salon is for a meal, not snacks. damn

No. 573909

She's so retarded, she doesn't know how to count calories or carbs at all, no wonder she's fucking ballooning.

"Um, this salad is like 250, but if you add this much dressing it's like 350. But with the whole thing it's like 450."

She's the LAST person to coach on calories or carbs, sit the fuck down. You're snacking from the bag on stream talking about calorie content. Fuck up.

No. 573910

File: 1536704106014.png (460.78 KB, 624x532, Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 23.1…)

whats ur skincare routine !!!

No. 573911

>Maybe I'll do a cooking stream tomorrow

Moo can cook? She buy prepackaged everything

No. 573912

Which one is Moo? I'm seeing doubles

No. 573913

rofl how would adding a teaspoon of dressing add 100 calories??

No. 573916

File: 1536704372331.png (860.37 KB, 860x712, Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 23.1…)


noone can tell the difference at this point

No. 573917

Shes at 219 now apparently.

Last week she said she was 195-200

No. 573918

I heard 218, but either way, she is way closer to 250

No. 573922

Oh boy shes talking about lipo and the fake abs she has from it. Thought it would be a quick fix for her fat

No. 573923

She said she wishes she thought more about lipo before she got it. Then why did she get lipo multiple times? And fake coolsculpted abs?

No. 573926

Eating salad but her salad is just lettuce. kek

No. 573927

cuz she's trying to gain sympathy, my dudes

No. 573928

This. She had a meltdown last night and pissed people off. Now she has to try and win them back.

No. 573929

It had croutons in it but she picked them out

No. 573930

She’s talking about getting another reduction like why the fuck did you have them put all your fat in your tits in the first place???

No. 573932

I saw that. Lettuce is just water though. I would be very impressed if she had a salad with actual greens in it.

No. 573933

Needs to buy ingredients and make her own salads over prepackaged stuff

No. 573934

this is such a good stream of somone checking their phone and saying nothing of substance

No. 573936

She didn't? She just gained weight and they got larger again.

Was it just lettuce? Thought I saw some kale.

I'll be real with you anons, I can't stand Moo either, but watching her streams makes me hope she actually takes our advice and improves. She'll never be a good cosplayer, or even a decent cosplayer. But I hope she at least gets her health in order. Seeing a 22 year old look like a 40 year old is just too depressing.

No. 573938

Maybe it's just you, anon, but none of us care if she gets healthy or not. Not to mention i doubt she'll sick to anything good with how her sleeping in until 2pm routine goes. She'll still go out for 1am sushi and binge drink.

No. 573939

All these dudes giving her diet and keto advice how no idea what they're talking about. rofl

No. 573940

remember when she said she was 175 a few months ago? LOL. either she gained like a motherfucker or she lied yet again. neither would surprise me tbh.

No. 573941

Did she just say "mongoloid"? that`s not cool where I live

No. 573942

I don't actually care if she gets healthy. But seeing her pictures from just two years ago to now is insane to me. She went from somewhat attractive to garbage looking and she's only 22.

You know she can't keep her lies straight. She just gives a number that matches up with how she's feeling. When she's lying to a large group of people, it's lower. When she's lying to a small group of people who can call her out on her bullshit in person, it's higher. But it's never the 230-250 she actually is.

No. 573943

it isn't cool at all but she called herself one so its kinda ok

No. 573944

it's not taboo in the US, calm down.

No. 573945

Did she just rub her eye with her unwashed hands she was handling raw chicken with??

No. 573946

File: 1536706477863.png (453.64 KB, 911x509, Screenshot 2018-09-11 at 3.54.…)

No. 573947


No. 573948

I looked away for a bit, did she not wash her hands??

No. 573952


Yup. I smell another meltdown crying stream coming.

No. 573954

She looks older than my 55 year old mother.

No. 573955

>>573930 Said she wanted giant anime titty implants within the past week.

This girl is such a mess, she can't even talk about her breasts without throwing out a contradiction.1

No. 573958


She didn't wash her hands, and she touched her face, clothes, hair, and tits. After handling raw meat.

I've never seen an adult this oblivious to anything that wasn't a literal special needs case.

No. 573961

No. 573962

she cant stop eating for more than 20 minutes

No. 573963

>said she was thinking of moving sensei into her house
you fuckin'

No. 573964

She's been eating since the stream began. it's hilarious since she's talking about losing weight

No. 573965

>>573963 This dude is a fucking freeloader for sure. Guess the demand for house saying isn't very popular in Sin City.

No. 573966

>said Vamps also has a male roommate
>Vamps is more of a hermit and doesn't want to go out too much

No. 573967

>>573965 samefag. Saging*

No. 573968

I wonder how long till we see her eating out or at a sushi place

No. 573970

>not a big sweets fan

No. 573971

so even when not eating all she can talk about is food

No. 573972

>to deter herself from eating junk food she's been watching My 600 lb Life

No. 573974

i watch her to deter from eating junk food

No. 573975

>thinks its important to know fat acceptance but thinks being delusional about your weight is bad. you need to have a healthy lifestyle

No. 573977

>>573965 My God. I wish I had the ability to pull up her stream right now, but I'm in the vicinity of my peers. This sounds like improv comedy night.

No. 573978

more like getting ready for her my 600 lb life episode

No. 573980


. . . Is this a fucking joke? There has literally been no one more delusional about their weight than her. She literally can’t stop lying about it whether it’s to try to impress or upstage people.

No. 573981

>admits she binge eats during emotional stress, boredom, etc.

No. 573982

> emotional stress

So she hasn’t stopped for the past 2 years?

No. 573983

I know right? It's like she's trying to minimize situations despite telling the truth it's fascinating

No. 573984

>says she has to order print stuff
I thought she did all digital?

No. 573985


I mean. It was it not completely obvious? It’s clear she stuffs her face when she is stressing. I imagine she went completely off the rails when AX happened and has been on a downward spiral since.

No. 573986

>>573983 But she was so enlightened after Tattoo Guru instilled his wisdom upon her. What could she possibly be stress eating over, other than her lies, financial instability, fake friends and business partners, and awful skin?

It makes no sense! She's the textbook definition of a happy person!

No. 573988

File: 1536709979583.png (918.27 KB, 1317x687, soengaged.png)

so sexy and riveting my dudes.

No. 573995

>What's Suspiria
w h a t

No. 573997

All this “real talk” and she can’t even give a damn proper apology to all the people she has hurt, abused and bullied. She’s still trying to make it all about her and her “problems” and that if she acknowledges them without even attempting to fix them it somehow solves everything. It’s clear that she thinks this will win everyone back over to her side. She was getting blasted yet again on twitter yesterday and needs assurance that everyone doesn’t totally hate her guts.

No. 573998

>Someone asks what to do when you're feeling down or unmotivated…she says she lets herself feel what she wants to feel then tells brain to "do this thing" and do the thing

No. 573999

but her life is a bop rn!!!

No. 574001

She literally said she had them put the fat in her tits a couple streams ago. Keep up with the milk buddy

No. 574005

>hates jeans
there ya go anon

No. 574008

She said she has an errand to do and will stream later

No. 574009

his "wisdom" isnt the only thing that he has instilled upon/in her

No. 574010

??? no she didn't.

No. 574012

might be on around 9 pm

No. 574014

>>574008 The last time she had an errand to run, she cancelled her stream. It was one of the days when she was playing God Of War.

I think she uses the errand excuse as a cover for a nap.

You sure picked a good one, Camversity.

No. 574017


more like sushi binge

No. 574025

She was snacking the whole stream, so you bet she was hungry and went to stuff herself. If she was a smart and savvy business woman she would do a sexy stream in an apron, cook and eat. That would take up a few hours in no time… but we all know Momo can't cook a decent and loving meal.

No. 574048

>>574008 What type of professional businesswoman agrees to do a series of 4-hour streams over 3 months, then bails on her audience to run errands? Why not take care of errands first? Camversity is probably counting on her to bring in more token buyers and models, and this goliath can't even stay online for 4 hours at a time more often than not. What gives?

No. 574053

'Errands' are just excuses so she can leave her stream because she doesn't want to do them.

No. 574065

workin that sabrina hairline angle again

oh god i hope this was recorded

No. 574067

i suspect 175 (or 179, i think she used that a lot too) is her dream weight as it will be a normal bmi, or perhaps what she used to weigh as an 'athlete'.

i know that still seems high, but shes supposed to be short so w/e

No. 574072

175 at her height would still be way into the overweight/obese range for bmi. but it's probably still ideal for her because she'd be back to being curvy or "thicc" without looking as severely deformed as she does now.

No. 574130

it's 10:05 pm. Did she forget again?

No. 574132

Forgetting means she had intent of returning tonight. She didn't.

No. 574133

Oh, right, I totes forget. Busy business woman has ~big deals~ to attend to!

No. 574156

File: 1536731060027.png (134.28 KB, 358x658, Screenshot 2018-09-11 at 10.44…)

She's on

No. 574167

File: 1536732486718.png (512.34 KB, 911x510, Screenshot 2018-09-11 at 11.07…)

>adding bunny girls, Deku, Cammy with Vamps and sexy Winnie the Pooh, workout!Zarya to upcoming cosplays

No. 574168

File: 1536732582739.png (340.46 KB, 900x509, Screenshot 2018-09-11 at 11.09…)

No. 574173

>thinks she's the first black and gold! Mai Shiranui cosplayer

No. 574174


Is this bitch really about to lewd Winnie the Pooh, like, what the actual fuck?

No. 574176

>spirit guides

No. 574178

File: 1536733725766.png (532.67 KB, 911x508, Screenshot 2018-09-11 at 11.28…)

No. 574181

Elmo is also on that list

No. 574185

File: 1536734625159.png (6.89 KB, 444x54, justimagine.png)

yes, just imagine…

No. 574188

It says Elma from Maid Dragon

No. 574189

>>574174 She's been wearing the Pooh ears during previous streams. Moo has a rule where she can't use something as a cosplay component unless it stinks like her asshole and looks like her face.

No. 574196

>spends first stream talking about going keto
>is drinking 22 carbs in one go
>18g of sugar

How's that diet going for ya moomoo?

No. 574229

Can we get this stream uploaded?

No. 574535

Shes live again, looks like a wreck like usual

No. 574538

Shes gonna adopt 2 new kittens once she gives up the 2 fosters

No. 574541

She's greasy and covered in pimples, squealing and baby talking her cats. It's awful.

No. 574542

Now throwing Colette under the bus, saying that Collette doesn't look after her cats and lets them play around when there are (sewing) needles and pins in the room. Unlike Mariah, who never lets them around anything dangerous in the cosplay room (according to her).

No. 574543

Says the women who keeps using toxic glue around her cats. Bitch, please.

No. 574544

There's so many ig posts and stories of her cats walking around and even stepping in her work in progress while she uses spray paint and glue with all those wonderful fumes, Jaeda got sick from it once even, lmao Moo try the fuck again.

No. 574545

File: 1536798382870.jpg (449.88 KB, 1549x971, Cam Girlz - The Movie.jpg)

moo, there's an actual documentary about Cam Workers. It's good. Entertaining and informative.

And guess what moo! A camsite picked up the tab and made it FREE to watch!

So you know, you could like, watch it, maybe get some ideas? camgirlzdoc.com

No. 574552

File: 1536799043533.png (503.25 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180912-203433.png)

Im so fucking done lmao this person is sucking a fart out of her ass. Xdd thats assuming if her story is even real

No. 574555

I know Colette is going to be at her side no matter what but how in the fuck is she this delusional and so far up Mariah’s ass that she allows her to talk shit about her even though she is totally her BFF? Recently she airs vamps demons with drugs and how she’s anti-social and now saying she can’t take care of her cats despite being other way around. This is going to end badly once tattoosensei moves in. How much you wanna bet that she convinces either Vamps or Tattoosensei to end the FBW so she can have him to herself? It’s a possibility from what we’re seeing!

No. 574558


They confirmed last week that the FWB already ended between Vamp and Tattoosensi. Vamp has a new man

No. 574562

What is this greaselord high on now? She is talking so fast

No. 574564

I don't understand why she's allowed to go online with zero makeup or washed..at all. She looks so greasy

No. 574565

So basically everything she is talking about on stream confirms what ThorneChan posted about in her tweets regarding 2015

No. 574569

Guess she ran out of money to dye her hair.

She seems really upset also. She keeps saying cosplay is her job now and that’s why she can’t enjoy it as much anymore. When really it’s because everyone hates her in the cosplay community now.

No. 574570

Her manic lows make me so uncomfortable, it's like seeing her try and be human

No. 574574

lol it's her job NOW, but not since she's been scamming idiots out of thousands on Patreon

No. 574575

Also why is she constantly wearing a ring on her ring finger rn??

No. 574581

Cause she's married to her job, clearly.

No. 574582

No idea why shes wearing it but she said it was a ring that somebody lost at school and she claimed it from the lost and found at the end of the year

No. 574586

Talking, smiling, lively, reading the chat and engaging with the room?

Who is this? Bizarro moo?

No. 574593

File: 1536803283913.jpg (51.8 KB, 842x477, 7383.JPG)

Over an hour later she's made $1.50

No. 574601

the twacked out schizo that scream-begs at people across the street makes a killing compared to moo on cam.

that's fucking sad.

No. 574606

And probably isn't asking $175 to slap some stickers on her nips.

No. 574648

How much did she end up making total? $3.50?

No. 574654

she earned that mcchicken, lmao

No. 574656

>>574593 And here I thought this raggedy ass pink sweatshirt was bound to help Moo climb out of her financial sinkhole. Color me surprised.

No. 574663

Why is she so adamant against showing her nips? She already leaked her nudes to her entire lacrosse team

No. 574666

she was probably 200 in muscle before now she is 300 in fat

No. 574742

Because it's totally not porn if you don't show nipple! That and she's used to people loving her shooped body so she can't handle having people see it how it really is, much less on a site where she can't control the comments.

No. 574761


any luck finding the stream?

No. 574933

Shes live and talking about games

No. 574940

wow, i can't believe moo, a smash fan, is going to miss the direct to stream on a camsite!

No. 574942


she's doing a live reaction to the direct

No. 574943

She spilled her protein shake all over her laptop

No. 574946

Her new partnership is with an "entertainment" app

No. 574962

so far it's all remasters and updates to previous games. she hasn't played a single one. she keeps going "whats that" and "that's cute"

No. 574979

Shes planning to go to Evo next year

No. 575004

Even farmers don't care about her cam scam anymore. Sad.

No. 575012

It's the same bull every time. Greasy hair, no make up (even if there is, it's her "baking" skills), and her usual spergs and eating habits. That, and leaving things to Vamps for tokens. Just glad that there are still farmers that keep tabs just in case that something new happens.

No. 575019


Its a super boring streams tonight with no real milk.

She watched Nintendo Direct and now she is uploading sets on camversity to buy with tokens

No. 575028

Her skin is looking the worst I have ever seen and that is really saying something. Seriously Mariah, go to a doctor.

No. 575038

she was winded from 5 squats, i'm howling

No. 575040

she bout to do pasties, someone cap

No. 575043

MikeyH is

a) High

b) Drunk

c) both a and b

d) using his mom's credit card

No. 575044

File: 1536887156913.jpg (150.35 KB, 1449x769, 65448.jpg)

No. 575045

Recordanon here,

I'm recording the entire stream

No. 575047

She is selling sets for 200-350 tokens.

Also she is doing 5 squats for 500 tokens

No. 575049

you are a god, we don't deserve you

No. 575050

Did you get the other ones? You've been kind of quiet lately. I know she's boring af, but you're a saint.

No. 575053


I have majority of them I missed 1 day due to her streaming at super weird times and missed an hour of 1 or two due to stream fucking up

No. 575058

we appreciate everything you do, recordanon!

No. 575059

She’s starting a second goal to rub cum lube on her boobs…thank god she probably won’t hit it in 10 minutes. She also just offered it as a private show if someone really wants it badly

No. 575061

would it be inappropriate to kiss you recordanon

No. 575068

Record anon here

I'll try to re-encode as much of my backlog as possible and get it uploaded tomorrow

No. 575080

She is really pushing the private show begging, huh.

No. 575122


As if any idiot would actually pay for one. They already know she won’t show anything. What’s the point of making it private?

No. 575256


Thank you! If you could get that Mei stream there will be 12 virgins waiting for you in heaven

No. 575269

Recordanon, take your time. Its a lot and we love you for your hard work.

No. 575342

I really can’t tell if you’re hyper dedicated farmers or fat fetishists with a “garbage human” attraction.

No. 575356

lol, trust us we'd love to get the kind of dirty laundry moo airs out on her streams without needing to see her nasty body.

No. 575414

Hate watching. We do get off to her nasty body, but it's not because we're fat fetishists, it's because we know how fucked she is as she gains every pound. Couldn't happen to a nicer person.

No. 575446



No. 575512

i'd actually pay good money so she would stop daily shoving her gross tits on our faces

No. 575531

She’s been uncharacteristicly quiet tonight… what is she getting up to….

No. 575532


about 350 pounds.

No. 575534

I laughed harder than I should have.

No. 575606

File: 1537016918412.jpg (40.81 KB, 256x256, 1460259988657.jpg)

And counting

No. 575835

Shes live and actually has her makeup done

No. 575836

File: 1537059898697.png (1.4 MB, 1184x695, Screenshot_67.png)

No. 575837

File: 1537060086737.jpeg (211.62 KB, 750x396, 5DE5699E-39A7-479F-BF08-5A27F4…)

it looks like she licked the makeup off that corner of her mouth

No. 575839

>Upcoming set will have minimal skin retouching

>Milking moo set editing will be like the instagram photo

No. 575841

>Wants to be a Pickle for halloween

No. 575842

maybe a sliced pickle, she's too round.

No. 575846

File: 1537061207913.jpeg (382.81 KB, 1536x2048, 80155882-A63C-4169-8FB2-BFEA14…)

Wow moo you’re so quirky

No. 575852

Didn't she buy or say this last year

No. 575853

She 100% bought the same one Jessica wore and it 100% doesnt fit it. We can see Jessica's boobs in this even just measuring by eye? there's no way her lardass can fit in that costume.

No. 575860

Does size matter?

>Ya I think so

Rip some of her neckbeards

No. 575865

Hasn't she slept with like 5 dudes? Maybe she's scared of huge dicks.

Fuck she's so boring even when she streams it's dead as fuck. At least for a few hours she's being babysat by the internet.

No. 575869

Is she seriously getting paid to remove her shirt and nothing else?

No. 575872

She took off her shirt after somebody donated 2000 tokens.

The goal is for her to just be in pasties

No. 575881

man her floor is disgusting. looks like she might just finally be accepting that this may be the only money she has incoming. cause that was fast

No. 575885

She’s about to rub fake cum on her tits if anyone wants to see horror live

No. 575888

File: 1537071125502.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.54 MB, 352x352, 746F092D-A1EB-4FBC-8175-E0F90E…)

complete with dirty clothes in the background

No. 575890

File: 1537071375203.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.74 MB, 352x352, 5C670701-CF36-47ED-9DC4-C2ED46…)

fake cum, handbra, pasties, and dirty clothes in the back…she was talking about her grandma and her heritage earlier in the stream….we’ve strayed so far

No. 575891

i mean, shes technically had it on herself before in photos but uh…. yeah i think this counts as a new low

No. 575892

Yep. This is it. She has fallen to the bottom. This is what failure looks like. She can't even say this is like her photo shoots. Those are lewd aesthetic. This is just raunchy porn. She's hit rock bottom. You won't catch many lewd models doing this on a cam site.

No. 575893

All for less than $25. Wow.

No. 575895

she hit one goal of 2500 for the pasties before this and lowered the price for handbra after that for the second goal of rubbing the fake cum. still cheap

No. 575898

Moo, thank you for the awesome milk of the last few years. We've been through so much together. But we can all see the end of this journey.

Shes got maybe a year of trying to drag out this failure of a career out. I say a year because there will be those few stragglers who refuse to give up on her for a while. But the more manic she gets and the more of this she does, the less support she'll have. Shes gonna try to hold on to not doing nides and the fake cum, hand bra, pasty shit will only go so far.

No. 575899

I was wondering what her "take home" would be from 2500 tokens. If that guys legit He's thirsty af

No. 575904

>>575899 Each token a model gets is equal to one shiny nickel. Camversity makes their money by selling tokens. They really don't care what the token buyers do with their tokens from that point on.

No. 575905


2,500 tokens would equate to $125. Enough to cover Mariah's daily food intake.

No. 575906

>wouldn’t do porn for “millions”
>$250 gets you all this

No. 575907

that doesn't buy you that much sushi tbh. no wonder she goes to the buffet.

No. 575915

Cheaper than being scammed on her Patreon for digital photos.

No. 575917

dammit, i always fucking up scamversitys token values

No. 575938

Is she doing this because we’ve harped on her shitty skin edits for so long? Or is she copying some model? She never does stuff just because she thought of it.

No. 575944

Maybe all the badmouthing she did about cucknoodles got to him so he'll no longer do her touch ups.

No. 575953

personally, i think this is part of her descent into porn. like, she's going to show off her real body so she doesn't lose fans who see her vs her photoshop anymore. then slowly show more and more.

No. 575990

this is porn, IMO. yeah, it’s not full blown penetrative sex or anything, but having pasties on your nipples doesn’t negate the fact that she’s playing with her tits and pouring fake cum all over them to create jack off material for some sad neckbeards. this whole iT’s LeWd, NoT pOrN thing so many costhots including mariah have pushed is just semantics.

No. 575998

well it was only a matter of time before she became desperate enough.

i give it another month and the pasties will be gone tbh

No. 576002

no i mean her not shooping her pics is cause she's getting deeper into doing porn.

No. 576152

Any update on the mei stream? <3

No. 576759

Anyone got the full stream for the fake cum?

No. 576764

No. 576774

She is actively complaining about the format and user accessibility features on Camversity. Why is she a spokesperson again? Could you imagine Jennifer Garner saying "Yeah, Capital One is okay. Definitely needs to be better in a lot of ways" in the middle of a commercial?

No. 576776

File: 1537311443898.png (120.53 KB, 321x300, 20180918_175451.png)

Since her entire stream appears to be dedicated to uploading more sets to sell through the Camversity media tab, I'm just gonna be an asshole and provide a Fat Resting Bitch Face avatar for anyone who wants one.

No. 576777

Mentioned she is going to sell her birthday set on Camversity for 1500 aka like $150

No. 576778

Vamp bought her more succulents to murder

No. 576783

>>576778 Earlier in this stream, Mariah said she lost 4 pounds this week, and that she's on a diet.

Now I'm watching her eat like it's feeding time at a zoo.

No. 576785

She looks even more unwashed than usual, if that's possible.

No. 576789

Quite possibly her most boring stream to date. Even the chat feed is moving at a snail's pace. She has zero energy. You can tell she hates her life, and I have to quit watching before I start to feel the same way about mine.

No. 576794

I thought the same thing, she's just up there greasy and dirty staring into her computer. If Twitch is cracking down on the titty streamers, this would be her perfect chance, smh. Just bring the titty streams to Camversity and fake having a personality, she'd also be forced to take care of herself. Her voice is also so damn boring, she should put on a perkier one that sounds like she's interested in what the neckbeards are talking about.

No. 576799

Anybody not watching has not missed anything. She's dramatically yawning and talking about how exhausted and tired she is and how much she wants to take a nap. Then just quit streaming and go fucking sleep, I don't understand why she puts these boring-ass streams online

No. 576800

1 token is worth .05 on Camversity (the website keeps 50%) so if she's selling it for 1500 tokens that's like 75 dollars.

No. 576801

File: 1537316157162.png (406.84 KB, 720x1235, 20180918_191254.png)

My God, she is being such a bitch in her stream today. Someone asked if she would ever do a collaboration with Angie Griffin, a cosplayer who posts original content on YouTube.

Mariah blows up and said something like "I don't know who she is. I just keep to myself". Then she went on a rant about how she hates it when people expect her to know who other cosplayers are. She's an unusually vile cunt today.

So much for supporting the community, I guess.

No. 576802


She makes $75 off of it but it will cost somebody roughly $150 to buy the set

No. 576805

File: 1537316333508.png (726.55 KB, 860x397, help.png)

It's over and it was horrible, don't feel bad if you missed it lmao

No. 576808

I'm expecting a series of IG stories that are indicative of an upcoming mental breakdown tonight. She was clearly bothered by something throughout the stream. Claims she was messaging another model early on. Not sure what was said, or who it even was. And if any of the mods were to catch today's stream, they couldn't possibly be happy with Mariah's words or behavior.

What a train wreck!

No. 576856

Yeah, i just got home from work. Any actual highlights or another boring stream where she eats and rants about nothing?

No. 576875

shes coming back is the only thing

No. 576894


To stream? Cause she sure AF isn't going back to cosplay and conventions

No. 576983

She posted in an insta story that she won't be going back on stream because she has a headache.

No. 577858

Mei stream progress? Any highlights made of her freaking out?

No. 577862

Quit begging you horny neckbeard

No. 577878

File: 1537518543507.jpg (59.54 KB, 630x573, 1537347590115.jpg)

what's up with the archive? some got deleted and it's so far back, I haven't been able to watch live because of timezones and I really wanna see those jowls in action

No. 577985

It was promised it was being uploaded and recordanon has been MIA. Sorry you jumped the gun

No. 578051

get over it then

No. 578068

Why does wanting to see moo's meltdowns mean someone's a neckbeard?

No. 578143

why don't you watch her next stream and stop carrying on about one that's been and gone.

No. 578145

To be fair, there’s been an influx of newfags asking for her sets/streams when they’re so easy to find. It’s getting annoying. Check the stream thread, if it’s not there then just wait. Stream anon is backlogged.
Sorry for bumping the thread just for this.

I wonder if she’ll even go back to streaming? It’s been going downhill since it started.

No. 578147

Everyone has been upset about the streams missing so of course we're impatient. Plus >>578143 sounds a bit like a fucking stan to me, she keeps getting angry we want moo's streams saved.

No. 578150

I am surprised we don't have more people recording this shit show for posterity. Record anon is doing us a huge solid so if you're so impatient help them out record it and up it yourself. Then we have more than just one anon doing all the work

No. 578153

or maybe people are just sick of posts asking for the fucking mei stream in multiple threads.
as has been pointed out, only one anon is recording them, and they're backlogged.

learn how to wait, or watch and/or record them yourselves.

No. 578154


As long as there's some fucktard willing to pay to see her ass sitting around in a cloud of dorito farts she'll keep streaming

No. 578157


or just you.

No. 578205

Wonder when she's going to stream again. She's supposed to do… 20 hours a week? Something like that? I can't help but think she's going to wind up not fulfilling her end of the deal.

you got me. i'm the only one. the other anons are also me.

get off your lazy ass and watch and record the streams yourself.

No. 578769

Looks like this will be the final edition. She has either been fired or quit. It was milky while it lasted tho

No. 579216

there's been no evidence whatsoever posted of this, the main thread comment about it was just a hypothetical by some anon. don't call it before there's some kind of actual proof of it.

No. 593395

Maybe she stopped streaming because she couldnt hide behind shoop while live and couldn't handle the ugly screen pulls.(necro)

No. 621371

File: 1546703971990.jpg (16.43 KB, 134x275, 1546701535648.jpg)

oh no she came back

No. 621373

I never thought I'd see the day she'd sink so low financially to resort to crawling back to Camversity after she shit-talked them. Happy 2019.
Any idea what time she's going on?

No. 621400

5 days into 2019 and we have Mariah going back to camversity, dasha outed for sex work, and onision getting fucked by pedo allegations. Wew.

No. 621408

Will she actually go live this time or will she flake like she did with her twitch stream? Will there be any anons able to record it? Just in case it's not another boring ass stream of her in pasties at the last few minutes and actually has milk.

Also seeing the thread pic again made me laugh so much.

No. 621490

6/7 pst aledgedly

No. 621500

File: 1546725033360.gif (4.02 MB, 337x600, CD70CA48-1136-44B5-A92D-E92121…)

dancing momo to celebrate!!!

No. 621787

on currently

No. 621794

At goal she is going to wear pasties.

Next stream is going to be a sexy cosplay one

No. 621796

People are already asking if Collette is going to be on lol they know that's the only way they'll get any fun on camera.

No. 621798

File: 1546740583738.gif (3.12 MB, 574x600, 150F929D-C551-4DA1-92BF-9FE77A…)

No. 621801

She sounds so high and obnoxious right now

No. 621808

she's doing her obnoxious black girl hood voice, I already want to shoot myself

No. 621816

she just apparently came back from a date

No. 621818

IIRC that's $250

For fucking pasties.

No. 621822

"I've said that since the beginning" bull. fucking. shit. is this bitch for real? pretending she's always called what she does porn?

No. 621825

Holy fuck she is so god damn boring. What dipshit actually gave her tips. Thankfully people are still giving her shit in the chat.

No. 621826

>>621818 Each token is worth 5 cents to the camgirl.

This is going to be insufferable. I don't know if I can do this to myself in 2019.

No. 621829

yet contradicts that statement with "2019 we're keeping it 100"

at least she's admitting that her goal is for people to pay money to jack off to her

No. 621840

And she’s blocking people now. Hope her dumbass gets reported

No. 621851

She said people were reading too much into her creating a pornhub account, as if she wasn't transparently trying to use it to drum up more interest in her.

No. 621860

I seriously want to punch her in her fat mouth every time she does her “LOL IM A GOOD CHRISTIAN GIRL!!!!!!!” bullshit. God she is so fucking obnoxious.

No. 621862

Those back rolls

No. 621864

Love her immediate stop at showing her tat the moment she saw her back rolls. "Muh shirt covers it."

No. 621870

I missed it. Did she just confirm a Vamp appearance a little later?

No. 621871

I’m out. I’d rather get beat across the head with oranges than listen to this dumb bitch yammer on useless. Nothing but cucks in the chat hoping she’ll finally show boob if they are nice enough to her.

No. 621873

After done streaming

No. 621877

so hard to watch, moo your personality is shit and your not entertaining to listen to.

No. 621884

Those arms are really saggy now. She just used her hands to adjust her extensions after a hand bra, and her arm fat is more apparent than ever.

I'm surprised she elected to do this.

No. 621887

File: 1546741809339.png (5.95 KB, 444x63, sad.png)

this is really sad

No. 621889

anyone recording?

No. 621891


RecordAnon here, I'm recording it

No. 621892

Gotta love how she took the time to cover herself in makeup today to not look like a greasy shit. Now she just looks like a washed up aunt.

No. 621895

File: 1546741964708.png (6.34 KB, 456x57, true.png)


No. 621896

great thanks anon you're a real trooper. it's way too late to stay up for moo's sake here

No. 621904

Worth pointing out that she hasn't put her jacket back on as of yet. Something tells me one of the CamV reps is viewing this to make sure she's compliant this time around, meaning they probably weren't happy about the sweatshirts and jackets from her last camgirl fiasco.

No. 621905


still my hero recordanon. I hope for the sake of sanity you can record it with sound while its muted. cause this is worse than last time

No. 621907

"i have like 20 vapes instead of recharging them i buy new ones"

No. 621909

File: 1546742174236.jpg (6.4 KB, 447x72, Vt5Z1TJ.jpg)

No. 621912

She's been claiming she's huge into hentai but doesn't know what paizuri was…

No. 621915

Is her cam tripping out on anyone else or just me?

No. 621918

She literally confirms that she smokes weed before going to bed every night wow moo is your chronic fat hurting you

No. 621923

she can tell if a girl gives good head bitch please. you cant even tell your time is up in the scene.

No. 621925

"I make guys cum giving head" …okay?

No. 621927

She's such a huge weeb but doesn't know terms commonly used in hentai (relevant to her that is, its used heavily in JP AV stuff.)

It shouldn't be surprising.

No. 621929


Her cam keeps refocusing every little bit and she knows it keeps doing it.

No. 621933

>>621925 Does she not understand that's the point? She really is inexperienced!

No. 621941

Is it just the shadow or does she have black arm pits? I didn't take a screenshot in time

No. 621944

Where did this "mate" shit come from? Is that from sensei? It's incredibly annoying.

No. 621946

claims she has a womanizer, fuck machine, and 30-40 dildos…

No. 621947

Agreed. How she manages to get more insufferable every day is amazing.

No. 621949

Yeah he puts on a fake chav accent from Newcastle which is equal to Jersey Shore

No. 621951

said she's apparently going to katsu, anime expo, and maybe fanime this year but that she's consciously "cutting back" on con going lol

No. 621952

It's really off putting and when she tries to sound black

No. 621963

Bless you record-anon because the repetitive music and “mate” is just awful.

No. 621964

take a shot every time she says mate, ALSO has admitted to buying Lana Rains cum dildo videos lmao wew

No. 621965

I'm 1000% positive she got told to stop pissing off viewers. She's all into sexual shit and not telling people to fuck off for being pervs.

No. 621966

Doesn't even know what Vaporwave is…

No. 621967

I'd like to live anon that's like 6 'mates' in a 1 minute

No. 621971

she has her cats in the video again.

No. 621972

we'd all perish from alcohol poisoning in seconds lol

No. 621975

She also said she's getting a 4th cat? Like please stop.

No. 621978

Aren't we the only place that calls her out for the turtle lips? Thanks for the shout out!

No. 621979

lol confirming again that she reads here, we're the ones who talk about her turtle lips and vagina eyes

No. 621982


And she said she's self-aware, sure Moo.

No. 621987

how does she listen to the same song on repeat for so long?

No. 621992

And to stop saying go to other girls. She's not shrieking about the viewers seeing the other girls. My guess, other content creators didn't appreciate being called out

No. 621993


Except she still keeps saying “Go to other girls if that’s what you’re looking for” when she gets asked to show tits.

No. 621994

OH FFS She doesn't even know what bimbofication is.

No. 621997

Has she? I haven't heard her. just that she doesn't do that

No. 622000

>>621997 She recommended other cam girls much earlier, when the camera was facing the vertical blinds.

No. 622006

Inspired my dudes. That's what all that copying and ripping off designs was

No. 622007

She said she did private shows but then didn't know how much private shows were? Jesus Mariah if you don't want to do them just say no and don't beat around the bush

No. 622008

is mate the new my dudes

No. 622011

Said she prefers guys cumming in her and also said she isn’t on birth control

No. 622012

she recommended omystephaniemichelle and oenvyus

No. 622026

I'm not familiar with camversity rules and whatnot, but does anything happen if she doesn't reach her goal?

No. 622032


Nothing. Expect the embarrassment of knowing that no one wants to pay/watch her “WHOLESOME GOOD CHRISTIAN GIRL LOL” bullshit.

No. 622034

literally just said not into lesbian porn, only into gay dudes

No. 622037

She Just said like 30 minutes ago she'd love to peg a guy. Now she's not into pegging?

No. 622038

can't even remember what she claims she's majored in

No. 622039

God I would not want to be her neighbors.

No. 622047

She's just sperging about a series anyone can understand just by watching it. Holy shit, bless you RecordAnon.

No. 622050

Tapping out I can't take her voice anymore

No. 622052

anon please, you will never be able to understand all the HIDDEN CONSPIRACIES

No. 622066

“What kind of guys do you like?” “uhh ASIAN GUYS and some uhh……Italian?”

No. 622071

"All women should date a woman at some point."

No. 622091

Claims she's going to pay quarterly taxes tomorrow. Not sure if she's going to an accounting/tax firm, among other things.

No. 622094

says she wants to cosplay raven from teen titans, lol

No. 622100

That's funny considering Tenleid is giving away her Raven currently.
Might be a reach but seeing how she doesn't have an original bone in her body I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 622102

She just reached goal. Watch her procrastinate for as long as possible in order to refrain from wearing pasties and doing her o-face crap.

No. 622119

I can't believe she has reached the goal. Men are worthless lmao

No. 622121

she got fake cum in her eyes

No. 622122

men when did neckbeards become men?

No. 622126

Pouring fake cum in her mouth to droolnall over her tits for strangers on the internet.

Her parents must be so proud.

No. 622127

says she'll do wet tshirt on stream tomorrow

No. 622137

File: 1546747581730.gif (1.38 MB, 300x199, ...alright.gif)

>shot mostly from the neck up
>high as fuck
>just pouring the fake jizz in the most lethargic way possible
This is so pathetic and lazy.
>What can I do as a pleaser??? How can I please for the whole internet to enjoy???
She really thinks this highly of her shitty bikini and underwear shoots.

No. 622138

one guy just tipped the entire amount of her new goal

No. 622140

shes ending up doing the wet shirt now. as soon as she put up the goal this fucking neckbeard completes it. i hate men.

No. 622141

how pathetic do you have to be

No. 622147

she's doing the wet t shirt now with no pasties so you can see her nipples right through it

No. 622148

i think her shirt is more see-through than she anticipated.

No. 622158

most definitely. that's why she folded her shirt over in hopes of the creases hiding her nipples more

No. 622164

Tell me someone got the shot of her realizing she just showed off her nips

No. 622176

You can't do drugs on stream right?

No. 622178

she's doing a bong hit now.

No. 622181

she says shes probably going to do it off camera because of the rules

No. 622182

Those lashes look like spider legs trying to escape her face

No. 622194

Jesus made it to top 25$ not doing a fucking thing

No. 622195


The rule is "Illegal activities and substances".

Cannabis is legal in Nevada for recreational use so she would likely be fine.

No. 622200

>lighting a bong with matches

No. 622273

File: 1546750387500.png (9.67 KB, 381x74, Screenshot (87).png)

All men are fucking disgusting

No. 622307

bit of a nip slip when she took her pants off

No. 622309

Mate, I think you're holding SailorPoon69 to standards that he doesn't even know exist.

Also, that ending was great.

Pants off, do nothing, log off.

No. 622331

Lol. They reached the goal and she straight up fucking left. They all are talking about how she scammed them. Fucking wow lol.

No. 622493

Did recordanon get the entire stream?

No. 622707

Guys bring the recaps and shit in here, not the main thread.

No. 623767

File: 1547067679209.png (3.36 MB, 750x1334, C94CF13A-E151-47AF-8F28-43D275…)

No. 623783

File: 1547070004359.gif (23.72 KB, 200x150, giphy.gif)

cant wait for the pepperoni pizzazz

No. 623837

Lmao bitch is gonna put these on and show up with a greasy mug and unwashed hair I bet

No. 623840

File: 1547083623349.png (2.52 MB, 750x1334, 85085CDB-D54A-4B6D-A460-F2A11F…)


No. 623884

File: 1547092261453.jpeg (357.25 KB, 750x740, 57FE5D85-42FE-4D73-A966-21D624…)

Live boys

No. 623888

File: 1547092507991.jpeg (372.7 KB, 750x791, 4B683E7A-F0D1-4F59-BD70-488DAB…)

she added bong rip to the menu

No. 623891

she seems weirdly mellow today. i get the feeling she does NOT want to be doing this.. she's just doing her online shopping

No. 623893

File: 1547092862429.png (2.22 MB, 750x1334, CD4EE1B4-1661-48E8-9174-AFC9F7…)

since the main thread is on sage, this is her “onsen” set up that she’s talking about.

she’s also ~addicted to buying nice furniture now

No. 623894

>nice furniture
>garbage crap from china
OT but i worked for the company that distributes this stuff in the US, same one she bought her ugly screen from, and it's crap. hope moo enjoys her splinters and moldy bamboo.

No. 623895

Shes said each stream she will have 3 3000 goals.

She makes $150 per 3000 tokens.

No. 623896

She's super salty. Got pissed at someone in the chat for calling her Mari

No. 623897

15 minutes in and she already banned somebody

No. 623898

>what's the deal with your pornhub account?
>it's a meme, sorry

No. 623900

Did you guys see the comment that mentioned lolcow? Did she delete it too quickly? Someone asked where they could see record of Momo's nipples and another person recommended lolcow

No. 623901

yeah I saw it, maybe buttbutt should be less obvious next time

No. 623902

saw it too. moo should be more careful if she doesn't want her nips on display.

No. 623903

>haven't been to the gym in a while, I'm getting chubby

Does she not have mirrors in her house? She passed chubby 50 lbs ago.

No. 623904

File: 1547093476801.gif (3.47 MB, 440x440, 407BB7A4-A58E-41E3-BAA2-936F94…)

first one of the night

No. 623905

Chubby was when she first started cosplaying. She's on some good fucking weed to be thinking she's just getting chubby right now

No. 623907

Shes playing with her wig way too much. its so annoying.
And her "bong rips" are the weakest things ive seen.

No. 623908

isn't this just a pipe?

No. 623909

>Wants to find a fursuit maker to commission an Incineroar fursuit

No. 623911

it’s a bubbler which is a water type pipe, bongs have water, most people just call them bongs too

No. 623912

why is she so triggered over being called maria? jesus.

No. 623913

holy shit. here cosplay list is fucking crazy with how little she cosplays nowadays…

No. 623915

File: 1547094619261.jpeg (350.61 KB, 750x994, 21ED0DD4-F7FE-4DA6-B848-10E0FE…)

stream broke, also please stop being so obvious, you know who you are

No. 623917

>Says in chat it's happening to all the girls on the site
>Check several different streams, none are having this problem

No. 623918

File: 1547094797874.jpeg (28.07 KB, 750x120, D08CF444-A2CD-4181-8A8E-A2BEC0…)

No. 623919

I just tried to watch and she's currently "online" like >>623915. Either she is or CamV is deleting a majority of the chat. Most of the comments are "lol you got scammed", "is the goal going to reset?", "where did she go" etc. etc.

No. 623920

File: 1547094841724.jpeg (23.96 KB, 750x120, 2EC2EC72-2634-4901-B5A9-AAAB5E…)

No. 623922

File: 1547094882691.jpeg (102.79 KB, 750x376, EFDBCB11-79FF-4E16-AEBE-C907C1…)

No. 623923

File: 1547094911817.jpeg (66.29 KB, 750x223, B88335C6-10E1-4155-A8FB-64FB1D…)


No. 623924

lol she's getting pissed off that people are calling her a scammer, good.

watch her actually go offline because "the chat is being rude"

No. 623925

File: 1547095051050.jpeg (35.61 KB, 750x143, 67CC4832-5E4C-49B8-B948-EAAF81…)

everyone drops what they’re doing to fix momos stream!

No. 623926

Chat is currently white knight simulator- jeez

No. 623927

The disabled weeb in chat is a nice touch.

Still, she didn't make much tonight for her to just up and quit. Does she usually make the money fast?

No. 623928

File: 1547095182064.jpeg (26.66 KB, 750x120, 7EB8400C-6F72-4573-8131-E786BF…)

No. 623929

Back online

No. 623930

File: 1547095275486.jpeg (282.19 KB, 750x620, 846A6EAC-A1A6-4E0E-92CA-E72D68…)

she’s back, said she got logged out

No. 623932

the amount of "sideboob" which looks lore like just fat really shows how wide shes gotten. just wow

No. 623933

she's saying that it logged her out of the account and logged her back in or some shit. how does that work as an excuse though- she was commenting the whole time?

No. 623934


I know right? sure it did. but it made a great excuse to reset the goals.

No. 623935

moo is one of 3 people who even stream on that site.

No. 623937

100% not wking but she did drop the total to reflect what was donating

No. 623938

yea because a couple people were accusing her of scamming so she has to save face.

No. 623939


Because people were asking about it when she was down. If no one had said anything guarantee she woulda at least tried. She did pretty shady shit like that when she used to stream on twitch.

No. 623940

People keep tipping her to get her too take hits off her bubbler. I'm guessing they want to lower her inhibitions so they get actual nude content.

No. 623941


No more see through huh? Fucking called it.

No. 623942

she said she would do that as the final 3000 goal of the stream if they hit it

No. 623943

Goals for stream are parties at 1st 3000 goal, cum on tits at 2nd 3000 and cum on face at 3rd 3000.

No. 623944

someone asked if "screenshots [were] forbidden" and she said "i just prefer you guys not"

No. 623945

So she can't call herself a cosplayer anymore, she's just a cam girl

And damn she smokes more than I realize. She takes a hit when she wakes up and now we can assume at night. Sure 5-15 bucks worth of weed per session doesn't seem much but it adds up.

No. 623946

File: 1547096129740.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.23 MB, 440x440, D518C3A4-574D-4874-BA26-FDEA1B…)

peppertony pizazz!

No. 623947

man when shes sitting down and you can see more than her sad excuse for a chest you can see how huge she has gotten. and LOL looks like she sat on the cat

No. 623948

Well, she just said Wet tshirt can be last goal.

No. 623949

She's real insecure about her ass. She isn't responding to any requests to people asking for butt goals.

Was asked if she would do nude camming and said "I can't see in the future but I don't speak in absolutes"

No. 623951

God she looks so uncomfortable, she can't sit still at all you'd think a couple of bong hits would chill her out haha

No. 623952

her tits are so repulsive rofl i wish she would put her bikini top back on ugh.

No. 623953

Of course she's uncomfortable. She can't photoshop or snap filter herself in real time.

No. 623954

So tinfoiling

anyone else getting the vibes that camV kicked her out for her behavior the first time? Like they got too many reports of her rotten attitude, her coming in greasy with no make up on, looking pissed, wearing big sweaters and banning donators?

I feel like they told her the only way they would let her stream again is if she followed these rules: Shower before the stream, have your make up and hair done before, get fucking naked.
But this is all fun to watch. She isn't a cosplayer anymore, she's just a cam girl now

No. 623955


She certainly does look kinda pissy. Definitely getting a “I don’t wanna be here” vibe

No. 623956

If she's doing private shows, who is going to step up for that glorious milk?

No. 623957

If she's doing private shows, who is going to step up for that glorious milk?

No. 623959

she looks so gross here…..

No. 623960

She's talking about her ~guns~ and when someone asked what models, she said the first thing you do is not talk about what guns you have???

No. 623961

>claims to have a lot of guns
>wont talk about the guns she supposedly has because that's a "rule"?

No. 623963

guns are fight club!

No. 623964

File: 1547096833321.png (1.07 MB, 1241x2011, F7E06D24-BD10-4876-BB0E-B2B4B5…)

She spent several solid minutes talking about Halo, how often the game is released and ignoring the chat. God she’s fucking boring.

Those cool sculpted abs tho… yikes.

No. 623965

She always pulls her tongue out hoping it looks sexy, but she just looks retarded.

No. 623966

File: 1547096862901.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 570.51 KB, 2814x2814, 097DA865-F131-4E5A-9D60-A7740C…)

Oh boy, what a fuckin unit

No. 623967

DDD 42 - 48

48. Jesus.

No. 623968

Judging by her answering the bra questions, idk if she understand how bra measurements work. She said she ranges from 42DDD to 48DDD. Or 42E which is a comfy bra.

No. 623969

Wow just said how some of the viewers who talked about wanting to see her without pasties made her want to gag. She is not made for this.

No. 623970

lmao someone asked her to take off her pasties and she said like "don't make me gag". she's on a cam site lol.

No. 623971

>meme size
>believing she's bigger than a D cup

she shops at victoria's secret, obviously she has no idea about how bras work. DDD is just F anyway.

No. 623972

File: 1547097087491.gif (1.55 MB, 440x440, 86ED2192-37C3-45A4-BAB9-FF07A7…)

tfw you ahegao after a dozen bong rips and you have cotton mouth so you can’t drool so you get that gross white foam spit on your tongue

No. 623973

Yet she pours fake cum all over her face to look like someone squirted all over her face? She's got her priorities mixed up. Showing your breasts isn't a big deal when it's imitating having someone blow their load in your face.

No. 623974

some guys are into "abuse" play like that. Besides we all know in like half a year she's going full nude.

No. 623976

File: 1547097203505.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 211.25 KB, 750x421, C377426B-C2C7-4FCF-8E44-1FADA4…)

I know she’s not paying attention to the monitor she’s on but wew

No. 623977

I feel like mariah has this site open while shes streaming lmao

No. 623978


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 623979


I just thought it was hilarious she said she ranges from a 42 to a 48. That's a 6" circumferential difference around under the bust. That's a lot of of fat fluctuations.

No. 623980

thank you for capturing this because i couldnt breathe.

A++ jabba the hut cosplay

No. 623981

The only "sexy" thing she knows how to do is look up and stick her tongue out. I can't even call it ahegao because she isn't doing it right

No. 623982

yeah she looks kind of pissed and doesn't want to be there lol. not sure if it's because she's reading the chat or looking at lolcow (or both).

No. 623984

it's pretty funny. she probably just goes in and tries on whatever does cut off circulation but she implied she gains like 6in of water weight.

No. 623985

Earlier somebody asked why she is camming and she said money

No. 623986


Obviously doesnt need it bad enough because she isnt really engaging or making herself seem worth spending tokens on. She is boring as fuck tonight. I wouldn't be surprised if she doesnt hit another goal for the rest of the night.

No. 623987

lmao, right. this is way more work than just taking shitty selfies for an hour every month.

No. 623988

hi mariah your eyelash is falling off

No. 623989

everyone wants to see her ass and she wont do it.

No. 623992

OMG she stretched and it was fucking disgusting how wrong her body looks

No. 623993

i mean she has nothing to show

No. 623999

she obviously doesn't. someone asked her the same question on one of her other streams and she had to think about it for a second and then gave a wishy washy range of sizes like this. like fluctuations happen but it generally shouldn't affect your bra size that much. unless you're like mariah and you keep gaining a ton of weight.

No. 624000

“I like when you guys give me ideas!!”

No. 624001

Have you noticed how she always adjusts her hair to be in front of her boobs after she shakes them? She's trying so hard to hide all her extra fat spilling over

No. 624002

it's super sad she cant think of her own ideas. she's literally taking ideas from her chat and making money with them

No. 624003

File: 1547098420947.png (6.78 KB, 430x71, 39a65175264e0c58cebaa9a7d45f85…)

"oh i can do me dominated. what would you like to see?"

her chat doesn't respect her at all

No. 624004

mr. Pibb over dr. pepper? if I respected her it’d be gone now too

No. 624005

File: 1547099426996.gif (1.89 MB, 440x440, BB141D12-DB58-4743-BFCB-484064…)

“Momo are you bi?”
several weird facial reactions and a half assed answer of “we’re all a little gay”

No. 624007

File: 1547099597015.png (1.09 MB, 1372x828, Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 12.5…)

wtf is up with that eye

No. 624008

It's the narc droop. Onion has it, Mira has it, Moo has it…

And is this seriously all she knows how to do to entertain people? She's fucking boring even when she's high.

No. 624009

File: 1547099797115.jpeg (24.9 KB, 280x282, A2BCD54C-C143-46DD-8C27-FA6BB1…)

gotta keep one eye on the camera anon

No. 624011

"We should hit goal soon so I can get off"
Between how much she's talking about how much she wants to leave to eat her burrito and that comment it's so obvious to see how much she really cares about her fans!! /s

No. 624012

File: 1547100058602.gif (2.94 MB, 440x440, C330CE71-C72F-4E18-9956-6014EC…)

“This is so iconic, me holding a burrito and shaking my tits”

sorry for quality whoops

No. 624014

It's insane that people are actually watching her stream instead of watching other girls on camversity… She's so boring its beyond belief.

No. 624016

I like how she's ignoring every question other than food ones now. She's a mess and the people still waiting to see her ass are pathetic lol

No. 624017

Honestly, I doubt anyone other than us are watching.

No. 624018

"I'm not gonna eat this whole thing"
Eats 90% of it instead

No. 624019

File: 1547100335225.gif (2.21 MB, 440x440, 6BDC8B97-AC07-4F5F-955D-8BEF39…)

cow chews cud live

No. 624020

There's a flock of people in her comments watching and sucking up to her every second. I guarantee its not everyone here.

No. 624021

For someone who “loves ahegao so much” she takes forever and a half to do a shitty ahegao face

No. 624022

cum on boobs goal has been hit

No. 624023

File: 1547100536893.jpeg (385.22 KB, 750x823, 045F0F04-62D7-413F-825A-641AAF…)

also yes she does sit directly in front of the litter box

No. 624028

File: 1547100675646.png (Spoiler Image, 2.42 MB, 3038x1624, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…)

literally flat

No. 624030

maybe cat shit smells better than her. natural air freshener

No. 624031

Lovers wasting pasties. At least use these for a GOOD show.

No. 624034

You can tell how insanely bored she is because she can't be bothered to atleast fake being interested in what the chat has to say. Just acting like an all around stuck up bitch when that's the last thing she should be doing considering what site she's on right now..

No. 624036

File: 1547101031534.png (2.55 MB, 2560x1600, Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 12.5…)

such an engaging, sexy cam model for camversity

No. 624039

File: 1547101433600.png (Spoiler Image, 2.14 MB, 2560x1600, Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 1.08…)

that ass was FLAT

No. 624041

Jesus christ. This is the saddest screenshot I've ever seen. Can dead-eyed topples Moo eating a burrito on webcam be the new board-tan?

No. 624042

File: 1547101935231.jpeg (412.23 KB, 750x766, C0378443-FDD0-4E7F-A77E-3ED01C…)

I lost my recording of the whole goal but at least some eyes are saved

goal has been changed to pants off if she hits it

No. 624043

just kidding it’s back to T-shirt

No. 624046

She's going to start moaning usernames tomorrow?

No. 624047

I don't think she's said anything of substance in an hour. She's just eating a burrito and telling chat to tip so she's not bored.

No. 624049

Apparently seeing a "gorgeous Asian guy" but she's not feeling it and there's no spark

No. 624050

File: 1547102944494.jpg (40.81 KB, 381x254, sure jan.jpg)

I'll take things that aren't true for 500, Alex.
She claims they've been on 3 dates so far and that she introduced him to her friends.
My bet is that she ditched her cam session the other night to go on her dates with her newest victim-er date.

No. 624051

"I like boys, I like girls, I like transgenders, whatever"

No. 624052

"i like boys, i like girls, i like transgenders" whew lad

No. 624054

Everybody's already seen her nipples. Why is she being like this? She's acting like her nips are tiny Medusas that will turn people who look directly at them to stone.

She still thinks she's better than sex workers lmao

No. 624056

File: 1547103498929.png (Spoiler Image, 2.86 MB, 2560x1600, Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 1.45…)

im impressed by her flabby arms, theyre so saggy and soft, and yet her boobs are so firm.

also she just admitted shes 250 lb

No. 624057

She didn't admit that, she was reading someone's message. I thought she said that too but I caught the message

No. 624058

Does she seriously think "trans" is a third gender? Also, "transgender" is an adjective Moo, you can't pluralize it. It's like people who call gay people "the gays".

Not to mention that the paypigs don't give a rat's ass about identity politics, so that's a pandering misfire.

She lies about her weight, so when she says 250, what she means is 270 or 280.

No. 624059

File: 1547103910975.png (Spoiler Image, 2.52 MB, 2560x1600, Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 1.45…)

oh damn my bad, but good catch anon
she only looked interested and engaged on cam tonight when she was smashing down that burrito. Im amazed how she blatantly says "you all need to start tipping" as if she's entitled to that money, and does basically nothing in return but a half hearted tit shake.

No. 624060

She has bingo wings

I didn't know people under the age of 55 could get them

No. 624061

File: 1547104094964.gif (2.45 MB, 440x440, 90B6EEF8-CE6F-4789-8E01-744E97…)

dropping two more of these

No. 624062

File: 1547104171005.gif (1.11 MB, 440x440, 6186DFA2-F7D5-4F1F-918F-338E5A…)

this one grossed me out more than usual. she didn’t use cum lube so the white stuff in her mouth is a mix of rumchata and almond milk

No. 624064

even when she's doing this, it's obvious there's no way her boobs are more than 4in bigger than her underbust. F cup my ass.

No. 624086

Oh come on. She doesn't stop being a disgusting Donkey Kong lookin hambeast with disgusting fat girl tits if you admit she's bigger than a D cup. Pretending she's a D or smaller – and let's be honest, Ds are only special because retarded men don't realize how small that cup size actually is – makes ya'll look like petty buttmad preteens.

Oh my god her bingo wings are bigger than her head.

No. 624087


Next thread image plz.

No. 624088

i'm saying this a someone who knows that Ds aren't that big, idiot. do you really think she has a 7 in measurement difference between her saggy tits and her fat ribcage?

we also have that sonico picture where she tells everyone her bust measurment so it's not that hard to figure out.

No. 624091

Look at >>624056 >>624028 >>623976 and tell me how that could possibly think these are bigger than a D or E. Also, I am almost certain she said her breast measurement in the pic >>624088 mentioned was 48, meaning she's fucking buying the band size based on that measurement.

No. 624092

nah 250 looks about right for someone who is 5'4 ish. i'm shocked she admitted it though.

No. 624107

So is there still no new main thread?

No. 624108

y i k e s

No. 624112

No. 624113

She looks like a mountain

No. 624114


spoiler that shit, anon!

No. 624147

Nope, it was a mistake, she was reading someone's message out loud that said "i am 250 lbs" but the way she did made it sound like she was saying it. she would never admit that

No. 624320

Hi, I used to be a professional lingerie/bra specialist/fitter. From what I’ve seen from Moo, she does look like a DDD or perhaps even a DDDD if she brought her bandsize down. Most people think they’re supposed to have a looser band. They shouldn’t.

Now, saying she’s a 38F or 38G really isn’t that big of a deal. I think people tend to think that a G or F must be “huge” because of their placement in the alphabet. But if she actually had big boobs for her body size, she would land closer to a J or L cup size. And yes, the cups keep going to around an N or an O. So saying she’s a DDD or DDDD isn’t really that far off, especially if you look and see what a 40 C looks like. It’s actually pretty small.

TLDR Moo’s boobs look small because her body is w i d e. She probably sits at a 40DDDD or so, which is relatively small for the size of her body. But she is nowhere near a D or C cup.

No. 624330

I haven’t looked up moo in like 2 months.
She got SO FAT and looks
totally like a granny.
She’s a lost cause smh

No. 624333

nta but you know that DDD and whatnot doesn't actually exist. you don't sound professional at all lmao.

No. 624334

File: 1547165697404.png (49.77 KB, 693x407, Screenshot_2019-01-10 Bra Size…)

DDD does exist, it's just another name for an F or wev, so stop

No. 624335

lol only shit places like VS in the USA use that size. the rest of the world doesn't because the only reason it exists is because people there can't into bras.

also there's no way in hell that moo's chest is only 40in.

No. 624336