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File: 1544653662096.jpg (29.79 KB, 232x275, mira.jpg)

No. 613179

Previously on the adventures of "ISIS Bride With an 82pt IQ" >>606843

>Shit has continued to explode with floods of screen shots from KM

>Confirmed Miranda knew money from KM was a loan ($15000 loan, rest were gifts)
>Despite claiming she doesn’t care, she continually responds to everything her, at PULL, youtube, etc >Keeps telling Rodi to move on: Rodi rarely mentions her, she creates a sock to continue responding on Rodi’s Youtube despite him blocking her. She’s still obsessed with him
>Her sham marriage divorce won’t be final until May 2019, which is why she went to Canada for her fake “muslim marriage” that isn’t legally recognized in most countries

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kanadajin3
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kanadajin3
2nd Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/doudemomira
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kanadajin3

No. 613181

File: 1544654181546.jpg (401.34 KB, 736x1128, lowquality.jpg)

goddammit I was 9min late with my thread photo submission lmao

No. 613182

File: 1544654187872.png (37.53 KB, 577x276, dad.png)

I asked Miranda about what she thought the Islamic penalty should be for her dad's drug arrests.

This was her response (Which she deleted but she always forgets Youtube can be set to mail you and responses).

Since you read here Miranda. No, you never said, but, When someone is arrested it becomes part of the Public Record and can be viewed by anyone.

He was arrested for drugs.

No. 613184


Damn!. That was a good one.

No. 613185

according to her, even cheaters should get the death penalty, so no crime too small

No. 613191

Anyone wanna count how many time she sinned badly enough to warrant the death penalty? Or how many time that penalty would have been applied (kinda like these guys in jail serving 5 sentences for life or a 800 years jail time)

No. 613197

Anon, your question led me to an interesting read. https://islamqa.info/en/answers/66227/ruling-on-taking-drugs-and-do-they-come-under-the-same-heading-as-khamr-intoxicants, that says: >"How about the person who persists in consuming (intoxicants), especially if he believes that it is permissible, as some people do?"
">Such a person should be asked to repent; if he repents, all well and good, otherwise he should be executed"
He's been "in and out of jail" so, yeah. She didn't reply because she's trying to pull a "well, actually that's doesn't apply to me/my family" reason out of her ass.
A shame, because the Dad seems like a chill lad.
I wouldn't recommend it, Anon, that would be waaaay too much of a depressing hassle since she's broken most of her own damn rules already. Just by stealing (to KM) she would be missing an arm if her dear Sharia Law was used.

No. 613211

File: 1544657140299.png (61.76 KB, 648x428, Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 6.21…)

i wonder. What does Islam think about:
-asking a man you have no relation with to buy you lingerie?
-excessive serial lying to cover your own ass?
-using Allah's name in a fake sock account to threaten fellow Muslims into doing what YOU want?
-disobey your mother and encourage brother to do things behind her back?

a 2sec google search and she's already crossed 3 sins in this very short list (not even counting adultery).

No. 613223


previous thread:

No. 613228

File: 1544658772148.jpg (124.1 KB, 1080x838, 20181212_184956.jpg)

Unless you have her new Lebanese husband's name, I don't think finding her public marriage record will work

No. 613235

> drop out of high school, move to Japan because weeaboo
> fall into hostessing because no employable skills
> MARRY random guy because don't wanna go home
> divorce, leech off random Japanese orbiters
> convert to Islam because you have a crush on a guy who's a holiday Muslim because he's half Pakistani, and you're so racist that all he is to you is a race and religion
> try to impress him by becoming the most conservative, radical Salafist you possibly can (a Saudi/Egyptian form of Sunni Islam not popular in Pakistan)
> trolls make fun of you for being an "ISIS bride;" prove them RIGHT by dropping hints that you're sympathetic to ISIS' interpretation of Sharia
Jesus fucking Christ, what a life

No. 613241

File: 1544662650808.png (218.96 KB, 1432x986, スクリーンショット 2018-12-13 7.08.13.p…)

On the legality of her marriage

No. 613242

File: 1544662677260.png (260.98 KB, 1256x976, スクリーンショット 2018-12-13 9.53.28.p…)

Long rant part 1

No. 613243

File: 1544662789479.png (205.91 KB, 1096x832, スクリーンショット 2018-12-13 9.53.41.p…)

Long rant part 2

No. 613244

Her language attrition claim is absurd, but is there a chance she just uses it to make up for writing like an illiterate retard? Or is that intentional because she thinks it's cute, or plays into her public image/character, or something?

No. 613245

File: 1544662905369.png (238.17 KB, 1112x1046, スクリーンショット 2018-12-13 9.53.52.p…)

Long rant part 3

No. 613246

definitely both. she uses it to explain her shitty accents which she does cause they're cute, but she probably knows she type like a blithering retard.

No. 613247

>mira chi is short for chishiki
>ignoring the fact that chi is a common pet honorific


No. 613250

There goes that "beleive" misspelling again lolololol Her Miranese is as good as a tripcode when catching her posting on lolcow pretending to be a random viewer

No. 613255

File: 1544664599319.jpeg (93.18 KB, 750x243, AE4E6109-A5A9-4EB5-A191-D48AAF…)


Those are not public records. It has a disclaimer that it’s a criminal offense to apply with false information. Only Miranda, her husband, her parents or children could apply. That’s also pretty damn fucked up that people are willing to apply for marriage certificates to get personal information on a cow. What does this have to do with her YouTube? What does this even have to do with her online presence. It seems more people are interested in digging up personal and private information at any means even if it means supporting breaking the law and pretending to be her to gain access to her documents.

No. 613261

Read that wrong, my b

No. 613266

I am going to assume you are one of Miranda's white knights. Here is the thing. Miranda has scammed people out of their money, she has bullied people online, she has abused her sock puppet accounts to harass people including a married man she was going after and still probably does despite being "married". She married people for a visa. She has lied over and over again. She's a person that needs to be stopped. I don't feel bad for her. She has been a horrible person for a long time now. Karma is getting her. And a lot of this information isn't private. Once you send out something people can use that information however they like. The fact she posted a lot of this is her own fault. She did all of this to herself. Maybe if she for once apologized and admitted to her faults instead of blaming everyone else like she always does it wouldn't have gotten this far. I feel no pity for this person who is supposed to be a grown ass woman.

No. 613272

>I have to defend myself

If you didn’t care what was said like you claimed so often, you wouldn’t feel a need to defend yourself, because, you wouldn’t care.

No. 613273

File: 1544666006877.jpg (481.33 KB, 3000x1116, 1544643961998.jpg)

Miranda posted the pic in the last thread as ~proof~ that we had the nov 13 marriage date wrong. But the only thing interesting here is that this dumbass seems to have admitted that she was married WHILE telling KM how broke she was.

So which is it? Either both her and her husband were conniving against KM = thieving, = both sinners. OR the jokes were right all along and it is a poor Indonesian fisherman who hasn't changed her financial issues one bit.

No. 613297

Nobody's requesting a certificate, calm yourself down. An anon in the previous thread said the marriage would be a matter of public record, like a court case.

No. 613304

I've always been in the camp of "she's not married for a third time" but… would she go as far as lying to her parents about it? Would she go that low?
Like a picture she shared of the "saudi man" taking a mirror selfy… any girl will know that's the kind of picture you post online to show you are interested into that kind of person so that guy looking for a girl know they are starting on a good note. But with the facebook post of her dad… it's weird

No. 613308


Pretty sure her parents didn't know about visa-kun 2.0, so I am guessing that her family thinks of this as her second marriage.

No. 613314

If I was her father, I would literally tell her to come home, never see the guy again, and take off that fucking hijab/burqa/whatever, or else I would cut her off financially forever. I'd buy her a plane ticket. She'd whine and cry about it, but you know she'd go back.

Then again, if I had a daughter as retarded as Mira, maybe I'd just disown her.

No. 613319


That might be the case. They’re like “woohoo she’s some poor schmuck’s problem now

No. 613321

I've always been curious to know what her parents think of her at this point. I mean I know her mother won't let her speak to their brother and that's about it.

No. 613326

Is anyone here able to see Miranda’s tweets or insta? Couple of reports on PULL that she deleted them. I can still see her account on Twitter, I just get all the tweets are protected. Can anyone confirm?

No. 613328

For me, her instagram and Twitter are set to private. I think I have a fake Instagram account I could follow her with, but I honestly haven't cared enough to try.

No. 613331

For me Insta is still there but Twitter isn't (it shows me the "sorry, that page doesn't exist" blue screen).

No. 613332

Wait, scratch that - I just checked and her Twitter is down now. She must've taken it down this afternoon.

No. 613334

Guess the Saudi prince put his foot down.

No. 613337

It just occurred to me - is it possible Mira has a serious mental illness? I don't mean it colloquially, but rather diagnosably. Her behavior seems to fall out of the range of normalcy.

She's extremely attention-seeking, that's obvious. Whenever she hops on a trend, whether it's being a weeaboo or being a Muslim, she becomes obsessive with being the MOST Japanese or MOST Muslim person possible, to a delusional extent (language attrition claims, Salafism). It's a normal human instinct to seek a secure, stable living situation, including a stable job and stable personal relationships. She's undermined her marriages and friendships, often maliciously, in ways that are bizarre, destructive, and pointless (Rachel, Rodi, Unrested). The only stable employment I'm aware of is hostessing, which she abandoned and now denies. Other than that, she seems to be unemployed and bumming off boyfriends and husbands. From what I understand from you guys, she dropped out of high school, and entertained the idea of enrolling in a scam college, but never went through with it (thankfully). All this would amount to what seems like would be an extremely stressful, unstable, and uncertain living situation. I'm pretty freewheeling, and am okay with a lot of flexibility in life, but I don't think I would ever put up with a lifestyle as chaotic as Mira's, especially with how long she's endured it.

Reviewing the major personality disorders, Borderline Personality Disorder, Histrionic Personality Disorder, and Narcissistic Personality Disorder all seem possible. The first two seem to fit particularly well. I would urge you guys to review those. Aside from the personality disorders, perhaps Bipolar Disorder could be the issue.

No. 613343

Or maybe she wants it to look that way? Then comes back with a thicker Arabic accent than ever and says "I followed the wishes of my prince".

Or maybe immigration already knocked on her door or that of her Japanese husband (wishful thinking I know).

No. 613344

File: 1544675762600.png (2.2 MB, 1242x2208, 81D9206A-8259-4172-B3E7-A52E0A…)

No. 613345

File: 1544675959248.png (82.94 KB, 946x418, スクリーンショット 2018-12-13 13.39.17.…)

Oh the irony…

No. 613392

File: 1544685203774.png (84.76 KB, 1372x508, スクリーンショット 2018-12-13 16.11.02.…)

She wanted a halal life so she got married?

No. 613394

Halal this and haram that. She loves being able to indulge in this level of black and white thinking.

No. 613395

For the second or third time, after a brief career in the sex industry.
She's so Halal she's practically Fatima!

No. 613401

File: 1544686316499.gif (120.31 KB, 400x225, 1533593543461.gif)

Apparently since KM reported her to immigration, I want to assume she is trying to delete everything to save herself. Sadly Miranda doesn't know that nothing gets deleted from the internet. It's wishful thinking before Christmas but hoping they finally got to her.

No. 613407

Immigration don't need to worry about social media anyway. They can look at bank accounts on both sides and question her visa-kun and his neighbours, family, whoever. She's toast if they truly go looking.

No. 613412

Mira please, we all know you converted because you had a crush on Rodi who also happened to have a Japanese visa. When you were utterly rejected you had to think fast who to trick into marriage and thought trapping a guy with religion would work.
After this muslim phase she might be desperate enough to baby lock a guy

No. 613433


Please no. She'd give Margo some serious competition for mother of the year.

No. 613451

Tell us more, grandpa. Love your pointless stories.

Thanks Dr Fail

yeah, sure Miranda. Hackers. Hate social media. Uh huh

No. 613468

Hmm, no rants from Miranda today after deleting her twitter….perhaps her meltdown yesterday tired her out?

No. 613472

Nah Miranda is most likely scheming something. When she goes quiet it is never good. I think she's underestimated what her actions would cause and is trying to cover her tracks and doing a piss poor job of it too.

No. 613482

wow she's gross as fuck. KM donates her money in times of serious need, she spits in his face, and she thinks she was the one taken advantage of? I hope 2019 goes even worse for her

No. 613505

Hi Miranda. Why are you so defensive? If it means anything, I've narrowed it down - I'm pretty positive you have Histrionic Personality Disorder. It fits you pretty perfectly.

No. 613520

Actually, Narcissistic Personality Disorder fits you pretty perfectly too. I think you could either have Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Histrionic Personality Disorder, or both. They can definitely happen together, and both fit in cluster B, or "dramatic" personality disorders.

What do you guys think?

Here's just a quick symptom cluster for each:

> histrionic

* Exhibitionist behavior
* Constant seeking of reassurance or approval
* Excessive sensitivity to criticism or disapproval
* Pride of own personality and unwillingness to change, viewing any change as a threat
* Inappropriately seductive appearance or behavior of a sexual nature
* Using somatic symptoms (of physical illness) to garner attention
* A need to be the center of attention
* Low tolerance for frustration or delayed gratification
* Rapidly shifting emotional states that may appear superficial or exaggerated to others
* Tendency to believe that relationships are more intimate than they actually are
* Making rash decisions
* Blaming personal failures or disappointments on others
* Being easily influenced by others, especially those who treat them approvingly
* Being overly dramatic and emotional
* Influenced by the suggestions of others

> narcissistic

* Grandiosity with expectations of superior treatment from other people
* Fixated on fantasies of power, success, intelligence, attractiveness, etc.
* Self-perception of being unique, superior, and associated with high-status people and institutions
* Needing continual admiration from others
* Sense of entitlement to special treatment and to obedience from others
* Exploitative of others to achieve personal gain
* Unwilling to empathize with the feelings, wishes, and needs of other people
* Intensely envious of others, and the belief that others are equally envious of them
* Pompous and arrogant demeanor

No. 613522

Don't play armchair psychologists.

No. 613534



No. 613556

File: 1544726300319.jpeg (49.88 KB, 981x939, received_362602797882753.jpeg)

No. 613560

File: 1544726444404.jpeg (53.76 KB, 989x935, received_957023177827606.jpeg)

No. 613564

File: 1544726554655.jpeg (68.66 KB, 975x943, received_476664189526872.jpeg)

No. 613566

File: 1544726660370.jpeg (67.52 KB, 983x941, received_2263995560478555.jpeg)

No. 613567

File: 1544726766179.jpeg (58.41 KB, 991x943, received_666120307118086.jpeg)

No. 613569

File: 1544726886326.jpeg (52.36 KB, 985x937, received_1016934745160074.jpeg)

No. 613571

File: 1544727421852.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 42.35 KB, 985x939, received_2152814901436293.jpeg)

Miranda pimple

No. 613573

File: 1544727464171.jpeg (72.02 KB, 983x941, received_531976017280585.jpeg)

Videos scheduled for YouTube

No. 613574

File: 1544727535463.jpeg (52.34 KB, 991x939, received_195287364759295.jpeg)

Miranda complains that she need a job (another 300-400$)

No. 613576

oh god.

silly randa, nothing about you isn't ugly, bby.

No. 613582

holy shit I guess I wont be sleeping tonight

No. 613590

If her husband is content with this, I can only imagine what he must look like

No. 613604

The funny thing is, despite the conservative clothing, those rich Arab countries are extremely style-conscious. The women are super into make up and cosmetics, so I get the feeling they'll wonder what the hell is up with Mira.

No. 613622

Since they wear makeup they aren't true Muslims, their husbands will dump them once they see Mira. She'll be drowning in marriage proposals! /randalogic

No. 613663

>gimme $400
What is it with her and $400? Is that the ammount her brain defaults to when she wants to beg for a believable not too large but also not too small amount of pocket money?

No. 613681

>Drugs for 70% off
Mira, it's called health insurance.

I can guarantee you that her 300-400$ electricity bills are made up. She'd need to grow weed at her home (heat lamps et al) to reach that amount. If you're a normal person, it's like 50$, and even if you use a lot it's 150$.

No. 613698


anon, she was claiming her old dr throws prescription medicine at her, not gives her prescription medicine at 70% cost.

she's saying she went really far to make sure she got medicine, which means she probably expects prescription medicine for shit like colds.

No. 613710

Sorry, misread that. Doctors here always throw medication at you, it's not a 70% thing, it's a 100% thing. Japanese people have to go to work with a cold, so they bombard every tiny thing with 5 different medications instead of just staying home for 3 days.

No. 613716

I wondered about that. $300-$400 for an electric bill sounds ridiculous. It's obvious that she must have reached a point where she overinflated the amount she needed just to get extra cash from KM, but this seems like the most obvious attempt.

No. 613722


Average Electric bill in Tokyo is $96 for a mulitperson home. Roughly $48 for a single person.

The person that actually wrote the article paid $28 for his three room apartment.


No. 613750

Indeed, the average i heard for 1 person appartment of expat in Tokyo-area is always under 50$ a month.
When they go "because of all the cold, my electricity bill was 10$ plus this month, so expensive!" all i can think about is how my bill for this house during winter is 4x more then summer (with AC!)…. fuck cold countries.

No. 613854


next thread pic please!!!

No. 613927

File: 1544801181470.png (110.62 KB, 1238x548, スクリーンショット 2018-12-14 7.57.55.p…)

The reason for her obsession with Japan was her children?

No. 613928

She thinks the her daughter(s) will have more rights in Saudi than in Japan?

No. 613964

She's not only stupid, but fucking bonkers. Bad combo.

I'm guessing her logic behind this is has to do with drugs. She complained about how the area of Canada where she's from is plagued by drugs and kids get into it very young. Japan has less of that problem. And Saudi Arabia even less due to people who are caught doing it being publicly flogged or even executed. Randa needs THAT to ensure her kids won't do drugs, apparently. I like how she neglects to think about how these extremist laws will affect her "blunt" rude ass woman attitude.

No. 613971

>I like how she neglects to think about how these extremist laws will affect her "blunt" rude ass woman attitude.

I know, that's what I'm waiting for.

No. 614033

>She complained about how the area of Canada where she's from is plagued by drugs and kids get into it very young.

While this would kind of make sense, she's probably talking about how her kids wouldn't have Japanese citizenship right away because neither her nor her alleged husband are Japanese.

No. 614040

Mira may be stupid, but I think her reasoning is different.
a) If she has a child with a non-Japanese person, that child will not get Japanese citizenship if she's Canadian. Maybe she thought she'd have kids with her Swedish bf?
b) If a child is born out of wedlock and the Japanese father does not accept paternity, the child does not get Japanese citizenship
Nothing to lose your original citizenship over, but these are reason she could've had.
Though I think the real reason is that she knew that they can take Permanent Residence away if you do too much shit, but they won't take your Japanese citizenship away.

No. 614233

Is it me or now that she closed her twitter, it's really quiet? Too quiet if you know what i mean…

No. 614238

i do know what you mean, and i hope and pray for a milky christmas of randa deportation dramu

No. 614244

Miranda does realize that closing her tiwtter isn't going to keep her from being deported right? If they actually do a thorough investigation they will find more than enough evidence to boot her ass out and I am sure people will be more than happy to offer concrete evidence. I wonder if she is going to try to hide under a new identity like a lot of scammers try to do when caught.

No. 614258

That crossed my mind, her starting a new twitter with a "new life 100% muslim" but it wont be long until she's found and we can resume things!

No. 614308

The evidence against Shiena wasn't based on social media, it seems like they just used her facebook posts to flesh out the backstory. No, Mira won't get away just because she deactivated her twitter.

No. 614336

I also think they suspected something was up after she failed the permanent residency interview, aka the "my furniture blend very well with the walls, they just didnt see them" episode.

No. 614374

She just removed a bunch of posts from her facebook.
All posts from november and december, minus the two rant she did because you know, she never talkg about her haters like she said, so obviously she has to delete everything minus these two posts!

No. 614377

Man, i cant wait to see what will be her excuses, who she will blame and all the bullshit she'll tell once she's expelled from Japan. Cmon, christmas is just around the corner, that would be an amazing "gift"!

No. 614412

File: 1544957554437.png (166.98 KB, 1140x792, スクリーンショット 2018-12-16 19.49.41.…)

It seems that she is not responding to comments on her channel. However, she has been somewhat active on Rodi's channel (using one of her sock puppet accounts).

No. 614421

WTF is a synario?

No. 614430

Don't you know Mira was a profechional synarist you silly?

No. 614443

Her doing all this just further proves she is guilty what an idiot lol. "I am going to delete all my evidence to prove I am not guilty!" Yeah, good one Miranda.

No. 614477

File: 1544981653224.jpg (43.98 KB, 1166x199, Capture.JPG)

She posted a new video three days ago, only 1k views, the like/dislike bar is hidden and the comment section is almost empty.

No. 614478

File: 1544981792808.jpg (36.66 KB, 852x479, Capture.JPG)

No. 614485

Her life just keeps falling apart around her while she insists she’s never been happier.

No. 614502

Jesus, that spelling of 'lantern'

No. 614672

anyone with access to her instagram? looking at socialblade, she seems to be more active over there but i dont have access to it.

No. 614715

Somebody should ask her about being a virgin when entering that muslim marriage, I want to hear her lying about that too

No. 614764

She already addressed that. Apparently she told her new family and since they aren't muslim marriages, they don't count. So she's considered..pure??? Fucked if I get her logic.

No. 614825

KM made a long post on PULL

No. 614832

Post screenshot

No. 614835

File: 1545090188947.png (358.53 KB, 1041x793, Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 6.42…)

>(So how deep up your ass are you gonna fuck yourself this time miranda? Know you love it so much, and hell is waiting for ya, so you don't need to hold back any. Fuck it as much as you like while you can!)

I love you, KM.

Also, the post is way too long to screenshot, but here it is for anyone who cares and so the archive can catch it: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/14-general-kanadajin3-thread/?page=448#comment-416856

No. 614856

I was told not to post them but Miranda actually send me the original pictures from her video she filmed in May this year when she was with her husband.

No. 614858

File: 1545093215011.png (222.58 KB, 1326x774, スクリーンショット 2018-12-18 9.24.40.p…)

Sock puppet account response from Miranda

No. 614859

File: 1545093302512.png (294.95 KB, 1234x1264, スクリーンショット 2018-12-18 9.34.37.p…)

No. 614861

File: 1545093772585.png (116.29 KB, 1248x526, スクリーンショット 2018-12-18 9.36.10.p…)

This is true. Miranda seems to think that everything will be ok by denying being (previously) married to a Japanese man for a visa. However, assuming for a moment that she was never married to a Japanese man and had some sort of long-term visa (or was married to the Saudi man), she did not think about the fact that lying to KM about being married to get him to pay for things such as a fake trip to Nagoya to get divorce papers signed and money to pay off the non-existent husband constitute fraud under Japanese law.
Miranda, have you ever read the Japanese Penal Code? Let's read what the punishment for fraud is:

第三十七章 詐欺及び恐喝の罪
Chapter XXXVII Crimes of Fraud and Extortion
第二百四十六条 人を欺いて財物を交付させた者は、十年以下の懲役に処する。
Article 246 (1) A person who defrauds another of property shall be punished by imprisonment with work for not more than 10 years.
2 前項の方法により、財産上不法の利益を得、又は他人にこれを得させた者も、同項と同様とする。
(2) The same shall apply to a person who obtains or causes another to obtain a profit by the means prescribed under the preceding paragraph.

No. 614863

Post or gtfo

No. 614864

First it was “someone hacked my twitter, oh well, I’m better off without it” now it’s “i left because soneone tried to hack it” she can’t keep her story straight.

No. 614865

Things I would like to see:
1) Mira confirming she was bf/gf with KM earlier this year
2) these pics

No. 614869

I reckon those videos don’t exist, and you’re Miranda.

No. 614873

File: 1545095867965.jpeg (5.75 MB, 4032x3024, 37D47B1E-0D3F-4335-8B01-D3CD04…)

She went to universal studios Japan and Osaka with her husband. She has not uploaded the video yet because she was waiting to show. That was May.

No. 614874

File: 1545095934242.jpeg (5.3 MB, 4032x3024, 78C6B582-6B66-4F20-A228-C8622B…)

She has a video about the car her husband bought but also has not uploaded for the same reason. Nissan skyline and it can be seen in the background of the ice cave video and she confirms it is them standing there. She left it for people to find on purpose.

No. 614875

File: 1545095968556.jpeg (164.37 KB, 750x1000, 8B20B837-3034-4EA3-8BEE-4C12B1…)

And here we have the tea. A picture of her and her husband. The man who was in the falcon video.

No. 614876

You fucking idiot. The file name of these pics is the exact same as the “beleive” anon (aka Miranda) from last thread. Fuck off with your nonstop sockpuppeting on every site.

No. 614878

LOL you're seriously doing this again? KM does another screenshot dump and you magically appear with super secret, super true information? No one's buying it, Miranda.

No. 614880

I already said who I am and I think it is very obvious. I have had personal contact with her thought I am not her friend. I saved the pictures by screen shot. This is the file name it gave me by default. What does that have to do with the content. The man is wearing the same jacket that continues to show in the video. She sent me more pictures of them but it’s almost same pose.

No. 614881

Why are you speaking in the third person about a video only you would have access to?

No. 614882

She sent them to me, duh.

No. 614883

Has immigration got Mira so scared she's trying to prove to prove retard logic to farmers?

No. 614884

Oh honey, you are just another KM being used by the scamming queen then.

No. 614885

I am not claiming these were stolen. I am being forward about it, I have been talking to her on and off and she doesn’t care if these get posted online as long as his face is covered. She has nothing to hide and fully admits he is the one in the falcon video. She waited to upload the falcon video till now because she was going to announce she was married. It’s the same reason she didn’t upload any video. She was going to upload the marriage video in May and she told me the reason that she didn’t but I don’t want to share because I feel it doesn’t add value to this discussion.

No. 614886

> it’s almost same pose
you sure construct sentences just as badly as her. No use if conjunctions

No. 614887

GTFO and quit spamming with useless junk. This doesn't prove anything. Miranda scammed KM, it doesn't mean shit. I don't care about her husband or her fake marriages. What I want is justice for those she has hurt and bullied over the years. To actually reflect over her actions instead of blaming everyone else for what she did.

Go away Miranda, no one has time for your crap.

No. 614888

I am a girl. She doesn’t want money from me. She doesn’t want anything. I asked her for her side of the story and she kindly told me about it. She never thought of KM as her boyfriend and denies that. She clarified that it’s not “they are all photoshopped screen shots / they are real” but it’s both. He faked some and some are real which is why she is angry and this is why she says she blocked him. He contacted one of her friends with screen shots so she blocked him. She also admits that she told him the bogus story about the plane because in her words

“His obsession with me was getting so extra that I had to cut it off and he isn’t my friend so why would I tell him how I really met my husband”

No. 614889

This isnt a screenshot. Its a photograph. Screenshots are not 4000px.

No. 614890

I took the picture of the picture directly from my phone to upload. It’s directly from my phone and was never saved into a computer.

No. 614891

I was the one who put the heart over the mans face. She showed me the uncovered face but it is more visible than it was with the heart

No. 614892

Bullshit. You're Miranda trying to defend yourself on lolcow as usual with crap evidence. Sorry sister but go elsewhere with that crap sob story. He didn't stalk you, you used him. Get over it. You're never going to find true happiness by lying to yourself. You're jsut going to go into a deeper hellhole then you've already gone into. Stop while your ahead. But of course this will go over deaf ears.

No. 614893

>She has nothing to hide
Tell that to the police and the banks, honey.
>She was going to upload the marriage video in May
So she was asking another man for a generous amount of money and gifts (one of them being lingerie) while "being married" according to you. Sure, that's a marvelous alibi!
>but I don’t want to share because I feel it doesn’t add value to this discussion.
Then fuck off. If you don't want to show arguments or evidence then don't expect us to "beleive" you.

No. 614895

Miranda, If you want to be more convincing sock puppet, stop using the same identical narritves with every one of your socks. Last thread you claimed to be a “random viewer” now you’re a “friend”. Both had insider information accompanied by very Mira-like whiteknighting

You’re too sub-average to fool a bunch of normal people lmao

No. 614896

If she was married as early as May, you, not-Miranda, are admitting MIRA WAS CONTACTING AND ACCEPTING MONEY FROM ANOTHER MAN WHILE SHE WAS MARRIED!

Mira, you’re a whore. Just admit it.

No. 614900

If she was married as early as May, you, not-Miranda, are admitting MIRA WAS CONTACTING AND ACCEPTING MONEY FROM ANOTHER MAN WHILE SHE WAS MARRIED!

Mira, you’re a whore. Just admit it.

No. 614908

Pretty sure these were taken with a Google Pixel. Which phone does Randa have?

No. 614910


iPhone 7

No. 614911

Was she still considered the girlfriend of KM at that time? Because if so then she was having an affair while "married".

No. 614915

He said since March 2018

No. 614920

"She showed me the uncovered face but it is more visible than it was with the heart"

Miranda is genuinely retarded, confirmed. Imagine sockpuppeting and failing this badly, holy shit.

No. 614939

>She showed me the uncovered face but it is more visible than it was with the heart

It takes a really special individual to type out that sentence and think that it both makes sense and is a convincing argument.

No. 614959

File: 1545141383331.png (824.35 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-08-11-00-23-45…)

Not really any milk here, just funny about how everyone has talked about how shit her subtitles are. This is referring to on of her "sponsored" videos and the Sponsor is refusing to accept it unless she corrects her normally shitty work.

No. 614960

File: 1545141405640.png (728.45 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-08-11-00-23-31…)

No. 614962

File: 1545141574723.png (820.35 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-08-11-00-18-58…)

No. 614963

File: 1545141698291.jpg (55.29 KB, 539x960, 39012976_674862199579252_24726…)

No. 614974

Her shitty Japanese is not good enough to write acceptable Japanese subtitles I see…

No. 614993

File: 1545147482598.jpg (966.7 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20181218-072124.jpg)

No. 614994

File: 1545147516543.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20181218-071949.jpg)

Instagram memories

No. 614995

File: 1545147553528.jpg (582.2 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20181218-072018.jpg)

Konichiwa aleikum

No. 614996

File: 1545147597110.jpg (823.5 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20181218-072045.jpg)

No. 615009

Did she share a comment she screenshoted on Instagram? I see something on the right side.

No. 615013

File: 1545150766118.png (1.33 MB, 1440x2560, mira_niqab.png)

No. 615015

This is for Miranda.

Miranda, watch this video.

No. 615040

>She has nothing to hide and fully admits he is the one in the falcon video. She waited to upload the falcon video till now because she was going to announce she was married. It’s the same reason she didn’t upload any video. She was going to upload the marriage video in May

Ok, well, this goes against what Miranda has said. So she is lying one way or another.

She said she did never saw her husband before they got married. The Falcon video is from 2017 and the (supposedly) got married in may.

So, she had seen him and dated him (which is haram according to Miranda).

Secondly, she went on a trip with KM for many days. There are pics of them together. Plus all the money she begged from him even after supposedly being married. So she lied to her husband while scamming KM or her "husband" was in on the scamming.

Miranda has talked herself into a corner now.

No. 615055

I find it quite tragic how Miranda tries to defend herself but only gives us more milk and tea. Like girl really doesn't know when to shut up. She blames everyone for her information coming out when she provides a large majority of it herself! I mean we don't even really have to do anything. She just gives it to us free of charge.

No. 615059

>So she lied to her husband while scamming KM or her "husband" was in on the scamming.
Exactly. The flea brain doesn’t realize she’s making herself look much, much worse. A woman who is married but talks to other men online and asks them to buy her lingerie? Sounds like something she might get publicly flogged for if she lived in Saudi Arabia

No. 615124

The day she decide to shut up and keep her private life private, she'll see her life become a thousand time better… But it's Mira, she has to lie again and again, say one thing one day and the exact opposite the next day… That what's making it interesting!

No. 615186

muslim queen deserves punished by muslim law

No. 615197

If anyone gives a shit, Seiya is an employee for Life Pepper, a company that connects Japanese clients with foreigners. He often spams Craigslist with opportunities for foreigners like product testing, restaurant reviews, small modeling jobs etc.

So while it’s possible Life Pepper reached out to her for a government-sponsored job, she’s definitely not working directly for the government. I’d even say that it’s more likely that she responded to one of Seiya’s gig listings on Craigslist.

No. 615216

Of course she isn't, probably some local government who sponsored her video. Funny that the took issue with the subtitles, I mean any sane person would, but…

No. 615281

That’s what I mean - she’s not working for the government on any level, she’s working for Life Pepper, a craigslist spam company that pays pennies for gigs. The government, local or otherwise, didn’t reach out to Mira at all. They reached out to Life Pepper, and Life Pepper found Mira.

Seiya should have volunteered to write the subtitles himself though, that way Life Pepper could keep a semi-decent reputation with its clients.

No. 615283

tbh they don't have that great of a rep to begin with.

No. 615287

KM just posted a monumental psychotic miranda chatlog in the "Mira the enlightened Muslim" thread. Seems like lolcow and pull get more to her than she likes to admit.

No. 615289

File: 1545216528366.jpg (162.92 KB, 1026x906, 1 Messaging_during_ramadan.jpg…)

You mean this one?

>During Ramadan this year (15 May - 15 June) she said that she coudn't have any contact with men during this period. Yet still she had to message to get something posted for the haters to see. Such a good Muslim woman.

No. 615290

File: 1545216581661.jpg (183.24 KB, 1028x891, 2 Messaging_during_ramadan1.jp…)

No. 615291

File: 1545216609009.jpg (177.39 KB, 1026x891, 3 Messaging_during_ramadan2.jp…)

No. 615292

File: 1545216724926.png (3.34 MB, 1242x2688, mira 4C50B19A-2945-4DBA-BA35-C…)

Happened to notice this one up the thread from Kitten Ivy in November and can't remember if we've seen it or not, sorry if we have. It's fairly damning.

No. 615300


the is no way that the chubby hands that were holding the strawberry are this skinny man's

not only chubby but very close to her skin tone

No. 615307

Ok so KM has provided screenshots of literally EVERYTHING except the ONE thing I really want to see: when she asked him to be her bf. Why is this???? Someone ask hm please because I really want to see this

No. 615310

same fam, this is the christmas present we need.

No. 615316

He already provided it! Whenever he says gf she wasn't triggered by it because it was emotionally fulfilling for her. After he asks about the money to be paid back, she quickly changed the topic to match with his words - in regards to girlfriend and relationship- for 7 straight months. That way she can announce that KM was a crazy stalker who wanted to marry her.

No. 615317

To match with his words he had mentioned for 7 months (forgot to add some missing words)

No. 615326

So Miranda had to keep milking him for cash and decided being his "girlfriend" would mean she could get what she want w/o having to repay. (or do much of anything since [fake] LDR)


No. 615329

File: 1545231116082.png (632.89 KB, 1100x1036, スクリーンショット 2018-12-19 23.50.50.…)

Check PULL, the smoking gun is there…Miranda admitted to being KM's girlfriend.

No. 615341

How long ago was this posted and which thread? Can you link?

Ties nicely with >>615292

No. 615355

Around the time all the stuff was first released. It's on PULL in the Kanadajin general thread

No. 615368


I also distinctly remember him showing a screenshot of Miranda either asking if he had a girlfriend, or asking if he wanted a girlfriend as well.

No. 615466

Am I the only one who wonders why this guy doesn’t get over her? Why does he have hundreds of their screen shots saved in the first place? I don’t care if she scammed him. It doesn’t make what he did any less creepy. Good on her for scamming him IMO. Serves him right. She deserves every penny for the privacy breach. To be honest reading his replies in the comments of Rodys video gives me chills. Him and Ivy are like a tag team going at her. I don’t blame her for thinking they are the same person because it really does seem like it. They both are on a blood thirsty revenge hunt and they both continue to repeat creepy remarks about her being physically harmed in Saudi Arabia, burning in hell and fucking her up the ass. Nobody wants those mental images in their head.

No. 615471

>Am I the only one who wonders why this guy doesn’t get over her?
If you’re not Miranda, you’re just as comically stupid as her. Not one brain cell

No. 615472

I don't see why it matters really. Both of them are massively fucked up people. This is the same woman who said child brides are a good thing. She deserves everything that's coming to her.

No. 615476

I honestly don’t think it even effects her. She doesn’t seem to care about her YouTube. She deleted most of her videos and only reuploads the old ones but a shit version. She has deleted her Twitter and says in her live show she doesn’t care if her YouTube loses all subs. She has her own life. Unless KM is going to travel to Japan to sue her he’s just making a stink for himself to sit and sob in.

No. 615477

Yeah ok i’ll scam you out of 40k and see if you get over it. Idiot.

No. 615487

Where is the proof she got 40k?

No. 615492

>deserves every penny
>effects her
Mira, when your husband finds your internet activities, you're toast. Get back in the kitchen.

No. 615495

I could be spacing on the exact amount tbh but regardless even if its 5k, you wouldnt get over it.
And we have two threads of evidence. You can go and see it for yourself.

No. 615499

Added up from the screen shots of every dime he sent her including her acknowledgement that a large chuck was a loan and she agreed to pay it back (that was $10000) in one shot.)

No. 615500

File: 1545261593914.jpeg (44.02 KB, 640x920, 5C2397D8-9471-4830-AFEB-AAD407…)

No. 615502

File: 1545261931475.png (1.39 MB, 1326x908, スクリーンショット 2018-12-20 8.22.43.p…)

Miranda is back to being active on YouTube again…
My biggest fear is that she will actually get away with all of the evil things that she has done and continue on in life as if nothing has happened, likely scamming more men in the future…

No. 615503

>effect her
Lmao Miranda confirmed. Bitch stop, you have tried 3 times to sock puppet on lolcow as different people all in one week, none have worked. You’re too retarded to pull this off.

No. 615512

>Am I the only one who wonders why this guy doesn’t get over her?
Yes, yes you are. And that's because you're the one that got the money, that's why.
>Good on her for scamming him IMO
And you wonder why people know it's you every time?
>both continue to repeat creepy remarks about her being physically harmed in Saudi Arabia, burning in hell (…)
No, no, the first part is an actual fact, Miranda. Those things you did are multiple crimes and Saudi Arabia would actually physically hurt you as a punishment.
>She has her own life.
And yet you continue to post in here almost every day and while doing so continue to sperg about "how little you care". And let's not mention your Youtube "science account" in which you KEEP spamming Rodi's channel.
Just stop already, will you? Have your (you) and fuck off.

No. 615557

Her dads facebook is private now..
Lol she just keeps proving everything

No. 615574

Im wondering something… If we go back multiple thread, would it be possible to make a timeline based on her tweets and youtube comments saved on lolcow, based on what we know now?
I mean, making a timeline as thing happen and very little of the details are known is very difficult. Now that we have a fuck ton more infos on what happened, it would be much eaiser to make one, right? Tho making that on lolcow would take alot of efforts because of how the board work… just a random thought passing by.

Ninja edit : I'm talking about making one using her own words, not what we think happened but only what she told over time, to see if it make any sense (we know it wont, no surprise there)
It's just that going back, we might catch on something she said that at the time was just a case of "oh whatever, boring stuff".
And since she cannot delete posted on lolcow, like her twitter account, we should have a bigger pictures of things.

No. 615575

KM made a timeline of events from his viewpoint on PULL recently. Since he has shown evidence for all of his claims, I have no reason to doubt his timeline.

No. 615576

You should do it.

No. 615592

I'm not doubting him at all, it's probably the closest thing we'll have from the truth.
Im wondering from the Mira's viewpoint. If there's a senses in her madness, based on what we know now (hugely thanks to KM).

Wouldnt surprise me if someone alreadu made one, actually.

No. 615612

File: 1545278181565.jpg (249.15 KB, 1242x1280, gl3u7JB.jpg)

Why do you keep coming back, repeating the exact same shit? No originality at all. “blood thirsty” Oh, boy…

Anyway, what kind of person regularly deletes their private messages and emails from friends unless they are running out of data or hiding something? There was no reason for him NOT to have them on his phone/computer just because you decided to cut contact. And didn’t you specifically tell him to screenshot everything until you suddenly changed your mind a few months ago?

No. 615634

nice catch. She’s disgusting. In her last sock she was telling KM to “forgive Mira”, stop posting screenshots and go back to being “sweet”, now she says that KM deserved to be scammed for being creepy and “good on her for scamming him”.

I’m glad to see her true colors though. I bet all her past marriages and ended friendships failed because of her. No one can stand being around someone so rotten for too long

No. 615638

tl;dr miranda told him to archive everything

No. 615646


Miranda I hope KM will sue you! A judge doesn't care if it's "creepy" that he saved those screen shots. Exposing you is not breech of privacy or slander if it's the truth. Thank god that KM saved everything so that he can prove that you're a fraudulent cunt.

No. 615719

Sorry for being out of the loop, but how does every thread contain extensive screenshots of every private and public conversation she holds?
Is Mira inside a Chris-chan-esque scenario, in which every single person she's in contact with is just part of the cabal of people hungry for lulz?

No. 615725


Not quite, she had some poor sap (KM) actually in love with her who has since turned into a "hater" once he she scorned him and he stopped being blinded by love to how horrible she is.

No. 615735

these are all caps from one or two people.

KM (who is likely autistic) was randa's best friend and obvious confidant has been providing most of them. she told him one time to "save everything, so there's proof" and he took it extremely literally and saved every interaction they ever had.
KM is also the one who sent her $40,000 USD because she is a lying piece of shit.

Kitten Ivy, randa's former stream mod, who randa claims doesn't exist, has some other caps that she seems to have saved recently to prove that randa spoke with her regularly.

both of their caps have been exposing randa's milky web of lies.

No. 615736

I just find it hilarious that Randa doesn’t realize her sock-puppeting is so obvious not just because her terrible writing and WKing but because she has NO friends. There are no cozy friends groups that Randa has with all her best buds. The only friend she had who was willing to do her WK posting per her verbatim instructions was KM and now he’s gone. I guess ISIS husbando isn’t as loyal as KM since he’s not all over SM WK for his dear wife. In fact, new dear husband seems to only be weird various mismatched hands, feet and blurred out head.

With how desperate Randa is to prove us wrong you’d think a simple photo or video with beloved isis husband would be easy enough

No. 615832

Lol good point. Wanda is so desperate for anyone to come online and defend her, I bet if she could, she would have already used her husband for it. My guess is he is 100% clueless of her bullshit and probably can’t even speak English

No. 615935

File: 1545344337844.png (78.82 KB, 1234x420, スクリーンショット 2018-12-21 7.18.08.p…)

When asked why she doesn't work…

No. 615940

I'm more shocked Miranda seems to think she has friends :p

No. 615946

File: 1545345613221.png (141.86 KB, 1206x830, スクリーンショット 2018-12-21 7.35.59.p…)

A waiter in Japan making $3900 per month? I suppose if one worked almost 24 hours 7 days per week it would be theoretically possible…but I know many waiters in Japan and that amount is ridiculously high

No. 615948

KM posted his screenshots in chronological order on PULL.

If you or anyone is interested


No. 615953


Yeah, to make $3900 in a month at $10 and hour you would have to work 97 and half hours a week.

So 13.7 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Yeah, as said, theoretically possible, but highly unlikely. (and the math was just straight $10 an hour, no accounting for taxes.)

No. 615956

Half of Japanese women with children work. Single income may work if your husband makes good money, but for most people it's just not feasible.

Is overtime illegal in Canada?

No. 615957

So she was scamming KM until last month asking money for her non-existent trading company job…until she suddenly came out as being married. I suppose she suddenly cut off contact because KM started asking how she was going to repay him?

I found a quote that sums up Miranda perfectly:
"Freeloaders are a prime example of the people that will repeatedly burn you if they have the chance. Those are the people that can see a nice person coming from a mile away. They'll only do for themselves when they are forced to. They would much rather find someone with a generous nature, and ride that gravy train till the gravy runs out."

No. 615977


Exactly! If she claims that you can make $3900 as a waiter in Japan, there was nothing stopping her from supporting herself and paying back KM.

No. 615983

No, they're typically paid at a higher rate ie. Time and a half. Most companies don't want to pay that though, so they either forbid employees from working past 40 hours a week, or pay them salary to take advantage of them. Source: am Canadian on salary getting screwed by my employer

No. 616065

File: 1545363995377.png (287.62 KB, 1296x1080, スクリーンショット 2018-12-21 12.45.19.…)

Imam Miranda explains the benefits of islam as practiced in Saudi Arabia…

No. 616070

She stole from KM. Guess someone should chop off her hand!

No. 616072

And she was in a relationship with KM (traveling around Japan together) without being married to him (and married to the Saudi man as she claims)…she must be stoned!

No. 616130

"Adultry is a huge sin"? What were you doing with your boyfriends (and attempted to do with Rodi) while married to a Japanese man?

No. 616221

Has anyone noticed what an obsession she has with not working and living off a man? I didn’t even read half of this and she’s already repeat it 3 times here. She aggressively promotes that lifestyle with or without religion and gets weirdly angry at anything/anyone that discourages It. It’s also the ONLY reason she hates feminism. She has never given any other reason, just outraged that they’re encouraging women to make their own money.

If there is something in the Quran about this, I bet you anything that was the second she converted.

No. 616260

>If I do get a job, that money is mine and my husband’s job still is to support me

What the fuck? That is definitely not the norm for Saudi Arabian wives who work. Is she thinking only about royals and upper class women?

Her whole view that her lifestyle choice is the only right choice according to Islam is so bizarre and wrong. Just going by Muhammad’s relationships with his wives, you see the opposite of what she believes. The Quran talks about Muhammad’s first wife Khadijah, an older and very successful business woman who both emotionally and financially supported him during rough times. Their relationship was heralded as one of mutual respect and support. Khadija actually had higher status and power in their relationship. She was not only cleaning and popping out babies, and Muhammed regularly looked to her for help and guidance. Not only that, but it was also she who proposed marriage to Muhammad.

Then there is A’isha, who was not only highly educated, headstrong and involved in politics, but she never gave birth to any children.

No. 616278

Come on, we should know by now that Miranda only sees what she wants to see and believes what she wants to believe, regardless of the truth.

No. 616313

What hilarious is Randa is so fucking clueless. She thinks being a domestic goddess that stays home all day with kids is preferable, because she’s never done it. If she has lots of children like a good Muslim wife then she will look back on jobs fondly as the easy days. One reason feminism happened was because once women experienced the work outside the home they realized it was far easier than being a 24/7 homemaker. Ask any couple that has small children which is easier, being home with babies or going to work - work wins everytime.

No. 616322

i definitely disagree, but whatever.

one isn't better than the other, and feminism is about choice.

No. 616328

File: 1545408697743.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20181221-061127.jpg)

No. 616345

Ngl i cant wait for Mira to die cause im tired of her pasty ass adding more problems to forgeiners of any cultural background including her own.
One car accident is all I ask for lord.

No. 616346

No, that's too easy…I'm praying for arrest for fraud, deportation from Japan, and many years living in an ultra-wahhabist community in Saudi.

No. 616400

File: 1545421596127.jpg (577.03 KB, 708x1526, Miranda_respons.jpg)

Wow, Miranda is now trying the Trump school of "Even if there is video of me saying it, it's not true". kek

No. 616409

Hey Mira, read this:

Surely Allah does not guide him aright who is a liar, ungrateful.” (Surah az-Zumar 39:3)

Miranda is the definition of a conniving, ungrateful liar.
How can you be so cruel and dishonest to someone who gave you like a years salary? How can you constantly lie with no remorse whatsoever? She is so used to lying she can't keep them straight anymore, and thinks that her words alter reality.

Lying is one of the worst sins in Islam. Allah will send her straight to hell.

"When a believer utters a lie without a valid excuse, he is cursed by seventy thousand angels. Such a stench emanates from his heart that it reaches the sky and because of this single lie Allah writes for him a sin equivalent to that of committing seventy fornications".

No. 616414

Mira, I have to say that your way of dealing with false information is great.
1. posting under different, not official name 2. posting your long ass comment about not caring at all below someone else's (aka the guy you don't care about anymore) video
3. not providing any evidence
4. all solid proofs we have - you call them hacked/photoshopped
5. not caring about who your mod really is (split personality disorder - don't care)
6. saying that your fans should not believe anything that is not coming from you and at the same time saying "I don't care If you have literal video of me saying "I have husband" it still wouldn't make the information correct".

I guess there is no way of getting correct information from you because all texts are photoshopped and videos are a "masque" ?

No. 616450

Mira, just show your residence card. We could let all that visa drama be if you just proved that what you've been saying about having a longterm visa is true. :) Come on, prove us wrong.

No. 616451

>printing out kanadajin3 sticks and putting them on his car
This biiiiitch. KM did that the first year he found her, I thought it was creepy af, but Miranda sure didn’t, cause she talked to him like a best friend for the next two years. If that really bothered her she would not have even spoken to him in the first place, let alone go on trips with him after having daily midnight chats with him. Seriously fuck her, she’s lies about whatever sounds convinent at the moment.

No. 616463

she's just going for sympathy points even though ironically she's only pointing more fingers in her direction. which she doesn't seem to get. the more she tries and tries to out KM as a creep, the more noticeable it is to sane people that she's a liar.

No. 616509

File: 1545436936603.png (475.01 KB, 1940x1284, スクリーンショット 2018-12-22 9.01.42.p…)


KM's response

No. 616513

File: 1545437382113.png (569.88 KB, 1180x1022, スクリーンショット 2018-12-22 9.08.28.p…)

Evidence showing Miranda knew Kitten Ivy before KM did

No. 616519

Miranda, you proudly admit to lying to KM and others while being a muslim (and meeting KM privately while you claim to be married) and you show no remorse, so you have no right to ever present yourself as a pious muslim to your followers.

Furthermore, let me explain one more time: by publicly admitting to all of your lies, you are digging a grave for yourself.
Assuming for a moment that you were never married to a Japanese man and had some sort of long-term visa (or were married to the Saudi man) for the last few years, you did not think about the fact that lying to KM about being married to get him to pay for things such as a fake trip to Nagoya to get divorce papers signed, payments to pay off a non-existent husband, and tuition to go to language school so you could get a visa to remain in Japan (while actually having no intention to go to a language school) constitute fraud under Japanese law. Furthermore, it has been shown that you understood that the money was a loan and you were expected to repay said loans, but you had no intention of repaying said loans. This is beyond KM suing you in civil court. You are admitting to a CRIMINAL act.
Miranda, have you ever read the Japanese Penal Code? Let's read what the punishment for fraud is:

第三十七章 詐欺及び恐喝の罪
Chapter XXXVII Crimes of Fraud and Extortion
第二百四十六条 人を欺いて財物を交付させた者は、十年以下の懲役に処する。
Article 246 (1) A person who defrauds another of property shall be punished by imprisonment with work for not more than 10 years.
2 前項の方法により、財産上不法の利益を得、又は他人にこれを得させた者も、同項と同様とする。
(2) The same shall apply to a person who obtains or causes another to obtain a profit by the means prescribed under the preceding paragraph.

No. 616603

Is it "no more than 10 years" regardless of how many different type of fraud she commited or is it cummulable (like let say 5 different identified fraud, turns to "no more than 50 years")

No. 616616


Miranda's response: "Go ahead, I'm waiting."

Really? That's all you have to say? You boast openly about committing crimes and having the most haram lifestyle and wonder why you have so many haterz and why Rodi and others won't remove videos of you?

No. 616617

File: 1545453331815.png (28.44 KB, 700x248, スクリーンショット 2018-12-22 13.23.01.…)

No. 616676

File: 1545476002082.png (192.44 KB, 1146x1244, スクリーンショット 2018-12-22 19.52.57.…)

Why Miranda disabled dislikes on YouTube

No. 616679

File: 1545476553609.png (215.41 KB, 1142x1070, スクリーンショット 2018-12-22 20.03.09.…)

Getting married is an act of worship…

No. 616683

Ifs true. They say getting married is like completing half of your deen.
But you as a single female are not allowed to live/travel alone. If she was a "true" Muslim she would fly to Canada ASAP to be with her family.

No. 616699

A fake marriage is also an act of worship?

No. 616713

>inb4 "hurrr I was married to a non muslim man so it doesn't count"

No. 616715

Her future is so blessed

No. 616816

File: 1545517445276.png (93.16 KB, 1126x666, スクリーンショット 2018-12-23 7.22.45.p…)

god created islam to protect us from the temptation and filth that he created?

No. 616817

File: 1545517572385.png (157.33 KB, 1180x972, スクリーンショット 2018-12-23 7.25.18.p…)

Miranda, why were you intermixing with KM until last month, when he wanted his money back?

No. 616824

Did she delete her twitter?

No. 616826

Yes…Her comments on her videos and comments on Rod's channel through her sock puppet accounts are the best way to find out what she's up to now…

No. 616839

You could try her instagram too if you have access, sadly i dont

No. 616841

From that it looks like she have totally gave up on her "I'm the perfect japanese, i should teach everyone, including native Japanese, how to japanese correctly, according to me" and moved on to do the same thing about islam.
Im guessing her japanese phase is really over with 2018.

No. 616842

Nothing of interest on her IG at the moment

No. 617085

KM is still checking up on Randas Instagram? Sure smells like stalker to me.

No. 617095

You're still checking up on this thread? Wtf?! I am calling the POLICE, you're stalking us!!!

No. 617104

She doesn’t live in the same city as me anon.

No. 617111

File: 1545605948629.png (114.03 KB, 206x245, DDCB26AE-165F-4E51-B8A8-4D70C1…)

No. 617118

Checking up on someone who owes you several months’ salary isn’t “stalking”.

No. 617124


No. 617139


No. 617141

File: 1545608473666.png (61.96 KB, 1580x202, スクリーンショット 2018-12-24 8.39.35.p…)

New batch from KM on PULL. Miranda lies about her friend and can't remember her lies when called out on them.

No. 617143

File: 1545608543050.png (836.81 KB, 1116x1006, スクリーンショット 2018-12-24 8.42.00.p…)

No. 617146

File: 1545608606475.png (644.59 KB, 1046x1004, スクリーンショット 2018-12-24 8.42.54.p…)

No. 617147

File: 1545608652869.png (810.04 KB, 1106x1004, スクリーンショット 2018-12-24 8.43.54.p…)

No. 617149

File: 1545608700041.png (653.37 KB, 1100x1000, スクリーンショット 2018-12-24 8.44.38.p…)

No. 617151

File: 1545608745962.png (674.05 KB, 1096x1002, スクリーンショット 2018-12-24 8.45.27.p…)

No. 617152

File: 1545608788366.png (789.97 KB, 1094x998, スクリーンショット 2018-12-24 8.46.03.p…)

No. 617154

File: 1545608823769.png (768.33 KB, 1196x992, スクリーンショット 2018-12-24 8.46.40.p…)

No. 617157

File: 1545608867714.png (905.8 KB, 1080x998, スクリーンショット 2018-12-24 8.47.25.p…)

No. 617158

File: 1545608905502.png (845.72 KB, 554x986, スクリーンショット 2018-12-24 8.48.07.p…)

No. 617160

I don't understand how the falcon video is supposed to "throw everyone off"…

No. 617205


She filmed it a year ago. That’s it. Miranda is not that bright.

No. 617227

I guess she wanted us to think that she has been married for a year to disprove Rodi?
Miranda, let's review again, either way you have committed a crime: visa fraud by paying off a fake Japanese husband or fraud by deceiving KM to get him to pay for a non-existent husband. Which is it?

No. 617237

I'm not miranda tho. Just curious. Do you think she'd notice the punctuation?

No. 617238

Im starting to think that Miranda's goal is to lie so much, that in the end it's just a giant cluster fuck of lies and nothing can be certain anymore.

No. 617239

Didnt we already seen all those screenshots?

No. 617242

dunno, hard to tell. whoever is posting them should have a system where they put all the pics they posted in a different folder.

No. 617243

Exactly, she has lied about every detail of her life, even her name and where she is from. When called out on her lies, she makes new lies and can't keep her stories straight.

No. 617272

just saw 3 women wearing niqab in shinjuku.. had to think about miranda lol

No. 617274

all japanese wear them!

No. 617292

File: 1545652844526.jpg (195.26 KB, 751x895, K3_friend.jpg)

In response to the Snapchats, Kandyce posted a photo of the exact same place, time (sunposition), and position (where she's standing) where Miranda was back in November 2018. The same time Miranda mentioned her credit card.

No. 617293

File: 1545652894851.jpg (1.05 MB, 1437x2060, miranda-liar.jpg)

A day ago, Miranda uploads her "latest activity."

No. 617295

Some of them, at the very least.

I assume someone dumped them from KM, now someone is uploading as KM posts.

No. 617297

Posted on November 8th

No. 617301

Wait, ya lost me.

So KM is saying that Mira used his money to pay for her friend's trip to Japan and the friend is trying to deny that by posting picture or? Maybe it's just early here, but I'm not understanding what point is being made with these recent pictures.

No. 617315

She mentioned to KM she has no time to travel and hang out with Kandyce and decided to stay to do some work.

Now KM found out Miranda has been traveling with Kandyce and she maxed out her credit card (see above Snapchat screenshot).

In other words, she used KM's loaned money that was supposed to be for her monthly rent money and an outfit for her job.

No. 617319

Exactly the same kind of cloud patterns. Miranda's always caught in her lies. No amount of religion will stop that.

No. 617328

Because some assholes can't follow the rules and post in English, here is a general translation:

Who are you?

Miranda, not to throw shade. If you have time to watch this thread, apologize to KM.

No. 617375

I thought you were nitpicking, like, “It’s the same type of clouds, so it’s obviously the same time,” but no, they’re literally the same clouds.

No. 617469

Thats what I meant, they're the same clouds, no clouds make the same patterns twice. Obviously catching Miranda in her own lies.

No. 617470

Thats what I meant, they're the same clouds, no clouds make the same patterns twice. Obviously catching Miranda in her own lies.

No. 617471

Thats what I meant, they're the same clouds, no clouds make the same patterns twice. Obviously catching Miranda in her own lies.

No. 617472

Thats what I said, they're the same clouds, no clouds make the same patterns twice.

No. 617473

Thats what I said, they're the same clouds, no clouds make the same patterns twice.

No. 617476

Thats what I meant, they're the same clouds, no clouds make the same patterns twice. Obviously catching Miranda in her own lies.

No. 617478

Thats what I said, they're the same clouds, no clouds make the same patterns twice.

No. 617486

Sorry my internet was messed up, and posted without showing up on my end. But posted anyway. Tried to delete the multiple posts, damn you shit internet.

No. 617488

The Tragedy of Cultural Relativism
You're not Saudi and will not be accepted in Saudi Miranda.

No. 617495

great video, but I can’t help but find it funny that Miranda still looks waaay stupider than all of those people. Mira legit thinks Islam is the religion of protecting women. She is in it purely for vanity reasons that only a brain as tiny as hers could have made up. She thinks this religion is her ultimate ticket to being valued and chained to life to a man that will be religiously forced to provide for her like a “queen”. That’s it. She doesn’t think anything beyond what benefits are in it for her.

No. 617497

bad enough the connection to Mira is thin. the real crime is … seriously? this useless cunt? God I hate this fucking thread since Miranda went isis, we've ended up with a few of you numb cunts that keep posting shit like this.

No. 617501

It's the site fucking up again.

No. 617519

File: 1545751906201.png (110.37 KB, 1204x408, スクリーンショット 2018-12-26 0.31.24.p…)

No. 617520

File: 1545751942430.png (191 KB, 1324x758, スクリーンショット 2018-12-26 0.32.04.p…)

Miranda's response

No. 617538

Ahahahaha bullshit, she thinks Islam is the religion of women don't have to do shit and men do all the work. That's all she sees, it's "well they don't have to get jobs or even drive!" One way or another it will blow up in her face.

No. 617539

of course she does, she probably also feels that way about "old fashion" values. japan is also like that in a way, but their economy can't afford the "50s america" household model anymore.

No. 617554

You're absolutely right. Instead of keeping the topic on Miranda, these idiots think they're "edgy" by posting the same anti-islam stuff over and over again. It'd be nice if the topic could stay on Miranda for once.

No. 617562

>I am from Toronto
Of course. Miranda says “I am from [insert location]” of any place she likes that she has been for more than 5 mintues. That’s not how hometowns work.

No. 617564

I believe this 100%. British accent! Guess that was her phase before punk. She really has some mental issue with obsessing to be from cultures that she’s not. Reminds me of that Mexican Jennifer girl who pretended to be a Russian model called Sasha.. and years before that pretended to be a blonde Irish girl called Holly. I guess this happens to people who are ashamed of what they really are.

No. 617618

Her raver days prove that to be a fact, and doing too much E can cause damage in the brain when done a lot, so that could explain why she is so dumb, forgets "English" and is an easy target for cult like religions that claim to treat women like a god, yet murder them when they don't behave like one.

This is why her marriages to Japanese didn't work. They like humble and self-less women, she ain't any of those qualities. When she moves to Saudi and becomes the house slave to her new family, she'll understand quickly this behaviour she's doing online will look even worse on them being her new family, and punishments there are sever and brutal.

No. 617619

Thanks for the explanation, I thought it was my end 😂

No. 617621

>You must have seen me on the day my friends and I dared each other to speak with British accents!

Yeah, what a coincidence, Mira! Oh, lord.
Based on this response, I now believe this guy is telling the truth. She could have denied it all and just said she has no idea who he was but she had include that suspicious detail.

Damn. What if her issue IS self-induced brain damage?

No. 617646

In Miranda's case I think it is a bit of both, a good ol helping of retardation, along with drugs, a good topping of narcissism, with a sprinkling of psychopathy and her home life.

No. 617647

In Miranda's case I think it is a bit of both, a good ol helping of retardation, along with drugs, a good topping of narcissism, with a sprinkling of psychopathy and her home life.

No. 617648

Not sure if it's relevant enough to post or at all, but on Christmas Eve there was a weird ass thread titled "Netflix" that was posted under the Mira subforum on PULL. It included supposed login information to this person's father's Netflix account, a picture of two people captioned "Saint Laurent Berlin" and a screen cap of some .Gov article.

I took screen caps of the thread before it was deleted, but I don't know of the poster of this bizzare shit actually was relating it to Mira or just chose her subforum randomly. Obviously it was probably fake/spam, but still…

No. 617649

Not sure if it's relevant enough to post or at all, but on Christmas Eve there was a weird ass thread titled "Netflix" that was posted under the Mira subforum on PULL. It included supposed login information to this person's father's Netflix account, a picture of two people captioned "Saint Laurent Berlin" and a screen cap of some .Gov article.

I took screen caps of the thread before it was deleted, but I don't know of the poster of this bizzare shit actually was relating it to Mira or just chose her subforum randomly. Obviously it was probably fake/spam, but still…

No. 617650

In Miranda's case I think it is a bit of both, a good ol helping of retardation, along with drugs, a good topping of narcissism, with a sprinkling of psychopathy and her home life.

No. 617651

In Miranda's case I think it is a bit of both, a good ol helping of retardation, along with drugs, a good topping of narcissism, with a sprinkling of psychopathy and her home life.

No. 617652


I think some of them are far-right implants. No one else really talks about cultural relativism.

No. 617653


I think some of them are far-right implants. No one else really talks about cultural relativism.

No. 617654

it seems to be the way that women specifically manifest the thing that makes people homeless weirdos. You got margaret palermo and i have met a bunch irl, women in their 40s but live in backpacker hostels. "i'm PeRsIaN. oh yes i do have a polish passport because i was there a little while." etc. They can always spin a convincing story and seem nice but after a while you see they're paddling hard to blend in

No. 617655

Not sure if it's relevant enough to post or at all, but on Christmas Eve there was a weird ass thread titled "Netflix" that was posted under the Mira subforum on PULL. It included supposed login information to this person's father's Netflix account, a picture of two people captioned "Saint Laurent Berlin" and a screen cap of some .Gov article.

I took screen caps of the thread before it was deleted, but I don't know of the poster of this bizzare shit actually was relating it to Mira or just chose her subforum randomly. Obviously it was probably fake/spam, but still…

No. 617750

File: 1545864701929.jpg (607.6 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20181226-163604.jpg)

No. 617751

File: 1545864733398.jpg (415.48 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20181226-163553.jpg)

No. 617752

File: 1545864755042.jpg (931.83 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20181226-163557.jpg)

No. 617754

File: 1545864848289.jpg (674.01 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20181226-163555.jpg)

No. 617756

Im going to be one saying the extremely obvious thing : It's Miranda answering and not her husband.

W.T.F. is that badly photoshopped watch??????

No. 617763

I really don't think she has the ability or know-how to photoshop the watch's shadow. I think its probably just some pic she pulled off google.

No. 617768

Yeah, her grammar is unmistakable. And that watch isn't photoshopped, it's just ugly as fuck. Whoever thought mixing Roman and Arabic numerals was a good idea ought to be shot. /sperge

I'm surprised she's been quiet for the past few days. Since she isn't celebrating the holidays with her family and she doesn't have friends, I thought she'd be sockpuppeting somewhere

No. 617776

looks like a fake gaga milano…. or did she buy it with KM's money?

No. 617777

looks like a fake gaga milano. or did she buy it with KM's money?

No. 617778

looks like a fake gaga milano…. or did she buy it with KM's money?

No. 617779

looks like a fake gaga milano…. or did she buy it with KM's money?

No. 617780

looks like a fake gaga milano…. or did she buy it with KM's money?

No. 617781

Miranda’s problem is that she pretends to be other people while using words and phrases only she is known to make.

No. 617788

File: 1545880173583.jpg (266.3 KB, 800x800, 50811-slim-46mm.jpg)

That's nice, she is providing us with even more proof that she love to buy chape fake luxurious items!

On the menu this time, we have the Gaga Milano Slim 46mm - Rose gold plated, retail price of 790€ (99 800 yens).

Now, what is different this time is we dont even have to look hard to see if it's a fake or not! The words "Milano Italy" are not even present under the needles.

Yet again, we see that not only she buy fake goods, but she go to the ultimate fake since they cannot even reproduce the product correctly! And looking on fake selling website, the ones that provide pictures that are not from Gaga Milano, show that they have the "Milano Italy" written… the one Miranda has dont have these 2 words.

No. 617790

Poor KM that had to pay the full price for that watch while she bought a version probably costing 50$ and she pocketed the remaining money, sad.

No. 617800

Apparently the watch was a gift from her father for passing her high school tests in March

No. 617806

her dad bought her the fake watch she wanted… nice

No. 617836

The watch was probably a wedding present from her husband.

mira once said years ago that she hoped her future husband would make her a proposal with the watch.

if the fake watch is a gift from her husband, there is surely something to clarify between mira and her husband…..

No. 617841

yeah it clarifies that he has no money, since he couldn't even afford a decent fake with all the lettering on it.

No. 617847

Dad or husband, place your bets, ladies and gentlemens!

Seriously, i havent read all screenshots from KM, does one of them mention the watch as a gift from her father?

No. 617849

No mention of the watch, but she does have that henna on her hand in other screenshots. I assume the other hand in >>617754 is the Saudi visa husband.

No. 617850

With the text obscuring his tiny hand, it almost looks like Mira is just holding her own. Hmm….

Damn. Real or fake, Mira’s taste in accessories is so bad. Just plain ugly.

No. 617854

File: 1545899716809.jpg (771.7 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20181227-024936.jpg)

No. 617855

There's also a lot of questions/answers being posted in Arabic. They're really on an instagran kick rn if anyone could translate

No. 617856

so mira asked km for 400 bux to fix her toe lol

No. 617857

Are we all in agreement that it is Miranda who is actually writing the responses?

No. 617863

Oh, hell yeah, that’s her. She’s trying so hard to fake that Arabic English that you can tell it is not authentic. Most Arabic speakers that live abroad do not write THAT badly. The most damning thing is that she claimed that they mostly communicate in English since he is still learning Japanese. His English level would not be that terrible if he is working for a company or going to school in Japan. This is embarrassing and insulting towards all the educated Middle Easteners who come to Japan.

Mira, why are you so racist?

No. 617864

I checked online, the watch is definitely fake…
But why is she going through the trouble to show off another fake product? I don't get it…Does this mean that the Saudi husband story is also fake? Or he exists but she is trying to make him look rich?

No. 617876

ok so the Arabic translation of the questions:
1- don't you want to study Japanese in Riyadh? - No
2- Pls take care of mira because she's someone to be proud of. god bless you both. - thanks, mira is in my eyes.
3- How did you guys meet before marriage? - (his answer was some poem I think which means its god's plan.
4- What are you studying in Japan? - Japanese
5- Where are you from in Saudi Arabia? - next to the supermarket

No. 617879

Miranda is the queen of sockpuppeting. If we counted how many fake accounts she has created to talk on PULL, to comment on YouTube, to message Rodi, + how many times she has pretended to be a friend/youtuber/random viewer/someone who knows her to sockpuppet here on lolcow + how times she has ordered KM to copy and paste her words….

Well, you get it. She has an addiction to pretending to be people she’s not in order to say good things about herself. Pretending to be her husband now, sounds so much like something she would do that it’s eyerolling. Too predictable.

No. 617882

who knows, maybe she spent km's money on the fake watch to wear to the wedding and her husband thinks she legit bought it before they met. I sincerely doubt this man is saudi at any rate - or rich.

No. 617887

>next to the supermarket

She can’t be serious…

No. 617888


lmfao she's so pathetic with her fake shit

No. 617889


lmfao she's so pathetic with her fake shit

No. 617895

Its her husband answer apparently. Well in Arabic, it sounded more like a sarcastic answer. He did joke in some of the answers but you can tell his sense of humor is terrible..

No. 617896

Nah, Miranda is pretending to be her own husband this time. It's the same addled syntax she always uses.

No. 617898

Shes trying to claim her Saudi husband gave her that hideous watch. She told KM early October that it was a gift from her father for passing her high school tests.

So Miranda travels with haram men without telling her mahram/husband?

Wonder how he'll take that news

No. 617899

Miranda is atheist, we all know this. She doesn't believe in Allah so shr doesn't care about lying. Hell, I'm doubting she even is married. Good money bet is she made up Islamic kun to throw KM off so she can cancel her debt. Look at the henna on her hand. It doesn't last 2 months. Her hajib is always crooked like she threw it on as a cosplay to take last minute pics.

No. 617903

she’s too dumb to keep up such a convincing lie. Or haven’t you noticed that she gets caught instantly every time she pretends something?

No. 617906

Original video of hands playing, Snapchat voice change


Tweeked voice and you can hear "husband and brother playing"


No. 617928

>5- Where are you from in Saudi Arabia? - next to the supermarket


Here's a quick FAQ about the Saudi husband, compiled from info in this and previous thread:

Q) Does he exist?
A) No.

Hope this helps.

No. 617971

How convenient, i ask about the watch here and the next day she post that. So cute.

So when it's a question in english, she answer with a long reply.
When it's an arabic question, she answer with single word or copy pasta from internet.

No. 617976

Looks like i'll have to go read texts from october, thanks for the info.

No. 617995

File: 1545936783168.jpg (142.07 KB, 931x939, miranda_watch-1.jpg)

No need anon friend, here you go

No. 618000

And the way she phrased the question and answer (especially the question) she really is legit retarded. Imagine putting in so much effort to keep a lie going for such shithouse results.

No. 618077

File: 1545950795134.png (950.69 KB, 1574x1386, スクリーンショット 2018-12-28 7.45.08.p…)

Response from husband in Arabic translated on PULL

No. 618079

>Mira is a kind person with good intentions
>he has bad intentions

lol. And I'm assuming that Arabic response isn't nearly as broken as Randa's usual writing. I almost feel bad for the new visa husband.

No. 618100

I've just checked PULL about that post.
What are the chances that a BRAND NEW account was created just to post that one single picture (none of the previous, just that one) and the person is a native arabic speakers and know the SA dialect.
What a wonderfull coincidence! /s

By now im 100% certain that her "husband" is posting both here and on PULL. Tho not going as big as KM was doing to WK her.

No. 618102

There is no doubt that she is writing the English responses for her "husband", but we know that her Arabic is not good enough to fake being a Saudi…she must be getting help from someone…

No. 618103

Same anon. >>618100
Just a crazy theroy that crossed my mind.
Maybe her "husband" (which imo is probably just some random friend that speak arabic) is fully aware of what is going on, but now that he saw that Mira was able to get a full year worth of money doing almost nothing other then begging, he might be thinking "I'll float with that, easy money, makes our life easier in Japan for some time"

No. 618109

If this were real, this poor sap will fall in the footsteps of KM. Ignoring the glaring red flags and internet drama that point to Miranda being a utilizing snake, until she fucks him over somehow.

No. 618110

lmfao this is so not believable. hubby is totes cool with her having had one-on-one contact with this man while not being married because he was a fan. no sweetie, it's a stoning for you.

No. 618111

That's why I say Miranda has to be stopped. She has gone beyond the level of amusingly quirky/cringy. She has committed fraud and shows no remorse, and is therefore likely to continue to defraud others in the future (although at this point, her muslim followers are the only ones who seem not to know about her evilness).

No. 618112

I doubt he even lives in Japan tbh. She was stumbling over her words a bit in that livestream talking about how they ran out of time to visit certain places, and they would go next summer. I suspect he's living elsewhere and visiting until the proof comes otherwise.

No. 618174

I am the one who translated the arabic text and the one who asked mira that question on insta lol.
She is def getting help from someone, because the Arabic is saudi dialect , but then there are MANY saudis in japan studying at unis so maybe she managed to snitch one to type this. She also blocked me on insta haha

No. 618211

Nah, If this were true and the husband is now well aware of her internet infamy, he would have been horrified. If he (like KM) is retarded enough to blindly ignore all of it, he deserves the same ending.

No. 618418

What does the Arabic on her instagram say now?

No. 618459

I dont have access nor do i speak arabric, but im going to take a guess and she'll "reply" to a comment from this board. Calling it now.

No. 618566

We don't know Miranda, what does it say?

No. 618573

File: 1546045195183.png (265.3 KB, 1212x1266, スクリーンショット 2018-12-29 9.59.17.p…)

Imam Miranda has given us a new lecture on islam

No. 618580

But intermixing with KM was ok because he gave you money?

No. 618591

is there anything in islam about women shutting their fucking mouths

No. 618595

Lol, she said “scientifically proven” about everything except the two things that actually are scientifically proven (smoking and getting drunk being bad for you).

No. 618597

right? glad to know it's scientifically proven that you can't be friends with other genders!

No. 618612


Yet she used to refer to herself as the anal queen.

No. 618679

>anal sex is unnatural
1,500+ animal species have been observed having gay sex lol.

No. 618682

She blocked me, can you post a screenshot here?

No. 618689

It's called beating my dude.

No. 618704

Yes, quran 4:34 clearly condones beating your wife (no matter what mental gymnastics western muslim apologists try to use to deny it):

"Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband's] absence what Allah would have them guard. But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance - [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them. But if they obey you [once more], seek no means against them. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted and Grand."

Better not become arrogant toward your husband, Miranda!

No. 618708

i just dont get why she cant dare be near men irl, but she can talk shit to them online all fucking day

i mean, also i hate her obv

No. 618709

File: 1546071197765.jpg (45.43 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


Well, Miranda was also hanging out with KM as they traveled around Japan together (while she was married).

Miranda, here is your award!

No. 618734

File: 1546079644131.jpg (255.84 KB, 1080x1592, IMG_20181229_053224.jpg)

No. 618737

i remember when she drew birds and wrote some islamic gibberish people said images of animals were a no no

No. 618742


That's right, images of animals are haram also…we've shown you evidence before, so stop being a hypocrite, Miranda!

No. 618746

what? that is never the same guy as in the picture posted above. those hands doesn't fit to his body.

No. 618747

Why is she covering her face when she is supposed to be showing her face only to her "husband"?

Why show off his watch? Is this so we think that he is rich?

No. 618750

Rising Gaijin, Tkyosam, Kanadajin3 and one other guy at a restaurant. Backstabbing other people in the video for a good laugh after RG getting a PR.


No. 618757

File: 1546087082197.jpg (15.78 KB, 255x255, 1544608078834.jpg)

No. 618758

Nta but that’s not bait, it’s true.

No. 618759

He’s the same height as her lol. Miranda married either a very ignorant or very retard manlet. It’s beginning to make sense why he would settle for her.

No. 618764

Just how tiny is this man? Their hands are the exact same size. It’s almost like she dressed up as a man and photoshopped herself into the photo…

No. 618765

Troll? Are you talking about yourself?

No. 618766



well in a q&a with rodi mira said she watches porn.

mira do you remember your sex postings in the old punksud forum ?
(mira said 8 years ago she had sex with 12 males and 4 females)
about anal sex she said nearly exactly the same back then.

another proof that murasaki was one of your accs there :-)
ok dress as avatar on twitter after you said so on punksud with that acc was already proof enough.

No. 618767

>mira said 8 years ago she had sex with 12 males and 4 females
My god… and supposedly a devout Muslim man married this? Something is just wrong here. I’m reverting back to thinking he’s a desperate Indonesian farmer.

No. 618768

Actually her fingers are longer lmao

No. 618825



You know what is scientifically proven ?

In order to have healthy and strong children you have to marry the right partner.
The genes must be right.
As a rule, we look for the right partner e.g. via the odorant, etc.

A partner through an arranged marriage, who does not fit to you at all, is certainly not the right way to go.

Even animals choose the right partner with care.

No. 618864

File: 1546114620733.png (521.58 KB, 800x690, 1--HuSVvmuUR3uiz6HYT6niA.png)

She keeps saying 'this is scientifically proven' and none of of what she's saying is a matter of fact.

No. 618985

File: 1546136471174.jpeg (241.44 KB, 1439x1473, CC3CB002-02B6-497B-816C-C2997A…)

From her IG. Her “husband’s” baby hands. They look awfully white to me..

No. 618987

It looks like an Arab/Asian skin tone. Not white.

No. 618988

She bragged about having sex in an alley or something outside as well.

No. 618989

she said quaran was proven by science or some shit as well

No. 619005

Didn’t she say once say she was bisexual? if I were her with her slutty past all over the internet, I would be afraid of going to SA. Idk what kind of brain defect midget-fingers has, but at least someone in his family would horrified by her.

No. 619008

Nah. Just looks like lighter-skinned middle eastern or Arab. It’s the size that is hilarious. Dude looks like he’s 12.

No. 619039

feel like he has a micropenis with that hand size

No. 619041

I'm actually very shocked she's not famous in the Middle East or Saudi Arabia. usually Saudis are so lifeless on Instagram that they would make anyone who likes them like a Queen.

No. 619100

Since Japan hasn't worked out for her, you know that's her next goal. That's why she is pandering to muslims/saudis so much now.

No. 619376

File: 1546230764225.png (88.27 KB, 1204x504, スクリーンショット 2018-12-31 13.32.03.…)

Divorce is the most disliked haram thing?

No. 619377

File: 1546230831760.png (116.58 KB, 1212x612, スクリーンショット 2018-12-31 13.33.33.…)

But traveling alone with KM is ok?

No. 619454

is it halal to send pics of your lacy lingerie to a man in private - the man who paid for them and he's not your husband? y/n miranda

No. 619588

File: 1546283547028.jpeg (177.53 KB, 1909x939, E97FCC20-56D5-4AD8-94BE-CD317B…)

Well, we all kind of figured it, but here’s Tkyosam’s reaction to Miranda now

No. 619619

Where is that comment?

No. 619623

On her “why I became Muslim” video

No. 619626

Those comments are all not there. I think this image is fake.

No. 619633

It's not fake, see the date down on the right corner. It's from her first Muslim video

No. 619640

I see. Why did you save this comment and post it now? Seems a little odd to save that type of comment? To be honest, I think Sam was joking because they still talk to each other and I sometimes see him join into her live show in the comments. The still follow each other as well.

No. 619642

KM have you been planning on doxing and exposing Mira since starting communication with her?

Tinfoil: KM was pretending to be a fan just to get information on her. Why I thought this one up? He has a lot of screenshots that stated before they fought. He started to record everything she sent. He managed to get her personal bank information and address, such information she wouldn’t give a “hater” but a deep fan. I can’t understand why he would keep a screen shot of Sams comment from 2017 unless it was to spite her. A lot of these screen shots are old.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 619643

Lamest bait ever

No. 619644

File: 1546296534991.png (1.03 MB, 750x743, totes haram.png)

Going into 2019 and Miranda Ann Constable hasn't learned a single damn thing.

No. 619645

Are you retarded? He was in love with her. Why would he delete those things? People in love like to look at old messages and swoon over them. It's not that rare that ex-boyfriends or girlfriends make revenge posts including nudes. Mira is lucky that KM is a decent guy who wouldn't do such things although I really hope that he posts them just for the keks.

No. 619655


White knight rides again..

No. 619656

For the thousandth time, this sperging about muslims is both boring and transparent. "b-b-but the quran says …" Like, have you seen some of the brutal shit in the bible that, using the same logic, could be construed as 'rules for permissible behaviour'?
Her next phase can't come quick enough.

Is she … dating a teenager? It would explain a few things.

No. 619661

The Torah is older than the Quran, does that make it more legitimate?

No. 619663

Well, you'd better get used to it. If Miranda were "mildly muslim" like Rodi, no one would have much interest in talking about islam, but with Miranda passionately lecturing on wahhabist bullshit all the time, islam and the qur'an are fair game.
Don't feel bad, if she ever became a hardcore Rastafarian, we'd make fun of her belief in Haile Selassie as the messiah, etc.

No. 619667

So is the Bible. Of the Abrahamic religions, Islam is the youngest.

No. 619702

No. 619704

I honestly wish she'd learn her lesson already. Let's see once she turns into a hag, she will definitely regret lying to all of us in the past. She will definitely regret not apologising about her mistakes in the past too. She's really gonna face hell the moment she steps into saudi arabia. Ohohoho, I cannot wait to see this!!

No. 619705

She’s already a hag. The lack of caring after herself has aged her 20 years.

No. 619717

Here's how to post youtube anon: use the YT field in your post for the video address, and give some context, any context at all.

>SLEEPING IN A MANGA CAFE in Japan - 旅行するなら漫画喫茶

No. 620056

I'm not watching but isn't this something homeless and travelling do.

No. 620219

Is KM actually going to sue?

No. 620220

If he does it wouldn't be smart of him to post about it since Mira still obviously reads here.

No. 620236

Not only that, he needs to file a report with the police to have Miranda charged with fraud.

No. 620255

yep. margo does this shit all the time.

No. 620279

I stayed in Internet cafe's when I had no where to go in Japan, it saves on money and booking a place to stay. Many Japanese choose them because they're cheap and they can save money. Yes, some will be homeless, but they're clean and safe. Really good for people on a budget. I never stayed in a Manga Cafe's though. Not ideal, but good to save money.

No. 620351

Oh, it's not that I give a shit about that aspect of it, anon. Some interpretations of it, like the Saudis, deserve to be shit on. It's the robots that don't give a shit about Mira and just want to dump on islam, and the confusion over it all that bothers me. We got anons googling up random shit to lord over Miranda and it's like … you're doing the same shit we're picking on her for.

I don't see how it would make a difference that she reads here - all the secreenshots, etc are beyond her control, and she is the opposite of a criminal mastermind. I'm more curious about what chance he would actually have if he took that route, and if sockpuppet queen would try to go on the run to avoid dealing with it.

No. 620384

>(Miranda) routinely did copious amounts of ecstasy

That explains her retardation, then. Doing E too much/too often can cause permanent neurotoxicity and possibly even brain damage.

No. 620386

>That explains her retardation, then.

I mean, I don't really think it needs an explanation: some people are just really dumb. I do think she needs therapy of some sort, though. She seems to have zero insight into herself or why she does she shitty things she does, or acts the shitty way she does. But then again, some people are just shitty.

No. 620391

Nah, it's been said for years that she must to have some sort of learning disability or FAS affecting her mentally. Otherwise, just being plain dumb doesn't explain everything. Mira goes so hard for her stupidity that there are times where I'm sure she isn't trolling and is legitimately confusing and tripping over herself because she can't keep her own thoights and lies separate. Check out some of the symptoms of neurotoxicity:

>frequent headaches

>behavioral problems
>sexual dysfunction
>uncontrollable obsessive and/or compulsive behavior
>memory loss/trouble retaining new memories
>loss of cognitive function (severe cases)

No. 620416


This is why you aren't supposed to armchair diagnose. Those symptoms are fairly generic and can apply to tons of things.

Just like having a stomach ache could be indigestion or it could be stomach cancer or anything in between.

No. 620585

Someone on PULL posted that they found a strange Instagram account under the name


No. 620593

File: 1546566005467.jpg (1.15 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190103-203718.jpg)

OH shit it's her husband!
In Arabic to write "lol" they write هههههه which is ه/h repeated

No. 620595

Wow good find then!

No. 620607

The account is still there, do you mean the picture? Post the pic of Mira eating a cookie pls

No. 620620

File: 1546569051337.gif (7.04 MB, 480x852, mirastory1.gif)

No. 620622

File: 1546569278909.gif (4.44 MB, 480x852, mirastory2.gif)

No. 620625

she gained so much weight

No. 620627

goat farmers like their women well-fed

No. 620630

File: 1546570791086.jpg (15.38 KB, 250x250, 2011120933rat.jpg)

No. 620631

She's probably trying to catch up to her new husband. Them some chubby meat sausages

No. 620665

How can you tell when she's got a duvet wrapped around her? Her face has always been round and the hijab just accentuates it

No. 620695

File: 1546585912413.png (679.27 KB, 984x1002, スクリーンショット 2019-01-04 16.10.32.…)

Posted today on PULL. "Africajin3" promises to pay back the money to KM even if it takes her until she is old.

No. 620696

File: 1546585951173.png (664.15 KB, 988x1006, スクリーンショット 2019-01-04 16.12.17.…)

No. 620698

File: 1546585982354.png (657.74 KB, 988x1004, スクリーンショット 2019-01-04 16.12.54.…)

No. 620699

File: 1546586015215.png (696.66 KB, 992x998, スクリーンショット 2019-01-04 16.13.27.…)

No. 620712

Miranda you’re so obvious it’s irritating. No wonder ppl think you have organic brain damage.

No. 620714

Wow Mira how did you know it's a video of you eating a cookie before anyone tries to record it? :) Good thing we caught ya

No. 620715

Weren't you the one who mentioned you don't eat chocolate anymore? Did you have a change of mind thanks to your Saudi husband?

All of a sudden you have a sweet tooth ;)

No. 620717


Really? 10 hours ago?
And the post was posted…10 hours ago!?

What a coincidence, exactly what you've done to Rodi and the "love relationship Instagram fake account" you made

So now you're using your husband in the name of love ;) May you have a wondeful life manipulating your teenage husband

No. 620721

Just wow…. you are so embarrassing. Even getting married hasn’t kept you occupied from doing this shit.

No. 620722

stop samefagging and posting emojis.

No. 620727

Nevermind I found it. Thanks for the heads up!

No. 620757

File: 1546617109483.png (155.6 KB, 1238x660, スクリーンショット 2019-01-05 0.50.15.p…)

Response by Miranda to someone who claimed to have known her and criticized her sudden change to love Saudi and hate gays…

No. 620758

File: 1546617176226.png (181.17 KB, 1152x804, スクリーンショット 2019-01-05 0.52.32.p…)

No. 620773

Is she trying to downplay SA’s homophobia by saying straight people are treated the same?? She’s a fucking clown, can’t get any more ridiculous.

No. 620862

File: 1546625536880.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190104-130515.jpg)

LOL the original ~find~ on PULL was Miranda. It was a plan to get her h8urz usernames to block from her main. "Moose-ah" probably isn't on it

No. 620864

File: 1546625630917.jpg (1008.62 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190104-130520.jpg)

So if you viewed that accounts Instagram story then you're instantly blocked from both

Holy crap so much energy spent on this

No. 620887

She's obsessed with her haterz

No. 620909

From her new Q&A. As suspected, her "husband" doesn't live with her. He lives elsewhere as a "Japanese student"

No. 620919


Also aren't dogs seen as dirty beasts in a lot of Middle Eastern cultures? Way to insult your husband Mira

No. 620952

Yet she said that she was living with her husband “before time” or some such nonsense.

No. 620959

she's one of the cows who has mostly destroyed any organic fanbase she had by being a raging cunt, so haters are all she has left.

No. 620964

File: 1546634130910.jpg (452.34 KB, 1080x2913, IMG_20190104_153434.jpg)

You haven't shared any new Q&A yet mira. You're jumping ahead of the script

No. 620984

The person on PULL said it was Mira eating a cookie, dumbass

New year, same Mira. I guess this is why she was quiet for a week, she was scheming up this foolproof plan for her haterz instead of spending time with her husband, friends and family.

No. 621064

Was thinking the same thing, once she get rid of all of us, she'll be left with what? 5 persons and 20 000 follow bots?
She closed all her social network so tightly that pretty much nobody can come in anymore. Doesnt interact with viewers other then to tell them to fuck up in some way or another.
Makes useless and boring videos dating from a long time ago… How long will it take her to realize that she should just cut everything and just live her life instead of spending most of her days fighting haters?
Oh well, it's good old Miranda, we're her only "fans" now!

No. 621096

File: 1546650333979.jpg (730.7 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190104-165018.jpg)

The Q&A reads like North Korean style propaganda. It's honestly boring

No. 621297

That was you who mentioned about the cookie video, to see who actually recorded it and posted up.

Take that, Miranda.

No. 621314

stop, not everyone is fucking miranda. she can barely even spell the word cookie let alone form cohesive thought.

No. 621332

Yeah exactly, and her entire pantomime with the fake husband has been to prove stuff to us. If we dumped her as a subject, a new thread about her written in half-assed Engrish would show up in within a day.

At least that is a believable picture of him …

No. 621333

Explain the post on PULL she had up. Why was it written too good?

No. 621339

So.. she removed both IG accounts

No. 621340

File: 1546683758852.png (510.21 KB, 1064x1262, Screenshot_20190105-051949~2.p…)


No. 621341

removed what accounts

No. 621346

You've been blocked

No. 621639

File: 1546732348722.jpg (855.78 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190105-145659.jpg)

No. 621645

File: 1546732415316.jpg (792.6 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190105-145704.jpg)

No. 621677

she flatters herself too much

No. 621684

Well, if he’s real, he’s about as smart as Miranda.

No. 621728

File: 1546737168477.png (5.52 KB, 741x60, kj.png)

in venus angelic comments

No. 621733

oh ww she checked all our IPs. maybe TheJoshShow can champion her cause. I'm going to guess Venus doesn't give a shit.

No. 621750

File: 1546738401223.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190105-145743.jpg)

tl;dr yeah they're wahabi

No. 621753

File: 1546738502977.jpg (714.04 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190104-185348.jpg)

No. 621760

File: 1546738603161.jpg (499.32 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190104-203233.jpg)

This said basically don't be shy to ask anything. I think they were getting bored since t e re were less questions with the haterz gone

No. 621832

Lmao those folded/used LV bags again. Just taking them out to lunch.

No. 621841

Wow, Mira doesn't know anything about Venus otherwise she'd know Venus dgaf about haters. Mira should cozy up to her batshit mom instead.

Her livestreams are the same. In one I caught she was demanding questions and someone asked about colors in Arabic, something you learn early on in a language, and Mira struggled to answer.

No. 622082

Mira and Margo is the Muslim-Jewish crazy lady alliance we need.

No. 622169

File: 1546748409381.png (130.38 KB, 1248x646, スクリーンショット 2019-01-06 13.16.30.…)

She often goes to manga cafes? Didn't she say that she was prohibited from leaving the house without a mahram?

No. 622252

Gotta love Miranda’s understanding of world politics. She does understand the KSA loves Trump, right? There’s no funny nickname for Americans who “follow” in KSA, the govt media there ensures Saudis think all Americans love Trump, who is a true friend to all Saudis.

No. 622506


this killed me too. How many brain cells does this girl have left? Those bags didn't fool anyone last time and now she's using the SAME DAMN BAGS in the SAME POSITION?

No. 622530

File: 1546790673712.jpeg (22.9 KB, 668x303, received_750501971979507.jpeg)

No. 622531

I don't know why, but "desert goat fucker" cracked me up…

No. 622562

File: 1546794666703.png (231.28 KB, 994x1128, スクリーンショット 2019-01-07 2.10.34.p…)

Back to Miranda and her love of science

No. 622564

File: 1546794802368.png (187.3 KB, 1004x902, スクリーンショット 2019-01-07 2.13.03.p…)

Long rant on filth…

No. 622566

File: 1546794843649.png (242.01 KB, 934x1080, スクリーンショット 2019-01-07 2.13.58.p…)

No. 622567

File: 1546794882375.png (267.22 KB, 998x1208, スクリーンショット 2019-01-07 2.14.39.p…)

No. 622568

File: 1546794950271.png (15.46 KB, 878x60, スクリーンショット 2019-01-07 2.15.41.p…)

And her conclusion…

No. 622579

So what are the issues with "pork-ridden societies"? Since pork is evil and unhealthy, I suppose that we should all drink camel piss as recommended in islam, right?

"Some people from the tribe of 'Ukl came to the Prophet and embraced Islam. The climate of Medina did not suit them, so the Prophet ordered them to go to the (herd of milch) camels of charity and to drink, their milk and urine (as a medicine)."
(Sahih Bukhari 8:82:794)

No. 622593

File: 1546797407693.png (415.45 KB, 1440x2560, received_1957233574363642.png)

Again you are just explaining your own life experiences with all of your anal fucking and getting UTI. Where is your scientifically proof?

No. 622713

MIRA (and friends), I have some questions:
1) What do you think should happen to apostates/people who leave Islam?
2) How do you feel about Ex-Muslim organizations?
3) Do you support Sharia as it is practiced by Saudi Arabia, the Islamic State, and Iran? What do you think of those theocracies?
4) How do you feel about Shi'a and Sufi Muslims? What do you think should happen to them?
5) What is your overall opinion of the Islamic State? Are you for or against it?

No. 622762

File: 1546820335702.jpg (1.12 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190106-191340.jpg)

Incoming miranda doxing haters. (blurring is mine)

No. 622765

File: 1546820388724.jpg (262.16 KB, 1080x2160, IMG_20190106_191704.jpg)

No. 622767

File: 1546820432512.jpg (304.79 KB, 1080x2160, IMG_20190106_191728.jpg)

No. 622768

File: 1546820466679.jpg (274.57 KB, 1080x2160, IMG_20190106_191750.jpg)

No. 622771

File: 1546820493105.jpg (1.1 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190106-191357.jpg)

No. 622772

File: 1546820538259.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190106-191402.jpg)

No. 622774

File: 1546820564813.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190106-191404.jpg)

No. 622777

Is this even doxxing if it's just their Instagram profiles? Can't they just make it private if they want to?

No. 622778

Every time I read one of her horribly-spelled missives a little part of me dies. Turn on your spell check, you moron.

No. 622794

>how little nobody's mean to me
I had to read that a bunch of times to understand what she's saying.

Besides that, who is she even 'doxxing'? Was someone stupid enough to friend request the husband's account after it was posted?

No. 622802

I think it's someone that showed up on PULL or a youtube comment, claiming to have gone to school with Miranda back in Canada.

No. 622813

I reported her but I don't think my report will be enough to get her in trouble at least. But if Miranda wants to go down this path that's on her. Doxxing is dangerous territory even if what she is doing is pathetic doxxing. Piss off the wrong person and Miranda will learn what real doxxing is. I have seen people insane enough to hire private detectives to doxx people.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 622822

Doxxing using private detective is just for the fonny people wanting to piss of someone.
If they want the real Doxxing and make someone cry, they'll turn to the dark side of internet, if you know what i mean. And that where the real fun start!

On a totally different subject, i was watching some tv show and (long story short) if Miranda ever travel to USA and bring with her all the fake luxurious item she bought, she can be in real trouble once she's at the custom. Chances of that happening are pretty slim to none, would be funny tho.

No. 622831

>So what are the issues with "pork-ridden societies"?
None directly caused by pork, lol. The reason that some cultures have taboos against pork is because pigs are filthy, and during Muhammad's time pork was more likely to lead to disease than other domestic meats (prevention of disease is essentially the reason behind cultural food taboos), though obviously with Western hygiene standards that's no longer an issue.
>let this be a lesson
A lesson in what? It's just someone's IG profile.

No. 622834

I'm sure that person was really taught a lesson

No. 622837

Yep, if have have a public Instagram profile, the general public can see it.

Miranda sure showed her.

Jesus, only Miranda could be too stupid to understand the concept of doxxing.

No. 622901

Just think, this could be you Miranda!!! Exciting life.


No. 622940

That girl will be treated "like a queen" once she is returned to the bosom of her family. No idea why she is resisting so hard!

No. 622948

She deleted this slide and is trying to distance herself from doxxing.. It's just baffling to focus on the rules and rigidity of the religion but not obsess as equally on being kind and focused. Like maybe talk about charity or something? Setting up traps for people and stalking gossip sites such a stressful hobby

No. 622949

File: 1546869449045.png (67.23 KB, 990x316, スクリーンショット 2019-01-07 22.57.45.…)


No. 622957

File: 1546872749805.png (50.66 KB, 506x448, スクリーンショット 2019-01-07 23.52.11.…)


No. 622958

How dare they.
Allah just made her a bit rounder in certain areas so that her hubby can feel like he's plowing a camel.

No. 622960

That means Miranda is still reading lolcow and is scared of getting her account banned. :p(:P)

No. 622964

All she does is stay up late reading lolcow and trying to get back at her haters… she needs a new hobby

No. 622970

She's active around 3AM JP time

No. 623014

Good lord no wonder she's not okay. Honey child go and get some sleep! And if you have insomnia go see a doctor! Geez.

No. 623086

File: 1546910405124.jpg (563.36 KB, 1440x2042, 20190107_200442.jpg)

She didnt gain any weight. At all.

No. 623107

File: 1546914467923.jpg (26.09 KB, 600x368, merlin_141170040_2e9608d4-17e7…)

I've been watching The Handmaid's Tale. I know people are split on it, but I really like it. It's sort of a warning of what could happen if the Mike Pence/Pat Robertson theocrat types got power and went really authoritarian/fascist. However, it's really based on authoritarian Islamic countries, especially post-revolution Iran, and to a lesser extent Saudi Arabia. Of course, it does take some fashion cues from early American Christianity.

It's easy to imagine the incel/MGTOW and alt right/deus vult types becoming Iranian-style religious police, but the question is, what kind of women would become ardent theocrats? The obvious answer: Mira! It's very easy to imagine Mira abusing women and dissidents, all just so that she could be the very best fundamentalist Muslim theocrat. She seems so disconnected from reality, and she hurts people so casually and selfishly, that it's very easy to imagine her in that kind of scenario. If she got a little power, she might do quite well in an abusive authoritarian theocratic system.(cringe)

No. 623120

Women like Mira are Serena Joy. She's happy to help the men because she thinks she's special and one of the good ones, and they'll let her have power once their side wins. Go to the Tradthot thread >>>/snow/684719 for the Christian versions of Mira, it'd be funny if it wasn't so pathetic.

No. 623207

>Alright, prove to me that its not scientifically proven.

Once again, ignoring all the basic tenets of logic.

The burden of proof is the responsibility of the one asserting a fact.

You can't just say, "NO U" every time someone calls out your idiotic 'science.'

No. 623215

That filter rounds out the face a bit so it's not really a fair comparison.

No. 623284


i don't know how you see Mira in that.

for me she obviously just tries to take advantage of SA guardianship law, to get a glitzy easy life with minimal effort. her posts are just there to sound like she is genuinely interested in islam.

No. 623302

Who knows with Miranda! Almost everything she says is a lie. I still wonder if she actually believed any of the crazy stuff she said about being Japanese/Japan is the best country, etc. when she was going through her Japanese phase…

No. 623305

Thanks! I knew about a couple of these, but wow, that Evalion girl is fucked in the head

I honestly don't think she's smart enough to be calculating about it. I think she probably is really into Islam, but in a superficial way, though I'm sure you're right about her true motivation being a cushy life.

No. 623384


watching her smack her lips and chew with her mouth open fills me with irrational rage. the filter isn't doing her any favors and she looks legitimately retarded here.

No. 623394

It's just another obsession like all her other obsessions. I don't find miranda to be a woman hater like other anons seem to, she just seems to hate everyone (I would if I looked like that) but she can't use women and is competing with them, so she attacks them more. She has no respect for anyone, man or woman, just look how she treated KM like he was her bank account. She doesn't want any of this stuff inflicted on her, she just wants everyone around her to suffer.

No. 623524

File: 1547011490630.png (197.3 KB, 1300x908, スクリーンショット 2019-01-09 14.24.51.…)

Apparently Miranda has deeply understood islam for the past 15 years…

No. 623534

File: 1547011955123.png (151.28 KB, 1204x838, スクリーンショット 2019-01-09 14.32.37.…)

I guess Miranda doesn't like anarchists…

No. 623536

File: 1547012061034.png (78.03 KB, 1232x394, スクリーンショット 2019-01-09 14.34.18.…)

Still denies being married for a visa

No. 623605

File: 1547024415254.png (70.33 KB, 924x508, スクリーンショット 2019-01-09 17.59.40.…)

Criticism of islam for being a violent religion is a crime that should be reported to the FBI?

No. 623608


she still claims to be married to Saudi man, its not even a legit marriage.. is it even allowed to date if the marriage basically Is just a stunt? I don't get all those bullshit restrictions and rules.. that's not even worth all the money you could get with a rich husband.

No. 623624

if she wasn't married after 2012, on what visa was she in japan?

LOL at telling the FBI haha

No. 623629

What the fuck does the Federal Bureau of Investigations have to do with her Japanese sham marriage? FBI=America, Miranda=Fucking retarded.

No. 623639

File: 1547042867603.jpeg (47.5 KB, 865x865, received_1011843245680718.jpeg)

Even if she did report it, it will backfire at her when they do the research on Miranda.

No. 623642

Too true…I wonder how long it will take Miranda to delete the comment…

No. 623657


Mira is a Canadian living in Japan who scammed a Norwegian.

The American Federal Bureau of Investigations will log her useless data and waste no time investigating.

No. 623660



Besides, scamming one man out of a few thousand dollars and committing marriage fraud may make for a huge scandal on gossip sites, but it's pretty meaningless anywhere beyond that. There's a reason the Japanese government isn't jumping at the chance to deport her.

Mira's a dirtbag, but she's not an important or impressive one.

No. 623684


No, read closely. She qualifies it as "never married to a Japanese man".

You don't have to be Japanese to have citizenship.

No. 623704

File: 1547054965109.jpeg (32.81 KB, 728x365, received_2031620076934027.jpeg)

She blocked the comments, even when she said she would keep them up. She can't handle when others are right about her

No. 623715

lol did you miss the fucking point, she's not american the marriage fraud is a crime though and fraud thots in japan have been getting deported recently. it just takes time.

No. 623719

these comments are so annoying, you guys keep blatantly cowtipping interacting with her on social media. if you want to ask her these questions, just wait til she inevitably comes to stirr shit in the thread.

No. 623800

She never stay on here long enough to be able to stir enough shit, she's always getting banned (again and again and again) before the real fun can start.

No. 623816

She doesn't have citizenship.

No. 623819


I know that. I was stating the she always denies Visa-kun 2.0 by saying she wasn't married to a "Japanese man"

I was saying that Visa-Kun 2.0 could have been of ANY ethnic origin. As long as HE was a citizen, she could get a spouse VISA.

No. 623821

But didn't she admit to being married to a Japanese man in KM's screenshots?

No. 623825

Both KM?



No. 623826

That's what I thought when I read the comments

No. 624027

Well he's pretty pissed off with her so I'm not surprised he's arguing with her in public comments.

No. 624071

Didn’t Mira say non-Islamic marriage is not a real marriage, so she thinks she can get away with the lie of never being married a second time because it wasn’t recognized by Islam?

No. 624073

Yup, this also erases her twin loves of booze and anal sex.

No. 624170

File: 1547144459750.jpeg (16.9 KB, 515x403, received_2248344835402661.jpeg)

No. 624244

File: 1547153222650.jpg (776.88 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190110-133229.jpg)

No. 624245

File: 1547153283806.jpg (631.72 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190110-133628.jpg)

I think she's literally going through and vetting followers.. Look how many she's deleted just the past week

No. 624246

File: 1547153321719.jpg (667.38 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190110-133646.jpg)

No. 624247

File: 1547153343969.jpg (760.82 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190110-133651.jpg)

No. 624248

File: 1547153370971.jpg (365.21 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190110-133700.jpg)

No. 624249

File: 1547153405574.jpg (656.55 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190110-133708.jpg)

No. 624250

File: 1547153429407.jpg (677.94 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190110-133713.jpg)

No. 624251

File: 1547153462611.jpg (931.4 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190110-133716.jpg)

No. 624269

File: 1547156731241.jpg (28.7 KB, 634x351, sideeye.jpg)

>suddenly your English become crazy

Giiiirl… you really shouldn't be criticizing someone else's English.

No. 624319

She comes off as extremely paranoid in these last screenshots. Mira just because you caught a fake following you it doesn't meam they're your stalkers lmao what a dumb bitch

No. 624326

Im pretty sure i lost a few brain cells trying to read and understand those screenshots….

No. 624327

At least she's making it clear she's talking about KM!

Keep it going Mira, start doing public defamation, it's going to be fun!

No. 624359

Isn’t this the 3rd or 4th “fake account” she had bragged about investigating? Why does think anyone would care that other people also enjoy her favorite pastime of creating sock puppets? It’s like yeah, bitch, half of the accounts you interact with on IG are fakes anyway. Why does she have to go in to such detail, in her terrible and nonsensical English, about how she outsmarted a stranger and came out on top as world’s best Muslim? That’s how these stories always end. Mira finds a “fake Muslim” and schools them somehow.

If KM really started creating sock puppets to give her a taste of her own medicine, that would be hilarious. But KM, I hope you didn’t actually do that because you need to stay clean profile when you sue her.

No. 624368

File: 1547170007585.png (138.41 KB, 1276x638, スクリーンショット 2019-01-11 10.26.19.…)

The way of Saudis is 100% perfect for Miranda

No. 624382

She doesn’t know what “lax” means?


No. 624428

To be fair, the other person also used it wrong (the word they meant was probably “laxity”) but Miranda couldn’t even Google the word “lax”. Lord, she’s as dumb as a very dumb post.

No. 624803

Today's news:

"Saudi asylum seeker Rahaf granted asylum in Canada"

I suppose Miranda would like to trade places with her?


No. 624815

Tsk tsk. I guess that poor girl won't be treated like a queen by the men in her family anymore!

No. 625110

>>623086 Karma for hating on girls in or was in Japan who wasn't thin. Karma is a bitch!

No. 625192

I really love how naive Miranda is about Saudi Arabia. She really has no idea what she's going to get herself into IF she really moves there because Miranda has a habit of saying things and never doing :p I won't be surprised if she somehow ends up stoned or kidnapped if she does move there.

No. 625196

Not even IPs, just instagram names. Rock-solid doxxin. Just can't wait to see her get bored of Islam and become rastafarian, living in a van somewhere.

No. 625273

I think there is more chances she'll just vanish from internet as soon as she move there and we'll never know what happened to her.

No. 625331

Tbh I don't think she would marry this guy if it had a chance of going that way. I doubt he even lives with her, it's a very nice arrangement for her and I expect he wants to keep it that way. Eventually she'll say he didn't support her like he should and divorce him for abuse or some shit. Watch her stay in Japan the whole time.

No. 625333

Who knows with Miranda…90% of what she says is a lie or delusion. I would love nothing more than for her to go to Saudi and get what she deserves, but I increasingly believe that she won't actually move there for many reasons (e.g., she doesn't actually live with her "husband", her marriage still isn't recognized in Saudi).

No. 625340

File: 1547338773641.png (256.67 KB, 1522x1242, スクリーンショット 2019-01-13 9.18.46.p…)

Miranda's long rant about her eyebrows…

No. 625341

File: 1547338818424.png (126.77 KB, 1534x470, スクリーンショット 2019-01-13 9.20.14.p…)

No. 625343

File: 1547338849008.png (190.5 KB, 1600x646, スクリーンショット 2019-01-13 9.20.53.p…)

No. 625351

File: 1547340153323.png (209.2 KB, 1532x1188, スクリーンショット 2019-01-13 9.42.30.p…)

Fornication is an aggressive crime?

No. 625371

Fuck, typo
>I expect SHE wants to keep it that way

No. 625527

Adultery and Fornication, two things Miranda Al-Buckteeth has been guilty of…

No. 625590

File: 1547366629504.png (140.8 KB, 1568x566, スクリーンショット 2019-01-13 14.20.18.…)

Saudi Arabia has been Miranda's destiny since she was a child

No. 625612


she puts OIL on her eyebrows …DAILY?
I just threw up a bit!
So not only she's ugly as fuck, fat, dirty (who remembers wearing the same sweaty yukata in the summer for days in a row), she's also gross as shit, miranda GFY for real

No. 625681

File: 1547395304958.jpg (12.34 KB, 275x275, 31H33V8YetL.jpg)

eyebrow oil is a thing.

No. 625894

File: 1547431035677.png (271.99 KB, 1500x1192, スクリーンショット 2019-01-14 8.30.38.p…)

Muslim woman tries to give Miranda honest advice about Saudi…

No. 625897

File: 1547431131281.png (169.78 KB, 1498x838, スクリーンショット 2019-01-14 10.58.29.…)

Yes, let's get the popcorn ready

No. 625929

File: 1547434246758.jpg (141.58 KB, 1273x764, k3_lina_2019 _mira_.JPG)

Her Twitter account was seen today, now calls herself "Lina" - https://twitter.com/kanadajin3

No. 625945


No. 625967

So she deleted everything from her twitter account, and i mean everything, so she could start fresh?
That's actually interesting.

Could anyone that used to have access to her account after she made it private check if they still have access?

No. 625968

Classic Miranda, ignore what everyone is telling you because somehow she know better then people that actually went there. Yep, 100% logic.

No. 626000

Has anyone online, ever tried telling her 'husband', that she doesn't truly love him, she's only with him for just superficial reasons. I honestly think he does not exist. Literally any man would drop her after reading her history online. If he is real, then he must be truly naive instead.

No. 626002

I wager that she will divorce him the moment he's no longer useful to her in a few years! Or, her 'husband' will open his eyes and see for what a truly fake person she really is. An opportunist not to mention.

No. 626022

She should tell him what she does on here and PULL. And moose_ah8 account.

No. 626063

File: 1547476885474.jpg (42.91 KB, 569x457, k3_mari_2019 _mira.JPG)

Now, she's Mari! Full-on identity disorder.

No. 626085

If they were living in Saudi, she would need a male guardian to initiate divorce proceedings, kek.

I guess her dad could fly over from
Canada to do it, if he could scrape the money together?

No. 626087

Do you really think this man is Saudi, cmon. He doesn't meet the age rules for a Saudi marrying a foreigner, for one.

No. 626088

I don't have access anymore.

No. 626091

damn, i was hoping she'd go with randa.

No. 626102

I do kind of wonder. Because maybe he is a young Saudi guy who doesn't care if he is breaking the law, because he never had any intention of taking a non-Saudi convert back KSA to meet mom, so who is going to know, and who is going to care.

No. 626134

No, but he could be a national of some other country living in Saudi. Who even knows with her. It would be hilarious if he was lying to her.

No. 626193

That's not going to work, there are laws governing the age gap for foreign marriage, you think he's going to let his new wife stay in Japan for a couple of years just because she wants to then bring her into Saudi and say "fuck the law"? Sorry fam.

I don't buy he's Saudi at all, he just wants to go there and work sometime, that's why it's all going to happen "in a few years".

No. 626194

Ok now THIS would be the ultimate. Mind you, she'd use it for a quick out of the marriage.

No. 626220

I was reading about the girl from SA that is now in Canada. She said that if you renounce to Islam while in that country, the chances are very high you'll be killed.

Im guessing if Miranda does move to SA (somehow, no idea how she'd pull that off) that mean she'll have to stay muslim for ever… oh well.

No. 626249

Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear. My possibly tinfoil theory: If he is a Saudi person, I don't think he cares less about marrying her legally regardless of his age, because he has no intention of taking her to Saudi Arabia. So he has no reason at all to care about his age or the laws. Why would he take her? There is literally no one there who would approve of that, especially his family, and that is extremely important in that society. Not to mention illegal.

Regardless, whatever she has chosen to do, Miranda has really disenfranchised herself. As a woman, she has very few cards in her hand to play, one way or another. I don't know, maybe she is paying him too.

No. 626270

How much of the Saudi husband story do you guys believe? I wonder if it is all just another one of Miranda's elaborate lies that she tells her followers…

No. 626293

Is it possible that hes really old?
Cant remember the age where older men become allowed to marry foreigners.
Probably unlikely though

No. 626302

I'd say it's a 50/50 because she's either super mega carefull what she show and managed to somehow keep him in the shadow or it's an elaborated lie to keep us away from the real things she's doing… who knows.

No. 626304

File: 1547525735866.png (112.13 KB, 379x617, Capture.PNG)

Not sure if this was posted already, looks like she changed her twitter account from her youtube info page to this new one.

No. 626334

File: 1547537560540.png (127.9 KB, 1510x736, スクリーンショット 2019-01-15 14.24.59.…)

Another muslim tries to tell Miranda the truth

No. 626366

This woman was tortured and killed just in the suspicion she budded the book. If Miranda makes the wrong friend, or upset anyone, they can readily make a claim like such and the frenzy of the animals with get her killed. NSFW

No. 626367


No. 626368

From the limited amount of images she's shown, he's not middle aged so no bueno. I know she keeps trying to spin the idea here that he's given up his citizenship (which she later contradicts by saying they'll go there in a few years) or is willing to break the law in some other way for his love but that's a crock of shit, to put it politely.

>a Saudi man has to be between 40 and 65 years old to be able to marry a non-Saudi woman

He's clearly young

>A Saudi man has to make at least 3,000 Saudi riyals a month and to have an adequate house or apartment to have his mixed marriage approved.


>The woman whom he wants to marry must be at least 25 years old and the age difference between the two spouses in all cases must not exceed 15 years.


No. 626372

The last time she went private and went on a delete spree, wasn’t she in Canada?

No. 626373

The last time she went private and went on a delete spree, wasn’t she in Canada?

No. 626374

The last time she went private and went on a delete spree, wasn’t she in Canada?

No. 626395

Loooool if she actually tries to say he’s going against the law or tried to find some kinda loop hole because of how in love with her he is, I’m gonna piss myself laughing.
How is a young saudi marrying you miranda and planning to take you to saudi too?

No. 626398

>How is a young saudi marrying you miranda and planning to take you to saudi too?

See, that is what I think. He might have married her in that Muslim no-strings-attached Muslim marriage (the traveler's (misyar) marriage?) but I sincerely doubt that having done that he will actually take her back to SA to live. Far more likely, if he is a young Saudi, he will divorce her and leave in glorious Japan when he needs to go back. Or Canada.

This requires a certain level of Machavellianism on his part, which Miranda thoroughly deserves, tbh, but it is also possible that her prince is actually some other Arab national who is just going to work there. I am 50/50 on which it is.

No. 626404

i don't even think that's what happened. he's probably just playing her.

No. 626431

…and? What's your point? I can find stories of people in America killing others in the name of Christianity. Those people in the muslim world who turn to vigilante justice are actually in the wrong-only the state can impose punishments islamically speaking. In any case, I am no fan of Miranda but you people keep putting posting isolated incidents like they represent the vast majority of Muslims. Your level of discourse on Islam/Muslims isn't really particularly sophisticated.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 626448

File: 1547577332620.gif (2.54 MB, 540x296, tenor.gif)

No. 626452

File: 1547577822543.jpg (146.28 KB, 746x547, K3_comment_6754576576543.jpg)


Found this. I'm not sure if she is legally married. She did mention showing ID, but you still have to obtain and file a Marriage certificate at a Canadian city hall for it to be a legal marriage. (It's only like $50 for the license, nothing expensive.)

If they skipped that part, she's not married.

No. 626510

She can get into a ton of Trouble/high fines if she leaves japan and returns with them. I remember visting some sort of pitstop with a museum of a ton of fakes and attempted smuggled items and was surprised on how big the fines were. I got the impression Japan was really strict with fakes….

No. 626535

She didn’t buy a fake watch. She posted an Instagram video of her buying it. If you go on their websites there are vairiations. Are you really going to tell me they allowed her to film buying a fake product in their store, having bags for the product? She filmed the whole thing to show off her husbands cash.

No. 626545

no one mentioned a watch bby. we're talking about the boots and shit. plus she (you) "bought" a lot of LV items "at the store" that weren't being sold in Japan when she bought them.

No. 626548

Loooool @ “she(you)”

No. 626574

Randa stop

No. 626581

Miranda. You took a video of you wearing your cheap fake and then looking at the store. You did no such thing as filming your "husband" buying this.

First you claim it was a gift from your father, then your "husband" bought it for you? There was no husband yet, otherwise you traveled Japan early September with KM while you were "married". That's messed up, what would your "husband" think of this? Stop with the outrageous claims if you can't back them up

No. 626584

instagram stories that only she can watch is her go to now. the only thing we've seen was her date with some empty bags.

No. 626595

Miranda, it is well documented that KM bought you (fake) LV products. Stop lying.

No. 626606

Yes you did.

>>617754. Here’s you with your fake ass watch.

>>617788 this is what the real one looks like.

No. 626609

File: 1547602988079.jpg (67.64 KB, 422x555, PSX_20181226_225237.jpg)

Close up of one of Miranda's IG stories for comparison. Even with potato zoom quality there is a huge difference

No. 626611

And I doubt that a brand would decide not to put their name on their product, variation or no.

Happy new year Mira, please invest in a dictionary this year.

No. 626624

>>626085 He can't her father isn't Muslim so he cannot fly into Saudi to save her. She is literally going to become a slave willingly without any means for escape.
>>626134 She will believe anything that girl is so flipping naive.
>>626431 The majority of Muslims In Sharia countries believe this, if you speak bad about the prophet, if you disgrace the Quran, you're fit for death. It's not uncommon, and it isn't the same as in the west, you don't see people rushing in a mob to kill a woman for a allegation of any kind. This happens ONLY in Sharia law led countries.

No. 626636

You’re woefully ignorant. There is literally only one country that truly follows shariah law and that’s Saudi. Everyone else is a mix of Islamic and colonial/secular laws. You take examples of mob violence (which islamically is wrong) where people in villages take the law into their own hands to attempt to prove a ridiculous point. There are Hindu villages where merely the rumor that a Muslim are beef in the village is enough to get said Muslim killed. Is India a shariah controlled country?(no1currs about your religion)

No. 626637

Yes, of course muslims believe that in a true Islamic society if someone insults certain Islamic symbols then the death penalty is applies but it’s only allowed to be applied by the Islamic state, not random villagers.

No. 626643

Not you again. Like I said before, when Miranda stops pushing her wahhabist bullshit every single day, then we will stop talking about islam. Until then, everything that she says about islam is free game.

By the way, guess in which countries apostasy or blasphemy against the local or state religion is punishable by execution under the law…I'll give you a hint, they are not Hindu-majority or Christian-majority countries…


No. 626661

"I can find stories of people in America killing others in the name of Christianity."

Oh shut up. Don't give me islam is religion of peace bullshit. this thread is about Miranda. but yeah stop defending the religion.

No. 626691

regarding the twitter situation, i believe she simply made a new twitter account for whatever reason.
The "old" twitter acc when she closed it made the handle @kanadajin3 free to grab to anyone. Im guessing that some random person took over her kanadajin3 handle for reasons unknown so far (i can see half a dozen way of messing with Mira's life a little bit using her old twitter account, wait and see i guess)

I wouldnt expect much to happen from her old twitter acc regarding what she's up too.

And yes, i believe last time she made private was when she was in Canada, most likely to get married.
This time it's slightly different since she made another account right after, which we dont have access to (for now) and only 4 person are following her (guessing only family members)

No. 626700

You sir (or mam?), are incorrect. You cannot grab a recently deleted Twitter handle for that very reason. You have 30 days after deletion (per Twitter's account policy) to login and reclaim the account (minus content of course). She still retains control over her kandajin3 Twitter account.

If it's all the same to you, we'll continue watching the original Twitter account. She's not dumb enough (or is she?) to walk away from all the established history with that Twitter name.

No. 626739

welp, my mistake!

No. 626741

They went to Canada for the religious marriage, so I guess they filed the rest too? An example of how slimy she is, plus now he's got his foot in the door of Canada which is likely part of the deal they have.

The LV bags were clearly used, turnip. They even had creases in them from being folded. Inb4 (but they fold them in the store!)

No. 626743

nta but while it is 'free game' it's boring af and often inaccurate (hey guise, look at this sufi website) and it's also like, this is all we have? This is what we're reduced to?
>Miranda doesn't know shit about islam
>let's dissect it anyway
>spergs muh religion of peace etc >>626661

Who the fuck cares?


No. 626744

yeah I know it's her lol. let's face it, she doesn't have any whiteknights and even when she did it was KM speaking with her voice. extremely recognizable.

No. 626747

If you care so much about islam or if it is boring to you, stop posting here and go troll miranda…she would love to debate you about "pure" wahhabist islam.
In any case, stop with your "But Hindus!" "But Christians!" nonsense. We are going to continue to point out any and all of her bullshit with facts (the information I have seen here tends to be backed up with facts and is a million times more accurate than what Miranda says about islam. For example, you still cannot refute the fact that islamic countries are the only countries in the world that legally punish apostasy).

No. 626749

File: 1547633820648.png (349.78 KB, 1488x1196, スクリーンショット 2019-01-16 19.16.14.…)

Miranda explains the process leading up to her marriage

No. 626751

LOOOOOOL he is ok with the hardship and difficulty with government hahaha shes actually saying he is chosing to break the law because of his love for her while in the same breath shes saying all they talked about was her lack of virginity and irrelevent shit like her birth place hahaha yeah I’m so sure that someone is gonna agree to go through “hardship” for someone they don’t know or care about for any reason. Any normal human would only even begin to consider doing that for someone they are IN LOVE WITH and desperately want to be with because they know them well and have some kind of relationship. Shes actually claiming he fell for her fat face and proceeded to want to marry her going against his culture and law, without even knowing her. Maybe hes autistic or something and his family was trying to find a foreign bride to scam into marrying him because no saudi would.

No. 626753

So the whole bit about meeting his father and having his father arrange the marriage suddenly didn't happen for this narrative? Jfc is she brain damaged?

No. 626755

Tinfoil, but I remember someone (I think last thread) talking about temporary marriages in Islam. If her Saudi Prince husband really is from Saudi Arabia, I really think that going to Canada and having that religious ceremony for a marriage was just an excuse for the supposed husband to get his dick wet while he is a student in Japan. As soon as he is done with the country, he is probably going to fuck off back to his country of origin, leaving Miranda behind. There would be no need for a divorce because there is no marriage license.

No. 626758


you probably mean "misyar marriage", while not the same thing as a temporary marriage both are quite similar. however those marriages are in fact criticized for covering mainly sexual purposes between a couple or prostitution.

I thought about something like that from the beginning, he only want someone for sex while staying abroad.

No. 626760

Why aren't they living together if she is actually married? If they both live in the Tokyo region and
are "islamically" married, there's no reason for them to live apart, right?

No. 626763

yep so it looks like he doesn't live nearby, or somewhere that she can go to. I think she found her ideal guy- she doesn't have to live with him, she can stay in japan for now and he's obliged to send her money.

No. 626977

And I guess he gets to hook up with a white woman at his convenience?

No. 626979

Yep plus that Canada visa when he's ready to give up the fishing boat life or w/e

No. 626981

That's true…well to be honest, it sounds like a good business deal for them both

No. 627021

File: 1547693631925.png (989.77 KB, 1366x768, Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 9.51…)

LOL imagine being so obsessed with a half-Pakistani guy that you convert to Islam for him, but in the process you completely neglect your appearance so much that you become so ugly that no one will ever be attracted to you

I mean Jesus Christ, really throwing the baby out with the bath water here, as they say

No. 627022

At least she got her "Saudi prince"

No. 627023

Am I tired or does her "translation" make zero sense?

No. 627041

Yes, it's weird, but her subtitles have never made much sense.
>If [a restaurant] sells alcohol even though they have halal food, the owner's company is prohibited according to islam. That money is the devil's money.

No. 627068

Isn't Japan a society that thrives on alcohol and social drinking with friends or coworkers/bosses? She sounds like an moron. she needs to leave Japan already

No. 627112

File: 1547780002843.png (1.36 MB, 1332x902, スクリーンショット 2019-01-18 7.58.35.p…)

Miranda's new video

No. 627116

File: 1547780188454.png (309 KB, 1208x1214, スクリーンショット 2019-01-18 11.55.31.…)

Saudi Arabia is the only true islamic country

No. 627122

Congratulation to Miranda, she managed to piss off every single muslim visiting her channel, with that comment!

No. 627152

Just Yikes at that comment. She's so incredibly dumb

No. 627389

This woman risked her life for freedom from Saudi, and thankfully she made it here to Canada to FREEDOM. There is no human rights in Saudi, just the illusion of which that is only afforded to some Muslims. THIS woman needs to teach everyone what bravery is, and to never go to Saudi, Muslim or not.

No. 627391

No. 627392

No. 627421

File: 1547846414250.jpeg (183.65 KB, 1008x1394, received_1208055129349868.jpeg)

Miranda is going to have 10 kids lol

No. 627447

I can't stand this b. She's never stepped one foot in Saudi Arabia in her life, and thinks she has any ground to call a girl who was born and raised there a liar? An 18 year old girl threw her life as she knew it away as a political stunt? I can't wait for her to go to SA, but we'll probably never hear from her again.

No. 627466

They study alone in a foreign country, something she is proudly sharing so as to defend how well saudi women are treated by their goverment and families YET she claims this very act is disgusting and against islam, (travelling alone/being out of the home without a male) a religion that she claims is perfect and that is only truly practiced by her favourite PERFECT country. This bitch gives me a headache.

No. 627663

File: 1547868925833.png (1.26 MB, 1336x854, スクリーンショット 2019-01-19 12.31.05.…)

Miranda asks an ex-muslim critical of her to take down an old video about her and leaves a LONG rant about her wahhabist bullshit. Hilarity ensues as everyone in the comments calls her out on her bullshit and she tries and fails to fight back.


No. 627666

File: 1547869055650.png (308.45 KB, 1310x1146, スクリーンショット 2019-01-19 12.36.21.…)

No. 627667

File: 1547869076601.png (320.56 KB, 1210x1206, スクリーンショット 2019-01-19 12.36.55.…)

No. 627669

File: 1547869119673.png (286.3 KB, 1204x1082, スクリーンショット 2019-01-19 12.38.11.…)

No. 627670

File: 1547869358375.png (282.2 KB, 1298x1176, スクリーンショット 2019-01-19 12.41.16.…)

Marrying/having sex with a child is normal and ok

No. 627672

File: 1547869549572.png (117.55 KB, 1374x496, スクリーンショット 2019-01-19 12.44.18.…)

Believing in science is the same as faith in a religious book like the quran?

No. 627740

File: 1547877081423.png (100.66 KB, 1296x504, スクリーンショット 2019-01-19 14.50.37.…)

Miranda continues to support women being subservient to men

No. 627742

File: 1547877161792.png (206.81 KB, 1308x810, スクリーンショット 2019-01-19 14.52.11.…)

She is not materialist and would prefer to live in the desert

No. 627748

File: 1547877470665.png (275.62 KB, 1326x968, スクリーンショット 2019-01-19 14.55.53.…)

She is not interested in debating…but has written tons of long responses to comments critical of her/islam in the past few days…

No. 627783

File: 1547882409987.jpg (194.17 KB, 634x907, KrRW5oT.jpg)


Women working, even with a baby on their back, has always been the norm. “Traditional Housewives” over the centuries didn’t just raise babies and cook food, they also helped plant and harvest it. Does she think a working woman is only limited to an office job or some place where you are direct competition with men? Mothers throughout history have always worked hard to not only run a household but help their husbands or relatives during tough times. A single income supporting an entire family is a luxury. She is so completely delusional and most importantly, disrespectful to all mothers.

>Japan is strict on housewife culture

She again proves how segregated she has been from actual Japanese people. Always an observer and never a close friend. Almost every Mama friend I have here out in Japan has had to work outside the home part-time or for certain periods of time due to financial demands of raising a child here. Yes, the gender roles are a bit more traditional and the rate of SAHMs is higher but when your family needs more money, the only options are the a) husband practically lives at work b) the mom will find a job so the dad doesn’t die at his desk or c)(which is actually more shameful than two working parents )move into the in-laws house. The economy is not what is was and Japanese people understand this, but this is something Mira could never understand because she has never had a real marriage and she has never had a child to care for. She doesn’t know honest work, being fair to others or what it takes to raise a healthy family where the children feel truly loved. It has always been Mira Mira Mira. Nobody else. All her assertions about the perfect family are like bot-generated stories.

No. 627791

>Companies fire women as soon as they get married or have children
I think I've found the problem, Mira is stuck in the 80s! More and more women work in Japan, the only problem is that many of them don't get regular employment so they can get fired easily.

Once she has a child she'll notice that a lot of life's expenses are not just a matter of mentality.

No. 627802

I just want to thank you for providing a short and sweet version of her long rants. Thank you!

No. 627807

This is just the tip of the iceberg! You should see how many rants she went on about ahadith, the quran, music, wife beating, fashion, etc.

No. 627886

“Luscious life” think she meant luxurious loooooool(emojis)

No. 627890

I don't know how to screencap stories without someone noticing, however our Saudi fan girl went on a long rant about (the woman who fled KSA and found refuge in Canada) Rahaf and how she shouldn't be allowed to talk about Saudi Arabia as she now no longer lives there and is no longer Muslim. I am at lost for words. It's still online right now so if someone wants to listen to weird Mira rant and maybe screencap it…

No. 627891

*loss sorry.
She also talks about how western media shouldn't talk about Saudi Arabia as well. So basically no one should talk about the country, unless you praise the shit out of it.
She also talks about all the videos she will make once she lives there and gives a shout out to two woman who lived in Saudi Arabia and made positive videos about it.

No. 627895

>defending pedophilia

she's beyond disgusting

No. 627907

No Miranda, we won't. You'll block us.

No. 627917

I'm not Mira that's why I'm saying you can still see it and that if you have a way of screencapping it without getting blocked by her you should do it, because at this point there is a lot of: Oh she did this in here story but there is 0 proof.

No. 627938

You have iPhone7. Everybody can screenshot a story except you?

Special little snowflake you, I am cry.

No. 627939

I guess all of the negative comments (that she cannot delete/block) made her feel triggered, causing her to go into nonstop rant mode.

No. 627942

Dude, fucking stop, that's obviously not Randa.

No. 627952

"I don't know how to screencap stories without someone noticing"

But who is someone?

Obviously Miranda

No. 627986

Dude you sound like an idiot, stop.

No. 627991

ok i'll bite on the possible bait.

If you want to take a screencap w/o someone noticing, the best way would be to use the "KM method" : take a second phone, a camera, a webcam (with flip feedback) and use that other device to capture everything.

Now, for the anon talking about how she blocked us all, that's on twitter, not instagram, you need to keep up with the events before jumping to people's throat.

No. 627993

It’s not that hard.


>Instagram will no longer notify users if someone screenshots their Story

>Jun. 14th 2018

>Back in February, some Instagram users started to receive notifications whenever someone took a screenshot of their Story. After experimenting with this feature for several months, Instagram has decided to cancel it altogether.

>As Instagram never officially announced the Story screenshot notification feature, there was no way to know who had it or how much of the community would receive notifications. But if they were a part of the beta test, users would get a push notification whenever someone screenshotted their story, and they would see every screenshotter’s username next to a camera shutter icon.

>Talking to BuzzFeed News, Instagram states that it has “officially ended this test.” While it’s possible that Instagram could put some sort of screenshot protection into the app at a future date, right now, anyone can capture the photos and videos shared by others without the content creator being notified.

No. 628016

KM's "method" was for Snapchat, if it's Instagram there is no special technique needed. For downloading current stories, try https://storiesig.com

No. 628147

>>627742 Says the person trying to pass off fake ass brandname watches and shopping in expensive places, bragging about expensive lingerie. The hypocrisy is real… Her new religion makes her even more smug, looking her nose down on people based upon their faith.

No. 628152

File: 1547961352431.png (330.42 KB, 1210x1224, スクリーンショット 2019-01-20 14.14.39.…)

Someone calls out the inconsistencies in Miranda's Saudi husband story and hits a nerve

No. 628154

File: 1547961396372.png (246.66 KB, 1212x1138, スクリーンショット 2019-01-20 14.16.24.…)

No. 628157

File: 1547961431506.png (129.06 KB, 1162x490, スクリーンショット 2019-01-20 14.16.52.…)

No. 628188

paragraph 2 is all anyone needs to consider. the man cannot be Saudi, he's just someone who aspires to go there.

No. 628189

Also this bullshit about living in Japan-Canada-Saudi, she's been watching Taylor R's videos with envy and wants to pretend she can replicate that life.

No. 628191

it literally says "my close friend is FROM Saudi". Did you link the wrong post?

No. 628193

The guy could have choosen to ask some on point question or something relevant, but decided to ask some of the most basic (if not just plain stupid ) questions…

Why are you still in Japan? Well if the guy is there on a visa, i dont see why he'd go "Well, im now married, im out of here!" Just no…

The Canada-Japan-Saudi wont happen that's for sure. Canada-Saudi at best maybe, but if she wants to keep Japan in the equation they'll need a god damn valid reason to go back to Japan, like owning a sucessfull business or something big… and even if the guy has to go back to Japan for work, he'll probably wont be able to bring the wife and the 10 kids with him every time lol.
And let's face it, IF she goes to SA, she'll never get out of there.

No. 628195

Miranda is the cow that is most desperate to get random anons to believe the lies she says. No other flake has made so made countless sockpuppets or come here pretending to be 50 different people to stan herself every single week.

Now here she is, making a 4+ paragraph response, all while saying "I don't care" and "it's none of your business". She makes laughing at her too easy

No. 628196

yeah it says that in paragraph 1, then is paragraph 2 is the quote from the friend I'm referring to.

No. 628198

Why did you say you made a video with your husband? Why are you dropping hints of your husband and making us ask him questions?

No. 628199

Saying that her husband cannot be saudi based on a quote from some random guy's friend saying stuff on the internet is nowhere near a good enough source to claim he's not saudi…

No. 628202

Only if you have no reading comprehension for things such as >>626368 which have been posted to demonstrate the point.

No. 628203

File: 1547969077618.png (313.37 KB, 1264x1128, スクリーンショット 2019-01-20 16.22.35.…)

Miranda is triggered about Rahaf Mohammed escaping from Saudi to Canada writes a LONG rant about why Rahaf is evil and why Saudi is a paradise for working women

No. 628204

File: 1547969125327.png (317.96 KB, 1388x1216, スクリーンショット 2019-01-20 16.25.01.…)

No. 628205

File: 1547969158856.png (258.9 KB, 1266x1234, スクリーンショット 2019-01-20 16.25.35.…)

No. 628206

File: 1547969193545.png (243.48 KB, 1228x1048, スクリーンショット 2019-01-20 16.26.13.…)

No. 628207

Just to be clear, you are saying that because that one guy is saying that is she indeed married a Saudi, as soon as the wedding is over she'd be flown to SA even tho her husband would be in Japan for whatever reasons?

No. 628234

I'm saying the age gap isn't right for one, and that's a matter of law. But you keep right on defending this point, it makes you stand out in this thread but hey.

No. 628286

File: 1547998802016.png (100.28 KB, 1272x556, スクリーンショット 2019-01-21 0.38.40.p…)

Men must pay for everything for women.

No. 628300

File: 1548001958528.png (33.56 KB, 764x226, Loves corporal punishment.png)

>I love corporal punishment
>What does it matter to me? I don't commit crimes. I follow the rules.

Yeah, she's fucked.

No. 628397

When i saw the title, i thought of something completely different…. quickly, someone give Miranda a cilice!

Ok, i'll se myself out now…

No. 628416

I don’t understand what is so hard to believe that she’s married to a Saudi. She has posted pictures with him, videos of them talking, he types in Saudi dialect and this has been pointed out already. He subtitled her video because it’s in Saudi diaelect. Just because there are laws that prevent someone from marrying doesn’t mean it’s impossible. A quick google search proves otherwise. There’s a fine they have to pay for getting married in another country. His government can’t force them to divorce. They just wouldn’t be able to marry in Saudi Arabia. They got married in Canada so that the marriage would be legal. They probably payed the fee and now are legally married in Saudi Arabia. It’s not that hard to fathom.

No. 628420


no, miranda, you're the only one who believe being married to a saudi.

No. 628430

Miranda, why do you care so much what others think? In the past few days, you have been writing LONG rants to every commenter who questions your stories. Ask your "husband" to let you go outside and get off the internet for a few days. You'll feel much better, trust me.

No. 628449

File: 1548033820112.png (18.55 KB, 782x137, 123.png)

No. 628450

File: 1548033876313.png (66.15 KB, 849x627, Untitled.png)

No. 628479

Paying back the money would be way too easy. As we have seen in the past, if there is a super mega easy path and a super mega hardcore path, Miranda always choose the hardcore one!

And anyway, i doubt she have enough money to pay him back.

No. 628481

Even if she had the money, I am sure that her pride wouldn't let her admit that she did anything wrong.
It would have been easiest to give an apology for past misunderstandings without taking responsibility, but she had to go nuclear and repeatedly call KM a "crazy AF next-level stocker" while denying all of the evidence that he presented about their relationship.

No. 628520

I'm surprised she hasn't blocked him yet. Wouldn't that be much easier than posting long ass rants trying to deny everything?

No. 628527

She did block him. I think that this is on the ex-muslim's video about Miranda.

No. 628531

File: 1548058975303.jpg (37.54 KB, 629x340, getthestonesready.jpg)

>payed the fee and now are legally married in Saudi Arabia
There are age gap laws, sweaty. No mystery fee can override that.

So in a year or two, they're going to move to Saudi Arabia, right?
And in the eyes of Saudi Arabian law, they won't really be married?
Get the stones ready, boys!

No. 628538

completely changing the subject, i just saw a pic she posted on instagram of some fucking gross meal apparently she made it herself, ha i wouldn't feed that shit to my dog. but maybe perfect for her indonesian manual laborer "husband" haha

No. 628539

So where's the pic?

No. 628540

Admiting you have access to her instagram now put you in charge of uploading her pictures until she blocks you, get on it!

No. 628552

It would be haram not to screencap this and post it here.

No. 628568

>These obvious typos
Either you're a troll trying to stir the bait, or your Miranda herself.
Fuck off, and hurry up and move to Saudi so you can bitch and moan about it.

No. 628570


Screen cap that shit, it doesn't notify Miranda

No. 628571

File: 1548076738728.jpg (61.88 KB, 600x516, 7e7.jpg)

Exactly! To talk about having new milk and not post evidence is…

No. 628575

File: 1548081189458.png (234.62 KB, 1338x1090, スクリーンショット 2019-01-21 23.32.36.…)

All of Miranda's past sins have been forgiven

No. 628577

But Mira doesn’t feel guilt or the need to repent for anything she does. She’ll just find a way to justify it, make herself the victim and make up something against person she wronged.

No. 628681

It’s kabda which is traditional saudi breakfast. Not everything looks like bacon and eggs. Other parts of the world eat liver. You shouldn’t insult stuff before you do your research.

No. 628689

Really? I read it's a Moroccan dish.

No. 628690

I'm sure she's said something opposite about divorce. But we all know she's going to divorce this guy when it suits her though. In the meantime she'll keep pretending she's moving to Saudi Arabia while she sends him lingerie pics and bilks him for another $400.

No. 628700

File: 1548116428418.png (235.45 KB, 1304x1024, スクリーンショット 2019-01-22 9.19.22.p…)

Dying with your eyebrows in a plucked state could send you to hell!

No. 628701

nta but fuck off it looks poorly made.

No. 628703

Where's your unibrow then Mira? Looking pretty plucked down the middle to me in this one >>627021

No. 628710

So fucking what if it is saudi breakfast? I don't care wtf it is, I read the anon's post above and went to check it out. Some of us are not fucking lazy in need to be spoon fed and can go look it up instead of expecting free upload service.
It's fucking disgusting, no matter where it comes from. TBH, it looks like she just puked in the pan. Just as nasty as her face

No. 628718

Spoon feeding us that dont have access to her private instagram where she'll block people just because of their profile picture?
There is a fucking reasons why we're asking them to be uploaded her : So we can actually see them, otherwise we cannot. Simple as that.

No. 628719

Upload pics or stop talking about it here

No. 628720

>can't differentiate between kabda and kabsa
>do your research

No. 628721

lol calm down

No. 628735


Haha psychology 101: telling ppl to "calm down" will often have the opposite effect and seriously make the angry person even more pissed off, not that I can blame the anon. I never followed miranda on Instagram, but judging by the disaster that her housewife videos were and her zero talent in the kitchen, I can only imagine her breakfast!

No. 628749

Who gives a shit what her breakfast looks like?

No. 628767

Well this time it's not so much about Miranda, but more about how people came here to talk about a picture yet doesnt provide us with said picture and then yell at us (who havent seen the picture) to stop being lazy and go look it up while we cannot do so.

On this board, when we talk about something, we provide source/picture so other people can understand too. They failed at that point this time, making people angry.

No. 628790

kabda and kabsa are both Saudi..and no one has kabsa for breakfast lol

No. 628791

kabda and kabsa are both Saudi..and no one has kabsa for breakfast lol

No. 628795

Without a pic, no one cares. Stop this conversation or post a pic.

No. 628808

I'm not even the same person idiot. Mira blocked me on insta when I asked her husband if he knows the truth about her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 628907

Mira, I almost feel bad about harassing you in these threads. I will never harass you again if you:
1) Publicly apologize to Rachel for smearing and trying to ruin her business.
2) Apologize to Unrested for manipulating and mistreating him.
3) Admit that fundamentalist Islam is stupid and oppressive, contributing to the misery of people and especially women all over the world. I'm not asking you give up Islam, but just to adopt a more liberal, enlightened version of it. Stop wearing the scarf/veil/head wrap thing, maybe get into Sufi philosophy and poetry, and for all our sakes start wearing make up again.
4) Stop dragging Rodi into your shit.
5) Stop pretending to lose your ability to speak English. You've even admitted the "language attrition" claim was stupid in the past.
6) Get a job or enroll in a real, legitimate, recognized school.

No. 628942

File: 1548186075461.jpeg (248.11 KB, 736x2180, received_1197185050431082.jpeg)

Miranda with a long rant on her Saudi husband video

No. 628946

tl;dr for sane anons

>randa bitches about how no one is supposed to judge her even though she can judge everyone else and tries using islam as a safety net

>gets mad at the audacity that people would ask her certain things, then proceeds to answer those things anyway

No. 628963

I’ve been fact checking everything that Mira is saying about Islam. Turns out that what she saying is correct. As a Muslim you are not allowed to spread rumours about another person. If you know something about them that is true but bad it also is not allowed and it’s counted as sinful. It also turns out it’s a great sin to accuse a woman of having sex outside of marriage (zina) as he referred to. Whoever this guy is I hope for the sake of him that he is only a troll and not really from Saudi Arabia. It looks like it’s acrually a criminal offense to do something like that in Saudi Arabia. I read online you can get 8 lashes for accusing or spreading information about a woman online. I don’t know if this person would ever get caught….doubt it…but I just thought I would leave that there because I found it interesting how strict the laws are.

Personally I think it’s stupid that people are up for debate if she is married or not. Even if we ignore the Saudi phase, we still have some random guy who does speak Arabic appearing on her Instagram. Her dad also did post on his Facebook that she is married. Let’s put on the tinfoil hats and imagine her family lied and she has some random Arabic dude to pretend she is married to….

Who the fuck pays this chicks rent?
Remember, she doesn’t work. She doesn’t have KM to give her pimp payouts anymore. She doesn’t have any Adsense money. She has nothing to pay her rent. Who is paying that? Nobody, except for a husband would pay for some random chicks rent.

No. 628965

k mira

No. 628969

Not everyone is lazy like you and doesn’t fact check what comes out of her mouth. If you all want to prove he is Saudi Arabia why don’t you just ask questions in Arabic or some shit. Smartass

No. 628972

Sure Miranda

No. 628975

Dude… you "fact checked" a religion. There are thousands if not millions of interpretations and translations of holy books. There is literally no such thing as fact checking a religion. Every person picks the bits and pieces they like and don't like.

No. 628977

Please see >>628907 and respond

No. 629072

Fact checking?
Miranda's wahhabist rants about hadith, quran, etc. are based on the ideology of Bayyinah Institute led by Nouman Ali Khan. She pretty much only repeats what Khan says, so in that meaning, her draconian interpretation of islam is correct.
However, while she loves to pontificate and criticize other muslims for being incorrect, when presented with hadith that show that she has made a mistake (e.g., wearing a wig is not ok, drawing pictures of animals is not ok), she never admits being wrong and says shit like "You can't judge another muslim!" "You don't know my heart!" "You should not talk bad about a muslim who is learning!" "That hadith is not authentic!"

No. 629074

File: 1548214737460.png (127.85 KB, 1380x600, スクリーンショット 2019-01-23 12.37.28.…)

Let's see what she is learning at Bayyinah's online "univercity"

No. 629086

Thank you for being a voice of sanity, anon.

I don't know how anyone thought Miranda, of all people, needs to be 'fact-checked'. Her ignorance and lying are legendary.

No. 629100

So why isn’t this obnoxious potato knocked up and posting videos of herself cleaning her floor tiles with a toothbrush? Didn’t someone say that her Saudi prince actually lives SEPARATELY from her? Who is her mahram if they don’t live together? She sure loves to lecture others but provides no proof that she is fulfilling her wifely duties. Her “husband” isn’t even brave enough to show his face.

No. 629101

The straight path of being in a fake marriage, hanging out with a non-mahram (KM) and deceiving him out of his money?

No. 629102

>So why isn’t this obnoxious potato knocked up and posting videos of herself cleaning her floor tiles with a toothbrush?

Same reason we have white Christian tradthots like the Kent State gun girl posing in swimsuits and lowcut dresses. Mira gets to feel superior to others and praised by people who are part of her "cause." She can rant all she wants about chastity and sobriety and how amazing she is for being Muslim, and other ISIS assholes will cheer her on. It's 'do as I say, not as I do.' And of course Mira picked a cause that will literally kill her if she gets in too deep and tries to leave. If she does go to Saudi Arabia, I don't think her in-laws would be okay with her doing Youtube, even if she's deleted all her previous hair-porn videos.

No. 629108

I just can’t over the fact that besides not actually being a mother or housewife, her role in this marriage comes off very masculine, doesn’t it? We have her tiny and younger Indonesian husband hiding his face like a bashful little school girl while Mira dictates every piece of information that it released about him. Despite communicating with Mira in English, he won’t speak for himself or make a single video statement to defend his wife or help salvage what is left of her reputation. Meanwhile, Mira is all over YouTube comments behaving aggressively and provocatively with a majority of MEN, including the man who has accused her of infidelity and stealing. Not once has her brave, authoritative and protective husband stepped in and said “Enough is enough” or shown one iota of courtesy that a pious Muslim man should have.

If he is real, there are only two explanations for this: He is shameful, submissive, and weak man-baby who lets Mira walk all over him OR, he really does not give a shit about her.

No. 629135

Here's a new article for Miranda regarding her future paradise for women:

"Two drowned Saudi sisters committed suicide: US medical examiner"

The most interesting point : "US media quoted police as saying the sisters had indicated that they would rather harm themselves than return to Saudi Arabia."


No. 629188

File: 1548245802088.jpg (25.11 KB, 531x276, DokDVhdVAAE9MhT.jpg)

yahoo news? for a stretch like this?

No. 629191

Completely agree!
If he was a real man ( as miranda portrays him) and a real muslim, he would already shown up online defending his wifey ISIS style. No real man (actually muslim or not) would even be quiet and just watch the mess that his wifey online presence is.
So… he's either a semi illiterate Indonesia factory worker who doesn't give a fuck… or he only exist in mirandas delusional brain.

No. 629193

Since miranda loves to take her muslim to the extreme, who wants to tell her that her pudding videos are haram because of the gelatin? Technically her starbucks trips could be nonhalal as well. Most fruity cakes/baked goods like cherry or strawberry have gelatin. I recently learned i was always being asked if items had alcohol in them because vanilla extract is made with alcohol (at least in the US) and is haram. Not sure if starbucks jp uses vanilla extract or flavorings with alcohol though.

No. 629194

>inb4 Mira pulls a Kiki and spergs about regular restaurants making halal food especially for her

No. 629210

Unless Mira shows us her husband I am calling her a liar and that her marriage is another one of her lies to prove she is a Muslim when she's probably neither or. I don't think she has a Muslim husband. I think it's all lies. Otherwise, why won't she let him out of his dungeon and show his face if she's so confident about her husband? I think as usual she is delusional and full of shit.

No. 629288

File: 1548271000888.png (1.28 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190123-114036.png)

Her hands are enormous compared to her supposed "Husband".

Has he even reached puberty? (Could be, Miranda has said she's cool with pedophilia)

No. 629368

Unless he's an idiot moron from some Asian country, as anons above have speculated, who is attracted to some Canadian visa status.
miranda clearly wears the pants in this relationship, if it even exists. Guy has no say and no balls either apparently.
If he was the Saudi perfect Muslim prince of her dreams, he would have the balls to make an appearance and say something online, not hide under Miranda's burka.
Fucking retard can even keep this part of her lie straight.
Cannot have it both ways, you moron! He cannot be the super protective perfect Muslim hubby who cares for all your needs and wants, and at the same time be a ball-less fuck who doesn't give a shit enough to show his face.

No. 629388

File: 1548289621702.png (292.35 KB, 1268x1062, スクリーンショット 2019-01-24 9.25.40.p…)

Miranda looks forward to "easy" life in Saudi where every family has a foreign driver and foreign maid.

No. 629411

>women begging in the street after being widowed or divorced
>beating your foreign teenage maid
yes sounds like the life.

No. 629427

The Average salary in SA comes to about $63000 US.

That, of course, also depends on which city.

No. 629480

You can travel outside of Saudi on your own if your mahram allows it.

No. 629542

Has she ever said who her mahram was between her conversion and her marriage (assuming it actually happened)?

No. 629548


Pretty sure those are both her hands

No. 629557

yea it's kind of hard to tell tbh. i still think it could be a "customer" and she's slutting around for $$.(autism)

No. 629699

Have we not already established that a) she doesn't know shit about islam and b) she doesn't care and will twist it around to suit her?
Why do people keep rehashing this shit?

mahrams are only for other people, anon. Miranda is special. Also lmao at the idea her 'marriage' ever happened.

No. 629701

I wish we could take a poll here to ask how many people believe if Miranda is actually (legally and in fact) married to a Saudi citizen

No. 629703

japan doesn't use gelatin usually. they substitute it for agar-agar.

No. 629830

Make one then. There are free poll sites where all you do is give us the link. I see people on 4chan making them a lot

No. 629864

No. 629868

Oh it's also anonymous and you don't need to sign in!

No. 629873

Thank you!

No. 629957

You should have added another option “no but I think she’s married to a 4’11 Indonesian farmer who has no idea what she’s doing online because he doesn’t speak english”

No. 630091

Oh dang that is a good one!

No. 630263

This actually seems pretty feasible given her past. I'm not sure why this was banned tbh. That's also basically what that islamic sham marriage other anons were considering amounts to. Didn't Randa used to work at a kyaba?

No. 630288

They sure use gelatin. Agar-Agar is used in traditional Japanese sweets etc., but most puddings or jelly are made with gelatin.

No. 630304

NTA but not in my experience, the bakery I used to work for liked it better because it's viewed as healthier. There are different kinds of agar, powdered agar is used for modern desserts like pudding. And a lot of fruit desserts use pectin anyway, no gelatin.

No. 630338

I can’t imagine being a conservative, religious man who is suportive of strict gender roles and not lifting a teeny tiny finger to take the pressure off his wife. No matter how horrible we know she is, if she has suckered a guy into thinking she is world’s best Muslima, why wouldn’t a real husband be absolutely livid seeing what is going on online? She says he knows all about her channel and approves her Instagram, but he just sits back and lets the fire burn. He would either be fighting in her honor or he would take her computer/phone away.

Damn. He got baby hands like Tom Thumb

No. 630393

Exactly. That's why he is either a retarded Indonesian farmer or he doesn't exist KEK

No. 630396

>>629388 Normally they're low-paid or slave labour, which is a big business in Saudi. There's so many people who go from Africa to Saudi to live in these homes, thinking they'll get paid we'll. Most do not. Many never see a pay-cheque, working or on call 24/7. It is NOT a good place to work. Legally allowed one foreigner/slave per-household. SO she better watch out, she may have married in as a slave(emoji)

No. 630496

he's not a saudi so there's no danger of that

No. 630717

File: 1548404879075.jpg (972.2 KB, 1242x1573, 1548402722636.jpg)

Just leaving this here. kbye(Off-topic)

No. 630825

60 votes, and only 1 voted they believe Miranda. I wonder if that was somebody trolling or Mira herself

No. 630930

Long time listener, first time caller. Just wanted to ask, who the fuck cares?

I'm surprised that option didn't get more votes, given we still have a bunch of anons that believe in him.
I doubt the one vote was Miranda, she would've voted for that option like 100 times.

No. 631191

we don't have a bunch of mira believers here, just the one.

No. 631208

You can only vote once

No. 631275

File: 1548462082386.png (137.59 KB, 1334x596, スクリーンショット 2019-01-26 9.19.49.p…)

Miranda admits her accent changes depends on who she hangs out with.

No. 631306

He could just be a socially awkward weeb and happy that a white woman (or even just a woman) has taken interest in him. It is conceivable that Miranda managed to stumble across another nutter like herself who is unaware of the fact that she too is socially inept. Or he could have a patriarchal view that she's just a silly woman with sincere but foolish views on Islam. Or he could just be in the honeymoon period and reality hasn't hit him yet. There are a lot of fucking weirdos out there.
If you live in a country for long enough then your accent will start to conform to their's a bit, but it's pretty clear here that when Mira becomes obsessed with something, she wants to fully embody it, accent and (broken) language included.

No. 631538

I don’t understand…. how is she making up a husband when he appears in her Instagram pretty much everyday…is everyone on here really blocked?

No. 631562

It makes sense after long-term exposure, especially in a environment where the majority of people talk a certain way, but not EVERY time you hang out with a new group of friends or date a new guy. That is pathological.

No. 631595

She's making up the fact that the guy is Saudi.

No. 631685

Oh wow, thanks for letting us know what's going on in your Instagram, Miranda.

I am happeh

No. 631686

Pretty sure Miranda is saying she has an audi husband, as in he works for Audi


No. 631727


No Miranda. Lots of us can still see your Instagram.

And no, “he” doesn’t appear in your stories nearly everyday. He doesn’t even live with you. A pair of very tiny hands (smaller than your own) or a foot appears every now and again.

Hands and feet so small that they could be female.

No. 631735

Realtek video

No. 631757

It just occurred to me that Mira actually reminds me a lot of Chris Chan, in so many ways. The odd presentation style, the idiosyncratic speech patterns, the constant obsessions, the inability to really relate to people. I would almost ask if she might be on the autistic spectrum, but it doesn't really seem like she is, so that makes me wonder if they both have something else going on…

It would be absolutely amazing if the two of them dated. Talk about a power couple. Maybe if he stops being trans and starts calling himself "genderfluid" as so many ex-trans people do, and maybe if she becomes less extreme in her religious beliefs…

No. 631762

You can vote your heart out. Check again.

I'm onboard with the weeb theory but number 1 pick is still Indo or something who wants to go to Saudi for work because he doesn't realise slavery is still a thing.

lmao more of the "this totally happened but she must've hidden / deleted it" approach huh?

No. 631764

File: 1548517642383.jpg (350.22 KB, 1425x1900, 20190126_104649.jpg)

No. 631779

File: 1548520479914.jpg (943.98 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190126-173244.jpg)

Q&A time!

No. 631783

Do you think she does it on purpose?

No. 631788


No. 631798

I think she means immersion

No. 631850

No. 631856

you can only vote once, as >>631764
showed, it’s by IP address. Check yourself before being an ass

No. 631882

Chris is nothing like Miranda..wtf? Not in intelligence or character. Chris was able to finish high school, can drive across states and knows how to write well. He just has the gullibility, interests and social awkwardness of a 7 year old, and now apparently schizophrenia.

Miranda is just very, very dumb.

No. 631973

Obviously she means Emerson Electric, you guys! They manufacture the garbage disposal units that she uses to destroy her textbooks.

Even Chris-Chan is more accomplished and well-liked than Mira. Oh my God…

No. 631977

When Cris-chan is smarter than you kek

No. 631981

File: 1548545862473.png (1.69 MB, 1526x888, スクリーンショット 2019-01-27 8.36.00.p…)

Miranda's new video
Trying to get Japanese citizenship was a "nightmear"

No. 631987

Basically the gist of the video is the same bullshit that she has been claiming how/why she got denied citizenship:
1. Her case worker had a "low level of education" and she gets very angry when people are "stupid"
2. She was angry that she was asked questions about her (fake) marriage(s) such as if they actually lived together
3. She was angry that she was asked to prove that she actually lived at her house
4. When indicated that her house didn't have any furniture, the reason was because it "blended into the walls" and was not easily visible
5. She is happy that she got denied because she was feeling paranoid and she could marry her Saudi husband in Canada

As someone who has successfully gone through the naturalization process, I will say again here that the reason why she was denied was not losing her job, but rather the irregularities regarding her "marriage(s)", doubt regarding if she actually lived at her house, and her normally combative attitude.

No. 631995

All of that stuff seems like basics for applying for citizenship in any country. I've heard that the US process includes things like photographs going back years to prove that a marriage isn't a sham.

And extra LOL at her accusing someone else having a "low level of education," and sticking to the furniture blending into walls crap

No. 631996


Wow! Still going with the invisible furniture!

No. 632002

lol..blended with the wall… her audience must be a bunch of idiots to believe her

No. 632039

Judging from recent comments on her videos, it appears that now almost all of her followers are muslim non-native speakers of English, so I doubt that they understand her enough to see through her bullshit

No. 632081

File: 1548556411201.png (54.54 KB, 844x235, 2019-01-26 (1).png)

Oh no, Mira's figured us out! She hid the likes bar, now none of us will watch her vids anymore

No. 632084

Chris not only graduated high school, Chris has a two-year associate’s degree (earned over five years, but hey…)

Chris also writes and spells way better than Miranda. Chris is the superior being here. Which is terrifying.

No. 632092

Somebody just mentioned in a live stream they should get together but Chris isn't muslim so it would never happen unless Mira gets into something like autistic trans ideology.

No. 632105


i showed the video to my japanese husband so he could have a good laugh and his first reaction was "she has the face of a huge liar" lmao(no1curr)

No. 632110

File: 1548559320206.jpeg (388.67 KB, 718x1440, E173846A-69E7-4022-AE23-66607F…)

Full blow peophilia apologist now. According to Miranda, back in the day, 8 year olds were as mentally and emotionally mature as 25 year olds.

No. 632139

File: 1548562501577.png (81.41 KB, 1260x562, スクリーンショット 2019-01-27 13.11.49.…)

When asked about her sex life with her husband by her case worker…

Again, based on experience I can say that it is not common for applicants to be asked about marital relations, but since her first "husband" left fairly quickly and she was working as a hostess, etc., it is not unreasonable for the case worker to suspect that she was in a fake marriage.

No. 632222

File: 1548569667376.png (377.78 KB, 1384x1266, スクリーンショット 2019-01-27 15.13.12.…)

Miranda ranting about Rahaf Mohammed again and explaining why Saudi is a paradise for highly educated women

No. 632427

Miranda seriously seems to be transforming into a more and more radical salafist as time goes on. I wonder if she'll eventually max out on how extreme you can get with salafism and have to adopt even crazier shit like Pashtunwali or something.

No. 632429

She should just join isis asap

No. 632699

KM keeps posting on pull, often irrelevant to the topic too. Just keeps on ranting how butthurt he is, and keeps sharing pictures of her.

He's mad. I get it. He wants to vent, I get it.

But the bathtub/onsen shots of her naked/half naked. It feels like when a guy posts revenge porn.. :/

Post pictures of her hair, clothes, whatever. But naked? Cmon dude.

No. 632711

She'll push far enough until some extreme muslim man puts her in her place or tells her to be quiet. Seems like she won't listen otherwise

No. 632717

Hey randaaaa(hi [cow])

No. 632738


Because I think it's uncool to post and spread a girls naked photos online, I have to be Miranda?

No. 632739

Someone posting pics and videos you publicly published of yourself naked in a bath with yuzu photoshopped over your boobs isn't revenge porn, Mira

No. 632741

Didn't say it is revenge porn, said it feels like it.

No. 632744

Y'all just thirsty for randa lewds or what?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 632754

wonder why km only posts public pictures and no privats of mira.

(seems after years of friendship mira sent him none :-) )(:-))

No. 632776

yeah, there's absolutely no way around that, ip addresses are srs business. /s (and it's based on cookies anyhow)


He was always deranged, we just ignored it because he was bringing milk. As others have pointed out, it might be shitty but this is stuff that was already public.

No. 632891

File: 1548658341831.jpg (299.01 KB, 1229x1234, mari_twitter_2019_01_28.jpg)

Her twitter has opened up again.


Still calling herself "Mari" and it's very interesting that she's retweeting stuff from Rahaf Mohammed.

No. 632911

This does not appear to be her real twitter account …it contains a lot of links to stories critical of Saudi, etc.

No. 632934

i swear in her last rant she said all of her family members are house wifes so its something she is use to, and now shes the black sheep for wanting to be a SAHM?

No. 632970

It was already established earlier in the thread that she still controls this account. (She deleted the original account and recreated under this same handle… you can't take control of an old twitter until until after 30 days have passed, all this happened within the 30 day window.) It's typical Mira, spinning a new story…

No. 632971

From her youtube profil, that twitter is the one linked to her japanese channel, while her new twitter acc is linked to her normal channel.

No. 632973

Good catch. Forgot about her Japanese channel…

No. 633230

File: 1548716184825.png (697.84 KB, 1430x1198, スクリーンショット 2019-01-29 7.50.53.p…)

Now on PULL, Miranda claims to have been forced to pay back KM because she didn't check her email.

No. 633232

File: 1548716319659.png (728.47 KB, 968x976, スクリーンショット 2019-01-29 7.58.18.p…)

No. 633245

File: 1548718253421.jpg (29.37 KB, 375x266, thumb-375xauto-28358-1.jpg)

No. 633248

File: 1548718364411.png (461.92 KB, 1380x1082, スクリーンショット 2019-01-29 8.32.19.p…)

No. 633249

File: 1548718406872.png (606.34 KB, 1292x1276, スクリーンショット 2019-01-29 8.33.35.p…)

No. 633250

File: 1548718449400.png (137.55 KB, 1290x342, スクリーンショット 2019-01-29 8.34.13.p…)

No. 633253

File: 1548718529334.png (576.76 KB, 1738x1060, スクリーンショット 2019-01-29 8.35.30.p…)

No. 633254

File: 1548718584671.png (84.87 KB, 2040x104, スクリーンショット 2019-01-29 8.36.18.p…)

KM responds

No. 633256

Basically her claim is that she spent all the money long ago, so paypal will have to write it off. Furthermore, the total is only half of the money that she owes KM.

No. 633258

Wait, is she saying that she sent him naked pictures? Because he didn't post any of those irc.
Happy he got his money back btw, though I wonder how PayPal is going to get the money back from her. I won't believe that she has 6300$ so she can refund PayPal.

No. 633262

We always knew she's a slut and her isis cosplay doesn't change that.
Obviously she must have sent a lot of dirty naked pics to KM to get more money from him

No. 633271


With her rant, she basically confirmed all of the shit KM posted is real despite her claim that all of the screen shots were fake and photoshopped.

PayPal wouldn’t have refunded the money without some proof.

Why not just get your super rich, totally real and not imaginary, Saudi Prince husband to pay back PayPal? Hasn’t she been posting how that’s the husband’s job?

No. 633273

I image that for Miranda, any type of hair porn pictures would be considered "naked"

No. 633285

Third paragraph.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is how you end up in jail!
That's not how paypal work.
You cannot have a "fake paypal account" because even if she removed the banking infos… they still have them on record. Oh and by the way, did i mention it's illegal to do something like that? it's called fraud.
And no, they wont "write off" 10 000$ because fuck logic.

That girl got serious issues….

No. 633307

File: 1548723845828.png (1.52 MB, 1628x858, スクリーンショット 2019-01-29 10.00.54.…)

Miranda, why are you so triggered about KM posting bikini/nude pictures of you? You posted the videos of you in the bath, etc., so the pictures are all over the internet. Just type Kanadajin3 into Google and see what pics come up.

No. 633311

File: 1548724002421.png (1.21 MB, 876x818, スクリーンショット 2019-01-29 10.06.07.…)

Seriously Miranda, it literally took me 5 seconds to find these kinds of pics on google

No. 633320

god I remember this one, fucking ugly as sin; looks unattractive even in a bikini

- anyway, nitpicking aside, I'm amazed she thinks "he has no right to keep being mad because paypal paid him back" - as if everything she's done/that she had no intention of paying him back/that shes ignored and blocked him instead of paying him back means nothing

she's such a stupid, ugly sloth holy shit
I will scream with joy when she finally faces legal action - whether for the fake visas or paypal coming after their lump sum

No. 633368

KM is sharper than we thought, he obviously didn't use 'friends and family' (or not too much). He must have put at last some of these as for goods and services - the ones where paintings were mentioned, I expect.

No. 633375

Paypal is going to ruin her credit and she could be arrested/deported for this.

No. 633390

I feel like I've seen this photo somewhere else before.

Was she ever a full-on prostitute? or Maybe a sugar baby on Seeking Arrangement?

I could see her doing this on the down low to keep her life in Japan afloat. I wonder…

No. 633395

She was a hostess or kyaba girl (can't remember which) before, so she was probably prostituting on the side. Her initial Japanese phase was ""gyaru"" influenced so she really took to the lifestyle. Most hostess or kyaba girls prostitute a bit.

No. 633445

I don't think I'm the only one who would love to see her go to jail…

No. 633485

Females at PULL are butthurt because KM posted the pics.
I'm female and I think KM (and anyone/everyone) can post whatever. She should have kept her nude shots to herself if she didn't want anyone to see them.
Actually, I'm loving all the milk KM posts!
And like the anon above, I'd love to see her locked up for bank fraud and scam

No. 633492

post the pics here

No. 633515

They are old picture either on this thread or previous ones, nothing new (at the beach, onsen, yuku baths, stuff like that). And since these girls were mad at KM for posting them, he(or a mod) deleted them.

No. 633545

Looks like they are posted here too

No. 633548

File: 1548742571667.jpg (119.91 KB, 1081x1075, ip8RQFP.jpg)

It's literal hair porn!

No. 633550

File: 1548742715506.png (975.74 KB, 806x1034, スクリーンショット 2019-01-29 15.17.35.…)

Like I said, the pics are not new, you can find them on the internet. I don't know why the PULL people were freaking out, because there is no actual nudity shown, just hair porn.

No. 633557

>closed my paypal
>didn't notice it didn't actually close because -$10,000

lmao she's such a fucking potato. She really thought she could just ignore this shit, Paypal would foot the bill, and she could just walk away. Amazing stuff.

>no actual nudity shown
>posts nude pic

I know what you meant, anon, but really.

No. 633586

File: 1548747304770.png (1.93 MB, 1488x1198, スクリーンショット 2019-01-29 16.33.24.…)

No adult pics here, just some good old fashioned hair porn.

No. 633587

Can this be next thread pic?

No. 633589

File: 1548747711532.png (1.09 MB, 1458x1058, スクリーンショット 2019-01-29 16.40.55.…)

There's a lot of contenders in this batch

No. 633590

File: 1548747832348.png (1.43 MB, 1472x1230, スクリーンショット 2019-01-29 16.43.27.…)

No. 633591

Those caterpillars on her eyes, I'm dying. The fake lashes aren't even glued on properly, I forgot she used to do that.

No. 633697

What are Japan's labor laws? In her new video, Mira claims that when she was working at a restaurant, her hours were 10 AM to midnight (14 hours)

No. 633729

I don't know Japanese labor law, but I do know Miranda is too fucking lazy to ever have worked a shift like that..

No. 633738


Yeah I highly doubt she worked a shift that long and a real job at that. Not one as a host.

No. 633788


No. 633820

File: 1548804472103.png (145.02 KB, 1480x652, スクリーンショット 2019-01-30 8.25.09.p…)

Miranda loves wearing the abaya. She sweats less in it because it doesn't "constict" to the body.

No. 633823

File: 1548804755658.png (285.15 KB, 1478x1018, スクリーンショット 2019-01-30 8.32.47.p…)

Miranda's message to haterz

No. 633824

File: 1548804796959.png (233.9 KB, 1414x922, スクリーンショット 2019-01-30 8.33.07.p…)

No. 633845

Okay Miranda since you claim you will answer our questions did you or did you not hurt people by stalking them with your sock puppets and used KM for money thereby scamming him with lies that you are his girlfriend to get it?

Did you have not one but two visa husbands?

Is your Saudi husband even real? Why won't you show his real face?

Answer those questions and we'll see. You think you're Miss Thing but in reality you're just a scared girl who doesn't know how to apologize properly to people YOU hurt and can't face the consequences of YOUR actions.

No. 633855

Since you want questions.
1. "'Her husband doesn't live with her', who said that?"
You did! Don't you remember that?

2. "The account is fake"
You are admitting to committing fraud?

3. "Pretending that we had some fling going on"
You don't remember telling KM that you were his girlfriend so that he would send you money? We have evidence.

4. "I literally upload lazy ass videos to show my family"
You proudly said that you were making more than 300,000 yen per month. Why were you relying youtube as your main source of income to finance your expensive lifestyle until the "gravy train" ran out and you were forced to scam KM out of money?

5. "He was donating"
We have evidence saying that it was a loan. He repeatedly asked when you would pay him back, and you kept saying you would pay him back until you called him a stalker and blocked him. You don't remember that?

6. "You should know that he has commented about my haters"
Miranda, you have blocked everyone from viewing your instagram so no one knows what is happening. Furthermore, you have shown no evidence of your "husband" other than a few hand shots. If he supports your online activities and you are proud of him, why not show him off?

As you can see, Miranda, you tell so many conflicting lies about everything so you cannot remember what you have said.

No. 633866

How does she not even know how to spell “soul”

No. 633979

File: 1548823250663.jpg (73.33 KB, 1920x1080, tkxAc47.jpg)

More glorious hair p0rn

No. 633982

File: 1548825024110.png (704.45 KB, 1458x926, スクリーンショット 2019-01-30 14.09.27.…)

How many clickbait yuzu bath videos did she make?

No. 633983

File: 1548825104694.png (1.27 MB, 1132x936, スクリーンショット 2019-01-30 14.11.27.…)

This batch has a lot of back porn…

No. 633984

File: 1548825176347.png (712.9 KB, 1112x816, スクリーンショット 2019-01-30 14.12.27.…)

Too many

No. 634007

This is literally softcore porn, just tip-toeing on youtube's guidelines. Imagine being a devout Muslim..and this is your wife. This is why I'm 100% sure Miranda's husband can't read or speak English. She's pretending to be him in those Q&A to carry out a biased internet fantasy, like she's done millions of times with her sockpuppets.

No. 634014

I’m a really casual lurker, can anyone tell me what happened to her Twitter?

No. 634029

She has 2 - the old ID linked above is the one she deleted and restored as “Mari” - the other is new, under “MiraNagayama”

https://twitter.com/miranagayama - New

No. 634030

What's she playing at with the 'mari' one? Trying to pretend it's not hers?

No. 634081

We're not sure yet, it's weird.

No. 634095

I think Mari is short for her new “Muslim Name” Mariam/Maryam and she’s going to use that account for being the most Muslimiest Muslim, pretending she isn’t a vile asshole. All for show. It’s already full of nauseating inspirational quotes and Islam-related retweets while she’s off on the other side of the Internet, cussing and ranting at people in YouTube comments.

No. 634102

File: 1548850271549.png (67.24 KB, 431x580, sugoidesuneeeeeeee.PNG)

I missed this so I went to check it out. My favorite part is how her first few tweets are in toddler-level Japanese.

Also she only has 1 follower? Such a bizarre fresh start.

No. 634105

Well it looks like Miranda reeled in someone else over at PULL to do her bidding for her. When will people learn she is just a toxic person?

No. 634137

But those tweets are all about how Saudi Arabia sucks for women. Complete opposite of Randa’s ramblings on how Saudi is the best place ever.

No. 634155

See >>626700 - no one else could have had the handle. I think it's weird too but who knows with her. Maybe becoming a feminist is her way out of this phase.

No. 634166

File: 1548864600123.jpeg (65.71 KB, 750x178, 68A5559A-7E7D-4838-89B1-D31131…)

But it’s also strange how she’s tweeting about the snow storm in Toronto yet is in Japan. I still believe she’s been back in Canada this whole time.

No. 634168

Could have been hijacked. One of my disused Twitter accounts was hijacked and now posts videogame shit in Turkish.

No. 634170

That’s not her twitter anymore, someone took the user name when it became free after 30 days.

No. 634171

That's what I said before! The content goes totally against her wahhabist philosophy

No. 634186

I bet it is actually KM who took her old account. His Japanese is pretty basic level and it seems like something only KM would be determined to fight for. Just a guess. Whoever took her account name they are someone who goes on this forum and tries to confuse us. The account is posting about Japan, Canada and Saudi Arabia. Pretending to be like Mira but not blatantly saying so. Personally I think the anon who keeps mentioning the account is the owner. Nobody on here is focusing on that account because we know now that it’s not Mira’s account. She wouldn’t have deleted her account only to create a new one under the same name without claiming it.

No. 634187

File: 1548868181205.png (78.05 KB, 1440x2560, mira1.png)

No. 634188

File: 1548868224574.png (176.59 KB, 1440x2560, mira2.png)

Please stop harassing Naruru

No. 634190

File: 1548868539732.png (192.23 KB, 1440x2560, mira3.png)

You b**
6 letter word don't make me spill the beans
What do you mean by that?
Why are you talking about my wife online?

(Last two sentences are confusing)

No. 634194

the last two sentences are something like this "are you holding this much of grudge? leave her alone"

No. 634197

Much ablige!

No. 634199

Why don’t you respond? See if he is really Saudi?

No. 634200

Is she using google translate or is it a real Arabic speaker typing? Respond and see what he says.

No. 634205

Because this isn't the husband, it's Miranda's poor attempt at pretending

No. 634207

Then who is the husband?
Can we get a preview of the tea? What is it related to?

No. 634225

We have already went over this. It is not her account.

No. 634270

Is naru going to reply to that Instagram account “moose_ah8” ? Maybe she can ask him if he knows about her YouTube drama. If it is her husband….. well she doesn’t speak Arabic so if she’s using translate it will take long for her to reply so that’s how we can bust her.

No. 634285

Go to bed Miranda

No. 634293

In today's news: Miranda doesn't remember that bitch only contains 5 letters.

And wants us to believe her "husband" is a terrible Arabic speaker who is also somehow aware of colloquialisms in English like "spill the beans" but can't count the number of letters in "bitch". Hmm either they're exactly alike, or…

No. 634305


Why does Miranda think she is good at sock puppeting. Going all the way back to the Punk Sudbury forums, it's always painfully obvious that it's her.

You'd think with all that practice, she'd have some kind of improvement. (But then, she has lived in Japan for years and never learned how to speak Japanese any better..)

No. 634315

Just because I am currious if she’s going to reply doesn’t mean I am Miranda. I don’t speak Arabic but if I did I would reply myself to this “husband”. I would test his Arabic skills, see if she’s using google translate, see if he knows about her YouTube drama.

No. 634325

File: 1548878969139.jpeg (23.57 KB, 600x600, 9C7F7CC1-B92E-48E2-A9B1-E98EF6…)

No. 634357

Those photos are so ugly

No. 634362

File: 1548880839039.jpg (68.24 KB, 549x983, mooseterbate.jpg)



>Obsessed with "testing" someone's arabic


Meanwhile, on Miranda's Mooseterbating insta a "totally real" pic of her "totally real" husband who has small hands and some kind of freakishly large fish lip.

No. 634391

That's one unattractive dude. Jesus, no wonder she doesn't live with him. Fucking him must be a nightmare (sorry, that's "nightmear" for Mira)

No. 634394

Is it a video?

No. 634395

This is so revolting(no contribution)

No. 634400

What are the other stories? Can you post those too.

No. 634415

It looks like Indonesian dwarf keeeek

No. 634458

not that anon. but that post isn't any more "no contribution" than any of these
or hundreds more random short opinions in this thread. if we didn't have those, most threads would be 50% emptier. This board is already slow and sparsely populated without these new inept farmhands discouraging people from posting for no reason.(take it to /meta/)

No. 634482

File: 1548891717656.png (242.98 KB, 1498x1026, スクリーンショット 2019-01-31 8.41.51.p…)

Miranda responds to KM

No. 634483

File: 1548891854899.png (255.73 KB, 1516x996, スクリーンショット 2019-01-31 8.43.06.p…)

Miranda doesn't automatically block haterz, cares about her "safty", and challenges KM to sue her

No. 634494

KM! Please sue her. She is asking for it! Look at her being her usual selfish bitch of a self! Man I hope she does go to Saudia Arabia and we never here from this witch again.

No. 634499

If he doesn't sue her, Paypal will. They're not going to ignore the $10,000 she owes them. "I didn't check my email for 2 weeks" isn't an airtight legal defense.

No. 634534

But she removed her banking info and it's a fake account, they wont be able to track her back!

On a different subject, apparently Naruru is planning to release something, 6 words, according to thos post on Pull, at 9 pm Japan time so that's in ~11 hours.

Hopefully it's going to be better then last time….

No. 634535

i could care less about naruru, she is not a good source for anything. i feel that she wants only to have her own part in the drama.

No. 634538

Small drops of milk is still better than no milk at all imo

No. 634544

Last time she did the same bullshit. She made threats, built suspense and then gave us a bunch of shit we already knew.

No. 634550


And then some retards spazzed out a started accusing everyone of being naruru and made complete autists out of themselves.
What’s your point?

No. 634554

Ugh I forgot about that. Man. Better not be that again so disappointing. Is Naruru Mira?

No. 634555

File: 1548900550785.png (555.54 KB, 1334x1298, スクリーンショット 2019-01-31 11.07.41.…)

Now on PULL, Miranda's long rant about how KM's money was a donation and not a loan

No. 634557

File: 1548900595769.png (652.87 KB, 1288x1326, スクリーンショット 2019-01-31 11.09.45.…)

No. 634558

File: 1548900631223.png (485.29 KB, 1306x880, スクリーンショット 2019-01-31 11.10.23.…)

No. 634559

Im guessing Mira know what Naruru is about to say, as soon as she said something about the 6 words Mira went into attack mode using her "husband" account (same husband that is apparently aware of her past but doesnt care nor gets involved, lol)

No. 634560

File: 1548900660264.png (755.61 KB, 1092x970, スクリーンショット 2019-01-31 11.10.51.…)

No. 634561

File: 1548900703728.png (502.04 KB, 1106x726, スクリーンショット 2019-01-31 11.11.36.…)

No. 634562

File: 1548900732098.png (764.74 KB, 1322x1186, スクリーンショット 2019-01-31 11.12.06.…)

No. 634563

File: 1548900769791.png (469.5 KB, 1340x802, スクリーンショット 2019-01-31 11.12.39.…)

No. 634565

File: 1548900805028.png (1.38 MB, 1756x1290, スクリーンショット 2019-01-31 11.13.17.…)

No. 634566

File: 1548900845404.png (492.44 KB, 1250x1168, スクリーンショット 2019-01-31 11.13.52.…)

No. 634567

File: 1548900868448.png (249.04 KB, 1332x572, スクリーンショット 2019-01-31 11.14.23.…)

No. 634571

god damn she needs a therapist. Is it Naruru posting these or is she ranting to some poor PULLer?

No. 634574

It looks like she sends these rants to Bambi to get her to post them on PULL

No. 634582

ty, I had forgotten about Bambi

No. 634584

Yeah people on PULL and myself included are like wondering why she is doing this for Mira. Like if its for attention she's getting nothing but negative response in the threads. But in the end she'll just get hurt by Mira again. shrugs

No. 634589

It's like she know she's been used by Miranda, fully aware of it, yet for some reason still go along with it? Why would someone do that is beyond me.

No. 634601

Reading some of these wall of text (my poor brain…) Mira doesnt seem to understand that KM is only asking the loan back, not all the money…. he's asking only for 15k out of the 46k he sent her. So that mean 31k was "donation" and he doesnt seem to go after that money, only the loan that she agreed on paying back.

No. 634602

Exactly! Miranda seems to think that because those exact payments were donations, she doesn't have to pay anything back. It is well documented that she knew that at least some of the payments were loans and she is on record saying that she would pay KM back.

No. 634603

"On judgement day she will be judged for all that she does"

But you think that you won't be judged for committing fraud, Miranda?

No. 634628

6 word sentence? That could literally be any fucking thing.

Miranda is going to be deported
Miranda was already tossed in jail
Miranda is not married at all
Miranda lives in a share house
Miranda is being sued by KM
Miranda is married to an Indonesian
Miranda’s visa is going to expire
Miranda is pregnant with Indonesians kid
Miranda’s husband is an Indonesian man

All have 6 words in them

No. 634634

Didn’t last time Naru come out of the darkness she try to bring down Pandagoestokyo? Something about “we have mutual friends but Panda is too nice to get involved with the drama”. Using someone who can’t/won’t testify. Any information being fed to her by anyone connected to Miranda is not a valueble source because Miranda already said she gave fake information to all of her friends and instructed each friend to give different information. Even if someone comes forward with something it more than likely is false information meant to distract us. Doesn’t anyone else think it’s really odd how out of nowhere Naru threatens to tell something? At the same time Miranda just happens to be watching. It’s almost as if she knows Naru knows something. The only way that would be possible if she sent someone to plant information.

No. 634639

That would be diabolically clever; too clever for Mira. The 'fake information' given to KM was real after all.

Ok so he's half frog half man, got it.

No. 634643

No because she already said that in her live show. She said the only people who know the exact date they got married is them two. She said she told her close friends a general date and told them to give any random information if questioned. Then she said people who she isn’t that close to they lied to about exactly when it happened. She claimed this prevents “friends from going stray or slipping up” I forget the stupid term she used. She basically said it’s her way to trace back information leaked. If she tells everyone a different story and one person spills the tea then she will know where it came from. It’s how she knew KM was not telling the truth when he said “a mutual friend” told him that they met on a plane. She was laughing about how she tricked him into thinking that story was true and rubbed it in his face that he was the only one told that story.

No. 634649

"Miranda is actually a transsexual Mormon" is also a six word sentence. Lets hope Naru delivers and it's full cream info.

No. 634651

I feel really suspicious that Mira has only today delivered SS of KM chats. Not hard to fake.

Photoshop, then SS then paint would eliminate all metadata to prove photoshop was used after all.

No. 634652

Yes but if you are going to say that you also have to say she’s right when it comes to the fake screen shots from snapchat. It’s really easy to make a fake snapchat conversation especially if you have two phones like KM does.

No. 634654

I'm not sure how to check metadata to be honest. I'll try and work it out to see if the SS she took indicate anything. They do look sketch though.

No. 634658

If we want to prove they are real we have to tell her to video tape her screen with screencapture. If she has all the messages from KM

No. 634663


And that assumes that Miranda told the truth about any of that. Considering her past history of pathological lying, I take anyone else’s word over hers

No. 634668

Why would she dare to post such an unflattering picture of Moose-stafa?
Tiny hands. A weird baby fuzz mustache. This guy is either a teenager or a trans man.

Nope. TkyoSam recently made a random post bringing up Naruru and whining that she supposedly used him. She’s a real person. It appears she was briefly in their circle of Jvloggers years ago. So many cows.

The only money he is asking for, which he has repeatedly shown proof that it was a loan, was for “univercity” tuition, right? It was a lump sum towards one cause and she ended up not going. Even if it was a donation, she accepted and spent the money under false pretenses. She acted like she was dire need and said it would be used for school. She cancels her plan, marries a mystery man and is like “Haha, fuck you. I’m not going to school anymore and I quit my job since my husband pays for everything now” That is still FRAUD, especially since she admitted that the PayPal account was for business. Then she thinks she is some genius for closing her connected bank account and giving false contact information. That is even worse than if was a private exchange because she deliberately misrepresented what her patron was “donating” to, then tried to tamper with the evidence. There are multiple legal offenses now.

No. 634671

Naruru's real, her Youtube channel is Naruru in Japan. Go and admire her weeaboo art

No. 634679

Naru is real. She met Mira. Remember she took a picture of her food and Mira called her a crazy stalker. Now Naru has some weird obsession with Mira and always comes around when there’s major drama. When Mira and Rodi stopped being friends she jumped right on that Rodick and sucked up to him on every comment. If you search every video about Mira there’s always a comment from Naru. She reminds me of Katlovesosaka. Speaking of which isn’t it about time that she makes a debut. Every time drama revolving Mira happens she comes out of her hole too.

No. 634708

If you read this KM is only asking for what he loaned back.
He gave her more money than that.
Miranda you are not the victim here and no one believes your cry wolf sockpuppeting

No. 634724

Im reading some stuff about banking in Japan for various reason and i saw this little piece of information that will interest Miranda-that-never-read-this-forum-ever.
Also good to know for everyone else!
" Deposits of over 1,000,000 yen received from overseas are automatically reported to the Japanese tax office and can be considered as earned income."

No. 634727

Looks like Pull is no longer allowing Ryden/Bambi to post what she receive from Miranda.
Looks like the milk will have to happen here first now!

No. 634729

That's the problem with PULL, they are way too conservative there. Let her come here and post all the milk that she has!

No. 634733

Its 9pm in Japan. Where is the milk?

No. 634734

My cookies are ready, bring in the milk!

No. 634735

4 minuites late. She isn’t even logged in… what a joke

No. 634736


No. 634737

It's on pull. Saving pictures before it gets removed.

No. 634738

She reported Miranda to immigration

No. 634739

File: 1548936571115.jpg (269.19 KB, 1421x898, mira_immigration_report_applic…)

No. 634740