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File: 1542398298362.png (436.58 KB, 480x562, scurry.png)

No. 600055

Previously on the adventures of "ISIS Bride With an 82pt IQ" >>>/pt/581738

>as Miranda's looks deteriorate, her moral convictions get stronger

>overall boring IG posts/youtube comments where she's still trying to prove she invented Islam
>spammed the previous thread when Rodi spilled milk on her
>Spammed PULL with the same messages as here
>More attempts to try and prove her cheap LV knock-offs were real
>Now anti-fapping
>Tries justifying Kashoggi by Saudi Arabia killing by saying “people get killed all the time”
>Claims to have cured a relatives sore throat bay praying
>Claims never to have liked Japan in the first place (despite tons of evidence to the contrary)
>Still freaks about hair-porn
>Got divorced from VISA-kun in Feb 2018.
>Claims a Saudi man on a flight with her immediately called her dad to asked permission to marry her
>Claims she is now married to a Saudi.
>Info about Norwegian White Knight KMRurouni. Confirmed that he had been sending Miranda money, to the tune of $15000
>Now that KM knows he won’t be getting any, he requested the money loaned be repaid.
>KM shows text where Miranda states it is a loan and she will return it
>Miranda now calls him a crazy stalker and blocks him, refusing to return money
>Miranda starts pushing a hard narrative that texts are “photoshopped”, which no one believes
>Took her twitter private again after other people, aware of the facts, start to corroborate KM

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kanadajin3
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kanadajin3
2nd Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/doudemomira
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kanadajin3

No. 600068

File: 1542400125937.png (610.23 KB, 1920x1080, videoblocks-pouring-milk-in-a-…)

it's like christmas came early, strap in guys.

No. 600073

god she's ugly

No. 600074

Anyone know when this droopy-eyed toad is getting sent back to Canada?

No. 600078

sorry would sage this if I could— I don’t realy follow this cow but one thing I noticed is that she speaks in really bad broken English. Why? Isn’t she from Canada? Is she just a terrible typer or what?

No. 600080

She's painfully stupid for a start. There's barely room in her head for her own phone number, let alone languages.
Sometimes it seems like she's trying to take on ESL syntax but mainly she's just dumb.

No. 600082

She does it on purpose. It's to make herself seem more "foreign" and "interesting". She does it whenever she finds something new to obsess over. First she spoke/wrote in shitty fake Japanese Engrish, then a bit of Jamaican, now Arabic …

No. 600083

One thing that made me wonder at work today, what if her new husband is one of the white knight we see here? Like the anon that kept talking about the saudi husband that we tought was KM but now that we know what happened with him, it doesnt really make sense from what we learned. We already know it wasnt Mira ( most likely not her) since the grammar was too good to be her.
Just some food for thought.

No. 600088

File: 1542404249863.png (4.58 MB, 1242x2688, 95442E25-5E07-4DD9-9CE2-ACF64A…)

Requested pictures of paintings.

No. 600090

File: 1542404305733.png (5.07 MB, 1242x2688, E2F39581-4CEE-47E3-A7DF-D34CB8…)

Gifted to KM, but now Mira claim she sold them to him.

No. 600091

For the sake of keeping track with names and stuff, how do we name that "husband" of her? because visa-kun 3 doesnt sound that great lol

No. 600092

No, It was KM until just a a day or so ago. On the last thread there's screenshots of Mira telling KM exactly how to respond to things and one with her requesting that he ask her a question so she could respond without looking like she constantly reads here and PULL.

No. 600093



No. 600095

lolll they look like illustrations for a children's book. And KM paid $1500 for that crap? What a fucking retard

No. 600099

Reading is hard? They were gifts from Mira. zero$

No. 600103

Not according to Mira. In a screenshot she says she would paint it for free, then in this one she says he bought them >>599898

No. 600112


Duh, That's Mira trying to get out of repaying the money he loaned her. His texts show that they were a gift. He did not buy them.

Mira is lying, trying to make herself look like the innocent victim despite having led him on for years.

No. 600126

If mira claim to have sold theses painting, that mean she have proper receipt and paperwork for it if she thinks that she wont repay the loan because she sold these painting for the $15k (does that sentence make any sense? i does to me…)
If she sold them, that mean she paid the sale taxes to Japan and declared the money as income in her taxes report, right?
Because if she didnt, that's called fraud and hmm… visa or no visa, husband or no husband, that's a direct deportation back to Canada (or fine and/or jail time).

So, sold or gift?

No. 600127

you know >>600083 sure seems like randa.

No. 600128

randa could easily prove her side of the story. caps, reciepts, anything, but she won't (cause she's lying) but she'll claim everyone else is with no evidence.

No. 600131

File: 1542420338758.png (1.25 MB, 1398x1018, スクリーンショット 2018-11-17 8.39.38.p…)

Miranda the hypocrite muslim, you know that painting pictures of any type of animal is haram, right? You are going to hell now!


No. 600132

Classic, wouldnt surprise me lol.
As a side note, the tax agency of Japan got an anonymous form on their website, if someone wanna do it, reading on reddit that the taxes collector are very quick to react.

No. 600134

File: 1542420500490.png (144.92 KB, 472x812, Capture.PNG)

omg that's so funny. BTW this is the first time I post to lolcow ever, I just ghost-read it because it's hilarious.


I think I am the one she is referencing in this post, except she thinks I am also that other dude because she is so paranoid.

I can't stop cracking up about it, because I can see how she remembers my PULL post to this day and thinks I am stalking her on twitter under different accounts (I barely go on twitter if at all)

I think she is referencing my PULL post where I thoroughly assassinated her character.

Wait, I will go get it. Found it. Here is the lolcow post:


And this is the sentence I used that made me think of this:

"All I was doing was having an argument with her that could be actually resolved… you know… like what normal human beings do? "

Hence "normal human being" which made me immediately think of what I said.

Omg I kinda am amused I affected her so greatly that she sees me everywhere on twitter.

Gurl, Miranda, all I do is read lolcow every other week. I have a job and a life, silly cow.

No. 600137

File: 1542420590232.png (121.45 KB, 1451x921, dhjjdhs.png)

No. 600138

File: 1542420665161.png (85.67 KB, 984x828, asdasdadaddaad.png)


No. 600142

"There's nothing I did wrong"
Isn't this your response to every problem that happens in your life, Miranda?

No. 600143

No, the guy was the ChuckUFarhley guy and that was occurring on twitter.

Also, on the previous thread, someone asked about bambibot.

Well, she a lameass, attention whore, drama queen.

She was postin on PULL as Ryden claiming to have all this juicy info but couldn’T post it.

Kittenivy started sharing good info and screen caps. To which Ryden/bambibot actually tried to say “umm, yeah that’s the same stuff I had but couldn’t post”

She claimed to be in contact with both Mira and KM and they told her that Ivy was just KM’s alt.

Too many people already confirmed and vouched for Ivy so Ryden/Bambi the posted that “she checked with KM and Ivy was real.”

So, another useless drama whore trying to insert themselves

No. 600149

yeah i know that's my point.

she thinks that "ChuckUFarhley" was me (same person who posted that on PULL).

reading comprehension.

No. 600153

File: 1542421556122.jpeg (168.07 KB, 1177x810, A66046B1-23F4-4A09-82EE-D1A89C…)

Boy, Miranda is in full blown panic mode.

No. 600154

One thing i hate about anonymous board like this one is it's so fucking hard to keep track of who's who and stories end up making little to no sense execpt to people who already know it….

Gonna try to read that a third time….

Cant they simply post everything they have at once instead of cropped version of this and that, part of screencap and what not… just freaking show everything you have at once

No. 600155

No Mira, im sure people dont usually hack the people giving us the milk. We're thankful of what KM is providing us. Anyway we already know enough about KM, no point to hack him.

No. 600157

Thank you Mira to confirm that Kitten Ivy was related to you/KM.

damn, i said thank you and mira in the same sentence, i feel dirty now…

No. 600163


No. 600167

hmm.. saying "lol she thinks that's me", as an anon mean jack shit, you know that? We dont know who you are. You could be Jesus and we wouldnt know it…

No. 600168

sounds good to me

No. 600169

… oh on an anonymous board people don't know who you are.

no shit, sherlock.

the post is meant for Miranda because she totally obsesses over PULL/lolcow and will read it.

She knows exactly what/who I mean.

No. 600172

File: 1542422970744.png (410.38 KB, 1458x1110, スクリーンショット 2018-11-17 11.48.51.…)

No. 600173

So, Miranda, you admit taking his money so you could by a computer?

No. 600174

So you are providing absolutly nothing to this threadand only try to push your own agenda forward, gotcha. Wouldnt be surprised if there's a rule againts that on lolcow.

No. 600181

Friend "Yanique" hmmm…

That huge flashback about "Pearl" from pull, where Miranda did exactly the same thing (contacting friends and family of Pearl) wouaaaahhhh.
Another case to add to the long list of "I (Mira) can do it that's fine, but you cannot do it to me!"

No. 600183

File: 1542423773492.png (226.64 KB, 578x960, fVSVba0.png)

There is also this

No. 600185

Exactly yeah.

No. 600187


So he was this creeper, but all of your family was friends with him on Facebook until they blocked him.

How did he know all of your family’s Facebook pages Miranda?

Because you were stringing the sad little web along for cash.

No. 600188

After all the milking is done, some people will have to go check back a fuck ton of old post on here and on pull to make sure we have the right story… over the years we've had so many guesses that turned out to be true, some false… but now with all this milk we can clearly point out what is what.
Purely for archival purpose, of course.

No. 600189

File: 1542424077526.png (943.05 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-08-08-23-40-34…)

As much as I love her getting a taste of her medicine, I also feel guilty because I know she did the same ting to me.

And I see images like this and wonder if I am contributing to the problem. I don't want anyone to ever hurt themself over internet drama.

No. 600190

Oh yeah the old suicide pseudo-drama. That was an hoax all along. Mira confirmed it herself by mistake at one point.

No. 600191

File: 1542424174556.png (136.82 KB, 1341x871, oh.png)

And I am getting the vibe that I am a pawn for a revenge scheme

No. 600192

File: 1542424252878.png (301.04 KB, 1363x925, then we have this.png)

I also am not 100% sure whats fabricated and what is true

No. 600193



Named Yanique and follows Miranda.

No. 600194

DUDE! Can i give you a cookie? Here, take a cookie, you deserve it!

No. 600198

Punksu on pull is damn sure you are Mira, that's funny.
I doubt you are a pawn "now". In the past, probably, like she does to every single person in her life at one point or another. The best you can do right now and help us fill the gap and hopefully prevent other people falling for the tricks! Now that the #1 white knight position is open, it's only a matter of time before someone else replace KM.

No. 600199

Nothing interesting there. But i feel like i've seen here before… im guessing in some videos of Mira back in Canada. But meh, nothing to see there.

No. 600203

Yeah, I think it was her and the Jamaican chick in Canada. When Miranda claimed her mom tried to snatch the hijab off of her head.

No. 600219

I don't want to give out my name as but I am one of the people Mira harassed. I am not Mira. I am somewhat involved only because they both spoke to me.

KM seems to be heart broken on the marriage. Everything I have seen indicates that. Mira seems to have accepted a lot of gifts from him. I can see this as believable as he paid me $260 on my patreon and bought me over $200 worth on my steam account all because he felt bad due to the doxxing and harassment. I am a huge person in regards to second chances. So we have talked ever since then.

I feel he was manipulated whether Mira did or didn't know what she was doing. He seemed to have hope in a relationship.

There is one post where Mira says she will return things back. I don't know if she was referring to actual money, goods or content. I know personally that he has said to me that my content is a good exchange (not in those words) when I confronted him saying he shouldn't feel obliged donating to me. I imagine that may be related.

I have not seen any solid evidence to prove that she owed him money. Not documents of transactions. No actual proof of the money totally $15000. However I wouldn't be surprised.

I have seen evidence of Miranda leading him on. She claims to feel that they were joking around and he thought it was a legitimate promise. I'm not sure what is the truth on that matter.

I personally feel KM is coming from a place of hurt and that was the catalyst to this mess.

No. 600223

It's sad because KM would have treated her better than any saudi prince ever will.
But really how is her husband like? What kind of respectable muslim would accept a two times divorcee? Also her sexual antics aren't hard to find online. He must not speak english.
Also about a week ago or so, she posted very disturbing stuff in her instagram story, about how women owe men obedience and other ISIS bride tier stuff.

No. 600224


A good Muslim woman wouldn't joke about marrying a non-muslim. Specially not Mira the most devout Muslima….

No. 600226

Mira uses people. If KM had a brain he would have realized that. It's a shame he donates money to chicks from the internet than to a decent cause like a charity for kids with cancer.

No. 600233

Can you post here the remaining screenshot you have from your video part2? Since you have better quality picture then what i'd get from screenshoting a video.

No. 600234

File: 1542427131986.png (83.2 KB, 999x784, 2.png)

No. 600235

File: 1542427176395.png (93.65 KB, 995x788, 3.png)

Sorry waiting for flood detect

No. 600236

File: 1542427198623.png (93.2 KB, 988x786, 4.png)


No. 600237

Take your time, no rush. We appreciate.

No. 600238

File: 1542427223692.png (97.88 KB, 994x780, 5.png)

No. 600239

File: 1542427251460.png (104.39 KB, 973x788, 6.png)

Miranda said it was okay to post

No. 600240

Also people, get ready for huuuuuuuge wall of text from Mira, major headache incoming.

No. 600241

File: 1542427280212.png (95.71 KB, 969x780, 7.png)

No. 600242

File: 1542427322210.png (98.77 KB, 979x744, 8.png)

I hope she will be fine as she said I could

No. 600243

File: 1542427351332.png (89.59 KB, 990x731, 9.png)

And I do hope she is moving on from drama to be honest

No. 600244

Who cares what she thinks at this point, she did that to herself, over many many years.

No. 600245

Your name is Christy. You post as “Ryden” on PULL and @bambibot on twitter.

Cut the bullshit please

No. 600246

Im only at the start of reading all that, but for once…. i feel like she's honest-ish. More than usual… such a weird feeling.
But i still know it's Mira so everything can change fast.

No. 600248

Thank you very much Bambi.

No. 600249

File: 1542427641328.png (304.81 KB, 1507x871, 1.png)

No. 600250

File: 1542427677033.png (290.71 KB, 1511x993, 2.png)

No. 600251

File: 1542427703862.png (288.26 KB, 1505x959, 3.png)

No. 600252


Interesting. Miranda seemed to be preset and ready for this as she slipped up on her copy and paste and repeated the same bit like 3 times.

Also, is “next level” her new phrase of the day?

No. 600253

File: 1542427774396.jpg (1.83 MB, 5000x5000, pixlr.jpg)


No. 600254

Every little drop is noteworthy. Maybe not now, but after some digging it might become noteworthy.

No. 600255

File: 1542427915894.png (92.66 KB, 1425x1005, 6.png)

the next two peices wont let me repost so scroll up
this one comes after them

No. 600256

File: 1542427937355.png (195.36 KB, 1497x911, 7.png)

No. 600257

She's been doing the exact same thing here, which was funny to see, revealing herself right away. Not sure how she manage to do that….

No. 600259

File: 1542428058428.png (140.14 KB, 1269x895, 8.png)

No. 600260

File: 1542428126219.png (138.58 KB, 1181x921, 10.png)

part 9 is also posted here

No. 600261

File: 1542428154663.png (135.46 KB, 1123x921, 11.png)

No. 600262

Based on these screenshot, i just want to say :
Rody, KM, Chuck, ActionBastard, everyone else that have some kind of info on Mira, go for it. Spill everything you have. Mira herself just said it : she doesnt care anymore. I feel like we're seeing the end of this cow (for a while), so might as well give us everything.
We could write a book on her!

No. 600263


Well, 100% confirmed that Rodi and Naruru were telling the truth. She was married and having to pay his rent to keep her VISA.

No. 600265

No. 600266

Please spill that yummy fucking tea. If Miranda was being 'stocked' she wouldn't have basically sucked KM's toes on social media prior to last week

No. 600267

Some people are going to eat their socks when they see that rodi and Naruru were right lol. So much hate was thrown at Naruru.

No. 600268

I need to go to bed but i cannnnnnttt!!!! too much to read!!!

No. 600269

File: 1542428456878.png (105.53 KB, 1247x943, 12.png)

I could write a book myself
I don't know why I feel so anxious posting this stuff tbh. I am just scared

No. 600270

File: 1542428489504.png (110.18 KB, 1187x917, 13.png)

No. 600271

File: 1542428515475.png (98.54 KB, 1311x927, 14.png)

No. 600272

You'll feel better after it's over. And after a night of sleep. Maybe a coffee or two too.

No. 600273

File: 1542428541584.png (145.92 KB, 1361x933, 15.png)

No. 600275

File: 1542428568087.png (165.4 KB, 1279x929, 16.png)

It's morning here

No. 600276

Holy fucking shit, the 15k$ rumor is actually real? WHAT?

No. 600277

Km, you are even more stupid than i tought you were…

No. 600278

I'm confused (I follow the Mira threads but not too closely and i never go on PULL) how the fuck is everyone getting ahold of these private messages between KM and Mira, Mira and a friend, and KM and Mira's friend? Who's posting them?

No. 600279

File: 1542428745948.png (123.39 KB, 1307x918, 17.png)

wait its afternoon

No. 600280

From what i understand, KM and Mira were realllllly good friend and shared a fuck ton of stuff. Now that she backstabbed KM (feeling of deja vu?) KM is sharing everything he got with Bambi, and she's posting everything here.

No. 600281

File: 1542428820880.png (184.95 KB, 1102x891, 18.png)

if you read up they say who I am

No. 600282

File: 1542428846951.png (141.74 KB, 1098x924, 19.png)

I still have to read the last few

No. 600283

I feel bad (not really lol) for people that are sleepiong right now and will wake up to the biggest milk spilling ever seen on Mira. Sure the Rachel drama was big, but most of it was speculation and rumors. Not this time!

No. 600284


mouth. fully. open.

No. 600285

I'm going to message rodi

No. 600286

You mean there is stuff that even you dont know yet? This is an endless stream lol

No. 600288

Same. same…

No. 600289

File: 1542429216931.jpg (2.16 MB, 3920x2204, DSC_0184.JPG)

No. 600291

File: 1542429251105.jpg (1.95 MB, 3920x2204, DSC_0185.JPG)

No. 600292

File: 1542429298760.jpg (1.96 MB, 3920x2204, DSC_0190.JPG)

No. 600293

FINALLY some actual receipts! Fuck Rodi and Naru, Bambi is the real milk spiller.

No. 600294

File: 1542429373023.jpg (2.5 MB, 3920x2204, DSC_0202.JPG)

No. 600295

That one anon that was always requesting receipt about every single little things while he knew damn well we couldnt provide is going to have such a huge boner today.

No. 600296

File: 1542429416831.jpg (1.99 MB, 3920x2204, DSC_0210.JPG)

I can't take all the credit

No. 600297

File: 1542429473695.jpg (2.3 MB, 3920x2204, DSC_0217.JPG)

No. 600298

File: 1542429553679.jpg (2.07 MB, 3920x2204, DSC_0228.JPG)

Just remember not sure if anything is altered.

No. 600299

Can someone give Bambi a lolcow award or something, this is insane.

No. 600300

>using light theme
you must not like our eyes

No. 600301

I put the version of the tweet up with her name showing on it because this isn't PULL and I could smell stench of a self-insert. Thanks for clarifying.

It's milk, stop complaining. learn to reply, and if you don't like it being anon, bye.

If you want to verify yourself at any point in time, just email lolcow.farm@gmail.com to do so.

No. 600302

No. 600303

File: 1542429746469.jpg (647.26 KB, 2357x1681, IMG_20181112_184723.jpg)

No. 600304

In one of those screenshots KM says he has her deleted livestreams. Can we convince him to upload them? So many anons have claimed Mira said/did things in them but no one can back it up since she deleted them.

No. 600305

File: 1542429770998.jpg (58.58 KB, 1264x702, IMG_20181112_185344.jpg)

No. 600306

File: 1542429797150.jpg (39.97 KB, 743x702, IMG_20181112_185825.jpg)

No. 600307

File: 1542429826769.jpg (373.47 KB, 2357x1194, IMG_20181113_043330.jpg)

uploading just incase its hard to read

No. 600308

File: 1542429860868.jpg (444.68 KB, 2357x1393, IMG_20181113_110705.jpg)

No. 600309

File: 1542429903587.png (249.22 KB, 540x960, 46443404_338724570237012_42085…)

No. 600310

File: 1542429940274.jpg (69.85 KB, 539x960, 46458556_550914111998305_11780…)

flood detection :c

No. 600311

File: 1542429963661.jpg (45.35 KB, 395x702, DSC_0316.jpg)

No. 600312

File: 1542429992445.jpg (23.54 KB, 395x702, IMG_20181109_065531.jpg)

No. 600313

You know… when i asked to post everything all at once, i was expecting like 5-6 screenshots. Not half a million!! This is even better.

No. 600314

File: 1542430029334.jpg (30.65 KB, 395x702, IMG_20181109_065538.jpg)

No. 600315

File: 1542430061340.jpg (63.64 KB, 1111x703, Mira_67476534.jpg)

No. 600316

File: 1542430084066.jpg (56.28 KB, 1102x702, Mira_86475364346.jpg)

No. 600317

Who is "meg"?

No. 600319

File: 1542430117729.jpg (54.44 KB, 1088x703, Mira_8653436254563.jpg)

My cat looks like he's gonna pounce on me

No. 600320

File: 1542430142971.png (65.33 KB, 396x703, Screenshot_2018-08-08-23-40-04…)

No. 600321

The rivers shall run white.

No. 600322

File: 1542430180184.png (75.46 KB, 396x703, Screenshot_2018-08-08-23-40-21…)

No. 600323

File: 1542430254959.png (1.62 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-08-08-23-40-42…)

I honestly hope Mira learns from this and becomes a better person

No. 600324

File: 1542430277438.png (371.33 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-08-08-23-40-52…)

No. 600325

File: 1542430299694.png (363.56 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-08-08-23-41-04…)

No. 600326

File: 1542430327343.png (95.69 KB, 396x703, Screenshot_2018-08-10-20-26-27…)

sorry if these are not in order

No. 600327

File: 1542430363928.png (84.59 KB, 396x703, Screenshot_2018-08-10-20-35-26…)

No. 600328

File: 1542430389881.png (85.9 KB, 396x703, Screenshot_2018-08-10-22-19-48…)

No. 600329

File: 1542430422554.png (440.39 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-08-10-22-20-15…)

No. 600330

Imagine for a full minute how the threads in the timeline where she did kill herself are.

No. 600331

File: 1542430451815.png (74.39 KB, 396x703, Screenshot_2018-08-10-22-20-38…)

No. 600332

Mia will never move on from drama, lol. Unless her hubby takes her internet away.

No. 600333

So she ran up Japanese credit, that she can't pay back, to illegally pay a man to stay illegally married to her, so she could illegally still live in Japan? Fucking so excited to see Miranda in the news soon.

No. 600335

Poor Mira. She's forced to do things like pay her bills! Visakun-2 is so abusive! I'm sure her life in Saudi Arabia will be so much better.

No. 600336

File: 1542430619120.png (140.9 KB, 894x925, 20.png)

Well that is the biggest stuff dealt with.

No. 600338

I don't understand why she cares so much about staying in Japan now that's she ''muslim''.

No. 600339

Norwegian for “me”

No. 600340

Have you not looked at this thread?

No. 600341

live by the weeb, die by the weeb

No. 600343

Amazing! Thank you for all your hard work! There is so much milk here, it will take me a while to process it all…

No. 600344

lmao WOW

No. 600345

yes they were popping up under as/after I posted, so I deleted the instruction. no need to infight, I was trying to assist.

No. 600349

The next step im waiting for is for Rody to share everything he got. If i recall he said he had stuff in bank in case Mira decided to go againts him… Not sure if that's what Naruru ended up sharing or what… but i can hope he still have some milk to share!

No. 600352

I always knew when Mira imploded it would be spectacular.

Now, confirmed by Miranda’s own texts that she had VISA-kun 2.0. That her “suicide” bullshit was because she was afraid Rodi would expose the sham marriage.

That she was using KM as her proxy.

It feels nice to see all the stuff we had already figured out confirmed as 100% fact

No. 600354

that's okay. I'm going to make a sandwich

No. 600355

I feel like we finally got to see the ending of that "satisfying gif" that always got cut off too soon

No. 600358

I can't believe the extent to which his troglodyte gets the support, money and love of others so consistently. she must target the weakest.

No. 600360

Is it too soon to ask for a tl:dr ?

No. 600362

A fuck load of what we thought to be true was true. She's still in Japan, but not for long lol

No. 600363

No. 600364

is it safe to sleep?

No. 600366

No. 600367

I think so? Im sure done for now, too much information in one go, im dead

No. 600375

File: 1542434460810.gif (999.86 KB, 385x215, fat-kid-throwing-glass-milk-fa…)

Thank you Bambi, you just can't pay for this kind of milka

No. 600376

She most certainly does. Push-overs and those who were bullied or ostracized, so she can emotionally manipulate them into thinking she is a victim and they can be the one to help her. Just look how long often she threatens suicide. She probably can produce fake tears at the drop of a hat. Let’s not forget how her Canadian ex-bf chronicled their entire bizarre relationship on his blog and how he felt sorry for HER when she cheated on him. She knows who to target. She’s a freaking sociopath.

No. 600379

So she's probably found a loser-type of Muslim guy as well, a guy that will do what she says.

She must have been pitching herself on muslim marriage sites, and this is why she wanted Rodi to destroy the old evidence of wha she was like, and why she's destroyed her channel.

No. 600380


I hope that he reads this site! She was playing him and got "engaged" while secretly married to her second visa-kun husband!

No. 600397

File: 1542440350896.jpg (92.85 KB, 907x907, Transaktions.jpg)

KM isn't mad at me for sharing

No. 600398

File: 1542440372915.jpg (30.69 KB, 691x702, Transaktions2.jpg)

No. 600399

File: 1542440407623.png (69.69 KB, 396x703, Screenshot_2018-11-15-16-48-01…)

No. 600400

File: 1542440438641.png (365.45 KB, 1440x2560, 2.png)

No. 600401

File: 1542440491200.png (361.95 KB, 1440x2560, 3.png)

No. 600402

File: 1542440528096.png (392.22 KB, 1440x2560, 4.png)

No. 600403

File: 1542440553602.png (413.96 KB, 1440x2560, 6.png)

No. 600404

File: 1542440589067.png (421.52 KB, 1440x2560, 7.png)

No. 600405

File: 1542440613920.png (420.24 KB, 1440x2560, 8.png)

No. 600406

File: 1542440636616.png (436.2 KB, 1440x2560, 9.png)

No. 600407

File: 1542440668450.png (338.09 KB, 1440x2560, 10.png)

No. 600408

File: 1542440690489.png (413.03 KB, 1440x2560, 11.png)

No. 600409

File: 1542440713805.png (420.75 KB, 1440x2560, 12.png)

No. 600410

File: 1542440735302.png (399.76 KB, 1440x2560, 13.png)

No. 600411

File: 1542440773919.png (350.21 KB, 1440x2560, 14.png)

No. 600412

File: 1542440806578.png (294.17 KB, 1440x2560, 15.png)


No. 600413

File: 1542440856482.png (346.07 KB, 1440x2560, 18.png)

No. 600414

File: 1542440894343.png (355.08 KB, 1440x2560, 19.png)

No. 600415

File: 1542440926888.png (307.25 KB, 1440x2560, 20.png)

No. 600416

File: 1542440955664.png (375.62 KB, 1440x2560, 21.png)

No. 600418

File: 1542441015562.png (341.24 KB, 1440x2560, 22.png)

Please don't share hate. Shes only involved as both Mira and KM spoke to her

No. 600419

File: 1542441054382.png (352.18 KB, 1440x2560, 23.png)

And enough people get manipulated into these situations

No. 600420

File: 1542441093128.png (344.12 KB, 1440x2560, 24.png)

She actually does seems nice and tried to not be involved

No. 600421

File: 1542441151100.png (361.28 KB, 1440x2560, 25.png)

And sometimes if you idolise someone you'll stay loyal to the end. You can't fault her for that

No. 600422

File: 1542441204731.png (369.84 KB, 1440x2560, 26.png)

I really hope she isn't upset over this all.

No. 600423

File: 1542441255331.png (351.53 KB, 1440x2560, 27.png)

And we also don't know what has been said to her on Miranda's side.

No. 600424

File: 1542441306526.png (356.47 KB, 1440x2560, 28.png)

All I know is she wasn't asking for drama. But I know nothing about her.

No. 600425

File: 1542441335072.png (475.62 KB, 1440x2560, 29.png)

No. 600426

File: 1542441376643.png (349.75 KB, 1440x2560, 30.png)

No. 600427

File: 1542441400537.png (354.72 KB, 1440x2560, 31.png)

No. 600428

File: 1542441430655.png (329.92 KB, 1440x2560, 32.png)

No. 600429

File: 1542441548664.png (353.37 KB, 1440x2560, 33.png)

I hope you enjoy this milk with your breakfast.

I am hoping that once this is over we are all better people including Mira. I really do wish the best for everyone involved and hope this takes a load off everyone chest including Miras. Once everything is out in the open we can all move on.

No. 600430

So KM is definitely a sperge, poor Yanique

No. 600433

I don't think Mira should be able to just "move on" from this. She's a full fledged criminal, even if she is a dumb one. She can't function in society without doing something illegal to fund her Japanese dream. She should either be deported back to Canada or be thrown in jail.

No. 600437

Well that money is gone since he send it to family/friends via paypal. She didn't sign a contract but one text says it's a donation, then another text says it's a loan after he recognizes that he has no chance with her. He should go to court anyway and file a case against her. Will she get problems with her visa in Japan then?


No. 600438

So if I understand correctly, she was married with her second visa-kun while dating(?) KM and taking his money and courting her future Saudi husband at the same time?
Playing three guys at the same time…I'm both disgusted and impressed!

No. 600439

And her husband's name is Mosa?

No. 600442

So her converting to Muslim was for Rodi at first but then she decided to us it to cover up her shady dealings and rope in some desperate Saudi guy she supposedly met up on an airplane and got "married" too. To add on she's using her friends as sock puppets to say shit online for her

Now that she's being exposed she's running around telling her friends she's going to kill herself again? Man what a wild pattern. I wonder if her brain is pudding. A normal person doesn't live like this.

No. 600446

no the suicide SS are old.

She told me earlier she is happy now and implied she no longer needs YouTube to complete her. I do hope she is genuinely happy and is a new person due to her marriage. Maybe she won't be so bored anymore.

No. 600448

File: 1542447713055.png (392.75 KB, 957x806, possible PR stunt.png)

One thing I am concerned with

He has claimed he has done things for her in the past. What if this is a PR stunt?

No. 600449

I don't think she is truly happy. From her patterns it only seems she is using this current man to support her life and delusions. She has always been very desperate to use relationships to support her parasitic life style. It was the reason she lead KM on, it's the reason she sexually assaulted Rodi and it's the same reason she got married as soon as possible when she was running out of options and was about to be sent back to Canada.

There is no happy endings for her if she lurks in Japan for much longer. Her best bet is to go back to Canada and beg her family for a free room.

No. 600450

It's really sad to see. With as much as she has done I personally feel so sorry for her. I hope she will own up to everything, take responsibility and learn from this to become a better person.

No. 600454

I'm sorry I said in the last thread that I was on Mira's side with the KM thing. Holy Fucking Shit. I can't believe what a USER she is. I'm having flashbacks of that whole deal back in PULL when she asked her friend to take selfies with a sign that said "I'm not Mira" and used it on her sockpuppet account (that's the reason for her picture holding up a sock in the PULL banner lol) Just like KM that friend was stupid af and didn't question what it was for, allowed herself to be used. How does she manage to find people even dumber than her to exploit? Now she did practically the same thing when she screenshotted lolcow and ordered KM to pretend to ask her to respond to a post.

No. 600457

Fat chance that will ever happen. I think she was just born a bad person. She doesn't even look normal, and yes I'm talking about her weird melted face. She prays on the weakest people. She really shouldn't be in contact with anyone other than her family, oddly enough like she claims she does. From everything that was recently released she's clearly more than a bit loony. She gets a sick kick from tormenting people and she obviously feels powerful when they do what she says. She's done in Japan anyways, the gov doesn't appreciate foreigners leeching off the system. I say good riddance to manipulative garbage

No. 600461

hey I have a weird melty face too.

No. 600471

Now that we have a bit more proof that she was basically paying someone for a visa (the same as Shiena did, and got deported for).. even if she's off it now, she could still be turned in / reported for that, no?

Afterall, her current teijuusha status was awarded based on that original paid-for marriage.

No. 600506

Yeah I doubt he's ever gonna see this money back, and honestly that's on him a bit too. It reminds me of that one dude who donated a shit ton of money to a streamer and got mad when he learned she had a husband.

KM seems on the spectrum, for real, and couldn't see the blatant manipulation. But also I can't support the kind of "nice guy" that sends out money with the hopes of getting into someone's pants then act surprised.
Like Yanique said, you shouldn't loan a shit ton of money to someone (abroad!) if you're not ready to see it disappear.

I'm all for giving everyone second chances but Mira is a vile person plain and simple. She has no problems lying, justifying her actions in her head while putting down others for the most minuscule problems (like playing music when she herself clearly manipulated a dude that has no familial relationship to her into taking care of her).

She has 0 empathy for anyone. I doubt she respect her current husband and will probably throw him under the bus the moment he can't support her mooching lifestyle. Mira is nothing but a toxic black hole and she'll take and take from everyone around her.

I still have 0 understanding on how this ugly ass girl got semi popular on YouTube, incredible.

No. 600509

bet you're biting your words now kid

No. 600510

So Mira’s husband is named Mosa…

No. 600511

I believe she got popular due to the fact that back in the day her travel vlogs were one in a kind. And Westerners in Japan were a rare fashion trend back in the day. But it's not really special anymore.

No. 600521

Yeah, I used to be a fan way back in the day because I thought her videos were really interesting and unique and I liked seeing what life in Japan was like from a westerner's perspective at a time when those kinds of videos didn't exist (stupid I know, but I was a dumb weeb kid). I think a lot of her fans were like that, too, which is why she got quite popular.
Now, though, I don't feel sorry for Mira at all. All that shit about how she's such a good Muslim, hating on LGBT people and attractive women, how she's so above showing off her body unlike those evil western whores!!! Only to find out she's been illegally scamming some guy to illegally stay in Japan with her illegal husband? Kek, she deserves everything she's getting right now.

No. 600523

the videos were fun, pretty well edited, and interesting for weebs. i remember liking the vending machine ones. honestly don't know if she's delusional or just plain lying, her life has obviously gone to the shitter in recent years.

No. 600528

He gave all this shit without getting a friend request accepted. Incredible really. She really had him on the hook.

No. 600530

File: 1542460520948.gif (931.23 KB, 320x180, GranularVibrantBactrian-max-1m…)

Now alot of the screen caps had no dates, but events in conversations make it somewhat able to create a time line. She "befrends" KM in 2016 and stsrts to receive mony from him in exchange for supposedly saying she will dste him (no reciepts) in 2017 she msgs him about Rodi exposing her visa husband and threatening to kill herself over it. From that point until a few weeks ago she gets 15 grand (as per KMs bank transfer screencaps that oddly say USD and not JPNY) to spend on living that best Muslim life (btw Mira very haram of you to accept gifts from a man). Is paying rent so that this visa kun husband will keep their sham marrage under wraps while bemoaning the abuse she goes through by paying said rent (Mira you dumb fugly cunt that's a business transaction, you want to stay in Japan you fucking pay for it). Uses some of that sweet haram money from KM to go to Canada and flex those awful fake LV socks and gloves. During this time she befrends a black chick named Yanique for various Mira retarded reasons. Now somewhere along here KM goes to Japan and they do Hokkaido videos together. Not sure if this is the truth because the one picture looks like they were pasted onto it. KM needs to post pics or video of them together.
She then goes on a ???business?? trip and meets "saudi husband" on a plane.

What we learned is that Mira is a one trick pony. Same scam as the old JVloggers drama just a bit more desperate because she has no safety net or money pigs. She has everything riding on this marrage.

>>be me wondering how she is still in Japan when she married a supposed Saudi in Japan.. not sure how that works but I am an ignorantfag to such things.

No. 600532

PR for what lmao.

Obviously the man was in love and he's lashing out because he's been used and he sees it now. Sperg or not, those feelings are universal.

No. 600534

She could, but she's probably working on a scheme to get out of Japan or at least out of trouble before that happens - now that she's seen what happened to Shiena.

No. 600541

What's hilarious is Miranda makes many mentions that she will not work now that she has remarried.
In a conservative Muslim home the wife does EVERYTHING. No days off. I have never seen her cook or clean. The second he backhands her for messing up dinner and she cannot claim abuse. Topkek.

No. 600542

I wonder what Miranda's next move will be…Will she continue to pretend that everything is ok and hope that her muslim followers won't pay attention to all of her lies, issue another bullshit excuse on twitter/youtube, or finally get out of Japan before the shit hits the fan?

No. 600544

She could go either way to be honest. She made a video addressing the whole Rachel scandal and then deleted it, I can see her kind of doing the same thing here. Unless she realizes just how badly her remaining "inshallah sister!" Muslim fans are going to take this. I can't wait to see the fallout.

No. 600546

I feel as though silence will be the best option for her.

No. 600549

my advice is she should sperg all over social media. it will have the best outcome, I'm certain.

No. 600551

nah you just want more milk

No. 600555

you read me like a book, anon

No. 600583


Oh, she’s worried. That why she started pushing the “all screen shots are photoshopped” narrative before any screenshots were even posted.

No. 600584

She said he sent them to her friend Yanique. So she saw the screen shots before we seen them.

No. 600587

I wonder if this will be it for Mira. Post one more "Farewell" video on yt about how her only job is to make babies and clean and then just delete all her social media.

No. 600591

I have mixed feelings about that. On the one hand, her scamming has gone too far and its time for her to go away, preferably as a housewife to Saudi Arabia, where she'll get what she deserves…On the other hand, she has provided me years of entertainment with her strange warped world as a Canadian Japanese/imam…and I was looking forward to her Jamaican phase after she finishes being a muslim. lol

No. 600593

Dude is kinda crazy but I actually feel sorry for him that he got suckered into giving her that much money. Then again Miranda did use to be a hostess, didn't she? She probably knows how to lead desperate men on.

No. 600595

usually those men need booze. km has no excuse.

No. 600597

I don’t feel sorry for this fucking idiot. He willingly gave he money. End of story. She was never going to marry him. Even we knew that. Common, why a chick stoop to such level and marry a desperate gross lemur. That photoshop job looks nasty as fuck. Even if they did meet she looks uncomfortable as fuck. He probably paid her to take it. Seems like it’s something he would do. Like buying friends.

No. 600598

He’s a 27 year old virgin weeb. Says it in the texts to Yanique. She knowingly took advantage of that.

No. 600600

Yeah, knowing it would only be a matter of time before they showed up elsewhere. Start the narrative early.

Taking a page out of Trump’s book. “Anything that makes me look bad is fake”

No. 600623


randa is a naked mole rat, anon.

her previous husband and possibly 2nd husband were both mouth breathers like her.

then again i should be saying you cause no one else would call randa a 'chick'.

No. 600634

You're implying that Miranda is good looking enough to bag a husband that she's not paying? The only marriages she's had have been where she's paying the men to pretend to be married to her. If she were smart she would've taken KM up on his offer because that's where the money is at but she's too busy pretending to be the ideal Muslim woman thinking she'll bag a Saudi prince and never have to lift a finger ever again and be showered with gifts.

No. 600645

exactly. the only thing that's ever made me salty about randa is that she found some moron to send her that much money, despite how she looks and acts.

No. 600670


I don't think she had to pay anything to her first husband. She didn't even stay that long with him after he told her he was to work abroad for a while. She got divorced and switched to a student visa.

All the stupid shit she's done so far could have been avoided if she had stuck to the only one who was really interested in her.

No. 600672

Just out of curiosity, could anyone with access to her twitter/insta check if she's friend with someone named "Mosa"?

No. 600686

No I checked before. She wouldn’t be stupid enough to follow him.

No. 600704

File: 1542491268415.jpeg (44.58 KB, 750x738, D08732AA-15FD-44AD-BBA8-C51C67…)

Hahaha I would love to see what other shit this nut has in those many kanadajin3 folders. I’m sorry this guy is nothing but a fucking scary stalker. I don’t advise anyone to try to look for her husband. He might kill him.

No. 600709

what? You must be new or something… telling us not to look up into something is like telling a 1 year old kid not to look at something.. ofc we'll be looking at that!

No. 600711

KM is just a spergelord with more money than sense. When he's done moping about Randa using him, he'll move on to another girl on the internet who gives him the time of day.

No. 600713

Wonder how long he will mope bout Mira

No. 600715

Miranda used the sad little boy for his money, just like she did when she worked as a hostess (when she would prance around insta with her luxury brand bags.. gotten from other sad men buying her attention).

She manipulated him for cash, because that is what she does.

I would pity him, but he sounds like a crazy "stocker" and is probably unhinged.

No. 600716

>her current teijuusha status

god I hate this fucking thread sometimes. She does not have, nor did she ever have, teijuusha. Fucking stop.

No. 600721

My bets are that kittenivy chick or bambi

No. 600722

We only have KM's word

No. 600723

My bets are that kittenivy chick or bambi

No. 600728

File: 1542496328833.png (172.26 KB, 496x358, スクリーンショット 2018-11-18 8.11.02.p…)

Damage control?

No. 600729

no, we also have common sense and reading comprehension.

No. 600731

File: 1542497011301.png (33.86 KB, 522x824, skim milk.png)

we've had a huge feed so here is some skim

No. 600735


Nah, it’s some chick that uses the screen name “Morgan LeFay”. He was already following her before this. He already has her YouTube and stuff on his twitter

No. 600745

Funny how she got married right away when her visa was about to run dry along with her funds. Remember when she told people she hates dating men and would never let her boyfriends have sex with her or tell them to hurry up?

Sounds to me that her current boy friend is long distance. I wonder how she will handle it when they live together. She can't say no, it goes against the culture.

No. 600747

From what we got from Km/Bambi stuff, her current visa expire in may. plenty of time imo.
The money stopped because of the engagement, if she had not say a single word about it, she would have been able to keep milking KM. But hey, it's Mira, she cant keep her mouth shut.

No. 600751

Also funny how she believes Islam = ticket to never working again and guarantee she can leech off a man for life. this religion is a convenience for her.

No. 600756

What she doesnt realize yet is that not working mean been an housewife, aka taking or the whole house and meals. That can be worst than a full time job depending on how many people live in the house. She'll work every day but no paycheck! She can kiss goodbye to her "real" LV stuff and other brand stuff because it's the man in charge of the money, i doubt he's going to poor thousand of $ on her just because she ask for it. We'll see… probably not, but one can hope she'll remain on internet to entertain us.

No. 600761

So they just have an Isis sympathizer like it's nothing.. why isn't she being detained for this shit?

No. 600769

Quick important note about her husband "Mosa".
Looking online at multiple name/ancestry website for that name, Mosa is usually an african, girl name. Also a very few boy named "Mosa" exist in nordic country.
But the name "Moosa" or "Moussa" are arabic boy names. This name derives from the Hebrew “mšh : Mōšéh : Moše (Arabic: Mūsā)”

So for anyone trying to find info on her al-visahamad husband, it's better to search for "Moosa" or "Moussa", not Mosa.

No. 600770

I spoke to Mira last night. She is releasing a marriage video in the future though she has swapped the release date. From my conversation with her last night she seems to want to be a better person and she seems happy with her marriage. She is also concerned about getting so close with fans again. I told her that is a good thing because when lines get blurred these things occur.

She said there are going to be some things mentioned in the video so I'm not really sure how much I should share. The video was made about her marriage prior to the drama so the drama wont be mentioned.

She has changed the date of the video to the 30th. It was uploaded to youtube on the second of November and is scheduled release the 30th. It was going to be the 25th however she wants the drama to simmer down. I personally believe she sees this this drama in a creepy way which I do understand. I see where she was coming from but let her know she had faults as well.

I have high hopes for her improvement. Everyone can change for the better eventually.

The reason I'm not posting the SS this time is I feel she gave me some sensitive information that is not my place to share. I personally feel she deserves the right to share the details about her relationship but I feel like that may be included in the video.

I've noticed a huge rotating theme in this situation. Mostly people are sharing too much and getting too personal with people they don't really know. Remember there could be a killer or a saint on the other side of the screen.

No. 600771

Could you share the SS after the video is released?

No. 600772

possibly if I remember. Honestly I'm not a big lolcow user. But I hope her video answers questions

No. 600774

I doubt it's going to answer many question as she's probably going to make up stuff like she always do, but hey, who know, maybe the engagement changed her!

We'll find a way to remind you about the scresnshots.

No. 600778

You can messaged Ryden on PULL

No. 600780

>she seems to want to be a better person

She's become homophobic, misogynistic, and hateful of anything that isn't Wahhabi-style Islam. Mira hasn't gotten "better" at anything except finding more people to exploit. She's had 2 Japanese visa marriages and now she's moving on to a 3rd Saudi visa marriage. You and everyone else defending poor little Mira are fucking morons

No. 600793

And it will be even more difficult to divorce once she doesn't want to deal with muslim-kun anymore. This bitch legit doesn't know what she's getting into.

No. 600796


KM says it clearly in -

She was paying someone for spouse visa for at least a year, probably 2-3 at this point. She divorced them in Feb/March, probably just after she tried to ask them to see if they would let her stay on it another year to get her into school quicker.

They likely said no, and so they divorced. She then got teijuusha for a year's worth of time.

No. 600802

I agree with anon. Miranda is always playing the victim. She's not sorry, she's sorry she got caught. She doesn't want to be a better person, she wants a better situation.

No. 600805

Anyone got a link/dl to the video Mira did after the Rachel drama ? The one she deleted from her channel, not the video made my Rachel.
Or if someone remember what she was saying.

I'd be curious to know what was saying to compare it with the future video she's supposed to release "soon". If it's the same kind of excuses, bullshit, dodging and what not.

No. 600809

Here you go

No. 600810

Poor guy could’ve had a weekend orgy with luxury escorts that look like bikini models for that money. Instead he wasted it on Japanese Quasimodo.

No. 600811

Love you, thanks!

No. 600812

History repeat itself, like they always say, it's funny to watch that old video while knowing what she did now.

No. 600818

there are also plenty of other white weeaboos in japan he could have woo-ed with that money that aren't pieces of shit like miranda

No. 600820

It's amazing how her English is so decent in this video, and how she's defending her spelling. Mira hasn't changed at all since then.
and kinda ot, but it's nice to see an oldschool YT video where no one's yelling at the camera. I'm guessing Visa-kun was sleeping and she didn't want to wake him up

No. 600832

Or more simply Mira is a lying sack who uses people for cash or to use as sock puppets. Been following her for a while and she's just a miserable person who hates anyone and everyone for pity reasons "He isn't my pawn. She's too pretty. They are more popular than me."
She is using this religion as a meal ticket and to be more of a vile cunt. I thought she just hated women but it's clear she just hates everyone and everything. She'll be shitting on Islam and her husband in less than a year.

No. 600834


Even if she was commuting from ~1.5hrs away into Tokyo for work, two months of a train pass would be around $400 USD. So, either she bought a VERY expensive work outfit, or she's commuting into a major metropolitan area from somewhere very rural. I don't keep up enough with her to know where she lives, but doesn't she still claim to live in Tokyo? (My train pass is only ~$90 USD/mo to commute 40 mins within Tokyo)

No. 600837

this is one of the most retarded posts I've ever read here, congrats.

yeah, Miranda told KM that. You're using Miranda's word for proof. Other anons have spelled it out before, there is no way in hell she got it.

No. 600838

Can somebody summarize this drama?
I'm new to this milk.

No. 600845

Mira made fake accounts on PULL and talked shit about other jvloggers while defending herself. She was caught red-handed. there was a big expose and other jvloggers started to make videos about it. I remember refreshing her page and seeing her subscriber count drop like flies by the minute. it's the reason her drawing on PULL's banner has a sockpuppet.

No. 600852

"Mira wants to be a better person" kek stop with the whiteknighting, this isn't true at all and everyone knows it. Mira isn't ever going to change because she loves being a manipulative leech who constantly fucks with everyone around her while acting like she's so above everyone else because her way is the only correct way. Someone like that will never change as long as there's people around them to manipulate. Can't wait until she finally fucks off to Saudi

No. 600858

What I'm curious to is, what can the bank do once they find out her credit card is maxed? I don't know how that works in Japan

No. 600860

Reality is going to punch her in the face if she does. If her phase decides to drop after she has already moved and had children, even if she somehow gets herself out, she will never see them again. saudi law always favors the father getting full custody in cases involving non-saudi mothers no matter what. she's getting herself into a position that will make her completely powerless and vulnerable

No. 600869

Mira is replying to a video containing accusations of socking levelled by Rachel. You can watch the accusations/receipts video mirrored here: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4fdzwa

No. 600933

>she seems to want to be a better person
I'm sure. \s

Mira has always been a terrible person, but her views on the world have become significantly more hostile and hateful since she became a muslim extremist, she'll never get better.

No. 600962

>she wants to be a better person

You know that is bullshit. Even disregarding her past, the first thing she said about this stuff with KM is “I did nothing wrong”.

Which the screen shots show otherwise. And you even know that isn’t true, yourself. Same shit, different day. She will never change

No. 600965

File: 1542552316734.png (44.69 KB, 1608x242, スクリーンショット 2018-11-18 23.44.53.…)

No. 600966

File: 1542552384779.png (175.61 KB, 1588x682, スクリーンショット 2018-11-18 23.46.07.…)

No. 600970

Miranda posted this yesterday. Clearly she has learned nothing from all this mess and expects to be supported by her Saudi prince now that she dropped KM and visa-kun 2.0…Oh Miranda, we are all hoping that you will go live in Saudi Arabia where you can enjoy "islamic women's rights"!

No. 600973

I wonder when we'll see a news story about the white women turned Isis getting deported from Japan

No. 600975

Last few days = Whew lad. Intractable stupidity combined with what seems to be a personality disorder is a hell of a drug.

No. 600976

I mean, can we really blame her for wanting someone else to control her life? She's seen what her being in control of it has gotten her.

No. 600977

>Women are allowed to drive a car
Wow, muslim women might be really grateful for being legally allowed to do mundane stuff like that, right?

No. 600980

I hope really soon!

No. 600981


That’s like the old joke about the Ford model T. It only came in black, as a way to keep cost down. So the joke was “You can have a Model T in any color you want, as long as it is black.”

No. 600982

He needs to control her better! He needs to tell her to get off social media and stop her from spreading any more of her lies!

No. 600983

>if my husband and I wanted to do activities, we'd do activities!

No, HE would do activities and you would stay at home. You can't travel or even get a passport without husband's permission. You can, however, have a job without permission but we all know Miranda wouldn't take advantage of that.

No. 600990

File: 1542555450385.png (5.54 MB, 1242x2688, 5C409C9D-0544-42E4-903D-9F77D5…)


Well, regarding her “upcoming video”. It will most likely be bullshit as here she’s discussing with KM about having made a “I’m moving to Saudi Arabia” video before even meeting her “Saudi husband”

Also, proving that KM was posting the “She’s married to a Saudi Guy” at Miranda’s instruction.

No. 600992

He doesn't need to control her social media because she will be watched by the Saudia Arabian state. Everything is regulated. There are many bloggers and vloggers like Raif Badawi who sit in prison for simply having an opinion. Of course she will praise and love Saudia Arabia at first but the moment she decides to share any kind of critique, she will get in trouble. And we know Randa, she loves to be triggering and controvers or else nobody would click her videos. Maybe she quits social media when she moves to Saudia Arabia but she needs the attention and to be perceived as superior.

No. 601006

Wow, they even have grocery stores in Saudi Arabia, amazing!

(Also, I cringe at all the screenshots in which KM writes that he "borrowed Mira money". In Norwegian lend/borrow is translated into the same word, but when Norwegians mix them up in English and use the wrong one, the result makes no sense…)

No. 601017

Saudi just lifted the ban on women driving in June. Love Miranda pretending like people are idiots for not knowing that (or pretending women have been able to drive in Saudi all along, who even knows)

No. 601058

Thank you very much!

No. 601073

i dont think his name is really mosa..mira seems want to be secretive about him she probably told that yani girl to replay to km guy that msg because she knows its gonna be public and wants to give false info or something

No. 601090

You wish Mira. We caught you. And you are following an account on Twitter that’s new and fake, I am sure this is what your husband uses to check your Twitter. You also used to be following a Saudi guy in Japan named MO.

No. 601099

>to replay
Sure thing, not-Miranda. It's not like we know for certain you visit this place.
But you may be right, the name may not be "Mosa" but "Moussa", like >>600769 said.

No. 601112

In English this guy could spell it anyway. Usually Arabic guys hide it by putting mo. M. MO. Etc. She used to retweet things from a weird Islamic account that only had 4 followers and they both followed each other. The account was momm2030 or something weird like this. They both tweeted to each other. Now she’s not following it. I can’t find it.

No. 601114

Too bad we always know when it's you, Mira, since you have the weirdest spelling errors on the internet. It's not just that there are errors. Bad spelling in general is pretty common across the web. It's that you are the only person I've ever seen to make the kind of errors you do.

You'd do yourself a huge favor by staying away from lolcow unless you have someone more proficient with you who can spellcheck.

No. 601122

That reminds me, a few threads ago was KM the SHE'S IN CANADA anon, or was that just some anon with a pet theory?

No. 601123

Hahaha! She really expects to be treated like some kind of Saudi queen and just laze about a home rent free

No. 601138

I think that was just a random anon, that person was also on Pull with a registered account and spent a few weeks saying she was most likely in Canada, and somehow that person wanted us to proove she was not in canada. Just one more crazy anon, like the anon going nuts over the word "hint", or the other crazy anon when someone say "we". Normal day on lolcow imo.

No. 601145

so is KM sitting on a giant pile of Mira nudes or what?

You don't send that much money without getting something in return.

…unless he is really that dumb…

No. 601164

File: 1542579675942.gif (1.19 MB, 300x257, tumblr_np954nMUfB1qm3rsfo1_400…)

He was in love with quasimoto…. low intellect doesn't even begin with his problems.

No. 601175

File: 1542581258814.png (401.34 KB, 894x597, mira.png)

I personally feel it will be the video. After the last line she told me some things that will be in the video and those things are not my place to release but in the video messages related to the video it was all about the marriage and not about. If the information she gave me is true I do believe he is Saudi. Because of the processes she mentioned. I honestly wish she would do it sooner then later as it would answer a lot of questions but it's her personal life. I am more then happy to share things but this information is a little too personal it makes me uncomfortable. I hope she is happy now with her husband and I hope whatever hole she has been trying to fill gets filled up.

No. 601176

Rodi made a video, not really any new info, just further confirmation of KM’s side.

Also at about 2:02 confirmed her name is Miranda Ann Constable. Which we knew, but further confirmed

No. 601177

I’m honestly starting to doubt she’s married. I think she made it up.

We have confirmed text from her to KM specifically to spread that rumor and that she would even make a fake video about it.

Why should we believe it’s real?

No. 601180

I’m not that in on all the details, but isn’t it weird that rodi still gives a shit about miranda? I thought he was above her crazy shenanigans. Or is it just for views?

No. 601193

Bout as weird as we all still here giving a shit about her.

No. 601194

I have been informed by her it will explain in the video

No. 601195

I think its about views tbh

No. 601198

>I’m honestly starting to doubt she’s married. I think she made it up.

what a crazy tinfoil, anon. No idea where you would get such a reasonable and likely thought.

No. 601209

File: 1542583858373.jpg (6.18 KB, 259x194, mj.jpg)

Tbh I don't care if she's married/engaged to a Saudi or some other tard. She's such a pathetic trainwreck and watching people like Rodi, KM, etc get involved in her mess so they can feel super important is hilarious.

No. 601210

File: 1542584596598.png (479.69 KB, 714x436, スクリーンショット 2018-11-19 8.41.50.p…)

Well, as much as I expected, Miranda is going to pretend nothing is wrong and continue to release videos as usual. She has learned nothing and deserves the consequences of her actions.

No. 601211

Honestly if her new boytoy/visa kun is a poor Indonesian factory worker as suspected then she probably needs to keep bringing in the YT income

No. 601213

File: 1542585490601.png (934.91 KB, 2048x1536, 6232403C-CE3A-4E1D-90E7-C2F793…)

What YouTube income?

No. 601220

That is not actually accurate its an estimation

No. 601234

Estimation or not, it is very well known that it takes 1 million views a month to get about as much as a minimum pay job. She gets about 100$ max a month from youtube.

A youtuber i follow is at the 300k sub, get's about 70-100k views on his videos after one week. He said he cannot live from youtube alone. Mira is faaaaaaaaaar from that level.

No. 601244

File: 1542588413152.png (79.9 KB, 1168x438, スクリーンショット 2018-11-19 9.46.22.p…)

No. 601262

Not like she has much of a choice, once she get in S-A she might not even be allowed to go on internet lol

No. 601264

What I'm wondering if she's just engaged. She mentioned the guy only proposed to her. They don't live together, he's somewhere else and she's still in Japan hoping he picks her up before she gets into legal trouble.

No. 601265

She will never learn, she will never change.

No. 601267

No Saudi would ever marry her, she has less that 2 years of decent eggs.

Her audience nowadays is muslin Indonesian girls.

If shes one thing for sure it is
a living proof that canada indentity was erased.

No. 601268

I think that she's married under islamic law but not legally in Japan…

No. 601271

I can confirm that she seems legally married. She will explain it in the video apparently

No. 601274

You can't confirm marriage unless you show marriage papers..

No. 601275

theres a type of muslim marriage that is not recognized anywhere in the first world

No. 601288

Agreed. You can't just go up to someone, say you're married and expect it to mean anything to regular people or the government. Mira is still fucked

No. 601291

you're not confirming anything in a fucking anonymous post with no attachments

No. 601303

You say that, but you're giving Mira too much credit to be THAT emotionally manipulative to drain this guys wallet with only friendship in return. She was definitely sweetening the pot with something, if not nudes she banged him on that 3 day trip he paid for.

No. 601304


You can confirm that she “she seems legally married”. Seems.

By saying that she “seems” married means that you don’t know. And therefore cannot confirm anything.

No. 601313

well then she's not married. signed, the first world.

stop trying to manage how we view Mira's newest sham marriage.

No. 601314

this bitch about to drop off the face of the internet and go fully off the grid for years lmao

No. 601316

I wish…she hasn't learned anything and she will continue in her ways until she is LITERALLY forced to stop.

No. 601323

i think she means that she'll have to once she's whisked away to SA.

No. 601329

Do you think she plans on getting pregnant soon?

No. 601330


Dear god, I hope not. That bitch definitely shouldn’t breed.

No. 601333

pretty sure that's her only purpose in life as a woman now, so yes probably.

No. 601334

Sorry but Mo in Arabic is a nickname for Mohammed, not Moosa.

No. 601340

It could also just be MOSA shortened to just MO and numbers. Maybe his bday? Or last name starts with O.

No. 601360

File: 1542601266519.jpeg (136.37 KB, 675x1200, 16A7FE2F-7F19-4629-9091-C6B2C5…)

Oh sweet jebus! Miranda, at 28 years old, just found out about return addresses and post marks.

No. 601365

File: 1542601998774.png (44.03 KB, 631x379, mira2.png)

No. 601367

There is no way in hell her husband is a REAL of PURE Saudi. Real Saudis arent even allowed to marry any Saudi/Arab. They must be from a well known and respected tribe to be able to marry. No way a real Saudi is marrying white trash who has her face all over the internet. The man she married is probably of egyptian, paki or Syrian origin who was born in Saudi Arabia or something. Mira can only dream.

No. 601371

Or a migrant worker in Saudi Arabia perhaps?

No. 601372


She is right to do that, give him a fake address that is. Cause what did he do with that private information? Posted it online. Regardless if he thinks the address is real or not, that is still a pretty shitty thing to do.

No. 601377

Nope. Still don't feel sorry for Miranda as she was scamming KM out of 15K.

No. 601385


Didn't he buy all her crap on ebay?

No. 601386

It’s not scamming if someone pays for something out of their will. He bought her computer and paid for her trip and I remember him praising himself for buying her that shit. So he can fuck off with this “I was scammed into doing it”. Man is idiot for buying crap for a chick that isn’t his wife. She was never gonna marry him. Same sappy ass fucking story. Online personality gets gifts and then bye, she’s married.

No. 601388

i mean…we saw her asking to borrow it so…

No. 601389


Nice guy realized he was in the friend zone; goes into stalker mode, whines on hate forums and start spreading false information.

No. 601391


does the iffy morality of what happened really have to be explained? I took one look at that dude's instagram and could tell he had a somewhat unhealthy fascination with her (to put it mildly)

she knew this, and then not only communicated with him, but accepted gifts/money…and if she wasn't doing that she was threatening suicide and giving him a sob story for more money. that is MANIPULATION.

neither of them are all that great. and im not saying he deserves sympathy but he definitely doesn't deserve hate. using someone who is obsessed with you as an attack dog/cash cow? that is fucking gross

No. 601392

don't bother, looks like white-knights out in full force to me.

No. 601394

Yeah but who says that’s true. It really doesn’t look like she said “hello can I borrow money to buy computer and I will pay back”. There are vague screen shots if they are real, of what he wants us to see to fit his naritive. I remember him white knighting about the laptop and camera that he bought her. Doesn’t seem like something someone who wants the cash back will do.

No. 601398

It probably is donations that's now a loan. He insists she promised she would marry him (on March 31!), despite his own screenshots of her repeatedly saying she wouldn't even if he converted to Islam.

No. 601404

Miranda doesn't have whiteknights. So no, it's just differing opinions.

No. 601407

riiiight. i totally believe that.

No. 601415

the gifts and donations became loans and debt after he realized he never had a chance? sounds like he's pretty butthurt

No. 601419

are you 12?

No. 601421

she doesn't have the intellectual abilities to have led him on either.

No. 601428

you don't need to be a genius to exploit someone, you just need to be greedy and they need to be more gullible than you are. it's all relative. she certainly exploited the man. a new laptop in return for helping get into a school that he could no doubt apply to with ease himself? a scam. and she told him they were dating. as far as he was concerned, he gave and then loaned money to his online gf. this, to this very naive and clingy man, is a breakup. I don't feel sorry for him in the slightest, he has more money than sense, but let's not pretend she isn't a grifter. how many sham marriages is she up to now?

No. 601431

Applying to school in japan can be quite tricky. If it's a language school, the application process and documents are all in Japanese (speaking from my own experience), hence there are many companies that help you with this, example blue berry language (they charge to help you) and gogonihon (free).
many people don't know about the different companies that help you fill out the right paperwork. And if he was prepared to pay a company to help him apply, paying Mira didn't seem like a big deal? Although the fee is probably a lot different haha.

No. 601435

how tf would randa have helped him, she speaks elementary japanese (not that what you said is even true)

No. 601436

I'm willing to bet that he has a legit autism diagnosis. Look at how he unloaded on Yanique after she was polite to him. I really wish he'd upload stuff like Mira's deleted livestreams, if he really does have a horde of her old videos.

No. 601438

because the company probably doesn't make you buy a laptop then keep squeezing you for money while they make you wait months and never deliver. not a reputable one anyway.

No. 601440

I went to language school in Tokyo, and the documents to apply and enroll was all in Japanese. Have you applied to school in Japan?

No. 601441

sure you did, anon, sure you did.

No. 601442

>white knighting Randa
Come on guys, please don't. Funny how white knights come out of the woodwork during mid-day in Japan and all somehow are Japan experts…

No. 601444

Seriously. As much of a fool as KM is, I'll believe his word/screenshots over the word of Miranda (who has repeatedly been shown to be a liar/terrible human being over many years).

No. 601446

Shit like >>601394 is how you can really tell.


>vague screen shots

Randa seems to be learning how to speak English finally!

No. 601448

this. it all has her written all over it, bad spelling, getting uppity about how "stuff in japan" works, bragging about shit on anon.

No. 601449

Randa is not the only one in Japan whom has gone to school, live here and know how stuff works. Applying to school is a pain.

No. 601451

No, I think he's just very lonely and unloaded on the first "non-hater" who knew about Miranda. considering what an extreme weeaboo he is, it's no surprise he's a 27 year old virgin with no one to talk to.

No. 601456

yep, there's the spelling/grammar issues coming through like clockwork.

No. 601457

Or just the fact that I'm not a native english speaker. ^^

No. 601459


maybe you should actually read? Or at the very least justify giving him flack? Like I'm not white-knighting KM I'm saying YOUR particular perception of what went on is very narrow.

Like…that's not even almost a difficult concept to grasp lmao

other anon is right. confirmed 12.

No. 601470

you're being accused of wking randa, dumbass.

No. 601488

File: 1542621894499.jpeg (123.21 KB, 1242x938, BE093B9A-30F5-4397-BC31-9EC675…)

What an immature response. I’d expect nothing less from Miranda Ann Constable though.

No. 601489

File: 1542622328373.jpg (168.23 KB, 758x2160, 1542604223160.jpg)

No. 601493

I couldn't stop laughing at the post upthread that was like 'well, it seems like rodi and naruru were right so there'. All that useless speculation and attempting to start drama and when the milk comes it's all different. Fucking retards kek.

>there is no way her husband is … real

I mean come on, we already have the copy paste 'she has / will explain it in a video' that she relies on to push her bullshit every. damn. time. Dude doesn't exist.

That … actually seems relatively reasonable? No spazzing out or accusations, just a 'good for him'. How is that immature?

No. 601494

The "It's good to know he's interested in falconing" reads as immature to me. Even if she's not following him (unlikely), she knows damn well Rodi didn't post a video about falconing. She admitted in her messages to Bambi that she is waiting for the drama to die down before posting her marriage video. She must have some idea what Rodi made a video about.

Sticking your head in the sand is more mature than sperging out, I guess. There are some people in the comments of the video asking about what's going on, so not addressing any drama directly is working for some of her audience.

No. 601500

She did this with the jvlogger drama too. Blocked everyone, hid in her own bullshit and then blamed everyone else for bullying her.

The only person here wking Miranda is Miranda herself, and maybe that one sad follower on Twitter who seems to lap up everything Miranda shits out

No. 601506

he acts like he really was her husband. KM is getting sadder the more i see him

No. 601511

Why is he acting like she just blocked him for no reason? It was clear that she blocked him because he mailed her friends. He mailed her friends first so she blocked him. That’s stepping out of line to me. From what I see is she told him before they wont get married, he donated her money to help her out of kindness and support. She told him she was married, he mailed her friends so she blocked him. Then he started demanding the money back and going on a blood thirsty hunt.

No. 601514

Is the rain keeping you inside, Mira? Why aren’t you cooking and cleaning for your midget husband?

No. 601517

How it is "bloodthirsty?" The guy thinks she lied to him and led him on, not because she valued his friendship, but because she valued his money and financial support… and that is actually a pretty accurate assessment of the situation. I'd be pretty angry also to find out that someone I thought was a friend had been using me and manipulating me. I don;t agree with how he is expressing his anger, but I don't think it is unjustified at all, and I think Miranda has it coming.

No. 601519

I’m 99% sure that’s actually Mira you’re responding to. Look at her words choices in that paragraph and how she is trying to demonize the actions of someone she screwed over yet again. Remember, every person she burns is suddenly so evil, full of hatred and/or crazy.

She didn’t even know “bloodthirsty” is a compound word. Lol

No. 601522

she's been here for hours.

No. 601523

You are probably right; I am being naive. I know she has been all over these comments WKing herself. To the extent she can.

No. 601527

File: 1542635320684.png (187.62 KB, 1348x940, スクリーンショット 2018-11-19 22.46.25.…)

Apparently, a lack of basic human rights is ok as long as it is in a sunni country, not shia.

No. 601536

Imagine these posts are real and not photoshopped or fake like Mira says. It means this “friend” was stalking her. What kind of friend takes pictures of all their conversations? That’s kind of messed up.

No. 601541

oh,and what type could it be? enlighten us dear

No. 601544

No. 601554

you tried this already. next.

No. 601556

This has nothing to do with divorce or a temp marriage. It means if the husband is going to live far away for some reason he will not need to pay for his wife and she will not need to give him sexual action

No. 601561

nta, but i think the part mir-anon is referencing is the aspect where it allows men to marry another woman in order to have sex with her essentially. which is pathetic because it's just pushing the idea that she's someone's extra hole.

No. 601565

That's the point. She can claim to be "married" under islamic law without actually having to live together or be married according to Japanese law.

No. 601566

No that’s against Islamic rules. This article doesn’t say that either. Basically men are required to take care of women but for example if he lives far away for some reason he is not required to go back and forth daily to support her needs. She is also not required to travel to his house to clean and cook for him. I am sure that he lives in the house with her. I am sure that he is the one who paid for her to move into that 3 story house. Why would she move to a 3 story house with a car that she can’t drive. If all makes sense. The man who drives her around Japan was her husband all along.

No. 601570

>Some Islamic lawyers[who?] add that this type of marriage fits the needs of a conservative society which punishes zina (fornication) and other sexual relationships which are established outside a marriage contract. Thus, some Muslim foreigners working in the Persian Gulf countries prefer to engage in misyar marriage rather than live alone for years. Many of them are actually already married with wives and children in their home country, but they cannot bring them to the region.

fucking ignorant.

No. 601571

You guys think that Randas already demanded/received her Mahr? I read that the bride can decide how much she wants. It can be as low as $1 and as high as $100k++. The Mahr should be in proportion to status and value of the bride. Just asking for the lolz

No. 601573

leave it to randa (you) to only read the 1st sentence of an article.

No. 601574

Technically, it is required to get married in islam, so she should have received something, although there is no rule on how much the mahr should be…

No. 601586

Uh… you mean like what a certain Wahhabist bacon-wrapped potato does all the time?

Mira. There’s nothing weird about him providing as much evidence as possible to prove his accusation. It was only crazy that participated in this inappropriate, one-sided relationship for so long. However, KM is clearly on the Autism spectrum so guess what, Mira? You took advantage of a vulnerable person with a disability!

I’m not just bullshitting, this happens a lot to even high-functioning individuals. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/mate-crime-replacing-hate-crime-as-children-with-aspergers-and-autism-increasingly-being-abused-and-10383677.html

You’re an immoral person, Miranda Constant Bull. What would Allah think?

No. 601599


Nice try. The dates from that e-mail was when Miranda was trying her second or third fake suicide because of Rodi.

KM, despite all his weirdness, seemed to actual care about Mira.

So, from KM's perspective, He has a friend he cares about deeply, contemplating suicide (as far as he knows) and now not responding to him. That would make someone worried and try and contact anyone they know to make sure they are OK. That would be a perfectly normal and reasonable action.

No. 601603

sage, i know syrians nicknamed Mousa, but their name is longer so there could be a lot of possible variations.

No. 601604


kek do you mean that ONS "marriage" of islam

No. 601608


lol is she now saying she doesn't know KM

thisss. Just looking at the numbers, probably Indonesian or Pakistani. Many of them go to Japan to work as farm, fishery, or factory laborers.

The thing I don't get about KM is even if he is a 27 year old aspberger weeaboo… where is he getting this money from? Yes, Norway is a wealthy country, but $15k still isn't chump change. In Scandinavia, weeb types would either work a shitty call center job or be on welfare.

Saudis fucking love falconing for some reason. You can see photos online of an airplane in which all the seats are filled with falcons owned by some Saudi prince. I have no idea how either Miranda OR Rodhi for that matter are able to go falconing in Japan.

lordy. if Mira ever said one thing that was true in her life, it is that this is in fact some next-level "stocking". kek

No. 601609

You can have a decent job and still be a sad little weeb inside, anon.

And I don't think the guy is on the spectrum. He's just a desperate lonely guy who got to get some attention from a girl making youtube videos in Japan and he thought giving her money, wking her everywhere and posting useless comments on every single video would eventually give him access to her pants.

No. 601614

>lordy. if Mira ever said one thing that was true in her life, it is that this is in fact some next-level "stocking". kek

Dude, again, this was when Miranda was doing her fake suicide because of Rodi not giving her any dick. Look at the dates 7/2017.

If you had some friend that, for all you knew, was about to commit suicide and they weren't responding to your text or anything, what would you do?

Seriously, I hate to have to defend KM on this. But he bought her suicide shit hook, line, and sinker.

No. 601630

go look in /snow at Melonpan. dude is a lot crazier than KM and had a high level banking job.

No. 601632

It's so obvious she's been camping out in this thread for hours it's hilarious.

No. 601643

You know that Miranda lose all credibility when she start claiming she doesnt know the guy that sent her 15k$, went on a trip with her and god know what else.

Or like when she claim, in the SAME reply that she doesnt know Kitten ivy and follow by saying she was indeed her youtube mod. Lolwat?

By now, it's clear Miranda is trying to go full retard saying nothing ever happened, it was all a dream, the metal top never stoped spinning on the table.

(1 cookie to those who get the reference)

No. 601645

Inception was kinda shit, but I digress. Randa needs to chill out. Her dream is dead. I guess we'll see where she goes (literally) from here sooner or later. Though, I can guarantee if KM had Japanese citizenship, she would have married him on the spot.

No. 601648

please don't turn this thread into "anyone who is not a KM apologist is Mira"

this guy is absolutely not normal and a total creepazoid. even if he meant well and genuinely cared about her, his behavior from the start was disturbing. if Miranda didn't answer his fb message immediately he starts to freak out and message people she knows asking for info while saying "Mira is the only person I can trust in this world" and "she tells me everything". it's obvious he was delusional about how close they were.

i'm not wking mira. she's a parasite to anyone who associates with her and knowingly took advantage of his obsessive delusions of her. but there's no "one's bad and the other's a victim" they're both fucked.

No. 601659

Rodi drama was May and June. Not July.

No. 601664

>i'm not wking mira. she's a parasite to anyone who associates with her and knowingly took advantage of his obsessive delusions of her. but there's no "one's bad and the other's a victim" they're both fucked

That's what everyone has been saying. No one is being a KM apologist, just saying that he was a bit off, to say the least, but as evidenced by the texts between the two of them, Miranda had no issue with it as long as the cash was flowing and he was being her proxy here and at PULL.

Once she used him for all she could get, block and say he was a "crazy stalker".

No. 601666

it is obvious that she's here, denying the caps is ridiculous, especially since she's now denying things she admitted herself already.

i agree with the other anon, KM is in no way innocent, but he did get scammed and miranda is the guilty one.

No. 601673

File: 1542654359489.jpg (70.41 KB, 1185x260, crazyranda.jpg)

Again Miranda using sock puppets to react on Rody's video. Miranda never fails to crack me up :')

No. 601679


KM might be autistic but I swear Randa is FAS or borderline mentally disabled as well.
She keeps repeating the same lies over and over even though nobody believes her, now or ever. She claimed the teijuusha thing for YEARS, even after anons translated Japanese case law sentence by sentence to prove it was a lie. Now we have multiple independent sources verifying she was lying – her manager, her ex-crush Rodi, her internet 'stocker' KM – and zero sources from her to back up her claims.

Amazingly, we now even have caps of Randa ordering KM and others to WK her, literally saying "post this comment for me". We know she thought telling KM to come here and on Twitter and post that she was married to a Saudi man with a house and car would work. It never did then and it never will.

And still. STILL. She sockpuppets.

It's amazing, really.

This is wild, too. So Islam has a "marriage" that is just a day long, that's obviously just an excuse to fuck without pissing off Allah.

We know there's no way she has a Saudi husband. One of the private chats says "It's not that unbelievable that I would have a Saudi husband" (meaning she knows it's a lie, but she thinks people would buy it).

So… she's having sex with an Indonesian factory worker or Pakistani dish washer. The guy's in Japan sending those yens to his 10 siblings back in Indonesia/Pakistan, and once his Japan "trainee" visa runs out he wants to go to Saudi Arabia to work because the salaries are higher there. Randa thinks she's gonna get in on this.

One thing I'm wondering is, she must have been trolling the internet for Muslim men. Do you think she used her regular social media (Twitter, Insta, etc)? Or did she join a Muslim dating website?
Her profile on a Muslim dating website would be a riot to find if we could…

No. 601690

On top of the FAS or lower IQ, I think that the borderline personality disorder is VERY present in Miranda explains a lot of her behavior. I honestly think that Miranda believes her own lies after repeating them for so long. If only she would put all the energy from sockpuppeting, lying, scheming, manipulating, backstabbing etc. into working a real job or getting a degree…

No. 601704


>Mira and KM

>average human traits

Yeah uh no. It is bad to armchair diagnose, but there is no way either of them is neurotypical.

>14 year old incels

I would wager than most 14 year olds are virgins, yes

No. 601705

Can you guys just stop pathologising everyone and everything? It's deeply disrespectful to attribute average human traits (and yes not every psychologically troubling behaviour is of pathological origin - gosh) to psychological and neurological conditions. You guys act like 14 year old incels with no clue what being autistic or any other label you falsely put onto people is like. Grow the fuck up!(pure autism)

No. 601713

Girl, we don't need a lecture… to armchair diagnose is not okay, Miranda is a hot mess express, let's keep it moving.

No. 601771

No, Islam doesn't say that's OK
Temporary marriages aren't allowed in Islam.
A minority sect of Shia still claim it's permissible, but it isn't.

No. 601774

It is like she killed herself from society she gave up on us. Her optimism is special, hard to say that is not feigned. She should not quit YouTube she knows we care more than Saudi Arabia. Psychologically she thinks KSA is morally superior to the internet and it is not. People should talk to her like someone just got shot in the room. She can survive off frozen moose she has no business getting castled. Muslim women get isolated they do the same routine, the idea of a Muslim woman active on social media is like science fiction something could go wrong.

No. 601778

>Yankee Gohome

How ironic, I wonder how many Japanese people walk past Mira everyday and think the same thing?

No. 601792

read. the. article.

No. 601802

You should know by now that what Miranda say is the absolute thruth, doesnt matter if Islam allow it or not, if she say no, it's no!

No. 601804

yeah how silly of me. obviously the words are a trick and only people of pure heart aren't fooled by them!

No. 601815

Is this the moment where we start chanting "Mira akbar!" ?

No. 601820

This wasn't during her suicide period. He would message her friends when she didn't reply for a few hours.

No. 601822

Yeah this period is when she was in Canada and she was Muslim. I wonder if Erica ever replied. That is kinda creepy thing to do for someone he isn’t even close real friend with. He mailed her friend Yanique whom isn’t even a YouTuber.

No. 601824

(and i fucked up with the dates… the suicide stuff was in 2016, that one-sided convo was in 2017, 100% unrelated to suicide episode)

No. 601836

I don't think so, Erica doesn't like to deal with online drama from what I can tell.

No. 601841

and yet randa still talked to him.

here she is claiming he's "stocking" her and yet made no effort to dip out once it became apparent how off he was. money is a hell of a drug.

No. 601842

That was her second “suicide”. Check the dates of the pics in >>600189

May of 2017.

No. 601845


May VS July

No. 601853

She has a ton of creeps. Creepy isn’t a reason to block someone alone. IMO he only really stepped out of line when he mailed her friends their private conversations. This guy seems like type to save her knleenex.

No. 601854

I agree. Mailing Yanique all that, when she never asked for it, out of line.

No. 601864


Yes, the one anon was wrong about it being July. The anon I was replying to was saying the suicide stuff with Rodi was 2016. Which it was not.

No. 601866

Why? She didn’t have to respond. When I get dm requests from people I don’t know, I don’t respond. You know, common fucking sense.

No. 601869

She emailed him first, asking who he was.
She never asked to get pm's between him and Mira, he forced that situation on her. You can even see in the SS that she said she didn't want to see any of it.

No. 601870

She has totally been posting on muslim marriage sites, and like you I wish we could be a fly on the wall to those interactions. Best way for her to go fishing and pick and choose a desperate target who maybe has the chance or aspiration to go to SA one day. I doubt he's from there or she'd be there already. If he has a job that keeps him in another country, all the better from her point of view.

No. 601871

Of course he's the type to save her kleenex. He's also the type to send her $15K. See how those fit together? This suited here when she could send him the text and images to post on social media. She has moved on so now it's finally problematic behaviour.

No. 601875

She posted a video on Instagram of him signing with her in Arabic I assume

No. 601877

Somebody please help me out with this : Even though she claims she was lying to him, the original story she told to KM was that she divorced in February and received teijuusha that lasts until May. After divorce, the foreign spouse must change their visa status within 6 months. I’ve read the teijuusha typically lasts 1 year, so then it’s plausible she switched visa status about 3 months after the divorce. Surprisingly, she actually could earn teijuusha this time(not for the first marriage!) because the divorce came about after she had been in Japan 5 years. However, she has the history of being rejected for naturalization due to her bad character and she admitted she was in poverty paying out Visa-kun 2, working odd jobs, and was still receiving large sums of money from KM just to stay afloat. To be eligible for teijuusha this time, she would need to show that she could financially support herself, but we can clearly see the time since the February “divorce” has been a mess.

Now she’s saying she has received that teijusha from divorce during her most financially unstable time and has married another foreigner, who must be on a student or work visa. Naturally, she is going to have to report this new marriage to immigration, if it is legal. If a Saudi husband is entirely responsible for his wife, why would she be living on a visa that is entirely separate from his status, which she only got because of divorce to another man? Wouldn’t it now be appropriate for her to apply for a dependent visa? I just don’t see how her supposed teijuusha status would be unaffected by a marriage with a foreigner, especially since she claims she doesn’t have to work anymore. If she doesn’t work, the teijuusha would be revoked.

No. 601879

Well, then she initiated the conversation by e-mailing him first. And he stopped after she said she didn’t want to see them. Normal course of conversation.

No. 601883

Since the beginning, her visa status in Japan has been shady, so who knows if she has been honest with the Immigration Bureau recently and updated her visa status to dependent (if she is legally married in Japan).
Based on my experience, I can say that naturalization is handled by a different organization (Ministry of Justice), so even if there were problems with her bad character/fake marriage, that information wouldn't necessarily reach the Immigration Bureau.

No. 601888

Is this one of those videos that you saw but then it got deleted but it was totes real?

If you're still bringing up the teijuusha bullshit like it needs to be thought about, the best help for you is bleach. Drink up.

No. 601895


1. She never had teijuusha. EVER. Not for visa-kun 1, not for visa-kun 2, not now, nor will she in the future. Teijuusha is NOT a visa she qualifies for under any circumstance. The word "teijuusha" should be banned from this thread tbh. It's insulting to the true teijuusha people: divorced Filipina human trafficked women divorcing to escape DV from their pachinko addicted inaka rice farmer husbands, but they need to stay on in Japan to raise their 4 hafu kids that only speak Japanese. No kids, no consistent legitimate marriage, no teijuusha.

2. We all know the first time she got divorced, she learned that she could keep that year's spousal visa until it ran out. That was how she was working kyaba while being divorced. She is probably doing the same thing now. THIS IS NOT TEIJUUSHA. It's living in the legal grey area that is having already received a visa on the basis of marriage that still has validity left on it, but not being married anymore.

3. I actually doubt she will divorce visa-kun (2?3?) until she has a new thing lined up. She has no Saudi husband, she has an Indonesian fuckboi. In Japan it is really damn hard to divorce without both sides' agreement. You can be living separately and no longer maintaining the marriage but unless immigration investigates and finds this, you won't lose your visa. Miranda keeps traveling all around Japan so even if immigration does a welfare check at visa-kun's house, they won't be able to find her.

4. Also remember that she's been paying visa-kun $1000 a month to not divorce. Why would he want to cut off his money stream?

5. If visa-kun 2.0 or 3.0 DID divorce her, then she is riding out the remaining validity of her marriage visa. They can be given out for 1- or 3- years at a time but I would bet she only gets 1 year at a time due to her instability. Someone else can do out the math on the dates of her failed citizenship application, the time at which she started living on the lam in rural Aomori, and the current meltdown. It does seem like we are close to the end of the Japan arc of this shitty anime.

No. 601897

File: 1542688669996.png (738.27 KB, 1448x1260, Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 11.3…)


pretty sure the Japanese government sees the difference between these situations.

No. 601900


here's the post where she admits to riding out the first marriage visa way back when.

No. 601918

Pleaae go read an actual Japanese government site about visas. I don't disagree that she likely doesn't have one, but you are spreading tons of misinformation as well so stop.

No. 601954

i think it was out of line when he made a custom bumper sticker for his car with "kanadajin3" on it. idk how his earliest creepo behavior didn't scare her.

No. 601955

>she could keep that year's spousal visa until it ran out
Is this done by calendar year at all? if so, divorcing in February then hitting the muslim-marriage sites to find a husband by November is diabolical. Plus making her Norwegian boyfriend think it's for real so the cash will keep flowing. Man, she's a schemer.

No. 601960

jfc she never learns. she's a one-trick-pony who only knows how to sock and be a hypocrite.

tinfoil but what if she doesn't believe in Islam at all and is just using it for her own convenience? It's inappropriate as fuck for her to use Allah's name IN A SOCKPUPPET account lying out her ass pretending to be a man defending her. What kind of mental gymnastics does she have to do to think this is ok? Especially to use his name for a disgustingly selfish purpose like trying to force someone to do her bidding? the most logical reason is that she doesn't fear anything because she doesn't believe it.

No. 601976


Because the money, laptops, desktop, and cameras were coming in. Miranda wasn’t going to miss that gravy train, it was only “creepy” to her once she took him for all she could get.

No. 601977


They have, translated line by line. Keep up with the tread and Try again honey

No. 601981

It's not by calendar year.

No. 602007

>>601895 >>601888

It's more than one person arguing that she likely had / has teijuusha in this thread, not just me..

KM even mentioned her having it, in a screenshot.. and the screenshot is from a conversation dated to BEFORE we started arguing about it in this thread.

That means she told him the term. Why would she lie about that to her income-generator, when it seems she was confiding in him about literally everything else?

She confided in KM about having to pay the husband the 100k yen a month to keep the visa (likely rent for a place they were both registered at via juuminhyou, perhaps the 'empty' apartment she did vids from).

She confided in him that she was trying to switch to a student visa by applying for school.

She mentioned that she was not positive that she could get visa-kun to agree to help submit for renewal of her spouse visa until April 2019 Which she WOULD need his help with, since she would have to obtain residence tax paperwork for his payment history for Heisei 28+29 to renew. You absolutely cannot renew without getting those forms.. Immigration just sent me on a goddamn wild goose chase for them even though -I'm- the only one bringing in money in our household. She would have been required to ask him to get them from city hall. There's also a letter of support/intent or whatever that needs to be done.

She told him literally everything going wrong, as if he was her emotional dumping grounds, and you're picking whether she got teijuusha after as the hill to die on?

That visa is NOT only for those who divorced with kids. It is MUCH more likely to be granted in a case where the non-JP ex-spouse is from a first-world country, as sad as it is to say that. Yes, it's bullshit that she may have gotten it, but she was at that point married for at least a couple of years, and probably just provided proof she's been paying taxes/insurance/pension as her way of saying she could support herself.

As for why he would not want to agree to continue receiving money from her.. Well, perhaps he wanted to actually get married for real?

No. 602020

The problem is while it is possible that she could have got teijuusha status after breaking up with her first husband by claiming domestic violence, etc., she became a student and then got married to a second Japanese man. She was claiming the teijuusha status long before this year, which means that she was using that as a front to cover up her second fake marriage.
This means that regarding her current status, she has either not reported the divorce with her second husband to the Immigration Bureau and is illegally on a spousal visa, or she has changed to a dependent of her Saudi husband.

No. 602029

RE: Teijuusha

The biggest sign she never had it is that she has claimed she had it since the first divorce. The first marriage only lasted 2 months.

She had only been in Japan TWO MONTHS.

That's less time than a tourist visit.

Teijuusha might be granted to women without children in certain situations (some anon posted one for a Philippina woman who was living in Japan for 10 years and her parents back home were dead or something). There is no way in hell it would be granted to a woman after 2 months, when she had a perfectly viable home she could return to. Miranda claiming "I don't have parents" wouldn't work. She'd need some sort of documentation.

I don't doubt that Miranda found out the term teijuusha and has been angling with her first, second, (and third? was there a third?) visa-kuns to get the teijuusha status. She likes to claim it because it's the only status where you can be divorced and have no college degree or skills and keep living in Japan indefinitely anyway.

Remember that she got denied citizenship. Something like 99% of applications for citizenship are approved. This is not a woman who is skilled at navigating the Japanese legal system.

Japan deports people who were born and raised in Japan, people who lived in Japan for decades, people who have proper jobs and pay taxes and contribute to society etc for visa violations. They might be gentler on someone from a wealthy country (like how Shiena got off with a suspended sentence), but they're not going to let even wypipo flagrantly violate visa law.
On JCC they call that the "hopes n dreams visa" (hint: it doesn't exist).

No. 602030

The fundamental law of Miranda is that if we don't see it, it's probably bullshit.

-She lives in Japan
-She wears a hijab and presents as Muslim
-She has a brother and a Jamaican friend back in Canada
-She has some male companion who she held hands with
-She has been traveling to nearly every corner of Japan

-Having teijuusha (she never shows her visa, so she must be either on a marriage visa she's not proud of, or she's undocumented)
-Having a house and car (duh)
-Authentic brand name goods (verified fake, even the bags are fake)
-She always eats halal (she's posted pictures of herself at restaurants that are obviously not halal. She also showed herself eating and drinking during daytime during Ramadan).

-Husband is Saudi (possible but Indo more likely)

Hiding in My Room showed his spousal visa. Rodi in Japan showed his Japanese passport.

Miranda clearly realllllly wants everyone to think she has a teijuusha visa so she posts it everywhere (or demands her friends post it everywhere), but if she really had one, she would just post a video/photo with it. The fact that she still hasn't done so is a pretty good indication she never had one and never will.

No. 602031

She can't show her visa, because it would say "Miranda Constable", which would contradict her story of being Mira Nagayama (Note: It is possible for foreigners to legally adopt a Japanese alias [tsuushoumei] that can be used in public settings, but the alias does not appear on the residence card that proves one's visa status).

No. 602035


I think she actually changed her legal name to Mira Nagayama BECAUSE visa-kun last name is Nagayama. Having the name Nagayama just makes the "visa-kun not teijuusha" theory stronger.

No. 602037

I'm agreeing that she doesn't have one, but all the info is incorrect. Anyone can get a teijuusha if they've been married 3+ years. There are no other special circumstances unless she had a baby.

No. 602039

"Miranda Constable" would still be on the actual visa because the tsuushoumei would only be legal in Japan.

No. 602040

She married the Saudi last year. The video of her with the falcon stuff is last year and he appears in it again. It’s the same guy from the ice cave video. He passes by the camera and even gives a peace sign.

No. 602042

If she married him last year, why scam KM out of money this year?

No. 602043

this is not translated line by line you fucking retard.

No. 602044

there are a lot of people ITT rn making shit up. we haven't even seen her damn husband other than hands.

No. 602045

I don’t know. Didn’t she have lots of debt? Don’t call it scamming though, that fuckboi gave her shit at his own will. We watched him do it in live shows. He gave her $1000 in one shot and another $500 and he said this is for someday for you to go to Okinawa. He’s only saying he was scammed because she got married. I think maybe she really did tell him about the Saudi guy before because why would he willingly post online and send texts to Rodi saying that she’s married to a Saudi.

No. 602046

stop with this shit. willingly or not he gave her money under false pretenses. i am so sick of anons kneejerking every time someone mentions that randa was shitty to that dude. shocker! randa is a shitty gross whore.

No. 602048

Did she say she was going to marry him? No. So it’s not false pretenses.

No. 602049

not that anon, but KM 100% gave her money on his own free will because he fucking wanted to, and is 100% mad and wants it back because he learned that she's married. Or is the timing of that just a coincidence? (inb4 hi Mira) nope.

Miranda can be a shitty gross whore AND still not be at fault that a delusional 27 virgin incel gave her free money because he alone made up a fantasy in his own head.

No. 602051

that's not the pretenses i'm talking about. read the damn chat logs again and stop getting so triggered.

No. 602079

List of unfounded claims by Miranda, that if true, would paint her in a better light than she is currently:
1) Teijuusha visa
2) Saudi husband
3) Material goods [house, car, brand name purses and shoes] .

Miranda is a known liar. Until we see concrete evidence of the above from Miranda, these claims should all be assumed to be fabrications and anyone defending the possibilities to be Miranda herself or one of her friends/'stockers'. Otherwise the thread will go to shit repeating discussion of the definition of teijuusha and Islamic marriage, with Mira periodically popping in to post "that's not true read the laws" or "you don't understand Islam" and triggered!anons getting all worked up and reposting the same shit over and over again.


How about that falconry video.
Falconry is super explicitly a men's sport in Arab gulf countries. I'll keep looking for better sources on KSA in particular, but here's one discussing how it's a men's sport and falconry clubs do not allow women to join:


>However, female falconers in the Gulf Arab region are absent in falconry clubs due to various reasons.

>“Our traditions in the region prevent women from practicing falconry in male-dominated clubs,” stressed Qubaisi, adding that some women take part in hunting with their family.
>In Qatar, there are female falconers, but they are not affiliated to any falconers club, owing it to the traditional aspect of this male-dominated sport.

And here's one with a woman from UAE (much more liberal country than KSA) who still struggled to continue her love of falconry due to social pressures:

>Popular with sheikhs and young men who eulogise their falcons on Instagram, falconry is a multi-million-dirham industry in the Gulf.

>It’s also a man’s world.
>Like camel racing, women are almost completely absent from this heritage sport.

>Ms Al Mansoori had the idea [to start a women's falconry club] years ago and twice applied for government funding to start a business.

>“They told me no woman in the UAE has a falcon,” says Ms Al Mansoori, who owns two garmooshas, two sakers and a gyrfalcon named Agab who is regularly perched in her office.

It really is amazing how Miranda fails in every way possible. She wants to do falconry because falconry is cool af, but she wants to be a Saudi woman because she thinks that means she can lounge about at home all day. Sorry girl, you can't have both.

No. 602085

You have proven your point about falconry well using facts, but you know that Miranda's reaction will be the same as when she tries to refute people who indicate human rights problems in Saudi Arabia: "You don't know Saudi Arabia as well as I do".

No. 602086


I did a scan of the major English language newspapers in Saudi Arabia and there are plenty of articles about falconry but absolutely no mention of a female falconer.

Sure, Miranda will sockpuppet here to say women totally do falcon in KSA but what is this thread for if not exposing her bullshit and sipping the hot tea as it is semi-regularly spilled by whoever is the most recent person Miranda screwed over.

If we wait long enough, Indonesian fisherman fuckboi will probably come on here and bitch about how Miranda used him for a trainee dependent visa as well lol

No. 602087


also, sage for offtopic but that Emirati woman falconer in that article is deadass legit She grew up in that patriarchal bs, saw her brother and dad falconing, and was like "fuck it ima do that too". Then the entire sport of falconry and even her own damn government was like "lol no you won't, you are a lady" and she was like "fuck it I'm gonna get a lady falconer from South Africa to help make this happen" and SHE DID.

The Arab gulf DOES have some cool and inspirational stories, just not the shit Miranda focuses on.

No. 602088

thank you, i am sick of the visa talk and bitching about KM.

No. 602089

File: 1542728160355.png (78.41 KB, 1436x410, スクリーンショット 2018-11-21 0.34.36.p…)

But are you going to talk about your second sham marriage for a visa and the incident regarding KM?

No. 602091

File: 1542728406410.png (80.99 KB, 1160x552, スクリーンショット 2018-11-21 0.37.50.p…)

But you support Saudi Arabia, so mandatory niqab is ok?

No. 602098

> I think maybe she really did tell him about the Saudi guy before because why would he willingly post online and send texts to Rodi saying that she’s married to a Saudi.

There are also text of her telling him to post here and at PULL saying she's married to a Saudi and them discussing the "plausibility" of whether we would buy it.

She was not married at the time as evidence from the texts.

No. 602101


She said she would be his "girlfriend". She also mentioned that he has a "gross photo" of her. So, I'm willing to bet that she sent him nudes at some point for cash.

No. 602103


Eugh… I dunno if i want KM to post it for proof it happened, or not want it because who wants to see that shit… the "yuzu bath" video thumbnails were already too much for me…

Maybe KM could post a heavily censored version

No. 602106

File: 1542729973327.png (108.09 KB, 1300x316, Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 11.0…)


lol holy shit she really does fuck up at every little thing huh

for every wacky miranda claim there's a fucking peer-reviewed academic article written by a tenured professor of geopolitics debunking it

miranda is like one of those people who gets a 20% on a true-false exam even though random guessing would get you a 50%

No. 602107

for me "heavily censored" would have to be a black silhouette, or just a black image.

this also makes me wonder just how many people have seen this naked mole rat, well, naked.

No. 602108

File: 1542730090194.png (2.14 MB, 1242x2688, ivy1.png)


Here something for all the people White Knighting Mira for some reason. I the above post there is a screen shot of Mira claiming she doesn't know Ivy, never knew her and never spoke with ivy and didn't even know if she was real. In fact floated the idea to Bambibot that she was KM.

Here are screen shots, of KM and Mira, talking about Ivy (Monica in the texts), Mira making cards for her and having her home address to send them and on PULL Ivy states that Mira sent her a gift when she found out her brother had cancer.

So, shock of shocks, Mira fucking lied..

No. 602109

File: 1542730111874.png (77.53 KB, 231x500, ivy2.png)

No. 602110

File: 1542730144799.png (65.9 KB, 231x500, ivy3.png)

No. 602112

File: 1542730286009.png (70.86 KB, 231x500, ivy4.png)

No. 602113

File: 1542730314214.png (57.61 KB, 231x500, ivy5.png)

No. 602122

tbh these messages look like they illustrate how ok randa was with KM being creepy/relationship-y with her. asking to send holiday cards "from the both of us" is a couples thing and this convo makes it seem like randa and KM were dating.

No. 602128

who is monica?

No. 602131

These messages also illustrate how Miranda thought KM was making the Monica girl up. Notice how he is always the one to talk about her. Miranda just goes along with it. She even says “next time I see her in the live show” which makes it clear she only knew this person online. Miranda’s responses to him are short and to the point. KM knows a lot of information about this “girl” and Miranda is just listening to him relay that information.

No. 602133

…monica is ivy, retard.

No. 602140

It also shows Mira didn’t mail Ivy directly. Everything is “can I tell Ivy” “can I show Ivy” “Ivy said this”. That is kind of creepy if you ask me.

No. 602147

>missing the fact that Miranda clearly had Monica/Ivy's address at one point
>missing the fact that she made ivy her mod
>missing anon's whole point that Miranda is backpedalling about even knowing she existed at all despite everything else

You white knights get more and more retarded I swear.

No. 602154


Form the post >>602108
> talking about Ivy (Monica in the texts)

Please learn to read

No. 602159


But she claims in >>601365 that she made her a mod because "Katie always talked about her"

So, By Miranda's own admission two separate, unrelated people vouched for her
in the post that she tries to claim she thought they were fake.

She can't even lie good anymore.

No. 602170

Where is your reading comprehension?

Miranda knows she’s a “thing” she just thinks that Ivy is really KM pretending to be a girl. I.e she never seen her pictures and never had her personal contact. She only heard about Ivy through KM and in the live show comments. If KM has another phone to take pictures of the Snapchat conversations then he could very well be in the live show with two different accounts at the same time pretending to be two different mods.

No. 602171

Is she pretending to support gay people all of a sudden after all the shit she said? Haha, also being gay is NOT okay. People get killed for it

No. 602184

>You white knights
stop calling them whiteknights. saying that makes it sound like Miranda really has anyone who would stan for her now, it's gross. they're just differing opinions.

No. 602185

It's obviously white knights. They are not differing opinions, they are defending her.

No. 602193

Melonpan is from old money though.
His father OWNS the bank he works at as an accountant.

No. 602200

>he only heard about Ivy through KM and in the live show comments

Where is your reading comprehension.In post >>601365 Miranda states, in her own words, that she made her mod because "Katie always talked about her".

I know it made be hard for someone of your limited intelligence to grasp, but "Katie" is not KM. Katie is a different person.

No. 602201


No, as >>602185 stated, they are definitely White Knights. They are ignoring Miranda's own statements, right in front of them, to try and defend her.

Just pretending she didn't say it. That is not a "differing opinion" that is ignoring factual evidence in front of them.

No. 602226

Don't insult someone's reading comprehension when yours is clearly trash. Miranda has sent mail to ivy before. She would have known if it was the same address as KM.

No. 602230

Who the f is Katie? Maybe she meant KM because I am sure she uses Siri to type which wouldn’t pick up KM.

No. 602232

And you know this how? You are her lmao? I mean him.

No. 602233

Unless Miranda was planning on those caps being released, don't you think when KM asked her if she still had Ivy's address, she would have said something if she didn't?

No. 602242


Nice try WK, but she refers to him in the screen shot that she asked Bambi to release (that you are conveniently ignoring despite it being linked to twice. but here it is again >>601365) as Kristian (KM's name) and NEVER as KM.

Katie is a friend of Miranda's https://www.instagram.com/p/BkUB67ynOg4/

But do keep grasping at those little straws, shows how desperate that you are to defend your Jihadi princess

No. 602243


Are you sure you aren't the same dipshit that claimed everyone was Naruru in the last thread?

Seems you're still butt hurt over the fact that it's now shown that her and Rodi's info was spot on.

No. 602246

nta but is it? naruru never shared the stuff she said she would and we still don't know if miranda is lying or not about being married, which is the milk naruru claimed to have.

i'd be more inclined to believe naruru and miranda are allied now and the ones spreading the rumors ITT. naruru tried (poorly) to stir up shit and miranda followed up by posting about it as if we all believed what naruru said.

No. 602253

Umm, retard, did you see the screen shots? Particularly the screen shots of Miranda claiming to want to commit suicide because of Rodi knowing about her husband that she was paying money for a marriage visa and fear that Rodi would spill that?

If you recall, that is exactly what Naruru said Rodi claimed. If you haven't looked at the screen shots, that's on you.

But I will take pity on your intellectual deficiency and link you here >>600322 and here is the screen shot that Naruru posted from Rodi >>582147

No. 602254

>i'd be more inclined to believe naruru and miranda are allied now and the ones spreading the rumors ITT.

If you're that stupid, I'm shocked that you remember to breathe in and out on a regular basis.

No. 602260

we already knew that. naruru refuses to post the "10+ accounts" rodi was being harassed by among other things.

No. 602264

Why is the thread full of people constantly WKing Randa and now Naruru?

No. 602266


So, the main milk was verified and you acknowledge it. We are making progress. Soon, you be able to sit at the grown up table.

No. 602271

When? i watched, didnt see someone making such sign.

No. 602275

File: 1542752504261.png (2.1 MB, 1242x2688, payingvisa.png)

Incoming Screenshot dump.

Summary of ALL incoming SS (So, for the mentally impaired, that means everything in the summary will be in one of the Screen shots that's about to be posted. Try to keep up). More talk confirming she was paying VISA husband. She WAS living in a share house like we thought. Was looking into hitting up a language school for a VISA dodge.
Confirming she was still working at a restaurant (probably the same one she claimed to have quit)

No. 602276

File: 1542752528375.png (1.32 MB, 1242x2688, SHarehouse.png)

No. 602277

File: 1542752551237.png (1.7 MB, 1242x2688, visapay2.png)

No. 602278

File: 1542752577175.png (1.65 MB, 1242x2688, sharehous2.png)

No. 602279

File: 1542752604755.png (1.59 MB, 1242x2688, payvisa3.png)

No. 602280

File: 1542752630432.png (1.46 MB, 1242x2688, payvisa4.png)

No. 602281

File: 1542752653074.png (1.92 MB, 1242x2688, restaurant.png)

No. 602282

File: 1542752683597.png (1.5 MB, 1242x2688, VISA.png)

No. 602284

File: 1542752704096.png (1.33 MB, 1242x2688, langschool.png)

No. 602285

File: 1542752759881.png (1.42 MB, 1242x2688, EDsabotage.png)


O, I forgot to put this in the summary, she was trying to get an account setup to try and take her pics off of Encyclopedia Dramatica.

No. 602286

File: 1542752788923.png (1.29 MB, 1242x2688, cards.png)

No. 602289

File: 1542752885040.png (1.56 MB, 1242x2688, landschool2.png)

No. 602290

File: 1542752937949.png (143.52 KB, 231x500, borrow.png)


And last, another convo showing that she was well aware that KM considered the money being sent as a loan..

No. 602291

Lolll no wonder she panicked when Shiena got busted. Nice to have actual confirmation

No. 602294

Nta but Naruru didn't provide that verification. It was already mentioned beforehand.

No. 602297


Probably because
it is filled with actual Randa and now Naruru.

Holy shit Christmas came early lol. I mean we knew this shit all along but there it is in all of its glory rofl. Sounds like she got denied for PR on top of citizenship. And she knew it was supposed to be easy to get lol.

Only thing missing is chatlogs from "stupid" visa-kun. Somebody should ping him on the Japanese language forums. I know Randa has tons of threads gossiping about her over there

No. 602299

I wonder why she actually got denied. Maybe immigration saw the payments in their bank accounts but couldn't 100% prove it was for a sham marriage? Or maybe Mira was telling the truth and she got denied for not having a couch. (lol)

And Naruru and WKs can stfu with the whining about how they were right all along. No shit people didn't believe you, you had zero proof.

No. 602303

>Maybe immigration saw the payments in their bank accounts but couldn't 100% prove it was for a sham marriage? Or maybe Mira was telling the truth and she got denied for not having a couch. (lol)

A combo of both probably. They knew she wasn't living in the apartment with the "invisible" furniture and knew she wasn't supporting herself on a part time restaurant job. Just couldn't say straight up fraud.

Miranda is just so fucking stupid that she screwed up something that 99% get accepted for.

No. 602308


The most hilarious part of Mira's life is definitely how she thinks she can get away with lying even after all this time. I know she's a few bulbs short of a Christmas tree, but you'd think she'd understand from sheer force of repetition by now that she is not capable of lying well enough to fool others

No. 602313


Yeah, she does occasionally slip up and throw in something true. The Sharehouse screen shot got me curious and I went back and looked and found this:

>You do realize she has a full time job, doesn’t have a visa kun, lives in a share house and is married to a Saudi Arabian man right?

So, we had three lies and one truth. She did not have a full time job, she did have a VISA-kun, wasn't married to a Saudi, but she did live in a sharehouse.

No. 602314


She didn't even live in a sharehouse at the time lmao. read it again. She lived with visa-kun, then she was on the lam err I mean just happened to be engaging in tourism in a new bumfuck inaka prefecture every week, and then she said she was CONSIDERING moving into a women's share house but couldn't afford $1200 a month of living expenses without begging more money from KM.

$1200 Canadian is $900 USD btw…

No. 602315

>She didn't even live in a sharehouse at the time lmao. read it again

You should read again and pay attention to dates. The SS says that she won't have to pay him starting February 2018.

The share house post quote was from late February (ie, after no longer paying VISA-kun 2.0).

No. 602322

File: 1542759280982.jpg (440.69 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181120-191339_Chr…)

Didn't know everything had to be spelled out to you. Keep up, holy fuck.

No. 602323

Now we can finally put to rest the "teijuusha" theory and never have to discuss it again, right?
Let us review the facts. It is quite clear that even before this year, she has been lying to her followers and saying she had teijuusha status (which she referred to as "permanent residency") when she was on her second fake marriage for a visa. Last year, she was counting on getting citizenship (and apparently actual permanent residency?) to stay in Japan, but when that fell through, her only option was to continue with the fake marriage, and when that fell apart earlier this year, she was considering changing to a student visa but had financial difficulty. At some point this year, she got married (it must be recently if she was teaching English lessons and taking money from KM until recently), but it still is not clear if she is still illegally using the visa from her previous fake marriage or has changed to a dependent visa using her Saudi husband's status.
Furthermore, it is not possible for her to have a full-time working visa as she did not graduate from high school, let alone university (in Japan, it is necessary to have a 4-year university degree to get a visa to work as an English teacher, and restaurant/cafe waitressing is considered to be non-skilled work for which it is impossible to get a visa).

No. 602327

Times like these I wish I knew Japanese

No. 602341

File: 1542763744573.jpg (94.43 KB, 1080x1080, 43984814_422244958312296_77567…)

So since I have been KM and Mirandas main bridge of contact I will say this here. KM could be Ivy. We simply do not know. But they may not be the same person.
1. KM and Ivy use the same grammar
2. KM seems to be the only person with solid contact with her
3. It was implied they are real life friends. One could assume that she is from Norway as well which would contribute to the same language trends as they were likely taught in a similar fadshion if she is real
4. KM has proven he has two phones
5. She could just be a private person. We simply don't know

I have had the thought that maybe this was planned. I personally find it weird that I was bought into the equation. Why get me, someone Mira attacked to do this?
1. Revenge
2. Planned publicity to make money because people can't help give views

Both are plausible

I honestly hope she comes clean about everything. Lies can eat away at you and make you bitter.

Now now let them speculate. It's good to have something to debate. It opens up more questions that wouldn't be asked before.

I believe her marriage was very quick. Either late mid to last month or early this month, however I do believe she had to go to the correct people to make it legally binding in japan. and her video was uploaded the second of November (released on the 30th). So approximately mid November is likely as she may have had to travel to Canada/Saudi Arabia and deal with paperwork
Now As for the uni degree Mira 27/28. I assume Canadas Highschool exit level is 17/18 and correct me if I am wrong but I beleive she moved to japan 5 years ago. So she could have done a degree between 18 and 22. Then moved. However we do know that she also dropped out of highschool. I can see it plausable that assuming canada has bridge course she could have done one. I honestly don't know about her course life however technically It's plausble. I don't feel she has done it but it could be possible. We also do know she was doing schooling in japan so it is more likely she was either on a spouse or student visa.

The more that pops up the more questions raised.

No. 602374


No, it was long ago confirmed she dropped out around grade 10. She moved to Japan in late 2011 early 2012.

She has no degree. She says that she finished her high school equivalency diploma early this year (no real reason to doubt it). She never attended any college in Canada or Japan. She did 1 year of language school in Japan. That’s the full extent of her education.

No. 602383

>Now now let them speculate.

No one is speculating you autist, read what anons are responding to, white knights have been using that "differing opinions" excuse for days. Every time we mention that randa's a piece of trash and that it clearly does look like KM was being led on purposely, they flock in to just say he was a creep as if it makes her innocent. Both of them are fucking idiots, he was a creep but she's a fucking asshole. Also don't post unrelated pictures.

No. 602392

>So since I have been KM and Mirandas main bridge of contact

Who the fuck are you?

No. 602408

I think that's the Bambi person

No. 602412

>Both of them are fucking idiots
i was the """"white knight""""" who said it was differing opinions. and you're still misunderstanding. the above greentext is what i, and every other anon who said anything similar about KM believe. nobody. is whiteknighting. miranda.

No. 602416

not that anon, but no that's not what's happening.

No. 602418

New arm picture on Instagram

No. 602419

Can someone screen shot new falcon video where husband appears

No. 602433

I only bring up teijuusha in the context of her most recent visa marriage, e.g. what ended this year.

In addition - women currently have to wait 6 months between divorce and being able to get married again in Japan. (Unless you get a doctor to sign off on that you aren't currently pregnant, which can open up the path for a 3 month gap.)

If she divorced around March/April like the texts imply, she would not have legally been able to register a new marriage until around Oct (recent).


She obviously knew that she was having trouble getting her visa situation sorted out, since she would have at least a 6 month wait period to jump back onto a spouse/dependent's visa (if she even did so..)

She's probably too scared of what happened with Shiena to go straight up visa-less or remain in a situation where she's paying for it.

Pretty certain at this point that she ended up on teijuusha for the time period after her divorce from visa-kun (who went to Nagoya). Whether she got married legally in JP to her new husband or not would determine if she's still on it.

No. 602435

she. does. not. qualify.

she needs to have been married 3+ years to qualify based on her particular situation. she's just riding on her spouse visa since it wasn't revoked early.

No. 602437

I seriously doubt Mira painted those.
They honestly look like"primitive style" work depicting South American or Native American iconography.
If she did paint them then she has _one_ talent that she could use to have a real life instead of these bizarre characters she insists on creating to validate her existence, but she won't.

No. 602438

can YOU post caps?

she might have traced them or yeah, just didn't paint them at all.

No. 602472

Can’t because my phone doesn’t capture the quality.

No. 602485

This. You can only get permanent resident if you are married 3+ years or living continuously for 10 years in Japan. This year a new regulation got approved which allows highly-qualified people to get pr before that 10 year mark. It's now enough to live 3 years continuously in Japan but only for people who have degrees and work full-time. Randa doesn't meet any of these points. And that's the reason she is so desperate to go to Saudi Arabia or else she will she deported

No. 602494

>nobody. is whiteknighting. miranda.

yes they fucking are. we've conclusively killed the teijuusha bullshit ages ago, but a certain someone keeps bringing it up and saying she definitely had it. see

I don't know who this fucking cancer is but it is really starting to get on my tits but also make me think it's a cover because she has backed herself into a corner with her latest fake husbando.

No. 602496

samefagging because I just saw this and fucking hell. "it's (sic) plausable that Miranda could've done a uni degree" - no, it's not. This fucking potato wouldn't be able to write an application let alone do a degree. What the fuck is up with this thread the last few weeks?

No. 602497

Exactly! The screenshots have clearly shown that she does not have teijuusha status and has not got a university degree, so a work visa is off the table. Let's never bring up these topics again!

No. 602502

if the conversations between her and KM are all true conversation (he didn’t photoshop them together) , she could also be lying to him about literally everything to make him feel bad and give her money.

No. 602511

>nobody. is whiteknighting. miranda.

Shit ton of screenshots get posted. Some anon brings up shit that is shown in the screen shots like it hasn't happened. This is pointed out repeatedly, anon then shifts to "but what about (insert irrelevant nitpick thing).

That, mi amiga, is the very definition of white knighting.

No. 602514

I meant only about the KM situation.
Anons who say that he was scammed. As someone else pointed out, he started out by donating large sums of money to her livestreams. Then bragged about buying her things. He also told Rodi he would spend "$100k to destroy his life". This is a guy who used money as a means to impress and score points with her. I was getting called a whiteknight for pointing this out, which is ridiculous. They're both trash.

No. 602526


You do realize that there are more people in this thread than you? And there are quite a few WKs in this thread, making your statement that "nobody is white knighting Miranda" patently false.

Next, why are you so concerned about it? The post you made is way back in the thread now. It's anonymous so no one would know if you ever posted again, but you are here, desperately trying to prove your innocence (or something).

And I have good reason to believe the $100k guy wasn't him as another, with the same syntax and spelling, made a similar threat to Rodi on his video about this stuff (see >>601673).

No. 602527

And who are you? Claiming you have been the main bridge of contact, that she got you and blablabla…

No. 602533

File: 1542822115626.png (321.79 KB, 452x717, Screenshot 2018-11-21 at 12.37…)


More bullshit. This is it. (it's at 2:42 if anyone is really that interested.)

He's completely facing the opposite direction from the camera and looks to responding to someone in that direction, not the camera behind him.

No. 602547

This is obvious. I am fair with judgement and I know we all don’t like Miranda’s behavior but she is not in the wrong. This KM is a goof. He’s a sore loser who didn’t win the Japanese waifu over with his $. She got married so he wanted money back. You can’t give someone gifts/help them out or whatever and expect it back if you get nothing. That’s sad as fuck. His behavior is crazy. Imagine if he knew where she lived? He would go kill her if he’s in Japan. This type of revegnge is scary. Crazy fans are scary as fuck. Wake the fuck up people. We shouldn’t be cheering him on.

No. 602548

There are three shots of this guy. He walks past the camera. You can see him taking pictures with his camera and then he drops the peace sign. She edited it purposely this way. Obviously she has longer versions of the video clips. She put parts where only bits of him are showing, basically like “Easter eggs” for us to find, but not too much clips so that he would easily be spot. It’s clear the man there is an Arab though. Same hairline as the man in the video of the ice cave.

No. 602549

Anon, people like >>602547 are the white knights.

No. 602558

As the anon above stated; >>602547 is a perfect example of a White Knight. Just as previously said, completely ignores solid evidence in front of their face in order to defend Miranda.

>You can’t give someone gifts/help them out or whatever and expect it back if you get nothing

Despite the numerous text back and for with Miranda were he specifically states it's a loan, such as >>602290.

No. 602561

>He would go kill her if he’s in Japan.

how many more times are you going to try this?

No. 602574

the KM situation is confusing. i don't think people think he was innocent, but miranda obviously manipulated him into a lot of things. and you're right, they're both shits. my main issue is shit like >>602547 saying miranda isn't in the wrong and that he's a creep that we're "cheering on", which is not true.

No. 602597

Mira's sockpuppets are making it confusing. Mira manipulated a guy like she's always done, except this one is autistic and didn't understand that he was tricked. Now Mira's whining and claiming he's dangerous because he's upset she bilked $15k from him. Thanks to the screenshot dumps, we have proof that KM's a moron and Mira's as shitty as we thought. I'm looking forward to her November 30 video, if she doesn't decide to "punish" us by deleting it altogether.

No. 602611

File: 1542835064572.png (63.1 KB, 231x500, falcon.png)


Plus the falcon video is from last year. Which the only person she was married to at that time was her paid VISA-kun 2.0.

Here's screen shot of the text with KM right after she finished filming. Which, if you read the dates was Nov 15 2017

So, still a load of bullshit from Miranda, no surprise there.

No. 602635

File: 1542840162001.png (113.03 KB, 1816x478, スクリーンショット 2018-11-22 7.41.49.p…)

No. 602637


It shit like that that make me hope she is telling the truth about Al-VISAhammad and going to Saudi Arabia. She deserves everything that will happen.

No. 602640

I almost want to start a gofundme so she can get there faster!!

But i wont, she already got more then enough from KM alone!

No. 602642

I almost want to start a gofundme so she can get there faster!!

But i wont, she already got more then enough from KM alone!

No. 602644

>can't wait till WE move
This only lends more weight to the theory that he's not from there, but will try to go there as a migrant worker.

No. 602669

That's a strech… if she said "cant wait till I move" people would say it add more weight to the not-married theory… Maybe the guy is living in Japan right now

No. 602692

Supposedly he's Saudi and in Japan on a work visa, but soon he's going to whisk Mira away to glorious Saudi Arabia. I'm pretty sure that was posted earlier in this thread or the other one, I don't think it was in KM's screenshot dump, so a chance it's bs.

No. 602717

It's just as likely she found him on a website and he was willing to go to Japan purely for this 'marriage' recently. Why would she date him a bunch of times then later marry, that's not her strict muslim-Mira way. Inb4 b-but she got married last year. Probably not, she wouldn't have needed KM to send her money for fake designer goods then, would she?

So far there's no information to support him being Saudi for sure, and Mira's language is usually that she wishes or hopes to go there. If she'd been married to a Saudi guy since last year, that wouldn't be a wish or a hope, it would be an inevitability. It's equally likely she found a guy who can either go to SA to work work or claims he can get sponsored to go live there.

No. 602729

Maybe the guy is a Japanese convert?

No. 602748

If he's Hand-kun, it doesn't look like it.

No. 602790

If Miranda goes to Saudi, RIP. She's dead, and if she escapes somehow, she'll never get back in Japan with a Visa.

No. 602796

>>602635 She's never BEEN to Saudi, how can she say so certainly that she'll have a better life there. How many people left Saudi for a better life? Unless you're living in a really nice area, the rest is shitholes with dirt in the street, public executions and she'll be lucky someone doesn't rape her and she's stoned to death for it.

No. 602802

Miranda's blind trust and naivety will get her really hurt or killed.

No. 602810

If she goes nobody will ever hear from her again. Man how can one be so stupid? Unfathomable

No. 602811

It's like going to the more rich version of North Korea. I'm more scared for her than ever, her in Japan at least she has rights. There, say goodbye.

No. 602828

I really hope that she will move there as soon as possible. Some people only learn the hard way…Miranda is one of those people.

No. 602833

I can't stand Miranda, but I don't wish that hell on even my worst enemy. Terrifying. Let's hope she doesn't try for Saudi citizenship.

No. 602834

I can't wait to see her move to SA

No. 602843

File: 1542893539012.png (116.39 KB, 1228x502, スクリーンショット 2018-11-22 22.29.39.…)

Types of people that Miranda hates: liars, fakes, not loyal people, gold diggers, unfaithful people…Oh, the irony is too much for me.

No. 602844

She posted another video of him on Instagram speaking Japanese

No. 602845

then post it here.

No. 602846

I'm preparing a paper and just stumbled across this fitting quote:

> George Bernard Shaw once said that the only way for someone without talent or beauty to become famous was martyrdom.

Just wait til she says something on camera like "man I wish I had windows in my home" and gets 10 years in prison

No. 602848

She's even stupider than I thought

>My restaurant could possibly sponsor my visa

No. You will not get a visa for menial labour. Work visas are not awarded to waitresses. How she would think that her shitty little job would give her the right to a work visa is beyond me.

>PR should be easy to get

It really is if you're not in a sham marriage and have average income. They were probably suspicious because this was not her first marriage, and I think the kind of guy to get married for money is not the kind of guy making enough money to look good to immigration.

>Relying on citizenship

That's cute.

Idk, she just seems to be entirely delusional as to what her visa options are.

No. 602849

So convenient how she keeps posting proof videos of him on her private IG and then it gets mentioned here but we never fucking see them. Why? Hmmm, that's a tough one.

No. 602862


With KM out of the picture, I wonder if “she just posted a totally, for realz video that can’t t be seen by anyone” is Miranda or a new Minion.

No. 602864

I think she's definitely been self posting and has all along.

Let's play spot Miranda's posts.
These 3 to me seem to obviously be her. I think there are more, though.

Kinda weird to think she reads through thread after thread of people dissecting her BS and explaining what is wrong about it and she still thinks she's totally right.

Has she ever adapted her behavior to social cues ever?

No. 602867

There actually could be multiple levels of bamboozling going on here. Maybe the Indonesian factory worker told Randa that he is Saudi and she bought it. Or he said he will marry her but really just wanted a ONS

No. 602875

File: 1542903238919.jpeg (418.21 KB, 1080x1920, E932CAE8-B3A8-4D60-9F2C-399654…)

Well, Miranda is in trouble.

No. 602883

How do you download Instagram story videos?

No. 602893

No. 602915

I read that the only fake likes and followers that they’re going to remove are ones that are purchased in the future, and any current followers will stay.

No. 602924

The sunflower one definitely isn't Randa. It's too long and comprehensible, and there's only a few spelling mistakes.

No. 602925

the sunflower is Bambi's PULL icon, so it's either her or someone pretending to be her

No. 602966

File: 1542926872726.jpg (70.71 KB, 640x640, 43984814_422244958312296_77567…)

Not Mira. People have already guessed who I am.

I am just waiting for Ivy to log on to discord then we are confirming if she is real or if it's an alt. I'll let you know.

No. 602979

I know I should be used to Mira's absolute retardation but this has done it for me. Saudi Arabia is a much better place to live in than Japan? I wouldn't live in either, they're both shit, but if she genuinely thinks that her life will be better in SA than in Japan, she's completely fucking delusional and crazy. Yes, Randa, a country where public stonings are the norm, women have next to no rights, homophobic attacks are rife and supported by the masses, and where your husband has complete control over every part of your life sure sounds like a paradise to me. All those people fighting tooth and nail to get out of there must be insane to want to leave a shithole like that. I can't wait until the day she finally fucks off over there and realizes what she's done to herself. I don't know why people continue to feel sorry for her. This is the life she wanted, now she has to deal with it.

No. 602981

File: 1542930491223.jpeg (110.64 KB, 327x500, 90171070-B84B-4504-8A10-C5F94F…)

Jesus. Either Miranda has fucking Sasquatch feet or her husband is some kind of manlet.

No. 602993

Don't mark your posts with images

No. 602994

Jfc I found this whole situation with Mira funny until I saw this. I hope and pray she doesn't wind up there. I feel depressed now thinking that someone who grew up in a free, Western society can become so delusional and mentally damaged to want to move to a place like this….

No. 602996

Because Mira is a lazy fuck who uses marriages to get cash so she doesn't have to work. That and because she's so painfully ignorant she thinks it will be like the Disney movie Aladdin.

No. 602999

File: 1542935430896.png (62.28 KB, 1226x398, スクリーンショット 2018-11-23 10.10.04.…)

No. 603000

Zero chance any actual Saudi citizen would be given permission by govt & family to marry a divorced western woman, convert or not. And they do need official permission to marry a non-Saudi person. Maybe if Mira had not been a serial visa bride and YT thot she might have had a sliver of a chance to be some 70 year old Saudi fruit vendors third wife. Mira seems to be married to a disembodied hand or foot. It might be the hand or foot of a Paki or Indonesian who dreams of going to Saudi Arabia to be treated as a virtual slave and 4th class citizen to work.

Any actual Saudi would have forbidden any wife from SM activity and required all images of her be scrubbed from the internet - even ones of her in hijab are forbidden. Her past alone ensures she could never marry a Saudi man, which is too bad because the fallout would be hilarious

No. 603001

Hard to tell which is which. If she is married I Wonder how long till she finds out the table has turned, she is a visa-wife and he wants to move to Canada not Saudi Arabia.

No. 603002

Maybe that's why she wanted to sign up on Encyclopedia Dramatica and delete her old pics, because surely they would be gone forever and won't show up when you google her name

No. 603006

Speaking of E-D, i wish good luck to whoever is going to tackle writing the recent stuff, it's going to be a fun one.

No. 603014


Oh good, he's wearing his OSHA approved
boots for his shift at the seafood processing plant.


No. 603015

Her entry is already 50000 words long and hasn't been edited since January. So yeah, good luck to the person who can filter all the past year's bullshit into something comprehensible

No. 603020

does anyone actually read ED anymore? I remember it being a useful source for weeb gossip like… 10 years ago

No. 603028

I went there earlier to see Mira's entry, but before that I can't remember the last time I visited. I think I avoided it for a while because there were issues with their domain and people getting viruses when they visited. Since we have sites like Kiwifarms and lolcow, ED isn't as useful as it used to be

No. 603030

Once in a blue moon I'll go there for a nostalgia trip and to see some of the new content they post.

No. 603045

Miranda just posted a video

No. 603056

Wow, so sour. She clearly made it just for haters. I look forward to seeing glimpses of the Saudi husband in her future videos, I guess

No. 603075

That video is just 100% lies? How is she able to sit there and talk as if this is nothing? Surely she must be a psychopath

No. 603082

> islamic marriage that is not recognized by real states
Yeah just as I thought, some shit islamic over the phone ~marriage~.
Worth nothing.

No. 603083

In the video, she admitted that she is not legally married in Japan. This means she is still using the visa from her fake husband…

No. 603090

File: 1542961803843.jpg (256.97 KB, 1242x1444, 5jhc3Hs.jpg)

Now we see his tiny feet and she said he doesn’t have fat hands, just small. Every group picture I have seen Mira in, she was always shortest. She has to be around 5’2”. I remember her or KM coming here last year describing the “Saudi” drawf. Notice how Mira/KM says they met at Ultra music festival, which shows he would have not been a strict Muslim. Super haram, Mira. So you know which men are shorter than Japanese men on average and also more liberal as Muslims? Indonesian and Malaysian men! But we already knew he couldn’t be Saudi. Probably a guy who just wants to work in Riyadh, like so many foreigners do.

No. 603092

Maybe it's just one of these skinny fellows she was hanging out with last year >>>/pt/528386

No. 603097

That's what I was thinking. I was looking for those guys, but she deleted the video. At least we know that she was hanging out guys (in addition to KM)…So haram Miranda! You would be flogged or stoned in KSA for this!

No. 603100

On literally the first frame, she misspells クリア as クリーア. Also later on (just skipping through), 無公開 is not a word. Neither is 手づ付き. This woman, a true white nipponjin.

No. 603102

She was never that good at Japanese, but obviously, she no longer cares about her Japanese language skills (or Japan for that matter).

No. 603104

I'm muslim and exposing yourself on the internet and social media goes against the teachings of islam.

No. 603110

File: 1542969172183.webm (8.09 MB, 1280x720, WEARING YUKATA - HIJAB - 浴衣とヒシ…)

the part of the video where she goes to dinner with the two guys in >>528386

No. 603117

Does anyone know who those guys are? Just some random Saudis?

No. 603121

Damn, maybe. They look super young and shy too, so probably easy to manipulate. Mira can’t fool men her age anymore so she would have to go younger or much older. No wonder Mira loves defending pedophilia.

But remember that according to Saudi Arabian law, the Saudi man must be over 40 years old to marry a foreign woman. Do those shoes/pants look like that of an older man?

No. 603134

They do look shy, clueless and young. I feel sorry for them.

No. 603136

I don't believe either of them is her new Saudi husbando.look at his fat hands in the IG photo. Those two hand super thin hands

No. 603137

My phone pulled a Miranda, holy fuck

No. 603138

File: 1542976158084.jpg (75 KB, 638x509, so clever.jpg)

damn you're right. i tried to fact-check it since the whole thing sounds ridiculous but
>a Saudi man has to be between 40 and 65 years old to be able to marry a non-Saudi woman

also i kept being reminded of this tweet. she had complained not long ago about these restrictions.

either she married a disgusting old geezer (unlikely) or he is, as others have said, a short Malay.

No. 603140

yeah sure but it's fun to look back at her dating adventures

No. 603142

I know the second guy, the younger one was someone who stalked a lot of J-Vloggers, including Miranda. I forgot his name but it doesn't matter, he's a japanophile. You'll see him on YouTube in the comments. Don't care enough to look for him. Many people blocked him because he would not stop messaging people every day, and many times a day. I'm surprised she even met him. So I'd say he's probably his friend.

No. 603145

Maybe spelling is off but maybe Ibrahim? Something like that.

No. 603152


Yep, as this "Islam in Japan" site shows that Islamic marriages are recognized in Japan.


No. 603154


Doesn't seem that complicated. I'm assuming that most of her "complications" have risen from her VISA status..

No. 603155

what's his youtube name?

No. 603156

If he even exists - which I still very much doubt - he'll be another deluded idiot who thinks he's going to get there and make a lot of money instead of being treated like a subhuman slave. Unlike Miranda's previous adventures, this one will be very difficult and painful to experience at all, let alone try and escape from.

No. 603157

Maybe it's the way the pic was taken but it looks like she's pretending to have taken a pic with her husband but the pants look empty. Just like those guys that paint their nails on one hand to take "together with my gf" pics.

No. 603159

His FB is here, doesn't look like he updates here often, so maybe made a new one. He looks very similar to him, but could very well be someone else. BUT I'm thinking it is him.

No. 603169

yes but what youtube name does he comment under so we can see some of this 'stalking'.

No. 603187

I don't remember it at all, can't see it but most people know of him, he uses's PM's more than stalking on YouTube. He could have removed it. You can try and look, but most people blocked up from being an nuisance. Haven't looked at his stuff since 2013. So cannot remember for the life of me.

No. 603199

Where is her Tweet where she complained about paying tons of money? For marriage?

It’s not illegal to marry a Non Saudi, there’s just a huge fine if you get married. Makes sense she married in Canada. She must have married in either March when she went to Canada or before. Either that or she didn’t tell us she went to Canada one time…..

No. 603201

That kid is from Pakistan not Saudi. He also is 14 years old. Not the same guy.

No. 603205

>Saudi nationals need special permissions to take non-Saudi spouses
>a Saudi man has to be between 40 and 65 years old to be able to marry a non-Saudi woman
>A Saudi man has to make at least 3,000 Saudi riyals a month and to have an adequate house or apartment to have his mixed marriage approved.
>The applicant must also sign a document stating that the approval of the marriage does not necessarily mean that his foreign wife would be granted the Saudi citizenship.
etc. fines aren't mentioned. the hand, foot and face pics show a man very much younger than 40. he ain't Saudi.

No. 603247

Google it.

No. 603262

And those are just pre-requisites, it’s an auto NO from the govt if any of those criteria aren’t met but also doesn’t mean it will be approved even with all those boxes ticked. The Saudi Govt discourages marriages to any forgeiners as strongly as possible and pretty much the only exceptions are for older guys who just wants a household sex slave. One of the criteria that’s not listed, but very important, is that said man should have already had a Saudi wife and children. These “forgiener” marriages are just for older divorced saudis who want a living sex doll. Any children that might result from such a marriage are very frowned upon and not recognized as Saudi citizens.

No. 603266

On the rare occasions a younger Saudi man might marry foreigners it’s not performed in or recognized by KSA and they live abroad. The family views it as disgraceful but also know the guy will tire of his willful western whore and return to KSA eventually to marry a proper Saudi woman and will be forgiven - the forgien wife totally forgotten and discarded as if she never existed.

No. 603268

Lol, IF (big if) any Muslim dude married Mira it’s to get to Canada, not KSA. Her being lied to in order for a husband to get a Canadian visa would be epically ironic and hilarious. I do hope it’s true.

No. 603286

It’s not uncommon. In Islam it’s forbidden to forbidd marriage.

No. 603291

No. 603319

Huh? Tell that to the house of Saud. They forbid and deny permission to marry all the time and assure everyone they are the very best Muslims ever!

Mira could marry just about any Muslim except one from Saudia Arabia, which is why it’s so weird she fixated on that country or knowing it will never happen is the very reason she has.

No. 603327

File: 1543018039584.png (110.15 KB, 1726x380, スクリーンショット 2018-11-24 9.06.53.p…)

No. 603329

File: 1543018269296.png (139.07 KB, 1716x608, スクリーンショット 2018-11-24 9.10.49.p…)

No. 603330

File: 1543018277504.png (18.88 KB, 1236x139, year2.PNG)

throw back to last year when people were calling out her hidden marriage, he is indeed a manlet.

No. 603331

File: 1543018378003.png (108.38 KB, 1486x616, スクリーンショット 2018-11-24 9.12.38.p…)

No. 603333

File: 1543018484474.png (172.03 KB, 1734x800, スクリーンショット 2018-11-24 9.09.44.p…)

No. 603338

Oh Miranda…Why do you always have to lie about everything? You wouldn't have so many "haterz" if you just came clean about everything, apologized for your bad behavior/lies, and tried to be a better human being.

No. 603345

Interesting, 1 year ago…

No. 603348

Lol that guy's comment just went over her head.

And as a small throwback, remember Rodi's video where he cut out some audio? We all thought he said "you have a husband," but listening to it again in Audacity he says "I have a" something. Boyfriend, or white husband? I can't make it out.

No. 603398


A VISA husband.

No. 603417

I was thinking he didn’t say “you have a husband/boyfriend”, but something more about her still being legally married or having to stay contract with that legal husband until she could get a new visa.

Rodi or Rodi’s friend who posts here: since everything is out in the open now, what exactly did Rodi say that he muted out?

No. 603418

Rodi also said right before the muted section that he has a girlfriend

No. 603425

And immediately following that, in the muted section, he says "I have a" something. I don't know if he's prompting Mira or if he's saying something about himself.

No. 603453

He sounds so pathetic lmao

No. 603455

lol at Mira pretending she has always been Muslim and didn't do this shit in under a year
"it's impossible I did or * cuz I'm Muslim and that is harem. There for it's not true"

No. 603457

"It also doesn't promote boys and girls to be friends" how can someone say this and still legitimately think Islam is reLiGIon oF FREedoM!!! No wonder so many Muslim men rape and abuse their wives, or why Muslim women are such prudish doormats.

No. 603473

That last sentence makes zero sense. She talks like Islam is an exclusive club that people "belittle" because they're jealous they're not a part of it. All religions are free for anyone who believes them to join them, just as easily as Quasi did. So if you don't believe it, wtf is there to fear or be insecure about? it's like saying people who don't believe in Santa Claus is because they fear him.

No. 603475

File: 1543047785949.png (99.41 KB, 1686x436, スクリーンショット 2018-11-24 17.22.44.…)

No. 603476

File: 1543047991080.jpg (403.44 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181124-092542_Twi…)

No. 603478

File: 1543050104641.jpeg (47.47 KB, 1025x869, received_303565843594762.jpeg)

Miranda rents a room on the secound floor at Sam's house in mid June 2017. Easly recognised with the calender on the door in the corner in the videos

No. 603479

File: 1543050191805.png (595.08 KB, 1440x2560, received_386875098521620.png)

Moving out from Sam and in to a sharehouse in February

No. 603480

File: 1543050255266.png (374.55 KB, 1440x2560, received_333533850764096.png)

Moving to current house that she is living in

No. 603481

File: 1543050315087.png (341.3 KB, 1440x2560, received_297323074234715.png)

Registration of new information

No. 603493

Damn thought a rich Saudi could afford a 2K fridge, who knew.

No. 603499

File: 1543057707555.jpg (567.61 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181124-120502_Chr…)

No. 603513

She would kill them, but not him? Like it's not her husband's fault for being so haram with some girls?

No. 603517

lmfaooo miranda really took him for a ride, nobody is out here paying 700 for a used fridge when you can get that kind of stuff from jimoty for pennies

No. 603520


rofl, her saying a real man is a religious (muslim) man who wont play or cheat is hilarious. I can't wait for her to go to SA.

No. 603526

That nut is so ridiculously naive, she sees the good but completely blinds herself from the truth. The Rose-Coloured glasses of hers for Saudi will not last a year, much less her head. Before she was just stupid, but now she's literally drank the kool-aid and is lost forever. I either see her dead within the first year or two, or missing some teeth and begging for money from the Saudi slums with 2 kids.

No. 603527

Can KM kindly go elsewhere. It’s annoying now. Nobody cares about his slow seeping leaks of info that is true or photoshopped. We have moved on dude, stop trying to stir shit up.

No. 603529

If he has got some good milk left, I say let him post!

No. 603530

You're saying not to stir shit up on a site that is for stirring shit up.

No. 603532

Nobody has moved on, KM keep posting. I for one enjoy reading the inner workings of Miranda.

No. 603533

stop attempting to drive away the milk. KM is welcome here.

No. 603535


It’s amazing how she can claim this man was just an annoying stalker who talked too much when it is clear from these interactions that she saw him as a confidant and was willing give him so much personal information, often unprompted. Every exchange looks like that of close good friends, not strangers. Not simply a fan and their idol. He certainly was absurdly naive to believe that they could be anything more than friends, but he wasn’t stupid to think they shared a mutual bond like regular friends do. I seriously can’t blame the little weirdo for being devastated at her turning on him. This was probably the closest emotional connection he had with anyone besides family.

No, Mira. Go to bed.

No. 603543


So much for the WK back in >>602314. I love it when this happens

No. 603549

How can we even tell this info is true? She didn’t even tell him she was married till she was ready to tell everyone online. So who’s to say she even gave him her real information?

No. 603554

Miranda, you lie constantly. This marriage is very recent. He's using you for a Canadian visa. Anyone with common sense can see these things

No. 603556

she didn't marry until recently. this tweet is from barely 2 months ago >>603138

No. 603560


this is exactly why she converted. to not compete with other women for a man's attention and get looked after all her life. it's so telling to read her "explain" what she thinks islam is. i bet she seriously doesn't know anything, or more than a weeb knows about Japan.

No. 603562

Miranda with her lies to haters and want to own them

No. 603564


this is exactly why she converted. to not compete with other women for a man's attention and get looked after all her life. it's so telling to read her "explain" what she thinks islam is. i bet she seriously doesn't know anything, or more than a weeb knows about Japan.

No. 603567

File: 1543078884791.png (447.01 KB, 1440x2560, received_290756348211964.png)

Miranda with her lies to haters and want to own them

No. 603568

File: 1543079204951.png (406.09 KB, 1440x2560, received_269168400618646.png)

No. 603570

Why even talk about any of those things when you could have just not mentioned them at all or said you’d rather keep such things private? Why send frequent messages full of very involved lies to someone who thinks they’re your friend and #1 defender? That makes no sense at all.

No. 603578

File: 1543083864940.jpeg (55.53 KB, 1022x898, EC372F06-2C6C-43DB-8E4F-E973EF…)

Incoming. Set proving that Mira was texting KM during a live she did with Rodi asking KM to donate ad tell Rodi to kiss her. Again, everyone knew it already, but now 100% confirmed

No. 603579

File: 1543083901279.jpeg (22.19 KB, 281x500, CE7256AC-8DA1-4272-B251-E28102…)

No. 603580

File: 1543083930495.jpeg (23.09 KB, 281x500, 17A2AD6A-03EE-4318-B987-80B020…)

No. 603582

File: 1543083956720.jpeg (27.25 KB, 281x500, 45A84F2A-0FC1-4A80-9653-D231BB…)

No. 603583

File: 1543083980246.jpeg (28.24 KB, 281x500, DB129079-C8CC-45DC-B522-5D2AF5…)

No. 603584

File: 1543084003989.jpeg (162.97 KB, 1152x2048, A3CC8BA9-C36C-4DC3-83E2-9B0B3C…)

No. 603585

Again, it’s stuff everyone already knew, just gives a lot of credibility to KM’s side of the story and Miranda still has no credibility.

No. 603586

File: 1543084283929.jpg (48.78 KB, 383x317, SmartSelect_20181124-102924_Ch…)

wow Mira is such a creepy fuck, not even remotely surprised that she would do something this slimy.

No. 603588

Sis calling KM creepy stalker, when she's the fucking creep

No. 603590

That’s so creepy…I wonder what Rodi did after the livestream, if he really did suspect KM sent the super chats

No. 603593

File: 1543086930321.png (88.22 KB, 1552x462, スクリーンショット 2018-11-25 4.14.37.p…)

No. 603594

This was in response to a question concerning if her family members were invited to her wedding.

No. 603595


guys i think i figured it out

We know from Randa's "Caucasian-Japanese" phase that she thinks living in a place for as little as half a year is long enough to claim one "is from" that place or "is ethnically" one of those people. Remember she regularly claimed she was "ethnically Japanese" and "from Japan" on the basis of having lived in Japan awhile, speaking some broken Japanese and experiencing some Japanese customs like onsen.

So when she says hand-kun "is Saudi", she means that he lived in Saudi Arabia at some point and possibly learned to communicate with people speaking Saudi-accented Arabic.

Hand-kun is an Indonesian/Pakistani/etc who worked as a migrant worker in Saudi Arabia for awhile before coming to Japan to work at the fish processing plant. Miranda thinks he "is Saudi" because he can communicate (even if poorly) with Saudi Arabic speakers and he knows some Saudi cultural elements, + he is Muslim = "he is ethnically Saudi from Saudi Arabia guyz".
Dude probably left KSA for Japan knowing that at least in Japan he can whack it to hentai and he's now trying to get to Canada. He'll tell Randa he's bringing her to KSA, then when the work visa for KSA "falls through" and she's already lost her Japanese visa-kun/he already quit the seafood factory job, they will have nowhere else to go but Canada. On top of that, the dude is short and squat and broke so it's not like he's gonna get a proper wife from his own country anyways, might as well throw his lot with trying to get into Canada. Dude plays a fine long con.

Case closed.


y i k e s

when they say "men can be victims of sexual violence too", THIS is what they mean

No. 603596

I wonder why it was necessary to get married in Canada instead of Japan. Perhaps it is due to the fact that she is still using the spousal visa from her previous husband? I would imagine that her Japanese marriages were not registered in Canada, so that would make her a bigamist in addition to being involved in scam marriages/visa fraud?

No. 603597

If I remember correctly, Miranda said that she was first approached by the guy's father on an airplane? Maybe she just changed her story. In any case, I didn't consider that Miranda may be getting scammed for a Canadian visa. Maybe they are scamming each other. lol

No. 603598

Fake Saudi husband probably wanted to check out Canada, and what he will be moving to soon when he demands it of Miranda.

No. 603599

Well, at least we know that her parents knew about the marriage and are against it. They must be so proud to see what their daughter has become!

No. 603601


Honestly KM milk is the freshest since he was closest to her, but I would love milk from others in Mira's life. Her brother, parents, the other people at the share house, her ex visa-kuns, the people she worked with at the restaurant/eikaiwa… there are a lot of people that probably had some weird experiences with her besides KM.

NOT advocating cow-tipping. NOBODY should reach out to those folks. All we can do is chat here and hope eventually someone comes across it and decides to share.

No. 603606

How can you cow tip when Miranda reads this place obsessivly?

No. 603608

the "lmao" and "lol" is max cringe. she's trying to make it look like a joke, but it's obvious what it is

No. 603610

It's like the Rodi-Dick© of that creepy yoshi pasta
>do u think that yoshi gets embarrassed when he poos out eggs in front of mario??? sorry if this ofends anyone but i thought it was a funny thing haha. and i would like to know if any of you have any pics of yoshi pooping an egg while he looks nervous or embarrassed i just want to see it for a few laughs haha. another thing i am wondering is what do you think the eggs smell like haha im just curious for laughs haha i would like to smell them

No. 603612

god what a creep. making KM pay is sad but it's like the icing on the cake. she NTR'd the fuck out of him with his own money and then jumped ship into another religion.

No. 603616

Im still wondering if KM is planning to report Miranda to the equivalent of IRS for Japan. If she doesnt plan to give back the money, and it wouldnt surprise me she never declared the money received, im sure the authorities would like to know about that. If it was only 1.5k$, sure ok who cares, but 15k$ that's another story.

No. 603628

He didn’t wait until after the live stream, the kiss part happened at about 54mins in. And about 10 or 15 minutes after that he takes her phone because he knows she is messaging KM to do these things.

KM was on the live chat as himself, so, Rodi knew it was him

The vid is still up,

No. 603640

it's funny how she's not clamouring to get this video taken down despite her hair showing. hmmm.

No. 603647

She was. That what the whole mess was a couple of weeks ago with Miranda and KM and Rodi..

No. 603694

Her husband is not Indonesian. He is Saudi. The Arabic speakers already doxed him as being from Western province because the way he was talking on Instagram and the way he typed Arabic for her.

No. 603723

If I was Miranda during this stream, I would have been shitting my pants when he took my phone. Does she have no shame about getting KM to tell Rodi to kiss her? If I had been Rodi and saw those messages I would have gotten up and left. He’s such a good sport, jesus

No. 603730

Do you have any links or screenshots? Or do you expect us to take some anon's word that the Saudi husband is totally real and already been doxxed

No. 603736

>some anon
whoever they are keeps popping in here to tell us all this secret info she totally saw but is somehow non-existent. very mysterious.

No. 603742

No. 603744

this isn't even close to the previous claim. lmfao. try again.

No. 603759

You sure you know what doxxing is?

No. 603781

Nope, I got a photo of Mira’s Saudi husband. She is married to the cop on left who became a widower after he had to again enforce Saudi law when his own home caught fire and his dumb wife tried to flee without her full hijab http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/1874471.stm

No. 603782

So your new visa husband is a man who intentionally let little girls burn to death because they weren't wearing abaya? And you WANT people to know you're married to that kind of person?

>his dumb wife tried to flee without her full hijab

You're really a nasty cuntstain. Whatever life you end up having in Saudi Arabia, you deserve it.

No. 603786

Bad, bad joke.

No. 603788

Sure thing, Miranon. Sounds totally legit. And thanks for providing proof, very helpful.

No. 603789

File: 1543114944305.jpg (10.69 KB, 315x180, _1874471_schoolap_300.jpg)

lmao searching for ant-sized pics of random Saudi guys who might be the right age. and this lowly cop happens to bop around to canada and japan. sounds feasible!

No. 603795

File: 1543119365309.png (178.26 KB, 1776x668, スクリーンショット 2018-11-25 13.16.34.…)

No. 603797

File: 1543119639806.png (219.6 KB, 1832x1022, スクリーンショット 2018-11-25 13.20.11.…)

More bullshit apologetics from Miranda in her attempt to explain why islam is not illogical.

No. 603801

No way he is pure Saudi. Lots of Syrian/Pakistanis/Indo/Jordanians/egyptians speak almost fluent saudi accent because they were raised there.

I'm Gulf Arab myself and I know how it is in Saudi. No way a pure Saudi would marry someone from a different lower tribe even if they are Saudi, let alone some white trash.

No. 603808

It kinda sucks how talking about Mira always devolves into brainwashed idiots attacking Islam.

No. 603811

Agreed. It's not as bad as it used to be, at least.

No. 603813

I just noticed something……. she very often say "God" instead of "Allah".
Im no muslim, so i never checked that, shouldnt they always call him "Allah"?

And from now if she only use Allah, its a pure coincidence, she obviously never check this forum as she claimed multiple time.

No. 603816

I hope that happen, it would be sooooo hilarious!

No. 603826

It is not permissible to say "god" instead of "allah" in islam…Miranda, for someone who "knows everything" about islam, how can you fuck up the most basic points of the religion!


No. 603827

File: 1543126970410.png (116.41 KB, 1760x530, スクリーンショット 2018-11-25 15.22.25.…)

You'd never get divorced, huh?

No. 603834

File: 1543127379025.jpg (34.55 KB, 498x365, rolleyes.jpg)

Duh anon, Islamic marriage is the only real marriage. Japanese visa marriages don't count, only Saudi visa marriages do

No. 603837

As soon as al-visahamad decide to go live in Canada, you can bet she'll try to get a divorce asap!

No. 603844

I have a feeling he'll be working somewhere while she stays a kept woman in Japan, he keeps pledging to go to SA 'in a few years' and they'll never quite get there.

But what about going to dinner with some single muslim guys >>603110 while wearing your hijab (making it obvious you had converted by then). I know nothing about religion but that sounds haram as fuck to me.

No. 603849

>his dumb wife tried to flee without her full hijab

Wow I too hope you do go to Saudi as soon as possible, nothing is lost when you disappear you piece of shit

No. 603861

Aside from the utter cuntiness of this statement she makes, it's also not even the attached news story.

Typical Mira level reading comprehension– the story is about girls burning to death in a school while the religious police kept them locked in there because they hadn't donned their proper garb for evacuating to the street. The policeman in the pic is standing there well after the fact.

No. 603873

where is the evidence? the fuck is this claim even coming from?

No. 603877

I think it's a joke concerning how little Saudi Arabia values the lives of women…

No. 603878

Mira pulled it out from under her burqa.

No. 603906

File: 1543143944767.jpeg (45.29 KB, 917x943, received_1708452505925549.jpeg)

Telling she got a business trip in Canada comming up

No. 603907

File: 1543144092542.jpeg (49.15 KB, 913x931, received_1908248875958406.jpeg)

No. 603908

File: 1543144118239.jpeg (40.88 KB, 902x939, received_195584671370375.jpeg)

No. 603909

File: 1543144142291.jpeg (50.41 KB, 917x939, received_271016163764073.jpeg)

No. 603910

File: 1543144172646.jpeg (40.53 KB, 913x939, received_324884021442136.jpeg)

No. 603911

File: 1543144195358.jpeg (44.51 KB, 915x945, received_748912958790758.jpeg)

No. 603912

File: 1543144222777.jpeg (48.2 KB, 919x939, received_741783352851698.jpeg)

No. 603919

She's claiming that she went on a business trip to Canada as a translator?

No. 603951

Is this stupid cow saying that she's working when not that long ago she also claimed that a proper husband wouldn't allow his wife to work? This dumb cunt is totally married to some shitty transient worker. Hope she enjoys her lifetime of servitude/dodgy immigration authorities/maxed out credit cards.

No. 603952

I bet they regretted it

No. 603961

Going to Canada "for work"? Why does Miranda have to lie about everything? Would it be so difficult to say "I'm going to Canada to see my family" or something?

No. 603964

lol yeah it is. It wouldn't be in a hardline place like Saudi but in western countries or whatever it's fine.

No. 603967

No, not for the Saudi princess Miranda, the most pious of all muslims!

No. 603977

I was about to say something about how she meet her "husband" on a plane during a business trip, but the timeline is too short (meet him on october 31th, release a video about her weeding on november 2nd? doesnt make sense.
What im thinking is this is one of the many time she lied to her friends about the wedding date and stuff. She said she was going to Canada-Vancouver and then Montreal, but could have stopped in Toronto instead, get married there like she claimed in a youtube comment and came back to Japan after that, saying it was a succesfull business trip…
Obviously i have no proof whatsoever, just speculating based on the time of the screencap and her own comments/tweets.

No. 603979

Maxed out her credit card. $9000 in debt.from just that one card. Seemed as though she was about to drop hints to KM for more cash.

No. 603986

File: 1543160995019.jpeg (26.44 KB, 487x500, 37D34B32-246F-40D3-9E8A-4136B9…)

Interesting. Wants KM to hassle Rodi, mentioning that she sent the “ruin your life” message from a fake account.

No. 603987

File: 1543161044454.jpeg (72.32 KB, 919x939, 3F93808F-DD88-4E91-9D2F-2E0932…)

No. 603988

File: 1543161135846.jpeg (110.12 KB, 919x938, B0F91829-13C4-45AB-8DF0-34D2D8…)

More shit directing KM to respond to twitter in her stead

No. 603989

What a controlling nut job, if she is married, like all of her ex's, hell begin to know what she is really life and hate her like all the ex's do.

No. 603990

File: 1543161232107.jpeg (62.91 KB, 923x939, 3B6AD8C1-E5E4-45A0-8107-8DE6F3…)

No. 603991

Now we know why Miranda's hardcore supporters write exactly like she does…

No. 603992

Those kids would be living in hell

No. 603995

almost getting second hand embarrassment from these images being exposed. what a nutcase

No. 604002


So, if I’m reading the screenshots correctly, Miranda got an office job at an Islamic (halal food) related company in October. I guess being a “Muslim native English speaker” outweighed her lack of a high school diploma.

They sent her on a business trip to Montreal with a layover in Vancouver in early November. On the way there was when she was proposed to, and during the 10 day trip she made her marriage official in Canada. She made the video late November, not the 2nd.

This timeline may be fast, but it makes sense to me. She abruptly cut KM off as soon as she had her husband locked down. It’s why she’s not answering any questions about the timeline.

No. 604011

The video was made and uploaded to youtube on nov 2nd, made public late november.

No. 604021

i can only assume she's lying about the diploma.

No. 604081

or by "business trip," she means they realized her Japanese is shittier than her English and they're shipping her back to Canada. That would also fit some anons' theory that the Saudi husband is angling for a Canadian visa.

No. 604097

File: 1543181006285.jpeg (44.69 KB, 913x933, received_1429426593855926.jpeg)

Miranda fakes that she got a job

No. 604098

File: 1543181034384.jpeg (49.74 KB, 911x935, received_1818134798316233.jpeg)

No. 604099

File: 1543181062662.jpeg (40.63 KB, 907x937, received_320818268528090.jpeg)

No. 604100

File: 1543181098115.jpeg (45.61 KB, 905x941, received_2087388451591186.jpeg)

No. 604101

ffs randa, you can buy a cheap suit for $40. bitch could not stop squeezing out $$$

No. 604106

How in the fuck can you not find basic office shoes for less than 3 figures? Either she's dumb af or she was trying to milk KM for more money

No. 604107

I want the topping on this cake to be he has multiple wives

No. 604124

File: 1543183493400.jpeg (30.23 KB, 281x500, 88AD9EFC-45FE-409B-947D-DBA3E3…)

She went to Canada in March to get her high school equivalency. Couldn’t do it in Japan.

Laughing at both of them because they’re schocked that Japanese University would verify her previous education

No. 604125

File: 1543183519858.jpeg (24.26 KB, 281x500, CA19BDB9-E456-4753-AE1B-883B45…)

No. 604126

File: 1543183545535.jpeg (30.01 KB, 281x500, 86652055-3D22-479E-9A36-DB9B58…)

No. 604130

>So I have to go directly to the univercity and hope for the best
How on earth does her stupidity still manage to amaze me to this day.

No. 604136

these KM shots are really solidifying what a piece of garbage she is. She spoke to this guy and used him as if he were her close friend. She shouldn't have even called him a "fan" at this point.

No. 604138

Google says that Japan accepts GEDs (or whatever the Canadian equivalent is), but you still need to pass the JLPT for university. Unless Mira decided to attend an English-speaking uni, and we all know that since her Japanese is so amazing, she would never do that

And she was fine with him calling her honey and sweetheart, as long he kept the money coming. She's so gross.

No. 604151

Oh Miranda, so many lies…I think that even she can't keep up with all the lies that she had told KM and others…
So according to her, as I understand it, after getting a divorce, she finds out that it is not possible for her to go to Japanese language school? due to previous poor attendance and decides to get her Canadian GED, but going to Japanese "univercity" is harder she thought and she has to wait to enter. At some time recently, she got a job working at a "trading company", where she met her husband (or his father?) on an airplane during a business trip, gets married in Canada, comes back to Japan and quits her job to become a housewife?

No. 604152

Her English is heinous, even though it's her first language! Imagine her at a "univercity"

No. 604153

So many holes in her story about working at a "trading company"…
1) This year, she got her GED equivalent (reportedly), has no trading experience, and has not passed JLPT N1 (top level of Japanese proficiency test), but she was hired to check labels (she was hired but doesn't know what the position entails).
2) She needs money because she doesn't have a business suit and shoes, which means that she went to the job interview in sneakers?
3) She needs money for a monthly train pass (even though just about every company in Japan pays for transportation expenses for workers)
4) The train pass she wants seems to be from Takanekido Station to Higashiginza Station (the font is small so it is hard to see). This means that she lives in Takanekido (Funahashi City, Chiba Prefecture) and would work in Ginza (the most expensive area of Tokyo, even though there does not appear to be a halal trading company in the area).
4) Her job as a translator checking labels requires her to go to Canada after just starting work? First, in a trading company, wouldn't she be working on import forms/translating documents on the computer? If travel were required (as an interpreter? purchaser?), wouldn't importing halal foods mean traveling to muslim countries where halal foods are manufactured?

No. 604154

The last one should be 5) lol

No. 604165

She magically doubled the airfare to Canada so she could be faking the train pass destination quote to make it look more expensive = more KMbux.

I could see her scouring halal stores looking for a job and an 'in'.

No. 604167

I thought she was never married, even in Canada. She has some BS Islamic wedding thing going on that isn't accepted in any first world country and was more like a proposal.
Even if she does properly marry this man she doesn't know the dude at all. We are all waiting for her to have her hubby delete all her social media or her making a video screaming how her Saudi husband puts his hands on her and she's just wife number 3

No. 604169

Never ever asks how KM is doing or what is going on in his life. Typical narcissist.

No. 604187

File: 1543194672303.jpg (138.72 KB, 713x1013, WxYqNBo.jpg)

I wonder if her “trading company” has to do with this post. There’s no way a real trading company would hire her, especially when there are many highly educated and multilingual Muslims in Japan, but an a Islamic center possibly would.

This exactly!
Whenever a “Mira supporter” appeared, even if it wasn’t Mira herself, it WAS her own words being typed nearly verbatim. It’s crazy.

Wtf? Miss Louis Vuitton can’t go to a family mall/department store to get basic black shoes and jacket? Go to Shimamura, asshole. Office pumps are like ¥2000

I don’t know how anyone can look at all these screenshots and not see how emotionally manipulative and cruel she is. Not counting the scheming content, the daily, normal conversations posted here look just like the way I talk with my best friends. This is not how you talk with an unwanted fanboy. She really lured him in and I understand how someone with his neurological condition could fall for it so hard. KM was wrong for doing her bidding but Mira is a straight up predator. I don’t think it’s fair to laugh at any of these friends being betas or losers. She always aims for the most vulnerable people and she really lost her mind when she discovered Rodi was not one of them. I just hope KM and the others have learned from their bad experiences and know when to spot the red flags.

No. 604188

if KM really is on the spectrum this kind of thing probably happens often. being manipulated by "friends" for money is one of the most prevalent forms of bullying that happens to autists.

No. 604277

File: 1543213214460.png (80.07 KB, 1184x360, 1542102392052.png.c5f7d58f53ce…)

Who is she trying to prove this to? She's trying so hard to proves she's happy, but happiness is within, you don't need to keep trying to prove it to others.

No. 604280

3600 would make sense if she was secretly paying for a man to come with her. That actually seems worse to me.

What in her life has actually improved? She behaves the same obnoxious way, looks miserable, often doesn’t have money, her channel is dead, never got Ro-dick, lost her biggest supporters and has nothing meaningful to show for herself after 7 years in Japan. Rather than become a nicer, more charitable person or advance her education, the only impact Islam has had on her is that now she has religion to hide behind when she tries to tear people down. But even real Muslims are calling her out for that.

No. 604281

Absolutely nothing changed, and neither has she, she's just sober. She's just as judgmental and hateful as ever.

No. 604282

Exactly, she has learned nothing, continues to tell her followers nothing but lies, and will continue to deceive people in the future. That's why she needs to be exposed.

No. 604283

She cannot even prove to herself she's happy because she doesn't know what true happiness is. The habitual lies keeps her down, and it isn't the efforts on others that count, the psychological effect on herself is the biggest damage. She's lying to everyone, and that will be her undoing, because now she's in the most dangerous club on earth, if you're caught lying, BOY will the punishments be worse than people pointing them out online. If you need to point out to complete strangers that you're happy, you're unable to prove it even to yourself. It's just not true. You show you're happy in what you do, not what you say.

No. 604284

**effects (not efforts) typing too fast.

No. 604291

agree. apart from getting a GED, i can't think of any other corner of her life that hasn't gone straight downhill since the early days of PULL.

No. 604304

I very faintly remember something about Mira in Funabashi, and the station she chose is not one you know if you don't live in the area. So while she may have faked Ginza, it's pretty unlikely she also faked the place she gets/got on the train.

No. 604308

I thought that Takanekido Station is a little too random to be fake, so she must live there…

No. 604422

File: 1543245136402.png (60.54 KB, 1344x312, スクリーンショット 2018-11-27 0.08.35.p…)

Miranda in response to a muslim commenter who kindly noted that she is recently rude to people who ask her honest questions and that it would be better to be more respectful of people…

No. 604424

File: 1543245244653.png (92.87 KB, 1332x450, スクリーンショット 2018-11-27 0.13.12.p…)

Maybe we are all "Jelous" of her…

No. 604425

File: 1543245434052.png (115.26 KB, 1382x592, スクリーンショット 2018-11-27 0.15.46.p…)

It's an honest question, Miranda! Did you forget that islam and Saudi Arabia permit a man to have up to four wives?

No. 604426

high school test? so did she not even graduate?

No. 604427

lmao she conveniently believes those statistics but not the ones about acts against women?

No. 604436

KM was not allowed to film or take pictures of Miranda

No. 604437

Looked at KM to make sure he wasn't filming or taking a picture of her

No. 604448

remember in the start of this she said her religion asks for kindness and understanding of ALL people? Way to change the rules so you can be a vile cunt

No. 604453

That’s…..kind of fucking creepy.

Maybe he found her in Japan and fucking followed her around like a fucking stalker. I am feeling so uncomfortable watching pictures of a guy taking pictures of a girl without her knowing…..

No. 604461


No Miranda, that's you and KM traveling to 10 prefectures to make vids>>604453

No. 604475

Exactly! Miranda, don't call KM "creepy" now that you don't need him! You two were clearly close (or at least you pretended to be close while you used him).

No. 604478

I suppose that this is Miranda's rationale for using other people (such as KM)…as long as the other person is a non-mahram, it's ok to treat him like shit, right?

No. 604483

File: 1543251103580.jpg (673.21 KB, 2204x3920, mira16.jpg)

No. 604495

I thought that you didn't hang out with non-mahrams, right Miranda? I guess that's one of the many lies that you tell your followers so you can pretend to be a pious muslim.

No. 604496

I am not her. These pictures don’t prove they were close, they prove she went with him but was not close. A close friend takes pictures together and is close to them. She looks like she’s trying to escape him. He probably paid her a lot of money to go. We don’t even know who else was there. Why would her friend take pictures of her without her knowing….that’s just creepy

No. 604500

It's not the pictures that prove it. Re-read their messages. Miranda did indeed tell him "everything" and ordered him to do things that you would only tell someone you trusted to do.

No. 604501

File: 1543252328842.jpg (703.5 KB, 2204x3920, mira17.jpg)

No. 604505

File: 1543252504122.jpg (715.81 KB, 2204x3920, mira18.jpg)

No. 604508

File: 1543252660997.jpg (1021.4 KB, 2204x3920, mira19.jpg)

No. 604516

Which makes her dumb as fuck. If she practiced kindness KM would have been willing to keep all the secrets and milk forever. So while I agree KM is dumb, Mira is even more so. If someone knew my deepest darkest secrets I would be nice to them forever

No. 604536


No she dropped out in the 10th grade

No. 604553

I am not her. These pictures don’t prove they were close, they prove she went with him but was not close. A close friend takes pictures together and is close to them. She looks like she’s trying to escape him. He probably paid her a lot of money to go. We don’t even know who else was there. Why would her friend take pictures of her without her knowing….that’s just creepy

No. 604554

File: 1543257678858.jpg (32.85 KB, 682x413, begging.jpg)

You missed this one!
Notice how she asks for money yet call it "donations".

No. 604558

>"A close friend takes pictures together and is close to them"
>"Why would her friend take pictures of her (…)"
Choose one, "Anon". KM and Miranda herself said she didn't want any photos of them because "muh haters" and "muh religion", there's caps of that.
Also, if he didn't have video proof you would be calling his evidence or photos bs, so kindly shut up, will you? Just enjoy the shitshow

No. 604563

You give yourself away, Miranda. Keep trying.

No. 604583


Ok "not Miranda" see the pic in >>604508

No. 604591

I searched that Snapchat account but nothing comes up.

No. 604598

That screenshot is from over a year ago so she's probably deleted it.

No. 604639

>we can't hold hands
tf? friends don't do that anyway

No. 604642

It's really painful to see him trying to humor her. At least he learned a valueable lesson. With the money he blew on that melty faced goblin he could have fucked a bunch of high level escorts AND took them to japan on a trip with him.

No. 604649

>AND took them to japan on a trip with him.
lol it wouldn't have stretched that much.

i wonder why he got so obsessed with her in particular. she's among the ugliest j-vloggers, not to mention the rudest and stupidest. why didn't he get obsessed with a different one? maybe being such a weeb, the "white japanese people" video struck a cord with him.

No. 604656

It seems good old Randa is not the only one. He's been retweeting and commenting on pretty much everything "Morgain_Le_Fae" puts on Twitter.

No. 604657

because most decent women are not bought by money and gifts. Most girls I know wouldn't accept large amounts of money for no reason because guys usually expect a relationship for all the gifts. Everyone knows guys think they own a girl if they spend a certain amount of money on them. Though Mira isn't a very classy lady, is she?

No. 604661

pretty sure that before ever giving her money he was already in full creeper mode. the first time i went to his twitter a year ago, i left quickly because of the strong 'psycho stalker' vibes it gave off. He had a photo of his computer screen with a caption saying he was about to marathon all of her videos. plus several other photos of random items he wrote "kanadajin3" on, like a drinking cup and a bumper sticker.

i never understood, and still don't understand how in the fuck any person can feel that way about Miranda Constable, of all people. if KM can shed some light into what he liked so much about her, that'd be interesting.

No. 604680

File: 1543273405029.png (782.25 KB, 1054x1046, スクリーンショット 2018-11-27 8.03.07.p…)

Miranda forgives Rachel?!

No. 604690

If these are real this guy is fucked up. I am sorry let’s take a moment to let it sink in.

This guy screenshotted every single private conversation. I am sure he won’t show us anything where she is telling him “we won’t get married” or “it ain’t going to happen”. He keeps posting hearts and she doesn’t even respond to that. I wonder if these are the full conversations? He keeps releasing them slowly, he could technically have enough time to recreate these. Technically anyone with two phones can make a Snapchat conversation. All you have to do is type Mira Nagayama and type whatever. For all we know these could be faked. Faked or not it’s creepy for him to just save a bunch of conversations in his computer of some girl. It shows the level of obsession he had. These were saved without her knowledge. Saved as ransome if he didn’t marry her. He gave her a bunch of donations and waited for her to hook up with him and when she told him she was married he went from super fan to super milk man.

No. 604704

File: 1543276611877.png (820.31 KB, 1106x1048, スクリーンショット 2018-11-27 8.56.52.p…)

She also forgives Rodi?!

No. 604706

I'll gladly take his milk. Regardless of how "creepy" his obsession with Miranda was, we now have a load of undeniable proof of what a shitty person Miranda is.

No. 604712

File: 1543277437612.png (120.95 KB, 1282x680, スクリーンショット 2018-11-27 9.08.27.p…)

Sorry, Miranda, your parents did not bring you up well judging from the final result of what a lying hypocritical scammer you are.

No. 604713

File: 1543277620846.png (90.31 KB, 1212x394, スクリーンショット 2018-11-27 9.12.52.p…)

Well, obviously you don't have kids yet! lol
But if you ever do have kids, they will belong to him…good luck trying to see them when you get divorced!

No. 604718

File: 1543277908334.png (66.95 KB, 1258x332, スクリーンショット 2018-11-27 9.16.24.p…)

Again, Miranda, Saudi Arabia allows a man to marry up to four wives as he likes. It's Saudi culture, so why are you so emotional about it?

No. 604722

Miranda told him to screenshot ever thing for future references. After she got married, she asked him to delete every conversation they had and accused him of being a "creeper."

No. 604724

.. well shes in for a RUDE awakening. When her husband want more wives, she doesnt have a say in the matter

>islam permits divorce

The same islam that tells you your worth and value is half of a mans? I need proof randa

No. 604726

#5 how the hell can she say that with a straight face?

No. 604732

That's bullshit. By saying she forgives Rachel she is putting the full blame on her and saying Rachel did something to her. Forget the fact Mira harassed and bullied her with sock puppets. What a narc

No. 604741

Islam permits divorce if the man wants one. But usually the wife is punished, can no longer be married or worse. I'm sure Mira forgot to tell her Saudi husband she was already married twice before and use to fuck around.

No. 604745

that's somewhat old news actually. She tweeted some time ago that since she's now muslim, she no longer hate anyone/anything from her past since her past was erased or some bullshit excuse like that.

And also, duh, it's Miranda, of course it's never her fault for anything, it's everyone else fault, so she forgives them all because that's what good muslims must do and she's the #1 best muslim in the world!

No. 604752

but just recently said she can hate non mahram men for no reason kek. She keeps changing her morals to suit the current situation


No. 604762

Yeah I am really surprised with how many farmers say they feel bad for the guy. He is obviously just some massive creep with a bunch of money.
It was just soo stupid of miranda to take any of his money or engage with him at all. you never know what a guy like that could end up doing when he realizes you are just taking advantage of him.

No. 604764

no one feels bad for him, but he's clearly mentally challeneged. either way, he's giving us milk and proving that randa's clearly a scumbag.

also read shit like >>604505 and tell me who's the creep.

No. 604766

Mira uses people and then blocks them so she doesn't have to deal with the consequences. When she realized KM could come to Japan without her permission, she freaked and tried to paint him as a dangerous "stocker." Now imagine what'll happen if she ever tries to break free of her new Wahhabi phase. All her new hardcore misogynistic fans will want her head, literally.

No. 604783

So two creeps eh? Really KM is the perfect match for Randa. Too bad KM doesn't have a Japanese visa or else she would be all over him

No. 604788

right? i'm sure if he had the visa she would have married him and skipped over the muslim phase entirely. probably while still pursuing rodi.

No. 604812

I mean… just as a side note, he did came to Japan… traveled with Mira for some time and stuff… All that happened months before the wedding stuff (according to the timeline we know).
The way i understand it, she turned againts him when he asked the money back. She was obviously not going to do that and just like you said, she blocked him to avoid dealing with the consequences.

No. 604814

She could have married a guy that really "love" her, has plenty of money and is not afraid of spending it, skip the muslim phase and be herself and live a happy life! But nop, it's Mira, she cant do anything right ever.

No. 604815

Not a fan of Mira or her ways, but you people are literally just pulling stuff out your behinds when you talk about Islam.

No. 604818

File: 1543292541334.png (106.76 KB, 1240x560, スクリーンショット 2018-11-27 13.20.43.…)

Hey, don't blame us for noting Miranda's bullshit wahhabist ideology.

No. 604822

I thought at one point KM said about going to Japan and asking Mira in person about the money he lent her, but going over the screenshots again I must've misread something. But yeah, I mean that he came to Japan to see her when she wanted him to. If he came to Japan again when she told him to leave her alone, she would freak.

Please tell us more about pure beautiful Islam and what a peaceful, wonderful, tolerant religion it is

No. 604833

And yet we're a thousand time more accurate than her!

No. 604837

Can we stop saying she just got married. She has been married for at least a year. The video of the falcon has the same Arab guy who appears in the ice cave video. She already got married and she just kept it a secret.

No. 604838

Can we stop saying she just got married. She has been married for at least a year. The video of the falcon has the same Arab guy who appears in the ice cave video. She already got married and she just kept it a secret.

No. 604843

Mira's definition of marriage is total bullshit and it is currently being speculated that it isn't even recognized in any first world country as a real marriage. The time line is she had Japanaese visa kun at the start of this year.

No. 604847

>you never know what a guy like that could end up doing when he realizes you are just taking advantage of him.

Wait, wait, wait… screwing someone over, stealing, humiliating them and attempting to assassinate their character publicly in order to deflect attention away from your misdeeds can have negative consequences? People get angry when you do terrible things to them? WOOOAAAHHH! I thought victims were supposed to ask for more abuse!

No. 604852

remember that she told him they were bf and gf

No. 604860

lmfao I can't be the only one who really doesn't see KM as all that creepy

like looking at their convos they seem pretty close and mira definitely saw him as a confidant. she would tell him intimate details about her life unprovoked and he seemed mostly to just support her, like a good friend would do

that's not to say he wasn't lusting after her for some masochistic reason, but if anyone other than mira is honestly considering him a 'massive creep' in this thread, I feel like it's some kind of weird projection where they knew someone 'like that' once and it reminds them of their own past situation…

not even saying his behavior is normal or regular but its not as outlier as some posts are trying to make it seem. i ain't buying shit, mira. if this guy was a "creepy stocker" you think you'd have been less willing with the intimidate details about your life; these convos go beyond that.

and yeah, go ahead, go around saying 'they are probably faked' – but we've had consistent and live proof of KM posting things that are pretty much MIRA copy pasta. if he's cutting out parts of the convo where mira is saying 'we'll never be together, leave me alone', it doesn't add up with her actions, conversations, and details she gave him lmfao

No. 604871

>Saved as ransome if he didn’t marry her
>These were saved without her knowledge.
She told him to attack her haters word-for-word. Ordered him to arrange for Rodi to kiss her and send her the downloaded video. He paid for her entire livelihood for months. Miranda used him like a floor mop. Exposing her shady ass now that he's realized what a piece of shit she is (because after all that she has no problem going on twitter calling him a "stocker") is the least he can do.

you're either Mira, or just as stupid as her.

No. 604873

>I will never confirm or deny we don't already have kids
It's so obvious she says this to start a fuel of rumors. Obviously she doesn't, but the way it's brought up and worded shows how much she loves this attention.

No. 604875

How about we stop saying she got married to this mythical guy at all, since it never happened.

No. 604889

As I have said before, I strongly suppose that she is not legally married in Japan and probably is still using the visa from her previous husband.

No. 604890

right, she can't get married again or she'll lose her old spouse visa. did we ever get proof that she divorced?

No. 604892

The only way she could still stay in Japan legally is through her previous spousal visa…her "translation job checking labels" is fake, teijuusha status is fake, and probably her islamic marriage is fake since it was likely not legally registered in Japan

No. 604896

I think a marriage ceremony may have been performed with that tiny Indonesian durian farmer but she would never register it like an honest person, or loving wife, would. She’ll milk that she spousal visa as long as possible.

No. 604897

Lol at KM wking himself.

No. 604904

File: 1543311064544.jpeg (55.96 KB, 1501x898, received_350538462388238.jpeg)

KM got banned if you are wondering

No. 604905

File: 1543311131760.png (1.28 MB, 1199x1007, Screenshot_2018-11-27-10-28-09…)

KM also banned from PULL

No. 604913

Too bad! Let him come back! lol

No. 604958

File: 1543320529994.jpg (197.98 KB, 1080x1026, 20181127_070650.jpg)

Yeah there is no way she currently has children. I fear for those little fools if they are ever born.

No. 604962

I said it already, but this confirms again that she said this >>604713 for pure attention.

No. 604977

File: 1543324552053.jpg (258.27 KB, 1440x2560, mira28.jpg)

No. 604984

File: 1543326118480.jpg (23.74 KB, 506x144, mira29.JPG)

No. 604985

File: 1543326159002.jpg (27.81 KB, 493x245, mira30.JPG)

No. 604987

File: 1543326666903.jpg (98.96 KB, 1023x871, rodiD1.jpg)

Incoming dump. She wanted that Rodi dick, BAD!

No. 604988

File: 1543326720426.jpg (102.98 KB, 1027x869, rodiD2.jpg)

No. 604989

File: 1543326743935.jpg (92.53 KB, 1027x866, rodiD3.jpg)

No. 604990

File: 1543326810981.jpg (214.74 KB, 1440x2560, money1.jpg)

And she was Broke, in debt (both Canada and Japan) and had no money from Youtube.

No. 604991

File: 1543326838540.jpg (222.79 KB, 1440x2560, money2.jpg)

No. 604992

File: 1543326860767.jpg (242.86 KB, 1440x2560, money3.jpg)

No. 604993

File: 1543326891502.jpg (217.57 KB, 1440x2560, money4.jpg)

No. 604995


And the last in this series was already posted here >>604977

No. 605002

I'm just curious to how she plan on getting out of this absolute mess? Her life is a train wreck and I can't help feeling a bit sad for her, despite her being an awful human being that has done a lot of questionable things to what seem to be good people…

No. 605010

So as we suspected, Youtube is not bringing any income in, so she was working at her restaurant part-time last month while "borrowing" money from KM?
In addition, she at least tried to apply for teijuusha, but I remember from another screenshot that she said the application failed…This means that she is still on her spousal visa from her 2nd husband?

No. 605014

Surprise surprise, more lies from Miranda. She always says "I don't care about views or subscribers", but she clearly was dependent on the money from YouTube, but since it was no longer enough, she had to turn to KM…

Well, Miranda, all I can say to you is that you have got balls to pretend that everything is normal and keep uploading videos like nothing has changed!

No. 605016

They did nothing WRONG, you have to actually apologize for all the BS you did FIRST, acknowledge and take responsibility. You cannot say you forgive someone until they first did something wrong, and asked for forgiveness. She's doing it BACKWARDS. I do feel bad for the mess she is getting herself in, and going to Saudi will be the death of her. She's NOT a good person, and that will not change. Doing something in Japan won't cost her life, but in Saudi…

No. 605033

File: 1543331714405.jpg (72.11 KB, 1003x761, mirabirthday.jpg)

Here's some proof that Miranda was closer to KM than she claims (but we knew that) and also shows how scared she is about what KM has.

He posted a vid that she sent him sing "Happy Birthday" and such, and she immediately DMCA'd it.

No. 605051

i'm starting to believe that he has her nudes tbh.

No. 605058


I'm starting to think that too. Considering she blurted out from the start that he had the "Gross, photoshopped pictures of me."

Yeah, they ain't photoshopped and they are probably nudes to keep the cashflow flowing..

No. 605115

File: 1543338633705.png (1.62 MB, 1242x2688, 6B04A29F-B576-4BDD-A053-0F5E56…)

No. 605116

File: 1543338669172.png (1.71 MB, 1242x2688, D7419B92-0DBC-4580-A9EA-C5D5F3…)

No. 605117

File: 1543338707657.png (1.5 MB, 1242x2688, 542244F8-6D04-454E-9C03-EDBE5A…)

No. 605121

why does he block some of his comments out?

No. 605128


Probably Private info, maybe telling her to contact a family member by name or a third party that's not part of the online drama.

No. 605140

How is this proof. Omg KM stop. You are really making yourself look like a creep. It says in the comments “sing me a happy bday song”. Of course she did this. Proof that someone is close to you means actually having her real phone number or address. All you seem to have is old videos and screen shots backed up like a insane wanker.

No. 605147

>"It says in the comments “sing me a happy bday song”
Bitch, where?
>"Proof that someone is close to you means actually having her real phone number or address."
That would be doxxing, Miranda. And you would flip your shit if he did that -if anything you should be grateful he's censoring things.
Also >>604904 , >>604905 he isn't here because your constant "hey, write this for me" orders got him banned. Try harder.

No. 605170

You're the samefag whose been saying this for the last couple of posts, aren't you? just gtfo. who on lolcow wants to tell the milk to stop flowing?

No. 605190

File: 1543341394254.png (93.48 KB, 627x611, Screenshot 2018-11-27 at 12.56…)


Bambi says that he did.

No. 605203

File: 1543341761424.jpg (34.54 KB, 504x482, mira36.JPG)

No. 605204

File: 1543341782491.jpg (69.72 KB, 1025x914, mira35.jpg)

No. 605217

lmao gtfo of here bambi, you can't fucking read.

No. 605220

File: 1543342234210.png (7.42 KB, 1231x128, bambiorwhoever.png)

cap for whoever missed it.

No. 605222

tbqh he's looking more like Mira's brainless puppet than a creeper now. An absolute doormat.

No. 605223

Address and phone number KM received were both fake. Rodi has her real number.

No. 605239

And you know that for certain because…? It's not like anyone has published said info so you, or anyone, can confirm or deny it's legit. Go to sleep already, Miranda.

No. 605282

sorry for nitpick but jfc that Disney icon she used of Princess Jasmine. She really does think being Muslim is like a disney movie. No Mira, you're not going to live like princess Jasmine

No. 605285

that's pretty likely, anon.

No. 605287

didn't even notice the icon. that movie was specifically set in pre-islamic middle east, and all the female characters were scantily dressed, so lul.

No. 605290

What bother me a little bit (just a litle bit, not much) is that most of these screenshots are over 1 year old…

No. 605292

>pre-islamic middle east

uuuh no it wasn't. there's even islamic references in the movie. the movie isn't a good representation of anything let alone islam or any time period.

No. 605294

Put up or fuck off.

Can we not do this, please.

No. 605295

Nope, about half. Half from the Rodi drama, the rest from this year and as recently as a from a week ago,

No. 605297

File: 1543346736774.png (57.56 KB, 599x497, Screenshot 2018-11-27 at 12.54…)


Bambi confirmed that what she received was Miranda's actual address.

Do keep trying though..

No. 605320

What is the story behind the obscene toe picture. I need some more milk..

No. 605325

me me me me, I hurt someone but only because Sharla made me, do you know how much it hurts me to hurt others? What a narcissist.

This too. Is that Randa's toe? What's going on with the extra stubby one?

No. 605326

i wanna know wtf all those hidden pics are on the right!

No. 605347

They’re picture of her family members.

No. 605361

I want to see haha
I already got her address. I am going to send someone there and see if it’s real.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 605362


And here's the video she's desperate to hide (for some reason)

No. 605366

Because it's pornographic, you can see her hair! It's probably also haram to sing happy birthday to a man or something

No. 605372

lol are you trying to pull a spergchan, mira?

No. 605373

lol, like her stringy dishwater hair would give anyone a boner

No. 605379

Be carefull about doxxing, it's not allowed on lolcow. Friendly reminder.

No. 605387

If you want to check if it's true, it's already been shown that she probably lives near Takanekido Station (Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture).

No. 605395

File: 1543359254336.png (153.73 KB, 1246x784, スクリーンショット 2018-11-28 7.52.43.p…)

Women must have a guardian. Remember, it's a "sweet" system…

No. 605399

File: 1543359457833.png (232.04 KB, 1522x1038, スクリーンショット 2018-11-28 7.57.11.p…)

Miranda explains what an "islamic marriage" is.

No. 605417

As much as I suspected, she had to get married in Canada because Japanese law is very strict (it is true that you need documentation from the consulate/embassy of your home country stating that you can legally get married, but she couldn't wait a few weeks to get the documentation? Perhaps she had to go to Canada because she is still single there and/or because it is difficult for Saudis to receive permission to marry a foreigner).
If this story is true, she met her future Saudi husband (or his father?) on an airplane in March(?) and took her future husband with her to Canada recently to get married (the tickets were paid for by KM?)…She is still not legally married in Japan or Saudi Arabia?

No. 605418

File: 1543360395951.png (69.55 KB, 1250x420, スクリーンショット 2018-11-28 8.12.04.p…)

Obviously you do care Miranda! You needed the YouTube money to survive, but it wasn't enough, so you turned to KM.

No. 605488

Honestly with how Mira lies, she isn't married in any sense of the word. I just remember saying she had a perma visa to stay in Japan. Lied about visa kun, about owning a house and a car. Tell me when she ever told the truth about her life? She isn't married

No. 605497

I can't find the documentary right now but I can tell you that marrying in Islam isn't enough to secure your life Randa. In this documentary the woman was married in Islam and has like 5 kids. She always wanted to register the marriage but he had excuses like "we are married in front of god and that's enough". Suddenly her husband disappeared because he found another younger and prettier woman. Now his first woman is alone with 5 kids and no money.
You need to perform a civil marriage, so you have official papers which entitles you to alimony and such. I really hope for you Randa that you have those official papers…

No. 605571

File: 1543374617884.jpg (464.74 KB, 776x1036, 1543361879144.jpg)

This whole km situation is basically a remake of pic related only with a ugly girl.
This stuff should be a lesson for every thirsty beta who thinks he can pay his way into the pussy and heart of a girl.
Better off going straight to a hooker and skip the emotional tampon song and dance.

No. 605584

That might just have been the most beta conversation I have ever seen. Jfc it has to be fake.

No. 605688

File: 1543382208361.png (130.36 KB, 1542x598, スクリーンショット 2018-11-28 14.15.05.…)

Miranda, if you were happy with your life, you wouldn't be defensive about everything and get into a fight with every commenter who gives you constructive criticism.

No. 605690

I know I'm late here but
>uses iMessage
>phone number is fake!!
cmon now

No. 605691

Man she's so hostile. It can't be easy to hate the human race as a whole. I often wonder if Mira is just a lizard in human skin

No. 605824

>Ironically proves what an angry, hostile bitch she is
I'm glad she does this. Like a repellent to drive subscribers away.

No. 605861

> imessage with phone number
not to defend meltface but imessage also works with e-mail (your apple id)

No. 605863

ok you got me there

No. 605923

File: 1543414528103.jpg (58.73 KB, 987x852, mira37.jpg)

No. 605924

File: 1543414592901.jpg (81.39 KB, 991x843, mira38.jpg)

No. 605952

File: 1543418952825.png (69.84 KB, 1498x314, スクリーンショット 2018-11-29 0.28.27.p…)

Miranda in response to a question concerning stoning a woman for adultery…

No. 605955

File: 1543419103098.png (108.53 KB, 1516x512, スクリーンショット 2018-11-29 0.31.32.p…)

No. 605959

So, she just straight up married for money..

Stay Classy, Miranda

No. 605987

File: 1543422217661.jpg (228.78 KB, 1440x2560, rodivid1.jpg)

Incoming. It's how the stuff when Rodi posted the video where Miranda say she loved him and it had the muted part about her VISA husband, played out in real time.

Starting from her finding the post to her admitting to KM about being married (which has been posted).

Gives the whole picture. Notice through the whole thing, it's all Rodi's fault, he's "evil". All because he had a girlfriend and didn't want anything to do with Miranda, but Miranda couldn't leave it alone and kept trying to get that D.

No. 605988

File: 1543422242563.jpg (236.67 KB, 1440x2560, rodivid2.jpg)

No. 605989

File: 1543422271548.jpg (244.47 KB, 1440x2560, rodivid3.jpg)

No. 605990

File: 1543422301719.jpg (191.8 KB, 1440x2560, rodivid4.jpg)

No. 605991

File: 1543422330498.jpg (210.22 KB, 1440x2560, rodivid5.jpg)

No. 605992

File: 1543422351239.jpg (243.15 KB, 1440x2560, rodivid6.jpg)

No. 605993

File: 1543422377031.jpg (206.5 KB, 1440x2560, rodivid7.jpg)

No. 605994

File: 1543422402902.jpg (229.22 KB, 1440x2560, rodivid8.jpg)

No. 605995

File: 1543422426131.jpg (179.88 KB, 1440x2560, rodivid9.jpg)

No. 605996

File: 1543422448541.jpg (245.51 KB, 1440x2560, rodivid10.jpg)