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File: 1536524271320.jpg (66.99 KB, 720x545, wa3Xhog.jpg)

No. 684719

Previous thread:

A Tradthot can be defined as: A woman who claims to hold traditional values while living in a modern way, using the concept of traditionalism as a method to gain an online following that typically consists of angry misogynists who don't recognize the hypocrisy of the girl they follow on social media/donate money to.

Tradthots enjoy modern freedoms and are often childless career women who pander to their male audience by showing cleavage, camel toe, and other revealing body shots while also posting pictures of aprons on Instagram and yearning for a 1950's way of living. These kinds of girls typically hate other women, as it is common for them to hold a "I'm not like other girls" attitude to suck up to the niche of men who also hate women. Many of them, in additional to sexist views, also have racist and anti semetic views to appeal to alt right and more radical men.

Some notable tradthots (there are many many more):
>Lauren Southern
>college drop out who now travels the world full time on money donated to her from her male fans doing journalism
>got her start from jumping on the anti feminism bandwagon that she has taken credit for pioneering
>came under fire for wearing heavy makeup and bleaching hair, having black friends, a black ex boyfriend, pictures of her clubbing and dressing up as a sexy cop
>shocked when alt right and white nationalist men are sexist, addresses some of the issue in her "Why I'm not Married Video"
>has previously mocked women for wanting to become doctors
>video "What Every Girl Needs to Hear" tells girls to save themselves without citing any credible sources, even cites wikipedia (and can't give personal testimony)
>now know as the biggest hypocrit and largest tradthot
Website: https://laurensouthern.net
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laurencheriie/
YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCla6APLHX6W3FeNLc8PYuvg
Twitter: @Lauren_Southern

>Stell Bell

>16 year old girl who got her start on YouTube for pandering to racists
>fakes country accent and deleted old videos to destroy proof, constantly talks about how proud she is to be southern (despite just being white trash)
>sent ass and bra pics to an actual nazi
>dates around and shames other women for being promiscuous
>has said she has natural dirty blonde hair and green eyes despite being a swarthy white girl to appear more "Aryan", also dyes hair blonde and wears blue contacts
>brags about being "full German"
>gets angry if you compare her looks to Anne Frank and is openly anti semetic
>has daddy issues
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/virginiangoddess/
Youtube: https://m.youtube.com/user/stellagirl408

Ashton Birdie/Ashton Witty
>got her fame from jumping on the Trump bandwagon and working for Infowars
>is now fucking Paul Joseph Watson on and off
>Infowars fired her and Paul dumped her, had mental breakdown then deleted the video
>constantly pulls down shirt and pulls out tits and talks about women needing to be more traditional
>has autism
>has dated women and says she is more attracted to women than men but is willing to put that aside for traditional family
>desperate pandering in crop tops and MAGA hats
>still obsessed with InfoWars and Alex Jones
>brags about how hot she thinks she is
>is currently unemployed college dropout
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ashtonbirdie/
YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCRUhJlurBdyGwVyyaAdwS9w
Twitter: @ashtonbirdie


>rose to fame as nazi girl on YouTube with the channel name Evalion
>whines about getting banned after calling for the death of Jews
>now makes less than minimum wage and lives in her autistic husband's parents' basement
>has had her nudes leaked
>angry at feminists for whatever reason
Website: http://www.eva-tips.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sparkledemon/

Other Tradthots:
>The White Rose
>Cam girl turned "traditional"

>Blonde in the Belly of the Beast

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpbyOgUSjTSPpvVUAT2OyHw

>Lauren Rose

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOv4uZ2t8lil5pf_DNqqYP0Q2v2AFDsIf



No. 685200

File: 1536575407184.png (458.18 KB, 1366x768, wordpress.png)

The WordPress also seems to have been deleted.

No. 685224

I think some of her fans found the previous thread and confronted her about her lying about her ethnicity and religion. Maybe she's happy she got exposed, maybe now she will catfish people as the white kween she wishes to be.

No. 685320

Her Twitter went private, too. Anyone here following her?

No. 685364

has anyone seen this lauren southern video before? she does not look 16.

No. 685418

if you go to redpillchick's twitter she is adding people right now I just got access to her account.

No. 685426

She didn't tweet anything new since 3 days ago.

No. 685430

how do you know that? what's your handle on twitter? I'll add you so that we can send her threats.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 685434


Nice try Nadia, your shit is transparent.

No. 685454

File: 1536617244988.png (266.44 KB, 540x641, tt laughing.png)

No. 685478

File: 1536620091445.jpg (37.13 KB, 500x332, heygurl.jpg)

Wow, even more obvious than Miranda, that's impressive

No. 685479

File: 1536620341462.png (78.45 KB, 1033x437, RIP.png)

Her twitter's gone

No. 685483

No. 685485

She'll be back, all those trad thots thrive on attention.

No. 685486

File: 1536620849426.jpg (877.44 KB, 1078x2001, Screenshot_20180910-180714_Pho…)

I mean she looks 30something now

No. 685496

>Those lips

she got botox, and a nose job?

No. 685500

What the fuck happened to her face? She was always bland looking but she literally looks unrecognizable here

No. 685503

I would believe she got lip injections and some sort of brow lift yeah.

No. 685505

what the fuck, when did she start looking like this??

No. 685513

It's straight from her Instagram story from 2 days ago

No. 685525

welp, truly nothing like tradlife than people like her and roaming millennial, etc, getting instathot tier surgery. she looks absolutely ridiculous.

fuck, at least the feminist these men hate so much tend to be au natural (aka, what's actually the most trad, tbh).

No. 685542

She wants to become the new faith goldy

No. 685569

Tbh the lip injections don't look too bad but whatever she did to her eyebrows whywhywhywhy

No. 685575

File: 1536629248053.jpg (27.52 KB, 399x399, hM2l6Mg2_400x400.jpg)

She looks at her best here with the flatter brows

No. 685578

eh I'm not sure if she got lip injections. Her upper lips are a darker color near the center of her mouth, which makes me think it may just be a giant overlining.

Her brows look fucking weird tho.

No. 685581

Wait, is this Lauren Southern? This looks nothing like her, I'm so confused..

lol ok david

No. 685626

Ugh, she seriously got plastic surgery to look less Spanish? Now she kinda looks like PNP, lmao.

No. 685645

Her lips are still so overlined here

No. 685665

I posted a video on youtube about Nadia Zaman but Im pretty sure she reported it because it got taken down. I just complied her tweets, voice, and photos of her, and included her name in the title. If you cant handle the heat get out of the kitchen and back to your real estate job Nadia… I mean David. Also she deleted her LinkedIn

No. 685675

assuming you're telling the truth, this is probably why she deleted everything.

how did she even find the video? did you tweet it to her?

No. 685687

its not why she deleted everything, pretty sure people were tipping her off about the old thread days before I posted it. And no I didnt tweet it to her, but you know she is googling herself and trying to delete anything she can with her info. The video came up in google when you googled Nadia Zaman so it wasnt hard to find. I hope her boyfriend plants his seed deep inside her soon so she can be the housewife she wants to be before employees/college finds this stuff out

No. 685694

She's a cow, she googles herself every chance she gets just like all the other cows and found this thread/the previous one. Do you think one of us was retarded enough to post this? >>685430

No. 685753

Stell Bell reminds me of a girl I went to school with who is now diagnosed with BPD. She wasn't a neo-nazi at all, but she otherwise displayed a lot of the same behavior. Makes me wonder.

No. 685757

She looks like a Starburst candy now lmao

No. 685773

Oh fuck, she undeniably got a brow lift to force the arched shape. (or heavily shooped?)
Either way it's doing her 0 favors, just makes her look older and botched.

No. 685913

lul so much for being "trad" and "pure uwu" lol isnt she suposed to get married already acording to her logic? if she doesnt marry right now she will end up being like "those ugly fat sjws that only have cats" hahah honestly this girl is so retarded and it amazes me that girls like this exist with this type of mentality. lol most of these end up with very abusive men who probably dont even work and spend all day playing video games. I love this thread!

No. 686199

File: 1536713630893.jpg (730.07 KB, 1080x1123, Screenshot_20180911-195236_Ult…)

There's no way this is just makeup, right??

No. 686207

She photoshopped herself skinny in the first photo, or developed elephantitis in the second one.

No. 686239

File: 1536717945457.jpg (81.76 KB, 960x388, Focal-Length-Face-Distortion.j…)

different focal length, anon.
her upper lip is absurdly overdrawn, and she has awful drag queen arched eyebrows.

No. 686244

File: 1536718189036.jpg (32.89 KB, 400x294, Girl-Defined-e1506273658429.jp…)

Do Girl Defined belong in this thread?

No. 686256

holy fuck she looks 40 on the right
definitely done something to her lips, or overpainted the top lip like anon said. but yeah if she had work done she needs to sue somebody

No. 686291

Could she really change her brows that much with makeup? And wouldn't an over line be obvious where her lip line starts and ends?

No. 686317

This is a weird picture. At first it just gave me "stock image of two white girls" but upon further inspection, the shooping is uncanny and it emits creepy energy.

No. 686377


Afaik they are kooky, but I don't know how milky they are. Unless y'all know something that most don't know about them

No. 686388

I have no idea who they are, but I'm gonna guess they're good Christian bitches, loud and proud Texans, and want to be/are housewives who hire illegals to do their housework because it's icky and beneath them

No. 686427

>wouldn't an over line be obvious where her lip line starts and ends?
look closer.

No. 686434

I took a glimpse at one of their vids and honestly, they're better than Stell "Tear and bite off my clothes daddy!" Bell. I wouldn't consider them tradthots, just typical Christian girls, tbh. However, they give me strong Jehovah's Witness vibes, tho.

Any sign Nadia, the Indian Muslim wannabe Aryan tradthot queen? I personally believe Nadia is laying low until she stops being mentioned on these threads completely, and then she'll come back in full force.

No. 686453

girl defined have some incredibly creepy, confused views and target their videos towards little girls which makes it all the more disgusting but i wouldn’t really call them cows because as far as i know they keep their internet presence pretty well manicured.

No. 686507

File: 1536754464889.jpg (351.06 KB, 1024x576, cn5kvp43ekq01.jpg)

The new selfie really does look like some kind of smoothed out faceswap with Faith Goldy

No. 686544

This is pretty terrible if they target little girls with this brainwashing. Yuck.

No. 686545

Those eyebrows are Onision tier. That's a brow lift for me

No. 686564

God these women drive me fucking nuts. I'd almost like a crazy tradreligious group thread, because shit like vid related cracks me up.

No. 686610


God this girl is fucking mental, but also weirdly positive and uplifting.

No. 686623


godthots general?

No. 686668

Her greasiness and sweatiness makes this even more creepy, she looks like a deranged and obsessive stalker

No. 686734

Ouch, this is so creepy, like some cult-recruitment video.

No. 686742

Do we need a separate thread for this? I personally wouldn't mind seeing this content here, as I think it still fits what the thread is about, only from a more religious perspective. How old are these girls, btw?

No. 687007


Someone literally doxxed her address, and she kept the account up. Pretty sure she's just trying to get sympathy from her followers. Probably gonna start a "save me" gofundme or something when she gets back

No. 687328

This one's nuts but doesn't seem a thot trying to appeal to neckbeards
I might be wrong though I don't think she belongs in this thread

No. 687427

Looks like she's been messing around with face tweaking apps

No. 687457

Honestly, they're obsessive and headache-inducing with all their religion talk, but the things they're saying aren't necessarily wrong or fucked up. They just said not to date guys who lie about their convictions, guys with intense anger issues who explode at you, guys who have personal issues but never try to get their shit together (eg porn addiction, unwise spending) and try to dump their problems on you, guys who obsess over you and see you as some sort of goddess, and guys who try to pressure you into things you don't feel comfortable with. The only really problematic thing is the last one ("Don't date any man if he is not a Christian, no matter what").
I wouldn't categorize them as tradthots.

No. 687461

It was posted on her story though

No. 687533

Anyone follow Barbara4u2c? Recently she seems to be trying hard to be June, with her manvoice screeching copied almost to a T in this video. Guess being a run of the mill tradthot wasn't getting her as many betabux as she wanted.

No. 687542

People are still making videos about fucking otherkin? That shit died out in like 2015.

No. 687616

She needs to sort out her eyebrows, holy shit. She's like a botched, dollar store version of Cara Delevigne.

No. 687626

File: 1536877267261.jpg (615.37 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180803-002858_Ins…)

Lol. She is such a huge cow. I'm so glad she got deported! She thinks that just because she is from a white euro country that no one cares about she would be able to fast track her way into the U.S. BYE BICH

Ugly anti-feminist annoying ass chihuaha. Gtfo California dog face

No. 687632

File: 1536877446672.jpg (590.58 KB, 1080x1976, UR_NOT_CALIFORNIAN.jpg)

Hahah she is such a tradthot. Why do they always have to thot around in our flag? You're not even Californian, you're not even American. Ewww

No. 687651

File: 1536878210628.jpg (931.7 KB, 1080x2066, Screenshot_20180913-173551_Ins…)

>brags about making chocolate chip cookies
Wow master cook and baker!!!

No. 687659

File: 1536878452086.png (620.86 KB, 934x441, lml.png)

She's built like a fridge, holy crap.

No. 687704

she's fine, but the america obsession is weird. where's she from again?

No. 687722

I think she's Slovenian. The American thing is weird, I think she wants to be a mail order bride.

No. 687841

You can upload pictures to your story

No. 687843

File: 1536895160638.png (263.21 KB, 452x424, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 11.1…)

it looks like she closed her eyes and took a jumbo sharpie over her general brow area

No. 687898


Wait she got deported?? But she was making such a huge deal years ago about how she legally immigrated, and how hard it was, and if she can do it legally then everyone can…

No. 687913

Yeah she says it here. Love how her only response to that girl's first comment was "omg you spelt my shitty countries name wrong"

No. 687921

idk I don't think she's coming back (at least not under the RPC name). None of her followers seem to even care.

No. 688009

File: 1536924334741.jpg (22 KB, 565x204, smoltraduwu.JPG)

Yep, she's really going for the Shoe0nHead Amy Schumer screaming/gottem thing now. Can't wait for her to alienate her fanbase further with her lazy "tumblr is cancer xDDD" low hanging fruit videos in attempt to get more LA monies.

No. 688027

She looks like a completely average 16 year old, i swear all of you cunts live in a fantasy world where all women look like perfect barbies till they turn 20 and get nasolabial folds and look like grannies kek

No. 688061

I am sorry about your poor genetics, anon, but be reasonable.

No. 688210

She has very prominent nasolabial folds thanks for pointing it out

No. 688215

Does that mean she's gonna stuff her head into the oven?

No. 688218

File: 1536949605432.jpg (289.51 KB, 842x943, Screenshot_20180914-132519_Sam…)

Her natural hair color didn't last very long. She's been bleaching it since she was a teen so she should've kept it this color to give it a break. She can't handle not being blonde it's ridiculous

No. 688219

File: 1536949636088.jpg (1020.38 KB, 1080x1738, Screenshot_20180914-132451_Sam…)

No. 688223

File: 1536949833685.jpg (226.5 KB, 1080x2069, 1535328176496.jpg)

the sandy color really is more flattering than this.

No. 688225

File: 1536949903913.jpg (900.52 KB, 2592x1936, 1532113180505.jpg)

No. 688232

Why does she look 40

No. 688432

I agree, she looked normal
can't believe i'm defending this bitch

No. 688876


She didn't actually get deported, she left on her own because her student visa was running out and she has to wait for her work visa to get approved (and it might take months).

But, what makes her an insufferable bitch in this situation is that she made a video claiming she's better than the other immigrants because she left on her own to avoid being deported.
Then proceeded to whine how she really needs to go back to USA because it's her future (voice on the brink of crying) only to go back shitting on other immigrants who overstay their visas.

She also acts like a white power warrior and talks like her country is being overtaken by middle east which she pretends to fight against.
I know for a fact that's not true because I spend majority of year in Slovenia and there are hardly any foreigners, especially non-European ones.
They took like what, 100 refugees at most?

She graduated Comparative Literature and then whines how there is no future for her in Slovenia. Well no fucking shit with such a degree. Her country is doing fine, it's not 1st world but it's going in a good direction.

What baffles me is how she is anti-immigration, yet wants to immigrate to US. I guess she thinks she's better than the other immigrant. And her dumb fanboys suck it up, tell her she deserves her spot in the US.

No. 688879

File: 1537033540790.jpg (181.56 KB, 782x647, IMG_20180915_193900.jpg)

Also she is bragging because got a 5 page spread in Slovenian's right-wing magazine.

The title of it is "Because of immigrants, I was scared for Slovenia."

…Bitch pleaseeeeee

But I guess being pasty, having a bleached broom for hair and sharpie brows makes you better than other immigrants.

Also USA is known as the melting pot. If she hates immigration so mich, why is US her dream country?

No. 688883

Agreed. I can't stand her personality but in terms of genetics she's perfectly average, I'd say how she takes care of herself is makes her slightly above average. Most of us here are probably right around her level.

Let's go back to making fun of the fact that she's a drop out who ran a failure of a campaign and yet somehow thinks she's smarter than every liberal ever because she's "taken the red pill"

No. 688884

Also from what I can read (she uploaded it on instagram), she shits on US and sucks up to Slovenian right wingers.

>LA is too dirty, air is bad, too little nature, people are spoiled.

>Government puts illegal immigrants first, everyone else second.
>I lived in a ghetto, it was so awful and I was the only one who was white
>I'm scared that illegal immigrants will make it so I get deported from US (lol wut)

This is only what's readable. Who knows how much more shit she spewed.

No. 688896

File: 1537035996913.jpg (Spoiler Image, 50.8 KB, 640x480, axisBBCsally.jpg)

>I lived in a ghetto, it was so awful and I was the only one who was white

I highly doubt this, but since she's a bleach blonde thot they'll suck her ass. I wonder if she's mad no one mistook her as a Russian/Ukrainian and wanted to make her their mail order bride waifu.

>She also acts like a white power warrior and talks like her country is being overtaken by middle east which she pretends to fight against.
I know for a fact that's not true because I spend majority of year in Slovenia and there are hardly any foreigners, especially non-European ones.
They took like what, 100 refugees at most?

I feel like this is her excuse for why she wants to stay in the US, it's perfect to say to the alt-right nerds. However, it's unbelievable, but they don't care.

Although this is probably some borderline "vintage" white nationalist powdered milk subject, does anyone remember Axis Sally? She's some hideous roided up tranny looking woman, who used to have some kind of huwhite nationalist podcast. Had white power type tats all over her, which she got covered up with other trashy ghetto tattoos. She then later started doing interracial roid woman porno, I will always wonder if she had those "14/88" tattoos on here while she was doing it. Warning, the pic is gross and there are more rofl. I'm sorry for not spoilering, I deleted it quickly, I hope whoever saw the pic was blind.

No. 688901

Her head looks too big for her body here. Also, she cannot dress herself for shit. This looks like something a 9 year old would pick for a ballet themed birthday party.

No. 688925

Lol I love how she wears flats coz heels would make her tall. Sucks to not be 5'0" like many feminists are huh Lawrence?

No. 688934


Get your eyes checked anon, those are obviously heels, albeit small ones. Probably cant walk in anything higher. Also who the hell wants to be 5'0.

No. 688935

smol uwu girls~. Ngl I'm 5'0 and i love it.

No. 688940

Meh, Scandinavians are usually assumed to be tall, and she's larping as one, so I don't think she's self conscious about her height. I'm more surprised at the size of her feet, they look like european 41 or something.

No. 688942

Nice bragging, smolbun

No. 688944


This. She's obvs going for that statuesque masterace look. Probably why she lost weight, she thinks she looks like some sort of model.

No. 688992

File: 1537045726168.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.52 MB, 640x480, 1500345157925.webm)

is this her?

No. 689038

Hi, June

No. 689050


Anon pls

No. 689111

I mean, it kinda sounds like her rofl, but that woman looks WAY younger. Hell, who knows. Was probably her in the early 00's.

No. 689186

It makes me laugh that she's less than 20% Scandinavian yet she calls herself a Dane

No. 689233

What the fuck? Who jerks off to this?

No. 689236

File: 1537076061695.jpg (585.46 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180814-150332_Ins…)

No. 689351

Zoe isn't even trad, she's just a lefty antifeminist skeptic. Also your icon is showing.

No. 689395

Why would you post your own comment lmao

No. 689540

File: 1537120232226.jpg (130.01 KB, 870x1390, 16-year-old-girl-with-brown-ha…)

Then what does a normal 16 year old look to you anon?

No. 689850


Choose one. Come on it's so obvious she is a shoe clone. And she is ugly as fuck. She needs feminism.

Oh well I can't delete it now

No. 689874

Shoes isnt that much of tradthot/ altrighter either considering shes close w contra and the like.

No. 689889

same reason they were bragging about being so smol, needs the attention

No. 689901

"I WANT YOU TO FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME JUST LIKE THAT JUST LIKE IM FUCKING THE FISH" (Search raceplay on any porno site anon, it's actually really bad and hilarious)

No. 689905

>shes close w contra

She fucking wishes.

No. 689971

Pretty sure contra can't even stand Shoe.

No. 689982

Lol what makes you think that? You know how much shit Nick got into just for being in a picture with her? He ignores her on Twitter completely.

No. 690072

File: 1537174418711.jpg (18.71 KB, 480x163, GqprgkP.jpg)

Shoe definitely has trad thot tendencies, she's just not as preachy as Lauren or RPC.
Her being close with trans people and stuff doesn't mean anything since they all suck up to them for some reason.

No. 690092

She's a lousy Shoe clone, but she's still not a tradthot or near the right. There's a Shoe0nHead skinwalkers/calves thread she'd fit way better into than over here.

No. 690128

Am I the only one hearing rumors about @veramistral or what?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 690340

At least provide some context. No idea what you're talking about.

No. 691159

Heard she sends compromising pics and videos to some guys on Twitter and that her past job, or current one, could be related to that

No. 691850

File: 1537368896473.jpg (255.11 KB, 1078x1089, Screenshot_20180919-095424_Sam…)

She's less than 20% Scandinavian but still talks about it all of the time

No. 691979

Everyday Lauren prays her Spanish heritage will leave her body and be replaced with Danish instead.

No. 692676

File: 1537457861346.jpg (739.86 KB, 1069x1552, Screenshot_20180920-103709_Pho…)

No. 692697

Lmao, shit. This recent? The Nigs looks like somebody's "cool mom."

No. 692713

wow, where would women be without this conservative beacon and her guidance?

No. 692723

No. 693055

File: 1537483637376.jpg (744.99 KB, 1080x1646, Screenshot_20180920-174643_Pho…)

She's definitely had work done

No. 693057

No, this is a Lollipop Chainsaw cosplay Nigs did years ago

No. 693251

great high-resolution image you chose to illustrate your point, anon.

No. 693451

You can clearly see that she looks different

No. 693486

Anyone following this mangled plastic thot trying to become a major?

No. 693496

This post reminds me of the time we discussed Lauren being a farmer and making passive-aggressive responses to things, lmao.

No. 693523

That nose is F A T

No. 693672

File: 1537555049588.jpg (35.43 KB, 667x676, lauren.JPG)

Is this really Lauren with natrual hair?
It's supposedly her when she was younger.

No. 693678

She doesn't look like Lauren. I don't understand why so many people claim it's her.

No. 693707

File: 1537558945907.jpg (160.05 KB, 1080x1080, 1503115396109.jpg)

Faith Goldy is anorexic

No. 693780

people are so facially retarded, men especially. this is obviously not lauren.

No. 693807

File: 1537568880277.jpg (1.12 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180921-125520_Pho…)

No. 693816

File: 1537569305121.jpg (129.67 KB, 258x1001, Screenshot_20180921-173437_Ins…)

Trad and modest

No. 693999

if that's her, she peaked early.

No. 694747

File: 1537680457674.png (2.01 MB, 862x1204, Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 1.18…)

How is Laura Loomer so absolutely fucking ugly?

No. 694787

i don't mean to race bait but the answer is

No. 695934

File: 1537806916593.jpg (1001.88 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180924-065728_Ins…)

What is she wearing… and her roots yikes

No. 696434

So now globalization is trad and good?

No. 696435

she looks horrific, holy balls

No. 696464

pretty obviously the name of doco or w/e that she's doing at the border (looked up and confirmed). So, i mean if you're gonna reach at least reach for something

No. 696497

Faith Goldy being ejected from a mayoral debate yesterday.

No. 696513

i lowkey enjoy following her run for mayor, it's like I'm watching a trashy reality star doing cringe crap in public.

No. 696805

Lauren's friend Brittany Pettibone made this video today: "IT'S ME: BARBIE FIANCÉ 💁🏼‍♀️💅🏻"

No. 696866

She is lowkey annoying as fuck and her face looks like a smushed cabbage patch kid. Hope she leaves the country tbh.

No. 697008

Oh sorry princess, I'm busy all day and not following ecelebs 24/7. Gtfoh

No. 697021

>Faith Goldy is currently the third highest polling candidate for Toronto mayor
>Tory 61.8%, Keesmat 25.6%, Goldy 6%, "other" at 6.4%

fucking kek. "Other" is literally polling higher than her.

No. 697323

She's always acting like she and her sisters are the peak of uwu gorgeous European goddesses when they're all just normal looking with lots of opportunities to do photo ops in gorgeous places overseas.

No. 698136

File: 1538025908885.jpeg (212.61 KB, 750x725, FA8558FB-45B9-4D7E-8218-0A417C…)

Why do these thots all have gigantic fucking feet?

No. 698286


Crouching Spaniard, Hidden Fake Danish Heritage.

No. 698327

She's trying really hard to sound like Trump, it's so embarrassing lol.

Also anyone got tea on her drama with Lauren Southern?

No. 698407

Lauren always has smoke on hand for a skit. Anyone else notice this? Should I compile all of her ""ironic"" smoking? It could be why she looks so old

No. 698415

File: 1538052868400.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180921-131210.png)

She 100% had sth done

No. 698427

Smoking is trad

No. 698428

File: 1538053760400.jpg (408.35 KB, 956x1600, IMG_20180927_080745.jpg)

No. 698433

File: 1538054002950.jpg (312.15 KB, 681x841, nosejobswelling.jpg)

Nose job. That's rhinoplasty nasal swelling.

I had one and so did my friend, so I recognise that swelling anywhere.

>"Plastic surgery is very trad waifu uWu"

No. 698460

looks like lauren is slowly moving into insta thot territory. brow lift is obvious but did she get lip fillers too?

No. 698467

Thought tradthots stood for women being at home? Why is she continuing to push her career and will her orbiters call her out?

No. 698642

I think she did

No. 698836

File: 1538086385537.jpg (400.11 KB, 1080x1616, 1502512956844.jpg)

Yes she did. It's totally noticeable. Also, her sister shops her photos so badly but no one notices it lol.

No. 698838

File: 1538086410521.jpg (125.55 KB, 990x1478, Dy0DvW5.jpg)

No. 698857

lol good god, did they just take the entire upper part of her body and resize it smaller?

No. 699000

File: 1538096906895.jpg (162.07 KB, 1080x1296, Screenshot_20180927-195312_Sam…)

Her roots!

No. 699001

File: 1538096922095.jpg (381.53 KB, 874x1150, Screenshot_20180927-200141_Sam…)

She looks 35

No. 699002

File: 1538096930691.jpg (259.91 KB, 802x866, Screenshot_20180927-200503_Sam…)

No. 699003

File: 1538096941344.jpg (213.27 KB, 772x880, Screenshot_20180927-200310_Sam…)


No. 699004

File: 1538096954878.jpg (331.71 KB, 779x888, Screenshot_20180927-200618_Sam…)

Modest and traditional

No. 699005

File: 1538096964593.jpg (292.48 KB, 762x905, Screenshot_20180927-200605_Sam…)

No. 699006

File: 1538096975982.jpg (74.63 KB, 1080x909, Screenshot_20180927-195323_Sam…)

No. 699011

what the fuck. also the mexican (???) is cuter than you, so shut the fuck up, lauren.

>triggering sluts
>was a costhot

her head looks impossibly tiny. you guys remember the scaling on bayonetta's body? like that. i love how no men think this looks fucking weird. not to mention that she looks a cracked out mess.

No. 699114

Didn't she date a Mexican

No. 699216

>triggering sluts
>still lives as a slut according to her own tradthot defintion of being an unwed woman in her 20s with a career

ok lauren. I wonder how long can any of these girls like Lauren last until their white orbiters says enough? Faith goldy is trying to have a political career which is taboo right?

They all kinda remind me of Serena Joy lol. Being a woman in their movement but still a woman first in others eyes. Will it take another rising of white misogynistic men ti put them down?

No. 699247

He was Arab I think, and she told everyone he was half Irish lol

No. 699252

File: 1538120769362.jpg (251.9 KB, 810x1220, IMG_20180928_094416.jpg)

He was kinda cute though.

Now Lauren's dating options are pasty neckbeards and ugly slav guys.

No. 699277

Every time her Catherine cosplay gets posted I triggered by that fucking wig
Every. Time.

No. 699287

That’s the unfortunate reality these trads have. They go on and on about big strong Alphas, and yet their audience consists of men who are either under or over weight. Many of them got the busted faces to match.

But hey, do they make six figures to compensate so she can have a perfect housewife lifestyle? Nah.

No wonder she isn’t married.

No. 699325

File: 1538135893745.jpg (74.5 KB, 640x960, 1233.jpg)


No. 699329

has this video been discussed before? it's old but I cant find anyone posting it
>I'm not scandinavian at all
>how is this possible, this test must be wrong

No. 699342

Lol at her clinging to ancestry from some hunter-gatherer from Sweden that she is no closer related to than any other Euro person

No. 699345

I can’t get over how generic looking she is. Like she’s conventionally attractive but so plain at the same time

No. 699370

Is this the girl that harps at other women to be modest?

No. 699417

Slowly? She's been one for years. Now she's just getting plastic surgery to top it off.

No. 699596

Ashton birdie just deleted her Twitter after saying something like "can you believe that some girls NEED makeup?"

No. 699625

Its still up. Only 1 person called her out for being catty going after appearances. Such a humble, traditional woman ashton is uwu

Hers and others orbiters are so cringey with their fantasies that their tradwaifus will make perfect housewives when tradthots make it obvious how in love they are with attention, politics and social media

No. 700033

the video is deleted in less then 24h after being posted to lolcow, despite being on youtube since 18 august

wow, what a coincidence

Hi Lauren, nice to know you're lurking

No. 700045

File: 1538204819453.png (591.95 KB, 1076x985, where tradthots come from 1.pn…)

No. 700046

File: 1538204855740.png (54.22 KB, 506x676, where tradthots come from 2.pn…)

No. 700090

File: 1538208499112.gif (1.94 MB, 342x360, 1531534792826.gif)

she looks like she has no front teeth, lol.

>triggering sluts
this crackhead has like 1/4ths of her right titty out and is a top tier pickme and wants to talk about sluts? well ok, sis

No. 700106

I think that Lauren and most of her fans are autistic, they just fail to understand that people from this vodeo were joking.

No. 700149

Fix your overbite Southern

No. 700170

File: 1538226068887.jpg (1.28 MB, 1732x2000, 1509309360772.jpg)

>young people joke about wanting dogs over kids
Lauren: the world is ending! White replacement
>Lauren says she doesn't want to be a housewife
>doesn't help save muh white race by dating a black guy
>doesn't have kids or a stable relationship
Lauren: see ladies? Do as I say not as I do!

No. 700171

Keep in mind she was still around 18-20 here. She would mock a 20 year old woman for saying the same thing now.

No. 700172

No. 700197

Alt right autists are always dumb and gullible as hell. See all the people who, despite being on the internet for many years, fell for the "girl who pours bleach on manspreading men" bait immediately

No. 700339

Here's ashton at the Mother of All Rallies trying her hardest to be all "uwu look how smol and cute i am" as usual:


No. 700343

is this supposed to be a ringing endorsement for the alt-right? lol sounds more like a diss track

No. 700375

File: 1538251198323.jpg (41.39 KB, 478x477, Screenshot_20180929-145845_You…)

No. 700386


No. 700387

Wow. What a mouth. Receding bottom gumline, inflamed gums, grey teeth.

No. 700673

call my dick cocaine 'cause i wanna rub it all over her gums(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 700731

It looks like she has too many teeth for her mouth

No. 700982

Smile aside, she looks really really run down in general.

No. 700992

She should learn how to floss.

No. 701395

Autists can't hygiene.

No. 701727

File: 1538404437211.jpg (307.38 KB, 852x1042, Screenshot_20181001-093243_Ins…)

Stell has pandered a lot to foot fetishes. She used to make videos of he walking around in 5 inch heels and never delete all of the sexual comments directed at her feet. She'll take any male validation she can get

No. 701741

I hate this video. She's not even from America, she is Canadian. Like wtf.

No. 701799

??? that just looks like a dark haired white girl lol. like lauren actually is…

No. 702885

She looks like a 16 yr old boy to me. Is this the beginning of her cosplaying days?

What I love about Lauren "Southern" is that she actually has Sephardic Jewish ancestry and her fans love to deny it.

No. 702910

File: 1538527656595.jpg (181.02 KB, 1242x1345, DKiW0XMUMAALnH-.jpg)

y'know, I'm pretty sure you can tell it's her with the lighter without comparing her phone case to a bathroom selfie.

No. 702914

File: 1538528050810.jpg (44.07 KB, 450x700, 1534136016201.jpg)

Ashton was a child actress. how or why her parents pushed an autistic girl to act is beyond me

No. 703173


Is she really autistic? I know a guy who have autism and his behaviour is different. I am not a specialist, but she seems to be a histrionic.

No. 703458

People could think it was Brittany's.

No. 703637

no one said people with autism couldn't also have a personality disorder. in fact, I'd say comorbidity is more likely than not.

No. 704807

does lindsay shepherd count as a handmaiden now?

No. 705386

Why did she even make this video? Like, who cares? The comments are what you'd expect…

Does anyone know why Brittany Pettibone made her Instagram private? I know she's been banned before but she's back now and it's private. I wanna know what's going on but I can't follow her.

No. 705442

It’s going to be funny a decade later when all these white women don’t have litters of white kids like they say white women are supposed to do according to their incel ideology they parrot

No. 705470

Tradthots/antifeminist women are often of the "Do as I say, not as I do" variety. So they'll relegate other women to housework and childcare while the tradthot gets to have a voice and be involved in politics. The same opportunity she would deny other women.

No. 705611

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgMedPk2PlA this bitch is back as well, she left yt some time ago because it wasn't very TrAd

No. 705679

You can just imagine their mindsets kek
>other woman should just settle before they're 30
>not me though, I talked about being anti feminist on the internet, I'm going to have kids when I get the 10/10 millionaire trad manly man I deserve for being so traditional and feminine

No. 705752

File: 1538884955001.jpeg (467.74 KB, 2048x2021, DD7F2464-664F-488A-A25A-C8C4A6…)


No. 705812

this is nitpicking. that is clearly due to lighting and angle.

No. 705815

I don’t like lauren but jfc this meme is shit

No. 705849

Nice cherry-picking.
Are you the same anon from /ot/ who's constantly whining about ~white wimminz~? Move on.

No. 705885

Kek. Lauren aged terribly (see >>698415) and the plastic surgery didn't help. She looks like someone's mother.
All the tradthots look suspiciously old for some reason, even that 17 year old one who was trying to channel Lolita, Stell Bell.

No. 705949

Lauren is aging horribly regardless of race

No. 706040

I wonder why some handmaidens are getting banned from Instagram, but absolutely insane hateful rants by someone like Tila Tequila (or Tornado Thien now) are supposedly OK, until some vigilante finally hacks her shit.

No. 706845

File: 1539027576507.jpg (586.76 KB, 1076x1692, Screenshot_20181008-143843_Ins…)

He really captured her botched brow lift and how she looks 40

No. 707559

in reference to the discussion of Brittany Venti's ex, 4chad in the last thread. There was skepticism but this should null that.
Part 1

https://vocaroo.com/i/s1lM8fFQdmc8 (embed)

Part 2

https://vocaroo.com/i/s0EcWdW3Fjky (embed)

Part 3

https://vocaroo.com/i/s0879VQRAeg2 (embed)

Part 4

https://vocaroo.com/i/s1y6vP0ZNDVT (embed)

Part 5

https://vocaroo.com/i/s0CCkJw9Gfv8 (embed)


No. 708044

get that shit off Vocaroo and onto a more permanent host.

No. 708057

that being said, holy shit, these need to go up on her Dramatica page. I'm only at part two of the audio clips, and he's flipping his shit, crying and breaking stuff

No. 708093

It's only a matter of time someone gets hurt, I'm not joking, this guy is autismo incel tier

No. 708137

woah what the shit? this is terrifying, i feel bad for her tbh i would just kick him out i couldn't handle that level of insanity

No. 708140

I just listened to all of these vocaroos. At first I watched the video and saw their messy apartment and was like "meh" but wow, this guy is actually unstable.

I am glad she escaped him, I really hope she stays safe because he seems crazy

No. 708147

damn, i thought my body image issues were bad… this is insane.

No. 708151

Lol, this is EXACTLY what happens when you date these "alphas". Is it any wonder why many more women in the alt-right are hesitant when they are asked to put out?

No. 708161

>Lol, this is EXACTLY what happens when you date a /fit/ fag
fixed that for you.

No. 708175

>/fit/ fag
It's just a roided /r9k/ fag

No. 708218

what do you think /fit/ fags are?

No. 708240

This is some of the best milk I've seen on the site, holy shit

No. 708255

This guy is nuts. Was obvious since day 1, but for whatever reason, these pol-tier pandering ass hoes refuse to believe warnings until they've let far right wing nuts into this far into their lives. Make no mistake, her fans and all of these chantard "alphas" would be no different from this dude.

No. 708288

He talked about "Used to thinking" he was trans as a teen, on HWNDU on the cam

No. 708302

I don't even dislike Brittany, but these pick me ass hoes have literally the worst taste in men and make the best case for being anything but right wing with just their dating history, kek. "used to think I was trans", lmao

No. 708317

File: 1539134343305.jpeg (263.73 KB, 1800x1800, 5A304DBF-1F11-4DE4-89BA-049F32…)

Sounds like severe body dysmorphia, especially if other anons are saying he used to think he was trans. Does anyone know the backstory to these recordings? Is that last video Venti hiding in a closet with a knife?

No. 708386

File: 1539136393994.jpg (78.24 KB, 625x605, male ally.jpg)

>refuse to believe warnings until they've let far right wing nuts into this far into their lives
because no leftist has ever been an abusive asshole, no siree.

No. 708414

>posting stonetoss comics
>acting as if women on LC don't already know how misogynistic lefty men are
i think you'll find that women on lc are plenty aware of how manipulative and conniving lefty men can be, but on average, they're not as maniacally fucked as right wing men. right wing men wholesale deny women's humanity and are bound to be worse from there. lots of left men are disgusting hypocrites, but the solution isn't to vilify leftist men and deify right wing men the way discount twitch tradthots like venti do. there are some decent leftist men and left men are less likely to be shit than people who deny women autonomy and trivialize rape on all fronts (not even just in the porny sense the way leftist men do).

No. 708705

Agreed (as a person who was abused by one of those leftist hypocrites, btw.). Really, it's not rocket science - men who want to deny women basic rights and see them as subhuman are obviously going to be even worse.

No. 708710

This is so insane that it almost sounds like a parody. Ugh.

No. 708792

What is this, what is his problem?

No. 709053

I'm sorry, I lost my shit at his crying and sperging on floor. Ew their apartment looks gross.

I've never liked Venti tbh but that's a toxic environment so why doesn't she ask her friend Lauren Southern for help? A good friend would intervene

No. 709325

Wow. A meltdown like that would scare me pretty bad. Like I would leave ASAP or text a friend and tell them to call the cops for me. She seemed to be relatively calm but I suppose she's used to it, sadly.
Do you know if he's said anything about the leaks?

No. 709725

how could she ever let anyone see what kind of filth she's living in?

No. 709731

Poor guy is having a legitimate psychotic breakdown, I feel bad for him. Not that Brit has to stick around, but I feel genuinely sorry for him too.

No. 710311

File: 1539284981754.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x2066, Screenshot_20181011-140843_Ins…)

I can't believe she's claimed she doesn't dye her hair anymore. She has roots and it looks so fried. Also is this bitch wearing falsies and no foundation lol

No. 710333

File: 1539286082174.jpg (375.78 KB, 1076x774, Screenshot_20181011-142742_Ins…)

She looks haggard these days

No. 710335

File: 1539286293167.jpg (93.47 KB, 640x960, awVQPdy_700b.jpg)

She has always struck me as smelly, dingy and unkempt. Just like Jessica Nigri. For instance, Lauren sleeps in makeup, lets her hair become bleached/fried until it's straw, wears too much makeup. Lauren Southern is just one of those nasty bitches who looks like she smells bad. Once a smelly costhot always a smelly costhot

No. 710338

Why does he look like he could possibly be Brit's brother?

Fam, a lot of the dudes in the alt-right are gay, have gender dysphoria, or are Elliot Rodger-tier incels who're mad at mommy, it's going to be a lot worse than your generic lefty creep imo.

She almost looks trans now, especially in >>710333 those lip injections did not help at all, she would've looked loads better if she just kept her brown hair.

That house is fucking disgusting. I know believe 4Fag when he said Brit's cat was shitting on her bed.

No. 710352

I thought she looked decent for a 30 year old, but then I found out she was like 22 and lmao'd

No. 710483

>Why does he look like he could possibly be Brit's brother?
Because of his chink eyes.

No. 710583

So one of Mason/4chad's friends "UAJ" is claiming that Brittany only released the audio now because she's jealous that Mason has been getting laid and she hasn't found anyone. He also claimed that Mason dropped out of his Male modelling career (lol) and dropped out of college to be with Brittany, and she exploited his insecurities.

I get the feeling that this UAJ guy wants to fuck Mason too

No. 710586

Mason just blames Brittany for his failures.
If she actually prevented him from going to college, you'd think he would talk much more about that.

Also funny that he said that Brittany was always so bored. Dude, that's on you. Do something with her then.

No. 710591

File: 1539305201173.jpg (55.02 KB, 810x500, Marie_Claire_Bissonnette_attac…)

I can't believe anyone could listen to those tapes and blame Brittany. "oh, living with her must have driven him crazy. oh, she must have manipulated him." yeah, totally normal for a man with a manipulative girlfriend to start spazzing over his body image and cry-laughing screaming "I'M BEAUTIFUL!" over and over again.
some Nordic peoples have epicanthal folds like East Asians, supposedly an adaptation to prevent snow blindness.
>a lot of the dudes in the alt-right are gay, have gender dysphoria, or are Elliot Rodger-tier incels who're mad at mommy
lol somebody had a messy breakup with a guy who voted Republican. "feminist allies" remind me of the "friend-zoned nice guys" who think you owe them sex. just swap the Fedora and cargo shorts for gauged earlobes and an Auschwitz physique.

No. 710592

>I can't believe anyone could listen to those tapes and blame Brittany.

Men are incapable of taking responsibility for themselves. If they can blame a woman for something, anything, they will.

No. 710607

No. A sign of masculinity is to take responsibility for yourself.

That guy is just a failure and to feel better about himself blames everything on Brittany.
It's also funny how he lied in the podcast and said "he had no idea where Brittany got that I had body issues", when this mental breakdown happened.

No. 710609

He lies to himself probably too. I bet he really wants to think that it's Brittany with the body issues and not him. Just like it was Brittany who made him fail college, fail his modelling career, etc.

Only thing you can blame her for is the absolute disgusting state the house was in. I would get very depressed living in filth like that.

No. 710616

>gAsLiGhTiNg!!1 she EXPLOITED him!!!!
So gaslighting and emotional manipulation now exists when it's to defend a man. Typical alt-right loser.
inb4 "b-but what about the leftist male feminists >:((("

No. 710618

The only people defending Mason are his friends and people, who just want to "hate thots". Don't take them seriously.

No. 710619

And people who don't know anything about them.

No. 710638

smelly whites with crinkly tissue paper skin detected. make sure to wear ur sunscreen

No. 710647

Bitter black girl detected. Not sure why you thought your facebook-tier meme would be a hit ITT.

No. 710648

Well at least IO can get my Vitamin D by just being outside, misses Vitamin D Deficency.

No. 710651

File: 1539310226776.jpg (192.27 KB, 1054x1200, DpK5C3sUwAAG0Mt.jpg)

there isn't nearly enough shit talking of Faith Goldy's mayoral campaign itt. how many lawn signs have you seen that have a picture of the candidate on them?

No. 710659

>lol somebody had a messy breakup with a guy who voted Republican.

Lolno. Are you alt-right or something? Ultimately they're both equally fags who hate women, I really don't care about either group.

No. 710677

And maybe people with mental illnesses that can cause psychotic breakdowns…

No. 710687

Brittany is talking about the leaked clips right now

No. 710689

I have one of those. I still won't defend him, he should've been seeking help. It's on him that it got to that point. I always found Brittany to be an irritating, tryhard, edgelord wannabe hambeast who's forever a 56%er with unfortunate features in spite of all her pandering to white racists, but only a fool would take up for this man (or any man in that scene. They're all trashy and unstable, but trying and utterly failing to LARP as Chads). He also seems to have lied solely to make her look worse after their breakup, so he reaped what he sowed when the truth came out.

No. 710693

>Brittney: I let him live with me rent free, i paid the bills, he didnt do any chores, and he made a mess everyday
>"uhhh……your apartments messy tho lmao"

these. fucking. fags.
can tell theyre gonna "fence sit" until 4chad gets on. then immediately side with him because tribalistic bullshit. i weep for venti.

No. 710694

File: 1539314848127.jpg (143.72 KB, 1258x593, 1534107092513.jpg)

I don't get it. Brittany is the white supremacist here. Mason said he hooked up with a Jewish girl after breaking up with her. they should be siding with her.

No. 710696

>did YOU try to get him some help?
how about he gets himself some help, Jesus. he's a grown man

No. 710697

You won't believe me, but he talked with me on twitter in this screenshot.

No. 710699

>i weep for venti.
Don't. These are the people she chooses to surround herself with. It's like when Lauren Southern and that other woman got mad that their movement didn't accept and respect women. They like when this shit happens to other women, and they never believe it'll happen to them until it inevitably does.
Maybe she'll learn from this, but she'll probably use tears and money from her WK pay-pigs who only tolerate her female presence for her tits and being "based and redpilled" to bandage the pain.

No. 710704

These are just trolls and shitposters. They are not part of any movement.

No. 710708

Men are fucking degenerate jesus christ


No. 710710

>idiotic, insecure males
>doing anything but thinking with their dicks
They have no real ideology. It's okay for white men to "colonize" non-white women, but it's haram when the genders are reversed. Their entire movement is just "Fuck other men unless they're exactly like me. Fuck women, too, unless I find them sexually attractive and available".
That's why they ever remotely accepted her in spite of being 30% black. A "real" white supremacist movement would laugh her into obscurity (ditto with Candace Owens in spite of being completely black).

No. 710712

>They have no real ideology. It's okay for white men to "colonize" non-white women, but it's haram when the genders are reversed. Their entire movement is just "Fuck other men unless they're exactly like me. Fuck women, too, unless I find them sexually attractive and available".

Men select their partners based on whether they ever racemixed, have racemixed kids or sleep around.

Women do not do that.

Stay mad.

No. 710713

Sounds like a nerve was struck. Begone, scrote.

No. 710714

What is his twitter? Did he delete it?

No. 710715

I could say the same about, considering that it triggers you that trolls and shitposters exist who spam "thot thot thot", while Brittany told her story and that somehow means that nobody believes her, even though nearly everyone does.

It got banned, because he picked fights with pedophiles on twitter.

No. 710722

You can say they're "just trolls and shitposters" all you want, but these people have long since made it clear what political movement they follow, and how they feel about women and non-white males.

No. 710729

Yeah, because everyone is just one person.
And because /r9k/ = /pol/
And trolls and shitposters are always totally serious.
And because conservative social morales means you don't want monogamous relationships with women, but want to just rape and you hate them.

You have to keep in mind that people don't see ecelebs as humans, but as characters. This is the point of this board. That's why they feel so free to just insult people.

No. 710757

Keep up this damage control, maybe you'll fool someone more naive into thinking the "alt right" scene isn't composed of mentally ill, misogynistic, bitter, hateful men. It's kind of futile, since they can just look for themselves at what they say in their own venues under the banner of free speech, or listen to the testimonies of women who were dumb enough to ally themselves with that group, though.
Notice that on this board, we hate tradthots because they're pandering hypocrites, not because they're thots or whatever. Meanwhile, all these apparent "trolls and shitposters" from your camp only focus on the women they dislike being horrible femoid coalburning thots, and endlessly white knight men, even when they are obviously in the wrong. Your outlook on the world bleeds into how you judge all situations, even when you're just riffing on e-celebs, and the writing is on the wall in this case.
I only really care to laugh at these flakes and cows, not argue with one of their male sycophants, so I won't reply to this particular conversation anymore.

No. 710759

That's not what I am saying. Of course they are full of them. Btw they don't prefer to all be called alt-right.
Anyways you ahve to keep 2 things in mind.

First of all many of them are just attached to the movement through internet culture and proximity. The fact that /pol/ and /r0k/ are on the the same website encourages that.
That's the first thing.

Secondly, social outsiders of course identify with ideologies that are outside the mainstream. You can see that with Neonazis. The trashy subhuman thugs.

But that doesn't mean that somehow everyone who calls himself right or conservative is that.

The thing with spiteful bitter and hateful men, MGTOW and all that actually proves the Alternative Right (not alt-right) right. Because that is just a natural consequence of the breakdown of society, lower social trust and that we live in dark times in the west.
That supports their worldview. That is just what happens in crisis.

>so I won't reply to this particular conversation anymore.

Because I am right. If you were right in hating all right-wing men, then they are right to hate all women.

No. 710776

Why did they even choose that picture ffs she looks smug and superior and certainly not trustworthy

No. 710804

Weren't tradthots told by the men they pander to that women should only just be seen and not heard, chained to the kitchen, making kids??

No. 710882

Imagine falling for this bait, I fucking hate LC

No. 710898

You just fell for my bait, by thinking that we fell for her bait.(ban evasion)

No. 710935

Incel teir logic. Just admit you hate brown people, cunt. No other reason to “select mate” this way.

No. 710999

>Because I am right.
No, you're not. Begone. Let's stop feeding the troll.

No. 711019

I love how when we criticize the left-wing men (for example for often being hypocrites), the discussion is fine and rational, even if some of us are left-leaning, but how dare you criticize the great and mighty alt-right! Of course some triggered, arrogant alt-right troll has to start derailing the thread and educating us about how we're wrong, he knows everything best and how racemixing and feminism is destroying our great Western society, only he and his comrades can see it and we should admire how they fight against this serious crisis by posting Pepes on the internet. And they are the ones who call left-wing people snowflakes, lol. Absolutely pathetic.

No. 711023

The alt right is the cancer of the internet

No. 711054

>No. A sign of masculinity is to take responsibility for yourself.

That guy is just a failure and to feel better about himself blames everything on Brittany.
Holy fuck this. I'm trying to imagine what it must be like to date a manbaby throwing tantrums and whining about he didn't improve on his body in a year.

Everyone is saying he has bdd but he just sounds like he's in extreme denial and instead of doing anything about it, he rather shove his problems onto her and make her feel bad for not knowing how to react to his tard rage.

Does he not have irl friends at the gym to get advice from? Blogpost my bf works as a trainer and experiences guys like these on a daily basis who can't take any advice and then lose it when they realize their ways of doing things is bs and then instead of changing they just blame others on why they're a fucking failure. He sounds like the type of fag who took advice from bodybuilder.com

I don't like Brittany but, no one should have to put up with that, especially from a guy who probably calls himself "alpha" and shit to compensate for his lack of real masculinity. Shit like this once again proves why you should never get yourself involved with guys who spout edgy /pol/ memes.

No. 711111

I find it hard to believe that this guy was even capable of regularly going to the gym. Look at the state of that house - it's a total mess. Usually, when people are motivated enough to exercise frequently, you would expect that their mental state is also good enough to get their lives in order (not talking about ED people here, as that's of course a different case, but about people suffering from depression and similar mental health problems).

No. 711229

File: 1539370289844.png (15.13 KB, 565x130, what th fuck.PNG)

some of the comments direct at venti on twitter are deranged. alt-right men are crazy…

No. 711230

File: 1539370370110.png (19.14 KB, 568x209, noods.PNG)

"leaking recordings of your ex being crazy and abusive and screaming at you is equivalent to leaking nudes of your ex"

No. 711231

File: 1539370528998.png (95.09 KB, 494x130, lol1.PNG)

i really didn't think this many people would actually side with a literal-who guy who was caught sobbing hysterically about being beautiful

No. 711233

File: 1539370753809.png (40.83 KB, 622x310, lol2.PNG)

the thing that really makes me sad, is that some of these people are actually women. Arriana is confirmed woman.

No. 711234

File: 1539370833928.png (19.79 KB, 585x162, another trad thot critizes ven…)

another tradthot defending 4chode

No. 711236

File: 1539371157688.png (158.81 KB, 238x301, 1409957728181.png)

>Usually, when people are motivated enough to exercise frequently, you would expect that their mental state is also good enough to get their lives in order
It depends on what's really motivating them. This guy strikes me as extremely shallow just from the audio. He was looking for the easy fix, especially with the expectation of "It's been a year I shouldn't look exactly the same!!!1!". He's whining how hard he's tried but, think about this realistically. He has to have known what he was doing wasn't working after a few weeks-months, the body doesn't lie. He has had plenty of time to make a change to his methods before it became a "wasted year". You have people who can fucking get fit on the side plus have lives, it can be difficult to do for certain people but, it's not rocket science, it just takes time and patience and not being a giant manchild who needs to cry to his gf about eggs lol
How can any girl defend this guy? It's basically saying "Hi yes, I love dating giant baby men!". Tradthots have literally zero standards.

No. 711238

File: 1539371196333.png (39.73 KB, 622x464, goblina.PNG)

another wannabe tradthot defending 4chode because he's so "hot"

does anyone have recent pics of this guy??

No. 711239

File: 1539371272090.png (13.81 KB, 586x126, liz hime.PNG)

another one. i wish 4chad had a stronger online presence.

No. 711240

>does anyone have recent pics of this guy??
From what I remember he looks like he's 15 year old boy.

No. 711247

KEK, oh my lordt, these men are so fucking gay. i like men with effeminate features that don't seem like obvious fags, but '4chad' looks like he needs to have dicks pryed out of his mouth and hands with a crowbar just to maintain the illusion for a moment that he isn't a flamer. all of these men defending him sound similarly gay. certainly explains the misogyny.

No. 711259

Maybe 4chad should just go mtf, considering he also screams like a girl, acts like he has body dysphoria and has a group of virgin incels who find him attractive.

No. 711261

what did venti ever do to them?
or are they just blindly following the crowd like all tradhoes?

someone should tell them it was 4chad that started it with lying and spreading rumors about brittany, all she did was set the record straight with those vids. if he'd have shut the fuck up none of this would have happened

No. 711271

File: 1539373941463.jpeg (77.68 KB, 750x203, DAD7FA80-8F28-4BFB-951C-AFAE03…)

The absolute pleb.

No. 711274

File: 1539374097164.png (287.46 KB, 575x348, 32131.png)

>i'm not an egirl guys.

meanwhile she begs for free things on amazon from her thirsty orbiters

Brittany tries to hide the fact shes a tit streaming thot behind 'i'm just trolling guys' but her actions betray her. she's a freeloading whore like the rest and no better than the egirls she makes fun of. stop giving the dumb slut attention

No. 711282

Where did she say she’s not an e-girl?

No. 711284

Shes said it many times and also says she isnt a boob streamer and doesnt beg for things

No. 711292

brit and 4chad look pretty similar facially but of course brittany is a "goblina" (her racial ambiguity aside) and 4chad is a "handsome boy"

the manbaby coddling is unreal

No. 711294

Proof? I never seen that.

No. 711298

you expect me to find specific videos where she said it? gtfo

No. 711304


obvious derailing is obvious. no one cares about a girl streamer getting amazon gifts, that neither new nor revolutionary.

No. 711305

tbh she's better because she can actually handle the shit thrown her way, i gotta hand it to her, and she goes through a lot more shit than most egirls, plus tbh, she's kind of a little funny. she's a pandering idiot that i hope will grow out of this shit and will grow out of even wanting to talk to trash men, but i respect her for having balls. she has 10x the balls these men have, especially mason. when you're especially wimpy and pathetic, as all these alt-right/lite men are, it's really a terrible idea to try to LARP as a hypermasculine dude.

No. 711310

Okay, so you’re just a mason wk that’s full of shit. Be reasonable, he’s a spastic beta.

No. 711312

What would the reaction be if the roles were reversed and it was Brittany crying and screaming about her body and eggs? Everyone, including the alt right, would agree shes fucking crazy and 4chad should have left her. I guarantee that the altright wouldnt be having the current reaction

No. 711314

i didnt mention mason ANYWHERE u fucking retard. i dont keep notes and timestamps of what she says. try not being a newfag and you would know she said it lots of times(ban evasion)

No. 711315

Most importantly she needs to clean her place lol. I get why other anons dislike her but, I think she's weirdly likable, I just hate her /pol/ pandering, after this she should realize it's not worth sucking their dicks just to make edgy jokes. She needs to reevaluate her audience.
not that anon but you look like more of a newfag for not saging your gay infighting

No. 711317

getting gifts makes you an e girl instead of the actions that are usually DONE to get the gifts?

No. 711318

So transparent, how fucking embarrassing for you.

No. 711320

And he'd be celebrating and jerking off if a guy leaked his ex-girlfriend's nudes because "she was probably a bitch anyway, slut deserved it", so why can't they keep that energy both ways?

No. 711327

>alt-right women
They're so delusional. Just wait, they'll have their "femoid" moments and realize what's really going on the moment they get into it from some fuckhead from their movement, and absolutely no one sides with them or believes them.

No. 711341

she's streaming about the leaks at the top of the hour

No. 711385

File: 1539381101632.png (61.61 KB, 1002x193, 1.png)

Girls remember, if you give evidence of someone being emotionally abusive, it's just you being an attention whore and you should feel bad for trying to prove your point.
apparently Brittany even talked to his mom about his mental issues and even she's aware he's crazy lol

No. 711386

is this from kf? god their userbase is so autistic.

No. 711393

Yup. and not shocking most are siding with him.

Listening to her stream now, she's explaining how she tried to get him help, talked to his parents, called the cops when he tried to kill himself, tried calling services to help him etc. Apparently he's older then her and she's pissed people expect her to play as his mom.

No. 711401

She's claiming he's choked her and that he had sex with tinderthot only a day after they broke up.

No. 711415

Thats the men being pandered to
They want a fuckmom only. But when theres shit going down its two things
>no evidence? gtfo
>evidence? Youre an attention whore for showing us!

Therea such a limited time before the guys they pander to turn on them. I didnt know this but Tomi Lahren (conservative host in the US) kept her pro choice stance (keep government out of my guns and body) and she was dragged by her core audience through the filth for it. Now she isnt a real conservative to them, unless she agrees with them on 100% of everything.

No. 711427

I agree with them though. Take this shit to the police next time venti

Bunch of venti dickriders itt

No. 711429

So that the police can do what? Arrest him for having a mental breakdown? She proved he's batshit insane and has body image issues after he chose to lie about everything. I would do the same, except I'd warn him to retract his statements and tell the truth or else I'll expose it for him.

No. 711442

This is also assuming she leaked it. She should be allowed to have recordings of him when he's freaking out that hard because with that mentally he could've been one step away from hurting her(and from her word apparently he has been physical with her during one of his tantrums). It's retarded anyone can blame her for this.

Also, >>711427 on stream she said she's call the police on him before. This definitely wasn't a one time thing.

No. 711474

Yes. THEY WILL arrest him. Are you fucking stupid? You've obviously never been in a DV situation. Screaming and breaking shit is abusive behavior and it will get this guy arrested. Moron. Just because hes not punching her doesnt mean its not abuse. You must be as low IQ as venti

No. 711477

Why are you getting hysterical? Typical incel.
You think he can't just lie and say she broke shit for the recording while he cried? Nice projection on the DV thing, as well.

No. 711545


ntayrt but screaming at your partner and destroying their property IS in fact domestic violence. he made the house a completely unsafe environment and deserves to be thrown in fucking jail to rot because he obviously is too fucking mental to function.

just my hot take

No. 711550

I'm not saying he doesn't deserve to be in jail, just that with only an audio recording, very little can be accomplished, especially if the cops are anything like the male alt-right faggots who shat all over her.
The screaming can just be attributed to his mental issues, especially if he says she pushed him to that point and started recording to make him look bad.

No. 711575

I kinda skimmed through it but she called out the pathetic mgtows and men for rallying around Mason. I suspect she'll lose some fans for this

No. 711582

Most cops will side with the woman over the man. Wherever you go. Male violence against women is way more common and easier to prosecute. She can at least try instead of this lame internet stunt

You're just being stupid venti come on

No. 711583

>Uhhh no she's a woman so everything will be ok
>Everyone who's not a dumb WK for Mason is Venti
Pathetic. Go back to your male incel board already. I don't care whether or not she goes to the cops, I just don't see anything wrong with him getting exposed after he tried it. Like I said, I'd do the same, but warn him not to lie because I have evidence.

No. 711616

now Mason is going on the Killstream.
>if he says she pushed him to that point
what could she possibly have done to provoke that kind of response?

No. 711640

he's sounding like a sperg live lel cant keep up a coherent sentence

No. 711641

his story is falling apart really quickly, whereas Brittany has been pretty consistent. he's trying to be such a fucking hardass.
lol now he's claiming "oh she called the cops on me claiming I was going to attempt suicide because I was going to leave her"

No. 711642

Im not an incel. Nice strawman though Venti. Go back to 8chan Brit.

No. 711643

lol now some armchair psychologist is giving his diagnosis to both of them, and asking 4Chad to diagnose hert too. who invited these retards to the stream

No. 711644

sorry *her too

No. 711646

Sure you aren't. I don't even like Brittany, I just hate retarded alt-right scrotes more.

No. 711648

wow Mason is getting roasted right now lmao

No. 711649

Christ, Mason just sounds more and more pathetic as it goes.

No. 711651

that borat motherfucker was gold

No. 711654

Incels / alt right dont use terms like male violence or violence against women, like I did in my reply. Dipshit.

No. 711656

Sure, that's why you're getting so angry and flinging insults just like a triggered incel. Fuck off back already, you won't find a gf here, dumbfuck.

No. 711657

contrary to speculation on the stream, I don't think Brittany is borderline
MGTOW is a Jewish attempt to prevent whites from breeding and drive a wedge between white women and white men to weaken the race.

No. 711665

File: 1539401479100.jpeg (133.75 KB, 1280x720, lauren_southern.jpeg)

Lol ok hammerhead keep posting about your lame drama no one but 2 people itt care about. I'd rather go back to trash talking Lauren Simonsens straw hair and obvious fillers than your down syndrome looking self anyway tbh

No. 711672

You sound certifiably new and low IQ.

No. 711841

>MGTOW is a Jewish attempt to prevent whites from breeding and drive a wedge between white women and white men to weaken the race.
Please go back to /pol/ already.

No. 711847

Can someone post some relevant timestamps for this one?

No. 711882

>she talks about calling the cops on him and him getting angry at her
Now where's the retard >>711665 who insisted I'm her? Kek.

No. 711915

Go to 57:30 to hear Mason getting roasted by Borat, & the guy who called in after him gave mason a good roast too

No. 712011

Lauren's botched surgery, bad dye job and 35 looking face haven't been too active on social media though.

No. 712026

Lmao thanks
Borat sounds like he went through Eastern Europe men school

No. 712819

I kinda feel bad for Venti. Before listening to those recordings I knew he would probably scream and cry, but they far surpassed my expectations. That did not sound like a normal breakdown at all. Dude has serious issues.

I don't really like her, but it sucks that she has to put up with some abusive asshole slandering her, and getting dogpiled by her community despite showing up with receipts. She absolutely doesn't deserve that, but I wouldn't have expected anything else considering the type of crowd she panders to. Maybe this will urge her to rethink who she chooses to associate herself with, but eh. I doubt it. Being a 2edgy4u 4chan meme queen comes with its own share of perks when you've got a slew of mouth-breathing trumpster beta orbiters. Well, the ones who haven't already turned on you that is.

No. 712880

To be fair, she's slandering him as well and even threatened to do so before she leaked this shit which is exactly why she started recording his tantrums and finally released them after she found out he fucked some girl (AFTER they broke up). All of that is fucking manipulative and y'all would be on her ass if it was a guy doing this shit to his girl.

She's a shitty person who needs to get over herself and not leak private stuff just for epoints and to get validation from strangers on the internet and air her shit out for everyone to see. Yes, he's a huge manchild douchebag with more than a few things severely wrong with him. He needs professional help, but she is no where near miss innocent. It was particularly cringey listening to her acting calm and repeating the actions he was doing for the recording, because you know she doesn't act like that every fight (multiple people claimed they would fight ALL the time). I don't feel bad for her. They're both in the wrong and deserve what they get but people choosing sides and seeing it black and white are just as fucked as both of these retards who don't know how to relationship like normal, well-adjusted adults.

No. 712881

brittany just got 30,000$ donated on stream, made zero big deal about it and didn't care at all, continued on with her bitchy character act for 1 minute then left and her brainless orbiters actually think it's real and someone truly donated 30,000$ lol

i understand streamers get huge donations sometimes but i think it's obvious this was a joke, orbiters are just too dumb to not be fooled

No. 712912

This whole thing reminds me of the old Shmorky drama where he recorded his crazy gf having a breakdown while deliberately acting super calm. There's something really creepy and manipulative about it imo. Regardless of the circumstances there's really no reason to share it with the internet.

No. 712923

How has she slandered him? She told the truth and had proof of it. If anything he told a bunch of lies in his recorded stream.

No. 712926

how is releasing recordings of a guy screaming at you, slamming doors in your apartment, throwing shit, breaking plates, throwing food, crying on the floor and threatening kill himself "slander"? Slander must be untrue

No. 712940

His tantrum was insane and horrible esp the throwing and breaking, but recording him during a fight and him having a mental breakdown without him knowing while faking acting like shes so ~mature and stable~, saving the recordings of one of his worst moments for months until they finally break up because shes bitter over it, and releases them so she has "dirt" on him isn't slander to you? How is that anything but malicious planning and slander? Thats the only fucking thing she has on him too is these recordings of his mental attacks which is not as shocking anymore once you examine her motive and behavior. She could encourage him to get help and call up a psychiatrist instead of wasting time recording for the internet out of pure spite on top of it. What a gross, shitty person.


No. 712965

Slander has to be false. It has to be a lie. Recordings of his behavior aren't a lie. In the recordings she encourages him to get some kind of help, both from his mom and professionally. She released the recordings because he kept lying about her. HE was slandering HER.

I think Britany is a lame edgelord who I would never associate it with IRL. But she was telling the truth about this situation, and he kept lying over and over again and was very clearly emotionally and verbally abusive. She took steps to protect herself and provide evidence it case the situation escalated. Why do you hate women protecting themselves so much, holy fuck

No. 712967

File: 1539572534813.jpg (110.42 KB, 1077x554, Screenshot_20181014-220209_Sam…)

Stop using words that you don't know the meaning of.

No. 712985

According to her she did try to get him to get help but the police said she couldn't force him. That's if you want to believe her though. From what I can see there's lying going on with both sides. Best to just enjoy the creamy milk that these retards keep spilling on the internet because they're embarrassing drama whores. Coming from two holier than thou edgelords.

No. 713016

File: 1539580786520.jpg (75.33 KB, 600x1066, 4a43c4611937f1be92ab60bc02fd99…)

Has this dumb-as-a-rock-ugly-ass-whoville-bitch been discussed?


No. 713023

File: 1539581383949.jpg (496.51 KB, 2896x2896, Sad.jpg)

Then this thread should stay inactive.

Literally this Venti chick uses filters and photoshop to be white. She should stop hating her black self.

No. 713032

i honestly enjoy some of her older videos because they were stupidly funny sometimes but yeah. brittany isn't the worst here but i hate how she attention-whores and her orbiters get really deluded and annoying, and she always uses such thick filters. her irl photo you posted is vastly different than how she looks on camera in her streams. also don't like how she always has to have her tits hanging out 24/7.

No. 713189


Looked her up, holy shit, she's only 26. What is with all these blonde tradthots looking like 45 year old soccer moms with a 2 pack a day cigarette habit when they should be in the prime of their lives?

No. 713276

She's like 70% white and has green/blue eyes, kek. We don't want her, pls.

No. 713322

I'm a radfem just like anyone else on this god forsaken site, don't pull the woman card lmao get over biased self. You sound delusional and manipulative and I hope you're not in a relationship.

You can play semantics all day. It's still defamation.

Bunch of Venti asslickers on this thread and I'm willing to bet half of them are her white knights or herself since she used to lurk here before especially in Anisa's thread. Sorry your plan to make some pussy whipped loser from 4chan look evil backfired and is extremely transparent to anyone who doesn't think in black and white.

No. 713324

I'm a radfem just like anyone else on this god forsaken site, don't pull the woman card lmao get over biased self. You sound delusional and manipulative and I hope you're not in a relationship.

You can play semantics all day. It's still defamation.

Bunch of Venti asslickers on this thread and I'm willing to bet half of them are her white knights or herself since she used to lurk here before especially in Anisa's thread. Sorry your plan to make some pussy whipped loser from 4chan look evil backfired and is extremely transparent to anyone who doesn't think in black and white.

No. 713396

You seem retarded and too angry.

No. 713406

File: 1539625718180.gif (479.53 KB, 493x342, 1408819344029.gif)

>I'm a radfem just like anyone else on this god forsaken site
every single fucken time

No. 713414

She wears contacts

No. 713446


No. 713471

Knowing what slander means doesn't make one delusional and manipulative, dipshit. Also what kind of "radfem" defends a man who is recorded being verbally abusive and breaking a woman's things and refusing to leave her space when asked? Men are so mind-boggingly bad at larping, lmao

No. 713480

They have YouTube, KiwiFarms, 4chan, some parts of Reddit and basically the rest of the internet to bitch and confirm their biases. I don't get why they feel the need to come here and try to browbeat us with their shit-tier opinions.
We all know exactly how this would go down if the genders in this situation were flipped. Why are we expected to feel the most pity for some /pol/tard loser with untreated mental issues who calls himself "4chad" (lmao)? Why are we supposed to whiteknight this dumb scrot? Why can't we dislike both parties involved, but recognize the male is clearly the bigger sperg at hand?

No. 713502

Just look at her eyes

No. 713519

>I'm a radfem just like anyone else on this god forsaken site
>You can play semantics all day. It's still defamation.
double posting, identifying as a radfem, and still not understanding that it can't be slander or defamation if it's true. you are truly the biggest retard in this thread.

No. 713556

File: 1539637519234.jpg (67.53 KB, 900x900, venti.jpg)

>Tried to rip off KacyTron shtick and didn't take off.
>Openly steals content/opinions/memes from /pol/ forcing the /ourgirl/ memes.
>Tries to leech off anyone who is the flavor of the month.
>Went to HWNDU daily for attention while openly hitting on Sam Hyde and getting spectacularly rejected.
>Tried to date Leafyishere at the height of his E-fame because she's a huge attention whore. He trolled her into thinking she was going to move in with him until she found out that Leafy was mocking her appearance and desperation. Now she claims to only be attracted to blue eyed lanklet chads LMAO

No. 713558

….right. I meant like krotchy levels of proof.

No. 713573

Brittany absolutely doesn't wear contacts and you're retarded if you can't tell.

No. 713582

sorry one drop rule

No. 713595

britbongreturns detected
go back to 8chan /cow/

No. 713605

You do know there are other people besides Britbong who don't like her and know all of this about her don't you?

No. 713608

You do know there are other people besides Britbong who don't like her and know all of this about her don't you?

No. 713609

Another Serena Joy-tier tradthot who panders to the right for men to leave nice comments than the typical rude ones. If she were to say anything remotely un-conservative, you know she'd be torn apart. She tweeted how women were working and going to law school before feminism so women dont need it uwu (you know, after benefitting from it with having a career & being a voice in politics) Dont care for her pro life stance since I doubt she cares for the babies after theyre born (since women are just incubators afterall)

She just reminds of the type of girls who claim nothing bad happens to women because nothing bad has happened to HER.

They're vile to other people who dont agree with them, especially women. That inner ugliness gotta come out somehow

No. 713610

Another Serena Joy-tier tradthot who panders to the right for men to leave nice comments than the typical rude ones. If she were to say anything remotely un-conservative, you know she'd be torn apart. She tweeted how women were working and going to law school before feminism so women dont need it uwu (you know, after benefitting from it with having a career & being a voice in politics) Dont care for her pro life stance since I doubt she cares for the babies after theyre born (since women are just incubators afterall)

She just reminds of the type of girls who claim nothing bad happens to women because nothing bad has happened to HER.

They're vile to other people who dont agree with them, especially women. That inner ugliness gotta come out somehow

No. 713612

That ended with slavery and Jim Crow. She's yours, enjoy.

No. 713632

yeah based on nothing and posting a copypasta from the other boards?

No. 713640

anon you're so obvious from your constant double posting alone.

No. 713729

File: 1539649283630.png (20.87 KB, 569x159, rip in peace.png)

No. 713737

File: 1539649792899.png (186.97 KB, 262x842, britbong.png)

why'd you send her this autistic email lmao

No. 713748

>to me

Brittany I agree the email was autistic but like be a little more careful with your leaks lol

No. 713750

No. 713755

>doesn't like brittany venti the untalented thot. it must be britbong!

god her pathetic orbiters are dumb

No. 713756

it's the style of the text and where it originates, no one else claims fake blue eyes except for Britbong.

No. 713759

whatever you say brittany. how's it feel to be dead inside?

No. 713760

I doubt someone that just got $30,000 in one day of streaming feels dead inside.

No. 713764

that money wont last forever and neither will your beta orbiters. once your stream runs dry you will be an empty shell with nothing going for you LMAO

No. 713770

hi cow is against the rules faggot

No. 713773

dont care virgin

No. 713795

People are already making her out to be a lying whore even with proof to back up her claims, could you imagine how much shit she would get if she didn't have evidence of him being psycho and abusive? This started because he was slandering her, and she showed proof that he was lying about something. You can't "slander" someone with the truth, that's a contradiction.

No. 713798

it started when she went on the dick show. get your facts straight

No. 713802

dont bother anon, its literally one anon getting mad and spamming the thread.
they dont want to see reason, it's likely "britbong" >>713737 himself

No. 713811

File: 1539654344573.png (45.24 KB, 588x181, 98989.png)

Outside of the Mason shit and Britbong sperging/samefagging in this thread calling everyone asslickers or Brittany herself, she's so obnoxious, holy fuck. I don't even care if it's "just a persona".
>my black mother
Her mother is white as fuck. I remember her posting photos of her, she's like 1/4 black or something with very pale skin, blond hair and light eyes. This "I'm a quadroon mutt hammerhead, but I'm #based fellow memers" thing is so lame. She and her retarded /pol/ fandom need to accept and live with the fact that she's just a typical, mostly-white Amerimutt who came out ugly and inbred-looking, not some biracial girl who just happened to be born with mostly white features.

No. 713825

That was one double post from me and I didn't think it went through at all tbh because the site was going slow. I'm not Britbong. Sorry but there are plenty of people who think she's a pandering self-hating racist bitch who desperately seeks efame. For the longest time anytime she was posted in a thread there'd be a bunch of posters coming in to defend her or say they think she's funny. I'm starting to think it's been her all along since she's got a weird paranoia that Britbong's the only one who hates her. When you out yourself as a raging cunt on the internet you'll get people who hate you, but I guess that's balanced out by her orbiters ready to open their wallets because she panders to their autistic humor.

She never lets shit go either. How long ago was the mud cookies thing? She got a soft ban because it was racist and Mason was making clicking noises behind the camera. It had nothing to do with ethnicity and her not being black enough to do it.

No. 713835

I agree, it's pretty cringy how she milks her like… 30% african heritage. She tries so hard to use it as credibility when she panders to racists. A black person with that same amount of European ancestry wouldn't even remotely be considered white but muh one drop rule.

No. 713841

youre the paranoid one anon. i have a feeling youre jade or something. jade/britbong or whatever the fuck.

and its not that its impossible to dislike venti, its that youre so buttmad about her that it makes you look suspicious, and the anger seeps through posts which makes me think youve been samefagging this entire thread. you dont have to like her to recognize shes in the right with the whole mason thing.

how long have we had this thread but only now with this mason drama are "anons"(which is just you i assume) sperging about her being a bitch, thot, cunt, etc.

No. 713852

I don't even know who jade is. Is that Britbong's name? I only know of her paranoia with Britbong because she's tweeted about it over her ED page even though the same info is floating around Reddit. I'm not as angry as you're reading into my posts either, it's definitely a case of mistaken identity here.

I don't think she deserved what Mason put her through at all. My thinking she's a cunt has nothing to do with the situation with Mason but since this is a tradthot thread it's obviously not about Mason. If there's a crying faggot thread for Mason then let me know.

No. 713868

She's only 60 something percent white

No. 713885

In hindsight it's kinda funny that Brittany made fun of Shoe for having rabbits in her room, "can you imagine what her room must smell like?", meanwhile Brittany was leaving actual cat shit in her bed

No. 713890

She cleaned the cat shit.

No. 713891

P l e a s e

No. 713893

lol alright anon, but how do explain the rest of that apartment?

No. 713895

There was an email from Twitch staff that said "how would you feel if your nationality was made fun of"
I think it's in the video about it on the YT channel

No. 713897

how does a kitten having an accident equate to a messy home?
Leaving your clothes everywhere or not vacuuming is very different than leaving feces somewhere, I think they're on two different levels and most people would agree.

No. 713904

Jade is Mister Metokur's girlfriend. I could see her being a farmer tbh

No. 713907

Living in a messy home is worse. A kitten shitting is out of her control. Living in filth wasn't. She chose to live that way, it's revolting.

No. 714311

File: 1539720857291.jpg (378.88 KB, 1072x1029, Screenshot_20181016-132512_Ins…)

How far apart do you have to place your legs to make it look like you have hips? Where's your waist at, blockhead?

No. 714334

I ♥ the t-rex thing she has going on here, it's really working for her lol

No. 714372


>1/8th black

We don’t claim this cunt.

No. 714406

gotta make ur shoulders look uwu tiny and emphasize birthing hips

No. 714509

I love the way it makes her hands look like huge man hands.

No. 714658

is the Indian chick still mia?

No. 714821

redpillchick? yeah

No. 714942

Sorry, but is all this visual nitpicking supposed to be milk? I'm much more interested in what these cows are DOING, not how they look, and I thought that was supposed to be our primary focus anyway.

No. 715179

It's funny because she has no figure. No waist, no bust. She just has to stand like that lol

No. 715390

The only real problem I have with Southern is her race sperging. Lol it's okay to not be a ~pure scandinavian princess~. The obsession with purity among neckbeards is kinda weird and gross lol. kinda hypocritical since a /pol/ meetup is mostly minorities with delusions of grandeur.

No. 715610

Seriously, your only problem is this Spanish skank larping as a Scandinavian? She shot flares at Doctors Without Borders that were helping refugees and spreads bullshit propaganda about white genocide

No. 715611

I don't give a fuck about refugees tbph, but I respect your right to give a shit.

No. 715615

>but I respect your right to give a shit.

What’s the point of even saying that

No. 715630

what's the point of not saging your personal thoughts?


No. 715632


No. 715689

Sage goes in the email field. When in doubt you should always sage. Why haven't you read the rules of this forum?

No. 715690

Nah, they lit a flare because it was dark, the entire #DefendEurope was propagandised to hell and back when it happened. And literally fuck non-white “refugees” lol.

No. 715751

white supremacists trolls out in force I see

No. 715755

Not wanting adult men from war torn countries where rape is normal does not = white supremacist.

No. 715756

Ok Lauren

No. 715759

File: 1539839967405.jpg (412.66 KB, 640x360, sPKxbbqaTAbxmdq-800x450-noPad.…)

>wE nEeD tO sAvE tHe ReFuGeE cHiLdReN

No. 715761

Because white dudes never rape anyone amirite

No. 715766

White rapists are an outlier group, these refugees get girls as young as 12 addicted to heroin by making them feel special, and then sell them for money to multiple men per day. It happens in Israel with the Moroccan migrants, it happens all around Europe with migrants and it's a bigger problem than "tehee they just need to adjust like white men!!". How can you argue against the fact that absurd amounts of migrant men are raping women in a country offering them refuge?

No. 715773


A lot of it is exaggerated. Rape is a problem but it’s a worldwide issue across multiple cultures. If you’re upset about this, be just as vocal about catholic priests raping children and teens too(derailing)

No. 715779

File: 1539841706457.jpg (35.38 KB, 874x449, 1539495555325.jpg)

It's not exaggerated. The FGM they bring to civilised countries is not exaggerated. The domestic abuse is not exaggerated. The abuse of sex in the muslim community is not exaggerated.
>little boys unlucky enough to be involved with the church are the same as Sikh and White schoolgirls being deliberately targeted every day merely for existing in the wrong faith(derailing)

No. 715781


Soldiers commit these acts in countries they invade all the time, yet none of you complain

No. 715785

File: 1539842242297.png (234.38 KB, 750x1334, F8B8F065-5E66-4406-81A7-ECDD98…)


It’s not just a few little boys. It’s a very big issue in the west and should be addressed. This is just from August

No. 715787

Article is from August I mean

No. 715805

Again you people bitch about one issue and not others cause omg scary brown people. Male circumcision is gentital mutilation and no one bats an eye. It’s practiced literally every day.

Also FGM is prevalent in Christian majority countries like Ethiopia, Eritrea and Ginea Bissau. It’s a Central African problem

No. 715806

NTA but male circumcision is a non-issue, onision lol

No. 715809


Yeah I know, just pointing it out because a lot of cases that are called FGM are the equivalent of male circumcision. It’s the reduction of the clitoral hood that some women undergo for aesthetic reasons

No. 715826

File: 1539846855424.webm (2.33 MB, 1280x720, NGO boats.webm)

oh noes, not the poor NGOs participating in human trafficking! it would be one thing if they brought them back to their port of origin for treatment and release, but they were bringing boatloads into Europe illicitly.

No. 715843

Source? Cause only defend Europe has been saying that lol

No. 715844

File: 1539848963062.jpeg (146.2 KB, 1244x796, A9708A8B-747B-4036-8866-CA4999…)

No. 715846

File: 1539848976629.jpeg (65.45 KB, 1796x290, B72CBD38-90DC-4536-A093-18722B…)

No. 715847

File: 1539848990127.jpeg (139.48 KB, 1334x534, B035E9AE-92A7-44A4-8671-753F80…)

No. 715848

File: 1539849002109.jpeg (72.9 KB, 1224x516, 33E487A5-EA12-40B9-A10A-68A77F…)

No. 715849

>tfw you board a boat to block refugees and then you repeatedly get owned instead

No. 715899


/pol/ pls leave

No. 715903

Alt-right posters have been infiltrating this board for a while, unfortunately.

No. 715917

So the Roterham Muslim rape gang was an "exaggerated" problem lol?

I'm also againts the Catholic Church's rules of forcing priest/nuns to be celibate, it's unnatural and attracts weirdos and predators.

It's not about RaCisM. Stop being so overly defenisive of sick cultures.(derailing)

No. 716008

>wants to "defend Europe"
>is not even European
>but LARPs as one
What's the point? Is there a word like weeaboo but to refer to people like Lauren who are weirdly obsessed with being European?

No. 716127


No. 716504


No. 716519

This ~not like the other girls~ shoe0nhead knockoff is extremely annoying


No. 716532

Lets call her diet june. I dont want to watch but can already assume what it is. Just pandering to the lowest tier orbiters for attention and good comments from the same guys who will tear her apart once she stops saying everything they want her to say. Never forget when Lauren called out the alt right for their misogyny and got destroyed for it

No. 717662

File: 1540059384984.jpg (1.28 MB, 1072x1740, Screenshot_20181020-102212_Ins…)

No. 717664

File: 1540059439250.jpg (711.43 KB, 1080x1290, Screenshot_20181020-102146_Ins…)

>wearing giant hoop earrings out in the woods
>trying to look hardcore in camo
>stops to take a selfie
>wearing false lashes to walk around in the woods

Her skin looks disgusting as well

No. 717665

File: 1540059502062.jpg (1.25 MB, 1080x1990, Screenshot_20181020-131829_Ins…)

You do all the work, silly boys! I'll sit her in my red corduroy pants and high heeled boots.
I am such a trooper!

No. 717688

Made it until she said "advices"

No. 717838

File: 1540082530712.jpg (471.1 KB, 1080x904, Screenshot_20181020-171826_Sam…)

Imagine pandering this hard

No. 718009

Why the hell is she ruining her camo getup with fucking red corduroy pants KEK
Peak fashion

No. 718100

What is this larping supposed to be? Are they now hunting immigrants in the woods?

No. 719006

Right-wing girls are the hottest, especially the ethnonationalist right(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 719008

File: 1540255634788.png (755.15 KB, 1364x765, 1540244363529.png)

Imagine that, a high-IQ, homogenous society is virtually crime-free but one that is flooded with shit-toned, violent, low-IQ animals everyday is an absolute hellhole. This news really coconuts my blue diamond almonds.

No. 719010

File: 1540255672445.png (235.85 KB, 1024x512, 1540244450562.png)


No. 719013

File: 1540255907472.jpg (83.09 KB, 1280x720, RightWingBeauty.jpg)

They're really not. They just seem this way because they're ecelebs. Actual hot women don't need to e-thot on the internet.

No. 719023

File: 1540257136812.jpg (16.33 KB, 600x600, e9d.jpg)

No. 719070

Lauren Southern is pretty hot for a 37 year old mother of 3 who shills mlm shit on facebook

No. 719074

TIL some old tech bro from a long time ago was a racist. Wow! Thx for sharing, anon!

No. 719078

I still want to know how she managed to age herself so fucking fast?? I mean like, I legit need to know so I can avoid it at all costs.

Also is anyone else getting Felicia Day vibes from this pic? It's a really weird resemblance here.

No. 719081

File: 1540261268267.jpg (71.04 KB, 970x582, 2d9f4558-7737-4b94-b0e9-1145dc…)

No, I see it, too. Same pursed mouth and lifeless eyes

No. 719108

Is this James Damore's dad?

No. 719121

It IS bait but I thought the yakuza run shit behind the scenes with prostituion, human trafficking, drugs and gambling rings in japan? No country is crime free, just some are better at hiding it.

No. 719124

No country is crime free, but some definitely experience a lot more violent crime than others. It's bait.

No. 719149

Their crime rates are so low because the police won't even report that there was a crime if they're not sure they can catch the culprit.

No. 719450

I think getting the kind of face work that she did ironically ages you even as it’s aimed at creating a more “youthful” look. It’s more common for older women to get it, and so it marks then as being from a certain age group in spite of the fact that it’s technically simulating a younger woman’s appearance. Maybe a good practitioner could make it so it wasn’t so obvious.

She looked old for her age before too though

No. 719478

Lauren was a party girl and still drinks a lot as well, and she smokes or used to smoke cigarettes. That'll age you too.
Also just bad genes.

No. 719719

It's not as if Japan buries most of its crime on the news or anything…. oh wait

No. 719720

They are so preoccupied w/ race that they don't leave their mother's basement.

No. 719734

She has to drink and smoke. That will age you like butter.

Best thing to do is moisturize your skin daily, sunscreen and drink water regularly. Having a good diet helps, of course, but a lot of people forget to wash their face and use sunscreen. Lauren also had bad genes, i'm sure.

No. 722417

File: 1540673557216.jpg (248.87 KB, 1079x705, Screenshot_20181027-152214_Ins…)

Her fashion taste is atrocious.
Imagine being a glorified egirl with no real work experience and no degree, flying around on money donated by horny men. How traditional!
Anyone else think her hairstyle is really unflattering?

No. 722518

Is Lauren Southern Trad? If she is she's terrible at it. Not married, no kids, and in trad years she's like 35.

No. 722554

inb4 she drops the act and goes into hiding to date a non-white as she inches closer to 30

No. 722572

We have seen evidence she's dating people behind the scenes, but most her male paypigs would drop her if she was open about it. I've never seen a female Lauren fan. It's really very weird because she's not too distant from a Twitch girl in that way, where she needs money from her men to do what she does like Brittany.

No. 722913

Go back to your mudhut, nigger.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 722931

Getting a degree isn't traditional either
nor is working

No. 723028

She spends all of her time working. She has an online career.

No. 723315

File: 1540818518446.jpg (91.86 KB, 1024x1024, c5de1eff973eb361b0e84fce076ac9…)

Imo her face looks way better when it's framed with curly hair, but maybe her fried hair couldn't take the styling. She'd be better switching to a colour closer to her natural one anyway, but it'd also be better for her hair as it is clearly thirsty.

No. 723332

Her hair still looks dry in pic but yeah it's better than straight on her.
Both of her parents have curly hair, do you think she has straight hair or just straightens it?

No. 723393

File: 1540831705048.jpg (68.5 KB, 600x843, CcwU-lAUcAEFIpZ.jpg)

It waved up when she had urine dumped on her, so it's probably at least naturally wavy.

No. 723436

Are those maps thrown around to frame her as a master tactician defending glorious Europa? Because they look retarded.

No. 723697

Imagine heat styling and dyeing your hair all of the time… yuck!! Just be natural, lauren. You're so insecure

No. 724002

File: 1540930920084.png (198.68 KB, 1074x1477, Photo_1540930663747.png)

The ego on this girl is insane

No. 724003

File: 1540930936074.jpg (254.45 KB, 1036x1503, Screenshot_20181030-152033_Ult…)

No. 724006


No. 724117

No. 724178

totally ot but made me think of this thread

No. 724425

File: 1540994610994.jpg (696.88 KB, 1067x1365, Screenshot_20181031-071130_Sam…)


No. 724542

No. 724785

I think Brittany made $100k in stream donations in October, in total. also that ice cream carton is her twitter icon now.

No. 724959


i didn't even recognise milana and was like which conservative bimbo agreed to this until i read the description box.

No. 724979

File: 1541097498656.png (584.73 KB, 700x906, zTbnPLn[1].png)

No. 724982

>censors bitch
>says "mutt prostitute" in the same breath
>in a post featuring cute kid shit
wew lad

No. 724983

No. 724998

File: 1541100314688.gif (819.15 KB, 245x245, 1539525895394.gif)

Too bad they don't pay her to learn basic grammar and spelling lmao

No. 725669

I found this video interview of Andrea Hardie aka JudgyBitch explaining why she thinks women shouldn't vote.

I always knew she was crazy from her blog posts, but wow that deranged look in her eyes. She looks like a greasy NEET who hasn't slept in 3 days. You can tell she spends most of her time arguing with people online rather than taking care of her ~young family~, who she'll bring up at any opportunity to help solidify her tradishunal woman image.

No. 725704

No. 726677

File: 1541368378215.jpg (80.42 KB, 606x569, Screenshot_20181104-155251_Sam…)

Where did her boobs go?

She must've worn pushup bras all the time when she was in her early 20s then

No. 726678

File: 1541368411369.jpg (130.74 KB, 515x585, Screenshot_20181104-155206_Sam…)

Is this supposed to be the hot alt right feminine goddess?

No. 726745


Oh God, I remember her. I wonder what she's up to these days because I stopped hearing about her kek.

No. 727010

she recently said she's lost a bunch of weight lol

No. 727025

Must suck to not have genetically decent sized boobs and have a flat ass, too. Her looks are fading in her face aswell.
But alt right boys still call her thick lmao

No. 727027

Glasses do not suit her. Yikes.

No. 730099

pettibone's engaged to the generation identity guy

No. 730101

She's been engaged for a while now

She really loves flaunting how she's a ~fiancee~ now though. I suppose because it gives her a leg up on Lauren.

No. 730104

Her twitter is still trash, wow.

>her engagement post that has breeding fetishists hoping she become a baby factory now

>marsha blackburn kek
>those girls being protected by some guys during the thousand oaks shooting and the entire thread was just "toxic masculinity isnt bad! be grateful you useless women!"
>more pandering to rp men

Is she going to austria? To be an austrian white princess uwu

No. 730116

File: 1541882452396.png (93.01 KB, 640x365, goldy profile.png)

pretty good essay/profile of faith goldy went up in the cut, written by a reporter that went to school with her. she sounds soulless

No. 730224

thanks for sharing. not surprised she was a sociopath Stacey back in high school.

I'm shocked that she graduated in 2007 though. I thought she was in her late 30s.

No. 730227

Really sounds like a sociopath. The way her I guess ex friend described when faith started being like this, she would avoid debates with her cause she'd just get upset and it would affect her emotionally while faith…nothing, no emotion.
If you add to that this part:
“I don’t think Faith has ever been capable of understanding that people have real emotional feelings about social injustice,” said John Downs, who was often cast as the young liberal on Sun News panels opposite Faith. “This is just a game that she really wants to win, no matter what the consequences might be.”

Lights are on but nobody's home.
And yeah, I also thought she was older than that. But now that I see her age, I think it's because she's so skinny but it's not natural for her body so she just looks harsh and dried up.

No. 730235

faith was just another stacy who realized she could gather more male attention if she crazily pandered to them as their "shit on me im a cool girl" wow

Wait for when her audience turns on her. It'll happen. Shes still a woman no matter how many times she claim she'd love be chained to the kitchen

No. 730300

can we talk about this bitch? she's more of june "i'm not like other girls" thot rather than tradthot, but her videos keep on getting recommended to me.

she looks like gollum but has the nerve to be talking about what men like.

No. 730310

File: 1541908637302.png (53.98 KB, 219x205, HAHAHAH.png)

I actually spat out my drink when I saw this

No. 730313

she's also 26. she should hurry up before mgtow's screech about "the wall" at her.

oh wait, i forgot the wall was now at 18 according to them

No. 730332

File: 1541910139412.png (41.41 KB, 1242x177, idiot.png)

her channel's only 3 months old and she's already been attacked by her own kind.
These trad women always seem shocked when their men inevitably turn on them. They actually think being ~not like the other girls~ will make them immune to misogyny, smh. when will they learn?

unrelated but wtf is with her face. does her camera just have a super low focal length or..?

No. 730335

26 and acting like this? Good grief


IT ALWAYS HAPPENS tradthots just dont get it. Kek theyre women,
. No amount of pandering, kissing their sweaty asses and becoming their footstool will ever earn neckbeard respect. You can say how happy you are and all women should be being a fuckmom to them and they will leave you nice comments for a while. Then eventually, turn on you because you put an expiration date on your head like an idiot

No. 730393


she's only 26? why do tradthots always look 15 years older. the fuck.

No. 730414

They look older because they're wiser.

No. 730424

I have seen 2 year old kids that are wiser thancall of them

No. 730446

It's this /pol/tard again, sigh.

No. 730456

dealing with the expectations of men ages you.

also most of them are former party girls that had an “awaking” to the redpill after they’ve been rejected by men for their lifestyle. no wonder why the men in their movement think the wall is at 25.

No. 730578

Tinfoil: tradthots are secretly Stacies in a conspiracy to make the type of men who'd normally loathe them for being a thot fall for them by saying everything they want to hear from women

It is interesting that all of these tradthots kinda still and were party girls

No. 730902


Apparently Lindsay Shepherd is serious about having a tradlife

No. 730915

>pregnant out of wedlock

No. 730920

>going to a political rally you know will likely have physical violence while pregnant
How irresponsible can you get? Holy fuck. That's not very trad at all, it's something a crust punk-ish extremist antifa mom would do.
Is she just posting that status so that if she does get attacked, she can virtue signal about how the left hates pregnant women, even though she deliberately put her child in harm's way for political reasons?

No. 730925

But since she’s white it’s 👌🏻 to be on welfare!

I like how all her ass kissers are saying how great of a mom she will be. Poor kid doesn’t have a chance.

No. 730933

She probably likes to play the victim. That's actually funny, because she said that the left wingers have victim mentality, while her entire career is built on victimhood.

No. 730960

Who's the dad? Does she have a bf or has the baby daddy already bailed…?

No. 730966

She has a boyfriend and he is far right

No. 731022

>getting asspats and praise on the internet for having a baby out of wedlock only because you claim you're right wing
..how many men in this movement are just secret impreg/breeder fetishists

If she was literally ANYTHING ELSE, they'd drag her through the filth for being a slut/whore/trapping a man/securing a bag etc. But no scarlet letter for her

Whats the purpose of being a tradthot everyone? Instead of just sugar babying. Both get paid by men (paypal vs patreon) to live and do what they want. But being a tradthot, you have to hate yourself for being a useless weak woman in their eyes. Are they just afraid of recieving mean comments and harrassment from men on social media? Is it just male attention? Honestly, they can just make like those Duggar girls, fuck off and have 11 kids quietly

No. 731109

lmaooooo why are whites so fragile

No. 731133

Because tiny and persecuted global minority on the brink of going extinct.

No. 731137

Because tiny and persecuted global minority on the brink of going extinct.

No. 731260

>replying to month old posts

No. 731465

Fuck off, /pol/tard.

No. 731723

File: 1542148554844.gif (867.28 KB, 314x276, 2228131E-8A33-4FFF-AC4B-2038DA…)


I didn’t even consider the knock up fetish angle. They sure are hung up over making enough white babies but sure as fuck can’t support them.

That fat asshole Matt Heimbach was living in a trailer park shithouse with his equally busted wife. But hey! They have a white baby! What a great life for the perfect white baby too!

Growing up in a trash house and living with the fact that your dad fucked your grandma.

No. 736735

File: 1542968338706.jpg (59.14 KB, 800x532, DZ9JJsNVQAEAZU1.jpg)

lol I forgot about Critical Condition, the Irish Newfie. I sort of started a mob against her when she claimed to have been "redpilled" by Jordan Peterson and literally started a Patreon the very next day. Incels ree'd and she made a weak video defending herself and calling on the handful of orbiters she'd attracted to defend her.

No. 736841

>Incels ree'd and she made a weak video defending herself and calling on the handful of orbiters she'd attracted to defend her.
tradthots are like clockwork i swear lol. They want to get paid for existing and are surprised when men who hate women getting paid for existing wont give up their money to them. All because she is saying what they want to hear and they dont care anymore. A thots a thot, no matter how traditional

I think the next coming years tradthots are going to have their audience (whiteknights) turn on them tbh

No. 737377

I feel like the tradthot grift has been diminishing lately. Correct me if I'm wrong but there's so little going on. There isn't anyone notable that's new to it and the existing thots arent gaining fans or making the same edgy content they used to. the boomers funding them might have gotten bored and decided to take their cash to men like PJW or Jordan Peterson instead. Lauren has that documentary going on which has taken her out of the public eye for a while but I predict it will flop and she fucked herself over by quitting the YouTube content (even though YouTube political commentary as a whole is losing popularity.)

No. 737803

Blonde in The belly of the beast is still active filling in her role. There are others that arent popular, but for the most part, yeah I see the trend dying because guys dont buy into it as much anymore (tradthots need attention) and everyone now is political voice. Being pretty only gains you orbitors who will shit on you later on 4chan. Lauren doing documentaries only solidifies how much she wanted a career over her traditional life she pushed onto other women. RPC is still mia I think? Hilarious how she was outed as a socially inept dark skinned indian girl when she pandered to guys that liked white girls for da yt race
Faith is still active trying to have a career in politics too lol. Other girls like barbara4u2c and aston are boring and mediocre now.

But amazing how no matter what, theyre doing the things they hate other women do who dont shit on themselves for being women: working, having a career, not immediately latching onto the first guy they see to have 8+ babies with because altright youtuber comments said so

No. 737913

I think it's a combination of the most well-known of these women having scandals, and there being a moment about a year ago where every attention-thirsty nobody switched onto the easy way to get attention and started making 'FEMINIST CRINGE PWNED I'M A SPESHUL TRADITIONAL LADY' videos so there was a flood/excess of content. That of course evaporated the draw to tradthot youtubers because a large part of what made them attractive to their audience was the idea that they were the only women who were red-pilled enough to come out with stuff like this. Seeing every other Patreon-beggar coming out with the same dogma diminished the effect of originality and authenticity. Brittany Pettibone is beautiful and well-connected enough to keep the attention, and Lauren at this point is famous enough she'll be around for a while. This of course will make it all the funnier for us to watch the next wave of desperate-for-validation Z-list youtubers getting increasingly extreme.

No. 737991

File: 1543163237569.png (241.23 KB, 1440x1582, Screenshot_20181125-111948~2.p…)

fucking lmao (featuring attention whore milo)

No. 738024

>i got curves guys and im super healthy ;)
Kek gotta get back thirsty prbitors right lauren?

milo pandering to old tradthots because the altright snuffed him out. Hes as good as dead. Nobody needs a token gay conservative to own the libs anymore

No. 738042

probably getting some of those proana dieting ~tipz~ from faith goldy lmao

No. 738168

File: 1543187870528.png (1.08 MB, 948x588, lkmlkm.png)

She does actually look a bit sickly in these photos. I think because her face looks so drawn out/tired.

No. 738173

she lost a lot of weight. looks bad.

No. 738220

her weight looks fine to me.
the real question is wtf is that outfit

No. 738235

Yes, Lauren is the funniest case of this to me. Especially because it's entirely clear as to why she suddenly went silent about feminism and anything regarding women and their "role." Notice how she stopped talking about marriage/female submissiveness and "sexual market value" almost immediately after there was that outcry from women in the altright about the sexism they faced from their own movement. It was also around the same time that she made that video "why i'm not married yet" or something after her audience attacked her for not practicing what she preached. She defended not being married at 22, despite her pushing that lifestyle on other women and discouraging them from investing in their own education/careers and just sitting and waiting for a man to come and impregnate them so they can be ~tradwives.~ It's almost like….that's not a desirable OR realistic lifestyle for (most) women and Lauren has been well aware of that this entire time.

I'll never forget the time she mocked some 18 year old girl on twitter for wanting to go to pharmacy school and told her she should just get married instead because she would be happier and getting educated was a waste of time. Meanwhile she's out here making documentaries and traveling the world off her grift money. The least "trad" thing I can think of is running around the forest with a bunch of armed men. If any other woman did that, Lauren and her audience would say she's a whore and she's going to get raped by her camera crew and she should be at home popping out babies.

No. 738241

Lol I remember in one of Faith's YT videos she was talking about why women should wear stockings and modest skirts to church, and she said it was because she doesn't want to look at someone's legs and focus on their one unshaven hair or figure out if they have a thigh gap or not. It was a really weird and an obvious pro-ana train of thought yet no one mentioned it in the comments.

No. 738253

File: 1543196750752.jpg (106.5 KB, 612x612, 1503115838099.jpg)

Then there are also her selfie angles, where she tries to make herself look like as much of a bonelord as possible

No. 738274

File: 1543199577891.jpg (135.98 KB, 655x960, IMG_20181125_183155.jpg)

No. 738297

i hate her personality but good fuck is she smoking fucking hot. Salivary glands on overdrive

No. 738308

Remembering her costhot days, channeling that energy into these awkward poses and that facial expression

Lauren can never say shit about women without it coming back to her for another wave of hate like last time. Everyone knows her as a hypocrite that she had to address in the 'why i am not married' vid. Shes doing exactly what she shouldnt do according to her old ideology, but now she just wants to focus on immigration. Just focusing on that will leave enough orbiters to support her

Damn her skin is fucked no wonder shes aging worse than a dried prune. then she gotta add mascara at the fucking beach of all places kek. ok faith

No. 738350

Smoking hot? more like burnt
She really needs to get out of the sun. Being an anachan and having so much sun exposure combined is gonna age her real fast

No. 738455

She looks androgynous. Cut her hair and give her some men's clothes and she could pass as boy, especially with her deep voice and her personality is not particularly girly, nor her interests. She should stop bragging about being traditional woman and accept her true self, or maybe she's just a special snowflake and thinks she is exception in everything.

No. 738471

Really? I googled pictures of her and she looks a good decade older than she is tbh

No. 738517

damn, she looks much better now get rid of the horrid ginger blonde patchy hair and wear better clothes

No. 738718

throwback to when she had to defend logan paul taping the corpse of a suicide victim, laughing and uploading it because shes notlikeotheryoutubers

Hardly anyone liked it

No. 738726

throwback to when she had to defend logan paul taping the corpse of a suicide victim, laughing and uploading it because shes notlikeotheryoutubers

Hardly anyone liked it

No. 738767

I generally find her (deep) voice awkward sounding but I guess I appreciate it as opposed to faking a more feminine sounding voice like stell bell

No. 739005

The dislikes were justifiable. It's a straight up garbage take.

No. 739020

She defended him just to be a contrarian

No. 740004

Stell Bell / Stella Sundrop deleted her YouTube channel.

No. 740052

Good riddance, she looks like a fucking dwarf in the face.

No. 740585

I know this'll be an unpopular opinion, but this genuinely sounded like a horrible traumatic experience she had and made me feel bad for her when I watched it. It seemed like a diary entry she never meant to post online; disconcertingly intimate.
I won't defend the take, I'm saying that it wasn't necessarily valueless as a perspective on the situation and I don't think less of her at all. There's plenty to criticise about Lauren, but this is really not bad and doesn't seem to be that much about Logan Paul anyway.

No. 740600

>It seemed like a diary entry she never meant to post online
She uploaded it, never took it down, and made multiple comments on it. It was hardly a mistake

She's making the point that nobody cares about- that he laughed in reaction to the suicide- the main point of the video, even though what everybody was really upset about and calling him a shithead for was that he UPLOADED it online (and she defended that too). She chose to primarily address the point nobody cares about because she wanted to talk about herself and get attention. That's why she put a shitty clickbait title.

No. 740800

File: 1543530471246.jpg (81.2 KB, 1116x906, laura.jpg)

Laura Loomer is currently at Twitter HQ handcuffed to one of the doors because she was banned from the site.
Livestream here: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1BdGYOmrVNQxX

No. 740805

Is this in NYC?? oh man, this is cringe

No. 740839

The moment all these "alt-right" and "trump supporter conservative" girls who were all fuckable started popping up in my youtube feed i realized something, this is all too fucking easy. then i find this shit and it all makes sense. hot chicks pretending to be conservative to bait teenagers and other retards into orbiting them and paying their patreon

No. 740849

File: 1543532844969.jpg (119.78 KB, 1677x805, IMG_20181129_162435.jpg)

No. 740852

File: 1543533065248.jpg (141.22 KB, 1648x1214, loomer.jpg)

she's literally comparing herself getting banned from twitter to the holocaust holy shit

No. 740872

Didnt know jim called out tradthots too.

But seriously has laura lost it? Would most tradthots do the same?? Just lost their minds once the male attention is gone

No. 740993

i guess the betabux dont pay like they used to, gotta get on national tv for max attention now

No. 741001

She's always doing stuff like this.

No. 741005

Alright this isn't exactly milk, and I can't show any receipts without outing myself, so believe what you will. I had an online back and forth with one of these kind of youtubers, nothing serious just flirting and what not, he told a couple of his friends about me (her included) and that he wanted me to come to the states to meet him. After she found out about me she starting being real clingy with this guy, posting old pics of them hanging out, inviting him on a bunch of trips, tweeting things trying imply a relationship (didn't bother me too much since I wasn't dating the guy, just thought it was odd), he ended up asking her to lay off and I don't think she's bothered him since

No. 741162

File: 1543568013942.jpg (45.19 KB, 600x428, Julie-Alex-wedding.jpg)

I saw a video from Ashton recently, her new schtick is to claim that "both parties r gay!" and act like a manic pixie.

Basically she's doing what Julie Borowski was doing like 5 years ago, only trying to grift a career out of being a youtube spazz for heartsick bob & vageen paypigs.

No. 741563

>>740800 this was only done as an attempt to get arrested so she could pretend like she's actually being scrutinized for advocating freedom of speech. Twitter just ignored her and the police did too.

Sorry for posting a link but it's a non YouTube video and it's extremely milky.


No. 741614

>police ignored her
She ended up getting arrested though.

No. 741778

I wonder if she registered freelauraloomeragainnoforrealthistime.com in advance like she did the last time she pulled a stunt (yelling at the Julius Caesar production).

That (and much more) was in Metokur's video which is on YouTube. Basic viewing on Looney Loomey.

No. 741876

File: 1543672767834.png (270.52 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20181201-085841.png)

No. 741893

File: 1543678139884.jpg (787.48 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181201-092716_Ins…)

Lauren and her sister are both cos-sluts who crave online attention

No. 742027

at least she's not absurdly photoshopped here

No. 742184

so traditional and aryan to show your ass off in public. now back to my genocidal fantasies because black girls twerk sometimes

No. 742335

Girls with weak face always do this.

No. 742481

her sister's still a total instaho, but she's apparently pretty liberal and doesn't pretend to be ~trad~

No. 742724

>had to ask police officers to free her from her own cuffs
this actually made me laugh out loud

I also love how she was like I need protection for when antifa shows up, as if they gave a fuck

here's the full stream

No. 742735

TFW no antifa supersoldiers, no right knight in shining armor to save u, it's cold outside and you're stuck to a door.

No. 742741

This is PURE gold.

No. 742833

this is exactly the outcome I was hoping for.

No. 743498

dang, I was really enjoying this thread until RPC got cowtipped and it devolved into a pol fest. I actually lurked RPC quite a bit when I saw her posted on WHTM. She wants to be white soooooo bad. Other anons found her fb I thought? is she online at all? I cant find anything.

Honestly I feel like redpill dudes found this thread and are using the info against them, but know better than to post here.

also tfw im commie feminist scum but am better at baking, cooking, sewing, cleaning etc than these absolute WINNERS. I low key wanna try rpc's 3 ingredient horror brownies.

No. 746341

File: 1544374874771.png (2.25 MB, 750x1334, A60DCE6D-2F72-47A1-9002-532F02…)

Going to sleep with full face of makeup yikes

No. 746577

Cute blockbrows, lauren!

No. 746780

File: 1544436836747.png (378.98 KB, 1080x1101, IMG_20181210_041120.png)

Is it autistic to be sad? I thought she was secretly one of us.

No. 746783

maybe she's memeing

No. 746803

>one of us
Gross. She's another dumb trad thot who just feels threatened by Shuwu for being thinner, more popular as "le chan gurl" and less ugly than her.

No. 746896

>less ugly
I dislike both but, Brittany at least looks average without make up even with her hammerhead ass compared to shuwu who looks like a transvestite donkey witch.

No. 746901

I would say both of their faces are below average without makeup

No. 746937

no she’s not. she’s just as misogynistic and racist as the other tradthots posted here, she just tries to layer it in more irony so it’ll be easier for her to backtrack when this schtick stops being profitable

No. 747614

No. 747615

File: 1544561907225.jpg (237.46 KB, 800x1199, girls.jpg)

No. 747623

File: 1544562788055.png (238.79 KB, 1154x700, pink.png)

She turned her entire Twitter pink for the occasion.

Also, lol @ Lauren Southern's endorsement.

No. 747632

is that coverart real?
l m a o

No. 747651

Hope she gave appropriate royalties to Lana del Ray lel

No. 747766

The Lauren Southern quote really makes it considering the idea of her ever drinking her own koolaid and having kids is laughable

No. 747783

so trad…totally not a career woman move. okay.

No. 747893

it's always "girls" and never "women" huh

No. 748328

File: 1544663555904.gif (1.97 MB, 380x285, embarassed-for-u.gif)

> let me tell you how im better than Chris Chan


No. 748377

Lol why do this people even bother trying to pretend that they are making "self help" targeted for women? It's the same shit when they had the young republican's Women Leadership conference and it was all Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson telling women that they should just have babies and give up career/education. So much for leadership.

If you've ever watched one of Brittany's videos with her sister where they discuss womanhood and female issues, all of the comments are men. There seems to be less than 20 women in her audience. She makes these videos "directed at" women and the entire audience just seems to be men who hate women and want to bitch about them on youtube. Weird as hell.

No. 748894

File: 1544749234247.png (339.02 KB, 478x592, Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 6.58…)

Can any plastic surgery/filler pros identify exactly what she has done to her face now? She looks so… off to me but I'm terrible at identifying what work people get done. Definitely lip fillers right?

Honestly as much as I hate Lauren's views I always thought she was really pretty and kind of unique looking. I feel bad that she seems to be going down the path of ruining her face.

No. 748960

File: 1544761633889.png (715.55 KB, 805x601, brittanyaustria.png)

Someone's gonna be an immigrant.

No. 748965

File: 1544761924761.gif (720.53 KB, 500x250, parisgeller.gif)

I feel like she's trying to look professional and sophisticated but it just makes her look way older than she really is.

No. 748971

her hairstyle and the high neck black top make her look like some kind of science fiction villain

No. 749003


>i want to speak to the manager!¡!

No. 749046

Can someone buy this and post excerpts about whatever bullshit she spews in this book?

No. 749047

Forget to mention, why the fuck did she put herself on the cover?? Lmao.

No. 749065

File: 1544783520739.jpg (348.07 KB, 1155x502, vickers_ready_to_leave.jpg)

Hey yeah she looks like a spooky PS botched wallmart version of Charlize Theron in Prometheus.

No. 749077

Um… Excuse me, but the correct term for white people immigrants is actually "expat". She's not a hypocrite you guys ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 749085

You can buy it to someone you dislike and give it to them yourself.
You know, to be subtle

No. 749121

Nosejob, lip fillers, botox on forehead and maybe nasolabial area, maybe a brow lift, plus other possible injections somewhere else since her face looks so stiff. All this shit aged her face like crazy, I mean, she was never youthful looking but if before she looked in her late 20s now she looks in her middle/late 30s.
She looks a bit like Kiki, too. Can't feel sorry though, she's awful

No. 749148

Her lips are obvious and her brows are now arched, but how does she have a nosejob? Her nose is still wide as hell.

No. 749171

Her nose looks way different than it used to but it looks worse. So if she did get a nose job it was a massive mistake. But if it possible for fillers in other areas of the face to make your nose swell up and look wider? If it is I could see that being the reason.

No. 749178

she literally looks like a suburban soccer mom from Connecticut whose 40 with two kids and addicted to plastic surgery to forget that her husband is banging his secretary. how does she looks so old and so unfeminine when that’s her entire platform?

No. 749189

I know that face changes as people age, but in this video she looks so much different than now.

No. 749196

Look at >>693055, that's a typical nosejob swelling. Plus, it looks different than it used to be, and not all surgeons are good with wideish noses.

No. 749199

Lauren Southern looks like alternate universe Amberlynn who lost weight.

No. 749224

Because Britt will never directly talks to women or something for women that isn't condensening or pandering. Women coming together threatens who she panders to which is men. She says what they want to hear about women, feminity and women's "issues" (men killing, harassing and raping women isn't one) and they lap it up because they hate women and hate it when we go against the narrative of their version of woman

Are we surprised ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I wonder if she'll get called out and get told to stay in her country

No. 749252

I think Lauren is a narcissist and she also seems quite delusional about of her „mission” to save of western civilisation or she is just a pathological liar, she only spews hatred and also she is not a nationalist, a nationalist is person who has excessive pride in his or her homeland, think it is superior and promotes its interests above anything else, but Lauren barely says anything about Canada and when she does she only criticises it. It looks like she hates being canadian, let alone being patriotic. She has constant holidays in Europe under the pretext that she makes documentaries that nobody watches, besides her dumb fans of course who believe anything she says and also give her money so she could have her „traditional” lifestyle.

No. 749308

God her voice is so fucking deep and manly, why does she have so many orbiters? She looked very average and forgettable before. Now she just looks botched. Like a less ugly Laura Loomer

No. 750172

File: 1545047179857.jpeg (498.29 KB, 1536x2048, 432DB948-CE3A-4D14-8CBC-A7FED3…)

Lol is this her

No. 750238

File: 1545062665794.jpg (370.51 KB, 1071x1788, Screenshot_20181216-131032_Ins…)

Ya'll remember evalion?

No. 750239

File: 1545062706906.jpg (875.08 KB, 1076x1261, Screenshot_20181216-131139_Ins…)

No. 750242

File: 1545062804746.jpg (533.56 KB, 1080x1720, Screenshot_20181216-131246_Ins…)

She isn't traditional at all, so she isn't working or getting an education for nothing. She also was part of a worldview, national socialism, that focused on the superiority of whites. Well, she can't even do math and she's around 10% native American. I find it funny. She's also childless and she lives with her husband in her husband's parent's basement

No. 750310

Don't think so. But she looks like Lauren in a couple years. Why are tradthots so shitty when it comes to skincare and wellness. At least follow a Korean skincare routine for a bit or something.

>feminism makes me be an adult :(
She could just grab a grocery store job or something nearby, save up and pay to finish her ged and then maybe community college or something after. Alot of people do that. Is working that scary for her? Or just being independent?

But it's funny to see so many tradthots ride the trad train because they want an easy life of sitting at home, doing nothing and maybe have a kid later. The lazy sugarbaby without sugarbabying.

No. 750397

Don't take pictures of innocent people like that

No. 750422

I didn’t take it, found it on twitter feed

No. 750436

she looks like hillary clinton

No. 750534

How did feminism make it so the family has to have two incomes? So feminism determines how much her husband gets paid or what job he does? lol

No. 750560

Eh, her voice is fine. Agree on the Laura Loomer comparison though

No. 750842

Dumb bitch should have followed through on her own advice: marry a GOOD man. And part of that his him earning enough to hold it down for a family.

No. 750884

Cry me a river. It's all feminism's fault. What a dumb bitch.

No. 750897

File: 1545185893859.png (1.32 MB, 1801x787, lmao.PNG)

No. 750910

Faith's hypocrisy is hilarious
>women shouldn't work, should stay at home and have babies! Be traditional!
>has a career in politics and runs for major

No. 751216

File: 1545248280825.png (71.21 KB, 900x625, brittanylikes.png)

You called it. Looks like men are the main audience for her book about girls. It's kinda tragic.

No. 751244


>childless and she lives with her husband in her husband's parent's basement

If you're going to throw your life away to be a housewife why wouldn't you marry a guy who makes money?? Like damn you're supposed to marry a rich guy… does her husband work at Walgreens or something?

No. 751308

yes because now more women take jobs

No. 751382

No surprise. It's a book to reinforce her audience's ideas of women.
>see! you ladies are suppose to shut up and make babies this one woman said so

If she did that she'd be a good digger and guys hate that remember

No. 751393

File: 1545273424474.gif (1.67 MB, 800x800, rnNm1YG.gif)

I wonder if she'll have a baby as soon as she gets married and give up on her activism.

No. 751439

File: 1545277667461.jpeg (88.92 KB, 748x438, 34D2AF21-9544-4D23-8FC7-CA743E…)

Found this girl retweeted by a friend and her whole time line is nothing but anti-feminist zingers and moralizing about how girls should be. I saw that she only joined 3 months ago and wonder why she had so many followers.

I realized she’s hapa so that will definitely reel in the neckbeards.

She would be unremarkable, but she is incrediblely full of herself. Her sticky tweet is literally a gif that reads “Hi stalkers!”


What is it about these types that act like the biggest cunts?

No. 751442

Same anon - realized i meant stickied.

No. 751501

File: 1545288469506.jpg (49.27 KB, 500x879, a8d0013918cc7ac51d3b10765f404e…)

So was she doing cam shows before or after she dropped out of high school to be "traditional"?

Her timeline is pretty well known and there are video records of it on fucking pornhub, I don't know why she thinks she can lie.

No. 751524

>I'm a half asian (white man asian woman for all my male followers ;) ) atheist liberal anti feminist who loves cooking, cleaning, hate women who've had abortions, believes women should just stay at home and I'm totally not like other girls in the cool pick-me girl pick me please

And then when they find out their audience really does hate women having rights and choices, they'll be surprised and backed into a corner. They act like cunts because theyre trying to act unbothered while being online surrounded by men who will tear them apart if they step out of line a la Tara McCarthy and Lauren.

No. 751540

Yeah, I'm sure if women didn't take more jobs, her husband would be a millionaire.

No. 751551

he would be able to get a job easier because there would be more jobs for men

No. 751558

Does he have any specific skills and qualifications? Studies have shown that qualified men are more likely to be hired than women with the exact same qualifications so women dropping out of the workforce en masse wouldn’t significantly affect his chances in that regard. If he doesn’t have any skills or qualifications, is he willing to work crappy retail jobs? Clean toilets? Work in a nursing home? Childcare? Is he going to be a receptionist or secretary? Probably not, those are all women’s jobs because men don’t want to do them.

Lazy men like to blame working women for all their own problems but the reality is that even in pre-feminist times these guys would be losers.

No. 751568

don't get me wrong he COULD still get a good job and either way yes he needs a skill anon, it would just be more difficult because of the 50% increase of the population now being your competition in the job force.
Why would women want to work anyway? I certainly don't. Most jobs are shit.

There are some female oriented jobs (the minority) but women done with raising their family could just do those if they need to be occupied so bad during the day or need money on the side until a man can take care of them and their family.

No. 751574

File: 1545318923003.jpg (548.48 KB, 1078x1502, Screenshot_20181220-091333_Chr…)

So tradishunal~

No. 751588

File: 1545321963983.jpg (599.89 KB, 1500x1500, pt2018_12_20_10_04_27.jpg)

I like how she contradicted herself within the span of just one day lol

No. 751590

it is life threatening you don't know what the men are going to do wtf

No. 751594

>saggy tits hanging out
>holding an entire bottle of wine
U cannot write this shit

No. 751610

Not all women are cut out to be wives or raise kids. even if you wanted to be a housewife, it's not guarenteed that you will ever become one that easily since you need to make sure the man you pick to be your husband is perfect. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a man who doesn't mind them leeching off them, it's a completely unrealistic goal for some women and is not practical. Tbh if i wanted a man to give me pocket money i would just live with my parents for the rest of my life.

No. 751702

(sage for blog)
Nothing wrong with wanting to stay at home and raising your kids of course, many women do want to have kids and stay at home once they settle down. But many women don't feel like that kind of life is for them. If it weren't acceptable for women to be working, they'd be then relegated to housework, childrearing and cooking. Literally one line of work. The thing with allowing women to work jobs is not to take away anything from men, but to give them the freedom of choosing what they want to do in their lives. Surprise, men also benefit from that arrangement as well.

Also the thing with many if not most "female-oriented jobs" like nursing, teaching and shit are not considered careers, they're "callings". Literally one of the first things my friend was told when she started nursing school is "Don't expect to make money. Your job is supposed to be a passion and your fulfilment comes from being a hero" and then you are stuck with a shit job, shitty hours and a shit salary under the pretext that you are on a life mission. (Not saying "male jobs" don't do that, eg. military. But at least you don't get told you should be happy for being treated like dirt)

Shitty pay that barely allows them to get by means that they NEED a man if they want to live a decent life. The problem is then to find a good man that will treat you right, makes good money and that you are at least somewhat attracted to. If you're not pretty enough to land one of these, you'll have to take whatever's left, because not everyone has the luxury of choice. This then leads to rushing into marriages, which leads to unhappy relationships which harms BOTH parties. But what if you're not into men, maybe you prefer being single? What if you are really into science? Conversely, what if you're a man who wants to take care of your kids and household? What if you wanted to work in healthcare? You just can't. Or you'd be at such a disadvantage that it wouldn't be worth it. If you stop treating one half of the population like second-rate citizens, then the other half will also become freer as a result.

Also the fact that women are allowed in the work force= bigger workforce= more jobs= more productivity. Also, more workers =bigger chance to find a genius=more advancements for humanity. As anyone who has passed Economics 101 can attest, it's not like there is a fixed number of jobs in the world and it suddenly became twice as hard to find one, so I really doubt the economy would be better off if women weren't "stealing" men's jobs.
Go back to sucking Laura's dick.

No. 751746

File: 1545342996123.png (1.24 MB, 1440x2151, Screenshot_20181220-165302~2.p…)

Imo this is beautiful Anon.

anyway I saw this Lauren post and the dramaticism really made me laugh

No. 751769

I've noticed too that many tradthots like Faith, Lauren, Barbara and co have mgtow followers. You know, guys who are just about anti traditionalism as they get. And these women pander to them excessively like they're are so afraid of men "leaving" and living alone because that means they'd have to find a job and school which is evil for women who should just be forced to stay at home, cook, clean and have babies while the men worked and pay for everything.

These are the women they hate the most. They should be at odds with one another but it's hilarious that they follow each other


Online male attention is one hell of a drug

No. 752084

It's strange to me since docile is typically negative, and empires sounds inspiring and what not.

But enslaved and slaughtered? Does she want to return to that or what?

No. 752093

Why does her post sounds less cool dramatic and more "Corny world domination villain no one takes seriously"
Even her pose looks stupid

No. 752244

A lot of these trads and anti-feminist types are real snakes in the grass. They talk about how they will make great housewives when in reality they want to be forever children and financial burdens to their men.

And when their man doesn’t make enough, they’ll hen peck and nag and nag and nag until the men eventually leave further perpetuating the negativity towards the female sex as a whole. We’re weak, we’re gold diggers, etc.


I’m guessing the Asian part is Filipina. Some of them can be boxy like Mexicans.

No. 752310

>Why would women want to work anyway? I certainly don't. Most jobs are shit.
You really don't understand why women would want options and opportunities? That maybe there are women who have always dreamt of doing X job and now they have the opportunity to? Don't you have dreams and goals you have always strived for? A field you gravitated toward? Women are no different.

Not to mention that financial independence and stability basically equals freedom. Money makes the world go round and we all need it to live. And we have to work for it. It's unfortunate and I'm sure we would all like to pretend like money doesn't matter that much but it does. What if the man who previously "took care" of them woke up one day and decided he no longer wants to do that? What if their spouse cheats or is abusive? Then they're shit out of luck with no work experience, no resume, possibly no education/skills. The romanticization of the ~tradwife~ is complete bullshit. Women deserve options just like men do. Not sure why that bothers people like you so much.

No. 752325

having onle 1 arm apparently

No. 752670

I have a suspicion that a few /pol/ posters are regularly visiting this thread to troll, derail and LARP here as women. I don't think those "Huh, what woman would want to work anyway" posts were even made by a woman.

No. 752708

Oh they definitely weren't made by women. They were made by the same type of male who frames all career/work as pointless and soul sucking but only when women do it. When men do it, it's important work and should be admired and apparently there is no issue and it's extremely fulfilling. But women can only be fulfilled by doing things that benefit men, such as cooking and cleaning the home. How convenient.

No. 753260

This is true.

No. 753271

File: 1545609560772.jpeg (519.8 KB, 750x959, DF47F293-14A5-41F0-A0BB-394679…)

No. 753272

File: 1545609704802.jpeg (689.62 KB, 1311x2048, 72624E0D-00D4-470D-AE65-945501…)

The tradthottiest thing I’ve seen in awhile.

No. 753480

>Filling a stocking with ammunition.
Why does this chick likes to remind everyone she likes guns?
She does not look cool or anything.
More like closer to a mental breakdown or anything

No. 753546

Being an annoying bitch with no personality outside of my (most likely fake) political beliefs to own the libs.

No. 753658

This bitch is absolute cringe. My favorite is the one pic she posted in a blush pink body suit with a gun. Everyone on Twitter was roasting her saying she looked like raw chicken.

The grift with these morons is so transparent that I sometimes don’t under how people fall for it.

Then I remember the thirsty neckbeards.

These girls are web cam girls in reverse. Fully clothed (sometimes) but will throw attention their way for a few bucks. Gotta pay those student loans somehow.

Does anyone have receipts if Emily Youcis is really engaged to the “Crying Nazi”? There were rumors floating around.

If it’s true, this just proves once again that they’re so desperate for “muh white babies!” that they’re willing to raise their kids in abject poverty as long as they’re the right skin tone.

No. 754527

"Little extra on the side" is code for prostitution, yes?

No. 754532

Because basic supply and demand.
If it's only men that are going for all the jobs then most can ask for wages that support their entire family.
Too many jobs and not enough workers.
If they're all competing with women then suddenly most are forced to take whatever scraps they can get.
Too many workers and not enough jobs.

No. 754535

He's autistic and an open nazi so probably. Even if he's the greatest guy on Earth ain't nobody wants to hire an open nazi.

No. 754536

He's autistic and an open nazi so probably. Even if he's the greatest guy on Earth ain't nobody wants to hire an open nazi.

No. 754609

Please, go back to /pol/ anon… We've gone through this already. Spoiler: that's not how economics work.

No. 754638

He's also terrible with people. Evalion took over his YouTube and got it shut down, but in his old streams and debates he was so awkward and unstable.

No. 754685

File: 1545938889854.jpg (20.11 KB, 400x400, burdine.jpg)

No. 754715

Looks more like Faith Goldy.

No. 754819

Lauren Chen (Roaming Millennial) interviews Brittany Pettibone

No. 754876

i mean it ''is'' how economics work, but anons scenario is nonsensical because even with all the make-work-economics and state-sponsored union gibberish in the west, there ''still'' is a glut of workers compared to jobs available.
and it gets even worse when you factor in that most jobs require some degree of specialization/qualification in order to be had, which translates into even fewer jobs for the glut of workers.
meanwhile, we see wages staying relatively flat, which, if inflation is accounted for, means theyre actually decreasing annually.

all in all, this has more to do with the artificial federal monetary policy thats been in place since 08 than it does anything else imo.
its too bad more /pol/acks dont take the time to understand such things. all they know about the FED is that its "run by kikes", and they end up stopping there. skipping the whole interesting part.

lmao yeah the whole tradthot "movement" thing just reads to me like a feminized version of what we saw a few years ago with the explosion of rightwing youtube wannabe ideologues.
the skimpy little number shes got on, the ammunition in the stocking… ill give her one thing: she knows her target audience. theres an immense thirst in the right leaning male audience for "le perfect irl waifu", and shes filling it. shamelessly.
its funny that something like traditionalism can be twisted into something that so closely parallels prostitution

itll be interesting in a few years to see how few of these charlatans actually believes in the stuff they spew, or if theyre simply filing the gap for the (no longer) shortage of reactionary media. my bet is <25%

No. 754898

Funny how 'respect' means being told you're pretty and complimented to her. No Brittany, this is not what 'feminists' are asking for.

Easy way to get it for you: women have always worked. Before, they were mainly peasants on top of being wives and mothers. The trad household of the 50's is only temporarily possible because WWII/Moore's law, and it sucks so bad for us we don't have delusions into getting back there.

No. 754912

File: 1545965402822.png (455.9 KB, 429x795, barbiefiance.png)

No. 754915

File: 1545965534246.png (190.15 KB, 429x595, oneminutelater.png)

No. 754917

File: 1545965607958.png (46.64 KB, 429x500, nickmon1112.png)

What do you think: Did her beta orbiter make this gift?

No. 754925

kek she's trying so hard to push the Barbie thing, you can tell it makes her absolutely gleeful.
It's like how Shuwu tweets "reminders" about how she is a cute and smol diney princess.

No. 754949

I think the funniest thing about this is that's not even a Barbie doll.

No. 754998

That's generally what's meant by being autistic. There are autists that are billionaires and autists below the poverty line with very few of them in between.

No. 755001

Yep. Antifems are right to say that feminism has had an affect on general income stagnation but they're wrong when they place the blame on it entirely.

No. 755013

is there something I'm missing about this 'barbie fiancee' chick? she doesn't look anything like barbie?

No. 755034

File: 1545973326155.png (483.72 KB, 590x1070, brittany.png)

When she and her fiance where banned from the UK, an English tabloid did an article on them using her Rational Wiki article as a resource and Brittany loved it so much she even put it in her Twitter bio.


No. 755232

Why do I feel the guy seems desperate for her attention?

No. 755287

Because he is. Brittany retweets him sometimes but their "firendship" isn't reciprocal.

No. 755576

File: 1546050418631.png (92.01 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_20181228-221719.png)

No. 755577

File: 1546050458685.png (80.98 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_20181228-221726.png)

No. 755578

File: 1546050613698.png (69.3 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_20181228-221901.png)

No. 755593

She should know that because she is dumb 99% of the time doesn't mean that others are

No. 755611

I swear this bitch reminds me of lele pons but instead of "im latina" it's "i like guns"

No. 755621

Kek she's making a mistake she'll regret her whole life about right now. Guess daddy didn't do such a great job with her after all.

No. 755659

How do people end up like this? I say things like this about myself in my head at my worst moments - I can't imagine humiliating myself by saying it out loud to an audience of misogynists, much less saying it about an entire demographic.

What's in it for these girls? The ones that don't seem to make any substantial money from it like Lauren does. A lifetime of being shat on by the men they pander to? Being told they are stupid and worthless? That wears you down after a while. And why do they insist on dragging other women down with them?

No. 755668

File: 1546060370876.png (42.55 KB, 583x296, Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 11.1…)

Where'd you find this gem, anon?

No. 755674

The woman that tells misogynists that women are stupid and worthless is the one that hears in response "yeah, but you're one of the good ones."

No. 755678

But surely that isn't enough eventually…

In all honesty I used to be on this anti-feminist train when I was younger. Certainly not at the level that this girl is at, but I was pretty far gone. And it made me hate myself to constantly be surrounded by men constantly mocking me and telling me how dumb and worthless women are. Eventually it broke me and I had to cut myself off from everything to gain some semblance of self worth again.

Surely at the end of the day these women realize that no amount of groveling and performative self hatred will ever be enough. They will always just be a woman to these people and therefore they will always be hated. Look at what happened to Southern.

No. 755683

Southern still has hundreds of thousands of followers so she's not suffering enormously.

No. 755700

File: 1546068463865.jpg (25.79 KB, 360x355, Capture.JPG)


Whenever I stumble upon shit like this I always think it must be a larping neckbeard.
But then again, even RPC turned out to be a real woman so who knows.

No. 755717

Anon, this is some hardcore shoop. I highly doubt this is a woman, it's probably a tranny. Dude really needs to take some shoop lessons from Raychiel.

This reminds me of when I used to troll around on stormfront, I came across some member named OrangeCounty1488. Apparently she was a 16 year old girl from America whose female cousin in Europe got killed by a refugee. However, this "16 year old girl" typed like your average racist conservatard 40 year old neckbeard, kinda like her dad who ran a badly coded conservative news site. You see where I'm going here don't you?

TL;DR Basically, this dude in his late 40s created a pretend white nationalist teen daughter. The picture he used for the fake daughter was a screenshot from a YouTube video of a instagram model from Bulgaria named Polina Egorova. Who isn't a teen, but is actually like in her mid 20s right now lmao

No. 755719

tldr; a gay, possibly Jewish man was trying to catfish rednecks.

No. 755739

Cringe to see this American larping as a Russian.

Probably an third generation American or just someone who’s infatuated with Russia or something.

No. 755765

She's says she is Russian anon (It could be also a russian american larping as a russian though, as anon above me said)
I know it's hard to believe she is real, but remember everything is possible in this world anons, so it's possible that a woman ended up swallowing all of the alt right shit, besides her thoughts and interactions with other people on twitter seem to indicate she is a real woman with low self-esteem and hate towards other women.

No. 755776

Imagine believing this. holy shit

No. 755777


It's scary tbh. Being this kind of extreme self hating woman is very, very sad.

No. 755912

File: 1546112922805.jpg (60.29 KB, 800x445, chicken cutlet.jpg)

She keeps getting hammier too. Don't get me wrong, she isn't fat, but if a prominent feminist did sexay photoshoots like she does she would get ripped apart. Her face looks masculine af too.

No. 755920

ew gross. bet he fapped to his fake daughter too.

No. 755932

Looks like Lorde got a bad bleach job then went on a wild bender with guns in a glitter leotard.
What a fucking wild look, someone thinks this looks great ahahaha.

No. 755935


Are we sure this isn't some strict muslim girl larping as a white girl to snatch up all those misogynistic altright guys' attention. Or just RPC again kek

Wait for this one to be doxed and exposed. Or slip up and have those same men she panders to turn on her. Those men have no loyalty to women, no matter how much they shit on themselves. Attention is one hell of a drug

No. 755947

She's skinnyfat. If she doesn't watch herself she'll be a whale in a couple years.

No. 755963

My god every color in this photo washes her out and brings attention to that weird splotchy thing her thigh skin is doing

No. 756013

does that say autistic woman? lol

No. 756072

It is a form of self hatred/self destruction. I've been through that anti-feminist rhetoric when I was really mentally ill and in an abusive relationship. I believed I deserved to be treated that way because my father raised me telling me what a burden I was to him financially and that all women were good for was what they could give to men. Now I feel sorry for a lot of the women still stuck in that mindset but I think some of the ones online are faking it, like it's just for asspats and they see themselves as superior and above other women as opposed to being part of the group that is shat on. I know with this kind of woman they cannot stand female friendships because they are in constant competition with them and having another female around sucks male attention away from them.

No. 756155

i can't find a single tweet in russian. there was some video of "her niece" where a woman spoke russian. probably a larper. idk why there are so many slavboos like this. they would probably hate real life in russia and having to go to work instead of larping on twitter all day because you are poor af

No. 756309

File: 1546182058456.jpeg (16.19 KB, 308x400, F7E264D8-19B3-4406-A1A3-526AC4…)

No. 756488

Dear God, thank you for making these white supremacist tradthots failures.

No. 756693

help, i'm on a downward spiral, i've been locked in watching and reading woman-hating redpill stuff i am terridied now and i feel so hopeless, i feel suicidal, i think i am blackpilled that most society and men really think all those think about women and there is no escape and no hope.

No. 756696


what kind of male is posting these things, fuck off back to pol, asshole!

No. 756866

Chicken Cutlet going back to college after she graduated to harass the kids there

No. 756928

Who do you hang out with irl? Most men I know irl have no idea who any of these people are or what any of this stuff is and don’t believe anything like it. Hell, “incel” is now becoming a more “mainstream” term, but you’d still have to explain what it means to a large number of people. Just realize when you’re in an internet bubble and recalibrate to society, it definitely makes you feel better

No. 756993

You really think men in 'society' don't hold similar views, though? I'm genuinely asking.

Even without knowing about incels/the red pill/mgtow, most of the men I know would agree with what is said in those spaces. But maybe I am horribly unlucky. I would prefer to believe that than the alternative.

No. 757065

I don't know any men actually hate women, but I do know a lot of them that are MGTOW is the sense that they'll still say marriage isn't worth the risk of divorce rape.

No. 757066

Hang out with other handmaidens and bake cookies with them or something.

No. 757082

Redpill/mgtow/incel shit are really extreme examples of beliefs that a lot of normie men casually hold, but in general they're a lot less bitter and resentful. Maybe it depends on your culture.

No. 757136

I agree with >>757082 to some degree but I also know plenty of men who think that stuff is crazy af. I’m as man hating as a lot of radfems some days given the state of some shit in the world, but honestly I also know some good dudes

No. 757138

I live in the US that’s the scary part. We’re supposed to be ‘less’ misogynistic right? But no…doesn’t seem like it. All of the men I know hate women a lot, even my own dad will tell me I’m worthless and my only value is what I can provide for men (sex, cooking, whatever.)

It fucking sucks. Because I don’t feel like I hate men at all, and id like to have a boyfriend or have a strong relationship with my dad and feel like my male colleagues don’t think I’m some subhuman. But hearing what men say about women really ruins that for me.

And the thing is I really don’t understand where the hatred comes from. Some were probably fucked over by women at some point and I have sympathy for that but even (most) women who are fucked over by men don’t start screaming that men don’t deserve rights, are incapable of doing anything good for society and are somehow less human.

Idk. Life is depressing. Really hate being a woman.

No. 757170

Unless it involves tradthots, stop derailing about feminism, man hating, and red/black pill.

No. 757186

File: 1546328537156.jpg (29.14 KB, 1280x720, 29906170001_5785799575001_5785…)

Just wanted to mention that this chick gained her 5 minutes of fame by posing with a rifle at Kent State, a school that actually had a shooting, for her graduation photos which caused controversy.

On top of being an insensitive cunt, this chick harasses protesters who aren't doing anything to her, and when they eventually get sick of her shit and start getting aggressive she threatens to shoot them. If she doesn't get arrested for breaking the law (she's been banned from Kent State after her graduation, so she wasn't supposed to be in Kent State for that interview), she'll get her ass kicked.

No. 757221

hopefully you're aware, but it wasn't a school shooting, the National Guard killed unarmed students protesting against war in Cambodia. this makes it all the sicker of her to do this.

No. 757616

She only went viral cause the picture of her was taken from the back. She’s got the weirdest face ever. Idk why tradthots age so horribly

No. 757659

File: 1546410400124.jpeg (466.89 KB, 738x869, 19171E96-5935-4CDA-9FF9-52AB24…)

Shit, you weren’t kidding.

No. 757670

whoa there

No. 757719


I tried to check her twitter but "she" seems to have been banned, kek.

No. 757779

In what part of the US do you live anon?

No. 757813

Nta but it's like that here and I live in the south, and of course all the "it's always women's fault never men's but poor men are being oppressed and blamed for everything' conplexes

Surprisingly enough a lot of old married women who have had traditional lifestyles end up hating men

No. 757841

Well I somewhat hear that a lot about the south, so I'm not that surprised, but what about the north, or any other part of the US?, Is it the same?

No. 758264

File: 1546502378708.png (539.37 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190102-235228.png)

It's possible that she didn't know before she took the pictures (even though there's literally a memorial for the shooting outside the freshman dorms, but whatever) but when she got banned surely they would've explained why? If they did she doesn't feel sorry at all, because she she thanks those pics for being the start of her """career."""

Why do all these tradthots have souless, dead eyes with no warmth? Are they trying to go for the Stepford Wife aesthetic?

No. 758312

Cause you have to be dead inside to believe or even pander to MAGA tier fags and their hyperbolic struggles.

No. 758352

"yuo kno i carry rite"

No. 758370

File: 1546528685102.png (142.52 KB, 720x888, IMG_20190103_161640.png)


Gotta love the comments

No. 758371

File: 1546528793962.png (615.2 KB, 716x949, IMG_20190103_161622.png)


And her response.
What the hell did she expect.

No. 758445

>the libs are bad am I right but RIGHT WING MEN ARR BEING MEAN TOO :( wtf
What the fuck does she expect lmao

It's buzzfeed, I know, but it's hilarious that the guys these girls pander too are just making fake accounts of women to post what they want. And tradthots believe it

No. 758560

File: 1546550575123.png (734.36 KB, 1216x546, lol.png)

she's got irma grese jowls.

No. 759450

Even with Facetune she looks like she’s in her mid 30s

No. 759468

she'll probably take that as a compliment.

No. 759473

>Her fashion taste is atrocious.

Not surprising, she's from the trashiest part of British Columbia.

No. 759476

>Why would women want to work anyway? I certainly don't. Most jobs are shit.

Because I want to be able to take care of and support myself, you fuck. The thought of being completely at the mercy of another human being, especially a man, is fucking nightmarish to me.

No. 759496

do you really need to take two-week-old bait from a larping maleposter? like ask yourself, really?

No. 760360

File: 1546856364509.jpeg (366.89 KB, 750x795, 559B759C-6D4D-4828-9806-2033BC…)

No. 760377

Remember when Lauren tried to attack some random girl for wanting to become a doctor? Then she went on youtube with some video with fake emotions explaining how she thinks women can choose whatever they want to do with their own life? This was when I officially didn't like her. She just went on some random girls twitter and attacked her. I guess she's just mad because she knows she's got no talent

No. 760504

This is beautiful, Anon.

No. 760704

Is this real? Are these women braindead? hahaha They deserve all the hate they get.

No. 761013

She looks so dry and old

No. 761048

Yup it was hilarious. They same men who told Lauren that women are disposable, useless in everything except making babies and meant to be chained up to the kitchen are the same men who told her that's she's a useless, inferior woman who should be chained up to a kitchen. She wanted to believe that if she hated women as much as they did, she'd be an exception but nope kek

Most often than not, those anti feminist tradthot profiles are just red pilled mgtow men larping to recruit more guys online to their ideology. But then you get the Laurens, Brittney Ps, Faith Gooldys, and barbara4u2s of the world because they need male attention and are probably scared of receiving hate from them online for being a woman. Sooner or later they always get reminded that they're not in the club, they're still women and all women are hated in those circles regardless of how many times they denounce their rights as human beings

No. 761550


Because men with high paying jobs tend to live in big coastal cities and be college educated so they are progressives who want nothing to do with tradthots. They marry women they went to grad school with or worked with.

Tradthots marry men who think colleges are liberal indoctrination camps and they work in some sort of trade that either pays poorly, or pays well but will force them to retire with health problems at 50. Of course they live in rural Nebraska so they buy a house for $50 and think they are living great

No. 761674

File: 1547067716814.jpg (240.44 KB, 1152x1280, 89fbec10-e506-4b7b-b0af-353970…)

Can this thread include nazi chicks too? This girl is eurasian and really desperate for attention from nazi guys on tumblr. There is this weird nazi community that overlaps with some femme/traditional blogs and a lot of them are divorced/promiscuous/not fully white yet praise hitler. It's hilarious.

No. 761678

….you gonna give a name?

No. 761692


No. 761699

File: 1547069667154.jpg (189.82 KB, 1080x701, Screenshot_20190109-152901_Tum…)

No. 762014

Lmao she's pro Stalin and very "trad revolutionary" alot of these tradthots always claim how liberalism is mainstream so being trad is so different and unique it's embarrassing how far these girls are willing to go to jerk off guys who'll still hate them in the end.

These girls always have to walk a thin line around their audience too. Can't post anything remarkably close to praise about women being decent or nice on their own without having to shoehorn how "men are wonderful too!" or how a woman is only for children and raising them. Nothing else.

No. 762191

To be totally honest fam, that does sound pretty great.

No. 762249

She just changed it to two t's at the end lmao

No. 762266

Most Eurasians I know are the product of fairly well off fathers and mail order moms so soft prostitution is the model they're presented with.

No. 762273

She's "pro Stalin" but also trad and panders Nazis? So it's a given she knows nothing about politics or history and is only seeking attention. Everyone knows trad life national socialists and stalinists could not get along worst in theory and praxis

No. 762367

File: 1547156262412.jpg (228.04 KB, 1079x939, Screenshot_20190109-152949_Tum…)


No. 762382

dude i'm so fucking confused about what she's trying to say. this goes beyond >>762273 cogent points.

No. 762415

File: 1547163043633.png (297.61 KB, 450x511, 90.png)

my favorite self hating tradthot. do u think she realizes she's the token "we're not racists" black girl

No. 762424

More details please.

No. 762429

File: 1547164943690.png (110.92 KB, 500x522, you-can-feel-free-to-call-me-a…)


Candace Owens

No. 762441

She looks like a black version of the thing from Splice

No. 762548

Uncle Tom also ends up beaten to death by white people when he refuses to snitch. No danger of Candace sticking to the book version of Uncle Tom that closely; as if she’d pass up an opportunity to sell out other black people like that.

No. 762582

Candace Owens. First she was a liberal that asked for infinite money to build a public record of every dumb thing that every kid ever said Then when they shunned her for it, she tried selling the same idea to Conservatives by telling them she was actually conservative all along. Even Blaire White called her out on this, and together they turned a debate on into one of the biggest shit shows in history. She lost hard, by the way, but despite having seemingly no popular support, was still somehow able to leverage media presence into working with Kanye West, and so was probably instrumental in his talking about Tiger Blood and shaking hands with Trump. Finally she burned that bridge by selling "licensed" Kanye swag behind his back.

And at one ShoeOnHead dabbed on her by pointing she looks like a character from Antz.

tldr; She's a con artist that gets by on being a fairly attractive token. A pretty good racket if you're able to get into it.

No. 762720

File: 1547208523692.png (522.06 KB, 458x529, yikes.PNG)

No. 762721

Is he standing behind the neckbeard?

No. 762722

That neckbeard is anything4views

No. 762723

Be still my beating ovaries.

No. 762727

File: 1547212438382.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 375.36 KB, 1536x2048, 58EA9002-6773-4F1C-A6DE-D2C7DB…)

Imagine considering this grotty baby body microdick having booger a chad. My fucking sides.

No. 762763

His name is Chad Roberts

No. 762789

Who are these people?

No. 762804

Laurens sister doesn't pretend to be trad and does't do anything to appeal to any alt righters. she seems pretty nice, talks about mental health every now and then

No. 763660


lmao where is this from

No. 763668

We got a new one. Ashley Elisa. Had about 1,000 subs or less and only two videos about leaving med school in Poland. Then started doing anti-feminist videos in Nov with a MGTOW video in December which seems to have given her a huge boost with 48k views. Now she's got 20,000+ subscribers and on the rise.

Her latest video on "Soft Boys" is less than 24 hours old and already has 36k views.

What's her deal?

No. 763673

This is Shuwu’s gimmick. A lot of these hoes have been using it after seeing the views and e-fame Shoe got. They don’t actually believe what they say, they’re just trying to get some Patreon bux.

Lmao, I lowkey like Candace. She’s a liar and a scammer. She purposely speaks like a token black because she knows white boomer conservatives love that shit and eat it up. And they mostly lick her ass because they’re scared of being called racist.

Is she mixed raced or just a Slav? The self hating thing is incredible to me. Not talking about this chick in particular, but my favorite self haters are the ones who’re so obviously heavily mixed but you can’t tell what they are. In the end, they just look American.

No. 763674

I remember when we dug into red pill chick and discovered she was supposed to go to med school (but dropped out or just decided not to) and she was also pretty intense with the mgtow stuff. I know there are many other reasons for leaving med school but being linked to a movement that specifically is against women in the workplace and college makes me suspicious they're purposefully selling themselves short

No. 763709

losers, that's who they are.

No. 763710

I bet the reason why she "left" med-school is because she flunked out kek

Why is it that the only women in the alt-right are failures who couldn't get far into their professional career/ didn't bother to go to school in the first place?

No. 763714

As much as Candance annoys me I can tell she's obviously going the Omarosa route

No. 763715

Because schools are run by leftists that are hostile and discriminatory towards conservatives?
At least that's what alt righters told me.

No. 763717

Hey, that's good for me, I rather have less power in the hands of incels, racists and handmaidens. It's why whenever I'm on 4chan I keep pushing the NEET and blue-collar labor shit as being masculine.

No. 763888

>pandering to mgtows
Can't imagine kissing asses of the men who will openly hate you for being a woman and seeing you as some evil venomous demon. Are patreonbux really that worth it?

Candance gets no love from me. Calling women who were sexual assault survivors as attention seekers then getting applause from her fans for saying it, its fucked up.

Because some are just lazy lol and some actually believe that they are deserving of a traditional home with 3 kids, 2 dogs and a hard working traditional suit-wearing husband who they'll be able serve uwu not an ugly liberal job that so many ugly feminists force women to have because women should only be working with babies /s

No. 763890

This thread keeps conflating "tradi" and being conservative. There's nothing tradi about Pettibone, she's just your typical conservative.

No. 764747

She's such a bland conservative, she has no original thought. She looks like a donkey and I bet she covers a tattoo or something with all of her turtlenecks.
She isn't attractive at all, that's why she does videos on "safe" topics that are generally agreed on by fellow cookie cutter conservatives, to avoid backlash since she has a thin skin. Probably due to how insecure she is, as she needs male validation while making herself out to be "not like other girls". It's funny since she'll never be the smartest, or funniest, or prettiest, so she has to hold these bland viewpoints just to get a man to agree with her. Maybe he'll pay off her medical school debt!

No. 764927

at least don't pretend that she is not attractive, you absolute sperg. You are embarrassing.

No. 764952

I was at the same medical school as RPC. It’s really difficult, a bit intense, and you get very little sleep. So she either couldn’t keep up, or (what I personally think happened) she ditched med school for her boyfriend. Her daddy was paying her housing when we went to school together, then she moved into her boyfriends place (he has a good job and family has good money). I’m assuming after she left school that her dad was pissed and cut off financially a bit. She’s legit retarded bc she was already half way done with school.

No. 764987

She was in a 5 year relationship so she's not even the trad virgin uwu these men want.

I hate these girls that pretend to be speaking to females with a 99% male audience. It's whoreish in itself. She mocks titty streamers when she does the same thing in essence, using her female appeal to garner attention. I hope she crashes and burns like stell bell or has a black ex like lauren southern.

No. 764988

I'm not a horny man so I don't think that she is

No. 765035

Doesn't surprise she flunked out of med school. It's not easy to keep up and you have to work which RPC hates and believes women shouldn't do. Remember her sperging about playing a sport with other girls who she thought were ugly because they weren't feminine, didn't have cute girly shoes and didn't talk about fashion with her

Her bf is probably one of those conservative types who wants a quiet trophy wife that doesn't do anything but stand there and call it trad.

Kek it's always the girls who used to party, fucked alot or just looking for attention from men after ending a relationship that go down this route

No. 766162

>I was at the same medical school as RPC
Any proof?

No. 766164

How the fuck do you get halfway through medical school and decide to just say "fuck it" and leave?! She would have to pay a shit ton of those loans back.

No. 766242

File: 1547563793062.jpg (Spoiler Image, 506.83 KB, 1080x1756, Screenshot_20190115-064551_Chr…)

Has anyone brought up indigowhite? She used to be a standard sjw Tumblr camgirl, but now she's pandering to the trad lovers with her porn for money, and got kicked off of an adult site for throwing the n word around, and just recently blew up in the pewdiepie subreddit. She's edgy until she gets into trouble, then she runs to her fans to validate her.

No. 766260

I missed the part with Kanye but it doesn't surprise me at all, they're both bugfuck crazy narcs.

I miss the old SJW Candace. She really let her freak flag fly. At the height of it, she was getting manic after having been awake for days trying to fight the whole internet and writing articles crowing about it lmao.

You sound pretty bitter tbh. You can hate her just as much and still admit she's pretty.

No. 766380

Ew. Can't believe she's still around.

No. 766403

File: 1547584638359.png (Spoiler Image, 668.95 KB, 1668x2224, IMG_6448.PNG)

Yea, she's still around and really trying to milk this angle. Here are screenshots of what got around when she got kicked off. I guess it was actually manyvids, and she went into the Ralph Retort to make herself a marter for "deplatformed" creators and bombed horribly.

No. 766406

File: 1547584797719.jpg (Spoiler Image, 153.49 KB, 1242x1428, IMG_20190115_123937.jpg)

No. 766407

File: 1547584854724.jpg (Spoiler Image, 176.34 KB, 1242x1995, IMG_20190115_123949.jpg)

She uses the "it's just jokes don't be such a snowflake uwu" excuse like no other

No. 766410

File: 1547584949005.jpg (Spoiler Image, 102.18 KB, 1242x976, IMG_20190115_124235.jpg)

No. 766411

File: 1547585000547.jpg (Spoiler Image, 195.85 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20190115_124143.jpg)

Last one.. This is what I'm talking about when I say she's shilling for the /Pol men's coins

No. 766427

I never get these people. They will argue forever about it being okay to call people "niggers", but always get buttblasted whenever anyone calls them anything with "white" as a descriptor, eg "horsefaced white bitch", "inbred white camwhore", "white, facially-challenged goblin", "white bitch" or just "typical white girl lol". Anything that refers to their race in a derogatory way will bring the tears and rage, but it's okay to do to others?

No. 766430

Would she be a trad thot or just a /pol/thot? I don't think she ever claimed that being trad was the way to live while also fucking herself on camera for some money

No. 766437

While on the Killstream she said she's going to be a housewife after she's done with porn, but you have a point!

No. 766439

I remember her when she first started, almost a decade ago I think. She was really shy and afraid to show her full face on cam, but she got a lot of attention because I guess she was young and cute.

I had no idea this is what she has been doing lately. I checked her twitter bio and it says "18+ Internet Waifu & Professional Cocksleeve" cringe… I guess she will do anything for money.

No. 766440

Yea, she's a perfect example of that, it's really such a weird concept to bring up race to be edgy, but not being able to take any of it back.

No. 766520

I think she's Jewish… that will make conservative men like her more and her nazi fans hate her

No. 766587

i remember her from tumblr like 4 years ago it looks like she changed a lot.
looked her up
found a classic "why i'm no longer a feminist" video.
>>766439 total money grab. sad to see.

No. 766649

Other way around. Nazis fetishize Jewesses.

No. 766655

Well I am a horny man, and she's more or a less a 7/10. That she also fronts as modest and conservative, and was smart enough to at least make it into medical school makes her prime marriage material to any number of wealthier, older gentlemen.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 766678

What a trad girl thing to do uwu fuck on camera, sell your nudes then become a modest housewife to a desperate man who'll be trashed as a cuck from her fans

But I suppose to be on these guy's good graces and get away with just about anything, just claim you're a trad conservative uwu

No. 766687

Did she actually get accepted into med school? I thought she was one of those delusional "premeds" who got rejected immediately

No. 766697

File: 1547610491157.jpg (24.1 KB, 1024x318, IMG_20190115_194634.jpg)

Exactly. From what I heard, she's already found her cuck, I guess now she's just trying to milk her desperate edgelord fans.

She also told her discord she was going to make Nazi porn, it's such a try hard move that I cringe into my socks. Especially when she denounced someone doing the same a while back.

No. 766698

File: 1547610524428.jpg (256.08 KB, 958x1469, Screenshot_20190115-194415_Chr…)

No. 766753

She's just after that alt-right $$$.

No. 766755

So weird. I always thought she was a super SJW (going by her tumblr days). But I'm guessing she's just acting this way for money.

No. 766794

A sad ethot existence. At least be real about yourself, instead of doing a moral 180 for $$.

No. 767115

File: 1547678372676.jpg (226.84 KB, 1080x926, Screenshot_20190116-163707_Avi…)

Hey guys, ashley elisa here! Sure am glad I destroyed my relationship of 5 years and dropped out of school! Haha I'm sure my ex boyfriend would love to see me with tens of thousands of horny men after me. But this one is for you ladies! I don't make videos for men, no! I don't love the attention! This is for the 2 girls that follow me hehe. I'm not like them though. I'm different. Even though I have conventionally bigoted beliefs hehe. I'm not repeating messages that others have been saying for years for any sort of monetary gain or attention. My YouTube channel that accomplishes absolutely nothing is very important!

No. 767121

File: 1547678992553.jpg (440.77 KB, 1451x1080, Screenshot_20190116-164853_You…)

She has no tits and constantly bleaches her hair. She's always making fun of titty streamers, made a dumb blonde joke before.. honestly funny since I think she's jealous. She couldn't titty stream even if she wanted to

No. 767259

>be in a ltr of 5 years
>go to school to have a decent life
>throw it all away
>browse pol and other places
>repeat what they say and want
>shit on yourself for being a woman
>earn $$$
>hope to catch a desperate pol cuck to marry and become a lazy trad waifu to collect more $$$

At this point, are there any simply any traditional girls who don't hate women and/or themselves this much

No. 767267

File: 1547695303381.jpg (268.37 KB, 1080x910, Screenshot_20190116-212002_Sam…)

No. 767268

File: 1547695329991.jpg (628.64 KB, 1080x1990, Screenshot_20190116-212013_Sam…)

No. 767269

File: 1547695358884.jpg (86.59 KB, 1076x415, Screenshot_20190116-212025_Sam…)


No. 767285

Wow she looks very similar to Lauren Southern. The masculine jawline, fake blonde hair and she even has the same unfortunate body type. Almost identical to >>726678 and >>726677

No. 768134

Ashton Whitty was on a Baked Alaska stream (apparently without knowing she was talking to Baked Alaska?) and was spilling on Paul Joseph Watson.
she shows up at around 25 minutes. the most interesting part is that PJW was cheating on a girlfriend with Lauren Southern for a while, and he is now obsessed with shit-talking her. (at about 37 minutes)

No. 768196

Watson must be desperate for coochie if he is fucking Southern

No. 768205

He’s a nice looking guy, but he sounds like English Howard Cosell. I would hate to hear what he sounds like every time he finishes with a girl.

It also just confirms that tradthots are exactly the dengerates they blast on about. But I guess being promiscuous is okay as long as it’s with a dude and he’s white.

No. 768206

Same Anon. I meant degenerates.

No. 768385

You know you can delete your post within 30 minutes and correct any typos, right? Oh, obviously not.

No. 768412

>PJW and lauren southern banged

holy shit theyre literal hoes now lmao
also suprised PJW gets any at all tbqh, he always looked like a closeted twink to me

No. 768564

You know back seat modding isn’t allowed either? Oh I guess not.


Same. He always came off as a colossal faggot.

No. 768945


I agree he's decent looking but I can't stand his fucking voice and the retarded gestures and smug faces he makes, it makes me want to put my first through his fucking skull.

I've heard those trad thots are just as slutty as any millenial liberal woman they just keep it on the down low, and they're constantly stealing each other's man and gossipping like a bunch of retarded desperate gossipy hags. I watched a stream with some tradthots and they were talking about that, those bitches are nasty.

No. 768950


nah he probaby sees it as another conquest. Isn't dude like pushing 40?? To them fucking an early twenties 'female' -even if they look much older like lauren- is like a great victory and gives bragging rights. Those red pill doodes explicitely go after the youngest they can get, even teenagers if they can get away with it.

No. 768981

PJW isn't gay? I would have thought he bamged Milo Y.

No. 768997

It's ridiculous how that Gillette ad has triggered so many people to do their own brand of "pro masculinity" virtue signaling.

No. 768999

I love how she somehow managed to work pro-gun stuff into this just to tick more boxes for dudes watching

No. 769013

cant wait til these tradthots officially hit the wall, it's gonna be hilarious for the ones that are still unmarried and get the same treatment they've disged out towards other wome over the years

lauren southern in particular is probably gonna be full of botox and fillers before she even makes it to 28, now imagine them after 30. bitches are gonna be sad. esp when they've become way too old for most of their misogynistic male audience and get replaced with the next generation of pre wall trad thots

No. 769080

These tradthots sound as drama filled as the beauty community on yt. I love it kek their hypocrisy is delicious

When do you think we'll see them stop? When more mgtows and incels call them out and one of them makes a video on "the men and their misogyny of the movement" like Lauren did?

No. 769347

Is she slow? She's arguing exactly what the ad is. And, duh, the ad is aimed at women.
>intoxicating masculinity
the pandering, I cringe

No. 769414

Ashley elisa hopped on this trend too.

No. 769781

File: 1548152181469.jpg (46.77 KB, 776x437, Dxfde-iX0AAfczv.jpg)

I can't wait for this disaster to be unleashed.

No. 769790

I hope baked asked Ashton to brush her gingivitis teeth before he fucked her.

No. 769802

Getting passed around guys in this weird fringe alt right group is trad!
Getting pjw sloppy seconds is trad!
Wearing a bombshell bra is trad!

No. 769803

File: 1548161820692.jpg (136.93 KB, 662x527, Screenshot_20190121-181821_You…)

One nostril is way bigger than the other.

Also he eyes are weirdly shaped like ovals

No. 769853

Ewww what happened? Botched nosejob?

No. 769859

File: 1548176666021.jpg (68.69 KB, 518x600, a7sZaYO.jpg)

Brittany looking extra busty here with perfectly done makeup and hair. Says she's working on a new political non-fiction book and a sci-fi one.

No. 769870

Can't wait for the inevitable tearful breakdown when she hits her 30th birthday!

No. 769871

Imagine flunking out of medical school and have to pander to basement dwelling freaks to make chimp change

No. 769872


I've heard Brittany say in interviews she's a perfectionist and feels guilty a lot (growing up Catholic). This might explain her desire to look/appear so pure and flawless and project only her best look. And her pandering to men to appear to be perfect wife material and set an example for other girls.

No. 769889

But you know traditional values uwu women should be modest except me cause these guys pay my bills if I show my tits

Her setting an example for young girls is really just setting an example of what young girls are like and should be only according to the men she panders to though. The book she wrote got more replies from men than women and girls. They're more invested since they want to hear women tell other women to shut up and be quiet

No. 770015

I sort of feel bad for Ashton, because she's so obviously mentally ill, but everyone is willing to enable her because she's young, cute, blonde, and has big tits.

No. 770021

Baked's livestream VOD with Ashton.

No. 770107

>Ashton birdie
>big tits

Pick one. Girl wears like 3 push-up bras at a time. It's so embarassing and obvious

No. 770129

Are her novels even good or what?

No. 770147

Nothing says respecting and loving America like sucking a dildo on your knees on top of the American flag

No. 770162

They're Milo levels of shit

No. 770229

This is way OT but does anyone know what this style of blouse is called? Thanks!

No. 770287

File: 1548225483909.png (209.72 KB, 591x399, Baked Ashton tweet.png)

I'm pretty sure this is Baked Alaska's twitter account. From December of last year. http://archive.is/QA1g8

No. 770328

I'm dying laughing everytime she spazzes out and he tells her to "lower her autism". She's retarded and it ALMOST is cute if she didn't look like she smelled bad.

No. 770375

Now I want to read them to see if the so called ""Barbie"" has even any writing skills

No. 770404

That's exactly what I was thinking

No. 770406

She wears push up bras, she has an average skinny fat body lmao

No. 770408

File: 1548254885288.jpg (1003.66 KB, 1080x2045, Screenshot_20190122-163226_Pho…)

Lauren southern just… shouldn't get that much attention for her looks

No. 770416

This isn't baked himself, BUT in >>768134 after ashton joins towards the last half of the video baked says it's run by a very close friend and that he likes/supports the account.

Kind of funny how baked started dating ashton after hearing stories about her fucking other guys. I don't think most alt right men would preach that

No. 770427

Oh we all know why.

No. 770502

I don't doubt that alot of alt right men aren't very traditional. They'll preach to other guys but like their women counterparts, won't practice it themselves. If they did, we'd see them all married, with two kids in, with women sharing cooking recipes and men sharing ow to fix __ tutorials in their free time.

No. 770512

Baked Alaska is more of an irony bro now, and the circle he now associates with clowns on the alt right/Richard Spencer constantly. Not defending him since the only reason he abdicated from the alt right was because it quickly became disadvantageous for him. And the irony bros compensate for what they lack in racism (they're still pretty racist) with misogyny, so still the same shit.

No. 770728

They still watch porn and a lot of them have tranny fetishes or are secretly gay. It's common knowledge. Its why they shit on women constantly, they will always prefer men over these girls. I don't know why these chicks entertain them, like damn I get them having their beliefs but there are other groups that don't treat them badly, so why the alt-right? Or is it a money thing bc the alt-right dudes are known for throwing money to any thot that pays attention to them, lmao.

No. 770752

t-they're big for me ;_;(;_;)

No. 770909

No. 770930

File: 1548296406098.jpg (170.13 KB, 720x466, eww1.jpg)

Tradthots are so clueless and sloppy. Even pornstars make sure they look put together. lol wtf button your too tight shorts ashton!(nitpicking)

No. 770938

If they're weren't merely after the attention, they'd just join some religious groups that like to promote this idea of womanhood, but then they'd just get married off and live quiet lives. It's specifically about the attention and the little nuggets of validation they might find hidden among all the degeneracy.

No. 771082

Looks botched as fuck

No. 771083

She deleted her twitter or changed her name?
Her @ doesn't work anymore someone said something about her having self image issues for being the reason

No. 771085

it's back up nvm

No. 771124

isn't ashton bi? she's a cute girl, she needs a good butch to straighten (no pun intended) her out instead of hanging around misogynist douches.

No. 771153

Small boobs are cute. They're just maybe a c cup which is pretty average and not big in comparison to the """norm"""

No. 771180

But she's panders to men who want women to be/look like sex dolls or gtfo. She's gotta push them up or else she'll have to get a job

No. 771465

Why is her fly open

No. 771466

File: 1548402431386.jpeg (393.91 KB, 2048x2048, 877F90B5-12C0-4699-A295-CCD387…)

Skinny fat or just fat(nitpicking)

No. 771499

Probably bloated from drugs/alcohol.

No. 771540

that's just a bad shot look at her posture
come on now.

No. 771616

File: 1548436120453.jpg (337.24 KB, 1080x951, Screenshot_20190125-110722_Sam…)

She's making fun of other womens appearances.. she's a nitpicky bully.

No. 771735

I'll eat my fist when the day comes where we find nice women who happen to be more traditional. It's like shitting on women comes with being trad and being genuinely nice to other women is evil feminism

Tradthots just hate themselves and hate other women to be the Cool Girl

No. 771739

The only ones I know of are the YouTube moms. Ellen Fisher is one, she's "trad" in a vegan hippie kind of way, she's also Christian. The problem with her is apparently she doesn't get enough nutrients or whatever in her and her kid's diet. She's also anti-vaxx.

No. 771767

The best part is most of the mid century beauty symbols trads worship, were ebul feminists, often liberal too, lmao, even though they screamed their heads off about how all liberal women are ugly and all conservative women are all qt3.14s

No. 771963

I'm confused, Ashton did an AMA in a politics server and she said she has a fiance she is now a tradwife for, is Baked her fiance?

No. 771975

It's because being "trad" is not actually about the values, it's about getting as much male attention as possible. These are women who realized that they have absolutely nothing of value to contribute to the world or to a normal relationship, so they pander to bottom-of-the-barrel MRA neckbeards hoping someone will wife them up and save them from their inevitable fate of night-shift cashier work at walmart.

little do they know, that's where they're going to end up anyway, because the kinds of guys these women attract are all basement-dwelling NEETs who couldn't support them amyway.

No. 772057

The girl on the right isn't even ugly, her face just looks looks unbalanced since she's wearing makeup on her lips and skin but not on her eyes. How do you look without eye makeup, ashley? Not good enough to not wear it in every single video, apparently.

No. 772120

a lot of them were secretly lesbians too kek. same with the men that tradthots say ~where have all of the true gentlemen gone~ about, they were secretly gay and accused of being commies….

No. 772607

File: 1548626171889.png (357.82 KB, 580x500, you didn't say no homo, dan.pn…)

PJW may not be gay, but he is certainly admired by many right-wing closet cases.

also he kind of looks like Elijah Wood after a rough weekend here.

No. 772761

>Mike cervonick
I feel for his daughter and wife..
His and Gavin McInnes' family.

No. 773519

File: 1548800024369.jpg (734.41 KB, 1080x1447, Screenshot_20190129-161216_Pho…)

I dont believe anyone who says she hasn't gotten plastic surgery

No. 773570

Is she bankrolled by the Kochs or something? How does she travel so much when she doesn't even produce youtube content anymore, and doesn't have a patreon or anything like that (I don't think?)

No. 773700

Ashton Witty and Venti team up for a very cringy tiddy stream

I thought Venti was better than this tbh

No. 773711

Hammerhead is pathetic and gross lmao. So funny the Pear thread got shutdown here on lolcow for lacking milk but hammerhead made an hour long expose on Pear.

No. 773714

Ashton is pissed drunk and she's the kind of tradthot hosebag that make fun of women for drinking wine.

No. 773719

Ashton’s responding so badly back to brittanys trolling. Like all these really lame responses and tried to do the same thing back to brit and it didn’t work out so she dropped it. She saying all this really tryhard unfunny jokes and trying to be “sexy” and “one of da bois”. The most cringiest part was when Ashton was talking about her boyfriend, baked Alaska, fighting Andy warski in the future and brit said “we’ll ew you know what they’re going to make you do? Be the flag girl? Gross” and Ashton says “omg I totally told Alaska I’d be so down for that! Like I so wanna be the flag girl in a bikini opening the fight!” And Brit said “well… I guess if that’s what makes you feel liberated….” and Ashton extremely cringely goes “but think of THE MEMES!” crickets “think of the memes!!! Can you think of the sick memes that will come from that!!! Like think of the all the memes man!!!!” crickets Ashton looks awkward, brit is silent, the first time the chat is silent, no ones laughing. Ashton then tries to redirect after this long, silent, pause and brit pretends like she heard nothing.

How is you wearing a bikini waving a flag to open a fight for 10 seconds going to produces “ALL those memes!!11”?!

Also kept trying to suggest to her audience and asking them how they’d like it if her and Brit became lesbians or if they kissed, and Britt just kept saying “oh your homophobic white privileged” “so homophobic” and it was really awkward.

Ashton is really just failing hard at this.

No. 773722

Indigo White was posted earlier in this thread, she's been kind of sperging about Belle Delphine all over twitter/instagram/youtube lately… I don't know where to post this but I assume this is the right thread.

Don't get me wrong, Belle is a cow too, but I feel like Indigo is jealous that another girl is rising and gaining more followers in the same demographic (4chan incel neckbeard /pol/ types).

In the comments of this video she talks about how ugly Belle is, and mentions PULL and Kiwifarms. I feel like she's definitely a farmer, probably visits this thread.

No. 773724

Indigo White is cringey as fuck herself, so called "conservative" camwhore. She went on TRR and kept awkwardly cackling any time the chat said anything mean about her, and tried to defend her trying to pander to Shadbase. She's definitely jealous of Belle.

No. 773727

Is she the one Shayna mentioned that one time? I think I remember her posting on twitter about how she doesn’t agree with Indigos racism or something along those lines.

No. 773754

in this video Ashton Whitty mentions her boyfriend approximately 400 times. "baked's my boyfriend, you know?"

it makes me sad for her

No. 773793

Yes. Indigo made a post saying she supported Shay or something and Shay made a big post afterward saying she wanted nothing to do with her and to not be associating with her.

No. 773805

OT but I keep seeing these comics with this style, who's the author? anyone knows?

No. 773835

Ew I can't listen to that. Ashton sounds like the type that looked at /pol/ memes once and thought thats what makes you trad. Memes and telling women what to do. Girl needs to get her life together

That's the highlight of her life right now, having baked as her boyfriend. It's sad and cringy

No. 773837

Oh god, that girl is so annoying and she tries way way harder to pander to neckbeard poltards then belle. Twitter and Insta keep deleting her. I’m not sure if belle really acknowledges her but she’s been on this sperg lately about her. She tries to pretend she’s this “authentic real 4chinner” who loves loli/tentacles/animu and does all these gross foot fetish shit. Her shadman asskissing was embarrassing. She tweeted him around 25 photos at once or her in her same 3 poses holding a sign of his name in her “cosplay” (a blue XL t-shirt and baseball cap lol). He didn’t seem to care at all.

Anyone who mentions kiwi farms, pull, and 4chan in rl and brags about posting there is always a tryhard newfag with GOTIS like rozelli and sh0e.

You’d have to play the drinking game with beer instead of shots or you’d have alcohol poisoning.

When her internet connection fucked up she started flailing around and whined in this high pitch voice “I’m just a stupid women I don’t know how to do anything, i need baked, a real man to come fix this, my boyfriend knows how to fix this, I need my boyfriend to come fix this, I neeeeed my boyfriend right nowww, baked needs to come fix this bc I’m a hopeless women!” Then calls baked on stream and puts it on speaker for everyone to hear (after saying 10x she’s calling him). He asked if the chat could hear him and why didnt she mute it. She went on about how she’s soooo trad and ready to bear lots of kid with baked bc “that’s a women purpose” and mentioned her tits and baked every min, including taking about how she’s wearing his hat. It never stopped.

Her gummy smile in her unnerving thumbnails and being alaska’s gf are all she’s known for.

Iirc it’s a regular farmer? I recognize the style and I’ve seen the same farmer post other OP pics/thread art in other threads. Maybe the onision threads or something? I think you’d have to find them right when they post and ask for their tumblr or something. But if it is who I think it is, I’d search for thread art in onion threads/art community thread/speechie thread/holly brown thread/western vocaloid thread and OT drawing threads. That’s where a lot artfags lurk.

No. 773847

>I thought Venti was better than this tbh
Lmao, you thought wrong. She is the exact same embarrassing alt-right, racist pandering tradthot trash as the rest, with Shuwu's special brand of "O-Only ironically tho, I'm a troll hehe".
Some people just thought she was a farmer and a master troll because she shits on other, more popular female YouTubers/streamers that she's jealous of. Watch her sperg and make 3 videos about some other cow we don't like here, thirsty posters from that thread to insist she's awesome and /ourgirl/ until she shows her true colors (again), and the cycle to continue.
The pool is getting more and more shallow, though. Who's next? Candace Owens (though her Lolcow thread is pretty dead, meaning little to no support for Venti if she tries it)? One of the alt cows on YouTube? Momokun?

No. 773935

File: 1548959382392.jpg (Spoiler Image, 415.85 KB, 1059x1746, 20190131_102453.jpg)

Ya, indigo also just blew up on reddit for making a pandering "sub2poodz" video flashing her tits and putting it on pornhub. It looks like her new platform since manyvids apparently deleted her for using the n word on her discord (I think someone already posted those caps) she's one of the MAGA thots no one mentions.

No. 773937

File: 1548959882407.jpg (217.33 KB, 850x684, monikaindigowhite.jpg)

She's been laying into Belle a lot on social media even though she built her brand by half skinwalking her. The video is super poor quality and just has information everyone already ready on PULL.

Also, according to her Twitter, her instagram got deleted again two days ago for her "political opinions"

She used shadman to get really big last year and dressed up like his nazi version of Monika from DDLC too. The Killstream chat came after her hard for supporting him.

No. 773958

God that made me cringe. I guess they want "trad" girls to be porn stars now. I thought porn was for degenerate liberal feminists and their cucks and white knights trying to destroy the family unit and western civilization?

I've seen them too. The vegan free-spirit moms (sucks that one in anti vaxx though) or the instagram moms with the aesthetically pleasing feeds and blogs. Those are the only "trad" women I could find who don't shit or hate on other women and are just living their lives with their families. These tradthots wishes for that only to please anonymous guys on the internet. Sad

No. 773969

Maga-tards are degenerates, anon. You're clearly mixing up Trumptards and the alt-right / trad/ against degeneracy crowd. Trumptards love MAGA thots who show off their breasts and alt-right men hate women / they call any girl who breathes a "thot". These groups sometimes overlap but for the most part they're seperate and they despise each other. For instance, the alt-right is anti-Semitic while MAGA-tards are pro-Zionist. Stop getting this shit wrong and do your research then you won't be confused asking stupid questions like this.

So Miss White Sharia Emily Youcis aka the animator behind Alfred Alfer (cartoon pornography) apparently grew up having a pedophile as a father. Seems really messed up but it explains why she is so nuts.

No. 773974

>So Miss White Sharia Emily Youcis aka the animator behind Alfred Alfer (cartoon pornography) apparently grew up having a pedophile as a father.

Yeah, no shit. "Alfred Alfer's Playhouse" wasn't pornography, it was an animation that heavily implied she was abused. "Do your research" before posting stupid shit.

No. 773977

At 0:53 Emily states "it is partially an animated porno"

No. 774092

Emily has been fully naked for a music video before. She's running around in the woods covered in nothing.

Trad! White sharia!

No. 774096

I know rite. Kek. so trad muh white nationalism. Emily Pukeis, cartoon pornographer, easily pisses me off the most of all due to her blatant hypocrisy and smug attitude but I do feel slightly bad her dad molested her as a child. She obv is a disgrace now because of it. And didn't Hammerhead's mom die and leave her to become a twitch whore? Jeez so many of these trad girls are seriously effed up

Actually given what Youcis has said about women, how they all should be raped and beaten, nvm fuck her. She deserves the life she got tbh.

No. 774578

At 4:40 she calls herself attractive… this is about the third time I've heard her compliment her own looks throughout all of her videos. To some she isn't wrong and I strongly believe in self confidence but to anyone else is this just… cocky? Her appeal is she's "better than other women", on her Twitter she constantly makes fun of other women and their appearances even… most of her comments are thirsty and about her looks. I don't know. It all seems so conceited I suppose.

No. 775192

She's probably wildly insecure as so many tradthots are if she's shitting on other women and has to convince herself and her orbit