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File: 1536524271320.jpg (66.99 KB, 720x545, wa3Xhog.jpg)

No. 684719

Previous thread:

A Tradthot can be defined as: A woman who claims to hold traditional values while living in a modern way, using the concept of traditionalism as a method to gain an online following that typically consists of angry misogynists who don't recognize the hypocrisy of the girl they follow on social media/donate money to.

Tradthots enjoy modern freedoms and are often childless career women who pander to their male audience by showing cleavage, camel toe, and other revealing body shots while also posting pictures of aprons on Instagram and yearning for a 1950's way of living. These kinds of girls typically hate other women, as it is common for them to hold a "I'm not like other girls" attitude to suck up to the niche of men who also hate women. Many of them, in additional to sexist views, also have racist and anti semetic views to appeal to alt right and more radical men.

Some notable tradthots (there are many many more):
>Lauren Southern
>college drop out who now travels the world full time on money donated to her from her male fans doing journalism
>got her start from jumping on the anti feminism bandwagon that she has taken credit for pioneering
>came under fire for wearing heavy makeup and bleaching hair, having black friends, a black ex boyfriend, pictures of her clubbing and dressing up as a sexy cop
>shocked when alt right and white nationalist men are sexist, addresses some of the issue in her "Why I'm not Married Video"
>has previously mocked women for wanting to become doctors
>video "What Every Girl Needs to Hear" tells girls to save themselves without citing any credible sources, even cites wikipedia (and can't give personal testimony)
>now know as the biggest hypocrit and largest tradthot
Website: https://laurensouthern.net
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laurencheriie/
YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCla6APLHX6W3FeNLc8PYuvg
Twitter: @Lauren_Southern

>Stell Bell

>16 year old girl who got her start on YouTube for pandering to racists
>fakes country accent and deleted old videos to destroy proof, constantly talks about how proud she is to be southern (despite just being white trash)
>sent ass and bra pics to an actual nazi
>dates around and shames other women for being promiscuous
>has said she has natural dirty blonde hair and green eyes despite being a swarthy white girl to appear more "Aryan", also dyes hair blonde and wears blue contacts
>brags about being "full German"
>gets angry if you compare her looks to Anne Frank and is openly anti semetic
>has daddy issues
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/virginiangoddess/
Youtube: https://m.youtube.com/user/stellagirl408

Ashton Birdie/Ashton Witty
>got her fame from jumping on the Trump bandwagon and working for Infowars
>is now fucking Paul Joseph Watson on and off
>Infowars fired her and Paul dumped her, had mental breakdown then deleted the video
>constantly pulls down shirt and pulls out tits and talks about women needing to be more traditional
>has autism
>has dated women and says she is more attracted to women than men but is willing to put that aside for traditional family
>desperate pandering in crop tops and MAGA hats
>still obsessed with InfoWars and Alex Jones
>brags about how hot she thinks she is
>is currently unemployed college dropout
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ashtonbirdie/
YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCRUhJlurBdyGwVyyaAdwS9w
Twitter: @ashtonbirdie


>rose to fame as nazi girl on YouTube with the channel name Evalion
>whines about getting banned after calling for the death of Jews
>now makes less than minimum wage and lives in her autistic husband's parents' basement
>has had her nudes leaked
>angry at feminists for whatever reason
Website: http://www.eva-tips.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sparkledemon/

Other Tradthots:
>The White Rose
>Cam girl turned "traditional"

>Blonde in the Belly of the Beast

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpbyOgUSjTSPpvVUAT2OyHw

>Lauren Rose

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOv4uZ2t8lil5pf_DNqqYP0Q2v2AFDsIf



No. 685200

File: 1536575407184.png (458.18 KB, 1366x768, wordpress.png)

The WordPress also seems to have been deleted.

No. 685224

I think some of her fans found the previous thread and confronted her about her lying about her ethnicity and religion. Maybe she's happy she got exposed, maybe now she will catfish people as the white kween she wishes to be.

No. 685320

Her Twitter went private, too. Anyone here following her?

No. 685364

has anyone seen this lauren southern video before? she does not look 16.

No. 685418

if you go to redpillchick's twitter she is adding people right now I just got access to her account.

No. 685426

She didn't tweet anything new since 3 days ago.

No. 685430

how do you know that? what's your handle on twitter? I'll add you so that we can send her threats.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 685434


Nice try Nadia, your shit is transparent.

No. 685454

File: 1536617244988.png (266.44 KB, 540x641, tt laughing.png)

No. 685478

File: 1536620091445.jpg (37.13 KB, 500x332, heygurl.jpg)

Wow, even more obvious than Miranda, that's impressive

No. 685479

File: 1536620341462.png (78.45 KB, 1033x437, RIP.png)

Her twitter's gone

No. 685483

No. 685485

She'll be back, all those trad thots thrive on attention.

No. 685486

File: 1536620849426.jpg (877.44 KB, 1078x2001, Screenshot_20180910-180714_Pho…)

I mean she looks 30something now

No. 685496

>Those lips

she got botox, and a nose job?

No. 685500

What the fuck happened to her face? She was always bland looking but she literally looks unrecognizable here

No. 685503

I would believe she got lip injections and some sort of brow lift yeah.

No. 685505

what the fuck, when did she start looking like this??

No. 685513

It's straight from her Instagram story from 2 days ago

No. 685525

welp, truly nothing like tradlife than people like her and roaming millennial, etc, getting instathot tier surgery. she looks absolutely ridiculous.

fuck, at least the feminist these men hate so much tend to be au natural (aka, what's actually the most trad, tbh).

No. 685542

She wants to become the new faith goldy

No. 685569

Tbh the lip injections don't look too bad but whatever she did to her eyebrows whywhywhywhy

No. 685575

File: 1536629248053.jpg (27.52 KB, 399x399, hM2l6Mg2_400x400.jpg)

She looks at her best here with the flatter brows

No. 685578

eh I'm not sure if she got lip injections. Her upper lips are a darker color near the center of her mouth, which makes me think it may just be a giant overlining.

Her brows look fucking weird tho.

No. 685581

Wait, is this Lauren Southern? This looks nothing like her, I'm so confused..

lol ok david

No. 685626

Ugh, she seriously got plastic surgery to look less Spanish? Now she kinda looks like PNP, lmao.

No. 685645

Her lips are still so overlined here

No. 685665

I posted a video on youtube about Nadia Zaman but Im pretty sure she reported it because it got taken down. I just complied her tweets, voice, and photos of her, and included her name in the title. If you cant handle the heat get out of the kitchen and back to your real estate job Nadia… I mean David. Also she deleted her LinkedIn

No. 685675

assuming you're telling the truth, this is probably why she deleted everything.

how did she even find the video? did you tweet it to her?

No. 685687

its not why she deleted everything, pretty sure people were tipping her off about the old thread days before I posted it. And no I didnt tweet it to her, but you know she is googling herself and trying to delete anything she can with her info. The video came up in google when you googled Nadia Zaman so it wasnt hard to find. I hope her boyfriend plants his seed deep inside her soon so she can be the housewife she wants to be before employees/college finds this stuff out

No. 685694

She's a cow, she googles herself every chance she gets just like all the other cows and found this thread/the previous one. Do you think one of us was retarded enough to post this? >>685430

No. 685753

Stell Bell reminds me of a girl I went to school with who is now diagnosed with BPD. She wasn't a neo-nazi at all, but she otherwise displayed a lot of the same behavior. Makes me wonder.

No. 685757

She looks like a Starburst candy now lmao

No. 685773

Oh fuck, she undeniably got a brow lift to force the arched shape. (or heavily shooped?)
Either way it's doing her 0 favors, just makes her look older and botched.

No. 685913

lul so much for being "trad" and "pure uwu" lol isnt she suposed to get married already acording to her logic? if she doesnt marry right now she will end up being like "those ugly fat sjws that only have cats" hahah honestly this girl is so retarded and it amazes me that girls like this exist with this type of mentality. lol most of these end up with very abusive men who probably dont even work and spend all day playing video games. I love this thread!

No. 686199

File: 1536713630893.jpg (730.07 KB, 1080x1123, Screenshot_20180911-195236_Ult…)

There's no way this is just makeup, right??

No. 686207

She photoshopped herself skinny in the first photo, or developed elephantitis in the second one.

No. 686239

File: 1536717945457.jpg (81.76 KB, 960x388, Focal-Length-Face-Distortion.j…)

different focal length, anon.
her upper lip is absurdly overdrawn, and she has awful drag queen arched eyebrows.

No. 686244

File: 1536718189036.jpg (32.89 KB, 400x294, Girl-Defined-e1506273658429.jp…)

Do Girl Defined belong in this thread?

No. 686256

holy fuck she looks 40 on the right
definitely done something to her lips, or overpainted the top lip like anon said. but yeah if she had work done she needs to sue somebody

No. 686291

Could she really change her brows that much with makeup? And wouldn't an over line be obvious where her lip line starts and ends?

No. 686317

This is a weird picture. At first it just gave me "stock image of two white girls" but upon further inspection, the shooping is uncanny and it emits creepy energy.

No. 686377


Afaik they are kooky, but I don't know how milky they are. Unless y'all know something that most don't know about them

No. 686388

I have no idea who they are, but I'm gonna guess they're good Christian bitches, loud and proud Texans, and want to be/are housewives who hire illegals to do their housework because it's icky and beneath them

No. 686427

>wouldn't an over line be obvious where her lip line starts and ends?
look closer.

No. 686434

I took a glimpse at one of their vids and honestly, they're better than Stell "Tear and bite off my clothes daddy!" Bell. I wouldn't consider them tradthots, just typical Christian girls, tbh. However, they give me strong Jehovah's Witness vibes, tho.

Any sign Nadia, the Indian Muslim wannabe Aryan tradthot queen? I personally believe Nadia is laying low until she stops being mentioned on these threads completely, and then she'll come back in full force.

No. 686453

girl defined have some incredibly creepy, confused views and target their videos towards little girls which makes it all the more disgusting but i wouldn’t really call them cows because as far as i know they keep their internet presence pretty well manicured.

No. 686507

File: 1536754464889.jpg (351.06 KB, 1024x576, cn5kvp43ekq01.jpg)

The new selfie really does look like some kind of smoothed out faceswap with Faith Goldy

No. 686544

This is pretty terrible if they target little girls with this brainwashing. Yuck.

No. 686545

Those eyebrows are Onision tier. That's a brow lift for me

No. 686564

God these women drive me fucking nuts. I'd almost like a crazy tradreligious group thread, because shit like vid related cracks me up.

No. 686610


God this girl is fucking mental, but also weirdly positive and uplifting.

No. 686623


godthots general?

No. 686668

Her greasiness and sweatiness makes this even more creepy, she looks like a deranged and obsessive stalker

No. 686734

Ouch, this is so creepy, like some cult-recruitment video.

No. 686742

Do we need a separate thread for this? I personally wouldn't mind seeing this content here, as I think it still fits what the thread is about, only from a more religious perspective. How old are these girls, btw?

No. 687007


Someone literally doxxed her address, and she kept the account up. Pretty sure she's just trying to get sympathy from her followers. Probably gonna start a "save me" gofundme or something when she gets back

No. 687328

This one's nuts but doesn't seem a thot trying to appeal to neckbeards
I might be wrong though I don't think she belongs in this thread

No. 687427

Looks like she's been messing around with face tweaking apps

No. 687457

Honestly, they're obsessive and headache-inducing with all their religion talk, but the things they're saying aren't necessarily wrong or fucked up. They just said not to date guys who lie about their convictions, guys with intense anger issues who explode at you, guys who have personal issues but never try to get their shit together (eg porn addiction, unwise spending) and try to dump their problems on you, guys who obsess over you and see you as some sort of goddess, and guys who try to pressure you into things you don't feel comfortable with. The only really problematic thing is the last one ("Don't date any man if he is not a Christian, no matter what").
I wouldn't categorize them as tradthots.

No. 687461

It was posted on her story though

No. 687533

Anyone follow Barbara4u2c? Recently she seems to be trying hard to be June, with her manvoice screeching copied almost to a T in this video. Guess being a run of the mill tradthot wasn't getting her as many betabux as she wanted.

No. 687542

People are still making videos about fucking otherkin? That shit died out in like 2015.

No. 687616

She needs to sort out her eyebrows, holy shit. She's like a botched, dollar store version of Cara Delevigne.

No. 687626

File: 1536877267261.jpg (615.37 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180803-002858_Ins…)

Lol. She is such a huge cow. I'm so glad she got deported! She thinks that just because she is from a white euro country that no one cares about she would be able to fast track her way into the U.S. BYE BICH

Ugly anti-feminist annoying ass chihuaha. Gtfo California dog face

No. 687632

File: 1536877446672.jpg (590.58 KB, 1080x1976, UR_NOT_CALIFORNIAN.jpg)

Hahah she is such a tradthot. Why do they always have to thot around in our flag? You're not even Californian, you're not even American. Ewww

No. 687651

File: 1536878210628.jpg (931.7 KB, 1080x2066, Screenshot_20180913-173551_Ins…)

>brags about making chocolate chip cookies
Wow master cook and baker!!!

No. 687659

File: 1536878452086.png (620.86 KB, 934x441, lml.png)

She's built like a fridge, holy crap.

No. 687704

she's fine, but the america obsession is weird. where's she from again?

No. 687722

I think she's Slovenian. The American thing is weird, I think she wants to be a mail order bride.

No. 687841

You can upload pictures to your story

No. 687843

File: 1536895160638.png (263.21 KB, 452x424, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 11.1…)

it looks like she closed her eyes and took a jumbo sharpie over her general brow area

No. 687898


Wait she got deported?? But she was making such a huge deal years ago about how she legally immigrated, and how hard it was, and if she can do it legally then everyone can…

No. 687913

Yeah she says it here. Love how her only response to that girl's first comment was "omg you spelt my shitty countries name wrong"

No. 687921

idk I don't think she's coming back (at least not under the RPC name). None of her followers seem to even care.

No. 688009

File: 1536924334741.jpg (22 KB, 565x204, smoltraduwu.JPG)

Yep, she's really going for the Shoe0nHead Amy Schumer screaming/gottem thing now. Can't wait for her to alienate her fanbase further with her lazy "tumblr is cancer xDDD" low hanging fruit videos in attempt to get more LA monies.

No. 688027

She looks like a completely average 16 year old, i swear all of you cunts live in a fantasy world where all women look like perfect barbies till they turn 20 and get nasolabial folds and look like grannies kek

No. 688061

I am sorry about your poor genetics, anon, but be reasonable.

No. 688210

She has very prominent nasolabial folds thanks for pointing it out

No. 688215

Does that mean she's gonna stuff her head into the oven?

No. 688218

File: 1536949605432.jpg (289.51 KB, 842x943, Screenshot_20180914-132519_Sam…)

Her natural hair color didn't last very long. She's been bleaching it since she was a teen so she should've kept it this color to give it a break. She can't handle not being blonde it's ridiculous

No. 688219

File: 1536949636088.jpg (1020.38 KB, 1080x1738, Screenshot_20180914-132451_Sam…)

No. 688223

File: 1536949833685.jpg (226.5 KB, 1080x2069, 1535328176496.jpg)

the sandy color really is more flattering than this.

No. 688225

File: 1536949903913.jpg (900.52 KB, 2592x1936, 1532113180505.jpg)

No. 688232

Why does she look 40

No. 688432

I agree, she looked normal
can't believe i'm defending this bitch

No. 688876


She didn't actually get deported, she left on her own because her student visa was running out and she has to wait for her work visa to get approved (and it might take months).

But, what makes her an insufferable bitch in this situation is that she made a video claiming she's better than the other immigrants because she left on her own to avoid being deported.
Then proceeded to whine how she really needs to go back to USA because it's her future (voice on the brink of crying) only to go back shitting on other immigrants who overstay their visas.

She also acts like a white power warrior and talks like her country is being overtaken by middle east which she pretends to fight against.
I know for a fact that's not true because I spend majority of year in Slovenia and there are hardly any foreigners, especially non-European ones.
They took like what, 100 refugees at most?

She graduated Comparative Literature and then whines how there is no future for her in Slovenia. Well no fucking shit with such a degree. Her country is doing fine, it's not 1st world but it's going in a good direction.

What baffles me is how she is anti-immigration, yet wants to immigrate to US. I guess she thinks she's better than the other immigrant. And her dumb fanboys suck it up, tell her she deserves her spot in the US.

No. 688879

File: 1537033540790.jpg (181.56 KB, 782x647, IMG_20180915_193900.jpg)

Also she is bragging because got a 5 page spread in Slovenian's right-wing magazine.

The title of it is "Because of immigrants, I was scared for Slovenia."

…Bitch pleaseeeeee

But I guess being pasty, having a bleached broom for hair and sharpie brows makes you better than other immigrants.

Also USA is known as the melting pot. If she hates immigration so mich, why is US her dream country?

No. 688883

Agreed. I can't stand her personality but in terms of genetics she's perfectly average, I'd say how she takes care of herself is makes her slightly above average. Most of us here are probably right around her level.

Let's go back to making fun of the fact that she's a drop out who ran a failure of a campaign and yet somehow thinks she's smarter than every liberal ever because she's "taken the red pill"

No. 688884

Also from what I can read (she uploaded it on instagram), she shits on US and sucks up to Slovenian right wingers.

>LA is too dirty, air is bad, too little nature, people are spoiled.

>Government puts illegal immigrants first, everyone else second.
>I lived in a ghetto, it was so awful and I was the only one who was white
>I'm scared that illegal immigrants will make it so I get deported from US (lol wut)

This is only what's readable. Who knows how much more shit she spewed.

No. 688896

File: 1537035996913.jpg (Spoiler Image, 50.8 KB, 640x480, axisBBCsally.jpg)

>I lived in a ghetto, it was so awful and I was the only one who was white

I highly doubt this, but since she's a bleach blonde thot they'll suck her ass. I wonder if she's mad no one mistook her as a Russian/Ukrainian and wanted to make her their mail order bride waifu.

>She also acts like a white power warrior and talks like her country is being overtaken by middle east which she pretends to fight against.
I know for a fact that's not true because I spend majority of year in Slovenia and there are hardly any foreigners, especially non-European ones.
They took like what, 100 refugees at most?

I feel like this is her excuse for why she wants to stay in the US, it's perfect to say to the alt-right nerds. However, it's unbelievable, but they don't care.

Although this is probably some borderline "vintage" white nationalist powdered milk subject, does anyone remember Axis Sally? She's some hideous roided up tranny looking woman, who used to have some kind of huwhite nationalist podcast. Had white power type tats all over her, which she got covered up with other trashy ghetto tattoos. She then later started doing interracial roid woman porno, I will always wonder if she had those "14/88" tattoos on here while she was doing it. Warning, the pic is gross and there are more rofl. I'm sorry for not spoilering, I deleted it quickly, I hope whoever saw the pic was blind.

No. 688901

Her head looks too big for her body here. Also, she cannot dress herself for shit. This looks like something a 9 year old would pick for a ballet themed birthday party.

No. 688925

Lol I love how she wears flats coz heels would make her tall. Sucks to not be 5'0" like many feminists are huh Lawrence?

No. 688934


Get your eyes checked anon, those are obviously heels, albeit small ones. Probably cant walk in anything higher. Also who the hell wants to be 5'0.

No. 688935

smol uwu girls~. Ngl I'm 5'0 and i love it.

No. 688940

Meh, Scandinavians are usually assumed to be tall, and she's larping as one, so I don't think she's self conscious about her height. I'm more surprised at the size of her feet, they look like european 41 or something.

No. 688942

Nice bragging, smolbun

No. 688944


This. She's obvs going for that statuesque masterace look. Probably why she lost weight, she thinks she looks like some sort of model.

No. 688992

File: 1537045726168.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.52 MB, 640x480, 1500345157925.webm)

is this her?

No. 689038

Hi, June

No. 689050


Anon pls

No. 689111

I mean, it kinda sounds like her rofl, but that woman looks WAY younger. Hell, who knows. Was probably her in the early 00's.

No. 689186

It makes me laugh that she's less than 20% Scandinavian yet she calls herself a Dane

No. 689233

What the fuck? Who jerks off to this?

No. 689236

File: 1537076061695.jpg (585.46 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180814-150332_Ins…)

No. 689351

Zoe isn't even trad, she's just a lefty antifeminist skeptic. Also your icon is showing.

No. 689395

Why would you post your own comment lmao

No. 689540

File: 1537120232226.jpg (130.01 KB, 870x1390, 16-year-old-girl-with-brown-ha…)

Then what does a normal 16 year old look to you anon?

No. 689850


Choose one. Come on it's so obvious she is a shoe clone. And she is ugly as fuck. She needs feminism.

Oh well I can't delete it now

No. 689874

Shoes isnt that much of tradthot/ altrighter either considering shes close w contra and the like.

No. 689889

same reason they were bragging about being so smol, needs the attention

No. 689901

"I WANT YOU TO FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME JUST LIKE THAT JUST LIKE IM FUCKING THE FISH" (Search raceplay on any porno site anon, it's actually really bad and hilarious)

No. 689905

>shes close w contra

She fucking wishes.

No. 689971

Pretty sure contra can't even stand Shoe.

No. 689982

Lol what makes you think that? You know how much shit Nick got into just for being in a picture with her? He ignores her on Twitter completely.

No. 690072

File: 1537174418711.jpg (18.71 KB, 480x163, GqprgkP.jpg)

Shoe definitely has trad thot tendencies, she's just not as preachy as Lauren or RPC.
Her being close with trans people and stuff doesn't mean anything since they all suck up to them for some reason.

No. 690092

She's a lousy Shoe clone, but she's still not a tradthot or near the right. There's a Shoe0nHead skinwalkers/calves thread she'd fit way better into than over here.

No. 690128

Am I the only one hearing rumors about @veramistral or what?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 690340

At least provide some context. No idea what you're talking about.

No. 691159

Heard she sends compromising pics and videos to some guys on Twitter and that her past job, or current one, could be related to that

No. 691850

File: 1537368896473.jpg (255.11 KB, 1078x1089, Screenshot_20180919-095424_Sam…)

She's less than 20% Scandinavian but still talks about it all of the time

No. 691979

Everyday Lauren prays her Spanish heritage will leave her body and be replaced with Danish instead.

No. 692676

File: 1537457861346.jpg (739.86 KB, 1069x1552, Screenshot_20180920-103709_Pho…)

No. 692697

Lmao, shit. This recent? The Nigs looks like somebody's "cool mom."

No. 692713

wow, where would women be without this conservative beacon and her guidance?

No. 692723

No. 693055

File: 1537483637376.jpg (744.99 KB, 1080x1646, Screenshot_20180920-174643_Pho…)

She's definitely had work done

No. 693057

No, this is a Lollipop Chainsaw cosplay Nigs did years ago

No. 693251

great high-resolution image you chose to illustrate your point, anon.

No. 693451

You can clearly see that she looks different

No. 693486

Anyone following this mangled plastic thot trying to become a major?

No. 693496

This post reminds me of the time we discussed Lauren being a farmer and making passive-aggressive responses to things, lmao.

No. 693523

That nose is F A T

No. 693672

File: 1537555049588.jpg (35.43 KB, 667x676, lauren.JPG)

Is this really Lauren with natrual hair?
It's supposedly her when she was younger.

No. 693678

She doesn't look like Lauren. I don't understand why so many people claim it's her.

No. 693707

File: 1537558945907.jpg (160.05 KB, 1080x1080, 1503115396109.jpg)

Faith Goldy is anorexic

No. 693780

people are so facially retarded, men especially. this is obviously not lauren.

No. 693807

File: 1537568880277.jpg (1.12 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180921-125520_Pho…)

No. 693816

File: 1537569305121.jpg (129.67 KB, 258x1001, Screenshot_20180921-173437_Ins…)

Trad and modest

No. 693999

if that's her, she peaked early.

No. 694747

File: 1537680457674.png (2.01 MB, 862x1204, Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 1.18…)

How is Laura Loomer so absolutely fucking ugly?

No. 694787

i don't mean to race bait but the answer is

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