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File: 1549043700809.jpg (401.34 KB, 736x1128, 1544654181546.jpg)

No. 635356

Previous Thread >>613179

Coverage of Miranda Constable / Mira Nagayama / Lina / Miriam Al Fas / Kanadajin3 / whatever else she can think of continues.

> Miranda has confirmed that Paypal disputes were successfully made against her, and that she lost because she didn't reply to the emails. But it's okay, because she openly admitted to it being linked to fake bank/personal info, fraudulently!

> Has started using Bambi / Rhyden as a human sockpuppet (again).

> Was apparently reported to immigration back in Dec for both marriage fraud and scamming KM, with said reports including her real phone number / etc. She reacted by deleting the LINE account linked to that number, because that's not suspicious at all.

> Apparently is married to a dude with a HUGE upper lip. Seriously, does the dude use Botox or something?

> Deleted her Twitter, made a new one, but the original came back around a month later or so. Remains to be seen who's controlling it.

Twitter: https://anony.link/https://twitter.com/kanadajin3

Twitter (new): https://anony.link/https://twitter.com/MiraNagayama

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kanadajin3

YouTube #2: https://www.youtube.com/user/doudemomira

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kanadajin3

No. 635358

for shame, OP, i can't believe that you would make a fake porn picture of randa like that to distribute on the internet. people will think this is real and she will go to hell!

No. 635359

Hey did anyone else notice that the word demon appears in her second account? I find that really funny.

Dou"demon"ira :p(:p)

No. 635362



No. 635378

According to Instagram she’s going to make her channel an Islamic channel now

No. 635384

Alright! That will kill it, fully and completely.

No. 635387

That’s apparently her point.

No. 635446

File: 1549061395251.jpg (76.64 KB, 704x485, K3_instagram_ban.jpg)

Soon we will be rid of this cunt for good.

No. 635487

Question: if she apologized to Rachel, Rody, and Unrested, settled down with a normal guy, left Islam or became moderate (lost the scarf), got a real job and stopped leeching off people, stopped pretending to forget English, and treated her fans better, we'd leave her alone, right?

No. 635489

I would

No. 635491

Wishful thinking but she can do all that after she faces justice.

No. 635494


tbh she can keep the scarf. That's not the main problem; it's more that she acts so shitty as to make a mockery of the religion

No. 635496

I feel like we're really downplaying the fraud thing here.

PayPal operates like a bank. She would have had to put her real ID information / real bank account in order to open an account. Banks don't just let you open accounts under a fake name.

Even if she has since closed the bank account, they would still have the record of who she was.

If the case was already decided in KM's favor, then she is legally obligated to pay that amount. PayPal may have first refunded KM, but it's not like they are going to give up on collecting from Mira just because she changed her bank account.

She really has no concept of how to live as an adult…


I don't know too much about debt collection laws in Japan, is it more likely she has to go to court? Or will she just have a terrible credit score and not be able to get a bank account, phone, or anything.

Paypal is international so I don't think leaving Japan would solve anything either

No. 635500


I mean a lot of people seem to be ignoring in her spurgeouts with Rydan she obviously and openly admits to not intending to pay a cent to paypal. I hope KM got to collect the SS before they were deleted.

No. 635514

I'm not here to hold cows to my personal moral standards, I'm here to laugh and gawp. Besides, she'll never do all these things. When she eventually becomes moderate it will be because it suits her money and visa hustles.

No. 635527

Sure. That’s never going to happen. She’s incapable of admitting to any mistakes. But if she copped to it, admitted wrong doing, apologized, and (here’s the big one) showed genuine remorse for her actions. I’d forgive her.

Oh yes, he did and they have been sent to PayPal.

No. 635545

Did you guys check for her whatsapp or viber?

No. 635579

Paypal can choose to sue her to collect the money. They have HQ all around the world so they will likely do it. Even for a big company 10K is not a negligible amount.

No. 635596

After reading the post the anon linked, it feels more like PP will go with debt collector first and if everything doesnt work, it will be the debt collector sueing Miranda. Tho in this case it's over 10k, not sure if that cross into another threshold or whatnot.

No. 635607

Question: what the fuck are you on about? What kind of weird bait is this?

No. 635641

They will find out their phone number. It's a bait.

No. 635655

You can add people to your contacts and check their whatsapp without adding them. You can also see when they are online. It’s only if you try to call or mail them that they will see your number.

No. 635681

Mte, and I can't help but notice "pay back the $5,000 you owe" is not included.

No. 635691

Exactly, where is the apology to KM?

No. 635726

Lol they'll know they've added you.

No. 635731

I was honestly curious, you conspiratorially minded retard.

No. 635733

Calm down

No. 635734

File: 1549111731695.png (182 KB, 500x522, nV3uwy4.png)

No. 635746

So if narunaru reported her in December why no pick up? It's February already, is she on the run? Is her Muslim husband real? Goddamn her life is so fucked up.

No. 635758

it took almost half a year for the other canadian shiena, so if they started digging into her case, it might take a few months before we hear anything new…

No. 635808

Miranda has got so much dirt online you’d hope they’d get to her quicker.

I’ve got a feeling she’s going to play the you’re discriminating against me because I’m muslim card next

No. 635810

Japan will not give two fucks about that. They view Islam (like most religions) as some mystical shit like the occult and only tolerate the immigrants because they're wealthy usually. In fact Randa has less of a chance of sympathy simply for not blending in as much. The only reason this is taking a long time is because the Japanese court system is slow much of the time. When she does get arrested they'll basically have everything they need to convict.

No. 636171

File: 1549186726608.png (274.84 KB, 1462x1242, スクリーンショット 2019-02-03 18.37.21.…)

Today's wahhabist bullshit:
Dating will send you to hell where "you will feel fire on your privates"!

No. 636298

I pretty sure feeling “fire on your privates” is chlamydia.

No. 636351

Perhaps Miranda is speaking from experience?

No. 636374

Gee, you're good at words.

I asked, and continue to wonder, because this is not somewhere for moralfagging and flights of fancy about this mega-cunt doing the impossible. Also because if the answer isn't 'no', you haven't read the previous threads.

While it has been noticeable across the site, this is one thread that has really suffered from the influx of newfags.

These things don't happen that quickly, assuming Naru's report is even accepted as worth investigating. Not sure where she will go to (guessing Canada) but I feel like she'll go before they get to her.

No. 636409

File: 1549248440098.jpeg (72.34 KB, 1083x266, A3B1B8E4-8C58-4D5F-AC3E-028697…)

Possible tinfoil.

Could be that her husband isn’t Saudi (a national wouldn’t have to immigrate, he’d already be a citizen) or Miranda’s shit Japanese skill prevents her from coherently expressing what she’s trying to say.

No. 636422

Immigrate and become a citizen are not the same things. Can we stop talking about her? It is only fueling her to be honest. The more we talk the more she says we are stalking her and it only feeds her ego.

No. 636427

God catch. This isn't tinfoil though, she cannot be married to a saudi anyway as he's obviously too young.

Are you lost? Who is this thread about?

No. 636429

She’s talking again about how she is glad she was rejected for Japanese naturalization because somehow she wouldn’t be allowed to marry her “husband”. But we know it’s because the marriage is illegal in both Japan and Saudi Arabia.

She doesn’t mention anything about the man’s visa status but if he that young, she will never be allowed to immigrate to Saudi Arabia in “2 or 3 years” any way. Since she says he is younger than her, let’s say he is around 25 years old. She still wouldn’t be allowed to enter the country for another 15 years because a Saudi man must be older than 40 to marry a foreigner. Even then, a visa to Saudi Arabia is not automatically granted with marriage. They will not make special exceptions for someone like her and there is absolutely no way this guy was ever going to be eligible for naturalization in Japan.

Lol. They’re going back to Canada soon and she’ll probably go silent to keep up the illusion.

No. 636436

>Immigrate and become a citizen are not the same things

No shit. Miranda has repeatedly claimed her “husband” is Saudi. If he is a Saudi national, he would be a citizen. He would not have to immigrate.

“immigrate” means to come to live permanently in a foreign country.

For example, Miranda is a Canadian national. If she moved back to Canada, she would not be immigrating.

If he was Saudi, moving to Saudi Arabia would be returning to his own country, not moving to a foreign country. Ie, not immigrating.

He could only immigrate to Saudi Arabia if he was not from there.

Hopefully you are now able to grasp this simple concept.

>Can we stop talking about her?

On a lolcow thread dedicated to discussion of her and her train wreck of a pathetic life.
Obviously, you do have trouble with extremely simple concepts

No. 636475

Sorry Miranda I can’t see us not talking about you until you disappear of the face of the earth

No. 636487

File: 1549273377467.jpeg (156.49 KB, 750x988, E8510A11-0F7E-4789-B1D5-13F622…)

No, your Japanese is shit.
Wouldn’t think I’d ever defend Mira on her use of Japanese, yet here I am. 移住 just means to move to another place to live there, doesn’t say anything about citizenship.

No. 636494

Only Miranda would call her Narunaru.

No. 636519


Wow, so cranky. But, Nope, sorry:

移住 means Emmigrate: Leave one's own country in order to settle permanently in another. (Your countries of origin are Saudi Arabia (supposedly) and Canada. Not Japan.

移動 Migrate: means move to another place

Problem is Miranda's lack of understanding and comprehension of English naturally causes issue when trying to translate to another language, because if you don't understand what in means in your native language, you won't understand it in a foreign language either.

No. 636521


For the same reason it took over a year for her citizenship application to be denied. No bureaucracy moves quickly (regardless of country)

No. 636522

She applied after November 2016 and it was denied in May. That’s only 6 months later.

No. 636531


So, then reporting in December and something not being done until May or June would not be out of the ordinary then.

No. 636532

According to her. The day she was denied was the day after her crying live stream about her losing her job.

No. 636542

Which is bullshit. She never lost her job. She made that up to cover her getting rejected.

No. 636564

She never lost her job? How do we know that?

No. 636565


Lurk more

No. 636567

It's already been established that despite what Miranda says, the real reason why she was rejected for citizenship was because of doubt about her marriage(s) and actually living where she said she did.

No. 636579

No offense but we all seen her videos of her house there is no way she had a second address. So I can understand whatever frustrations she has with that. She really did have a plain living room. The curtains were white and the couch was white. It was so boring.

No. 636581


You are seriously trying to convince us that you believe the "invisible furniture" argument?

Fuck off

No. 636586

Not invisible you idiot. If you have a white wall and a white couch what do you think your house looks like? Nothing pops out. Nothing is catchy to the eye. Plain furniture blends into walls. Are you that much of a newfag you never actually seen her old videos? Fuck off then.

No. 636587



Matched so well that the immigration person couldn't see them. (ie invisible)

As the old saying goes "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence"

So, produce these pics/videos. Wait, let me guess. All the totally exonerating proof has magically disappeared and you were the only one privy to seeing it.

How many times has Miranda or her sockpuppets or her minions tried that sad excuse.

Back up your claim or fuck off.

No. 636590

Yeah there’s nothing really to back up. The videos are deleted. It is not my issue if you didn’t watch her videos before she became Muslim. I am not going to spoon feed you. Go back to the forums from 2014 2015 and I am sure someone has posted screenshots of her ugly ass house.

No. 636593


Wow. You really are going to try that lame excuse. Yes, I did see her vids, her furniture was always clearly visible (obviously to you as well, as you claimed that you saw her furniture), even with her shitty video and lighting. No one with two brain cells to rub together will ever believe that it matched SO WELL with her walls that an immigration officer, standing in the apartment with her, couldn't see it.

Hopefully you will now see how retarded that statement was, and I hope that in time you'll realize what an idiot you've been.

No. 636594

File: 1549310853833.png (1.08 MB, 1280x720, couch.png)


Seriously, this moron is going to try and claim that if you were in the apartment with her, you could overlook this couch.

No. 636595

Then you know. Even I am not stupid enough to actually think that she believes her furniture was invisible. Common now! You are mocking yourself. The furniture is bland. The furniture doesn’t stick out or pop out which gives the illusion there’s not a lot of furniture. This is why the immigration would have made such comment. We all seen the videos. She had furniture. Her kitchen was full of stuff. It was clear someone lived there. She just didn’t have major home decor or furniture that stood out.

No. 636606

Are we actually fighting about if her furniture was invisible or not?

No. 636608


Just the retard White Knighting Miranada

No. 636609


She stated, repeatedly, that her furniture "blended in with the walls" and that's why the agent couldn't see it.

No. 636611

>common now

go the fuck to bed it's 4:30!

No. 636616

File: 1549312791195.png (1.32 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-02-04-21-29-56…)

She is up all night and bored, so all she has is us to play with. Also Miranda, your bait pictures are boring. Post something interesting

No. 636617

>Common now!
Nah, it's Miranda herself, judging by her "acceptional" knowledge of the language and her-ever-so-common-specific-errors. Just ignore her.
> Even I am not stupid enough
Yes, you are; Go the fuck to sleep, Miranda. It's also well known that you didn't "lose your job because the evil stockers" (>>636564 with you trying to play dumb), also, that incident led to KM giving you money and that's a topic you want to avoid like the plague, don't you?
Kindly fuck off.

No. 636621

>Even I am not stupid enough to actually think that she believes her furniture was invisible

Yes you are. On her last "Immigration Nightmear" video, at 4:52 to 5:00 she says: "My walls were white and my couch was white, so you know if the walls are white and the couch is white it don't look like there's no couch there"

Despite the horrible raping of the English language, she is saying that it looked like the couch wasn't there.

No. 636665

I always watch the stories on the



She/ her husband /whoever?
Uploads random pictures and videos. Sometimes it’s pictures of Miranda. Sometimes it’s weird videos of them laughing. Sometimes it’s videos of her husband singing. The sky. Food. Arabic music. Some kind of smoke. It’s always random but it seems the acc always uploads stuff.

No. 636671

Do you think we’re fucking stupid?

No. 636677

PSA to newfriends and people that happen to be not-so-brilliant: She has already used a fake "husband" account as a bait and now is trying to do it again. Please do avoid the "conveniently placed accounts".

Also, Miranda, could you please stop wasting time over here and instead go to PULL? Ryden invited you like a week ago, stop being so obvious over here and go there instead.

No. 636681

No one likes or even trusts you Mira go away.

No. 636698

Post some screenshots of the stories then.

No. 636704

She will block me. If you view someone’s full story it shows that you watched it. It will count as a “full view” if you take a screen shot. If you skip and exit it won’t.

No. 636707

>She will block me. If you view someone’s full story it shows that you watched it.
You are aware of that and still ask anons to watch /follow the account. You aren't even trying now, Miranda, go to sleep.

No. 636722

I personally wonder if Miranda has insomnia because like she never seems to go to sleep. Ever. How is she still alive?

No. 636724

File: 1549324366254.png (850.92 KB, 860x516, Clipboard01f.png.234ed8f3ac427…)

Miranda, stop being an ass and get some sleep.

No. 636727


And change that loaded diaper

No. 636738

I wonder what the original picture looked like. That shit is photoshopped as fuck.

No. 636741

File: 1549326880888.jpeg (10.37 KB, 259x194, images.jpeg)

Who knows? But she seemed to take pride in her ass as well as being an ass in general

No. 636743

What nonsense does she say in this video

No. 636752


You’re confusing your own accounts you fucking moron.

The one of your pretend husband singing is on you’re main acount, not you mooseterbait account.

You can’t even keep up with your own bullshit.

No. 636759

Not that song. Other songs. Almost everyday this account posts. They have not blocked me because I figured out a way to watch without getting caught and I am not posting screen shots to get caught either so don’t bait me.

No. 636771

Quick reminder that a lot of her videos are still up on archive.org, including that bathing suit video


No. 636783

So you claim to have milk but you refuse to share screen shots?

No. 636784

If you watch someone’s story till the very end it will show up that you watched it. It also shows up if you screencapured or screenshot. If you skip or view then exit quickly you don’t get caught. I have never took screen shots. You do your own homework and check it daily.

No. 636803


when you use sockpuppets, at least try to not sound like your usual self. your english grammar and spelling are painful to read.

No. 636815

This is a flat-out lie.
So is this >>636784 and >>636759

No. 636820

File: 1549337642988.gif (486.83 KB, 398x226, C9EBDC16-5AA0-4DCC-A25A-3E0E6A…)

No. 636822

File: 1549337752547.gif (86.46 KB, 162x90, 389A2C4F-A4B6-4BE5-A176-E75710…)

No. 636856

I’m still just enjoying her posting bizarre close-ups of random swarthy skinned body parts as proof of a husband. She’s married to a jigsaw photo puzzle .

No. 636857

I’m still just enjoying her posting bizarre close-ups of random swarthy skinned body parts as proof of a husband. She’s married to a jigsaw photo puzzle.

No. 636862

That Instagram account and the weird shit they post is much more interesting that her entire YouTube career.

No. 636866

He seems real ugly from the glimpses we've seen, so I guess she wants to preserve the mystery.

No. 636869

Now they are doing a q & a apparently….

No. 636937

File: 1549363744802.jpg (263.48 KB, 1440x2561, mira.jpg)

The other pictures were random and showed things like nail clippers or clothing. Also there were some videos where a guy sings but the screen is black.

No. 636938

File: 1549363766020.jpg (238.04 KB, 1440x2561, mira2.jpg)

No. 636946

Sure Miranda you won't "dox" anyone. Like we believe you after you numerous sad attempts. Stop trying and go to bed.

No. 636947

stories can be paused

you can't even lay believable bait

No. 636955

Yes if you pause it then it counts as read. If you skip through someone’s stories it doesn’t count as read. I know this because sometimes I can see for myself that someone has watched a recent story but not others. I also noticed stories where I am filming something boring such as my fish..my friends have sometimes skipped through to a more interesting story.

No. 636971

Seriously, Miranda, why go to such lengths to find out who the haterz are? You've been invited to freely post on PULL, why not take the opportunity to explain what you think that we all have got wrong about you?

No. 636976

Erm, you do realize we can fully see there's no "comment" and current time on the screenshot?

You obviously downloaded the stories, Miranda. IQ -9000

No. 636985

Yeah why didn’t this person put the comments?

No. 636986

It's obviously Miranda herself. If you download your own images on Instagram, there's no comment section or anything featured on the Instagram story.

Wait…I'm already talking to you…Go to bed, it's 12:35AM

No. 636987

I am actually leaning more to the theory that it’s 100% fake. There’s no stories at all. This person is trolling us. Why wouldn’t they record the guy singing or anything other than text? It’s bait. Bait to make us think something is going on but there’s really nothing.

No. 636990

File: 1549381317719.jpg (117.44 KB, 715x944, not_fake_miranda.JPG)

100% fake? Jeez Miranda, why you freakin lying? Mmmm aw mah gawd!

No. 636991

The account has one follower now

No. 636992

You can’t fool us Miranda. No comment feature… you don’t exist

No. 636993

Not Miranda. I'm calling out on Miranda here on LOLcow

No. 636994

No we are calling out you. Are you the person who posted originally? Then why did you crop it? Don’t crop it. Post the bottom part too.

No. 636995

No I didn't originally posted that image. The original image was posted at around 6pm JP time. I work in JP until 7pm. No cell phones allowed during my shift.

No. 636996

Alright then you post an image without cropping the bottom! Nobody crop. Those who crop are Mira and the evidence is fake.

No. 636997

File: 1549381779765.jpg (84 KB, 539x909, not_fake_miranda.JPG)

Here's what you wanted! Miranda is fake since birth, you know that.

No. 636998

Where are the other screen shots? Are there really weird images as other anons suggest?

No. 636999

"other" anons.

Your posting is quite strange because, right after I post mine, you post within a minute or two. You're in Japan and you're Miranda.

Go to sleep, it's almost 1am. You have a job and a husband to take care of, mentally speaking.

We've already reported you to the immigration, and you're still panicking behind the PC by not replying to my questions and comments.

Thank you and good night.

No. 637000

Someone get a mod in here and tell Naruru that I am not Miranda. Either you are Naruru or Miranda impersonating Naruru. This same shit happend last year. Duh I post after you because I am watching who posts lol. Just like everyone and just like you. You post after me so what the hell does that mean?

No. 637001

Take a screenshot of your phone and tell us what time is it now.

No. 637002

No. 637003

It’s okay I will wait for the mods. :p(:p)

No. 637004

No emojis allowed. You are breaking LOLcow rules, you panicky high anxiety girl.

You know I often go to Halal Sakura, my favorite dish is beef ramen! How about yours?

No. 637005

What the fuck are you even talking about? Are you crazy?

No. 637006

Nobody is going to take your side Miranda.

No. 637007

If you're not Miranda, your answer would have been:

"I'm not in Japan, never heard of Halal Sakura."

You can't hide your lies very well, I pity your mindset.

No. 637009

I am not in Japan and I don’t know what the fuck a halal Sakura is. Stop detailing and samefaging. Stop posting whatever stupid video you keep posting. You are trying to cause trouble. At the same time a mod comes in to check my IP they should ban you because you are probably Miranda herself.(stop sperging.)

No. 637010

The keks

No. 637012


There is a rule on checking IPs requested by a commenter. It won't happen. Read the rules, if you can read.

No. 637015

A song dedicated to Miranda

No. 637019


You guys know that there is an online tool to view someones Instagram story without having Instagram and without giving the account any views? Its called storiesig.

No. 637022

Miranda, that doesn't work for private profiles, try something else. Also, do you seriously never sleep or have anything else to do?

No. 637032

File: 1549389567249.jpg (219.76 KB, 1440x2561, 49844037_558891327910743_52809…)

It works for her bait profile, try it. I just did. It even let's you watch the videos and download stories

Attached is what I'm assuming most of her kitchen looks like. Dirty and unkept

No. 637044

wow this is really fascinating. gotta go and stalk these bread crumbs

No. 637048

Miranda losing her shit again. How original. GO TO SLEEP WOMAN.

No. 637177

So what do the other screen shots actually say?

No. 637187

Happy birthday!!

No. 637192

A short history of the scammer Miranda Constable. Wonderful!

No. 637213

Why didn’t he include screenshots of her address?

No. 637223

What screenshots of your address?

No. 637226

We all are curious as to where she lives.

No. 637231

No one cares what her address is.

No. 637235


Yeah, so she could get the video removed?

No. 637236

I thought that it was already established that she was living in Funabashi…

No. 637239

I should have screenshot it when I had the chance, but moments after the video was uploaded she commented on it from her main account then deleted it quickly. Now she's on her sockpuppet and posted the exact same thing.

No. 637242

File: 1549421434914.png (168.36 KB, 1562x490, スクリーンショット 2019-02-06 11.50.13.…)

Miranda's response

No. 637245

It has been well established that her name at least at one time was Miranda, why does she continue to deny it?

No. 637247

>Maybe in May when my current visa doesn't expire
This whole muslim marriage scam is revolving around keeping her Japanese visa, I'm telling you.

No. 637253

File: 1549422861881.jpg (683.47 KB, 1440x1665, 20190205_221330.jpg)

Action Bastard is quick to clap back

No. 637257

File: 1549423323693.png (18.47 KB, 289x352, dsadass.png)

I'm waiting to see from KM if she is being honest.

No. 637258

Oh and the report she refers to is KM's pinterest account filled with SS however the account is closed.

No. 637260

Wow, she found that video fast. Almost like she saw a link to it somewhere… Mira, do you do anything other than lurk and post here?

No. 637267

File: 1549425257261.png (79.17 KB, 1438x322, スクリーンショット 2019-02-06 12.53.21.…)

Miranda's explanation why her family calls her Miranda, but her name is not Miranda!

No. 637268

File: 1549425303284.png (409.02 KB, 1384x1258, スクリーンショット 2019-02-06 12.51.25.…)

No. 637280

I don't understand why you refuse to admit that your name was Miranda when it has been shown by multiple sources that your name was in fact Miranda.
Besides, "Miranda" is a very normal name and there is nothing to be ashamed about. Just admit that you changed your name to Mira for whatever reason, and everyone will drop the subject.

No. 637282

File: 1549426595143.png (391.79 KB, 1396x1198, スクリーンショット 2019-02-06 13.16.33.…)

Long rant on KM, haterz, etc.

No. 637283

File: 1549426624961.png (348.87 KB, 1386x1134, スクリーンショット 2019-02-06 13.17.33.…)

No. 637284

> I don't care at all
> spends over an hour writing essays about how much she doesn't care

No. 637297

"annoyenced" -→ announced

"tour guild" -→ tour guide

"guild them around" -→ guide them…

"Paid guilded tours" -→ …guided tours

"fantacy" -→ fantasy

Although her spelling leaves much to be desired, it's amazing how her fluency in English pops right back when she's pissed off. The engrish routine is gone.

No. 637301

Let's see proof you took a mahram on the trip with you and KM. You wouldn't want it to look like you went on holiday with him alone as a muslim woman, right? I'm sure your husband would be pissed that the world thinks you did that.

No. 637304

Mira, you said you'd pay him back. In writing. He said the school money was a loan. In writing.

And she thinks she'll get away from immigration and get Paypal to pay off her debts because her name isn't Miranda Constable anymore. Uh, pretty sure your legal name, and social ID in Japan, was linked to the bank account you gave them. You won't be able to escape the debt, nor the fact that neither you nor your "husband" is Japanese, and so you are nothing but tourists who've long overstayed your welcome.

No. 637341

File: 1549430031725.png (116.88 KB, 1396x390, スクリーンショット 2019-02-06 14.13.21.…)

Miranda on why she is not afraid of being prosecuted

No. 637342

File: 1549430063813.png (146.07 KB, 1420x456, スクリーンショット 2019-02-06 14.14.22.…)

No. 637360

Im still amazed by how she's (seem) fine and cool with everything wrong and all the lies she has done/said in her life, with that whole attitude of "nothing can touch me".

No. 637382

She really thinks that if the past visa marriage is over that she's off the hook? She absolutely can be arrested and charged over a past fake visa marriage. You don't get let off from a crime simply because you yourself have moved on. She can move back to Canada and forget about Japan is about the only way to get out of an investigation.

No. 637401

Miranda PayPal have not refunded you any money. Show us proof!

No. 637405

Is she really convinced that only a handful of people are creating numerous fake accounts to criticize her, or is it just a distraction tactic to fool what’s left of her fans? There are so many people who have followed her shenanigans this entire time and a good amount of those people actually are part of the Jvlogging community or have lived in Japan for just as long as she has. It’s not just Naruru, but many other people that have met her in real life or know people that have known her crazy ass. Word got around fast. I remember when she made it to 2ch, she also tried to downplay her negative online reputation by claiming the posters there were all foreigners or half Japanese. As if real Japanese didn’t hate her too. But she only made those claims after losing favor with the right wingers that she used to pander to.

No. 637411

That's right! I remember that she used to be a right winger and had the support from Japanese people who hated China, North Korea, etc. Now she is spouting nonsense like Japan has many languages, Japan belongs to the Ainu, etc. and pissed off all her Japanese supporters.

No. 637554

>Is she really convinced that only a handful of people are creating numerous fake accounts to criticize her,

She is really that stupid. Funny thing is, thought it's already happened several times, she going to find out the meaning of the term "streisand effect"

No. 637585

Remember when she went off at some guy in comments for talking about the weather in Tokyo (something like that), he couldn't do that because- Korean! Her dissonance about her own origins hit a peak there.

No. 637596

She had a good few months of praise from 2ch when she was in her Japanese housewife Nihon ichiban phase. Then she broke the submissive act and went from admirer to obnoxious, self-appointed Japan expert and pissed them all off.

She accused me of being Maguro a couple of times when she was obsessed with finding out who he was. And it was only because I was one of the many people who live in Japan and watched the whole sockpuppet drama unfold in real time. The thing is, not only was she on PULL and 2ch, she also posted(in her easily identifiable writing style) on 4chan, gaijinpot, Reddit and various Japan-related boards. She exposed herself to the part of the Internet that remembers everything, screenshots it. It’s like her screwed up brain doesn’t register that actions have consequences and the average person here doesn’t struggle to find and collect information. We can often do it over a lunch break while she obsesses for days and barely sleeps because someone called her Miranda.

No. 637631

File: 1549507605896.png (111.21 KB, 1080x988, 20190207_094318.png)

Can please help and back me up here? Does anyone have a screenshot of a comment from like 2014; where she did say something like her favorite country has always been Japan since birth or something. I tried talking to her, and she denied and claimed a comment in 2016 her fav country has been SA since birth on tiwtter.(Do not brag or announce having personal contact or interactions with a cow.)

No. 637632

Tbh,I'm pretty sure does not want to admit it.

No. 637634

File: 1549507877243.png (15.05 KB, 846x194, Mira_is_japanese.png)

Of all the places I could find something close was on encyclopedia dramatica. I'll continue looking though.

No. 637639


What’s funny is, who the fuck cares?

No. 637643

File: 1549509299163.png (53.95 KB, 1009x745, part 1.png)

After Action Bastards upload and Miranda deletes her comment thread. Bambibot messages Miranda for AB on why she chickened out.

No. 637644

File: 1549509323820.png (34.16 KB, 962x446, part 2.png)

No. 637645

File: 1549509388848.png (42.22 KB, 1006x551, zWlWWjl.png)

Continued response about PayPal.

No. 637647

I was trying to prove a point to her. What a lyer she is. It doesn't hurt to try and get her to admit it, although it literally never works.

No. 637665

No. 637666

Miranda always chickens out and deletes her comment threads on other videos when she can't handle the truth.

No. 637686

I apologize.That was a typo.

No. 637772

'Fans who love her'? Even if there were fans who so-say 'love' her, she doesn't care about them at all. She's too lazy to upload good quality videos regularly and doesn't even give them what they want. And when they question her or give her constructive criticism, she's rude to them or blocks them. I actually left a comment before asking why she only responds to 'haters' and never replies to her (at the time) fans of her Japanese content. She didn't reply back, but hey.(5c. Do not brag or announce having personal contact or interactions with a cow.)

No. 637774

Also, I thought she said she wouldn't stop making videos about Japan, now they will continue to be all about Islam?
My favourite video back in the day was actually the one where she read Japanese books to study, I actually found that one interesting.

No. 637801

File: 1549571973749.png (35.88 KB, 1248x900, block.png)



No. 637824

No. 637854

Miranda, you lie about every little thing. Can you tell the truth about anything?

No. 638008

It’s like that “The following statement is true. The preceding statement is false” mind puzzle lol

No. 638015

You sure are quiet Miranda, are you packing up your things ready to move back to Canada?

No. 638055

Miranda, you are going to make only islamic videos? Since you are still uploading videos about Japan, I imagine that this is another one of your bullshit stories?

No. 638092


She's too busy uploading extreme closeups of fabric and pretending to have a husband to worry about Youtube

No. 638094

File: 1549647871385.png (30.94 KB, 1022x289, suckit.png)


Tough shit Miranda..

No. 638100

That'd be funny if even Youtube didn't like Miranda lol

No. 638147

File: 1549666588319.png (300.37 KB, 1532x1012, スクリーンショット 2019-02-09 7.55.30.p…)

Miranda "was proudly Japanese from around 2013~2017 and prided on it", but she is still "more Japanese than Canadian"?

No. 638151

"You need to learn English better because my words are very clear"
No, Miranda, your words are not clear. You always rant in an illogical manner and have poor grammar/spelling, so it is difficult to follow your train of thought.
Since you were refused citizenship, I imagine that you are still claiming to be "culturally" Japanese even though you don't really speak Japanese anymore (you admit almost only speaking English recently) and prioritize your religion in terms of fashion, food, lifestyle, values, etc.? What part of you is Japanese now?
"…I am not Saudi. I never stepped foot in a country…"
However, you claim to be an expert on Saudi and confidently deny any reports of human rights abuses since for some reason only you know the truth about everything that happens in Saudi?

No. 638152

Tbh she’s right. She never said Japan was her favorite country.

No. 638153

Gosh Miranda, I never knew you'd post as a sockpuppet anonymous here

No. 638160

Just because I am pointing out the obvious doesn’t mean I am her.

No. 638168


Yeah, she said it back on Punk Sudbury and 64Digits (which was owned by her boyfriend at the time..)

No. 638171


No. 638172

Miranda is only pulling this shit because she couldn't get a Japanese citizenship boohoo.

No. 638173

She got denied for citizenship in 2017, those posts about her Saudi fetish are from 2016.

No. 638177

Despite being a Canadian expat with a recent Saudi fetish, the strange thing is that she is still claiming to be (culturally?) Japanese, when her only connection to Japan is that she still happens to live there because she can't get a visa to live in Saudi…

No. 638180

File: 1549672649703.png (87.72 KB, 1351x1210, received_577513852721029.png)

How come she never mention Saudi Arabia during her days in Canada, but loves Japan and Africa. It's all fake that SA is her favourite since childhood.

No. 638181

I remember this!
So many interesting nuggets…12 sexual partners at the age of 20? I wonder if her Saudi "husband" knows about that?

No. 638184


see >>638180

annnnnd suck it!

No. 638186

She also didn’t say she wants to live in Saudi Arabia before. Actually I swear she said she will never move there. Saudi Arabia doesn’t allow tourism anyways so nobody would be able to go without a spouse visa.

No. 638189

I am not trying to stick up for her but the posts she used to make about Saudi Arabia on her Twitter clearly showed she had an obsession with the place. I remember her wearing a burka in some I love saudi picture. She also posted Rip to some king who died. Everyone fought with her in the comments.

No. 638207


So, conjure up these tweets/pics. Oh let me guess, they don’t exist anymore but you totally saw them and they’d exonerate her if only anyone else could see them?

That hasn’t worked the last 8000 times you tried it, but the fact that you still hang on to hope that it one day will amuses me to no end..

No. 638219


The closest I could find to this phase is



oh here we go! found it

There is no picture of it but its reference to her trying on the Niqab and showing it off. Then people told her she didn't need to wear it.

No. 638223

I remember at that time she kept talking about UAE…what happened with that?

No. 638228

She said UAE was close to Saudi and since it allows Canadians to enter without a visa she wanted to go there. She said it’s the closest to Saudi she was gonna get.

No. 638245

Also i apologize for copying pasting. Forigve me, cuz i couldn't come up with something to fight back against her. I'm not strong in arguing against people, so as I said, please forgive me.

No. 638251


Ok, showing that she wanted to go to the UAE and wear Muslim cosplay is not showing she had an obsession no anything else you claimed in your previous post.

No. 638255

No. 638257


Link to a old thumb from a Doudemomira video explaining Saudi Arabia has been her favorite country since she was young and giving the same "globe" story.

No. 638259

This post is from when the trump "muslim ban" came into place and she protested it by changing all of her DPs to this image.


No. 638260

No. 638264

Cool undated pics. What's your point?

No. 638265

Most of the dates are in the URLs if not in the screen shot itself anon.

No. 638266

This Twitter post is from January 2015. This is the earliest so far evidence that she loved Saudi Arabia.

No. 638267

Do not forget that most of the posts will never be found because remember PULL changed websites 3? times. Each time the old information was wiped out so we wont find any screen shots from 2014 because they were removed. Probably only very important screen shots about drama were saved and transferred over.

No. 638269

Mira got her videos on archive.org taken down. Hope no one downloaded them, Mira!

No. 638283

Dont worry, plenty of people have them. We're used to Miranda deleting stuff left and right and pretend it never existed.

No. 638286

Before the old videos on archive.org were removed, there was a Q&A video where she answered about places she wanted to visit . Africa, Thailand and I believe India were listed, but absolutely no mention of Saudi Arabia.

No. 638292

Why don't we all try and reupload the videos. Onto a website where it is impossible for her to even try and get a takedown request approved.

No. 638295

To be honest, I think its stupid to re-upload them. It only makes us look like bullies to her fan base she has left. It give her an excuse to call us stalkers and HaRaSSinGU ME HeLPPU Miii. It also just makes her more popular because people come across those videos and do not know the drama behind her. Remember she gained thousands of subs with those videos. Her videos now are boring as fuck and nobody wants to watch her with Hijab on. Uploading the old videos only promotes her. Think of all the people who left because they were gone?

No. 638298

Nice try.

I think dailymotion ignores DMCAs. Comedy option is pornhub since Mira fucks the Japanese language hard enough.

No. 638299

Nonsense. They are all videos that she created and put online herself to make money, so it is not bullying to reupload them again just because she considers them to be "hair porn" now.

No. 638300

No it's not. I know that. I am saying that is how her stupid fans will view it.

No. 638301

I see her fans comment all the time on her videos getting triggered about the dislike bar and triggered how Rodi wont remove her videos. It only gives them more fuel for the fire.

No. 638302

So? Let her muslim fans get triggered. Hopefully they'll wake up and see the truth about her someday

No. 638303

I think it only promotes her. People stopped subbing once the content was gone. People unsub because the content is gone. People who used to watch her will only have a reason to keep her in their memory rather than forgetting her. If the immigration kicks in she will be out of Japan and have no content to upload anymore. She will become a nobody and forgotten.

No. 638304

File: 1549692511394.jpg (34.32 KB, 600x344, 1507743517710.jpg)

Enjoy some old hair porn

No. 638311

File: 1549693149436.jpg (130.05 KB, 511x429, witch.thumb.jpg.e8a6bb60423206…)

Don't be so triggered

No. 638313

Oh dog, thanks for the incoming nightmare… (sorry, i mean "nightmear"!)

No. 638314

lmao I vote this for the next thread pic

No. 638320

We all should. Hah, us the bullies? It is she who bullied and harrased a whole bunch of people. We all gave her so many chances to apologize and come clean. So let's all do what we can, and BREAK HER! We need to teach her about humility, the horrible consequences of lying and scamming. The onlynway we can really get through her,is if we make her learn things the very hard way. That is why I approve of reuploading the videos that she must be taught a very valuable lesson? That will scar her for life! These videos are the only pieces of evidence we can use against her for the claims that are total bs!! We all can agree this can't we?(autism)

No. 638328

File: 1549698267464.jpg (45.78 KB, 1000x584, bait.jpg)

You have years of practice. How are you still so bad at trolling?

No. 638332

Lmao. Don’t be dramatic. I don’t think she’s scared for life because her own videos she made get reuploaded.

No. 638333

She is a lost cause. She won’t ever learn.

No. 638335

Unfortunately, I agree with you. We can only hope that she is deported or moves to Saudi and disappears from the internet.

No. 638337


Why do you always do this? Embarrassing.

Anyway, why isn’t your super Muslim womb impregnated yet? I’m getting rather sick of you berated other women about not submitting to their predetermined gender roles as walking incubators and doormats. What the Hell are you waiting for? Is your Mini Muhammad also lacking in that department?

I honestly hope that she gets jail time soon. She needs to continue her family tradition.

No. 638355

Hey Miranda do you realise if you block all your ‘haterz’ no one will be able to view your content because you will have blocked them all?
Your YouTube career has been ruined by your inability to behave like a normal human being, literally no one cares for your content. All we want to see is what fucked up thing you will do next

No. 638365

Well, at least she'll have her few muslim supporters who literally write "Mashallah!" in every single comment…

No. 638368

Her wanting to visit "Africa" actually cracks me up. I wonder why she wouldn't like to visit Europe, or maybe South America.

Very specific about Japan, tho, bless her little weeb heart.

No. 638371

This is amazing. Another vote for next thread pic.

I guess this is some of her white furniture in the background, that blended in with the walls so the Japanese visa interviewer couldn't see it? (E.g., is it from around that time frame?)

No. 638382


>Disappears off the internet

Nah, I want Mira to stay. Too many good laughs.
I hope she continues to leap on to the next nationality until there is none left to skin walk. I'm voting for African/Jamaican and a sudden Bob Marley way of talking.

No. 638399

You're right…now that I think about it, I would like to see her Rasta phase…

No. 638418

She's going full Jihadi now. Also her "script" at the end says "youtube is a weapon". Sounds like a response video. That'll be good for some laughs.

Extra shocking is that she actually scripts and plans out videos and still ends up with the shit quality that she's know for.

No. 638421

I don’t know what is so “jihadi” about wanting to kill a man who fucking slapped a baby in the face. Oh my god! What is that video? Why is that man slapping the baby?

No. 638422

I don’t know what is so “jihadi” about wanting to kill a man who fucking slapped a baby in the face. Oh my god! What is that video? Why is that man slapping the baby?

No. 638436

Good night, Miranda

No. 638437

I don’t know what is so “jihadi” about wanting to kill a man who fucking slapped a baby in the face. Oh my god! What is that video? Why is that man slapping the baby?

No. 638452

It’s a priest in France who was suspended for slapping a crying baby during a baptism.

No. 638453

That’s it! Suspended? He fucking slapped a child?! He should be arrrsted. Mira is in the right, I would have killed him if he touched my kid.

No. 638455

Miranda thought it was the fucking Pope. Christ that girl is stupid

No. 638456


The parents didn’t seem to mind. They are standing right in front of him.

To use Miranda’s own logic against her “you’re not Catholic and you don’t live in France so you don’t have the right to criticize” (Miranda’s favorite dodge when people criticize Saudi or Islam)

No. 638467

Miranda quit spamming the thread your just going to cause you and everyone a headache. MODS?! where you at? Looks like Miranda is losing her shit again.

No. 638475

She’s doing another one of those Q&A

No. 638490

is rodi going to make a video about Mira? I see a comment from 1 day ago in his dramajin video that says he will make three more videos

No. 638498

Can someone confirm if what rodi said was true or not? I want to know if it’s just a bs response or we can look forward to more tea

No. 638501

File: 1549753354079.jpeg (56.16 KB, 1519x540, 5FDDA9CD-3517-4A35-B32F-091A86…)

No. 638502

Is he really going to make another video?

No. 638505


That’s what he said, moron.

No. 638510

File: 1549756269014.jpeg (128.07 KB, 1440x670, 76E210F1-10DE-4A9C-9BCB-8248BF…)

Some last gasp hilarity followed by the end of her channel..

No. 638512

File: 1549756869585.png (204.61 KB, 1632x762, スクリーンショット 2019-02-10 8.58.08.p…)

Miranda is "educated"?

No. 638513

I know I'm stoked about her "islamic videos to combat corruption"

No. 638515

She didn't block me last time I left a question on her Q&A(5c. Do not brag or announce having personal contact or interactions with a cow.)

No. 638520

Corruption 101 by Miranda: you are all infidels

No. 638521

Shut up, Miranda

No. 638523

File: 1549760198526.gif (984.69 KB, 500x282, 9975BF2F-F445-49B7-B0F1-BC5561…)

No. 638524

I know. She is terrified about what Rodi might say.

No. 638535

I’m not sure that she is afraid of what he’s going to say because as far as we know she has not met him since 2017. He doesn’t have any new info on her. Unless he has been lying about contacting her. Wish it was more in detail about when he’s planning on dropping the three videos.

No. 638540


She’s still be trying to contact him. He would be able to confirm all of KM’s stuff, and probably even knows the name of her VISA husband

No. 638546

How do you know? Where are the screenshots?

No. 638548

To be fair it is actually KM who confirms Rodi's story, not the other way around. Rodi sent messages to Naruru saying he is "sure" "think so" about her being married to a Japanese man. If I am not mistaken I said he had never met him, never seen him, doesn't know anything about him. I don't know where the screenshots are of that conversation but I remember it being posted a few months ago. Rodi didn't have any details then so why would he have any details now?

No. 638550

We already know about Miranda's visa fraud, fake name, scamming, pious hypocrisy, and general shittiness as a person, so I wonder if there could actually be any milk left for Rodi to provide?

No. 638552

Recycled shit for more views?

No. 638565

How is making islamic videos supposed to fix her "stocker" problem?

No. 638578

what a pussy. Rodi said he is not making a video about her.

No. 638579

Why would he want to be involved with her anymore?

No. 638583


Because he said he’d only make more vids if she continued with her bullshit and hassling him.

She had KM keep trying to contact him several times after she said she was done with him.

Simple logic given Miranda’s history and standard operating procedures.

No. 638584

Oh come on you were just so excited to see him spill some more milk and now no?

No. 638585



No. 638598

He still knows if/when/where she has committed the crime of a fake marriage for a visa.

No. 638655

Her husband seems nice.

No. 638656

He's done with you, Miranda. Stop contacting him and fantasize him in your head

No. 638658

Shut up, Miranda

No. 638659

Fuck off noob. Sucks to be you not following her otherwise you would see the videos they posted.

No. 638661

Not this nonsense again

No. 638668

We should play a game and guess how many time Miranda used that excuse so far, must be way over a hundred tim already.

No. 638671

Stop advertising yourself, Miranda(Hi cow)

No. 638722

Come on Miranda, we're waiting for your islamic corruption videos!

No. 638733

Am I the only one following her on Instagram?

No. 638734

Are you the fake husband? If you can see then share it or shut up

No. 638756



No. 638775


This hypocritical bitch only finds child abuse offensive when it is committed by other religions that isn't hers.

No. 638816

Maybe she'll do a video on female genital mutilation.

No. 638829

File: 1549843427575.png (513.78 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190211-070221.png)

Guys. Please back me up here
Did she say she graduated highschool in 2018? Is she joking right? Where is the proof that she did?

No. 638834

File: 1549844190001.png (358.92 KB, 1610x1150, スクリーンショット 2019-02-11 9.16.20.p…)

Here's the full rant

No. 638836

"If I would have paid the oweing money on library books and completed my 40 hours of community service I would have graduated high school same time everyone else did."
She didn't graduate because of overdue library books?!

No. 638840


KEK miranda can't go to high school, she must graduate kindergarten first.

No. 638849

Let's look at the definition of educated:
having an education, esp a good one
displaying culture, taste, and knowledge; cultivated
having, or showing the results of, much education

Dropping out of high school and going to Bayyinah's online deobandi/wahhabist "univercity" does not qualify you to call yourself educated.

And yes, (unfortunately?) on the internet, all people judge your intelligence based on your spelling, grammar, and ability to make a logical argument.
If you spent just a few minutes to use spell/grammar check and edit your rants, it would be easier to take you more seriously.

No. 638856

I think a couple threads ago she claimed she was working on getting a GED or whatever, and then going to "univercity". I'll try to dig up the posts if I'm remembering correctly.

e: yes, she claims she has a high school diploma, starts here >>512707

No. 638893

So how does that justify her, to being logically allowed to be a lecturer at a Japanese university?>>638856

No. 638894


Wow, Miranda skipping out on money she owed. What a surprise.

No. 638895

Where does she say she's a lecturer? Is that in one of her rants? Because ngl I don't read every single one. I'm just pointing out that the hs diploma happened ages ago when KM was still her white knight

No. 638899

She showed pictures before of her giving a special lecture in a university (I guess about her "job" as a youtuber).

No. 638920

That was some one-off thing. A diploma had nothing to do with that.

No. 638922

There was an instagram pic of her giving a lecture to uni students at a uni. It was in her previous instagram account.

No. 638923

I can't believe that she could scam the university into believing that she was a successful youtuber.

No. 638924

Maybe they just wanted a native English speaker to speak to a class of English learners? Joke’s on them if they thought Miranda could teach anyone anything about English.

No. 638926

But Miranda is so "educated" that she doesn't even need to go to school.

No. 638929

The quantity of bullshit in that post is amazing, even more so if she believe it….

No. 638933

>It has nothing to do with your actual ability to retain information or how much information you know.

If Mira misspells common words every other sentence or still does not have a decent understanding of English grammar then her actual ability to retain information is obviously quite low.

“cooperate lader” - corporate ladder

She only read Benjamin Franklin’s Wikipedia up until the part where he ended his formal education at 10. The article goes on to say
>He worked for his father for a time, and at 12 he became an apprentice to his brother James, a printer, who taught Ben the printing trade. When Ben was 15, James founded The New-England Courant, which was the first truly independent newspaper in the colonies.

He was not locked in a room by himself, surrounded by random books and his iPhone! Does she not understand that apprenticeship and trade schools are an extension of traditional education and she has not indulged in either? Franklin also built his knowledge by constant interaction with other intellectuals and depended on their critiques to improve himself. Not only that, but prior to the age of 10, Benjamin Franklin was recognized as extremely gifted and the top of his class. Mira cannot day the same about herself.

Also, is the man back in Canada that she is referring to her ex-boyfriend? A homeschooled teen coding games and working in IT is not extraordinary or unusual. Sure, you can make a living and be happy but how does this show they are educated? I don’t understand her comparison.

It’s likely she didn’t need to. The pictures were posted here already and we can see that it was just a very small classroom where she gave her presentation. It was not a full-scale lecture or big event. It was no different than any other guest speaker stopping by, like a local police officer or librarian telling children about their job. She was probably invited by a friend or “husband” who attends school there.

No. 638934

Still, I feel bad for the students having to listen to her presentation in terrible English or even worse Japanese about the secrets to (NOT) being successful on youtube or some islamic bullshit.

No. 638954

Does anyone still have any of the deleted archive videos downloaded? I didn't get the chance and i wanted to use them against her for her past statements filled with contradicitons.

No. 638958

You will have to be more precise then that since you can find such things in every single one of her videos, in most of her tweets, in all her youtube comments and so on so on.

No. 638967

No. 639016

She graduated in 2018, she's 19 or 20 years old today.

Nice job trolling, Miranda. You seriously need alcohol.

No. 639085


When you dropping this video Miranda? Can't wait to see the mastershit piece

No. 639348

Everyday she's heading toward radical islam more and more, it's entertaining to watch.

I cant wait for that video! About how Islam is ze best thing ever, that everyone should be like her and fighting all that corruption (lolwat?)! You go girl! /s

No. 639373

I'm not a "newfag," and you're a retard.

No. 639385

Calm the fuck down

No. 639397

File: 1549994505021.png (1.86 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190212-171052.png)

Ha! Miranda acts like that's a hard thing to do and doesn't take like 2 mins.

But given her lack of intelligence, it probably is hard for her.

No. 639410

The only way she would know something like that is because she lurks here, which she always denies. Her trolling has gotten sloppy lately, I think she's starting to lose it.

No. 639446

i'd lose it too if i were 10k+ in the hole with a huge multinational company.

No. 639523

File: 1550016831240.png (288.31 KB, 1626x954, スクリーンショット 2019-02-13 9.13.21.p…)

Rant about Miranda's "education"

No. 639547

Certificates? If being a certified lying visa hopping scamming slut is a certificate, then Miranda is overqualified.

No. 639550

File: 1550018990913.jpeg (18.56 KB, 276x183, 298E2CD0-0F93-4458-8D4E-BBD284…)

>me own words

No. 639555

"You are rambling son"

Miranda, have you ever heard of "the pot calling the kettle black"? Look it up,

No. 639556

>at least I can read
>I don't care about spelling

Better hope that mystery husband can keep you in fake brand name clothing then because you'll never make above a waitress.

No. 639563

File: 1550020641472.jpg (96.23 KB, 1024x738, nvadpsy4v3g21.jpg)

A valentine from our friends at r/japancirclejerk

No. 639708

File: 1550060227885.png (268.52 KB, 1626x1230, スクリーンショット 2019-02-13 21.15.50.…)

Miranda explains that she has always loved Saudi and calls someone "uneducated" for speaking the truth about Saudi

No. 639709

File: 1550060622886.png (226 KB, 1636x810, スクリーンショット 2019-02-13 21.21.53.…)

Miranda explains that muslims are the same everywhere in the world and there are no cultural differences…

…but don't get her started on Shias, or she will flip the fuck out!

No. 639711

File: 1550060688457.png (154.41 KB, 1560x804, スクリーンショット 2019-02-13 21.24.36.…)

Japan is better for Muslims than Canada?

No. 639722

Is Japan really better for her? or is she a lazy bitch who is too scared to go to saudi for real?

No. 639725

Japan is better for her because she gets more attention for being a white girl in hijab. In most large cities in Canada, that’s a yawn.

No. 639727

Does she not know that muslim women aren't forbidden to wear make up? Why does she insist on being ugly?

No. 639753

If muslims are the same everywhere to her than what does she have to say about ISIS? They pray/worship Allah also

No. 639757

The funny thing is that when called out on her bullshit by other muslims, she always says stuff like "Only Allah knows my heart!" or "How dare you question my faith!"

But she has ranted many times that the following are not "true" muslims: shias, sufis, isis, liberal muslims, gay muslims, muslims who are not wahhabist, etc.

No. 639939

File: 1550121067039.jpeg (502.35 KB, 741x1286, D4B34BC0-1AC5-4B41-985C-5EF68A…)

Oh the irony, was looking for a specific drama related video and the search put Miranda at the stop. Not sure if I’m shocked or sad.

No. 639962

It's true…YouTube does show a lot of videos about kanadajin3 if you type in "jvlog drama".

No. 639963

She's been featured on a bunch of Jvlogger channels for drama so that's probably why Youtube thinks that's what you want. Off the top of my head Sharla, GimmeaFlakeMan, Rodi, Rachel and Jun, Naruru, and Bambi have made drama vlogs. I think PDR is the only Jvlogger that hasn't touched her.

No. 639973

He's made a few digs at her in some past videos (can't remember the specific ones).

No. 639986


I don't remember Naruru making a vlog

No. 640031


Figured she'd be too chicken-shit to ever do change her channel to radical Islam.

She knows it will kill it, and her ego won't let her.

No. 640055

File: 1550170512170.jpg (46.66 KB, 497x246, K3_youtube_post.jpg)


Well, she's been lurking..

Who wants to take bets she (if she ever post the video) will make the suicide claims but provide no evidence of which "site" supposedly did it or who the supposed suicides were?

Standard Miranda procedure, make a claim and provide no proof..

No. 640061

Hey Miranda did your ‘husband’ buy you any fake LV stuff for valentines?

No. 640077


Hey guy Miranda is using the death of people to make herself feel better and be a victim. What will she not do? That's the question at this point.

Also, five bucks she won't mention PULL and lolcow but if she does she just ratted herself out ha.

No. 640104

"Websites that bully me"?
Miranda, calling out the lies that you tell your followers and exposing your hypocrisy and fraud/scamming with evidence is not bullying.

No. 640151

Fucked up how she is using the deaths of people for sympathy, however I'm curious to know which two people she is referring too or if it's another made up story.

No. 640169

Did PULL kill anyone? There has only been Kadee here afaik and she died of a heroin overdose (she was secretly a junkie). Miranda will be reaching to say the least.

No. 640170

Im wondering the same thing… Sure some people ended having problem in life regarding their actions on website like this one or kiwifarm, but to commit suicide? I must not have been around long enough to know anything about that.

No. 640171

can also confirm since I lurked hard then. Kaydee was an addict/munchie who always had to make shit up for a fix.If we're talking about Blade she died from an overdose after she was caught with drugs and went to prison.

No. 640175

She probably means Kiwifarms. I think one was Julie Terryberry, but she was severely mentally ill, neglected by her family and being taken advantage of by a scumbag. The farms didn't push her to kill herself, a lot of posters in her thread tried to get her to improve herself.

Oh yeah, Kaydee too. A junkie who ODed, again not the farms fault.

No. 640178

The deaths of Kaydee and Blade were in no way influenced or caused by lolcow or any other gossip websites. Terryberry's death was probably at least moderately influenced by KF, but lolcow had nothing to do with it.

I wonder how she came to this conclusion. Is someone feeding her "information"? As far as I know there's no website that consolidates info about the deaths of people who were the target of gossip forums, and you'd have to spend a lot of time picking through KF, lolcow, PULL, etc. in order to know precisely who's died, or talk to somebody who spends enough time on places like these to know who's died (as well as being unhinged enough to attribute what is probably the kaycee death to gossip sites). It seems like she's either obsessively combing the forums or is in contact with somebody giving her bad info.

No. 640186

She posts here regularly both in her own threads and possibly the threads of other J-vloggers, plus she's incredibly stupid.
Don't be surprised if lolcow kills is a conclusion her inbred brain came to on its own.

No. 640225

Miranda when will you learn that what you read here about yourself isn’t bullying, it’s comments on the shitty things YOU do. When will you learn that your actions have consequences?
I can’t wait for you to drop your propaganda video about how non Muslims are corrupt

No. 640253

“Every time I do something despicable or create hundreds of sock puppets to troll, I am held accountable for it!”

You can tell how much she cares about the two victims by the way she didn’t bother to learn their names.

She’s such of fucking asshole. Let’s not forget how she LAUGHED at and insulted Unrested when he tried to reach out to her after another one of her suicide threats. Remember: according to Mira, threatening to kill yourself numerous times doesn’t mean you are depressed! She says it’s normal to be considering death one day then perfectly fine the next and you are an idiot that deserves to be mocked for suggesting she needs to see a counselor for depression or other mental illness!

I know Kiwi Farms was blamed for driving Chloe Sagal to self-immolation due to the Twitter trans immediately making the accusations. But of course, not only was Chloe severely mentally ill and involved in nonstop drama in their personal circle, but it turns out they explicitly stated that they were killing themself in political protest.

No. 640254

If her video is too much propaganda it could end up with a youtube strike, which would only give her more fuel… that would be glorious!

No. 640260

Come on Miranada, hurry up and give us more wahhabist propaganda that you copied from Bayyinah TV!

No. 640296

She has to either be lurking lolcow pretty hard or reading KF meta if she knew about Blade or Terryberry.

No. 640298

Judging by how nobody here ever talked about that specific subject and she start to talk about it out of the blue, im guessing she checked the meta thread to fish for "idea".

No. 640304

Pre-Emptive responsive about her trying to get sympathy from other peoples suicides. Plus she's apparently been on a copyright/privacy claim binge

No. 640307

This is really good. He did a great job. Miranda, go get help. You have gone a new low using the death's of people you don't even know. Go ahead. Make your video. Post it up. It'll just show how horrible and disgusting of a person you are.

You say you're religious and believe in a higher power, but your actions are going to put you in hell. I doubt the devil would even take you if I'm going to be honest. You are sick Miranda and you need help. Dear God do you need help woman.

No. 640320

This is great.

Do your worst Miranda, I love seeing you fail repeatedly

No. 640326

Did she succeed in taking AB's video taken down? I'm aware that most of the archive shit is gone and also hoping someone managed to download it. I would recommend Dailymotion since they never seem to remove stuff.

No. 640339


Yes. She got a privacy complaint. Currently appealing it, but check around.

Cut off the head of a hydra, two more grow in it's place.

No. 640340

No. 640342

Curious to know how she managed to strike a privacy claim when the people that leaked it were originally the people she pissed off. Not to mention she asked certain people to sockpuppet for her.

No. 640381

File: 1550266291680.jpg (659.9 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20190215-153016.jpg)

Decided to check out that link but guess who strikes again. Still using that name Miranda Constable?

No. 640384

lmao it's 3 AM in Japan, Mira is such a pathetic bitch. Do you have your husband's permission to be on troll forums in the middle of the night?

No. 640386

It’s 6am so she clearly hasn’t been to bed

Hurry up and release your stupid video randa

No. 640415

No. 640425

You want to play games Miranda?

Ok. Here's my entire archive. Anyone feel free to download anything here for whatever.


No. 640454

Amazing! So much good stuff here…I don't know where to start…

No. 640457

She’s just going to copyright claim your account and it could end up getting your whole account taken down. Not worth it.

No. 640459

Yeah, make sure that you have all the files saved just in case

No. 640470

I like the new format. Talking and text. She can not claim copyright on that style. She also can’t claim privacy.

No. 640496

You know I just realized something. If Miranda is up all night on lolcow and PULL, doesn't that mean she's neglecting her wifely duties? Because we all know she's online 24/7 so…like…isn't she being a bad wife from her standards?

No. 640504

I do.. several places

No. 640513

Got any of her videos of her partially naked? Think that will trigger her perhaps?

No. 640514

Stop trying to bait us. We are not going to upload more videos to allow her to get it taken down.

No. 640516

It's fine. We all can just share it through google drive

No. 640527

File: 1550288192783.jpeg (43.73 KB, 512x384, FAFE195A-B3E0-4135-BB92-B3DE18…)

No. 640528

The only videos of you partially naked are the ones you put out there yourself and wanted people to see.

No. 640531

Were there any meta threads on lolcow that discussed the deaths of cows? If there were then it would definitely have been made apparent in them that lolcow didn't factor into any deaths.
She has nothing to do with her life beyond doing her daily prayers and making shitty videos; it's no wonder that her sleep schedule is fucked.

No. 640538

Well, there's nothing for her to do all day since she can't leave the house without her husband.

No. 640539

>She has nothing to do with her life beyond doing her daily prayers and making shitty videos;

She, apparently, can’t even make shitty videos anymore. She started talking about this new video of hers about 2 weeks ago and still hasn’t got off her lazy ass to upload it.

No. 640551

AB can you see her Instagram? Please can you upload the pictures she posts for those who do not have access.

No. 640554

She’s always talking about how a good wife must be cooking, cleaning and taking care of babies all day. Attentive mothers and housewives are keen to their husband and children’s schedules, so they will frame their own sleeping and waking schedules around the times they can be available to their family. Going to sleep after kids and husband are ready for bed. Waking up before everyone in the morning to make breakfast and start daily chores. Very busy and exhausting. Yet admittedly, she sleeps in all the time and lets garbage pile up in her kitchen. She is up all night on these forums and searching for dirt on herself online while endlessly arguing with people. Then, she will decide to have a live show at odd hours, disgustingly munching on nuts or fruit in a dead silent, lifeless room. No husband in sight.

For someone who doesn’t work and doesn’t thoroughly clean or do chores like a normal person, she should have be spending her time creating and editing exceptional videos, right? Oh, wait…

I’m almost convinced that nowadays she just had food delivered to her home while she sits in a closet, surrounded by computers and phones all day. There is a piss pot and rag in the corner and Sanrio calendar on the wall to remind her of the passing time.

No. 640584

That's a very good start! Now to find the remaining videos not in that archive!

(Damn, that's like 15 go of data to download!)

No. 640643

Can you hurry up and post your video, I have popcorn waiting

No. 640648

I never thought it takes you a week to edit a video. Big YouTubers can do it in a day.

No. 640650

Hey, don't blame Miranda…after all, she's busy with…work? No. Chores? No. Taking care of her "husband"? No. Trolling here and writing long rants in response to every comment that she doesn't like? Yes.

No. 640652

And obsessively searching for videos to try and flag

No. 640656

File: 1550334103543.jpeg (337.86 KB, 1440x2560, BAC3A758-1223-48B5-AD02-317623…)

She’ll be “using Islam to fight corruption”.

This will be a whole new level of train wreck.

No. 640657

File: 1550334187971.png (426.37 KB, 528x701, 60844EB2-3A5A-43CA-A1B9-71B35C…)


Trumpet fan fare. Oh, that’s right, no music allowed.

No. 640673

Who has access to her Instagram? Someone used to post a lot…did they get caught ?

No. 640674

Whoever had access, next time she does a q&a can you ask her why she uses music in her videos if it is haram

No. 640687

File: 1550346860323.jpg (1.15 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190216-205205.jpg)

Ehh Instagram's just been boring. She's been talking a lot about her upcoming video and delaying it periodically. Theyve had more q&as and they've done stuff like doodle together what ppl ask

No. 640692

We are counting on you to post this because she won’t accept my account. Put it on “send notifications” for story and for picture posts and upload them here. She can’t copyright strike anything if the posts stay on here.

No. 640882

Omg it is so boring without any updates…(then dont bump the thread)

No. 640892

Someone should shoop Miranda's face in this picture.

No. 640908

We're all waiting for her islamic corruption video!

No. 640974

File: 1550394849619.jpg (603.23 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190217-100959.jpg)

uh no

But she went on a massive rant about Saudi again. Towards the end she asked her hubaad his opinion and tries to coax him into giving his REAL opinion because he's "not in Saudi right now" (as if that makes a difference to them if they find out he's trashing the country)

No. 640975

File: 1550394873112.jpg (985.79 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190217-100946.jpg)

No. 640976

File: 1550394975328.jpg (758.85 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190126-173241.jpg)

No. 640990

How many different people can see her posts? It doesn’t tell you when you screen shot something?

No. 640996

Do you not think if she was posting the admin would have exposed it by now like with Dasha and Kiki? She’s been genuinely exposed for like sock puppets and things multiple times before so she’s obviously not very good at it, and the mods are obviously aware of these posts as they’re very (too) active in this thread - basically every other post has red text on it. I feel like it’s just someone who gets off on posting obvious, cartoonish bait pretending to be Mira and people are for some reason just taking it at face value

No. 640999

I am 99.99% sure if Miranda posts this video it is going to be the end of what little Youtube career she has left. When/If she posts the video someone needs to download it because when it gets backlash she is going to probs delete it like he does everything else.

No. 641000

I don't know about that…now all of her (small group of followers) are muslims who are not native speakers of English…they'll probably all write "Mashallah!" in the comments and Miranda will delete any criticism as usual.

No. 641002

Ugh that's true. That's going to be really annoying to read. Sometimes I wonder if those commentators are just Miranda sock puppeting.

No. 641003

This sounds like something Miranda would say

No. 641007

Your brand of stupid is amazing. Ofc it’s Miranda. She has a sockpuppeting addiction going back many years. Shes been caught red-handed a million times over.

No idea why the mods don’t mark her posts. Maybe because she hasn’t broken any rules I guess?

No. 641009

Just remember, if the person misuses the word "whom" and has terrible spelling, it's Miranda.

No. 641010

Kiki mentioned these two in a very old thread back when she was having a twitter meltdown. To my knowledge it’s the only thread where they were both mentioned in regards to lolcow. Sooo is Miranda up at night reading years old threads of other cows?

No. 641026

Apparently that's her wifely duties. Staying up reading threads to benefit from other people's deaths.

No. 641048

If you’ve ever heard Miranda type or speak it doesn’t sound like something she’d say at all in the slightest? And I used whom nowhere in my post? This is what I’m talking about honestly. I don’t understand why anyone would think I’m Miranda after that post. I know her addiction with sock puppet accounts goes way back - I literally mentioned it in my post. However, posting in your own thread pretending not to be yourself is obviously against the rules and we’ve been having these posts from ‘Mira’ for years at this point so I was just pointing out the fact that they’ve not been marked is odd. It’s really not that unbelievable that someone on an anonymous forum would pretend to be the cow. I feel like us constantly giving them attention is just encouraging it and the mods or admin should just conclusively say if it is or isn’t Mira

No. 641068

Congrats on graduating high school.

I don't get why you did though, you're a muslim housewife.

You just exist to cook and make babies, isn't that right Miranda?

No. 641085

For multiple reason they wont do it.
The main one is probably she's not a big drama queen like others are. If i had to say, we're maybe what… let say max 50 persons over the last year on her threads, maybe 10-15 on pull and that's it. Not worth their time to try to flag every post she makes.

You can always ask the admins/mods if they want to do it, but im pretty sure they'll say no.

No. 641094

Given her long history of puppets and her obsessive nature, I don't think it is a question whether or not she posts here because of course she does.
I do think it is odd that admin hasn't outed her … But then, I think it is also odd that both previous and current staff just seem to ignore most of the shit in this thread. This gets more 'hi cow' per acre than any other thread by a mile, and a lot of tipping / touching the shit besides.

No. 641115

Imo, I think the admins don't care so much because it's so obvious when Mira's posting here. How many of the "who has access to her Instagram? Did they get caught?" comments in the past few days do you think are her? Plus unlike some other cows she's pretty harmless, aside from scamming money out of horny idiots.

No. 641131

I don’t follow her. She won’t accept my request. Her followers keeps dropping. Maybe it’s people leaving because the Islamic stuff she posts but I have no clue what is going on that is why I am asking

No. 641170

So her 'husband' exists? If so, then why hasn't he seen for the opportunist she really is?

No. 641173

I'm thinking there's a possibly she may end up dead in an instant the longer she stays with her 'husband'

No. 641183

This. Mira is the main source of shitposting and amusement in this thread. They let her go at it - or at least the last admin was ok with doing that.

He's probably a bit naive or slow on the uptake. She chooses her marks well.

No. 641193

File: 1550457379906.png (3.98 MB, 1242x2208, DBDD61A5-5E4F-480E-A600-A5D5DA…)

No. 641199

lmao girl is delusional. Mira thrives on bullies. No one else gives a damn about her. Besides, what would she do with all her spare time if she wasn't making sock puppet accounts/posts all day and night?

No. 641200

File: 1550457946506.jpeg (562.59 KB, 1242x1783, 7D49B326-7089-4583-9C32-EAC606…)

This was from her niqab photo on instagram. When a Muslim calls her out, of course she deletes it.

No. 641211

The user name is still visible. The account honestly seems fake. It isn’t even following her either. How did someone who is not following her comment? I am confused. Where did you find this post if she deleted it?

No. 641213

I’m same poster just adding. I am shocked at this mans comment. I hate to side with her but who does he think he is telling a woman what to do with her life? Why does she have to get off social media if she chooses to be a Muslim woman who covers her face? That plays into the oppressed woman stereotype that I dispise. He seemed just like a sexist pig.

No. 641219

lmao fuck off. he's obviously telling her the internet is fucking her up. god why are so many people ITT paint eating retards?

No. 641230

How so?
He goes on about covering herself and saying she should delete her social media if she wants to do such. He is feeding into the stigma that Muslim women who cover themselves should basically just not be seen ever in social media. It’s not the first time I have seen someone comment like that. I remember someone left a comment insulting her husband saying he shouldn’t allow a Muslim woman to use social media.

No. 641273

not what he said at all, he's telling her that conservative muslims shouldn't be airing their dirty laundry all over the internet like bitchy reality stars.

No. 641290

Looks to me like he’s just saying that she’s giving muslims a bad name because of her overall shit personality.

No. 641296

That’s not the way I see it. This guy chose to comment that on her picture where she covers her face rather than any other picture.

No. 641303

>…she should delete her social media if she wants to do such.

You sure have a distinct way of using “such” in your sentences. Every time you shit post, I can almost certainly zero in on at least one sentence of yours incorporating that familiar odd note. For example, here >>634881:
>You can get a passport at the embassy in Japan, you do not have to return home to get such.
and here >>634911
>Canada doesn’t require such to register marriage with city hall.

I should develop a primer of identifying Mira-isms beyond terrible grammar and spelling…

It’s a nice, sunny day here in Chiba-ken. Why are you here with the “bullies” when you could be out airing out your abaya while your husband researches internships in Canada? Why are you on here pretending take a FEMINIST stance so you can unnecessarily attack a Muslim man who wrote nothing offensive? It’s plain as day that he, who is probably a lifelong Muslim, was actually being kind to you and he’s concerned about the stark contrast between your physical modesty and the way you overexpose yourself online. He’s pointing out how your hypocrisy and misunderstanding of modesty are harmful to you. Modesty is not only how you dress but how you conduct yourself.

If you are going as far as to wear niqab, it’s not just your body but a reflection of devotion. Not just a fashion statement or a way to cover up on those bad skin days. Look at every Niqabi Youtuber. They do not behave like antagonistic boors! It goes beyond dress code. They are also consistent about their motive to wear niqab. If you are Wahhabi, the most Muslim of Muslims, and you have no job, there is nothing preventing you from being full-time niqabi.

No. 641325

File: 1550488037220.jpg (141.5 KB, 1080x909, Screenshot_20190217-180357_You…)

This is from yesterday.

No. 641326

File: 1550488101922.jpg (451.1 KB, 1080x1916, Screenshot_20190218-084147_You…)

Saw this today. Long rambling incoming.

No. 641327

File: 1550488129037.jpg (413.59 KB, 1080x1787, Screenshot_20190218-084153_You…)


No. 641328

File: 1550488254514.jpg (432.33 KB, 1080x1782, Screenshot_20190218-084200_You…)


No. 641329

File: 1550488417678.jpg (165.46 KB, 1080x929, Screenshot_20190218-084211_You…)


No. 641333

What is she exposing? Does she even know the meaning of the word?

That thumbnail is amazing, I think you should use it miranda /s

No. 641338


I think she means "exposé", like a presentation? Doesn't make much more sense though.

No. 641351

File: 1550497210444.jpg (92.63 KB, 740x591, 2.JPG)

No. 641358

If she meant it in the french version of the word, then it's not about exposing anything but instead doing a speech about what ever subject based on whatever she has read online.

She should totally use that thumbnail.
Islam/muslim, check.
Gun, check.
Firing at yourself, check.
Including Youtube in the thumbnail, check.

Yep, should totally use it! That will be the fastest youtube strike she'll ever get, she wont even see it coming!

(And im serious, she should use it, there was no sarcasm in what i typed)

No. 641359


What the fuck is she smoking? Not only is this manic rambling, none of her examples of these “false statements” have ever been uttered on any forum that discusses her. Is she deliberately creating imaginary exchanges and gossip to deter her followers from finding out the truth? Everyone knows the main subjects discussed about Mira Ann Constable Inoue Nagayama kanadajin3 are: VISA FRAUD, SOCK PUPPETS, FAKE MARRIAGE, FINANCIAL FRAUD and her PERSONALITY DISORDER.

Funny how every “sin” she has listed is something she is guilty of.

No. 641366

Mira and her husbands opinion on Absher App from her IG story


No. 641372

Was she totally baked when she recorded this? Sure sounds that way.

No. 641379

“Nor does shopping make you such”
Haha the anon above was spot on about her usage of the word such giving her away haha
I feel like she goes through phases of using random new words that she picks up.
Also, in that recording where shes talking about the app, when she “husband” talks, this is just my opinion but it sounds like mira using an editing app on her own voice while shes trying to speak in yet another weird accent. So creepy

No. 641396


That guy has little to no accent. And the way he talks. He wasn't raised in Saudi Arabia. He maybe of "Saudi ancestry" but he grew up elsewhere.

No. 641400

So at least we have a voice now.
I dont think she's using a voice changer because she'd have to edit the sound file to overlap both voice and doing that when you are not an exper leaves weird cut/gap/sounds which doesnt seems to be the case in here.

All im going to say about that guy's english is decently good and most saudi man i've listened too dont have such good english or when they do they have a very noticable accent. That guys does not have a big accent…. im guessing he's not raised in SA.

No. 641428

What are the opinions on it?

No. 641440

Basically it's a long rant about how the new Saudi government's application is probably tracking users, but she is ok with that because spouses should always be tracking each other?

No. 641441

Sounds like a standard North American accent…I have taught Saudi people English before, and they tend to have a thick accent, so I wonder if had lived in Canada for a long time…

No. 641444

She said somewhere her husband is a fluent English speaker.

No. 641447

The question is why/how is he a fluent English speaker and why is he studying Japanese in Japan now?

No. 641452

If he married an English speaker it’s obviously because he likes English. Not everyone from there speaks fluent English? I thought those people were.

No. 641476

Well, that makes one of them then.

No. 641514

How do I join the discord?

No. 641519

Yeah no one will bite that bait

No. 641522

Common you think Mira would wait till now? I don’t use PULL, it’s too PC for my likings. Personally I don’t see the point of hiding stuff from the public.

No. 641525

File: 1550529254845.png (157.54 KB, 500x285, VAeA885.png)

Try again or, better yet, go to sleep.

No. 641535

It’s 6pm

No. 641540

File: 1550530933316.png (2.36 MB, 1242x2208, C0ABB5DC-E98A-45EA-8D4B-1C4B27…)

No. 641543

Then why was her first Instagram “husband Q&A” in stereotypical broken English?

(I know it was bec her pretending to be him but just pointing out another inconsistency in her story)

Even with the facial hair, he looks like a woman or young boy. Gee, Mira. No wonder you defend pedophilia so fervently. Husband #3 hasn’t completed puberty!

No. 641549

Does the picture move or something?

No. 641566

File: 1550534306935.jpeg (4.63 KB, 200x203, 936A4C5F-E2A8-480F-A0D9-211907…)

No. 641569

File: 1550534686865.jpeg (7.89 KB, 300x180, 9A274F75-CB3E-47D8-B7A1-93D84B…)


Fuck, he’s not just Fish lipped, he’s a straight up blob fish

No. 641587

Mira ranting about things she knows nothing about, AGAIN. She's never set foot in Saudi Arabia but she spends 6 minutes explaining what it's like there.

To chime in on theories, I think the Saudi husband has a slight foreign accent. He may have been born in Saudi Arabia but he grew up in north America.

No. 641588

Nope, it was a picture

No. 641591

Was? She deleted?

No. 641594

It’s still on her Instagram, now she’s posting more pics of him in Snapchat filters

No. 641595

File: 1550538391592.jpeg (508.24 KB, 1242x2208, 44A0DD6D-75ED-4303-9507-8A3399…)

No. 641596

File: 1550538431333.jpeg (199.52 KB, 1242x2208, 38D957A1-CA38-49BF-A78D-8D3499…)

No. 641601

So this husband is fluent in English, a weeaboo and very Westernized? Then why is she getting off on this traditional Stone Age Wahhabist Muslim shtick?

I still can’t over how her attempt to erase her controversial past and start over with a new life by becoming Muslim actually made her worse than ever before. Like absolutely NO improvement in personality, reputation or YouTube channel content. She only got a new audience of robots. All the conversion did was amplify her negative qualities to 11 and solidify the justification of every criticism against her. Can anyone name a single positive change in her online persona or message? The only thing I think of is that she eats more fruit. That’s literally it.

No. 641608

Looks like Miranda in a fake beard

No. 641753

Late but he sounds asian to me, and has learned 'American English'. The way he says 'saudi arabia' sounds almost Indian.

No. 641754

very much so, hey. the moustache looks fake af and "he" is suddenly white

No. 641757

Why does she keep distorting the pictures? What are you hiding Mira? Let's see him in all his glory. Or…is there a reason you won't?

No. 641763

>almost Indian

Or… how about Pakistani? That is a lot more believable, given their population in Japan. And closer to Rodi…

He must be ashamed to be seen with her. But will endure the rest of this ride to get to Canada.

No. 641769

I'm just curious as to what brought a Saudi national to Japan. Unless he is there to spread his belief as a Muslim missionary of sorts, it seems a bit odd.
Even more odd is this rando Saudi just happens to speak fluent English and Japanese… and is settling for a twice divorced recent convert? Let's not forget his father set it up on a business flight with Miranda?
Stranger things have happened, but all the parts of this make the whole story suspect as fuck.

No. 641775

The problem with Miranda is that she lies about everything to everyone. I don't think we're going to know the whole truth until a few years in the future when she's either trying to escape from Saudi or her "husband" realizes the truth and turns on her like everyone else that was previously close to her has done.

No. 641780

It’ll be great to see her next phase after she gets bored of this one

No. 641783

You mean her Jamaican phase?

No. 641786

Historically, the Jamaican phase is possible, but that won't get Miranda the ~uniqueness~ points she craves for, besides, even the likes of Margo had a Jamaican phase so by now it's really passé. What's really 'in' is being trans for sympathy/woke points.
White Canadian girl living illegaly in Japan who's also "muslim" who's also "trans". Just imagine.

No. 641792

Don't you know Miranda was actually born in Jamaica, she also got a genetic test done and she's 183% Jamaican. She just light skinned and flat irons her hair.

No. 641795

And don't forget, her third favorite country is Greenland, so after her Rasta phase will be her Inuit phase?

No. 641813

I admit I'm more curious how she is going to get out of the Muslim phase. Will it be threatened suicide? Abusive husband once again? Or she became woke due to whatever her next phase will be.

No. 641816

I think she'll make a video titled "Kandajin3 doesn't wear a hijab anymore?!" like when she stopped being Japanese. She can just claim that she has a new understanding of islam that it's not necessary to be wahhabist and she can still be muslim in her heart without wearing hijab, etc.

No. 641844

Or she'll take what ever race/religion/insert what you want her next husband will be, and by husband i mean her next visa-husband.

No. 641846

I have a tinfoil that she went in search of a husband in the hope she’d receive a huge dowry which could pay her debts buy more fake LV items.

No. 641869

then she'll get fucking literally killed tho.

No. 641870

If she were living in Saudi, definitely, but who knows if she can actually move there.

No. 641895

File: 1550626656781.jpeg (303.41 KB, 1080x1920, 9B39D9AD-7556-483E-AC81-E1D10A…)

What the fuck is she even trying to say in this pile of gibberish?

No. 641899

File: 1550627658325.png (89.97 KB, 719x760, whocaresranda.PNG)

Idk but a brief Twitter search reveals this thread. I don't know enough about Japan YouTubers to understand if there is some drama here and if Randa is really ~exposing~ someone

No. 641911

I remember a year or so ago there was ~hanami drama~ with Jvloggers. I think that Phoenix person in your screenshot posted on PULL for a while too. Google brings up this page on PULL for hanami drama

No. 641912


Doesn't surprise me, but didn't she just admit that she sock puppets by "pretending" to be someone else? I know the guy, Zac, his channel isn't very big, neither is Higgins (nothing wrong with that) so it makes sense she wants to stir the pot with screenshots of people who are not as popular. Easier to make new drama in secret to get more views with. If we all just ignored her, she literally would fade away without the views.

No. 641916

I think that's the most likely outcome. It's probably the safest way for her to leave Islam too.

No. 641927

I like this theory anon. By Indian, I really was thinking any country in that area. It is a Mulsim country also, and the Rodi connection is striking. I didn't realise there is a Pakistani population in Japan.

No. 641928

It almost seems like that Mira-ish accusing that guy(s) of faking screenshots. She gets so pissed off when people who met her years ago post about their impressions of her. She will then accuse them of being liars or stalkers. Remember how she attacked someone in Youtube comments with something like “ How dare you remember who I am! Why am I still in your mind?” She really thinks it’s strange for a normal brain to remember random, one time encounters.

No. 641929

It looks like Miranda's real twitter account is open again! Let's see if there is anything of interest…

No. 641930

File: 1550636585322.png (198.86 KB, 1208x714, スクリーンショット 2019-02-20 13.22.20.…)

Miranda and her husband don't have enough money even to fly to Dubai? Isn't he supposed to be rich and have a foreign maid/driver?

No. 641931

File: 1550637034646.png (655.39 KB, 784x814, suchexposewow.PNG)


Just to wrap this up, since Randa's Twitter is public now, she was ~calling out~ the Phoenyx person and SUPRISE it was old and useless PULL drama as guessed. There is more but no reason to post caps of it. Honestly, all Miranda revealed is that she's still sifting through PULL threads from over a year ago while trying to preach to other nobodies about how they shouldn't.

No. 641932

Yeah, meeting a Saudi person is so very rare. The Muslim students and workers here are almost always Indonesian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi.

What I don’t understand is even though she shapes each new identity and interests around a man’s background, she displayed no interest in the culture of Rodi’s Pakistani side or tried to learn Urdu. She jumped to Islam and went full-on insane with it.

Ew. Her child midget trans man husband is POOR. Can’t provide for his wife. Can’t defend his wife or guide her to the righteous path. Can’t even take her to the psychiatrist when her mind is unraveling for all the world to see. What business does he have getting married in the first place? It’s definitely not normal for Muslim parents to encourage their son to marry a jobless divorcee with a controversial online reputation when he is a student or working abroad with limited income. And she constantly talks about how a good wifey must always be at home, cleaning and popping out babies. What if her crazy ass gets pregnant? Their kids are not, and will never be, Japanese citizens so that would be disaster. Something’s fishy here…

No. 641934

> posts screenshot of troll site

No. 641935

Oh! Back on PULL, that user was saying that Erika, the Swedish photographer friend/ex-friend of Mira was also a psycho and she was harassing them and their friends. Like trying to find out identities of Jvloggers who have PULL accounts while claiming she is not in contact with Mira anymore. Really bizarre shit. The user blocked Erika but I wonder if “Erika” was really Mira pretending to be Erika or maybe they are still friends and they were in cahoots together. This is some textbook NPD tactics. Every person that has fallen out with her or just doesn’t like her MUST be bad and therefore, she must punish them somehow. No matter how far back they met her. Damn, how does Mira function day to day? Does she go outside anymore?

No. 641936

Back to private

No. 641937

Wow, that was fast! She really is on here and PULL 24 hours a day.

No. 641938

Knowing her she blocked every person that followed her during that brief time it was open. Because only haters stalk her and would know it’s open, right? She’s insane

No. 641939

Miranda, it's a nice day out, so please ask your husband for permission to get off the computer and go outside. You need a break from obsessing about "haterz"

No. 641941


For anyone who missed the opportunity to look, there was nothing interesting. I didn't take caps but she confirmed she made that account because her old one was hacked and taken over. Only ~50 in total after all.


Yeah, there was some conversation with someone about how she wasn't accepting follow requests and she only made it public so she could @ about the PULL crap. So if anyone bothered she'll delete them and go on about how she has crazy stalkers that need to get a life, like she has one.

No. 641959

If Rodi had have given her a chance, she'd be all over Urdu and preaching the importance of moderation in Islam.

No. 641964

File: 1550643936608.jpeg (484.26 KB, 1242x2208, B4B33CE7-51F3-473B-89E9-E7BF17…)

No. 641975

So, anyone else wondering what the fuck she's doing on 10 months old post on pull trying to expose people that we already know use/used the website?

No. 641978

Looking on booking.com, there is many hotels that are juste the same price as everywhere else in the world (50-75$ a night).
Plane tickets are at about 900$cad round trip, normal price for long distance flights.

Did she really spent all that 46k$ she got from KM in one year? lol

No. 641979

"When I move to SA"…I thought she and her husband too poor to afford plane tickets?

No. 641984

When she say that, you need to remember she said they'd move there in 2-3 years.
That gives her plenty of time to find a new sugar daddy to pay for everything!

No. 641987

Apparently there was a fight over who would host the hanami between Tkyoham and Phoenyx, at least from what I heard. Both of them are untalented hacks who just want to host the event for views anyway.

No. 641988

Miranda no one cares about you or what people say about you on these sites. All you’re going to achieve from this is that you’re a huge narcissist who believes their own lies.
Hope your husband finds out who you really are

No. 641989

Poor… and not Saudi! Even if he were Saudi, their marriage is still illegal and she would not get the visa to enter.

Does anyone know if she has given an explanation about how she is going to enter SA in “2-3 years” if her only possible way to gain a visa there, through marriage, is not recognized in SA at all? She can’t even be a housekeeper in a slave contract over there.

No. 642001

Is it just me or has Miranda's pea sized brain gone from "I want to be a non working but admired Japanese housewaifu to I don't want to work at all and have my husband get slave maids so I can be a hikkomori?
I have this thought that she doesn't give a shit about the cultures other than how she can exploit it to be as lazy and pampered as possible. Without grasping thebfull spectrum because, well, she is really low I.Q. Bordering on government stepping in to provide aid because she is feeble minded.

No. 642019

She acts like she has busted her ass all her life with exhaustive hard work and now she deserves to be taken care of. Where does this entitlement come from? What has she sacrificed that no one else has? She hasn’t suffered unusual hardship and her family history is not unique. There is absolutely nothing to justify her “the world owes me” attitude. If she wanted the easy life, she had it when her channel was thriving and she actually cared about providing entertaining content.

No. 642034


Because she honestly doesn't seemed to have matured emotionally beyond 13 or 14 years old. Her thinking really doesn't seemed to have evolved out of middle school.

No. 642191

Well she never graduated high school so that kind of explains it

Where is your video Miranda, it’s been like a week now

No. 642230

Come on Miranada, how long do we have to wait before we can see some islamic corruption!

No. 642232


No, she no fighting "islamic corruption" as, per Imam Miranda, there is no corruption in islam.

She will be using the holy power of islam to fight "corruption" elsewhere.

Very jihadist sounding, in my opinion..

No. 642233

Hurry up with the vid

No. 642234

File: 1550764090294.png (141.9 KB, 250x443, Screenshot_20190218-215838.png)


That's evident in her new video (That she might post in a year or two).

On her Insta, she claimed she be using numbers and statistics to prove her point and she posted the attached gem. She makes a pie chart, with out showing any of the data points. It's like she threw together a meme pie chart (which, she probably did. This girl is too fucking lazy to do anything the right way, assuming she even knew how to properly do a pie chart in the first place.)

No. 642235

File: 1550764140452.png (362.01 KB, 487x545, sockpuppet.png)

No. 642240

File: 1550764550425.png (356.35 KB, 487x547, saverachelandjunplease.png)

No. 642241

File: 1550764648547.png (358.66 KB, 488x547, realmuslims.png)

No. 642242

There you go miranda; you’ve got some images for your documentary on corruption and why people ‘hate you for no reason’

No. 642244

Oh boy this is going to be great!! I took some math stats class (it's actually a very nice math course, everyone should take it if they have the chance) and i can already see so many basic issues on that one single graph.

That video is going to be epic, i can feel it!!!

I vote we start the game of "take one sip of a beer for every bullshit reason Miranda gives and see who can last the longer"
Not a shooter, just a sip! That should be more then enough.

No. 642245

File: 1550764868350.png (358.77 KB, 488x546, scammingwamming.png)

No. 642246

Oh I know what she means, but islam has clearly further corrupted her already warped views about everything in life.

No. 642247

File: 1550765245136.png (358.22 KB, 490x548, bestfriends.png)

No. 642248

Any chances to get a higher rez version? i'd be curious to see what the text at the bottom is.

No. 642256

File: 1550768296156.png (743.88 KB, 1050x590, 20190221_115816.png)

No. 642261



It actually says "imbred". I know I shouldn't be surprised, but fuck me..

No. 642266

If this video doesn't destroy her channel in any form I will be quite shocked.

No. 642283

Oh would you look at that, she's making a video about herself, not islam. Gotcha!

Also she puts "Constructive critisism" in a graph labeled "random hateful comments"…. Yeah sounds about right actually. She does see good feedback as hatefull, as we have seen countless times.

Amn this video is going to be sooooo great!
We're actually pointing out issues, thus helping her make a better video!

No. 642312

Miranda, calling out your lies/misinformation/scamming is not bullying.

No. 642321

Wait I just realized something. Her talking about all this is basically her outing herself isn't it? So, she's basically telling all her users all the dirty she has done. Wow. Good job Miranda. Good job.

No. 642337


Not really. Won’t be able to say for sure until she actually gets off her ass and posts the thing. However, I will bet money she will be completely vague. (Which is why her chart doesn’t have any real data on it.)
I guarantee she won’t even mention the sites by name, to try and prevent anyone going and trying to confirm what she says and actually learning the truth.
She wants whatever viewers she has left to depend on her alone for information.

No. 642338

I imagine that she will leave out comments calling her out for scamming KM out of 50,000 dollars.

No. 642339

Of course..

No. 642386

Wow this is depressing. Did she actually make a chart of the relative frequency of each of the insults people have posted about her? As in “5% of lolcow posters accused me of having FAS or downs, whereas a whopping 10% called me ‘imbred’.”

y i k e s

No. 642401

>4 victims

What? Is she finally going for the DID angle?

I would LOVE for her to provide sources for her "data". Accusations of visa fraud, sockpuppeting, pretending to be Muslim for oppression points/controversy and scamming her biggest fan are mysteriously missing. It's almost like…she selectively chose the data and tampered with the results!

No. 642407

“Random samples” is synonymous with “hand-picked.”

Remember, she IS forgetting English. It’s understandable that she mixed up the two.


No. 642409

I think that it's safe to say that she did not study statistics or random sampling methods at Bayyinah online "univercity"

No. 642518

File: 1550865436686.jpg (12.83 KB, 216x443, mira.jpg)

Good ol' Miranda. She'll never change

No. 642522

TF and isn't that one of her loyal white knights? I swear I've seen a tweet of his defending her.

Man, Miranda has really lost her marbles. That's okay, the more she alienates the more her channel suffers and dies.

No. 642528

Yes, I believe he was..

No. 642590

Seems like Miranda started a petition to get PULL removed. She is also using the deaths of Chloe Sagal and Julie TerryBerry for sympathy.


>I want YOUTUBE to enforce strict rules. Delete spam accounts that thumb down videos, delete videos where people are trash talking people, delete accounts that post comments on peoples videos with insults.

Oh the irony

No. 642594

File: 1550898471012.jpg (695.53 KB, 1336x6458, mira-changes-the-world.jpg)

Your link is broken: https://www.change.org/p/twitter-inc-shut-down-cyberbully-forums-enforce-anti-cyberbully-tactics-on-youtube

Mira only wants PULL closed down because they have the most complete set of KM's very damning screenshots. She's terribly afraid of being found out by her new hubby / family. I'm sure that was behind her twitter games as well.

Pakistan is calling you, sweetie.

No. 642595

lmao what bullying? Criticizing videos that she puts out in public on a website that she has to intentionally find and visit isn't bullying. The only direct interaction we have is when she sockpuppets or someone like Naruru decides to cowtip. I especially like that she couldn't get PULL's name right and that the petition sounds like a 12 year old ESL kid wrote it. Glad to see you're putting your GED to good use, Mira!

No. 642597

to the why hasn't admin done mira posts thing:

iirc previous (or before that?) admin stated they felt there was no point in red texting mira's posts, since there were 1) so many and 2) very obvious/users were easily able to pick them out

and IIRC current/newest admin mentioned something about 'training mods to understand individual thread culture' - so to me, part of the reason we don't get much hi, cow redtext etc in here is because picking out miranda is very much part of this thread's culture

just my 0.002C

I think it's be neat to have all her posts red texted in other threads, though, lmao, I bet she cross posts a fucking load. there's been countless I've wondered if it were her in passing when skimming through other cows/flakes

No. 642607

Well, the spelling and grammar are better than usual (although she naturally misused "whom"), so I imagine that her "husband" checked her writing before posting….

No. 642614

Oh, so she is going full on about the two girl that died and trying ti spin it around for her own agenda… that will obviously not backfire, nop, not at all!

No. 642617

If anyone doesn't know about Chloe Sagal, she had an inactive thread on KF that died once they realised she really did have mental health issues and dysphoria. She killed herself in a public park and left a very clear message that it was a protest about housing. She had had just come out of a psych admission, where sure as shit she wasn't reading a dead KF thread about her. Mira is retarded but what's new.

No. 642618

Those are exactly the two people that we predicted she would use! This is also after it was already posted that KF did not cause Chloe to kill herself and Mira for sure saw Action Bastard’s video posted here. Both Julie and Chloe were EXTREMELY troubled and dysfunctional people with chaotic personal relationships. Is she admitting that she is as tragically crazy and hostile as they were, or is she really too stupid to realize the correlation she just made?

That makes a lot of sense. The Kiki sperg came as a huge surprise for many people, including me. However, Mira is just so damn obvious and pathetic that we all know it’s her without being told. Even when KM was posting here, we KNEW he was using Mira’s words. Like, think about that. She couldn’t even hide herself when she was telling someone to post in her place. But, hell yes. I would love to one day to see the sheer volume of highlighted posts from her. She has admitted to posting in the threads about other Jvloggers(specifically shit-talking Sharla) and has tried to join in on normal lolcow discussions like a regular member. On her old Twitter account, she followed so many of the people discussed here, even though they never interacted with her or responded to her comments.

I have a gut feeling that the reason why Mira originally descended on PULL with all her sock puppets was because was already a member there.

No. 642619

Just curious, how did you find about that petition?

No. 642620

No. 642621

We should take bets on how many people will actually sign her petition…

No. 642625

Really dude? Ok, since you seem to have about the same IQ as Miranda, let me re-write my question in a way that even you should be able to understand, w/o having to rely on reading comprehension:
Since her twitter is private, her instagram is private, that she doesnt use facebook, that she did not advertized her petition on youtube (from what i can see), how were you able to find that she made that petition?

Because to me it seems like she posted the link herself to make some publicity for it.

And just for the fun of it :
Just curious, how did you find about that petition?

No. 642627

Who cares? They found it on PULL also

No. 642628

Well think about it, if the only 2 places you can find that link is on Pull (which is currently down on my end, error 500) and here, doesnt it ring a bell in your head? It sure does for me.

If i was to make a petition about something, i'd put the link everywhere in my public social media to get the word out as much as possible, not only on websites full of "haters".

No. 642632

Does this mean we are Mira's only "friends"? She is always interacting with us or trying to find ways to get our attention. If she just wanted attention in general, she could be posting on sites like reddit or Muslim forums to reach a wider audience. Yet it's always come to these niche forums. What's the deal?

No. 642633

We should start a petition to get Miranda's youtube channel shut down if she wants to play that game. She is worse than PULL or lolcow, hell she is even worse then KF and that takes a lot.

Funny thing is she's just gaining more attention which means people will find allllll the bad information about her. Good job Mira for outing yourself. :3

No. 642634

It has been speculated that we are indeed the only place that pay attention to Miranda's shenanigans and that if we were to close this thread and the sub-section of Pull, Miranda would basicly have nobody else to talk too.

No. 642635

We are her only ‘friends’ and she is petitioning to try and get rid us.

Will she petition to get chat rooms and discord servers shut down next?

I don’t understand why she thinks she is so important, Miranda you are only important to immigration and the police for your visa fraud

No. 642637

Now she admits to being suicidal? Wasn’t she denying it with all her heart?????

No. 642641

We all know it was fake, but who's going to dig into her life after reading a simple petition like that? Probably nobody, so no need to say the truth.
Oh and, one more lie to add to the long list.

No. 642674

It's adorable, really. Very her.
Like everyone has pointed out before, she's using the real (tragic) suicides of real (mentally unstable) people to gain sympathy points for her case of fraudulent activity, scamming and using the very same sites she wants down.
My favourite part, personally, is that she mentions Kiwifarms by name and that kind of sets the mood for the situation while also being quite telling of the kind of person she is: this is the modern-day equivalent of trying to shut down ED, just as equally as futile.
While some people before may have bothered making a case and may have had actual grounds to complain and actually make a lolsuit against ED and/or Kiwifarms (feat PULL) (ultimately failing with that, of course), Miranda decides to take the so-low-effort-it's-basically-a-meme version: making a Change.org petition AND using sockpuppets to boost the numbers of said petition.
No lawyers, no actual valid case, no actual support (beacause, again, sockpuppets). Just like her petition to shut down that one fox island because she doesn't like it and "fuck you, Japan".
Very Miranda, really.
>"(…) as several false reports have been made to the Japanese immigration" (sic)
"False reports". Suuure.
>"I want LOCAL governments to shut these forums down" (sic)
Sure, let the Japanese goverment pay a visit to the Canadian alien, that is about to run out of marriage-visa-leverage, to talk about the mean USA-based sites she frequents and posts on.
Please, do pardon the rambling (would sage if it was still allowed) but I just love this shitshow and how predictable she is.
Bravo, Miranda! Can't wait to see the video for the whole 3 minutes Youtube keeps it on the site!

No. 642691


>I've reported everything to the police and they didn't do anything.

Yeah, because a crime has to be committed before the police can do anything. Criticizing someone on the internet is not a crime in the majority of countries.

>youtube wouldn't take down videos I don't like.

Again, they have to violate Youtube's rules and you don't get to decide that, Youtube does.

And private websites like PULL and LOLCOW, again, as long as the law in the country of hosting is not being violated, they aren't going anywhere.

>no option but to sue.

hehehe. this is the most hilarious. A) you broke, bitch. and B) You have to file suite in the home country, state, city of the person you are suing.

So, if the person you want to sue lives in London, England. You have to file suit there. If they live in Las Vegas, Nevada, you have to file there. If they live in Big Beaver, Saskatchewan, you have to file there, etc.

Also, you would need to go to each of this places during the court date (assuming it got that far) to testify.

And anyone you sue can also file counter suit.

So, please, go ahead.. I would love to see this.

No. 642736

Oh Miranda, how many times do we have to tell you? Posting evidence of your CRIMES is not "bullying". YOU admitted to KM that you were in a fake marriage and scammed him out of $50,000 by later calling the LOANS "gifts" when it has been demonstrated that you understood that you were supposed to pay him back.
Don't be surprised if you see the following petition on Change.org soon: "Shut down the scammer Kanadajin3 (Mira Nagayama/Miranda Constable) and enforce anti-fraud tactics on YouTube"

No. 642745

>I have been suicidal in the past indirectly due to their rumors. Rumors that started on their websites and spread by other people onto YouTube and then into the real world.

Mira, are you saying the power of rumors caused a visa husband to materialize and that this supernatural creature demanded monthly payments from you, thus causing one of your suicide threats? Rumors also caused another suicide threat when a man you were obsessed with rejected you mainly because he already had a girlfriend? When you made reference to the possibility of HAVING to killing yourself if you had to reveal what Sharla supposedly did(which you were the only accuser), it was due to Internet forums? When your Canadian ex-bf described the first time he saw you, sitting in your underwear at a party, depressed and slowly eating Tylenol in hopes that someone would notice before you finished the bottle, it was because of weeb forums? I’m sure there were numerous times you threatened your own parents and old friends with suicide when things don’t go your way too.

No. 642752

File: 1550975843765.png (2.24 MB, 1080x1920, smdh.png)

Hey, Imam Miranda says that Islam will cure STDs.

No. 642758

Oh, shit! Now we know why Mira was in a rush to get married!

No. 642764

File: 1550988754392.jpeg (400.35 KB, 750x1245, 4F92FA7D-057D-459A-88D0-1F34E2…)

She’s signing her own petition. I bet all the rest is her, too.

No. 642773

isn't the main person putting out all the dirt her bumbuddy cristy anyway? instead of petations blah blah, why doesn't she just scare cristy straight - she's not exactly a hardass and all her real info is available

No. 642775

You mean the information Mira voluntarily gave her to post on PULL because Mira is too much of a pussy to challenge them directly? Why would she need to “scare her straight” when she didn’t do anything except humiliate herself by doing Mira’s bidding? Cristy just needs to learn love herself and Mira needs to finally post as herself instead of getting lonely people to do it for her.

No. 642785

And why would we want to look up her infos? What's your goal, what's the point? Oh right, there is none since we dont care about cristy.

No. 642790

Wow you are up very early today Mira! How about you stop spending time here and go work on that video we're all waiting for?

No. 642832

Who's Cristy? Is that your nickname for KM? No one in any threads have called him that. Seriously, how are you still so goddamn bad at trolling? Is there anything you can actually do right?

No. 642852

File: 1551043748107.png (420.39 KB, 640x800, q34q34vrd.png)

I feel this is relevant

No. 642869


Will she ever release this video? Or is she afraid of going to hell?

No. 642870

File: 1551046928066.jpg (781.21 KB, 1440x2960, trans.jpg)

OMG, My sides.. I laughed so hard I fucked my pants..

Merry Christmas, anons

No. 642875

File: 1551048169322.png (345.53 KB, 786x438, dLfPsSw.png)

No. 642891


Exactly, how else can your react to that level of retardation?

No. 642893

i don't get what's wrong about what she said

No. 642894

She always likes to claim she is part of some special group or somehow related to one. Ojibwe, homeless, Jamaican, punk, White Japanese, Huckleberry Finn feral child, Muslim.

But she is definitely lying here because the trans kids craze was not active when she was a kid. NOBODY was pushing transition for children 15+ years ago. Not even 10. Childhood transition back then was extremely rare and they only diagnosed the child when they exhibited severe gender dysphoria. A doctor back then would have suggested a gender non-conforming child was gay waaaay before telling parents to “make their kid trans”.

No. 642895

>My mom gold told by doctors to make me trans

No. 642896

i think it's the fact that she said she was going to be "turned trans" or w/e as a child.

No. 642907


That a doctor told her mother to make her trans.

There aren't doctors anywhere telling people to make there kids trans. That defies all logic.

No. 642912

Exactly. Doctors in Canada aren't just diagnosing children as trans and forcing gender reassignment on them, definitely not at that time.

Once again Miranda is trying to make herself relevant to any situation so she can have a hateful opinion

No. 642913

So, not to piss on the parade because we know she's full of shit and this is her typical Lie to fit the situation and make herself special but ah …
In the late 60s and through the 70s Dr John Money (yeah, really) was all about the trans kids thing. So, maybe Miranda has a micro-penis or something.
Imaginary sage for trivia sharing.

No. 642915


No.. Not even close. He did study the psychology of sexual fluidity and how the societal constructs of "gender" affect an individual. But he was =n't going around trying to "force" gender reassignment on people.

The one case was David Reimer. a botched circumcision left eight-month-old Reimer without a penis. Money persuaded the baby's parents that sex reassignment surgery would be in Reimer's best interest (as his penis had already been amputated).

Now, if that was the right thing to do or not is up for debate (yes, I think it was wrong) but the kid was going to grow up without a dick either way.

No. 642920

There are actually very well-educated medical professionals whose entire job consists of consulting with parents of intersex infants and children to determine which gender they should be raised as and what kind of surgical alterations they need, if any. It doesn't have much to do with transgenderism, more about how to create the highest probability that somebody with intersex traits will be able to live as normal a life as they can. If Miranda isn't lying then it's possible that her parents did have to consult with somebody like this. However, she has been implying that she wants to have children, so on the small chance that she was born with some sort of intersex characteristics then they likely weren't severe enough to warrant a recommendation that she be raised male. Of course, she's probably just making shit up or exaggerating.

No. 642928

Why were “doctors” talking to her mother about transing Mira in the first place? Was Mira shouting that she was really a boy and self-harming or threatening suicide? I’m imagining a scene where a board of stern-faced doctors tell Mira’s mom “You got to trans this kid NOW. She pees standing up.” and then Mira senior dramatically screams “Fuck you!!!”. If Mira’s claim has any basis in reality, I’m betting Mira had a phase where was rejecting feminine things and doctors(child psychologist?) told Mira’s mom to just let her express herself, even if that meant wearing boy’s clothes or using a boy’s name for a while.

I really doubt Mira has an intersex condition. She has a fully-formed female reproductive system, raised as female and had no issues with her gonads other than an ovarian cyst as a teenager(which her ex-bf witnessed). The fact that Mira describes her mother as angry at the suggestion of transition makes it seem there was no doubt Mira was an average biological female.

No. 642994

Is that you Miranda signing this? I still don't see a list of people who signed up

No. 642995

I want to say something funny, but this is so weird (even for Miranda), that I'm not sure what to make of it…

No. 642996

It was showing yesterday. I can’t see it anymore now, though

No. 643004

Not bad, she's getting 1 person per day so far! Keep it up Mira! You are going places! Dont know where, but you're still going there!

No. 643011

>If Miranda isn't lying

C'mon, apply yourself!

No. 643016

>here are actually very well-educated medical professionals whose entire job consists of consulting with parents of intersex infants and children

Intersex children are not trans by any definition.

No. 643031


Ask and ye shall receive:


No. 643048


Is this her next phase?

No. 643056

most of the saudi people i have interactions with arent in english, but it doesnt sound saudi or like an arabic speaker to me. I agree with the anons saying he sounds indian, or pakastani or somewhere over there.

No. 643253

Yes, but somebody like Miranda wouldn't be able to understand that distinction, on the very very, very slim chance that this is what she was talking about.

No. 643267

Allah willing! I truly think that was one of her backup identities. But unlike Iran, which forces homosexuals to transition to maintain the appearance of heteronormativity, Saudi Arabia just straight up beats and tortures them to death. I don’t think she’ll embrace that identity unless she gives up the Muslim act.

No. 643275

Japan has a lot of Nepalese citizens, so maybe there?

No. 643278

>There's no such thing as liberal in Islam
i mean, she's not wrong, but the same applies to every religion, if you live in a modern world adapt or fuck off

No. 643279

More likely Pakistani I reckon? It's a muslim nation already so it's easy to find a muslim national, and Rodi being Pakistani.

No. 643280

In some weird fucked up Miranda style way just imagine if he in fact is related to Rody… I mean she is that obsessed with the guy.

No. 643283

Rodi! I married your third cousin you've never met, you know, the goat farmer!

No. 643300

File: 1551186719474.gif (662.5 KB, 540x303, 1B163358-D735-4225-9C77-9BE06E…)

No. 643305

Sorry for no milk, but is there a lifeofonion type of place for Mira? If not, can anyone give me a ballpark of when the Rodi situation peaked? Like, how long ago or what year?

No. 643306


May or June of 2017, I think.

No. 643349

You can always check the Pull thread, it's shorter then going back threads of lolcow. But all the infos you ever want to know is here, that's for sure.

No. 643350

crickets chirping

Your thesis deadline is long overdue.

No. 643386

File: 1551219945884.jpg (76.47 KB, 509x490, MkSWREb.jpg)

No. 643405

Still waiting for some islamic corruption entertainment…
But would Miranda really want to direct her followers to PULL, etc., where they can learn the truth about her scamming, etc. and find out that she is not the pious muslim that she pretends to be?

No. 643449

Like she said, her life before becoming muslim has been erased after she reverted!

Just more bullshit.

No. 643450

I know she always says that, but it's been shown here and on PULL that her scamming and lying have continued long after she CONverted.

No. 643466

File: 1551268728788.jpg (57.71 KB, 748x244, extended.JPG)

Poor thing doesn't want to hurt her eyes.

No. 643467

Whilst typing that on a computer. Kek.

No. 643471

That 36 hours mark, was that from her original post, 2 weeks ago? Lol

No. 643477

36 hours is 2 weeks?

Congrats you're in 1st grade.

No. 643479

Hmm… "First part of the Series" wait what? Miss I-Cant-Commit-To-Anything-Seriously is planning to make a series out of the "corruption in islam but in reality im just talking about myself"??!!

I should probably go buy some more pop-corn, i clearly dont have enough for the shit show about to start!

No. 643558

She says "First part of the Series" about a lot of things that never materialize (for example, the naturalization process)

No. 643573

File: 1551318003855.png (1.41 MB, 1564x1008, スクリーンショット 2019-02-28 10.39.53.…)

It's time to watch some islamic corruption!!

No. 643574

She did the whole video wearing a niqab…that is truly islamic corruption

No. 643577

File: 1551318396971.png (287.21 KB, 1566x984, スクリーンショット 2019-02-28 10.46.01.…)

Imam Miranda is so generous to us haterz who publicly show evidence of her crimes

No. 643580

File: 1551319041658.png (397 KB, 1556x1004, スクリーンショット 2019-02-28 10.54.54.…)

No, our information comes from screenshots of YOUR conversations, receipts, etc. KM has shown evidence for all of his claims, but you have shown nothing that indicates that he is lying.

No. 643582

File: 1551319145697.png (353.98 KB, 1568x972, スクリーンショット 2019-02-28 10.58.20.…)

How about this: Miranda, you admit to committing fraud (defrauding KM and entering into a fake marriage) and show no remorse for your crimes.

No. 643583

File: 1551319612497.png (1.95 MB, 1920x1080, why.png)

I'm laughing at the fact that she censored Victor's face.

No. 643584

File: 1551319633190.png (248.8 KB, 1564x982, スクリーンショット 2019-02-28 11.07.00.…)

Miranda is clearly obsessed with us and reads everything here

No. 643585

File: 1551319889150.png (132 KB, 281x500, FEACC88B-84EE-496F-B19D-7BE7F3…)

No. 643586

File: 1551320205301.png (1.05 MB, 1560x986, スクリーンショット 2019-02-28 11.14.52.…)

Miranda, please do make everyone aware of this website and PULL so all of your muslim followers can see what a hypocritical scammer you are! Remember, your crimes are documented by evidence!

No. 643587

It's edited like a high schooler's final project for a computer class. The pie charts are hilarious and delusional. She spends the entire video complaining about HATERZ and HATE SITES, never mentioning that she has to personally seek out these sites to read this stuff. Mira, please stop pretending you're intelligent. You're a high school dropout and a scrub who can barely string together 2 sentences in English or Japanese. You honestly have no idea how much you're embarrassing yourself.

No. 643589

File: 1551321794422.png (1.06 MB, 1556x976, スクリーンショット 2019-02-28 11.37.01.…)

Well…Let's see…You planned to move to Japan forever (now changed to Saudi), renounce your Canadian citizenship and take Japanese citizenship (but failed), publicly described yourself as a "Japanese person" (now you call yourself a "resident in Japan"), claimed to change your name to a Japanese train station (while denying that you ever used the English name Miranda Constable), now say that your favorite countries are Saudi/Jamaica/Greenland, complain that discrimination against muslims is worse in Canada than in Japan, complained to KM that your Christian mother pulled off your hijab so you couldn't live freely as a muslim in Canada, etc.
Miranada, what do you expect us to think?

No. 643591

File: 1551321888214.jpg (683.27 KB, 2208x1242, b0nCDx2.jpg)

Just watched this mess. Is anyone surprised that not only is it edited horribly so that the whole thing seems disconnected, but she continues to lie and use other people’s deaths to justify her destructive behavior, specifically the deaths of TEENAGERS who had nothing to do with YouTube.

And her research and statistics… Lord. She is really shameless and unprofessional. During the sad music montage, she writes that cyber bullying has triple since 2012 and directly follows that with the unsubstantiated claim about YouTube creators. Like what the fuck? She continues additional word montage about cyber bullying causing, in order: depression, low self-esteem, anger, school avoidance, school violence and suicide. But these are risks all have to do with SCHOOL CHILDREN and cyber bullying over social media. Not nearly 30 year old women who deliberately and arrogantly choose to make controversial, and bigoted, comments and videos. Of course, she writes that these risks to vulnerable CHILDREN in the social media age are a wakeup call to YouTube and goes on to talk about an imaginary hate campaign to kill her YouTube channel.

How many months did she say she was working on this? There were no references, links, scientific data, international statistics, expert commentary or even screenshots of the examples in her slapdash pie chart. Her explanation of those charts was bizarre and nothing short of rambling. I can even begin to quote what she said during that segment because it was difficult to tell where one complete thought or example began or ends. Why did she not give a real example of a lie she was accused of? She instead gives the example of saying she went to the beach and we would just find a way to to call her a liar. How is that a persuasive argument? Her audience doesn’t even know what she was accused of but she is telling them to just accept her innocence no matter what.

In her examples for the “Assuming feelings” category she says “they are basically saying ‘She is sad’, ‘She is jealous’ , ‘She is thinking about having kids.’” What? What? What? Girl, firstly, CONTEXT is important. Secondly, these are simply assumptions and observations of any number of your own comments and how the audience interprets them. How are any of these examples wrong?

I can’t believe watch the final cut and was like “Yeah, this is first-class journalism and it was not necessary to ask a friend to proofread my clumsy, meandering and childish script.”

In all of these years that she has dedicated to having an online presence, she still does not understand that forums are comprised of THREADS? Nobody created an entire forum dedicated to her lameness.

No. 643592

File: 1551321893919.png (94.64 KB, 1234x546, スクリーンショット 2019-02-28 11.45.03.…)

Criticism: Fraud is illegal

No. 643595

File: 1551322024084.png (63.76 KB, 1456x252, スクリーンショット 2019-02-28 11.46.57.…)

But you spend all your free time on here and PULL?

No. 643598

File: 1551322243054.jpg (66.63 KB, 750x600, jiFfM.jpg)

I really feel corrupted after watching this video

No. 643599

Same poster. I forgot to add. Her entire video is a great big “CITATION NEEDED!”
It was actually frustrating for me because I actually did hold out hope that Mira would put a little more effort that usual for her groundbreaking exposé. Like another anon remarked, it really was like a high school final project but more like the frantic student waited until the night before to edit it. She copied and pasted her old arguments and Googled “cyber bullying deaths” for 10 minutes.

No. 643600

Well to be fair, she can't actually show any of the comments about her, because that would alert her muslim followers about her scamming of KM, etc.

No. 643601

Please someone back me up on this, but on either a YouTube comment or her Facebook page, she admitted to having a type of “evidence folder” of her haters with screenshots and identifying information. She also saves all her old text conversations with ex-friends, something she claimed KM was a crazy stalker murder for.

No. 643611

SO the very fact she said that the "bullying" didn't affect her anymore is laughable. She spend probably DAYS making this to show she's not affected? Then saying OH it was all made up. She's been RIDING the hate train because it gets her views, it's ALL she has left.

Also, if she "forgave" them, why call them out AGAIN for it. That is her means to look a victim when she was the bully. She's making a "I holier than thou" video to say OH I FORGIVE YOU for calling me out on my BS. Everyone MOVED ON, yet here she is, still rolling around in the BS trying to get the views. SERIOUSLY if we all stopped watching, her channel would die.

No. 643612

Let the channel die

No. 643613

Also the fact she makes videos BASED upon the "hate forums" shows she relies on that to get her content, so she USES these forums to make content. SO, we can kill off her channel by not giving her views.

No. 643616

No one watches her videos anyway. Out of 220k subs, her vids average 2-7K views. Socialblade says she's been slowly losing subscribers too and I doubt this video is going to help stop that.

No. 643618

Sockpuppeting/lurking debate category of the pie chart:
>”Basically they are talking to themselves, saying ‘Hello, Mira. I know you are watching.”

But you did and that’s how you got that quote. That’s how your created your chart in the first place: LURKING AND SOCKPUPPETING. How else could you explain how you got the information?

No. 643619

>>643616 Nope, but she makes these videos in between the content to keep her views up. That's her ploy and tactic. I think as long as we use a download link over watching and giving the view, it will help close the gap.(emoji)

No. 643620

She is SO laughable, let's start banning people who are mean. Not because they ever incite violence toward them, which is illegal, but lets ban people for hurting feelings. Please. Your channel would be removed if KM showed what she did to YouTube.

No. 643621

The woman is delusional and the whole video looks like poorly made Isis propaganda.

I don't know why this threat is called miranda myriam… all threats about her should be miranda Isis constable.

No. 643623

It's all about ME ME ME and how good I am, behind the scenes is 100% different.

No. 643624

yeah, insecurity is a bitch!
i also agree with the other guy above, she looks just like all them isis females, bunch of freaks.

No. 643625

File: 1551326773996.jpeg (9.62 KB, 248x203, Unknown.jpeg)

Miranda, you are wearing the niqab incorrectly! We can see your eyebrows. That is haram! Eyebrow porn is not permitted in islam.

No. 643627

She makes a big deal about haters assuming her feelings, yet she boldly claims that we say her husband is non-Saudi not because we believe it (based on real statistical data of Muslims in Japan and the strict marriage laws and customs of Saudi Arabia), but it’s because we want to allude that Indonesia is poor!and “low-end”! And we’re… wait for it…..
Wow, good job, Mira.

I’m sorry Mira, but did you personally ask any of us what we thought? Did you take a poll or develop a way to compile reasonable data? That sure sounds like you are assuming our feelings, which is 100% cyber bullying!

God, in her unscientific collection of “statistics”, she straight reveals that she hangs out in Taylor R. and Venus’ threads. Why didn’t she talk about how she posted here about Sharla and other Jvloggers?

No. 643628

File: 1551327765627.png (84.01 KB, 1318x488, スクリーンショット 2019-02-28 13.22.24.…)

I wonder how long it will take Miranda to delete these comments?

No. 643630

I love this part:

~*huge, unnecessary buildup*~
>”They found such good, juicy evidence in early 2015
>Once, a man from Sweden posted something about someone who knows me, then deleted it. Nobody knows what I’m talking about and I won’t post it but the few that saw it DID NOT BELIEVE HIM. Because it DID NOT FIT THEIR AGENDA!

But seriously guys, did you see how she depicted her ex-bf Simon walking in on her live show as fucking Pedobear holding the Swedish flag?! Why would she do that? Even if it’s bait, you don’t humiliate an innocent person like that.

Again. She is pretending that she had live shows with super shocking revelations that haters refuse to admit happened. Yet we have proof from KM himself that she sent him here repeatedly to plant false information about live shows that never happened.

Just like her statistics that came out of nowhere, she sure lifted a lot of other people’s video content without giving them credit, didn’t she?

No. 643633

File: 1551329146794.png (322.01 KB, 1340x1252, スクリーンショット 2019-02-28 13.45.44.…)

She deleted one and responded to one.

No. 643636

No, Miranda, he has lots of "tangible evidence" that you were loaned money. Do you need to see it again?

No. 643640

File: 1551330587288.png (249.55 KB, 1348x1140, スクリーンショット 2019-02-28 14.09.03.…)

Miranda has already moved on but wants to "promote the number one good, Islamic Values."

No. 643641

File: 1551330672481.png (333.44 KB, 1508x1218, スクリーンショット 2019-02-28 14.10.56.…)

Rant on haterz having low self-esteem

No. 643642

By the way, I live in Japan and easily bought a Japanese combination washer/dryer at a local appliance shop, so I don't know what she is talking about.

No. 643643

File: 1551332015589.png (79.91 KB, 1278x500, スクリーンショット 2019-02-28 14.33.15.…)

Don't focus on her face! (focus on her eyebrows)

No. 643644

this bitch just wanted to be a fucking anime mom.

No. 643646

File: 1551332795516.png (186.51 KB, 1362x1126, スクリーンショット 2019-02-28 14.46.46.…)

Miranda can't let go of the past

No. 643651

File: 1551333361052.png (204.77 KB, 1368x1212, スクリーンショット 2019-02-28 14.56.03.…)

Rant continues

No. 643653

Same here, and many of my neighbors have a washer/dryer. Although, of course, we also use the line drying method for many non dryer-safe items. But this is just another “There is no mustard in Japan!” thing. She makes a sweeping generalization about something she personally observed rather than getting a wide perspective on it. Then she posts like it’s gospel and gets pissed when people share a contrasting experience. If she doesn’t want to be misunderstood time and time again, she needs to present her thoughts clearly and accurately. Even her own fans have told her to think more carefully about how she phrases things. If it based on personal opinion only, she needs to state that in advance.

Correction: It was just one sexy, haram eyebrow. Got to same something for the hubby.

1. The fact that you are responding so emotionally
2. The fact that you are responding so emotionally
3.The fact that you are responding so emotionally
4.The fact that you are responding so emotionally

Once again, I need to state how awful and lazy this video was. I was truly surprised by how recklessly she put it together. But please, can someone explain how she ties Islam into all of this? It was just shoehorned into the end like an afterthought.

No. 643668

Miranda if you want anyone to take you seriously about cyber bullying you shouldn’t talk about yourself, this just comes across as being butthurt and narcissistic.

You need to get over yourself and admit to what you’ve done wrong and move on.

No. 643671

Alright it is time to report her video! Thanks for being a moron Miranda and showing just how truly dumb you are! There is so much evidence against you that if you went to court you'd be sentenced a very lengthy prison sentence.

Girl you need to shut up and go to sleep. Never do this again.(cowtipping)

No. 643673

File: 1551355496289.jpg (544.16 KB, 2208x1242, KcvXN8V.jpg)

^This graphic that she included only drives that point home. Very narcissistic and uncaring of her. A crying Youtube icon with dollar sign? What does that have to do with emotionally tortured teenagers and trans women killing themselves?

The video is a illogical pile of flaming garbage but why should any of us report it?

No. 643679

You can probably report it for some bullshit reasons. Right now, as we speak, hundreds of youtube channel are getting spanked really hard for no reasons what so ever.
A guy that do vlog about his life in China? Comment section blocked by youtube.
A channel about Pokemon Go (that work directly with the company of pkmn go nonetheless) got erased from google (not just youtube channel, but the whole google account).

Youtube is going nuts right now and the smallest possible thing can get a channel terminated for no reasons. No e-mail, no warning just "pouf" gone.

With Miranda spewing hate speech like that, it can very easily fall into that category. Now dont go thinking it will provide permanent consequence since it's only a new algo used by Youtube so in most case it's reverted with in a week. But that can always teach a lesson to people.

No. 643687

Girl, knock it off already. There is no reason to report a video simply because the person who made it is shitty. There has to be a violation of YouTube or legitimately harmful content/hate speech. She hasn’t done that yet. But eventually, she will make videos of that offensive Wahhabist propaganda she posts on Twitter. Once she makes her first anti-gay video, the report button will be on fire.

No. 643692


She abuses the reporting system incessantly.

No. 643694


honestly give it up, this is just tit for tat. no-one wants to see the video reported, we just got it public. its just a shitty powerpoint presentation, take your pitchforks elsewhere.

No. 643700


Wow, so cranky..

Why should anyone give a shit what you think?

No. 643704

because you're literally causing a scene for no reason. Ooh lets report! What the fuck for, grow up. Its a video with zero offense. Youtube have enough to deal with without retards like you adding to their pile.

No. 643708


No one is "causing a scene" Get a grip. And sorry, you don't get to decide what does or does not constitute an "offense".

And it's really suspicious that you are so adamantly against even the suggestion that someone might report it.

No. 643712

I reported her new video yesterday several times. Lol !(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 643716

Thankfully I do not know Miranda and never will. And I don't think she is someone worth bragging about.(ban evasion)

No. 643717

File: 1551392472883.png (170.83 KB, 1344x848, スクリーンショット 2019-03-01 7.21.18.p…)

Long rant in response to criticism

No. 643718

File: 1551392508574.png (229.95 KB, 1310x1166, スクリーンショット 2019-03-01 7.22.08.p…)

No. 643719

File: 1551392552204.png (174.09 KB, 1298x1122, スクリーンショット 2019-03-01 7.22.49.p…)

No. 643720

File: 1551392580054.png (61.04 KB, 1298x344, スクリーンショット 2019-03-01 7.23.15.p…)

No. 643729

no miranda you are not a girl.
you are a 30 year something woman whose lies also include taking more than a few years off your real age.

No. 643742

I thought we'd see some of Miranda's muslim supporters/sockpuppet accounts posting here and on PULL telling us that we are going to hell, but it's been surprisingly quiet…

No. 643763

File: 1551416926893.png (511.05 KB, 1478x890, スクリーンショット 2019-03-01 14.08.33.…)

Her eyebrow porn still makes me laugh

No. 643764

File: 1551416991111.png (75.91 KB, 452x212, スクリーンショット 2019-03-01 14.10.04.…)

No. 643767

I think that crooked niqab is what bothered me the most. It’s like she just threw it on a few seconds before she started filming. I’ve actually never seen a niqabi do the asymmetrical, one eyebrow look. Maybe it’s because they actually know how to wear their niqab?

No. 643770


It's not the niqab that's crooked/asymmetrical…

…spoiler alert: it's her eyes

No. 643771

Now when I see this video, the only thing I can think about is her single eyebrow showing…

No. 643772

Her hijabs and niqabs are always in her eyes. It's one more thing she'd done for years and still fails at.

No. 643785

And it also put forward her issue with her eyes lol

No. 643786

File: 1551429892862.png (87.9 KB, 1320x388, スクリーンショット 2019-03-01 17.44.40.…)

Perhaps Miranda has never studied statistics…

No. 643787

File: 1551430000682.png (113.55 KB, 1392x628, スクリーンショット 2019-03-01 17.46.49.…)

Alhamdulillah for islam

No. 643788

omfg Miranda, no wonder you couldn't pass a driving test.

No. 643790

I checked the pie chart in question, and it's just the guy failling big time to read what,s on the screen. Somehow he see all "1" as a "4", tho it looks fine on my end.

There is a few charts that adds up to 101%, but nothing as bad as the comment say.

No. 643793

this is an imageboard, please show a cap with your workings

No. 643794

Wtf is a allamidulah?
miranda keeps repeating this gibberish nonstop, what it means?

No. 643798

"Alhamdulillah" means praise be to god (allah), but Miranda overuses muslim Arabic phrases like a weeb overuses Japanese phrases that he/she doesn't really understand (e.g., "This is is so kawaii desu!").

No. 643799

File: 1551446063413.png (237.7 KB, 1065x631, 9.22.PNG)

Here is the graph from 9:22 that the guy is talking about in the comment.

No. 643801

File: 1551446214804.png (136.19 KB, 1012x643, 101.PNG)

And here is one of the couple graph that dont add up to 100, like in this case it goes to 101%.

Also notice how there is verrrrrrry few categories compared to when she was talking about herself. Im guessing she just pulled numbers out of her ass. There is no way she would go over 3 months of posts and somehow only come up with that few categories.

No. 643844

File: 1551478681668.png (315.1 KB, 1358x1186, スクリーンショット 2019-03-02 7.17.19.p…)

Rant on why Miranda doesn't care about haterz and why she is the victim

No. 643845

File: 1551478713759.png (171.09 KB, 1304x798, スクリーンショット 2019-03-02 7.18.48.p…)

No. 643847

"Free speech does not actually mean you can literally say whatever you feel like, thats a huge misconception on the legal term of this word."

Imam Miranda is also a legal expert now?

Let us look at the Japanese Penal Code then:

第二百三十条 公然と事実を摘示し、人の名誉を毀損した者は、その事実の有無にかかわらず、三年以下の懲役若しくは禁錮又は五十万円以下の罰金に処する。
Article 230 (1) A person who defames another by alleging facts in public shall, regardless of whether such facts are true or false, be punished by imprisonment with or without work for not more than 3 years or a fine of not more than 500,000 yen.

It is true that defamation is a crime in Japan. However, you forgot to read the following Article.

(Special Provision for Matters Concerning Public Interest)
第二百三十条の二 前条第一項の行為が公共の利害に関する事実に係り、かつ、その目的が専ら公益を図ることにあったと認める場合には、事実の真否を判断し、真実であることの証明があったときは、これを罰しない。
Article 230-2 (1) When an act prescribed under paragraph (1) of the preceding Article is found to relate to matters of public interest and to have been conducted solely for the benefit of the public, the truth or falsity of the alleged facts shall be examined, and punishment shall not be imposed if they are proven to be true.

Thus, Miranda, it is not "slandar" to show evidence of your crimes to prevent you from further defrauding other followers. It has been shown through evidence of your online conversations that you admitted to KM that you were in a fake marriage so he would send you money in order for you to pay off your fake husband and go to Nagoya to get the divorce papers signed. You now say the story about the marriage to a Japanese man was fake. If so, you deliberately misled KM in order to obtain financial benefit. This constitutes fraud under Japanese law.

第二百四十六条 人を欺いて財物を交付させた者は、十年以下の懲役に処する。
Article 246 (1) A person who defrauds another of property shall be punished by imprisonment with work for not more than 10 years.

No. 643852

You do not have "thick skin", Miranda. You have the thinnest skin I have ever seen. You ALWAYS write LONG rants in response to constructive criticism and delete comments that point out your faults (that you would like to hide from your muslim followers).

No. 643854

Seeing that none of Miranda's supporters have come here or to PULL to defend her, her videos only get a few thousand views, and only 55 people have signed her petition, is it safe to say that Miranda has zero influence as a Youtuber?
However, I'm still confused as to why she has more than 200,000 subscribers (even if the number decreases every day)…DId she pay a company and buy most of those 200,000 (fake) subscribers?

No. 643875

These things fit Miranda SO WELL!!(armchairing and constant, neverending autism)

No. 643895

I want to believe some of them are reading the stuff or lurking at this point to figure out what's going on.

No. 643905

She bought theses subs, without a doubt. Just like her other channel when on day 1 with no video, when nobody knew about it, it got a sudden 1500 subs to it, on the same day, in under 2-3 hours. Cant be more obvious.

No. 643906

Yeah we've said it for year. Miranda would be an amazing study case for anyone in a psychology field.

No. 643928

Miranda, is this the end of your islamic corruption series? We need more corruption!

No. 643933

Oh the coincidence! /s
Victor just released a video on the subject of cyberbullying, this should be fun after Miranda used him in her last video.

(and before anyone goes nuts "Where is the link!!" well this channel is not about Victor so im not linking his video here)

No. 643945

It is indeed a 100% video response to Miranda's video and he's just telling how crazy and stupid her video, how she keeps bringing the subject again and again even tho nobody is talking about it, how her channel is all about drama, that she should give up on that stuff and move on.

Classic good laundry video of Victor (which he also said she didnt ask permission to use clips of him in her video, that's basic courtesy).
Alot of off-topic stuff in the video too, be warned!

No. 643947

So far Miranda has got about 4,000 views for this video, but only about 50 people signed her petition (including sockpuppet accounts)…I wonder if this means that almost all of her viewers are haterz?

No. 643950

Probably a bunch of people coming in because of cyberbullying and quickly realize just how bad the video is.

No. 643963

File: 1551546481591.png (327.37 KB, 1442x1180, スクリーンショット 2019-03-03 2.07.48.p…)

Miranda explains why she doesn't owe KM anything

No. 643964

File: 1551546510528.png (121.18 KB, 1386x564, スクリーンショット 2019-03-03 2.08.42.p…)

No. 644004

"I was very poor"

But yet you amused yourself posting pics of your fake LV in all your social media.
We know you scammed rodi into paying your bullet train tickets and all but still your flashy and showy lifestyle is one google search away. The net doesn't forget kek

I think you should say your still poor with your fishing boat husband, not long ago you said you didn't have money for a plane ticket.
You also lie about living in tokyo, we know this is not true, you live outside the city where rents very cheap.

miranda will you ever stop lying

No. 644055

File: 1551596860943.png (1.09 MB, 1458x832, スクリーンショット 2019-03-03 16.07.37.…)

Remember this Miranda?

No. 644060

Ah yes, to good old "im so poor, i must buy Louis Vutton stuff"

No. 644061

File: 1551607482707.png (1.27 MB, 1554x1198, スクリーンショット 2019-03-03 19.04.21.…)

Or you remember this Miranda?

No. 644085

Just wondering why nobody has talked about the screen shots of the conversations between her and Sharla and Sharla and Rachel. How did she even get those in the first place?

No. 644097

File: 1551649688414.png (747.39 KB, 1041x596, Chunk.png)

Holy hell… She doesn't even look like a woman anymore. She looks like Chunk from The Goonies. I know she's been looking this rough for a while, but Jesus…

Anyway, those graphs are ridiculous. Who has time for that? When she claims that her "stalkers" (regular people who like to watch train wrecks) are obsessed, it's pure projection. She's the one obsessed with us.

No. 644100


Either had some toadie get them for her or just completely fabricated them. Either is possible.

No. 644106

What screenshot? Where?

No. 644115

What are you talking about?
Don't tell us that they are on her instagram/twitter and only you can see them…and don't talk about screenshots (about some old jvlogger drama that nobody cares about) released by Miranda's "confidant"

No. 644136

File: 1551657414054.png (287.87 KB, 1336x1176, スクリーンショット 2019-03-04 8.56.05.p…)

Rant on why Miranda is not a cyberbully

No. 644186

In a comment on her doudemomira channel, a Japanese guy recently criticized Mira’s content direction, accent and how her involvement with drama makes her bad for Japanese businesses. He makes reference to her being listed as Miranda Constable on a tourism page run by JTB(Japan Travel Bureau).

This is post-Islam conversion so why is she listed under her “totally fake nickname” Miranda Constable and not Mira Nagayama? Of course,we already know but it’s still funny to see. To no one’s surprise, she just casts the commenter off as a hater.

No. 644187

File: 1551673355916.jpg (726.82 KB, 1242x1541, 5N7EMXi.jpg)

No. 644189

Why does she continue to lie and say that her name is not Miranda Constable?

No. 644190

"Authentic-visit.jp is a media consultant operated by JTB Corporate Sales Inc." What the hell was JTB thinking by hiring Miranda to make some videos…

No. 644191

It’s such a strange things to lie about! Like, just say “Yeah, that was my original name but like many foreign residents, I prefer to use a legal alias for social reasons.”

I think they just accept contributions from most of these Youtubers and bloggers without doing detailed research on them. They just review the submitted material, compensate the creator and that’s it. It doesn’t seem like Mira contributed more than the Tokushima video.

No. 644200

Exactly, just admitting to a name change or using an alias to fit in in Japan would be fine, but she has to continue saying that she has never used the name Miranda in her life when it is well documented that she was Miranda when she was in Canada.

No. 644210

Well obviously she had to give them her real data as it is in her visa.
That's why they listed her real name.
Would be hilarious if they listed her real age too, cuz she lies about it too KEK

No. 644211

How old is she actually?

No. 644216

28 or 29 I think?

No. 644217

hihihi this is what she says
but remember, to work and other daily necessity she must show a visa or the identification.
anyone who must see her data will know her real name, real age.

No. 644224

Lying about age is not really an issue. Lots of women, even relatively young women in their late 20’s, may knock a few years off their age because of how society discriminates against mature women.

It’s the weird defensiveness over this particular name change. It’s totally unnecessary. But then again, it’s very difficult for compulsive liars to admit they’ve been caught and they will keep building upon that lie, no matter how insignificant.

No. 644228

Exactly, I'm don't care if she says she is a few years younger than she actually is or says that she goes by Mira now…What annoys me is the bullshit like "Well some people call me Miranda because I might have used that nickname in an online forum once, but I have always been Mira since I was born", even when shown evidence that all her family members, previous friends, and ex-boyfriend all knew her as Miranda,

No. 644234

age shit is weird and shouldn't really be promoted imo. but the weirdest shit about her name is that she was using it on the sudpunk forums and now claims it's a nickname. this is like PT/"yumi"king levels of delusional shit. why would miranda, a longer, western name, be her nickname?

No. 644240

You said …
Lying about age is not really an issue. Lots of women, even relatively young women in their late 20’s, may knock a few years off their age because of how society discriminates against mature women
I totally agree, but miranda is not mature, never was, never will.
She will be forever like a 5 y/o retarded brat inside a 30 something year body that will not stop aging.
If someone told me shes like 35, I'd still think shes in bad shape and looking too old for her age.
Bad lifeless skin, saggy eyes, dark circles getting darker as years pass by (watch her vids from 1,2 years ago, you can see her aging), 2 daily cigarette pack smoker yellow teeth…
28 or 29? Yeah, right.. maybe 5,6 years ago.

No. 644272

Umm… are we really arguing that she is older than her age? She was born in 1990. If this information is not true then it changes a lot. It means she was not married at 21, did not come to Japan at 21. Did not go to high school with the people who have came here and claimed they went to high school with her etc.

No. 644282

Does anyone reallllly care about her exact age? We know she's around 30. What difference does it make if she's 31 or 29? None at all….. Juste like the other anon said, a fuck ton of women lie about their age, it's nothing new.

No. 644283

she was born is 1990? kek
please anon

sure, lets believe everything miranda says.
she was born mira, 1990, came to japan at 21, miraculously received a permanent visa after being married to some fool for only three months, never worked at sex industry jobs (any fat 40 year old Filipino gets a job easily at those international pubs in central tokyo, but saintly young miranda never!) was a martyr in the rachel-sharla drama,
was stoked by stoker KM who gave her 40k plus, scam? She has no idea what haterz are talking about.
never wanted some Rodi dick, oh he's just another crazy stoker.
oh but now she's the holiest of them all isis muslim allumdilah (whatever mumbo jumbo she keeps repeating) and all of us infidels who dare question her saintly holiness are condemned to hell…

ah yeah, the high school mates claimers? Prolly climbed from the same hole narunaru and bambi came from.

miranda constable a 30 plus year old frustrated woman who settled for a midget poor muslim laborer and keeps sinking deeper and deeper into her own lies?

that is what she is.

No. 644304

You’re rambling and you’ve provided no proof. There is no CONTRARY evidence out there and not a single person has ever brought up this subject.

Your grammar and spelling is also more embarrassing than Mira’s, like you’re deliberately trying to be worse…

No. 644336

Speaking of feminism, has Miranda ever had a political phase? It'd be funny to see her go full alt-right or woke once she gets bored of the Muslim thing.
Why do people feel the need to make baseless speculations about a cow when there's a ton of 100% truthful shit to condemn them for? Mira produces enough entertainment on her own; no need to sperg out about something that isn't even a big deal even if it's true. Get a grip.

No. 644339

She did a Kony 2012 thing when it was popular on some channel that I can't find right now. Maybe she deleted it?

No. 644340

No. 644345

File: 1551755660161.png (79.81 KB, 821x579, Untitled.png)

Miranda's response on Victor's video.

No. 644356

Intermixing is against "islamic principals", but lying and fraud are ok?

No. 644358

File: 1551759261707.png (74.99 KB, 1190x458, スクリーンショット 2019-03-05 13.13.54.…)

Yeah, she already has a Bangladeshi husband, so she doesn't need another one

No. 644371

File: 1551764983622.png (304.2 KB, 1156x1272, スクリーンショット 2019-03-05 14.49.18.…)

Long rant on why Miranda is not guilty of anything and doesn't need to show any evidence

No. 644377

Mira needs to get it through her thick skull that divorcing and getting remarried does not absolve her of the past crime of visa fraud. It's also pretty obvious her hubby or his family doesn't see what she writes on Youtube, it's just not possible or legal for a Saudi national to marry her no matter how many times she lies about it. Jahannam awaits for these crimes and lies!

No. 644379

File: 1551768129686.png (204.08 KB, 1206x728, スクリーンショット 2019-03-05 15.42.26.…)

Rant continues

No. 644380

File: 1551768155858.png (193.76 KB, 1144x722, スクリーンショット 2019-03-05 15.42.57.…)

No. 644381

File: 1551768183707.png (174.78 KB, 1142x706, スクリーンショット 2019-03-05 15.43.24.…)

No. 644385

File: 1551770981653.png (173.47 KB, 1190x798, スクリーンショット 2019-03-05 16.29.57.…)

No. 644386

File: 1551771309452.png (207.11 KB, 1202x836, スクリーンショット 2019-03-05 16.30.24.…)

No. 644409

What would be the chances of showing her passport with everything blacked out but the name to comfirm her pclaim or changing name.

Cuz i mean… if she had her name official changed, why are we still seeing "Miranda Constable" like in that promo video/article linked somewhere up there in the thred? That's a pretty recent article lol

No. 644413

You know Miranda those messages comes from your Facebook. Something the police have no problem confirming, all the screenshots are real and from you or your husband.
And why are you so afraid of showing your gaijin card? Cause it will say you real name? You told KM on the trip you had with him to turn away everytime you had to show id. You are definitely not telling the truth and keep posting lies.

No. 644417

Did she really asked him to turn around when showing ID card? That is so messed up…

Oh hey speaking of KM, we havent heard of him in some time now, i wonder what's going on! He said he would stop everything once he get his money back, did he managed to pull it off??

No. 644418

That is messed up…she still hasn't told her followers that she was traveling around Japan with KM…

No. 644428

The only reason Miranda is adamant her name is Mira is so she can pretend to the police that Miranda isn’t her name.

It sounds stupid and it is but I genuinely believe that’s how she thinks.

Sorry officer you have the wrong person, my name is Mira not Miranda.


No. 644430

I think the point those anons (one of them is insinuating he worked with her so he saw her id?) are trying to make is that this might very well one of Miranda s lies.
But to be honest, nothing about Miranda surprises me anymore.
Her online talk is all lies.

No. 644434

File: 1551802947634.png (275.87 KB, 1240x1032, スクリーンショット 2019-03-06 1.22.37.p…)

Mira has always been her name

No. 644435

File: 1551802991943.png (273.27 KB, 1240x954, スクリーンショット 2019-03-06 1.23.28.p…)

No. 644436

File: 1551803021187.png (199.65 KB, 1170x878, スクリーンショット 2019-03-06 1.24.00.p…)

No. 644444

File: 1551807754663.png (323.28 KB, 1310x1214, スクリーンショット 2019-03-06 2.42.52.p…)

No. 644447

Just want to share a little observation. This whole usage of “such” and “as such” got me thinking and it hit me that this is something Pakistani people use (in most cases, misuse) a lot. Indians too. They misuse and overuse the hell out of it and it sounds really awkward. I have family in Pakistan and India, and I am referring to only those people who are brought up and live in those countries, not for example a Pakistani American.
I wonder whether her recent over usage of this is a direct influence of her husband who I suspect to be Pakistani! I personally have a number of relatives (male) who went off to work in Saudi Arabia and one of them took his Pakistani wife there and they had their children there if I’m not mistaken. This was a long time ago, late 80s i think. Could it be possible that her husband is a Pakistani who was somehow born in Saudi? Is that still even possible? Was it ever possible or maybe I’m misinformed about this distant relative that i was referring to?
Another thing i remember is going to Pakistani as a child and meeting a neighbour who had just arrived in Pakistan from Saudi, Pakistani family but this dude was supposedly born in Saudi. I remember him clearly because he was so annoying. Could it be that shes using a technicality to call him saudi just because he was somehow born there? Hes clearly not arab at all.

No. 644449

So basicly she's been lying about everything, even her name, since childhood? That is some very extreme level of problem in your life if you have to do that..

No wonder she has so many identity crisis, she never had a fix identity to start with!

and it's freaking 3 am in Tokyo, she should be a good wife and be in bed by now lol

No. 644455

Miranda is a deeply disturbed woman, some serious, deep and unresolved psychological issues going on.
And this is no armchair diagnosis:)
I am even considering using and including her whole online persona for my graduation thesis.(:))

No. 644469

Considering how no one's ever seen her visa though that shit's been fishy from day one the chances of seeing her passport are 0.

I think Paypal reimbursed him and is now trying to get the money from Randa.

JLPT N2 does not mean you are fluent in Japanese at all. Not that anyone would read her crippled subtitles and believe that she's fluent anyways, but.

No. 644471

> I passed JLPT 2

That's a new lie. I remember her videos from 2015ish where she showed off her bookshelf and she had JLPT study books. She's never said anything about passing any of the exams and you know she'd milk the shit out of it if she had passed.

No. 644477

The mental gymnastics and ranting that she has to do to explain why Miranda is not her real name is amazing. We haven't even got to the use of "Constable" as her last name, but I am sure that the ranting would be even longer…

No. 644478

File: 1551827064822.png (212.98 KB, 1270x904, スクリーンショット 2019-03-06 8.04.36.p…)

The ranting continues…

No. 644479

File: 1551827110915.png (194.54 KB, 1288x804, スクリーンショット 2019-03-06 8.05.33.p…)

No. 644480

So basically just saying "Rodi" triggered her and got her ranting nonstop…

No. 644500

>It doesn’t “effect” me at all!
>Proceeds to write a novel, spazzing out over her pretend name

Now she’s saying her birth father doesn’t know her name and she has no connection to his side of the family? This is the same dad that she moved out with in 2007 when her dad went back to school. He ex-bf detailed this, including staying over at Mira’s paternal grandmother’s house, in his blog. Is she now going to claim that this was actually her stepfather, which would mean he was living apart from her mother and the rest of the family and is totally weird?

I noticed this too, as someone who had Pakistani classmates. She’s definitely using affected speech that is not her own. There are also so many foreigners in Saudi Arabia.

Victor is not a complete stranger! She met him in person at least once and has had numerous online interactions with him. Does she not understand that words have meaning and she can not bend reality to her will?

No. 644502

>I am Married and have been married for a long time to a Saudi National.
The fact that she thinks that a few months is a 'long time'.
>I think Paypal reimbursed him and is now trying to get the money from Randa.
Sorry if this is already in the thread already, but how does that work? Suckers throw their money at internet figures that they're obsessed all the time; why would PayPal reimburse one of the many who do this and regret it later?

If they are going after Miranda, then Allah help her.
That's plausible, but aren't most non-Western or Arab residents of SA piss poor? It would probably be difficult for a Pakistani from SA to wind up in Japan unless they're from one of the few wealthier migrant families there.

No. 644509

>>644345 Remember SHE forgave them LOL I'm dying reading that long ass winded message proves she never did and is BSing her way to "Jannah" no God would forgive her. She never changes. She is a bad person and no religion will stop that.

>>644436 She never had her H/S, which is why it was hard for her to find language schools as MANY require minimum h/s. I know, I was looking for it. Which is why she had to go to a shit school because any that would help her say advance and get into university, they need h/s.

Which is also why she was going over Japanese school texts to maybe take the equivalent in Japan. Not sure if she ever got it, don't care. BUT to say she finished H/S when she proudly stated she didn't years before and still was able to live in Japan, goes against her own lies. Her lies keep building and she cannot even keep THEM straight. Narcissist.

>>644478 OBVIOUSLY she never watched the video, her long ass rant shows she didn't and assumed what he spoke about. Using "comments" to gauge the topic. He never mentioned her name ever. Many people commented adding on from what wasn't said. Only a fool would assume what the video talked about is what the comments reflect. GAWD even her own channels comments don't stay on topic of everything mentioned.


No. 644510

Soo many lies she spouts.

No. 644517

idk how it works, but here's where it's mentioned >>633230
As if she'd give a fuck about "bullying" if she didn't get hate all the time.

No. 644534

Yikes, 119 is the emergency number for hospitals and fire departments. I hope she doesn’t run into an emergency situation where she needs the police because that’s a separate phone number.

No. 644537

Good point! In Japan, 110 is the number to call the police…I guess that tells you how much she knows about Japan after all these years…

No. 644542

Ah yes, the "queen's english". Take off the 'born in Saudi' part and it makes sense. No Saudi can marry her by law so we can forget that unless there's some bizarre twist where this guy isn't even allowed to be a Saudi anymore. He's just straight Pakistani (or similar).

No. 644572

This is off-topic, but im curious to know what qualify as an emoji in post
cuz i seem to fail to spot it

No. 644573

they delete them while redtexting the post

No. 644574

Ah ok, i was curious cuz the other post before that got an emoji in didnt get his taken out! Thanks for the info

No. 644595

Saw this scrolling and the reason is that some emojis don't display on other than mobile and some display on only certain mobiles.

No. 644601

File: 1551891813662.png (70.55 KB, 891x383, name.png)

So much for Miranda's "I didn't use my real name and bank info for my Paypal"

This is from a friend (Cropped name for privacy) who go this because she used her nickname instead of her legal name.

No. 644648

But this is Miranda we're talking about! Dont you remember that rules doesnt apply to her? She obviously could open a paypal with fake name and adresse and go with it! And since she deleted her banking info they cannot came after her anymore!

On a serious note, thanks for the screenshot, that only goes on the huge pile of things Mirands lied about.

No. 644667

File: 1551915024580.png (205.23 KB, 1250x772, スクリーンショット 2019-03-07 8.30.35.p…)

Miranda is still triggered by Rodi

No. 644668

File: 1551915069673.png (248.98 KB, 1368x886, スクリーンショット 2019-03-07 8.31.30.p…)

No. 644669

File: 1551915092441.png (307.34 KB, 1184x1214, スクリーンショット 2019-03-07 8.31.55.p…)

No. 644671

She reaaaaalllly doesn't want her hubby to find out about her blatant lust for Rodi.

No. 644676

File: 1551915951362.gif (753.16 KB, 200x86, 1363469460043.gif)

>Saudi Arabia gives me more rights than Japan would ever.
The ignorance of this woman is astounding. Though I know her visa expires in May, will the Japanese authorities contact her on that issue that is if she hasn't escaped to SA by then.

No. 644699

File: 1551925128324.png (178.57 KB, 1298x716, スクリーンショット 2019-03-07 11.18.57.…)

No. 644708

File: 1551929063697.png (264.93 KB, 1322x1152, スクリーンショット 2019-03-07 12.24.23.…)

Miranda wants us to move on, but she can't

No. 644715

>his fans harass him and ask him “where is mira ” “be friends with mira again” “you should marry mira” etc
>his fans

Oh, girl….

Is she really saying that she had her name legally changed back in Canada, years ago? According to Canadian law, that would mean she would have had to apply for a new passport all over again. The processing time after submitting the application in person is 10 business days. Then after that, she would need to update all her information with Japanese immigration. It is not a casual affair. Weren’t her past visits to Canada very short? Culturally, it actually not common for traditional Muslim women to take their husband’s last name, so that won’t be an issue but it is still quite stupid that almost immediately after divorcing the first time and dating men, she was desperate to use a new Japanese name. Like, what was the rush to claim THAT name as her real name instead of just using it as an alias?

No. 644729

proves that she's trying to evade the police by mentioning that very pointedly. miranda, your former names are still a thing in law. likewise, your former visa scam marriages can still be prosecuted.

No. 644746

File: 1551936514409.png (152 KB, 1262x634, スクリーンショット 2019-03-07 14.28.42.…)

No. 644752

She refuses to address her own words in that screenshot! Just going around it, saying it was just another donation. Then why did you say, in clear and direct English, that you would pay him back, Mira? Why did you write those words?

No. 644772

File: 1551947252228.png (123.68 KB, 922x724, スクリーンショット 2019-03-07 17.27.55.…)

No. 644773

File: 1551947276152.png (259.23 KB, 1050x1088, スクリーンショット 2019-03-07 17.28.18.…)

No. 644774

File: 1551947303977.png (141.35 KB, 984x738, スクリーンショット 2019-03-07 17.28.43.…)

No. 644781

Notice how she never directly says “Those conversations are fake/photoshopped!” She only goes on to attack his character and mention the possibility that conversations can be edited. There is no reason for such meandering replies when a simple “I did not write those replies” would suffice. Overly elaborate responses are a favorite diversion tactic of a compulsive liar.

No. 644791

I'll go againts the rules and say it, just give me my ban and i'll see you guys back later.

In Miranda case, her main issue is not that she's a compulsive liar or that she's narcissistic. She is that of course as we've seen before, im not going to say otherwise.
The main problem she has is called the Bordeline/Chameleon dissorder. In a very crude way of explaining it : she doesnt have her own personality, so she latch to anything she want and just hope for the best which never happen.
The problem is that someone cannot be diagnosed with that over a single or few visit to a psy because that disorder is never alone. They need to know the person very well over a long time to get there. It act as a base on which a ton of other disorder will pill on and reaching the bottom is often extremly hard since they have to isolate every other issues first. Compulsive lying and narcissistic attitude are very commun with it.

Given all her extreme phases over the years, and when i read her recent post where she talks about her past in Canada, it's just comfirms it.

The only person that can do anything for that is herself, but she's far from that point.

Well that's it for me boys and girls! See you back in a few days.( 1.3 Do not engage in armchair psychology or attempt to diagnose a subject.)

No. 644799

>all these misspellings

fucking just stop.

No. 644800

That's why i like to write quickly and not bother with grammar and stuff, just to get people like you annoyed for no reasons!
But hey, thanks for your (useless) input.

No. 644810

File: 1551968533676.jpeg (82.58 KB, 750x394, F09835C6-FA8E-495F-80D5-86037D…)

Can we all just admire Miranda’s haiku?

No. 644814

Amazing Saudi husband can not afford the heating bill? Why does Mira never seem to have functioning utilities?

No. 644822

File: 1551976907352.png (164.1 KB, 1174x770, スクリーンショット 2019-03-08 1.42.09.p…)

No. 644823

File: 1551976941382.png (325.54 KB, 1202x1212, スクリーンショット 2019-03-08 1.42.37.p…)

No. 644824

File: 1551976973091.png (246.87 KB, 1196x1152, スクリーンショット 2019-03-08 1.43.16.p…)

No. 644825

File: 1551976998294.png (171.05 KB, 1172x826, スクリーンショット 2019-03-08 1.43.41.p…)

No. 644877

so now her husband knew that she was accepting haram money from another man?

No. 644917

>>>>644825 This goes to show how horrible the husband must be to accept money from a man like that OR he was never let known about it or she lied to him about the conditions.

No. 644922

"My husband knows he was donating to us, he stood right behind me as this was taking place"

Considering this and the fact that you say that you still don't have any money, it is safe to say that your Saudi "husband" is not the rich man that you were trying to make him out to be.

No. 644924

Wait a second. Am I wrong or didn't KM come to Japan after he donated the 10k? So she went around Japan with a single man she isn't related to, while her husband oks this trip?

No. 644926

*donating to us

Well, there you go, Mira. Not only is your husband a fucked up scummy loser who can’t financially support his wife, but you fully admitted that you accepted donations under false pretense. You said YOU were struggling in order to have KM help you but you were actually already being supported by another man. Another party was accepting the money without KM’s knowledge. KM did not consent to donating to Mustafa Al-Poorfag.

No. 644943

i wonder why mira didn't ask tkyosam to remove the videos with her.

No. 644944

Because she is clearly still sore about being rejected by Rodi…the recent long rants she has been making were all started about a comment concerning her and Rodi

No. 644966

not a surprise.
only a scumbag would marry scumbag miranda.
the fact that couple of scammers took money from KM who thought he was helping a woman in need, is just disgusting.

No. 644969

phew lad did hubby pick out the lingerie pic to send also.

No. 644983

>Some if it is real, some are it is fake.
>But I’ll never tell you which ones are real!

Smooth move, Mira.

Man, she is so immoral. Not only was she a lying asshole that convinced her #1 fan that she was in dire straits and was at the mercy of a cruel ex-husband, she is now claiming her new husband was there the whole time and was fully aware of what she was doing. Now we don’t have to question what kind of man would marry her: only another low-life would.

No. 644997

File: 1552042644944.jpg (56.39 KB, 570x341, AJqsnrg.jpg)

Same poster: Please forgive me for those atrocious typos! It’s just upsetting that she may have another person in on her scam and the both of them were willing to take advantage of someone under the guise of charity when the reality is that she is too lazy and selfish to work hard on her own.

Anyway, yet another “Canada tip” video? Is she uploading old videos or is she running out of ideas with limited time in Japan? Wow, her accent was all over the place in that video.

She claimed that in May, when her visa is supposed to expire, she will be heading up to Hokkaido for cherry blossom viewing with her fellow grifter, I mean, husband. I really wonder how that will play out and where this sudden money came from when she recently stated that they don’t have much money.

No. 645016

So how much of her story do we believe? She claims that all of KM's screenshots about loans/visa, etc. are fake, but on the other hand she admitted to collusion with her "husband" to defraud KM…

No. 645022

None, because KM got alot of his $$ back. KM may be really stupid, but this isn't some revenge plot like randa seems to be trying to make everyone think. KM was doing all this for her when he knew she had a visa husband still, even during the rodi thing.

No. 645024

may? that's a little late even for hokkaido.

No. 645032

That’s the weirdest thing. Towards the end, KM was acknowledging the husband and not acting crazy about it. In fact, Mira, or KM being sent by Mira, came here way before the marriage announcement and spread the rumor about her being married to a Saudi. Why would KM participate in that gossip if he was refusing to accept she would never marry him? Things only got bad after KM asked her once again about paying him back and she suddenly made the excuse that since she is a married Muslim and is being financially supported by the new guy, she could no longer contact KM.

Full bloom should be around the very end of April/beginning of May.

No. 645037

That's what I think. She seems to just be trying to use the most believable possible excuse. As dumb as she is, she surely isn't blind to the fact that girls with online presence get a lot of vengeful beta orbiters. I think that KM genuinely cared about her in a similar way that rodi did. but randa is so vindictive and selfish that she's refusing to acknowledge the reality of it all.

No. 645169

File: 1552116189487.jpeg (369.03 KB, 1242x2208, 9488C456-2203-495E-8E08-E64770…)

No. 645247

Tbh that kinda looks like her…

No. 645252

File: 1552172438739.png (536.37 KB, 720x1028, 20190309_170024.png)

No, it's someone else. They have little black hairs eat above their eyebrows, so the they weren't colored in. Plus that skin color isn't shooped or makeup. It's the tiny Indonesian/Bangladeshi/Pakistani (whatever he is but he's not Saudi) man that she married.

No. 645257

They are debating about the kyabakura shit on PULL. This one really hits home when they talk about it. Kyabakura has nothing to do with sexual favors. I hate how western media portrays that. Well they say sex sells. The real image is “service”. It has nothing to do with “paid dating” or even “lonely old men”. It’s girls who are paid to light your cigarettes, pour your drinks, take your coat, sing karaoke with you and watch you talk to your male business partners. It’s part of some imbedded male pride culture that’s present in old history where men used geisha as service women to pour drinks, play music, light cigarettes for them and entertain them. Kyabakura is the less expensive version of that. It’s not sexual at all. There’s no private rooms where you can sneak off to. I worked at kyabakura and there’s really nothing shady. The men did not even ask the girls for their contacts. The customers came in after work to drink. Why drink in a bar where it’s noisy and less private and you don’t get girls to pour your drinks for you. They want to feel like kings. Japan has a huge prostitution scene, if someone wanted to have sex a hooker is a much cheaper option.

Yes there’s women who do end up going in the sheets with a client but that’s the same with geishas. Some geishas slept with their clients. Newsflash, a lot of English teachers also sleep with their clients in Japan and same in lots of profession.

Sag for offfpic rant

No. 645259

Kyaba isn't hostess, anon. Kyaba in Japan are commonly associated with being a trashy B-grade version of real hostess clubs. In a lot of Kyaba the girls are more likely to allow touching or accept money for sex than in even Hostess clubs.

Also, your view of geisha is an extremely incorrect western version. Geisha were 100% sexualized and still are now, even if you watch modern geisha, they don't have to sell themselves for money, but they have the option to do so still.

No. 645275

File: 1552183248034.png (286.09 KB, 1278x1112, スクリーンショット 2019-03-10 11.00.41.…)

Why Miranda can't let Rodi go

No. 645276

File: 1552183302836.png (187.39 KB, 1286x792, スクリーンショット 2019-03-10 11.02.02.…)

No. 645277

>"Rodi, whom I want nothing to do with … I want no association with him"

4 days later

>writes essay about Rodi

If she didn't write 5,000 words of Youtube comments every day, Mira's life would be so empty.

No. 645278

Exactly. She doesn't just love haterz, she needs haterz or she would have no life since she is not allowed to leave the house.

No. 645285

This is so creepy. Like Weekend At Bernie’s weird.

Why is this “man” so afraid to show his elven face? His wife is constantly on the Internet making a fool of herself, always talking about another man, and he just sits back like a bitch when he is fully capable of stepping in and defending her like he should. We only have Mira’s word that he is behind the scenes, privately messaging her haters, but the messages other people shared are in Mira’s writing style.

No. 645291

And she says that he was in on her scam to get money out of KM.

No. 645315

File: 1552194336092.png (64.22 KB, 1262x292, スクリーンショット 2019-03-10 14.06.00.…)

No. 645317

>>645315 IP addresses make hey accountable. The person who caused the problems don't have any right to forgive the VICTIMS. She was the bully. Fuck off Miranda.

No. 645320

File: 1552195749645.png (313.66 KB, 1412x1072, スクリーンショット 2019-03-10 14.29.13.…)

Miranda's message to Sharla

No. 645333

mira has real nerves, she dares to post in sharlas video without apologizing for what she did to her.

i hope sharla thinks 2 times before she contacts mira

No. 645336

I don't know if it is sad or funny that Miranda really believes that she is the victim in every single drama that she has been involved in.

No. 645356

she really misses her days with sharla. they had good memories together. she wants to rewind the clock and relive these memories. she seemed much happier then.

No. 645362

Didn't Miranda complain about the Turkish mosque because they played music outside, which is haram according to Miranda's version of islam?

No. 645447

>>645320 she had some fucking nerve contacting her, she didn't even lead with a apology and acts like Sharla needs to be forgiven. She's seriously messed up.

No. 645448

Sharla wouldn't ever step foot anywhere with Miranda, add she'd use any contact or acknowledgement as proof she did nothing wrong.

No. 645468

File: 1552264111056.png (230.92 KB, 1916x728, スクリーンショット 2019-03-11 9.28.52.p…)

No. 645470

"So excited to go to New Zealand and Ireland etc."
I thought she and her poor husband couldn't afford plane tickets to go anywhere…after all, they were so poor that they had to collude to scam KM for money each month…

No. 645500

File: 1552276226584.jpg (14.05 KB, 534x296, i3F5Gk1.jpg)

Not just the IP address. She also registered for one of the PULL accounts with her Japanese123 contact email. Immediately after that was revealed, people found out that she had previously been using the Japanese123 YouTube account to shamelessly impersonate a Japanese person in order to argue with people with authority. This fuck-up led her to scramble to her 123Japanese Facebook page to announce, as an unnamed “webmaster”, that Mira was only an editor, yet somehow they weren’t aware they were associated with her. And she also mysteriously had sole access to their contact email… Shorty after that, the 123japanese website moderator disappears and the site is forgotten and overrun with spam. That was ultimate damning evidence.

>Oh, hey. It’s me, the bitch who fucked with your friends and released your personal information. I forgive you! So sad to hear you DIVORCED. How about that Islam?

No. 645502

*Sorry, correction: the site, YouTube channel and email were all under the 123japanese.com moniker. Japanese123 is completely unrelated.

No. 645526

>muh happy life
>spergs on youtube all day

No. 645543

She's hiding him not because he's ugly (he is tho), but because he is 100% obviously ethnically Paki/Bangledeshi/Indonesian and that's it.

No. 645771

File: 1552404610515.png (228.41 KB, 484x368, スクリーンショット 2019-03-13 0.30.24.p…)

Miranda's new video in her islamic corruption series has dropped!

No. 645772

File: 1552404807096.png (209.44 KB, 1966x642, スクリーンショット 2019-03-13 0.32.56.p…)

"There are people out there who have ill intentions when they do things for people. It all comes crashing down and the truth gets revealed."


No. 645773

File: 1552404973035.png (92.08 KB, 1828x572, スクリーンショット 2019-03-13 0.35.09.p…)

"I'm doing a series on Islam due to my stalker situation"?

Imam Miranda, you are so pious now! Does this mean that you plan on taking the high road and paying KM back?

No. 645774

This video is basically a sermon by Mufti Menk, a popular salafi preacher


No. 645816

File: 1552432725105.png (115.79 KB, 1876x516, スクリーンショット 2019-03-13 8.18.37.p…)

Miranda is a complete victim of KM?

No. 645817

File: 1552432975436.png (221.93 KB, 1882x790, スクリーンショット 2019-03-13 8.22.27.p…)

Miranda continues her journey into becoming a radicalized wahhabist/salafist

No. 645845

She made this entire series to basically gaslight KM?!

>some people will take your kind heart

When was this woman ever kind to him or anyone else? She was always depending on him for emotional validation and money. She never cared about his personal life or gave him anything but shitty paintings, which she always gave him as an exchange for something he did for her, never as a spontaneous gift.

>Islam saves and strengthens people

She absolutely did not change for the better or improve her life in any way. She actually became more contemptuous, selfish and deceitful.

No. 645921

File: 1552483770508.png (231.69 KB, 1862x970, スクリーンショット 2019-03-13 22.28.44.…)

A good muslim husband "has to make sure he follows islamic rules for paying for" his wife…

So scamming KM for monthly payments was a good islamic way for your husband to pay for you, Miranda?

No. 646061

File: 1552531094293.png (41.35 KB, 730x185, divorce.png)

No. 646093

She seriously believes that her Japanese visa husband was not her real husband because he’s not Muslim. Also, non-Muslim men can’t possibly love or respect their wives because they don’t have Islam to instruct them!

No. 646121

File: 1552557184148.png (224.38 KB, 1890x1188, スクリーンショット 2019-03-14 18.52.34.…)

Miranda is a staunch supporter of circumcision

No. 646123


Miranda, circumcision is definitely NOT a common procedure for male babies in Japan.

No. 646129

kek miranda
circumcision is not the norm in japan, most japanese men are not circumcised

No. 646145

"Literally all. It's the norm"
Well shit, I guess my son and all his little friends at Garderie aren't normal Canadian boys then because I can't think of a single kid in our extensive playgroup who had their son circ'd and yes it's a topic that very much comes up here.

No. 646147

I'd like to know her opinion on female genital mutilation. It's an approved muslim practice, isn't it?

No. 646161

All Canadian men are circumcised
All Japanese men are circumcised


ONLY in Miranda's simpleton brain.
Not even an ugly slut like her has slept with all Canadian and Japanese male population to know this.

No. 646170

How to debate like Miranda:

1) Make a random ridiculous claim
2) Based on your limited personal experience, assert that your claim applies to the entire population of a country or large group of people
3) Double down and rant about unrelated topics when pointed out that your claim is nonsense
4) Delete any comments showing evidence why your claim is wrong and run away so you can claim a victory

No. 646173

No, but imams etc. should combat it and they don’t.

No. 646286

Just watched her cyberbullying video. I have mixed feelings.

On the one hand, I think it's ridiculous that she included gimmeaflakeman as one of her "haters." He's always been extremely fair, and he criticized her for trying to destroy Rachel's business, which was a disgusting thing to do. And that gets to the deeper point that she's far from innocent on that point, trying to destroy Rachel. So I don't have any pity for that.
I also think it's fucking hilarious that she's gone full niqab. She's actually thrown hissy fits at me in these threads in the past for suggesting she explore Sufism, Shia, and even moderate Sunni Islam. The idea that the bullying doesn't affect her because she's Muslim is obviously laughable.

That said, she's actually right that the obsessive posting about her is unnecessary and pathetic. Maybe it's because, post-grad school I'm moving into the working world and I need to spend my free time more wisely, but it strikes me as absurd to keep criticizing her. I honestly hope things work out for her, just like I would for any stranger. It would be best if she came clean for the shitty stuff she's done to Rachel, Unrested, Rody… hell, she's kinda fucked up and it is entertaining watching the train wreck, but I think it's time for me to move on.

No. 646287

I should've also mentioned, it's an issue that the whole thing is an incoherent ramble. But the ending was an okay selection.

No. 646293

She's clearly fading into irrelevance as a Youtuber as shown by the fact that her cyberbullying petition has only 78 signatures after all this time.
I imagine she will have to start up some minor drama every once in a while to get us to talk about her (since she is so obsessed with lolcow and PULL), so I think I'll be on here until she gets what she deserves and is deported from Japan or moves to Saudi…

No. 646296

Wtf?! Japanese don’t circumcise their babies and no doctor ever suggested it when I gave birth to my sons here in Japan. No Japanese family I know has chosen to do that to their sons. It’s only Christian and Muslim foreigners that end up making special arrangements at a clinic. Besides genuine medical reasons, ADULT Japanese men choose to do it aesthetic reasons and you’ll sometimes see advertisements in men’s magazines. But it’s still very rare and almost exclusively an adult procedure.

And she’s totally wrong about Canada. Their rate among male babies has consistently been under 40%.

I just thought of something: Mira, being the extremely educated scientist that she is, doesn’t understand that in many uncircumcised adult men, the foreskin can retract on its own during an erection and looks very similar to a circumcised penis. Maybe she is just too dumb to realize that being uncircumcised doesn’t mean you have a windsock at all times and many of the men she was with weren’t actually circumcised at all.

Some of that obsessive, unnecessary posting is actually from herself. She even made KM come here to start rumors or insult herself.

No. 646355

She could've just googled "Circumcision Japan".
>Circumcision in Japan is not an operation traditional to the culture. A general study of global male circumcision rates shows that less than 1% of the population in Japan is circumcised.
Most of the world doesn't have a majority that is circumcised, not even Canada.

No. 646389

Oh anon,anon, anon.

Why do tedious unfeminine things such as research when you can make things up? It frees time to spend with your, erm, actual, er, you know, totally really husband.

No. 646526

It's because Miranda takes her very limited experiences and generalizes the entirety of Japan as living up to her experiences. She forgets that like in Canada, people are all different and don't ask for into the box of who you know.

No. 646648

File: 1552786882744.png (290.68 KB, 1610x1156, スクリーンショット 2019-03-17 10.40.07.…)

Circumcision should be mandatory for all men
Western men's "parts" are dirty
Something about Zionists?

No. 646665

Isn't "Zionist" just a word that weird racist conspiracy nuts use to label Jews? The last time I checked, virtually all Jews were circumsized. As usual, Miranda has no idea what she's talking about.

No. 646681

"Eww don't even put zionists in same catagory as normal humans who get this."

She must really hate Zionists…

"To add most western men don't wash their parts with water after going to the bathroom, just shake dry, so makes the nastiness of it even worse."

She must also really hate uncircumcised "pee-pee parts"…

No. 646694

Wouldn’t this mean that the all powerful allah made his creation wrong? I mean if mankind has to surgically “correct” mens penises that means allah fucked up and failed his job right?

No. 646695

You are absolutely correct…but never debate with brainwashed religious people…you know Miranda will make up a bullshit excuse about how it is to show our obedience to allah or something

No. 646711

Thousands of years of evolution and the end of a penis is the one thing God can’t get right! /s

She not only takes this stance, but takes it to the extreme where anyone who doesn’t abide by this practice is evil and physically disgusting. This is the same mindlessness displayed when she was “true Japanese” and dictated how to be Japanese to actual Japanese people.

No. 646884

File: 1552895154111.jpeg (27.79 KB, 749x299, 9EB5460F-FF31-4148-9EC6-A78635…)

Did anyone else catch the video? I didn't make it through before she pulled it… she was making some seriously daft comparisons to how we shouldn't hate all Africans for spreading the AIDS virus. It seems a strange thing to delete almost immediately afterwards

No. 646889

says the "religion of peace" embassador
-shakes head-

No. 646897

Maybe al-husbando had something to say about it.
Or perhaps she realised she was chatting absolute shit…. unlikely..
Or maybe her hijab slipped and her husband demanded she take that porn off the internet

No. 646903

"The religion of pieces" again? I wish I could have seen it…

No. 646908

The video itself is back up. Mostly stolen content then Miranda's niqabi self at the end. Pointless content

No. 646909

File: 1552910355430.png (60.61 KB, 856x456, スクリーンショット 2019-03-18 20.58.29.…)

You won't be laughing on judgment day!

No. 646928

So how long do you think the islamic corruption series will continue?

No. 646935

Am I missing something? I don't understand why Miranda thinks that these videos are supposed to stop KM and other "stockers"?

No. 646944

Basically this video is a rehash of the argument popularly used by muslim apologists who partially quote quran 5:32 to claim that islam is against violence:
"..whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land - it is as if he had slain mankind entirely"

However, they "forget" that this instruction was intended for the ancient Israelites. The full surah is as follows:

"Because of that, We decreed upon the Children of Israel that whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land - it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one - it is as if he had saved mankind entirely. And our messengers had certainly come to them with clear proofs. Then indeed many of them, [even] after that, throughout the land, were transgressors."

Miranda and other apologists also "forget" to mention the very next surah (5:33), which was intended to be a contrasting instruction to muslims:

"Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth [to cause] corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land. That is for them a disgrace in this world; and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment"

Religion of "peace"?

No. 646955

By the way, Miranda, you say that Western people misunderstand the word "jihad", but out of the 164 cases in which a form of the word "jihad" is used in the quran, where does it explain that "jihad" means waking up early to pray?

Let us look at a representative example of how "jihad" is actually used in the quran:

"O Prophet! Jahidi (do jihad) against the disbelievers and the hypocrites and be harsh to them; and their abode is hell, an evil destination (9:73)".

No. 646966

I am laughing my balls off…
I shouldn't be laughing.
The religion of peace will vaporize me on judgement day.

Sounds like something the machines do to humans in a day out of Terminator movies…

No. 646970

Only two comments …

-miranda is watching way too many isis propaganda videos.

- the thumbnail looks like she just got her menstrual period.

No. 647163

I wonder if Miranda Ann Constable Mira Nagayama Al Fas will leave a statement about what happened in the Netherlands today. Probably not . . .

No. 647167

Ah, sorry for the misspelling her name i forgot something. I mean " Miranda Ann Constable Mira Nagayama MIRIAM Al Fas. "

No. 647179

File: 1552967441315.png (235.29 KB, 1508x978, スクリーンショット 2019-03-19 12.50.12.…)

Rant on the benefits of islam

No. 647180

File: 1552967487999.png (267.72 KB, 1466x1188, スクリーンショット 2019-03-19 12.51.21.…)

No. 647182

File: 1552967674587.jpg (39.66 KB, 403x403, problems-with-islam.jpg)

Care to discuss these points, Miranda?

No. 647195

Dude no offense but half that shit goes against Islamic values. The fact that you would share such image shows you really don’t know crap about Islam. I appreciate her making videos about this because one of my best friends is Muslim and it’s appalling the level of bigotry when it comes to Islam.

No. 647203



So that means that the other half is in line with islamic values?

Stoning, child marriage, multiple wives, cutting limbs, whipping, and slavery are all approved by sharia law. That alone is enough to reject islam.

No. 647216

A lot of that shit is true for any religion, especially Christianity. They're all shit that shouldn't have a place in the 21st century.

No. 647219

“Share such image”
Where have I heard that phrase before I wonder?

No. 647220

File: 1552977825716.png (1.75 MB, 1640x1036, スクリーンショット 2019-03-19 15.42.32.…)

Am I the only one who keeps reading this as "YOU HARM CANT ISLAM"?

No. 647221

File: 1552978028074.png (623.62 KB, 1630x1010, スクリーンショット 2019-03-19 15.46.28.…)

This pretty much sums up Miranda's future

No. 647222

Miranda, I thought you were against eyebrow porn?

No. 647226

The death penalty is allowed in most countries. You make it seem like all Muslims are marrying children. Even in Saudi Arabia if you ask someone who has a 14 year old for wedlock at that time they will look at you like your crazy.

No. 647229

Don't know what her real hair color is but in that screenshot she looks like she has natural red hair. I always wonder why the whitest looking white people are the ones who hate their western roots the most.

Before ya'll start ranting, i'm white myself but i don't hate myself like other brainwashed people.

No. 647232


Don't change the topic. No one is talking about the death penalty. The question is: are stoning and limb amputation practiced as legally mandated capital punishments outside of muslim-majority countries? The answer is no.

Furthermore, how many men in Saudi Arabia have actually have child brides is not the question. The question is: does sharia law (regardless of the school of jurisprudence) permit marriage (and sex) with girls younger than the age of 18 (or 15 or 12)? The answer is yes.

No. 647237

No. Capital punishment is not practiced in non-Muslim societys. What the hell is your point? Do you think that capital punishment needs to be enforced in order for people to practice their religion? It’s the penalty for criminals, not an act of worship.

Yes Islam allows women to get married when they reach puberty. If you really want to go into depth then your being very “anti science”. It is scientifically proven that after a woman gets her period she can have children. That’s nature’s way of telling your body you are ready. Not even just that but just in general stupidly ignorant on the world around you, Do you know how many teenagers go out and have sex and have children?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 647238

"Capital punishment is not practiced in non-Muslim societys."

Miranda, there you are! Welcome back!

Limb amputation is prescribed by "allah" in the quran (5:38). If you don't think it needs to be enforced, that means you are questioning allah's will, correct?

It is permissible in islam for a girl aged nine years or older who has experienced menstruation to marry/have sex. You are saying that it is common/legal/medically advisable (outside of muslim-majority countries) for 9-year-old girls to have sex?

No. 647241

Leave Miranda alone ! Have you forgot that Islam and Saudi-Arabia give her more freedom than Japan ever did or will ?!

. . . still can't believe that this truly is her mindset. You are nuts girl.

No. 647246

Mira you are literally advocating nasty ass grown pedophile men marrying young girls as young as 9. That's fucked up and disgusting.

If Allah is amazing as you say he is, he would be sure no such man would enter heaven. That's for damn sure.

I really hope you get rid of you perverted thinking when, and God forbid, you finally have a child of your own. And I hope to fuck it isn't a girl.

Get fucked, Miranda. You nasty ass pedophile apologist skank.

Sorry for sperge. If I could sage I would.

No. 647254

Since you're so into science, why don't you educate yourself on what child brides actually go through?


No. 647263

Miranda, you came back here just to promote pedophilia? Now that is truly islamic corruption!

No. 647361

That is why she has so many haterz. She could have come here and talked about any number of positive aspects of islam, but no, she had to focus on supporting pedophilia…Miranda, please go live in Saudi as soon as possible!

No. 647375

That is really indicative of the warped person she is. She only praises the restrictive and negative aspects of Islam as positives. I have yet to see her show how she has grown as a person, become more responsible or motivated, empathetic, kind, charitable or improved her any of her relationships through Islam.

No. 647389

File: 1553044642424.png (346.66 KB, 1580x1248, スクリーンショット 2019-03-20 10.16.07.…)

Miranda has never heard of the death penalty for apostasy in islam, so it can't possibly exist.

No. 647394


Miranda, tell your "husband" that he needs to study Saudi law better.

Article 1 of Saudi Arabia’s 2014 counterterrorism law, the Penal Law for Crimes of Terrorism and its Financing, states that terrorism includes “calling for atheist thought in any form, or calling into question the fundamentals of the Islamic religion on which this country is based.”

Thus, mere questioning of any aspect of islam could get you the death penalty in Saudi.


No. 647443

I honestly don't know why the people on pull aren't actually her supporters. Even though Islam has been "debunked" for what it is, like a billion times at least, they also defending it with arguments which have turned out to be total bs.

No. 647450

This woman´s idiocy is just bottomless. This are some of my personal opinions.

- First of all. Circumcision should be punishable by law all over the world. ( It doesn´t even matter which religion or believe system you ever belong to, genital mutilation should not even exist, except for medical reasons or by your own choice. This goes for MEN AND WOMEN ! )

- Second. Miranda, if you think a foreskin is nasty we have to assume that you have only been with guys who lack body hygiene. ( I just can speak for myself here but if i wash myself down there i make sure that i wash properly. ESPECIALLY under the foreskin ! ). I can´t even imagine that a normal guy or normal people would be in a relationship or around her to begin with but whatever. Miranda, you are crazy, so what kind of people do you expect to be around you ?

Funnily enough i stumbled across this quote from somebody, right at the time when that video on youtube dropped, in which Miranda gets dumped by Rodi. That quote goes like this " Men can handle rejection better than women because we are kind of used to it. While women go full retard if they can´t get whoever they want, whenever they want. " It don´t want to generalize with this statement but in Miranda´s case this whole Jihadi transformation madness all of a sudden made total sense.

If you want to be religious that´s absolutely fine. Do whatever you want. BUT . . . but and this is a fat but. Do it for yourself and don´t shove it in the face of all other people on this globe, don´t harass others with it whatsoever in any shape or form. THIS GOES FOR ALL RELIGIONS OR BELIEVE SYSTEMS WHATSOEVER !(no1curr )

No. 647455

What I don’t get is that is if she has such strong religious and moral convictions, why the Hell is she still in Japan of all places? I know Japanese just leave her alone and allow Muslims to live in peace but here she is ranting about religious doctrine and how men and women should be but Japanese culture has nothing in common with her ideals. The Japanese society is completely at odds with her interpretation of Islam. She wants everyone to convert to Islam and adopt Sharia law. Well, Japan will never ever adopt Islam(Christians tried that and it got bloody) as its religion and normal Muslims in Japan already know their boundaries. Then there is “robust” sex industry and liberal views on nudity. If she told the average Japanese young women that they need to cover up head to toe, couldn’t travel without a male companion, can’t wear makeup, can’t enjoy music and the only place for them is the kitchen, I’m sure she’d end up with a black eye. But we all know she is a coward who would only say these things to a Muslim audience on a dying channel. She would never voice these opinions to regular Japanese. Her entire worldview now is that every culture is inferior and needs to be changed to a nightmare world that even other Muslims tell her is wrong.

No. 647457

I forgot: She also views 99% of Japanese males as inherently filthy and disgusting just for being natural. That’s insane. How can she live amongst a population that she looks down upon when no one forced her to stay? Japan gave her so much and she gives nothing back in return. She also claims that she has less rights in Japan that in Saudi Arabia. Then leave, Mira! What’s keeping her in Japan and what business does her disgusting “husband” have?

No. 647468


Miranda, a lot of people will stop hating on you when you stop your hypocrisy and move to Saudi instead of always complaining about how oppressed you are in Japan as a muslim…

No. 647533

lol oh shit… how likely is it that Miranda's next fad is fascism?

No. 647534

>"such image"
Hi Mira
is this a sign of low IQ?

No. 647575


If you remember, she used to be supported by right-wing Japanese, and now she is a supporter of islamofascism in Saudi Arabia…

No. 647630

Because she's still fundamentally a weeb. I predict she won't leave Japan (unless forced to spend a little time in Canada for via reasons) and will ultimately divorce this guy and become more moderate - when it suits her to do that of course.

No. 647817

File: 1553256969912.png (191.5 KB, 240x500, Screenshot_2019-03-22-05-10-22…)

Miranda the perpetual victim needs sharia law to protect her from KM

No. 647824

…….there’s no rule under sharia law for men “stalking and harassing” women, there’s not one rule that benefits/protects/justice for women in sharia……

If anything she’d probably be punished in Saudi Arabia for even making that allegation against a man.

…has she ever even read the rules of sharia law? Wat?

If she lived in a country with sharia law she would’ve been publicly stoned already for the numerous sharia rules she violates. She’s projecting some delusional fantasy of what she wants Islam to be (Islam and sharia law will punish all my haterz!!1) when, in reality, it’s literally the exact opposite. She should’ve joined a female-centered matriarchal religion if that’s what she really wanted lmao

No. 647826

Double post but never mind, clearly from this yt comment she has never actually read the rules of sharia law (which state any Muslim who leaves Islam is to be executed—many many have) or understands honor killings or that rape is never punished in sharia law countries and 95% ends in the death or imprisonment of the woman, even if they had the 4 witnesses. Is it that hard for her to google “sharia law rules”?

No. 647840

Why is he still haggling her? PayPal refunded him 10,000 and if PayPal didn’t judge to refund him 5000 more than where is the proof that she actually owed him that? Besides it’s been 6 months now. If he hasn’t gotten a laywer or got the police involved then I am skeptical about such loan. If someone really had evidence that they sent a large amount of money as a loan and not as a present it should be easily returned. I think there is a piece of this puzzle missing and I am going with the theory that he didn’t plan on getting money back if he married her but since he didn’t get what he wanted he pulled out. Now he’s just chasing down some woman who clearly has moved on with her life. I mean how long would you hound on someone for money they clearly are not going to give?

Do we have confirmation he actually went to Japan?

No. 647845

And she’d have been stoned years ago for being a “whore”. My lord, she’s as dumb as a post.

No. 647864

>Now he’s just chasing down some woman who clearly has moved on with her life.

If you are seriously wondering the answer to this conundrum: You moving on with your life (which you clearly haven't) doesn't mean you get to get out of paying money you owe.

No. 647867

File: 1553276285814.jpg (29.6 KB, 739x415, HUiexmh.jpg)

What does your husband think about you spending endless hours on this site and YouTube, arguing with strangers for several years? Why do you speak of KM so frequently if you are only supposed care about your husband?

If KM did arrive in Japan, it would probably be to report you to authorities in person. With the amount he previously gave you, he would be much more likely to afford an attorney than you would.

No. 647909


Yes pictures of Miranda and KM together in Japan, and Miranda even admittedto the trip with him.

No. 647924

Anyone got the pix?

Civil courts do not recognize repeatedly contacting a person to return/pay back a loan or item to you that they owe you as “harassment” or a reason not to pay them back. That’s really entitled to think that you get to just keep the money just because you have refused to give it up for 6 months, that’s not how it works, sis. If anything the person owes them EVEN MORE for interest on the loan (which is a law for any loan in civil court if the person didn’t pay back the money on time) for refusing to pay it back for so long. You can contact and sue someone for money they owe you for several years under statues of limitation on small claims. Why are you WKing mira for being “harassed” for not paying money she owes? If she paid the money, there would be no “harassment”, easy. If she hated being “stalked” so badly she would pay back the money to end it. But she won’t because she’s greedy and already spent it. So she has to cover it up by saying she’s being “harassed” to villianize the man who loaned her the money as an out to pay it back. She had no problem with him when he was giving her money and hanging out with him, but suddenly when he asks for money she owes him he’s a “stalker”? Okay mira, whatever you say.

Was it not “stalking and harassing” when Mira sexually harassed, obsessed, violated personal boundaries, sent hate, and attacked rodi? Or when she was actually harassing and making thousands of sock puppet acc to ruin other youtubers careers? Or did you ….I mean mira, forget about that?

No. 647941

>anyone got the pix?

Open up the hanger here comes the spoon feeding plane: >>>/pt/604508

No. 647942

Here it comes again..


No. 647950

I am WKing her not because I like her but because I really hate this KM guy. He used to be her lapdog. He used to do every single thing that she told him to do. He used to promote and follow her like she was some kind of Goddess. He was on every live show, liked every post of hers and bought a ton of her Ebay goods. He used to come on here and PULL and trash people. Everyone on here had the same opinion about him but now he’s getting all the attention because he’s now not on #teammira anymore. Like fuck him. He is still the same disgusting obsessive balding dog he has always been. I don’t give a shit what dirt he has on her, or if the conversations have been shopped or not, he’s a stalker. Few months ago he uploaded hundreds of pictures that were screen shots from her videos. They were all images where she looked “sexy”. Either they were bath tub shots or beach shots but he had tons of them. Pictures of her with her mouth open, pictures of her bra stap if it’s showing and I think it was a clip from her bra in Japan video where she had the bra on her head. She wasn’t even trying to be sexy in that video and she is known for making strange faces or loud noises (not trying to be sexy or cute) yet at the same time this fucking pig screen captured this all. I want to punch him on behalf of all women who get treated like sexual objects. Put down the pitchforks and think for one second how filthy that person is? He saved those before she became Muslim….before she deleted all those videos. What other use would a man have such images other than to jerk off? Fucking disgusting. I don’t care what woman it is. She’s not a porn star she fucking makes videos about Japan. This filthy scum is harassing her with revenge porn like images. I can’t stick up for this guy ever. He actually is giving us a bad name too. When she became Muslim and said that people lust after her for her image I thought yeah okay there? But now I can see that there was actually some pig out there lusting after her and is now going as far as using those images against her. If she really owes the guy money he doesn’t need to be posting shit online about her. He only needs to make a statement once and then go abouts dealing with PayPal claims/police or lawyers. It has been 6 months and all we get is her private information/addresses/phone numbers/pornagrapic images spread online. Sounds like nothing but a disgusting obsessive Otaku gone on a revengeful rampage.

No. 647951

And I’m sorry but do you know what sexual-harassment means? Dancing on someone at a club is not sexual-harassment. I’m not saying that she didn’t overstep any boundaries or that he didn’t feel uncomfortable, but he had a fucking lot of chances to walk away from that bullshit. The events that he described were not recent events. He STILL chose to be friends with her during that whole time. He had years to get rid of her. I don’t buy any of that bullshit, he talks about sexual subjects, booties and bitches, grabbing pussies in clubs, asks Mira to dance and twerk in videos and now wants to act like she raped him? Even the way you describe it is taking his words way out of proportion. It’s actually making victims of real sexual harassment look like a joke.

No. 647962

File: 1553305144199.jpg (54.48 KB, 533x333, 1407516534837.jpg)

Revenge porn? What the fuck are you talking about?

Did these pictures trigger you? Some bikini/onsen pics that Miranda herself put on the internet as clickbait?

No. 647963

File: 1553305306169.png (524.57 KB, 847x478, Screenshot_(49).png.0f20ad52e5…)

"Oh no! A pic of Miranda's naked back (that can easily be found on google)! I am so triggered…How am I ever going to get over this…"

No. 647965

File: 1553305660507.jpg (56.36 KB, 720x480, 9UOuxEz.jpg)

"Oh my god! It's licking porn! What am I going to do!"

No. 647966

Yes she put the VIDEOS of herself online but she didn’t take snippets of the videos and make them into images. He did that himself. Going through frame by frame capturing any moment that looked sexy so he could use it to wack off to. That’s fucking disgusting and anyone who promotes this or thinks it’s normal behavior is one dirty pig. Just because they are not some private images leaked doesn’t make it less gross. In fact I think it’s even worse. If she leaked private images or had some porno pictures lying around it’s just someone uploading what they found. No, he instead went out of his way to gather a collection of Mira soft core porn and stash it in his computer. As a woman I find it disgusting.

No. 647969

File: 1553306079967.png (552.91 KB, 863x782, yuzulol.png.bb368a79db578374d2…)

"Oh my god! Soft-core porn!"
Not when Miranda repeatedly remade nude videos of herself as clickbait.

No. 647978

this revenge porn angle of yours didn't stick the first time around either but don't give up

No. 647983

File: 1553308462296.jpeg (20 KB, 500x505, internet-graph.jpeg)


As a woman you find men looking at (and collecting) sexy pictures to wack off to disgusting?

I hate to tell you a little secret about the internet that you may not know…

No. 647994

She also deleted them, over two years ago now. I don’t know why he has them saved. He did not just save the thumbnails, he saved every single screenshot that looks racy. Only a pig would do such a thing. And he considered her his friend? That’s fucking disgusting. If one of my friends who is a male did that to me I would want to chop off his dick. I have seen her onsen videos and none of them were sexual. She would try to be funny, happy and entertaining. I have seen other YouTubers go for the sexy click bait style (photoshopping or showing cleavage, slow motion shots of them washing themselves, focus on looking sexy etc. None of Kanadajins videos have ever been like that. And besides the point. Why does he have them saved and screen shotted! Why would a fucking lonely man have pictures of a girl like this? That’s fucking perverted. You can’t deny he used them to whack off to. That’s fucking disgusting. I don’t like Mira but I will 100% defend her when it comes to this.

No. 647995

Mira should go cry to her husband about this. Or maybe - she reaaallly doesn't want him to see this stuff? Mir wouldn't be living a lie would she?

Isn't all forgiven since she became muslim? All the hair porn, bikinis, fellatio references and anal sex posts?

No. 647996

File: 1553312535895.png (252.6 KB, 426x240, sem_nome.thumb.png.55c36344446…)

"I have seen other YouTubers go for the sexy click bait style (photoshopping or showing cleavage, slow motion shots of them washing themselves, focus on looking sexy etc. None of Kanadajins videos have ever been like that."

Stop embarrassing yourself and just let it go.

No. 647997

File: 1553312706749.gif (241.56 KB, 300x300, tenor.gif)

"If one of my friends who is a male did that to me I would want to chop off his dick."

We get that you're triggered, so let's all move on.

No. 648007

It’s funny how men laugh at feminists or women who are against rape culture, it really only shows there is a problem in todays society.

No. 648008

Is that Victor? If so just wanted to point out when she had that long comment argument on his last video she said that he doesn't know who he is. Well looks like another lie.

No. 648009

You dumbass. Almost every screenshot or still came from here, PULL or KF. He didn’t have to it himself. Maybe it takes YOU several weeks to type simple keywords, then copy and paste these public pictures and video but not the most autistic realms of the Internet.

Face it, girl. You were an exhibitionist and had frequent TMI diarrhea on multiple platforms. It is not difficult to find a plethora of embarrassing photos and quotes in a matter of minutes.

No. 648010

Enough of the "rape culture" tangent. Back to exposing Miranda's lies/bullshit

No. 648011

File: 1553316643070.png (314.85 KB, 632x546, Clipboard01ss.png.fdfa40b7df0d…)

She knew all the jvloggers and collaborated with each at least once…before they found out about her evilness and cut off all contact with her

No. 648013

An interesting theory came from a member of PULL: As her visa expiration approaches, Mira is going to publicly double down on the KM ranting until she is “forced” to go into hiding/leave Japan because she claims she is afraid he will come to Japan to confront her.

If she doesn’t use KM as an excuse, I personally believe she might use the fear of Islamophobia due to the Christchurch massacre as a reason to hide her move back to Canada.

No. 648044

File: 1553346321515.png (147.51 KB, 460x372, スクリーンショット 2019-03-23 22.04.22.…)

New video…The BEAUTY that is covered & protected?

No. 648045

File: 1553346577372.png (99.21 KB, 1350x362, スクリーンショット 2019-03-23 22.09.11.…)

Oh no, this is the end of her islamic corruption series

No. 648046

File: 1553346707210.jpg (52.15 KB, 977x210, 11.JPG)

No. 648047

File: 1553347245901.jpg (66.21 KB, 748x343, 12.jpg)

> If you're wearing a hair covering but you're putting flowers and heavy make up and all this to make yourself look more beautiful, this is not hijab.

No. 648071

File: 1553359550918.jpg (49.77 KB, 834x369, trash.jpg)

She's trash. It sounds like she's victim blaming and saying 'boys will be boys' in this response.

No. 648090

Apparently she’s moving to New Zealand now

No. 648106

is she wearing 2 bikini tops? da fuq

No. 648110

File: 1553380848896.png (157.21 KB, 1432x630, スクリーンショット 2019-03-24 7.40.29.p…)

Here come lots of rants in response to criticism

No. 648111

File: 1553380879013.png (266.3 KB, 1372x844, スクリーンショット 2019-03-24 7.41.31.p…)

No. 648112

File: 1553380904744.png (141.62 KB, 1422x494, スクリーンショット 2019-03-24 7.41.58.p…)

No. 648113

File: 1553381012688.png (176.54 KB, 1410x952, スクリーンショット 2019-03-24 7.43.29.p…)

No. 648114

File: 1553381068714.png (177.34 KB, 1430x1020, スクリーンショット 2019-03-24 7.44.39.p…)

No. 648116

File: 1553381101621.png (152.43 KB, 1354x920, スクリーンショット 2019-03-24 7.45.15.p…)

No. 648117

File: 1553381145283.png (171.99 KB, 1444x918, スクリーンショット 2019-03-24 7.45.54.p…)

No. 648118

File: 1553381178333.png (160.12 KB, 1414x708, スクリーンショット 2019-03-24 7.46.26.p…)

No. 648119

File: 1553381347295.png (299.11 KB, 1402x1190, スクリーンショット 2019-03-24 7.47.55.p…)

No. 648120

File: 1553381368024.png (167.02 KB, 1554x724, スクリーンショット 2019-03-24 7.48.46.p…)

Miranda lies about the drama with her mother

No. 648122

File: 1553381511549.png (859.98 KB, 1468x936, スクリーンショット 2019-03-24 7.51.48.p…)

Due to the backlash, Miranda uploads a new video

No. 648129


Her mother is so open to her daughter's new faith that she absolutely didn't try to grab the scarf from Randa's head while she was staying in Canada.

No. 648139

I just love how her subscriptions melting with every new shit show she uploads. It's absolute pure satisfaction and a better punishment than her god could ever give her because she's definitely going to hell no matter what. She already committed like 90% of the sins there are in Islam. I'm not trying to defend Islam here. It's a disgusting ideology.

No. 648146

File: 1553396092771.png (257.62 KB, 1622x1304, スクリーンショット 2019-03-24 11.54.27.…)

I guess her viewers didn't appreciate her islamic corruption as much as she had hoped

No. 648154

There's also a huge conspiracy culture (along with antisemitism of course) in MENA countries, so it seems that Miranda might really be throwing herself whole hog into her identity.
Damn, and hating on Shia too.
I wonder what she thinks about KSA's massive underground gay scene (the result of the government's enforcement of salafi Islam) and sunni Afghanistan's extreme normalization of homosexuality and child rape due to their interpretation of the Quran and Hadiths

No. 648160

Oh my fucking God, Mira. A lesbian's sexual orientation is a fact, is natural, and is real. Your religion is made up bullshit you choose to subjugate yourself to. A lesbian can never be happy or sexually/romantically satisfied or fulfilled with a man, the same way you could never be satisfied with a woman (assuming you're straight). You wear your religion like a cheap fad, and imposing your religious standards on other people will only bring misery. But you're too self-absorbed to care.

No. 648162

Fuck, this cunt is stupid.
Yes, Iran has a history of serious human rights abuses. Saudi Arabia's human rights record is about 10x worse. Your hatred of Shi'a Islam is bigoted and moronic, especially considering the fact that virtually all the terrorist attacks in the "west" have been committed by Salafists, which is a Sunni sect. And you don't know what the fuck you're talking about - Iranian women are allowed to expose their hair - of all the Sharia countries, they might be the most liberal about head coverings.

No. 648169

File: 1553412891074.png (178.55 KB, 1334x1062, スクリーンショット 2019-03-24 16.34.28.…)

Imam Miranda gives a lecture on the necessity of hijab vs niqab

No. 648170

File: 1553412926290.png (119.31 KB, 1304x664, スクリーンショット 2019-03-24 16.35.38.…)

No. 648171

Miranda watches a few online videos by Mufti Menk and thinks that she is qualified to lecture all muslims/non-muslims about all aspects of islam

No. 648175

Oh sweetie you are soooooo wrong about Iran. Unfortunately we are the only country with nation wide mandatory hijab that ignores a person's beliefs. Here it doesn't matter if your Muslim Christian or etc …. you've got to wear the damn thing 24/7. And as for us showing hair. it's a kind of retaliation. An ongoing quiet fight. We have a special type of police that arrests women for not dressing properly but we kind of sort of don't fucking care.

No. 648176

OK, so Saudi Arabia and Iran equally suck as far as human rights are concerned. Back on topic…

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Even Miranda a few years ago said she was bi and liked women too.