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File: 1539119632934.jpg (349.74 KB, 1000x1081, skinnylegendmoo.jpg)

No. 586719

First thread: First >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>583294

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, xmariahmalladx (now btsmomokun), momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile

Current livestream thread (#2): >>>/pt/569199


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad

Google Drive:

Attn: Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/snow/386826, >>>/snow/644215

The basics:
>The original “Thicc Samus”
>has received 2+ lipo sessions in attempt to create some sort of figure, all while lying about weight loss through exercise and diet
>is laughably bad at making own cosplays; buys and commissions 90% of her costumes and props, neglects to properly credit the commissioner or store (see: David Han/KoreanBarbq, Cookie Kabuki Cosplay, myOppa, “Waisetsu Missile” creator Taropun)
>rips off designs/ideas from smaller creators in the community then backpedals when she’s found guilty
>claims money is “hard earned” through her half assed, overly photoshopped sets priced at high marks; scams patrons by claiming 3-5 “teaser pictures” are exclusive when in reality they ARE the whole set.
>has delusions of grandeur; beefs up certain things she does so she looks more important than she is. Isn’t above using her social media status for free convention badges or getting into “exclusive events”
>despite earning 10k+ a month through Patreon, she still ghosts conventions and begs for money
>likes to pretend to be a fan of a series, expresses warped knowledge of said series so she is in the right, gate keeps and posts spoilers despite hating it when others do so
>professional backpedaler with a lack of remorse; has lewded young characters for photosets, said she sexually assaulted multiple acquaintances due to her ADHD, said really controversial statements/rants that paint herself in a negative light, but she still doesn’t accept what she does wrong
>in addition she preaches the false narrative of “positivity in the community” while she targets, attacks and exiles people once they speak up against her. She wants to be a fattie cosplayer messiah in her echo chamber of yes men
>Momokun is a sexual predator

>Castle Corsetry's Shannon costume disappears but Moo wears the corset made for that costume with Antares's "boobsock" Shannon instead
>scams a bunch of Patrons who wanted a September set by releasing it late (October 1st), patrons ask if they need to re-pledge for the set in October to get it
>is apparently sending sets through messages and not in dropbox to avoid unmonitored sharing
>brought up school again, says she dropped from 6 to 3 classes last semester due to Patreon work, and going to cons. Says she's a sophomore when before she said she was "almost graduating". New lie plan is : going to on campus classes January thru June, 4 days a week with 2 cons.
>is apparently buying a house with a guest room FOR REAL this time
>cucknoodles forgets to erase a back tit while shooping out her fat
>stirs up drama again by taking a photo with a "fan" that turns out to be TheCosplayBunny's ex
>still buttmad that her "trolling" attempt at Bowsette wasn't well received by the internet
>hurt her back so bad that she wanted to puke, went to dinner with SeNsEI and Vamps anyways. Cries later that she can't move, but SeNsEI miraculously heals her wounds
>confirms in a instastory Q&A that she might return to her CamVersity stream but it was "time consuming", is going to Italy next year and is going to Katsucon

No. 586723

File: 1539120738522.png (720.17 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-10-09-14-31-03…)

Apparently just arrived in L.A.

No. 586730

why did you use this pic?

use pics of the real moo not drawfag shit. atleast collage it with other pics. this kind of shit is why people think we're just making fun of her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 586731

And people wouldn't think we're just making fun of her if we used a really unflattering photo of her instead?

No. 586733

diff anon but the unflattering pictures are things she herself posted publicly (or even better pieces that people have paid for) not exaggerated art that makes it look like we're 'fat shaming' her like she loves to cry about.

No. 586734

most of those photos are ones she posts herself.

a great candidate for the OP would have been her horrifically shoop'd back tits.

you can't compare shit that she puts out herself with dark souls redraws.

No. 586737


It’s just autists screeching about the thread pic as usual. Give a few days and they’ll finally shut the fuck up.

No. 586738

File: 1539123102528.png (1.08 MB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-10-09-15-07-10…)

Some shitty screens of her in a hotel? I hope this isn't what they're renting out..

No. 586739

File: 1539123120141.png (907.98 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2018-10-09-15-07-23…)

No. 586740

Chill out, the points are valid.

No. 586741

i too strive to shoot a big video project in a cheesecake factory.

No. 586742


I've just seen so many more anons (or maybe just one or two of the same) whining about not using art for thread pic in the last couple threads than I have before. We've done it in the past, using art or shooped stuff, I don't see the problem. She's going to accuse us of fat shaming her regardless, and though we are airing legitimate grievances about her, we're also here to have fun at her expense. So we might as well use thread pics that made everyone laugh. Sorry for no contribution, I'd sage if I could.

No. 586743

File: 1539123573470.jpg (18.49 KB, 350x263, lol.jpg)

$7000 for this glorious local!

No. 586746

there hasn't even been any art in the last couple of threads.

i'm not concerned about her thinking we are fatshaming, but people who search these threads will definitely get that impression. i don't even care about art anons, i just said i'd prefer a collage so it's not like we're just using caricatures of her.

also i've seen people bitching about art anons in these threads since last fucking october, which actually pisses me off. it's not as if i don't like these pictures, moo stealing one and wasting her own money on those tshirts was precious.

No. 586747

File: 1539123812827.jpeg (295.93 KB, 1242x1750, 22556C1A-1833-4539-9C4C-E80A9C…)

Alive Alf’s fb status. Can she still even fit into Semiramis?

No. 586748

this literally doesn't break any rules, i don't care that it is just a warning ban.

the fucking mods can leave a shitty racebait thread in /ot/ for hours but ban this shit within 30 minutes of it being posted?

what a joke.(take it to meta)

No. 586751

Looks like this is the Millenium Biltmore hotel in L.A.

No. 586752


at a risk of getting a ban, i'd like to point out that derailing is against the rules, and complaining needlessly every thread about the op pic counts as derailing.
caricatures/art have been a part of momokun threads since near the beginning, and it's been a practice put in place on other threads far longer than momokun threads have been around.
these threads aren't here to convince outsiders of our arguments. they're for us. they're for us to analyse and discuss and just plain gossip about lolcows. i could not give less of a shit about what these threads look like to outsiders because these threads are not for them.
if you don't like the op pics that are selected then bring it up when voting at the end of threads, or better yet make your own post.

fuck sake i'm sick of this conversation every single thread.

No. 586755


A lot of people responded to that so let's hope Mit knows well enough to stay the fuck away from Momokun and picks someone else

No. 586760

Did they comment there or somewhere else?

No. 586762


Yeah, a lot of cosplayers responded to Alf's status, so really hoping someone gets in on it. Mit is a Fatefag but Fate cosplayers are in no shortage by any means

No. 586764

Then stop interacting with them. Ffs you guys do this shit to yourselves I fucking swear.

No. 586765

A shame, I would of loved to see Moo's fat shelf pushed right up to her chin given that she's gained so much weight since the last time she wore Seramis.

No. 586767


implying she wouldnt get another round of lipo pre Japan

No. 586775

Don't worry, she's likely not going to fit in that beatrice dress, so we'll get plenty of that.

No. 586776

She's flexed too hard lately for more lipo, plus her window to get that shit done again before her trip and Blizzcon has passed. Then again, she was never good at aftercare or finances so you never know.

No. 586782

What is the purpose of this vanity "film" shitshow anyway? Is it just to blow more money? Show that shes an artiste? I don't get it. Spend all this money to make something that really only has an audience of one. Moo herself. She needs to move out of the hugbox quick and start living in the real world before she has to live in a cardboard box. Broke and forgotten.

No. 586783

She's a narcissist who still wants to be the next Nigri, albeit the 'lewder' edition. Bitch is doing a so-called documentary about the making of this shit show to ape Jessica and Jeffree Star, to show she's a real human being with feelings and is a Real Nerd, you guys!

No. 586791


It is the Biltmore. I've stayed there a few times for events. It's a nice hotel but it's gonna be full of tourists and business travellers so everyone is gonna see her doing shit and be all "wtf is wrong with this chick."

No. 586792

i don't think that's it at all. she just wants to prove she's the biggest fan ever my dude!

moo always has to go over the top with everything. after this peters out she'll never mention umineko again.

No. 586795

if this is where she's doing the shoot i can confirm it doesn't cost that much. depending on the area she's using, it costs between 500-1000 per 5 hour booking.

No. 586797

It points to her utter lack of self awareness that shes doing a behind the scenes docu for a movie nobody will ever care about pay for or see. If ever there was a benchmark for how up her own ass she is this is it for me- total denial of the fact shes out of the running permanently for cosplay fame, asspats or anything like it.

No. 586799

She is shooting over the course of multiple days and probably in a few different areas though

No. 586811

still, she'd have to book like 7+ shoots clocking at 35 hours over the course of a few days to rack up a 7k pricetag. i'm inclined to believe she's spending $700 but is flexing with an extra zero. 7k is half the cost of a fairly big wedding and reception at the biltmore.

No. 586812

also i'm sorry for samefag, but what happened to moos other battler blazer? she posted 1 last thread and a different one 2 threads ago. why does she have 2 of everything?

No. 586813

Yeah 7 does seem excessive. I’m tinfoiling but 3k seems more plausible and maybe she tacked on the 4k she spent on the costumes to get to that number?

No. 586814

i'd believe 3k, but i guess we'll have to wait till we see the final product.

No. 586817

So people keep saying this is a movie…. like is it seriously going to be an hour and a half of her talking? She may as well just do a cam show at this point

No. 586819

I'm going to go ahead and predict that this will be the end of moo. I know we have said it many times before. She's going to blow all her money. She won't have any friends after it is over and she has spent the whole time there screeching at her cast and crew. And if and when it is finally finished it will be so bad that's it's not even ironic good. Scenes from this thing will spread like wildfire on the internet and she will be an even bigger laughing stock than she is now. If she really does dare go to another con people will be openly laughing at her. Bye Mariah.

No. 586820

Does anyone know if Vamp is involved in this project at all?

No. 586826

File: 1539134642073.png (2.02 MB, 750x1334, 144D757F-D798-4634-B6ED-5C197D…)

apparently tenderbroembrace is in it

No. 586834

did moo change the cast?

No. 586835

I think she kept it under wraps on purpose and didn't plan for fucking anything. Plus Misotokki has a stye on her eye so she'd be out anyways

No. 586841

Hoping you're right on the mark, anon. Everyone is waiting for her to be officially canceled already.

No. 586847

File: 1539138715748.png (2.06 MB, 750x1334, 79B6578E-FBA5-4E5F-A9E8-5C3104…)

No. 586848

Just by looking at this polaroid photo I can already tell the wig is inaccurate, as expected.

No. 586849

it's not even a character she announced tho.

No. 586851

File: 1539140533507.png (415.7 KB, 800x597, Screenshot_2018-10-09-23-01-03…)

No. 586856

Who wants to put money on how fast she’ll turn the comments off if she puts this on YouTube.

No. 586857

File: 1539140917464.jpg (72.26 KB, 500x868, Kingpin-Marvel-Comics-Wilson-F…)

mariah should cosplay wilson fisk w that girth, holy shit

No. 586858

a obv scripted behind the scenes is in and off itself hilarious

No. 586859

File: 1539141258042.png (142.55 KB, 441x214, momoyt.PNG)

No. 586860

I swear this will remind me of count Olaf’s marvelous marriage production from a series of the unfortunate events. Always about her and how much she is the hero in the story.

No. 586862

File: 1539141417266.gif (997.9 KB, 500x211, giphy.gif)

Lmao she looks terrible.
She will never be taken seriously when she inserts herself as the star everywhere and doesn't even fit the part. Just a fat fuck.

No. 586863

File: 1539141457107.jpg (392.31 KB, 510x721, Ushiromiya_Jessica3.jpg)


muh accuracy

No. 586864

I know this is so redundant, but she's so… wide…

The puffy sleeves makes the width of her body about four times her head.

No. 586867

god even from the thumbnails you can tell they're terrible.

No. 586868

Shoulders so huge I seriously thought she was wearing a cape in the bottom one since you can't see the white cuffs on her wrists.

No. 586869

Didn’t log in on time to grab post 10,000. So this marks out 10,017th post of pure and utter bafflement by Moo’s continued success (lessened as it is) and our continued hope for it all to come crashing down, so we may know there is justice in the world.

Here’s to the next 10,000.

No. 586873

File: 1539142886243.png (974.7 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2018-10-09-20-37-08…)

No. 586874

File: 1539142956213.png (1.15 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-10-09-20-38-59…)

It might be me reaching by the way Eric reacted to this hotel it sounds like Moo paid for it

No. 586875

File: 1539142977975.png (1023.32 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-10-09-20-38-19…)

No. 586876

Jesus this is so unflattering…

No. 586877

File: 1539143009681.png (880.08 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-10-09-20-38-26…)

Looks like shes pointing a gun to her chin

No. 586878

legit asking, is this a dude?

No. 586879

File: 1539143132287.png (754.87 KB, 720x1042, Screenshot_2018-10-09-20-44-57…)

No. 586880

This is sad. I mean, Pixyteri sad. I miss the Queen.

No. 586881

Its tenderbroembrace in her natural unspoiled state

No. 586882

She is.

Video maybe vaguely related.

No. 586883


Love seeing all this “omg I’m so happy right now getting to live out my dream fuck the haters” bullshit. It will make it all the more hilarious when the other shoe drops when she releases this project and either no one gives a shit because there’s no tits and ass or she is going to get roasted and memed into oblivion.

No. 586885

more like moo never works a day cause she has no job.

No. 586887

Oh buddy, that face tape is working overtime.

No. 586890


Her legs looks like she's suffering of water retention, jfc.

No. 586899

Good god the corset only contributes to her looking more like donkey kong.
Seriously, she'd look much better with a corset that wasn't so small. She just looks freakish instead of skinny.

No. 586901

anon you give her too much credit. she never read chiru, she doesn't even know that this duel happens

No. 586904

Anon it’s been 100,000

No. 586908

Where did she say that?

No. 586910

File: 1539148622842.png (1.06 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-10-09-22-15-51…)

Pho with Moo

No. 586912

File: 1539148865766.png (872.23 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2018-10-09-22-20-42…)

No. 586913

I've never seen a more unattractive group of people in a "movie"
… yikes

No. 586914

contradicting what she said when she was "working so hard I broke a nail!"

No. 586917

This is the most hilarious and ironic fortune she could have ever gotten

No. 586918

I honestly doubt she got it. One of her "friends" probably opened it and Mariah got her grubby little hands all over it.

No. 586919

Why tf is her skirt so short when Shannon's skirt is supposed to be knee-length? Did she ask Antares to make it shorter to make it "sexier"? Or is Antares just that much of a hack that she can't even differentiate between a knee-length skirt and a miniskirt? It throws off her propotions and makes her even more top-heavy, yikes. Imagine if the skirt was longer and fuller, it'd balance out her linebacker shoulders and look so much nicer.

No. 586920

Just speculation but it could also be her hiking the skirt up so that it actually fits her waist because her measurements are (surprise surprise) not correct.

No. 586921

either that or she ate about 10 cookies before getting that fortune lol

No. 586922

no, you can look at the skirt off moo. its way too fucking short. i didnt say anything because fuck them not that theyd have fixed it anyway

No. 586925

But I thought he was in the anime too? It’s been a while since I cared about this series so maybe I’m wrong. It’s so “babbys first horror anime”

No. 586926


So Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, and Kevin spacey are all going to call to congratulate her?

No. 586931


Exactly. One of her friends probably got it, had a quick laugh about it and forgot about it, then she grabbed it with her grubby little sausage fingers in order to say “See u guize?! I it’s like a sign or something lol”.

It’s exactly what she thinks this stupid little project is. That all of a sudden her peers are going to magically forget all her transgressions and let her back in because her project proves how much “talent” she has and how much she “loves cosplay and the community” and anoint her the new queen of cosplay like she believed she was in track towards before all the sexual assault stuff came out.

Seriously can’t wait for her to finish this project and watch this all blow up in her face. The temper tantrum she is going to throw when she isn’t immediately accepted back will be the stuff of legends.

No. 586934

between this and japan im hopin for good (bad) things.

No. 586938

File: 1539155904712.png (921.58 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-10-10-00-16-45…)

No. 586943

I wonder if Vamp is salty about never being invited into these projects. She's not in anything lately involving Moo. Not even photosets.

No. 586947

She can’t find a good tech because she’s a racist fuck who thinks all asians should work in salons

No. 586949

just posting pics of my friends w/o consent nbd

No. 586950

It's horrible and so inaccurate, why commission something like this…

No. 586951

>>586938 I swear to God, Mariah and her lackeys have this uncontrollable tendency to rent expensive hotel rooms just to sit around and watch movies like a bunch of bored teenagers.

No. 586952

File: 1539160772847.png (1.19 MB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-10-10-01-38-21…)

No. 586953

File: 1539160792214.png (1.39 MB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2018-10-10-01-38-27…)

No. 586956

That's the laziest rope work i've ever seen. Why is it so baggy and loose?

No. 586957

its a leash

No. 586959

I guess it’ll come in handy at conventions. Like a toddler leash/harness.

No. 586960

I'm stupid. I see it now.

To pull her back from groping people.

No. 586966

Well, in her defence it's not that farfetched. Dr.Luke started working with a transperson as his next star, so maybe Harvey is going to go for a fat girl?

No. 586967

Jesus Christ why is the skirt so freaking SHORT?

No. 586969

He's in the anime, but the anime only spans half of the visual novel. The other half reveals the connection between Kanon, Shannon and Beatrice. So she is essentially missing the entire plot.

No. 586976

can she and every other thot stop with the shibari shit? it's so tryhard when she's not even getting laid lmao

No. 586982

I was just about to ask this too. It looks like a dude dressed in a female cosplay.

Yep, they know how big of a celebrity she is. Had hordes of fans meeting her at the airport and lines of people waiting to meet her at her booth in Mexico.

No. 586996

moo claims to have read the manga, but we all know it was just the wiki. she thinks sayo is a transman ffs

No. 587001

i know nothing about the series but at any point does it take place at a beach? i know that was mention of an island?

No. 587002

not really. most of the series takes place inside a mansion.

No. 587007

File: 1539181538869.png (3.92 MB, 1242x2208, 9AD6D95B-7CF0-4440-8C39-227819…)

We know tattoo-kun hates body hair but I also think he’s into skinny muscular girls since most of his friends are skinny, none of which is moo (tinfoil) I don’t think he’ll ever be into moo and I think she knows that since she stopped wearing makeup in fromt of him and is wearing that stupid sweater(belongs in calves thread)

No. 587010

I think she knows that she doesn’t have a chance with him. I think we’ll see her move on to another chicks boyfriend soon

No. 587013

I believe she did read the manga because she sperged hard and kept dropping manga pages as she goes on IG, and also it was Lion she was referring to on her dumbass FB post about pride month and transmen, which is extremely wrong.

The only places that are close to a beach/sea I could think of are the place where Beatrice and Shannon had tea in ep 2, and the shrine with the mirror. I don't remember Shannon talking long walks by the beach at all.

No. 587020

oh this is hideous

No. 587021

This is the last thing a tattoo artist should be showing off… I wouldn't want this guy putting anything permanent on my body

No. 587022

Just watch, alive_alf is probably next on her thirst-dar. "Cutest thing ever" is a bit of a clue. (FFS,Mooriah, just drop the money for a male prostitute already, it'll be easier on everyone.)

No. 587024

That's horrendously bad. Why would he be showing that off?

Even worse than Vicky, wow.

No. 587026


Right on schedule too. I figured it would only be a short while before he is running to the hills from her. He’ll probably stick around for the Japan trip and then just dip. She can’t ever seem to hold on to a guy for more than a month and a half before he just gets sick of her and leaves. I’m sure the trashy half-naked “look what you’re missing out on” photos are coming soon along with the “I’m too busy for a relationship and am much happier being single” bullshit.

No. 587027


When she starts talking about “what a great friend you have been to me” and “I’ve learned so much from you and I’m so happy to have you in my life” is when you know she is about to make a play for a guy. She is so transparent at this point and makes it completely obvious when she wants another girls’ boyfriend.

No. 587032

I know this isn't contributing anything but these pictures are so bad… like they're poorly taken and and they don't look like they're actually at the background, it kind of looks like a greenscreen which makes no sense because correct me if I'm wrong but weren't they actually there? (I could be wrong because it REALLY looks like a greenscreen so if it was, sorry.)
And moo's face…
Can't wait to see this trainwreck when it's done.

No. 587035

Doublepost but
Didn't she already do those? With the half naked body hair impromptu set and the "working so hard on this project I broke a nail you guise"? I think that was it.

No. 587039

ya and remember he doesn't like body hair on women either. idk if that was her trying to show him that she looks hot with Vaginal Hair or that she doesn't care what he thinks or im reading too much into it lol

No. 587040

Tbh the book he's referencing is super stylized. All the figures look like bloated muscular figures. But you right about everything else.(belongs in calves thread)

No. 587043

Omg this is shit. Why are her breasts at her collarbone? What is that torso? This is not how female anatomy works. Also, kek at him being against body hair when he looks like a slob. Please,men always pull that. Moo going for the lowest hanging fruit, per usual.(belongs in calves thread)

No. 587044


It's stylized. Yes that's not how bodies work, but it's not a body using a realistic reference.(belongs in calves thread)

No. 587052

Nah Moo is her bank at the moment so she'll put up with not being included for a while until the money runs dry. Also find it funny TenderBroEmbrace doesn't show anything on Instagram featuring Moo, just like last time. Then she got very defensive when people pointed out she was hanging out with her when spotted in Moo's stories.

No. 587056

it being stylized doesn't mean it doesn't look like shit

but he's the one responsible for momo's shitty tattoos so it's not like anyone was expecting him to be good(belongs in calves thread)

No. 587057

He belongs in the calves thread though

No. 587064

They're nowhere near the collarbone…???

No. 587065


Even if she was it’s not like she would ever voice it. She’s way too much of a spineless chickenshit coward to ever actually stand up to her.

No. 587080


'Stylized' is an excuse most peoples whose art looks like shit say. Even if he's referencing from a book doesn't mean its a good book. I've seen plenty of bad artist tutorials/books.

I'm ready for tattoo fuck boy to drop moo, so we can see her go into a depressive rant. Her always seeking mens attention has to stem from her daddy issues.

No. 587085

i totally forgot it was lion lmao. that makes even less sense.

No. 587089

God shes looks like a poorly drawn doujinshi. her upper body has yaoi hands syndrome

No. 587091

Vamp does have an actual job. She can't just fuck off all week like these thots can.

No. 587092

Yikes what a bad Hogarth imitation.
I love when men with gross beards tell women how they should manage their body hair! Mariah, you have such good taste in men.

No. 587106

Legit looks like Michael Jackson here.

No. 587107

in a fat suit.

No. 587109

File: 1539201585080.png (2.6 MB, 750x1334, 33A6DF56-91F3-4EF7-9B20-0AD2A4…)

Um, didn’t an anon call that she was going to use this set as her main set a couple threads back? Kek

No. 587112

This circus just keeps getting better and better!

Between the collective wet fart that this ~passion project~ is going to garner, Moo having to hide the moment she tries to show herself at Blizzcon, and not to mention the Japan trip and all of the laughs THAT will bring, our larder is never going to want for milk.

No. 587113

File: 1539202428663.png (1018.57 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2018-10-10-13-02-13…)

No. 587114

File: 1539202587999.png (116.77 KB, 324x408, FE8DE0C5-E9F7-48FD-9C27-885475…)

>wig color

muh accuracy as usual

No. 587115

Good lord this bitch has no neck. Also not making Dream Daddy or getting someone else to hem that thing was a massive mistake for someone her height.

No. 587116

it's probably her ratty ass saber wig again

No. 587117

File: 1539202810288.png (4.49 MB, 750x1334, 0E57DC95-80D5-4A0F-83DC-EDC8CE…)

No. 587120


lmfao that was me! this place is not that expensive.

No. 587121

seriously guys what happened to the aliexpress battler jacket with the zipper and the insignia on the right spot.

No. 587122

samefag, but this was the first place that comes up when you type "california photo studios cosplay" into google which is why i called that she'd be using it.


she's renting the "ballroom" set it looks like. the entire studio costs $525 to rent for 8 hours. so it's more and more believable that 7k is really 700 or has the 4k+ costumes tacked onto it.

moo's pathetic.

No. 587123


it looks tacky and cheap as hell. perfect for moo!

No. 587124

Same. It’s so clearly a cheap set for barely amateur videographers. I mean the columns don’t even go to the ceiling; they looks like they’re 6.5 feet tall max.

No. 587126

what the fuck is that ugly ass black fabric? it looks like cheap linen that you wouldn't even use for a curtain.

No. 587127

7K project my ass!

I wonder if moo is adding the hotel costs to the project costs. She really pulled a bait and switch with the Biltmore. I doubt she's even going to use it tbh.

No. 587129

File: 1539204335592.png (4.06 MB, 750x1334, 18B3BE83-9A21-4EAA-828F-2A7CFC…)

She’s using this Michaels florist garden too.

No. 587132

Who's the dude?

No. 587133


good lord she looks massive like a big blob of tacky fabric

No. 587134

Bitch is humongous.

No. 587135

I'd like to personally thank you for finding this place and linking it in the thread for moo to find! Even if she found it on her own, this place is amazingly mediocre for her "big project".

No. 587136

Exactly this! It slays me she can't get wig colors right to save her life. It doesn't even matter if you know the series or not (I'm an Umineko fag so its extra infuriating to me), that hair color of the character sprite is not blonde. She's going to get roasted for this wig color choice, guaranteed.

No. 587138

This. Jessica (who tender is cosplaying) has lighter hair than Beatrice does, but here we are with two of the same colored wigs.

No. 587139

It has to be her reusing Saber's wig.

No. 587141

She can't even wear the dress right holy shit. Pull up the dress so the sleeves are actually on your shoulders you Pillsbury doughassulter

No. 587145

Don't doubt it. She finally took the wig net off too.

No. 587147

Seriously, if she's using the wiki to guide her, Beatrice's hair is described as "ginger-blonde", and anyone can see just looking at the character that there's more red than blonde in her hair. Mariah is the laziest fucking cosplayer I swear. Passion project my ass. One or two small inaccuracies I can understand, but literally everything looks fuckin' terrible.

No. 587148

File: 1539206226743.png (1.1 MB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-10-10-14-15-27…)

Elizabeth, love yourself lol

No. 587149

File: 1539206278811.png (770.32 KB, 720x957, Screenshot_2018-10-10-14-15-01…)

Funny how its always Elizabeth's boyfriends, ex or otherwise

No. 587150

Her head looks like it's the size of a grape in that massive mess of a costume, holy shit.

No. 587151

moo is so up her own ass.

No. 587154

I thought Veronica styled this wig? judging from the IG story screen shot from last thread?

No. 587155

Everything is so painfully inaccurate

No. 587156


My god this looks like a cheap knockoff of a telemundo soap opera. Really really cheap.

No. 587157

and lol she has back boobs again.

No. 587159

It looks like the start of a very bad live action anime film from the cliche set to the costumes not looking like how they should. What a mess this is, talk about inaccurate.

No. 587161

Since you care too much: the blazer set she bought before probably did not fit Alex. Or it was meant for another dude to play Battler's role.

Veronica did style the wig but did you see how she styles wigs? That Tamamo wig was hers as well and it looks horrendous.

No. 587163

File: 1539207840892.png (1.1 MB, 720x1177, Screenshot_2018-10-10-14-43-31…)

I guess Miso is in it

No. 587167

File: 1539208596819.gif (1.82 MB, 421x750, 01903AE3-CC84-4D9A-8469-D7C8D3…)

No. 587169

LMAO the red part of the dress is just a giant mess holy shit

No. 587170


that dress, that wig, those party city chains… jesus this is tragic.

No. 587171


And she really believes that this is going to be her epic comeback.

Ohh this should be fun to watch.

No. 587175

How is this deflated?

No. 587182

The sleeves don't even sit on her shoulders! I know we've all been saying it but to finally see it in action is so hilarious. Damn DesignerDaddy really is a hack.

So she got Alexdrastal to be her Battler? Well time to unfollow.

No. 587184

Is this the Netflix version of Umineko?

No. 587185

Everyone's going off at the dress (which is fair, it's a tacky mess)… but can we talk about the tacky nightmare that is the location? It's hurting my eyes

No. 587186

Asherbee would be proud

No. 587190


It is a cheap, gaudy, wannabe Rococo mess, that's for sure.

No. 587192

It looks like a set you'd find in a really corny periodic romance drama LOL.

No. 587196

If we didn't know the infamous Designer Daddy made her this dress for a hefty sum I would have thought this was some Aliexpress or Milanoo knock off. This is fucking bad. She got scammed big time.

No. 587198

File: 1539210890691.png (1.06 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-10-10-15-34-17…)

Beans from Even Stevens got a glowup

No. 587200

Miso looks rough because of her eye issue, Moo looks tragic, this whole project is going to be the complete opposite of grand.

No. 587201


are they still making a movie? or did she just decide to do a boring shit ass photo shoot like always and call it a day?

No. 587202

NTA but I don't think it's out of the question to wonder why the fuck moo made 2 of each outfit.

No. 587204

Kek Miso lookin' like Mads Mikkelsen in a bad wig in this photo.

No. 587205

The way the dress hangs off her shoulders instead of on them is tragic and looks the opposite of sexy. She looks like an egg being peeled from its shell due to her sloping shoulders.

No. 587206

Hurry, someone photoshop Salacious Crumb by her side! She is looking WIIIIIIDE.

No. 587207

File: 1539211861621.png (947.69 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2018-10-10-15-49-33…)

No. 587209

jfc moo put your mess of a dress on properly at least. It’s not supposed to show any shoulder.

No. 587212


why the fuck are her sleeves like that? is she that fat that they don’t go to her shoulders?

No. 587213

It's not DD's fault entirely for the shoulders. On the mannequin, it sits how it's meant to. Moocow is the one who doesn't fit the dress because clearly she either lied about her measurements or gained that much weight in a month that she physically can't fit it anymore. He should have done a test fit, yeah, but in the end moo is the one who didn't push for it because she hates how much weight she's gained and wants to pretend that she's still a size 14.

No. 587215

Moo doing her "nothing in my hand" magic pose
Why doesn't she just have a teacup like Miso?

No. 587217

To be fair to Moo for once in her milky life, she's holding a pipe as Beatrice does. She's been practicing for this nearly her entire career, my dude! A true passion project!

No. 587218

Don't you know? It's Moo's classic 'I'm so elegant and regal' pose lol. She has no knowledge of posing for the camera or how to act on film, it's the same movements every time.

No. 587219

Oh I see it now. it was bending into her dress too much. She finally found something to hold.

No. 587221

I'm going to shit it really looks like she reused her Saber wig

No. 587225

File: 1539214771590.jpg (11.77 KB, 200x207, 409.jpg)

She looks like a hunchback.

I think it's the Saber wig too. I also think aside from laziness, she used blonde because it reflects her more. Mary Sue bitch just showing even more she wants to self insert.

No. 587227

3k + for that fucking dress. Probably another 1k to base estimate just for all the fucking fabric he had to add for her fat ass.

No. 587228

miso doesn't want to be there lol

No. 587229

I think she tried it on when she picked it up, then took it home. He probably just wanted to get it over with. Hack or not, I don't blame him.

No. 587230

She has an eye infection or something, right? Wonder how moo forced her

No. 587231


She can't even wear makeup so looks like she just woke up and threw on a costume. Bet Moo had to beg her to come because she doesn't care about anyone else but herself.

No. 587232

Paid her good money to be there probably. Her Patreon goal is to 'sponsor' other cosplayers to work with her, which we all know is just bullshit lol, she only has the same few to shoot with.

No. 587233

that fabric does -not- cost that much lmao it's so shitty.

No. 587234

Exactly, no way would the fabric used would have cost that much even to add extra on. The entire dress is a wreck, Moo looks awful in it and bring it together and you have a shitfest of a cosplay.

No. 587235

paid for the "brand name" and not the fucking design. Just like with Castle Corsetry, Designer Daddy can do a quick turn around but not true to the source. Should've went with Firefly Path…at least her period dresses don't look like Party City

No. 587236


And little moo who of the whosville moos grew three sizes this day. God damn she emotes like a block of wood.

No. 587238

Her corset doesn't go up that high so I doubt she can fit her linebacker shoulders into the dress.

Should the front of the dress look like crumpled up paper? What in the world happened.

No. 587240

Looks more like a Aliexpress bootleg, even Party City can get it right when they want to. Paying for a brand doesn't always mean it's going to be good. But once again Moo wants to flex big as usual and this is the biggest disappointment.

No. 587241

Oh no, I believe you. But I just see him adding to the price that much as an excuse for the extra labour/materials.

I honestly think a China dress would've been better, but then she couldn't brag about who made it. Assuming they'd even make one to her sizing.

No. 587242

To add: I don't think it's boned. You can see the curves of her body in the fabric. When she sits, it looks like her body rolls. >>587148

No. 587244

Is it me or is her face looking really fucking white? Like…not matching the rest of her skin white.

No. 587245

Her makeup is not only caked on but she uses too light foundation. She was doing makeup on her stream and not only wore light ass foundation but contoured her neck darker than her actual face.

No. 587246

she is absolute shite at picking the correct foundation for herself, so yes, she's likely wearing the wrong color and caking it on so much there's an obvious discrepancy

No. 587247

O o o f

No. 587248

That explains why it looks crumpled while she's sitting. A dress like this without boning just doesn't work.

No. 587251

File: 1539219160236.jpeg (504.2 KB, 1242x1888, C8C48FAB-EE48-4F49-A837-CC3828…)

Pfffttt… she paid 3k for a dress that doesn’t even fit???? Top kek

No. 587252

File: 1539219366882.png (216.46 KB, 323x579, b6234edfa9e0b7c6223d30d4373536…)

>Is the top too big?

Sure. let's go with that..

No. 587255

It never reached her shoulders, why is she surprised? Even at the fitting she could've said something >>>/pt/582324

If you're going to insinuate blame, Moo, its both of your faults lol

No. 587258

the reason it doesnt fit her shoulders is because the back isnt tied up all the way. it probably was too small so she left it open

No. 587259

File: 1539220358785.png (892.28 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2018-10-10-18-10-29…)

No. 587260

File: 1539220386721.png (767.87 KB, 720x955, Screenshot_2018-10-10-18-11-26…)

No. 587261

What I don’t get is that she went for a “realistic” approach and said she was basing everything on that “Victorian” aesthetic. Gurl there is nothing Victorian about that hoop skirt. Get some bum rolls or bustle cages and then we will talk. It literally is not the period.

No. 587262

Not only is that blonde inaccurate, it just looks terrible.

No. 587263

The makeup being so cakey and poorly matched, the small head and broad shoulders, and the neck piece making her already short neck disappear. All of this makes her look like a bad rendition of a drag queen.

No. 587264

File: 1539220669214.jpg (109.44 KB, 533x571, tumblr_n994ngaDYL1sn49rpo1_540…)

moo was talking out her ass when she mentioned "period clothing". the outfits from the series are literally based on lolita and visual kei clothing. pic related is just pulled from a gothic lolita magazine.

No. 587268

Is she still putting foundation on her lips to make them seems smaller? It just looks like shes sick or something. And that dress looks like its covered in cat hair.

No. 587269


Christ, those sleeves make her already gigantic arms look even meatier. Everything looks even more atrocious in this lighting and those bangs are an absolute travesty.

No. 587270

You know she's going to buy views when she realizes no one wants to watch this shit show

No. 587271

That neck ruffle looks so fucking ludicrous.

Is it possible for a cosplay to be ita? Because this is ita as fuuuuuuuuck

No. 587272

naturally. she buys everything to keep up appearances and make it look as though she isn't floundering.

No. 587273

I would actually love it if she posted to YouTube. It'd heckled and thumbs downed to hell and back.

Sad that Instagram is literally the only platform she can post on

No. 587274

This is such a waste of time and money. She won't even make the amount she spent back quickly because her neckbeards don't care for modesty or fancy photoshoots. They want borderline porn and that's it. She's got it deep in her mind this will be the greatest project ever to come back on, this will erase all the negativity surrounding her name, the cosplay community will understand her deep and meaningful path to be a better person, when really this is going to look like utter shite.

No. 587275

The only people who will actually talk about this and care about it will be lolcow lol.

No. 587276

sadly its not. she commissioned the wig but it's shitty as everything else

No. 587278

She tried to do a shitty lolita look with Kanna and I think she tried to say she made the dress but it was also from Amazon, bitch didn't even have a petticoat

No. 587279

I suspect at this point she needs to believe, for the sake of her own sanity, that this will get her back in with the cosplay community and somehow absolve her of all her sins. The way she's been carrying on as if nothing is wrong and everything will be fine so long as she keeps smiling and trying hard is some next level delusion. I think the coming weeks after this project bombs as we all expect will be quite telling and the inevitable breakdown when it doesn't work as intended will be thoroughly milky.

No. 587280


No. 587281

To mock everything for the joke it is which isn't the audience she wants, but as she lurks here regularly she should be grateful for it because nobody else will actually give a shit in the way Moo wants it to happen lol.

No. 587282

where is the white part from her sleeves? muh accuracy

No. 587283

Moo really does live in a fantasy world where everything will be forgiven and she will be idolised for being such an amazing person. We're in for some tasty milk soon.

No. 587286

Is this character supposed to have a tiny, tiny head?

No. 587287

The craftsmanship on this is awful. It looks like it was made by a beginning cosplayer, not someone who charges in the thousands.

No. 587288

She has no idea what Victorian even means. Dumbass never knows what she's talking about. It's the only thing about her that is always true.

No. 587289

File: 1539223218783.png (1.06 MB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2018-10-10-18-58-46…)

No. 587290

Lol, that guy looks like Sanji from One Piece cosplaying Battler. What the Hell.

Also Mariah’s neck ruffle makes her face look so fucking fat, oh my God. Bad choice all around. Like everything else.

No. 587291

battler looks like someone who'd stop in the middle of the road to hit on 14 year olds from in his truck.

No. 587292


No. 587293

I wanna watch this shitty film so bad omg

No. 587294

I'm looking forward to what the other Beatrice variant looks like on her. Because this Beatrice is disgusting in every possible way and Shannon was bad with the overly short skirt and crap wig.

No. 587295

He didn't even cover his sideburns for this… Not to mention the wig looks greasy as hell
I can't wait for this train wreck

No. 587296

Is it just me or is there no tail? Where is it??

That 5 o'clock shadow, OOF. Is this 30 years old Battler?

A rough cast all around, I can't wait to see Antares. This shitshow is going to be glorious.

No. 587297

I haven't read or watched Umineko. And now I never want to. Not simply becuse she's made it that unappealing but just because I don't want this shit show to get dragged on in my memory any longer than it has to be. I'd hate to like something and see this. Which I guess is her point. She lives to ruin what you love. I'm sorry Umineko fans.

No. 587298

Honestly I think this might look worse to me than moo. They're both horrible but he actually looks like someone's dad who hits on high schoolers.

No. 587299

don't be sorry. i'm an umineko fan and i'm living for this.

No. 587300

>>587289 "That's what I love about Umineko characters. I get older, and they stay the same age!"

No. 587301

File: 1539224529072.png (1.2 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-10-10-19-20-42…)

Kbbq. Elizabeth is there with her present crew

No. 587303

I'm not trying to be rude but how does it ruin the show? like I don't know it either but if I did I think I'd just find her attempts at recreating it and failing funny/pathetic like it doesn't damage the show in someones mind that badly does it? her tiny head sticking out of ruffles and a show you like, they exist in parallel universes lol

No. 587304

im sure all that bitch did was restyle saber

No. 587305

File: 1539225112035.png (622.55 KB, 921x1219, Battler_Ushiromiya.png)

No. 587306

This is the second "best life" post from these retards.

No. 587307

underrated as fuck

>that dress looks like its covered in cat hair

considering how she treats her cosplay shit, it probably is covered in cat hair

No. 587308

moo's face looks incredibly bloated here. likely from wearing clothes that are too small and tight.

No. 587310


Nah its not the dresses fault anon.

No. 587312

well, I mean more bloated than usual lol

No. 587313

File: 1539225826675.png (816.38 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-10-10-19-41-49…)

Shes doing that "squealing shrimps" voice in public again.

No. 587314


Might be the maid cosplay with the terrible corset that was way too small for her's fault.

No. 587315

File: 1539225938186.png (3.74 MB, 750x1334, F2036DE9-4BB2-4707-8081-159A28…)

I always kind of thought farmers saying that moo does nothing but screech in public was kind of an exaggeration….but I don’t think that anymore after watching this story. She really is just annoying and screechy as fuck. I don’t know how the other people at the table didn’t slap the shit out of her to make her shut up.

No. 587316

I really can't wait for her to act like this in Japan

No. 587317

i wouldn't either if she's paying for my food.

No. 587318

File: 1539226228407.png (897.27 KB, 934x567, beat.png)

She paid how much to look this bad? There's literally nothing good about this dress.

No. 587323

My god that collar might actually kill me from laughing so much. DD Is a fucking hack.

No. 587326

lol I think my favorite thing about this comparison is the very delicate way Beatrice is holding her pipe in the concept art meanwhile moo just looks like she's hamfisting it in her big meaty claws.

No. 587330

I'm no expert but to me these two dresses do not look the same.

No. 587331

>>587330 they are not the same at all. just comparing them is laughable. i especially love how the uber-expensive dress makes her look like more of a hambeast with q mosquito head.

No. 587333

This bitch straight up is just wearing her choppy af Saber wig bless this stupid cow.

No. 587334

Beatrice's dress is a plunge back, right? Do you think the lacing for a NOT BONED dress was a artistic choice or was it to hide her back boobs?

No. 587335

I am an expert and I can say if he was a real pattern-maker/ Draper, he would be fired for bad design analysis.
I can’t get over how bad that skirt shape is.

No. 587337

what skirt shape anon lol this shit's deflated and rumpled as fuck

No. 587339

i'm dying, literally nothing about this is correct aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

No. 587340

The longer I look at this, the worse it looks.

If I were moo I'd sue this anon's ass for defamation of character because it looks that much worse next to an actual reference picture

No. 587341

This looks like a milanoo fail. A cheap version from aliexpress would have been more accurate.

No. 587343

If this were any other cosplayer they would be going on their social media accounts to talk about how much they got ripped off by Designer Daddy for this shit. Just like with her Semiramis, how do you spend literally thousands of dollars for this hack job of a costume that's custom made for you and not have it be as accurate as it can be. There are so many things wrong and missing with this costume, for someone who says this is their dream cosplay you'd think she'd actually show a little bit more care into getting it right. There are cosplayers out there that will postpone a project just to get everything right, and it's not like Mariah's got anything else going on in her day.

No. 587345

Y’all PLEASE watch her instagram story with the shrimp I feel embarrassed just watching her act like this in public

No. 587346

Moo made a eBay purchase from a adult item eBay seller but the transaction feedback is private.

No. 587347


I am not defending DD here- his work isn't good. BUT to be the devils advocate on this I am certain OK moo there slapped a bucket of money at him to do it in a very short time. He may be crap BUT caveat emptor. No real cosplayer would have done it rush or accepted it. So its really on her and not some over rated working stiff.

No. 587350

I'm gunna have to agree on both parts. Moo cuts corners, as evident with her myOppa scandal, her pressuring KBBQ and friends to complete things "on time" and her inability to create anything aside from a Amazon purchase. She has a "need it now" mindset. She doesn't care if it takes time she just needs it at her convenience.

No. 587353

It wasn’t just one story either… like 5 IG stories of her screeching like a moron at her friends. I would be incredibly embarrassed if I were eating there…

No. 587355

Agreed. It's probably a little column A and a little column B. She commissions people who aren't that talented to begin with and then insists that they rush the order out as soon as possible, usually because her dumb ass doesn't know how to manage her time well and because she's a spoiled brat who hates to be kept waiting. So what we wind up with is really shoddy rushed work from people who are just okay at their jobs from the start. But this pattern of behavior results in hilarity every time, so I for one hope she never learns from this and keeps doing it lol

No. 587362

She's a legit nuisance which makes me roll my eyes every time her calves moo about what a kind and fun and wonderful person Mariah is. The script she pays them to spout out is absolutely wild considering she films herself acting like this on the regular.

No. 587374

>bad wig
>no makeup

He looks like a creep. rofl

No. 587377

It's inaccurate as hell. I'm convinced not a single costume made for this 'dream project' was made accurately.

>wrong color blazer

>wrong sized lapel

>no zipper

>no crest on lapel

Good job, Moo

No. 587378

That collar kills me. Also, how did she get bright red fabric from maroon? She must be colorblind, dumb.. or both .

No. 587379

File: 1539232337756.png (955.91 KB, 720x1201, Screenshot_2018-10-10-21-30-26…)

No. 587383

File: 1539235140621.jpg (61.34 KB, 667x500, ebay.jpg)

Seriously. She could have bought a $150 dress like pictured, and it would have looked better. Only issue, I imagine, is that the XL sizes still probably couldn't fit her at this point. The bust on this particular one maxes out at 96cm on the XL.

No. 587384

When a chinese $180 dress looks better then the 3k one you commissioned. She really got swindled super hard

No. 587386


Its probably some lingerie or more cuffs or something since all she's good for is porn now.

No. 587387

you guys just don't understand moo's artistic vision. She's not like other Beatrice cosplayers!!!!

No. 587388

designer douche certainly pulled one over on her. couldn't have happened to a better cosplayer!

No. 587389

File: 1539236866454.png (756.27 KB, 720x948, Screenshot_2018-10-10-22-45-19…)

No. 587391

File: 1539236889179.png (775.38 KB, 720x935, Screenshot_2018-10-10-22-45-26…)

No. 587392

File: 1539236910049.png (641.57 KB, 720x944, Screenshot_2018-10-10-22-45-36…)

No. 587393

File: 1539236931421.png (662.16 KB, 720x942, Screenshot_2018-10-10-22-45-47…)

No. 587394

that cheap lace around her choker ugh

No. 587395

Just a quick update from Patreon. She hasn't posted anything except that Naruto mini set since the beginning of the month. There is a tier specifically for BTS stuff and not even any Umineko things are posted even though thats the only thing she's been working on so far this month. Naruto was mid September when she took the images. She's being lazy as hell this month from the looks of it. Keep scammin'.

No. 587397

Im fucking bewildered by that side by side.

I dont know how how either side of that transaction accepts that as a quality outcome.

No. 587398

lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eyes

No. 587399

She holds that long cigarette so indelicately. She also looks like she's 50 and thinking drag makeup can make her look younger. She's so whited out from the lights. And then Miso in the back without makeup looking dead as hell and then the dude who isn't shaven, or even has groomed brows, looks horrible. Who even IS this dude?

No. 587401

Okay that does not match the picture…

No. 587402


He looks like a janitor

No. 587403

I think she said from the beginning she wouldn't be putting this set behind a paywall. Good thing too because these are looking tacky and cheap as hell. bitch didn't even blend her 2 stroke contour into her 3-shades-lighter-than-her-actual-skin foundation

No. 587404

File: 1539237862977.png (623.36 KB, 720x1037, Screenshot_2018-10-10-23-03-43…)

Ok Moo

No. 587406

File: 1539237981895.png (82.51 KB, 720x547, Screenshot_2018-10-10-23-05-32…)

No. 587407

The only reason Momo is getting bloated and pink is because she's inhaling salty foods again even though she is supposed to be on a diet. She's eating out every day again instead of cooking her own meals. She also isn't drinking nearly enough water.

It is about the same time of year she gets lipo. But considering she is 220+ pounds and they can only suck out 10 pounds of fat at a time, she wont be at the weight she was at the start of the year and will gain it back in a couple of months.

No. 587408

Umineko fag here, she ruined nothing, it's not this easy to ruin things lol. It's like watching a parody, except she's shilling this as a big project which makes this even more hilarious.

No. 587409

She always has to fucking brag brag brag

No. 587410

a lot of places in Japan has signs that says "no foreigners" for reasons like this. Sure, she might find a few places that will let her in, and she might find some that will tolerate the behavior. But there will be some who will bow and plead her to leave because she's causing a scene

No. 587411

She's doing what drag queens do. Momo isn't small and delicate like an actual dainty lady. So all her clothes HAVE to be big and bulky to fake her being small and having an image of a womanly figure. But Momo is too wide and short for this trick to work and makes her look bigger.

No. 587412

>one true goal
>shit she's only been talking about for less than a year


No. 587413

File: 1539239718564.png (440.87 KB, 853x480, brown hair bop.png)

No. 587414

Her last one true build was Saber, then before that it was Mei. She's just jumping from one female character to the next in hopes of having the title of the "one true xxx character"
She was the "one true Mei" 60 pounds ago. She will have another passion by December

No. 587417

>Umineko volume 8

im dead
no one would use that terminology

anime fag pls go

No. 587418

She's too dumb to realize what that person meant was the wig doesn't look naturally blonde. In all the art work non shows it to be so unnaturally light/almost white. She looks like Beatrice's great ant

No. 587419

She probably tried to get Tattoo sensei to be Battler, but he refused to shave his gross hobo beard.

>She will have another passion by December

Can't wait to see what she picks from Netflix next.

No. 587421


my vote is violet evergarden

No. 587424

Then he made out he knows nothing of the cosplay scene, he knew exactly what he was doing, didn't tag Moo in his photo like he does to other cosplayers, removed any comment about his work with her and in the end this dress looks horrible on. She got ripped off by him big time and DD is laughing all the way to the bank.

No. 587428

These behind the scenes shots she keeps posting should be for Patreon not Instagram. That is in her tier descriptions, what a scam.

No. 587429

I don’t understand this choice of cast… If the project centers around Beatrice, why is there no Kanon? Heck, why Jessica but no Kanon? Why Bern without Lambda? I guess the answer is that moo doesn’t have enough friends… but still, the character choice seem so random.

No. 587433

Going with Moo doesn't have enough friends to work with her and Vamp probably has to commit to her real job so couldn't get time off to be included.

No. 587435

She made her friend circle smaller after ax because everyone was just faking her friend. However most were just disgusted by her.

No. 587438

Maybe she bought out someone to be kanon but hasn’t shown them yet

No. 587440

Naw Vamp gets the honor of catsitting and going to Japan! That's good enough

No. 587445

File: 1539245669162.jpg (52.1 KB, 268x348, 20181011_011242.jpg)

Holy shit, this face is frightening. Imagine getting all dolled up for your supposed dream project, only to look a thousand times worse than a girl who shows up with zero makeup and a swollen eye.

No. 587457

I hope so
it's already a shitty written animu guised as "deep" and "sad", perfect for Moo's pseudo-intellectual "analysis's"

No. 587458

Was just about to post this. Battler is some clean-cut rich boy, he couldn't even get a clean shave?

This entire shoot is bafflingly terrible just based on the costumes.

No. 587459

Sweet Jesus, this looks even worse than I imagined!!! I’m no Umineko fan, but this is pure shit. We all know why the dress looks like ass aside from the fact that it clearly doesn’t fit, but she can’t even get the wig the right color?! Beatrice is known for being a fucking ginger FFS!!!

That floppy ass neck lace collar thing is KILLING ME. Dream Designer Disney Daddy Dummy really is a fucking back who shouldn’t be charging so much for this shit.

No. 587461

no beatrice is blond. it's canon because she is battler's image of a perfect woman and he said the perfect woman for him would be blond.
but her blond isn't this light either.

No. 587463

>>587392 Obvious nitpicking on my end, but for someone who claims she exhibits some degree of accuracy in her shoots/projects, wouldn't she at least take a moment to properly arrange the pieces on the chessboard? I mean, for fuck's sake, she has some of her white pawns placed on grids that wouldn't possibly be playable.

No. 587465

File: 1539249913900.jpeg (88.62 KB, 695x1096, 5C21FA60-A783-4B19-801F-600C2A…)

Dude what

No. 587481

Isn’t that her saber wig? Aka her first “dream project” or was it higurashi lmao

No. 587485

She looks like someone straight out of those “women for trump” rallies

No. 587487

Looks almost like a mug shot.

No. 587499

lets stop bickering over what color the hair should be and just remember that it doesn't matter all that much since the wig looks like it was styled by a 4 year old.

No. 587500

she went from 7k to 10k even though the place she's renting costs $600 a day. 3k on Korean BBQ?

No. 587501

It looks like she has pais omfg

No. 587506

Moo had managed someyhing I never thought possible: I feel bad for her (almost) for once. Not because shes been royally fucked over with this whole thing but because she's so stupid she thinks any of this will look good. Moo, I'm sorry you were born retarded. This is what haopens when you give participation awards to everyone.

No. 587508

What is going on with those sleeves, oh my god. They're so oversized.

No. 587511

I honestly think the worst oversight on the dress are the sleeve themselves, where the hell is the white fabric and the bell shape? this is just a tube of fabric with some lace lining.

No. 587512


DDaddy probably said (correctly) that the canon sleeves would look terrible on her ham planet arms, and suggested changing the design.

She looks so WIDE in this dress- even corseted, she's the same width as the guy, who is wearing a suit jacket. Wild.

No. 587513

I'm laughing right now cuz she looks like a Sader Beatrice from that wig.

No. 587515

michael jackson came back

No. 587518

I kinda wonder if Moo explicitly paid DD to do the exact design or if she actually told him to do an "inspired" version that would hide her flaws. Combined with a very short time period to make the dress, maybe that's why it came out looking a lot different

No. 587521

On the form the shoulders sat correctly. So I'm guessing it is more her not being able to get them over her shoulders, at least not comfortably.
If we're including everything, I'll guess:
-1800 location (guesstimating 3 days shooting at Makelight)
-3000 gown (going off of what people are saying about the DD price)
-1000 CC Shannon
-1000 Cat Shannon
-1000 Elder Beatrice
-1000 Battler
-1200 Other?
Except I highly doubt that Cat actually charged that much. And we don't know if she did rent out Makelight for that long.
Most of the budget went into the DD monstrosity and the rest is just Moo being stupid or trying to act like she spent a ton of money, I'm willing to bet it was more about 5k but she's trying to seem like a more legit fan or something.

No. 587527

Crazy idea, but…
What if Mooriah is so fucking stupid that all this time she's thought one hundred is "1K"? Because her being stupid enough to not know the difference seems pretty plausible.

No. 587530

Could they not have waited until miso's eye issue went away? she looks awful without makeup

No. 587532

>only spent 10k

Girl. stop flexing. We all know you're broke

No. 587534

I just watched the first three episodes of the anime and i really do like. With that said, her Battler looks legit nothing like the character. The shake n go wig is laughable, as well as the inaccurate as fuck blazer, crest included.

It's too funny she went on and on about this being a dream/passion project when she should have been preparing for this months in advance for Oct, so she could have done an Umineko thing a day.

She's sloppy and lazy, and i love the milk we get from it.

No. 587535


Especially after how much she constantly goes on about being “such a perfectionist with such an eye for detail my dude”. She always talks as if she has such great pride in her work and won’t settle for anything less than perfect, yet she is constantly shown to cut corners and use cheaply made knock offs with tons of inaccuracies. And when she gets called out for it she always has some bullshit excuse ready for why it’s okay for her to have it completely wrong and how only a true fan like her would have known to do it her way.

No. 587536

Do yourself a favour and don’t watch the anime any further. It’s a terrible adaption. Read the VN or the manga instead. Don’t be like moo.

No. 587537

File: 1539272182542.jpeg (326.4 KB, 1242x1510, 2C1BB896-97BF-4653-BC9D-573BE4…)

Alive Alf posted photos of the hotel. Moo comments.

No. 587538

File: 1539272214411.jpeg (369.75 KB, 1240x1573, 18AEA95F-335B-4365-ACDA-047695…)

No. 587539

File: 1539272237062.jpeg (386.46 KB, 1242x1703, A63A89D4-20F9-427E-B46C-450A50…)

No. 587540

I'll read the manga then. I already see why she likes Battler. He's a creep who doesnt understand boundaries and wants to sexually harass all the women by groping them without their permission.

No. 587541

File: 1539272258510.jpeg (330.63 KB, 1242x1739, 571C5281-4DB1-4579-9143-37E748…)

No. 587544

god this just looks so lazy. i hate it when guys slap on a wig and call it done.
bitch your eyebrows. your facial hair. style your god damn wig. SOME makeup. PLEASE.

No. 587545


This just keeps getting funnier. So not only is the project a total shitshow, but according to her the gore isn’t even all that great. Lol

Also I’m willing to bet that her again, she didn’t go through the proper channels to actually film there and thought she could just show up and do whatever she wanted like she always does. This is the second time we’ve heard of her showing to a place expecting to film without paying any sort of fees.

No. 587546

I like how it wasnt good enough to film there but its good enough to flex on Instagram. Girl BYE JUST QUIT COSPLAY

No. 587547

Typical Moo expects to cut and bend the rules when it comes to filming and photography permission. She's so ignorant and so are the idiots who work with her who don't even look into this shit properly themselves.

No. 587548

File: 1539273880836.png (81.87 KB, 720x520, Screenshot_2018-10-11-09-03-14…)

Despite the obvious farmer, apparrently Shannon cost 1k. WHICH Shannon, though, is questionable. 1k for Cat's regurgitation?

No. 587549


Which is why I believe she is full of shit. Whenever she doesn’t get her her way or gets told no she immediately starts shit talking them, usually calling them “unprofessional” or talks about the appearance of the place in question (Which she has no ducking room to talk considering the disgusting mess she chooses to live in).

Just like that pirate ship she tried to film at and was asked to leave since she wasn’t permitted to film there, what did we hear? “So unprofessional my dudes”.

It’s like she clearly doesn’t understand how filming on location works and that she can just show up somewhere with cameras and costumes and start doing whatever the fuck she wants. And the second she gets told no or is asked to leave she throws a tantrum online and calles them “unprofessional”.

No. 587551

And she bashed on the ship staff, calling them rude and unprofessional because her stupid ass apparently didn't know she needed permits

No. 587553

>peace of my mind

No. 587555

This is the same bitch who'll hide in her hotel room when someone says they'll fight her and looked like she was about to cry when someone confronted her at a con

No. 587556

I laughed at this too, other than her totes legit linguistics skillz.
You ain’t gonna do shit, Moo.

No. 587557


>10k penny

So.,.100 dollars? That sounds about right for how bad this is lol

No. 587558

Moo is such a pussy it's hilarious. Keeps on flexing like she's a big strong independent woman who will lock anyone's ass, but the moment she's confronted in person she hides like the true coward she is and cries the entire time out of fear. AX was a great example of how weak she is.

No. 587559

The rose on her head doesn't even have the fucking ribbon. Knockoff Ebay Beatrice dresses even have a cheap ribbon attached. Holy shit is she a joke.

No. 587561


Exactly. She isn’t fooling anyone with this “I’m a stronk, tough bad bitch who isnt afraid to fight anyone or call them out”. We all saw how much of a chickenshit coward she was at AX. She practically shit herself thinking someone was about to call her out or potentially kick her ass. Not to mention the countless stories of her hiding in her hotel room all weekend when someone threatens to confront her at a con.

No. 587563

I'm still waiting for her to go to a con and hide. There are plenty of people out there just looking for her to show up and start shit. Its honestly a huge safety risk for her to even go. If people are crazy enough to shoot up gaming tournaments and cons, what's to say someone isn't going to physically attack her? The people that think like that aren't exactly worried about jail or getting banned from cons. They'll do it and there will be no one to blame but herself and the cons for allowing this to take place. We'll see though. Plenty have threatened it, time will tell which ones do anything about it.I'd personally die laughing if someone decked her in the halls.

No. 587564

And the weekend of her sexual assault call out she was in her room crying, she doesn't fool anyone. Watch out Moo, Jane said she'll get you if she sees you

No. 587565

>>decked her in the halls.

'Tis the season…most will be quite jolly

Though in all seriousness even though she has done some stupid, petty, cheating shit during her 'career' I hope no one will break out and physically attack her first. She is not worth the time or energy, she is too pathetic. If she had the balls to throw the first punch though…then let all the glorious milk rain down.

No. 587566

yea umineko is already ruined for you.

the anime skips an entire hour+ of character development.

No. 587567


I’d pay good money to see someone sock her square in the jaw right in the middle of her black meme spouting she does whenever she wants to try to sound tough. But we all know that she’ll turn tail and run the second she thinks someone is about to confront her.

No. 587569

why's moo lying?

No. 587570


When did she stop

No. 587571

okay, lemme rephrase. why is moo lying about things you can look up online again?

No. 587572


I’m not nearly as virtuous as other people here claim to be. I absolutely want to see someone beat her ass wholesale, regardless of whether or not she threw the first punch. All the people she has fucked over, hurt and abused and then either laughed it off or try to flat out pretend it never happened or call them liars or imply in some way that the deserved it? It’s the least she deserves. Sooner or later she going to fuck over or hurt the wrong person and they won’t have any compunction about her being potentially seen as a victim. They are going to just straight up kick the ever loving shit out of her and there won’t be anything funny or madcap about it.

No. 587575


I would think that if a protective boyfriend of one of the women that she assaulted and humiliated gets sight of her, there might be an altercation.

No. 587576

So Momo is blaming the location and the hotel as to why this is gunna suck? Yeah Momo, it's not your fault, it's someone elses

No. 587577

File: 1539280945150.jpg (810.27 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181011-110126_Pat…)

Reading lolcow like usual, huh, Moo? >>587395

No. 587579

So can an anon correct me? Momo spent like 7k on the rented location space but once again forgot to pay a photography and filming fee? After all the praise she is now calling the place trashy and has no place to film. So did she basically throw 7k in the trash?

No. 587580

all she's doing is confirming she didn't spend 7k.

no. she didn't actually rent the biltmore and was just flexing thinking they wouldn't mind her taking random photos/videos there for free.

she only spent ~$1700 on that shitty place yesterday.

biltmore doesn't even charge any of what she was saying anyways, and that info can be easily found online. 15K is the price of an entire wedding there.

No. 587581


Guy ir girl. Doesn’t matter. Eventually one of them is not going to give a shit about being polite or that she will run and cry abuse and they’ll just start swinging and all Moo’s fat ass can do is waffle away and cry.


She’s already getting her excuses in when people roast and meme the shit out of her. It won’t be because of her bad acting, inaccurate costumes, shitty camerawork, bad editing or shitty corner cutting craftsmanship. It’s because of the smelly hotel and their unprofessional employees.

No. 587582

I am right with you that she needs to pay for what she has done. If it takes her getting curb-stomped then so be it BUT it would be much sweeter just imo that she brings it on herself even further. Let her continue to spiral and crash on her own even further. If she wants to be a 'bad-bitch' and try to take on people who confront her public and starts the altercation then let her. If a convention has to be cancelled because the venue doesn't want fights then let it be her to blame and prove even further that trash like her does not belong in the community.

No. 587584


i just feel like one day moo is going to piss of some really hard bitch.

moo lives in vegas which is like 80% white, so she's never met anyone from the ghetto willing to just throw down right on the floor.

moo is such a shit to everyone and she's annoying as hell, there are plenty of people that go to cons that will confront her ass no questions asked.

No. 587585

According to Misotokki, she's filming again today for Moo.

No. 587586


She certainly loves to try to act like she is from that life. Whenever she is trying to clap back or call someone out or try to sound tough that’s what she defaults to, strereotypical ghetto voice that she probably only learned from watching vine and YouTube. Just look at how she was talking to Janet when she was trying to start shit with her. Bitch was reaching so hard to sound black.

Bitch knows she is as white as they come and if she ever crossed paths with any of the girls who talk like that she’d shit her pants. Those kind of girls are about that life and will straight up beat her ass into the ground without thinking twice about it.

No. 587587

She's paid for costumes that will only be worn once, is going to lose more friends, lost more money she is never going to see again, will get made fun of for this shit show, this film will show how narcissistic she is when 90 percent of it is going to be all about her. So what is she gaining from this? This is just going to make her cry.

No. 587588

Can we STOP wishing harm on her? Its derailing and really unneccesary.

No. 587589

you're tagging the wrong person. report the people actually wishing harm and move on

No. 587590

only one person did that. and you're replying to the wrong post.

No. 587592

File: 1539283319966.png (1.03 MB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-10-11-11-40-58…)

She bought that scroll from EBay for SeNsEi I cant believe it

No. 587594

I would love an anon to translate this

No. 587597

File: 1539283897122.png (3.1 MB, 750x1334, 717EB34D-4380-4DF9-AF31-AE2C20…)

No. 587598

File: 1539283938200.png (2.36 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-10-11-14-51-54…)

99% sure thats not what it says but hilarious nonetheless.

No. 587599

…it's in chinese you fucking idiot.

No. 587600

I was just trying different ones. It didn't recognize any of it as Chinese so I switched to Japanese. Not like Google Translate is even ever accurate.

No. 587601

>same wig

so is this human beato and not elder beato?

what happened to "long haired" beato, moo?

No. 587602

She only had enough money for 1 wig anon, okay? 1k a costume took a lot out of her

No. 587604

File: 1539284935279.jpg (78.59 KB, 208x494, qTNxc5G.jpg)

No. 587606

If I didn't know the source I would have thought this was some Love Live shit. It's so inaccurate.

No. 587608

I highly recommend someone with the capability to put a collage together of side-by-sides of her inaccurate train wrecks.

No. 587610

I love the low amount of likes on her project update pictures on Insta. Usually her softporn shit gets around 40-50k likes, the recent Umineko posts barely cracks the 10k mark lmao.


That tragic wig still gets me.

No. 587611

The neckbeards must be really bored and unimpressed. The lack of lewds must hurt.

No. 587612

we don't even know how many of those likes are from accounts moo's paying for. she pays for page likes, wouldn't put it past her to pay for post likes too.

No. 587614


Lol I spit my coffee seeing this pic its like you took a cheap Chinese knockoff figurine and melted it in the microwave

No. 587618

further autism, but i'm very triggered. i absolutely hate white people.(racebaiting)

No. 587619

File: 1539286813851.png (1.21 MB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2018-10-11-12-38-50…)

Y I k e s

No. 587620

File: 1539286848429.png (1.18 MB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-10-11-12-38-57…)

No. 587621

Sorry no sage for autism, but I was curious.

It's apparently a Shinto prayer performed for purification. It's the Minatsuki no tsugomori no ōharae (no norito). Wiki says that it's also called the Oharae no kotoba.


It should be the second stanza from what is shown in sensei's post.

No. 587622

It didn't even recognise the characters or translate them correctly at all, this is just embarrassing anon pls stop.

No. 587624

File: 1539287029584.png (1005.87 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2018-10-11-12-42-21…)

No. 587625

Cat prob charged for hers and Elder. Each outfit prob came up to 1k

No. 587626

File: 1539287276967.png (653.81 KB, 720x925, Screenshot_2018-10-11-12-47-07…)

No. 587628

File: 1539287298488.png (994.31 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2018-10-11-12-47-25…)

No. 587629

Different anons. But either way, topic needs dropped. It was just funny and Google said Japanese. That's all there was to it. I thought it was funny, posted it. Next time i won't bother. Didn't mean to start an argument over what it was.

No. 587630

I'm digging the rose petal/sliced roast beef skirt look. Like…why pay much if you cant even get it remotely close to the character?

No. 587631

File: 1539287769348.png (31.67 KB, 155x161, oof.png)

when you've wasted all your money on a project that looks as bad as you do

No. 587633

File: 1539288119766.jpg (17.41 KB, 500x500, FB_IMG_1538600565542.jpg)

I see she just fuckin dipped out on the flower in her hair and leg marking. Creativity is cool and so is making stuff your own but dont claim you're accurate if you get rid of most of the shit.

No. 587634


No. 587635

just like we thought with those thigh highs not going above her knees, muh accuracy

No. 587636

No tulle, no petti.

No. 587637

Her knee is about to snap.

No. 587643

This dumbass couldn't even get a temporary tattoo of the one-winged eagle. Yikes!

No. 587645

File: 1539289484060.gif (469.9 KB, 220x287, tenor (2).gif)

No. 587647

Her left hand looks so small compared to her monstrous body holy shit

No. 587648

But anon, they cost $22 on ebay and would of taken TWO WHOLE WEEKS to arrive! Mariah is much too busy for that and wants to stay true to HER artistic vision!

No. 587659

The problem with dumbass is obvious. She doesn't ever create anything. She just does a thing. So when she makes a movie it doesn't matter if the costumes are all wrong and the characters are all wrong. No need to bother to find out what the requirements are to film at a location. No need for professional makeup that will look good on film. Just make a movie. Then you can tell everybody that you made a movie. This is true for everything she does. She doesn't create art. She just produces content. And it sucks because she is a dumbass.

No. 587663

I might be misremembering because this cow lies so much, but didn't she also claim to be some expert chess player at one point?

No. 587665

she didn’t say she was an expert but that she ~loves watching chess games to relax~

No. 587668

Maybe her manager should have done more to coordinate her dream project. But the manager lie seems to have gone dormant lately. She really needs to have someone create an excel spreadsheet or something for her so she can keep track of the thousands of lies she has active out there.

No. 587670

This is wildly unflattering holy shit

At least the gown covers most of her body

No. 587671

Over 15k for a project? With her status right now in the cosplay community nobody will care about how much work this project was placed in as they will remember her as the sexual harasser Who is never sorry for her actions and things all this is a big joke. She’s going to have a meltdown once She realize that people don’t care about her so called dream project.

No. 587672

File: 1539293238326.jpg (571.28 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181011-142709_Pat…)


No. 587673

File: 1539293249817.jpg (705.86 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181011-142717_Gal…)

No. 587674

I made one on a custom site and it was like ten bucks and came within the week. Mariah halfasses everrrrything.

No. 587676

Those Party City "thigh-highs" are so tragic. Bitch should've gone to sockdreams.

No. 587677

The only thing this Umineko project proved is how vain MooMoo is

No. 587681

Are her socks not striped or just too low for us to tell?

No. 587682


Can we please stop using her numbers? It's obvious to anyone with a brain that she only spent 5k max, 3k being her shit dress.

No. 587683

They're striped, but the seams are screaming bloody murder

No. 587684


> I dont wanna put any of this project on Pateron. It's a passion project, its for my own self so it's going to be avalible to everyone!

> Put pics on paterons after lolcow mentions thats she hasnt posted anything to her paterons paying for BTS photos.

Lol I swear. Shes so desperate to prove the hAtErZ wrong that she directly contradicts herself. Good grief…

No. 587685

I don't know, I'm inclined to believe a higher number just because she's paying for hotel and food for her and her shitty cronies. Her food bill alone has to be hilariously high given her penchant to go big every time she eats out.

No. 587686


Didn’t she claim to have fired her “manager” claiming he was the one who was constantly late on delivering her Patreon rewards?

No. 587690

I mean sure, but the hotel and her food aren't really what she's talking about. She's trying to flex that she's spent 10-15k on location and costumes, when the only place she actually paid for was $600 a day. She lied about paying for the Biltmore and is trying to pretend they took her money and demanded more. It's the same shit with the ship, she's just trying to flex since she's super poor right now. other than her disaster daddy dress, she's not spending much more than a few thousand on everything. Unless she's paying misotoki a few to just be there with her eye infection.

No. 587691

Not only that but she had to start from scratch with 2 costumes so that stacks up. She's also a fucking idiot and has to buy the most expensive version of anything so I imagine the money stacks up because of her stupidity

No. 587692


However much she spent doesn’t matter. She might as well have burned it and it would have amounted to just as much. Shitty inaccurate costumes she won’t ever wear again. A shithole motel according to her. She even said that she won’t be seeing any money coming from this project. How ever much shit spent, she essentially pissy it all away.

No. 587693

That and her Japan trip. She’s going to be so broke soon we’re gonna see her pulling tricks on boulder highway.

No. 587698

Whoever bet the socks wouldn't go past her knees, congrats.

She could've gone to Sock Dreams and gotten a fitting pair for bigger girls.

No. 587699

Moo's too classy for that! She'll just make vamp get her a job at her old strip joint with the D squad.

No. 587703

File: 1539297813900.png (1.03 MB, 720x1175, Screenshot_2018-10-11-15-41-13…)

No. 587704

File: 1539297845172.png (1.05 MB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2018-10-11-15-42-05…)

No. 587707

I'm surprised squarenoodles still works with her after she dragged his name through the mud every time people complain about her photosets

No. 587710


No. 587714

File: 1539299825375.png (339.2 KB, 377x763, WpY64AT.png)

>no tome for stress

I like how she fucked up the boat, bragged about "spending 7k on location booking", and still ate shit. This is truly the cow that keeps on giving. Consistently, no less! So generous!

No. 587715

>and looked like she was about to cry when someone confronted her at a con

You forgot the best part, he wasn't even really confronting her, just being a memelord

Has she ever claimed to be a math major? kek

The dress and us being in awe of this lad made us miss the tinier details. Good eye.

No. 587717

File: 1539300449157.jpg (58.8 KB, 440x356, wrong kind of horse.jpg)

I don't think it's virtue so much as the site rules. I guarantee 90% of us would die of laughter if she actually got the shit kicked out of her.

It's like, I don't wish pain on you, but I ain't gonna look that gift horse in the mouth.

No. 587719


Love seeing her try to flex on people by bragging about how much she is spending only to get kicked out of the place she supposedly paid to be there lol.

No. 587721

She looks like Jessica.

No ass.

No. 587723

i like using the high moo numbers, but maybe we should just add quotations around them. then it will prevent autists like you from correcting them or explaining the real numbers.

>tfw 10k of the budget just went to food

No. 587725

Wtf is the point of all of these polaroids?

No. 587726


She's just like Onion in that expensive = good.

She probably pays him extra to be his slave or he's losing people because of her. His prices were already dumb anyway, from what I remember.

No. 587732

File: 1539303398937.jpg (34.6 KB, 1280x720, Umineko-no-nakur-koro-ni-24-27…)

I'm sure everyone sees how inaccurate the cosplay is, but for those who don't know, human Beato uses a white classic umbrella in the rain, and she gave the umbrella to a character called Maria (hence the caption on her IG). She did not use a folded sun umbrella and take slow walks in the garden. There isn't a Maria in her shoot, why would she use an umbrella, and a wrong one to boot? She's holding Beato's cane in the selfie, if she needs to hold something why not hold that? Truly an eye for detail my dude.

No. 587734

Human beato, who isn't "long-haired" elder beato isn't even really in the series for a lengthy amount of time. Literally all she really does is what you just said and moo doesn't even have Maria.

Moo is a fucking mystery.

No. 587735

Well how else are you supposed to be an internet girl and not have poleroids to be the proof that you have the behind the scenes of your "super duper dream project." you're not edgy or deep unless you have random poleroids for memory

No. 587737

This whole "project" barely resembles the source at all. It's just Moo playing dress up and acting like she thinks/wants the characters to be like, cause she's one of those weebs who's borderline fictionkin when she sees a character she likes or one that's popular. All she's doing is prancing around thinking "I'm literally IRL Beatrice!" and sticking her head further and further into her ass.

No. 587739

Another inaccurate mess. She's good at this

No. 587741

>this will not be a patreon project

I see.

No. 587742

so no tattoo? great

No. 587751

She looks like a dirty Chuck E Cheese animatronic

No. 587754

His unshaven face is so distracting and why is he trying to smolder?

No. 587757

File: 1539309813732.png (1.19 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-10-11-17-56-00…)

No. 587758

File: 1539309841370.png (1.04 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-10-11-17-57-59…)

Does this help

No. 587759

File: 1539309860372.png (830.7 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-10-11-17-56-16…)

No. 587760

No but really shows how porky Moo is.

No. 587761

In the 'gram she blows out smoke, but she took in a toke from a vape then put that to her mouth and blew out. She's trying really hard.

No. 587762

File: 1539310126944.png (1.12 MB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2018-10-11-19-05-27…)

No. 587763

File: 1539310200646.png (1.2 MB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-10-11-19-06-58…)

Because Moo and crew care about consistency (and what we say on the board), Miso wears makeup despite her stye

No. 587764

File: 1539310221976.png (593.69 KB, 720x903, Screenshot_2018-10-11-19-06-35…)

No. 587765

File: 1539310247950.png (874.01 KB, 720x1050, Screenshot_2018-10-11-19-06-17…)

No. 587766

Im looking at the photos where she isn't hiding her face and.. Did the cool sculpting actually sag her jowls more?

No. 587767

possibly. more likely she just gained so much weight after having it done that it made literally no difference to her chins.

No. 587768

she better throw it out

No. 587770

Is she saying its white because an anon pointed out its wrong? Cuz all the other pics with it, it looks almost yellow or something.

No. 587771

yes. and its fucking golden. she is a joke

No. 587772

Yes, and this >>587771. It's like weirdly golden/beige/cream or whatever

No. 587773

File: 1539311225309.png (64.58 KB, 720x436, Screenshot_2018-10-11-19-24-45…)

No. 587774

File: 1539311246470.png (112.02 KB, 720x807, Screenshot_2018-10-11-19-25-02…)

No. 587776

the outfit makes her look like a kindergartener, with that kind of proportions

No. 587777

I feel like with the "socks" ending at the knee and the longer skirt, she looks stumpy, too.

No. 587778

Christ it’s Beans

No. 587780

I mean they aren't lying. Mariah's love is just low quality and trashy.

No. 587781

Human Beato also wears the Ushiromiya family inheritance ring, but of course Moo doesn't care for it.

Jesus >>587732 was just posted 3 hours ago, she's lurking hard, focus on finishing your shitshow Moo. >>587624 this looks anything but white, with tacky wallpaper pattern on it too. Moo how blind do you think people are?

No. 587782

>I don't care how it turns out

lol u fuckin liar

No. 587784

beato with the huge dress also wears it. i was wondering since she announced it if she was going to bother with it. but of course she couldn't it's a very specific ring.

No. 587785

You already know how it's going to turn out mooriah. You will think its the best ever but the problem will be that everyone else thinks its a total fail. Stop trying to set the stage for what you know is going to happen. The main thing you can't control or change is your total lack of creative ability or talent for anything. If this shitshow ever sees the light of day the internet is going to make you more famous than you ever dreamed you could be. But not the good kind of famous. The other kind. The kind where people point and laugh when they recognize you out in public.

No. 587786

this is so sad…poor mariah lmao

No. 587789

If she doesn’t change her habits she’ll get obese knees: they’ll look like they’re backwards.

No. 587790

Everyone treats her like a baby. Can't take away the lollies or the baby will cry. How exhausting

No. 587791

ffs moo stop.

human beato is fucking shannon not witch beatrice

No. 587792

If you zoom in to her face in this picture she looks fucking old. Elder Beatrice is right.

No. 587793

moo will never ever learn how to contour her nose. ever.

No. 587797

i think she's already at that point tbh

good fucking riddance

No. 587800

I feel the need to get water balloons fill them with bleach and just ruin the shit dress more by pegging her with some

No. 587801

I feel the need to get water balloons fill them with bleach and just ruin the shit dress more by pegging her with some

No. 587803

The same fucking ugly 'gyaru' make up for every single fucking character! Moo are you just that lazy or just that untalented? Haha who are we kidding, it is both. Absolutely both. She probably feels it is her signature MooMoo look or some shit like that, but even Nigri would at least make her samey whore paint go with the colors of what she's wearing, christ.

No. 587807

Lmao bless she really does think this is her big comeback project she's worked so passionately hard on and everyone will love her simply amazing skills.

That narcissistic ego is increasing in size daily.

No. 587808

She believes in that fake it until you make it garbage that so many instathots religiously practice, and it is what got her her initial position of lardass cosplayer du jour. Lying about her tastes, lying about her skills, lying about her goals and aspirations to paint a pretty picture for the masses.

Of course now all of her lies and toxic shit is biting her very hard in the ass, but she still thinks that if she just says the right combo of words, she'll be back on top once more.

No. 587809

that's not even what got her anywhere. it was buying everything. buying likes, buying articles buying fame. but it's all fake fame.

No. 587810

File: 1539319215364.png (671.47 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-10-11-20-06-07…)

No. 587811

File: 1539319273359.png (849.08 KB, 720x949, Screenshot_2018-10-11-21-38-23…)

No. 587812

File: 1539319354113.png (634.97 KB, 720x1154, Screenshot_2018-10-11-21-38-03…)

Lol @ Mariah thinking people care about her lewds

No. 587813

It's satisfying to see her grand scheme isn't going to work this time. When this project is complete she's definitely going to have a meltdown over the lack of loooooveeeeee for it as she has. Moo cares far more about a shit cosplay video then on a genuine apology video addressing her behavior. Priorities my dudes.

No. 587814

Reassuring her only fans that more content for them is coming is actually pretty smart on her part. She's only still around because troglodytes with no sense throw money at her on Patreon, without them she would of been completely fucked after AX.

No. 587815

Only because she doesn't want to lose money due to bored shitless neckbeards who will only pay for lewds and none of this big time fancy cosplay shit she's been doing.

No. 587817

inb4 'u guys i'm so tired/i'm editting so much amazing stuff/oh no i'm sick my dudes'

No. 587818

samefagging to add that it's so stupid that, she knew she was going to be in LA why not do at least ONE shoot before she left to tide over her neckbeards? She's probably dropping backers because she hasnt posted anything except for shitty inaccurate fully covered nonsense for days

No. 587820

Jesus Christ alf looks like he had fetal alcohol syndrome. Is that why he still works with moo? It'd explain a lot

No. 587822

Once again she's posting behind the scenes content to Instagram instead of Patreon. Moo's cucks pay for this shit and she's releasing it for free, makes sense.

No. 587824

This looks like someone dressed up a corpse that's casket ready.

People are paying you to see the boring lewds, not to see you bore their boners away, Mariah.

No. 587828

She even admits it's "Boring stuff." She knows her audience gives less than two shits about her dream project. I'd wager we're the only crowd actually looking forward to this, which is saying a lot.

No. 587831

It's more the fact that it ruined her face proportions, she got rid of the lower fat and now her jowls are more noticeable, that's the problem with cosmetic treatments/surgery, fucks up your proportions when you are a fat fuck

No. 587832

She said it wasn’t a Patreon project

No. 587833

File: 1539323900829.png (1.03 MB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2018-10-11-22-53-31…)

>ending filming in L.A. tomorrow
>says back still hurts but took pain pills for it
>filming the more "grotesque" scenes in Vegas; doing the body on table scene with fake guts and candy inside
>going to Ren Faire (presumably with Jason) on the 15th

No. 587834

File: 1539324056326.png (984.3 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-10-11-22-59-51…)

No. 587835

File: 1539324603154.png (921.71 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2018-10-11-23-09-09…)

Trying to do this scene with one fake cadaver???

No. 587836

… she doesnt have anyone cosplaying any of those characters

She loves umineko so much my dudes. This is her passion project.

No. 587837

Is this what she bought that over priced skeleton for?

No. 587839


Even she knows that this is stupid shit that none of her neckbeard fans are interested in seeing and that all they care about is the trashy half-naked stuff.

No. 587840

Her facial features have become just… so small compared to how big her whole face/jaw has gotten

Even with a filter

No. 587852

kinda looks like a bird

No. 587855

Yeah, I dunno what is going on with that picture but she looks worse/creepier than usual. Maybe it's the blatantly forced smile?

No. 587864

The black void eyes also don't help.

No. 587868

Moo‘s beatrice cosplay doesn’t fit her at all honestly, this blonde wig just makes her face more bloated and overall the drills and the colour seems really off- way too bright for her darker makeup.

No. 587870

File: 1539335180158.jpg (101.21 KB, 720x587, 20181012_020538.jpg)

Oh, dear.

No. 587877

next year i'll be surprised if she lasts til next summer

No. 587881

>I put all my love and money into this
>I don't care how it turns out
so…which one is it?

No. 587882

>>587877 Once the finished product hits the internet, nobody will want to be associated with this disaster, including Mariah's closest allies. It's presumptuous of her to think this will get enough positive attention to warrant a follow-up.

It's also worth mentioning that she may not have the funds to take something like this on ever again. Her dietary intake for one night is literally as expensive as it is for me to get two weeks worth of groceries.

No. 587883

>I put all my love and money into this
>I don't care how it turns out
so…which one is it?

No. 587892

I knew that her overknees would be very… short!

No. 587893

So is this a film or a photoshoot? She said she's be doing a short movie/CMV but i dunno if it's another lie.

No. 587896

>character has fully white umbrella
>"I-it's white, just not on the inside!! Totally accurate my dudes!"

>next year
Yeah with the rate she's pulling in money it'll take a year to fund this shit again.

Supposedly a film but everything she's shown so far looks like standard photography. inb4 she releases it as a visual novel style slideshow video with the script as subtitle dialogue.
Yeah actually I'm going to go ahead and predict this and she'll use all her recorded footages just for the behind the scenes.

No. 587901


Funny how once people here started talking about how much of a waste of money it was to use all these costumes for a single shoot, she immediately mentions doing a follow up next year. As if she’ll even get the chance. With how much money she is sinking into this she’ll be lucky to make to next year.

No. 587902


Pretty much. Even she will see how unwatchable her acting is and how awful she looks in motion and will settle for a less embarrassing photo set or slideshow video. With of course some “It fits better creatively! I wanted to be true to the manga!!” bullshit.

No. 587908

As if she'll be able to stuff herself into anything she's wearing now in a year. She'll balloon to the point of being too big in a few months.

No. 587912

she's already too big for the costumes she just had made.

No. 587914


makes you really wonder how much weight she gains in a week.

No. 587919

Honestly I just think she gave them old measurements because she's in denial

No. 587925

File: 1539361605843.png (677.13 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2018-10-12-09-22-30…)

Still saying "NEVER USE YOUR POWER" when she sees this

No. 587926

File: 1539361657089.png (134.42 KB, 720x1048, Screenshot_2018-10-12-09-24-52…)

Still not tagging Moo in h e r description (just the photo tag)

No. 587927

File: 1539361680322.png (1.03 MB, 717x1164, Screenshot_2018-10-12-09-23-48…)

No. 587931

Who the fuck is out here wearing ninja socks and flipflops? I didn't think it was possible for someone to look more ridiculous than Momo when it came to shoewear.

No. 587933


Bagladies. Oh and moo.

No. 587934


No. 587936

She got an ultra caramel frappuccino.. moo that size is iver 500cals.. disgusting.

No. 587937

this is like 1 of 10 things she's going to eat today. how tf many calories does she eat in a day?

No. 587945

That’s not antares
She wasn’t with moo today

No. 587951

I dont know but that whipped cream is full of saturated fat. Its made of heavy cream, 4 pumps of white mocha and dark caramel, and cold brew. Not to mention the base is a dark caramel one. Its digusting. 540cal for a venti. Its as lso loaded with caffeine. This is disgusting. Shes probably going to binge on sudhi and KBBQ later then drinks and more dessert.

This is why your Umineko project has you looking as wide as a barge, Moo.

No. 587955

If any of her fans call her out on her shit diet she's going to do what she usually does "Ummmn actually I ate a carrot earlier this week. I'm super healthy"

No. 587956


Suddenly her sleeves have the white part on them.

No. 587957

People don't seem to get it's not only what you eat, but how much, because calories. Just because you ate broccoli doesn't mean shit if you either cover it in cheese or eat pounds of it.

No. 587958


they had white from the beginning, but disaster daddy put them as an under layer and moo didn't notice/care it was all bunched up.

No. 587959


samefag but you can see the sleeves here >>587167

moo is just too lazy to fluff them out.

No. 587960

Moo seems like the type of cow who goes "it's a trip/event/special occasion, let's pig out my dudes. We can relax and eat all we want it's such a bop".

That's your problem moo you're always eating out.

I'd be suprised if she even knows how cook, and no two cans of tuna and a jar of mayo on crackers doesn't count.

No. 587962

She steamed veggies in the microwave once but slathered it in sauce

No. 587963

>"Im going keto and I have a meal plan"
Tattoo-sensei must've rejected her flabby ass and now she's stress eating cause of it.

No. 587965

File: 1539375044083.png (814.24 KB, 720x1177, Screenshot_2018-10-12-13-09-04…)

I feel sick

No. 587966

File: 1539375105307.png (1.47 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-10-12-13-09-13…)

Anon u right…but who is this

No. 587967

File: 1539375129048.png (902.78 KB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2018-10-12-13-09-46…)

No. 587970

File: 1539375320099.png (872.4 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-10-12-13-13-47…)

If anyone can record this, do. Eric basically says they werent allowed to film there and he was posing taking "tourist" pictures. Moo made this face at the end

No. 587971

she's still trying to buy him like a fucking neckbeard.

honestly i'm not sure if he was ever into her.

i feel like maybe he was/is into vamp and moo tricked vamp into letting her spend time with him with some dumb girl code bs lie so she could try to sink her meaty claws into him. and maybe he pump-n-dump'd.

no one in this situation seems that smart.

it reminds me of school days…

No. 587972

Eric, I know you're not a bright dude considering you're willing to trash your name for Moo's Moolah, but you dipshits missed LoJ by a month.

No. 587973

File: 1539375418727.png (677.97 KB, 720x884, Screenshot_2018-10-12-13-16-23…)

No. 587974


so much for "i called a lot of places and spent a lot of money and got permission"

No. 587975

File: 1539375531405.jpg (17.44 KB, 206x480, Kanon[1].jpg)

another inaccurate fucking mess.

No. 587976

Someone named @okaykibz???

No. 587977

I hope one of them documents her waddling away from security once they get caught. It’d be such a bop for their bts video!

No. 587978

this ironic moo speak makes me cringe a bit.

No. 587979

Moo must be some special kind of fucked up cow to want her friends sloppy seconds and not just bang one of her neck beard fans.
She's literally acting like a neckbeard virgin who spends money on a guy so maybe she can have a chance to have sex with him.

Love yourself more moo and not in the narcissistic fake deep way.

No. 587980

>Labyrinth Masquerade Ball

I'm sorry but did she CRASH AN EVENT to try and film for her shitty movie?

No. 587982

That was literally last 2 months ago just at the same venue

Learn to google anon.

No. 587983

Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade was in August. No clue why he’s tagged it.

No. 587984

Well shit, sorry about that. So they just went to the venue it had been hosted at and expected they could film there for free?

No. 587985

don't be silly. clearly moo asked very specifically if she could film there today and they took 5k from her and said it's fine. when what they meant was she could watch a film there in her hotel room.

No. 587986

Yikes. Anyone willing to work with Moo is game for being an outcast among cosplayers. This chick being Kanon is a desperate bitch.

No. 587987

Since it’s Moo, yup, I’m pretty sure they rolled up to the place expecting to shoot there for free. So much for all that hard “research” into locations.

No. 587989

it's just another area in the biltmore, not sure why she'd think that.

No. 587990

I think their brooch is painted on?

No. 587991

File: 1539376835801.png (1.18 MB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2018-10-12-13-38-14…)

No. 587993

I think it’s just really flat and the tie is way too thick

No. 587994

the material of moo's beret is making me break into hives just looking at it

No. 587996

File: 1539377115764.png (294.33 KB, 640x480, 1-1641.png)

The seal is always red. Even in the shitty anime, the seal is always red.

No. 587997

File: 1539377208617.png (628.73 KB, 720x1183, ook.png)

No. 588000

Asides the fact that they couldn’t even manage to craft a simple AF prop (her laziness knows no bounds), wtf is going on with that pinky finger? Is it swollen or something? Sorry, that bothered me.

No. 588002


Pffft lol. Of fucking course. Why am I not suprised. Does this dumb bitch seriously not understand anything about location shooting? Does she really not get that she can’t just show up to places and start filming without permission or permits?

I’m going to laugh when her dumbass ends up in jail for trespassing.

No. 588004

Someone call. That is so disrespectful. Someone screen record that. Like all iPhones can do it. They can’t get away with that.(cowtipping)

No. 588006

She must be too used to oinking around cons and the beach at this point because she keeps failing some pretty basic stuff.

No. 588008

I can't believe she honestly thought it was OK to film and take photos in a very elegant venue without permission.

The lack of respect for anything is amazing. Cunt has it coming if she's done for trespassing.

No. 588012


It certainly explains why most of her sets are in cheap hotel rooms. She either can’t actually afford to film anywhere. Or her dumbass doesn’t understand how location filming works and is constantly getting kicked out of places for illegally filming there.

It really speaks to her stupidity and immaturity. She thinks all this legal red tape exists to “rip her off” or “jealous unprofessional jerks simply looking to get in her way”. If one of these retards gets injured while filming or property is damaged while filming, or a minor is on set past a certain time or something happens to them. Guess who is legally responsible for stuff like that. Certainly not Moo and her group of leeches. All that stuff falls squarely at the feet of the business owner.

It’s why movie studios can’t just show up somewhere and start filming. There are all sorts of permits and contracts that have to be signed before that camera even starts rollling that protect both the business and production people.

But no. Moo’s dumb egotistical ass believes she’s above all that because “This place is so perfect for my dream cosplay. Such a bop my dudes”. Her dumb is lucky she isn’t looking at huge fines to pay or even jail time.

No. 588015

File: 1539381536352.gif (266.11 KB, 500x281, 1530471642869.gif)

Too perfect.

Mariah seems to think that everyone knows who her irrelevant ass is and that she should get special treatment everywhere just because her parents and friends let her do whatever she wants without consequence.

No. 588016

I'm sure she's just holding it for someone else, you guys! Totes following daddys meal plan!

She's probably one of those idiots that doesn't count drinks as calories anyway.

>when another friend blows your lies

lol bye eric

No. 588017

i think it's both.

she's been talking up her budget and yet bitches about a non-existent price (cause apparently moo's precious photoshoots cost more than day long weddings) and still has the gall to sneak around the fucking venue.

No. 588018

i think it's both.

she's been talking up her budget and yet bitches about a non-existent price (cause apparently moo's precious photoshoots cost more than day long weddings) and still has the gall to sneak around the fucking venue.

No. 588019

File: 1539381770110.webm (3.9 MB, 640x1136, momokuntFuckery.webm)

here you go>>587970

No. 588020

Moo really can't play the 'everyone was so unprofessional and scammed me' card now after Eric's video saying how security told them no filming but once out of sight they resumed anyway. Best thing he could have done lol.

No. 588024

She does the same thing at cons. Sneaks around thinking she can ghost and it's no big deal.

No. 588025

Why is she wearing a black bra with such sheer white fabric?

Yeah. Never even seen her before. Moo must be scraping the bottom of the barrel for these 'friends.'

No. 588026

What a bunch of assholes.

No. 588028

Security should have kicked them out while they had the chance. Disrespectful bunch of dickheads.

No. 588029

Thank you anon for saving this! I hope security catches them pulling this bullshit.

No. 588031


It might get even worse for her. If she makes enough of a stink about getting caught or kicked out and pisses the owner off enough she’d easily be looking at an expensive fine for trespassing and filming without a permit.

No. 588032

From the look of things it's a high star hotel chain called Millennium. Being told off by security should have been enough, Eric and the other photographer are just as bad. Guess their jobs mean very little to them.

No. 588033

She's at the Biltmore where she first posted shots from a few days ago. She also kicked up a fuss about how they said it'd be 15K just to film there, even though anons found out it's only 14K for a whole damn wedding!

She's in for a big surprise when she realizes that she's sneaking around in a monitored area. I'm sure she'll be approached when she goes to the lobby.

No. 588034

File: 1539383899046.jpeg (99.43 KB, 720x960, CEBA6DB6-168F-45AA-A491-9FA4E4…)

From her FB page 1/3

No. 588035

File: 1539383919071.jpeg (195.83 KB, 720x960, 6E30DF95-D31F-46BA-8A93-FC212F…)


No. 588036

File: 1539383939716.jpeg (121.69 KB, 720x960, F81BD8D9-AC2D-4C22-8060-35635B…)


No. 588037

Why does the top look like it was seen from Walmart grade sheets? She couldn't even be helped to wear a nude bra either because she has to find a way to get that fanservice.

No. 588038

ngl I thought this was PT

No. 588039

No. 588040

They couldn't even make an envelope?

So they're just filming in their hotel room now?

No. 588042

File: 1539385131568.png (951.38 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2018-10-12-15-46-55…)

Miso is apparently traveling with Moo back to Vegas to finish filming

No. 588043

File: 1539385159869.png (814.02 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-10-12-15-47-49…)

No. 588044

File: 1539385182181.png (804.59 KB, 720x953, Screenshot_2018-10-12-15-56-50…)

No. 588045

i dont get it.

No. 588047


Hiding from security I’m guessing

No. 588048

No tattoo for Shannon?

No. 588049

Her bra being visible in that too tight top is so classy. Good job.

And I don't remember nobles sealing their letters with a tea candle.

No. 588050


For her to do it correctly would have required forethought and of course that will never happen

No. 588051

That's grossly lazy given the canvas space she has on her legs.

No. 588052

It's screeching time!

No. 588071

File: 1539391014022.jpg (98.82 KB, 1280x720, Zp9BHy5.jpg)


Trial of lovers and yet No signs of Zepar or Furfur aka the ones giving the trial. Momo really doesn't know shit.

No. 588078

File: 1539392317101.jpeg (216.84 KB, 1024x757, ABBD3302-3787-40D0-8D4D-28E17E…)

This is all I see.

No. 588079

I’d say it’s more a case of not enough friends

No. 588081

File: 1539392861613.png (748.89 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2018-10-12-18-05-16…)

They're at the beach again.
Also Mariah dated this? She does like em stupid

No. 588085

The ocean is like, so majestic and powerful my dude, the beach is a natural for shoots!

-Because Moo is heinously un-creative and feels like she can get away with doing shoots and videos there for free.

No. 588087

File: 1539397199968.png (699.36 KB, 720x1018, Screenshot_2018-10-12-19-10-28…)

No. 588088

File: 1539397242613.png (1.35 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-10-12-19-09-23…)

This will not be drycleaned

No. 588089

File: 1539397326005.png (898.65 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-10-12-19-09-33…)

No. 588090

File: 1539397350172.png (1 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-10-12-19-11-12…)

No. 588091

Oh no…..
That dress on wet sand………..

No. 588092

File: 1539397385450.png (1.21 MB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-10-12-19-10-09…)

No. 588093

“ Thank you my dude! Thank you for making this project a possibility as it’s all about me and the rest of you are just side pieces. Although you do have to do all the work but in the end I’m the big star and I always get what I want otherwise I have my patrons to go after you and ruin your life. It’s my biggest dream you see and it’s all about me. Everyone should bow down and worship me and forgive me for my so-called mistakes. All the sexual-harassment stuff it’s just stupid and for vendettas. I am the new Jessica Nigri and everyone loves me And want me to go back to conventions. It’s all about me. Me. Me. Me.”

No. 588094

now there's a cursed image if I ever saw one

bitch's eyes look like they're pitch black

No. 588096

File: 1539398099421.png (402.92 KB, 800x563, 98DD819C-2F7B-45EF-BBD8-72C37B…)

Could be from holding her phone weird

No. 588098

sensei dont want this for a reason homegirl

No. 588099

You can tell by the nails that's not Mariah's hand. Also the dent is on the wrong side. Also I'm scared of developing this now.

No. 588100

Jesus christ, that shitty lace looks like a Dollar Tree doily. Maybe even a little worse. I know we've gone over the costumes so MUCH (it feels like forever since she's done actual cosplay) but every new shot, there's a new appalling fuck up. Truly the cow that keeps on giving.

If it were any other person, I'd be livid DD really sold this mess for that much. It's truly what she deserves.

No. 588101

File: 1539398571938.png (1.34 MB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-10-12-19-39-15…)

No. 588102

File: 1539398628332.png (893.43 KB, 720x1043, Screenshot_2018-10-12-19-40-22…)

Not posting all of them due to repetition

No. 588103

File: 1539398650407.jpg (8.92 KB, 264x191, thiccdk.jpg)

Envelope would have been so easy to make too. Like 10min of a gold sharpie around the edges, logo, and trim the folded part to be squared? So easy, but she's just so lazy, it's incredible.

Spot on. I know people have posted this before in comparison, but this shit is uncanny at this point. DK's waist is still smaller sans forest-kun though.

She looks more like a creepy Annabell doll here than that time she did that Annabell makeup video.

No. 588104

File: 1539398680718.png (830.23 KB, 720x1042, Screenshot_2018-10-12-19-40-13…)

No. 588105

File: 1539398723998.png (794.73 KB, 720x1034, Screenshot_2018-10-12-19-40-09…)

No. 588106

These beach photos really show off how horrible that dress fits on her.

No. 588109


christ, you can see her jowls even from a distance. she's really fucked up her body beyond repair.

No. 588113

File: 1539400720478.png (110.99 KB, 720x890, Screenshot_2018-10-12-20-17-25…)


No. 588114


Yup. You killed it. Its dead and now time for all the fans to find another manta to read. You also killed 90k calories today, your career, and the benefits of lipo. Gg.

No. 588119

Y'all need to stop posting actual information about Umineko because then Moo will absorb this knowledge while lurking and try to incorporate it into her project.

No. 588120

>thinking she hasn't been trying to do this all along
>thinking she doesn't lurk here all day

No. 588123

I’d bet they all probably sat in that hotel room lurking this thread

No. 588125

Let her. The harder she tries the more she fails

No. 588126

Yikes!! Good luck getting sand out of that fabric now.

No. 588132

>in rose garden yesterday
>filming scenes that are in garden/gazebo on the fucking beach


No. 588133

accuracy, muh dudes!

No. 588134

Okay never seen the series but are they ever on a beach at any point in time? None of this seems right.

No. 588135

From what I get, there's a ship that lands but not a fucking ocean scene. Umineko-fags can correct me but I think most of it takes place inside the mansion or in the courtyard

No. 588138

How does she fuck up everything she does so colossally? I've never seen this anime but even from the concept art it's SO inaccurate

No. 588139

some of the characters are on a beach for a little. most of it takes place in a mansion, courtyard and garden on the grounds.

the exact scenes moo has been filming are not on a beach.

No. 588145

I believe that Moo has actually been through the anime and part of the manga, plus she wikis everything, so the information we post here are stuff she should know already, she's just too stupid and doesn't care to get things right, so no matter how much she backtracks and corrects herself it's useless. If she had posted her detailed plans before shooting and made corrections based on anon comments that's one thing, but it's too late to correct most stuff now, and even if she does so she'd show how dumb she is.

I would like to use [redacted] again when it comes to not revealing important stuff to Moo but some anons get so anal over this and derail the thread.

No. 588146

shannon is a servant so i will give her that. but the seal should be red

No. 588148

You anons just don't understand the genius of moo. This is how the story should have gone. She is fixing and improving it. And besides, details don't matter when you love something so much and you are the biggest fan ever.

No. 588149

I know. Since it's not her hand, I didn't see the relevance anyway.

I thought it happened on an island?

No. 588151

The mansion and garden are on the island, only a few scenes happen on a beach.

No. 588152

So I'm guessing Camversity officially gave her the boot? She never did finish the number of shows she was contracted for and she's ditched it as fast as possible. Wonder if she scammed them out of money or if they wised up and only paid her for the appearances she did.

No. 588153

File: 1539411158843.png (756.87 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-10-12-23-09-10…)

Eating out again

No. 588154

It’s mentioned a little further up in the thread in one of her IG stories

No. 588155

The contract, number of shows.. everything was made up by farmers as tinfoil without hard proof. Its hard to say if they booted her or she just stopped camming. She has a history of camming/twitch/instalive where she does a few, gets attention, then sob story tmi on cam about her body or family then quits right after. I think its more just a quick symphathy party cash grab.

No. 588156

Buying out her friendships

No. 588158


Money grab for the dream project too more like. Seeing as she quit just before she started getting busy with it and has been flexing every since.

No. 588159

File: 1539411817191.png (878.52 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-10-12-23-21-17…)

Took all day to wish her cuck a happy bday

No. 588177

File: 1539415926943.jpeg (1019.52 KB, 3393x2916, 37D6CB34-912E-484A-90D6-268F2E…)


No. 588178

File: 1539415958578.jpeg (953.05 KB, 3444x3444, B1995965-8553-4BB5-AB27-348764…)


No. 588179

File: 1539415981167.jpeg (700.11 KB, 3444x3444, 33EA180D-8BE0-47AD-AEEE-A12757…)


No. 588180

File: 1539415998020.jpeg (723.8 KB, 3444x3444, B2A65200-DE7F-4FEA-B09A-3C8390…)

No. 588182

>>588180 If you were to tell me this was her attempt at a Little Debbie cosplay, I would have believed you without giving it a second thought.

No. 588183

File: 1539416347698.png (967.5 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-10-13-00-37-43…)

No. 588186

File: 1539418147652.jpg (170.07 KB, 1024x768, IMG_1295.JPG)

I couldn't help but see Mr Waternoose from Monsters Inc when I saw this

No. 588189

Holy shit(no contribution)

No. 588190

File: 1539422368617.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 498x268, C3736FA7-3929-4B9C-8FAA-F5F6DF…)

That’s funny, because this is all I saw.

No. 588208

The sexual assault apologists with
dash of fake friendship crew, how sweet.

No. 588211

I'm so happy Mariah and PT finally had a collab!

No. 588212

Part of me feels like an ass for this but one of the worst things about this is how fat she is when the character is skinny…
just stick with “”“THICC“”“ characters, moo, or actually lose weight

No. 588215


the skirt especially make it it look like the costume is too small and she's bursting out of it, the chest area being so tight doesn't help with that illusion either

No. 588217


i don't think they meant to imply that it was mariah's hand. just an example of what can happen to fingers when you hold your phone like this a lot. they would be a fool to pretend such skinny non-sausage looking fingers were mariah's.

No. 588218

Where the fuck is the rest of the skirt? How do you fuck something up that badly?

No. 588219

Every time she's in LA she HAS to go to Little Tokyo to prove what a weeb she is to us haters, I love it.

No. 588223

File: 1539441884888.png (1.92 MB, 750x1334, C6578282-8D3E-4211-B176-CA835D…)

No. 588224

File: 1539442016539.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, 43CCCF57-FC9A-4905-A9DB-939C32…)

>people telling her the inaccuracies
>”it’s creative inspiration!”

No. 588225

>no pics from the vn

No. 588227

Those excuses are lame, if she really cared about this she would have spend at least 6 months to plan all of this. This is rushed and a desperate attempt to get some "respect" back

No. 588228

Code for 'I was too lazy to want it to be fully accurate so just went with what was commissioned for me' as she didn't make shit for this project.

No. 588230

None of them are as light as your Saber wig, you just did not bother to order a Beatrice wig, you lazy cow.

>I don't want to look like whoever I'm cosplaying!
A summary of Moo's "cosplay career"

No. 588234

File: 1539444872251.png (1.08 MB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-10-13-08-30-33…)


No. 588236

File: 1539444904814.png (738.1 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2018-10-13-08-31-40…)

No. 588239

that cheap lace im so disgusted

No. 588240

The second Beatrice costume didn't look too bad in >>587597 until you see it in >>587619

The thigh highs….that wig, the colour of the wig is really drawing away from it looking decent, it's too much of an ugly fake blonde and so bad.
Moo never fails to impress me with how much "love and money" she puts into something only to never be able to get anything right.
I can't even remember how many inaccuracies were in the "Takano Project uwu" aside from that Genji oni mask but there's so many in this so far that you could make trading cards out of them.

No. 588242


Visual novel Mariah, you go with the fucking visual novel or at least the anime.
Aren't half of these pictures just fan art anyway?

No. 588246

Hahaha, good lord. Yep, Moo has a knack for attracting people as delusional and trashy as herself. Anyone still 'happily' working with her at this point is utter human garbage.

No. 588248

File: 1539447616026.jpg (98.06 KB, 316x450, 156038l.jpg)

They're manga covers, so just interpretations by different mangaka.

But yeah, this post made it pretty obvious she never actually read the VN. Why am I not surprised.

No. 588251

damn, that vest doesnt fit her at all and those 'thigh high' socks only go up to her knees.

No. 588252

But it's made by Designer Daddy anon it's top quality!

No. 588253

It's hilarious. She is backtracking so much and finding excuses because she knows she fucked up the accuracy.

Her hair is still dark blonde/ginger… Not the light blonde her Saber wig is.

No. 588254

Well if he wants his career to be tarnished by Moo then let him continue working with her, they all realise in the end.

No. 588255

Yeah, that lace is legit doily lace or lace you put on curtains.

No. 588256

except you didn't choose blonde. You choose a nearly platinum/ silver blonde. Are you color blind?

No. 588257

File: 1539448994696.png (11.54 KB, 128x128, kneecaps.png)

looking at her fucking knees just makes me think of the lennyface

No. 588259

That fabric is trash now, I sew and promise salt water was a bad choice. Especially if it's as cheap as it looks

No. 588260

I think she actually is, it would explain so, so much. Her usual excuse of "but this looks more realsitic!" is the best though.

No. 588261

She literally put together all the first Google image results she could find, handed them over to her slaves and demanded they make it, doesn't matter if it's inaccurate long as it's made within like a week. Everyone involved rush this project to shit. It should have been planned for months for someone who's job is to cosplay. She won't last another year at this rate.

No. 588262

The worst bit is she claimed she was working on it for months.

She probably had to wait till the month rolled around for her to even pay for it with patreon money.

No. 588263

This. I'm starting to think the investor thing is fake. Its probably her grandma or a family member

No. 588264

Exactly. Her sets are just shit tier lewds which aren't hard to make so she had plenty of time to do this project and make it right. Makes sense why she only just started it a couple of weeks ago.

No. 588266

Or it's patreon.

She obviously hasn't spent nearly what she's boasting (except on food) and she's been lying through her teeth about why she couldn't use the biltmore despite totes paying them my dude.

This is just really embarrassing to watch.

I'm tinfoiling here, but maybe that's why she made sure that September set wasn't done until the next month. She needed to assure her funding for this mess.

No. 588268

The smart thing to do is to "hire" someone who can be her assistant full time. She obviously can't do it herself and other cosplayers in her pay grade have their family and friends helping with accounts.
If Roxy or Emerson were doing it, they failed. If her mom is doing it, she sucks too. Someone she doesn't know would be appropriate.

No. 588271


I don't think moo needs an assistant. Cosplayers with assistants/managers usually use them for cons and stuff. Moo was rarely invited to cons or anything, she just hyped herself up and ghosted everywhere.

If moo wasn't such a lazy shithead she'd be fine on her own, but she is, and even if she had an assistant she wouldn't accept one that made her do anything. As long as she's making $$ why should she have to try hard?

No. 588272

We can assume then that all things she buys (not makes of course) will be "inspired by" and not an actual cosplay or idea of her own from here on out. She's that lazy where its easier to make up excuses over using source material. IE the source of Umineko- the visual novel.
Its also very obvious the "I like her better blonde" is a lie. Nobody talented will style a wig like Beatrice for her so she went with Saber's. Who happens to be light light blonde, not even the blonde that she's showing off in the manga. She's not colorblind, she's stupid and lazy.

No. 588274

Moo's loves to half ass everything in life and still expects praise, money and attention for it. What a sad excuse for a cosplayer, can't wait for this final video release where nobody will give a shit about all of her amazing hard work.

No. 588275

tbh im ready for this BTS video. I want to see how rushed this really was

No. 588276

Moo started off with grand tales of having an investor backing her project, using 7k to rent a mansion, and working oh so hard on screenplay (scribbling sentences on a notebook), then fast forward a few months it devolves into "a passion project" that she doesn't profit from, can't even afford the Biltmore and other places that need permission, and the notebook didn't have anything new written on it till 3 weeks before the shoot. She wants great results but refuse to give the amount of effort needed. She's just a compulsive liar with delusions of grandeur.

But she isn't smart, which is why she's got 84 threads and still going, she's too much of a narc to let someone smarter than her regulate how she does things anyway. Also I think you overestimate how much she earns.

No. 588277

That too, this has been terribly rushed and the lack of permission to film anywhere says it all really.

No. 588278

Your new video has the sexual assaulter/big bully/faker/big baby fetish/ lazy liar/most hated creation in the cosplay community. He should be prepared for the flaming ahead for working with her.

No. 588279

Like, really, the Biltmore is NOT a mansion and she really likes to pretend a ""mansion"" exists whether its her living space or something else. It just looks like she spent a stack on costumes she likes/wears and expected everyone else to comp costumes for themselves. I don't remember Miso or Tenderbro doing their "mail instastories" featuring either of those cosplays.

No. 588280

These idiots wake up eventually when they realise they've been a fucking dumbass to be involved with Moo. Most of her calves up and ran after they saw the light despite everyone's best efforts to warn them what they were getting themselves into. These current 'friends' of hers won't be by her side this time next year.

No. 588281

I want to see the melt down she will have when this still doesn't give her the respect she wants. Buying respect wont get you anything. You can't throw cash at all your problems

No. 588282

Less time if they were smart. But they all seem that desperate for attention so they cling on to her underbelly longer.

No. 588287

File: 1539453703095.png (69.75 KB, 215x365, 8RW9g9J.png)


No wonder this guy is working with Mariah,they're both unlikable smug ass cunts.

No. 588288

File: 1539454024486.png (629.79 KB, 1439x2381, Screenshot_2018-10-13-12-04-56…)

Yes. Same combo of an inflated ego with an inflated face.

No. 588289

Holy shit
What is wrong with this guy

No. 588291

gross. is he trying to replace squarenoodles?

No. 588294

This guy is so fucking cringy. After that IG video of them hiding from security to do a video on property they’re not allowed to film in, how can anyone really take him seriously as a professional? Though I guess he kissed that “status” away the moment he started working with Moo.

No. 588296

He's known Mariah for a while. She mentioned dating a "Eric" so I'm assuming this is him.
He made a few of her videos, including her Hellboy video. He does alot of instathot films.

No. 588298

No it’s a different Eric. I believe his cosplay name was maroon cosplay?

No. 588300

Weeeeeew sounds like another narc, no wonder he works with Moo so well, narc teamwork unite!

No. 588304

Not the Eric she dated, but he IS the only photographer in Vegas who will work with her, just as Kevin is the only dude who will work with her in California.

No. 588314

Proof that whoever made the wig is a hack if it's falling apart after a couple wears. I dont care how badly moo's handing of it is, With cosplay wigs you simply you shouldnt need to have someone shoving pins into it if it was properly styled.

Moo sure does love her quality huh?

?'her hair depends on what you're looking at'
>All of these are still 10 shades darker than the wig she's wearing

No. 588315

Veronicalunalu's work is shoddy at best

No. 588316

I want someone to make art of this because holy hell did I just die laughing!! Although I do feel a little bad for DK being compared to Moo lol.

No. 588317

>manga covers
>anime concept art
>shitty fan drawings

okay moo

No. 588326

Holy shit that cheap lace and cheap Joann gold trim. I can’t believe she thought that looked better than solid gold trim. I guess since he doesn’t like finishing seams, he figured that trim would be easier to top stitch instead of proper bias tape. Lazy.

No. 588332

File: 1539466034095.jpeg (88.33 KB, 529x750, E3B9C63A-62BE-4B4F-AA60-56C6A8…)

4chan cup is doing great this year with the models

No. 588334


No. 588335

It's nice of her to make a video just for us.

I was wondering if they were fan art. She would be stupid enough to reference it over official works.

No. 588336

I hope in Moo's BTS Ericvegas is nice enough to let us know his hot tips to avoid paying fees and dodging security.

No. 588338

I mean, it's kind of obvious that's a lie. It's just fun to throw around.

She already fired her "manager" for Patreon.

No. 588342

It's not really her weight that is off putting. She intentionally had it made wrong to hide her problem areas and emphasize her chest as usual. That black bra anons complained about is the same black bombshell ultra padded bra from that Fate pirate trash. She could of had the vest actually fit her but needed it to act more as another corset and lift those sad sacks. If the jacket was longer there would be no hiding her fridge frame

No. 588345

File: 1539470856633.png (655.08 KB, 720x1046, Screenshot_2018-10-13-15-45-57…)

No. 588347

Back in Vegas and already nipping into her beloved stash I see.

No. 588350

File: 1539472441333.png (252.22 KB, 496x480, n5V31aS.png)

She can't even get something like hair color right and always gets cheap ass shit. And she wants to do a gore scene? Let me guess it's just like the suicide and she'll never actually do it. She just said she would do it to try and seem shocking. All bark and no bite.

No. 588351

It'll just be in her garage like the shit for Takano

No. 588356

I am losing it, this is incredible

No. 588357

Beyond powerful? Lol, wtf. She sews mediocre dresses, she's not Batgirl.

No. 588361

Link? I must see this in action

No. 588364

>4k dress
>back completely coated in sand
>Antares stepping all over it
>hems dunked in salt water coated sand

Why even spend that much on the fucking dress if you were just going to ruin it? You can't toss that thing in the wash like the rest of your costumes, Momo.

No. 588365

But Moo must feed her ego and make her feel amazing, it's all about that narcissist magic so she will never leave!

No. 588375

Her wig is nearly platinum blonde though? Beatrice is a golden blonde at her blondest, Moo is always so full of shit.

Can you imagine spending 3k on that trashbag of fabric scraps, yet be too cheap to purchase a new wig?

No. 588376

Best part is that since DesignerHack doesn't hem dresses the edges are frayed and scrubbed in salt water and sand. If she's really going to wear it to a con as she says I can't wait to see what became of that 3k trash.

No. 588377

i dont think she washes anything, anon

No. 588378

Is there any video evidence of Momokun sexually assaulting cosplayers? If not then why are we hating on her for that?

No. 588379


Doesn't hem bottom of dresses, uses shit itchy curtain style lace, charges thousands for finalised product-that is appalling and looks like Moo got played at her own scamming game.

No. 588382

Where the fuck have you been?

No. 588383

I was here during the AX drama and have been trying to find video evidence since I havent been able to find any since I didnt save clips, now I cant find them anymore

No. 588385

Literally just go to Youtube.

No. 588386

She admitted to doing it anyways, idiot.

No. 588389

I'm trying to find raw footage to get full context
I know people who think even though she admitted that doesnt prove anything so I want to provide footage

No. 588390

And blamed it on her imaginary ADHD which she never mentioned about before. Moo owned up to her creepy shit under that excuse and people still think that's not enough evidence of her behavior. Not rocket science there.

No. 588391

There won’t be footage of every single incident. Use your head. But like that other anon said, literally just go to YouTube.

No. 588393

I am been scrolling for the past 30 minutes on Youtube, I dont want every incident just 3 or 4 that show full context

No. 588394

If you don't even believe the cow herself who is a dumbass but actually owned up to it at AX then you're wasting your time there.

No. 588395

I believe she did it thats why she admitted and tried to justify it, but people say she was put in a corner so she just said it to please people

No. 588396

There were 2 recorded incidents.

No. 588397

Is there evidence to suggest there was no consent? if so I will look for them

No. 588398

You sound like you don't believe anyone involved and really hell bent on getting video evidence. Victim blaming much?

No. 588400

I do personally, but other people I am talking to dont believe me or anyone involved so I am trying to prove them wrong

No. 588401

no one wants to spoonfeed you, there are countless threads on it, look for yourself.

No. 588402

I am looking I have about 10 threads open, and I cant find video evidence of no consent

No. 588404

Sounds awfully like one of Moo's calves trying to be slick up in here.

No. 588405

If your friends don't believe you, then so be it. Listen to what >>588391 says and move on. There is 84 threads and plenty of information.

No. 588406


The video of her with a mic doing a stream and going up to a random dude and groping his ass for laughs while he awkwardly shuffles away is everywhere.

If you have "friends" (lul) that are insisting on video evidence where consent is explicitly not given(!!), in the face of numerous accounts of victims and the accused herself admitting it, you have shitty friends, and you're apparently an idiot who can't use the internet by yourself.

No. 588407

She admitted to it after the ADHD thing, iirc.

No. 588409

I agree, it sounds like someone just digging for shit to try and clean up. This is too tinfoil for me, but maybe to make Umineko no Trainwreck video look better.

No. 588410

Speaking of Moo she's at a renaissance fair with her 'crew' and Vamp is back on the scene again.

No. 588411

File: 1539483097946.png (956.61 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2018-10-13-19-04-24…)

No. 588412

File: 1539483151167.png (821.04 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-10-13-19-04-29…)

No. 588413

not a bad look for moo, tbh
she should really stick to darker hair

No. 588414

I'm not, I am on a Discord server nd everyone is saying they dont care about her actions since there is no evidence and I have been sending the stuff about Nana and the other cosplayer's statements on Twitter but I have no photo or video evidence. I have that stream from the twitch streamer, but they say it isnt evidence since she asked for it to be taken down.
I showed them that already like 3 times and pointed that out and they dont care and defending her. They dont care about the Twitter statements from the cosplayers because they say they hold no weight without eye witness accounts.

No. 588415

File: 1539483234363.png (765.08 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-10-13-19-05-14…)

No. 588416

No. 588417

File: 1539483313756.png (709.33 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2018-10-13-19-03-57…)

You sure about that

No. 588418

Why do you care so much about what your 'friends' think? If they don't want to believe you then oh well though shit move on. Why get so worked up over cunty cow with pools of proof out there she's disgusting? Let it go.

No. 588419

it looks good because its shitty quality photo and shes clothed

those are her droopy seramis w/e ears arent they

No. 588420

File: 1539483359783.png (725.05 KB, 720x905, Screenshot_2018-10-13-19-06-49…)

No. 588421

nevermind, it was just the bad lighting lol
still better than the blonde though imo

No. 588422

No. 588424

Moo's new sewing slave looks so out of place. See we have the regulars again, she must be paying them well to stay by her side.

No. 588425


It sounds like you need to get better friends that arent rape apologists and move on. Sorry anon. Theres victim story after story, all in previous threads, that video anon posted, and Moo even admitting to it. If thats not enough, your friends are just shitty/prefer to be blissfully ignorant.

No. 588426

Besides, unless they're her paypigs who even cares? It's not up to us to help this guy with his shit tier friends.

No. 588427

File: 1539483805797.png (532.75 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-10-13-19-21-25…)

Sorry fo the shit screen but posting it just because. Miso was posting a instastory and pointed it towards Moo who was in the distance. Tenderbroembrace shoved her face in the way to block it.

No. 588428

I just sent them like 15 links and dropped it and left tht server(cowtipping)

No. 588431

These morons are only using Moo for what fame and money she has left. They'll jump ship as soon as she lands on dry land. Moo probably thinks they're her beloved friends who understand her troubles and will be cosplay pals forever.

No. 588432


fiona from shrek(no contribution )

No. 588433

>pose for a photo on a alt account: okay
>post a instastory: WE CANT SHOW PEOPLE WE ENABLE HER!!!!

No. 588434

They rarely ever post when they're out with Moo like they're ashamed and are too scared of the backlash to be spotted with her, meanwhile she spams her stories with everything they get up to. Such caring loving friends!

No. 588435

Its so shady. This weekend Miso hesitated to mention Moo by name and tenderbro updated her socials but didn't mention working on the project.Same with Antares

No. 588436

So fake and weak, they know they are her enablers and can't handle the heat if they were to post about spending time with her. Shady to the max.

No. 588437

Whats the point of even hanging out with her if they don't even want to mention her on their social media? Its obvious that they are going for her money even though its getting close to a point where she'll be broke since every month her patreon count is getting smaller. Soon they'll be having their own hashtag such as #…iscancelled just like Vamps.

No. 588438

Context? Stop using moo spin words. You are giving yourself away.

No. 588439

Miso and TenderBroEmbrace make it very obvious that they have no interest in her as a friend at the ren faire, can't wait to see them disappear when she's broke.

No. 588440

idk why people would give the links to those videos out it seems like its her or a calf or whatever wanting them so they can report them/get them taken down

No. 588441

Sounds like a calf trying to take attention away from Moo's shit tier project which has been the subject lately right back to the sexual assault incident as it was out of nowhere and random.

No. 588443

Exactly. Is she literally retarded, or is she too vain to even see her friends posts?

No. 588445

Probably both.

No. 588446

What about that new one that was Kanon?

No. 588449

Looking at her page, they seem like a real nobody cosplayer trying to get some attention through Moo.

No. 588452


According to graphtron her patron numbers aren't slipping exactly but then that could be bough or really low tiers. I am really surprised she isn't way way lower since its the same 9 poses over and over again.

No. 588454

Ren Fair wont be open on the 15th.

No. 588455

When is she planning on going to Japan again? I hope it's Christmas, so I can catch her in Akihabara acting a fool to report back.

No. 588457

She said November but hasn't said the date I don't think

No. 588460

It's supposedly after Blizzcon, but we all know she's not going to that anyway. And if she is, she's getting called out, a lot of people I know that are going, despise her and would do it in a heartbeat. Will try to her footage of it if I can.

No. 588465

Her numbers don’t tell the story. I don’t think she has any high dollar tier chumps anymore. It’s all nickels and dimes now.

No. 588472

Sorry if this was already discussed and I missed it, but what happened to CuntCorsetry? Why is she no longer Moo's slave? I couldn't find the post where this happened.

No. 588475

this vid was posted threads ago, why are you posting this now exactly? Old news.

No. 588479

She's still doing shoddy work for Moo, she did the corsets for some of the costumes for this trainwreck of a project, I think just more under the table now.

No. 588480

File: 1539506191393.png (893.51 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2018-10-14-01-25-46…)

No. 588481

File: 1539506233845.png (906.37 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-10-14-01-30-08…)

They were screeching about turkey legs

No. 588482

File: 1539506262745.png (945.85 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2018-10-14-01-29-42…)

No. 588483

File: 1539506290835.png (1.04 MB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-10-14-01-27-45…)

No. 588485

File: 1539506341424.png (926.25 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-10-14-01-29-07…)

Forgot to mention sensei met up with them at the ren faire

No. 588486

While she doesn't look great, I definitely think this is at least a better color on her than blonde… She should really just never cosplay a blonde character because it doesn't look good on her face.

No. 588488

File: 1539507612854.png (875.49 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-10-14-01-58-41…)

No. 588490


bitch better not let the Goblin Slayer find her

No. 588491

I thought you didn't drink, Mariah?

No. 588493

Since when were there elves in the renaissance? Goddamn why does she have to weeb up history?

No. 588496

Sadly the stream got taken down cause of some copyright, but if /cgl made it through you might see her in the upcoming streams of it. It was quite a good laugh though as the commentators were talking about how much she has fucked up and how horrible she is

No. 588501

Alot of people do the whole magical medieval elf character thing at ren faires so it's not just Moo.

No. 588502

A b s o l u t e U n i t

No. 588504

She looks more and more like she has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

No. 588505


No. 588506

God, that Gucci waist pouch is hideous. Even by American Ren Faire standards, this is really out of place.

Agreed that brown hair looks much better on her, though.

Next /cgl/ match is in about 6 hours, at 19:00 UTC
/vg/ thread: >>>/vg/230968378

No. 588511

File: 1539516995838.png (516.05 KB, 640x480, black.png)

I know this is from days ago but UGH just realized it's an actual plot point in umineko how the witch's side is the BLACK pieces and the human's side is the WHITE pieces. Moo you absolute turd, you can't even get this right.

No. 588513

But anon, she didn't want the chess setup to match the story and feel of the series. It was just "inspired"by it. Her creative decision as biggest fan and #1 cosplay director you know?

No. 588515

Her hair is GOLDEN blonde which is also stated clearly in the VN. What with her being the Golden Witch and everything. Not platinum blonde you ass

No. 588516

It could maybe have worked if the cosplayer for Kanon had also been fat. But having a fat Beato, a fat Shannon and then a skinny Kanon… yeah no, Moo, you've fucked up big time

No. 588517

She would've been better off cosplaying all three of them, but of course Mariah "don't want to look like a dyke" Mallad would never cosplay a male character.

No. 588521

>goes to Ren Faire and wears Gucci fannypack

That thing is going to rot off her after wearing it so much. Already smells like a dead animal after she wore it for days with her same two pairs of leggings.

No. 588526

i hope she's giving the dress a viking burial.

it deserves as much.

No. 588542

I hope she didn't grope anybody over at the ren faire

No. 588543

given how far the laces are away from eachother–its clear she gave the wrong measurements. Corset tops should close a lot closer than that

No. 588544

Considering that I've seen everything from neon rainbow fursuits to old sissies in ita "lolita" at ren fests, Moo in her orc ears isn't really out of place.

Thots of all stripes, be they basic, insta, or cos- love going to ren fests to show off their bodies, it isn't shocking that Moo is all for doing it and getting plastered in the process.

No. 588548

Can you imagine how she would look as Kanon though? Like the berries and cream lad ate ALL of the berries and cream and in turn aged rapidly to a 40 year old.

No. 588555

I can just see it. The kids she has playing Kanon the moment they realize Momo's real self Mariah is going to start going "I made you" and all that other abuse she gave to her other cosplay 'friends' to try and keep them in line.

The EricVegus guy and antaras.cos are lost causes though.

No. 588556

that's exactly what will happen. only the worst part is that cosplayer isn't getting fame, just infamy from palling around with moo.

No. 588558

Fame from moos fans isn’t a good thing either though. There’s no winning working with her

No. 588559

Now I wish she did Kanon instead of the other person
This would have just made her whole dream project perfect

No. 588560

All corset backs should close with no more than 3” of space from grommet to grommet. Even with larger modesty panels.

No. 588562

i mean, she'd be able to close it if it was a real corset, but it's just a laced back.

No. 588572

Does she not do cam whoring anymore?

No. 588574

literally ctrl+f 'camversity' She hasnt touched camming in weeks.

No. 588577

She claims she took time off for the project.

No. 588587

She also said later that she’s not sure if she’s going to go back to it or not since it took up so much of her time. So all her littke contract with CamV is probably done. Really hope they didn’t give her all the money upfront

No. 588596

I doubt there was ever any kind of contract. She just says shit lies like that all the time. They thought she was going to come on and hoe it up. All she did was bore people and expose her real appearance to all her paypigs.

No. 588597

NTA but I think there must have been for her to wear pasties like she did.

She went from using the streams as her personal circle jerk wearing a dirty sweatshirt and no makeup, to dressing up and showing off her braless tits.

This screams $$$ on her end, especially since at the beginning she said she couldn't go topless for "reasons" and tips didn't matter.

No. 588598

Originally she was blatantly saying that 'tips didnt matter and that she was doing it to promote the site. We ALL know moo doesnt do ANYTHING if money or clout isnt involved. Didnt she herself say that she had to stream for a certain amount of days or was that just speculation?

This all just proves that she cant put proper time or effort into anything. She can BARELY keep up with Patreon even.

No. 588599

There was definitely a contract
It’s speculation if she got it ended early or not but we all know moo. She wouldn’t have done this if they weren’t handing her money

No. 588601


I’m sure there was a deal in place for her to do a couple of shows in order to bring traffic to the site. But they ended up dropping her for all the complaints they were getting about her from blocking and insulting people to flat out lying and refusing to give out rewards

No. 588602

Here's my timeline theory
>Moo before attempting to be sexy: On contract
>camversity tells her she has to promote people buying tips because that's how they get their money. Her 'promoting' by sitting there and looking like a gremlin isnt doing anything for them
>Moo starts to do the lewder stuff but uses vamplette more because she brings in more money
>Moo gets dropped for continuous failure to actually meet tip goals and not streaming as much as contracted and blocking people left and right (including people who gave her tips)
>Moo starts trying to sell old patreon content and starts doing pasties etc even more until dropping it because she's not getting paid enough

I think she was either paid a small amount up front or nothing at all. If she got paid full up front she would have quit after a week. The fact that even after she knew she was too lazy to do it (I'm taking a 2 week break my dudes) and she was so desperate to make it work? she was only getting paid the full amount after she fulfilled the time on her contract which she didnt.

No. 588604

She did say that. I forgot about it tbh. The first few days she was blocking people saying anything sexual to her too and people getting mad for using tags to trick them and lying about goals.

Moo just wants to scam.

No. 588605

As shit as camversity is, the cam community, especially people who run sites are super cutthroat when it comes to these kinds of scammers. She could have potentially put the whole site under fire. Especially if people chargeback the tips they bought, doing what she did just loses money for the guys at the top.

No. 588606

As shit as camversity is, the cam community, especially people who run sites are super cutthroat when it comes to these kinds of scammers. She could have potentially put the whole site under fire. Especially if people chargeback the tips they bought, doing what she did just loses money for the guys at the top.

No. 588607

Also they advertised her in Google search result and Insta.

No. 588613

File: 1539557199744.png (1.16 MB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-10-14-15-41-37…)

Moo is making her Morrigan alongside Misotokki, who is Lilith. It looks like she's trying Reagan's tutorial but failing as usual

No. 588614

File: 1539557307184.png (984.99 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-10-14-15-42-21…)

Tenderbroembrace styling Moo's Blair wig. Moo using her mice to the fullest extent lmao

No. 588616

File: 1539558097166.png (1.48 MB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2018-10-14-16-00-56…)

No. 588622

Its so bad..

No. 588624

File: 1539563044049.jpg (26.4 KB, 386x364, cozs7ha.jpg)

lol wat

No. 588635

I can’t wait to see how bad this looks on her peanut head.
The top of Blair’s dress will definitely be an unflattering cut for her. Her hammy arms and side boob/pit fat is going to look even worse in it being all squished to the top by her forest kun

No. 588637

I don't think I've ever seen a good looking Blair cosplay. Moo couldn't pull it off in any way

No. 588638

I don't think she intends on wearing the dress, she was originally going to do a bath shoot as Blair.

No. 588641

File: 1539567039877.jpeg (29.02 KB, 191x458, 9A8089B3-A0AB-48DA-8E1C-8321A1…)

A bit of a disappointment, her back boobs would have really taken center stage in this. Oh well, it will turn out to be a hilarious horror show no matter what she decides to wear (or not wear)

No. 588643

oh right she was copying that girl she was yelling at all night online, right

No. 588644

Watch it be worse than her milking cow set

No. 588645

File: 1539568039023.png (849.67 KB, 720x984, Screenshot_2018-10-14-18-44-57…)

No. 588646

that isn't what that meant…

No. 588647

i dont even know what shes trying to do in this picture

if your brain can 100% determine that, youre a better person than me

also the water isnt even fucking blue in that pic so whats with the quote fuck

No. 588648

God that just looks trashy as fuck. There was no attempt to recreate the character and she was proud of her work on this??

No. 588650


Over 6k likes. She got what she wanted out of this.

No. 588653

no? that's not many at all. how many are bought? who knows.

No. 588654

>implying most of them aren't bought

No. 588655

File: 1539569266417.png (388.28 KB, 720x1039, Screenshot_2018-10-14-19-05-53…)

No. 588656


ooh something's bout to happen.

No. 588657


The kid put more effort into Moo's dream project than she did.

No. 588658

Or she's just friends with someone that is working with Moo. Nothing will happen

No. 588659

you new? steff hates moo.

No. 588660

No, anon, I'm just saying not everything's a confrontational interaction.

No. 588661

When your mom has to like your IG posts

No. 588662

it is with moo.

No. 588663

What is that ribbon hanging off her hip? our left side. It's definitely in the water, right?

No. 588665

Her apron tails, I assume.

No. 588667

Yeah, but not with Steff, who largely takes the high ground and ignores direct confrontation with moo. I don't think anything is going to happen, though if it does it'll be from moo

No. 588668

NTA, but steff was spilling milk about moo a few months ago and moo loves to try to throw shade.

It's not highly unlikely that someone will talk shit.

No. 588671

Her left eye is drooping into the ocean. Must have given it the Onision treatment.

No. 588672

The most recent time was last month when Vamp started all that shit with the costhots and threw Steff into it.

No. 588675

File: 1539573320844.png (754.15 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2018-10-14-20-12-29…)

At Moo's? Upset?

No. 588677

File: 1539574118254.png (695.64 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-10-14-20-24-58…)

I'm confused…Moo is out buying fucking PINECONES and these sweatshop mice are making parts of her Blair?

No. 588678

File: 1539574289045.png (1.28 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-10-14-20-29-48…)

No. 588679

File: 1539574321434.png (996.24 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-10-14-20-25-58…)

No. 588681

For a moment i was disgusted at the idea of moo cosplaying Himiko but tbh seeing her in a seifuku will be the funniest thing in the world especially since the scarf is already incredibly inaccurate.

No. 588682

I think it's Vamps.

No. 588683

That's the usual.

No. 588691

She didn't even bother to shoop in the tattoo, and that basic instahoe caption has nothing to do with Shannon at all, what in the actual fuck.

No. 588692

Damn bitch u live like this?

No. 588695

she flexes a lot of money but is basically throwing it all away as that costume hits the beach.

Can she really not come up with better locations that actually fit the character? This is like her 4th time using a beach.

What happened to her bragging about being such a great decorator during her Tsunade shoot?

No. 588696

It's not like her fat ass will be able to wear them again anyways.

No. 588698

File: 1539578828765.png (1.09 MB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2018-10-14-21-46-15…)

No. 588700

Her eyes look like roaches or something.

No. 588705

Wouldn't it be funny if her Sweatshop workers made the costume inaccurate on purpose just to fuck with her? I think that's why her costumes doesn't look too good.

No. 588709


I think that the reason this dumbass has to resort to the beach and oceans is simple- she gets BTFO every fucking time she does one of her stupid ass "big builds" because she lacks the permits, the manners, the money or the ability to figure out red tape that are necessary to ever get anywhere (IE the ship shoot, the current shit tier she is spewing about) Afaik shooting at the beach is free.

No. 588712

I’ve always thought this

No. 588734

Holy shit she's holding the apron up to fake some kind of shape to her skirt. Because it's supposed to be a bell-shaped skirt. Why is it so SHORT and tight oh my god (it's because she gave the wrong measurements, I know, but still, it looks horrendous)

No. 588738

Nah, they're just really bad at sewing.

No. 588739

what about that shit studio she rented out? why didn't she just stay for the whole 3 days?

No. 588744

Watch the cats eat these and get sick. Can't believe she left people in her apartment working on her costumes and went out for scented pinecones like a basic bitch.

No. 588750

I'm guessing because Antares had to work on Shannon and human Beatrice, she couldn't finish Featherine in time, therefore they couldn't finish shooting everything in the shitty studio.

Antares said she'll work on Featherine once she returned to Vegas, but here >>588675 she seemed to be working on Moo's Morrigan wings? Why did Moo plan two extra cosplays anyway? I thought she's putting all her effort in the Umineko project, didn't she say she'll debut the film on Halloween? How is she supposed to finish everything on time?

No. 588751

This is exactly what I'm thinking. She should be editing her shitty magnum opis, not working (and by this I mean her slaves) on new cosplays and buying basic bitch fall shit.

She could be doing the video while the mice work, but based on her track record I find this doubtful. Wonder which lucky slave will get stuck with all the work while Moo reaps all the credit this time.

No. 588753

Even all the faux corsets and lace up tops I've made have fit correctly, it's about using the proper measurments which she didn't.

No. 588762

File: 1539616492530.png (1.5 MB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-10-15-08-14-05…)

I am confusion

No. 588768


Pretty much this. She shows up to places thinking she can just start filming without any permits and gets told to get the fuck out when she gets caught. She thinks all the red tape solely exists to rip her off and leech more money from her by greedy unprofessional business owners.

No. 588778

Wait so this isn't for Moo?

No. 588779

kek maybe moo will borrow it for 'boudoir' because she cant fit/would look awful in the standard costume, then pass it off to someone with less back boobs lmao

No. 588787

It's exciting to think about Blizzcon being after this fiasco of a video comes out. She can look extra selfish ans stupid before going.
She made a point of mentioning in her cam shows that she was going INSIDE Blizzcon this year, no doubt to avoid haters more since she doesn't play anything, but they can go inside too.

No. 588791

I can't wait for blizzcon to come around she is going to be humiliated all over again. No one will want anything to do with her so i'm hoping she'll start drama out of frustration

No. 588792



Moo reminds me of the scene in Police Academy where they run out of fence talking shit. She isn't going to Blizzcon unless its to drive by and hope nobody sees her.
She KNOWS this isn't over with her Bill Cosplay bullshit. and no amount of posing and pretending will change that. She reads here and We all know that it may not be front burner, but it certainly is still on the stove.

Also- love that her stupid and pathetic "passion projects" are always ahead of anything remotely interesting to her patreons. But hey, I am sure it goes something like "Oh I got 5 minutes, whip out a sideboob, filthy nonfitting Bikini, 9 pictures of the one pose, voila! done for the month.

No. 588795

What gets me is how much Moo makes out her 'job' is so hard on her. She commissions costumes, relies on Amazon and Aliexpress, does the simplest of lewd photo sets that require little to no effort, doesn't get invited to cons or events that are very demanding, doesn't put nearly as enough passion as other costhots do in their Patreon rewards and barely goes near her sewing machine. As a cosplayer she is really fucking shit and terrible at it.

No. 588805

cause moo is a child who has never done any actual work.

No. 588806

File: 1539630614284.png (859.3 KB, 720x1175, Screenshot_2018-10-15-12-08-46…)

No. 588807

moo's life seems so damn unfulfilling man.

No. 588808

>inb4 old meme
kill it with fire before it lays eggs

No. 588809

Guess Miso is firmly up Moo's ass for a while, suddenly they're spending more time together. Such a lovely and fake friendship.

No. 588810

File: 1539632027818.png (1.04 MB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2018-10-15-12-33-10…)

No. 588811

Miso and tenderbro need that coin

No. 588814


It usually gets brought back to the forefront when she decides to make a public appearance. Which results in her getting told to sit the fuck back down and everyone roasting her and her running back home to cry to Vamp and any of the remaining leeches like what happened at EVO. If she would have stayed out of the public eye then maybe people might start to forget about her. But that’s exactly what she doesn’t wants and desperately wants to be the center of attention

No. 588817

I 1000000% agree with that statement. I constantly wonder how she fills her days besides sitting on social media and eating. I don't work (make good investments kids) but I still have things to do to fill up the time that dont involve stuffing my face and screeching at people. I'd honestly love if she did a whole vlog of just her entire day. No breaks, camera rolling the whole time. Just to see what exactly goes on in a day for Moo. Doesn't work on cosplay, has no job, small group of friends but even they seem to do stuff, no SO to even spend time with. Like…what does she even do?! I'm so confused.

No. 588820


I assume it’s her mostly sleeping all day, watching anime and stuffing her face until her friends come over to do more of the same. With if course ducking around on social media that she isn’t banned from or some corner where she isn’t completely despised and occasionally checking what’s being said about her on here so she knows what to flex about on Instagram.

No. 588822

All she knows how to do is spend money. It’s the only thing she is good at. Her film project will probably never see the light of day. Too much work to actually finish.

No. 588824

I can still remember the look on her face when she saw that she ended up being recorded at EVO even though she was trying to lay low. She went as for as blaming it on her cousins who looked bored to tears.

No. 588825

If she stuck to her promises in her albeit shitty apology, no one would even be talking about her anymore

But she fucked it up literally a week later

No. 588828


I don’t think anyone was buying that “B-but my cousins wanted to go and I wanted to show them a good time” bullshit. They looked completely bored as shit like she obviously dragged them there to help shield her from anyone potentially calling her out for being there. Same as when she drags her parents along to cons. She thinks having family with her will protect her.


Funny that Vamp was the one who told her she needed to step back and take a break. But she didn’t want to hear any of it because “B-but what if people forget about me?!” I’m sure at this point she wishes they had considering she can’t ever show her face without being met with a wave of hate and being roasted and memed into oblivion.

No. 588831

File: 1539636689386.png (825.16 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-10-15-13-48-04…)

Why are these people using barge on the carpet unprotected?

No. 588832

Doesn't Moo's house have a garage they could be using?

No. 588833

Because Moo didn't kill Jaeda the first, second, or third times she did that shit, might as well keep at it!

No. 588834

i dunno why but that chilled drink on the table with no coaster triggers me.

Also, why does Mariah keep saying 'it's lit!!' in all her recent instagram stories??

No. 588835

I was just thinking that! As a city cosplayer, it's a dream to have a garbage to use things for cosplay that involves chemicals and glue without worry. Moo has that, but chooses to use it on her carpet. Extremely dangerous for both humans and cats to inhale.

Doesn't she rent this place too??

No. 588839


>have a garbage

So your autocorrect knows moo's life too huh?

No. 588841

like "my dude(s)" and "it's a bop" before it, it's a saying she'll surely repeat to the point of it losing meaning

No. 588843

Will "lewd Velma" be updated in the drive files? I can't wait

No. 588844

Honestly I can’t imagine she does much. She seems mentally unwell and unmotivated to do anything. I can imagine she wakes up and eats and gets as stoned as humanly possible and sleeps and watches whatever new garbage is on Netflix while constantly updating her Instagram feed and keeping tabs on what is said here. It’s what happens when you become complacent and you’re lazy by nature

No. 588845


Seems like her new favorite thing is to knowingly use phrases and sayings incorrectly knowing that it will annoy everyone just so that she can come back and say “Trololololol it’s just a joke! Y u so mad my dude?”

No. 588847

File: 1539641762029.jpg (84.2 KB, 720x960, 43879730_1464787056999572_4168…)

Holy shit, I thought she was laying on some pillows, those thighs cant be real, can they? They look massive.

No. 588850

… those thighs. That cellulite. Her leaning forward is to hide her stomach fat even.

Also is that the same bra from the Tsunade shoot?

No. 588851

I didn't see that. haha. Yes, sorry. I meant garage.

Those thighs are all fat and no muscle. Yikes.. She really is getting bigger.

No. 588852

Please post more, amazing anon

No. 588854

File: 1539643072002.png (926.42 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-10-15-15-33-46…)

No. 588855

File: 1539643122464.png (921.45 KB, 720x1019, Screenshot_2018-10-15-15-34-39…)

Its not body positive unless meitu works overtime

No. 588856

File: 1539643181569.png (805.83 KB, 720x1021, Screenshot_2018-10-15-15-34-25…)

No. 588857

File: 1539643209087.png (801.74 KB, 1080x1521, Screenshot_20181015-183931~2.p…)

>im so asexual, my dudes!

No. 588858

Is she resusing her Shannon wig?

No. 588859

Jesus even the carpet almost looks smooth.

She looks like she’s about to puke.

No. 588863


Yikes at people paying for this dreck. It's the same thing over and over with a bad wig and worse makeup.

No. 588864

>>588850 Definitely the same bra.

I would love to see a side by side comparison between these recent Velma shoots, and her Velma shoots from 2 or 3 years ago just to see how much weight she gained in-between recycled ideas.

No. 588866

Can't wait to see Antares truss up Moo like a diseased ham again, it is going to be a bop!

No. 588867

that single pumpkin at the corner lmao her first velma set had more of a halloween feel than this one

No. 588868

File: 1539644011370.png (2.38 MB, 1508x2048, Screenshot_20181015-185200.png)

Wig still isn't the right length. Looks like she's reusing the sweater, too.
She has the easiest job but Mariah fucks up constantly and never learns.

No. 588869

WAit, when she claim asexual?

No. 588870

I'm definitely about to puke pffft

No. 588871

Just another one of her lies. No one paid attention to it

She cant even be bothered to cut the wig. It's a hot mess

No. 588872

She kept claiming she wasn't sexual at all

No. 588873

File: 1539644394165.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.44 MB, 3600x2025, behemothvelma.jpg)

dunno if that helps you out much. i'm not the greatest at this lmao

No. 588875

What a fucking embarrassment. Passion project pics was a fat fail, better lewd a character I already cosplayed to get my neckbeard love. That filter is working at full force too.

No. 588876

It's even sadder that she did the first one to try and do it before some other costhot she bullied and harassed

No. 588877

She's just a NEET with money.

t. NEET with no money

No. 588878


Yup. Passion project completely bombed. Gotta get those neckbeards back with trashy sexual pics.

No. 588879

She lost her lenses but based on the angles it's too soon to make other comparisons until we have the set with hopefully better poses than the 1st time around

No. 588881

That face tape is doing work

No. 588882

I think so LMAO

No. 588883

Her FB and Instagram are getting wrecked with negative comments. I'm surprised she decided to do sets when she JUST said she was shooting more Umineko at home? Actually…I take it back. I'm not.

No. 588884

False. Patreon-Anon here. Nothing has been updated on Patreon at all. Unless she plans to do it later, but don't promise something you haven't posted yet and basically make people sign up for something that isn't there in the first place first.

No. 588885

It says she’s shooting it today calm down Dwight Schrute

No. 588886

File: 1539648492174.png (489.49 KB, 578x523, right on time cow.png)

She's posting selfies on instagram rather than the platform that actually pays her. She's promoting images on Patreon when they aren't yet in order to get easy $10 pledges. Its not unheard of to post before you start telling people to sign up. Most Patreon thots do? But RIGHT after I posted that btw. She's right on cue all the time.

No. 588887

File: 1539648508580.png (719.88 KB, 563x750, post_file (1).png)

No. 588888

That ass flatter than a pancake in Kansas.

No. 588890

Can you post caps?

No. 588892

File: 1539649648738.jpg (258.52 KB, 720x773, vaccuma.jpg)

her ass looks like someone deflated it
it's so fucking goofy looking. The filters aren't doing her any favors

No. 588893

wtf is this pose? it looks like she didn't realize her camera was on. her nose is so red and shiny too, save it for christmas, moo.

i love these edits anon i'm rolling.

No. 588895

Unmade bed. Screens in the background just randomly placed and not covering crappy blinds on windows with no curtains. Face transplant from a silicone sex doll. Explain to me again how this stupid girl claims to be an international model and cosplay creator???

No. 588900

She should trademark that dead forced open eye stare

No. 588905

Wide and flat!

No. 588907

File: 1539653981721.png (1.37 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-10-15-16-09-13…)

No. 588908

File: 1539654033929.png (Spoiler Image, 788.91 KB, 1191x720, Screenshot_2018-10-15-18-32-51…)

Spoilered because zombie tits

No. 588909

File: 1539654116277.png (1.02 MB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2018-10-15-18-34-29…)

Tenderbro said this was for a Nami from One Piece set but Moo is also wearing a black swimsuit sooo

No. 588910

File: 1539654152536.png (1.38 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-10-15-18-33-19…)

No. 588911

i can't wait to see this idiot try shibari with mf chains.

No. 588914


I wonder if she is gonna reuse that Plat blonde wig on Rangiku as well

No. 588915

Has she even watched Bleach? Or did she just find another character with big tits?

No. 588916

Probably the latter

It would be funny if Bleach suddenly became her next dream poject

No. 588917

Bleach is long. No way she's even watched an episode. Just big boobs + a generic series she can pretend to be a fan of. You know, that thing she griped at others for doing.

No. 588918

I thought it was Forest kun she used in her Tsunade cosplay?

No. 588920

Wow sorta called it when someone upthread said "throw a shitty bikini on do 9 poses call it good" man I hope to be around when her patreon collapses under her weight … And how lowly she thinks of her patrons.

No. 588922


Definitely the later. No doubt she just googled “anime big tits” and picked the first option. The only characters she goes for are the ones with gigantic tits practically falling out.

No. 588923

Is it on Netflix?

No. 588924

Momo wasn't even on her dads meal plan for a day

No. 588925

No. 588927

File: 1539656758265.png (392.94 KB, 750x718, 4mPQIBP.png)

the absolute state of her tits.. pathetic. its like all her vainness and cancerous behavior solidified and ruined the one aspect that got her famous- i'd say the same of her ass but apparently she lied that off around the 12th grade. i've seen tranny, estrogen fueled man tits that look less horrifyingly necrotic. i wonder if they hurt. they look like something they would've used to beat private pyle with in Full Metal Jacket as he slept. like weights used to anchor down tarps. like if someone took caulking and just filled gym socks. i havent seen veins that prominent since visited my great grandmother. the only reason this bitch uses micro bikinis is because her skin stretched and gave up the moment she lost the last shred of self esteem. there is no lift. no life in those tits. a microbikini would look best if and only if she shot from an upwards angle. god. they look blue, like frost bitten. i wish there were a hotline to call to report the abuse.

No. 588928

Then she's prob been binge watching it while she does other shit. (like… eat? browse here? I dunno)

No. 588932

I know this whole thread is jealous chestlet sticks but holy shit >>588927 you but be tushy trauma'd hard.

No. 588935

Is that even English?

No. 588936

I wonder if she even knows the rank of this character in soul society. ugh

No. 588937

tits dont count on fat bitches, anon ;) her breasts have been absolutely ruined by her lipo and constant illfitting bras. not my fault

No. 588938

Yeah you right anon. them poor titties don't deserve this. What did they ever do to anyone to get treated this way? Boob vein-chan needs to be put in a foster home.

No. 588939

>tits dont count on fat bitches, anon ;)

Lol, yes they do.
Also, on the grand scale of fatness this bitch is small time.
Stay mad, little miss ironing board.(stop)

No. 588941

File: 1539658533088.png (139.59 KB, 500x522, 7433D4B2-87F1-41C5-918F-64A928…)

Nope. Moo herself said they don’t.

No. 588942

you'd be better off on the #HAES tag on tumblr. moo rekt her body with unchecked narcism and depressive eating. we can mourn it as we please.

No. 588943

I think we figured out what momokunt is doing right now.

No. 588944

not my fault she's a retard in denial about her own weight

No. 588945

ITT: everyone who doesnt have gross sloppy tits is jealous. moos well aware of her weight thats why she's sucked and shopped every bit of glutinous jelly she's forced into her body(stop)

No. 588947

>gross sloppy tits

Yep, you're jealous alright.

No. 588948

Ignore the bait. It's just derailment

No. 588949


No. 588950

bet, theres always ONE anon that comes to this thread to defend her breasts when someone comments how pitiful they are. either a disgruntled fatty-chan, vamps, or moo herself.

No. 588951

Daaayuum anon, you wrecked her so hard you go her (or a whiteknight/calf) in here barking back and forth lol!

Gotta add, her tits are even nastier than Chel Hellbunny’s now. Chell’s are gross…but Moo’s… whew, lad. I think you described those sad sacks perfectly

No. 588952

Aren't they all hanging out rn? shit I can't even remember all their names lol probs gotta get the attention away from her flat ass or something who knows

No. 588954

wouldn't doubt it. her other "friends" (ig employees would be a better term since they're paid to be around) are gone, all she has left is vamp. it's pretty obvious too; every time vamp is left out for moo to be with other people, she always comes home to her and gives her pet toady attention. wouldn't bet lurkette was reading here out of jealousy after being left out of moo's project, considering she's her best friend.

No. 588956

can you hear those mammaries crying for help because momo refuses to get a bikini in her size

No. 588958

When she sees a new cuck to try and succ into love.

No. 588959

It's only the first arc on Netflix.
I hope she tries to make it. Her attempt at Hakama are sure to be hilarious.

No. 588960

Isn't this what she bought for Bowsette?

No. 588961

no it was a gold/black bikini

No. 588962

But anon, how can she be like her hentais if she isn't strangling her lard sacks with a too-small bikini?!

Moo, learn how to make a tiny bikini in your massive size, that is some basic level cosplay shit.

No. 588963

her corset doesn't have a bra

No. 588964

moo uses regular bikinis for her micros.

No. 588965

I'm almost certain it was this one in her amazon buy and she just grabbed the gold trim one to one up Gabby in time

No. 588966

File: 1539664135463.png (1.6 MB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2018-10-15-21-26-18…)

LMAO posted this 3 hours ago. I just checked Sabrina's instastories..lo and behold. Imagine being THIS petty

No. 588967

Jesus why is her nose so MASSIVE in these. Glasses do her no favor

No. 588968

Oh my god, the same exact picture and everything. For one mooing about VENDETTA'S all the time, you sure love nursing them in your shriveled up black heart, Mariah.

No. 588969

Same fucking picture too

No. 588970

Lmao. Mariah is still fucking pissed at Sabrina for unfriending her. Stay mad Momo it's hilarious. I hope Sabrina is lurking and see's this

No. 588971

As someone who’s gotten lipo at Moo’s age you can tell a lot of her current grossness comes from poor post-surgery aftercare - she def did not keep a wrap on like recommended so now her skin is incredibly loose.

No. 588972

File: 1539664716417.png (1.11 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2018-10-15-21-21-35…)

Mariah has been MIA the whole day. Vamps came over to visit and antares, Miso, and Tenderbroembrace have been working on her costumes. Must be rush watching Bleach

No. 588973

File: 1539664954906.png (688.98 KB, 720x1189,