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File: 1423296384485.jpg (23.12 KB, 600x375, B1ctdElCEAEX3Ve.jpg)

No. 47139

The old "Shit from Tumblr" thread is autosaging.

Since I've been noticing and influx of tumblrinas on this board, I decided to make a new one.

SO basically post SJW bullshit, fresh lolcows and similar

Old thread: >>374

No. 47140

File: 1423296417992.jpg (164.23 KB, 566x1111, klk.jpg)

Also posting this

No. 47143

No place is safe from SJW bullshit it feels anymore. Well unless you want to go full on opposite crazy like /pol/.

No. 47144

>even if your doing something illegal.

Muh nigga what.

No. 47146


To be fair given the scale of police brutality in the states I am kind of with them on this.

No. 47147

Im with you on that part, but they were saying if if they are doing something illegal dont call the poo poo on dem.

No. 47152

Are you retarded? Someone is commiting a crime and you won't call the police because?

No. 47153

Because they are disabled, illegal immigrant PoC and are opressrd! Even though they just stole that man's brand new car!!

(It hurts so much to right that, I'm sorry)

No. 47155

haHAHAH oh boy that's dumb.
incredibly self aware that they identify with a poison type pokemon that never shut their mouths.

No. 47163


Are you blind, death as well as retarded or have you just not been keeping up with the news?

Eric Garner was doing something illegal, selling cigarettes without giving the government their protection money. The police were called and now he's dead.

Are you one of those idiots who believe the police can never do anything wrong and that people who commit minor infractions deserve massive punishment and/or death?

No. 47164

If the police were an infallible group of impartial individuals who only want to bring justice, you would have a point, but they're not.
There is evidence that people who are disabled and/or not white suffer the most from police brutality. If you are both mentally ill and black, the police can literally be a death sentence.

No. 47177

Yes but what if there's a life-threatening situation where only the cops could dissolve the situation? Yes there has been an influx of police brutality, but there are times when you can't wait. Sometimes you just gotta call 911 and hope like hell you didn't get one of the racist ones.

No. 47178

If you are staying in a country illegally and are stupid enough to fuck around with the law, your ass deserves to get deported.

But oh yeah, cry racism, but immigrant must = Mexican, so therefor discrimination right?

No. 47182

The post is referring to the victims of crime being at risk of police brutality or deportation, duh.

No. 47191

Wtf are these shitty arguments, I just came to laugh at SJW and Tumblr fads

No. 47199


No. 47203

File: 1423333058452.jpeg (234.03 KB, 363x480, police-brutality.jpeg)

>>Police brutality wheeeeh muh baby trey trey wheeeh cops in Ferguson be all racist for arresting us and sheet wheeeeeeeeh

No. 47205

Yes. I didn't mean it figuratively.

More often than not, the police show up AFTER something horrible has already happened, not before or just in time.
The most you can expect is that they find the criminal after you've been attacked or worse, and then if you happen to be the victim but not white or any other group less likely to go through police brutality, like >>47182 said, you could still get fucked over and shot/tazed/etc for having your hands in your pockets or not being responsive because you're just unlucky as fuck. I'll stop now because the thread is getting derailed.

>Oh, shit son! A badly drawn comic and an unironic shitpost! You sure look stupid now!

No. 47208

Please stop derailing the thread with your shit, no1curr

Now can we please get back on topic people?

No. 47211

Related to OP's picture: That appears to be the Foodie trait, not the Glutton trait, on the Tumblrina Sim. Otherwise, it's spot on.

Also, The Sims 4 sucks because EA sucks.

No. 47217

Are you that anon who got mad that Asians on here and/or whites who lived in Asian countries told you off in the Peenus thread?

No. 47220

File: 1423338583297.jpg (54.99 KB, 480x480, 37920077.jpg)

No. 47253

File: 1423346376002.png (163.72 KB, 978x745, http://40.media.tumblr.com/513…)

No. 47257

They really are female neckbeards, aren't they

No. 47259

Where have there been any tumblrites?

No. 47266

I love hit like this

No. 47268

i hate that tumblrtards have overtaken the police brutality wagon. I live in a city where the police ARE notoriously corrupt and have been videoed multiple times pepper spraying innocent civilians.

>but think about MUH triggers!!!!!

No. 47278

File: 1423353120299.jpg (38.29 KB, 519x352, 39c.jpg)

just for you anon

No. 47279

File: 1423353135637.jpg (109.49 KB, 593x600, 593px-Breedism.jpg)

I have a whole SJW folder

No. 47280

File: 1423353181057.png (265.15 KB, 362x332, PrivCheck.png)


No. 47281

File: 1423353231513.png (13.61 KB, 710x295, tumblr_mjgkdkbR7D1ryeto5o1_128…)

No. 47282

File: 1423353310129.png (22.47 KB, 430x447, 139227676896.png)

No. 47292

God bless you.

No. 47294

I hate people like this,they will scream your racist/homophobic for not wanting to stick your dick in me/date me.

No. 47310

One time someone said if you're not attracted/willing to date someone who's transgendered, you're "Transphobic"

No. 47324

Don't get it.

No. 47330

I think its cause the flowers are white.

No. 47335

At first I thought they're referencing frivolous rape charges (ex. "He looked at me, I feel sexually assaulted!"), but of course Tumblr proved to be more retarded than I give it credit for.

Also, "huge intersection between race and disability"? Is she implying non-white people are retarded or majorly disabled? whut?

No. 47360

At first I thought, "how damn nasty do you have to be for a guy to pick the goat?"

Then I saw your comment and realized they were trans and complaining that guys won't have sex with them. Someone needs to sit this kid down and explain that guys don't want to fuck other guys, unless they themselves are bi or gay. Thinking/wishing you're a woman doesn't magically make you one.

No. 47362

File: 1423378945527.jpg (261.77 KB, 1280x736, tumblr_neukoxte441u0r0dgo1_128…)

No. 47369

File: 1423383021938.gif (520.43 KB, 245x225, tumblr_n1imjk63Nt1qlvwnco2_250…)

You've hit the nail on the head.

No. 47377

Was that in the comments on the GG leisure suit Larry 6 video? Man SJW's were flippin their shit that Dan said "Oh shit she is a he" when the lady put a condom on her dick ready to rape Larry. And another potion freaked out because Larry was puking in the video game because he made out with a girl with a dong and how transphobic that was.

No. 47396

File: 1423403818669.jpg (87.68 KB, 718x600, 99.jpg)

pretty much

No. 47399

One must be excused, but our preferred pronoun is the royal they.

No. 47400

File: 1423404004762.jpg (130.88 KB, 908x870, 1418695767383-0.jpg)

Not to mention that they're probs hideous

No. 47401

File: 1423404026901.jpg (294.97 KB, 1500x970, 1374710378906 (1).jpg)

pronouns, LEARN THEM

No. 47402

File: 1423404046646.png (49.38 KB, 500x350, ffd.png)

No. 47403

File: 1423404126122.png (23.54 KB, 489x296, tumblr_mgw8mjQYlZ1ryeto5o1_500…)

No. 47407

>Im a straight girl, but lets pretend i am not okay

I really hope this girl is mocking tumblr and not serious

No. 47408

When I read the pronouns on the side, it reminded me of that Dovakiin language.

No. 47419

File: 1423411186241.jpg (106.48 KB, 500x670, tumblr_mhyvoyGfpO1qlapl8o1_500…)

Girlfag is a genuine thing on dumblr.

No. 47420

File: 1423411206387.jpg (65.91 KB, 607x514, PXneJtb.jpg)

No. 47422


I have never found anything on tumblr more pathetic than "girlfags", and that's saying something. Basically they're fujoshits that give themselves a more tumblr-y sounding label so they can claim to be 'opressed'.

No. 47424

File: 1423411631887.jpg (53.64 KB, 564x481, tumblr_mjd8meGS3r1ryeto5o1_128…)

No. 47425


>BAWWWWWW I like men who take care of their appearance, but guys like that are only interested in girls who take care of their appearance, stop fat h8ing me!!!

>The only girl who got any attention was my friend's FUCKING MOODY SKINNY TWIG BITCH AND US FATTIES ARE CUTER THAN HER ANYWAY WHY IS SHE THE ONE WHO GETS HIT ON but I'm not hating on her or anything

No. 47435

Being cat called is not the worst thing to happen to you.(even though its rude as hell) being raped or killed she be something you worry about more, but those are still less likely to happen. Jfc tumblr.

No. 47437

Yes. I'm shocked no sjw has called them out on it, or some fake trans kid.

No. 47440

Have a better attitude for one. Also maybe lose some weight.

No. 47450

What really piss me off with most of the tumblr SJW crew is they don't realise they're only dealing with american-specific problems and this whole pronouns stuff is a glaring example. In a lot of countries, this would never applies as there's no neutral pronouns like they, or sometimes words have genders so you don't need the whole "xir dishes".

If they'd preface anything with "In the USA, there's a huge problem of blabla" but nooo every white person must be in a position of power everywhere in the world (as if my half white, half black friend wasn't bullied on her mom's island because whitey are seen as sluts)

No. 47476

Excuse me while i go and shoot myself.

Cat calls are rude as hell, but i would be a pretty happy girl if that was the worst that could happen to you. I mean i can imagine more terrifying things like date rape.

So much baww. Maybe skinny girl was moody because of your terrible attitude.

No. 47534

File: 1423427922175.jpg (151.52 KB, 904x634, 1418675501061.jpg)

she didnt even get catcalled, she DREAMT of it

No. 47535

File: 1423427933895.jpg (34.44 KB, 600x500, otherkinproblems.jpg)

No. 47536

File: 1423427997483.png (4.35 KB, 377x143, tumblr_m7s3flkKpS1ryeto5o1_400…)

pretty much
well they classify it as being queer, so if you call them out on it you lose sjw cred

No. 47537

File: 1423428007501.png (13.77 KB, 691x231, tumblr_mqpnk3fhTv1ryeto5o1_128…)

No. 47540

Those comments. Shit like this makes me go full rage-mode.

No. 47552

This attitude is so irritating. Jfc loving yourself and knowing you deserve to be treated as someone thinner does not mean that people should find you equally as attractive as the thin person (Btw fatties if you really love yourself you would cherish your body and feed it whats best as well as give it the exercise it craves).

Anyway, this bitch doesn't even realize that she's saying "b-but my personality should make up for my appearance, though remember #fat=/=unattractive!" Like so the fuck what if you were supposedly a joy to be around that night and your friends cousin was being a bitch. Most people aren't solely/initially attracted to personalities (correct me if I'm wrong, isn't that why pansexual is an orientation or whatever?).

Tl;dr acceptance =/= attraction. Sometimes I seriously wonder how much this whole fat acceptance movement is going to skew a lot of girls perception of what people should expect of them when they're first seen. Just because they're not made fun of they're supposed to think that the person is physically attracted to them? Or worse, that if a guy hits on a thin woman, he has to follow it up by hitting on a fat one or risk "fat shaming?"

No. 47553

For a second I wondered if >neautral was a new term.

No. 47557

What the fuck? Did some fat fetishist site raid the comment section?

No. 47559

She has a great toned body, I hate all these fatties crying over every slim person.

No. 47560

The fuck…..? Was this posted on some BBW facebook page? And Megan, you're a fucking idiot. Look at those abbs, she's fit as fuck. She's not even that skinny, she just has muscle tone. I blame black culture for this shit. We never had this skinny bashing until Niki Minaj and black girls getting jealous of white girls.

No. 47565

Oddly, I see where you're coming from. Fat white girls back in the day were usually homely, quiet bitches who knew their place while black fat bitches were the ones eager to throw it in your face about how "curvy" and "juicy" they were. Then, we got cunts like Meghan all about muh bass XDDD shit trying to act like a sassy black girl and nobody bats an eye.

No. 47572

"They" should just be made an acceptable neutral pronoun like it was for most of its history. Even if you don't take into account that some people might not want to be called male or female for whatever reason, "they" is less clumsy than "he or she" and using "he" as the default sounds sexist in English.

No. 47577

File: 1423431559007.jpg (113.8 KB, 500x748, tumblr_inline_ndkgzizpCw1rtdvx…)

>honor muh curves

No. 47580

File: 1423431819706.jpg (45.86 KB, 612x380, 1423362969474.jpg)

>tfw meghan trainor's birth date is december 22, 1993
>she only turned 21 recently

No. 47581

She aint that fat though.

No. 47583

That chin though.

No. 47585

Yes she is. She can't pull it off at all, so it looks especially bad.

No. 47590

That man face, shit.
Why the fuck did she make a hate song? Who didn't date her? Who wouldn't take her to the prom in high school?

No. 47617

It will never cease to amuse me that she sings a song about how much sexier big girls are over thin girls, while wearing clothing to hide her pudge and make her look a bit thinner.

No. 47633

File: 1423439548328.png (2.52 MB, 2000x3000, 1404500056543.png)

have more raeg fuel

No. 47634

File: 1423439585156.jpg (51.84 KB, 500x500, DCPViolence.jpg)

No. 47635

File: 1423439644121.png (449.38 KB, 532x465, err.png)

they think that if you can fit comfortably in an airplane seat, you're anorexic

No. 47639

File: 1423440595561.png (252.04 KB, 635x615, 1418674158517-4.png)

No. 47641

Wtf why does she look so old! Damn she ugly. How did she become famous?

No. 47642

File: 1423440764327.png (63.75 KB, 741x563, BTmQ8L9.png)

No. 47651

>soft femme
>it's a hairy fat guy


No. 47655

>Suzanne Goldenberg

You know I can really see why /pol/'s narrative is appealing to so many people.

No. 47656

eugh what the fuck her foundation is so blotchy

No. 47665

>a song about how much sexier big girls are over thin girls,
that's not what the song is about, though

No. 47678

Its supposed to be about accepting yourself, and I'm all for that, but she didn't have to include thin hate in the MV and the song.

No. 47679

its just like another shoah, those goys saving the planet without us

No. 47684

>a dream

No. 47732

The Les Mis one, omg.

No. 47736

Yes it is, to men.

No. 47740

I like these, but shouldn't they go in the HAES thread?

No. 47742

Wow what sandy cunts. That girl looks fine,not anorexic.
>hurrrr skinnyshaming don't exist
Well this is a clear example fucking rude to tell a girl to eat a burger or tell her the dog is the only thing to keep her from blowing away.

No. 47743

I like the 'she's not even fit, I bet she doesn't have any muscle, just another underweight skinny girl' comments when you can clearly see she has abs. So many fatties in denial, mad about the fact that they don't look like her and trying desperately to make it a social standard that anyone (or just any woman) under 130lbs is 'anorexic' or 'unhealthy' to make themselves feel better.

No. 47746

>tights under shorts
Is this a tumblr thing? Everybody I've met who does it is really annoying

No. 47748

I don't know lots of people do that, at least during winter 'cus cold. But I just fucking can't with those galaxy thighs though, I mean they're all right but don't suit a lot of outfits so they look stupid on 99% of girls.

No. 47769

I'll wear solid-color ones… mainly black, tbh. Sometimes ones with faux leather detail or something. no aggressive prints or anything like that.

No. 47771

that's actually the only way i wear shorts, anon. even in the middle of summer.
i'd like to believe i'm not THAT annoying but i may be wrong

No. 47772

So why should other people lower their standards to date her

No. 47774

>Doesn't like her toes

No. 47776

The song doesn't include thin hate
>Nah I'm just playing, I know y'all think you're fat. I'm here to tell you every inch of you is perfect from your head down to your fett
Everyone seems to have missed what was literally the next lyric after the "skinny bitches" one in a fit of rage.
Most of the girls in the music video weren't even fat, either. They just had big butts.

No. 47777


No. 47780

Okay, this thread has me thoroughly booty bothered.

No. 47791

There is the other end too, for example in finland there is only neutral pronouns.

No. 47793

What gets me is how hypocritical their support for this song is especially after that Blurred Lines debacle. The lyrics to the chorus are: "boys they like a little more booty to hold at night".
Basically, typical boys like real women ~with real curves~ landwhale logic. Of course SJWS eat up this basic, trite shit.

No. 47877

File: 1423523362267.png (91.93 KB, 665x554, tumblr_njfktgJG451qzvgi2o1_128…)

This happened recently.
>black blogger has the URL "whitegirlsaintshit"
>white girl sends her angry message calling her a ghetto nigger bitch and then adding "and before you call me a racist troll anon, i'm a black girl myself" (pic related), but forgets to click anon
>white girl realizes her mistake, shits herself and tries to damage control multiple times
>even goes as far as calling it an "experiment" with "her friend, the black blogger", making a fake screenshot of the black blogger forgiving her, etc and other faulty attempts that all blow up in her face and makes things worse
>defeated, she starts trying to make it seem like she's being attacked senselessly and brings up her teenage problems (like finding out the boy she likes has a girlfriend)
It's fucking great

No. 47878

No. 47881

File: 1423524351384.png (425.97 KB, 838x622, the struggle is real.png)

No. 47884

that's obviously a troll blog. it's only like 4 days old. it's a funny one, tho

No. 47885

It's a remake, she is apparently p well known for this shit she's been at it for like a year

No. 47886

Idk why they giver this person attention, I find troll blogs even worse than fundamentalist sjw blogs

No. 47887

I really don't think she's a troll
Going off of the previous drama with her last year she.. really just seems like a stupid white teen girl

No. 47890

File: 1423525878689.png (84.67 KB, 540x563, jesus.png)

Oh definitely
I want to believe it's actually a girl with some sort of mental issue who's deliberately acting retarded to get attention on the internet, but that's far less likely.

No. 47891

I haven't been around a lot of people with downs, but they don't act like this right? From what I've noticed, they seem to understand a lot of basic social norms.

This girl though, her iq has to be close to the tipping point for it, like 72, with the added mental illness

No. 47895

No. 47901

File: 1423528101438.jpg (302.29 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nji5jrC3u81u64uteo2_128…)

Some fucknut off to their first interview for a job.

No. 47909

File: 1423528975761.gif (473.94 KB, 200x150, disgusted.gif)

Holy shit, that lipstick job though. They look like a fucking clown.

No. 47915

File: 1423530028184.jpg (410.94 KB, 960x1280, who told you this was ok.jpg)

the "nonbinary cutie" tag is a gold mine for people who need to have their makeup confiscated

No. 47917

File: 1423530578656.jpg (93.26 KB, 764x600, 764px-Die-cis-scum.jpg)

No. 47918

File: 1423530652785.jpg (220.24 KB, 864x1072, 1418696723073.jpg)

yeah, how dare she not be a fat cunt

i hAte people sometimes

No. 47919

File: 1423530718859.png (456.77 KB, 553x744, sdcef.png)

No. 47920

She said she was going to an interview like that??

No. 47921

File: 1423530831195.jpg (206.22 KB, 600x1271, Tumblrtiktok.jpg)

but anon, that would require thinking

No. 47924

File: 1423531051159.png (7.42 KB, 281x199, tumblr_mq1qtpQaDe1ryeto5o1_400…)

No. 47930

File: 1423531659704.jpg (130.74 KB, 750x1050, meghan-trainor-cma-awards-2014…)

No that's exactly the problem with the song. Invert the roles and think of a thin girl saying "fat bitches… just kidding!" .

Everyone would go ballistic over that, even if it was just one verse and a "just kidding" included.

Plus other verses in the song:
>She says, boys they like a little more booty to hold at night
>You know I won't be no stick-figure, silicone Barbie doll,

The song is basically putting women with "real curves" on a pedestal because men like them better. And Meghan isn't even that fat either, at least not that fat if you compare her to the demographic she's trying to target with her song.

No. 47932

Shitty dyed short side-swept/"fauxhawk" hair is seriously the official SJW haircut.

No. 47939

Yep, not sure how it was on my feed. Its a friend of a friend. Granted the kids like 17, but you should have more common sense to dress like that for a job. Kids these days.

No. 47940

File: 1423532382868.jpg (360 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_njiqv0XzQZ1rhsllbo2_128…)


No. 47942

Forgot to add my pronouns. >[Xe/Xem/Xyr]

No. 47948

lol i thought this was kanadajin3 for a second

No. 47955

File: 1423534401994.jpg (169.35 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_njhpm2GCHf1s8r47uo3_128…)

>Hey hey hey I’m hot and also a god you should love me.

No. 47962

File: 1423534929541.png (292.07 KB, 364x810, tumblr_nj7ayyXlyv1rt3zg0o1_540…)

Have some kawaii art

No. 47967

I hate when they say "Clothing has no gender." Like no it doesn't have a gender, but certain clothing compliments female or male bodies more than others.
If you have a square body type and wear a dress meant for an hour glass figure, then obviously it's gonna look weird and probably bad.
But of course they're gonna play it off as "Idgaf what you think about me, I look GREAT and FIERCE and no one can stop me #bodypositivity!!!!11!"

No. 47977

wtf is that thing

No. 47984

goddam everyone who says fierce is trashy, tumblr or both

No. 47986

File: 1423538549223.jpg (39.11 KB, 500x500, DCPNotEnough.jpg)

No. 47992

File: 1423538849727.png (25.59 KB, 464x140, fds.png)

No. 48006

File: 1423541766617.jpg (333.16 KB, 920x1280, image.jpg)

Don't know if she'd be considered a "tumblerina" but this girl always held my interest for the worst reasons. "Diagnosed" with everything, trying to be some sort of recovery hero but has always been some anorexic junkie posting thinspo and practically begging for attention.

No. 48011

File: 1423544108376.jpg (48.13 KB, 425x597, sega-tower-of-power.jpg)


I love how GLB has turned into this monstrosity. At this point all I see is "omgwtfbbq".

No. 48013


That Guardian article is basically anti-SJW. It's about how for all the talk about about saving the third world most environmentalists are rich white men who don't even live the type of lifestyle they're proposing.

It's similar to how most Gamergate opponents are rich white men that claim to be speaking for women but are really just white knighting.

No. 48049

No. 48061


Gotta admit though, even if they're wearing a Sex Pistols shirt you don't find many teens that have even heard of PIL.

Then again, they did do a reunion a while back and most of their stuff is on Spotify these days.

No. 48076

JFC that's legit terrifying me rn.

Or fat.

No. 48102

File: 1423575657701.png (193.66 KB, 496x498, tumblr_mad8142Knu1rp5jfvo1_500…)

No. 48103

File: 1423575703562.png (27.61 KB, 197x256, tumblr_me08bc2VNc1ryeto5o1_250…)

ugh, she looks so annoying

I bet she has lots of loud opinions and always dominates conversations

No. 48104

Retarded doesn't mean downs, anon.

No. 48109

that image kek

No. 48110

File: 1423576836170.png (61.12 KB, 500x276, tumblr_mdev1oOL0B1ryeto5o1_500…)

No. 48111

File: 1423576891106.jpg (130.33 KB, 500x750, grd.jpg)

ah ok, I did not know that

No. 48114

File: 1423577081968.png (15.78 KB, 270x204, 83t4Q.png)

oh god, she's such an attention whore

No. 48115

File: 1423577106000.jpg (55.88 KB, 499x629, 1418687666269.jpg)


No. 48116


That fake screenshot of Olive forgiving her was fucking amazing. "maybe white girls ain't so bad after all"

No. 48117

File: 1423577129562.gif (108.09 KB, 500x591, tumblr_mesczzsuSf1ryeto5o1_500…)

No. 48128

File: 1423578403849.png (13.8 KB, 699x324, scopoopoo.png)

This is from http://stupidfuckingsims.tumblr.com/, which is a hilarious blog and you should absolutely check it out right now even if you don't play the Sims.

Scopophobia: An anxiety disorder characterized by a morbid fear of being seen or stared at by others. How does anon function??

No. 48137

This is actually quite funny, because places like /k/ agree with the picture's sentiment because many people are really fucked over by police after a self defense shooting, and you should actually get your lawyer to call the police FOR YOU.

Plus I used to live in flint fuck the police there.

Too bad tumblr idiots are making anti-police violence statements look absurd.

No. 48139

What the fuck is Q and I??

No. 48140

God knows I think they make them up.

No. 48141

I believe "questioning/queer" and "intersex"

I may be wrong. This is my guess.

However, being a hermaphrodite doesn't seem much like a sexuality…Same with being trans…

No. 48143

Is this real? What the hell.

No. 48145

Yeah, honestly I just count gay/lesbian or bi. Aren't trans just people changing their bodies, not their sexual preferences?

No. 48146

File: 1423582235378.png (4.92 KB, 446x118, fhz.png)

queer (it was questioning back in the day) and intersex

No. 48147

lol what a tool

No. 48148

File: 1423582290829.jpg (106.43 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n9a7o96o5q1tww8cto1_500…)

No. 48149

So many tumblerinas look like this. Jfc

No. 48153

Questioning? Makes sense back in the day. Not so much now.

No. 48154

Same. And I'm sure real hermaphrodites get thrown under the bus, and people that consider themselves "intersex" want to be special snowflake trannies that don't want to mutilate their dick/vagina. They don't want to transition at all. They want to be labeled as "trans" their entire life to be an oh so special, unique person. Sickening.

No. 48157

Special snowflakes like this piss me off so much.

No. 48158

File: 1423582894814.png (8.54 KB, 514x169, tumblr_mjgw3l3TKY1ryeto5o1_128…)

No. 48159

I have a problem with transgenderism, but I respect the people that try to live their lives best as the opposite sex (like one of the james bond girls) than these people that use "trans" as a title of how progressive/special they are.

No. 48160

Anyone else seen the bullshit going around about Beyonce losing the best album Grammy?

No. 48161

File: 1423582989486.jpg (103.02 KB, 627x784, tumblr_mcnwsdFna51ryeto5o1_128…)

UGH TRUE, real intersex are rare and tend to want surgery etc. and don't like to draw attention to themselves. They don't go around wearing a clusterfuck of girly dress, beard and pink hair, pronouns XYZYZ.

Tumblerinas misrepresent their struggle by making it seem like a guy wearing dresses or a hairy girl is the same as being intersex

No. 48162

File: 1423583003626.png (31.17 KB, 517x381, tumblr_mfq5alVtiH1ryeto5o1_128…)

No. 48163

File: 1423583028601.jpg (23.7 KB, 400x300, tumblr_mzwivfula91rpxmrio1_400…)

no, hven't heard about it. someone explain what happened

No. 48164

Kanye West waded in when Beck won (yes I know he did this again?? What a douche) and said that Beck should respect Beyonce's "artistry" and give her his Grammy. Tumblrinas and butthurt Bey stans are now catfighting over "racism at the Grammys" and the fact a straight white guy won over a fierce black feminist lmfao.

No. 48165

I once got into an argument about reparations and Halloween costumes with a woman before. She said that I should never wear a native american costume because my ancestors probably killed them, which may be true for my MEXICAN side about five hundred years back, but that guy also founded a settlement and produced like twenty kids with native women.

Then I got to hear about how my white side probably traded slaves by the millions, despite the fact they were poor as fuck italians outside of naples that did nothing in a tiny farm town. If anything, my ancestors were probably slaves to some roman dickhead.

Her family actually owned slaves back in the day. Funny enough. And she's giving ME the flak for it.

No. 48166

File: 1423583325130.png (33.57 KB, 237x593, tumblr_mctv0406Dp1ryeto5o1_400…)

No. 48168

the first time kanye did this, it was kinda funny, but now it's crass and unproffessional.

if he wants to uphold black women or whatever, he should do it in the proper way, by supporting black awards shows, black artists etc. not by making a ool of himself on national tv

No. 48169

File: 1423583400862.png (19.85 KB, 343x494, ss (2015-02-10 at 03.47.35).pn…)

The level of delusion I'm talking about here.

No. 48170

there weren't that many black slaves anyway. Not to mention all those irish slaves. Try saying that in public though

No. 48171

the way she ends every sentence with a question mark?

like this?

even when it's not a question?

goddamn annoying

No. 48172

File: 1423583556442.png (59.95 KB, 504x646, tumblr_mj4pjy8Jrs1ryeto5o1_128…)

No. 48173

>you can literally give a guitar player as bass and they can play it like nothing



A good bass player is like, even more rare than a good drummer. You really have to have a mindset to play bass and of course many people can play both, but they're two different instruments!

It'd be like giving a flute player an oboe and saying "You play this now!"

No. 48174

File: 1423583781511.jpg (568.94 KB, 900x696, tumblr_mnhnfb4j3R1ryeto5o1_128…)

No. 48175

LOL ffs a badgermole, I can't handle all the autism..

No. 48176

Too be fare, I just googled it and it's out of that "avatar: the last airbender" cartoon.

No. 48177

File: 1423584291721.png (26.76 KB, 422x523, ss (2015-02-10 at 04.02.21).pn…)

Anyone up for a mini dump of next level otherkin? These retards -believe it or not- think they are actual divinities.

No. 48178

File: 1423584432695.png (55.11 KB, 436x445, ss (2015-02-10 at 04.05.14).pn…)


No. 48179

I though Kanye was joking, because who would risk getting banned from the Grammys again? lmao

No. 48180

Seriously? It's okay coming from a seven year old role playing in the playground, but adults actually believing that they are said kin is fucking ridiculous.

No. 48181

When attacked QuEERS are BASH BACK

No. 48182

File: 1423584841254.png (117.58 KB, 416x580, ss (2015-02-10 at 04.11.48).pn…)

If you thought bronies were bad…

No. 48183

File: 1423585188484.png (21.31 KB, 728x279, ss (2015-02-10 at 04.18.03).pn…)

No. 48184

File: 1423585540405.png (49.22 KB, 732x927, Snap 2015-02-10 at 16.22.52.pn…)

If I get violent, the most important thing is to cater to ME and my ~precious feefees~

No. 48185

File: 1423585867250.png (17.23 KB, 820x275, ss (2015-02-10 at 04.28.43).pn…)

>Major mental disorders
>All self dx

No. 48190

File: 1423586115693.png (16.96 KB, 428x423, ss (2015-02-10 at 04.32.54).pn…)

I'm the bestest Kanaya roleplayer evur!!

No. 48192

File: 1423586347252.png (17.19 KB, 528x398, ss (2015-02-10 at 04.37.09).pn…)


No. 48195

As a musician i also legit raged at this post

No. 48196

who is this i want to follow and unfollow them a bunch of times

No. 48199

They're also one of those irritating people who are convinced they're ~so cute~ and pesters people to reblog their selfies.

No. 48202

If anyone fancies some Pokemon roleplaying you can also try to get into their Pokekin Skype guild.

No. 48204


tbh I don't have a problem with genderless bathrooms.

At my university like 50% of the bathrooms are genderless and nobody gives a shit. I don't see why pissing, shitting and bleeding has to be a gender specific thing. It would probably remove a lot of taboos/stereotypes if it wasn't.

No. 48205

im not a musician, really. I played clarinet for three years in school (which I hated because they wouldn't initially let me be a flute player) but this is just ridiculous. My father used to be in a slayer/iron maiden cover band and played bass like a mad man. He couldn't even comprehend a normal guitar initially.

No. 48206


The sign is stupid because unisex bathrooms are usually signed as unisex or not gendered at all. They've also been around forever.

That sign merely exists because someone wanted to boast about how "progressive" they are.

No. 48207


This person didn't really look in an Ikea catalogue did they? Single beds are probably the most common type of beds and all bed types are basically the same length +/-10cm.

Bed size is only a problem if you're like 6ft6 which I imagine this person isn't.

No. 48208

File: 1423589218246.gif (975.35 KB, 209x173, cringe.gif)



>Don't call me pretty, gorgeous, beautiful, sexy or babe/baby.

I'm sure he/she/hy/zie/xie won't have to worry about that.

No. 48209


Can we all spam his inbox with shit like "hey beautiful ;)" and "watsup babe"?

No. 48210

File: 1423589529121.png (52.86 KB, 540x479, tumblr_nj43g4pKxW1u8739jo1_540…)

demib0y is a comedy goldmine.

No. 48211

File: 1423589675133.jpg (1.26 MB, 2322x4128, 20150210_172916.jpg)



I think… I think this chick is in the same student accommodation as me.

No. 48212

File: 1423589693309.jpg (71.97 KB, 500x750, tumblr_njh282ytR81u8739jo1_500…)

No. 48214

File: 1423590295326.jpg (339.68 KB, 793x750, tumblr_nj5bvkfSmu1u8739jo1_500…)


Oh sweet Mother of Mary we fucking are, but I'm in a plus room.

The carpets and curtains have different colours depending on which floor/block you're in. I think they much be in J Block…

No. 48215

Hahaha I'm praying for you anon.

No. 48216

File: 1423590430671.png (22.75 KB, 733x196, ss (2015-02-10 at 05.45.08).pn…)

No. 48217

Is it a dorm?

Also how can you room by yourself??????
Like did she scare them off

No. 48218

oh lawd

No. 48220

>Also how can you room by yourself??????
Most UK students live in their own room, with a shared kitchen area. I can't even imagine sharing a room at that age tbh.

No. 48221

JFC how delusional can someone be.

No. 48222


In the UK literally all of the student accommodation is single rooms and we usually have our own private bathroom too.

Sharing a bathroom is exceedingly rare unless you're in a shitty town or in shared housing and sharing a bedroom is virtually unheard of.

No. 48223

Lucky. Its rare for that to happen in the states if you stay in dorms.

No. 48224


Yeah, that is… it just doesn't happen here. If they tried it there would be mass protest and something would probably get burned down kek

How the fuck do you guys masturbate or bring somebody back for the night or listen to music or even study? It would not be on here, it's just gross.


What if you get roomed with somebody who doesn't wash, or is a NEET and won't speak, or god forbid a weeaboo?

No. 48226

I've shared a small ten at scout camp with three people for a week and a half. I think I could handle a dorm, I hope.

No. 48227

Lol my roommate was chill, and we shared a lot of common interest so i got off easy.

The masturbating thing we would just send a text to the other giving a heads up.Also when we would have a guy over.

But there are horror stories of people like that.

No. 48230

Never lived in a dorm, nor have I or will I probably go to university/college, but I've shared an apartment with some students before. You have no idea how many times I've had to jerk off with a dead silence. I've only experienced three roomates, but 2/3 of them were chill. Third one came in later and jesus christ she was messy and burnt everything. Left all of her clothes and junk on the ground and I'd be taking her clothes out of my laundry bin occasionally. Never had to worry about having a girl over because on my slow rise to wizardry, but if a friend would bring a lady over he'd bring her to his room if anything raunchy was going on and wouldn't use the living room/common area. He'd usually let us know as well with a "Oh hey XXX is coming over could we chill in the living room tonight if you guys have nothing planned?" etc

No. 48233

My personal favourite source of tumblr kek is autistic/trans/queer headcanond. Bonus points for headcanons of real people.

No. 48241

File: 1423593428861.png (151.16 KB, 786x2245, Snap 2015-02-10 at 18.34.01.pn…)

Yes they are serious about this btw.

No. 48249

File: 1423594119230.jpg (91.64 KB, 866x960, tumblr_ng8n5ms7Jg1r6rmpto1_128…)

I lost it at the panda.

No. 48250

And here I was cringing about my past Harry Potter roleplay I did heavily when I was 13 to 16 years old, my shitty fanfictions and animu Tokyo Mew Mew art.

And there's 18yo thinking they're some sort of Gods and publicly announcing it with their face attached to it. I'm glad I'm glad. All is well for me.

No. 48251

LOL I love this.

No. 48259

File: 1423595160810.jpg (91.75 KB, 480x639, tumblr_nckibmTZcF1rl1w6ho1_500…)

No. 48261

File: 1423595227611.png (55.18 KB, 600x522, tumblr_mrwcp4N5XP1s6okepo1_128…)

No. 48263

File: 1423595347943.jpg (88.72 KB, 960x720, tumblr_mqzz5mUi2A1r8vy6oo1_128…)

No. 48266

sauce on this?? it looks JUST like a girl I used to know who is a lolcow in her own right

No. 48277

No. 48278

File: 1423598043969.png (2.05 KB, 426x50, sefd.png)


No. 48280

File: 1423598147711.png (861.73 KB, 1280x706, rsdf.png)

No. 48281

goddamn I can't
>I am not responsible for my actions
then you should be in a mental hospital?

No. 48282



No. 48284

OMG I went to that exact uni. They're gonna have a hard time with that tumblr shit over there, because he and she are the only recognised genders and nobody has time for any other nonsense.

No. 48285

File: 1423598604650.png (44.18 KB, 500x350, tumblr_lvgb74IROx1r6k9ddo1_500…)

fat people get wider when they lie down I think

No. 48287

File: 1423598933070.jpg (98.76 KB, 640x792, image.jpg)


She was also dating some guy twice her age who apparently abused her.

No. 48288

I'm gonna tell them I saw them on campus kek, I used to go there so I mentioned a detail she'd get

let's wait for the lulz to yield

No. 48289

it's not elliot is it? I thought it was elliot for a sec, but a lot of the buildings have similar rooms anyway

No. 48290

File: 1423599147517.png (32.62 KB, 491x439, fgg.png)

No. 48293

your embarassing teenage years were dwarfed by those of others

others stay a tool for longer like >>48214

No. 48294

File: 1423599476659.jpg (93.21 KB, 400x400, tumblr_mc09epc0DS1ryeto5o1_400…)


No. 48295

Is this a real blog?

No. 48296

File: 1423599727152.jpg (42.92 KB, 500x500, DCPHypocrite.jpg)

No. 48297

Thank the lord my embarrassing internet years were spent when I was like 11/12 and came to 4chan around that time as well.

No. 48298

lol jfc we need a url so we can unfollow like the one anon said.

No. 48299

I already did it, but yeah, go call http://demib0y.tumblr.com/ a baby or sexy

No. 48305

I really hate tumblr so much.. What kind of generation will be our future when they are growing up with all this special entitlement and basically throwing all the struggles our gen and the gen before us to the ground? I fight for my gay rights/ human rights, but god damn- it's like they are offended by everything, even when what they're offended by doesn't exist.

No. 48309

ooooh its that person. I had know idea that the two went together. thanks anon.

No. 48311

Veterans just wanna be kawaii, yo.

No. 48314

Is this a real sign? I'm sure it has pissed off every tumbrlina at the same time.

No. 48318

I'll use It/Its then.

No. 48321

If it is there aren't any tumblrinas nearby to see it. Cornwall is hilariously racist, xenophobic and 99.9999999% white.

No. 48335

A Reminder To All White People



Enjoy your day!

No. 48337

File: 1423603516349.jpg (114.31 KB, 540x762, tumblr_nj18erjl5G1suou1go1_540…)

No. 48338

lol. Okay?

No. 48339

Tumblr in a nutshell.

No. 48340

File: 1423603645502.png (228.12 KB, 750x828, tumblr_n97wzrUW061ts5smoo1_128…)

No. 48343

I'm confused by the penis part?
However the whole 'WOMEN HAVE CURVES' thing is really irritating to people like me with small hips and broad shoulders. Also, I've never seen a women with giant hips and huge breasts, but have no cellulite, even though they're a bit chubby too to get those curves.

No. 48346


It's not media telling you that, it's your chromosones/biology.

No. 48348

er yeah of course you have broad shoulders and are sorta tall if you're a fucking dude

No. 48363


It is entirely possible to have chromosomes that denote belonging to the female gender and still physically possess a penis but most of the time it's totally functionless.

That being said there is actually more chromosomal pairings than just XX and XY. Not a lot of people are aware of this.

No. 48364

No. 48365

That's quite unfortunate and I imagine very confusing for the person.

No. 48366

well, of course! my brother is even XXY!

But yes, I doubt this individual is actually female, or a hermaphrodite.

No. 48367

File: 1423605027326.jpg (159.81 KB, 599x728, tumblr_nejjw6fn6o1sv9mv0o1_128…)


No. 48369

File: 1423605077507.gif (267.09 KB, 500x560, tumblr_mzl1vxr5J61qdknxoo1_500…)

No. 48370

File: 1423605133243.png (443.72 KB, 500x530, tumblr_n3evuzaNe51tx197eo1_500…)

SJW in a nutshell.

No. 48371

Isn't that kind of a rare case with most people though?

No. 48372

File: 1423605205650.jpg (121.35 KB, 479x481, tumblr_mbnik47WEV1rcdrbvo1_500…)

>#cis scum#racism#white privilege#white people

Sorry for being white. Like jfc tumblr.

No. 48373

This is so obnoxious when some women are actually physically and verbally harassed on the street. Sadly, this is how most tumblrinas think.

No. 48374

>No POCs in Frozen

No. 48376

File: 1423605723775.jpg (123.92 KB, 1104x723, tumblr_ni4fd7XtvO1tob90co1_128…)

No. 48377

just wondering, is this saying tumblrites are pro or anti abortion?

No. 48378

File: 1423605883298.jpg (979.41 KB, 2447x2489, image.jpg)

No. 48379

I have no idea what 90% of these terms mean. They just look like Gallifreyan to me.

No. 48382

File: 1423606024682.jpg (118.94 KB, 896x667, tumblrgenders.jpg)

No. 48386

Is 'Third Gender' a Dalek?
And how many people are going to be able to tell the difference between female/male and femme/butch?

No. 48390


I have a tumblr blog named "le trigger face" that is perfect for following/unfollowing this retard

No. 48392

Why do people feel the need to fit themselves in a category when they'd probably be the first to object to be labelled if they suit a stereotypical image?

Anyway, before I clicked on the enlarge image I thought this was some kind o alien language somebody invented.

Life would be easier if people were just humans and they didn't feel the need to have their whole life consumed by I AM GENDERFLUID THIRD GENDER AND DEMIGIRL!!!!1 ffs, just exist. Your gender isn't that important. All this crap just makes people hate YOU not what your sexuality is.

No. 48398

I seriously thought this was a list of the unknowns from Pokemon. There are only two genders, aren't there? I'm so confused. Why can't we just keep it simple? Holy shit.

No. 48403

If you're transgender, aren't you either male or female? You're usually striving to be one because you feel you were born the wrong gender- that's why you become trans to transition into your real gender.
Why is there a weird symbol for it? Nevermind. I should not question tumblr and expect logic.

No. 48405

Yes. There is no inbetween.

No. 48406

How often do the male and female symbols even get used in real life? I feel like I only know them because of Pokemon.

No. 48407

do it i did it a little while ago

No. 48408

This feels like a joke.

No. 48409

quotation marks?

No. 48411

Typical Tumblr, wanting praise without working to earn it.

No. 48412

Just copied it like they had it.

No. 48413

just a glance at that article and LOL

No. 48414

Yeah, in some videogames, but irl - usually just see M or F as option.

No. 48417

File: 1423608810774.jpg (42.14 KB, 785x809, sda.JPG)

also gonna spam her ask box a little

No. 48420

No. 48423

Are you the "sup babe"?

No. 48424

>violently ill and mentally disabled?
What the fuck? And what is pinoy? Pardon my ignorance.

No. 48425

Pinoy = What Filipino people call themselves. She's probably white as bread dough though.

I vote we should all follow/unfollow that idiot and convince her there's something wrong with her tumblr

No. 48426

You mean on that demib0y tumblr?
Nah, but I've sent xir a similar ask
>ey sexy baby want sum fuk?

No. 48430

I can't wait until she starts calling out MUHH TRIGGURS

No. 48434

OMG yesssss


No. 48439

File: 1423610761341.png (208.43 KB, 540x431, tumblr_njkw34OMYQ1r5gqb8o1_540…)

># relationship goals

No. 48443

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1xV163F59Y just one of the very acurate tumblrism videos

No. 48445

Yeah, that's what everyone should strive for.
seriously dumblr

No. 48446

children stare at everyone or anything moving

No. 48447

I've ran into flowersandfemme at UCF.
Bitch could use some deodorant is all I can say.

No. 48449

it was a damn joke. didn't he just walk up there and pretend like he was gonna say something but didn't?

No. 48451

File: 1423611593672.png (404.15 KB, 600x750, tumblr_nc3j8iCTBL1tb3dpfo1_128…)

No. 48453


I need that on a fucking shirt.

No. 48456

I think the biggest issue I have with "Trans" Tumblr is conflating sex and gender. I have two friends who have transitioned and even they think the "community" on Tumblr is fucked. So many people throwing intersex people under the bus, calling biological realities "social constructs" and talking about how they're *~*genderqueer*~* because sometimes they like to wear dresses and makeup and other times they like to wear pants. Y'know, like a normal human being with a variety of clothes.
Oh, and the fact that these people claim "down with gender roles" yet claim they're genderfluid, a concept that relies heavily on gender roles and is extremely sexist to both males and females.

Oh, and apparently anyone can be a lesbian. You have a penis and you identify as a woman sometimes? Lesbian. You're a woman married to a man? That's okay, you can be a lesbian too. Actual lesbians? Told to "examine their sexuality." It's so stupid.

No. 48462

To be fair, as a woman who has been gaming for a damn long time, there is a lot wrong with the gaming industry in regards to how women are portrayed in video games, but that's another topic entirely.

No. 48463

Is anybody really female according to SJWs? They seem to think that not acting like a stereotypical 50's housewife or a girly-girl = gender nonbinary. They might have similar ideas about the male gender but I've yet to come across any examples.

No. 48465

>Anyone can be a lesbian
I'm going to have to discuss what that actually means with tumblrinas.

No. 48468

I agree with you,and see how you brought it up is how it should be done.Not OMG YOU SHITLORD CIS SCUM MALE WITH ALL YOUR GAMES WITH TIDDIES IN THEM UGGGGGGGGGGGGGH!

No. 48469

All this comes down to is women not buying enough games to be important enough for the men in suits to care about, or still buying and playing games they disagree with. Vote with your wallets people.

No. 48470

File: 1423612506465.png (572.48 KB, 540x708, tumblr_njj096gUkg1s3v0smo1_540…)

Genderfluid fab fem(really just a dude who wants to wear lolita but can't for shit)

No. 48472

C-Chris Chan?

No. 48473

File: 1423612581675.jpg (41.42 KB, 400x469, tumblr_ngi3gtB27D1s3v0smo3_400…)

No you cis lord shit.

No. 48476

That's not true though. Women write a lot of reviews and articles about what's wrong with gaming. The problem is, even with women working in the actual industry, their ideas are brushed over as 'this won't sell enough.' I definitely don't give my money to games I don't support, but that's just me. I can't speak for all. However, I do know there were many surveys done to see how much women make up in gaming and it's almost half. I believe 48% of gamers are women. It isn't new, we're just more vocal about it. Sadly, there are still many who think gaming is a male world and women in games should have DD breasts with bikini armor and not ever be a main character or exist just to move a male protag's story forward.

It doesn't help that even the games with females as protags usually involve uncomfortable sexual violence just because the protag is a woman. Or the woman will be overly manly to 'make up' for being a protag over a male. I do feel we'll make progress slowly, but yes.. it's gonna be a while.

Ahh, apologize for off topic discussion. I honestly do feel women have been gamers forever and we do try our best to change things, but it is still a very male dominated culture for some reason, which sucks.

No. 48478

Oh wow, and i thought my teen acne was bad.

No. 48480

>Pyramid Gut
>Man in beanbag chair
>"I'll move over, there's enough room for the both of us."

No. 48481

I thought the two wheelchair people at the bottom were just having a friendly race?

No. 48482

Seconding what you said. I work at a video game store, and while I've never had a girl tell me they won't play a game starring a man, I've had several men say they won't play a game starring a woman because 'they just can't get how they think'. Leaves me dumbfounded. Like…we think just like you? Accompanied by the 'do you really play these?' it's sooooo frustrating

No. 48485

File: 1423613379498.jpg (77.16 KB, 405x750, tumblr_nhb37m4zRf1qh15pxo1_500…)

Like I see what she was getting at but also this makes me SO iirrationally angry? Like wow first off women are not fucking arm candy, our purpose isn’t to be ‘shown off’. Second, DON’T FUCKING CONGRATULATE HIM ON ACCEPTING YOU AS A PERSON AND NOT FOR YOUR BODY AS IF ITS SOME AMAZING SELFLESS ACT!!! LOVING A FAT PERSON IS NOT SOME IMPOSSIBLE FEAT!!! STOP THIS ASSUMPTION THAT FAT WOMEN CAN ONLY BE APPRECIATED FOR THIER PERSONALITY, BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY NO ONE CAN POSSIBLY FIND A FAT WOMAN ATTRACTIVE RIGHT??? Third and most important fuck you this is such a backhanded thing to say about fat women get out.

JFC Like why you gonna tear someone down for bettering themselves.
I'm a fat girl, and honestly have always wanted to lose weight(working on it) and my boyfriend has been nothing but supportive.
Like just fuck I hate people like this on dumblr.

No. 48487

Adding onto what you said: There was a whole big thing about men who refuse to play a woman protag, especially if the game involved the lead getting involved in a 'romantic affair' at some point because it made them feel 'weird.'
It's sadly hilarious considering women who have been playing videogames for years have had to put up with male to female romance in almost every game. Apologies for sounding like tumblr, but that's some damn entitlement right there.

No. 48489

File: 1423613523861.jpg (31.24 KB, 960x679, tumblr_n81ji4j7u11ru9qoko1_128…)

No. 48490

File: 1423613596166.jpg (81.68 KB, 738x947, tumblr_n81s5tfyqE1trxogwo1_128…)

No. 48491

Wow, this woman has such shitty self esteem. I would never refer to myself as arm candy, wanting to be shown off by my boyfriend. That's pretty gross.

No. 48492

No. Just no. I have never seen so much cellulite in my life on one person.

No. 48493

>Cat eye glasses
Every damn tumblrina.

No. 48494

File: 1423613836407.jpg (139.07 KB, 540x802, tumblr_nirt1597nh1u3hi7po1_540…)

No. 48495

Articles are not spending money. Gamers in general are the absolute fucking worst market for spending money on shit they don't like. People will buy every edition of FIFA, PES, NFL, COD, ad nauseum. People buy shit from EA!? A company that has managed to be voted the worst company (ahead of the bank of America, a company that actually ruins people's lives) in the US three years in a row! It's analogous to people still eating in a restaurant they know has human faeces in the food.

Consumer power really works in practice, just look at the xbone. They turned around on every single feature they had on release because it wasn't selling enough, in less than a year. Not even one year of poor sales was all it took to completely overturn every major decision about that console.

Those surveys included shit like farmville, anon. If that doesn't completely discredit the survey then I can't take your opinions seriously.

The bottom line is, if you don't like a community or the products it produces, why are you in it? If you have to change it to fit in, evidently it's not your community. It sucks but, we're a minority, I don't see why we should be the ones catered to if it puts off the majority.

No. 48496

i never see chicks with hips and thighs that big in the media. are they talking about tumblr or nicki minaj or some shit?

No. 48497

Has anyones vagina ever smelled that bad? Like I'm getting second hand embarrassment thinking about those girls going to a gynecologist or having someone go down on them and them seeing their reaction to it if it smelled bad

No. 48500

File: 1423614155685.png (573.69 KB, 1280x1058, tumblr_nfdfw16AFw1u0r0dgo1_128…)

No. 48502

I'm sure I'm not the only one who can't stand the word cis.
Like it just really rubs me the wrong way.

No. 48505

File: 1423614550405.jpg (103.17 KB, 506x684, tumblr_n9lc9s3zdC1twwwmio1_128…)

No. 48510

Whoa there.

No. 48513

File: 1423615571310.png (563.91 KB, 1600x900, watlol.png)

No. 48515

I know this kid.
He was recently making posts about being called out for "doing something bad when he was off his meds" he likes to blame all the terrible shit he does on his "mental illnesses"
he used to be butt buddies with idislikecispeople but even she thinks he's disgusting now.

No. 48516

she kind of looks like OC here.

No. 48519

File: 1423616822585.png (398.54 KB, 540x403, tumblr_njbrygUlvb1u1fm1ao1_540…)

No. 48521

My mum's schizophrenic and she ain't half as crazy as these maniacs.

No. 48525

> Tfw diagnosed BPD
> Tfw abuse your poor boyfriend in fits of rage weekly
> Tfw was misdiagnosed several times
> Tfw it's hard to find a treatment plan that'll actually help
> Tfw this fucking sucks and I'm actively looking for help and every oppressed zombiekin wolfkin alienkin demiboygirl brags about having the disorder that is ruining me and my boyfriend's life

No. 48526

I'm really afraid of people with bpd for this reason
already had my life ruined by more than one because "It's a disorder I'll just let them because it isn't their fault"
yeah fuck that shit not anymore

No. 48528

Yeah, people who use bi-polar as an excuse to be a jerk who like people who excuse their jerkiness when they're drunk.

No. 48529

File: 1423619027312.png (50.62 KB, 506x746, baww.png)

Sorry to hear that Anon. After the fits of rage half the time I feel absolutely awful (and yeah the other half I don't because I'm a piece of shit), but it's a never ending cycle. BPD's a fucking nightmare for anyone involved and I can't believe there's 16 year olds bragging about having this.

Sorry for OT, have some firekin.

No. 48531

I feel you. BPD is extremely destructive but I'm seeing improvement after 3 months of intensive therapy. I'm not sure if it can be your case, but you can definitely get better. Find therapy that works for you. I'm currently getting therapy at the hospital in a group of people with BPD and it's fantastic. I hope all the best for you, BPD is not a joke like these dumblrinas make it out to be. They piss me off so so much.

No. 48532

Just a question, what kind of games are you referring to? At least for the PC, there has been a lot of work (whether forced or actually done well) trying to bring more varied representation into games. And maybe it's just me, but why does every game need such strict representation? I don't particularly feel the need to play games that accurately represents me or my lifestyle or anything like that. I usually play games that have cool mechanics or an interesting story. I don't believe that everything should cater to me and my needs, especially when there's so many people in the world, how is that even possible for game devs to even create a game that would satisfy even a majority of that?

>Or the woman will be overly manly to 'make up' for being a protag over a male.

Genuinely curious, what characters/games do you think have 'compensationally manly' female protags? I mean, once you start subscribing individual traits to "manly" or "feminine" then you become part of the problem.

This is kind of what >>48495 is referring to…if these guys don't buy/support a game that makes them uncomfortable with (even for something like that), they're not paying/supporting the companies who make them, so companies try not to make their games.

I'm not sure why people think the game companies are there to make what ever you think they should, they're an industry like any other thing and are there to make money.

/sorry for huge drunken rant

No. 48535

I know this feel anon. BPD is fucking hell for the sufferer and for everyone around them. The fact that it's tumblr's coolest new accessory makes me want to blow my brains out. I hope you have some luck with therapy and manage to get yourself to a better place mentally in time.

No. 48537

Male here undiagnosed but doctor is really wanting to diagnose me with BPD and/or DPD. I know that feel bro.

No. 48548

>EEnE whats that
>Ed, Edd and Eddy

oh fuck right off

No. 48549

Why the fuck did tumblrtards become so obsessed with Ed Edd n Eddy anyway? It was a pretty weird cartoon from the 90s decade or early 2000s, whatever, but it wasn't anything great. At least I can remember 10 better shows playing during that time.

It's just odd because so many people on tumblr were analyzing it like it was the greatest show ever made over the last 2 years or so.

No. 48550

I think it's because Steven Universe is a really popular cartoon right now and the creator drew some really gross gay porn of it.

No. 48551

Nazz is literally the last girl I would think to be a trans in that show. Probably the Kankers, but not Nazz.. //OT

But honestly, why can;t these Dumblrs just enjoy a good light hearted show about getting jawbreakers, wihout long ass itles for each character? EEnE is so easy to make OCs for mary-sues or not, so why can't do that?

Lack of creativity?

No. 48553

Simple is not speshul~ anon….

Tumblr people are like the new dumber, younger hipsters.

No. 48555

follows without asking

No. 48557

What, when did this happen?

No. 48558

File: 1423623284608.jpg (Spoiler Image, 951.63 KB, 2700x2790, image.jpg)

How do people think she's beautiful and inspirational? I got these off vibrant-oxymoron. She's a drug addict who doesn't really do anything?

No. 48559

The tag "alienbabes"

No. 48560

Porn of Ed, Edd and Eddy? Wow. No, thank you. I know the show Steven Universe is a huge tumblr thing as well because 'muh diversity'

No. 48561


No. 48562

i don't think most people would like the show if it was common knowledge the creator drew fanart of children dicking each other.
why this isnt a huge thing yet baffles me tbh. i mean they've definitely turned on people for much less. not to mention SU is a kid's show too. gross.


No. 48563

It's because someone started doing well-drawn yaoi of two of the characters from it, the ship blew the fuck up and now everyones obsessed with the show

No. 48564

wasn't nazz really bitchy and annoying
hence trans girl.

No. 48565

Oh I saw these back in the day on /y/
They wont call her out cause of how GREAT SU is.(never watched it not sure if I will with how much tumblr loves things.)

No. 48566

No That was the one sister Nazz just didnt take crap from the guys. No way in hell she was trans.

No. 48567

>I'm 24, but 14 on the inside
I think this person might want to be inside a 14 year old. I scrolled down just a bit to see the art and x-ed out the window pretty quickly. Not for me. It weirds me out too much to see porn of my childhood cartoons.

No. 48568

aw, slorgs are one of my favorite petpets…

No. 48570

I'm only kinda pissed that her art has more reblogs than mine.

No. 48574

Nah, that was Ed's little sister Sarah. Nazz was the dumb blonde all the guys sans Rolf and Jimmy wanted to bang.

No. 48630

I want more dramatic readings of insane tumblr posts.

No. 48631

Yeah, this is what I think every time a girl says they're nonbinary.
>I don't wear skirts
>but telling women they should wear skirts is sexist!!!1

No. 48632

this place has gone to complete shit

reading some of the replies in here… jesus fucking christ, some of you should just go on tumblr and post social awareness posts paraphrasing garbage you google from verifymyviews-dot-net and imalwaysright-dot-com

No. 48633

I think we should blame entirely designers or developpers but rather the people who finance this shit. In indie games, there's usually more diversity because they don't have a multi million budget and people who will say "We won't change something that works well so far and earns us a ton of money".

It's like when people blame the photoshoping on graphic designers when it's the head of project who will give directive in the end.

But yeah the game industry is quite fucked up, we're so used to strong male protagonists that even we as women don't see anything wrong with it anymore. Even when games like Portal star a non white woman as the protagonist and works well, people still doubt the success of a game without a strong dude with a 5 days beard.

Also that boobs argument is a bit skewed, as far as I know nobody said it's unrealistic to have beautiful big boobs, just that it's realistic to have so many women with these boobs. Plus it's so cliché it's getting ridiculous.

No. 48634

We shouldn't* derp

No. 48642

Three if you count intersex people. They basically have two genders, like a penis but also ovaries. But it is a rare condition.

I saw a pic of Charles Manson and his wife with that hashtag, like ug

No. 48652

usually when 'gamers' are tallied, They take into account app games (which the majority are women. Candy crush anyone?)
So yes, while the percentage of women are growing in the gaming industry. I think there's still a big discrepancy in "GuRl GaMeRz" vs gamers.

No. 48666

File: 1423658776957.jpg (6.9 KB, 251x201, getoutyouscrub.jpg)


Garret thiefkin? …From the shitty as fuck 2014 game and not even the originals? Get out. Get the fuck out you tasteless pleb.

No. 48682


IDK I can see what she's getting at. If your partner does their best to diet and exercise and look good, I think it's acceptable to do the same for them and want to be gorgeous and beautiful when you go out. I think she was just writing it as a cute thing, not seriously referring to herself as an object.

They look pretty happy in their pics. Like, genuinely. One snippet of words does not an impression of a personality make, anon. Clearly he is a nice dude who loves her for her, and she wanted to make the change which she did. And she looks gorgeous. Totally my girltype too.

No. 48684


Can confirm for those types being excuse giving assholes. I had to end two relationships this year due to one with aggressive bipolar (who'd tell me to go back to sucking dick and getting asspats) and one who was an absolute dick when drunk and had the gall to give me a half-hearted apology.

Feels bad man. I have shitty choice in friends it seems.

No. 48686

File: 1423669037523.png (41.08 KB, 494x599, ss (2015-02-11 at 03.34.31).pn…)

More tales from the Beyhive.

No. 48705

yep, thats the problem with those numbers. The definition of "gamer" is made broad to send out a deceptive message about the consumer. My 6 year old niece would be considered a "gamer" for playing apps on an iPhone. There is a world of difference between that and a person that spends x amount of money on video games and puts in hours into the hobby. If there had to be a statistic, I'd put my betting chips that men make up the majority of this category by far.

No. 48706

This undying love they have for beyonce is crazy. I personally dont think her music is that great its really hit and miss(for me), but good god if I say that there they will have me doxxed and hung.

No. 48707

File: 1423676403045.png (216.13 KB, 540x535, tumblr_njl9skdmKR1tq6a2zo1_540…)

No. 48708

What I wanna know is, does kanye have a huge boner for beyonce, like is that why he keeps pulling this stunt.

No. 48724

I'm so sick of this argument with them, honestly. Beyoncé won 3 grammys that night, and I guess it's racist she didn't win 4. This kind of thing always happens at the grammys though. A random artist that's not mainstream will win a pretty big award.
I stg this is turning into something stupid. Soon it's going to end up where if a black person isn't winning every single award it's racist.

No. 48730

Are those people reaaaally bipolars though ?? A friend is a nurse in a mental hospital (with cases ranging from depression to murderers, pyromaniacs, …) and bipolars are not acting once in awhile happy and the other moody.

The one I met would have never admitted they were bipolar or sick during a manic episode, they thought they figured out the whole world and acted like drunk people. When we told one person she had to see a specialist she argued we were the sick crazy one etc, then blew all her money.

Or are there super mild bipolars ? Honestly it seems they just thought bipolar was a on/off thing they could use to justify their moodswings.

No. 48732

I just don't get why it always has to be a black artist either. In media, black people are very, very well represented for how little they make up the US population (and that percentage is only going to drop in the future) yet people still bitch and bitch.

No. 48741

I feel like these nonbinary demigod bullshitkin are just the evolved form of those "lel Im so randum and NOT LIKE THE OTHER GURLZ" back in 2008 and everyone else is "the prepz and populurz!!1", except now they try to justify it and sound intelligent by crying "DONT OPRESS MEEE" and spitting statistics about how many trans people die a year or whatever

No. 48744

No. 48745

File: 1423682863066.png (57.13 KB, 644x584, 7r8hW9m.png)

No. 48747

people on the internet don't like obnoxious people on the internet

what a fucking surprise

No. 48750


I'm sure bipolar is also a common self-diagnosed disorder for snowflakes, and I'm sure there are assholes who use their bipolar as an excuse for doing shitty things (shitty people use EVERYTHING as an excuse), but doesn't BPD normally mean borderline personality disorder rather than bipolar?

No. 48752

Two different diseases, yes.
Google bpd vs bipolar and you'll get some good articles about the difference between those two.

BPD makes you go through the mood cycles much more rapidly and takes a longer time for the mood to go "down", and the mood swings come from things happening directly in your life. It's more dependent.

And here's a quote describing bipolar or manic depression since I do not have bipolar so I can't describe it personally : Bipolar disorder is known for alternating periods of depression and mania that can last from days to months. During "a mixed state," symptoms of depression and mania happen at the same time.

And if you do have BPD you're usually extremely ashamed of admitting that that's what causes you to go insane so often. You'd rather just take the blame and shut up about BPD.

No. 48756

I guess tumblrinas think alternating between depression and mania is like alternating with being sad and sometimes because random speshul happy and doing animu roleplay or some shit.

bipolar people don't appear as just normal happy people to others. They appear downright incoherent and stupid sometimes. I met by chance one woman who was in a middle of a manic phase and I could tell she wasn't right the moment she started to speak about how she had to buy an expensive piece of art and it was the best thing she did, she would gain so much money from it yadda yadda.

Anyway I don't think I'd be wrong if I said most of them don't have the disorders they claim on their blog.

No. 48759

Yes, and I call that puberty. But no, ofc, they're speshul and it's not puberty guise it's bpd/bipolar/whateverthefuckithinkisacoolillness.

I have seen people with bipolar when I was taken in in the hospital for mental issues. It's so hard for them to be even coherent at times, it's so sad to see and just makes it all the more offensive to claim to have it. It's like claiming you have cancer when you're perfectly healthy. Disgusting.

The manic of bipolar makes me feel like I got the lucky straw with bpd, but it's still no walk in the park. What makes me the most angry is that they claim to be in the middle of a breakdown WHILE TYPING SHIT. Like no, when I'm at my worst I can't even do anything except cry, yell and hurt people I love. Shit man, I ain't got time to type. Ignorant twats.

Yeah, no, they don't have either of them. If they only knew how horrific it is to have one of them I bet they'd stop. Or maybe not, they're selfish bastards anyways.

No. 48776

That reminds me of when "jun" & that dumbass girl who claimed to have panic attacks & would just be typing to "jun" through them.
Like bitch no. If you were really panicking, as if you would stay at the thing that's causing the panic.

No. 48778

Panic attacks is another thing dumblr finds fashionable and cool. Really pisses me off. I had a really bad one once and i thought i was going to die. Had trouble breathing, my chest hurt like hell and thanks to hyperventilating like a jackass and feeling so dizzy and weak i passed out multiple times. It really scared the boyfriend i had back then and he wanted to call 911. Luckily it wasnt my first panic attack, so i know i wasnt in immediate danger and had to try and calm down.

No. 48781

Nah son, everyone knows he's in the closet.

No. 48783

To Tumblrinas feeling even mildly uncomfortable is a 'panic attack'. It's fucking insulting, honestly.

No. 48786

same with the fucking triggers.

>muh triggers r cis scum, heterosexuality, white skin, men, thin ppl, able ppl, rich ppl, -kin ppl that are the same kin as me, and pomegranates

No. 48788

File: 1423693034409.png (28.25 KB, 460x517, aa.png)

No. 48789

File: 1423693113366.png (442.33 KB, 500x350, fffdd.png)

really? what makes u think that? im behind on the gossip

No. 48792

Seriously. That rustles my jimmies like no fucking other. People think that jumbled nerves = anxiety attack. They're pretty lucky if they've never experienced one of the "holy shit am I having cardiac arrest" attacks or even the feelings of disassociation. I don't know why people want to claim they have GAD in order to seem cool or fragile or whatever the hell they're going for. I fucking hate being so sensitive/momentarily losing touch with reality and I wouldn't wish this shit on anyone.

No. 48794

File: 1423693542664.png (833.32 KB, 982x744, terd.png)

No. 48799

Spanish people are white :B
source: am spanish

No. 48801

File: 1423694212568.jpg (39.97 KB, 500x375, tumblr_mh4ypwm8J01qliqalo1_500…)

stop being a shitlord anon

No. 48802

I actually agree about the amount of media representation black people get compared to how little native americans receive. Like, there isn't even news about them despite all the cruel shit that gets done to them (especially in Canada).

No. 48803

shitlord to me means fit person that hates fat people.
what the fuck are you on

No. 48804

omg nothing made me more angry than the hundreds of people who spammed this post everywhere talking about how "jun" was abusing jas because he made her have a panic attack in every single conversation she had (which he also claimed to have later on, it was kind of like a competition at one point). It boggled my mind how no one questioned how well these two were typing out what was happening to them. Jas at one point said that she was seeing and smelling blood everywhere because he wrote in caps at her and she can't handle yelling because thats how her dad would abuse her. So she had a "panic attack" and went on to describe how difficult it was for her to type because she couldn't breath or see.

All her stupid ass friends saw no problem with it. Anyone who said she was just as guilty of "abusing" him were accused of dickriding "jun". It was hilarious for the most part though because they were so serious.

No. 48805

File: 1423694714574.png (27.05 KB, 536x403, tumblr_mhnuxj5tK41ryeto5o1_128…)

No. 48806

File: 1423694775336.jpg (94.38 KB, 680x798, zNIvcim.jpg)

nah, shitlord is for sjws too my friend

No. 48808

But that defeats the whole purpose of being asexual.

No. 48809

lmao this retard apparently doesn't know that the native people of North, South, Central America and the Carribean were forced to learn Spanish, a language created by, drum roll please…. white people.

Thats why a lot of Mexican people sometimes write words with a whole bunch of X's and Q's because it sounds similar to their original language.

No. 48810

why is that anon being a shitlord, I thought that Spanish people were traditionally white? I'm referring to people from Spain btw

No. 48811

They being sarcastic.

No. 48812

I'm very bad at sarcasm.
But yeah. Spanish people are white. So offended tumblrina is a retard. But hey, when are they not ?

No. 48816

File: 1423695484371.jpg (90.11 KB, 500x330, tumblr_inline_mo49b3Jmv31qz4rg…)

Its okay. Sarcasm can be hard to get on the net.

Shitlord is a common tumblr thing to throw at people.

No. 48821

It's also the fact that I'm used to more obvious sarcasm, like on the show The Office which is kind of sad

No. 48824

Iz ok mi friend. You can be an honorary cis shitlord.

No. 48828

I got an influx of followers recently and went to look at all of their blogs and I see the following on some young black girl's desc: Hello everyone let me start off by saying my name is Kaori…(or it has been for so many years that it is practically truth.)

>why do all the weird weebs follow me

No. 48863

what the fuck? Pretty sure most people speak Spanish now, esp if you live in North and South America.

No. 48881

Asexual people don't have sex though. What the fuck.

No. 48889

>'killing people in order to keep others kinda-sorta-somewhat alive'

I hope this person needs an organ transplant at some point. I want them to spend years on a waiting list, suffering horribly, knowing that, other than having to take immunosuppressants and dealing with that bullshit, they could live a normal life if they get a transplant. I want them to come across people that spread this misinformed bullshit about brain death equating a "milder disorder of consciousness", this bullshit about disabled people having their non-vital organs harvested by force, about disabled people being forcefully rendered brain dead. I want people to tell this stupid cunt that they're afraid to be organ doners.

And, after years of waiting and suffering, I want this person to die, because they didn't get a replacement organ in time.

No. 48931

File: 1423719261231.png (32.65 KB, 724x656, 2.png)

Lol this dead3000 chick

Everyone should reblog that one post kek

No. 48938

Hahahaha. I think this is perfect. I wish I could of been that atheist girl to do this 'prank.' Even though it sounds like it actually unintentional.

No. 48948

>bad shit happening all over the world
>people using wrong pronouns is their biggest problem

No. 48954

But it's ruining the point of shorts if you wear tights under them

No. 48957

pics of this weeb pls

No. 48965

Why is her belly going over her belly?

No. 48970

File: 1423734785644.jpg (48.62 KB, 500x226, image.jpg)

I didn't know there were other bpd sufferers here ;~; I was just recently diagnosed.. And honestly it just makes me feel worse. I mean, it's more clarifying to know that my emptiness and rage and disassociation is part of a multi-symptom disorder, it helps a little, but also (in my mind) reinforces what a shitty person I am.. Ugh. (Not saying any of you are shitty, I hope you understand what I mean.)
I don't understand how anyone could be proud of this. I don't understand how anyone could want total strangers to know that you are basically a wrecking ball of super destructive bad decisions.. And I especially don't understand how they can diagnose themselves with all these mental illnesses even though they've never seen a mental health professional.

I deleted my tumblr a while ago and haven't looked back. The ignorance and self important pseudo intellectualism (not to mention the fucking abomination that is otherkin) was too much to deal with.

I fucking wish these people crying about oppression and rape culture would travel to another part of the world, where they don't have the convienences and protection America offers, and try to live off 40 cents a day while they are constantly in danger of death, starvation, rape or hostile takeover. Most of these fucks have never experienced true oppression in their lives. Like others have said, overbearing sjws are pushing more people toward a polital narrative like /pol/ out of sheer rage and annoyance from tumblrs faggotry.

No. 48971

Don't they understand that not all languages use gender specific pronouns…?

Oh wait, this is tumblr, none of them even know any other language than English or wapanese.

No. 48978


Not a joke. He wanted to say something, but there are gifs of like Beyonce and Jay Z standing there giving him "NO" looks. And mouthing it, too. After the ceremony he was interviewed and confirmed he wanted to say something, but didn't, so he let it out on the interviewer.

No. 49014

She is an unholy combination of no fun allowed.jpg and look at me1!1!! Everything about her is grating.

No. 49019

Agreed, fuck those people with muh triggurs. Having a panic attack is scary and sometimes really embarrasing. Not trying to sob story here but i have serious issues with people touching my neck thanks to an ex who tried to strangle me. And having a breakdown in the middle of sex, because he touches your neck isnt cute nor makes you some fragile anime girl

No. 49022

File: 1423754967954.png (397.66 KB, 1280x550, tumblr_nerlcoYTnj1tfily6o1_128…)

This is how these people actually think. Lord save us all.

No. 49024

That man is so embarrassed.

No. 49032

Haaaaaaaaaa! Brilliant

No. 49053

File: 1423760420237.png (40.7 KB, 637x539, ss (2015-02-12 at 04.58.12).pn…)

I raged and lost.

No. 49055

File: 1423760667668.jpg (113.15 KB, 441x522, ss (2015-02-12 at 05.01.45).jp…)

Holy shit they are actually scared of anime characters facing the screen I fucking can't and their BPD (that URL tho) is self dx uuuugggggh.

No. 49059

Kill it with fire.

It really hits a personal cord within me when it comes to things that I love and grew up on and these faggots just wanna bastardized it.

No. 49065

Not to be an asshole, but I've noticed that the majority of people who have eating disorders like anorexia come from pretty decent backgrounds, at least lower middle class, where they shouldn't worry about going hungry.

I bet that if they were exposed to an environment where they absolutely must go hungry because of lack of resources or cash, that eating disorder would go away pretty soon.

No. 49070

File: 1423764573883.png (47.05 KB, 514x524, ss (2015-02-12 at 06.06.32).pn…)

Notice how they proudly list themselves as "co-creator" of a pronoun set (you needed more than one person to think of this?)

No. 49071

File: 1423765061380.png (25.34 KB, 408x571, ss (2015-02-12 at 06.15.33).pn…)

This is what 14 year olds are doing with themselves these days.

No. 49074

I don't think I have enough irony in me to give a reply to this.

Goood old days when all the cool kids used to be bi and just have some emo quotes nd maybe fake self harming pictures on their myspace/lj.
Nowadays you need 30+ labels for your gender and sexuality, three mental disorders, a past more tragic than any movie could come up with and more edgde than bismuth.

I wonder what their parents think of these. Do they know any of this shit? Do they have to use the made up pronouns? Do all thesecrazy tumblr people keep that shit to their online persona or do they actually act this out?
>"Mom you don't understand, I am a reborn dragon godess!! And my pronouns are purr/purrs/purrself! FUCKING CIS SCUM!"

No. 49075

File: 1423765752760.png (12.48 KB, 394x550, ss (2015-02-12 at 06.27.19).pn…)

I'm out for tonight.

No. 49077

I too miss the days where the only issues were whether or not you were a "poser" and either actually being or pretending to be bi. I'm aghast that kids as young as 13-14 are getting sucked into this shit. I know they're at an impressionable age but I grew out of my stupid "spiritual lycanthrope" phase within a couple of months when I was 12. Not sure if I would buy into this shit if it had been around when I was 13-15… I was a pretty bad weeb but at least I never claimed to be a dragon or have some weird sexual orientation that I made up lol.

Why do these kids think that every facet of their personality needs a label?

No. 49078


>14 years old

>borderline personality disorder

lol k

No. 49079

>I wonder what their parents think of these. Do they know any of this shit?
I'm sure a lot of them mention at least some of their 'issues'. The parents then point out how how fucking stupid it is and the kids cry 'omg abusive household'.

All these retards claim it, see >>49070 saying 'i am in a dangerous home environment'
I highly doubt 95% of them actually have abusive families.

No. 49081

i'd rather have weeaboos than this shit

No. 49082


No. 49084

Someone walked into my job with half the front of their eyebrows shaven off and it took all of my strength not to straight up laugh in their face. She looked so ridiculous. Why is this eyebrow trend such a thing, tumblr? I hate you.

No. 49092

I am seriously going to smack my son if he's like this when he gets older

(not really but I certainly will LOL heartily and document for future LOLs)

No. 49094

Not really a secret if you put it on your about page. What a dumb ass.

No. 49095

File: 1423770077618.png (42.11 KB, 822x822, 12.png)

I cant stop laughing.

No. 49099

Im with you on that.

I also think that these kids don't tell their parents jack shit.

No. 49100

It's probably the typical "ugh my parents are so unfair" attitude most teens have but amplified because they're told that anyone who doesn't validate their 8373 identities is "oppressing them." Actual LGBT people get enough shit without having to pander to all these weird kids who desperately don't want to be straight/"cis" because they're constantly told it's uncool/problematic.

Funny, the LGBT movement has been trying to convince people for years that it's not a choice but all these special snowflakes say they "don't need dysphoria" to be trans and that you're a huge bigot if you don't use their nounself pronouns.

So basically they consider refusing to call them "xe" an act of violence. Hence why so many of them claim to be in unsafe homes because their parents don't accept them as a demiboy or deity kin or whatever.

No. 49109

Yeah, actual LGBT people get thrown out of their homes, violence against them or worse when they deal with real life issues. I want these tumblrtards to be put on a reality show where they have to attempt to go outside and deal with life. They'll truly know how good they have it then.

No. 49115

B-but anon my mom refuses to call me by my ~natural pronouns~ which are plant/plants/plantself and doesn't respect my made up gender!! I'm so oppressed!!!
And how dare you to say LGBT, it's LGBTQIABDMS+++!!!1 I really care for the community by reblogging a picture and raising awareness uwu

Die cis scum

>#twf transphobia #tw homophobia #abuse #cissexism #awareness #die cis scum #swear words #oppression #tw suicide #tw mention of death #tw punctuation

No. 49117

File: 1423771973887.jpg (4.55 KB, 298x169, images.jpg)

I kinda have a cringe story to tell.
My little sister is a 11,and her friend which is <b>10</b> made a list one night. (sleepover) On the list of like how to describe her.

Z** is…
Part cat
Changing color eyes
bipolar ( you better watch out) ^ n ^
Anime freak
Sebastian Michaelis wife (HANDS OFF >n<)
I have voices in my head (they tell me to do stuff heheheh > u <)

The list went on I can't remember it all and regret not taking a picture before I threw that trash out. What freaks me out is shes fucking 10 turning 11 and is already like a fucking tumblr tard and my sisters best friend. Granted the kid ain't that bad but can be annoying as hell.

No. 49122

I… don't think this is really tumblr tier bad. It just sounds like the typical edgy pre teen stuff. I knew a lot of people including myself that used that shit to fill my edgy online profile and feel superior to non weebs waaay before tumblr. Most of us had this phase when we thought nimu was teh hottest shit XD, being shizo/bi polar was totally kawaii and everyone had a Mary Sue character of themselves in their fanfictions that fits this characteristics you listed just perfectly.

Unless words like made up genders, otherkin, godkin, ten different labels for sexulity/gender or MUH TRIGGERS!!! appear I wouldn't worry. Next time you see a list like that, keep it to embarrass her in a few years once she grew out of this phase.

No. 49126

Agree totally. The list sounds just like the lol so randomz !! xD shit I posted as a kid, not at all Tumblr-related. Stop being a horrible sibling.

No. 49127

The worst part about these "identities" is not just that they are unlikely by reason of self diagnosis, but that even if the people giving themselves these labels did not wholeheartedly believe their own claims, they still have to act like it. Pretending to be something/someone for the sake of companionship is stress inducing enough, and can be attributed to some type of disorder if you're attempting to go this far (vroom pronouns?). To be part of a social networking site that not only encourages this behavior, but defends it the same way people defend their religious beliefs that ultimately lead to death is extremely frightening. The majority of these people are children pretending to be more knowledgeable than they are because a few adults on the site share the same identities. To think this way this early on speaks volumes of the type of life they'll lead as they age, especially in their early 20s when they'll feel the most entitled (as if they weren't now).

No. 49130

Fuck, I mean these people want to label every thought that they have as not just the arbitrary whim that it is, but as a representation of who they are. They find a character they really like and can relate to? It's actually a 2 dimensional manifestation of who they are. Think cats are an incredible species? They have to be part of it to. These little shits want everything.

They want people to think it's completely normal, yet go on and on about how many mental disorders they have. How can "neurotypical" people not think that their belief that they are a fucking plant or far off galaxy is not a product of their mental illnesses? Though we don't have to attribute it to that for long seeing as how they're all self diagnosed. It assures the rest of us that this is all attention seeking behavior.

It seems that every couple of years teens and young adults are becoming more and more attention hungry, with a need to be coddled. I'm 23 and am genuinely shocked by some of the shit that the 30+ year old people I've followed on tumblr in the past have spewed out of their mouths. I felt bad for a friend of mine who was in the same predicament as me (being too sane for tumblr) who actually wondered if she was overlooking her own past too much and that maybe she should have a mental condition.

No. 49136

Yeah I just fear when her friend does find tumblr. ( I hope she never does or by the time she does its dead.)

Will keep any further list cause jfc.

No. 49155

Tumblr can make me have so much self doubt over stuff, and when this happens I have to get the fuck off the computer and just be like nah its not me its them.

I've seen some people start to make buttons/pins of their disorders and wear them around.

No. 49163

> tw punctuation
haha, I lost it.

Good. Then I can avoid them easier. Like the ones who shave off the front of their eyebrows.

No. 49206

File: 1423788677409.png (8 KB, 475x107, tumblr_mnn8kprxpz1ryeto5o1_500…)

you obv need to check your non-tumblerina privelege
according to dumblr they do

No. 49208

yeah, those people are just the worst, I can't stand pseudoscience, esp. when it comes out of the mouths of self defined 'intellectuals'

No. 49209

File: 1423788828616.png (5.55 KB, 495x134, fsd.png)

I think it looks nice.

No. 49210

File: 1423788886180.jpg (423.64 KB, 467x644, 1374715446831.jpg)

No. 49214

>gender anarchist
>gender creative
>gender transcendent

I've been on tumblr and some of the darkest hellholes of SJW as well as several lolcow tumblr threads now yet these are terms i have never ever heard in my whole life. What even.

No. 49217

File: 1423789485846.png (236.06 KB, 500x350, dascy.png)

No. 49219

File: 1423789527029.jpg (89.16 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nepvlpCBbA1tqsytlo1_500…)

lol he's trying not to laugh

he probably got an eyefull of gross ass

No. 49222

I think a stone lesbian is basically the manliest woman you can imagine. Braids cheetos soaked in axe bodyspray into her armpit hair and has a natural hairy chin

No. 49224

did they look permanently surprised lol

No. 49229

But it doesn't even say "stone lesbian". Just "stone". ???
There are a few other terms more self-explanatory that I have never heard of either.

What the fuck did I miss

No. 49231

File: 1423790482628.png (6.49 KB, 516x178, tumblr_mgw8h2kHPg1ryeto5o1_128…)

according to oxf…urban dictionary

". Argues that categories and words can't do justice to the complexity of human sexuality"

that is so pretentious, I think demisexual beats them all though

No. 49241


Heteroflexible is an old term. It basically means like a straight guy who might go a bit bi in the heat of the moment if he's in some kind of group activity or whatever. Because of it's context you only really hear it in swinger or BDSM communities.

No. 49276

Oh I hate the recent popularity surge of "demisexuality."
Needing an emotional connection before you find someone sexually attractive is not special or unique. It doesn't need a special term. They honestly think people telling them "uhh isn't that just part of human attraction…" is oppression. I shit you not.

I lost it at "birl." What the ever loving fuck…

No. 49277

File: 1423800147608.jpg (31.17 KB, 250x331, birl.jpg)

>Tumblr searches "birl"
>This comes up

No. 49280

lol birb

No. 49283

I was confused by this for the longest time because I figured it was the norm for most people to not feel any surges of lust (or what demisexuals call prmary sexual attraction) for people they do not know, regardless of how attractive they are.

Not that it doesn't happen, because we all probably know people who are down to fuck anyone within a few seconds of greeting them. I think thats a small minority of the population though that is exaggerated in media by representing them as college aged people or club goers.

I'm not even sure there is a term for this though–the opposite of a demisexual. I'm getting my info from here: http://www.asexuality.org/wiki/index.php?title=ABCD_types

No. 49284

If you're looking for more content you can check my blog out:


No. 49286

File: 1423804027455.png (241.81 KB, 1600x900, Untitled.png)

No. 49287

File: 1423804222394.png (560.97 KB, 1600x900, Untitled.png)

No. 49288

Exactly. It's just normal human attraction. It isn't its own kind of sexual orientation like hetero/homo/bisexual/asexual. Nobody's parents are gonna disown them for being demisexual, god damn.

There are some creepy made up sexualities out there. One of them is only being sexually attracted to someone if they're not attracted to you? Hello, rape mentality… I can't recall the name of it and a google search didn't yield any results but it was on some list going around on Tumblr and when people pointed out how weird that sounded, the creator of the list exploded with rage.

No. 49289

JFC is it even possible for one human being to have that many neurological disorders? I know some people don't always have the resources to get a physiatric diagnosis, but it's painfully obvious this kid read through mayo clinic's site and pin pointed some symptoms they *~*totally identified with*~* and decided that they MUST have all of these disorders.

>I will ask you to reblog my selfies and reply to my posts or I feel ignored!!

I know they're a kid and they clearly just want attention, but god damn. Being annoying is not the way to go about it.

I feel sorry for these kids. I hope they look back and feel embarrassed that they appropriate so many mental illnesses and the like solely to be the most special of the snowflakes. I want this trend to die.

No. 49292

File: 1423805183824.jpg (25.16 KB, 460x345, tumblr_inline_nj05s3wuLI1rw5b6…)

Part one

No. 49293

File: 1423805197819.jpg (26.05 KB, 500x238, tumblr_inline_nj05r9AjTC1rw5b6…)

Part two

No. 49299

jesus fucking christ thats some next level bullshit

No. 49300

One thing about psychology is that almost everyone WILL have symptoms of certain disorders, this is why Psychiatrists go through years of training to distinguish who has disorders versus who just have some symptoms. Also as someone who has been PROFESIONALLY diagnosed with Bipolar I laugh so hard when people list depression, bipolar, and delusions all as separate disorders too look cooler. Bitch you get mania and depressive EPISODES not DISORDERS that's what bipolar is.

No. 49305

inb4 no 1curr about you

i was diagnosed with bpd and bipolar
'technically' the doctor also said i have gad (but i dont really think thats right, imo its just anxiety from my other problems maybe idk), and i dont think 2-3 disorders is uncommon at all. alot of people have more than 1+ if you have a psychiatric problem already

No. 49306

Exactly this. I can't help but think that those A&E shows that became popular a few years ago like Obsession, Hoarders, etc. have something to do with all these armchair self-diagnosers. My mom loves to say that we all have these "quirks" and therefore we all have a bit of [insert disorder here] in us. I get so exasperated trying to explain that it's only a disorder when the "quirk" becomes so extreme that it inhibits your ability to live normally (ex. Washing your hands often =/= being an OCD germaphobe) but she just doesn't get it.

I think that a lot of people are very misinformed as to what it really means to live with a disorder.

No. 49308

And this is where the feminists clash.
You have those who are pro transgender and those who hate men regardless

No. 49309

Seriously the primary use for a diagnosis is to figure out what the appropriate treatment is

So bitch go get BPD on paper and do a couple rounds of DBT
and probably get some antipsychotics if you really think you're that cray lol

No. 49318

Before I met my bf's 14 year old sister he told me "well she's going through some kind of goth phase right now" and I immediately thought of tumblr and was worried.

Turned out she's only scene. (Is that really still a thing??)

No. 49328

Oh man, I've been following you ever since I made my tumblr a couple years ago. Too bad I don't go on there anymore. Every time I found a blog to follow with neat stuff they would slowly start posting SJW shit.
All I wanted was too look at animu pictures and shit man…

No. 49349

OMG I loove your blog! You're awesome

No. 49381

File: 1423839182329.png (76.38 KB, 543x641, ss (2015-02-13 at 02.50.05).pn…)

13 years old, using "it" pronouns and convinced they have DID? Who else but tumblr.

No. 49388

File: 1423840228381.png (4.89 KB, 220x180, ss (2015-02-13 at 03.08.17).pn…)

How conceited do you have to be?

No. 49389

File: 1423840583298.jpg (62.11 KB, 389x539, ss (2015-02-13 at 03.13.42).jp…)

Yes, one of these retards has an actual child. Also, good luck getting approved for testosterone while identifying as a magiboy lmao

No. 49390

They list their privileges now? Good God I want to die and come back in a future where this phase has passed.

No. 49395

The way they use triggers REEEEALLY infuriates me. You don't just go into a panic attack when you see a broken sign. They're usually only a few small or major things that can cause a trigger. Normally your brain tries to erase most of the things involves with the event that caused your PTSD so things like signs arent going to do shit.

For me, it's whole locations, bad dreams, and negative events. Even then I don't even have an episode right then and there. It lingers in my brain for a while, so when I get home I cry and move on. Even so, I'm not going to force everyone to cater to me and my problems. None of those things are mine to control. These little shots are extremely selfish and disgusting and making it a lot harder on those who genuinely struggle with mental disorders.

I haven't even gone to work yet and I'm raging so hard.

No. 49396

Shits not shots.

No. 49399

File: 1423843003436.png (8.28 KB, 410x139, ss (2015-02-13 at 03.54.26).pn…)

What a story Mark.jpg

No. 49401

yeah this is worse than emo

No. 49403

this is ridiculous

of course gays don't like pussy

No. 49404

File: 1423843497067.png (12.8 KB, 435x152, tumblr_mfq5iquqFs1ryeto5o1_500…)

not to mention that it's HEALTHIER and encouraged by freaking PSYCHIATRISTS you know, doctors and proffessionals, not tumblerinas, to face your triggers rather than to try and live without encountering them.

The more you base your life around avoiding something, the more power it holds over you. a large part of PTSD is learning to let go of the past, laughing in the face of those mental demons etc.

tumblr is so retarded wow what the fuck do they spend their days doing to be this stupid

No. 49405

File: 1423843534984.jpg (22.88 KB, 500x500, DCPBoth2.jpg)

No. 49406

File: 1423843714710.png (34.21 KB, 509x486, e.png)

No. 49408

can you imagine?

"mum, dad…you have to use 'it' pronouns when speaking to me. It's my new gender"

No. 49409

File: 1423843820837.png (23.15 KB, 471x131, tumblr_ngucf0htTL1u00qgto1_500…)

No. 49411

so now the most etreme SJWs hate transsexuals?

We have gone full circle

next up, SJW race segregation

No. 49412


I'm glad you like it!

No. 49413

They've actually been around for quite a while, they're called TERFs (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists) and they are universally awful.

No. 49414

this is depressing

No. 49415

they think it's special because they think that the average person just goes out clubbing all the time, where they have sex in the bathroom with a random drunk dude

they think they're the intellectual elite because they watch dr who basically

No. 49417

File: 1423844307616.png (185.75 KB, 847x1039, tumblr_mrfvp6DIg81ryeto5o1_128…)

ah turtlegirl

a true classic

No. 49418

File: 1423844453420.png (22.04 KB, 447x169, tumblr_nguchgDV731u00qgto1_500…)

Your blog is one of the best on tumblr, you actually have funny and interesting things to say, and you write really well too 10/10 blog

No. 49419

File: 1423844585707.png (191.24 KB, 1294x452, 1408657704984.png)

not tumblr, but still funny

No. 49442

i'm glad you like it! i think i have some pretty controversial things to say, but i'm glad people like you keep reading

No. 49445

I think the funniest part about all of this is all these kids calling themselves autistic

No. 49466

That part makes me so upset. When I was younger my dad died, and I was diagnosed with aspergers, and my entire life and 10+ years of therapy I've been trying to convince myself it's not real and I'm totally fine but especially as I get older I'm realizing more and more just how…out of touch and reclusive I am. Telling someone I trust I've been diagnosed is a HUGE fucking deal to me. It's not something I like people knowing, but if I care about someone I want them to know why I do…such 'me' things sometimes.

No. 49471


No. 49472

Oh yes teach the child to be fucking insane like you.

No. 49476


>She got angry and told me I might as well eat the rest of the peanut butter in the jar since I "obviously want to die young from a heart attack."

>I opened up the fridge and got out the jar of peanut butter intending to eat it since she said I could.

>She got even angrier and told me she was just being sarcastic and asked me how stupid I was.

Fuck, sorry for selpost but this actually hit close to home being a literal sperglord, except who the fuck eats two bowls of ramen and half a jar of peanut butter all in one sitting oh my god

How fucking ironic is it that one of the few tumblrinas that hasn't put "Self dx autistic XD" in her about me ACTUALLY comes across as having the 'tism?

No. 49477

pissbaby? really?

No. 49479

Especially because of how quick people in the Western world are to dismiss a person because of a disorder or illness–be it mental or physical. Any negative traits will be attributed to their disorder illness, which is horrible for people who aren't doing anything wrong. People will expect them to fuck up because they think that their brain not working the way it's "supposed" to means they're likely to engage in a multitude of strange behaviors, including criminal activity.

For these tumblr shits, they see it as working in their favor. They can't fully be responsible for their actions.
>I physically/emotionally/verbally harassed you? Nah, dude, you don't understand, that's a product of my self diagnosed mental illness, not my fault. So don't be upset otherwise you'd be oppressing me.

No. 49482

File: 1423864190479.png (1.4 MB, 542x1224, spergpronouns.png)

Anyone remember ADF? He got his fucking pronouns tattooed on his arm.

No. 49485

How fucking stupid.

No. 49488

The way they say their disability is 'worth nothing' is very telling. It's like these people want to collect points on how oppressed they are.

No. 49490

Errr I'm pretty sure it was a troll response to the sign in the previous post. I can't believe no-one has grasped this yet.

Protip: it says MENZ so it's probably some MRA types.

No. 49495

What happened to just saying "Hey these are my OCs"…?

No. 49496

This can't be real. I refuse to believe it.

No. 49503


It probably is, honestly. Dear god I hope so. It seems weird that someone that deeply into SJW shit would just abandon their tumblr with no notice:


No. 49504

Forever unemployed.

No. 49506

The pronoun tatoos aren't that awful (can be easily hidden and most people won't associate it with hardcore dumb tumblrina SJW) but that "Man hating leasbian" tatoo. She deserves to be unemployed if she thinks this is acceptable.

And I'm glad for whatever place employs her without forcing her to hide this tatoo somehow as I know to never come near to that place ever again without having to take a second look.

No. 49510

Some SJWs have been suggesting race segregation already–in terms of white/minority segregation. I.E. if you're black/azn/whatever you can't even ASSOCIATE with whites because the very fact of their EXISTENCE will oppress you! Or vice versa. It's really quite vile.

No. 49513

only if they are/identify as male.

No. 49520

I saw a post that said it's not okay to call someone a "pissbaby" because it makes fun of people who are into diapers and it's kink shaming. I'm pretty sure it was just a troll but tbh I'm still laughing about that.

No. 49523

Fuck kink shame.

Most of the people who are in the Kinky shit aren't the ones whining about it.

No. 49524

I believe it might be "some people need diapers because of disabilites/illness, 'pissbaby' is therefore totes ableist!!1" Your explanations sounds more like a troll.

No. 49536

File: 1423872481101.png (49.79 KB, 672x477, Untitled.png)

No. 49538

File: 1423872814938.png (248.09 KB, 638x498, tumblr_ng02w4Y5541tun1uvo1_128…)

No. 49541

File: 1423873134797.jpg (44.34 KB, 480x480, tumblr_nhqchmRmqG1sgavsfo1_500…)

No. 49542

Nah, I don't know them but if they were really trans it sucks. It's sometimes a bit hard to dstinguish between legit struggling trans people and tumblrina demiboi magikarp gurl shit.

This is why no one takes feminists serious. She makes everyone who has some actual brain and good intention for women everywhere look bad.

wtf is a "System"?
I fear bad news

No. 49544

Yes, this one I can agree with because one of the primary reasons she killed herself was because of how unaccepting her parents were. They went on to describer her death as though it were an accident and repeatedly referred to her as him, despite the suicide letter Leelah left for them telling them how much they hurt her.

No. 49545

File: 1423874443179.png (146.64 KB, 442x321, tumblr_ni2v3zrGed1rkkzwfo1_500…)

actually though i met a girl in college that has a piercing that looks like a bindi, it’s called a third eye piercing and i want to rip it out of her face every time i see it because she’s not indie or exotic or whatever shit she wants to call it.

God these people get pissed at anything.

No. 49551

The "Jenn here" reminds me of this. He has more videos about tumblr that are really good.

No. 49552

As much as I hate Tumblrinas and fake boo shit, I actually agree with this person. She was legitimately suffering and the cause of her suicide is because her parents weren't accepting and treated her badly. I don't think she was a trans just for attention but actually did believe she was born in the wrong body.

No. 49553

Not to mention she actively disagreed with otherkin etc. I tend to think that the trans people on tumblr who think otherkin are dumb af are actually trans. It's sad that I even have to have that precursory test. I used to be someone who took people's identities at face value…what has tumblr done to me?

No. 49570

Is this real? This is just as fucking idiotic as straight men hitting on lesbians. Just stop.

No. 49572

File: 1423881972156.jpg (43.24 KB, 540x345, tumblr_njka4tmdFz1r6aibzo1_540…)

Its just fucking hair.

No. 49573

>confirmed for whale

No. 49575

>man hating lesbian
Oh, fuck you.

No. 49578

what? holy shit, this person needs to calm down. I don't think anyone died for having dreds.

No. 49580

Kylie as in Kylie Jenner? Isnt she armenian or someshit, why call her a white girl

No. 49581

If it is Kylie jenner, yeah, OP is a stupid idiot. Armenians aren't white.

No. 49582

I definitely always felt like some people were over reacting about dreads, cornrows, fros, whatever else. However, I was doing some research for some paper I had to write for school, about the first black people who were allowed to go to intergrated schools, and it was pretty shocking to read about how they were treated. In order to keep a lot of them from going to school, they would tell them certain hair styles that are more natural for black hair, like the puffy afro or dreads are not allowed. So people had to start cutting or straightening their hair.

I think a few yrs ago a little girl had to be removed from school because dreads were not seen as presentable: http://www.buzzfeed.com/ellievhall/7-year-old-tulsa-girl-sent-home-from-school-because-of-her-d#.ltDRVAvPM8

In terms of black people being told they can't go to school because of race, and having dreads be identified with black people so that people will look down on them, I can see it as an aspect of black culture in the US. I know other ethnicities have them too, but I'm limiting this to their history in the US. However, I think that for the most part, there really aren't many negative connotations associated with dreads anymore. There are ignorant comments about the hair being dirty, which I disagree with except when it comes to asians and whites trying to dread their hair since it needs a product to help it stick and a lack of washing.

Out of all things that are actually an issue, things like dreads should probably not even make the list.

No. 49585

I'm reading her parents wiki's (I know, not a good source) and it says that Kris Jenner has Scottish and Dutch ancestry, and Bruce is white. So I guess only Kims dad would be the one providing the Armenian genes

No. 49588

Oh okay, I don't keep up with the kardashians so i just thought all of them were armenian

No. 49590

Yeah their part armenian. Kim made a joke once about them being hairy thats why that got laser hair removal. (OT sorry)

But too black,asian and what ever else they're white people who are stealing their hair styles.I think its dumb do whatever the fuck you wanna do to your hair.

No. 49591

>Linked from buzzfeed
I stopped reading there.

No. 49592

*to ugh

No. 49593

Yeah, that always bothered me. That's like people who say asians who dye their hair blonde or light brown are trying to be white! How about no.

No. 49596

yeah sorry, the only other quick link I found was fox's fb page

No. 49597

why on earth do white ppl think their opinion on cultural appropriation matters - no one cares that you think it’s okay - if a poc says no - YOU DON’T DO IT - who are you to go around spreading crap information about something you know nothing about

Oh thank you brown person. I will never wear a bindi/(any other cultural item ever) that my grandmother gave me cause I'm white, and shes Indian. And you are the sole person on this subject.

Seriously fuck this bitch. http://reclaimthebindi.tumblr.com/

No. 49600

When people of any ethnic background wear it for fashion it sucks though. I guess people have been attributing it to white people because of how many celebrities and models whom are white were wearing them around without any acknowledgement of where it came from.

Also, on another note, if your grandma is Indian, wouldn't that make you at least 1/4 Indian? You're a poc.

No. 49601

I say grandmother because it's a pain in the ass to always say/type step-grandmother.
I also just see her as my grandmother and to add step sounds strange to me.

No. 49603

Well, my problem is, people don't know someone else's story. What if the item IS an important claim to their heritage or family history. I have great grandparents who are Irish and I love wearing items relating to that. I'm not fully white, but I guess I don't get as much shit because of that. My point is; just because someone is wearing a sari or a bindi doesn't mean they dont have connection. Maybe they do. Maybe their brother or sister married into Indian family and they really feel happy to be able to wear these things. Tumblr shits things up by labeling anyone who is pale with dreds appropriating culture . Shut the hell up, tumblr.

No. 49605

Ah, okay, I thought about that right after I posted. From what I understand of their explanation of cultural appropriation, you're being invited to wear it, so you'd be okay.

It's annoying how some of them are correct in saying that it's appropriation when a dominant culture (that became dominant by oppressing yours or someone elses) takes an aspect of your culture, trivializes it's significance and meaning, and decides to profit off of it or reclaim it as theirs. Selling bindis as a go to quirky fashion accessory in Western countries? Disrespectful for sure. Note: coachella.

White girl who is wearing it because of her spiritual beliefs and association with said culture? It's fine. She shouldn't be attacked and called racist or appropriating because of it.

No. 49609

Yeah, Felice fawn does this on her own site/blog.

It's hard to take the posers from the people who really enjoy the culture. Problem is, tumblr doesn't care. They attack everyone.

No. 49620

File: 1423888540889.jpg (50.31 KB, 540x463, tumblr_njmz8kFMk71thjbjao1_540…)

No. 49623

There's a lot of Indians in the UK but you'll basically never see them wearing bindis unless it's an old woman or someone dressed up for a an event (whether that be a traditional wedding or something like clubbing). So I feel like a young woman just randomly wearing them has ulterior motives.

If anyone's going to get shit it'll be a guy with a turban but I guess they're not pussy enough for Tumblr.

No. 49624

>>49623 is meant to be in reply to >>49545 rather than the discussion about appropriation.

No. 49626

I kind of agree with the dreads thing too. Most non-blacks who have them are dumb college kids or twenty-somethings and are doing it "because I like weed and the Jamaicans are always high and all of them have dreads, right lol?" It just seems insensitive to me.

No. 49630

How is it insensitive though? Maybe they really like the hair. Maybe they see how much work goes into maintaining it? Some people just like things and want to get into it. It's just hair. jfc

I'm not a lot less people care than tumblr thinks.

No. 49637

Aside from the whole background with dreads in the US, I think some people's frustration is due to dreaded non black hair being called dreads in the first place. Many black people have stated that white/asian dreads are in no way similar to black dreads due to the process that goes into dreading it. Because black hair is naturally kinky, it dreads easily, so that even if you wash it multiple times a week, eventually it will link together.

Most Asian hair certainly will not do this, as won't white hair without having to go without washing and product needing to be added. Some people are insulted from what I've seen because their dreads are clean, where as we know that the asian or white person had to let theirs build up product and dirt in order to get a similar appearance.

Also, like >>49626 said, it usually is hippie kids, stoners or kids rebelling that get dreads. They have this perception of actual dreads that black people don't attribute to them, it's weird.

No. 49704

But … they sell bindis in India and South East Asia for fashion purposes, they come in little packets like nail stickers. Everyone wears them, even the people who have a much worse history with Hindus than white people. (See: Everything Muslims ever did to Hindus and vice versa. But you still see girls in hijabs wearing them.) My dad and uncle have been bringing them as gifts for me since I was five. More often than not they're helped by a gaggle of teenage girls to pick out the cutest ones.

Every single celebrity I've ever seen wearing one is one of the convenience store stickers, not the red dot. It's a non issue for anyone actually from India or SEA, only second generation immigrants who feel like they're not really part of "their" culture complain about it.

No. 49723

People who just like the hair aren't the people I was referring to.

No. 49748

I meant in the US, sorry. History for immigrants in the US is going to be much different than in their own home countries. I think that immigrants who wear bindis here may be upset is due to the fact that they were discriminated against for not just wearing the bindi but because of the race they are too. If it's seen as cool fashion for a non SEA to wear a bindi but SEA get called "dot heads" or whatever else in the US, they likely feel the need to remind them of their history wearing the bindi in the US. It has much more significance for SEA immigrants now because at one point they felt they (their people specifically) couldn't wear it.

No. 49759

I have a Mexican friend who wears them all the time and nobody bats an eye.

No. 49760

I agree that most POC don't care about things like this, they have more important social issues to worry about. The other day my mom (who is Jamaican) was raving about this Asian guy she saw with dreads and how much she liked them.

I guess the issue with these things like dreads or bindis are that they're like costumes for non-POCs. Whether it's intended or not, they can take it off when it's convenient and go back to having white person status. For obvious reasons, others can't do this and remove their Indian/Jamaican-ness.

No. 49783

File: 1423945246800.png (23.59 KB, 735x432, tumblr_mbcnch7eiz1ryeto5o1_128…)

No. 49785

File: 1423945350477.png (132.68 KB, 717x546, Pol troll gets a sjw to agree …)

well I agree with that, she should've been buried in a dress, although I do understand that the parents were really against it, and perhaps people are being a bit too rough on the parents

too bad about her parents, it's a really shitty situation all around

No. 49786

File: 1423945378885.png (7.02 KB, 392x168, tumblr_mmd2dyp4Gq1ryeto5o1_400…)

No. 49787

File: 1423945413701.jpg (177.87 KB, 1200x1920, 1418691791707.jpg)

>dem nails tho

No. 49788

lol wtf, how is celebrating cinco de mayo in Japan bad? Its an opportunity to learn about another country

No. 49789

trolls based off racial stereotypes are always the most obvious

No. 49790

File: 1423945582957.jpg (64.55 KB, 720x570, 1012295_535671829824223_827129…)

kek, turtlegirl also made shitty cringe memes like image related

or at least I think they're the same person, someone correct me if I'm wrong plz

No. 49791

lol well she's right, they're born male, not men. The former refers to genetelia the other gender.

No. 49793

File: 1423945733749.jpg (48.89 KB, 665x255, 5lLXXiA.jpg)


genetelia is the best typo ever

it sounds like a new type of spaghetti

No. 49794

File: 1423945870860.png (104.22 KB, 643x887, UwSvUNP.png)

No. 49796

A video about otherkin.


No. 49798


Nah, the meme turtlegirl and the tortoisekin turtlegirl are different people

Holy shit it'd be hilarious if that was her though

No. 49824


And then you slowly realize that intelligence is decreasing as more of these entitled brats come up, and that the only people who can move America forward are the people who don't believe in this crap, or those who choose to move on.

Maybe we need another renaissance or something. With actual art, new theories and laws, something to get the future generation from going up their own and most of the current generation's asses.

(Not saying not what she is saying is not true, because it does happen, I just don't think Intelligence is the right topic marker for her to use.

No. 49831

File: 1423956904082.png (26.97 KB, 293x165, nathan.png)

Holy crap, I was thinking she looked familiar then i realized. Don't know if it's just because I'm tired af

No. 49837

>Wolf name - Yuki Snow Wolf

Snow … snow wolf?

No. 49843

lol the resemblance is uncanny

No. 49854

I can assure you that if I changed white to black and cracker to nigga, there would be such an uproar.

No. 49855

Seriously no one but tumblr even cares about this shit.

No. 49859

Mental is right, bitch you crazy.

No. 49863

Thats because black people (or any other race but whites) aren't racist.

No. 49874

File: 1423966072519.jpg (36.26 KB, 591x791, c_o_n_s_e_n_t_by_mlm_ahuviya_h…)

No. 49881

Seems like she'd be better off with the daily reminder of

No. 49892

My father is a tattoo artist. I know he never has to run into a SJW. These poor artists must have some cringeworthy stories about their encounters.

No. 49893

I meant "I hope he never has to…"

No. 49903

Should it still be that red?

No. 49909

I don't think a rapist is going to see that and go "oh shit, my bad"

No. 49910

Oh and of fucking course Ahuviya got that. of course he did.

No. 49925

Why do people dress this way? It's always loner kids or a bunch of losers from the midwest too

No. 49935

In cargo pants and a t-shirt?

Not sure if you quoted the right post.

No. 49936

This made me laugh so hard. Sorry.

No. 49972

No, lol, I meant the cargo pants with grommet belts. I remember this being more popular in the early 2000s all over the US, but now its people that would shop at hot topic that still wear it

No. 49978

>"jealous of their freedom"
>wears a collar


No. 49981

oh my fucking god, an sjw getting mad at a POC race? Shit son, get ready to be outcast.

No. 49987

Not really cause all they have to start is a race war. Which we all know it means to get the other doxxed and send death threats on anon.

No. 49993

No. 50043

so, someone out there has or will potentially have sex with ADF?

Doubtful. Too gross to even rape

No. 50058

Actually, he's completely right. Women simply aren't enough of the market to be pandered to by developers.

By repeating the oft-cited "half of gamers are women" statistic, you're actually perpetuating the stereotype further that women are poorly informed about gaming. It's like when people claim there's a gender wage gap and then expect to be taken seriously.

The 48% statistic is from a survey which includes mobile phone apps, which has no effect on the actual gaming market. It's fine to ask for better representation, but if you cite that statistic as if it refers to actual video games and not apps, you'll end up looking bad.

No. 50109

Hold your horses now. Rape is a power crime. It has nothing to do with looks. A woman of any height and weight can be raped. it's about choosing someone to over power. It isn't cool to say that.

No. 50118

And you know the motivation of rapists, how?

No. 50133

Why would a wolf need to wear a collar anyways? Shouldn't they say they are a dogkin? The logic.

No. 50134

Don't. This is ADF we're talking about. No one would ever want to have consensual sex with him, let alone take it by force.

No. 50140

It's been studied and proven time and time again to have the same kind of motive. What the fuck is your problem?

No. 50174

You need to do some reading, pal. If appearance is the only qualifying factor in getting women raped, then conventionally attractive women everywhere would be doing everything in their power to not appeal to rapists. The problem with that is that we cannot tell who a potential rapist will be to know who to look out for (but we do know that statistically, women are the majority of victims).

That's why there are campaigns out there about people not justifying rape through appearance, attire, time, place, accountability or their confusion over whether no or an inability to say no actually means no.

If a person wants to rape, meaning commit sexual violence towards another person by forcing their submission, they will as long as they think they can get away with it. That's why it is more about struggle than it is about appearance. If you still doubt it, you can check out the numerous reports made about young guys being asked why they would rape a 70, 80 or 90 yr old woman whom they're not even attracted to, and them responding that it was the heat of the moment that got to them, that being their desire to subjugate someone else.

No. 50183

I always thought it was their human form trying to keep a mesh on their wolf half.

No. 50232

File: 1424048253879.jpg (178.65 KB, 960x1280, jfc.jpg)

why does tumblr support these looks

No. 50235

Ew, Lime Crime lipstick..

No. 50236


No. 50244

Holy fuck her application of that lipstick is jagged as hell to me!

No. 50247

her eyebrows look like they're made out of felt.

No. 50249

Why do all tumblrinas look the same? The flowercrown, the thick, badly applied brows and lipstick. They all flock together in appearance.

No. 50250

I lol'd so hard.

Is that a tattoo of a tree on her chest?

No. 50257

Seems like it is antlers.

No. 50335

And yet they claim they don't follow the crowd and that they're all soooo unique~

No. 50349


10 bucks its a Hannibal related tat

No. 50351


See? And that’s what gets me about this whole cultural appropriation stuff. SJWS don’t want to judge on looks alone, right? But they’ll gladly tell someone who looks white to stop taking from another culture but uh, what if they ARE that culture? (not saying that you have to be to partake but what happened to taking people on content of their character, not skin colour?)
I’m half black, but if those SJWS saw my pic they’d label me white since I am pale. Those dickheads were deny me access to my own culture just because they see a white girl, basically and to me, that’s sort of infuriating.

No. 50394

File: 1424087717984.jpg (58.76 KB, 651x719, Otherkin_ee4b4e_5182470.jpg)

No. 50395

kek it's funneh because it's goddam true

No. 50397

File: 1424087927584.jpg (351.67 KB, 1200x899, tumblr_muq67cnHsm1slrocqo1_128…)

True blue SJWs (non weeb) hate on the japanese for being RAYCISSSSSS oh shiiiiIIIIIIII

No. 50398

File: 1424087983284.jpg (106.68 KB, 500x372, tumblr_mf3vxqXeNw1rnwb31o1_500…)

No. 50407

Jfc. What kind of shitty parent do you have to be to reproduce this mess ?

No. 50408

>you should message me if you like talking about the patriarchy

This sounds like my 22 year old coworker. She wears sailor moon sweaters and has very short, badly dyed pink hair. Yikes. What us it with pink hair and tumblrinas?

No. 50444

special snowflake fatties use it as a way to distract from their otherwise gross appearance.

No. 50454

Can you explain what "badly dyed" means? I'm not familiar with hair dying.

No. 50457

They just mean a poorly done job, anon. The dye has not been applied properly, in a multitude of ways.

No. 50460

Oh yeah. One time someone was sending me anon hate and they called me a stupid white girl, and when I told them I was actually Latina, they told me "go back to Mexico, slut."
Being fair-skinned on Tumblr won't cause you any problems unless the weird side of Tumblr deems your actions/posts as appropriation. Then shit will hit the fan. (e.g. A bunch of white people yelling at other white people for "trying to look Asian" with circle lens/droopy eye makeup)

No. 50465

Bullshit on them having a real therapist. A legit therapist would have them committed or heavily drugged up.

No. 50468

No sane man would hit on that.

No. 50476

File: 1424109364160.png (1.63 MB, 1116x681, caterpillars.png)

Definitely antlers

here's some more crap: http://halloweensbitch.tumblr.com/tagged/me

No. 50486

Those brows, holy hell.
How can she look in the mirror after drawing those on and think "yep, that looks good".

No. 50488

HOLY shit those brows. I know "bold" brows are en vogue, but this shit is ridic. That's just not a good look for anybody. They look so cartoonish and garish.

No. 50536

Basically this >>50457
In regards to my coworker; She has dark brown hair. She bleached it and didn't tone it right so the pink turned orange in some areas of her hair. Then she proceeded to tell my the next day when it looked like pink orange shit that she tried to dye over the pink with brown dye WITHOUT using a color stripper first. I just looked the other way because I didn't want to say anything nasty. Her hair is always disgusting. I am saving up to be a hair dresser, so it hurts me to see her fuck up and not care. At least use an online tutorial. She only buys box dyes too. She wants to go white blonde like me. I don't even think she knows what a toner is.

Apologies for OT.

No. 50538

I am a huge fan of bold brows, but this is just not….anything good. This is literal sharpie to your face bad.

No. 50580

terrible placement and terrible content. terrible terrible

No. 50592

File: 1424129985296.jpg (153.98 KB, 634x482, tumblr_n47uigHzbE1szlluvo1_128…)

No. 50597

i'm gonna go browse the kawaii tag on tumblr and if I survive maybe the xD tag

No. 50598

File: 1424130636778.png (851.5 KB, 630x865, tumblr_nh0zivpI2Q1s6duydo1_128…)

Does this ignorant honky understand that we're fucking aware that he isn't experiencing racial profiling at the hands of the police, like does he really think he needs a custom jacket to point out he has white privilege wtf

Wow some of these people like your damned if you support their cause or you're a racist jackass if you don't.

No. 50601

File: 1424130943021.png (24.03 KB, 672x477, Untitled.png)

No. 50603

File: 1424131070745.jpg (140.3 KB, 640x960, tumblr_nafak9i1wV1so3gh0o1_128…)

No. 50605

File: 1424131224592.jpg (60.83 KB, 640x428, tumblr_nfwzu8BK9L1u18pnxo1_128…)

No. 50606

Sorry anon but I get confused when you make these posts, I keep thinking you're the one making the top comments when you're just in fact quoting them. Just quote them directly or at least add quotation marks.

Also, that guy isn't supporting the movement because he's supporting the behavior of the NYPD, not just the good. We all know black, latino, gay, trans and the mentally ill are subject to more hostile treatment.

No. 50607

File: 1424131427511.png (32.26 KB, 1837x162, cislord.png)

No. 50608

..This is sad because its true. Black people getting pissed over hairstyles is nothing compared to shit others are dealing with.

No. 50609

lol this reminds me of someone I followed on tumblr who reblogged this. She's anti feminist because she specifically doesn't need it due to living in Poland. So when asked why isn't she feminist for the girls around the world who do need feminism? Why not be a feminist because not all women around the world have a right to their bodies, etc? All you get is silence.

Anyway, thats not the height of black people's problems, it would be more accurate to say that they're being killed by cops for being black (like the guy in wallmart who was in the toy gun section as an example)

No. 50612

>>For being black
More like, "for being violent towards the police, forcing them to defend themselves."
Both tray tray and mike brown attacked the cops who killed them.

No. 50613

Problem with that though he was a kid I think.

No. 50624

Riiight, the guy who had his back turned to the police, a few feet away from them, didn't even know they were coming for him, was being violent towards police, gotcha. As was Eric Garner, the guy with a fake sword in cosplay who never made contact with cops but was chased down by them and the guy waiting inside a store for his kids to get out of school because it was cold outside.

who was a kid? The person killed by police was a grown man. He was talking on the phone and had a toy gun in his hand in front of a whole bunch of other toy guns being sold in Walmart. Someone called the cops on him saying a guy had a gun in the store, and when police came they yelled out for him to drop it as they shot him down from the back.

No. 50639


Did you not watch the trial? Do SJW just make shit up to believe these days?

>>When officer Daniel Pantaleo took Garner's wrist behind his back, Garner swatted his arms away.

Resisting arrest is illegal, nigga. And everyone claims "whaa u hurting my wrists" or "whaa I can't breath" when the cops arrest them. Maybe if he wasn't such a fat fuck he would have lived.

No. 50641

There was an actual child killed by the police in Ohio. His name was Tamir Rice and he was 12. The cops didn't even give him time to raise his hands before they shot him dead, all because he had a toy gun in a playground (that he wasn't even holding up when the police arrived)
Shit's on camera. It's awful. So don't try to justify racist ass police officers because they don't deserve to be defended. They go through training to respond to crises and if they legitimately feel "threatened" by young black males (especially 12 year olds) then they shouldn't be cops.

No. 50643

Are you kidding? Did you not watch the videos where he was being killed? I don't even know why I'm asking, you clearly didn't but even if you did you would still come to the same asinine conclusion because ha, black people amirite? I'm on this thread because I'm not a sjw, but not being one doesn't mean I'm going to support other types of bs.

No. 50644

yeah I heard about Tamir Rice too, a lot of black people have been killed when they didn't have to be, especially when they weren't even committing a crime to begin with (i.e. John Crawford, the man in walmart mentioned by >>50624
: http://thefreethoughtproject.com/breaking-video-finally-released-cops-shooting-man-toy-gun-wal-mart/). If it wasn't for people recording these events or demanding the release of video proof no one would know.

No. 50702

>>Can't into evidence
It's not like I expected anything more from a people who think with their emotions, but come the fuck on. The arguments of whites are based on evidence and science while your testimony is a bunch of "WHAA UNARMED TEENAGED BABY BOY WHAA WHITE POE POE WHAA".

No. 50746

I guarantee a white kid dressed up in a Chinese cartoon costume swatting away a policeman's hand wouldn't be killed for it, friend.

No. 50748

Come in for SJW derpin and dramu, come in on race/furguson argument….take it B goddamn it

No. 50757

Wait, they specifically killed him for it? Oh, wait, that's right. Niggers make up their own history, I forgot. The police tried to arrest him, he resisted, and so they had to hold him down in a headlock. Being a fat fuck, he suffocated. (As is common with fatties who try to lay on their backs) He must have been in very bad health to begin with if he died from that, but black people like to ignore this little fact because it doesn't fit their needs. Black people have no real problems, so they take obvious accidents like this and run with them so they claim all their problems come from "oppression".
Aside from that, if a white kid died from the cops suffocating him by accident, no one would care. They would blame it on the fat.

No. 50758

Nope, I thought we were talking about the cosplayer. I made a mistake.
Judging by your response, you don't know the difference either though

No. 50765

that was a rookie cop :/

No. 50808

It's okay, he was gonna wind up a crook anyway.

No. 50828

File: 1424193999641.jpg (102.51 KB, 630x620, image.jpg)

Can we get back to talking about Tumblrunas and dumb stuff like this, please? Make a racist board on /b/ god damn.

No. 50834

that is so disgusting ewwwwwwww oh my god tumblr why why why incest is so disgusting

No. 50852

I disliked Leelah when she was alive and her suicide really doesn't bother me
She posted a lot of that TRANS WOMEN ARE UNTOUCHABLE GODESSES shit all the time but then drew herself and called herself a "Princess boy" implying she's just a feminine dude who wanted a slice of the trans girl oppression without actually having to be trans, I mean her suicide note didn't make sense anyway "I wanted to transition on my 16th birthday and they wouldn't let me" you can't until you're 18 anyway which means she had 1 more year before she could have but instead she decided to become a martyr and make herself the patron saint of tumblr

No. 50853

I didn't follow her blog but implying she actually wanted a slice of the trans oprression so much she literally killed herself is just dumb. If she had only done it for attention there would have been other ways to recieve this.

No. 50856

No I meant the only reason she said she was trans at all was to be part of the tumblr oppression squad
Also her posts about "omg guys I've realized I'm trans now" don't match up with her suicide story because she'd only been "trans" for maybe a month
It's sad when anyone kills themselves but tumblr blew her death way out of proportion

No. 50859

Oh wow, I had no idea. I had gone through a few posts of her blog the day her note went viral but I didn't delve any deeper. It is incredibly sad that she killed herself and sadder still that her parents refused to accept her/didn't let her friends come say goodbye at the funeral.
But, honestly, I do feel like the trans community of tumblr is really toxic. People who are legitimately trans and who have dysphoria are completely different than people who wanna be "demigirls" or "princess boys" or whatever. Gender isn't some costume to put on and take off. It's imposed on you based on your sex and it varies from culture to culture. Idk why tumblrites think it's a fun game or a spectrum or what have you. And I don't know why they think that transtrenders are a) the real deal and b) allowed to spew hateful/disgusting shit in the name of "activism." I think most people go along with it or try to be as inclusive as possible because they're afraid they'll get death threats and shit if they don't.

No. 50872

Just wondering, did you follow Leelah's blog before or after they died?

Of all the trans deaths that happen every day, I wonder why theirs got so much attention.

>But, honestly, I do feel like the trans community of tumblr is really toxic. People who are legitimately trans and who have dysphoria are completely different than people who wanna be "demigirls" or "princess boys" or whatever. Gender isn't some costume to put on and take off. It's imposed on you based on your sex and it varies from culture to culture.

This, so much. However now if you even want to imply that, you're viewed as a "trans exclusive radical feminist" even if you're not radical or a feminist.

No. 50890

After I went through their entire blog. Call it transmisogyny but I assumed since it was a trans woman she probably was either a fetishist or a transtrender. The Princess boy shit etc was expected

No. 50907

I didn't get those vibes at all.
Fetishists are usually adult males who are into sissy shit and/or "traps", and transtrenders are usually FtM or genderqueer. If she were a transtrender, she could have easily just stopped all that shit she faced with her family by calling it off and only keeping up the persona online.
Likewise if she were a fetishist, then she'd probably be sated by reblogging porn on her Tumblr and waiting until she was 18 to buy her own girly shit to crossdress in tbh. I feel like the princess boy shit was because she hadn't transitioned yet and was still being treated as a boy, but to each their own I guess.

No. 50908

The majority of trans women on tumblr are sissy fetishists though, or at least that I've gotten to a point of distrust whenever I see one over there
I'm just saying I wasn't surprised to see stupid "Trans women are goddesses uwu" and princess boy shit on her blog
Though I guess I could've just said "It was a trans person on tumblr so I was suspicious"
not necessarily a trans woman.
I just don't like them in particular.

No. 50917

What do you mean by "sissy fetishists"? And why don't you like them?

No. 50920

Honestly? Most of these MtF are fetishists.

No. 51022

OH No, fuck you. fuck you tumblr. i really love the TG manga.

No. 51034

I never see real black people get mad over hairstyles its always ALWAYS white people pretending to be black or sjws trying to protect black people

No. 51054

File: 1424245047820.png (757.49 KB, 936x483, payforme2bemalejk.png)

>Hur hur so many people thought I was a girl.
>Give me money so I can have my surgery.

No. 51070

seriously people, why all the hate. You would be much happier people if you stopped tumblrshaming and went outside to live your life.

No. 51074

File: 1424249433928.gif (8.84 MB, 507x380, 9aa9970ca0fabeebe669818933898b…)

why don't you go outside and live your life so we can live ours?

No. 51076

And your life would be much happier if you stopped letting Tumblr tell you what to think and went outside to live your life.

But you won't and we won't.

No. 51077

we check your tumblrina privilege :^)

No. 51100


No. 51104

File: 1424266854163.jpg (468.76 KB, 741x2765, kjl.jpg)

No. 51105

No. 51108

bc bullying a 12 year old girl makes the world better place

No. 51109

dat lil 12 y old ho need 2 chk her priviledge

No. 51110

Bullying a 12 year old…
These fucking SJWs jesus christ.
I also kek'd at the fact that most people attacking her were white and most people defending her were black.

No. 51112

This kid has more internet common sense than almost anyone I have ever met.

No. 51114

why do white people like speaking up for black people

No. 51115

Oh man yeah lot of people were raging about a 12 yo's hairstyle. Luckily some African-Americans stood up for her. Its really a sad society if a young teenager cant be like "OMG that lady has a cute hairstyle, i want that <3" anymore without being bullied for it. Kinda want to find out if any of those SJW's ever tried on wooden shoes or Dutch folk clothing, so i can scream at them for appropriating my sacred Dutch culture.

No. 51133

What? Most of the people attacking her were black or (none-white) hispanic.

No. 51134

Because no white cultures anywhere ever braided their hair. Lmao.

No. 51135

Are you kidding me? They're always raging about that shit. That and twerking.

No. 51142

>Black women have been kicked out of schools or fired from jobs because of our hair which forced us to get weaves not because it's trendy.

I can't with these comments.

No. 51156

But anon, stuff like that happened. In fact still happens (where I live actually). While that it is true that did happen in most places (in America/Caribbean, idk about other places), I don't agree that other people shouldn't be able to do it. I mean, it would be better i we tolerated people with straight hair getting braids so it can become more accepted.

No. 51158

There's some hope for the future.

No. 51180

Exactly, when I was in middle school, this girl was removed from class to have her parents called because she had curly hair and did not tie it. It made for a very small jew-fro looking hairstyle, but was apparently not allowed because it could be "potentially distracting". No one had complained though. They removed her from the school the second time it happened and I don't blame her, it was really stupid. I read about this happening to mainly white people for natural hairstyles, not dying their hair crazy colors or having it stick out to make it impossible for students to see the board, but just natural hair.

However, this does not mean that a little girl wearing box braids is appropriating culture (for fucks sake people need to learn what that term means) and that she is not harming anyone. Take it up with the school districts that discriminate.

Liberals I swear, it's always about the small insignificant issues with them.

No. 51203

Haha have fun seeing TG be completly ruined by tumblr.

>mfw I read TG befor eit wa spopular

>saw the rise of the fandom on tumblr
>so afraid it's going to be SnK tier shit
Seriously, nothing good can come out of this

No. 51232

Shh don't brag about reading manga before everybody else did. That's embarrassing.

No. 51237

File: 1424303261177.gif (1.9 MB, 480x270, 1348509509292.gif)

A little ot but I love TG,and SNK, but theres something about tumblr that can turn me off of stuff that I like. Shit I even love SPN,Sherlock,And DR. Who, but fucking christ the fandom on tumblr can just kill anything.

No. 51451

But they're all like 1/64th Dutch so it's their culture too!

No. 51491

File: 1424360288769.jpg (265.17 KB, 1819x882, 03.jpg)


Can't un-see this shit

No. 51521

I just meant I started reading it before the tumblr fandom got so big that we now have all the SJW crap flooding the TG tags.
>"remember to use the right pronouns!! uwu"
>"Remember how Shuu is bisexual and if you disagree you're a homophobe cislord who wants to opress and erase bisexuals!!!"
>"Here's my character x z y are all totes trans headcanon!!!!!"
>Fan arts with flower crowns
>"Let me tell you how every character suffers from some kind of mental illness, is genderfluid, pansexual and an aromantic demiboi ^___^"

No. 51525

I'm confused. Is this an actual guy or just some girl trying to be edgy?

No. 51526

silly anon, every SJW knows that you can't appropriate white cultures uwu oppressive devils!!! uwu (never mind the fact european countries have been enslaved by non white people, but lol dumblar wouldn't know that)

No. 51527

Its a "transguy" so they say, but is always wearing female clothes and never binds.

Now to me thats a fucking chick, but we can't call them out on it cause we would be oppressing their gender identity.

No. 51562

I'm seeing this happen in a lot of anime fandoms lately. For example in Yowamushi Pedal there is a character who recently showed up in the manga but isn't in the anime yet that tumblr is losing their shit over. He's only appeared briefly and not much is known yet except for him saying something like "I have a bit of girlish desire" in regards to wanting to wear a matsuri mask (desire to wear a cute mask).
Tumblr saw this as "WOW POSSIBLE NON-CIS CHARACTER!" and ran with it. The comment section on his wiki page is a fucking mess.

No. 51585

How are braids cultural? It's a modern hairstyle worn by most western black women to have a long but easy to handle hairstyle. It has no cultural meaning, what-so-ever.

Like, even with dreadlocks, I know an interracial couple who both have dreads and actually started talking because they had similar hairstyles. Guess he should have shouted at her for cultural appropriation instead of marrying her.

No. 51586


But seriously, it's just a cop-out so they can feel oppressed without the actual struggles of being oppressed.

No. 51605

holy shit these people are insane. ONE little line (which appears to have been in a comedic situation and very vague) causes them all to believe this shit lol what the fuck.

no wonder these people hate school. they can't critically think worth a damn

No. 51615

There is no stopping the trans headcanons of Tumblrinas. They'll grasp at straws and refute obvious canon shit just to "prove" the character is whatever they say. They'll even send you hate if you disagree because you're ~erasing~ their identity.

No. 51884

Tumblr's reign of terror knows no bounds when it comes to shit like this. I'm sure everyone saw what happened with SnK a while back when they decided that the entire cast needed to gay, trans*, poc and everything else under the sun that wasn't cis, het and white.
I have a strong feeling the people who are doing this are former homestuck fans. The trolls from what I can tell don't have a distinct race, gender, sexuality and all that jazz which allowed them to sprinkle their special snowflake bullshit all over everything and it was fine. Homestuck was a containment fandom and breeding ground for this shit. So that shit might have flown in homestuck, but it doesn't for the rest of the world.

No. 52020

saying 'the media' is such a ridiculous way to blame someone else for problems. guess what, 'the media' wouldn't produce unrealistic standards of beauty if people didn't eat that shit up!
tell me, what age do people become adults and responsible for their own actions? never! blame 'the media' for your problems! blame macdonalds for making you fat! etc, etc

No. 52030

What bothers me the most is that most of "the media" would call the "women as portrayed by the media" fat and would rather have someone like the trans girl on the right (minus the penis maybe). Has the artist looked at what most models look like? Right, they are tall, skinny so not so many "curves" and with small boobs, not to mention many more popular models don't have a stereotypical "pretty" face either.

No. 52044

File: 1424437926598.png (24.66 KB, 454x538, why.png)

Found on a post about the atrocities in North Korea. Do they not watch the news or what?

No. 52045

That's pretty much common knowledge by now. But yeah, fuck high school teachers of unrelated subjects for not taking the time to talk about North Korea.

No. 52057

Fab= female at birth so why are they saying they're male?

No. 52068

I am 99% sure the people who do the whole "MARCO IS A JEW. " this and that bullshit are ex homestuck fans. And you're right, tumblr used to be a nice containment filed, but there was a breach, and now they spill over into everything and every fandom.

No. 52075

File: 1424448574513.jpg (84.75 KB, 714x633, 22Aok4I.jpg)

No. 52081

>SJW definition of racist is prejudice + power = racism
>as a white person I have no power to change anything! I'm unhappy that bad things wont happen to me!

They're so internally inconsistent god damn

No. 52090

lol it's stupid how tumblr is always like "educate yourself!!!" but when something they don't know appears and they're interested in the topic they want to be spoonfed knowledge and have their hands held through the situation

No. 52093

There's even been stuff about it on 60 mins.
Hell I remember a few years back when Lisa Ling and her sister(or maybe it was just her sister) that was held captive over there.

The information is out there its just not always going to be spoon fed to you.

No. 52106

No. 52110


could we make a checklist for tumblrcore "style"?

- thick brows
- flower crown
- bright lipstick
- dyed hair (often fried)
- face piercings
- fandom t-shirt

what else?

individuality my ass

No. 52113

Short hair
Cat eye glasses
Bright ass coloured/patterned clothes
Fandom t-shirt interchangable with "My vagina is beautiful" or "Crush the men" shirt

No. 52120

Creeper shoes / brightly coloured Docs
Reverse crucifixes
Eyeball hair bows

No. 52130

File: 1424462592679.jpg (81.08 KB, 592x597, 6ee863b7676556f1dd7dd80de4f7de…)


-Tattoo chokers
-Those dark, round sunglasses
-Crop tops
-Emoji/weed/alien/peace sign print clothing
-Holographic shit
-Edgy Killstar shit
-Basically every shitty fashion trend from the 90's

No. 52137

- dip dye hair
- tie dye shirts
- galaxy leggings
- leggings
- drawn eyebrows in fancy colors and shapes (pink hearts, green stars, etc)
- Creepyyeha everything
- everything from http://o-mighty.com/

No. 52142


No. 52143

My bad, should've added a warning.

No. 52144

Creepyyeha makes some nice stuff but most of her fan base is retarded.

Also she's kind of annoying too, always crying about people copying her. She was in this shop in China saw a display with similar items as hers and started crying and having a breakdown. Her and her wierdo bf demanded that the display be taken down right then and there. Crazy. Maybe She needs to loosen that tight ass waist belt.

No. 52146

Omfg yes. She's always crying about people staring a her and pervs taking pics when she goes out wearing lingerie and kinky shit.

No. 52147

why the fuck would you wear creepyyeah shit in public???

wah these kinds of people are so annoying. "i'm wearing this stuff because it's so ~edgy~ and sexual in nature but don't you dare sexualize me!!!!"

No. 52148

One anyone who buys shit from there is a fucking idiot its all over priced. 70 bucks for some shitty sandals.

No. 52149

i'm a basic bitch so i think some of the stuff there is interesting. but nah, not dropping that amount of money on your shittily made clothing. i can't imagine anyone living independently buying that sort of shit.

don't want to derail the thread but is there any decent ironic clothing that isn't super overpriced?

No. 52150

Best bet is ebay.

Found a whole bunch of nostalgic stuff when I was look a few weeks ago.

No. 52152

loool that's hilarious. not to mention japanese brands have been doing the same shit way before her. stick some hearts and spikes on shit and you must be copying her

No. 52155

The hilarious thing is she would actually have a point if she didn't cut corners with her construction. She uses the studs to actually hold the leather together, so under patent law it's classed as functional and therefore generic, the same as having straps on a shoe for example, not a design point. Legally she's completely in the wrong and nothing about her designs is original or patentable.

No. 52158

File: 1424469440208.jpg (64.11 KB, 960x960, 10517952_918667211497614_37209…)

We need a tumblrcore bingo.

No. 52164

No. 52166

does anyone know if she does waist training or other shit? is her waist really so tiny or does she just use photoshop? her body has always boggled my mind
i would wear the shit out of creepyyeha things in public. kinky shit is the best shit

No. 52169

File: 1424472069720.jpg (34.6 KB, 500x323, attack-on-titan-hoodie-survey-…)

No. 52171

File: 1424472245500.png (58.79 KB, 475x513, Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 4.37…)

i tried. i tried to stay with tumblrcore and not just regular trendy/hipster stuff

No. 52174

Free space should be "privileges checked" or something.

No. 52178

A lot of these aren't really tumblrcore, like the facial piercings, but I hate how tumblr turns it this way by thinking they're the ones who invented it (i.e. some tumblr user who was shocked at how many native tribes around the world pierced their skin, especially at how much more "extreme" it was). Most tumblr users are attention whores, so this doesn't really surprise me. It explains why they think the ugliest outfits work well together, why not shaving underarm hair and dying it instead is considered a good trend, why everyone now has a septum piercing despite it only looking good on some noses, why cottage cheese looking body parts are considered attractive (i'm not gonna look down on stretch marks because skinny people and body builders get them, so they're normal), and a whole slew of other shit.

One of the most common "tumblr trends" is getting your septum pierced despite it looking horrible on your nose and then posting 678 pics of yourself in little clothing with the same pose just at varying angles with different "body positive/self love" captions.

No. 52192

I wanted one of these when I first got into the manga and only episode 2 of the anime existed. I had no idea it would become as popular as it did. Now I just want it for house wear really.

No. 52194

Jfc, Are these idiots serious?

No. 52196

Holy wow. Are you serious? I always her fans were weird, but does she think she is that original? Devilish 666 or whatever their name is on IG Makes similar stuff. Wonder if creepyyeha got butthurt about that?

No. 52207

I think facial piercings are more popular with the genderqueer "punk" people. But I'm not claiming that only people on tumblr wear them. And not all of the items are from people in the same kind of groups.

No. 52208

Most of her stuff is just generic bondage clothes but with hearts. I remember that when she started to get Tumblr popular and was only on Etsy, she made her fans attack another girl that designed similar stuff but I can't remember her name anymore.

No. 52211

File: 1424477379884.png (436.79 KB, 608x608, yeha.png)

lol, seriously? of course people are going to stare if you go out dressed like you're on you're way to a fetish party.

It's also annoying how she pretends she has this huge ass and waist to hip ratio when it's so obvious she's just arching her back really hard. You can even see the creases in her skin sometimes from how much she's sticking it out.

No. 52220

Yeah it's because big butts are in now among asian americans and more white people, since it became mainstream all of a sudden. If girls in movies were still going, "does this make my butt look big? :(" she and a lot more other girls would love showing off their flat butts

No. 52228

So I used to follow Devilish666. She/they sold their items in an actual store (Avantgarde) in Jingumae (or Harajuku, to make weebs understand).

They said they closed down because so many people were copying and stealing their ideas and designs. The kind of stuff they made including the chokers and garter stuff is now allll over Japan. You can find it anywhere. My question is, did Creepyyeha actually INVENT this design? I know she is heavily inspired by Teale Coco so I doubt it.

No. 52237

She wears waist belts that are way too tight to forc e her waist that shape in almost every pic. Either that or she is always wearing highwaisted bottoms that cinch the waist. Also she poses REALLY fucking hard. People that also wear waist belts have commented on the tightness before.

Whenever someone asks about how she stays fit she says its her perfect genes while posting pics of her junkfood hauls.

No. 52238

She also wears it like that to make herself look curvy, lol

She uses garters and stockings to push up her butt

No. 52240

She's always posing practically naked. I'm sorry, but if my girlfriend were to pose like this on IG, i'd be like 'no, no… please dont do this.' It seems weird to have your gf pose half naked all over the internet and be okay with it. Not sure if she's married or whatever. Her body isn't even that interesting. She just seems boring in personality to me and has to wear risque clothing to try to make up for her lack of personality. She seems untoned too.

No. 52242

Did Creepyyeha invent hearts with a leather collar? No. Her garters are cute, but I doubt she invented that design. It just seems to be always be brought back to her. Devilish666 is a fun shop, but at lot of their stuff can be hand made. I still wouldn't mind buying some of their stuff. they're still cheaper than creepyyeha and her prices.

No. 52243

She has an ugly face so she has no other choice than to get naked.

No. 52245

Looks like her thighs are just being squeezed by this stockings whihh is giving her more booty along with the back arching.

No. 52248

She definitely wears clothing too small for her. I don't get it. She isn't fat, but she still squeezes into XXS clothing.

No. 52249

Yeah, her face is extremely basic and forgettable. I will say I am jelly of her long hair.

No. 52250

Her bf is just some boring ugly Latino dude that looks like he runs a shitty fashion blog. He looks fuckin awkward.

No. 52251

He looks kind of like a molester.

No. 52252

File: 1424482577255.png (308.15 KB, 476x716, creepyyeha7.png)

Does she seriously go out in public dressed like this? I've lived in NYC all my life, but unless i was going to a club with friends (and had a big coat on all the way to that club,) i would not do this.

No. 52254


I wonder if men mistook her for a hooker on the street or if the police tried to arrest her thinking she was a prostitute

No. 52256

File: 1424482977885.jpg (65.7 KB, 500x667, tumblr_nihip49dt71qixxaxo1_500…)

That's most likely what's going on. Pic related.

I have been browsing through her selfies and she's almost posing with her arms up or her hips sticking out to the side, most likely to create the illusion of a smaller waist. She's also sucking in her gut.

Also lol @ her if she thinks she's the one and only who has this style. Aya and Bambi Sato have the same kind of aesthetic, and I think they pull it off better.

No. 52259


No. 52260

Almost always*

No. 52263

Uh. Where can I find 'Devilish666'?

No. 52313

Instagram. Exactly like that.

No. 52315

rofl I like you.

Yeah, she's definitely nothing special. Why doesn't she actually work out? It's so obvious she's sucking in her gut.

No. 52328

I've lived in nyc all of my life too, and that would be one of the reasons I would wear an outfit like this out as well. The thing is that people wouldn't really bat an eye at seeing anyone wear this around here. That doesn't mean they wouldn't be wondering why you're wearing it though, because if its during the day many people would assume its a costume, someone whos into goth or an attention whore. Either way most people would stop caring after a few seconds unless you have to stand near them on a train ride or something lol.

No. 52333

People say that all the time, but from my experience, you're going to get comments. People will bat an eye and stare you down. That shit is uncomfortable. I even get comments just for wearing my dust mask when I have massive allergies.

No. 52339

I've known a lot of people to say that too, but I notice that its few and far in between, of course this all my perception of things so I'm not saying either one of us is right or wrong. I find that teens or people of certain neighborhoods are the ones most likely to say anything (that's if the outfit is strange, if it's "slutty" everyone has something to say).

No. 52342

I visited the US once, and I wore kneesocks with a dress. People stared and catcalled so much I just took them off. Can't imagine what it would be like in NYC with her fetish clothes.

Just look at this, and everyone staring and pointing at her:

She must LOVE the attention.

Here is her with more normal clothes & no curves or ass.

No. 52343

In a perfect world, people would actually follow the rule 'if you have nothing nice to say, dont say anything at all.'
However, there are tons of rude people, from teens to grown adults who will shout something at a strange because of what they're wearing. Hell, when I used to dye my hair pink back in 2002, people would shout rude things at me. This is before the katy perry, nikki minaj and lady Gaga bullshit. Now it's okay to have pastel or dyed hair, but back in the 90s and early 2000s, people were fucking awful and vocal about how weird they thought you were.

When something is trendy and mainstream, you'll get less comments about it. I'd rather get stares than comments really. It just sucks no matter what, because if you aren't in jeans and a tshirt, someone is going to say something unneeded. Creepyyeha is walking around in fetish wear in broad daylight. in nyc. I live in NYC. People are gonna say shit.

No. 52344

I'm sorry that happened to you. There is no excuse ever for a woman to be catcalled no matter what she's wearing. Esp something as normal as knee socks. People are assholes. I think if you are really confident, you can wear what you want and not care, but Creepyyeha seems to really take that to the next level and walks around in just bras.

No. 52349

That looks so fucking out of place on a cruise. Honestly it would look way better with just the plain black skirt without the mesh see through shit at the bottom.

Just because she wears 'unique' shit doesn't mean it's gonna look good, she actually has a horrible sense of style.

Her store is one of the cancers of tumblr. So much shitty styles has spawned from it.

No. 52350

Yeah, the skirt with the shoes looks good, but the top and hat are wtf. I agree. She has no sense of coordination. Her outfits are always a mesh skirt with a bra or garter belt with stockings and a bra. Nothing really that great. Just a lot of shock value.

No. 52351

To me I think if you don;t want and can;t handle getting attention for wearing crazy shit you shouldn't be wearing it.

This chick goes out wearing straight up bras and panties, fetish wear, and retarded giant buns on head hairdo and gets bothered when people creep or say shit.

No. 52352

Dude, people need to not creep regardless. Her style is just ugly.

No. 52354

I've been creeped on in the summer wearing a tank top and jeans. Guys are going to be assholes. she isn't asking for it. She just needs to learn how to dress better. You can still have a cool style without looking like you're off to a fetish club.

No. 52357

dude, i'm just saying SHE is the one that complains about the attention. what the fuck does she think is going to happen? you can't control what other people do. but you can not give a flying fuck. obviously she doesn't and has low self esteem bc she's always saying how ugly she is. she's also insecure about her age for some reason, i know this bc we were pm'ing on tumblr about it once. i asked her her age and she went on a long ass rant about it.

No. 52360

File: 1424494588383.jpg (54.08 KB, 640x640, 11008103_1606717262896777_1159…)

Look at this nigga! ahaha

No. 52361

i'm picturing them bitching at that chinese shop owner to take that display down rofl.

No. 52363

She's in her late 20s, isnt she?

No. 52364

File: 1424494894611.jpg (54.2 KB, 500x667, tumblr_nj1uw2j0cE1qixxaxo1_500…)

bruh, look how tight that shit is. Is that even comfortable?

No. 52365

Why would they even bitch that poor lady out? They're gross.

No. 52366

lmao! She's sucking in her gut so hard.

No. 52370

you'd have to be delusional to think that you can wear something like that and not get attention

No. 52372

File: 1424495307160.jpg (65.68 KB, 600x778, 18uyip-l.jpg)

yeah, but for some reason she has a problem with it. i think she wants to be a loli or something. have you seen how some of her designs are plastered with the word babydoll and babygirl? her fanbase are also called babydolls too.

pic is an older picture from when her style used to be more loli-esque.

No. 52374

I love those shoes though.

No. 52375

i think it's just more of the fetish thing, like how girls are so into calling dudes "daddy" now. with that… she and her boyfriend look so fucking weird, he looks creepy as hell here >>52360
she must be making loads of money now though because fka twigs and some other performers have noticed and wear some of her stuff. and I know twigs has worked with her and gotten custom shit
i think looking like she's going to a fetish club is the whole point, though (so idk why she gets surprised when assholes take pics or stare)

No. 52376

File: 1424495727652.png (71.71 KB, 429x326, loll.png)

ummmm lol.

Why is tumblr so obsessed with bootys lately tho. The pics of girls trying to get a good booty shot that makes their ass look big are fucking pathetic. Arching back, sticking butt out etc. It's just kind of hilarious picturing the trouble they went through to get a good ass shot.

No. 52377

who cares about big asses. it's so stupid. I hate tumblr

No. 52378

why does she care so much she had to take a pic to show her ass? really? now everyone knows you were offended.

idk if that's it but yea. all i know is she wants to be younger or something by what she sent me but she's already young to me so idk. i'll try to find the message. i can't wait to see her wearing that shit when she hit 40.

No. 52379

cool. thanks anon

No. 52382

File: 1424496761856.jpg (80.25 KB, 500x504, tumblr_ngn2t7qDfm1u5i83go1_500…)

Yooooo, finally someone is talking about this chick. I remember she was brought up on cgl once.

Aya and Bambi look 10 times cooler and they have dancing skills wtf how have i never known about these girls!

No. 52388

she really is posing and wearing things to accentuate her hip to waist ratio, but her waist isn't impossibly small. i've known girls with waists like that before (and even smaller), and it was just because they had really narrow ribcages plus not being fat.

like here:
she just looks like she has a really narrow frame already

she's clearly from a rich family, so i'd say maybe she had work done to make her body like that… but why wouldn't she fix her face first?

these two are adorable

No. 52389

work done as in boob job and butt implants

No. 52394

exactly what i was thinking

shes got the face of the mother of a fucking chinese chess champion

No. 52396

File: 1424497848408.jpg (92.63 KB, 680x510, gao.JPG)

No. 52401

The one on the left is a cutie pie. Love their style.

No. 52404


she does have a small waist, if she lost like two inches everything she put on would fit perfectly though

No. 52405

I really like and admire them! It's cool how they can openly be themselves despite all the criticism they receive for being in love with each other. It's like they're soul mates

on another note, the one on the right (with the open back dress/shirt) has the flattest backside I've ever seen in my life, and I'm not shaming her for that, but it really emphasizes how big creepyyeha's ass is

No. 52409

>but it really emphasizes how big creepyyeha's ass is

…….I'm but I have to ask are you by any chance yeha herself?

No. 52410

Yes, she's small, but she doesn't look like she works out much. Also, is she seriously not an exhibitionist? who dances around in something like that and posts it on IG?

No. 52411

*I'm sorry,

No. 52412

lol! I was going to ask the same thing. Is there a yeha white knight here now?

No. 52413

Yea, I mean I don't want to sound like the crazies that accuse everyone of being someone on here, I'm just saying that was a really wierd comment seeing as how her butt is just normal sized. not that big or small. It's a nice butt but yea…..and I've talked to her on tumblr before and seen her txt posts and that commnt sounds like her…..awkwarrrrrd.

No. 52414

Dude unless you thought I saw her having a big ass as a good thing, why would you assume I'm whiteknighting her or that I am her? I'm just saying that in comparison, it really is big.

No. 52415


No. 52416

actually, here her body is pretty average. standard skinny chinese girl. there are hundreds of them in flushing. a lot of them don't emphasize their asses like yeha does, so that's probably why a lot of people think hers is of unusual size when it might just be a little bigger than average. some girls with really tight bodies just wear bagging sweaters and leggings (and don't post themselves in lingerie on IG), so you'd never know.

i vaguely recall her saying she started doing yoga over the summer. she has complained before about weight gain because of eating junk too much. definitely doesn't look like she works out.

No. 52418

This. There are many chinese women in their late teens and 20s who are this size. She's just in NYC where a lot of people are bigger than average, so when you see thin girls like this, you think "omg she's so special and different!"

No. 52420

her hands are freaking me the fuck out

No. 52451

How the fuck does yeha have no cellulite whatsoever? I work out, eat healthy and I'm thin and I still have it!

No. 52452

File: 1424514176346.png (250.27 KB, 400x600, topshopteddyfurpeacoat.png)

When I visited NYC I got a load of comments (not negative, people just seemed really surprised by it?) just because I was wearing this coat, which I don't think is especially crazy? So I can't imagine how much attention she gets from her outfits. I'm from the UK and in my experience people will definitely comment on/react to your appearance a lot more in the US.

I thought she was around 24? That Dollymilk girl who she went to university with mentioned being 24 recently, so I assumed they were about the same age? Either way, she's obviously not a grandma or trying to pull off super youthful kawaii-uguu styles so idk why she would get butthurt about someone asking her age?

No. 52453

Most of her photos are taken indoors, I imagine she does wear huge coats outside. But still posts 'omg guys stared at me wah wah~' to get sympathy.

No. 52457

They didn't close at all, all their stuff is still avaiable at Avantgarde and their own Storenvy.

No. 52458


No. 52462

Filters, angles, lightning. She has them, just good at hiding it."

Look how her skin is without all her lightning. Way darker: http://instagram.com/p/ya1Nl6r3Bg/

Same day:

She always uses this kind of grainy filter that hides skin dents and imperfection.

No. 52464

No. 52493

I gave Creepyyeha her own thread here >52492.

She's not even a tumblr SJW really, so I don't think she should she should be clogging up the thread.

No. 52519

I love how yeha herself looks wearing her products, 10/10 I'd let her dominate me in bed. I agree about wearing that shit outside though, of course people are going to stare when you look like you just walked out of a sex shop sale. I can't imagine how awkward her family and normalfag friends must feel when going out in public with her. She's an adult so she can do what she wants, but if I was her friend I'd still be ashamed to be seen with her.

Tumblrinas wearing creepyyeha products though? Nightmare fuel for years.

No. 52521

yeah, there are lots of pics showing that she's clearly darker. she even talks about getting tan because of all these fucking cruises and vacations she takes.

well, she is wearing a corset in one of those pictures…

No. 52522

Bruh she has her own thread now take it there.

No. 52523

"when i was in primary school the head teacher stood up in assembly and said ”who can tell me the hardest word to say” so i put my hand up and said “antidisestablishmentarianism” and the principal said ”no the correct answer is the word sorry" and it was in that moment that i lost my trust in the entire education system"

Getting shit back on track.

No. 52525

File: 1424541438383.png (20.9 KB, 520x319, dumbshit.png)

Why can't people just read the description before they watch the movie.

No. 52529

File: 1424543283150.png (62.74 KB, 515x404, tumblr_nk4shn0gww1rlk314o1_540…)

No. 52532

File: 1424544005835.gif (66.55 KB, 540x404, tumblr_njw2dhlCde1rsvk2io1_540…)

Otherkin tag.

No. 52533

File: 1424544065259.png (41.4 KB, 540x168, tumblr_nk38uw1wwz1u8n2y4o1_540…)

No. 52536

File: 1424544362585.jpg (123.27 KB, 894x894, my_new_homestuck_oc__handia_in…)

I'm more freaked out by the hands what the hell

No. 52539

File: 1424544807634.jpg (80.86 KB, 338x600, tumblr_njzwpkJ7t61und8zho2_400…)

I almost have a BINGO.

No. 52542

Gotta love the contrast between the text and the kawaii background

No. 52545

I wish I knew more about psychology so I could learn why all these kids are so obsessed with making up genders, shitty makeup, and interspecies shotacon.

The fictionkin ones on this blog are especially embarrassing.

No. 52549

You know the sad thing about that blog, they still dress better than star and what some of those tumblr twats would really wear.

No. 52552

File: 1424546248486.png (75.49 KB, 540x333, tumblr_nj9jo9lz531t0githo1_540…)

Ah yes cause the all and wise tumblr knows all.

No. 52554

File: 1424546527963.png (174.96 KB, 534x754, kek.png)

So this is kinda old,but I get a kick out of it every time.

No. 52556

Someone should ask for Bane/CIA-kin clothes.

No. 52562

>short hair
>flower crown/pastel goth (i own one flower crown and one pastel goth outfit)
>creepyyeha (just a little choker who's a part of my pastelgoth outfit)
>weaboo clothing (yes i admit it i am weeb trash)
>genderqueer (i just feel confused and "stuck inbewteen" but don't care about having pronouns and all that shit or get offended, i mean i don't care if you use he or she just do whatever you feel like mang)

A-Am I a terrible obnoxious person?

No. 52564

Holyshit, what.

No. 52566


Not trying to be a dick here, but tbh if you're insecure enough about your style to the point where you have to ask people on /pt/ for approval, you probably shouldn't be dressing in that style.

No. 52570

No no i wasn't asking for approval i just laughed because i match some of the criterias and told myself i must be looked at like one of those "annoying tumblr people".
(i'm not a native english speaker sorry if i sound really retarded and you didn't sound like a dick at all)

No. 52578

Serious question, what does being a specific gender feel like, exactly? I've never been able to get an answer from anyone that doesn't go into interests or hobbies or whatever, basically using preference of outside factors to define it.

Honestly it just seems completely fucking arbitrary and I don't understand it at all.

No. 52579

It doesn't feel like anything, hence why it's complete BS. Gender fluidity is essentially the thought that certain traits/likes/clothing belong to males and females and that if you like a mixture of things (or you know, own many outfits) you MUST be both. People think this is such a progressive mindset but it's actually really sexist (e.g. It's like insinuating that men can't be nurturing or enjoy calming hobbies and that women can't wear pants or cut their hair short without wanting to be male)

No. 52633

File: 1424556116389.jpg (154.35 KB, 500x630, tumblr_inline_nk4jhpaRzF1rcsu7…)

"I can’t believe I’m having to see this post

"haha people defending mayonnaise as a gender" This post is literally saying nonbinary people are as absurd as having mayonnaise as gender, don’t pretend you don’t understand this just to make fun of people defending mayonnaise as a gender"

No. 52634

File: 1424556170394.jpg (86.39 KB, 325x810, tumblr_njbwgwVCHZ1u4kdpto1_540…)

No. 52638

File: 1424556410878.jpg (131.83 KB, 540x540, tumblr_nk46l5EDOj1tv6qmmo1_540…)

Vegan side of tumblr is crazy.
They have some good recipes though.

No. 52644

File: 1424557322865.png (338.45 KB, 527x660, waaaaaaaaaaah.png)

No. 52645

Why are all these teen trans people killing their selves? It seems to be a trend recently.

No. 52647

all dem self diagnoses

Copycat suicides are a well-known phenomenon.

No. 52649

It's like that town that had a bunch of kids kill themselves. Or the movie the heathers. Stupid shit kids do.

No. 52650

Trans people have the highest suicide rates, and IIRC also are much more likely to be the victims of hate crime than any other group.

No. 52659

It always seems to be teen trans atm committing suicide, why only teens?

No. 52667

If you're a teen full of hormones, you're going to do stupid things. Times that by a thousand when you're trans.

No. 52669

Nah, that's just what gets the most attention because Tumblr is basically run by teens. Three adult black trans women killed themselves recently and it didn't get as much attention.
What >>52667 said still applies though

No. 52670

I just find it unfathomable when I see these kids having killed their selves over something fickle in comparison to what others go through.

No. 52673

Not to mention the two trans women that were killed for being trans.

Theres no excuse really there are soooooo many ways to get help online nowadays,fuck theres even a MASTERPOST that goes around tumblr about once a week with all the links for help. Its just kids wanting attention and a bunch of ask.

No. 52674

Natural selection?
Stupid kids killing themselves before they can become terrible adults

No. 52680


I love this answer because once someone mentions it, they're offensive for comparing people to 'animals', when in actuality people have no more special treatment in Earth's natural way.

Paired with natural selection would be population control, but that may be going too far.

No. 52683

File: 1424560448392.png (190.52 KB, 2000x1500, maslow.png)

….it's less about them being trans and more about them needing acceptance from their parents. Many people of all ages, but specifically teens because of the stage of emotional and mental development they are in, need to have a group of people who accept their identity, especially their parents. A lack of that means not meeting their needs (check out maslows hierarchy of needs) in order to live a fulfilling and healthy life. Of course this would lead to a disorder like depression at the very least. If depression becomes intense enough it can lead a person to want to commit suicide because they feel hopeless. I mean if you truly believe that there is nothing you can do to change your situation (I mean in terms of attaining happiness here) then the only viable solution to many is to just end their path of misery early on. This doesn't mean they're being logical, but that depression warps their perception into thinking that is their reality. Death can become an obsessive thought, and learning of a person who went through the same circumstances that resulted in their death may make them feel that it is a better option because they are consumed by the thought of the peace death can bring.

No. 52692

Lol I remember taking an anthropology class in college and my professor recalling how one of his students yelled at him in a rage after he called them all animals. He was terribly confused because there are only two types of kingdoms, animal or plant. He was trying to tell her that she was obviously not a plant, and therefore an animal, but she ran out of the room after cursing him out.

Tbh, the earth is over populated, and I don't say this in terms of the type of people we have, our access to food/water, but more because of the way humans function. We destroy the earth around us more than actually help it, I mean look at all the animals that are going extinct because of what we do to their habitat just to build more buildings. Plus, society isn't really improving just because we have more people.

No. 52696

i love this

No. 52716

from the looks of it you sound really boring and annoying. why are you even here? also people who call themselves trash are also really annoying.

there are only two types of kingdoms, animal or plant

uh no, there are actually 5 or 6?

No. 52724

sorry iirc it had something to do with those who are not capable of making their own food and those who depend on daily intake or something like that, idk this was years ago lol

No. 52731

You ignore successful conservation efforts which brought endangered animals far from extinction and current efforts in science to restore extinct species.

No. 52732

Looks like a rip-off of Salad Fingers

No. 52737

holy shit, yes. i am so tired of people calling themselves trash.

No. 52750

File: 1424569851138.png (63.3 KB, 467x517, Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 7.48…)

I tried this again.

No. 52755

Tattoo is spelt well, tattoo.
And I would add those ugly ass platform shoes. And unshaved underams

No. 52758

This. I truly believe in natural selection.

No. 52759

And bonus points for dyed armpit hair because it is a growing Tumblr fad since some months.

No. 52761

It's just fucking confusing anon but it'll go away with the age as i'm only 18

No. 52783

is this bait or something? that's pretty gross.

No. 52819

My friend had a roomate who was a transman who killed himself about two weeks before the Leela thing, and no one who wasnt local seemed to notice. I never saw it on tumblr, never saw a news article. I think it was because he wasn't a transtrender, and very passing and wasn't a kawaii uguuuu femmeboy. =(

No. 52824

I think a lot of trans have issues passing and it makes me sad. On the other hand, i really do hate gender stereotypes - the whole boys have short hair and girls have long hair thing. As well as pants vs dresses; so a lot of trans end up in this endless cycle of having to force themselves to perpetuate gender stereotypes just to fit in because they don't have the right anatomy on the outside.

No. 52830

I know, and you're right, but I think a lot of tumblr kids dont -want- to pass, because if they do, they can complain less. I know that sounds harsh, but they like to perpetuate victim complexes.

No. 52831

God, what a stupid cunt.

No. 52868

can someone enlighten me on omocat? is it just about the shota shirt or..?

No. 52870

What are you talking about?

No. 52871

i think they mean the drama that sprung up because omocat a tumblr artist put out a shirt that had an anime boy that said "shota" and tumblr kids took that to mean she supported cp. that's all i know of it, this was like a month ago?

No. 52873

Eh seems like it was blown out of proportion, but then why make a shirt saying that. I don't care for their stuff very tumblr fad designs.

No. 52874

God, I love shota. I'm not a pedo, though.

No. 52875

You sure there buddy? Them be 2d lil boys.

No. 52897

"gross" is such a dumb tumblr buzzword

No. 52908

i don't get why people make such big deal about shota/loli. yeah i like little kids in anime. but in real life i pretty much hate kids.

No. 52910

They're cute, over stylized drawings meant to represent little boys, but they look nothing like them. Little boys aren't so cute and feminine irl and they also don't have a sex drive.

No. 52914

"Shota" is literally a name. It's a shortened form of "Shotaro", which means "boy". Its use for pornographic content is purely secondary to its meaning, tbh.
It's not like "Loli", which is a shortened form of "Lolita complex", which is an established pedo thing.
Tumblr weebs don't know what they're talking about and literally blew up over nothing.

No. 52917

Huh? Shota is shortened from "Shotaro Complex". The name comes from Shotaro Kaneda from Tetsujin 28-go, who was pretty much the first shota.

No. 52919

you also know lolita is an actual name to tho right?

god people are fuckin stupid.

No. 52920

No. 52921

It's originally a name and has little to do with pedophilic content, though (even the subject matter that "began" its use wasn't "shotacon" content).
>Shōtarō, Shotaro or Shoutarou (written: 正太郎, 章太郎, 庄太郎, 祥太郎 or 翔太郎) is a masculine Japanese given name. Notable people with the name include:

It pretty much died as a name right after the book. Literally who do you know that is named Lolita, anon?

No. 52922

Yeah, but so what? I'm not saying there was anything wrong with the shota shirt, but you what, do you think that was just shortened form of "Shotaro" without anything to do with shotacon?

No. 52923

I'm saying they could have literally just meant it as in "cute boy character", not necessarily "i <3 cartoon CP".

No. 52926

I remember someone from tumblr bought that shirt just to dramatically burn it. kek
I wish I could find the pictures again, they were going around at the time.

No. 52940

they should have just burnt their parents money themselves and cut out the middleman

No. 53001

I enjoy shota doujins myself, but people blow that shit out of proportion. That's almost like saying playing violent video games will make you into a mass murderer. Okay then.

I really like Omocat. she's asian, isn't she? I know Asian american . so I'm guessing she didn't think the world shota would matter too much. Man, i hate tumblrtards.

No. 53005

Seriously? Whatever. Omo still got paid. But that's a pretty shitty thing to do regardless.

No. 53013

tumblrinas are taking over everything. myreadingmanga changed their comment section and delted all the old comments for some reason and now it's filled with "OMG, WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO READ THIS RAPE. THAT'S HORRIBLE AND UNREALISTIC" this and that, when the doujins are tagged with rape and shota and hardcore bullshit. Why are you on a site filled with hard core doujins and fanstuff if you don't want to read it and just shit on it? It makes me rage like nothing else.

No. 53037

i think anon meant Lolita as nickname from the book Lolita (by Nabokov), but the characters actual name was Dolores

No. 53040

i feel tumblr is actually starting to brainwash people onto believing that a person can be obese and healthy

No. 53051

File: 1424628959753.jpg (209.9 KB, 640x1136, tumblr_njnf8oQ6ql1qadxg2o1_128…)

No. 53059

Her body looks weird as fuck with that corset, she actually looks really ugly in general, but now she looks like a man in drag.

No. 53062

jfc she looks disgusting. That giant glob of arm fat.

No. 53107

What I don't get about these types of posts is how is hashtagging/reblogs/likes going help? Especially if you know the person in real life.

No. 53116

This fat cunt is one of the reasons health insurance is so high. You should be forced to pay higher insurance based on your fat ass. Hate this body positivity shit.

No. 53157

ughh this bitch is disgusting. she deserves her own thread

No. 53176

This. I love shota, but I don't find real life 3D kids, male or female, attractive at all and the thought of real life CP disgusts me. Shota is nowhere near realistic and doesn't damage actual living people which is why I like it.

No. 53216

>the thought of real life CP disgusts me. Shota is nowhere near realistic and doesn't damage actual living people which is why I like it
>nowhere near realistic
>nowhere near

right… on another note, so you like animated cp?

No. 53241

people can justify it as 'not real', 'not hurting anyone' and 'just a fetish' all they want, but it's still animated CP and I still think theyre fucking sick tbh

No. 53257

Someone can like shota and not be a real life pedo. get over yourselves.

No. 53258

Oh no, the poor cartoon children! ;_;

No. 53284

Possessing, sharing, or creating FICTIONAL CP is illegal in Canada, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the Philippines.

So some countries do care about "the cartoon children ;_;". You get over yourself, you disgusting fuck.

No. 53289

It's not illegal if the character is stated to be adult.

No. 53295

just draw an anime character that clearly is an 8 year old.
claim she is 35.

No. 53297

>If it's illegal in some countries, it must definitely, objectively be a bad thing!
Fucking kek. Literally why aren't governments paying more attention to actually stopping child sex trafficking/molestation/rape/pornography production from occurring? Banning some drawings won't help shit, especially since people will be able to look at both the cartoons and photos/videos of actual child abuse online anyway.
And IIRC the UK banned BDSM and most fetishes too for "sexual misconduct", they're a repressed laughing stock.

No. 53321

because banning drawings will help stop REAL child abuse and pedophiles. Okay. that makes so much sense.

No. 53323

Arent the Philippines and South Korea rampant in child prostitution? Don't think shota drawings have anything to do with that. Maybe they should get on stopping some real crimes. haha

No. 53326

The UK banned BDSM? Why? I dont even get it. That's something you do in the privacy of your own home. Having kinks between two consensual adults aint a crime.

No. 53342

Even if theyre fictional, I just think theres fundamentally wrong with someone being attracted to something that otherwise couldn't consent. It's just as weird as fucking cartoon ponies to me. Like, you're attracted to something that posses mental and physical child-like qualities. Even if it was drawn, if I found out someone I knew was into it, I'd advise them to get help tbh

No. 53354

I don't think you can really say the government aren't paying more attention to child molestation, trafficking, etc just because it still goes on. I mean it's not like they can just ban pedophiles and poof they all disappear.

Anyway if you like cute pictures of chibiusa fine, but if you like pictures of chibiusa getting fucked then that is another story..

No. 53359

You can keep thinking that, but it isn't going to stop it from being drawn and enjoyed by normal people who just live out their lives. Just because you dont like it, doesn't make it's wrong. It actually isnt hurting anyone as real humans arent involved in it.

No. 53362

It's a common Spanish name still.

No. 53363

Thats what I'm thinking like you know how people invest their time emotions into many series that they watch by discussing characters and plot? They know it's just a show and that it isn't real but by discussing it for the content that it is makes it real because it evokes particular reactions from people as though these events or people actually existed irl.

To watch or read media with animated cp aka shota (I'm not talking about animated child characters doing child like things, and I don't think anyone else here is either, but please correct me if I'm wrong) a lot of people have to go into that knowing that if this were to be replicated with actual people it would be wrong. If I read a manga where I saw a character bully someone else, obviously it didn't affect anyone, but to even understand that what occurred was bullying I'd have to make a connection to real life moral teachings. Not only that, but to then judge those characters based on what they've done is dependent on what I have learned irl.

Most people reading shota would know that it would be illegal to reenact the scenes in irl, which should have them question why the law states this. If you agree with the law then you should understand why having an animated representation of abuse would be looked down on.

Also, I always saw shota as a frighteningly mild way to introduce people to cp because those who are curious about it may try to find it, or fuck who knows it may spark an interest in real kids. While that may be a small percentage of people, shota can also desensitize people to abuse, saying things like people shouldn't care about age differences or that its not abuse if the child enjoyed it.

No. 53379

Man the niggers that are shitting up this thread with the "I lub me some shota/loli" The same nigger that started the straight shota in /b/ and that candy tv porn. If so get out. youre shitting up the thread with nothing of importance you sick pedos.

No. 53389

lol 'normal people' yeah okay you keep telling yourself that

No. 53436

File: 1424667987452.jpg (58.49 KB, 720x456, 77.jpg)

Stop shitting up the thread, no1curr. Gtfo and cry in a /b/ thread if you're really that butthurt about someone insulting your drawn CP.

No. 53438

this actually is relevant to the discussion.. It's something I always get pissed about but haven't seen too much conversation over -
I have problems with people that label themselves feminists/progressive/sjw whatever being so into fanfiction/shota. stuff that objectifies underage boys is ok but not 'male gaze'? it's a huge double standard. Personally I don't like the most normal shit but I'm not spreading it around or defending it, but i know a lot of women that do.
(why does it think my post is automated :( )

No. 53439

people are going to be pedos rather there is lolicon or not. id rather not be thrown in prison because i watched an anime with a highly sexualized child in it.

No. 53441

Its hypocritical bullshit.

Still nasty though.

No. 53453

It's extremely hypocritical. There's a much bigger difference in power between an adult (of any gender) and a child than there is between a man and a woman. Are they arguing that women can't harm children? Or maybe that women are more helpless than children?

No. 53486

jfc your tumblr game is so strong it's causing me physical pain. do you want to ban guro too because involves murder and mutilating?

No. 53489


tf? lolita is a spanish name that is still used. the author didn't just make the name up out of nowhere dumbasses.

No. 53492

The thing about shota is that it's not about little boys. Physically they might appear like that, but they're extremely out of touch with reality, have a sex drive and whatnot, and usually they're mentally much more like teenage girls than little boys. They have nothing in common with real little children except for their looks, which is a secondary trait. The "ruining of innocence" fetish comes first.

Little boys in shota are adorable and sexy, little boys in real life are monsters that aren't the least bit attractive. They have practically nothing in common. It's kinda like rape fantasies most women have, nobody would never want to be raped in real life, but they fantasize about being forcefully subjected to sex. And people who can't draw the difference between real life and fictional fantasy should get off the internet and seek help so they don't have to worry about the psyche of a fictional character.

No. 53495

……..how do you not see how fucked up this is you basically watch little anime boys get fucked. and shotas can also be young teenagers too……

this argument makes no sense the characters are obviously supposed to potray human beings unless they are stated as non human. so since these are little boy character they aren't supposed to represent actual little boys anymore?
is it normal to want to watch anime babies get fucked bc "they're not hyperrealistic they're all stylized and kawaii!!" ???

No. 53496

the fact that you actually think about and consider the attractiveness of little boys is fucked up tbh

No. 53499

>……..how do you not see how fucked up this is you basically watch little anime boys get fucked. and shotas can also be young teenagers too……

Because they're not fucking real. Get off your high horse and go back to tumblr.

No. 53502

they are a representation of something real fucktard. no matter what the hell you say they are supposed to be little kids. get off ur fucking high horse and accept that you're fucked up.

No. 53504

didn't respond to this tho. just keeps screaming "but they're japanese cartoons!! I'm normal guys I swear!"

No. 53506

Should I also apologize to the cartoon parents and go to cartoon jail?

No. 53511

no just admit you're fucked up.

No. 53514

I'll do it when I will find realistic underage people attractive. Which won't happen ever.

No. 53524

Banned it in porn. IIRC it's just porn produced and purchased in the UK. No caning, spanking, dirty talk or watersports in porn.

No. 53563

Tumblrinas in the tumblr mocking thread, protecting the rights of cartoon drawings. this is ironic.

Just ignore them guys and move on.

No. 53581

>rarest of all,sometimes physical objects respond to the (phantom) limb's presence

because it doesn't happen.

No. 53582

I used to get that kind of argument a lot when I had a tumblr account, but they just couldn't wrap their head around the fact I live on a tiny country where even now lots of people don't speak english, we don't have the same issues as they do in the US and that my people had each other as slaves, and they were treated to an extent as part of the family.

No. 53588


BDSM and other "extreme porn" was banned in the UK in 2009. After the death of Jane Longhurst in 2003 her mother ran a campaign to get "extreme porn" banned and was joined by the usual "think of the women!" feminist and Christian types (the same type of groups behind the recent porn filter crap). There were even (small) street protests against the changes.



Now your ISP isn't going to report you so for the average person BDSM won't get them in trouble. The problem comes when you're arrested for something else and they search your computer or if you're stupid enough to browse porn at work and your boss reports you.

Despite the purpose of this law being "to protect women" it actually seems like it's been mostly gay guys watching gay porn who have been prosecuted or maybe they're the only ones who speak out whereas straight guys keep their heads low and accept the charges.


>In August 2012, Walsh was charged with possessing five images of "extreme pornography", which were not found by police on his computers, but as email attachments on a Hotmail server account. He was found not guilty on all counts. Three images were of urethral sounding, and two of anal fisting. The images were all of consensual adult sexual activity.

The recent thing about watersports, facesitting, etc banned in 2014 isn't the same. What happened there was that the government got rid of separate standards for porn films and now they have to obey the same standards as regular films.

Also there's actually similar but different censorship in the US. Basically the payment processors will not do business with you unless you obey their standards. This is how Insex was shut down and why sites like clips4sale are mostly femdom. Visa, Mastercard, etc don't like maledom but turn a blind eye to a lot of femdom unless it literally gets bloody.

No. 53589

how can you be a shard of a god of the grape harvest? a piece of an idea? a soul that isn't a physical thing has apparently created them?

No. 53605

but she's being ~true~ to herself and rejecting the social norm and patriarchy by being the drug riddled hag she was born to be

No. 53673


BTW both the "extreme porn" ban and the ISP filter stuff followed this pattern:

1) Christian group does some study but nobody reports it or pays attention because it'd be immediately dismissed as religiously motivated.

2) Anti-sex feminists find the study and use it for their means. The media reports it using some "protect women and girls" spin.

3) Law gets passed by a combination of all parties because nobody wants to be seen as "anti-women".

4) Pro-sex feminists see the new law as proof of the patriarchy and ask for more funding for feminist organisations.

5) The anti-sex feminists receive some of the funding and pick another Christian study to promote thus repeating the whole process.

No. 53685

File: 1424719340865.png (102.57 KB, 546x563, tumblr_n8l3poGtLe1rdvacto10_12…)

Lets get this thread back on track again.

Some gold nuggets from tumblr.

No. 53687

File: 1424719382890.png (178.64 KB, 551x514, tumblr_n8l3poGtLe1rdvacto9_128…)

No. 53689

File: 1424719522228.png (24.34 KB, 551x329, tumblr_n8l3poGtLe1rdvacto8_128…)

No. 53690

File: 1424719598132.png (24.43 KB, 550x441, tumblr_n8l3poGtLe1rdvacto7_128…)

No. 53693

Is OP a white supremacist, going by the Hitler comment? I can't even tell anymore because it's getting to the point where they have a lot in common with Tumblrinas.

No. 53720

God, I fucking hate when they use those those emoticons "/(^__^\) remember to use ejk kej jek because shoes have gender feelings and other shoes kin too" if you're trying to make a point, don't be passive aggressive.

No. 53747

To be fair, this one is a joke. I follow the guy who made the post and his blog is generally kinda funny. The fact that people can't distinguish though is reallllyy telling.

No. 53766

Yep, that shit is hilarious to me because you'd think that a group of people who advocate so passionately for a "movement" would be educated in its basis. Then again, tumblr does tend to throw shit out of proportion, so what may have started out as a conversation or comments made by educated people about specific issues within broader subject matters gets turned into the bs we so on tumblr today.

Catcalling turned into men not being able to look at women without not having been inadvertently trained to rape them because of our social constructs regarding masculinity. I mean seriously wtf? Dude, even guys sometimes get grossed out by some of the shit guys yell at girls, especially when its older men to young women/teen girls. That's definite sexual harassment and should not be regarded the same as a morning greeting.

Just like the whole cultural appropriation stuff got skewed into white people not being able to cook other cultures food in the comfort of their own homes. That is very different from white people going to a country full of people they look down on, manipulate into having them give them their recipes, then open up an award winning restaurant based off of those recipes, while never giving credit to the people or culture they got it from, labeling it as something other than what it is, and then "americanizing" the recipes. And thats just one example, but this is to the extent that cultural appropriation exists, usually involving a person/group with the power to bastardize an entirely different group.

Fuck, I hate tumblr for this. Anyone with half a decent college education should be able to look at all these posts and dismantle them but good arguments get lost by dumbasses reblogging everything that works in tune to their shitty logic and adding 'omg this!!' and when it doesn't, redirecting the post to someone else so that they can defend it for them.

No. 53788

It's hilarious how shota/lolicons try to defend that shit so hard and argue over it. Why don't they just admit that yeah, it's fucking weird and not give a fuck? Instead of trying to make it seem normal and not lulz worthy. Just like bronies that like mlp porn. They know they're fucking weird, they know people make fun of them, but don't care.

People that are fine with how fucked they are better than people that are desperately trying to convince others that they're normal lmao.

No. 53792

I admit that it's fucking weird. I have a lot of weird fetishes and I admit it. But these tumblrinas are trying so hard to convince people that it's equal to actual, real life child porn that damages real, living people. Even though loli/shota stuff is as far from reality as you can get and well, they're not real human beings. People like eroguro too but I don't think they'd actually want to cut their stomach open or dismember someone or whatever. Fantasies are fantasies, and especially sexual fantasies shouldn't be mirrored straight to real life.

No. 53803

I know girls who are called Lola, shortened to Lolita. It's still used.

No. 53813

Dude the thing is that there is nothing that we can compare shota/loli to but cp. If characters are being depicted as children and being involved in situations we have hundreds of laws against in real life, you have to understand why someone would raise their brow to that.

The point is that although some of the media we read/watch are portraying a fantasy scenario, some of it can still be replicated in real life. Shota is the closest thing to cp. It's not real, but it is as close as you can get to reality and thats why people like it. I mean why would people read or watch media depicting real life people in situations not allowed/possible in real life other than knowing that if they could partake in it they would, but because they can't they'll stick to shota/loli. There is no way you can morally justify getting off to shota when the character is depicting a child.

No. 53815

>The point is that although some of the media we read/watch are portraying a fantasy scenario, some of it can still be replicated in real life.
I'm sure you want to ban violent video games too because they encourage school shootings.

No. 53820

Not the anon you're talking to, but that's just fucking retarded, c'mon. Anon made a valid point, I gotta admit shota/loli freaks me the fuck out too, I can't see it as anything else than animated CP, that's what it is. Sure it doesn't hurt anyone, nor am I saying that you should stop watching it.

Just saying. You're a creep and everyone else who enjoys loli/shota. In the eyes of everyone else.

No. 53828

i don't wanna look this up so i'm askin, does shota characters have baby dicks and stuff? because people are saying they like shota porn and stuff and i'm thinkin they would have a little boy body sooooo this is so disturbing.

No. 53832

Shota/loli is about little kids. So yeah, they act like children, and they have bodies like children

No. 53869

yeah when I initially searched this up, what embedded it in my mind that it was basically animated cp was the fact that the some of the shota characters were even engaging in child like activities (main being going to school or playing with toys if the age isn't explicitly said) with a common theme being an older family member introducing them to abuse.

No. 53898

I'm a shotacon myself an am creeped out by stuff with characters under 12 or characters who are 12/13/14 who are drawn like 8-10 year olds. I admit it's sick that I like it but that's most fetishes really, we're all a bit fucked up once you go past mainstream fetish content.
Now if someone who can't enjoy half of the Killua/Gon doujin on sadpanda because they get weirded out by how they're drawn too young can admit they're sick, the people into younger boys as well should have no issue admitting they are.

No. 53905

It is animated CP, no matter how much anyone wants to deny it. No kids are hurt though, so if it can help an actual pedo get off without harming a kid I'm okay with that, but I don't think that's how it works.
And I think you're right calling it abuse, it seems to always be abuse by someone older ugh.

Yeah well buddy, that's your fetish and your fetish is fucked up. You're a sicko to me, but at least you admit to it being fucked up.

No. 53909

I'm a shotacon and I am into the really young looking stuff. I'm the opposite of >>53898, I can't enjoy it if they're drawn too old or without tiny dicks. I admit that it's extremely fucked up but eh. I get why people compare it to child porn because it's comparable but I can honestly say that in my case at least it's completely limited to 2D. Also…I don't fucking advertise it…?

I view shota/loli on the same tier as furry porn tbh. It's obvious there's some attraction to certain characteristics of kids/animals but it's not quite the same as actual cp or bestiality. Still kinda messed up.

No. 53911


my point wasn't that they are real
I'm not saying 'it's harming real children
I'm also not a tumblr minded person

I'm saying i have an issue with objectification / idealization of male children being passed off as totes kawaii and ok because it's something women like, while people have problems with my little pony porn even though the characters aren't really children for example, or whatever tumblr complains about.

No. 53916

I think there was an article a few years ago about how the new MLP looked like little girls bent over or something completely bullshit like that. I personally can't see it, they just look like really simplified horses to me.

My roommate at the time (a very tumblr kinda guy) was absolutely convinced by this and echoed the sentiments to anyone who even remotely mentioned bronies/MLP until they agreed.

That's only kind of related but it was a very tumblr memory I had.

I think tumblrs have a problem with bronies because "my baby niece can't google my little pony without porn coming up!" but that's simply not true, they just don't like men appropriating little girl culture.

No. 53918

yall need jesus

No. 53919

I'm just…really weirded out how you people can condemn all these lolcows posted on this site for posting loli pee shit on their tumblrs, trying to emulate young girls for pedobux, or whatever else, then turn around and try to defend liking shota as "a weird kink but we're still totally normal!!!"

I understand where you're coming from, your fetish doesn't leak out into society/your everyday life/it's something you enjoy in the privacy of your own home… But just because it's cartoons, doesn't mean you still aren't schlicking it to underage boys…

Well, there's the fact that bronies don't really fit in the "dudebro" image tumblrinas have of guys or they're just "ugly creepy neckbeards".

No. 53920

eh….lolcow isn't just a couple people. I'm pretty sure the people who are into shota an loli aren't the ones judging girls for emulating lolis.

No. 53924

>for posting loli pee shit
That's because there is a line between 3D and 2D loli, the later doesn't even look remotely human at all unless you think there are children with no nose and eyes the size of 1/2 of their head. Those people get posted for sexualising children because that's what loli is when it is 3D, nobody cares if they let it stick to 2D.

No. 53983

holy shit. is this real? animals could care less about gender pronouns. I'm dying.

No. 53985

I wont get this mad, however I really do dislike people randomly coming up to you like this. i just get spooked easily, like a mouse. it's like that whole "smile honey!" thing. :( I dont have to fucking smile for you, creeper.

No. 53989

are you even upset when someone just compliments you and walks away? like they don't even try to engage in conversation. and does it make a difference if they are complimenting you in general or, let's say, your manicure/haircut/shoes specifically?

because being told you look nice isn't necessarily someone "coming on" to you. i feel like some tumblrinas will call sexual harassment on a man that compliments her sneakers

No. 53990

File: 1424752057519.png (2.26 MB, 1880x836, sexyhorse.png)

No. 53992

Good. Sick fucks need to be separated from society, if it was my decision they would be euthanized. (Faggots first, of course.)

No. 53994

>>Anti-sex feminists find the study and use it for their means.
So, you can't use a study to support your claims anymore?

No. 53999

>>Basically the payment processors will not do business with you unless you obey their standards.
So? That's their own business not to do business with people they find disagreeable.

>>Mastercard, etc don't like maledom but turn a blind eye to a lot of femdom unless it literally gets bloody.

Why is this a problem? The people watching these vids are men. Women have very low rate of rape, pedophilia, and sexual assault. It goes against our evolutionary interests. Male sexuality, on the other hand, is naturally a bit violent and rape-ish to some extent, so it's concerning that men should be viewing this kind of media.

No. 54010

Even with safesearch on porn shows up for it.

No. 54012

Its not okay when fat pigu do it,but don't you bad mouth my 2d 10 y/o that getting gangbanged.

Their hypocritical trash.

I would also like to point out how hard they try to defend that shit just like "childlovers" would never hurt a kid so its okay that they fuck a 10 y/o.

No. 54134

>I view shota/loli on the same tier as furry porn tbh. It's obvious there's some attraction to certain characteristics of kids/animals but it's not quite the same as actual cp or bestiality.
>Still kinda messed up.

No. 54137

Why the fuck are all y'all shitting up this thread with pointless shota debates? Take it to /b/ if you feel the need to argue about little boys' cocks.

No. 54138

Can we please get this thread back on topic or start a new one?

No. 54326

Yeah, it's about time to start a new one anyway….if anyone has something to post just start a new thread.

No. 54443


I really hate these people.

No. 54630

I never understood why genderless bathrooms don't just have a picture of a toilet, why do their need to be loads of stick figures? seems redundant

No. 54635

Q: does working with other artists make you a better artist?
A: yes

No. 54934

You best be trolling, this word has existed way before tumblr came to be.

No. 55191

And tumblr corrupted it by calling fucking EVERYTHING gross. "X is gross and transphobic", ect.

No. 55257

File: 1425018783776.png (55.13 KB, 653x467, 18yearoldmoron.png)

No. 55258

God, I can just imagine walking down the street and seeing some twat feign slamming their dragon dick into a parking meter and howling out in pain.

No. 55259

File: 1425019761502.png (158.44 KB, 645x1308, thischikiepoo.png)

No. 55262

I don't get why they do this. Isn't it more racist to segregate people like that? To constantly think "oh no, there are black people here, I must be careful what I do" Isn't this positive racism? (like positive sexism) How about we treat people like people and not treat them better or worse because of their skin collor?

Same for trans people, I have a friend who is a trans woman and she just wants to be treated like a woman, not a man-turned-woman because that's what it was all about in the first place.

No. 55268


'Black bodies'. White girl plz go. I'm biracial and er, sorry, but calling us 'black bodies' instead y'know PEOPLE is racists as hell. This girl needs to fuck right off.

No. 55293

well. She's asian.
But you know.

No. 55321

I get it too, but not everything is about black and white. I swear whenever someone makes any comment about white people being racist, white people always respond with black people this or black people that. Other races have opinions too, you know?

Also, I thought another thread was already started that focused on tumblr

No. 55325

i think because white people hold some kind of grudge towards black people and they dont see asians or hispanics as a threat

No. 55463

does she seriously go out just wearing a granny bra? ayy lmao

No. 55470

She wears that outside? Uh, wow. Well she has a nice body for that fashion (but she sure does pull some tricks to look way more curvy than she actually is), but something about her face bothers me. She looks old?

No. 55493

Asians and hispanics hate black more than we do, though.

No. 56394

damn, this proves that if you put sexy underwear and stockings on anything, it gains sex appeal

well maybe not quirky, there's a limit.

No. 56411

brony, pls go.