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File: 1537831896665.png (992.36 KB, 630x1200, dakraftmoo.png)

No. 579485

First thread: First >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>576563

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, xmariahmalladx (now btsmomokun), momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile

Current livestream thread (#2): >>>/pt/569199


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad

Google Drive:

Attn: Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/snow/386826, >>>/snow/644215

The basics:
>The original “Thicc Samus”
>has received 2+ lipo sessions in attempt to create some sort of figure, all while lying about weight loss through exercise and diet
>is laughably bad at making own cosplays; buys and commissions 90% of her costumes and props, neglects to properly credit the commissioner or store (see: David Han/KoreanBarbq, Cookie Kabuki Cosplay, myOppa, “Waisetsu Missile” creator Taropun)
>rips off designs/ideas from smaller creators in the community then backpedals when she’s found guilty
>claims money is “hard earned” through her half assed, overly photoshopped sets priced at high marks; scams patrons by claiming 3-5 “teaser pictures” are exclusive when in reality they ARE the whole set.
>has delusions of grandeur; beefs up certain things she does so she looks more important than she is. Isn’t above using her social media status for free convention badges or getting into “exclusive events”
>despite earning 10k+ a month through Patreon, she still ghosts conventions and begs for money
>likes to pretend to be a fan of a series, expresses warped knowledge of said series so she is in the right, gate keeps and posts spoilers despite hating it when others do so
>professional backpedaler with a lack of remorse; has lewded young characters for photosets, said she sexually assaulted multiple acquaintances due to her ADHD, said really controversial statements/rants that paint herself in a negative light, but she still doesn’t accept what she does wrong
>in addition she preaches the false narrative of “positivity in the community” while she targets, attacks and exiles people once they speak up against her. She wants to be a fattie cosplayer messiah in her echo chamber of yes men
>Momokun is a sexual predator

>recent cosplay was of a Christmas ham
>seems to want to copy other costhot costumes STILL, despite going to a costume store and having a plethora of costumes to choose from
>selling her clips/photosets CamVersity for outrageous prices
>does a "OK" sign in her instastory, doesn't understand that it's a """White Supremacy""" meme and tells people to stop putting racist shit on her page when people comment "white power"
>for her b-day, she goes to Disneyland with a group including Vamps and Sensei. Can't even fit in the ride's seat and thirsts after soy boy Sensei
>dyes hair blonde to skin walk Nigri
>makes fun of her sexual assault scandal with Vamps by posting "Momokun/Vamplettesiscancelled" on their instastory. Moo uses a megaphone, which was one of the items she used to humiliate one of her victims. The rest of the internet finds out, the duo back pedal hard saying everyone was taking it out of context.
>Vamplettes does a shitty job exposing the dark side of cosplay and is basically mad no one is paying her big bucks for her busted face
>now wants to cosplay Bowsette

No. 579487

File: 1537832072381.png (1.2 MB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-09-24-16-04-04…)

No. 579488

File: 1537832108014.png (590.58 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-09-24-16-03-56…)

Slight OT but bitch where

No. 579490

No. 579491

File: 1537832307930.png (54.88 KB, 720x333, Screenshot_2018-09-24-16-36-43…)

Also, the Shannon progress picture is gone/archived

No. 579492

File: 1537832361199.webm (18 MB, 640x1136, Vampinsta.webm)

So we have a record of lastnight

No. 579493

Much like Moo, when they called out for being an all around asshole they spread this fake positive BS. They have their WK for sure, everyone in the public eye will have them, but for the most part her and Moo have been getting smacked the fuck down. I don't know if they do it because they don't want to admit they lost or if they're really just that delusional.

No. 579494

Wow, this thot really jumping on the annoying Bowsette fad already. I'm not even shocked

No. 579496

Bless you for this milk, anon!!

She is a horrible human being and a straight up liar. She continues to support Momokun, who is a sexual predator. And now she's actually trying to call out Bunny?? girl.. Susu is coming.

No. 579497

She has the audacity to use "sexualing assaulting " them… and calling them sexual assault claims and calling the victims of Moo liars.

Wow!! She is TRASH

No. 579500

File: 1537832887276.jpg (61.57 KB, 621x569, bunnysusuresponse.jpg)

Stuff is def going down on twitter. I bet Moo wishes she wasn't banned now.

No. 579501

Well well well what a cunt.

No. 579505

File: 1537833329299.png (800.32 KB, 720x969, Screenshot_2018-09-24-16-54-38…)

Thank you

No. 579509

There's a calves thread for vamp discussion in snow

No. 579512

File: 1537834526260.png (126.28 KB, 625x711, thecreatorhimselfeveryone.png)

>Bowsette's creator's reply to Momokun cosplaying his design

No. 579515

LMAO holy shit. When the person who created this design doesn't want you cosplaying them.

No. 579519

File: 1537835358336.jpeg (771.38 KB, 1242x1949, A13BC658-1373-4744-AB8A-2E62DE…)

Kek if only she could still fit in that suit

No. 579520

why not just photoshop a chefs hat onto this photoshoot it's gonna be exactly the same

No. 579521

WRONG the blue will be changed to red or green

No. 579522

File: 1537835762662.png (1.27 MB, 720x1192, 1537491809455.png)

Runners up

No. 579524

File: 1537835787422.jpeg (70.24 KB, 1112x640, 1537656944321.jpeg)

No. 579525

File: 1537835945488.jpg (32.3 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1537835833933.jpg)

She didn't even know who Bowsette was and where it came from until like 3 hours ago lmao
Also I fucking doubt people were asking her to do it

No. 579527

File: 1537836723236.png (110.25 KB, 300x300, 1336952556504.png)

>and now cosplay is only about the image and money!!!
>momo is so young! she's still learning!!!
kill me

No. 579529

They should speak out, it’ll be red riding hood all over again

No. 579530

She talks about Mariah like she's 13, not 23 lmfao

No. 579531

Moo even own up to the assaults in her dumb Instagram post that she's too touchy with people but MUH ADHD. Moochlette can't even keep up with her so called best friend's actual admittance

No. 579534

Mariah constantly getting herself into these predicaments is why she should have just taken a break from cosplaying and social media entirely after the ADHD thing made the rounds. She lacks the discipline and desire to make any positive adjustments or corrections.

I hope Vamp feels like a fucking carnival mark for trying to justify Mariah's repulsive behavior. This is why we constantly have such a steady flow of milk. These girls are too stupid and too inconsiderate to do the right thing when an opportunity arises.

No. 579537

Susu is going to go for the nose

No. 579539

Lmao she's getting torn apart in the comments over Bowsette. So many people sure do want you to cosplay her Moo!

No. 579540

No, I think this artist is savvy enough to know where that'll get them. No matter how shitty moo is, you can't just say "don't cosplay my design" to just ONE person when there's a million other people clamoring to also cosplay it. It gives a bad perception.

Also, if they're reacting that way, they probably know full well that Moo would do the cosplay regardless of what they personally want since she's a selfish bitch like that.

No. 579541

File: 1537838873523.png (917.43 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2018-09-24-18-16-13…)

At antares's

No. 579543

looks like your dumb bowsette shit is being made by this retarded slave

No. 579547

that sure is a LOT of ugly cheap fabric moomoo

No. 579550

File: 1537839412784.png (976.38 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-09-24-18-35-21…)


No. 579552

Everyone is going in on Moo and it's wonderful.

No. 579557

File: 1537841423404.jpeg (22.03 KB, 554x381, D57328A1-36CB-46EF-A920-97C838…)

For $5

No. 579561

Totally worth every penny.

No. 579563

File: 1537843015411.jpeg (91.75 KB, 887x488, 7C98DD78-F305-4877-8B69-D29181…)

My Facebook is filled with anti-Momo memes and posts from people who don't even cosplay. Her and Vamp have completely isolated themselves from the con community as a whole at this point, the only people who want anything to do with them are shameless neckbeards.

No. 579564

All of them and you are jealous because she's a successful cosplayer and she's making a living doing her hobby and all of you are wasting their lives talking about her behind her back pathetic!.

No. 579565

That better be sarcasm lol.

No. 579566

I don't think it is lol

No. 579567

Maybe it's sarcasm… But it seems real… Oh man!.

No. 579568

You're delusional if you think ANY cosplay MooMoo has shat out onto the internet is any good… But hey, you're probably one of the fools who pays her on Patreon.

No. 579570

Even though she's getting money for it… You're wasting your time and life talking about her instead of improving that horrible personality of yours~(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 579571

Actually she just kinda does fat fetish porn now…so…

No. 579572

Oh, hey there, Vamp(Hi cow)

No. 579573

I was only gone for a day but this is hilarious. Momo was bragging about everyone (no one) asking her to cosplay Bowsette. Now when she announced it everyone is telling her they never wanted that and to not do it. Aah haaa! Oh my goodness this is so funny

No. 579574

You don't make a living doing a hobby. They are kind of mutually exclusive. Interesting syntax in your post. Are you a linguistics major perhaps?

No. 579575

I long for ye olden days of PULL where admins could check IP at the drop of a hat.

No. 579576

If we're wasting time/life talking about a piece of trash sexual predator, what's it called when people like you avidly defend them?

No. 579577

File: 1537844215748.jpeg (40.1 KB, 485x335, a little upset.jpeg)

Even fat fetishists have standards. It boggles my mind that anyone would sub to her patreon seeking any sort of sexual pleasure. Just look at her.

No. 579578

i love how she’s hyping this bowsette shit when it’s going to be beaten into the ground in a week and nobody will care when her cosplay comes out in a month.

No. 579580

The fans paying her are insecure low lives just like their Kraft Queen and think she's obtainable with her average looks while being fooled by her narcissism in believing she's the sweetest cosplayer in the world.

No. 579581

Even the original artist has said he'll do a bit more comic work and then return to his usual work once it blows over. Nobody will care about her shit set next month at all.

No. 579583

Even if cosplays keep coming out, hers is barely going to register. She has no taste or talent which is going to be painfully obvious when the people who do compete with her directly

No. 579586

File: 1537844819433.jpeg (786.9 KB, 1125x1323, E133E1F6-B2F7-4E5E-8E48-C157D6…)


I bet my left tit the people who “asked” were actually asking who was doing it next so Momo could try and be first

No. 579587

Luckily Moo is late to the game, costhots are jumping all over this and putting together rushed costumes. We'll start seeing better looking ones soon, we know full well Moo wants to compete against Gabby.

Also Vamp looks like she's hopping on the bandwagon as well. What is up with these two not knowing what Bowsette is? So fucking lazy to even look into it more.

No. 579591

>her average looks

only obtainable via photoshop
she is def below average

No. 579593

File: 1537845688655.jpeg (185.57 KB, 1237x1118, D2158C0F-B964-4B22-BFE0-60FC06…)


No. 579594

File: 1537845951993.jpeg (301.91 KB, 1242x1561, D3A9AC5B-B0ED-476C-8D9E-C67FEC…)

no one wants this moo stop

No. 579595

stop reposting

No. 579596

Using these fabrics for Featherine? Talk about CHEAP.

No. 579599

$5 is how much money she's willing to put into the costume

No. 579603

I'm laughing my ass off over Moo's closeout liquidation prices on her Patreon tiers. This is the same woman who emphatically stated that her releaaes were too quality, which is why she charged an arm and a leg in comparison to other cosplayers.

Now she's so desperate to reclaim her original numbers, she's reducing herself to putting out sets at budget prices.

Had she kept her gelatinous body from getting out of hand, she probably could have gotten away with selling her abused lactating cattle set for a much higher price. Now she's dealing with the reality that no one is happy about her current physical appearance, the excessive amounts of photoshop from people who barely know how to edit, or the lack of variety and passion displayed in her sets.

This is a lot to take in, considering Moo is the brightest businesswoman on the planet. Don't believe me? Just ask her!

No. 579604

she has like a week.

No. 579608

It’s going to look like hot dogs shit. I’m so excited.

No. 579609

Momo is so fucking dumb. If she someone manages to get this cosplay out in time people are just gonna bring up her molester antics and she'll be hated more….

on second though I love this idea and I can't wait for her to release it!

No. 579613

File: 1537852851004.jpg (471.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180924-221705_Pat…)


All aboard the thot train!

No. 579614

File: 1537852876557.jpg (427.41 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180924-221715_Pat…)

No. 579617

Jesus christ stop buying micro bikinis!!! Fuck I just wish she would actually buy fitting clothing for once.

No. 579618

Of course she's doing a bikini version, because she cant make the simple ass dress browsette wears to save her life

No. 579619

no no let her. BY the time it comes in she would have gained another 10 pounds

No. 579620

she thinks it will steal some susu/bunny peeps

No. 579621

The crown and broach are so easy to make?? Our cosplay goddess can't manage some foam? I won't even mention the crown's problems

No. 579622

too bad she ran out of money for therapy because she's gonna need it after the thrashing the internet's gonna give her over this

No. 579623

the crown is wrong i'm gonna… oh momo never change you dumb bitch

No. 579626

did you not see the crown she made for saber last time

No. 579630

File: 1537855487172.jpg (660.42 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180924-230241_Pat…)

No. 579631

I forgot that was a crown, I thought she put broken shit on her head

No. 579633

File: 1537856019308.png (71.06 KB, 213x207, hairline.png)

She put on the wig first then the makeup… this is so gross, why couldn't she think to blend the hairline??

No. 579634

I noticed a similar thing about a narc I personally know. When they get some new delusion going they try to back it up with “EVERYONE said-“ when absolutely no one did.

No. 579635

File: 1537856303382.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 268.55 KB, 1365x2048, 68767.jpeg)

that sad pancake ass

No. 579637

File: 1537856394597.jpg (39.72 KB, 569x563, comeonnow.JPG)

You're too fat for a fucking kimono?

No. 579638

File: 1537856541458.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.6 KB, 549x702, whenhesagesyourhouse.JPG)

No. 579639

KEK that is so sad, why would anyone even publish this one… her ass has NO SHAPE… it’s just a straight line all the way down.

No. 579640

File: 1537856676696.png (362.57 KB, 396x458, 994a1db6b36fd771cfe6df8c27e34e…)

scabby hand and instead of getting her nails redone she shittily tried to fill in the grown in space

No. 579641

File: 1537856715764.jpg (104.19 KB, 902x843, capture.JPG)

No. 579642

File: 1537856898460.png (469.14 KB, 484x413, getoffthestage.PNG)

This is such an ugly mess, I can't believe she has the audacity to charge $40 for this shoot when it looks so bad. I'm so embarrassed for anyone who bought this thinking it would be fap worthy, you get to choose from the same 3 poses, a half-assed photoshop job, and a terrible lace front wig, wowee.
Also kek, she can't even hide her corset in these photos, this set is truly the height of laziness for her.

No. 579643


No. 579645

She removed all of the comments on her Instagram posts telling her not to cosplay Bowsette.

No. 579646

File: 1537857534468.jpeg (356.66 KB, 1221x2081, ECD5B0D1-2903-4385-A141-25BBBF…)

Uhh bitch where the fuck are your ankles?

No. 579647

she lost them around the same time she lost her neck and wrists

No. 579649


I mean, I'm a fat fuck and I still have mine

No. 579650

squarecuck made her foot look bruised ew

No. 579652

The fuck is wrong with her foot? It looks like it’s purple and about to die.

No. 579653

Tbh I don’t think that was squarecuck anon same thing happens to my mom if she’s in a uncomfortable position for too long her feet get swollen and like that but she 55 and has arthritis soo idk what’s moo excuse

No. 579654

She’s not a fat fuck, she’s an obese fuck, maybe that’s why you can’t tell head or tails anymore of her body

No. 579655

bad photoshop, combined with >>579653

No. 579656

File: 1537858435314.png (934.73 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2018-09-25-02-51-53…)

lol she's wearing a corset unfee this. There's a clasp between her cleavage.

No. 579657

God, her skin and the lace front completely falling off her head. I say it every time but cucknoodles must hate her, he does her absolutely no favors.

No. 579659

File: 1537859422741.png (526.4 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2018-09-25-00-09-37…)

No. 579660

File: 1537859818936.jpeg (38.61 KB, 431x401, 4nY_eUWg~2.jpeg)


No. 579662

The way her lace front isn't glued down makes it look like peeling skin I can't.

No. 579664

No. 579665


Doesn't diabetes also cause this?

No. 579667

mom having a stroke

No. 579668

Do you think she asked for her top lip to be fuller?

No. 579669

File: 1537861071200.jpg (24.51 KB, 639x572, M9Sr6iN.jpg)

Revenge of pink eyeshadow and eyeginas

She traded them for Cheetos and pho

No. 579670

Of course she would relate to the narcissistic physcopath

No. 579671

Didn't she save a bunch of things to her Etsy? So now she's bought off Amazon because its half the price and cheaper. Tacky bitch.

No. 579672

File: 1537862808316.png (88.26 KB, 1066x278, pleasedont.png)

Saw this in passing on another person's post.


No. 579674

File: 1537862912006.png (275.37 KB, 720x1141, Screenshot_2018-09-25-01-06-29…)

EBay purchases: whatever the fuck this is and a German Flintlock pistol replica

No. 579675

They require alot of care, you own enough fucking animals who already get abandoned at your house while you fuck off out all the time Moo.

No. 579677

Isn’t she getting 2 new kittens too?

No. 579678

I saw that at Savers last week…………….

No. 579680

File: 1537864705389.png (336.76 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2018-09-25-01-36-28…)

How can she claim to not be in the know about current events but can post Twitter screencaps of events that have happened recently?

No. 579681

File: 1537864827043.png (1.12 MB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2018-09-25-01-39-01…)

Nevermind lol

No. 579682

what… why is it relevant that someone played smash?

No. 579683

File: 1537865213620.png (122.99 KB, 483x709, Bowsette.PNG)

How in the world is the corset behind the bra?
(unless most of that 'clevage' is just stuffing….
Also proof that someone did ask her to do it. (and few additionally agreeing with the commentor, and the rest being 'no'.)
appearently 1 = so many
(found under this picture on her facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay/photos/a.480000345478253/1449565028521775/?type=3&theater )

No. 579684


Dying kid wanted to play smash as their last request before they died, and Mooriah is a positivity blog now uwu

No. 579685

>>579682 Cancer sufferer with a month left to live got to play a Smash Ultimate demo for 3 hours.

Of course, Mariah has to pretend she's a Smash fan, and will stoop so low as to use a person with a terrible illness for clout.

No. 579686

Whose twitter is she using…?

No. 579690

probably a waist trainer aka corset minus bra part

No. 579691

She literally tagged the person who she got the image from in the next post.

No. 579702


Most of the cleavage is stuffing since you can see how ill-fitting the bra is in the first place, but the underbust corset is also propping up the flapjacks so they're resting over and on top of it.

No. 579706

File: 1537870689891.png (977.07 KB, 1026x916, Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 12.1…)


No. 579709

File: 1537870957092.png (64.42 KB, 640x579, IMG_4260.PNG)

No. 579722

Maybe she shows it off because it's the only part of her that isn't a lump.

You'd think that if the creator of Bowsette made fun of her for trying to cosplay it, that she would back down. Nope! She has zero respect for creators(or anyone for that matter) so why would she?

No. 579724

Funny, the last cancer sufferer that she supported, she used as a guilt point against a former friend.

No. 579737

In every Bowsette post I see on Facebook with English speakers there's always someone talking about Moo, her notoriety has really become widespread, it's the first time I believe where a lot of people, some not even that deep in the cosplay scene, outright say they don't want her to cosplay the new waifu. I can't wait till Moo does the shoot and the memes/roasts ensue.

No. 579741

I can't wait, she'll look amazing!(ban evasion)

No. 579742

Between her wanting to do it and Chris-chan talking about it I'm surprised it hasn't died yet

No. 579746

I really hope you are being sarcastic…

No. 579747

Since it's still going strong over Japanese twitter it's not dying down anytime soon.

It's a ban evading troll, why did you bother replying.

No. 579757


This is the most hate I've ever seen a cosplayer get. Crazy how disliked she really is and yet she thinks everything is dandy. Unbelievable.

No. 579759

File: 1537884007938.png (1.74 MB, 1080x1080, just stop.png)

who is she trying to fool? does she really think this looks nice?

No. 579760

I feel like she's going to spin this as "So many people hate and judge me for my body but I love everyone uwu" when the inevitable trainwreck is made instead of addressing why people actually hate her.

Here's hoping something goes down with the Umineko crap and Bowsette is pushed aside.

No. 579761

of course! she's gonna say that and then have another stream meltdown.

No. 579762

I was hoping it goes the other way around, with the bowsette set being so hated everyone would sweep her "Oh mee god such an Umineko nerd amirite? it cost me 10k+ dlls" shitty project aside.

No. 579764

You can see the acne underneath all those layers of foundation.

No. 579766

File: 1537886193457.jpg (29.95 KB, 720x472, FB_IMG_1537886041499.jpg)

No. 579768

File: 1537887027074.jpg (221.43 KB, 1837x2048, FB_IMG_1537886885844.jpg)

No. 579772


No. 579773


Her fellow fatties are already out there defending her with their usual “DON’T FATSHAME HER!!!!!!!” bullshit. It’s obvious the land whales trying to defend their queen so just like her they try to make the issue about her weight.

No. 579777

not to wk but all this bowsette drama is so retarded to me. if anything when she cosplays her we'll get some new horror pics to laugh at

No. 579779


I think the larger point here is….the entire community is tired of her shit. Especially the destruction of characters…..>>579777

No. 579780

I think it shows how full of shit she is. She goes on and on about how much love she receives from the community, but this just goes to show that the community hates her and only sees her as a nuisance and a turn off.

She says that she gets off on being a bother to people, but we all know that that isn't true. Every time it gets to her, she goes on long fake positivity rants.

No. 579781


It'll provide us with milk no doubt, especially if she has a meltdown when she accuses everyone who's 'bullying' her for cosplaying Bowsette that it's because of her weight and will try and deflect from the real issues as to why she's not wanted.

It's gotten to the point everyone just fucking hates her now, even the type of dudebros that make up her fanbase are in so many comments belittling her. Nothing she does from now on will improve her cosplay title, Moo is becoming more cancelled by the day and she's clinging at straws.

No. 579784

File: 1537893468607.jpg (48.54 KB, 441x408, bih.jpg)


>larger point

No. 579785

File: 1537893517391.png (266.41 KB, 1440x1358, Screenshot_20180925-113759.png)

No. 579786

It's just because "Momokun is going to cosplay your favorite character" has become the new "Your mom is a ho". She's the butt of the joke of not only the cosplay community, but the nerd community in general

No. 579787

People want her to cosplay it just to see the trainwreck but the underlying humor to it all is that Momo is seen as the worst thing that can happen to a character. That's why everyone is making fun of it and making a big deal out of it except Momo thinks she's in on the joke.

No. 579789

Yeah, she thinks her “lewding” the character is what’s ruining it, which she thinks is funny. She doesn’t understand or at least won’t accept it’s actually because she herself is disgusting and unwanted.

No. 579793


KEK, some of the comments on the petition make it sound more serious than it should be.

No. 579794

File: 1537896750365.png (3.03 MB, 1200x881, Bowser tart.png)

Oh boy I can't wait.

No. 579795

Momokun needs to grow up about people ripping on her body. Her body is her job since she's a professional cosplayer. She SHOULD have the most bomb body in the cosplay community since she commissions all of her costumes or buys them at halloween stores. All the free time in the world. But she's too lazy to even wash her face. This isn't about body positivy anymore, this is her too lazy to at least do the bare minimum of what people are paying her for and instead abusing her paetrons so she can sit on her ass, shovel food in her mouth and be on the next episode of "My 600 pound life"

No. 579796

Exactly. It was like that with that loli dragon? She thought the joke was her lewding a non-sexualized character when it was because she was being a disgusting pig and lewding a child. When she finally figured it out she had to backtrack and claim "Well she's thousands of years old! She just looks like a kid!"

Now it's the same thing. She thinks all this is people hating on her for lewding characters typically not drawn lewd (like Velma and stuff) and being a bigger girl while doing it.

When it's not the case at all. People don't want her lewding characters because she's Momo and it's the biggest insult to a character you can have by her getting her grubby hands on them and making half-assed bikini photos in a wig that vaguely looks like the character.

And Momo, since you like to lurk here.. how about you stop and ask yourself when's the last time someone looked at other larger cosplay girls and went "Man I'd HATE to see her tits out dressed like ____!"

At this point people would PAY Momo not to cosplay things.

No. 579798

Exactly. Momokun's name is smeared with gross fetish porn, poorly crafted cosplays, theft, bullying and just being an all around toxic cunt.
Her disgusting body, face and bad photoshop is on the bottom of the list.
No one wants to see their favorite character looking like a 300 pound baby granny with fake cum on their chest with their tongue grossly sticking out in a bikini.

No. 579799


That’s what bugs me about these idiots constantly screeching about how “If you have a problem with Momokun the. That means you have a problem with every girl her size!” And yet non of these other plus size models/cosplayers are getting shit like Moo does and the only reason she does is because of her shit behavior and actions. It’s an obvious tactic garbage people want to use when trying to defend other garbage people and they know their wrong. Play the generalization game and make it into a “____ people” problem rather than a personal one.

No. 579801

if this is going to be like the bikini Kanna one better get my bleach ready.

No. 579803

File: 1537898075749.jpg (30.99 KB, 629x443, DgEYAW6X4AIMuim.jpg)

don't worry about that, anon; Momo's got you covered

No. 579805

I feel Moo's plans to cosplay Bowsette will kill this meme faster than her amazon order will arrive lol.

No. 579806

Her skin looks so smooth here! Is it shoop? Or has her acne actually been getting better?

No. 579807

It looks like cement anon. But yes, the big bumps are shooped out because in later pics you can clearly see her acne

No. 579814

I appreciate the effort so much anon but remember she’s gonna have the wrong crown

No. 579815

Looks like Jane deleted her post about the joke petition, wonder why?

No. 579816


Might be seen as a little bit too mean spirited on her part.

No. 579818

Possibly, it did seem a bit cringe. There was a link on that petition to remove her from Patreon, shame that didn't get 300 signs so quick lol.

No. 579820

File: 1537901862949.jpeg (157.84 KB, 750x1297, 8E413D95-ECE8-4C14-8BF9-32EBCD…)

On her newest IG photo

Proof she bans people from only commenting to save face without completely blocking them and limits/deletes words and comments on her pics

No. 579821

So she just ignores the claims that had proof to it and that Momo herself near about admitted to during the whole 'ADHD made me' incident. Regardless what you think of certain cosplayers beaklette, you made fun of, joked around, and are acting like ALL claims are false? Maybe some are fake but you're shitty enough to dismiss even the ones that are true because you dont like Bunny? Trash. Your best bud sexually assaulted girls and even a guy (on fucking video btw)these girls had every right to tear her a new one. Anyone with any shred of decency would question their friend but I think this more than confirms Vamp is either 70 IQ retarded or suckling Momo's patreon money ass juice.

No. 579822

Almost all Instagram posts have been changed to limited, can't comment on anything.

No. 579823

Mine doesn't show anything different. Weird.

No. 579824

It looks like only her followers can comment now and not just randoms.

No. 579825

She ignored everyone who tweeted her everything the victims said about Mariah and the "apology" video and just continued to call Bunny and the others liars then made the insta stories repeating everything, that momo money must be good

No. 579826

So much for positivity uwu

No. 579827


This is something Instagram implemented last year to help curb offensive comments.

Moo got scared loooooooool.

No. 579828

What's hilarious is she literally opens the video saying she messaged one of the victims and apologised she may have looked like she was making fun of their assault yet not 5 minutes later implies she thinks it's all a witch hunt done by some ebul cosplay cult who don't like Mariah. Make up your mind.

No. 579829

Is this a joke? Are you new? Of course it's just shoop.

No. 579831

File: 1537903685872.jpeg (85.96 KB, 462x960, 520E1AA5-FFBF-4A4A-87AE-098C38…)

Seen on Facebook

No. 579832

and those were just accounts from people brave enough. A part of me really thinks the only reason she's taking a break from cons isn't to let people heal, but she can't help herself from touching and bullying other people. If she ever does make it inside of a major con, all eyes will be on her and the moment she even lays a finger on someone people wont be scared to call her out.

No. 579834

File: 1537903829312.jpg (49.63 KB, 342x659, 1521995910612.jpg)

I think using this one as a base is more suiting

No. 579836

I thought she was blackfacing at first I couldn’t tell this was a shitty shop from some neckbeard

No. 579837


Looks like this whole Bowsette has her shook even more. No matter how much she talks out her ass about how much support she is getting it’s clear as day she is still utterly despised by everyone. This is just another move to make her hugbox even more insulated. Now you have to actually be following her to make a comment and if you say something she doesn’t like then she can easily block you, rather than having to sit there and deal with a wave of hate coming in and it being too much for her to do something about it.

No. 579838

Moo has been a coward but limiting her Instagram to just her followers is no different from the time she turned off comments when she got called out at AX. She doesn't have a single backbone in her body and would probably start crying the moment anyone confronted her irl over her actions. Hilarious really.

No. 579839


She practically shit herself when she thought someone was coming up to her to call her out

No. 579840

$40 for this? Jesus, why do peopl still throw money at her.

Also I love that she's back to airbrushing the fuck out her photos even though she claimed she told SN to stop

No. 579841


It's still a wet dream of mine that somebody (no matter who) confronts her personally while it's being recorded. Bitch would start crying and waddle away.

No. 579842

OH yeah that video was great. Her face was classic and out of fear. Who's betting she hides while hanging outside Blizzcon this time? She can't cope with anything or anyone that's up against her, even with everyone now targeting Vamp as well she's not safe in her bestie's arms either.

No. 579843

File: 1537905096384.jpg (145.5 KB, 700x500, crapedit.jpg)

have a shit 5 minute edit

No. 579844

We can hope anon, it's brewing and someone is bound to drag her at a con soon.

No. 579848

Jane already said straight out if moo shows up at a con she is at its gonna happen. Jane said she would personally get up on it

No. 579851

File: 1537907038546.png (717.31 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-09-25-13-21-18…)

With Eric Vegas

No. 579852

what is with this bitch and coconut water? it's not even as good for you as people say it is and even if it was, she cancels out any health benefits by eating like a garbage disposal the rest of the time.

No. 579853

is it coconut water? it's just some coconut drink in the shell, but who knows what it actually is. usually those SE asian drinks like this are full of sugar and processed.

No. 579854

SquareNoodles dumped her ass after she threw him under the bus, huh? I think Eric there is the only local photog who will even give her the time of day, he shot her horrible Hellboy shoot, didn't he?

No. 579855

She was singing praise on coconut water weeks ago and this dumbass didn't realize it's just sugar water
it's probably the reason for her intense break out these past weeks

No. 579856

maybe that's why she said she's not shooping her sets anymore.

No. 579857

it wouldn't have been either way, fuck off.

No. 579859

She just did her recent photoshoot with Cucknoodles though, unless that's the last we'll see of him for a while now.

No. 579861

the one where she looked like a ham?

No. 579862

Her overly edited Tsunade shoot.

No. 579865

i hope that horrible pic remains a meme forever in everything

No. 579866

still got a chuckle out of me, thanks anon

No. 579869

this guy puts more work in than cucknoodles

No. 579872

she drinks it because sensei probably does, or praised its health benefits

No. 579873

Honestly think Moo is trying to flex about $20 a yard fabric in her Instagram story lmao.

No. 579878

File: 1537914102998.png (985.06 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-09-25-15-20-45…)

No. 579879


Get the fuck out of here tumblr.

No. 579881

Thanks anon, had trouble screencapping it. Price of fabric means nothing when we know the bitch isn't going to be using any of it herself and will hand it over to her sewing slave.

No. 579882

20$ a metre is pretty average for anything that isn't the shittiest fabric possible, especially when shit isn't on sale. But you should know that, shouldn't you Moo? After all you are a ~*~weeb with a sewing machine~*~ aren't you?

No. 579883

Where is she buying her fabric? Here in Vegas we only have like three fabric stores and two of them is Joanne’s.
20 a yard doesn’t mean anything if you’re using a coupon and if it’s Hettys 20 a yard is standard there.

No. 579885


Maybe she's trying to prove she has the money to buy better fabric after we pointed out the cheap green, gold, pink and lilac satin shit she had earlier on in her story.

Spends over $500 on beauty products but can't even purchase higher quality fabric. Fucking priorities.

No. 579886

moo, it's polyester. calm down.

No. 579888

File: 1537917536065.png (1.09 MB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2018-09-25-16-18-15…)

No. 579889

this is from china, kudos to whoever called it.

No. 579890


Standard Aliexpress cosplay made in China and constructed in their usual thick polyester fabric, you can fool us Moo.

No. 579891


Imagine saying you love and have such a passion for a series, but you decided to buy all the clothes from a Chinese manufacture instead of making them your own. Mariah you're such a boring shitty fan

No. 579892

Is she implying that she made this herself? Bitch couldn't sew a handkerchief.

No. 579893

If she is saying that she's dumb AF. Still has the goddamn creases where it was folded.

No. 579895


LOL well spotted anon. Could be quoting from the anime or whatever the fuck it is while trying to make it look like SHE made it by how it's placed on the mannequin. Such an intense and hard project my dudes!

No. 579896

The sad thing is that her orbiters and neckbeards will absolutely think that she made it, and Moo will only admit otherwise if called out about it. Otherwise she's more than happy to let people assume she has some sliver of talent outside of knocking back bowls of pho for money.

No. 579897


It'll be like that Kanna shit tier Lolita dress costume she somehow forgot to mention she got from Amazon after being called out and owned up to not actually make it. She's getting more dumber by the day.

No. 579899

It’s not expensive because she has to buy 10 yards of everything for her cosplays

No. 579900

that wasn't a lolita dress, she just called it that cause kanna is a loli and she's a dumbass.

No. 579901


Hence why I called it shit tier because it definitely wasn't a Lolita dress lol. Wonder how many other costumes we'll see which are blatantly brought from China…

No. 579902

File: 1537920115869.png (2.3 MB, 750x1334, C911A95D-6177-44E6-9B03-5C8F5B…)


No. 579903

File: 1537920150743.png (527.26 KB, 750x1334, 73BA06F4-8744-462A-9D12-308A31…)

2/2 she made it to Arby’s

No. 579904

File: 1537920416780.jpeg (140.39 KB, 750x1334, 6B83FA7D-29C2-4C4F-AC3F-22281C…)


No. 579905

Even Arby’s got the crown right

No. 579906


No. 579907

File: 1537921096362.png (780.28 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-09-25-17-17-31…)

No. 579908

Every single one that isn't bought from a Halloween store or Forestry.

No. 579909

Dear god she's finally gone and done it. Her insatiable appetite made her turn on Vamplette when delivery didn't arrive in 20 minutes or less.

No. 579914

>>579888 I can't picture Momo squeezing her offensive lineman shoulders into this blazer. It makes me think of the "Fat Guy In A Little Coat" scene in Tommy Boy.

No. 579916

I don't think it's for Moo, it's Battler's blazer so it's for whoever is dumb enough to cosplay him with Moo.

No. 579917

>>579916 Ah. Thanks for the clarification. I was expecting a fat disco suit wearing baddie from Mystery Men to suddenly get announced as part of her big October shitfest.

No. 579919

No, he's the "love interest", so maybe sensei somehow got suckered in to posing.

No. 579930

File: 1537924946179.png (938.42 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2018-09-25-18-20-39…)

I forgot to mention that the skeleton is 300 dollars, according to Moo. She plans on drawing the symbols on all of these gold bricks

No. 579932

This is so tacky it hurts.

No. 579933

You're right tho. It's already been proven from Day 1 she didn't care about the allegations and was trying to bully people into shutting up. She only rolled over and made the apology video because DeFranco was covering her story and blew the lid off. It WAS contained to twitter and cosplay community until that point.

Never once has she made the gesture that she won't bully or touch or harass since she continues to do it on IG every. single. day. She literally has no concept of thought before action, has no concept of rectifying mistakes or atoning for sins. It's all good in momokun's Lard Land where she's planning trips to Japan and trying to snake her left hand into the community again while her right is groping for Sensei's dick.

No. 579935

$300 for a skeleton? That thing better be real for that price considering you can find life-sized ones in any craft store this time of year for under $50.

No. 579936

Funny how she only really flipped when big YouTubers started covering her story. Then once it died down she's pretended this entire fiasco has never existed. I hope some of them do update videos as she hasn't changed at all or improved, she's only become more of a cunt since it all started.

No. 579939

it looks like chocolate lmao

No. 579942


so vamps just admitted that Momolester has been lying about the relationship bs.

No. 579943

File: 1537927393829.png (533.11 KB, 459x612, 1515433144723.png)

No. 579946

oh my god the ZIPPER

No. 579948

She said it herself through her hand puppet vamp. She wants her life back. She wants to go back to when she could lie about every detail of her past. When she was getting big money every month for doing nothing. When she could scam her patreon chumps with empty promises of rewards. When she could bully and manipulate weak young girls who looked up to her. And when she was a huge cosplayer known by all. Now she's just huge. Just think about what a gigantic piece of shit she was when these threads first started. That's the life she wants back. Sorry moo. Not gonna happen.

No. 579955

There doesn't need to be some big conspiracy or cult of cosplayers on a vendetta to make moos life go to shit. She does it all to herself every time. By making vamp go on a rant about how badly she was mistreated all she did was create a big Streisand Effect and now it's blowing up in her face even bigger. Keep being you moo. You'll be living in a cardboard box in an alley off the strip soon and it will all be someone elses fault like always.

No. 579957

only chance we have at Momo officially being cancelled to the point that even SHE can't recover would be if we got a Content Cop about her. Then it hits EVERYONE and she's fucked for life.

No. 579958

She would love that too much.

No. 579959

If she was cancelled on Patreon her world would turn upside down. It's literally the only thing keeping her going because it's money.

No. 579960

This would be much more effective.

No. 579961

Without them she has no platform to make big money on and she'll be royally fucked. If only Patreon took complaints seriously and cared about delivering good customer service.

No. 579962


This was already proven durin her Camversity streams. Moomoo kept screeching about how they were “In a relationship but nothing sexual” while Vamp looked visibly pissed at her for telling people they were dating and kept insisting that they were more like sisters.

It’s obvious she was just looking to copy Bunny and Susu who are actually dating.

No. 579965

No. 579967

File: 1537931894779.png (1.47 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-09-25-20-16-38…)

No. 579968

does moo not realize vamp's name is already spooky? and she's a vampire here?

No. 579970

File: 1537932322227.jpg (67.72 KB, 576x792, onrBOm4.jpg)

think this is what she is doing

No. 579971

it's so inaccurate i wouldn't have guessed

No. 579972

Vamp's already Wicked Witch of the West busted up face ruins what should have been a cute and spooky cosplay.

No. 579974

are all the skulls shooped on?? lmao i think they are. the earring one, on the dress and the two small black ones on the collar

No. 579975

So much is just lazily shopped/drawn on, like the skulls and crown

No. 579978

her name already has a 'lette' lol

No. 579979

it's such a shame Vamps has a shit personality, she has potential to be super cute and popular. If only she'd pulled away from Moo like 1, 1.5 years ago and used the popularity of Moo to boost her own following.
Now she's a doormat dog on a leash snapping and growling at literally anything that goes past.

What a sad reality this is for both of them.

No. 579981

Well this meme is officially dead now. Mariah wasn’t even the one to kill it first.

No. 579985

>super cute and popular
I don't think I've ever seen a toucan called cute honestly

No. 579987

File: 1537934953178.png (683.25 KB, 720x1210, Screenshot_2018-09-25-21-07-13…)

No. 579989

hey! the bird is cute, don't compare cute birds to vamps gross nose.

No. 579990

Doubling down (and shooping like an even lazier thot no less) on that stupid ass meme I see. Birds of a feather shit together.

No. 579993

>fingers all rubbery looking from jaw shoop
>eye contacts shopped on
>skulls shooped on
>nose shooped smaller and straight

What a joke.

No. 579995

but shes such a renowned business woman! she doesnt need patreon THEY NEED HER

No. 579996

That's not what the character looks like, but I'm sure if it was brought up they would totes not be trying to do the character my dudes.

No. 579997

The eye colour and the skulls are shooped on, holy shit, can't she find some foam to make skulls out of? Or couldn't super duper craft master Moo help her out? But at least she's more accurate and covered here than Moo will ever be.

No. 579998

Also it looks like Moo did her eye makeup.

No. 580000

File: 1537937273344.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.25 KB, 680x951, 7e5.jpg)

My bad, but I've literally never seen that one, only pic related.

And I follow artists so my feed is flooded with this shit rn.

No. 580002

Fangs are shooped on too

No. 580007

I saw a tweet earlier about cosplayers crediting the artists of the Bowsette/ x-ette designs they were cosplaying and I'm pretty sure it was a subtle nod towards Moo and vamps, who never credit anyone.

What a surprise

No. 580013

File: 1537939451825.png (429.41 KB, 900x1200, 8rYd2DZ.png)

Slightly OT but relevant to this whole Bowsette thing… If she's gonna do a Bowsette, I imagine this version of Bowser mashed up with Mad Max more fitting for her.

For the record, I absolutely love this poster and own a copy of it. It's a fucking great mash up, but a Bowsette version of this… lord have mercy!

No. 580014


She edited her nose holy shit lmAo

No. 580015

It’s still crooked even with photoshop LMAO

No. 580021

same. I saw a whole bunch of “boolette”s today and they all wear white. Of course there’s no ~official~ thing but I’d say white makes the most sense for a boo. Vamp just looks like some random shoop witch.

No. 580022

I'm appalled at how Vamp can complain about Mariah's life being "ruined" yet doesn't think about all the people who have actually been abused and bullied into leaving the cosplay community because of her, all the girls who stopped wearing the cosplays they wore when she exposed them, groped them or made fun of their weight, it's disgusting, and the fact that Vamp just says Mariah is just young is a horrible excuse, she's 23, if she can do everything any other adult can then she can be held accountable for her actions

No. 580025

>>580022 One could make the argument that Moo ruined Vamp's life to a degree. The only thing that would add merit to my suggestion is if Vamp were to take credit for that infamous 4chan post about introducing someone to cosplay and seeing their career skyrocket for no sensible reason.

No. 580028

I used to firmly believe it was written by Vamp, the only reason I'm doubting it now is because the post was actually coherent lol. After all her recent ramblings, it's hard for me to imagine her being able to put her thoughts down so legibly.

No. 580029

File: 1537948116723.png (1.26 MB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-09-26-00-46-54…)

Closeup of the fabrics. I wonder why they felt the need to buy so much? I understand there's a sash but

No. 580030

>>580029 the bigger you are, the more fabric you need

No. 580031


Newfag but does anyone have a link to the 4chan post?

No. 580032

I assume she is also high most of the time, so that might account for it. Who knows.

No. 580036

There's a change.org petition floating around to get Moo kicked off Patreon. Who knows maybe it could work…

No. 580038

File: 1537951783837.png (490.54 KB, 1956x930, Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 10.4…)

not to mention this one lol

No. 580039

It's Antares who's going to cosplay Featherine, she's not that huge, it's just Moo splurging unnecessarily because "rolls of fabric = dedication" in her dumb mind.

No. 580040

mb, it didn't refresh, it's now at 3.5k

No. 580041

Link to the Patreon one?

No. 580042

File: 1537952874988.png (391.8 KB, 567x870, Featherine_Augustus_Aurora_Umi…)

Dropped pic. Also I'm absolutely baffled by why Moo decides she wants Featherine without Bern. What a weird ass combo. There's going to be Antares as Featherine, Moo as Shannon/Beato/"Long haired Beato" (Moo is literally the only person I saw that calls her this lmao), and some fool as Battler. I doubt there'll be anyone else since Moo has burned through so many bridges and didn't build any back, and Vamp was not mentioned at all, so what the fuck is she even planning?

No. 580043

I bet she has something great anon she’d said it herself she’s a “genius” UwU

No. 580045



Kek at the joke one, now if only those 2k+ people could sign one that could be more effective.

No. 580053

i also don't understand why she's using one of the twin beatos. but she's more of a true fan than us anyways.

No. 580055

File: 1537963755724.jpg (57.26 KB, 620x449, Kongette.jpg)

Excuse my shitty MS Paint job but why has no one suggested that she do Kongette? Kek I mean it would actually make sense.

No. 580056

This is basically what her bikini samus looked like.

No. 580059

come on anon, all of her cosplays are "donkey kong as x"

No. 580061

File: 1537970160210.jpg (31.81 KB, 570x570, 42486102_1024128351081007_5255…)

this is so sad, can we resurrect recordanon

No. 580062

That change.org petition has almost 5k signatures in 2 days.

Imagine having that many people hate you.

No. 580064

Shame 5k haven't signed the Patreon one. Moo is bound to get triggered by one of them, or both. 'Everyone is out to get meeeeeee I'm such a victim'.

No. 580067

Someone needs to put a link to the patreon one wherever all these people are finding the anti Bowsette one. People would definitely sign it.

No. 580068

Wonder where this has been posted? It's definitely not Twitter with the numbers. Has to be somewhere like on a Facebook page.

No. 580069

tbh change.org petitions are fucking cringy. i know it will get a rise out of moo (most likely she'll try to laugh it off) but the petitions themselves are embarrassing.

No. 580070


I doubt many people actually think it will make any difference, hopefully it will just cause more milk when Momokunt finds out so many people think she's a joke. Her IG hugbox can only insulate her so much.

No. 580072


The Bowsette ones are cringe and pointless, but the one about getting her deleted off Patreon should at least be taken seriously. Then again what petitions are these days, if it gets some milk out of Moo for amusement then so be it.

No. 580074

The memes are probably things she pretends to laugh about, but we know that it makes her feel like shit. That's why she overcompensates by being an even bigger piece of shit when mocking the girls that got harassed. This beautiful cycle will get her Dog and her to keep on calling out victims and getting dragged and hated by the community. Funny how they liken it to a cult, but Moo's the one who tried to get the sycophant attitude from all the people around her when she was semi-popular. The community is exactly that, it's just the neighbors pissed off she's damaging the property value of cosplay and being an all out nuisance.

No. 580090

if she is cutting those sashes on the bias then she probably does need that much fabric. On bias your grain is sideways so you cut sideways and it uses lots of fabric. It would be the best option for this outfit

No. 580091

Even if this one did get more than 2k of signatures, I doubt Patreon would listen. They don't really care for the character of the creator or the patrons.

No. 580093


It would only matter to them if she was breaking their terms of service.

No. 580095

Implying her or antares know that much

No. 580096

featherine in this case lose all sense without bern so i'm really excited to see WHAT she plans antares to do. the trainwreck.

No. 580098

Doesn't her unfulfilled rewards, lying about her goals and lack of prints being sent out to her Patrons come under that or has she somehow dodged getting into shit for it?

No. 580106


I think her patrons would have to complain for it to mean anything.

No. 580107

File: 1537987558410.png (928.42 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-09-26-11-43-25…)

Moo feeling generous and giving her dogs gifts

No. 580108

File: 1537987601031.png (1.37 MB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2018-09-26-11-43-41…)

No. 580109

A reward for defending her on Twitter the other day

No. 580111

Oh boy here we go.

No. 580112


Of course she has to repost it to make sure everyone knows how generous she is.

No. 580113

LMAO. My thoughts exactly. What a narc.

No. 580117

'See guys???! I am so kind and generous to the people that sniff my butthole the most!' uwu

No. 580118

It's sickening. At least it shows why Vamp sticks around, free gifts!

No. 580119

So I noticed her followers on IG started climbing and for a second I almost thought limiting her post was going to be great for her. Hate followers will follow her now just to comment. Then it dawned on me…she just made it that much easier for the 'haters'. She removed the need to search for her just to find out what she was up to. Now it will pop up right in their feed. And enough people will do it just to be spiteful for her limiting things. People hate her that much. Great job, Moo. You just made everyone's life easier. No need to search for you, you are right there.

No. 580120

And even then they wouldn't care.

No. 580121


Did Moo ever mention a date for the Japan trip? From what I can remember it's about the end of October? How long until the cringe fest?

No. 580122

A couple hours ago it was 497k and now its 498k…I remember it being 496k last night?

Could've sworn it was November

No. 580124

i'd like to think the 4chan post was a moment of clarity for vamp, where she wasn't a lunatic alongside moo.

wasn't that post made somewhat around the time she moved out too??

No. 580125

File: 1537990506869.png (233.41 KB, 974x1516, tumblr_inline_oxps5wGFLb1v6apu…)

here you go anon

No. 580126


(anon who requested) tysm.

HOLY shit. There's no question this is Vamp, right? It is extremely fucking obvious. I get that she was less coherent in her rant the other day, but she also seemed drunk, and it was off the cuff. This is way more considered, so it makes sense that she sounds more put together.

This actually makes me feel sorry for her again, even after all the recent shit. It must really hurt to see something you love ruined by someone who doesn't give a shit, especially when you introduced them. And she let herself get turned into a lewd patreon thot and doesnt even make any money. Ouch.

No. 580128


Recordanon here, I'm still alive.

Still working on the backlog but I am almost done, just 2 more to do.

No. 580130

I think it was earlier. Also love how she changed the reason for moving out was "we didnt get along/better as friends in separate homes" from "MUH CATS DONT GET ALONGGGG"

No. 580131

lmao those headphones are trash anyways, they're made super cheap and break easily. she couldn't even reward her with something nice.

No. 580132

Moo probably got them in the mail from a ~sponsorship~ and pawned them to her dog

No. 580136

Bets on Momo re starting the claims she speaks fluent Japanese. Bonus points if she claims she's magically part asian or pays someone to tell her "you look so Japanese!"

No. 580140

one of them is just a scarf.

No. 580141

If i remember correctly she can't even translate a simple Japanese phrase in one of her streams that made her look like a complete idiot.

Also Lebanese is part of Asia (unless she's really Lebeans).

No. 580142

lebanon is in the middle east, which isn't really asia

No. 580150


Yeah she couldn't read the kanji for the verb 読む…which means "to read." Japanese guy commented asking if she could read his comment, she tried, then immediately blocked him saying he was a troll or something. LMAO.

No. 580156

File: 1537995953193.jpeg (143.66 KB, 640x902, 2F4FEAB4-3ED5-4751-B2E3-290DC9…)

Friends on face book with a cosplayer. Sadly she’s another lapdog of Mariah.

She made a post about how photoshopping parts onto your costume is not cosplay and extremely lazy, and is lying to your fans about you making the costumes (ie fegalvao).

Mariah commented, and I thought it was a little ironic…

No. 580157

File: 1537995991083.jpeg (55.34 KB, 640x366, 801619CE-CB4B-4454-8285-027965…)

Sorry it’s in multiple posts, on mobile

No. 580158

File: 1537996067253.jpeg (114.68 KB, 639x708, 9383977B-9431-4363-908E-458C83…)

Then someone commented this and she hasn’t responded since lmao

No. 580160

Kinda makes you feel sorry for the 8 people that won't fit into the train while Moo is in there.

No. 580161


No she blocked him cause she was "annoyed and or bored" by him.. In other words he made her look like an idiot

No. 580162

I always thought it was her too, but this was over a year ago. Her recent antics have really shown how desperate she is to be Mariah's friend. Makes you wonder what happened? What does Mariah have on Vamp??

No. 580163


It makes sense because Vamp was going on and on during her camstream about being in massive debt.

No. 580165


Money and Moo is the only friend shes had since was in HS according to her.

No. 580167


Combination of a lot of things. One, her being a complete loser with no friends. Two, her just probe to making poor life choices in general. Moomoo claims that Vamp has done hard drugs in the past like coke and meth. Also isn’t she a former stripper? Also the debt she is in of course.

Looks like Vamp is and awlays was typical white trash. Was a trashy loser no one wanted to be around in school. Turned to stripping for money since she seems otherwise completely incapable of doing anything. Which of course led to hard drug use. She was a complete mess in every sense of the word.

All this and Moo is pretty much the closest thing she’s had to an actual friend who of course is equally as trashy as her and more than happy to let her leech from her so long as she remains a good little lapdog:

No. 580172

money and secrets. I don't think Vamp knows that Momo told the world on stream she does cocaine. Momo seems to spill dirt on Vamp randomly depending if she's pissed at her or just bored

No. 580178


It really is trashy of her to be airing out Vamps’ dirty laundry like that. A lot of it is stuff I’m sure she doesn’t want out there for public consumption yet she treats it like a joke or just to fill dead air when she runs out of stupid bullshit to talk about.

Oh well, that’s what her dumbass gets for being friends with her.

No. 580182

They did, Patreon didn't care lmao

Aw, puppy got a treat!

No. 580183

File: 1538001857737.png (1.15 MB, 1920x1080, RCRtcVf.png)

lol, I never saw the Patreon post with it, holy shit.

This kind of ties in with how Gab said she hated Mariah, huh.

I guess Vamp's nose is trying to point to where her real loyalties lie, but she's stuck facing Mariah and pretending to love her.

No. 580188

Ah I fucking forgot about this. This was so long ago before anything major happened with Mariah I think? that I don't think it could have even been a fake post and there's literally nobody else it could be. The replies look genuine, too.

No. 580189

My friend did the Kickstarter and gave them away they were so crap. I assume these are the same ones, only, like, Chinese version - so even worse lol.

She already did this on cam, I thought?

No. 580191


I’m sure sure they all hated her at first. She’s the loud cringey fat girl who tries to insert themselves into other people’s friend group and acts like everyone loves them but deep down everyone wishes they would go away. I’m sure they were more than happy to accept all the money and gifts she kept throwing at them for their approval but eventually it became too much for them to put up with her or keep excusing her bullshit. Until all that remained are the ones equally as shit a person as she is like Vamp.

No. 580192

Yes, Vamp said she was a stripper or something. Like in one of those glass is between you and the man.

I dunno much about sex work outside generic strip clubs so I'm bad at explaining.

Also, considering her former work, the drug use makes sense now. So I'm actually inclined to believe Mariah about those things. I can't remember if she said either in front of Vamp though.

No. 580193

Yeah, the 4chan post says it's from 2016. Stockholm syndrome I guess…

No. 580194

Because of this it's hard to see Vamp giving up cosplay to go back to college or so she reckons. Can't honestly see her dropping the one hobby that brought her and Moo together in favor of wanting a career. Vamp is enjoying the good life under her best friend's wing thanks to Patreon bucks. Moo will be lost without her while she has to focus on her studies, no Vamp by her side constantly isn't going to happen.

No. 580196


Moo won't have anybody to go with her to cons and with how much people hate her its gonna be glorious.

No. 580197

Vamp also said she used to be a cam girl for a while and was part of some sort of cam agency them where you'd have physically go to their office to sort out your pay from the cam work done. So all in all she's been doing this stuff for pennies for a while and now even with a full time store job she's still in debt. Moo to the rescue of course.

No. 580203

Moo will be completely defenseless lmao. She's already using her as a shield for Blizzcon, but Vamp isn't liked at all now either so can't really see snaggletooth being a successful bodyguard.

No. 580204

Mariah said she is also going to pharmacy school (even though she also said she already went my dudes)

No. 580205

Moo to the rescue of the situation she makes worse by having Vamp drag her ass to every event she goes to (and only paying for about every 1/10)

No. 580209

But this is really cute in a derpy way and Moo ain't that lol.

No. 580210

shame on you anon, that looks cuter than anything Moo could ever achieve

No. 580214

LMAO who made the original post?

No. 580216

is this a fan shoop or did she make this?
those shoulder shells are cut and pasted off of someone else's cosplay

No. 580217

Fan shoop, some neckbeard's wishful thinking, me thinks, considering she's not even that 'small' anymore.

No. 580219

>that small

she's not small anymore. or medium. or large. shes muy grande

No. 580220

File: 1538006024035.png (739.64 KB, 640x1155, vlcsnap-2018-09-26-20h53m37s47…)

No thank you

No. 580221


Her smile and optimism, gone

No. 580222

What a pitiful looking set.

No. 580223

Man the shoop on that face…its fucking surreal

No. 580226

Her facial expression makes her look like a granny ready to meet Jesus.

You know, Vamp has been friends with her for a few years now and had no idea that Mariah "attended" pharmacy school until she told her. How the hell did that fly over her head during the time that they've been friends? How does one casually miss their friend going to school or seeing textbooks on pharmaceuticals during a visit? Vamp is too dumb to even question that? Really?

No. 580230

The stream that exposed so many of Momo's lies really showed how much Momo has lied about mundane things. I'm surprise Vamp was so easy to forgive Momo for lying that they were in a relationship together.

No. 580231

and Vamp was dumb enough to believe Momo wasn't going around faking to be a lesbian with her for gross fetish points and attempt to out do Bunny and Susu

No. 580235

Can’t wait until she gets groped by a Salaryman or two.

No. 580236

TBH I think Vamp isn't dumb, she just ignores cause money. Moo probably pays off a bit of debt for her. Prob the biggest reason she's not reacting any stronger than a passive aggressive manga page about Sensei likely fucking Moo now for the money.

No. 580237

She would love that cause she would finally be touched by a man that she didn't have to pay.

No. 580238

And “pharmacy school” isn’t even a real thing. It’s post graduate isn’ t it?

No. 580242

it can be undergrad 4 years but it's usually 4 years under and 2 years post. most places are hiring less undergrads in the past 5 years, especially insurance companies and big box pharmacies.

No. 580243

Oh God I hope not. The end of October is my own trip to Japan and I don't want to run into her or be locked in a plane for 10+ hours with her musky ass.

No. 580246

Anon, you know that would never happen as much as she wishes it would

No. 580247

instead of milk, what you'll get from milking Momo is butter

No. 580250

Probably whale milk. Did you know that whale milk is like 35-50% fat?

No. 580252

she’s gonna get accidentally harpooned when she lands.

No. 580254

It will happen by mistake, if anything.

No. 580256

But think if she is going same time if you see her. You can be a first hand witness to how spazzy she gets

No. 580258

This is a very common thing in Japan but I don’t know if it would happen to a gaijin.

No. 580259

Anon, my point was she's fat – they won't be able to avoid touching her.

No. 580260

It happens to a lot of gaijin but police tell you to get over it

No. 580261

File: 1538014648367.png (527.93 KB, 720x1000, Screenshot_2018-09-26-19-15-45…)

Added to Etsy

No. 580262

File: 1538014820742.jpg (113.79 KB, 1024x678, antarctic.jpg)

That's nothing compared to seal milk, which is as viscous as mayonnaise

No. 580263

Probably pharm tech and not Pharm.D

No. 580264


Don't forget about the horrible odor coming off of her since she never bathes

No. 580266

Is she even prepared to do all that walking in Japan?

No. 580267

It's hilarious that she's doing Bowsette after asking what it is, I guess she forgot her opinion months ago on those who shouldn't cosplay Saber without knowing everything

No. 580268

She was winded after walking back up her stairs to get food, what do you think

No. 580269

>That crown

This is going to be one shitty quarter assed Bowsette cosplay. She can’t even get the fucking easiest part of the costume right because she’s too lazy to make that shot herself. I hope Momolester is ready to get meme’d into oblivion once she does this character! It’ll be like Christmas coming early.

No. 580271

Thing is, she's a whale, not a seal.

No. 580272

But anon, she DDRs, like, two hours a day! She's got this!!!

Yeah Moo is fucked, I'm getting ready for loads of instastories about her burning cash on taxis and whining about her feet.

No. 580276

Watch her whine on IG when she gets a cab that won’t accept English speaking passengers.

No. 580278

You can get Uber’s in Japan, no need to speak the language, it was very handy when I was there
Y’all really act like it’s not hella accommodating for tourists

No. 580280

Aren’t Ubers slightly more expensive than taxis over there? Not like it’s a problem for Moo since she enjoys throwing money away. I’m just here to watch her burn through what’s left of her funds quickly.

No. 580282

I know they have sumo wrestling in Japan, not to mention the mukbang craze which supposedly originated in Korea.

With that being said, is it true that Japanese natives typically shun overweight people who eat excessively? I can't imagine the employees at a Japanese restaurant would actually look forward to seeing Momo walk in, then having to deal with her stench, high volume, bad manners, and bottomless pit of a stomach.

This is going to be such a disaster, and I still feel like the sleeping arrangements could be a factor if both Momo and Vamp are actively pining for the love of Tattoo-kun by then.

No. 580283

didnt she already order a crown off amazon anyway

she bought like 3 pieces and i bet shell slap on a bikini and call it a cosplay boom

No. 580285

She did this Etsy list, but bought the Amazon shit anyways to "beat" the other girls. She could've made the crown, at least.

No. 580286


It is considered poor manners to eat enough for 27 normal people in one sitting. But her atrocious behavior will see her escorted out before that so…

No. 580287

Asian countries all talk shit about fatties. Businesses - and likely most people - won't say shit to her face. And if they do, it'll be in Japanese gossiping around her.

Especially since she'll go to tourist spots where white people aren't abnormal compared to like most places in China.

Kind of like the mean office ladies in Peru or wherever she went. (Sorry, I am anglo untraveled scum.)

No. 580289

>>580285 Mariah can't even make a meal, and there's plenty of evidence around which shows she's clearly good at eating.

She's not too skillful when it comes to cosplay, on the other hand. She probably has as much trouble making a crown as a regular scrub such as myself would have removing a blood clot from a lung.

No. 580294

File: 1538020547101.jpg (Spoiler Image, 133.59 KB, 960x960, 42508286_2186817054907706_3258…)

Since I know Momo lurks and she hates prettier women, one of her victims, Kay Bear already did Bowsette. Hers was going to look like garbage but compared to Kay, wow.

No. 580296


picturing moo copying this exact cosplay in an attempt to one up kay and prove that big girls can be sexy too is making me physically ill lol you know she wouldn't give her costume slaves any accurate measurements and her saggy tits and fat pockets would be spilling out all over the place in the most unattractive way possible.

No. 580297

Isn't tattoo-kun gonna get them shut out of a bunch of places? That don't exactly take kindly to tattoos.

No. 580298

All three of them have tattoos, but shh.

No. 580299

Onsens are the only places that forbid tattoos. Not sure about other places but tattoos are still looked down upon.

No. 580300

She's going to be that shitty tourist that is loud on the train and in restaurants so I can't wait for the side eyes in the back of the stories

No. 580302

The thing that people will visually be uncomfortable about will be her loudness. American's indoor voices are already way too loud in Japan, and I don't think she even knows what an indoor voice is. Even talking (and not whispering) on trains is pretty cringey there. No one will say anything but they'll be giving her the stink eye the whole time.

No. 580305

>not to mention the mukbang craze which supposedly originated in Korea.

Don’t really see what that has to do with anything because no one wants to watch fat people do mukbangs. The most well known broadcasters work out in all the time they’re not eating for show. Looks are everything, even if you are eating a lot of food.

No. 580306

most mukbang are fake anyway and creepy just want to see cute waifus eat forever and stay skinny.

No. 580307

I can't wait for her to complain about being kicked out because of her recording in stores

No. 580308

File: 1538023641682.png (450.72 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-09-26-21-43-35…)

Lightened. She bought two of those replica guns for Umineko project

No. 580309

that's not really true, some restaurants will kick you out.

No. 580310

File: 1538023667422.png (931.93 KB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2018-09-26-21-43-10…)

No. 580312

cant wait to hear you say that every day for the rest of the year
its surely not already old hat…

No. 580315

File: 1538024847412.png (554.56 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2018-09-26-22-06-48…)

No. 580317

I hope she brings that to Japan with her

No. 580320

exactly where in Japan is moo going?

No. 580322

A lot of places. I forget where though…I know the livestream thread might have it

No. 580324

File: 1538026640486.jpg (43.24 KB, 720x489, FB_IMG_1538025766010.jpg)

I'm betting a black corest with fake floating booty (forestkun recolored) or black bikini /underwear & maybe reuse chunli bracelets

No. 580325

she already showed the black micro bikini in her amazon cart

No. 580326

File: 1538028189073.jpg (867.68 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180926-230103_Pat…)

This looks so ugly..

No. 580327

Oh my god remember when Sabrina asked Moo if her bracelets were for Bowser and Moo got offended? Classic. She would reuse them.

This is ugly…

No. 580328

Who's making this? Antares? That looks terrible!

No. 580329

File: 1538028506593.png (1023.94 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2018-09-26-23-07-32…)

Must be buyer's remorse

No. 580330


Wait wasn't that other cosplay your dream display? Maybe you just dreamed you WERE a cosplayer cause ypou aren't. No. Sorry you aren't. Wake up and smell the hotdog water please

No. 580331

Stop being so fucking dramatic, CHRIST

No. 580332

Crying because it looks like shit

No. 580334

File: 1538029432480.png (116.77 KB, 324x408, Bea_a15_1_hajirai1.png)

Trying to make it fancy with those fabrics but it just looks inaccurate and sloppy………..

No. 580335

NGL her Tsunade set had 3 great ass shots. Would sniff her asshole after she spent all day sweating at a con.

That being said, she's still a cunt. A cunt with a stupidly sexy fat ass.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 580336


this is literal Asherbee tier. i'd cry if i commissioned this for good money too.

No. 580337

iirc she was bragging not too long ago that she dropped 3k on this dress alone, which is a giant waste of money for what it looks like already

No. 580340

beatrice don't deserve this

No. 580341

This shit isn't even recognisable, and the quality looks $20 halloween costume ordered on a chinese website tier. How does she not see how terrible it looks?

No. 580345

>Oh my god remember when Sabrina asked Moo if her bracelets were for Bowser and Moo got offended?

I remember this. She really tried to embarrass Sabrina on stream over it too. Too bad I couldn't find the clip because it was incredibly bitchy of her.

No. 580346

Okay so the one time they can accurately use those dark "real" colors they love to use…they go with shiny, bright and ugly colors

No. 580348

she doesn't have an ass anon

No. 580350

These sure are those shit tier trims from Joann's

Joann's can actually have some decent trims depending on your region but apparently they're going with the cheapest ones they can find and it shows.

Maybe the lace is extra big because moo is extra wide?

No. 580355

File: 1538035359831.jpg (12.58 KB, 600x315, jesuschrist.jpg)


I'm at a loss as well… I can't believe how fucking terrible this looks.

No. 580356


Don't mean to sperg about Japan but no one's going to say anything to her or do anything unless she's stereotypical chinese tourist level of bad and even then Japan is used to tourists talking loud on trains and being obnoxious. I mean Logan Paul was literally going nuts and people didn't say shit until after the fact. I doubt she'll step outside of the usual weeb/tourists safe spots so at most she'll get stared at. Maybe even some disgusted stares in the background of her selfies like that one chick in /snow.
Also, onsens would be triggering to her because of her body so I doubt she'll go there. The only other place she'd be denied is a gym (so no fake gym selfies) or a pool. But to people hoping she'll get her ass handed to her I'm sorry to disappoint. Maybe I'll be wrong and we'll get glorious milk in the form of rant snaps about how some old lady told her off for smelling like hot dog water.

No. 580357

Oh my god, this looks like Cat’s shitty ass work. If I paid 3K for this shit, I’d hyperventilate into a panic attack and faint.

No. 580360

It's hilarious because Bear credits Sabrina for helping her with the wig. Bet Moo isn't going to like how a previous calf is not friends with one of her victims.

No. 580361

Holy shit this is like beyond terrible. I’ve seen people do amazing work on Beatrice with more subtle trims and textiles. This is legit Party City tier.

Why cry as if you’re the one slaving over the cosplay? Christ this is pathetic. She could have saved herself the 2-6k she is probably spending on this trash and made it herself.

No. 580362


>She could have saved herself the 2-6k she is probably spending on this trash and made it herself.

Implying she's able to even construct the gown.

No. 580363

but it… looks horrible and also really inaccurate?

No. 580366


She wants this project ready before October or just after in the first week right?

It reeks of rushed cosplay work. Lmao this is terrible.

No. 580368

File: 1538040615443.png (592.51 KB, 676x483, fireflypath.png)


honestly looks like someone saw the extra detail fireflypath puts into their costumes and miserably failed in trying to recreate it.

can't wait to see her shoulders with the crazy flyaway collar and beatrice's tiered puffy sleeves. kek

No. 580370


Those cat ears are from brookstone that’s shutting down and everything is 75% off. A clearance gift for a clearance cosplayer

No. 580373

Pls anons. If you’re a foreigner no one gives a shit about tattoos. I lived in Japan for four years, now live in Korea. If a native has them its a different deal, but having tattoos will not get you shut out of restaurants. Moo will get shut out of places for being obnoxious, not for having ink. They’ll be in touristy places only anyways, places that want foreigner money and won’t give a shit about tattoos.

No. 580374

This is actually so fucking sad. It isn’t even recognizable in the least. It looks party city tier. God damn…

No. 580380

Can someone explain what's going on here… This dress does not look like the original at all. It's red and black instead of red and brown? Not to mention it looks so cheap.

No. 580381


Pretty much this. I know everyone is speculating about how much the locals will hate Moo but lets be real. She'll spend 60% of her time at anime stores and sushi places and then the other 40% at her hotel (probably watching anime). It'll be just like New York when all she did was go to Macy's, sat on some trash, and spent the rest of the time with vamp in the hotel. Nothings gonna happen to her cause shes not end up doing anything.

No. 580382

The only thing I can think is she's going to do some sort of sheer overlay over the entire thing once it's constructed.

No. 580385

It's supposed to be red and black actually, here's the original art. The shitty PS2 art isn't really indicative of the actual source.

What? Why would that be the case?

The fucking collar is 5 times the size of the ruffle in the original design. It's just cause antares can't fucking sew.

No. 580386

File: 1538052461899.png (162.38 KB, 525x480, 1448569279722[1].png)

sorry dropped my pic

No. 580387


She dropped 3k on THIS? It looks like she got it from party city or she's attempting to make it herself.

No. 580392

Maybe next time Momo should just commission Asherbee and save herself $500.

No. 580394

Lmfao clearance cosplayer, I love it.

No. 580395

I thought Saber was her dream cosplay?
Moo, it's not a dream cosplay if every new costume is your "dream cosplay" and you don't even make it.
Do you think she got so fat that she can't fit Saber anymore? So much for her "dream" costume.

No. 580396

The Saber costume was straining on her back when she first wore it, so yes, she's absolutely too fat to fit into it now.

Also she's over pretending to be The Best Ever Fate Fan Ever for the moment because circleofcucks is into different shit.

No. 580397

imagine claiming to be a huge umineko fan (she is huge) and this is what you make. i'm rolling.

No. 580404

Pretty sure she was recommended Fate by OverTFlow and now she's abandoned it since their 'friendship' expired, while only doing the odd one or two costume involving it since then. Such a hardcore fan my dudes.

No. 580405

File: 1538061712528.png (846.58 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-09-27-08-14-00…)

No. 580406

File: 1538061759242.png (899.75 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-09-27-08-14-07…)

>strong Arab hair

No. 580407

these filters are getting insane.

are these even photos anymore?

No. 580408

Does she really think buying overpriced makeup will fix the root of her skin issues?

>strong arab hair

It looks like straw..

No. 580409

>Does she really think buying overpriced makeup will fix the root of her skin issues?
>basic white girl in america
yes, yes she does.

No. 580410

"somewhat healthy" bitch only you could make your hair look greasy and dry as fuck at the same time

No. 580412

Out of all of momokun’s callouts, why has no one ever called her out on pretending to be a POC? I feel like that’s one of her more serious offenses and it proves here she still thinks she can keep it up.

No. 580415


No. 580417

It's still less saturated than whatever Antares shat out.

No. 580418

I'm not sure that's the issue anon…

Saturated or not, the colors are atleast passable. the construction and lace thing are not.

No. 580419

Lol bet she regrets that huge ass tatt then. Do you think she’ll get some sort of spiritual or inspired tattoo to impress Sensei ?

Hey moo, your next tattoo should be a branding scar on your ass since you’ve fully embraced being a cow.

No. 580420

she'll just get "cool tribal" tats

No. 580426

Well, hopefully she got a shade that isn't fuck ton too pale and yellow. You don't color correct redness with yellow foundation. You use a color correcting primer etc. I'm guessing Moo released from these threats and her chat stuff that she looks god damn disgusting in whatever shade she's wearing. Knowing Mariah she'll managed to pile it on so the "100% natural complexion" will look like garbage.

I haven't seen a non filtered version. I wonder if her acne has calmed with her recently raping her hair of any oils. She'll spend days not washing it and I'm sure she'll be suffering from an onision level face.

No. 580427

What in the actual fuck? This looks like utter trash. Omfg. 10/10 would not be caught dead wearing this. Holy fuck.

No. 580428

File: 1538065052601.png (246.84 KB, 720x555, Screenshot_2018-09-27-09-16-36…)

Etsy addition

No. 580432

Wtf is she gonna do with a goat mask?

No. 580433

wtf that goat mask is creepy af… Is she doing some satanic photoshoot?

No. 580434

There are background characters in Umineko who are "furniture" with goat heads.

No. 580437

I'm so excited for the sleeves. The large white pieces on the sleeves are supposed to match the collar trim and the choker trim. Is that doily looking material going to be on the sleeves and collar? Moo is going to look like knockoff grandma Beatrice.

No. 580439

Sleeves and choker* The doily is already on the collar

No. 580441

Didn’t Cosplaybunny and GabrielleCookeCosplay just do Midnight and Mount Lady

No. 580442

the sad thing is
it's by castle corsetry I'm pretty sure

No. 580443

I wonder if it IS Castle. Moo said it was someone she's always wanted to collab with but I figured Castle would pick up the pieces.
My first suspicion was Firefly Path but it's obvious its not her. The background reminds me of Nicoletter's work room, however.

No. 580444

i don't know if anyone notice but corset cunt brought back her facebook page and all of the fake reviews were removed.

No. 580445

So I guess that's where the replica rifles come in? Initially I thought she wanted to recreate a part of the massacre and was confused, but with the possibility of Goatheads (or Goathead, since Moo has no friends and won't be able to get a hoard of them unless she pays some extras) and the current cast it looks like she's going to attempt at recreating ep 8.

Man I'm so excited about this shitfest, the roasts, the memes, Moo in shitty cosplay in motion, October feels like Christmas.

No. 580446

moo's not doing goat butlers though.

No. 580447

>the current cast it looks like she's going to attempt at recreating ep 8.

does it? she is missing most of the cast, and "long haired beatrice" isn't in ep 8.

No. 580448

File: 1538071001150.png (205.75 KB, 336x438, 7_sisters.png)

Maybe she's trying to do Turn of the Golden Witch arc? Also, no Stakes but Goatmen?

No. 580449

Moo's project is going to look like a first year film college student's work with Party City costumes and dollar store props.

Does she honestly think this 'dream' will make the cosplay community accept her again? Because she really is trying to make it look like she wants this to be a life changing moment where everything is forgotten and that she's a oh-so-serious cosplayer.

It's absolute cringe.

No. 580451

man anon i really don't know what she is doing.

she means elder beatrice when she says "long haired" right? but she's cosplaying ep 1 beatrice also? and what the fuck is featherine doing in all this?

i really can't wait for this mess cause it's confusing the hell out of me.

(also moo doesn't have enough people who don't despise her to do stakes)

No. 580453


>the current cast

How many people are going to contribute to this movie anyway? I only recall seeing 4 or five people (with Moo included)? That's not much tho.

Anyways, I can't wait to see this train wreck.

No. 580454

I know she said Antares was Featherine, I think Miso is Bern and I could've sworn she said she would get Elizabeth's ex as Battler but this was a long time ago.
I thought she had Roxy in her camp still? And tenderbroembrace, kroftkat, nicoletters, megamarines, veronicalunalu? Interesting how all of these people wanna support her behind the scenes but go MIA once their face is pictured next to hers lol.

No. 580455

nah fam it's 3

>antares as featherine

>moo as two beatrices and shannon
>??? as battler

No. 580456


Noticed that too. Lowkey up Moo's ass in the background but show nothing on their social media when they've spent time with her. Then when you point it out that they're in HER social media feed they get salty over it. Fake fucks.

No. 580457

File: 1538071761647.png (330.71 KB, 354x656, 1536046955274[1].png)

reposting from a few threads ago.

maybe she picked the characters out of a hat.

No. 580459

So, antares is battler and featherine? And then miso is bern, and moo is shannon, QA (so ep 1) beato, and elder beato.

Is that it?

No. 580460


Seriously. She really thinks this will help her make some major comeback. That once one people see it that they’ll have no words, only able to weep at the witness of her talent and how they were all fools to push her out and they’ll have no choice to let her back in. That girls like Bumny and Susu will be nothing but completely jealous wrecks and they everyone will abandon them for her. That everyone will finally see her for the super talented cosplay queen she thinks she is.

I can’t wait to see the tantrum she’ll throw when she gets memed into oblivion and how everyone will be laughing at how shit it looks. Not to mention her neckbeard fans who are only interested in when she’ll finally go nude. It will be the stuff of legends.

No. 580461

What cracks me up is it's going to go like the Higurashi one did, with any of her fans that are also into it calling her out on bs ala genji mask.

No. 580462


The neckbeards know what they want. This will bore them senseless. They wants the goods underneath, they couldn't care less about an emotional fan made cosplay film project. This is going to be an amazing experience.

No. 580463

Yeah but only as good as a first year film student who got kicked out of school after the first semester for not going to class or doing any of the work.

No. 580464


She’ll be too much of an emotional wreck to even attempt to defend herself from critics. I suspect she’ll be bawling her eyes out in her room about “HOW COME NO ONE LIKES ME ANYMORE?!” But of course she’ll still do her usual “Omg I might legit cry right now. I’ve been getting so much support. I wuv you all and want to give all hugs and kisses teehee” bullshit.

No. 580465

yep, moo is going to piss off her neckbeard fans with this waste of time, and piss off her fans of umineko with how glaring full of shit she is.

No. 580468

Nice that she's been watching the threads enough to figure out who long haired Beatrice is.

No. 580469


It won’t be enough for them to leave, but it surely will be enough to piss them off and maybe call her out. Which we of course know how well she handles that.

They don’t give a shit about her personal passion project cosplay film. That’s not what they pay her for. What they pay her for is the bikini sets with fake cum smeared on her tits, her ass pointing towards the camera, a dick shaped object in her mouth (or at least open appearing to be begging for one) and the possibility of her finally going nude.

No. 580471

Do you think the not seeing her nude for the trashy milking moo sets will be enough for them to leave? Think they come out this week on her patreon.

No. 580472

She deleted her Shannon progress photo because no one fucking cared. Her project is ridiculous and she could've probably avoided spending 3k if she made half the props herself or waited til after Halloween for cheap props.

No. 580476

>implying she actually spent 3K and isn't just flexing

No. 580478

We'll have to see the space she rented. If she truly spent that much plus paid for the licenses, costumes, etc. it could be at least 3k.
FFS, she spent 300 bucks on a fucking SKELETON.

No. 580479


But but anon she wants to make this super dark and meaningful in the spirit of Halloween! This whole project is rushed to shit and will be terrible.

No. 580480

No Antares is Featherine, she hasn’t said who Battler is yet

No. 580481

File: 1538074922132.jpg (129.65 KB, 768x1024, IMG_2544-e1510613640352-768x10…)

i feel like moo just adds a zero to everything.

>$300 skeleton = $30

>$3000 is $300


She's doing the project in cali, which has a lot of those rental studios cosplayers use. i'd be surprised if she wasn't just renting one of those like pic related. which are only a few hundred an hour.

>inb4 this is her main set

No. 580485

File: 1538075212914.png (1.18 MB, 815x1200, DoGisS0U0AEQ5_N.png)

I know I saw Gabby was planning to alter her Peach or something too.

No. 580486

my first renfair.bmp

No. 580488


It's funny how Moo has decided to do her Bowsette next month instead of jumping on the bandwagon soon as. All the other popular costhots will outshine her & have done already, and she'll lose her moment in the trend.

No. 580490

come on, surely renfags aren't that bad. it looks more like "myfirstsewingproject.png"

No. 580491

so was takano

basically everything is

No. 580492

she loves/uses it so much shes never shown it before

No. 580493

Maybe she just won't end up doing it. I wouldn't know to be happy or sad.

No. 580494

underappreciated post

No. 580495

that filter is working overtime

No. 580496


With that cringe petition happening, I wouldn't put it past her to actually do it to prove the hateeeeerrrzzzz wrong as she so high up on her pedestal lmao.

No. 580498


I hope she does it, so we get pics for the giggles and finally kill this meme.

No. 580500


Can't see it dying so quick as it's hugely popular, but if it means making Moo a joke out of it to make her feel like shit which will probably lead to a rant on Instagram about teh bulliezz!!!111 then it's a win.

No. 580501

The petition almost has 10,000 signatures now. That's a lot of hate!

No. 580503


That's insane but hilarious. Don't think I've ever seen a cosplayer this hated…well ever. Moo you're doing great sweetie!

No. 580510

That skype theatre class will come in handy with this project!

No. 580511

File: 1538078280519.png (787.79 KB, 720x930, Screenshot_2018-09-27-12-57-19…)

No. 580512

Oh my god what the everloving fuck is going on with that pic ? She looks like a fucking linebacker, and good job covering up that tattoo. She looks like she's melting

No. 580516

File: 1538079098982.jpg (8.86 KB, 269x202, BsEdevDCMAAJEGI.jpg)

No. 580519

Wow I love how well she covered her tattoo like she said she would. It's not distracting or completely out of place AT ALL.

No. 580521

That's probably what she thinks that this will save her. And it's actually hilarious because she continues to be trash while working on it. She's not changed her actions in anyway to prove she's trying to learn. So everyone is waiting with anticipation to tear her a new one when it finally drops.

No. 580522

When you glance at the photo it looks like a fresh burn. Branded cow I guess.

No. 580523

I wanna know what face her brain thought it was making lmao like sultry kinda? idk but it came out full turtle

No. 580524

At this point I think we are more excited for this project than even she is. Or at least the aftermath.

No. 580525

What the fuck expression is that? Is that suppose to be sexy?

No. 580527

this is pretty accurate

No. 580528

She'll spend $300 for an actual milking machine, but $15 for a PVC pipe, some couplings, and a can of spray paint for that sad excuse for a bar.

No. 580529

File: 1538081669108.jpeg (430.15 KB, 3072x1419, 90337942-B523-480B-8587-2B8697…)

I don’t take either of these seriously but I have to admit it’s great that moo has no hug box to protect herself from either of these. How does it feel to be the most hated person in all of cosplay, moolester?

No. 580530

Holdovers from her days of doing every aspect of a 'project' as cheaply as humanly possible to maximize her pocketing of her paypigs' money. The $$$ spent on the dumb milking machine is a byproduct of her current desire to flex as much as possible to show us haters wrong.

No. 580531

thats the only kind of shit she knows how to make lol

No. 580534

File: 1538082681145.png (145.01 KB, 750x1334, C1D5E931-6140-4E60-ADCC-B53E70…)


lmfao these comments

No. 580535

Did she give up on the camming thing? She isn't even the most popular person on the site by far and yet she's still front and center on google

No. 580537

i thought she could never top the moomoo with dick lollipops set but so far every pic i've seen from this set looks even more unpleasant than that shit

No. 580539

The difference in photos and how shit she looks on the right makes this even better lmao.

No. 580541

Bitch looks like she stumbled over drunk and she’s squinting from cops flashlights in her face. “Ma’am please leave this farm you’re on private property”

No. 580542


She’s apparently taking a two week break in order to work on this shit tier cosplay video. Although dollars to donuts I’d bet Camversity saw how shit her streams were and got a on of complaints about her so they wound up dropping her.

No. 580554

are you sure? seals are fat and greasy, scream a lot, smell terrible

No. 580563

File: 1538090174302.gif (758.2 KB, 320x183, tumblr_inline_p05fawIzxT1rwrod…)

I just love that all the other thots are posting sexy Bowsette photos and she's posting… this fucking hot mess lmao

No. 580565


what about this reads "sexy" to her? the face makes her look drunk and the position she's in makes it look like she just fell over like the sloppy drunk she is and is trying to steady herself. I'm legitimately baffled by why she would post this and why anyone would like it lol

No. 580568

File: 1538091092767.png (536.79 KB, 720x639, whentheaddhits.png)

fixed it.

No. 580570

File: 1538091608312.jpg (53.37 KB, 540x550, Mfw i dont know about a subjec…)

>dat filename
gj anon

No. 580577

File: 1538095090721.png (880.71 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2018-09-27-17-36-33…)

>"Tempted to buy this and wear my swimsuit Kana…should I do it?"

No. 580578

File: 1538095112019.png (789.68 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2018-09-27-17-36-22…)

No. 580579

>I’m totally not bothered, you dumb haturz!!

No. 580581

Typical Moo logic. Let me join in on the joke to fight against the haters because I'm so much better than them! Yet she ends up looking like a fucking idiot anyway.

No. 580582

My sides. That filename is perfect

No. 580583

Probably butthurt after bunny and susu shared that peter griffin kana on their instagrams

No. 580584

her desperation to prove that the memes and jokes we make don't hurt her is endlessly amusing lol

No. 580585

Hah! Exactly. Susu and especially Bunny, dragged the fuck outta Vamp and Mariah. It was Bunny that Vamp called out for posting outrage at Vamp's cancelled shenanigans.

Mariah's reasoning is that if she's laughing we're all laughing with her instead of at her. But no. No.

No. 580587

So glad that video of them two laughing about the cancelled hashtag and the microphone is floating around. Especially as soon as they were called out they both edited their stories lmao. Vamp and Moo are tragic.

No. 580593

Just looked at Vamp's Instagram, she's copied Moo with having just her followers commenting as the limited box is now on her photos. They are so weak lol.

No. 580594

File: 1538099702689.jpg (54.62 KB, 1080x1080, 41735821_306941736769377_58585…)

The amount of photoshop that went into this one

No. 580595

The only thing more unfunny than Family Guy itself would be Mariah wearing that mask

No. 580597


No. 580598

Oh look she hasn't even credited her photographer.

No. 580599

File: 1538099947223.png (825.75 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-09-27-18-56-15…)

At her Asian slave's house

No. 580600

File: 1538100062254.png (100.34 KB, 720x769, Screenshot_2018-09-27-19-00-24…)

I can't

No. 580603

When even the thirstiest fuckers on Earth struggle to keep the faith with you.

No. 580605

File: 1538100365760.jpg (52.54 KB, 564x802, truegutmomo.jpg)

A more accurate Moomoo as Mei picture.

No. 580606

This shit is just creepy.

No. 580607

KEK! She wishes she looked like this. That hump on the front of her thigh may be unshooped but everything else else.

No. 580608

This is just embarrassing. And she honestly thinks she can fool her fans with her new shopped Mei…

No. 580609

lmao I can't, she really looks like she has fucking downs in this picture.

No. 580612


Its not even a good shoop, you can see spots on her back where they messed up

No. 580613

those backrolls… they’re not even rolls anymore they’re … flaps?

No. 580614

Cucknoodles is ever so talented anon.

No. 580615

it's such a bad edit lmao

No. 580616

File: 1538101089193.gif (1.38 MB, 320x240, 93D32F7D-E7B8-41D8-B385-E34834…)

No. 580617

The best part is that this is from right before she got lipo, so while she was a massive cow here, she wasn't a massive, permanently DEFORMED cow yet.

No. 580620

That back terrifies me

No. 580623

Feed me Seymour…

No. 580624

its like you could grab hold of them jesus

No. 580625


HOLY FUCK THAT NOSE. I have never seen it so straight on before and without edits. It legit looks like someone tried to punch it right off her face.

No. 580626

it's like really she thinks no one has seen her candids or webcamming

No. 580640

File: 1538107613633.png (3.16 MB, 1242x2208, 2011D140-3DE6-47F0-8A63-66F9C3…)

What’s her fucking obsession with mattress firm???

No. 580641

old ass meme

No. 580642

Scoping out new photo shoot locations.

No. 580646

File: 1538108843442.jpg (256.95 KB, 1200x900, 42517313_852130431842862_51203…)

No. 580650

Oh. My fucking. God.

No. 580652

narrowed down to three people? Did everyone else bail? You only have 2 other people working with you?

No. 580654

After all that hard work that her dog did for her on Twitter, she's still not worthy enough for playtime too.

No. 580655

File: 1538111555441.jpg (Spoiler Image, 587.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180927-221113_Pat…)

No. 580658

Spoiler this

No. 580659

"i don't retouch my photos, guys!"

No. 580660

She def doesn't edit the ones on basic ass backgrounds my dude

No. 580661

You can just smell this photo. I think I’m going to lose my dinner. Jesus.

No. 580663

File: 1538112994290.jpeg (38.32 KB, 400x309, EE1DD4E1-BF1E-4736-8446-F0FCC4…)


“i don’t photoshop”

No. 580664


She sure as shit doesn't look like that anymore.

No. 580665

She never looked like that to begin with.

No. 580667

File: 1538116027035.jpg (688.73 KB, 1890x566, 1534788677994.jpg)

Well, she did look better in the past.

No. 580668

Yes, but not like that.

No. 580670

That blue hair pic seriously looks like a post partum body postivity pic.

As much as we say lipo deformed her, imagine how much more wobbly, lumpy, and squishy her gut would be by now….

IF she ever decides to eat healthy and exercise, her body will definitely look jacked up from the surgeries.

But as it stand now, since she’s fat people think her body is “real” and attainable/super desirable without realizing just how unrealistic her proportions are to have naturally.

No. 580673

File: 1538117289875.png (630.45 KB, 1440x583, nowandthen.png)

No. 580675

Looking at her progression into obesity, I wonder what teenage Mariah would think if she saw what she’d look like in the future. Probably horrified to know she’d go from fit to death fat granny at only 22. Now 23.

No. 580676

she started off obese as a teen tho, she didn't get that 'die fit or die young' attitude until her father got her in shape. if he didn't step in im sure she'd still be obese.

No. 580678

might as well start a second fucking line

No. 580680

Man, I still remember when we were making fun of her for being fat in the third picture. Now she looks skinny in that picture compared to her current self.

I wonder what he thinks of her current weight. He's gotta know that she doesn't work out and that even though he made a meal plan for her, that she's gonna ignore it and eat whatever junk is nearby anyways.

No. 580682

He always looks pissed off, but that might just be him, not her appearance/being around.

No. 580683

That fold on the right is really strange. Looks like a really sloppy shoop to me but I don't entirely get how fat bodies work so maybe I'm trippin.

Nice of him to try and get her fat ass in shape but it's quite futile. Shitty eating habits can only truly be solved by the individual, not a loved one. This bitch is a widely-hated hamplanet who doesn't even remotely try to make good cosplays and just caters to fat fetishists. There is nothing for her to aspire to anymore. She won't recover bc there is nothing for her to be motivated towards.

No. 580684

Vamp is 30 years old and a manager at a job she's had for years mooching off a dumb girl 10 years younger than her for the past three years. If anything, Vamp is ruining Moo's life because she's pushing her into this idea that she shouldn't own up to anything because of a "cos cult". Like this anon >>579123 said, they're both toxic for each other, but this 30 year old woman is legitimately a shitty person and I'm so tired of seeing her whiteknighted in these threads just because she's not Mariah.

No. 580687

She's been keeping her busted nose low for so long, I think most of us forgot she was also trash.

No. 580691

>>580684 I don't see how that post comes off as a form of white knighting in favor of Vamplette. But now that I'm interjecting myself here, I can't seem to buy into whatever it is you're selling in regards to Vamplette ruining Mariah's life.

Mariah has no self control, and no filter. That's Mariah's fault, because she's the one lifting a spoon to her own mouth, or not keeping it shut when she needs to. And Mariah also took Vamplette's advice about getting into cosplay, which is why Mariah makes decent money off of her pathetic sets.

Personally, I believe they both make things worse for one another.

No. 580694

>I can't seem to buy into whatever it is you're selling in regards to Vamplette ruining Mariah's life.

I'm not blaming Mooch for Mariah's behavior. I'm just explaining reasons that anons who seem to think Mariah ruined Colette's life seem to be ignoring that Vamps is a grown ass woman with a long term job mooching off of someone almost a decade younger than her. I did say they're both toxic in my original post. I just get tired of anons trying to paint Vamp as this poor wittle victim when she's as much of a cunt as Moo is. Probably more so in private, if her sense of humor is any indication.

It's just too convenient that Vamp's selfish spergout happened after we see Mooriah publicly acknowledging what she did and even owning it by saying she was glad she got called out. Vamp wants to keep the "us v. the world" up so Moo is as isolated and as miserable as she is.

No. 580697

Steph even made a comment that Vamp stole a table from someone at a con and others posted that she was a huge bitch before she and Mariah became buddies

No. 580701

You have to remember that she chose to hang out with Mariah when she got popular against her "crazy" ex boyfriend's wishes who supposedly loved he even though she had a past of shit decisions that they keep revealing from drug abuse to banging nearly 30 dudes at that time which was only 3 1/2 years ago and looking at sensei he looks just as bad with the whole narcissist woke post about friends which checked off all tendencies of people with that disorder

No. 580702

Such as the entire post blamed the shitty friends and how one should sift through people for genuine friends instead of being a genuine person which you see he's just doing superficial spiritual shit so he can continue taken advantage of people at low points such as Moochlette getting older with no future and Moo's face plant it's what certain dudes do when they pick up chicks at substance abuse or group therapy

No. 580710

>it's what certain dudes do when they pick up chicks at substance abuse or group therapy

I noticed that too, anon! He truly is a fuck boi in every sense of the world. They all deserve each other.

No. 580716

Have we considered that Moo may be creating her own “boyhood” with this movie? She’s already filmed the young scenes three years ago, and the aging 20 years in 4 was a calculated move to allow her to film the old scenes sooner.

True dedication to her kraft.

No. 580720

File: 1538134536144.jpg (235.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180928-041800_Pat…)

No. 580722

this is so stupid it's making me want to die.

No. 580723

File: 1538136261149.jpg (52.89 KB, 631x490, 9FsAV4h.jpg)

Dug this up from the old threads, goes to show that she's always been like this.

No. 580727


Pissing people off, harming them, upsetting them-all of this gives her a high and feeds her narcissistic ego. She literally enjoys bringing people down and annoying them. Which is further proof she's a vile cunt who will never really change.

No. 580729



No. 580734

How do you cosplay a fandom?

No. 580735

she's big enough.

No. 580751

File: 1538146458210.jpeg (79.73 KB, 683x1024, VWa5xpzk.jpeg)

No. 580752

This is so disturbing. She looks like a breeding stock pig. I’ve never seen a photo set of hers that looks so true to her actual size as much as this one does though

No. 580753


Jesus Christ, she looks dead inside in all of these, who the fuck finds this sexy…

No. 580755

File: 1538146863266.jpeg (65.24 KB, 683x1024, thereisnogodhereonlymoo.jpeg)

how did she think this is even sexy, who is paying for this shit

No. 580756

File: 1538146961902.jpeg (80.61 KB, 683x1024, wide.jpeg)

wide load

No. 580757

File: 1538147074035.png (789.14 KB, 694x766, Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 11.0…)

this one is particularly unfortunate, her face looks so downsy and the way the bar bends under her weight… wew

No. 580759

I find this to be disturbing. She’s gone full on fetish and it’s gross.

No. 580761

File: 1538147345433.jpg (26.91 KB, 353x357, dead.JPG)


>Wake me up inside Wake me up inside

No. 580764

Jesus spoiler this shit

No. 580765

File: 1538147614258.jpg (21.3 KB, 407x342, whentheconsequenceshit.jpg)

Jesus, her face is terrible in this.

No. 580766

I am legitimately embarrassed for her at this point. This is another level of… I don’t even got a word for it tbh

No. 580767

Oof. This one is still retouched, especially on the right side. The wood line dips into her underwear, the other wood lines are fairly straight tho. Which is pretty sad cause it looks like these lines are easy to replicate. Whoever did these edits blurred around her body in this one, too, to better hide the inconsistencies. Which isn't BAD but these do still have a great deal of editing on them.

No. 580768

Not sure if this is nitpicky or not, but did you notice that these pictures are a lot smaller in size than the ones she usually puts out? All of her others are HUGE and you can see every horrifying detail. It makes me wonder if she just did heavy photoshop on these and is hoping the smaller image size hides it or she's just afraid of us calling out her laziness even more (like it's hard to do already).

No. 580769

File: 1538148306941.png (925.82 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2018-09-28-08-23-15…)

No. 580770

oh hey, you're right
it's definitely to hide the shoop I think

No. 580771

These were taken by a different photog gilphotography

No. 580772

File: 1538148569666.png (230.45 KB, 347x316, 50DollarsofRegret.PNG)

When the ADHD hits just right

No. 580773

Honey no. Moo, anyone in your tiny inner circle who told you this looks good is not really your friend. I may be tinfoiling but it seems that someone is enjoying seeing you humiliate yourself.

No. 580774

Omfg she looks like she's about to cry every photo this is a new level of cringe even for her pathetic ass

No. 580775


Who the fuck puts a gag in a cows mouth.

' I know it's a shoot of being milked, lemme put this in my mouth and make it look like I'm a bridled cow."

No. 580777

Gazing off into the distance trying to catch a glimpse of her former life.

No. 580780

File: 1538150021427.jpeg (80.27 KB, 1024x683, 8OsivMCg.jpeg)

The two bottom milkers awkwardly hanging…. she should have connected them to her back boobs.

No. 580781

Cursed image.

No. 580783

File: 1538150399266.gif (2.47 MB, 460x246, tenor.gif)

The head to shoulders ratio is mind boggling. It seriously looks like that shrunken head guy from Beetlejuice.

No. 580784

File: 1538150571602.png (175.84 KB, 400x406, cryandlaughbeato.png)


No. 580786

Reminder: she said she had to glue the nozzles to her pancake sacks so they'd stay

No. 580789

Desperate degenerates with nothing to look forward to in life with a milking possibly beastiality fetish.

No. 580790

>cant wake up

I can't even process these images I need jesus

No. 580791

She looks completely miserable in all these photos. Almost like she started crying once the cameras stopped filming.

No. 580792

no need, you're using so many filters you've become a painting.

No. 580793

I still can't believe she didn't remove two of them. She broke one in this pic actually, on the right side.

No. 580796

In my opinion based on how crappy her face looks it seems like she could only book this photographer for a certain amount of time. What photographer doesnt coach a little when doing photos? What photographer releases such embarrassing work unless they were paid alot and just dont care. Maybe they don't even like moo. This is by far her worst set ever

No. 580797

File: 1538152071361.jpg (318.29 KB, 683x1024, MilkMachine.jpg)


inspired by recent events.

No. 580798

Here's my perspective: she's worked with Squaremooch for so long whenever she's working with a new photog, she feels limited? I mean, Square could just edit out whatever fat she gains while gilphotography leaves it be. Maybe she felt like she couldn't be as ridiculous.

The good shit

No. 580800


No. 580801

File: 1538152311692.jpeg (2.16 MB, 2767x2075, photo-1519351635902-7c60d09cb2…)

No. 580802

I could see her more on a cold cut platter

No. 580804

This is the messiah of thread pics. Next thread image incoming.

On a side note, her arms are h u g e man

No. 580811

Her arms look like fat chicken wings.

No. 580812

Where the fuck are her lips lmao

No. 580818


This would be just a little better if it had the creepy fisherman from the state farm commercial with the dollar bill

No. 580830

File: 1538154662999.png (588.9 KB, 695x766, bingowings.png)

No. 580836

I don't know if I can adequately express how sad this set is. her face, her body, it's all so grotesque and she looks legitimately dead inside. I know there's got to be a market for this somewhere and someone will fap to it, but it's such a far cry from where she used to be (which still wasn't good but at least less weird and fetish-y). I'd feel bad if she wasn't such a cunt.

lmao this is great anon, already got my vote for next thread pic.

No. 580839

And usually around the time of saying something fucked up like this, she spouts "we should all be positive and love each other" bullshit. I seriously don't understand why she doesn't get why people don't believe her.

She has zero self-awareness and only pretends to be aware when she gets heat from being a negative, toxic shitbag. She makes it obvious that she's pretending to be self-aware because she always fucks up the thing that she's apologizing for and says that people are overreacting or some shitty excuse for her behavior. Now people are ruining things that she "loves" and she hates the taste of her own medicine.

No. 580842

Straight bar

About to break bar

No. 580846

What’s hilarious is that gilriego just got outed as sexually harassing models and bragging about fucking them making out with them and even sharing their worst photos with friends. Perfect fit for working with moolester.

No. 580848

File: 1538155232067.jpeg (327.55 KB, 909x658, 6845302D-C312-4A0E-B900-62C7B4…)

She has no ankles

No. 580850

Jesus aside from horrifying they’re Fucking boring to boot. Glad she spend a stupid amount of money of that milking machine. Fucking dumbass.

No. 580852

notice how she chose to use a really plain background, so it would be easier to liquify all her fat

No. 580854

can you post more information in the calves thread? Interested.

she wants people to like her so much she's willing to mimic emotions to serve it to her fanbase. Why do you think she only released such small sets recently? People saw her real body, on stream people saw her real emotions/attitude, she now has an obligation to "be human" and relatable.

No. 580855

Yeah… you can tell she just has a regular fat belly, unlike now which looks like the rolling hills of kentucky

No. 580858

>i'm the happiest i've ever been at this weight!!!
>1 day later
>i wish i could just chop all this weight off

No. 580867

This whole set is literally just three poses repeated, at different angles.


No. 580872

her face is looking more bloated than normal, it looks like she gained 10kg in a week

No. 580880

File: 1538156015677.png (837.06 KB, 720x1010, Screenshot_2018-09-28-10-32-34…)

No. 580884


“B-but look at me pretending to milking my tittites! Aren’t I so hot and sexual?!”

No. 580888

Only thing those grandma tits are going to produce is spoiled curds and desperation.

No. 580896


Anon bless you for spending $50 on this set…don't know how you can stomach it, this is terrifying.

No. 580908


Please tell me your CC company will allow you to dispute the charges and get your money back. Thanks for taking the bullet and also sharing but the horror

No. 580913

these photos make me want to die and quit cosplay forever

No. 580916

I can't get over how numerous neckbeards refuse to make the connection between the way her face and body look during streams and nauseating cow shoots, and the way she edited Mei to the extent where she looks like a piece of chewed up taffy.

Everything is bad. Her sets honestly get worse and worse.

No. 580917

The thing is no one would fucking care that she photoshops her pictures if she wasn't constantly telling people they're unshopped!
Everyone shops their pictures a little! Adjust the lighting, clear up blemishes etc. the only people who believe you Moo are the same neckbeards who believe Nigiri when she says her boobs are real.
Get a goddamn clue

No. 580918

Are the images really given out this small??? I seriously hope not because pictures that small are just fucking trash, no ones trying to pay 50 bucks for something they can't even zoom in on without it getting pixelated to all hell. Unprofessional as fuck.

There was absolutely no effort or real thought put into posing either. I get what she was going for but she failed miserably.
Degenerates don't want to see you just standing there next to a pole smiling, what the fuck are you doing you literal clown. All these shots are the exact same. 0 creativity. At least switch it up and turn around or I don't know, just do SOMEthing!

I just can't get over how all of these essentially look like the exact same picture taken like 20 times.
But I guess when you're that big and sloppy looking it's probably too hard now to do much else without getting charged more for all the extra photoshopping it'd take to make her look half normal again. Shots from the side are too much of a challenge with all the Backrolls.gif going on at this point. Ugh. What an idiot.

No. 580922

She somehow managed to make images that are horrifying yet boring lol

No. 580932

She didn't even have any milk or milk substitute to make it look semi real either.

Putting something white in the tubes and some drops on the floor would've added a ton to it

No. 580933

It's from June 2017 like the post timestamp says. But yes, it was before the major scandals with Momo started (lying about lipo, the charity pocketing, MyOppa plagiarism, sexual harassment etc) and she was still climbing followers every day with an army of whiteknights behind her. Anons tried to milk her for more information by asking further details in that thread, but then some peabrain retards had to ruin it by cowtipping with "HI VAMP LMAOOOOO" replies. The OP hightailed out, which makes it look even more probable that it was actually her.

I actually chuckled when I saw these, how in the hell could anyone find this erotic?

No. 580934

Yeah, it makes it seem like all that's being sucked out of her is hot air.

No. 580937

True, she just took a bunch of pictures of her holding suction cups to her breasts while looking either bored or slightly retarded. it doesn't look like she's being milked at all which is what the fetishists wanted. She really failed this photo set completely, I'm kind of amazed lol.

No. 580938


She probably plans on returning it for a refund ha

No. 580942

where are her knees? lol they just used the blur tool all over it. for what purpose? I get knees aren't "sexy" but, it just puts more attention on them to do this.

No. 580945

it's to hide all of the folds and cellulite, but yes, they go too far and wind up drawing more attention to how odd they look.

No. 580955

That looks like a baby foot, jesus christ.

No. 580967

Gonna need some caps on that

No. 580969

File: 1538171003134.png (733.19 KB, 640x1155, vlcsnap-2018-09-28-18h41m54s81…)

Oh boy I can't wait

OT but Jane is stepping away from social media for awhile, no more her to call Moo out on her bullshit

No. 580972

>to banging nearly 30 dudes at that time

wait what

No. 580974

This is literally the worst thing I've ever seen in my life. I hated it. Thanks.

No. 580976

yup vamp has i think 35 notches in her belt she becomes hoelette when she is blonde

No. 580980

I'm impressed with her numbers despite that fucked up face of hers

No. 580982

most men would fuck anything with a vagina

No. 580984

op material

No. 580985

And it's not like you can see her nose or snaggletooth in the dark.

It really does look like the photographer shooped her head smaller.

No. 580986

>>580982 don't you know the ugly the chick the more she is willing to do to keep you so vamp probally let u bind her and sell her pussy while momo will let u kill her

No. 581002

She's said she wants to control her shoots.

No. 581006

This is the perfect description.

No. 581007

Its because they arent from her dropbox. The pics were reuploaded to another one since shes sending these out via private in messages now.

No. 581012

File: 1538175027540.jpg (52.74 KB, 480x480, IMG_1766.JPG)

All of those photos have nothing happening in them even though the subject matter is supposed to be fetish fodder.

No. 581016

Does anyone remember when Mariah claimed to have started therapy?

No. 581018

i remember hearing the 30, but i didnt know it was in a short time period. yikes.

No. 581020

And many fruits and vegetables.

No. 581023

File: 1538175831770.jpg (48.04 KB, 250x250, 1516640243462.jpg)

No. 581025

Kind of expecting Moo and Vamp to go with the Nigerians in Japan and never being heard from again

No. 581027

Can't wait for every cosplay community to shun her and she's forced to take ten nigger cocks to rent before she disappears from the face of the internet.(racebaiting)

No. 581033

She forgot soon after saying that, but will suddenly remember after lurking.

No. 581041

>She has zero self-awareness and only pretends to be aware when she gets heat from being a negative, toxic shitbag.

I disagree, I think she's fully aware, otherwise she wouldn't be moving the goalpost a lot by forcing positivity on haters.

No. 581042

I agree. She's definitely aware and is always trying to see how far she can push things. She's a dumb fucking bitch but there's no way she's that thick.

No. 581043

the only way moo could move a goalpost would be by leaning on it

No. 581047

It's not all in that time it was about 30 by that time is what I meant

No. 581056

File: 1538180477939.gif (1.83 MB, 320x240, kGzTsnr.gif)

>there's no way she's that thick.

Anon, it's Mariah. Of course she's that thick.

No. 581071

I don't know how proffessional milkers work exactly but I can make an educated guess.
Those bottom two milkers dangling free are letting air into the system so there isn't enough suction to hold it on.
>>580757 Isn't the bar made of polypipe? Its not really suprising it bent under her weight.

No. 581085

A cow has four nipples to milk on their utter anon

No. 581087

File: 1538184391176.png (429.5 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2018-09-28-18-01-29…)

Lightened but Beato wig

No. 581091

Oh wow, so veronica and matter are still clinging to moo's fat udders

No. 581099

her milk machine didn’t have a vacuum pump so she had the hold/glue them. She said it on stream, next time if/when she shoots with it she wants to buy the pump so it works

No. 581106

File: 1538186916906.png (2.11 MB, 1439x1928, Capture _2018-09-28-19-06-43.p…)


No. 581107

I wouldnt be surprised if this bitch is so dumb that she thinks that the suction will pull milk from her tits. She wouldnt induce lactation and if she does she's gone from cosplayer to just a fetish model

No. 581108

File: 1538187000887.jpg (82.5 KB, 1024x1002, see this what we not finna do.…)

No. 581109

so much editing went into this, how terribly embarrassing. She's going for that "ignore the haters, but also provoke" kind of thing with doing this cosplay.

No. 581110


What. The FUCK.

No. 581111

Lmao duh.

No. 581112

File: 1538187256361.png (27.83 KB, 562x152, Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 9.14…)

the whiteknighting begins

No. 581113

>Isn't the bar made of polypipe? Its not really suprising it bent under her weight.

Not surprising, sure – but it still makes her look even worse (somehow).

No. 581114

hahahaha holy hell this is disgusting

No. 581115

This is the cheapest dollar store tier cosplay that I have ever seen.

No. 581116

File: 1538187342653.gif (687.61 KB, 458x260, kon sluts.gif)


No. 581117

File: 1538187393419.png (3.28 MB, 750x1334, B6FA7063-ABAD-4EA6-ACD2-C9E601…)


No. 581119

File: 1538187415146.png (3.59 MB, 750x1334, 725111F1-045D-4667-8093-FB0CEB…)

>when you know you’re a joke

No. 581120

$500 says that bikini bottom is backwards.

No. 581121

File: 1538187438158.jpg (23.61 KB, 264x180, 1538147345433.jpg)

Excuse me but what is this

No. 581123

Holy fuck … I knew it was going to be awful but dear lord this is just … sad. At least she didn't try and pedal this $15 outfit on her patreon.

I really hope this will be a wake up call for people that still try and convince themselves that her weight gain is "totally sexy and not a problem"

No. 581125

File: 1538187565023.png (368.62 KB, 523x616, Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 10.1…)

Her body looks so bad, it looks painful.

No. 581126

Really Mariah? You worked for days and put your blood and sweat into this? The other day you said "what is Bowsette and why is everyone talking about it?". Plus, it's a fucking bikini, a bowser hat made in China, a couple spiked bracelets and a spiked choker. Get the fuck out with that "hard effort" bullshit.

No. 581127


moo couldn't pedal to save her live.

No. 581128

See the post right after that.

No. 581129

Eh, yeah I just did, my bad.

No. 581133

samefagging but on the plus side, her lipo scars are hidden deep within her rolls now. It's like it never happened dudes! I can't stop staring at the fake vagina at the top of her cleavage though. I can't … comprehend what the hell is even going on with that.

No. 581134

Dude WHAT. She didn't even try? Nigri threw together something 100x better in half the time

No. 581135

she said she wanted to induce during one of her cam shows but it was probably lying

No. 581136

File: 1538187923651.png (685.28 KB, 1201x720, Screenshot_2018-09-28-19-20-06…)

Bitch what the fuck is wrong with your tit

No. 581137

File: 1538187985617.png (3.58 MB, 750x1334, AB8B5365-574F-4CFE-B12A-8AAADD…)


God that comment limiting got up fast af

No. 581138

they're gonna blow!

No. 581139

File: 1538188009394.png (397.87 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2018-09-28-19-19-32…)

Inb4 "veinchan" her underboob has red chafing?

No. 581140

File: 1538188059519.jpeg (63.4 KB, 600x400, image.jpeg)

No. 581141

File: 1538188084061.png (705.91 KB, 720x1204, Screenshot_2018-09-28-19-20-55…)

No. 581142

clogged pores from not washing or exfoliating

No. 581144

File: 1538188238453.png (324.94 KB, 382x384, grannybower.png)

Filter can't lie for you when you legit just posted this granny face

No. 581145

reduction surgery scars

No. 581147

i am in no way defending her, but I am large-chested and mine sometimes look like this after a long day of wearing a bra and if i sweat a lot. It goes away overnight. It could also just be a complete lack of hygiene which we are all aware of. Could be ingrown hairs or just straight up acne.

No. 581148

For some reason the creases on the corners of her mouth and her lips being thin and small pisses me off.

No. 581149

File: 1538188332746.png (396 KB, 1439x1893, Capture _2018-09-28-19-31-15.p…)


No. 581150

File: 1538188339575.png (120.5 KB, 720x814, Screenshot_2018-09-28-19-30-22…)

No. 581153

That my friend is a yeast infection of the skin. As an ex fatty I can confirm the underboob and panty line are the most common locations for it. She wears the same shit bra over and over and sweats in it and doesn't fit right so it rubs and breaks the skin.

For some reason she thinks it's hot that there is about 3 in of skin under those boobs that never see the light of day but little does she know … that's prime real estate for bacteria associated with yeast infection.

For the love of god moo, you are a 44DD, wear a wireless super bra that actually fits and maybe your boobs wouldn't look like zombie flesh.

No. 581154

We already know she limited comments. Read the thread

No. 581155


No. 581156

guys for real, something is wrong with the bottom/underside of her tits 4rl

No. 581158

She may have limited them but they're still tearing her apart haha.

No. 581159

stop insulting veinchan, anyone who uses the term does it with love

No. 581160

>implying we didn’t know and it’s just pointed out how it took literally five minutes for the limit to kick in

Superiority complex is her thing, donut steal

No. 581161

that backpedaling omg
you absolutely know she was expecting ass-kissing for the first post lol

No. 581162

File: 1538188932482.jpg (51.96 KB, 417x362, 2018-09-28_22-40-45.jpg)

Many of the comments are pretty much saying how terrible it is and calling her lazy.

No. 581163

If you're right, I'm surprised we haven't seen it sooner.

No. 581164

File: 1538189000046.jpeg (84.04 KB, 1242x409, 0FBE81D4-69F2-4822-9D0D-E0F423…)

Kek. The Waifu Hell group on FB hates her

No. 581165

Want to bet they're the "famous" cosplayers Moo was whining about privately supporting her but unable to do so publicly after #MooToo?

No. 581166

oh trust me, it's very obvious of everyone's dislike for her in there.

No. 581168

File: 1538189254208.jpg (95.8 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20180928_194717.jpg)

Literally GabbyC a few hours ago.

No. 581171

Also how TF is sharing a disgusting photo of yourself trolling people? Yikes you're only embarrassing yourself. Moo, you're looks shittyness are not just a joke you actually do suck, you're not fooling anybody.

No. 581173

i bet she saw this, and went to whatever halloween store to buy the hat and call it a day

No. 581179

I knew it was going to be bad but my god. She never disappoints us.

No. 581180

File: 1538192555386.png (980.16 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2018-09-28-19-59-28…)

No. 581182

File: 1538192632654.png (606.84 KB, 720x1028, Screenshot_2018-09-28-20-13-30…)

No. 581184

How sad do you have to be to purposely make an inaccurate cosplay knowing it will piss people off- instead of actually improving your craft and working on your personality. How is that Umineko or whatever it’s called going? wow really seems DRAINING…
Also is it against forum rules to diagnose her with some type of mental/personality disorder because her behavior reeks of it.

No. 581186

She looks like a retarded dorito.

No. 581187

Her boobs are so hideous ugh I feel like it's a universal thing to find boobs appealing lol like look at gabbys they just look nice, but mariahs look so hard and sad and apparently diseased with yeast. Mariah please I know you'll read this, lift up your boobs and clean beneath them

No. 581188

Didnt she JUST get done with a controversy? If she's done with the internet, quit your Patreon lol

No. 581189

File: 1538193363183.webm (15.28 MB, 640x1136, Bowsette.webm)

So we have a record of this nightmare

No. 581194

File: 1538194094153.jpg (51.8 KB, 720x1094, FB_IMG_1538192933017.jpg)

No. 581196

These are some major workout lines

No. 581198

File: 1538194947327.jpeg (891.5 KB, 1242x1082, 2A4E820D-578D-401D-8F18-12A3F2…)

No. 581199

File: 1538194958082.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1813, 0EC960DE-0619-483F-8B4C-B48EF3…)

No. 581201

File: 1538195536731.png (402.03 KB, 812x452, filtersworkinovertime.png)

No. 581202

She sounds so salty here because other cosplayers pulled off Bowsette in a day and her release of this in October still wont match up to what they did

No. 581203

The real spook is that she's horrifying in both photos

No. 581206

File: 1538196186649.jpeg (330.71 KB, 1083x1593, AEE03D33-137F-49B1-A2C0-569237…)

Someone posted this on twitter holy shit

No. 581210

When did Gabby release her version? Before or after Mariah?

No. 581213


No. 581214

About seven or so hours ago, before Mariah.

No. 581215

How did Momo get her's so fast? She must have been stalking Gabby and its creepy as shit.

No. 581217

Moo ordered most of that shit through Amazon Prime the other day, the Bowser hat is something she went out and snatched up when she saw Gabby's though.

No. 581218

two rounds of lipo and shit tier photoshop…

No. 581220

What a psycho

No. 581225

The Bowser hat is on Amazon or on sale at some costume stores. Moo can't craft for shit so she can't get an actual Bowsette cosplay together for another month. She wanted to be on trend until then so she pulled this shit together, but all this "haha just a joke cosplay guys LOL" is just to cover the fact that she knows it's shit.
But I also think it's low-key a dig at Gabby.

No. 581227

This is creepy as fuck because we SAW she was buying the crown, right? She must have had it because the cameo was glued to her? Why did she go so far to getting the Bowser hood?

I'm starting to question if someone like antares or Vamps is also actively talking to these girls behind the scenes to get information. There has to be some underlying reason as to why these costumes are being put out at the same time as Moo decides to do it.

No. 581228

she saw gabby's tho.

No. 581229

I think the Bowsette picture has the most negative comments I’ve ever seen on her Instagram. Even limiting the posts aren’t helping.

No. 581230

I'm having extreme whiplash imagining Moo driving to the local Spirit of Halloween just to get the SAME Bowser hood as Gabby. I really want to believe she's not this stupid but it's too late.

No. 581231

File: 1538200921276.jpg (114.46 KB, 933x1511, angry reacs only.jpg)

Not to mention all the angry reactions on the facebook post. It's all negative comments too.

No. 581232

File: 1538201024816.png (1.86 MB, 1440x1794, vz64zpwl6yzy[1].png)


i feel like she repurposed her pochaco wig

No. 581233

loving how she edits out the bikini and tit rashes before posting this

No. 581234

File: 1538201298174.jpeg (76.98 KB, 960x552, B5286DA7-C63A-46AD-A991-41D9AA…)

Someone posted this under her bowsette photo on FB. I almost choked on my toothpaste. They are roasting her. It’s fantastic.

No. 581236

I forget if it was Gabby or another girl, but they already said Mariah has a mutual who's been leaking cosplay shit to her greasy palms.

I don't think that was the situation in this case, but I bet she does it with a lot of girls she sees as "competition".

No. 581237

My sides are in fucking orbit right now

No. 581238

It was Thornechan who said that, Mariah had friends stalking her facebook and telling her what cosplays she was doing so she could cosplay it first and that Thorne was copying

No. 581240

Man the new ATLA adaptation is looking wild.

No. 581245

File: 1538203529547.jpeg (259.59 KB, 750x1084, 2CDA871E-DD60-45A0-B0DE-476CEA…)

No. 581278

That's so fucking creepy and I feel so bad for her.

No. 581279

File: 1538206247342.jpeg (327.76 KB, 720x2342, BOWSDEAD.jpeg)

I liked Bowsette a silly concept, but now I can only imagine a deranged, overweight monster that has it's way with people. F

No. 581280

File: 1538206501705.png (868.59 KB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2018-09-29-00-33-35…)

Meltdown incoming. She's mad people are assblasting her DMs

No. 581281

This is the first time I saw someone with three or four back rolls.

A bit late for the party, but thread pic vote

No. 581282

File: 1538206653764.png (444.67 KB, 720x1046, Screenshot_2018-09-29-00-36-18…)

No. 581285

Thanks, I did not want to sleep tonight anyway

No. 581286

File: 1538207202824.png (81.1 KB, 720x454, Screenshot_2018-09-29-00-44-42…)

Even fans are noticing her one trick

No. 581288

>yarn wig

boy is in for a surprise when he realizes thats what they all are kek

leave the patreon, brandyn!

No. 581292

File: 1538208834038.png (193.45 KB, 750x1334, 5CA0B782-476F-4937-B540-7011CE…)


No. 581293

I can't believe she thought this was going to be her big "GOTTEM TROLLED YA" moment, when in fact it just further cements what a giant fucking joke she is. Tbh it was even more hilarious after I learned she was ~trolling~ because of how sad it is. Also how tf is showing off your gross, deflated ruined body trolling? People are laughing at you, not with you. I honestly don't understand how her mind works at all.

First the gross ass milking set and now this, I can feel my bones hardening from all the calcium.

No. 581298

>>581293 She shared Bowsette costumes created by cosplayers who still associate with her. A few of them were honestly pretty good, to be fair.

And that's why I think Mariah is trying to pull this off as a master trolling effort. She wouldn't have bought all of that shit for the sake of a joke. She ordered it, then quickly realized she doesn't have the beauty or the creativity to look as good as anyone else who made a Bowsette cosplay in a hurry.

She said she can't handle losing. So this bullshit attempt at pretending her Bowsette was a joke is basically Mariah's way of changing the rules to the game.

No. 581300

File: 1538211841463.png (575.63 KB, 501x676, even ax is done with moomoo.PN…)

Mariah has been ridiculed so much on the AX fan group on FB that they had to institute a general thread to stop the spam memes about her.

For reference, there's like 16k+ people in this group.

No. 581302

What is happening to her boobs. Are they fucking escaping for freedom? This is so gross jfc.

No. 581304

So momo, here's the problem. For this joke to land, you have to actually create good cosplay to contrast with it. However, everyone took this as a genuine attempt and not you being petty because this isn't any different from the rest of your shit cosplay.

No. 581305

I just realized her cleavage is just… fucking wrong. How does she fuck that up?

No. 581308


Is she apologizing for not having a top lip? That's some uncanny valley shit.

No. 581312


Bitch looks like she bawled her eyes out with that trash make-up. What's up with her pinkish skin color and that drawn on cleavage lol??? God that bikini looks painful.

It's quite amazing that all those other softporn costhots look kind of classy compared to this mess.

No. 581321

She’s on some of the Nintendo pages I follow on fb getting roasted as well. There is one almost to 300 comments of disgust.

No. 581322

is this sarcasm? Sorry for being a retard

No. 581547

I wonder if Mariah is the one making death threats to her cosenemies. After fall-outs or envy kicks in with Moo, ThorneChan, Nana, and KBBQ received death threats. The latter even got a break-in? What fan of hers even knows where he lives?

Got some caps?

No. 581549

it seems like if it is momo making the threats then tattoo-kun and vamp will pull a tonya harding and start bashing knees in of other cosplayers. (i'm kidding obviously but we don't have sage anymore to show it).

No. 581557

File: 1538231054124.png (512.92 KB, 628x451, topqualitycosplay.png)

No. 581559

File: 1538231190354.jpeg (52.47 KB, 500x368, 5263C7EF-B5CC-4B6F-BFB4-296C27…)

Oof that gave me a good laff

No. 581683

i can't believe you have done this

No. 581731

Homer looks better in the cosplays than she does

No. 581732


You've put more time, effort, and artistic skill that Momo put into all of those cosplays combined.

No. 581737

File: 1538235359977.png (64.6 KB, 720x383, Screenshot_2018-09-29-08-31-55…)

They all just say "disgusting" or "she didn't even try" pretty much

No. 581748

Someone had even posted Nana's address on 4chan and she got death threats sent in her mail, only Moo and a few others knew where she lived

No. 581759

File: 1538236111246.jpg (18.47 KB, 520x426, 42749213_2013086572106336_4704…)


No. 581795

File: 1538236565079.png (332.51 KB, 720x482, Screenshot_2018-09-29-08-53-29…)

Saw this on Instagram

No. 581814

wow, it's like being a sexual predator makes you universally hated or something!

No. 581816


and it gives you more attention than a cheap spandex suit, amazing.

No. 581817

dude i want someone to remake that banner.

No. 581853

Exactly. It didn’t even seem like a joke at all because… that’s literally what all her “cosplays” look like. She might as well call her entire “career” a joke.

No. 581872

File: 1538238138579.jpeg (121.49 KB, 750x778, 45E18DA5-4901-4AF4-A370-D3A22F…)

This was in the comments of a page that posted a photo on one of the petitions about her

No. 581874

File: 1538238532799.jpeg (100.33 KB, 567x563, 1531674707966.jpeg)

You absolute winner for this. Spot on.

No. 581876

What page??

No. 581881

So if I get this correctly, after seeing Gab's cosplay Moo bought a Bowser party hat at some Halloween store, styled a shitty wig and dug up a shitty bikini, then took pictures of herself in said "cosplay" to try to make a jab and one up Gabby, only to backfire horrendously because it looks like every other shitty bikini cosplay she has done and most are convinced that this is her serious attempt? Holy shit I'm in stitches.

Who took the photos anyway? Is she using a tripod? Next thing you know she'll pull a Vicky and her pics with have a Frankie watermark.

No. 581887

Or, this was her serious attempt, since it does look like most of her so called cosplays that she creates herself, and she only backpedeled and said it was a troll after she started getting roasted.

No. 581888

File: 1538240116306.jpg (9.15 KB, 231x218, download.jpg)

Probably using Tripod-san. At this rate that's all she'll have left and she'll wind up taking a page out of Pixyteri's book when it comes to photography.

No. 581890

File: 1538240463579.jpeg (118.02 KB, 750x996, 6E587013-C148-45DE-9D8C-682D6F…)

No. 582036

File: 1538242551268.jpg (2.73 MB, 3968x2240, IMG_20180929_155025.jpg)

Found this gem in a convention in Philippines.

She's definitely not welcome here.

No. 582038

the philippines isn't welcome here either.(derail)

No. 582039

We've discussed this in prior threads, but since she had a reduction and then gained weight back so quickly, her breasts stretched and the skin is very thin. So her breasts look like sacks hanging off her chest rather than a part of her.

No. 582041

I can't wait until she wears a bikini in public and someone snaps a pic of her cottage cheese again. Even when she says she didn't edit a pic it has so much filters you can't really see

No. 582042


Your face isn't welcome here. (Ot)

But yes, she has become a hated topic here and no one wants any more of her shitty cosplays

No. 582043

Honestly she isn't welcome anywhere. She used to be welcomed in spanish speaking countries buuuuut… she had to be overly racist in the few places she was welcomed

No. 582049

This is almost too good to be in the same thread as her actual cosplays.

No. 582138

She's the bestest cosplayer in the world's your just jealous of her.

No. 582141

Whenever Mariah talks about how much love and positivity she's receiving it always means she's getting the opposite. It's something she falls back on when she's getting massive amount of hate and going through depression. Always happens with her, so get ready for her to sperg about positivity and being so happy~

No. 582142


Momokun makes me sick. I'm honestly surprised she hasn't gotten in a physical fight with people in the cosplay community for the shit she does. Not that I wish her physucal harm, but girl… wtf.

No. 582144


No. 582145

File: 1538246520303.jpg (195.85 KB, 1200x977, DoQoqkzW0AAZpPo.jpg)

Momokun is an embarrassment to herself

No. 582146

She's a chicken shit, people have tried to fight her but she stayed in her hotel room the entire day, and when she still had friends she'd make them protect her

No. 582156

File: 1538247784432.jpg (50.3 KB, 628x435, onejob.JPG)

You had one job Momokun!

No. 582160

Goodness don't remind me. Me and my friend were at a Vegas con back in the day. When Momo slapped her ass she did that annoying fake giggle, covered her mouth and while staring at her she kinda did this weird waddle/tip toe to her group. She was about to smack Momo across her face too

No. 582161

She's going to be so exposed waddling around outside Blizzcon considering all she has left is Vamp, the heifer better watch the fuck out this year.

No. 582166

so your friend is yet another victim? Or did they already come forward? Jesus Christ moo is just fucking revolting.

No. 582168

File: 1538250482857.png (1.01 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-09-29-12-46-36…)

No. 582169

File: 1538250737338.jpg (34.64 KB, 600x546, FB_IMG_1538250727050.jpg)

I think this one is better

No. 582170

Pretty sure Ayumi did a callout video on her twitter

No. 582171

File: 1538250807979.jpeg (141.52 KB, 1242x1277, 0CD1D257-43FA-424B-B300-F5D480…)

Agreed lmao

No. 582173


Maybe she thinks tattoocunt will protect her with his supa scary greaseball look

No. 582175

Was thinking the same anons, this is some kind of call out for sure.

No. 582176

File: 1538251351250.png (220.08 KB, 524x613, cc11b3c960ce4ca6f69465609e783f…)


I love their shade so much. And Bunny's body is x10's better then Mariahs. So even with the shitty bowser hat and dumb bikini she is still cute

No. 582179

These girls are amazing. Our warriors against the beast Moo.

No. 582183

Ayumi has the body that moolester wishes she had. The difference is that unlike moolester ayumi seems to live a healthy lifestyle. She actually puts effort into her appearance.

No. 582186

She openly talks about it, but she isn't very popular. She was just a regular con goer. But she mentioned a lot of people down in the Vegas con scene has a Momokunt story. Most were just how rude and loud she was, not caring about ruining people's good time as long as she was seen as "lol totally random!"

No. 582187


Yeah her body's nicer than Moo's but she's chunky af like wow

No. 582190

Cute try

No. 582193

It’s true about the Vegas con scene. Literally every con I go to here, there’s someone sharing a story about what a rude bitch she is. I was down at the fandom bar just last night for the event there and a guy was talking about how Mariah was rude to him when he approached her at a con and just wanted to chat. Sadly, he was telling this to one girl (another Vegas cosplayer) who idolizes Moo and her response was “I know a lot of people don’t like her”…

No. 582196

I can't believe Momokun thinks she's such a great person. I think she's the complete opposite tbh. And she'll make plus sized girls feel like crap.

No. 582198

File: 1538253371247.jpeg (109.24 KB, 720x960, A491D54C-EB47-4AAD-A124-FE60DA…)

No. 582199

Momokun is only hurting herself for being a terrible human being.

No. 582200

Who are you talking about?
There seems to be this mentality that plus sized girls have to feel like shit if someone heavier doesn't look like a walking ham so they can feel good. It's stupid.

No. 582201

She should have gone over there and slapped her anyway or reported her and got her kicked out.

Seriously looking forward to the day when she does that and someone beats the jowls off of her.

No. 582204


Maybe I worded it poorly but sometimes this SSS and bunny circlejerking ITT becomes too much and frankly I don't get why, they're instathots/costhots giving us milk by milking Moo, Bunny is otherwise pretty cringe with some of her lewds. Any other time we'd be tearing into her and her flabby upper arms but ok

No. 582209

Seems like you just have something against Bunny being fatter than you like since it is your go to insult in both posts.

but ok.(infighting)

No. 582210


Sounds like a pissy Vamp coming here to defend her Master.(infighting)

No. 582214

Okay but what does Bunny's lewds have to do with Mariah? This isn't the Bunny thread and when they are kicking dirt in Mariah's face when she's acting like a cunt, we talk about it here cause it's relevant.

No. 582215

I think so. Or >>582196 posting twice to get some hate going from being as equally gargantuan to Moo. No reason to get salty about relevant material otherwise.

No. 582217


>>i dont like bunny


can you please not


yeah so? we come here to laugh and be mean. how does that negate the YAS QUEENS SLAY posts bunny and susu get? i'm just pointing out that it can get obnoxious


you're absolutely right anon, moving to the moomoo calves thread

No. 582218

ntayrt but the bunny/sss/yanderejane/sabrina/the rest of the thots circlejerking is cringy as shit and people should focus on talking about momo without the constant flood of "YASSS QUEEN SLAYYYYY" asslicking and bitter "HI VAMP/MOMO" rage whenever anyone questions any of them. In the end they're still all toxic cunts with below average cosplays sexualizing characters to get money from lonely neckbeards, momo and mooch included. Momo just happens to be the most autistic of the bunch and that's why she got 80+ threads in here.

No. 582219

something something the enemy of my enemy is my friend.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 582220

File: 1538255438315.jpg (21 KB, 236x372, 98923acf14cfd4acd1dd16eaa4cda5…)

Moo seriously needs to lay off on the pink eye shadow. It's really unfitting for this look. A Bowsette/Bowser gijinka should have a winged smokey eye of some sort, with gold, red, or maybe even black. Pic related.

No. 582222


that was my point exactly, thanks anon. y'all don't mind "shitting up the thread" with bunny and susu talk when it's asslicking posts about them acting catty but someone says something negative and it's immediately "hey stop shitting up the thread with susu bunny talk" ok then

edit: sorry i deleted to add that bunny's bowsette whether it was an ironic attempt or not is still just as fucking cringy as moomoo's, yeah sorry.

No. 582223

she always does the same exact eyeshadow, i think someone posted the likely tutorial for an ugly "gyaru/lolita" eye tutorial.

No. 582224

Okay so why not take it to meta?

No. 582225

I know right? Bunny isn't skinny, but that's her thing. It seems like anon is pissy because Bunny isn't an ana chan.

No. 582226

You guys need to get live tbh(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 582227

get live? like on a stream? that might be cool!

No. 582230


>>ana chan

no, her body is just shit and her cosplays are shit.


because i'm done talking about it and anything further shouldn't go to meta anyway, it should go to the moo calves thread in snow imo(derail)

No. 582231

It's like she went out of her way to choose the makeup look that would most emphasize her eye bags.

No. 582232

They aren't Moo's calves though, so that's the wrong place. There's an uggo cosplayer thread in snow that you can take it to.

No. 582233

No one is literally going "Yaaas queen slay"
you don't bitch about it when we post randos on FB or insta joking about her. It's just these girls are more relevant than randos making fun of her because they are bigger names and her victims actively calling her out.

No. 582234

File: 1538256052097.jpg (49.6 KB, 499x720, 7fcd5503d0c75334448c3771d2fa7c…)

pic related has been posted before.

it looks like what moo's doing, down to the lashes. she has no creativity and likely no idea how to actually do makeup.

No. 582235

side note: this is a shit tutorial for lolita or gyaru to begin with so it's funny that moo is copying it.

No. 582236

File: 1538256133349.gif (453.13 KB, 500x240, tumblr_lhs415hU7D1qelvrw.gif)

>>No one is literally going "Yaaas queen slay"

but the threads are clogged up with shit like


>>I love their shade so much. And Bunny's body is x10's better then Mariahs. So even with the shitty bowser hat and dumb bikini she is still cute

No. 582237

File: 1538256209130.gif (1.98 MB, 400x250, crazy eyes cat.gif)

I think she's pretty…?

I mean yeah she's not a supermodel, but she's pretty.

No. 582238

Now the threads are clogged with arguing about it. Can we just respectfully drop it and continue with Moo?

No. 582239

There are lewd cosplayers who have never been posted on lolcow
There are fat cosplayers who have never been posted on lolcow

If you really think momo got 80 threads because of her 'lewd cosplay' and not because of her personality you are sadly mistaken. If that was true there are lots of other costhots that would have way more threads.

Momo's first thread was created because there was already drama and quite a bit of proof that she was paying for articles to be written about her and then she showed up and gave us her famous 'this cheap spandex suit has given me more attention than you'll ever have' line. She outed herself as being a cow and her inflated ego made the milk continuously pour.

I like to think it was never because she was a cosplayer but that she got two seconds of fame and immediately had an ego bigger than yaya han's and then because she's an idiot she kept doing overtly shitty things and hanging out with overtly shitty people and it just… NEVER stopped.

We went months of moo doing dumb shit with no one willing to publicly call her out on her shit and now we do so I understand why people are eating it up. Also it's still related to moo so????? COMPLAINING about them isnt related to moo. Simple.(continued derailing)

No. 582240

This, just agree to disagree. costhots throwing shade at moo are the same as the memes and comments throwing shade at moo, if you don't like it fine, but stop policing the thread and report if you think it doesn't belong.

No. 582241

Seems like a personal issue you need to work out then. Go to the uggo cosplayer thread and vent about Bunny then? No need to pout here

No. 582242

Honestly it's kind of a shame that that shitshow Heroes of Cosplay ended before Moo came to "fame", because I would have loved to have seen her lick ass and bitch about not being invited onto the show lmao

When we people learn that beauty is sometimes subjective? I feel like 60% of the arguments on LCF happen because people don't understand this.

No. 582243

seriously, no one's just randomly posting their twitter feed, it's directly related to throwing shade.

this tutorial is 100% what moo is trying to do. it looks shit in this pic, no wonder it looks so bad on moo.

No. 582245

not only that but literally every human being on earth would be better at x cosplay than moo.

No. 582246


A couple of posts aren't "clogging up the thread"


so praising them is related to moo and not praising them isn't related to moo? it's two sides of the same reaction and neither are related to moo. y'all whiteknighting too hard.

y'all reaching as fuck, you sound just as bothered as you think i am

This is semantics but "throwing shade" - they're not even throwing shade anymore, they're outright talking shit and doing everything short of tagging Moo directly which is kekworthy and milky, don't get me wrong. we're beyond just throwing shade lol(continued derailing)

No. 582248

jesus christ I was never implying that she's only hated for lewd cosplay, I was saying the fucking opposite that she's just the one who let all her autistic psycho toxicity leak out in the public and picked fights obsessively with everyone. I still think people like yanderejane "throwing shade" are talentless costhots obsessed with trying to put their name out there and riding the drama wave for exposure. They're still cunts, plain and simple. They don't deserve my respect just because they're not AS bad as momo.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 582249

okay well you get what i mean, it's not unrelated to moo, especially since it's so damn blatant. no one's implying that any other costhots are somehow perfect saints, but we also are here to gather milk, and not to debate them.

No. 582250

I think you're missing the point. No one is praising them as cosplayers, they're praising them for calling moo out so obviously.

No. 582251

Exactly. This guy's need to argue is getting old.

No. 582252

>acting catty

Moo stole susu’s slogan and sold it, attempted to copy susu a bunch of times by wearing similar outfits/similar themes in her photoshoots/trying to make a mascot and sucking up to the brands susu and bunny work for, molested bunny and molested their friends. They have the best reason to roast her. You honestly seem like a calf defending moo especially with your idiot jabs at bunny’s weight.

No. 582255

The costhot circlejerking in Momo threads complaint has been issued in /meta/ multiple times already but the mods seem to be more concerned with banning people for armchairing for calling crazies crazy.

No. 582260

not even a guy or newfag, been with moo bashing since thread #1. i guess there's no point in arguing since what got this whole ree-avalanche going was an offhand comment about bunny which shows the anons in this thread are sensitive about susu and bunny being disliked, god forbid.

No. 582262

File: 1538258156010.jpeg (462.11 KB, 750x888, C8823FAF-7792-4850-B5AB-74ED59…)

It was actually only brought up once a month ago and how interesting that the person who brought it up said the exact same shit as you.

No. 582265

Called it. Loser female who comes here to mock anyone ugly to her with no regard to the actual person. I'd say you were Moo if you sounded a touch more stupid.

No. 582266

I stand corrected about /meta/ as it's been complained about elsewhere on the site, most likely /ot/. Still hoping that mods would address the issue and order people to take their costhot ass sucking to another thread like the talk about calves is supposed to go in. Nobody cares about that "grand shade" of "lmao my queen made a vague reference about momo for the umpteenth time!!!!" and everyone is aware of how they're not fat slobs like momo is, it's nearing the obnoxious levels of le boob veinXD meme.

No. 582268

Thanks thread police. You or someone like you ALWAYS seem to show up when Moo is getting dragged for messing up… hm.

No. 582269

File: 1538259304421.gif (855.69 KB, 498x280, perfect.gif)


if only more anons can say that without being called vamplette, anachan, loser female, or incel

No. 582272

who is saying these words??

No. 582275

It's pretty pathetic complaining and derailing a thread

No. 582277

Literally any time either of them are mentioned, pay attention. Coincidentally the only other costhot against Mariah that has been dragged in another attempted thread was thornechan. I wonder what her and Mariah have in common that susu and bunny don't. Annoying as shit. They're both cringeworthy on their own. Cool of them to not like Mariah but praising costhots when the bar is on the floor is meh. The same issue gets raised when we praise vamp like 'well it pisses her off so we should keep doing it' but its besides the entire point of this and other threads lol.

No. 582278

I bought HoC on amazon the moment it fully released cause I knew that degeneracy would be scrubbed from Syfy as soon as it ended. I actually thought Moo's obsession with cosplay came from it cause she's such a normie and it'd of aired around her so called first cosplays

No. 582280

it'd make sense that she fell in love with jnig then too.

No. 582282

Not to mention Jnig had Monika around that time before she was dropped for Riddle. I honestly still believe Moo wanted to be her Monika. Since they played up their friendship in the one episode Nigri let them have in the first season

No. 582283

you're literally the only person saying slay and queen. people mention them sometimes because they're involved in this whole drama. sit down

No. 582287

Just ignore them. Look at this post: >>582262

They have been crying about bunny specificially since last month. Most likely just a moomoo calf. They keep saying “w-well bunny is fat! Bunny is cringy too like moo!” with no backup or proof of said “cringyness” because it doesnt exist.

No. 582289

this is the first time ive posted in this thread sorry lol. just because you don't like what we're saying doesnt mean we're all the same person or that we're 'hi [cow]' worthy. so are you denying that people trip over themselves trying to defend them or what

No. 582291

It's probably best if we just ignore the ones whining about Bunny. We're all going to get banned for falling into the derail trap at this rate.

No. 582292

we know it is, that's why we're pointing out how you originally posted in /meta/

if you want to fucking complain about it, complain to the mods.

No. 582293

No one is defending anyone, anon. We are defending the posts. Whether you like it or not, posts that are intended to trigger moo are related. I could care less about who is making them. Those are the only things anyone is bitching about ITT. You don't see people bitching about memes and shit.

No. 582295

File: 1538263015527.jpg (Spoiler Image, 202.12 KB, 720x757, 20180929_161449.jpg)

So it turns out that Mariah has a little bit of a forestry issue under her armpits in her most recent IG post.

Her laziness knows no bounds.

No. 582297

File: 1538263554720.gif (1.48 MB, 410x304, e93d7b7e9d08c28490d53b592e5fa1…)

No. 582298

Nah that's adrenal gland issues since you can see it's blue red, we've talked about her possibly having a thyroid problem before which it's starting to show more and more with the streaks under her breasts under her stomach, the condition worsens when you drink about of coconut water and energy drinks which she does profusely

No. 582299

It's mainly adrenal gland fatigue which is why she has eye bags so bad which the rest of the list she hits spot on with the weight gain, eating a lot of salty foods and dry skin that we keep seeing when we zoom in on her pics

No. 582300

No. 582303

File: 1538264957229.jpg (845.88 KB, 1080x1716, 20180929_164856.jpg)

Found it guys.

No. 582304

I think momo is pretty obnoxious but I also find the sexual assault claims pretty obnoxious too? Am I really the only one??

People at cons are always so graby with their friends, I think it's annoying, but something that could probs be cleared up by just telling the other person you don't like it.

No. 582305

Behold, fellow farmers, the last time this frumpy frock shall be seen in professional, flattering lighting.

No. 582306

Even if you tell the person you didn't like it afterwards they still assaulted you though
And like she exposed someone's breasts and pit a megaphone at someone's vag, that's a little beyond just "touchy" imo

No. 582307

Definitely looks way too small

No. 582308

Same anon from >>582306
But some of the people weren't her friends so its not like she was just being grabby with her friends

No. 582312

File: 1538266050348.jpg (82.64 KB, 650x650, late.jpg)

No. 582313

I went to this dude’s page. Jesus, does he know how to make anything that isn’t swimming in tacky cheap looking trims???

No. 582314

Made it insanely quick too. Still better than what moo could do.

No. 582315

I think a big part of the problem is that she is a public figure and she has done this to multiple people who are not even her friends.

The only annoying bit is when idiots call her a rapist, because she isn't, and calling her that makes the facts sound questionable if that makes sense.

On the other hand, victims should have the right to speak about it and call her out all they want tbh

No. 582317

she already had the wig
she had bought the bikini and princess peach crown off amazon

the latter is how we know she stole from gabby

No. 582318


Hell I just thought she was growing it out since tattooguru is a dirt hippy or some shit. Zenn crystal rubbing sage monkeys like hairy piits right?

No. 582319

i'm so conflicted because he has like a few dresses that are pretty but most are super tacky and moo's isn't only tacky its plain badly made

No. 582320

This annoys the absolute fuck out of me and makes her seem insane
Every time the heat is coming down on her and she’s forced to face the fact that nobody likes her anymore, she creates these delusional forced AF Ig stories about how loved she is
If she didn’t struggle with mental illness before, she definitely does now and will probably be fucked for life.
It’s so incredibly not-normal it makes my skin crawl

No. 582321

Oh no wonder it looks like shit. Designerdaddy can't make anything without throwing tacky shit everywhere and I doubt he knows anything about anime or what this is actually supposed to look like.
Also he never hems anything so she'll be tripping everywhere.

No. 582322

and not covered in cat hair

No. 582323

File: 1538267460239.jpg (567.23 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180929-203000_Ins…)


I actually like his work. It might seem like a lot of lace but he had some of the most beautiful gowns out there. I wonder if he knows he made a gown for a sexual predator?

No. 582324

File: 1538267484545.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_Instagram_20180929-…)

No. 582325

Just like I thought, this costume does NOT help her linebacker shoulders

No. 582326

she has really wide shoulders yet no shoulders

No. 582328

He also charges up the ass (dresses start at $1800) so I don't doubt she paid 3K for this.

No. 582329

and it should COVER her shoulders but no can do

No. 582331

you can barely tell the sleeves are supposed to be poofy because it just looks like her hams are being squeezed too tightly again like in her most recent shibari set.

No. 582332

She had absolutely no reason to commission this guy and without a doubt paid for him because he's well known on Facebook and Instagram. His stuff is pretty but it's not really cosplay, moreso inspired ballgowns. This dress specifically did not translate great… I'd imagine between his inexperience with the style and Moo's input, it was doomed from the start.

No. 582333

Does she just compartmentalize the knowledge of her size? like no, no this fine I look good in this, completely normal

No. 582334

He makes tacky Disney dresses and is e-famous for it, of COURSE Moo was tripping over herself to get something done by him. It is like peanut butter and jelly, pho and boba, coconut water and sensei's dick.

No. 582335

she's perpetually in denial of how much weight she's gained. she always seem to think no matter what her weight is currently that she still weighs as much as she did 20+ pounds ago. we always joke about her not giving the correct measurements to people when she commissions things but I do honestly think it's the case at this point.

No. 582337

File: 1538268415920.jpg (807.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180929-174425_Pat…)

No. 582341


I think you could call her inappropriate but calling her a sexual predator is a bit.. dramatic tbh

I love this thread but the sexual assault thing always has me rolling my eyes.

No. 582343

Oh god no wonder it's a tacky nightmare. DesignerDaddy's entire career is him wanting to make gowns for his kids that took off at Disney. He's not Firefly with some understanding of frills and lace. He does transforming gowns more.And what in the hell is that gold embroidery-Oh it's cheap trim

No. 582344

If she were a man, it would immediately be called sexual assault. Rules don't change because she has tits.

No. 582346

this looks fucking awful. wtf is that ruching???

No. 582349

I bet you think if you sexually assault someone you MUST be doing it for sexual gratification.

Just report and ignore this moron.

No. 582351

I have a feeling that this guy's fb page will be filled with comments of their disapproval of him working with momo.

No. 582352

sexual assault on someone is assaulting their sexual areas is so hard to grasp for some people?

No. 582353

I don't think people are even aware…

No. 582354

people are now.

it looks terrible and not like the original at all.

No. 582358

I think you're not thinking logically anon like when people hear "sexual assault" they think rape but it can be anything that involves a sexual aspect that wasn't consented to so like her pulling down someones top or grabbing their breasts when they didn't allow her to counts as an assault. I don't think she's a sexual predator, but when you think about it, she did it to show the girls up and embarrass them to give herself power, so if she hadn't been called out on it she'd probably still be doing it

No. 582359


No. 582361

He designs for Disney Princess bitches. Those girls are some of the worst people ever, I doubt he cares.

I never expected her to drop this much on a gown, tbh, I wonder if she's going after HIS followers but she never credits so… it's just mind boggling.

No. 582364

File: 1538270990228.jpeg (597.92 KB, 1242x916, 7149FE15-5AD4-48E8-8C65-145CD2…)

sexual assault is not just rape and does not require penetration of any kind. moo has made inappropriate contact with several people, both strangers and ‘friends’.
image from: https://www.casa.org.au/casa_pdf.php?document=what_is_SA

jesus what is with all these random derails today? first bitching because bunny threw shade at moo and now this? it wouldn’t shock me if this was a calf or new fag.

No. 582367


Lots of derailing always follows when moo gets dragged hard. Its just like flies following shit. We just gotta report and move on. Whether WK led or not we aren't a fucking dictionary for terms.

No. 582378

>We just gotta report and move on
This. It boggles my mind how people here don't just sandbag the OT morons.

No. 582379

She has literally photoshopped her tits together in the middle

No. 582380

God, it makes me so sad to see how this dress just does not fit her at all and it was custom made. How long ago did she send the measurements? Did she lie?? It's meant to sit on the ends of your shoulders as seen in the professional pic, but on Moo, it's sitting so far down because it won't go up that high on both arms. How does she keep doing this to herself and not think twice

No. 582382

Yeowch!! That looks cheap as fuck. How much did she pay for this shit again?

No. 582385

Okay. The dress is probably in its fabric fitting stage which means it’s finish work isn’t done and minor adjustments have to be made. (Like adjusting the shoulders, heming the dress, and other fitting issues).
You don’t just send in your measurements and have everything be perfectly made. I bet Mariah wouldn’t even know how to take proper measurements. Fuck she didn’t even show up wearing a proper bra (which highly effects the fit of the bodice).
I’m not saying this guy is a perfect pattern maker but if he did it the proper way, this dress isn’t finished yet.
And if he did it the other way, Mariah went to an amateur more focused on show and Gimmicks than good pattern making.

No. 582388

Please let me be the next thread OP pic. It's beautiful. So much creativity.

No. 582389

Everyone involved in the infighting has been banned for 1-2 days depending on how many derailing replies were posted. Here's a big thank you to the anons who had the brains to move on from the topic on their own.

No. 582391


Thanks mod. On topic this dress looks like shit as much from its owner probably lying about her weight and measures as from poor seamsmanship

No. 582392

I don't understand what she thinks she has to gain from lying about her measurements. Surely she has to know that wearing an outfit that actually fits will make her look better.

No. 582395

Guys I’m telling you she can’t lie about her measurements because you can’t take your own measurements for this type of garment. It’s more than just chest and waist. It’s armscye, shoulder seam, underarm to waist, waist to floor, back shoulder to shoulder, bust point to bust point. If she paid over 1k (and she most likely did if not more, a professional took those measurements).
(And even if she did gain a few inches with a corseted Georgian type bodice it isn’t hard to let out.)
The fabrics are bad and the style is a gross design. The trim patterns on the dress and the yoke? red on the breasts do not emphasize her figure in a proper way. Making the dress look like it doesn’t fit despite the fact that it does. It’s like putting someone heavy in horizontal stripes. Doesn’t bring out the good.

No. 582400

Ebay purchases: a "fleur de lis cross" embroidered patch and some Betsey Johnson "crystal heart drop earrings"

No. 582401


> A lot of places.

> Regional only Pass.


She bought the cheapest pass. Also, why prebuy the Suica cards?

No. 582402

you can just buy them on ur damn iphone too

No. 582403

She could have had "professional" measurements done and then lied about the numbers a bit. Or been using the same ones for years.
Nothing she gets made fits her, so it's either bad tailoring, wrong measurements or both

No. 582405


I think Mariah prefers to get several pieces commissioned by people/businesses that are located outside of Vegas for the simple reason that she doesn't want to face the music and get her actual measurements. She probably hasn't been to a doctor for an annual checkup in ages, and it seems like her therapist was Tattoo-kun all along.

I would imagine that a tailor, a doctor, or even a Victoria's Secret employee would find a polite way to tell this tub of lard what her actual measurements are, but Mariah would rather plug her ears and hide from the truth.

No. 582406

i was agreeing with them? i'm just saying it has nothing to do with the person getting off on it. if you touch my tits you're sexually assaulting me, but if you touch my feet and get off to it later it's not sexual assault. even though some of these fucks seem to think so.(derail)

No. 582413

DesignerDaddy is notorious for not hemming his dresses, so I doubt it will get hemmed. Adjusting shoulders is not a small adjustment… the entire bodice would have to be remade.
You're pretty much right… he seems to be used to making dresses for a smaller size (most of them are made to fit his wife, or she at least models them and she is quite small) and is more concerned with throwing on as much trim and lace as possible rather than getting a good fit.

No. 582417

That was my thought, it's not easy to add 3 inches of fabric to each side, even if the back wasn't completely done and this is a test. The shoulders aren't easy to remake.

No. 582418

Well people are arguing on the Facebook post about him making it for her.

No. 582422

post caps

No. 582423

File: 1538285584249.png (861.18 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-09-29-20-41-06…)

Speculation but was Miso babysitting cucknoodles's stuff in a place that looks like it might be the place Moo rented?

No. 582424

not only that but the lace around the collar is not going to get fixed any time soon and it's a fucking disaster.

also dat ruching, oh dat ruching…

No. 582425

File: 1538285664199.png (595.43 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-09-29-20-41-31…)

I know the costumes aren't finished but they could be making in between scenes?

No. 582427

I’m at work but if no one else does I might tonight.

No. 582428

She's lazy, remember? She doesn't want to go through the effort of having to speak Japanese to get a suica card at the station

No. 582429

there's an english option on the machines.

No. 582430

Having made this dress before, I'm just kind of horrified at all the things that are wrong with it. The underskirt is way too big, Beatrice's skirt is much smaller. The ruching panels were clearly too wide and there's way too much fabric in it. He basically made his typical Belle skirt in red fabric instead of adjusting the size the the costume. The scallops are about twice as big as they should be, which I'll chalk up to laziness (scallops suck and take a long time but if you're getting paid for it suck it up). It also looks like they may be uneven but that may be how the dress is falling. The black doesn't wrap around enough in the front, probably because of the overlarge underskirt. I don't know why the red bust part has random folds. Layering lace over a base fabric could look nice I guess but in this case it just makes the dress look dull from afar and too busy up close; the dress has enough detail that it doesn't need that added. And the white lace… first of all, it's supposed to be pleated fabric at the sleeves and ruffled fabric at the neckline. And even ignoring that, the lace is some of the cheapest shit I've ever seen. The guy live in LA, he could have found much nicer lace in the fabric district. This looks like it was fished out the bargain bin at Joanns.
I guess this just proves that DD is a one trick pony who can't do replicas. I'm sure she went with him because he's "famous" on social media, and thinks it will get her more asspats, but really she just looks like she doesn't know how to pick a good commissioner.
TLDR: It isn't terrible, but there are a lot of things wrong for a dress that she said cost 2k+.
Sorry for the dress sperg, I just can't believe anyone would spend so much on something so mediocre.

No. 582431

TBH I think he knew this was too big a challenge for him so used the cheaper options. And completely agree it's just a Belle underskirt

No. 582432

File: 1538287354575.jpg (421.57 KB, 1290x792, wtf.jpg)


that lace in the neck is gonna itch like a mother fucker

No. 582435

That big ass lacing on the choker tho. I can't wait to see that eliminate her neck making her face look even more transplanted onto a huge body

No. 582437

What the hell? This isn’t even CLOSE to acccurate. What’s with the left side of the skirt way up higher than it is in the ref pic??

No. 582440

I’m guessing that he moved it over to show the ruffles more. Still inaccurate af and he needs to be checked for color blindness.
He notorious though for this shit but the Disney girls eat it up.

No. 582443

File: 1538288381164.jpg (12.98 KB, 231x338, bUGrZoE.jpg)

I'm guessing this is the reference she gave? It's the only one I can find on Google that remotely seems to have any form of the side look.

No. 582444

Lmao she paid 3k for a taobao/milanoo dress, gj Moo.

No. 582448

File: 1538288570280.jpeg (152.38 KB, 750x610, 40179C6E-F677-4CCE-B99D-DEE238…)

Blocked the names out then remembered you could just look it up on fb anyways.

No. 582449

taobao would have been better tbh.

No. 582450

see, you'd think this, but literally every other aspect of the dress is extremely inaccurate so…

No. 582452

cant wait to see how SHITTY her ringer will be

No. 582453

Jesus fucking Christ, putting the reference photo together just emphasizes how inaccurate the dress is, it's physically painful to look at, that guy is a hack, a one trick pony who saw ruffles and thought "hey I'll do Belle's skirt but in red!", he shouldn't even be doing commissions at such a price, once again Moo spent way too much for shit outcome.

No. 582454


This. Oh.

Oh my, this looks even worse when you post it next to the reference. I knew it was a shitty cheap looking dress without being an Umineko fan, but DAYMN is this one shitty ass costume! The colors are off, the lace shouldn’t even be lace, the tacky AF gold trim on the bodice could’ve been done with piping, the overall trims used are excessive and look cheap, one side of the overskirt is way higher than the other and the bottom billows out like a fucking octopus. Yeah, I’d cry too if I spent $3K on this shit!

No. 582455

>>582453 So she has something in common with her Patreon subscribers after all!

No. 582462

Wow, that is truly dreadful. She sank a lot of money into this for a dress that looks like absolute shit for a project that no one gives fuck all about. Such a smart and savvy business woman, my dudes.

No. 582464

File: 1538289698210.png (233.35 KB, 720x1029, Screenshot_2018-09-29-23-39-32…)

No. 582465

File: 1538289799985.png (126.3 KB, 720x912, Screenshot_2018-09-29-23-39-52…)

No. 582466

File: 1538289836446.png (51.24 KB, 720x323, Screenshot_2018-09-29-23-40-02…)

No. 582467

File: 1538289865914.png (114.2 KB, 720x738, Screenshot_2018-09-29-23-40-10…)

No. 582468

File: 1538289887811.jpg (Spoiler Image, 307.25 KB, 599x612, american-horror-story-02-3.jpg)

All I can see

No. 582469

File: 1538290089043.jpg (43.67 KB, 400x411, 1528516420807.jpg)

Is everyone Moo commissions from colourblind? Seriously, was she not sent a WIP of this before it was this far into completion? Moo, you're getting totally ripped off and have no one to blame but yourself for this shit.

No. 582470

>I wish Victorian dresses come back to popular clothes
>surprised that the top didn't break because your bosom is quite large

Moo's ignorant stans, everyone.

No. 582471

lol aww, don't do Kathy dirty like that, anon.

No. 582473


Blah blah dream blah blah love blah blah perfect blah blah big build…she needs a new script writer

No. 582474

>>582464 Cosplaying a certain character has been a dream of hers for nearly a decade, huh?

I thought she didn't have any interest in cosplay until Vamplette suggested she give it a shot roughly 3 years ago, and Mariah only agreed because she saw what Nigri was taking in?


No. 582477

File: 1538291192690.png (188.32 KB, 496x480, ho.png)

>Umineko is one of my favorite anime/manga's.

Neither of them are complete in English, unless someone scanlated the manga (must've been you Mariah, cause ur work on Higurashi was so good) - but OK.

I also laugh at
>almost 10 years

But whatever, stupid cow. Can't wait for this to be an even bigger failure - both in cost and recognition - than #TAKANOPROJECT

No. 582479

You know she's gotta add those unnecessary details so the lie sounds more believable!

No. 582480

This looks like one of those more expensive ebay Chinese made dresses but only because the amount of fabric and not because the quality is actually any good

No. 582481

File: 1538292928915.jpg (40.75 KB, 928x960, FB_IMG_1538287341592.jpg)

I saw this on FB today lmao

No. 582482

File: 1538293355781.png (120.08 KB, 340x254, Phyllis_Diller.png)

>>582481 The more I look at Mariah in this sad excuse for a Bowsette costume, the more I start to think about how she looks like the animated version of Phyllis Diller whenever she was a guest star in an old Scooby Doo episode.

No. 582484

After spending all the money on it I doubt she'll ever have it dry cleaned.

No. 582486

No. 582487

"Hey! L-lets pretend to be lesbians to make fun of the rumor that I said we were a couple! Haha cuz that was a lie… this isn't a trick to make horny neckbeards think we are lesbians I swear!"

No. 582488

Plus she said she could never be a lesbian because she loves long hair

No. 582494

It will be an even bigger failure because the attention she receives will be inversely proportional to the amount of money she poured into this. It will probably get a worse reception than #TAKANOPROJECT because she's even more infamous now.

No. 582495

MUCH more elaborate dress construction tbh AND better hair

No. 582496

No wonder she cried when she saw it, awful. The trim is bright yellow.

No. 582502

At least this one might garner hate views, which she'll see as success!