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File: 1538235360088.jpg (477.65 KB, 700x700, rodid.jpg)

No. 581738

Previously on the adventures of "ISIS Bride With an 82pt IQ" >>>/pt/547092

>as Miranda's looks deteriorate, her moral convictions get stronger

>twitter posts about child brides/pedophilia being totally okay and not harmful at all
>realising that child brides are a very niche minority, Miranda turns her attention toward the gays
>cue multiple homophobic rants on twitter but ALLAH MADE HER DO IT Y'ALL
>Miranda swears off makeup because her imaginary Saudi Prince husband demands it so - makes us miss the days of the cummy glue lumps in her false eyelashes
>overall boring IG posts/youtube comments where she's still trying to prove she invented Islam
>Miranda hates Canada because they don't kowtow to Saudi - Decides she wants to become an American instead…because their relations with the middle east have always been on the up and up!
>Miranda buys fake LV shit off the internet, including used bags
>Miranda comes here to defend her totally legit purchases even though the fakes are clearly fake, and the differences between her fake shit and the real LV shit are point out crystal clear
>Miranda makes an IG post of her eating non-halal beef with her empty LV bags as her lunch date in response
>Miranda wants Daddy Rodi to take down old videos that include her
>Daddy says "fuck you I will not delete" and thus begins a stream of exposing info like part of the reason for their fall out (besides Miranda sexually assaulting him) was because he paid her way for a lot of things
>Naruru makes a post on PULL and joins in on the fun here to spill the tea - but they're kinda weird so just fuckin ignore them
>Someone tries to "expose" Rodi by showing his real name…we been knew his real name
>Unconfirmed info released about Miranda's Swedish (Norwegian?) white knight sending her money…or possibly someone else entirely
>Unconfirmed info released that Miranda is paying a Japanese Husbando in order to stay in Japan
>Miranda has been making fake LINE accounts to harass Rodi this entire time

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kanadajin3
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kanadajin3
2nd Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/doudemomira
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kanadajin3

No. 581739

(this was my first time making a new post so if I fucked up somewhere please let me know)

No. 581745

good job!

No. 581747

less tasty milk from >>>/pt/547092

>Miranda posts a video with her brother (face censored)

>Miranda says she would forbid ANY family member from becoming a youtuber because "the K3 legacy ends with her"

No. 581756

so miranda does the same as shannon did.
but why is immigration so slow with miranda?

No. 581791

At the immigration, you don't need to be there in person to submit documents/renew visa. You can have a spouse, relative, friend, or your company do all the paper work.

Her husband could have gone to the immigration instead of her. This might look less suspicious as a Japanese.

No. 581792

Typhoon is passing through. So, Miranda is stuck in her apartment with nothing to do but freak out over the truth being revealed and spam sperg

No. 581793

can someone block miranda please

yeah but why is immigration so slow to catch miranda

No. 581796

if it is her, and not the loser KM, then she's stupid as fuck for confirming everything to be true. no one reacts like this unless they've been hit where it hurts

No. 581797


They take too long to take action, and that's usually the norm in Japan. If someone knows of a foreigner or a person with a visa doing illegal actions, they can report to the immigration anonymously. Available only on a Japanese website.

No. 581815

but people already reported her and nothing happend

No. 581819

They can call the immigration office letting them know of the information they've sent. Very sure the immigration people have a lot of messages a day regarding foreigners doing illegal activities all over Japan

No. 581875

File: 1538238911772.gif (848.86 KB, 500x281, 1449532849640.gif)

Especially with the Olympics coming. That one Canadian only got nabbed so fast because she was working hostess clubs. Meanwhile Miranda just sits in her flat.

>mfw her becoming Muslim and covering hair/ditching makeup was to evade immigration thinking they'd never recognize her

No. 581879

Stop the spam, Miranda/KM>>581875
That took 2 years. The immigration office noticed her documents and information in February 2018, caught her in August 2018.

No. 581883

File: 1538239903651.jpeg (232.73 KB, 1180x632, 0483EC76-AE03-44CF-A98B-1DA5F2…)

Nothing solid, but interesting. That Chuck guy on twitter posted the pic from Facebook of the suspected KM. He seems to have posted a pic in response and then deleted it, but it was seen.

I know it’s not rock solid without the other pic, but does seem to confirm that it’s the right guy.

No. 581894

is there some confusion whether the guy is swedish or norwegian? because if there is, Mathisen is a Norwegian last name. In Sweden they use "son" not "sen".

No. 581956


this is true. I think it's because people initially started saying he was Swedish, so it just stuck. But yeah the surname would mean he's either Norwegian or Danish (so, he's Norwegian)

No. 582037

can someone ban her please?

No. 582047

I'll add, can someone please report her and get her deported please?

No. 582048

Pretty sure that since they denied her citizenship, they know something is up, thus they are digging more and imo it's only a question of time. With everything released by Naruru and Rodi, if they needed some more idea on where to search, now they have it.

But like others have said, it might take a found months if not a year.

No. 582139

Randa, what's your purpose in posting gibberish and trying to spam here and the other website?
You srly think that's gonna do anything?
Are you worried ppl are gonna report you and get you into trouble like that other woman that got arrested? Afraid of deportation? Should've thought before committing a fraud you know.
Spamming forums isn't gonna stop anything.
Even someone as retarded as you should know and understand that.

No. 582143

how can someone be so determined to spam so much?!

No. 582147

File: 1538246704647.png (55.11 KB, 281x500, from pull1.png)

From Pull

No. 582148

File: 1538246728837.png (53.27 KB, 281x500, frompull2.png)

No. 582149

File: 1538246780582.jpg (55.67 KB, 414x500, frompull3.jpg)

No. 582150

afraid of being caught on committing fraud, anon
but she's too fucking stupid, she thinks that spamming will make shit go away like the anon said above.
too late miranda
you fucked up too much and you're in deep shit.

No. 582154

Why does she wanna live in Japan so bad though? or apparently anywhere except Canada?

No. 582162

She knows that when she comes back to Canada, she has no legitimate reason to have no real job or education. And she'll likely have to live with her family… Mississauga has gotten so much more expensive since she last lived there

No. 582167

Because Japanese people can't tell how shitty she is in her own native language. She's also probably " (fake) praised" by Japanese people just for saying basic Japanese words. Confidence and ego boost that doesn't require too much effort. In Canada, nobody would want to hire her, she writes like a retard, has a shitty attitude, would not be willing to do any kind of hard work. She can't hide how stupid and insufferable she is in Canada, her gaijin card doesn't work there.

No. 582174


she's from Mississauga? that's a hop/skip away from Brampton. If she wants muslim dick so bad you'd think she would be scrambling to get back there lmao

but probably she knows that being back in Canada would mean that her videos lack content…NOT that her eating fruit and trying starbucks drinks is what I would call "riveting" content…but doing it in Japan while pretending to be Muslim is at least something…I guess?

No. 582178

I still do not buy it. There is still no proof. Don't get too excited just because someone or something came to spam the thread (a robot?) It was for sure sent by Miranda or KM but it also could have been a fan of hers. On top of that it also could have been Rodi or Naruru herself….

"Oh look Miranda is trying to cover it up by hacking the forum look guys I was telling the truth all along".

In the end there still is not proof that she actually is still married or was ever married. Theres additional proof of Miranda mailing him with fake accounts or trying to get his information. He hasn't even produced the email where she asked him to delete the videos….

Screenshots of Rodi saying "she is married" doesn't prove that she is married, it only proves the conversation between the two actually took place. You also have to take into consideration that Miranda has made a video and has stated a couple of times she doesn't want to apply anymore….

No. 582181

>Miranda says she doesn’t want to apply..

Miranda says a lot of thing and 99% have turned out to be bullshit. Yet here you are saying we should take her word for it?


No. 582184


no one is out here saying this is 100% conclusive proof. BUT it's the only information we have to go on AND it makes way more sense than her being able to stay in Japan with no valid visa/minimal income

So like…unless you have a more plausible theory, sit down

No. 582185

Do you see the irony in being so skeptical at Rodi/Naruru but asking us to "take into consideration" what Miranda says? LOL please.

No. 582205


She has mentioned multiple times she has a job outside of YouTube. If she wanted to apply for citizenship she would have applied already. Actions speak louder than words. She has said in her live shows that she "would live anywhere", "doesn't identify as Japanese anymore", "is SO happy she didn't get citizenship and will later tell us why in another video". I don't think that she would "die" for citizenship as Rodi is claiming.

No. 582206

guess miranda calmed down and is sleeping now

No. 582244

if you believe anything that isis wannabe says, you're as retarded as she is

No. 582256

I don't believe any shit randa says because everyone knows she's a fucking liar but I wonder why narunaru and rodi instead of publishing their info on that website don't just gather whatever info they have on Miranda's fraudulent marriage and just report her to immigration. What the fuck are we members of the forums supposed to do besides being amused we were right about what kind of bitch miranda is? Those two are in japan right? Just go and fucking report her instead of only posting. We can't do shit

No. 582258

File: 1538257907377.jpeg (226.19 KB, 1600x1000, surprised_cat_hd_widescreen_wa…)

Well, if Miranda said it HAS to be true.
Get the fuck out of here.

No. 582261

How do you know they haven’t? So, yeah, I’m quite happy to sit back and be amused at this train wreck of Miranda’s own making.

No. 582263


Point taken.
I'm the anon who asked why they don't report miranda to immigration.
Since narunaru is posting and disclosing info, I hope he let us know if they reported miranda for committing fraud. Obviously they didn't give her citizenship because they suspected her marriage was a scam and its a matter of gathering evidence to arrest her. If those two give more info to the Japanese immigration on miranda they might have more to be able to arrest her.
Like you I'm amused and look forward to see miranda back to white-trash-land

No. 582270

File: 1538259335093.png (115.4 KB, 281x500, AEF71F7C-08A1-4F14-9D14-C5C7D6…)


Well, from this exchange between Rodi and KM it seemed that’s what Rodi was saying (hence the “she is in Guam” bullshit)

So, you never know

No. 582284

Naruru will not do shit. She's only here for the drama. We still don't know if any of this shit is legit or not.

No. 582288

Now this is Miranda. Same exact dialog as her other anon posts. Spergchan 2.0 must've been loser KM.

No. 582294

KM is Miranda, I don't believe Naruru for a minute. If Miranda had a rich guy she'd be using him for more nice shit, rather than all these cheap salaryman hotels and cheap bootlegs, even if she is paying a Japanese person.

No. 582311


WHYYY do you even bother to refer to yourself in the 3rd person lmao it's so obvious it's you!!

No. 582316


okay not trying to be an ass but some of you willfully ignore basic logic just to hold onto these little baseless theroies. The dude aint rich! He doesn't HAVE to be rich.

Like we all confirm she stays in cheap places, travels locally, buys knockoff shit, and buys inexpensive shit like fruit and smoothing. A Norwegian guy who lives alone can EASILY fund this shit.

Seriously some of you with this "SHES NOT EVEN IN JAPAN" "SHES KM" there are zero fucking receipts for any of this. And then when we DO get info (even if it's not yet proven - it's still more to go on than just grapevine speculation) yall ignore it to hang onto this soy milk.

No. 582336

Don't worry, I don't think anyone believes the "rich guy" part. But KM would be too elaborate of a sockpuppet for Mira. He's just a sad, japanophile white man who's obsessed with her bc she made Japan videos.

No. 582342

Yeah…. miranda is a pathetic liar but what about this narunaru person? I agree with you that he should just go and inform immigration about miranda especially if he is in Japan, but I was under the impression narunaru is a woman, not a guy?
Wasn't that the woman who was stalking (maybe the only true stalker) miranda, conned miranda into meeting her in person at a cafe? I remember reading something like this at pull.
If so, I don't know about this narunaru, just way too shady and I think you're right above, she is in it to stir drama.
I believe rodi though because miranda has harassed him publicly many times, so not hard to believe she's still harassing him, even creating those tinder accounts with rodi's pictures.

No. 582347


They are scared for sure. I had a couple of back and forth tweets with KM and he’s now deleted all his comments.

The interesting one was I pointed out that he threatened Rodi to “destroy his life”.

I think they realize that shit got real.

No. 582355

File: 1538270084590.png (144.24 KB, 1242x1025, IMG_6564.PNG)

Are you naruruinJapan?

You posted this and I'll tell you what's wrong with your theory.
When you apply for citizenship, of course the spouse of the applicant gets interviewed. I bet you anything mirandas husband did a lousy job at it, which made the immigration agents suspect their marriage is a fraud. That's the reason she got denied. The guy doesn't want her to get citizenship, obviously.
If he's in a bad situation why he would give up his monthly piggy bank from miranda?
She gets citizenship she doesn't need him anymore, no more monthly payments.

Another thing, what closest friends? Isn't really obvious to you that miranda managed to end all friendships she had? She doesn't have any friends that wanna continue any friendship with her, only ex friends that want distance from her and would be even embarrassed to be seen with her at this point. You got miranda to meet you, why you don't try again, and why you don't report her ass to immigration? If your too chicken shit to do it, get rodi to do it.
Get her isis recruit wannabe back to canada.

I think you talk too much and are not very observant, naruruinJapan

No. 582357

I'm surprised the SHE'S IN CANADA!! anon hasn't popped up yet, especially after the Guam speculation.

Yeah, that's Naruru. She has her own YT channel, I think it's called Naruru in Japan. She's been thirsty af to get in on the drama since day 1, when she got Randa to agree to a meeting.

No. 582360

she sounds almost as retarded as randa lmfao.
she wants in randa's drama she should study randa better. we here all know randa only buys fake lv shit, stays in cheap hotels and has zero friends, lonely pathetic retarded as shit she is.
we figured she had a visa kun a long long time ago and the guy probably on purpose looked suspicious at the citizenship interview to have randa get denied and continue receiving payments.
your not very smart are you naruru?

No. 582368


>Are you naruruinJapan

Nope. Not Naruru. But everyone of us here are wanting “in on the drama” or we wouldn’t be posting. There’s a little simple logic for you.

Visa-Kun may not have done well in an immigration interview, but Miranda fucked up her immigration by herself. With her “furniture that blends in with the walls” shit and no food or anything at her supposed apartment.

No. 582370


Hahaha naruru just posted on PULL now trying to back away.
It was just too good to be true, someone actually with some true dirty info on Miranda!
She says Miranda's "closest friends" should report her…. hmm yeeeaaaaahhhhh as if miranda even has one single closest friend… or any regular friend at all lol

And she claims they don't
have Miranda's latests info such as her phone number.

Naruru is a Miranda stalker wannabe but
Rodi was a close friend of Miranda before she decided to sexually harass him.
He's got to have Miranda's phone number.

So yeah…. whatever….

No. 582371

Personally I’m enjoying the shit-show despite the autistic fucks doubting Naruru but believing she been in Canada the whole time.

(Waiting for the inevitable ooh I never believed that, I was just trolling)

No. 582372

File: 1538272131336.jpeg (439.17 KB, 1416x1123, 989199B5-9B5C-488B-B104-B310B6…)

Miranda has gone on another delete spree. Cover tracks..

No. 582373

She's clearly in japan, still cosplaying her isis bride rags.
Naruru is a Miranda stalker wannabe, has been since she got Miranda, who's a dumb fuck, to meet her. She also has a YT channel with miserable 130 something subscribers and has a patreon. Reminds me of Kat loves osaka desperately wanting in on the Miranda drama for her own benefit.
Until Rodi discloses what he has on Miranda (he was friends with her, naruru was always just a stalker) then shit will get real, everything's just the same.

No. 582376

I think the only person besides Rodi that could back up this story is Sharla, but I don’t think she wants to ever get involved with her again. Or at least publicly. It seemed Rachel had some insider information on Mira based on her comment about the rumored domestic violence claims and Victor hinted that he knew more about Mira’s marriage situation. If possible, Rodi should contact any of those people as witnesses, gather more evidence and go to authorities. But be more careful about releasing further information for the time being.

However, I totally understand him wanting to be petty and expose her on the gossip sites she frequents. To take back some control. He must be so upset and we can’t forget that Mira is a sexual harasser. If Rodi were female, I think much less people would be telling him to ignore her or just keep this to himself. Mira does deserve to be exposed for the creepy fuck she is.

No. 582408


If Rodi really wanted Miranda out if his life why doesn't he delete her videos and stop talking about her. Look at the comments of his videos. He enjoyed the drama. The videos about Miranda are plagued with comments about her and he gives them all hearts. Take it in! the only information we were given was word of mouth all talk BS. Where are the screen shots of Miranda contacting him? Where are the screen shots of the 10 LINE accounts that she made? He can't even provide evidence that she actually was or is married. They even said so it was "by mouth" so no proof.

No. 582409


This was written on a Japanese keyboard.
Hello Rodi.

No. 582410

Dude, I didn't say anything about Canada, and we literally thought she was KM until yesterday you stupid fuckwit.

No. 582411


Sharla prolly knows a lot, lot more about Miranda than she said in public but they haven't been friends for years since all that shitty drama with Rachel and all the accounts Miranda made to harass them. I think Rodi should contact Miranda's
more recent ex friends, that D-chan girl, Lola, Erika, all were good friends with Miranda and suddenly disappeared and stopped their friendship. Maybe could be the whole Muslim Isis terrorist cosplay they couldn't put up with, but maybe as they got closer to Miranda, they saw what a dirty liar she is and all the shady shit she's into, and ran away from Miranda as fast as they could. Even Tkyosam stopped being seen with Miranda (even though he's too obnoxious himself to be trusted).
I'm sure all these people have pretty good reasons to not want to be friends with Miranda anymore. All of them have social media. Rodi should contact all these people and see what they have to say.

No. 582412

It's probably Naruru tbh. She was samefagging herself yesterday.

Also, I still think KM is just a sockpuppet, their tweets are all in Randanese.

No. 582414

None of these fools can back up this shit show. They don't have fucking contact with Miranda.

Sevy & Amy are the only YouTubers whom have appeared with Miranda in the last year. Sevy went to Miranda's house according to Instagram stories. Amy traveled with Miranda during her stay. Sharla and Rodi are shit talkers and drama whores. Remember this drama all started when Miranda requested her videos get removed and none of them wanted to do it. They are in it for the $. Don't beat around the bush. People want money. They want to keep making money because they know the videos with Miranda get the views.

No. 582415

How do you even find out shit like this? Plus there's not only one anon here who lives in Japan/has a Japanese keyboard.

No. 582416


I am curious why do people think that Miranda doesn't talk to these people (except for D-chan). Miranda talks about losing 1 best friend in Japan after converting (possibly D-chan), but she often Tweets to Erika and Sam, still follows them, and Sam often likes her Instagram posts.


Look at the quotation marks.

No. 582420


KM has a whole entire IG and Youtube of someone who clearly lives in Scandinavia and obsessed with Miranda.

Miranda can't even keep basic lies straight let alone a whole entire personality….that sends her money.

Like can yall stop with this stupid shit lol. It's not beyond the realm of possibility that a lonely norwegian incel weeb is infatuated with the ISIS bride

No. 582433

Narunaru and Rodi are so quiet now. I am waiting for the screen shots from the 10 LINE accounts that Miranda created. It is taking them a long time to Photoshop something together.

No. 582446

That means absolutely nothing since anyone can use a Japanese keyboard without being in Japan.

No. 582451

But how many people actually do that, esp to post on here? This is such a clusterfuck, I want some solid dirty truth about Randa, not Naruru's cowtipping puppetmaster shit

No. 582456

Sometimes people accidentally leave it on. Happens to me all the time. With that said, I think it's Naruru too.

No. 582458

Let us not forget…

Naruru is the same girl who lured Mira into eating with her and then took a picture of her food to later upload a thesis on her investigations on PULL


No. 582459

naruru is pretty flaky. she has some lame youtube stuff too.

No. 582460

literally where?

this hasn't been posted anywhere.

No. 582461

What is her channel?

No. 582463

No. 582483


There, if you fuckers weren’t waiting to be spooned everything, youkd have already know about that IG. It isn’t the first time it’s been posted.

No. 582485


Jesus, again needing to be spoon fed

You know what you had to do to find that? Go to YouTube and type “NaruruinJapan” in the search tab.

What has happened to this place. People here used to be able to track people down based on wallpaper in the background and now using the search bar is too difficult.

Not trying to start infighting or anything but Jumping jesus on a pogo stick..

No. 582490

File: 1538295737836.jpg (102.47 KB, 638x763, taunt.jpg)

No. 582491

I still don't know why everyone (including, no, especially Miranda and her supporter) are so excited about this "revelation"…We have already known about her fake marriage, etc. for a long time now. The only new information is that Miranda and her Scandinavian supporter are trying to force Rodi to take down the hair porn videos, right? I was expecting somewhat more interesting information…

No. 582493

Lmfao omfg are you srly that gullible?
A picture of food and you blindly believe whatever someone online tells you?
I'm starting to believe that some ppl here are as retarded and pathetic as miranda herself. Your post and the SHES IN CANADA!!! anon win the stupidity award of this forum.
I believe what Rodi is saying simply because everyone including myself saw Miranda harassing him on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram. Using her own account and the several others she makes to harass ppl. It's her MO and she's done it over and over.
But naruru is just an opportunist loser that can't get anywhere with her idiotic YouTube channel, also attempts to get $ from ppl via patreon and her presence is nonexistent unless it is to stir shit and attract attention to herself. As someone said above, she's the new Kat Loves Osaka. IMO she's not any better than miranda, their are all stupid, pathetic fucks

No. 582497

looks like shes making a Louis vuitton video

No. 582499

you know what? i think naru is in collusion with miranda.
everything miranda posts in social media is irrelevant, boring as fuck, and her videos have gotten worse if that's possible. she looks dead, sickly, tired, she's bleeding subscribers daily because majority doesn't wanna see white trash ex weeabo now isis bride dressed in rags.
naru entered the scene introducing herself on pull and quickly and conveniently mentioning her micro youtube channel, and heavily infiltrating herself into the miranda drama. after reading all her blahblahblah at pull about a meeting with miranda, a bunch of lousy manga attempt drawings (pretty much same lame shit she has in her videos) and her proof the meeting actually happened is a pic of food?
both just wanted to be talked about again, both love drama, and the only way they become relevant again is by stirring some shit drama, so there.

No. 582500

i forgot to say, and both are using rodi.

No. 582508


No anon, that picture is old. Naruru met Mira years ago. The reason why she met up with her is because Sharla and Kat told her to contact Mira to find out what kind of "evidence" Mira was hiding. Mira handed over the evidence and Naruru made that post on PULL but never fully released the other side of the evidence. Kat came back a few months later and said that there was going to be a huge expose….didn't happen. Similar to now as we wait for a expose video and nothing happens. Hours later and all of them went silent.

No. 582511

Naruru doesn't know how to use Google translate apparently. She is off on PULL saying that since Miranda is referencing divorce she is therefor talking to naruru. What a sad loser. If you translate what the other girl said in Japanese she asked if it was Haram to get divorced. Naruru is too much.

No. 582513

"Supposedly " met Miranda years ago. Is there a video of the meeting? Even a pic of them together? No? How convenient…. is a picture proof that a meeting took place?
Yeah, right, naruru is so fucking full of shit, just like miranda. Fucking losers IRL, crave online attention and drama only.

No. 582514

I meant, is a picture of food proof? NO.

No. 582516


Miranda talked about it. I don't remember where but it was probably in a video or live show. She said that the girl tricked her or something. I have no idea what she said in detail. The general idea was that Naruru tricked her and Miranda called her a crazy stalker.

No. 582518

LMFAO IKR?? I just saw it. And are we supposed to believe a thing that dipshit says? Anon above has an interesting theory of naruru teaming up with Miranda, it seems pretty feasible. Miranda has done it before… when she's so boring that nobody talks about her she finds a way to create drama to be talked about again. Insecurity is a bitch! And naruru seems fucking pathetic just like Miranda.

No. 582520

Doesn't seem likely for a pair up… Why would Mira want to pair with someone who has no content. She would much rather start drama with someone who is interesting such as Tkyosam or maybe even get in touch with another Muslim YouTuber to maybe start some rivalry with Rodi

No. 582521


the pull member that randa was fucking mad as hell with was pearl
she went on and apparently send messages to everyone in pearls social media accounts, friends and family etc

No. 582522

Maybe it's Mira + KM + Rodi + Naruru all working together to stir up drama and get views?

No. 582523

Nah, I believe Rodi
Did you miss Miranda's harassment to Rodi? It was on Twitter, YT
KM is Miranda's account. That account is the only one fluent in mirandese besides K3 account and all the other accounts she makes to create drama. She comes here and gets busted because she speaks mirandese only.
She knew that narunaru is just like Kat in osaka, desperate to belong in some drama, so she picked her to her newest online tantrum

No. 582526

No tinfoil hats. Its obvious. Naruru has no friends but takes Rodi as a friend simply because he is enemies of Mira. She jumps in when she can when theres drama. Rodi got an email from Mira and she came up with the idea to make a huge expose. Nothing was exposed. Case closed. Go back to debating if she is in Japan or Canada.

No. 582527

I think what anons are saying above is Randa wanted some kind of watch dog with access to Rodi (she tried with the fake accounts, but he figured it was her) to help her out stir shit and drama. Naruru seems the type who dies to belong, otherwise she wouldnt have appeared out of nowhere with a loooooong shady post on PULL only to add to the ongoing miranda drama.
Miranda can't use any of her friends as drama partners because she's a dumb fucker who managed to scare them all off with the isis convertion shit.
Looking at naruru's youtube it says she is 3/4 Arab so good enough for Arab obsessed Miranda to use her.
Naruru is in heaven now because miranda senpai noticed her lol

No. 582530

naruru uploaded a video

No. 582533

File: 1538309984750.png (24.3 KB, 766x237, Screenshot_2018-09-30_14-02-40…)

I agree there is no way we can know the truth about most of all of this, but can we just please put this KM = Miranda thing to rest? As a Norwegian myself I'm 100% convinced that KM is an actual Norwegian person. He posts videos of himself driving in Norway regularly on youtube (with that anime character he is obsessed with is on his dashboard). On his most recent video he comments in detail about the drive in perfect, non-google translate Norwegian. Randa would never be able to pull this off.

Even the worst full-time jobs in Norway pay well enough for Japan to be considered a mostly "cheap" country in comparison, so I have no trouble believing he can afford to send her enough money for some fake brand goods every now and then. The fact that Randa is actually a real person who is this fucked up is what's astonishing imo, creepy incel weebs who get obsessed with any woman who will throw them a bone is nothing new.

No. 582538

I’m pretty sure naruru wants that rody dick as well and is white knighting rody

No. 582540



No. 582542

Lol could be.
Naruru wants everyone to believe shes the good guy, but i think shes just another full of shit online snowflake

No. 582545

Enough bullshit. Stop talking about Naruru unless she is willing to actually give is real info and real screen shots. I want all the conversations. Even all of those with KM.

No. 582554

No. 582558

"You already accepted for the recording."

….and this snowflake is supposed to be an english teacher??? WTF??
Kind of reminds me of a certain someone who also claimed to have worked as an english teacher in japan, but it turns out she is only fluent in….mirandese lol

No. 582560

Miranda confirmed it herself..

No. 582561

Is she from the Philippines?

No. 582562

stop copying randa and referring to youself in 3rd person, naruru

No. 582564

File: 1538315077106.jpg (499.73 KB, 2889x1752, naru.jpg)

she's asking for permission to 'record everything'. is there a reason why this is meant to be interesting?

No. 582565


Haha i had the same WTF reaction, she sounds like someone from India who should be taking English lessons.
Might ask miranda if she wants to join too

No. 582567


Again with having to be spoon fed. Miranda confirmed the meeting between her and Naruru on Twitter and video and then again on her e-beg video when she "quit" her job.

This all came out at the time, is on the older threads here and at PULL. Stop being a lazy shit and research before confirming complete retardation

No. 582568


Yes, Retards questioning whether she actually met Miranda.

See retard at >>582493

No. 582573

lol naruru on pull basically saying “wah lolcow is so mean to me, thanks pull for blindly believing my incongruent story written in broken ass English and not asking any questions”

Rody is playing both women like fiddles trying to carve out e fame and he’s so smoldering hot that both are in denial over it

No. 582582

File: 1538319727806.jpeg (147.79 KB, 750x600, 800A0195-C753-492C-BF73-B00073…)

No. 582583

File: 1538319822440.jpg (301.64 KB, 931x596, naruru.jpg)

I was checking her Instagram. Naruru is also Muslim!!!

No. 582584

lol Muslims drama

No. 582585


No shit. She has said that repeatedly..

On topic: Miranda has a new vid about Louis Vuitton, trying to show that her stuff is really real LV you guise..

No. 582587

>No shit. She has said that repeatedly..

Yeah, retards here probably never believed it because, retard reasons..

No. 582590

Naruru is so obsessed with “protecting” Rodi… she may not be as completely bonkers as K3 but she is definitely butting her head in for no reason. If Rodi wanted to communicate with the people of PULL and Lolcow that badly he’d do it himself

No. 582596


This is the video on hooktube https://hooktube.com/watch?v=ceGiFIPPvEc

Any brave anon that want to watch it or mirror it?

No. 582597

Changing the subject, Miranda is on Twitter throwing a tantrum over a typhoon passing through her wooden house. I confess, it's making me chuckle.

No. 582599


LMFAO bless you anon for telling us cause she just deleted all of the tweets, almost missed all the hilarity

she's so ignorant, she's probably the only idiot that didn't know how to face the incoming typhoon

No. 582600

File: 1538324570537.jpg (9.47 KB, 587x89, no.jpg)

She did delete everything but she just posted this one.

No. 582601

Lol. I saw her embarrassing video and now deleted tweets. What a wuss.
So many questions. Why was she glued to a couch in that weird house, close to a window, if she’s that scared? Why was she asking foreign followers to send her radar maps of Tokyo instead of doing it her damn self? Why is she acting like this is her first typhoon? Where was her brave mahram to protect her?

No. 582602

File: 1538325000181.jpg (283.64 KB, 1224x1224, IMG_6569.JPG)

No. 582603

File: 1538325013033.jpg (531.37 KB, 627x2283, kekekekekek.jpg)


that makes it so much funnier, after the massive freak out she's just like "oh nvm it's almost over" fucking KEK she sounds INSANE

No. 582604

File: 1538325023711.jpg (303.36 KB, 1224x1224, IMG_6570.JPG)

No. 582605

it's a shame, when I clicked the video it was already gone. Can you describe it for us?

No. 582607

File: 1538325366811.png (48.99 KB, 1242x370, IMG_6571.PNG)

Kek just posted again

No. 582609

imagine being retarded.

No. 582610

Life is hard; it's even harder when you're stupid…

No. 582627



No. 582635

Great, so now Randa is copying everyone's posts and randomly posting them?

It's 2am in japan rn, I guess she must still be doing SW/hostessing.

No. 582654

great randa, you go on copypasting, that will make it all better

No. 582658

this is a super bizarre form of copypasta tho.

No. 582722


No. 582757

File: 1538327307685.jpg (71.86 KB, 500x391, MIRA-Why-I-Became-Muslim.jpg)

Can someone please get mods in here? We have almost 200 messages since the past 5 minutes and a lot of it is spam

No. 582764

Poor Mira's lost her marbles.

No. 582765

File: 1538327557669.jpg (63.42 KB, 616x464, reeee.jpg)

Try reporting the walls of text and also go to discord to the emergency channel

No. 582767

what's happening ?!

No. 582775

miranda or KM lost it

No. 582777

File: 1538327834522.jpg (72.13 KB, 616x464, IMG_6572.JPG)

No. 582796

lmfaooo her new video about LV is hilarious. She showed everything BUT her authenticity certificates (but tbh even those can be bought)

Basically the gist of her video is: her LV is SUPER REAL because she lives in JAPAN and only fakes exist in China so there is no possible way she could have fake LV………………………….even though her LV is missing some key signatures of REAL LV AND fake LV is easily bought online

lmao like we triggered the everloving fuck out of her

No. 582802

File: 1538328232195.jpg (155.33 KB, 1166x516, themiraeffect.jpg)


can we also talk about this? kek

in the middle of a spam attack, try to always post your shit as a response to legit posts and also add an image to them (with custom name) so it's pretty obvious who the spamers are

No. 582811

I laughed hard at the part where she says about waiting for when Louis Vuitton starts selling perfume and she would buy right away, as if they started selling recently. Lmao, shows how little she knows about the brand she claims to love.
And those sandals…. Randa, that's what happens when you buy replica! After two months of use, contrary to an authentic quality brand product, it will be ready for the trash, like that shit you showed.
I've got years of working retail including luxury brands and of all the shif she showed, the only item that might be authentic was the black bag. It's either authentic or a really good replica. The sandals, the boots, the scarfs all bad, bad, BAD knockoffs.
And Randa, let me educate you lol, the date code on your sunglasses doesn't mean Japan only product. By the date code you know country it was made, year and week. Buying Louis Vuitton in Japan doesn't mean you will get made in Japan for sale in Japan only items, you silly, silly, silly thing!

No. 582829

File: 1538328886700.jpg (5.23 KB, 261x193, stupidisstupid.jpg)

I don't know what tipped her off but there's probably truth in some of the stuff naruru posted. You gonna get deported soon Randa, enjoy your stay while you can!

No. 582832

She's just fucking pissed anon caught her throwing a fucking tantrum on Twitter and anons took screenshots and have now the tantrum she quickly deleted lmfao, we're faster than you, you ugly fucker

No. 582835

File: 1538329315170.jpg (7.75 KB, 300x168, images.jpg)

is that the husband she pays?

No. 582836

File: 1538329328636.jpg (68.91 KB, 610x229, realztalkzuguize.jpg)



I am going to be laughing about this for a long while

No. 582840


There's a discord for lolcow?

No. 582841

File: 1538329692033.png (426.74 KB, 635x762, typhoonindahouseguyzzz.png)



No. 582843

look at the bottom of this page

No. 582846

File: 1538329770868.jpg (8.35 KB, 259x194, images (1).jpg)

No. 582848


No. 582850

Im not sure on that, but if i remember well, it's a old picture of her first husband, the one that got her in Japan and she divorced him 2 months later. I could be totally wrong… you can probably find more info on the pull summary

No. 582851

File: 1538329987455.jpg (19.67 KB, 210x240, datyphoonindahouseomg.jpg)

allah save me from da typhoon in da house

No. 582853

No. 582861

ooOOOoooOoooh Randa… reallllllyyyy??

Tell the typhoon in your house we say HELL-O

No. 582867

i think so.

that dumb bitch could have been in japan for real if she had just waited a few years.

sometimes i almost admire how stupid she is.

No. 582881

go to bed randa

No. 582890

File: 1538330630455.jpg (46.83 KB, 436x443, nicetrysweety.jpg)


Nice autogenerated image names and non linked answers, mira and minions kek

No. 582895

Hi, how are you?

No. 582897

That's not her first husband. Her first husband had a rounder and bigger face. She used to make fun of him telling him on camera that his face was so big compared to hers(idiot Randa didn't even know he was probably self-conscious about that since having a small head is better in Japan).
I think this is Visa-kun n°2.

No. 582910

Randa showing off her mad Google Translate skillz.

No. 582921

Been a while since Miranda has been this triggered. Naruru is a flake, but there must be something setting off this flood of spammy tears

No. 582924

Seems to be visa-kun 2 yes, google reverse image search was usefull for once lol

No. 582926

Did you miss her tantrum on twitter a while ago?
Pissing her pants, Ooommmmggggg there's a typhoon in my house you guyzzzz I'm so scared
One of the anons caught her doing it, told us, some managed to screen shoot before she regretted and deleted the whole thing.
Anons posted screenshots here and she's fucking mad

No. 582928

it was the same spamming yesterday as well, before a typhoon trespassed through her house

No. 582930


you should have taken screenshots of it, she's hilarious

No. 582932

Maybe that's how randa will communicate with us from now on lmfao
She gets triggered by shit she doesn't like, she spams like a fucking retarded brat

No. 582963

lmao can't even script the spamming? how weak are you?

No. 582965

Hey! She's doing her best okay? It's not easy to spam a board when your IQ is below 80!

No. 582966

randa can barely use a computer, do you think she knows how to do that?

No. 582969


b-b-bu she used electonic-looking font for her hacker images. That should be enough for you to tell how legit this attack is

No. 582970

File: 1538332241261.jpg (34.24 KB, 494x556, bwoiy.JPG)

this is the most entertaining thing i've seen all week

No. 582974

File: 1538332589538.jpeg (6.42 KB, 267x189, miraplsstoptrolling.jpeg)

whoa this is serious guys

No. 582976

She tried to attack PULL too but the mods were faster there.

No. 582977

This is one of the more interesting spam attacks I've seen in a while, gotta say. But what's up with the deviantart copypasta? From the looks of it it's pretty ancient and obscure.

No. 582978


This is all just so fucking pathetic…

No. 582985

I don't envy the mods who have to clean up Randa's mess, assuming it was her and not KM, Naruru, or Rodi.

No. 582988

Sorry guys, the spam's been taken care of.

If I missed anything please use the report function and I'll take it down ASAP.

No. 582989

I am starting to think that all foreigners in japan are just cringe.

naruru is pretty cringe
rodi is cringe
randa goes without saying

i think you have to be cringe to not only live there, but broadcast it all over as if it's some kind of mystical thing.

naruru has proven to be pretty cringy, what with her shitty "anime" yt and poor english skills.

No. 582990


Bless you fashionably late farm hand

No. 582991

Thanks bby~

No. 582992

I wonder what set her off so badly. The visa husbando shit? Rodi's input? Or could it be that crazy stalker girl?

No. 582994

The people who move there for valid reasons (i.e. for a corporate job) seem to be normal for the most part. Though the way they look down on every other gaijin is kind of obnoxious.
Is she drunk?

No. 582996

also kyrgyz language lol, is she suddenly thirsty for shithole muslim countries

No. 582999

Thank you, I love you.

No. 583006

Google translate, nothing else

No. 583009

File: 1538336305690.jpg (126.86 KB, 805x415, ok.jpg)


I think she bought it back when things were going better for her and the rest was just to desperately try to keep that "status"

I found it funny that she didn't show the newer shoes' bottoms wich are also missing the LV monogram

No. 583011

seriously. nta but this is just so cringy.

most people who buy fake brand will just buy it to wear out and people will notice as they walk by. it's not meant for this kind of ridiculous dissection randa does. this is the main reason we know it's fake. like we could speculate, but she keeps showing off the shit in detail so it's easy to spot.

No. 583013

I think anime is to blame, people who are obsessed with anime are cringe. If anime were American instead of Japanese there would simply be fewer foreign idiots in Japan. If you study Japanese in college, (at least here) all your classmates will be cringy weeaboos who have no interest in learning a foreign language (a huge undertaking that takes serious dedication and won't be easier or more fun no matter how much you love Naruto). Studying Japanese (and going to Japan to live) because you like anime is ridiculous, it's like studying English at an academic level and moving to America only because you like Dan Brown. To learn a language and a foreign culture you actually have to like languages and foreign cultures and not just asinine pop culture products from that culture. And thus all these idiots end up in Japan with no real interest or intention of making an effort, and tarnish the reputation of all foreigners. The most lazy and socially awkward people from other countries flock to one of the countries in the world where it's most frowned upon to "not read the air" and being a cringy ass… it's fascinating

No. 583014

Japan is so polarized as a society, where they have a lot of cool things, but it's hellish to live there and actually like anything.

Even the non-weeby youtubers in Japan are super lame imo. They're just gushing to weebs about how cool japan is.

No. 583061


she keeps outing herself with this fake shit. we are even telling her in exactly the ways it's fake and she still cant cover her tracks

not only that but the only way you could get LV looking like that amount of wear/tear is if she wore them every day and went hiking in them a few times AND has a severe foot sweating issue (gross)

like…even worn vintage designer shit doesn't look that ragged. cheap materials wear out faster.

No. 583088

Omg seriously randa? It's 5 am, go to sleep!

No. 583091

Apparently the next step after hanging out with Saudis and speaking fake Arabic is to try to steal kids from Syrian refugees

No. 583092

File: 1538341781225.jpg (272.4 KB, 1000x922, fakeandgay.jpg)

No. 583101

I thought I was in the wrong thread but nope it's just Miranda looking at Onision for her next boyfriend.

Muslim, vegetarian, same thing.

No. 583103

The sperging is what makes me believe it's all true. Do you think she would be doing this if things were calm and boring? Nope.

No. 583109

lol why is she spamming so slowly, is she that lazy? or does it get too long to copy and paste

No. 583213

To the mod/admin that have to sit here and wait for the spam to show up every few minutes, dude, you deserve a cookie!

No. 583217

<3 xox

No. 583272

At the speed this is going, we might need a new thread pictures sooner then expected… any photoshop beginner around that can make a cringy one?

No. 583273


I vote for using a tasteful collage of lv fakes evidence, typhoon freak out and nanaru's theories, that might trigger her into implotion

No. 583275

Don't forget the weeby incel.

No. 583279

According to Naruru on pull, she got alot of infos about Miranda's husband… we could wait for that and come up with something related to that!

Pssst Naruru, care to give us a few tidbits/idea with that?!

No. 583280

+1 for the fake LV stuff!

No. 583281

Anyone here use to follow the ForeverKailyn thread on YTT? There was a user who was outed as Kai's friend who was feeding us fake info. I'm getting that vibe from Naruru. She just so happens to have info but she's can't just hand it over, she wants everyone to kiss her ass first.

Naruru, stop pretending you have integrity. Post what you got or fuck off already.

No. 583282


Those are some fugly shoes.

No. 583285

I dont know that ForeverKaitlyn, but in this case most of the info are coming from Rodi himself and Naruru is only acting as the middle-man. Imo, it's not she doesnt want to hand it over, she's waiting for tomorow (oct 1) which is the date Mira/KM saif they'd "destroy his life even if it cost 100k" according to the screentshots. Whitholding the info for a moment is just a bargaining chip…. but i have a feeling we'll know everything soon just because of how Miranda is acting, that's should be fun (it sure was up to now!)

No. 583311

Her Japanese subtitles never get any better, it's hilarious.
What are particles?!
How do I build a coherent sentence?!
How do I Japanese?!
Also lol at "Her-mees", if she did any research in Japanese she would know how it's pronounced because they write it エルメス.

No. 583316

i for one don't believe that, and i think that's what anon means. naruru claims rodi told her to do this, but where are the caps of him asking her? she claims she has caps of randa spamming him, yet won't post them, yet we're supposed to believe all of this without proof that she's trying to stir up drama?

hell, she came to the last thread to talk about what she posted on PULL, and then proceeded to samefag in it patting herself on the back and talking to herself. you could tell cause her english sounds off (english teacher lmao).

No. 583317

>yet we're supposed to believe all of this without proof? is it too ridiculous to think that she's trying to stir up drama?

No. 583324

File: 1538351175360.jpg (135.16 KB, 1024x768, Soupcons Compare 4.jpg)

LV does do Asian fit sunglasses btw, as do most sunglass brands (I have Asian fit RayBans), it's not Japanese only, but the product code is different, apparently it ends on either W(est) or E(ast).

No. 583331

Well, what kind of proof do you want? To have Miranda come here and claim everything is fake/real? We know she lie like she breath.
So on one side we have Miranda that know everything but will never say it nor will show any proof of anything (remember the Sharla dram where she said all the time "I have all the proofs but i cannot show them" yeah… 100% trustworthy).
On the other side, we have screenshots from Rodi himself.
Having to pick a side, i'll go with what Rodi is saying w/o any problems.

No. 583336

i'm saying we need screenshots from him not just naruru saying "rodi totes told me to say all this for him cause he can't say it"

No. 583348

File: 1538352834235.jpg (1.09 MB, 1490x930, onlyreallvinjapan.jpg)


Will this work???

No. 583350

Why would Miranda thinks spamming is a good idea in the first place?
Oh right, she's not that bright.

No. 583352

Imo if you poorly photoshop a burqa over the geisha's face it would be totally perfect

No. 583360


oh it was kinda a piss-take on how she changes her levels of modesty and shit lol plus SHE would love the hijab/kimono combo sooooooooooooooooooooo fuck that

No. 583370

Sorry for the messy description, but it was late and I went to bed right after watching it.

It was classic boring Mira but she kept going on about how scary the typhoon was without really sounding particularly frightened. More like she had no one to talk and was exaggerating her “imminent peril” for some human attention. Hence, her ridiculous Twitter spam and asking people to send her maps as if she were incapable of Googling. It was 15 minutes of sitting on the couch with the camera filming upwards at a window with the curtains closed, then filming another covered window. She briefly hobbled up and down a narrow, winding staircase to get Kitaca while trying to obscure the view of the house. She plopped back down on the couch, Kitaca crawled around on the floor, she described the strong wind outside, then she covered the camera, put on her granny hijab and turned the camera to her goofy face. Once again, talking about how she was scared with that droning voice and dead eyes before saying she was going to have to call her mom(because she was totally going to die you guys)and cut filming.

It was just a big waste of time and all it did for me was show that she does live in a new house and there was no indication that anyone else living there, but nothing about that place could be considered a “dream house”. From what I could see, it looked old, small, sparsely decorated and the living room only looked slightly less prison-like than in her live streams.

My guess on all this spam is that it mostly due to that fat Autistic incel, KM. I think his 2008 trolling skills may be part of the reason why Mira keeps him so close. No one else would have that dedication and judging by his taste in anime, lack of style and social life, this old copypasta text bomb is right up his alley.

That’s almost perfect! All it needs is her balding, Norwegian spergin’ samurai somewhere in the background.

No. 583377

File: 1538358213970.jpg (269.58 KB, 868x534, hermees.jpg)

did anyone catch Miranda saying Hermès lmao like how are you going to act like you know anything about high-end fashion and then call it "her-mees"

it's fucking "eir-mez" she's such a goddamn mess

No. 583383

it's so stupid, you can't even spell it like in japanese the way she pronounced it either.

No. 583386

sorry for samefag, but does randa realize that the posh saudi women actually wear makeup, do their nails and generally look attractive?

No. 583389


Yeah, this >>583311 anon already pointed that out

No. 583396

Omg that face! She should get more sleep instead of spending all her time on here, kek

No. 583397

>inb4 mira does some convoluted mental gymnastics about how makeup is haram

No. 583399

I do love it, anon.

No. 583432

She posted an Instagram story when she bought these anon. She posted on Snapchat when she was inside the story buying the new boots. The picture quality is bad and I don't think she made the video to show if they are real or not because if that were the case she would be pointing to all the areas where people can tell if its fake or real. She made the video simply to show off her shit. I don't doubt it is real. Where do you think she spent her money? She used to get $4000 from YouTube a month. She always shopped at high end Tokyo stores such as Omotesando.

No. 583433

No. 583435

The visa husband theory doesn't make sense. She applied for Japanese citizenship 5 years after she moved to Japan. The required amount of years you need to reside in Japan before applying without a Japanese spouse is 5 years, but if shes married its only 3. It means she would have applied earlier.

Lets not forget that she had a Swedish boyfriend that she lived with, without telling anyone.

No. 583436

All her stories don't make a lick of sense. I think so far the theory is that she got married, seperated after 2 months (lol), got on another visa (student, WHV?) and then got married again. You have to be married to the same person for 3 years to apply, so that could've been last year or whenever she applied. She could also easily have her Swedish bf while being married to the Japanese guy, seeing as the authorities were a bit suspicious of her and her husband really living together, which they probably aren't. Some time back she claimed she was on a teijusha visa, which is not something she should have gotten after only being married for 2 months and without children. To me the most likely is:

>1 year spouse visa, got divorced but kept the visa

>1 year WHV or student
>spouse visa again, probably 1 year visas though

And as always, she could easily dispell any rumours by just showing her residence card.

Here's why the 5 year talk is bs btw:
You need to have had a non-baito for at least 3 years. Working at a cafe is not a real job.

No. 583438


No, you can either be married 3 years or have lived in Japan for 3 years.


"" 1.3年以上日本に住んでいる場合

①日本人と結婚していること ""

It means that if she got married to a Japanese people after her first husband, she could have applied for citizenship November 2014. She applied in 2016.

No. 583439

She did not film INSIDE the Louis Vuitton store. Posing outside of it means nothing, especially when the boots have already been proven to be knockoffs. But I don’t doubt she has bought authentic, used brand before. Just not this time.

I was typing up a reply but you summarized what I wanted to write perfectly.

What is 100% undeniable is that there is no other visa Mira could qualify for besides a spouse visa. She has exhausted all other visa options and she does not have the education nor skills to earn a work visa. No one besides Mira, KM and delusional weeaboos would pretend train wreck Mira was gifted with a one-of-kind special visa just for waitressing or sporadically visiting ryokan.

No, Incel-kun. We’ve only been talking about 2014 Visa-Kun 2.0!

No. 583440

Within her Louis Vuitton video you can see the clip she filmed with her phone. 4 other stories were posted but she didn't upload that in her video. The first one I don't know what she said because I didn't have sound on but she was walking outside and there was lots of people and some trees. Second was two boots and her saying "which ones should I get". Third was her saying "they also have perfume" and showing some bottles. The last video she uploaded was some Arabic music playing as she showed bags hanging from her arms with that huge orange box that she shows in the video.

No. 583441

Exactly my point. If she got married in 2014 she would have automatically qualified for citizenship and could have applied in 2014 or even 2015, why would she wait till exactly November 2016?

No. 583448

Apparently so, yes. It's kind of ridiculous, but true that it's not "married to a Japanese person for 3 years", but "has lived in Japan for 3 years and is married to a Japanese person" or "has lived in Japan for 1 year and has been married for 3 years". This shit is easier to get than PR. I'm still entirely stumped on what visa she could be on, because as >>583439 said, she does not meet the requirements for a normal work visa, she does not meet the requirements for a teijusha visa, the only thing she should be able to get is student or WHV.

No. 583449

She does though…kinda
Didn't she claim to be abused? People who are victims of DV are allowed to become Teijuusha. If her husband was abusive then she could have got it. Furthermore……tinfoil hat here but how do we even know that she WAS a student? She went to school but this doesn't mean she actually got divorced. What if she never got divorced from her first husband in the first place? What if the school and student visa was a decoy and then after school finished THEN she applied for a Teijuusha visa under rules of domestic violence.

No. 583450

Maybe she can re-film it all for us, by going to buy another item from LV. She can afford it, right?

No. 583451


haha good idea
someone should ask her on Twitter

No. 583457

>she would have automatically qualified for citizenship

You don’t automatically qualify citizenship just for being married. It must be deemed a valid marriage, which she has never had. Her application was rejected because it was obvious her marriage was a sham. She was interviewed with the fake husband and they failed together. This is real reason why the immigration officials kept asking about no food in the refrigerator and lack of furniture.

Rules of domestic violence? You need to quote or screenshot where you saw these exact rules because this is reaching too far. DV already is not taken seriously enough in Japan and often seen as a “family matter” until someone is actually hospitalized. Same thing with stalking. You want to imagine that the Japanese government would give a unskilled FOREIGN woman a free ride for who knows how many years because she got shoved around? Do you know how often foreign wives put up with abuse just to keep their visa status because if they speak up, their Japanese husband can easily divorce them and they will just be sent back home with no sympathy? Come on. Mira would never be given special treatment.

Besides, she already tried to claim that she had teijuusha for simply DIVORCING after 2 months. If she got the shit beat out of her and her life had been on such danger that immigration fast-tracked her to long-term residence, Mira “I have no shame” Constable would have milked that fact to shut everyone up a long time ago.

No. 583459

What I mean to say is if she got married in 2014 she could have applied for citizenship in 2014. 2011-2014 is 3 years. That is three years living in Japan and married to a Japanese citizen which makes her qualified for citizenship. She had from 2014 till now but she chose to apply in 2016 (5 years living in Japan). This puts holes in the married theory. If she was really married she would be eligible to apply sooner and not have to wait.

Does anyone have her original house tour downloaded? I don't think it had no furniture. It was very bland but certainly not an empty room.


No. 583472


this fucking nonsense again…these mysterious videos no one sees but you. STOP. you keep saying this shit - has anyone ever believed it? has this excuse ever worked? no, but you keep doing it.

she may have been INSIDE the store, but how do you explain them being fake, then? Does LV Japan sell fake LV? The lack of LV logo on the soles 100% prove they are fake and no amount of mysterious unseen IG story videos are going to change that. So shut the fuck up, and drop this tired excuse.

also "used to get $4000". The key word is USED to. If you're stupid enough to try this, I doubt you're smart with money…oh sorry I mean I doubt "she" is smart with money…you, who totally are not Miranda

No. 583473


you need to be married for 3 years.

this is why it didn't work when you got a divorce after a few months.

No. 583474

Not my problem that you don't watch. I don't have to spoon feed everything to you. If you didn't see it then check more often. I don't know. Doesn't look fake to me to be honest. The light is bad. She moves it too quick. The soles could be damaged. She has pictures of her sun glasses from a different angel where they actually do have sparkles on them…. Why would she buy some fake boots, go to the Louis Vuitton store with them in bags, film, go outside and take a short video just to prove to us they are real? You are eating into it too much. If she used to make $4000 do you really think that she spent that every single month? I am sure she has saved up money. It is not like she is rolling up in Lambos. Its not like she is getting Louis shoes every month. A one time deal of $1000 shoes is not even a big deal. The bottom of those pink shoes were ripped to shit. She wore them in the water in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6_tfcoHats

No. 583475

Take off your tinfoil hat anon I am not her. I am just pointing out that I honestly don't think they are fake. We all know she hates China with a passion, she isn't stupid enough to buy fake shit. I don't buy it. She is the type of idiot who rather buy it and go broke or in debt than buy from evil China. Are you not forgetting that she made a video before about her actually falling into credit card debt?

No. 583476

samefag, but you get a spouse visa once you get married immediately, which you don't get to keep once you get divorced.

No. 583477

you're replying to the wrong person you literal retard.

No. 583479

>eating too much into it

i swear, randa, your posts are a diamond dozen!

No. 583480

Teijiuusha for a divorcee is basically only granted if they have children in japan. The logic being that they need to stay to care for the child

No. 583481

correct, it's also usually granted if you'd be able to get sponsored otherwise, like career wise, but randa doesn't have a career.

No. 583483

Then what is this husbands name? info? Where the hell is he? Why has nobody seen them together? Sharla and Kat and Rachel were going to report her for Visa fraud in 2014…..4 years ago and nothing happens? I don't buy it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 583487

you divorced him, randa. can you atleast make an effort to follow the conversation?

No. 583488

this also explains why she'd mention that the guy asked her if she was having sex.

it was probably him asking if they had a "couples relationship" which they will ask about to try to validate her marriage.

No. 583491


Back to the “she showed proof but nobody saw it” silliness. Just as stupid as her “I can prove I’m innocent but will have to kill myself” shit.

You did, at least! Pick up to “spoon fed” terminology. You two are still far too obvious.

You spam attacks didn’t work, so why would you go back to this garbage that even a 3 year old wouldn’t believe.

No. 583492

Visa kun surname is Nagayama. That explains why Randa’s last name is Nagayama. In the latest video she even mentions that a letter addressed her as Nagayama sama

No. 583494

>she isn't stupid enough to buy fake shit.

okay randa, whatever you say!

No. 583496

"I don't have to spoon feed everything to you."
Rest of the post is exactly that. Thanks for confirming that you went to the LV store to film outside though lmao.

Can we please stop with all the bullshit about visas, etc? Until we have more to go on, it's all been done to death and clogs up the thread. Also, fuck Naruru and her thirst for drama. If someone under discussion turns up (here, PULL, KF, wherever) there's a 50/50 chance of getting some milk. When they 'ask' someone else to do it, it's always bullshit. Always.

No. 583497

Most of us were talking about randa's actual husband that she actually had at one point. She's the one bringing up shit as if she's married now.

No. 583511


KM and Miranda, I have a question for you.

Pathetic spam attacks and now this same, tired, bullshit. This is the best you have? You told Rodi you were going to "destroy his life". With shit like this? I suppose it's possible that you could bore him to death. Otherwise, you need to seriously step up your game.

This has been a Public Service Announcement.

No. 583514

Didn't she say in one of her videos that she chose to change her name to a Japanese one when she was in her "I'm a white Japanese uwu" phase? And Nagayama was the name of a station she likes or something like that?

No. 583515


Why…. why would you believe that explanation?

It's simply a fact she is on a marriage visa. There is no other visa for which she qualifies, as she already used up maximum time period for the language school and working holiday visas, and she does not have the educational or employment background to qualify for a college student visa or a working visa of any sort.

She doesn't have children either so she wouldn't get the special resident (teijuusha) visa either.

She's married, whether for legitimate purpose or for the visa, that is a fact.

No. 583519

Does anyone have a timeline for Mira's stay in Japan?
What year did she first arrive in? Hasn't she been there since like 2010?

No. 583521

File: 1538407359988.jpg (77.25 KB, 587x485, anotherday.jpg)

I don't believe it, I'm just talking about how she explained it.
But it sure seems as stupid as her explanation for her love of Saudi Arabia.

And here is your daily dose of Randa.

No. 583524

File: 1538407525222.jpg (81.51 KB, 589x575, doesntevenmakesense.jpg)

No. 583526

damn that's sad, her own mom doesn't want her around?

No. 583530

File: 1538408112733.jpg (218.66 KB, 641x1516, aftertyphoon.jpg)

No. 583536

miranda is the only fucking person i know who would still argue that satire explicitly pointing out racism is racist.

No. 583540

File: 1538410190315.png (125.19 KB, 1224x500, Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 9.09…)

Apparently her Saudi love affair goes as far back as 2015 at least.

What year did she first come to Japan?

No. 583541

around 2010

No. 583545

>ladies do not watch!
>watched enough to know what it's about

Once again, Special Miranda is exempt from everything she says.

No. 583550

This is starting to get really hard to have a full convo in here…
Between the :
"She's in Canada"-anon (we havent seen that in a while but it was fun for sure)
"That LV stuff is real you f*tards"-anon
"I want to see real proof"-anon
"She's not married"-anon
"She can easily travel everywhere on low budget"-anon (aka the : "4k$ a month isnt that much"-anon)
"She showed a video about subject"-anon (videos that only him/her seem to have ever seen, it's not like we have dozens of persons watching/following her but nobodies ever see theses videos)

and im sure im forgetting a fews, it's getting annoying……. unless it's the same person… Cue x-files music

No. 583551

You realize most of the more recent posts are her, right? Stop shitting up the thread.

No. 583558

she seems so salty that even with make up she was too ugly for any guy to legit like her

No. 583561

this is right on cue. earlier ITT we were talking about posh saudi women who buy LV actually wear makeup. good to know the answer is that makeup is for haram whores.

No. 583563

funny coming from someone who's racist herself. Doesn't she hate Chinese, black and while it isn't a race issue, supports violations against human/women rights? Sit down Mira

No. 583565

i guess now that she's not identifying as japanese, she's too good for their brand of racism.

No. 583567


Per her own statements, and proven in previous threads, November 2011.

Other anons been smoking crack.

No. 583572

Discord link dead.. new one please

No. 583576

She seemed to like Saudi back in the hey day because it put women down. Of course the rules didn't apply to her but if you remember she would randomly post about pretty girls she saw on the train and say shit like "This is why they get groped on the train! Wearing such bold make up!" or "She was so annoying! Wearing headphones to ignore the world!" (which was average in Japan) So it's no wonder she was obsessed with the middle east. If all women are covered up she can be on equal standing with them.

No. 583590

>Why would she buy some fake boots, go to the Louis Vuitton store with them in bags, film, go outside and take a short video just to prove to us they are real?

Because she's Mira, you dumb fuck! Your undercover WKing doesn't change the fact that Mira is a lying, untrustworthy and hypocritical bitch, there's evidence for this in ample supply.

No. 583593

not to mention we have a clear cap of the bottom of her shoes and she's trying to give every excuse under the sun!

No. 583622

We now know she has no clue how the treatment of women is like. She believes a fairy tail version where women don't have to work, are never beaten, are super sheltered and the men "treat them like queens". Just wait until she gets an actual extremist Muslim husband and she inevitably tries to lecture him, argue or tell him what to do, she's going to get the stuffing knocked out of her so quick.

No. 583651

That and the fact her sandals look like she wore them to work at a construction site in the middle of the jungle. Doesn't she say she lives in Tokyo? No way her sandals became like that in two months lol… her bad knockoff fake sandals look ready to the trash lol

No. 583654

File: 1538427065704.png (92.46 KB, 625x524, Screenshot 2018-10-01 at 4.50.…)

Dear god, she is so fucking retarded that it's painful.

No. 583663

So did they destroy his life already?

No. 583668


Of course not. Empty, impotent threats from an ISIS cosplayer and an impotent, balding Norwegian.

No. 583678

Are you aware that yo
u can do ALL OF THOSE THINGS, without buying shit?

Ladies don't watch. Even though I just did.

My family and I are from different cultures cause I changed religion, the fact they raised me in the country they live in is not relevant. OK

No. 583708

Nothing happening here nor on pull, twitter is quiet…. i guess she didnt destroy anybody life today, im sad now…

Ok not really, it would have been funny but as usual, empty threat from Miranda!

No. 583726

empty threat from randa and bs from naruru. the two of them pair together so well. /s

No. 583733

what ya mean bs from naruru? I missed something?

No. 583736


Milk was promised by today and NOT delivered

No. 583758

like I said in the description: just ignore them. Someone else pointed out that people who won't give up the drama unless people are "nice" and suck up to them, aint shit. And she's no exception.

At this point the only people I would listen to are Rodi and Sharla, directly. But for whatever reason, Rodi can't figure out how to post in gossip forums…Or I think he doesn't want to tarnish his "casey neistat/Jesse Wellens but in Japan and a tiny fraction of the followers" image so he (smartly) keeps his distance

I don't doubt most of what narururururur said was mostly true but I'm not here to kotow to some not-even-cow-status headcase who thinks they should be loved if we all hate the same people by defualt

In the meantime, Miranda made a new video…it's DRIPPING with moral outrage. Imagine thinking you're better than everyone and no longer have a past, just because you wear drapes on your head? lmao

No. 583762

No milk was promised today. The fuck you talking about?

Miranda and her lapdog said they would “Destroy Rodi’s life” if Rodi did take down his videos that have Miranda in them.

Miranda and lapdog didn’t do shit, as expected. So, where was any milk promised?

No. 583764

naruru said she was going to post caps of all kinds of things and expose randa's 10 accounts and shit, and not a peep.

No. 583770

Maybe in the coming days? It would suck big time if she didnt released everything Rodi gave to her

No. 583774

There was much talk of a timeline to ruining someones life that was supposed to come to fruition today.

It's obvious that naruru also wants more attention which is why she is drip feeding the "milk" which is really just more conjecture or things we already knew (no shit she has a visa husband). On top of that her English is so bad it's hard to understand what the point is

No. 583780

File: 1538447340146.png (1.01 MB, 1200x1178, Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 7.28…)

anything but this please

No. 583783

>talk of timeline

Not by Rodi, Naruru, Km, or anyone involved. Just by a bunch of tardos here. So you’re irritated that retards talked about their “wish lists” of what they’d like to see (that none of the people involved said would happen) and then didn’t get it.

That’s some next level retard shit, right there

No. 583790


Look on PULL. That's where the timeline receipts are

No. 583791

… except that Naruru (apparently on behalf of Rodi) said there was a lot of stuff about to be dumped, then failed to deliver. She tried it here, we told her to put up or fuck off, so she went to PULL and got them to kiss her ass. But please, do go on.

No. 583793

naruru mentioned ITT even that she would "be back tomorrow" this was 2 days ago already her time. she also said she has a ton of receipts and just didn't post anything.

not to mention she came here and advertised her PULL posting and then whining about how we're shitty cause we're not licking her ass, and are so meanies~

also kek at PULL for bitching about us pointing out that an english teacher sounds like a fucking ESL retard.

No. 583795

File: 1538450966804.jpeg (372.21 KB, 1604x469, 717F8706-92B3-4770-80C1-CBB450…)

This is the only thing mentioning other stuff. There is no specific date listed. Where did the idea that it would be done today come from.

Another anon claimed that Naruru said ITT she’d “be back tomorrow” yet there is no post.

So, where canI get some of the crack y’all are smoking?

No. 583802

I don't really believe Randa's paying off her husband, it sounds like Naruru is writing Shiena fanfic. I think Randa's real visa husbando is just glad she doesn't make him live under the same roof.

No. 583825


If Mira's not paying off the visa kun then why would he stay married to her?

No. 583826

idk, maybe she's got some dirt on him, or he's got the hots for white chicks and is thrilled that she puts out once a month.

No. 583882

File: 1538473598312.png (53.9 KB, 281x500, mira16.thumb.png.cabea0cc7bad4…)

No. 583890

File: 1538475161495.png (65.06 KB, 281x500, mira17.thumb.png.4304eced24dc7…)

No. 583896

File: 1538478334171.png (59.49 KB, 281x500, mira19.thumb.png.e871a3e4c3e23…)

No. 583906

Man rodi sure lost his abilty to english

No. 583914

some years ago, somebody found her husbands pictures on a boxing site

No. 583916

yaas finally some hot tea

Looks like it won't be long before Randa gets deported

No. 583918

Miranda, is it true? Were you living with your Swedish boyfriend Simon? This is haram, absolutely haram! You must be stoned!!!

No. 583922

File: 1538487928642.jpg (61.87 KB, 600x516, absh.jpg)

No. 583923

Thank you, I was looking for that image, lol

No. 583927

they posted a photo for the first visa husband but it was her classmate from language school

No. 583928

So she was married to a Japanese man, living with a Swedish man, splenda baby to a Norwegian man, and sexually harassing and stalking Rodi at the same time that she was getting up on her high horse about Islam and women and propriety?

It's almost too good to be true

No. 583930

4 guys?
All Mira needs to do is claim herself as a
(certified 100% legit Muslim Japanese) trans man and then this harem dream can be realized

No. 583933

"At least that's what Mira told me."

sound of a balloon deflating

No. 583934

File: 1538490946683.jpg (11.72 KB, 276x183, 1502451277687.jpg)

it's the guy on the right

No. 583945

>picture for ants

No. 583948

are these fake? why does rodi suddenly speak randanese/naruese?

No. 583959

Really? Do you have perfect grammar and spelling in text messages? That's some hard core reaching anon..

No. 583961

File: 1538495649014.png (1.13 MB, 1440x2560, KMrody1.png)

KM harassing Rodi and trying to push the "Saudi Husband" silliness

No. 583962

File: 1538495661273.png (894.46 KB, 1440x2560, rodi1.png)

No. 583963

File: 1538495673380.png (285.75 KB, 1440x2560, rodi2.png)

No. 583964

File: 1538495693408.png (285.9 KB, 1440x2560, rodi3.png)

No. 583965

File: 1538495703141.png (246.37 KB, 1440x2560, rodi4.png)

No. 583966

File: 1538495714134.png (749.39 KB, 1440x2560, rodi5.png)

No. 583967

File: 1538495733358.png (252.29 KB, 1440x2560, rodi6.png)

No. 583968

File: 1538495758035.jpg (12.87 KB, 206x275, mirahusband.jpg)

Original Visa-kun

No. 583971

There is a few pictures of visa-kun 1.0 and visa-kun 2.0. Is she still with 2.0 or did she moved to 3.0?

No. 583973

From what I understand, it still visa-kun 2.0. Never divorced and paying him to keep her VISA.

The reason I don't buy the "She's married to a Saudi guy" is a) consider the source (the KM guy) and b) She said the tensions between Saudi Arabia and Canada "messed up her plans". If she was legally married to a Saudi citizen, there would be no issue with her wanting to go there..

No. 583974

So Rodi only has 2 years old information about Mira?

No. 583976

He has information about Mira until last year, this includes through word of mouth.

No. 583978

that's a student from the language school

No. 583999

So what happens now? Is she gonna get deported

No. 584017

Finally some possibly legit tea!

If Randa really is in another abusive marriage, I think she'd milk it. A normal person might be embarrassed and try to keep it quiet, but Randa could use it to beg for donations from her new Muslim followers to get out of it. Unless that's haram or something.

No. 584024

they don't look like rodi's old texts tho, naruru.

No. 584025

these texts between rodi and naruru, where naruru is "digging up info" are not milk.

No. 584026


Sure it is..

No. 584031

it is not. naruru is just presenting hearsay to rodi and rodi is surprised.

rodi didn't even know about the 2nd visa husband or anything like naruru claimed he did.

it's literally just more hearsay and naruru doesn't have any actual info. she's just assuming.

No. 584032

Actually anon, I kind of agree. When Naruru first posted she said that she was speaking on behalf of Rodi, and sharing info that he wanted her to. But that's not what this is, she is just sharing their convos where she is the one giving him the info, not the other way around. So it seems like she was just waiting for permission from him to share this stuff.

I'm really disappointed in Naruru for twisting this shit so she could get asspats (like she's getting all over PULL) She's clearly butthurt and wants Randa to be deported, but using us as a personal army, and trying to have random PULL users, who aren't in Japan report her is kind of cringy.

No. 584034


this. naruru isn't worth paying attention to. she's offered a viewpoint that so far is the most plausible, but still not proven. So I do believe it, but not because of naruru, but because the puzzle pieces fit nicer than anything else that has been speculated

also I belive that is how Rodi txts. English isn't his first language and it somewhat mimics his actual speech

but from here on out, unless I hear it from Rodi directly, I'm taking it with a grain of salt. seems like naruru really badly wants allies and I don't recall signing up for that shit.

All she's delivered are a few texts talking ABOUT what happened, minimal ones suggesting the real tea, and a few unconfirmable pictures from years ago. pictures for ants.

No. 584037

File: 1538509216604.png (282.88 KB, 1381x901, naruru.png)

Getting allies is exactly what she's doing. If you read >>583967 vindictive shit towards KM, naruru just seems like a woman scorned. She's clearly upset at Randa even more for co-opting her religion and fine, but shit like this on PULL where she's advising people outside of Japan on how to report her shows her true intentions.

Best hope that she knows better than to pull that personal army shit here.

No. 584038


Milk, not tea. This is lolcow, not a drama channel for tweens.

Exactly, and none of us should be surprised. Naru has form for pulling this shit. And even the info Rodi pulls out is 'from Mira' or 'word of mouth'. Hopefully Naru will stay over on PULL, and anons won't bring here shit here as legit.

No. 584040

File: 1538509515853.jpg (9.49 KB, 259x194, duh.jpg)


Not really, Rodi is confirming or discounting things she is telling him. In another words, getting information verified.

As for it being hearsay, nearly everything on all the threads here are hearsay. There is little to no rock solid evidence of anything about any of the cows.

The only way they could should something about her marriage that isn't hearsay would be to get an actual copy of the marriage license which the majority of everyone here would have to take someone's word of because they can't read Japanese.

Even if you hear it directly from Rodi, it is still "hearsay" as the above anon said.

Naruru and Rodi are far more believable than Miranda, and the fact that what they are saying lines up with what others said in the past makes it more believable.

Here: Let's have a little example. Nearly everyone has seen this pic. A lot of people say that he was just a boyfriend, not a husband. What is this based on? Miranda said it was a boyfriend and not a husband. And you believe it. Why? Miranda lies about everything, even her stupid, fake, LV crap. Where is the evidence that he was only a boyfriend?
True, there is no evidence that he was a husband either, but why do you accept Miranda's word on something but come up with bizarre ass conspiracy theories about people providing actual screen shots.

Miranda and KM says she's married to a Saudi . DO you believe that? If so, why?

If you don't like Naruru, fine. Who gives a shit. But discounting things that fit what is known and cause Miranda to go on a Spam-sperg fit for two days here and at PULL certainly tells me there is something to it. (And now we wait for the inevitable retard to come back with the Conspiracy that it's secretly Rodi and Naruru doing the spam fits to "make Mira look bad")

Last thing, if you don't think any of this is "good enough". What the fuck have you provided other than autistic bitching?

No. 584041


offtopic but tea is not "tween" slang. its slang us gays use that tweens who watch rupauls drag race stole from us so….like your ignorance is noted

No. 584042


Ok. KM has been still texting, emailing and otherwise harassing Rodi. They bring attention to it and your response is "Hold on, pointing out a balding, Norweigian, Skinwalker for harassing someone is over the line. FAKE, FAKE, REEEEEEEEEE"

Got it..

No. 584044

>like your ignorance is noted

There's a shit ton of ignorance ITT.

No. 584045


I didn't say naruru's shit isn't good enough. I've said it's the best/most plausible info we have to go on so far. I'm just saying I'm not following naruru's litle trail of breadcrumbs because her intentions are skewed and I don't trust the bitch

yall are really wanting to infight today like holy shit.

No. 584046



Stop with the little ..

No. 584048

I'm not saying it's fake, I'm saying naruru saying this stuff doesn't make it suddenly 100% true.

Naruru doesn't give a shit about Rodi, she's just using him to try to get Randa out. She still hasn't gotten any caps from him where KM was harassing him, the 10 fake accounts Randa made, all she's posted is her telling rodi what she thinks is going on, as if us seeing her tell this to rodi makes it more legit.

No. 584049

Come on anons, we shouldn't be fighting each other. That's what Randa wants. We should stick to shitting on Naruru and her attempts to be a hero by cowtipping irl.

No. 584050

Yes, naruru has kind of outted herself as a vindictive weeb.

Seeing Randa get kicked out would be great, but we're not the ones to facilitate that.

No. 584052

Plus the milk tea screenshots don't tell us anything new. It's all shit that's been speculated on in the previous threads. If they're real screenshots, for all we know Naru put someone else under Rodi's name in her phone and got them to play along with her fanfic.

No. 584053

I don't think that, Rodi isn't even confirming anything, it's just him saying "Oh I didn't know that!"

No. 584056

>typical fas features; far apart eyes, long philtrum, no upper lip

no wonder mira likes this lmao

No. 584062

have you never seen a baby before???

No. 584066

>no upper lip
lmao it really does sound like you've never seen a baby before

No. 584073

File: 1538517723255.jpg (32.69 KB, 300x300, dipshit.jpg)

> Rodi's name in her phone and got them to play along with her fanfic.

No. 584079

Well fucking said!

No. 584086

Naruru is unhealthily invested in this shit. She met randa irl just to get dirt for PULL and now she's weaseling her way into Rodi's life. Either you're new here or you're the crazy bitch herself

No. 584090

you sound unhealthily angry about her and making up shit conspiracies.
and no i'm not the anon who posted the meme.

No. 584091


Naruru has been friends with Rodi for years. Going all the way back to Miranda's first fake suicide.

Naruru called Rodi to check on her, because she believed the suicide scam. Miranda freaked the fuck out about someone daring to try and help someone who was claiming to want to kill themselves.

You must be new here, as you, obviously, don't know the history.

No. 584092

NTA but it doesn't change what naruru is doing now which is acting like her convo with Rodi is milk and trying to use it for cowtipping.

Any one of us could have the same convo with Rodi and it wouldn't make it any more legitimate.

If Rodi was the one claiming this, it would make more sense, but he's not. That's what Naruru implied, that Rodi was the one with the info, instead we have Naruru making claims she has fuck all evidence for and telling Rodi about it as he smiles and nods.

Why would she have this info, where did she get it? Why are we eating it up? She's just making claims based on nothing. her telling Rodi doesn't make them suddenly valid.

No. 584096

File: 1538521457706.jpg (85.39 KB, 815x460, suicide.JPG)


And here is that e-mail from over 2 years ago.. Since you don't have the ability to find things yourself.

No. 584097

.. is not a thing, stop IDing your shitty whiteknighting.

for the last time, naruru telling rodi shit doesn't mean ANYTHING. she claimed rodi had info and wanted her to share it, but it's just her claiming that random people in photos are randa's husband, and providing photos from randas' twitter.

any one of us could do that.

No. 584117


I legit think most of these posts lashing out at people here, is naruru because we're not ass-kissing so shes like "CANT YOU SEE YOU FOOLS?!?" like there's something so uncharacteristic about how people usually interact here. Can't just be coincidence that Naruru shows up, and anyone who is not pandering to her as much as she wants, is getting called names/condescended to

like what does this email prove? You're saying it's from over 2yrs ago……….all I see is that you-sorry, I mean naruru-MET Rodi over 2 years ago. Doesn't really mean a whole lot.

at this point I'm just gonna go ahead and say that Naruru to Mira is the Joysparkle to Onision.

just a headcase going after another headcase trying to use headcase b's haters as a platform for adoration and friendship

it's pathetic and sad

No. 584119

I agree. Naruru was talking shit about how "ungrateful" we were when she was cryptic-posting. And now that the real story has come out, it's a big fat bunch of nothing!

All it is, is Naruru tinfoiling to Rodi, and Rodi isn't even agreeing with her, he's just accepting the information and has nothing to add.

No. 584122

Agreed. Naruru got directly involved with Randa, IN PERSON, years ago. All the "new dirt" she has is just the same theories we've had for several threads. And I don't entirely understand what >>584096 is trying to get at. It's just proof of Naruru inserting herself into Randa's life which supports my theory that Naruru is nuts too.

Since her "proof" is just a big wet fart I hope tomorrow Randa does something like upload another vid of her LV fakes - I MEAN TOTALLY LEGIT super expensive and cool shit that we're totally jealous of

No. 584128

File: 1538527127743.jpg (255.05 KB, 768x768, narururooo.jpg)

naruru be like

No. 584130

tbh i was under the impression that naruru was going to share convos that rodi and randa had, not that naruru had with rodi. that…doesn't confirm anything.

No. 584140

>You're saying it's from over 2yrs ago

I’m not saying it’s from over two years ago. It IS from over two years ago and easily verifiable. During Miranda’s first fake suicide.

She met with Naruru for the meetup/video a while after that. It’s old info that you should already know since, to quote >>584086 “I must be new here”

No. 584141


can you just kinda…watch your tone or fuck off? like you're going so IN on details that no one is really even concerned about

nobody gives a fuck about naruru beyond being able to deliver real fresh full-fat milk

which she has yet to

No. 584142

This can't be the next thread's main pic, but I want it to be the first post under it.

…yes, I do know that. In the 2nd post you quoted, I said it was from when Naruru cowtipped and forced herself into Randa's irl life. I don't know what you're trying to get at or what you're mad about? ps you're replying to 2 anons

No. 584154

File: 1538530924099.jpg (24.16 KB, 283x271, u-mad-bro-2.jpg)


No. 584156

I think the “tone” is in your head, maybe you should try reading it differently.

Just out of curiosity, how much milk have you delivered? It’s pretty damn easy to just sit at a keyboard and bitch. Like I said, don’t like Naruru? Fine. Don’t care for what she posted? Fine. But you are shitting up the thread just as much with your whining..

So, um, could you like, umm, watch your tone or.. like, fuck off, or something?

No. 584158

Dude, stop. the only one shitting up the thread is you and your stupid fail ellipsis.

No. 584159

fuck of to PULL and lick naruru's ass there.

her posts are. not. milk. they are just her tinfoiling.

No. 584160

Hmmm. 4 to 5 responses per each single post of mine. Unless I’m somehow controlling you and forcing you to respond, I’m not the one shitting up the thread sweetie. You have the option to not respond..(stop)

No. 584162

you're not even responding to the correct post. go wk naruru on PULL.

No. 584163

File: 1538532272786.jpg (5.68 KB, 261x193, OhHeMad-1.jpg)

No. 584187

The ".." appears in the last two OPs. Looks like they originated in the OP at >>>/pt/485749

No. 584188

Three OPs with Naruru's 'signature' in them:

No. 584195


the only delusion present here is that you think anyone gives a shit about you naruru. and if you're not her…………..defending naruru is the hill you choose to die on? lmao really?

begone, weeb. come back when you have a pic of miranda's marriage certificate or something.

No. 584198

not naruru, but responsible for >>>/pt/547092 I just copy-pasted the previous thread's summary.

And if ".." really is her signature, then uh, I think she's turned on herself >>584195

No. 584204

Oh yeah sorry, I assumed that too but forgot to mention it in my comment. She made two, maybe more OPs. Nothing wrong
with making an OP of course but It's simply contributes to a picture of her as a Mira-sperg.

What does >>584195 have to do with it?

No. 584207

That anon did the ".." right after a different anon point out it was Naruru's signature

> and if you're not her…………..

I hope she knows mods can, y'know, see IP addresses and stuff.

No. 584244

File: 1538564092844.jpg (27.77 KB, 590x141, badpanda.jpg)

No. 584245

File: 1538564335994.jpg (83.1 KB, 637x548, haterseverywhere.jpg)

When Randa still doesn't understand what satirical means.

No. 584246

File: 1538564423911.jpg (65.02 KB, 639x435, against.jpg)

No. 584251

>there's no point arguing with a bunch of crazy people
yet she comes here and does it PERSONALLY lmao. what friend can respect this two-faced neanderthal?

No. 584254

File: 1538566909573.jpg (49.23 KB, 877x395, erika.jpg)

I think Randa is afraid because Erika has her info.

No. 584266


Randa logic is always so mind-boggling in the morning.

No. 584299


Confirming once again that she is a daily reader here and at PULL.

No. 584324

File: 1538583484104.png (74.47 KB, 812x626, Screenshot 2018-10-03 at 12.14…)

First of a 2 part post (due to images):

Well, to settle one tin foil anons stupid theory that this was all a secret plot by Naruru and Rodi to get view/subs.

Rodi has gotten in mass in flux of subs, or views. Which, logically, if that's what he was after, he would have made a video.

Which was obvious to most anons. But there is something fun I noticed. Rodi has 20,000 subs and gets 5000+ views daily

(See next post)

No. 584325


Who the fuck is claiming that? The only theory I've seen is that Naruru herself is using the situation to gain a personal army to report Randa to Japanese immigration.

No. 584326

File: 1538583622913.png (79.4 KB, 897x647, Screenshot 2018-10-03 at 12.13…)


Miranda, on the other hand, with her supposed 226,000 subs only get around 1000 or so a day.

Which tells me she has fewer "real" subs than Rodi does.

No. 584327

What's your point then? Is Miranda outting herself for new views? Are Naruru and Rodi working with her to get her more $$? Is Rodi the visa husband trying to get her some traction so he can get paid??

No. 584329


Please learn to read and follow the threads:

No. 584330

>3 posts from almost a week ago

No one has mentioned that in days until you did just now. Maybe you should learn to follow the threads and not rehash old tinfoil that predates Naruru coming in here and sperging all over the place with her powdered milk.

No. 584332


No, calm your tits. I was just pointing out that, while we knew Miranda did not have anywhere near 226000 real subs, turns out it's possibly lower than even 20,000.

Which was my exact statement at the end of >>584326
>Which tells me she has fewer "real" subs than Rodi does.

Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick, you fuckers have reading comprehension issues.

No. 584334

nta but why the fuck would she remember 3 posts out of the blue? plus, pointing out that randa has fake subs has nothing to do with the rodi tinfoil you brought up. your posts are totally pointless and just tinfoiling yourself.

No. 584335

what does that have to do with anything you posted?

No. 584336


Because, I even said what the post were, it barely happened a few days ago. Most people are capable of that much memory

That it was a stupid as fuck tin foil theory that didn't happen, his view/sub ratio is about the same as before the posts.

The exact statements that I wrote that you can't seem to be able to understand.. Is English not your first language?

No. 584337


Lol yeah, forgive me for not remembering 3 posts that no one gave attention to. You could have posted that info without being such a twat. Plus, what does Randa having fewer followers have to do with Rodi wanting more? Nothing, you don't have to try so hard to tie in random old tinfoil, just post.

No. 584338

Oh it's you again. Go to bed Naruru you ugly weeb.

No. 584341


And you could have simply read the fucking post and not show yourself to be the stupid cunt that you are.

So, have some dignity and just admit you made a mistake, honey

No. 584342

why are you getting defensive? your post is barely readable english.

>Rodi has gotten in mass in flux of subs, or views

that's not english

No. 584343


Why are you so damn defensive about your shit memory?

Just because you live in a fog of forgetfulness doesn't mean the rest of the world does. Some people have functioning memories

No. 584344

calm down you ESL retard, kek.

imagine getting so worked up because someone didn't remember 3 posts that no one cared about?

this is why you should stay on your meds, kids.

No. 584345

some of us also have functioning brains and realize that there are multiple anons telling you to calm down and go to bed.

No. 584347


Imagine getting so worked up that you couldn't remember 3 post a couple of days ago.

Anger and agitation of failing memory is a sign of early onset Alzheimer's.

It 12:43 PM moron. I'm on the U.S. East Coast.

No. 584355

why would someone remember every post ITT? are you okay? you sound nuts.

No. 584358

File: 1538587520578.jpg (58.2 KB, 805x449, narurur irl.jpg)

It's Naruru, so yes she's nuts. She posts random shit and gets pissed when we don't follow her conspiracy theories. But we're the dumb fucking idiots for not memorizing every post in a lolcow thread, not her.

No. 584372

this whole thread got so irritating with naruru's samefagging. even moreso by the fact that she keeps arguing against shit no one brings up and then says "YES YOU DID" then links posts where literally no one even said it, and says we all have reading comprehension issues

congratulations naruru: you're a less-interesting version of miranda. now i know why you hate her so much

but can you actually fuck off unless you bring something to the conversation? so far all you've done is provide unfounded info via screencaps and call everyone here stupid and give the illusion of infighting

you're as useful as a knitted condom at this point.

now lets go back to making fun of miranda

lol she schools Muslims on how to muslim

No. 584373


How do you know Miranda has lied about things? Because things come to light or she makes statement that contradict something that she said in the past.

Remembering what was previously said or written is the most essential thing in learning.

No. 584378

>arguing against shit no one brings up and then says "YES YOU DID" then links posts where literally no one even said it, and says we all have reading comprehension issues.

Let's see: >>584324
>Well, to settle one tin foil anons stupid theory that this was all a secret plot by Naruru and Rodi to get view/subs.

Then >>584325 said:
>Who the fuck is claiming that? The only theory I've seen is that Naruru herself is using the situation to gain a personal army to report Randa to Japanese immigration.

The >>584329 posted:
>>580947 which said:
>I don't think that is Miranda….to be honest I think it is Rodi himself….

and >>580961 which said:
>I will also agree that Rodi is milking this shit too because the videos he makes on his own don't get views.

Which is exactly what >>584324 was talking about.

No. 584388

oooh I get it: if you keep changing the argument, then you can never be wrong. gotcha.

anyways, I'm done giving you attention. until i see milk, you can go ahead and keep screaming into the void about how everyone is dumb but you because we "can't" (won't) follow your logical leaps of faith.

No. 584403

If you could let it go and stop shitting up the thread with this nonsense, that would be great. Thanks. (needing to post to say you're done is not a good sign)

Anything going on in the world of the ISIS bride today?

No. 584404

File: 1538593570341.gif (3.15 MB, 480x360, hs.gif)

No. 584405

She's lived in Japan for how long and doesn't understand funerary practices? Does she stick her chopsticks directly in rice or other stupid shit because learning is against her cosplay religious beliefs.

No. 584409


Eh.. I'd give her the benefit of the doubt on this one. Cremation + bone passing she mentioned. Anything beyond that she may not know, she has likely never been to anything related here because they are extremely private proceedings..

No. 584432

my issue is how she needs to make sure everyone knows they don't do that in her religion. like no one asked about her it, she just always needs to shoe horn it in.

No. 584481

File: 1538606591974.png (129.48 KB, 640x630, KM.png)

KM is still harassing Rodi.

NOTE: Screen shot is from KM's twitter (@KMRurouni) you can go a look for yourself before any retard goes accusing me of being Naruru.

No. 584487

With that screen, it's pretty clear to me that most (im not saying all) infos from Naruru are indeed from Rodi.
But that's just me, it wont take long before someone come and say it mean nothing.

No. 584488

what are you even on about? this cap isn't even from rodi, KM posted it.

the stuff naruru shared was literally her telling rodi what she thought nothing more.

stop bringing it up. this cap has nothing to do with naruru and nothing to do with rodi supplying info regarding naruru at all.

No. 584490

It only took 4 hours for Naruru to come back and post shit, and then start arguing with herself. I mean, she posts a screenshot of a public tweet and gets defensive af and sHE'S TOTALLY NOT NARURUR U RETARDS(sperg)

No. 584491

Lol, i was not expecting it to only take 4 minutes!
But keep going, this is entertaining to see you getting all worked up like that.

No. 584493

I hope she's okay, she's not getting much sleep…Poor dear.

No. 584494

tinfoil: the fake naruru is randa trying to get everyone angry at naruru while she runs off to guam with KM!

No. 584495

I'd guess you have the first part correct but that second part… she's already gone to Guam, they'd probably go elseehere!

No. 584496

Naruru STFU and get disappeared.
You're so lame and boring, we're done with you.
You manage to me even more pathetic than miranda
Maybe that's why you want her deported.
Go to the dirty job yourself, you report her and stop recruiting ppl here to do shit.
You should be besties with her btw. You both are terrorists wannabes, you both suck at English and you both are retarded as fuck(stop derailing)

No. 584498

> get disappeared.
> You manage to me even more pathetic
> Go to the dirty job yourself

Seriously Naruru? You can't even shittalk yourself without being transparent af. But you're definitely right about this one:

> You both are terrorists wannabes, you both suck at English and you both are retarded as fuck

No. 584499


>You manage to me even more pathetic than miranda

to go with a famous quote "English, motherf*er, do you speak it"

No. 584500

Getting sooo mad at someone you dont even know is not healthy, anon. Go make yourself a tea and relax while we wait for more milk.

No. 584514

File: 1538611282590.jpg (176.35 KB, 1242x975, GbJlopd.jpg)

Can you dickheads stop your bickering and unnecessarily aggressive accusations and just focus on this beautiful poetry Mira has written? If only her high school English teachers could see her now!

No. 584520

Exactly! This is what we are all here for. Let's forget Nauru and focus on Miranda/her Scandinavian supporter and their crazy antics.

No. 584524

>you're reading comprehension goes to level zero

Mirandese is one of my favourite languages. I'm also fond of Alyisms (!) I feel like if they ever crossed paths on insta, it would look like two bots trying to converse.

No. 584537

Hey guys, it's Naruru herself. Just woke up and saw your comments.

Before making accusations and pointing fingers at anyone saying, "You're Naruru," didn't you all forget you can check my IP address first?

Just FYI before you start spreading false rumors about me posting here.

And I hardly swear like a sailor.

Thank you!

No. 584578

As much as i know, only mod/admin can see that info, us normal anon cannot see people's IP (sadly)
Unless im missing a key feature from lolcow!

You can always ask an admin to have all your post tagged…. someone said something about hvaing all Mira's post tagged, i dont know more than that tho.

No. 584579

the sentence looks like freeform poetry.

No. 584580

we can't see IPs, only admins can.

also we don't actually give enough of a shit about you to care whether you have a real wk or are just wking yourself. (i'd rather believe no one else gives enough of a shit about you either but hey)

why you lurking here if you fucking hate us so much? (we can go on PULL too)

No. 584606


oh goddddddd no one caaaaaaaaares or believes you - pick one! can this get back to Mira finally

No. 584631

File: 1538625715317.gif (21.85 KB, 275x92, 1447478311537.gif)

No. 584659

We can confirm the IP posting has not posted in this thread prior. Now please focus back on Mira.

No. 584665

what do you even mean when you say this though? that it's from a totally different part of the world or just… i mean i could jump onto work/school/mobile/mall wifi and these would all be different IPs

No. 584674

the autism displayed over Naru in this thread is fucking ridiculous. stop trying to keep it going and get back to Mira.

No. 584680

anyway. are we ever gonna know whether it was Mira or the norway fag who did the spam? or are we just gonna act like it never happened? it's not fair since Kiki was outed right after she did the same thing.

my guess is KM. since the spamming started shortly after there was a brief discussion about him being a creepy incel weeb (the truth must've triggered him).

No. 584690

kiki spammed across the entire site tho and posted a bunch of gore

you can't compare the two

No. 584711

Mira/KM posted some horrendous looking teeth and also a troll face!

No. 584729

It's not the first time she/they spam like that. Just adding it to the list of pintless things Mira and co. did.

No. 584773

Speaking of spamming the entire site with gore.. Ya think Mira decided to hop on that train?

No. 584777

so it starts again

No. 584779

Mira would never!! Why posting all this loli and hentai would be totally haram and against everything she believes in!!

No. 584787

I think they got the idea from this thread

No. 584799

File: 1538661844702.png (436.58 KB, 480x562, Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 7.03…)

this is genuinely scary

No. 584813


stop posting horror/gore, we said!

No. 584814

i wouldn't believe randa was a woman if i didn't know better.

No. 584819

Shit, did i miss the fun ?

No. 584822

File: 1538671634719.png (97.74 KB, 627x645, Screenshot 2018-10-04 at 12.46…)

KM and Mira trying to back out of the treats they made against Rodi

No. 584833

It's funny they say "fan" lmfao

Randa has no fans

No. 584872


i meannn….the few muslim guys who enjoy her novelty are kind of fans???

No. 584911

This is 100% offtopic but that just crossed my mind… did Miranda ever received a Youtube Play button for the 100k mark? I was not "following" her back in those days, im legit curious!

No. 584964

If she did, she never made a video about it. I've been watching her train wreck since 2012.

No. 584975

They may have rejected her application, since not every creator that reaches 100,000 or more subscribers will receive a Play button. YouTube has been criticized for not clarifying the criteria for which 100,000+ channels actually receive the Play button. I'm assuming she was rejected due to her online controversy, user flagging and/or "not playing by the rules", which has happened to many other channels. We have already witnessed her buying subscribers recently(and conveniently deleting and uploading the corresponding video when called out). She may have been caught by YouTube long ago.

No. 585062

File: 1538735998079.jpg (33.85 KB, 587x175, peachy.jpg)

Peach be opon him indeed.

No. 585112

peach be opon him bahahahhah

No. 585114

File: 1538754330749.jpg (109.28 KB, 1600x900, 18j26b7pjfumajpg.jpg)


Peach be upon him

No. 585115

God almighty, peach be opon you, pls deport Randa to Guantanamo asap

No. 585116

ROFLMAO peach be opon WTF is this supposed to mean??

No. 585118

File: 1538755400423.jpeg (348.63 KB, 1242x1301, 5ADF6218-F6EC-4A5A-BF1C-DAE044…)

Seems like she wrote that after this guy commented this on her fb this morning. Though his comment got deleted

No. 585137

File: 1538758165838.jpg (83.16 KB, 1125x1122, 4o9gri76qwqz.jpg)

Yes, Miranda, the Quran and ahadith do go hand in hand! Thank Muhammad ("peach be opon him") for showing men and women the correct way to live! I hope that you will go to Saudi Arabia soon and fully live the lifestyle that the Quran and ahadith promote for women!

No. 585138

File: 1538758853472.jpg (993.43 KB, 470x282, v3tvB5L.jpg)

Says the virtual prostitute who has a highly inappropriate and disturbing online relationship with nasty old Norwegian whose “business hand” is nearly worn down to the bone due to his fervent admiration of her.

No. 585139

File: 1538759721769.png (69.33 KB, 1108x236, Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 10.1…)

Is she in Hawaii now or is this more misdirection a la the Guam rumor?

My prediction is she will not leave Japan until she is forced out, and we'll know she's been detained for overstaying if she is completely absent from social media for a few weeks

No. 585140

$5 says she meant "Haunted Hotel KOWAI!"

怖い (kowai) -> scary

No. 585165

Fredrikstad is a place in Norway, and the last name is more typical Swedish than Norwegian, but it´s not an uncommon name in Norway to have.

No. 585171

Im thinking it is more misdirection… but let's wait and see that video, if it's a so-called haunted hotel we'll be able to know exactly which one it is, there is not a million haunted hotel in Hawaii.. (and she cant afford most of them to start with, talking about only the one still active)

No. 585206


Hotel Hawaii is in front Akita station, been abandoned for some time and they are planning to destroy/remodel it for condo instead.

No. 585207

File: 1538786736829.png (1.17 MB, 640x848, hotel hawaii.PNG)

Related picture of said hotel

No. 585279

File: 1538796284538.png (132.18 KB, 1204x584, スクリーンショット 2018-10-06 12.18.42.…)

"Never get 'to' attached to the worldly things"…says a woman who features (fake or real) Louis Vuitton boots in her profile photo and makes a video detailing all the (fake or real) Louis Vuitton products that she owns. Miranda, do you want to know why you have so many "haterz"? It is because you are a huge hypocrite!

No. 585644

File: 1538892171422.png (2.78 MB, 2298x1502, Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 10.5…)

"This skin color, I love it

No. 585646

File: 1538892209746.png (2.46 MB, 2090x1468, Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 11.0…)

"I wouldn't want to be another skin color."

No. 585649

File: 1538894653882.png (1.81 MB, 1834x1082, スクリーンショット 2018-10-07 15.40.53.…)

I have mixed feelings about this…While it is good that she finally realized that she was delusional about being Japanese, she has fallen victim to a much worse delusion…

No. 585658

Holy shit she's really gone off the deep end lmaooo

Mira the Japanese Muslim white nationalist?

No. 585662

> NOT Japanse Anymore
fuck Randa can't you even spellcheck your 3 word openers?!

No. 585693

Its not funny anymore. Girl has some serious problem in the head and is going into a very dark direction.
Cow yes, lol not so much tho

No. 585695

Wow. I've always thought that islam is sexist but after looking up these passages from curiosity, I am genuinely disgusted. Thankyou for posting this.

No. 585697

Don't follow blindly what you see online. These passages don't mean that at all.

No. 585698

Miranda, you always say that but offer no evidence…Why did you have to choose to believe Wahhabism? Why not Sufism or a sect that is less dogmatic…

No. 585699

I am not Miranda. I am Sunni just like she is. Btw Sufism isn't actually Islam. Their practices are not part of the teachings of Islam. Its a cult.

No. 585700

I can't imagine a cult worse than Wahhabism

No. 585701

I can't imagine a cult worse than Wahhabism

No. 585704

File: 1538920009604.jpg (243.97 KB, 1242x1160, aoRcWyM.jpg)

As you post shit like this…

You really love the burrowing up your own butthole, don’t you?

No. 585705

Yes, Miranda is the expert about all things in life, especially islam…thank you for always sharing your deep wisdom with us!

No. 585706


the only thing unbelievable about that is the idea miranda has more than one friend. or even a single friend.

so basically the whole thing

No. 585721

lmao lighten up, anon.

then you're an idiot. learn to distinguish between the different sects, it's not one unified hivemind.

It should be pretty obvious - she chose the most authoritarian and dogmatic offshoot so she could lecture everyone all the time. She goes extremist in whatever she does, so it's a fitting choice.

No. 585725

It is true that when a foreigner moves to a new country to live with their spouse's family, it can be isolating af. You see this more in poor women from countries like China and Vietnam who were brokered, and they tend to live in a smaller inaka towns where foreigners are few. Assimilation because of a method of survival as "foreign-ness" is viewed as shameful.

That said, being from the global north and living in the Tokyo area, I really don't think that applies to Mira. If it did, it's because she WANTED to self isolate. There are literally tens of thousands of native English speakers in Tokyo. There are Anglophone "gaijin wives" groups. Her husband would benefit from being able to speak English, so she would probably be allowed or encouraged to speak English at home at least some of the time. The only way she could be completely cut off is if she willingly self isolated.

Just loaded up the Japanese version of her video and it's hilarious so far. She lists "reading the air" as one of the elements of Japanese culture she adopted. I literally can't think of anyone any more KY than Kanadajin3.

No. 585726


Assimilation becomes a method of survival

No. 585728

File: 1538929481364.png (1.14 MB, 1328x840, Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 9.22…)

(Her Japanese isn't very good so the auto-transcribe has more errors than usual)

"For instance, stuff like reading the air, or omotenashi[hospitality]…"

No. 585729

File: 1538929545742.png (1016.26 KB, 1244x804, Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 9.23…)

"…These cultures have strongly entered my mind."

No. 585735

Miranda, gyoza is from CHINA, you imbecile!

No. 585820

Going that route, she's going to be expelled for radicalism before she gets expelled for fake mariage….

No. 585823

>she chose the most authoritarian and dogmatic offshoot so she could lecture everyone all the time
This. If she chose a moderate sect she couldn't base her entire identity around it. Mira desperately wants to be special and being Japanese wasn't working anymore, so she had to crank up the heat.

No. 585877

File: 1538957302447.png (71.7 KB, 1784x254, スクリーンショット 2018-10-08 9.04.39.p…)

Your purpose is to make the entire world muslim (wahhabist)? Do we need any more evidence that she is becoming radicalized?

No. 585880


The sad part is, just joining a religion that welcomes converts, like Christanity or Islam, on a low-key level is a fantastic way to belong to a group, wayyy better than trying to be Japanese. I know people who aren't even religious but they attend church for the social aspect– especially immigrants in a new country.

Going full fundamentalist is going to backlash because those people will NOT be able to accept all the stuff she does, and on top of that, she is going to alienate less hardcore Muslims (like she already did with Rody)

No. 586009

wut? The other poster had it right, Norwegian/Danish names end in -sen and Swedish names end in -sson. Mathisen is an ultra-Norwegian name. "Mathisson" would have been "more typical Swedish than Norwegian". Sorry for being autistic, I know no one cares

No. 586085


if everyone is born muslim…then isn't a goal of trying to make people muslim, redundant as fuck???


yeah ignore that other person. You are correct about the sen vs son. It's really not all that complicated, it's just a dumbass trying to throw people off. a simple google would confirm what you said is correct.

No. 586092

So when is Rody going to make that video?

No. 586295

I think there was a previous Swedish boyfriend which people are mixing up with her Norwegian backer KMRuro ni

No. 586303

who can say they are different people tho?

No. 586308

Why would she go to Sweden to hang out with a Norwegian guy?

No. 586419

File: 1539048199659.png (171.1 KB, 1802x418, Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 6.22…)

best muslimah frowns on all music being played!

Oh except literally every single one of her videos ends with music…

No. 586421

File: 1539048247420.png (165.12 KB, 1680x466, Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 6.23…)

Which is more unbelievable
-That Randa doesn't understand that Canada does in fact have pizza delivery?
-That Randa has a friend

No. 586422


I think she was trying to order a pizza for her friend with her credit card and pay for it but couldn't because they require you to show the credit card at the door. Where as in Japan you can order online and pay online.

No. 586426

I can't help but find this (and all her other vids) near unbearable to watch due to her put on Middle Eastern accent…it's just so transparent.

No. 586431


Really? in America at least you don't need to show the credit card. Especially with all the new apps like Ubereats, Door dash, Postmates etc. it's easier than ever to get something delivered

No. 586447


No, you can order pizza without showing a credit card at the door

Source: leaf

No. 586475


I think the problem was that miranda the genius was trying to buy pizza for someone in canada, but - even though canada has this service - they wouldn't accept a japanese credit card as a valid form of payment.

i had this same issue when trying to buy my friend in the usa a pizza with a canadian credit card

i assume it's just a really basic way of preventing fraud/pranks/etc. not only that but i think it has something to do with the delivery address having to be at least in the same country as the cardholder's address.

No. 586735

Yep, Simon, which was her "boyfriend" while trying to hit on Rodi.

No. 586736

maybe he used to live in sweden.

No. 586838

They broke up. Simon was in the comments trying to fight with people regarding that. I remember he said he was upset that Rody used his name in the video and to stop mentioning him because they broke up before the drama.

No. 586923


Nice try, but
Rodi never brought his name into it. He just said that she had a boyfriend while she was begging Rodi to fuck her.

Rodi had the screenshots from Miranda’s other friend proving that. And that Rodi had reminded Miranda of her of the during her dick begging and she did not deny it. They were still together.

No. 586929

in the screenshots that naruru posted on pull rodi still mentions the guy by name

No. 586954

So Mira and Simon are liars? Do you think they are still together now?

No. 586958

Where is Naruru's video exposing Miranda? It is a little slow….

No. 586962

I guess there won't be one? She just wanted attention. In the screenshots she posted herself you can clearly see how she's desperately milking Rodi for answers/drama… So sad.

No. 586970

What I want to know is more about that Simon guy. Does anyone have a picture of him? A timeline of how they met? Where? When? Was she married to him? Is she married to him? Is that why she went to Sweden to be with him?

No. 586993


Wow, so aggressive. But:

1) Yes, everyone knows Miranda is a liar. Simon seems like enough of a doormat to do whatever Miranda asked of him.

2) No, I don’t believe they are still together. However, they were still very much together when Miranda was begging Rodi to fuck her.

No. 586994


Not spoon feeding. Read the old threads, those questions, with pics are there

No. 587016

File: 1539182238986.jpg (143.13 KB, 1242x1150, ZGvBvDu.jpg)

Uh… She communicates with KM all the time, accepts money from him and has him do her bidding. Does she think she can get away with such a bizarre relationship because they don’t interact in person? Online correspondence with a non-mahram, especially private conversations.is HARAM.

No. 587028

Rody said there would be a video….What a liar

No. 587181

Actually, he said there would be a video if they didn’t stop hassling him. So, not lying.

No. 587211

they didn't stop tho.

No. 587257


fucken roddie

just make more mira videos already

No. 587320


Those should be deleted. Stop digging him up. They broke up. He wants nothing to do with her or this bullshit drama. Respect his privacy and leave him alone.

No. 587327

>thinks anything should be deleted on lolcow


No. 587329

His insta is https://www.instagram.com/hej3daimon/ but he's made it private. There's screenshots in past threads and on PULL

No. 587336

You write like a certain someone (hmmm…) but I agree. Simon never really inserted himself into the drama besides trying to talk to Rodi directly as a mediator. As far as I have observed, he hasn’t trolled comments, stupidly fought people or been nasty to anyone like KM has. I don’t think it’s necessary to look up his information since he is not relevant to any current drama.

> He wants nothing to do with her

Wait, that’s not true. Although they barely interact and he seems too politically liberal to be close with her again, he was still on considerably friendly terms with her on Twitter this year. Most of the remaining friends seem to have just gone quiet and stay away from online drama, not completely disappeared.

No. 587342


> Most of the remaining friends seem to have just gone quiet and stay away from online drama, not completely disappeared.

Referring to someone specific?

No. 587349

Just the few that we know from before. The ones she used to communicate with most don’t post often or at all anymore but did not appear to stop following her account. It’s only my theory because every time she lost a close friend, she always referenced it some way or publicly bashed them in order gain sympathy. I don’t think she would go out quietly if they dropped her because we her behavior is too predictable. Just look at how she behaved when she was rejected for citizenship. She tried to reimagine the immigration officers as monsters instead of admit she fucked up.

No. 587351

She doesn't post about her friends online. During a few live shows she was having a house party and friends come over. She has posted on Instagram where you could hear either people at her house or her out with her friends. She has mentioned before that she doesn't post peoples pictures or talk about them if they are not active on social media

No. 587352

She doesn't post about her friends online. During a few live shows she was having a house party and friends come over. She has posted on Instagram where you could hear either people at her house or her out with her friends. She has mentioned before that she doesn't post peoples pictures or talk about them if they are not active on social media

No. 587420

What the Hell is wrong with your reading comprehension?

No. 587430

Literal retardation from inbreeding?

No. 587542


lmao keep trying the "I SAW IT ON A VIDEO NO ONE ELSE SAW" reasoning. ANY day now, it's going to work



No. 587709


In this video we can see Miranda in the passenger front seat of a car – wonder who is driving her around?

Later in the video she seems to be in a small tour group of people who look Japanese (or at least Asian). She's walking alongside them but they're not interacting with her.

Tinfoil theory: I really think she is homeless now. All of her videos are of random small towns in Japan (which have a low cost of living) and she's hopping around far too often for there to be other explanations. Maybe visa-kun kicked her out?

No. 587711


there are sub $30 USD/night hostels in Biei Village Hokkaido. They even come with breakfast and onsen access.

We'll know for sure if she is homeless if she permanently moves to the inaka. It would be harder for her to rent a place (a foreign tourist is much less suspicious than a white Muslim who wants to live permanently in a bumblefuck village), but still much more affordable than Tokyo.

No. 587712

If she was homeless you canbet your ass she'd be making a video asking for donation one way or another… she already did that once "to pay her rent" and the next week she had a brand new camera that oh surprise was the same value of her donation from that stream.

The people in this video are just random visitors just like her.

At first, ready the first two line of your caps i was like "…wat?" and after reading the following lines, i went "Ohhhh no you did not just do that!!" followed by re-reading it in MJ style… well done Sir, well done.

No. 587716


Hi, KM.

No. 587718

lolwat? you must be drunk, there is no way KM would say Mira is beggin for money, you must be new here otherwise you'd know he always say nice thing and defend her all the time lol

No. 587720

This just looks like she joined some bus tour group. These are pretty common in Japan, and considering the small number of people on this one, she probably just asked whether she could sit in the front. There's no reason why the other people should interact with her, she's a white awkward girl with a headscarf.

Very interesting how she's trying to copy other youtuber's drone shots btw, but then the music doesn't fit like at all with it.

No. 587731

Quick search on google, there is a bus that make the trip to the lake 5 times a day, cost about 1100 to make it back and forth from the train station.
It's in the middle of Hokkaido… when did she make that trip over there? if anyone remember

No. 587733

Maybe she's not homeless on paper per se, and she doesn't want to bring it up because Japanese immigration is already trying to crack down on her. But it looks like she definitely got kicked out and is running low on funds. She's paying for low end travel using a credit card

No. 587740

The problem with the homeless theory is that a few of us saw her embarrassing freak out in that livestream during Typhoon Trami and she clearly was living in that boring new house with her pet. I don’t know if it is her own house or shared but there is no indication she got thrown out of that place so soon.

It IS bizarre how she is constantly jumping around on all these little trips when she claimed she is working full time and she has a pet to take care of. I know it is possible to find cheap trips and lodging but it’s strange how frequently she wants to be away from home and these trips are definitely not generating much income for her dead channel to justify the effort.

No. 587752

Also she said a while back that she had about 2 years worth of video to edit and show us, but half of that she was not muslim so we cannot see her and videos like this one right here she use her drone….. and that's a recent purchase…

I agree it is realllllly weird to travel that much (and so far!!!) all the time, (in her case)

Side-note, a youtuber with almost 250k sub made a video to show us how much he makes from youtube. He showed all the stats and whatnot, including the money graph.
For about 500k views per month, he makes 450€ from youtube alone. That's before taxes.
That can gives us a good estimate on how much money Miranda makes from youtube.

No. 587794

Are you fucking stupid? No really…
Are you missing the videos she makes in her living room?

No. 587804

It’s almost like she doesn’t want to be at home when someone visits, like immigration or police…

I remember one livestream where she became disturbingly irate talking about door-to-door salesmen. She was downright angry describing how a representative from a home remolding company was examining outside of her house. It didn’t register with her that looking for possible remodeling sites would help him with his sales pitch. Nope! He must have been up to something nefarious!

Woah! Calm down, Kristian “dead ladies in my lakeside shed” Mathisen. You should already know that some of us like to troll with “Mira is homeless/In Canada”.

No. 587887

What's Miranda the retarded going to do now that most of the world is turning its backs on Saudi Arabia?

No. 587992

I don't agree with homeless tinfoil anon but we can't deny that it is suspicious af that she is traveling so much to low budget destinations.

If it was just to lower her COL she wouldn't travel to so many far apart destinations. Hokkaido and Okinawa are literally opposite ends of Japan.

My tinfoil is that she knows the banhammer is coming down on her soon and she will be deported sooner or later just like Shiena was. So she is trying to visit Japan as much as she can before she gets arrested, and she's also trying to distance herself from Japan (the "why I am not Japanse [sic] anymore" video, focusing more on Muslim identity, etc).

No. 588082

welp she just made a video in her home (or waiting room of the office rofl) of "seasonal limited" items. Looks like she is again reading lolcow and basing her new content on what we gossip about here.

I for one still wanna know who the hell accompany mira on her travels. Make a video about that wont you

No. 588107

Well at least we can see how well her furniture blends with the walls!

5 points if you remember where that come from.

No. 588110

Yes, her invisible furniture from her immigration visit.

No. 588115

If she is still legally married to Visa-kun, as as Rodi claimed, then that means no Muslim husband. Her mahram must be a male family member or her husband, but she has neither living with her. So that means: NO MAHRAM!

Although whoever is traveling with her is probably another female, she is still traveling without the mahram that she thinks other Muslima should be harshly punished for.

She’ll try to pull the “You don’t know if I’m married or not!” but no actual Muslima would hide their marriage if their morality comes into question. All you have to say is “Yes, I am proudly married but keep that private” and you have not disrespected your spouse.

No. 588116

Classic case of "Everyone must follow the rules, but that doesnt apply to me" She does that all the time.

No. 588121

Miranda, are you traveling without a mahram and violating the teachings of islam, or do you have a husband and are lying to your followers about being single? Which is it?
Your lifestyle is haram, absolutely haram!!

No. 588131


literally who wants to watch her eat pudding. seriously what the fuck is her content?

and she talks like a tween trying to sound entertaining. like if you asked a 12yr old girl to sound like a talk-show host…that's exactly how she would speak. I couldn't place it before. MIRANDA: YOU SUCK AT THIS lmao

also its getting so hard to look at her can we start a petition to get her to at least wear makeup again.

No. 588200

She is never going to fuck you, my dude.

No. 588247

File: 1539447611952.jpg (209.67 KB, 872x547, notsensationalistatall.jpg)

OT but I guess Rodi has fallen victim of the same bullshit. Life Destroyed? what the fuck is this title lmao.

I like Rodi but his content is mostly boring….so anythign for views I guess

I wanted to ask him to confirm shit naruru's claimed but he keeps live streaming while driving through a typhoon and his stream freezes every 5min

No. 588273

Naruru claimed that, not Rodi. Naruru posted caps of her telling Rodi that, and he took everything she said at face value.

I'm not trying to defend Randa, but we don't know any of this and Naruru has proven herself to not be a good source of info. She claimed for days that Rodi was the one who told her all this, but it was the other way around and made her look stupid.

No. 588333


is he even in japan? wheel on the wrong side

No. 588354


could just be the video is mirrored I think? He was using the front facing cam and at one point used the regular one, and he was definitely driving on the left side of the road, and in japan lol

No. 588381


It's amazing how Rody's hotness blinds farmers (and PULL even moreso) to the fact that he's a lolcow himself. Perhaps not as full on batshit as Randa but definitely a bit of a loser. He's also blatantly milking both Randa and Rururu to rustle up drama on his behalf to try to draw views to his failing channel.

Let's recap.
Rody's dad would be the right age to have been an undocumented immigrant in Japan - 1980s boom era when tens of thousands of Pakistanis overstayed tourist visit visas to work illegally. The dad knocked up a Japanese woman to get a shotgun marriage + legitimate visa, they try for a few years, shit doesn't work out because Pakistan and Japan are crazy different. Little Rody thus lives in Japan
until 1st grade or so, then is sent to Pakistan/UK to bounce around between relative's houses.

Obviously he only had Pakistan and Japan citizenship because from his personality and such he would fit in wayyy better in the UK but he didn't. For dual passport kids you have to choose one or the other at age 20 and we know Rody didn't go to college.

Probably he would have fit in better in Pakistan than Japan but let's be real, if you could choose one of those passports you obviously choose the Japanese one. So he chose the Japanese passport, which he shows off in his video.

His Japanese sounds semi native due to having learned it as a native language at a young age but lacking the Japanese middle school.high school.university educational background he can't really do any kind of skilled labor. Plenty of gaijins can bumble their way into careers teaching English or being dancing monkey TV "talento", but Rody is mixed with a dark skinned developing country, so Japanese people won't want him for those roles. I would be shocked if he can properly write kanji, which in Japanese society is about as basic as being able to spell words longer than 5 letters in an Anglophone society.

You'll notice he does a shitton of Q&A but never answers questions about education or career. He thinks his YouTube channel is going to take off and be a career, but the truth is he's too lazy. Successful J-vloggers (already a fairly saturated market) produce new videos constantly on a frequent basis. They also provide fresh new content, while Rody content, when not relying on "Look at me, I'm associating with controversial J vlogger Kanadajin3!", is mostly mundane shit like "This is a Japanese convenience store".

We KNOW what a Japanese convenience store looks like. Most of us live or at least have been to Japan before. Those who haven't, have already seen the billion other J vlogs about convenience stores.

Dude needs fresh content and going back to Mira and Rururu just shows he is out of ideas (or that more popular vloggers won't notice him)

No. 588387

And before anyone asks, no I am not Miranda or the Norwegian guy or the Swedish guy or Rururu or anyone else involved in this weeby saga. I'm just another thirsty chick who wants Rody to put out some quality content so we can go back to gazing upon his genetically blessed visage

No. 588392

>It's amazing how Rody's hotness blinds farmers
i thought most of you were trolling. i don't think he's attractive, definitely not enough to give him a pass on anything.

No. 588408

File: 1539482833431.jpg (74.49 KB, 960x700, IMG_20181013_210623.jpg)

>I'm just another thirsty chick who wants Rody to put out some quality content so we can go back to gazing upon his genetically blessed visage

Yeah.. have fun with that.

No. 588453


literally no one here ever says they like his content lmao he's a poor-man's jesse wellens/casey neistat knock-off. His content is garbage

but I'm allowed to think he's attractive and simultaniously think his content is shit.

my favourite is his video on how to have a successful youtube channel…and it has hardly any views

no one here is blind. he's just too boring to be a lolcow and some of us think he's attractive.

No. 588456

File: 1539489412135.png (115.35 KB, 300x300, rodi.png)


No. 588459

Whoa, nice blog post! Wait no, nobody fucking care. This thread is not abour Rody, we dont care about Rody.
You pull a whole bunch of "if, probably" out of your ass and again, just to be clear, we dont care about that.

You think he's a lolcow? great, go submit his name and make a thread about him.

I will agree with you on one point, you are clearly not Miranda, you write a thousand time better then she does.
If you want to have Rody's D, go for it, just avoid doing what Miranda is doing, we all know that doesnt work.

No. 588462

Yo… Enough about Rodi’s kebab.

Did anyone see the large amount of recent posts she deleted? I saw her arguing with a bunch of actual Muslims again and now I can no longer find those posts. She was basically playing “I’m the best Muslim in the world” again and was touting Saudi Arabian websites and sources as the ONLY correct interpretations of Islam. She especially pisses off Muslim women.

This is how you know that it is “not just haters” from PULL/lolcow that are to blame for her sorry reputation . Wherever she goes and whichever culture group she tries to force herself into, she ALWAYS ruffles feathers and pisses people off. She did it in Canada with the punk and programmer communities. She did it with Japanese nationals and the foreign Jvlogging community. Now she’s fucking up with the vast majority of Muslims who are not batshit insane Wahhabis. Miranda is always the problem.

No. 588463


>Miranda is always the problem

whoever makes the next Miranda post, please put this as your title. Miranda "Always the Problem" Constable or Miranda Constable - Always the Problem edition

No. 588469

Shit, I think I know what this is! "Dunning Kruger". …Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people of low ability have illusory superiority and mistakenly assess their cognitive ability as greater than it is.

Basically stupid people who can't recognize their own incompetence and have delusional beliefs that they're smarter, or are experts in something that they're really not. This term is used a lot in 4chan's /ic/, but the definition is way more suited for Miranda.

No. 588470

Indeed. When I think of Miranda and her overconfidence about everything in life, the phrase "a little learning is a dangerous thing" comes to mind.

No. 588471

You sound a bit pressed, Naruru. Calm down.

No. 588524

i still think bitch looks like a young jafar from aladdin.

No. 588525

Miranda did make a recent twitter post referencing walking with her husband in Niqab in japan vs. Canada. But I think she is BSing, she doesn’t have a Muslim husband.

All signs do point towards Mira mentally preparing herself for leaving japan. Maybe the latest visa kun is fed up she didn’t get citizenship and divorced and now she’s waiting on her final spouse visa to run out before leaving japan permanently. Would also explain why she’s so okay with running up a credit card bill traveling all over. She’s planning on seeing as much of japan as she can before getting kicked and dodging immigration cops at her home at the same time

No. 588527

File: 1539528312061.jpeg (539.6 KB, 1242x1434, 34D09115-FBBF-4FCB-986C-04D6A1…)

I like how she forgot the apostrophe in husband’s, making it seem like she plans on having multiple husbands

No. 588528

File: 1539528452791.jpeg (359.73 KB, 1242x850, A341FB07-8428-48FF-8375-728168…)

Really digging this nuanced political commentary on global trade patterns

No. 588529

Does she realize how many products sold in Japan are made in other countries?

No. 588530

The first thing I saw when I glanced at this was the word "bigots". Miranda, as a homophobe, you don't get to use this word on others, you stupid cunt.

No. 588531

Are you fucking stupid? No really…
Are you missing the videos she makes in her living room?>>588525

Yes she does. She got married in Canada when she went to Canada.

No. 588535

And how did she do that while being married in japan? Receipts or gtfo

No. 588537

Randa can you please just carry out your terrorist attack already? You are so retarded it won't harm anybody but you'll be arrested and hopefully get help in jail

No. 588564


if this stupid bitch is from Mississuaga like people here have said then she should know that there is a huge muslim population there. She won't be discriminated against for being muslim, she will be discriminated against for being a white girl playing dress up as muslim…..and even then I'm just being acerbic because there are so many muslims who look white anyhow

like this whole entire scenario is not based in reality at all. literally fucking no one is going to approach her or say shit. Ontario is extremely multicultural (which is not to say that bigotry and racism doesn't exist here. it does. but she won't be subjected to it like she thinks she will)

actually the only people that might approach her are acidic gays to tell her that her LV fake

No. 588569

receipts or gtfo

No. 588570

Hey Randa? You might want to read about these Isis brides begging to be returned to Canada, cause this is your future.

No. 588586


She could experience prejudice if she's expecting to be deported to her mom and dad's home in bumfuck ontario. In toronto no way but we know she is as much torontonian as she is tokyoite

No. 588612

But but but! Miranda said that womens are living the dream there! They are all the queens of the society! They have all the best condition evar a woman could ask for! Why would they want to leave such a dream land! She said that so it must be true, she's always right!

Thanks for the link, maybe one day she'll realize just how bad that country is for womens… but at the same i'd like to see her move over there and, couple months later, see some random news about a canadian woman asking to be sent back to her country, that would be funny.

No. 588690

File: 1539576316335.jpg (200.95 KB, 1242x1250, NGPq4PQ.jpg)

Hahaha! Shit, Mira. Why aren’t you embarrassed to type that, Ms. marriage fraud? Yeah, forget about getting to know someone, introducing them to family and friends, planning the future with them and strengthen your commitment. Just jump right in and milk that visa for as long as possible!

No. 588704

That girl isn't muslim, so she might as well have said that BS to a brick wall. I swear she only makes these drama-stirring tweets because she thinks it will impress Muslims. That's the irony of her Muslim good-lady image; she's a loudmouth drama-stirring attention whore

No. 588707


lmfao if Miranda truly believes that shit then she is a PRIME target for any sociopath that wants her quasimodo ass

No. 588708

I sincerely hope that she does marry an ultraconservative Saudi man and move to Saudi Arabia. She will learn very quickly that wahhabism isn't all it's cracked up to be…

No. 588726

She is already married to a Saudi man

No. 588728

Big if true! Post some proof.

No. 588729

Sure, Randa. remember when you were caught self-posting here, trying to get us to believe that? we're gonna role-play your fantasy with you.

my thoughts exactly. not just her extremism, but now she's ok with marrying a complete stranger. she's going to land herself in an abusive relationship by next year.

No. 588730

Theres no proof. It is just what people close to her say.

No. 588731

Sure Miranda, I'll believe you once you divorce your Visa-kun

No. 588759

Are you one of those Amerifats that can't tell the difference between countries? Syria and Iraq and Saudi Arabia are all different countries …

No. 588766


a) nobody cares
b) you're problematic as fuck so sit down
c) your LV still fake

No. 588770

Hey Randa, how do you excuse that murder your beloved regime pulled off in Turkey?

No. 588771

Hey Randa, how do you excuse that murder your beloved regime pulled off in Turkey?

No. 588772

A Saudi man isn't realistic for her. The government makes it quite difficult for people to marry foreign nationals, and Saudi is a wealthy country with a high standard of living, so men there can pick from more desirable wives. Even a poor Saudi man would sooner find a poor girl from Yemen or Syria or wherever who is a virgin, raised Muslim, etc than go for a 3 time divorcee white trash queen.

Randa's best bet is to find one of those Pakistani guys that messages strangers "open bob and vagene" on Facebook. They would marry her for the Canadian green card alone

No. 588773

A Saudi man isn't realistic for her. The government makes it quite difficult for people to marry foreign nationals, and Saudi is a wealthy country with a high standard of living, so men there can pick from more desirable wives. Even a poor Saudi man would sooner find a poor girl from Yemen or Syria or wherever who is a virgin, raised Muslim, etc than go for a 3 time divorcee white trash queen.

Randa's best bet is to find one of those Pakistani guys that messages strangers "open bob and vagene" on Facebook. They would marry her for the Canadian green card alone

No. 588775

Hey Randa, how do you excuse that murder your beloved regime pulled off in Turkey?

No. 588776


sorry for OT but WTF happened again?

No. 588782

google "jamal khashoggi" for more info

No. 588785

File: 1539621173947.png (169.04 KB, 1212x692, スクリーンショット 2018-10-16 1.28.14.p…)

"Can you calm down"?
So, Miranda, the United States and Canada are wrong for criticizing Saudi Arabia’s human rights abuses?
You actually support the torture and murder of journalists who expose the corruption of the Saudi regime?

No. 588801

Correct, and not only that, but Miranda complained that the Canadian/Saudi tensions messed up her “plans”.

If she somehow managed tho avoid all the hassles the above anon mentioned and legitimately married a Saudi, she would have no issues visiting Saudi Arabia.

So, as previously said, the “she married a Saudi” is bullshit from every angle.

No. 588849

She really thinks she can weasel into Saudi Arabia like she has Japan, doesn't she?

No. 588853

Yep, that's why it's funny to watch.

No. 588988

lel I wonder if Mira will start to lie to Muslim men that she's a virgin after reading this. People tell sweeping lies about their sexual history for less, and as we all know, Mira is a super special Muslim and lying isn't haram when she does it.

No. 588990

She is married when will you get it

No. 588991

inb4 a gofundme for hymen reconstruction surgery

No. 589000

proof, when will you show it
(never, because it doesn't exist)

No. 589001

Nah I believe that she's married, but to a Japanese visa husband. Anon wants us to believe she's moved on to a Saudi husband. Since Mira hasn't made a video bragging about her glorious new husband and amazing new homeland, I call bullshit on that. Proof or fuck off, >>588990

No. 589003

Prove that then?

No. 589014

They said they BELIEVE, which is not a statement of fact nor does it need proof.

Whereas >>588990 is a statement of FACT and needs proof.

No. 589036

Okay, KM. If she is married to a Saudi, then what visa is she on? There is absolutely no long term visa she would be eligible for if she does not have a Japanese spouse. NONE.

No. 589075


Permanent resident.

No. 589078

She already failed that (which she documented thoroughly). Her shitty hotel/waitress job was not sponsering her for that.

No. 589083

She has already admitted that she has/had the status of "long-term resident (teijusha 定住者)", and not "permanent resident (eijusha 永住者)", although she mistakenly refers to teijusha status as "permanent residency".

No. 589129

File: 1539708236439.jpg (18.55 KB, 400x440, aPcKsqt.jpg)

This is so stupid. She claimed she had permanent residence since 2014, which makes no sense in the visa timeline. The only way someone like Mira(no higher education, professional skills or Japanese family children) could get permanent residence is through marriage with a Japanese national. There are no other options for her.

Just stop. Why do you continue this charade when you know several people in this thread are either long term residents of Japan or have already becone naturalized citizens?

And the thing about teijuusha is that is not something they give out to just anyone and it does not last indefinitely.

No. 589140

There is no way she qualifies for 定住者 visa. She is full of shit. The "oh the information is only in Japanese" is bullshit. It is true that in Japan the Japanese text of laws prevails over English translations but there are certainly English translations out there. And immigration lawyers have an incentive to help their clients achieve their goals (such as permanent residency), so why would they advertise it as not being possible if it actually is?

Here's a Japanese source saying the exact same damn thing the English sources say:


You need to either (a) have given birth during the marriage AND be awarded custody of the child[ren], OR (b) be married for a period of at least 3 years.

source: https://samurai-law.com/visa/sub4-2/sub4-2qes1/

And here's another law website with tons of super detailed examples. They do mention that special consideration is given in the case of spousal abuse (which Mira claimed), but again, only when the marriage has been continuously maintained for 3 years.

No. 589142

Mira, 定住者 visa was made mostly in consideration of people like poor Filipino and Chinese brides that were brokered in marriage to Japanese men, had children in Japan, lived in Japan for several years making a life, and then ended up divorced because their shitty Japanese husband beat them/gambled/drank etc.

It was NOT made for your sorry ass to marry the first Japanese man you encountered, then divorce after 3 months because he went overseas for work, but continue living your weeb dream of eating convenience store pudding in a niqab without contributing to society.

No. 589148


Here's a Japanese lawyer who goes into a bit more detail on a case of a woman who was a victim of DV and got 定住者 visa. She had a child with her ex husband. The lawyer keeps stressing how even so in this case it was difficult because it is very hard to prove DV in Japan without the kind of evidence police require.

I honestly think Miranda just found a type of visa most Anglophone gaijins wouldn't be as familiar with (since it usually doesn't apply to them) and she thought she could make claims about it. It's a visa for poor downtrodden disadvantaged women that if anything is MORE difficult to get. Often the Vietnamese woman loses the custody battle and is kicked out on her ass. There is no way she has teijuusha.

Here's the only timeline that makes sense to me:
2011– Come to Japan on first spouse visa, divorce.
mid 2012– first spouse visa expires; start language school.
mid 2014– language school visa expires (they only go for 2 years maximum). Marry visa-kun #2
mid 2017: having been "married" for 3 years, Mira applies and is rejected for Japanese citizenship. Tensions with visa-kun #2 begin, possibly divorce happens at some point late 2017/early 2018.

Current day: Mira knows her time is up and she's toast, so she is traveling around Japan to see all the sights one last time before her inevitable return to Canada.

No. 589201

Imo, she's still "with" visa-kun 2.0. I feel like we would have heard more stuff if she did divorced a second time.

No. 589211

ikr, she would be bragging and showing off the Saudi visa husband if she had one. A Japanese husband is useless to her now.

No. 589219

Your made up timeline is so off man..

No. 589229

Bad Panda? Alright.

I don't think so.

Everyone speculates about their friendship, but no one can confirm what's going on? Cool.

No. 589232




if you think the timeline is wrong, submit the correct one then :)

No. 589233

File: 1539740658208.png (94.87 KB, 1138x256, Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 6.43…)

Mira prepares for deportation, part 1

No. 589234

File: 1539740677508.png (95.8 KB, 1160x304, Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 6.44…)

Mira prepares for deportation, part 2

No. 589237

Working Holiday visa, spouse visa, student visa…. THEN teijuusha?!
Lord… It is beyond absurd.
She was just so special that a few years AFTER the end of a 2 month marriage that produced no children, with an ex-husband she claimed went overseas for his job, Japanese immigration decides to gift her with a unique visa for the next 4-5 years!

I know we’ve been over it a million times but I still can’t believe she pushes this insane story! The examples for legitimate teijuusha that you guys posted above further illustrate how vulgar of a person she is to lie about something about that.

No. 589269

Who would we hear from, though? Miranda wouldn't announce it. Naruru speculating? Rodi saying he got it secondhand (probably from the flake N)? Miranda's fri- oh, nevermind.

No. 589275

Isn't that what Naruru does best? Speculating, coming up with one theory after another. If there is any proof, make a video, get on with it already.

No. 589293

There is no proof. we are still waiting for the screen shots that Mira actually tried to contact Rodi

No. 589360

She is still never going to fuck you, my dude.

No. 589373

We're also still without shots of Rodi making any claims.

Naruru did nothing but kick up shit.

No. 589464


the only claim Rodi made was in the first round of screenshots where he said Miranda was married and pays visa-kun for it, and that Miranda makes anon accounts to harass him. Just those two pieces of info. Everything else was Naruru more or less asking him shit then saying he said it was true.

on the other hand, they're just screenshots…and while I don't know if Naruru is adept enough to falsify those, I'm taking them at face value, also.

IMO: I do think Rodi said it and I do think Miranda is paying visa-kun to stay in Japan

tbh I wish Rodi would just say shit outright it's like all we have to go on is info fed to us by different brands of crazy ISIS brides

No. 589470

That's kind of what I meant.

Naruru was just kind of saying "Omg Rodi did you know x thing about Randa?" and him saying "No I didn't." Which apparently to Naruru means Rodi has tons of dirt on her, even though she was the one making the claims.

No. 589477

File: 1539812159051.png (88.58 KB, 609x469, derp.png)

Back to actual content involving Miranda.

Her head is going to explode soon as she tries various mental gymnastics to defend islam and Saudi Arabia after their murdering that journalist.

No. 589482

Anyone watched her most recent video? Any good info in it?

No. 589491

This is what grosses me out about her. Nothing about her character is genuine, it all revolves around the (ignorant) fetishization of this one country. She's incredibly superficial with no depth at all.

No. 589496

She wandered around an abandon building and tried to pretend it was scary, despite being the middle of the day.

So, standard Miranda stuff. Boring and pointless.

No. 589533

Miranda, what if I told you that having an interest in Saudi Arabia/Islam does not mean that you are prohibited from criticizing the human rights abuses of the Saudi regime (e.g., torturing and murdering a journalist in Turkey)?

No. 589548


It's pretty obvious. Narunaru is infatuated with Rodi and she views Miranda as a "rival" for his affections. Rodi himself is just a player with a bad case of vanilla fever, and neither Narunaru nor Miranda are his type, but since he benefits from them stirring up drama, he allows it. Pretending he is innocent and naive, so that the drama stirred up can bring attention to him, without making him personally appear to be balls deep in the drama despite being at the center of it.

tldr: narunaru want that rodi dick

No. 589550

No. 589561

I disagree. Naruru just wants attention. It's why she volunteered to meet Randa irl years ago like she was so brave and doing everyone a favor. That's why she's milking this shit with Rodi so hard. I get major "Maureen Lewis of ForeverKailyn fame" vibes from this. (tdlr of that: Momo was Kai's boyfriend's legit retarded ex and when she found out Kai was internet "famous," she latched on and become a cow herself.)

No. 589648

No. 589649

File: 1539870911127.png (164.36 KB, 1228x734, スクリーンショット 2018-10-18 22.50.44.…)

Imam Miranda has given us her legal opinion. Nobody should criticize Saudi Arabia for torturing and murdering a journalist in Turkey…because of North Korea?

Miranda, I sincerely hope that you can move to Saudi Arabia as a wife one day and experience the wonderful culture there first hand.

No. 589671

>Rodi himself is just a player with a bad case of vanilla fever,

He has a fiance, possibly married to her by now..

Stop this crap and start a Naruru thread.

(Waiting for the retard to start spamming that everyone is secretly Naruru again..)

No. 589672

File: 1539876877286.png (81.16 KB, 1214x372, スクリーンショット 2018-10-19 0.31.38.p…)

Seems legit.

No. 589695

Seriously. She is a loon. I want her to also experience the rich culture of saudi

No. 589696

No. 589742

After she met them or visited the place once, she hate them?

No. 589746

i know she means this in a kind of poetic way, but it just comes off as entirely serious in a creepy as fuck way. like she's obsessed with a guy she saw online or something. tbh that's kind of how she treated rodi/islam

No. 589904

Exactly. If it were anyone else, I wouldn't think twice about this, but given Miranda's previous obsession with Japan and her current obsession with Saudi Arabia without actually having visited there, it is quite creepy…

No. 589905

File: 1539948291435.jpg (62.54 KB, 642x295, queen of the herd.jpg)

You have to believe her because she's been a sheep her whole life.

No. 589906

File: 1539948385995.jpg (56.78 KB, 589x412, those damn haters.jpg)

No. 589907

I'm confused by her definition of a hater now…anyone who criticizes the human rights abuses of the Saudi regime is now a hater?

No. 589908

File: 1539948597730.jpg (38.7 KB, 704x340, new instagram pic.jpg)

Her new pic just makes me feel like she's going to blow herself up in a crowded street very soon.

No. 589909

File: 1539948841687.jpg (44.38 KB, 638x372, the sun though.jpg)

No. 589912

File: 1539949188303.jpg (168.2 KB, 634x1137, thirsty for that muslim love.j…)

No. 589918

File: 1539950064045.jpg (58.78 KB, 910x462, point fingers.jpg)

How dare you! She's the only one allowed to point fingers because she's the bestest muslim there ever was!

No. 589926

Pretty much everything she says makes me feel as if I have lost IQ points. FFS, Miranda.

No. 589933

Making jokes about haram pudding is haram.

No. 589935

So all of this "everything is haram" shit makes me wonder what she thinks or does that is enjoyable, or gives her pleasure. There literally seems to be nothing that is enjoyable in her life. Maybe "correcting" actual born-in-the-faith Muslims on the internet is it, I am not sure.

Religion is not supposed to be a prison, Miranda.

No. 589950


Seriously. It looks exactly like ISIS propaganda videos.

No. 589951

File: 1539962089314.jpg (22.67 KB, 564x439, stupid.jpg)

No. 589968

File: 1539967090995.jpg (91.95 KB, 1242x2208, oeI8Oen.jpg)

Interesting retweet, Mira. This makes her eager to have children!

No. 589971


The weirdest thing is that actual niqabi women just don't post their photo at all online. You can look up some examples– like look up faculty at women's universities in Saudi Arabia, they have no "faculty profile" photo, even on their social media you can't find photos.

Male faculty-
Female faculty-

What's interesting is that they absolutely do use social media but just not with selfies.

There are some Saudi women who post their face on social media but they're much more liberal ones, the ones who weren't fans of niqab to begin with. Even then it's virtually impossible to find an example of a Saudi woman on social media acting as crass and judgmental as Randa does. I see some discussing stuff like family, interior design, fashion, professions like being a dentist or pediatrician, etc., that's it.

Kinda fascinating really because apparently Saudi is one of the largest markets of internet and social media users, but just without photos (for women). Crazy to think of that many women using IG without posting selfies

No. 589972

File: 1539967836886.png (147.95 KB, 1218x624, スクリーンショット 2018-10-20 1.43.34.p…)

Miranda, please check the Wikipedia page on "Regression fallacy"…As an adult, you should know by now that most cases of sore throat start to feel better after a few days…

No. 589976

her stupidity is baffling. i've had sore throats that only lasted hours.

No. 589977

So Allah is a magic genie who grants wishes? Good to know. brb gotta convert and dua up some money.

No. 589993

i mean that's not super far from what they thought thousands of years ago. randa is obviously more in touch with her ancient roots.

No. 590013


>"I was just sitting here thinking"

see, this is where it all went downhill for her. She coulda hurt herself

No. 590019

made me chuckle, anon

No. 590062

There must be a reddit thread somewhere for that! about stupid comment/tweet/reply/post or seomthing!! (i never used reddit so im not familiar with theses sub categories, maybe one of you know!)

No. 590081


She crops up semi regularly on r/japancirclejerk

No. 590103

There's r/iamverysmart, but that's more for making fun of people bragging about their IQ, not religious nutjobs. If Mira ever tweets about how she didn't need a high school diploma to reach her dreams she would fit in there.

No. 590129

Maybe on r/facepalm? Not sure if they allow religion based stuff tho, but i'd see it there.

No. 590132

Also she bitches about Canada and the US like they're a "person" who chooses to bully her Saudi kingdom. her being a hypocrite isn't new tho

No. 590209

I've always wondered. Where is her dad or mom in all of this? If I was her parent, me and my husband would have put an end to this shit long before she became delusional enough that she wanted to be a Muslim woman in Saudi. I would have stopped it at the first marriage to some guy she barely knew in Japan.

Does she come from a broken home or something? I never hear her talk about her parents.

No. 590212

I only remember her saying her dad was a drug addict jailbird. so there's that.

No. 590213

Seriously. Why are so many extreme weebs and kboos from fucked up family backgrounds?

No. 590238

I dont think shes that close w her parents because she doesnt stay with them when she visits Canada. But we know they appeared a long time ago in a Christmas video where they encouraged Miranda to get drunk lol.

She's of age though; there is not much the parents could do to stop her from getting married or changing religion. I do get the impression the Islam conversion might have been the last straw for her parents since we dont see her ever interacting with her parents since converting

No. 590244

File: 1540047661007.png (903.97 KB, 968x832, Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 7.57…)

why does she deliberately make these faces

No. 590245

File: 1540047703493.png (1.36 MB, 1154x944, Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 7.59…)


what the fuuuuck

No. 590248

She made a tweet or something complaining about her mother not accepting her conversion and trying to snatch the hijab from Miranda's head, so I guess it went over like a lead balloon.

No. 590261


anime tiddies are the ultimate form of escapism


"Hijabi Meth Heads: Arabian Anal, Vol IV"

No. 590262


saudi prince cum tribute

No. 590263

her normal faces look like this tho.

No. 590282

File: 1540060519072.jpg (49.21 KB, 590x352, long time lurker.jpg)

Look who's been lurking.

No. 590283

File: 1540060562448.jpg (63.42 KB, 626x596, who.jpg)

No. 590288

What happened to not judging a country based on one person, Mira?

Kaitlin Bennett is a cow in her own right.

No. 590440

Imam Miranda has issued a new fatwa: All women must stop working unless they have the permission of their husband.

No. 590441

File: 1540117547073.png (70.37 KB, 1248x216, スクリーンショット 2018-10-21 19.23.57.…)

No. 590444

>marry a stranger you just met
>extremist muslim men
>be 100% financially dependent on him
>be loud-mouth, drama-stirring Miranda
this is a recipe for getting herself into a very abusive relationship that is going to be very hard to escape. I'm not even gonna feel bad for her when this happens.

No. 590451

I really hope that she will marry the most ultra-Wahabist Saudi man possible…then we will see how long her pious muslim phase lasts…

No. 590466

Comfirmed married. She said "we" in the live show when she was talking about using her table to eat on.

No. 590468

To her previous Japanese visa-kun or a new Saudi man?

No. 590469

She also answered when someone asked "do you have Muslims family members" she said "yes…no…maybe….its private".

No. 590470

Hey Mirasshole, stop with the ~confirmation~ bullshit. What about women shall not be seen nor heard? Can you just fuck off the internet pls? Because your religion forbids you to speak kthxbai

No. 590479

I hope you're trolling.

No. 590487


Seriously this cliche has been brought out so many times it's not even funny or interesting anymore. Nobody ever believed this claim that shit went down but only on a live stream that's been deleted. Nobody ever will believe that.


She has no chance to marry a Saudi. Third wife of Yemeni goat herder maybe.

No. 590593

File: 1540169707435.png (144.59 KB, 1288x490, Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 5.51…)

Indonesia could be great for her. It's a shitty place (non democracy, most people living there are trying to leave it for Japan/Taiwan/etc for work) so probably some Indo sap would marry Randa for that Canadian green card and bob and vagene potential.

It's still in Asia so she could even return to japan frequently.

If she marries indo and goes to live there then she's honestly not that far off from old white man sexpats who go to Philippines/Cambodia etc to get married and live there b/c they couldn't hack it in their own country.

Drawbacks… i donno what kinda indo guy could get a white trash batsu 3x divorcee past his fam .

But maybe OK if green card and the guy is older and past hope.

No. 590870

What no if she leaves then the milk is gone

No. 590919


tbh her milk sour af these days. Someone posted her old youtube videos to PULL and it made me realize how she was 1000x more funny cringe to watch during her ~perfect japanizu housewaifu~ days. Now during her ~perfect muslimah~ arc the number of things she feels comfortable doing on camera is much more limited and we're left with bullshit like the autumn pudding filter.

No. 590938

File: 1540265754336.jpg (365.61 KB, 1242x1807, 15GDuCm.jpg)

More of her “do as I say, not as I do” bullshit. As her unmarried, questionably employed ass still sits in a first world country doing whatever the Hell she wants while a perverted Norwegian man sends her money.

Mira “huffing many farts in my niqab” Constable has decided that go on another anti-feminist rant, this time criticizing Japanese women for not marrying the first wallet they see and accusing Japanese men of lying when they say they are not financially stable enough to support a wife and family. Yeah, Japan must listen to to the twiced divorced, childless, vulgar, uneducated and illegal Canadian who could never integrate into Japanese society.

The only reason she can spout such baseless, uneducated drivel against Japanese without more backlash is because she has not a single Japanese person who wants to be around her. All she can do is buzz from foreigner to naive foreigner, like a fly to a new turd.

No. 590987

File: 1540280111884.jpg (77.41 KB, 588x681, tough life.jpg)

No. 590994

Poor widdle 16 year old Mira had to fend for herself as she partied, attended concerts/raves, hooked up with guys, went wherever she wanted, trolled message boards and financially exploited wimpy hapas that she would later cheat on! Sounds traumatic.If only she had a man telling her what to do!

And yet, she believes children under 10 are capable of sexual consent and ready for marriage with middle aged men.

No. 590999

>my female children
>accompanied by their brothers
Holy shit. I hope she waits another 10 years for a Saudi and ends up infertile.

Then again her phase might not last that long.

No. 591001

She is already married to a Saudi Arabian man.

No. 591004

File: 1540285378331.jpg (11.17 KB, 441x408, 1446140628103.jpg)

Sure thing, Mira

No. 591018

I wonder if this is true…It appears that under Saudi law, a Saudi man has to be between 40 and 65 years old to be able to marry a non-Saudi woman, and a Saudi woman has to be between 30 and 50 if she wants to take a non-Saudi husband.

No. 591027


She was also living with her Dad at that point and he was providing everything.

No. 591029


Well, Miranda isn't 30, so that answer the question.

Just another reason why that scam isn't going to work.

No. 591030

stop using the word hapa.

No. 591035

>she is already married to an invisible man


No. 591072

Aww, it's sweet that Randa's Yemeni goat herder husband lets her show her hair on Twitter.

No. 591074

Only the Saudi woman must be over 30 to marry a foreigner. The foreign wife must be over 25, but no more than 15 years younger than the Saudi husband. In the fantasy scenario of Mira marrying an actual Saudi, she would be lucky because due to the current law, he would not be that old.

However, there are other conditions that must be met and it would be extremely unlikely that a traditional Saudi man would not first get the direct approval of his family and then have the marriage performed and validated IN Saudi Arabia. Actually, it’s unthinkable for him to do that. That’s the biggest hole in KM’s lie: that Mira and the Saudi prince somehow married in Japan, with none of the traditional courtship and family-supervised visits.

No. 591081

Those concerts weren't that cheap to boot. She would also post stupid videos of her and her dumb friends dancing to punk music and drinking 40s. I wish I had saved that video.

No. 591082


Yes, and the fact that if she was married to a Saudi, there would be no issue with her moving to live there. However, she has repeatedly said that she can't especially after the tensions between Canada and SA started getting hot.

If married to a Saudi national, wouldn't be an issue.

No. 591096

Plus standards, right? Mira is no beautiful young virgin.

No. 591196

I think what's going on is that Randa is trying to court someone living in Saudi Arabia through the internet right now. She hopes that it'll work out and then she will pop up in Riyadh all "I told you so!".

My guess is that Saudi men would definitely troll internet dating websites and feign interest in a white girl Muslim from Canada, since everything is super repressed over there, the internet becomes an avenue for freedom of expression and exploring topics such as dating and sex that are not socially acceptable otherwise.

However, they would never seriously consider marriage to a foreign woman, they're probably just sexting Randa. (barf) .

Another possibility is she's chatting up men who are not of Saudi nationality but live and work in KSA. There are a ton of foreign laborers in KSA, drivers for women, chefs, house staff – they actually had to change laws to force malls to hire Saudis instead because prior to that no Saudis wanted to work at the local Starbucks or whatever, it was all foreign workers.

Those men are also stuck in a literal sex desert and would probably find it fun to chat up a white girl online. Many of these men are less restrictive Muslims (from places like Indonesia or Egypt), or non-Muslims from Philippines etc.

Kinda sad to think of how she's deluding herself like this though.

No. 591198

No. 591239

you can think it isnt true day and night. Its true. She is married to a Saudi man.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 591242

File: 1540341791691.jpg (25.9 KB, 400x400, show-me-the-receipts-show-rece…)

No. 591269

Funny (and sad) thing is, even if she were to weasel her way in, good luck coming back out

No. 591302

I think you are right. Remember that strange series of posts where she claimed she and a “friend” doxxed some guy(s) pretending yo be Saudi Arabian? If that happened, why would she go through all that effort to expose them instead of just blocking them? Why did she care so much and even wanted to video chat them?

Go back to masturbating to Sword Art Online, Kristian.

No. 591310

Nope. She lives in Japan. With her husband, whom is from Saudi Arabia.

No. 591313

It is actually really funny how nobody thinks its is true. She was dating a Swedish guy for a long time and there was people who came onto lolcow and pull to whistle blow. Nobody thought it was true. There was so much evidence (Trip to Sweden, Embassy trip, Sweden hills trip, Speaking random Swedish). Nobody bought it. The same thing is happening now but with the Saudi guy.

No. 591332

Post receipts or gtfo

No. 591334

> Trip to Sweden, Embassy trip, Sweden hills trip, Speaking random Swedish

No, we knew the Swedish dude was your bf. What's actually really funny is that you're repeating yourself, Mira. You already posted this list in a previous thread.

> went to Sweden, went to Swedish embassy, spoke Swedish in videos, posted pictures of Swedish chocolate and went to Sweden hills in Hokkaido

No. 591350

Again, see >>591242

No. 591354

what's the issue with living with your parents at the age of 16?

No. 591417

The only issue is that she says she supported herself from age 16. >>590987

No. 591430

>Speaking random Swedish
You've been told over and over, that citing "Mira mentioned, Mira said" is not evidence of shit, you stupid incel weeb.

No. 591431

>She was dating a Swedish guy for a long time and there was people who came onto lolcow and pull to whistle blow. Nobody thought it was true

Nobody fucking said you were not DATING Simon or any other nationality of guy, Mira. What the Hell are you talking about? You can follow dick, but you don’t keep it.

No. 591494


You also claimed that you were married and pregnant by a German guy.

No. 591504

can we start ignoring this bait and just report it instead? It was funny for a while, now it is just getting tiresome (esp without sage in /pt)

No. 591521


When did she ever claim that? I actually want to know lol

No. 591532


Miranda/KM claiming pregnant by German

Miranda/KM claiming “Swedish Husband”

No. 591563

Oh, shit. That shows that KM/Mira slipped up and was claiming Mira actually MARRIED a Swedish man(She was eyeing Simon? That kid dodged a bullet!), not just dating. So that’s why “nobody thought it was true”. Doofus couldn’t remember the original story.

Damn, Mira. You should at least save a big text file of all your fairy tales so you and Hentai-kun can keep track of the retarded details.

No. 591619

Hmm…. That looks like a training potty in the background. She did say that her brother was a baby when she was that age which leads me to believe that's his potty.

Which means this photo was taken at her parents, while she was supposedly ""living on her own""".

No. 591624


Good catch. Yeah, just another bit of proof that the "Living on my own since 16" is a load of horseshit.

No. 591627

The guy who knew her back then from the PunkSud forum might know if she was living with her parents, idk if he still posts on PULL or here

No. 591630

Hi, said guy punksu here. I wasn't that close to know WHO she was living with, but I know it wasn't on her own.. specially at that age, in Sudbury with no job and no talents.

No. 591703


That story was BS. In that case where are all her german videos? We all know when Mira gets obsessed with a country she makes videos about it, starts learning the language etc.

No. 591708


Well, duh..

No. 591726

Wasn’t 16 the age which she CHOSE to drop out of high school? Not a terrible situation out of her control where she was left to fend for herself. Maybe that’s what her pea-brain was referring to and as usual, she doesn’t want to take responsibility for her bad choices. She again tries to spin the story.

Mira, if you don’t want a daughter ending up in your previous situation, you can start by valuing a real education for her and not giving up when the going gets tough. Then she’ll know the importance of hard work and planning for the future. Oh, but you’re 1000 B.C. Muslim now and want her to look forward to nothing but being a man’s possession rather than equal partner. Never mind.

No. 591740

Yes that's why we make jokes about it. It was her funniest selfpost/friendpost here, imo.

No. 591741

File: 1540455092612.png (84.29 KB, 1216x362, スクリーンショット 2018-10-25 17.10.59.…)

Miranda, I think that only your brain works weird like that…

No. 591746

I think i know what she means. I have to state my phone number so often, the rhythm of it has etched itself into my head, as if it was one word zerohachizero-blablabla. If you asked me to state it in English I'd have to really think about it. But this is the same with any numbers you remember like this.

No. 591747

File: 1540459167151.jpg (57.55 KB, 638x403, smh.jpg)

Is she that blind?

No. 591754

File: 1540461035426.jpeg (94.14 KB, 1000x513, What is cognitive dissonance? …)

I believe that she has selected the option "ignore conflict".

No. 591785


lol she is so close. so close to self awareness and yet so far

No. 591984

File: 1540516648011.png (760.96 KB, 896x862, Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 6.16…)

randa wants to tell us that japan have pear.

Aside from this mundane shit, WHY the black box in her middle???

No. 592006

File: 1540521988574.jpg (491.77 KB, 1080x1478, Screenshot_20181025-224748.jpg)

Mira has gained a new follower!

No. 592008

I wonder if the strict lifestyle-related rules of islam provide comfort for people with a mental disorder who cannot otherwise control themselves?

No. 592043

Sinead's unstable af so yeah I guess?

No. 592139


Maybe she was wearing something like a christian cross and had to censor it

No. 592140


I think definitely this, also in Mira's case the idea of a society where people would be required to be friendly to her, that she could join through fulfilling certain actions, was probably quite appealing

No. 592141


I think definitely this, also in Mira's case the idea of a society where people would be required to be friendly to her, that she could join through fulfilling certain actions, was probably quite appealing

No. 592142


Maybe she was wearing something like a christian cross and had to censor it


I think definitely this, also in Mira's case the idea of a society where people would be required to be friendly to her, that she could join through fulfilling certain actions, was probably quite appealing

No. 592143


Maybe she was wearing something like a christian cross and had to censor it


I think definitely this, also in Mira's case the idea of a society where people would be required to be friendly to her, that she could join through fulfilling certain actions, was probably quite appealing

No. 592179

Anon,the one single reason gave a shit about Islam was trying to hop on Rodi's dick. That's it. Since that failed, she has been trying to make the best of it by going full authoritarian like she always does. The bit where Wahabbism is suited to that is just good luck for her, not any sort of planning or insight.

No. 592186

Also, the fact that she thinks she can't be held accountable for all the shit she's done because "muh new faith forgives all my past sins, I can't be judged for what I was".

No. 592303

Just because someone is living on their own does not mean they don't visit their family.

No. 592333


what a weird ass hill to die on, anon.

Hey Mira/KMRuroni anon, riddle me this: Why does Kanadajin3 feel entitled to go on making Youtube videos when according to ~best Islam~ she should be a silent housewife without speaking from her pulpit?

No. 592340

Dr. Miranda, you are so knowledgeable about all things, including human anatomy/physiology. Before your tweet, the consensus was that body hair follows the same growth pattern as the hair that grows on the scalp, but with a shorter anagen phase and longer telogen phase. Now we know better thanks to you!

No. 592341

File: 1540619636782.png (131.63 KB, 1216x642, スクリーンショット 2018-10-27 14.46.57.…)

No. 592342

File: 1540620905410.gif (452.48 KB, 498x278, whatthefuck.gif)

No. 592345



No. 592357

When is Rodi going to make his video.

No. 592359

btw her husband is clearly visible in her video.

No. 592364

maybe we can get victor to do a live show about MIRANDA and HUSBAND RODI DRAMA. He always gets in on it.

No. 592365

there was probably a small patch of skin showing.

No. 592382

lets all spam viktor. He will make a video with Rodi about this.

No. 592402

File: 1540644975936.jpg (304.8 KB, 1217x1576, vbmmE0X.jpg)

>here = hair
>nose = knows
>caught = cut

Then everything else.

No. 592412

Miranda, please stop embarrassing yourself. It's ok to admit that you have no idea what you are talking about. Learn from this and move on.

No. 592413

she put cut and caught in the same sentence. i'm guessing she's using siri again to avoid misspelling embarrassment. ironically it made it worse.

No. 592456

File: 1540658656194.jpg (91.18 KB, 935x599, photoshop masta.jpg)

Is that a photoshopped scarf?

No. 592457

yes lol

No. 592458

quasimodo meets the hills have eyes

No. 592462


I'm getting huge deja-vu vibes here. Didn't she fervently defend the "hair grows back thicker after you shave it" myth like, years ago?

No. 592466

You should know you cannot post a claim like that w/o saying which video and a timestamp.

No. 592468

Miranda has never bought products made in China.

Except for all the knockoff brand items.

If she's eating halal in Japan, she probably eats a lot of fish. Japan imports a lot of fish from China (sounds counter-intuitive but is true – cheaper to hire Chinese fishermen than Japanese). Japan also imports a lot of vegetables (frozen and fresh) from China.

I'm hard pressed to think of a cell phone that isn't partially assembled in China (no iPhone or Samsung for Randa).

Then, of course much of the cheap clothing and household goods one would use (especially someone low-income like Mira) are all made in China.

Makeup of Chinese imports to Japan by good type:

No. 592469

File: 1540663087350.png (87.45 KB, 1168x258, Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 10.4…)


Image didn't attach

No. 592489

japan outsources or imports like half of it's products from china. wtf is this bitch on about. people who say shit like this are always extremely uneducated and act like the entire country is this 1980s sweatshop.

doesn't randa have videos about 100 yen shops? i own many things from daiso, DQ and the like and 100% of it is made in china. it's not even designed in japan ffs.

No. 592540

No. 592543

What are you even talking about? Do you live in Japan because Daiso is a Japanese company and it prides itself on most of its products being made in Japan. Japan also does not import most of its foods from China. They have their own huge farming industry and are completely self sustainable. The products in the grocery store are not listed by which country they are produced but rather the prefecture. Japanese people are very particular when it comes to food.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 592551

File: 1540692319286.png (1.08 MB, 2048x1536, 47EE8AC1-9674-443A-A079-053125…)

You’re full of shit as usual KM/Miranda.

She is just with a random group of tourists. None of them are “with her”. The only guy near her was this one at 1:13 (since you obviously are too stupid to know what a time stamp is).

Which, is funny, since you claim she’s married to a Saudi. That guy is not Saudi, nor is any of the tourists there.

Keep trying though, it’s fun to see just how stupid you can get.

No. 592552

Or, are you finally admitting to the VISA husband?

No. 592558

File: 1540693923090.jpg (35.9 KB, 512x365, tCvETBC.jpg)

40% of Daiso products are made in China, you Morlock. Everyone knows this.

>The products in the grocery store are not listed by which country they are produced but rather the prefecture

They list both! Australian steak is clearly marked, just like harami cut beef from Kyushu. Cheaper bulbs of garlic are clearly marked 中国 and bananas proudly state on the label that they are from the Philippines.

What the fuck is wrong with you? Anyone who regularly cooks in Japan knows all of this. Do you even visit the supermarket more than once a week? Oh, wait. You don’t even have food in your refrigerator and bragged about eating at restaurants all the time. Sad.

That previous anon also wrote that half of PRODUCTS, not FOOD, were coming from China. Chinese made products and components are freaking everywhere! How are you so isolated from reality?

No. 592588


>They have their own huge farming industry and are completely self sustainable.

lmao i'm ded

here's a chart demonstrating the extent to which each country can feed itself [食糧自給率]. Japan is the least self sustainable.

No. 592589

File: 1540700671098.gif (20.04 KB, 390x392, jpself2.gif)


61% of all calories consumed in Japan come from imported sources.

No. 592590

File: 1540700717297.gif (20.07 KB, 700x349, jpself1.gif)


Japan by far the least self sufficient wealthy country when it comes to food supply.(derailing)

No. 592600

File: 1540706458090.png (165.46 KB, 1196x678, スクリーンショット 2018-10-28 15.00.57.…)

Miranda, I think that you are the only one who is PERVERTEDLY OBSESSED with hair porn.

No. 592601

On a side note, I always know when Miranda posts here because she consistently misuses the word "whom".

No. 592607

She is practically begging for us to dig up her old embarrassing pictures and repost them. But why? To play victim or to impress nasty old men with her “transformation” story?

So sick and perverted! Ho, you took those pictures and shared them publicly. You acted like a thirsty party girl and posed with phallic objects to bait your fanbase despite “haters” telling you it was pathetic. Now you want to blame others despite the fact that you are more desperate for male attention than ever before?

No. 592615

File: 1540716309569.png (94.95 KB, 1256x282, スクリーンショット 2018-10-28 17.36.57.…)

Don't blame others for your past hair porn and penis pictures that YOU uploaded to the internet to get more followers! If you don't believe me, just type "kanadajin3" in google and see what images pop up first…

No. 592616

I rest my case.

No. 592617

File: 1540716403980.png (552.91 KB, 863x782, yuzulol.png.bb368a79db578374d2…)

No. 592620


No dummie. Theres a Arabic man infront of her when she goes down the stairs into the cave. You can SEE her and him standing together filming the drone shot over the river.

No. 592621

0:24 seconds theres her and a man wearing a red shirt.
Same man appears at 0:47 whom is walking infront of her.

No. 592627


Isn't that one of the telltale signs?

No. 592629

File: 1540725187193.png (300.49 KB, 768x384, image.png)

as you seem to be a bit challenged, I have provided the screencap for you.

No. 592630

The man in the video is clearly an Arab. He has the Arab nose and beard. He is with her. Do you think she drove there alone? There is a shot of her driving in the car. She talks about camping there and shows a video of a sunrise and sunset. Who else would she go camping with other than…..wait for it…..wait for it…. HER SAUDI ARABIAN HUSBAND.

No. 592634

those are literally the clearest shots but you deduced he is saudi from them?

No. 592635

with the amount of times she did this, you can tell she kept doing it for the n00d views. Mira was sluttier than anyone she has criticized so far. The irony

No. 592636

Why wouldn't he be from Saudi Arabia? She is obsessed over it and people have already said she is married to a Saudi. So…..bing bing bing bing we have the husband.

No. 592637

>people have already said she is married to a Saudi
you mean that one anon who is totally not Mira/KM?

No. 592638

File: 1540729247046.png (850.92 KB, 860x516, Clipboard01f.png.234ed8f3ac427…)

Miranda, I wonder…if hair porn is so terrible, would this be ok instead?

No. 592644

Ok KM/Miranda, that pic is so damn blurry, you can’t even tell if that is Miranda or if she’s even wearing her hijab.

Before you go on some retarded sperg, yes, I know that is Miranda. It was criticism on the shitty quality of the screen cap.

Also, if she is putting him in her videos, why is she ashamed to admit marriage to him? (The Hadiths say to proclaim it) and don’t say because of “privacy” because she wouldn’t be showing him in videos if that was the case. And last, if it is supposedly due to “privacy”, why are you, her besetest friend in the whole world, blabbing about it on what you two call a “hate site”?

No. 592646

I don't think Miranda is ashmaed. She just doesn't want to post it to the world.

No. 592649

Yet she posts here on lolcow trying to get us to believe she's married to a Saudi? it's confirmed via Miranese to be her a few threads back, trying to spread the "rumor" and insisting whenever someone doubted.

No. 592662

Based on 2 very blurry pictures you could claim pretty much anything since there is no way to tell anything. Yet somehow you can go as far as tell the nationality of a person on it? Damn girl, you should go work for the police "Hey, just go show that blurry picture to Mira, she'll tell you the gender/age/nationality of the person on it!"

You know you could change this whole debate if you posted a clear picture of him instead of spending months "fighting" haters about it.

No. 592663

gosh anon, just use zoom and enhance like on crime dramas!

No. 592664

File: 1540742366025.jpg (62.56 KB, 900x900, 14166-clic-troy-premium-manneq…)

No. 592669

File: 1540744070912.jpg (79.42 KB, 1482x1242, lAXM5t4.jpg)


Stop spelling it this way all the time. In front. NOT a compound word

>bing bing bing bing

Dipshit, it's spelled with a "D". Do you start each morning by slamming your head into a wall?

Didn't Mira lose her mind on Twitter about judging a person's nationality by their looks? Now a big nose and facial hair equals Saudi. Dude doesn't look like he's wearing a typical Saudi ghutrah either.

No. 592683

File: 1540750549234.png (716.52 KB, 837x467, fuck off randa.png)

You're really not helping your case here for the Saudi husband. He's not obviously anything. Non-Arab dudes can have mustaches too.

To humor you, sure, let's say that guy is your dreamboat Saudi husband. You're there in a hijab and black robes, while he's in a t-shirt and shorts. The hypocrisy is disgusting and you're fucked in the head to think this is okay. Fuck off to Saudi Arabia already so he can ban you from the internet.

No. 592695

can you stop posting old pics of her without spoilers, it's not halloween yet!

No. 592706

File: 1540761909127.jpeg (39.04 KB, 768x432, 114319F4-F7A7-405E-B10F-46B0EE…)

Found another pic of Miranda’s Saudi Husband. You can tell by the Saudi hair.

No. 592719

It makes much more sense to say that she was on a tour bus, not that someone drove her there.
She also didn't say that she camped there. You don't sleep between a sunrise and a sunset. Plus the sunrise was taken in fucking Shizuoka when the lake she's talking about is in Yamanashi.

No. 592723

She’s in ANOTHER tourist group for foreigners. How many years has she lived in Japan now? It’s so bizarre. She never mixes with Japanese locals and doesn’t have normal Japanese friends.

No. 592726

would you be friends with that?

No. 592750

sage for autism but is it possible she has williams syndrome?


No. 592759

>they tend to do well on tasks that involve spoken language

I'm going to give that a big ol' nope.

No. 592760

I don't know, but she seems to fit the profile of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder…

No. 592765

Nah it doesnt fit her very much.

No. 592766

It is not the same guy with the red shirt. The guy standing beside her is wearing long pants. You can also see his shoe and jeans infront of her when she is inside the cave

No. 592813

it's the most common sense explanation

No. 593064

File: 1540859342795.png (91.09 KB, 1630x278, スクリーンショット 2018-10-30 9.23.24.p…)

"I don't care about followers and I don't care about views. I am really enjoying my life. But honestly, I think there is a strong possibility that I will make a comeback in Saudi Arabia. That doesn't have to do with whether I like or hate Japan, but it is due to a reason that will make it easier for me to live there. However, I have not revealed that reason yet."

No. 593067

File: 1540859571171.png (74.01 KB, 1826x234, スクリーンショット 2018-10-30 9.30.11.p…)

"There is a strong possibility in the future that I will have to go to Saudi Arabia for my family, but this does not mean at all that I hate Japan and want to leave quickly or that it is difficult for me to live in Japan."

No. 593070

File: 1540859807101.png (127.49 KB, 1958x498, スクリーンショット 2018-10-30 9.36.19.p…)

Miranda, I also hope you move there soon!

No. 593087

I wonder what sad Saudi fuck will shove her in the boot of his car when he smuggles her home in the cover of darkness

No. 593093

>strong possibility
>definitely married though
honey if you were married you would be there already.

No. 593095

i'll believe it when i see it, not before.

I can also imagine how it goes : she'll tweet a few days ahead that she's going to SA, instagram shot of the plane and The End, no more Mira on internet from that day.

No. 593196

So now that its confirmed she is married to a Saudi what does Rodi and Naruru have to say ? When are they going to come back and chime in?

No. 593199

It's not confirmed. Randa's word is worthless unless we have 100% verifiable proof. No one would believe someone who carries and empty LV bag around in another empty LV bag.

No. 593203


Shes not going to come out and say it. She never does that about her relationships. She never even addresed her being with Simon. He came and slipped away without making a debut.

No. 593205

so looks like the only way we'll know for sure is if she moves. but for now i don't believe or care about any more rumors she spreads.

No. 593206

Alright well when will Rodi make his video.

No. 593209

never, cause rodi just wanted randa's lame friend to stop bothering him, and naruru is a lying shit stirrer.

No. 593214


He should deliver. Someone make a fake account and harass him so that he makes the video(no)

No. 593235

So that we get the video. I want to see if he has the balls to do it. If he claims she is married to naruru then it should be true enough to make a video about.

No. 593241


So then why don't you do it? Why should someone else do your dirty work?

We aren't your personal "harassment army"

No. 593242


So then why don't you do it? Why should someone else do your dirty work?

No. 593246

I dont know what you are smoking but it's obvisouly some realllllly high shit…. i've seen alot of stupid things in here, but " If he claims she is married to naruru" like WAT? Fucking whatt?? LMAO

Thanks for the good laugh, it was great.

P.S. Naruru is a girl.

No. 593248

And also, it's not because Mira tell something on twitter that it's true, as we have seen a thousand time and more so far. So no, it doesnt confirm that she's married to a SA dude.

And beside, she's only talking about moving… for all we know she might be moving there alone (that would be fun to watch)

No. 593264


As in Mira claimed to nararururu that she is married (to someone else)

You mong

No. 593289


Speaking of mongs.

The sentence is claiming that Rodi, claimed to naruru, that Miranda is married. Though the original poster could use some tutoring on sentence construction.

No. 593396

just rodi make a video please(ban evasion)

No. 593408

She can't move there alone, she can't even go as a tourist or on the Hajj without a mahram or else waiting till she's middle-aged to go with other middle-aged ladies.

just stop

No. 593554

File: 1540999651914.png (229 KB, 1354x876, スクリーンショット 2018-11-01 0.25.59.p…)

No. 593557

File: 1540999754349.png (186.69 KB, 1330x600, スクリーンショット 2018-11-01 0.26.52.p…)

Miranda apparently knows more about Saudi Arabia than any of us ever will…

No. 593579

>i-it's not like i like japan, baka

wtf this is really pathetic.

No. 593581

>why would people stay in a country at war

hmmm, if only there was some historical precedent for that. perhaps one where two opposing cultures/religious groups were fighting for control over the same area. but i'm sure there's nothing like that, and certainly nothing relating to muslims.

No. 593582

We could probably go and link a few hundred time where she said the exact opposite… but it's only my lunch break, i dont have time for that (and anyway, we all know it already lol)

No. 593649


Wow, all this time, she never even liked Japan. Really? How could we not have seen that? [/sarcasm]

No. 593672

So she was lying everytime she said "I'm Japanese now."


No. 593683

Remember when she said she was going to have Japanese kids who would be FULL Japanese and she would not teach them English? Remember when she was a White Japanese?

I wonder if the weeaboo weirdo KM will still like her now that she doesn't like Japan?

No. 593688

I wonder if her new channel will be "Saudiarabiajin3"?

No. 593702

File: 1541028375143.gif (2.82 MB, 498x278, tenor (1).gif)

No. 593779

how do they say 3 in arab?

No. 593796


kanada - Canada
kanadajin - Canadian person

saudiarabiajin - this still Japanese no?

No. 593805

OT but would Japanese ever say kanadajin-san like they would miranda-san? Like "Ms. Canadian" ? Was the 3 in her name intentional like that?

No. 593817

she claimed before that kanadajin was taken, and she just added a number randomly just to get a username and only realized afterwards what people would read it like

No. 593855


No. 594039

File: 1541093083171.jpg (74.37 KB, 642x778, nowoman.jpg)

No. 594040

File: 1541093245162.jpg (77.55 KB, 589x630, betheone.jpg)

And in two weeks, she'll announce she's the new prophet.

No. 594041

File: 1541093367738.jpg (69.92 KB, 641x736, noitsnot.jpg)

No it's not, you fucking idiot!

No. 594049

calm down

No. 594174

This is quite a tangent, but for every new emoji they need to register a new unicode and this whole stupid emoji business takes away from giving codes to actual languages with rare script. So she can fuck right off, I wish they would've just stayed with the yellow emojis.

No. 594428

File: 1541160892014.jpg (294.12 KB, 1242x1920, DSsM1b9.jpg)

After Mira made the hilarious claim that she was never was obsessed with Japan, I decided to check if she was still selling items from the country no one forced her to stay in. Looks like she cleared out everything and is no longer selling!

But relating to her statement about NEVER buying from China. Look at her Feedback as a buyer section. https://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=kanadajin3&ftab=FeedbackAsBuyer&ftabfocus=true&searchInterval=30 Besides the handful of Middle-Eastern shops that easily disprove KM’s lie that she must be receiving her Islamic props from a Saudi husband, several of these shops have something else in common.

No. 594430

File: 1541161068822.jpg (143.61 KB, 1242x1017, KiYENB5.jpg)

The shops are based in CHINA!

No. 594507

Lol that purchase from “hemp-market” though

The dankest Muslim Japanese white trash queen

No. 594510

thanks for bumping the thread to make an ignorant and unfunny joke. this is like randa level humor.

No. 594511

Miranda, the biggest hypocrite I have ever seen in my life…

No. 594525


Why do Western women go full retard when they convert to Islam? Miranda couldn't go hijabless or wear one of the lighter headcoverings-nooooo, she has to go full conservative dress. She couldn't go for one of the more moderate types like sufism? Plenty of women in less restrictive Muslim countries don't wear head coverings, but western women crank it up to 11 with this shit. We white people do some stupid shit sometimes.

No. 594533

she has the false idea that ultra conservative muslims will treat women "like queens". just let reality hit her.

No. 594536

Reality hit her, more like let her ultra conservative husband beat the ever loving fuck out of her for her smug sass talk. It's gonna be grand.

No. 594540

Exactly. I just wasn't sure if I would have been allowed to say that here lol

No. 594580

It will be fun to watch when she gets on the news in Canada because something bad happened to her. We can then go and tell everyone "We've spent years telling her not to do it!"

No. 594618


lol who the hell is "We"

No. 594623

File: 1541214724376.png (6.45 KB, 224x225, bait.png)

Yeah they're trying to get us to post something that breaks one of lolcow's rules. It's always so obvious when someone comes into a thread like "hey there fellow anons, i too quite dislike this person"

No. 595513

Man this jihadi bitch pisses me off so much. The lying, hypocrisy, support for child brides, the holier-than-thou attitude … she's vile through and through. Just wait til she becomes the battered cumdump of her abusive Saudi husband, then she'll see just how "great" Islam is.

No. 595622

that's not what that seems like at all tho.

No. 595671

agree. all over that anon using the word "we" in a post, not even really in wrong context since most/all users agree with what's going to happen to Quasi if she ever lands in Saudi Arabia with her loud mouth. dumbfuck anon and her meme pic stunted the thread.

No. 595685

If Mira's done anything milky in the past few days you're more than welcome to post it

No. 595693

File: 1541466396141.jpg (282.93 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_pcr7xwhNhO1uzrij5o1_128…)

I scroll past this thread image all the time and I just realized she looks like Leda Muir from xxxscenexx days

No. 595697

I went looking… couldnt find anything worthy.

No. 595698

Not even top class korean surgey could make Mira look like that.

No. 595708


Not even collecting all the dragon balls could make her look like that

No. 595751

Leda sweetie im so sorry

No. 595794

>We can then go and tell everyone "We've spent years telling her not to do it!"

Since when do 'we' do shit like that?

No. 595819

does that word trigger you? no one's talking about that post anymore.

No. 595831

File: 1541501959884.jpeg (7.84 KB, 199x200, 0369FE0E-431B-4222-A6B3-6A1D1B…)

No. 596611

God shes so ugly

No. 596680

She's been very quiet lately… couple retweet or useless twitter post, but nothing interesting…. i wonder what can of drama she's planning this time. It's never a good thing when she goes quiet for too long!

No. 597044

She's still spewing her wahhabist bullshit (e.g., child marriages are good) on YouTube/Twitter comments, etc., but recently nothing out of the ordinary for her…
Miranda hates not being talked about, so I suspect that she will release another controversial video to get the "haterz" talking again.

No. 597512

She made a video about soccer, if anyone is interested. Havent watched, dont care about that sport.

No. 597788

File: 1541887892885.jpg (59.87 KB, 641x528, sad indeed.jpg)

What a sad sad life being able to think for yourself.

No. 597790

File: 1541888141657.jpg (28.18 KB, 592x200, the bestest.jpg)

I suppose Vika-kun(s) don't count?

No. 597804

Note, her and the other brain-washed idiot both only notice “period sex”. Ignoring every other valid reasons listed.

No. 597822

File: 1541895342415.jpg (34.95 KB, 444x455, brainless-muslimssm.jpg)

What do you expect? I don't think that we can expect any sort of critical thinking from Miranda…(racebaiting)

No. 597823

Unless im bad at english, she's saying that she would never marry someone she lived with for 1 minutes?
Didnt say claimed in another tweet that woman should get married even if they dont meet/see their future husband thus saying the exact opposite of that tweet? It's hard to follow what she says all the time…

No. 597824

>being free to think whatever you want

>quality of life has improved greatly

But , muh period sex. Hopefully Mira will soon head off to saudi and experience a rockin good time.

No. 597837

There she goes. She applied for citizenship, but is denied. I hope she just fucking gives up already. Her character will never improve no matter how much she tries.

No. 597842

File: 1541901684166.png (234.25 KB, 482x416, スクリーンショット 2018-11-11 10.58.06.…)

I don't understand why she remade this video. Too many dislikes on the original, perhaps?
Anyway, she claims the same shit about her being denied because of quitting her job, when we all know the problem was that her case worker had serious concerns about her actually living at her apartment and being genuinely married…

No. 597847

I have a feeling it's from the first time she applied, but since there was hair porn in the original video she had to re-make it.

No. 597850

Ah yes, we all know that Miranda is obsessed about hair porn…

No. 597851

I think she is saying she wouldn’t live with someone before marriage, even if it was for 1 minute. Because it would be “living in sin”. Yet she has already done this several times, even cheating in the process.

Why isn’t she ashamed to post this video? She is admitting that she is that 1% of criminals and scammers that are denied citizenship. A 99% acceptance rate is insane and to be denied if you had all the correct paperwork means something was wrong with YOU.

No. 597958

File: 1541938223872.png (134.79 KB, 1556x444, スクリーンショット 2018-11-11 21.08.28.…)

Hmm…so many points, I'm not sure which part of this comment I should respond to…
At least let me ask, Miranda, do you really see nothing hypocritical about your life?

No. 597959

File: 1541938369034.png (106.79 KB, 1618x564, スクリーンショット 2018-11-11 21.12.34.…)

Remember everyone, showing off your hair is evil and you will burn in hell! No more hair porn!!!

No. 597999


I love how she always refers to "muh beauty". She really has nothing of the sort, poor thing.

No. 598018

Accepting defeat is one thing, but to be super happy you got denied your number one dream of the last 5 years is on a whole now level…

No. 598071

>my beauty for my husband
Miranda has shown self-awareness in the past that she is not attractive. This must be another sign that she's descending deeper into delusion

No. 598100

Maybe she can find a blind Saudi dude?

No. 598124

File: 1541978001289.png (55.08 KB, 1632x232, スクリーンショット 2018-11-12 8.11.41.p…)

Well, we were all wondering what Miranda would do after her Saudi phase ends…get ready for Rastafari Miranda!

No. 598126

File: 1541978560531.png (59.24 KB, 1558x252, スクリーンショット 2018-11-12 8.21.47.p…)

Let's all get ruined!

No. 598129

Has she ever mentioned Jamaica before?? Where the fuck did that come from?

No. 598134

That chic she did the penis festival vid with is Jamaican. She can’t have an original idea on her own

No. 598146

how tf does she make these errors in her writing? does she use voice to text or something?

No. 598153

She claims to use voice to text. However, we all know that she can't spell simple words like "Japanese" and has a lack of understanding of basic English grammar (e.g., how to use the word "whom" correctly).

No. 598154

she admitted right here on lolcow that she uses siri to type to avoid misspellings

No. 598157

Jamaica is such a random ass country to be her "second favorite". It's stark different from Muslim culture. Mira has the brain of chestnut, so just like she does with Saudi Arabia, she probably made up an ignorant fantasy in her head that it's an aqua tropical paradise. Jamaica is not even the best island in the carribean.

No. 598168

She really likes cultures where the relationship lines are already rigidly drawn.

No. 598206

>showing off partner

What a strange example in your list of “sins”, Mira. Almost like you made it up! I have NEVER heard a Muslim woman say it is haram to be proud of your husband or admit he exists.

She also started throwing random Jamaican patois in her speech when she met that girl. (“Me naw gottime”) Then when she was called out, she came here claiming that is just how people in Toronto always use Jamaican patois(because of the Jamaican immigrant community there). She’s a butthole.

No. 598221

funnily enough it's haram to pretend your husband doesn't exist. but obviously our randa knows best~

No. 598355

File: 1542044049116.jpg (56.7 KB, 642x521, yeah right.jpg)

No. 598364

And now we know why Miranda is a Muslim.

No. 598404

Invisible Saudi Husband is so goddamn hilarious. Has even one person fallen for this nonsense?

No. 598408

Well, he blends in with the invisible furniture.

No. 598487

Recently I have been wondering if Miranda got a "temporary marriage", which has no legal standing in Japan, but is permissible in islam…It would allow her (in her mind) to get some Saudi dick in a halal way without the need to get legally married in Saudi Arabia/Japan.


No. 598490

She doesn't have a saudi husband, temporary or otherwise.

Every time she posts here, she won't stop saying how ""Mira hinted"" at marriage, and insists via anon that she's married. That shows she's desperate as fuck for lolcow to believe that. Stop falling for it, she lives in a fantasyland and wants us to play along with her

No. 598514

>Recently I have been wondering if I grasp at straws enough, will I be able to come up with some loophole for how this invisible husband actually exists

No. 598523

Still doesnt explain how she'd be able to stay in japan with no valid visa.

For now the most likeable story is the fake marriage where she pay the "husband" to keep her visa going. And from that "i got denied" video it's pretty clear that even the government know about it otherwise she would have passed it.

Random tought, what if she doesnt have a visa at all atm? She wouldnt be the first person to get in, let visa expire and stay where she is until something happen?

No. 598604

It doesn't matter to me if her husband is Saudi or Japanese, but we know that there is a man helping her film her videos and traveling with her…

No. 598620

from what I’ve heard…twith her marriage that brought her to Japan, the divorce was due to domestic violence so she was able to milk that situation to get a sympathy visa or something.

No. 598622

Well, it's true that she admitted that she had (has?) a long-term resident (teijuusha) visa and not permanent residency. For her to LEGALLY stay in Japan this long and work only in a restaurant/YouTube, she would have to have a spousal visa or continue milking that long-term resident visa.

No. 598623

There is 0 reason why she should still be on this visa years later. They're not easy to get in the first place and need to be renewed frequently.

No. 598624

Which means that she is married to a Japanese man or residing illegally.

No. 598625

File: 1542102392052.png (80.07 KB, 1184x360, スクリーンショット 2018-11-13 18.46.21.…)

Because you no longer have to think for yourself?

No. 598712

File: 1542121341063.png (49.25 KB, 748x418, スクリーンショット 2018-11-14 0.01.23.p…)

Which is it, Miranda? Are you hiding your husband, which is haram, or are hanging out with a non-mahram, which is also haram?

No. 598719

Look at that weird wording again. She's not denying she married, she's just saying she didn't talk about it online. Great way to beat around the bush, Randa.

No. 598756

That visa is for mothers of children in Japan who are abuse victims to be able to stay with their Japanese kids after they get a divorce and normally wouldn't have marriage visa anymore. There is NO reason she would have one of those as she has nothing keeping her in Japan after a divorce. That visa story is a lie, and she purposefully claims she is staying on some mystical visa foreigners are not familiar with. Nope, she 100% has a Japanese visa husband.

My speculation is that she is looking to replace him with a proper halal husband. Since she doesn't want to go back to boring old Canada she is stuck with the Japan sthick for now as she can hardly get a visa for any other interesting country without getting married again. Lacking even a high school diploma she isn't eligible to do shit anywhere, not even study.

No. 598759

Either way whatever she's doing is extremely haram and I can understand why she's hiding her shady life. Though it's no surprise, she has been marrying Japanese men for a visa since she was 18 right?

The moment she's exposed for doing this it will be hard to be seen as a mighty muslim. However we all know her current phase is BS since we know she loves her free will and privlage like leave her home without a man, drive a car and speak before a man tells her too. This phase is just a good way for her to openly shit on happy women but blame it on her religion.
I remember when she would write salty updates about pretty women on the train, she even bitched about a girl applying make up on the train and her room mate with long lush hair "My floor is literally covered in long hair! How dare she flaunt it!"

No. 598825

I disagree with this. Everyone has the right to privacy online in regards to their relationships online. Even if it is Miranda.
I honestly ho that isn't the case. I imagine there would need to be proof of Miranda going through battery. And imagine if we found out she has kids.

No. 598835

lol So then how the the fuck does she plan on that "90% chance I'm going to Saudi Arabia soon" shit? looks like it was just her having delusions again.

No. 598845

If i have the time later, i'll make an amazing ms-paint job with all the tweet where she say "my husband" and end up with that tweet. I wonder how many tweet's i'll find hmm

No. 598851

that'll be amazing

No. 598868

File: 1542152060934.png (94.69 KB, 1216x426, スクリーンショット 2018-11-14 8.30.47.p…)

Nope. I don't feel bad for a hypocritical attention whore like Miranda who constantly lectures others about what is sinful and praises her own virtue on Twitter while clearly living a haram lifestyle.

No. 598879


She does not have a teijuusha定住者 ffs. We've been over this.

She does not meet the terms for a teijuusha visa and she never did. It's like the imaginary Saudi husband that appears and disappears when it's convenient for her.

She bopped around between Japanese language student and working holiday visas before her current status which is paid for visa-kun or possibly simply illegal overstay by this point– it seems she hasn't been working at the restaurant for weeks or months by now.

End of story. Nothing else matches her qualifications.

No. 598880

the issue with her "privacy" is that it goes against her religion that she's oh so devote in to not be very clear about her marital status. we don't even need to know who it is, or if they're muslim, it's just funny that she's breaking all these rules while spouting this peace be to Allah, halal is best lal shit.

also your typo made it seem like you were calling that anon a ho.

No. 598920


Xena-phobic… omg I am dead

No. 599018

File: 1542183664392.jpg (283.22 KB, 1200x1200, Xena-Lucy-Lawless.jpg)


Yes, an irrational fear of Lucy Lawless

No. 599031

I’m bored of the Muslim phase now, I’m excited for the Rastafarian phase to start.

No. 599053

File: 1542192944705.png (111.16 KB, 1228x552, スクリーンショット 2018-11-14 15.55.00.…)

How long did her Japanese phase last? 10 years or so? It seems that she is completely over Japan now and is living as a Saudi Canadian…

No. 599063

File: 1542197650334.jpg (313.62 KB, 1242x1790, hrnm6p6.jpg)

>Divorce is allow but people should always try to work out issues

How can she type this out without shame?

100%. No one should be entertaining the idea that Mira could be granted teijuusha because the whole point of offering this extension is there is something very important, like children, that would make it necessary for them to stay in Japan. There is no “case by case basis” for people like her, as she claimed. Even if she was a victim of DV, there was no child, Japanese family, owned property or even secure employment for her at that time. Nothing. Plus, she was already living with another man within a month of filing divorce and working as a hostess! Just crazy.

No. 599064

File: 1542198751155.png (378.35 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-11-01-03-04-33…)

i don't think that long. she had a peak where she made up that ethnicity was a social construct, her kids will be full japanese and speak no english, etc etc. Funny how her phases go to the far end extreme, yet she drops them 100% when she enters a new one.

No. 599065

File: 1542198922381.jpeg (9.31 KB, 259x194, images.jpeg)

here's another one for her "i never even liked japan" shit

No. 599146

Hate to say.. but unless my friend is lying to me, his ex-wife (with whom he had no kids, and she has no other connections to Japan) got teijuusha after they divorced. The reason being that she had no prospects back in her home country, and had moved to Japan in order to be with him. I guess immigration saw that as enough reason to allow her to stay (since she had no real home to return to?).

There's a slim chance that Mira could actually still have this as well, especially if she told immigration a sob story like "but I moved here and gave up my old life waaah".. I really hope she doesn't though.

No. 599164

I'm dying, this is like a text from your grandma

No. 599166

stop. this shit has been discussed at length before.

>you can get teijuusha after being married 3 years

>you are granted between 6 months and 5 years based on the ruling
>you don't need to have children etc, but your stay will be shorter
>judges do not grant status on a case by case basis but may give certain people longer stays

just fucking look this shit up and stop tinfoiling. also no1curr about your stupid friend.

No. 599184

staaahp. Nobody gives out fucking "Sympathy visas".

As >>599166 notes, mira at no point ever qualified for teijuusha.

Here's an article on people getting denied teijuusha status. These are people born and raised in Japan, speak Japanese fluently/natively, only attended Japanese schools, and their whole family lives in Japan but their parents are illegal. One of them even got an offer to be supported by a Japanese family. You can look up their names on google and you will see even these people are getting deported.


There is no fucking way in hell Mira will be granted teijuusha. She could pay off a visa kun and not get caught because she's white/not a sex worker(anymore), so unlike Shiena the Japanese government isn't investigating too hard.

If no visa kun, then she is an illegal immigrant in Japan right now. It could explain why she is constantly traveling around – harder for immigration to catch her if she's never at her registered place of residence.

No. 599344

>The reason being that she had no prospects back in her home country,

Lol, dude. Oh my God. No! No, the Japanese government would not give a fuck about you bad planning unless your home country was in the middle of a freaking war. How is a weeaboo vlogger from a first world, privileged country like CANADA, who couldn’t even stay married 2 months, be a considered a charity case?

Just imagine the scene at immigration.
“My boyfriend’s work visa expired, so being a Japonophile, I went with him back to Japan on a working holiday visa. We ended up getting married but I divorced him after just 2 months. Because I am so classy, I started working as a hostess and moved in with a new boyfriend soon after. I can’t miss the next drunken gaijin party so I need to stay in Japan forever.”

Immigration: “Sounds like a humanitarian crisis! Your pathetic case has been expedited ahead of all these poor Filipina farm wives with 4 kids to support. FUCK THEM.”

No. 599361


Who ever said she was only married for 2 months?

No. 599364

File: 1542267545114.jpg (44.63 KB, 517x384, who could it be.jpg)

No. 599379

File: 1542270820573.jpg (63.56 KB, 838x527, 6VYMw2A.jpg)

No. 599385

File: 1542272938690.jpg (658.63 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181115-100922_Ins…)


No. 599386

File: 1542273019371.jpg (615.49 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181115-100926_Ins…)

No. 599387

File: 1542273116460.jpg (384.45 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181115-101240_Ins…)

No. 599388

File: 1542273212882.jpg (393.71 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181115-101414_Ins…)

No. 599391

"Not just but I did just decide to not make it private" so is she saying she's actually been married this whole time? Or that she's in a relationship but is currently not married?

No. 599393

> #throwbacknumber2
number 2 indeed Jihanda

Is he wearing a bathrobe?

No. 599401

She's pretending she's been married this whole time. And now she's ready to tell the world. With no proof or any sign of said husband. You know, the exact same shit she does every time.

inb4 photo of her hovering 6 feet away from some random dude who is totally her husband

No. 599406


Look, I'm just as skeptical as anyone about her having it. I've done plenty of research on it being resident here myself and having been subject to DV. Those cases made me think it's impossible, but yet, I know of one person who DID get it under flimsy circumstances (and it's BS IMO, I don't agree with their being given it at all).

My only point is that it does seem to actually be possible. Not a zero % chance.

No. 599408

Bathrobed arm would be the husband's, she has that black lace stuff.

Tinfoil hat: She got married to someone who is in Japan on a work visa, probably someone from SEA, which would actually grant her a visa to stay in Japan. Well done Mira, you can continue to feed your delusions.

No. 599409


Oh, dang. Dependent visa. Didn't think of that! That only allows for up to 28 hrs of work a week without further permission, but that's perfect for waitressing.. and no need for immigration to check on her marriage status maybe?

No. 599412

This. is. hilarious. She's a hypocrite in every shape of the word. Her attention-seeking and need to prove us wrong couldn't be contained. is this her 3rd or 4th husbando?

No. 599418

Disgusting is you is my new favourite "deep"-Mira-Quote.

What the fuck IS her English at this point?!

No. 599424

We can't blame her for her bad English since she is Japanese…no, wait, I mean Saudi now…
By the way, Miranda, I have good news for you! As a foreign woman who marries a Saudi man has the right to Saudi citizenship provided that she gives up her foreign citizenship, you can start your new life as a Saudi citizen in Saudi Arabia! Alhamdulillah!

No. 599442

she only got engaged recently. I have a mutual friend.

No. 599444

But if she is not married yet, it is haram for her to be holding hands with him…unless they are in a muslim "temporary marriage"…

No. 599445

File: 1542291031563.gif (866.97 KB, 300x255, yeah no.gif)

Sure you do. A mutual friend who happens to be a sock with eyes sewn on, right?

No. 599448

Engaged a couple of days ago. She devorsed earlier this year. As I said we have a mutual friend. The man is a Saudi.

No. 599451

File: 1542292909944.png (56.23 KB, 529x445, marriage.png)

Is she married or not now?

No. 599452

File: 1542293059244.png (32.99 KB, 530x250, mariage2.png)

No. 599454


What the fuck hahaha

No. 599455

Okay now it’s obvious we are dealing with KM the stalker who is upset that his online fantasy was ruined. She’s tweeting about you bro.

No. 599458

Come on KM, since Miranda hates you now, why don't you share all the juicy details that you know about her? It might make you feel better to share!

No. 599459

File: 1542294407492.jpeg (141.16 KB, 750x1158, 9BE49E68-32BD-425C-9C75-E18B66…)

KM up in the socks.
I feel bad for the guy. Because he must really like her. He’s creepy and we all seen it. He donated money to her to try to win her love but it didn’t work. He probably thinks that he has all of her personal information but does he not realize that I am sure Miranda knows that he is crazy. I am sure that she doesn’t even tell him true information about herself. He probably does have some information about her but it is hard to see what information is true and what information is not true. I do believe this guy has a lot of sock puppet because every time you comment on her videos it gets a lot of thumbs up. His comments were very boring and I don’t think everyone is going to like his comments. He probably spends his time making fake accounts just to like her videos. He isn’t Muslim is he? If he is Muslim I can understand why he is so upset. But if he is not Muslim then he wouldn’t stand a chance because she wouldn’t marry a non Muslim. She’s been talking about Saudi for a long time. So it shouldn’t be a shocker.

No. 599472


No. 599476

File: 1542298120845.png (129.13 KB, 1716x511, Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 11.0…)

>I feel bad for the guy
really? this is the kind of shit he said on PULL.

No. 599487

Not this again.

>Even my friends don't know when I got married
Kek, why go through the trouble to hide that unless there's something fishy going on? She's too much.

No. 599489

> my friends don't know the date

So it's some shitty muslim over the telephone ~marriage~

No. 599490

this isn't that bad anon.

No. 599508

that's one of many. his go-to thing is to make (pathetically bogus) threats to harm people who didn't like Mira. like this one >>580835

no reason to feel bad for a guy who got himself involved in Mira's drama this way.

No. 599513

i think you're mistaking symapthy with empathy.

i don't feel bad for him cause it's a sad shame. i feel bad cause he's a pathetic piece of shit like randa and the two of them deserve eachother.

No. 599517


SO, admitting that she had a VISA husband. Just like everyone always said.

No. 599567

>fuck off I'm coming to rape you stupid little teenage girls
Yeah, seems like a decent guy.

No. 599573

Miranda, you don't have any friends. But with shit like this, you'll always be one of my favourite cows. Sorry about the 'devorse'

No. 599587

She is not married currently but is only engaged. I'm not really sure if I should share it but I just received a lot of incriminating data and I am 100 % sure that Mira is scum now.

That top tweet is very dangerous for her to say. Insulting or her fans like that.

No I'm one of the girls that she stalked over me being a pulltard. And yes I am a terrible speller.

KM seems like he feel for her naive little games.