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File: 1517103744843.png (296.57 KB, 333x499, 1513259452599.png)

No. 485749

Miranda "Jihadi" Constable
Previous Thread >>>/pt/418290
First the "haterz" ran her off of the Punksud forum.
Then the haterz ran her off of her ex-boyfriend's sixtyfourdigits.com forum
Then the haterz ruined her "Rainbow Rants" youtube channel
Then she ran away to Japan to get away from the haterz
Then her first Visa husband dumped her (probably because of haterz, somehow)
Then the haters moved to her kanadajin3 channel
The she blackmailed visa-husband number 2.
Then the first "jvlogger conspiracy" happened when she created all of those sock puppets to attack the others (but it totally wasn't her..)
Then her fake suicide drama with Unrested that the haterz caused (despite the screen shots of her)
Then she attempted to doctor her texts messages from jvlogger conspriacy but the others involved had the full messages and it blew up in her face (Which was why she waited 4 years to try and pull it, hoping they would have gotten rid of the text.. But it was the haterz fault)
Then she first tried to get some Rody dick but someone sent text to Rody that she had sent to them talking about how bad she wanted that Rody Dick. Rody having a fiance and being a decent human, left.
Then she begged to Rody to come back and she would just be his "friend" and never mention it again
two weeks later she was begging Rody to fuck her.
Then fake suicide number 2 (the Rody Dick edition)
Then Rody exposes that she lied about the first Rody dick attempts because she tried to get some Rody Dick again after she promised him she wouldn't. But that was somehow Rody's fault that she's a selfish bitch.
Now it's the islamaphobes.
It must be so hard to be so persecuted no matter what she does or where she goes..
Or it could be, since the common denominator in all of this is her, that she is just a shitty person and the cause of all her own problems. But then she would have to take responsibility and actually change things about herself. So, fuck that, just blame the "haterz"
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kanadajin3
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kanadajin3
2nd Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/doudemomira
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kanadajin3

No. 485881

That summary would've been a bit easier to read and understand with greentext

No. 485889

No. 486112

File: 1517332867033.jpg (185.9 KB, 351x500, 1511284F-B049-49B4-9642-61854D…)

Stolen from PULL, but certainly seems to match up with Miranda's education and habit of exaggerating things.

>did a quick google search and Arabic Islamic Institute in Tokyo provides day and night classes. For the night class, you only need to finish middle school (Miranda >didn't graduate high school) and if you complete 360 hours, you get a Graduate diploma from Imam University (I think it's the short name for Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud >Islamic University). I think Miranda is calling this institute "Univercity" since they are giving out graduate diploma.

>Also, she mentioned that she needs to go to University for this "job" and if the Imam is talking to her about her future career opportunity, then I think it's possible >she's planning on going to school to learn Arabic to get Islam related jobs.

Pic related to Imam mentioned.

No. 486115

And what does she learn there? What is this job?? Certainly it's not that she can be "head prayer" or whatever that's called because that can't be (or is never) a woman?

No. 486126


No idea about the job, but the "Univercity" lines up.

She has no high school diploma, can't get in to or afford a real "univercity" and name any job that will offer you and hold a position for you while you attend a 4 year university.

I figured as soon as she mentioned it it was some kind of scam school.

No. 486127

File: 1517340462581.png (231.22 KB, 565x833, bestfriendsforever.png)

Everything about this tweet is great, imho.
>"the coolest reflection shot I've ever taken"
>Doesn't show her face because muh Islam, her whole body is a black blur.
And that mention was too good to let it pass unnoticed, so have a commemorative meme.
Must suck to know that you can't run from the past, even when you try to delete fucking everything.

No. 486128

File: 1517340759725.png (654.29 KB, 942x610, rs.png)


the reflection blob. Or Maybe Miranda is going to be a ghost, that's her new job.

No. 486130

I mean… she wants to cover herself up like this then I support it. By covering up every inch of herself, she's finally found a personal style that plays to her strengths.

No. 486141

Please help! How did she afford to get to japan in the first place? I have tried to find out but no dice.The other cows were older and saved. Or like himeka went for a job. Miranda couldnt have went the school route cause no ged or hs diploma.
I must write that its a feat that she has been able to stay in japan this long.

No. 486146

No. 486188

I found the Instagram account of Mira's friend that was mentioned in the previous thread. >>485568
Idk if I'm allowed to post her Instagram ID but basically, she's Mira 2.0. She's Russian but dislikes her Russian nationality so she's currently trying to get Japanese citizenship like Mira. I think she converted around the same time as Mira and I can tell she's craving for attention from looking at the numerous selfies she posts on her Instagram. I have a feeling she'll accidentally post information about Mira in the future.
It's sad how Mira can only get "friends" who think and act just like her.

No. 486189

i wish she'd cover her hunchback eyes up too

No. 486196

In the post you linked, is she one of the friends wearing blue with her face crossed out? And read the rules first and if she applies then you can post her here or on the “thread request” thread on /pt/. But if her profile is public and it’s not just a small profile of a nobody (just friends and family but actively trying to get followers etc) it should be fine, if there’s a problem it can be removed. I’m kinda interested in this girl your talking about, sounds Mira/Belinda-esque, spill that 1% milk gurrrl

No. 486203

"Banned Subjects: Photos, names, social media, and other information about friends and relatives of subjects, unless they are personally and willingly involved in the drama."

Yeah… I don't think I can post it. Sorry.

No. 486204

She married a japanese guy, moved there with a spouse visa then divorced him almost immediatly

No. 486206

She seems DEEPLY mentally ill.

The whole concept of cultural appropriation has always rather annoyed me, but she's the poster child of it. First she wants to be Japanese, claims that she identifies as solely Japanese, and that she's losing the ability to speak English. Then she visits Canada, her English magically comes back and she starts speaking like a trailer trash hick, and all her friends are ghetto af black girls. Then she goes fundamentalist Muslim because she has a crush on a liberally muslim Japanese guy, and doesn't seem to understand that there are different branches of the religion. It's not like she got into Sufi philosophy or something. She went full retard and got into fundamentalist Saudi Islam, which means SALAFISM. She tries to ruin Rachel, because she's a jealous attentionwhore. She manipulates Unrested, because again, attention whore. She goes around sexually harassing her crush. I can't believe she's maintained a friendship with TkyoSam. Shit is so fucked up. And these people are all around 30 years old! I don't know how they keep up this childish drama. Sad fuckers.

No. 486222

Has anyone looked at her ED article recently? It's actually gotten a lot weaker, because some retard made half the article about being butthurt over criticisms of Donald Trump. These Trumpist faggots are ruining the internet.

No. 486235

She now uploaded a video that was recorded in 2015 'before she became muslim' and edited it so her body cannot be seen. Her target audience is the very specific/niche group now. This also give her chance to just upload old videos she shot and edit herself out.

No. 486238

Tbf ED hasn't been a good or accurate/up to date information source since the first time it was taken down. Let it rot, archive here

No. 486243


>I can't believe she's maintained a friendship with TkyoSam

I don't think she has. She did a couple of streams with him before converting and since then, they haven't had anything to do with each other.

(On one of the streams he said anyone that converts to Islam is "legit retarded". So I'd like to see how Jihadi Jane reconciles that with her new beliefs)

No. 486250

If you look closely the book title is "Basic information about islam" (Islam no kihon chishiki) and it's geared towards introducing/explaining islam to nonbelievers

sick burn by the imam lol

also the full text is free online, it might be one of those things like Christian missionaries where they always have free copies of their info to hand out to interested/curious nonbelievers

No. 486269


Hehehe. She will be chastisng the Imam in a video soon.

"How dare this racist not recognize "Most Holy Miranda" as the super Muslim that she is. She knows more than he does in her 3 months of being Muslim."

No. 486293

Different anon but months ago, I saw of her profile briefly because she popped up in my Instagram results after I looked up Tokyo Islamic centers(kanadajin3 had been tagged at the time). She does not look like a bad person but she had written about having a rebellious past of her own that led up to conversion to conservative Islam. It seems like Mira latched on to her and this woman was responsible for introducing Mira to community. Mira changed her look after hanging out with her too. Probably her current “best friend”.

Now I expect Mira to come here screeching about how she 100% found everything on Islam by herself with no help or inspiration from someone else. Mira ALWAYS molds her current identity from someone else she has met. And as usual: Mira hangs out exclusively with gaijin. Foreigners identifying as Japanese or wanting Japanese citizenship are NOT Japanese.

No. 486314

File: 1517462674574.png (310.94 KB, 604x556, hospital.png)

Username has been censored as per rules but Miranda has mentioned her multiple times and retweeted the "When your skinny friend…" tweet, so, yeah.

No. 486324

I too think this women has a huge impact on Mira’s life. When Mira deleted her old photos, this women also delete her photos on the same day and talked about it on her social media.
With Mira’s stubborn personality, it’s hard to believe that she made this decision on her own since she stated in her old video that she would never delete her past photos before converting to Islam.

No. 486356

> opertinities

No. 486357

from the way she spells some stuff you'd think she's from newfoundland.

No. 486421

>claims to have like 300 videos to upload
>re-uploads old shit instead

No. 486528


You left the username in the second tweet there. Just FYI.

Funny, though, that person follows Sharla and Rachel and Jun, Micaela, etc.

Miranda's head will exploded when she finds out..

No. 486589

No it wouldn’t . She doesn’t care.

No. 486593

A few other followers that she interacts with follow some of her enemies too. As long as they kiss her ass, she does not care.

No. 486601

No, she really doesn’t give a shit. She doesn’t think of Sharla and Rachel as enemy. They are just people who she knew.

No. 486624

File: 1517655695667.jpg (2.08 MB, 383x383, VUctfnl.jpg)

How has ISIS university been treating you? Did they let you graduate from crayons to pencils?

No. 486664


Hehehe. I knew that would draw Miranda out. You're so predictable..

No. 486666

File: 1517684777385.jpg (243.98 KB, 932x596, cXiA2bV.jpg)

First day of kindergarten univercity. I really hope they teach her proper english

No. 486707

Post it anon

No. 486724

more telling Muslim women how they are supposed to feel about their culture and religion. fuck this bitch gets more insufferable with every ridiculous phase she goes through.

No. 486729

Holy fucking shit, she's fucking SHAMING an actual Muslim girl for not being as good as she is. Unbearable fucking bitch. And she writes like she's retarded.

No. 486736

i feel bad for the real muslim girl

No. 486753

Wow you have no idea about religion. Islam isn’t a culture and your supposed to wear hijab for god and for your own modesty, not because the country has rules or because most people wear it.

In Islam there’s no “more Muslim than another”. However the Quran states that those who become Muslim later in life are loved more by god and seen as better. So when you talk bad about Miranda because she became Muslim later it actually doesn’t make sense

No. 486755

No, YOU don't know shit about religion. When I said "not being as good as she is," I'm not talking about anything with scriptural basis. I'm talking about the fact that when the other girl mentioned wanting to sometimes take the scarf off, she acts superior, like she's so offended that the girl would ever dream of taking it off.

However, different branches of Islam have different positions regarding whether one can be a better Muslim than someone else, and some branches absolutely believe in good and bad Muslims. Sayyid Qutb was an influential Egyptian Sunni figure who actually made it explicitly viable to criticize muslims for not being conservative enough.

As for the Koran stating that God favors converts, I actually didn't know it, but whether or not it's canon, it's fucking stupid to give favoritism, ESPECIALLY in this context, when Mira is potentially doing it as a phase. She seems to have only converted after developing a huge crush on a Muslim guy.

I think the Abrahamic religions are all bullshit, but I spent nearly 3 years in Muslim villages in Senegal and Guinea with the Peace Corps, so I have had a lot of exposure, at least to West African Sufi Islam.

It's bizarre you're defending her in such crass, incoherent ways, to the point that I suspect that you ARE her.

No. 486760

Allah love mira more than other Muslims.
I highly fucking doubt it. Thats some stupid ass favoritism. Why woukd he love a convert more?

And Mira is acting like an ass and basically demeaning a girl for not being a good muslim. One one all these religions are supposed to have in common is the subjects do not judge only the all mighty.

No. 486786

>your supposed to wear hijab for god and for your own modesty
That's not a requirement in Islam or in the Qu'ran. Wearing the hijab is a cultural thing enforced by governments and religious police.

Mira is just wearing it to be extra.

No. 486940

It’s so weird. This woman thought she was the best of the Jvloggers, constantly white knighting herself while bashing her competition with sock puppets. Extremely arrogant and unwilling to accept criticism on her rushed content, even from native Japanese. Now she has mostly gone quiet, her channel is basically dead and she claims to be working multiple jobs while being the most Muslimiest Muslim who ever Muslimed. What is going to become of her now? Snag a Saudi Arabian guy, get pregnant and disappear into the sand dunes?

No. 486951


God, we can only hope that will be the case.

No. 486956

Oh god she is wearing the fucking full body niqab more and more. It's so strange I recently watched a CNN documentary on the Iraqi rebels who were freeing people who were living under Isis and there were numerous clips of the women there practically throwing off their niqabs that were over their face talking about how much better it feels to not have to wear it anymore. Like why would you WANT that? I've never seen a woman actively enjoy wearing it

No. 486965

She doesn’t care that she lost fans or views.

No. 486966

Fuck off miranda, nobody cares what you have to say to "defend" your shitty choices

No. 486969

hopefully not. i still predict she will do a 180 and become something completely different in the next 2 years. Miranda has some identity disorder, and i doubt it'll just stop and settle for life now.

also it's funny how in each of her phases she thinks of herself as the best. she used to be the most Japanese of the Japanese, even if she had to say that 'race isn't real' and she'll 'never teach her kids english because they'll be 100% japanese'. now she's the most muslim to ever muslim.

No. 486981


For someone who "doesn't care" you're spending an awful lot of time lurking here, Miranda.
(You're the only one who refers to your subs as "fans")

No. 487045

File: 1517947227977.png (359.18 KB, 1183x706, lola.png)

Since Miranda is hanging around here more noticeably, I wonder what she thinks of her old BFF and Whit-knight Lola following the Church Of Satan on Twitter.

(Just thought it was funny given Miranda's current Jihadi status)

No. 487162

File: 1517989655587.jpeg (159.29 KB, 750x1100, 249E55A3-9A43-486D-860F-E7E956…)

Is this her friend? Her profile is public and she even tagged Mira so I assume she’s involved.

No. 487171

How tight that brown rug is wrapped around her head and then Mirandas mess. I assume it's because she's taking it off when there's no photo being taken

No. 487174

No, I don’t think they do that. Someone would spot her and she would be busted

No. 487179

Damn Miranda you are not a celebrity, nobody knows you, there are no candids of you

No. 487181

Hey, Miranda. Did intend to steal that Russian girl’s identity, but you later decided to go Mega Muslim so you would one-up all the other women in the mosque? Also, why do you have such terrible eyebrows?

No. 487182

That explains everything. I always wondered why she went full niqab but I guess there are other white "special" Muslims at her mosque and Mira needed to go extreme to stand out.

No. 487195

cause she's a contrarian body snatcher

No. 487218


Well, The Russian chick is going to try for Japanese citizenship, too. Difference with her and "Jihadi Jane" Miranda is that she actually has a legitimate marriage to a Japanese man and has kids. So, she'll get it without a problem.

No need to self-post stories about "stalkers" find your waitress job to cover for her failure..

No. 487260

does anybody else feel like she just took two photos of herself, PSed one of them to fix her FAS eyes, and then made it look like she had a friend?

Really? Is nobody going to comment about how this is obviously Miranda? Lol… thinking she is ~Best muzlimah~ because she converted later in life smh

I feel bad for that girl too :( Sounds like she was trying to comfort herself/feel better about her tough life. Bet she lives in indonesia or malaysia or one of those southeast Asian countries that idolize Japan but also have lots of Muslim population

No. 487262

>Really? Is nobody going to comment about how this is obviously Miranda?

Is it really necessary? She's always obvious as fuck and now hanging around more since her "youtube job" has fallen in the toilet.

No. 487267

That’s the Russian girl and she is indeed real. Mira is able to maintain friends in the gaijin community, but she also loses friends often and changes them. Like Rodi said, she always has a new “best friend”. So it not fair for people to insult her by saying Mira has no friends, but the issue whether she gives as much as she takes in these friendships. Frequently, we see she wants her ego stroked and when her friends get the courage to get real with her, she accuses them of being a hater and the friendship ends.

No. 487286

Actually, I'm not sure she has any real friends anymore. Like mentioned in >>487262
She's hanging around here a lot more frequently than previously. Probably because this is the closest she has to friends right now.

No. 487293

I meant the account for the woman is real and she was one of the first people to help her in the community. I have no idea how close they are. If she is a good person, I hope she could have a positive impact to get Mira to think seriously about her future.

She may not have true friends but Mira has acquaintances through the Muslim community. As we can see, Twitter is full of such kiss-ass Muslims who keep ignoring her rude behavior because she is their “sister”. They tend to stick together, especially when they are the minority in a country. If they actively avoided her, it would look very bad at their mosque.

I’m just saying that people have joked around for so long that she never has friends but you’d be surprised how lonely expatriates in Japan will orbit one another even if they don’t like each other that much. They talk a lot shit behind their backs, but they will keep hanging out in the same circles because they can’t make normal Japanese friends. Those people also may have skeletons in their closet, so I would not view any potential friend of Mira as an innocent or naive person who should be warned. They may have the same attitude as her.

No. 487340

File: 1518121763992.png (392.98 KB, 638x792, bs.png)

Heh. Miranda always trying to make herself seem better than she is.

Check her "description" of her book that is literally titled ""Basic information about islam" (Islam no kihon chishiki) and it's geared towards introducing/explaining islam to nonbelievers See: >>486250

No. 487403

lol, was the muslims giving her that book some sort of lowkey shade? like "damn this bitch is going overboard, better give her a book for the uneducated"

No. 487412

Read the thread, we already had this

No. 487438


Hey, genius, The original post was included in there. Learn to read yourself.

No. 487649

how long before Mira chan isn't a Japanese Muslim anymore?

No. 487681

Just until she runs out of cash and can’t blackmail another VISA husband.

No. 487768

then fucking quote the original post with comments. why don't you learn to use the site.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 487802

File: 1518466329179.jpg (34.97 KB, 494x358, 73a47f74e49691fb781d527cb06513…)


No. 487902

Saw Mira out shopping in Shinjuku on Sunday, I had forgotten how tiny she is. Last time I saw her was at the restaurant she used to work at, but obviously haven't seen her since that incident last spring.

She was wearing just a normal hijab, I guess. Not that niqab.

No. 487917


Oh Mira, it's been only a week! This isn't very convincing.

No. 487918

File: 1518594979810.jpg (493.67 KB, 1868x1199, n7Y8gXT.jpg)

Samefag, while we're on the topic Mira, you can't possibly be serious that you are still THAT bad at wrapping headscarves? And oh, did you forget that a guy is not supposed to talk to a woman who is not his relative? Or does this not apply to a supermuslim like yourself?

No. 487944

File: 1518623929518.jpg (331.5 KB, 1242x1796, Us1v1fL.jpg)

I saw her too! She was licking bird shit off sidewalk while her super Muslim husband yelled at her. She smelled like B.O.

Looks like everyone’s favorite shrouded carbuncle is pushing more Salafist views while pretending it’s totally in line with Japanese culture. If this shithead actually had Japanese friends, she would know that many Japanese married couples, especially younger generation, do not adhere to strict gender roles or force them onto their kids like they used to. Every married couple I know here shares responsibilities when possible(days off or whoever has less work hours that day) and the wives work at least part time while the husband makes time to be with their kids. I hate how she fetishizes Japanese people to suit her ignorant views. If Japanese people agreed with her all the time, she wouldn’t have so many of them blocked.

The ad she is referencing doesn’t even say anything about how gender roles are SUPPOSED to be. It’s just cracking a joke, although mildly sexist, that even your clumsy dad can cook with this chijimi mix. The only thing the ad shows is that Japan is not very PC. This is much like her “The Quar’an mentions iron from the sky. Quar’an is science!” reasoning.

No. 487951


Yeah, the incident that you made up to cover your failure at getting citizenship.

I told you, she has nothing to do anymore. We are the closest thing she has to a "friend".

No. 487953

File: 1518631691343.jpg (127.39 KB, 647x714, metal gimnastics with Miranda.…)

>Looks like everyone’s favorite shrouded carbuncle is pushing more Salafist views
Have this other thing, anon. She dreams of making her own gender segregated Islamic school- I mean "univercity".
>Women are inferior and must be segregated because muh Islam
One tweet later…
>We are all equal, gaiiss!
I don't fucking know anymore. Guess women are not people, except in her very special case?

No. 487954

she only believes this because she hates other women and she's lazy as fuck. She wants to marry and have the husband provide everything and give her an allowance. But the second she is treated like a second-class citizen she starts whining and complaining. She loves to think she can be a loud patriotic "Japanese" woman. But according to her, she shouldn't have a voice, listen to her husband and just have babies.

No. 487958

File: 1518632614107.jpg (135.17 KB, 983x648, classy.jpg)

Samefagging because she's also picking fights with actually educated Japanese people because "muh freedom of religion is protected by muh constitution", "stupid Japanese, you don't OWN Japan!".

No. 487962

Nitpicking a bit, but that guy might not be Japanese

No. 487963

What was this 'incident'?

No. 487969


She self-posted as someone who supposedly knew where her restaurant job was. In the most vague terms. (said a restaurant, in a shopping center. in Tokyo. Duh.. Everyone knew that much and it certainly doesn't narrow anything down)

Them she posts that she had to "quit" her job because it was all leaked out and then she had to call the immigration people and that caused them to reject her. (But got sympathy money from suckers).

Then she slipped up and mentioned being at work a day or so later.. because she never quit her job. She got caught scamming the immigration board and got denied (she even mentioned that during an interview they told her they didn't believe she actually lived in the apartment she claimed she lived in.)

No. 487972

Here's Parts 1 and 2 of her e-begging vid. Part 3 will be uploaded once my vimeo limit is cleared or I find a better site.

Part 1: https://vimeo.com/216160991

Part 2: https://vimeo.com/255806275

No. 487976

i want the cat thing shes holding

does japan even have a constitution
dont they just have one written by fucking americans or something

i remember you guys mentioned it previously

No. 487985

Yes, Japan’s constitution was drafted by the United States of America, as a condition of surrender and “peace”. Japanese altering it is almost like an act of war, so they can’t change it without permission from Americans. Isn’t that funny? So Canadian Person Three must love American culture and occupation so much!

Remember when she was all “Japan is Japanese! No foreign language, even in your own home! WE don’t need other cultures forced on to US!” a year after being in Japan? What happened, Yamato Nadeshiko?

No. 488253

im getting a headache trying to figure out what she means in her OP. Jesus, Miranese should be a legitimate language.

No. 488819

File: 1519048143644.jpg (139.88 KB, 901x1200, DWVBd1lVQAEWoob.jpg)

Jihadi Jane

No. 488839

are you an idiot? the constitution made by the US was just added as an amendment to Japan's constitution and it can definitely be changed, they just have to vote on it. i am all for one upping miranda, but use actual fucking facts.

No. 488895

Best she's ever looked in a picture

No. 488915

File: 1519085928956.jpg (338.38 KB, 1242x1554, ayFme7F.jpg)

Now she has a new account. She looks like a goblin.

>They just have to vote on it

Nice try, American. Such a liar.

No. 488940

It looks like she tumbled and fell into a curtain display at ikea.

No. 488946

how do you know its her?

No. 488953

Her wonky eyes are a dead giveaway

No. 489018

lol good point, i more meant did she like a tweet by it or something i guess

No. 489027

I'm fucking dying that now she isn't just doing a niqab but going full on ghost garb. I really REALLY wanna know what Japanese people think when they see this thing running around.
Is there any way for her to get even more over the top?

No. 489041

well yeah, but hopefully Japanese authorities will get wise to her before that.

No. 489102

Those goofy eyeballs and messy brows are 100% her. Goddamn, this is getting creepier by the minute. She looks ready to strap explosives to her chest.

Could it be that she actually has snagged some Saudi Arabian douchebag? She’s going into this this more extremely than her other personas. Despite what she says, Japan DOES monitor more conservative and suspicious-looking Muslims. A white “famous” YouTuber, with an ever-changing visa status, who suddenly dons full black garb and professes to be an authority on Islam will definitely get noticed.

No. 489241

That's the thing about this, to an outside perspective this is essentially what someone getting brainwashed/radicalised looks like. She went from dressing half naked to dedicated muslim in an extremely short time and at this rate she'll be wearing the full on burkha soon. thats genuinely suspicious.

like i dont know how seriously japan would take it but fuck i'd be weirded out if my neighbour went from 0-100 like that.

No. 489339


meh tbh my understanding is as follows

Some Japanese sap married her, she got permanent residence after 3 years or whatever

Now Japan can't lawfully remove her unless she does something super illegal or fails to spend the requisite number of days in Japan

They can deny her citizenship but just becoming ubermuslim isn't enough reason to boot her out, Japan has basic human rights, even if people abuse them to act like batshit, she isn't doing anything illegal, just acting silly

No. 489340

>>489339 Aint it 5 years to get a perm residence? And it reboots every time you switch visa? Since she came off the working visa (last year?) she needs to wait again another x amount of years to apply for perm ???

No. 489380

didn't she fail to get PR?

No. 489387

Given the time frame that she claimed to have it(right after she claimed to have a student visa) most people assumed she had PR through a sham marriage where she blackmailed her ex. That is the only way a jobless, unskilled high school dropout could get PR in just 3 years. However, she was telling people that she actually had teijuusha, which is a special visa extension after divorce. The big problem with that story is that teijuusha is an EXTENSION on the marriage visa. You would never earn it after switching to a student visa or any other visa status. So, she must be lying about ever having the student visa or she was married a second time. She would never earn PR on her own merit.

No. 489395

thanks for clarifying

No. 489398

You really don't know what the fuck you're talking about, lol stupid ass bitch.

No. 489400

File: 1519219158756.jpg (1.02 MB, 200x160, KHfYeb3.jpg)

It must suck to spend nearly 30 years never really knowing who you are or what you want to do with your life. Always moving from one extreme to the next while never bettering yourself.

No. 489429

I want them to kick her out for good for this very reason. She’s too stupid to do anything on her own, but I’m beginning to wonder if the lovebombing she’s getting from other Muslims is starting to turn her head enough so that she does become radicalized.

I mean, no one else loves her.

No. 489430

It amazes me that she could have kept her mouth shut about another marriage though. Is she capable of being that canny? This is Miranda we’re talking about.

No. 489462

could it be that she's trying to attract another muslim guy? not rody, but some rich saudi sugar daddy without knowing where to meet them irl

No. 489469

I'd love to know what about Japan is so amazing that she is still struggling to get citizenship to stay there.
Like, you're segregating yourself further from the japanese people by being an uber religious muslim, for what gain?
I'm a lolita, so I can safely say that I'm interested in Japan to some degree, but I've heard so many stories of foreigners being treated terribly in Japan, that it makes me wonder why anyone would go from Canada and risk deportation just to stay there. So many cows do it, but I thought I'd ask here. Why??

No. 489470

If she keeps at it, I’m sure someone will drag her off by the hair, she’s a little too mouthy for a Salafist to tolerate.

No. 489483

Nothing really. She can't admit to being wrong about anything.

So, when she didn't get citizenship, she made up the story about "quitting" her job and that was why she didn't get it. She let it slip in a stream that the Japanese government people that came to her apartment didn't believe she really lived there.

She has to keep pushing it because she spent so long doing it, she would have no choice but to admit failure.

No. 489607

She can’t admit that she failed. She would have to go home to her family defeated, a has been YouTuber who had a series of public mistakes and negative attention. Seeing how much she built herself up and exaggerated her wealth, who knows what she was telling Canadian family and friends about her success in Japan. Basically, she chose suicide in the form of losing herself to extreme Islam instead of going back home and make something of herself.

No. 489652

No I don’t think she cares about doing YouTube since she deleted her videos. She has a second source of income which she said publicly she is working full time

No. 489663

lol. Shut the fuck up. No one said anything about you caring about YouTube. You clearly don’t care about it nor the fans that supported you. You don’t commit to anything in the long term.

Isn’t it pathetic that you always need a man to secure your visa, though? Six years in Japan and you couldn’t get past part-time waitressing and odd jobs. No career, education or stable, honest marriage to be proud of.

No. 489677

Look at the pic and tweet. It's her new account.

I'm waiting for Japan to deport her at this point…somehow, I feel this behavior (spreading Islam, trying to convert Japanese but being a foreigner (is she even legally there…?) won't be tolerated.

No. 489796

We have Mormon missionaries in Japan, the government won't care about Mira for spreading islam.

No. 489797

there's nothing illegal about spreading a religion…

No. 489798

jesus christ miranda analqueen constable, why are you so dumb?

No. 489830

File: 1519349288048.jpg (351.86 KB, 1352x904, NsKtMEq.jpg)

Oh, yeah. These goofy fuckers look like their ready cause some trouble. They probably filled their backpacks with bomb-ass casserole and root beer. I have never, in all my years in Japan, met a Japanese person who was suspicious of Mormon missionaries. At most, they are viewed as annoying as the Jehova Witnesses.

I know you don’t pay attention to politics outside your Twitter feed, Mira, but the Japanese Supreme Court upheld blanket surveillance of Muslims NATIONWIDE. This means they can choose to monitor Muslim individuals, mosques, halal restaurants, vendors, clubs, etc. Whoever. 17 Muslims tried to sue the Japanese government but they only won compensation for having their personal details leaked. It was pretty big news. How did you not know this? Now in your grim reaper outfit, YES, you are being monitored. Do you still not understand Japanese culture? This is not Canada. Your life is easier when you don’t make extreme efforts to stand out and the constitution will not help you.

No. 489838

the tweet means nothing to me, since i dont know japanese. im not doubting it is her, i was just curious as to how they knew.

the worst mormon will do is phone you all the time, probably less than i hear nhk does to people.

No. 489846


Here Miranda, as mentioned in >>489830 here is the news regarding that Court decision and it’s from Al Jazeera so you should believe it.


No. 489857

Japan doesn't work the same as the PC West.

She is very extreme for a Muslim. Most Muslims in Japan are Southeast Asian and just wear a hijab (usually colorful). Mira is venturing into Niqab and likely will start wearing a burqa before long. She's practicing a Saudi form of Islam, and has probably spent a lot of time illegally living in Japan, contributing nothing to the country (doesn't even have a high school diploma or Japanese husband).

It's not like she's a native Japanese or Mormon on a legal visa spreading a better accepted religion in Japan. Foreigners don't have the same rights as locals. Even then, Christians have been prosecuted in the past in Japan. Even Buddhists. Wouldn't surprise me if Mira and others judged as "extreme" will be somehow targeted for deportation. And rightfully so.

No. 489862

I live in Japan. I think most white people here who have heard of her laugh about her quite a lot, she's "the queen" of r/japancirclejerk ffs.

Not Miranda, always in favor of possible threats being monitored closely by the authorities.

If she gets deported for doing something against the law, I'm entirely in favor of that. I've just never met a muslim trying to convert me in Japan (or Germany for that matter), mormons I've met quite a bit (they flock to other white people because their Japanese sucks).

I mean, I have no idea how brainwashed she is and whether she'll try blowing up anyone any time soon, but I also don't think there's an inherent danger to muslims (though I've only ever met moderate ones, no one in a niqab). Hopefully she'll find a way out of this soon, maybe she'll realise what a godless place Japan is and move back to Canada because … more muslims?

No. 489876

Are you the one that wrote
>the government won't care about Mira for spreading islam.

Clearly they do and have been doing so for a long time. The intention of spreading, not practicing or educating, is the concern in Japan. The Japanese government does not mind foreigners practicing their religion peacefully but they will notice strange activity. It is not typical for regular, moderate Muslims to proselytize their faith. All the Muslims I know in Japan are merely taught to share information when asked and invite curious people to learn more. This is especially important in these times. The Malaysian girls in jeans and loose head coverings, hanging out in co-ed activities and just being normal people will not draw the attention of authorities but people like Mira will. Of all sects and degrees of Islam, she is emulating the Saudi Arabian form of Islam! And with that, she is already arguing with lifelong Muslims about how she knows Islam better that they do and criticizes Muslims who do not believe as she does.

The Japanese government definitely will pay attention to someone like that, even if she’s just a poser trying to be rebellious.

No. 489886

At this point she's leaning towards extreme Islamic ideas. Is there anything we can do to deport her? Like, Japan surely wouldn't want this retard running around in niqab trying to "teach" Islam to Japanese people.

No. 489893

Pretty sure Japan keeps an eye on every extremist religion trying to spread since they had that terrorist attack commited by that cult years ago.

No. 489895

If what the other anons said is true, she's on the watch list already. Not sure how many resources are poured into this though. I mean, over in /snow/ we have Sere who did worse things in Japan (abandoning children, being illegal, hooking) and hasn't been deported yet despite people reporting her to the authorities left and right.

No. 489896

Unfortunately, she can’t be deported until she actually does something illegal, makes a threat or she overstays whatever visa she is on. Right now, she’s just looks like another ignorant, arrogant foreigner in Tokyo with a gimmick.

No. 489924


yes, i'm aware. i've lived in japan off and on for work for years now. it's still not illegal so there's nothing that would be done about her spreading her "views"

No. 490190

We'll see how long the religion lasts for her when summer comes and her black clothes are covered in sweat stains

No. 490301

>Not sure how many resources are poured into this though

Not many because she isn't doing anything particularly scary. She's weird as fuck yeah but you have to look at credible threats and miranda just isn't likely to start blowing shit up anytime soon. Saying that though, i'm really interested in the fact that she's living in japan and actively segregating herself from japanese people, there's something oddly arrogant about moving to an extremely traditional country and saying haha yeah i'm just gonna do my own thing!

No. 490326

> responding to my retelling of the story with "stupid ass bitch" a month later

You need to get better at this, Miranda. But it's fun to know I'm getting under your skin.

No. 490334

The big flaw with my retelling, btw, is that I didn't go into any detail about HOW you tried to ruin Rachel. That might be the worst thing you've done. You literally tried to undermine her company by slandering it as a scam around the internet. What kind of a friend are you?

“(1) A person who defames another by alleging facts in public shall, regardless of whether such facts are true or false, be punished by imprisonment with or without work for not more than three (3) years or a fine of not more than 500,000 yen.”

No. 490407

Wasn't it just some company that sponsored Rachel's video instead of Rachel's Company?

No. 490416

Doesn’t really matter. She tried to defame and ruin a financial partnership.

No. 490437

File: 1519610200907.jpg (272.48 KB, 1242x757, VH60Q6f.jpg)

Has anyone subscribed to her new Islam twitter or able to view new posts? All I can see is the introduction. Interestingly, when I searched for old voicefromjapan posts(account is now gone), islamjapan7 showed up and it looks like she actually created that account more than a year ago because I see old interactions of now deleted(or private?) posts from her. Or am I wrong and she just renamed the Voice From Japan account?
Relevant picture: Mira confirming this is her new account and she has even more names to hide behind. Kind of like Satan.

Not aimed directly at you, however, I don’t know if it had been mentioned before but even though the Miranda definitely created all those other sock puppets to harass Rachel over Dresslink, I keep seeing one girl being wrongly identified as her fake account. It was the girl who was also named Miranda with a big Pikachu plushie in front of her face who specifically told Rachel “girl, you got scammed hard”. I actually found her profile a while after Rachel’s exposing video came out and that person just happened to be another rude weeaboo who once auditioned for Oishii Project and had a YouTube posting history of insulting young illustrators(like criticizing 12 years olds).

I was rewatching Rachel’s “An Unfortunate Announcement video” this morning and it was just something I remembered because I had been convinced that was a sock puppet before.

No. 490539

File: 1519690615834.jpg (34.92 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 490690

File: 1519775386954.png (74.35 KB, 815x122, 5a94c65f837cf__(435).thumb.png…)

Found her Paternal grandfather's obit. Proving yet again that her name is Miranda Constable.


No. 490695

Yeah she explained she used Constable to honour his death but it was not her birth last name. She also explained she used Miranda as a nickname in high school but it was not her birth name either

No. 490738

Miranda, I know you’re not that bright, but he was your Dad’s father (that’s what paternal means). Now, your dad would’ve had the same last name.

Now, this might get confusing for you. But when your mom and dad got married, she would have taken his last name. The children (that would be you and your siblings) would have that name too.

So, while true that you got the name “Constable” from him, you always had it.

No. 490739

Also, you were using the name “Constable” before he died. So do keep trying, you might come up with something remotely believable one day.

No. 490767

Nice try.

Try saying Mira Ann out loud. The flow is horrible! It sound like a joke. So your mother, if she had ears, named you MIRANDA ANN. It’s disrespectful to your parents to keep lying about this. And now you’re looking forward to changing your name once again, little Islamaboo. Are you ever going to happy with yourself? Is a name and image change like molting for you?

Yep. She can’t keep her story straight. There’s already proof she went by Miranda Constable as a teenager.

No. 490809

Hate to break it to you, her mom and dad were never married. Her dads last name is different. People already pointed that out too

No. 490811


omg give this shit up already, trying to make anonymous strangers on the internet believe in your bullshit stories won't make them real.

No. 490816

>People already pointed that out too

Do you really believe you are simultaneously multiple people? Nobody believes than anyone other than you and that Ferengi Lola comes here.

Oh, shit. Perhaps Mira thinks her alters are separate people, so that’s why she doesn’t take responsibility for anything she does. She just blames the past self and dissociates from “them”. Brilliant!

Mira, you do not have to be married to list the baby’s father on the birth certificate. The unmarried couple then decides whether the baby carries the mother’s surname, father’s surname or hyphenated surname.

No. 490836


But his father and mother were married, He would have the same last name as they did. This isn't that hard.

But keep trying. It would help if you provided actual proof (Like the tons of proof of your last name being Constable).

Oh, "Proof" would be a screen shot of something showing her name isn't Constable. Not links to some rando (which would be you) just saying it. That's not proof of anything except your desperate desire to hide your past.

No. 490838


Also, her mother's maiden name was McCool. Why the hell would anyone drop an awesome surname like that?

No. 490839

Woah, that actually is pretty awesome. What the fuck, Mira? You missed a great opportunity.

Aaaaand… Mira still doesn’t understand how paternity works. Maybe this explains why she also believes she became ethnically Japanese. Genetics and family history are beyond her understanding.

No. 490857

File: 1519837402068.jpg (96.06 KB, 751x505, droopy-mccool.jpg)

There was the guy in Star Wars (One of the band member at Jabba's palace) named "Droopy McCool".

Could be a great new name for her with stroke-victim droopy eyeball.

No. 490869


this is too perfect.

No. 490873

the resemblance is uncanny

No. 490874

File: 1519855081749.png (49.22 KB, 1212x392, anne.png.d185f7d77961ba9e5bf81…)

the exact middle name seems to be 'anne'

No. 490878

No. 490974

No. 490976

>> 'What is your best feature?- eyes?'
No Miranda. Just… No…

No. 490985

>collector of African tribal stuff
is this another early culture phase we're seeing?

No. 490988

A nickname is a short version of your full name. Miranda is a full formal name, not a nickname. That's like someone whose real name is Katie using the nickname Katherine. That's not how it works. You're horrible at lying

No. 491004

Prophet Miranda is going to build a Mosque..


No. 491005

Christ, The moron can't even make a bag of microwave popcorn without fucking it up.

Then she cuts of the audio to herself and babbles at nothing for a few minutes..

No. 491040

Around 31:00 in, she slips up and says that the trips she took last year that were “sponsored” by the govt or something. She filmed a lot but never made a video.

Assuming she’s telling the truth about actually having been sponsored, she just admitted to scamming them as she never produced the product for which she was being sponsored for (the videos).

That was also when she was desperate for that Rody-dick..

Also. At 58:00 she mentioned picking up and dropping shifts at work during Ramadan. Just like her picking up and dropping shifts at the restaurant she supposedly quit.

In other words, she never quit and she’s still working at a restaurant.

No. 491051

She mentioned in another video that she is working somewhere else but she won’t tell the field. It is not strange to take time off work. It just means she is working as a baito

No. 491056


Restaurant… most likely the same one..

Congrats on the 3 viewers you had on your Twitch stream, though.

For someone so “busy” you’re spending a lot of time here lately.

No. 491069

>she won’t tell the field.
A high school dropout has no field.

>It is not strange to take time off work.

Yes but what kind of part time job in Japan let’s you choose to work several days, one day a week, take a month off, etc., at random? You give the company or establishment your available hours. If you need to take time off, you can switch shifts with other workers but what kind of company would allow an unpredictable part-timer to just waltz in whenever they feel like it? Such an employee should be fired if they can’t commit to a more consistent schedule. Something doesn’t add up.

>It just means she is working as a baito

6 years in Japan and still working part-time jobs. That is pathetic and you know it. It also looks bad to immigration. Where do you receive your main income?

No. 491133

File: 1520001687084.jpg (34.58 KB, 705x124, is it rodi.jpg)

No. 491136

If she is talking about Rodi, didn’t they first meet up in a club?

I can understand her thirst. Aesthetically speaking, he was the hottest guy she ever got close to. Probably the most normal that she knew as well. She doesn’t seem to attract very attractive guys. Lol

>at my restaurant

That’s a strange way to talk about a job you quit, Mira. Almost like… you never quit in the first place!

No. 491151


Still desperate for that Rody dick.

No. 491153

File: 1520011292924.png (56.69 KB, 637x470, oops.png)


Well, proving that she reads here regularly (as if we didn't know).

She deleted that and then posted this.

Too late Mira.. We already have the screen shot.

No. 491167

why would she delete the other thing if this was clearly a response to it?

No. 491202


Miranda "logic"

No. 491269

How many references has she made to The Man That Got Away? Several. That’s not deleting someone from your memories or getting over them. She probably thinks of him every day.

>I lost nothing

But your mind

No. 491277

I dunno…working parttime in Japan usually pays more that a salaried job per hour. YMMV I suppose, but I used to work salaried and now I work parttime. I get paid ~¥3000/hr versus the ¥1400/hr at my salaried position. Only difference is 国民保険 instead of 会社保険 which was still deducted from the aforementioned ¥1400/hr.

If she is married and on a spouse visa, it may be better for her to work バイト

No. 491292

Her waitress job isn’t paying that much..

No. 491312

File: 1520058771214.jpg (115.96 KB, 1242x744, bA2jcV4.jpg)

My religion is true because it says not to trust women! How convenient for you, Mira.

It’s funny because at least three of the people she has argued with most aggressively on Twitter and YouTube, and had the longest interactions with, are men.

No. 491317

I think ymmv wildly. I made 1700 hourly and now with a salary make 2500. What kind of work do you do that you got 3k/hr?

Plus if she works as a waitress she most likely makes minimum wage, so more around 1k/hr. I doubt she is swimming in money

No. 491440

Fair. I'm a uni professor which I got because I have my phd.

She doesn't have at accreditation so she wouldn't get as much.

No. 491442

>Comparing the wage of a university professor to a high school dropout waitressing 20 hours a week.

Bitch, are you for real?!

No. 491447

Holy projection, Batman!

No. 491448

File: 1520147064853.jpg (88.28 KB, 587x692, old lady.jpg)

Judging from the spots and the wrinkles on her hands, Mira's "Japanese friend" seems to be quite old.

No. 491454

Hm… I wonder why she had to specify JAPANESE friend instead of just writing friend? Isn’t that unnecessary to mention if she thinks anyone who so much farts in Japan can transform to Japanese?

It is unusual that the woman appears much older. Like neighbor.

No. 491466

obviously she wants to prove that atleast one ethnically japanese person doesn't fucking hate her.

No. 491653

i bet its the landlady of her sharehome or whatever

No. 491691

She has taken a picture in front of that mirror on the wall before. She has mentioned she has older friends. Who cares.

No. 491693

Shut up, Mira.

No. 491698

File: 1520251431079.jpg (152 KB, 333x409, sDwDiKU.jpg)

Mira, what is up with you? You need to go back home so your parents can take care of you. Get some sweet Canadian mental health care. You look like the life has been sucked out of you.

No. 491705

File: 1520256759507.png (606.3 KB, 903x600, homeless.png)

What the fuck is this monstrosity? She looks like she's about one step away from homeless.

No. 491706

this hijab looks like an old blanket piece, cause of the way the felting(?) is

No. 491711

Just a heads up Miranda, we're all here to bitch about you. So you defending yourself 'anonomously' is pretty fucking obvious. Turn the computer off, take the blanket off your head and go get some damn help. If you admit you have problems and move towards fixing them, we'd have nothing to talk about and all us little trolls will scurry back under our local bridges to go pick on some poor other lolcow. People will think better of you and you will feel better for it, I promise you.

No. 491722

this is her 'oh shit i forgot i was muslim' pose.

No. 491723

File: 1520261464110.jpg (120.96 KB, 1242x1126, KR5QGTK.jpg)

I guess that totally fabulous restaurant job and hooking up with a Muhammad-kun are not enough.

She barely releases content, no longer has a brand to promote and has explicitly stated that she doesn’t give a shit about fans anymore. What the Hell does she need funding for?

No. 491750


But Miranda, what about your claim that you would never get a Patreon?


No. 491753

She sees people giving Mimei and Sharla $$ for nothing and probably thinks some Saudi princes will open their wallet for good Muslim Mira.

No. 491763

art cards painted by her?
she is neither an artist, nor can she paint.

No. 491807

I'm tempted to say yes just to she what kind of shit she 'paints'

No. 491843

This is the new cash cow for lolcows: Patreon.
That site attracts some of the worst of the worst that truly have nothing beneficial to contribute to society.

No. 491862

File: 1520319064231.jpg (133.71 KB, 1242x674, sjum3fR.jpg)

Mira is so messy. In an old tweet, she confirms 123japanese was registered by her ex-bf Robbie in Toronto(I assume the person she replied to asked why the location said Toronto), but she claims her name is Murasaki and she lives in Tokyo! Not only did she pretend to be native Japanese when she ran that website(as seen in a few tweets and in YouTube comments), she used her old user name from punksudbury forum.

I guess her desire to role play a native Japanese person started as soon as she hooked up with her first husband.

She did dabble in art for years and according to her ex-bf, she did the illustrations for that 123japanese website. According to Twitter comments, it appears she scrapped that site around July so I can’t find examples. I remember the art was simple, kind of cute, but not particularly interesting. I think she also posted some simple paintings on Twitter. But like with most things, she does not give 100% or commit to something enough to show improvement.

I don’t think I would ever buy something from someone if they almost never posted their previous works. She has never shared a portfolio or something like deviant art. It’s like she has no original ideas or drive to do one thing well.

No. 491890

>If you admit you have problems and move towards fixing them, we'd have nothing to talk about

I honestly think a lot of people would actually be relieved and supportive. More than a few anons are actually a bit alarmed at Miranda's behavior the last few weeks.

TL;DR for Miranda: YOU NEED HELP AND SHOULD GET IT IN CANADA. The Glorious Nihon Experiment has failed, long since.

No. 491901

I was honestly wondering what the fuck you're on about and thinking that insulting her because she's trying on clothes is a bit excessive even for this place.

Then I realised she's only trying on a hat and the rest is just…her. Oh dear.

No. 491902

Yeah she's not as awful at art as you'd expect but not good enough to be basically charging for it. If she had been studying or putting effort into getting better she'd certainly be talking about it on twitter every 5 minutes because she loves validation. Honestly she may aswell put up a donation link, we know she doesn't need patreon dollars to make her one video about islam every 3 months, the painting things would just be a cute little "hey thanks for the money" token, why not just skip the facade and put up a paypal link with a "hey if you feel like giving me money for free go for it" message.

No. 491904

Why don’t you guys reach out to her ? Instead of sitting online and complaining about it.

No. 491911

File: 1520354356262.jpg (132.2 KB, 1200x674, zQpD2fp.jpg)

I found an example of her postcards. She was selling these on her eBay a couple years ago. She was trying out Japanese watercolor style that time. As you can see, not bad but definitely amateur painting skill. Close up, you can see the lack of technique. Again, she has potential but needs a lot more practice if she wants to use her work to gain patrons.

Go to bed, girl. Take a multivitamin, please.

No. 491917


Some of those are pretty decent (I am shocked, actually). I really like the one with the two chickens, and the one with the rooster with the long tail. Very pretty.

No. 491924

I have no way to reach out to her, and if I could contact her, I doubt that she'd take the advice of some random internet stranger. I'm guessing that shes going to read this, so I'll just say this; Miranda, nobody here outright hates you, nobody wishes any harm on you. I know I certainly dont. But your decisions, and your search for an identity, where you go overboard with whichever subculture you attach yourself to, is a problem. I'ts OK to not know who you are, it happens to all of us. It's OK to have aspects of yourself that may be punk, or japanese, or muslim, but making that all that you are means that you will lose yourself, and when that happens, your search for who you are is over before you can even begin. Youre not a hollow shell to be filled with other identities, you have potential, you have talents (2 languages and youre not half bad at art tbh) you are Miranda Constable. Never forget that. I honestley and wholeheartedly wish you the best.

No. 491945


People have in the past. Which lead to Miranda attacking them and their families.. (Seriously, she called up these adult peoples parents and attacked them..) Check PULL or past threads for details.

No. 491950

File: 1520371497798.jpg (25.68 KB, 488x246, miraconvo11.thumb.JPG.87098a80…)


This person e-mailed Rody because Miranda was doing her first fake suicide stuff. This person was actually concerned.

This is how it was recieved

No. 492126

why bother, she's going to read this thread anyways. right miranda?

No. 492127

I vaguely remember seeing a budgie one or whatever. Actually, didn't she draw birds and put some muslim shit on it and people got mad?

Anyway, I think her art is cute. Well, not the human.

No. 492136

Why not?
Just try

No. 492155

Yeah, she tried Islamic style art with creepy passages about marriage(because of Rodi) or something.

Miranda, stop fucking around. Everyone knows you would just dox whoever contacted you, no matter how well-intentioned they were. People HAVE tried to reach you with genuine advice and you didn’t care. Just reply here, without pretending to be someone else.

No. 492170

To a certain lovely "anon" who I gave a warning to, stop posting. This is the final warning you get.
Changing your IP does not do anything to not connect your posts. Im sure you know who you are without needing me to message you again.

No. 492189

No. 492559

LOL Mira tells others to not contact her friends? Remember Pearl from PULL?
Mira stalked the shit out of her and messaged her parents and friends on FB. She also did this to 2 other people online.
I hate how the things Mira say and do contradicts but… you know… Mira-sama is soooooooo "special" she can get away with anything!!!

No. 492586

"Friend", more like she asked her landlord to take a pic with it kek

No. 493243

Isn't TkyoSam a cuckface Debito-lite faggot? Birds of a feather, and all that…

No. 493283

He is not her friend since she joined the bomb squad.

No. 493486

File: 1520885765182.png (180.8 KB, 523x281, 1508644817708.png)

No. 493577

File: 1520936175341.png (852.94 KB, 721x707, 8763464264475686865.png)

but why when Canada is so icky and foreign to her? inb4 she goes DURING ramadan, so she can refuse food from her family to show off?

Has she fasted before or is this her first one cause i feel she's going to talk about it a lot lmao

No. 493620

Well, she has now taken both her instagram and Twitter private..

Sinking further into full Jihadi mode.

No. 493624


That's actually a good thing. She's so fucking paranoid that she will assume any new follower is a "hater" and won't approve them. So the only people getting her bullshit will be her already set ass-kissers.

Soon, she will realize how alone she really is.

No. 493708

That’s the smartest thing she has done. If she is serious about maintaining privacy and thinks she is unfairly targeted(in her opinion), then she should stop posting her nonsense so publicly and carelessly. She has so much online evidence of her bad behavior and numerous accounts, it’s about time she shows some self-control since she can’t handle the pressure of being a public figure.

The only negative thing about this is that she could either be slipping further into radicalism, or, she is trying to disappear, ditch this persona, then go back home as if nothing happened. I hope it is the latter so she can quietly go home and get professional help.

No. 493714

She's already home, baka gaijin!

No. 493730

she shouldve gone that way at least 4-5 years ago.
(the going private part, not the jihadi part of course)

No. 493795

File: 1521033082056.jpg (18.93 KB, 443x332, kaoxDGE.jpg)


Do you guys think she will actually go back to Canada or to the home country of her newest husband? Some people were saying he is Pakistan while others think she managed to get a guy from KSA. Both options seem awful.

No. 493796

>some people

No. 493811


She claimed that she had all this stuff ready to go. Some much that she'd still have vids posting after she died (Seriously, she said that).

Yet here she is, faded away to the less than nothing she was before she ever left Canada.

No. 493997

I know it could be her spreading misinformation but I meant I saw posters on PULL mentioning that the guy may be Pakistani instead of Saudi. I have no idea where that theory came from, though.

No. 494001

it always comes from Mira

No. 494020


Yes, as >>494001 it came from Miranda. The only time that was ever mentioned was here, by a random anon with no evidence of any kind to back it up.

Just like the attempt to say she was pregnant and married to a German guy

No. 494071

Rodi is half-Pakistani which might be where that info came from. There's only theories about her Muslim sugar daddies but since she's got a hard-on for Saudi Arabia he might be Saudi

No. 494198

You guys are right. It probably came from her and leaked over there. If she started that rumor, it’s even creepier how she decided to make that guy Pakistani, as if to one-up Rodi.

No. 494247

Oooh, I though of something. Miranda usd to always claim that the “haterz” goal was to drive her of YouTube, Twitter, etc.

So, taking all her stuff private and no longer making vids, I guess she’s saying that the “haterz” won.

Poor girl can’t even win her imaginary fights.

No. 494302

She looks like Magibon

No. 494306

No Magi is way cuter

No. 494314

How dare you
Magibon has fucked up teeth but she's no pure muslim japanese sloth waifu like Miranda

No. 494340

If you'd seen enough of Miranda's inbred selfies you'd sooner question if she's peacockfeathers long lost twin than bareing resemblance to magibon. In combination with what's her face from Scotland who always defends her snow threads (sindy?) there might be triplets.

No. 494391

File: 1521410462457.png (730.49 KB, 788x531, tooth.png)

Wow, I can see why Miranda suddenly likes the Burqa/Niqab fashion.

She just post to here Japanese channel and her already fucked up teeth have now started falling out.

If you can stomach the video, it's not a illusion of shadows, etc. It is completely gone.


(On a side note, Rodi posted a vid saying he gets Miranda's minions blaming him for the fact that she's fucked up her life)

No. 494392

No. 494393

File: 1521410782837.png (123.31 KB, 383x270, Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 3.04…)

Haven't her teeth always been super bad, though? She rarely opens her mouth wide because of her fucked up teeth and underbite, that tooth could have been missing for some time.

She could really have benefited from some serious orthodontic work instead of desperate seeking glorious nippon for the past 10 years.

No. 494397

From this photo it looks like the tooth is just positioned back from the others, not missing.

No. 494417

File: 1521417749186.jpg (27.56 KB, 902x159, wk.jpg)

Found in the comments of Rodi's video.

No. 494418

>teeth always been super bad

yes, they have (open with caution):

No. 494420

File: 1521418122184.jpg (27.17 KB, 910x111, rodi's d.jpg)

And another one.

No. 494422


Watch the vid. And look at older pics. It’s gone.

No. 494423

>(On a side note, Rodi posted a vid saying he gets Miranda's minions blaming him for the fact that she's fucked up her life)

seriously.. she's had this coming for a long time. and she keeps making it worse by herself.

I like that he calls it "the downfall of kanadajin3"

telling him this is fucking disgusting. i also could easily be her sock pupperts again an this is just fucking trash. Would anyone go and tell a girl she shouldve just spread her legs so a guy doesnt go crazy and would everyone would be fine with it?
this is fucking sexist.

No. 494424

File: 1521418472730.png (29.18 KB, 181x146, get-yourself-a-pair-of-glasses…)

No. 494425

File: 1521418483546.jpg (77 KB, 1024x578, still there.jpg)


It's still there.

No. 494427


Could be a sock puppet account. No pic, no content, not subscribed to anyone.
And if it is really Mira, how pathetic can you be, girl?

No. 494428

Wat. Miranda, reel it in. No one is obligated to fuck you, you don't get to use someone not wanting to sex you as an excuse to go mental.

"Well, if you don't fuck me, I'll harass you unto the ends of the earth and self harm!" <- does this sound sane?

No. 494431

That’s KMRuroni, Mira’s mysterious Norwegian Stan who posted nothing but kanadajin3 content on his Twitter. Strangely, he deleted a bunch of her related posts and is now retweeting another Jvlogger for the first time ever. Pretty sure he is a real, very weird, person but this turn is also too strange.

No. 494432

He was supposedly her boyfriend back when the stuff with Rodi happened and she became Muslim. He probably wasn't happy that his gf was so thirsty for someone else.

No. 494435

No, KM is a balding, pudgy molester-looking guy who has never been to Japan yet. I think you mean the young Swedish doormat, Simon. That kid still defended her after she used him! I think she was his first girlfriend or something because his reaction to being played was so sad,

No. 494540

Another vid on her Japanese channel:


Basically babbling that she's going to start a "New islamic series" on that channel, since "according to all knowing prophet Mira" there ins's much information about islam in Japanese. So she felt "she had to" make this.

Despite that the book on Basic Islam that she was given is freely available online, in Japanese..

No. 494541

File: 1521475118613.png (53.67 KB, 903x690, ddm.png)


And following the trend of her main channel, every time she post a video, the subs drop even faster.

Gee, Miranda, it's almost as if no one is interested in your Muslim shit..

Also, is it me, or is she getting a lot pudgier in recent vids?

No. 494569

If you look at her hands, she still looks very skinny.

That's just incel logic right there. Rodi not fucking her was a good decision, because she was deranged from the very start.

No. 494586

File: 1521502765514.png (1.02 MB, 1144x544, Untitle2d.png)

I seriously couldnt decide on what look is worse

No. 494590

it's gotta be left. right is derpy but if you saw her from far away for only a few seconds, you might mistake her for a cute girl. left is so unflattering in every conceivable way.

No. 494596

Definitely the left. Flaws in make-up can be corrected. Flaws au natural can't.

No. 494605

I do feel she needs to take better care of her skin and eat better. But I do prefer her with no makeup. I just don't think she knows how to wrap herself properly.
I feel like that if she took better care of herself mentally and physically it would reflect in her skin and make her look better. I don't think she cares for herself as much as she should and she needs to separate herself from negativity. She is a very spiteful person and your personality seems to reflect on her face due to the stress being spiteful brings her.

No. 494609

He is definitely real. I don't want to give out he I know as he is just a superfan.

He also tweets an aussie youtuber (who I won't name) a lot from what I can see on their twitter.

No. 494620

If you can’t provide proof of what you claim, you’re most likely full of shit.

No. 494622


If you mean that Morgan Le Fae chick, she isn’t Aussie..

No. 494631

Yeah, she has gained weight. Her face hasn’t been this round since she was a teen. Not to say she is fat now, but she has changed. I don’t know if it is her new man’s preference, she is eating out a lot or she is pregnant(oh, Lord)

She’d have be significantly heavy to get sausage fingers. Lol

I know he is real, and someone Mira would never meet in real life because he’d probably eat her face off. It’s just that he never used to support other YouTubers until Mira went private. Maybe Mira suggested he divert attention away from her for now.

No. 494646

It's more I don't want to dox him.

No. but I don't want to bring them up due to old drama. It was just something I noticed.

No. 494647

File: 1521518236472.jpg (13.68 KB, 401x85, mira1.JPG)

No. 494718


So you had absolutely nothing to provide. Why'd you bother?

No. 494726

This is some incel-tier logic

No. 494727


You're the "She's married and pregnant by a German guy" Or "She married to a Saudi" Or "She's married to a Pakistani" anon, aren't you.

Even if you aren't, that is the same quality of post. So, put up or shut up.

No. 494754

aka it's mira in her own thread as usual

No. 494761

kek, killing her own channel and whatever YT career she had left to prove a man wrong. You sure showed everyone else

No. 494766

I wonder how her husband feels about it. Her real one, with the Japanese citizenship.

No. 494783

I'm more of an "if can can find out someones cpu identity you can find all their accounts" kind of person actually.
I'm not Mira. I'm anon.
honestly I feel like her channel dying will be the best thing for her. She needs to get an identity and stop trying to target people or chasing personas that she think will get her views. I am sure there is a lovely girl somewhere underneath but every thing about her is fake a constructed. I hope she realises we would respect her more if she was just herself.
I hope she doesn't have a real husband. Only the men can have multiple wives. It's not a 2 way street Mira.

No. 494804

So, you are full of shit and wasting everyone’s time. It is simple, if you aren’t willing to prove what you say, shut the fuck up and don’t say anything.

No. 494816

She has to have a Japanese husband. No other way she's still in the country.

No. 496022


Yeah, that's been pretty much proven

No. 496042

No it hasn’t. She has not filmed a video in her living room at her house in almost 2 years. She has been living in Japan for 6 years and the only information about her being married was a picture of her ex boyfriend from 2014 when Kat posted it. So why do we continue to think she is even married. Since then there have been no proof surface. She does live shows at various times of the day. Let’s not forget if she was married she would have been eligible for citizenship no problem. She’s not married. Time to come to terms.

No. 496056

Right, she's not married. That's why she lives in Japan without a full-time job and no education, because Japan loooooves foreigners, especially if they're uneducated, unskilled morons who can't speak Japanese

No. 496069

File: 1521656461618.png (137.13 KB, 644x552, 1514380937015.png)


Your most holy Miranda disagrees with you.

No. 496088

She said she was working full time in her live show.

No. 496089

Hello! You must be new here! Miranda Ann Constable occasionally tells a lie every now and then. Please take as much time as you need to recover from that shocking fact.

No. 496106


Yes, but then she mentioned that she could pick up and drop shifts, etc. Just like at her restaurant job (That she never quit)

No. 496168

File: 1521680631417.jpg (79.79 KB, 1242x672, d5vLUfw.jpg)

^I don’t know if it’s Mira being an idiot again or just a troll, but someone posted this in PULL’s kanadajin3 Twitter thread a while back.

Lol. You don’t automatically get citizenship just for being married. There is still an interview and background check which Mira FAILED for being a shady sack of shit who barely had furniture in the old place because she and Visa-kun had a sham marriage. Red flags everywhere.

Mira, just come out and say it. What the fuck are you doing to stay in Japan then? Uneducated, unskilled foreigners DO NOT get rewarded with permanent residence just working at a restaurant. It doesn’t matter if you work multiple shifts at different places. Besides, you needed special permission to work full-time in the first place. However, you CAN NOT renew your rumored teijuusha indefinitely. That’s a lie. Your case would only be a one time thing since it is merely an extension to give you time to transfer to a legitimate visa. You definitely have not been sponsored for a work visa, so it’s either visa hopping or marriage. There is no legitimate pathway for you unless you are doing suspicious with that Islamic community center. You did mention an imam wanted to discuss “job operitinities“ with you…

>Time to come to terms.

Bitch. Why do you always fuck up common expressions and idioms?

No. 496249

What if her parents are sending her money to keep her out of Canada?

No. 496274

Oh, they are. That’s why she still has a Canadian bank account and has complained before about the limits that bank had on withdrawals. But having that backup alone is not enough to get her permanent residence visa or any long-term visa. Her parents are not wealthy and she is not a genius or professional. Immigration would not give her priority unless she has a Japanese relative(husband) as her guarantor or she had a contracted job(not pick and choose random hours) with an employer.

No. 496336

File: 1521738129060.png (94.58 KB, 312x500, 5ab22391c56bd__(560).thumb.png…)

>Translation: #Islam #Muslim In Islam, boyfriend/girlfriend relationships are not approved. One should not have a relationship until marriage. >Boyfriend/girlfriend relationship can end anytime. Anyone can say "I love you!" but when they find a better person, they will leave. Please protect your heart. >Love only starts after marriage.

She come to realize that an arranged marriage is her only hope now.

No. 496337

File: 1521738275761.png (153.41 KB, 289x500, 5ab225fc100dc__(562).thumb.png…)

>Muslim twitter user - Polish pig's feet stew goląka that my father made. It is eaten with horseradish. The Syrian version is on the right (picture) which is >cooked with sheep's feet. Both dishes enjoy the simple taste of the meat.

>Miranda - al‐salām 'alaykum sister. Pork is haram. Even if you don't eat pork, I think you should not say it tastes good or persuade others to eat it. Even if you >don't do haram things, persuading haram culture or food is more haram than eating pork yourself.

>Muslim twitter user - wa‐'alaykum al‐salām. I did not eat and the only time I ate it was when I was little before becoming a Muslim. I don't see any problem in >learning about the food culture in other places of the world.

>Miranda - Good thing you did not eat. It's fun to learn about foreign culture but it's not good to recommend haram things to others. Even to non-Muslims. I'm not >trying to force my opinion on others and get pork banned from the world but I think it's better to not say both meat tastes good.

(translation stolen from PULL) Miranda telling Muslims how to muslim properly.

No. 496391


Please let this bitch disappear into the wilds of SA.

No. 496392

File: 1521749307539.jpeg (69.17 KB, 270x427, 40F22513-6480-4CBA-9D2E-07C6FB…)

This is how she thinks it works, put down the Mills and Boon before you end up in Chop Chop Square, Miranda.

No. 496414

Really they (Mira and Muslim-kun) both sound like assholes here.

No. 496416

Really they (Mira and Muslim-kun) both sound like assholes here.

No. 496417

I don't see anything wrong with the original Muslim OP's tone. Unless the " I don't see any problem in >learning about the food culture in other places of the world" sounded condescending to you.

No. 496419


Miranda's been on her twitter crying about everyone blaming her for her channel going to shit and taking her Insta and Twitter to private.

No shit, moron. Take responsibility for once in your fucking life.

No. 496437

wait wat

so is the other Muslim twitter user ALSO a convert to Islam who communicates primarily in Japanese despite not being from Japan?

How many people like this are out there?

No. 496479

sluts who go born again into religion are so fucking generic, yawn

No. 496482

In what fucking way was OP telling folks to eat it. enjoy the taste means something entirely in cooking. Its means the flavor of the meat in the main taste.

Mira's dumbass needs to shit the fuck down.

No. 496550

either mira or a poor attempt at that

No. 496559

You can't get too angry with her, it's common knowledge that she has the reading comprehension of a first grader

No. 496584

Oh that shade at Mira

No. 496691

Ha. That was pretty good and nothing but truth about Miranda.

She's a living joke.

No. 496736

No. 496746

use the youtube tab, but why bother watching its a fucking waste of time

No. 498303

I wonder if Miranda is gone for good or if she'll go back on full force again with a new identity. Anti Islam maybe? Shinto priestress?

No. 498344


Personally, I think the "closing up shop" and privatizing all her crap (despite people here and on PULL being already approved followers that she doesn't realize) is that she isn't going to be able to stay in Japan and try to cover up the shame when she is forced to leave.

No. 498601

Could this be the end of Mr. Mira's Wild Ride?

No. 498610

it'll be whatever trend is popular at the moment

No. 498692

I lowkey want her to return to youtube as islaminjapan or something just for the potential milk.
>Get ready with me! Hijab edition
>Morning prayer at Shibuya Crossing [VLOG]
>How to be a Muslima housewive Part 1-12
>Storytime: How I ended up as a sex slave in a basement in Dubai

In before she resurfaces after blowing up a train in Tokyo

No. 498863

Most likely.

She's still losing subs daily and Twitter and Insta followers despite taking them private.

She's also not approving any new followers for fear it might be a "hater" sneaking in.. She's really paranoid.

No. 499082

She's back in Canada. Posted a pic from The Gardiner Expressway on Twitter/Instagram. (Which is in Toronto for people who don't know.

No. 499122

Huh. Did she get kicked out of Glorious Nihon?

No. 499123

Fucking LOL if her ISIS attitude got her kicked out

No. 499166

That explains all the new privacy on her social medias, she doesnt want the 'haterz' knowing she failed… I'm just surprised she didnt fly the plane into the CN tower on her way home

No. 499196


Don't know if it's permanent or just a visit. but like >>499166 said. I does seem to tie in with the sudden "privatization" of her stuff.

No. 499687

Aw, so the pure nihonjin phase is most likely over. She wont have to pretend anymore that Japan remotely cares about Islam now

No. 499862

File: 1522622562587.png (174.34 KB, 378x500, 975CF35D-C828-4750-920D-DB3A7C…)

Screen shots incoming

No. 499863

File: 1522622598542.png (689.02 KB, 815x521, CC2E92C7-F7AA-43FC-88A3-025932…)

No. 499864

File: 1522622615647.png (212.52 KB, 376x500, 74A049E9-C76B-490E-BFAC-EEA9CF…)

No. 499875

I remember the last time she was at her parents her mom was constantly telling her to stop dressing like a little terrorist. Miranda was being a dick to her parents the whole time about it.
I hope there is a Canadian version of Dr. Phil and her mom gives the man a tell all about her random phases. She hasn't been Muslim for a year, so I'm excited to see what the next identity crisis will be.

No. 499908

>last night
last night? one can only hope. holy shit,
oh god, dr. phil is shit in everyway but I would give everything to see miranda there

No. 499918

File: 1522630121220.jpg (133.39 KB, 685x486, MR-353398-646223-8.jpg)

You think she's going to find an Islamic husband or do you think she's going to change her character again?

No. 499928

She'll blend right in to Canada, that must piss her off

No. 500125

She really should have a male relative with her to accompany her wherever she goes, how fucking haram.

No. 500197

Leaf here
it will be fucking funny, there are even girls with niqabs here since we took in loads of syrian refugees so she will have to try extra hard to actually stand out

No. 500381

File: 1522743157669.jpg (23.19 KB, 1011x161, whatsnext.jpg)

"Mira's new life will start soon". (or something like that).

No. 500429

File: 1522767290187.png (207.07 KB, 1242x1188, IMG_5695.PNG)

shes gonna join isis next?

Japan should of deported her ass outta there long ago

No. 500495

What a fucking bitch.

No. 500606

The only comments she gets on her twitter are from muslim guys encouraging her. Everybody else has deserted the place.

No. 500632

All this for that RodiD. Cant help but feel sad for her but she brought this on herself.
We can only hope shes finding peace in this religion as some people do when converting. But she just looks so fucking miserable.

No. 500637

more like everyone finally wised up to her bullshit. soon she'll slip up and her muslim orbiters will drop her too, then she'll have no one

No. 500644

Mira is living an amazing life away from YouTube. She bought a house and is entering university. She doesn’t use YouTube because she has a life now.(Nice fanfiction : ^))

No. 500645


No. 500647

Sounds amazing, tell us more.
No, don't

No. 500648

How did she buy a house? She doesn't make that much money from waitressing and Youtube. Or are you gonna admit that she's married? OH I KNOW, her Saudi sugar daddy bought her a castle!

No. 500696

Maybe she married a loaded Isis fighter in Kanada lmao

No. 500700

File: 1522806549095.jpg (41.44 KB, 561x478, xZT34IU.jpg)

I’ll bite:
>She looks tired, bloated and devoid of life in her live shows. Can’t say that looks like someone who looks at the top of their game. I also thing it is very dangerous to pretend you are single, and still reference an old crush, when you have a Muslim husband. You’d be stoned in other countries for that.
>Her non-Japanese, Muslim HUSBAND bought a house. She can not(and has never) financially support herself independently.
>Starting a Muslim online “university” is not legitimate higher education. Otherwise, let’s see some official acceptance letters.

No. 500703

I know she bought a house because she blabbed about it in a YouTube group she is in on LINE with other YouTubers.

No. 500708

So you have a screenshot?

No. 500710

If I do that then it will be easy to find out who I am and I don’t want anyone in that group to think I am not trustful. If you want to accept it or not I don’t care.

No. 500716

lol k

No. 500728

Ah yes, the ever popular Miranda tactic of “I have proof but I can’t show it to anyone”. And She honestly can’t figure out why no one believes her.

No. 500731

Yet films her live streams from her shithole apartment. Same shithole apartment stream where shows that she is too inept to even make microwave popcorn correctly.

She talked about it being her apartment.

No. 500732


All the other youtubers hate her so I seriously doubt she’s talking to any of them on LINE.

And, for it to have any truth to it, you are saying that you are a YouTube on that LINE group.

We you want to try and make shit up to post, at least come up with something slightly probable.

No. 500765

adding to this. Mira never even finished a high school education. She has always been broke. Also being so poor and dumb that you're only option is to marry a Muslim guy isn't having your life together.

We are laughing because her last shot in Japan was to snag Rodi, but when that backfired she went this route. Which is to basically give up and pretend everything is going smoothly.

No. 500773

bought a house? Thats a fucking bullshit lie. Wish i had taken a screenshot at her twitter few days ago, fucking pathetic bitch was saying japanese are fucking stupid because nobody will be a guarantor for her. She was saying shed be guarantor for a homeless person if it was her. Too bad she deleted it before I could take a screenshot. She was asking the same thing on her facebook.

Bitch cant get more pathetic if she tried, nobody is dumb enough to be her guarantor and the fact shes gotta ask at Facebook and Twitter proves how fucking alone she is.

Gotta laugh that even tho she made her twitter private, I bet 90% of people are either on PULL , on here or both … and shes got no clue who it is… she should just delete all her social media and keep her fucking fake muslim ass offline

No. 500774

I wonder if she's going to try a brand new persona or if she'll go ISIS style. She seems too far To come back though.

No. 500775

She's posted pics of her wearing a fucking abaya in Canada. Kanadajin3 is officially KanadaISIS3

No. 500777

Yeah its either go full ISIS or just disappear

Its her own fault shes a fucking moron and destroyed her own image.

No Japanese will be idiot enough to be guarantor for someone like her.
Shes lucky she hasnt got her ass deported from there yet, but the fact they denied her citizenship should be enough clue that they dont give a shit about her
She goes around dressed like an old mop pretending everyone accepts her but truth is half people think shes pathetic and laugh at her behind her back and the other half just shakes their head at one more weird scary gaijin

Nobody wants her, everyones left, and its pitiful srsly…. only use for her is for some Arab weird to relief himself on her until he finds someone better to fuck

No. 500779

please post a screencap

No. 500780

File: 1522819449720.png (751.64 KB, 1158x747, 5ac0c87e56c68__(582).png)

Courtesy of PULL

No. 500788

Cloth dragging on flammable area…
Did they teach her that in univercity?

How to self burn because you know… thats so muslim

No. 500790

It is a death that Allah would praise! Surely he would reward her with 72 virgins of her own! Each with their own visa so our glorious ISIS bride can go whereever she wants!

No. 500795

72 visas hahaha awesome

But still no Japanese citizenship

Accept it miranda, not even your god can make you become Japanese

No. 500884

In all fairness I do see actual Muslim women wearing those in Toronto, even full burqas sometimes around the Moss Park area.

Pitiful is honestly what I would call this. She had a pretty good thing going and ruined her whole image because the reality that Japan is not a perfect country hit her like a ton of bricks. Her whole life is based on escapism. It's sad, really.

No. 500904


i also see a lot of muslim women wearing this style of long jacket/coat but apparently allah likes them more than Mira. he gave them enough brain to know that they can hem their coats so that the skirts don't drag on the ground, get filthy and get them tripped up.

No. 500910

File: 1522860825570.png (62.15 KB, 499x960, bsfb.png)


To further expose your bullshit. She posted this yesterday talking about now being broke and in debt.

No. 500921


This does make me wonder how Allah feels about people who habitually lie and distort the truth.

No. 500973

4000 dollars a month? More like 4000 pennies. And leave it Miranda to brag about being irresponsible with her finances.

No. 500981


WE should be thankful??

No. 501012

Wish I could sage but lying is considered a big sin in Islam

No. 501013

AYRT: I know; I just think it's kind of funny she's all holier-than-thou even with Muslim people who were born in the faith and raised Muslim, but she thinks nothing whatsoever of lying about pretty much everything.

No. 501057

Well, it's not really surprising considering she used to try and out-Japanese Japanese people.

No. 501072

>I can go heaven and my religion most important

Intentionally broken English aside, this part stood out to me the most. She has mentioned earning her way to “Jannah” repeatedly, rather than focusing on any other specific aspect of Islam or even being a better person. So is Islam her way of gaining redemption, without having to admit her to lies or apologize for anything she did?

No. 501187

File: 1522913727330.jpg (25.58 KB, 787x283, idiot.jpg)


I just hope cray-cray doesn't plan on blowing herself up in a crowd to become a martyr and go to heaven.

No. 501227

Is she still in Canada?

No. 501229

File: 1522930265923.jpg (19.97 KB, 782x121, table.jpg)


Don't know but she might be moving out to a new place.

No. 501232

Her Saudi husband made her carry the table??!?

No. 501236

Well, her and the other 3 wives also helped.

No. 501249

you think 'randa can be a 4th wife?

No. 501260

Sure. Her Saudi prince can have up to 4 wives, why not. Miranda has already demonstrated that there are no lengths to which she will not go in her desire to be the world's bestest Muslim, so sure, she can be a 4th wife.

(Honestly, it's all part of her Arabian Nights fantasy (lies), so no I don't think she has a Saudi husband, and no I don't think there are 3 other wives.) It's just, if she's going to put it out there that she has a Saudi husbando, she might as well put it out there that she has sister-wives too to help her carry tables so her Saudi prince doesn't have to.

No. 501297

man anon, you have much more faith in her than me. i couldn't even imagine anyone would let her be 4th wife.

No. 501304


She once said in one of her videos that if the guy didn't cum in less than 5 minutes, she would shove him off because she's bored. If she is the first wife, her muslim husband will have to find a 2nd one very soon.

No. 501306

fuck i forgot about that. she's probably used to 1 pumpers since canada has such rampant circumcision but ffs, randa, atleast enjoy yourself.

No. 501336


Think logically for a second. A table that you can carry. It's a folding table.

It's not a real table or even an Ikea table (MDF is really heavy). She wouldn't be able to carry those.. Even most physically fit men would not be able to carry those for 30 mins.

No. 501344

Same anon. If not a cheap folding table, it could be a table like this:


Cost $10 and weighs 8lbs

It certainly isn't a dining room table as even this pile of crap weighs 55lb unassembled:


No. 501377

anon, ikea has tables that way 1kg

No. 501422

Rodi wasn't her last chance, because she never had a chance with him. He's effectively admitted that he was only spending time with her to get YouTube followers, since at the time her channel was more popular than his.

No. 501431

The point being was that it isn’t something like a dining room table

No. 501532

That's a lot of information to derive from the word "table".

An Ikea table will come in parts in a box, at any rate.

No. 501649

File: 1523010426094.jpg (20.16 KB, 639x119, stairs.jpg)

Can we stop talking about a freaking table?

The big question is her location. Is she moving to a new place in Canada or in Japan?

No. 501650

File: 1523010483187.jpg (66.64 KB, 642x661, scam.jpg)

Trying to find out who is taking a screenshot of everything you say Miranda?

No. 501714

File: 1523023764387.png (411.92 KB, 745x514, itsajap.png)

new race mon calamari confirmed

No. 501720


Exactly. She's already blocking anyone new who tries to follow her for fear that they might be a "hater".

But people her, at PULL, etc have been "approved" followers for years and she has no idea who they are. That's got to drive her crazy.

>An Ikea table will come in parts in a box, at any rate.

Coming in parts doesn't change the weigh. The table posted above weighs 55lbs in the box, disassembled.

No. 501785

No moving company? I’ve never known any Japanese who have not used a moving company unless they were too poor. She is either still living in poverty in Japan or she is back in Canada.

No. 502721

She moved like last month. I remember someone on PULL mentioning that the picture she posted on her Instagram story is in her new house.

No. 502735

Nope, there has been no post on PULL about her having moved into a new house.

Try again

No. 502757

She actually lives with Sam

No. 502844

Sam, the fatty who rants about Muslims? Try harder, 0/10 troll effort.

No. 502897

File: 1523217469490.gif (54.3 KB, 299x250, sure.gif)

Okay, Miranda.

No. 502948


Yeah, bullshit. Tkyosam would be talking that up all over the place. “Look! I hav an actual female in my place and not just an anime pillow!”

No. 502999

Given that, as we've established above, lying a a very serious sin in the Muslim faith, aren't you worried about going to hell?

No. 503007

>New house

Now I understand what you mean! You meant SHARE HOUSE. That picture of the older Japanese woman wearing your hijab makes sense now. She must be the owner.

Wow. Bad times. Wtf, Mira.

No. 503017

It’s true. She was doing a live stream and you could hear sam in the background.

Sometimes sam would be doing a live stream and someone would come home but never talk. Only make grunting noises and it sounded like Mira. She doesn’t keep her streams so there is no proof.

No. 503020

Lucky there is no proof because her ""Saudi husband"" would not be happy about this living arrangement, I'm sure. See pic related at >>502897

No. 503027

She and Sam would do streams together on his channel. There was no evidence that they lived together. Plus he's married to his Visa-chan.

I think the stream you're thinking of is one where someone opened a door and Miranda muted her stream to say おかえり. People read her lips and she was pissed. People posted clips on YT and she copyright claimed some of them, idk if any are still up.

No. 503059

>Only make grunting noises and it sounded like Mira.

Yeah, grunting like an ape sure sounds like Mira. Did she also throw her shit across the room?

>She doesn’t keep her streams so there is no proof.

How convenient! Just like when you caught her on the train and were able to clearly read every text she wrote and understood every word she said about a “German fiancé” who got her pregnant.

Isn’t Muslim Hell called Jahannam? If you were a believer, wouldn’t the possibility of ending up there terrify you? If you don’t actually believe in the religion, how about being afraid of retaliation from extremists when they discover your deception?

No. 503186


Which stream was it? I've downloaded all her live streams and have them saved and none of them have what you claim, It would have to have been a recent one.

I mean if you can remember TkyoSam was in the background, surely you can remember what she was babbling about, right? Cause you would have had to have been listening fairly well to have picked up on that. So, which one?

Except the old one where her Visa husband came home, you are lying.

No. 503412

You are not obligied to tell the truth to non muslims though.

Maybe she turned muslim to justify lying to people?

No. 503415

we're all Muslim in this thread so she's still going to hell for this

No. 503421

It was on Twitch. Do you have the twitch streams. She started talking loud when you could hear Sam.

No. 503599


Yes, I do. Which one was it and what was being discussed? Because, again, all the ones I have show nothing of the sort (and I have all of them.)

So, you should really just admit that you are full of shit.

No. 503600


Oh yes, and considering the length of time between her Twitch streams (she doesn't do them much any more since her Youtube stream ban got lifted) You have to be talking about a recent one. If your are talking about during her ban, we know she wasn't living with Sam at that time. So, you have talked yourself into a corner.

P.S. I forgot, you have a 33.3% chance of figuring out who I am Miranda (Since your last Twitch stream had a massive 3 viewers..)

No. 503654

forget the table, I wanna play armchair linguist and deconstruct her fake Engrish here >>500910

>I can go heaven and my religion most important

>they lose care for others and become greed

She seems to be trying to imitate non native English speakers, but then

>hate to break it to you…

>I took the easy way out.
Perfect North American colloquialisms.

>little did they know

Perfectly correct usage of a less common sentence structure.

The only consistent thing I can find about her writing style here is that she almost always drops the copula ("to be" and its conjugations) –

>my religion most important

>Allah with me

And this one?
>those videos filmed months before in advance
Except this is an incorrect past tense conjugation, not a dropping of the copula.

>They still watching.

Looks like she's dropping all instances of conjugations of "is", even though they are used in different linguistic contexts.

>They are the old [videos] reuploaded

And here she has included the copula, but dropped the noun. She doesn't drop the noun much otherwise.

According to linguistics, people speaking their native language do not "make mistakes". They might speak a dialect that is different from what you're used to (look up Singlish for instance). But they will use the language following a correct set of rules according to their own dialect. Another good example is AAVE (often called "Ebonics"). It has rules and consistent grammar (though different from standard American English). It's painfully obvious when a suburban white kid, or anyone else who didn't grow up in a black neighborhood tries to imitate Ebonics because they don't understand its specific grammar so they make "mistakes".

I think Mira is doing the same thing, but instead of imitating a dialect of English, she is trying to imitate the mistakes non-native speakers of English (particularly from Japan) would make. Sometimes, like when mixing up "a" and "the" (or dropping them entirely), she does a pretty good job. Gets a bit more dicey with her nixing the copula. That's more like something a native speaker of Chinese might do.
But it falls apart when she uses colloquialisms and complex/low-frequency sentence structures perfectly correctly.

TL;DR: Mira is intentionally making her English seem worse than it really is

No. 503655

no one cares newfag.

No. 503657

>TL;DR: Mira is intentionally making her English seem worse than it really is

…yes. We know that. Everyone knows that.

No. 503661

Im surprised nobody said it yet. Sam clearly said in the past that he doesnt like Muslim and even openly made joke and somewhat undelicate joke about muslim in general, even did so in a youtube stream once between the Rodygate and "im now a muslim!" phases.
Someone can probably find exactly what he said, i dont have access to thoses streams.

No. 503669


He said on a stream with Miranda (when she went to the bathroom because he's chicken shit) that "I believe that anyone who's a muslim is legit retarded"

No. 503894

These posts are mine:
I've gotten really angry responses to most of them, so I have to ask, am I off base on anything, or am I just doing a really good job of getting to her?

No. 503906

her rag is gonna be all dirty and oil covered…

lmfao visas for everywhere BUT japan
because she was still haram in her ways and lived in a sinful life and also is a woman

No. 503927

4000jpy a month kek

No. 503943

I think Mira got confused by a decimal place during currency conversion and actually meant ¥40000($400). lol

Mira was never consistently popular with enough to have a steady income like that, especially with no sponsorships. She had a few very popular videos, like that one about white Japanese people, but she never saw the monthly numbers like that of other Jvloggers who all had to work real jobs to stay afloat. When she did do well with views, she was able to splurge on tackey garbage because she always had men or parents financially supporting her. Where does she get this idea that she was some mini Philip DeFranco?

No. 505404

File: 1523748187555.png (168.1 KB, 396x500, CF90E28B-9FC9-45AA-A969-562F77…)

She bought a pet to torture and murder.

It’s a Sugar Glider. She isn’t capable of taking care of herself, much less a pet. Poor thing is going to be neglected and slowly die (hence, the torture and murder)

Seriously, any bets on how long before it’s dead?

No. 505417

I've heard that sugar gliders are difficult pets. Hopefully she doesn't let it go in a park when she gets tired of it.

No. 505437


Not to start any pet sperging, but in a nutshell:

>piss all over you

>difficult diet
>shouldn't be kept alone
>loud, especially when crabby
>daily handling required or they'll bite
>live over a decade, so guaranteed to be given away when she leaves Japan

Is Mira keeping it in one of these inside cages for cats? Either way, where's the bedding, where are the shelves, and why is its bed right at the bottom? No toys or pouches either. Poor thing will be bored to death and not fun to have around.

No. 505473

is she in Japan? I'm pretty sure sugar gliders are legal in Canada …

No. 505478

wtf is that name? it's not fucking japanese.

No. 505565

File: 1523783056351.jpg (60.43 KB, 660x402, J2vCSmp.jpg)

I don’t think she is living alone so hopefully there are other people that can also take care of him/her. It’s a bad idea to have such a high-maintenance animal if she is supposedly working a lot. Wasn’t she an animal hoarder back in Canada? Ibthink she’s a creep but I don’t know how well she treats animals. I hope she is good to them.

She named this poor little guy after the flying squirrel mascot of the Kitaca rechargeable card, which is used for rail tickets in Hokkaidō.

What’s with her and naming shit after train stations-related things? Is this going to make this a theme in her life and names her first child Hayabusa?

No. 505580

Who said anything about legality?

No. 505629


imagine your daughter goes to japan to live weeby dream and comes back muslim. what are the changes.

No. 505685

I literally can't understand why anyone would choose to convert to conservative Sunni Islam.

I can understand getting into Bektashi Sufi Islam - it has some profound, deep philosophical insights, comparable in a lot of ways to things like Buddhism, all about the interconnectedness of all beings. I can sort of understand getting into Shi'a Islam - it seems like a way to basically connect with Iranian history, and Iran does have a very complex, interesting history and culture.

But getting into fundamentalist Sunni Islam is literally choosing to live like a Medieval, tribal Arab. The Quraan reads like a cross between a really terrible self help book, and the Bible as reinterpreted by a violent schizophrenic. I get that for people who grew up in the religion, it's connected to their families, communities, and cultures, and as such it's really dear to them. But what kind of appeal could it possibly have for someone coming in from the outside, who doesn't have that emotional baggage? Can Mira's critical thinking skills really be that incredibly weak? Can she really be that desperate to appropriate someone else's culture?

No. 505697

Because it makes her special. She's 32 years old and still defines herself like a teenager. Interested in the punk scene? MIRA IS THE BESTEST MORE HARDCORE PUNK YOU'LL EVER MEET! Like Japanese stuff? MIRA IS LIKE TOTALLY JAPANESE, YOU BAKA GAIJIN ARE JUST POSERS! She has a crush on a Muslim dude? MIRA IS SUPER ISLAMY SHE'S THE SMARTEST MUSLIM TO HAVE EVER MUSLIMED

No. 505739

What punk bands was she into?

No. 505752

idk, she was part of her local punk scene though. a guy from the same scene is on PULL, i think his sn is Punksud. there's pics out there of her shitty hair and piercings

No. 505996

She doesn’t think like that. You think she thinks like that.

No. 505998

k mira

No. 506006


>Bible as reinterpreded by a violent schizophrenic

i was raised Muslim and you got that about right.

No. 506069

Don’t you have to go wash the first wife’s laundry right now, fourth wife?

No. 506079


Reality and her history say different

No. 506099

Well then. By all means, tell us what "she" (by which I mean you) actually thinks.

No. 506137

Obviously Randa was always a punk japanese muslim.

No. 506207

I actually don't think that's Mira. I bet she's the poor sucker that was in Mira's latest vlog.

No. 506237

She's 32? Damn, I though she was like 25-26.

No. 506253

i thought she left japan and crawled back to canada?

No. 506279

She's 27, not 32

No. 506508

Miranda whining on Twitter about her PC (which she supposedly got from a "fan" only a few months ago).

But best, she's crying because people are complaining on youtube that they want vids about Japan, not Islam and she can't figure it out.

Here's a hint, honey. On your channel, it says "video about Japan". How dare they want you to produce what you claim the channel is for.

She honestly cannot comprehend that people weren't there for her (even though her vids were shit and full of bad info and outright lies).

No. 506509

Miranda whining on Twitter about her PC (which she supposedly got from a "fan" only a few months ago).

But best, she's crying because people are complaining on youtube that they want vids about Japan, not Islam and she can't figure it out.

Here's a hint, honey. On your channel, it says "video about Japan". How dare they want you to produce what you claim the channel is for.

She honestly cannot comprehend that people weren't there for her (even though her vids were shit and full of bad info and outright lies).

No. 506848

Where on earth do you get that she’s whining about that ???

She asked the specs but she didn’t complain or specify if she’s talking about her own PC to be honest it looks like she’s buying a new one.

The second post she is saying that she’s proud that she’s Muslim when somebody commented on her newest video that she’s not Japanese and that she should just stop. This has absolutely nothing to do with her complaining that people are commenting on her being Muslim

No. 507132

Why would you need a new PC after a supposed fan bought you a high powered one a few months ago? You sure as hell aren't using it to make videos..

Secondly, No one said they were complaining about you being Muslim. They are complaining that you don't make videos about Japan anymore.

If you're going to hang here Miranda, you need to work on your reading comprehension

No. 507256

Lame stream video (taken on a cell phone on portrait, she really hasn't learned anything)

Mostly babbling about her rat-thing and hayfever.

Claims she will be doing vids soon, but will be just "live" streams (too fucking lazy to edit)

But will upload her re-edit old crap sometime in the "future") As was said above, she honestly thinks people watched her videos for her, not the Japan stuff. kek

But she can't explain why she is one of the few youtubers whose subs drop faster when every time she uploads a video.


No. 507327

It's always easy to tell who is and isn't Randa, because she has such bad reading comprehension, so her replies don't even hit on the subject.

No. 507706

File: 1524136048228.png (318.75 KB, 1242x1625, IMG_5781.PNG)

From her instagram

No. 507762


She honestly looks a lot better that way.

But that's her thing, we given constructive criticism (By her ever dwindling subs) Her response is to ignore it and double down on whatever was criticized.

No. 507877

When she originally converted, she said nothing would change about the way she dressed, except for the hijab. lulz

No. 507941

she also said she would not wear a hijab and will not delete her old videos. she's full of shit

No. 508321


>advertisement shitting on men's cooking abilities

>shitty stereotype about men that damages men's reputation and overall image
>"lol get rekt feminazis"


No. 508326

why's she wearing a hefty bag in canada. is canada a caliphate now

No. 508403

She looks like a fking terrorist… maybe she's getting fked by one

No. 508414

is japan obliged to not deport muslims?
mabye thats her only chance to not get deported. to fake a religious minority so they would look racist if they would deport her, so she is semi "safe" ?

No. 508429

Muslims are not a special protected class in Japan and they are not given unique privileges but to be deported, she would first have to commit a crime. If the new husband exists, unfortunately, her annoying ass will not be kicked out as long as her spouse visa is valid. For the most part, Muslims have not been a typically disruptive minority group in Japan. They usually work hard and live in Japan without causing trouble. However, this idiot IS likely being watched by the Japanese government. Once again, since Mira refuses to admit it, the Japanese government fully acknowledged that there is a nationwide surveillance program of certain Muslims in Japan, especially those from countries with terrorist ties. I’m sure her creepy Salafi cosplay has earned her a spot on that watch list.

Tin foil hat time: She didn’t say why she really went back to Canada, right? If it wasn’t to finalize paperwork for a marriage visa to another foreigner, she couldn’t have been accepted to a school and came back on a student visa, could she? There’s no way a REAL university would accept her but I don’t know if an alternative school could. Anyway, if she was going to apply to “univercity” and change to a student visa, foreigners without citizenship or permanent residence must first process the initial paperwork in their home country before they can come back to Japan with a new visa.

No. 508556

she wouldn't have needed to go back to canada for that, just to the embassy. i'm still thinking she just left after her vaca time was up and went back in. the government doesn't really care all that much about gaijin staying in their country blowing money, but they do about when they try to get jobs.

No. 508697

Wouldn’t it depend on the type of school and visa status? I thought a lot of universities and language schools ask you to apply in your home country to await approval for the student visa.

No. 508762

The only chance she kind of has to get approved is if she applies to enter kindergarten at some school for mentally disabled ppl! This kind of place even exists in Japan?

No. 508832

Yes, but none for the kindergarten stage, there are only kindergartens for deaf and blind children, not for those who are retarded

No. 509110

…I feel like this is worrying.

Before this, I honestly thought the idea of her becoming a terrorist was silly. But this… is a bit much. She has so little self-awareness, and is so gung ho, that while I still don't think she's actually going to become a terrorist, I wouldn't put it past her for her to start sympathizing with ISIL, or at least Al Qaeda. The whole appeal of those groups for foreigners, is creating the image of this puritanical supremely Islamic society. The reality, of course, is that they're all desperate, starving, living in rubble, and being killed constantly (and rightfully so), but someone like Mira seems like their target audience.

Mira, if you're reading this, I strongly recommend reading Why I Am A Salafi by Michael Muhammad Knight. He dissects Salafism in a way that is both respectful, and analytical. He's a Harvard-educated religious scholar, and he is admittedly a very liberal/progressive Muslim who rejects extremism, but if anyone can talk you off this cliff, it's probably him… assuming you have the reading comprehension.
Aside from that, I encourage you to check out Rumi's poetry, and The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. They're Sufists, and if any Muslims have anything of value to say in religion or philosophy, it's the Sufists. The Salafists do consider the Sufists heretics for incorporating Shi'a beliefs, but trust me, Salafism is disgustingly and pathetically shallow compared to Sufism.

No. 509115

Silly anon. Why would Miranda need to read anything from some guy who's probably only been Muslim for his entire life? If anything, SHE can educate the Harvard graduate on real Islam.

No. 509155

Sunni is the only real Islam
Shia rejects the profits teachings by slandar. Other forms are liberal which doesn’t exist in Islam, you can’t change Hadith and Quran. When you reject this you change the religion. Mira isn’t a terrorist and I don’t know why you equate niqab with “extreme” . It’s not. It’s hadith for women to cover their bodies. If she chooses to do that let her.(no one cares)

No. 509169

No. 509180

Friend, there is no hope getting through to her or trying to share useful information with her, no matter how pure your intentions. Many people have tried to educate her in a kind manner and she just remains obstinate to the core.


Darth Mira, will you ever stop being a spelling and grammar terrorist?

I can’t believe you keep misspelling PROPHET after being called out before. It’s almost sacrilege.

No. 509194


Well, it's at least good to see that >>509115 wasn't wrong in their assessment of Miranda's reaction. It's like the sun rising in the east, really.

No. 509195

>I don’t know why you equate niqab with “extreme” . It’s not. It’s hadith for women to cover their bodies.

It is extreme and unusual for Western Muslims to wear it, as you well know. As for the rest of it, do you think that Muslimas who do not wear niqab are lesser/ worse Muslims than you are? Muslimas who wear hijab and dress very modestly are sinful because they don't wear niqab?

No. 509204


To paraphrase a little Shakespeare: Miranda is as constant as the northern star.

She so easy to trigger and summon to the place that she “nawgottime” for.

No. 509285

Does anybody know what happened with her "univercity"?

No. 509329


A non-existent fantasy of Miranda’s

No. 509441

Did she graduate from high school? Honest question.

lol, when you're right, you're right

> Shia rejects the profits teachings by slandar
How so? Be as specific as possible. There are millions of people you're damning here.
I should clarify, though, that Sufism is usually Sunni, but again, they incorporate certain Shi'a beliefs, like twelverism.

> Other forms are liberal which doesn’t exist in Islam, you can’t change Hadith and Quran.

More liberal branches than Salafism do indeed exist. Also, even Salafists are affected by their cultures in how they interpret scripture, despite trying to be literalists.
But more significantly, and this is important, are you admitting to be a Salafist here? What is your opinion of Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab? What is your opinion of Sayyid Qutb? What is your opinion on Osama Bin Laden?

I have no problem with hijabs. I even know a couple people who wear them. But niqabs are a bit extreme.
I would like to echo the questions of >>509195

No. 509445

>Did she graduate from high school? Honest question.


No. 509449

Lets get back on topic cause these "I know everything" western people are over the top >>509195 >>509441

How did miranda afford to go to japan in the first place? I know what she said but whats the reality. I want to know how she specific got there. Cause my guess is dating site. Although it could be parents. I also think in general a lot of these bloggers are way older than they claim.

No. 509455

2000 bucks and a will to break the law by working without a visa will easily let you live in Japan. Add a Visa-kun to marry and it's really very easy. The biggest thing you need is the gumption to break the law every day and hope you don't get caught.

No. 509459

Don't worry about that, they're defensive of their pet religious group.

No. 509476

She uses a dependent visa, it's legal.

No. 509477

Doesn't matter. She can easily lie and doubt anyone in Japan will check her information. Especially since she is already in her late twenties.

No. 509478

>How did miranda afford to go to japan in the first place? I know what she said but whats the reality.

She married a Japanese national in Canada. He footed the bill to Japan. This is really old news. Lurk more, and read the previous threads.

No. 509513

That's not how universities work, or at least good ones. They will want your records.

No. 509646

She passed high school she says on Twitter

No. 509715

In addition to that, she and the first husband were living with his parents. That allowed her to ride out the benefits of the spouse visa while earning money at that gaijin hostess club. Mira continued to live with them for a while after the divorce. Sometime in between the divorce and starting language school, she switched to a student visa(no longer could legally work at the hostess club) and got a new boyfriend. I don’t remember in which order, but at different times, she lived in a Sakura House arrangement and also with new boyfriend(rumored to have paid for her school fees). I think she found the restaurant job after language school, possibly through one of the services that help foreign students find part-time jobs. The common belief is that her next visa husband provided the apartment after Sakura House and ex-bf were done with her. She has never lived alone or paid for everything 100% herself. So basically, she has had people carry her along the way and she has been lucky. Mama and papa Mira also give her money.

No. 509725

File: 1524553969490.png (365.9 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180424-081212.png)

Someone cow tipped aha

No. 509726

File: 1524554037858.png (220.91 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180424-081313.png)

No. 509727

File: 1524554056355.png (208.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180424-081324.png)

No. 509728

File: 1524554069457.png (140.62 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180424-081328.png)

No. 509730

File: 1524554299005.png (528.58 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180424-081754.png)

The cow tipper is such a creep wtf

No. 509731

Lol cow gets owned!

No. 509732

File: 1524555768035.gif (1.39 MB, 300x226, ceffdffe-6ec0-46d6-bb68-24abdd…)

No. 509733

She uses KM when she wants to pretend she doesn’t lurk lolcow and PULL every single day. She was posting here this week too.

You lying bitch, Mira. You wrote, in your conveniently deleted blog, that you were still living with them when you went out with a creepy guy just to get FREE FOOD. You even used them as an excuse not to let him inside when you went back home. You’re also a serial cheater who can’t stop dick-hopping.

There were pictures posted of you with Sakura House students. You read these threads and already saw them. You posted on PULL from one of the properties.

Lol. You never supported yourself alone, beggar. You didn’t get that apartment by yourself either.

>tell a Muslim woman…

What the fuck does being Muslim have to do with anything? You trying to use minority status to gain sympathy from your naive followers and perverts because you know you look bad? You also have never answered why a “Japanese woman” has an active Canadian bank account. Remember you bitched about maximum withdrawals?

Why do you even come back here to argue when everyone’s knows you constantly lie and manipulate people? You ALWAYS use a man to get what you want and you can not independently support yourself, just like right now.

Anyway, stay irrelevant.

No. 509734

You kiddos forgot the last one about her income. Ashamed ?

No. 509735

Why don’t you ask her all of these questions instead of complaining on here?

No. 509737

File: 1524556627196.jpg (387.28 KB, 747x382, lPICvNm.jpg)

Nice try…

No. 509738

You really need to stop with addressing critics as “kiddos” when so many full-grown adults have watched you publicly embarrass yourself for 6 years. Personally, my friends and I are all older than you and we have always known that you are compulsive liar. In fact, the other Jvloggers that have all distanced themselves from you are also far from teenagers. Maybe you can’t help saying that because you keep hanging out with people much younger than yourself instead of your peers who have no time for your shit?

What income, poverty queen? Yes, I would love to see your bank statements and visa paperwork! Go for it.

No. 509750

she posts here frequently so anon isn't shouting into the wind exactly.

No. 509755

Isn’t it strange that within MINUTES of reading the offending post, she and KM have immediate interaction and post to respond for all her followers to see? Even stranger, she as a “devout” Muslim woman, was in such close contact with a disturbing Norwegian man who is not her husband or relative?

No. 509763

>didn't work as a hostess while married.

Lie number 1: Can't work as a hostess on a student visa (Well, not legally). So, she's lying or just admitted to breaking the law.

>didn't live at Sakura house
Lie: see post >>509737


Confirmed the boyfriend paid for Language school and she got the restaurant job after, just like the post said.

5: is not true, she was caught with her husband coming home and it was confirmed she was married again by multiple jvloggers who knew her and met the husband

6: She can say all she wants. As standard with Miranda, she will never back up anything with proof.

7:The little caveat at the end basically confirms that they do give her money.

No. 509767

Copy of that very blog post

The internet never forgets Miranda.

With screen shots of comments and replies as well.


No. 509769


SO, confirming that we thoroughly debunked everything else. Thanks. (We already knew it, but it's nice that you can acknowledge when you are beaten).

No. 509773


She reads here, daily. So, we are asking her..

(She also lies, as you just confirmed in >>509734. So thanks)

No. 509776

File: 1524583143973.png (175.83 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180424-161803.png)

Is this even that much to brag about

No. 509777

File: 1524583219900.jpeg (39.7 KB, 675x1200, Dbh9mNmU8AAH_tl.jpeg)

>the chart's complete drop in 2018

No. 509807

the constant use of "lmao" and "lol" is a classic sign you're trying to sound unfazed but reveals the exact opposite. the sort of thing edgelord tumblr kids would do in a losing argument.

i don't frequent her thread much, but didn't she ADMIT that she lurks everyday in an old livestream when she quit her job and was begging for money? She said she has to keep tabs on lolcow/pull because she needs to know what anons are up to. iirc she quit her job because of a comment she read on PULL that somebody visited her restaurant and met her.

No. 509816


Yep it was during her "e-begging" video when she lied about her job to cover her residency getting rejected.

No. 509830

She lurks 2ch too, someone on PULL saw her bitching at trolls on Christmas or something

No. 509841


7:34 is where she says it.

Funny, at 9:00 in part 2, she claims she doesn't read "those sites"

She can't even keep her lies straight through one stream

No. 510019

Only that much in 6 years and she admitted to squandering so much of it until she was in debt. Such a successful woman! Didn’t even have chairs in her apartment.

She and KM pop up on PULL every now and then, maybe every couple of months, getting banned after leaving taunts about how “kiddos” are just jealous of her AMAZING life. She tried to challenge Kiwi Farms with legal action once but since that site doesn’t have the same female demographic as here or PULL, and it doesn’t give her that much attention, she gave up.

No. 510341

She's currently on twitter begging her few remaining subs for ideas for videos. So, confirming she really has nothing left.

No. 510380

Huh. I thought she was super busy editing her old videos to reupload. Yet another lie. I'm so shocked.

No. 510526

Wait… for years she refused to say how much money she made from youtube and now she goes full on just to answer a semi-random post on the internet? Sorry, i dont buy it.

No. 510766

File: 1524758886078.jpg (54.63 KB, 641x320, sharehousemaybe.jpg)

Currently living in a sharehouse would explain why she can't do cooking videos at the moment.

No. 510771

File: 1524759174489.jpg (79.77 KB, 588x617, getawayfromme.jpg)

Lil bro seems quite uncomfortable here.

No. 510772


Certainly plausible. Also explains why she rarely does any thing from her "house" as well.

No. 510775

File: 1524759390282.jpg (79.76 KB, 587x639, lookatthatface.jpg)

No. 510779


The fuck is she talking about?

Bullshit. There's no Privacy reason behind this. You can film straight down at the counter and stove and never show anything.

No. 510797

christ what a hick, i like to think that she just eats them whole and raw like some sort of goblin child

No. 511022

gotta say this though: compared to how she butchered her face with makeup before, she now does look better. or less worse.

No. 511027

that's because her gyaru phase was terrible because the bitch literally cannot do makeup and is ugly.

No. 511075

But… she just bought a HOUSE with her mountain of yen and she lives there all by herself! Totally not living with other people!

Lol. Why does she choose to hide and lie about simple things that don’t need to be secret? It just makes her look like a suspicious weirdo. Like, she could just say that she is living friends now so that is why she doesn’t film in her new place or talk about it much. End of story. That would not be shameful and it’s believable. She wouldn’t even have to admit to a new husband. Instead, she tries to act all mysterious then comes on here or PULL with stories about how she has her own house or she lives alone in luxury. Worst of all, she baits her followers with tweets about big changes in her life but will never get into basic detail about what they are. Why hint at it if you have no intention to share the truth?

No. 511087

Hahahahah omg. That is so funny because it’s not true. She lives in a house

No. 511090

Yeah, so funny. Hahahaha. Look at me laughing, everyone. LMAO.

A shareHOUSE is still a house, imbecile. You do not have your own house and you never will.

Anyway, do you send KM an endless stream of vag pics or something? What’s the deal with you two?

No. 511094

She doesn’t own a house she rents a house . Nobody lives with her and I’m not her I’m her friend .

No. 511097

>your own house

That’s an adjective describing possession, you retard.

No. 511106

How is her Saudi husband okay with her living alone like this? Hmmm?

No. 511117

She doesn’t have a saudi husband.

No. 511135

yeah I know, I was being sarcastic.

No. 511152

Did anyone record her live or see it? She flashes her car key. She walked down stairs. Car and house rumour confirmed and owned

No. 511153

2 days ago, and she's already popped up here. Oh excuse me - her friend. Totally not Miranda.

No. 511202


God Miranda you are pathetic, even Allah is facepalming hard at this point.

No. 511216

Again with the “ Did anyone catch her now-deleted live?! Everything she says is true!”
Just stop.

>Car keys.

You admitted that YOU DO NOT DRIVE, you do not have a Japanese driver’s license and you are so painfully Canadian that you could never drive on the correct side of the road in the first place. You never received your Canadian license at all, did you? If so, you would never graduate from a 自動車学校, like a normal Japanese person. You’re too stubborn and illogical.


God… Mira’s mental age is really stuck at 14.

No. 511223

Then why does she have keys to a car ?
Who knows she might of got her license

No. 511229

It's wrong to lie to other Muslims, Mira. There are many Muslims reading and posting in this thread.

No. 511230

Maybe it’s her saudi husbands car

No. 511236

You would never pass the written exam, even if you took it in English. That’s why I know it’s a lie. For someone who LARPs as Japanese, you sure don’t understand how things work in Japan and you underestimate the experience of posters on this site.

But, hey. You need ideas for video content: It would be a great idea if you actually enrolled in a driving school and showed the process to your fans. It’s very different from Canada or the USA. I would be very impressed to see you graduate because it is often difficult for foreigners to pass the exams.

No. 511247

> might of
Miranda, STOP THAT

No. 511263

File: 1524831840298.jpg (130.36 KB, 1242x790, 2xfpZ3n.jpg)

Just by chance, KM’s friend was actually living at Sakura House and they were the one Mira was visiting when she had her pictures taken! She was attending language school in 2014, yet KM was came back from a 3 year hiatus, making posts exclusively in English to promote only Mira in 2017.

Wow, we are surely “owned” by this explanation.

No. 511265

File: 1524832576756.jpg (195.08 KB, 1242x1023, 5v2XVDw.jpg)

I guess we know which persona, I mean friend, is posting on Mira’s behalf. Maybe from now on, I’ll just address her(xir?)as KM. I didn’t know Mira was Tumblr-kin. Muslim trans Mira confirmed.

>Dream house and a car

Mira, please. This is not good for you.

No. 511275

What model of car though.

No. 511279

why is she lying about having a car, this isn't canada, randa, the japanese rarely have cars. maybe she's talking about the bus. and dream house? imagine being so salty you have to assert your single bed in a share house is a dream.

No. 511301

I’m really having fun deconstructing her tall-tales, but even though this is true in a place like Tokyo, most Japanese families do have 1 or 2 cars, especially the more rural you get. (However, there has been a dip in car ownership among younger people recently) If she moved away from the big city, she or whoever she lived with would need a car at least half of the time unless the nearest station was very close by, or she rides a bicycle.

Now, as a long time resident, she is required to have a Japanese driver’s license. Just 4 months ago in a live show, she admitted she FAILED the Canadian driver’s license test 3 times and despite claiming to know how to drive, she said “I can drive but I don't do it because I screw up left and right traffic.” In every photo or video of her in car, she is always the passenger. Never the driver.

Therefore, she does not have a Canadian license to legally convert so her only options would be to return to Canada and attain a valid license for a minimum 90 days in the country, OR, she must go through the time-consuming and expensive process that 90% of Japanese do: enroll in a driving school. There are many blogs from foreigners about this process and practice tests online. It’s no walk in the park! Depending on where you live, the written exam alone can have up to 100 questions! It’s difficult for most Japanese (70% pass rate) and the estimated first-time pass rate for foreigners is even lower(35% average).

Mira, are you telling us that in the past 4 months since you admitted you can’t discern left and right, you enrolled in a driving school (which can cost as much as ¥300000), passed the notoriously difficult exams in Japanese without fail and earned your learners permit? Child….

No. 511384


Yes, she did not have car keys in her last Youtube live I have her live streams saved.

She hasn't done a twitch live in months, so don't even try that excuse.

Try again Miranda/KM

No. 511474

I might be wrong, but another channel i follow, a couple from USA, said that even if they have a valid driving license from their home country, they cannot use it to drive in Japan. One of the 2 had to take the full driving class + exam to be able to drive in Japan and the other one can only drive when they go on vacation in other country.
I wouldnt be surprised it's the same about canadian driving license. Even if she had one, she wouldnt be able to (legally) drive in Japan.

Also, didnt she claimed to be broke at some point in the near past? Owning a car is expensive…. she moved to some unknown place, traveled back to Canada for a while, "own" a pet that require alot of time, effort and most likely mnoney…. How could she even afford a car?
She showed keys in a live? I can do that too, let me go grab the keys of the nearest person and claim they are mine!

No. 511523

If you have a valid license, you translate the information and can can have a temporary international license up to 12 months. After that time period is up, one fast option(if you’re very confident in driving skills and have already studied) is to go to the foreign license transfer department of your prefecture’s driver’s license center with all identification/residency information(with Japanese translation), and take a series tests: documentary, aptitude, practical driving and written. You pay an application fee each time you take the final test, so if you fail the tests, you must keep paying until you pass. Then finally, you pay the license issuance fee.

However, Japanese driving and written tests are notoriously tough, some areas more than others, so many foreigners will choose to attend driving school like the average Japanese person to prepare. This is what I did and it is indeed a long, challenging process. My school had dozens of required lecture, driving course, street driving with instructor, simulation and practice written tests and we had two text books. If you work regularly or have a family, it can take a few months to complete. But I highly recommend it for long term residents, especially if you haven’t driven in a long time since moving.

Thus, Mira’s only option as a 6 year resident with no Canadian driver’s license would be driving school, graduation from the school, then final test at her prefecture’s driving license center. My prefecture literally had thousands of people taking the written test at the center each day, with many people having to re-take the test several times. A higher percentage of repeat applicants were foreigners. Each time you fail, you pay the application fee again.

If she went through this arduous, expensive process at any point, she would have mentioned it! 100%. There is no way she wouldn’t have said anything or asked other foreigners about their experiences, especially if she wants to convince herself she is true Japanese. So, yeah. “KM”, you are not fooling anybody unless you are admitting that Mira is driving ILLEGALLY. Or in the short time frame she went to driving school, she could also afford both a car and a house by herself? These childish lies are exceptionally bad!

No. 511530

Yes she did and I dare you to upload the entire thing she picked up a Karky and she said “oh, random car key”. It is the live stream with the Islamic background behind her.

No. 511532

Actually buying a car is not that expensive and renting a new house is also not that expensive so I don’t know why it’s hard to believe these things just because she does something doesn’t mean that she has to share it with the world .

She had a Swedish boyfriend for two years before nobody knew a thing about it until her ex friend blew the whistle after they broke up . Even though she dropped hints such as going to the Swedish Embassy and actually traveling to Sweden, she never came out and directly said it because she doesn’t care to share her private life with the world. At the same time she also doesn’t care to clear up rumors if you ask her directly so how about you set things straight and directly message her and see what she responds

No. 511534

If you have a license from Canada,
Australia, most European countries, some Asian countries etc. All you need is to bring your license to a licensing center with a certified translation. Take an interview and an eye test. No written or practical test.

No. 511535

It makes me laugh that people on pull Think that she still not in Japan but she has uploaded pictures of her and another YouTuber, Just did a live show of her eating oden while unboxing some lights, has posted pictures and videos of her house on Twitter, has done Instagram live stories of her walking around Japan.

No. 511539


What. The. Fuck?!
This is a new level of stupid for you.

Broke up with the doormat after hunting for Rodi’s dick, you mean.
Show proof of car and home ownership or shut up. You know you’re poor.

Irrelevant. No valid foreign license: not eligible for Japanese license!

Yes, your miserable face always looks so full of joy and laughter. Give it up, girl.

But, seriously. Why are you back? Why are you also spamming PULL if you’re sooooo busy and mega successful? What’s the trigger?

No. 511590


Can someone post a link of anything that she just said? I do not have access of her twitter or instagram stuff, im curious to see all theses informations nobody in here seem to have seen yet.

No. 511624

Idk about her IG stories, haven't been paying attention, but all of her latest pictures are from Canada.

Miranda you are so embarrassing, its really cringe worthy what you are trying to pull here… everybody knows it's you

No. 511642

She’s just bluffing. Just like every time she comes here and says “Mira did a surprise live full of revelations!” that no one, even her subscribers, has seen. If she actually had proof, she could post the screenshots here.

She really seems upset that posters on PULL are agreeing that her reduction in social media and the vague posts she is making indicates she has, or is in the process of, moving back to Canada. It’s easy to post old pictures and video and claim it is recent. Judging by her recent outbursts, and the desperate self-made fan-fiction she is writing here, it seems the “haters” are right.

No. 511687

>At the same time she also doesn’t care to clear up rumors if you ask her directly so how about you set things straight and directly message her and see what she responds

Wow, that’s a new level of stupidity. You just said she won’t answer things if you ask her directly. So, if you ask her directly, she won’t answer.

For all of hat is holy, do NOT breed.

She hasn’t done a stream with an “Islamic background”. Just bare walls or a wrinkled sheet as a backdrop. Try again.

No. 511689

Lmao her facial expression is so disturbing, wth is that creepy smile. She looks like shes about to strangle the poor boy

No. 511712

Considering how desperate she was for Rodi’s dick and her looking like an inbred hick, kinda gives a whole new reason for that boy to look scared.

Including all her previous post about conversations with him about why he isn’t chasing after girls, etc. she’s probably trying to groom him for a little incest.

No. 511752

File: 1524931837638.jpg (13.66 KB, 591x74, request.jpg)

No. 511754

File: 1524932067766.jpg (94.3 KB, 642x764, garbagegirl1.jpg)


Mira living with 4 garbage bags in her kitchen for another week. Must smell as nice as her personality in there!

No. 511755

File: 1524932086257.jpg (62.85 KB, 639x517, garbagegirl2.jpg)


No. 511850

That dude, @manncar, lives in Florida. How would he know the trash pick-up schedule in the corner of Japan that Miranda supposedly lives?

No. 511859

He could have been a JET or something. Please don't float the possibility of Miranda living in the US. We don't want her. Though Florida is a fitting place for someone like her.

No. 511896

After the famous Florida Man, we could have the Florida Woman!

No. 511935

In one of her previous tweets, she talked about cardboard box day. I think the guy is just trying to make an inside joke. Stop reaching.

No. 511947

Looks like an super old apartment
With tatami

No. 512129

Anyone just saw her live video?
She looks lifeless as fk, ugly as fk and as always boring as fk.

No. 512160

Did she show her Karky this time?

No. 512368

Wtf is a karky?
She filmed from a room that looked like a fking terrorist hideout, creepy as fk, only think in the wall was some kinda muslim sign on the wall.
She looked half dead.
Bitch can lie all she wants but she looks the opposite a happy person is supposed to look.

No. 512393

karky is the Miranda version of "Car Key", as she said herself on this very page :)

No. 512493

File: 1525059933333.jpg (304.96 KB, 1242x1593, xBcQTjI.jpg)

“KM” is still going. This time, a man from Norway knows all about the trash schedule and disposal categories of both apartment complexes and houses. As someone has lived in both, in different prefectures and environments over many years, each area varies and some are more strict than others. Why else would each landlord or real estate agent give you a trash and category schedule unique to that city, “KM”?

Action Bastard, I always end up quoting you in these exchanges. Lol.

She wrote it here when pretending that she, who did never had a Canadian driver’s license in first place, had a “karky” as proof of a new car(without a Japanese driver’s license): >>511530

You know, it’s Golden Week in Japan. The rest of us here(both Japanese and foreign) are going to beach, having barbecues with family, traveling with friends, even enjoying big shopping sales. Did Mira really only post about missing the trash truck and garbage piling up in her kitchen? I also saw that strange video clip on Twitter where she whines about the garbage collection, while the camera is crookedly focused on a countertop. Every effort she is making to hide her current location, along with the depressing live shows with bare walls and bad lighting, is just disturbing and lonely.

No. 512542

What is "KM"? Kanada Muslim? Krazy Mira? Karky Melody?

> Golden Week, everybody to the beach

And don't even try to squirm out of that one Miranda! I see a shit ton of muslims who go to the beach in full jihadi gear just to enjoy each others company and have bbqs

No. 512551

Lol no shit she’s trying to hide where she lives. Because people on here stalk her. She loves privacy.

She wouldn’t have to tell you what she is doing for golding week anyways

No. 512556

File: 1525074753899.png (69.9 KB, 243x200, 3mLydMU.png)


lol Miranda, don't you understand how pathetic it is that you relentlessly whiteknight yourself on here?? I know it must be lonely in the religion of asshats and doormats but come on, be a decent human being and get yourself some friends! It's actually pretty sad that your only human interaction is with some anons on here

No. 512562

No, I am her fan sent here at my own will to troll you(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 512575

Okay sure, so what model of car does she drive?

No. 512603

She hasn’t told anyone so if I knew I would never tell. I am not sto(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 512604

When I see stuff like Karky I wonder - is it legit to make fun of her and goad her because she must have a disability. Like if she's a spaz with a little kids brain i dunno.. is she fair game

No. 512612

Well just a guideline? It would help us to understand how successful she actually is. Like, Tesla level? Or beat up old Datsun level?

No. 512614

She can't spell, but she can still emigrate, wangle a marriage for a visa, made a living from Youtube etc. She's not a retarded child.

No. 512615


You're not very good at it.. And if you're "trolling" then we have no reason to belive anything you say.

Also "golding week" is a very Miranda misspelling.

No. 512619

>she loves privacy
Yet you don’t respect the privacy of others, Miss Facebook stalker.

>golding week


It does seems like she keeps coming here for the social interaction, even if she is not welcome. So much for the life-changing joy and fulfillment of Wahhabism! Reminds of how other Muslim girls, the “bad” Muslims as Mira has deemed them, are out having fun, embracing education and enjoying the world of color in their wardrobe.

>I am her fan sent here
>SENT here
>my own will

Pick one or the other. Do you not understand what you’re writing anymore?

I’d go with mental illness in conjunction with a learning disability.

No. 512652

we all know it's you randa, your atrocious spelling and flagrant misuse of the english language is obvious from a mile away.

No. 512680

Her "fan"?
You're fking hilarious miranda!
Do you really think you have "fans"?
From weeabo white trash to ISIS recruit wannabe, anyone deluded enough to call themselves your "fan" deserves the same pity as you.

No. 512706

Miranda's alter-ego "KMRuroni" has been saying "Why don't you just talk to her and find out what an amazing person she is" silliness

Well, she blocks everyone who doesn't kiss her ass. I'm sure most of us would love to have a talk with her, but she'd never agree to it.

She hasn't got the balls.

No. 512707

File: 1525115884638.jpg (130.64 KB, 1242x794, tWAs2v9.jpg)

After making a fool out of herself on lolcow yet again, she suddenly made her Twitter public. Mira, C’mon… This is so weird.

Now she reveals she had been working on finally receiving her high school diploma. Okay, this is actually a great thing, so congratulations! However, why the secrecy? Why claim you definitely were entering university this year(most students enter university in April and it is very competitive) without first admitting you needed to earn your high school diploma or equivalent? Her behavior during this time has been so unnecessary and strange. She could have at least been honest and proud about the steps she would have to take to even start preparations university. I don’t think a single person here would have had anything bad to say about making the effort to complete your secondary education and think seriously about your future.

I don’t understand her thought process at all!

No. 512709

File: 1525116238694.jpg (257.45 KB, 872x891, ha!.jpg)


Oh, this is even better. She claims that she never wanted to fuck Rodi. Despite the video with her admitting it and the screen shots of the texts showing it.

She has completely lost touch with reality.

No. 512710

Sorry, same anon but to I needed to add: If(!)she became so inactive on social media and YouTube due to studying, wouldn’t that have been the perfect excuse and not raise so much suspicion? Like “I’m going to be less active online/on YouTube because I need to devote myself to studying and earning my HS diploma so I can enter university”? That would be believable and praiseworthy. Negative talk about her would have been significantly reduced. Instead, she posts cryptic updates and odd photos. Then she comes here and on PULL to pick fights and make up strange lies about what she has been up to. Choosing to antagonize critics instead of genuinely proving them wrong.

No. 512722

She wanna go to a japanese university? Another way to get a student visa

No. 512735

I dont know what showing car keys would do. And I dont know why y'all are even arguing about this. Like I could go to my neighbours (who Im acquainted to) and ask them if I could quickly borrow their car keys for a minute, come back into my apartment, make a picture and bring them back. boom car keys in my hands. so?
Doesnt prove shit.

so.. does she live in a muslim shared living house for unwed women?

Hey Mira, you are on this site. We all know it. You want us to believe you live in a house? Make a house tour. Show proof of your ownership. Want us to believe you have a car and are able to drive it? Film yourself driving. Go on. We're waiting.

Since this proof will never show, we know youre lying right out of your ass, you pathetic cunt.

No. 512737

File: 1525123677818.jpg (9.94 KB, 200x200, 3227aa077b176089fc831e3fc9b3d9…)



No. 512739

File: 1525123820073.gif (1.96 MB, 400x225, lol-duck.gif)

wow.. after all this time you learned to spell "university" ..
good job, mira

No. 512740

with all of her denying and spinning truth and reality, she really reminds me of the river kappa

No. 512749

lel, either she is lying or her new muslim community is helping her forge her high school diploma. she'd never pass that shit.

No. 512763

She’s decided she doesn’t want Japanese citizenship now. Convenient, since she knows she’d never get it anyway.


No. 512771

nah anon it's believable. G.E.D is really simple shit, like 2nd year high school stuff, not even hard math or anything. you can practically pass it in primary school.

No. 512815

this makes sense, she is the greatest muslim ever to muslim, after all

No. 512827

For once, this is something believable. If her next visa really depended on it, I believe she could both study and consult a tutor or resources in order to help her make up those lost credits. She said she was 16 when she dropped out and did well in certain subjects, but not others. She may have not have lost 2 entire years worth of classes. Now I don’t believe that any subject was easy for her, but I know people who are not exactly the brightest that dropped out around the same age and had gotten the motivation to study and get their diploma.

However, she made a point to mention that the math questions were easy. That does not sound like she went through the process to complete course work for a high school diploma but actually took the GED test. Most people can study for only a few months and pass it. This would be a much easier option for her. It’s still good, but it would be stupid to confuse the two credentials because they are not equal.

The only part I do not buy at all is that she is insinuating that she will be accepted to a normal Japanese university. I do not think the school she wants to enter is a national university, especially since she indicated that the job she wants requires her to go there. More like a vocational school or institution. Those schools also offer scholarships and visa sponsorship. Again, this is not bad but she intentionally being vague about her education level.

No. 512830

File: 1525136348291.jpg (39.29 KB, 603x415, RHKOvgQ.jpg)

She hasn’t drawn her eyebrows on like that in months, that wall/door is the same as the place she filmed from months ago and that calendar is old!

No. 512846


I mean… have you seen Rodi? I'd convert for that D too

No. 512851

We're just joking sis, Mira is the one obsessing over a Karky and how it's proof of her great life. No-one even believes she has a license.

No. 512864

I have a plausible theory.
The reason why she was investigated about her citizenship so much was because of the internet drama. If she had to prove that she was a YouTuber and that this was a major source of her income, then I am sure that they searched for her channel. The Japanese website 2chan (version of 4chan) has over 1000s of posts of people saying all kinds of things, including that they were going to call the immigration and make claims against her. She made it public and mentioned that she would apply for citizenship which was her mistake.

The people on 2chan have contacted the hot spring hotel she went to, Asakusa store which convinced her to take down the video and have to re upload it and who knows what else they have been doing. There is no doubt that they wouldn't call the immigration.

She has done a house tour and there has been no real evidence of a husband existing in that house. I honestly don't think a husband would stay hidden with someone so long and if they were, then she would have to be paying him for such, since he is not getting anything out of it.

So with that said I am going to say that she was not actually married. However if the Japanese callers from 2chan said that she is lieing and has a husband, the immigration might suspect that she has a husband that she did not register or declare officially in Japanese law. Which means that they got married in Canada or a Church or maybe even Sweden since she did travel there.

If that is the case then they would be investigating where she is going because they are trying to see if she is living a double life somewhere with a hidden husband.

If she was actually married to a Japanese citizen they would have not investigated her this hard. Fake marriages are illegal and no citizen would risk this all just to help someone get a visa or citizenship. I don't think at all that she applied for citizenship while married. Someone has already mentioned before that if she really did get married then she would have been able to apply after 3 years of living in Japan (If married to a citizen the time needed to be in Japan is 3 instead of 5). She applied exactly 5 years after she moved here and was denied in May.That is 6 months after she applied and according to online sources, the home interview happens on average 3-4 months after you apply. So the time line adds up.

No. 512866

We have to look at it this way.
We all can imagine her using some guy for his money and getting a free visa. However you have to look at the complete opposite end, Why would this guy pay some girl and risk his whole life?

She doesn't cook and we can see that by her Instagram/Facebook/Twitter posts of her eating out to mainly Thai and Indian restaurants.

She has displayed the inside of her house and it doesn't appear to look like a man lives there. Why would a man stay with a girl if he doesn't live in the same place.

Nobody has seen them together but there have been many people posting about meeting here in the streets. Why would a man pay a girl and then stay with a girl who he does not enjoy time with.

He would be giving a girl his money and then risk going to jail after she applied for citizenship where the come to your home and investigate every inch of your relationship.

If we think of the opposite though, that she was the one who paid him then we have to look at where would she get the money? She worked at a restaurant and as a YouTuber. If he did not pay her rent and on top of that she had to pay him a visa fee (could be million yen in total or more) where would she get all the money to pay for her own rent, him, eating out and to go on trips?

I am not going to come up with some wild theory that she was a hooker or worked a girls bar because she wouldn't risk being seen. There have already been a few people who spotted her working at the restaurant so we can assume that was her only job.

Think logically.
There was no husband, at least no legal Japanese husband that she got married to at the city hall.

No. 512873

Hi, Mira. You typed that very carefully and aaaaalmost passed! You slipped up in a few places and your unique syntax came through. Can you guess where?

If you don’t like gossip and negative attention, stop providing the milk. Stop coming here, pretending you are other people. Stop with the fiction.

Your Twitter photo of a futon hanging out of a Japanese window is a bizarre way to prove you are in Japan. Seriously, what the Hell?! Every recent photo looks like you are being held hostage and you’re trying to release clues.

No. 512880

i doubt randa even airs out her futon every day, it's probably gross and moldy. what if she's using other people's photos?

No. 512889

fucking eww with that child molester mustache and always showing of his pathetic car, than skateboard and then his ugly ass dusty room? I mean okay, it might me the best thing, mira has come ever close, but common.

No. 512891

Could be. These weird pictures and old video uploads go beyond wanting privacy.

Mira, why are you hiding yourself if you are not in Canada? Oh shit.. are pregnant?! Or did you just get really fat? I don’t get why you don’t want appear alive anymore.

No. 512893

File: 1525155180411.jpg (216.39 KB, 3000x2000, zs5LRXw.jpg)

Yeah, C’mon. Mira.

She wanted that kebab so bad.

No. 512935


tinfoil time: all of these combined with her clumsy whiteknighting attempts and rampant posting here makes me pretty sure that she's back in Canada. when she was in Japan, she would show off the fact she was there even after she converted and covered up. she'd also show off her flight back to japan like "I'm going back to my real country alhamdulillah". i think she's trying to conceal the fact that she's back home and that "lifeless as if being held hostage" expression is just defeat. she's phasing out her channel and social media for the same reason. they were for her jblogging but she can't do that anymore.

it makes sense from an educational standpoint too: if she really did get her GED (which, i assume, would be simpler to get locally than abroad) maybe she can still apply to some sort of vocational or post-secondary education since Western schools generally start in September. but this is being too generous because it implies she accepted the fact that she won't be able to leech of a Nipponese (or any other nationality) hubby, faced the music and started taking steps to be self-sufficient.

No. 512946

When she's ranting and raving she can suddenly speak proper English, love it.

No. 512954

I was with you until your last sentence. I expect she's in Canada more out of necessity and not being able to stay in Japan.

No. 512978

File: 1525176420814.jpg (24.77 KB, 588x98, cardboard girl.jpg)

How boring is your life when the only interesting thing you talk about is that you forgot to put your trash out, again.

No. 512979

File: 1525176568968.jpg (80.41 KB, 637x537, ofc.jpg)

No. 512980

File: 1525176662500.jpg (87.18 KB, 577x630, iwannabetheverybest.jpg)

Miranda, the muslimest muslim.

No. 512986

File: 1525177412523.jpg (93.27 KB, 820x642, comments.jpg)

From her "Will I apply for citizenship again?" video.

No. 512987

File: 1525177585499.jpg (49.55 KB, 841x322, nevereverever.jpg)

And now she says she never went after Rody's D.

No. 512988

File: 1525177950768.jpg (92.2 KB, 825x487, stop_looking_at_my_beauty.jpg)

No. 512989

File: 1525178155673.jpg (19.58 KB, 415x202, lastyear.jpg)

It seems like she filmed that video in her previous place.

No. 512990

Weird, obscured photos. Mundane posts. Old video uploads. Doesn’t cook(even said she had NO FOOD in her refrigerator when immigration came by). Sleeps in late. Plays video games all evening. Doesn’t take out the garbage. Doesn’t want to apply for citizenship anymore because immigration officials will actually do their job. Everything about her current situation is so bleak.

Strange… I would have assumed garbage collection would require her use standard transparent or specially marked 20-40L garbage bags instead of regular grocery store bags for burnable garbage. She said her garbage was piling up. Some places are less strict and allow you to put smaller amounts in such a bag but something about this picture seems off, besides the bad attempt at hiding the details on the other bags.

No. 512991

She said in one of her tweets that she had at least 4 bags of trash in her kitchen. Could those bags be all hers and she's trying to hide it and make it look like the pile was already there and she just added her precious little halal grocery bag on top?

No. 512993

File: 1525178732321.jpg (203.36 KB, 832x628, evenbetterthanajapaneseperson.…)

Mira, the ever know-it-all who tries to explain Japanese culture to a Japanese person.

No. 512996

File: 1525179463816.jpg (3.95 KB, 213x156, download.jpg)


Picture is Al-Halal super markets (not the bag is in english) that are in Canada and Not in Japan.

There is an Al-Flah supermarket in Tokyo, but the logo is nothing like that (pic related)

No. 512999

File: 1525179800313.jpg (186.26 KB, 900x1200, DcEiFrCUwAAn2VK.jpg)


Interesting. The pic in that post her room has tatami flooring. But in the attached pic, and one with her laptop, they have plian wood flooring.

Not making any definitive statements, just saying I found it interesting.

No. 513000

File: 1525179893780.jpg (184.67 KB, 900x1200, Db7o9tEVMAAKUml.jpg)


Same anon.

That is the edge of the same futon in >>511754
but two different floors.

Also attached the PC pic referenced above

No. 513001

i just still can't believe she still feels this way after living there at all. it must be so hard for her to be in denial 100% of the time.

not to defend randa, but many japanese houses only have tatami in bedrooms since they're expensive to take care of, plus she likely ruined many of them. i do doubt she's in japan now at all though. especially from her garbage bags posted earlier.

No. 513020

File: 1525183067596.png (141.22 KB, 861x597, invisiblefurniture.png)


From the comments on her "Why I won't do Japanese citizenship again" video. She says that the immigration people couldn't tell she had furniture because "it blended into the wall".

Holy fucking shit.. That has to be the most dumb-ass, ridiculous excuse ever. I've got to give Miranda credit there.. I did not think she could be any more stupid with her excuses and shit. She has proven me wrong..

No. 513025

every single thing in that huge paragraph is a fucking lie.

No. 513042

File: 1525188831954.jpg (180.66 KB, 1242x960, XOnByaG.jpg)

Wow. The DAY AFTER she announced she quit, immigration denied her application. But she didn’t get confirmation until a few weeks later? Is she trying to claim she called them the day she quit or after that?

>praises the Western ideals that created the Japanese constitution
>claims it is Western ideals that ENCOURAGE discrimination/nationalism

She really has no idea how the average Japanese person thinks. Her immigration stance and view on ethnicity/identity is also very liberal and WESTERN.

You’re right. Tatami are placed in specific rooms, usually bedrooms, and not in the living room or kitchen.

Holy shit..! Where to start? Even her fellow “White Japanese”, Douchebag Debito, emphasizes on his website how you must be prepared with how intrusive the interview process will be. Multiple sites list every possible thing they may ask. None of those questions she was asked or the evidence they requested is stupid when it concerns an unusual case like her. She is(supposedly)single, no Japanese family or children, a high school dropout with no skills, worked only part time jobs, originally came to Japan for a 2 month marriage, visa has changed several times, tries to make YouTube her career while earning a bad reputation online, frequently moves around and does not maintain an average furnished apartment that looks lived in, admitted to going into debt because of her spending habits, has been claiming to already be Japanese… the list just goes on. She is NOT the ideal candidate for citizenship.

No. 513044


i agree tried to mean the same thing too. i don't think she's trying to pursue an education because it's impossible for her to get an epiphany like that. she simply moved back to Canada because she can't stay in Japan anymore.

No. 513051


Exactly. Pretty much confirmed she knew she was getting denied and came up with that whole bullshit excuse to try and cover her failure.

No. 513052

I have posted this story before, but I will post again here because it is relevant.

She deleted the following comment that I made on her video about being denied Japanese citizenship due to loss of her job (and quickly blocked me within a few minutes of posting):

"Very interesting story! The problem with this story is that the details of the case cannot be confirmed or corroborated by anyone: because most commenters here have not applied for naturalization in Japan (and probably no other person here has experienced becoming unemployed during the application process), they have no choice but to accept her version of this story…except for me.

I lost my one and only job (and only source of income) after filing the application (and going to the interview), and this fact was found out by my caseworker at the Ministry of Justice. However, I found a new position a month later and my application was approved with no problems later the same year. Therefore, the statement that loss of employment during the application process was the ONLY reason why her application was rejected is highly suspect.

When it comes to the process to become a naturalized Japanese citizen, most commenters here can be fooled, but I cannot be."

Concerning her latest video, she said, "They ask you trick questions to try and confuse you." However, I can say that this is also false. The naturalization interview consisted of basic questions intended to confirm that the information that I had submitted (including a list of all previous addresses) was correct. I also did not remember every single detail written in my paperwork, but I never felt that I was being asked a "trick" question, and the interview was smooth and over before I knew it. It is true that the naturalization process can be quite intrusive, but the interview and home visit were surprisingly uneventful. She said in her video that her case worker repeatedly had doubts about her actually living at the place that she was supposed to be. Based on my experience (as explained above), I believe that this may be the biggest contributing factor to her failing to obtain Japanese citizenship.

No. 513079

Yeah. I don't buy that bit about teikiken / commuter pass history being excluded from route history when you print it..

I'm gonna go test that tomorrow.

No. 513109

>Concerning her latest video, she said, "They ask you trick questions to try and confuse you." However, I can say that this is also false.

Thanks, for that.

Yeah, I smelled the bullshit a mile off with that. My bet was they didn't ask "trick questions to confuse you" they asked straight forward questions that anyone telling the truth would have no problem with (Just like you had no problem, because you were telling the truth and not trying to scam your way in.)

No. 513127


My guess is that her Japanese skills are so shitty that she probably struggled a lot to understand and answer the questions.

No. 513131

randa probably just thinks that the standard questions are too hard.

No. 513147

Seems she has taken these videos down are they available anywhere else?

No. 513148

File: 1525203286663.png (97.79 KB, 300x298, 300px-Classyladyfinger.png)

>her case worker repeatedly had doubts about her actually living at the place that she was supposed to be
seriously, how fucked up non-conforming do you have to be, to a) raise doubts about your own living place and b) not be able to debunk those doubts.
I mean - okay, there might always be minor issues that might raise doubt, but if you actually live there and dont lie out of your ass, you will just be extra careful and pull yourself together for a few months and play a role model citizen and keeping careful track of proof. Like how dumb do you have to be to not get your act together?
>Do you wanna come with me and print it off?
I can absolutely see how bitchy she got and how it went wrong after that.

No. 513159


Oh, she's back to that shit again.

Oh well, here's the clip were she say she "has to read them". I'll get a full re-upload going

You can't hide the Truth Miranda..

No. 513165


Here's her entire e-begging video (warning, it's an hour and a half long.


No. 513363

At the time she applied for citizenship, wasn’t she claiming that the restaurant job was “just for fun” and for a little extra income to go shopping while YouTube was her main source of income that was paying her bills? Then quitting a part time job, where she said she could freely pick and choose her hours, would have had little effect on whether she was approved or not. And even if that job made up a more significant amount of her income, like the situation >>513052 described, extensions and exceptions can be made when you are a high quality, easily employable candidate. It’s clear there were MULTIPLE problems with her paperwork and she admitted to being unprepared for a few of those requirements.

No. 513364

There is actually only a 1-4% drop rate. They don't like to waste time by taking applications that are not good. They go through several interviews before submitting. The only way you get denied after is if some event happens that makes you unstable to stay in Japan (crime, loose job, divorced, change job) . If she was actually denied then the original paper worker she handed in had no issue.

No. 513365

Citizenship isn't like permanent residence where you hand in everything then they check, they check and check and then you hand it in.

No. 513409

She said made more than enough money through YouTube. So the whole focus on the part time job is just a cover up for a terrible interview and her not keeping her shit together.

No. 513526

She passed the interview. If she didn't then she would have never been able to submit her papers. If something is wrong with your papers or you don't make the house inspection or interview then you are not allowed to submit the papers. After submitting you can be denied only if something goes wrong after that. This way they check you in advance and prevent wasting time on denying people.

No. 513547

File: 1525265692656.png (48.33 KB, 633x471, husband1.png)

Ok, The other half of Miranda's brain, KMRuroni was asked directly about the post where she was married.

He/she tried to dodge around the question for a few days. Finally pinned down.

**NOTE: Yes, I do realize the source of this is HIGHLY SUSPECT. Just interesting that her ardent defender would go that far..

Again, the source is not exactly trustworthy.

No. 513550

File: 1525266387993.png (54.64 KB, 618x527, trap.png)

While the above may or may not be true. He/she is now kind of cornered by the following (which you know they will never answer, because it will force them to admit she is married or that she is a liar..)

No. 513567

No, you didn’t actually pass. Your submitted forms just confirmed their findings that you were an unfit candidate. You screwed up in more ways than one and the restaurant job had nothing to do with it! There were also no “trick questions”. I can’t believe that you continue mislead your followers.

Stop writing in third person. We all know it’s you. Is lying as natural as breathing for you?

Has she ever stated WHY a strange man from Norway is her number one confidant and the person she trusts to deliever all her messages? Even if we imagine this person was real, the relationship is too crazy(and unsafe) to be believed.

No. 513575

File: 1525271816373.png (79.21 KB, 613x764, walkback1.png)


Starting to try and walk it back now..

No. 513576

File: 1525271831777.png (74.6 KB, 621x762, walkback married.png)


Part 2

No. 513577

Oh boy oh boy! It's my favorite game! The half truth game! It is true, she does not have a visa husband… now. She use to is the keyword. If anyone catches her lie she will deflect with "that was in the past and I did love them."
She had 2 visa husbands in the past. She was in a panic when her last visa was up, that was when she was getting more aggressive with Rodi.
She thought she could trap him with his faith, didn't work. Muslim shit happened, she got a Muslim husband (rebound) in a couple months, however, she can't stay in Japan. That was also the time she kept going over to Canada to visit her "awful" family.

Either way all this proves is Mira is an idiot who doesn't have her life together. She is looking at men and marriage as easy outs to support her. Love how she doesn't call herself a Japanese woman anymore but a Muslim one.

No. 513578

You are half correct. Usually would-be applicants for naturalization make an initial appointment at the Ministry of Justice for consultation and receive the list of documents to be submitted. The would-be applicant then spends many months collecting the necessary paperwork and visits the Ministry of Justice a few times to have the paperwork checked and receive guidance concerning any issues that may cause problems (e.g., criminal history, tax evasion). After it has been confirmed that the paperwork is in order and there are no obvious problems, the application is officially accepted. After the application is accepted, there are many phone calls from the caseworker to ask questions about what was written in the application and ask for updates in working status, etc. The interview and home visit are usually up to six months after submission of the application and are used to confirm the details of the application (especially the reason for wanting to naturalize).

In her case, because she made it as far as the interview/home visit stage, I assume that her paperwork must have been in order and she probably did not have any serious tax/employment/legal problems. As I previously stated, judging from the comments she made in her video, etc., it seems that her caseworker had a strong suspicion that she did not live at her registered address due to many reasons and she was not able to prove that she in fact did live there (in my case, there was no doubt that I lived at my registered address and I was never asked deeply about it by my caseworker). She claims (and seems to want to believe) that the loss of employment caused by "an online stalker" is the ONLY reason for her failed application, but the reason for failure is not actually written on the notice to the applicant, and her claim is mere speculation on her part.

No. 513581

but it's already been stated she didn't apply for naturalization, the process is different and they check your home before you even submit anything. plus who the fuck cares, she isn't going to be granted any kind of citizenship because she has no career prospects as someone who failed high school. plus she's so stupid she probably actually tried to apply for univercity thinking no one would check her canadian records.

No. 513582

>enough money through YouTube
yeah.. nope. lol.

I like all the telltales that she tries to spread.
I just dont get how someone can have such a low self-esteem to rely on weird circumstances, like having a certain nationality or being married. Like, how low does your self-worth have to be that you invest that much time and effort for trying to manipulate the view others have of you.

No. 513585

I dont believe her about being married for the simple reason that she tries so hard to make us/everyone believe it.

No. 513600

File: 1525278510873.png (28.17 KB, 613x314, moron.png)


Yep, but the game is about to come to an end. KM posted this (right in line with what you were saying anon)

No. 513601

File: 1525278602483.png (215.73 KB, 579x924, busted..png)


But he countered with this. Her saying she wasn't married talking a a future husband that was the posted on the same day as the one where she said that she IS married.

Can't wait for the mental gymnastics to try and get out of this one.

No. 513625

Seriously, how hard it is to show some proof of you living somewhere ? No food in the fridge ? Barely any furniture ? Just a few books ??
It's not even hard to get a few things and trinkets here and there to show some life, get a couch, some pillows and a coffee table and you're done.

>They ask you trick questions to try and confuse you.

I've never been through the japanese process but every country ask you "random" questions when you go through their customs and it's not to confuse you, but to get a feel if you can answer on the spot.
Entering the USA I've been asked things like "What's your job ? Would you say you're good at it ? Where are you from ? How's the weather there ?"

Just like the USA will investigate any marriage by asking questions such as "Where does your husband put his toothbrush" etc. They're everyday questions meant to check if you can answer them on the spot.

No. 513639

File: 1525283781656.png (185.34 KB, 580x590, backpeddal.png)


No surprise, he/she is no trying to claim she isn't married.. but conveniently trying to avoid the question of how, when those were posted on the same day, could she be married and unmarried at the same time.

No. 513687

Plus she used to have an apartment tour video and she had normal furniture and a bookshelf crammed with ~JAPANESE~ books. Her excuses make no sense.

No. 513695

File: 1525290619220.png (79.76 KB, 625x842, 30min.png)


Yeah, it's pointless. He's just as much a liar as Miranda. The post with her claiming she is married and unmarried with in a half hour of each other. He is actually implying that she could have gotten a divorce in that time. Now, I know a mutual divorce in Japan is quicker than a lot of places, but it isn't 30 mins.

No. 513697

File: 1525291135787.png (75.89 KB, 615x851, confirm30.png)


Nope, he's not implying it. He's straight up saying it. She got divorced in 30 mins.

(Which again confirms the 2nd husband)

No. 513702

> Mira speaks the through

top kek mira

No. 513707

The trough, the whole trough, and nothing but the trough.

No. 513729

Miranda speaks the through… translating to English that the rest of us speak, it must mean "miranda speaks the truth".
I guess KM is one of the two humans on earth who are fluent in mirandese!
That is IF KM is not merely a figment of Miranda's imagination, created with the purpose of making us believe she has a single person in this world who gives a shit about her insignificant self!

No. 513735

I think mk is that weird girl who married an old japanese guy

No. 513742

Nah…. KM's got to be miranda herself… her English does improve when she's on the defensive and not trying to bullshit people into believing she's forgetting Engrish… but she does make mistakes that give her away! Just take a look above!
It was an almost good post almost nicely written, but then again… always her classic kind of mistakes that give her away.

Miranda, please try harder!
KM is by far your best fake account and you actually did an almost decent job with it… but your lack of literacy gives you away!!
If you had only invested in your own education instead …

No. 513751

but anon she's going to an entire (univer)city for school!

No. 513764

My bad hahaha! The rest of us normal folk after graduating from high school as late teens, will usually prepare ourselves and aim to enter an univerSity as an attempt to pursue further education!
Miranda, on the contrary, thought the high school classes were too boring (she could have probably taught the lessons, since she obviously knew more than all teachers combined), and at the age of 28 years old, when the rest of us for folk have finished univerSity and are working full time jobs, or finishing a masters degree, decided that entering the univerCity would enrich her already abundantly rich academic self!

UniverCity aside, another point to consider about KM being Miranda herself, besides language mistakes such as the latest "through" is that she has no friends left in Japan. Has anyone noticed that all people who still were around after her big drama with Rachel, Sharla etc… are gone? Erika pandagoestokyo, Lisa Sometimes, that Dchan girl, that other girl (I forgot her name) who used to white knight her everywhere, all disappeared.
Miranda probably fucked them up in some way and they decided to not take shit from her any longer, I bet.
I never saw any drama or fight from these girls at all in social media (correct me if I am wrong) but they obviously are not involved with Miranda any longer, and that momochi girl who appears in one of mirandas latest videos looks uncomfortable as hell, so not sure if she will stay around Miranda for much longer.
That being said, I highly doubt it Miranda has any friend at all who would go to the trouble of keeping an active fake account to defend her.
Until proven otherwise, KM is mirandas fake account in my book!

No. 513926

Stop spreading fiction. You need to submit paperwork which they will later confirm through the interview so they know there are no contradictions. Do you understand that by interview, we also mean the home inspection? We’re talking about that. You don’t conduct the interview/home visit, and prepare questions unique to that applicant, randomly! If you do the interview/home visit first, it would give a scammer time to make up lies on the application.

I am confident that the KM who is fighting online, and writes exactly like her, is Mira herself. But who do the pictures belong to? Why did a real guy exist on that account years ago, but was suddenly reborn as an English-speaking super fan? Why hasn’t the guy posted a video speaking to prove he is an real, individual person? That would answer everything.

Not any university, but JAPANESE university! Like, seriously. Have you ever personally witness the intense study and mental stress Japanese students go through with university entrance exams? I have. How about the intense shame of being ronin-sei: a student failing your exams and being left behind to study and go to cram school in hopes that you can try again next year. Even though university life itself is not unusually difficult once you pass, the entrance exams to get there are often brutal. It’s a very serious time for many Japanese. Why does she pretend it would be simple for her?

No. 514071

>in parts of islamic countries, people dont even look in the face of their love till married
so… is that was it's all about top kek?
to go on with her maskerade finding a poor shmok who marries her not knowing what she looks like?
also im pretty sure that even in those countries a female relative checks if the future-to-be-wife is healthy and doesnt have some weird disease going on. or if the dowry is high enough for making up the ugliness.

No. 514359

I do not know her current visa status, but following her divorce, she claims to have had 定住者 teijusha (long-term resident) status (note: she mistakenly referred to her status as 永住権 eijuken [permanent residency], but this is incorrect). It is true that long-term resident status would allow her to work freely, but in order to obtain this status after divorce with a Japanese national, it is generally necessary to have been living together as a married couple for at least 3 years (実体のある婚姻期間が3年以上継続していたこと). I am not sure if she actually fulfilled this requirement or not (there are exceptions in cases of proven spousal domestic violence)…if yes, she could plausibly still have long-term resident status; if not, she would need to be married to another Japanese national/permanent resident in order to legally work full time as a waitress.

No. 514376

Better not to speak with KM anyway. He might be feeling so proud of himself to be friends with a "popular" Youtuber while wearing rose-colored glasses. He has the courage to say anything to anyone without feeling ashamed of himself on social media because his status level has risen from a nobody to a somebody.

If Miranda kicks him out of the friendship circle, he will be a different person.

My 2 cents.

No. 514378

>but in order to obtain this status after divorce with a Japanese national, it is generally necessary to have been living together as a married couple for at least 3 years (実体のある婚姻期間が3年以上継続していたこと)

It’s possible she shared a residence under his name only, but he physically lived elsewhere. Remember how she complained about she hated living in her previous apartment and she had been there 3 years? If she hated it so much, she could have moved out earlier(when she had the YouTube money) but she spoke as if she couldn’t leave.

No. 514721

>they werent married for this long. It was less than half a year iirc

No. 514725

The beast has arisen from her slumber! How’s Canada?

No. 514726

1 person
4 bags of garbage

lol okay mira

No. 514740

Good observation! A single person, who admits they do not cook, would not generate that much raw garbage in a single week. There are usually at least two raw garbage(燃えるごみ) collection days a week in Japan. Either she went WEEKS without dumping it out(ew!) or it’s what already knew: she is obviously living with other people.

No. 514745

how is this defending her?

can we stop this mira-calling? It's getting a little old.
Im not going back all the threats to prove it to you, but there were those discussion board entries which were thought to be written by her where a woman was asking panicky how to avoid deportation after getting divorced from her japanese husband only shortly after entering the country .

btw personally I think he dumped her.

No. 514826

Oh, but she divorced him because he would be working abroad in an terrible country she wouldn’t dare step foot in! A fictional country worse than Saudi Arabia, but she refuses to name it. And she also married for love, not a visa. For real! But her love died after 2 months because she realized that marriage actually involved supporting your spouse, pulling your own weight and putting forth a commitment to planning a future together. However, she was more than happy to claim that she got teijuusha from that marriage, even though a principled person would refuse to do that in her unsavory situation.

Lol. EVERYTHING Mira says is bullshit.

No. 514848


I was already there on her very first video and from what I remember, she met him in Canada, went back to Japan with him and married him but had to live with his family for a while. A few months later, he had to go abroad for two years for his job and she refused to follow him because she wanted to stay in glorious Nihon.
I don't remember the country but I'm pretty sure she mentionned it in one of her old videos. It might be a good thing to check on PULL to see if they have screenshots from that era.

No. 514863

She never said which country just it was “one she wouldn’t set foot it, much less live”. It was speculated it was Korea (given all her Korean hate) but nothing was ever certain.

No. 514894

I was also thinking it was South Korea, but maybe even China. Japanese going to either country for business tend to live in the nicer, more cosmopolitan areas. In China, Japanese usually go to Shanghai or Hong Kong. If she were a real wife, she could have gone with him and lived comfortably for those two years. She was going to come back to Japan anyway.

But she was always a weeaboo who wanted a free ticket out of the boonies. It was never love. What kind of newlywed chooses to kill their marriage because their future short term residence was not cool enough?

Okay, waiting for Mira to lose her shit now.

No. 516561

File: 1525878738824.png (165.36 KB, 815x314, Another_Kanadajin_Screenshot.t…)

Good old Miranda, appreciative of her subs as always..

No. 518037

File: 1526227982000.png (1.05 MB, 1174x1286, Capture d’écran 2018-05-13 à…)

fuck off Mira

No. 518064

the ants would still crawl through the straw lol

No. 518195

>image showing that it's the woman's job to protect herself from nasty dudes

okay, this is why i will never respect women who convert or people who say muslim is feminist in any way. even without the clear sexist intent, it's cringy as fuck to imply men are so retarded they can't stop themselves from fucking a girl showing her HAIR.

No. 518239

>muslim is feminist
this must be the most contradictory sentence in existence.

i wonder though how a woman like Mira who wasn't raised with ingrained sexist beliefs can accept it so easily and start writing those suggestive/direct "women are inferior" tweets i've seen a couple of times. The latest i think being the "all countries should stop whining and accept gender roles" tweet. The only thing I figured is that she's so low-intelligence, and accomplished so little, that it's just easy for her to assume a position of inferiority and even embrace it, as weird as it sounds.

No. 518274

It seems like she has been at odds with other women for a very long time, probably because they are the first to call her out on her crazy and she assumes it has something to do with them being female. So she tries hard to gain approval from backwards men because they enthusiastically give her attention. It’s funny that she wants to appeal to hardline sexists but she is quick to call people Nazis when they criticize her for using their culture as her prop.

No. 518288

i don't know if i'm allowed to say this, but i find this picture especially funny because Miranda is a re-wrapped lollipop that's already been crawled over. Married several times, slept around, and even cheated. You're not in mint condition.

No. 518293


Yeah, even if she really believe the shit she shares she knows very well she's not a "brand new lollipop" so what the fuck is she even trying to do?

No. 518309

File: 1526283742355.jpg (27.49 KB, 589x154, weird_indeed.jpg)

No. 518311

File: 1526284003146.jpg (64.13 KB, 585x482, meme_genius.jpg)

No. 518314

File: 1526285132745.jpg (26.17 KB, 531x346, grammar.jpg)

No. 518333

File: 1526297077723.jpg (203.96 KB, 1242x1079, AA34IBB.jpg)

^Non-American asks about an old-fashioned colloquialism. Several people give him the correct answer with ORIGIN of term. Despite hours passing, and the world of Google at her fingertips, Mira still has to chime in with wrong information.

I think we all know what kind of “help” he wants. Lol

Why is she asking only in English? Why not Japanese or Arabic? There are also plenty of non-profit foundations and charities in Tokyo where she can volunteer, especially ones that encourage foreigners to join!

No. 518355

I watched her latest stream with the topic of how are animals treated in japan.
She said she went from spouse visa > student visa > divorce visa > permanent resident visa.
I am new this drama. kinda enjoying it.

No. 518365

lol how dumb does she think people are?

No. 518369

She really called teijuusha a “divorce visa”? Christ. Besides, not every divorcee would qualify for that, especially after just 2 months. That kind of special visa is basically an extension on the spouse visa and there needs to be a good reason the person is given extra time, like children or an established job. It would also never be granted to her AFTER she had already been living 1-2 years on another visa. She’s conveniently leaving out that after the student visa, she was married again!

Her non-Japanese speaking fans are actually that dumb!

No. 518373

vimto isn't sold in japan…

No. 518442

Her latest "live":

Now she is Ms. Animal Rights activist. She went to the Fox Village to revideo a vid she already did (The original was a copy of the same vid that Rachel and Sharla had both already done..)

In the original vid, she loved the Fox Village. Now she was talking about how horrible it was and the animals were openly bleeding and injured and sick. The staff weren't doing anything to help them, etc.

What's interesting. She had her camera, went there to specifically film the fox village, but had no footage or pics of these poor bleeding abused animals to show.

And, it's a tourist place, that not only allows filming and pictures, but encourages them. Yet she has no pic or video.

(NOTE: Whatever your opinion on these kinds of parks, whether you think they're bad or don't care. If you had you camera and equipment with you, saw bleeding injured animals everywhere, and an inattentive staff, would you film that to show people?)

The amount of shit that comes out of this chicks mouth is unreal..

No. 518446

She had that fox village and that ONE bleeding fox on her IG story, but it was just bullshit. It was injured, yes. But she didn't ask anyone, they might just have told her "yeah this one got in a fight but we already took care of that" or whatever. She's just too stupid for everything

No. 518575

she's just trying to clickbait. this "animal rights" bs about a japanese theme park is probably her way to try to get more views again, without giving in to everyone's demands about her channel turning into stupid uninformed muslim shit. her weebs want stupid uninformed jap shit instead.

No. 518576


And it backfired beautifully. She dropped and near 300 subs from that video. Kek.

She’s dropping subs every day, but drops them even faster when she does a live, or releases a vid. This one dropped subs even higher than normal

No. 518583

maybe she needs advice lol

No. 518689


She's probably trying to find someone to give the Ramadan alms (fitra and zakat) to. Islam is a merchant's religion so its perception of charity is giving away or sacrificing property rather than volunteering or helping out. Pretty suitable for a lazy materialistic bitch like her i'd say.

No. 518745

she's live rn I just randomly happened to catch her and she literally just said that what she's doing isn't cultural appropriation because "god" says that all women should be covered anyways

No. 518746

fuck off anon. cultural appropriation isn't a thing, and doesn't even apply to religions anyways.

No. 518755

honey, cultural appropriation won't stop being a thing because it bugs your privileged white ass. either contribute or stfu.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 518766


Cultural Appropriation is how the world advances.. Every culture on the face of the Earth has taken from other cultures, so it's a pointless argument.

Back on topic: https://hooktube.com/watch?v=Gag4oUusQVg

Stream where Miranda rambles for 2 freakin hours about Ramadan and some juice she's drinking. (Here subs dropped another couple of hundred. She needs to release more vids and put that channel out of it's misery)

No. 519039


like holy shit way to entirely misread why what she said was funny? It's like you just read "cultural appropriation" and had some kind of knee-jerk shithead reaction. It was the latter part of what she said that I thought was ridiculous.

chill the fuck out

No. 519172

Dipshit is deleting her lives as soon as they are over.

The paranoia is hilarious..

No. 519174

File: 1526483836406.png (62.92 KB, 905x699, damn.png)

Or it might just be that she thinks that will help stop the subs dropping.

Hint: it doesn't. She is the only youtuber I've seen whose subs drop faster when she releases vids. (the last 3 on there are because she has done livestreams on these days)

No. 519177

did you read >>518755? kys.

No. 519548

She said she did have the footage… what part did you miss?

She said she had the videos and she is going to upload it. She was going to upload a positive video but it became so negative that the whole video will be negative.

She didn’t say she had fun last time, she said the first time she showed the foxes limping in her video

No. 519622

Thanks for the info, Mira.

Why do you write like a generated text program? She, she, she, she. Just go ahead and write “I”, Tarako.

No. 519623

She did say how great it was in the original vid.

And if she still has a channel left by the time she ever gets around to uploading it then we will see KM.

Assuming she ever gets off her lazy ass and assuming she actually recorded anything

No. 519826

lmao, why would you post a video saying you saw all these poor hurt foxes and not show it in the video? oh you're lying. of course.

No. 519833

No, she said in her live show that she went to fox village to make a video, the footage she filmed ended up being negative, so be warned when she uploads that it’s going to be negative. She never once said she didn’t have the footage. I am not defending her but I am being fair because these comments make it seem like she won’t or doesn’t have proof. She said that she filmed it all. Obviously she can’t show us the videos during a live show so we will have to wait till she uploads the footage.

No. 519842


Actually, it would be very easy to show some of the vids during a live stream. I can think of several different ways.

Two, she has said she has lots of things that prove to be untrue. So, until she actually shows the footage, she doesn't have proof.

No. 519962

Miranda you are so full of shit.
You are just majorly pissed off because you got rejected for citizenship so you all of a sudden are bitching about the country that you once blindly worshipped.

But the problem is not Japan, BITCH! It is you, and your miserable life full of failure!

You have massively failed at everything you've ever attempted to do, or be, and then you become pissed at whatever you once loved.
Your latest failure to "become Japanese" made you radically change into a fanatic muslim ready to join a terrorist group… too bad that you newest venture will only end in… FAILURE, once more! It's your entire life's pattern.

It's hard to decide if your existence is laughable, pathetic, or just worth pity from the rest of us who see your delusional self from a mile distance!

No. 520273

Whoa triggered much?

My post really triggered you to rant to her but really all I was doing was pointing out the truth. I don’t care if she is not telling the truth, if she seen different or what not. I am going by what she said. It contradicts what others have said. The posts on here make it seem like she didn’t have any footage when in fact she said that she filmed at all. She said that she will upload it in the video and the video will be really negative. I’m not debating whether or not what she has said is true but I am just pointing out that she didn’t refuse to uploaded and she didn’t say that she didn’t have any proof.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 520349

hahaha your the one mad at what anon said above
nothing but the truth btw because everyone knows mirandas a huge liar and the ones who still believe any shit she say are just as retarded and lunatics as her

No. 520359

no one is saying she didn't claim that but we are saying she didn't show anything.

No. 520360

Yeah agree
Since she got denied citizenship she started slowly looking for stuff to bitch about japan, like not enough muslim meat, too much drinks she doesn't like, claiming animals are mistreated (since when she became an animal care expert??) but fun thing is she still claims she and her extremist terrorist like fashion fit right in there and and nobody stares, imo just desperate attempt to convince herself because reality is just the opposite and she's just an outcast stupid gaijin

No. 520777

File: 1526731571006.jpg (29.24 KB, 591x193, sure jan.jpg)

No. 520778

File: 1526731824278.jpg (26.27 KB, 586x97, sure jan 2.jpg)

Wtf mira?

No. 520788

Miranda Ann Constable, globally renowned political expert, speaks out on the thousand-year-long mideast turmoil! Behold her pithy (and knowledgeable) summation of the issues!

No. 520795

Just how long has she been in that “dream house”?! She couldn’t even afford basic curtains this whole time but she wants to pretend she doing fine? If you’re that desperate, you can use bedsheets to cover windows like many poor people do. Why is posting such weird things? It doesn’t make her look relatable. Just dysfunctional.

No. 520796

But anon, she HAD curtains, but the Prophet told her she had to start wearing them in public. How could you be so dense on the 4th day of Ramadan?

No. 520799

File: 1526741721308.png (12.33 KB, 547x192, 61867A82-D044-477E-A59F-3A4360…)


Yeah, her dad the drug addict that has been in and out of jail.

No. 521010

>Teaching isn’t something you can be taught to do

Um…yes it is. That is why they pay thousands at university and receive accreditation for applying those learned skills. No school or university would hire you on natural teaching talent alone. Funny how she is trying to convince everyone that she is entering university because a certain job requires it. I guess her “talent” is not enough to get that job and education level does matter to employers!

I have a theory about the most recent guest that has been white knighting Mira. I thought it was Mira again but recently that PULL user Pearl, who once claimed Mira harassed her and contacted her friends/family, is back to kissing Mira’s ass again. I wouldn’t be surprised if these current robotic posts are from her.

No. 521034

i wish there were a Miranda reveal like Kiki and Dasha.

No. 521068

>70% of being a English teacher is natural abiliy to explain something in the way the other person will recive that information, understand and retain that information..
This shit right here is platinum.

Miranda the applied linguistics expert.

No. 521076

You killed me anon

No. 521079


also, literally no one on the planet would take english lessons from someone who talks like a french-canadian chewing on a dick

No. 521335

I remember when pearl posted a huge crying post about meeting miranda in person. I always thought it was weird that she took photos of Miranda's food and other photos of their meetings, then photos of private conversations… that's something miranda does so it was funny that someone who bitches about miranda behaves the exact same way.
Also let's not forget pearl is Muslim so she must be loving the new terrorist wannabe version of miranda so it figures that she's kissing mirandas ass now.
They're all the same, crazy bitches

No. 521378

That was not pearl, that was the YouTuber NarunaruJapan, She kisses Rodys ass in the comments now that Rody is not friends with Mira anymore.

I don't think pearl is Muslim.

No. 521380

Can the people on PULL not see her instagram? I don't even know why they are having such a heated discussion about IF she is living in Japan or not. She has posted several new pictures of her in Japan but they only seem to see the Disney one. She posted a picture with her and Momomochi, a YouTuber who visited Japan recently. They both went to Sendai together where Mira uploaded on her instagram story videos of her in sendai, videos of fox village, videos of some kind of meat looking food, as well as videos of her and Momomochi in Shibuya shopping around. I don't know why everyone is debating about her location. She has done a live show almost every single day (deletes them all after), but during the live show you can see the light from the sun outside the windows in the reflection when she holds up her phone to show a picture of her pet, so the time of day shows that she is in Japan.

No. 521399

File: 1526904573855.jpg (39.46 KB, 755x250, the culinary expert has spoken…)

New article on her blog. Now the girl is saying that Kobe beef is shit.


No. 521429

Dissing one of the most sought-after beefs in the world.
"It melts in your mouth"
You mean the term everyone uses for really delicious meat? Man her salt is really growing from being denied Japanese citizenship.

I would love to see her move somewhere in the middle east, but we all know she is too chicken shit and loves her privilege to actually do it.

No. 521430

Full of oil? ok so she doesnt know the difference between oil and fat, i am not even surprised.
Kobe beef's melting effect is exactly why it's so famous :')

No. 521551

steak fanatic here. kobe is marbled, not "full of oil" it's not lean meat. the whole point of kobe is the marbling. i feel like she's going hard on the japan hate here and trying to humble brag. i've had real kobe a few times in hong kong and japan, and girl is straight up wrong. it's very nice and pricey though, so she's probably acting like she's above it. there's no reason to be so bitchy though, if it's not for her, it doesn't mean it's shit. i guess randa's gonna randa tho.

No. 521612


Yeah, she’s just trying to be “different” but just ends up showing her ignorance.

She wouldn’t know a good piece of steak if she was slapped in her face with one. (And I have a feeling she been slapped in the face with some guys steak before)

She’s the one asshole that will go against the general consensus just for the sake of going against it.

Like a movie will come out and be really popular, you can guarantee she’d be the one saying it sucked. Not for any real reason, just to try and set herself apart and feel “special”.

It’s part of the reason she’s so easy to manipulate.

No. 521705

The term you guys are looking for is contrarian.

No. 521757

File: 1527007770087.png (365.23 KB, 585x466, coward.png)

Wow. A new level of sad for Miranda. She's making a response video to "Black Pigeon Speaks", but she's doing it on her "Japanese only" channel because she's too chicken shit to post it in English.

Now, I don't care for the "Black Pigeon" dude, but this is just pathetic. But, someone will translate it and she will be made an embarrassment again.

No. 521855


I wouldn't even trust this bitch to give me a decent Jpop recommendation so who the fuck would trust her palate? Like, sure Jan, it's the most expensive/reknown cut of meat in the world just because of it's namesake.

I could ALMOST understand something like "it wasn't what I expected/the texture wasn't for me" etc. But literally no one who has tried kobe beef would quantify it as the worst lmao

"the bottom of the list for good meats" RIGHT WHERE RODI PUT YOU

No. 521910


Who's that guy and why is she making a response video? A quick look on his channel i didnt see a recent video about her?
Im just too much out of the dramajin3's world nowaday, i must have missed it.

No. 521927


Google says he's just another alt-right incel that thinks everything wrong with the world is caused by FEMALES

No. 522046

She uploaded it.

I could not finish watching it.

Fking bitch should go study some Japanese before attempting to make a video in a language she can barely speak.

Video is pathetic, full of wrong information and listening to miranda butchering the very very basic Japanese she knows is rather sad and actually pitiful.

Ah and she now denies saying "we Japanese".

No. 522059

yeah hands down her worst video by far

I'm studying N3 level now, spent only 6 months in japan last year for language study and i lost count of so many basic mistakes and horrible pronunciation after watching like 5 mins of her blabbering shit.

deluded, pathetic, pitiful, retarded lol how long can that broad go?

No. 522068

kobe beef is shit
says the dumb woman whos said in videos that she eats bugs, and used to upload the cooking vids full of nasty cooking worse than vomit hahaha anyone remembers that fucking gross wasabi chocolate?

No. 522147

I'm currently watching her new stupid video on her doudemo mira channel. Mira is watching the video and commenting at the same time.
At 7:53, she said "kono hito wa nihongo dekimasen" ("this guy can't speak Japanese").

Because you can, Randa?

No. 522151


Yeah,m he's a dipshit alt-right guy who made a video about Japan and Islam over a year ago that it's taken her this long to form a response.

(And yes, she was aware of the video a year ago because she made comments on his channel when it first appeared, embarrassing herself, as usual)

No. 522152

One yr ago she was still desperately attempt to belong in japanese society and get citizenship.

Bitch got denied so now is "Japan mistreats animals" "Japan has no Muslim food" "japan kobe beef is shit" etc etc etc
Fucking womans butthurt her ex beloved country don't give a shit about her and dont want her idiotic self to be there.
Just ask all 2chan

She still maintains claim that nobody cares about her terrorist like appearance because she too proud to admit ppl just won't say to her face she looks like a fucking dirty mop

No. 522154

laughed hard at part the guy says japan is not a religious country or something and she says "buddhism came from where?" and a map of India appears

japan official "religion " is shinto, you fucking moron!!!!!!!!!!

No. 522161

>One yr ago she was still desperately attempt to belong in japanese society and get citizenship.

Try again >>337241

From a previous Miranda thread when his video was first posted.

No. 522291

share caps or shut up

No. 522476

File: 1527181263507.png (68.02 KB, 867x440, Capture.PNG)

Do google translated comments count?

Here we see a Japanese commenter get a lesson on jihad by almighty Mira.

No. 522629

Gotta love how google translate managed to get coherent sentences from the first comment when Mira's is a tangled mess of words.

No. 523993

File: 1527429982763.jpg (177.31 KB, 1161x743, 7890.jpg)

No. 524328

File: 1527486816807.png (220.86 KB, 1242x1448, IMG_6020.PNG)

speaking of terrorist appearance, this from her Instagram.,.
Is it just me or she looks plain creepy and evil?
fucking woman has plain cold, lifeless eyes

No. 524470

Momomochi looks like she's volunteering on a special needs field trip.

No. 524532

isn't she?

No. 524581

>fucking woman has plain cold, lifeless eyes

ehh more like dull and empty

No. 524681

The last thing you see before hearing ALLAHU ACKBAR and a bomb going off

No. 524950

She looks like a monkey

No. 525000

File: 1527611176582.jpg (57.55 KB, 590x670, spiderman.jpg)

So first Mira retweeted this. Please notice the hashtags.


No. 525001

File: 1527611206684.jpg (88.22 KB, 590x637, muslimspiderman.jpg)

And then she posted this.
Again, hashtags.


No. 525002

No. 525003

Why the need to write muslim everywhere and relate everything to islam?

No. 525004

File: 1527611986228.jpg (51.65 KB, 301x312, enlightened.jpg)

From her Instagram

No. 525062

She’s been doing that for a while now.

No. 525323

Mira islamsplaining.

No. 525364

It’s a trip watching her imitate the writing of a native Arabic speaker when she once tried so hard to use Japanese-style broken English. I read this imagining that she is speaking in a masculine Arabic accent and pantomiming an Imam’s gesticulations.

No. 525443

A message to Miranda singe she lurks here: Please do not go out when cosplaying your favorite terrorist figures, youre gonna scare the shit out of your canadian neighborhood.

No. 525462

File: 1527676146046.jpg (313.27 KB, 1242x1716, u9wqQzf.jpg)

And less than two years ago….

Arrogant little shit, isn’t she?

No. 525482

The great thing about her incredibly public conversion to Islam is that she has basically burnt her bridge back to secular life. She survived in Japan using visa-kuns, hostessing and shit-tier work earning 800 yen an hour. Now, as a muslim she has exhausted her visa-kun chances (unless if she finds a naturalized Japanese muslim who is willing to overlook her past). So if she decides to throw the towel in and go back to being secular, she better watch her back - In Islam the penalty for apostasy is death, but realistically nobody will harm her in that way or else more former converts would be dead. She can expect to be persona non grata to any and all muslims she has met, and since she used her converstion to find a new audience, she could earn herself a nice little army of muslim incel boys who will sabotage her efforts to do just about anything.

She's locked into this. She can't go back. She has to be Muslimah Mira now. and since she always doubled down before we can expect a lot more 'tism.

No. 525531

Yeah at 27 she should have another goal in life than being the biggest edgelord of the internet- it's like she's always been trapped in a kid's mind. She was pretty safe in her ~more jap than the japs themselves desu!!~ phase since they didn't gave a fuck about her antics. Whereas she risks a juge backlash now if she ever let go of her ~holierthanthouopresseddevotee~. Idk why but part of me feels like she will change her identity again to something completely new since whatever ethnic/religious group she "identifies" to seems to be the only thing that defines her in her eyes.

No. 525537

Her identity crisis phases seem to last several years though. Her Japanese phase lasted about 6-7 years. In that amount of time she can dig herself into a much deeper hole, maybe even pop out a Muslim's guy's baby, and be fucked for life. I have no doubt that she'll jump onto another interest though, a person with her history of jumping from one extreme to another won't just anchor down at age 27.

No. 525538

File: 1527692079382.jpg (52.47 KB, 853x480, mould.jpg)

No. 525593

i think what anons are trying to get at is that, yes being muslim is a phase to her, but it's like the worst thing possible to make a phase. she won't get out of the phase intact, but there will be a huge shitshow during her spiral down.

No. 525929

When she gets arrested in the Middle East for being an ISIS bride, how hard do you think Canada will fight to get her out of the death penalty?

No. 525939

She's so Japanese they'll leave it Japan to do, anon.

No. 526020

File: 1527779136106.jpg (90.6 KB, 587x634, did you.jpg)

Did you learn your lesson?

No. 526049

she says shes 28. But she looks late 30s with the mind of a 3 year old retarded brat

No. 526072

Over 5000 people blocked. I wonder when she'll realise the problem isnt the 5000 'haterz' its her…

No. 526077

Wow, horrible grammar as usual.

No. 526079

>she won't get out of the phase intact

Honestly, it's one of the worst phases someone with her lack of sense of self could choose. When she gets tired of it, as she inevitably will, she's faced with two options: deconvert and risk scores of real, genuine death threats from those in the Muslim community (i.e the overwhelming majority) who believe apostasy should be punished by death, or ditch the hijab and pretend she's become a more 'moderate' muslim whilst never mentioning Islam again. Actually declaring she's given it away would likely be suicide, and some fanatical mo fan in Saudi Arabia is liable to turns up on her door step with an explosive device. This is one of those life choices you better make damn sure you mean cos there's no going back after. Silly woman.

No. 526143

I wonder how she feels about European countries starting to ban niqabs and burkas

No. 526260

Anon you killed me hahaha that's right…miranda has no guts to endure what a real extremist female among islam terrorists goes through, she's a terrorist cosplayer at best, even though sometimes like other anon said she just looks like a dirty mop with these shirts she must've bought at goodwill sale, but when she goes full blown isis wifey with the black robes covering most of her face she must scare the fuck out of everyone wherever she goes no wonder japan denied her citizenship! Come on miranda you and all of us know youre ugly as fuck but the terrorist cosplay is just too much hahaha(autism)

No. 526413

Yeah hahaha before she looked like a raccoon with the damn make-up, now she looks like an Isis terrorist crossbreed between a ninja and darth Vader, damn woman, you'll be always ugly no matter what

No. 526420

lmao all this sperging about Muslims … she's in Japan, not fucking Saudi Arabia. 'genuine death threats' from 'the majority' - what is this, /pol/? she'll get some salty assholes making noise in her comment sections, and that will be it.

Miranda's muslim phase has been less hilarious than it should because it brings out some pretty heavy duty retardation around here.

dropping the raccoon eyes did her no favours. she looks more fetal alcohol syndrome than ever. >>523993 screams special needs, especially next to the normal girl next to her.

No. 526456

I agree. But she still dug her grave about her online presence. All the subs left her for converting to Islam. Now only those fuckers are left that compliment her for doing so. If she will stop being Muslim there will be no one left.

No. 526471

File: 1527855692048.png (94.73 KB, 1180x1251, IMG_6039.PNG)

But anon look at her beauty- shot extracted from stupid video she just posted at twitter, claimed 2 ppl who have come to her house thought she's a young girl

hmmmm no, try again bitch
you look old (ugly and retarded) and you sound old (lifeless and retarded) so stop posting pathetic vids that the only purpose is to convince urself your still a young girl

your just an idiot woman with real bad skin– or is that dirt on your face

No. 526483

Why can't you all just stop harassing her? If you don't like her, then don't follow!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 526495

hey miranda, coming to check out todays posts? lmao fuck off, your the one who dont like yourself, so if you dont like ppl pointing out your shit, stay the fuck away from the net.
from punk to weaboo japanese wannabe to isis recruit … and yeah your depressed face says it all, you dont like yourself and cant accept your a white canadian country woman and no matter what you do that will never change

No. 526496


We aren't harassing anyone. You need to learn the definition.

To answer your question, ask yourself why you came here to post this and you will have your answer.

No. 526497

And she started a live, just after she left the post above. Enough said.

No. 526508

Miranda did used to look younger than she was before the head wrap though. now not so much, her skin somehow got really bad in the past 2 or so years, and with zero makeup she looks uglier

No. 526510

Yeah have to disappoint you, but not every comment that is not supporting your F bullshit is Mira. You all have some serious issues for doing all this harassment! Just let it go and move on in life.

No. 526514

So you’re going by Myriam now, aren’t you? Thanks for the heads up!

FYI: When someone in Japan asks a 28 year old like you if your mother or father are home, it is usually not because they assume you are actually a kid. They mean your Japanese in-laws, because they assume you are a foreigner married to a Japanese national and you don’t own the house nor speak Japanese well.

No. 526530

File: 1527871400736.png (134.41 KB, 859x838, bullshit.png)

Here's a comment she left under Victor's video.

She "forgives" him for not believing her bullshit and confirms she reads her and PULL regularly.

No. 526606

Oh my god is she for real. Please just stop Miranda.

If she were really proud 2b mooslim she’d name herself Aisha or something like every other white drama whore convert I know.

No. 526692

Im surprised she was able to write a full text and be somewhat coherent. Unsurprisingly she keeps blaming everbody else for the shitty stuff she did.

No. 526758


She used spellcheck for the first time in her life. Since she got her GED. She’s got to pretend to be “edumacated” now

No. 526876

File: 1527928855347.jpg (101.36 KB, 1103x629, Miranda.JPG)

She doesn't know when to quit. Btw scrolling through /snow I noticed this post. Aren't some of these classic Miranda mistakes (ie: forginer).

No. 526892

Why on earth do people still think that she lives in Canada. She has posted several pictures of her in Japan. Isn’t it about time people take off their conspiracy hats.

No. 526893

Yeeeah, it does. Also the "your self" separated. Again I hope admin will reveal Miranda's posts on here. If she comes here 'regularly' then she must post regularly, and knowing her, she must talk shit about others in snow too (which would be hilarious with her new holier-than-thou persona). She couldn't help herself when she sockpuppeted on PULL and went through much, much greater lengths back then to be able to keep posting.

No. 526896

I also think people are paranoid about that too because anyone can come on here and point stuff out and then people turn around and try and stab us in the back. I have came on here before and said that it’s crazy that people don’t believe that she lives in Japan.

No. 526909

File: 1527938678808.jpg (283.29 KB, 1242x1787, SsapaJo.jpg)

Shut up, Pearl.

Shut up, Miranda/KM persona.

Isn’t it funny that when talk of Mira’s shit dies down, her #1 fan and stalker, KMrurouni, has to tweet a PUBLIC “Hey, Mira. Look what they are saying about you!” out of the blue? If Mira wants to forget about the haters, she is an innocent person being harassed, is just trying to live her life and she thinks people who gossip about her are not worth her time, why does the person who claims to understand her better than anyone else keep telling her about insignificant things that could trigger her? If this person is real and Mira is really a victim, doesn’t it seem that this KMrurouni is amazingly insensitive, even sadistic, to put her through the stress of reminding her that people still don’t like her? It’s not like opinions will change and there are no real threat to her so why does “he” do that in front of her followers instead of private message? Why doesn’t she tell “him” to stop posting things that shouldn’t matter and bringing negative emotions all over again?

If fan kept publicly re-posting gossips and rude comments like that just to see my reaction, I would actually think that person hates me and enjoys causing me distress. Normal people that care about you don’t do that and the people that are friends with Mira in real life(other Youtubers that she collaborated with) NEVER bring up her controversy or these forums. Even that tacky, gross bastard Tkyosam doesn’t bring it up or respond to her criticisms/rumors out of respect for her. Why does this KMrurouni go against common sense and what her other friends wisely choose to do? Hm…

No. 526910

"Have came" another classic mistake of yours, miranda.

No. 526911

…. when she CAME to japan

English is not my native language but this implies that the person who wrote this, is in japan, right?

"KM" supposedly is in north europe, hmmmmm

Until someone shows proof, i also think KM is Miranda. Her biggest fan is just her own imagination lmao

No. 526915

There has already been proof. Please read back in the archives. Over the last year count how many times people keep going back to the theory that this guy is made up.

No. 526942


yeah, right, miranda.
same way as the "theory" that you never harassed any other youtuber is also totally false…

No. 526954

Please 'randa at least try to be less obvious about your lurking there, it's been so long it's becoming fcking embarassing. You know very well yourself that if you were really merciful of the "haterz" just as you said to Victor you wouldn't be lurking your own thread. You really have no shame.

No. 526971

There is proof of a real man who used to communicate solely in Norwegian. They disappeared for a few years then suddenly came back worshipping Mira and posting in English while no longer communicating with normal Norwegian people. Their entire feed is now retweeting Mira and short video clips of drives through Scandinavia where you can’t identify the time or who is filming.

No. 526987

The guy has bought stuff from her eBay, and has posted pictures of it after in his own room. It is certainly a real person and they are certainly living in Norway. This is all been proven every single time they post a picture of their Kanadajin paraphernalia.

No. 526998

>This IS ALL been proven

Are you even trying?

We’ve seen the pictures, which do not identify the man or show his face. That’s not evidence.

How about this. KMrurouni: actually post a picture of YOURSELF with the merchandise or post a video of you talking about your devotion to Mira. That’s not hard to do.

No. 527022

Why are you talking to me like I am him!
Mail him on Twitter then. If you are too lazy to search back through his pictures than it’s not my problem, because he clearly had stuff in the pictures with Norwegian text on it as well as Kanadajin3 stuff from eBay.

No. 527037


I live in the US and can go down to World Market and buy stuff with Norwegian writing on it.

If I go get some and post a pic of it on my bed will that prove I’m in Norway?

No do you see how stupid it is to claim that is any kind of proof.

No. 527038

File: 1527964716003.jpeg (87.22 KB, 295x500, D99C3829-4E04-4CEC-8B83-090531…)

Jesus, the retard isn’t even vaccinated

No. 527047

Lmao, you guys are so funny

No. 527075

Wait, wait…. she's going to sub a video in Arabic??? Good lord. Do any anons here know Arabic and can judge her shitty subtitles?

No. 527090

When talking about a joke of a human being like Miranda, how can we not be?

No. 527098

It's like watching all over again her japanese phase from the beginning, when she was "totally fluent guize!!"and tried to teach the language despite being uneducated , except that it's all about Saudi Arabia and islam now. She's already given up her "speaking so much japanese can't english anymore" bullshit so I guess she's come full circle. Brace yourselves for the crappy arabic content incoming.

No. 527115

Considering she's been "learning" Japanese for almost 10 years and "learning" Arabic for a little over 1, I look forward to Google's translation of her video

No. 527169

Yeah, right Pearl.
You can fool ppl at PULL, maybe, even though some folks there have already noticed how much of a little miranda kiss ass bitch you've become, after your claims of being harassed by miranda and having her harassing your friends and family.

No. 527204

Lol. You can easily import Norwegian goods. Just setting those items on a desk proves nothing about your location. There are already a ton of Instagram accounts of bored North American Caucasian kids pretending to be Korean and Japanese by stealing other people’s pictures, ordering country-specific food from online stores to post and using Google Translate. They keep these accounts going for YEARS. A scheming 28 year old woman could do the same thing.

Nice cop out. Why can’t she just ask her parents if they have her immunization records? If they don’t have it, then she needs to contact the Ontario Ministry Of Health or the public health office where she should have had her immunizations as a child.

And she got banned here a few times for being such dense, annoying shit.

No. 527206


Someone on PULL called Pearl out and she’s too chickenshit to respond. She’s in good company with Miranda.

No. 527208

More conspiracy theories, it’s really pathetic. The guy posted pictures of his car which has her stickers all over it, are you trying to say that she also imported a license plate from another country just fool people? Other people who are pointing out this nonsense are not on her side, we are just using our brains! She has posted so many pictures and so many videos of her in Japan, including live shows of her unboxing stuff during the day, her drinking Japanese juice and other products that can be found only in Japan. Unless you think that she just brought a bunch of juice to Canada, got her friend to lie about all of this, and installed Japanese windows and Tatami floor in her parents bacement. I really think you should take off the tinfoil hats. In her newest Japanese video she has in the background the exact same curtains that she unboxed in front of everybody in the live show. They are from a Japanese company called Nitori, they don’t have Nitori in Canada. Her doorbell rang during the live show so that she could go get her curtains, I don’t know any Canadian city that has the sun shining at the exact same time that it would be in Japan, let alone a delivery person whom would be knocking on someone’s door at around two in the morning, I live in Japan so I know that every time she does live show it’s exact same time as me because you can see the light from the sun in her live shows.

No. 527209

I don’t understand her. She’s going back and forth from insulting Mira to accusing PULL members for being crazy/paranoid for thinking Mira may be lying about her living situation yet again.

No. 527210

File: 1527997224862.jpg (99.14 KB, 573x643, Lk4KjC5.jpg)

Nice, one-dimensional photoshopped text you got there. Looks so real! Couldn’t use a more convincing font or texture effect?

>Other people who are pointing out this nonsense are not on her side, we are just using our brains!

Nah, it’s just you. Stop pretending you are multiple people based on your numerous email accounts.

>parents bacement


No. 527219

It looks so real because it is

This guy is completely real and it has already been proven by several different people on PULL. At the same time several different people have also forgotten that fact and came out thinking that it’s her, it’s not. It’s really best to get over it or somebody please post the proof at the top of every single page regarding her because it’s really getting annoying when people keep mentioning stuff that’s already been talked about in the past.

No. 527220

Unless you’re part of the crew that really truly thinks she doesn’t live in Japan it anymore and is hiding away in Canada, then I guess no matter how much proof you see that that guy is a real guy, you really won’t believe it. Because of her doing a live show outside in Japan on her Instagram can’t prove her location, then I really don’t know what will.

No. 527223

Im still waiting to see a proof of that guy existence

No. 527224

>conspiracy theories
lololl why are you talking in third person, Mira?

No. 527229

The only 'required' vax I can find is for pilgrims coming from Western countries:
>Meningococcal Meningitis - Visitors arriving for Umrah, Hajj or for seasonal work in Hajj zones, are required to submit a valid vaccination certificate
>Vaccination with ONE of the following vaccines is acceptable: Quadrivalent (ACWY) polysaccharide vaccine within the last 3 years. Quadrivalent (ACWY) conjugate vaccine within the last 5 years.
Reading comprehension is not Mira's strong point as we know.

No. 527234

File: 1528003787019.jpg (145.1 KB, 1242x814, 77OxkMr.jpg)

^Look, another shitty cut and paste job. This is high school level editing. How stupid are you?

Post the proof of SEVERAL PEOPLE from PULL saying that Kristian Mathisen CURRENTLY runs his page.

You’re giving up? Cool. Just leave already and don’t come back. You mean it this time, right?

No. 527236

Are you also going to say that every single video and picture that she posted of her in Japan is also photo shopped ?

She posted a video of her drinking three different kinds of Japanese juice, are you going to say that this video is old too?

Because the other day she posted a live show on Twitter where she showed the exact same sofa. In her live show on YouTube yesterday, She showed the empty bottles and was still drinking the same juice.

No. 527237

miranda, I did a better job with photoshop and other image editing software when I was a brat beginning middle school. Try again. The above pictures only prove you suck at photoshop, just take a look at your lousy avatars and piss poor editing you do with your videos.
Just stop because the longer you bark in here, you're just digging yourself in deeper shit.

No. 527238

Shows how much you pay attention to her Twitter, those pictures were not even drawn by her. You stalk her less than I do and we both hate her. The only differences are I use logic when I point out someone’s issues. But is soon as I do that then you accuse me of being her, I think it’s the fools way of saying I can’t admit that I’m wrong .

No. 527245

>She was drinking juice!

Oh, wow. Totally convinced. Yeah. Because Japanese juice is only sold in Japan. Not like I went to Japanese markets when I lived in America. /s

>Using basic editing program = “drawing”

Lord. Nobody can be this obtuse.

>I use logic

Bitch, you can’t even display age-appropriate reading comprehension or grammar. You lose.

No. 527248

You use logic? Lmao!
Same logic that a "woman of science" such as yourself uses to find so many science inside the Koran?

Don't be ridiculous miranda… are you really this stupid?

No. 527257

File: 1528010660641.jpg (79.36 KB, 786x598, fghjnk.jpg)

No. 527294

funny how even without the mispellings you can always tell it's her. the "below average intelligence" just radiates out of her comments.

No. 527321


Hey, this is "NaruNaru", checked this website today and found this comment.

Commenting with full honesty.

I was supporting him and his channel long back since I've helped him get out of the sticky situation with Miranda, even gave some good suggestions for him to improve on his channel. But recently I've stepped back from Jvloggers and the community as a whole (a lot of vloggers outside of Japan as well). It's gotten too toxic for me and I'd rather live a simple life. The narcissistic selfish atmosphere has giving me headaches and I'd rather not want to get engaged in this activity.

Thank you for mentioning I kiss his butt, but if you knew the situation as a whole from the beginning you wouldn't even have to mention something about myself.

If you have any further questions, you are very welcome to message me through my YouTube channel. I'd be more than happy to answer them all.

No. 527337

Tell us all the dirty details
If you really know Rodi and Miranda’s personal life.

No. 527344

>so i dont know what to do
get those fucking shots maybe? there's another reason she doesnt qualify for visa definitely. like no financial means for example. getting shots for a foreign country could be easily organized if one really wanted to go there.

No. 527480

>we both hate her

Oddly, no one here or on PULL ever says that they hate her.

Only Miranda says we hate her or she says it herself when trying to sock puppet.

No. 527651

Anyone see her Japanese video she uploaded ?

No. 527681


I saw it. Her Japanese is atrocious as always, horrible pronunciation with a very heavy accent and mistakes that a serious Japanese language student at beginner level wouldn't make.

No. 527712

Her Instagram stories once again prove she is in Japan.

No. 527725

We'll see where she is 90 days from now when the waiver runs out. Expect a quick trip abroad.

No. 527726

But we would have to follow her to see those old videos. Nice try, visa-hopper!

No. 527739


Really, miranda?
A picture of a package of carrots and milk is the great proof that you are in Japan?
Shit, woman, you seriously take stupidity to a whole new level!!
There you go, found something you're really great at!!! Being absolutely stupid!

No. 527751

She did Instagram live show. In the live show she had the exact same couch and exact same tatami floor. The same curtains and wall display of her Muslim stuff. All the same as the background that can be found in her newest Japanese video.

Are you really trying to tell me
That she not only renovated her Canadian house to look like Japanese house (with tatami and brought over Nitori curtains in the box so she can fake having them delivered)
She bought all her pet stuff in Japan before coming (the pet stuff had Japanese writing)
She also imported juice and other Japanese food (she as multiple times showed that)
Got her friend Momomochi to lie about where they were (they uploaded videos on Instagram story in Shibuya and at fox village together. If she went long time ago then it means she got her friend to lie too)

Momomochi was in Japan from at least March till May. They went to Disneyland in May because it is too cold and not raining in March or April. The people in the videos and pictures had t-shirts.

In Mira’s live show she put on glasses and you could see the sun outside. She showed her phone and you could see it’s connected to SoftBank. She showed her Japanese air conditioner remote. Are you really that deep in your theory that you think she brought a Japanese remote to Canada JUST to fool us all.

Honestly. The more I read about this “she isn’t in Japan” conspiracy. The more I start to want to move away from these websites. I feel I might start liking her. She may have crazy annoying ideas and give a weird vibe. At least she’s not insane to ignore obvious evidence. There is no way that she isn’t in Japan. Zero.

No. 527755


So, then please “move on from these sites”.

No one cares if you’re here anyway. Go kiss Miranda’s ass elsewhere.

Also, as previously said, You can order curtains online and have them shipped.

Second, I have Noritake china that I got as a gift from my aunt who works at Noritake.

Noritake china, here, in Georgia.

No. 527759

Take screenshots, bitch. You can write tale after tale but it’s NOT PROOF just because you said YOU saw it. That is merely hearsay. And the what the fuck is with you and talking about the position of the sun? “Science” from the Qur’an?

It’s so cute. You never change. “Mira was just live now and she showed all proof that she is in Japan! But it’s now gone/she deleted it”.

>Honestly. The more I read about this “she isn’t in Japan” conspiracy. The more I start to want to move away from these websites. I feel I might start liking her.

You’ve played this character before, asshole. A few times, here and on PULL. You come on here pretending to be an objective critic. Mention that you HATE Mira but somehow rage at anyone who even jokes about the White Japanese Muslim Queen. You argue with everybody and call them crazy. Call yourself logical and give a play by play of each detail of a live or YouTube video. When nobody buys your shit, you claim that you are now a fan of Mira because REASONS.

Holy shit! I just noticed that not only is the air freshener cut and pasted into the car picture, but it is from the exact same perspective of photographing it flat on the desk. It is literally the same image as the right! She didn’t even tweak the perspective a bit to make it look like it was hanging freely or turning a bit. Just the same head on image.

No. 527762

Nitori does not ship to Canada. They also wouldn’t ship to Canada at 4am.

She opened the box live on camera. The door rang and she got them. It was light outside. She showed the box and paper from Nitori. It was around 4 in the afternoon Japan time.

No. 527767

She is live on YouTube now.

No. 527768

10 glorious minutes of her talking about spiders and actually killing spiders with a feather duster while being live.

No. 527771


That I do not have the answer to your question, really sorry about that. I only know what happened after he reached out to me for help. Before reaching out, it's not my responsibility nor my interest in getting to know in detailed. Whatever happened is long gone in the past anyway. Both of them aren't in contact anymore.

No. 527782


Full of hit as usual. Nitori USA. Whose main office is in Ontario.


No. 527783

God. Mira is bitching about how “intrusive” immigration was during the interview process for naturalization. She was “shocked and appalled” that she, as a Muslim woman(yes, she said that), was being asked about information concerning her shady 2 month marriage from 7 years ago. As a Muslim woman! Uh, yeah. That is typical information they want to know, especially since you publicly claimed that you got teijuusha from that marriage AFTER you had a student visa. There are so many scam marriages to foreigners. Of course they are going to ask you about that!

She is still going on. Very angry about her empty refrigerator being examined and not getting softball questions. Literally said that the guy was judging her with “evil eyes” and she is all worked up about them doing their fucking job!

Omg. Stop talking about you empty refrigerator and creepy, dead apartment! They had good reason to be suspicious of your abnormal living situation. Someone in the comments brought up an excellent point. One thing they look for is illegal activity such as human trafficking. Also drug smuggling.

No. 527785

but you forget randa is muslim woman, but still oh so very japanese. she clearly expected the immigration officer to come to have tea. obviously she'd ask for milk, and tell him to get it from the fridge, which he'd find empty but sparkly clean. then he'd say "there is no milk" and she'd pass the test because the japanese don't drink milk in their tea! then a bunch of women in kimono would come in and sing the enka version of the japanese national anthem while the immigration officer gives her a certificate that certifies her 100% nihonjin.

No. 527786


Here's the info on the company:


If you click on the CEO's name, it shows that Nitori USA, is part of Nitori Japan.

No. 527788

Oh, look. KM is a moderator of the live chat…

Going on about her train card and not being able to explain to the inspector that she had accumulated free rides that did not show up in paid ticket records. Repeatedly calling the inspector STUPID and saying he is uneducated about the JR system when she didn’t even know how records were kept.

Hey, Mira. Ever stop to think that he DID know and was testing you? You clearly were not prepared for this process and underestimated how strict the process can be.

Even worse, she is back at insulting immigration, calling them all variations of stupid, because they told her to expect registered mail and she chose took off to Kagoshima for TWO WEEKS. You can never do something like that! You can’t blow off the fucking government. She didn’t even give them advanced notice or have someone receive the mail for her. She thinks special exceptions should be made just for her and that the government should not expect her to keep track of dates or be available during what is supposed to be one of the most important times of her life.

Mira: you fumbled so much, were lazy and are revoltingly entitled. This is JAPAN! Do you not understand how this is typical of tests, interviews and other trials that regular Japanese people take? You always have to be prepared and have your shit in order. You can not be a disrespectful, spoiled child. Even the most insignificant detail may be considered and you can no longer use your “gaijin card” for being ignorant. You don’t know what it is like to be Japanese and you never cared.

No. 527789

Did she forget how extremely selective the japanese immigration is? The whole world know about that and somehow she thinks officials will butch their job and overlook obvious details and make a special execption to allow Miranda to stay in?
Funny and stupid, as always. At least it's entertaining and maybe one day when she finaly decide to give up her stupid life she can write a book about "Things not to do in Japan - from a true story"

No. 527793

a friend couldve played the role of the supplier person. especially since she shoved this stuff in the camera lense makes it extra fishy.
case closed.

No. 527795

didnt she convert to islam only after the naturalization?

No. 527796

File: 1528133179557.jpg (79.85 KB, 1166x866, Opera Momentaufnahme_2018-06-0…)

sitting in a weird clangorous empty room.

No. 527797

from her live
>as soon as they see someone in hijab they assume its about being muslim
the fuck is wrong in her brain

No. 527799

and seeeeeeveral times pointing at how she cant fast this week
>dont ask why, just google it
>or check my toilet
hinting at her having her period

No. 527800

File: 1528134194494.jpg (54.55 KB, 591x587, sdfghjkdfghjk.jpg)

No. 527807

She also bitched about her best friend who stopped contacting her after she transformed into a terrorist cosplayer

DUH…. are you that thick miranda?

Ppl become friends because they share things in common … something… anything in common… and you went from a white weeabo, party-club-bar-booze loving woman to being a fanatic, extremist isis wannabe, WHAT THE F DO YOU EXPECT?

Of course you are free to fuck up your own life over and over but don't expect ppl to stick around lmao
I think any friend that simply stopped contacting you or "hanging out" as you say, was kind to not say to your face youve gone from bad to terrible, and instead of hurting your feelings they just don't contact you anymore.
Let's be honest, not many ppl wanna be seen in public with someone who looks like a mix of a dirty mop and an isis recruit! Can't blame them, no matter if you're in Canada or Japan!

No. 527808


what naturalization? she was denied japanese citizenship and it was after converting to islam. Japanese immigration is tough, everyone knows it and unlike the shit she says their not stupid, takes simple search and investigating online to knows what kind of person she is.
they'd never allow her to become citizen

No. 527835

my bad
*attempt for naturalization

No. 527899

talk about change!
She said in her live that "its in peoples heads that her channel has changed at all after she became muslim because nothing has changed and her videos are still ALL about japan" …. and her newest video is her in her all black terrorist cosplay outfit, in some peoples house eating some disgusting grub and some kind of supplement from a bottle written in Hindi (Arabic?) …
another nothing to do with japan video


miranda cant even keep up with her own lies.

No. 527933

I'm so glad Miranda has come back to visit us, it makes the thread more interesting and hints at other shit she wants to distract from.

No. 527969

It truly looks like she is in a prison cell. She calls this an upgrade?

I’m the Japan anon from >>527783 and >>527788
I tried my best to stay up to watch this mess but not only was it ridiculously late to be doing a live show(past 3am!) with work in the morning, I just couldn’t stand to listen to her rude, selfish ass anymore. I tuned out a little past 3am, after her phone app sounded a call to prayer and she was blabbing about the fruit fly infestation in her house. Clean up your garbage, Mira.

Oh, my God! Throughout the entire show, referring to immigration: “I was like, Duh! This is dumb. This person is stupid. They are so stupid. How stupid are you? They are bad at their job. The don’t have brains. Duh! They don’t know how to do their job. They should have just watched my YouTube channel or did a background check instead of asking ME these questions. Duh! Stupid this, stupid that.” She just would not stop insulting the inspectors, calling everything stupid, making them out to be villains and refusing to take any responsibility for her extreme ignorance, terrible planning and rudeness. I almost couldn’t believe what I was watching.

She didn’t stop at insulting those government workers just doing their jobs. She also went on a rant about shako shomeisho, the certificate of parking registration for privately owned cars which requires the owner to secure a parking spot within 2km of their main residence. Again, she was calling the police office worker stupid, mocking her voice, calling the law STUPID because Mira was inconvenienced when she did not do her homework. She made it seem like she bought a car with someone else BEFORE she made sure she would have a parking spot. But now she was angry because she has to follow the rules like everyone else!

Japanese bureaucracy and its often complicated paperwork and regulations is famous. Japanese strict immigration policy is even more famous. How can she not be used this already? She has the audacity to call herself Japanese and says this culture is her own, but she does nothing but bitch and want to force her old cultural values onto this country. She used to say she hated people like that.

The only agreeable thing she complained about was Japanese drinking culture and how upsetting it is to see parents getting shit-faced drunk in front of their kids. However, she could not remain sensible for long. She became more and more irate until she said that if she had her way, parents that so much as TOUCHED alcohol near their kids should be thrown in jail or receive the DEATH PENALTY!

No. 527993


She finally realized that she will never be Japanese. It finally sunk in to that retarded brain of hers. Now, she is angry at them because her delusions are shattered

No. 528041

I haven't had the chance to read all of this but I recently had experience with Mira and as someone who was brought up Muslim I want to say this girl is fucking nuts. she's more religious than anyone I met here in my own Muslim country. I don't know where she gets her info from but fuck she's so brainwashed!!! and she blocks whoever tries to teach her. I'm not religious myself and hate religion but this girl got the wrong info. how the fuck did she become like this? why does she dress like a hobo now? makes me laugh when she corrects arab muslims who were born into this religion.

No. 528047

She's an expert in whatever she's obsessed with. First punk music as a teenager, then Japan, and now Islam. She takes everything that isn't kissing her ass as an insult. If you want to be entertained for a while, read this whole thread, or go to Pretty Ugly Little Liar and read hundreds of pages of her drama.

No. 528048

That happens a lot tho. "Born again Christians" are exactly like that too, ridiculously religious, like to the extreme.

Who knows if she really cares for the religion or shes just trying to save face after converting for that guy.

No. 528053

what guy? looks like I need to read this thread.

I just HATE how she sent me bullshit proof about covering your face in Islam. She was arguing with me, An Arab who studied about Islam since I was a kid. like who the f are you to teach me now?

No. 528055


Like I said, from party-club-bar-booze loving woman to extremist terrorist wannabe who wants to kill everyone who touches alcohol.
If she's still in Japan, then she's in the wrong place given the huge huge drinking culture over there. And who the fuck she think she is to wish death to people who are from this culture, the culture that she once did everything to belong to, but only had massive failure. So now they're bad and she's the holiest, most righteous Islamic person of all.
Fuck her, no wonder she has no friends.
I finished Uni study and only caught the part she was bitching about one friend who stopped contacting her after her convertion to islam.
She should be thankful she had kind and gracious friends who only booted her from their lives without telling her how much of a psycho she's become.
When she gets tired of the isis lifestyle, not sure her muslim mates will treat her with the same courtesy her party ex friends treated her.

No. 528057


speaking of conversion, someone at PULL just said she converted after she got denied for japanese citizenship hahaha that's why i don't like PULL, they have some idiot members there who talk so much shit.
miranda converted to muslim in early july and she got the letter saying she was denied in august.
anyone can guess what the reason for denial was? besides visa kun fake marriage, internet drama (bet the inspectors she calls stupid didnt have a hard time looking her up online and seeing what kind of bitch she is) and being lazy as fuck as to not hold a steady paying job? ha…

No. 528060

People on here are no better.


She was denied in May. BEFORE she was Muslim.

No. 528061

Here son….


Besides, by the time she went to watch the summer fireworks in the end of July (wearing the head scarf with the yukata) she was still hopeful to be approved… said in a live that she deleted, like many others….

No. 528066

Yes she uploaded that video at that time, but her tweet was in May saying she was denied. Read the comments. She mentions it there too.

No. 528069


hmm lots of contradictions with anons here but around mid june she was already a muslim wannabe trying to befriend people online related to islam and middle eastern countries and she contacted me and my brother because we're arab muslims who came to do some studying in japan, trying to set up a meet up with us, but after some mail exchange we noticed how brainwashed she was, full of wrong information and fully refusing to listen to anything we tried to correct her as muslim born arabs, so we just said we were too busy to continue with meet up plans.
but she said she was japanese, introduced herself as japanese to us and when we said she didn't look japanese she just said she was going to get her citizenship approval soon.
we had no idea of her life of drama youtuber, we just thought she was a confused girl trying to be muslim with very wrong idea and information.
only after she contacted someone we know recently, we knew what kind of person she was.
she is so crazy and brainwashed, and after reading this forum, we are happy we did not have more contact with her.

No. 528081

what job does she have in Tokyo? whats her visa?

No. 528084

File: 1528193315790.jpg (222.98 KB, 1242x1008, mira.jpg)

We like screenshots, it's easier.

No. 528085

Oh look you made her friend KM tweet her

No. 528087

How convenient “KM” just dropped by now! Almost like… they have been posting nonstop for years, pretending to be different people.

Lol. Every time it’s “Hey, Mira. Look at this post I happened to find. Let’s see what you have to say!”

The only religion Mira is devoted to is checking lolcow every hour. The only thing she hasn’t failed at.

No. 528088

File: 1528195719898.jpg (268.94 KB, 1242x1447, YjqS8sy.jpg)

Hahahaha! She is insane. I thought she had a job and didn’t waste time with “haters”? No. Must post it for all her followers to see!

No. 528089


We know that reading comprehension is not Miranda's strong point. Guy above said clearly that SHE was looking to make friends into the islam arab community and SHE contacted them trying to be friends.

But Miranda's version became HE contacted her. Lmao!
Guy also said he had no idea who she was, just thought she was "some confused girl"!

Yeah, right, Miranda/KM.

No. 528090


Kanadajin3 + Miranda = KM

Just initials, not really creative eh?

No. 528093

I think her point is that she is saying they are lieing because she doesn’t mail any men. Regardless if they contact her or she contacts them.

No. 528095

File: 1528197893624.png (7.53 KB, 390x470, e4c6a202efb6bb4b48e1bff276abbb…)

>Astafiralla May Allah forgive this person for backbiting during Ramadan and for spreading untruth
lmao bitch, ask Allah to forgive you for pretending not be you when you comment on here.

oh the keks

No. 528096

File: 1528198056994.png (214.35 KB, 954x821, s.png)

Mirandanese never fails.

No. 528097

I think it came from Kristian Mathisen, who posted in that account normally for a few years before being reborn as Mira’s mindless attack dog.


Mira. Please. Step AWAY from the keyboard or keypad. Loosen your hijab a bit because I’m concerned it’s impairing your circulation. Go find yourself a nice Mohammad to mash chickpeas with.

No. 528100

She posted a selfie on twitter, my computer is not letting me take a screenshot.
Go check it out lmao she looks like some Russian country old lady

No. 528105

Miranda please take a rest.

No. 528123

File: 1528210303657.jpeg (132.23 KB, 640x637, 0CF58B9E-0C71-400A-BD81-CAFF6B…)

Here you go!

Tbh I don’t think she looks like an old Russian woman, this is the same bag lady fashion you see all over Tokyo that’s in style now. If anything sheblooks like she’s cosplayig one of Dakota’s ugly outfit selfies sans face.

No. 528129

File: 1528211411086.png (100.63 KB, 635x797, stuff.png)


Screenshot because you know she'll block them soon as she reads it. (Plus, I checked, she was still hanging out with Rodi, etc at that time)

No. 528153


Lmao priceless!! Great comment anon above.

And you know why she's majorly pissed off?
Because the timeline matches perfectly lmao

Mid June, still trying to impress rodi and get into his pants, starts being very very interested in anything islam related, trying head scarves, ordering shit from ebay … so yeah, totally believable she started trying to befriend muslim arabs, to show off to rodi

miranda your bullshit is not hard to figure out lmao no matter how much you lie, you suck at it

No. 528156

She hasn't even been muslim for a year but she's pretending she was muslim her whole life. I can really see her real personality under this new persona.
"Screw these HATERS this person is a liar! Ask my friends! pulls out sock puppets I would never sleep around to get attention or a visa. you guys don't know the real me"

She's already starting to crack, going back to her old ways. Being too outspoken, talking about haters, spreading hate and rumors herself. Certainly not a quiet muslim woman.

Did she also think everyone forgot that she already said she converted for Rodi and they can totes be muslim buddies and will "respect" his girl friend? She certainly had no respect for the woman when she was harassing Rodi.

No. 528157

lol what? Just last year she was at some kind of Penis festival? classic

No. 528166

File: 1528222624452.jpg (73.88 KB, 736x500, screencapture-instagram-p-BSYb…)

No. 528168

File: 1528223088440.jpg (109.13 KB, 642x774, jkkjgjhfgf.jpg)

No. 528171

File: 1528223415332.jpg (123.08 KB, 644x780, 1.jpg)

No. 528173

File: 1528223427874.jpg (84.04 KB, 641x590, 2.jpg)

No. 528175

If the man calling her out is Muslim she should be worried. Rumors spread fast in this community and Mira is a slutty white woman who recently converted for dick. It seems most of her adult life was focused on getting a husband. First it was being Japanese to get a husband, now it's being muslim to snatch one.
I'm not even sure this muslim phase will last over a year at this rate

No. 528178

File: 1528224073025.jpg (117.4 KB, 643x723, 3.jpg)

No. 528232

That awkward moment when you find out that Miranda actually did look up on the internet to tell the rape ratio from north america…. She can actually use the internet!! (obviously only to point out things that match her agenda… details)

No. 528237

Oh god why isn‘t miranda locked up yet?

No. 528240

So can I hahaha

forwarding to 3:14 after last year summer fireworks, she is at a restaurant with …
TWO YOUNG MEN who do look middle eastern…

I knew I had seen a video of hers with middle eastern looking guys somewhere and after reading what the arab guy posted above, I had to do some digging during free time this afternoon and voila…
Miranda caught in yet another lie hahaha
And on top, she's wearing the head scarf … so much for the holy muslim lecture , she's just an attention whore so full of deep shit.

No. 528366

She’s married. That’s obviously why she doesn’t hang out with any “strange” men. That is probably who’s car it is too. She kept talking about having a car. She is hiding it for one or two possible reasons.

1. She just doesn’t want to tell
2. He is Saudi Arabian and it’s acually illegal to marry a foreigner.

No. 528368

She only started studying Arabic AFTER she converted? Before that, she was already starting her Muslim cosplay and saying she was ready for the UAE! >>525462

No. 528383

Because there's no such thing as Cringe Prison.

No. 528386

File: 1528255257508.jpg (221.43 KB, 1557x1024, mira.jpg)

How does the Saudi husband feel about the illegitimate half-German baby, is what I want to know?

No. 528387


No. 528407

Relax dear anon. It's from a classic Mira self post in a past thread.

No. 528408

Is there any ACTUAL concrete proof Mira is married to some Saudi man? It seems like some bullshit she would post in the thread herself considering the other weird shit she would self post about. I'm sure if she got married to a muslim dude she would be showing that shit off everywhere to get back at rhodi, that and it's so hard for me to believe that any guy would marry her now that she doesn't put any work into her looks and resembles a monkey now

No. 528410

Cmon now we all know there's no Saudi husbando.

No. 528411

She wouldn’t if it’s illegal marriage. In Saudi Arabia it is illegal for their citizens to marry a foreigner and you can be put in jail and charged. Maybe even the death penalty. If she got married and talked about it then she would risk her husband being thrown in jail. That is the only logical reason as to why I think she would hide it. Then again she also hid the fact that she had a Swedish boyfriend.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 528412

I don’t think he would be Saudi. Those guys tend to have money and want to sleep with bimbos when they’re abroad. The younger guys looking for wives still like girls that take minimal pride in their appearance, hijab or not.

But any other Muslim-majority country that has a lot of visitors/students in Japan, like Pakistan or Malaysia , it wouldn’t be difficult for her to find a husband. I don’t thinks she will date Japanese(or they just won’t date her) anymore.

No. 528415

I think the reason why people suspect he is Saudi is because she has mentioned getting a lot of “stuff” from Saudi Arabia. In a live show she said that her niqab and cloak are from Saudi Arabia but she did not buy it online. She said her friend gave it to her. She said she had dates from Saudi Arabia that her friend brought for her, but she doesn’t tell the friends gender and was using the pronoun “they”. She also said she is learning Arabic from “people”. She also uses a lot of Arabic songs in her Instagram and twitter videos that some people have pointed out to be Saudi songs. This could all be influence by this man. She even bought mans socks. She claims they are for her but that could just be a cover too.

No. 528416

File: 1528264131500.jpg (10.13 KB, 305x269, glasses.jpg)

That makes way too much sense…

No. 528417

No it doesn't, Miranda.

You can do/have all those things without being married to a Saudi. That's like saying a weeaboo who's learning Japanese, listening to songs, has kimonos and snacks must be getting it all from a Jap husband. You can get it yourself.

No. 528419


No. 528421

But there is this KMrurouni you have to factor in to the equation. Assuming he is a real man, what Muslim husband, especially a strict Saudi husband/fiancé, would allow such a bizarre, inappropriate relationship to exist. Even a liberal, Western husband would be very disturbed by their interaction and the way Mira shares intimate details with him.

No. 528422

I don't have proof but my gut instinct tells me KM is like 99% chance to be a girl.

No. 528427

She wouldn’t even show the package the dates came it. That’s a huge red flag. She stumbled as to the reason why, mentioning something about privacy. I am sure all Saudi Arabian dates can be found at the market and look the same.

No. 528428

I think KM and the other mod Monica are the same people. Both are always liking each others comments.

No. 528431

But who do the pictures of that guy on the account belong to? Who was that guy in the past and why does he slip in and out of sounding word-for-word exactly like Mira? Sometimes I think he is a real superfan that allows her share account, but what would be the benefit of that for him? They never acknowledged that they ever met in real life. If I were Mira, I would actually be very afraid of a man like that.

No. 528432

correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't this man (KM) once go on PULL defending Mira and got so mad that he started making edgelord threats to rape the users? "I'm coming to rape you, wait for the knock on the door", something like that.

No. 528433


On second thought I think it is a dude……

No. 528435

Such a marriage would be pointless.

No. 528436

No because maybe he will apply for Japanese citizenship or Canadian? Not everyone gets married just to show the world. It’s between them two. I just means he will never be able to go back to his country.

No. 528437

>Saudi guy gives up citizenship to a most desired country, the one he's from, to become Japanese citizen alongside his deformed Canadian wife.
I must say you've got a vivid imagination sweetie.

No. 528440

Yes, they did! They did that here too, getting extremely vulgar and saying how we wanted to cum inside Mira. There was another time there was a threat on PULL about hacking user accounts to expose identities if they didn’t delete Mira’s threads in a certain amount of time and then spamming links to a virus.

A Saudi Arabian WILL NOT get Japanese citizenship, especially not through an impossible candidate like Mira. For them to marry in the first place, she would need to be approved by his family(if he is conservative) then get special permission from the SA government to marry. There are 17 requirements that he must meet to get that permission. A marriage in Japan is not an legal option for either of them. That really only leaves Canadian marriage.

No. 528447

sorry but that's total bullshit. there are many Saudis both women and men married to foreigners (white). no death penalty on such a thing. you sound very white with your comment

No. 528502

Just as white as you are, randa. Why are you so ashamed of your ethnicity for fuck's sake?

No. 528503

there's nothing about that anon's post that suggests they're Miranda, they just corrected your false statement.

This whole "she's married to a Saudi" was probably spread by her though. She must get off of gullible anons believing her fantasy and ethnic fetishism. On top of being unattractive, Mira has a cocksicle-licking past that I doubt will make getting a conservative Saudi husband such a breeze.

No. 528521

How much do you think she regrets dumping the one Japanese guy stupid enough to marry her? Or at least not waitinnuntil she had PR to dump him.

No. 528545

that was before when she thought she was smoking hot and "the most attractive female jvlogger"
I think she's aware she looks deformed. At least now she can put a literal bag over her head now.

No. 528661

sometimes i wonder if that's half the reason she enjoys covering up to so much, especially a niqab.

No. 528730

too bad for her, she can't cover the most fucked feature she has; her weird fugly retard eyes.

No. 528809

Why do I have the thought that if good old 'randa wouldnt be stirring up this thread all over again this thread would be dead because she is old ass boring?

No. 528813

But you forget she never come on haters website, like she claimed so many time ;)

But yes, the only reason we're still talking about her is because she stir shits up every now and then.

No. 528824

I just check in once in a while to see what other poor life choices she makes. I'm waiting for her new phase or to see if she goes full isis

No. 528826


No. She actually thinks she's "special" because she's now depriving the world of seeing her and it's only for her future (or current) husbando.

No. 528856

File: 1528419982374.jpg (91.21 KB, 952x967, bS0BD2U.jpg)

Amazing how ^THIS was her religion more than a year ago.

Well, not only is KM/Mira reposting what is going on in this thread so her followers can link back to here, but she is now frequently quoting her own tweets and YouTube replies to try to show off her “sick burns” to the haters. And she is trying to generate all this drama and negative publicity DURING RAMADAN! She couldn’t even wait one more week and at least pretend to respect Islam.

No. 529052

Why is she making all these videos showing her eating and drinking during Ramadan? Yes, not all women have to fast. Menstruating, pregnant and lactacting women are exempt. But it's considered rude af to do so openly, you're supposed to do so subtly.

My friend isn't even Muslim, she's Christian, but her husband is Muslim and during Ramadan she does not fast but she makes it a point to eat when he's out of sight. He doesn't demand it of her or anything, but think about it. If someone around you can't eat, it's kinda tacky to be like "mmm look at these delicious chips, don't they look great" in front of them

No. 529057

> Why is she making all these videos showing her eating and drinking during Ramadan?

Because she's not Muslim. She's a pathetic caricature, just like when she was "Japanese". Fasting isn't fun for her, not in the same way co-opting a culture to stroke her ego is, so she doesn't fast - her confused interpretation of Islam is just an excuse to be holier-than-thou and try to pretend to herself that men would want her if she didn't take the precaution of wrapping herself in a curtain.

No. 529087

File: 1528488737231.jpg (92.63 KB, 590x623, wut.jpg)

No. 529088

File: 1528488938440.jpg (63.3 KB, 638x719, new curtain.jpg)

No. 529089

File: 1528489026505.jpg (89.76 KB, 586x625, the icing on my cake of my rep…)

No. 529171

Quoting herself, being a stuck up asshole, during Ramadan. So self-absorbed.

And YES, Mira. Most Muslim women on their period TRY to be respectful about their eating so they do not distract their family/friends who are participating in the fast. That means eating out of sight or keeping food aromas at a minimum. Even non-Muslims with Muslim friends try to be considerate. How is this the first time you have heard this? Oh, right. Mira has never understood GOOD MANNERS and not thinking only of herself.

No. 529184

lol I love the irony of her. the comments she's most proud of are of her being nasty to people, causing negativity. same Miranda as always, I remember waaay back when she was first spotted by PULL, this is the reason she was posted there in the first place for discussion. Random j-vlogger with no drama, except that any time she responded to someone in the comments it was to be an insatiable cunt.

No. 529188

I remember when she was first posted! Before the sock puppets. Before she was “Best White Japanese”. She was introduced there because she was always so rude in her comments section. At the time, her videos were simple and entertaining so no one was really criticizing her content yet. It was just her terrible attitude that stuck out from the rest of the Jvloggers.

She has grown like a toxic butterfly since then!

No. 529510


I actually feel like even her Muslim "friends" don't consider her Muslim. Look at the video where she visits her "friends":

These videos to me are even cringier to watch than the ~most Japanese Mira~ videos somehow. Like weebs are a dime a dozen but cosplaying in niqab is just… really uncomfortable to watch

No. 529516

can someone tell me why she sometimes covers her face, and sometimes not? why she sometimes is wearing head to toe black chiffon and sometimes threw some old drapes on her head?

I mean, the obvious reason is that she's full of shit. But is this a thing some muslim women actually do? where they just kinda float around between varying forms of 'modesty'?

No. 529519


Why does she eat so weirdly? is it her deformed mouth and teeth or just her bad manners?

No. 529597

cause she doesn't understand anything about being muslim. any muslim woman required to wear a burka or niqab would never be allowed to wear a hijab outside the home. and any muslim woman not required to wear burka or niqab would never wear it because it's not even something they choose to wear themselves. it's either required by law or demanded by their father or husband.

No. 529741

Both! Her teeth are large and overcrowded and her eating habits have always been atrocious. She is almost always snacking with her mouth open during her live shows.

This is true. No Muslim woman flips back and forth from ultra conservative to thrift store denim casual voluntarily. If a Muslim woman chooses to wear niqab willingly, she does not remove it in public or for a camera.

Her “astaghfirullah” was so awkward in that video.

No. 529777


this is what I thought! I can imagine a muslim women becoming more or less modest over time. But not in the matter of days/weeks…or over the course of one fucking video lmao

honestly the whole time I watched this video I was thinking this bitch is actually retarded. Not in the pejorative sense or the slur. Like there is literally something underdeveloped in her fucking head

No. 529847

Some people cover on more religious/sacred days, like Sabbath/Jummah/whatever

No. 529969

Yes, situations where they have to or there is pressure to. What Mira is doing is simply cosplay and it’s ridiculous. Niqab on then off in the same house, just because she wanted to show herself eating? That’s not how it works.

You can see just from her Twitter how born-Muslim Hijabi do not follow her and/or are the ones that have a problem with her. It is mainly thirsty men and new converts that encourage Mira’s ignorant behavior.

No. 530634

Saw a couple of minutes of her vimto video. I think she gave up on brushing her teeth too just like her life.

No. 530779

Why is her hijab always in her eyes? Her eyelashes have to hit it when she blinks. I've never seen a real Muslim woman with a hijab wrapped that sloppy and close to her face.