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File: 1480370432768.png (80.35 KB, 275x153, 1471974889288.png)

No. 319570

Cont. from >>319509

Miranda Ann Constable sinks further in to delusional territory.

>Japanese-Americans can't claim to be "Japanese" because they weren't born there despite the fact that Miranda claims to be "Japanese" despite not having been born there.

>Thinks Europe is one large country with a single culture.

>Thinks the 24 time system refers to money.

No. 319575

No. 319580

The shit I love/hate about Mira is that she thinks everything is fucking nihon. Despite most of the things she says she's only ever done in Japan and that they don't have in canada are things that are fairly common in europe. such culture shock for the nihon weeb princess.

No. 319587

This bitch is so dumb, so ugly and such a weeb that i can't read her threads. I really wish I could, she's milky and I really need to laugh. I mean I can't stand Onion but I'm passionate about everything onion related because of how much I hate him. Still, Mira is too much… reading her threads want to make me punch her in the face in hopes it can fix her ugly looks, kek.
Sage cuz irrelevant.

No. 319588

Reading her threads makes me want*

No. 319592

File: 1480374055089.png (1.05 MB, 1242x2208, 1480181063121.png)

Here's here genius screed on "culture" from the last thread, because it's just too good..

No. 319594

The funniest part is despite how ugly she is, she's much uglier on the inside. I don't even know how it's possible.

No. 319600

I bet she resents the entire world for how she looks. Or she legitimately isn't aware that she's ugly as sin. Still haven't decided.

No. 319603

if she genuinely believes that she looks good, then there's a part of me that's slightly jealous of such stupid confidence

No. 319605


Oh god my drink shot thru my nose from reading this. Why does it never get old listening to people call her ugly ?


This picture should be meme'd.

No. 319610

File: 1480379238799.jpg (66.89 KB, 500x355, tumblr_nwfdekPoeQ1rmytoso1_500…)

No. 319615

I swear its like she used Google Translate to write that comment. Why is her English so shitty??

No. 319617

sometimes I think that she must be doing that to seem more 'Japanese' but then I remember that she's just an uneducated hick

No. 319620

I've had a huge hate-boner for this bitch ever since I saw this video of her stupid ass eating whale meat. I'm sure the giant dosage of methylmercury she consumes in this video did nothing to help her intelligence levels.

No. 319621

>whale liver
Why even bother? I mean I've had some different livers from different domesticated and game animals raw and they pretty much all taste the same.
I don't even care that she's eating whale, it's just her recording it makes her seem so tryhard and she looks like a retarded baby whenever she's eating something. Almost makes me feel bad that the liver went to someone who didn't even seem to want it other than as a means to an end to make a ~controversial~ yoiutube video.

No. 319624

Awww yiiizz another Miranda Constable thread!!
Yusuke loves you~~~

No. 319627

>European Culture is mine, would be highly OFFENCIVE (offensive ya dumb cunt) to actual europeans. People who actually live there. Asia is a geographical area of the world. It doesn't have a 'race' it doesn't have a 'skin tone' and it's not 'one culture'

wait so is she implying what I think she's implying… that Europe is one big country with the same culture?

Yeah I agree. She probably think it makes her look so Japanese because "opps I'm forgetting english", but in reality makes her look like she's severely retarded. She has to have some kind of learning/mental disability.

No. 319640

>wait so is she implying what I think she's implying… that Europe is one big country with the same culture?

That's exactly what she is implying.

No. 319646

What really kills me is not just her natural ugliness, but the fact that she enhances this ugliness with her shitty style choices. She has always lined her eyes to enhance their droopy shape, worn ridiculous false lashes, lined her eyebrows horrible, and wears way too much blush. And she has to be aware of this because people here and on PULL point it out constantly, but she must think we're just jealous. Plus her bangs are fuck ugly too.

No. 319650

File: 1480390586841.jpeg (85.15 KB, 750x713, image.jpeg)

Lol at this comment on that video

No. 319651

She sounds retarded
Is she a potato or does she just have a really bad case of the flu?

No. 319659


i might be a little behind on jvlogger drama but didn she stalk/harass micaela and spam her videos with sock puppet accounts or was that the redhead married to the japanese guy?

No. 319679

No. 319730

File: 1480427918430.png (473.84 KB, 824x458, 1480370432768.png)


>This picture should be meme'd.

(I'm not good a meme's, but it's a start)

No. 319739

Was this really from 11 months ago? Wth… Miranda has been following and referencing Micaela for a few years.

We need higher resolution so you can see her chin hairs.

No. 319740

File: 1480434151315.jpg (90.86 KB, 275x262, UgBGuvM.jpg)

No. 319766

I would almost rather see Asha's pimply hymen pics than Mira's ugly mug. Put a spoiler on that shit I'm so triggered rn

No. 319773

why would you slather so much shit on your face but NOT. PLUCK. YOUR. FUCKING. FACIAL HAIR.

No. 319775

I read her blog post the other day about how she will never call her children "half Japanese" or "mixed", the entire thing sounded like one giant "cultures don't exist, we're all just human. except japanese, my children will be only japanese"

No. 319782

Is it just me, or is it only white gaijin in Japan, especially North American expats, that raise a huge stink about the labels "half" or "mixed". I don't see that same knee-jerk reaction from black or Asian people with mixed kids out here, and those families usually get less favorable treatment out here. People like Mira are so fucking entitled and want the whole Earth to move for them because they finally experienced discrimination for the first time. Forks are racist!

No. 319798

B-b-but she's pregant to a German guy. Anon saw over her shoulder to text messages on a train!

No. 319799


No. 319804

Isn't she also engaged to a Swedish guy who she, Japanese princess, will grant a spouse visa before inexplicably moving Sweden?!

But seriously. Why does Miranda fantasize about being swept away European men in Japan? I think a Sheikh from UAE will be her next imaginary suitor.

No. 319805

*moving to

No. 319808


She thinks she's being clever. She honestly seems surprised that no one ever buys that crap.

Though she'll deny it because she's above communicating with "haterz" and doesn't care what anyone thinks about her except when she's supposedly suicidal about what people think about her.

I still wish she'd follow through with hanging herself on a live stream. At least she would have made one entertaining video.

No. 319809

I can't tell if these corrections are the original poster, if someone is a grammar nazi and feels the need to correct every spelling and grammar mistake on a casual thread, or if this is a way of being ironic because Mira can't spell or write for shit

No. 319814

So like… how did this chick get e-famous in the first place? She's annoying as hell, stupid, uninteresting, and astoundingly ugly

No. 319824

Sorry! That was actually me correcting my own post. It's a bad habit of mine.

I think her now-dead friendship with Sharla gave her a huge boost in exposure and then that new audience latched on to her "Yes, you, Joshua, can be Japanese in a year!" pitch. Her fans tend to be those who have never been to Japan or talked to Japanese people. Perhaps her general awkwardness and lack of polish the better Jvloggers have is attractive to them.

No. 319855

Oh god, her entire facial structure is so malformed and tragic.
That heavy browbone. That shapeless cylinder nose. The tilted asymmetry of practically every feature. Those deep orbital hollows. That droopy, tired eye shape that make fake eyelashes look like they're sliding off (seriously, I've never seen anyone look bad with long eyelashes, that's a feat… )

Like, there is literally nothing that you could do short of surgery to save that face.
Adding makeup to it does noting but make it evident that she actually put effort into looking like such a travesty.

No. 319857

I bet she thinks she looks animu with the stupid eyelashes falling off.

And yeah, if Korean surgeries can't save Bii, they sure as hell wont save Mira.

No. 319863

I honestly bet you could show random normies pictures of Mira, tell them she's the child of a man who helped clean up Chernobyl, and they wouldn't question that shit for a second

No. 319911

She needs some serious dental work and her eyes are unattractive but shes not below average. Her voice annoys me and she's an idiot but her face is just average.

No. 319916

File: 1480491172508.jpg (109.98 KB, 640x480, IMG_3146.JPG)

She looks average in good photos, ones like this where you could think that it's just the expression/angle making her face look a bit off, and good photos are few and far between. Every single one of her facial features is just wonky enough that collectively they knock her out of the "average" category IMO.

No. 319919

>face is just average
Every facial feature is bent or lopsided anon >>319740

No. 319923

The thing about her face is that it's not even conventionally ugly. She doesn't have nonexistant lips, a big potato nose, small beady eyes, or any other facial feature that does make you unattractive, but is so common in everyday life that it would not make you wonder which syndrome the person might be suffering from. Her eyes look like they are melting off her face, and everything is so so SO asymmetrical. And then you listen to her speak and realize she does not even grasp simple concepts such as the difference between nationality and ethnicity, and you can't help but wonder which chromosome she is missing. She's not ugly, she's straight up deformed, and her misplaced narcissism is hilarious.

No. 319925

Honestly I think it's the combination of droopy eyes, very fucked up teeth and a non existent jawline that make her look so weird. If she had more normal teeth and a wider bottom of her face that was more balanced to the top, I think she'd look a lot less wonky.

No. 319927

Don't get me started on those old lady's eyebrows. They make me uncomfortable.

No. 319933

the fuck, how did she do that

No. 319949


to quote someone from somewhere else on the internet.

"she looks like a painting that has been rained on"

No. 319975

"Average" in Canada is not a hard level to reach apparently lol.
I don't know what you're seeing, but Mira is legitimately one of the most deformed and ugly looking girls that I've ever seen, save for actually downsy people.
Even if you take away all her weird facial features, her actual face shape/bone structure is still wonky and messed up. That's the most unfortunate kind of ugly too, since plastic surgery typically can't fix that.

No. 319982

File: 1480516434892.gif (309.75 KB, 824x547, fb.gif)

here's Mira with only different makeup and veneers

No. 319984

I think if she was a legit good/nice person her awful luck of the draw genetics wouldn't seem as bad. I can imagine her as the dopey "cute" girl. Though she would never reach the status of pretty or beautiful. But she's a shit person with shit looks.

No. 319987

Not bad anon

No. 320002

pretty much this.

No. 320005


goddamn anon. it's a world of difference.

No. 320009

I disagree. as an unbiased person, shes a 5/10. Average. Bad teeth. No she doesn't have a perfect face or facial structure or whatever, but I think you guys have been looking at her face too long and ofc know all the shit shes done which will impact your perspective.

You wouldn't look at her walking down the street, but you wouldn't call her ugly either, that's my honest unbiased opinion on this womans face.

No. 320024

Can you post the after shot as jpg? The gif is too fast.

No. 320029

File: 1480529143114.jpg (515.27 KB, 824x547, fb.jpg)

No. 320039

Same. I don't know why people haven't figured out that being a twat doesn't make you pretty.

No. 320041

File: 1480530551508.jpg (64.08 KB, 800x524, sloth___the_goonies_by_bezerka…)

did the sloth have a kid named Miranda

No. 320042


Don't insult the Sloth from the Goonies !!! Unlike Mira the sloth is an actual good person.

No. 320185

I'd look at her if she passed me on the street cause she's uniquely ugly.

There's too many hilarious pictures to compare her face to

No. 320203

I still thought it was the 'before'.

No. 320207

Woah! She still looks goofy, but more decent.

No. 320209

>I think you guys have been looking at her face too long and ofc know all the shit shes done which will impact your perspective

Nah dude, my opinion is as unbiased as they come. This is the only Mira thread that I've ever commented on, and it was literally because she's so ugly that I clicked. Every time that her face comes up on the front page, I pity her for how unfixably malformed the canvas that she has to work with is. I agree with the anon that said she looks like Sindy Pop lol

No. 320306

File: 1480582033735.jpg (47.04 KB, 469x355, 1373990901920.jpg)

>but you wouldn't call her ugly either
yes, yes i would. she is below average and i consider myself living in an area with a plethora of ugly people. i can't imagine where you come from if you consider that face average. even with make up on she is physically hard to look at. the way she looks makes me feel gross.

No. 320335

I thought it's the before shot too. She looks decent in this because the gyaru makeup just doesn't suit her. It's just unfortunate that her facial bone structure is like that.

No. 320339

Are you for real? Your standards must be seriously low if you think Mira is average. Girl straight up looks an inbred Quasimodo.
She does not have one redeeming feature; eyes are droopy, nose is pig-like, chin is large and her teeth are crooked. Even her body is flabby.
Mira is objectively ugly, sorry.

No. 320349


No. 320505

File: 1480639464871.jpg (13.43 KB, 226x300, Pennsatucky.jpg)

I finally figured out who Mira reminds me of.

No. 320520

File: 1480644734571.jpg (Spoiler Image, 29.17 KB, 300x400, AGps7DZ.jpg)

There's a tarento named Fifi that looks like the offspring of Miranda and Lola.

No. 320524

It hurts me to say these but one of my best friends look a lot like Mira (she is Canadian as well, but with brown eyes). A slightly nicer version though. She is a great person so I'm obviously not going to post any pictures but they look almost like twins. It's uncanny.

No. 320525


No. 320548

More proof that literally anyone can be moderusama in Nippon

No. 320572

i'm sure she comes off a lot more attractive considering she isn't a shitty person with zero redeeming qualities, PLUS she has genuine friends so good for her.

No. 320581

Except that Fifi is actually quite intelligent and doesn't look like her face is melting off of her skull.

No. 321007

why is everytnhing backwards!! I CAN ST SEE WHAT I TYPEEEEEEEEE

No. 321008

IS this happening to anyone? it is backwards wehn I type. It doesn't matter at work or school or home. Any computer its all backwards except for androidphobne(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 321074

Are you an idiot?

No. 321198

Awww. Miranda is figuring out that you actually have to work for a living and you can't fart out crap videos and get views anymore.

Youtube takes effort now (and you know she's not going to do that.)

Any, her pity party is good for a giggle.


No. 321218

Yes, but they're also probably on farmcow.lol

No. 321355

After watching the movie 4321, I think Mira looks like an uglier version of Ophelia Lovibond. Only in that movie though.

No. 321356

Like if you put Ophelia in the microwave and heated her face for like 10 mins.

No. 321374

File: 1480984629062.png (1.95 MB, 1920x1080, bmqhH.png)


I see it.

No. 321387

Holy shit, AU Normal Mira

No. 321441

I thought this was a really busted looking kota for a minute

No. 321477

File: 1481028339346.jpg (156.11 KB, 1075x1611, L7sMOCX.jpg)

What in the ever-loving Hell?!

No. 321486

I touched something hot, but I underdeveloped brain did not recognize it as something hot. This makes me Japanese

No. 321489

She ate something hot and burned her tongue. She seems to think the Japanese are superior because they can eat hot foods.

No. 321490


Beautiful translation, TY.

No. 321492

No. 321501

The irony when you realise that the only thing that would make Mira uglier would be if she was really Japanese. Can you imagine Mira with real asian features? Somehow to me she'd look even more grotesque (not saying I think asian features are ugly but just think about it). She should be thankful she is just a mere white Canadian

No. 321504

What the fuck is this English?

No. 321506


I kind of wonder if she would be weeby enough to put her crap Nihongo through Google translate and then paste the translation, because that is kind of what it looks like (poorly translated Japanese).

No. 321511


Oh, she definitely using Google Trans on some of her Japanese stuff. I wouldn't surprise me

No. 321516

I don't really follow Mira's Nippon adventures and her face/behaviour disgusts me way too much to go read previous threads, so I'm sorry if I'm asking the obvious but… Is Mira retarded? I mean, literally, not because she portrays herself as one. She legitimately seems to have a mental/intelligence problem.

No. 321536


Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

No. 321553

in all seriousness, she probably has a few points below average IQ.

No. 321564


Answering seriously, we don't truly truly know. It's all speculation, but I do believe whole heartedly that she has/had development issues.

No. 321573

That's nowhere near even a struggling native Japanese person's English! No Japanese writes like that.

Yes, that's like Google Translate twice over. She did it on purpose. Does she think this really passes as "Very Japanese! Forget English, I do!"? She's so disrespectful.

No. 321576


Just your basic uneducated trailer trash.

No. 321592

You beat me to it Anon. For fuck's sake Mira SPEAK ENGLISH!

No. 321602

I disagree, I really think that >>321553 is spot on. Mira is internet savvy and well traveled enough that she should've overcome any idiot quirks a sheltered backwoods upbringing would've instilled in her. I think she either has a legitimate "condition" or is just one of those dumber-than-average individuals.

No. 321647


No. 321666

Given how awful her Japanese is, I'd really love to see what she originally typed into Google Translate

No. 321684

That blog post looks to me like she's setting up a path to bail on videos. So she won't have to admit when she gets rejected for citizenship.

No. 321719

>I hate the place I live.

>I realized. Even though I am so busy, even though I am so backed up.

>I have to come to terms with reality.

>I hate the place I live.

I know, it being Mira and all I shouldn't wonder but how the FUCK can anyone who was born in an english-speaking country have such an awful grasp on their own language?!

No. 321787

Part of me thinks she's just uneducated as fuck, the other part of me thinks she's faking it to sound more twu Japanese.

No. 321968

Well, I'd hate to live in a place payed for by a man, whom I blackmailed into marrying me for visa, too. Thumbs up for realizing that, Miranda.

No. 322908

What exactly is she talking about when she says she becomes "Japanese"? Is she talking about permanent residency or nationality change? Permanent residency does not make you Japanese. You can live in Japan permanently without a Visa, that's it. While Nationality change is possible, does she realize that this is hard as fuck to obtain? The process can take up to a year and the requirements are tough. Can she speak and read Japanese? Does she have a stable life aka a stable job, income, savings, a nice apartment, great future plans that she can actually achieve? They will want to visit her house and most likely workplace. If she can't speak Japanese then she can ditch the Nationality change.

No. 322928

That she will turn into a Japanese person and live her nihonjin laifu

No. 323107

Well, not only does she think she will be approved for naturalization, but she has stated several times that she will be/is turning ETHNICALLY Japanese too. Yes, you read that correctly. She says Japanese culture is HER culture.

To answer your other questions:
1. She swears to her followers that she will definitely be accepted and meets all the requirements(she does not)

2. She appears to be somewhere between N3-N2 on a good day, but her grammar and sentence structure is just has rough as her English. Nowhere near native-level.

3. "No" to all income and stability factors. Nobody works at a restaurant job with odd hours("for fun") and regularly sleeps in manga cafes/goes into credit card dept if Youtube alone paid her bills. Pretty sure Youtube can not count towards the income requirement anyway.
If Visa-kun is not helping to support her, I'm certain her parents have been sending her money. She is not supporting herself alone.

Except for Youtube, she has never expressed any life goals besides being a house wife.

4. The minimum language requirement for citizenship is pretty easy, equivalent if a 3rd year elementary school student. But during the oral interview portion, I don't know how well she can verbalize in spontaneous or technical conversation. She is slow and odd on camera, scripted or live.

No. 323110

^Forgive my typos this chilly evening.

No. 323221

Thanks for replying. This person is so confusing.

Being a Housewife in Japan is considered normal for, well erm Japanese Women, so I doubt they actually judge her plans in a negative way when she says this is her plan. Being a typical Housewife staying at home and doing the chores, taking care of the kids etc, is still pretty normal in Japan. Of course not all women do this, but married woman with kids tend to be jobless because they and their husband choose so.

I don't know what Visa she has, so unless she is a housewife with a kid and a husband BEFORE she applies for naturalization, then they definitely wanna see some good work history of hers in Japan.

No. 323367

Yeah. Being a full-time housewife/SAHM and being financially supported by a husband would not be a problem in the application process as long as her situation was legitimate and stable. But both her relationship and financial status is all over the place and she constantly claims she is self-sufficient. Whether she currently applied as single or a married woman, her application would be incredibly sketchy and warrant investigation.

No. 324239

File: 1481924175318.png (1.72 MB, 1920x1080, ffsa.png)

I love when jvloggers run out of clickbait so they literally pose naked in hot water and get off on 2channers fapping to them

No. 324266

she's so unpleasant to look at

No. 324275


No. 324328

How could anyone fap to such an unfortunate looking creature?

No. 324333

I never needed to see that much of Mira. Also, are those lemons? What purpose do they serve??

No. 324337

File: 1481938656061.gif (9.95 MB, 695x287, ugh.gif)

It's like fappin' to quasimodo in a wig.

No. 324481

They're yuzu. Putting yuzu in a hot bath is a Touji(12/22 winter solstice day)tradition. Touji, written 冬至, sounds like 湯治, which translates to "hot-spring cure". The aromatics were said to ward off bad spirits during wintertime.

When you actually go to an onsen, it looks smells really luxurious. But Mira alone in that dinky, badly-lit bathtub for like, what, 3 videos? Why? It's unnecessary and boring if not at onsen. It's now become like an annual "shoveling snow from my driveway" video. Boring. Some ugly dudes are fapping somewhere, I guess.

No. 325125

I wonder if she notices all the fun other j-vloggers are having WITHOUT her.

No. 325587

File: 1482039148039.jpg (32.28 KB, 600x400, get.jpg)

Huh, that's actually kinda cool

No. 325672

File: 1482062042881.jpg (219.84 KB, 1049x1687, m6bKN6D.jpg)

It really doesn't take much to set her off, eh?

Fan is short for FANATIC, Mira. Not exactly a respectful label.

No. 325674

File: 1482062481453.jpg (317.19 KB, 1079x1696, fMrPISF.jpg)

Her next reply to the girl, smashing that keyboard and spell check lighting up more than Christmas.

This is from her new CRAZY STORY-GETTING HIT ON IN JAPAN video.

Oh, lord. Her thumbnail is captioned:
Before you hit on Japanese girls in the club.

Japanese girls….Shut up Mira. You were even in a gaijin club, being hit on by gaijin, when this happened.

No. 325688

that fucking spelling

No. 325701

And there's more, folks!

I counted at least 14 errors in that second reply.

No. 326185

classic Mira

No. 326293

Amazing how her English gets a lot better when shes mad. Her tweets almost make you think she makes typos on purpose to show how she's turning Japanese..

No. 326323

File: 1482119842238.jpg (Spoiler Image, 98.68 KB, 730x1095, peacockfeather.jpg)

woah this chick is giving me some peacockfeather vibes

No. 326883


No. 329041

File: 1482509626623.png (59.49 KB, 628x300, Screenshot_(4).thumb.png.b14e9…)

Wow, Miranda showcasing her ignorance. Apparently, she is also a time traveler.

No. 329043

Sometimes I'm still surprised by Mira's stupidity. I shouldn't be at this point, but it catches me off guard.

And now I wonder how the fuck the other jvloggers could stand to be around her in the first place? Like I wouldn't even blame them if Mira's conspiracy theory about them wanting any excuse to get rid of her was true. I would jump through hoops to escape her stupid ass

No. 329058

wtf does this even say. jesus christ mira

No. 329118

Wow her stupidity is amazing.Mira is definantly top five favorite cow.

No. 329120

Too old to Google stuff Miranda?

No. 329131


With her horrible spelling, she probably can't ever find anything.

No. 329180

I pity her not only is she ugly af but, she is seriously brain dead.

No. 329313

File: 1482590392998.jpg (47.67 KB, 387x420, 1472001651821.jpg)

jesus christ

No. 329315

File: 1482590856098.gif (1.07 MB, 500x280, britneyspears.gif)

>I can't spell that newage shit.

…She can't even spell in general.

No. 329318

File: 1482594259407.png (107.8 KB, 248x316, ElnYJWM.png)

Please let this be a troll
Or just come out and tell us you're actually retarded or something?

I'm legitimately serious asking this question

No. 329332

File: 1482602597955.jpg (101.05 KB, 494x706, mira 1900s.jpg)

fixed it.

No. 329417


Golf clap.

Well done, anon.

No. 329494

Has anyone told her she is a fucking millennial?
Oh wait, no one did cuz she has no friends and she can't be bothered to keep up with anything other than how to become Japanese.

No. 329709

File: 1482710102246.png (70.84 KB, 864x580, 1482686804292.png)

God. Now she's trying to suck Onision's greasy dick for attention.

Miranda, you're about 10 years too old for Oni.

However, if you could imagine Miranda moving in with him and Lainey and Billie.

What an EPIC dumpster fire that would be.

No. 329758

You know you've hit rockbottom when lolcow becomes your personal friend finder. Does she just stakeout here hoping that one of the cows we talk about is miserable enough to buddy up with her or something?

No. 329763

you're a pathetic person, Miranda, holy fuck.

No. 329765

Lol! Onion would think she's old, hideous, and fat.

No. 329809

Remember how she did this to Kaka too, and Kaka slaughtered her? Ha.

No. 329819

Lmao I must have missed this one but didn't she also try to suck up to Taylor in her comments

No. 329828

Iirc she tweeted at Kaka, wanting to be friends or some shit, and Kaka called her out for being on PULL the "hate site". Miranda couldn't defend herself afterwards. KEK

No. 329888

Yes, Taylor's and Venus. Anyone that she thinks she can mooch some attention from.

But, her reputation precedes her.

You are a pariah Miranda. No one will help you.

No. 329889

File: 1482766713553.png (353.98 KB, 1242x2089, IMG_0120.PNG.1e8f0df12c78fba30…)

If anyone ever wondered why she won't let the drama go, there is this.

She is still salty as fuck over one time when a place gave her a fork instead of chopsticks..

No. 329902

>weh they gave me a fork for my salad!
Should've just let her eat with her mouth hands free, the cow.

No. 329916


For shits and giggles, I looked up when that happened. She made a blog about it in August of 2013.

Almost 3 1/2 years later, she's still crying about it.


No. 329921


Same anon. The post above was from 2013 as well. my bad.

However, she does still bitch about it.

No. 329930

We all know she gets all her knowledge of Japan from anime or old outdated information. Most people eat salad with a fork.
This isn't imperial Japan or the 1900's.

She still acts like an outdated hick who only recently discovered a smart phone and deodorant.
Oh wait, she doesn't approve of personal hygiene, guess she's still a hick.

No. 329933


Holy shit.. Within a hour of that post, Mira deleted that from her blog..

I'm fucking dying… That is hilarious..

No. 329936


Same anon, sorry for double post.

But I had to just add this knowing how bad it bothers her. The internet doesn't forget Miranda:


No. 329970

It's not sause Mira, it's sauce lol.

No. 332439

File: 1483457036913.jpg (26.91 KB, 836x180, moron.jpg)

Absolute Genius from Sensei Miranda.

All those period paints of Samurai riding horses into battle, written Japanese histories of them doing it, the existence of armor for the Samurai horses (if they were just for transport, why would they need armor).

The painting are a lie.. She knows Japanese history better than silly Japanese people (or the people who painted the pictures who were actually alive at the time..

No. 332572


My god. That level of stupid must be physically painful..

No. 332791

Ugh. Miranda is continuing her Billy Madison style self-education and reading middle school Japanese history books. But as usual, she CAN NOT present what she read(no doubt, for the first time in her life) in an informational, objective way. Her delivery is as appealing as explosive diarrhea.

What she's failing at conveying is that many modern Japanese historians believe the calvary charge of such famous clans as Takeda Shingen were greatly exaggerated and samurai movies inaccuratly depicted both calvary tactics and what native Japanese horses were believed to be capable of(the actors don't ride Japanese, middle-weight horses in films). They support this theory with horse bones found at grave sites and types of weapons used at the time. Japanese horses during Sengoku era were smaller and stocky compared to the Arabian horses used by European military and the common theory is that they were used mostly by archers, spearmen, transport and dismounted before a charge. Cross-breeding for larger horses and using European horses for calvary didn't happen until late in samurai history.

However, there is solid documentation of horses being used by samurai as far back as 11th century and they did serve an active purpose in battle. Not only that, but modern yabusame(horseback archery) would not exist if not for the history of samurai using this method of attack. Japanese military horses were just more likely to not to be sacrificed in charges as pre-Meiji horses did not have the stamina or strength to withstand it.

TLDR: Japanese calvary is not a lie, but calvary tactics have been glorified or misrepresented in popular media. Samurai DID ride their horses, but are believed to have dismounted during a charge unless they were archers/spearmen. Mounted attacks were not used nearly as much as ground combat.

Sage for nerd sperg

No. 332795

File: 1483525722862.jpg (191.82 KB, 1080x1647, 7v7vZk2.jpg)

I saw this a few days back. Is this something she is proud of? Fucking weird. Her dependency on male attention started young. Anyway, she should just let her little brother stay a child who focuses on schoolwork, not dating.

I really don't believe he made that last reply, though.

No. 332983

I want a remake of Billy Madison but with Mira in a Japanese school kek

No. 332994

>bf at age 10

No. 333082

Judging from the way she wrote that, a different boyfriend each year, from the age of 10.
Video related. Kek

No. 333185


Yeah, Could have been molested. Would explain why she wanted to get away from Canada so badly.

No. 333516

Wouldnt it be funny to see her get deported back to Canada?
I'd d i e .

No. 333521

Lol that would give me life. She would rant about being an oppressed Japanese person exiled from her homeland~

No. 333549

u never touched dinkies with a boy on the playground after naptime, anon? its ok to be a late bloomer

that video is golden and so is the top comment

No. 333648

File: 1483706714202.png (93.82 KB, 633x831, miragetoveritalready.png)

I just found her fighting in the new Trisha's video "let's talk sociopaths…"

Also, my first post ever!!! Hi everybody.

No. 333667

>u never touched dinkies with a boy on the playground after naptime, anon?

Nope, can't say that I did.

No. 333735


Holy shit, watching her sperg the hell out in that comment section is hilarious.

Starts off claim she "knew" a sociopath and described her own actions perfectly. People call her out on it and she tries to defend her self and them proceeds to fit her own description perfectly.

No. 333822

Exactly!!!! I didn't know she was in this deep until I saw her pop up on here more. I thought she was a normal YouTube but… that changed

No. 333833

top kek. she is so bitter

No. 333869

Can someone give me a recap of her Japanese live stream? I'd watch it but I don't want to waste precious data on her.

No. 335913

Not to mention Yari Ki and other late Edo era cavelry would have a more difficult time fulfilling their role in the Boshin war leading to the Meiji Restoration if horses were never used. Granted the increasing use of firearms would end up being more decisive but the deployment of mounted attacks did occur even if used sparingly.

She'd probably view your post as pleonastic since she favors the more terse and efficient "those pics is a lie" description.

No. 335954

If she hasn't heard of it, personally experienced it or she can't understand it, it's wrong!

No. 336129


Also, shows shed can't even understand English again.

She said the paintings showing them on horseback is a "lie"

Miranda, sweetie, a "Lie" is a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive.

So what you are saying, is every painting or reference of Samurai on horses in battle is a mass conspiracy to deceive the Japanese people about their own history.

Let me give you another example that your little retarded mind might be able to understand.

If someone saw your video with that stupid blonde wig on and they didn't realize it was a wig and said "OMG, Miranda bleached her hair blonde"

That would not be a lie. That would be a false statement, but not a lie because it was made intentionally to deceive. That would just be a "misstatement".

Even your incorrect statement about Samurai on horseback is not a lie. Because you are just ignorant of the facts

Now once you know that you are incorrect about Samurai on horseback and you still make the claim, then YOU are lying.

No. 336130

If you're so desperate to teach her basic English step-by-step then just message her already rather than leaving love letters here.

No. 336166


Cuz we all know she's a loon. She would just block them, stalk them, or post the conversation before blocking them so they could no longer reply

biggest reason is, like other cows she looks through threads about her, even on reddit and PULL

No. 336210

You don't need to format like this, a paragraph is fine.

No. 336229


I was trying to make it easier for tards to read.

No. 336368

File: 1484295966233.png (479.56 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170112-150907.png)

Old tweet and its kinda trival but lol
"The Hanzomon line somehow smells (good) like skunks today"
"Skunks (good) smell…what? Lol they both sound the same but,
匂い : good smell
臭い: bad smell"
She mixed up 匂い and 臭い.

No. 336372

miranda reminds me of diane downs

they look and talk similar too

No. 336411


Or maybe she's a freak that is into bad smells..

No. 336911

File: 1484520410969.jpg (26.31 KB, 564x454, C2LDrLfVQAAQss5.jpg)

Miranda's response regarding anything that has ever been said about her.

No. 336925

File: 1484526330599.jpg (172.08 KB, 1079x1668, MAsdeQl.jpg)

What is she even trying to say here? Immigrant?! To where?

It's common knowledge that Joji is half Japanese. Just fucking look at him, Mira! I feel like she just feigned ignorance in that tweet so she could set up a debate against the "half" label and indulge her white Japanese/you're Japanese if you say you are obsession. Stupid-ass eternal gaijin.

Spot on.

No. 336948


She's so dumb, it hurts.

No. 336976

File: 1484539182773.jpg (229.94 KB, 1080x1345, NzjtJwE.jpg)

She is LITERALLY full of hot air.

Just a demure, traditional "Japanese" woman. God, she is such a hick.

No. 337008

god, even the inaka obasan aren't this open about passing gas

No. 337066

How is she just learning this…?

No. 337067

She seems extra thirsty lately

No. 337068

She should have known better. kiki is notorious for disliking physically ugly people. I remember her and Dako's favorite stickam passtime was dragging other girls they'd seen for being fat or having poorly applied makeup.

No. 337071

>"Its good to get sleep, too many people in this world lacking sleep."

She's literally speaking in broken chinese aunty analects now.


You should really spoiler this nightmare fuel

No. 337107

I love how she talks about immigrants as though she isn't one herself lmao

No. 337241

Idk if any of you guys watch Black Pigeon Speaks, but he called out Mira in his newest video since she got into an argument with him in the comments of his video on Japan being against multiculturalism.

No. 337938

File: 1484745533759.png (248.45 KB, 481x3169, untitled.png)

If anyone wants to read more of Miranda's sperging about blackface, enjoy this facebook thread. That poor, poor soul that tried to debate her…

No. 338064

The argument isn't going my way QUICK ask a totally stupid and unrelated question

No. 339383

What about her teeth?

No. 339504


Most people try to block out the horror.

No. 341066

Her argument is basically "I don't see race" - sure. I'm 100% certain that if she saw a little white kid at a Japanese kindergarten she'd ask them where they or their parents are from.

No. 343627

File: 1485218285585.jpg (135.55 KB, 1079x1619, f909y4K.jpg)

What. The. Fuck?!

Champagne Pocky retails only 410円 per box!

No. 343638

File: 1485219122619.jpg (218.35 KB, 1079x1644, 0gkAd8T.jpg)

Did she seriously write FIVE, not the total 13 mini bars in the standard 378円 package? Five!

Holy shit… What a fucking scammer.

No. 343724

File: 1485240874806.jpg (91.75 KB, 559x960, IMG_20170124_005252.jpg)

I took a look at her products. She didn't even try spelling correctly.

No. 343732

Excuse you, she's japanese and don't speak English good. A little Engrish also makes the product more authentic tbh.

No. 343736

it does have free shipping though tbh

No. 343772


Jeez. You can buy a 6 pack of assorted flavors on Amazon for $15. With shipping

No. 344433


Am I the only one who thinks it's funny she had "JAPANESE" in all caps.

No. 344726

File: 1485490527540.jpg (27.08 KB, 450x375, 1483060973199.jpg)

miranda is completely subhuman

No. 345692

File: 1485769013063.jpg (92.36 KB, 776x440, vQE8pqG.jpg)

Saw this being talked about on PULL and wanted share.

Do you guys remember that pathetic "tough guy" personality that pops up in our Mira threads sporadically and calls themself Lane? Not only does "he" simulataneously claim to be Mira's ex-bf and an unrelated troll, but they are still leaving bizarre comments on Youtube under the name Kawaii Dolly. A PULL user caught this exchange on a reupload of one of Dakota's deleted videos and "Kawaii Dolly", also responds to comments as if they are Dakota.

I would believe this was just a troll if this happened over a short time, but "Lane" has been active for a very long time, is completely emotionally-invested in Mira and chose to become more active during the time Mira was harassing Pearl(from PULL).

No. 345695

lmao why is OP pic spoilered now?
I get miranda is scarily hideous but…

No. 346039

Are you suggesting that Mira is using a sock puppet account on youtube?

No. 346057


Well "lane" pops up whenever Miranda needs white-knighting or no one is paying enough attention for her liking. Frequently popped up on PULL to downvote anyone on Miranda's section. "Lane" goes to great lengths to constantly claim he's Miranda's boyfriend, but of course never offers and proof. Claims he knows "the truth" about all her drama crap and just parrots what Miranda has said with no evidence either.

And was confirmed as a sock-puppet by PULL admins.

No. 346159

It's her. She's so terrible at pretending to be other people, especially when she gets upset. She writes in the same manner, makes the same exact arguments(including Mira is never wrong!), odd misspellings, bad grammar and syntax, uses the same colloquialisms, happens to know Japanese at the same exact level as Mira, etc.

There is no way on Earth an ex-boyfriend would go so far to not only defend her on multiple sites, but claim to know specific details of personal her current life to build her up or somehow stick it to the haters(Swedish fiance nonsense). Mira constantly checks in on these sites and publicly addresses the most random, unimportant comments. She would have said something distancing herself from "Lane" by now if it was not her.

Yeah, she created a few sockpuppets, like Santigo(?), soley to downvote comments in the Mira threads. Lol at "Lane" stating that the reason PULL admin traced their IP to the same one as Mira is because they are her ex. That makes no sense at all!

Oh, one more bit of proof. "Ex-boyfriend/Lane" made an appearance as far back as August 11, 2015 when they joined PULL chat. In the chat, she claimed to first be a casual watcher who now believed in Mira's innocence, then changed to her bf(Lane) who had seen everything firsthand, and finally settled on 17 year old master troll when everyone was calling her out. Embarassing woman.

Screenshots are all here, She is dp and dp1: http://m.imgur.com/a/aalfH>>346039

No. 346164

*Sorry. Second paragraph: I meant "claim to know specific personal details of her current life "

No. 347466

File: 1486312989194.jpg (39.17 KB, 800x534, FB_IMG_1486312703605.jpg)

So I was just scrolling my Facebook and this pops up.

No. 347988


That is pretty dead-on.

No. 351477

Did Mira finally get Rachels exposed videos taken down? I was looking up old drama and I couldnt find it.Her apology vid is still up tho.

No. 351486


I'm fairly certain Rachel took it down by her own volition.

No. 351524

I meant the re uploads.

No. 351758

File: 1487040410826.png (29.18 KB, 815x94, dot.thumb.PNG.620dad622ad93556…)

She's getting desperate for attention again.

No. 351874

I wish she wasn't so desperate. I actually like her content and her as a person but I think she is overly defensive and too sensitive for her own good.

No. 351875

I have no idea why that video posted omg. XD Sorry and please ignore. I'm a tard(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 351884

you could have just deleted it right after you posted it, you know.

No. 351891

to be honest idk how XD

No. 351902

please leave

No. 351911

>idk how XD

You must be 18 or over to post on lolcow.farm

No. 351912

why are you here

No. 352054


Do you mean that in an existential sense? If so, why are any of us here?

No. 352061

that's way too deep for a thread about Mira.

No. 352065

No. 352289


Not sure if actually Mira or just salty Pulltard who got the ban hammer.

No. 352504


It was the account that ran around youtube, PULL, here etc. Claiming to be "lane" who was "mira's boyfriend".

Everyone knew it was Miranda being desperate and thinking she fooled everyone. Then she just got desperate because everyone ignored her.

No. 352538

File: 1487211068497.jpg (510.95 KB, 2477x3500, etSAEon.jpg)

this is what she reminds me of

No. 352542

File: 1487212513160.png (74.59 KB, 281x500, IMG_0761.thumb.PNG.0198ab19e03…)


Well, seems I hit a nerve..

No. 352543

Who the hell is this autist?

No. 352544

>Delete this from the internet, or i'll beat you, meanies.
Here we come.

No. 352575


It's Miranda trying to pretend to be her own "boyfriend"

No. 352578

> You don't want to get on my bad side
What a fucking idiot. What's a lawyer gonna do? This just proves it really is Mira, she used to always talk about suing people.

No. 352775

Then the other party will get your information, proving this was you, dumbass.

This can't be an unrelated troll. They've invested way too much time into this character and they argue (and misspell) EXACTLY like her. It's just another one of Mira's failures. Notice how she hasn't said anything about "Lane" going all over YouTube and forums, even though she would obviously see their comments?

No. 353514

File: 1487592695985.png (27.27 KB, 810x340, kan2.thumb.png.9a7abbba811191d…)

This is kind of funny.

Miranda started her "A voice from Japan" on Jan 25. She didn't have any videos on it until Feb 18. But for some reason, there was a mass influx of subscribers on Feb 11. 1240 subs, to be exact.

It's no real surprise, everyone was pretty sure she bought subs anyway, but seeing it this blatant is funny to me.

No. 353657

That figures. She's a grifter and narcissist. Nothing honest about her.

I don't know how this Canadian bumpkin has gotten by with her scam this entire time. Those other Jvlogger never came through with their damning evidence, though. At least, I would have loved a leak of additional photos of Miranda in blackface!

No. 353660

Theory: Mira has a fart fetish

No normal person would describe this on their twitter feed in such elaborate detail for any other reason

No. 353661

This is such a cringy tweet. I don't know why she tagged him in something that's so blatantly… rude and weird? Also this is one of maybe only two photos of him on the internet in which he looks good, like if you squint he's kind of a poor man's ezra miller

No. 353878

Some Japanese person made a petition to ban Mira from youtube and get her deported kek https://www.change.org/p/google-inc-kanadajin3-please-stop-wear-the-fur-on-video-of-youtube-or-we-ll-ban-the-channel

No. 353954

Haha. Godspeed, Jun.
>She says why does she use it like, she was born and raised in First Nation tribe village for make racial reason.

Wait… does this mean there any truth to that Ojibwe rumor from 2ch? If Canadian reservations are as abysmal as some in the U.S., it might partially explain why she is such a mess with no education and no sense of identity.

She set off some vegans, but why hasn't Tumblr come down hard on her ass yet? Venus is getting attacked constantly from SJWs for wearing Japanese fashion and being an otaku. But Mira claims to be Japanese, actively spreads misinformation, delegitimizes Japanese voices, literally wears Japanese traditional clothes as a costume and is all around disrespectful to Japan.

No. 353997

Mira doesn't have many dumblr SJWs on her ass because she's ugly and doesn't make anyone jealous. Venus sparks more jealousy rage than Mira thus gets more attention and criticism. She's so ugly that I can't hate watch her without clicking away <1 minute in.

No. 353999

I wonder if it's because Mira would not only unleash her sockpuppet army, but she admits to keeping records and doxxing critics. She has contacted other people's family/friends, even looking for information on their kids. Venus can't and won't do that, plus she was already abused, so she gets to be their punching bag.

Hey, did Mira's Twitter go private? Maybe deleting tweets?

No. 354021


>she was born and raised in First Nation tribe village for make racial reason.

I only follow mira drama periodically, but did she claim to be raised on a reservation?

Most of them are pretty fucking awful in Canada, and some to the point they are openly violent to white people who come by. I know my fair share of treaty natives and if they even just look white/are matee they're usually ostracized for it by res natives. There's not a chance in fuck in my mind she was raised on a res??? Unless bumfuck small towns in ontario count as "native tribe villages"….? (Hint: a handful might count as crackdens - but not that, kek)

No. 354022


no one cares about Mira, her youtube career is pretty much over with and dead. Plus, no one can tell if she's either a super convincing troll or just stupid so why bother - pretty obvious no one can reason with her.

I never knew that she was part of PETA/was vegetarian lol

No. 354023

I am fairly certain at one point she claimed to grow up on a reservation and that her family had to hunt for their food. That could have just been her made up special snowflake ticket before she decided she was Japanese though. She doesn't look native but could be half or metis idk

No. 354025

What the fuck I'm in tears… if she honestly claimed this

Her mother had to have been smoking crack when she was in the womb, I can't even

The average reservation here is similar in concept to nigger ghettos in the US. Ain't nobody living in tps being FORCED to hunt down their food

Wew, lasses

No. 354036

File: 1487764384321.png (51.94 KB, 587x385, kanadajin.png)

You know I really like her videos. She literally just attacked my youtube video. To be fair she was referenced but she ignored or didn't understand my main point of the video "attacking snow flake wannabes," who come to these sites seeking fame.

I'm really disappointed as we've been tweeting and she doesn't seem like a bad person. I hope she matures.

No. 354037

i know from the "literally" which dimwit pullerina this would be. you self posted last week too by "mistake". You actually manage to be confuzzled enough that mira herself felt compelled to provide you a reasonable and cogent response lmao

No. 354041

File: 1487768482266.png (18.04 KB, 803x310, lol.png)

No offence but how is her response reasonable?

No. 354101

I don't even follow the Mira thread usually but this caught my attention because this is the same person who tried to insert herself into the Venus drama by coming over here and discussing her YouTube videos.

No. 354103

How do you even know who it is?

No. 354120

Makin' a guess it's Christy Ella from her last vid.

No. 354131

I googled and just found baby pics

No. 354140

File: 1487798990618.png (425.56 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-22-14-28-43…)

No. 354159

File: 1487804810542.png (408.55 KB, 657x455, oh.png)

This is what I see

No. 354160

Go to YouTube and type in Christy Ella.

No. 354163

Sorry. Cristy ella

No. 354164

oh okay

No. 354165

why though?

No. 354168

Someone mentioned her dropping one of her vids here and then Mira attacked her? No other reason. She's just as annoying as when she was trying to do vids about Venus.

No. 354172

This girl is an attention whore who self posts her YT videos. Stop giving her attention.

No. 354177

File: 1487807914966.png (142.17 KB, 747x402, venus.png)

I looked at the account. The only videos about venus are 6 months old according to the youtube search. Did she delete them or something? I just dont get why she is relevant other then Mira attacking her. And even then how do we even know that Mira was attacking her or if it was someone else? It just seems weird to bring up when there is no evidence? I feel like Mira might be here dropping clues or something

No. 354180

Weell… from that ss she's about on mira's level of attractiveness, so at least she got that much right in her parody

People who try to YouTube parody cows always give me that tryhard vibe of a little kid trying to fit in with the older girls, not understanding their gossiping and taking it too far in an attempt to git praise

Sage for obvious ot

No. 354181

>how do we even know that Mira was attacking her or if it was someone else?

Because she just self posted a big retardo thing about it? >>354036

Or am I confusing wtf youre trying to say here

No. 354183

I suppose but I still don't get why she was even mentioned.

But how do we know it was her who posted that? I don't see anything linking he to that. I just am curious about how the connection between that SS and someone figuring out who she was. Idk something seems off here.

No. 354190

Cristy Ella is here dropping clues, you mean. Stop trying to use us for views on your pathetic channel.

No. 354195

What clues even? i think mira is the one here trying to create drama to get veiws

No. 354210

Cristy Ella is complaining on PULL that someone in this thread is pretending to be her (ooh it must be Mira). Bitch nobody in this thread claims to be you, we are saying TO you: fuck off and stop posting your shit here.

No. 354214

She has a tragic history on this board and has been told to stop the self-promo before. She wouldn't want to end up with a thread of her own, surely.

No. 354218

I remember this little shit. She was tweeting and DMing back & forth with that vexxed retard after he put out that fake 'exposed' video about Venus, whiteknighting the guy like crazy claiming he did legit "RESEARCH" and was a good guy just trying to get the TRUTH out there. She's a wannabe famous little shit just like him.

No. 354223

File: 1487822458719.png (1.06 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-02-23-14-55-06…)


It's actually Cristy here. Get the admins to ip check if needed. I was talking about the image related on pull. I dont self post and have never self posted. I dont know whos posting my stuff but you are all being trolled by someone. I dont think I have ever posted here. I have just lurked.

Not that you will believe that.

No. 354250

File: 1487832056820.jpg (337.69 KB, 1274x1698, JocGq0W.jpg)

Are you trying to say that post is or isn't you? This is distracting and you're really asking for shit for even mentioning yourself here if you don't bring the milk.

Well, yesterday The soulless Canadian had her twitter on private for a while. Now it's back to public and I assume she is talking about you. Ooh, you're dangerous! Doesn't she say that about everyone who contacts her, though? For sure she will talk to her "lawyer" for real this time. Police would never do anything.

No. 354257

I have no idea what shes on about. I am not asking for shit but I feel like I have every right to correct what is being said.

Sorry it took so long to respond. Been at a lifting session

No. 354258

You know how it works here. Be smart, girl. You've exposed too much and Mira will use it all against you, especially since you're setting off alarms with other anons.

No. 354259

I wouldnt say I am setting alarms off. Someone just keeps posting my viral video that isnt even relevent anymore. But I do get whatbyou are saying. There is so much speculation and a lot of easy ways to manipulate whatever information is displayed before you.

I just wanted to make sure people knew that poster wasnt me as they claimed the comment was on their youtube video.

No. 354263

Anyone interested can go to https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/profile/935-vanilla/ and see that what she posted here is in by same writer as that (same words even)

btw, "viral video"? 130 views [tears emoji] you are a perfect specimen of the delusion and behaviour that this site exists to laugh at. In you mind being a lolcow is confused with being famous so you while would actually love to have your own page you are not going to get one because you are not relevant.

Cristy stop posting

No. 354264

I thought it was the venus video posted here. That has 170000 veiws. What video are you talking about that was posted?

No. 354265

File: 1487838412878.png (1023.18 KB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_2017-02-23-19-25-57…)


No. 354275

Fucking stop

No. 354305

File: 1487858765451.gif (470.95 KB, 474x379, w454566aaa.gif)

No. 354319

File: 1487863425607.gif (624.5 KB, 500x283, tumblr_ms7eo1S5EA1qe4ru4o2_r1_…)


No. 354350


No, seems the person Miranda was talking about is a guy.. Still trying to find something definitive

No. 354365


Sorry, same anon.

It doesn't appear to be the guy. Some nut made a change.org petition for her to stop wearing fur. Some thought it was him. She apparently blocked him long ago.

Most likely, she whoring for attention, just like she did with her "suicide".

No. 354420

And this is how you know that Mira fakes her bad English. When she's angry there's no problem with it, but give her time and "I'm forget my English".

Horrible Japanese as always but it translates to:
This hater pretended to be my friend and talked to me for several weeks. They took my private information and the content of our conversations and published them online. It's clear that they only befriended me to stir rumours and make me look bad. I fear for my life, so I am contacting the police. If you find my personal info or a hater page online, please tell me.

Mira, learn how particles work.

No. 354438

whats it with Mira faking accounts anyway. You would think she would have more important things to do like deal with stalkers or create video ideas. But no. Sh has to sit there creating drama to keep herself relevant. She is the weeaboo version of basic bitch if there ever was one.

No. 354540

Oops. I think you're correct. Sorry Cristy, even though you're banned. However, this isn't the first time she has claimed she was in fear of her life, had a stalker, going to police, etc. Didn't she claim she was sooo famous that she had to wear a mask in public? She's the girl who cried wolf. After she sent her suicide threat all those people, I can never believe anything she says.

Yeah, she is capable of writing (mostly) coherent posts with little errors when she has a direct target and she wants her fans to see her "owning" a hater. This is why it's bullshit when people doubt a sockpuppet is her just because the post is not filled with her typical errors. She will put in some effort once in a while. Her spelling has always been atrocious but her worsening grammar is a deliberate, and incredibly racist, choice.

No. 355461

She's so desperate for attention, she making a video trying to dispel "rumors, such as claim that this was just a fashion choice and she never worked as a hostess, but here's her own video talking about when she was working as a hostess.

No. 355462

File: 1488238453322.png (377.99 KB, 815x473, Screenshot_(45).thumb.png.e674…)

sorry, her's the image

No. 355463


jesus she's so ugly even when she's trying to dress nice.

No. 355468

If she fixed her eyebrows and teeth, she'd look a lot less sloth-like here.

I can imagine why her stint as a hostess was so short lived…

No. 355469

File: 1488240205213.jpg (34.51 KB, 580x769, gettyimages-5102665641__oPt.jp…)

these two look like sisters

No. 355474

File: 1488241602271.jpg (31.62 KB, 480x360, tiffany-trump.jpg)

I kinda see it tbh. Mira's eyes are miles apart though.

No. 355479

lol probably long lost sisters. Both are so hideous.

No. 355501

I love how she never mentioned the sock accounts or any of the more prominent rumours

No. 355512

File: 1488251145298.jpg (41.05 KB, 650x366, ab20a20eafaaf5a120e0dd09591bd5…)


No. 355517


Yeah, she avoided every subject that there's shit tons of proof for.

Yet, inexplicably, claimed she wasn't a hostess while one of her on videos she talks about her being a hostess.


No. 355599

File: 1488293032251.png (162.26 KB, 815x299, Screenshot_(46).thumb.png.0ca9…)

Hey, guess what, according to Miranda, everyone here and on PULL are just anime nerds who are jealous of her superior Japanese skillz.

No. 355603

File: 1488293126037.png (63.33 KB, 796x482, huh.thumb.png.f70094e48b3aa967…)

And another round of stupidity on why it would be pointless for her kids to learn English.

No. 355605

File: 1488293345618.jpg (49.51 KB, 630x500, IMG_7070.thumb.PNG.2c2f556ebf1…)

Same anon, sorry.

Brace yourselves, she is going school us on the "visa-kun" rumors..

The money reference is she's now trying the tactic that she loves the "haterz" because she gets money from views.

Apparently, she's never heard of ad-blockers or re-uploads.

No. 355649

File: 1488304196877.jpg (49.5 KB, 850x205, dumbass.jpg)

Holy shit. The autism is strong with this one.
She moved to Japan and magically became "ethnically" Japanese.

Not her nationality, her ethnicity.

No. 355695

>Q: what race are these people?

No. 355697

she doesn't know the definition of ethnicity lol Miranda has to be the dumbest cow on this entire website.

No. 355807

File: 1488334436818.gif (1.99 MB, 350x300, 1418932177752.gif)

Wow, what a fucking sperg.

No. 355813

nothing pisses me off more than her fake broken english

No. 355839

Oh, cute. She is going into Lane-mode. Every sockpuppet she has made loves to "test" others in Japanese or mention how others don't speak Japanese.

Greetings from Japan, Miranda! There are quite a lot of us here. You're not special.

She doesn't speak or behave like any Japanese person I have known in a decade of living in Japan. She is unmistakably an awkward gaijin who will not let go of her old cultural attitudes, which is why she surrounds herself with other foreigners who will not notice. She couldn't even handle her Japanese mother-in-law for a scant few months of trying to teach her to be a proper housewife. That "Housewife in Japan " segment comes from bitterness.

No. 355847

Miranda is the Dunning Kruger Effect in human form, like the most distilled essence of it.
That plus malignant narcissism anyway.

No. 355948

Mira in a nutshell. Absolutely cannot take criticism or admit she is deficient in anything.

No. 356009

>gaijin people
She IS a gaijin for fuck's sake.

No. 356074

Somebody at PULL mentioned something I had never noticed before, since I have never looked at the channel. Not only is her introduction on her DoudemoMIRA channel full of mistakes, she writes: カナダのオンタリオ州生まれ 東京地元。27歳の日本人です。 = Born in Ontario province, Canada. Hometown Tokyo. 27 year old Japanese (person)!
Not only does she state she is a Japanese person, when nihon jin is always used to refer to actual nationality and/or ethnicity, 地元 jimoto means hometown, with the key to the meaning being 元, origin. It does not mean where you currently live. She is not native to Tokyo, nor did she grow up there! She must have used Google Translate to get the translation "local". This is why researching kanji is one of the keys to understanding Japanese. Not literal translation, which she does constantly.

Furthermore, her language is intentionally ambiguous in the third line "私は英語できるけど、このチャネルがすべて日本語です。I can speak English, but this channel is all Japanese". It written to the effect that she is not a native English speaker. You DO speak English, Mira, not you can speak English! I'm expecting her to start pulling the "Fufufu… Sorry my bad English! I'm not native speaker." soon.

Her delusion is out of this world.

No. 356119


Yeah, something that has pissed me off particularly about Mira is the fact that her Japanese is shit despite living there for so long. It's like she never studied beyond N4. I've studied for only two and a half years and I can already see the glaring mistakes she constantly makes.

I just can't understand why someone needs to delude themselves this much. Why is it so goddamn important to her to be Japanese? Sorry, Mira. But you are not, and will never be a real Japanese citizen.

No. 356432

True to her punk roots(ha ha), she has a huge problem with authority and being one of the normies. She HAS to challenge everything and stand out, no matter how illogical her arguments. Remember how much she bashed her language school, which not only provided the base for what she knows, but also was a cultural immersement program that introduced her to many of her future video topics? She is so stubborn that her self-study, instead continuing classes in an academic setting or hiring a tutor has ruined her progress.

But one of the biggest problems with her progress: she isolated herself into the foreigner community. She is always hanging out with non-native Japanese speakers. You can not learn proper Japanese from people that are beginner and intermediate level, especially with heavy accents. It doesn't matter if you read "loads of books". You need to practice with native speakers AND accept their corrections.

No. 356484

God, her Japanese pronunciation is appalling…..

No. 356487

Now she's talking about moving her family to Japan kek

No. 356489


No. 356505

At 2:00, What the fuck is with that fake Japanese accent? Is she mocking actual Japanese people, who are not even her main viewers?

Well, Mira. You said you are swimming in cash. Why haven't you paid for at least your mother to visit you?

No. 356509

I'm cringing at her basic Japanese. Hey Mira, what happened to your "fluent nihongo~~"?

No. 356552


she's kind of fucking it up and it's kind of hard to explain but basically if you are saying english words to japanese speakers you want to say it in a way they'll understand. like if you go to a fast food place in japan you wouldn't say "hamburger", they'd have no idea what you're talking about. instead you would say "han-baa-gaa".
but yeah mira's mostly just being an idiot.

No. 356562

I know, I currently live in Japan. But what she did was unnecessary, especially with the subtitles on screen.

No. 356586

I can't for the life of me figure out why myself. It seems very forced and awkward? It doesn't seem as though she is making fun of Japanese people speaking English, but more just casually imitating them.
Maybe it's another subtle way of signaling how neitibu nihonjin she has become.

No. 356663

I like how she's acting as if she's never seen a canadian grocery store in her entire life

No. 356670

In her "Untrue rumors" vid. She's claiming that the reason that her ip address showed up here and PULL was that she got a used wifi hotspot that just happened to be the same as someone who posted here before.

I'm no math genius but given the population of Tokyo, the number of wifi hotspots, the odds of that happening a pretty damn astronomical.

Christ, her excuses never made it past middle school.

No. 356679

You mean the time when she got caught stealing/using KatOsaka's photo?

She's gotten caught few times in the past fucking around on PULL. Supposedly she was the one who spammed the text screenshots on here a while back, but not sure since all it did was further prove she self incriminated herself.

sometimes i feel sorry for her since she's so dumb

No. 356802


I think she was talking about being busted with the screenshot sperg

No. 356953

She was unofficially caught posting on lolcow too, just because of how obvious her posts are

No. 356997

I'm pretty certain that your IP address is connected to your internet account, not the device you use to access it. If I went and bought a new router I would still have the same IP address, and if someone bought my used router it wouldn't magically still have the same IP as when I used it. They would connect it to their account and it would have a new address. Pretty sure it works the same with wifi hotspots too, since they work basically like phones, and if someone bought a used phone and connected it to their account it wouldn't still have the old owner's IP.

No. 357000

half true. the internet router holds the ip. However your pc also has an ip code. This is simply an identification. he internet sees your router ip

No. 357001

I'd beleive it. It keeps her relevent

No. 357004

how is this relevant?

No. 357005

Sorry 10 days late.
I was referring to that girl on PULL who said she is being harassed by Mira. Some people above No. 354177>>354181>>354190 were linking the girls YouTube but it seems she has two.

No. 357009


Check pull

No. 357010

Yea thats the girl I am talking about. I just found this when typing it into YouTube and thought it was relevant…sorry if I am too late to the party.

No. 357011

Thats proof she wasn't lying

No. 357012

I am sorry maybe I am not following the flow of this all. I am referring to the posts where that girl is saying she doesn't want to show her YouTube on PULL. After that someone above on here was posting her YouTube channel but nobody had found her other one. I was looking up something on YouTube and when you type in "prettyuglylittleliar" that is literally the second thing that comes up. I thought it was relevant to what people were talking about few days ago which is why I posted it.

No. 357013

When I search it comes up with a playlist. Same girl. But the username isn't the same.

No. 357014

When I search prettyuglylittleliar the girls channel comes up but when I click on the channel the channel name changes. When I search in Google

"site:youtube.com prettyuglylittleliar"

it comes up as prettyuglylitteliar as the channel name. If you go to the second page of results you see a ton of videos and it all says "uploaded by prettyuglylittleliar" so it means her channel used to have this as the name.

No. 357015

still dont see how that is significant. Maybe she changed it to separate it from PULL? Either way it's not about Mira so I don't get why we should be discussing it.

No. 357016

how do we know you're not Miranda trying to expose this girl? The way you approached this topic is awkward. Instead of mentioning the new PULL post of Miranda harassing the girl's boyfriend, you jump on the topic of her second channel. like, your intent was to only expose this girl's second channel and not Miranda's messages and I just got the Miranda vibe from that… Also the way you're posting multiple reasons consecutively is similar to how Miranda argues with her haters….

No. 357017

I agree. It's really sus. I was going to call her out. but I wanted to be sure.

No. 357019

Alright listen: So it turns out Mira does actually take time in her life to write screeds against nobody pulltard Cristy (some screenshots on pull today) but does Mira post here pretending to be Cristy, as Cristy claims (on pull)?

I'm convinced they are some kind of folie a deux where Cristy unconsciously idolises Mira because they are both dum dums who didn't have no schoolin', but Mira lives the life Cristy wants as a youtuber (not understanding that to get a viewership you have to either have something to say in the first place or have thumbnails with you in the nude), and so while Mira sockpuppets and trolls, I think Cristy has absorbed this as normal and does it too, but by over-identifying to the point of confusion, blames it on Mira. Look at the writing style:

Cristy's self post here that she denies: "You know I really like her videos. She literally just attacked my youtube video."
Cristy on pull: "I mean I literally have made dead baby jokes. "
Cristy on reddit: "I literally was wanting constructive criticism on some of my more controversial topics."
Cristy self post: "No offence but how is her response reasonable?"
Cristy youtube comment: "No offence but why are you here then?"
It's the same goober! Is Mira that smart to perfectly simulate another retard's verbal tics?
So as far as I can see, Cristy has kicked the whole thing off by single-white-femaling Mira, but of course Mira is how she is too, so now Mira is actually hassling Cristy, which then allows Cristy to use Mira's loonie behaviour to cover for her own copycating of that loonie behaviour LOL fuck

tldr - Mira wrote to cristy's bf to complain about cristy but it is ambiguous as to whether this is somewhat justified lol

No. 357021

Whats her reddit? I also don't see how she is copying Mira. They both post different things. We don't know if Cristy even posted here for sure or what. It's just really weird that you seem to have a vandetta against her when she isn't even relevent.

No. 357022

You seem to know her language patterns well Mira

No. 357024

I agree. She said that same stuff on PULL but even then it didn't make sense. She claimed to like Mira and have nothing against her all while at the same time trolling her. She refused to give her channel name to the people on PULL because she was banned for self promoting. How do we even know it wasn't her to just self promoted on here. She is trying to blame Miranda at the same time indirectly promoting her stupid channel. It just seems like a cry for attention. Now that Miranda actually messaged her she will use this to get a big pity party revolving around her.

No. 357025

File: 1488713852074.png (126.47 KB, 321x321, 1.png)

Hi Mira

No. 357026

Hi Miranda!

No. 357027

She is on here too because she is posting it all over PULL.

No. 357028

When was she banned on Pull for self promo? How is she still posting them omg

No. 357029

When people asked to share the channel she said she "can't". She further then said she was banned long time ago for self promoting her Lolita channel or something.

No. 357030

How is she banned from PULL for self promotion??? she's actually doing the opposite thing by not mentioning her channel. Nice try Mira.

No. 357031

>tldr - Mira wrote to cristy's bf to complain about cristy but it is ambiguous as to whether this is somewhat justified lol

Y-your girlfriend is being mean to me on the internet! T_T

She's a histrionic weeb projecting her insecurities like nobody's business.

No. 357032

Oh lawdy

No. 357033

For more info on that see around


No. 357034

What lolita channel XD I think you have the wrong person

No. 357035

Hi >>357034

Admin please check this persons IP and see which one of these faggot posts are from her. Stop using your drama to promote your shit.

No. 357036

Hi Mira. Also you only linked one comment. You shouldn't ask for someone to pick an option if there are no options.

No. 357037

File: 1488714644381.png (1.13 MB, 1122x1122, 1457915805968.png)

Not sure if Mira or just a rabid fan

No. 357038

I don't see how Cristy is promoting her stuff if you're the one posting it especially since
As far as I know she refuses to post her videos on pull and promote them. She even edited it out of the SS convo.

Are you suggesting this is her self posting?

No. 357039

Mira wussed out

No. 357043

Good one, anon.

No. 357044

suspicious comment stops when Miranda starts streaming on Youtube.

No. 357045

I am Mira
You are Mira

Everyone is Mira!

No honestly, isn't Mira currently life streaming?
I doubt she is capable of commenting on here while managing questions, she's slow enough as it is.

Also didn't christy try to self promote her chanel with creating her own thread here?
Correct me if I'm wrong

No. 357069

she definitely self-promoted in the Margo threads.

No. 357077

Here's the post on PULL the the screen shots of Miranda hassling the girls boyfriend.


No. 357080


Lot of effort for someone who supposedly "doesn't care about the haturz".

No. 357091

Is that what people on PULL are calling harassment now a days. Man I have been away long. Glad I am. This girl is over reacting. So what Mira mailed her boyfriend. It is one whimp email she can stop her cry me a river cis warrior party now.

No. 357094

It's not harassment by any means but you still have to be pretty damn psycho to send that blogpost to a person who doesn't even know who you are. It's like a teacher calling your mom and telling her you didn't do your homework, just a thousand times more autistic kek

No. 357148

She did say there were other messages she doesn't want to show because there is no confirmation that it is her. She's said this in the last few pages.

No. 357166

You sound like the kind of autist who would do this given the chance

No. 357214

it's still not normal behavior. Imagine if Beyonce had a negative tweet towards her. Would it be normal for Beyonce to message the persons partner over it? No. It's weird.

No. 357272

File: 1488761684698.png (158.49 KB, 420x420, miraobsessedmeme.thumb.png.b6a…)


Thanks for your opinion Miranda.

Follow your own advice, cunt-muffin.

No. 357276

This is not the first time Mira has done this and she has publicly admitted she regularly doxxes "haters" and researches their friends/family. It's fucking weird how personal she takes benign comments. Therefore, no matter how cringes Cristy is, this latest episode should be noted. Mira's most recent targets haven't even been her harshest critics. At least Pearl and Cristy, inexplicably, had sympathy for her and LIKED her channel.

No. 357278

*cringey. Damn autocorrect.

No. 357281

I don't even find Cristy that cringey. I dont see her around that much.

No. 357282

Its sad that she drives fans away. I wonder if its a language thing

No. 357284

golden XD XD XD

No. 357302

Hi, Mira! Kek

Maybe cringey is a bit harsh but she was kind of goober for trying to earn Mira's respect when Mira is such an manipulative person. She was convinced Mira was still a good person almost until the end. You cannot win over someone like that with kindness. Mira only wants fans and enablers.

No. 357326

This is a joke right? English is her primary language, no matter how much she pretends otherwise (silly me, I'm so Japanese I forgot how to speak English)

But what else can you expect from someone who changed their name to pretend to be as Japanese as possible

No. 357327

To be fair to Mira this can be a thing. I lived in a house with no one who spoke English as a frist language for 2 years and started adapting to their bad English. I didnt notice it when it happened. It happens to foreigners who live here as well if no one chats to them in their language. How ever I doubt this is the case here. If it was slight issues I would beleive it. But her english skills come out in her messages when she is being aggressive.

Mira being bilingual is awesome. Dont dumb you english skills down.

No. 357328

But Mira only hangs out with other foreigners. Kek

Maybe >>357282 doesn't mean language barrier as in Mira is so Japanese now, but that Mira has always had trouble with expressing herself and understanding others in written English. Like she can't read the tone or intentions of a comment. Remember how often she has misread her own fans in YouTube comments or accused someone of attacking her/being a hater when they honestly just wanted to have a conversation with her? I remember her going off on one guy and no matter how much he told she was misunderstanding him and he was not insulting her, she wouldn't stop twisting his words.

No. 357329

….but teachers always call parents when the students are out of place. So that point doesn't fit.

No. 357360

but Mira isn't a teacher

No. 357388

I think their point was that in the case of the teacher, it makes sense, the teacher and your parents essentially have an agreement to look out for you. When Mira does it, it's creepy as fuck because she has no business injecting herself into strangers' lives like that.

At least, that's how I interpreted it.

No. 357399

Sorry, I meant to say she is acting like a teacher calling your parents when you are naughty. Which is ridiculous if you consider the situation.

IIRC most PULL users are in their late teens/early twenties. There is no point in treating them like children.

Also, people talk shit. They talk shit about trashy people they see around town. They talk shit about colleagues they don't like. They talk shit about celebrities. People talk shit about a mentally slow canadian weaboo making a fool of herself online. It's not a huge deal and none of your friends and family would think you're a psychopath for doing it. It is also not harassment to read and watch the things someone voluntarily posts online, and have a negative opinion about it. Even though narcissists don't seem to get that.

Mira is obviously attempting to scare off her ~haters~ by messaging their loved ones and telling them what naughty boys/girls they have been and ruining their irl relationships, but because she's dumb as a brick she doesn't realize that she comes across as the psycho because she messages complete strangers with sob stories about how da haterz are making up rumors and she fears for her life because people living on the other side of the globe call her mean names sometimes.

No. 357402


I love ho all her "Haterz" were fans before she went crazy on them

No. 357404

Everything else in your post makes sense but wtf is going on with your teacher analogy, "a teacher calling your parents when you are naughty" how is that ridiculous? It's not like that. It's like another kid at your school calling your parents to tell them you were naughty lol

No. 357406

I guess it's because we're adults.

No. 357408

omg check pull

No. 357416


Language attrition mainly happens to pre adults and is still a rare occurance.

Once past puberty, which Mira was, it rarely if ever, happens. And when it does it is the result of many years of speaking only the second language and NEVER speaking the native language. Mira started her "forgetting English" crap before she had even been in Japan a year (It's one of her early vids).

Here's an example:
Arnold Schwarzenegger moved to the U.S. when he was 21 (younger than when Mira moved to Japan) and has been living here and primarily speaking only English for 48 years.
His accent, while still heavy, is not as heavy as it was in the 70's but he has not "forgotten" his German. He is still as fluent as a native speaker can be.

Or, Mila Kunis, she moved to the U.S. from Kiev when she was 7 years old. As a result of immersion in the language at an early age, she lost any accent she had, but still speaks Russian fluently.

So, no, that isn't happening to Mira.

No. 357418


Check what on PULL? Check where on PULL?

Link what the hell you are talking about.

No. 357421

It is absolutely 100% impossible to forget your first language when you still use it every day. End of the story. All Mira's friends are foreign, she tweets in English, she makes videos in English and she's still in touch with her family. She is still using every single skill associated with language: Reading, writing, listening, speaking. Unless she's a retard and regressing, she should not be forgetting anything. She's just too dumb to realize that speaking two languages decently makes you look better than oblitterating anything foreign about yourself to a point where you start denying your own ethnicity.

No. 357435

Not that anon, but Vanilla/ Cristy posted screenshots of messages she started receiving from a mystery person who somehow found pictures of Cristy from a decade ago. She said new accounts have been commenting on her YouTube as well.

No. 357437

Act like children and get treated like it. Christy is posting screen shots of the Facebook account that was sending her old pictures. "this post is for LOLCOW". To Christy, Thank you for exposing yourself! You don't want to post it on here because we will know your IP and know which posts was you pretending to be someone else. lol

No. 357439

Don't feel the troll. She is fucking trolling us all. She wants to get all the attention focused on her. This is exactly why she was banned from self promoting shit before.

No. 357452


Contact the admin of PULL. They'll verify the IP for you. No problem. Just shoot them an e-mail with the IP in question and ask if it's the same IP on PULL.

They did it before with Kiki's sperg fest.. I think someone is pushing this narrative a little too hard to be believable. (either Mira or some anon with a hard-on for Cristy for unknown reasons)

No. 357483

I didnt want to post it here as for some reason I am not liked here. I am sure admins can compare my ip to the fake Cristys if they wanted to already but they havent. I honestly just want the messages to stop. I dont care for fame or anything. My youtube is for fun. I am a pretty normal girl who just likes to make videos. The fact that Mira has been stalking me and sending sock puppets to my account (check some of my videos like emoticon) and the facts she has done it to others is weird. It's either that or some crazy stalker has picked the right time to send me personal details including my real name. It isn't normal.

No. 357484

People have been attacking me due to the posts on margaret due to a bad history or something.

Pretty sure pull would see my ip matches this one.

No. 357511

You are definitely an oddball and seem like a bit of a coat-tail rider, but we do know Mira does things like this and you did set her off. At least we have proof of your public exchanges and know Mira is pissed at you. If you are telling the truth, you need to conduct yourself better. No baiting or vagueness. You already know how others girls have attacked themselves with sockpuppets for attention. Relax and keep in contact with administrators.

Girl, I hope you're not trolling because people could start contacting your family or bf over this.

No. 357513

I probably should have been a bit more cautious with this. I made a video about how much or a rabbit hole the rumours about snowflakes are and how going down the snowflake gossip chain will change you and Mira took offence to that. Thats when she turned on me. We only started tweeting because I was tweeting someone she was also tweeting. I told her to go to DM with him instead of debating publicly because people will twist things you say. At this point I was still a fan. She disagreed saying something like haters will make up anything anyway. She then mentioned that she planned to visit Australia oneday so I said I can give her advice on some cheap places in melbourne if she liked. Then I made the snowflake video. And thats when all of this started. I don't know if she just didn't understand it or if she was just being paranoid but I don't feel like I was baiting. We were chatting and I genuinely thought it showed that she respected her fans and that she may not be as crazy as people claim.

I am now thinking that a third party (from here) may also be stirring things as people are saying so many things I didn't say and are saying I didn't say things that I did.

Unfortunately I've been a bit naive over everything and I hope that if its not actually her, that the person doing this stops and is honest about it because imagine she would be upset if its not her.

Anyway I have to go out somewhere so hopefully this all dies down. I'm already busy enough XD

No. 357521

Hun, it is nearly impossible get on her good side without major ass-kissing and ignoring reality. Once she gets something in her head, like misinterpreting a well-meaning comment, she will NOT let go. Her defense mode will not shut off once triggered . If you clash with her and don't want a fight, just walk away and stay away from her. Other people have tried to reach her and clear things up and it ends up badly.

To this day, I have never seen Mira say sorry or ever admit she was wrong about anything. Not even correcting an error in her videos when presented with facts. You will not hear her say "I was wrong ". I suggest trying to lay low and just collect evidence until you have a clear picture of what is going on. It could be her, but some people could also be stirring things up amidst the confusion.

No. 357527

I agree. Myself and my partner spoke and we are going to keep quiet at this stage.

No. 357603

File: 1488897806760.png (24.95 KB, 180x180, genius-158.png)

On her Google translate Japanese channel, she made a vid about how much she supposedly makes.

First stating that she hates how other Youtubers make video about their income from Youtube but they never mention the numbers (despite several showing exact figures and their youtube analytics page)

She then proceeds to talk about her income but never mentions any figures.

No. 357606


Same anon.

The beautiful part (though she tap dances around it) was she claimed that she didn't build up a following until a video got some attention.

What's great about it was it was one with Sharla. Basically admitting that no one would have any idea who she was without having hung on Sharla's coattails.

No. 357704

With the figures technically youtube doesn't like you mentioning it too much.

No. 357724

I'm sorry that I can't take the screenshot right now, but back at PULL, Cristy wrote:

She sent me a bunch of voice clips where she is actually talking a lot better? Idk I dont speak japanese. But it seems speedy.

Wtf?! Mira is sending a girl, who is still learning Japanese, audio clips of herself speaking to prove how fluent she is. That is so bizarre and pathetic.

Mira: just film yourself speaking live, no script, with real Japanese if you want to prove how fluent you are. Better yet, do a livestream debate or discussion with a Japanese person about a current topic or history.

No. 357760

File: 1488939598584.png (10.31 KB, 302x458, voice.png)

Here is a screenshot of the chat

No. 357762


Miranda: "See, I'm super Nihonjin des. My nihongo is over 9000"

No. 357768

What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck?!

I went from to reasonably skeptical of Cristy to believing most, if not all, new accounts harassing her are Mira. This is too weird to send a stranger, especially if you have deemed them a hater not worthy of your attention. I hope one day she messes with a person just as crazy as her. She is just picking the most non-threatening targets.

No. 357770

what does "new accounts" even mean? that's the expression Cristy uses…Cristy said she would keep quiet and then immediately criticised Mira's japanese on PULL. What came above that screenshot? nothing in the 'sent' column?

No. 357778

Did she mail Mira first? or did Mira just go on some Japanese rant from here?

No. 357789

we have to speculate but, having raised all this concern about Mira harassing her, suddenly its "hey guyz! Mira sent me some clips where she speaks faster I guess she can speak ok!". The pullies are like "woah what? she's stalking you more?" and Cristy mad changes the subject. I'm convinced Cristy is a fairly literal Stan as in, infatuated and when Mira doesn't give her positive attention she rages and tries to drum up some immediate Mira hate here to vindicate herself. In other words Cristy Ella brand Mira's milk is "adulterated" with Cristy's piss

No. 357794

Maybe she is actually Mira's friend who just wants attention. Like kind of building her YouTube up herself. She hopes to either make friends and get promoted on PULL or she hopes to gain Mira's sympathy by making the people on PULL/here hate her.

No. 357798

Oh, shut up. "New accounts" means exactly what says: accounts that are new to YouTube and Facebook. It's not a unique expression and you, who can't use proper punctuation, should not be playing linguistics expert.

How exactly do YOU want me to describe what these recently-created accounts are?

You used "mad" as an adjective, just like our dear Mira. Hay, gurl!

No. 357799

Hi Miranda. Are you attempting to take the heat off you? We all know you "LOVE" capitals.

No. 357800

As far as I can see she defended Miras right to have issues while speaking japanese

No. 357801

uh.. the anon there is defending the wording they used to say they now believe Mira is an insane stalker… idk why you think Mira would write that. Can we keep it together please.

No. 357803

No. 357804

She said Miranda might be an insane stalker and that she's really sorry if it's not true but the timing is weird.

Idk, if Miranda's so fucking sure of her Japanese ability, why does she need to prove herself to other people? If you have the time to send people voice messages if you speaking Japanese (even though they don't) you either don't have much going on in your life or your very easily angered. No one would give a shit about Miranda's Japanese being shit if she didn't present it as being perfect and fluent.

No. 357805

lol "she". you mean you, Cristy. Stop fucking posting here Cristy S___n (it takes two minutes to look your shit up), i swear

No. 357808

Ahahah this thread is full of samefaggy defense of this cringeflake cristy

No. 357809

>that time when Cristy embarrassed herself trying to interject into Margo-Venus drama
>that time when Cristy embarrassed herself trying to make some Mira bullshit all about herself and self posting to oblivion
This isn't PULL you idiot.

Do we have enough for a Cristy thread?

No. 357817

Nooooo that's what she wants… She sees snowflakery as a form of relevance. puportedly the rap video she made was "critical" of "people who use snowflake sites to try to get famous" how ironic

No. 357818

Wasnt me. Admin can confirm

No. 357819

lol, I can confirm, I'm >>357804 (not even in the same country as Christy)

Hi samefag. :)

Mira, stop sperging like an idiot. Your Japanese sucks and you know it.

No. 357821

That "H" though

No. 357823

Sorry, misspelled it. (Who writes Christy without an H?!)

No. 357824

My mother apparently

No. 357830

I'm >>357768 and >>357798, you embarrassing girl.

I'm getting accused of being both Cristy and Mira… possibly by the same person. That Mira accusation didn't even make sense. Admins, please rein in whoever is shitting up the thread. Just as it starts getting interesting, somebody has to keep deflecting by turning the focus to Cristy.

Obviously, it's the non-Anglicized form. Latin-based languages often do not add an H to names like Cristina, Cristoforo, Cristobal, etc.

No. 357832

I agree. (Cristy here btw) I dont get why people keep dragging up irreverent content like the Venus/Margeret situation. This is about Mira and her shenanigans and possibly people posing as Mira. I may be involved in the current drama but it's not about me per se. It's about Mira.

No. 357850

File: 1488976557288.jpg (44.87 KB, 440x546, x81ZssZ.jpg)

If mods get a chance to check, I have a feeling it's the same person doing that repeatedly. I don't think anybody else really cares but them. It doesn't even matter if you DO like to get into the middle of YouTuber gossip or drama or if you are cringey. If she is really harassing you, or her friends are, it is worth documenting. Eventually the truth will come out anyway , right? This forum has the benefit of anonymity, so Mira can't stalk anyone here like she can at PULL. She can't do shit.

It's hilarious she tried to claim to you that she doesn't come here, though. She has long periods of no activity, but comes back to sperg in the most unmistakable and obnoxious way. No troll is that dedicated to impersonate her accurately and consistently for three years, especially when her exact IP has been traced before. She thinks all she needs is a proxy switcher to avoid detection.

Does anyone remember the great sockpuppet debacle of PULL 1.0 and how Mira specifically targeted this one Canadian poster who had once lived in Japan/spoke Japanese? Mira kept looking for her personal information, posted profiles she thought belonged to the girl, claimed the girl was just a kid and therefore lying about her experience in Japan. Mira was so fixated on publicly destroying that girl because she didn't back down on her criticism of Mira's Japanese and knowledge of Japanese culture. She was just as obsessive as she was with the more recent girls.

No. 357859

>>357804 and >>357850

That's Mira's MO. She has to be right. No just Cristy, look at the shit with Pearl. She talked to Pearl and basically wouldn't let her get a word in edgewise, it was all about Miranda and how she is super innocent and everyone is jealous of how awesome her Japanese is.

Even after Pearl was texting her and told her "going to sleep" Miranda bombarded her with about 8 more text trying to show how everyone in the world is wrong except for her.

That's always been the fun part for me. Her "I don't care about the haterz, I don't have time for them" and then the extreme lengths she goes to attack them, or correct them, etc. (and I'm talking about verified cases of her doing it, not just speculation). It's hilarious.

She doesn't care, but desperately needs our validation. Her channel can not exist on it's own merits, that's why she is the only one who still brings up the drama, no one else has mentioned her in ages (Except during her fake "suicide" talk where she duped Unrested. But again, no one was talking about her, she drummed that up herself)

No. 357860

Christy is trying to make drama to gain trust from PULL. I can just feel something fishy about everything here.

No. 357866


To what point and purpose?

No. 357868


She's been on pull since October 2015. For you to be right, she'd certainly be playing a loooooooong con.

No. 357883

She has done this in the past though. She admited herself that she is banned from promoting her YouTube.

No. 357911


As someone pointed out in >>357038

>As far as I know she refuses to post her videos on pull and promote them. She even edited it out of the SS convo.

She got busted breaking the rules at PULL, was told to stop and did.

Again, what would the point and purpose be?

No. 357914


And before you try say "white-knight", I would just like a little smidgen of evidence and not your "feelings".

If you have any, lay it on me, babe.

No. 357938

This thread is super wild.
Miranda is the worst forever and always. She's terrible in myriad ways. No arguments here.
That being said, this Christy/Cristy person seems like an attention seeking shit disturber.

No. 357943

Thing is, even if Cristy was a shit stirrer or whatever, that doesn't change anything about Miranda being so obsessed with what people think about her that she messaged Cristy's bf (and girl you are so bad at not sounding like yourself). Like wtf is wrong with you to contact people's RL friends/families? Practically no one would ever think of contacting Miranda's family to talk to them about the shit she pulls, because she's a grown ass woman, even though her actions don't reflect that.

No. 357945

I'm >>357938
I'm sorry. Are you accusing me of being Miranda. Because prior to this post, I posted this >>355847 .
Do you think that's something she would post about herself?

No. 357950

I don't think you're Miranda.

No. 357969

That's what I've been trying to say too. Whatever Cristy's deal is, it doesn't negate the fact that Mira could be doing this, just as she has before. That one anon keeps stressing that Cristy is just another snowflake, but has Cristy ever attempted something this complex? If she is lying, why hasn't Mira, who follows every mention of her name, publicly stated on Twitter that Cristy is faking their exchanges?

No. 357987

I think we can all agree there is a load of evidence. If it is faked its very well done.

No. 357994

no one is saying she faked screenshots or whatever it's that Cristy leaves out the part where she instigates. e.g. it did eventually slip out that she sent Mira links to her channel, which has a video of Cristy dressing up as 'crazy Kanadajin'.

No. 357995

File: 1489031330937.jpg (Spoiler Image, 337.22 KB, 450x675, ffysqGE.jpg)

Genuine Yamato princess.

I'd love to see a map of her chromosomes.

No. 358003

I don't think she is faking it, I think they are both faking it just to start something. Mirandas views are down and Christy needs views. It is a win win

No. 358041

What a load of shit. Why would Miranda use a pull user for veiws? Thats just stupid

No. 358128


I think someone showed that a large number of her views were PULL people hate watching.

Don't know if it's true or not, but it was mentioned on PULL before

No. 358131

Well who'd watch her shit show of a channel because they're actually interested in it? There are so many better channels.

No. 358136

Samefag, but I'm currently watching her "5 Rumors about me" video, and while idgaf about the contents, her Japanese subtitles are as bad as ever.
How do you still not know how to put two adjectives together?
Glad to hear you're not talking at Canada, because it's not listening anyways.

Also 学校をスキップする does not mean "to skip school".

The whole fucking video is like this. Miranda, aren't you supposedly married? Get your husband to proofread your subtitles.

No. 358247

haha she's soooooooooooo "fluent" in Japanese and she didn't use サボる for skipping school? God I rarely use Japanese anymore but at least I remember shit like that

No. 358287


Oh, but all of her "haterz" are just jealous of her awesome Japanese skills..

Didn't you know?

No. 358295

OMG she actually used "skip" to mean skip school?! Like skipping rope skip. wowweeeee. I'm such a novice at Japanese and even I know サボる.

No. 358302


But Google Translate shows it as being right… :)

No. 358304

File: 1489160233312.png (411.67 KB, 815x458, kanadajin.thumb.png.0399814356…)

Look into the eyes of a crazy person

No. 358305

File: 1489160274352.png (419.59 KB, 815x458, k1.thumb.png.934ce1b13591d55a6…)

I am completely mentally stable..

No. 358307

Even more stupidly, google translate lists synonyms when you translate. For スキップ it lists 跳躍 (which means leap). That should be enough to tell her it doesn't mean the same thing!

No. 358336

Did anyone else catch this @ 0:25
luxuly bland
I can't anymore with this chick….

No. 358422

File: 1489191487822.png (25.3 KB, 377x277, ok.PNG)

Very funny.

No. 358496

Well to be fair her accent isn't a typical north American accent. Any person from either Canada or America would question her accent.

No. 358511

She has a hick Southern Ontario accent with teeth like a collapsed staircase.

She's insane to claim she sounds Japanese.

No. 358515

The delusion…
Just stop, Miranda.

No. 358531

File: 1489228065972.jpg (140.46 KB, 759x238, Untitled-35.jpg)

I'm sure it's as much worth the price as her mini packs of KitKats sold for $10 a pop.

No. 358532

File: 1489228296004.png (44.3 KB, 805x220, Unnamed image (5).png)

fucking kek

No. 358533

She thinks she has a "Japanese" accent, but it honestly just sounds like she has some sort of speech impediment

No. 358540

File: 1489236975557.jpg (15.99 KB, 186x240, Xn5n4Z2.jpg)

What a fucking liar. No more than $25 EMS for something that size. I've sent large boxes of clothes and shoes from Japan to America for less than $60USD!

Oh, god. She is talking about this old trend? She is so full of shit. Nobody in Japan wants teeth like HER. She better not be comparing her chompers to yaeba. Attractive yaeba is slightly goofy, like a kid growing into their adult teeth, with high protruding canines. It also has to do with the, get ready Mira, natural alignment and shape of JAPANESE teeth! Not just any crooked teeth.

I have never met your anyone in all my years in Japan who enjoys having massive crowding and not being able to close their mouth properly. Braces and cosmetic dentistry are just more expensive here and there is not an obsession with teeth bleaching. So most people just accept imperfect teeth as fact of life, but people with very messed up teeth can still be ridiculed. You CAN offend someone by criticizing their teeth.

No. 358574


Her English accent doesn't sound like a "Japanese-English" accent. It sounds some weird lazy English speaker trying to mimic a Spanish accent.

No. 358610

File: 1489269350748.png (285.49 KB, 497x438, SANCTUARYYYYYY!.png)

I'm kind of laughing that she seriously believes her quasimodo janky ass redneck white girl teeth are in any way comparable like >>358540.

Lmao. Acting like she's never seen a supermarket before. All those other people are wondering why ugly wonder bread is talking in moon runes.

No. 358619

File: 1489271529961.jpg (26.18 KB, 450x375, fb.jpg)

fangy yaebae and big crooked crowded Sid teeth are two completely different things.

No. 358644

I'm from Canada. She has a heavy northern Canadian accent, which is where she's from. She can try to change it, but the Canadian accent comes right through.

No. 358667

Did anyone figure out why Mira looks so inbred? What was the conclusion?

No. 358673


Nope, I'm from the southern U.S. and I can tell that's a typical Canadian accent.

No. 358685

I really don't care/pay attention to Mira or really read her thread but I was scrolling down, i saw the photo above and thought, oh she looks just like Sid…And BAM. Lmao. Not that she couldn't be cute with a lot of effort, but yeah.

No. 358740

a popular theory is that her parents were cousins

No. 358780

Well thats the price with the shipping so it seems more reasonable.

No. 358785

I am not sure where you come from but I have never met a Canadian who speaks like her.

No. 358787

kek, I'm Canadian, for friends from the east and the west, and French-canadian and none of us have accents that sound like that monstrosity. She pretends to butcher her English and give herself a japenese accent to sound more like an authentic japenese.

No. 358788


No. 358789

Then that is why she says Japanese accent and not Canadian. If she were to say she has a Canadian accent then anyone who is from Canada would shake their heads.

No. 358796

Charging shipping and retail price, for a used item?! She is so unbelievably tacky. She should give it to him for free and just ask for help with shipping, or she shouldn't have offered at all. He is just a fan that asked and she is looking for an opportunity to make money off him.

She is trying to sound like a Japanese struggling with English, but she is relying racist stereotypes which she can't even be consistent about. It's really sick that another person's difficultly is like a fashion accessory for her.

No. 358800

I'm from Toronto and occasionally northern Ontario people come down here. Yea, she is trying to change her accent, but I notice when she slips up and says certain things.

In that recent video, she's trying way too hard to sound "Japanese", but we all know she normally doesn't sound like that.

No. 358803

Hahaha anon she looks so much like Sid I'm dying.

No. 358805

I have bought things from abroad before and the shipping is quite expensive. The animal looks kind of hard so maybe it is heavy. Small plush from the Pokemon Center store cost $24 each so it wouldn't suprise me if the actual price of that animal is over $50. Japan is expensive.

No. 358806

File: 1489302085963.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.58 KB, 497x438, 148926935074.jpg.jpg)

No. 358808

I live in Japan and she would definitely be overcharging him if that is her rate for shipping. She didn't even give him a quote for how much she originally paid for it. If you have seen her eBay shop, then you should know how much she jacks up the prices for items she sells. If she says $60, then the actual cost should be way lower.

No. 358829

Oh well so do I actually. Maybe it is cheaper in other areas but in Tokyo it is very expensive. I ship stuff to my family sometimes and it costs over $100 for a box. If I check online the estimate price for a large heavy stuffed animal could possibly be 3500 yen. If she paid 5000 yen or more for it then it would be understandable as to why she would sell it for a larger price. As you must know that things here (even used) are often not marked down that much. In the thrift stores most used items for only 10% less the value market price.

No. 358830

I also don't think it is strange for merchers to hike up prices for items from abroad. Have you went into the store Kinokuniya foods? The prices range between 5-10x the original value. People who have no chance to get their hands on these items are willing to pay more.

No. 358831

^ I do not want to white knight so much but it comes close to home with me because my Japanese boyfriend works in the import/export feild.

No. 358843

I wasn't prepared for the horrors under that spoiler jesus christ

No. 358846

This anon sounds strange.

No. 358876

What happened to your Japanese accent Mira? Afraid to do it when there's people around?

No. 358946



Also, Miranda claims to not watch videos that she doesn't like and "ignores them". Yet she makes a comment on every video that anyone mentions her in, makes videos all the time regarding these same issues, some going back 4 years. She spends a lot of time and effort on shit she supposedly ignores

No. 358999

Wow she's surrounding herself with high quality people.
Next to that monstrosity she even looks halfway normal.

No. 359151

It's just a large decoration pillow. Not that special. Why do you believe that pillow is HEAVY?

It's still tacky af to treat a fan, who is trying to make friendly conversation, like a potential customer. Whenever I have Americans ask me where I got a cute item, I tell them the name, series and where I originally got them so they have the option of looking for it themselves, before I end up supplying it to them. It's just proper etiquette. I also don't justify the mark up that import shops do when I make a personal transaction. I won't make you pay ¥700 for a single sheet of Daiso stickers, or remove half the contents of a Kit Kat bag and sell it to you for more than twice the retail price.

Selling from her shop, no matter how much her prices suck, is different than making a deal with a single person through DMs.

This made me so uncomfortable.

No. 359186

I am just saying my boyfriend works in that type of industry. When people talk about it like that I feel a little offended. It costs money to ship abroad. 700 yen for stickers, but you need to take into tought that she had to go to the store and get them, pay tax, shipping, ebay fees, pay pal fees, pay for the envalopes to put them in and her own time. It isn't as simple as just giving her 700 yen for something that was 100. It is not a yard sale.

No. 359250


Yet you can order the same stuff online from other places for a lot less money.

Sorry, no sympathy here. She's just trying to resell cheap crap for a profit.

No. 359251

Your boyfriend is a scammer too? Cool, Mira.

No. 359255

Good call. Was about to say this sounded like Miranda complete with fucked up spelling, grammar, and general misuse of language.

No. 359260

Oh fuck off this is the second time I have been called Mira. I don't like Mira at all. I just am not going to pretend to agree with something that I don't.

No. 359261

no one is forcing you to agree or disagree. you just simply don't have to post at all.
if ur actually not mira, and keep getting confused for her, maybe take a break from this thread for a while.

No. 359263

Ignore it anon, you'll almost always get accused of being Mira or whoever if you post opposing opinions js

No. 359295


It's fine not to agree, just make sure your opinion is bases in fact. Everything she is offering cane be bought online for a cheaper price with little (and sometimes no) shipping cost.

No. 359307

I feel like Japanese people are tearing Mira a new asshole in the comments for this one…kek. I can only rely on Google, anyone care to translate some?

No. 359308

you can clearly hear that she's not a native speaker. And it's not as if she's that much better in English….How linguistically challenged can she be? And what's up with that creepy BGM…

No. 359319

I am not saying that she is selling it for a cheap or good price. I am saying that it is not that odd for her to jack up the price. I was just at the local international foods store today and I came accross a small pack of blackberries for 2100 yen. These would cost $2 back home (for a pack double the size). You have to take into thought the demand for what she is selling. People are willing to pay extra money for goods from abroad. We live here so we can get this stuff anytime. People who don't live here can't. Yes there are other websites that sell stuff for a lower price. Not every website will sell something for the same price. Some websites actually are able to sell stuff at a low price because they have a deal with the merchant. Amazon is a very good example. A lot of the stuff you buy from Amazon.jp comes from Amazon.jp, not from a seller like on Ebay. Amazon keeps items in a storage lot till it is bought. Amazon shipping is also very cheap in Japan because they have their own system. Mira doesn't have that. She pays full price from the store, she pays tax on it, she pays to send the item, she pays for the box or slip that it comes in, she has to pay Ebay fees for using the website because it is not free and she has to pay Paypal a % for the transaction. It is not as simple as looking at a $1 item that she sold for $6 and thinking that she keeps $5 for herself.

No. 359352

I can't even speak Japanese and even I think she sounds like your stereotypical Asian aunt

No. 359398


I know that. That is why I said:
>Sorry, no sympathy here. She's just trying to resell cheap crap for a profit.

No. 359399


Doesn't she mean "I hate when "we" say…"
After all she said that she is ethnically Japanese.

No. 359419

"All racist people will be blocked from posting"

"All people who don't agree with me will be blocked from posting"

No. 359428

File: 1489443830654.png (87.77 KB, 963x347, nihonjindesudesudesu.PNG)

Oh her Japanese is so fucking bad.

>本来、在日と言うと外国人をさすのが当たり前です。ですが、在日=韓国人となってしまってる理由をあなたはよく知るべきです 差別はよくないってのは誰だって分かってる事なんですよ。反日思想から日本国内で一体どれだけの事件を起こしてるのか あなたは知っているのですか?日本人だって人間です。嫌な事をされたら嫌う権利だってあるんですよ なぜ日本人が我慢しなければならないのですか

Zainichi obviously refers to foreigners. But you should know why nowadays it's "zainichi = Korean". Everyone knows that racism isn't good. Do you know how many things happened inside Japan because of anti-Japanese sentiment (by Koreans)? Japanese people are people to, if someone does something bad to us we're allowed to not be ok with that. Why do Japanese people just have to endure everything?


How about talking about the racism the Japanese people in Canada had to endure? Plus, you clearly don't know nearly enough about history.

>ミラさん、機会があれば大阪の生野区のKorea townに来て取材するといいよ。現実を見たうえで差別の事について語らないと底の浅いpolitical correctnessとしか見られない

Mira, if you have the chance, come to Ikuno in Osaka and collect data there. If you talk about racism without seing the reality of the situation, it only sounds shallow.

Btw, Mira apparently applied for Japanese citizenship. lol then she can get all worked up about people assuming her nationality!!

No. 359449

I like how she assumes applying equals automatic acceptance. If that was the case they wouldn't need to take a year.

No. 359455

Well it's really not all that strict, so she might actually get it.

No. 359470


Only reason why Mira has the chance to get citizenship is because she married some poor soul.

Otherwise Japan would never accept her application since Mira has no real job nor even a high school education

To put it blunt - she's a loser that's taking advantage of the marriage visa

No. 359472

Obviously. I'm wondering if she's just to deny being married forever. What if she ever gets pregnant?
Btw I don't get why anyone would want Japanese citizenship. It's not like they'll ever see you as Japanese anyways, plus they don't allow dual citizenship so I'll just keep my EU passport thankyouverymuch.

No. 359478

This is the ONLY way for someone like her to earn citizenship. She has absolutely no qualifications on her own. Not even legitimate, full-time employment. No immigration official would consider being an independent YouTuber stable employment(you are not a tourism ambassador, Mira.), which only leaves that shady part-time restaurant job.

How can people be dumb enough to fall for that "It's not hard to be approved" nonsense? It's only easy when you have marriage or a real job.

No. 359511

I'm the one who said it's not hard to be approved, because well, she most likely is married, so it's not that hard for her. If she wasn't married, there'd be no way she'd still have a visa.

No. 359544

Education is not a requirement. That would actually be discrimination. Having any job that pays your rent would be enough. The requirement is to have enough money to support yourself. She has been here for 5 years. 5 years is the required time spent living in Japan to apply.

No. 359545

Actually it is quite easy to claim YouTube as your stable income in Japan. You can self sponsor visa as long as you have stable income.

No. 359585

Bless you kind anon.

No. 359616

No. 359619

Read the Japanese website. It tells you that the person in charge of your interview will decide which documents you need to provide.

The 5 requirements do not include education. If she has graduated then you have to present that information because it goes into record.

1.Continued residence in Japan
The applicant must have lived in Japan for more than 5 years. (she has been here since 2011) Check.

2.Must be over 20 years old (She is 26) Check.3.Be of good moral character (this does not mean not making sock puppets online or likeable by the people online. This mean no criminal record, not in charge of Anti-Japanese movements or groups that try to over throw Japan) I assume she is not so Check.

4.Financial stability
You or your spouse must be financially independent. She never told anyone how much she makes from YouTube or her part time job. She did say on her Japanese video that "at the very least people are making over 100000 yen. So lets assume she makes $1000 from YouTube and $1000 from part time job. That is enough to pay rent and have money left over so… Check.
5.Agree to hold only Japanese citizenship
You would lose your own nationality once you gain Japanese citizenship.
(I think it is safe to say that she doesn't want her Canadian citizenship) Check

##6.Respect the Japanese Constitution
Not involved in political violence against Japanese government. (She often shoves the constitution in our faces in her video so I am going to guess that she likes it) Check.

No. 359628

I've heard through a reliable source that Mira has no husband

No. 359629

Okay Miranda.

No. 359630

>stable income

Lol. She's not rolling in the dough, supporting herself alone. A consistently popular YouTuber would be an exception.

But we all know she is milking that marriage visa, so that asshole will end up getting what she wants anyway.

Enough of your Mira fanfic. She is exploiting that sweet, sweet spousal visa. Nothing else matters.

No. 359631

I'm not mira XD

I just know someone who has spoken to her recently

No. 359633

That is what Miranda always says. People always come on here claiming to be her. She doesn't have any friends.

No. 359634



Reliable source. Sure.
Of course the marriage is in the legal sense only. She doesn't want him as a husband, so he's not her "husband".

No. 359638


So, you heard from a 3rd party that Miranda said that she isn't married.

The definition of a reliable source is any source that has competence in the field of interest, without any biases or conflicts of interest related to the topic.

If it is supposedly a friend of Miranda, that's a biased source.

Coming from Miranda herself is not reliable as she has been caught lying on numerous occasions.

What you have there is 3rd party hearsay from a biased source

No. 359757


Kinda OT, but what the fuck was the point in in putting the spolier blackout over that?

No. 359780


A legal husband is still a husband

He's her visa husband and citizen card gateway

it is what it is

No. 359785


I wonder how long it took to get the taste of Sam's cock out of her mouth?

Her rep is so bad, she's probably having to resort to those measure to get anyone to collaborate with her. Plus, shouldn't be a big deal for her after her career as a "hostess".

No. 359797

I was trying to rationalize why she keeps claiming she has no husband, even though she does legally. SHE doesn't consider him one, so she doesn't feel guilt about their arrangement. It's nasty either way.

No. 360234

Trustbme. My source knows her but isnt her friend. In fact they are as far from friends as can be.

No. 360240

we need something more inventive, like when an anon said they sat next to Mira on the train and saw what she was typing in her phone messages. she was "pregnant to a german guy" that time iirc.

No. 360246


I can't even trust your typing, Tard-chan.

Come back when you make up something more exciting.

No. 360272

Ok, pick a story and keep it straight.

in >>359631 you said
>I just know someone who has spoken to her recently

Now you are saying they are "In fact they are as far from friends as can be.", so why would they be talking? Miranda goes out of her way to cut off communication with people she even perceives as not being "her friend". So, you're, most likely, making shit up and talking out of your ass.

No. 360273


Also, I never trust anyone that says "Trust me".

No. 360294

File: 1489682687796.jpg (48.44 KB, 636x341, moron.jpg)

Seems like that wouldn't be a problem for someone who claims to be so fluent..

No. 360296

File: 1489682934925.jpg (32.99 KB, 586x169, dun.jpg)

A rare moment of honesty.. The video she put out was about the oppai pudding.

You know, the things that were covered by nearly every jblogger, tourist, mainstream news programs like CNN, etc. and Danny Choo's site 8 years ago.

Way to stay current, Miranda

No. 360425

How is that possible for someone so Japanese to the core? She is practically imbued with the spirit of Oda Nobunaga.

Almost like she's a foreigner who has only been in Japan for five years, or something.

No. 360495

That doesn't mean shes not fluent, because the signs are in English too.

No. 360499

>she's not fluent

Fixed that for you.

No. 360502

You dont need to be a grammar nazi online.

No. 360503

Holy fuck, you're slow.

No. 360504


FYI: Punctuation is not grammar! Go back to school, please.

No. 360519

Her Japanese is terrible. The end.

The signs being in English, and her still getting confused just means she's even dumber than expected.

No. 360522

This has been bothering me more than anything:
Just what the fuck is up with those bad, drawn-on chola eyebrows? I haven't seen eyebrows similar to that in Japan since the late 90's. Doesn't she think of herself as a trendy, white gyaru? Japanese girls are all about funwari eyebrow. Not single magazine promotes eyebrows like hers.

No. 360541


So, just retarded.

No. 360805

I don't follow this thread at all but PLEASE for the love of god can someone spoiler the op pic

No. 360818

You can hide threads anon

No. 360870

and you can hide pics too

No. 360904

What a dumb thing to say. Don't you complain that she thinks too good of her Japanese and can't admit faults? Why would you also complain when she asks for help, gets confused or doesn't know something?

No. 361018


But she doesn't admit to her mistake and she obviously didn't ask for help or she would'nt have "kept getting on the wrong train" (her words) And she is the one who claimed fluency.

If she was honest from the begining, no one would have a problem with it.

She also claimed to be able to understand langauges she didn't speak by "listening really hard".

You say stupid shit like that, people will rip you apart when reality shows different.

Miranda is a lot like Donald Trump in that regard. She will stick with her lies regardless of how much proof there is to the contrary.

No. 361302

File: 1489963282776.png (192.26 KB, 1366x728, mira1.png)

This is a great post from PULL. I'll post the screen shots, here's the original link:


BAsically, all knowing Miranda tells a Muslim dude from UAE whose sister live in Saudi Arabia that he is wrong about the countries and doesn't know what he is talking about and then blocks him and brags about it on twitter.

No. 361303

File: 1489963308326.jpg (212.82 KB, 1366x728, mira2.jpg)

No. 361306

File: 1489963488890.jpg (183.82 KB, 1366x728, mira3.jpg)

No. 361307

No. 361457

I saw that the other day and Mira made small post referencing it. But she started sperging about it again when she saw person went to PULL! Of course, she has the same 2 or 3 idiots(never more) on twitter kissing ass and bleating the usual "You're the best/How can anyone hate you?"

She's calling him(?) a liar, typical hater and implying he is racist despite the fact he actually has family living in Saudi Arabia right now.

No. 361581


I love her bragging that she can always find the "haterz". Honey, I've been on your Twitter for about 3 years and you haven't figured out who I am yet..

She's easy to fool.. Just do the standard ego-stroking like you mentioned, she'll never know.

But the chimp-out if she ever does figure it out will be spectacular..

No. 361669


dude post this on reddit in /r/drama. people need to know what an obnoxious cunt she is.

No. 361675

where? link

No. 362074

No. 362082

I cant seee. post the link!

No. 362088

You're a dumbshit

No. 362089

no, post the fucking direct link. I searched kanadajin3 and none of the new articles contain her name

No. 362099

They're asking you to make a post, fucking dumbass

No. 362112

Not the same anon who asked for the link, but am the one who posted the screenshots.

I don't care for Reddit, but anyone who wants to make a post, knock yourselves out.

No. 362712

I remember the sole reason why I watched her video was how weird she looked

No. 362802

why don't you post it yourself dumbass

No. 362973

trying to impress her weeb friend by saying "canadian buses are dirty. this is delicious. this is in canada bento. this for bento. amazing. this is canada berries. they have papaya." all while snow patrol plays softly in the background.

i feel better after actually typing it out, sorry.

No. 363323

File: 1490539185142.jpg (92.13 KB, 636x621, cunt.jpg)

To everyone that wondered "Does she think she actually looks good?" Here's your answer.

No. 363326

>look like a supermodel

Don't blame the iPhone luv.

No. 363327

Ironically, this is one of her most flattering pictures that I've come across so far.

No. 363333

Why does "I only work at a restaurant for fun" Mira still have an iPhone 4? Wouldn't she have upgraded by now? It makes me think she has the same phone since she arrived in Japan.

On a similar note, she has mentioned before that she still has a Canadian bank account and her eBay account also seems connected to a Canadian account. Why would a true Nihonjin need to do that?

No. 363375

Her eyebrows are looking like onions. Pretty sure they'll cover her eyes.

No. 363377

No. 363394

Really? A supermodel, Miranda?

Her low brow bone combined with her straight eyebrows and large forehead make her look like a neanderthal.

No. 363399

she looks related to onision

No. 363439

File: 1490567717171.png (52.96 KB, 625x500, IMG_7386.thumb.PNG.1b58b88e8bf…)

Kek. And with this little pearl of "wisdom" that she dropped, you might be on to something.

No. 363444

Miranda confirmed for missing link between man and ape.

No. 363453

What does this even mean

No. 363456


Drinking overpriced milk cures cancer?

No. 363544

Is she special needs? Or just stupid?

No. 363549

Some suspect her parents might have been related given her rather hunchback of notre dame-esqe appearance, but beyond that, she's just ridiculously ugly and stupid.

No. 363563

Wow you are cool….
She is pretty.
You are fucked up. Honestly you are triggered over her making videos about Japan because you can't be there. You complain that she is a rotten person but at the same time call her names. Wow now I really see why the YouTube community has gone to shit since R&J drama

No. 363570

File: 1490597566010.jpg (26.39 KB, 600x610, moshimoshi.jpg)

No. 363584

Oh dear

No. 363589

ok Miranda

No. 363592

She wouldn't be pretty to a blind incel.

No. 363595

Hi, "thisisnotright"! Did you get bored of PULL already?

How much of a weeaboo do you have to be to think going to Japan is a special, rare privilege? It's not difficult to do. Even hobo-Margaret swoops by with just pennies in her pocket.

No. 363597

Sorry, I love poking the trolls some times.

>Honestly you are triggered over her making videos about Japan because you can't be there.

I have no interest in going to Japan

>You complain that she is a rotten person

She is.

>but at the same time call her names.

Only things that are backed up with fact. 1) Liar, 2) Weeb 3) Delusional 4) Uneducated 5) Sock-puppeteer 6) Dropout

>Wow now I really see why the YouTube community has gone to shit since R&J drama

And the cause of that drama was Miranda.. So you agree with us. Welcome.

No. 363601


also there's this:
>Wow you are cool….
>She is pretty.
>You are fucked up.

I'm guessing the "cool" comment was an attempt at sarcasm? Otherwise you're contradicting yourself.

it's difficult to tell with your limited English skills Which seems to be on par with Miranda's "Milk cures cancer" tweet above. Same style too.

No. 363607

Mira is a copy of an moron that became a meme 8 years ago (though less articulate, if you can believe it)

No. 363616

But this is a troll?

No. 363629

I believe it was.. Which just accentuates how sad it is that Miranda's thought process is nearly identical, except, Miranda actually believes it.

No. 363633

Same Anon.

Weebs never change being the point. This mocks Miranda perfectly and it was made two years before Miranda moved to Japan or even started a youtube channel.

No. 365300

File: 1491178110368.jpg (73.88 KB, 736x500, screencapture-instagram-p-BSYb…)

Gee, what happened to the hijab and Saudi Arabia?

No. 365383

File: 1491208484321.png (168.37 KB, 600x600, HalalMira.png)


Didn't you know, Anon?
If you wear a wig; you're not showing your actual hair so it's still halal, sister.
And since they're not real penises, it's alright!

No. 365412

b-b-bare arms

No. 365427

Sedvha is Jamaican. I'm kinda disappointed because I watch her videos and she's associated to her now.

No. 365428

A my bad, I misread this, thought you were talking about Sedvha.

No. 365432

File: 1491239840691.jpg (62.26 KB, 815x522, screencapture-instagram-p-BSXt…)

No problem..

Miranda, you're almost 30. I out grew stupid shit like this before I even reached the legal drinking age.

Also, with her Saudi fetish, we got the booze and a blasphemy thing going.

Please move to SA Miranda. We will never have to see or hear from you again.

No. 365688

Okay I don't even follow this thread but I get so fucking mad every single time I see this bitch's face scrolling past. What the fuck.

No. 365775


Yes.. there's a German word for her face.

Backpfeifengesicht: A face in need of a fist.

No. 366013

German is such a magical language.

No. 366056

File: 1491413698521.jpg (9.98 KB, 250x330, pxl2ohY.jpg)

There was a discussion on PULL about her speeding up and editing the pitch of her videos, which she admitted to. That's is just so weird and I had no idea she was doing that until I watched a recent video. It also masks the sluggish pace of her Japanese delivery. Is that really natural Japanese transformation? Digitally altering her voice?

This woman can never be genuine.

No. 367626

File: 1491840841527.png (360.66 KB, 418x438, 1234567890.png)

>im just more of a luxuly bland girl

No. 367774

I always watch all her videos just to see what kind of pseudo-Japanese-Engrish she'll puke out next.

On her latest video….

No. 367776


Oh Miranda. Working at an English cafe is not being an "English Teacher".

No. 367779


The job title is "Chat host".

No. 367837


What nonsense is this? Tokyo Craigslist was perfectly active five years ago. Why lie about something so minor?

No. 367889

it's repellent how she always is able to find the most non-fitting things to put on together. the bow is cheap looking and doesnt fit at all to the shirt, neither from color nor texture. the feather earrings dont fit the shirt nor the bow. wtf.

No. 367964


Because she is near incapable of telling the truth.

Also, she did this video two years ago. (from April 20, 2015) She running out of ideas.

No. 368872

File: 1492088363032.jpg (322.77 KB, 1117x1986, jfUbHsn.jpg)

I brought this up before, but again she mentions her Canadian bank, this time complaining about being limited to $3000 withdrawals per week. Why does she not have a Japanese bank? Not allowed to? Not enough money to deposit? I don't know what the rules of YouTube are but by now, her address and bank information should have all been registered to Japan instead of her original information. If YouTube is her main source of income, and she is la legal permanent "Japanese" resident, why the Canadian bank?

No. 368888

File: 1492093056280.gif (930.56 KB, 320x190, tenor.gif)

>complaining about weekly 3000$ withdrawal limit

sure, mira, youre living a life where you need more than 3000$ a week and have that on your bank account.

No. 368892

our beloved cow has blessed us with a little milk.

No. 368913


Not sure if other banks are the same, but in Canada I've always had my withdrawal limit set according to my regular income. Seems like by her frustration she can't get it raised past $3,000 because the bank doesn't think her financial situation is stable enough / she doesn't have a high enough income. As a student with a part-time job and the same limit, she must be fucking struggling.

"But look at my eBay store! Once everything sells I'll have so much money!"

No. 368924

Oh, wow. That is interesting. So it could either be low income, or her past reckless spending with her credit card. Whichever the case, she can't be doing that well.

Still doesn't make sense why she is relying on her Canadian bank account, though. That account should have been closed once she got (as she claims)permanent residence and expected to be in Japan ~forever~. Looks like she knows she could be sent back anytime.

No. 368926


Yeah, it could absolutely be either of those things! The few Canadian banks I have experience with reward positive behavior with things like higher overdraft limits or weekly/daily spending limits. Her account is something you generally hit in your early 20s working a minimum wage job. Bad credit scores and constantly spending without building savings results in no limit increases until you get your shit together.

Although I'm not familiar with Japanese banking laws I've heard from a few friends that you have to be able to deposit a minimum amount to open a bank account, again don't quote me on it.

No. 368963

File: 1492107152499.gif (830.17 KB, 245x159, 1397884686386.gif)

>there's people out there in the world that think you're ugly or stupid or not good enough, but just like you shouldn't let them control you on that, you shouldn't let them control you on your ethnic identity.

>there's no reason that somebody who lives here, speaks the language, the culture, celebrates the same holidays, eats the same food, wears the same clothes, is all the people who are doing the same thing, are in the same ethnic group, even if they weren't born in that.


No. 368965

also, she should probably change her handle if she's doing such mental gymnastics to avoid identifying as a"kanadajin".

No. 368966

File: 1492107339145.jpg (248.86 KB, 725x1102, 1492040308634.jpg)

Stolen from the Onision thread as it applies to Miranda as well.. And it has a Japanese name so Miranda will be happy.

No. 368967

File: 1492107820404.png (160.56 KB, 1187x558, 11ff60616377d5d72e7d776998bf28…)

This video gained traction on /pol/, kek.


No. 368969

File: 1492109445314.png (992.47 KB, 778x1498, studymorepls.png)

Mira had a bit of a back and forth with this guy in the comments section of her video. Thought I'd just roughly translate his parting shot, mostly because the final line made me laugh.

No. 368987

File: 1492115230890.jpg (10.51 KB, 275x275, 1462796806143.jpg)

>all of my japanese friends
>tokyo is were i lived the longest

No. 369019


i'm so amused to see that "demure japanese housewife kanadajin-chama" had a white trash emo/scene kid phase. it flew under my radar.

what's with her obsession with saudi arabia and muslims? i scanned the threads but didn't catch anything on it.

No. 369110

Yes! This is a typical Japanese sentiment, but most Japanese choose to ignore her. I have been living in Japan longer than Mira, with Japanese husband, kids, community activities… the whole shebang. Never faced outright discrimination and I have made a lot of kind friends. But what this man eloquently stated is how Japanese feel. Most will not say you can NEVER be Japanese, but it takes time, education and sensitivity to Japanese mentality for them to accept you as Japanese. She is merely pantomiming. Her unnatural Japanese and bad grammar is the just the tip of the iceberg. Mira's arrogant, aggressive approach is totally un-Japanese and insulting. She can never understand.

Do you know who she came considers her "Japanese friends"? Her foreigner friends. She argued about that in YouTube comments(Sorry. I can't remember which video), saying her fellow gaijin are just as Japanese as natives. That's how she gets around the question "Why don't you have Japanese friends?"

I think it was around the time she started hanging out with Lodi/Rody. She tweeted a lot about Islamaphobia, supporting hijab, and her long-time fascination with Saudi Arabia, while at the same time, completely being unwilling to accept criticism of Saudi Arabia or the unsavory parts of some Islamic countries. She even fought online with a Middle Eastern viewer, with family in Saudi Arabia, because he tried to tell her about the human rights violations that go on there. Apparently, condemning Saudi Arabia for public beheadings is racist.

No. 369136

That guy deffinately has patience with her.
If she did the same thing after living in Britain that long, people would outwright slap her.

No. 369168

That's right. Western countries with a history of high immigration wouldn't show this kind of politeness because at least my experience, immigrants go there with the expectation that becoming a national is something that is earned. For example, a current debate in the USA is about who can be considered a real American, but most of the immigrants involved in the middle of that spent nearly their entire lives there and know nothing else. They just have an illegal status because of their parents.

I have never met a adult native Mexican or other nationality who declared themself full American and an expert on American culture after being there just a few years. Usually the argument there is that some immigrants are refusing to assimilate and trying to force mainstream culture to change. That is much different than someone saying their identity, ethnicity and culture is exactly the same as yours because they just decided to change it and now they can speak for you and your entire country.

No. 369247

I'm pretty sure she deleted that comment. She also disabeled the rtings because the majority were dislike hehe

No. 369249

File: 1492171440339.png (213.59 KB, 822x396, 9876543245678.png)

>time, education and sensitivity

all of which mira doesnt have, nor offer.

i agree that it is possible to assimilate the culture and adjusting very well but then again mira does it in such an uneducated, self-righteous way it's ridiculous.

>She even fought online with a Middle Eastern viewer

that was some autistic shit right there. she even argued with him about how he is so wrong about saudi arabia and how she knows the country so much better despite never having been there.

yes she did. as well as a lot of other comments.

No. 369254

File: 1492173473815.png (235.02 KB, 815x384, kanad.thumb.png.7adcf87e18c204…)

Too many for her to delete.

So, surprising no one.

No. 369257

Wow, she is doing it again and freaking out. Bitching and claiming haters are giving her money. She doesn't care, but can never stop raging and crying about criticism. Everyone that disagrees with her are categorized as "Trolls and Japanese Neo Nazis" .

Someone on PULL said there were at least 430 comments, then later, another person noticed they got reduced to 300 after she amended the video description. There could have been hundreds of deleted comments!

Please, someone. Anyone. Find me just ONE native Japanese viewer who has strongly supported her middle school weeaboo view of ethnicity and nationality. The only time I saw Japanese encouraging her to identify as insta-Japanese were perverts on 2ch who were simultaneously asking her to show her boobs in another bath video.

No. 369262

There were over 600 comments when I checked her video. I bet she started crying and had a breakdown trying to delete them lol. She's a pussy in real life.

No. 369272



>Thanks for the LV Purses ( Plural )
> Can't even get a 3k limit on her bank account…
> Most LV bags cost more than 1k …

She needs to stop huffing her own shit .. There are better ways of getting this delusional and high.

No. 369274


I literally cannot stand her eyes, guys. She cannot use winged eyeliner to save her life. It just looks like a child drew it on, and it makes her eyes look tired and baggy.

She also cannot take advice if her life depended on it. I commented on her makeup once an she got defensive. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Kinda hard to improve as a human being when any criticism is met with defense. Good luck getting a real job.

No. 369291

File: 1492184976717.jpg (47.8 KB, 1254x304, kanadajin3.JPG)

No. 369294

File: 1492185694136.png (237.33 KB, 750x578, 234567897654.png)

>views sky rocket

sure, jan

if that is sky rocketing for her, uh lurd

No. 369304

Plus views don't mean shit nowadays. Even if you get 10k views, if 9k of them have adblock you see pennies since only that 1k counts.

No. 369315


Shit, you don't even have to use adblock. If you type in her name in the youtube search bar. Right-click on the thumbnail of the vid you want, select "Copy link address" and drop it in to keepvid.com.

You can watch any shitty vid of hers (or anyone's) without giving them any view.

If you are feeling really froggy, you can upload it elsewhere (like vidme.com) and share.


And I already took her screen name on that site and Dailymotion.. So she can't claim them..

No. 369456

File: 1492227107516.jpg (15.02 KB, 313x470, MYrIu1o.jpg)

^Just saw a 2ch user write that Mira resembles 坂田利夫 Sakata Toshio. kek

Many people ask if Japanese recognize how awful she is, or why she is not getting more negative attention. Publicly, we know most Japanese will not confront her both out of politeness and wanting to avoid their personal reputation being compromised. We also know Mira loves to dox "haters", but for Japanese, it would have more severe repercussions if she got in touch with family or employers. But when they go anon? Japanese can be hilariously savage and they definitely know what's up with our Canadian friend. Not only Netouyo dislike her, but Japanese who have foreign friends or have lived abroad. Her 2ch thread is often as active as here or PULL.

She wants to pretend just foreigners in Japan and far-right nationalists criticize her there, but I personally know many regular Japanese people that find her absolutely disturbing. They just don't want to get involved with someone so weird.

No. 369468

What I wouldn't give to have translations of that thread!

No. 369476

File: 1492232037688.jpg (249.27 KB, 930x1652, HjgEBqH.jpg)

I wish I had the time to do them, but here is one of my recent favorites.

Poster 0481 exclaims:
"Mira chan is a beautiful woman, isn't she(?). "

Poster 0482 responds:
"Are your eyes and asshole reversed?"

No. 369486

Holy shit, I never realized she would be notorious enough to get 2ch to notice her. Also that post is hilarious. Thanks for sharing/the brief translation.

No. 369493

She occasionally posts there as herself, sometimes inexplicably responding in English. In the beginning, she thought she was winning their favor by being pro-Japan(before she was claiming to be Japanese)and saying she wanted to promote Japanese culture, so she'd go there to bitch about haters, fight with English-speaker Magurokatsuo and Chloe and look for sympathy. She lost serious supporters quickly as they learned how obnoxious and disrespectful she was and how she was deleting Japanese comments on YouTube. Not everyone there hates her or wants to ruin her life, they just argue the same things we do. Except, it's more personal for them.

They seem way more confused by her desperation than angry. They are on their 4th thread over there, and she is often mentioned in their Jvlogger thread. I saw one poster hypothesize that part of her identity crisis has to do with her drug addict American father(they said he is an American national. Maybe that's why she shit-talks the U.S. so much?) who eventually left her family. Another person was convinced she was bullied as a child, in addition to being ashamed of her learning disabilities. Nobody there thinks her white Japanese claim is normal or logical.

No. 369499

More from 2ch:

0779 名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ e727-HE/W) 2017/04/15 15:42:14

With physical appearance, age, emphasis on academic background and strong peer pressure, I think Japan has the worst compatibility with this person.
If you have bad memories of Canada, you could easily live forever in America or Australia, so I wonder why Japan?

0782 名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイWW 2719-GcUa) 2017/04/15 17:30:07

This chick can't live in America or Australia.
Her education history is middle school, only has part-time work experience, and cannot use her English mother tongue properly.

*0782 used こいつ which is rude way of saying "This person", if you are wondering about the translation.

No. 369507

She can't go to America or Australia because 1) she would no longer be a super speshul unique snowflake who gets the celebrity treatment just by virtue of being white, and 2) because Americans and Australians both would call her on her bullshit, and she can't DEAL with that. She wouldn't have any excuse to blame her stupidity on.

No. 369510


don't like don't watch? Easy?

No. 369512

Canada anons: In addition to money from her parents, do you know if it's possible that Mira is receiving disability checks from the Canadian government?

No. 369566


Is it possible, yes. Is it likely, probably not. Disability has a really long wait list in Canada and usually requires physical assessments, including in person interviews, every few months or in more severe cases every few weeks.

Disability is also meant to be something that gets someone back on their feet, opening them up to something rewarding like volunteer work or some sort of education.

Her ultimate goal to be the supreme Nihonjin could also be seen as just cause to cut funding by the right government worker, seeing as this girl has no intention of ever contributing to the Canadian government again.

No. 369631

Don't like what's being sai, don't read. Easy.

No. 369635

No. 369667


>"Are your eyes and asshole reversed?"

That legit cracked me up. I'm stealing that.

No. 369828

Where do you think you are? This entire board is devoted to watching train wrecks.

No. 369881

No. 369935


Okay. So shut the fuck up.

No. 369968

Have the 12 year olds invaded? What is going on here?

In stupid loser-back-home gaijin news, Mira is still gong on about how haters are giving her money whilst scanning Twitter for negative comments about her. She just picked fight with some other useless foreigner @ModernLifeDater, that she clashed with at some gaijin hanami meet-up. Why she just started dissecting his tweets now, who knows? She called him a racist and homophobe while throwing around the slur "retarded" with her flying monkey Lola. Those idiots have no self-awareness.

No. 370012


Mira, is that you?

No. 370033

File: 1492353809296.jpg (18.11 KB, 600x502, 9a7.jpg)

nah, it's probably her "ex-boyfriend" trying to defend her honor.

No. 370217

The level of immaturity seems like grandma Lola. She's really up Mira's butthole this past week.

No. 370277

I'm confused here

>don't like don't watch? Easy?

Then >>369631 responded:
>Don't like what's being sai, don't read. Easy

Then >>369881
came back with the brilliant retort:

to which >>369935 responded
>Okay. So shut the fuck up

Seems like >>369510 would be Miranda or her toadie Lola. Why would people think the anon responding to that wouuld be her?

No. 370303

Haha. >>369881 and >>369968 are my posts, so I'm assuming the other ones are all the same weirdo. We haven't had a good Mira freakout in a while.

I'm really sad. One of her active Twitter followers is from my old hometown and she not only entertains Mira's delusion about willing oneself to be Japanese, she wants to do the same thing.

No. 370304

sage this rambling

No. 370413

File: 1492404850176.jpg (897.9 KB, 1000x978, woman-drinking-a-glass-of-milk…)

Mira is my favorite cow, always blessing me with milk

No. 370441

Just wait until her visa runs out. Besides spousal visa, what other visa could she be eligible for? There's a limit to Canadian tourist or working holiday visas, right?

No. 370491

why would her visa run out? I thought she is still living with her visa-kun?

No. 370501

Regardless of what happens, she'll lie about it. The fun will be in pointing out how poorly she's doing so. All the while congratulating herself on being a master manipulator. I swear, that woman has some sort of narcissistic personality disorder.

No. 370599

File: 1492444102502.png (191.92 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_20170417-162659.thu…)

Wow, she looks lime a middle age woman trying to be "young and cool". She's transforming into Margaret Palermo before our very eyes.

No. 370662

Is it REALLY necessary to place #Japanese next to #girl ??? Or am I just overthinking it now

No. 370678

She uses Japanese like a toddler, even Dakota's lazy Japanese doesn't make her sound this retarded.

No. 371564

Margaret Palermo has style, sophistication and class. Dont compare her to this cheap Quasimodo imitation, she's more like Robyn Brown.

No. 371570

A spousal visa will eventually run out and it's highly unlikely that sap will continue supporting her. She's just not worth it.

Oh, yes. So Japanese!

She looks like a soccer mom from an early 2000's Canadian sitcom. God, she hurts Caucasian foreigners' reputation so badly.

No. 371580

I think that's why she applied for Japanese citizenship (naturalization) last year.

No. 371692

>this is mira and today im gonna teach you about life!
>no, not what everyone is hoping for, only giving a small history lesson about north korea and their nuclear weapon threats against japan.

No. 371730

File: 1492485005787.jpg (280.06 KB, 645x1531, IMG_3418.JPG)

>Margaret Palermo has style, sophistication and class.
- marge p.

No. 371826

If she has indeed begun application process for naturalisation, I wonder if the officials have seen her yt channel or not?

No. 371861

Jeeesus fuck christ I couldn't even finish this.

"The world is a scary place, you guys. Some people aren't (LUCKY ENOUGH TO DECIDE TO BE) Asian, so you don't know what OUR news is like, but for US, this is very scary. I think I might die, so… I don't know. Instead of editing or scripting this video, which would be work, I guess I'm just going to ramble? About how great I am? I mean… some youtubers out there aren't very nice. But me? I'm the kindest most amazing person ever. I respond to ever comment, except when I don't, you guys. And have you thought about what a POSITIVE INFLUENCE I am in people's lives? Man. I am just amazing. Me Me Me. Me me! Me. Wait, you wanted to hear about North Korea? TOO BAD! MEEEEE"

I didn't even make it half way.

I was going to say, this hair style actually complements her face, because it sort of hides half of it so you can't see how weird and lopsided her eyes are, but then she shoved it behind her ear,both ruining the style, and highlighting her deformities.

No. 371875

If she references her YouTube channel as a source of income(which I'm sure she has to), I think it would be very likely that some rep would check it out. If she says "I make videos about Japan! I'm so famous!" wouldn't they want to know what kind, in order to meet the requirement about being in good social standing, and check if the income estimate is legitimate? For all they know, she could be doing pro-DPRK videos or porn.

No. 371887

And when they stumble across shit like this, heck even if 2Ch were to be glimpsed upon, they'd haduken her out the damned country if they could.

No. 371901

File: 1492523912890.jpg (108.93 KB, 1150x1225, nGJGKl8.jpg)

Oh, hi, Miranda! So nice of you to join us again!
Glad to be of help. You desperately need the promotion for your failing channel, 貧乏ちゃん.

No. 371905

File: 1492524380357.jpg (338.66 KB, 1225x1790, 18BjdoH.jpg)

>Rumour doesn't affect me.

Then why can't you stop bitching and drawing more attention to them?

She is absolutely dreadful.

No. 371939

File: 1492531262817.png (34.87 KB, 329x500, IMG_9572.thumb.PNG.4e4307daa0d…)

Fucking LOL!

No. 371946

File: 1492532089643.gif (5.41 MB, 480x264, 567890.gif)

top kek

No. 372178

Copied to vidme to cut her views:


No. 372403

File: 1492572153281.jpg (163.08 KB, 1826x1242, AqHPmW5.jpg)

>Kanadajin-san : kannjinsan
>Twitter : tweetuh
>failure: failer
>if there does go any problem

She thinks that sounds like a Japanese person? Nobody I know in here in Japan speaks like that. Her mispronunciation of words doesn't follow the Japanese pattern.

From 4:00 :
Me, me, me. I'm the most important part of some fans' day. Let me tell you about how I'm better and more humble than most YouTubers. I'm so good to you. You will be so sad when I'M gone, right?

The rest is the most grating, uneducated rant about a subject she clearly doesn't understand. I have lived in Japan longer and this is just one of many threats over decades that North Korea has made. They won't actually do shit. All this verbal diarrhea about North Korea invading and conquering Japan and her becoming a refugee with nowhere to go is so embarrassing.

>"What are we feeling here? We're scared, obviously."

No, WE collectively are not, Mira. I don't know any Japanese freaking out like you.

>"Countries don't fight for borders anymore. They don't fight for land"

What in the everlovin' fuck?! She is so painful to watch.

No. 372732

Is she wearing a lacefront wig?
Would explain the drastic hair change and volume out of nowhere. It's a pretty nice wig in any case.

No. 372919


C'mon now it's a fairly obvious wig, Anon.

No. 373130

are your eyes and asshole reversed newfag?

dont think its a lacefront wig, it doesnt look as good as one though. tbh its the only wig she was ever praised for which is probably the reason she keeps using it. but usually it looks nasty, because she cant be botherered to style it.

old video as proof.

No. 373502

File: 1492735350003.jpg (393.94 KB, 1144x2034, nnJZBa4.jpg)

Don't if some of you caught this. Some tranny koreaboo was self-promoting on PULL when she managed to get into an exchange with Miranda. Miranda accuses the woman of making sock puppets whilst revealing she had been reading PULL the whole time.

So much for "I never go on hate sites. My friends just tell me about it." Solid proof for her minions.

No. 373503

File: 1492735422995.jpg (385.47 KB, 1096x1948, xs6MzsD.jpg)

The rest of it

No. 373506

This man in a wig must be so lonely and desperate to have to make a video about something that happened so long ago, and that no one else cares about.

Miranda you need to find a purpose in life lol

No. 373507

Sorry. I mean: Don't know if some of you caught this

No. 373509

Lookin like Down Syndrome Shakira

No. 373523

Her nasty, bitter personality is out in full force. The REAL Mira is in this video.

Haha! Her hick Canadian accent becomes stronger when she is angry, just like her English suddenly improves.

Money in your wallet doesn't count if It was wired from Canada, Mira. Poor charity case.

No. 373527

>someone said something provably false about me for once so i am now elaborately refuting it
>has said and done 500 other indefensibly batshit crazy things in past 6 years

No. 373586

So unrested is a liar…?

No. 373591

Maybe exaggerating out of resentment. But Mira is so full of shit when she acts like she didn't manipulate the one person who had experience in counseling and genuinely wanted to help her.

He's friends with Vexxy McBitch tits, so I don't fully trust him either, but Mira did do him dirty.

No. 373596

what bothers me about her is that her mouth is still open because of her dental issues. She really has to force her lips to fully close her mouth.

She should get that fixed before she develops a dry mouth and horrid breath.

No. 373599

Mouth-breathing, slurring, bilabial trill. These are all serious problems that she needs to correct either by speech therapy or dental work. She tried to pass her teeth off as yaeba, but they are way different.

No. 373607

File: 1492759012580.png (558.45 KB, 493x615, 34256754.png)

tbh yaeba just is just as appalling but most of the time at least it looks kinda cute.
but her teeth look just like those of a rat.

No. 373612

File: 1492759991594.png (57.15 KB, 839x556, 876543567.png)


as far as i remember the chronology was circa like that:
- mira wrote unrested how she has suicidal thoughts
- he published a video about it (with mira's permission):
- through the video it became clear that she send those messages to a looot of people, telling them how she is suicidal and if they could please defend her in a video/take the hateful videos about drama down (i dont remember 100%) (screenshot of micaela's comment on unrested's video as attached image on the left)
- unrested published another video saying how he was played and i think apologizes to the jvlogger community for trusting mira:

i dont really like unrested either, but all of that sounded really authentic and didnt he have a friend who committed suicide? i think he mentioned it saying thatswhy suicidal thought of other people are a huge trigger for him.

i remember watching those videos when they came out, but i didnt watch them again now, so im not really sure anymore what exactly he says. if youre interested watch them yourself.

tbh sometimes i feel like the jvlogger community is a kindergarten group full of entitled bitches (which the community probably is) but i totaly see how mira got herself shunned. Before i knew anything about the drama at all, i was subscribed to mira and complimented her about something, but like she always does, she took it the wrong way and attacked me verbally. i was like wtf have i done?

imho she needs mental help, because she is so far down the spiral of paranoia, narcisism and broken relationships by now.

No. 373617

I think Micaela made a video and showed some of the messages in a video too, but pretty sure she deleted it later. I think Micaela just recommended Mira to go find some therapy in Tokyo which is all you can recommend for pyscho Mira. She's just so mentally off and delusional, she's fucked for life if she never gets help. All the other jvloggers have moved on and don't even bother with her anymore, but I don't blame them. Mira has put herself in this position and just makes it worse with every move.

I just wish that Lola chick, or anyone else who cares for her, would drag her to a therapist

No. 373619

The other vloggers have moved on and don't care but Mira doesn't for simple reasons.
She can't let the negative rumors die and she has to remind people so she can get more money from drama that happened years ago.
Money and sympathy points. That's her only motivation and it really adds more to her "wonderful" character.

No. 373628

of course they have moved on. they are heartless bitches. none of them has been shunned or taken responsibility for anything they did. they blamed it all solely on mira and excluded her. i can see why it is still bugging her.

No. 373633

File: 1492768702348.gif (498.39 KB, 500x235, popcornPhoebe.gif)


Ok, but what did they do, really? Absolutely nothing Miranda herself wasn't also guilty of. The only difference is, they stopped talking about it. Miranda never took responsibility for anything she did, Miranda shunned them as soon as it became clear she could no longer manipulate them, so? What did they do, BESIDES move on?

No. 373660

holy shit she sounds so canadian, my accent cannot compare. why the fuck does she think she's japanese or is losing her english ???

No. 373665

Taking it a little PERSONAL, are we?

No. 373666

She's always looked like a horse to me.

No. 373701


Mira made fake accounts trying to ruin other jvlogger's reputation and leaving troll comments on their videos.

Along with making accounts on PULL to talk shit about jvloggers but praise herself.

It's not that surprising that they finally had enough of her shit and called her out on it. Mira got what she deserved, you can't do shit like that and expect people to brush it off.

Then she just refuses to apologize and own what she did

No. 373769


It's bait guys. I refuse to believe anyone is this dense

No. 373838

File: 1492797518739.png (65.53 KB, 985x579, What.png.d81b63720bb43067e0484…)

No, she is saying he flat out lied. While I don't care for Unrested, for most of the reasons list, there is way too much proof showing his version of events is the accurate one.

No. 373904


Ha! At 4:46 (https://vid.me/QJ7U So she doesn't get views)

She shows a screen shot from a "friend" to Unrested that supposedly shows how "innocent" she is She, won't show the messages from Unrested but a vid is sent and her "friend" tries to defend it saying "Yes, but she's not laughing at you, she is showing them that you felt the way you did"

Basically confirming that the video that Unrested saw both exists and probably shows exactly what he says (which is why she won't show or play that part.)

Good job Miranda. You confirmed it for us. You are a piece of shit.

No. 373906

File: 1492806895151.jpg (212.25 KB, 1920x1080, Miranda.jpg)

No. 373975


Love how she conveniently covers up the other messages with her fingers like she has something to hide. Way to make yourself more suspicious, who the hell holds a phone like that?

No. 373976

No. 374027

I am not sure how people on here can forget so much. The full conversation between Mira and Micaela was posted on here. Mira sent Micaela screen shots of Sharla trash talking people, Micaela and Sharla trash talking people. This was to confirm that Mira was not bsing and that such conversations took place.

Micaela even came on here to her own defense about how "girls will be girls".

Read the description of Mira's video. It actually adds up with the whole time line. There is nothing shady. Kat mailed her.
There is no doubt she is talking about Sharla. Why would Kat suddenly mail Mira saying that Sharla is a flaky friend. I honestly think that Kat is the one to blame for a large chunk of this. Kat keeps seeking attention from one party. Why is Kat pretending to be Mira's friend and then throwing her under the bus.

If you read all these conversation as well as Mira's BP post on Unresteds video she says it was Kat who sent the screen shot. I thought Kat was trying to help her. Why does Kat request all these screen shots from Mira, just so she can go turn against her. It honestly seems that Kat wants to keep this drama relevant by playing both sides. Shes back up on PULL now posting (just like she was last time). Why is she always around when big drama hits? Why does she even watch Mira's videos?

No. 374028

None of them have moved on. They keep saying that they have moved on. It is god damn words. The only one who truly seems to have moved on is Rachel. Sharla out of all of them has not moved on. She keeps pushing Kat to do her dirty work. Does anyone remember the "mira PDF" that Kat posted on PULL.

Why did Kat post this? Why does KAt have this? Sharla keeps making Kat go online so that nothing leads back to her. Sharla is acting like she is not interested in this but she is always watching up on what is going on.

No. 374033

No offense but are you brain dead. Don't pick the one part of the conversation where you think it suits your story. Read the whole thing. She explains what she is talking about. Let me dumb it down for you.

She was talking to Kat about Victors video (she shows this conversation).
She was talking to Unrested about Victors video (she showed this too).
Whatever Unresteds reply was to Victors video, Mira copied that and sent it to Kat. Unrested was angry that she sent Kat their private messages. Are you even watching the video because I watched it and paused and read all the conversations. She says she can't show someone elses conversations for privacy reasons.

No. 374040

Lmao that Mira PDF was literally what everyone knew before. I'm not going to lie but Kat probably did that just to have people shut up regarding the issue because when her name was mentioned a lot, PULL came up first as well as lolcow. She sent it to two people so that they could spread it, while she sat back and let it all take over tbh-

No. 374042


Yea they talked shit and gossiped, but it's not exactly on the same level as going out of your way and taking the time to make several fake accounts to try to sabotage other you tubers or making a hate fb group or whatever
In everyone's eyes Mira committed the worse sin compared to just gossiping, and then still tries to deny she did despite be blatantly caught
She can try to drag other people down to hell with her, but literally no one cares besides her white knights

No. 374043

Oh yeah, the texts that Miranda edited out parts to try and make herself look innocent. Not expecting Sharla and Micaela to still have the full versions with what Miranda cut out.

Convenient that you forgot that part.

No. 374046

>She says she can't show someone elses conversations for privacy reasons.

Which is just as big a load of horseshit as when she said she can't show the proof that she never made sock puppets or she would have to kill herself.

She outed herself showing that she did exactly what Unrested claimed

No. 374049

Did you real all those chats? Sharla suggested that Mira makes fake accounts. She suggested they make a website to talk shit. She suggested they get Ashiya deported by making fake evidence. She brainwashed Rachel into making that video by making Rachel and Mira fight. Some months back someone got in contact with Mira and Mira sent the other half of the conversations. If you really look at the other side of the conversations you can see why Mira is so angry at Sharla. Sharla played her own friends. She is two faced. We have seen her two faced self in action. She posted on Twitter about Dakota years ago. She made a video about Venus. She made a video about Kim Do. She makes Kat do her dirty work. Sharla is nothing but a bitch with a mask on.

No. 374050

Mira if you ever read this don't make the mistake and post the rest of the conversations to prove your innocence . The people on here are trying to bait you . They know that you enjoy proving that you are right and they're only intent is to try and make you feel like you have nothing left to do but to show the rest of the conversations to prove your innocence. Do not follow up with their commands . It's not that these people are too simpleminded to understand that you didn't lie, they are putting it this way in order to troll you and upset you. Even someone who is ESL can understand by reading those messages that a conversation where you were laughing about unrested does not exist . As someone who is much older than you and has been involved in the YouTube community for many more years than you , I know what you are saying is true and I know that those j-vloggers will do anything to make you go crazy. They've done it in the past to other people and they will probably find somebody else to fool around with . No matter how much you feel pressured to prove yourself never show the other side of the conversations because I'm sure that they would love to dox you for releasing their private information . The people on this website will never believe that you are innocent and if you truly feel that it doesn't matter if they believe it or not then you need to make sure you never show the other side of the conversations and ignore everything that they are saying on here .

No. 374052

The excuse that Sharla MADE Mira do it is a loud of horse shit. I don't believe that for a second. Sharla made Mira attack her, her friends and try to get someone deported? No that was all Mira
That is suggesting that if Sharla told Mira to commit murder, she would do it.

Mira has always been a spiteful, spending days on end writing horrid things about your friends. Now it has been years and you're still talking shit


Honestly if Mira would shut up, no one would care. No one here really cares, we already know she's shit along with the other j vloggers.
Even if this drama didn't happen YEARS ago people would still hate Mira for her misinformation, racism and general salt for actual Japanese people or other gaijin.

She admitted multiple times she will never let this drama die because she makes money from these drama videos. It just shows what kind of person Mira is. Still spreading hate through the vlogger community for a cheap buck. Fuck that

No. 374053

File: 1492843295742.jpg (14.51 KB, 165x275, Mira's.jpg)

Here, I'll help you remember. This is Mira's "Evidence"

No. 374054

File: 1492843361426.jpg (13.85 KB, 195x236, Sharla's.jpg)

Here it is from Sharla's phone

Notice how Mira deleted the part about her "fake account".

Why would she do that?

No. 374055

File: 1492843399769.jpg (31.86 KB, 490x392, miraconvo6.thumb.JPG.1dd300867…)


but she will have to kill herself..

No. 374056


She deleted parts of her text message to hid her guilt. How is that not lying?

No. 374057

File: 1492843495042.jpg (13.84 KB, 195x236, JjOfv20.jpg)


Mira digging her own hole lol

But Sharla "made" her do it

No. 374058

She will kill herself because people shit on Sharla? She's certainly singing a new song now since she freely shit talks Sharla and sent her white knights on her. She tried to edit "proof" but she only has a few lines of BS that isn't as shady as the rest of those convos

As for Sharla. She honestly sounds nervous in those conversations. During these times she heard how everyone else was back stabbed by Mira. She sounds like she is just mindlessly agreeing with Mira so she doesn't chimp out on her (Seeing as how she was already harassing her on alts. She doesn't need more shit from Mira)

Mira: "haa haaa I should totally go on my alts and harass this bitch"
Sharla: nervous laughter "Yeah you totally should…." instantly text messages Mira's target to let them know

No. 374078

What is the link to unresteds original video?

No. 374100

You guys know you are talking to Mira and kuso baba, right? "It's all Kat's fault! Sharla got away unscathed! Mira dindu nuthin'! You're all stupid and can't read if you don't believe Mira's manipulated texts! Here, let me explain Mira's exact thinking to you."

Oh, look. A morally superior guiding spirit that just happened to be on lolcow. Not suspicious at all. Out of all the cows, you pick someone as shitty and narcissistic as Mira to defend. Right….

If you were on this site and came about this thread, it means you have already been in other threads talking shit about other people.

Threatening to kill herself is what she does whenever she doesn't get what she wants. Remember, she did this shit back in Canada too. She uses threats of self-harm and suicide like Mama Palermo does. Pure manipulation. Just look at her behavior after Scott claimed she tricked him. Her reaction was just spitefulness and anger, not hurt or sadness. She instantly mocked him and denigrated his work with suicide counseling. Complete flip of the switch.

No. 374135

Scott deleted his video

No. 374137

Who's got a re-upload?

No. 374178

huh. it wasnt deleted one day ago, when i posted this: >>373612
isnt that weird?
shit and i had the link already in jdownloader but i didnt went through downloading it

if anyone is on PULL, John Doe claimed she has them downloaded or something, but that was last year, dont know if she still has them


No. 374180

File: 1492886604774.png (1.07 MB, 863x828, 6787654.png)

what the fuck am i looking at

No. 374209


A Canadian example of fetal alcohol syndrom

No. 374225

Here is unrested´s video,he never deleted it.

No. 374236


Hasn't she talked in the past about how people who drink alcohol are dumb? I could be mistaken, but I feel like she has.

No. 374246

nice try, mira. did you talk him into deleting it?

we meant the other one.
it was called "An apology to all jvloggers, viewers, and the community"

No. 374262

He deleted the other one because it is not true.

No. 374265


Show me where he said that. Or are you just talking out of your ass

No. 374266


Miranda confirmed it was true in her own video.

No. 374307

Did you watch the whole thing? She flashes a screen shot of where she is talking to Kat regarding viktors video. Then she flashes a different conversation where she is talking to unrested about viktors video. She said she screen captured what unrested said and sent it to Kat. Unrested was angry that she did this.

When her friend (probably her husband) mailed unrested, unrested sent the screen shot (she shows this in the video). The screen shot was that part of the conversation where she sent it to Kat.

What her husband is saying confirms this. Yes there was a screen shot but she didn't send it to laugh at you. It was sent to confirm that he also agree with what they were talking about.

From what I gathered from the text that Unrested was angry that she was sharing messages. Maybe he told her something personal that he didn't want shared and felt cheated. We wont ever know because she didn't send that part. The chat logs that you can see in the video don't prove that there was ever a exact text of her "laughing".

No. 374335

She could have said that at one point since she such a hypocrite, but she has always been a drinker and never hid it.

He took it down because he was getting so much shit for it, you fucking liar. Otherwise, he would have issued another public statement.

Nobody cares. Mira is a manipulative, arrogant bitch that can never be trusted.

No. 374345


Do you really need to add to your argument by calling someone names? Calling someone a bitch doesn't make them a bitch. You have to actually bring tangible points as to why Mira is manipulative instead of just sitting there in your moms basement calling her names. All the accusations regarding her are in in the air. She proved a lot with that video. She didn't hide the evidence that Kat mailed her first to start shit. She didn't even hide the messages that she mailed Micaela and she explained why. For you to sit here and spill out your side of the argument and then say "nobody cares" is pretty childish and it completely invalidates your argument. You sound exactly like the person who you describe her to be. Someone who can't see any other argument. When you don't get your way or someone else isn't agreeing with your points you just say "who cares" and smash some random insults into your keyboard. This doesn't add anything to the debate and it only wastes bites on lolcow servers.

No. 374349

File: 1492926004310.jpg (47.64 KB, 480x640, CPCwMLqU8AA2eJP.jpg)


>>It only wastes bites

>>wastes bites

No. 374362

>instead of just sitting there in your moms basement calling her names.

You mean sitting in my house in Japan, enjoying this mild Sunday before my busy week starts? Nice ad hominem, darling. You realize that is no different than explicit name-calling.

And it is a fact that Mira is bitch.

>For you to sit here and spill out your side of the argument and then say "nobody cares" is pretty childish and it completely invalidates your argument. You sound exactly like the person who you describe her to be.

Spilling my side of the argument? I literally wrote "Nobody cares." Do you thinks you're responding to the same person? Not this again… Your delusions are so strong.

No. 374363

*do you think
I'm not losing my English ability. I swear!

No. 374367


idk anon, you said you're in Japan. And as we all know, living in Japan immediately and irreparably destroys any and all ability To English Goodly. Clearly Miranda has been right all along. You've fallen into her nefarious trap. What a world, what a worrrrld.

No. 374402

I cannot comprehend how anyone can be this delusional about themselves, especially at her age.

No. 374414

Lol. Nice catch.

It does happen on occasion, especially omitting articles or mixing up singular and plural. But I immediately feel shame and flagellate myself with the American flag.

Seriously though. Her claim of language attrition does not happen so quickly and severely when you 1. Constantly speak English in your videos and regularly socialize with English-speaking foreigners. 2. Have not excelled in the language of the country you have claim to have adopted as your own.

Tin foil hat time: If a white knight comes on here and has unusually correct English, yet sporadically slips into vulgarities, I believe it may be Toyosaka. I know that he lurks here.

No. 374415

*I'm sorry. Tkyosam. Damn autocorrect.

No. 374440

for me personally her video is as much proof as margaret sharing veenoos' diary pages.

No. 374647


>We wont ever know because she didn't send that part.

Exactly, she frequently leaves things out that would incriminate her. Just like with the Sharla texts where she deleted stuff from her side and then got busted.

She won't show it because it shows the truth.

No. 374771

File: 1492994222769.jpg (314.05 KB, 1242x1811, A3DMfwk.jpg)

Calm and oh-so-sweet Mira freaking out on Twitter.

No. 374772

File: 1492994271235.jpg (305.23 KB, 1242x1808, O2D9TUr.jpg)

No. 374773

File: 1492994365010.jpg (272.01 KB, 1236x1585, Ix1dTDJ.jpg)

When is this bitch NOT drunk and angry?

No. 374807


She's just like the drunk trailer-trash that was always on the show "Cops"

No. 374812

Miranda: I will never teach my children English! Never neVER nEvEr ♡〜٩(^▿^)۶〜♡


No. 374915

"very anger"

"holly shit"

Meanwhile she complains that the kids can't speak English - it's the pot calling the kettle black.

No. 374953

Attempted to translate Mira's awful Japanese at the bottom (Tried to reflect her bad Japanese in the translation):

It's not okay! Stupid foreign parents! Die! Go home! Die! Turn yourselves in! Run around with parents! Big nuisance!

No. 374988

File: 1493012220494.png (177.82 KB, 720x1125, 20170424_063612.png)

No. 375029

If she wrote this on Facebook, without the character limit of Twitter, why is she typing like she had a stroke? Her "Japanese English" is so inconsistent. It's like grammatically correct sentence, grammatically correct sentence, then, bam! Tokio Kid is on the loose! Mira is a walking WWII propaganda poster.

I have to sympathize with her in this situation, though. I'd be absolutely pissed if I saw a group of foreigners do this. It's the most uncomfortable feeling in the world to be in the vacinity of obnoxious foreigners and Japanese kind of glance your way to see your reaction. Strange how it was allowed to continue so long without security or police being called.

Why is she around so many gaijin, anyway? She mentioned a while back that lots of foreigners go to where she works. It has to be some kind of foreigner support-based business and that's how she got her part-time job. That would make a lot of sense.

No. 375056

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. And just because she's right, doesn't mean she's right about HOW she's right, if that makes sense. It's like when someone makes a scene at a fast food joint, and someone mutters "God what an asshole," and you nod, before they add "But what else can you expect from THAT race," and you're left going "… wait, no."

No. 375058

Samefag, but I just checked her replies to people and she's going overboard with that "Me no gaijin! Me very Japanese!" concerning this episode. It has become less about rude customers and more about her asserting how Japanese she is. I lost it when she said she is not a gaijin, but a resident. So that somehow makes her exempt from criticism.

I retract my sympathy.

No. 375063

I agree. I wanted to to give her the benefit of a doubt since I have dealt with my fair share of terrible groups of customers in the past, but she is turning it into something way different now. It's understandable to be upset and embarrassed when you sent me that, but now she won't stop focusing on them being foreign instead of assholes.

I kind of want her to stop… but also keep going.

I just had a thought! When we consider the way she is publicly ranting this way, asking for retweets, and we know her workplace regularly has foreign clientele, isn't there a chance that those rowdy customers could find out about her posts and report her to her manager?

No. 375064

*when you see that.

No. 375136

>I just had a thought! When we consider the way she is publicly ranting this way, asking for retweets, and we know her workplace regularly has foreign clientele, isn't there a chance that those rowdy customers could find out about her posts and report her to her manager?

That would be hilarious. Though I wonder how she'd play it? "Filthy gaijin got me fired" for the sympathy angle or the "I was only working there for fun, I didn't need it" angle

No. 375137

File: 1493038945014.jpeg (83 KB, 400x400, WhyNotBoth.jpeg)

"Filthy gaijin got me fired. I was only doing it for furn, but the haterz and stalkers ruin everthing!!1!"

No. 375154

In her 2ch thread, some posters are already talking about identifying her place of work and reporting her. They're enjoying her latest freak-out.

No. 375172

No. 375209

Discussion of "Anger Mira" starts near the end of this thread: http://itest.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/english/1490312246/

A new thread has been started here : http://itest.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/english/1493025946

No. 375454

oh gawd.. i would be so embarrassed if i moved into another country and several natives would be upset about my behavior in their country……

No. 375551

I have been WAITING to see what Japanese people have to say about her online, would someone care to translate the best posts? I have shit Japanese skills.

No. 375552

"THEY ARE GUEST in my building"

PLURAL Mira, for fucks sake!

No. 375605

File: 1493105056506.jpg (178.28 KB, 2208x1242, LlrxLOr.jpg)

Her rant video was surprisingly composed and understandable, but wow. That's quite a look, Mira. Um…
What shitty management, though. Nothing like that should go on for hours, especially if other customers have to suffer. The parents should have been located and reprimanded as soon as it was noticed that the kids were left alone.

Several times, 2ch has mentioned Mira having 火病 or ファビョン, a translation of the Korean culture-bound syndrome hwabyeong, described as "a mental illness which arises when people are unable to confront their anger as a result of conditions which they perceive to be unfair." Symptoms include a feeling of unfairness, anxiety, depression and bursts of anger.

No. 375659

love how she several times says "my restaurant"…
also, she is working at a restaurant in a mall…… cant be that fancy.
it's weird how angry she gets at that story. i feel it's kinda exaggerated.

>go back to your country

>they dont teach their children english
classical projection, eh mira?

No. 375670

Considering that this after she got drunk to calm down, I wonder just how unhinged she was as it happened? Like, I thought she was relatable and fine in this video IF this all really happened the way she said it did. But I agree she could be exaggerating the situation and seeing her tweets, she could have been in major hulk mode as her coworkers supposedly boozed her up.

>also, she is working at a restaurant in a mall…… cant be that fancy.

It's too funny, visualizing her working at something like ガスト or Saizeriya, saving up coins in a shoebox for LV.

"My restaurant. My building."
That is really weird that she keeps doing that.

No. 375675

omg Miranda at a Saizeriya, it's perfect!

Does anyone have the rant video reuploaded somewhere?

No. 375690

File: 1493122867023.jpg (17.89 KB, 441x387, 8976543.jpg)

i chose my words poorly. I meant she is overreacting, not exaggerating her story. Because imho such a situation can be annoying but it's nothing that would usually trigger such an outrage?

sorry anon here isnt a native english speaker

it was the same about that story in the subway when she was talked to by a stranger that tried to flirt to her and he didnt immediately take the hint and she started screaming, throwing fingers and constantly shouting fuck off.. tried finding the video, but cant remember?

and wow, she is getting old. why do her cheeks look so puffed? bloated face due to alcohol?

No. 375693


Video save at vidme.com so she doesn't get views: https://vid.me/932P

No. 375694


Wow.. No wonder she usually cakes the makeup on. She looks a lot older than she actually is.

No. 375699

Yup, two posts up.

And for the people not familiar with Saizeriya (as the man said, perfect fit for Miranda):


No. 375722

File: 1493128630642.jpg (4.68 MB, 2208x1242, LSE8xWz.jpg)

There are a lot of possibilities for screen caps. This angle/lighting was as unfortunate as her eyebrows. Probably too much sodium in her diet as well.

Yes, her proclivity towards anger and confrontation is striking. VERY uncharacteristic for typical Japanese. You just don't see that kind of public(in private, Japanese are just as emotional or intense as anyone else)display except the lower class, especially delinquents and gangsters. I know she used to idolize gyaru but she also claims she wants to be the traditional Japanese housewife. Such a housewife is the face of her family and if she has kids, socializing with other moms and maintaining good relations is paramount. For many people: Bad wife/mother= bad family, as opposed to a bad father.

No. 375724

You notice how she said her coworkers sic'ed her on the kids? They're CLEARLY aware of what a loose canon she is.

Also? Miranda? Sweetheart? You're not anyone's "authority". When you're part of a waitstaff… your job is genreally to SERVE. They are your GUESTS, and yeah, they should ACT like it, but you? You are not the big boss. You're not anyone.

This bitch here wants to be a housewife when she can't even figure out how to control some playing kids without screaming at them.

God her accent is fuckin' weird. It's like she has a speech impediment, but is trying to sound French. The fuck.

No. 375730

Wait what?
Are you serious? No worker has to deal with this shit. Dealing with shitty customers is not part of the job.

No. 375734


Yeah, that's why I said they should ACT like guests. No one's arguing these people were inappropriate. But just because they were being dicks doesn't suddenly make Miranda 'the authority'.

No. 375744


She wasn't dealing with customers. The kids were outside of the restaurant she works.

Yes, the kids should have been supervised, and yes, parents that do that are assholes.

But they weren't running around in the restaurant. They should have called whatever the Japanese equivalent of mall security is.

Mira went outside of the restaurant to talk to the kids. It wasn't her job to do that. She did it on her own (trying to be the white savior of the Japanese workers).

No. 375745

It is my understanding that it happened outside the restaurant that she worked at so yeah that would make her the authority. Part of the staffs job is to calm the customers and kick out customers if they get out of hand. If customers get violent then it is security job to arrest them.

No. 375764


> outside the restaurant that she worked at so yeah that would make her the authority

It happened outside of her restaurant in a mall hall way, how would that make her the authority? Or was that a typo.

She said the kids were outside and about a minute walk down the hall. The only reason the restaurant is remotely connected is because the parents of the kids were there. She did not even discover that until they left the restaurant and then met with the kids.

No. 375778

It seems they didn't know who the parents were until the party or function was over, right? But if they wanted to send Mira out, somebody must have had an idea they belonged to customers at the restaurant. It sounds like the business is inside of a building, with hall where the kids were at leading to the restaurant entrance.

If the restaurant was not too busy, I could see it being okay for a single employee to leave the premises and check on those kids. I'm just confused by the claim they they stayed for as long as 3 hours in the hall and everyone was ignoring it.

No. 375801

Not entirely. The staff don't just have authority over what goes on inside the restaurant but what goes on in front of it or near it. If the kids were running and screaming near the restaurant then there is a high chance that customers could hear and were bothered. If kids are throwing water on the floor then a customer could slip and fall and could get hurt, not to mention that the kids could be hurt too. So if the staff were to hear/see this happening and do nothing then that would not be good at all.

No. 375926

File: 1493152199351.jpg (6.31 KB, 300x168, 1476630836980.jpg)

lol. that video.
You can tell that she's just a bored alcoholic, attention whore.

And he's sexually attracted to her, trying to act cool. It's awkward.

No. 375992

Once more:
>She said the kids were outside and about a minute walk down the hall.

Unless Japanese shopping malls (those were her words) are incredibly sparse, the would have walked in front of another store or several in that time. Which of those stores had responsibility?

From what I've seen of Japanese shopping malls, They would have been in front of a ton of stores in that length of a walk.

I'm with >>375778 I'm not buying that they stayed for 3 hours in a shopping mall corridor and everyone was ignoring it. This seems like Miranda's "white savior" complex again.

No. 376253

All of them. If you can hear some noise that is coming from out side of the restaurant then that must be very loud. It would be foolish for the staff to ignore this because it is not right outside. If the noise can be heard from inside where she works then it was loud enough for the customers to hear. It is up to the staff to correct the problem. Nobody wants to eat dinner and hear kids screaming for 3 hours. I would not want to pay money to be in somewhere where people were screaming off the top of their lungs.

No. 376291


That's the whole point everyone has been making. Supposedly, this went on for 3 hours in a shopping mall. And no one said anything. Japanese are non-confrontational, but that would not have gone on that long without someone doing something. That's why I not believing Miranda's story.

No. 376345

If you don't believe the story then why are you making excuses for it? These replies make it seem like it is not in her authority to tell them to stop. That staff should just have to deal with yelling customers because they are giving them money.

No. 376534

File: 1493204022773.jpg (287.37 KB, 1226x2054, gXM9IwM.jpg)

Oh, hello there fellow "hater"!

Oops. I didn't realize our jokes don't translate well sometimes and some people believed the Saizeriya quip as a fact. No, no, we don't know where she works. We just have her own loose descriptions and imagination. I'm personally not interested in tracking her workplace down because at least she is contributing something to society 20(?)hours a week.

No. 376567


Once again, you fail to understand, the "yelling kids" were NOT customers nor were they in the establishment.

It was not even known the parents were in there until the got up and left and met with the kids.

No. 376586

Yes but they could be heard from outside. They were customers to the mall. In a lot of countries the staff can ask you to leave if you are loud outside of the restaurant.

No. 376601


And per Miranda's video, they were about a minutes walk down the hall from the restaurant.

No. 376927

I think we can all agree that if they were that noisey, for 3 hours unattended in a shopping area, at least security or a nearby shop restaurant would have been alerted too. Japanese are typically non-confrontational and all that "customer is God" jazz, but they will get pissed off and yell at you if you are becoming unbearable.

No. 377476

Ha. Found on pull. Miranda had 3 major drops in subscribers (according to social blade)

4/20 -15

4/21 -103


4/25 -172

What makes it interesting is the first two happen after she released her "lied about suicide" defense video and the second drop on the 25 was after her "rude gaijin" video.

So much for the "I'm getting paid" bullshit.

No. 377590

She couldn't afford a new, current generation phone for years until this month, she sleeps in manga cafes on vacation, she has dealt with credit card debt and she gets supplemental money from a Canadian bank account. That tells me all I need to know about her "wealth". She makes enough to get by and buy a luxury good once in a while(really not difficult to buy second-hand LV), but not any more than most full-time, lower-middle class workers.

No. 378557

File: 1493456100720.png (669.89 KB, 665x428, 98765.png)

the resemblance is uncanny

No. 378633

How dare you, that orangutan is beautiful.

No. 378716

and intelligent

No. 378957

File: 1493554107932.jpg (307.03 KB, 450x675, f57e67f346f5ed.jpg)

So from behind she looks like she hasn't had a shower in six months and her hair is matting…

No. 378958

File: 1493554194301.jpg (331.39 KB, 450x675, f57e67f349a1b6.jpg)

… and from the front she looks like a sickly chipmunk, trying desperately to keep all it's acorns in it's cheeks for the winter.

Also: What's up with her skin?

No. 378961


TBH kind of looks like she has dry patches due to an irregular and/or improper skincare routine.

ALSO what the actual fuck are those shorts? That is not a good look on most people, and especially not on her.

No. 378976

Her butt looks okay in the shorts, her body isn't that bad. She does look trashy as fuck though

No. 378983


She's Canadian trailer-trash. Are you surprised?

No. 379022

Wooow Mira, I haven't checked on this thread in a while…Her body gets bigger but her head stays the same….
anyway what the fuck is she wearing? The weight looks good on her but damn wear decent clothes for it.

No. 379090


She looks like she's ready to attend a Juggalo gathering. That fucking hair jfc

Also that outfit isn't terrible, but it would look a lot better on someone ~5 - 10lb lighter.

No. 379099

File: 1493585515098.jpg (366.39 KB, 450x675, f57e67f347d0dd.jpg)

>juggalo gathering
it was at ultra japan in 2016

No. 379161


Welp, I take back what I said about the outfit now that I see the whole thing.

Also, it's sad knowing she's at a huge festival in Japan where there will be tons of 9s and 10s…and she looks like this…damn.

No. 379174

Even though I abhor her, I have to admit her body is not bad at all. If she worked out, she could look really good. However, her head really looks like it was cut and pasted on. It's disproportionately small and so oddly shaped, like something from Jim Henson's Creature Shop.

No. 379287

No. 379289

I was late, what exactly is she crying about? All I heard is she is losing her job

No. 379291

n/m, just saw this:

>A malicious individual knows where I work, and is telling people online hints as to where I work. Do they not understand that this information is private. I have stalkers. I have very harmful vile haters who contact business that I promote, and harass them. I have talked about that before. It is always a constant fear that people find out my personal information.

>Just a simple hint as to the location of my work is enough info for those haters who are on stand by for any info on me, to find out exactly where I work. To harass the company, to impersonate me and try to contact and get more personal information.

>I love that job. I love my coworkers. I feel so happy working. It is sad because they are low on staff and I am always there to be counted on. To have to leave so suddenly, it gives me a bad reputation as well as stress on the company. I love meeting my coworkers. And the tears just don't stop knowing that its come to a end.

>I get paid daily at this job. So any extra money I need for travels I can get right away. My rent is a little on the expensive side, but I have been managing. I spend a lot of my savings directly on trips, because I know that I always have YouTube and work at a restaurant for extra support to fund my trips. I am not a person to ask for money. But this is sudden and I was not prepared for this.

No. 379296

Now she's just complaining about online forums being MEAN calling them haters. Also hello, Mira <3

Love that you have to come here and lurk~

No. 379306

wtf? just came in and she's talking about if she gets killed, that her friends will continue to upload her videos because they have access to her channel, "so they'll never completely win"

jezuz mira, it's not that deep

No. 379307

File: 1493616714131.jpg (38.48 KB, 395x304, IMG_3373.JPG)

No. 379311

Someone who joined Pull recently stated she/ he knows the exact location where Miranda works at but won't give out that information saying it's private. They did give some idea of the type of place she works at, like it's a buffet restaurant, type of clientele, and etc…I don't know but it's seems pretty harmless to me.

Then another new member joined today and this person could be Miranda cause she bitching to leave her alone.

No. 379316

Ok….The mod stepped in and now the post is deleted or hidden on Pull.
I still think the description he/ she gave Pull is so vague and it could be anywhere anyplace in Tokyo….I feel she overacting, like this person stalked her when it wasn't the case.

No. 379317

File: 1493619306735.jpg (320.77 KB, 1242x1837, gkQ8tT4.jpg)

Here's what Miranda posted on PULL.

The fucked up thing is that the other anon was DEFENDING Miranda's work ethic and trying to tell PULL that Mira was a legitimate and good employee. What a psychotic bitch.

No. 379320

Ok so,
>someone gives very subtle hints they know what kind of place she works. apparently thinking nothing of it.
>Mira thinks PULLtards are super sleuths who can find out a precise location just from a resturant's menu or the floor pattern in a picture.
>Also thinks they're legit psychopaths who would "surround her house with guns and knives" if they knew where to find her.
>Called her boss and quit her job for her own safety.

No. 379324

>you self centered lesbian
>you guys are the reason cancer exists
sorry but lmao

No. 379330

Fake post. She said in the live show that poster is not her and is pretending to be her.

No. 379331

Is someone recording this so we can enjoy it again later?

No. 379333

How is this entertainment? None of us on PULL want her to feel afraid to go to work.

No. 379340

The original poster on PULL confirmed that Mira does work in a nice restaurant near a shopping mall(Mira already admitted that, right?), said that Mira was polite, used proper Japanese and was a good worker. PULL users were pushing them to reveal more details to prove they weren't lying, but the person refused and just gave information about the type of restaurant(hotel style), reiterated that the uniform Mira wore in videos was the real uniform, talked a little about typical clientele and remarked that it had a delicious buffet. She/he gave NO specific details since Mira's place of work is GENERIC AS FUCK.

Mira, you hypocritical cunt. That person was complimenting you and confirming YOUR STORY that you work in a nice restaurant. They came to defend you when they saw people were joking about your place of employment, spreading rumors and denigrating your work. Remember how you cry about people lying and spreading rumors about you?

Mira even said the person on PULL was defending her! But then she goes back and includes them in the group of people that want to destroy her life and goes on about how they are a horrible person. What the fuck is it, Mira?

But it's cute how for the millionth time, you show the world how obsessively you go on "hate sites" to participate in talking shit. It's okay as long as it's not about you, right? Want to make another post bitching about Sharla?

And how do you know that for sure? Sounds more like she is covering her ass again.

No. 379341

To Be Fair, I don't think anyone on PULL actually cared about the work place. Some rando new-account showed up and said "Hey, I have information… but I won't telllll youuuuuu tee hee!" and they rightfully said "ok. Prove it." and She said "Nuuuuuu" and they said "Then you're trolling" and she said "I am NOT" and then posted the vaguest most bullshittery bullshit of 'you can see the cherry blossoms… the crow calls at midnight'. No one cared, except for the same reason that people get on Miranda's case– if you're going to SAY shit, have proof to back it up.

No. 379342

They posted when she was on cam live crying.

No. 379345

Did we see her typing the message?

No. 379347

Hi, PULLfag. Fellow (occasional)PULLfag here. I know how you type, so try to be more inconspicuous. I don't think you're aware of it.

Personally, I thought it was interesting information because it gives an idea of how she functions outside of the online world. She CAN work honestly and diligently when it is required, which helps her to maintain this life despite the questionable circumstances that secured her visas.

The livestream accusations she started throwing out were crazy. One moment she admits the person was trying to help her, then the next, she is calling them a sick person that wants to ruin her life. And the whole time, she was accepting donations. Seems like she was getting more than usual. Very suspicious.

Dude. I have forum windows open all the time with yet-to-be-submitted text because I'm a procrastinator. I didn't click "New Reply" on my last post for more than 15 minutes because I took a break in between typing to make salad.

She wouldn't need to if it was already typed up before she started broadcasting. All she would have to do was post it with a single push of a key, at any time.

No. 379348

I doubt it was her. Why do you want to persist that it was her? Was it you? Are you the same person who came on PULL with hints about where she works? Are you really just a friend of hers? I don't think it is okay at all for people to even say online they know where she works. It was all downhill from that moment on. There is no reason to give hints about where she works. If she has been working there and not fired in the first week then I am pretty sure anyone can guess that she "functions well in society".

No. 379350

Fair enough. I hadn't thought of that 'type now, hit button to post later' idea, but yes, that would totally work.

Are we supposed to hide if we use PULL and lolcow? I wasn't aware. Apologies.

No. 379360

Chinpokomon, learn to quote who you are replying to. Increase your calm. Lol. But let's suppose it was a fake. WHY would a troll post as her, completely in her defense? What about all those other times we experienced that distinct personality who aggressively berates her critics, has an unusually knowledgeable view of her life details and both types and rationalizes just like her? That is not how trolling it works. I've also never seen a white knight pretend to be their idol in order to defend them.

I actually like your posts a lot, but we have a PULL thread and you might get mocked there one day since showing your power level gets certain people riled up. A few members get unfairly profiled IMO. Just a heads up, that's all.

Tinfoil hat time: Mira's livestream (with no visible tears) is a ruse. Her leaving work is not related to the PULL poster. This all comes on the heels of her freakout with that trashy Italian family. She gave just as much, or more, information to a wider audience about that family and the situation than PULL anon did about her work. Also, look how many views, and donations, she got in just a few hours "I have to quit my job..," compared to her regular videos. Also, didn't DevouredSoul register their account about an hour before they posted? That's what I saw in their profile.

No. 379365

I agree with your tinfoil hat honestly.

No. 379374

She kept talking about haters contacting her work/places she visits and complaining about her, even though PULL anon did nothing particularly bad. She focused so much vitriol on them and began twisting what limited information she had on their post to make them out to be a monster. My theory is that she got reported for her video and Twitter rants against that Italian family. It may have not even been other foreigners. No matter how bad that family was, unless they were banned from the establishment or something, you can not publicly slander potential return customers while also making xenophobic statements.

In Canada and most Western countries, even a few racist Facebook posts can get you fired if enough witnesses report you. Her employer could get concrete proof from YouTube and Twitter that she said things that reflect badly on the company.

No. 379377

I also agree with this tinfoil anon.

It went faaaaaaar too quick. From the person posting on PULL they knew where Mira works, to Mira already having quit her job and livestreaming. And she got a lot of donations in during her livestream.

No. 379380

File: 1493637513920.jpg (37.14 KB, 1075x240, 7654321.jpg)

ohhhhh, fucking wow.

people actually called her job.

It was 2ch, it has nothing to do with Pulltards:


they apparently actually figured out where she works and called.

I dont know. This goes too far, right?

No. 379384

can someone speaking japanese confirm?
It wasnt discussed on here.

2ch only once thought we knew where she worked, because someone posted about that japanese mall-type restaurant, but we actually didnt know it.

Can someone confirm?

No. 379386

She said in her new crying video that people/haters would contact her companies or locations she'd go to. She also said they'd figure out which subway she'd be at by the wall tiles and what not. I doubt a non-Japanese person would be able to figure out that stuff…. if she's telling the truth. I don't remember the details, I just halfassed listened to it

No. 379392

someone on PULL cleared it up

it was people on lolcow and 2ch reading each others messages, got lost in translation, and misunderstood each other a bunch

No. 379394

b-but … who called her work?

No. 379395

so far the only person saying someone called her work is Miranda. and it's not like she's ever lied before.

No. 379399

She didn't get fired she said in her video that she needs to quit because the people gave way too much information about her work and that even though they didn't say the name it's very easy for stalker to search and find out where she works because they are very good at searching.

No. 379400

She also said if it was the blonde guy then fuck you. She seems to understand who the frequent customer was .

No. 379401

That PULL user kind of screwed it up further. Over here, I and another poster joked that her fancy job was actually the cheap restaurant Saizeriya. It was only joking. Then 2ch didn't understand the joke. However, I distinctly remember Mira talking about 2ch finding out where she worked or went a long time ago. But I really think they were going by her own photos and videos when identifying places.

I've been reading her 2ch threads for a while and they have never released specifics about her whereabouts or home. The closest they came was finding her parents' Facebook photos. The actual sick part is that she was freaking overjoyed when somebody there claimed to identify Maguro/ Katsuo and Chloe, then finding some of Maguro's social media to get l pictures of him and his family. She ENCOURAGED that and bragged on Twitter that she found personal information.

So why is that okay, Mira? Why can you dox and save information on your critics, even going as far to contact their families? Nothing they did or said was worse than the way you behave online.

No. 379403

File: 1493641613995.jpg (85.43 KB, 851x379, 908765.jpg)

right now on 2ch they are confused as to why people are saying 2ch knew where she lived or anything like that.

If you take her video description, Mira is actually referring to the person posting about PULL that they knew where she worked and giving out generic information while at the same time being scared that her stalkers (not actually 2ch) in Japan are able to figure out where she is working and harrassing her there.

Following to that she quit her job in a hurry like the delusional trainwreck she is and started livestreaming while crying.

>the delusion continues

No. 379404

Vidme link for her vid: https://vid.me/vjIo

No. 379405


This whole thing was a bit for her to e-beg for money.

"Poor me, people are mean to me. Give me money!"

No. 379409


finally the answer we need

so no one actually figured out where she works. Pull, 2ch, and here were just speculating and guessing

except for the random person that was on pull today that's been to her restaurant, but pull users are saying that person didn't actually give any detailed information and said she was a nice waitress.

and all mira said was something about a blond guy that comes visits her restaurant sometimes

So in the end, she's being over dramatic

No. 379410

Yes, we know what she said. It doesn't mean that is what happened, though. There is no proof either way, but she has a reputation for lying, exaggerating and refusing to admit she is wrong.

I didn't take her comment about the blonde guy as understanding. More like paranoid guess because she is trying to remember any foreigners that have visited more than once. She doesn't even know if the office worker is white! The vast majority of foreigners are from other Asian countries.

Yeah, she is all over the place. Now she is calling the well-meaning person defending her malicious. She has made so many comments and videos before about haters/stalkers and potentially being killed. Saying she has to wear sunglasses and a surgical mask to hide her identity in public. Has she ever written about one real life instance that her "stalkers" confronted her or threatened her? There was one girl that wanted an interview about the sock puppet issue, but she freaked out on them. That was it. She accuses everyone of being stalkers and haters. She continuously states that all critics are sick in the head, mentally ill, racist, conniving or jealous. It's the same song and dance for 5 years.

Yes, yes, and yes. It's same ol' Mira generating attention for her waning channel.

No. 379413


Exactly!. She is doing nothing but posting one long "sympathy" ploy for donations and views.
Also to distract from her having lost subs when she did her drunk rambling and "suicide defense" vid. Still trying to claim on this new vid. "I didn't do anything to anyone. Everyone just attacks me for no reason. Please give me money"

No. 379416

Stalkers are a serious issue in Japan. Not too long ago a not even so well-known idol was stalked and killed. Psychos.
I guess it's the safest choice to move and start over. Being even a little famous is dangerous nowadays, especially on the Internet. Hopefully nothing happens to Mira-chan.

No. 379430

I am sorry I am honestly shocked that you guys are defending the person who did this. Do you not read other new sources about stalkers in Japan? It is no joke. I don't blame her for being scared. It is nothing to take lightly. The person didn't need to give out the address. Just giving hints is enough puzzle pieces for these types of people to figure it out. Stalkers spend more time researching where she goes than we do.

No. 379435

Have you been paying attention in the slightest? Exactly zero people are 'defending' the person who did this. Funny, though, how it's 'no joke' when Miranda is the supposed target, but when she tries to do it to others it's no big deal…

No. 379439

I agree with tinfoil hat anon, I think she got shit (rightfully) over her racist posts and videos. I'm enjoying watching her panic like this, tbh

No. 379441


As said, no one defended any stalking.

But, We have wondered if it's true. This is a girl that spammed out to every youtuber she knew about committing suicide just to get attention and views. And then laughed about the one person who fell for it (who had been personally affected by suicide).

Nothing is too low for her to sink. In fact, this story, if it's confirmed to be made up, is still less fucked up than her suicide bit.

Plus she got well over $1000 in donations.. Not too bad.

No. 379442

File: 1493646812829.png (379.27 KB, 720x1009, 20170501_145258.png)

ot, but…

No. 379445

Ha!. The truth comes out. Well about other things.

She has to move, not because of this, but because without her waitress job she can't afford the rent on her place anymore. 32:30 in the video. So much for all them Youtube bux, LV bags, and only working the waitress job "for fun".

Of course, she might be able to afford it, but threw this in for extra sympathy donations..

No. 379446

is there another copy of this? the link isnt working for me

No. 379447

Ew jesus christ. If i saw that in public i would cringe to death.
The more i see of her face the more strange i find it. Does she have fetal alcohol syndrome or something?

No. 379452

Tomita Mayu survived, you imbecile. If you are going to use real-life examples, don't twist the facts. The issue in Japan isn't a higher amount of stalkers, but failure of authorities to act upon tips or reports until the accused actually makes contact with the victim.
>Mira chan
Ugh. Seriously, fuck off.

They didn't give out the address, nor any other definitive details, fake-chan. This is becoming a game of telephone.

Amazing how you two popped up when we started discussing the very real possibility that Mira made this all up to save her channel. Yes, very coincidental…

Cool. Will she photoshop and romanticize being stoned to death for adultry or edit a kawaii public beheading with SNOW?

No. 379453


It will be finished processing in 10 min.

Videm has a 30 min video length limit that I was unaware of.

No. 379455

Ha! Miranda talking about "karma". Did you ever think that this is karma for all your bullshit honey?

No. 379457

Can't say I pity her. Maybe it makes me a bad person, but I just can't. Sure stalking is wrong, and I would have never done it to her, but how is what happened to her more wrong than what she did? She lied, romantizes a country that refues basic human rights to women, rants, insults and harrasses. I mean, wtf, she even contacted people's mothers and boyfriends. Talking about karma…

No. 379459


aww… "This video has been removed because it is too long." thanks for trying!

No. 379461

I'll break it up into sections and re upload

No. 379462

What gets me is that she was whining that she never did anything to anyone. When I first heard about her, it was in her first thread on PULL which talked about how extremely rude and arrogant she was. There was nothing about sock puppets, Sharla or "white Japanese" back then. Just how bad her attitude was and how flippantly she answered people.

She was upsetting people from the start and she just got worse and worse. There is so much proof of her just being an all-around unpleasant, combative and stubbornly ignorant person. Of course you will pick up enemies that way! If she can't deal with it, she needs to scale back her social media presence, avoid any forum that discusses her, and just concentrate on making better video content.

No. 379476


>If she can't deal with it, she needs to scale back her social media presence, avoid any forum that discusses her, and just concentrate on making better video content.

Nope, she can't do that according to her e-beg stream. She's "too famous". SHe actually said that even if she quit Youtube and everything altogether, she's so "famous" that people would still stalk her.


No. 379479

File: 1493653832450.jpg (169.08 KB, 1242x1663, prvZbxI.jpg)

Oh, shit. A mysterious guest started spamming PULL just as most people have reached consensus that she is bullshitting. Can you try not to be obvious, Mira and Co.? Every. Single. Time.

No. 379480

So obvious it hurts.

No. 379484

File: 1493654213819.jpg (250.38 KB, 1216x1358, Z0hf0qV.jpg)

There were only two mass-posted messages that I could find. We've all seen a variation of this one before. Oh, surprise. It's the vulgar guy persona.

No. 379486

File: 1493654758571.jpg (263.35 KB, 2208x1094, eoxs07U.jpg)

The other one. This rant is familiar, "Lane". He is the Santa Claus of white Japanese-loving rapists.

If this indeed is not Mira, then girl. THIS person is your stalker. Without fail, this character comes to rescue, frothing at the mouth and making you look worse than ever. Who cares about a random gaijin who recognized you. This violent white knight is who you need to investigate! She reads all these sites constantly, yet this reoccurring person does not frighten her to death, nor does she mention them at all?

No. 379499

Here we go. Miranda's ebegging pity-party

Part 1 https://vid.me/Y2v3
Part 2 https://vid.me/P5DX

Part 3 will be later for sake of completeness (There's an upload limit on vidme as well. ). Nothing really interesting in that part. Mostly her showing a bunch of cheap crap that she's going to put on e-bay to scam more money.

No. 379512

Thank you for your efforts!

>"The reason that I have to read it is because I don't want my personal information out there and I need to know if it's out there so I can prepare myself for…"

What?! Almost every day for 5 years, she has to browse and make forum accounts for this reason? That doesn't make any sense and it's masochistic.

>"If you don't like me, don't watch me"

If you don't like negative comments, stop reading them. Don't search them out. Stop following the people that make them, looking for their personal information and telling all your followers about your latest "hater." If it is not vital to your safety, keep the hater drama away from your page.

She goes on and on about how obsessed and dedicated her haters are, but she has fully admitted she has been doing the exact same thing! She's always following and documenting every insignificant detail. You are part of the cycle, Mira! You're feeding it and doing nothing to control yourself online. Seriously ask yourself why the other big Jvloggers do not have your exact problem. What are they doing differently than you?

No. 379528

prepare herself for getting doxxed? for moving if her address is posted?

No. 379545


Or setting up a pity-party to scam $1000 from idiots that fell for it.

(Tinfoil warning) I'm seriously beginning to think that the person posting vague crap on PULL was Miranda. Hence, the hysteria over incredible vague comments Literally, the poster said that she worked in a restaurant in a mall. Doesn't really narrow things down in a city like Tokyo Shit, Miranda said that herself on her own video about the kids making noise. Then, boom, panic. "Help, give me money."

She probably never even quit her job.

No. 379553

nah I think it's genuine. Miranda is extremely paranoid and delusional. She literally thinks the girls at PULL want to murder her, and they'd do it if they ever found out where to find her. She also thinks they're a bunch of Sherlock Holmes and that little bit of generic information is all they need to pinpoint her exact location. She's so convinced of this that she told her friends to continue uploading her back-up of videos after she dies.

it's the stupidest thing ever. she quit her job over that paranoia and then blamed it on everyone as if they somehow got her fired.

No. 379578

why would she need to move? why is it such a jump from "i know where she works" to "i know where she lives". She had fans coming to her restaurant before. why didnt she freak out about those? One of them could have been some of those crazy stalkers she is so afraid of. Why wasnt she worrying then? Why now? Why is she even talking about her work at all if it is so dangerous for her if people realize where she works? She could have just not mentioned that she works in a restaurant at all.

it doesnt add up at all.

i also think that she actually doesnt have the job anymore but i rather think it has something to do with that rant over the unbehaving children in the mall. Maybe she had a real rage at the mall or her boss saw the video she was posting. Further she might not be able to afford her apartment anymore and wanted to move anyway and quit thatswhy and builds a delusional stalker-pity-story around that.

she is stalked as much as margaret palermo is boolied.

No. 379586

>why would she need to move? why is it such a jump from "i know where she works" to "i know where she lives"
if she quit her job because they found her workplace, then she'll move if they find her home address. once again, she literally thinks people want to kill her.

No. 379607

If she honestly thought that, why would she have gotten a job where she works with the public (ie, Waitress).

Regardless of the size of the city, working in that type of job means that there is the likelihood that someone will see you and recognize you.

As she said in her on video, "fans" had found her previously, why didn't she quit then? Because they said they were fans? Mark David Chapman got John Lennon's autograph earlier in the day. Then came back and shot him.

Your theory doesn't work.

No. 379612

File: 1493678472217.jpg (663.44 KB, 815x1317, MTR.jpg)

Out of all the threads, he just HAPPENED to start with Miranda's threads first, and only ever actually replied to someone in a Miranda thread. How strange…

No. 379617

are you stupid? how do you miss the point so bad and go off into such a stupid conclusion?

No. 379619

could be just a loser neckbeard who was in her stream and decided to white knight.
>fuck off i am guy, I'm coming to rape you, wait for that knock on the door next week.
fuck they are soooo bad at trying to scare lmao

No. 379620

It's almost 8:00 Miranda. Go to work. Oh wait…

No. 379621

>feefees were hurt

No. 379629

File: 1493679439430.jpg (28.75 KB, 500x383, fancy-bender-well-played-madam…)

No. 379639

File: 1493680736463.png (199.59 KB, 1186x676, JH65NB3.png)

No. 379651

You didn't watch the video? I didn't post the entire quote because she was rambling too much.
The rest of the quote:
"…I need to know if it's out there so I can prepare myself for like safety if they know where I live or, you know, I have to know this so this is why I read my hate."

The part where she talks about Japanese stalkers contacting every company she promotes. Well… doesn't that happen to big name problematic and controversial celebrities who endorse products?

Did you guys catch this Freudian slip at 16:49?:
>"Then some, some cow-Um-Unthinkable person comes along and you know, tries to win it for someone else. You gotta have a fucked up life to ruin someone else's"

Which cow, Mira?

>"I've never done nothing to anyone"

>"I don't watch people I don't like"


Going back to this comment, around 8:45 of the second upload from our anon, she talks about someone impersonating her online at that very moment. Which means drumroll she was browsing PULL at the same time she was broadcasting! So YES, she could be simultaneously doing her live while on PULL. Not that 99% of us here didn't already know that.

No. 379663

File: 1493683972633.jpg (71.98 KB, 571x891, 32456789.jpg)

bitch acts like she is freaking Madonna or Talia Castellano or Malala Yustafazi or some shit

Mira, no one cares when you finally stop uploading. The only thing we will be sad about is to have one ridiculous cow less to laugh about.

>friends came over

that's news. she has friends? or is this just another made-up story?
why is she so pathetic?

No. 379684


Yeah, all that supposed crying, yet durnig that stream, not one tear. Her eyes are clear and not puffy at all.

She wasn't crying.

No. 379692

Glad I'm not the only one who sees this! Lots of boogery sniffing but NO TEARS. Not one and her eyes are damn clear for crying all day. No more tears than that DaddyOfive mom in their fake apology video. These are crocodile tears and she has a cold.

This is the same girl who sent mass-emails to YouTubers threatening suicide. Same girl who recently made a video fantasizing how she is going to be killed by North Korea. Same girl who makes an obnoxious video gloating about how haters make her famous and we are just giving her money. Just a big faker. This is perfectly timed with her having to move due to rent and the fact that her visa is running out.

No. 379802

please watch

No. 379811

File: 1493712611601.jpg (1.99 MB, 1143x11183, mirandawhy.jpg)

Why the fuck is this a video? Why not just post with here like everyone else?

Video content attached for anyone who doesn't feel like waiting for the video to play through.

You didn't watch her videos, but you wanted to defend her?

No. 379833

Officer worker anon: MIRA IS CRAZY. That is the first thing you need to know. You can not be her friend or defend her without 100% kissing her ass. She hates people that disagree with her and if they are a follower, she will keep track of them indefinitely because she now views them as a "hater". Several times, I have seen her turn on completely respectful people who not only liked her, but had absolutely no history of bad-mouthing her. She doxxes people and saves their FAMILY information. If you are for real, she is going to try to find out who you are and where you work.

Secondly, Mira constantly lies, embellishes or twist information to make her look like a victim or a hero. This situation could have been handled quietly and she could have contacted the PULL administrator or you to take the post down, as she has done before. She knows how to contact them and knows they do have rules. She posed as her ex to get his pictures taken down(Yes, it was Mira). Instead, she wanted to make a dramatic 24-hour telethon out of your post and get money in the process. She played you.

No. 379837

thanx! finally got to watch these. honestly, without makeup, she looks so much better. still weird, yeh, but her eyes look SO MUCH BETTER.less like theyre sliding off her face.

No. 379845

File: 1493729041062.jpg (154.77 KB, 910x815, mira1.jpg)

Down 200 subs yesterday.. Now the sympathy ploy seems to be confirmed.

No. 379846


Very similar to Onision "My youtube channel is tanking, give me money."

Actually, she's like the spawn of a Onision/Margaret Palermo mating.

"My youtube channel is dying, I'm being boolied, give me money!!"

No. 379901

Looking at Miranda's Twitter. All smiles and happy.

Free money will do that for you, I guess.

No. 379917

yeah, ikr? I mean it's almost weird that soo many people are randomly trying to defend her right? Like she is some kind of saint.

If she wrote that post on PULL and at this point I very much think she did, it was also her that posted that video.

She probably got triggered that everyone thought that she was working in a Saizeriya.

No. 379938

File: 1493753256516.jpg (106.8 KB, 525x572, fake.jpg)


Yep, and then saw a perfect opportunity to scam money of of her idiot subs.

Hell, she is probably referring to the staff of the job she never quit.

No. 380064

So sad! So scared for her life! She's going to be murdered any second, you guys! I bet she is happy with that rent money.

I am so glad I'm a cynical bitch and called it from the beginning. I had second-hand embarrassment for the girls at PULL all like "We're sorry Mira!" She's unrepentant scammer. Maybe you have to have experience with these dramatic, abusive, life-draining, pathological liars that constantly take from you without regards to your feelings. It hurts so fucking bad to put years into consoling or and walking on eggshells with them so they don't have another freak-out or threaten to hurt themselves. They do not change! Mira will always do things like this and think she is justified.

No. 380073

>I had second-hand embarrassment for the girls at PULL all like "We're sorry Mira!"
ikr? I hate those dick sucking retarded hypocrite cunts that they are
"we would never wish her harm, oh nuuu, thatswhy we only dedicated an entire forum cyberstalking her and making fun of her"

like at least be honest to yourself

No. 380074

>Hell, she is probably referring to the staff of the job she never quit.
She also mentions being in Akita though
Wonder what that sudden trip is about

No. 380086

Wow you people are really fucking retarded . What is she supposed to do be sad all day and cry ? Is she not allowed to go out and eat with her friends and get drunk ? Why do you care so much about what someone else is doing with her life . Go out and do something with the life that you need to get .

No. 380091

Uh, yeah? Going out and getting drunk is the number one thing you shouldnt do when youre being stalked.

No. 380107

Don't abuse the space bar the next time you try the overused 'get a life' routine

No. 380119


You ridiculous weeb. Can't you learn to post differently? Maybe take some creative writing classes and come back with a unique character next time?

Bitch. It's Golden Week for me. I'm on break from a REAL job, that never threaten to quit due to being a drama-whore. Don't worry. I will never go looking for your scheming ass. You're not worth it and you already do enough to ruin your own life. The question is: what are YOU doing on this forum in the first place? Why can't you stop?

No. 380332

actually yeah. if you just demonstrated a mental break down live on youtube and quit your job, i wouldnt exactly expect the same person to go partying the next day.

Guess she was busy spending them youtube bux she got from people donating

No. 380402


Sure, It just shows she scammed sympathy bux from the pity-party.

$1000 from Twitch losers and who-knows how much from Paypal (Notice in the video, she directs people to use paypal so that she will get more money since they have lower fees than Twitch. Proving she was only after the cash)

No. 380408

Translation of her "Japanese" vid:

>Hey guys, thanks for watching Doudemomira channel.

>Am I married to a Japanese guy? Am I not? is the question I'm about to answer today.
>So first of all, 5 years ago I married a Japanese guy.
>We married in Canada so more than a Japanese guy I saw him as a Canadian.
>He is a Japanese citizen so the two of us migrated* to Japan, as soon as we migrated to Japan his Canadian personality changed into Japanese.

>In Canada probably most people don't think of other peoples citizenship. All of us do the same thing.

>So in Japan I'm often asked "Are you going to marry a Japanese guy? Or a foreginer?" and I think it's weird.
>Even if I end up not becoming Japanese, nothing about me will change. I will be the same as I am now. Eating Miso soup, shougayaki, and oden. I will still make regular >food, attend regular new years event and NOTHING will change.
>Why are you being surprised? This is Japan! It's obvious stuff, no?
>There's foreginers who are very typical foreginers.
>They live in japan but use their native tongue and can't make any japanese food.
>You know, when in rome do as the romans**
>I simply remember how the japanese people do and behave.
>Well, let's leave this topic for now.
>"So are you going to marry a Japanese guy, Mira?
>Please answer me!!"
>I don't care about citizenship. But if he lives in Japan I want him to become Japanese.
>I simply want someone who thinks like the Japanese people do, and someone who behaves in the Japanese way

>Well, that's all! Thanks for watching.

>So guys, what do you want to do? do you wanna marry a japanese person? or do you want to find a stereotypical gaijin? Please answer in the comments*

Note that she never say that she isn't married. Also, reality is starting to set in that she might not get citizenship (Even if I end up not becoming Japanese).

No. 380466

File: 1493849557548.jpg (76.66 KB, 585x402, shadow.jpg)

Miranda's lack of education on display. Here, she doesn't seem to know how light and shadow work

No. 380467

File: 1493849619182.jpg (29.54 KB, 581x228, idiot.jpg)

In this, she doesn't understand humidity and it's effects on relative temperature.

No. 380468

lmao holy shit..

No. 380474

She behaves like she has a room temp IQ.

No. 380502

Wait i'm confused as fuuuck. so i only follow her drama off and on but it's her own words that are confusing

>5 years ago i married a japanese guy in canada

But she still talks like she isn't married?

Or is it just that the guy she married doesn't have proper citizenship so unless he gets it, she can't either?

No. 380509

No. She divorced him 3 months after geting to Japan. She signed up for a language school to get a student visa and then found Visa-kun 2.0 and has been living on that since. She has applied for citizenship but even in her deluded mind she is starting to grasp that she won't get it. This video was supposed to be her proving that she isn't married in a sham marriage for a visa

No. 380513

Ahh thank you for clarifying for me.

Hehehe..if she gets deported back to Canada that'd be the perfect cherry on top to end her drama peak.

No. 380593

Japan is humid so doesn't feel hot? Mira, do you know what 蒸し暑い means? Have you ever been outside? Even Hokkaido gets hot in summer, and its the coolest part of the country.
Stupid little shit…

No. 380635

File: 1493889332481.png (Spoiler Image, 948.53 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-05-04-11-11-36…)

B-but miranda, posting about where you are? What about your crazy obsessed murder-stalker?

And #vivacanada kek, aren't you 100% ethnic and cultural japanese?

No. 380639

Help! I'm so confused! What is this pure Japanese woman doing in front of the word "Canada"? There can't be any meaning behind it, right?

Why doesn't this bitch get rid of KANADAjin, already? So Japanese, but will never distance herself from the name that signifies the reason she has a YouTube channel in the first place.

No. 380655

File: 1493894481711.png (72.69 KB, 720x357, 20170504_113151.png)

“The act of begging is possibly a breach of the misdemeanor law.”
“Can't be naturalized.”

2chan talking about Mira's e−begging. Any anons with knowledge of Japanese laws know if her begging is applicable?
(Yes I know my 和英訳 is badly worded)

No. 380664

she looks so much better when I put my thumb over her face

No. 380684

if it was illegal 2ch would be all over it with it and someone from there wouldve already tipped off authorities.

No. 380702


Posting pictures of her exact location, pics of her going out with friends drinking, dropping cash a festivals.

That cash from her e-begging pity party came in handy.

No. 380709

ah common, gotta treat yoself after that breakdown, guuurrrrrl!

i also think it comes in handy that she wont
>talk about my work anymore
bet my ass she just took some days off

No. 380714

Sage for blog but. I grew up in hiding! Legit, this guy will fuck our shit up if we're found-hiding. 30 years later, I know he's crippled and not a threat, I still can't seem to let myself post freely online, use my real name, pics, let alone a pic of myself at an easily identifiable location. I don't think she gives a fuck about this stalker, or she thinks it's a game and she's untouchable… Fuck you, Miranda.

No. 380716

It's not illegal.
It's illegal with no reason, to beg and beg and beg.
A man was arrested because of internet begging online, he was actually the only case. He was literally insane and it became viral. His name is kuro Kuro.

He would scream into the camera online, demand money and say if he doesn't get it he will not get paid from work or die. And he had his bank public .

Gathering funds for a specific purpose isn't illegal. Her following is donation to get a return in videos and help her.

No. 380717

thanks, I wasn't too sure of any specifics.
mira's still a pos though

No. 380834

Miranda took down her e-begging video, interestingly, after it was pointed out that it was illegal.

Regardless of whether it would have prevented her citizenship, it does show that she knows full well she was just begging for cash to scam from her subs.

No. 380837

File: 1493943211151.jpg (205.53 KB, 1920x1080, 0987654.jpg)

girl is still busy spending dem e-begged bux

my favourite moment is already at 1:10 when she throws her hair back and it looks like her wig is about to fall off.

jesus, fucking christ.

Mira, I know youre sitting every day hunched over your laptop molesting the F5 button with your tacky finger nails.

For fucks sake get some fashion sense in you. That wig looks massively fake and something someone of your age would never put on their head (only if it was for actual cosplay). If you wear a wig, goddammit at least style it and dont just pull it out of the bag and put it on.

Yes, long nails might be in for some girls in harajuku, but those are girls that at the same time work at a kyabakura. If you want those nails at least dont buy cheap plastic ones at a store and just glue them on, it looks ridiculous.

And youre eyebrows are still triggering me, ffs. If you want to trigger people and run away due to being shock from your face: good! Because thats exactly what you are currently achieving. They are unsymmetric, wobbly, too dark and too long. Watch an eyebrow tutorial and if it has to be a japanese one i dont care! No one in the worlds would advice it to people as unflattering as you have it currently.

And goddammit! Stop with those stupid penis referances! A "Oh it's so big!" is nothing a japanese classy young woman would ever say.

No. 380838

i cant be bothered to mirror it. Those pathetic 3k views arent giving her anything anyway.

No. 380867

just gotta leave this here then.


No. 380870

She probably has days off already for Golden Week. VERY convenient.

No. 380871

I'm just gonna say what all the girls are thinking: those nails look horrendous and painful. I bet the reason she's all up-tight is because she can't even get herself to achieve an orgasm. ふふふふふ・・・

No. 380917

Don't celebrate where it is not needed. She takes down all live stream videos after a week. If she was afraid of being sot out for doing something that could damage her reputation she would have deleted the videos where she is screaming about the children in the mall.

No. 380918

Those videos are both old. She probably has not even left the house. If you look at the end of her videos she shows clips to "future videos" and the owl cafe clips and the big pink cotton candy clip has been in repeat for a few months.

No. 380943

I don't understand where she is getting her inspiration for these ghastly press-on nails. I don't know any Japanese women our age who have nails that look like ugly Jordan Almonds.

She made a video in 2013 about Japanese nail art supplies, and once posted a picture of her nails with the most unprofessional, thick coat of varnish I have ever seen, so I'm pretty sure she is doing her own nails.

No. 380957

They are gel nails. Very popular in Japan actually.

No. 380969

ok but gel nails shouldn't look like shitty press ons

No. 380971

I live in Japan and have them myself, Mira. YOURS ARE BADLY DONE. They are trashy, ugly and color scheme in nauseating. Go to a professional, high-quality nail salon. Never do them at home. You can get better, classier temporary nails at the drug store.

No. 380974

File: 1493967694282.jpg (28.27 KB, 314x315, 7TH7RQN.jpg)

I can't find the vomit Halloween ones, but these are just as ugly. God. You spent money on this.

No. 380978

How do you even think that's okay? I think this trend is gaudy and ugly as hell, but at least some of them come out pretty. This looks like they were done by a blind person.

No. 380979

Do you have an example of your own nails that look amazing?

No. 380985

Different anon, but I can't believe you think this is standard quality. Why are you so cheap?

Mira and Lola in the comments again. Ugh.

No. 380988

I never said her nails are standard. I was wondering if someone who lives in Japan could show their nails as example of what good nails in Japan look like, thats all.

No. 380989



Her nails are so far bellow standard they're a joke. It's like she dug other people's used nails out of the trash and glued them on her hand. Crooked. Then again, her face is lopsided and ugly, why shouldn't her nails match.

No. 380997

Please upload picture.

No. 381000

No. 381006

File: 1493974967217.png (179.33 KB, 720x683, 20170505_100037.png)

ot from the nail discussion, but can anyone who has better grasp Japanese than me know if the tweet she liked is serious or not? or if she's just delusional again

No. 381010

No no
I want to see the Japanese nails you have.

No. 381012

File: 1493978508057.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.63 KB, 1200x675, biM6g9S.jpg)

Here you go. Much more elegant than Mira's.

Can we see your Japanese passport now?

No. 381014

They don't have those chips in Japan. fucking weeb. you don't live in Japan and you are whining about a girls nails when you don't even have fucking nails you self.

No. 381015

File: 1493978937716.png (24.35 KB, 425x404, e37.png)

No. 381016

Are you retarded?

No. 381018

No. 381023

this bitch things import shops don't exist.

ahhh yes. "you can't teach me literature," miranda screamed at her english teacher, "you haven't even published a book yourself!"

No. 381024

post a picture of those wonderful nails you speak of. I am still waiting on that one.

No. 381025

tfw PULL is down so you have to go to lolcow to get your masochistic attention fix, huh, miranda

No. 381026

You have some kind of brain issues going on there if you think everyone who points out your bull shit is Miranda.

No. 381040

File: 1493984826617.jpg (14.23 KB, 240x320, 5xJCkkb.jpg)

Only the chosen ones can live in Japan! Inbred middle school-educated hicks, menopausal women with identity crisis and fat scummy LBHs get priority.

We have とんがりコーン in Japan instead of Bugles. They don't fit on your fingers as well, but they satisfy my inner gyaru.

Speaking of brain issues… Don't worry, retard. PULL will be back up soon. 楽しみね。

No. 381045

Are you in high school there kiddo? Because you don't get menopause till you are over 50. Nice photoshop skills but I am still waiting on those nails. You must have old pictures of your nails. Or do you always only go to the nail salons that re-create bite your nails till they are too short druggie style?

No. 381046


""We have とんがりコーン in Japan instead of Bugles""

""We have""


Oh look. We have a Mira. Or is that one an okay for you too?

No. 381048

Do you honestly think you're only talking with one person, you Toxic Avenger wannabe?

No. 381050