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No. 547092

Previous Thread >>>/pt/485749
>First the "haterz" ran her off of the Punksud forum.
>Then the haterz ran her off of her ex-boyfriend's sixtyfourdigits.com forum
>Then the haterz ruined her "Rainbow Rants" youtube channel
>Then she ran away to Japan to get away from the haterz
>Then her first Visa husband dumped her (probably because of haterz, somehow)
>Then the haters moved to her kanadajin3 channel
>The she blackmailed visa-husband number 2.
>Then the first "jvlogger conspiracy" happened when she created all of those sock puppets to attack the others (but it totally wasn't her..)
>Then her fake suicide drama with Unrested that the haterz caused (despite the screen shots of her)
>Then she attempted to doctor her texts messages from jvlogger conspriacy but the others involved had the full messages and it blew up in her face (Which was why she waited 4 years to try and pull it, hoping they would have gotten rid of the text.. But it was the haterz fault)
>Then she first tried to get some Rody dick but someone sent text to Rody that she had sent to them talking about how bad she wanted that Rody Dick. Rody having a fiance and being a decent human, left.
>Then she begged to Rody to come back and she would just be his "friend" and never mention it again
>two weeks later she was begging Rody to fuck her.
>Then fake suicide number 2 (the Rody Dick edition)
>Then Rody exposes that she lied about the first Rody dick attempts because she tried to get some Rody Dick again after she promised him she wouldn't. But that was somehow Rody's fault that she's a selfish bitch.
>Now it's the islamaphobes.
>It must be so hard to be so persecuted no matter what she does or where she goes..
>Or it could be, since the common denominator in all of this is her, that she is just a shitty person and the cause of all her own problems. But then she would have to take responsibility and actually change things about herself. So, fuck that, just blame the "haterz"
>Now claims that anything that happened before she became a muslim doesn't count because she is forgiven. But didn't do anything she needed to be forgiven for

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kanadajin3
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kanadajin3
2nd Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/doudemomira
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kanadajin3

No. 547099

10/10 thread pic

No. 547600

File: 1531474410939.jpg (387.76 KB, 1242x1789, lIVz3AF.jpg)

Lol, Chuck. I think she likes you. She never stops responding.

Now this nearly 30 year old woman thinks she is trolling everyone by saying she is both unmarried and married? How is that funny? Marriage is a HUGE deal in Islam, so being dishonest about it should be haram AF, especially if there really is a Muslim husband. Even if she is not married, deliberately misleading or trying to confuse people out of spite is disgusting.

No. 548269


She said not married to a Japanese man.

What if she isn't being dishonest and she's married to a non-Japanese man?

No. 548292

That is the point. She deliberately phrased it that way to hint at a non-Japanese husband while not confirming it to be true or not. As a “righteous” Muslim, that IS very dishonest of her and immature. Either say nothing or admit the truth.

It is impossible for her to marry a Japanese man anyway, so her only option is a foreign Muslim man..

No. 548306

Her imaginary Saudi husbando will not like her talking to strange men on social media, anon.

No. 548381

He's probably from Qatar or UAE if he exists at all.

No. 549034

Nah he's probably from Yemen or Uzbekistan.

No. 549056

File: 1531659118834.jpg (60.38 KB, 501x430, GUoj8qR.jpg)

The Saudi population is so small that is extremely unlikely she hooked up with a rich prince. The Indonesian and Malaysian Muslims are often quite moderate, so I think her settling with an older Pakistani or Turkish man is also believable.

Did you guys see her Tweet more endorsement of pedophilia in Islam? The video she linked was just inane bullshit about cultural relativism and the creep who was speaking used the most awful comparison of Romeo and Juliet. Even worse, he deflects by saying Aisha was the LUCKIEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD and that we don’t know her feelings about being a 9 year old forced with a middle aged man, so we can’t judge. Sick fucker. Fuck you too, Mira.

No. 549066

tbh randa is probably being intentionally vague to keep unwanted guys from bugging her, while still trying to seem open.

No. 549584

File: 1531747058750.jpg (58.13 KB, 637x517, yeahright.jpg)

No. 549618

File: 1531755380054.jpg (365.4 KB, 1242x1714, WJpGq9Q.jpg)

Miranda Constable, aka kanadajin3: Grown men having sex with children is totally awesome if they don’t complain! In fact, if he is a powerful old man, consider yourself a very lucky little girl!

No. 549651

File: 1531761222691.jpg (81.1 KB, 1280x720, TAwM3YD.jpg)

No. 549665

what a creep, ugh

No. 549898

I don't reslly follow Miranda but holy shit what happened to her? She went from being a wannabe Japanese housewife to being this crazy towel wearing pedophile apologist, all because her muslim friend turned her down?

No. 549922

What a fucking cuntrag

No. 549944

i think she's turning into one of those wahhabis. honestly she should just move to Saudi Arabia already.

No. 549947


Wow. This has honestly left me speechless.

“Pedophilia is ok as long as they don’t complain.” I mean, wow, what the fucking fuck?

No. 549952

fucking revolting

No. 549984

i wish i could say no, but yes.

No. 549986

And back when she originally converted, she swore that wearing a hijab was the only thing about her that would change. All this over a guy refusing to dump his gf for her crazy ass

No. 550019

File: 1531794279646.jpg (167.34 KB, 1242x887, ubOUMWv.jpg)

She keeps going! Like a batshit insane far right conservative, she is really into slippery slope fallacies. Get this, folks: In the future, physically and sexually mature adults will be thought of as CHILDREN, even though all scientific and sociological evidence has consistently proves a VAST difference between the mind and bodies of a 7 year old and a 24 year old. Previously, she wrote that 30 will be considered too young for marriage by Western standards, even though the rise in marriage age is mostly due to economy and views on personal independence. Another gem she farted out was that in the past, little boys worked from the age of 7, therefore, they were considered MEN. No, Mira. Child laborers were always considered children. It was just an unfortunate necessity at the time.

So, in conclusion, innocent babies suffering precocious puberty, like 4 year old mother and sex abuse victim Lina Medina, are fair game for grown men. 3 or 30? Doesn’t matter if nobody complains(adults covering up the crime and victims threatened into silence) or the victim manages to be successful later in life.

She definitely is. She’s not even trying to be her regular contrarian self. She is straight up justifying sexual abuse and manipulation of children. If she doesn’t blow herself up first, we’ll hear about her selling her own young daughter to an old man.

No. 550357

Holy shit, I used to follow her for years and stopped due of the drama she got into. I can't believe she got worse over the years.

No. 550376

File: 1531853692187.jpeg (62.36 KB, 968x681, 94AC1AB0-6BD2-49F4-8319-37A5B6…)

Yes, yes I’m sure an 8yo is thrilled to be destroyed by some fat kebab and basically treated like an housepet for the rest of their lives, I’m sure they totally volunteered too.

Fuck sake, if you speak against em’ you’re gonna get imprisoned or/and hanged.
Out of all the cows, Mira and onision are the only ones I genuinely despise, but if I have to choose Mira is definitely the fucking worst. What an absolutely deranged, evil, Quasimodo faced mongoloid ass human being.

Sry for rant

No. 550430

Same thing, it’s freaking me out. How weird, if you had asked where I thought she would end up it wouldn’t be here. Creepy.

No. 550439

File: 1531863509541.png (98.64 KB, 1206x280, Capture d’écran 2018-07-17 à…)

there's literally an hadith that mentions her playing with dolls Miranda

No. 550447

fucking 8 year olds was not normal either. i love how she claims that since 8 year olds get their period sometimes in modern era that it's a valid justification for anything. especially since many women didn't even get their periods at that time, periods weren't even the way to determine womanhood.

No. 550469

unfortunately, it was. even in Victorian England, courting a ten year old or something for marriage was totally normal.
now if you'll excuse me, I need to go take like 20 showers. and no, this isn't a defence of the future suicide bomber here, since context matters a whole lot. just pointing out a very dark part of history.

No. 550471

Throughout history it generally wasn't as common as you'd think. 16-18 year old girls getting married was normal, younger than that not as much. It was usually a transaction so the girl would have financial stability, hence old men marrying girls half their age. And fuck Miranda for making me feel like I'm defending pedos.

No. 550551

>Narrated 'Aisha:

>I used to play with the dolls in the presence of the Prophet, and my girl friends also used to play with me. When Allah's Apostle used to enter (my dwelling place) they used to hide themselves, but the Prophet would call them to join and play with me. (The playing with the dolls and similar images is forbidden, but it was allowed for 'Aisha at that time, as she was a little girl, not yet reached the age of puberty.) (Fateh-al-Bari page 143, Vol.13)

This passage is what many Muslim scholars use to defend Muhammad, saying that he did not have actual sexual relations with A’isha until she was older. They were just betrothed, as was common with alliances between the rich and powerful. Some say she was 14 when she had her first menses.

Even the Quran recognizes A’isha was still considered a child, Mira!

This is very true. It was never common for average people. Children also didn’t go through puberty earlier in those days. Mira needs to clean out her hookah pipe because there must be mold infecting her brain.

No. 550571

yea, younger girls were usually just betrothed and rich, the courting wouldn't be of the girl that young, but her family. it definitely had nothing to do with some 8 year old puberty thing though. randa sounds like a pedo saying that shit.

No. 550573

No. 550667

File: 1531900446413.jpg (184.44 KB, 1242x1075, W69ItNc.jpg)

Holy shit, Mira. STOP! You’re way too stupid for intellectual debate and you have the reading comprehension of a trained ape. Now Mira is talking pure fantasy. Even an idiot knows that A’isha’s academic and intellectual accomplishments occurred AS AN ADULT. Primarily, after Muhammed died when she was 18. She was not a fucking baby genius. She WAS a normal “goo-goo gaa-gaa” child who played with dolls and her swing, but she was also wealthy enough to have access to superior education as she grew.

Who said this doesn’t happen in the West? As an American, I have also seen notable scandals concerning religious cults and off-the-grid communities marrying younger girls to older men, often polygamists. There will always be child predators, just like murderers, but it’s definitely not normal.

But the issue here is that Miranda wants to EXCUSE genuine predatory behavior and the psychological/physical damage it can cause young victims, all while misstating both historical and scientific facts.

She doesn’t even recognize that Muhammad married 9(+?)other wives, 25 years after his first monogamous marriage, due to political connections. The first wife was 15 years older and already a successful businesswoman. A’isha’s father was one of the most powerful men in their community at the time. It’s more complex than Mira’s “Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed.” belief.

No. 550791


This is probably the most disgusting thing I've ever read in a long time, and this thread overall is showing us that Mira and people like her are fucked up.

"Pedophilia is ok when it's cultural"

Fuck that shit. Mira should go to hell.

No. 550794

Muslim women: fight against child sexual abuse in their communities for years
Random ass ignorant recent convert who knows fuck all about Islam but pretends to know everything: aCTUALY,

No. 550833

what does this have to do with anything? Nobody said it didn't happen in Western countries, why are you so triggered anon?

No. 550893

>8 years old
>plays with dolls
>intellectual woman

No, dig UP stupid!

No. 551092

File: 1531965191009.jpg (202.02 KB, 1242x982, 5rbD166.jpg)

She literally believes A’isha was NOT mentally a child from 6-9 years old! That she already have the mind and superior intellect of a full grown woman, even though the Qur’an never states this. She was prepared from the age of six to marry(previously promised to another man too), so it wasn’t like she was dragged kicking and screaming to Muhammed’s house. She had no choice but to go along with it and didn’t know anything else. Does Mira not understand what grooming is?

Stupid bitch. Many of us read the Qur’an (and various other religious texts) before you even started sniffing through Rodi’s underwear drawer and we know what the Hadith say. Even MUSLIM SCHOLARS do not say what you are saying. They always speak of her intelligence and leadership in her ADULT LIFE.

How can this woman be so incredibly stupid? Do her parents read what she is writing for all the world to see? She’s disgusting.

No. 551104

>She was intellectual, mature and completely ready

THAT'S WHAT PEDOPHILES SAY. THAT'S LITERALLY WHAT THEY BELIEVE. Jesus fucking christ I hope this shows up as a top result when someone googles Kanadajin3

No. 551131

I can imagine her showing up on the news after a major sting, being involved in a child sex-trafficking ring.

Other Mira Constable thoughts: It’s not rape if your body is stimulated during the attack and you shouldn’t have worn that dress in the first place.

No. 551134

i mean the worst thing is that she keeps digging a bigger hole and changing what her reasoning is.

>it was a different time

>8 year olds are sexually mature sometimes!
>she was a genius child and wasn't immature at all!
>i still to child stuff but that doesn't mean i'm a child (even though she's talking about a literal fucking child)

No. 551157

I just misread the argument anon. I'm not super triggered.

No. 551504


she's disgusting holy shit… if it wasn't for the "kids in those days" part i would be fucking calling the police on her

No. 551530

Everytime I go to this thread I get more and more disgusted. Fuck, this girl is disgusting.

No. 551536

Does it not register that even if the child “is mature” which is horseshit, they’re still fucking a child’s physical body? That is okay with her? I did not like writing that sentence, move to Saudi Arabia already.

No. 551601

it's so weird, i feel like i'm reading an anime pedo's inner thoughts. it's also sad that she's somehow making the situation look so much worse. the entire faith doesn't even agree with her, it's all written for all to read.

No. 553637

God, On her latest "live" she's now talking with a fake Arabic accent..

(Didn't link so as not to give her views. Will download when I get a chance)

No. 553657

No. 553659

god bless anon, i'm going to attempt to skim through this crap

No. 553660

She doesn't practice Japanese, anon, she just SPEAKS it! She never practiced, can you imagine? /s

No. 553664

That reminds me, wasn't she planning to take the JLPT a few years ago, level 2 or 3? I remember one of Miranda's videos where she showed off her tiny bookshelf and had some JLPT books too.

No. 553669

1:15:45 "I would live in Saudi Arabia without a doubt"

No. 554020

File: 1532622416607.jpg (19.36 KB, 640x264, 99.jpg)

Well, she admits she's gained about 18 pounds.

But I don't believe for a minute that she ever weighed 99 pounds.

(For the non metric 45kg=99lbs and 53kg=117)

No. 554034

File: 1532625812951.jpg (67.86 KB, 458x500, VknyDyJ.jpg)

^Mira once thought she looked AMAZING with heavy blush and Halloween party eyelashes and gave shitty replies when people suggested she looked better natural.
>what make’s me cringe is people who tell other people how to dress
Says the woman who now body-shames other women on Twitter. Her comment was only from about a year ago!

When she first came to Japan and was in her gyaru/hostess phase, she was actually very thin for a while. But as we can see in old photos, her weight has fluctuated since her teens and she has also been on the heavier side before. She seems pretty short in pictures with friends too. It’s weird because she once claimed that she was naturally skinny and forced herself to gain weight because of pressure from her family or friends.

No. 554037

Even though she may have been skinny I doubt she weighed less than 7 stone.

No. 554038

>in japan we wear

no, gyaru wear that, and being a gyaru sets you up for being treated as a slutty pariah.

No. 554158

"I look amazing"

omfg, this made me lmfao for real!!!

No miranda, you don't look amazing, and you never did.
You don't have pretty features and your face looks plain at its best, but before you at least put some effort to look presentable, some of your clothes were cute, your long hair was by far your strongest point and even though you sucked at putting makeup on, you looked way, way, WAY better than the pathetic, sad, sickly, depressive way you present yourself now.
It has nothing to do with the fact you're fat now. You used to be fat too before going to Japan and you didn't look so terrible in your punk wannabe phase as you do now as Isis bride wannabe.
Looking at you, I can only feel very sorry and pity for you and how miserable your life has become.
Will you sink even deeper?

No. 554224

>Will you sink even deeper?

She was defending pedophilia 2 days ago so she can't get much lower. Next step is going to Syria to marry an ISIS tard

No. 554557

You're right anon but I was talking about her miserable appearance mostly!

But you made an even better point!
She can't help being ugly, in the past she used to put an effort to look better and presentable, now she looks pitiful in the isis wannabe cosplay but the worst part are her thoughts and what comes out of her mouth.

No. 554632

I see your point now, too. tbh I don't notice any change in Miranda's weight because her hijab is wrapped so tight she's had a moonface from the beginning. Has she posted any fat pics lately?

No. 555213

File: 1532859300315.jpg (78.34 KB, 1013x529, vision of horror.jpg)

From her latest video.

No. 555267

Havent watched the vid yet, but it wouldnt surprise me if she wore a fucking burkini kek

No. 555282

the picture >>555213 is literally showing her in one?

No. 555497

I hope miranda gets her ISIS husband

No. 555503

Haven't seen her shit in years and wow, she gained a bit and changed her accent entirely? She's fucking nuts

No. 556286

I’m following the shiena drama and under ine of the news videos i saw a comment about Mira being a sex worker at a club and how the police should be after her next for her sham marriage(s). Could you imagine how glorious it would be to see her in the back of one of those cop cars, getting escorted to the immigration office? One can only pray.

No. 556289

Shiena who? Please tell me someone has proof Miranda is a sex worker. I might be convinced that there is a god if someone can prove she's still lying about that.

No. 556290

File: 1533104849249.jpeg (68.52 KB, 600x595, 9A6BF9F2-4E34-4592-978A-56A316…)

What if the whole hijab super islam act on youtube was just a cover up for being a hostess again irl

No. 556291

Even if it’s a wild theory, Mira IS a notorious liar and hypocrite. There is nothing about her modest hijabi act that is genuine and late night work would explain why her live shows always occur around 2-3 am!

Maybe not full-on sex work, but the rumor about her continuing hostess work has been around for a while.

No. 556328

Omg You made my day.

But I don't think its right

No. 556333

Hmm well she does have that Saudi husbando* who she doesn't live with for whatever reason. Makes you think.

No. 556335

But what about her recent weight gain and caterpillar eyebrows? When she used to be a hostess, she dieted and at least tried to fit the aesthetic. There are chubby-chaser bars but I don’t know where she could possibly work, even if she was in full makeup.

I think fake marriage/paying a guy to assist in a fake marriage is more likely.

No. 556354

File: 1533135100870.png (409.13 KB, 635x889, samesex.png)


No one really doubted it, but, When she started skinwalking Muslims, everyone wondered when she turn from pro-lgbt stance and claiming that she was bi-sexual herself.

Wonder no more.

No. 556361

as if the guy who posted that was totally unaware of this. I'm sure he'll delete it now that Miranda has enlightened him to this surprising rule he didn't know about~

Bet she's doing this in hopes of picking a fight and showing off her conservative muslimness to her fuckboy followers.

No. 556379

File: 1533141160633.png (3.07 KB, 519x109, lol.png)

i hate that youtuber called kanadajin3

No. 556382


she's so pretentious and condescending. when's she gonna realize that real muslims most likely want nothing to do with her horse-faced ass?

No. 556427

Is she using Islam as a cover to finally overtly be the asshole that everyone knew she was?

No. 556437

All I hear is ''How do you do, fellow muslims?''

No. 556447


Certainly seems that way..

No. 556454

File: 1533154272369.jpg (151.26 KB, 900x720, fellowkidskanadajin3.jpg)

And ye shall receive

No. 556479

File: 1533163495588.png (150.51 KB, 1514x915, dskjdskjdlask.png)

Possible sock?

No. 556480

It's not even a sin. Only Anal sex with a penis entering a butt is a sin according to the quran. These two are obviously lack that equipment.

No. 556482

Could be a second wife. In Islam you can have one to four wives. As long as he financially cares for her equally to the others then she doesn't have to fully live with him.

No. 556516

please let this be the next thread op pic

No. 556523

He's from UAE, not Saudi Arabia, so of course she's not interested in hopping on that dick

No. 556530

There it is! We all knew that was coming. What a creepy, shameless asshole. Narcissist, pedophilia supporter, shamer of other women and now anti-gay. She couldn’t keep up the Wahabbist act without the final nail on the coffin.

I don’t think Islam thinks too highly of scam marriages, impersonation and giving false testimony either, Mira.

No. 556581

Japan isn't going to care about that, lol.

No. 556637

File: 1533188831060.jpg (152.2 KB, 1242x983, 77OHvw5.jpg)

Fucking Miranda. Mind your own business and focus on your own trashy life. Serial cheater and visa-scamming hick.

She just loves going around Twitter criticizing Muslims and pointing out what is “for bidden” as if she were the morality police. She is disgusting.

No. 556649


what the fuck even is to "spread other people's sins"???? Isn't that just TALKING about something. Even if it's a sin why would it be prohibited to JUST TALK about it? WTF fucking nazi

No. 556731

File: 1533226276092.png (637.07 KB, 492x930, paranoiastrikesdeep.png)

From her instagram. I have no idea what it's referring to (It's Miranda, it could be anything), but it made me giggle..

Heh, I should have just posted the pic with the words "It's working, guys" just to send her into a paranoid spiral..

No. 556766

Probably because of Shiena - a fellow Canadian busted by Tokyo cops for being in a fake marriage and prostituting to stay in Japan because she "wants to cosplay." That's literally what she told the cops, lol. A bunch of news networks are reporting on it and Shiena's friends are scrubbing their interactions with her.

thread >>>/snow/650088

Shiena got busted because she doesn't even live with her husband, and she's been paying him for the marriage. Since Miranda's been turned down for citizenship before and doesn't live with her visa husband, she's probably shitting herself under her burqa.

No. 556775


lol she blocked me from twitter right after that reply. What a slanty-eyed hoe.

No. 557089


Why do i have the sudden feeling she's going to try playing the "identity theft" card or something similar?

No. 557091

they may be trying to deport her tbh. they're really cracking down on this stuff before the olympics.

No. 557125

She must be reading the recent posts in this thread and aware of the news of Shiena. But given her increasingly more extreme Islamic posts, she could already be having trouble with government surveillance. I don’t understand why she is trying to bring attention to it, though. She should have just laid low. Now she looks even more suspicious.

Lol! Mira: YOU’RE NEXT!

No. 557134

i still think she's in canada and has been lying for a while.

No. 557146

Except for the times she's livestreamed when it was 2 AM in Canada and there was sunlight coming through the window.

No. 557156

When I saw the news about a Canadian girl and a fake marriage, I was sure it was Mira… I was so disappointed that it was this other chick. Mira herself is a FRAUD and she's trying to detract people from looking at her past by reinventing herself through a new FRAUD. WTF CANADA? Keep your Asian dick sluts in check. If you're reading this and anywhere near Mira, she'll use you up and dump you like last month's tampon.

No. 557201

No. 557209

Oh, look everyone. “She is totally in Canada! Sunlight was coming through the window!” anon is back.

Please tell us more about all the evidence that proves she is still in Japan, but has conveniently been deleted now. And that’s funny! Mira always livestreams 2-3am in the Japanese morning. She hasn’t live-streamed in the daytime for months.

No. 557214

this. thank you. all we've seen her do that has anything to do with being outside is drink shitty canadian soda and complain about trash bags.

No. 557216

Seriously dude? Why are you so pissy and defensive? She did a stream on YT a few months ago, it was the middle of the night in Canada, and there was sunlight. An anon in the previous thread said they save her streams, if they snatched that one maybe they can upload it somewhere.

No. 557224

Defensive? Of what?

We have repeatedly told you that if you are the only one making claim, PROVIDE THE EVIDENCE. “Mira totally did this! But none of you were there to see it. Another anon can corroborate my story, but they also have no proof.” Over and over in these threads. It’s obnoxious.

>She did a stream on YT a few months ago

Yes. A FEW MONTHS AGO. You’re proving my point.

No. 557233


You realize that Canada spans across 6 time zones, right?

No. 557238

only four hours difference between the extremes though

No. 557323


As the anon that saves the streams, I've been through this bullshit with you before. You made a vague claim, I pinned you down to a more exact date. The Stream did NOT show what you claimed and you changed your story to "Well, it must have been a different stream, but it totally happened guise."

You provide the exact date and time of the stream and which platform it came from (Youtube, twitch, instagram, etc.) I'll find it.

When it doesn't show what you claim, you have to admit that you lied, and then fuck off. There will be no "It was a different stream" shit.

Same goes for if you through out a date and time and there was no stream on that date. Admit you lied and fuck off.

So, put up or shut up.

No. 557327

File: 1533317235164.jpg (112.77 KB, 940x600, drone.jpg)

The idiot got herself a drone.

No. 557328

File: 1533317322737.jpg (24.04 KB, 586x115, master of grammar.jpg)

No. 557346

So her weird Insta post has nothing to do with Shiena getting arrested? Sure, Mira. We're the ones who are triggered.

No. 557395

File: 1533330965799.png (77.32 KB, 640x784, hehehe.png)

Kek. She didn't think that comment through

No. 557397

Your account is showing anon.

No. 557411

Anon is criticising Mira, they'll be blocked before Mira has time to read the thread here lol

No. 557416


Wasn't trying to hide it.

No. 557435

so then 2am in western canada is 5am in eastern canada.you'd be able to see sunlight.

No. 557443

Randa lives in the same timezone I do, and would be in EST, meaning 5AM for her is 2AM in the PST time zone. so even if it was 2AM in "Canada" that doesn't actually mean much unless you specify where.

She hasn't been showing any japanese things at all recently.

No. 557457

Except for the Okinawa videos and her Insta post that totally wasn't panicking about Shiena. idk, I'm not convinced she's in Canada. I really hope you're all wrong and we see her get arrested and deported.

No. 557460

Not trying to nitpick anon, I don't care where she is, but that's dawn light at best. Really pushing it.

No. 557552

>not trying to nitpick
>nitpicks right after

the anon we're arguing with didn't specify the kind of light, she just said you could see light, are you done?

No. 557660

I probably should be done lmao.

I'm kind of hoping she's in Japan with a fake marriage and the sirens are approaching.

No. 557777

tbh even if she's not in japan, if she has a fake marriage it would be even more lulzy once she tries to go back. her passport will be flagged.

anyway, i'm not really gunning for one way or the other, i just think it's kind of suspicious how little of japan she's posting now.

even her "okinawa trip" was just her in a store with an asian cashier claiming that swimsuit in OP was a niqab headdress.

No. 557795

Notice me, Rodi! Ugh, what an ominous photo. The dark atmosphere of niqab, filter and position of the drone are all intentional. In the near future, we’ll see her posing with a Kalashnikov.

Tard. It’s fly off the HANDLE. WHY does she keep fucking up English idioms? It’s like she wants to be the awkward foreign character from a bad 90’s sitcom.

No. 557905


Sometimes I wonder about this shit too. Not just her fucking up English, but that accent that I can't even place. She's not French-Canadian (although that WOULD explain a lot) but she talks with an accent and writes like a nigerian catfish

so what the fuck

No. 557955

brain damage

No. 557988

And today Mira posts a video about stuff she bought in Canada, but she's totally not in Canada now, guys! Congrats on proving that you still read here, Miranda.

No. 558027

>Congrats on proving that you still read here, Miranda.
she does way more than that. her posts are very, very easy to spot thanks to her trademark misspellings.

she's just plain dumb. I'd bet anything her IQ is around 70.

No. 558030

another suspicious thing was >>556479 where she said to travel to japan, not come to japan. she'd usually take this opportunity to remind everyone how she's still in japan and she can tell everyone where the best japanese mosques are, since she's there and all.

No. 558072

Some comments under a japanese shiena article, a lot of japanese people want kanadajin to be gone

No. 558098


this bitch….she couldn't find incense/incense burners in Japan???? she cant find TEA in japan!?!??

But here's the real tea (pun intended): loose leaf tea can't be taken in/out of other countries. Not in those tins, loose like that. It's technically an unwrapped food product. So she either smuggled it in…..or bitch is just in Canada.

also the little canadian leaf dish looks like something she just found laying around lmao

how does this bitch have fans? she's not fun/entertaining/funny/interesting like…fuck

No. 558140

I was a fan of hers because taken at face value some of her old videos about life in Japan were interesting and informative. Then I saw other Youtubers videos about her and it's been down the rabbit hole of crazy ever since. I don't know if she actually has any genuine fans left apart from sock puppet accounts and pervy Muslims.

No. 558171


if you're after informative/fun videos on asian countries, try Simon & Martina (formerly eatyourkimchi) and clicknetwork.tv

no need to watch the slanty eyed quasimodo scarf down "froots"

No. 558174

Thanks but this was years ago, I think right after she got dumped by frumpy koreaboo Sharla. I'm sure other anons will appreciate your links to non-weeaboo channels

No. 558204

>loose leaf tea can't be taken in/out of other countries

uh anon it can, you just can't take it in carry on.

No. 558223


Stupid, if it's a sealed/packaged non-meat food product then yes. That is loose leaf tea in a tin. Not even in checked luggage.

If it were packaged tea then yes. But its just in the tins. Also davids tea sells their tea in sealable bags. Seems really fucking odd to get it in a tin and bring it to japan that way which a) could easily spill and b) is not allowed

No. 558235

show me where it isn't allowed, i am not saying she's in japan, but you're fucking wrong. they don't check for that kind of thing for one, because if it's in the tin it will appear packaged. i've done it before and no one cares. this is just such an oddly specific thing for you to be claiming.

No. 558240

File: 1533476718124.jpg (267.71 KB, 1242x1750, tD3AsKb.jpg)

Lol. Guys, there are more important things to talk about besides loose tea leaves. Like Mira trying to save YOUR souls from the eternal fire of Hell! (Screenshot courtesy of PULL since I can’t view her posts.) Everyone is a sinner but she is forgiven, no matter how much of shitty person she is. Becoming Muslim was the best way for her to avoid apologizing for her ways of admitting she is wrong.

So, unbelievers and polytheists are all supposed to go to “Jahannam”, aka Hell. Wow! Since the Muslim population in Japan is something like %0.078 out of 127,000,000, the entire country should be considered evil to her. So why should she stay here?

No. 558248

Does muslims even believe in hell in the same concept as Christians do?

No. 558250

I hope she realizes that judging her fellow man is also considered a sin since she isn't god herself. Oh wait, she is god, in her own lil mind. When she gets out of this phase watch her blame it on "Brain washing"

No. 558265

She's too extra for a moderate muslim man but her past shuts her off from any of the more extreme men too. Shit woman you played yourself.

No. 558341


it being in a tin doesn't mean it's prepackaged like you're just wrong. it's not "oddly specific", genius. She's showing that she brought back tins of loose leaf tea into japan. I'm saying that if she is in japan, she smuggled that in (probably no one ever checked her luggage).

Like either google it or just let this stupidity die. You cannot bring food items (which tea falls under) if it's not prepackaged goods. Loose leaf tea is a no go in that regard. If you're caught with it, you get fined and it gets destroyed.(infighting)

No. 558343

Only food products allowed through customs are sealed in unopened, original commercial packaging, for private use. That includes carry-on and checked luggage. David's tea, when in tins, is not in sealed commercial packaging.

This is also pretty standard procedure for pretty much any country in the world.

This is not a difficult concept.

No. 558344

No. 558347

Isn't flying drones in Tokyo illegal or at least heavily regulated?

No. 558356

Yeah, why the hell would she get a drone. It seems like a really random thing to buy, especially if you are financially strapped.

No. 558373

It is heavily regulated. You need to have your drone registred and follow a long list of things you cannot do ( flying w/in X distance of airport, cant fly "low" over private building and a bunch of things, im sure there is a list somewhere)

No. 558377

My friend google gave me this picture following a search of "no-fly zone / Restricted fly zone" Tokyo


No. 558490

>says nothing about tea
>says nothing about what constitutes "unsealed"
>says nothing about food at all


No. 558497

File: 1533537917947.jpg (957.17 KB, 1166x752, 6JnHG1b.jpg)

I think she is still fixated on Rodi and trying to one-up him.

No. 558860

File: 1533629481748.jpg (299.34 KB, 1242x1579, DnjndJm.jpg)

I was wondering when she would take the chance to criticize Canada because of the recent controversy. Of course she would make excuses for Saudi Arabia’s human rights abuses, especially when brave Saudi women are the victims! She is so predictable.

>MY country

Interesting! What happened to being “nothing like a Canadian” and telling everyone that she was 100% Nihonjin now? Also, sticking her nose jn other countries’ matters and lecturing people about THEIR culture has been her gimmick for her entire online history.

No. 558935

i still don't get why she was so obsessed with him. homeboy lookin like young jafar from aladdin.

No. 559001

Don't remember if it was in a text or a facebook post, but she wrote somewhere about how Rodi was different of other guys, because she expected to be used and discarded by him, but he didn't (I guess because of his religion). She was already thirsty and looking to fuck, but his rejection somehow made her even crazier for him.

No. 559025

File: 1533670592454.jpg (160.49 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


It was on the screen shots of txt she sent him on the video he had her do. (Pic screenshot)

No. 559028

gosh, so she fell in love cause he was the first guy who wanted to be friends with her? wtf randa?

No. 559043

He didn't cheat on or dump his gf for Mira, therefore MIRANDA MUST HAVE HIM. If he HAD slept with her, all this Saudiboo crap wouldn't be happening.

Every once in a while Rodi makes a Mira clickbait video, and I wish he'd sack up and clarify the muted part in that original Mira confession video where he says something about her having a boyfriend/husband.

No. 559051


IDK I think he's really attractive actually. His youtube content is shit though.


I fully believe that if he weren't nice to her she'd still be a huge weeb and not the quasimodo-in-drapes goddess we see before us

No. 559124

File: 1533692012082.jpg (253.84 KB, 730x525, why.jpg)

Just found the perfect children's manga for mira

It's called "In a harem with Sheik-sama"

No. 559155

I think the muted part was about that young Swedish doormat/boyfriend Simon. She was still dating him when she failed to seduce Rodi at the ryokan. That same boy continued to defend Mira after all that shit went down. Super weird.

I think he is quite nice looking too. ESPECIALLY compare to the sloppy gaijin uggos Mira typically hangs out with. Plus he had that sweet, totally legitimate Japanese citizenship status.

No. 559186

Us at PULL were positive he said she has a husband but it's too muffled to make out the exact word, he could have said boyfriend. But we really, really hoped it was proof that she has a visa husband.

No. 559269

It could be both! Still legally married to Visa-kun 2 while messing around with Simon and other guys. We already know a few lolcows in Japan, like Lorena and Shiena, that have such arrangements where they pay “husband” while they live separately and date hosts, etc.

I feel like Rodi was probably talking about Simon because they already seemed to have met before and he was involved in their friend circle. Rodi would naturally be a more sympathetic towards him than a Visa husband she didn’t care about.

No. 560115

Mira isn’t married to a Japanese guy and she never was. She had a Swedish boyfriend but she broke up with him. She is now married to a Saudi Arabian guy. This is what other YouTubers are saying in Tokyo. There are so many clues.

1. Saudi obsession
2. Niqab Abaya from “a person in Saudi”
3. Can’t show dates on camera but has lots of dates
4. Saudi Arabian music
5. Hints that she will go to Saudi
6. Hints that Saudi Canada conflict will be issues for her (could fuck up a visa there)
7. Saudi Arabian accent and Arabic
8. Cooks Saudi Arabian food
9. Just makes sence

When she was dating the Swedish guy she went to Sweden, went to Swedish embassy, spoke Swedish in videos, posted pictures of Swedish chocolate and went to Sweden hills in Hokkaido. She obsessed over anything her “man” is.

No. 560119

> sence

Miranda, why even bother?

No. 560121

Okay but she can't get a Saudi visa anyway because remember how he gave up his Saudi citizenship to marry her? Few holes in this theory.

No. 560122

oh well, if that's what all the other youtubers are saying … that totally makes 'sence'.

0/10 Miranda

No. 560145

I didn’t know that part? Where did she say that?

No. 560152


It’s pointless, but what the hell. Who are the “youtubers in Tokyo” that are supposedly saying this? Name them. For once in your sad, miserable, life back up what you are saying with some semblance of proof.

No. 560169


Never was married to a Japanese? Oh really? How did you get in Japan the first time? Remember when you told you married a Japanese guy after a very few months just to be able to get into Japan with a spouse visa and the numerous time you talked about that subject?
Clearly never was married! roll eyes

No. 560216

File: 1534016195190.jpg (183.79 KB, 1200x1800, MXCCO00680-1-Mexican-Fiesta-Dr…)

Mods please, this is the 3rd time i ask. Tag her posts, she's sooo active here.

>She obsessed over anything her “man” is.

what an interesting psychology. Not that I believe you have a Saudi husband, but I'm surprised you're actually aware that you hop from one obsession to another like that. You have no proper identity, you just chameleon to whatever flavor your new dick is. So basically, if you got a new Mexican husband, you would drop the hijab and start wearing this?

No. 560219

Hmm, yes, it's so obvious! There's no denying your proohahahahaha

Eat shit Miranda. No other Youtubers are talking about you, it's just you hanging out on troll boards poking us with sticks when no one's posted in your threads for a few days

No. 560262

It's not easy to keep up with the steady stream of shitposts:

No. 560295


hey mira can you unblock me from twitter? I wasn't done telling you what a slant-eyed fuck you are for outwardly speaking FOR child brides & pedophilia, and homophobic shit

No. 560368

i'm sure a few months ago calling her slant-eyed would be a compliment to her "sence" she'd assume you meant asian looking.

No. 560409

lol ok Mira

No. 560515

I agree, he's a lanky annoying uggo.

Miranda is basically a "nice guy" then?

No. 560577

File: 1534144432455.jpg (226.97 KB, 1242x1132, yScxfvV.jpg)

Not that I buy completely into the whole “there are 67+ VALID genders!” thing, but fuck. She is so obnoxious with this “traditional Muslim woman” bullshit. It was only a few years ago that she was to pretend she was “in” with the LGBT crowd and taking pictures with trans women as if she accepted them. She has not one genuine bone in her body.

She is such a cock-slave. It’s ridiculous. Is it daddy issues that made her this way? WHY she hate other women so much while basing her entire existence over a flavor of the month man? It’s such a good thing that she hasn’t been impregnated yet because I really fear how she would treat a daughter.

No. 560582


she would be the archetypal horror mom where she would compete with/abuse her daughter, and be emotionally incestual with her son

hopefully she keeps wasting time chasing visas and trying to decide what culture to land on, and by the time she wants to have kids it'll be too late.

her eggs having an expiry date = allah is on our side

No. 560585

but where to next? europe? south america? africa perhaps?

No. 560590

She could make the most raucous if she got herself to a Scandinavian country, where they have the most controversy with Muslim immigrants while still being extremely accommodating to them. She continue to be a special snowflake while not having to risk any real harm.

No. 560599

whatever direction the dick points, anon

No. 560624

File: 1534171237692.jpg (14.06 KB, 246x138, BogEyedFailure.jpg)

Her new video thumbnail sums up her life pretty nicely

No. 560649

>I really fear how she would treat a daughter.
It's ok anon, now we know for a fact that being Muslim is just a phase, she practically said it herself.

Her cock-slavery might just be low self esteem (that's the most common reason) and an inferiority complex, maybe because she's dumb and ugly, so male attention makes her feel good.

No. 560655

being muslim isn't going to get easy dicks lining up for her though, but i don't think she wants that anymore.

randa even said herself to rody that she wants someone who won't just pump and dump her. going muslim was the easiest way for her to try to chain a man without getting pregnant (as if that works anyways) and she can't even manage that cause her history and her attitude.

No. 560668


how could going muslim be an easy way for her what

All muslims i've met are in two general categories –
First there's the hyper hardcore ones that follow all the religious rules and will marry a (probably virgin, but at least not as rowdy and crazy as mira) woman from their own country whose parents get along with his own parents. Not exactly arranged but not something a white girl (especially one who is divorced, used to work in kyabakura/night life and still has lots of videos of her acting promiscuous readily available with a simple google search).

The second kind are more culturally Muslim but more laid back, maybe they're from one of the more progressive countries like Morocco, or maybe they're born and raised in the US or a non muslim country. They still identify with the religion on some level but they might drink, have premarital sex, and break other rules (though they usually still seem to avoid pork). A guy like this could accept a girl who has had premarital sex, is white, etc, but he would be turned off by Mira's crazy niqabi, anti-gay, etc ramblings.

Literally the only guy i can see going for her is either a radical ISIS brainwashing type situation (which is scary, and white western women ARE used by extremist groups like this from time to time), OR maybe a guy from India, Turkey, etc that wants a green card to Canada. The problem with the latter type of guy is that since Mira's not living in Canada, i don't think a man who marries her can qualify for a Canadian residence permit. If Mira does have Japanese permanent residency, then they might qualify for a residence permit in Japan, but (a) most people in India don't wanna live in Japan if they could live in Canada or USA, (b) even if they did wanna live in Japan, they could find a Japanese woman fairly easily who would come without all the baggage.

I feel bad for people like Miranda but she has SO much baggage at this point… eventually she is going to alienate literally every group of people.

Right now it's like she knows a couple Muslims who are polite to her because it's the "good Muslim" thing to do, but she doesn't really seem to have friends.

No. 560669

i meant that she though would have an easy time getting a man to marry her, since muslims like to inner marry, not that it was literally easy.

No. 560685

Although her story about having a Saudi husband is insane since it would not be valid in KSA for numerous reasons anyway, where did you get the part about “him” having to give up Saudi citizenship? Mira has not and will never get Japanese citizenship, so she could never sponsor him in Japan. But I read that it has became much easier to sponsor a foreign spouse in Canada, now without the minimum permanent residence of 2 years. I don’t know the entire Canadian process but I don’t think actual citizenship is granted that quickly despite the visa changes.

I can’t get over that tacky ¥980 iPhone case.

She really put herself in a difficult predicament. Too extreme for a normal moderate Muslim guy who could actually give her a good life and treat her well. Too “impure” and uncouth to be the first wife of a hardline conservative. Returning to Canada and sponsoring a foreign husband over there would be her only chance to save face.

No. 560785


honey, only a plastic surgeon could save her face

I mean she'd still look like a mousey preemie baby, but at least her eyes would be even

No. 560841

You realise the whole thing's a joke right? I don't in the slightest think she has a Saudi husband. My joke about him leaving SA for good is based on Mira's own ramblings here, per >>528411 and >>528436

No. 560879

File: 1534228116640.jpg (Spoiler Image, 359.49 KB, 1242x1784, eMrqOKO.jpg)

Wait…how can she claim publicly to be unmarried but say Muslim women, herself included, must have guardians? She has no family in Japan, so she would is going against “her” religion just living there. She is advocating for punishment to the fullest extent, no matter how inhumane, of Saudi women that dare to be independent of male ownership. But she is promoting an image that she is just traveling Japan by herself, accompanied only by her fetish costume?

It was hard to tell because the posts you quoted didn’t specifically mention giving up citizenship. Although I understand where your joke was coming from since she also tried to claim she would be giving a fictional European fiancé Japanese citizenship.

It’s crazy how she still has followers that refuse to do the most basic research how immigration and citizenship work in both Japan and Saudi Arabia. Even if she was definitely married to a Muslim guy now, he 100% would not be Saudi based on their marriage requirements alone. Her only hope of getting into KSA is the human trafficking they do with foreign housekeepers.

I do wonder what visa she is on currently because permanent residence gained by teijuusha, which she claimed she got despite being least qualified candidate possible, can not be renewed an unlimited amount of times. Even if she managed to get it once, she would never have it renewed. That’s not how it works.

No. 560912

These threads are so absurd with her stories, like the pregnancy overheard about on the train, and now the fictional Saudi guy. I'll try to make it more clear that I don't take her seriously at all.

Fortunately she has no chance of ver getting to the country she idolises, she needs to find somewhere where they hold a weekly stoning.

No. 560922

None of these rumors have been spread by her but rather people on this website….

How come you say that she has no chance to get in Saudi Arabia? Has she had a criminal record or something ?

No. 560938


It's not easy to visit KSA as a tourist… I think she could get in if she claimed she was making hajj though

No. 560943

Why can’t you be honest for once in your life?

You already know the newly revised restrictions put upon Saudi citizens who want to marry foreigners. You expect anyone to believe a Saudi man would willingly give up his citizenship and his family just to break the rules for you? No, a Saudi man, especially a conservative one, will follow the guidelines properly. You do not meet the qualifications. The website for the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia Ministry Of Foreign Affairs spells it all out plainly!

You need to stop living through fantasy and go back home to Canada where your poor parents can keep an eye on you at all times.

No. 560947

i doubt randa even likes saudi arabia. she just went from one extreme to another. slutty gyaru whore to absurdly extreme muslim. even her switch from punk to gyaru was jarring. she doesn't understand moderation at all.

No. 560950

She would need more of a cranial reconstruction.

Not really, she has to take a male representative or wait till she's 45 and take some other women with her. https://www.quora.com/Can-Muslim-women-go-alone-on-hajj-without-a-male-companion

How old is she again? She can visit as part of an organsised tour only, if she is 25 or more: http://saudigazette.com.sa/article/526107/SAUDI-ARABIA/Female-tourists-cant-visit-Saudi-Arabia-alone


No. 561298

File: 1534286103895.jpg (126.76 KB, 750x732, aomori.jpg)

So Miranda's in Aomori now.
This has been bugging me for awhile… what is her source of income and how is she able to travel?
We know from socialblade estimates that there's no way she is earning a living wage https://socialblade.com/youtube/user/kanadajin3

Shinkansen from Tokyo to Aomori is about $150-200 each way, and a flight is also about $300. Even if she took the cheapest possible overnight bus for 12 hours, it'd be about $100 round trip. Then there's lodging and food costs.

Her family in Canada is supposedly pretty trashy so I don't think she had a family member die and leave an inheritance… does she just work a regular job at a family restaurant or something? How come there have not been sightings? Does she mooch off of a man?

No. 561832

She said she works in an office.

No. 561990

An office? Not in Japan and not in that ridiculous getup. What Japanese company would ever hire a foreigner who only recently received her GED?

Unless it is related to an Islamic center or services for foreigners, she can’t do more in an office than serve tea.

No. 562010

doubt it. OL, especially foreigners get massive overtime and get harsh criticism for any mistakes, randa wouldn't be able to take criticism without explaining how her superior is wrong. they also heavily rely on senpai/kohai relationships, and we know randa thinks she knows better about everything.

No. 562016


She's still working in a restaurant. She basically said so not long ago. Honestly, it probably the same restaurant that she claimed to quit to scam sympathy bucks and make up an excuse when she didn't get her citizenship.

It's not an office. She said that she can take time off and change her schedule to accommodate her travel. Which is the exact same thing she said about her restaurant job.

So, if it's not a restaurant, it some part time job along the same lines or she could be back to hostessing, think no one would suspect it since she's "so super muslim" now.

No. 562026

>It's not an office. She said that she can take time off and change her schedule to accommodate her travel.

Ding ding! This let’s you know that she is only a part-timer in another type of job! There is no such thing as an office clerk in Japan that is allowed to come and go as they please, rearranging their schedule with no regard to the operation of the company or respecting the hours other employees put in. If you look at entry-level job listings open to foreigners in Japan, do you know what part-time work IS available in an office setting? Cleaning and maintenance worker. Not OL. Not even front desk.

I think she still is, and maybe she has a second low-paying job as well. But it still doesn’t explain how she is able to travel so much and have all this extra time screwing around at strange hours on Twitter. It was hypothesized before that if she is not using a man to stay afloat, she is barely scraping by and living in a share house. That seems very plausible.

No. 562888

How on earth have you gathered in your mind that she lives in a share house when she has filmed live shows and Instagram stories showing her entire house????

It’s not impossible to stomach that she lives in a house and that she works in an office. Office jobs could mean anything from translation work, sitting at a computer, calling customers and tech-support and that kind of stuff. I’m sorry but I know some foreigners who do work in offices part time. I have the time to go on weekend events and parties and I work full time. We are not all animals here in Japan that work like robots. I don’t know why you discredit everything…. i’m pretty sure that she could say that she bought a watermelon and ate the entire thing and you would say it’s fake news ….

No. 563016

>We are not all animals here in Japan that work like robots.

STILL pretending you’re Japanese? Lol. You wouldn’t know the meaning of hard work if it stoned you in the face. Moocher.

Yes, you own a mansion without a stable job, legitimate visa or husband. You also got a shiny new car without a valid license! Keep churning out your fairy tales.

Here’s a test: Can YOU even try to get a steady, full-time job and make something of it? Can you try to contribute something worthwhile to Japanese society instead perpetuating the stereotypes of white foreign losers fleeing to Japan to escape their responsibilities back home? You’ve just been on extended vacation, living in your gaijin bubble.

No. 563021

File: 1534399355141.jpg (317.28 KB, 1242x1717, bQe7q4N.jpg)

No. 563027

File: 1534399829175.jpg (170.02 KB, 1242x884, xw1SdM4.jpg)

Make up your mind, Mira. Are you fluttering around a new house in fancy imported Saudi Arabian robes without a care in the world or are you struggling to get by, financially and mentally, like we already knew?

And, HELL NO. Japan will not let your horrible, extremist version of Islam take over Japanese culture. You’re a guest here, asshole. Do ever talk to normal Japanese people? Thankfully, the long term Muslim residents from neighboring Asian countries are smart and decent enough to understand that and don’t behave like you.

No. 563030

japan only has a mosque because they thought it looked cool. they treat all abrahamic religions like spooky occult shit.

No. 563036


If Mira actually interacted with regular Japanese people instead of her creepy gaijin circle that she can’t wean herself off of, she would know that Japanese DO NOT WANT Japan to become like Canada and it will not happen. It is more peaceful here and Japanese are way less likely to attack you for being Muslim alone. But they extend the same treatment to all religious groups as long as they don’t cause trouble or disrupt life for ordinary Japanese citizens.
Japanese do not favor one foreign religion over the other because they think they are all equally weird. Mira only acknowledges this Japan culture vs all foreign culture mindset when she can use it to her advantage, like when she decides to argue with real Japanese who are upset with her misrepresentations. She is so quick to call them crazy right-wingers that don’t represent Japan when in fact, 99% of her supportive comments come from other foreigners. I have never seen a real Japanese commenter praise her views since she grew out of her “Housewife in Japan” phase.

No. 563048

Fuck, Mira! What the fuck is wrong with you?! You’re still Twitter, calling REAL MUSLIM WOMEN FROM THE MIDDLE EAST liars when they are telling you about the abuse and unfair treatment they face in their own countries. Countries you have never been to and never will because you are privileged, gluttonous first world little shit who doesn’t care about anyone but herself and the approving cocks that bob in her face.

No. 563140


ughh literally every major country has such cliche'd generic agreements with names like "2030 vision" with every other major country. It's like how the UN is constantly putting out these lists of "Goals" that include things like "eradicate poverty" and "women in 50% of leadership positions" that don't even happen in highly developed countries let alone the bulk of the world. Having a "vision" doesn't mean shit except "Hey, we have no reason to actively antagonize each other so let's keep doing whatever we are already".

I briefly glimpsed over the JP/KSA one and it's what you'd expect – KSA wants to sell their oil to Japan and Japan wants Saudi tourists to come visit. Shocking.

You can probably find plenty of stuff all over Japanese government websites talking about religious freedom because their constitution was drafted by the Yanks after they lost the war, and because Japan is a democracy that doesn't have any interest in actively locking up/killing Muslims like say, China or Myanmar does. It's actually more work to suppress religious freedoms than to just let people do their own thing, and Japan doesn't have a large enough Muslim population for tensions to boil over so they aren't doing much one way or another, from a government perspective.

Passively not giving a fuck about religion is NOT the same thing as being a super welcoming country, on a people to people level. If you talk to Japanese people (or hell even just watch Yuta or even Nobita ask random Japanese people on the street their opinions), the response is almost uniformly "I guess it's okay if foreigners come to Japan as long as they respect our rules and culture". So Muslims are probably fine as long as they're not disrupting Japanese culture – I get the feeling that a Japanese boss wouldn't be cool with a Muslim employee taking breaks to pray during working hours, for instance. But almost nobody in Japan will convert to Islam, and it is not a part of Japan's culture.

Her obsession with pretending that Japan is super pro Muslim is so weird to me… There are Asian countries that ARE much more Muslim friendly, such as Indonesia or Malaysia. Hell, Taiwan only has like 1-2% of their country is Muslims but they've installed prayer spaces, the president does a Ramadan greeting etc ( http://focustaiwan.tw/news/aedu/201806150022.aspx ).

Japan is… just not a particularly Muslim friendly country. About as close to true neutral as you can get in terms of Muslims in Asia

No. 563152

>Make up your mind, Mira. Are you fluttering around a new house in fancy imported Saudi Arabian robes without a care in the world or are you struggling to get by, financially and mentally, like we already knew?

The story changes to fit whatever she is replying to at that moment.>>563027

No. 563280

Lollll. If Mira had ever been homeless, she would be milking that shit every day bragging about how she went from homeless to her true home in glorious Japan.

No. 563348


Oh you talking about all the footages and instagram picture that nobody here nor on pull nor anywhere else have seen?
Hiding every small details when you filming, taking pictures with such closeup that we cannot even figure out what the hell is on the picture. But yeah sure, her whole house has been shown before!

No. 563414

If she'd move to a muslim majority country people would probably expect her to obey the rules a lot closer. Japan has a certain degree of personal freedom outside of work when it comes to drinking culture, enjoying yourself or having weird as fuck hobbies. So she naturally wouldn't move to bangladesh or indonesia because she wants to enjoy the perks of living in a free society while also carving her niche as a opressed minority with tons of rules everyone else has to follow or she'll be offended. If she for whatever reason would really move to indonesia she'd probably try to become a stripper or something that society there looks down upon. Her entire thing is to draw as much attention to her as possible.

No. 563865

Yep, she is just all talk and no action. She likes to preach from her safe space, where she knows nothing bad will happen to her. No consequences. Typical privileged expat being spoiled in a host country famous for being an easy refuge for obnoxious “losers back home”.

I really hope this fart in human form is deported quickly since Japan will crack down harder on frivolous immigration in time for the Olympics.

No. 563901

Mira would never dare step foot in a country where she'd have to face actual oppression. I feel like KSA is a convenient one to shoot for, because she can make a show about loving the country without much risk of having to put her money where her mouth is and move there because they'll never let her in.

No. 563902

when is admin going to pull their finger out and tag all Miranda's posts?

No. 563951

I'd love to see a little burqa-clad figure popping up under her posts. They've banned her a few times, I wonder if they consider her truly outable yet?

No. 563992

Yes, please! She makes herself pretty obvious but I would love to see the sheer volume of posts(and personas) that she has made. I also think we would find her posting a fuck ton in other threads, especially shit-talking YouTubers. She recently commented on Venus Angelic’s Twitter for no good reason. Why is she following Venus when they have nothing in common? Leave that poor kid alone, Mira.

No. 564097

File: 1534525214953.png (49.32 KB, 642x419, howdumbcanyoube.png)

Wow. The G1 is the Canadian drivers test (I had to look that up, not Canadian). Apparently only 1% of people fail it. Miranda, managed to fail 3 times..

Wow.. That is…. something.

No. 564144

Canadafag here and omg that test is so easy. The driving tests are ass but the g1 is a written test that you legit shouldn't be able to fail, like that takes talent. Then again, such a monumentally stupid person operating a vehicle isn't a good idea so perhaps it's for the best. Plus, women aren't allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia so I guess she's cool with it anyway.

No. 564247

Just to be clear, G1 is the written test, where you have to answer correctly 16 out of the 20, in both section, to have it.
G2 is the on road test.
At least that's in Ontario, i havent checked for elsewhere in canada.

No. 564326

But according to her “biggest fan” on lolcow, she totally has a new car in Japan despite being nowhere near eligible for a Japanese license!

If she failed such an easy test in Canada, there is no way in a million years she could pass the notoriously difficult Japanese written test. Then again, she tries to convince her followers that the Japanese government just gifts her permanent residence year after year, despite being poor, unskilled, unmarried and childless.

No. 564844

I get maybe fucking it up one time but how do you not learn enough to get it right the next time or the time after that? Legendary.

No. 564867

Maybe she knew the REAL answers better than the instructor and she refused to change her answers every time. Remember: Mira is never wrong!

No. 565101

I don’t think she thinks she’s never wrong.
Go ahead and call me her…I don’t care
This website is getting silly. Everything she does is wrong.

No. 565104


>Everything she does is wrong.

Pretty much.

No. 565116

Bitch, you lecture people who live and grew up in Muslim countries that they're practicing Islam wrong. Before that, you lectured real Japanese people that they were Japanesing wrong. No one's going to fall for your pity party.

No. 565131

Yeah I’m not here Go whine on Twitter to her.

No. 565135

lol k miranda

No. 565149

>I’m not her! I just keep coming back and complain more about this website/posters than all the all the awful, backwards shit Mira does!

You don’t think she behaves like she thinks she is never wrong? Okay. Please provide a screenshot of Mira admitting she is wrong or apologizing for being an overbearing, dismissive cunt to yet another person. YOU WILL NOT FIND IT.

She always becomes obsessed with a particular culture and tries to dictate to them what is right and proper way of being a member of that group. She is never humble or willing to listen to the people that actually grew up with that group from birth unless they are agreeing with her superficial assessments.

No. 565392

Same, that would be amazing. She's been posting there more and more frequently and is always so obvious, its like watching her slowly morphing into sperg-chan

No. 565410

lol I think that was a typo, if Miranda can't even spell "her", then idk how she can dress herself

No. 565434

Has she talked about why she doesn’t use music anymore? I know some Muslims believe that musical instruments are haram but, again, it’s a very strict rare view. She only uses acapella for the past few vlogs

No. 565435

that's probably why.

No. 565483

File: 1534701228979.jpg (110.2 KB, 1080x391, Screenshot_20180819-104934_Chr…)

Well well well, look who's sniffing around Venus's twitter!

For those who haven't followed, VenusAngelic sucessfully wrestled her remaining social media accounts from her mother's miserly grasp with the aid of a lawyer roughly 6-8 months ago. So shes now back in control of her twitter and Facebook, no more Marge.

Venus hasn't been making videos or instagramming at all, but she's tweeted a lot recently. Some of her tweets talked about finding women very attractive, and being attracted to her husband because he's feminine.

Enter Super Moslima Mira, ready to chastise V should these tweets be real (they are)

No. 565645

Yeah, she is going extremist and not listening to any non-devotional music. I saw her recommend to a Muslim girl that she should listen to Islamic lectures while they work out instead of music. Crazy shit.

This bitch better not start harassing Venus about being bisexual and Manaki being gender non-conforming. At least Venus has legitimate marriage visa(despite the rushed circumstances) and is proud to show off her husband.

No. 565662

hope if she does she gets swarmed by fangelics. but that's probably what she wants, she loves arguing with people to show off her muslimness for her muslim fuckboy followers.

i think this should be a constant reminder to anyone that reads: Miranda admitted here she is doing this for dick.

No. 565928

File: 1534788740219.png (85.59 KB, 607x579, Screenshot 2018-08-20 at 2.08.…)

Check it out, Miranda is claiming to be fluent enough in Arabic that she can "test" someone else's Arabic.

Obviously if they can't understand her, they are fake, couldn't possibly be her shitty attempts at Arabic.

No. 565939

Can't tell if Mira is evolving or her autism is intensifying

No. 565991

lol what the fuck. I didn't realize Miranda was an Arabic gatekeeper, guess that's why she's stalking some guy's social media accounts. Does she really not understand that regional slang is a thing and maybe, just maybe, she's being retarded?

No. 565996

More like borderline personality disorder…

No. 566061

So she got confused by seeing her own profile, asked herself questions and couldn't answer them? Joke but it's not out of the question with Mira.

No. 566072

File: 1534812464706.jpg (Spoiler Image, 340.23 KB, 1242x1965, Staq01s.jpg)

Ah, her old trick of “testing” a native’s language ability when she struggles speak or write in the language she used exclusively for 21 years. Okay, Mira. Let’s see a full live of you speaking Arabic to simply having a basic conversation with a native Arabic speaker.

Demanding all that documentation from some random person on the Internet sure seems excessive(and probably completely made up). Remember how angry she got when Japanese immigration, who were properly doing their job, asked her to provide basic information about her residency and travel?

At this point, how can anyone deny the strong possibility? The list of symptoms under the spoiler scream “Mira!” Especially the one about sabotaging success by suddenly quitting a good job.

No. 566076

>thinking saudis use whatsapp

oh randa

No. 566080

I didn't even think of that, lol. Google says it's been unbanned though. I was thinking that maybe the guy's family immigrated from Saudi Arabia, but if he's just hiding his personal life from that shithole government, extra lol at Mira's attempts to doxx him.

No. 566082

well even if it's unbanned if he has the non-saudi number he either doesn't live there atm or got it before it was made legal again, which is super shitty to point out.

No. 566248

File: 1534870866731.gif (411.4 KB, 200x150, disgust.gif)

>saudi personality
god damn this white girl is crazy

No. 566277

I used to just laugh at Mira's antics, but she seems so severely mentally ill it's not even funny anymore. She is legitimately not there.

No. 566306


she is a walking, living, breathing version of /r/thathappened. The only people who would go around pretending to be a different ethnic group that what they are, are as follows:

1. rachel dolezal
2. Mira
3. people as fucked in the head as them

nowhere near as common as she's trying to imply and uh…who the fuck would even approach the lil quasimodo in drapes to begin with? lmao like girl…just because it's normal to you to play cultural dress-up, doesn't mean it's a societal norm at ALL

No. 566419

She posted a picture of her in Japan on Instagram so she must live in Japan still. It has the date on it.

No. 566484

caps or gtfo.

No. 566526

> it has date
close the thread guys, this is rock hard evidence no photoshop in the world could ever tamper with!

No. 566541

How do you explain her Japanese Snapchat? She posted videos of the whole thing. I think you are being very Paranoid.

No. 566542

Videos of what whole thing? You're being vague.

No. 566546

Do you follow her on Instagram and Snapchat? She often posts videos of her around….in her live shows she has held up her remote for her air conditioner and started to talk about it…it was written in Japanese. So yeah. She’s in Japan.

No. 566549

File: 1534934485550.jpg (190.88 KB, 927x603, lotsofvideos.jpg)

I don't really care about the in Japan / not in Japan debate but she did post a pic she took of a falcon and said she filmed the corresponding video a year ago. It's probably sitting in her computer, waiting to be edited.

No. 566550

File: 1534934500810.jpg (22.29 KB, 588x133, randa the scientist.jpg)

No. 566551

File: 1534934673362.jpg (135.48 KB, 936x602, train.jpg)

No. 566552

File: 1534934915459.jpg (112.7 KB, 318x709, sockpuppet.jpg)

No. 566553

File: 1534935404602.jpg (76.29 KB, 642x737, know it all.jpg)

Sooooo, does she have a guardian too?

No. 566558

Her face always reminds me of a special needs chipmunk.

She never has a straight answer for her own behavior but she can interject on behalf of anyone else and point the finger saying they have to live life a certain way.

No. 566564

You're holding a one-sided argument atm.

No. 566565

>However legal escorts of a woman during journey are her husband and with whom she cannot marry due to blood and he is adult and sane relation that include
>>father, grandfather and further male ancestors
>>son, grandson and further male descendants
>>brother of parents, grand parents and further ancestors
>>son, grandson and further male descendants of sibling
>>some also include milk relatives
Yeah nah, she doesn't have a legit one in Japan that's for sure. Go home to Canada Mira, then your dad can take you to the shops.

No. 566600


Of course not. Rules only apply to other people, not her.

No. 566607

She’s married.

No. 566617


I sincerely don't care if she's in Japan or not, but I'm in Canada and there are all kinds of places to buy japanese products. Hell there's an entire mall in the west end of toronto that is all asian-owned businesses. Full of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean products

IMO she's most likely in Japan. I'm just saying that having a Japanese-made product in Canada is incredibly easy to come by

No. 566622


But she's telling left and right that she's not.

No. 566627

No, she said that she was not married to a Japanese person, that doesn’t mean that she’s not married.

No. 566628

File: 1534955068514.png (394.32 KB, 1080x1080, mustat.png)


Again, pretending to be the Authority on all things Muslim. We have this reply to a video about a Muslim Tattoo artist

No. 566630


Islam is against lying. She repeated states that she is not married. So, she is going against the rules of Islam by going out on her own or by lying about not being married.

No. 566659

this is clearly miranda, do you not see the weird capitalization and stuff?

No. 566666

Since she has no family in Japan, her only mahram can be a husband. No Japanese man would want her and it’s very unlikely a Saudi man would choose someone like her, so it must be some other Muslim sap.

That is, if she weren’t a hypocritical dumbass. But we still have two possibilities of her lying : she is either lying about being unmarried, which is disrespectful as fuck to her husband and I’m pretty sure is a huge sin OR, she is unmarried and traveling freely without a mahram. Either way, she is a damn snake.

No. 566669

come on satan, there's clearly no way she's going around with a male. it's haram to seem like you're not and randa doesn't post men in any of her photos.

No. 566689

File: 1534968615193.jpg (234.4 KB, 862x528, kanadumbass.jpg)

new video talking about sunscreen in Japan (literally so interesting wow such riveting content)

she mentions having had heat stroke a couple of times and tells people be sure to drink water……….not really sure how hydration is supposed to offset the fact that she's wearing curtains in the heat.

No. 566705


But anon, it's in JAPAN. Surely you know that the sun works differently there..

No. 566712

I actually miss her droopy mascara makeup. That picture is just so sad.

No. 566717

i mean, high end japanese sunscreen is pretty nice. not that kind tho…

No. 566778

>very Paranoid
lol oh shit, it is.
seriously, is lying haram? she's out there pretending to be purer than water, but all the while mingling in here pretending to be a 3rd person.

No. 566795


We've said it multiple times, all rules doesnt apply to her, she makes her own. But everyone else MUST follow everything down to the letter.

No. 566975

Backbiting is haram too isn't it? I'd love to know how long The Most Muslim Mira lasted before she gave up on that one lol.

No. 566978

File: 1535010003797.jpg (200.19 KB, 1280x722, golddigger.jpg)

Yes yes, and I'm sure it's some rich Saudi royal prince who wanted a female doormat, I mean princess to lavish with stoning and flogging, sorry I mean "riches"

No. 566986

you forgot to change royal prince to middle-aged office worker.

No. 566988

According to Saudi Arabia’s rules about marrying foreigners, the Saudi man MUST be over 40 years old. So if she ever managed to snag a real Saudi husband, he will certainly be middle-aged!

No young Saudi Prince for you, Mira.

No. 566998

Here she is out to dinner with two men >>528386 so that's not true at all.

No. 566999

oh yes totally not haram as fuck.

No. 567000

Nobody on this form is Muslim so why are people even commenting about her and trying to point out what she’s doing is wrong or right in her religion when the people on this website do not know anything about the religion norther they believe it to be true themselves so it’s really hypocritical and stupid to even comment on such a thing that you don’t even believe in

No. 567001

We'll comment on whatever identity Mira assumes, and as much as we want. There are also several Muslim anons who visit this thread- sorry, "form".

No. 567002

no mira, some of us on this for"u"m are muslim. and it doesn't take an idiot to see that you moving from one extreme to another is insane.

No. 567004

OK but that’s not how it works. Just because somebody lays down the rules of their religion doesn’t mean that they also have to be a saint. When somebody is teaching about their religion or making a comment about their religion it has nothing to do with how they act themselves, it’s a common misconception that people are not allowed to recommend people to go do good things in less they are a perfect person. It’s like your parents telling you you shouldn’t smoke even though they smoke them selves, doesn’t make what they are saying any less important …

Do you think that people who work for the police and arrest people for drugs don’t actually do drugs themselves? And if they do drugs does that mean they should stop doing their job to arrest people when they find someone breaking the law?

On that Muslim tattoo video she’s commenting exactly the same way as pretty much every other Muslim in the comments. So I don’t know what the problem is. Tattooing your body is against the religion just as it is drinking alcohol. I don’t think she would go about condoning such behavior, and it doesn’t matter even if she did these kind of things behind closed doors, if the rule of the religion is not to do these things then of course she will still stand by it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 567005

Lmao I've never doubted her to have a below 100 iq but that just cements it. This girl should be in one of those tard handling centers no joke

No. 567006

>Do you think that people who work for the police and arrest people for drugs don’t actually do drugs themselves? And if they do drugs does that mean they should stop doing their job to arrest people when they find someone breaking the law?

Holy fuck… People who work for the police”, aka, a goddamn police officer? Yes, they should be subject to the same laws as anyone else! How disgusting of you to even make this analogy, as if anyone would respect or trust such a horrible police officer that punishes people for the same crime. They are the worst kind of people!

Predictable ho. I know exactly why you came back here. You saw us calling you out for not being truthful about your mahram. This is absolutely something you can’t back out of now and I hope real Muslims on Twitter come for you. You either do not have a mahram and are going against the very rules that you think Saudi women SHOULD BE ARRESTED OR TORTURED FOR, or, you DO have a Muslim husband right now but you are such a terrible, immoral wife that you do not take pride in being married and you have zero respect for him or his family.

No. 567007

nice to know you have no qualms being a hypocrite.

No. 567014

File: 1535029208301.jpg (274.57 KB, 1242x1789, RwFSPQA.jpg)

She is continuing with her anti-transgender/pro-gender role tweets, yet she believes a foreign, very ignorant white cultural-vampire like herself can magically become ethnically Japanese simply because she FELT like it? Not only become Japanese, but SPEAK for Japanese as well? How is she any different from these trans or gay people “defying biology?” Mira has no biological or historical link to Japan. She couldn’t even get approved for Japanese naturalization and never will. What makes her fantasy more legitimate than a freaking fox-kin special gender kid?

No. 567022

its like she tries to be part of an in-group, fails because either a. in some way it's impossible to completely be accepted in the in-group (she isn't Japanese and wasn't born as muslim in a muslim family) and b. she fucking sucks at her attempts of trying to do it.

I hope her next thing is buddhism so she shaves her head to be like a monk, or tries to be hindu so she can lecture everyone about the caste system

No. 567034

File: 1535033385443.jpg (147.25 KB, 579x883, stalker mode activate.jpg)

No. 567035

And then everyone clapped and the Japanese government gave her an award?

No. 567038

File: 1535033760675.jpg (170.85 KB, 586x1170, action bastard.jpg)

No. 567050

File: 1535036737956.jpg (293.56 KB, 1242x1339, ROy0yo5.jpg)

What is with these Detective Miranda stories and why is she going through all this trouble to expose these men by complex measures instead of instantly blocking them or contacting authorities?

You should have posted both of her responses to enhance her aura of bullshit. Look how she is dancing around the subject.
>”have” lived alone.

Yeah, she has to clarify that it was past-tense. Meaning it was pre-Muslim era. Nice word twisting there, Mira. Just like when she said she is not married…to a Japanese man. How hard is it to answer with a simple “yes” or “no”?

A virtuous woman, Muslim or not, does not need to lie about her marital status unless she is ashamed of her circumstances or unfaithful to her husband. When she has all those thirsty Muslim men on Twitter flirting with her, why does she not confirm whether she is married or not? It just makes her look worse and more manipulative.

No. 567061

No offense but it’s really nobody’s business at all. She’s not entitled to jump online and tell everybody about her relationship. She’s not entitled to do any of that because people are complete strangers and if she just wants to keep her personal life private then why would she open that up? It’s kind of fucked up honestly that you even want to know that kind of information.

No. 567064

Nah, you’re fucked up for misleading both men and viewers while pretending to be a member of the morality police. How about YOU mind your own business and fix your own life instead of acting like a fake bitch online?

No. 567067

>Do you think that people who work for the police and arrest people for drugs don’t actually do drugs themselves? And if they do drugs does that mean they should stop doing their job to arrest people when they find someone breaking the law?

Wow, the stupid is strong with you. Yes, a Police Officer who does illegal drugs should be fired and/or imprisoned and they usually are. Police are not above the law.

Here (I know you can't read but there's lots of pictures)



That's good for now, I can keep going though, there's tons more (as anyone with a brain already knew..)

No. 567108

Hey, Mira.
Both Sunan al-Tirmidhī Hadith 1088:
فَصْلُ مَا بَيْنَ الْحَرَامِ وَالْحَلَالِ الدُّفُّ وَالصَّوْتُ

and Sunan al-Tirmidhī 1089:
فِي الْمَسَاجِدِ وَاضْرِبُوا عَلَيْهِ ب
explain it clearly. You must publicly announce your marriage.

>Announcing marriages is obligatory and the reason for that is:

>1 – The Sunnah enjoins this, because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Announce this marriage.” Narrated by Ahmad and classed as hasan by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Jaami’, 1072.

>2 – So as to distinguish the valid shar’i marriage that is enjoined by Islam from immorality, because zina is done secretly, whereas legitimate marriage is that which is proclaimed openly, so as to distinguish the one from the other. This is the wisdom behind announcing marriages.

>-Dr. Khaalid ibn ‘Ali al-Mushayqih

Yes, Mira. You are sinning by not being truthful about your marriage. Likewise, implying that you may not be married, rather than stating a fact, is also haram.

No. 567151

>do good things in less they are a perfect person
HAHAHAHAHA you mean "unless". God Miranda, how do you lecture people knowing full well you have below average intelligence and the people you're lecturing are 99% likely to be smarter than you?

No. 567246

Please learn what the word 'entitled' means and how to use it in a sentence.

No. 567262

Mira can PUBLICLY post whatever criticism she wants against another Muslim, lecturing them about Islam and morality, even endorsing the most severe punishment of women accused of violating archaic cultural rules, but no one has the right to question her on how she conducts her life? No one can point out how her own words contradict each other and lead to false impressions? She is not expected to adhere to the same moral code but can invade other people’s lives and turn public opinion against them, even if it means those women may get hurt or die?

Mira, the Saudi prosecutors are now seeking the DEATH penalty for human rights activists like Israa al-Ghomgham! It’s unprecedented. You sit there, safe and sound in a first world country while other women who act without permission from their mahram are subjected imprisonment or worse. And you think you don’t have to be truthful about your lies? You made the decision to make revealing, hypocritical posts and now you need to take responsibility for them. You deliberately chose vague, provocative replies each time you are questioned. You know exactly what you were doing. You are not exempt from criticism when you take such joy in watching other women suffer and die for demanding basic human rights.

No. 567348

I’m not her I’m just speaking with reality in thought. Really you have no idea about the religion and do not even believe it to be true but you are questioning what she is committing. You do realize that other Muslims do the exact same thing. It’s not wrong to point out what someone else is wrong is. Everybody’s sins but does that mean that we should not point out any other symptoms i’m not her I’m just speaking with reality in thought. Really you have no idea about the religion and do not even believe it to be true but you are questioning what she is committing. You do realize that other Muslims do the exact same thing. It’s not wrong to point out what someone else is wrong is. Everybody’s sins but does that mean that we should not point out any other persons errors ? You don’t have to be a perfect person to point out someone else’s mistakes. Really the mistakes that you were hounding her about her a little bit stupid because she drank in the past and she was a party animal in the past. If you don’t already know when you’re Muslim it’s basically like you’re born again so all of your past is wiped clear. Second, it’s none of anyone’s business really if she’s married or not so she’s not going to tell anyone that information. You can argue that it’s against her religion to lie but I don’t think it really applies to this… if that were the case then you could be forcing her to give her information and use this to show her personal life. She has no obligation to tell you her personal life. There are many people in the world who are in the public eye and they do not disclose their personal life. Just because she chooses to put what she chooses to put in her videos doesn’t mean that we are entitled to know everything about her. I don’t see her flaunting her self and saying that she’s single and looking, so it’s not like she’s really trying to mislead the public. I really think she’s just not interested in answering such questions because she doesn’t want people to dig into her personal life. We didn’t know about the sweetest boyfriend till after they broke up so this is it really something new about her. If she doesn’t want to tell information then she doesn’t have to and nobody should try and pressure her or threaten her with religious scripture and call her a hypocrite because she doesn’t want to tell her personal life .

She’s also right, nobody knows if she’s traveling with someone or not, and I really don’t think she needs to actually disclose that. Her stance is that those activist groups are trying to fight to get rid of the Guardian system, whereas Mira agrees with the guardian system. So even if she travels without someone, doesn’t mean that she can’t agree with the guardian system…. if it’s part of her religion then why would she even want to go against that? Muslims are not allowed to drink alcohol but there are some who do drink alcohol, do you think that those Muslims are trying to campaign to allow Muslims to drink alcohol? No they absolutely understand that it’s not allowed and that they are sinning. There’s a difference between doing something that you know that is not allowed at a big difference to try and change what is not allowed. It’s like trying to ask someone who smokes to stop smoking if they really think that it’s unhealthy. Everybody knows smoking is unhealthy but people still do it and the people that do it are not trying to campaign to say that smoking is healthy. I really don’t think people should dig into religious texts as a way to harass her …

It’s really sad because honestly if she wasn’t even Muslim nobody would even care about this kind of stuff. The fact that she’s Muslim it gives you the false narrative that you have the ability to all of a sudden hound her for her own religion and put her on some kind of pedestal as if she is supposed to be perfect. Even you think that she thinks he herself is perfect. I don’t think she think she’s perfect at all. And I don’t think she’s trying to police people but rather commenting her opinion just as anyone else in the comments is doing.

No. 567356

Format your paragraphs like an adult with a reasonably functioning brain, please. Learn to properly use the quote function as well. I know you didn’t finish secondary school, but this is ridiculous.


Do YOU not understand that you are interacting with multiple people, even those who grew up Muslim or in predominantly Muslim communities? Here’s one! Hello, there. Nice to meet you. I do not need a one year revert to lecture me about Islam. You are not an authority on anything and you have no loyalty to anyone but yourself.

No. 567357

File: 1535128631391.jpeg (89.23 KB, 376x480, 153EB830-0363-4F01-AB5E-68F4FD…)

No. 567358

>Do YOU not understand that you are interacting with multiple people, even those who grew up Muslim or in predominantly Muslim communities? Here’s one! Hello, there. Nice to meet you. I do not need a one year revert to lecture me about Islam. You are not an authority on anything and you have no loyalty to anyone but yourself.

Well, she's torn between claiming she has "thousands of harassers" and "Everyone is a sock-puppet of Action Bastard"

Which every way the wind is blowing that day..

No. 567359

>It’s really sad because honestly if she wasn’t even Muslim nobody would even care about this kind of stuff.

As if nothing was ever written or posted about her and her horrible existence before she became Muslim barely a year ago..

Keep trying Miranda

No. 567365

adding to your point, no shit no one would care about "this stuff" (randa being muslim) if she weren't. why is she so stupid?

No. 567399

OK, here we go. Spot the Miranese
>someone else is wrong is ((else's))
>Everybody's sins ((?? there's no reason for the 's ))
>her self ((herself))
the great thing about Miranese is that it's not common grammar mistakes, it's mistakes that literally nobody else gets wrong.

and the weird double space you do before/after a period or a comma.
>without someone, doesn’t mean
>are sinning. There’s a

Blahblahblah, you're a massive hypocrite, a serial liar and all the while trying to lecture real muslims on how they should act. It's all a big "do as a I say, not as I do". There's zero excuse for it Miranda, your smoking parent excuse is just another one of your very convenient excuses for why the rules apply to everybody but not you. There's only one word to describe what you're doing and that's HYPOCRITE.

No. 567400

No. 567409

File: 1535144760404.png (34.66 KB, 180x180, d2a-av.png)

You are a ridiculous human being.

No. 567439

File: 1535153333746.jpg (10.43 KB, 224x225, lol.jpg)


I just read some of this crap and saw

>we didn't know about the sweetest boyfriend

Do you seriously have nothing better to do than hang out with us, Mira?

No. 567443

I think she meant Swedish boyfriend.
Can't tell if she wrote it wrong because of bad grammar, bad autocorrect, or if she literally think people from Sweden are called Sweetest.

No. 567445

The reason why those spelling it occurred is because I’m using Siri to talk. So don’t call me Mira.(ban evasion)

No. 567446

This was such a block of text I read the same sentence twice by mistake and just thought Mira really wanted to hit the idea home by typing it twice.

No. 567448

Siri, what is word salad?

No. 567462

Don't blame that mess on poor Siri, she doesn't deserve that. There are tense errors and random spaces/double spaces in your word vomit. Either your English sucks or you're Mira chatting with the closest things to friends you've got.

No. 567471

Those double spaces are also indicative of “totally not Mira” using a Japanese keyboard(it’s the full-width spacing). What are the odds that her biggest fan lives in Japan and has an identical speech pattern?

Mira, you really don’t try.

It’s sad. She can’t stop coming here, despite claiming she is happier than she has ever been and has better things to do.

Mira, you need to stop hating other women so much and make friends. You’re not getting any younger and making lasting friendships as an adult is very difficult.

No. 567485

using Siri would be a clever way to avoid making your signature mispellings like "sence" instead of "sense" that you did here >>560115

But you're still a pea-brain. What are the chances Miranda gets caught here multiple times talking in 3rd person, and out comes this mysterious whiteknight, who is also muslim, and defends all of Miranda's indefensible hypocrisy? None.

No. 567529


lol clearly it's not Mira. I mean…throughout every thread about her there has been someone to come to her defence that absolutely was not her. There was someone who lived in Japan and knew her personally. There was that Saudi girl. There was someone from an entirely different country and totally not muslim but just randomly got here by googling about islam.

each one of them, making the EXACT same spelling, grammar, and syntax mistakes.

But you, who are not Mira, and totally just a well-meaning person using siri…you, I believe.

No. 567536

She did type out the first couple of sentences twice kek

No. 567538

File: 1535187218140.jpg (73.11 KB, 638x607, bought views.jpg)

No. 567540

File: 1535187858256.jpg (45.97 KB, 981x242, no make up.jpg)

No. 567556

Lol my immediate thought for the reason her "friend" told her not to wear makeup was because it's like putting lipstick on a pig.

No. 567566

>Someone told me I shouldn’t wear it around them
>SHOULDN’T wear it around THEM

That doesn’t sound merely like a suggestion but a command. A command that a controlling MAN would make to his significant other. Another woman, even if she is Muslim, would never tell her friend that she is not allowed to wear makeup around her.

Gross, Mira. Why does your whole identity revolve around whichever man you’re infatuated with?

No. 567567

please pay respect to the anon who looked over her shoulder on a train and discovered her pregnancy texts.

No. 567577

File: 1535211761491.jpeg (880.68 KB, 1205x1857, E95DEFAD-4A23-440E-B1DB-F80569…)

That’s hilarious. There’s been a guy on her twitter that had pointed out that she barely ets a thousand views on her vids and then “boom” magically one vid gets a sudden bump.

How sad.

No. 567606

That vid URL doesn't show up on any search engines, so it didn't get a boost by being linked somewhere else. How much did she pay for 20K views?

No. 567608

wait.. i didn't get this picture. is it really because she thinks 20k views is a lot? damn. i remember ages ago on PULL where someone had said that she deleted videos if they didn't get past 10k in the first day, back when she was probably making a living out of it.

No. 567609

probably only $5

No. 567632

It’s a bit more than $5, but not that much. This place sells them for $1.90 per 1000 views. So, $38.00.

Still not very expensive.

No. 567633


weird that the views dropped to 19,661 views from over 20k

Just looked up how that can happen and found this:

"YouTube automatically checks views for legitimacy whilst videos are receiving traffic. This is more noticeable on videos that are popular or getting a lot of viewers in a short period of time, however it is a fairly normal situation that most content creators encounter on their daily youtubing. Things such as repeat views, short views, the creators' own views, and so on (as well as majorly bad things like bot views) all need to be taken into account and removed from the view counter"

so what most likely happened here is that she bought views lol. Because her comments/likes ratio are nowhere near that making any kind of sense

No. 567767

That was the first thing I looked for too! In English, Japanese and Arabic. Absolutely no linking or discussion of that video anywhere to explain that spike in views.

Why does Mira care to impress us so badly that she would buy views? I would be far more impressed by WELL-MADE AND INSPIRED CONTENT that simply speaks for itself.

I saw her post a picture of numerous folders of unedited, unpublished videos. WHY is she so bad at time management and getting videos out in a prompt manner? Even before she became Muslim, she claimed to have so many unpublished videos to work on. She doesn’t have a family to take care of and she only works random part-time shifts instead of being dedicated to a real job. She’d rather scrounge up her last few yen for her next travel destination and film another useless video that won’t see the light of day. It’s really abnormal, illogical behavior.

No. 567796

File: 1535281989799.jpg (79.47 KB, 568x581, yahoo did it.jpg)

No. 567799

>to show how little value views have
oh. is that why you monetize it?

No. 567820

Yep, she deleted the previous video and re-uploaded it.
Let see how long it will take to get back to 20k views w/o view botting!

No. 567823

File: 1535290911495.jpg (27.88 KB, 700x483, pathetic.jpg)

shit, did she read that she bought the views on here, on twitter on her YouTube comments. I know anons accused her of buying views here. That's so low.

No. 567833

>buying views

Nice of her to confirm that she lurks here since we're the only ones who claimed that.

No. 567861


She's replying to KMrurouni. Either he's real and he lurks here to report back to her or it's just another of her sockpuppet accounts and she lurks here.

Either way, it's proof that good old Randa is still well informed about what's happening here.

No. 567863


do you all have amnesia or something? She literally joins in on every post about her, here…and now you're all like "OOO MAYBE SHE LURKS HERE" lmao lurks? she actively participates!

No. 567866

We know she actively participates but she always spins webs of shitty lies to make it look like she doesn't.

She's too stupid to realize that this tweet is proof that she does spend time here.

No. 567913

lol Exactly! I was thinking wtf while reading those posts with people saying this confirms she "lurks" here? It doesn't matter how much she lies, it's an obvious fact that she's a regular poster. I think what you meant was she's semi-admitting it now by responding via twitter.

No. 567917

That's what cows have always done, even 10 years ago the YT beauty gurus lurked Unkn0wnCritic and GuruGossip. Then they tweet a response while claiming it's not all related to what the ~haterz~ are saying. Mira does a really shit job though and she's so dumb she doesn't understand how we keep calling out her posts.

No. 567919

One thing is for sure: the KMrurouni account, whether it’s Mira or and actual insane fan, has admitted they always come here. If they are a real person, they are an incredibly nasty “friend” to constantly hold her feet to the fire. If there was gossip going on about me on a small anonymous forum, I wouldn’t want a friend reminding me every week for YEARS.

Lol. Who am I kidding? It’s just Mira using a sock puppet.

No. 568099

File: 1535375029446.jpg (226.39 KB, 1242x1569, lIcCWPG.jpg)

>Tweet any rumors about me! Tee hee! I have no idea!

Seriously, Mira?!

It’s really pathetic how she is trying to pass this off to her followers as an idea she spontaneously came up with for fun. She must be pacing around that share house, furiously mumbling to herself about haters and homosexuals while she sweats profusely under her ninja grandma robes.

No. 568119


Or it's a not-so-well disguised way to find out who the farmers are.
I doubt she'll get a lot of responses, her twitter account has been deserted for a while now.

No. 568122

That too! She desperately wants to find out the personal information of Chuck and Action Bastard, but anyone else submitting rumors via Twitter could be suspect to her as well. But if her naive followers are not aware of most of the “rumors”, a simple Google search will lead them straight to lolcow, PULL or KF. She just exposed a new group of people to her dirt.

She really didn’t think this through, did she?

No. 568132


why do people do this shit? Like if you have to create a platform in which to address "rumours" then maybe it's not everybody ELSE who is in the wrong?

none of the rumours surrounding her are even that important or interesting. Is she still living in Japan? who cares. Did she convert for Rodi? He don't want her regardless. Did her mom drink while pregnant? Unquestionably yes.

Plus, you just know she's going to take shit she's read here and act as if someone on twitter asked her that.

Bitch, you bought views on that video. You had (have?) a sham marriage. You hate yourself so much that you try to adopt different cultures because you foolishly think that belonging to a thing is going to make you feel whole.

You're not a complicated person. And anything people say about you doesn't require some kinda official statement. Nobody cares. Not the people who talk shit, and not your saudi dreamboat fans who only see your bullshit for the novelty it is.


No. 568151

LOL so she wants to make a video responding to lolcow, but is already setting it up with her go-to excuse "my followers told me…." when we all know she's lifting it herself directly from here.

Here's one Mira: Is it true you lie on gossip boards and pretend to be other people so you can defend your own hypocrisy?

No. 568185


What's funny is the views were still falling when she did finally delete in. Down to the 15000 range.

No one can "unview" a video Miranda..

No. 568356

Mira you idiot. Look at the view count now. LMAO.

Okay i feel that she intentionally don't want many views because with that much exposure people are bound to look her up on google and they will find out all her past adventures. Lol who am i kidding she's just dumb.

No. 568539

File: 1535497063943.png (62.28 KB, 630x422, sad.png)


kek. Two days later up now has 5 likes (up from 4) and still the only one reply.

Yep, those thousands of "fans" swarming to you..

No. 568697

Her follower interaction and “like” ratio is extremely pathetic. She still wants to pretend she hasn’t scared so much of her old fans away by her own divisive rhetoric and extreme changes? She instead wants to blame others for not accepting her no matter what. Like she is beyond reproach.

It actually has nothing to do with Islamphobia or people being against her being Muslim! She could have easily converted and been an average, moderate Muslim who still relates to non-Muslims, doesn’t shame others and didn’t alienate fans. But she not only chose to follow Wahhabism, but to be an even bigger asshole than ever while doing it! At least as an asshole weeaboo, she was just super annoying and not a threat to anyone. Now she is full-blown anti-human rights and against common decency. Once you support pedophilia and killing women for speaking up for basic human dignity, you can’t go any lower.

No. 568703

socialblade shows she has lost 156 twitter followers this month and on average 5 followers a day.

No. 568715

Do mean to tell me that Japan nerds and teens that just want to be entertained DON’T want to read about end times, how everything is a sin(except when you do it) and how women are too inferior and stupid to do anything without permission from a man from a Japanese culture vlogger? Isn’t that what all the hip young kids in Harajuku are into?

No. 568760


No. 568780

File: 1535551282394.jpg (170.72 KB, 1242x1050, UaWtFGc.jpg)

Lol. Did anyone see the comment she was responding to before it was deleted? That unnecessarily long answer comes off like she wasn’t hygienic BEFORE she converted to Islam. It’s like she has no identity separate from whatever she is obsessed with at the time.

I also have been waiting for Mira to inevitably return to our humble forum but I’m pretty sure the anon you quoted was being sarcastic and “defence” is usually how British, Australian and (I think) Canadians spell the word. The “s” is used in American English spelling.

No. 568797


Yeah not this time.
The S version is used in USA while the C version is used in England, Australia, Canada and other country that are old colonies from England.

No. 568932

Her English is so bad, nobody would think she's a native speaker. I can barely understand what she's talking about. Doesn't she understand it makes her look even more stupid?
"You can't speak". Well you can't speak either my dear Randa.

No. 569471

File: 1535739524089.png (584.42 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot 2018-08-31 at 2.16.…)

Mirnada's new Jihadi video. Seriously, it looks like one of those ISIS vids where they're claiming credit for a bombing.

Also this high quality video features a full 8 mins and 22 secs of just the wall and her mumbling something in another room.

No. 569472

File: 1535739641511.png (495.26 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot 2018-08-31 at 2.19.…)


Same anon^ Pic of the first 8:22 of her video. Not a joke.

No. 569473

File: 1535739921406.jpg (45.75 KB, 634x353, miraisis.jpg)


For comparison

No. 569559

File: 1535772974679.png (Spoiler Image, 134.3 KB, 500x500, CNN-ISIS-dildo-flag.w529.h529.…)

Someone send Mira the gay pride flag CNN thought was an ISIS flag and tell her it's an ancient symbol from the House of Saud. It'll be a nice background for her new jihadi streams.

No. 569610

File: 1535799778733.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.26 KB, 620x505, kry5kqk.jpg)

You mean this one? Lol. This needs to be edited into the background of her depressing live shows.

Damn… what is up with that creepy room? It looks so cold and bare. No personality, just like the previous unfurnished place. She’s really the happiest she has ever been?

No. 569614

Mira was bitching on her live about her stint in 2015 on the tourism show Tokyo Extra. Holy, fuck! What a stubborn little shit she is! She was basically complaining endlessly about how the show that PAID her ass wanted her to actively promote her episodes before it premiered and she didn’t want to unless she was certain she could keep appearing in future episodes. How was she surprised at this? It doesn’t seem there was a contract promising that she would be a long term host so it was super obvious that they were testing her out and if her episodes were successful, they would invite her again. And since it was only 2015, her Japanese level must have been too low understand the conditions. She even said they paid her very well and yet she was such difficult pig! She got pissed that the premise of the show, which was focused on attracting foreigners in Japan, wanted to film, get this, foreigners in Japan! She was really hung up in the fact that they were filming white people being foreigners visiting Japan.

Then she said another YouTuber who hosted after her said the staff complained about Mira being difficult and never wanted to work with her again. Uh, no shit! You already proved what a terrible worker you are, Mira. There was a script and a plan on what the crew wanted to film and she was so offended that she didn’t have more control over the segments.

She basically bitched about a sensationalist Japanese TV show being a sensationalist Japanese TV show. The show ran for a few years, which is not unusual for a series of that nature. Yet she keeps calling them stupid and unsuccessful just because she was terrible to work with. Why is this bitch so damn entitled?

No. 569939

This sounds like a bedtime story, but I’ll bite. I have a hard time picturing Mira’s rodent face on high def video. Who would willingly put her on tv as anything other than a freak?

No. 569945

She was featured in episodes 1 and 3 of Tokyo Guide, if you want to check it out for yourself.
Episode 1: https://youtu.be/sUdpbPz6Z0M
Episode 2: https://youtu.be/Vg0dWee141k

I don’t understand why she was so angry at a simple corny show. Did she think she was going to become a superstar or something? Her ad-libbing was often awkward, with her usual poorly chosen vocabulary. Maybe she was embarrassed about her hosting ability when she saw the finished product, but she needs to take responsibility for being unprepared. It was not the staff’s fault she didn’t understand. It’s just like when she was unprepared for her naturalization process, but instead tried to blame the inspectors. She’s so damn weird and stubborn.

They got other YouTubers like Taylor R. to do episodes as well. She was in episodes 2 and 4. She was MUCH better suited for that kind of hosting and as a model, she understands how to sell something with convincing enthusiasm, even if she personally wasn’t into the product.

No. 570097

File: 1535925045274.jpg (21.1 KB, 480x360, hqdefault_live.jpg)

Homegirl is looking BEAT. Why did we shit on her droopy mascara phase? This is so much worse. Mira please bring back the droopy mascara

No. 570126

File: 1535932028958.png (334.44 KB, 1104x597, d-quasi-esmelook-12.png)

She looks so much like Quasimodo that it's uncanny.

No. 570383


honestly it makes the days where she had clumps of undried lash glue in her fake lashes, seem soooo much better in comparison

No. 570392

File: 1535990502938.jpg (347.55 KB, 1242x1790, iw0WuA8.jpg)

Even if she really is currently in Japan, it’s hilarious how unhinged she gets when someone says she is back in Canada. If she is not lying, why is it necessary to reply to this guy several times with such nonsensical, unclever replies? It would be so easy to post months old photos and say they are current, especially since she has shown everyone how many unpublished photos and videos she has on her computer.

No. 570863


She live streamed from Japan today:
I'm confused too, but she must be in Japan if she is streaming this right? She only shows the inside of the room but it's a Japanese style room with tatami mats. I mean maybe she found a Japanese style room in Canada? (I assume they exist, I know there are some establishments in California that look almost identical to Japan, Korea, China etc)

Or is it possible she just has permanent residency? How long do you need to be [sham] married before you can apply for PR in Japan?

No. 570891

So i reported miranda to the immigration for sham marriage

What she can, i can do too. How often did she say to people that she called the cops or her lawyer lmao(cowtipping)

No. 570892

too bad she isn't in japan.

her timezone in canada would still be dark when she streamed this, anon.

No. 570932


yall…I'm not a fan of miranda at all but this whole "Is she in Japan!?!?" conspiracy is the dumbest shit ever. I live in the same province she's from what do you mean it would have been dark then? lmao

What's most likely is that she goes to canada and returns to japan to get another tourist visa since she's exhausted her other options.

like it's not that far-fetched that she's actually in japan. where did this rumour even start lmao can we go back to making fun of her wonky eye and being an authoritarian over a religion she joined last thursday?

No. 570970

lol right? idk why anon has such a raging hardon about her being in canada.

No. 570982

I think most people are just trolling her at this point because she gets so unreasonably pissed off. Lol.

However, if one or two anons honestly believe she is lying, it’s not like they are totally off base. She lies so much, is consistently arrogant when she is clearly wrong, is unnecessarily evasive about simple questions, posts bizarre pictures of her “house” that are zoomed into a countertop or showing a nondescript wall, AND she comes here to regularly start rumors about herself. Tha is not a transparent, honest person. C’mon. Telling everyone that she is just so special that she got indefinitely renewable teijuusha just for having a 2-month marriage, claiming to be classmates or passengers on a train that defend her stories or divert attention away from certain topics being discussed. She’s the girl who cried wolf one too many times.

No. 570986

File: 1536115113124.jpg (477.65 KB, 700x700, rodid.jpg)


no I get it. she's a lying fuckhead so it wouldn't be entirely outside the realm of possibility. It's just that there is no "smoking gun" here. Miranda is NOT that cunning lol

If it's all done to troll her, knowing that she reads this forum, causing her to rage…then I'm here for that. It's just that sometimes it sounds so SINCERE and I'm like…can y'all not lmao


to kind of make up for the past few posts I attached my kiwifarms profile pic I made

No. 570993

File: 1536116542445.jpeg (65.81 KB, 815x518, 8CEDA066-E6E4-47B7-B900-933974…)

No. 570999


She streamed at like 11 am toronto time, which is the middle of the night in Japan and it was dark outside as you can see in the video between the curtain… i dont get your fixation on her been in Canada, but you'll have to try harder next time.

No. 571010

File: 1536123005022.jpg (60.55 KB, 1100x619, tsarnaevw.jpg)


I just realized Mira looks like an uglier version of the wife of the elder Boston Bomber. She was a local white trash woman who converted to Islam

No. 571017

who is she married to though? If you know that tell us, if you don't you've wasted your moment of cowtipping glory.

No. 571018

seems like you try so hard but you still can't spell for shit

No. 571039


so for you, anyone that doesnt agree with your theory that Mira is in Canada and write something here about it is obviously a Mira sockpuppet? Dude you should maybe take some time to yourself and relax.

And yes my spelling is shit, english is not my first language because you know, there is more than english and japanese in this world.

No. 571040

nta but hooktube says when the stream was, why are you lying?

No. 571041

I prefer to go with the official live time from youtube which, as you can check RIGHT NOW, it say : Was live 22 hours ago. I'll let you do the math, we dont have the exact minutes. It's currently 07:45 in Toronto

No. 571042

Just to follow your tinfoil hat theory, i check the hooktube you are talkjing about… 14 GMT = 11 am EST.

Your move.

No. 571138

I think if Mira did get her ass booted out of Japan she'd be milking it for YT views, especially with what's been going on with Shiena. Crying about how she's dedicated her life to glorious Nippon and this is what they do to perfectly innocent law-abiding wannabe citizens.

though tbh I don't really care where she is, it's just fun seeing the SHE'S IN CANADA!!!11 anon flip the fuck out

No. 571157


plot twist: everyone posting here is a Mira sockpuppet

No. 571202


Yep i agree, if she was kicked out she'd be making a huge deal out of it.
And that anon-canada is also really funny :D There was one such person on Pull for sometime, i wonder if… ;)

No. 571259

80% chance it’s a dude named Muhammad. Lol. Any Japanese husband visa would have expired long ago, especially after she became Muslimaboo. A moderate Malaysian girl would have a decent chance with a Japanese guy, but NEVER a Wahhabist. It’s just too far out there.

Mira has streamed multiple lives at 3 am Japan time. Trying to defend that she is either in Japan or Canada by comparing the current time zone or light pattern by the window is pretty useless. Bitch doesn’t even have food in her refrigerator or furniture like a normal person would. I wouldn’t expect to be on a normal waking/sleeping schedule either. She a weirdo who doesn’t seem to have a normal job and likely syncs up her streams for her Western audience since no one in Japan cares about her channel.

It’s better to try to determine whether her photos are current by some kind of timestamp, like featured seasonal decorations or unique campaigns where she is clearly in the picture.

The theory about Mira faking being in Japan for this many months is really reaching , but Canada-anon is still funny because they always get a reaction out of her. Maybe that’s the point.

No. 571440


In her last live: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ggny6eVaQivUziXUQ_5G_VpGlrVHQLzu/view?usp=sharing

She talks about her citizenship application again and "What a nightmare" it was, despite the tons of videos she made saying how easy the process was before she was rejected.
However, she's now claiming that they supposedly asked about her and her "ex-husband's" sex life.

That's interesting because it shows a)They were well aware she married for a visa. and b) She was possibly still married.

The reason being, why would they be interested in her ex-husband from so long ago? (Unless they suspected she married him just to get the visa to come to Japan) or She was currently married to someone that they knew was just a visa marriage.

Entire immigration talk starts at 19:05. Husband part starts around 33:00

Trigger warning: She's stuffing her face throughout the video, making gross noises and talking with her mouth full, etc.

No. 571449

thanks for the tw i hate seeing rodents eat.

No. 571472

File: 1536249021220.jpg (21.29 KB, 290x275, newpic.jpg)

Here's her new Twitter pic.

No. 571476

File: 1536249450334.jpg (25.55 KB, 638x168, insanity.jpg)

No. 571477

File: 1536249604292.jpg (1003.34 KB, 2048x2048, DmP1MRZUYAAgPXB.jpg large.jpg)

From her twitter account.

No. 571478

File: 1536249711368.jpg (127 KB, 938x600, insta.jpg)

No. 571480

File: 1536249869725.jpg (125.62 KB, 938x601, insta2.jpg)

No. 571481

File: 1536249975034.jpg (183.07 KB, 938x607, handsoap.jpg)

No. 571484

No. 571487


It's really not that complicated. You can apply for Permanent Residency after being married to a Japanese citizen for 3 years.

How long has she been in Japan now, 10 years or something? For at least 3 of those years(consecutive), she was married to a Japanese citizen (through legitimate means or not, but probably not).

Permanent residency gives you almost the same rights as citizenship, but you can't vote. She can just live in cheapo share houses, live off of cup noodles, etc.

Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't have a permanent residence (not even a rented apartment) right now. It kinda sounds like she is just traveling to areas where the cost of living is cheaper and staying in cheap accommodations. Japan can be cheap cheap cheap if you don't have very high standards. There are rooms for $5-10 a night.

No. 571492

I'm curious how japanese public perceives her. I mean, she's already a very ugly foreigner, but converting to islam in japan? What's the point? why doesn't she move to the middle east and marry her saudi price?

No. 571493

She would make a great saudi bride with this kind of gross way of thinking.

No. 571496

Previously, she stated that she was “very poor”. How can she afford to keep traveling and going to ryokan by herself and still keep her job? Even middle-class, educated workers are not able to go on vacation so often. Also, why is conservative Muslim woman traveling to vacation spots all alone?

No. 571497

yes because the issue was always about work distribution and not about the fact that wives can't choose to work and men can't choose to stay at home.

No. 571516

Ms. Empty Fridge, you can’t even cook for yourself. Shut the fuck up. Most couples these days can’t AFFORD that way of life.

Intermixing with non-Mahram men again, Mira? Or else that must mean your husband is one of the guys in that purikura… Right, oh pious one?

No. 571537


Seriously, there is some very cheap housing in Japan. Miranda has been posting from some boring places like Aomori.

Here's a guy staying at a 500 yen/night "hotel"
That's pretty much the floor afaik, but 1000-2000 yen/night isn't even difficult to find

No. 571538

Someone with twitter should get her and RedPillChick from the Tradthot thread together, they can be hypocritical cunts together as long as RPC can overlook the Muslim thing

No. 571540


The upper left corner guy looks to be ambiguously brown, could easily be a national from any number of Middle Eastern, African, or South Asian Muslim countries.

There is a dependent visa available for the spouse of a foreign resident in Japan. According to this website, the requirement for the visa of the foreign resident is pretty damn flexible, it even includes "trainee"(for those who don't know, that refers to low level unskilled workers brought to Japan to work in factories, fishing, etc basically to do the jobs Japanese people don't want).


I think y'all are assuming all Muslims are strict af like Saudis. That's like assuming all Catholics are the Pope. A lot of Muslims don't follow the rules religiously and especially if they had a very low income like a foreign laborer in Japan, they could probably be bought off for even cheaper than Shiena's visa-husband. It's really not hard at all to stay in Japan forever if you really want to.

For money, it could be a few things. She doesn't seem like the type to build up savings, but maybe she has some. I suspect another possibility is a grandparent back in Canada passed away and left a couple thousand Canadian to Miranda, that'd be more than enough to travel around Japan for awhile.

She only started this Japan trip a month or two ago, right? Eventually her money will dry up and she'll permanently settle… somewhere. I would bet anything she got priced out of Tokyo and is intending to find a new place to settle.

No. 571543


Having a family member in Canada pass away would also explain why she went to Canada recently, to attend a funeral/get $$$. I've seen it happen, oldsters passing away and distant relatives come out of the woodworks like termites all hankering for their slice of the inheritance

No. 571551

>For money, it could be a few things. She doesn't seem like the type to build up savings, but maybe she has some. I suspect another possibility is a grandparent back in Canada passed away and left a couple thousand Canadian to Miranda, that'd be more than enough to travel around Japan for awhile.

Well, Her Maternal grandparents are already dead. and I believe her Paternal Grandmother is dead as well.

No. 571633


Bad capitalization and punctuation… Mira?

No. 571636

She's was probably asked why she doesn't have any kids. Invasive, yes, but on par with what's to be expected in Japan.

No. 571654

Even though that is true, how could a poor person who says they work all the time take that many days off to travel so far from Tokyo? Aomori and Nagasaki are time-consuming, completelly opposite destinations. They aren’t simple weekend trips unless you are really rushing around and slumming it. Think of the logistics. It’s irresponsible of her and this is why immigration was so suspicious of her travel history. It would make more sense for her to stay local or close by.

She made the fantastical claim that she was suddenly qualified to apply to university, but she recently admitted she couldn’t enter this past Spring. In an older tweet, she said she would not say which university she was applying to because didn’t want haters to find “us”, alluding to applying with another person. I remember reading it is possible for a married student to sponsor his wife with a dependent visa. Maybe she is on that if he is fully enrolled in university now.

No. 571662

Probably not just that, but whether they slept in the same room/bed together. Too many people in scam marriages sleep in different rooms or don’t live in the same residence. I think she mistranslated it as directly pertaining to their sexual activity rather than just confirming that they had a typical married couple arrangement.

No. 571668

those words are very different tho.

No. 571694

different anon than who you're replying to, but I had forgotten about her "univercity" claim. She even posted a pic of her going down stairs with a backpack, saying something about the first day of school. I think it wasn't even the right time of year for school to be starting in Japan

No. 571745

Mira's Japanese is extremely bad though.

No. 571763

I too like to go a full shroud around the house. Means pesky male neighbours can never catch you lacking.

No. 571766

While it's true all Muslims are not as strict as Saudis are, Mira prides herself on her Saudi obsession, Saudi dialect, strict Saudi version of beliefs, and pretend Saudi husband. Eternally shifting arguments and collisions of logic are hallmarks of Mira though, makes ya think.

No. 571779

Which words are different? She didn’t specify what he actually said, just her interpretation. If she revealed his exact questions to her, in Japanese, then we would be able to confirm if he did say something inappropriate. But she refused to be anything but vague. She often misinterprets both Japanese and English. I could easily see this happening in a high-stress situation where she was discovering she underestimated her preparedness.

When she repeated her story about choosing to travel to Kagoshima despite the JAPANESE GOVERNMENT telling her to expect important documents, I could not get over how rude and indignant she continued to be! She bragged about copping an attitude on the phone with a representative, as if that behavior was justified. All she did was solidify the rude, entitled and confrontational foreigner stereotype. Even when telling her story about receiving mail/door-to-door salesmen from home remodeling companies, she was ridiculously irate. Like, fuck. Did the guy shit in your garden or something? Just her overall attitude about being minorly inconvenienced or failing at something she didn’t put enough effort is disturbing. How do go from hyping up your followers about how you will totally be accepted as Japanese because you are so qualified in every way, then developing such a seething hatred of the investigators(doing their job correctly) and the naturalization process that you NEVER want to try again? She is so hot and cold.

No. 571805

Are you serious?
No offense but if I had a guy walk into my house and actually see where I lived then they asked later on a few times if I am actually living there I would be pissed off too. Especially since she used to make videos inside her kitchen cooking. We all knew she lived in that house so why couldn’t this guy? I would be pissed if I was trying to enjoy my life in freedom with some goverment snob calling me while on vacation.

No. 571806

File: 1536323683317.jpg (83.81 KB, 720x540, 1338609322059.jpg)

>complaining about a government worker enforcing government regulations in a country that isn't yours
>complaining about having to actually work with the government to remain living in a country that isn't yours

That's right up there with Onision getting mad that the IRS wouldn't take his house tour video as proof and actually came in person instead.

No. 571807

Don't be such a snowflake.
If you want to live here, you have to jump through the hoops to get whatever status it is that you want. Guess she suspicious enough to warrant a home visit. That government snob is doing is job and I'd wish they'd do more to keep the trash (like Mira) out of Japan. Go to China or somewhere else and be your special kind of crazy.

Something else I noticed, Mira comes off sounding like a man. Is it just me? I can't stomach her voice or face for that matter for more than a minute or two at a time.

No. 571810

Not same

She said they had already visited her house by this time.

No. 571811

If you search it up the home visit is required for citizenship. They check everyone’s home.

No. 571850

And? They don't just pop by once and call it a day. Just look at how many people resort to fraud and illegal activity to stay in Japan. It wouldn't look good on Mira to complain and behave rudely when she's a guest in that country and wanting to remain there.

No. 571857

randa is just mad that japan won't accept her as protected class as a naked mole rat and all.

No. 571860

I just think it’s silly to expect someone not to be annoyed with that kind of crap. If she was working daily and she got food from work why would she have food in the fridge. In Japan it is quite common for salarymen to just get conbini bentos or grab a bite with their coworkers. She did live in that appartment for a few years and she filmed in several places in her home especially her kitchen. It wasn’t an empty place if nobody remembers. They said this on the phone after they had already been to her house for the inspection and after she had already been denied. Just because she was not at home to get the door is no reason for the authorities to get suspicious. Typical salaryman is also not home during mail hours so even if she didn’t go on her little trip…. She did say before that she worked till late so there wouldn’t have even been a way for her to get the mail except for on the weekend or say off. I think people are just jumping on her for anything. I would have acted the same way or worse!

No. 571861

i think you're missing a few important points
>randa is a woman
>randa is a foreigner
>randa was bad at integrating
all of that is going to make japan want to get rid of her.

No. 571862


If getting Japanese citizenship really matters to someone, they'll jump through hoops to get it, be polite to the people doing their jobs and try to get their documents as fast as possible instead of leaving the city for some stupid vlog.

Instead, they found an empty place (they even asked where all the furniture was and the only way Mira defended herself was by saying that her furniture blends with the walls) and an empty fridge.

We don't have proof of a potential husband, but if she was/is indeed married, and that they were trying to find traces of real marital life, they might have immediately suspected some kind of fraud because it looks like nobody lives in the freaking place.

No. 571865

Only dumb fucks white trash like you would be annoyed at a government officer simply doing his job miranda.
If anything, they should be even tighter and strict with immigration screening to prevent entitled stupid foreigners like you from gaining any benefit whatsoever from a country where you are a guest, you ugly bitch.

No. 571868


I can tell you this, if they returned, it's because they thought something was suspicious or learned through other channels about suspicious behavior (if the watched her videos, like she claimed they did, they would have inevitably seen other peoples videos about her.)

No. 571887


Are you fucking idiot?
"We all knew she lived in that house"
"We saw her cooking videos from her kitchen"

Who's "we", Randa?

The only thing we all know is that you are a fucking liar, imbecile, lazy, pathetic and a total failure in every aspect of your miserable little life.
You put your life public in the internet for all to see how much you suck at everything. You sucked at being punk, high school drop out, you continued to suck after you went to Japan, failed (again) at improving your life there, just one more obnoxious, noisy foreigner and you suck now as an Isis recruit wannabe.
Get the fuck out of Japan and go back to the Canadian hell hole you came from.

No. 571937

Ha. On her stupid Ryokan lives she was trying to prove she lives in Japan. She said the "Haterz" would hear the noises in the background and claim they come from the moose, and that she was actually filming in front of a green screen and putting the ryokan as background image. She was moving around the room to prove the room was real.

Well, it's well established that she lurks and posts here. She admitted it in her e-beg scam video. But we are THAT important to her that she has to devote time just for us. Sadly, I think we are the closest thing she has to "friends".

No. 571963

Just who do you think you are? Why do you come to Japan with such a nasty, entitled attitude and expect special exceptions to be made for you just because you once had a thriving YouTube channel? You’re not a superstar and any struggles you had in Japan are no different than any other foreigner. If you did your research thoroughly, you would have already known how difficult the immigration process can be, even for white people from first world countries. They’ve had inspectors look through their children’s toy boxes, for crying out loud!

How can you live in Japan this long and not understand their societal expectations or bureaucracy? This is the way it is and your way of thinking is completely opposite of Japanese. You came here for absolutely no reason other than superficial interests and a change of scenery. The very definition of privilege. You didn’t bring valuable skills, education or assistance to someone. You were not a refugee looking for a better life for their family. Why do you think you deserve preferential treatment?

>Something else I noticed, Mira comes off sounding like a man.

Yes, she does. That was one of the first things I noticed when I first watched her speak Japanese too. Masculine affectation and inconsistent keigo. Now, she talks like a middle/eastern older man. It’s jarring.

Sweet baby Cheezus…
Did you also forget you were A: not Japanese B: a woman C: receiving income by non-traditional means and D: were plagued by online controversy when you applied? You complain about them not watching your videos but they probably saw immediately damning search results when they first looked up your name and aliases. Your case was not typical at all. Of course you were scrutinized more heavily than others.
>I would have acted the same way or worse!

If you are that irrational and emotional, don’t choose to live in Japan, of all places. You also lack the basic self-discipline and politeness that is expected here. This is possibly the worst country for individualists and non-conforming Westerners. Why do you think the rate of immigration from North America is so low?

No. 571994

Miranda's personality is the type that would be disliked and shunned for "rocking the boat too much" in WESTERN countries. Why the hell does she think Japan would like that personality

No. 572035

except she doesn't do any womanly duties like have babies and has even said before she hates sex and forces her past boy friends to get off her after 5 minutes. She can't cook for shit and her version of clean is keeping her place empty like she doesn't live in there.

No. 572090

She is so traditional and into gender roles, yet she acts and speaks like a grumpy old man who thinks the world is out to get him. I don’t understand what she thinks is traditionally feminine about herself, especially compared to women in Japan. The fact that she wants a man to take care of her so she doesn’t have to work? That’s not inherently feminine.

During her last live, a person asked if she got lonely traveling alone. She replied “How do you know I’m alone?” Wtf?! Just say “I don’t travel alone but I want to protect the other person’s privacy.” End of discussion. There is no reason to play games with your own fans unless you love the controversy.

No. 572354

I have previously posted some of this information, but I will post this again since Mira has recently brought the topic of naturalization up in her live video.

As a naturalized Japanese citizen who successfully went through the same process to naturalize, I can shed some light on the truth of what she said:

1) It is true that there is generally a house visit by the caseworker. The visit lasts less than 10 minutes and is used to confirm that the details in the application are correct. In my case, the caseworker looked around the house, asked to see my bedroom and asked if my wife and I slept in the same room. I responded that we did, and the caseworker asked to look at our closet. He took a look for one second (I suppose to confirm that both of our clothes were in the closet), thanked me for my cooperation, and left. There was no discussion of sex or any topics that were especially private.

2) I do not remember being asked to submit a train pass. My caseworker did call the company where I worked and confirmed that I actually worked there, but there was no follow up.

3) The process can be very long, somewhat annoying, and sometimes feels like an invasion of privacy. The caseworker did go around to some of my neighbors to ask about me (I heard this from a neighbor a few days later), but I believe that the caseworker asked the neighbors about me on the same day of the home visit. I never saw the caseworker again (we did talk on the telephone several times), and I never felt paranoid or felt that I was being watched/stalked.

4) There is an interview with the caseworker to discuss the details of the application, but I was never asked any difficult questions, I never felt that I was being tricked, and the caseworker was polite and professional, although it seemed to be his first time to handle a Westerner, and he did not know all of the procedures in the case of a Westerner naturalizing (as most applicants are Korean or Chinese).

5) Loss of employment is not cause for immediate rejection. I lost my job, and this fact was found out by my caseworker, who called me to confirm my employment status. I found a new job a month later, and my application was approved later that year.

6) The caseworker also checked my refrigerator (and my bathroom), which I suppose was intended to confirm that I actually lived at my house). He took one look, closed the refrigerator and thanked me for my cooperation. There was no follow up on the topic.

7) Mira claims to have “permanent residency,” but she admitted on a comment on one of her videos that her status is (or at least at that time was) “long-term resident (teijuusha 定住者)” and not “permanent resident (eijuusha 永住者).” She seems to have confused the two, but they are not the same. A long-term resident is not entitled to automatically reside in Japan permanently and must renew the status of residence every year/every few years.

In summary, although Mira claims that the reason for her rejection was loss of employment, the real reason is likely that she appeared very suspicious/untruthful about her previous marriage, actual residence, work, income, transportation, etc. for her caseworker to ask so many questions.

No. 572355

no one cares about this wall of text. any idiot knows randa was embellishing and lying shit we aren't retarded.

No. 572356

Actually, I appreciate the details of the process from someone who actually went through it as proof Miranda lied rather than just speculation.

No. 572368

disagree, this tells us little about the actual process, just what anon experienced vs what randa claims. i don't doubt some stuff that randa claimed is a load of shit, but it's also not hard to believe they treated her more harshly and asked more shit to verify, because she's obviously full of it. like i can totally believe them trying to verify her work and then taking an extra step by checking her train pass to make sure she was actually using the train where she claimed. i doubt they asked about her having sex with her ex, but with her hostessing they could have actually asked her if she was having sex. randa misjudges things and thinks everyone is out to get her, but the japanese government legit has no reason to go easy on her.

i will never get over that shit about the furniture though. i'm sure her caseworker still laughs about the whole thing.

No. 572402

And I disagree with you, because I think Mira would have embellished her experience to seem like she was being persecuted by the mean old authorities who were totally racist and didn't recognize her as a ~*true 日本人姫*~ Maybe she wanted to feed the trolls, but it backfired when she was denied citizenship.

Either way, you know she's diddling her skittle while all the anons go back and forth about this. The important thing is that she definitely got denied, and now she's stuck in her wahhabist phase that she can't get out of without pissing off some batshit insane zealots

No. 572432

>disagree, this tells us little about the actual process, just what anon experienced vs what randa claims.

The process would, obviously, be slightly different for each individual. However, anon’s experience is probably more typical than a moron/liar like Miranda.

So, helpful regardless.

No. 572454

Yes, naturally, the paperwork slightly differs for each applicant depending on original nationality, type of work, marital status, etc. However the basic process is generally the same:
1) Initial interview at Legal Affairs Bureau (Houmukyoku) to determine eligibility/necessary documents
2) Submission of paperwork (it takes many months to gather the required documents and translate them)
3) Interview at Legal Affairs Bureau (Houmukyoku) to confirm the contents of the documents
4) Home visit
5) Acceptance of application (about one year after submitting the paperwork in step 2)

Most unqualified cases are rejected in step 1, so the failure rate of those who actually submit the paperwork is quite low…

Furthermore, I should note that Mira quickly deleted and blocked me on YouTube when I commented on one of her naturalization videos that loss of employment does not automatically disqualify an applicant.

No. 572537

Her name is miranda.

Lying about her own name might make her even more suspicious and dressing like an Isis terrorist ready to bomb a building plus trashy online reputation is what got her refusal for citizenship.
Japan doesn't need Canadian trash becoming citizens.

Stop calling her "Mira"… that's her weaboo phase username.
Her name is miranda.

No. 572545


Meh, it's like saying "His name isn't Chris guyz
zomg I saw his passport his name is Christopher".
It was funny when she kept claiming Mira was her legal name tho.


The most informative kernel of information here is that Mira[nda] was " 定住者" (LTR) not " 永住者" (PR). Only PR would allow what she has been doing unless she has had multiple visa husbandos. (I don't mean just the first 2 month marriage and her second hidden marriage. I mean like… a string of marriages.)

God I wish they'd just arrest her publicly like they did with Shannon.

No. 572553


all it takes is for someone whos there living in japan to report her to immigration for suspiscious activity.
lmfao they'd take one quick look at her isis bride fashion and cuff her ass for deportation
surprised nobody in japan has looked into reporting her.

No. 572591

k randa

No. 572597

I think anon's point is that Randa would have been met with suspicion more than literally anyone else, because you can smell her bs from a mile away.

No. 572622

No actually that is really stupid. Her name is Mira. The story was she had her Facebook account as Miranda and that is why people started calling her that. She said in a live show that she used to use this name as her nickname but her real birthday no actually that is really stupid. Her name is Mira. The story was she had her Facebook account as Miranda and that is why people started calling her that. She said in a live show that she used to use this name as her nickname but her real birth name is actually Mira. name is actually Mira. I remember a long time ago she actually posted a picture of her foreign card and her health insurance at it both said Mira. So she either changed her real legal name in Canada to Mira or it was just always Mira.

No. 572624

Can we really stop with the visa husbands shit. If there was a Japanese husband he would’ve turned up by now. Somebody would have saw them together. She had a Swedish boyfriend for two years if not more but she claims it was for two years. She made it very clear in her live show that she didn’t want to talk about her relationship because when she had a Japanese boyfriend he was abusive and when they broke up everybody knew about it. People used to post pictures of some stupid ugly bald guy and told her about it…. people have been claiming for years that this was her secret husband but I really don’t think so because the pictures were old and no new pictures ever surfaced. She wouldn’t have had a Swedish boyfriend whom we now know was the one to go on her trips with her if she was married and applying for citizenship. The only reason people really started to believe that she was married again is because Kat said so. I’m sorry Kat is a fucking drama whore who will say anything to get attention and I don’t believe a word she says. Do you know how much it costs to pay a husband to stay married to someone for several years? She is not rich! She is not married, at least not to a Japanese person. It’s highly likely that she actually is married to a Saudi Arabian person even though people don’t want to believe that because it’s what she kind of wants people to believe. I can’t imagine her being interested in marrying a Japanese person. It is not hard to find a Muslim husband. She already has given hints that she’s not married to a Japanese person and she never was married a second time to a Japanese person. But she doesn’t say that she wasn’t married a second time. She just is very specific and says that that person is not Japanese. Probably because she doesn’t want to lie and at the same time she also doesn’t want to tell people her information. I don’t really give a shit who she was married to. People need to stop thinking that every white broad who comes to Japan is just going to get married to some Japanese guy for a visa.

No. 572627

No you idiot. Everybody literally everybody has looked into that. She hasn’t committed a crime so you can get it out of your head. I am certain Japanese people have reported her multiple times over the past years. Give the immigration a break. The immigration has absolutely no interest in dealing with a bunch of 15-year-old kids who just don’t like someone so they want them deported. You cannot report someone falsely for something that you don’t even know if they have done or not. You could actually end up getting in trouble for falsely reporting someone. Just because you suspect that she has a fake husband doesn’t mean that you can just email them and they’ll go on an arrest her. That’s not how society works.

No. 572631

we already know her name is miranda and she only calls herself mira to sound more japanese. i like the trend of calling her randa to make her sound more muslim tho.

why the fuck would anyone respect her on this site?

No. 572632

oh, sorry. good morning randa. also no, no one can get into trouble for reporting suspicious behavior.

No. 572634

Yes they can. It’s falsely reporting a crime. Just because you don’t like someone doesn’t mean you could just wave your wand and make people go away. There is literally nothing that she is doing that is suspicious. Her exiting and entering the country to visit her family is up to the immigration to decide if she actually has a visa to enter or not. Just because you think that she doesn’t have a visa and that she’s visa hopping doesn’t mean that you can go ahead and make a complaint about it. You can’t go make complaints about someone based on your suspicion …

No. 572635

>doesn’t mean that you can go ahead and make a complaint about it.
yes, it does. if you think someone is abusing the system it is not only your right but your duty to report it.

>You can’t go make complaints about someone based on your suspicion …

jfc you're retarded, miranda. "Hmm, I suspect my neighbour is a drug dealer. If only I was allowed to report my suspicions. Oh well."

thanks for confirming that you're bothered by this, makes us more sure you're doing it.

No. 572637


looking forward to seeing "BAN EVASION" on this one in a few hours

No. 572638

> is up to the immigration to decide if she actually has a visa to enter or not.
man if that's how it worked you'd be fucked.

No. 572644

Yes, YOU idiot.

People have seen your visa husband.
You are a freaking high school dropout!! After you discarded the poor fuck you used to infiltrate in japan for the visa and exhausted the duration of the student visa that you had exchanged your spouse visa to, there's no fucking way you could get your hands into a permanent resident visa (not all people are retarded weeabo retards to believe the lies you've told to convince people you got a permanent resident visa after you divorced. Some of us, unlike you, have a brain we do actually use).
You're too fucking dumb to enter any Japanese university (which could give you a student visa until you graduate) and no work visa sponsor employer would waste their time hiring trash like you.

So yes, YOU idiot, you still have a visa marriage or you are there illegally, and both are grounds to get you reported.

Can't wait to see your entitled pathetic ass deported back to Canada.

No. 572646

I would love to see how many posts are from good old randa on this page alone.

Her latest live show is available on her twitter.

- said she took a week-long vacation to visit Kyushuu, Hokkaido, Kyoto and Hakone.
- "I'm always honest in my videos". This one made me snort.
- said she didn't like Hakone because there's too much French influence there.
- proceeds to eat grapes with loud mouth noises.
- said immigrants usually act the same because they all live in Japan and that the only immigrants that are polar opposites of Japan and Canada are European people. Proceeds to talk about gender roles because everyone is Europe "splits the bill" and "buys their own things." "Even on a date, they just split it and that's bizarre" to her. And friends have "physical contact and that's just weird in Japan, in Canada and in general".

I'm only 6 minutes in, I don't know how much longer I can take her bullshit.

No. 572662

>about it. People used
still with the double space after a period, damn Miranda you're getting caught with the same shit every time.

>It’s highly likely that she actually is married to a Saudi Arabian person even though people don’t want to believe that because it’s what she kind of wants people to believe.


No. 572679

Still from her live show :
- said she bought pants in Canada that are as comfortable as sweatpants but that she "won't do gymnastics because she's an old lady now and she might hurt her leg".

- said she has "a million videos" she needs to edit. The videos she made on her recent vacation will be uploaded this year and next year and the videos she will upload this winter are probably videos from last winter. Proceeds to say "we're good for a long time".

- said she's wearing a new hijab she bought in Chinatown. Then said she didn't buy it, her friend bought it for her.
Tried to say Chinatown in Japanese, failed.
- "some of you may think I'm Mira, the cool and chill girl who's open to illegal stuff but actually no, I'm Mira, the law-abiding citizen who does not like illegal stuff".
- said she has a job but doesn't want to talk about it. So much for gender roles heh.
- countries she wouldn't want to live in : North Korea, China, South Korea, Western countries except England and Ireland because of islamophobia.

And random ramblings about mushrooms, mosque toilets and so on.

No. 572681

i started to watch her live when she was saying that all washiki (the japanese traditional toilet) should be illegal and banned!

randa brings being an entitled, obnoxious, white trash foreigner to a whole new level.
she expects japan to make their washiki illegal because…. she says so. wow

oh and some muslim weeabo (one of the 20 people who were watching when i came) asked her if she could open a business in japan what would it be. her reply— a mosque— double wow

No. 572684

>>572646 I don't think anyone can take her bullshit anymore anon. Except for the few weaboo teens, new muslim converted freaks and perverted old arabs.

Has anyone noticed she doesn't have friends anymore? Except for the Canadian girl that came to visit, everyone who once was friends with her has cut ties with her.
She used to brag on video about having many Japanese friends, but she was always among foreigners living in Japan , such as diana, Rodi (whose dick she never had a chance to get), lola, lisasometimes, tkyosam (who has said in public how much he hates muslims) pandagoestotokyo, these were people she would go out with, take pictures, and call them her friends.
They are all gone and ended friendship with her.
Her only supporter is that KM account many suspect it's one of her accounts.

She's alone (visa kun doesn't count) lonely, getting weirder day after day,

Can only feel pity for her

No. 572689


Yawn, tons of screen shots have been posted her and on pull of you having filled out the full name as Miranda Ann Constable. Including your grandmother and grandfather’s obituaries.

No. 572691

File: 1536501693316.png (409.76 KB, 815x458, AED81C83-5ED1-47C8-974A-A89D5B…)

Screenshot stolen from PULL. To good not to share

No. 572734


CAN a woman open and run a mosque??? I mean…they aren't even allowed in the main section of the place. That's where men are only allowed.

she's such a crackhead honestly. if this is what 'allah' does to people I want no part in it lmao

No. 572773

> Can a woman open and run a mosque?

Yeah but of course women who do this are threatened with rape and death and need constant police protection because the "religion of love" is so accepting and loving uwu

No. 572867


I read this article recently and wonder if any of them have slithered into her DMs and sending her gifts and stuff… has she ever addressed ISIS?

No. 572901

Yes, she basically says ISIS is just anti-Muslim propaganda.

No. 573150

You’re retarded. You know nothing of Islamic teachings and are just throwing around lazy and false anti Islam talking points. There shouldn’t be women only mosques but even if there were, you can’t take the law into your own hands in an Islamic society and just kill or rape whoever goes there.

No. 573166

That mosque is contraveral cause it goes against Islam…not because it’s a woman.

Both men and women can build a mosque. As a matter of a fact people are encouraged too. Take your inorance somewhere else.

No. 573184

explain wtf is a "controveral" miranda

don't think anyone here is really fluent in mirandish

No. 573189

When is the Mira cell, I mean mosque, opening?

No. 573203


so the death and rape threats are totally justified because it "goes against islam"???????????????????

such a peaceful, beautiful religion, wow.

No. 573208

of course, after all it's perfect for a beautiful person such as randa!

No. 573222

File: 1536591540882.jpg (91.88 KB, 586x649, wtf.jpg)

No. 573223

File: 1536591864236.jpg (151.9 KB, 933x598, so much fun.jpg)

No. 573229

File: 1536593765882.png (105.66 KB, 337x494, Screenshot 2018-09-10 at 11.35…)


Probably thinks she has struck a goldmine for a case study.

No. 573263

> 1 day ago
> Has anyone noticed she doesn't have friends anymore?

> 3 hours ago

LOL. Think of how fast Mira had to work to get that playdate set up with lots of pics for proof!

No. 573281


Yup lmao

Anon pointed out all her old friends left her, then soon after she floods social media with pics of her with someone else.
Same way she prostitutes herself for a visa, wonder that she gave that other weirdo chick in exchange for appearing with her in the pics and going on a date… oh wait lmao its japan, the land of paid dates…

Face the truth randa.. you ex friends don't want anything to do with you anyone and nobody can blame them for giving up on such a freaking moron like you

No. 573285

File: 1536606649330.jpg (1016.37 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180911-030653_You…)

Stumbled across her in the comment section of H3H3's video about Tess Holliday, caught me way off guard.

No. 573416

>all those likes

No. 573426

Do you not noticed that those two girls have been talking for a long time. She was invited to her little house party. You do know that she does have friends right? Do you watch her story on Instagram? She hangs out with a lot of people but sometimes she doesn’t show their faces only their voices.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 573429

Miranda at least remember English is your first language when you post and stop trying to pull off the ESL.

No. 573446


Yay! You’re back with the “all the proof of everything is posted on her Instagram, but it’s not there anymore. So, you can’t see it, so it doesn’t really prove anything”

If you have soooo many friends, Why is our approval so important to you, Miranda?

No. 573598

even without the misspellings (did you use Siri again?) it's so easy to spot you. why even bother to talk in 3rd person calling yourself "she" and "her" when you're caught every time you do this.

No. 573640

lol randa your not a "girl"! You're a 30 something broad who looks 50 dressing like a Russian grandma!
and no, you dont have any friends left, paid dates dont count.
people you used to call friends dont give a fuck about you anymore because they dont want relation with a psycho Isis wannabe dressed like a terrorist. they dont wanna hang out with you because they dont wanna be seen with you anywhere, face it, its fucking embarrassing.
i wouldnt wanna be seen with an ugly ass fucker like you even if you paid me.

No. 574751

File: 1536844157338.png (200.41 KB, 1246x880, Capture d’écran 2018-09-13 à…)

Ah, yes, Japan, that famous muslim country

No. 574781

File: 1536848506618.jpg (97.09 KB, 592x763, oppressed corner.jpg)

The f is this girl doing??

No. 574782

File: 1536848757176.jpg (83.93 KB, 639x689, like she used to huh.jpg)

No. 574783

File: 1536848852417.jpg (62.22 KB, 587x637, time for new LV boots.jpg)

No. 574784

File: 1536848937448.jpg (71.62 KB, 670x759, dont.jpg)

No. 574787

File: 1536849170221.jpg (118.83 KB, 1013x571, best day ever.jpg)

Quasimodo's little sister got bracelet thingies from Starbucks or something.

No. 574788

File: 1536849324164.jpg (103.77 KB, 1013x570, but Japan is so accepting of m…)

Look at that guy's face.

No. 574808

she's going full extremist

No. 574821

with her ass in the priority seats as well.

No. 574823

tf does she have two coffees for? that guy is probably wondering why the fuck a troll doll came alive and covered herself up in rags to buy two starbucks coffees.

No. 574832

I don’t like her either but priority sit is not exclusive sit, they’re all empty and apparently there’s no one needing them, that’s fine.
All the rest (her) tho.

No. 574843


Ah yes, the very common and traditional Muslim and Japanese custom of wearing your boots inside.

No. 574844


Well, now we know how she has been financing her travels…

No. 574902

is she stupid? this says how much she has vs how much she's using.

No. 574963


Traveling on credit card is not the brightess idea, it soooo easy to end up with a very high bill and unable to pay it back… but hey, that's just me.

No. 574964


Hold on, 762 153 yens on the card in ~1 month?????

No. 575000

No, that's what's left of the 900k. So she used like 240k. Still crazy that she has a 900k limit, it's irresponsible if she doesn't make more than that in a month.

No. 575030

So she's blown at least $2,000 in a month? I'm hoping that "month" here means the past 30 days and not the 13 so far of September

No. 575042

Wishfull thinking, maybe she puts her rent on the card? i dont even know if i can do that here lol

No. 575070

it's 1st day to last day of the month usually in japan, they don't have rotating due dates like western countries.

No. 575097

can we talk about her face for a sec?

No. 575099

tyvm, then I'm laughing that she's blown 2k in less than 2 weeks. I'm sure she'll make it all back on Youtube in the next 2 weeks

No. 575113

np. i'm wondering if this is a rakuten credit card honestly. would explain why her limit is so high, they're pretty easy to get and if you get a lot of stuff on rakuten they will raise your limit. either that or amazon.jp.

No. 575130

It’s an epos card, she made a video about it

No. 575134

So she finally admitted she is married on twitter? Lol

No. 575135

i'm sure she just means that if she smiles at any man it means she's a whore. extremists actually think smiling is seducing.

No. 575139

No, randa
Your a fucking idiot who talks to much and its not the first time you write a comment without thinking (you dont think too much do you?) and disclose info you regret disclosing later, then when you think nobody is looking, you go and delete it lmao

No. 575142

uh what? i'm not her calm the hell down, sis. do you really think she'd call her pwecious religion extremist? i just think she is so far gone she somehow thinks this behavior is normal for women who aren't going to be promised to men.

No. 575144


wasnt it always obvious shes married for the visa?
no need for her to admit anything because there's no other way she's still in japan.
she's got a spouse visa by letting some pervert fuck her (literal sense) in exchange for the visa

No. 575145

She needs to be hospitalized

No. 575147

first she needs to be reported to immigration, then deported, then yeah, hospitalized in some looney bin in Canada

No. 575157

we too, sir, we too.

No. 575178

File: 1536905849014.jpg (73.38 KB, 275x275, by jove.jpg)

when will she learn that she's a FUCKING idiot

No. 575193


hes like "isa Kwasimodaru-chan!"

No. 575203

Why have her posts over the past few days been so focused on money and boasting again about buying brand name? I don’t know what triggered her. She has shit fashion sense so I don’t understand why she is posing with supposedly $1000 scarves and $1900 boots(stepping ON the scarf) when it looks still looks ugly. Also what is going on with that messy hijab? Her scraggly hair poking out like pubes and the hijab draped crookedly on her face.

No. 575230

So many shady online shops where you can get them fake ugly LV items from like 50 bucks.

No. 575247

File: 1536927344411.jpeg (4.89 KB, 200x195, images.jpeg)

No. 575251

File: 1536928282112.jpeg (579.81 KB, 1024x569, CEF2300D-D64C-407D-9A2D-23D3C5…)

Imagine waking up to this

No. 575257

fuck, that's awesome!!!

that's the best pic I've seen of miranda
Look miranda you finally managed to look beautiful
That's your perfect thumbnail right there, made by anon above
You gotta use it in all your social media and vids

No. 575260


Next Thread pic, right there.

No. 575270

Ok my mind is still blown of why an western woman would convert to Muslin and insists to cover herself and reproach herself for SMILING in public I mean……. it’s her problem/her life but I just can’t
The only thing I can think of is that she has a problem with reality and is doing this like in a game but doesn’t really understands the consequences of what she’s doing with her life OR that’s the ultimate form of self harm and sabotation.
But this is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen

No. 575272

her last live if anyone is interested.

Highlights stolen from PULL as I can't be arsed to watch it.

>In school they would make her read books, but she was smarter than that so she pretended to read and made her own story about what happened in the book. – It explains a lot.

>Claims English was her top subject. She would be in the 90s. (kek)

>Wants her family to be Muslim, they don't want to. Claims It's haram to say to another Muslim that her family is not Muslim. – (Muslim people on PULL say that's bullshit.)

>Talks about her daily routine, says she edits videos all day.

>A girl asks her about her Imam who says even gays are children of God. Miranda says the sin of homosexuality is the same as if the boyfriend and girlfriend sleep together before marriage. Suggests that she leaves the mosque and Imam. But she doesn't hate gays.

>Says that there are liberal Mosques in Europe, hopes that the girl doesn't go to one of those. It's not Islam and it's scary.

>There is no modern Islam, one should denounce modern Islam. Says that there is no editing in Islam and some religions edits the word of God and that's what is wrong with them. She calls it editing and innovation. In Islam, there is no room for innovation.

Also slobbers all over a peach like an animal.. Picks her teeth as well. Still doing her fake middle eastern accent.

No. 575304

Is… is this randa posing as her self and insulting herself?
We've reached new levels of randa-ception

No. 575305

File: 1536948382757.jpg (47.61 KB, 300x300, weeaboos-goin-to-japan-be-like…)


retired meme right here

No. 575306

This is a little alarming, she's getting more extreme every time I work up the courage to sit through her fake-ass accent videos.

ISIS saga when?

No. 575311

File: 1536951910001.jpg (120.64 KB, 936x603, wut.jpg)

What the fuck is going in that peanut brain of hers?

No. 575312

File: 1536951977744.jpg (103.77 KB, 755x656, wut2.jpg)

No. 575313

File: 1536952068484.jpg (35.97 KB, 641x371, egyptian flag shoes.jpg)

No. 575314

File: 1536952222545.jpg (91.86 KB, 640x775, please dont.jpg)

Quasimodo wants to reproduce?

No. 575315

We said Saudi women are all about makeup and fashion, and that she was fantasizing about living like some old goat herders wife. So now she's running up massive credit card bills trying to pretend she's a fashionable Saudi woman who can get a regular Saudi man who expects his wife to be pleasing.

No. 575331

Yes Miranda, new videos tend to have lower viewcounts than older videos. Congratulations on figuring that out?

No. 575333

and buying fake as fuck lv.

No. 575334

does randa know that yukata won't worn during when she's claiming? of course not…

No. 575353


I think it was posted to highlight that it had a yellow $ (not ad friendly)
Which Miranda will now claim as some further form of religious discrimination or some such bullshit.

No. 575354

glad I'm not the only one who spots her fake as fuck LV items! My aunt co owns an designer authentication company, I showed one of Miranda's pics with her LV shit a while back and she said all that shit are BAD replicas lol

No. 575379


I see her aliexpress order finally arrived

look at that counterfit shit lmao (you can tell by the stitching. yes, even from an instagram pic). Not to mention that particular style of LV ranger boot is ona whole bunch of shady sites.

What a fuckhead. she makes like 100 bucks monthly from youtube and we're supposed to believe the designer shit she's flexing is REAL

they're not even GOOD knockoffs

No. 575400

this! that uneven stitching looks so cheap and trashy.

No. 575402

anon pls

No. 575450

File: 1536975337864.png (454.89 KB, 806x525, boots.PNG)

Let's talk about these boots for a moment, ok?

I know nothing about LV stuff, so to know what im dealing with, i have to go to the official LV shop.
On the post from Miranda, we see a two colored strap with the LV logo on it. That's a good starting point!

Looking at the official website, we can see the boots named " Wonderland Flat Ranger" with a price tag of 1520$ USD have the same design. But when you compare them with the picture from Miranda, you should be able to quickly notice how the seam-design on the side is not the same. Miranda's boot are pointy where the one on the official boot is less pointy.

Red flag #1. (red circle on the image)

Next, back to the strap itself.
The one on the official boots have about, let say, 3/4 of a inch of back-curved and then the seam to hold it all together.
The same strap on Miranda's picture got the seam right at the start

Red flag #2 (blue circle)

Knowing all of that, i hit my good friend google and look up fake LV boots and surprise! i can find, from multiple websites, the same boots that we see on Miranda's post, for a very low prices!

100% fake boots, even I can tell from a quick check… at least some people put the effort to make good looking fake that are hard to distinguish from the real version… Not this time!

I hope she'll enjoy her 50$ boots.

No. 575452

same anon
The angle of the picture can cause a difference of perspective for the side seam, i'll agree on that. But the seam on the strap itself, no angles can change it's location.

No. 575453

not only that but the seam above the grommets isn't even on randa's boot. it's much closer near the bottom and is angled weird.

No. 575495

dats some dedication

No. 575524

Nice anon
But I see other problems with the damn boots, not only that they are fake (which they clearly are, pls try again to impress us miranda lol, we're not stupid), but they're ugly as fuck (like miranda) and so masculine, maybe LV's attempt to please LGBT community?
Isn't Miranda super homophobic now?
Wasn't she always the one saying women are supposed to be so feminine, so different from men?
Not only she dresses in rags but now she wears masculine shoes (to go with her cheap "armani" masculine socks?)
Anyone else thinks this is so weird?
Yeah and by the way, that scarf is also fake lol, must've ordered from the same knockoff website she got the boots from lol

No. 575558

Damn how stupid can you be? You should have used the picture from twitter to get the same angle to compare them, then you would see they are real. Or maybe you can't because you only talk shit all day.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 575559

No, Anon, you see she's only gearing up for the next stage in her evolution because being The Bestest Muslim EVER is getting too tiring.
Watch. This time next year we'll be talking about Miranda the Fakeboi.

No. 575566

hey randa
butthurt much that it's not hard to spot a knockoff, fake brand item and some of us here actually got experience about it?
too bad you're fucking lazy and bought a cheap, lousy fake lv shit lol some fakes are actually pretty good and need to be examined in person by experts for authenticity but not yours lol
try again!
funny how much time you spend reading this page.
this week someone pointed out how lonely you must be because nobody wants to be embarrassed by being seen with you, you got no friends, so to impress us, you chased another weirdo gaijin to appear in pics with you,,, only to impress us?
we criticize your appearance, you try to impress us by buying fake brand shit…
we say you look dead, tired, fat, then you gotta upload a vid of yourself on a sugar high making a fool of yourself in the airport,,, to impress us?
lol … this is a new pathetic low level even for you randa

No. 575584

File: 1537011093393.jpg (141.76 KB, 932x599, predictability .jpg)

She just uploaded a new pic on her insta account in a restaurant with LV bags in front of her!

You couldn't be more obvious little Randa!

No. 575592


Sorry to spoil the moment. It isn’t a new picture but it’s from at least 2 days ago. She posted this food on her YouTube snapchat account. Along with her walking into some elevator and said “this is the Louis Vuitton elevator” then she freaks out as it opens and no more updates till she posted her dipping this steak into sauce. Unless she ate it twice I am sure it’s all from the same day.

No. 575597

I have to wonder if she is checking whether the meat is halal at these places. Literally about 200 of the 160,000 restaurants in Tokyo serve halal meat and almost all of them are Turkish/Indian/Malaysian.

No. 575599

Wow so LV fold their shopping bags in half to crease them then unfold them to give them to customers. surejan

No. 575601

she probably bought the bags second hand on fril.jp. they're selling for 300 yen. or she was sold the used bootleg shoes on fril and they came with the bag.

unrelated but the fact that she doesn't know what butterfly pea tea is pisses me off, she fucked it up by dunking the lemon in. the tea changes from blue to purple when you add citrus, you're supposed to take a pic when it's doing the gradient.

No. 575602

Miranda you need to stop hon. Even when you're not making egregious spelling and grammatical errors you're obvious af. Not one soul here gives that much of a damn about you to remember all of the minutia of the shit you post. Besides which that weird narrative style you use is a dead giveaway. It's like you think your in a movie. No one wants to watch that.

No. 575605

2nd this. Also, anyone notice she has the smaller bag in the big one in that pic? Even if she's carrying something in the small one, the big one is empty…

No. 575608

Nooo, you see, she doesn't hate gay people, she just hates that they all have sex before marriage. Just like everywhere else that hates gay people. Gay people just floppin' dicks in every butt they see which is a sin.

No. 575610

so. i know we mentioned that saudi arabian women dress really posh in high brand items, but i didn't think she'd try to imitate that. most SA women who do that are already married to rich men and have nothing better to do than buy brand shit.

No. 575615

Those glamorous Saudi women also care about the full presentation. I have never seen one step out in head to toe designer fashion with a bare, tired face and unkempt hair falling out of their hijab.

In one of those ryokan lives, Mira was preaching against the supreme evil of cosmetic/beauty companies and how she wished they were outlawed. She is so against the beauty industry that she said she doesn’t even use facial moisturizer!

Yet here she is, flaunting (sketchy) luxury goods, for both aesthetic and status reasons. Trying to get viewers attention. How on Earth is this in line with the conservative and modest persona she was pushing so hard?

No. 575616

exactly! and not to mention, flaunting her credit card. it's really rude in japan to disclose money like that, and i'd imagine it goes against the muslim idea of women being humble and modest. so…way to hit two birds with one shit, randa.

No. 575643

"her YouTube snapchat account"

that's the first time i hear about that… anyone got a link to that channel?

No. 575645

File: 1537028473314.jpg (38.48 KB, 286x252, kekk.jpg)

No. 575646


Awww, senpai noticed me!
You talking about the picture taken from furter back meaning we cannot see as many details, picture where the boot are more in the shadows.
I could have taken that picture, i wouldnt have been able to spot the side seam difference, but the strap seam is still pretty (if not more) obvious.
Thanks Miranda to confirm you have bought cheap fake boots by pointing to me a second picture showing it, i appreciate it.

No. 575647


lol miranda I would have used a pic from your twitter but you blocked me for calling you out on your homophobia. if you want to pit your "wish" purchase against my 10+ years of apparel industry experience, then unblock me, and I can explain to you EXACTLY how I was able to spot your fake-ass boots.

And like I said, they're not even GOOD counterfeits. Some knock-offs require close inspection…namely the stitching and fine details. And then there are knockoffs that are just so blatant, like yours.

In the meantime, if you want to flex to your like 12 Saudi perv fanboys about your "designer" shit, then go for it. Just understand that everyone is not so fucking stupid.

Because facts are facts: you can't fucking afford LV

(btw thats not even the real fucking shopping bag!!!!!!!!!! LMAOOO they are too sturdy to crease that much get the WHOLE fuck out of here)

No. 575648


Randa has no friends to hang out with her so she bought a couple of used LV bags from mercari (or fril, rakuten, lol so many second hand places to choose from in japan) to go with her and her fake LV boots to eat that non halal meat!

No. 575651

No offense but I don’t think they are fake. Fake stuff is really hard to come across. If you are going to accuse her of buying these boots fake then you should produce the website where you can actually buy them? Because I have not been able to find this model on any website. Furthermore, she has posted videos of her buying it. So does this mean that she went out of her way to make a video inside the store? $2000 is not a lot of money to save up. As a matter of fact, since she posted her credit card statement that just so happens to have just over $2000, it is no surprise if she used her credit card to buy it.

No. 575652

YOU post a video of you actually buying it Miranda, or STFU and get the fuck out of here, you ugly ass liar fuck

No. 575656


lol first of all Mira, the only thing offensive about you is your face. So jot that down.

second, fake stuff is incredibly easy to come across. there's all kinds of knockoff sites. Not only that, but counterfeit goods are MOST prevalent in asian countries. Someone who lives in Japan would have no issue getting fake LV goods. Someone in the USA, Canada, or Europe would have a harder time of it, but it's still possible.

Has she posted videos of her buying it? You know, it's REALLY interesting how you pop up to contradict these facts by always saying some kind of video/snapchat exists of the contrary…and yet I've never seen not ONE of these alleged videos. You COULD post the literal receipts, you know? instead of the same old "oh there was a video. you didn't see?" shtick.

$2000 as a lump, single sum, is not a huge amount of cash, no. HOWEVER, when your monthly income is barely $200, AND your employment is spotty at best, AND you have to shelter and feed yourself, then for some people, $2000 could mean 6 months of trying to catch up, financially.

Lastly, having over $2000 available on credit, does NOT mean a person has $2000 to spend. I mean, they COULD, if they were really shit with money. And Mira (you) is probably stupid enough to blow an increased credit limit on LV

except those boots arent real. and neither is the scarf.

And you can create these carefully-constructed responses (since you impulsively blew your cover already, mira) all you want. You can talk about all these mysterious videos of proof ad nauseum. that's fine. Except for 2 things:

1. I have 10+ yrs in the apparel industry, so I know more than you

2. you couldn't outsmart a koi fish, let alone another human


No. 575664

File: 1537033582383.jpg (122.92 KB, 852x441, eww.jpg)

No. 575668


You beated me to it, i was just about to reply with a "How many shop link do you want? 10-20? There is a tooooon of them, just say i number and i'll provide!"

But your post is just as good.

No. 575669


Video where we can see her buying them? Link please. Oh,… yeah… it's probably, again, one of these video that no longer exist, how cute! It's one of the hundred of videos that only you seem to have ever seen, even if we have dozens of people here and other website that is checking everything you do but oh! nobody never see these video you keep talking about!

Easy to save 2000$ lolwat? for many people that's what they make in 1 month of work and then they have to pay rent/bills/food, it's not easy to save 2 grands.

No. 575670


if you look at the pebbled leather (shit/fake leather) they look almost exactly like mira's.

real LV leather has a different texture entirely

No. 575671

Can you not see the clear difference in the quality? There is no way that the ones that she has is fake. It’s not my problem if you don’t follow her on Snapchat. I can’t screenshot her snaps because she will obviously block me.

No. 575673


Mira Mira Mira, just stop, you are making a fool of yourself even more. Many people pointed out the MAJOR difference between the real LV one and the fake one. Your boots have all the flaws of a fake pair, no amount of yelling "i have proof but i cant show them" (which by the way is your trademark for many years now) will change the facts. Your boots are fake, end of story.

No. 575674

I’m not fucking Mira fuck off with that shit. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean that they are her. I follow her on fucking Snapchat. It is annoying because I watched her flaunt her little Louis Vuitton expedition into the store…thinking there is no reason to share any of this kind of bullshit…. if she bought fake ones honestly I think she would be more of a smart person. Why would someone want to pay $2000 for something when they don’t have a large income. Why would someone put $2000 on the credit card? Do you think I’m defending her because I think she’s smart or rich or something positive? No. I am just going with what I saw. Why don’t you follow her on Snapchat if you want to see this kind of shit. If you want to get her to block you for screenshots BMG.

No. 575678


Ok, let's say for a moment you are not Miranda.
You have seen the picture on this thread, right?

Can you explain why the boots of Mira have the seam on the strap at the end of it (present on all fake versions) instead of having the little back loop like then the seam that we can see on the official boots on the LV website?

No. 575684

Are you on aware that the picture on their website shows the shoe in it’s “display form”? They are exactly the same but the one on the website shows the shoelaces more so that the person who sees it can understand what the front kind of looks like without having a front view in that picture. If that picture was actually what the book looks like, then if you turn it to the other side one part would be longer than the other. Do you not see the other part sticking out? I don’t know how to explain to you but it basically shows some of the front where the laces would be shown across…if you’re looking at it from a front on direction “if” that picture was actually what the boot looks like, then if you turn it to the other side one part would be longer than the other. Do you not see the other part sticking out? I don’t know how to explain to you. It is classic marketing how they modeled their pictures so that you can understand what the front looks like at the same time that you are looking at the side. If you were to see a 360° view of her boot it would look exactly the same.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 575687


what I find hilarious is that this person wants us to believe that she is "so annoyed" by miranda when she won't stop making up excuses for her. Who in their right mind would spend so much time explaining a complete stranger's life to a bunch of other complete strangers in a site where no one believe them?

Seriously, who the fuck is going to buy that?

No. 575693

Randa, dear, all you showed is your 900000 yen limit with 200000 missing. That doesn't show us where it was spent or anything. All this can be easily fixed if you just pony up the LV transaction history!

No. 575694

File: 1537036818280.gif (478.88 KB, 500x281, 107E8F22-B6DB-48CF-AF4F-1E008C…)

NTA but as someone who has purchased from the LV store in person, including leather shoes, miranadas boots are fake knock offs. The leather doesn’t have mismatched gradient at LV (hard spots and different directions of gradient on the fake and LV is stronger leather), and I know damn well those bags are empty and fake. When you order off knock off sites you can pay pennies to get the shopping bag thrown in orbit comes with one. And they’re either used bags or knock off produced. (Like most of the ads listing these fake boots on google include) ESPECIALLY in Asia, you can find them IRL in garment district markets.

When you purchase in person from the LV store, the bags are kept completely flat and stored hanging as to avoid any creasing or wrinkles, they are NEVER folded, are way thicker in width, have a sturdy base bottom so they stay open and don’t concave. And in her picture… the bags are fucking empty, she even put the small one in the big one to hide from other restaurateurs that she’s taking a photo of empty LV shopping bags. So no, she did not purchase from the LV shop and go straight to dinner, unless she dumped out the contents and threw the bags off of a skyscraper, then folded it into an origami frog, and unfolded when she went to go eat.

It’s funny how we show evidence, but you (Miranda-who seemingly isn’t responding to anons accusations that you are Miranda herself and are solely focused on WK-ing this retarded faux shopping trip) don’t show any receipts except “trust me I saw her snaps” “can’t screenshot bcuz she’ll see!” (When you can literally just record your screen) “she snapped the entire shopping purchase!!! She just didn’t post it anywhere else and no one can seemingly find these snaps!!!” “She posted her credit card statement i saw it!!” Bitching at US to show receipts when you refuse to post one screenshot of your claims, and making up things that she never posted to make it seem like it all the dots connect and she ~totes bought real ones from LV. And completely ignoring the fact that her fake boots have a different leather cut and shape as opposed to the real ones.

Btw she did not snap her purchasing the item at the LV store, that is a lie. She walked in (which anyone can do) and looked around, rode in the elevator, and that’s all she showed. That’s it. So don’t BS and say you saw snaps of her literally purchasing the item, when she never posted that on her snap to begin with.

It doesn’t bolster your argument, it just weakens it.

Oh yeah, and stop being lazy and lying to make your argument sound better. In your previous comment you claimed you searched the internet and tried to look up websites where they sold a knockoff version of those boots, and said that you couldn’t find them anywhere, that you couldn’t find one listing of the boots. When a quick search shows several knockoffs being sold on the first page of google.

KEK Miranda, you know what your boots have in common with your sub-par whiteknighting arguments points?
….they’re both fraudulent!

No. 575696


Had to re-read that a few time to understand what was going on, very hard to read.

Again with the very weird habit of having part of the text copy/pasted twice in the same post. Are you even making any effort now?

No. 575697

I mean the bags are like the only thing in this scenario that could be real. You can buy them for like 400 yen on 2nd hand sites (cause Japanese girls collect them) I just don't get why she has 2 bags and one of them is just taking up space inside the other one.

No. 575698

She probably has to use her phone cause she's banned.

No. 575700

I dont want to enter in this debate, but since Mira is here : Girl, just take a picture of the receipt and everything will be cleared! It's fast and easy to do and you will be able to sleep well tonight.

No. 575701

The 2nd hand ones the people sell online will usually/if not always have a crease or fold in them due to packaging and shipping them. There’s so many IG/YT influencers who use empty LV bags, 2nd hand online bought LV bags, and/or purchase one item from LV and reuse the bag over and over to claim on their gram or vid that they “just bought something from LV today”.

They always forget to smooth out the creases and folds and to actually put things in the bags to make them look like they’re full, which would make it more convincing.

It never really works out well when they get sloppy and have piss poor excuses, when called out on it, on top of the fakery.

No. 575703

This. All she's done is show us how irresponsible she is by showing us she somehow spend 2k in 10 days into the month (like another anon said, Japanese credit cards are on a fixed schedule, and usually they just waive payment the first month you get approved).

No. 575705

I'd be concerned if my LV was handing out creased bags.

No. 575708

She’s bought and posted her self wearing fake LV shit before… you know that right?

No. 575713

Exactly this. Someone upthread also outted randa cause she was trying to claim the numbers were her limit being raised. All that cap shows is how bad she is with money. Either she spent all of that this month, or she hasn't been paying her bill.

No. 575714

Oh guys and girls!

MATH! And feel free to correct me if im wrong.

Let's say she bought them at the LV store in Japan.
Let's say the credit card number she show are real.

If i understand it well, the screenshot mean she have 762 153 yen REMAINING until she reach the limit.

The LV boots she got are priced at 192 240 Yens. You add in the 7% tax, it goes up to 205 697 Yens.
If she put that purchase on the credit card, which has a limit of 900 000, you do " 900 000 - 205 697 = 694 304 Remaining"

That number is not the number she's showing on that screen. The screen show she has more money remaining then she would if she had put the boots on said card.

TL:DR : She didnt put the boots on the credit card since the bill for that card is currently at 137 847 yens, when the boots (with tax) cost a bit over 200k.

(Why do i have a feeling i screwed somewhere in all of this?… )

That leave us with a few things to think about : She has more than 1 credit card, someone else paid for them, she bought them at a really low price (aka fake)

Sorry for >>575713 quoting me after i delete the message to add a little bit more at the end!

No. 575715

The stark difference in the fake vs the real boots is that the leather on the toe and the leather around the laces is a separate piece of leather, it’s prominent, sticks out, is hard leather, and a 1/5th or so inch above the rest of the leather.

Miranda’s are from the same leather piece, and instead of being a separate piece of leather sewn together around laces, they literally just stitched it to look as though it has the same border, without the 1/5th of an inch, without being a separate piece sewn on. The toe leather fabric piece looks possibley separate but it’s much much thinner than the original boots toe leather. And hers have bumps and bulges in the leather. Real quality leather should not do that. Especially when you just bought them.


No. 575716

Updated the page and looked upthread a bit, looks like she just got banned, again. I guess we wont get anymore reply until she change wifi.

No. 575717

She needs to go the fuck to bed, it's 4am.

No. 575721

>$2000 as a lump, single sum, is not a huge amount of cash, no. HOWEVER, when your monthly income is barely $200, AND your employment is spotty at best, AND you have to shelter and feed yourself, then for some people, $2000 could mean 6 months of trying to catch up, financially.

>Lastly, having over $2000 available on credit, does NOT mean a person has $2000 to spend. I mean, they COULD, if they were really shit with money. And Mira (you) is probably stupid enough to blow an increased credit limit on LV

>except those boots arent real. and neither is the scarf.

Fucking this so much

No. 575722

enjoy your ban lol stop using your phone to ban evade

No. 575726

Sorry for double post but
Real LV flat rangers vs Fake Asian boots and what to look for: https://www.reddit.com/r/RepLadies/comments/88ctrs/review_lv_wonderland_flat_ranger_boots_annie/

No. 575728

Gonna be honest, all this shit about leather and stitching is just going over my head. I legit can't see that issue between Randa's knockoff and the real thing. BUT the colored band around the ankle is clearly wrong, with the stitching in the wrong place. It's great that some anons know the difference and made Randa rageout twice, it was nice to wake up to

No. 575730

Yeah and she needs to stop walking around wearing bad fake brand shit, its embarrassing! Many people these days know the difference between real and fake! Go buy your shit at uniqlo miranda, you can't afford luxury brands! Get rid of that rag wrapped around your head, get yourself a job, even if it's house cleaning, factory work, dishwashing or other work that uneducated people like you are hired! Go to bed at a decent time, wake up early, stop being so fucking lazy, stop prostituting yourself, work your ass off to earn your own money and maybe one day you can own a real luxury brand item, not all the made in China replicas you've collected!

No. 575731


Some people need a coffee to start their day, other need some Miranda's rage to wake up! It's always fun.

No. 575732

File: 1537042277387.jpg (166.07 KB, 585x956, surejan.jpg)

I laughed when I saw her Insta Story saying how hard the leather of her new shoes was and how she'll take time to adjust when you can see clearly that the "leather" is thin as fuck, she looks like she's wearing medieval coin sacks on her feet.

To me what gave it away was the bottoms, they are missing the signature LV on them. Even some replicas have it but miranda can't even pay good replica

No. 575733


Nice catch!
Cant wait for Miranda's excuse on why it's not there!

No. 575736


obviously you missed the snapchat video of miranda furiously scrubbing off the LV logo from the bottom because that's how they do it in Saudi. Logos on the soles of shoes are haram.

No. 575741

she'll claim it's like the sizing sticker and she took it off.

No. 575742

File: 1537043642971.jpg (57.16 KB, 625x415, 16-of-the-funniest-fake-design…)

Miranda be like…

No. 575765

File: 1537048622981.png (98.15 KB, 1109x678, IMG_6539.PNG)

Miranda's LV supplier

No. 575866

File: 1537065551383.jpg (146.2 KB, 1242x1691, iuPq79X.jpg)

^Can someone please help me translate this Mirandaese? I don’t understand how this way of talking is either funny or indicative of a “good Muslim mother”. The context doesn’t even make sense.

The final nail on the coffin! Case closed!

Wow, you lolcow detectives are amazing.

Why does Mira keep doing this to herself? She knows that she can’t trick us but she never stops fighting reality, staying up until dawn to argue with anonymous posters about something so embarrassing.

No. 575870

>And in her picture… the bags are fucking empty, she even put the small one in the big one to hide from other restaurateurs that she’s taking a photo of empty LV shopping bags

Holy shit I just realized how mental this is. A couple of weeby gossip sites joke about Mira and her reaction is to buy fake LV shopping bags online, take videos of herself in the vicinity of a vicinity store, and then eat at a restaurant by herself (not even enjoying the tea properly) while photographing the empty fake bags.

Y i k e s

No. 575873

Tbh reading this thread is starting to make me feel guilty. Isn't it kinda mean to make fun of mentally challenged people?

No. 575874

come on anon, they bags might be real! they're real brand bags!

No. 575878


no she isn't a hoe, she just sexually assaulted her friend because he wouldn't fuck her. Then converted to islam to try and get his dick.

also a "good muslim mother" wouldn't have drank during her pregnancy

No. 575880

I don't get it either. Why is she bragging to her mother that she isn't a "hoe"? And tbh Randa correcting her mom's typo just seems like a dick move. Everyone typos in text messaging, you know what the other person meant, get over it.

No. 575936

It looks a conversation where Miranda said she was going to stay with a friend on a tripor something, and her mom asked them.

Randa - "Staying overnight w/ a friend"
Mom - "Oh? with who"
Randa - "—-"
Mom - "A firl"
Randa - "Girl"
Mom - "Girl"
Randa - "Of course girl"
Randa - "I ain't a hoe lol"

No. 575939


Not enough details, we cant say anything about that screen.
No point trying to find something, we all know Miranda will not tell us.

No. 575959

File: 1537082201498.jpg (125.12 KB, 604x976, so offended.jpg)

No. 575961

File: 1537082500065.jpg (53.12 KB, 592x419, stinky.jpg)

Is she trying to convince herself that Japanese people are dirty now?

No. 575970

>on aware
it's "unaware", not "on aware" Miranda lol

No. 575976

classic mira-ism!

No. 575982

this is why I love her.
Miranda: let me lecture you about pride and other sins, because I am super-modest Muslima!
also Miranda: some random bitches on the internet are picking on me, better buy some fake LV and flash it around. That'll show em!

her levels of retardation are kind of impressive.

No. 575997


>someone mustta poo-poo

>someone mustta poo-poo
>someone mustta poo-poo


No. 576043

In the comments of her most recent video

>My husband will be Muslim. This world is for follow Allah, not society. We don’t follow your values ^^

so she admits she is not married.
Thus she is illegally residing in Japan.

No. 576047


Could also mean she's married but her husband isn't (yet) Muslim.

No. 576067

no. it means she's not married. it's not surprising, she's an obnoxious loud-mouth female with slutty past. i can't imagine anything more off-putting

No. 576085

no, it means she is married to some pervert who fucks her in exchange for a visa.
once a slut always a slut.
wishing someone reports her to immigration real soon.
they don't need more prostitutes there.

No. 576184

in another comment that can be seen somwhere here, she hint about having a husband…

this twitter post to be exact >>574782

No. 576220

File: 1537154476143.jpg (177.35 KB, 1510x830, mira.jpg)


Oh honey no. She's already married to that Saudi guy who gave up his Saudi citizenship for the Best Muslim Woman Mira!! Right??

No. 576225

If she doesn’t have a husband, then that means the most Muslimiest Muslim is traveling without a mahram, an offense that she believes women deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of Islamic law for. She has no family in Japan so the only mahram she can have is a husband. So which kind of disgusting person is she: one that that does not love her husband and is ashamed to admit she is married, or, one that does not have a mahram while preaching that Muslima MUST have one or suffer the consequences?

No. 576265

Honestly, given Randa's impressive grasp on language, I wonder if she just copied the way the guy opened his sentence (Your husband will get bored / My husband will be muslim)

I mean her previous sentence doesn't make much sense either (You are to my husband […]) so it seems she just throws random tenses willy nilly whenever it suits her and let it be open to interpretation, which suits her enough.

No. 576279

I've noticed "hint" is a word she loves to use when she comes on here. ~As if she sends us cryptic signs so we can figure out the truth~. In fact, I just cmd+f the word on this thread and ONLY Miranda has used it, examples:

Pro tip Randa, whether you 'hint' at something or say it directly, either way you're probably lying. especially since we know you 'hint' at things in hopes of getting us to talk about it.

No. 576281


Obviously because i use a very common word like "hint" that mean im Mira, that level of logic is crazy!

And again, just to counter your claim that is not married as you said previously, check the picture from >>576220

But dont worry! in a week or two she'll go berserk on twitter saying that she is not married, again.

No. 576292

I guess I have to explain it to you since you're so simple-minded. I don't mean that "only Mira uses this word!", I mean what you're trying to imply by it. That because "Mira said so" or "she hinted", that settles it. Everyone should believe it. That's a logic that only you use as proof in your anon posts.

No. 576301

one of those is not like the others. lift your game, anon.

No. 576303

No. 576304

probably meant this one >>548292
i was on the fence whether this sounded like Mira or not, but i think it does. especially the whole second sentence.

No. 576306

File: 1537194665728.jpg (31.29 KB, 634x187, the hypocrisy.jpg)

No. 576307

File: 1537194730418.jpg (15.77 KB, 589x116, the hypocrisy 2.jpg)

No. 576313

File: 1537196681367.jpg (126.99 KB, 1013x570, priority.jpg)

Did anyone bother to call her out on hogging the priority seats for the elderly and handicapped?

No. 576315

File: 1537196835012.jpg (67.64 KB, 640x632, shawnislam.JPG)

Anyone already mentioned her reason to become a jihadi is literally a dude renouncing his muslim heritage and sending dick pix to chicks he meets on tinder?

No. 576321

File: 1537198096378.png (533.11 KB, 459x612, 1515433144723.png)

Topkek. How's going full ISIS working out for you, Miranda?

No. 576322


I would wager a guess that those were most likely fake/catfish accounts. Unless it is actually Rody??? In which case I need to get on tinder and get me some dick pics

No. 576324

so he fed her a fake moral story just to get her to stop making sexual advances towards him? pretty clever way to not her hurt feelings i guess.

No. 576327


Old milk.
Also, I think it's probably a fake account.

No. 576373

lol whole point of that crazy tweet is to say "MY FRIEND" when we all know she's got no friends lol

No. 576395


And it's kinda hilarious that she's so riled up about policemen asking a grown woman to wait for her mother to accompagny her home when her own religion does exactly the same thing.
Yes Randa, you're not supposed to go out without a man to shepherd you or have you already forgotten about what you preach?

No. 576397


Maybe her next "persona" will be one of those adult babies that goes around wearing a diaper and sucking a pacifier

No. 576399

He had a girlfriend at the time and Randa kept trying to get in his pants, like crawling into bed next to him. He got tired of her sexually harassing him and Randa's peabrain got the bright idea that if she became super duper Muslim he would get with her.

And you know if those accounts ARE Rody and he's actually sending dick pics, Randa's going to make tweets and videos about FAKE MOOSLAMS and how she is the second coming of Muhammed

No. 576412

That, or Rodi inadvertently gave her some fantasy idea that all men who are Muslim would respect her and value sex more, instead of fucking and discarding her, like apparently she was used to. that's why she went full force into this "the only male i smile at is my husband" cock-slavery shit.

No. 576438


Exactly! I also find it hilarious that her retarded mind can't realize the police was being careful and simply doing their job! (IF this story is even real and not like anon above said, just an attempt to make us believe she has a friend). If the police had sent the woman home right away she'd be bitching the police wouldn't protect the woman.
I also see it as one more bitter attempt to bitch about Japan. She bitches at the immigration agents non stop for correctly doing their job, investigating her and stopping her from getting citizenship and now she's bitching about the police. She's just butthurt Japan doesn't want her there.
She's also bitched recently about the train station being dirty, when everyone I know who's been in Japan highly compliments the level of cleanliness of everything.
Who will you bitch about next, Randa?
Just GTFO Japan, they don't want you there anyways!

No. 576452

Given how S*udi men are, it wouldn't be surprising if that were him.
You're probably overthinking it. When she jumps on a trend, she puts her entire being into it. How else could a mentally disabled highschool dropout end up living in a foreign country and speaking the language?

No. 576453

>speak the language

Randa's japanese is poor at best. I know people who play untranslated games and know more than her.

No. 576454

speaking the language? lmao?

a retarded 3 year old japanese brat speaks better japanese than miranda!
she cannot put one sentence together without making a mistake thats already unacceptable if you had a couple beginner lessons.

No. 576462

she's handicapped, it's not an issue

No. 576472

She has definitely changed her tone towards Japan since being rejected for citizenship (especially during the last few months). She used to be the most vocal supporter of Japan, and now she complains about everything in Japan that she doesn't like, especially what she doesn't like about Japanese people.
I suspect that this trend will only get worse until her muslim phase fizzles out and she finds a new identity or she becomes completely radicalized…

No. 576483

She speaks enough to get around in the country, and she definitely speaks it better than the average weeb. For somebody who probably has some sort of handicap, that's pretty impressive. Given that she makes a bunch of errors in her native language as well, she probably did put a lot of work into learning Japanese and has simply hit her natural limit. Despite her aggressive stupidity and generally unappealing nature, Miranda does seem to be very driven when she gets hooked on an idea. For all of her negative traits, she does have one that is pretty admirable (and quite rare).

No. 576490


Wow, that's pretty well said. Remind me of never getting into an argument with you, i know i'll never win.

(yeah i know, it's offtopic, i had to say it!)

No. 576495

you know what would be impressive? Miranda admitting that her Japanese level is a beginner level, stop being so fucking lazy and trying to improve. Her speaking/writing Japanese ability is laughable and her arrogant attitude of proclaiming she is fluent doesn't amuse me at all, so I'll disagree with you.
There's absolutely nothing impressive about her.

No. 576502

i agree with you anon above.
randa's problem is not that she's retarded, her flaw is that she's arrogant as fuck, deluded thinking she's perfect and better than everyone else and will never think she needs to put effort into improving.
retards can't help it they were born with mental retardation, but being a fucking douche bag like randa is not impressive or admirable.

No. 576503

I think you guys missed the point, the anon said that what he find impressive about Mira is her dedication when she's on a specific path and that trait is quite rare among people of her age .

No. 576505

Rodi isn’t Saudi. He’s half Pakistani, half Japanese

No. 576518

what miranda has is not dedication.
you and the other anon are misunderstanding.
dedication implies great effort to achieve something positive in most cases.
what miranda has is an insane obsession with whatever phase she is in… weeabo, terrorist cosplay, whatever.
Overachievers have complete dedication.
Retards, mentally insane, psychopaths.. have obsessions.

Very, very different

No. 576523


Yeah. Dedicated people are disciplined.
Miranda is fucking lazy about everything!
She was obsessed being a white Japanese wannabe but so fucking lazy she couldn't even be good at Japanese language after living there for years.
Now she's obsessed with being a terrorist isis wannabe, but so fucking lazy she can't even tie her head rag right.
That bitch has zero discipline and zero dedication.

No. 576533

THIS. She's lived in Japan for years and still struggles with the language. What has she accomplished since reaching her goal of glorious Nippon? Randa has no direction or goals besides her obsessions, the only thing different about her current obsession is that there's no way for her to shift to a new one without pissing off religious zealots who aren't afraid to threaten or use violence.

No. 576593

File: 1537258196508.jpg (343.35 KB, 1242x1737, VFmqDWK.jpg)

>Even though she is an adult and lives alone
>Even though she is an adult

What? She has no mahram, like all good women should? And wanting her to have an escort to keep her safe is INSANE because she is an adult, just like you? But according to Islam….

Saudi hardcore patriarchy(with bonus physical punishment and damnation): Awesome!
Japanese patriarchy: How dare you?!?!

No. 576609

she just always needs to publicly condemn and decry whatever interest she's stopped obsessing over doesn't she.

i honestly cannot wait until she stops with her muslim phase and starts pissing all over islam, she will basically get forced off the internet.

No. 576644


that's what makes this idiocy so sweet. that the exact same bullshit she praises, is condemned if it's put in a different context.

sidenote: I wish the mods would stop banning her. she really adds a lot of life to the threads.

No. 576655

File: 1537284827283.jpg (20.05 KB, 588x137, next phase.jpg)

No. 576665


I think it's slightly impressive because she's clearly a few bulbs short of a Christmas tree, if you know what I mean. She has that FAS look and people with FAS also usually have mental deficiencies. Would place her IQ around 80. In that sense, learning some of a foreign language is a sign of effort

No. 576689


Oh helllllll no nonononono

Her comment about Shinjuku station being dirty / smelling like shit does have some merit though.. That place gets pretty disgusting towards the evening.

No. 576695



lmao hoooooooooly fucking shit IS SHE OKAY!?!?!? like…the depth of her retardation is constantly stunning to me

No. 576698

File: 1537295290253.jpg (81.07 KB, 634x531, why wake up.jpg)

No. 576699

File: 1537295813843.jpg (75 KB, 638x509, so clever.jpg)

She thinks she's so clever when farmers here give her retard status.

No. 576700

File: 1537295994659.jpg (31.54 KB, 641x310, huh.jpg)

Isn't Momomochi one of her friends she spent time with not too long ago? She's going to end up all alone if she keeps up with her stupid shit.

No. 576714

Maybe her next persona will be a pro America Trumptard. Worked great for RandomYoko

No. 576716

What issues is she talking about? Is she persecuted for being Canadian now? Is it giving her a bad rep in her new community? Is her Saudi husband angry at her for what her country is doing? Is her arranged marriage compromised by Canada's situation?

No. 576718

I was wondering what she would answer to that, since the choice was either side with Islam, or side with Saudi Arabia (the object of her fetish), but she dodged it completely…and even worse made it about herself and her fetish. Should've known.

No. 576747


> these (counterfeit) crime organizations can be involved in human trafficking, have slave labor in their factories, involved in narcotics and even terrorism.

Maybe she is going full ISIS after all.

No. 576754

File: 1537308689348.png (93.15 KB, 642x377, saudi2.png)

The follow up that the Saudi Muslim she was talking shows, even they have no clue what the fuck she is on about..

No. 576775

I sooo want here to move to Saudia and see what it's really like for women there, but at the same i dont want her to go there because that mean she'll have to stop youtube/twitter/facebook (and everything related to internet) to stay in the house thus we wouldnt see her again…..

No. 576779


After a quick google search, i found out that nothing new happened between the 2 countries since early august, why does she bring it up now? Weird….

Also, when she talk about "issues" hmm….. hmmm… what? It seems like Canada did pretty much nothing (outside of talking) and it's all Saudi doing stuff. The one "big" thing they done is recall all Saudi citizen out of Canada, which, as far as we know, doesnt affect her in any possible way? Is that yet again a hint (yep, just to annoy that one specific anon) about her husband?

I dont see anything else that could affect her in any possible way… Unless she started doing paperwork to move/visit Saudi?

No. 576821

Randa's been busy traveling around Japan, staying at *~authentic Japanese inns~* and spending all dat sweet Youtube money on *~authentic Louis Vuitton~* shit, she's probably just now heard about her precious Saudi Arabia getting into a slap fight with Canada

No. 576836


Though I can’t wait for her brain to explode over this:
Saudi Arabia is going to execute 3 Imams for basically going against the royal family.


Who will she side with?

No. 576840

i feel like randa is starting to bore of this phase cause it hasn't been successful in getting her dick. she didn't get rodi dick or anyone elses' as far as we know.

No. 576859


I dont see it that way (excluding the dick part), she's more and more into Islam each passing day. If getting bored of it mean to get even deeper in it, she's doing ti right for sure.
(that was weird to write…)

No. 576938

she must be mooching and freeloading from a pervert arab who fucks her (has sex with her). probably there for work or study. no way she has money to afford housing, all the travel she does (even if she stays at cheapo inns, hostels etc), eating out. her youtube income is non existent and waitress salary in some cheap middle eastern joint (she said they let her wear the rag on her head so the place she waitress must be middle eastern, no other employer will allow terrorist cosplay at work) is not enough.
maybe the pervert arab fuck is pissed with the canada saidi issue and threatened to stop the sex for food and money deal with randa. she loses this piggy bank and she's fucked lol

No. 576950

>lolcow would believe my stories if it weren't for that pesky rule!

No. 577028

File: 1537355508538.jpg (76.38 KB, 590x763, which school.jpg)

No. 577034

I think if she really gets a husband like that, the first thing he'll do is not allow her internet because of all the stupid shit she gets into…then again i wonder if she'd be fine with that. She's so open to the prospect of being submissive and owned by a man.

No. 577038

whyyyyy is she always looking like she's struggling to hold in a huge wet fart? are there any pictures of her smiling ever?

No. 577051

this is true, but she's also arrogant, i feel like she'd argue too much. heck, she already argues too much all over social media for any man to even want to approach her. this muslim thing was such a stupid idea for her.

No. 577057

given that she acts out to try and prove us wrong on stuff, as well as PULL etc, and all the sockpuppeting, I can't imagine her ever leaving the internet. She's beyond addicted.

No. 577104

File: 1537371436182.jpg (114.92 KB, 644x654, uncomfortable.jpg)

Randa thinks she's trolling us by uploading a video with a misleading thumbnail.

Girl, your brother looked uncomfortable as fuck on the uncensored pic. Don't put him through that.

No. 577105

File: 1537371499016.jpg (142.7 KB, 1012x571, good old days.jpg)

Do you remember when we said she looked better with make-up on?

No. 577107

To sum up the video :
Mira trying to play basketball with her brother. Takes her shoes off to play and runs around in her socks. Seems like she has never touched a ball before.

Close-up on her face while she's eating ice cream. Ugly claw-like triangular shaped nails.

Showing two seconds of Oreo fudge, saying that she could only eat a tiny piece of the stuff.

Shows more recent clips.
Skiing with her brother. He corrects her English. Now we now that even her little brother is aware at how shitty she is in her own native language. Little brother sounds pissed by her cringe inducing attitude.

At an asian restaurant :
she took the kale that was used as a decorative element and put it on her plate. Two seconds later, zooms in on her plate. Said the staff took the kale back because you're not allowed to eat the decorations.

Said her little brother used to call her "Blue" because her hair was blue.
Said teenagers need to spend more time with their younger siblings otherwise they'll have regrets when they get older.

No. 577112

File: 1537375167266.png (119.71 KB, 658x500, halal.png)

Damn, she is so worried about what we think of her. We really are her only "friends"

Also, since she has to be the most muslimy muslim to ever muslim, she uses "people of the book" Which means Jewish people. All that nonsense and she could have just said "It was kosher beef from Australia, Kosher beef is halal."

No. 577113

No. 577215


God can you imagine having a sibling like that? My brother is kinda neckbeardy and sometimes I'm mildly embarrassed but it's not that bad…
I imagine if my sibling was like Mira I'd probably just go NC to the greatest extent possible

No. 577248


Shhhh, you are giving her new words that she'll use to make herself look intelligent, carefull!

No. 577250

Is she like home then or?

If she's home this is like visa hopping shit cause she was home a few months ago too.

No. 577256


Pretty sure it's old clip from last time she went to Canada, she did show somewhere she had footage/clips of stuff going back 2 years, i never expect her to make a video the following week she do something.

Useless side-note : Didnt she said in a tweet that she can only smile to her husband? I see her smiling everywhere in this video!! replace tinfoil hat
I need to sleep…

No. 577259

Old. The basketball thing is over a year old, efore she went full jihadi..

No. 577260

When she wants to address us indirectly, conveniently, KM asks her a corresponding question out of nowhere!

Stupid ass Mira/KM. Stop screwing up common idioms. “Put another nail in the coffin”… You don’t make any sense!

Let me help you understand your native language, with help from Cambridge dictionary:
>another/the final nail in the coffin:
an event that causes the failure of something that had already started to fail:
>Each successive revelation of incompetence is another nail in the chairman's coffin.
>That report drove the final nail in the company's coffin.

It describes yet another negative action in a series of events which are HARMING YOU.

No. 577588

File: 1537455998046.jpg (75.17 KB, 601x715, flashback.jpg)

No. 577589

File: 1537456083850.jpg (87.65 KB, 589x706, reverse sockpuppet.jpg)

No. 577590

File: 1537456279926.jpg (82.25 KB, 638x493, lack of knowledge.jpg)

No. 577591

File: 1537456459021.jpg (142.86 KB, 633x870, blind.jpg)

No. 577592

high hopes that this stupid bitch goes to saudi and lives there and gets her ass beaten every day. Women are zero rights . Anyone with half a brain knows islam is one of the worst religions out there, esp to women. They have their women cover up head to toe because it's 'their fault' they get raped by men.

I can't stand these stupid white bitches who talk like they know anything. Has she ever even visited the middle east? (wish i could sage)

No. 577594

File: 1537456994607.jpg (36.09 KB, 978x234, forbid.jpg)

She thinks she has enough power over her family members to forbid something. That's cute.

No. 577615

Her level of ignorance is astonishing. There is so many proof everywhere how bad Saudi Arabia is for womans and yet, her, that is not even living there, keep claiming that womans are "queens"???

We should make a gofundme to buy her a one way ticket to SA.

No. 577648

>In Islam men are to treat their women as queens
LMAO! there ya go! There's the source of her obsession with Islam. She has an astonishingly false belief of how she's going to be treated by men / "future husband" in this religion.

Domestic violence against women was LEGAL in Saudi Arabia until 2013. Is them treating their wives as "queens" is a new thing?

No. 577653

mirandas new twitter profile pic is her with her bad, bad fake lv boots and shawl lmfao

No. 577660


Totally agree anon, but you know, it's randa after all.

I think we all can agree that the worst traits of human beings can all be found in randa!

She's a hypocrite, a liar, arrogant, rude, vulgar, dirty (as in self care. Remember her wearing the same sweaty yukata for days? Many examples that confirm randa is not a fan of washing herself), backstabber (just ask all her ex friends) obsessive, lazy….

Feel free to add to my list lol

No. 577671


she's homophobe and racist too

No. 577677

Haha awesome, add my 0.2 cents to your list anon
She's obnoxious and entitled as fuck!!

No. 577692


tbh KSA won't let her in. They are very strict about immigration and even tourism isn't really allowed. As a Muslim she should be able to go for Hajj but she can't even because she doesn't have mahram.

KSA does have many upper class women (their royal family is humongous) who have "good" living conditions in the sense that they don't have to work and under their coverings they have the finest makeup, bags, etc. which is desirable to some women without career ambitions. They don't have to do housekeeping either because they have Filipino servants and such. It doesn't appeal to most of us because the restrictions are so great, but if you're lazy like Mira that probably seems like a dream life.

The thing is, there is basically zero chance that Mira could ever marry into that kind of lifestyle. Like the wealthy elite in any country, they plan their marriages pretty carefully and strategically.

I can think of one Western woman who married into Saudi royalty, but she herself was of a royal British bloodline, young and pretty, and also fabulously wealthy.


No. 577693


Wow interesting. Tried to find more information on that woman and nothing. Can't even find a photo of her except the wedding in UK(which seems to have been a brief visit to a government office, I assume the actual celebration was privde). Saudi Arabia doesn't mess around with women having a public life do they.

That alone is a good reason why Mira would never be able to marry a Saudi… she lives for her internet infamy. Can you imagine her giving up Youtube?

No. 577699

actually the solid reason she'll never marry a Saudi (at least not a young/attractive/wealthy/nice-mannered one) is because she's ugly.. i don't get how the hell she even plans to attract her fantasy guy at all when she's not even looking after herself anymore. At this point I'm convinced she thinks her extremist muslim rants will make one fall in love with her…

No. 577701

I think she could get with one of those Indian Muslim guys who always messages girls on facebook with
"open bob and vagene"

No. 577717


"the k3 legacy"

what legacy? being a slant-eyed quasimodo who turned isis-bride after trying to sexually assault her muslim friend and failing? Her legacy of 50 sockpuppets? her legacy of "thriving" as a child born with fetal alcohol syndrome? Her legacy of $150 avg monthly income?

Literally none of her legacies are positive

the real tea? I bet her brother is pretty cool and nice and reasonably attractive, and she couldn't handle him giving youtube a shot and getting positive attention in comparison to the torrent of self-inflicted shit that is her youtube "career"

No. 577739

tbh i think randa's more likely to be married off to get sold into sex trade than actually make it as someone's wife.

No. 577780

File: 1537495401230.jpg (93.67 KB, 1280x720, bitchwhut.jpg)


FUCKING KEK her "legacy" holy shit I laughed so hard. She's beyond delusional. God only knows what the fuck she thinks she's "giving to the world" that's worth shit, I can't

No. 577884


Shes a bully to anyone who doesnt agree with her delusions.
Shes gross and nasty!

No. 577896

File: 1537532426645.png (8.07 KB, 641x62, legolas.png)

sorry to rain on your parade anon but legacy is perfectly suitable word to use for negative effects. I even find it quite erudite for her

No. 577908

Spoken like the privileged first-world trash she is

No. 577916

this is stupid on so many levels.

No. 577979

Bitch is dumb af

No. 578044

File: 1537569668923.png (58.01 KB, 624x444, Screenshot 2018-09-21 at 6.39.…)

Continuing the evidence of exactly how stupid Miranda is. She is incredibly bad at math

7 years = "Most of her life"

No. 578054

No anon, see, her life only really began when she realized she was Muslim, therefore Randa is totally correct and we're all just haters. That's how she'll explain it next time she pops by this thread.

No. 578206

> I don't have a problem living anywhere in the world

Yeah I guess someone who has only ever been to top-tier first world countries can say that. Man I hope she moves into some cave where she has to shit in a bucket next to her stove or something

No. 578217

but only once a day when her husband gives her permission.

No. 578220

File: 1537612482089.jpg (26.32 KB, 588x192, same thing.jpg)

Sure Randa, getting kicked out of school for 10 days is exactly the same thing as spending 10 days in jail with your name on a criminal record when you get out.

No. 578221

File: 1537612842831.jpg (78.49 KB, 425x715, bigotry1.jpg)


No. 578222

File: 1537612853732.jpg (107.31 KB, 641x748, bigotry2.jpg)


No. 578223

File: 1537612864221.jpg (92.55 KB, 640x633, bigotry3.jpg)


No. 578224

File: 1537612872703.jpg (63.18 KB, 636x500, bigotry4.jpg)


No. 578226

File: 1537613206062.jpg (108.57 KB, 643x735, anditgoesonandon.jpg)

No. 578227

File: 1537613216950.jpg (110.55 KB, 640x729, anditgoesonandon2.jpg)

No. 578229

File: 1537613403440.jpg (74.48 KB, 642x537, anditgoesonandon3.jpg)

No. 578231

File: 1537613784818.jpg (130.14 KB, 642x786, somuchshit.jpg)

She's spewing so much shit I can't even keep up with her.

No. 578232

File: 1537613796292.jpg (147.43 KB, 640x936, somuchshit2.jpg)

No. 578233

File: 1537613921417.jpg (30.38 KB, 643x177, testfromgod.jpg)

No. 578234

File: 1537614122313.jpg (93 KB, 641x701, let me educate you.jpg)

No. 578235

File: 1537614275081.jpg (28.77 KB, 640x315, discoverychannel.jpg)

No. 578239


All these screenshots are just wow. When I stumbled upon Mira for the first time around two years ago she seemed horribly cringy but harmless. This though… who would've thought she'll become, uh… this.

No. 578249

Wow, I have been saying from the start of her muslim phase that she is on the path to radicalization…but I didn't think that she would radicalize this fast…

No. 578257

That was a very disturbing read…. but thanks to those screenshot!

If she keeps staying on that path, she'll get expelled from Japan much faster than i tought.

No. 578258

I'm more convinced than ever that this is temporary. She is hilariously misinformed and delusional typing up shit in her safe nest in Japan pretending to have a PhD in Islamic Studies. For a moment I used to believe she somewhat knew what she got herself into, but it's clear she has no clue.

No. 578259

Exactly! She is indeed misinformed and delusional…and very passionate/stubborn about what she believes at any given time. She is the perfect candidate for radicalization, I think.

No. 578264

This is the creep who:
Cheated and financially exploited her spineless Canadian ex-boyfriend.
Married a Japanese guy just so her weeaboo ass got a free ticket to Japan, then, selfishly ditched him because his job was taking him to an “unfashionable” country.
Worked in mizushoubai, a step away from prostitution, while continuing to live with her ex-husband’s family.
Moved in with another man only a few months after her first divorce.
Known to date men only to get a free meal or gifts out of it.
Stays in Japan on visas she did not earn by her own merits and claims one of them was teijuusha, which she is not qualified for.
Aggressively pursued an uninterested man with a girlfriend, despite having a boyfriend of her own.
Cursed the object of her lust and tried to humiliate him for not sexually submitting to her.
And committing many other offensive, immoral actions without an bit of shame.

The nerve of this nasty bitch to chastise other people who simply love another human being with a pure heart, which is something she is incapable of doing.

I can’t believe she has survived to this age or still has all her appendages. This level of retardation is incredible.

Mira, why couldn’t you have said that MOST(not all, but the meat will be clearly marked on the package) Australian meat is slaughtered according to halal specifications and that you ate the meat AFTER you knew it was halal-certified? Or maybe you were just too stupid to know that fact? No, Mira, meat is not halal simply because it comes from a country with many Christians or Jews! It is haraam unless slaughtered in a acceptable way.

No. 578266

Anon you made the best curriculum vitae available for miranda ann constable

please add her most recent

- making a deal with a pervert arab who's there for work or study consisting of free sex for food, place to live, spending money (so she can buy all that crappy fake LV, do traveling and eat out)

she def has no morals, no dignity, no respect

that bitch goes to the lowest levels any person can possibly go
she makes me sick, only looking at that ugly face of hers

No. 578277

The most frightening part of all this is that anyone could ever consider Miranda a “role model”

No. 578278


what doesn't get talked about enough is the "aggressively pursued" part. Because there was a time where that crossed over into sexual assault territory. I get that some people dismiss it because mira is female and rodi is male (not saying thats why people here dismiss it, just saying its a thing)

But it bears repeating because most of what she does hovers around the "shady", "stupid" and "gross" areas of morality. but crossing the lines she did with Rodi is just downright fucking disgusting and wrong.

And honestly? For as much as I think this ISIS-bride shit is just a phase, I think a lot of this public condemnation shtick she does, is more about her trying to deal with her own guilt. Like it's really fucking easy of her to point fingers at everyone else and determine why "god" (she) thinks they're a piece of shit. Because she doesnt have the mental capacity to just deal with her own bullshit.

No. 578279


Who the fuck has Miranda as their role model

No. 578304

Some idiot brat at twitter

No. 578318

Randa would really be an interesting topic for a study about radicalization. 2 years ago she was slutting it up to stay in Japan, and now she's… this thing.

No. 578320

I miss when Mira was just a cringeworthy wannabe gyaru instead of saying on Twitter that men owning women in a country she's never been to is a good thing.

>Islam ain't like you think

She's got that right, whew

No. 578326

File: 1537645360524.jpg (47.99 KB, 450x600, 1458773348094.jpg)

You know she's really fallen when pic related is actually a step up from what she's doing now.

No. 578327

File: 1537645386307.png (109.82 KB, 275x271, 1457256822750.png)

No. 578337

yeah….. from the time she was just a retarded missy who forgot to attach her other twin tail on the other side of her empty head….
now she's just bloody disturbing!

No. 578373

I wonder what her next phase will be and what will trigger the change. My bet is on Randa being progressively rejected by her new community or her not being able to find her long desired Saudi prince. As for the new phase, it will probably be whatever fresh dick she's after is into.

No. 578382

You can't really just leave radical islam. If she had chosen a more liberal sect, she would have been okay, shunned, but okay, but she chose the most extreme, wahhabi form. The type of Islam she's preaching doesn't let you leave. She'd have to completely abandon her social media, and we all know Randa can't do that.

No. 578383

Would it make a difference that she lives in Japan and most of the radical Muslims who know her are online?

No. 578392

I think the Twitter dude was just fucking with randa lmao
Not even a cockroach would pick randa as its role model

No. 578394

Knowing Randa and her lack of care or knowledge about pretty much everything and anything, I would still say that it is entirely possible for her to make a video of her taking her hijab off and telling a crocodile-tear story about how she chose that religion with a pure heart only to discover that the community is not what it seems to be and that she decided to quit and shame on the muslim haters who come to her channel only to comment mean things because she chose to be free from oppression.

No. 578412

Uh, yeah you can leave wahabbi islam, some of y'all really talk out of your ass. As someone from a country where its widely practiced, she's a convert so she can easily leave islam. People who can't do it or if they do they'll get disowned are born into islamic families.

No. 578413

Lmao some people are so stupid, most muslims eat at fast food restaurants and NOBODY follows this idea that it has to be blessed by an imam, my family does buy all our meat from a halal butcher but when it comes to eating out it doesn't matter.

What are western muslims suppose to do? Starve to death lol

No. 578433

I just found out that the Mecca is located in Saudi… That's probably why she's so obsessed with that contry, cant go wrong when the most holy symbol of Islam is in that country!

Also fun-and-kinda-useless info to know, over the last 20 years, 95% of the original Mecca (datin over a thousand years) has been demolished to increase the site capacity for people. The town surrounding the Mecca used to hold a ton of semi-holy site related to Islam but that as been all destroyed to make space for appartments, restaurants and malls.
Funny how even the very center of Islam doesnt even care about it…

No. 578441

yeah, because she's so committed to it with … uh … her Twitter shit. However could she escape.

Really want Mira's kebab cosplay phase to be over so anons can stop with all the bullshit about omg she's gonna be a radical etc. Radicalism requires a commitment she can't make.
and of course, all the baiting like >>578433 that shits up the thread on the regular.

No. 578445

I think most people already know this, especially those of us with NORMAL, not radical Muslim friends. You do what you can and sometimes have to settle on makrooh foods to get nutrition. What Mira said is that meat is halal simply because it originates from a country where the majority are “People Of The Book”. That is completely wrong.

No. 578461


Its not incorrect look it up

No. 578463

Why do you lurk here, Miranda?

No. 578496


yay you're back!

what exciting knockoffs are you waiting to arrive from China? :D Some Versace this time maybe? YSL?

P.S. if you hate the gays so much, stop wearing (knockoffs) of brands created by us, you fucking slant-eyed hypocrite lmao

No. 578523

Straya's a secular nation, love.

No. 578546

I thought the 2 anons who got banned last week were Randa's accounts. For some reason I'm surprised that she's back already. We really are her only friends.

No. 578552

I have this wild guess that she's going to have a negative experience with real sexism, get shook, and go the opposite extreme and become a radical feminist. …..then again she's motivated more by the pursuit of dick than by her own merits, so maybe not.

No. 578565

I’m crossing my fingers for her identifying as transgender and permanently fucking her body and voice up when she goes on Testosterone shots that she got online!

>Look it up

We did, ho. That’s why we know you’re wrong. There are many articles by Muslim scholars stating that in modern times “People of the Book” doesn’t refer to predominantly or historically Christian countries anymore because not only have religious demographics changed, but observance of Christian/Jewish practices. This means animals slaughtered in those countries are not specifically killed in the name of God or according to Christian beliefs. The person doing the slaughter may not identify as Christian at all. The only people letting this fact slide are liberal and non-practicing Muslims. If you are a conservative, strict Muslim, then there is no ambiguity. YOU KNOW it’s not actually halal, but you’re just making excuses for yourself. As usual.

No. 578571

File: 1537688783007.jpg (96.37 KB, 712x715, notherbestangle.jpg)

No. 578573

File: 1537689027246.jpg (70.33 KB, 592x597, feminism.jpg)

"Born to shop, forced to work" written on the pink keychain.

No. 578574

File: 1537689285577.jpg (47.59 KB, 588x420, hypocrisy.jpg)

No. 578584

What does she mean? That she shouldn’t work for what she wants? What does the keychain slogan have to with Feminism being “bad”?

No. 578600

I'm guessing that she means that feminism means that women have the right/ability to work instead of being "as nature intended" and just shopping/spending their husband's money. In other words as thick an opinion as Mira usually spouts since I don't think she understands that earning your own money…also means that you can shop and buy what you want.

No. 578601

oh, she understands … it's just that she is a potato couch and wants everything handed to her. That's why her life revolves around trying to trap a husband (when she's not busy fighting with us, her only true friends)

No. 578607

Oh, I meant not blessed by an imam but slaughtered halal. Opp, anyway my point stands. Most of you aren't muslim and talk out of your asses, its so funny how wrong y'all are xD

Really think western muslims follow shit to the t(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 578611

What the hell are you you talking about Miranda?

No. 578658


we may talk out our asses…but your butthole has full blown pro-homophobia, pro-paedophilia diarrhoea

AND your LV fake

No. 578684


Maybe she isn't lazy. Maybe she's a couch for potatoes… a new phase she's going through where she sets potatoes on her stomach and watches television.

No. 578686

Miranda, you aren't Muslim either, so it's all good.

No. 578704


Okay I know we're all focused in on the meat part but can we talk about her covering style too. It drives me crazy how she keeps changing the amount of "modesty" she thinks appropriate. Also, if you go on her channel there are still several old videos of her hair up.

The Koran just says women should dress modestly and people in different Muslim countries interpreted it differently. That's why you see a range of "Muslim style dress for women" such as hijab, niqab, burka, abaya, to even no head covering but long sleeves and pants.

The level of covering is dictated by culture and personal preference. Are there women in KSA who prefer niqab? Sure, but they wear it all the time. Because it actually signifies something to them.

On the flip side, you might see a Saudi woman dress less conservatively outside of Saudi, but that's because she literally has no choice but to dress conservatively within Saudi or risk punishment by the religious police. Given the choice, those women would never wear niqab.

Randa on the other hand alternates between different levels of covering with abandon. She was in niqab and now she's in regular hijab again. It's totally unnecessary because nobody was forcing her to wear niqab OR hijab because she's in Japan. She doesn't actually value niqab or hijab, it's just a cosplay to her.

She is actually making a mockery of Islam at this point

No. 578705

i know Miranda is the easiest cow to spot in a self-post (because she's by far the stupidest), but are her posts going to marked any time soon?

No. 578706

Lmao right! Her LV is all shitty fake, bad replica, but the level of her homophobia, propedopholia, pro sexism, pro racism is a crazy fuckedup level!

Haha I see she got banned… again!
Can she read our posts even if she's banned from posting?

No. 578708

>it's just a cosplay to her
Exactly. Wouldn't be surprised if she also does it to see people's reactions when she goes out.

No. 578709

Same thing she did with the blackface shit?

No. 578812


She can still read it all, yes. Banning her only bad the IP she's using at that very moment, and since im guessing she use wi-fi, she just have to change the access point and she can post again.
There is many other ways to do it, but in short, getting banned using wi-fi cannot stop her (for long) from posting.

Which, imo, is a good thing, what would we do if she stopped showing here all the time? This thread would be very boring!

No. 578822


this! I wish she would get a free pass from bans. her presence always adds so much spice to the thread lmao

No. 578897

she essentially does, as she returns from every ban and continues to post, and her posts have never been outed.

No. 579458

File: 1537827033326.png (43.19 KB, 632x301, Screenshot 2018-09-24 at 6.09.…)

Dr. Miranda says: "If you get cancer, remove your organs.."

No. 579483

Dr. Miranda, thank you for your wonderful advice for women to remove their organs for treatment of cancer. Your knowledge of oncology is far beyond that of any physician that I have met.
However, as a TRUE muslim, shouldn't you be recommending camel urine according to the ahadith that you love? (e.g., Sahih Bukhari 8:82:794)

No. 579502

Women shouldn't listen to advice from Miranda on anything.

No. 579533

No one - male, female, amoeba - should take advice from Randa on anything.

Wait, I take that back. If you want to know where to get shitty Chinese knockoffs, yeah you want Randa's advice.

No. 579559

File: 1537842616000.jpg (321.13 KB, 473x1559, i3kvCe7.jpg)

Don’t forget Dr. Mira’s previous advice: eat raw foods and cancer goes away! Just stop chemo and eat some carrot sticks.

No. 579584

come to think of it she'd fit right in with the anti vaxxers

No. 579590


ROFL this stuff about soccer games and concerts

Guess what you can't do in Saudi Arabia, especially as a woman?

No. 579644


not even. they weren't even GOOD knockoffs. they were spotted in minutes through low-medium res photos on social media. and that's really saying something lol

No. 579651


right lmao miranda totally sucks lol can't even buy good knockoffs, gotta buy them fake LV from some street vendor from china

No. 579703

This is stupid even by Miranda standards, jesus. Trying to find something scathing to say about it and I just can't because what the actual fuck, man.

No. 579792


My guess is that she had a family member have a breast removed after breast cancer, and then had a different family member have an inoperable cancer (like pancreatic or liver or lung or bone) and she grossly misunderstood why.

I'm picturing her suggesting people with brain tumors remove their brain and lol

No. 579830

File: 1537903435501.png (75.01 KB, 895x609, Screenshot 2018-09-25 at 3.20.…)

She's gone on another delete spree. Someone on PULL mentioned she had some vids still up that showed her hair.

Miranda must've got triggered.. (She hasn't had anywhere close to that amount of views in a long time.. Had to be older vids. I don't think her new stuff all together would be able to reach that number.

No. 579835


My Mistake. It wasn't PULL. It was right here: >>578704.

Congrats on the triggering.

No. 579894

She removed all videos (minus a few where we dont even see her) from before she became muslim, in short.

No. 579913

Yes, the day after someone mentioned her still having videos with her hair showing. Miranda can’t stay away from us, she needs us.

No. 580008

she has no friends IRL, all her ex friends ran away from her because they can't stand her bullshit, are embarrassed of her, pervert who she's mooching from prolly only wants her when it's fuck time….
It figures lmfao, we talk about her so in her twisted mind it's like giving her attention which besides from us, she gets none.
She calls us haters but I think she loves us and every day when she wakes up first thing she does is to come here hahahahaha we are the light of randa's day… she tries to impress us by buying fake tacky LV shit, takes suggestions from us…..
miranda, the year award of pathetic person goes to you again lmfao

No. 580018

Miranda, congratulations, you finally removed the videos in which you were wearing a wig after initially claiming that it is permissible in Islam to wear a wig (Note: I showed her in the ahadith that it is haram)…Now you need to remove the videos with your hair showing due to incorrect wearing of a hijab…No more hair porn!

No. 580057

Man y'all really like picking on a slow girl with FAS

No. 580063

Honestly, I used to have some sympathy for Miranda as a girl facing an identity crisis, but she has lied about so many things in her life, thinks she is an expert about every topic and presents incorrect information in her videos, never admits to being wrong, quickly blocks anyone who points out her errors, takes a combative attitude with people who offer her advice, etc. For these reasons, she deserves what has happened to her…Since her dream to become Japanese hasn't worked out, I sincerely hope that she will move to Saudi Arabia and get a dose of reality.

No. 580088

Randa, why are you here telling us your life story again? /s lol. Even that girl she did a vlog with a month ago, Momo-something, is gone.

No. 580110

Mira is the kind of person who would just barely go under the radar without being placed in the "special needs" class

No. 580145

File: 1537994326566.jpg (117.09 KB, 634x892, go rodi go.jpg)

No. 580146

rodi probably knows it's her. that's why he's being such a dick.

No. 580168


No fan of Rodi, but he's not being a dick. They're his videos that she willingly participated in. He can do with them as he pleases.

I'd keep them up just to piss her off.

No. 580185

I also am not a fan of Rodi, but nobody is your slave Mira! You agreed to make those videos, so live with them!

No. 580186

Moreover, someone else could just reupload the videos. She could still file a complaint with Youtube or whatever, but I don't think the reuploader would get a copyright strike since the video isn't available elsewhere.

No. 580187


Easier to reupload them on another site, she'd have even less (if none at all) power to get them removed.

No. 580215

he kind of is, but you can tell it's on purpose. telling randa she has to pay him 4k to get the vids removed is pretty bold.

No. 580234


lol as if randa has 4k

No. 580244

exactly it's such a huge laugh in her face. i wasn't on the rodi bandwagon but now i changed my tune a bit.

No. 580253

Rodi should have asked for more. I am sure that if Miranda made more videos of her crying and begging for money, she could con her muslim supporters to get the funds.

No. 580270

I wouldn't care if it was anyone else but isn't Rodi supposed to be Muslim? Isn't it against Islam to do that kind of thing? Not only is he trying to demand money for deleting them but he wont remove videos of a Muslim woman who is not wearing Hijab. Muslims boast about their respect for women but this doesn't look like respect at all….IMO

No. 580277

I believe it was concluded that Rodi is a “non-practicing Muslim”, which usually refers to someone who grew up culturally Muslim from birth and believes in Allah and Muhammad but doesn’t really follow the strictest laws. Similar to non-practicing Jew or Catholic who celebrates major holidays with family and tries to be respectful in the presence of family/friends but in personal life they may don’t observe most of the rules. For example, they don’t get upset at other people drinking or eating pork, but personally choose not to. Or they have no problem with LGBT or consider being gay a sin.

A creepy Norwegian man mediating on behalf of Mira, which she actively encourages while supplying him with personal information she wouldn’t share with people she knows in real life. And she continues this bizarre, inappropriate relationship even after becoming a Muslim. Not suspicious at all!

Damn. I knew Mira was a moocher but you can tell from bitter Rodi’s reply that she was cheap and frequently unprepared to pay her own way. That price seems very specific, so that may be close to amount she owes him for all those times she was a selfish douchebag. She’s worst kind of “friend”.

No. 580279

Isn't this a repeated cycle among YouTubers? Sharla didn't delete a single video of her and Mira yet Mira was quick to remove every single one of them. Mira deleted all of her and Rodis videos but Rodi wont delete a single video even though he claimed that he was getting too many comments trying to ship them, they are no longer friends and on top of that she is Muslim and wants to cover up and has asked him to remove them…

On top of all that he asked her for money. YouTubers are really in it for the money. Mira or not I don't care it is very obvious that these YouTubers were only friends to get views and $$$

No. 580281

>you can tell from bitter Rodi’s reply that she was cheap and frequently unprepared to pay her own way
His reply was very cold, you can tell she must have really pissed him off, he doesn't want anything to do with her.

No. 580288

KM is one of randa's accts anon
she msgd rodi using her km acct then tweeted his reply to herself on her k3 acct

btw she should change that username to something more appropriate such as isisjin3

No. 580292


That doesn't make sense though. If he didn't want anything to do with her he would delete her videos and move on. He made a few videos complaining that people still talk about them together…well he is part of the problem.

No. 580295


Wrong answer miranda.
He probably sponsored many trips of yours to his town and tolerated your obnoxious slut behaviour trying to sleep near him wearing only underwear in the middle of winter, tried to con him many times into sleeping next to something as disgusting as you inside a small net cafe booth.
He deserves every penny he may make out of videos you are in.
Give up already beeatch!!

No. 580304

Sorry, I meant the last sentence in a sarcastic way since we know such a person existing doesn’t make sense. KM is definitely her role playing proxy account.

I know an anon triggered her by mentioning the “hair porn” videos still being online but why does Mira have to post about Rodi for everyone to see? That should be a private matter. Didn’t she say she was totally over him and the happiest she has ever been while she waits to become some old man’s 3rd wife?

No. 580314


Well, Miranda, you told people on twitter who posted your old pictures that having those pictures around doesn’t bother you. So, why are you bothered by those videos?

You said, nothing before you became Muslim matters.

No. 580393

this reeks of Mira. especially
>Muslims boast about their respect for women

No. 580423

But she just got herself 1.200$ "legit" LV boots anon!

No. 580438

Her new vid on "Gaijin Hunters" Same boring crap, thankfully only 4 mins. long
1) refers to herself as an immigrant and a foreigner. Reality has finally set in

2) Complains about "gaijin hunters" only trying to get a free meal from some guy. Despite that she wrote about going out with a guy for a free meal herself and tried to defend it later..

3) Looks like she is developing herpes on her lip.


No. 580452


FYI those boots are really really bad knockoffs (replica, fake brand items).
Easily bought online out of replica websites from Russia and China.

No. 580467

the only gaijin hunters that are hunting her are trying to drive her out of the country.

No. 580470

how dare you assert that randa bought haram bootlegs?

No. 580482


why the fuck would any god care about miranda constable appearing on people's videos? dafuq

No. 580487

she no longer fetishizes BEING japanese, so now all of a sudden she's a foreigner. it's not "we" and "us" anymore.

Allah forgives anything Randa did (the loooong dirty list of it), but punishes anyone who does something Randa doesn't like. It's the classic case of people who use God's name for their own selfish means.

No. 580502

File: 1538076982854.jpg (89.42 KB, 643x608, ijfejbsqjlkfeml.jpg)


Hence the "" I added just to be sure that everyone would understand.

Anyway, here's the next part of the conversation.

No. 580505

File: 1538077394280.jpg (22.69 KB, 590x234, potato couch.jpg)

How stupid are you when you make the same mistake again? And the correct expression is clearly written in what you choose to retweet? Randa, are you really that stupid?

No. 580507

File: 1538077605994.jpg (102.39 KB, 640x703, threat.jpg)

Do you hear that Rodi? How dare you prevent her from being the bestest Muslim there ever was!

No. 580509

Now she's making up what's a sin and what's not out of her ass, whatever benefits her. Allah must be real happy with you, Miranda.

No. 580549

Miranda, why is refusing to remove videos of you a sin? Because it contributes to hair porn?

No. 580551

Yes, she seems to only complain about how strange Japanese people are now…Miranda must be bitter about being refused citizenship.

No. 580560

Yes. Never underestimate how stupid Miranda is.

It's OK, I'm sure Allah will strike Rodi down now that Miranda has appointed herself the gatekeeper of all things Muslim.

No. 580649

If you're new here, we did a whole thing about the fake boots upthread starting at >>575450
Randa herself even popped in for a couple of posts!

No. 580653


I sincerely think she's adopted shit language from pretending to be an expat for so long. It's called the chameleon effect and pretty popular. Basically, Miranda has spent so much time and energy mimicking other cultures that she behaves as if she were actually part of them. hence the kinda-sorta unplaceable accent she has

it's pretty common and natural. I would say that in her case it was more forced, though.

Unless someone who has been following this trainwreck longer than me knows that she's pretty much always acted like english is her second language despite being from an english-speaking part of canada. in which case…she's just fuckin dumb

No. 580666

> Unless someone who has been following this trainwreck longer than me knows that she's pretty much always acted like english is her second language despite being from an english-speaking part of canada. in which case…she's just fuckin dumb

It's this one

No. 580672

Nah, her English definitely got worse over time. She's always been bad at spelling and grammar but it's noticeably deteriorated.

No. 580679

I think that her language problems are due to a combination of 1) poor intellectual skills, 2) lack of proper education, 3) spending too much time with non-native speakers, 4) consciously/unconsciously trying to fit in with/be identified as part of a certain group (e.g., Japanese, Saudis), 5) plain laziness (spell check is not so difficult to use!)

No. 580686

6) never reading anything that is not comments on the internet

No. 580745

Maybe she has hearing problems too. She makes spelling mistakes that literally no one else makes. She thinks "unaware" is "on aware" for example.

No. 580746

yeah look it's been said before, but actually her problems are more consistent with a mild disability but .. that would mean we'd have to stop making fun of her wouldn't it

No. 580787

The latest update on Mira is up on PULL!

No. 580788


Miranda matches a lot of the descriptions for IQ in the 50-89 range… hard to say which though. She seems to be able to make videos and travel plans, which leads me to think she's on the high end of that range, but her facial deformity and inability to grasp social situations makes me think she's on the lower end. Even the way she talks reminds me of a special needs child.

So… yeah congrats anons, we are mocking a mentally challenged person

No. 580794

So Randa's in a scam marriage just like Shiena. She's even often broke from paying off her Japanese visa husband.

No. 580795

80-89 "below average", but not yet borderline retarded is the answer.

No. 580799


I'd go with that too. She did manage to pull off drama and whatnot that require some work to get there so not a full on retard, but still below average.

No. 580805

fucking post it here then.

why aren't you fucks getting banned for "advertising" like in the funion thread.

No. 580806


I've just read all of that and omg!! If that's all true, it explain soooo many things and dark area.

But hmm.. with all that information…they could just send it all to the Japanese immigration for investigation and get her deported, right?
I mean, if they can see her bank transaction, they would obviously see the weird transaction between her and her husband…

No. 580808


Formating on pull is much easier than here…. give it a few hours and someone will do it for sure.

Just get your pop-corn ready, it's going be a real shit show!
Miranda theatening "to destroy" Rodi's life and instead he just release all of that juicy infos, ohhhhh boy, this is going to be fun!

No. 580809

Some of it doesn't make any sense to me. So her backer is a wealthy middle aged Swedish guy who is also Muslim? Is he a convert too, or is he from a Muslim family?

No. 580810

i'm gonna just go read it, just pissed that the mods don't seem to give a fuck about vague linking to PULL but oh well. it's not my site.

No. 580813

I cannot believe you guys buy this.

No. 580814

seriously, especially since she has fake ass LV shit.

No. 580815


The TLDR is that Miranda is in a pay for marriage visa marriage with a Japanese man, she gets most of her funds from some old Swedish guy, and something about how she's now in Guam and Rodi is going to expose her to Japanese immigration at the airport.

Honestly it's written in a really confusing manner, there are some receipts but they're not super clear either.

No. 580817


I find it eaiser to believe what Rodi and that other guy talk about since they both meet with Mira and are living in Japan compared to believing random people on the internet over-analysing pictures and trying to come up with weir stories.
But that's just me.

No. 580819

Also, the whole post is written in Mirandese, but it's not clear to me why she would doxx herself for having a sham marriage?

No. 580820


And apparently there is more stuff that is not yet written on the pull message… maybe keeping the really nasty stuff out of it until Mira makes a move? i dont know… but it's fun!

No. 580823


You can trust Naruru, he once tryed to get a interview with Mira but when she learned it was going to be recorded she just went nuts and left.
Im 100% it's not written by Mira
(also she doesnt know how to format text in a readable fashion)

Now, if KM is really that 50-ish years old dude, chances are many of the posts on this thread where we thought it was Mira, actually was from him… hmm…

No. 580824

this. they also refer to the account as a sock puppet even though they also say it's the 50 year old man.

No. 580825

I'm confused. Is this "KM" guy the one who was bizarrely obsessed with Miranda, even got a bumper sticker on his car with her name? Is that the same guy who once tried to defend her on PULL and when it was unsuccessful resorted to edgy rape threats to the users?

No. 580828

Seems weird that Rodi would continue to engage Miranda, even to "out" her. The best thing Rodi could do for his own reputation is to steer clear of Miranda, distance himself as much as possible, and just ignore the messages. If she continued to send messages to the point where it was disrupting his life, he could file for a restraining order

No. 580829

I like how aggressive Rodi was in those messages. It did something to me, sexually

No. 580831

Probably yes

No. 580832

File: 1538154774710.jpg (209.66 KB, 865x774, pull1.jpg)

From PULL.

No. 580833

File: 1538154843498.jpg (84.35 KB, 876x417, pull2.jpg)

No. 580834

she's not leaving him alone. making endless sockpuppets and everything. i don't blame him for biting back.

No. 580835

File: 1538154887166.jpg (114.76 KB, 871x648, pull3.jpg)

No. 580837

i think KM is randa, i'm not saying that naruru is lying, but both of them speak randanese, they both type the same way.

like i said i don't think it's a lie, just confusion.

the weird bit about guam and what currency they use is also strange and sounds autistic.

No. 580838

File: 1538154943031.jpg (112.63 KB, 861x687, pull4.jpg)

No. 580840

File: 1538154996964.jpg (140.27 KB, 865x762, pull5.jpg)

No. 580841

File: 1538155036652.png (115.4 KB, 281x500, mira8.thumb.png.cbd94926b9e77a…)

No. 580843


Yeah I think it is just more drama to drive more attention to Rodi's channel. I think she honestly wanted the videos taken down and asked him a few times but he refused. I think he made that fake account to create some kind of drama that will bring in more views. He did the same thing a few months ago when he made a video about her channel bleeding subs and then a "we are friends again!!" click bait video which made people think they were friends and clicked. Here we go again.

Can we really stop with the "she is paying someone to be married" theory. She lives in a house. Theres no Japanese man. People have already reported her before and nothing ever happens. If she hasn't been deported yet its obviously because she isn't actually married. It has been over a year since she was denied Japanese citizenship and if she was suspected on Marriage fraud at that time she would have been arrested. So….find something else to work with. It is only the same old tea reheated over and over again its getting a nasty taste nobody wants that shit.

No. 580844


no lie, Rody is smoking hot.

No. 580845

kinda same tbh.

No. 580847

The last part is just plain weird (Guam and USD and such) so I won't cap it.
If all of this is true, we just have to sit and wait for Rodi to make a video.

No. 580849

The Guam part makes no sense. The whole post seems to be building up to "We're going to report Miranda to immigration for her sham marriage so she gets arrested at the airport when returning to Japan", and then they put the part that shows Miranda buying a hat with a yen price tag on it, "proving" she's in Japan? (technically not really, it could be that the hat was imported from Japan and they left the price tag on to make it seem cool and exotic

No. 580851

what i want to know is why the fuck does naruru think that randa told KM to tell people she was in guam? and why does anyone think that will stop the livestream from being uploaded?

No. 580853

tinfoil: naruru is the visa husband

No. 580856


If so, that's the shittiest plan I've heard of yet. Miranda is old hat now, almost nobody watches her videos (some are sub 1000 views even). Rody is attractive enough that he could make regular Japan vlogs with a "Muslim twist" that would be farrrrr more popular. Hell Yuta literally just walks around and asks Japanese people about mundane shit gaijin care about and uploads it and gets view counts in the tens of thousands to millions. No reason why Rody couldn't do more of that style

No. 580857


More Tinfoil: Naruru is actually Rodis wife.
Why is she so obsessed over Miranda? She keeps jumping in EVERY time drama happens. Anything to do with Miranda this Naruru girl is right there.

No. 580859

extrafoil: naruru is randa and randa is only pretending to be retarded.

No. 580860

Its not relevant how popular he is or not. Why doesn't he just delete the videos if people keep bothering him. What is the purpose to keep them? If you read the comments on those videos they are either

1. shiping them
2. telling them to stop fighting
3. telling them to keep fighting

If he is so emotionally distressed about this why would he keep them up?

No. 580861

Rodi wanted his message to be heard. He has been dealing with this for over a year and contacted me for help.

No. 580862

no one talks about how "KM" is the weirdest fucking thing out of all of this? iirc he was obsessed with her before she became Muslim because he was some kind of weeaboo and liked her Japan videos…idk i remember going to his twitter ages ago and seeing weeb shit. His desk, car, and other photos certainly didn't look like someone who had a lot of money. Now it turns out he's a hardcore muslim just like her?

It would be over Miranda's capability to make such a dedicated sock puppet, so i'm guessing he's a sad, incel-type man trying to impress her. which again is BIZARRE. Miranda is ugly as sin, stupid, and boring. why would anyone get this obsessed over her.

No. 580863


My point is he could definitely get away with being a mainstream Japan vlogger. Basically the only prerequisite is physical attractiveness and videos about mundane things in Japan that Americans find interesting. ie Rachel and Jun, Yuta etc

No. 580864

to prove a point probably.

also another tinfoil: rodi and randa are married and naruru is rodi's ex.

why are you suddenly here? and at 3am no less?

No. 580865


haha I want to know if these are the same IPs and she is just boosting her own ego in third person haha

No. 580866

File: 1538155704984.jpg (29.72 KB, 854x247, kris.jpg)

There is a Kristian Mathisen on her Facebook page that upvotes a lot of her pics but I have yet to find a single comment from him.

No. 580868

No. 580869


damn he's even dressed up like that ruroni anime

No. 580870

I posted it late at night and wanted to know if you have any questions. It's also Saturday JP time :)

No. 580871

I'm confused…what new information have we learned from this?

No. 580873

yes, i know what day it is…

No. 580874

that naruru is a fucking weirdo with too much time on her hands.

No. 580875

No but why are you here on LC. Mysterious, especially right after you posted there and didn't post here, but someone mentioned new info in PULL.

No. 580876

>that profile pic
looks like a desperate weeb. not a rich 50 year old Swedish muslim

No. 580878

So can you explain the whole thing with Guam and the pricetag being in yen and what it has to do with everything?

No. 580879

Miranda and KMrurouni are posting their lies on Twitter at the moment. Waiting for their updates to upload them here. I"ll be off to sleep in a bit if there's nothing new.

No. 580881


This. Honestly why does she only come around during drama. She was there when the Sharla drama happened. She was there with Kat drama. She was there with the unrested drama. She was there with the Rodi drama and now we are back. She is like Kat…… Tinfoil: She is Kat.

No. 580882

your reading comprehension isn't the best is it hun?

No. 580883

naruru thread when?

No. 580885

Can I correct your Eng?

Miranda and KMrurouni are posting their rebuttals on Twitter at the moment and I am constantly pressing reload on my phone. Waiting for them to talk and give updates so I can just upload them here so I can feel like I have friends. I"ll be off to sleep in a bit if there's nothing new that I can talk about or people stop giving me attention.

No. 580886

That part was the most confusing thing I've read coming from KM. While Rodi and I were chatting and getting the info ready, he sent me a screenshot of his convo with KM. Rodi was letting him know of the info I will be exposing and KM suddenly said "Mira is in Guam enjoying the vacation." It was almost midnight, and I watched a bit of her livestream while I was on my way home at around 8:30pm. I wanted to let everyone know whatever KM mentions is all fake.

Haha yes it's like I'm in the drama then. I started hearing about the drama with Sharla and I felt I had to help them out back in 2016. One of my friends said no, but I went in to help. Miranada spread a lot of hate words on Twitter and blocked me. I did mind my own business and she would slip a word here and there about me without mentioning names through Twitter. After the drama died, I moved on with stuff. I also thought of wanting to help Rodi after he posted a vid long time ago for the first time.

You guys can do the tinfoil hat, but I can tell you straight out of my mouth. I'm also planning my next move if she comes back with another hate message to Rodi, and that's something I can do without hesitation. I"ve been wanting to do that since the time Unrested was involved. No one wanted to do it so I want to do it.

No. 580887

Yeah thanks for the correction! It's late now so I'll be off to bed. Did my job and hopefully things will go okay after that. I am starting to have no tolerance when it comes to Miranda.

No. 580889

File: 1538156565195.jpg (28.5 KB, 587x172, fixated.jpg)

No. 580890

File: 1538156603861.jpg (129.97 KB, 589x710, car.jpg)

No. 580891


Why is Naruru ITT samefagging?

No. 580892


Maybe you should try taking a break from her? You seem to be fixed on everything she does….you literally only become active when its for drama revolving around Miranda…

No. 580893

Her english isn't wrong…

No. 580895



If we want to sit back and watch some action, all we have to do to trigger you is send hate messages from socks to Rodi and you will assume they are Mira and therefor "unleash the fury" on her? Sounds fun to watch ^^

No. 580897

this! naruru is supposedly and english teacher in japan, why would anyone correct her english?

the amount of samefag she obviously did ITT is ridiculous.

No. 580898

randa or secret rich 50 year old husband!

No. 580899

if she's only pretending to be in guam why would she be at risk when she comes back? she didn't leave to come back from anywhere.

No. 580901

I have been on a break from her, however after receiving messages asking for help from Rodi (and giving him advice what to do), I had to finally step in. Both Miranda and KM are pressuring him and not leaving him alone for more than a year, and I never knew they'd continued to do so until recently.

Offline from now, goodnight! :)

No. 580902


None of this drama makes sense.
None of it is new either.
People have been saying that she is married for a long time. Where is the proof. Theres no actual proof its just word of mouth. Rodi could be feeding this girl all kind of lies. Nobody cares. Next.

No. 580903


Then delete the videos and block her. Its a simple solution. What is the point keeping her in his videos? Any fame he gains she will get some too…..

No. 580906

Is there a thread with info on Rody? He's wayyyy too conventionally attractive to be this fixated on the Miranda drama. He's half Pakistani half Japanese right?

Wonder why he came out so different from Farouq

No. 580907


starting at 0:47 lol you can feel the cringe her friend is experiencing

No. 580909

File: 1538158603039.png (1.1 MB, 1164x1198, Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 11.1…)

So her mom was in labor with her for many days… more evidence hinting she is developmentally challenged

No. 580910

There's only one anon in this thread saying "Rodi should delete the videos", and that's you. He said he put effort into editing them and money into the events recorded, and that's why he doesn't want to delete them. They're his videos and it's his choice, end of story.

why do you want Miranda to get what she wants anyway? i'm enjoying that she's going as far as making cringey sockpuppets to threaten him with "I got $100,000 to destroy your life" because she wants them down so bad.

No. 580912

File: 1538159200710.png (971.66 KB, 1256x1014, Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 11.2…)

Wake up Miranda
Even if Rodi deletes his videos other people already downloaded and saved them
Nothing is ever truly deleted from the internet

No. 580914


Do we really want to see more of her face? Why would anyone want to be associated with her?

No. 580925


No. 580928

rody's real name(check bottom to see things he tought he "blacked out"}

two can play at the exposure game(read the rules)

No. 580929

No. 580930

what is this even supposed to expose? fail.

No. 580931


Yeah really……its from his own video.
Double fail.

No. 580936

I'm starting to feel sorry for Rodi that he is too retarded to sign up to a forum and speak for himself. I mean, it's bothering him so much and all, right.

>hahahaha people are so fixated on me, it's stupid
>always on top of this thread full of anonymous bitches

Oh Miranda.

No. 580940

Oh Randa, you stupid stupid girl… It's from one of Rodi's own videos. What do you think you're doing girl.

Rodi should stop acting so Japanese and expose her once and for all.

No. 580947


I don't think that is Miranda….to be honest I think it is Rodi himself…. Only he would be quick to remember what information he showed in his own video or not….

No. 580953


a bit tinfoily here but the pic's name is "Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 12.18.30PM" and it was posted about an hour ago. It was already 4:30 in Japan at that time so if the anon who posted Rodi's ID card took the screen shot and posted it immediately, it's not someone from Japan?