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File: 1494990834559.jpg (104.29 KB, 572x480, 1494916650118.jpg)

No. 384956

Previous thread: >>319570

Failed to get Japanese Citizenship. Japanese government couldn't see the value in a Canadian hick, high school drop out, with no discernible skills.

Also, while attempting to copyright claim something, confirmed her name is Miranda Constable (Something she has denied)

No. 385008

>confirmed her name is Miranda Constable
Im proud of you anon that you put that in the thread starter post.
You forget to mention, that she is now apparently unemployed.

in addition:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kanadajin3
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kanadajin3
2nd Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/doudemomira
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kanadajin3

No. 385009

>excepted with high chances of being cleared.

Oh fuck off, Mira. Everyone knows the immigration never tells anyone the process of their application. Stop being such a nasty looking liar. You're the one being stupid for tellling them you "quit".

Or pretending that's why, while in reality it was rejected. We know you better than you think, seeing as you've done this shit for years.

No. 385010

maybe she was referring to overall chances of people applying and that chance is actually quite high imo. It's around 2/3 of the people applying get granted citizenship and even 3/4 of those with special permanent residency (spouses I guess or so).

It's especially laughable that our beloved pure native nihonjin didnt make it.

No. 385015

Wow, what a model Japanese citizen. Looks like she spent that e-begging pity money well.

No. 385030

Is she still going to call herself Japanese when she's packing her bags to go home?

No. 385043

jesus christ, did she never grow out of that cringy phase when people bragged about how drunk they were?
the second hand embarrassment is unbearable

No. 385050

I don't keep up on kanadajin that often, can i get an explanation of what happened that made her quit her job outside of what the OP image tells us?

I really don't like her so part of me is really giddy she got rejected lol

No. 385051

kind of reminiscent of when vexxed had a tiny bit to drink and then decided to shake his chest all around tokyo

No. 385064

I'll recap what happened just before she quit. Big-ass post ahead:

After we were joking about Mira working at a cheap, unglamorous family restaurant like Saizeriya(we were not serious), the jokes got misinterpreted and spread to PULL as fact. Soon after, a new poster showed up on PULL to defend Mira's claim that she worked in a nice restaurant. The poster said they worked close to the restaurant and had been there a few times. They said Mira had been their server before and she was professional, spoke proper Japanese and the establishment was high-end with a great buffet.

The person was very neutral, not ridiculous praising or wanting to fight with anyone. They basically said they wanted to clear things up and give her credit for being a good worker. People asked for more specifics about the restaurant, but the person just described a generic hotel buffet-style restaurant near a shopping mall and said her uniform was the same one from her videos about her job. Nothing more detailed than that. Soon, just as mild arguments on PULL began about this possibly being too much personal information, an account claiming to be Mira appears. She is upset and ENRAGED at the person who complimented her and accuses them of being a stalker/trying to ruin her, leave her alone, etc. Just an over-the-too reaction. The mod deletes the witness' post, PULL girls grovel "We're sorry, Mira!"

Then Mira does a live show, sniffling and looking tired because she says she has been crying all day(no tears, red eyes or puffiness, though) She says she had to quit her job IMMEDIATELY after she found the posts on PULL and sniffsniff* she loved that job soooooo much, but she had no choice because a ~malicious~ stalker has put her in danger. She thinks she even know who gaijin is. She goes through her usual "haters are jealous psychos and do nothing but lie about me" rant. Says "I never did anything to anybody" and claims she has to move because rent is so high, all while donations from fans start to pour in. During the show, she fully admits that she has always monitored "hate sites" because she must know at all times if people are leaking her personal information. Her minions never question her about this bombshell.

Discussion takes place here, on PULL, 2ch and KiwiFarms about the sudden stench of bullshit as not only was quitting like that so extreme, but she made over $1000 during her live show to cover travel expenses. People question her crying act, motives, her purchases that week, then doubt she quit as they consider if her live show counts as begging. Mira soon goes back to being her usual self, posting regular obnoxious crap, like she didn't just lose her job and jeopardize her citizenship application.

And now we have come to Mira declaring that her naturalization application was rejected due to not having a job….. even though a sane person who desperately wanted citizenship would have stayed at their job until they got the approval that she said she was 100% going to get.[\spoiler]

No. 385074

File: 1495028106758.png (72.99 KB, 477x480, miramyspace1.png)

Maybe y'all have seen this before, but I found "Miranda Constable's Social Networks" on this site:


When you click on the myspace page, it takes you to her "Mira Kanadajin" myspace page.

Just more corroborating evidence that her real name is Miranda Constable shrug.

No. 385075

File: 1495028165404.png (378.84 KB, 1208x610, miramyspace2.png)

Don't close up on that purikura, it's terrifying.


No. 385142

>also casually lurks mira thread

thank you based anon

No. 385217

i snorted so hard while laughing at that one dear lord, thanks anon, love you

No. 385218

on a side note she went live before the poster claiming to be mira popped up on PULL. That post popped up while she was live and later she claimed it hasnt been her.

people have pointed out though she couldve easily written it beforehand and then just clicked on send while being live.

whyever she claims that.

No. 385293

Sorry. Thanks for reminding me about that. Yeah, the post occurred at the same time she did her live. BUT, we could not see her keyboard nor screen to see if she was on PULL, even though she was obviously browsing online.

Didn't she mumble something during the live like "Stop pretending to be me" as she was looking down at her screen?

No. 385449

File: 1495106034210.jpg (252.69 KB, 1242x1764, PkAmlCM.jpg)

Wait, wtf? You don't get permanent residency, following a spousal visa and student visa change, just for being being married 2 months. It's not something you claim later on, like a coupon. It's a direct extension of the expired spousal visa.

No. 385514


Yeah. She is full of shit. Her timeline is

She had a spousal VISA, got divorced after 2 months.
Joined Language School to shift to a student VISA.
(According to Miranda) Then got a "special VISA" because of her divorce. (There is such a VISA but it's for people who divorce and have children, etc. Not a 2 month sham)

Per others who know her, her "Special VISA" was a second spousal VISA that she suckered into marrying.

No. 385525

So, iirc, when you get married, you get a temp spousal visa until you meet certain requirements, usually being married for a certain amount of time. During this period Japan also does background checks and the like, but once it's over, you're good to go. If you divorce or don't pass the requirements you don't get the visa.

No. 385536


Exactly, that is why the second spousal VISA is what she has (which was pretty much confirmed by others that know her). But she had previously made comments about people getting married just for a VISA were scummy. So she had to come up with some cover story.

Similar to how this job thing happened just before she was denied citizenship.

No. 385539

samefag sorry, part of my post got cut off.

i'm thinking she's talking about the temporary one she got before she got divorced.

No. 385558


No, she has stated herself, Working holiday, Spousal, (divorce) Student, "special" (remarried)

No. 385830

File: 1495192010576.jpg (274.32 KB, 1210x1583, KUduY7D.jpg)

Her new reply. Now it was just ONE month?! If you wanted to keep in the past, you would have never rode out the rest of the visa you got from the marriage or claim you earned teijuusha from exploiting the divorce.

Got used to Japan and needed to stay forever and ever after one just month? Nope. You were already a burgeoning weeaboo in Canada, Miss Zombie Geisha Pokémon gyaru.

No. 385840

Miranda has always been adamant that yt is her main job that pays more than enough, and that the restaurant work was a gig on the side for a video about seeking work in Japan outside of teaching. Yet she stayed because it was fun. And now says she was denied perm res because she had to quit the restaurant?

Why not just put yt on the application? She can't keep up with her own lies.

No. 385841

Because just having yt income isn't enough to qualify for a visa.

No. 385855

Well, because (*I know you are already aware):
1. She has nowhere near the viewship nor consistent monthly income from that to make it equivalent to a minimum-wage, full-time job.
2. YouTube itself does not count as an employer, only agencies that deal with content creators. She is not signed to an agency or entertainment company, which would act as her sponsor(just like any employer) and give her legitimacy.

This is the only way YouTube is considered as stable income for a visa. This is why it worked for her mortal enemy, Sharla. Other big Jvloggers depend on other jobs, and business or spousal visa.

Miranda makes peanuts compared to them. Her mysterious Canadian bank account exists for a good reason. Her eBay shop definitely wouldn't count for a viable personal business either.

No. 385942

it would be if saving would be sufficient.

No. 385961

>She can't keep up with her own lies

Nope, even the stupid shit:

https://vid.me/FdFU "Gaijin Tips 5: Don't wear deodorant" (This is the one were she says you magically stop stinking if you don't wear deodorant)

https://vid.me/HqHL "Gel Deodorant" (She actually says "In Japan, we stink just like anybody else")

No. 386024

No, she would have to be independently wealthy for something like that to fly. Japan is very, very against letting foreigners in who aren't going to contribute to society. Just having 'savings' even savings that she could rest on for five years would be highly suspect to them, because she's looking to stay permanently, and what happens after those five years are up? Better to keep her on a non-permanent visa and see if she can get her shit together.

No. 386054

Mira: able to change her both her ethnicity and DNA in a few years, then back again!

Seriously, in my decade in Japan, the deodorant section of any drugstore has always been fully stocked. Just with formulations more suitable for Japanese physiology and those darn apocrine glands. I'll never forget how hard she fought against everyone who tried to explain it to her.

Living off scrapped together funds and donations instead of monthly employment… yeah, no way.

That makes her sound like a dysfunctional charity case. Not even a lottery winner would qualify that way.

No. 386096

Some of the facts that you guys post on here are not correct so I am going to clear up some things because I actually know a little bit about this . Even though she was only married for two months she does qualify for a visa given to divorcees of Japanese citizens . I know on the government website that it says you have to be married for three years or have kids but it also says that it's a case-by-case thing . Wasn't she in an abusive relationship ? If you were a victim of abuse then you have a very high chance of getting that visa . It also depends on your income if you have enough money to stabilize yourself then you will get it . It's also very likely to get it if there is some reason that you need to be in Japan … for example you can't return to your home country because you wouldn't be able to have a stable life . She has mentioned before that when she went back to Canada she was unable to understand the culture so if she was able to explain this to the immigration I'm sure they would allow her to stay. I know it sounds crazy because he would think that immigration would be very strict but I actually in recent years Japanese immigration has been desperate for new foreigners to fill up their population messy holes. I don't think she's currently married because if you think about it … why would she be denied citizenship if she was married. Someone who is married to a Japanese citizen is almost 100% guaranteed citizenship. If she's married she doesn't need to show her own income at all she only needs to show her spouses income. Most Japanese men work a decent job and the job takes care of their taxes and pension and all of that stuff so there's no real reason to believe that she was married to a poor man. It's also important to take into consideration that if she was actually married she didn't have to wait five years to apply for citizenship she could've applied actually two years ago. If you are married to a Japanese citizen you only have to be living in Japan for 3 years to qualify. She's been living here for over five years and it seems like she waited until November to apply. November is the month that she came to Japan and that would mean that she applied because she had lived here for exactly 5 years. So because of these two very important facts I'm going to conclude that she is not actually married. If you watch your videos there is no sign of any husband. She doesn't even appear to cook and we all know that her goal is to become a housewife. There's no doubt that she has had relationships because she has talked about it in the past but none of the people have been in her videos and I am assuming that this is because she's afraid of privacy.

No. 386120


What a load of horse shit.

She claimed "abuse" but for that to work for the visa, she would have to have legal proof (police reports, etc)
>She has mentioned before that when she went back to Canada she was unable to understand the culture

Put the fucking crack pipe down. You are already retarded, the crack isn't helping.

She had been in Japan 2 months (though recently she said only 1 moth on her twitter). You do not lose your understanding of your native culture in that amount of time, barring traumatic head injury.

Scary as this maybe, I don't think even Miranda would come up with something this pathetically retarded.

Fuck off back to you basement and go back to jerking it.

No. 386143


every fucking time, the exact same formatting, syntax and fucking tl;dr bullshit. never change 'anon'

No. 386249

File: 1495266209078.jpg (1.34 MB, 300x225, oAxcpcY.jpg)

I think this may very well be your worst attempt to make excuses.

Don't forget that Skeksis, Lola. She is here a lot.

No. 386338

try harder, miranda ann constable

No. 386385

>>I know it sounds crazy because he would think that immigration would be very strict but I actually in recent years Japanese immigration has been desperate for new foreigners to fill up their population messy holes.
>>Japanese immigration has been desperate for new foreigners to fill up their population messy holes.
>>desperate for foreigners to fill up their messy holes.

No. 386391

File: 1495300798294.jpg (8.25 KB, 300x168, images.jpg)

No. 386424

plus, Japanese government doesn't want uneducated Canadian hicks, they're searching for well qualified people, especially those with nursing qualifications (and good Japanese language skills) who can care for the elderly.

No. 386595

File: 1495332895040.jpg (131.72 KB, 1200x1086, OOPisdf.jpg)

>desperate for foreigners to fill up their messy holes

Sounds like Mira at her regular gaijin nomikai. How patriotic of her! ~Kimigayo plays in background~

No. 386597

File: 1495333827157.jpg (33.04 KB, 600x529, CIo2lw5WUAA7jbM.jpg)

oh god those lashes… she should really get rid of those whatever they are called. just get the regular ones that look like real lashes only bigger…
it makes her look so ridiculous

No. 386605

For someone who buys Louis Vuitton and brand all the time with her heaps of yen, she sure gets the tackiest, cheapest looking lashes. Japan has a plethora of high-quality and luxurious lash styles for around 1200円. Go for the Komori Jun produced series or something classy, girl. And don't forget to trim them!

No. 386615

any falsies would look bad on her because of her droopy eyes

No. 386635

I had to stop scrolling just to laugh at this picture

No. 386997

File: 1495448086104.jpg (30.67 KB, 509x540, 2311.jpg)

spider leg lashes are back.
but could also be just an old video. and jeez she has such a diaper ass.

No. 386998

File: 1495448230269.jpg (52.48 KB, 791x591, 23121.jpg)

dios mio………
but yeah it's an old video. She doesnt have bangs anymore.

No. 387015

File: 1495458514649.jpg (25.81 KB, 677x401, 3g2vDEC.jpg)

The return of Yzma!

Yeah, it' appears to be an older video from the same ill-fated trip.

No. 387019

How dumb do you have to be to apply the ends of your lashes so that they go vertically down your face

No. 387025

that's literally the shape of her eyes

No. 387171

nah, what anon is talking about is that the bitch just took the lashes out the package without shortening them and adjusting the length to her freaking eyes. she just put them right on. they are too long for her eyes hence making her eyes look even droopier.

No. 387176

File: 1495500521296.png (415.73 KB, 593x386, chrome_2017-05-23_09-18-12.png)


And the excessive amount of glue on those things. Either that or one of her tricks blew a load on her face.

No. 387177

You people! I'll have you know that glue dripping off false eyelashes is the biggest trend in Japan right now. Mira is always right. Very Japanese. But none of you have been to Japan!!1!
/end sperg

Lol. Damn. Why hasn't she learned to put those Party City lashes on the correct way? With her immense wealth, she should just get lash extensions.

No. 387187

She needs to stop with the insanely long lashes. It just accentuates how her eyes look like they're melting off her face.

No. 387748

File: 1495632366661.jpg (47.18 KB, 494x324, mira.jpg)

Mira seems to be sock puppeting again:

She calls out the guy that supposedly gave her $500 during her e-beg pity party.

But checking @KMrurouni twitter. He only follows 5 people, 2 of which are Mira. Also, everyone one of his tweets are nothing but praise for her or advertisements for her channel. Even "his" bio says "Check out kanadajin3 youtube channel"

On the very small chance that this dude is not a Miranda sock-puppet, this guy is beyond psychotic levels of obsessed.

No. 387750

File: 1495632600611.jpg (172.27 KB, 897x844, sock.jpg)

Example of her suspected sock puppet.

But feel free to give it a read for a few lols

No. 388203

I noticed this strange account before and I didn't doubt it was real at first because she DOES have some very creepy, desperate male fans, like that one Asian-American guy who wrote her a song but turned on her once she showed she wasn't interested in meeting him(her whined in PULL. But this Norwegian guy devotes all his posts to her, even promoting her on his car and announcing he is binge watching her videos like he's on a date, and she PRAISES him? Like this does not scare her one bit, but some random person complimenting her customer service causes her to freak out, quit her job and give up her chance at citizenship? I remember her writing in her blog about accepting dinner from a creepy guy in Japan "because free food",(and arguing about people about it), but something about KMrurouni is just not right… If he is real, it just reinforces the fact that she does not have any boundaries when it comes to getting money and gifts.

No. 388338

She praises him because she'll gladly take any beta orbiter she can get to defend her + give her free shit and she knows any normal person with eyes and a brain who won't stick their dick in anything, knows she's ugly as shit and has issues on top of that.

Anyone who sock puppets to their own defense is in desperate need of attention but obviously lacking it. It's lonely middle schooler on facebook talking to themselves-tier.

No. 388345

This KMrurouni couldn't be that "Swedish Boyfriend" that someone was trying to promote, could he? I know he's supposed to be Norwegian and his English doesn't appear to be as good as the Mira troll, but I wouldn't put it past her to use him as a smokescreen to put aside Visa-kun 2 rumors.

Whatever the case, her financial relationship with someone that creepy is so disturbing! Patrons that give large sums of money to people that have never met are always grade-A weirdos. Mira, do you want to end up that dude's skin suit?

No. 388390


I'm not sure. This whole thing is suspicious as fuck. The dude is supposedly Norwegian and he used to Tweet in Norwegian until 2014. Then the account goes dormant until 2017 when he suddenly becomes active again, follows now one but Miranda and Miranda stuff, now only tweets in English (with similar patterns to Miranda), and only tweets about Miranda and turns the twitter in to one colossal promotional site for Miranda.

Suspicious. As. Fuck.

No. 388391


*No one

(It's early here, need caffeine.)

No. 388399

come on, you think she herself faked sticking her channel link on the (nowwegian) number plates of a car
which is the car the guy is standing with in his profile pic?

No. 388401

That IS a ridiculously easy thing to photoshop. a square shape on a flat, geometric surface. It's even a 'new' sticker, to account for the BRIGHT WHITE of it.

So yeah. That sort of thing could be faked.

No. 388415

File: 1495720910655.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 381.45 KB, 1280x720, 07.jpeg)

Just five minutes in photoshop, without bothering to reverse engender the font, produces a reasonable facsimile.

No. 388417

*engineer. Fuck you too, spellcheck.

No. 388422

HAHAHAHA WAIT A MINUTE, I bet this is the guy that went on PULL trying to act as internet badass as he could, saying "I'm going to rape you, wait for the knock at the door" in defense of Miranda after that livestream. .. If it's him, he's one bottom of the barrel loser.

No. 388513

right, but the point wasn't it's hard but that it's a ridiculous thing to do. I know she does many ridiculous things but her grade of socking is to make an account and immediately start typing in her distinctive way. Not forging photographs and norwegian sentences to make a sleeper twitter account to leave dormant for 3 years so she could later claim to have a fan who bought her something so that she can show off a laptop she bought but still seem hard up for cash (?). Doing that instead of just not showing off the laptop. also the guy uploads videos of him driving around norway

No. 388527

Why do people hate Kanadajin so much? she seems like you're ordinary generic youtuber who vlogs from japan

No. 388542


She created sock puppet accounts to trumpet her channel and trash others channels (who were supposedly her friends)

She gives completely inaccurate information

She will respond with hostility to any one who tries to correct her, even for insignificant details.

She has donned black-face to supposedly show that racism didn't exist in Japan.

She buys incredibly cheap items (like dollar store items) and tries to sell them on ebay for 8x markup (or higher)

White girl who honestly believes that she has become ETHNICALLY Japanese (she said those specific words)

Lies about nearly everything (almost as much as Trump).

That's off the top of my head. For more info, please read the previous threads here or at www.prettylittleuglyliars.net

No. 388545

No. 388547


And even more:



I don't know why i went through the trouble, you won't bother reading any of it..

Oh well, can't say you weren't given a good answer

No. 388597

>She will respond with hostility to any one who tries to correct her, even for insignificant details.
No, she will respond to anyone with hostility regardless of what they say. Around 2 years ago before even knowing there were lolcow pages and she was on them I was a generic subscriber to her channel and liked watching them. I lost interest when on several occasions she responded to comments of mine that were complimenting her with hostility and bitch mode enabled.

No. 388599

File: 1495747129429.png (436.08 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

so, she got a birthday present apparently.

No. 388603

she's not even a gamer, what the fuck does she need alienware for? so fucking pointless.

No. 388633


It's a "name" brand. What the fuck does she need with Louie Viton bags when she dresses the way she does?

No. 388749

File: 1495758860245.jpg (12.01 KB, 249x249, errsaNxF.jpg)

>Louie Viton

No. 388782

She didn't make any fucking sock puppets. The kids on pull did to shame her image. It's all bull shit. Anyone who has their tinfoil hats off knows that it's classic behavior on pull. When someone comes in to white night a flake, they are the flake themself. We do it to piss them off.

No. 388829

Yeah, fuck rent or groceries, Mira! While honest Japanese people are WORKING long hours and trying to make ends meet, this spoiled delusional gaijin is buying toys with her fans' donations and showing them off like anyone should be impressed.

>kids on pull did to shame her image
PULL OG here. Nobody fucking did that, nothing like that was planned or tolerated and the sockpuppets were investigated thoroughly to reveal they were not affiliated with regular PULL members. Try again.
>classic behavior on pull.
Lol. Where are your examples?
>white night
Oh, sweet lord.
>We do it to piss them off.
Who is "we"? What are you trying to say here? Make your mind up about who you are trying to be.

No. 388830

File: 1495771960291.jpg (87.87 KB, 697x463, shrewslaughing.jpg)

>She didn't make any fucking sock puppets.
Hilarious stuff.

No. 388831

people still buy alienware??

No. 388832

Didn't Mira go to Norway or some other Scandinavian country a few months back?

No. 388848

Sweden her husband is Swedish

No. 388871

Jesus fuck this reads like a corporate manager trying to use buzzwords in lieu of actually knowing what the fuck they're talking about. You saw people talking about 'tinfoil hats' in the last thread, and suddenly it's in your vocabulary. I've met windows less transparent than you.

No. 388889

Reminds me of the time she invaded the jvlogger thread and tried to use "not your personal army" incorrectly.

No. 388907

I'm surprised she didn't use "synergy" in there.
Stop trying to make Swedish husband happen.

No. 388912


Was that before or after she was supposedly pregnant by a German guy.

Get a job.

No. 388913


Sorry, I don't follow big name crap.

No. 388916


Way too much proof to the contrary. If "It's all bullshit" where is the proof, other than "Miranda said so"?

Oh yes, she'd have to kill herself if she showed the proof..

No. 388986


Also noticed on the suspicious Twitter that does nothing but promote Miranda.

He always tweets about her new vids with in seconds of the video getting posted to youtube.

No. 389164


Just a matter of time before she goes full Peter Coffin.

No. 389951

She does pick the most unflattering lashes and she doesn't know how to apply them. She puts them too far away from the inner corner and they are waaay too long. It's like she's doing everything she can to enhance her droopy eye shape.

No. 390047

Wow. Miranda did a live (I've downloaded it and will upload and provide a link soon).

She spent about 20 minutes shitting on Micaela. Lies about the screenshots of their conversations, which are on pull and here, even says the screenshots are on the internet and proceeds to continue her "alternate facts" story.

PULL transcribed the relevant bits (but vid will soon be up:

>1:20:08 Question: Have you ever collabed with Micaela?

Absolutely not and I never want to. hmm…. I don't think she's a nice person and I'm gona say this in the.. (mumble) I don't care she sees this and all like "ouuu talking trash" but I'm gona be honest and open that…um… I don't know… she did something that was very disturbing and unprofessional to me TWICE…. If you want to know briefly, she was basically in front of my blog calling it "fan fiction" and like she's doing all of this publicly and why are you randomly watching my blog??? I was like talking about my personal experience and personal feelings and she just basically went on and on and on and I confronted her like "EXCUSE ME???(WTF face)" like and I explained because she's whining that I'm going though the…ah… (Miranda forgets what she's about to say) she said the stupidest thing right? Okay so….In Canada there's two gates at the customs. It's not like Japan. In Japan, it's foreign nationals and Japanese nationals. uuhhh…. In Canada, it's visitor and resident and it does not matter what your citizenship is. It's visitor or resident. Resident is somebody who lives in Canada for more than 3 months. Visitor is someone who is visiting, doesn't live there, who doesn't reside there. I reside in Japan, I don't reside in Canada. So of course, I go to the visitor section which is perfectly normal. If it wasn't normal, they would say not to go there. Okay? But she is complaining that I'm there and she's like "mehmehmeh" and I'm like " ….but… I..I.I'm…. wh..why…why you whining about which line I go to? At the end of the day, I went through and I did what I needed to do. like, they check my passport and they didn't say I…I… I was in the wrong line. They didn't say anything so why…… like and I..I..I…pulled up links to the government official website where it gives definition of a resident of Canada and shoved it in her face and said "HELLOOO I'm sorry like you can sit there thinking you're right all you want but look!" and so… um… you know at the end of the day, she kind of calmed down and I thought she was like really… like more calm you know but then she started to talk to somebody in Japanese about me at the end like "wheewheewhe" and like the Japanese fan was like "oh Mira just wants to hurry up and become Japanese citizen" and then she was going on and on and on.. and I don't remember in words, in detail what she said but she's doing it again like jud… make it seem like the line choice I went through in Canada had something to do with me wanting to be a Japanese citizenship or something and it's like…. so i said to her "it doesn't… I'm not talking about that! What are you talking about? Why are you going on? Why are you bickering like, you're so unprofessional… like just STOP. Stop talking about me… you know… like how could you go on and on and judge how I feel like I literally spelled it out to you IT'S A GOD DAMN FUCKEN LINE. Why do you care which line I go to like I literally just when to whatever line. like if the line said Canadian citizen, non-Canadian citizen. Obviously, I'm a Canadian citizen, I would've went to the Canadian citizen one. I don't give you shit what line I go to every fucken custom. It's like… I just went to the appropriate line! I know what resident means, I'm resident of Japan , not resident of Canada, I had to register with my bank as non-resident. uummm… my taxes are as a non-resident.. umm….. I'm not eligible for health insurance because I'm not a resident okay?

My.. My ……(unrelated story so I'm going to cut it) ….That's whole nother story but….

Yeah so like… anyways so that's the one thing that happened and you know she went off all lying about what I said to her in a message and making fun of very personal matter that…. you know I…I covered in one of my most recent videos where I talk about the untrue rumors where somebody made a video saying I was lying about the suicidal thoughts and I've talked to that person since then and we've cleared up. There seems to be some miscommunication somewhere between the line and the person agreed that they were just going to delete the video and that they're sorry. umm… but in related to that, SHE umm… made.. like I contacted her because you know… umm…. I… but the reason why I contacted her is because I wanted her to deliver a message. The message was gonna be the last message. I was really upset so I said… it was basically… I'm short phrasing it. umm… " tell so and so hope they're happy that they fucked up someone's life and how can they live with themselves that they did this like they tried to harm.." those kind of message but she started to respond so I was like oh I wasn't expecting back a response. We talked for an hour but then I was like " are you listening to me??" because I was sending her conversations of herself…..heh….. and I'm not gonna go into detail what the conversation were. The…the conversations are already on the internet. It's already.. I kinda doubt with issue but basically what she did bad was she didn't talk about the actual conversation, she cut out the parts that make her look bad and made me look like just crazy person and not only that but, she… she said in the video like the words she said was like wow, you are one TWO FACED BITCH. I'm sorry I said it and I don't care if people get angry with me on that group because it doesn't bother me anymore. you know… I'mma say what I want. I'm not a little pissy bitch who's not gonna sit here… I'm sorry for the swearing but I have to swear like umm…. going but I'm not a wimpy wah wah and not gonna hide my true feeling like if I don't like someone or someone has has done something wrong, I will either call them out for it right there in the open or I'll talk about it because I'm just telling the reality of what happened um… and you know… It's not a surprise because I called her out a few days ago on it because …you know.. another.. another incident and I'm not gonna go into that one because that involves another person and oh.. it's not me to go into further about that situation but, basically she was saying open and honest about what kind of person she is so I responded like "you're the kind of person who bitches on my blog and trash talks me and then … you know… goes behind my back and like post my suicidal conversations and kind of laughs at it and kind of twists the situation and this.. this is one thing I hate the most in this world is people who twist a situation their own fit(benefit?) like if she would've just uhhh… said the facts as it is just said this is what happened, this is the whole conversation you guys be the judge then It's you know a different thing. She's just commenting on events but she… she showed only parts that… it's complete manipulation of the audience because the audience sees "oh my god Mira's gone crazy" and then gives these reasons "oh she's just trying to get attention" BITCH NO!!! Come on get out here fucken psychopathic two faced… shit I hope she watches this. Thanks for the view bitch! Okay… yeahhh….. but anyways umm…. yeah…. fucken two faced people man there's two faced people in this world there's too many two faced people. This….This….. turn from an infomercial into like a Jerry Springer…. haha…Yeah…. but…. no… yeah I don't like two faced people you know… I will never associate with two faced people again… I'll never…. I cut people out of my life like byeeeee you know… umm…. I've cut recently some friends out of my life that you know once you start to do something that I just don't think is right you know…. it's like you don't need you know I can find different people just and I think that's the best advice you know… if you think somebody's doing something negative or they're trying to manipulate people or they're being two faced especially… no… just walk on and move on and go. There's many nice people out there you just got….. (mumble)…. yeah… That's what I have been doing

No. 390048

No. 390061

It was really hard to read so I though the person tying this was having a stroke but when I watched the video, holy shit! Mira actually talks like that.

No. 390081

I managed to put myself through the entire live show, with the constant hacking and rambling about her grudges, and wow. What an annoying human being. It's really difficult to ever get comfortable listening to her or watching her strange facial expressions for more than 10 minutes.

I was looking through her Twitter feed to try to get a sense of what really makes her different from other Jvloggers and compared to Sharla or Micaela, Mira hardly compliments or supports other people unless the topic relates directly to her or is about her. I see someone like Sharla constantly leaving little comments or words of encouragement to all sorts of people or her friends while Mira almost exclusively talks about herself, complains, fights or looks for moral support from followers. It's ironic that her latest tweet is about thinking she is too nice to people.

No. 390095

Mira is the type of person who has the urge to be in the spotlight at all times.
That's why she can't compliment others. Instead, she tries to bring everyone down by shitting on them behind their back

No. 390111

File: 1495987074783.png (111.88 KB, 353x500, IMG_20170528_172539.thumb.png.…)


Yes. And the minute someone does something she doesn't like (like she called Victor a bad friend to someone because he wasn't subbed to them on youtube. However, Victor was just not logged in) then you have "betrayed or deceived" her. You have to praise everything she does or you're a "bad friend"

No. 390114

File: 1495987179433.jpg (53.18 KB, 630x355, 2.jpg)


But, it's all because she is just too good of a person.

Miranda. this has happened to you going all the way back to before you dropped out of highschool. What is the common factor in all of this? You, honey. You're the problem.

No. 390151

That was Sharla who said that

No. 390167

File: 1495992373320.png (298.96 KB, 547x500, Screenshot_2016-04-27_16.41.22…)


No, it wasn't. It was Miranda. First line of this screen shot from Victor's video about Unrested, when Mirand sucker him with her fake suicide crap

No. 390168


Well, there is irrefutable proof it was Miranda. Do you have a screenshot of Sharla's having said that? Or are you that desperate to WK Miranda that you're hoping we don't have proof?

No. 390171

File: 1495992611489.png (164.09 KB, 533x882, 592afd16a58b9__(42).png.d43bf9…)


Appears it was Miranda's Swedish friend, Erika (pandagoestokyo).

Miranda has tweetied anything to her sicne March (they used to tweet daily) and has removed her from her channel list on her youtube site.

No. 390176

She's fucking insane

No. 390179


Yep, It will probably be a spectacular flame out when she finally blows.

No. 390244


Here's Micaela's video that she referenced. Unfortunately for Miranda, the internet doesn't forget: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4ey382

No. 390283

Late to the party, but Special PR is what Koreans get. Mira absolutely doesn't have that.

No. 390472

Mira pls. Your English is a dead giveaway when you post. Why are you trying too stir up own shit in the thread?

No. 390491

Okay, I've been on and off lurking Mira for a while now, though this isn't the thread I usually go to the most.
I'm confused on how she's obtained a valid visa. When i lived in Japan, I went on a working holiday and that was difficult enough and there was quite a bit of a screening process.

Since there's talk of visa-kun, I'm assuming her only job is youtube and she married her way into a visa?

Sage for uneducated.

No. 390534

But she liked a tweet from Mira on the 26th and she still followers her. It's too early to tell.

According to Mira, it was: working holiday, spouse visa, student visa, then PR, which she also referred to as special visa(she or her friend was spreading a rumor that she earned teijuusha, which is absurd). There had to have been at least one or two tourist visas in there, but her claim of Permanent Resident visa is the biggest WTF because, if she is unmarried, childless and was working only part time, she did not meet any of the basic requirements.

No. 390571


Ah, missed that like. Of course, knowing Miranda, it could be entirely fictional and just trying to get sympathy.

No. 390606

File: 1496076998248.png (129.61 KB, 438x500, 592c3cffb98df__(44).thumb.png.…)

Hmm seems the Japanese gov. thought Miranda's living arrangements were a bit suspect as well,

Translation stolen from PULL:

Translation (Sorry, I changed the format because her Japanese is just….) :

>I received a call from Legal Affairs Bureau saying that the non-permitting document (rejection document for her naturalization) they sent as registered mail came back and they asked "Do you actually live there?" "Of course" "We'll send it again" "I'm currently in Kagoshima" "Why?" What? I can't travel? Even if I answered all these questions, I think they don't believe I live in my apartment. Then, where is my house?

>Twitter reply: Oh no….

>Miranda: When they visited my house, I remember them asking "why don't you have furniture?" I do have furniture such as couch, desk, TV, washing machine, and that is enough. I'm pissed off. Legal Affairs Bureau knows that I do youtube for living and they should have watched my videos by now.

(In Japan, registered mail must be given in person so they will not put it in the mail box. If you're not home, they will leave a slip to notify them that they will be keeping the mail in the post office )

No. 390749

I'm starting to think she might be lying about this too. She doesn't need to tell the whole world about a personal matter like that, especially if the other person is not a big YouTuber or they haven't released incriminating information publicly.

This is another think she doesn't need to share when she already looks suspicious. She's adding more fuel to the fire. But I'm pretty sure her Japanese was odd and confusing to them, so she didn't clarify she was on vacation. It's weird that they had to call her because of missed delivery, though. She must have been gone too long or ignoring the notice.

I noticed how sparsely decorated and lifeless her apartment is, always filming against a boring wall. It makes me think she either never intended to make that place a home or she is too poor. If you walk into someone's home of 3+ years, you'd expect to find more personality or color.

No. 390988

File: 1496170052464.jpg (47.63 KB, 565x499, 313.jpg)

her face is so fucked up

No. 391000

File: 1496171307260.gif (481.66 KB, 696x670, Clipboard01g.gif)

her face also triggers me so much. fetal alcohol syndrom, deformed hydrocephaly, fucked up jaw, GREASY HAIR ALL DAY LONG

No. 391121

the shoop is making apparent how ape-like her head is. she really should get jaw surgery. maybe she can get sponsered. it would changer her whole appearance.

No. 391216

Bloody hell anon, you made the edit look so normal that her actual face looks like a fookin caricature!

No. 391229

File: 1496212149000.jpg (45.58 KB, 480x480, GkrZ6IV.jpg)

That must be some family tree.

No. 391338

File: 1496234622775.png (58.28 KB, 654x430, Image1.thumb.png.b7392c30b4b25…)

Well, Miranda fucked up again.

Yeah, remember it was all Sharla's fault last time. Can't wait to see how she explains this one. She will probably try to say it was Sharla again instead of her own toxic personality

No. 391339

File: 1496234644284.png (84.76 KB, 815x390, IMG_20170531_131505.thumb.png.…)

No. 391341

How convenient. I thought she had all those videos qued and nothing was going to stop her from posting.

No. 391345

>fucked up again
but what happened anyway?

No. 391346

wont be for too long. I give her a week or something.

No. 391354

File: 1496237077363.png (363.56 KB, 640x425, Im_not_mira2.png)

Miranda apologized to the girl she used pictures of to fool PULL users. in a post she specifically said "i'm sorry for using your picture on that website". there are also screenshots of their facebook conversation where Miranda asks her to take a selfie holding up a sign that says "I'm not Mira".

No. 391369


Not sure beyond what's said in that post. Her typical lying got her busted again.

No. 391376

That was mean but at least she recognized her mistake.. it would have been better to crop a part of her selfie or cover her eyes with a black box to protect the girl's identity though.

No. 391406

>at least she recognized her mistake
you mean she got confronted by the girl + over-whelming proof and had no choice but to admit it

No. 391411

File: 1496249900983.jpg (33.16 KB, 624x273, mpb.jpg)


She all but confirmed it was Rody she drove off this time.

She tweet this a little while ago

No. 391413

File: 1496249940142.jpg (108.11 KB, 634x766, rody.jpg)


And a quick check, Guess who introduced her to "Prison Break".

No. 391434

File: 1496253154152.png (608.87 KB, 909x642, 231.png)

im not to sure about this, on IG she is roaming about how it is regarding family?
Mayber her grandmother died?

No. 391436


No, Rody used to say she was "Like a sister to him" whenever anyone questioned if the were dating.

Also, read the screen shot in >>391338 She specifically say it's a "him"

No. 391441

so, rody dead?
ugh, i hate people that are so ~mysterious~ and dont put shit out there but instead are giving a shit ton of hints without actually saying what's going on.

No. 391444

File: 1496254305216.png (19.03 KB, 668x166, Image2.thumb.png.84cd176cfb13c…)


No, he's not dead. How the hell did you jump to that?

Here's some more detail.

No. 391447

subliminal tweet or subtweet or vaguebooking.

No. 391454

Sooo she thinks guilt tripping them is the smartest way to get them back? Why is she even airing out this kind of dirty laundry knowing damn well that it will just be added to her list of "not lies"?

No. 391459

File: 1496256827328.jpg (12.1 KB, 478x361, 9nohQh4.jpg)

No. 391460

so best friend of 4 years.. thats rody, right?

how does she manage to fuck it up over and over again (please dont answer it's obviously a rhetorical question)

No. 391468


Looking for pity points from her subs. Maybe hoping for a payoff on her next e-begging vid.

Fair enough..

No. 391471

mh, but rody still follows her on IG?

No. 391473

the bets are open, how long until another "crying" live on youtube for bux?

No. 391478

File: 1496258984391.jpg (47.51 KB, 473x676, Clipboard0122.jpg)

and word is in she needs a new camera …

No. 391482

File: 1496259173698.png (191.44 KB, 366x500, 1494005661629.png)

wait… is she just showing off an old camera to pity-cry before going live crying how hard her life is soon?

because it's not the same one as this one, is it?

so crying over broken equipment on social media: check
crying over friendship drama on social media: check
next step: crying live to get people to donate to her.

No. 391486

File: 1496259386947.jpg (53.58 KB, 610x661, dadadad.jpg)

it's obvious that it's rody.
"big manga kiss" is deleted.

No. 391624

a manga kissa is one of those 24hr net cafe booths they have in japan, you can even sleep in it, so it's good for travelling.

No. 391625

that does look like the same camera though, you can even see the P part of Panasonic on it.

I hate to indirectly defend mira but you're making it hard not to.

No. 391629

In her live, she said Rody had to go back home from the ryokan unexpectedly(I don't think she gave a reason) and then she deleted all pictures from the trip. So, yep. Seems to confirm it was him.

But WHY is she telling everyone something that could be used against her to further taint her image? This is something she should have not told anyone if she wanted to save face. Too many times that she has cried "A friend left me because they think I was backstabbing them!" Like, c'mon. That record is not normal.

No. 391666

So my best guess is. They went to the ryokan. They had sex. She was nasty down there and he left.

No. 391736

File: 1496302131729.jpg (173.53 KB, 1024x781, qnrgq01.jpg)

No. 391754

She claimed to have pneumonia, originally saying she got sick from being around a smoker. But she was prescribed antibiotics, which means a contagious infection from bacteria. Why would she go vacation with people and potentially expose them to what she had? She was hacking her lungs out during that live show. Maybe her being a snot-monster made him leave at first.

No. 391792

lmao right on point

No. 391859

File: 1496330915820.jpg (86.12 KB, 631x627, selfaware.jpg)


She might finally be getting the hint

No. 392090

She could have been prescribed antibiotics though. If she bugged the doctor enough to give her something to make her feel better that's what they would do. That's why we have such high rates of antibiotic resistant bacteria, prescribing antibiotics for fucking everything.

Sage because irrelevant

No. 392107

I always thought the pneumonia needs antibiotics because it's quite serious and usually doesn't go away on its own.

No. 392115

Antibiotics treat bacteria infections only. Flu, colds and pneumonia are caused by a virus and antibiotics would have no effect. The only time one would need antibiotics with pneumonia is if there was a lung infection.

No. 392132

That's actually not true where did you get your information a simple Google search can confirm that a lot of pneumonia is caused by an infection and not by a virus.

No. 392152

I'm sorry… I don't understand why you replied to me that way. I wrote she DID say she got antibiotics. Antibiotics do not work against viruses, but the germs that cause pneumonia infection(various bacteria and fungi) can still be spread from person to person. Viral infection is way more contagious, but you still need to take precaution with the bacterial kind. She shouldn't take chances. At least a mask would have been polite.

No. 392185

I don't know how many times people have to tell you newfags to put your goddamn sage in the email field.

Fucking god.

No. 392242

File: 1496422584590.png (20.1 KB, 618x107, 5931582377183__(50).png.bf557f…)

And the pity-party will start soon. Expect e-begging links.

No. 392524

Rody isn't in love with Miranda. It is the opposite. She is in love with him and tried to kiss him. She got angry when he left her.

No. 392535

File: 1496472766653.jpg (330.33 KB, 1242x1687, r1t3SKo.jpg)

Mira has it all figured out! Anyone who criticizes her on 2ch is simply a jealous Japanese-American! Wow, she was really firing on all cylinders to come up with that.

Just what is her deal with attaching Japanese-Americans and haafu?

Was that before or after she hacked up
a wad of mucous in his face? Sexy.

No. 392536


No. 392543

I wonder if she is denial thinking no Native Japanese born could ever hate her, only hafu or Japanese-American can. It's so sad that she has this kind of mindset.

No. 392545

in denial

No. 392573

She had a lady boner for the far-right element of 2ch for a while and tried to pander to them with things like defense of yasukuni and "keep Japan Japanese" sentiments. When she started claiming SHE was Japanese and could speak for Japan, those same people got mad and she started calling them neo-nazis and racists. NOW she believes anyone arguing against is not real Japanese and someone in in her 2ch thread keeps claiming real Japanese support her and that critics must be bitter Koreans. Note that comments that support her on 2ch are extremely rare.

No. 392602

File: 1496490354473.jpg (129.82 KB, 1259x690, Clipboard019776.jpg)

currently she is live on twitch with tykosam, ranting while drunk about how bras in japan dont fit her. otherwise it's boring crap.
I cant be assed to record it.

No. 392603

File: 1496490418096.jpg (94.29 KB, 932x714, dadadadadad.jpg)

why is tykosam so fat and stereotypical fat ugly lazy gaijin in japan?

quote mira: "let the donations come in, mira will strip"


No. 392612

File: 1496495539466.png (128.91 KB, 266x275, 1495941411183.png)

No. 392613

after she started dancing for money, i recorded some of it before i got bored. will upload it later somewhere.

No. 392658


Please do. That must be preserved for posterity.

No. 392739


Raising money for the "cause" to send Tkyosam on vacation (Seriously, that's what it was for).

Well, Miranda is with her own kind now. Loud, obnoxious gaijin trying to scam money.

No. 392888

She really surrounds herself with people exactly like her: dumb, obnoxious, awkward, sloppy gaijin who can't assimilate nor blend with normal Japanese people. The random stray Japanese they manage to find are outcasts and nerds that are desperate for friends.

Wow. Right after Tkyosam goes off about how horrible Islam is(Bet she won't say a thing), Mira returns from the toilet to announce what a massive shit she had.

No. 392913

That Japanese guy seems to have the biggest crush on her except he happens to have a girlfriend. The whole time he's staring at her phone when she's chatting with people . And he totally was looking at her ass the whole time she was dancing he's the same guy from the last show who kept saying that he wants a white girlfriend.

No. 392929

How do you know he has a gf?

Mira's ass got bigger, though. Hard not to look at it if it's gyrating in his face. She also took a dump during that time… Maybe she was beckoning him with her backed-up farts too.

I skipped around that video a lot. Is that white dude (tin-foil hat time)Swedish? What if all those dudes are part of Mira's sweaty nerd visa harem? barf

No. 392935

Im retarded and recorded it without audio.

No. 392936

not that we didnt know it already, but yeah it's confirmed about rody

No. 392937

File: 1496589476586.jpg (52.03 KB, 819x217, 242.jpg)

No. 393071

"Do not stop guessing what went wrong. It's personal, and by avoiding going into detail, I can spin some much needed drama and get some hits. I let my best friend down. I was on wrong, negative path and acted accordingly, for which I should be forgiven. I am truly sorry I am facing repercussions for my gross behaviour. We fought, and I generously tried to say sorry for the fight, though not for the behaviour that caused it. After actually dealing with consequences for my actions for once, I realized I would have to put more effort into getting my way. I am truly sorry for the fight, and nothing else. I'm sorry my friend is standing up for himself. People make mistakes in life- not me, obviously. And it is important that we sit down and think over these mistakes, such as why blocking me was wrong. Learn how you can be a better friend to me. I have so much I need to say to him. I I I, me me me, I don't care how he feels, so long as I get my way. For you guys out there, I want you to take these words AT the beginning of the video to heart, because I'm incapable of even crafting a competent apology in my own words that's not a non-apology. It is truly the most important life lesson; because I said so, and no one else's opinion on the matter counts, certainly not Rodi's. I have just now, after 27 years of life, figured out what most people learn at age five. Money, Gifts, Fame, Fortune… I can use friendship to get all of them, there for it has to be the most valuable, right?"

No. 393074


Scary, an actual realization that she doesn't deal with the consequences of her actions and she tries to shove blame off on others.

Hey, if you had done that 4 years or so ago, you wouldn't be in the shit hole you are now.

No. 393079

Can you guys please stop mocking her about this. She's seriously depressed and thinking about taking her own life over this shit. For once can you have some respect for another person. Please.

No. 393081

Where did you hear that "she's" seriously depressed and thinking about suicide?

If you want us to stop, Miranda, at least use the right pronouns for once.

No. 393082

No. 393084

D'oh. Just realized >>393071 was a FTFY type post. Sorry, a little slow today..

No. 393086


Miranda has no respect for anyone but herself. Why should we have any for her?

No. 393087


Oh yeah, she looked thoroughly depressed and suicidal on Tkyosam's e-beg stream..

She tried the suicidal scam once before, no one bought it except Unrested. He won't fall for it again.

No. 393091

Because nothing says "I'm sorry for my behavior and want to grow and learn," like "BE MY FRIEND OR I'LL KILL MYSELF." Yep. Nothing psychotic or fucked up or manipulative about that.

No. 393103

Lol, Mira. Threatening suicide every time you do something stupid and selfish. It's a great act of deflection. You're so manipulative.

What are you going to do when something out of your control happens, like you get cancer or your parents get hurt/die? Save your crocodile tears and think about someone else for a change. It's unbelievable how self-absorbed you are.

No. 393118

>She's seriously depressed and thinking about taking her own life over this shit.
didnt look too depressed in that livestream with sam.

No. 393134

why don't you be nice to people? you know, so like they can be nice to you back, and like you wouldn't have to consider suicide, miranda?

No. 393144

I'm really disturbed by not only how quick she was to post about her falling out, but how many posts she is whining "I'm so sad you guys! My friend left me! Listen to my wise words and praise me". Well, what about Rody? He was the one that was hurt enough to block you on every platform. You screwed HIM over, not the other way around. What about respecting his feelings and acknowledging his pain? She keeps making herself out to be the real victim.

No. 393169

I know her fucking personally you have no idea what you're talking about. She's not suicidal because he won't be friends with her. She's feeling this way because she made the mistake of letting her friend down. It really hurts to see people online talking about someone they don't even know, especially in such hard times where people who actually do know the person can lose them…

No. 393184

File: 1496626715061.jpg (73.7 KB, 320x225, IOr47oj.jpg)

You're not losing your chance to get into her pants, you nasty gaijin.

No. 393227

get off the computer, maybe?

No. 393251

Ok but like

>>im so sorry i must be the worst friend

>> i let you down that makes me want to kill myself

Is all textbook abuse/manipulation techniques. It's just another way to play the victim, without taking any steps towards actually solving, or even recognizing the issue.

Its a way of changing the issue from
>>I hurt you and you are justified in your reaction
>>i hurt you, im literally hitler, i am the scum of the world
In short: making it all about YOU again, while forcing the victem of your shitty behavior to have to put aside their VALID ISSUES and say "no, you're not THAT bad."

Add on to that suicide threats? Making another person feel guilt for standing up for themself. Holding another person hostage with YOUR actions they have no actual control over?

And wooow. 'Shes' even worce a person thsn I thought.

No. 393290

What a terrible thing to do. Screw over your only real friend in Japan and threaten SUICIDE because he is rightfully upset. Notice how Rody has not gone public with this or said anything negative towards her, yet she is trying to draw as much attention to herself as possible? Mira, let the poor dude have his time to process everything instead of guilt-tripping him for nothing. He's probably hurting a lot more than you.

No. 393292


So, you know her personally? So, where was the depression and suicidal behavior during Tkyosams e-beg twitch stream?

Dancing, drinking, laughing. Not exactly symptons of depression.

No. 393295


Also, if you are so worried about "losing her" why are you whining here instead of actually trying to get her psychological help?

No. 393300

You don't understand her so don't talk about her like that it really sickens me to read this website because she is my friend and you don't know her but I do. Everyone on this website sits here and judges her entire life without even getting to know her and that is the saddest thing. You have no idea what she's been through or what she's going through. Pretty much every assumption you make about her as far from reality. She's not trying to manipulate him she's depressed because she sees him as a very important friend who she let down. I don't know why you people on here are trying to paint a picture of her making him feel guilty because all she has ever said online, she is the one who made a mistake. The reason why it hurts her is because she's unable to say sorry for it. She has no way to contact him. You don't understand he's been her friend for a very long time and he's always been there for her. She's not the type of person who thinks lightly of friendship. But like any human she can make mistakes and it looks like this time she did. I've never seen her this sad before and I'm honestly worried about my friend I don't want to lose my friend. Everybody has their ups and downs and it really disgusts me that you equate her depression and her mood right now to just a big show. You should be ashamed of yourselves all of you.

No. 393302

Chill Miranda

No. 393315

You clearly have no empathy for Rody then. You are only thinking about how it effects you personally. He clearly told her multiple times for over a year to stop it. He was being emotionally battered with BS. But he stuck with her because he saw her as a fun foreign friend. He even put up with the rumors of "Mira and Rody are totally fucking."
Clearly not caring for over a year then him finally being fed up because Mira can never change her toxic behavior of trying to destroy other peoples lives or dragging them down. He is DONE.
Then Mira over here not even letting him think. He probably would never have blocked her if she would have given him time to breath. But she filled his inbox on every account with BS sob stories. When he didn't buy it, she attacked him and said he was the piece of shit in the equation.

No, fuck that noise

No. 393317

You should learn to use punctuation, asshole. Again, focusing on MIRA's feelings only. Not a care in the world for the person that was actually hurt by her action. It's just more "I'm sorry if you feel I hurt you but…"

Another "friend" that knows EXACTLY what she is thinking and feeling at every moment. Amazing! This is either Miranda or one of her autistic sweaty betas thinking he has a chance with her. Pssst… nothing will come of it, dude!

Rody: Stand your ground and stay far away from this emotional manipulation!

No. 393318

chill rody

No. 393319


Again, if you are so scared and worried about her, why are you whining on here are no trying to get her professiinal help?

Also, you again dodged the question about her behavior on Tkyosam's e-begging twitch stream. A 7 hour stream with Miranda dancing, drinking, laughing, taking an enormous shit (her own words).

That isn't depressed behavior is it?

No. 393320

>When he didn't buy it, she attacked him and said he was the piece of shit in the equation.

Just like every other time. She never changes

No. 393324

Ok, but heres the thing? We don't HAVE to know Miranda to know her behavior is manipulative and toxic. Even <s>you</s> she doesn't have to know it. MOST people who are manipulators don't sit down and cackle evily to themselves over how they're next going to abuse some one. It's just behaviour they've picked up over the years that they never stopped to think about how gross it is.

Without even using any names, you could take this to a therapist and say

>>Person X has hurt person Y.

>>Person X admits to having hurt prson Y.
>>Person X says that having "failed" person Y as a friend makes them want to kill thmself.

Just that much alone checks all the abuse checkmarks. And these are things Miranda herself has said! Oh. All except the suicide threat– that came from you, "'"Anon"'" Ψ( ̄∇ ̄)Ψ

>>The reason why it hurts her is because she's unable to say sorry for it.

Ok, listen up, because this may be hard for you to understand. Her being unable to apologize? Should not be the issue. SHE hurt HIM. What she wants doesn't matter any more in their relatioship. "The reason it hurts" should be "I fucked up and lost a friend," not "He wont let me appologize!" Again, these are classic abuser traits. If she ever wanted to make it up to him, she would respect his space, and stop berrating him with attempts to "'"appologize."'"

No. 393327

Mysterious friend: Did you ever stop to think that the reason so many of us get on her ass and call her actions manipulation is that we have intimate experience with friends or family who behave that way?

No. 393349

was supposed to be directed at

My bad

No. 393371

To stop what you have absolutely no fucking idea what they are fighting about you were just fucking guessing. They have never fought before this is the first time. Over the past year he has not been telling her anything you are getting the wrong information if that is what you were reading from her video. Since I know her I know exactly why they are fighting. Not a single person on here can sit there and guess so don't fucking put the blame on my friend and act like you know them because you don't.

No. 393372

Again, it doesn't matter if we know them or not. Miranda's behaviour, from an objective standpoint, is disgusting, manipulative, and borderline abusive. And that's coming directly from what MIRANDA chooses to to share with us.
Whatever his reasons for dumping her gross ass, they had to have been justified.

No. 393385

No, I talked to Rody. I know the truth.

No. 393386

I love you.

No. 393391


I love it when Miranda comes here to lecture us.

No. 393398

I thought his name is spelled as Rodi not Rody.

No. 393399

point is you throw a pity party at how rody abandoned you over failing him. he will be viewed as the bad guy in the public eye for abandoning you without knowing anything further about the issue.

Miranda, that's all you ever do. You make a mistake and then you make yourself the victim.

If you feel like shit: good. Youre the culprit.
It's the same if I would just go ahead and slap you in the face real hard then start crying about how bad my hand hurts and looking at you for empathy. Like what? No.

Stop the bullshit. And dont try to disguiser yourself as dearest "friend" of yourself each and every time because it is embarrassing af.

No. 393400

His real name is Lodhi (Once he showed his passport in his video)

No. 393402


So, once again, explain her behavior on Tkyosam's e-begging twitch stream if she is so heartbroken and depressed.

No. 393440

It seems Mira's "friend" is pissed off we don't feel sorry for her and instead feel sorry for Rody. Give it a week and she will stop posting about how sorry she is to him and just make him out to be a monster in public.

No. 393560

isn't it truly sad/funny that she has no friends and thus comes to a hate forum over and over to talk about herself pretending to be "her friend"? despite being busted for it numerous times! it's fucking bonkers but she. just. keeps. doing it!

No. 393572

File: 1496709645772.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170606-023609.png)

Miranda Constable, you're one obnoxious animal.
And you don't learn, do you?
Such victim. Wow.
Just accept it and look for professional help finally.

I feel so bad for Rodi. No wonder he blocked her everywhere. She probably turns into stalker-tier as she tried with bii spamming him with a shit ton of text and screenshot. Don't give in, Rodi. You're finally free!

No. 393585

Yeah, his real name is Lodhi, but he never uses original spelling probably to avoid confusion with Japanese speakers. Mira and many others write his name as Rody. The man himself goes by Rodi on YouTube. I think he's fine with either spelling since he doesn't seem to correct anyone.

STOOOOOP, Mira! You're digging your own grave blabbing on and on about yourself. Rodi doesn't want to drag this out in public! Have some respect. Aren't you JAPANESE? Japanese people, especially YouTubers and small celebrities, don't publicize personal squabbles like this.

No. 393590

jfc, have some decency for once, miranda.

No. 393592

god, i love following up her milk. I mean damn Im fucked up, but at least Im not as fucked up as this down-syndrome child.

No. 393609


Yep, This whole thing is only important to her because she isn't getting what she wants.

Everything she writes is all about her. If you look at that instagram post and read the comments, the anger is building and the narrative is becoming "Look how mean he was to me"

He will be the next Sharla/Rachel to Miranda in a few more days..

No. 393621

I'm afraid of this. She will end up resenting him and could become nasty if she doesn't control her behavior. She should really delete all her garbage whining and the video, issue an apology to EVERYONE for being immature and not bring it up again without his permission. I think if she did that(because it would be such a huge, significant thing to do), Rodi might actually feel like she has learned and he could be her friend again.

No. 393625

Mind that advise from that anon, Miranda.
Because that would be the only mature thing to do.

No. 393659

File: 1496728805818.jpg (194.36 KB, 1224x1585, sJdvBYz.jpg)

And here she goes. Not like YOU! We need some old school Linkin Park as the background music. Don't know if "you" is Rodi, or everyone else with the common sense not to air our dirty laundry on Twitter.

Holy shit, Mira.

No. 393675

File: 1496732489363.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170606-085848.png)

Jfc how can your English be so bad.
Also dat prominent mustache

No. 393678

I find it fascinating as a window into who she wants to be. She's here to talk herself into it as much as us. Unfortunately, she's just going to keep socking about it instead of trying to live it.

No. 393686

Oh, shit. Is that the mysterious "D-chan" in the convo? The way she is writing, saying creepy stuff like accepting Mira is selfish, makes me think she has been a white knight here. Wtf, I have had genuine mentally ill friends with PTSD and chronic pain disorders who don't expect everyone to put up with their worst episodes without complaint. Being a friend doesn't mean accepting their abuse or never questioning them, especially when the behavior is detrimental to your friend's life.

No. 393749

Maybe it is Mira texting herself. Cuz honestly that is so weird
"I accept your a horrible piece of shit because I happen to love that"
It's not the first time she pretended to be her own friend or white knight

No. 393758

File: 1496762412215.jpg (222.45 KB, 1242x1755, w3GjXV1.jpg)

Uh, oh. I think Mira has found Rodi's replacement! This guy looks phenomenal.

No. 393759


She wouldn't be interested in anyone who can't get her a Japanese visa

No. 393764

maybe he can give her saudi arabia visa lmao

No. 393789


Intersting, we post about her incredibly selfish behavior, and she posts this.

"I know I'm selfish, you should love me because I'm selfish"

That's not the way it works honey. Selfish people tend to end up with only themselves because no one will put up with that shit for long. No relationship can be about one person.

No. 393925

Not to mention. "I'm Mirandas FRIEND. I know her IRL. I'm her FRIEND U GUIZ" Then Miranda suddenly posts pictures with a faceless, dick-loving "friend".

No. 393943


I don't know who this "friend" of Mira/Rodi is or whatever, but if you're really a "friend" then you should be dragging Mira's stubborn ass to therapy or SOMETHING. She should be able to afford it right? She's been fanning herself with yen bills in past videos lmao. Anyways, she needs helps and to stay away from the internet. As seen in the past, her behavior is not normal nor healthy.

Also, not sure how you can defend her behavior now, she's making an ass out of herself, so do her a favor and tell her to stop publicly telling everyone her problems like a 13 year old and to handle this privately. It's like watching a train wreck. If Otherwise, if Rodi cut her off, then she needs to respect that as AN ADULT, not trying to guilt him or get her white knights to spam his accounts. So far, Rodi has been the bigger adult in this and hasn't publicly said anything, right now he's a victim.

No. 393987

File: 1496795852150.jpg (133.27 KB, 1242x1498, TAABeXu.jpg)

I don't believe he had a technical problem, but he isn't exactly lying.

No. 393988

Sorry. I forgot to mention these comments are from his own Kagoshima video.

No. 394154

Late to the party, but I just love how Vexxed overnight went from an unknown nobody with no viewers to a lolcow that can be instantly recognized at the mention of gynecomastia.
He wanted so badly to be internet-famous for slandering other youtubers. Too bad the only interesting content he has to offer is his gravity-deying titties.

No. 394156

What Mira sees vs. reality

No. 394240

oh shit, for real? If I learn moon runes I have a chance?

No. 394263

She's doing this for attention, as always. She don't get her way, and someone wakes up to it, she wants the whole world to know that SHE is the victim, even when SHE is at fault. Someone who done something wrong o hurt someone, you give them time, space and then let them come to you. She is psychologically abusive and I hope Rodi steers clear. The only friend she'll have is Sam because they both are just so similar.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 394373


Are you Kat Loves Osaka?

No. 394374

File: 1496883392739.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170608-025617.png)

Pretty sure she has a brain aneurysm, because I have no other explanation for how bad her English is

No. 394379

File: 1496883754147.jpg (301.7 KB, 600x445, wait a sec....jpg)


No. 394419

File: 1496892287467.jpg (208.32 KB, 1234x1583, VkrqUn6.jpg)

Jesus Weeaboo Christ… Going home and still keeping up that "so Japanese I can't remember anything from 5 years ago!" If you're really that brain damaged, and you mysteriously can not stay at your parents house(why?), how about asking your damn family for help finding a hotel? It would take minutes to arrange something.

Girl, the namefagging.
But at least this time, your perspective on how she emotionally manipulates people and turns them into the enemy after she does something wrong is totally relevant.

No. 394453

Lmao holy shit is this the same Kat that got used by Mira during the sockpuppet drama?

Kat pls post screenshots of her insanity.

No. 394479

File: 1496904561981.gif (7.33 MB, 574x323, ThatsBait.gif)

so you're definitely trolling, right? to use the exact same name in the e-mail field, and synonyms for "osaka" and "cat" while namefagging on an anon board. >>394263

No. 394485

Wow Kat is obsessed with Mira…

No. 394492

or someone (mira) is obsessed with making it seem like she is.

it could honestly go either way.

No. 394526

File: 1496919489434.jpg (205.19 KB, 700x349, ITried.jpg)

No. 394527

I'm sorry but LOL they're both terrifying.

No. 394528

Right?! I legitimately tried to make her look less like an inbred chipmunk, and it's just not do-able.

No. 394545

File: 1496926059818.jpg (116.44 KB, 660x660, IMG_6075.JPG)

How can we make this creature beautiful?

No. 394546

oh man is that the meitu filter?

No. 394550

File: 1496928910214.jpg (229.1 KB, 1241x1937, jntRJ2h.jpg)

Guess who's back in her own 2ch thread?

Her most current posts: http://itest.2ch.net/mint/test/read.cgi/english/1493025946

No. 394599

Mira is bi? Maybe I'm new but that is news to me. She always came off that she hated the female population.

No. 394612

She literally has no female friends what is she on about

No. 394676

Bullshit on she's bi. She would have mentioned it in her ohsoindepth GAY IN JAPAN video.

No. 394685


Exactly. She says whatever she thinks will help her "win" an argument, regardless of the truth of the statement.

No. 394774

I don't buy her her claim either. She always wants male attention and drunkenly making out with a chick doesn't count. If she stayed away from her disastrous relationships with men for a while and got a real girlfriend, she might actually be happy for once. I guess her girlfriends are like her heaps of native Japanese friends: They don't exist.

No. 394787

Rodi released a response video!

It's as most people hypothesized: she wanted more than friendship from Rodi(or just enjoyed making him uncomfortable, which I believe is possible) and did not respect his constant requests to stop, to the point of harassment. If a guy behaves that way to a female friend, people would not doubt it was sexual or power harassment. Oh my God. Poor Rodi! He looks so hurt and somewhat numb. Why does she always do this to people? Mira has respect for no one and never learns. I hate the little shits showing up in comments telling him to give her another chance. He gave her 4 years to get her shit together. I have no doubt that with his Muslim background, he has more conservative beliefs about male and female skinship.

Mira, just leave him alone! Live your own life and stop imposing your screwed up beliefs and behaviors people.

No. 394789

the guy Simon he mentions as her boyfriend in the video seem to be swedish (he wrote on one of rodi's last instagram posts). wasn't there a rumour a couple of years ago about her having a swedish boyfriend?

No. 394798

Yeah, "somebody" here claimed he was her fiancé and first they said SHE was going to give him a Japanese visa because she was going to be Japanese, then they said she was moving to his home country and she was pregnant. I think he was just used as a vehicle for her delusions because she did not care for him that deeply. The guy looks passive af.

No. 394814


Love at 2:35 He mentions her best friend at the time and says "It's weird all 4 years I've know her, her "best friend" keeps changing."

Miranda is so obvious in the shit she does, but she thinks she's clever.

I made a copy of this vid, just in case it goes missing. I don't mind Rodi getting the views. After putting up with her psychotic ass, he deserves something.

No. 394817


She lies and says she "broke up" with her boyfriend to try and bang Rodi. So, she was planning to cheat on her current boyfriend but Rodi wasn't into it. Also on the screen shots. She claims Rodi wanted her, but just didn't want to admit it.

She is a piece of shit and delusional.

No. 394820

If she had that Swedish boyfriend, who looks like just a kid to me, what's up with visa-kun and her visa situation? Did she want to seduce Rodi and gain a visa from him off she succeeded?

Rodi was the best, most normal friend she could have had in Japan and she blew it to smithereens. Even weirder is how she became so pro-Muslim and defended conservatism and traditional values in Saudi Arabia, but totally disrespected Rodi's simple requests.

No. 394821

>Even weirder is how she became so pro-Muslim and defended conservatism and traditional values in Saudi Arabia, but totally disrespected Rodi's simple requests.

Simple. She is a selfish, self-centered, bitch. Rodi's thoughts and feelings never entered into the equation for her. It was all about what SHE wanted.

No. 394831

File: 1496977194997.jpg (119.18 KB, 939x600, hej3daimon2.jpg)

Miranda was trying to fuck Rodi behind this guy's back.

No. 394838

File: 1496978713962.jpg (25.78 KB, 480x360, 29527312.jpg)


That's ok. It's been backed up by several folks: https://vid.me/J20L

No. 394839


No. 394841


Yeah, but Miranda can't be too picky, I guess.

Another link for Rodi's vid: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzsKuDyTifqceFJoYXNXOXByWlE/view?usp=sharing

No. 394842

I wonder if he knows about all the things she and her dirty friends have written here? I hope he wasn't a part of it. Seems like he was just another victim.

No. 394846

File: 1496979670394.jpg (314.94 KB, 1920x1080, rodiss1.jpg)


Yeah, looking at the screens shots from Rodi's vid, she was lying to the ugly Swede and Rodi and her "best friend" that was texting Rodi.

No. 394847

KEK he bought her pajamas when she sat there at his house in her underwear.

That's one hell of a rejection and she still didn't get it.

No. 394849

File: 1496979766124.jpg (262.58 KB, 1920x1080, Rodiss2.jpg)


Second screen shot. Can't wait for Miranda's "Rodi and my ex-best friend had a conspiracy to try and make me look bad.."

No. 394850

Goodness poor Rodi. So for 4 years Mira has been coming onto the poor guy who obviously is a modest Japanese Muslim. Like putting myself in his shoes, Mira trying to grind her ass while we are clubbing, being naked at my house expecting some fucks, Mira spreading rumors "Yeah he totally wants me."
So much cringe.

No. 394851

Rodi keeps saying he sees here as nothing more that a sister, though she kept pushing to be more. But on Twitter, she goes on about how he was her family. So, does that mean Mira is down with incest? She needs to keep the family tradition going!

No. 394852

Sorry for typos!

No. 394853

Man she was desperate to have a baby and wedlock Rodi. Good on him for constantly pushing her away. But holy muffins, ordering a tiny room and trying to inch closer to the poor guy to fuck him while he sleeps? You can add sexual harassment to the list of shitty things she does to her friends.

No. 394874

I can already spot her weird creepy shit in his previous videos. Look what she did at 3:00 https://youtu.be/zVvHFfPmc2g

No. 394875

Easing next to him and he's awkwardly quiet after haha

No. 394877

She knows she's ugly deep down. She's hoping to pull that same shit that fedoras stuck in the friendzone do. She thinks that she can eventually win him over with friendship, then BAM - greencard baby.

No. 394891

Imagine if she managed to get knocked up by him. With both Japanese and Muslim background, he would have been exactly the type to marry her out of obligation. She would secure her visa and citizenship for the baby. He was her only real link to Japan while everybody else she is connected to are foreigners living visa to visa.

No. 394899

I know I'm reaching with this but watching Rody's video and hearing him talk I can't help but wonder if one of the reasons why Mira is ~forgetting English~ is to sort of subconsciously try to make herself more relatable to Rody? Probably just me but I can imagine her being wily enough to do something like that.

No. 394914

If a guy plans to get a girl drunk and 'do something' with her, that's considered as him planning a rape, at least going through with it would be considered rape by law. I agree with this, SJW that I am, as if you have to plan to lessen someones inhibitions to sleep with you, then they don't actually want to sleep with you and are not consenting. If they wouldn't consent sober, then intoxicated consent is not consent imo.

Mira didn't like that Rodi didn't drink because it makes it 'difficult' to 'do something'. IMO, she was wishing she could fucking rape the guy. That's scary as fuck.

No. 394915

Literally everything about this situation is considered classic sexual abuse, stalking and harassment if a man does it to a woman. That Miranda thinks it's ok if a GIRL tee-hee's her way through sexual harassment and planned rape says a lot about her mental state.

No. 394916

Yep, that too. She's been sexually abusing and harassing him for months from the sound of it.

No. 394920

That's not all! She was mirroring several traits of his. Think about all the changes and causes she took up to form her new identity. Here are some I noticed:
As you mentioned, she is "forgetting English". English is Rodi's 3rd language and he's still insecure about his skill. Oh, now Mira is too!
Second, she starts talking frequently about haafu and Japan-born people with foreign parents. That's also a personal experience of Rodi's but she has to one-up him like she has experienced the same discrimination all her life and everyone is sooooo racist against her.
Third, she starts claiming she is Japanese after only living in Japan a few years. Despite being born in Japan and actually having Japanese blood, being seen as true Japanese is still an issue for Rodi. Mira has to hijack his struggle once again.
Fourth, her sudden interest in Islam, Muslim cultures and even photoshopping her mug with a hijab like it was Halloween. She even says men and women are not meant to be equal because she is so conservative. Meanwhile, she shits all over a pretty liberal Muslim man just trying to follow basic Islamic social rules, like not drinking or touching unrelated females.
Lastly, I'm going out on a limb, where did this sudden Justin Bieber interest come from? Well, Rodi is a JB fan and even got his hair cut like him one time. I wouldn't put it past her.

I know it's abused here and people don't like armchair psychologists, but can someone with experience in mental health tell me how she is NOT BPD as fuck? The checklist is full.

If she lived in her beloved Saudi Arabia, she would definitely be in big trouble for all of this. She would get prison time and many lashes.

No. 394928

his english is so much easier to understand than her fake 'forgetting english' english

No. 394936

Probably because he is actively trying to find the RIGHT words to use, whereas she is deliberately obfuscating her meaning with WRONG words and a parody of bad English.

No. 395032

So what happened to that "friend" that was desperately defending Mira earlier? Now that there's (more) proof of Mira being abusive and attempting/planning a rape towards Rody, that "friend" just backed off. That "friend" sure does act like Mira. Adamant at first, then disappears once evidence is brought in.

No. 395033

>she was sleeping in her underwear
>it was disgusting!

And then the absolute madman tops it of with buying her a pajama the same night. I have no words left, only laughter!

And, of course, in true mira fashion she is absolutely oblivious to that a-bomb of a rejection and follows it up with lies about breaking up with her boyfriend only to get dealt another obvious statement of romantical disinterest by Rody. That video is too great!

No. 395046


Agreed with all except:
>As you mentioned, she is "forgetting English"

She started pulling that shit a few months after landing in Japan, before she met Rodi

No. 395104

You're right. But I think it only intensified after meeting him. When did she claim to a comment that she had a Japanese accent? I think that was after Rodi.

No. 395187

I give Rodi all the props for actually buying her a pyjama. You know exactly how many guys would've just fucked her, and here's this guy who is so freaking decent he makes her wear proper clothes.

Good guy and all the keks for us, 10/10.

No. 395223

Mira is not married.

No. 395225

File: 1497063644304.png (67.43 KB, 640x516, kanadajin.png)

Looks like the duo might be coming back.
Rodi just cant resist

No. 395226

Don't do it Rodi, it's a trap

No. 395332

Oh, hi, random stranger. Lol
Mira is exploiting the benefits of the last marriage by her "special visa". Now fuck off to smelly gaijin hovel and scarf down more pizza.

Maybe he just wanted have closure to let her know he won't keep a grudge or talk negatively about her in the future. Just meeting doesn't mean they will go back to the way they were. She won't change and he can't compromise his beliefs. His family might already know what happened too.

But it's possible she can act convincingly enough to make him believe that she will behave herself… crap. Rodi, be careful, man. She does that to so many guys.

No. 395334

If they met at all. Miranda distorts the truth and outright lies. The 'meeting' could have been her surprising him outside his door when he got home and forcing a 'conversation'. Or it could be entirely fictional.

No. 395335

File: 1497093948527.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170610-132357.png)

Another live stream.. I have visitors, so I can't watch not record

No. 395337

you guys were talking so much shit about her looks that she finally decided to change her look a bit for this live stream hahahahaha!!!

No. 395355

File: 1497100204713.jpg (88.93 KB, 850x477, uhoh.jpg)

when she tried to link it on youtube

No. 395357

Tkyosam's live stream got disconnected when she tried to also stream on Youtube. When the Twitch stream got back on, she told people to leave the Youtube stream to join the Twitch one. That's what's got her banned from Youtube because according to Youtube policy, you can't encourage people to leave.

No. 395361

I salute the people actually managing to sit through this shit show. Every time I try, I can only watch for a few seconds before the ugliness of it all overwhelms me and I have to leave.

No. 395364

I've been watching this for a little while now and it's the most boring thing I've ever seen.
The only thing she does is ask for people to subscribe, to like her facebook page, to create a Twitch account and she constantly asks for donations.
She took a shot of whisky and acted drunk-ish almost immediately. She asked the viewers to pay for her pizza.
She's been looking at her phone the whole time and she's getting kinda ignored by the two guys.
They're just sitting on their *ss, doing nothing basically.

No. 395370

What language are you trying to speak?

Eyebrow stamps and 13-year old goth eyeliner… Nobody suggested either of those looks to her.

Hey, Mira:
Soft, natural eyebrow. Preferably with gradation(not the Instagram kind). A combination of powder-type and brow mascara works nicely.
NO bottom liner unless it is a soft brown accent. Winged liner should be angled upward on your eye type, NOT DOWN.
Your blush is contoured too low, not blended and it looks like you're trying to be 16. That blush style also fell out of fashion a while ago. Try luminizing blush.

I will say, I liked your outfit tonight.

I was mesmerized by Sams ever-expanding gut. That sight alone was more interesting than watching the three of them mindlessly banter. He's like Peter Griffin's unwashed cousin.

Hm… I wonder which websites Mira was checking.

No. 395460

why did you get so easily offended? were you under the impression that i like her looks?? i just thought it was funny how she changed her looks after reading all of this.

ps - i'm not mira.(sage OT posts)

No. 395549

Lol. You're a weirdo.

Who was able to finish watching the entire Tkyosam 35 years old-and-still-don't-have-my-shit-together fundraiser? During the bore-fest, they managed to make fun of black people, autistim, used gay as an insult and JOKED ABOUT WOMEN RAPING MEN. Yes, there is no doubt they are referencing the accusations against Mira's predatory behavior with Rodi. Sam and Mira are two peas in a filthy pod. Disgusting.

This is just an unconfirmed rumor, but a new user from PULL claimed that Tkyosam falsified university documents to get his job, which thereby secured his visa. I don't know such an uncouth, immature slob would manage to stay so long otherwise.

No. 395550

I had to keep turning it off. It would sort of cycle through long boring periods of nothing happening, into something painfully insulting to humanity as a whole. Any time Sam started to say something halfway possibly interesting, he'd derail it with "… it's gonna rape my ass" or something equally racist or otherwise insulting. At one point he went off on a story about how he was riding his bike around in the summer without a shirt on and a police officer pulled him over, and he just started screaming "THIS IS AMERICA, I CAN DO WHAT I WANT." Jesus christ, even if he's not serious, he's so painfully awkward and disgusting.

The rape jokes were 100% about Rodi. That's what they think about that. It's all a joke to them.

I'd like to know more about this falsified documents rumor. Does anyone have any sources or anything of that nature?

No. 395556

File: 1497152367329.jpg (152.67 KB, 1242x1135, vsl3Ia7.jpg)

I'm sorry, this is the only source I saw about that rumor. It could be a troll, or one of the many expats he has pissed off in Japan. He has made a lot of adversaries for being so rude and embarrassingly immature.

We can also add jokes about incest and pedophilia ("my dad") to Tkyosam's list of gross behavior that Mira endorses.

I didn't think she could go any lower, but here she is taking shots at Rodi being victimized by a woman and laughing with that slovenly creature at male sexual harassment and assault in general.

No. 395563

Yes, because you know me so well, troll.

No. 395589

Is this Slobberin' Sam or Molestin' Mira? Just put your name in the name field, asshole. Is spineless Simon also with the party?

I actually do know quite a lot about the both of you scammers. I don't know how many times you fools have to be told that several people here also live in Japan and the community is a lot smaller than you think. Gossip travels fast and you're bound to piss off another gaijin friend soon.

No. 395594


I stayed for less than an hour I think.
Here are a few quotes from our non-Japanese girl :
"I don't have any friends".
"Somebody pay for my pizza! Somebody paid for me last time!"
"Just give me money directly".
"10 dollars and I'll answer"
"I want 30 dollars for the dance guys".
Classy Mira as always. This basically sums-up most of her interventions throughout the live stream.

Also, I'd like to add that very cringy moment when TokyoSam asked in the special request box of the pizza delivery compagny to do a kabedon upon arrival.
He also added in Japanese "if you don't do it, I'll kill you".
And of course, Mira laughed.

No. 395617

File: 1497192669893.jpg (190.1 KB, 1242x1935, uSRUmg0.jpg)

I found yet another account Mira has made where she subjects unsuspecting English-learners to her sub-par and often downright wrong English corrections.

In the image above, this is how she answers a Brazilian asking for critique of their English skill.

No. 395693

I'm fine treating it as a rumor until there's actual proof, but it is very believable. I can't imagine someone like him being able to finish university. He can barely hold down a job and pay his bills as it is.
He and Mira are a good fit for one another. Unintelligent, unattractive, unemployed or working dead-end jobs, bad at Japanese despite years of living in the country, no taste, no friends, no future aside from e-begging and scraping at the bottom of the barrel on YouTube. It would be sad, except they're both narcissistic too.

No. 395747

>TFW your try your hardest and your make up still looks like shit and were better off wearing none at all

No. 395769

They're the gaijin parasite power couple! Maybe they'll hook up soon. Ew… Mira is going to have to use a car jack in between those odious flaps to find his penis. But a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do!

No. 395772

It will be ironic if it turns out that Sam wants to fuck Mira, but she sees him only as a friend or "brother." But of course he only wants to sleep with Japanese women, since being a foreigner is the only thing he has left.

No. 395798

but mira IS a japanese woman, anon

No. 395813

File: 1497239635503.jpg (Spoiler Image, 50.46 KB, 640x480, Snapshot (1).jpg)

Actually I was just replying to your 'weirdo' comment.

No. 395856

You are indeed a fucking weirdo.

No. 395878

Whatever! You're just pissed that you made an ass out of yourself for thinking that the people who don't shit on Mira MUST be Mira herself.

No. 395880

Jesus chrsit would you let it drop already? take your attention whoring somewhere else fuckwit, you're clogging the thread.

No. 395881

File: 1497252277581.png (1.55 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2252.PNG)

I was let down that you were indeed not my canahonjin waifu
How could you-??

But you're still annoying,Miranda

No. 395882

OH NO! I wouldn't want to interrupt your fulfilling little hobby of talking shit about your girl Mira. Carry on, loser!

No. 395889

File: 1497259565240.png (252.56 KB, 862x437, miram.png)

No. 395898

Sorry anon but that looks terrible. She has a face no one can fix

No. 395913

Her face is just completely crooked

No. 395924

You turned her from a Downsy rat into a rat hooker.

No. 395926

File: 1497278051539.jpg (229.05 KB, 862x437, miraaaaa.jpg)

trying to fix this goblin face is way more fun than it should be. probably because you know going in that there is no solution, so you can just do whatever.

No. 395930

File: 1497280107289.jpg (222.67 KB, 837x437, kanadajin3.jpg)

idk if that's better or worse

No. 395931

File: 1497280370257.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.14 KB, 272x181, vxrFXiY.jpg)

Damn, Mira. Calm down. Maybe guzzle down a few biiru and snuggle into Sam's clammy bosom to collect your thoughts?

She became Ms. Swan!
It's difficult to work on her eyes because the droop also comes from her low brow bone.

No. 395964

File: 1497290111189.jpeg (11.43 KB, 412x357, 815333F0-0271-45C7-82AE-2C2B06…)

Can you guys please stop trying to fix Mira in photoshop? Just realize she's too fucking messed up, it's never gonna work.

No. 395966


Yeah, that's been done before. See: >>395931

No. 396013


No. 396121

To be honest I really don't understand how a rody can be so uncomfortable with these kinds of things he mentioned in his video when he is always touching mira in her video and he is always making anal queen jokes jokes, about her small ass and he even uploaded a prank video where he says they are going to talk about anal sex and grabs her. If you check his "truth" video with Kanadajin3 he asked her lots of sexual questions and makes turned on face gestures when she answers.

No. 396123


I've never seen any of those. Links? Proof?

No. 396168

Talking and joking about sex is not the same as wanting sex with that person.

No. 396203

In this video he says "anal queen" at the start.
While he is talking he keeps touching her and plays with her hair randomly.

In this video he puts his arm around her and keeps it for a while.

And this is the anal sex video. It is only 22 seconds long. He grabs her and said today we are going to talk about safe anal sex.

No. 396206

Ok, but, again, talking about sex and even flirting, if that's what you consider this to be, is not the same as wanting sex with that person. Lots of youtubers 'put on' a personality when they're in front of the camera, to boot, so just because he's more boisterous in front of the lens doesn't mean he was DTF in their personal time. Maybe he was uncomfortable with those bits, too. Maybe Miranda scripted them. We don't know. But "He always ACTED like he wanted it" is still not a justification for her behaviour and intended behaviour.

No. 396207

Do you guys think that maybe he was so attracted to Mira but he didn't want to be in in a relationship because he is a player. Blaming her for her sexual advances is how he convinces himself that he can't be in a relationship. He probably didn't go to ryokan because he was going to give in.

No. 396208


Lol, no. He's not attracted to Mira because she's ugly as sin compared to the women he COULD get. Perhaps he liked her personality once upon a time or thought she would be a fun friend, but he was never attracted to her in the sense of a relationship else he would have fucked her already or welcomed her advances already. She was a bro, at most. But then she ruined any aspect of him liking her personality too by letting her crazy run wild.

All this stuff about 'But what about Rodi talking about sex on cameraaa!' is the kind of ridiculous wishful thinking shit Mira would pull out of her ass - he was talking about sex for videos and playing up for the camera. It's not a sign he likes her. He's a youtuber who wants to make interesting vids.

It's like saying someone who playfights with their bro in a youtube vid would be alright with that bro punching him in the face. Nope.

He doesn't want to fuck Mira. Why is this even a question

No. 396211

Our shameless Canadian just released a response video. I'm sorry, I can't watch it right now. Did Anyone see it?

No. 396212

rushes to see
Let me guess. She blames Rody for the whole thing and throws him under the bus!

No. 396213

No. 396216

Oh maybe I was wrong. At least she sounded like she was really sorry and realized why they fought. It is a good step up for her.

No. 396228

I think I understand what is going on!! I re-read the screen captures and I have come to the conclusion that Miranda's other best friend "D-chan", was angry because she thought Miranda was telling Rodi she was single. D-chan first told him that she was not single that she didn't break up with her boyfriend. D-chan gets angry that she lied and tells Rodi that Miranda was going to sleep with him and get him drunk.

No. 396229

If Miranda had just broken up with her boyfriend maybe D-chan thought Miranda was going to start dating Rodi, maybe steal him away from her? She could have been upset that she had told Rodi first before her. It also could have been that D-chan just didn't want to be friends with a liar/cheater so she got angry. We will never know without more information.

No. 396230


D-chan was angry because she wanted to date Rodi, but Miranda told her not to pursue him, because she was interested in him.
Yes, we may never know without more information, but if history has taught us anything, it's that Miranda will pitch her 'friends' under the bus in a heart beat if it can make her look even slightly better, and that MIRANDA is the habitual liar.

No. 396234

File: 1497366951067.jpg (253.96 KB, 1293x576, hgfds.jpg)

the caption

No. 396235

File: 1497366972348.png (56 KB, 822x378, jhdgfh.png)

from the comments

No. 396236

>he uploaded a video that had some statements that I needed to publically respond too
bitch, where?
You where the only one continously bitching about the whole issue publicly from minute one.
>people who dont care about privacy
How does it feel being busy projecting, Miranda?
>I had to
>I needed to
Miranda, you are just a piece of trash and you will always be.

No. 396255

That doesn't make sense because Mira says she only is interested in friendship. I also don't understand why you think she is tossing D-chan or Rody under the bus. She is being remarkably forgiving and taking all the blame in this video. Even when the fans are saying that D-chan is not a good friend she is sticking up for her.

No. 396280

File: 1497375135244.gif (614.02 KB, 745x638, Unbenannt-1.gif)

thank you so much for pointing this out.

No. 396328

OMG!!! please make this a banner.

No. 396339

oh lawdy, I get actually triggered af by the small size of the banners, but any other anon can feel free to use it as banner inspiration lmao

No. 396382

And if you believe what Miranda has to say, then I have a bridge to sell.

Not to mention: There's a special place in hell reserved for people who take the word of sexual harassers over that of their victims.

No. 396407


Not really. She chucked her "best friend" D-Chan under the bus. Blames it all on her. Says she sent "old" text to him. Which is bullshit. It was a current convo between Rodi and D-chan that he posted.

Everything was either D-Chan's fault for lying and sending "old text" or Rodi "misunderstood".

Even though she says "I messed up", she did not accept ANY responsibility for her actions.

No. 396420


Since Miranda reads here. Here is some advice for you:


It's basic, common sense for the rest of the world, but you obviously don't know it.

Especially: "Don't shift part of the blame onto someone or something else in an attempt to reduce responsibility."

No. 396430

I dont think the point is that she wouldnt know how to do it.

Either she is oblivious enough to actually think it is another one's fault, or she feels so ashamed she is not able to take the blame.

In that sense she has the emotional intelligence of a preschooler, which doesnt surprise me the least.

No. 396440

She responded in a couple of the comments that if D-chan sent those or not he was still upset that she was not letting him go outside. So why do you think she is blaming everything entirely on her. Are you even reading the comments and watching the whole video?

No. 396496


She still claims that D-Chan is responsible for the misunderstanding with Rodi because "she sent him old texts"

>She responded in a couple of the comments that if D-chan sent those or not he was still upset that she was not letting him go outside.

So, first she claimed they were old texts, then when that is disproven she changes the story to that.

Also, She didn't cover Rodi having to put the camera bag between them. Which total blows away her claim that it was about her not wanting him to go to the city without him. Or her lie that there weren't any rooms left at the Manga Kissa.

Rodi is the more believable party here. There are tons of holes in Miranda's "explanation".

Did you even watch Rodi's video? I would like to read the comments on Miranda's, but she's been deleting any that point out her contradictions.

No. 396498


There's also the fact that Miranda insinuated that D-Chan was a liar.

Toward the end of her vid with the "I'm not going to call my friend a liar" comment.

Which Miranda is basically saying D-Chan is a liar, I'm just not going to call her that.

No. 396504

I think she's talking about the boyfriend thing. Maybe her other friend didn't know that her and her boyfriend broke up because she didn't tell her yet and the friend felt jealous that she would tell another person first before her.

No. 396519


Nope, what she said at 10:50 on her video was there was something that was "so digustingly untrue. I'm not going to call my friend a liar" the goes with her "I was drunk, I don't remember" bullshit.

The thing you are referring to is at 10:30 with the nebulous comment that she claims she didn't lie about, but she also hasn't broken up with her boyfriend, so I'm don't think that was it either.

No. 396522


To expand on what was said in >>396519. Rodi mentioned in his video that he talked with her boyfriend after, so He knows she's full of shit.

Here's a link to Rodi's video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzsKuDyTifqceFJoYXNXOXByWlE

Funny in her video she says "If you haven't seen his video, good" Yeah, because it's better for her if you can't see how she's lying.

No. 396550

At 10:30 she said that someone said she was lying about something, but it wasn't a lie. Meaning she DID break up with boyfriend.

No. 396601


Except that Rodi, in his video had talked to her boyfriend after that, and she had not broken up with him.

No. 396606


You're saying that D-Chan made this whole thing up and sabotaged Rodi and Miranda's relationship because she wasn't the first one told something?

That smells like bullshit. Rodi is a more trustworthy source than Miranda and the conversations he posted in his video are far more believable than anything Miranda said.

No. 396607


So, the stuff from Rodi has facts, names, screenshots. Miranda makes a vague claim that you can't even show is what she is referring to.

Gee, why does everyone believe Rodi over her [/sarcasm]

No. 396608

I re-watched the video, he didn't say that.

No. 396610

The thing is Rodi doesn't show screen shots from Mira. He only shows screen shots between him and D-chan. D-chan tells him that she didn't break up with her boyfriend and that Mira wanted to get him drunk at ryokan. Why would Mira's so called best friend be telling him her personal secrets? Honestly if Mira says that she broke up with her boyfriend I am pretty sure that means she doesn't want to be that boyfriend anymore. I am pretty sure her boyfriend would have seen her video by now. This whole story smells like bullshit. I think it is some freaky way to start drama for views. Looking at the comments in his most recent video he got shared on 4chan and is getting tons of hate. He loves it.

No. 396617


Why would Mirand's so called "best friend" do that? Because she is a decent human being that doesn't want to see her other friend (Rodi) get used and taken advantage of by Mirand's lying. Just like most decent people would do.

No. 396618

Okay so what? Mira lied about breaking up with boyfriend now why? Are you trying to say that after 4 years she just decided to force him into something? He said she was dating her boyfriend for a long time. Why would she even get into a relationship with someone if she liked him. Why would her boyfriend stay with her if she told everyone they broke up? That doesn't make any fucking sense.

No. 396620


At 4:55 he found out from D-chan that they hadn't broken up and that her boyfriend was then messaging him.

No. 396622


It wasn't "after 4 years". She had been doing shit like that for 4 years and Rodi finally reach the end of his rope.

Why would she get into a relationship? Because she was bored, people do that all the time. Being in a relationship doesn't always equal being "in love".

Why would her boyfriend stay? Why did her boyfriend in Canada stay with her after she admitted to fucking another guy? Some people are stupid.

No. 396625


Damn, you sure are desperate to WK Miranda.
Can I ask why?

No. 396636


Any chance that IS Miranda?

No. 396646

Sounds like. The timing is right too. Sage for no contribution.

No. 396651

>Why would she even get into a relationship with someone if she liked him.

Because hoe is life.

>Why would her boyfriend stay with her if she told everyone they broke up?

Low self-esteem, obviously. Just like Robbie!

Don't forget: Mira is capable of writing in coherent English when she feels like it.

No. 396930


It very well could be, I was just trying to give the "Hi Miranda" thing a rest.

>Don't forget: Mira is capable of writing in coherent English when she feels like it.

Yes she is.

Also interesting how they have vanished after bringing up the fact that her boyfriend in Canada stayed with her after she admitted to fucking another guy. (Kind of shot that whole "Why would her boyfriend stay with her if she told everyone they broke up" excuse out of the water

No. 396961

Unrested has return his video about Miranda's fake suicide. In case anyone was interested.

No. 397036

File: 1497506214036.png (311.81 KB, 1210x1297, IMG_0736.PNG)

Just saw this in the comments from scotts video, I wonder if they hashed it out and that's why he took the video down. (They're going back and forth in the comments about this) Well it's back up so I don't think they did. I think this rody incident is the reason it's back up, He probably felt bad until she got exposed again.

No. 397087

File: 1497526170509.jpg (440.97 KB, 1242x2087, u0xuuT5.jpg)

I just read their exchange. Holy fuck, does she project and go to extremes!

No. 397089

File: 1497526247384.jpg (442.23 KB, 1242x2070, 8U44Xzs.jpg)

No. 397090

File: 1497526313514.jpg (394.38 KB, 1231x1939, qWeAINn.jpg)


No. 397091

File: 1497526374640.jpg (424.39 KB, 1240x1964, AePr1AX.jpg)


No. 397093


I'm sorry. The order was reversed, so the exchange starts from the end.

No. 397141

Why do all these Jvloggers have to be such cancer? Mira's the worst, though. Just give it up already, goddamn.

I look at guys like Daym Drops and Joey's World Tour and I wonder why can't these jvloggers be like that? No drama, no BS, just straight up showing you whatever they find to be pretty cool.

Instead, we get crap like Mira's "I be Japanese nao okay" schtick.

Makes you wish Japan just sent the whole lot packing so they can fade into their well deserved irreverence.

No. 397204

File: 1497559131540.png (464.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170615-223724.png)

No Rodi!!! Don't give in!!

No. 397205


This is exactly what I'm talking about.

Someone needs to tell this guy she's not worth it.

What is it about Japan that mindfucks people this much? Does there need to be a study?

No. 397244

I would have removed her just for this. Bein friends on FB doesn't mean shit and her showing it off. She can never be casual about these things

No. 397279

If he is smart enough he will just pretend everything is okay so she stops sperging about it and then let the friendship slowly die.

No. 397324

File: 1497572678318.jpg (96.53 KB, 355x500, mirandaconstablenagayama.thumb…)

Check this out. She is bitching at Rodi because his video was uploaded by someone else. He obviously reported one, but someone else uploaded it. He doesn't seem that concerned, but she is constantly texting him to report any time she sees it.

Also, Her video is still up on her channel. If it's all over with, why would she leave her's up, and hassle Rodi because other people are uploading his?

(Also, It's been uploaded by about 5 people on youtube now, plus vid.me, plus google drive, It's not going away Miranda..)

No. 397334


She's not thinking about poor Rodi being 'harassed' by having his vid reuploaded. She's worried about what he says about her spreading. She's the one harassing him. He'll get fed up again before long. She's annoying as fuck

No. 397337


Yes. And in Rodi's video, he talked about why he blocked her, because after he said he didn't want to talk about it, she kept going. 25 times, then he blocked her.

She keep on texting him every time she sees a copy is still up, He'll realize that she is no different and hasn't learned anything.

(Tinfoil area: Provided this wasn't all a setup to churn up drama views.. I do think it was real, personally. But I would be surprised either)

No. 397338

*wouldn't be surprised (if it was faked)

No. 397403

Good god, she sounds like a narc trying to control the person she's abusing and trying to keep their mouth shut
"Look, that video telling the truth on how I sexually harassed and stalked you is still up. Remove it for my own image! It's still up! Do it now!"

No. 397404


He should just block her and call it a day.

No. 397480

>"Why don't you stalkers leave me alone and stop following my every move!"
>Proceeds to publicly display every personal problem and uneducated thought like uncontrollable diarrhea. Shares private message screenshots that nobody asked for.

No. 397499

We should email rody on Instagram and tell him Mira is a drug addict who cheats on her boyfriend and wants to marry him for a visa.

No. 397516

the Swedish guy has permanent residence?

No. 397534

Does anyone have any clue why Rody was friends with Miranda in the first place? She doesn't seem to have any redeeming features for friendship, is extremely annoying, and seems to be cringey to be around

No. 397538

4 subscribers.

No. 397549

That's quite a plan, Mira.

No, he's just a student who is barely learning Japanese. A kid, basically. She must have met him at one of the numerous gaijin parties she attends. She's probably holding on the the remaining benefits of her last marriage visa by exploiting the loopholes.

He admitted to wanting to network with up-and-coming YouTubers to help his own channel, but he already seemed to like hanging out with foreigners. On the surface, she would not appear too different from the average 20-something partying foreigner in Tokyo. I can see how she could be fun and spontaneous person that is a change from typical Japanese people he usually lives and works with. Also, he probably has a high tolerance for atypical people since he knows how it feels to be an outsider as both half Japanese and a Muslim. I just don't think he realized the baggage she came with until it was too late.

No. 397565

someone dropped this in the discord. Not sure of when these were or if these are even real

sage for speculation


No. 397574

Lol. That's 100% Mira.

God. She never stops talking about haters and what they say about her, to any person she befriends. She bombards them all with the same texts, screenshots and complaints.
Mira: try acting like a REAL Japanese person and keep your self-made personal shit to yourself and handle it BY YOURSELF!

No. 397575

Is there a transcript?

No. 397589

File: 1497614976927.jpg (244.54 KB, 1230x1769, SjujT6s.jpg)

Here comes the lovebombing. Reminds me of our favorite rosacea-afflicted narcissist, Onision.

> till death do us part

What in the Hell?!

No. 397599

lol she really just can't stop talking about the same shit like a broken record. no wonder she's constantly alienating friends, imagine getting MULTIPLE voicemails like that, just going on and on…

gotta say I'm impressed tho, when she starts talking like a yankee mom her japanese is the best it's ever been.

No. 397800

could you translate some parts for people not speaking japanese? tbh I dont really think it's milky.
And it sounds like it could be as well someone holding the phone on computer speakers while playing one of her japanese videos. or idk just lay an audio "on phone" filter over it.

No. 397801

I feel like this makes it 90% sure for me that she probably guilty-tripped Rodi with suicide threats into forgiving her…

No. 397815


Stolen from PULL (I can't speak Japanese)

It's just a whole lot of whining. She keeps insisting she doesn't make sock puppet accounts and the usual "blah-blah".
She really drunk and slurring around the 2:44 mark. I think someone better at Japanese should figure that part out. I got a little lost.

She rants about being bullied.

If I understand the latter half correctly she is ranting about a site that stalks her (stalker mitai sito aru shi ni…) I believe she continues to complain about this.

It seemed like 90% **tching about her being treated unfairly. I'm sorry I've never attempted to translate before and I found her Japanese really hard to understand for some reason.

Toward the end there is a lot of mention of parents and kids, but I didn't quite understand the context.

No. 397941


Also stolen from PULL:

Translation of Miranda's voicemail. I only listen through it twice because it's so cringy and sorry if there are typos and wrong translations.

I don't know why you are trying to get involved with me but can you stop e-mailing me? It's becoming a nuisance. I'm not trying to get into your business and I'm not interested in your private photos AT ALL. If it's not you then it must be someone from the hate forum just like you! it must be, right?! Everyone is making accounts on that hate forum to criticize me and they create a white knight account copying my spelling mistakes .Others are like "ohhh it must be Mira" and they just get hyped up about it. They are just trolling each other. Audio cut because it's 1 min voicemail

Normal people should be able to realize that youtubers are not interested in those kinds of websites, no need to go on those websites, and no need to argue with people using those websites. Audio Cut

The reason is because the haters are criticizing me and also creates rumors about me. I have NEVER in my life created a sock-puppet account and NEVER created an account for those kind of websites. To put it simply, I don't want to give those websites my personal e-mail and I don't have the time to create a fake account and even talk to you lol! Audio Cut

The reason why I'm speaking in Japanese is like I said before, you guys say "OH, Mira's Japanese sucks". If you guys think my Japanese sucks why don't you speak it? Huh, you guys can't lol! Haters always say " her Japanese is bad" and criticize me but in reality, the haters are the ones who can't speak Japanese at all. I even mentioned in a video but the haters can't even speak Japanese and they are trying to bully me because they have no self-confidence. Audio Cut

I'm not criticizing people who can't speak Japanese well but I don't understand why these people are criticizing others. Audio Cut

It was the same for a woman who created multiple accounts to talk to me about my visa status. When I answered her questions, she seems to not understand my answers and it was really frustrating! I already answered! I'm permanent residence, end of story. That should be the end but those people are still creating multiple accounts saying "but Mira is…. blah blah…". Well, why don't you guys say that to Legal Affairs Bureau or Ministry of Justice. I don't have the time to argue. Audio Cut

They make multiple accounts and I block them every time and they go over to the hate forum to say "oh I found this comment". That's a lie, they didn't find it, they found it because they are the one writing it. They always say it like they "found" it but the haters are….Audio Cut

Even among the haters, the hates are not confident enough to say it out loud but instead comment in the back… I don't know but it's the hater's world. Haters just create rumors and spread them across the internet and on top of that criticize people. When the conversation becomes boring, they make an account saying "don't criticize Mira!!!!" and everyone thinks it Mira and say " oh it's Mira, she's so crazy". It's just the haters creating multiple accounts. So if you really think…. Audio Cut

Because you're involved in those hate forum, they are getting into your head and if you really have a stalker like you said, it must be someone from the hate forum. It's the same for the second woman, but I messaged her parents that your daughter is on the internet trying to get my personal information and spreading rumors about me. That is the truth and I wasn't trying to stalk her but I needed to stop her and the message was asking to stop her. If I had a kid and the other kid …… Audio Cut

It's the same in school but if I had a kid and the other kid punched my kid, then telling their parent is the only way. Audio Cut

There is a 1 min limit so the conversation may be cut out but if you can't reply back in Japanese then I will be blocking you. I don't want to spend my time on people like you. Before you criticize my Japanese, why don't you speak Japanese??? I have videos covering this topic so if you forget what I said, watch that video again and again. Audio Cut

(In English) I'm a little bit confused why you are online judging my Japanese to be slower if you can't actually understand it. Audio Cut

Maybe you shouldn't be joining into judging people online for the language skills when you don't actually know it. Sorry if my voice sounds weird, I'm drunk right now. I'm drunk right now hanging out with other youtubers not sitting online hating on other people like the people on the website that you associate with. Audio Cut

No. 397973

Jesus. She is really running with that "Girls at PULL made all of the accounts to frame me and they're actually fighting with each other." lie! So not only do the accounts write, misspell and pontificate just like her years, they register accounts with her email address from her own website and they have access to personal information only she would know? Only herself or someone very close to her could do that.

No. 398075

12 voicemails in a row, back to back, to the same person.

Jesus, what a fucking psychopath. This is the same kind of shit she did to Rody (by her own admission). And she can't figure out why people run from her ass

No. 398165

File: 1497742565679.png (184.02 KB, 815x462, 594543aa96367__(79).thumb.png.…)

Heh. She's in Osaka….. On her Instagram she's following a temporary employment agency that introduces people to Kyabakura jobs in Osaka.


No. 398217

Figures. It has always been suspected that she supplements income with mizushoubai work. That would explain how she sporadically gets large sums of money from "fans" to buy luxury items despite her unimpressive viewer count.

No. 398234

this girl is so fucking despicable. weren't the people from 2ch planning to get her deported?

No. 398237


I wish they'd hurry up on that. It's really amazing how something as simple as showing people around Japan inspires so much BS.

No. 398626

File: 1497884369881.png (92.21 KB, 630x736, lola.png)

Did anyone notice her info is open to public

No. 398651


KEK. Well, she's not very bright.

No. 398660

hahaha, I've walked past that.

No. 398700


You should pop in and tell Carolina "hi" from us all.

No. 398701

File: 1497900898895.png (321.68 KB, 853x877, lola1.png)


Yup, wide open.

No. 398725

File: 1497903945055.png (Spoiler Image, 743.13 KB, 604x602, Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 4.18…)

so kawaii

No. 398792

Mira should help her with her Japanese. 住んでいますの方… how long has this woman lived in Japan now?

No. 398803


Jesus, her body has absolutely no shape. You coulput that outfit and a wig on a 2x4 and there wouldn't be a difference.

No. 398919

>Mira should help her with her Japanese.
and that would help… how? lmao

No. 398956

File: 1497961425601.png (448.55 KB, 640x700, liar.png)

Well, look who has a patreon. It's Ms. "Everyone who uses Patreon are liars and thieves".

But, of course, because she did it, "it's different". https://www.patreon.com/mirarodi3

No. 398958


Vidme link for her inevitably removing her previous Patreon video and to not get her views:

No. 398972


People should do like they did to Onision. Sign up, pledge an amount and pull it just before it charges or get a pre-paid Visa gift card with no money on it and enter that as you CC. and it will just void it when there isn't any money on it.

She'd probably freak out even more than Onision does. Then you could repost her "private" Twitter and blog stuff.

Not sure if she could be as quick with the Twitter block button if she is accepting payment for access.

No. 399018


Just keeps getting sadder. I hear Mira lurks on here so I'll just say this:

Honey, give it up already.

As for Rodi, I'd say I'd be sad, but I knew as soon as I saw his video about what Mira was up to that it was all going to end up this way.

These people literally have lives others would KILL for and they waste them doing this transparent shit.

What is it about Japan that inspires such idiocy? What other country in the world mindfucks people this much?

No. 399058

So did Mira literally bribe her way back into Rodi's good grace again? If that's the case I don't feel bad for him at all at this point.

No. 399522

Maybe she said stuff like she is going to kill herself again

No. 399570

The cheapest membership tier is $10. Damn, not even hobos ask for that much! What's wrong, Mira? Running outta sugar daddies??

I'm starting to not trust Rodi, yet he doesn't seem like a bad person. I don't subscribe to that 'tell me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who you are' nonsense. I assume that maybe for him she's just a fun person to be around and might think it's a waste to give up his long-time friendship with her.

No. 399619


Well, considering that she miraculously found all of the footage from her Kagoshima trip on her pc. Footage that she claimed 1) was on the camera's internal memory, not an SD card, 2) she had not transferred to her pc (see her non-apology vid to Rodi).

Yet, as stated she "found" video that she never transferred to her pc on her pc.

Gods be praised it's a miracle!
This was all a bullshit setup to get view/patreon money

No. 400083

>She has mentioned before that when she went back to Canada she was unable to understand the culture so if she was able to explain this to the immigration I'm sure they would allow her to stay.

I don't keep up, but somehow you are more stupid every time I see you. It is almost impressive.

No. 400145

In a bit of fun. Jun of "Rachel and Jun" got a shout out from Phillip DeFranco.

I only mention it because of Miranda's desperate and sad attempts to get Phillip Sempai to notice her. (Ass kissing in the comments for over a year. Not even a response)

Then for them to get mentioned in one of his vids probably sent her into fits..

Comment at: 6:12

No. 400168

I died when I saw Phil-sama's shout-out to Jun, for that must have hurt Mira's ego SO much. Jun does things for fun, not living for YouTube. Whereas Mira CLAIMS she can buy Louis Vuitton handbags?! Yeah, Chinese style LV. Good on Jun, and good deal he got on that amazing knife!

No. 400200

It does sound stupid. As if immigration is going to believe a bumbling foreigner or take pity that they suddenly "forgot" their own culture they were raised in. In fact they might try to get her out faster if she is so mentally disabled she forgot a whole lifetime in just half a decade.

It must suck for her. She doesn't fit in anywhere. She didn't fit in growing up in Canada because she was a high school punk weeb who hated everyone. Now she doesn't fit in Japan and has to hang out with the foreigners she shit talks.

No. 400280

What makes it impossible to tell is if they gave her the PR visa so soon, then divorced visa-kun 2.0 because there is no way she'd be still there AND single (if she is seeing that Swedish guy – we don't know).

I can get the vibe 100% she had no friends or was that chick who had her fake clique that all abandoned her or they all left school the same time (or got pregnant). Who the fuck knows, but I can tell she went to Japan, got TONS of compliments JUST because she is a white woman (that happens to even below average lookers going to Japan), her ego was boosted without the understanding of what was going on and then stayed thinking she is a god.

People didn't like her in Canada for her shitty personality – not like her looks was bringing all the boy to the yard — ahem….

So she went and made a new one, but she forgets that she has to CHANGE her behaviour or it will follow her like it has in Japan. Which is why you don't see her with Japanese people because she does not BEHAVE like a Japanese person, or what Japanese people find comfortable. She's too loud, too opinionated, massive ego, unlady-like, and KY.

She cannot hold onto a Japanese guy or friends because she's too めんどくさい. So there she is, trying to be the "exotic" foreigner, unable to change her destructive behaviours because she ran from her problems home rather than FIX them. And it is catching up to her, for everyone to see.

//rant off

No. 400383

I saw people on FaceBook saying a Jun video was trending. Miranda must be so salty.

No. 401041

Her and Rodi are married. Trust me on this one. They are hiding it. They are for sure married.

No. 401050

File: 1498195106961.gif (1.83 MB, 320x240, I-dont-believe-you.gif)

>trust me on this one
Receipts booboo, or gtfo

No. 401085

I don't have solid proof. He has slept at her house. She has slept at his. The way they act. It is no way it's not just friends. Men and women can't be that close and not want to fuck. They are keeping it private so the fans get a rise out of it. Probably don't have enough money for wedding and are saving that. Mira always does live shows with a sheet covering the background. In Rodis live show people asked him to spin the camera. He refused. Isn't it obvious? They both live together. Rodi made that video and spilled the tea with her "boyfriends" name on purpose. He could have edited it out. Isn't it fishy how suddenly this boy friend identity comes out of nowhere? In the live someone asked him if he will marry Mira and he smiled, laughed and said "awkward moment". He got defensive when people were calling her names in the comments. He is Muslim. If they are married he won't boast about it online or boast about how sexy she is because he would value her as a person. There's no doubt that he is the one who is giving her a visa.

No. 401096

>Men and women can't be that close and not want to fuck.

"I'm a skank with no self-control, therefore everyone else is too!"

Man, your boyfriends must hate you. You probably get jealous if they even interact with their female family members too much.

No. 401147

File: 1498222215449.jpg (101.62 KB, 368x645, RIJT.jpg.8abeef1b1993ace04c5f0…)

Well, Rodi and Miranada got busted lying again. (Shocking, I know..)

Both of the, during their "fight" said they had been "Best friend for 4 years". There was this comment from Rodi on one of Victor's (Gimmeabreakman) videos about the Miranda/Sharla thing.

Comment date July 3, 2014.

If you read it, he doesn't know her personally. He only knows her from her vids and "Unsubscribed" to her due to her idiocy.

That will be exactly 3 years in a couple of weeks. They couldn't even keep the story straight for their sob story.

No. 401155

>>>>No. 401147
What I'm beginning to suspect is that it really isn't Miranda using him, but in fact, it is Rodi using her for dem views doh. Why else would he forgive her so soon? If he is, he is finally giving her what she had done to Sharla for years. OH how I hope I am right because it makes SO MUCH SENSE!

No. 401159


In his "TRUTH about Kanadajin3" vid he flat-out said that he initially only started hanging out with her for views/subs.

So, not out of the realm of possibility.

No. 401187


Whatever happened to getting views from simply showing people around Japan? smdfh

No. 401217

Isn't his YouTube name Rodi considering that's the correct spelling of his name? Is this really him ?

No. 401271

File: 1498244588588.jpg (180.33 KB, 1563x764, header.jpg)


Yeah, it's really him. He used to spell it that way. Still has it like that in his header

No. 401276

File: 1498245508213.jpg (42.45 KB, 1267x278, 1.jpg)


And before anyone asks, yes, you can change it on Youtube See Example here and next

No. 401277

File: 1498245527863.jpg (50.03 KB, 1268x313, 2.jpg)


And changed

No. 401302

Wow! "A day in a car IN JAPAN" Seriously..

https://vid.me/CKYf Vidme link.​

No. 401364


No. 401365

File: 1498256155317.png (198.82 KB, 407x427, Screen Shot 0029-06-23 at 7.44…)


No. 401366

She's a less cute, physically challenged Donkey – and that's an insult to the donkey. Sorry donkeys.

No. 401378

Take a look into the jvlogger thread. It's not only still trending but also viral and currently has close to 9 million views. It must be eating her alive.

No. 401392

File: 1498262021545.jpg (24.14 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 401398

Now come on, that's taking it a bit far….


He's not THAT bad ;) HAH who am I kidding?!

No. 401411


Like the old saying "she could eat corn on the cob through a picket fence"

No. 401414

….and by about 2 feet

No. 401433

File: 1498269674037.png (Spoiler Image, 597.91 KB, 988x948, Mira.png)

kawaii ne?

No. 401435


I applaud you anon. That is some quality work there.

No. 401437

I've never seen anyone this ugly good lord.
Mira, you do not belong in the public eye.

No. 401439

I think this is cuter than Miranda, and I threw up a little in my mouth ;)

No. 401458

Thank you. Believe it or not even I think she's cuter than dick-butt. Here's the original(NSFW):


No. 401484

>floating head of self next to background image of self

it's trash

No. 401507

A thing of pure beauty right here, I thank you for that work of art that came of this ;)

No. 401597

RODY KISSES MIRA IN HIS LIVE! Quick! Get a screen shot before he deletes it!

No. 401598

They refused to ask questions if they are married without us paying. It's confirmed. What other reason would he kiss her. If he was uncomfortable he wouldn't.

No. 401599

lol maybe their patreon is for the showy wedding

No. 401601

I thought she was with some Swedish dude?

No. 401603

The Swede thought so too.

No. 401604


But how could someone stand such an insufferable cunt who looks like the dude from The Goonies

No. 401608

Your logic is bad and you should feel bad. This is the equivalent of saying "Mira wears pants in some of her video. TRANS MIRA CONFIRMED."

No. 401627

Hi everybody! I know I'm not the only dangerhair here, and I'm in a bit of a pickle. I bleached + dyed my hair magenta (using Punky Colour) a few months back and I was just gonna let it wash out on its own but it doesn't seem to be doing it as quickly as I had wanted. Are there any home remedies to getting it out I haven't heard of*, or should I go with the professional approach? Or should I just wait longer? Or just bleach it again?

It's about half washed out, half pink still. I need it 100% out because I'm going to do it yellow by the end of the summer. Thanks in advance laydees

*I tried mixing vitamin C powder with my shampoo and leaving it for a few hours because I saw it on YouTube. It didn't work as well as I would have liked, but a lot of color came out, but I used Emergen-C (I don't know if that was what I was supposed to use) and only did it once.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 401628


I'm downloading it now, will post as soon as I re-upload. If you notice. Mira steps away to "tweet" and every time she does, a "donation" comes in,

When the "Give Mira a kiss" request comes in, Rodi takes her phone away.

Also, the one Requesting the kiss is the "norwegian guy" that does nothing but talk about how great Mira is, and like all her vids and was the one who supposed pledge the $120 to the Patreon.

Plus, he tipped 20 Norwegian krone for the kiss, which is a little more than $2 U.S.

No. 401629


I'm downloading it now, will post as soon as I re-upload. If you notice. Mira steps away to "tweet" and every time she does, a "donation" comes in,

When the "Give Mira a kiss" request comes in, Rodi takes her phone away.

Also, the one Requesting the kiss is the "norwegian guy" that does nothing but talk about how great Mira is, and like all her vids and was the one who supposed pledge the $120 to the Patreon.

Plus, he tipped 20 Norwegian krone for the kiss, which is a little more than $2 U.S.

No. 401739

Vidme of the live stream. Seriously, watch, they only get tips when Miranda steps away with her phone.


No. 401753

File: 1498336097069.png (434.92 KB, 815x543, wtfmlmao.thumb.png.008114f6a10…)

Anyone want to place bet on how long it will be before Miranda just becomes a camwhore?

No. 401754

Rodi smelt Mira's feet, they're live now

No. 401757

TBH if she did such horrible things to him and other people why is Rodi acting like nothing has happened?

No. 401763

No. 401952

File: 1498368481582.jpg (5.2 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_1969.JPG)

The money shot.

No. 401954

My brain cannot comprehend the levil of ugly that she is. She looks like a female Brian Peppers.

No. 401955

It's just a fucking kiss on the cheek.

No. 401957

I wish we could see what her skull looks like for science.

No. 401960

Look at how he's kissing her. On the cheek, like a family member. His entire body is as far away from her as he can manage, and he's craning his neck to even barely get his lips close enough.

And still, she grins like a gargoyle, like she's won something.

No. 401961

The moment she stops getting side money from her hostess jobs or whatever.

No. 401985

File: 1498377192249.jpg (815.95 KB, 1342x1550, 3985410.jpg)

A rough approximation

No. 401987

Rodi, are you being held a hostage? Blink three times in the next broadcast if you need rescue.

I thought he was a total asshole for going back to her, but there is another uncomfortable feeling about this. I really wonder what she said to him to get him to return. It can't be just about money and subscribers.

No. 402040


Though, if you notice, he always has a male friend/relative with them now. Like a Chaperone. (This past live, the Car video, etc.)

He won't be alone with her in private.

(Side note, after a week and tons of begging, they have a total of 5 patrons and $158 pledged. $120 of which is suspect)

No. 402059

Maybe she threatened to kill herself? Idk

No. 402074

the beginning is already hilarious af
>where are all the people at… I tweeted it out… ?
top kek

No. 402075

>Rodi, are you being held a hostage? Blink three times in the next broadcast if you need rescue.
top fucking kek
>Maybe she threatened to kill herself? Idk
ding ding DING JACKPOT

No. 402083

It honestly wouldn't surprise me, she's fucking crazy

No. 402086

dude, that sucks! rodi if you're reading this: forget about her! go buddy up with another J-vlogger if you need views. no one should be made to feel guilty over a suicide. that's her decision. leave that toxic mess!

No. 402090

Exactly! Like I can understand if he feels bad because no one likes her and she's lonely but if she's seriously doing that she doesn't deserve any friends, I'm not sure if this is true but I feel like I've seen her do this before on PULL, and considering Rodi's culture, forcing that kind of personal shit on him is so inconsiderate, she really has no thought for other people

No. 402193


Yes she has threatenec suicide before. It's well document. Unrested fell for it, beca0use he has had loved ones commit suicide. She then sent screenshots to friends laughing about how he fell for it.

She is an amoral piece of shit.

No. 402235

She just does not have an ounce of self-respect, no good man is attracted to women who have no self-respect. She looks like and behaves like a slut, not marriage material, only fuck and leave. Good guys see her as NOPE, she's almost 30 and still has nothing to offer other than sex. She has NO clue this is online FOREVER and it will haunt her FOREVER!!

No. 402333

I really think that could be it. She's so rotten, but if he isn't actually a shithead himself, then maybe he has an intense fear that she will actually do it and it would be his fault. They've had 4(?) years together and he has probably seen her during many emotional crying fits, drunken threats and paranoid proclamations.

The only other possible scenario I thought of would be her having evidence of him helping to make sockpuppets, though I admit that's reaching.

Thank you guys for bringing attention to the fact that he has chaperones with him in every recent appearance. That changes my perspective a lot, even though I wish Rodi could open his eyes and realize he is not responsible for her behavior. I get the feeling maybe Rodi has experienced depression or very low points in his own life, and like Scott, he is vulnerable.

No. 402336

she looks like a sentient squash.

No. 402631

File: 1498537100204.jpg (306.32 KB, 1236x1777, jMiPj5c.jpg)

More Islam talk and obsessive PULL-browsing from Mira. Now she is insinuating that she is reading the Koran and ready to convert. If she promised to convert to Islam, could this be a reason Rodi let her back into his life?

I for one support Mira in a full niqab, never to view her grotesque and exaggerated facial expressions ever again.

No. 403208

File: 1498633328928.png (153.37 KB, 1242x654, IMG_1002.PNG)

It really does seem like she converted to Islam. And she wrote the word dua in her tweet, which means prayer in arabic (I think)

No. 403247

File: 1498649786728.png (141.92 KB, 750x1111, IMG_6743.PNG)


She's making $158 a month on this. Some desperate ass dude is donating $120 a month for her ~most exclusive~ package.

No. 403250

Oh, no. She hasn't converted and never will. She just wants to make everyone think that she may. The oppressed "white Japanese" identity didn't work out, so now she wants to be part of the oppressed minority du jour, Muslims.

And let's face it. She will never give up alcohol.

No. 403251

Yeah, no. She's about as Muslim as those asshole soccer moms who shriek about having celiac disease while munching on the free bread at a restaurant. Learning a few words does not conversion make.

No. 403260

Let's hope she will make vacation in Saudi Arabia. Knowing her obnoxiousness she will get stoned to death a week in for sleeping with a married guy. no doubt about it.

No. 403310

Homuhgod this can't be real.
So I guess she's a muslismaboo now? Islamaboo? Let's face it this probs wouldn't happen if Lohdi didn't exist in her life. Waiting for hijab selfies.

No. 403328


Yeah, and he is suspicious as fuck. He's a Norwegian that up until 3 years or so ago, posted normal stuff. Then he went dormant for a couple of years and his account recently came back to life and does nothing but post "Likes" to Miranda's stuff and talk about how "awesome" she is. Nothing else.

No. 403330


Vidme link to her new vid. No drama, but worth some lulz for complete stupidity.

It's about Plant stores in Japan. She also informs us of these exotic tools called "rakes" and "brooms" that are popular in Japan. (Seriously, she actually says brooms are popular in Japan)

No. 403643

Pots are popular in japan too!
I have never seen a more useless video. Christ Miranda please just upload something interesting.

No. 403644

Maybe she's decided mundane as fuck facts are better than incredibly ignorant and wrong ones.

>lol i dont wear deodarant anymore, ppl in japan dont sweat!

No. 403806

File: 1498770929887.jpg (757.62 KB, 1720x911, 2017-06-29 23.15.17.jpg)

No. 403809

Should've done everyone a favor and gone for the full burqa instead.

No. 403812

Good idea

No. 403869

Let's see how long this lasts.

No. 403897

Converting to Islam is very easy actually so I do believe she legitimately has converted. Although she really doesn't have to wear a headscarf/be modest looking? I'm Muslim myself and have my hair out. Seems a bit extreme of her to change like that over a day.
Sage for blogpost-ish

No. 403901


Nothing wrong with converting to Islam/being Muslim provided that your intentions are pure.

Hers are not. She knows that she will never be Japanese (by naturalization or any other means) she is now just another foreigner in Japan. Nothing special.

Now, she has to move on to something else to make her "different" and "special".

Remember her "Insult Japan, insult me" bullshit video? She can't claim being "Japanese" now. Read that instagram, in the comments she's already started the "Insult my religion, insult me" crap (Her religion of 2 whole days.)

No. 403924

Im not surprised shes using religon this way. I bet shes breaking every single rule before the month is out.

No. 403937

This can´t be real it has to be photoshop.

No. 403950

will see when she next drinks

No. 403991

No, she has a hijab and some half-assed burqa that she bought for her supposed trip to the UAE

No. 403999

File: 1498797567807.jpg (234.51 KB, 1242x1607, 9hgxhno.jpg)

The last time she played dress up, she claimed she was still atheist! Has she mentioned Allah or belief in a single god at all? There was no transition period of becoming monotheist or her expressing a new theological view. It was just " Hey, guys! Look how much I like Islam! How about that visa, Rodi?" while having drinking parties with men who are not related to her and shaking her ass for for donations just weeks ago.

No. 404019

It's like they hit a perfectly good skull at random places with a hammer

No. 404044

converting to Muslim for attention and to get into a mans pants. This is so offensive

No. 404056

File: 1498811158289.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1920, 2017-06-30 08.10.33.png)

>converting to Muslim for attention and to get into a mans pants. This is so offensive
to whom? clearly not to you, since you dont even know the religion is called "islam" while followers of this religion are called muslims.

and no, not WK (nor muslim). that comment was just too ignorant and dumb to ignore.

saw that shit on twitter and came here to see if she finally lost her mind.
Im not really sure if it's (only) for followers.
She seems to really like to be provocative and to offend people and then be like "WAHT!? THIS IS ME AND MY LIFE" although it's only superficial. She seems to pick up and adopt the most offensive shit.

Let's hope she is dumb enough to joins ISIS and meets the same fate as other Women (and young girls) who joined it. Being stoned to death or shot because they tried fleeing the sex slavery.

No. 404057

File: 1498811184916.png (781.95 KB, 1080x1920, 2017-06-30 08.12.52.png)

what friend is she talking about anyway?

No. 404058

No. 404060

wait, what?
Rodi is muslim?

No. 404064

to see her eyebrows that close and in such a high quality gives me nightmares…

No. 404069

ok she's still wearing a sleeveless top, but i'm happy she's converted to Islam. I wonder if she took shahada at home or at a mosque though since there aren't many in Japan. Also I wonder how Japanese will react to a white Muslim since most Muslims there are usually Asian. She really doesn't need to wear hijab, but just dress modestly though.

No. 404071

If she is really into Saudi style Islam, then shouldn't she not have male friends?

No. 404082

>using 'modestly' and Miranda in one sentence
Are you okay, anon?

No. 404089

>alcohol isnt halal
>"sexy" dancing for donation money too
>Anal Queen
>at least not muslim-modest

nothing about her is modest or ever will be.
And that's just something Ive picked out from this thread (and three things I remembered from last thread)…

No. 404107

Yes, he has made a few videos about it. He is definitely one of the very moderate followers(I had a Pakistani Muslim friend who was also very liberal and loose like that, so it's not unusual), but he would not be around Mira and her friends when they drank. And although Rodi made a lot of dumb sexual jokes and references, he didn't like talking about his own sexuality or history. There were little things like that that he showed.

This is what I don't get. She got into this Islam obsession to impress Rodi but not only is Rodi moderate, hijab is not required in Pakistan and Rodi has never encouraged it. Not only that, the Pakistani girls that do wear hijab and/or abaya have freedom for very trendy and beautiful styles. Just why did Mira think Saudi style was better when she is the furthest thing from modest or devout? She's now claiming she only wears it during prayer but poses around with it like a Halloween costume.

No. 404265

I doubt she has even done the Shahada. If she even know what that is.

No. 404306

Wonder how good of "freinds" she'll stay with Tkyosam considering hims comments about Islam on his twitch stream he di with her at the beginning of the month.

Sam's opinion of Islam, the people who follow it and Islamic dress styles can be found at 04:48:12 into the archived video of the vacation telethon @ https://www.twitch.tv/videos/149170063 - Some of the better quotes:

04:48:12 "But I do think Islam is a bullshit religion."
04:48:17 "I think anyone practicing it is legitly [sic] a retard."
04:49:08 "Islam is a cancer."

No. 404380

File: 1498863488233.png (28.32 KB, 593x248, ab.png)

Curious to see if Tkyosam has the balls to reply(cowtipping, attention whoring)

No. 404517

File: 1498872879854.jpg (249.41 KB, 1242x1909, auUwk9G.jpg)

Did you guys know that if you think Mira's sudden conversion to Islam is insincere and a desperate attention stunt, you are RACIST?

Everyone knows there are white Muslims and white converts. That's not the problem. This person never mentioned race and didn't criticize about Islam itself.

No. 404592

She posted a picture she drew of some birds with Islamic scripture on her IG.

If she wants to convert to Islam, and has got to the stage of converting where she is seriously wearing a hijab, maybe she should actually study the religion and realize in Islam it is forbidden to draw beings or animate creatures, let alone portray them alongside Islamic scripture.


No. 404698


She needs to make that trip to the UAE/KSA stat.

Maybe that will finally wake her up. If it doesn't, then nothing will.

No. 404706

If tis doesn't get her in his pants and she leaves islam does she realise the punishment for apostasy is death in her precious saudi

No. 404753


She drew the birds and the scripture apparently means 'God created you to be couples', as in husband and wife.

Strong trying to hint at Rodi. All of this is about snagging him, trying to convince him to be with her. The fuck is wrong with this psycho bitch.

No. 404758

She is too fucking stupid to realize hijabi is a choice and not auto being the perfect muslim waifu

No. 404799

Oh, shit. It's already gone. Think she'll try to draw anime-style Muhammad?

She tried and failed miserably to convince Japanese that she is one of them. If she thought criticism from 2ch was harsh, just wait until she experiences the wrath of hardline Muslims when she commits another faux pas concerning Islam. Japanese right wingers, who are mostly all talk and no bite, have nothing on a religious fanatic who fears no earthly law.

No. 404801

it's only gone cause shes reading here, get real anon

did anyone save it, i kinda wanna see

No. 404803


so is she gonna be moving to a muslim country now? not kawaii enough to be in Japan so she turns to covering up her body. can't wait for her to use her new "religion" as an excuse for stupid shit

No. 404804

ironically throwing away japan to stay in japan

No. 404807

File: 1498905285761.png (879.96 KB, 1148x747, k34783447.png)


It's not gone as far as I can see, unless i have the wrong thing somehow

No. 404821

Oh my god…. she's obviously only doing this because she's fucking obsessed with Rodi, and probably though converting to his religion he'll forgive her (and it worked), and eventually marry her.

No. 404906

shes still a dumb bitch, but the birds are cute

No. 405006

Woah wtf??? You can't draw in Islam??(sorry, artist anon here) Anyway I give her Islam phase about…..2 months at most. She seems to still be in the process of finding herself by conforming to groups. I hope she finds her true self soon. Love yourself and be kind to others Mira, you'll go far.

No. 405013


Can't draw living things (thing s with a soul. people, animals,etc) landscapes, still life, etc is fine

No. 405019

Islam isn't a race, tho. Mira's followers confirmed for being as stupid as she is.

No. 405289

Muslim scholars have differing interpretations about that and most Islamic countries are not strict with it. Even Saudi Arabian clerics bitching about comic books being evil couldn't stop a Jeddah Comic Con from happening. However, they all agree that is depictions of Allah, Muhammad and representations of idoltry are haram. These days, there are many cartoons, illustrated books and comics by Muslim artists.

Inspirational quotes from the Qur-an with illustrations of birds or nature are pretty common.

I'm not trying to white knight the faker here, but she at least won't be stoned to death for something like this. I'm pretty sure she will more get in trouble with inappropriate sexual behavior or adultry soon. I really wonder if she has had a consultation with an imam and if they could discover her creepy motives.

No. 405399

Hello. Did anyone see their live stream? Mira kept covering her body with her scarf. At one point she asked Rodi if she could have permission to take it off when they wrestle. He kept choking her. Do you think this is S AND M or has he become a abusive Islamic man? Does anyone have a copy of those video because he seems to delete his live show RIGHT after it is finished.

No. 405408

>>Do you think this is S AND M or has he become a abusive Islamic man?

Nah. Rodi ranks between "dumb" and "bland". He's gotten caught up in Hurricane Miranda, and like so many before him, he doesn't know how to get out of an abusive relationship.

No. 405409

File: 1498988865065.jpg (115.33 KB, 1242x1315, 5jPfBEk.jpg)

Not only is she terrible with idioms and slang, she can't post a famous quote correctly.
It's "You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."

Anyway, what the Hell happened to that boyfriend Swedish Simon? There's no way he should still be with her given her dangerous infatuation with Rodi, but she has managed to string a few sad guys along for a while before.

No. 405422

File: 1498992287420.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1920, 2017-07-02 05.36.26.png)

I actually support her converting to islam. With Hijab and sunglasses she actually looks less hideous.

No. 405424

She probaby translated it then spit out the gibberish to look more "authentic".

No. 405434

Are you kidding? I used to think anyone could pull off a Hijab, because of how they smooth your face shape, but her bone structure is so fucked she still looks like a lumpy mess. Even with the Hijab! She's either doing it wrong, or there's no hope.

No. 405449

Unless Turkish form, she should not have ANY hair showing. It is not good upon the eyes of Islamic Allah. It is haram.

I bet she eats pork on the weekends.

No. 405496

Makeup is also haram

No. 405530

Wearing kohl eyeliner is not haram, both males and females may wear it so long as it does not draw attention. It is permissible to wear makeup for your husband, not public eye.
But she brings gunnah among herself.

No. 405545


What the fresh hell is going on with her left (our right) eye? Am i seeing it wrong? Why does it look like that eye is rolled up like that? Is she meant to be rolling her eyes or is her left eye trying to escape?

No. 405551

I'm pretty sure it's her eyelashes all clumped to hell, but I thought the same thing.

No. 405567

Several generations of inbreeding?

No. 405832

Let me see if I have the Evolution of Mira's identities correct.

>Backwoods, free-roaming, barefoot Huckleberry Finn whose family hunted their own food/lacked modern necessities.

>Crusty, school-skipping, vandalizing punk rocker.
>Dabbled in her bf's nerdy programmer's circle and got into Pokémon until she abruptly decides she is a raver kandy kid.
>Raver phase lasts a hot minute. Weeaboo wins.
>Leaves Canadian hapa and finds a full-blood Japanese guy.
>Begins transition to gyaru and wears a dead animal on her head.
>Fails to gain gaijin gyaru friends and Japanese kyabajou don't give a shit about her.
>Appeals to netouyo and espouses right-wing, nationalist views despite being a plain white girl who has only lived there a few years.
>Tries to impress the next visa husband with her traditional Japanese waifu fetish. Still can't cook.
>Becomes so "white Japanese" that her ethnicity has changed without having any family ties or upbringing in Japan.
>Paints skin black, wears garish clothing for a week and declares there is no racism against black people in Japan.
>Pseudo-Tumblr Mira takes over. "We are all =(equal). You're just racist against white people."
>Need Rodi dick and visa. "The more I learn about Allah the more I want to know." Hijab is merely for selfies.

Except for her feral child era, was every change in identity influenced by who she was dating at the time? Mirroring each boyfriend or new friend?

No. 405834

Oops. I think I should have listed Black Hooker Mira before True Nihonjin Mira.

No. 405866

>was every change in identity influenced by who she was dating at the time?

Yes, except her blackface week.

No. 405879

File: 1499058810185.jpg (344.45 KB, 1242x1272, dMRugNf.jpg)

Count them all!
>They are disrespecting
>Their disrespecting
>They're disrespecting

How is that possible?!

I have seen others notice this too, which is common with women with certain personality disorders. They latch on to a new partner or desired person and mold their identity around them. I knew a girl just like that who I witnessed go through three big, boyfriend-related identity changes in just a few years.

Mira also had the Swedish phase for a bit but she seems to have ditched that interest completely. Mira, are you going to randomly post Swedish on your Twitter to prove me wrong?

No. 405975

She finally found the perfect shield: islam.

No. 406334

Anonymous now No. 406331
Why is Mira reading from an English language Qur'an instead of a Japanese one? Isn't she more Japanese than Japanese? It's not like she should have trouble reading at native Japanese level. Kek

Mira continues to publicly pine for Rodi's Muslim, non-interested D with more creepy posts about love and half-baked attempts at philosophical quotes. I guess having no job leaves her with a lot of free time to smear shit on the walls of her apartment.

No. 406406

there is hope she converts as much as going for a burqa. (ʘ‿ʘ)

No. 406407

whispers bless you anon

No. 406408

oh god, miranda constable… never change.
for thou may keep us our daily milk flowing..

No. 406572

File: 1499201211798.png (190.31 KB, 586x431, rodi.png)

Still wanting that Rodi peen.

No. 406805

Yeah no. If you truly love someone, all you want is for them to be happy, even if it means they're happy without you around. Grow the fuck up, Mira.

No. 406807

mira just proving shes trash tbh

No. 406877

File: 1499276302961.png (190.15 KB, 815x525, bruh.thumb.png.724cef0f851aab3…)

Looks like Rodi is finally realizing the truth

No. 406887

File: 1499277430708.png (20.98 KB, 630x252, bullshit.png)

And right on schedule, here we go with this bullshit again.

Come on Miranda, at least change things up every now and again. Don't be so pathetically predictable.

No. 406889

lol is dat some suicide threat or what

rip joint patreon

No. 406896

File: 1499278196494.jpg (2 MB, 1000x1333, IMG_0147.JPG)

That's so dumb. I'm glad I'm not religious. Does anyone remember Bunny Alexander? She converted to Islam for a while…Mira should get tips from her

No. 406897

islam is too last week. if only mira covered her arms, rodi would love her

No. 406957

wellp, i feel like this is proof enough that she used suicide to get rodi back the first time..

No. 406960

Those fucking photoshop eyelashes, Jesus Christ. Can't wait for this train wreck

No. 406974

File: 1499285477457.png (31.93 KB, 622x321, bm.png)

Well, The milk is coming.

First Mira posted the suicide BS and then this.
(Apologies, this will take a couple of post for all the screenshots)

No. 406977


The blackmail being referred to is this new video Rodi posted. Which he has this written in the description:

>I will upload the uncensored version and the full video,which contains every single detail, if you make any false allegations. Screen shots are taken on 4/7/2017.

No. 406982

File: 1499285748796.png (170.14 KB, 1080x823, IMG_20170705_222843.png.8a194a…)


And then he posted this in the comments.

In the video, after he says "Because I have a Girlfriend and you" The audio is muted. Which is most likely to "censored" part he was referring to.

No. 406984



No. 406991

>her face when he says "i have a girlfriend (_____)"

No. 407000


Audio isnt totally muted. Its just very quiet. Still can't understand what is being said though, volume on my laptop sucks. Someone else might be able to figure it out though

No. 407021

Fuck I am cringing so hard. It sounds like Rodi tried really hard not to come out and say it (probably bc he knows that she didn't want it public, maybe he didn't either), so his last resort was to say "no, because we're both committed to something…" and then when Mira tried to say they are both committed to god, he gave it up and just came right out and said he has a gf.

Side note, I know you can convert to Islam and all that jazz, but this just seems so fucked up on Mira's part. When she is trying so hard to relate to Rodi like "oh we are both Muslim! we are both committed to god!", bitch you have been committed to god and Muslim for like two days…it's so painfully obviously a cringeworthy play for Rodi's attention. Ew.

No. 407024

I'm hearing "I have a girlfriend and… I have a wife and a…" "No."

No. 407030

File: 1499289937762.png (106.16 KB, 316x500, IMG_20170705_230853.thumb.png.…)

Oh man, the milk just keeps flowing.

A "Friend" or Miranda hacked into her account to post that she couldn't get in touch with her (trying to imply suicide).

Which, as usual, was bullshit.

No. 407031

File: 1499289967956.png (88.73 KB, 315x500, IMG_20170705_230916.thumb.png.…)

No. 407034


Yeah, The whole "friend" hacked into her account stuff is middle-school level attention seeking. She did it. To gain sympathy and to send her deluded followers to brigade his channel/instagram/etc.

No. 407035

File: 1499290408663.jpg (230.81 KB, 1080x1920, hewasbleed.jpg)

How do so many cows not realise that faking/threatening suicide to manipulate people is a) always really fucking obvious, and b) not okay or acceptable in any situation ever? It's not like it's that difficult of a concept to understand.

"IF HE HURTS HER!" well, tbh Definitely Not Mira-chan, if Mira did kill herself because Rodi has a girlfriend, it would have nothing to do with Rodi. He didn't hurt her. He's not responsible for her mental health. How Mira thinks this will make Rodi like her again is beyond me.

No. 407036

File: 1499290437212.jpg (52.51 KB, 500x385, mm.jpg)


Wish I could watch this with sound shiiiet

Milk's coming!

No. 407040

He definitely said "I have a wife"
So Rodi is married AND have girlfriend ?!

No. 407042

File: 1499290940448.png (504.54 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170705-165014.png…)


You have no idea how right you are.

No. 407043

wait wasn't she supposed to be totally suicidal and not in contact w people? ok mira.

No. 407044

Could be, or he could have got married recently and said "I have a girlfriend" and then corrected it?
No idea which. Either way, he is very awkwardly and obviously not into Mira. Lmao.

No. 407048

>sending a friend in taxi

She has a friend to send? Barely joking.

No. 407051

For real though, who are we supposed to think the "friend" who "broke into" her account and the "friend" in the taxi are?
She literally has zero friends now that Rodi has seen the light, and suddenly there are two people who care this much about her? Nah. Try to be more realistic Mira.

No. 407053

Right? Like TykoSam could even fit in a taxi.

No. 407060


Here's the part that Rodi "muted" made louder.

No. 407063

part of me wondered if he was meaning like a gf who he wants to make his wife/fiance because mira in her texts says "you can talk about her, future" so idk,… but hell if hes married than she looks even more crazy lmao

No. 407064

thanks anon.

for real. and it's very obvious from the way he's talking that she knew all this and was going after that dick. it makes her look really fucking terrible. like worse than usual lmao.

No. 407065

also i was wondering why the fuck they filmed this cause its weird, but i bet you it was his way of making sure she didn't back out of her promise to him or whatever that she wouldn't pursue him… like wait, say it on film so i know you mean it and have proof there is no misunderstandings…. actually, pretty clever of him to do.

No. 407066

Sage for tinfoil hat and going way too deep into this.

To me it sounds like he says "I have a life, and…but…"
So the full sentence would be "No, because I have a girlfriend, I have a life, and…but…"
He is obviously very flustered in this exchange. It sounds like he is trying to steer Mira away from this whole dating talk, which makes sense, as he's made his position very clear, and now she is pushing it again.

Before this he says they both have "commitments", which Mira tries to turn into commitments to god, but Rody quickly corrects to him having a girlfriend and a life.

I think that she wanted too much from him in terms of time and effort, when he was dating someone else. She very obviously (and embarrassingly) wanted to be more than his friend, and I think she demanded too much of his time and resources were spent with her. He's saying that he has other commitments that come before her and he always will. She tries to turn that into a cutesy "teehee yeah we both are super Muslim!" thing and he shuts it down.

That being said, I can't see why he would have bothered to "mute" it if he just said he has a life. Perhaps he thought it was too harsh or something. But yeah, that's where this theory falls down.

No. 407070

ppl on yt comments are saying rodi is in trouble with his woman cause of dumbass mira, so thats why it was recorded

No. 407071

that deeeefff makes more sense, hence the "im in love with rodi, hes not inlove with me" and the "please stop" thought it was kind of weird, like i didnt think fans were harrassing them… but if its for his woman it makes sense.

No. 407077

wouldn't it make more sense to record it in Japanese if it was for Rodi's gf/wife (assuming she's Japanese?) the "please stop" part makes it seem like its for her fans or something, since so many ship their relationship.

No. 407079

Jesus, yeah. If my husband was hanging around with a woman who so blatantly disrespected our relationship and was all over him all the time in public I'd be really unhappy too. ESpecially as he seems to be keeping his relationship status deliberately ambiguous up to now.
Mira is such a nice attention hungry cow, trying to ruin her best friend's relationship just because she can't handle being around a man who doesn't want her at all.

No. 407083

File: 1499296170584.png (87.99 KB, 844x638, JqBN6KH.png)

Even Rodi has learned not to fall for her "suicide" bullshit.

No. 407084

Well, he /is/ Muslim…

No. 407085

when even your biggest enabler isn't buying it any more it's time to throw in the towel.

genuinely surprised any of her fans still fall for her shit.

No. 407087

I'm genuinely worried she might end up doing something. She's obviously doing it to try and guilt Rodi/get attention/play victim etc, but I'm worried that because it's not working, she'll flip and think "Fine, I'll show you" and do herself in

Friend of mine had to deal with a similar situation. A guy killed himself 'over her' when his threats of suicide didn't get her to continue dating him (she dumped him after the second date because he was being creepily obsessive). When his threats didn't work to get sympathy or whatever from her, he eventually wrote a suicide note blaming her for it, jumped off a building.

Mira it batshit insane enough

No. 407088

He should just call Jap 911 on her, but does Japan even care about this kind of thing?

No. 407089

Aside from the milk, would much of value be lost? She'd be the one losing everything, that choice is hers.

No. 407091

Japan has a forest dedicated to suicide. It's accepted most going in are not coming out.

No. 407092

I mostly mean how they don't seem to care about mental issues. Suicide only seems to be an issue when it effects others (delaying train etc)

No. 407098

there's a reason we get taught about the boy who cried wolf. she has faked it so many times that of course no one will believe her or sympathise with her.

her mental health is her own responsibility, and if she wanted help she should have thought about that before alienating all her friends and crying wolf over and over to guilt trip people into forgiving her shitty behavior.

funny how when she was making other people feel like shit and trying to ruin their careers she didn't give a single fuck about their feelings, but whenever she fucks up and whines about it everyone is supposed to come running.

she's trash and she has brought this indifference and solitude on herself.

No. 407101


Okay.. I'm still worried and don't want anyone to die. That said most likely this is just more crying wolf and she'll give up and be fine.

No. 407102

I don't think anyone flat out wishes her to die, just no one gives a fuck about her false crying anymore. So we all come off as a lot more flippant.

No. 407104

my feelings exactly. there's only so many times you can read this shit before you're desensitized to it. at this point it's just background noise.

No. 407105

I mean you gotta look at it in different directions not only is her heart broken but the person who broke her heart just exposed her desesperatness to the whole world. I can only imagine being in her shoes. She's probably really like regretting her life decisions and wants to back up but there ain't a rewind button in life. I do feel sorry for her. It's her fault for acting upon her feelings and following her heart instead of being smart and shutting up and cutting off rodi. She will get over it. It's like a bad break up at this point. Rodi didn't make it any easier…

No. 407106

Ugh pls ignore my spelling errors…

No. 407107

she'll get over it the next dick she finds and wants to fuck

No. 407108

Yeah, but she's reacting to it in the worst way possible. She's only going to cause herself more embarrassment.

She needs to just get off the internet for a while.

No. 407110

I have to admit, I would like to see her rebound..
Yeah i completely agree was bbeing really immature about it to begin with esp when she thought she could win rodi by converting to islam. It's clear she doesn't have much experience, self control or common sense.

No. 407111

rodi would too i bet, kek

so what happened to the sweed

No. 407112

File: 1499299383694.png (43.79 KB, 835x269, rodiwife.png)


Nope, that wasn't it.

No. 407113

NOW I AM ITCHING TO KNOW! What could it be?

No. 407114

This is so weird. Why didn't he just fully mute it? And why lie now when he should have listened back and heard how's clear it is?

No. 407116

I think the muted bit was him saying "and you have a husband" to Mira, not Rodi admitting to having a wife

No. 407119

wife = life anon is probably right
easy to mishear

No. 407121

File: 1499300091463.gif (3.37 MB, 480x270, 67y.gif)

I hope she makes a false allegations video

No. 407122


You know she will. Her ego will not let her just leave this alone.

No. 407123

God, I hope her first "post suicide" video is pure milk.

No. 407126

Maybe she'll just get rodi to take it down. Let's hope he doesn't flip flop again.

No. 407128

no doubt it will be.
the first videos after "suicide attempts" are always the milkiest.

remember the mess of an "apology" after the Rachel and Sharla drama? this next video is bound to be gold.
I'm betting on her saying Rodi lead her on and was so mean to her that he lead her to be suicidal!!!! and she is so thankful for her imaginary friends who saved her!!!

No. 407129

How I almost committed suicide IN JAPAN

No. 407133

私は日本でほとんど自殺した!! ☹☹

No. 407136

Thumbnail will be her ugly mug trying to look sad with a noose/knife emoji lmao IN JAPAN

No. 407141

wow, you really could set a clock after that.

No. 407146


Honest to god I have fucking BPD and she screams BPD to me - the constant identity changes related to the boyfriend she wants… It took me a lot of therapy to stop that behaviour and find my own identity. She does so many BPD-ish things. This girl genuinely needs therapy/help. sage for blogpost

No. 407151


she doesn't need a religion this girl needs serious psychiatric care, seriously

Although the religion may help, it's fucking insulting she's using islam for her own needs rather than actually wanting to know more about Allah

No. 407152

everything exists to further miras means

No. 407156

You're right about that, ask James Iha. On the 1:16 mark, I know he meant life but I swear he is literally saying WIFE.

BTW did Mira break up with Simon?? You would think at a time like this she would try going to him for comfort. I wonder if he found out she was cheating and broke up.

No. 407159

I would actually love to hear about therapy and psychiatric care in japan. That's a video that is worth watching.

No. 407162


Sage for entirely unrelated but I fucking love James Iha and it's so strange to see this youtube video here, what a nice surprise

No. 407168

this video is just so surreal to me. it shows her manipulation too… "I love him but he doesnt love me but the ONLY reason were not going to have sex is cause were religious "

No. 407169


I can say that it's pretty limited but it does exist. I've read scientific studies on BPD patients in Japan being compared to UK patients, for example. People I've spoken to have said it's extremely limited though. There's a lot of stigma. I'd watch it too but not from Mira… heck no

No. 407170

File: 1499302950469.gif (2.07 MB, 400x212, tenor.gif)

whispers thank you, Rodi… thank you… thank you thank you thank you… may Allah bless you …

No. 407171

let's not get derailed in this glorious milky moment, okay?

If someone has info on that: please open up a thread in OT about it, and you can link it here, but please.

contenance my anons, contenance.
let's not get caught up in something so banally.

No. 407179


sorry, tried to sage that shit but fair point

although it's a little baity of me because I want Mira to make that video and we get all the milk

No. 407195

We told you, Rodi! But you finally confirmed the truth. I wonder how much his girlfriend had seen of Rodi and Mira's online antics? Maybe she just recently saw the extent of Mira's activity and wanted to beat her ass. She must have been horrified.

He didn't lie. He wanted everyone to know that he has a girlfriend so there is no confusion. Don't forget that he has a girlfriend, possibly Muslim, and the Muslim community watching him and he could be a major trouble with them. The muted part is DEFINITELY about Mira's visa husband and possibly Swedish doormat boyfriend as well.

Swedish bf seems to disappeared completely…


Hahahaha! This is exactly her writing style. Sockpuppet Queen, never change.
The stupidity of her fans never ceases to amaze me. You know, if you feel your friend is in great danger, you contact the police. Yes, >>407088 , even in Japan they will do a wellness check and Japanese people do call the police/ambulance for help when someone is making serious threats. Obviously Mira's mystery hacker friends took their sweet time getting help to her, so they weren't that concerned.

I agree. I don't think it's possible for her NOT to have BPD. It's a textbook case. I just don't understand why her parents haven't brought her back home for care unless she gave them Hell and they couldn't handle her. It's disturbing that she says they watch her all of videos/live shows and her read posts.

No. 407201


>The muted part is DEFINITELY about Mira's visa husband

Yeah, I've been listening to the boosted audio several times now. He is saying "(something)husband."

Could be "nice husband, white husband". But I'm 99% positive it is husband.

No. 407204


I was gonna tinfoil about this earlier but didn't have the time, now it doesn't sound like tinfoil anymore LOL

He does say "we are both committed", after all.

And it's not "to God", as Mira said.

Yeah, Visa husband confirmed.

No. 407206

Wait, what? She has a husband AND a bf?

No. 407212

Good fucking call.
No wonder Mira is much more unhinged than if she just got rejected by a man she knew was unavailable.
Her precious Visa Husband just got exposed, and it's all her own fault. She had so many chances to stop hitting obnoxious Rodi and making him uncomfortable and trying to show them doing coupley things together. He told her not to, and she could have stopped any time.
Even last week when their friendship "ended" it seemed like Rodi was happy to move on without exposing her. She could have left it at that, but she needs the male attention so badly that she grovelled until he came back, then hit on him AGAIN and brought this shitstorm on herself. Hilariously poetic.

No. 407216

File: 1499306054160.png (38.57 KB, 503x527, status.png)

seems like no one posted this.

No. 407217

>not Allah


No. 407220

All of this would go away if she'd just leave the guy alone already.

No. 407222

Mira, your MO is pretending to be friends with people and then posting shit about them? Is it really that shocking that it happens?

You had plenty of chances to respect Rodi's boundaries and relationship and you consistently chose not to. How's that for "best friend" behavior?

No. 407231

>Action Bastard
>Annoying Bastard

how many channels is this old video on

No. 407244

What old video? Do you mean Rodi's first one busting her out?

If so, it's on about 5 on youtube, and 4 or 5 on vidme, some people saved it to their google drives, etc. It's everywhere.

No. 407251

File: 1499308316977.png (556.4 KB, 615x882, miramus.png)

Bet went won't be seeing this video any time soon.

No. 407253

File: 1499308533122.png (111.76 KB, 1070x747, Untitled.png)

Swedish bf simultaneously making valid points while proving he is a doormat by defending Mira…you know the one who played him…I mean he clearly knows Mira cheated since he read Rodi's comment.

No. 407255

Rody's dick


Like four days ago


You suddenly started saying you're muslim and wearing a headscarf



No. 407264


fucking kek'd

No. 407295

File: 1499312402092.png (352.87 KB, 851x477, WeWuz.PNG)

Has anyone seen Black Pigeon Speaks videos? He doesn't seem to care for her too much, lol

No. 407316


Once again she's making it all about her, can she fuck off already? She's nothing but scum

No. 407334

isn't islam looked down in japan?

No. 407343

File: 1499322247206.png (236.54 KB, 750x1026, IMG_3617.PNG)

No. 407344

where is the hijab, mira??

No. 407345

yeah, i'm not sure a wig counts as a hijab…

No. 407346


In Orthodox Judaism, wigs do count. (Orthodox Jewish women also dress modestly and cover their hair). It's possible she was lazy and mixed them up. Sage for conjecture though.

No. 407348

That's interesting. I've not seen Muslim women wear wigs instead of hijab, even Muslim cosplayers, so I don't think it's a thing in Islam. I'm no expert though.

Regardless, pretty sure that Mira has just cast Islam to the wayside now that the objective of getting Rody's penis is gone. We all knew that was her only reason for "converting".

No. 407349

That would explain why Mira says "no" just after and looks kind of angry

No. 407350

SwedishSimon is 100% unironically a cuck. He gets off on his girl Mira fucking and trying to fuck other men.

Rodi needs to file some official paperwork, somewhere, soon. He needs to have her crazy ass recorded in an official capacity for the inevitable false rape charges.

No. 407351

If Simon, was/is her boyfriend, why does he not seem to care about how she has used and publicly humiliated him?! He acts like he was a uninvolved third party when it was his fucking girlfriend lusting after another man and even changing her religion to steal him from his girlfriend!

Lol. Look at all the 0 subscriber, no video content accounts popping up. Her actual fans are fucking creepy little shits, though. They're repeating over and over that she has no responsibility for her behavior and it is excusable because she is in "love". Basically "Who hasn't done crazy things when they're in love! Mira did nothing wrong" and "You're cruel and the worst human on Earth for not submitting to her sexual predation!" Imagine if the roles were reversed and Rodi wouldn't stop harassing her with unwanted sexual advances and brazenly disrespecting her boyfriend. Or he suddenly wanted to become Canadian and always felt like a white man inside. Nobody would defend him. Her followers are awful.

Isn't it crazy how Mira can make public accusations, type unlimited attention-starved posts about personal drama and even post private messages but Rodi is not allowed to defend himself? Why do they always give Mira a free pass to do and say anything?

No. 407354

File: 1499325244425.png (214.12 KB, 587x310, Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 4.11…)

Hmm, interesting.
I am pretty sure this isn't Rodi - even more sure based on that she couldn't show a full screenshot. I don't know if it's just someone else or Mira herself (as we know she loves to make alt accounts!).

Just feels like another one of her attempts at playing victim.

No. 407355

When has Rodi ever used the faux ghetto gansta talk? I'm pretty sure that's a Mirandaisim…

No. 407357

is that a photo of a screen rather than a screenshot? wtf mira?

No. 407358

She is such a crazy liar. There is no way that is him, especially when he knows she will screenshot every single thing he writes or posts as this whole thing gets uglier.

No. 407361

File: 1499326022407.png (31.17 KB, 612x133, Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 4.25…)

so i was just having a look at the likes and replies to her shit about Rody, and this account is one that replied…
noticed it didn't have many followers and isn't following many people either.

No. 407362

File: 1499326136715.png (893.75 KB, 928x703, Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 4.25…)

so i checked the profile, and it's just a huge Mira advertisement? the only thing they post are retweets from Mira, their literal bio is "check out kanadajin3's awesome japan videos", and they have liked every one of Mira's posts that i checked.

interesting. lol.

No. 407374


I put together the un-muted audio with the video footage so we can see her reaction to his words as they were originally.

No. 407376

File: 1499327770845.png (46.87 KB, 294x124, Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 4.54…)

Most people here have probably already read the texts on Rodi's vid, so I'm sage-ing this, but thought this was interesting. Definitely shows that Mira would get upset if Rodi would talk about his girlfriend or their future with her. What a great best friend/sister!

No. 407387

*Same poster.
I was wrong. I just checked his Instagram and it IS real. Oh, shit Rodi. You're an idiot. His post does not warrant police intervention at all and Mira is stupid as usual, but Rodi is taunting her with all the dirt he knows and that does not help him.

We have been talking about KMruroni for a long time. He is very suspicious but looks like an real guy who used to post normal content until he started posting 100% Mira. Nobody know why he changed but Mira has had her share of scary, friendless online guys that are devoted to her.

No. 407388

the only police she needs to report to are the customs officials so they can deport her ass. this crazy woman has worn out her welcome for far too long.

No. 407389

he really posted that? dude is a straight up moron.
i agree that there's nothing in there that police will take an interest in, but he's just giving Mira ammo to victimize herself, which we all know she will do at any opportunity.

No. 407390

I can confirm based on all his photos that this guy 100% is Norwegian and not Mira/whatever.

No. 407393

we have a shill here

No. 407395


You guys don't suspect that they could be fabricating this feud just for views like they did last time?

No. 407396

File: 1499332327631.jpg (203.67 KB, 347x1497, Miranda.jpg)

Watching that smug, shit-eating grin slide off her face as she realizes what Rodi's making her say on Camera is amazing.

You can see how cocky she is– Her usual attitude of "I'm going to lie, I'm going to say what I think will make him fuck me, see what a good Muslim I am? Take me Rodi. Take me in front of this camera and GOD."

And then her face shifting into confusion as he leads her away from solid ground, away from her practiced lies. "No Miranda, this isn't about god."

And then that moment of "This isn't how I wanted you to fuck me."


No. 407397

i was curious, this guy acts conservative and has ass plastered in his video, touches Mira a lot and also flirts with girls in his youtube.

I have a sneaking suspicion she has sucked his dick already. He is so embarrassed in front of his friends how ugly she is and doesn't want anyone to know she sucks his dick on the down low.

No. 407398

Simon might just be a fuck buddy and nothing more. He is handsome enough to do MUCH better than Miranda.

No. 407399


Sounds like the kind of rumour Miranda would want to spread.


No. 407402

File: 1499333008923.jpg (Spoiler Image, 203.08 KB, 760x596, MirandaSuckingRodisDick.jpg)

Rodi has never shown anything other than disgust at the idea of getting sexual with Mira.

Naah. I don't buy it.

No. 407403

I definitely don't believe this.
He always just seems weird and uncomfortable around her. And all the messages we've seen between them, and all the public shit Mira posted apologising point to her being in the wrong and pursuing him after being told no multiple times.

No. 407404

I am just new to the concept of a girl being so friend zoned that the guys dick reverts inwards to his body

No. 407407

Shill for what? I'm Norwegian too and can easily recognize the shit in his photos to be local.

No. 407408

Sorry, we already determined the photos and the account to be authentic, at least initially.

The going question now is if the account is STILL in the possession of a Norwegian, or if Miranda somehow got her hands on it.

No. 407413

see i thought he was trying to lead her in the direction of admitting she had a boyfriend and that's why she said no.

No. 407414

I do have that thought in the back of my mind but for now, it just seems like Rodi is very stupid and irresponsible instead of scheming along with her.

That's a good suggestion, but didn't he refer to Mira as his gf on his Instagram? Or maybe it's easier for him to say girlfriend rather than admit they are FWB.

Rodi? I think if that was the case, she would have released that bit of information already. She would win and those of us that had sympathy for Rodi would give up. If she says they had been intimate before, she could convincingly prove that he led her on.

I know there were times where Mira tried to manipulate bookings so she could be alone with Rodi but in all of their other trips and videos, didn't they always have another friend around with them off-camera?

No. 407417

No. Because she is not a good actress in videos. This is all too embarrassing for her.

No. 407439

wtf is this shit. virus detected by my security software. next time use dailymotion you idiot.

No. 407445

File: 1499342920914.gif (1.75 MB, 240x160, tTBWPrv.gif)

Oh, miranda constable our anal queen
never change

never change

No. 407456


It is Rodi, it was the caption on his latest Instagram post

No. 407458


They already mea culpa'd up at


No. 407459

According to her, telling the truth is blackmail and evil lol

No. 407460

She is threatening to go to the police but here is the reason SHE WONT.

No Japanese police is going to indulge a gaijin who is on a visa who has shown in a video admitting harrasment and showing proof of her harrasment to a legal citizen of Japan. She is only creating a negative record for herself making it more difficult for her to even stay in Japan. She is a trouble maker in their eyes.

No. 407462

Seriously. Best case scenario, she could get Rodi put in holding for 24 hours, and even that's unlikely as fuck, because after they were done verifying her story, and finding out what utter bullshit it is, then SHE'D be the one facing the police.

No. 407463


It's still blackmail even if it involves the truth. Blackmail doesn't have to involve lies. Not that I'm in Mirandas side with this, at all. She should be exposed for what she is and has done

No. 407466

I'm not sure if "Stop sexually harassing me, or I'll tell people you have a husband" counts as blackmail to the police, though. Like, in Miranda's paranoid little kingdom of lies, absolutely. But to the police? It's just more damning for her.

No. 407467

I don't think he's threatening to release information to stop her harassing him, but rather to stop her spreading false rumours of some sort. Still, you're right, definitely not legally blackmail. In the casual sense of the word rather, it is blackmail - but the only thing wrong with Rodi doing that imo is that he should expose her anyway. She's asked for it already.

No. 407468

Oh, I absolutely agree. He should release everything he has, imho. Just to prove that he's not into the 'games' so many jvloggers seem to want to play. But, that's coming from an ousider's perspective. Maybe he's afraid she'll snap and skin his girlfriend to make a "Rodi's Girlfriend Niqab".

No. 407476

File: 1499349097961.jpg (6.68 KB, 267x189, images (1).jpg)

I understand why he would be afraid…

Imagine this hovering over you, staring at you while you sleep.

No. 407485

>next time use dailymotion you idiot.
This is terrible advice, use mixtape.moe for anon video.

No. 407490

I also dont feel it's really blackmailing.

It's more of a "stop behaving so bad or youre getting a slap on the hand!".

If she isnt able to comprehend any other way. I can see why he is desperated.

No. 407492

>put in holding
it's more probably they put her in a mental institution or a psych evaluation to see if she is a danger to other people or herself.

No. 407497

Or you know…finally deport her ass. She's a fucking lunatic, I don't understand how some people are defending her in the comments. She acts like one of those creepy guys that can't take "no" for an answer. This girl is seriously unhinged.

Sage for mini rant

No. 407503

I agree, if this is real then Rodi isn't black mailing her. More or less he is getting fed up. He gave her another chance to stop trying to get in his pants and be the sister he always wanted. Then she parades his religion around, which to him might seem cringy. Then she is still trying to fuck him. I'm sure when she tried he warned her "Mira, I'm about to lose it. Cut the crap I have a girlfriend and you have a boyfriend and husband"
Then finally snapped. I'm sure the other Jvloggers are giving him some support and trying to get him NOT to spill all the dirt on Mira and just silently ditch her like they did. But I really hope Rodi just spills all the dirt.

No. 407512

she deleted the screenshot of ronni

No. 407515

File: 1499361143670.png (126.79 KB, 837x261, sheeeeeeeeeeet.png)

she deleted the rodi screenshot she had on twitter after i commented then blocked me, bitch if you reading you chose religion for dick and still got friend-zoned and pushed back with a 10ft pole

No. 407524


No, it is not blackmail by any definition. He is simply saying, "if you lie and try and make this into something it isn't, I will post the truth"

So she going to going to the police and say "He says if I lie and try to cover my ass and slander or libel him, he will post the truth. Arrest him!" ?

Come the fuck on.

No. 407525


>Come the fuck on.


also sage your shit

but nah its not blackmail. blackmail involves money

No. 407536

Not that anon but why is "come the fuck on" cringeworthy? Pretty much all britfags say that shit lol

Also it's not extortion if that's what you were getting at, money's not involved but it's still not a crime.

No. 407547


>Pretty much all britfags say that shit lol

im a britfag myself and no we dont.

also, if youre not that anon, how do you know they are a 'britfag'? hmm.

anyway. it looks stupid to try and get all edge-lordy and huffy in a post like that. trying to be big on the internet. so, yeah, i cringed

and definition of blackmail involves money i thought, googling the definition seems to agree. i dont really know though, but its not blackmail at least

No. 407563

it's not blackmail if he knows her history of playing the victim. He did the smart thing to put his cards on the table first to avoid shit from her part.
He maybe says he doesn't know who she really is, but he knows enough.

No. 407568

File: 1499370426243.png (192.69 KB, 815x458, Screenshot_(7).thumb.png.eb322…)

All Right. Rodi has sprouted a pair of testicles.

Swedish cuck-boy tried to act tough and Rodi bitch slapped his ass down. Love it.

No. 407573

Who fucking cares, get back on topic, brats.

I don't get how he could have tolerated her ass for four years. Can you imagine fighting off sexual harassment (by Quasimodo no less) probably on a daily basis for that long? Ugh. I don't get why he doesn't release the dirt that he has on her since she has already started making him out to be the bad guy.

No. 407576

He re-uploaded

No. 407593

Account DoudemoMIRA posted 4hrs ago she has no relationships, and is commenting on Rodi's current upload. Funny how >>407253 he is defending her at the same time. So what's the deal?

I'm on two different device so no ss. I don't even know if that's Mira. This feels like copy and paste of her old comments on original upload tbh.

No. 407594

Also the account Doudemo has way better grammar than her normal Engrish, which is hilarious. I guess anger makes her talk like the normal white trash she is, versus the "me so confused i nippon now desu how to english language" she usually uses.

No. 407597

File: 1499373852393.png (45.38 KB, 824x324, jekdQLk.png)

Wow! Miranda's lapdog, Lola is not even defending her this time. That is something!

No. 407599

Doesn't Mira usually attack other gaijin? Has she gone after a Japanese before? Could be her downfall, maybe

No. 407600

I don't know. At the end of the video, you can tell he cares about her and is very upset by her actions. Or he is an amazing actor.

I think Mira just ruined the best friendship she would ever have in her life.

No. 407601

I think so too. And I think she knows it too, and that's why she tried so hard to get him back the first time, instead of immediately going on the offensive like she usually does when someone ditches her.

No. 407602

Mira: I was at work
Reply: So now you're lying about losing your job for the Patreon?

No. 407607

File: 1499375098944.jpg (364.31 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_3356.JPG)

Here ya go fam
I can't believe how full of bullshit this tiny FAS child is full of

No. 407608

>thinks Rodi is doing this for fun.
>sockpuppeted and talked shit about all her so-called "friends" on every website she could find for months and used a photo of one of them in her schemes.

All fun and games until Mira gets hurt!

No. 407610

This reads more like she's fact-gathering for Miranda, than 'not defending'. "How do you do my fellow Mira-hater. Say, have you considered not uploading what you have on her? I ask for no reason at all."

I believe blackmail typically involves money, but doesn't have to. It's making any gain, OR any forced loss on another. So, say "Sleep with me, or I'll let you fail my class," would be blackmail, even though there's no money directly involved. "Let my little Jessica lead the School play or I'll tell everyone you bought your door wreath instead of hand making it like the rest of the neighborhood." Or whatever.

No. 407611


>you breached my trust, Rodi!

Unlike all the times Mira booked single rooms against Rodi's wishes, unlike the times she sexually harassed him touching him, trying to sleep up close, walking round half naked in his apartment, unlike the time she promised to be friends but then asked to fuck 2 weeks later?

Oh yes. It is RODI who breached HER trust! Fer sure.

No. 407612

Yup, that's the one. ty hero.

No. 407613

File: 1499375993997.jpg (241.46 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_3361.JPG)

Anddddd her comments under the previous comment she posted (bc ppl were calling her out)
Sorry for sloppiness I'm in a hurry

No. 407614

>I am enjoying my life just fine.


fucking fake ass bitch

No. 407673

File: 1499389702943.jpg (208.55 KB, 1234x1362, HnwXTgU.jpg)

This little shit…

Look at the way he writes! Look familiar? He has been helping her with sockpuppets here and on a PULL. I just know it. Most certainly, the person besides Lola who keeps claiming to be her friend and knows every detail of her life like it was recited to them. Fuck you, you lost Hanson brother. Simon, your name mentioned in association with Mira/kanadajin3 will not disappear off the internet as long as you are a fucking enabler and doormat. Your fuck buddy is mentally ill and constantly lies and starts drama. SHE hurts and betrays her friends first. If you actually cared about her, you would take her to the psychiatrist (look up Borderline Personality Disorder, kid) to get her properly diagnosed and started on therapy. You really think she has experienced this unimaginable amount of drama since she was a teen by sheer bad luck? A normal person threatens suicide every time she gets in trouble or has a big argument? A normal person changes best friends and identies that often?

Amazingly, Lola has recovered from her offensive attempts at broken English! Is it a miracle? Wow, her buddy Mira has temporarily recovered her English skills as well. Must be voodoo. I don't believe Lola has seen the light, though.

The only Japanese person she has specifically targeted was Magurokatsuo/maguroeater since he(and his wife?) frequently challenged her in public. She found pictures of his child and family and wanted to get revenge, but he didn't seem to care.

I know I called Rodi an idiot earlier for his Instagram post, but I would probably do the same thing if I was that fed up. Maybe he doesn't want to be Mr. Nice Guy anymore since he got berated for being so spineless before. He was so damn stupid for associating with her this long, but I support gangsta Rodi right now.

No. 407679

Oh wow, shit has hit the fan, she's fucking crazy

No. 407680

Seriously, this is why you can't believe her. She did it for sympathy points.

>I support gangsta Rodi right now.


No. 407684

some alt-right japanese white girl went after miranda wow

No. 407691

File: 1499393462760.png (7.51 KB, 215x235, download.png)


That thing is 4 months old and was a reupload of a previous vid.

No. 407706

Wtf this this? I swear to god weeaboos use to be innocent now there is a high cross over to nazism. Fucking disturbing

No. 407707

Wtf is this*

No. 407709

Well, it seems like she hasn't dropped the Muslim thing yet. Wonder if she's still thinking there could be a chance with Rodi

No. 407710

She goes on about this 'evil', she probably thinks she can 'cure' him and by doing that he'll go with her

No. 407721


As Miranda can never admit to being wrong about anything. She will keep it up for a little while since she already posted, repeatedly, that it wasn't for Rodi.

She drag it out for a week or so and then drop it.

No. 407727

>I still practice Islam I just don't wear my hijab!

^ mira in a few weeks/months of not mentioning Islam probably

No. 407732

Unlike her absurd declaration that she is ETHNICALLY Japanese and her failed attempts at getting citizenship for about 4 years, becoming Muslim and being accepted as Muslim, which is honestly easy to do, was something she was able to achieve in just one day. Seriously, this Muslim stunt is her biggest accomplishment. I think she will stick with it for a while as she is generating too much praise and attention from fans and new Muslim followers. She feels validated. Watch her try to prove how hard she studies, what knows about the Qur'an and is a better Muslim than Rodi. I really hope she ends up in burka or niqab.

No. 407740

It won't work for her being Muslim in Japan as a white chick. It makes you look more of a terrorist then a terrorist, she looks like one of those ISIS recruiters. And some internet folk might accidently suggest that to authorities in Japan.

No. 407773

This, basically.
She's received way too much positive attention, and just exactly the right kind of 'negative' attention that she feeds of of with this newest stunt. Literally the only thing now is if she can keep herself from sinning on camera, and how she'll act around Tkyosam. That means no more drunk vlogs!

But yeah. It's a new shield she can hide behind. "You're not criticizing me and my behavior, you just HATE MY RELIGION."

No. 407774

>inb4 mira does really become a suicide bomber

No. 407776

Old news, but
>>this is Mira's friend
>>I broke into her account
>>How do I contact Rody??

Bitch. You can hack someone's ANYTHING account and look at their message exchanges, but you can't figure out how to contact someone?

No. 407795

File: 1499428749897.jpg (198 KB, 1242x1324, 3xcI2ZP.jpg)

Rody confirms Mira was texting that creep from Norway.

Haha! Watch out for that user runningbear/runningbear SF. That is not only a grown man writing like that, but he has crazy eyes and a voice like fucking Spongebob Squarepants. I expect to see more of him, screaming kindergarten insults in Mira's honor.

No. 407823

That picture is way too accurate, damn.

No. 407827

She will either continue to try to be the better Muslim than Rodi, or drop it in a week. I wonder which it will be. She's too crazy to tell. >>407740 and stupid enough to not reaize it makes her stand out in a negative light to Japanese.

No. 407868


Yeah, it was pretty obvious (as he took her phone away after that) but I love having the confirmation.

No. 407969


actually when you put it that way, that makes sense. It IS her biggest accomplishment to date. Although it pisses me off that she just did it for Rodi, maybe she can learn from the religion and actually….. be a good person? Is that possible for her???

No. 407970


oh my god if this happens, it will be like watching a car crash go up in flames

You are right about that holy shit

No. 408163

She never deleted her videos with Rodi. They are just privatized. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K21_1vRtONI

No. 408169

File: 1499489476663.png (41.38 KB, 665x175, okelydokely.png)

More people coming out of the wood work who met Mira and expose her true self.

No. 408174

I really don't think so. As long I have lived in Japan, average Japanese are not going to be more suspicious of her due to the conversion. At least not yet. They don't see hijab and automatically think "terrorist". They are used to all the Pakistani, Indian, Indonesian and Asian Muslims. The thing that is alarming about her is being able to stay this long in Japan with no merit, education or professional skills. The people I know assume Yakuza connections before Islamic terrorist for foreigners with suspicious visa status and income, although questionable visa status PLUS new conversion to Islam could set off alarms.

I can see her becoming totally immersed in the rituals and being able to discuss passages with others at length, but not having her heart into it at all. Like she'll repeat the things that make her sound like a righteous, well-versed Muslim to impress the community while still not (privately) believing in God or that Muhammad is real. I don't believe that part is real for her but the sense of belonging and identity is addictive. Her next move may be to gain cult status as White Japanese Muslim YouTuber activist leader. But the entertaining thing about that is she is bound to clash with someone or make a faux pas soon when she is acting like like little Miss Know-it-all. The reaction from Muslims will be so much worse than 2chan.

No. 408184

This is just insane. Now she is stuck in a lie. Her sudden conversion to Islam is going to even more so disqualify her for a Visa because her history does not add up. She will just look like she is culturally appropriating to the Japanese government.

She looks like she has an identity crisis, and her time is ticking in Japan. No amount of dick sucking will save her this time. Not even limp half japanese Muslim dick.

This is Miras future of being Muslim
> Pretend to be Muslim
> Not wear Muslim garb, pretend to practice
> Stop posting pics of Islamic, still pretend to practice
> Hope internet forget about her Muslim phase
> Start drinking again
> Find a BF, forget Islam
> Claim to have always been Athiest but respect Islam culture

No. 408234

lol that's not how the fool me once expression works, sigh

No. 408243

When it comes to hijab, the Muslim girls I've known either wear it all the time in public, wear it for religious services/functions only, or not at all. Does anyone here know a Muslim girls that randomly wears it like any secular accessory?

I don't think she can get out of this charade any time soon. She is now claiming she has given up alcohol and switched to non-alcoholic drinks and flavored vinegar. How long will she last?

No. 408267


It's not that uncommon for more casual Muslim women to pick and choose when they wear hijab in public, only wearing it some of the time.

Mira is still ridiculous for everything to do with this though

No. 408310

File: 1499534798098.png (446.38 KB, 782x410, Mira.png)

Rodi is live on Youtube with a stream called "Drama" right now. He is eating and waiting for likes(?) or something before "the real show begins" .

Mira is live on Twitch in Hijab talking about Hijabs.

No. 408312

He's waiting for 120ish viewers before answering any questions about Mira. Needs an audience. Mira started her stream shortly after he did.

No. 408325

What's his Youtube?

No. 408333


Another anon here recently said that hijabs usually make people look even better because it frames their facial features, but Mira somehow manages to be fugly in them. That is so fucking true, omfg. And her eyebrows….. What the fuck

Mira take the hijab off, you're using it to get some dick not get closer to Allah. It's offensive to muslims seriously stop it

No. 408337


The only girls I know who wear it 'randomly' actually wear it full time due to their own personal commitment to their religion, so it's not an accessory to them. They do it based off of their love for allah and religious beliefs, it's not an accessory. Otherwise the girls who wear it occassionally do it for religious reasons. I don't know anyone who wears it like an accessory like Mira (even then, if an actual muslim girl choses to wear it when she pleases, that's fine in my eyes because she's ACTUALLY MUSLIM. It's her religion. Mira? SHE JUST WANTS RODI'S DICK.)

No. 408339

I reported her channel on Twitch, everyone should do the same, it is FOR GAMERS not vlogging playing songs for money. I was blocking some fast for stating that, just reported then said this is for GAMERS. She's using it for the money doing nothing for it

No. 408342

She says she now owns the name kanadajin3, and messaged the user, YOU'RE NOT ME!

No. 408344

For people that wants to watch Rodi's stream:


No. 408345

Rodi in Japan
LOL. He's p quiet still. I'm waiting for some milk…I wish there was a live chat but I don't see one?

No. 408346

He just stopped streaming.

No. 408348

Answered 2 questions and begged for superchat bux

No. 408349

Well that was lame…
I guess I'll go watch Mira's stream if its still on

No. 408354

Report here:

e-Begging at her finest

No. 408371

she cant delete them she needs the money from them, and will make public if they become bff again obv

No. 408373

>She will just look like she is culturally appropriating to the Japanese government.

Good. Because that's her to a T.

No. 408374

Mira went on about what a peaceful, loving and unprejudiced person she is. She doesn't hate, discriminate, bully or shame other people you guys!

What a crock of shit. And her fans lap it up without questioning. Just exaggerate the doe eyes and "aw shucks" corny jokes on camera and people forget all evidence of her nasty, aggressive posts.

She claims she had so many Muslim friends back in Canada and half of her Canadian coworkers were Muslim… Yeah, sounds legit. Totally nothing to do with Rodi!

Uh, is Mira broadcasting from a closet? Why is she wearing long, warm clothes in the middle of summer?

No. 408375

There's an IRL setting on Twitch now, but I've never watched/used it.

No. 408376

>Why is she wearing long, warm clothes in the middle of summer?

I am guessing those are the only conservative clothing she owns, so she is trying to look legit Muslim.

No. 408381

I can just imagine her stripping off all that shit right after the stream.

No. 408383

But only when she feels like it and her hijab matches the outfit. It's literally a costume for her since she will also wear belly shirts and bikinis.

No. 408417


But she wants people to SEE. Hijab is very obvious visual thing to show how she is now soooo muslim.

I thought she couldn't get any worse but here we are.

No. 408506

Oh yeah. A peaceful, loving, unprejudiced person who doesn't hate, discriminate bully or shame, but casually uses the word "retard" and #retardpride AFTER her miraculous conversion, even. Mmhm.

No. 408512

She ended the live with her advice: Be nice to people. Wtf?! Girl, you love to terrorize people and shame or make them feel like crap. Mira is not a live and let live person. I guess since she doesn't do it under her own identity, it doesn't count?

No. 408522


I can see her taking that hijab right after she turns off the stream, faster than a lightning

No. 408538

Im so glad I'm not the only one annoyed by this.
It goes "fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

No. 408540

>The reaction from Muslims will be so much worse than 2chan.
I'm looking forward to it

No. 408542

File: 1499571341161.png (1.77 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170709-052357.png)

I take everything back I said about Miranda Constable looking good in hijab

No. 408548

im trying to figure out what her face shape is …… besides.. wonky..

No. 408550


No. 408552


No. 408554

She looks like someone's middle aged mother

No. 408560

Getting strange baboushka doll vibes from this

No. 408561

Yeah, this is just her drag persona, complete with 5 layers of makeup and oversized lashes.

What is surprising is that in Rodi's live, he admitted he is no longer a practicing Muslim, although he adheres the many of the moral beliefs such as no alcohol/drugs or pork. So why did Mira go so extreme in order to impress him? He's half Pakistani, but she shows no interest in that side of him and instead romanticized super strict Saudi Arabia.

No. 408565

I bet Rodi's girlfriend is a decent Muslim girl, and Mira has so very much made a fool out of herself that she has to pretend to be Muslim just to seem to have "changed".

Mira has no choice but to be Muslim to extend her lies to Rodi's girlfriend, his girlfriends friends and family who are most likely Japanese.

The skanky Muslim Gaijin of Japan.

Allah is up there like "Bitch i ain't helping you to suck Rodi's dick"

No. 408570


Pakistan is just like Saudi Arabia, actually. They really have a hard-on for hardcore fundamentalism there.

Just ask the Ahmadis, Bengalis, etc. Islamists have held major sway for decades there.

No. 408573


>Mai Sheba

>This is why I hate Jvloggers

Same here. I wish they would all be deported, I really do. Even Joey's World Tour's ASMR is less cringy than their bullshit antics.

No. 408599

>Pakistan is just like Saudi Arabia
Please grow a brain kthxbye

No. 408601

What I mean is, she wanted to get close to HIM but chooses to latch on obsessively to another country he didn't seem to care about. I know Saudi Arabia is the origin of Islam and Mecca, etc, but it also has the most famous examples of oppression against women/sharia law. I guess I answer my own question: Mira loves controversy. But how does that connect directly to Rodi? I've never seen him express any praise or interest in SA, nor hardline conservative views.

It's possible the girl probably doesn't choose to wear hijab and Mira looks even more foolish.

No. 408625

Holy shit, how is she wearing a long sleeve shirt in Tokyo right now? It's fucking humid as hell here, like 32C/~90F degrees..

No. 408631

No. 408634

>So why did Mira go so extreme in order to impress him?

He told her she needs religion, so of course she'd think ah yes i will take yours then and have the MOST religion possible

No. 408660

>i will take your____ then and have the MOST ____possible

It's the Miranda Constable formula!

Did you guys see the screenshots of KMrurouni comments that Naruru recently posted on PULL? "He" suddenly became very coherent and verbose, using the same tone Mira and socks use so often. If Mira is not in control of that account, then "Kristian Mathisen" is definitely responsible for all the sockpuppets. I don't know what happened between his last normal Norwegian post on December 6, 2014 and the reactivated account Mira-only content on March 5th of this year, but it's scary to think he is a real person who has been white knighting her aggressively this whole time.

No. 408693

File: 1499620345016.jpg (96.93 KB, 1003x348, Screenshot_20170709-180728.jpg)

Rodi's teets are dry. Disliked and unsubscribed.

No. 408695

he is corny as fuck i just like him for the Mira drama

No. 408699

lol lodi plz, u r not even relevant outside mira drama.

No. 408700

He reminds me of a Terrace House reject

No. 408706

I know right? She tormented Rodi because she couldn't handle his "No, go away I have a girl friend"
then tried to pin her fake suicide attempt on Rodi. Yes that's very nice.

Other than that me like many others are waiting for her to publicly show she hasn't changed. Just a few short weeks ago she was shaking her ass on cam for attention and drinking nearly every night. And what about her bathing videos where she was start naked, just using double sided tape so her hair stays on her nipples. I'm sure she wont be taking those videos down.

No. 408712

Bathing videos? I didn't see those. What was her excuse for that?

No. 408713

Just go on her channel, there are plenty

No. 408751

It usually has to do with yuzu season or something

No. 408827


LMAO the way her mouth closes over her fucked up teeth/jawline/facial structure makes her look like she's permanently sucking on a lollipop, but in reality it's her inbred genes


No. 408828


You are not alone tbh

No. 408832


Nah she's probably wearing the hijab to be like SEE I AM BETTER THAN HER

No. 408852


Oh yes, she is on the "I'm more Muslim that Muslims" now. Spreading bullshit wherever she goes.

On her last Twitch actually saying "I got hit on by soooo many Muslim guys in Roppongi!" Trying the middle school strategy of trying to make Rodi "jealous".

Also, claims she went to shin okubo which is "Korea Town" and claimed that there aren't anyomre Koreans or Korean shops. It all Muslims (again with "muslims" as a race) and muslim shops.

However a quick youtube search by upload date shows as little as 4 days ago, it's still "Korea Town".

Muslims take over must have happened really fast, eh Miranda?

No. 408857

File: 1499644229946.png (72.39 KB, 1080x442, Screenshot_2017-07-09-20-47-41…)

She sowwy ?

No. 408876

when u realize none of ur manipulation tactics are working so you have to resort to apologizing
poor mira, this must hurt

No. 408995

All this to spite Rodi, she wants to out do him in Islam. The funny thing is, getting someone else to convert to Islam is held in the highest regard. As long as she is converted, he wins lol

Rodi - 1
Mira - 0

Poor Mira, just floating around culturally appropriating for dick, in a different country, with a different religion and having different ethnicity.

Not only that but her lip can't stretch over her buck teeth.

No. 409013

Been wondering this for a while.
Why Rodi. He dpesnt seem that interesting. So why him over any other dude.

No. 409018

She doesn't have any options.
Rodi is far above her league in terms of looks and personality (from what we know anyway), and he befriended her so she thought she had a chance, and pushed it even when he told her she didn't.

It's not like she can get anything else at this point - even if her looks didn't turn people off, she is known to be a bitter, hateful person and all of that is out there forever and easy to find.

So it's not Rodi over any other dude, realistically it's Rodi, or someone Mira believes she is too good for (an older guy, a guy whose looks/personality are more on par with hers), or no one at all. She chose Rodi, and he didn't choose her lmao.

No. 409030

All the men that don't run away from her are mutants and Rodi actually has Japanese blood compared to the sea of gaijin she immerses herself in. He is the only normal looking, fit, disciplined and employed guy that tolerated her for such a long time. He is boring and not very cool, but he has the most positives attributes. And she lost out by being an selfish, delusional asshole.

No. 409047

File: 1499678674587.jpg (199.74 KB, 901x1200, DEWM9ziUQAA8Tsf.jpg)

New pic on Twitter of her alone in a train.
Where did the hijab go?

No. 409048

and her modest long sleeves? so weird Miranda!

No. 409049

Not to mention: BARE arms?!

No. 409058

File: 1499684140057.jpg (61.88 KB, 600x516, absolutely_haram.jpg)

No. 409085

That sure didn't last long.

>inb4 she says it's an old picture

No. 409091


Lmao Shin Okubo no longer Koreatown but now muslim town because she's muslim now??? Does reality just shift to justify her bullshit? ahahaha

No. 409111


That's probably part of it. The main reason is her selfishness and ego.

She wanted him and just cannot accept that he wasn't falling all over himself for the opportunity to have her.

She's that self deluded.

No. 409120

Maybe she flips a coin in the morning to decide if she will be a modest auntie or infidel harlot. She's very serious about HER religion.

No. 409538

Miranda has made all of her vids with Rodi public again. Either they have made up or she didn't want to lose the youtube cash from those (or both).

No. 409557

And Rodi removed his 2 "Truth" videos. Not really that surprising.

No. 409576

Jesus Christ give me a break. I wonder what made them have the change in heart.. or how long it'll last.
Tbtuesday with this video.

No. 409580

No. 409582

File: 1499809960057.jpg (400.27 KB, 794x1126, 20170711_225152.jpg)

No. 409586

File: 1499810579219.png (389.15 KB, 627x472, horrible.png)

Wonder how much Miranda would go for?
Welcome Miranda to your new religion,
have fun in the UAE!

No. 409590


"denounce the stems"? Even when she's actually trying to sound educated she sounds like a moron.

And sorry, Miranda, but even if wearing backface somehow wasn't racist all by itself, your little 'documentary' still would be. For you, a white <s>potato</s> woman to not believe the HUNDREDS OF ACTUAL BLACK PEOPLE LIVING IN JAPAN on the topic of racism in Japan? would be racist. "Haha, those silly black people… they SAY this is what they're experiencing, but we all know that it can't be trusted until VERIFIED by pure, logical WHITE experiences."

Not to mention, had you actually gone through with it, your results could have either been "Nope, no racism here!" which would have been both wrong and racist, or "YEP. LOOK AT THE RACISM EVERYONE" Which SURPRISINGLY STILL WOULD HAVE BEEN RACIST OF YOU. Embodying the White Savior trope is, surprisingly, not a good way to combat racism.

You idiot potato.

No. 409591

Ignorant racist cunt. I'd love to see her pull that shit back home and get her ass handed to her.

No. 409598

face it, those 2 were in on it. i knew the whole time he was never going to show the exposing video. i'm not saying they're friends, but it was all about the ¥¥¥

No. 409633


Yeah, It's even funnier because Rodi posted this vid a day or so ago, saying there IS racism against black people in Japan (Which everyone but Miranda seemed to already know)

No. 409900

>normal people

pick fucking one lmao

No. 409903

It's like that dude who pretended to be a chick online and was like OMG THE HARASSMENT STORIES WERE TRUE and now everyone is woke cause a dude said it

eat shit mira

No. 409934

File: 1499889834861.png (72.52 KB, 634x413, rodi.png)

And she still wants that Rodi dick. Damn, buy a dildo Miranda (They sell them at Don Quijote, so they probably have them all over the place.)

Then you can have the added bonus of doing a "Dildos…. IN JAPAN" video. Or "Rubbing one out..IN JAPAN"

Feel free to use those.

No. 410005

File: 1499899074726.jpg (76.03 KB, 430x663, 20170712_233411.jpg)

I would totally watch a video with that title ngl

No. 410010

Rodi should totally start doing videos with his girlfriend now.

No. 410012

sex shops IN JAPAN video fucking when mira
do it in hijjab

No. 410107


Oh my god, please don't give her any ideas eeeeeeewww

No. 410702

The first part of the podcast sounds JUST like Miranda, his definition of a sociopath.

No. 410707

Miranda is just stupid and selfish, there's no sociopathy to it.

No. 410807

I have known her for 2 years IRL before I stopped contact, yeah, she's a sociopath.

No. 410842

Proof or it didn't happen. So many people come on here pretending they know her. I don't believe you.

No. 410846

Yes, and give away my identity? I think not LMAO. I don't need to prove anything, just stating my opinion from my own experience with her.

No. 410872

Then you have no understanding of what a sociopath is

Being a shitty person /=/ sociopathy

So sick of you retards calling every cow a sociopath

No. 410876

We don't need armchair psychology in there. Bring proof or stop attention whoring.

No. 410889


Then fuck off. You don't know her and never have.

No. 410963

File: 1500084256263.png (83.62 KB, 750x524, IMG_3563.PNG)

Guise stahp derailing; in-fighting is saddening

Here have a pic of Mira destroying my beautiful country's restaurants with her face.
Super muslim, much hookah

No. 410968

File: 1500085444360.png (1.26 MB, 1334x750, IMG_3581.PNG)

She said the reason she's "wearing this thing more" in her latest twitch stream Q&A was bc "a creepy guy followed me for a few blocks! I know it! People follow me ALL the timeee… I was like is this motherfucker following me? So I did a 360…. I mean 180…. and he stopped and I walked the other way….. and that's what made me wanna wear this more on my head…weird"

I swear to allah she was trying her hardest the whole stream to speak in some form of broken Arab-English, like an Arab immigrant living in Canada for a few years. Just like when she would do broken English with a jap accent.
This is her weirdest identity crisis so far.

No. 411083

File: 1500119889877.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.44 KB, 861x535, Clipboard052.jpg)

lord have mercy

No. 411084

File: 1500120175693.png (1.72 MB, 1080x1920, 2017-07-15 00.28.34.png)

How can a human being be so desastrous at putting on eyebrows?

Miranda, I have an advice for you: please just use eyebrow powder instead of a pencil. It looks way smoother and is easier to apply..

No. 411133

I wish somebody would let her know how haram makeup is

No. 411144

i cannot take her eyebrows. they're completely mismatched.

No. 411146

File: 1500138335966.png (3.52 MB, 1932x1040, Untitlesd.png)

it's not only her eyebrows…
on top of her face already being asymmetrical, her makeup is completely asymetrical too.
It looks like each half of her face is resembling to different make up styles.

(sage for make up sperging)

No. 411160

File: 1500140562242.png (105.18 KB, 585x909, 5969d1f19f171__(110).png.a6ac4…)

Check it out, less than a month and Miranda is now an Islamic expert.

Give her another week or so and she will be an Imam. Women can't be Imams? Not to worry, Miranda now says what is or is not haram.

No. 411176

weird is right.
whats wrong with her? is it because she knows she will never get JP citizenship so she has to go back to the drawing board for a new identity lmao

No. 411197

I like this Azeem Ahmed..
this was the nicest way ever to say "Im done with your shit, girl"

No. 411202

File: 1500152374325.jpg (256.02 KB, 2161x1440, rachel-dolezal-today-show-6161…)

how come Miranda is the Rachel Dolezal of youtube??????????

No. 411203

Perhaps, unbeknownst to herself, Miranda will be the catalyst for reform within Islam. There are a lot of very stupid, very inbred muslims – but then, there is Miranda. May she be a mirror for them.

No. 411204

I bet she doesn't know that majority of Sunni Islamic scholars from al-Qaeda ones to the liberal western ones don't really appreciate KSA version of Islam for various reasons.

It is also funny that she claims she is "not still learning" but clearly has no clue what makes things haraam in Islam because the general rules are actually quite simple and usually among the first things people learn when starting to express interest in Islam. Or she has no clue how shisha and soft drinks work. Or both.

No. 411206


The way she looks at Islam and justifies her behavior in contrast to religious rules makes you think "what kinda of BS did she make up about Japan".

Because everything she has done is Haram.

No. 411218

it's the same thing with everything. She had figured out everything about the japanese language before and saudi arabia. She figured it out as much that she could correct a native japanese speaker and a person born in saudi arabia. Of course she is a know it all about her new fake religion too.

No. 411289

That didn't take her long!
She is truly the most unlikeable, arrogant YouTuber I have ever seen. Her track record is unreal. Mira is an expert about every subject and she is never wrong!

It seems her identity changes every few years, so she was due for a new obsession. Give this Muslim phase 2-4 years. She will have a new style and accent by then. My bets are on Rastafarian Mira.

No. 411340

I'm betting on her reverting back to the Japanese schtick and we get to see Fake Shinto Priestess Mira

No. 411401

hey new to this shitfest of threads on miranda, rodi's latest video is taken down and i didn't see anyone posting a mirror. anybody got it? sorry if i am a moron and missed it. pls refer my dumbass to the post it was linked in thank you

No. 411402

mirror of this is what i am looking for, sorry for samefagging

No. 411403

I cannot believe she's doing this Muslim thing never thought she'd get any crazier than totes Japanese guiz

No. 411436

Either this one

No. 411437

Or this?

No. 411553

yeah this one! thanks so much! >>411437

No. 411556

She will be bored of being muslim before the year ends. i barely think past summer

No. 411559

so she's literally just playing muslim because rodi is and she's obsessed with him, wow, gross

No. 411618

File: 1500272379336.gif (8.3 KB, 600x600, pokemans_079.gif)

No. 411664

I saw Mira today walking with a….I don't want to judge but brown man with a beard and I assume he was Muslim. They got in a expensive car and drove off. She was wearing a brown hijab and had full clothes covering her. I would have took a picture but she was right infront of me.

No. 411667

Wait… I saw Mira today with an ISIS terrorist, you guise! Totally!

nice story, bro sis.
Proof or it didnt happen.

No. 411668

'A brown man', that isn't racist to point out a defining characteristic of someone. He's the white guy with the red hair, the black guy with dyed blonde hair, the brown guy with the face tattoo.

don't be so fucking PC on an anon board, worse things have been said and it's not racist to say what someones skin colour is.

Also proof pls, no proof = most likely full of shit.

No. 411670


Near what station?

No. 411675

ah, like the person who saw her on the train and read her texts over her shoulder and saw she was excited to announce she was pregnant to a swedish man. just like that.

No. 411813

Does mira still got friends?

No. 411930


No. 411931

Remember that "friend" who very recently "hacked into her social media account" but somehow couldn't get rodis basic contact info…. even though he has several social media accounts that are easily accessible through Mira's and her messages? The same "friend" who sent ANOTHER IRL "friend" to check on ~suicidal Mira "sent in a taxi to check on Mira at her home".
…..the same "friend" who no one heard of, Mira never acknowledged, Mira posted within 3 or so hours of her "friend hacking her account" saying nothing acknowledging this, with Mira just casually posting, no mention of the "friend in the taxi", deleted all the posts, the friend who has no social media of their own or a name…. the same "friend" who typed just like Mira and quote: "HOW DO I CONTACT RODI THIS IS HIS FAULT IF HE HAS DONE ANYTHING TO HURT HER ILL…..!!!!111" esp. when Mira had posted just a few hours before this "friend" and she hadn't been missing or posted anything bad, no "friends" were attempting to contact her previously on social media….. just her "friends" are sooo close to Mira they telepathically know she's sucidal while she's just posting normal statuses, within the hour of rodi posting his video, couldn't get in contact with her for 50 min, "hacked" into her facebook, sent a friend in a taxi to her apartment, & within 120 minutes mira got access back to her facebook and was just sperging as usual. Best friends. Don't forget the updates too! "Mira is still alive for now! -this is def Mira's friend btw!!"

>Mira doesn't post for 3 hours on FB

>totally gonna kill herself
>friends pop out of nowhere
>hack, track down, and drive to her home
>stop her from certain death
Mira's sockpuppets have crossed from the online world to IRL, wow.

No. 411932

Lol When did that happen? SS of post? Jfc. That's like if a farmer said they ran into tuna on the train to grand central, sat next to her and saw texts specifically to her dealer trying to buy while simultaneously on tumblr begging for PayPal donations for food. Perfect timing.
And then everybody slow clapped.

I remember when Mira claimed she had to wear a hat and sunglasses bc IRL "stalkers" following her in japan after she was exposed a few years ago. What was that about?? Shoulda gone straight to r/quityourbullshit

No. 411939

she recently went out though to have fun with that panda in tokyo girl and a german guy with a youtube channel (tokyo festive or something)

No. 411987


Two threads ago:

No. 412042

the fat white weeb, i guess

No. 412044

you forgot in less than 24hrs bragging how she is happy with her life to rodi on yt comments or whatever lmao

No. 412204

the fat weeb is panda in tokyo..

No. 412209

File: 1500408088759.jpg (197.39 KB, 945x940, Clipboard01232.jpg)

I guess she thinks she still has a chance with Rodi… or maybe she tries to marry a muslim japanese citizen this way.

No. 412210

i meant a dude?

No. 412222

lol @ she already bought like a dozen scarves

has she even been muslim two weeks yet

No. 412226

that would be TkyoSam then and their weird asian friend

No. 412230

Doubt we'll ever seen Miranda comment on this news from her beloved favorite country:


No. 412247


And THAT's the country that Justin "gay friendly and proud!" Trudeau sent billions in military aid to.

That's the same country that everyone the world over seems to love.

But when it's a guy like the "anti-Trump"?

Giant Meteor 2020 plz.

Now that I got that out of my system, of course Mira won't talk about it.

That would imply it's more than just a means of getting attention.

No. 412296

No. 412421


wouldn't that be something, kanadajin3's thread going inactive because she either went allah akbar for isis or she got stoned to death for vlogging in some conservative saudi arabian hotspot. what a journey that would be. i dont think she'll etver truly commit to her new persona, but one can dream of potential milk streams.

No. 412440

>>412421 They came to her channel for Japan, not religion. It would be a miracle that she stays with this because she loves her alcohol and sex. She'll either leave or she'll get a price on her head from that religion of tolerance she adopted.

I can see where she is coming from, I almost went down the same path, but when I learned about, which means they're allowed to lie to spread their faith and achieve control, I started looking at things logically. They have been doing this for centuries. More than 50% of Muslims want homosexuality to be illegal and punished by death (of that responded, a 'no answer' speaks volumes of what their answer is).

There are no rights in Islam, they are lies spread to spread their faith. Those who leave Islam is fit for death, and if she was so worried about her "haters" before, wait for the Muslim haters to judge and want to correct her behaviour, or face death. WELCOME TO ISLAM MIRANDA!

No. 412441

When I learned about Taqiyya is Islam, missed putting that in there.

No. 412447

dying… IN JAPAN

No. 412452

Jihad …. IN JAPAN

No. 412491

/pol/ pls go. no one cares about your shit.

No. 412512

File: 1500439193890.jpg (65.84 KB, 700x349, edit.jpg)

when in rome

No. 412532

File: 1500443599688.jpg (113.57 KB, 382x1024, IMG_3692.JPG)

Comments for this:

She's not learning anymore, she's such a master that she can pick and choose what she follows. And what is up with her buying all these millions of head scarves? Does she think Islam is all about the headscarves? Pulling a Bunny Alexander? Covering all that butterface? Perfect disguise from stalkerz? Attention whoring? Bc 95% of all her "Islam" pics and posts are solely about fucking headscarves.

No. 412533

File: 1500443790581.png (103.26 KB, 548x992, IMG_3689.PNG)

She also went to travel somewhere? To some random place that's not Dubai to meet with some secret friend. I find this impossible as we all know the only friends mira has are brand new accounts with disposable emails and bad grammar.

No. 412536

>short road trip

maybe she is going to suck that fanboys dick who paid her to have rodi kiss her on the cheek

No. 412538

This is so fucking cringey.
I guess she will immediately be an expert in every culture/religion she chooses to fuck with, not just Japanese!

When she corrects/argues with people who have grown up/spent years in the culture she's trying to become, it's always awful. Like when she argues with Japanese people in her video comments.

No. 412543

File: 1500445379994.jpg (126.6 KB, 544x920, image.jpg)

She "can't tell" but meeting "a friend" ….cough…..cough.
I assume these are some poor strangers from the airport who pity Mira for her special needs and took a pic with her so she looks more extoique~
Top kek at her being the palest and still insisting on wear a headscarf.

>Mira meeting friends

>friends that aren't made up

No. 412549

lmfao @ her fucking forhead holy shit

No. 412557

she looks like a cancer patient lmao

No. 412574

With her hair covered it just magnifies her very unfortunate features even more. And the sixhead is appalling in its own way. Did she actually go to Saudi Arabia? What woman in her right mind would visit there? Why would anyone go to a country that funds terrorism?

No. 412649


Does anyone know who those two are (Like, do they have a youtube channel, etc)

Bet they would love to see Miranda's blackface.

No. 412675

Isn't that black chick with the purple hair the same girl that mira took a purikura sucking on dicksicles?

No. 412680

Ahahaha these people are so retarded. Grow up Saudi Arabia.

No. 412681

No. 412727

No. 413494

I wonder what Mira's next phase will be

No. 413496

Probably Korean or Indian. Hell, she might throw us for a loop and claim she's secretly always been Congolese.

No. 413498

There are so many ways it could go. Everyone was expecting her to go full house wife but surprised us with going full Muslim. You really can't guess with Mira
Weeb>>Punk>>Japanese>>Slutty party girl>>Gayru>>Muslim
It really depends on who she obsesses with

No. 413521

She made it onto pol guys:


Mira's shit but it's funny how triggered they are

No. 413649

>'immigrants have been coming to Japan for thousands of years'

lol did mira really fucking say this
nevermind, i already know the answer is yes without watching

>Leave her alone, she's already punished enough by god with those looks.

>white people are ruining japan
>D..does she not know Japan isolated itself twice?
>Japan, you need to rake your leaves.
>These "Jvloggers" or whatever the fuck they are called are disgusting. The nigger along with there nigger loving friends ones in particular are the worst. They shill videos like "do japanese girls like black guys" or "dating in japan while back". Thankfully any decent Japanese women stick to their own while only the lower tier trash go outside their race.

i scrolled and no mention of her new muslim life

No. 413729

It seems this purple haired girl will be her new "best friend", so Mira should gnaw on her culture like a hyena.

Also raver and Sweden-aboo for a few months last year.

No. 413815

>Leave her alone, she's already punished enough by god with those looks.
top kek

otherwise that thread was bad quality. they didnt even pick up her recent turn to islam.

No. 414118

They would have a fuckin field day I really want to see it happen

No. 414387

No. 414389

File: 1500651823564.jpg (554.26 KB, 1242x1581, aBMkMmH.jpg)

Mira is now appropriating Eastern European grandmothers?! This is awful. "Allah, please send me a man!"

Pretty sure that sheer skirts are haram if you choose to adhere to the Islamic dress code. I've never in my life seen a Muslim woman pick and choose in this way. If they wear hijab, they don't wear sheer or revealing skirts. If they wear sheer skirts, they don't wear hijab outside of religious service or occasion.

No. 414393

>Saudi Arabia is her favorite country
what the fuck

No. 414398

It's funny how she is now trying to have an Arabic accent. U wite as fuck, who u foolin'?

No. 414399

Lol this bitch is dumb and doesn't even realize it. She's probably sticking to it since she started the Muslim thing because of Rodi and doesn't want to get called out for it.

No. 414419

She is losing a bunch of subscribers currently live on social blade showing significant amounts of loss.

No. 414420

it's also weird how her english is getting even worse??

No. 414423

wait, it's deliberate, she's talking normally and loses the accent by the end of the video

No. 414428



No. 414432

Looks like she's losing roughly 10 per second.

No. 414433

For someone that has such a hard time with criticism, she is definitely heading down a hard path.

No. 414434

File: 1500656937347.png (211.73 KB, 482x228, yikes.PNG)

Opened her page to see how many views her video had gotten and yikes.

No. 414438

File: 1500657418600.png (125.7 KB, 812x994, replies.png)

No. 414442

She is losing subs. In the comments half the people are calling her out, a quarter are confused, and the rest are other Muslims or just cheer for everything she does

No. 414444

She converted only four weeks ago?

No. 414445


lol at her admitting she has only been Muslim for 4 weeks yet acts like she is an authority on it. Right around the time the Rodi drama was happening. Oh Mira

No. 414460

^She's pulling a Lindsay Lohan after converting to Islam.

How is Mira going to juggle backwoods Canadian, forced Japanese and "Arabic" accents? She said she will still go to the beach and onsen (without hijab), so what the Hell is her rule for modesty? Why can't she Google "Summer Hijab style/夏ヒジャーブ系" and put together a fashionable, lightweight ensemble? Didn't she claim to have a guaranteed new job opportunity through YouTube after "quitting" at the restaurant? There is too much contradiction and I can't believe some Muslims continue to praise her.

No. 414462

Well she isn't going to have much if a youtube income now that her subs are running away. And she was modest for 4 weeks? She still has her bathing videos up. She is going to get less and less modest and try to convince people that Muslim girls can dress slutty.

No. 414489

File: 1500661586971.png (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 884x2019, 1.png)

The most logical comment goes to …

No. 414516


Yeah, she pulled that one out of her ass a couple of years ago to try and defend against her being a weeb

No. 414541

This whole thing is just kinda crazy. I feel like Rodi is manipulating her or something. This is at least my perception of the timeline.

* Goes on Kagoshima
* Something goes down with Rodi, meltdown occurs.
* Suddenly, they make nice again despite the huge discomfort on Rodi's end?
* Mira is back to being awkward-flirty besties with Rodi as if nothing changed. Rodi doesn't seem to mind.
* Mira becomes Muslim over the course of a couple weeks.

I'm thinking that Rodi gave her an ultimatum, that if they were going to try to date, he would only date a Muslim girl. And her so desperate for Rodi's dick, she is totally willing to backflip for him and become Muslim overnight.

Especially that explanation the rest of you guys mentioned. She just happened to see Saudi Arabia on a map as a child and liked "the shape [of the country] and the traditional fashion?" Like, sure, those are good reasons to enjoy a country I guess. But how converts their entire religion and lifestyle because of that?

Lots of people are giving her shit for being Muslim, and I couldn't care less. But like… this is not a normal decision that a sane person makes. And I'm sure there's a lot of people who would gladly question her sanity here, for good reason. But it just really seems like she's been pushed into this choice.

No. 414545

far from it. Rodi already has a gf. The first fight he was pissed because every time he hung out with Mira it was an attempt to jump on his dick. With her Japanese residency being rejected she was becoming more desperate to stay in Japan. So she started to sexually harass Rodi more.
Rodi pulled a "You need to find Jesus!" kidding, he said find religion. But Mira being dense and desprate took it as "If I be muslim he will like more more than his girl friend."
Rodi got sooooo creeped out by her obsessive and desperate behavior he wanted nothing to do with it.

Mira now has to pretend to be super Muslim because now she is scared people will call her out on changing her whole identity to try to sleep with a man who already has a girl friend. She will keep it up until her next identity crisis.

No. 414546

Sage for opinion
But Mira isn't Muslim. Googling a religion for a week and wearing scarves on your head doesn't count.

No. 414567


lmfao if that's the case that he made her do it would be hilarious. He made her kill her channel as a prove of being worth his friendship.

What an idiot Mira is

No. 414611

"Smash that like button"

Isn't that what Rodi says?! Fucking skin-walker.

"I prayed to god to show me who the haters were, and I started dropping subs"

This bitch can't be real. Isn't this some sort of blasphemy?

So she is currently in Canada and being as secretive as ever. It has to be visa-related. She could have at least made up a story about missing her family and she was finally able to save up enough money to see them. She's so damn weird.

No. 414626