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File: 1425397498026.jpg (99.67 KB, 800x292, ).jpg)

No. 56667

New PULL thread

Old thread >>955

We left off at finding Tharthan's real fakku account, and him coming back onto the thread because he was butthurt about us finding out just how impure he is. However, he was the stupid cunt who commented on the fakku thread that was created by someone with his most beloved username: Tharthan.


He changed his fakku username to grantham and removed the post on the thread created to slander him

Discuss all of the other PULL lolcows as well

No. 56685

I fucking hate new members

No. 56686

The more known a site becomes the more shitty members get attracted.

No. 56687

Why do girls show their face on pull and try to look like kawaii? Yourr on a site to bitch about some girl on the internet, thats not kawaii nor innocent for fucks sake. Stop this "im kawaii and so innocent desu so thats why im gonna bitch about how kota abuses ps and venus is a weeaboo im so better than them desuu ^___^" shit, idgaf how old you are. just gtfo from pull already

No. 56688


No. 56689

Most think "Haters make me famous!1!! ^.^" it seems.

No. 56690

Sadly. I hate that retarded 12 years old mentality

No. 56693

I'm still posting on fakku with the username Tharthan.


Scroll down to see the comment. If anyone has suggestions of funny shit I should post with that account then do tell.

No. 56694

There is even a warning in some announcement thread that they shouldn't use/link personal stuff and they all ignore it.

No. 56702

Top kek

No. 56703

The fuck is "Particularly Token Girly-Girl Clothes"?
kawaii clothes are impure?

No. 56704

Sounds like some bad Google Translate.

No. 56706

File: 1425401060395.jpg (111.07 KB, 640x640, 10979541_416309915198391_94235…)

hey guisee, remember me? ;)

No. 56707

Looks like a fat black dude and jfc that nose
Is this mintscribbles?

No. 56710

I'm scurd.

No. 56716

Had to introduce myself incase someone who is a 0 on the impurity scale found me interesting:

No. 56719

I hate totemo so much, sometimes she makes good points but the main problem for me is that you can just see how obviously insecure she is and that she says a lot of thing for shock value

No. 56734


I thought it was mintscribbles. Make it go away!

No. 56738

They're fucking retarded. PULL is the one site I have a user name different from my normal forum and social media ones so i cant be tracked. Why the hell would I want to post an irl pic of myself when I am basically shitting on other people online? It makes no sense. Mint scribbles is seriously the worst new member.

No. 56739

It's not? Damn, looks like her.

Oh yeah, I really can't stand October either.

No. 56744

Yeah. She says she doesn't care who she offends but cared enough to make a signature bragging about not caring. Her mommy and daddy obviously didn't give her enough attention.

No. 56770

teenspot? shit, i didn't think i'd be seeing that name again. were you a reg anon?

No. 56774

Who are the girls in the banner supposed to be, anyway? I don't get on PULL so I never bothered asking before. Kota and Venus are obvious. Is the one with the puppets Mira?

No. 56775

Kiki, Dakota, Mira, Venus

No. 56776

Not same anon, but thanks. I never got the Mira one but recognized everyone else.

No. 56785

same here for me, the kiki drawing is incredibly off. i think jakotass should've drawn the banner tbh, her drawings are perfection.

No. 56789

The old banner was great as well. The clusterfuck of them trying to do a new one was hilarious to watch as well. A couple of them are okay at drawing but most attempting to contribute were fucking awful

No. 56794

i greatly prefer the old banner over this one. i'm not trying to insult the artist, but it really doesn't accurately portray any of them other than mira. i will say, their original idea of a bunch of people drawing the new banner would've been a billion times worse than this one. i can't remember the drawings, i need to go see them now. bad art gives me life sometimes.

No. 56815


I made the original banner :>

No. 56817

u cool

No. 56819

File: 1425421183201.jpg (125.12 KB, 800x272, 1404530297497.jpg)


Yh I am.

Also I think they changed the banner when I got pissed with how bad PULL was getting (particularly OC) and I said that with the way PULL had gone I didn't want my "work" affiliated with it.

No. 56820

Christ, I didn't even realise that was supposed to be Kiki. This artist is terribad animu dA level. All that shine everywhere.

No. 56825

This banner was freakin great. PULL is becoming like tumblr 2.0. It's been so bad over the last 5 months.

No. 56831

I was convinced far left was Lauryn but couldn't understand why she was showing off bad grades.

No. 56865

Nah it was during the whole freeforums maybe deleting the entire forum because of kiki debacle. They stopped using it because it contained actual photos.

No. 56905

Can we talk about this retarded cunt for a second?

No. 56908

So much weeb.
Why would you wear a scarf because your throat hurts?

No. 56918

Same here. I even use generic words, terms, and nouns on gossip sites because it doesn't turn up much on google. It's so easy to attract unwanted attention from these people. And imagine having someone like kiki on your ass. Fuck that.

No. 56920

I want to learn japanese just so I can film a video without the extremely obviously fake "awkward shy-girl" routine. Like, I'm willing to be that I could attract just as many perverts. They need to cool it because it's embarrassing.

Why would you want to be followed by a bunch of old Japanese men anyways?

No. 56949

File: 1425436143734.jpg (116.11 KB, 605x597, yupyup.jpg)

She would talk shit but then started backpeddaling by saying how mean everyone was to the snowflakes. Wonder why.

pic related

No. 56951

That outfit looks kind of bad.

No. 56958

File: 1425437387316.jpg (65.23 KB, 627x407, rag.jpg)

She also kisses ass up to Himezawa. I think it's funny that she rage quits pull the second she tries to be a kawaii aidoru failure like the rest of them. Too bad she's already 21.

No. 56986

>forget that humans are also animals
haha wtf

No. 56987

File: 1425440872420.jpg (5.57 KB, 160x160, taradox.jpg)


Why hello there Taradox (Pime). Did you come here to beg everyone for donations because your autistic sperglord ass can't afford a cockroach apartment again?

The reason your banner was removed was because Kiki kept trying to copyright claim her picture. But thanks for biting the hand that fed you. I feel sorry for everyone who tried to help you out.

No. 57005


OC detected

No. 57006

Geez. I'm the artist of the banner. I had the idea during the Kiki copyright charade where she nearly got the forum deleted. The banner with her photo was one of the things she was complaining about to them. I had the idea of a drawn banner because I figured no one would be able to do anything about it. That's all.

No. 57015

File: 1425444133311.jpg (224.7 KB, 787x651, okay.jpg)

No. 57017

why would anyone want to be followed by old dudes of any ethnicities?
for free gifts, lil'nigga

No. 57030

what is this suppose to imply?

No. 57033

Did she make it? I'm confused. Either way, she's one of the few PULL members that doesn't make me rage.

No. 57037


She made the original banner.

She made a waaaah thread begging for donations from pull because she was too autistic to make enough money to support herself but left and started shitting on the forum after she wasn't getting the attention she felt like she deserved.

No. 57039

Pime designed the original banner? She probably got butthurt when everyone found out she was Spoony.

No. 57040

isn't spoony a ginger? and this girl >>56987 is not

No. 57043

who is Spoony?

No. 57045

File: 1425447107301.jpg (85.23 KB, 500x750, spoony.jpg)


It's called hair dye.

No. 57046

File: 1425447141738.jpg (84.16 KB, 500x664, 1359793564548.jpg)

No. 57048

not the same girl (spoony & pime)

No. 57050

File: 1425448140385.jpg (499.52 KB, 3000x1500, spoons.jpg)

Considering the strong vendetta she has against flan and how she bragged about her experience with cgl and the fact that she told a mod that she was spoony.

look at the nose and the lips and you obviously have a spooner.

No. 57051

>the lips

I see them. And Spoony's is a lot thinner than Prime's. Besides, I thought Spoony was Lesbian-Walrus.

No. 57052

And before lesbian walrus, she was The-eunja

No. 57053


She has her lips parted in the photo on the left and if she had them parted in the pic on the right at same angle they would look the same size.

it was also confirmed that pime and lesbianwalrus live in the exact same area.

No. 57054

I feel like PULL would be a lot better if it had kiwifar.ms's rules…

No. 57055

Around 2012 or 2013 spoony left PULL, and then started shit talking it on tumblr about how it should be shut down.

No. 57065

It's ironic that both spoony and pime both look alike, live on welfare, live in the same area, hate flan with a fiery vengeance, and claim to have some supreme reign on cgl.

No. 57080

ofc it is mint jfc
who else on PULL looks like that

No. 57099

Except pime actually admitted to being spoony in the chat one day. It's not a mystery.

No. 57144

File: 1425474820495.jpg (104.49 KB, 500x666, original.jpg)


Except that's not an image of spoony, it's ckitts from Tumblr.

No. 57146

No.. It's not her. She's never had any hair colour other than black and dark brown.

No. 57152

File: 1425476276263.jpg (128.37 KB, 937x589, fsdafa.jpg)


Yes, yes she did.
I remember because I used to follow her on Tumblr before she deleted and I remember her posting >>56987

No. 57153

File: 1425476400520.jpg (12.51 KB, 942x25, Untitled.jpg)


That picture was actually pulled straight from her gofundme page.


That Claire girl is from Australia and Taradox is from the uk.

Although tara deleted the link pic related is a screenshot of the bookmark of the link she posted.

No. 57154


So obviously she used a fake picture?

No. 57155


Okay then. Show proof that the pic actually belongs to claire and not tara.

No. 57156

Show me a proof that a picture of a girl that looks nothing like Spoony and everything like Claire and is a picture I remember Claire posting to Tumblr when she had light brown is actually a picture of Spoony and not Claire?

You can even see the same light blue wall in the background as >>57152 jeez.

No. 57163

File: 1425478129588.jpg (225.01 KB, 2400x1200, um.jpg)


I dont see how you don't see spoony at all but okay.

Spoony and tara both live in the same part of the uk and beg for donations and are scumbucket poor.Tara has also admitted to being spoony.

So one thing has to be fact. Tara is spoony.

No. 57165


I'm not denying that tara is spoony, but that image on the right isn't a picture of her. It's an image of ckitts, I've even posted evidence here >>57152, I don't know why you're having such a hard time understanding this.

No. 57166

File: 1425478396116.jpg (52.64 KB, 653x323, sadsa.jpg)

No. 57171

File: 1425478920313.jpg (59.4 KB, 653x323, 14254783961161.jpg)


Because the nose and the faceshape are different.

No. 57172


Because the photo is being taken at two different angles oh my fucking goodness.

No. 57177


okay, genius. Even though that angle is almost exactly the same and almost all of claire's photos have the same looking nose and dip around the upper cheekbones go find a picture at this ideal angle you're riding on.

No. 57178


I've already posted more than enough proof. You go find me a picture of spoony at the same angle.

No. 57179


One picture of a girl whose instagram with supposed original pic doesn't exist and comparison has different facial features.

>more than enough proof

No. 57181

Looks more like this girl than spoony tbh. spoony doesn't have a straight nose or full lips.

No. 57185

Really? Damn.

No. 57188

what is felices "thing" in this banner? i never got it.

No. 57189

The gap?

No. 57198


I think she was supposed to be death staring Mila.

No. 57199

Shit I thought Felice was the one on the left and the middle was Mila, kek.

No. 57262

Wouldn't surprise me that Tara used a fake picture. Either way we know what Spoony looks like.

No. 57264


>what are angles

No. 57285

File: 1425508380746.jpg (123.68 KB, 640x640, 1599073_991576120927525_572329…)

Rubyredrum: '' And at least I'm waiting until I'm 18 to debut my Super Pochaco beer girl cosplay.''

Please fucking don't. Pic related: it's her.


No. 57287

fatties don't get that fat in 2d is kawaii simply because the skin is soft, doesn't have cellulite or rolls and nothing sags lol
how delusional can you be

No. 57288

No. 57289

She's right with the pansexual thing. She's take anybody. /s

No. 57292


How does that outfit even fit?

No. 57294


Well there's a plus sized version of the sweater on this site http://www.spreepicky.com/shop/size-l-xl-chibi-moon-pink-bow-fleece-jumper-top-sp141185/

And they're even using her picture for it so she probably got it from there.

No. 57295

Fatties in anime would be chubsters in real life, not all american fatasses.
But fatties will take anything they can 'pull off'.

No. 57310

RIP Luna

No. 57320

I dunno, Pochaco is a genuinely fat character to me, but she still has a defined figure so she doesn't look as bad as 3d fatties. These planets are deluded to think they are at all the right figure though.

No. 57321

The difference is that her face+neck still looks the same as the one of a thin character, most fat people don't have that.

No. 57324

Holy shit, i looked at her tights and died laughing.

No. 57330

No, there are fatties in 2d that would be fat or obese irl. Look at dangan ronpa 2's Togami or Pantsu from Eden of the East.

No. 57336

Male characters are a totally different thing. For one, they aren't made to be fetishized by otaku.

No. 57379

That's true. I see what you mean then.

No. 57566

File: 1425573338628.jpg (90.24 KB, 640x640, 10838814_332433260278269_23397…)

you're fat? really? could have fooled me.

No. 57567

That shirt wouldnt look on anyone. Why is she trying so hard to be fat kawaii? It isnt going to work irl.

No. 57568

look good^

No. 57582


if I remember correctly, the photo on the left was was supposedly spoony in a wig when she put up a kickstarter donation whatever to help pay her rent after some kind of snafu with her guv'ment welfare living accomodations fell through?
spoony is def. the girl on the left. but I have no idea who 'tara' is supposed to be. & pic is definitely not ckitts.
although photo might be shooped, of course spoony has the skills to do something like that.

No. 57584

File: 1425576971613.jpg (24.58 KB, 640x480, 1900097_517356585048915_162970…)


Better res.

No. 57589

This honestly looks nothing like Spoony tbh and I don't know why people are buying this shit. Even the eye shape and complexion are totally different. Spoony is pink, this girl is pale as fuck.
If Spoony could shoop and figure out her best angles that well, do you honestly mean to tell me she would continue posting the sort of pictures she already does?

No. 57592

File: 1425579503502.jpg (197.33 KB, 1200x1600, 1419712756467.jpg)


actually spoony is pale. why would tara claim to be spoony of all people? tara was on pull and cgl. photoshop or meitu is not that hard to use. i'm sure it's nothing new to her.

No. 57604

You can still see the pink in parts of her face even in that photo. She just has rosy skin, not to mention very thin lips, bigger eyes, a different eye color and a much rounder face shape than this chick. That's besides the point tho.
>why would tara claim to be spoony of all people?
Taradox probably is Spoony, but used >>57584 to catfish for one reason or another. I'm absolutely certain it's not her, and as we all know, Spoony is vain as fuck, so if she could make herself look THAT good, we'd be seeing an entirely different person in her selfies.

No. 57606

>that good
>3/4 of the face is hidden by hair

I'm just saying it's plausible. plus, makeup is RL photoshop.

rosy skin
>grab red/magenta layer depending on lighting
>decrease saturation
>kawaii guguu kirakira skin for those of us with rosacea

No. 57607


spoony can't even keep her pussy offline yet alone her face, so why wouldn't she post a pic of her face on a gofundme? where exactly is spoony from in the uk btw?

No. 57611

Taradox, now Pime, Lesbian-Walrus and Spoony are all the same person you fucking retards. The picture is a fake image Spoony used in a vain attempt to cover her tracks because she was going on about how bad PULL was and how she'd moved away from loving drama and grown up.

No. 57612

IIRC, this photo is at least a year old. I had it on my old HDD and reposted it somewhere a long-ass time ago to troll.
It's of some girl on Tumblr (not Spoony's Tumblr), and there's another photo where she's closing her eyes or something but I don't have it anymore.
I'm starting to think Spoony just used this girl as an avatar on PULL while under the "Taradox" username, and some people were retarded enough to mistakenly believe it was her.
So basically >>57611 is right.

No. 57616


ohmygod. this exact same speech. this is literally what tara said on PULL when she asked for donations. 1:40 in she starts complaining about a bedroom tax.

Tara deleted her original post but she responded to members asking about the whole 'waaaah tax' ordeal:


No. 57617

how can she be proud of being fat? That's unhealthy ._.

No. 57619

I do the same. I just picked a random word for my username that I never use anywhere. The last thing I'd want are people who know me to know that I talk shit about the snowflakes they love so much.

No. 57645

Because muh curves.

No. 57673

File: 1425593042959.jpg (252.63 KB, 872x1548, tumblr_nkqqt2qW4Z1s51juko1_r1_…)


Why would she wear a wig when they have the same hair pretty much.
Anyway they look kind of similar but I don't think it's her.

No. 57674

Those eyebrows. Wow.

No. 57686

They aren't even draw on thick, that is actually how thick they are. Hairy caterpillars.

No. 57687

Thank you! And it's obvious she hasn't grown out of the drama since she's posted in here just to say she designed the banner multiple times. Which means she lurks lolcow.

Tara admitted to being spoony in the chat one day and was looking for espurrr to apologize. (Don't know why, probably for hiding her identity or creating multiple accounts)

No. 57690

I desperately want to know what product she uses on them to make them look that shade of blonde tho

No. 57691

she was linked to lolcow from cgl last week, they were having a nostalgia thread and somebody linked the PT nostalgia thread

No. 57693

I actually like this look.

No. 57694

I like her eyebrows. It's the bangs that bother me.

No. 57695

No. 57696

She is pretty but I feel the brows are too full on, the fringe is also too short and hacked in to.

No. 57699

Same, not sure if it's the tumblr brainwashing, but she looks good to me.

No. 57703

does she like girls?

No. 57705

If she does, I want dibs

No. 57709

By glimpsing at her tumblr with the amount of tits and ass she reblogs, I'd say it's likely.

No. 57737

Not to mention she was caught posting in /b/ here too. I was wondering why so many people seemed to be praising her elf ears on here, compared to when they got torn apart on /cgl/. Guess it was her samefagging.

Spoony is a fucking liar.

No. 57752


I'm one of the people that said they liked them, but they'd look nicer if they were pointier/triangular.

No. 57753

Nah one of them was definitely me. I think they look fucking rad, but I've always had a soft spot for Spoony.

No. 57754

>soft spot for Spoony
why tho

No. 57756

Idk. Don't get me wrong she's a shitposting faggot, but her sense of humour appeals to me and she just seems like she'd be cool to chill with.

No. 57763

She's been here since before that. In the old thread she started pitching to espurr about the banner and how she regretted designing it. Guess she still wants ass pats for it even though she was a major part of the shit posting on PULL

No. 57840

i hate those fat girls that pretend to be confident about their bodies but they go apeshit whenever someone doesnt find their body type attractive and go apeshit over skinny bodies.
Like bitch, deep inside yourself, you wish you were skinny.
why hurt yourself more? losing weight is a better option wtf
sorry for being OT, i just can't stand basic bitches

No. 57854

Youre going apeshit about her liking her body?

No. 57878

can you read

No. 57992


Kek not gonna lie I actually kind of like that sweater, just not on her bod.

No. 58008

There something wrong with you, girl?

No. 58209

File: 1425741855497.png (49.84 KB, 769x507, nvdznf.png)

Wouldn't be surprised if all the anons defending her is actually herself.

No. 58213


Are you requesting clarification of my gender?

No. 58233

RubyRedrum is so irritating.

No. 58269

holy shit thats so common now like dude we're shitting on people just like you can you not
me too the site is literally to complain about people you dont want to be linked to that shit.

No. 58275


No. 58284

Another great new member, I cannot wait to see what she has to contribute.
>>'I am mexican (we don't speak mexican ok, SPANISH instead).'
No fucking shit.
>>'19 years old'
>>'married with a guy who is 21 years older than me, and with a almost 3 months old baby.'
She got dat 40yo sugar daddy tho.
>>Then I fell in love with my 39 years old professor (who is german) and whoooho…I get pregnat, we married, and I decided to escape with him because,…'
Jfc this just gets even more cringy.
>>' My best friend also hated me and insult me calling me a s* (well I am?? but it hurt that time ) or I better say, she ENVY me because she's still a virgin who plays videogames all day (yeah, im bitching).'
Right, i'm done. I can't.

No. 58293

im cringing so hard im shriveling into myself

No. 58297


Ooooh mai god
Can a pull admin just ban her? She is obviously one of those members

No. 58367

>has a baby with someone literally old enough to be her father
fuck PULL.

No. 58370

I don't know if you know this anon, but if you click someone's post number it'll automatically >>numbers.

No. 58383

How is that PULL's fault?

No. 58474

I hate to agree but everyone on that thread called her out and she got banned. PULL actually deserves an applause for having a backbone this time.

No. 58525

" living pacefully in my taco country."
i'm done laughing so hard tho

No. 58575

You're saying that as if it's the first time it happened.
Reminder: Ruire

No. 58579

Preeeeeetty sure this was a troll.

I hope.

No. 58698

if there's one thing PULL's been doing lately it's giving us lolcows. thank you PULL.

No. 58707

Maybe that post was a revenge? It's too laughable to be real

No. 58708

They would have posted her real name or some contact info I would think.

No. 58709

Doubt it, her user was a character from Skulduggery Pleasant and the picture couldn't be back searched.

No. 60269

File: 1426058901967.png (25.02 KB, 336x329, 1364004224001.png)

Can someone who's actually a good artist please redesign the PULL banner? It pisses me off every time I look at it, it's so terrible.

No. 60889

Does Kitti.Rain or whatever piss anyone else off? She used to have her pic as her display pic everytime I saw it made me wanna vom. She's so ugly and trying to be kawaii it's embarrassing, I think she's old too.
She's always licking the ass of every snowflake too. Like when ahripop posted about her always wearing animal ears, kitti.rain commented on it kissing her ass telling her how amazing she is…. so embarrassing.

No. 60897

She's friends with a lot of them you see, like Kelsey, Abbie (forgot her last name, the one with the big OC snozz) and I think Abi.

No. 60898

But anyway I agree, she is annoying. She's a lovely woman but she just doesn't understand what PULL is. She just tends to worship the snowflakes.

No. 61012

She's too nice, it gets on my nerves

No. 61015

RubyRedrum keeps posting in the PastelCutie , so does IcecreamIscream, I'm covinced they're obsessed

No. 61019

Kitti.rain is so fuckinf annoying. She's always ass kissing and trying to be "nice" and "supportive" to snowflakes. In the ahri thread she was like "omg I hope she does dance videos!" Like stop. You're not helping.

No. 61032


Oh man, I thought it was just me! She gets on my fucking nerves in the Ahripop thread.

No. 61050

No. 61394

Wouldn't be a problem but which snowflakes to choose? There are so many already and the ones most talked about would be Dakota, Kiki, Venus and JNig right now, excluding snowflake clones.

No. 61568

kitti rain is not nice at all. One time she came to my tumblr and spread shit all over advertising her creepy video. She's ugly as heck why would she want recognition? she's far from kawaii

No. 62516

File: 1426416737187.jpg (103.9 KB, 640x640, 11032998_1416408098662270_1187…)

I want to see this bitch roll down a hill

No. 62517

Her hair looks fucking awful. How is it possible that her bangs look greasy and disgusting but the lengths of her hair look frizzy and dry as fuck. I want to shave her head.

No. 62528

So I finally checked out her Instagram and something finally hit me,

She looks like a butterbody version of Quirky. Like she's fine if she takes a pic at a certain angle of her face (with makeup ofc), but full body? Naah no thank you.

No. 67531

Who made Totemokawaii mod? God save us all.

Anyone have those hilarious selfies/videos of Totemokawaii imitating Venus? We get it Totemofutanari, you are on the same level as the kawaii goddess herself. She kept comparing her face to hers in the kotify and Venus threads.

One hand is rubbing Venus's ass raw but her nose is clearly wedged between Venus's powdered porcelain ass cheeks lol.

No. 67641

whats her instagram?

No. 67704

Hahahahaha so many members are trying to appeal to lolcow now. Did anyone notice, too?

No. 67723

EH, people haven't been acting different than usual.

No. 67734

I hate this cunt. so fucking bad ass try hard 2edgy for me
half the time she honestly just sounds jealous and mad af

No. 67748

Well Mowi(?) and Kaninchen come to my mind

No. 67756


I agree. I haven't really noticed

No. 67779

I agree. Anon must have gotten called out for being an idiot on PULL.

No. 67892

LMAO october admitted to being a fatty. Makes sense why she's such a cuntbag. Her thighs are prolly too fat for all the sand to find its way out of her vagina.

And I thought ruby was bad. That's all PULL needs. More insecure members with fat girl rage.

No. 67935

"Fat, kawaii Mexican babe." lol

No. 68002

well at least she knows she's fat so i give her that…

No. 68003

She's pathetic.

No. 68013

PULL is officially downhill. 2015 is going to be the worst year for that site now.

No. 68043

Unfortunately she prides herself on being overweight. She literally acts like she's the only fat chick who wears kawaii clothes and should be worshiped because of it. And 1+ brownie point for being a mexican poc.

No. 68054

Mexico is already the fattest country in the world tho

No. 68073

Every year becomes the new low for PULL tbh

No. 68148

What do you mean by that? People trying to make it on lolcow by being infamous on PULL?

No. 68155


"Let's kick things off Selenite-style, with an overly long list of bullet points: "

Shut up, Selenite, and stop being so smug.

No. 68156

only have a prob with her bringing attention to herself with "selenite-style." Disagree with promoting yourself in signatures and profile pic on that site but everything else I don't have much of a problem with.

No. 68923

>>67779 Totemokawaii is that you?

If so, no, we're calling you out for being an idiot. I lurk there. I don't have an account. Anyone would be annoyed at your love-hate relationship with Venus. We know you would wear her skin if you could lool

No. 68935

lolol i always laugh when someone makes a comment about totemokawaii coz i believe she's legit insane

No. 68950

I think so too. She's been doing this for like 2 years or something? Is she a NEET? I mean lolcows are entertaining and all but come on she has so many Venus videos and pictures saved to her computer and spends so much time on Venus. I remember she bragged about having Venus's deleted period blood video and said she would message the video to whoever wanted to see it. Why would you look at that lol

since she insults Venus's face a lot and said her face looks so much like hers, does that mean she's insulting her own face as well? LMAO.

No. 68993

No. 68995

Who's this? Totemokawaii?

Why are her eyebrows backwards?

No. 69002


That is TotemoKawaii. She has a personal tumblr, but I cannot give it out.

On PULL she is a bigger bitch though.

No. 69019

I'm pretty sure that isn't totemokawaii, I've seen her before.

No. 69023

Then she's been giving out the wrong pictures/tumblr link on PULL.

No. 69025

File: 1427383683198.jpg (31.81 KB, 496x808, 1380135_549132265166299_275244…)

This is totemo. Not sorry, because she's a cunt. A quick google search of the PULL kotify thread can tell you that and I'm pretty sure I remember her posting this.

No. 69027

File: 1427383779826.jpg (54.38 KB, 446x750, pshomework_副本_副本.jpg)

"Kotified" version.

Hopefully now she'll shut her annoying mouth, if she knows what's good for her. lol

No. 69028

Yo. It's me.

That explains the statscounter tracker in your message.

Hello TotemoKawaii.

Yes. I am quiet ugly.

But now I can post the message without feeling like I'm ratting myself out.

Damn. It appears you deleted my account.

For those of you who do not know, I am FemaleFreud. Old member. Long story.

TK came to be late 2012 asking about the CanCam contest and gave me her photo. I've forgotten about it until someone posted about the TK rudeness and her being a "POC/Black person".


No. 69035

Espurr here, I can confirm this as totemo

No. 69036

The picture or the user sending the message. Because the pic is me (FF) and the writing style is TK.

No. 69039


We all know it's you totemo. I KNOW I have seen your pics on the kotify thread. I've been around PULL long enough to know that it's you. You just made yourself that much more of a cuntbag. Copying Venus and starting shit is one thing but stealing other members pictures is a new fucked up low.

Just because you were smart enough to space out your words doesn't mean you're someone else, dumbfuck.

Can someone de-mod this bitch?

No. 69040

This definitely looks a lot like Femalefreud, I remember her avatar pic being a girl just like that but with her hood up.

No. 69043


This is true, but as I also jokingly posted that picture in another thread.

If Espurr is really claiming I am TK, then I am disappointed.

No. 69053

Okay, this is getting out of hand. I'm a mod on PULL. I'm pretty positive those pictures are TK, but out of fairness we'll look into this. If it really turns out that she stole those pictures, we will discuss whether or not she'll be demodded. However, there are no admins on at this time. So it will be greatly appreciated if you all remained patient with us.

No. 69064

I can prove I'm me (FF. The Black girl in the pics) but it will have to wait because I have to go somewhere.

No. 69067

Ex-pull user here that left because it got shitty after the novelty wore off+namefagging was stupid and embarrassing.
I remember that being FF, not TK.

No. 69141

That is Totemokawaii. I can confirm.
This is not: >>69025

No. 69142

It's not.

No. 69144

She did post them as "herself" tho which is wierd.

No. 69159

I've also seen TK's face and can confirm this is her. I think you're just getting them mixed up, espurr.

No. 69166

Epurr, when I went to screenshot my PULL messages, I got locked out. I believe my account is still up, but I can't access it.

Please check to see if my info has been updated or if someone accessed my account who doesn't have an NY college IP address.

I think TK might be doing damage control.

No. 69178

File: 1427395539700.png (111.96 KB, 1337x641, banhammered.png)


It appears I've been banhammered for posting TK's pic.

I don't remember that being in the rules, but okay.

No. 69185

People are already talking with her, seems like you did step on her foot at some point.

No. 69190


Explain, per se, how I stepped on her foot?

TK has been viciously making comments about other's girls's appearances on PULL for years. I only posted it so she was on the same playing field. It is not like the pictures were private as many members have seen and can confirm her face.

She has time and time again come to lolcow to bitch about members and laugh at their pictures.

If there was an issue, I would have been properly warned. But I was instantly banned.

That's some OC shit.

No. 69191

she needs to be demodded. and I say this as pull user who has been there for a few years now, she is not mod material in any way

No. 69192

i meant to quote ffs post sorry. totemokawaii needs to be demoded I mean.

No. 69193

Venus is so much cuter than her kek

No. 69194

It's FF.
"I'm mixed and I make black/African American jokes all the time."

No. 69195

She said she only sent those photos to you trusting you and you posted them here.

No. 69196

And she sent people's Venus period blood photo, even though Venus didn't want it posted.

Even though PULL didn't want them posted.

We're both not innocent.

No. 69197

So much vendetta shit going on

No. 69198

tbh, >>68993 seems to fits TK's personality better to begin with. All that shit about wanting to be Venus really shines through. She could pass as her ugly, older cousin who can't into makeup or something.

No. 69200

>trusting you
Is that why there was a statcounter tracker in the message she allegedly sent? lmao

No. 69201


Nonetheless, I'm fine with being banned since I have done my purpose.

We have both learned actions have consequences.

Also PULL users should not be banned due to personal drama. If this was so, OC, Oct, and TK would have been banned a long time ago. Especially drama from lolcow to PULL as there is tons of it.


The message was asking for advice, not so much "trust" was established. She wanted to know if she could look "mature" enough for the cancam contest.

I don't know if the statcounter was added at the time, but it was there when I went to get the photo. It was embedded in the message so you could not see it. I only found out about it because I always "Inspect elements" of messages (viruses or something).


No. 69203

i hate her, so pathetic holy shit
so jelly of venus
bet if venus wanted to be her friend she would lick her asshole

No. 69212

Wow, so much dramu.
Glad I left PULL when I did.
It's become shit since the great Tumblr invasion of twenty-fourteen.

No. 69215

I also have a stat counter in a message I received from TK. Is it a standard freeforums feature or did she actually add that?

No. 69217


Nvm it's in my messages from everyone

No. 69218

I couldn't tell. It just seemed sketchy that as soon as I access my TK messages, I'm banned and my pic was uploaded here within seconds.

I don't know why statcounter is needed in messages for PULL.

No. 69226

You can't add anything to the freeforums software unless it is a premium which PULL isn't.

No. 69246

Don't you get it? It's an unspoken rule of the mean girls club! You can post all the personal crap you want on snowflakes but you can't ever EVER do it to your own members of the special club!

No. 69248

>She wanted to know if she could look "mature" enough for the cancam contest.

No she wanted attention and wanted people to tell her she's pretty and how she is so much prettier than that horrible, awful Venus.

I remember one of her first posts was "I don't have much of an internet presence." Now why was it necessary to even mention that hmm?

No. 69252

There is a difference between data that was sent in private and data, like the ones of all the snowflakes, that is avaiable in public.

No. 69254

>>Why are her eyebrows backwards
Hahaha I thought that also.

No. 69255

Yeah and when people called her out on it she went like "haha you're not a saint haha you nawt moraaallll"

It's not about being moral it's just that why the fuck are you reposting IRL loli menstruation you pedo? It's just what you're supposed to do. You don't get a shiny gold sticker for not reposting bloody loli vag. People don't want to see Goatse and do they get praised as a saint for it? No.

No. 69256

>Criticizes Venus for not photoshopping or putting her make-up on right
>Can't even fucking do it herself orz

No. 69258

>>68993 looks like a photoshopped version of >>69025 maybe.

I'm still confused and not sure what to believe?

No. 69259

Why is it that when we mention Totemo, you go like "hahaha people are trying to appeal to lolcow now!" even though we talk about anyone lulzy?

Thank goodness others noticed people haven't been acting any differently as usual. Totemo is that you? It's you, isn't it, Totemo?

No. 69264

I know I'm just an anon but I'm certain that's FF and not TK.

No. 69271

And yet the members still post private messages by snowflakes and nothing happens to them. I don't mind that if it's exposing someone being a scammer of some sort but if you are doing it to one group, do it to all, right?

No. 69279

Public posts aren't private message.

No. 69283

Except for when they are private messages, which members have posted on PULL before. Someone posted a private message from Dakota on youtube, other people have posted their email correspondence from Kiki. No one has ever said it was against the rules.

But you clearly can't fucking read because this is what the message you just replied to said.

No. 69286

Considering how often retards here count Twitter posts as private messages it is never save to say if a person is using the term in a wrong way.

No. 69299

I meant private messages like private youtube messages that go in your inbox.

No. 69337

that picture of totemo looks like she's tried to make her eyebrows look like venus' fucked up eyebrows, n how shes sucking her mouth in to try and make it look little like venus' just makes it look like an asshole

No. 69345

Lol give it out anyway so we can laugh.

I saw a totemo-kawaii-ne tumblr or something always reblogging or blogging something from Venus back then. Was it her? I remember there were selfies of a half black person. The closest I found to that name was http://totemo-kawaii--ne.tumblr.com/ and it seems to be all deleted.

No. 69347

I remember her saying agees ago that she's black or half black or something.. kinda suprised to see this white girl?

No. 69351

yeah, i'm begging for her tumblr too, i need some more lulz

anyway, is she still pull's mod?

No. 69363


Nah. I was bluffing about that to see what would happen.

I don't have her tumblr. I didn't care to look for it.

I honesty wouldn't post it. My goal was to post her picture because of how rudely/harshly she talked about people's appearance on PULL. Not to mention how she constantly compared herself to Venus. Now there is a reference.

No. 69366

but you talked about people and you were ugly too, so??? in fact you were a mod on pull.

No. 69373

oh well, i'm devastated now lol jk
but FF you got mad respect from me for posting her picture

No. 69374


Oh, yes. I talked. Everyone on PULL talked. This isn't new.

But people like TK, and hell even Redchild took it to extremes.

Yes, I am ugly.

I was a mod, for a week. OC actually made me one for the record. It was thrusted on me. It was during the Yukepon drama and I tried for a few days. I decided "to hell with it" and resigned. I didn't want to babysit people who didn't want to 1. read threads 2. ignore the facts (?). Like whiteknights would come in and shout "Yukapon didn't do X" when there was proof. And I just gave up.

No. 69385

weren't you the one always defending hoglee though? then you disappeared after that happened.

No. 69394


I defended her at the beginning. Granted I didn't know of her actions or personality at the time. My interaction was limited with her as I only visited certain threads.

I ended up looking into it/visiting other threads and just stopped defending her.

I've also done that with OC before she went power hungry and crazy.

I didn't know people like that Pure obsessed guy before he starting being a jerk, so I never defended him.

No. 69399


>OC before she went power hungry and crazy.

There was a before? lol

No. 69407


In the old PULL days, us members were kind of naive. I thought that OC was just a nice girl who spammed her photos for comments. She was nice to people, every so often complaining about how mean we were because boobs or something of the like.

I honesty felt bad for her because she kept expressing how terrible her life was. I felt like she should be protected or that she was fragile.

Then she kind of just lost it one day. I never really registered it until halfway through the nigri issue.

Then I kind of took a step back and decided to not deal with her anymore.

No. 69418

question. if you're against hardcore shit talking why are you on lolcow?

No. 69423


Hmm. I like reading Lolcow for the information, not for the hardcore nature. You can usually find things first on lolcow than on PULL. It is like reading a magazine for entertainment.

I have stated on PULL before that I have used/read StaminaRose back in it's day.

After going though that horrible SJW phase, this is like a palate cleanser. Speaking of which, sorry for old pull member for that phase.

No. 69441

File: 1427418227337.png (274.54 KB, 665x385, Screen-Shot-2015-03-03-at-2_op…)

I could believe she was part black. Some biracial twins (see this pic for example) have one twin lighter than the other. That pic that is allegedly Totemo looks like she has straightened black hair I think.

No. 69457

Man, sorry this happened to you. PULL is such a mess.

No. 69647

totemo can dish it (posting Venus's period vid that allegedly was an accident) but can't take it LMFAO.

No. 69649

*for crappy photoshopping. Caught my mistake a bit late lol.

No. 69650

Are you really Espurr or are you Totemopathetic hilariously impersonating someone again? Lol… I'm so confused now.

No. 69656

I typed in totemo-kawaii–ne venus in google and went to the wayback machine. That was definitely the one constantly reblogging Venus's posts that I remember like 1-2 years ago.

I don't want to falsely accuse this person of being Totemokawaii though. What do you think? Seems suspicious that the tumblr is gone suddenly.


No. 69666

after a brief google search i found her new tumblr

No. 69676


The facial features and hair texture seem off. I don't believe that is TK.

No. 70047

sorry i meant to reply to >>69656
but i agree the girl on this tumblr doesnt look like the picture posted above

No. 70055

I think so too. But so far I only know of her photoshopped pic so it's hard to say what she really looks like. Is there an unedited or at least less edited one?

No. 70377

File: 1427556358075.jpg (100.38 KB, 774x656, totemolivesinOklahoma.jpg)

Ok sorry apparently Totemo lives in Oklahoma and not Ohio like that totemo-kawaii–ne girl. Sorry it gets confusing when Totemo likes to hijack the appearance of other girls and claim them as her own.

No. 70746

I got a warning today from the PULL mods to "not attack other members" because this dumb hoe "sunlights" suddenly showed up out of nowhere and started white knighting like crazy in Taylor's thread and I told her that isn't what PULL was made for.


No. 70751

mowi calm down.

No. 70758

I post what I want on lolcow

No. 70760

>>70746 >>70758
I like how you post ur 2edgy on lolcow in the most identifiable way possible so everyone here knows ur not like the OTHER girls on pull, ur KEWL and different A+

No. 70766

File: 1427604115824.jpg (36.25 KB, 713x536, BRTky.jpg)

No. 72146

File: 1427768864410.jpg (63.38 KB, 583x605, rrr.JPG)

why would you tuck that shirt in

No. 72179


For a bigger muffin, duuuuh

No. 72201

Why would she wear any of this and think it's okay?

No. 72382

Pattern on pattern rarely even looks good on skinny people. She just made it worse by wearing her outfit 10x's too small.

No. 72569

Actually no it's not Totemo. I can't stand her either.Maybe I expressed myself badly. I meant that now since lolcow mentioned what a hugbox PULL is members seem to call out others more frequently and stuff. Not that I complain- I just think it's funny because it is so obvious who is also on lolcow and is just doing what lolcow wants

No. 72577

I'm >>72569 and that is what I wanted to say

No. 72814

Yeah first PULL was intended to expose the truth in a neutral manner (from what I heard.) Then it became a place to brag about how similar or more pretty you are to the snowflakes. Then some people got all 3edgey5me and now it's a hugbox. I know PULL can be run any way they want but it would be cool if there was a forum with the same kind of rules as the Chris Chan forum on Kiwi Farms but with the usual snowflakes PULL talks about. Too much ego-flaunting in PULL, GOD.


No. 72817

Who needs a forum when you have an imageboard right here?

No. 72875

True I guess.

No. 73072

If PULL had the same rules as Kiwi Farms 99% of the fights would be gone. Seriously it's annoying when I try to find info on a snowflake and I have to wade through ego-filled posts full of people bragging about their own appearance or derailing the thread to insult another user like what Totemokawaii does.

No. 73186

File: 1427891480480.jpg (128.01 KB, 720x960, pandai.jpg)

Adding more pandai pics to the ones posted here


No. 73188

File: 1427891532447.jpg (41.04 KB, 550x463, pandai2.jpg)

No. 73190

File: 1427892066924.jpg (42.82 KB, 487x650, pandaivf.jpg)

More http://vampirefreaks.com/gallery/N_K

These kids are so easy to trace, sigh.

No. 73365

That hair does him/her no justice.

No. 73615

Oh god.
I used to know Pandai and he was so nice and sweet to me and i think he looks cute i didnt know he did nudes and stuff but…that's his business i guess. nice butt tho haha.
wait.. vampirefreaks is STILL active and alive?!! I thought this thing died like emo/scene circa 2009/2010

No. 73620

I genuinely thought Pandai was a girl, I never knew what he looked like wtf. Another snowflakey member.

No. 73670


He didn't do nudes.

No. 73685

Why snowflakey? He didn't do shit.

No. 73717

File: 1427929833325.png (89.98 KB, 153x342, k2431.png)

pandai no

No. 73752

Those nudes are not Pandai. The lips and nose are not the same.

She grabbed a random man's nudes and associated them with Pandai. The nudes belong to a tumblr called Raven Shaddows.

Even if they were his nudes, who cares? he doesn't show snowflakey behavior and I specifically remember him saying he was a guy once.


No. 73848

They don't belong to Raven Shaddows, they just reblogged it. They belong to a deactivated blog called yummi-loli.

No. 73866

Wow Totemokowai! Thank you for showing me he's a good artist and ok looking guy! lol

No. 73874

still pretty obvious those nudes aren't of Pandai, you're either blind or just stirring shit for more drama

No. 73927

Ohshit thanks for pointing that out. Yes Raven Shaddows did reblog that from yummi-loli and other tumblrs reblogged it and yes, it's still not Pandai like others have said. We weren't stirring drama, we were just trying to properly source the pics Totemo claimed were Pandai but really weren't. Sorry I have like Totemokowai-level bad vision sometimes.

No. 74486

Whatever you say, Totemokawaii. Even if they were his nudes (they obviously aren't, wtf), simply having nudes=/= snowflake and he did mention he was a guy in public once. Please stop trying to detract negative attention from yourself by using other people as a shield.

No. 74661

I had this long winded rant about TK and was even going to type out everyone she blamed. But I deleted everything I wrote since I would obviously just be writing something since I'm upset about her current behavior towards the others who were nice to her in the past. I just wanted to say that I don't accept her fake apology. The only thing she seems sorry for is being exposed for the toxic person she is.
I'm sorry to any who had the displeasure of speaking to you and shared a bit of who they are outside of PULL. You didn't deserve any of the kindness they have shown to you before if you were going to use that to threaten them. That's all

No. 74674

Aw, I wanted to see the rant. Well since she's still acting like this now and she's an adult, I'm sure she's going to be like this for a really long time. So even if you're just upset by her current behavior, she might do the same thing in the future to others. Holy shit what a toxic person.

Lol when she gets an Encyclopedia Dramatica page, all of you can contribute all you want to it.

No. 74678

I don't know exactly how to proove sorry, but I told you if you needed me to help in anyway, I would. I specifically told you that this was my fault and my fault alone. And I told you I would take responsibility for my actions.

If I didn't feel bad, I wouldn't have left PULL. Tbh, I don't give a lick of shit about FF, because she did backstab me and I had every right to attack her back.

But I fucked you over. I got pissed and acted on impulse… and it took that for me to fully realize that I'm a shitty member and an even shittier mod. You were an innocent bystander that tried to help me and I fucked that up. I don't want any sugarcoating on that fuck up. I did what I did and it is as bad as it seems. I don't what a sincere apology sounds like to you, but the only thing I can give as proof is me stepping down from a site I've been on for nearly 3 years and taking claim to what I've done. I'm not trying to cover my ass or sweep it under the rug, and if I didn't care at all, I wouldn't be here to tell you all of this. I don't give a shit what everyone else thinks of the situation at this point, but I don't want you to think I wasn't sincere with you, because I wasn't.

No. 74681


It was just I was told by others you were still threatening other people. And I also heard you didn't step down, that you were just demodded and banned. However I can't confirm the information since I myself am not a mod. I was just upset in hearing you were still acting out.

However I suppose I will stop since I don't know the full story of what happened. And I suppose they are just rumors since if you were going to do something else, you would have done so already. Thanks for the public apology. I guess I got my feathers ruffled when I saw you posted some of my personal accounts here as well (Yes I'm that oblivious. But thank goodness those accounts are inactive)

No. 74685

And I thought I would clear this up as well, the only people I attacked were Pandai and FF.

This rumor about me threatening the mods into whatever didn't happen. I talk to these girls on a pretty much daily basis and even they think that rumor is bullshit.

FF reaaally pissed everyone off when she backstabbed me, so we were talking about it when she logged on. I saw that she was on, told the other girls I was going to ban her, was told that was okay as a temporary solution, and I did. Then some of the mods were like "No… wait." And it took some days to get it sorted out. But it did, which is why she's unbanned.

She's not back on because I'm gone, and I'm not gone because I banned her. Nor did I leave for "breaking rules". FF did the same to me, but you can't demod and ban someone for being a shitty person, or else she wouldn't even.have her account back. I left because I fucked shit up for Pandai. Even after the other girls told me I was making shitty choices, I went with them anyway, and I wound up royally screwing him over. I try to aim at who is attacking me, and I aim wrong. I try to flip off the person who screwed me over, and I wind up flipping off the world. I can't handle this shit on my own without making things worse and hurting people who were loyal to me. That's why I left.

No. 74687

I guess I ironically ended up answering the first part of your question while I was writing. lol

But I never posted any of your accounts or even knew of them. If an admin wants to come on and verify that, go ahead.

No. 74688

Things are already cooling off. If it makes you feel better, by next week no one will really care. Things like this wont effect people forever. People will remember sure but not care.

No. 74692

stfu tamagochikowaii nobody likes you

No. 74696

Eh. I expect some people to still be mad. I did piss a loooot of people off on PULL. coughJrcachcough and maybe shehog. But I didn't think any one but him would still be this angry after all this time.

I honestly hadn't been posting on PULL a lot even right before I was a mod because of change in living situations, so I was like "People are still mad? Cause I know it's been at least a month now." lol

Other than hurting Pandai, one thing I do regret the fuck out of is not coming straight forward about the FF thing sooner. I was debating it, but I didn't want to look like I was the sole bad guy in this story, which I ended up being anyway, so… I mean, now, yeah. I fucked up the most. But before the Pandai thing went down, it was mostly an issue with FF and her lying and me lying to counteract her lying… And inevitably this became a shitstorm.

I told her SPECIFICALLY not to post my stuff and that I put a lot of trust in her. She even sat there and lip locked my asshole like a group of horny 14 year olds at a movie theatre. Telling me shit like "Aww, you're so cute. -Puts cat ears on you-" And even back when we were talking, I was a dick. So, her sudden change of heart confuses the shit out of me. Like, I didn't even know she had a problem with me in the first place. We had talked before so I assumed that if there was an issue, she could just come and tell me. We weren't strangers.

So she does that, and I'm like "But you talked shit, too." And she was like "I was forced to be a mod. :c I was actually an SJW on the forum to make everyone happy."

So I'm like, even though you didn't blatantly talk shit, you pretended to be a politically correct SJW asslick to gain brownie points from other members? That's why hoglee has a thread. I do talk shit. I talk shit all the time, but I don't pretend that I don't. And I don't sugarcoat things to make people like me. I'm not saying I'm not too harsh, because I am. But I think it's just as bad when people fake ass and bullshit their way into getting other people to like them. That's why I'm confused why she didn't at least post her own pic on here, too?

And then she tells everyone that she has my personal tumblr then is like "Just bluffing."

Like, "Can you be honest about one thing in your life?"

But I though, "Oh. This is lolcow. Honesty doesn't matter here. Look at the way they're eating all of the bullshit FF is feeding them. I'm just going to play the game as it's played."

Now that I look back on it, probably one of the shittiest ways of handling things. I mean, but y'know. I made myself brought myself down to FF's level and made myself look like a perpetual liar. So shit is what it is now.

No. 74700

Agreed. She's apologizing, but at the same time blaming the others. How immature.

No. 74704

this board isnt your tumblr blog. go away

No. 74712

Fuck off TK no one will ever like your flakey ass

No. 74714

Do people actually forgive others when they apologize like this? Why don't you try I don't knooow not fucking up to begin with. So you can post someone's pics, accounts, and claimed nudes and get away with it because apologizing? Lol k

No. 74716

She's a dumbass and only making things worse for herself. The only solution at this point is suicide.

No. 74717

No. 74718


whoa whoa too much

No. 74723

Lol TK, it's funny how you naively believe there is only one person who despises you.

No. 74746


after all this who doesn't?

No. 74752

Ok but that still doesn't explain why you said you were yellow and brown skinned while showing pics of yourself that looks like neither.

You hurt those who are loyal to you because you cannot read. Pandai was defending you. This all happened mostly because you were extremely negligent rather than the fact that you try to get back at others.

I really don't think anyone should be friends with this girl. What makes you think she will not do this again and again in the future to you? If you stay friends with her, that's your choice but don't say you were never warned.

This whole thing would not have happened if you didn't start fights for little to no reason. And you're supposed to be an adult? wtf Then when people call you out on it, you say "you're not moral, you're not a saint" and proceed to lecture others about how the world isn't nice. Yes, the world isn't nice but that doesn't give you a license to go out of your way to be shitty to others, especially for trivial reasons. Gosh, sorry for being a moral fag.

No. 74753

File: 1428076911114.jpeg (931 B, 50x50, images.jpeg)

No. 74757

bitch look like a goblin

No. 74758

>"I told you I would take responsibility for my actions."
>(proceeds to blame others for her actions)

No. 74766

You were a perpetual liar on PULL even before this lolcow incident…

No. 74773


Pandai and TK will have no further contact.

No. 74774

File: 1428078325175.jpg (54.21 KB, 568x335, 84d6ebc379d8e9974282bf547f8ff9…)

No. 74783

But I am brown with a yellow undertone. How is that lying? If I said I was white, then I would be lying.

There are members that aren't above posting the nicest of comments in the snarkiest of ways. Like I said before, FF literally kissed my ass then backstabbed me. I did overreact and I completely blew everything out of proportion. I did it because I felt betrayed, not because I'm some smirking villain who's rubbing their hands together at the thought of fucking someone over.

No one is telling him to be my bff. Hell, I don't give a shit if I'm friends with any of you or not. That's not why I'm here. I'm not here to build or fix friendships. I'm here to apologize to the ONE person I screwed over in this ordeal and tell my side of the story.

I take responsibility for my faults. I listed everything I did and why I did them.

But I'm not going to sit here and say I was the ONLY one at fault. I didn't not tell myself I had a problem me and decide to call myself out instead of sending myself a pm disclosing my problem. I didn't didn't kiss my own ass and tell myself how cute I was then call myself out on here. I didn't tell you guys I had a personal tumblr then called it "bluffing" when confronted.

I'm here and admitting to what I did. I don't see why it's so unreasonable that FF do the same.

No. 74785

go fix your caterpillar eyebrows.

No. 74786

Seeing this pop up right after the long and touching speech she made made me lol. Anti-climatic.

No. 74792

Brown with yellow undertone was my first thought but it's so hard to tell in the pictures. So you use pale foundation+photoshop to get that pale in the pics? I was confused because it didn't look that way in the pics.

Ok then. Well I don't know what to say right now. I'm glad you are taking responsibility for your actions.

No. 74797

Some times I do. At one point, I was really insecure with my skin tone, so I would use the Korean lotions and shit. But after a while, it became more of a burden than what it was worth. And no one saw me any differently when I didn't wear lighter makeups and lotions, so just decided to live with it. It's onlys Spring and I have flip flop lines, but I'm just like "Whatever."

I can't say the same for the past, but now the only time I shoop myself lighter is when like the rest of my body comes out darker than my face. I mean, my makeup might be a little too light, but it's not something you'd recognize in person. And I also add filters/adjust the brightness, so probably play a huge part in that, too.

No. 74800

Alright. Well I am glad you are coming to terms with your skin tone.

A bunch of people want to know out of curiosity why you always attacked others even when they didn't attack you, such as sharing a viewpoint you didn't like.

It's not about being moral. It's just that it's horribly off-subject. I mean is it really necessary to derail a thread to insult a user? Why couldn't you take fights to PMs? I don't get why you always pounced on others for little to no reason even when no one was being insulted.

No. 74801

Calm down, Satan. Lol.

No. 74803

Pshhhh…. Damn. Honestly, I get assmad and impulsive and I just do it.

It's hella easier for me to say "Don't do this" when I'm the third party watching. But when I'm actually in it, I get really pissed and I tend to snap back.

So I'm not like "Omg. People hate me. Why? :c"

Like, I earned that title. That was my title. I was the forum asshole. I'm honestly a bit surprised I didn't have a world's worth of warnings on me.

No. 74804

Then go to seek professional help. You just can't treat people like that.

No. 74808


yeah it is a serious problem. It isn't something you can shrug off. Look at where it got you.

No. 74810

Snap back at what? There were times where no one was attacking anyone. There were times where people wanted to just focus on the subject and you proceeded to attack them because you mistook them for trying to be holier-than-thou when they were telling you to calm down.

No. 74811

Maybe TK should get off the internet if this is a personality flaw. She obviously can't function on it until she resolves this issue. No one deserves to be attacked or snapped at for no reason.

No. 74813

Also, I feel like if we talk in pm, like my "ratchet" fight with hoglee, it ends like it didn't get resolved. Like, we started an argument and never got finished so neither side proven right or wrong.

I can't think of an argument off the top of my head that wasn't at first a debate. Like I mentioned the ratchet debate. Someone was like "Can we stop using the words ratchet and ghetto to describe black women. That's racist." Or something like that then I'm like "No it's not." And it just snowballed from there.

But I think a lot of the issue when it came to initiating these fights was the way I presented myself. Like when I say something, it doesn't sound half as bad in my head, but when read by others it's too harsh and blunt and dickish. So I think that's another huge factor when it came to all the confrontation.

If there's a specific event you're referring to, I can try to go over that. But a lot of the stuff I have forgotten so I'm sure I'm missing some points.

No. 74815


I don't think anyone here is going to go through all that and pull out every argument you were in. Besides you already admitted this was a problem. So there is really no need for that

No. 74821

What makes you think arguing in public would've helped? Wouldn't the mods step in and tell you two to stop and it wouldn't get resolved anyway or something? Couldn't you at least made a different thread or something if wanting people to watch you fight was really something you wanted?

It sounds like you have serious behavioral problems if you're misinterpreting social graces to such a massive extent because you sound more than blunt. You sound like you're outright attacking people at the drop of a hat.

No. 74838

It was more of a matter of winning the debate before the mods stepped in. It's like arguing with your siblings until your parents come along. Like, I would still try to "win" and prove my point.

On PULL, I wasn't intentionally out there trying to make the other members feel bad or antagonize them or any of that. But when I feel something is wrong I feel compulsed to just jump in and go "No no, wait a second. That's not right." And I think a lot of people think I'm purposely aiming for them.

Like, I can name maybe 4-5 members that I have beef with. But I know I piss a lot more people off because maybe they feel like it's on a personal level. But I feel anyone is wrong about anything, doesn't matter if they're Jesus, Obama, the pope, I voice my objection. But just because we got into an argument on one thing or whatever doesn't mean I dislike that person. Like I said, there are those handful of members where shit has been too ugly for too long, and we despise each other, but I can't even say that's decent portion of the members on there.

But I will admit a lot of that comes from me not being able to shut my mouth and not step over others' beliefs. Cause I know there are others who feel just as strongly. Or like you said, just don't like to see me and whoever clog the shit out of a thread.

No. 74843

>>74838 Aaaallllriightyyy then.

Well you could say "I'm honestly not aiming for anyone here but" like some people say when they prepare an attempt to not have their words misinterpreted. It's like how people say "Joking" at the end of a sentence so they don't get taken seriously.

No. 74854

I used to try putting "No offense" in the beginning of my sentences, but that really didn't help. I honestly think I just need to sit down and find another way of conveying myself before I share anymore of my opinions. I'm not planning on coming back to PULL like ever, not after what I did to Pandai. I owe him that and I'm sure it will make a lot of the other members happy, too. And it'll probably help me too since me being there obviously wasn't a very healthy or wise decision in the first place.

No. 74946

eh she is kinda brown though. everyone looks lighter on photos.

No. 74950

yOU'RE not black or white you're just brown
tbh you are kinda boring me now. so shut up about this already or start fueling drama.

No. 75034


Agree lets drop this. Besides she is obviously blind and delusional so most people wouldn't trust it any way

No. 75103

God she's disgusting in every way. She looks for any instance to talk about herself which is why she's here at all.
Biggest attention whore out there.
This bitch needs to go.

No. 75235

Perhaps you could try ending your sentences with "I tend to have mis-communication issues, so if I have offended you, let me know because it wasn't intentional. I really wasn't trying to offend anyone."

If they're still offended after that then do not debate your intentions further or else it may erupt into a huge fight. A lot of internet fights happen because you can't tell the tone of the other person easily. A lot of internet fights aren't even worth it.

No. 75371

I always thought you were more aware of your actions because you used to say you didn't care who you offended and that you were proud of being an ass.

No. 75379


I don't know why you all ae complying with this cunt.

Because she "apologized" because she "asked"?

Maybe I have a harder heart, if it was me she was throwing under bus, or posting supposed "pics"/nudes (even if they were the wrong person kek), I would've kept each and every last picture up without batting an eye and move on with life.

Besides that, staring at your pics may help your delusional ass.

No. 75491

I know pastel-cutie is a shit person, but everyone in the pastelcutie thread is fucking annoying.
Also the way alessa keeps submitting secrets about her in BtB, fuck off, and get over it. It's getting tiring seeing those secrets every week, I want new dramu

No. 75504

>I try to aim at who is attacking me, and I aim wrong
>frames Pandai for having nudes and drops his pics for defending her, and calling her cute, truthful and misunderstood.

How? How do you mess up that bad? Wtf.

No. 75656

Sounds like you're white knighting. Stfu anon.

No. 75671

So many white knights on PULL today jfc

No. 75678

Which threads?

No. 75691


From what I can see the white knighting is bad in the Mira thread here.

Starts on this page: http://prettyuglylittleliar.freeforums.org/mira-s-japanese-level-t4114-30.html

No. 75697

No one is white knighting tho

No. 75699

stop posting personal vendettas on here jfc

No. 75891

File: 1428223332374.png (49.4 KB, 637x680, Untitled.png)

No. 75923


isn't this how most people feel any way? Who is that?

No. 75925

Old post by jrcrotch (jrcach) himself. His thread is basically dead here.

No. 75992

>agreeing with jrcock
kek, the posts in question were his butthurt attempts to slander Yukapon in 2ch threads before the Yukapon Truth drama. Like how he would post every picture of her with a guy saying it is her boyfriend she has sex with.

No. 76017


Was never into the Jrach drama. But fuck, who is he? Some chubby old dude who obsesses over girls who wanna be idols? Fuck

No. 76022

Pretty much.
He does it for over 10 years already, his earliest posts I remember where from the time when Yuka was like 13 and into gyaru.

No. 76023


lol no way really?! Ya know I was half joking too thinking of like the stereotypical middle age loser. Haaa wow I'm going to go read up on this.

No. 76121

That's just disturbing…How does this guy have any credit at all??

No. 76122

Because he is japanese apparently.

No. 76138

File: 1428264105584.png (237.61 KB, 1366x768, 1428215696104.png)

I think the only reason why she apologized is to prevent the Encyclopedia Dramatica page that is going to be made on her.

If people cheered her on for leaking Pandai's pics, I don't think she would be backpedaling like this. I think she would keep going.

She claims that she is "not trying to be your favorite poster," but a lot of things she does is based on the validation she receives from others. She had no problem attacking others on the forum for fun. Despite what her signature says about not intentionally being offensive, she says things like in this pic.

When she was posted on lolcow, she suddenly cared what we thought of her and apologized to the people she hurt and deleted all her posts. I thought she didn't care about what we thought of her attitude.

Oh well maybe this means she will actually change.

No. 76148

Pointing out people who are wrong was not why you were obnoxious on PULL. It was the way you said it. If someone is wrong, you can say it in a more respectful manner

calling people "a fucking idiot" >>75843 IS a personal attack. There were other instances where you personally attacked people, then deleted the posts because they were too harsh (which is good but contradicts the claim that you don't care about offending people).

You must be very socially inept to not see what is wrong with your behavior. You aim at people attacking you because you mistook being called "cute and misunderstood" as an attack. Why is it that it took a lolcow thread for you to suddenly realize you have severe behavioral problems when people on PULL have lectured you about it for like 2 years?

No. 76149

*aimed at Pandai.

No. 76285

Yuka is a slut and she really does fuck a ton of guys.

No. 76286

Now but back then she was 13 and nobody.

No. 76324


This could be the truth. I was told when Pandai first messaged her she was still very insulting to him and gave him so many batshit insane reasons why she was in the right for personally attacking him and posting fake nudes. She keep insulting him until people were calling her out on just being a cunt.

It is too bad I don't know what she specifically said since he wont release the conversations. Only that he became more increasingly offended with every reply she sent until she went into that "sorry" phase.

No. 76333

Wow. This is why I don't buy her "apologies." Sorry for hurting Pandai? More like sorry for getting caught being a massive bully.

Totemo should stay off the internet. She's obviously not sane enough to handle it.

No. 80032

sunlights is banned

No. 80033


Who is sunlights?

No. 80049

Exactly, who the fuck is Sunlights?

No. 80079

What did she do to get banned?? I saw her argue with mods in the Taylor thread but at that point it was just a warning.

But good riddance. I don't post on PULL because no account but damn she was annoying. Glad I won't be seeing her write "lmao" after every goddamn sentence anymore.

No. 80090

Who gives a shit nigger

No. 80093

nobody deserves the shit jrcash gives them
at that time, she was a nobody and she was only 13
hes a fucking manchildren

No. 80156

Sunlights went full retard on the Kylie Jenner thread.

No. 80973

What happened to Shike/Filiel or whatever? Her posts are gone.

No. 81033

Is Mowi here? I have to say you're the only one I like from PULL. There are girls that are nice but wow PULL is full of retards, like that sunlight or Totemo.

No. 81044

good. she's a dickhead.

No. 81049

this is most likely 100% mowi

No. 81050

So when I started reading the sweet totemokawaii dramu, I actually accidentally messaged totemoyumii a while back on PULL to bitch and try to see her side of the story and awkwardness ensued

No. 81051

She was so fucking annoying. hated her the whole time she was on the forum. one less retard to babysit

No. 81053

How? Explain please. Haven't lurked PULL in ages.

No. 81055

she's obnoxious and always talking about having 'eating disorders' and always says she is 'omg so innocent!! ' etc annoying typical weeb

No. 81077

Are you serious? Mowi is irrelevant and boring af

No. 81083

She was a huge hypocritical Taylor white knight and got so angry at everyone for pointing out the flaws and shit, then she went and did the exact same in Dakota's threads.

She always wrote huge tl;dr replies followed "I DON'T REALLY CARE, IT'S ONLY THE INTERNET" while being obviously angry as hell.

No. 81084

Thank you!

No. 81099

23(I think) yr old mexico weeb that tries to act like a baby & works in a maid cafe.
Annoying as shit.

No. 81148

It got requested to get her account deleted after trying suicide landed her in a hospital.

No. 81151

how could they even prove this is true? i bet she lied honestly

No. 81153

It was not the first time she did this and her parents started a shitstorm.

No. 81156

how so?

No. 81163

Abusive family, it's not like if it wasn't discussed on PULL before.

No. 81285

Shike was also supportive of Totemokawaii's obnoxiousness and liked her for it. Lol.

She also had a profile pic of herself didn't she?

No. 81286

Ok I don't understand. So she attempts suicide and is in a hospital. What does that have to do with her account? Why should her account get deleted over that?

No. 81295

No. 81296

You seem to confuse her with somebody else, she had some random animu animal as icon usually.

No. 81309

Was confused for a bit. So her parents made her quit PULL or something?

>>81296 I am very sure she had her pic as a profile pic for a short while before using anime/cartoon pics again. She had short brown hair, high pigtails, wide mouth,skinny bragged about how many people at her local city in Mexico were prettier than Venus.

No. 81315

>Was confused for a bit. So her parents made her quit PULL or something?
Pretty much, she didn't want to cause more trouble.

No. 82474

Did she say something on PULL they didn't approve of, then her parents took over and said to delete everything?

No. 82539

She complained about her abusive family a lot, of course they wouldn't like that.

No. 82544

I wonder how they found out. Did her parents come to PULL saying stuff?

No. 82564

It's not uncommon for parents to check the online history of their kid after a suicide attempt.

No. 82583

Ok. I wonder what she said. I never saw the posts.

No. 84535


I call bullshit. Prove it.

No. 84840

Only you would answer to a month old post
and try to make yourself relevant…

No. 84882


Of that were true do you honestly think I would do it here? If I were kittirain I would spam the more famous dancers and beg them to collaborate with me

I just happen to think its bullshit. She doesnt spam anyone. She isnt trying to be famous so there is no point. She doesnt care if she is a nobody. In fact she jokes about it

No. 84887


LOL you sound like jrcach trying desperately to hate on random dancers. Get a life jrcach

No. 85483

Pretty sure it's her. That user doesn't post everyday but she was posting a lot today and low and behold someone came to defend her here too.

No. 85693


yeah and jrcach is obsessed with thinking dancers stalk his blog. He is obsessed with acussing kittirain and honeykittenmomo.

maybe I am a new breed of aidoru! A mix of kittirain, honeykittenmomo and all the dancers who don't bother with jrcach. We all combined to make a perfect kawaii aidoru!

Or maybe I am a fan of kittirain. Who knows

No. 85929

Uhm who said she is a dancer? Kittirain get over yourself you are not relevant nor considered an actual "dancer" this is pathetic.

No. 85945


Well seeing as I am pretty certain it was jrcach who said kittirain spammed his blog as he is obsessed with saying dancers do that. Which is why I said the stuff about dancers. Kittirain dances. I do not.

Geez the fact you think I am kittirain is hilarious. Seriously does she even know this site exists?

You accuse everyone of being whoever gets a compliment on here yet never have any proof.
Give me solid evidence of why you think I am Kittirain.

It makes me rofl that jrcach is so desperate. He probably answered himself to bring up the whole kittrain thing. He is so fuckin childish

No. 85946


If she is irrelevant then why on earth did you mention her in the first place? Learn to be consistent

No. 85948

Not the samee anon but it wasn't this anon
who mentioned her but >>61568

No. 85949


My bad. But still, I don't think she is worth the mention.

No. 85963


I just called bullshit on one comment. It isn't illegal.

Seem to have twist someones panties though

No. 86042

Uhm I doubt jrcach gives a damn about some girl on youtube that gets 30 views a video. Pls stop now.

No. 86048


jrcach is also the only one who has ever accused anyone of stalking his blog. He clearly thinks he is important enough for even nonfamous people to try and get his attention.
Wouldnt suprise me if jrcach started this thread back up again to try and get his name talked about making it seem like somejne else did it because he is a creep like tht

No. 86061

Seems like you don't seem to know his history because he does that quite a lot, just like how he is obsessed with stalking megannyan without her even doing anything similar to dance videos.

No. 86096

People know who jrcach is because snowflake reasons. Just because one person said they don't like a PULL user doesn't mean it's the special snowflake guy. He is more known then this no view kawaii wannabe on PUll.

No. 86100

"for even nonfamous people to try and get his attention"
You think nonfamous people are too good to try and get someone else's attention?
kittyrain stop posting here

No. 86108

No. 86109

Pick one.

No. 86128


Jrcach stop thinking your so special that dancers want to do anything to get your attention.
Nobody cares.

No. 86135

Stop samefagging kitti whatever your name is

No. 86138


This thread screams all sorts of desperation. Kitti whatever your name is not the one samefagging

No. 86141


Why are yall so obsessed with thinking I am kittirain?
Ffs all I asked was for some proof to a bullshit post. Stop getting your panties in a bunch.

No. 86143

>He probably answered himself to bring up the whole kittrain thing.
agreed. he's a drama queen so i wouldn't be surprised.

No. 86189

No. 86205

who cares about Kitty. Where did this even come from? She makes videos of herself dancing to Japanese pop songs. Seems like a dime a dozen in the weeb community

No. 86309

Because some anon claimed she flooded him with self-promos at Tumblr.

No. 86361

>some anon
no doubt it was jrcock

No. 86369


She isn't as weebish as sone. Though she apparently does want to become an Idol but she is too lazy or some shit. Too old as well

Also her voice is annoying. I like her dancing but her voice ruins it for me

No. 86740

She has 44 subs on youtube. Anyone saying that someone is purposefully trying to attack her sounds fucking stupid because she is someone no one gives a fuck about. 44 subs.. yeah jrcock is going to go from antagonizing girls who have 200k+ subs to this.

No. 86746


She has more then 44. Not anywhere near as much as other weeb dancers jrcach stalks but he does seem to have something against kittrain. I think it's because she spoke against him on Pull and he got butthurt

No. 88346

Aaaaand she is back. Let's hope she doesn't come here

No. 88628

Considering what happend I think she has other things to worry about, at least people don't need to worry about her disappearance anymore but damn, that girl obviously needs to get out of there.

No. 89393

File: 1430129498336.png (1019.72 KB, 730x1000, autism.png)

No. 89433


is that meant to be Yuno???

Confirmed for edgelord

No. 89437

she has this in her ig bio (about how she edits her pics)

No. 89560

Hey I just saw that Filliel is still active. Somebody was saying she was gone after suicide attempt?

No. 89576

She left PULL due to the suicide attempt thing, deleted her profile (Shike) and then she came back with a new profile (Filliel). She stopped posting again some time ago (due to the same/similar reasons I guess??), but her profile remained active and now she's back on posting. But I'm not sure about the whole story because I left PULL several months ago.

No. 89587

She was one of the many girls that got kidnapped in Tijuana (for getting sold) earlier this year and only got back home recently after months. Human trafficking young girls isn't a uncommon thing there.

No. 89588

To add, she didn't post about it anywhere on PULL just in case somebody wants to start accusing her of wanting attention with this, only the few people that know her irl name got to know that.

No. 89597


No. 89598

You can ask her yourself, I sure won't post anything that contains her irl info.

No. 89599

well, if there's public records about this case, there's really nothing wrong with posting it?

she's one of the biggest pull attention whores so i wouldn't put it past her to insert herself into a tragedy like that to garner more sympathy and head pats.

No. 89600

As said in >>89588 she didn't post about it and as said before, I won't post anything that will contain the personal information of a minor, not even news reports.

No. 89608

pffft, sure, sweety.

No. 89610

I am not her, the admin can even confirm that if you want because my IP is far away from Mexico.

No. 89611

If it was posted anywhere on PULL there would be screens of here already anyways.

No. 89613

*of it

No. 89744

if you are not from mexico then how do you know what happened to her? You said only the people who knows her irl would know

No. 89746

…I never said that.

No. 89747

Knowing someone's real name doesn't mean they know somebody irl, just saying.

No. 89785

>only the few people that know her irl name got to know that.

How did you find out anyway? >>89746

No. 89892

With searching her real name. Different than with crimes they publish names of missing people.
This wasn't the first mass-kidnapping of students in Mexico lately

No. 89893

No. 89920

uhh yeah this is 99% BS
Stop lying for attention shike

No. 89932

As said before, I am not her, admin can prove that. Hence my spelling isn't even remotely similar to her shitty one.

No. 89933

im not saying YOU are shike
I'm saying this is 99% a lie from her.

No. 89934

No. 89935

And I doubt she can fake online reports of well-known newspapers.

No. 89940

You always spout such bullshit moemo. Fuck. Off.

No. 89944

Ask the staff members if you don't believe it, retard.

No. 89946

Tbh you sound paranoid, kek.

No. 89953

You just went full retard.

No. 89954

Hi ESL-chan!

No. 89984

shike has never posted about what happened after her disappearance on PULL, only to people she knows on a personal level on different social media.

No. 90005

the hilarious part is that I have also been accused of being moemo in the past. still not moemo. neither is this person, probably. you are paranoid as fuck, my friend.

No. 90141


You don't sound credible and the fact that you are using the link for a case of kidnapping that has nothing to do with human trafficking as example doesn't help.

It might be true that Shike lied about what happened but if somebody saw her actual name in a news paper they could link the news article here as proof. If it was a mass kidnapping we have no way to know which of the people mentioned in the article is her.

So far this sounds like a made up story.

No. 90155

and then people would go after the private accounts of a minor and publish the adress like how they did with others, nobody here would want that and >>89984 confirmed what I said.

No. 90195

Tbh when I read those posts I thought it was moemo too lol. Idk I'm an ex-PULL member and the writing style reminded me of hers for some reason. Whatever, I call BS.

No. 90426


show us CAPEA or Amber Alert report then

No. 90552

so.. they kidnapped a bunch of 20+ year olds? lmao.

No. 90567

Posting the private details of a minor isn't allowed.

No. 90572

She shouldn't be a minor right now. She was 17 last year or the year before that according to herself and/or other members.

No. 90573

She still is a minor.

No. 90574

Ok then why did other people say she was 17 in 2013 or 23 right now? I'm confused.

No. 90577

maybe they were going by the fake birthdate? not many people use their right one when they register to some website. the "missing" listing of her parents states she was 17 when she didn't come home from school.

No. 104865

I wonder if redchild really is that rich. I have no doubts people that young can be super rich. I know people younger than that can have big businesses.

I wonder if her username is an indication to who she really is. Anyone know anything about her?

No. 105111

Link to the "missing" listing of her parents?

Also, I thought she came from such an abusive home and her parents didn't give a shit about her? Why bother putting up stuff like that, then?

Shit doesn't add up with this bitch.

No. 105136


Isn't that girl in the first pic with hair in face.. Gosuto? Girl from tumblr….. :|

No. 105169

Just because somebody comes from an abusive family doesn't mean they don't give a fuck about what happens to their child.

No. 105301

she said some shit about possibly being pregnant like last week. lmao who'd want to fuck that fatass?

No. 106563

File: 1432254493110.jpg (50.64 KB, 640x960, 1977354_10152026445072106_1124…)

No. 106569

No. 108606

File: 1432527429470.png (84.18 KB, 770x320, Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 9.15…)

i hate momosourcosplay but doesn't this girl seem really obsessed with her? almost all of her posts are on the momosour thread.

No. 108631


Aren't Amber Alert/missing person reports supposed to be shared anyways?

No. 108642

nah a lot of people on PULL are obsessive

No. 108644

So are a lot of people here? Lol.

No. 108690

AnzuTamaki (the girl with the pink wig above) Also said in a thread that she was Asian, while bashing on girls that said they were Asian. I can't remember the thread but I think it was the momo one.
she looks so white tho

No. 108695

Isn't the girl with the pink wig Pastel Cutie…..?

No. 108712

For the purpose of finding a person, not posting it to a site like this.

No. 108713

File: 1432556837211.gif (939.83 KB, 300x152, feel with it.gif)

>TFW PULL is dead
>TFW all former PULL members migrated here
>TFW PULL is giving us cancer SJWs

No. 108730

Now even the lolcows are boring. Dakota transformed into another boring kawaii pastel girl, Venus became old and boring.
I miss the golden age in 2011…

No. 108734

There always will be some boring repeat years just like how it was between the 2006 scene fad and the 2011 living doll one. We only have to wait few years for something new that future cows will hop onto.

No. 108822

The baby phase seems to be a small thing (koti and taylor).

No. 108840

That's pastel-cutie/angelic-emoji. I don't think we know what AnzuTakamaki's face looks like.

No. 108854

is she the one that constantly bashes white girls then says "white racism doesn't exist because opression, read the dictionary" and when someone replied with the definition she said "LIES PAITREEARRRCHHHHYYY!!!1" jesus

No. 108862

That was redchild unless there are more.

No. 108871


You can search all of her posts (http://prettyuglylittleliar.freeforums.org/search.php?author_id=6442&sr=posts). I took a look and I don't see any posts like that.

No. 110736

Eikkibunny and her bf are a bunch of special snowflakes but towards the end of their thread, it feels like people were aggravating them on purpose.
PULL bitches need to get a life.

No. 110740

Does anyone know what happened to imalia? She had the lisa simpson avatar and was honestly my favorite poster. I figured she's super low key and maybe migrated here, but I don't know. Super smart and snarky though. Where you at malia?

No. 110799

LOL that is exactly what we do too though. Fucking idiot, we have to milk them for the hilarity of it all.

No. 110801

Hi imalia

No. 110815

she was actually super try hard and people would circle jerk at her ' omg honesty!1!!! HArdc0re she doesnt care wat any1 thINKS!"

No. 110824

That sandnigger Bat is cringy too

No. 111295

i just realized that annedere is the author of the momosour thread. topkek.

No. 111354

She got called out in PULL because she was hating on momo and then doing exactly the same shit on her own IG.

Half the people on PULL would have no clue who the fucj annedere was if she wasn't such a bitch about Momo. Then she went and apologised but posted it for all to see as her apology went ignored. She whined about how she did the right thing and apologised and she got ignored.

If she had just kept her mouth shut on PULL she wouldn't have half the haters she claims she ignores.

No. 111380

Yeah but she actually figured shit out and doxed the self posters. I preferred her over taradox who was just an attention whore and made an unnecessary huge deal over her shit banner

No. 111423


She's anne? That's such a common name I didn't make the connection. I never read her thread on PULL but lol she's literally just a shitty momosweetmeitu knockoff.

No. 111424

Doxing self posters seems overboard. I think doxing should be reserved for scam artists and the like

No. 111441

sorry by self posters i mean the snowflakes that posted on their own thread pretending to be someone else. like the thinsquids threads

No. 111467

Ah ok. Well if their usernames and already public info is revealed, I think that's ok to reveal. Still I think the real doxing should be reserved for scammers

No. 111494

oh yeah if it's like that, then doxing is too much. i agree with what's been said. real doxing should be for scammers, lifters, people like that.

No. 114000

This is so crazy. I know Tharthan IRL, I'm reading through all the stuff he's posted and it's like watching a car crash. I knew he had issues but this is next level.

No. 114004


Oh my…

Please continue.

No. 114018

I know how he got his "Tharthan" name. His real name's Matt (but he only responds to "Matthew"). He came into the class I had with him one day in 8th grade and said "Hey, I've invented a cipher!" It was something along the lines of he changed all the letters in his full name into numbers, subtracted something, and changed them back into letters. And then he was super proud of it, direct quote: "I am the master of corrupting names!".

No. 114022



So regarding Tharthan, you knowing him in real life, would you say that he's autistic? Because having been around autistic people most of my life I have to say judging from what he's displayed here thus far he displays every hallmark of somebody with aspergers.

No. 114024

I don't necessarily believe that, but pretty much everyone else that knows him does.

No. 114028


Mind me asking why you don't believe he's autistic?

No. 114029

I sympathize with him a little because I had some pretty bad social issues growing up, but they were just because I didn't know how to act, not because of any actual disorder. I guess it's more like I don't want to believe that he has autism.

No. 114036

looking back at all the stuff he's done, I can't really deny there's probably something up with him.

No. 114058

Tell us more please. Upload a picture of him as well, if possible<3 we do have 1 pic of him but it's too dark.

I'll be forever in debt to you.

No. 114060

I agree with >>114058, I'd love to hear more experiences and stories you have. Like, How'd you find us? What caused him to be so anti-women? What is his family like?

No. 114075

Probably his social ineptitude made his attempts at finding a girlfriend fail and make them hate him and now he hates them.

No. 114079

Mention his name, and you're practically summoning him. I look forward to wherever this may lead.

No. 114088

Tharthan, Tharthan, Tharthan.

No. 114092

Do it in front of a mirror with a candle to summon the patron saint of autism

No. 114115

File: 1433016897731.jpg (58.43 KB, 719x477, f copy.jpg)

No. 114117

I really don't want do upload a picture of him, that feels too much like doxxing. I will say that the Tharthan avatar is surprisingly accurate, except it's too thin.

No. 114122

The avatar is too thin and yet no one is surprised.

No. 114124

I found you guys by going on google images and searching "Tharthan" to see what would show up. I was trying to find any screencaps people had taken of his YouTube comments before he deleted, one of my friends had asked me to see if I could find anything he hadn't deleted.

As far as I know he's basically always been this way, just a little bit worse when he was younger and had even fewer social skill.s I think it stems from being too Christian. He wouldn't kill some video game boss because it was named Yahweh. And obviously he's got the whole "gays shouldn't marry" thing going on.

As for his family, I have no idea, never met any of them. There were a few deaths when he was young, like cousins or something, he told me that at some point.

No. 114127

I understand how Christians are. My church says being gay is an abomination, a sin but we shouldn't hate the sinners. They said gays sin like anyone else and should be guided to being straight which is God's perfect image. They are very serious about this and I kinda don't blame him for having these beliefs deeply ingrained into him

No. 114128


>he wouldn't kill some video game boss because it was named Yahweh

Yep that's autism all right.

No. 114129

We aren't going to start a christian vs. atheist debate. Take that to /b/. If not then you've started a free for all to comment.

No. 114130

Christians at church also site the Bible saying women should serve man be a housewife and all that and they deeply ingrain that to the point where even the female church goers agree so I also kind of don't blame Tharthan since churches are so good at brainwashing.

No. 114131

explain how this is brainwashing?

No. 114134

Genesis 2:18
18 And the Lord God said, “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.”
Women are to be submissive because Eve brought adam to sin, God made man first. A woman should support her man in the relationship and not made ownership of him. And vice versa, No where in the bible does it tell a husband to beat and mistreat his wife.

No. 114135

No. 114137

No, shut up about your OT shit.

You're allowed to doxx him since he's 18+ and has also linked his username to his private facebook + his ''company'' and all of the other shit.

Just at least posting an old picture of him wouldn't be so bad, right?

But more stories please<3 This is like recieving christmas gifts

No. 114138

What about an old yearbook photo from 8th grade? Just cover out his name/any trace of the school's name. It's not that bad since it isn't recent, but is still better than nothing.

No. 114139

So someone is free to go OT on their opinions and no one is allowed to comment in defense to a bigoted ignorant statement? Ok hypocrisy at its finest.

No. 114152

Tharthan is that you?

No. 114159

I don't have any pictures of him at the moment anyway. Sorry.

I can definitely post more stories or answer more questions though. In middle school, he was in this photoshop class where you had to make certain pictures, like photoshopping yourself into a photo or editing two animals together. And every single time the teacher gave an instruction, like "Don't just put the head of one animal on the body of another", he'd giggle like an idiot and say "So you're saying we should put the head of one animal on the body of another?". Every single time the teacher gave an instruction. Apparently he ended up failing the class because he never did what he was supposed to but I don't know that for sure.

No. 114169

I figured he was lying. I remember on PULL when a member said he was being a giant offensive asshole is because of his religious beliefs and he was saying crap like he's "not religious" but his parents were "quite liberal." I didn't buy that for a moment since it didn't add up one bit.

No. 114176

He says the thing about his parents being liberal IRL too, so I dunno.
He is absolutely religious though. His wikipedia user page has something like "this user believes in the one true god" on it.

One time he repeatedly kicked a guy in the shin for holding hands with another guy in front of him.

No. 114178


you realized that just now? on his wikipedia page it says ''This user believes in and worships the one true god named Yahweh.''

No. 114179

There's absolutely no way he doesn't have Asperger's or something very similar. Doesn't matter how much he denies it.

No. 114222

I'm fucking dying.

No. 114225


have you ever witnessed him hitting on a girl, or showing signs of liking someone?

No. 114238

Never IRL. The closest would be when he'd tell us about what porn he likes: "Something something childhood friend something something corruption". I remember the first time he mentioned it everyone around him was like "Wait, you have a sex drive?"

No. 114245


If I post a full name that I believe is his, would you say yes/no to it being his name?
Although tbh I can't find anything when I google that name except for a blog which is 100% his.

No. 114251

Probably not tbh. I really don't want him to see this and figure out who I am. I will say that searching his full name on google images doesn't seem to come up with any pictures of him.

No. 114265

Fair enough.

Tharthan once said that he's creating a game and a madeup language for it (I don't remember what he called the madeup language,but he wrote a sentence in his language and it was similair to Icelandic). Does he talk about shit like this IRL?

He also mentions in some old profiles and blogs that he has written books/novels. Can we find them anywhere?

No. 114273

Language is pretty much all he talks about, except occasionally he'll also talk about video games (he usually at least mentions how the enemy names were mistranslated) or his politics. You don't even have to pay attention to him, he'll just talk at you for as long as he can.

I don't know anything about books though. I can't imagine anyone reading something he wrote and publishing it.
He tried to write something a few years back, he'd go around asking random people what the next line should be, and if someone said "I don't want to write anything", that'd be the next line of dialogue, even though it didn't fit at all. He thought it was hilarious.

No. 114274

Random access humor.

No. 114284


Does he have any social media profiles? Is it worth trying to find him?

No. 114286

He used to have a facebook (there's a screenshot or two on the old thread) and a twitter and instagram, but he deleted them all when people were able to find them because he used "Tharthan" for everything.

He does have a dailymotion and a vimeo, which are mostly reuploads from his old YouTube and contain some of the most cringeworthy shit I've ever seen. His fakku's "grantham", also some top cringe. And then there's his tumblr, which isn't really worth reading at all. That's it, as far as I know.

No. 114290

Sorry, my bad. Won't happen again.

No. 114291


Didn't really want you to repeat everything that we've already found by googling Tharthan. Useless.

I was more referring to whether he has created a new facebook profile under a name that we're not aware of. But it seems like the only internet-related stuff you know is stuff we've found.

No. 114293

File: 1433029428549.png (20.49 KB, 630x372, B7.png)

I did find this gem on Urban Dictionary.

No. 114301

First time for me to see this. Good lord.


I'll sum it up for you, because it's a long story. Basically, I have this library of characters that I created, and he was one of them. He is the uncle of "Dachi M. Yamanashi", and brother of "Cerulean B. Aquamarine". Tharthandorf was originally supposed to be an psychotic and evil character, the main enemy of Dachi. However, this role was later given to Dachi's father, Zen. When I made some sketches for my (then) upcoming book, "Deepen the Hole", I drew Tharthandorf attempting to protect Dachi (when Dachi was a baby), and getting shot by Zen in the process. This scene made it into the book, completely unedited. His last name is thus a combination of "Yamanashi" and "Aquamarine", as was his original last name, Nashimarine. He has developed more of a backstory recently, and I will not be going into any more detail on the subject. Also, his first name (coincidentally) comes from Ganondorf, reflecting his original use as the main antagonist.

No. 114305


How can anybody deny the autism.

No. 114306


Pokemon Trainer Red
28th March 2009, 05:38 PM

You bulbagardians might remember me as:

*Mattsusie1, at PokeCommunity (Spriter for Pokemon Police by G.K.S.)

*Articuno2(or Dachi), at The Sky Temple of Lugia and Articuno

*Tharthan, at Youtube (I am the creator of "The Ace Show")

*Azuraaaaah-fan, at ProtonJon's website

*Barley Yodel, at Harvest Moon Otaku

*Dachi (Trainer #1265659), at TPPC Online

*Dachi, at TPPC Forums

*Dachi, Rich Uncle Pennybags, or some other name I can't remember, at Wikipedia

*Mayor Tortimer, at The Animal Crossing wikia

*Ace Konoware (title charector on "The Ace Show")

*Tharthan (the presidant of Black Glasses Inc.), at Black-glasses.webs.com

*Matthew (my real name), as a singer/songrighter (some hits include: Heaven, The Last Pillar of The World, I still have some greed left in me, and Danny the Fighter) on I-tunes and at stores like Wal-Mart

*Matsu Mero, Masshu Mero, or Shining Truth, as the writer of Deepen The Hole, Emina: Brisk Winds, and various other romance novels

Anyway, I can add "Bulbagarden Forums" to my list now xD

I think his real name is Matthew Mello.

No. 114326

Or maybe he likes Mello from Deathnote.

Aquanashi sounds almost like a ghetto girl name.

No. 114340


That's the name that I was going to post. Matt Mello. Because of this blog that thar created back in 2008 http://matthewmello.blogspot.se/

No. 114360

Woah, nice job, how'd you find that?

No. 114366

Good find. I figured it out because Tharthan posted his email on one of his profiles. I looked it up and found a Picasa account with a woman's name. I looked up that name online and found a memorial page. The woman signed on it and included his name and the name of his family members. Then on wikimedia his submissions have the name "Matthew Mello" on them.

No. 114374

I frequent both of those Pokemon forums and thank god I've never run across his levels of autism on there and that's saying something.

No. 114375

idk. somehow. thar is honestly my favourite lolcow so I've just googled him obessivly whilst fucking around with him by creating that tharthan fakku account.

No. 114376

No. 114378

Shuddup Totemokawaii.

No. 114385

I know now. It's a result from looking up Tharthandorf on Google.

No. 114389

No. 114392

From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia.
Hi, I am Tharthandorf Aquanashi (it's an alias, all right!) And I am a big fan of POKeMON. My favorite POKeMON is Togetic, and it has been ever since POKeMON Gold came out (Well, even though I did have gold at the time, the truth is.. When I played through my new Ruby version in '03, I played as a girl, 'though I am a boy', named her "MAY " Yes, I accidentaly made a space… Anyway, I played through my adventure, beat it, and left the game alown for some time until I got FireRed, now, Once I beat FireRed, and I got all the islands, I desided to take the egg I got from the Mr. POKeMON look-alike, and send it to my ruby version… I raised it, evolved it, and taught it FIREBLAST… A year later, I got Emerald, now after I had beaten that game, I decided to transfer Togetic over… Not to long after, I forgot about "MAY " and deleted her save file, 'but since Dachi, what I named Brendan in Emerald, still existed, I still had my Togetic. Well, as you can imagine, I got POKeMON Pearl when it came out. And yes, I transfered Togetic over.. Well, Togetic, and a copy, 'ya know, the emerald clone glitch' And I still have my togetic today!)
P.S. Tharthan, and my emerald charecter's name, "Dachi", are both names of my charecters I created in 2005, and still draw them today (Dachi M. Yamanashi, Tharthandorf B. Aquanashi)

No. 114406

No. 114425

No. 114426

File: 1433042135353.png (89.06 KB, 335x298, aquanashi.png)

No. 114433


Oh god even his outline looks autistic.

No. 114440

Just want to clear up that he said that he was fairly religious compared to his parents in the PULL chat. He brought up often that his parents were more "liberal" when we asked if his views were based on how he was raised. I can understand that there's confusion there, though. Tharthan does kind of come off as a neckbeard atheist.

No. 114444

Lol'd cuz I remember him saying he liked mello yellow soda on PULL. How much you wanna get that he only liked it cuz his name was in it?

No. 114449

Does this guy have his own thread? He sounds like a lolcow king. Needs a banner too.

No. 114457

It hasn't been used in over 2 months but there was one

No. 115312

Thartan has his own fucking thread so stop chatting about him here and go there. He's already been kicked off PULL so there is no reason to bring him up here.

No. 115316

lol, i remember all the girls on PULL fawning over him, god they are sad
and they used to act like they wanted other bitches to leave their sempai

No. 115536

The momosweetcosplay thread has gone to shit. It should've died a long time ago but the same two people keep bumping it. Get a life and bitch about a different snowflake. We're done with her.

No. 115548

PULL is all about beating dead horses, they STILL talk about kooters every single day everyday. And that seems to be one of the only living threads left

No. 115552

Uh, literally nobody was fawning over him. Caps?

No. 115754

Also requesting caps because I specifically remember everyone talking shit to and about him. The only few people who defended him in the beginning was Pandai and normal impaired.

No. 115756

They literally just discussed this fucktard.


No. 115763

Annd Normal only did so because she loved to do that at people that seem to be an aspie too.

No. 115766

That could be said about here too.

No. 115929

Unfortunately, lolcow is in the same boat. If we widened our range of cows outside of generic kawaii cunts then we'd have more to talk about. This goes for PULL as well.

As much as I enjoy our female cows, I need variety and neckbeard lulz too. Kiwi and /cow/ have been providing that.

No. 116084

Exactly. lolcow talks about the same people all the time too. it gets old

No. 117187

I asked this in the other thread too but: lets post pics of other members/admins/mods for fun

No. 117189

Hi Totemo.

No. 117193

No I just hate PULL.

No. 117202

Still doesn't make it funny.

No. 117215

Why? Afraid someone will post a picture of you? Dont go to lolcow then…

No. 117218

I am not even a PULL user but people abusing lolcow for vendetta is annoying and everything but lulzy.

No. 117224

>>117218 said… where are the lulz? Most are boring AF. And wouldn't lolcow be worse than PULL if we post boring ass chicks for vendetta reasons? Doxxing/threatening users who barely did a thing… har har like TometoKawaii.

No. 117234

I would love it if someone posted a picture of cuntrakoti

No. 117266

Once I saw a pic of her, I only remember she had dark short hair and tanned skin, maybe from Malaysia? Idk I can't remember well

No. 117321

I'm so sad
So sad that Dakota,Venus,.. are so boring now. I used to be so interested in them like not hate interest but really excited about finding infos about them and looking through their stuff. Now there is no actual lolcow only boring bitches…I miss 2011 the golden lolcow age with kooter threads on cgl,the queen, venus rising in popularity with her weeaboo drama,…

No. 117347

Same. Those were the best threads on PULL. Now everyone talks about how "cute" they are. Idk I just can't fangirl over people who were assholes for the majority of their lives.

No. 117433

File: 1433552183554.jpg (17.49 KB, 417x99, cuntrakoti u r so smarttt.JPG)

so mature

No. 117445

It's the truth tho.

No. 117452

So, yeah. The Pullettes are starting to now venture over here… "KiraDoru
Post subject: Re: PopteenPostPosted: Fri Jun 05, 2015 5:52 pm

Joined: Fri May 15, 2015 2:10 pm
Posts: 9
Has thanked: 0 time
Have thanks: 0 time
I've never been on lolcow until today and WOW. Apparently we kiss Kota's ass. Damn some people can just be… Whatever. Just because we don't bash her at every opportunity doesn't mean we support her in everything she does. Idk. Maybe I actually am starting to like her.
Back on topic, when's the next issue?"

No. 117456

You must be new.

No. 117459

Lol, what do you mean by 'now'? This has been happening since what…. Last year? Just now the newer more less subtle members are being vocal about coming here.
Tbh, I'm conflicted on them coming. On one hand, more traffic, on another hand, they treat lolcow like the more cunty 2nd version of PULL.

No. 117490

I come here because PULL has rules and mods that prevent me from saying what I want in a way I want

Besides I originally used /cgl/ during PTs Internet Queen Debut before PULL was even a thing, and before they banned threads about individual people

No. 117493

Idk if I'm reading your message , but if I understand correctly, my reply to us:
That doesn't mean ppl from PULL should come here, and post useless topics, kiss ass like no tomorrow, or double post. Those are the ppl I'm talking about mostly

No. 117499

Oh okay

Yeah I get you. I feel like those who kinda understand both places are fine, and those who bitch about lolcow on PULL are the ones who should be discussed here.

No. 117581

I'm kinda surprised babotokki/bb.tokki didn't hit that person who posted her in the interesting people section with the ban hammer tbh.

No. 117587

Maybe if she was posted in the snowflakes section, she would have. Or maybe she is an actual impartial mod unlike Totemoocow.

No. 117592

Link of thread?

No. 117617

If I'm not wrong, it was deleted

No. 117625

SirMarty has posted some pics in his hair thread anon, r u pleased yet?>>117187

No. 117747

it got deleted

No. 120066

'Lmao why in the world did someone copy paste my thread onto lolcow? do your own shit ffs. You make me gag.
Kanichen is such a try hard lmao


No. 120160

Rubyredrum has dumped all the Pastel-Cutie and Fetsu-Chan drama for Ahripop.
She's liking a lot of accounts that post Ahri's pics from years ago. Kek.

No. 120169

She is right tho, why would somebody be so lazy to only 1:1 copy a thread instead of adding own shit and then people wonder when threads die.

No. 120170

File: 1434069992133.jpg (86.12 KB, 610x498, 46546.jpg)

Says the one with the scary picture. At least Taylor doesn't make aliens cry

No. 120171

I agree with. People talk shit about PULL but then copy their threads word for word.

No. 122775

File: 1434526969951.png (29.51 KB, 566x94, Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 12.4…)

isn't kaninchenn fat?

No. 122816

Who the fuck even cares? She prolly wrote that because the neckbeards there were too funny in their butthurt.

No. 122853

do you know what she looks like?

No. 123018

File: 1434571381033.png (157.66 KB, 1366x768, puhlease.png)

Is Kaninchen Totemokawaii pt 2? what a narcissist.

No. 123042


She'd mention she's fat, i remember reading that on a PULL thread.

No. 123047

Tbh this thread is getting /b/oring, no lulzy shit at all and only anons trying to start drama when there is none.

No. 123377

File: 1434609507292.png (47.21 KB, 562x98, Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 11.3…)

No. 123387

tbh, both of these sound sarcastic.

No. 123404

She's 18? In those pictures she looks much older.

No. 123408

That's an ad, anon.

No. 123422

Totemo. Stop trying to draw everyone's attention away from you.

And tbh PULL has gotten boring. Most of the lulzy members no longer post.

No. 123470

SORRY sorry, I did not notice it.

No. 123508

what does Totemo actually look like? someone link me pls

No. 123567

I'm not Totemo admin can confirm

In the OP pic and other pics in the thread it shows you what she looks like

No. 123916

Trying to get everyone to attack other members because there's no drama is kind of lame anon.

No. 124337

You know whats annoying, when pull members post celebrites on the little snowflake secetion.I find it very annoying.Isnt pull was used to expose internet idiots?

No. 124344

Showing the thread Totemo was in to answer someone what she looked like is getting someone to attack them. K.

No. 124356

I hate kaninchen too I thought I was the only one who thought she was a faggot and a tryhard. She reminds me of those annoying people from /b/.

No. 124357


No. 124358

Now she is pretending to be a skinny girl

No. 124371

Totemokawaii was removed from PULL like 2 months ago.

No. 124390

You are retarded and lots of people say they are a lazy fat ass and similar.

You guys say you hate PULL but do the same as the girls that always shit on others there because of vendetta.

No. 124942

PULL is like a mosh pit of fat kawaii obsessed teenagers and 30 somethings foaming at the mouth.

No. 125072

And lolcow is different how..?

No. 125221

now it's time for kaninchen

No. 125225

Your vendetta is getting really boring already.

No. 125248


Lolcow isn't that much different. It's still filled with bitchy young women with nothing else better to do with themselves, like myself obv.

Everyone is in it to milk the cow and lol at drama. Only we're all going by anon and ruled under some cunt who can find out your info and openly shame you on there.

No. 125251

>ruled under some cunt who can find out your info and openly shame you on there
Racist-chan still butthurt about being shamed in a thread lel

No. 125252


idk who racist-chan is m'dear but it aint me lol

No. 125258

File: 1434915363891.jpg (8.91 KB, 300x222, tips.jpg)


No. 125264

who is racist-chan?

No. 125265

No. 125272

Hopefully that isn't referring to me. As >>125248
wasn't by me.

No. 125290

yeah sure anon lmao stop spreading bullshit

No. 125292

they also say that the husband must cherish his wife and be kind to her and spoil her

No. 125294

tharthan dont ruin loz for me pls

No. 125296

File: 1434921256317.png (104.6 KB, 1611x771, Screenshot_2.png)

No. 125297

im not sure if the link works
but he's playing a dating game. holy shit

No. 125564

Hahaha faggots on PULL are complaining about lolcow because they're mentioned here

No. 125736

It's not like if all going on her wasn't vendetta or otherwise there would be lulzy content but there is none.

No. 125737

*going on here recently

No. 128302

File: 1435445233893.png (56.09 KB, 595x291, Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 3.45…)

the biggest snowflake of them all

No. 128304

…and don't see the issue, most of what the person said is true.

No. 128316

read the ahripop thread. this bitch just goes on and on about how she's a ~~*rEaL* gAmEr GuRl~~ and ~not a fake like ahri~

No. 128326

I see, thanks for explaining.

No. 128460

Eh as snowflakey as she is, she does give some solid advice about streaming.

No. 128466

PULL is crawling with A-Logs.

No. 128557

You can only stream if you're a real gamer girl!!!
Yeah… real solid

No. 128612

File: 1435510135781.jpg (79.9 KB, 1286x331, octo.jpg)

is october fat or something?

No. 128634

She called herself "curvy", which is a fat person's butter, so I guess.

No. 128655

>they look like bones with news paper wrapped around them

Confirmed for fatty. Someone's clearly used to seeing chubby legs all around her cos Venus' aren't even that tiny, they just have little fat.

No. 128657

stupid question, but what does A-Log mean?

No. 128659

Literally the first google result.
Just replace "Chris" with "lolcow".

No. 128674

thank you, kind anon.

No. 128677

Yet everyone on cow says in her thread she looks like she got an ED in the picture in question which is
Everyone here must be a fatty then.

No. 128711

Except not everyone did.

And, yeah, there probably are a lot of fatties here too. What's your point?

No. 128713

That your post doesn't make any sense, I could say confirmed for pro-ana if you find her lags in that photo chubby.

No. 128733

I love how pull users think theyre good people when they just bash people and theyre fucking bad lmao

No. 128738

Curvy doesnt mean fat though. Curvy girls also call themselves curvy. Thats like saying skinny is only used by anorexic girls. Its wrong

No. 128741

>thinking pointing out someone has too skinny legs make you a fatty
someone is used to go on ana forums

No. 128748

Wait… do you think I called her chubby? I think she has normal sized legs, maybe on the skinny side.

Calling them ~~bones with newspaper wrapped around~~ is blatantly ridiculous, it implies she's severely underweight. If you seriously think that's the case you're likely surrounded by fatties. Get over it.

Nope, try again.

No. 128758

actually, for this picture she used an app that makes your legs look longer, her legs irl are not that skinny.

No. 129146

October is pretty much a bitch who needs her clit cooled down she pretty much responds rudely to other users then after that she says how is she being rude? the fuck is wrong with this bitch?

No. 129147

File: 1435573718079.png (234.54 KB, 701x275, fatbmi.png)

Oh October everybody knows your bmi is shit

No. 129159

File: 1435576388088.jpg (124.62 KB, 1120x787, octo.jpg)

Yeah, october is a cunt. She seems to be envious of every fucking girl on earth.

"my body looks like this" lol. No. you're just fat girl, deal with it.

No. 129169

che, right. if your body looked like this why wouldn't you just post a pic of yourself with your face obscured?

No. 129174

File: 1435580788558.jpg (Spoiler Image, 46.08 KB, 620x425, fat-woman-internet_1654487i.jp…)

oh wait found a pic of October she's stunning

No. 129185

Most of chubby or fat women think they are curvy for some reason

No. 129194


I know and it pisses me right off it does

No. 129266

No. 129304

PULL members try so hard to be the next Xiaxue, even advertising their links and selfies.

BTW why do they like Xiaxue even though she did things just as bad as Margaret Palermo such as stealing an I.P. address to harass someone, cyberbullying, etc? Oh it's because she honest about her face and plastic surgery and photoshop and being honest about one's appearance is way more important than slandering and harassing right?

No. 129315

There's a Xiaxue thread in the little snowflake section. Some people like the fact that she's blunt and says what's on her minds. Others don't like her attitude and actions.

No. 129344

It's not like we aren't any better, the only difference is that we all are anon.

No. 129374


everyone in Venus' Perfect Body Challenge video thread on PULL was over exaggerating. Venus has gotten much thinner but it is partly photoshop and not really bad looking. The people saying she is gross or her body is disgusting because it's thin are either butthurt because they're chubs or are those people who think 'fuller' bodies with more fat look better.

No. 129398

Their posts are vaguely skinny-shaming. Why do they care about the feelings of fatties and not skinnies? I thought they cared about the feely feels

No. 129435


I don't find Venus' weight loss to be bad or negative/pro-ana like everyone was putting it. PULL has a twisted perception of what is 'dangerously thin'

No. 129459

So does cow.

No. 129938

They are mad at venus for making the video because she's skinny and it's sad that If venus was chubbier they'd probably talk less about this. All the people commenting sound jealous and bitter.

No. 129986

Hi Margo

No. 130203

Hi Pull member.

No. 130212

Far away from that, too funny Margo just wrote the same on Venus's IG to somebody few minutes before this post.

No. 130222

Man, why can't Margo just stop this shit? She's ruining everything for her daughter. Venus always seems to reply in a decent manner at least, but Margo is just a huge fucking drama queen who can't stand anyone being more liked/popular than her daughter. I wish Venus and Minaki worked out so she could stay in Japan with him, and Margo had to leave the country and her daughter.

No. 130235

She seems to have a short fuse 24h.

No. 130289

File: 1435785205997.jpg (81.36 KB, 640x281, image.jpg)

Today on PULL: they haven't figured out cosplay contests are really just popularity contests

No. 130354

This isn't lulzy at all, the person is right and you are beating a dead horse with OT nonsense that doesn't have to do with the post you caped.

No. 130473

File: 1435811042301.jpg (33.92 KB, 427x278, image.jpg)

No. 133865

What happened to 'Xiao Tuzi'?

No. 133870

deleted her account.

pull has turned to shit in recent years, her fave members gradually left, and the people posted are lulzy.

No. 133871


No. 133879

What pull members have left so far?

No. 133902

Mowi, Selenite, Le4y, and Xiao Tuzi are the only ones I know that recently left. A lot of old members have left too, but I don't know all who left.

No. 133904

hachi, lain, and october got banned. oc demoted and then banned.

Pandai, Unicornface, and Kelly are mostly inactive. Most of what I can remember.

No. 133906

Hachi? Banned? Don't you mean left?

No. 133907

Fucked up that sentence. Hachi and Lain left. Not banned. whoops.

No. 133917

Unicornface left. She just didn't have her profile deleted.

No. 133996

why did you include October btw?

No. 134007

Selenite probably left because people on lolcow started noticing her and her extreme arrogance.

No. 134050


October is stinl there

No. 134093

Thought she left? Who else left in a rage fit then? Am I crazy?

No. 134144

Why did Selenite leave? And why did Hachi leave? Is it because Hachi associated her irl self's name with her PULL self somewhere? I stumbled across one of her posts admitting she is hachi but won't say which website and name because she doesn't piss me off.

No. 134153

Hachi left because she spent so much time on PULL that it affected her reallife.

No. 134191

Selenite she was busy irl and felt that she wasn't active enough to keep being a mod so she had her account deleted.

No. 134845

Suuuure and why make her posts unsearchable? Why not just leave?

No. 135192

Because she wanted to? For the most part, mods seem pretty good about deleting posts unless you give them attitude.

I liked selenite though. It's a shame to see her go.

No. 135239

Who are your least favorite members?
I hate sheerlovesonico or whatever her name was. the one that shits up threads with essays.

No. 135299

So what happened to Moemo? i wasn't around at the time and have always wondered.

No. 135391

Bat/Mr. Takeo will always be the most annoying.

No. 135397

Quit short before hachi did.

No. 135399

Nobody ever will be as annoying as she was and I still wonder what made her disappear, probably went to another forum to annoy with her SJW bullshit.

No. 135403

That's it for me.

No. 135414

Ugh HOG is still the worst. Candy-chan seems to have quieted down a bit but I'm sure she'll find a reason to blame white people for her own short comings again.

No. 135415

I wonder if Redchild was really a very rich person with 5 businesses. I know it can be possible for someone about her age but I dunno

No. 135601

Mr Fucking Takeo. I swear they are Thirteen, so fucking annoying and contributes nothing decent.

No. 135684

I agree, that sandnigga is so annoying!

No. 135694

I thought I was the only one who thinks that bat/mr.takeo is annoying. I also think Kaninchen is annoying. Xiaotuzi is boring and ugly, that's all I can say about her. But all PULL members are ugly.

No. 135695

Fuck off with your racist terms.

No. 135696

Oh…gomenesai…oh I'm so sorry….I thought that this was a chan board…oh I am on tumblr etc.. etc… etc…

No. 135716

You must be a real beauty then considering the average user doesn't post photos.

No. 135733

I hate it when people don't understand the definition of "anonymous".

No. 135738

What has that to do with the anon calling everyone on PULL ugly when there are hardly any photos?

No. 135739

October, Kaninchen and mr.Takeo (<- she is such a try-hard)

No. 135755


HARDY any photos? Where have you been?

No. 135758

I'm gonna have to agree. The last few people who used their pictures left PULL a while ago.

No. 135825

Mr. Takeo/Bat because she is annoying and a dramaqueen
Kaninchen because she is an edgy try-hard cunt
Kontrakoti … you know why

No. 135827

You don't use PULL huh? Just because people don't use their ugly face as their profile picture doesn't mean people aren't able to find out what certain PULL members look like (there's a thing called private messages etc…)
read above

No. 135838

Hi Totemo.

No. 135840

Hi faggot.

No. 135841

>>135840 meant for >>135838

No. 135847

Why would anyone ask via PN for pictures of members? You sound ugly.

No. 135850

>implying I would ever have a PULL acount
>implying I cant find other ways to find out what PULL members look like
>implying I would ever post my picture on a gossip forum
you're just retarded go away

No. 135857

Backpedalling too hard, first you claim you get the pictures from PULL with private messages and then you claim you don't have an account. You just went full retard.

No. 135896

Proof or you're just an ugly try hard.

No. 135927

Then post them if you know what they look like. It seems like you are obviously bullshitting though

No. 135929

tl;dr this thread shows that PULLtards are really defensive about their site.
Any time they get questioned they throw their toys out the pram. Just stick to your site if you're that way inclined, I don't see lolcow posters acting like that.

No. 135933

But they've deluded themselves into thinking most of us came from PULL kek

No. 135945

Not even from PULL, this thread would've been long dead if it wasn't for people coming here trying to start drama when there is none, like that anon in >>135827 that acts like Totemo asking members for photos in private messages in order to start vendetta here and then claims at >>135850 to not even have an account.

No. 135960

I hate Mr. Takeo too. I thought I was the only one haha.
She made a thread about Venus asking why lolitas don't worship her. GG you dumbass cunt.

No. 135967

I said "etc…" you paranoid shithead
yeah posting your own face on lolcow seems like a good idea
>implying i saved their shit pictures
i lurk you dumbass just like everyone on lolcow does. I remember in the chatbox for example these ugly bitches all had their faced as profile picture. they also posted their own face in the chat a few times. You think people from lolcow dont come to PULL to check what's going on?

now get the fuck outta here people from PULL you are all ugly and nothing will change that fact

No. 135975

Oh, did we hurt babby's feelings with proving the huge amount of bullshit in its post, boohoo. Nobody fucking cares about the icons of some random people on the internet.

No. 135977

>yeah posting your own face on lolcow seems like a good idea
To quote yourself:
You paranoid shithead.
Anon was talking about the
>>implying I cant find other ways to find out what PULL members look like

No. 135980

I never implied anything, you idiot. But if you found ways of finding their pictures then obviously you can do it again can't you?

No. 135986

I was just at the right moment then and now everyone especially after the drama no one posts their picture. But that doesnt mean I dont know what some notable members look like. I know they're ugly and I can even describe their ugliness. I'm not saying it works always but there are other ways to obtain their picture besides asking it via PM, that's all I said.

No. 135990

PULL plz, you're such a try hard it shows so hard.
I just said that allot of people here know what PULL members look like because there are so many ways to get their pictures. And we all know that they are ugly, that's all. We're in a PULL thread.

No. 135992

Plz describe then.

No. 135997

lol you're so paranoid is funny. Why are you mad about this anyways? Do you have your little friends there to defend? Are you a PULL member yourself? You're such a loser tbh.
But losers deserve validations too..
Who do you want me to describe?

No. 136007

File: 1436586911052.gif (876.23 KB, 500x281, lol.gif)

>this thread rn

No. 136011

which episode of tales from the crypt is this gif from?

No. 136014

Yeah keep dragging it on. All I wanted to know is what the members you've managed to see looked like, ffs relax. Damn lol

No. 136029

from the 1st season he da original host

No. 136038

This thread blew up fast.

No. 136042

Once she made a thread to asked others how you can change your face without surgery. I do not shit you.

No. 136043

ask I mean

No. 136086

File: 1436598945885.jpg (48.79 KB, 407x407, biden-confused.jpg)

Dis bitch.

No. 136088

is this an ad for a site selling cheap leather bags?

No. 136126

Sno much summerfag it hurts.
You are the only one paranoid here, you started shit and people ask for proof and all you do is backpedalling because you were obviously bullshitting in the first place, get the sand out of your vag.

No. 136132

you're weird and I'm not backpedaling. I even asked >>136014 which member's physical description she wants to hear, PULL'er. All I said is that people on PULL are ugly because I know what allot of notable members look like. I don't see what I said wrong unless you're one of those notable members I'm talking about. If so, I'm sorry for calling you ugly. Otherwise just ignore me, what's so hard about that?!

No. 136139

Yeah you did ask but how the fuck am I supposed to know which members you've even seen?? You could list them

No. 136186

Are you serious? Before your shitposting people already posted a couple of times who they are searching photos from but can't find any, lurk moar.

No. 136212

it doesn't matter, I don't want to be mean because I feel sorry for them now. But lets just kindly anonymously say that Xiao Tuzi looks like a sharper, uglier, middle aged version of Elaine Mokk. Just imagine Elaine Mokk like that and add an aubergine shaped nose too. She looks like a typical boring Asian weaboo who sux at fashion. And to be honest, the rest of the members (who I've seen) are something similar like that but they just belong to a different race. But that's all I'm going to say.
yeah ok no one cares ignore me already please

No. 136274

plz stop buly PULL. they r good girl who just expose mean desu desu fake idol girl who photoshop. no mean desu <3 xD

No. 136343

Much like everyone else, I also dislike Mr.Takeo.
I also don't like Sheerlovesonico, Kaninchen, and Xiao Tuzi. Kaninchen and Xiao Tuzi really do not know how to be admins, holy shit. Good thing Xiao is gone.

No. 136426

i think xiao was only a mod

No. 136543

Wtf why would you even feel sorry for them? who cares.
Who else did you see besides her?

No. 136558

A girl asked PULL if her posts could be deleted and kaninchen did not do it for her. The older mods usually just do it! And xiaotuzi is just as annoying as Kaninchen. I thought I was the only one who think that they are annoying

No. 136952

you sound bitter that your posts didn't get deleted so you could talk shit PULL and have no proof you were there.

No. 137202

does anybody know what happened to kontra's fb/site/youtube,ect??

looks like cathy got copyright happy. or kontra just deleted fucking everything.

and if anybody knows what happened to hachi. that bitch was annoying af

No. 137203

Read the past few posts goddamnit.

No. 137218

Is FireCracker a mod now? I saw her name as a different color today, and I wasn't sure if it was a mobile thing or not.
If she is, I hope she doesn't fuck it up, I actually "like her"..Somewhat.

No. 137249

orly? Well I haven't lurked at PULL for a while so I never saw all her posts. Same with Moemo sorta. I thought she was cool until I saw the few posts where she was unnecessarily rude. I wonder how she got dox'd (someone told me she got dox'd)

>>136558 eh I think mods should be impartial and delete posts when requested. they do it for some people, they should do for all equally i think

No. 137262

She is. Cracker hasn't said much since she was modded but there was an argument in a Kiki thread. I agreed with her side, however.

No. 137279

hachi left because she felt being on the website was affecting her real life, someone else mentioned it in the thread.

No. 137281

I don't have much of a problem with kontra. People get rude with each other on PULL all the time. I just felt like her Dakota obsession was too much of a bias for mod.

No. 137312

kontra seemed nice and down to earth. Her obsession probably seemed a bit too much to the rest of us since the effort put into dakota was pretty visible and out there. But I believe that's why she was modded too, because she constantly contributed a lot of new material, even though it was a pretty creepily large amount of stuff.

No. 137320

File: 1436862456208.jpg (123.06 KB, 780x422, 3468079.jpg)

This has to be the most autistic thing I have read for a while

No. 137321

Wanted to post that too
Those cringy emotes

No. 137329

This shit is Asha-tier.

No. 137344

Them fucking tegs

No. 137486


I think it depends on the reason. If the mods/admins start to act equally, I'm sure Tharthan and totemocow will asked their posts to be removed. Don't know if the complaining anon is coincidently one of them?

No. 137833

I was just thinking the same thing. At first I thought she was foreign but she's actually from Florida.


No. 137860

Is it possible to completely remove every single one of the posts in one go or is the best they can actually do with the forum is to remove their posts from being searched? Totemocow's posts are still up but her post count and the option to search her posts is gone. I thought she didn't care about what others thought of her posts lul

No. 138139

I'm kind of glad they don't delete posts. Makes thing less confusing. Also helps out in cases like totemo's.

No. 138183

And many important threads would be clusterfucks if the posts of all deleted accounts would get deleted as well.

No. 138478

Am I the only one who can't stand main-gun? Not sure why but her "cool" attitude annoys me so much.

No. 138703

Is the site screwing up for anyone else?
Half the forums are deleted from view (typing the full url in takes you to the forum, though) and the sub forums are in the wrong main forum?

No. 138717

No. 138720

Im having the same problem.

No. 138730

Espurr says it isn't in the mod logs so idk what is going on, is Kiki going craycray again?

No. 138841

►►►►►► Hi people. We are experiencing some technical difficulties with the forum, that's why some sections are missing or are in the wrong section. We'll fix it asap. But, Dakota's and Kiki's forums are gone. Because an unnamed admin went crazy and deleted them without our consent. We'll get to the bottom of this. ◄◄◄◄◄◄


No. 138842

>Cathy was a PULL admin all along

No. 138868

Maybe they should stop modding crazy cunts

No. 138879

As mentioned before, it isn't in the logs so it was somebody of freeforums.

No. 138963

what the shit

No. 138967

Does anyone how i can contact pull staff if i don't have a forum account?

No. 138971

just ask for a mail in the chat, i guess

No. 138979

I'm not good with technical stuff, so bear with me if I'm not making sense of the situation.

If it's someone from freeforums, it wasn't an admin or a mod. And since the Ostrengas' subforum is gone, it could have been Kaka or Cathy?

If it's gone permanently, was someone archiving the pages? Or saving pics someplace else?

And the thing about the other subforum being out of place, that's totally separate, or a side effect of the deletion of Kaka and Dako's forum?

No. 138985

Nothing's deleted, just hidden from the front page

No. 138987

Everything can be found on archive.org but the issue is that the deletion of those forums made the whole software a mess as you guessed and freeforum's support is shit so it may never get fixed, otherwise everything would get copy+pasted from the archives already.

No. 139007

The Dakota and Kiki subforums are in fact deleted.

No. 139032

No. 139052

We already know but her account was dead for over a year already and then suddenly it changed the name and did, well, this.

No. 139071


what do ya'll know about kelly? was anyone close to her? so fucked to think someone with who was trusted with admin powers would turn around and do that. she should've been stripped of admin status by another admin (that's possible, yeah?) after being inactive so long, tbqh.

No. 139200

She left PULL like a year ago and her account was inactive ever since that, nobody got any private contact details of her and the sudden change of the account name before deletion, as stated in >>139052 , is very odd and as admin she should know best that deleting forums or accounts doesn't do shit as everything is archived.

No. 139260

it's a bizarre move after so long to return just to change her name and remove those subforums. and it's also kinda suspect just after kaka threw a shitfit.

(what'd she change her name to btw, just out of curiosity?)

No. 139292

Kelly was a big fucking lesbo white knight to a lot of the cows. Not surprised

No. 139302

I think she's great. She's also ridiculously good looking so that's an added bonus.

No. 139305

….O.o? wat

No. 139306

i felt like i always saw her quoting people and nitpicking at whatever they had to say

No. 139326

Hi kelly

No. 139337

As you can see, I was talking about main-gun. I have no recollection of Kelly whatsoever.

No. 139344

Kelly was not gone for a year. She doesn't really post but she would log in everyday. It's only recently that she hadn't logged in for about a month or two.

No. 139607

>she would log in everyday
You'd know because you're her

No. 139613

Lol hey kelly

No. 140501

I wasnt that person lol

No. 140506

I was the anon from >>140501 (I'm saying this because PULLtards are fucking batshit insane)
It seems criticizing about an event that happened on PULL will make PULL users think that I was the person that was involved in that event. No dumbasses, I wasn't the person who asked if my posts could be deleted. I'm just saying that kaninchen was an asshole for not deleting the post of a boring irrelevant user while she would do it if it was for example one of her buttbuddies. That's all. Kaninchen, if you're reading this I fucking hate you and I hate your buttbuddies too. You all can fuck each other in the ass.

Fuck all of PULL tbh.

No. 140512

If you aren't that user why do you get so butthurt over it? That's pathetic.

No. 140514

This is the PULL thread. I'm just telling you non-PULLtards how horrible PULL is.

No. 140522

Oh god, some user doesn't get their posts deleted like many others, the end is nigh! Totally lolcow worthy drama, most other sites don't even allow accounts to get deleted.

No. 140524

Kaninchen I am requesting you to not lurk/post on PULL because it's obvious when you post.

No. 140529

To bad for you as I am not her, admin can confirm that if you want. So much butthurt.

No. 140531

No. 140624

File: 1437348305744.jpg (237.49 KB, 917x720, a14.jpg)

Dat A-log

No. 140632

nice meme

No. 141015

File: 1437417432324.jpg (92.47 KB, 606x1251, image.jpg)

Heloooooooooo :3

No. 141051

File: 1437422110028.png (92.48 KB, 955x957, BhKVINK.png)

No. 141056

hi xd just posting my photo here

No. 141064

Yeah, I don't think it's a good idea to post here because some anons can be pretty….ruthless? (Not all, we aren't a hivemind) Or use your pictures against you in the future.

But ay! You're pretty cute in my boom, so there's that.

Still, not a good idea to self post here. Just like how on PULL, it would be a bad idea, it's a terrible idea to self post here as well .

No. 141065

Pretty sure that's not Lovely_stars. It's just some person trying to bait.

A good deal of posts here recently just scream of bait to be honest.

No. 141067

Really? My bad, I take almost everything serious. Though, that was her profile picture (not sure if now) before, and I think she posted her pictue before in the Dolly pictures thread…I think.
She did say in the chat, if you look enough you should run up on it something.

No. 141083

more pictures of members please

No. 141523

File: 1437480490936.png (10.74 KB, 767x176, es.PNG)

what a mature response lol

except when stuff like now with Kelly happens hm. Sticky was right to suggest to change who has what rights

No. 141560

Threads with no purpose get deleted here too so what's your point?

No. 141574

Don't understand your issue here

No. 141683

Are you implying that she is saying that the Otrenga subforum and any other rumored unsaid locked threads were deleted? Which means trying to cover up for Kelly?
That's the only reason I can see to someone having a problem with this.

Even so, it doesn't make any sense in my head either.

No. 141687


Wow Espurr is a fucking cunt.

So what about when you have a cow that disappears off the radar and then comes back with a shit load of new drama? This happened to OC and now look at her thread, it's exploding.

This is why nobody uses PULL any more, the rules are absurd and seem to only be enforced when the administrators feel like it.

No. 141696

How she is a cunt?
The thread is about OT threads and "Anyone knows if this girl got drama?" ones getting locked which happens here on cow all the time too but with the difference they get deleted and not only locked.

No. 141698

Plus locked threads get unlocked when there is some fresh drama, unless nobody asks for it of course.

No. 141700


It's absurd because in order to post said drama in the relevant thread you need to first seek out an admin, message them, explain to them why the thread needs to be unlocked, wait for them to respond, which could take days, and in that time the cow could easily have erased the drama leaving behind no trace unless the poster was savvy enough to screencap everything prior, which a lot of people aren't.

When it comes to drama time is money, or milk as it were. It needs to be made available ASAP whilst still fresh so locking threads is ridiculous and serves literally no purpose. No purpose whatsoever.

PULL needs to go tbh.

No. 141704

File: 1437502251555.png (103.34 KB, 777x660, 7b4af78b4b97d7d6233faf701eb253…)

Here's what the response was to.

No. 141705

Did you get posted to PULL or why are you so salty?
Because you can just make a new thread including all the fresh drama, that's how it got done with Berry for example.

No. 141706

He is the last one that should talk, 99% of his threads were always either OT or something that already got an thread, not every single Twitter cap needs an own topic.

No. 141707

fuck PULL

No. 141710

Doesn't change his point. He's right, that thread still served purpose, and fact of the matter is these admins have just been assholes that do whatever they want under the guise of following rules or being responsible. Pull only needs to go because of the shitty admins. Members come and go but those admins are awful stuck up try hards.

No. 141711

They didn't serve any purpose besides spam because he always repeats the same bullshit if he isn't suddenly switching topics to talk about him fucking teenage boys.

No. 141716

Isn't he the one that made a thread telling people to shitpost on someone's dead grandma's obituary?

No. 141719

Yeah, that was his "Ding Dong, The Bitch Is Dead" thread.

No. 141730


If I got posted to PULL why would I be COMPLAINING about threads getting locked you dumb sow.

No. 141732


Sticky is a huge hypocrite tbh.

I remember I invited him here and he said he wouldn't post to lolcow based on the fact that it was too archaic and lacking in structure, now he's complaining that PULL is too SJW.

You can't have it both ways when it comes to dramu Chris.

No. 141854

whiteknighting sticky because PULL is gay as shit and I am certain the people who are shitting on sticky are just faggots from PULL.

No. 141855

I've never even lurked PULL but from what I've read of the guy, he sort of seems like a lolcow in his own right.


No. 141857

I agree that PULL is a huge mess with biased, unprofessional, power-tripping cunts as mods and admins (not all).

They're also stupid enough to let a fat, cheap, jealous, A-logging NEET-tard like Totemocow threaten them into submission.

No. 141860

ALL of them are totemocows.
how stupid could i be? he is a PULL member. Fuck you stickyfag

No. 141861

File: 1437519197860.jpg (13.71 KB, 480x480, ddb8d2f78dab3a32e56660a2e26727…)


Sticky is a PULL member but I've known of and communicated with him way before PULL even existed.

You must be extremely fucking new to not know how long Sticky has been bouncing around for. I would impress upon you the fact that he used to actually RUN Stickydrama, but you probably don't even know what that is.


No. 141863

What? I know that he isn't native to PULL, I was just saying that I'm not a PULLfag and yet I also dislike the guy. He's obsessed with young teenagers and pretending to be a real lawyer.

No. 141876

Whoops, I linked to the wrong post.

>>141861 was for another post that seems to be deleted. It was defending Chris.

No. 141881

Sticky is a shithead, but PULL is a huge cancerous shithole and all its administrators seem to either be assholes or actual lolcows in their own right.

No. 141892

I agree. In the chat they say that they dont want lolcow to go on PULL while they are the reason why lolcow is shit.

No. 141915

To be fair, only one person said that, and the others disagreed with them.

>firexcracker: Cuz the chat is the one place everyone gets along lol

>lovelystarsss: Except when a farmer comes here
>xiaoislamedotpng: @lovelystarsss some pretty chill lolcow people drop by
>lovelystarsss: I just wish the farmers stayed away from the chat
>xiaoislamedotpng: i don't mind em here
>xiaoislamedotpng: i mean PULL members go on lolcow
>xiaoislamedotpng: kinda hypocritical to say they should stay away
>firexcracker: I don't either tbh. Most of them are just PULL lurkers who don't want to make an account

lovelystarss was also complaining about triggers and such so she just seems to be a stereotypical tumblrina.

No. 141920

Agreed. They even justified leaking Venusangelic's period vid for a while and real address in 2013 I think. Just because someone is a public figure, doesn't mean they relinquished all their privacy rights and I thought they said it's against the rules to leak sensitive info of minors. How did they know Venus put her address up on that obscure website as a business anyway? It happened after the Bodyline incident so it could've been Mr. Yan seeking revenge. It could've been Margo being a moron and endangering her child or a crazed fan.

No. 141925

I was referring to the fucking thread discussing new rules and talking them out. It got shut down for no reason and yes it did serve a fucking purpose.

No. 142005

File: 1437536189299.jpg (198.98 KB, 640x880, image.jpg)

Sheerlovesonico sounds like a jealous fatty bitch in every post she's ever made. She probably needs a break from the internet.

No. 142039

So you want them to micro-change every fucking rule according to your taste? Troll harder sticky! Go back to tumblr to complain about PULL

No. 142088

In all honesty, I actually agree with espurr. Sticky shitposts like crazy. He's trying so hard to remain relevant but is only rehashing the same drama from years ago. His threads were extremely irritating and irrelevant to the topic at hand.

And it just seems silly to blame the mods/admins at this point. They've changed so frequently that at this point I have no clue who you guys are calling assholes/cows.

I am curious, if they did change the mods, who would be the best?

No. 142092


No. 142124

People like this is common on PULL. It's one of the reasons I left, so I wouldn't end up attacking them for being obnoxious shitheads, except PULL had rules preventing me from doing it

No. 142173

Because all you do is complaining about PULL, do you even read your own posts?

No. 142174

Venus posted her period video public herself but deleted it a half day later, that's nothing that you can call "leaked".

No. 142175

Venus put her adress online to her website for sending business contacts and gifts, she only got none listed anymore ever since she left the UK, just saying.

No. 142386

Remember that Kaninchen is the uber b/tard/ oldfag! Because bragging that you visit /b/ or 4chan is a good thing!

No. 142390

Are you serious or?
Don't forget our origin is 4Chan and most people here are oldfags in the first place.

No. 142478

Do I have to explain myself? Or do you unironically use 4chan?
anyone who openly admits visiting 4chan outside of 4chan is a retard and needs to commit seppuku.

No. 142483

>14 year old girl accidentally uploads a video that features a panty shot, and then deletes it soon after sees her mistake
>A group of 16-20+ year old women save this video and not only repost it, but widely circulate screencaps of this 14 year old girl's panty shot for all sorts of people to see
>these same women and young women alike go on to complain about pedophiles watching the girl's videos and being pandered to

No. 142485

>tfw emojis don't work on lolcow
Oh well, normie cancer anyway

No. 142487

freeforums realized PULL is so cancerous and these bitches arent even going to give their shitty forum up. Die PULL, die!

No. 142509

Nothing that doesn't happen here too, move on.

No. 142510

How old are you, 12?

No. 142513

Kaninchen is such a fucking try hard

plus I feel like this is her bragging about being omg such oldfag!111!!

No. 142540

PULL's annoying but I have a feeling this thread would be dead if the cancerous members who were banned didn't come here to whine. I'm so tired of seeing this thread on the front page. Nobody cares about PULL and nobody cares about your vendetta's. Please stop reviving this thread because there's no lulz to be had.

No. 142622

PULL member plz
most of us probably didn't even join your stupid forum (you're probably a mod)
read first paragraph above since it also applies to you

No. 142625

You really like to make yourself look like a summerfag, don't you?

No. 142626

:^) lol it's so obvious you're from PULL. if you find my post so cancerous you know what a non-PULL member would do?

ignore me.

No. 142627

>implying everyone is the same anon
kek, confirmed newfag

No. 142631

XD tell me more about the seecret inside rules of this club??


No. 142632

also i did not imply that. this is for everyone.

No. 142634

Are you retarded? The video is uploaded like 2 years ago and she's 18 right now. At least find the correct information for your vendetta retard!

No. 142636

Make yourself a bit more clear before I call you a retard.

No. 142641

It's clear to which post I responded to newfag and retard. Please stop embarrassing yourself

No. 142644


>the first rule of Fight Club

Wow it's like I'm really back in 2006 all over again!

No. 142661

Did you just said that it's ok to post the bloody video because she is 18? I just want to be sure if you just said that.

No. 142664

I even forgot about the gay rules but seriously bragging about visiting 4chan is a shitty thing to do loser.

No. 142668

Do you even know what site you are on?

No. 142688

She was 14. You do know that…ehm…
no you're really stupid. Please rethink about life.

No. 142699

You maybe should go back to school as you obviously fail at math, the video is a bit more than a year old and she turned 18 a half year ago.

No. 142700

so 16 is better? ohhhhh ok kill yourself

No. 142702

Most threads here are about teens you faggot.

No. 142703

so that makes it ok to post underaged nudes right?

No. 142706

How dense are you? The video doesn't contain any nudity.

No. 142710


No. 142713

That isn't underage nudes.

No. 142715


No. 142721



No. 142722

No. 142748

File: 1437627481950.gif (985.33 KB, 500x252, come on farmers you know bette…)

>mfw when you see new posts on this thread only to see a bunch of summerfags arguing

Back to the topic, does anyone think we'll ever find out why Kelly deleted the Kiki and Kota subforums? Does she have any other kind of presence online that people know of? There's obviously speculation about why she did what she did (probably that Kiki was involved) but will we ever get specifics? This drama fascinates me and I want more.

No. 142749

She probably did it because PULL a shit. We should praise her.

No. 142753

>We should praise her.
Can't you come up with a more intelligent response? Not even >>142748 but those subforums had a lot of caps/info we can't get back.
Can you guys just stop being such dicks to each other? Christ. Contribute like adults or fucking shut up.

I don't think there is any new information about her. She dropped off the face of the earth.

No. 142758

We make fun of PULL here bunny
No one cares about the content of PULL here
I dont care if you arent that anon
fuck you and your PULL

No. 142759

Took you an hour to think of that, huh.

No. 142762

Just 7 seconds. Dunno why you think that it took me an hour…drugs?

No. 142763

No. 142764

No. 142765

X(please don't make multiple spammy posts)

No. 142766

File: 1437633180595.gif (81.2 KB, 400x240, KELLY.gif)

Kelly you rock! What you did was amazing! May another mod be as glorious as you delete everything from PULL in the new platform! They sure can learn from you. Kelly (pbuh) <33

No. 142767

Not sure if you're being sarcastic or not btw I like that pixel doll where'd you get it from?

No. 142770

File: 1437633699231.gif (8.89 KB, 300x150, Kelly (1).gif)

I actually wasn't, Kelly is amazing! & from glitter-graphics

No. 142775

>>142770 TY
If she did this as a "fuck you" to PULL, then yeah I like it. PULL is like 10% truth forum, 90% A-logging. Fucking cancer. It would be much better if it was more of a truth forum than this mess.

No. 142782

No doubt about it that she did it as a fuck you to PULL. 100% of the forum is A-logging. That's why Kelly is so based!

No. 142786

It's surprising how much of a positive reaction Kelly's actions brought. Even I'm surprised by my reaction. Kelly's only mistake is that she didn't nuke EVERYTHING.

Someone please make PULL a truth forum like it's supposed to be and make it a bannable offense to A-log. Please, it's really fucking annoying hearing snowflakey members talk about how they're so much better than the snowflakes which isn't hard to accomplish at all

No. 142797

No just let PULL die. If only the stupid current members wouldn't try to start a new PULL…they never learn! Enough is enough!

No. 142805

Lol look at PULL's chatango, talking about how lolcow is bullying and how PULL is somehow different even though lolcow is like PULL but with slightly more nudity and swearing. At least lolcow members don't deny their bullying.

Remember their whole "oh my gosh Venus's period stain how embarrassing I feel so bad for her! (leaves the video up even though Venus claimed it was an accident and tried to delete it and makes up shitty reasons on why her real address should be advertised instead of not drawing attention to a minor's location regardless of Venus's intentions)

No. 142807

That was only one anon… The other people disagreed.

Talk shit about PULL all you guys want. But don't stretch the truth. There's far more A-logging and arguing that goes on IN THIS THREAD ALONE than the entire PULL forum.

PULL is a shitty place, but lolcow is falling down with it due to race wars and arguing about anything and everything off topic. Both sites need a face lift and both are trying to do that. I can at least aknowledge that.

No. 142816

Where does Sierra Watson from Oklahoma (Totemokawaii) live? Someone told me Hugo, Oklahoma but that could be wrong.

No. 142817

PULL is lolcow's retarded cousin.

No. 142878

You sound like Jrcock.

No. 142885

Can a mod do something against the spamming summerfag anon that derails this thread the whole time already? Shit is getting annoying.

No. 142893

More like that unwanted retarded friend you dont want around you. But they keep coming! Kelly already deleted everything and it's stupid to revive something that is so retarded.

No. 142896

They've received a temporary /pt/ ban.

No. 142903

You mean like how Staminarose got deleted and got remade in the shape of lolcow? Because that was pretty much the same.

No. 142941

File: 1437665921570.jpg (58.75 KB, 582x401, pull-1.JPG)

pull members talking about lolcow p.1

No. 142942

File: 1437665953198.jpg (60.08 KB, 604x424, pull1.JPG)

No. 142943

File: 1437665970265.jpg (75.64 KB, 589x413, pull2.JPG)

No. 142952

PULL is hosted by fucking freeforums so no they aren't comparable.
They should stop lurking tbh.

No. 142957

firecracker is so annoying jesus

No. 142960

>yellow bar signifying that you've been tagged by another user

Hi totemoyumii

No. 142962

Hi Totemocow! Feeling like getting revenge?

No. 142965

Sorry read it as Totemokawaii. Hi Yumii!!

No. 142966

awkward ^_^ my bad guys did not mean to post that

No. 142968

:^)/ hello

No. 142972

I agree
Why would she feel the need to take revenge? She probably just wants to show us how awesome PULL is

No. 142980

It's ok no one cares except people from PULL

No. 142989

Because I thought she was Totemokawaii and trying to get her "friends" into the spotlight

No. 143002

And? It first was hosted on Tumblr and the new forum gets hosted the same way as cow, the main issue why not everything is allowed was mainly because of freeforums so far which will be a thing of the past anyways and you are talking like the shitty Staminarose admin was good, kek.

No. 143137

your point is?

No. 143142

That they ARE compareable.

No. 143627

>site was first hosted on tumblr
So your point is?

No. 144882

tbh i want sheerlovesonico to get in on other threads because i wanna see what kind of crazy shit she'll write in those ones. someone show her annedere or jnig.

No. 144956

Good bye, PULL. The only threads that actually exposed shit were the JNig ones. The rest were just dumb boring gossip. And everyone being Dakota fans or just plain wannabes.

No. 146375

File: 1438144156958.png (316.23 KB, 540x960, IMG__201507209__112501.png)


No. 146376


No. 146378

charge your phone

No. 146390

Let the Lolcowchan Republic rise from the ashes of the PULL Empire. The people will not stand for tyranny any longer

No. 147331

Looks like PULL is dead.
Mods have been leaving (Kontra & Xiao), and there are no real active threads anymore.

No. 147352

Go away you have an account there no PULL members allowed

No. 147363

kontra wasn't a mod

No. 147371

Kontra used to be a mod, then became a normal member, and then left.

No. 147469

Oh god. XD But just like how PULL rose from CGL or whatever, something even more retarded will rise from PULL. And then it'll happen again and again and again

No. 147478

like lolcow?

No. 147493


fuck off newcunt

No. 147610


And seems she has closed her webs outside pull??? WTF is going on with the Ostrengas.

All proof is disparaging from the web!

No. 147639

Well now we know why Kiki's gone silent.

No. 147878

File: 1438359828676.jpg (11.05 KB, 565x456, XD_simbol.JPG)

cower, 3edgy5me-chan

No. 148210

That's because everyone is busy on the new site.

No. 148213

Kontra didn't delete her accounts, they all got copyright claimed, Kiki has been on a spree for a while again.

No. 148242

who cares kiki is doing a good job

No. 148256


No. 149567

Could the PULLtards here stop making shitty banners for lolcow? Thanks!

No. 149669

Lol wat?

No. 149670

Can't you read?

No. 149673

Hi Kiki.

No. 149678

PULL is an amazing forum :P

No. 149685


No. 149688

The only one thinking Kiki copyright claiming all evidence is something good can only be here because nobody in their right mind would think it's great for us to lose lulzy content.

No. 149689

*be her

No. 149690

idk what the fuck you're whining about, the banners are great.
Why don't you go make one yourself, since you're so triggered by them.

No. 149775

i dont like the banners PULLtards made, sorry.

No. 149776

No i for example think its good because PULL sucks

No. 149896

File: 1438575030802.png (2.16 MB, 2496x1189, Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 11.0…)

do you guys think the 2.0 is even going to be a thing?

i'm pretty sure all the big members moved on with their lives, crossed over to here, or just don't give a fuck enough in general. a lot of them deleted i think.

plus i think kota was why the forums even started after cathy shut down the tumblr. and she's boring as hell now

No. 149912

kek, okay anon.

>p-PULL sucks fgt!!1!
The intelligence I've come to expect from this thread. Nobody gives a fucking shit about PULL (except you because you keep talking about it), just about the caps'n shit we lost about Kiki and Kota.
That's just a fucking win for the Ostrengas, shithead.

Doubt it, PULL has been on a steady decline since like 2012. They won't have the traffic they had initially so I can't see it really ever taking off the way it did before.

No. 149918

That's the new forum?

No. 149937


the rules are dumb as fuck though

No. 149946

the artwork for the girl on the far left isn't finished?? is that some inside joke or

No. 149965

It's just unfinished.

No. 149972

Tbh lolcow is also on a steady decline. Now that race wars have been "banned", people have turned to other arguments. We can't have a single thread without someone trying to be a 3edgy5me tr0ll.

I also stress the word banned since people still seem to be arguing about race. A shame since I've had to turn to other resources for lulz since this one is starting to run it's course.

No. 149974

its because of the neo-civil war happening with the amerifags. but the racial shit was honestly fucking up the threads so i think we're better without it

lmao i wish i had other resources my life is so sad

No. 150134

File: 1438609086464.jpg (44.73 KB, 827x431, Captura.JPG)


No. 150195

File: 1438618971979.jpg (79.43 KB, 994x416, k.jpg)

No. 150204

More proof freeforums is a bitch..

No. 150219

I don't see how they are dumb, they all are to prevent OT of members suddenly talking about themself in threads and members fighting each other over opinions.

No. 150237

They said those are the old rules That haven't been changed yet.

No. 150250

No nothing wrong with freeforums but there is everything wrong with PULL

No. 150812

Hi Kiki, you must be happy FF deleted your most hated forum right? But that doesn't mean FF isn't still as shitty as PULL

No. 151138

File: 1438701983568.jpg (92.02 KB, 1141x884, wtf.JPG)

Wtf how is an admin so childish? so obnoxious and try hard af

>omg guise haha i TROLLEZ him haha this is my first/second post on here

No. 151243

Yup typical admin behavior of a Pull member.

No. 151244

What? PULLtard please.

No. 151246

Thats kaninchen, an oldfag /b/tard lolz because even if it was true thats something to be proud of and tell your friends irl lelzz XD

No. 151247

Ah you meant freeforums. No freeforums is the best website ever compared to PULL. If your shitty forum didnt suck so much then maybe freeforums wouldnt have deleted it. They deleted it because you, PULL member (youre probably kaninchen or some other faggot), redirected your other crap forum and thats absolutely haram bitch.

No. 151249

I checked the forum out for the very first time to see if I'd also see that thumb. Apparently you're a member. Could you please leave this board? There is no room for you here, I'm very sorry.

No. 151258

what thumb? what board? you mean PULL? lolcow?

No. 151259

lel trololol XD edgy!!1!!

No. 151296

Kiki plz, the only reason why they switched to another host was because of them not fixing bugs they caused themself with using a shitty cracked forum software besides them believing Kiki's BS which ended in all screenshot evidence getting deleted.

No. 151305

The anon meant the like button on the screenshot which is a "thumb's up", it only shows to registered users which means the anon posting the screenshot is a PULL user trying too hard to kiss our ass.

No. 151313

I posted the screenshot, i've been on here longer than I've been on pull, back from the rosechan days. I like pull for gossip

No. 151660

Who gives a fuck if they are registered or not. Stop trying to get a herd mentality going, idiots. If someone comes in here to talk shit about their home forum, so be it. Don't try so hard to be an ed3y cow.

No. 151668

File: 1438745994447.png (185.09 KB, 371x350, 1386563565371.png)

This is all thanks to Kelly!

No. 151673

The OT spam is getting really annoying here, post actual lulzy content or else go to /b/.

No. 151879

fuck off hoe
Kelly hu akbar! She is the best!
fuck off hoe
fuck off hoe(ok)

No. 151904

why is it that when anyone uses pull it's suddenly their home forum or their favorite forum

a lot of us on here go to pull and many other forums as well. I agree with you anon but i meant in general people get their panties in a twist over pull

No. 154943

is pull down?

No. 155011

No. 155737

File: 1439232231198.png (66.98 KB, 246x241, 1439150182486.png)

PULL has been taken down again.
>In accordance with Section 25(a) of the ProBoards Terms of Service, this forum has been taken offline.


(a) By ProBoards


So basically: They took it down because, why not?

No. 155744


lol brace yourselves farmers

they'll all be flocking to this site very soon

No. 155783

File: 1439234535038.jpg (7.04 KB, 207x181, 5642071 _18d84cc09704428cc8474…)

no, please god no.
it's going to be a wave of wannabe anime lolis and people crying cultural appropriation and ableism

No. 155807

God help us all

No. 155838

lmao that's one very confusing reaction pic.
so you're actually happy to see pulltards migrating here? kek

No. 155855

I knew that would happen as soon as I saw they went to Proboards. Proboards cracked down on a ton of crap a couple years ago and they don't allow anything "controversial" basically. They were really really dumb for picking proboards.

Oh gawd they better not come here. They'll try to turn us into a hugbox and it'll be annoying af.

No. 155864

Unlike that anon I can definitely say I wouldn't even hatefuck one of those weebs

No. 155866

theres not a lot of good free forum hosting websites. there was one a few years back that i went on alot and had a security breach and it was taken down for an entire year.

please dont let them come here tho. please. god please

No. 155908


No. 156045

whispers Ostrengas…

No. 156054

brah they already here

No. 156064

The forum on proboards originally was only made as temp storage for threads anyways.

No. 156082

Actually was Mira it seems.

No. 156087

Hardly looks like some of them. Wtf is the one on the right? Mira? try harder.

No. 156088

No. 156090

That reminds me of how Totemokawaii was so proud of her title "The forum asshole" as if acting tough on the internet is something you could put on your resume. A sheltered NEET like her didn't know that people like her were already rampant on XBOX live

No. 156096

That's because the banner wasn't finished yet.

No. 156097

File: 1439251713156.png (11.54 KB, 578x106, 4244.png)

She even brags about it.

No. 156098


No. 156104

Oh shit! What now? they don't have the previous forum like last time. The PULL nation has officially banished.

No. 156106

Slowpoke, they already have a paid host for a while they are working on, for the rest >>156064

No. 156124


Is PULL actually coming back or not? The only reason I want PULL to come back is to expose Mira/kuntakoti and kaka tbh

No. 156127


Kek I don't know why she's bragging, half of her subscribers think she's a total cunt anyway. Her videos are stupid, she talks nonsense and needs therapy.

No. 156151

It will, it only takes long because it will be hosted on the sever of a country that doesn't give fucks about copyright claims.

No. 156153

kek if it ever gets resurrected, they should put her thread at the top.

No. 156205

hate forums.. kek
calling people out on their stupid shit ≠ hate.
always gotta play the victims.

No. 156272

Pulltards stop trying to make PULL happen and go to that kiwi site or something.

No. 156329

File: 1439279655173.gif (9.59 MB, 600x250, hjtrjg.gif)



No. 156382

It's not like if most /cgl/ leftovers here wouldn't be weebs in the first place.

No. 156385

ya'll are hilarious. most of this site, if not all of it, are degenerates from /cgl/ and other chans. like that isn't fucking weeb central

most of PULL are tumblrinas who were trying to find out more about popular kawaii elf goddeses and got a dose of reality/truth

No. 156386

PULL started as a tumblr "truth" blog

No. 156396

Nah, it was started after drama got banned from /cgl/ and replacement for the dakota threads there, not something like the freelice community.

No. 156402

File: 1439295162538.gif (402.48 KB, 250x130, tumblr_ml81y0zykV1riosauo1_250…)


First of all, fuck you, not everyone on here is a weeb. Most of people I saw in glorious times of Tiny chats with PT (except of loli and MAYBE Spoony, not sure about her), were regularly looking lurkers and never self-posted their weebiness on here.

No. 156412

>"hate forums"
that's just pathetic. even for kanadajin3
i hope this fucking idiot burns in hell.

No. 157337

File: 1439383797023.jpg (16.95 KB, 930x348, kek.jpg)

So it seems like PULL died once again; http://prettyuglylittleliar.boards.net/

No. 157338


No. 157344

No. 157724


where are they now then? How are hey going to tell all the old members where to go to?

No. 157859

No. 157867

Part of me finds it so heart-warming watching this shitty weebhole getting taken down over and over again, but another part of me is afraid of The Great Weeb Migration. I don't know…

No. 157869

I'd rather have it up. For one, we don't want them all migrating here.
And two, it gives me the warm and fuzzies knowing how much it will infuriate Kaka, my most favorite cow.

No. 158878

PULL is actually partially a hate forum because of the A-logging.

No. 158881

What's cow then, a stalker forum?

No. 158885

The chat+Google.

No. 158900

It partially can be but it's lolcow it's not supposed to be completely moral.

No. 158934

People keep abusing the word A-logging and I don't think they get what it means.

No. 159002

I know what it means. It means to point out the obvious, wish harm upon a snowflake, talk about how they're so much better than the snowflake and other ways to trollshield themselves like what Totemokawaii/Sierra Watson tried to do

No. 210474

A pull member found out I post on here and went full retard on me over chan sites

how do some of them sperg out about chan sites when many parts of pull have come from CGL.

No. 210476

No idea. Honestly, I do wonder where the high and mightyness comes from with a lot of them if they freak out over chan sites: they are hardly better for using a pseudonym to post their shit, you know? If it weren't for CGL and lolcow, they wouldn't know about most of the "snowflakes" they talk about now.

No. 217903

Hello, im shike, i know this is old..like very old, but i guess i need to clear some aspects here.

I did get abducted when i was reaching my classroom, it was very early morning (since i enter to school at 7 am)
and it was very dark , then i just ..didnt reach my classroom.
they send me to mexico, for "trata de blancas"
in mexico, unlike USA or other countries, you dont get on the newspapers, or the amber alert,
is weird when a kid/someone gets on the news for kidnapping, its not common, therefore, i didnt show up in the news obviously.

however i was lucky and found.
also i dont come from an abusive family? i dont know where do you people get that? i mean like many families, they fight and stuff, but i dont considered them abusive?

and yes they just kidnap a bunch of young female adults for selling them.

ayy, i dont have any evidence, either, but im pretty sure the mexican police or federals have my archive or something

mexico is so fucked up, you cant even trust police when i came back, all dirty and screwed, bruised, and yeah, they say "i bet you went with your boyfriend didnt you" the fuck? ayye, ..

anyways, i wont reveal personal information.(what the fuck)

No. 217905

just saying CAPEA SUCKS
there were more than 9 kidnappings this week, and what does capea says?

oh no kidnaps rlly!

No. 217911

File: 1451276201799.png (52.38 KB, 444x287, confuse.png)

No. 217912

And why do you feel the need to prove yourself to us?

No. 217923

i believe is clearing things up and not proving, because..i really dont have proves?

i just felt the..need, to clear somethings, i was going to do it while back but, i forgot.(stop)

No. 217929

Nobody cares about your lies. Youre ugly and annoying. no one wants to know about your life so please leave lolcow forever

No. 217933

Chill pal, you seem very angry.
relax, take it easy.
if im ugly ok,
if im annoying alright,
if you think im lying thats fine,
but im not leaving lolcow hoho

No. 217934

admin can you just ban the troll pls

No. 217935

why im supposed to be a troll?
what did i say that it was against the rules, or trolling who?(ok)

No. 217941

You realize you are just making things worse for yourself, right? Nobody even cared about you anymore, yet you felt the need to bring yourself up again, and start more drama about yourself. You could have just let things go. Now you just look stupid and attention-seeking.

Stop namefagging and learn to reply properly if you are going to stay here.

No. 217942

They were banned 3 times. Unfortunately, it's pretty easy to evade bans.

No. 217997

Arent you guys being a lil over dramatic? i posted a comment saying what was actually the true so people and by people i mean who commented about me dont victimize me, i was just clearing things up, just one post, im not even a "online" personality how i am an attention seeker? what im supposed to do with the attention?

and yet i receive childish comments like

"Nobody cares about your lies. Youre ugly and annoying. no one wants to know about your life so please leave lolcow forever"

"admin can you just ban the troll pls"

getting 3 bans over nothing, because i did read the rules, and i didnt broke any rules.

also whats namefaging, and how im not replying correctly?

i cant "let things go" if they are wrong, what drama did i start? you guys are the one who brought all the drama

No. 218067

You should really learn English before posting here.

No. 218069

File: 1451346077841.png (29.58 KB, 600x700, live-your-life-and-leave-the-c…)

No. 218070

Wow she evaded 3 bans?
I know that shike is making a fool of herself but I'm glad to know that she's alive although it's only because of being curious. It's like those unsolved mysteries, and then the case is closed.

Now go shike. Leave. You're done. Your English makes me cringe.

No. 218076

Either make a new thread in /b/ instead, or learn how to write.

No. 218128

File: 1451360828742.jpg (Spoiler Image, 76.01 KB, 316x369, PRUEBA 2.jpg)

That's NOT shike.
Shike is dead

along with other girls.

No. 218130

File: 1451361009772.jpg (Spoiler Image, 90.98 KB, 390x519, PRUEBA 11.jpg)

CAPEA information

i hide her full name for privacy.

i contacted her family.

No. 218131

Is Shike really dead?
What the hell did I miss?
How did people find out her real identity?
How did she die?
When did this happen?

No. 218132

Personally, i knew her more than everyone in the pull.

i had her brother added on Facebook.
HE is the one who sent me this photos.

she is buried on "Gayosso Jardines de Santa Gema"

No. 218133


Died from a gunshot.

To : Troll—shikeORfilliel
im pretty sure you know this is a cruel joke, why bring an old thread of a dead girl, again?
let her rest in peace for god sake.

No. 218137


I am sorry for being late to this party, I don't know how I managed to miss this, but what happened? Could you recap please?

No. 218138


Basically, this guy/girl posted as shike , i dont know why, saying things about her kidnapping

however, shike, the real shike, is dead.

can we stop talking about shike? i feel uneasy.

No. 218139


Okay but how did she die? There is like no info in this thread relating to this. People don't just get shot for no reason.

No. 218143


my guess : A Kidnapping Gone Wrong

No. 218145


You had her brother in Facebook and he told you where she was buried but never how she died?

No. 218146


she died from a gunshot like the other girls
however they dont know why they kill those girls
if selling them was the plan

No. 218147

can WE stop talking about shike?

No. 218149

Damn, if this is real then I feel like shit.

No. 218150

Are you from the pull?

No. 218152

I know it's against admin's policy to reveal IP's, but could they at least inform us whether or not the person claiming to be Shike and the person saying she's dead are the same person? They have the same terrible english and typing style.