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File: 1425545475973.jpg (7.08 KB, 148x160, 1404875108500.jpg)

No. 57465

Can we have a Thartan thread?

No. 57470

Something something aspergers something something little sister something something autism something traditional women

No. 57525


muh..muh ladies

No. 57973

The only problem is that we don't have very much of his profiles outside of faaku. (I think he baleeted his facebook after PULL found it.)

No. 57976

how long do you want to bet it takes before he shows up again

No. 57978

He's still here, he never left. He's trying to get fakku to take down the tharthan account but their hands are tied.
he's marking any comment that's calling him out on any profile as spam and crying to admins to protect him.

No. 58004

What's the story with this guy again?

No. 58007

He's a whiny 18-year-old that has old fashion values about purity and sexuality. He says he has anxiety problems, and pretty much everybody agrees that he has autism or aspergers or something along those lines.

He also comes on here to whine whenever we mention him.

No. 58030

he was found on PULL the other day, sending someone message after message. he has this thing where he will say "it's just my opinion" but he continues to harass people, even after they say things like "ok whatever just leave me alone" he'll pop up in their inbox and leave them message after message even if they don't reply

No. 58032

so he basically says that womEN HAVE TO BE PURE!! but he reads his nasty little incest hentai?

No. 58033

his image of true purity is letting his toddler sister get it on with their family dog it seems?

No. 58035

It kind of sounds like Denko guy shit

No. 58039

File: 1425687557810.png (16.26 KB, 658x173, Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 11.4…)

from his fakku account.

No. 58042

I didn't even know he had a fakku account, what's on it, why does he want it removed so badly?

No. 58047

He has a fakku account called Grantham. But that's not the account he wants removed. He wants the account that I created with the name ''Tharthan'' to be removed, because I'm posting pretty lulzy stuff with it. Apparently he can't handle people tainting the name Tharthan and came onto the old PULL thread to ask us to stop mentioning him. That's pretty much it.

No. 58062

As long as your account never directly makes fun of him, fakku can't do anything about it.

No. 58072


No. 58074

He has a real attachment to the name and seems to think future employers and acquaintances are gonna look it up and see it besmirched~ by the parody account

Meanwhile most of the stuff that account is posting are things he's actually said before, mish-mashed with a little embellishment

No. 114515

No. 114869

I'm the guy from the other thread who knows him IRL, I'll take questions and shit here too if anyone's interested.

No. 114968

what kind of mental disorder does he have?

No. 114983

According to him, nothing. He's even claimed (I think back on PULL somewhere) that they tested him and he came back negative for anything.

Pretty much everyone else thinks he's somewhere on the autism spectrum, though.

No. 115003

Do people at school laugh about how psycho he is?

No. 115288

Not as much as you'd expect. A decent amount of the time he's too annoying to be funny. But other times, yeah. Just the other day he stood up in the middle of a class, slammed his hands on his desk, and basically started screaming about how no one respects his opinions. That was pretty funny to a lot of people.

No. 115294

Sounds like Stephen from my school, he's a fucking mental autistic neckbeard also.

No. 115297

Oh, Than, where are thou

No. 115480

Question from me too, how fucking creepy is he to you.
I find him creepy in that really disgusting way, where he wants a girl to be PURE ANGEL NO SEX NEVER KISSED ANYONE NEVER HELD ANYONES HAND
And then expects said, same girl, to put up with his harassment if he's into her.
What's he like at school, what type of things set him off, does he talk to girls, do girls talk to him?

I don't know, I just find him so creepy. I can totally imagine him stalking a girl one day and I really hope it doesn't lead to anything further.

No. 115513

Lol, how old is he? Is this still high school? Does he talk in that overly pretentious "New England" accent or whatever?

No. 115529

he is the average PULL user's sempai

No. 115531

what harassment?

No. 115545


he is PULL's senpai? Man they must be thirsty

No. 115750


No. 115770

No. 116082

I don't personally find him creepy, but that's probably because I'm used to him. You probably wouldn't find him that creepy after he told you why he hates California for the twentieth time.

At school he mostly latches on to the nearest person who he can talk at until he needs to be in class. In class he makes a lot of unfunny jokes or finds minor excuses to rant about his opinions, pretty much the same as he is online.

In the past, he's gotten the most bothered by people talking about porn (or etc), people ignoring him, people making fun of his beliefs, and probably a few other things I'm forgetting.

There's one girl he says hi to every time they cross in the hallway, even though she never says hi back, and there's a girl who doesn't really have a lot of friends who sits with him and another guy at lunch sometimes.

No. 116085

18, yes but only for a couple more weeks, and yes even though no one else here talks like that.

No. 116164

>There's one girl he says hi to every time they cross in the hallway, even though she never says hi back

I'd like to hear more about this.

Is she the cheerleader type or is she wholesome-looking enough that he thinks 'she's not like those other girls'?

No. 116203

I remember him talking a lot of shit about California and being pisses off because I not only live here, but a lot of my friends have grown up here as well. He really is a shit head.

Has he told you it anyone else about his online ventures with PULL or lolcow? You seemed kind of surprised but I was pretty surprised to learn he actually had friends lol

No. 116208

Why does he hate California?

No. 116557

File: 1433376285037.png (70.29 KB, 798x939, 13.png)

She's more wholesome than cheerleader, like she dresses kinda conservatively and doesn't really flaunt it (she is at least 8/10, tho), but she wears makeup most of the time and she'd definitely be "impure" on his weird scale thing. He must not know her too well, either: she had tons of sex with her (now ex-)boyfriend.

No. 116564

He hasn't told me, but I haven't actually talked to him in a while., he might have told someone else (I'll try and ask someone who's closer to him when I get the chance).

But yeah, we used to be friends, or something like that.

No. 116578

Haha wait what, mini-skirts are pure but intentionally reveling clothing isnt…?? What does he think a mini-skirt is?

Also, pierced ears are impure? What about all those kids who get them done at like 8/9…This is seriously such a weird scale, I can't even understand his thought process.

No. 116587


Have you seen those latino kids whose parents have their ears pierced as infants?

I'm noticing that this list focuses almost entirely on clothing and outward appearances rather than behavior and values. Seems to be a big problem with autistic people to laser in on the most superficial qualities.

I can sympathize with the dude, but he needs to just see an escort and forget this purity nonsense. It's not out there.

No. 116589

>What about all those kids who get them done at like 8/9…

let's be fair, that IS really trashy…even if it reflects more on the parents for letting/encouraging them

No. 116646

getting ears pierced is trashy?? lmao thartan PLS

No. 124089

File: 1434722021356.png (237.02 KB, 177x628, lolcow.png)

Hey, you know how I said I wouldn't post a picture of him? I changed my mind. (there's also an amazing yearbook picture but that's actually copyrighted by the photographer so I can't post it)

No. 124098

I wish for this to be real.
Man, he is not much of a looker is he.

No. 124109

Every photograph is copywrited by the photographer. You don't have to apply for it or any bullshit like that, it happens automatically as soon as you take a picture.

No. 124111

Reminder that copyright holders are evil.

No. 124127

In some cultures, girls get their ears pierced as babies.

No. 124136

It isn't even a culture thing. Some people just like to put jewelry on kids/babies cause it looks pretty. My sister, brother, and I all had our ears pierced before we could even talk.

No. 124160

…Boots? Really? Boots are more slutty than miniskirts?
Like bro I don't like seeing anyone's floppy overly tattoo'd tits hanging out either but I'm not going to sit around crying about it online, especially not in a petty gossip forum full of teenage girls.

In other news I'm procrastinating and googled various phrases containing the term "modesty" and wow there are entire blog circles out there by women who are completely obsessed with it, mostly Christians. Introductions include
>hello I am my wonderful husband's wife
>modest homeschooling mother to six children and counting
>teaching other women to be more modest is my personal ministry

Hey Tharthan if you're reading this, just become a Born Again Christian. Tons of Modestâ„¢ girls running around, yours for the taking, who will be happy to sit around judging those dirty sluts together with you. They might even let you have sex with them as long as you're okay with raising 10+ little Tharthettes in the future.

No. 124218

File: 1434736221647.png (23.29 KB, 148x160, CMqBK2AstNC3wVcCqfm5LG6k22qSue…)

it really was abstract after all

No. 124232


Huh, he's fatter than imagined

>the face of autism

No. 124237

What made you change your mind?

Also is it the perspective or are his hands really that small

No. 124241

Why can't you post the copyrighted photo? Lolcow doesn't obey copyright laws. Unless the photographer somehow knows who you are and that it was you who posted it, nothing will happen.

No. 124251

File: 1434740009324.jpg (91.87 KB, 500x362, tumblr_inline_n16fhvD2dM1qkhf6…)

No. 124253

Shut the fuck up, you're annoying.

No. 124258

>18 days ago

No. 124259

At the age of 8/9? Yes it is.
>>some cultures
Your ratchet hood culture is still trashy.

No. 124263

Still annoying, just like all the other posts like it ITT
>>Whaaa stop judging me for dressing like trash whaaa

You're acting like judging girls for dressing stupid is the worst fucking thing in the world, grow up. I bet you skank it up every day and get picked on, huh?

No. 124273

File: 1434742365882.gif (915.58 KB, 490x367, HMDEuh9.gif)

No. 124279

Countries that aren't America are now "ratchet hood" cultures? Lol okay

No. 124282

Is that what we're talking about here? It's also normal in some countries to not wear clothes, too.

No. 124291

>ear piercings are now the same as not wearing clothes
Look, I'm sorry you're bitter that you weren't allowed to get your ears pierced when you were younger, but being this much of a baby doesn't help you or anyone else.

No. 124328

So why are your hands so tiny?

No. 124354

I'm sorry your parents pierced your ears when you were too young to understand or have a say, but it's still trashy, at least on the part of your parent's judgement. Stop defending it so hard to make yourself feel better.

No. 124361

And no reputable piercer is going to pierce a child too young to give consent. Like, it's almost certainly going to be a mall employee using a piercing gun.

No. 124365

You act like getting your ears pierced is the same thing as getting a tattoo or being circumcised. It's just a thing in some places, just like certain haircuts or ceremonies or what-have-you.

No. 124367

I really do not understand how getting an ear piercing is awful. I didn't get one as a kid, before you start. I just don't understand how earrings of all things are considered super OTT or sexual or whatever else that makes them 'trashy'.

No. 124374

File: 1434751790417.jpg (25.91 KB, 531x255, 1434534205299.jpg)

Ear piercing can have serious consequences if done wrong. Cas in point: Keloid girl from the Aly thread

No. 124376

I was literally just about to post this!

Note: This isn't even a consequence of badly done piercings, they're a genetic thing. They're not just ugly, they're painful, they itch and burn, They never stop growing, they have no cure, surgical intervention can delay them but can also make them worse in the long term.

This girl's keloids aren't very bad at all.

No. 124378

File: 1434752805479.jpg (74.05 KB, 500x337, Girls-On-Easter.jpg)

She has some huge-ass gouges, piercings on nearly every part of her ear and clearly doesn't take care of herself otherwise, though.
I'm from a country where people do pierce childrens' ears as a style sort of thing and I've never had that issue, nor has anyone else I've seen. They'll close up if you don't constantly have earrings in though.
Pic related, "ratchet ghetto hood" girls.

No. 124386

Wow. You managed to mess up a term that's incorrect in the first place. It's gauges, pronounced like speed gauge. Not gouge as in gouge out your eyes.

No. 124389

How dare someone on the internet make a typo?

No. 124397

I'm American and lived in like four different states and it's pretty much the same everywhere. Either people get it done at a young age or they/their parents wait to do it. This is just like a regular ear piercing though, not face/body/cartilage piercings. I don't think being against piercing ears is an American thing, or if it is I've never heard of it.

No. 124412

I'm confused. Is Tharthan or a lolcow user arguing that earrings are trashy?

No. 124413

probably both

No. 124480


In some countries it's a requirement that females wear studs in their ears for valid passport photos actually.?
I think maybe it was the Philippines.

Anyway, not every country is your country so you need to stfu.
I had my ears pierced aged 10 and I was delighted with them. I didn't even know I wanted them in until my mother suggested it as a present and they're perfect.

Are you salty cause you got them pierced young and ended up with keloids or what?

No. 124496

My point was to criticize unqualified individuals performing piercings and the use of piercing guns.

No. 124587

All these new posts made me sure that tharthan had posted here. Thanks for getting my hopes up.

No. 124588

Well, in America, it's fucking ratchet and hood as fuck. I would guess that whatever country your from must be a ratchet shithole. Good job posting random nigglets at a formal event, though. I bet their thug daddy couldn't have a say in the piercing due to jail time lol. I hope they understand how to clean all the cum out of them with that ineffective cleanser they give you at the mall, because their ratchet mommy is too bust sucking dick and getting her multicolored weave did.

No. 124591

I'm sill wondering why getting your ears pierced at a young age is being compared to thugs and the ghetto. LOL This is new.

No. 124615

Because a lot of people subconsciously feel things Hispanics and blacks generally do is trashy. Kind of like braids etc are considered trashy but no one can really explain why.
Even if its not that bad if they do it then its considered trashy.

No. 124618

Terrible bait really, but I can't resist replying, not all of America sweetie. I mean, most babies where I am from get their ears pierced before they can talk or defy. Just one on each ear. How is that ratchet or hood? Granted in the Caribbean most are black and it's a cultural thing, but where I am is still America.
Imo though, it's not plain out ratchet or hood, but this shit right here:
Is nasty

No. 124620

It's rachet because you're taking bodily autonomy away from another human being. I don't get what's so hard about the concept that people have the exclusive rights to decide what happens to their body, no one else. The idea that you have dominion over your children is gross.

and don't come at me with that
>It's just a piercing it's not that big a deal!
Shit. The entire point is that you don't get to decide what is or isn't a big deal to someone else.

No. 124630

Well, tell that to almost every american family who gets their baby boys foreskin sliced off.

No. 124632

most girls get their ears pierced at some point anyway because it sucks not being able to wear pretty earrings like everyone else, plus if you never wear earrings the holes just close and leave no trace. so yeah, it's really not a big deal when you can just let them dissapear anyway.

No. 124654

I do. Frequently. It's a barbaric and disgusting practice that results in the needless deaths of over one hundred infants a year.

What part of "You don't get to decide what is or isn't a big deal to someone else" Do you not understand? The actual consequences do not factor into it at all. Neither does the severity of the act. The reason it's intolerable is because you do not get to decide what happens to other people's bodies.

And the consequences you listed are just plain false as well. Piercing guns cannot be sterilised, (No, an alcohol wipe is not sterilisation. It has to go in an autoclave, which it can't do without melting) and reputable piercers who use needles will not pierce babies ears. The actual potential consequences are: Death, HIV and Hep B/c transmission, severe infection, allergic reaction to metal, lifetime disfigurement (See: Keloids girl upthread)

No. 124698

except babies get their ears pierced in clinics?
in some countries the same clinic you were born in
except babies get gold earrings to avoid metal allergies?
i always have to exchange regular hooks with gold ones, otherwise i get a rash
except if you don't like having your ears pierced you can just let them close?
seriously girl not a big deal, people don't go and pierce babies ears with a machete, go back to tumblr pls.

No. 124702

File: 1434824341053.jpg (Spoiler Image, 855.88 KB, 1213x1670, C-keloid-03-Version-2[1].jpg)

Lol no they don't they get them pierced by teenagers who work in claire's at the mall with shitty studs imported from China.

Yeah you can totally just let pic related close. It's not a big deal at all.

No. 124706

I had my ears pierced as a baby, never did me any harm.

You guys are exaggerating a little, playing the BIG I AM game. Do gooders.

If the piercings got infected then it's a big deal.

Imagine if babies were tattooed tho? Then that'd be worse.

No. 124708

File: 1434824794491.jpg (28.31 KB, 800x600, IMG_20150518_113429.jpg)

No. 124710

Right. So following the same principles, I could drug someone, and take their kidney, and it'd be fine. As long as the procedure was done safely and they had no chance of infection, what's the big deal? Second kidneys are just an extra, you can survive absolutely fine without one. If they want it back they can just get another one from the donor list.

No. 124713

i can't tell if you're baiting or just retarded.
if you get your ears pierced and then let them close you'd be the same as before, no internal organs missing.

No. 124714

Yeah but you'd never even know the kidney was gone in the first place. The person wouldn't even have to wait for things to change back because they'd never realise the difference. It's less distressing for them.

No. 124716

I'm if you wake up in a tub full of ice and a wound then I'm sure you'd notice something wrong. Take your SJW bullshit somewhere else plz.

No. 124718

God anon. People get their kidney's taken out in clinics. They use glue to close wounds, not sutures to minimise the risk of scarring. It's not like surgeons use machete's to operate on people. They wont even know the kidney is gone, it's not a big deal.

The fact that you still fail to grasp that this argument is an issue of consent and bodily autonomy just goes to show what trash you are. Never have kids, 'cause you wont be able to handle it when they act like people and not things you have control over.

No. 124720

idk man but you can't just compare taking away an organ with piercing your ears and expect people to take you seriously…

No. 124722

Why not? You don't need two kidneys. They're not going to come to any harm. As far as they're concerned it never even happened.

If you don't like that scenario how about this one: You wake up tomorrow, and I'd pierced your nipples. You didn't even feel any pain, I used sterile equipment, you've got hypo-allergenic jewellery in. I've even left you a bottle of wound wash to clean them with and a pack of painkillers. and hey! If you don't like them, you can just take them out! No one will even know you've got them in the mean time, because they're covered up. They'll just close up, right?

No. 124723

nipple piercings do scar tho

No. 124725

No they don't, not if they're done properly. Not any more than ear piercings do.

No. 124728

I'm not the same anon. Believe it or not you're really coming off as delusional and crazy. I only wish we knew who you were so we could make a thread because you're Tharthan-tier lolcow.

And before you call me ratchet, I grew up in a primarily white suburb of America and my ears were pierced when I was 5. I was so proud and am glad I did it young. Get of your high horse.

No. 124731

It's comforting to know that thinking babies shouldn't have unnecessary and potentially life threatening cosmetic alterations done to their body without their consent makes me delusional and crazy.

>I grew up in a primarily white suburb of America

White american suburbanites think mutilating cats claws is a reasonable approach to protecting furniture. You're still ratchet trash, just a different flavour.

No. 124732


Okay Tharthan.

No. 124733

People can live with only one hemisphere of the brain. You may as well make that argument.

That second kidney is more useful than you think. The contrast used in most CT scans can actually put you into renal failure without two healthy kidneys.

No. 124735

no, because you're comparing body parts with very different tissues. ear lobe piercing is hardly invasive. i'm tired of your bullshit, you should really go back to tumblr if ibs are more than you can take.

No. 124737

a better organ to compare this to would have probably been the appendix. getting that removed even if you haven't had appendicitis.

>The entire point is that you don't get to decide what is or isn't a big deal to someone else.
so you find it to be a big deal, they find it to not be a big deal….why are you continuing to argue.

No. 124740


Do you not understand how SJW you sound or…

No. 124992

nobody gives a shit stfu.
besides, circumcision has helped tons of kids. You can't tell it doesnt have any benefits, fucking dumbass.

No. 125024

Actually most of the vets in my neighborhood refused to declaw. What else ya got?

No. 125028

I think declawing is illegal now in most of the US. But, my kitties were declawed back in the 90's, so idk what's changed really.

And you should just ignore tharthan-anon at this point, no need to bait. He's fucking psycho anyway.

No. 125082

this has gotten more derailed than it would've even if tharthan was here

No. 125112

All this people fighting over ear piercings and I had mine right after I was born keks.
Seriously guys, wheter you find it horrifying or not, it's part of some cultures and it won't change, stop trying to impose your opinions on people's traditions.
It's done with especial care in cinics, usually by nurses, if not by your pediatrician.
I haven't seen yet a single little girl or baby that doesn't have her ears pierced in my country.
(Sorry for the Engurish)

No. 125126


Your English is perfect ?

No. 125129


Er, have you ever actually had your nipples pierced?
I've had mine done twice and they've both left permanent scars in the form of two tiny, closed holes in each nipple.

I've no idea who told you nipple piercings don't scar but they lied.

No. 125154

yeah. I was actually going to see about posting the yearbook picture and a few others but does anybody even want to see them or is this thread finished?

No. 125170

Ear piercings also scar/don't close though? I had mine done when I was five, I haven't worn jewellery in them for a decade. They're still open, they still weep gunk and need cleaning like they would if they had jewellery in them. They're probably never gonna close, my mum had her nose pierced ten years before I was born, she hasn't worn jewellery in it for literally thirty years and it's still open.

No. 125172

Goddamn you are mad as fuck. Did black people bully you when you were 13 lmao

No. 125179

I want to see them. Let's veer away from the piercing argument

No. 125194

bloody hell nobody cares about your piercings guys, then you call PULL out for derailing and whatnot.

I wanna see the yearbook photos, yeah. Otherwise I'd be in the piercing threads.

No. 125218


Bitch aren't you from fucking PULL.

No. 125242

yep, still not derailing threads tho

No. 125246


What the fuck do you think you're doing right now PULLtard.

And stop fucking namefagging. We don't do that shit here.

No. 125299

No. 125305

File: 1434922206858.jpg (12.26 KB, 275x211, 11156189_1396223027366182_4759…)

No. 125360

holy shit his introduction video
top kek

No. 125387

Tharthan's friend, please hurry with those photos. Also, has he ever mentioned his "company" black glasses inc.? Is there actually other people involved in it or is it really just him say "we/our/us" pretending it's an actual group?

No. 125395

I'm dying. He looks like Chris-chan.

No. 125407

omfg i found his tumblr

No. 125408

File: 1434935049680.png (48.99 KB, 1142x424, Screenshot_1.png)

Is he saying this because people think he has autism?

No. 125409

File: 1434935154749.png (1.03 MB, 846x848, Screenshot_3.png)

who gives a shit

No. 125410

File: 1434935273579.png (250.84 KB, 1350x806, Screenshot_4.png)

his wikipedia acc part 1

No. 125411

File: 1434935301484.png (205.8 KB, 1356x861, Screenshot_5.png)

wikipedia acc part 2

No. 125412

I don't understand why he so vehemently denies that he has asperger's. Most aspies I've seen will usually at least admit they have it.

No. 125413

File: 1434935488644.png (109.92 KB, 441x863, Screenshot_6.png)

wikipedia acc part 3
fucking kek

No. 125416

File: 1434935586000.png (16.17 KB, 1676x118, Screenshot_7.png)

Apparently, Thartan is a name from the bible.
Is this why he chose it?

No. 125417

No. 125418

File: 1434935681157.png (64.06 KB, 780x556, postXWX0C.png)

No. 125423

File: 1434936612264.gif (1.08 MB, 255x182, 1422306595016.gif)

>this user has full understanding of the katakana or hiragana.

>this user thinks the metric system is unnecessary and antitraditionalistic (sp).

>this user prefers US customary units

Fucking LOL.

No. 125425

File: 1434936819785.png (13.42 KB, 714x226, thisguy.png)

Ah, I remember his hate boner for the west coast.

Maybe he perished there when he was a sailor? :^)

No. 125426

No. 125518

File: 1434947297777.gif (2.76 MB, 255x234, 1426017958389.gif)

The Emperor of Sechs Empire is stupid and redundant. If he's saying this is bad because it sounds like "The Emperor of Sex", how is "The Emperor of Sex Empire" any different.

As a Linguistics major, Tharthan triggers my autism so much that I actually feel angry by the bullshit the spews from his autistic fat fucking face.

oh my god

No. 125524

File: 1434948015362.png (2.15 MB, 1009x1641, matt mello.png)

No, never. But he did mention his videos and livestreams sometimes. And no, there's no way anyone else is involved.

No. 125537

Oh my god.

No. 125546

Jesus Christ what the fuck

No. 125550

Someone please make a banner out of this.

No. 125552

Why do these kinds of guys always got "that look?" ugh
And include his funny quotes on the banner too.

No. 125553

Can't. Stop. Laughing.

No. 125604

Dat 'stache

No. 125618

he genuinely looks like Chris-chan holy fuck

No. 125633

He looks like an angrier, more constipated Chris.

No. 125694


is he SURE he's not on the spectrum somewhere? I don't want to say this and have it come out wrong, but he looks like he is a little autistic. There's a look that autistic people share and I can't help but think he has it.

No. 125745

Autism doesn't necessarily have a particular "look" but his behaviour alone is reason alone to think he has it. That said, aside from that elongated nosehair-looking moustache he actually looks exactly like I guy I know who is autistic.

Motherfucker needs to stop living in denial and get himself a diagnosis already.

No. 125983

He says he's already been diagnosed as not on the spectrum. So other people have already noticed his sperg. I think it's worse if you act like an autist but don't actually have autism.

What a failure.

No. 126063

I'm diagnosed with autism and i think he's autistic

No. 126065


Then he's lying.
There's no way in hell he's been assessed and not diagnosed. No way in hell.

No. 126067

I feel that his parents lied the fuck to him, "to keep him adjusted" or some shit.
However, based on his views, probably he had so much church shit instilled to him - actual social awareness/opportunities off the internet that he just ACTS that way. Oh and he looks like a douche.

No. 126071


An autist on PULL even thought he had autism. I can't remember her name, but she is an older member. She treated him like he had autism regardless lol

No. 126080

I bet his parents took him when he was a baby or something & the doctor's were like "babys gonna baby"
so now he (& his family) latching to that one test.

No. 126091

Normal Impaired.

No. 126283

If not autism, what could it be? What other kinds of disorders cause this kind of social impairment?

No. 126288

The foreskin is not a birth defect, fuck off. Humans have been living with them for a very long time, they exist for a reason and don't need removal. Circumcision painfully and permanently alters a baby boy's genitals, removing healthy, protective, functional tissue from the penis and exposing the child to unnecessary pain and medical risks.

No. 126289

>stop trying to impose your opinions on people's traditions.
Lmao. I fucking love how Hispanics and blacks act like their shitty crime society equates to real traditions and culture.
>>Getting my infant daughters ears pierced is part of our traditional culture stap criticizing it u imperialist
>>Let me show you the traditional dance of my people twerk twerk twerk

No. 126290

Please take the foreskin/piercing/culture shit to /b/ or shut up about it.

No. 126514

yer white supremacy belongs in the KKK, not on lolcow lol.

No. 126582

As said by a true namefag pretending to be an oldfag lol gtfo PULL.

No. 126745

wait, what's an oldfag?

No. 126768

It's someone who has been on image boards for a couple of years. Not that anon btw, since Idk if you've been to many before this one or not, but I'm just explaining the idea.

No. 126966

newfag confirmed

No. 127090

File: 1435211421808.gif (792.97 KB, 460x258, dont.gif)

derailing the threads with this superior race bullcrap
i would never tell people to kill themselves
but the option is there. you know

No. 127293

File: 1435258162061.jpg (26.36 KB, 361x361, aged_wb20150625014748341059.jp…)

No. 128357

good job anon

No. 128384

He actually looks better here.

No. 128406

lmao anon

No. 137674

Anyone with a fedora is an A-Logger

No. 203155

It looks like he took down his tumblr. I took some screenshots of it while it was still up if anyone wants them.

No. 204568

At this point, you should just post them. Asking is redundant.

No. 209376

Yes please.

No. 210070

File: 1449078986721.png (76.64 KB, 712x488, 5.png)

>>209376 >>204568 it's not much but it's something

No. 210071

File: 1449079009654.png (3.9 KB, 635x38, 6.png)

No. 210072

File: 1449079028096.png (422.56 KB, 710x723, 7.png)

No. 210073

File: 1449079036845.png (8.51 KB, 629x76, 8.png)

No. 210193

>being this autistic

No. 210218

File: 1449116958863.jpg (10.59 KB, 236x248, than mpgis.jpg)

Thank you

Pic related, whenever I read Tharthan's posts, it brings to mind this character.

No. 210227

File: 1449118194677.jpg (13.97 KB, 300x259, anatomicallydetaileddolls.jpg)

Who hurt you, son?
Can you show me where they touched you on the doll?

No. 210228

I highly doubt you have the skill or resources to do that. Black market kidneys are usually the cause of death for the original owner.

No. 210347

>responding to a off topic shitty bait argument from 5 months ago

Can you fucking not?

No. 210976

who's gonna break it to the Than that only the first five tags in a tumblr post show up in search results?

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