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File: 1432437909367.png (409.94 KB, 640x1136, 3242.png)

No. 108074

Old one is on sage >>61069

Summary of the latest events:
- both go to some sort of language school
- had to leave their host family for unknown reasons, life in some hotel apartment
- announced they are vegan now, Venus posted about getting coffee and cakes at Starbucks one day later
- rent a photo studio for one of Venus's upcoming new videos about her in the feudal Edo period, expect a SJW shitstorm
- Margo making weeb rants on IG to everyone and their mom to get attention

No. 108089

>everyone and their mom

Well of course, if she rants to everyone and their mom, she might find a friend for both herself and her daughter.

No. 108091

File: 1432439942432.png (22.97 KB, 840x118, Screenshot_4.png)

No. 108115

I can only see the enormous shitstorm that upcoming video will cause. It's not going to be pretty.

No. 108118

I'm looking forward to it

No. 108214

The funniest thing is that there is no such thing as a feudal Edo period.

No. 108340

Margo said she's working, lmao

No. 108348

Probably at YT Tokyo, but even then idk what they do there exactly? Does it actually constitute as a real job? Maybe a side under the table job.

No. 108352

She lists her job as being her daughter's manager, go figure.

No. 108353

YouTube Tokyo is a free space everyone can use, you don't have a job there.

No. 108731

File: 1432561722594.png (19.77 KB, 386x134, 3423.png)

Besides #vegan she tags everything as #crueltyfree now which is funny because of all her Chanel makeup which is tested on animals, contains beeswax and not to mention Chanel using real fur and leather for their clothes and bags.

No. 110512

File: 1432597170012.png (15.6 KB, 389x110, 2343.png)

So somebody asked about the makeup of her latest tutorial and guys, Chanel is a totally vegan company, righto!

No. 110882

File: 1432655627246.png (22.06 KB, 384x167, 4534.png)

I love how she hardly did respond to her fans until now and now all her responses are about how much of a vegan saint she is, smells more and more like PR.

No. 110913

File: 1432659620637.jpg (127.55 KB, 400x400, deep.jpg)

No. 110918

I went to read that comment and someone commented about high end brands and added this https://budgetfriendlytoo.wordpress.com/2014/02/26/companies-that-test-on-animals-trust-me-theres-a-lot/
Venus, being vegan means no luxury / high end makeup brands. LizLisa also tests on animal and uses fur, so no more LizLisa. If the vegan thing is for real, I just hope she won't use makeup of these brands and show it proudly on her videos

No. 110946

That's probably why she didn't list the makeup used in her last video, maybe she will start covering the brand names on the makeup because she obviously didn't to as much research as she claims she did.

No. 112572

File: 1432828624721.jpg (184.93 KB, 640x1081, FullSizeRender(5).jpg)

How she suddenly tries to play the victim card regarding Manaki after it has been ages.

Yeah Margo, he totally wanted to bang your old hag ass, righto.

No. 112575

Forgot to add that she obviously didn't even try hard to lie, he didn't even have a YouTube until Margo made him one as well as a FB.

No. 112627

Sounds plausible tho. Manaki never was in a relationship before and was/is probably thirsty af. Nothing like pure relationships in my nip manga. Kek at making a move at Margo if that was true ofc.

No. 112637

She currently is on a "all men are pigs" rage and her stories change all the time.

Also, how should he be abel to collect expensive BJD if he was so "poor", nor did he have a YouTube before Margo wanted to milk their relationship for more $$$ so she never has to work.

No. 112688

>First of all he is a poor guy, never studied
And Venus is studying what?
Venus went to a normal school?
Will Venus go to uni?
What if he's 'poor'?
Why do you have to say that if you're the one who lived off his family???? You don't have a job and you have lots of bills and debts! What are you saying Margo??? hahahaha
I can understand he was weird, I thought he was freaking weird, but come on, do you BELIEVE he would tell Margo Venus has a nice round ass and he wants to fuck her? She's been listening to reggaeton or Jason Derulo? My fucking sides, I'm dying and crying.
Venus' friends BULLIED HER???? for what??? Because of Manaki??? Then Venus should think again about who her real friends are, because I have friends who have been in abusive relationships and I've never bullied them. And please Margo, read what you're saying and put some dots idk my eyes were crying blood. Stop hating on men, dorkkkkkkkkk. You two tried to make a circus about him! I never liked him but Margo is a damn and crazy woman, so you know she will exaggerate everything.
But seroussly, Margo or Venus, if you're reading this, I suggest you to start deleting some phone numbers if your friends are all so good friends that bully you because of a boyfriend you had.
He's weird, but Margo is worse.

No. 112689


No. 112731

I think Sugarpill is pretty high end.

No. 112733

Does Venus even have friends? I would think her mother scared them off

No. 112787

Venus believes all people only want to be friends with her to get a piece of the cake that is called her "fame".

No. 112797

I guess Totemokawaii is out of luck then.

No. 112798

File: 1432849483651.jpg (948.88 KB, 500x281, 7a91b8fd1aa3ae657e9684a02e16df…)

Am I the only one missing old Venus? She was a weeb but she was interesting back then and cute.
Venus is so fucking boring and irritating now…And i miss her old kawaii weeb style for some reason

No. 112914

File: 1432855635779.png (79.65 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot 2015-05-28 at 6.26.…)

So what ever happened to Lily of the doll contest co-hosted by Venus? I heard she saw someone anonymously complain on a forum and she still found them to message them denying that she isn't sending the prizes.

How many people got their prizes? How can we be sure she is who she says she is? I still think it could be Margaret since her grammar lapses.

She corrected her non USA spelling of "behaviour" to USA spelling of "behavior."

No. 112917

Was already explained in the last thread.

No. 112923

Yeah I don't buy any of that.

No. 112950

She has been proven to be a real person plenty of times, hence even her husband did besides him shittalking Margo a lot.

No. 112970

Not alone dear anon. :(
I find myself venturing to her old videos instead of watching her new ones, or hoping that she brings back most of her old videos (Tenerife vids I think?) like she did with her last dance cover. Sad…

No. 113046

I can barely understand what she's saying

No. 113048

If she did, she'd mention them. She doesn't

No. 113176

creep or no creep, i feel so bad for Manaki.
like whatever i'm sure he wanted to fuck her, what boyfriend doesn't want to fuck their girlfriend? i doubt he would ever say anything like that to margo, she probably just saw him looking at her in a thirsty way and was like VENUS HE DOES NO VIEW YOU AS PURE MAIDEN AND WANTS TO USE YOU SO YOU MUST BREAK UP WITH HIM.

She has pretty much brainwashed Venus into thinking all men are evil. What's the point of having a boyfriend if not to think about romantic stuff? Especially at her age?

And man it's rich for her to say "do you ever consider Venus as a young girl or just as some rubbish to entertain you" as if she is not the one parading her around and as if she is not the one who has been sexualizing her from a very young age. GOD.

Someone save Venus from this abusive woman.

No. 113180

Gosh, i really dislike vegans who want to preach that cruelty free stuff to you. Sorry, bitch, I'm an omnivore. I still believe heavily in animal rights and am against cruelty, but this high and mighty attitude vegans have is annoying.

No. 113189

>She has pretty much brainwashed Venus into thinking all men are evil. What's the point of having a boyfriend if not to think about romantic stuff? Especially at her age?
I don't think this was all Margo, I think it's partly the fact that Venus wants to live in her kawaii shojo manga where all they do is kiss and nothing escalates beyond that and they somehow still manage to have a deep and meaningful relationship despite knowing each other for 2 seconds

No. 113226

File: 1432903925645.jpg (95.06 KB, 640x640, 11355007_1646430742245417_7400…)

She really tried hard to squish and shoop her body thinner.

No. 113228

Why do people still discuss this? We already know Venus broke up with him because he didn't have time for her due to studying which he also posted to his Twitter (for whatever) and princess didn't like that.

No. 113240

We all know she is a chubster in reality, so it's all pointless.

No. 113247

File: 1432907562347.jpg (145.95 KB, 854x507, sadasd.jpg)


Jesus sometimes I feel like this place is turning into fucking PULL with the "THIS IS TOTALLY SHOOPED >:L" hate.

Watch any of her videos and it's pretty clear that she looks like this IRL.
I'm neither a fan or a hater of Venus, but calling her chubby is fat is pretty redundant when virtually everybody can see that she's average slim.

No. 113249

Naa she's bending her knees together to create the illusion of a thigh gap. On candids not taken by her, like the Tokyo Space ones you can see she is chubs.

No. 113252

No, we don't. We know that Manaki tweeted about being busy right before Venus broke up with him. The rest is just speculation.

How come anon(s) in this thread always pretend like they have super speshul inside knowledge about their lives?

No. 113256

You know, it's not like if it wasn't possible to talk with him.

No. 113262

Does the dude even speak decent english? Why won't you share any screencaps if you have any, anon? Doesn't exactly make your random claims any more believable.

No. 113265

He can write english just fine like many japanese, speaking is the problem.

No. 113271


So? Who fucking cares if she bending her knees together? That's still not shooping you sandy cunt.

God sometimes you idiots piss me off. What am I even doing in this thread.

No. 113272

Is Starbucks coffee even vegan?

No. 113278

Yeah, the wall in that photo totally bends itself on its own using the healing tool.

No. 113280

K. Is there a reason why you don't post his responses tho?

No. 113289

File: 1432912422048.jpg (91.79 KB, 640x640, 1432903925645.jpg)


Holy fucking shit you gargantuan retarded sow it's called perspective, did you skip both math and art class in highschool or what?

Also the healing brush doesn't warp shit, it samples the surrounding area and applies a corresponding texture kek

No. 113294

File: 1432913539270.jpg (15.53 KB, 400x281, Alice-facepalm.jpg)


She's standing ON A CORNER. That OMGSHOOP thing is called perspective.

No. 113316


I don't know why you're linking to me, I'm the one saying it's perspective?

No. 113320

File: 1432916472615.png (776.41 KB, 640x640, 42.png)

I was talking about the wall, not the border. Even fotoforensics show she warped it to hell and back and tried to cover it up with the healing brush.

No. 113323

It's not like if there wasn't proof in the old thread.

No. 113328


M8…. no…. no, that's light refraction combined with colour disparity. It happens all the time when photographing something with a light background or repeating pattern like a wall or the sky.

And anybody that knows Photoshop knows that fotoforensics is finicky as fuck and can only really be read by professionals.

No. 113336

You just went full retard, if you want to kiss Venus's chubby ass then do so on her page but not here.

No. 113351


Yeah, I'm the retard when you can't understand basic physics.

No. 113355

What has the healing brush to do with physics but yeah, you are right, physics cause pieces of a photo to duplicate themself on their own, righto.

No. 113365


Because that isn't Photoshop it's a halo created by the light by a poor MP camera how can you not know this.

No. 113366


That isn't Photoshop my pictures do that all the time.

It's just a shitty camera.

No. 113367

I give up, you are too stupid to handle.

No. 113368

Thanks for the proof you obviously have no clue about photography or fotoforensics.

No. 113373

She just added that they extra made it with vegan soy milk for her because she oviously is who she is, kek

No. 113374

You can ask for soy instead. But you have to request it, otherwise they will make it with reg dairy milk.

She probably didn't.

No. 113378

File: 1432921280758.jpg (45.12 KB, 355x500, MV5BMTQ2OTYyMDU4OV5BMl5BanBnXk…)

No. 113389

What is this?

No. 113391

PULLtards just want their favorite snowflakes to be shooped that they can't accept reality and start imagining shoops that aren't there. Even if she pushes her knees together, I would still think it's hard to get a thigh gap like that unless if you're skinny.

No. 113428

File: 1432926913892.jpg (146.95 KB, 640x640, 928696_622734737853565_8523279…)

It's not hard to get a tight gap like this with standing like a pidgeon and pointing your toes inwards.

No. 113431

File: 1432927087443.jpg (40.07 KB, 640x640, 10843824_324532804415099_13075…)

No. 113466

its the way she stands to make the gap more noticeable, no shooping

No. 113467

But that was what the anon was saying…

No. 113471

i wonder if he actually said this stuff
margo lies alot, but we don't know much about him either

No. 113473

She is skinny with some chub in my opinion

No. 114586

File: 1433076192803.jpg (134.19 KB, 640x640, 11377583_817453188332544_12484…)

When I was thinking her outfits couldn't become worse.

No. 114592

>I'm an omnivore
>am against cruelty

pick one, hypocrite hippie-chan

No. 114596

Why the peignoir underneath? The outfit would've been fine without it.

No. 114604

good lord her face has aged a lot, the mom shorts don't help either

No. 114606

It isn't a peignor, it is part of the crop top.

No. 114609

she looks tall and slim. i thought she was short and a bit of pudge

No. 114616

Depends on the photo/angle but she always was on the tall-side.

No. 114617

Thats animal welfare not animal rights fyi

No. 114621

CAn she please just go back to pigtails and lolita?

No. 114622

File: 1433081507660.jpg (36.58 KB, 500x482, See that s what I mean. Big ti…)

Anyone know where this coat is from? It's gorgeous and I need it

No. 114638


Me too! If you find out reply back to me please :) !!!

No. 114639

File: 1433083467006.jpg (32.22 KB, 300x393, ank.JPG)

Ank Rouge (happy bag)

No. 114643

I'm the anon who posted the coat but not the anon who asked for it, I forgot to mention you too. Look at gyaru sales, maybe someone's selling it.

No. 114647


Cute pigtails yes. Lolita? No. Fuck that. There's enough drama whores in the community as it is.

No. 114648

she's looking so old nowadays

No. 114747

Looks like something Hayley Cropper would have worn.

No. 114757

File: 1433105538643.jpg (69.66 KB, 640x640, 11348356_781629441950360_17676…)

So vegan.

No. 114760

That soap looks too cute.

No. 114862

top kek

No. 114879

Kek at the fans on her Insta defending Venus from the ones pointing out that the product is not vegan friendly.
I'm waiting for Margo to barge in and start pointing fingers at the "haters".

No. 114898

Beeswax isn't cruel though. It supports people having bee hives, and it's discarded by the bees inside the hive.
Honey also doesn't hurt bees. Beekeepers leave enough to last them the winter and still get tons extra because bees just never stop making honey.
Plus, beeswax/honey is helping the bee population, as most people who are beekeepers use them to pollinate across the farm so they're given pesticide-free flowers to feast from.
The rest is a good point though.

No. 114900

I'm friend with at least three people who work in bee farms. Not sure how others do it, but they have a pretty good community with bees. I just think vegans are stuck up honestly. I have no issues with vegetarians or omnivores, but vegans are the worst kinds of smelling your own farts people.

No. 114958


Etude House products are shown to be cruelty free towards animals but they still contain animal ingredients and are not vegan friendly. I wonder where this will stand with Venus's vegan standards.

No. 115010

I guess Doe Deere wasn't really in the wrong much for wondering why beeswax is cruelty. The other things she did I disagree with.

No. 115021

Legit question: What the crap do vegans live on? Almost everything contains some kind of animal product or byproduct…whether it's makeup or food.

No. 115023

No. 115028

My sister in law is vegan.
From what I can tell:
Aloe vera gel drinks

I don't live with her so I can't expand on that. I'm sure she has some vitamin deficiencies because she's sort of retarded and thinks she can get everything from fruit/veg (B12? Proteins specific to eggs/meat?), but she's alive at least.

No. 115030

Supplements and vitamins are pretty cheap.

No. 115034

Venus' hair looks so fucking greasy in her new-ish video about blush application… Ew.

No. 115038

Like I said, she doesn't take any. She doesn't think she needs it because "this is how people are supposed to eat". I've brought it up before asking if she took supplements and she said no.

No. 115049

I agree. I only know a few vegans who don't act high and mighty about it nor lecture you when you eat meat. Most people just turn into PETA supporting crazies when they become vegan

No. 115085

I checked the ingredients and it says both fragmented milk and whey (milk).

No. 115107

On that note, I read somewhere that some of the Starbucks drinks that are made with soy milk on request will contain some milk powder in the other ingredients. Like lattes and such that are full of flavorings and added ingredients. I'm not sure if they addressed this yet or at all. If she got regular coffee with soy milk it's fine. But I don't know about the other drinks.

There was an issue with the pumpkin spice latte a couple of years ago not actually being vegan when made with soy milk. I don't go to Starbucks so I don't know about the summer seasonal drinks.

No. 115264

I guess it'll depend on where you go and what you get. Where I go, you can actually see them use soy milk from a branded carton, but I don't know if all the places would do the same. The syrups and stuff might not be vegan though, like you said. Seems like she's just vegan in name, not necessarily in practice because she's seriously half-assing this.

No. 115271

Knowing her "education" she provably thinks cows give milk naturally on a daily basis from birth, thus there is no harm and therefore the product is vegan.

No. 115273

File: 1433189429796.jpg (88.95 KB, 640x640, 11324351_1579531462312370_8732…)

Seems like Margo keeps going on with that VK fangirl style but all that shoop, they can soon hold a contests on who edits more.

No. 115287

I wonder how long she's going to keep it up. It seems like she woke up one day and decided to be vegan, it would be just as easy to go back. Didn't she used to post steaks on her instagram?

That's sad. I'm not saying older women can't rock certain looks, but Margo is just a bandwagon jumper and has no consistent style; just looking for attention where she can get it.

No. 115298

Margo is so creepy. Like what is she doing

No. 115305

that eyeliner is 50 shades darker than her hair, somebody abused the burn tool

No. 115314

It's not only the eyeliner, the lash on her left eye is pasted on.

No. 115317

Seeing how she is failing hard at being vegan and doing any proper research, I don't think Venus will last long. I figure she'll move to simple vegetarianism or pescatarianism before giving up fully.
Someone at least needs to properly educate her on the products that she's using or ingesting because she obviously did an amateur amount of research.

No. 115436

dat meitu xiuxiu

No. 115664

File: 1433247488326.jpg (64.55 KB, 640x640, 11325447_1046991545351435_1318…)

She really can't style herself.

No. 115666

File: 1433247817337.jpg (77.16 KB, 640x640, 11379128_1107015062645645_6172…)

But then again Margo's are almost equal bad.

No. 115796

Former Starbucks barista here, the Pumpkin Spice latte syrup conained milk and therefore even made with soy sans whip still wasn't vegan. I worked in an airport Starbucks, I circled the "contains milk" on the from of the syrup bottle in red and presented it everytime someone tried to order a "VEGAN Pumpkin Spice latte".

The regular flavored syrups lIke vanilla, caramel, etc. are just flavored sugar, the mocha and white mocha contain powdered milk, and the other, thicker seasonal drink syrups like PSL and Dark Barrel do contain milk.

Because fuck snobby hipster vegans

No. 116244


Venus and her mom becoming Vegan is about as laughable as knowing they're trying to make it big in Japan. Pair of idiots.

No. 116248


I know, it's like trying to get them all to stop eating fish after centuries of eating fish. Some Japanese I heard are into organic and vegan things, but majority would look at you like you're off you're fucking head.

No. 116254

Japan here,

There is no room for vegans in Japan. You can find places that sell vegan food but it is not a normal thing, at all, and people honestly think it's weird (that's why the few vegan places in Japan are expensive as fuuuuck).

You're supposed to love and appreciate food, not avoid eating it. I can guarantee you that people think they are being extremely weird, and it doesn't grant them any kind of positive attention.

People who want to do similar in Japan are usually selective about it (like only being vegan on weekdays). Meat is a huge part of Japan's food culture. People in Japan acknowledge it's dangerous.

But most people don't even know what a vegan is.

No. 116259


Pretty much agree with everything you're saying. If you're going to go to another country, expect their ways of doing things. People aren't going to change for you, so research and expect it. If unhappy with dishes and can't eat something due to an allergy then order something without whatever it is you don't like. If you're vegan well, too bad.

All over the world this goes for, not just Japan. But then again, people are stupid. Stupid people expect and do stupid things.

No. 116261

That kind of sucks. Not everyone can eat dairy, and some people have food allergies. It's worse if you have both because it really limits what you can eat :/

No. 116267


Well not every country will cater to people with food allergies sadly…maybe one day it'll improve over time. That'd be nice.

No. 116273

File: 1433341108318.jpg (139.06 KB, 640x640, 11272845_963738850325088_14628…)

I hope she knows that this Liz Lisa sweater is made from rabbit fur.

No. 116274

I am lactose intolerant, but honestly a lot of Japanese foods can still be eaten. Its just that they are not vegan/vegetarian. I mean i have to skip most deserts, but eh. So i guess you are only fucked if you are allergic to fish or a lot of things at the same time (like this girl i know who is allergic to fish, pork, citrus fruits, nuts, milk, tomato and Bell pepper. Like gurl what do you eat?)

No. 116277


Someone with Insta needs to post this and then her fans will go apeshit as usual lol.

No. 116279

Most asians are lactose intolerant anyways so it isn't a big deal to find suitable food.

No. 116282

If I went to Japan, I'd live off fruit and bread if possible.

Cheese and yogurt is ok for me. It's regular milk that kills my stomach I'm allergic to eggs and I don't eat meat (I can't stand the texture). I'd try to find a way to make it work, even if it means living off bread and fruit while over there. I certainly wouldn't expect to be catered to.

No. 116284

yup. being a country isolated in the middle of the ocean and having some pretty deep tragedies in the past 100 years, the people appreciate what food they have.
wasting the last few grains of rice in your bowl is considered rude.
(if you cant finish a meal because you're physically stuffed, its ok but dont waste tiny bits)

No. 116285

veganism is an eating disorder

No. 116286

ok but westerners seem to be crazy allergic to every thing. ive rarely heard a ruckus about allergies in japan. people arent like OMG GLUTENZ IMA DIE. I BREATHED A PEANUT AND MY THROAT SWELLED UP.
im not saying its westerners arent seriously allergic, but its less common there… maybe because their food sources are more pure and people tend to eat everything rather than restrict. i think restrict over time causes the intolerance/allergy

No. 116287

Why doesn't she get a nose job? They're so superficial and narcissistic, I don't see why not. They don't seem to have a problem with spending all their money on frivolous shit and that would at least be a long term investment.

No. 116288

yeah because asians are all about blending in and not making a fuss. it's generally not seend as a good thing to make extra demands for yourself

No. 116303

Someone on Insta tried to point out the strawberry milk soap that she was showing off wasn't vegan and everyone either went Bullistic on them until they went away or ignored them.
Venus is constantly making mistakes as a vegan and seems very misinformed, but I doubt she will change even with what information she gets from her fans to correct herself. I'm still waiting for Margo to be the next to shitpost how anyone giving Venus "tips" are hating on her dietary choices.

Thank you! Here was another point I was going to bring up. I've heard that living on a vegan diet there is rough. A friend of mine visiting Japan said she had limited options at restaurants or even venders & it was hard to eat much.

No. 116317

I think they see themselves as being too good cosmetic surgery. Venus always talks about being naturally like a doll~~ and not having to undergo anything 'weird' as though she's leagues above anyone who had so much as a mole removed.

No. 116318

Yes, but when you have a food allergy that can literally kill you… It's probably more of a case that kids there are introduced to more foods to build immunity up. Recent studies show that the best way to prevent a peanut allergy in a child is to gradually expose them to peanuts if they show a sensitivity to it as a baby; it was previously thought to be the reverse. These days you have people who have never eaten vegetables because their parents never made them so they have shitty gut health as a result. It's usually a white american problem in my experience too, with people who never want to eat anything remotely interesting besides over processed crap.

No. 116320

Actually, you can be allergic to the peanut dust. My boyfriend has a nut allergy and once I ate peanuts in the car with him (windows rolled down) and he told me it was starting to bother him. He had to open the windows and I stopped eating them. Peanut butter is easier to deal with.

I can't speak for anyone else, but my boyfriend and I were both born with food allergies. Most children outgrow egg and nut allergies, but we did not. It sucks.

No. 116457

You don't have to eat at restaurants. You could just go to fresh produce stands and make your own foods. If you feel like you should eat out every time you are hungry, you're probably rich.

No. 116461

Some sauces and seasonings that you'd buy at the supermarket may also contain traces of non-vegan ingredients that you wouldn't pick up on unless you could read moonrunes and actually bothered to read the ingredients. You COULD eat vegan properly in Japan if you cooked everything yourself, but they don't; they're constantly eating out. They're hopping off to Starbucks every second day.

I wonder how Venus' love for cakes and candy is coping with this change.

No. 116470

You know you've fucked up your makeup when the PALMS of your hand are darker than your face

No. 116471

You don't have to buy the seasonings! I said fresh produce stands! As in tomatoes, apples, pears, lettuce. What is the matter with you all when I try to make this point?

No. 116473

What person goes from eating a normal diet to eating nothing but fresh produce? Fresh produce alone is not a healthy diet.

No. 116475

Also lots of fresh produce, particularly fruit, is expensive in Japan.

No. 116476

It's probably just me, but her teeth look a bit on the dark side…

No. 116477

All her colouring is out of whack. She seems to use the palest foundation which emphasises the yellow in her teeth

No. 116491

I was wrong the other day, she has defo lost weight. Very fast as well, she has always fluctuated with her weight. Maybe her sudden raw vegan diet is a way to disguise her wanting to eat less calories for being healthy so her mum doesn't catch on. That's my armchair diagnosis lmao

No. 116504

her fingertips are straight up red-orange.

No. 116509

Yeah, people have been commenting on her legs in >>115664. She's either shooping hard, or she's lost a lot of weight very quickly. I don't think the vegan thing is a way to hide it from Margo (and it's not a raw vegan diet, just regular vegan)

No. 116516

The gap is very sharp different to the rest of the photo which is a bit blurry, not to mention the wall color difference and random pixels. In the recent FineBros video she was as chubby as usually but tried to hide it with that unicorn kigurumi but dem sausage fingers.

No. 116520

Hmm, I think a lot of it is the way she's standing. Her legs look similar to her left (our right) leg in >>113320, while her other leg looks chunkier in that photo.

No. 116527

that can happen if you use a lip tint and apply it with your fingertips, but I doubt she used all her fingertips haha so… blush? Idk what is that but is not normal

No. 116531

can't you eat fish? If you don't like the texture of fish too you can try salmon tartare or butterfish ceviche with lime and spinach leafs

No. 116533

But in >>115664 the whole wood wall is suddenly gone at the gap.

No. 116534

she's using a pale with pink undertone foundation

No. 116670

I am glad i have outgrown my allergies. As a child i would break out in really bad hives if anything contained food coloring (red, blue, green) so no candy for me. I also couldnt eat tomatoes or mayonaise.

I am not so sure about that. I am lactose intolerant and i loved milk. Drank heaps of it. But around 18 i started to feel bloated and sick and then discovered it happened every time i drank/ate products with lots of milk in it.

No. 116684

File: 1433406359623.png (864.76 KB, 1244x704, fdg657.png)

No. 116687


Urgh, people ragging on others and saying their teeth are yellow like it's a negative thing is one of my biggest fucking pet peeves.

My mother is a dental technician and this has been drilled into me from a young age (no pun intended), that bones are not naturally bleach white and healthy teeth are generally on average a creamy/yellowing colour.

Venus's teeth are fine. Darker colour=/=unhealthy teeth.

No. 116690

This. I have a very weak dental bone that goes in our family and I've had lots of problems with my teeth ever since I was a kid, and my teeth are also very yellow. I brush them and take care of them, but they still have a very distinct yellow hue. I'm also very insecure about it because dental problems are something you really can't do anything about sans brushing and flossing and when it doesn't help, you're dried up your alley.

No. 116697

File: 1433410265448.jpg (141.83 KB, 680x858, sht80.jpg)


>when they still nasty tho

No. 116700

No one said they're unhealthy, they just don't look as nice. And dolls don't have yellow teeth

No. 116703

Shaddup Totemokawaii.

I think her hands look orange because of the shadows. I have seen her hands like that before in pics taken by others I think. Maybe it's because she colors her skin differently than her palms. Maybe she was experimenting with make up which is why the tips are pink. some people try lilp colors with one color per finger

No. 116709

sorry bout your yellow teeth mate.

No. 116712

Yes, but you are talking about the girl who had green tinted teeth in one of her videos, then yellow, then grey, and then yellow again.
When she was younger (16 so not too far back) she had white teeth in some videos, and knowing that your teeth turns yellow naturally as you grow up, I wouldn't really want to believe her teeth changed color so quickly. Or you know, since She looks very old nowadays, bad teeth genetics

No. 116713

she basically lives on starbucks coffee though. her teeth would not be white.

No. 116717

My teeth are white because I brush with baking soda nice bait totemo

Appearances can plummet hard in puberty or drastically change for the better Neville Longbottom style.

or this

No. 116733


You know baking soda is an abrasive right?
As in the reason your teeth are white is because you're slowly stripping away the outer enamel of your teeth.

Continue and in a couple of years your teeth will crumble.

No. 116734

yeah this is just retarded. My teeth are yellow and I would love to whiten them but I rather not try anything harsh or stupid like this just to look good for the sake of my health. I already have underdeveloped teeth anyways sigh

No. 116738

My armchair diagnosis is she is getting depressed. She also feels fat compared to the Japanese around her. Any remotely pretty girl walking down the street will be leaner and slimmer than she is, so she's realizing she's been losing opportunity for more attention all this time and she actually doesn't have a "dolly" body. She has probably been openly told many times by Japanese that she is overweight (to them its seen as far less insulting than in the west). She's mentally becoming an adult, but she's taking it all in the negative direction because it's hitting her fucking hard.

That, or Margo is directly controlling her food intake in order to make it easier to find her a higher-quality Japanese husbando and more modeling jobs.

No. 116743


I have a feel she may have depression. Imagine how lonely her life truly is. She only has her mother for company, no friends to spend time with and only has her video making as well…her only source of income, all while being in a totally different country. She's dramatically lost a lot of weight and not in a good way.

No. 116809

I feel you anon. I have yellow teeth from penicilline use when i was a child (had really bad ear infections all the time) and whitening isnt covered by the health insurance, so expensive as fuck. I rather not try those DIY sets as i rather have strong teeth then brittle white teeth.

No. 116864

File: 1433432678469.jpg (100.22 KB, 640x640, 11377683_690851381058240_75965…)

She looks like Yuka in this one.

No. 116938


No. 116942


do any of you guys think kota has a dolly body tho? did anyone see that popteen video where she was in that bikini and PULL members were going off about her belly and thighs? then kota was handed a towel to hide herself in the interview part? :|

No. 116944


you've made me feel a lot better about myself suddenly, true tho omg

No. 116945


living dolls don't exist

No. 116961


Her fans think she's a living doll everytime she wears an outfit considered to be 'kawaii'. They're so delusional, she looks fuck all like a doll. Just an average Euro teen girl.

No. 116970

She herself says so too tho.

No. 117028


She needs a reality check, preferably face to face. She looks like every other pale white European girl from Tumblr dressing in cute fashion from time to time. Doesn't help her mother has embedded that doll title in her head however.

No. 117190

She looks worse than those girls, because she has no idea what she's doing. Those other girls spend time improving their hair and makeup skills and coordinating outfits, Venus is too arrogant to otherwise she would have improved after all these years.

No. 117364


Good point and forgot she made a video just 3 weeks ago to clarify her looks are natural as everyone asks her 'how to be a living doll' on a daily basis. Jesus christ you can't get anymore vain about it…

No. 118401

Looks like VA posted a classic thigh gap in booty shorts pic on Instagram. Since this whole vegan thing she's gotten into showing more off it seems.

No. 118410

File: 1433766973462.jpg (86.98 KB, 640x640, 11378052_987792501239336_88478…)

That gap looks really wierd tho besides the pose being unconfortable as fuck.

No. 118414

Maybe she is jumping on the pro-ana bandwagon seeming as that is a big thing atm

No. 118421

She always followed pro-ana blogs, that's nothing new but the bulge in her right leg is distracting.

No. 118512


God, I thought this shit died off on the net? Taking pictures of how dainty and tiny your body is… annoying.

No. 118523

Nope it has flaired up again, bigger than ever.

No. 118719

File: 1433808922092.png (999.95 KB, 1023x608, 2124.png)

Shows how serious they are about being vegan.

No. 118725

So how long did their veganism last?

Also holy shit, it's not that difficult to choose a vegan option at Starbucks if you do 5 seconds of googling

No. 118730


Probably a couple of weeks or less. They're full of shit and probably still eat animal products, they're not serious about the lifestyle at all. Doesn't take long to make vegan meals, get a few pics of them to post on Instagram and milk how #crueltyfree #healthy they are for more attention.

No. 118732

File: 1433812377293.png (16.88 KB, 411x105, 23423.png)

>Doesn't take long to make vegan meals, get a few pics of them to post on Instagram and milk how #crueltyfree #healthy they are for more attention.
That's what venus does all day recently, she seems to think vegan is the short term for vegetarian.

No. 118746

what is it with people and going vegan for attention these days

like not even for reasons but just solely to sound all earthy and edgy

No. 118906

if Margo does this, Venus too. Venus is weak

No. 119290

File: 1433899131288.png (587.96 KB, 843x472, 11313028_875234542511997_61401…)

Another preview of her "feudal edo period" video, she said she will upload it on wednesday so prepare the popcorn for the SJW shitstorm

Hint: The edo period wasn't feudal at all.

No. 119294

What sort of video is that even supposed to be?

No. 119305

i remember when she was heavier she didn't have a gab from what i've seen… is it healthy to loose all that weight at once? does she have an ED? idk maybe she was losing weight this whole time and i didn't notice?

No. 119307


Most likely to be titled "How To Look Like a Traditional Japanese Doll" or something across the lines. The SJWs already dislike her enough as it is.


Her new cover photo shows her looking much thinner than she did last year. Hopefully she just had a massive growth spurt or something rather than a ED.

No. 119311

So now she's copying Hannah Minx? Christ, pan face really has no originality at all.

No. 119314

I don't think she's grown all that much despite her age. She was said to be around 5'5"-5'6" a while ago, and she looks to be about the same height in some of her recent photos.

No. 119466

File: 1433935813040.png (573.59 KB, 1049x425, Sans titre.png)

lol @ the difference. I know these are older videos and they have more views but you can see "which Venus" was more popular

No. 119467

the title differences too. the lower views sound boring as hell. "how to say I love you in Japanese" lol go to a translator, you don't need a 3 minute view for that

No. 119472

Don't think so, she made similar videos when she was only 13.

No. 119475

She still doesn't have a gap when standing normal and it's not like if the shoop bulge in her right leg was not noticeable.

No. 119479

I don't think it will be a makeup video because she said Margo had to rent a studio for this, I doubt she would spend money for something so simple and Venus already did a Geisha makeup tutorial.

No. 119484

"How to be JAPANESE"

No. 119485


It will probably be something like "Becoming a Traditional Japanese Doll"

I bet there is something doll related mentioned in the video

No. 119488


Dressed as a geisha all pale faced and bowing at the end


No. 119489


"how to be a traditional japanese dorru"

"lets start!!!"

"jaa neeee"


No. 119494

Why why why was this more popular. I don't get it. Are there really that many weeaboos on the internet.

No. 119500

Most of her viewers are 40+ yo japanese grandpas tho.

No. 119506


the eye enlargement and how to be a doll ones were her biggest hits because those were what her persona was all about

No. 119527

I think new Venus looks really cute tbh

No. 119531

Most of the ones with more views are older than the ones with less views.

No. 119558

…that was exactly what the anon was saying?

Also her older videos had way more views within the same time as her most recent ones.

No. 119560

I meant that it didn't seem like a fair comparison because older videos have more of a chance to have more views while more recent ones don't.Then again earliest vids don't even have that many views compared to the doll ones

No. 119701

File: 1433979222248.jpg (22.88 KB, 770x290, 11391318_875222152513236_85347…)

The new cover photo of Venus's FB fanpage is her in lingerie? I still remember how Margo called girls that dress like this sluts that Venus never will be like, kek.

No. 119702

File: 1433979355668.png (208.23 KB, 457x425, 11267237_875217409180377_87472…)

I don't know if the shoop of the cover photo or icon is worse.

No. 119704

Peenus-chan is going for gravure just like the Queen!

No. 119705


Looks like she wants to attract more neckbeards now.

No. 119708

She looks better than she usually does in this, at least.

No. 119719

I agree, but that's only because of the massive amount of shoop

No. 119721


Good angle, whitening, shoop, reflectors/daylight, all in white to give it that 'pure' sensation

yeah, totally better

No. 119840

Isn't this supposed to be up today?

No. 119848

link pls

No. 119869


just youtube 'popteen' and find the video from last summer where they're all running, it's on their channel somewhere

No. 119926

Not the first time she doesn't keep her promises.

No. 120583

File: 1434148448368.jpg (48.63 KB, 960x960, 11402844_876926955676089_59789…)

Is she pulling a Megan? Because this photo looks squished a lot because her skull's shape is far away from long and oval.

No. 120598


I thought this was fuckinh margo in a wig. Jesus, Venus.

No. 120600

The face and other parts reminds me of a GBA game because of the pixelation.

She said in the past she would never get plastic surgery. She goes against what she says at times so maybe she'll get plastic surgery one day

No. 120640

That picture looks like it's been shooped together in MS Paint, especially her hair and face. Also yes, it does look squished, even by a little. Her left forearm is very short.

No. 120809


New 'clip' was posted a while ago on twitter.
I have a theory this is a bit of a jealously video. You know how she posted a bunch of pictures of her and other Japanese Youtubers at the Youtube Tokyo Space event that just recently passed? There's a bunch of the bigger Japanese youtubers who are working on a music video, some previews have been released. Venus video is very much in similar theme.
I wonder is she's upset she wasn't asked to join.

No. 120812

In the thumbnail, her legs look like noodles.

No. 121028

File: 1434224058329.jpg (76.71 KB, 640x640, 11283328_440177319490504_18577…)

Her face is melting into the wall.

No. 121051

omfg, those girls looks great.

No. 121062

The fact that the group's called Women of YouTube Japan has got to sting.

No. 121083

I thought it was a summer dress

No. 121086

OT but I love Kumamiki so much Venus probably thought she'd be good as the "kawaii culture" one

No. 121152

Venus and Margo are already back in the Netherlands or whereever. at least they are not in Japan anywhere. She arrived in Japan in December and was allowed to stay till June with her tourist visa.
Didn't anyone notice how she is posting old pictures of Japan, even with a winter sweater although it's already frickin hot in Japan? She even posted photos of the same day over three or four days. Anyways, she is not in Nippon anymore that's why shenis looking so sad lol

No. 121159

Yep, they definitely already left Japan and just don't tell anyone, so the Haterz don't laugh lol

No. 121161

Smells like samefag

No. 121260

If she had an ED, it would explain not only the rapid weight loss, but also how haggard she looks.

Then again, that could be due to eating vegan without actually doing any research on a vegan diet.

No. 121269

File: 1434285049464.png (447.62 KB, 974x595, 324.png)

The poor clothes.

No. 121271

cute girls like me should have clothes like that, not her. jelly and angry

No. 121275

I bet it's Venus'

No. 121286

Who goes to bed in full face makeup with gigantic earrings?

No. 121307

She looks like a goddamn spook.

No. 121323

New video. Her face looks way too oily. I wonder where she's trying to go with her youtube channel because she seems all over the place lately

No. 121324

File: 1434298127724.jpg (47.69 KB, 855x509, weenus oilyface.JPG)

Her face without all that blur and brightness

No. 121331


Yeah, I personally like the look - her hair and makeup look quite good BUT… You could get this look by blatantly mixing moisturizer and illuminating powder.

No. 121339

in korea oily/dewy skin is considered like the shit so i guess she is recreating that

No. 121340

I was just about to say that. Shit looks disgusting and dewy look=/=sweaty look

No. 121341

Wtf do people actually paint their whole face everyday?

No. 121342

I know but I've seen it executed much better where it looks more subtle

No. 121343

A lot of people do.

No. 121345

what the fuck?

No. 121347

she has hella fine pores though and i'm not gonna lie, i'm mad jelly rn

No. 121348

lol what ass though?

No. 121349

this anon know what they're talking about. whitened teeth look incredibly silly and i'm sick of seeing pearly white teeth in every fucking hollywood movie including stuff set in the middle ages or some shit. i'm sure most people don't even notice anymore and think teeth are supposed to be like that. no, they aren't.

No. 121359

Latest Youtube video is about having a Korean After Shower Look…while she's living in Japan.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiight…VA needs to just stop making these sort of videos.

No. 121371

Her old videos were extremely more irritating. she was pedo bait

No. 121372

That's chubby? Really? Is everyone that isnt stick-thin "chubby" or fat now on lolcow? Venus is just average

No. 121375

Vegan doesnt mean cruelty-free. It means it doesnt contain ingredients that come from animals. jfc those so called vegans are so fucking stupid

No. 121377

My dear, you don't seem to know what a vegan is.

No. 121378

why do people think acting stupid is cute

No. 121379

She always made videos related to ulzzang ever since she was 13, are you new?

No. 121382

yellow teeth still look ugly. white teeth are pretty

No. 121388

It does because cruelty-free applies to animals and if there isn't anything from animals included it is cruelty-free.

No. 121389

why cant she just be proud of having thighs that touch? smh it's sad that she follows pro-ana blogs instead of loving her body the way it is

No. 121392

so innocent desu ^______^

No. 121396

why use a toner with alcohol tho

No. 121413

No. 121417

Some people only follow a vegan diet. Not everyone is on some big moral/ethical/spiritual journey with vegan ism. They just wanna stop putting garbage into their bodies. They don't care fuck all about wearing leather or fur

No. 121418

If there is nothing from animals then where is the cruelty? Hence cruelty free

No. 121422

>that warm brown colour
>as contour
What the fuck are you doing Venus?

No. 121423

Following a vegan diet doesn't make you vegan and Venus said herself she does it for the animals, lurk more faggot.

No. 121434

File: 1434319780052.png (796.94 KB, 1338x629, 343.png)

And they changed the story again, now she claims Manaki was an alcoholic.

No. 121440


So far we have he was a factory worker/NEET, was 'poor', didn't go to college or university, tried to hit on her mother and now he's an alcoholic.

Ooooooor he was just a strange kawaii obsessed Japanese guy who realised Venus Desu and Mother Gothel were taking advantage of him and his family in order to stay in Japan.

No. 121442

I wonder what would happen with Venus if Margo died suddenly, e.g. traffic accident. How would Venus survive?

No. 121445

I wonder if she'll head to korea next

No. 121448

She'd probably get a fuck ton of money from her fans after posting a go fund me to help with "funeral expenses".

Or she'd have a complete mental breakdown. Who knows.

No. 121452

yeah which is ironic considering how little of a fuck they give for the poor people from other countries who have to make the shit they eat while hardly being able to sustain themselves

No. 121455

Its super annoying

No. 121460

She made her first Korea videos in 2011 so yeah, no.

No. 121462

she's lucky to be so… poreless, but damn, that "dewy" stuff just looks greasy and gross

No. 121822

File: 1434389885901.png (878.66 KB, 984x633, 213.png)


No. 121825

File: 1434390054084.jpg (49.68 KB, 640x640, 11378535_998802903487218_82160…)

Comparing the photos with each other, the squishing becomes more noticable.

No. 121826

File: 1434390266669.png (53.72 KB, 587x306, 121.png)

And more proof for them being in Japan on a student visa besides Margo talking about her SO high IQ.

No. 121842

am i the only one who secretly hopes to see my fav cows crash and burn and warm my cold heart by the fire, maybe grill some german sausages…?

No. 121847

horror movie inspiration

No. 121918

You support animal cruelty by buying meat. You're actively paying money for animals to be put in small spaces, for pigs to have their genitals and tails cut off while they are screaming in pain, and slaughtered often brutally. By eating that bacon (aka the flesh of a pig's corpse) you're contributing to this industry. Humans don't need meat. Watch Earthlings.

No. 121926

I've known people with high IQs who work minimum wage jobs and just don't apply themselves, refusing to contribute properly to society because they don't see the point. I think Margaret is the same. High IQs are associated with craziness too

No. 121927

She has such a high IQ. Too bad she didn't make something more of herself with it right?

No. 121929

I don't know if "crash and burn" is the right term. I don't want anyone to get seriously hurt or fucked up, but I want them to go out big. Nothing is quiet as sad as a favorite cow silently disappearing into nothingness.

No. 121943


God I could eat five bacons right now!

No. 121956

I wonder if we ever will get that kimono video but considering how long she seems to need to edit it, I think it will be another horrible music video…

No. 122027

No. 122059

go to tumblr, this is Venus' thread, not a vegan forum

No. 122413

File: 1434478571695.jpg (86.32 KB, 640x640, 11377541_844462618969831_21421…)

…I know that ice cream and it is far away from vegan, venus plz.

No. 122445


Well that lasted long. To some being vegan is serious business but clearly to Venus and her mother it was just a short lived bandwagon fad moment to grab more followers.

No. 122447

They still claim to be vegan tho.

No. 122897

The video is here!

No mention of dolls (i'm only 1 min in though)

No. 122902

how did she manage to fuck this up

No. 122903

I can't see any difference between her and her mother now, holy shit

No. 122904

Looks like Venus has been looking up thesaurus synonyms
"Elbowrate hairdos, intricate wigs, impeccable makeup"

No. 122912

And for this Margo had to rent a studio? Wow and she doesn't even know what a geisha is.

No. 122920

Shitty geisha makeup + samurai sword = soooooo Japanese you guys

No. 122930

Does tumblr hate Venus? I feel like they would hate her because >muh appropriation

No. 122935

The video's comment section already gets flooded.

No. 122945


why on earth is she brandishing a sword at the end?

No. 122954


Because she doesn't know shit about Geisha clearly.

No. 122962

You seriously couldn't get anymore stereotypical Japanese with this latest video. A samurai sword banishing Geisha and the make-up isn't even accurate.

No. 122968

>How to be a geisha
>mentions nothing about what a geisha actually does

No. 122988


She put it in her video description, but that's no excuse for not even explaining or educating to her followers about what Geisha are, what they do and how their tradition is still a living art although rare.

No. 122995

File: 1434568484286.png (1.53 MB, 1680x942, wtf.png)

Jesus fuck, this make-up is HORRIBLE

No. 122996

I don't want to click the video again. thought it was a reupload for some reason i don't want to give her views. someone reupload her vids so we don't have to give her views

No. 123010

Haha! She looks like a turtle.

No. 123013


all that's missing is her squinting her eyes

No. 123015

She already does that.

No. 123037

views don't count unless they're over 10 seconds, and she doesn't get any money if you use adblock

No. 123064

>Japanese Geisha Makeup Tutorial easy & cheap
>easy & cheap
Just like Venus haw haw

No. 123066

Also she doesn't even list the products she used. She says it's cheap, but I wouldn't consider Sugarpill cheap.

No. 123073

File: 1434576361058.png (85.53 KB, 775x368, Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 22.2…)

Some of the Tumblrinas are trying to defend her. Pic related, she's not actually doing anything on this chick's long-ass 'What Cultural Appropriation IS NOT' list, so why post it?

What she's actually doing is dressing up in another culture's clothing and then pretending she's the authority on it, when she clearly knows nothing. Normally I ain't one to call ~muh appropriation~ on shit, but c'mon. Some white chick who's been in Japan a matter of months shouldn't be trying to teach people about geishas.

No. 123098


She didn't even note what make up or kimono style she was going for. A Maiko Geisha and a Geiko Geisha look different, judging by the red eye make up she went for the apprentice Maiko look. Even the hair is wrong. Goddamn girl get it right. All she did was throw a ordinary fancy kimono on, put her hair up in a messy bun, throw around a katana and put on shitty make up to look like a "geisha". It's an insult to their culture plain and simple.

No. 123102

File: 1434580443614.jpg (196.49 KB, 640x640, maikogeisha.jpg)


Compared to how beautiful the make up is supposed to look, cheap is an understatement. It's fucking tacky.

No. 123105

That make up style doesn't even look hard for someone who has like 5 years of make up experience. She did not improve at all. How is that even possible?

No. 123108

I read that post in the voice of the geisha in your pic tbh

No. 123109

>She never said this is how to be a geisha, this is how to look like a geisha
Except at the beginning of the video? Fucking kek.
She fails on both counts, too

No. 123117

Because she got the same skills as her mom, considering how she was raised she probably thinks everything she does is perfect and her fans don't help it either.

No. 123123

Because she doesn't put any effort into improving. Her mother and her 'fangelics' tell her how wonderful and perfect she is, why would she improve if she's under the delusion that she doesn't need to improve? She hasn't really done much to attract proper criticism, so any negative comments she gets is outnumbered by the positive comments, and those are the ones that stick in her mind.

No. 123133

Cruelty free generally means not tested on animals. Although I guess it can also mean vegan. Some products say both. But I don't know if there's any standardization of labels there.

Like if the product had no animal products in it but they still blinded bunnies to see if it was dangerous to get in your eyes, it wouldn't be cruelty free.

No. 123290

I can imagine Venus, a middle aged woman, still trying to be a "kawaii doll" with Maragret by her side 24/7

Pretty sad future.

No. 123308

I know I'm nitpicking on this, but dear lord, I find her accent to be so fucking annoying (and distracting)
I wish she just spoke on her native language and subtitled it.

No. 123338

>>That sounds like an awesome Grey Gardens-inspired documentary

No. 123340


Was responding to 123290. Grey Gardens is a great documentary and I can see Venus and Margaret ending up like that in the future.

No. 123346

No. 123402

File: 1434618800959.jpg (85.3 KB, 638x479, geisha-powerpoint-4-638.jpg)

No. 123403

File: 1434619351681.jpg (34.89 KB, 500x329, tumblr_m61xn7c8ut1qbx0tp.jpg)

I am not an expert on geishas, but what I can clearly say is that the whole look is big huge barf on the art of geisha. Most of what she wears would be contributed to maiko.
Maiko use their own hair for the hairdo and kanzashi, where as geishas use wigs and usually have a decorative comb and not flowers in their hair.
Maiko will have a noticeable amount of pink blush around their cheeks, crimson and black outlines around their eyes, and their eyebrows will also be defined with red or pink under the black. Their lips will only be partially colored red.
Geisha will only have black outlining their eyes, with a faint red under the black of their eyebrows. There are much more details to both geisha and maiko which would make the post too long to read, you can look that shit up yourself.
Plus geishas are supposed to be mature, hence the more refined and less colorfully patterned kimono.

No. 123585

That's a bikini of the latest Swankiss summer collection, not underwear.

No. 123599

Judging by her make up skills it seems like she doesn't practice the look before actually filming. I know everyone has their own aspirations but come on, it's not the first time she's doing this.

No. 123622

i think anon meant that she doesnt care about posting a photo in a bikini but she won't post a picture wearing lingerie (even if it's something like Calvin Klein, boxers+sport bra)

No. 123648

Found this by searching for videos of old Venus. (does anyone have a link to the video where she has black hair and is dancing ?)

No. 123667

…but she already posted photos wearing lingerie, like >>119701

No. 123672

File: 1434656593965.png (602.65 KB, 855x509, kerokero.png)

I also never realized it before but there were people when she was doing this. (still prefer her then)

No. 123697

Her voice got higher with puberty and she expects us to buy that.

No. 123698

It's in a British McDonald's lol

No. 123711

anons, i love you for knowing grey gardens.

No. 123752

>implying it's obscure.

No. 123816

Oh I know. But she also tagged it "yes this is a bikini"… as though she intended people to think it looks like underwear.

No. 123870


> what is a shitty joke

No. 124176

File: 1434733400171.jpg (151.2 KB, 640x640, 11355031_843442595745719_51149…)

Not to mention that it looks like lingerie due to the fabric choise and fugly satin roses.

Whatever, dat sausage thumb.

No. 124178

File: 1434733532231.jpg (149.45 KB, 640x640, 11420514_872432612829720_12252…)

Outside of her shoop she isn't as thinspo thin as she wants to look.

No. 124209

Well to be fair, you can't really see her body size with that poofy jumper.

No. 124215

… how can you even tell from this picture? Almost her whole body is obscured.

No. 124225

Because of comparing her head to how wide she is, the Swankiss skirt looks like if it was about to explode and it isn't suposed to be this short.

No. 124226

File: 1434737480780.jpg (9.85 KB, 320x320, 11252363_921991881194770_89662…)

Pic related, how the skirt should look while being worn.

No. 124242

I think she still is pretty thin, she's just built much bigger than Japanese girls especially in the hips (I believe her hip measurement was around like 38-40 inches when she did the bodyline shoot).

No. 124264


She's european, what do you expect? That's why this sort of clothing always look a bit weird on us compared to an Asian girl

No. 124272

File: 1434742266557.jpg (54.73 KB, 640x640, venusnomakeup.jpg)

She removed the photo of her without makeup or filters on IG but forgot to do it on her Tumblr. It just shows how much her IG pics are heavily edited.

No. 124275

She does have makeup on though, even its just a little bit.

I find her prettier this way tbh if only she was just had a normalfag style and not a weaboo one.

No. 124276

Europeans most often have the same bodytype as Asians. Dat box figure!

No. 124391

Her sausage fingers say otherwise and she tries to hard to squish photos thin while standing look like a retard to look like some of her thinspo girls.

No. 124406

Okay, she deffo looks like Peacockfeathers here. Probably it's the face she's making.

No. 124575

She looks like Margaret Poyle sans unibrow:


No. 124595

It makes me just sad to see people here thinking Venus is chubby or that dakota is chubby, hell,they ay be "fat" for japanese moderrus/moderru standarts in general but i went in japan several times and i saw quite a lot of girls their size, not all asians and japanese are stick thin perfect kawaii dolly-bodied animu girls, i'm asian and to me she's not stick thin (same for dakota) but not overweight? Maybe sliiiightly chub for Kota but Venus is average to me. Idk correct me if i am wrong. It just makes me depressed to see all that shit like "lol 160cm and 53kg? she sooo chubby but i am 165cm and 55 so i am a fatty myself xD" bullshit everywhere. What the hell even. I mean some of the cows here aren't as large as you guys think,but they are nowhere near supah kawaii or stick thin as they think they are either. Still that doesn't make them hambeast c'mon, they aren't fucking Quirky. Also I doubt Venus would be called overweight seriously. There was a time where she gained lots of weight prolly due to puberty and all that crap and she was chub there but not anymore.

No. 124602

this. also i find that lots of japanese girls are rather thigh heavy.

No. 124614

The issue with Venus is that she always used to preach that she can't be anything besides thin because there aren't fat dolls and anyone who isn't thin can't be a doll and recently she gained weight again but tries to hide it with shoop and baggy clothes.

No. 124635


You're both crazy to think either of them are chubby. I understand by Asian sizes being smaller, Asian bodies usually tend to be smaller/shorter (Yes, yes not always) and I've seen plently of Jvlogs/drama/interviews to notice that yes, not all Japanese (Asian) women are stick thin. I saw some right porker on that Tokyo fashion website. But christ, I don't even think Dakota is chubby at all. Venus and Dakota just look normal? Average.

You know what, I absolutely hate it when it comes down to bodies/sizes because it not only makes others feel shit about themselves but it's like some sort of expectations too. I don't think Venus or Kota should loose weight, they're fine. Kota seems to fit in the clothes and Venus does too. I don't see the issue.

No. 124644

File: 1434816220995.jpg (197.28 KB, 700x1200, l179-2.jpg)

She actually doesn't fit most of the clothes, just compare
with how the skirt should actually look and hence, she didn't even fit Bodyline's clothing while they are much bigger than the usual japanese sizes

No. 124675


I don't think she is big but I don't think she really suits these kinds of outfits… They look fucking stupid.

No. 124712

File: 1434825588699.jpg (108.43 KB, 400x400, tumblr_lq2qoujuFJ1qc470xo1_400…)

This so fucking much thank you anon.
Also most of the girls here ,cows or farmers, seems to suffer from some serious case of skewed body image and sometimes i think girls bodyshaming "lol so chubby-flabby-fat and uggo" is the equivalent of guys on 4chan throwing nigger/faggot/…around. That or they are insecure themselves and project their insecurities on cows,anons,…

No. 124717

I agree. PULL is full of those bitches too. Totemokawaii once said Venus's 13 year old self had quarterback shoulders. They were normal sized. It's just that her tiny little face makes everything look massive in comparison.

No. 124719


Omg this woman throws so much money around holy fuck

No. 124721

It's also like 4chan guys shaming each other about height.

No. 124726

Yeah, its really fucking dumb too.

No. 124727


Margo paying for a studio? Nah more like probably got it for free at that Youtube Space thing or somewhere similar. They barely pay for shit except for brand name clothes and 24/7 Starbucks.

No. 124738

Or margo sucked some dick for it.

No. 124741


I needed a good laugh and this did it for me. Her yellow fever is mighty strong.

No. 124761

You don't seem to know what YouTube Space Tokyo is because they don't have anything like this, it is only a bar with some greenscreens and Venus even posted about how she could make the video with the help of her mom.

Don't forget they don't pay any taxes on their YouTube income.

No. 124763

File: 1434835170709.jpg (108.75 KB, 640x640, 11312107_1441328046189349_1326…)

They don't even seem to try being vegan while calling themself vegan.

No. 124768

Maybe by that point Venus will have had her own child and the legacy will continue.

No. 124772

Those listed measurements are identical to mine but Bodyline's M size is generally much more baggy on me. Are they lying about her measurements or did they stuff her into some kind of Japan-only S size?
>not that I own that particular dress
>I may be a tasteless cheapass but even I have standards

No. 124774

not the same anon but this music video >>120809 was filmed in youtube space tokyo, they have an old japan set

No. 124797

If you didn't follow the Bodyline drama:
That's the measurments they gave to Bodyline while applying as model but she ripped most of their size M clothes.


No. 124813

That version is very different to the one Venus gave in the video.

I like the fact they say the video does say true facts but they are edited to give a negative light.

It is interesting to me to see this side of Venus. She tries to be innocent but is secretly very cunning.

No. 124815

What an embarrassingly unprofessional company….

No. 124816

Both of them are so unprofessional.

No. 124819

File: 1434845398637.png (248.85 KB, 536x348, n1xycp.png)

She was a bit overweight for a short period of time. I believe she lost most of the weight now.

No. 124821

File: 1434846097398.jpg (218.59 KB, 700x1200, p055-2.jpg)

This was one from bodyline, she had a fuller face then.

No. 124975

I don't think that's all that bad, tbh. She would look better if she was curvier and the outfit was better, but she still looks young and cute, as opposed to now where she's thinner but haggard.

No. 125183

File: 1434906762985.jpg (44.67 KB, 640x640, 11351716_105667389774285_99439…)

Before she deletes it.

No. 125185

wtf even is the bellybutton challenge?

No. 125186

She doesn't look much different to me than back then besides that she grew some more and her face becomes more like Margo's, that's more genetics.

No. 125188

Some thinspo challenge for showing you are so thin you can touch your bellybutton while wraping your body with your arm.

No. 125189

File: 1434907184302.jpg (105.18 KB, 640x640, 11327038_463761760467714_21322…)

Why do all cows know each other?

No. 125195

What? I'm fat as fuck and I just did that.

No. 125207

File: 1434909319671.jpg (51.59 KB, 594x390, 2b5d4618684fd30fefb0e0c688f26f…)

So basically, all the girls on this website want to look emaciated. That's the vibe I'm getting. I'm 5'4 and 140 pounds. I guess to everyone on this site, I must be a GIANT DINOSAUR OBESE PERSON because I'm not 50 pounds and 4'11. Seriously, the body image issues on this site is warped. Everyone here wants to look anorexic. Just admit it.

No. 125210

Yeah, it's true. What of it?
I'm roughly the same size as you and I fucking hate myself lol

No. 125213

File: 1434909727203.png (32.93 KB, 500x266, tumblr_m35zm74lWN1rubsr7o1_500…)

No but Venus's own comments are biting back, she is the one who told her fans that you can't be a doll if you aren't a stick so it is only fair to make fun of her gaining weight.

No. 125214

Damn you mad.
Your email address sure brings up a lot of past butthurt too.

No. 125215

I still don't get why everyone exploded over that comment. She was like 14 back then and was making a joke on her being a "living doll" (ie just naturally the way she is).
If she had made a post calling fat people disgusting wastes of space who shouldn't even try to be kawaii, I'd understand.

No. 125216

No. 125217

File: 1434910149192.jpg (12.59 KB, 194x320, disgustone.JPG)

>Arnt I the cutest thing? I mean, I work so hard on keeping myself like this. I refuse to eat and I vomit up everything when I d eat! It's a lot of hard work, but don't you think it's working?!
yo what the fuck

No. 125220

She still makes such remarks on her IG tho.

No. 125222

Doesn't bother me that you bring things up from five years ago. It's just silly to see how teens mindsets are warped because of the internet.

No. 125224

This wasn't 5 years ago, girl… http://rumiel.tumblr.com/post/95073675294/username019029393-truebjdconfessions-also

Every mention of you on the whole internet seems negative, on a lot of other sites, through a lot of years. It's just amusing.

No. 125228

Certainly not. You're correct. However, I thought this was about Venus? She's fine the way she is. I admit, her makeup skills aren't great, but she's far from chubby, let alone fat. The fact that people glorify eating disorders is why so many teenage girls are the way they are now. My own past has nothing to do with why I posted here today.

No. 125229

anon, i'm sorry to say, but that is actually kinda heavy for your height. i'm as tall as you and i weigh 110 pounds. i'm very slim but i certainly don't look emaciated

No. 125230

You were literally glorifying an eating disorder lol

No. 125232

I've put on weight since I was a teenager and I do realize that I am much heavier than I was years ago. I've accepted that because I'm older and understand that being skinny isn't what this world is about. There's much more to life than that.

No. 125233

File: 1434911879709.jpg (104.07 KB, 957x629, il_570xN.639718129_s24h.jpg)

Turns out Margo met Barbie lmfao

No. 125234


all after the same thing, aidoru/visa/money/scamming

No. 125235

>She didn't have a bag and was wearing slippers
Anyone else think Margo is trying to subtly shit on her?

No. 125243

Nah, Margo is just retarded whe it comes to Tokyo's culture, what she stated is what lots of those flyer/advertisment handing girls do.

No. 125259

And I'm smaller than Venus and CAN'T do it bc my arms don't bend that way.

No. 125268


She should be happy, she got to meet a fellow attention seeking drama weeb whore that Venus could idolise for future reference.

No. 125271

I have t-rex arms and can't get anywhere near my bellybutton

No. 125273

It's a flexibility thing, has nothing to do with being thin. Just another dumb Facebook fad.

No. 125287

that's just an average figure in germany rly. looks nice to me. i'm a stick and i don't feel sexy at all, i think her curves here are lovely

No. 125303

Yeah, there's really nothing wrong with that weight. The outfit is doing her no favours because of all the horizontal lines making her seem stumpier and cutting her off at her widest points, but I think she looks a million times nicer than she does now. Dolls may not be fat, but the doll she's always based her looks on are often 'fuller' and certainly not stick thin. She was cute then. Now, not so much.

No. 125382

She's obviously shooting her ass and hips back to make her look more curvy and it gives her a thigh gap too

Don't fall for it, anon
I bet you look much better than her anyway

No. 126060

File: 1435014591003.png (629.97 KB, 976x594, 234.png)

Margo confirmed for lurking, seems like she did read your comment.

No. 126061

File: 1435014750422.png (12.3 KB, 302x93, 234.png)

And she loves to ruin everything it seems.

No. 126062


She looks even older here.

> this is what venus will be soon

No. 126330

they dont
read barbie's thread plz

No. 126333

ewwwwww @ how she hiked up the skirt to expose her legs! wtf

No. 126346


I am not surprised she posted on that gross photo.

No. 126630

File: 1435129057063.jpg (92.68 KB, 640x640, 11426681_389688311238225_15485…)

Totally vegan omlette.

No. 126652

File: 1435137482175.png (1.18 MB, 1775x1097, v.png)

No. 126656

Which is funny because she said the same as reason why she could never be vegan while she was like 14-15.

No. 126727


Was probably convinced by her mom to take it up again as usual.

No. 126728

She tried though. Being a vegan isn't just a diet change, it's a life style change. Not everyone can go through with it. I don't see why people have to hold it against her so strongly, or at least use her frappachinos to feel superior. She was probably trying to be edgy, and it didn't work out for her. That's it.

No. 126729

Like said before, it isn't the first time she tried it and she always does it wrong anyways.

No. 126747

File: 1435169441625.jpg (41.24 KB, 640x640, 11424679_1126826517333100_9365…)

Why did she shoop her nose into Dakota's? It's not like nobody would know her real nose.

No. 126763

Her split nose tip is so visible in this pic.

No. 126783

This… brat, I hate shit like this. It just adds to all the negative and vague anecdotes everyone is confronted with when approaching the vegan diet. When doing something DO IT RIGHT - goes for your diet and videos.

No. 126800

People are holding it against her because she made such a big deal about it and then half-assed it, only to cop out with 'oh, I tried but it was too hard'.

No. 127056

File: 1435204994480.jpg (77.92 KB, 640x640, 11325190_1613032738935787_1349…)

Her blurry as fuck photos were bad but I honestly prefer them over her new horrible body deforming shoop.

No. 127083

Well she looks old and not kawaii anymore so this is the only thing she can do.

No. 127189

File: 1435243385017.png (596.84 KB, 973x587, proanabitch.png)

Here we go again…

No. 127191

I went on her 'Following' list, and the amount of pro-Ana/health/vegan instagrams she follows doesn't surprise me one bit. Pro-Ana? Wouldbt put it past her.

No. 127198


Since when did lolcow give a shit about ragging on fatties?

Oh wait I forgot, lolcow is infested with PULLtards these days…

No. 127237

Did you even read the posts or? Your reply doesn't make sense because nothing is about fatties.

No. 127445

Is she trying to do bedroom eyes?

>"I'll show you how to make your eyes unforgettabley mesmerizing"

idk about mesmerizing but I'll never forget how horrible her eye makeup looks

No. 127451

This has to be the stupidest one yet.
If you're skinny, anyone can tell just by looking at you. Putting your hand on your bellybutton or a roll of coins on your clavicle won't "prove" anything.
She needs to just ignore the angry PULLtards calling her "fat" now because of that one comment on her Tumblr.

No. 127486

You know, she actually does those challenges because they are propular with the proana blogs she follows, not because anyone calls her fat which nobody ever did, only chubby which she is in candids.

No. 127489

She should do those korean straight eyebrows. She should go full koreaboo.

No. 127495

File: 1435281848558.png (13.68 KB, 483x137, 3432.png)

I know the first part is sarcasm but the second one is not, oh Margo, everyone wants to be you and all the burando is yours.

No. 127496

She seems to be really slow with editing videos because this obviously was made the same day as

No. 127679

3 years after, I still don't understand the point of this video.

No. 127682

There is no point. It's just her showing off with how smart she is.

No. 127770

No. 127781

She sucks in so much in most parts and the whole b/w thing makes it look more pro-ana than it is, I am pretty sure she only added the end so people don't complain about it because IF she wanted to make a video about that message she wouldn't have to show all those challenges.

Also lol @ the tags:
venus palermo,doll,tutorial,music videos,japanese,how to,makeup,belly button challenge,body,diet,bikini body,skinny,thin,healthy,exercise,fitspiration,fitspo,thinspiration,thinspo,muscles,food,weight loss,waist,stomach,Dieting (Symptom),how to loose weight,collarbone,challenge,beauty,fit,Fitness,freelee,fat,obese,overweight,gym,training,work out,legs,thigh gap

No. 127796

Why would she post this? All this does is encouraging terrible beauty ideals, and its obvious she's just trying to show off how skinny she is.

What a twat.

No. 127799

Well I can't fault the girl for loving herself, but was it really necessary for her to showcase it under the blatantly obvious guise of a self-confidence video?

No. 127802

TDRL: I pass all perfect body challenges

Pffffttttt Venus.

No. 127804

>haha guys i pass all these beauty challenges :)
>but they don't mean anything :)

…yeah we get it venus

No. 127835

This. A good message that doesn't come across that well. Pls Venus, at least use your influence wisely.

No. 127874

weenus got lucky on the finger trap challenge ,or whatever the fuc its called, she got a big schnoz and tiny old granny mouth.

No. 127903

her mother speaks spanish better than Venus, and venu's voices is like…my ears are bleeding

No. 127922

Haha, this.

The finger trap test is so ridiculous. I understand the whole 3.1 ratio thing, but by the logic being applied here, the epitome of beauty is a big nose and tiny lips.

No. 127937

I haven't even heard of some of these. Who thinks this shit up?

What a dumbass way to start a so called self-confidence video. It just looks like some pathetic plead for attention from some proana.

No. 127944

You know I originally was sorta scoffing at people saying she must have an ED because she was losing weight but wow holy shit if this isn't evidence idk what is. Why on earth would you make this video, like literally what is the point of it? I feel like only someone with an ED could be so obsessed with fitting these checklists that they would make an entire video out of it because she has crammed so many in that she must have been trying to complete all these "challenges" for a while. The black and white doesn't help at all.

No. 127988


This video will only increase the size of her already inflated ego. She has perfect and flawless living doll features according to these challenges! Boo bye bye boo!

No. 127989

"The only place I could fit a coin was between my ankles." Oh Venus, let me pull out all the tiny violins to play you a song for your apparently perfect legs.
Is it me or did this part of the video seem silly, especially after how try hard the first bit of the video was. It's almost like she wants to be seen as some perfectu idol-chan while still fitting all of those beauty standards…

No. 127993

Her legs are lovely, we all know it and she knows it too. But the bit where she said her legs didn't fit some books standard of beauty honestly felt like some bad pity grab

No. 127996

File: 1435363538406.jpeg (17.71 KB, 400x400, i3eTxXhf.jpeg)

lol dis bitch!

No. 128012

Btw i meant the tags, not you anon lol

No. 128013

Venus logic:
"Omg guys look I'm SO skinny!"
"But love yourself!"
>shows a bunch of pro-ana challenges
"Love yourself!"
>Says there are no fat living dolls
"I was always like this!"
>Uses a bunch of fliters, oversized clothing, poses, photoshop, and makeup to make herself thinner
"You don't have to be like me!"
>But everyone love me cause I'm skinny now!
Similar to how Berry bragged about "college" often, but Venus has…."proof".

Now I hate when people say this, but I feel bad for most of her sensitive fans who think this video is "okay" because of that message at the end. At leaast with other internet personas most naturally looks like that, so we cant blame them if the followers get their feefees hurt, but with Venus, she is ENCOURAGING this whether she wants to admit this or not. :L

No. 128032

i love how she does everything in ways so she will pass. I stood the same way she did and i got the same gap as her. and when i stand normally i don't have the slightest gap, and you aren't supposed to wear a bra with the pencil challenge. If you did, every girl would pass. and its quite clear she is wearing a bra. too rounded and no nip bumps. I'm not sure if i am the only one, but i can suck up and make my collarbone more noticable too. AND if you see her in the eye thing she doesn't keep the measurements correctly and keeps widening and shortening her length, that test usually requires a ruler so you don't fuck up like that, i'm sure she knows. but didn't want to. She spends 90% of the video doing the tests then says "oh and five years ago some cunt said that fat legs are ideal for ballet and that made me feel bad :("

No. 128033

File: 1435367553290.jpg (37.26 KB, 847x472, ss (2015-06-26 at 09.07.37).jp…)

No. 128044

She looks like Daniel Radcliff

No. 128054

With fail contouring.

No. 128055

maybe a circulation problem?

No. 128090

Thats wrong? I have naturally orange palms but my face is pale. People point it out but idk what to tell them. I do think Venus' make up is usually always shit, but not because of her darker palms

No. 128092

I've noticed her orangeish palms even when she had blonde pigtails in those interview pics taken by someone else. surprised no one mentioned it til now. it can be caused by eating lots of yellow/red veggies or kidney/liver problems like jaundice

No. 128130

but teeth whitening does.

No. 128214

File: 1435429321642.png (776.55 KB, 975x593, 335.png)

Wtf is with them and using old-school brand dresses as sleepwear.

Also dat head enlarging shoop

No. 128215

File: 1435429392317.jpg (130.35 KB, 640x640, 11334393_376124912585201_59794…)

"It's only makeup!"

No. 128220

Baby the Stars Shine Bright do have a small sleepwear section, but that does look like an old skool JSK, doesn't help their babydoll-style nightgowns look just the same though. She's going through her "need to look more and more Japanese" phase again.

No. 128237

Yikes. That cherubic face of hers does not age well.

They do? Could you maybe link to it or post a picture of a sleepwear piece? I just learned Moitie occasionally comes out with sleepwear and I know Innocent World has made some, too. I would really like to start wearing brand to bed since I have a hard time finding cute pajamas nearby.

No. 128248

tbh i think she looks really pretty here

No. 128262


It's really outdated, but here's one in pink that at first looks like an ordinary old skool BTSSB JSK, but apparently it's actually a nightgown that was released in 2005.


No. 128264

Hm, idk I've had my palms this way my entire life, but don't eat that many red or yellow veggies nor do I have liver or kidney problems.

No. 128276

It's not only her palms that are orange, it is bad contouring and not washing your hands after doing it


No. 128344

File: 1435454494790.jpg (46.42 KB, 480x320, tumblr_manmuctMmA1qbvq7fo7_500…)

Lol'ing hard at how Margo is still living vicariously through Venus.
No matter how hard she denies it.

Venus is a twat jfc that video clearly was to show how "kawaii" and "skinny" she is. The whole "love urself tehe ^-^" is a poorly disguised excuse to show off. She may have a nice body now or even when she was softer but she isnt going to age well with all that awful makeup she caked on for years.And she isnt very bright either.

Also what the hell with them using BTSSB old school dresses for nightwear and pointing it out? Showing off how you got burando to sleep and trying to look lolsorich?
I am pretty sure they found those dresses for dirt cheap at Closet Child or something. Nothing to brag about tbh.

Venus maybe having an ED and being self conscious is sad i had an ED and BDD and do not wish that on anyone even on her. But she's a little bitch so i don't care much.

Also eagerly waiting for the eventual moment where both Magger and Penus starts going full kawaii desu try hards again. Even though they already are cringy.

do you guys remember that video where Margo made a tutorial on how to be kawaii? It was hilarious.
Also the cringiest weebiest video of Venus i can think of is the Real Life Anime Cuppycakes bullshit

No. 128400

File: 1435464755316.jpg (109.1 KB, 640x640, 11379287_1621412131449013_1821…)

Wtf is going on with her legs.

No. 128414

Holy fuck, that girl is clearly sick. I hope it stops soon.

Such a shame her only friend is her mother who will never realize her daughter is fading away.

And what sucks is that they'll probably be responsible for many young girls getting eating disorders now. This shit has got to stop.

No. 128418

Her legs look like that because she's emaciated (and there may be a little shoop in there too, but I'm no expert). There is absolutely no way that she's in a healthy weight range for her height. I'm almost certain she has an ED, I've never seen anyone who doesn't have an ED with legs like that, even if they are naturally really skinny. It's awful that Margo is either oblivious to it or is actively encouraging it.

No. 128420

A lot of Instagram commebts are saying she's too skinny and that they're worried.

But jfc those naive dumb girls who say "She's naturally skinny!!!" need to have their internet taken away.

No. 128421

I think the fact that her brainwashed followers are getting concerned about her weight speaks volumes

No. 128422

Also, it's really disturbing how Venus is clearly shooting her ass backwards to give an illusion of even a larger thigh gap. This girl is sick. And I blame no one but her own mother. Fucking Margo.

No. 128423

Yeah, I just want to slap the girl who commented
>Stop skinny shaming guys oh my god. Venus is actually eating healthy (i heard she turned vegan) and quite happy with her body right there. Let her live her life. Geez
She's visibly unhealthy, I don't know how people can't see that.

No. 128426

Do you think maybe she's using the meitu app that makes you look taller but also skinnier at the same time? cause I could totally see her doing that. Then again she posted a video on youtube about body acceptance, and then the whole "the lady doth protest too much" came to mind. Maybe she made that video in some way to justify herself. I could see her doing that.

No. 128429

She might be using the app, but there's also something unhealthy about her body.

No. 128430

she looks kind of bow-legged to me… or is that just her pose?

No. 128431

File: 1435468343072.jpg (27.31 KB, 250x170, bowlegs-vs-knock-knees[1].jpg)

She just looks too skinny to me

No. 128434

isn't the pencil supposed to drop when you do that butt cheek test? just like it does with the boobs? you aren't supposed to try to hold it in your ass cheek. or maybe i'm crazy

and what's that waist test that she did? i don't even get it, especially since people have different hand sizes, and you can squeeze your stomach a lot smaller than it is. that's why tightlacing is a thing…

No. 128435

All those tests are bullshit, of course. That one with the pen/pencil? Pens obviously come in different sizes.

No. 128437

Let's reflect how fast she lost weight:
Even just 6 weeks ago her legs looked a lot larger:

15 weeks ago (3,5 months):

24 weeks ago (half a year):

27 weeks ago:

31 weeks (7-8 months)

No. 128439

I don't know if she's lost weight too quickly, per se, but I do feel like she didn't stabilise at a healthy weight and just kept going to a point where she's not healthy. Not that she needed to lose weight in the first place.

No. 128458

im not shocked that venus is pro ana now but its still pathetic

No. 128479

okay. She's starting to look gross.

No. 128506

I'm convinced Venus has got an ED, she's lost far too much weight, especially with her recent Instagram picture, and she doesn't look healthy at all. She looks poorly and fragile. Her fans are pathetic into thinking she looks "great". She's always been slender but never like this.

No. 128540

Maybe the weight loss is why she isn't vegan anymore?

No. 128544

She wouldn't glorify herself, posting obvious thinspo shit and basically be all "LOOK HOW SKINNY I BECAME" if so.

No. 128546

She's a self-obsessed teen with no friends to keep her in check and a mom who encourages her delusions. She's gonna have a huge ego. If she's still losing weight a few months from now, then yeah, probably ED but rn it looks more like a crash diet.

No. 128580

She edits her IG pics to look even thinner tho.

No. 128591

I just want to give her a bowl of chowder just looking at this. She's at a very unhealthy weight and it disturbs me.

No. 128629

Damn, I'm actually kind of jealous of her legs.

No. 128646

my mistake, then.
I've had legs like Venus's current ones ever since I was young and people said I was bow legged or had splayed hips or something like that? idk. I'm trying to give her the benefit of the doubt here.

No. 128650

i actually thinks he looks cute here….people are really being ridiculous about her appearance.

No. 128651

i don't see anything wrong with her wanting to be thinner either. alot of people here talk about how fat she was and how she didn't fit right or look right in japanese brand clothing. are you really surprised by this?

those are normal slim thighs btw. she's just pushing her hips back to make the gap seem bigger.

No. 128652

People talk shit about her body when she's chubbier, people talk shit about her body when she's thin. Wth man.

No. 128681

Did you even look at the linked post?
she still claims the differences between photos like those is only makeup and angles

No. 128690

oh my god i don't care about the shooped post. i was saying she looked cute in the unshooped one. damn.

No. 128691

That's totally why you sounded like some retarded whiteknight defending her bullshit
>people are really being ridiculous about her appearance.

No. 128693

I like that her face is round and chubby. Intead of slimming it and making herself look weird she should work with the baby head look.

No. 128694

WTF i was saying people were being ridiculous about her REAL appearance. what the hell is your problem? fucking moron.

No. 128696

Whiteknight detected.

No. 128700

Oh no someone disagreed with you!

No. 128702

pls just stop wth. all i did was say i thought her unshooped photo was cute and you fucking attacked for no reason. what is your deal man?

No. 128704

If you want to praise people go to fansites, not cow.

No. 128706

One vaguely nice comment does not a WK make.
Chill out retard.

No. 128714

why aren't you over in the the dakota thread freaking out like this then?

No. 128721

Guess why many people want to get that shit moved to /b/, this is becoming PULL 2.0.

No. 128727

LOL nobody can even agree on what 'becoming PULL' is.
Is it praising her or repeating the same shit they said about her from 2011?

No. 128936

File: 1435546005492.jpg (238.45 KB, 720x720, PhotoGrid_1435545935107.jpg)

Margo provoked Xiaxue this time.

No. 128943

Forgot to link the drama! https://instagram.com/p/4db-vXlvLv/

She basically said she thinks Dash might be gay and started a shit storm in the comments.

No. 128953

i love this bitch

No. 128967

Oooooh, Margaret you dun fucked up this time. Xiaxue is not someone to be fucked with. She can easily rip her 10 new assholes.

No. 128970

File: 1435548082985.png (9.34 KB, 290x90, 3423.png)

Margo loves to provoke people a lot currently it seems.

No. 128973

Wtf is she even saying???

No. 128977

No clue, the person was only saying something along the lines of that she wished to have venus's perfect skin.

No. 128978

holy shit, she sounds exactly like this guy i would tutor, he had a mental problem but he would just say random shit and it was fucking funny.

No. 129149

why? they look knobby and bruised.

No. 129152

The shade she threw at Venus tho

No. 129241

File: 1435596102803.jpg (94.95 KB, 640x640, 11355092_1608239286127917_7538…)

Her shoops slowly turn like the ones of those girls on weibo, she shooped herself a longer chin, kek.

No. 129243

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a juicy ass blog post tearing Margo apart. I want to see a war, damn it.

No. 129257

now THERE is a girl i can get behind
unlike venus she didn't try to prove herself with those stupid tests
which is funny because IMO she is way prettier than venus
venus is encouraging body dysmorphia and then tacking on a fake little "but no! luv urself!" at the end like that will make her look less self absorbed

No. 129262

I agree with this. also the girl sounds like a cool person to hang out with instead of narcissist peenus.

No. 129263

because it's summer and PULLtards are here to stay
and most ex-PULL members think girls with ED-type legs are beautiful

No. 129276

Lol, Margeret instigated Xiaxue AGAIN? When will this bitch learn? And the subject is about Dash again, Jesus. I think this woman misses the 2012 drama and wants to start back up again.

Oh and she needs to step back and stop commenting on her daughter's shit. She likes to say Venus is 18? Well let her fight her own battle, she's making them both look bad.

Ana strikes again! Except with a harder hit(meaning:better than her Penis Devilish(Idk or was that name Xiao's parody?) video)

No. 129278

This was the first parody. I thought she looked familiar

No. 129313

who gives a fuck, you guys are the same people in other threads ragging on bitches for being barely overweight, calling fat chicks disgusting whales
you have no moral high ground you can take here

No. 129346

I dgaf about Weenus. I know little about her BUT I did see that British docu about ~living dolls~ and her mother was saying how Venus had gained weight and took her to the gym and made her exercise. She wasn't even a hint of overweight. If anyone's making her thin, as well as some PS it'll be down to that whackjob mother of hers. She's fucking mental and is making her kid mental.

While I'm here…
She's looking too old (ie her age) to pull off dressing like a cute child.

No. 129347

While I'm here, why does she lean weird

and here
she looks like her hip's dislocated. Her knees don't line up because she's raising one hip for some odd reason.

No. 129348

And? We claim to be born ~natural dolly~ while shooping ourself to hell and back like Venus.

No. 129349

*don't claim

No. 129350

Maybe she got scoliosis? They never seem to visit doctors in the first place besides once a blue moon when shit is already on fire.

No. 129352

I wonder why Margo's husband Venuseseseses daddy left them? lol

No. 129364

Was stated plenty of times already, it seems like they married young according her recent disvorce and it was stated he left her when he found out crazy Margo was preggers.

No. 129397


omg what a babe (tho i had to look away when she tensioned her colarbones omg that shit make me cringe)

YAASSS that is golden

No. 129405

is she going for the chinese fei zhu liu look?

No. 129719

File: 1435681997526.jpg (79.82 KB, 640x640, 10932427_852591631492890_20838…)

Nobody knows, I find it funny that she got an expensive HD camera and all her closeup photos look as shitty as this besides the shoop.

No. 129730

I'd run from Margo too wouldn't you?

No. 129811

File: 1435694823914.png (20.74 KB, 289x205, 424.png)

Seems like Margo calls people fat that leave comments that they are worried about Venus developing an ED, now I wonder if she is the anon that does the same here in the PULL thread.

No. 129898

dude please fix your ClearType settings, that text is giving me a headache to read

No. 130141

File: 1435756184239.jpg (68.51 KB, 640x640, 11355146_848794151880004_19967…)

Nothing I hate more than those fake ass sleeping photos.

No. 130143

Geez. She's awfully tense for someone who is sleeping

No. 130170

w2c those earrings, they cute!

No. 130172

Under that photo came with comments of little girls(I assume anyway) saying they wish to be like her, or that they want to eat less. There may have been more, I didn't want to read through all of them.

People say it's stupid to say that Venus's latest videos trigger people, but as stupid as it sounds it's true.

Venus can't make others be like her abd her body is HER body, but with her humblebragging and gloating, these steeple are going to hurt themselves because of her. She feels that people wishing to be her is awesome, and it's a compliment. Instead of an empty 'love yourself' or her 'you'll never be like me cause I'm naturally a doll', she should tell her fans straight up, that aiming to be her ia not healthy and stupid since she has so much of an influence.
However in the end, whatever last decisions her fans make is ojn them, and I guess that's why she doesn't care.

No. 130173

File: 1435761526336.jpg (118.94 KB, 714x486, IMG_20150701_3.jpg)

No. 130188

I never once thought that Venus looks like a doll. Anyone else feel the same way or am I alone on this? I think it's fucking ridiculous how she keeps insisting that she's "naturally dolly" when she doesn't look the part.

No. 130192

It shouldn't be surprising that this kind of people suddenly appears on her sites because she tags her stuff as thinspo on YT.
Her face does look like the one of those fat infant dolls, that grannies love to collect, tho.

No. 130196

Liz Lisa

No. 130270

I can kind of see it when she was younger, but not at all anymore. What's weird, is that I hear people describe little girls as dolls all the time, but it doesn't mean that they actually look like dolls. I feel like Venus was told she looks like a doll once, it went to Margo's head and she's been milking it since.

No. 130373

File: 1435792120365.jpg (111.36 KB, 640x640, 11410593_705014969610600_74949…)

So she announced with this pic that there will be a new video in (now) 6 hours, I think it will be either another fail beauty video or a haul one.

…and besides enlarging her head with shoop a lot like Taylor recently, she suddenly got those odd elf ears too.

No. 130375


She has a round face and daint features, hence why she keeps letting on that she's dolly. I have the same face shape and 'dolly' features too. But I don't go round saying "omg I'm a living doll" to people, it's stupid. But I guess it's her persona she's living up to.

The only time Venus actually looks 'dolly' is when she takes pictures of herself from a upwards sort of view? So you can only see her little chin and eyes looking bigger.. It's just another angle technique. Same when I've tried it too. Makes you look cuter, innocent and prettier.

Notice when Venus has pictures taken where she's unshooped/normal pose, she looks normal? Not even remotely dolly?

I don't really think she's dolly. I don't think I'm dolly. Dolly doesn't exist. Babies look more dolly if anything.

No. 130376


Yeah, all these lolcows steal techniques from each other. They all know about one another, by far. They're all fighting for that kawaii crown lol

No. 130377

I love how she preaches this "learn to love yourself" bullshit yet edits her photos 24/7 to look make them look flawless on her IG.

No. 130378


It's easier for them to edit. Kota is the same and Taylor, I hate that shit filter all these Japanese model use (its like that pinkish blur dreamy filter) it's horrid. Makes them look washed out if anything, yet they keep proclaiming it's 'kawaii' which pisses me off.

I think the more blurred you look, the cuter. It's just so you can't see flaws and shit like that basically.

No. 130381


Venus is desperate for any kind of Asian group to notice her. She should know by know, everyone should know. If you're not Asian then you won't really get that much notice. Asians stick to their own.

No. 130382


Pretty much, I mean I get how editing can make you look better and everyone does it anyway. But it's bollocks, it's just shit talk to make you look like a good person and have your fans cry at how wonderful you are. Makes me giggle how chicken shit fans believe that pile of crap.

Same with Kiki, I can't understand how people think she's changed. Good god.

No. 130422

File: 1435801761700.png (740.76 KB, 953x501, margoknowsitall.png)

That mirror body shot Venus posted a few days ago had her mother replying back all over it. Don't criticize her daughter because Margaret is a 'nutritionist' therefore she has the right to decide if you need to lose weight as she knows exactly what she's doing by judging your own selfies.

No. 130427


See how the "I want your legs" thing has arisen? Here we go, same teenage girls crying over some e-fame lulzy cow who has 'perf legs & thigh gap'. I thought we were over that fad?

Notice how Venus hitches her leg to the side a little? She has slim legs anyway but it's to show people 'I HAVE A THIGH GAP NOW LOOK' creating that "I'm so tiny" illusion.

That's the picture. Not her outfit, not anything else but her legs. She deliberately wants people to comment on how slim she is. I'm getting tired of girls doing this shit. If it's not Venus then it's someone else doing it.

No. 130428


I feel like Margo is a bigger cow than Venus at this point.

No. 130431


One day Venus will get so fed up and stressed with her mother that she'll end up walking out or when her mother is old, on her sick bed. Venus will get her pillow and smother the bitch.

No. 130434


No wonder young teen girls are so insecure about themselves when it's people like Venus who purposely post these thigh gap type pictures to show how skinny they've become. These girls crave to look like what they think is the ideal body image or in this case, like a thin 'living doll'. Margo doesn't help either by telling the ones who are actually concerned for her daughter's health that they should also lose weight. Vile pair…

No. 130437

i still can't get over this i forgot how fucking traumatic this video was

filmed in ikea lmfao

No. 130448


I feel for the staff at IKEA during when this was filmed. Their brains must have been full of what the fuck.

No. 130467

she looks less like a doll and more like a cheap mannequin

No. 130479

*real doll

No. 130600

No. 130606


I doubt she wears this everyday. Do any of you guys wear circle lenses everyday btw? I've never tired them, I'm too pussy to try them incase they get stuck or something. I hate having shit in my eyes anyway.

I kinda miss her old videos in a weirdo way, I dunno. Everything Venus makes these days seems somewhat the same. The same background, the same type of dumb trying-to-be-cute music and everything feels so slow to me… I don't think there really will be much more for Venus to do if I'm honest.

I doubt she'll become an 'aidoru', I doubt she'll get 'big' because the dolly days are over. I truly don't think this is leading to anywhere, it just comes across that she's turning into another make up guru and waffles on about self love ect which no one really cares or pays much attention to in 2015.


Venus is coming to a dead end.

No. 130612

File: 1435845829327.png (867.85 KB, 709x687, Untitled.png)

Again.. purposely doing pointless things to showcase how slim she is now

No. 130613

Same fagging, but she is just an average size - I don't see why she feels the need to go over the top to show everyone she has lost her chub.

No. 130617

No matter how dumb they were, I prefer her old dance videos.

And yeh, she doesn't wear this everyday, she hardly even wears circle lens these days.

No. 130620

i see venus doing gravure or porn in a few years

No. 130627

Don't think so, she will become just like her mom and Margo brags a lot about how "pure" Venus is and that she hates men.

No. 130629

File: 1435850395362.gif (442.39 KB, 318x161, cat.gif)

So, is it possible in the near future for us to see Venus having a girlfriend (not her mom)?

I remember the days she said "boys are icky", which weren't too far away from the Manaki days.

No. 130657

Tbh I don't think that's an average size…..wtf

No. 130672

File: 1435858114290.jpg (92.09 KB, 1280x720, theyrehuge.jpg)


Innocent my ass. She was doing lolicon shit well in her beginner living doll Youtube days.

No. 130675

It's funny how big she made her tatas look when she was about 14, in that Perfect Body challenge she looked like a B-C cup

No. 130680

Being pure has nothing to do with showing skin, Margo prolly wants to keep Venus a virgin until the highest japanese $$$ bidder comes and marries her.

No. 130701


It's hilarious how she goes on and on about how super pale she is and how difficult finding a fitting foundation is… and then her face ends up looking way too white.

No. 130709

exactly my thoughts !

No. 130720

she reminds me of the reddit MUA circlejerk over 'muh pale skin'

No. 130726

I'm only at the intro, but her arms are scarily skinny. Please tell me that's some sort of AE or angles.

No. 130727

MySpace angles do that to most people.

No. 130728

I haven't checked, but doesn't she use this angle for most of her videos?

No. 130733

I wouldn't say she's average, she's definitely slim/skinny.

The final look makes her look like she's sick and taking a day off school. I love how you never get a close up look of the final eye look, because the eyeliner was going to look like shit and she doesn't even use a mirror to put on the falsies.

No. 130736

One of the comments
>I would describe Venus viewers as
>30% =women who actually care
>60%=guys that find her really attractive
Someone replied
>50% jealous women who hate her but are watching her videos for some reason?

I can't believe people actually think there's anything about Venus to be jealous of.

No. 130745

Her arms are fine, i'm healthy and mine are slimmer. She's not going to drop dead, don't worry.

No. 130746

Yeah but she's not scary skinny, just a normal slim teenager.

No. 130750

Kind of but in this video she is bending/stretching herself towards the camera which is most noticable by where her elbows are.

No. 130751

The tags of this video:
"venus palermo,doll,tutorial,music videos,japanese,how to,makeup,dolly,barbie,kawaii,venusangelic,japan,bjd,ball jointed doll,dollfie,living doll,cute,daily,everyday,easy,quick,pretty,girl,manga,anime,cosplay,eyes,big eyes,convention,porcelain doll,Beauty Tips,Beauty,cheap,drugstore,drugstore cosmetics,pale skin,circle contact lenses,circle lenses"

No. 130755

What the fuck is 'dolfie'?

No. 130759

BJD with painted eyes.

No. 130761

It really doesn't help that I always think that BJD stands for Blow Job Doll.

No. 130777

what are you? 11?

No. 130785

Her legs are ugly tbh too skinny is not healthy. never understood why people found legs and a thigh gap like that attractive

No. 130786

that's too skinny, def not average lol

No. 130787

File: 1435873851345.jpg (43.09 KB, 600x800, at0000000.jpg)

I remember that vid where she licked ice cream off her fingers while she was wearing this shit (which is only worn by porn actresses, girls in japan dont even wear this shit)

No. 130806

And most schools in Japan don't have school uniforms anymore. Does this make all cosplayers porn actors? No.

No. 130812

Because to a lot of people its cute. It didn't come from nowhere. And I hate when land whales try to put down skinny girls to try and make themselves feel better about having inner thigh rash.

No. 130813

File: 1435875169161.jpg (33.18 KB, 640x480, obd-84484.jpg)

All these kids must be porn actors then because obviously only porn actors wear japanese gym uniforms.

No. 130824


That whipped cream video is still around. I LOL everytime at how cringeworthy it truly is.

No. 130826

Can't forget the cleaning one either! https://vimeo.com/45302072

No. 130827


thin bodies have always been idolized, im tired of everyone putting each other down tbh

tired of thin girls playing the "im so delicate and id shatter if you touch me oh me plz look at my thigh gap" bitches like venus

and im tired of pro fatties on tumblr who claim they're curvy when they're not

neither is as innocent tbh

No. 130828


I don't get why the girls have those knicker type pants and the guys get shorts?

No. 130936

>implying im a landwhale
>complains about skinny-shaming
>fat-shames girls
Sorry ana-chan but thigh gaps are cute because it's child-like, not feminine nor womanly. Yuck. sorry for hurting your little feelings

No. 130940

it came from anorexic models and tumblr. also everyone have their opinion, it doesnt mean they're skinny or fat you dumbass.

No. 130942

>thinking unhealthy legs are cute

No. 130944

I wish venus when she was younger
now it's just sad. she needs to grow up and close her youtube channel

No. 130958

because sexism, anon. because patriarchy.

No. 130979

But that would mean she would have to go out and interact with all those evil paesants that want to kidnap her all the time!!1!

No. 131042

Her application is so bad…

And where is her upper lip? Her lips look practically invisible.

No. 131241

File: 1435901458281.jpg (175.16 KB, 789x789, 10986003_962030783818437_22227…)

And of course Margo needed to tag it #adidasoriginals to show how much money they have from their YouTube income (her last post was about her studying in school all day so she obviously doesn't work).

No. 131280

>studying in school all day

Does….This confirm they are both on student visas? They should have been ready to leave soon, right? Or should have already left?

And I may not be living in Japan or have been to Japan, but when checking out traveling prices it was already expensive, plus y'know, you have to dwell somewhere, eat something, buy personal hygiene things? Venus isn't really a popular YouTube per say, so Idk where those add clicks would be coming from. Also, she may be still under a YT "company" and Idk how they work?
Where is she getting this money from?

No. 131290

One thing I forgot to mention is that I hope this gives Venus a chance to go to uni/college (Japan or elsewhere) and prove herself. She said she wants to study psychology in one of her older Japanese blogs right?
(Margo can get deported for all I care, but I know that won't happen if Venus is staying without her 'watch dog' or if she doesn't fulfill those old lady weeb dreams. If she doesn't attend school with 've us, probably she'll try to get married to an older desperate Japanese man.)

No. 131304

why does she have meth teeth?

No. 131332

A line of BJDs made by Volks.
Volks is the most popular BJD company in Japan. I believe they have a store in Los Angeles as well.

No. 131334

Sometimes I suspect they shoplift/scam/return fraud the items they get

No. 131376

She also said she wants to be an astronaut in an interview. I don't really think either Venus or Margo are serious about her education. They're probably in language school which gives them an excuse to stay in Japan

No. 131380

She drinks coffee like everyday

No. 131421


But what is the point of them being in language school? This is what I don't understand. I can understand if it's for the future like teaching or translating, just generally wanting to learn ect

I don't get what their goal is though? Is Margo going to marry Venus off to some Jap and they live there forever more or what?

No. 131422


Oh yeah, I forgot sexism is swept under the carpet in these kind of countries.

Yet everyone wants go run off and live in Japan…. lmfao

No. 131423


Pretty much.

I think Venus should put youtubing to the side for a while if I'm honest. Focus on school, not Japanese but a subject (maybe study Japanese along side it in free time) and find herself a little part time job at weekends. So she's socializing properly, making friends away from her mother. Learning something actually fucking useful which she can use in the future, remember this doll thing will not last forever and also learning Japanese like she wants to.

I honestly think it would be better. I don't see it happening but it would be so much healthier and better for her. To get the fuck away from the internet and all this wanting e-fame bs. Not being funny, she can't milk the living doll thing anymore because lets face it. The fad is over, no one wants to be dolls anymore apart from the late weebs jumping on the LD train which crashed ages ago.

I don't hate Venus, I'm not a fan of her but I wouldn't like to see Venus at her worst though. I watched that Spanish interview thingy, her mother is the problem. Always sticking her fucking nose in where it isn't wanted and Venus is an adult now, she will eventually have to start making her own choices and her mother can't always be holding her hand.

Thirty years from now, Venus will need to be doing something other than YT and being a 'doll'.

Even if she was married off to some random Japanese guy. She'd be stuck at either teaching English on the side or as a housewife which is boring as fuck. I've seen some youtube videos of all kind of women who married Japanese guys. Most are stuck in with babies, just being mothers. Then cry and complain at either how their husbando is never home or they're isolated. Doesn't look like a great life. Depends on who you are I guess, if you would like that.

But nah, Venus could make something of herself. Not being a living doll but definitely something that will bring in the dolla. Properly.

No. 131427

a lot of people do, my teeth do not look like that.

No. 131433


God she looks so tired and old in this…

No. 131483

You used predated pictures. No one wears those anymore because it's associated with a bad image. If you can find a recent dated photo, I'll withdraw from this argument, til then.

No. 131494

File: 1435935176600.jpg (65.83 KB, 560x376, 85f9f1ab-s.jpg)

Better? I only took the first result of Google.

No. 131498

Thats still not recent try harder.

No. 131500

Venus still gets thousands of views on her old videos every month and until Venus is 21, they still get that children money thing from Switzerland.

No. 131501

>not recent
Do you even try?

No. 131503

Oh welp, you did find it.
I guess it's rare

No. 131608

The only difference between than now and now is that students now wear longer/loose fitting shorts.

No. 131612

then and now*

No. 131660

boys have to hide the d, no one wants them peeking from the pant leg

No. 131679


Imagine if they had to wear those knicker type things too tho? HA

No. 131946

that's my fetish

No. 131954

File: 1435990951206.jpg (50.47 KB, 689x964, jailbaitvenus.jpg)

The good old days when Venus used to make videos with loli undertones to blatantly have aidoru fanboys and old Japanese men perv over her.

No. 132015


She's still a weeb, just toned down her weebness a little. This Venus was actually fun tbh

No. 132021

As fun as s Venus was, am I the only one who hated the ginger-copper Venus looks wise? The only video I liked from that era was the summer vlog where she talked about all the strawberry sweet she was going to have. Other than that, to me she looked old, older than how she looks now.

One video I want to ask about is one where she cosplayed as a cat Miku. I think,and was doing random stuff like making a apple appear and slide across her blocker/shade thing. Anyone remember what song she used? By time I asked the question, Venus already made it private or deleted it a week later or something.

No. 132029

File: 1436014609202.png (1018.76 KB, 634x638, Capture.PNG)

I don't like copper hair on her either.
Speaking of her hair, am I the only one who doesn't really like the dark hair on her? I really like the color she had before like in this pic(which I have to say is my favorite pic of her. She actually looks naturally youthful and cute here. imo most of her other pictures look creepy and/or like she's trying way too hard to be cute). Idk, the black hair was way too harsh on her and the dark brown is a little boring I guess.

No. 132055

Wth is she doing in this pic??
I think her hair looks more yellow than blonde here and it washes her out

No. 132076

Marko does workout and go to the gym everyday because she has ~so much to do~ in Japan besides school few hours a day.

No. 132086


Dark brown/black or whatever the hell it is now, suits her the most. With red she looks washed out and with blonde, she reminds me of one of those dodgy Russian or Romanian babes who fuck old men for their money. Definitely suits darker hair.

No. 132114

Maybe if she was able to get her hair blonde with out it looking yellow or brassy I'd agree with you.

No. 132191

For someone who works out so much, it's surprising that she can't do a proper squat based on the other pic of her in the adidas gear.

No. 132229

File: 1436040583942.jpg (65.31 KB, 1080x1080, 11355959_376271349237679_20851…)

But anon, she is an professional fitness trainer, she can't do anything wrong, didn't you know?

No. 132587

File: 1436099138231.jpg (95.15 KB, 740x410, image.jpg)

She looks scary in this picture lol

No. 132611

>Foundation lighter than her skintone


>The lighting is meh, and makes her look scary

The pose isn't doing her any favors really.

And, who is the girl next to her?

No. 132625

some girl on instagram called thisisyui06.

No. 132639

Her body looks average-sized here

No. 132694

Are you insane. She looks skinny af which idk how it is for you but in murica that aint average lmao

No. 132695

She's still fat. She only she just edits herself thinner.

No. 132696


That's because everyone in murica is a fucking obese cow.

No. 132701

It reminds me of a toy I had as a kid. It was a little skier. You pulled back on a lever and he went flying off the track. She seriously looks ready for takeoff here.

No. 132722

I'm American but I don't live in the south or the midwest, so that is average for where I live. She doesn't look "insanely skinny." Look at her forearms, and her size compared to the person next to her. Average, healthy. Not so thin as to have people claiming she's anorexic.

No. 132727

This photo wasn't even made by herself and you call that fat?

No. 132732

she has such weird proportions like her arms and neck ar so fucking long

No. 132735

I really don't like blonde on her. It's always too brassy on her and makes her look super washed out. The problem is that she and Margaret are idiots who think that salons are "scamming" people so they do all hair coloring treatments at home, hence why her blonde hair gets super fried.

No. 132753

Yeah, and her head is too big for her weight at the moment. If she was heavier then her head would look in proportion

No. 132932

these candids and non-shooped pics have done her no justice this entire trip. and how does she look like a doll again?

No. 133220


No. 133232


cos she has a round face and uses it to her advantage when taking pictures, angles them so her eyes look bigger and tiny chin

I have same face shape (I dont do that btw)) but yeah it works for that 'kawaii baby doll look'.

Asians do it too, so yeah. Don't be fooled, it's all tricks and methods to look cute.

No. 133267

on the day that you were born the angles came together and decided to create a dream come true

No. 133320

File: 1436221487422.jpg (76.34 KB, 894x894, 11249189_1617760841799844_8391…)

Does she want to edit herself a witch chin to match her future margo witch nose or?

No. 133330

What the actual fuck is this monstrosity.

No. 133334

I think it looks cute but that's not how she looks irl. She looks greasy and messy irl and more short round head.

No. 133335

Do people actually believe that she looks like this? There are CGI faces that are more realistic than this.

No. 133336

Instead real life doll she's trying to be real life anime now? Final fantasy character? Lol.

No. 133346


lol and what did she mention in her perfect body challenge video? loving yourself? she edits her photos to the point she doesn't even look like herself.

No. 133420

No, even her fans mentioned on the pic that she shouldn't PS her chin like that.

No. 134535

File: 1436377002763.jpg (69.88 KB, 1080x1080, 11252783_1610513112554353_1341…)

>claims to have natural perfect skin
>"My skincare!"
>still shitty skin outside shoop

No. 134538

I'm surprised that Bodyline hasn't tried to do anything to get their visas revoked/professionally sabotage Venus given how angry they were with Venus and Margo.

No. 134542

Is she still claiming to be #cruelty free? Can't read the other products, but Biore test on animals.

No. 134543

Mr. Yan actually does know about them being there but as they are there only on student visa he can't do shit, would be different with a working visa.

No. 134544

No, she doesn't anymore because she said she was about to die because being vegan is too unhealthy for her body (because she is a dumb cunt that doesn't know about vitamin supplies).

No. 134545

I don't think she'd die if she stopped using skin products tested on laboratory animals. Yes, she's a dumb cunt.

No. 134546


It'd make my day to see them kicked out of Japan. They have no reason to be there.

No. 134565

I doubt they'll announce it, Venus would probably be like

"Well my lovely Fangelics, guess where I'm going next! Teehee~
#moving #byejapan #venusangelic"

And then after we'll have to find out from another source that they've been kicked out, while they deny deny deny.

Or y'know
Pull a straight out Kiki, and film a bunch of videos and take a bunch of pictures to make it look like they're in Japan. They'll make it look really progressive too.

No. 134567

> They have no reason to be there.
Guess what, people can live whereever they want for no reason besides wanting to live there.

No. 134580

Yeah, not a Venus fan but I don't understand why people act like living in/visiting Japan is a privilege that should be afforded to the few chosen ones, or you have to earn the right to be there. It's just another country with good things and flaws like any other.

No. 134607

Because weebs

No. 134620

File: 1436387580979.png (21.83 KB, 588x166, topkek.png)

Look who ran into Venus and Maggro.

(btw, what's the story behind their collaboration video ? And does someone knows where to find it ?)

No. 134639

Venus asked Yuka to make the video, they made it, then the Yukapon drama started, they took it down, Margo started leaking Yuka's censored nudes to show how much she is a slut and Venus pure, etc.

No. 134931

File: 1436424565513.png (15.71 KB, 1335x149, Screenshot_2.png)

This was on the wiki page of Youtube personalities.

No. 134933

omfg Margo put Venus there while Venus DOESNT SING AT ALL.
what the fuck?

No. 134968

Mr. Yan may be sketchy, but he is no jrkekh. He has an endless supply of Japan-thirsty loli weeaboos to seduce with his brand. And they still use venus' pictures, or they did until a while ago. Why would they harrass one of their "cinderella models" ?

…Or is there something I don't know about him?

No. 134975

Can someone get this deleted? It looks like Wikipedia, unless that's the non-mobile version of the officialcharts site.

Either way, both her mother, and her are lying as it was a sped up version of the song

No. 135007

…did you really miss the Bodyline drama about how she ruined their dresses with her fat ass lying about her size?

No. 135012

honestly venus's skin isn't so bad. I think it looks pretty nice. It's overall clear, even toned. Yes she has dark circles and some closed comedones but thats likely heriditary.

I have a full skin care routine, take great care of my skin, good diet for skin etc but still have to go on accutane. Venus doesn't look like she has any acne really, besides super tiny ones anyways

No. 135016

File: 1436446912992.jpg (49.37 KB, 1120x790, AifgEMO.jpg)

You are too used to her shooped skin it seems and it would be worse without her video filters.

No. 135018

like I said, she has closed comedones and caking on that kind of thick foundation will make anyone with those look a million times worse. Overall, her skin is not so bad, I meant to say it because I always hear people say 'oh her skin is horrible,disgusting' when she only has small acne

sorry for my bad english :)

No. 135019

also sorry for double posting but I don't think her skin is perfect or smooth like in her edits but I meant overall it is not so bad. Also that picture you posted is old

No. 135020

Looking at this picture makes me uncomfortable.

No. 135022

That's caked on makeup for you.

No. 135068

Same here. Maybe it's the ridiculous amounts of makeup she is putting very close to her eye.

Do normal makeup wearers put that much stuff so close to their eyes?

No. 135079

>Do normal makeup wearers put that much stuff so close to their eyes?
No but Venus is known for using concelear all over her face, then adds powder foundation, then adds liquid foundation and then puts powder all over it again.

No. 135083

File: 1436457356621.gif (997.81 KB, 400x224, 1434474502036.gif)

>applying liquid over powder

No. 135135

oh god, why is she wearing gloves? it's like that silent movie les vampires, only less sexy

No. 135167

EUGH!!! Why the fuck would anyone apply makeup like this?? Putting liquid over powder, wtf!!

No. 135246

I actually agree. It's not good, but it's not bad either. Probably closer to good than it is bad, if we're looking at it like a spectrum.

No. 135418

And she made a skincare video, the whole thing is a huge cringlefest with her claims she is basicly a pro when it comes to makeup.

No. 135428

My brother wears weight lifting gloves to prevent callouses, then again, he dead lifts close to 300 lbs

No. 135460

File: 1436498619911.jpg (51.61 KB, 851x508, haggard.JPG)

Ugh. She needs better lighting and better editing skills

No. 135471

I also don't understand the "wah it's too hard to be vegan in Japan everything has a little meat in it" thing as well. How rich do you have to be to think eating out at restaurants is the only way to get food? Smh

Who cares if the produce is more expensive? People don't need to eat THAT much anyway and it's better for your anyway.

No. 135472

I'm curious, do you guys think that Venus would be a lolcow without Margo? I think Margo encourages a lot of Venus' worst traits

No. 135474


No. 135543

without her mother, Venus would probably have actual friends and learn to develop away from her but instead she'll probably be 30 still living with her mom who has chased all her friends and boyfriends away.

No. 135547

File: 1436511890293.jpg (33.82 KB, 770x228, ss (2015-07-09 at 01.07.33).jp…)

She looks like a fucking monster.

Also, I knew she'd change her thumbnail. Not kawaii enough!

No. 135553

Wow, she exfoliates her skin way too much. Also, kind of funny how she doesn't have any micellar water since everyone seems to think that stuff is magic right now.

No. 135568

File: 1436520212505.jpg (35.93 KB, 500x262, venus_looks_like_shit_as_usual…)

No. 135600

I laughed out loud at this - brilliant

No. 135676

File: 1436547972307.png (942.85 KB, 974x594, 434.png)

So totally punk, right guys?

No. 135685


No. 135689

I don't get why does she think this is punk, like what the fuck? She looks like a normal teenager, just that

No. 135706

I wish knock-knees would go out of style already.

No. 135710


But anon, don't you see how edgy her shirt is?

No. 135721

the amount of likes boggles my mind

No. 135727

File: 1436553658493.gif (379.6 KB, 220x220, tumblr_lnuu6hG23Q1qg144h.gif)

i can totally get behind that

No. 135740


The design on that shirt is hideous.

No. 135748

You don't want to know how much it costs, their hoodies start at 9000yen.

No. 135805

"Totally punk… right?", thought Venus as she blurred out her face while even the background stayed sharp.

No. 135817

oh that bitch. i once watched this video of hers which featured her brother and it made her look like a talentless loser (which she probably is like most youtubers) and her brother like a succesful smart cool guy lol

No. 136087

What even is the way she is standing

No. 136091


The pigeon toed look is so kawaii and punk!

No. 136209

The sweatshirt looks like it doesn't fit correctly to me? Like, it's too small or she's washed one too many times.

No. 136213

World Wide Love! clothes usually only come in asian M which is way too small for Venus.

No. 136268

Who does she think she's fooling with this video? All she's doing is showing off how skinny she has become, not trying to promote everyone to love themselves and not do these challenges. Sadly, the majority of her fan base is stupid and will try to become underweight like her to "win" these challenges.

No. 136273

It's so hard not to cringe at this shit… Especially at the end.

No. 136307

Makes sense.
She's too tall for them.

No. 136317

goss said it's ok….

No. 136344

Paying more than 20 bucks for that shit? Fucking hilarious.

No. 136356

Most japanese indie brands are expensive as fuck for no real reason.

No. 136358

She's not underweight. It's all angles. She's been manipulating her pictures since she was a teen. She looks fine in the sweatshirt pic, weight-wise.

No. 136360

*a tween

No. 136385


I'm not usually one to nitpick.

But Venus is doing that thing with her thighs… you know the "my thighs are delicate and so thin" thing to make them more apart?

No. 136412

File: 1436661385666.jpg (57.91 KB, 1080x1080, 11386580_873745362700697_76542…)

Standing like a pigeon, yes but her body seems odd as whole.

Pic related was posted by Margo while she is cooking her food, basicly saying Venus had to start cooking herself ever since she was a child, what a great mom and I don't wonder anymore about her having weight issues knowing her eating habits.

No. 136573

File: 1436708791458.jpg (267.27 KB, 1080x1080, 11356853_1576763872587768_1136…)

What is with them and posting about all their adidas shoes all the time, do they think it makes them appear rich with their tax evasion youtube income? lol

No. 136614

Her legs disgust me

No. 136710

They want sponsorship

No. 136711

Kind of sad that Venus doesn't really get to explore Japan and make friends with Margo attached at her hip. She's missing out on so much.

No. 136723

Margo hardly doesn't do much Venus anymore as she is busy with visiting fitness studios and beauty palors all the time without her.

As mentioned before, Venus things of everyone else as paesants that want to kidnap her because she is ~so famuz~.

No. 136728

>I like your outfit. Then again, I am 12 XD

No. 136732


Don't forget nightclubs. She said it's not the sort of thing Venus is into, actually to be fair, Venus seems extremely anti social IRL. While her mother goes out to enjoy life on her own, Venus just stays home.

No. 136742


The girl never had a normal childhood, so that could be part of it.

No. 136744


For once I'd love to see a photo of her with some friends and enjoying Japan for what it is. The only other person she actually spent time with was her ex, but even then no doubt her mother also joined in on their days out. Margo has messed up big time…

No. 136751


kaka, kota, micky they're all the same

act kawaii on camera and in rl they're awkward as fuck

No. 136779

File: 1436748997055.jpg (98.12 KB, 1080x1080, 1799626_1425342071128004_12211…)

She looks like her mom but with long hair and fake aegyo.

No. 136780


god wtf
I was scared for a minute

No. 136782

Wow, bizarre. Her skin looks a pencil drawing. Very uncanny valley, imo.

No. 136784

I get the feeling that she cried a lot before that picture, her eyelids look somewhat swollen.

No. 136799

That's because of the shimmer makeup she uses as seen in >>135016

No. 136843

As a hair stylist, the condition of her hair deeply upsets me.

No. 136852

yo where's her upper lip though

No. 136855

Dolls don't have upper lips, what are you talking about?

No. 136891


Her hair is literally fried…painful to see is an understatement.

No. 136936

Going back and fourth to blonde from brown does that to hair. I too learned the hard way.

No. 137026

File: 1436811245142.png (639.46 KB, 975x593, 343.png)

Sometimes I wonder about all the money they get besides their YouTube income, I know Margo still gets money from Switzerland for Venus until she is 21? but they spend tons of money everyday so i am pretty sure there must be something else too as both refuse to work.

No. 137030


Lol @ venus' kawaii i will kill you bitch face.

I wonder if marg would ever consider making venus a host girl if YouTubes money runs dry. She didn't seem to have a problem pimping her daughter out to ma whatever his name was.

No. 137046

I don't think so, she rather would do it herself as she sees hope for all her failed dreams in Venus.

No. 137059

how is venus so skinny but she has a moonface????

No. 137060


I guess she just got unlucky like that. Her face will always make me think she's chubby.

No. 137063

also what does her mom do for work? i thought she was a nurse but did she quit? i heard she gets money for like doing nothing idk how her country works

No. 137066

I think they just live off the YouTube money and whatever money margo gets from Venus' home country since she isn't 21 yet.

No. 137079

I had a dream last night that Margo pushed Venus to have sex with guys in exhange for money. It was so random, and quite disturbing. At least it wasn't real.

No. 137109

But that isn't enough for paying language school, eating out everyday multple times and buying burando, rent, Margo's regular fitness studio and beauty parlor visits, etc.

No. 137110

She doesn't work, both go to language school.

No. 137116

And I should add that you don't receive unemployment benefits from Switzerland if you don't visit a job centre there regulary, I doubt that Margo flies to Switzerland weekly so she obviously gets nothing.

No. 137117


Probably tax evading again. They'll save a fortune just by not paying it.

No. 137123


Reckon they won the lottery? I don't get how they can easily afford to live here and there all the time.

Remember when they were living on that rotten rickety boat for a while?

No. 137143

That boat that they ruined which got them into dept again and still didn't pay shit for as they were evading that too with moving to Japan and not being a citizen. No, they don't won the lottery or otherwise they wouldn't have stayed with Manaki's family and then a host family until they kicked them out too.

No. 137151

Shit reeks of dept, they either have way too much hope or no hope at all.

No. 137160

Jeez how did this chick get so many followers calling her cute all the time? She just looks kind of awkward and inbred. Girl has zero lips, little shrivelled granny mouth.

No. 137165

Maybe Margo has a sugar daddy somewhere.

No. 137167

She was cute when she was younger and a bit of a goofball, it was a combination of the fact that she was young and her personality.

No. 137175


What gives me she looks nothing like a 'kawaii' doll. I've seen plenty of girls heavily into Jfashion who look far more like dolls, yet Venus gets worshipped for her looks. She was cute when she was younger definitely, but not anymore. She looks really average.

No. 137179

It's because being a living doll is her claim to fame. Without that persona, she's just another white girl in Japan. She's cultivated it from a young age starting when it was super popular, and she's milked it since. Her fame and popularity now is just residual

No. 137180

It's pretty obvious that she found a way through someone else. I don't know how, but some people are stupid and lonely, so I guess she managed.

No. 137182

Just looked it up, she should get around 260$ until she's 25 yo. This can even be claimed when the child lives outside of Switzerland.
It depends on Margo's official residence though. An "export" of the money isn't possible with a residence outside of Switzerland (this would only work if Margo just worked in an EU or EFTA country with a residence in Switzerland). So Japan is in charge but they just pay up until the child is 15 yo. Basically, either Margo's official residence is Switzerland and she gets it via online banking (p easy) or they don't get any support at all.

No. 137361


That's why she won't be famous in Japan. Too many Venuses and too many white kawaii girls look alike. Meh, once you've seen it, then it's boring.

No. 137397


Venus is very ordinary-looking. Not ugly, but not dolly either. Too tall, for one thing. She would blend into a crowd in any European country, especially without the circle lenses and angles.

No. 137658

Exactly. Kota actually got somewhere because she had contacts and probably a bigger fanbase than Venus (from piggybacking off Kiki?), plus being older meant she could still strike while the living doll thing was still kind of relevant. Plus, Kota is far better looking than Venus imo and has always looked more doll-like to begin with, even if it was with the help of photoshop.

No. 137683


I agree about everything but I do not think either of them are doll-like. Real doll like people are ones such as Lily Cole, Audrey Hepburn, Emily Browning, Christina Ricci… those are more white dolly like than those two weebs!

No. 137687

The only one of those people who looks doll-I disagree about all of them looking like dolls. Oddly enough, I think Lily Cole looks most like a doll out of them, and her features are quite similar to Venus' - big eyes, small nose, small mouth, round face.

No. 137721

Honestly, I don't think it's even possible to look like a doll naturally. I think it's possible to have doll-like features but not look like one.

No. 137935

I find Margo more fascinating that Venus. Is she trolling? Mentally ill? How far in advance does she plan things? How much longer does she think she'll have Venus under her control?

No. 138009

also she called her kid venus. she obviously had some plans for her from the very beginning. fucked up

No. 138010

File: 1436961165764.jpg (371.55 KB, 1280x1700, allclip_kb_2002110985522.jpg)

audrey hepburn rly wasn't that pretty and absolutely not doll-like, imho. overrated af

No. 138012

None of the people you mentioned look like dolls.

No. 138052

yes they literally do
round far-apart eyes and small puckered lips, those are features of dolls that those people naturally have and that Venus and Dakota try to fake

No. 138131


No. 138136

Anon, there's a difference between being pretty in a youthful way and looking like a doll. Emilie Brown, Audrey Hepburn and Christina Ricci may be beautiful and slim young women, but they do not resemble dolls.
The only person you listed that does looks like a doll is Lily Cole.

No. 138145

File: 1436985881934.jpg (25.46 KB, 500x500, allisonharvard.jpg)

One of the America's Next Top Models Allison Harvard looks like a doll, with without makeup as well. Even though she looks more like a creepy one that'd haunt your dreams as she has such big eyes. Venus has nothing 'naturally' dolly about her looks.

No. 138152

File: 1436986415765.jpg (472.2 KB, 1680x1050, 4181747-emily-browning-as-baby…)

Not that anaon, but I can see how Emily Browning looks like a doll. Her roll as Babydoll in Sucker Punch accentuated her features imo

No. 138154

Apologies for my English atm.

No. 138155

File: 1436986925518.jpg (78.85 KB, 625x650, y2359_c_12_CU1.jpg)

A Barbie, maybe, not the sort of BJD people usually imagine when you say "living doll". She looks pretty grown-up and sophisticated, esp. combined with the heavy makeup she usually wears.
Allison Harvard looks very doll-like tho, I agree with >>138145.

No. 138157

Not really imo. Allison may have big dolly eyes but her features are way too harsh to be doll like.

No. 138177

File: 1436989794183.jpg (124.76 KB, 500x607, ric.jpg)

christina ricci looked somewhat dolly in sleepy hollow. But that's it. This look was so beautiful for her.

No. 138211


What kind of dolls did your parents buy you? That nose alone eliminates her from being doll like.

No. 138282

File: 1437011140841.jpg (59.23 KB, 640x640, ow.jpg)

surprised no one mentioned she did the "collarbone" challenge as well as the bellybutton one. "the internet made me do it" more like her mom, i feel a bit sorry for her

No. 138293

It was posted before.

No. 138298

slowpoke, we had a long discussion about how she follows proana blogs for years

No. 138302

File: 1437013134998.png (10.96 KB, 517x275, fatlivingdoll.png)


Venus and her mom are pretty much obsessed with body image. When she was a bit younger she constantly moaned about how she didn't like her body. It's no surprise she follows proana blogs, yet she has to make it known that she's wonderfully skinny and can do all of these Internet fad challenges but you know…you gotta "JUST LOVE YOURSELF" and not think she's doing intentionally to show off like the narcissist she is.

No. 138334

File: 1437018719840.jpg (91.28 KB, 845x845, woah.jpg)

For someone pro-ana she sure does have a lot of pictures of desserts on her blog. Do anorexics have suh an obsession with sweets? Also she seems to be shooping more now shes older, she may be going to Dakota levels very soon

No. 138341


So….anyone who is older and is bigger than an A cup automatically has saggy tits? Ok venus-suh great body positivity there!

No. 138342

File: 1437019881111.jpg (198.06 KB, 2560x1600, knightmare.jpg)

Talking about "doll like but would haunt your dreams…."

No. 138355

"Have you ever seen a fat doll!"

Yeah, you. Stupid hypocrite.

No. 138361

love how she didn't even answer the question properly.

No. 138384


I've seen quite a handful of them that constantly post photos of desserts and sweets so it is possible.

No. 138385


Yeah, the more you starve yourself, the more obsessed you become with food.

No. 138459

She's not starving, she just lost a bit of weight. In the part of that pic that >>138334
posted that isn't cut off she looks normal.

No. 138460

File: 1437058745905.jpg (201.79 KB, 804x804, 11266295_933035066755474_53905…)

…why are all her "new" outfit posts from the same day lately?

No. 138462

File: 1437059107707.gif (1.85 MB, 245x380, tumblr_n9yr4oZOgT1rd2098o2_250…)

I can't even see how Venus should look naturally like a doll when its all makeup and circle lens.

Pic related.

No. 138469

Are they still in Japan?

No. 138471

Yes, for at least one year it seems according to margo because of language school.

No. 138492

Ah sorry my bad-I didnt see it in this thread and pretty new here learnt about this girl a few weeks ago when people were posting about her again on the anti-felice sites

Goodness thats sad given she seems
to have a lot of influence over young girls. Apparently Japan is rife for eating disorders so shes really not helping

No. 138494


Ah, the good ol' sweater, jeans and sneakers. Ground breaking, I must say.

No. 138501


But…but she's wearing Japanese #brand #name clothes and #Adidas, it must be ground breaking!

No. 138517

What is she doing? Is she opening her mouth partially sticking out her tongue while having black lipstick? didn't watch her vid, didn't want to give her views

No. 138529

well that's how it's pronounced in german lol. margo just can't into english

No. 138535

you're a good anon. let's meet on /d/

No. 138536

japan is so ridiculously conservative. change is scary

No. 138544

i liked this phase because it was ~controversial~ and ~edgy~

No. 138545

wish i was as strong as you, anon

No. 138549

They need to master speaking English first before learning anymore Japanese at their language school, they're both shit at it and it still sounds like they're struggling.

No. 138552

The problem is that they aren't even perfect in their own native language and I think they only "study" in Japan for the visa until they find some dick to jump onto for marriage visa.

No. 138569

File: 1437081771102.jpg (163.41 KB, 1080x1080, 10725154_1621616031429601_1974…)

>Venus and her mom are pretty much obsessed with body image.
>and her mom
Considering how fat Margo is getting, no.

No. 138572

It's all those Frappuccinos.

No. 138579

It's muscles though, she's pretty firm.

No. 138583


Looks more like built up thigh muscle what cyclists get after a while. Margaret "fat"? Haha no. She wouldn't dare get to that stage.

No. 138591

Trained thigh muscles don't look like that, rather looks like she got water in the legs like most old woman of her age, she hardly does fitness anymore besides for photos.

No. 138595

It is more like Weh-nuss though?

No. 138614

Around 10:05 she pronounces her name "Wenis"Around 39:00 Margo says "Ve-nuss"

No. 138615


I wonder what possessed her to name her child Venus though…

No. 138617


I seriously never found Allison Harvard dolly in the slightest, if anything I found her hideous.

No. 138618


Nah, Audrey definitely had a doll like posture and aura about her. May be overrated but she's classier than fucking Venus and Dakota Rose, put it that way.

No. 138620


That's because Venus and Dakota try too hard to fit the dolly look. Nowadays, it's not about embracing your features it's all circle lenses/wigs/loli/brands and none of them even look dolly. Not even the japs over on IG flaunting off their brando in dolly clothes. I think it depends on the person and how they act tbh thus features.

No. 138621


Her eyes at the only decent feature, I never understood aside from her being weird/white/kawaii on tumblr why she was even… acknowledged tbh. But then again, I can wonder and ask that question about most of the other weird weebs on tumblr too.

No. 138622

What do you think Venus will become in the next year or so? Aside from being a weeb tsuma

No. 138629

Venus said her mom was listening to a lot of Bjork when she was pregnant and her first and middle name come from her songs.

Yeah I have to agree. I only like some of her old creepy chan pictures and pictures where her harsh features are softened/drowned out.

No. 138634

She made a video at one point saying she doesn't actually like eating sweet food at all, she just likes looking at it.

No. 138847

She pulled that shit back when she first went to Japan and started dating Manaki too, she'd wear the same outfits over and over again or she'd post pictures taken on the same day over a longer period of time

Even more irrelevant, while she and Margo struggle to get her career in Japan started and ignore any real options for her future

No. 138853

Obviously I'm super out of the loop but Creepy-chan is a tumblr thing now? Afaik she was 4chan-popular when going on ATNM, not tumblr.

No. 138865


Thing is, Venus won't be big in Japan. The doll thing won't work over there for her, too many girls are doing it and I'm sure the japs are sick of random white/asian girls going on their tv talks talking about how dolly and real ningyou they are… it's boring to absolute fuck! Half of bloody Tokyo dresses like Venus!

No. 138866


It was like 2010 or something, I know she went on American idol ect ect

I think she started off that weird nymphet creepy babydoll trend tbh

No. 138968

File: 1437153995881.jpg (122.49 KB, 640x640, 11417241_144361335894849_16578…)

Sometimes I wonder if she is lurking (in case of Margo it is obvious) as she finally posted a new outfit right after it was mentioned here that her photos are all from the same day.

The comment section of this photo is full of girls talking about starving themself to look like Venus tho, disgusting.

No. 138977


She's doing the leg thing again…

Yeah, she probably does lurk tbh.

How would you loose weight that fast anyway?

Oh weeb girls always think of starving themselves to maintain dolly

No. 138986

It's like she's taking fashion lessons from Dakota at this point. This isn't how you dress.

No. 138995

there's nothing but shit on japanese tv, i don't think respectable citizens give a fuck about who parades themselves through their media

No. 138996

what? venus as a boy? lol

No. 138997


Isn't it just like housewives who watch tv anyway lol?

No. 138998

this looks normal ash shit, what are you talking about?

No. 139000


Don't jap girls dress like this tho?

No. 139024

Nothing fits together, it's horrible.

No. 139059

normal girls there dress conservatively as fuck. they wear more (and shorter) skirts than westerners but otherwise the overly cutsy stuff is reserved for kids.

No. 139060

yep. and little kids. ain't nobody got time for that. not in japan

No. 139064


If she's going for the himekaji look it isn't working…

No. 139090

I'm confused because the shows they broadcast on NHK show adults dressed in this "kawaii" (but actually pretty ugly) get up-so its not that widespread in japan?

No. 139100


I always thought the ones into the kawaii fashion culture dress like that in only certain districts of Japan. Anywhere outside of that and it's deemed as very weird.

No. 139124

that's just a "laugh at weird people"/live vicariously through them kind of thing.

No. 139637

Fuck, her legs look weird, how has she contorted her left leg? Also she's worn that top before, it's not new

Japanese girls who do dress similarly put together a more coherent outfit that's more interesting than a top, a skirt and a pair of sandals

No. 139683

Is this really true? I thought dramas were a huge thing over there like how they are in korea

No. 139685

she seems rly weird in this video.

No. 139690

Prolly because the cam shakes and she tries too hard to act lulsorandum, plus the brightness isn't as high as usual.

No. 139696


It's that awkward kawaii girl persona again, tho not as bad as in some of her other videos.

No. 139704

Fucking what? That ending was awful and didn't make any sense. It was also mildly disgusting. Ah-uh-eh-ahEH-OAH NO BOO BYE BYE BOO KAWAII DESOO YO NAY

No. 139706

She really is turning into a clone of her mother, how sad

No. 139708

File: 1437234436773.jpg (381.64 KB, 1170x1182, maxresdefault.jpg)


No. 139717


No. 139719

Yessss I like when she is weird. Old Venus come backkkk.

No. 139729

She seems to be trying to bring the "dolly" back to her persona, she keeps putting lolita dresses in her background and stuff.

No. 139753


She's trying so hard to stay relevant it's actually quite sad.

No. 139996

Is she wearing that sailor top backwards?

Ice creampier? Seriously? Does she realise this just sounds like creampie?

No. 140001

This. She tried the normalfag stuff and it didn't work out.

No. 140007


In her IG pics of her wearing the same shirt it looks like it's actually meant to look that way.

No. 140021


Compared to other cutesy type Youtubers, her videos seriously lack personality and seem too forced these days. It's always eating Japanese sweets, makeup & beauty tutorials that have been milked beyond and back and the occasional clothing haul. You'd think she'd do a video showcasing her new life in Japan or make them more fulfilling as I'm sure she has other interests worth making videos about, but she doesn't.

No. 140045


why does she always talk about weird shit that no one cares about? ice cream tho?

No. 140055


Because her fans are young weebs who think she's a kawaii lifestyle princess and would kill to live in Japan so they eat that shit up no matter how weird and boring it is.

No. 140058

I dunno, I Thought non melting ice cream seemed pretty interesting. Not that her video is, mind you

No. 140066


Always wondered… why did Venus never get into aidoru through niconico or something?

No. 140074

That's what she did before she got noticed by the media as "living doll" and after that all her focus was suddenly on her appearance.

No. 140097


she shoulda stuck with niconico, maybe it would have actually led to aidoru instead of doing w/e she is doing now

idk it looks like venus penus is struggling

No. 140500

Gosh, that yellow-y eyeshadow under her eyes is awful. It looks like bruising.

No. 140523

Agreed. Following Venus is like witnessing an impending train wreck. She's not going to be able to keep up the kawaii dolly act forever and I doubt she'll ever find a decent real job. If and when her and her mom realize what lies ahead it will likely be too late to put on the breaks or switch tracks.

No. 140534

i know this is an old video but i actually liked the video

No. 141501

oh my god the way she speaks is so annoying
like some kid

No. 141699


Maybe she's trying to attract another Japanese boyfriend, she put on her child-like voice and kawaii persona whenever she was filming with her ex. Fuck it was agitating.

No. 141709

She only uses that kind of voice for videos, she doesn't speak like this irl.

No. 142178

File: 1437562948686.jpg (110.23 KB, 640x640, 11419241_1604024883178919_1308…)

"Look how much of an otaku I am!!11!!

No. 142181

Is it just me, or do her legs look even thinner here?

No. 142188


What would be her left leg looks edited, it just looks weird compared the the right…like it's sticking out more? Not sure.

No. 142189

That's because of the way she is standing, bending her knees inwards.

No. 142191

Did her clothes not arrive from the Netherlands, or does she get rid of 90% of her wardrobe when she moves?
I mean, what happened to all of her dresslink clothes? Or Bodyline(she's probably being careful with that one though, lol)? Or the coat she had in one of her haul videos?
Do people actually spend money to support their channel or something?
Why am I asking lolcow all of these questions??

No. 142193


I'm betting half of her belongings are still in the Netherlands. She used to have a large painted picture she's had since she was a child and it would always be in her room for videos, now it's no longer around. I'm guessing a storage unit or friend of the family has it all until their time is up in Japan to get it back again.

Of course she took her filming equipment though and computer, can't leave those behind lol.

No. 142204

She took all her plushies with her too tho, prolly also growed out of many clothes.

No. 142222

Probably the clothes she had in England, yeah? But even then, it's only been about a year or two, and she couldn't have grown that much between 16 - 18 height wise. Venus couldn't have gained weight either due to her recent humblebragging.
She also totes around her lolita dresses, but why do that if you can't fit in them?She had those for the longest.
Plus, most people I know keep their clothes around for a good 3 -4 years.
Unless Venus is growing at a rapid rate (which I think is unlikely)…

No. 142230

Venus complains a lot about her breasts growing giant so I think that may be the main issue as most japanese brand clothes aren't made to fit curves.

No. 142237

Venus probably took particular items with her as she knew they'd make good 'kawaii' props while filming videos in Japan. The Alpaca plushies are pretty popular.

No. 142243

I have tiny B cups and even I have a lot of issues with Japanese tops/shirts/dresses

This just shows how "big boobs" she claims she has. They were a lot bigger when she was chubby, so kinda funny she'd claim they're huge + growing (especially when she's starving herself)

No. 142245


Exactly, I bought some cute sweaters off taobao few weeks ago. They're just pretty lizlisa rip offs, two fit fine and while being a UK size 10/12 on top and a 34 C cup, one of them is so fitted and it looks fucking awkward. I'm not overweight but I am curvy, bottom and thighs thus doing running/squats. But yeah, if you have curves whether you're slim or a bit not chubby but weight on. Brands are really not meant for us lmao hence why I opted for sweaters and not skirts/shirts.

It's not the end of the world, you can still be kawaii but not buy brands and go for what ever is cute in your store. It's how branded clothes are made, they carter for tinier frames.

No. 142250


This is something I'm terrified of because I'm going to Japan for an entire year in my 3rd year of uni.

I'm a bit chunky right now but I'm also 5'7" so I'm trying to slim down desperately but I know it's not going to help much because even when I was like 118lbs I was very curvy and had difficulty finding jeans that fit a tall frame with wide hips and long legs.

I'll probably end up having to wear skirts and dresses all year. Am fuckd.

No. 142363


You're best just stocking up on jeans from your home country before moving there. Tights, jeans, anything like that.

If you loose weight then, that's a plus but it matters how much you loose because again you've gotta be pretty small to fit in half the shit they have over there. I know there is SOME shops who do slightly bigger sizes but I wouldn't bet on it.

Girls who said they've been living there and have weight on, said they've been in dresses from day one lol so… yh

No. 142813

File: 1437645948690.jpg (370.46 KB, 528x3440, venuscap.jpg)

While I had multitabs open I came across this post and then came across this thread. Was wondering what you all make of it-maybe its already been discussed on another thread?

No. 142815

It depends a lot the brand. They have a lot of loose styled stuff, but some dresses from Liz Lisa might be hard to fit. It's be harder to find stuff that fits, but definitely not impossible. Japan has h&m so if you want jeans, you'll probably buy them there.

Don't worry too much!

No. 142999

anyone have links to this style of clothing with socks/these kinds of socks? i love it so much but cannot find any ):

No. 143079

oh my god, what a bunch of boohoo. they have a valid point, but that wall of crying is just cringey.

No. 143278

"How can I dress like Venus?"

Yeah, no.

No. 143300


Can't say I don't blame her though. Not only white/asian videos but as someone mixed I get sick of seeing "team light skin vs team dark skin" and "i want a white man so i have babies with good hair" videos.

Fucking wake up world

No. 143301

>borderline paranoia about nonexistent discrimination
>obsession with own victimhood
>extreme exaggeration of issues
yep that's a tumblr post alright

No. 143325

she's just mad cuz she's fat, hairy, and doesn't look like a kpop star. Big whoop. Those videos are just cashing in on desperate weaboo/koreaboos.

No. 143351

I don't know what that tumblr person is talking about. Yellow fever is a myth. Asian women actually prefer white men, not the other way around. http://www.slate.com/articles/business/the_dismal_science/2007/11/an_economist_goes_to_a_bar.single.html

No. 143352

Wait, got that wrong; Asian women don't discriminate against white men the way they do Hispanic and black men. But my point is that tumblr user is a whiner.

No. 143353

Also, this is all probably stuff for /b/. I don't want to shit up the thread. Sorry.

No. 143613

File: 1437747650198.png (757.54 KB, 974x595, 3424.png)

She doesn't look anything near sporty tho, probably only wants to show that fugly outfit of.

No. 143618

>shorts over tights
she didnt run. this outfit makes no sense for running. not running attire especially during summer's scorching weather

No. 143620

File: 1437747972580.jpg (131.45 KB, 640x640, 11375394_857178881041555_34993…)

Not to mention the Beats headphones love to fall down when even only walking fast.

Her mom doesn't look to be great in shape either and she used to have a great body back in the UK when she still did fitness frequently, now she only seems to do it for photos as she usually does the poses wrong on there.

No. 143631

Are those veins showing up around her ankles?
Looks like a withering old lady's leg.

No. 143637

Don't see your problem, pretty much everyone got that in summer when being outside as the body tries to cool down by dilating the veins under the skin.

No. 143639

those leggins look like she's trying to hide cellulite and you can't run with headphones like these. omg

No. 143641

those are fucking tendons

No. 143643

File: 1437752071487.jpg (105.17 KB, 500x312, images.duckduckgo.com.jpg)

No. 143685

Why is she wearing shorts that cut off at the widest part of her leg? That's not flattering on anyone…

Shorts and leggings? I'm not a runner, but my runner friends, even my skinny runner friends, worry about chafing. Seems to me like you should choose shorts or leggings, not both…and yeah, the stuff re: the headphones has already been said.

No. 143693

>the headphone has already been said
So were the shorts and leggings thing.

No. 143726

>>Shorts and leggings?

Not sure if she dressed like that on purpose, but it's quite common to wear in Japan when you're out jogging. Although people wear proper exercise leggings+shorts, and not random ugly tights like she does.

No. 143822

File: 1437776708775.jpg (47.46 KB, 439x480, 1436934071172.jpg)

her tendons are showing
okay, i think venus has some sort of disorder now. i remember when people were calling her fat now all of a sudden she is tiny again and posting that video of her doing those ED-esque challenges kind of makes me feel like she has a problem.
some people are naturally skinny, but they NEVER have tendons actually show like that, so i don't think this is natural for her like she constantly tries to say. this is getting unhealthy.
>INB4 "oh your probably a fat cow"

No. 143830

They don't show in most photos tho so I think it is a vein that dilated from heat, she also has popping out blue veins at her feet at >>138968 .

No. 143833

>So were the shorts and leggings thing.
I think you meant "was." And no one mentioned chafing. Calm down, it's the internets.

No. 143857

it's a fucking vein. she might be dehydrated and hot as fuck in all that unnecessary gear.

No. 143858

lmao at all of you faggots, she's not even that thin calm the fuck down it's just shooping and lighting.

oh my god TENDONS11!1!! 100% ANA CHAN CONFIRMED. It's really not that uncommon to see tendons and veins in ankles, feet and hands. It's not like her ribcage is protruding through her chest like Aly's

No. 143868

How did you read that as not calm? get over yourself.

No. 143874

>it's the internet
>trying to correct people on grammar
you should take your own advice. english isn't everyone's first language

No. 143924

She's not anorexic. Go to the Aly thread.

No. 143931

yes pretty much this. I'm relatively small but not thin thin and my veins show in hands/feet. they are just thin skin there I think. it's like like all her bones stick out, she might just have thin calves/feet/hands etc plus a little weight loss

No. 144908

File: 1437956041908.jpg (89.45 KB, 640x640, 11373669_1644458272457157_1234…)

I can't handle the weebness in this.

No. 144910

Some people are just naturally veiny. My sister has really veiny/tendony fucking arms, she looks like a roided up bodybuilder despite being slightly chubby.

No. 144927

Her mom is so fucking weird

No. 145050

I'm currently living in Yokohama and you're actually correct. Fashions like Decora and Ganguro are basically only in certain areas, mainly districts of big cities with lots of night-life. Shibuya in Tokyo is a good example because that's where the vast majority of young people who dress in street-styles are.

No. 145152

But aren't Off the Great Wall majority Chinese?

No. 145886

File: 1438091647645.jpg (44.41 KB, 640x640, 11419134_1454300148207420_2067…)

I miss the days when here pics were shooped to hell but still had a nice quality, now it all looks like if it was taken with a potato and then shooped over.

No. 145897

I really like how she looks now. So much prettier than whatever the fuck she had been doing before.

No. 145929

The only thing she changed is that she increased her shoop to match the giant babyhead fad, she always used to also wear normalfag clothes for her IG.

No. 145931


I think she looks better now that she realizes natural look is better. But her content is much more boring, she won't get famous in Japan because there are too many girls like her and Venus holds NO originality.

However years ago if she stuck at NicoNico should would have had a chance to get aidoru and more fame in Japan.

The most Venus COULD do in Japan is teach english/model for catalogues/magazines and that's it.

No. 145936

But her english is shit, also she is too tall for everything that isn't a plussize brand.

No. 146934

blame instagram

No. 147167

Venus binge eating Pocky, and says bisquit

No. 147168

5'7" is not that tall, but I guess compared to Japanese women, it is.

No. 147188

Usual ~~kawaii and awkwardly funny desu~~ attitude. The make up is nice and normal for a change! And actually it has some interesting facts on, well, pocky.

No. 147205


I'm 5'7 too… I had a feeling I was around the same height as her.

Yeah to Japanese women it's fucking huge, I remember that drama lovely complex and the character was 5'7 and they were all like "U ARE A GIANT FFS"

; 3 ;

No. 147206

I remember seeing that Taylor R video where she goes to Harajuku, at one point she stands next to these japanese women for a picture and she literally towers over them like a gangly babyfaced gnome elf. She's only 5'7 so yeah I guess it is tall?

No. 147208

I guess a 5'7 girl to Japanese people is like 6'0 girl to white people

No. 147209


Yeah, I thought Taylor was like 5'8/5'9 though?!

My friend from Japan is 5'5 and she said she was tall, I thought "yeah to you guys lol" but yeah

- 3 -

No. 147210

yes, 5'7 is tall for a girl…..

No. 147212

5'7 is tall for a female

No. 147213


Not really in England, 5'7 is average but in the Netherlands its short whereas in Asia it will be considered tall.

No. 147214

Yeah, I'm 5'7.5" and a lot of the time, I feel like I could be taller. But yeah, I guess compared to Asian women, Venus is considered tall.

No. 147215

Do you know what''not that tall'' means

No. 147216

I am actually afraid of Taylor an I had a nightmare about her.

No. 147217


I don't care if 5'7 isn't kawaii uguu I'd rather be tall than short tbh

No. 147218

Yeah. I'm the one that said 5'7" does not seem that tall. I feel like it's kind of average, but then again, I live in the US.

No. 147219

Are you srsly about to start a height war. Stfu.

No. 147220


I'm 5'7 and I was stood next to a tall girl yesterday, she must have been at least 6 foot tbh and I felt like a midget lol

No. 147221

YES! I have a friend who is 6'0" without shoes on and when I wear heels, I don't feel so small next to her. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels the same way as you do.

No. 147222

I though normal women height was 5'4 or 5'5

No. 147223


Who cares about height anyway, I would rather be tall than short though. Short is cute, short is nice for pettiness but that's about it. Tall like over 6 foot and your a fat female is tragic.

No. 147224

It is. I guess it's just that I feel short at my height and would like to be taller. IDK.

Too bad VA's mom is such a momager. Venus could be likeable if she were less sheltered and had a better mom.

No. 147225

I'm sorry but wtf are you even saying

No. 147231


When you get hench looking women who are fat and look like Mirana (TV series look it up) and are really tall but don't suit it whereas if they were slender it'd look better.

Short DOES look better on a petite frame, that's the whole point of petite anyway. Small. Shorter legs, smaller frame, smaller built. Nothing wrong with it, just how it is.

All bodies are diff anyway obv but tall/fat/hench looking is tragic

No. 147232

File: 1438281765276.jpg (28.89 KB, 466x310, IMG_2730.JPG)



No. 147246

she eats so weirdly lolol

No. 147248

Nah she said in one of her dancing videos that she was 5'7, agencies always add on an inch or two when listing models. As a rule I always subtract 1 inch when I see a model or famous person's height anyway.

Unless it's Tom cruise in which case I subtract about 4 inches cuz that dudes a midget.

No. 147254

I think I saw Mango flavored Picky in a store in Orlando.

Anyway, I think she looks cute, and is slowly reverting back into Tenerife-England Venus (which is the stage I liked the most). However, I feel her newer and older fans may start saying she is acting childish again not realizing this is a gimmick. I want to believe most of them missed on her blogspot I think, that Venus Palermo and VA are different 'people'.
Oh, and it might be odd due to the fact that most of those older clothes she has may look silly on her, but something like what she's wearing in the video would suffice (I honestly hate the vintage look Venus was trying to go for.)

And I've been wondering, if she realized she messed up by dropping Nico, can she go back to it now? I mean, there are dancers older than her, but there are dancers way younger than her (and cuter) too.
I mean she has a few more years before she is called 'old' by some, so can she really take another crack at it?
Her singing was terrible, but her dancing was….Decent/meh. And her odd short videos and clogs were pretty interesting Imo.

OImo.r she can become a jvlogger/jeater/mukbang person.

No. 147255

Sorry my tablet sucks when it comes to writing.

No. 147257

Srsly I love the old Venus.

No. 147262

>can she go back to it now?
I mean she could and just not bring up her age. The oldest odorite is the purple haired dude from a cosplay group and he's almost 40. there's also a lot who are popular who are early to mid 20s.

No. 147279

Yes. This really contributes to the discussion. Thanks PULLtards for flooding lolcow and filling it with random bragging about yourself.

No. 147290

Not everyone here is from PULL, jeez.

No. 147305

but people who contribute nothing but "i'm so tiny hehe" should go back from wherever they came from

No. 147307


Using the PULL insult is just easier for some. It's probably some butthurt weeb who has the height of shite kek

No. 147311


She COULD get back into nico again thus having a large group of followers already is a plus. But again there is too many girls who are younger, cuter, better gimmick and fresh faces who could out do Venus.

I said this ages ago, it's going to be difficult for Venus to get famous in Japan now. She should have kept nico back then and it would have gotten her somewhere, I really do think it would have. Now she's just… well trying anything to get noticed.

We're SEEN her, there is NOTHING she can really offer. She's done the doll thing, she's persuaded us all that she's a 'real doll' and done the kawaii bs. Everything.

No one is interested in her as much as they used to be.

She should just get back into education, proper education and YT on the side if I'm honest.

No. 147326

Well said. She should go to university and get a degree in something. Leaver her kawaii doll desu life in the past and move on.

No. 147341

She did say she wants to study phycology in one of her vlogs. I think it'll be a good start in being indepestinky.Y'Know, stay in a dorm, make friends, or get an apartment, learn basic adult responsibilities instead of moving when shot gets hard and stinky.
But ink if Japan would accept them, unless she shoots for her GED(idk if everywhere has this though), and goes for an online college. And does whatever requirements needed for her career.

Vid related, I think it was this one, but listening to it again it could be just Japanese she was studying(but idk what the Japanese word for phycology would be)

No. 147404

I think she just said that to get people off her back tbh, she just seems to say she wants to study the first thing that comes to mind. Like that time she said she wanted to be an astronaut in an interview. I don't see her going to uni or even taking her high school education seriously in the near future, I just see her clinging on to what she used to be for a few more years before resigning herself to her wasted years and getting her shit together

No. 147423

Autocorrect gone wild?

No. 147442

Tbh I believe she actually does want to study something. She's what, 17? It's not like 17-year-olds have their whole life figured out anyway, when I was 17 I wanted to be a translator and now I'm in biglaw. Those things change.

I know she's a smart girl despite the cutesy exterior. The question is, will mama Margo ever let her grow up?

No. 147446

hard and stinky indepenstinky :^))

No. 147452

Holy crap, I just sorry my tablet is malfunctioning by duplicating words when I'm actually deleting them, fixing words back to the wrong spelling after I already manually fixed it, and it's randomly placing the cursor in random areas.
Lemme do some damage control:
Ink=idk (thing is, it tells me it recognizes the word so idk why its changing it)
indepenstinky=independent(or maybe I was trying to say independently)

I want to believe the astronaut thing was a joke to keep up the innocent child thing, or show people she has great dreams. But honestly, she should know that being an astronaut takes years of dedication and logic.

And yeah sshe's only 18, but the only thing she has going for her now is the dolly image, old Japanese neckbeards, babby weebs, language school, and her mom.

No. 147453

You have to have at a minimum, a BA in engineering, biology, math, or physical science, but NASA prefers PhD's and Master's degrees.

You also have to pass a physical and have 1,000 hours flight experience as a pilot in command.

Not saying it's impossible for Venus, but it would require getting away from her mom and doing what SHE wants.

No. 147465

I don't care about who is taller, skinnier and such. It just doesn't contribute to shit when people just randomly brag about themselves and that pisses people off

No. 147468

Yeah fairly sure she was joking.

No. 147582

Turned 18 last February. She has time.

No. 147726

I don't know how smart she is, but I don't think it really matters how intelligent or capable Venus is if her mother is still hanging around. Margo is holding her back, living vicariously through her. I think Margo's also pampered her to a point where Venus doesn't have a good work ethic, at least not the sort required for formal education.

No. 148209

File: 1438387925824.jpg (96.87 KB, 640x640, 11410379_295146313942856_12724…)

Seems like they are 24h together again since a while when margo isn't going out clubbing, they always make the photos for each other at the same places.

No. 148245


That's fucking sad.

If I told my mother to do that she'd tell me to go fuck myself lol

No. 148616

i want to see a movie about that kind of mother daughter relationship. it's so freaky and weird. there's got to me a movie like that, right?

No. 148619

No. 148629

Grey Gardens (the doc, not the Drew Barrymore crap), Mildred Pierce (1945 version), Tangled, Precious, and Carrie (original version) come to mind.

No. 149077

I find Venus' accent really hard to understand sometimes…

No. 149082

Don't forget Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, though that'd be more about Venus herself

No. 149092

Baby Jane would be Margaret tbh. Well currently. If we had to base it on the future? Then it can be flung to Venus.

No. 149246

i've actually seen all of those and baby jane (one of my favs). you guys might enjoy reading about june havoc too.

No. 150218


Not a movie, but there is a true crime case involving Munchausen's (mom dressed daughter in children's clothing and pretended that she had a host of illnesses) that is fascinating and contains a twisted mother-daughter relationship: the Gypsy Rose Blanchard case - http://thoughtcatalog.com/m-j-pack/2015/06/terrifying-facebook-post-leads-to-discovery-of-brutally-murdered-mother-and-her-missing-disabled-daughter/

No. 151151

File: 1438702596010.jpg (130.2 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)


No. 151157

Is she bleaching her hair again? Eh, either way, it looks pretty nice in this state. Copper always did look good on her somewhat.
Also, what fashion is this, larme? Otona kawaii?
Oh and switch the shoe color to maybe Brown or white(Brown socks maybe).

No. 151159

That's the same shye she already tried to pull of at the time of her CD donation scam, I doubt it will last long this time either because her followers are such because they want to see kawaii jfash and nothing so casual.

No. 151164

File: 1438703882759.jpg (93.59 KB, 911x911, 11429780_907652899273501_93131…)

Yep, she ruined her hair again. with letting her mom bleach it.

No. 151177

Why can't they both learn form mistakes? If they didn't use olaplex or whatever that supposedly magic stuff is called her hair will be ruined again soon.

No. 151196

does this actually work?

No. 151199

(if they're still in JPN) Maybe she wasn't getting enough attention as a brunette in Japan?

No. 151200

don't wanna jump aboard the 'ana-chan Venus train' but her arms are looking a bit too skinny there

No. 151201

Its onee gyaru

No. 151202

That's because the whole photo is deformed because of the mirror+angle+squishing, her skull is nowhere this slim and long.

No. 151323

Oh my goodness, thank you for this!
These guys are great!
Glasses guy got my heart swoon

No. 151356


4 u anon

No. 151406

File: 1438721278099.jpg (10.27 KB, 140x140, 202_s.jpg)

omg, thank you. thank you.

No. 151659

Random but are Venus and Margaret gypsies?

No. 151664

No but tax evaders.

No. 151774

Yeah, that's probably why. Her hair is fucking ruined thanks to her and her mom stupidly believing that hair salons are scams.

No. 151807

>Megane fetish intensifies.

No. 151808

Japanese salons are some of the best salons I've ever been to. Why doesn't she just GO THERE??

No. 151809

Margo's face is disgusting. Is she in her late 50s?

No. 151810

>almost 40
Daaaayum. Would hold his hand gently/10

No. 151917

No, she is 40.

No. 152217

///we are such weebs wtf also no problem he is ruining my life///

No. 152226

Wtf is with the SJW shitstorm on her wannabe-gyaru pic.

No. 152418

She's a very, very very hard 40 years old. Margaret has some shitty genetics to look so haggard that early. Venus looks older than her age too and I feel a teeny tiny bit bad for her for having something she has no control over. Then I remember she's a huge asshole like her mom.

No. 152780

File: 1438872118983.jpg (122.95 KB, 640x640, 11375872_1500732690147470_1674…)

The funny thing is that they got their looks from Margo's father but at him it didn't look old.

No. 152794

Idk, Venus kinda looks like a gentler version of her grandmother(??)…

No. 152809

Venus is looking skinnier these days. Is it shoop or did she really lose a bunch of weight?

No. 152824

She looks less skinny than in her photos in her videos but prolly both but I think it's rather because the main phase of puperty is already over.

No. 152935

She's only 40? Most 40 year olds have a little bit of wrinkles, but usually look fine. She seriously looks 15-20 years older. Hard 40 year old indeed. jfc, she must of been hitting the bottle or something else.

No. 152936

It does. It's just very hard to get a hold of unless you are a hairdresser or know one personally.

No. 152937

Haha. I know some hairdressers are much better than others, but salons being scams? No, that's like saying doctors are scam artists and trying to get your mom to operate on your appendix.

No. 153010

Watch 'My Little Princess'…it resembles Margo & Venus so hard that it's downright eerie. (including the parts about pandering to loli fetishists)

No. 153033

File: 1438893911344.jpg (29.57 KB, 300x400, MyLittlePrincess2010Poster.jpg)

Holy shit anon, that's eerie…even the promo poster for it looks like Venus and Margo.

No. 153347

File: 1438913958147.jpg (63.02 KB, 640x640, 11357477_1629360360677029_9386…)

They really do love fried blonde hair do they? Margo says they don't go to salons because they are "overpriced".

No. 153417

The description in this video says it all. http://youtu.be/Ak3_boRkGmg I haven't been in the business long but how in the hell is it possible to cut off someone's eyebrow during a bang trim??? At least make your story believable, Penus.

Indeed, some stylists are better than others but they're both dumbasses.

No. 153420

I'm a hairdresser is it drives me nuts when people think this. You are paying for someone's time, knowledge not to fuck up your hair, as well as the products being used IN YOUR HAIR.

Margo is a cunt and she deserves all that fried hay hair. You can have nice hair even if it's bleached. You just have to do it properly and then maintain it.

No. 153424

Venus looked so much better with black/dark brown hair.

And arghgh.. argh to both of them. I really hope the worst on them. They are thieves after all. And a thief will judge you by their standards.

No. 153432

It's not impossible, I've cut myself into the lid before as my straightened hair lies flat right against my face.

No. 153436

That's more common though than cutting your eyebrow off… I've never heard of that.

No. 153452

Seriously. Even if she did magically get an eyebrow cut off during a bang trim, she'd have a nasty cut that'd require stitches which would leave a scar and possibly permanently fuck up her eyebrows.

No. 153461

To be fair, I have 'afro kinky' hair and I try to do my hair as much as possible at home, because some hairdressers pretend (even if they went to school) to know shit, but they don't, and completely FUCK shit up(yes I know it's not going to be common, or unlikely, but I wouldn't brush it off) So I don't blame them for not wanting to go.

Granted, both Venus and Margo have hair that is commonly taught about, so they shouldn't have too much of a hard time finding a good salonist. Plus, with something like bleach that could fuck shit up on it's own, I wouldn't anyone but a professional (and someone with high reviews) to do it.
Oh and, remember they are there with not much money, or getting money from an unknown source, so I wouldn't doubt that they'll skip a salon trip for a cheaper option.

No. 153709

seen it. pretty good, too. but don't insult isabelle huppert like that pls

No. 154048

She looks wayyy better with the "American" makeup and no circle lenses. More doll-like too.

No. 154056

There hardly is a difference between the makups besides the fake lashes, circle lens and lip color as she squints at both to get aegyo sal.

No. 154057

the American makeup reminds me of her look during the "begging for money so i can make an album" phase

No. 154060


1. im tired of these "which nationality make up looks better"

2. screams gimme compliments and tell me "u look beta japanese xo"

3. another reason for weebs to shit themselves and claim japan is best so japanese make up is obv better than us make up

No. 154062

I've never seen anyone in America wearing this type of make up on the street, to a party, in a movie, nothing. Won't deny though, it suits her well.
The Japanese make up on the other hand (in the initial thumbnail) makes her look old and as if she wants to cry.

No. 154065

its really weird seeing her with a bare face because you can actually see how her face is turning into an adult's/margo's. Also what is this buzzfeed tier shit video? I miss anime cupcakes crazy weenus

No. 154110

anywhere to watch/download with english subs?

No. 154121

That "American" makeup looks closer to vintage pin up than anything else, aka costume makeup. The Japanese makeup is also pretty bad. All she did was minor changes such as using circle lenses, enhancing eye bags, and the lip color.

No. 154125

oh my god please. the american makeup did not look like a costume. she looked WAY better with it.

No. 154128

She should make more videos that don't involve her speaking.

No. 154129

all the girls in the comments saying she looked better with the jap makeup were all giant weebs.

No. 154131

yeah i agree the makeups she did for the US still looked a little asian

No. 154138

it's on youtube if you search it, it's like the first thing that comes up i think :)

No. 156613

File: 1439314337659.jpg (57.46 KB, 817x817, 11351661_396605950534677_14485…)

I don't understand why she bleached her hair to hell when she would just dye it only brown anyways.

No. 156615

File: 1439314558562.png (563.43 KB, 534x659, Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 18.3…)

Man, her outfits are always terrible. I don't think I've ever seen one I liked even slightly.

No. 156619

There's nothing going on behind her eyes, she is dead inside

No. 156622

I'm feelin' for the ends of her hair.
Why can't she just give it a break, keep it dark and let it grow out nicely instead of eventually fucking it up with bleach all the time?

No. 156623

Mommy won't let her probably

No. 156628

she looks like a different person, holy shit

No. 156633


ergh it was only a matter of time she'd show up on there…

No. 156635

Her legs are really skinny though, even without photoshop. Wonder if she does have an ED.

No. 156636

File: 1439315649011.png (21.67 KB, 513x78, Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 18.5…)

Everyone's saying it's not AATP… and generally insulting her haha

No. 156639


Venus is looking for a new scapegoat for fame I guess. Any way to get fame. She won't get it, if she looks basic here then it won't happen kek