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File: 1529119389356.jpg (172.87 KB, 482x525, 1528778573093.jpg)

No. 531786

First thread: First >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>526950

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay


Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun

Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, xmariahmalladx

Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad

Google Drive:

Attn: Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/snow/386826

The basics:
>Originally 'thicc Samus' with 2+ lipo sessions now trying keep some semblance of a figure (and failing miserably) all while lying by saying she's exercising
>So laughably bad at making cosplays; gets 90% of costumes commissioned/bought and then makes gloves so she can credit herself as a talented cosplayer and claim her money is "hard-earned"
>Does "boudoir"/softcore porn shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>Thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame where she'll loiter around booths/other cosplayers or pretend to be a con guest
>Has to beg for money, con passes, or just ghosts at cons despite +$10k/month on Patreon, not above bullying staff to get a free 'Professional' badge
>Pretends to know about the series she cosplays, despite evidence proving otherwise; will tweet profound essays to prove her expert fan knowledge
>Has lewded young characters for the attention; backpedals after backlash
>Goes on crazy media tirades against people like old fuckboy KBBQ, old photog, yet preaches about being nice to everyone
>Constantly goes on pity party rants or videos, trying to make people feel bad for her about things that are happening to her when she’s done the same
>Lies about attending college even in the face of mountains of evidence proving otherwise
>Rips off a dress design from indie designer MyOppa, denies it and has yet to make an "official statement" about her blatant bullshit
>Also rips of well-known hentai character as her original character and mascot, once again denies it
>Yes, her photos are being used for a KIK FOR FAT ad
>apparently "used to lift", was sorely butthurt when multiple liftfags told her that her body form was dangerously off

>Mookunt retracts her hate rant against Lisa Lou Who when she ~discovers new information~. No apology given to LLW yet.
>When she isn't lying on the couch eating junk food and being a lazy shit, she likes to hang around Albertson's harassing Vamplettes as she's working her manager job
>Are Overtflow and Moo fucking? Why would he want to plug her when he has a hot girlfriend? More at 11.
>Wants to record more cosplay videos, probably shouldn't. Wants to ~expand on her autism over 07th expansion~
>Cried a lot over anime but we all know it's her weight gain, isolation and overall shittiness feeding into depression
>Cosplayed fat!Sakura Matou, diabeetus cow with OEnvyus, Cadbury creme egg with Misotokki, Slave Leia with overgrown pit stubble and Pochaco with Akemi101xoxo
>Manager-san Emerson makes a appearance, is just Moo with a dick
>Doesn't know how to pluck brows or wax staches

No. 531789

File: 1529119556333.png (1.08 MB, 720x1144, Screenshot_2018-06-15-19-11-46…)

No. 531790

File: 1529119578124.png (1.08 MB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-06-15-19-13-33…)

No. 531791

File: 1529119598977.png (794.2 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-06-15-19-13-50…)

No. 531792

File: 1529119658545.png (447.29 KB, 808x592, Screenshot 2018-06-15 at 8.27.…)

im sure they look like shit

No. 531793

Here's looking forward to Moo's Peruvian adventure at the end of the month!

I'm also looking forward to her ghosting Blizzcon and DragonCon because she's not going to get very fucking far into either venue with her usual antics.

No. 531794

File: 1529119785477.png (235.26 KB, 342x655, Screenshot 2018-06-15 at 8.29.…)

surprised she didn't ghost the one day of e3 with Vamp tbh

No. 531795

Goodness, even with one inch thick foundation it doesn't hide her dry skin, pimples and other shit. I was going to say in a few years her face is going to melt… but then I remembered what she looked like without the face tape

No. 531797

Is this this supposed to be Tifa? It looks tragic.

No. 531803

She looks like a 48 year old politician.

When was Leia ever in the fucking ocean as a slave? It was a desert, Mariah. Which I'm 100% sure that you can find in California. She's so fucking retarded that it truly boggles my mind.

No. 531804

Why is there a grown woman wearing a diaper at the beach.

No. 531805

what is that wig? does she not know how to braid? Slave Leia is probably the easiest thot cosplay imaginable, just a long brown wig and the costume. how did you manage to fuck that up?

No. 531806


Oh look, Moo's invisible hat pose again

No. 531807

Ah yes i remember in rotj when after killing and eatting jabba leia went to the beach and strolled along thinking deep thoughts. Moos attention to details and scenery really is 100%

No. 531808


Wtf is up with the white spot on her hip? Lol ms paint levels of shoop.

No. 531809

in her defense, there were a couple of promotional images of Leia in her slave outfit on the beach with some storm troopers or some shit. she probably googled "Slave Leia" saw those and just went I CAN DO THAT BUT ~BETTER~

No. 531810

That was a parody or a random photoshoot if I recall. Not in any of the movies.

No. 531811

For the love of god somebody get her to buy new underwear

No. 531812

you can see the lace she didn’t cut away enough in like all these pics and did anyone notice the absolutely AWFUL attempt at nose contour in her Slave Leia closeups in the last thread? lmao

No. 531813

its her chunk li wig

No. 531816

Did she tie it together with yarn? Lmao! Such a horrid cosplay how do you fuck up slave leia? Its literally a bikini a braided wig and a collar. Ffs

No. 531817

Too bad no one has a rancor for slave Jabba.

No. 531823

File: 1529124143623.png (524.54 KB, 808x594, Screenshot 2018-06-15 at 9.43.…)

No. 531829

Security at E3 was extreme this year, so much that even some developers were tweeting about it. They had too many check points and were checking if ID matched the badges. She knows better to not fuck with E3.

No. 531831

File: 1529125091176.jpg (34.99 KB, 480x599, 1506396613876.jpg)

Is she seriously wearing those ratty grey panties…

And lmao those tiny hands on those hammy arms. She has arms like a t-rex.

No. 531836

I guess she figures that squarenoodles is going to shoop the ever-living fuck out of her gut and fupa again, might as well have him shoop out that ratty thong too!

No. 531842

File: 1529126266174.png (355.14 KB, 350x654, Screenshot 2018-06-15 at 10.17…)

No. 531843

File: 1529126276352.png (267.17 KB, 348x654, Screenshot 2018-06-15 at 10.18…)

No. 531846

You can't hide face taping if your hair is pulled back, anon

No. 531848

Not gonna wash off the sand and saltwater huh. Nasty asses.

And why is she wearing house slippers outside? Luna Slater vibes. She also wore that same shirt yesterday.

No. 531852

File: 1529128553705.jpeg (15.66 KB, 180x243, 545970EE-87D3-41F8-9293-83D1F7…)

Everyone keeps calling her Jaba, but she looks more like Jabba’s fat dancer Yarna D’al Gargan

No. 531859

I'm still hoping for a Jabba/Leia collab with Vamp.

No. 531864

File: 1529130930636.jpg (472.13 KB, 934x2053, 20180615_233535.jpg)


No. 531869

Moo had over 1k patreons at one point didn't she? And now she's struggling to break 700. Hilarious.

No. 531872

File: 1529133456413.jpeg (352.14 KB, 729x1060, B20FD693-7341-45A4-A3E3-25FF38…)

For perspective, this is the base cosplay in XL… which she had to mod by taking the whole center out and adding leather ties and removing the sides which were probably cutting into her..

No. 531873

File: 1529134118547.png (228.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180616-002717.png)

No. 531874

File: 1529134137590.png (221.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180616-002723.png)

No. 531875

take a shot for every time she says lewd

No. 531878


Take another everytime something she wears is wrong and another one when cringe level thirst is posted to her feed

No. 531879

I don't know how she made the Slave Leia bottom look like a diaper but we'll, here we are…

No. 531885

can someone please upload the snap or whatever where she said shes done with lewds and attach it with the patreon description

No. 531891

File: 1529145601665.png (34.49 KB, 272x401, Shion_Matsuri3.png)

Reference who don't know what the Angel Mort uniform looks like, forest kun about to work overtime again. And her linebacker shoulder and hammy arms are going to be exposed, oh boy.

No. 531892

No. 531898

Her torso looks somewhat different or it’s just me? Her stomach seems flatter.

No. 531904

i'd like to live thanks.

No. 531905

what are you referring to?

No. 531909

They went to a public beach to take photos. They couldn't find a changing room or a restroom instead of stripping on the street?

No. 531912

This is very common at the beach though.

No. 531919

Her midsection also looks strange to me. It's straight as a tree trunk now. I wouldn't be surprised if she had gotten more lipo done.

No. 531920

File: 1529161171592.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1242x1686, E48DC334-2AA2-4582-8C1C-FB913F…)

This is how her top is supposed to look worn.. lol.

No. 531923

idk what ghetto beach you go to but it's not.

No. 531924

Taking off shirts/pants when you're wearing a bathing suit underneath, yes.

Not stripping out of all your wet clothes/bathing suit to put on dry clothes next to a busy street with just a car door and your friend holding a towel to cover up your bits as you wiggle out of saltwater logged panties because not even Momo is dumb enough to wear those all damned day.

That's called public indecency.

No. 531928

$500 for a costume that she had to break (alter) because she's too fat to wear it, wtf
Girl you can buy one of these for like 50 why spend 500

No. 531939

Based on the rigs in the background I'd guess somewhere in North Orange County. Those beaches definitely have restrooms/changing rooms because they are busy in the summer. They're just tacky

No. 531965

her saggy tits don't even fill the bra out. Too bad she can''t take some of the back fat and redistribute it to her boobs

No. 531972

File: 1529177771843.png (567.01 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180616-143624.png)

No. 531974


Glad to see shes totes hiding that tattoo. Both here and slave jabba

No. 531977

The tattoos on that other chick look okay and almost feel like part of the trashy aesthetic but moo's tattoo just looks kind of basic and dumb.

Going through her instagram is so depressing. The more effort she puts in, the less likes/interactions she gets. All the on-location stuff with props and photoshoots gets literally a fraction of her shitty lewds. When will she just give up? It's like watching a fat gross maggot wriggling on a fork.

No. 531981

Why would she hide her tattoo on her OC? Seems nitpicky. Bitch about it when it shows up on her Slave Leia photoshoot.

Underrated comment. Many keks

No. 531983

Not sure where you two are from, but this is a regular occurrence at California beaches. Surfers/beachgoers change right by their car with nothing but a towel around them. Moo and vamp are trash, but this is not out of place.

No. 531992

Well she's with her boy toy at the KSI and Paul brother press conference. So is Vamp. Just a pit of leeches

No. 531995


She didnt hide it in her slave leia beach shoot either.

No. 531996


This is a natural consequence of the audience she's cultivated though, so it's no surprise. When her Samus cosplay blew up, she had a choice about whether she was going to try and be a serious cosplayer or if she was going to go for neckbeard dollars with lewd shoots, and she chose to go the lewd route. So of course, what's left of her fanbase doesn't care about on-location stuff or "big builds."

The smart thing to do at this point would be to focus on what makes her money instead of trying to prove the haterz wrong. But she won't do that because then she couldn't feel superior to other girls that she considers to be sex workers.

What's depressing is that there's still girls out there who somehow see her as a "role model" and an icon for "body positivity" and that outside of this board there's still a general reluctance on the part of the community to call her out for being a toxic mess.

No. 532001

File: 1529184917614.png (2.4 MB, 750x1334, 4F48CAC5-C66B-475B-ABC1-DD1CB6…)

No. 532002

File: 1529184995124.png (2.82 MB, 750x1334, 778BA769-A4AA-4340-A5BB-1C6E04…)

No. 532003

national geographic must be doing a feature on manimals

No. 532005

What I want to know is why would someone be taking photos while someone is trying to change?

No. 532006

>JuSt A cHeAt DaY mY dUdEs

No. 532008

and on today’s episode of things that didn’t happen

No. 532011

My thoughts exactly.. she was way too embarrassed to admit her back was too fat so she pretended MY BOOBIES TOO BIG.

Which farmer tried to get a candid of her lmao. She pretends it’s because she’s “soooo famous”

No. 532012

That happened

No. 532018

Whoever did this come forward my brethren haha

No. 532023

>Why would she hide her tattoo on her OC?
'cause four threads ago, she said she would: >>517656

No. 532024

the tattoos make it look like some cheap porno

No. 532025

Jesus has she gotten even more work done on her midsection? She's looking even more grotesque than before. She needs to fucking stop with this right now. It's not even funny anymore, her body is going to be so fucked up.

But anon, she's SO much more than lewds! She wants to tone it down!

No. 532028

to be fair, if I saw the living embodiment of Donkey Kong walking down the street, i'd whip out my camera too.

No. 532037

File: 1529190900110.png (735.29 KB, 575x626, warp.png)

No. 532039

File: 1529191568879.jpg (86.24 KB, 640x438, Art-Print-Poster-Princess-Leia…)

No. 532041

Does this metal bra have a strap that you can't see because of her fat spilling over it or is it her fat so used to being strangled that it's now permanently shaped like there's a strap underneath it?

Also >>532039 Carrie didn't induce vomit when she did it, Mariah. You do.

No. 532043

It has a strap hidden by her fat, like on the Carrie pic.

God, Moo literally looks like a kraken rising from the sea, not a hot young girl frolickinf in the waves. Why even try to emulate this iconic shoot if you're just going to wade around (and have a grotesque mishappen body from all the lipo instead of losing weight like a normal person).

No. 532047

Top is so crooked can’t even fit her lmao

No. 532059

This is insulting. No respect. She's going to try to make it look like she's such a fan and she did it to honor her I'm disgusted. No respect. Go away Mariah.

No. 532062


Nope. There’s no strap at all actually. The original item she bought from the seller DID have a strap around it, but she took it off because her “boobs were too big” (her back fat was too much for it to handle). The whole thing is literally being stuck and held in place with fashion tape on her tits

No. 532073

Why does she give such bunk measurements to the people she commissions? Like take a tape measure and measure your real tits, not the ones you had two years ago.

No. 532074

So sexy and cute when that character was forced into sexual slavery amirite.

No. 532076

File: 1529195131495.gif (989.83 KB, 450x254, 1RuaI5I.gif)

No. 532082

If she tried to make this out to be some sort of tribute to Carrie she's in for a rude awakening. Carrie was very outspoken about how much she despised the slave Leia outfit and how she had to starve herself to fit in it.

No. 532084

Wow, that's sad. She's literally shaped like tires piled on top of each other

No. 532087

That's even more hilarious then because if you look at the fat spillage on the side of her boob, it looks like she's wearing something with a strap, you just can't see the strap. There is no strap though and it's just her fat permanently shaped like that after wearing straps that were too tight for too long.

No. 532093

Michelin Moo

No. 532095

She was wearing the corset so much it molded her fat like playdough… but it made her fat mold into another set of breasts and moved some to her thighs… like if you squeezed a toothpaste tube from the middle

No. 532101

Mooriah just wanted to do this shoot cause she's on coke too

No. 532103

It makes me so sad to think about how horrible it was for Carrie. How often she talks about how much she DESPISES this costume and how she had to be on so much cocaine to even stand doing this photoshoot
All for some cow to recreate it

No. 532104

i wouldn't feel hurt by anything mariah does, she's just some empty and disingenuous hoe

No. 532105

Is anyone gonna talk about how cringey it is that Mariah, overt, and moochlette went to a freaking LOGAN PAUL event today? How desperate for attention can they get

No. 532109

Seriously? And not that long ago she was talking about what he did (although defending his illegal and disgusting actions)

No. 532110

you have the caps for this, yes?

No. 532111

Sure Jan, your paranoia is showing.

No. 532121

File: 1529205508386.jpg (279.85 KB, 666x999, 28943192128_ce2ff490ef_o.jpg)

It wasn't much. They were standing near the stage because Overtflow was hanging out with Ricegum and some other YTfags. It was KSI versus Logan Paul, they get into a fight, blah blah

No. 532125

Her bags have bags with bags. It's like a triple layer of eyebags.

No. 532129

File: 1529206916754.png (438.96 KB, 929x593, Screenshot 2018-06-16 at 8.42.…)

No. 532130

File: 1529206960703.png (322.3 KB, 927x593, Screenshot 2018-06-16 at 8.42.…)

No. 532131


Not every day you get to see a beached whale

No. 532133

On her ebay she bought a Umineko temp tattoo and something else from a no longer registered shop

No. 532135

Yeah. Coca-Cola.

No. 532136

File: 1529209451510.png (405.43 KB, 926x592, Screenshot 2018-06-16 at 9.24.…)

y e e s h

No. 532138

File: 1529209751797.png (75.64 KB, 964x458, Screenshot 2018-06-16 at 9.29.…)


No. 532140

File: 1529211096955.jpg (57.41 KB, 711x698, ny disgust.jpg)

No. 532141

That's some good mother-daughter bonding

No. 532142

She really needs to use a lip color and not just nude aka foundation lips. It doesn’t compliment her thin turtle shaped lips.

No. 532144

File: 1529215405482.png (1.36 MB, 750x1334, 50F273ED-5B66-45F0-A376-1AC43C…)

He’s she ever straight up admitted to doing drugs before? I feel like this is a first.

No. 532145

No she's been all 'hurr durr muh ediblez are making me so hiiiiiigh my dudes' before. She also vapes weed on the regular.

No. 532146

Yes she's mentioned she uses her vape for weed before.

No. 532147

During a live stream she bitched about how she does weed because of bullies

No. 532148

How awkward it must have been for Mariah, who of course must have made it VERY clear irl that she dislikes Ricegum, like she publicly stated when she was trying to suck up to Ian and the like after he made his CC on him

just kidding she's a pussy and would actually never lmao

No. 532149

she could've lied that better like saying she has migraines

No. 532154

oh my god, her eye bags are bigger than her lips. wow.

No. 532155

lmao it looks like she deleted this
Aww were people not giving you enough ass pats for your made up stories?

It's funny because Vamps asks him why he brought them there and he goes "You just showed up". Looks like even her main leeches are getting fed up.

No. 532160

Anon im dying. Someone make an edit

No. 532163

Can you share where that was said?

No. 532168

Trash attracts trash. They're all fucking pathetic, a Logan Paul event is perfect for them all.

No. 532170

I'm pretty sure it was on Vamps clips when they were at the Logan shitfest.
She pans over to him and asks and that's his response.

No. 532171

I saw it. It kind of makes Mariah look like a stalker(we all know that it was her idea to stalk OverT) and she dragged her dog, I mean Collette along.

No. 532177

File: 1529232805923.png (182.53 KB, 366x416, banana.PNG)


why does she post pictures like this of herself? she looks like simple jack

No. 532181

File: 1529236681305.png (2.52 MB, 1920x1011, huntingtonbeach.png)


I immediately knew where this was, this is right next to the Huntington Beach Dog Beach. Flip the streetview around and you can see the oil rig in the background of her photo.

No. 532182

File: 1529237018483.png (3.59 MB, 1920x1011, huntingtonbeach2.png)


Pretty sure that's where they were parked, and if memory serves, that building right next to them is the bathroom.

No. 532183

I mean I know the linguistics major joke is old, but come on

No. 532185

She's copying JNig.

No. 532186

File: 1529242356519.jpeg (361.84 KB, 2048x2048, 24883155-B20B-4317-968F-E10553…)

R o u g h

No. 532187


fuck she looks like Michael Jackson

No. 532192

holy kek

such a star wars fan muh doodes

No. 532197

File: 1529247720609.png (123.35 KB, 272x187, tatt.png)

She didn't even bother to cover up her tattoo …. like she said she would.
Lazy fuck.

No. 532199

Just one quick glance at JNig’s Instagram and it’s pretty disturbing how obvious it becomes that moo is just blatantly (and extremely lazily) trying to copy everything she does

No. 532200

Guys chill. I think she meant in post. Which is what a lot of cosplayers do. A lot of you are literally nitpicking. Just relax.

No. 532201

If I remember right, she said she doesnt even like SW. Bitch is literally doing it just for money and all the SOLO movie clips just to try to get cred so she wont be called out on it.

No. 532202

she doent edit it out even in her Patreon posts where have u been lol? do u not remember or read what she said when she got the tattoo?

No. 532203

Oh my god it’s a tattoo, who fucking cares. Many cosplayers have them, some choose to hide them,some don’t. Move the hell on.

No. 532204

She also kept bringing up 'lol I can use make up to cover it up, dudes' which she also doesn't bother doing. Lazy cow.

No. 532205

Dog beach? Makes sense. And that picture of vamp makes her look like one of the beachcomber birds looking for scraps.

No. 532206

lol ok obvious samefag the point people are making is that she said she would cover it up but ofc she's not cus she's a lazy bitch even tho apparently she's obsessed with details

No. 532209

Maybe the star wars fandom can chase her off ig like they did with Kelly Marie tran

No. 532210


Did she get more lipo done? Her midsection looks slimmer.

No. 532212

File: 1529253641597.png (531.14 KB, 925x590, Screenshot 2018-06-17 at 9.40.…)


No. 532213

File: 1529253979777.png (256.36 KB, 444x366, lolwhat.PNG)

>For teaching me structure

No. 532214


He must be so proud of you flopping your tits out for money. Happy father's day.

No. 532215

Moo is so desperate to make her father's accomplishments her own that she used a naked greasy picture of him to say Happy Father's Day. How hard would it be to use a normal picture? What a creep.

No. 532216

Can’t be arsed to dig up a photo but her dad looks like a haggard hobo these days so I understand why she picked this photo lmao

No. 532222

Rifht? How about a picture of them together smiling like a normal father and daughter. But wait, that's right, she doesn't have any of those.

No. 532224

She’s only posting this not to show any gratitude or genuine love toward her father, but a way to pat herself on the ass like “see? My dad is all muscle and fit so I am that too!!!!!”

No. 532226

It's funny because she posted her mom with a normal recent photo but her dad is obviously someone she's scared of. Scared as in strict. Her mom was the enabler, not a person teaching her discipline. That's why her mom goes with her to these conventions to sell her half naked photos. She brought her dad to Oregon and ""couldn't be herself"; you can see that in her instastories where she made inside anime jokes, her dad goes "what" and she quickly retracts with "nevermind"

No. 532227

>me me me me me me me
>dad greased up in underwear

yeah i bet hes real proud did he see that comment by the guy who said hes beat off like 10 times already to your pics and wants to suck on your tits

No. 532241


My fav comment on any picture is the "if a thousand painters took a thousand years" yea if they did a lifesized portrait of her that might take that long and thousands of gallons of paint.

No. 532242

File: 1529262393874.jpeg (604.57 KB, 750x1095, C5AE0AC4-EC4F-42D7-961B-8042B1…)

No. 532244

File: 1529263104443.gif (1.87 MB, 277x167, nah fam.gif)

their faces (even with a mask on) just makes this look so bad

No. 532245

Thats nice sadly Rider is not ugly and Sakura is not fat.

No. 532248

File: 1529264160855.jpg (429.57 KB, 667x670, c2f.jpg)

vamplette is still ugly as shit even with a mask on how is that possible

No. 532249

Looks like fucking Jeffree Star

No. 532264

I kind of think at this point she is. I did some "stalking" of my own and noticed Overt has half a mill subscribers and some of his videos have a million to two million views. He was invited to the Logan Paul event with his little gang of youtubers. I think Moomoo has always tried to get in with the youtube crowd because on twitter she was always randomly babbling about Logan or Pewdiepie or Gabby Hannah, it was always someone. So now she thinks that Overt is her friend shes trying to dig her way into the community. At this point she just looks like a desperate loser who's fifteen minutes of fame are up in cosplay, so now shes chasing it in other places. I dont want to defend Overt because hes a fuckboy, but he will dump her soon once her smothering gets too overwhelming.
Shes a fame whore and she used cosplay to try and become famous but now shes realizing cosplay doesnt get you as far as being an interesting youtuber or a beauty guru. But shes too boring for that.
Thats why it always got me so pissed off that she said the cosplay community is so special and she loves it and all this bullshit she spewed because she was only ever using it to become "internet famous".
I hope everyone eventually comes around and realizes this just like we did.

No. 532267

File: 1529268622878.png (988.26 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180617-043308.png)

In case nobody has seen she did manage to get into the latex

No. 532268


Not dame fag, but seriously calm down about the tattoo. Its as shitty an argument as her boob vein and the farmhands habe already made their point about that too.

No. 532269

It's the nose, it's turned way too far down. Vamp's snaggletooth problems probably don't help either since it's likely they've fucked up her jaw shape.

Moo is just fat and hideous, like a bloated corpse.

No. 532270

wow she's so into it huh

No. 532271

File: 1529268730393.jpg (48.04 KB, 250x250, 1516640243462.jpg)

Even all that shoop can't make Moo look good.

No. 532272

Holy shit, Moos arm is as thick as Elizabeth's waist!

No. 532276

Why do her “sexy faces” always look like Down syndrome

No. 532280

In practically every photo where she’s posing “erotically” with another woman, she’s staring at the camera instead of at the other girl. She had no problem looking at KBBQ or CastleCosplay. So bi, my dudes!

No. 532282


Someone commented about her looking like snorlax lmao. Elizabeth rage is another pos in the community. Notorious for being a bitch and a cheap ass

No. 532283

I remember all those awkward hand on boob pics with KBBQ tho. Mariah seems real asexual to me lol

No. 532289

No, the rest of her is getting fatter.

No. 532291

Underrated comment

No. 532296

She is basically asexual. She could never love anyone as much as she loves herself. And she is way too immature and has way too many daddy issues to have a healthy sexual relationship.

No. 532297

if you're fat why would you want to pose with a skinny person? it literally just shows how fat you are

No. 532298


Why is the skin between her eyebrows so pitted like that??? Jesus her skin looks horrid. What on earth is wrong with her. I've seen obese women with better skin than her. I don't understand.

No. 532299

Pretty sure this is old though? I'm pretty sure she did this with Rage when she first got the dress.

No. 532302

I think they’re huge ass pores from her never taking care of her skin.

No. 532303

She’s not asexual at all. She has an extreme thirst for asian fuckboy dick, she’s just too awkward and unsexy in general but that’s not asexual.

No. 532307

she can't call people out on running away for taking candids when she waddles away from con security, runs from fights and runs when she sexually harasses people. Probably why her dumb butt deleted this.

No. 532309

And also takes videos of children without permission and videotapes while mocking girls for their hair, she's a dumbass who complains about people taking photos of her cottage cheese ass when she does the same shit

No. 532313

She's worse though. She does shit out of spite, to break the rules and to mock people. People taking candids of her is just trying to show how much photoshop is needed to hide her lumps. She managed to trick so many neckbeards she isn't obese.

Place your bets that by next year she will be morbidly obese with a deformed 30 inch lipo waist.

No. 532314

Not sure how ya'll came to the asexual conclusion or maybe you don't know what it means?? Mariah is thirsty for dick and shows that often. Weither it's going for guys who have girlfriends, or going after asian boys who want nothing to do with her. She's always trying to get dick, but no one wants to fuck her lumpy ass.

No. 532316

Even lipo isn't managing to give her a waist anymore. I doubt she'd ever be able to manage that as much as she tries.

No. 532319


Cant imagine why nobody will stick around. I mean who DOESN'T want a girlfriend that uses a claw toy in public, cant speak without yelling, bounces around like a Pomeranian on crack, and has worn the same underwear since 2015? Shes a real catch.

No. 532321

it's gotten so bad she practically dry humps drunken guys at parties or at cons while screeching. Can't fuck a guy while he's silver anymore. Maybe why she parties every other day

No. 532323

She's thirsty and horny because sex = validation to her
That's why she keeps doing the lewds, outside of it being the only reason she still has Patrons

No. 532324

I don't even know if that post was her trying to pretend she so popular randos on the street snap candids of her like their the fucking paparazzi, or if it's a stab at all the haterzzzz. Of all the hundreds of grotesque unshopped photos 9/10 come from her own instagram stories. No one needs to take candids of her because she does it for us.

No. 532326

But she doesn't want them for normal reasons. She has to fuck an asian, or at least appear to be doing it, to validate her oh so Japanese centric fake personality. they aren't even people to her. Just things.

No. 532329

She's incredibly insecure and she's demonstrated that over and over again. The infamous "cheap spandex suit" quote is a great example of that.

That's why she lurks here and why she feels the need to prove herself as a cosplayer with all these big builds and on-location shoots that her patrons don't care about because they just want to see lewds.

That's also why she's inevitably going to become a camgirl at some point, because it's going to provide her with that validation that she needs, especially now that her hugbox on Twitter is gone.

No. 532332

I'd honestly be surprised if her parents were ever okay with her becoming a camgirl

No. 532333


It's definitely a stab at the haterzzz. Whenever she's lied about how popular she is, it's always been with comments like, "OMG guise, i can't believe how many people wanted to stop and take pictures with me." or something along those lines.

It's just further proof that she lurks here and that the paranoia is getting to her.

No. 532338


Given all the gross POV and fake cum shoots she's done, the labia slips, the visible asshole in photos…I don't know that camgirl is really crossing any boundaries that haven't already been crossed in one sense or another.

But you're also giving her parents a lot of credit that they don't really deserve if you think that their feelings mean anything to Moo in terms of the choices that she makes. She has zero respect for her mom and as much as she plays at being "daddy's girl," that hasn't been enough to keep her from gaining massive amounts of weight (which we know her dad hates) and becoming fap material for neckbeards.

No. 532340

She is aware she is more hated in the cosplay community than loved. So she has to pretend but every week she does something rotten but fake she was being positive. I'm in shock the MyOppa or spreading some poor guys slit wrists didn't get her… hell there are a lot of shocking, scandals that should have ruined her. Why does this bitch seem so damn immune?

The only thing I notice is she doesn't do charities anymore… mmmn but she might start doing charities near the holidays of this year to buy gifts for her and her "friends" like she did last year

No. 532342

Because she's obese, so people who blindly buy into her whole facade of ~body posi love everyone my dudes~ see us as a bunch of jealous liars instead of people preserving crap from the mouths of the cow herself or her calves.

They just see her million posts talking about how she loves everyone and everything and not the posts where she goes on a manic crying jag about wanting to murder a BITCH BOY, or the ones where she doxes people.

That said, her reputation is garbage now where it hurts her: Cons and corporate sponsorships. I'm thinking that Peru is going to be her very last invite given her extremely unprofessional behavior, but I'm sure some podunk con whose chair wants to fuck her will prove me wrong.

No. 532343

she's not immune she just has stupid fans who don't care. half of them are neckbeards who want her naked and half of them are just her. any girl who likes her is just her, insecure with a huge ego.

No. 532347

I doubt her daddy dearest is okay with her being obese either yet that hasn't stopped her.

No. 532351

Because as long as she can keep getting the fat sucked out of just her mid section she refuses to believe she is obese.

No. 532352

Even her nasty ass neckbeards are getting fed up with her. While she got tons of compliments before from them, now she gets messages like "We want to see you get defiled like the whore you are", "You're not too far off from porn and just do it already.". I'm paraphrasing but not by much.

Without twitter and her reputation spiraling rapidly, she's getting boring and people are growing impatient and bored with her.

No. 532360

File: 1529284960710.png (138.71 KB, 1080x593, 1528577882873.png)


A big part of the problem is the cosplay community's unwillingness to publicly call out Moo's shitty behavior. This was particularly bad before she was permanently banned from Twitter, because people were legit afraid of her white knights coming after them if they said anything.

But even now, you'll see some veiled reference to "a friend" (pic related) but nobody seems to have the guts to call her out by name.

So while she's not immune, because her reputation is definitely shit now among cons, the cosplay community is still protecting her for really no good reason.

No. 532362

There's absolutely nothing to be afraid of with Mariah besides her throwing a public tantrum and making herself look like an ass. They're afraid of the equivalent of an ankle biter.

No. 532364

They use to be when she managed to snake her way into more popular groups. But now the people who defend her most are nobodies. Worst you will get is her pet wicked witch telling you to mind your own business.

It was hilarious when she attacked Lisa Lou for no good reason for Leo dick to only attack Leo the next day. Those friendships only lasted a short while. And now it seems OverT is trying to get her to fuck off ever since people started saying they were fucking because of her own antics. She preeches about loving the community but has to have a new group of friends every 2 months. They were all snakes my dudes

No. 532368

File: 1529286343532.png (542.26 KB, 927x593, Screenshot 2018-06-17 at 6.46.…)

No. 532373

Manatee Moo cosplay when?

No. 532374

overt should try a little harder because she’s incapable of taking hints

No. 532376

He can clearly tell her to step off since he has a following. But he probably remembers what she did to KoreanBBQ when he told her he only wanted to fuck and not date her. Claiming sexual assault, rumors that she would have spread about rape, calling him a snake, chasing him off. It would be easier to just tell her nothing and give her the cold shoulder and once in a while like her posts
"Hang? Nah, imma take my GIRL FRIEND out to dinner. Sorry, gotta make a new video… can you be in it? Nah can't do it, but good luck with your shit."

No. 532378

Good point. It’s better to just ghost someone like her because they’ll explode in rage otherwise.

No. 532379

that's not the "cosplay community" it's just a few people who ignore shitty behavior cause projecting. i've personally said shit to her and about her and nothing happens. she's a pussy and just deleted and blocks you.

No. 532380

Even just asking her to credit her photographer made her blow up

No. 532382

never, manatee are cute and gentle, unlike Moo here

No. 532388

File: 1529291486945.jpg (63.24 KB, 1080x720, 1499722813709.jpg)


When even Jnig seems to feel like she has to play along with Moo's bullshit, I feel like that's a problem with the community, but okay. The fact remains that many people are in a position to call her out publicly and very few do.

No. 532390

I agree that many people have the ability to call her are, but are too afraid too/don't want to get wrapped up in her shit.

Also, is she even friends with any of these ppl in this pic anymore lmao

She gains and drops ppl so fast

No. 532394

It’s not the tattoo, it’s the fact she claimed she would either wear make up over it or photoshop it out and has done neither. People are paying her for pictures of her body she claims she’ll give them, and can’t even bother to do something she promised.

That is nowhere on par with a boob vein. Boob veins are natural, you can’t control that.
You CAN control a tattoo you promised to either cover up or edit out for your paying customers.

No. 532397

It wouldn't be the first nor the last promise that she breaks, though. It is kind of a minor thing to complain about compared to her other broken promises.

No. 532398

It's the same thing with Philip Defranco and Keemstar. Phil hates the disgusting shit that Keem puts out but knows if he engaged he'll just get into a yelling match with no resolution at the end beyond a waste of time. Which for staying on topic, Momo idolised Defranco yet is hanging out with Overt, Ricegum, Keemstar and KSI

No. 532400

jnig isn't scared of her tho lol. she just doesn't want to cause drama. you guys need to stop acting like the "cosplay community" is a family. it's just a bunch of people with a shared hobby. it's not as deep as what people think.

No. 532401

Jnig tolerated her for maybe the first year. But there's no connection now besides following each other I think? If she still did, Moo would be going on about wanting to move to Arizona even now. She dropped that shortly after that 'hiking' trip they took.

No. 532402

No she isn't, they all ignored her and Momo got insanely jealous of other cosplayers getting attention from these big names.
So without name dropping she passively aggressively said ALL big name cosplayers are too toxic for her and are not real. She said more but I can't remember all her temper tantrums.

Jessica doesn't want to cause shit. If you remembered Momo would stalk Jessica at cons and invite herself to dinners and shit. She kept pressuring Jessica to put on the shirt along with everyone else.
NO ONE wore the shirts after the picture was taken because it was just pitiful. More like "If we wear this will you go away?"

No. 532403

File: 1529295692506.jpg (215.85 KB, 1044x753, Screenshot_20180618-002039_Twi…)

No. 532404

Jessica just flat out ignores Momo and avoids her. She doesn't go to cons Momo is going or she stays in the event hall (Momo can't go into most event halls for too long because she ghosts so much)

As a previous anon said, the best thing to do to avoid drama with Momo is to ghost her and hopefully, she will go away.

No. 532405

Umm what does this have to do with anything?

No. 532406

because everything has to do with Momo. I was being sarcastic, but Tasha also doesn't like Momo sooo… maybe? But it isn't a secret Momo is shitty.

No. 532407

Tasha and Moo don't get along and it's most likely about Moo.

No. 532408

You sound obsessed. Like tasha can’t possibly have bad experiences with other human beings. Her and moo haven’t interacted in months.

No. 532409

File: 1529297274201.png (168.37 KB, 352x656, Screenshot 2018-06-17 at 9.46.…)

lmao nice abdomen shoop

No. 532410

File: 1529297328642.png (286.81 KB, 351x658, Screenshot 2018-06-17 at 9.46.…)

shes probably doing this every month tbh

No. 532411

File: 1529297340361.png (306.73 KB, 348x657, Screenshot 2018-06-17 at 9.46.…)

No. 532412

File: 1529297367996.jpeg (337.37 KB, 750x1198, 565C121C-260A-4623-9517-B0436E…)

What the

No. 532413

That is a lot of photoshop. Her skin is almost one dimensional and they thinned her out. I hope she's paying the photographer good money because that's a lot of work

No. 532414

File: 1529297394275.png (286.58 KB, 348x653, Screenshot 2018-06-17 at 9.46.…)

No. 532415

that's old as fuck

No. 532416

File: 1529297523555.jpg (405.41 KB, 1021x1476, Screenshot_20180618-005112_Twi…)

These 2 immediately replaying who has have problems with Moo in the past seems to point towards she is talking about Her.

No. 532417

File: 1529297578014.png (168.96 KB, 352x656, Screenshot 2018-06-17 at 9.53.…)

According to his AX rates, he's 80 dollars for 4 photos. Overcharging but he probably makes bank trying to make Moo look 100 pounds lighter kek

No. 532418

eww wtf? why do this?

No. 532420

File: 1529297959901.png (104.48 KB, 349x653, Screenshot 2018-06-17 at 9.59.…)

No. 532421

Bad shoop or is her leg fat hanging over her knee?

No. 532422

Do people really have to post everything moo shares on her IG story?

No. 532423

It's a combo of both. She's currently obese so her fat is slowly starting to hang over her knees. But she also tells people to try and make her thinner so they just shop out the wrinkles and try to make it look like calves.

No. 532425

Sloppy ps, he thought both her legs where facing forwards hence the thigh shape, he kinda darkened and shaped her "knee", thats is in reality the inner side

No. 532426

Do you know the definition of obsessed? Doesn't seem like it. How does answering a question with one post make a person obsessed?

It's an obvious shoop too since she looks completely different here >>532037

No. 532427

Her chest is about 43 inches, does this match what she claimed before?

No. 532428

File: 1529300197979.jpg (317.57 KB, 2896x2896, 20180618_003642.jpg)

No. 532429

Finding a ditto isn’t exactly hard. It’s been available since November 2016 and there’s no way she’s been trying for that long.

No. 532430

I am so confused by what the hell is going on with her chest. I don't know what I'm looking at anymore.

No. 532433

File: 1529303222375.jpg (46.94 KB, 540x447, notdeep.jpg)

"catching me smiling even in the worst situations"
Bitch you're in cold water, shut the fuck up

No. 532434

she’s acting like it was an unintentional shot not a posed one LOL

No. 532435

combination of bad shoop and her giant hamhock quads.

people don't call moo out because it's unprofessional behavior, and for people like knight, this is their livelihood. why cause a bunch of drama when you can stay in your own lane and be completely unaffected by it? moo is is already burning out her fame and gaining a bad reputation, it'll spread wide enough to alienate her eventually.

No. 532437

Lmao could say the same things about Gabby's tweets you know.that being said both used to be moo's calf's but dissapeared so yeah they are both noteworthy and likely talking about Momo. Not calfs anymore so they get on here because it's just more dirt on Moo.

No. 532438

Even if its a candid its like.. congrats? you're laughing at something? you're probably laughing cause the water is cold. Its nothing deep. There is no "worst situation" scenario. She's literally just smiling like its really not that deep

No. 532440

I just wish they'd drop some receipts or chat logs because they all had one big costhot chatroom at one time. Pussies.

No. 532441

Honestly same. We all know they've talked to her. I doubt, even if she blocked them all on social media, that there are no conversations worth mentioning here
I understand Gabby not wanting to but Tasha seems to be more aggressive and hostile towards Moo

No. 532452

You sound like you were part of it but too pussy yourself to out moo. How else would you know there was “one big costhot chat”?

No. 532453

Most people know about this, it was mentioned in older threads

No. 532454

Stop. Use your brain.

No. 532456

This is so grotesque. It looks like her top and bottom halves were stuck onto a smaller deflated midsection.

No. 532457

She looks a lot like her mother here, and while her mother's aged a lot better than she has that's still a pretty ugly smile she's stuck with. Bitch really has nothing redeeming at all.

No. 532458

I’ve been here since the first thread and haven’t seen any discussion about that.

Anyway why would anyone need to call moo out when she herself broadcasts her shitty behavior on all her social media?

No. 532460

You clearly haven’t paid enough attention if you don’t remember any mention of the costhot chat. It’s been mentioned numerous times.

No. 532466


Get out, neckbeard

No. 532503

I don’t think these anons are neckbeard whiteknights, but rather people who are overly defensive about tattoos for personal reasons. I agree that nitpicking is annoying, but her failure to cover up this tattoo like she promised she would fits right in with all the other things she does that make her cosplays look sloppy (bad shoop, mangled wigs, inaccurate costumes, bad makeup, dirty feet, visible pubes, overgrown nails, etc.) and is therefore fair game like the rest. IMO it’s less nitpicky than making fun of her turtle lips because a tattoo is a conscious choice and bad facial genetics aren’t.

No. 532505

That has nothing to do with the cosplay community. We aren't a hive mind. And trust, cam girls and soft porn idiots like Moo and Gabby are their own brand of stupid.

So, is she no longer sending out prints because she's too lazy? digital only?

No. 532507

Esp since it's on an easy part to cover up. All you need is dermablend and powder/foundation. She's selling her body (ugh) for money. And she has stated that she was going to cover the tattoo for future shoots, but here we are.

No. 532523

oh that whole tshirt thing was amazing tho

No. 532525

And you just know that every single person in that photo, Moo included, threw those shirts away the next morning. $400+ just to try and diss the haters and look cool and quirky to your cosmom, you sure showed us, Mariah!

The best part is that she can't even get within 500 feet of any of these people anymore, bitch is bovine non grata with the 'cosplay elite' and it is entirely her own fault.

No. 532528


…no one pays for photos on the west coast, dude. why you charging.

No. 532529

I know some of the people who unfortunately did get a booking with him and are paying him, so I guessed it worked.
I know a lot of people from the east coast are used to paying for their shoots.

No. 532532

I really don't get this whole idea some of you have about cosplayers. Cosfamous people do not care about the community. Sure they need it, but they're not famous because they are deeply compassionate about the community or even other cosplayers. They knew how to promote themselves and people liked them, that's all it is. They're not leaders or officials, and they don't have any obligations to the community.

No. 532533

there's a second pair of udders growing in right under … oh god

No. 532534

nah, that's just your fat.

No. 532536

I think "community" gets brought up a lot because of Moo's constant mooing about supporting the community and being good to the community, bullshit like that.

No. 532541

She made a $100 only patreon post about physical prints. Tbh, Im no longer uploading, so Patreon updates higher in teirs wont be posted here anymore unless someone else starts doing it.

No. 532542

In post, anons. These arent finished edited photos. And we all know that. Its easier to do than bother with makeup. A lot of cosplayers do this. It was covered in makeup during Fanime btw.

No. 532543

It’s becoming more popular. Plenty of my photog friends’ paid shoots are taken up quickly.

No. 532545

File: 1529338506067.png (6.54 MB, 1125x2436, 2EBEBE18-A0BE-4C0E-9303-DFC691…)

No, it wasn’t covered. Given, some shots do have it shipped out, but she definitely did not have it covered in makeup.

No. 532547

She must've kept it hidden then because i didnt see it when standing in front of her at fanime. My mistake I guess.

No. 532558

File: 1529343587360.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, 5BE9C6E0-F685-439E-ABA0-E89510…)

No. 532564

If this doesn't just reek of "My side ho status got revoked"

No. 532565

"My inner demons" did you mean the thousands of people who hate your very existence? Because bitch you got more outer demons than any of your reality check epiphanies

No. 532566

I'm talking more about people who keep bringing up jnig or other cosplayers that "are in a position to call her out". No one is going to put their fame on the line.

No. 532568

its almost like she always has a not so fresh feeling 90 percent of the time
go outside girl lmao

No. 532571

Stop throwing yourself at fuckboys that won't admit to fucking you. Love yourself.

No. 532572

Maybe you feel depressed because you have accomplished nothing in your life, you dropped out of college after one semester, your only job is to take your clothes off for neck beards on the internet and pretend that you like things you don’t really care about, you are a shitty person and you’ve pushed away every friend you’ve ever had, no one in your community respects you because you’re a childish brat, and you’re slowly losing your revenue. You treat your body like garbage; you never eat fresh fruit or vegetables, you down monster energy drinks like water, and you abuse alcohol while on medication. Instead of exercising or dieting, you spend thousands on liposuction and you’ve made your body monstrous.

And the worst thing is your real name is attached to all of this. Try improving yourself and your environment first; you’re not depressed, you’re just unhappy with your choices.

No. 532573

File: 1529345875079.jpg (249.9 KB, 1080x1794, IMG_20180618_141540_322.jpg)

its so weird to think that this is her actual boob size too. Also tiny cicrle is where her nip is bc you can clearly see a shadow. but w/ that said why is it so far off center???

No. 532574

She got reduction surgery with a incision on the side (hense a cyst looking scar on the side). Her fat is gathered behind her actual breast tissue so you might be right.

No. 532577

oh im a dummy then. i didnt think a boob reduction could move your nip

No. 532578

sorry for samefag. meant to reply to this anon

No. 532580

I hate when people say shit like this as if smiling is gonna cure depression lol like no thinking that everything's gonna be ok doesn't make it ok. obviously a lot of time there's a reason for feeling depressed? maybe cus you're always the bit on the side (when did she last have a real boyfriend?) you're overweight, your "cosplay" career has a limited life span..like just keep smiling tho I guess

No. 532583

She's going through the phases like Onision. Starts shit, then uses the depression card to get sympathy and try to get people to back off.

No. 532585

Just remember, sweetie, you did this all to yourself! Lying, being a spaztic cunt in public and an outright raging bitch online, sucking up to people more popular than you only to shove aside what few people who could be considered your friends, it goes on and on. You need to take better care of yourself, love!

Fix your shit, my dude. Filming your life on instagram and showing your labia on Patreon ain't doing shit for your mental or physical health in the long run.

No. 532588

This bitch is an insult to the countless people who are actually depressed. She's just manipulating her audience to advertize her leah pics with. How obvious and desperate can you get? If you're actually depressed (which you're not you narcissistic cunt) take a break, go to a therapist, go make amends with the old "friends" you've hurt, change your life habits. Getting pats on the back on the internet doesn't cure depression. It just adds a temp boost to your already obese ego. You make me want to throw up.

No. 532590

>my dudes i'm so depressed hugbox only compliments please

No. 532595

File: 1529349984567.jpg (9.22 KB, 416x416, twitter_416x416.jpg)


I haven't visited in a long time so my apologies but why was she banned finally? I mean the official reason. This should be put into the op description.
Was it really because of lewds or was it because of the harassment issue?

No. 532596

She told someone to drink bleach, basically.

No. 532597

Remaking an account after you're suspended is against twitter ToS. but also >>532596

No. 532598

>mooriah has a twitter where she virtue signals and runs false positivity campaigns
>except this is also the same account as her personal twitter
>can't keep business from personal and tells people to kill themselves
>this is the latest in a long string of twitter bullying
>twitter bans that ass
>that ass makes another twitter account which is against the rules
>that ass gets perma-banned

No. 532611

I think this is probably it, since she was on such a high wave earlier shoving herself up overt’s ass. Now suddenly ~so sad~. Hm.

No. 532623

File: 1529355956331.png (1.17 MB, 720x1175, Screenshot_2018-06-18-14-04-36…)

No. 532624

File: 1529355976479.png (164.05 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2018-06-18-14-04-43…)

No. 532625

File: 1529355999601.png (856.04 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2018-06-18-14-04-49…)

No. 532626

File: 1529356018919.png (1.12 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-06-18-14-04-55…)

No. 532628

Jabba, a rancor or one of the pig guards would be right up your alley, Mariah.

No. 532631


Holyshit.. I don't do photographer, but isn't that a lot of money for only 4 photos?

I dunno how she works in such a messy sewing room… Empty amazon boxes everywhere

No. 532632

Somehow the way she talks about depression doesn't sound very authentic.

No. 532635

the fuck is she patterning?

yes. some really well know photogs in my country do that price for around 15 photos or more

No. 532640

It feels to me like she’s trying to look and sound like an anime protagonist. A struggling underdog facing constant adversity and struggling with their own inner demons, but s/he manages to overcome it all through sheer force of will and manages to smile despite everything. What a hero! Cue extended scene of everyone looking on in awe and exclaiming what an amazing person she is.

No. 532644

It’s very basic anime logic. Smile and bear through it, and it’ll all be better. But that’s not how depression works. If it was then you wouldn’t have suicide, or self harming, or addiction, or anything that’s self destructive. Peopke would just smile and be A OKAY.

No. 532646

File: 1529359006549.jpeg (250.69 KB, 984x405, 9B029730-81D4-476D-A196-D0B610…)

it’s been done to death in multiple forms of media, but coming from a real life person it’s cringey and try hard as fuck

No. 532653

>in my country
I'm not a photographer, but from what I've seen it's pretty standard for convention prices outside of the US to be a tiny fraction of what they are here. Badges cost less, exhibitors booths cost less, people spend less, etc. It's a big industry here, and $80 is middle of the road as far as photographer costs I've seen for AX.

No. 532658

File: 1529359997707.png (336.61 KB, 926x466, Screenshot 2018-06-18 at 3.13.…)

you used corn syrup, you fuck

No. 532659

Here we go again. Fishing for sympathy.

No. 532660

File: 1529360121621.png (235.59 KB, 353x652, Screenshot 2018-06-18 at 3.14.…)

No. 532661

Or maybe they have lives and just don't care enough about her to bother?

No. 532662

File: 1529360136195.png (231.23 KB, 356x655, Screenshot 2018-06-18 at 3.15.…)

No. 532663

Dumb and Dumber?

No. 532664

what is that supposed to be?

No. 532666

Who fucking lives like this? Pick up your trash once a year why don't you dumbass?

No. 532670

She doesn't wanna get called out for having sugar all up in her ass and cooch again

No. 532671

File: 1529361486994.png (307.79 KB, 502x526, Screenshot 2018-06-18 at 3.37.…)

whatever this art is

No. 532672

Did those photos of her and that other busted ho momo akuma ever get released? I want to laugh.

No. 532673

Yes but no patron anons dropped it

No. 532677


She does this shit all the time. I’m guessing the dude she was fucking on the side dumped her ass so now she is all “I’m so depressed and I don’t know why. But I just smile my way through my dudes”.

She absolutely brought all this shit on herself and has no one to blame but herself. The drinking, the partying. Being a cunt to her “friends” and everyone online. Dropping out of school and lying about it. Going after a guy she already knew had a girlfriend. All shit she brought on herself. And of course she won’t actually get help or treatment. She’ll just bring it up whenever she wants asspats and sympathy so all the “haturz” will get off her back.

She really is disgusting.

No. 532678

File: 1529362479413.jpg (94.31 KB, 1080x1350, 35001561_236841490234785_48978…)

No. 532680

how isthis appealing

No. 532683

Donkey Kong HONGRY

No. 532684

damn, this time she posted with all the mess on the floor shooped, how nice my dudes!

No. 532686

She looks like a crazy eyed monster
I always think her sets can't get worse but they do

No. 532687

File: 1529363127747.jpeg (192.61 KB, 686x463, B2457708-4FB7-4687-883C-885EB7…)

Haha all good choices but I swear she’s Jabba’s fat dancer, bad skin and all.

No. 532688

She was all over OverTFlows cock the other week when it was his birthday and was gushing about their 'friendship', then when it was pointed out that he has a girlfriend and she was tagged as well as messaged about Moo suddenly the bitch is depressed and he's not appearing in many of her stories anymore. She definitely lost her side chick status, it's the only time she gets this way when a fuckboy let's her down. If it's anything else she's brought it upon herself, nobody forces her to be such a cunt but she chooses to be.

No. 532693

File: 1529363584793.jpg (296.8 KB, 700x1024, chang2001bq.jpg)

now I know you really wanna do Mai, but I think you'd be a better fit as Chang here

No. 532696

And it's not as if she didn't know she was a side piece. But Moo still has to brag and be shocked/depressed when dropped in favor of the better thing.

No. 532697


Exactly. Curious how the guy she was just gushing over last week about how such an amazing friend he is and how she was so lucky to have him is now nowhere to be seen. This reaks of “He doesn’t want to fuck me and completely dump his girlfriend for me”. I’m sure the girlfriend caught and didn’t want Moomoo’s trashy ass around anymore. But the story she wants to publicly spin is “I’m just feeling so depressed and I have no idea why. I just feel this way my dudes. But I just smile right on through”. Maybe she learned her lesson after what she tried to do with KBBQ after he dumped her fat ass, where she tried to publicly drag him through the mud and ruin him. She still hasn’t gotten out from under that no matter how many times she tries to explain it away as “He was spreading lies about me first!!! I had to ruin him!!!”

This is exactly what her dumbass deserves.

No. 532699

Feeling so rejected right now she’s thirsting for that instant attention from the neckbeards, I see

No. 532702

Uh, is this an anime character who is always hungry for dick? Asking for a friend.

No. 532703



No. 532704

Noticed how she suddenly has released more lewd photos as well? Like it's if she's saying "this is what you could have if you dumped your girlfriend". Moo is desperately trying to fill the void by having neckbeards lust over her even more and it's just disgusting. What a fucking mess lmao.

No. 532706

File: 1529365003144.jpg (134.09 KB, 1131x1600, blow-up-doll.jpg)

She is giving us some blow-up doll realness!

No. 532708

File: 1529365189647.gif (504.39 KB, 498x215, saitama spit take.gif)

No. 532709

I fucking hate when she does this!

No. 532710

does she realize she can do that makeup with a matching eye shadow?

No. 532711


Exactly. This is all just “You could’ve gotten with this if only you dumped your obviously inferior girlfriend”. This has been her go to move for years whenever she gets inevitably dumped from side chick status. Except it never works and she just goes after the next fuckboi whose side piece she can be until he dumps her fat ass after a few weeks.

No. 532714

At this rate at least fucking a blow up sex doll is better than going anywhere near Moo's soulless blackhole.

No. 532715

Damn. Doing POVs again? Her patreon must’ve plummeted.

No. 532717

She'll never find a decent guy to have a normal relationship with. Moo only attracts trash and is never girlfriend material. She's the side bit of lonely self loathing meat to beat and that's all she ever will be.

No. 532721


“I want to move away from just being known for lewd content”

Bitch couldn’t even last a week and she is already back to opening her mouth for cock. I guess her dumbass might be learning that her fans don’t give a shit about anything else. If doesn’t make with the tits and the ass and the cock hungry facial expressions, then there are just going to leave and find someone else to jerk it to. Must be a rude awakening for someone who thought she was considered a real cosplayer with talent.

But of course she is going to spin this as “I do this type of content because I like to!” and not because “This is the only shit you losers will pay for and if you don’t I will have to move back in with my parents and go back to school!”

No. 532724

File: 1529366866285.png (815.83 KB, 1080x1355, IMG_20180619_020607.png)

No. 532725

Lol keep going youre doing great sweetie this is hilarious Im screaming

No. 532727

no. she's just chubby.

No. 532729

omg i thought anon shooped on the bananas lmao

No. 532730

ahaha I legit thought this was a haturrr shoop.

How embarrassing.

No. 532731


Which Moomoo has since passed a long time ago. I guess since she gave up on being “Mei IRL” that this is the new character she is trying to latch onto. It’s hard to keep up with all the other retarded anime characters she claims to be.

No. 532733


I hope that's a remark of disgust from Nigri lol.

No. 532739


Not really any other way to translate it. Lol!

No. 532742


I’m sure she’ll find someway to turn this into “Teehee, look at my cosmom getting all hot and bothered seeing me thirsty for cock”

No. 532745

Yesterday she's blathering on about how her papa moo made her what she is today.
And today she is following that up with simulated bukkake with pieces of fruit.

As has often been stated here. Moo is the least self aware person on the entire planet.

No. 532746

Pochaco does have at least two figures of her holding phallic shaped foods (bananas and a hot dog, for reference), but she's not giving it a simulated blow job, for fucks sake.

No. 532749

10 dollas for some teasing selfies, it's such a shame there are fans of hers that will fall for this

No. 532750

Replace the ball and chain with a box of monster and its her

No. 532751

What's really sad about her getting kicked to the curb (again) is that she thinks getting back at the guy by showing her ass and tits is a good idea. That it'll make him regret his decision. Mariah no. Ass and tits isn't the only thing that matters when trying to appeal to someone. You're a person with a shit personality and no one wants you.

No. 532753

File: 1529372537993.jpg (352.1 KB, 2896x2896, 20180618_204215.jpg)

No. 532754

File: 1529372557143.jpg (529.55 KB, 2896x2896, 20180618_204237.jpg)

No. 532755

Did she remove this? Can't see it on her Instagram at all now.

No. 532756

This just highlights how much she isn't like Pochaco. Especially the floppy shit wig

No. 532758

Wouldn't be surprised if Jnig's comment made her remove it. Jessica might of even questioned her a bit on DM. But it could be she read us here speculating on what it meant coming from Jnig and removed it worrying she offended her dear Cosmommy

No. 532759

Or that no matter how much more she posts of her lewd shit her favorite fuckboy is no longer interested and she's given up lol.

No. 532760

pochaco looks so nasty, I hate how they give her a little head but huge body? at least they have that in common I guess

No. 532761

I’d have the same reaction tbh, that face is fucking horrifying.

No. 532762

File: 1529374476261.png (12.47 KB, 376x170, 4b4d65d9aa33b00693817885ca3e1a…)

Bet mariah thinks "ill post the lewds and when I post the big builds ppl will think im a srs cosplayer"

Posting lewds just gives you more fans for that. Just because you post a big build doesn't mean ppl will forget about your softcore porn. You build your audience on softcore porn fans who only want to see your ass and tits. None of them give a shit about your big builds. Which is why they never gets likes on her social media.

No. 532763

samefag but I just checked her insta and the post is still there

No. 532764

File: 1529374718016.jpg (16.89 KB, 256x256, IMG_1130.JPG)

Lmao damn senpai tear it up

No. 532765

Moo is such a delusional cosplayer and continues to think everyone will respect her as a professional. They only want to see her tits and vagina out, she ruined her pro path as soon as she joined Patreon.

No. 532772

File: 1529375799984.jpeg (369.67 KB, 750x1097, 57ABCDD1-9FF7-4683-B940-7EE376…)

No. 532773

File: 1529375854038.jpeg (61.42 KB, 750x361, A80D1875-002D-43D6-9CBC-12258B…)

That friendship recovered quick.

No. 532774

Naw she's not gone into Look how hot I am you're missing out yet. Give it a week or two then she'll give up.

No. 532775

Sensing a Moo meltdown any moment now with the spamming, she's definitely trying to get major attention.

No. 532777

whole string of disgusting photos today huh

No. 532778

At risk of tinfoil, I sometimes think she thinks if she gains enough. Then lipos her stomach some of her fat might magically go to her ass.

No. 532781

How is no one mentioning that she's 'partnering' up with laserway to get all her hideous acne scars removed?
Already betting that it's going to fuck her face up even more, especially after the disaster that was that chemical peel recently.

No. 532786

File: 1529377722866.png (242.28 KB, 347x652, Screenshot 2018-06-18 at 8.07.…)

Or you could post caps and help the thread

No. 532787

File: 1529377746882.png (288.23 KB, 348x655, Screenshot 2018-06-18 at 8.08.…)

No. 532788

File: 1529377755038.png (204.57 KB, 345x652, Screenshot 2018-06-18 at 8.09.…)

No. 532793

I'm glad you decided to shoo yourself away, Mariah.

No. 532794

Yep revving up for that meltdown. I wonder what media she's gonna hide it in this time. Prob Umineko this time.

No. 532796


Sooo. Any bets on what talking points her rant will include this time? I’m guessing:

- I don’t understand why you spend so much time hating someone you even know

- So sad that people choose to believe rumors rather than getting to know you

- I’m happier than I’ve been before and I’m so lucky to have you guys

- I’m such a positive person who only wants to see positivity in this community that I love so much and means so much to me

- Omg, I’m legit crying right now. I know it’s silly but I’m just so dang emotional right now

- People are just jealous of my happiness and want to see me taken down because of it

- Its sooo easy to just be nice to people. So sad that people don’t seem to get that

- I have so many awesome ideas that I can’t wait to start on and show you guys. I only want to do my best for you guys because you deserve it

No. 532797

I wonder how many of her followers are just constantly confused by her constant stories "shooing" away some negative nancy boogeyman. As reviled as she is, I don't think she's getting hate or questions from her actual followers so it makes it even more obvious that she's obsessed with lolcow and everyone who looks down on her. Lol. So insecure.

No. 532798

I stand corrected on the blow job with food. Ok, NitroPlus.

No. 532806

Holy shit she’s so fat she can’t get thigh high socks over her knees….

No. 532807

Dumb fuck didn’t even tag her ads properly. You can’t tag one post out of 3. And what kind of brand only wants 24 hours of promo for a pricey thing like this??

No. 532812

I hope she breaks out more.

No. 532814


We need this as a moo bingo card.

No. 532819

if there’s any sort of aftercare for this of course she’ll neglect it like she did when she first got lipo and ruin her skin

No. 532823

Wait, she's getting laser treatment for…. Pimples? Acne? That's it?? Haha holy shit I hope her skin gets wrecked. This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen.

No. 532824

Apparently for pigmentation. Her reasoning was that if you're up close you see the pigmentation when it's just you not sleeping and drinking water.
Roxy gave her shiseido cream recommendations to use.
She got her face peeled (or not peeled)
Now this..

No. 532834

>cosplaying Pochaco
>airbrushes all fat out so it doesn't look right
What's the point? Moo doesn't even get what her neckbeards want.
This isn't even close.

No. 532837

File: 1529389219472.jpg (Spoiler Image, 424.84 KB, 665x835, Screenshot_20180618-231922_Ins…)

No. 532842

Oh great, more foot fetish stuff.
Jesus what even is her audience anymore.

Also why do I get the feeling those are actually supposed to be thigh highs…

No. 532843

This is possibly the worse angle ever for her current frame. Her linebacker shoulders lookin like two tumors

No. 532844

Leon is trash.

No. 532845

File: 1529390807050.jpg (78.34 KB, 360x479, taruco.jpg)

there's no emotion on her face, no expression. How can she feel proud of this? She just looks fucking retarded. Who gets off to this, Down Syndrome fetishizers? I just can't understand how she manages to fuck such simple tasks up.
Especially shown here >>532754. ffs even a 2D character has more of an expression than her.

did she… fold the thigh highs over themself? Literally 2fat4socks

>Which Moomoo has since passed a long time ago
Yep. The way she's looking now, I really think she should drop Pochaco and start doing Taruco instead

No. 532847

Birds of a feather flock together and all that shit.

No. 532851

File: 1529393029355.png (206.74 KB, 346x653, Screenshot 2018-06-19 at 12.24…)

No. 532853

she looks smelly

No. 532856

she's live on instagram for anyone interested

No. 532865

File: 1529395177555.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180619-155852.png)

Talked about why she got banned on twitter

No. 532867

> says she’s taking 1 year to 1 and half break from school
> might go from dual major to just 1
> still claims to be taking art and theatre on the side
> last month panicked her with finals because she didn’t know if she’d be able to get patreon sets out

No. 532871

>dropping the double major

did she finally figure out she doesn’t know what linguistics means?

No. 532872

File: 1529396105974.png (1.65 MB, 750x1334, 8FD82BDA-CBEE-4B48-90A3-FFBBF4…)

Apparently she went to school for pharmacy before everything else??

No. 532873

> asked about dating
> too busy to have a boyfriend

Forgetting she’s bisexual as always

No. 532874

Looking like a dying turtle…

>pharmacy school

b u l l s h i t

>too busy for a boyfriend

again with this…

No. 532875

File: 1529396560113.jpeg (43.04 KB, 162x185, 38F96FA8-D0BD-40FC-8633-C92BAA…)

No. 532876

I really feel this might be strong contender for next thread pic

No. 532877

And this girl makes 15000 per month as (cosplay)Model ?

No. 532878

File: 1529397067732.png (1.81 MB, 750x1334, DBEC4C10-9122-41B0-BBB1-872182…)

No. 532879

File: 1529397068881.jpg (100.99 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

…she just needs the jean jacket

No. 532880



No. 532881

Gonna need someone to edit hair to pink then crop a side by side. Then you've got new thread pic

No. 532882

What a strange time to live stream. 1:30am on a Monday night? I’m making my boyfriend’s lunch and getting ready for bed, and I’m sure most decent people are going to bed as well.

Moomoo, please work on your sleep schedule. It’s so unhealthy.

No. 532884

She says she seperates herself from other "negative" people to make her depression better, aside from over indulgence. Someone asked if this act was "bitchy" and she doesn't think so. She thinks its okay for her to still be friends with this negative person but would rather not be around them and hopes someone whofeels the same with her to do the same…sorry it was confusing how retarded this was.

No. 532885

What character is this supposed to be?

No. 532886

Oh my god thats terrifying to think that she might actually see herself this way. Thats like crazy levels of delusion

No. 532887

File: 1529397640266.png (1.65 MB, 750x1334, 57E0C4F5-F27D-44D2-AA56-587C79…)

No. 532888

>negative person

Let me guess. It’s overT because he won’t dump his gf for you.

No. 532889

Jesus fucking christ mooriah, sorry for nitpicking, but just relax your tongue holy shit. It honestly feels like she has never had sex, she has never shown an ounce of "sexy" in anything she has done

No. 532891

Oh my god she looks so much worse than I would have imagined and I've seen the recent candids

No. 532892

How did this bitch ever get famous

No. 532893

File: 1529398543247.png (352.83 KB, 512x724, Lanceria4.png)

Looks like Lancer Arturia from Grand Order. God i so want to see how fucking busted the armor is gonna be if she does the 1st ascension. Even though pic related is most likely.

No. 532895

File: 1529398843701.png (153.85 KB, 500x282, tpb.png)

I hate that this is the first thing I thought of when I saw her face but good god

No. 532902

File: 1529400545018.png (236.22 KB, 805x590, Screenshot 2018-06-19 at 2.29.…)

it begins

No. 532905

She's in Orange County, right up my neighborhood, damn…(no one cares)

No. 532931

Does Moo know pharm school is….a graduate program type deal or….

No. 532933

File: 1529411231928.jpeg (116.25 KB, 737x1105, 1463855018101[1].jpeg)


never forget

No. 532934


Holy shit, those sleeves are skin tight now.

No. 532935

It's so funny to see her try and get Fakku's attention because it's obvious she's only doing it because Bunny and Susu have a partnership with them. Moo if they didnt want you when you were in your prime they're not gonna want your cheap ass now. Maybe try Shadbase instead he's into degenerate degradation porn so you'd fit right in

No. 532937

What? I’ve known people with undergrad degrees in pharmacy.

No. 532938

it used to be but you have to take 5 years now.

No. 532940

no she doesn't probably more like 7k now or less.

No. 532942


I’m sure she left out the part where she was making death threats, leading harassment campaigns and made another account despite it being against terms of service? No doubt her story is that “trolls” went after her account to get it taken down and the reason she isn’t trying to get her account back is because “Twitter is such a toxic environment now that she doesn’t want to be a part of”


So I’m guessing she is getting tired of having to keep this lie up? Even she would have realized how stupid it was to claim to be a dual major. But don’t worry, I’m sure that whenever she wants to wave her duck in someone’s face about how “successful” and “hard working” she is, she’ll go right back to claiming she is a dual major.


Of fucking course you did. Because you’re the incredible Moomoo and no task is too stupidly implausible for you to claim to have done. How many majors does this one make? 5? So now we can add pharmacy to to long list of degrees you have claimed to have worked towards. Let’s see, there’s: Linguistics, Business, Art, Theatre. And now there’s Pharmacy. That’s really impressive considering you aren’t even 25 yet and your are claiming to have done all this. It’s almost like you would have to have the most brain dead retard fans for any of that to seem even remotely plausible. And oh yeah, I can’t believe we have to to keep mentioning this but: NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT YOUR “ACCOMPLISHMENTS”. Not even your “fans”. They don’t care how hard you work in school. How many majors you are taking. How hard you work on cosplays. How much you love a series. All they care about is whenever you will finally get naked, Hopi g for the tiniest peek of a nipple or pussy lips hanging out. None of that other shit matters so you are wastin your time trying to humblebrag about it.


Classic excuse she always gives whenever another fuckboi dumps her fatass from being a side piece: “Lol I’m too busy for a relationship anyways. It would only hold me back” Doesn’t seem to stop her bitching about being single. Also yes, once again she forgets she is supposed to be bi. But we all know that’s only for neckbeard teasing to buy her sets.

No. 532947


It's Artoria Lancer ver. from Fate

No. 532948

Knowing what we know it definitely impossible since she was in school for like one semester at most. But I have known people who are her age who were indecisive and switched majors multiple times so its not that hard for fans to believe if she is going for that angle but we know she is just full of shit.

No. 532957

we’ve missed out on so many shit shots, all the Patreoners shleep? I need that disgusting, disgusting gooch, we all do

No. 532966

There are a few of her sets on gonewild https://gonewild.to/?s=Momokun

No. 532968

Okay I think I get it. People assume pretty girls are mean girls. Maybe they think Momo is so fat, ugly and "nerdy" that she has to be a nice cool nerd. The fact that she's a slut is driving them insane… when really she's just ugly on the inside and out.

I mean… fuck! She looks twice her age and died 2 weeks ago.

No. 532969

kek shes already fucked up. this shit she got commissioned is black and not blue

No. 532971

you best get pledging then

No. 532972

Sha already tried shad a while back after he paid Susu to model for his site. Mariah was leaving thirsty comments on his muslim woman porn just like chellhellbunny.

No. 532973

She’s a typical narc. I’m sure that’s exactly how she sees herself the majority of the time.

No. 532974

I remember this as well. Momo even has a few of his pictures on his wall. However Shad can sense crazy and he prefers cute chicks who look younger than they are or real thicc girls. Momo looks like a middle aged homeless lady.

No. 532975

So sad that even a guy like shad wouldn’t work with moo.

No. 532976


Yeah. Shad’s fans aren’t a fan of fat cows like Moomoo and Chel. Whenever Chel got posted there she got completely roasted and laughed off of the site. The same would happen to Moomoo if she ever got posted. Must piss her off so much that Susu is so well liked there.

No. 532978

I havent seen her on the site in ages though, probably jumped ship after he got roasted for drawing sexual pics of real kids. Which makes it even sadder that moo just kept trying. Notice how moo always runs to men who are accused of some form of sexual harassment/abuse? Kbbq, Shad, raekay and now leon.

No. 532979

Narcissists view themselves in the most imaginary and delusional fucked up ways possible, like they are to be worshipped as a god, or hero of their own story, through all of their struggles and pain. Lmao she's fucking lost the plot.

No. 532981

Well she does enjoy sexually harassing male cosplayers so only fitting she runs after scum who are exactly like her.

No. 532984

inb4 it's "Lancer alter!!" even though LAlter's outfit is completely different. Dumb ho.

No. 532985

She was trying to suck his dick on Twitter before she got banned the second time.

I agree with you though, she seems to gravitate towards rapey guys. Guess we should add it to her list of types.

No. 532989


They had a small back and forth at one time. No more than any other girl who spends all day stalking him. I think he commented on one of her trashy photos. She pretty much stopped when she saw she wasn’t getting his attention anymore. What was extra funny was how buttmad Chel got about the whole thing since this was after she already tried kissing Moo’s ass and spent all day stalking and white knighting her and all it got her was being ignored.

No. 532991

I can't believe these are her actual glasses. I thought it was a shitty instagram filter the first time I saw it. How can she possibly think these look good? She looks like a little old lady from a Grimm fairy tale.

No. 532993

She tried to suck his dick after that whole thing too. She was liking and commenting on his work like a few weeks before her second ban. She also nipped at Chel's ankles out of nowhere which made Moo seem like a bitter bitch who can't let go of anything. It was about Earthchan or some shit. Sad when Chel came out looking like the more mature person from that. But they're both nasty ass cunts and there's barely any difference between them.

No. 532994

They're the shitty costume glasses she got for her Beekeeper Mei outfit. She slaps them on when she wants to seem smart, my dude.

No. 532995

It looks like a pair that she got off of ebay.

No. 532997

File: 1529431709575.gif (1.94 MB, 640x360, dvjwOFc.gif)

Basically Momo

No. 533003


I’d maybe argue Chel is more pathetic since she has a husband and kid and still does this shit. But that isn’t saying much. She pretty much goes after any girl Shad gives any kind of attention to.

But yeah, leave it to Moo to turn from being seen as a victim to a bully. People forget, but in spite of her shitty reputation, Moo was sort seen as a victim in hat cow collision and Chel was just a jealous hater who was mad her attempt at kissing ass and pretending her and Moo were besties didn’t work (Which is hilarious since that’s exactly what Moo does). She was pretty much laughed out of the cosplay community, which she was already a complete joke anyways since all she was known for was the girl who talked shit about girls on Patreon and how no one has to pay to see her fried egg tits and her awkwardly slosh her pancake ass. A year later and now she is looked at as the elitist bully she claims she hates so much.

No. 533004

Didn't she just do some sponsored face cream thing? She looks so greasy has she not washed since that?

No. 533008

Her face is as red as Onision's in these. And as we all predicted, her hair is so fried that the hair color that she just got has already faded. It seems like her bald spot is going to be in the center of her head if she keeps fucking with her hair.

No. 533015

nah fam it's cause she's not intimidating. her neckbeard fans couldn't care less if she was a real nerd, they just know she's not too attractive for them and so they have a small glimmer of hope that she'd get with them, her being slutty just adds to that.

her female fans are literally just her, fat and think people owe them something.

No. 533016

File: 1529438498705.jpg (469.12 KB, 815x815, jessica torres.jpg)

If that happens maybe she'll get mistaken for Jessica Torres, similar baldness

No. 533019

File: 1529438978142.png (277.82 KB, 360x652, Screenshot 2018-06-19 at 1.08.…)

No. 533020

File: 1529439048779.png (663.69 KB, 926x593, Screenshot 2018-06-19 at 1.11.…)

No. 533022

"Team never sleep," more like

No. 533026

Omg, yes. Don't forget 'we need more positivity, my dudes'

No. 533029

LOL at that chest piece

No. 533030

There's no reason she does't sleep either. SHe has no real job. All she has to do is sew (…rather buy) cosplay and take photos. That's it!

She has the easiest 'job' in the world, yet she still manages to never sleep or eat properly. Bitch is gonna die at 30

No. 533032

File: 1529440413604.png (699.22 KB, 750x1334, 51A08424-B388-40C6-9815-F0C8F1…)

Posting old pics with “motivational” comments

No. 533033

File: 1529440422460.png (257.53 KB, 927x596, Screenshot 2018-06-19 at 1.34.…)

i think its called not being a petty bitch

No. 533034

File: 1529440424634.jpeg (123.15 KB, 750x704, E7361041-3BAE-449E-B3F2-3D3704…)

No. 533038



No. 533039

oh look its Virginia woolf

I didn't know tits was an emotion

No. 533040

Oh Moo, at least wait until you get to Peru to have the meltdown about how nobody actually loves you.

Is she taking Mommy and/or Daddy with her again? I don't think we've heard who she is dragging along to be her safety blanket this time.

No. 533041


Looks like someone is need of a self-esteem boost. She does this shit all the time whenever she needs to pick up her mood: Post pictures from 50+ lbs ago with bullshit “I’m so deep” essays about “How far she has come and how brave and strong she is for not giving into the negativity and haters”. She must have thought she really had a chance with this latest fuckboi that dumped her to be going back to this well.


. . . Everything about this is completely up her own flat, pancake ass. She swears she is so deep, complex and intelligent. Could she make it anymore obvious she copied this from some bullshit “inspirational image quotes” google search?

You’re not some deep, tortured soul who has to unfairly shoulder so much negativity. You’re a spoiled, toxic bitch who acts like a complete cunt to everyone because you are an insecure bully who can’t handle your own failures so you have to pretend like you’re better than everyone else.

No. 533042

File: 1529441430851.png (425.14 KB, 697x281, feedingthezooanimal.png)

No. 533045

She doesn't know anything about higher education. Just about lies and bullshit.

No. 533049

You would think as lazy as she is she would always be sleeping.

No. 533053

Nah, she’s too busy abusing her medication and drinking energy drinks for that.

No. 533059

These look like anti-prostitution ads. "She has to wake up earlier than most to service men before they head into work. Sad."

She's gonna fuck up her teeth with all of those energy drinks.

No. 533072

File: 1529447359008.png (179.46 KB, 348x653, Screenshot 2018-06-19 at 3.29.…)

No. 533073

File: 1529447371367.png (385.08 KB, 351x656, Screenshot 2018-06-19 at 3.29.…)

No. 533074

You'll need to lose that fat first, Moo.

No. 533079

Now that OverT isn't paying her any attention, waiting for the stories featuring Leon as she desperately tries to jump on his cock while in Peru.

No. 533080

So. Now she's taking time off from school that she doesn't go to and by the way she was once going to pharmacy school which she never went to. And all the while she is such an obvious dumbass that every time she opens her mouth she appears to be someone who barely finished high school. Next she will say that she was the valedictorian. Of good old Imaginary U. Are even her neckbeard and costhot "fans" so stupid that they believe this bullshit? Or do they just not care? Because to everyone else in the world she just comes across as a pathetic liar. Doesn't her family see this nonsense she posts online? But then again I guess they are used to her being an egomaniac and pathological liar and they just ignore it.

No. 533083

File: 1529449117803.png (223.11 KB, 351x654, Screenshot 2018-06-19 at 3.29.…)

No. 533087

Why is she acting shocked about the numbers? Humble bragging at best, the numbers are high because you continue to being a trashy cunt Moo it's not rocket science.

No. 533088

She can't sit back, shut the fuck up and pretend like she doesn't care about fame. Every time she does something retarded like this, it makes Steff seem like she was telling the truth about Moo's confession.

Though I'm sure we already knew that by her posts here.

No. 533090

Her fame chasing is just nothing more than a massive boost to her smug ego. That's why she gets away with everything and acts how she does, she's the infamous Momokun and has all this support in her mind, she could do no harm and the haterrrrzz are just jealous of her 'success'.

No. 533093

Looks like somebody found a way to buy profile visits.

No. 533094

File: 1529450747585.png (222.84 KB, 350x654, Screenshot 2018-06-19 at 4.26.…)

No. 533097


This bitch is always trying to point to anything to show that she is famous. She can’t ever just sit down, shut the fuck up and just act with any modicum of class or professionalism. It’s always “SEE?! I’M NOT SUCH A FAILURE NOW AREN’T I?WOULD A “NO TALENT WHORE” GET THESE KINDS OF NUMBERS?! SUCK IT HATURZ!!!!!!!”

No wonder anyone can’t stand to be around her for more than a few weeks. Butch is always humble bragging about how much more famous she is than everyone.

No. 533098

File: 1529451598825.png (357.02 KB, 933x443, Screenshot 2018-06-19 at 4.40.…)

No. 533099


So much fur- also applies to her upper lip.

No. 533100

How long before she becomes obsessive over Disney films and thinks she's just like Herucles? MUH STRUGGLES

No. 533102

She'd beef up her lifting too. It'd be cringy

No. 533104

What a painful thought…we've not seen her workout as much lately. Guess it's not impressing anyone she had her eyes on huh lol.

No. 533107

File: 1529453320616.png (251.19 KB, 352x654, Screenshot 2018-06-19 at 5.09.…)

No. 533108

That's the real pathetic part. She's only internet famous. Like someone whose picture was used in a meme 10 years ago is famous. She's only known to a few cosplayers and fans. A tiny fraction of a tiny fraction of people. That ain't famous. Your're a lolcat mariah. And you are just about as responsible for your fame as one.

No. 533109

Is she doing Ahri?

No. 533110

yes but this particular one is Artoria Lancer, not Ahri. She has the tails

No. 533113


Guess she is tired of pretending to workout now that her fuckboi doesn’t want her anymore.


She is a total no name. All people know her as is that fat Samus they used to jerk off to, which was years ago and maybe her Mei for a short while. Now her name is synonymous with toxicity and bullying. She is thought of as garbage even outside the cosplay community.

No. 533114

File: 1529454170970.jpg (64.29 KB, 504x638, a928aade-0dca-473e-801c-0d9268…)

No. 533117

One quick Google search and Moo's entire shit show of a career proves alot. If she was such a respected and loved cosplayer the negatives shouldn't outweigh the positives. She's just another boring Patreon thot with nothing else to offer.

No. 533121

File: 1529455196332.png (344.76 KB, 924x444, Screenshot 2018-06-19 at 5.40.…)

lmao here ya go anon she's starting her depression rants

No. 533125

Yep she definitely got ditched by her fuckboy. Lmao she's so predictable, this happens every single time.

No. 533126

File: 1529456259557.jpg (339.13 KB, 1483x2331, whut.jpg)

do you think she's buying followers on Instagram? Kinda been snapping the recent boost in followers.

No. 533127

Wonder if she'll do another 'dance' video with her waddling around and proving how 'hot' she is

No. 533129

File: 1529457345174.png (261.39 KB, 350x653, Screenshot 2018-06-19 at 6.15.…)

No. 533130

File: 1529457401432.png (228.89 KB, 346x657, Screenshot 2018-06-19 at 6.16.…)

if gifanon want to get this, her ass is gone

No. 533132

File: 1529457466435.jpg (153.23 KB, 938x1500, FB_IMG_1529456296041.jpg)

OT Im surprised Moo hasn't done this. Espeically since she seems to believe she looks like a thicc anime waifu

No. 533136

did she put these shorts on just for this

No. 533137

>her ass is gone

It was never there to begin with, anon.

No. 533138

File: 1529458118391.gif (2.69 MB, 337x600, 17CF6540-0BEA-4A47-AEDF-F42681…)

should have stayed in pharmacy school and worked towards a cure for her noassatol

No. 533139

File: 1529458232164.jpg (87.86 KB, 768x768, __katyusha_girls_und_panzer_dr…)

I know, anon, I know

No. 533140

That Peru convention is this weekend coming right? How the fuck is she this behind on her costumes? She has so much FREE TIME.

No. 533141

HEY sitting on your ass and watching anime takes alot of time!!

No. 533143

Such a hard and stressful life my dudez!

No. 533144

Ayy dats Hana. She’s also in like top 10 patreon cosplayers but shoops her photos to high hell. Some of her fans requested she collab with Moo so we’ll see how that goes.

I thought she wasn’t bringing any new costumes?

No. 533147

only sakura

No. 533151

File: 1529459451468.jpg (62.55 KB, 1174x600, laughing meis.jpg)


holy fuck, anon

No. 533155

1k new followers a day everyday seems legit eyeroll

No. 533157

File: 1529460442307.png (220.95 KB, 347x654, Screenshot 2018-06-19 at 7.07.…)

ho boy

No. 533158

Another "I'm one of the first cosplayers to do this AND I have an entire group" moments for Moo so she can brag about it.

No. 533159

File: 1529460637322.png (206.88 KB, 342x663, Screenshot 2018-06-19 at 7.11.…)

No. 533161

nobody cares moo. but let me say the fur you used look like mini shitty ahri tails

No. 533162

Let's see how many of them actually participate with their half-assed costumes.

No. 533163

The Moo circle jerk in a complete group at a con? Let's see how far they get. Good thing this costume covers her hideous face.

No. 533165

celestialcrafts and jechts are SUPER talented and cool people–I doubt they know about her shit. Jechts is also pretty attractive, so I'm going to LIVE if she tries to rub herself up on him given celestialcrafts is 1) his girlfriend and 2) buff enough to smash her into the ground

No. 533166

Honestly can't see them not knowing about her shit. Everyone is aware of how much of a cunt she is but keep her close to boost their own efame. It's hard to believe anyone in the cosplay community that has a good amount of followers actually thinks she's a saint. They're only using her lol.

No. 533167

Why the fuck does she pull her shorts up so damn high? Its not like she has an ass to eat her shorts

No. 533168

Notice how she turns her camera away before you see the profile of her stomach

No. 533169

Honestly how are people okay with her cosplaying the main character in a group cosplay? Like, it really SHOWS how full of herself she is

No. 533170

Jecht has a bunch of step by step photos on his Facebook page but no mention of moo.

No. 533171

>fattest cow wants to cosplay the two most brolic dudes

??? How the fuck would she even begin?

No. 533175

File: 1529465744213.gif (2.87 MB, 337x600, 5B2C9A31-11FD-40A5-BFE4-67C791…)

dont worry to make up for earlier she shows us her whole ass now

No. 533180

Probably because they know it's going to look awful, making them look 100% better. The DUFF.

No. 533181

File: 1529467006202.png (515.68 KB, 933x595, Screenshot 2018-06-19 at 8.56.…)

No. 533182

I can’t wait to see this shit show

No. 533184

Huh… I still don't see an ass.

It's not even fluffy. It looks like she took several pieces of roadkill, sew them together and put them on her head.

No. 533185

Also isn’t this costume going to be very hot and probably heavy? she’s already said the headpiece is and that doesn’t even have the other stuff on top of it besides the fur tubes she stuffed. this is going to be another case where she wears it for her shoot and then takes it off ASAP followed by a post about how she felt so amazing in the cosplay but it was too big so she had to take it off.

No. 533186

Jechts?? Really? I really liked that guy. I've had good experiences hanging with notalent too, but I know she's always been chummy with moo and I could never figure out why.

No. 533189

File: 1529469164979.jpg (32.77 KB, 500x281, artoria.jpg)

Where is she going with this? Is this Lancer Artoria the version she's doing?

No. 533191

I'm wondering the same thing… Arturia Lancer is known as the LION KING… the fur should look like a mane, not a bunch of tails hanging off her head.
I swear, she is the most unartistic person ever, with no eye for these things.
I was thinking the same thing. Why is she Arturia? Also lol at "this has been planned since November!" and she doesn't start until 3 weeks before the con.

No. 533192

lmaoooo way to go fur medusa

No. 533193

Albino rastaman

No. 533195

File: 1529471463436.png (266.76 KB, 344x658, Screenshot 2018-06-19 at 10.11…)

No. 533197

She might have removed them from it after their falling outs

No. 533199

File: 1529472208990.png (2.03 MB, 896x1178, Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 10.2…)

$80 for 4 photos is pretty standard for East Coast photographers.

More popular photogs charge more than that for less time.
Sorairo Days charges $100 for 15 minutes and Chezphoto charges $80 for 15 minutes.
Iirc you only get 2-4 photos back from them too and they don't even try to edit people's bodies/faces to flatter them.
>pic related, some girl from Chezphoto's site where none of her fat bulges were edited out. At least Moo's photogs would've done her a dirty and smoothed those out.

No. 533202


>had it planned since November

>recently started working on it

this girl needs to fix her damn priorities

No. 533210

tbh I like it unedited, it kind of evokes Rubens' mythological paintings. might've been what the model was going for?
fúuuuuck this looks so bad.

No. 533211

File: 1529474612621.png (249.34 KB, 362x650, Screenshot 2018-06-19 at 11.03…)

im fucking dying
it looks like those stuffed toys your dog gets to and it's crusty years later from spit

No. 533212


Nothing looks as bad as Moo’s bondage Saber set, where the photo did something weird to her ass fat bulges and made them grey so it looks like she's dirty/her flesh has necrotized

No. 533213

File: 1529474996713.png (187.9 KB, 347x651, Screenshot 2018-06-19 at 11.10…)

No. 533214

File: 1529475052133.png (430.76 KB, 810x591, Screenshot 2018-06-19 at 11.10…)

No. 533215

Why didn't she just use a longer pile fur? Did she just get the first thing she saw at joanns?

No. 533216

A whole ten hours, guys!

No. 533217

Sure Moo, it's not at all because your lazy ass waited til the last minute to start a big cosplay

No. 533218

shes been hoarding this fabric so i guess so

No. 533219

Knowing her attention span and 'master attention to details', probably.

No. 533220

File: 1529475517702.png (195.88 KB, 354x651, Screenshot 2018-06-19 at 11.19…)

No. 533221

Ever notice shes always planned everything in November? Iirc this is one of several things since "November"

No. 533222

File: 1529476920372.png (295.51 KB, 487x594, Screenshot 2018-06-19 at 11.42…)

No. 533223

File: 1529476942582.jpg (55.86 KB, 720x960, 35829482_1347681832043429_6095…)

she totally rolled up her shorts to show off her nonexistent ass

No. 533225

This is pathetic for 10 hours….

No. 533226

Good to see she's keeping her lies fresh, in her stream last night she said she didn't let the cats in the work room because she didn't want them stepping on stray needles.

No. 533227

Doing taruco would require being attractive and actually having some sort of ass, tho

No. 533231

This sort if reminds me of the horse or the shaman from bravestarr

No. 533232

looks like bad dreads or those tails furries clip on their belts at cons

No. 533234

She's using Jessica Nigri's tutorial for how she made her Kindred cosplay so Moo is copying her tutorial because they're "vaguely similar" and she is fucking blind. She just wants to copy JNig

No. 533235

Is she going to brush it and add like wefts to it or something? This looks so choppy and messy

No. 533239

i wanted to say that, but i didn't wanna be tinfoil-y.

it just doesn't work out the same

No. 533242

If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought this was San’s headdress from PM. This is such a bad choice of material to use if she’s going for >>533189 The fur’s fiber is too short and it looks like long shitty pelts on her head. What did we expect anyway? She’s absolutely untalented and can’t even cut bangs into a wig so there’s no way in fuck Moomoo’d ever use wig fibers for this shit. Gotta wait till the last minute, my dudes!

No. 533245

God this thing is going to get so dirty and matted. Can’t wait for the casual shots of this.

No. 533249

I don't understand what the hell this is supposed to be. This doesn't look like Lartoria at all. Wat. Also, I spotted her cat on that dirty floor. Ugh.

No. 533252

the people in her comments thought that too lol.

No. 533299

You can tell she never works on her own costumes, because she's making such a big deal about 10 hours being a long time to work on something, when its completely normal.

No. 533300

>hand sewing

>hot glue

Girl, you claim to make big builds, but sewing a buncha fur to a foam cap is hard work?? She can't even keep up with her own lies. Haha. She couldnt get an asian fuckboy to do this for her?

No. 533310

10 hours to do something it looks like she shit out in an hour

No. 533313

The one she has left is busy cranking out the armor for her, which she is going to slap a shitty paintjob onto anyway.

No. 533333

File: 1529507209097.png (216.96 KB, 340x600, tarucotinyass.png)

Goes to show how much your fans give a shit about your non lewd cosplays judging by those well informed comments, also kek @ dark knight's comment about her trashy room

it took 8 hours to make that shit? Just commission a wig that looks like a mane, ffs.

nah, Taruco's ass is noticeably smaller than Pochaco's. I'm talking about how she should cosplay the more fitting of the three, I think you missed the point

No. 533334

what…was the point of even planning this lmao everyone knows how hot AX can get tf also why is it so LONG they look like tentacles this is so embarassing

No. 533336

She also tries to copy how fast Nigri pumps out costumes. Unlike Moo, Nigri focuses on them and doesn't document her life on Instagram or binge watch anime or leave things so last minute while in con crunch mode. I think Moo doesn't understand how planning and sticking to a strict schedule without distractions works. Who is she cosplaying again exactly? Because at first it does really look like a Kindred head piece.

No. 533345

nah man, taruco is the just fat version of the 3. sonico and pochaco both have massive titties where taruco looks legit like moo, a chubby mess.

No. 533367

This is the worst wig I’ve ever seen holy shit. It looks nothing like the picture, I don’t understand how she can’t copy a simple example of what it should look like. And then be ~so proud~ of spending 10 hours on it lol

No. 533368

Not tinfoily at all to say she’s copying jnig because that’s literally all she ever does. She’s hard set on pochacho too because jnig has sonico. Her actions are all extremely transparent.

No. 533369

With all that free time you'd think she learn to get creative with wigs. Then she decides to follow a Nigri Kindred tutorial and half ass it as in her head it looks similar. Wait for her to try and win cosmom points on that like the sad dumbass she is lol.

No. 533370

File: 1529515459529.png (334.6 KB, 929x595, Screenshot 2018-06-20 at 10.24…)

the fuck
are her bottoms doing

No. 533372

wtf are they measuring there for? that's not her hips/ass. that being the biggest area is a bad thing…

No. 533373

The camel toe, the extreme photoshop, this is too much.

No. 533374

File: 1529515609189.jpg (84.51 KB, 480x368, squidward didn't need to see.j…)

No. 533381

This photoset is super weird because she looks like an adult trying to dress up as a child. Every time I see it, it just screams loli-wannabe. And then her frame makes it that much weirder holy shit

No. 533383

Here we go with the adult baby with down syndrome again. The other girl looks like she doesn't even want to be there and don't know what the fuck they're doing.

Mariah is a huge hog when it comes to photoshoots with other people. She's always the center of attention while the other person is the secondary background character. I can see why no one wants to do shoots with her. Why bother?

No. 533384

Moo got Vamp fired from Albertsons

No. 533385


No. 533386

jfc mariah why don't you just buy everything already made? You hae the money and you do it for most of your stuff anyway. Trying to make things yourself just shows that you have no creative ability whatsoever because everythin you make is terrible and looks like it was crafted by a six year old. It's kind of like when you talk and act like a dumbass but claim to be a serious college student. Dead giveaway that you are nothing but a phoney and a liar.

No. 533389

Because she wants to show the world that she deserves some credit for craftsmanship too. She doesn't, but the bitch is really delusional so it's not going to stop her.

No. 533390

not really. the characters being cosplayed are titty monsters. this kind of scene is pretty standard gravure type stuff.

No. 533392

Whoever said she looked like Leafy a few threads back was absolutely fucking right, holy shit.

No. 533393

Receipts anon.

No. 533397

you said that in the calves thread. proof or gtfo. "being there" at the time isn't proof either.

No. 533398

TBH she's probably one of those people who are most outspoken about lolicon and this whole "i can do it because there's misty cosplayers!!!" mess because she actually reads it herself.

No. 533399

File: 1529519825134.jpg (43.54 KB, 700x840, 1183SLPUb.jpg)

Her bottoms look like they're on backwards? That or she has the widest pussy known to mankind.

No. 533400

probably. Wanna bet Castle Corsetry made this for her?

No. 533401

File: 1529520303411.png (345.36 KB, 926x505, Screenshot 2018-06-20 at 11.45…)


No. 533406


Interesting but without proof bullshit.

No. 533408

She also outright said that she used JNigs tutorial

No. 533410

Its because she waited till the last minute and NO COMMISSIONER is free from now until AX

No. 533411

My bet is she bought the wrong size and had to wear the bottoms backwards like a thong

No. 533416

Her lower thighs are 48 inches. What the FUCK that’s disgustingly huge.

No. 533419

so one thigh is like 24 inches… that's still a little bigger than my waist like god, she's a beast. And she wasn't even measuring the widest part of her thigh.
(no one cares)

No. 533425

File: 1529524151812.png (430.62 KB, 720x936, Screenshot_2018-06-20-12-48-17…)

No. 533427

File: 1529524177278.png (1.23 MB, 720x1154, Screenshot_2018-06-20-12-48-34…)

No. 533429

Ah good, so she's sticking with Cunt Forestry for her ~big builds~ and sticking with Antares for her even shittier last minute rush jobs. Trash sticks together!

No. 533438

File: 1529525887393.png (1.01 MB, 720x892, Screenshot_2018-06-20-13-16-58…)

No. 533441

Notice how she didn't tag CC in the instastory..

No. 533442

She messes up the most simplest details and can't do any photogenic facial expressions.

No. 533445

So, its kind of weird she cosplays so much from Fate right? I understand loving a series and wanting to cosplay your very favorite characters (2-3 maybe) but it seems like she's done close to 10 different characters/ different versions from this one series. Almost every time she posts a new set its Fate, and she gushes about how much work and love goes into them (lol nah) but then barely touches on her other "projects" or mentions them at all. Its just bizarre to me, I can't think of any big-name cosplayer that does so much from one single series

No. 533446

she didnt put the tie under the collar why?

No. 533448

For the same reason why the bow is on the wrong side and the wig isn't even close to being the shade of the original. She's blind too blinded by how famous she is to pay attention to details. At least that's what her ego tells her.

No. 533455

Fate has been insanely popular for years and with FGO, the popularity of franchise exploded. There are so many characters and different designs as well - no wonder Moo is one of those who is attracted to it and hopes to get more fans though the hype as well.

No. 533462

Didn't someone say that Overtflow was the one who got her into Fate? Mariah is just being sooooo fucking extra, from all of the half-assed cosplays to the tattoo to the bootleg merch.

No. 533469

Tie is too big and ribbon on the wrong side. Also that wig color looks too lavender. Man, she's awful at everything she does.

No. 533470

File: 1529531772528.jpeg (505.48 KB, 750x1090, CA6CEA0A-FA77-47FC-BF05-5ED322…)

this fucking top???

No. 533471

No no no my dude, she picked those proportions and colors to make them more realistic!!! Mariah has an excellent eye for detail when it comes to her cosplays, that's why she's a queen!

Man that excuse was fucking hilarious for her sorry Drake cosplay.

No. 533472

Is this bitch wearing a shirt backwards again? At least she finally figured out how to make her neckbeards interested in one of her "sponsorship" posts.

No. 533474

>hello clear skin


No. 533475

File: 1529532040238.jpeg (573.57 KB, 750x950, 4E3BC5F7-B265-4E75-A9B9-203F23…)

I’m samefagging but she’s wearing this backwards right? what’s circled looked like a little tag and the dumb tiny button goes to the back what there fuck

No. 533476


Is she wearing it backwards or something? What the fuck

No. 533478

>Hello clear skin
>Acne spots showing on her face

Girl what is with you and this false advertising. Also major kek to her hair being so fried and faded that it makes her look like a crazy person.

It definitely looks like she's wearing the shirt backwards.

No. 533479

Waiiiit a minute…

I think I know what she really went in for, fellow farmers:

No. 533480

Anyone else think its hilarious and fucked up that she got sponsored to get clear skin lmao
Like a company looked at her face and went "oh honey no"

No. 533482

She must go to them so often that they offered a sponsorship.

No. 533483


Any plastic surgeons willing to take one for the team and sponsor her for a facelift?

No. 533484

it's backwards. this is supposed to be an open back crop top.

No. 533485

There's so much embarrassment seeping from that photo. How is she too retarded to know that the shirt was backwards? There's a damn tag on it.

No. 533486

why the shit would helping moo not look like a bulldog be 'taking one for the team'?

No. 533487

she wanted her titties out, duh. it looks fucking gross.

No. 533489


I imagine she knows it's on backwards but genuinely thinks it's super sexy to have your tits flopping out like that. Just wait until OverT sees what he's missing!


it's joke anon

No. 533490

it doesn't read like a joke.

No. 533493

She should be showing her face not her tits. That's what she had the treatment done on, she's fucking pathetic.

No. 533495


What else would it be? Momo trying to get a plastic surgery sponsorship by posting on /pt/?

Sure, a "momo has a saggy face" joke is low-hanging fruit but how can you not realise it was meant as a joke

No. 533496

tbh she's probably only doing that so her fans will notice the picture. it'd be embarrassing if she only got 200 likes (like when she does "big build" cosplays)

No. 533497

Nah her lapdog Vamplette needs a that job more than anything, at least she'll look a bit more appealing but still have the same personality as her master.

No. 533499

omg this is so dumb
like the people looking at this aren't gonna care about the skincare product jfc

No. 533501

moo doesn't care, she's just like all the other IG thots with bought likes that do this shit.

No. 533502

File: 1529534558930.jpeg (186.44 KB, 750x1072, A737DFA9-E928-40FE-8853-FBC7E8…)

I find it hilarious that she was just talking about taking criticism in stride and listening to it on her last melting turtle livestream.

No. 533504

looks more like it's about her tits but okay.

No. 533505

Her fans are just so quick to make Moo look like a victim. How dare she get criticised she's perfect my dudes.

No. 533506

wtf are you talking about? her fans haven't said anything.

No. 533507

She didn't even put make up on…. Jesus….. This is the best anti-ad I've ever seen. Definitely do not want to touch any establishment that would associate with a face so busted

No. 533508


Clearly you haven't bothered to read the other replies and comments on her 'ad'.

No. 533509

I mean, it makes sense not to use makeup but fuck, she looks like a lush who's just rolled out of bed.

No. 533510

Oh my god, Moo. If you’re trying to sell a product, make sure you look fucking presentable. See a stylist and have them put some color in your hair so it doesn’t look so fried. You look like a crazy trailer park lady. Jesus.

No. 533511

She did have someone put color in her hair two weeks ago.

No. 533512

I mean even eye makeup or lip color would've been good. When she puts on eyeliner it kind of distracts from how puffy and vaginalike her eyes are.

I went through them and honestly I would probably just kill myself if those were the kind of comments I got regularly. I really can't understand people who are so hungry for attention that they'll accept being seen as a pair of tits by fat old men

No. 533514

Can't tell what's more cringe, the creepy neckbeard comments or the overly nice fellow costhot compliments that usually look like LOOOOOOL U GO BITCH YOU SLAY OMG ILY or something across those lines.

No. 533516


This shit is exactly why she doesn’t get any sponsorships or brand deals. She gives fuck all about her appearance, not making any attempt to look halfway decent and presentable. But she is also quick to snap on people in the comments and act like a total cunt.

No wonder this bitch has to pretend to be invited to cons

No. 533519

exactly. stuff like that is why i scoff at anons who claim she's so well liked in the cosplay community. costhots and neckbeards are not the community. her only link between costhots and real cosplayers was nigri who who has gone out of her way to steer clear of her drama. costhots will always defend a fellow costhot because they all do the same stupid shit, and her neckbeards think that defending her is a ticket to nudes.

No. 533520

File: 1529535972777.jpg (156.58 KB, 978x633, Screenshot_20180620-180552.jpg)

tag yourself I'm milkies reeee

No. 533521

She never shuts up either. She can't even be professional when confronted about her shit and she has to keep rolling with it. I hope the company ditch her.

No. 533526

It’s faded so much that it looks fried. It looked fine before, but without anything to fill the hair cuticle? Her hair looks like a heap of hay. Even a color deposit conditioner would make that mess look better and less straw-like, but she’s too lazy to put effort into her appearance. She can’t even go to the gym 3x a week when she has all the time in the world.

No. 533527


Watch her lose out on another sponsor because she wants to be the “big bad bitch who doesn’t let anyone tell her what to do or how to act”

Her dumbass never seems to stop and think that these companies can give fuck all what she thinks or feels. She is there to sell a product, that’s all. She is a representative of their product and by extension them. Her appearance and actions reflect negatively on them and will lose potential customers. It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t like what someone said. You either take that criticism, or sit down and shut the fuck up.

She always seems to be under the impression that “Well they already paid for me to sponsor them, that means I can do whatever the fuck I want”. Remind me Moo, how many sponsors do you have at the moment?

No. 533529

i'm surprised it faded so quickly tbh, considering how little she seems to bathe. though, you can tell it wasn't lightened/toned properly so that may be why. if she's that damn cheap she should just learn to do it herself, but wait, that would require time and learning a skill, can't have that.

No. 533531

that's why i think she's in it for the free stuff. i mean any company will take one look at her clapping back at the people saying they're potential customers and moo will be done.

No. 533536

I'm beautiful breastses madame

It's almost sad how badly she's fucked herself up beyond repair at such a young age.
She could stop frying her hair and let it grow out, start sleeping properly and drinking water, get a skincare routine, learn how to work out for real and stop eating shitty food constantly and she still wouldn't be able to undo all the damage she's done to herself in the last 2 years.
And obviously she'd never do most of those things because she's lazy as fuck, even when her one job is basically to not look like shit.

No. 533537

you know, moo reminds me of those heavily managed child stars who work with disney and stuff that fuck their bodies up once they're off contract, only she's 22 and in the midst of her "career"…

No. 533542


She can’t even try to wave it off as “B-b-but the haturz tho. They’re out to get me!!!!!l”

They don’t give a fuck. All they see is you mouthing off to potential customers and costing them dollars. And the beauty is: It will only spread to other companies. They lll see how she conducted herself and shut the door right in her face. Instagram models are a dime a dozen and there are plenty to choose from who are not only leagues more attractive than Moo, but also won’t mouth off to people in comments at the slightest bit of criticism.

It’s so hilarious seeing her dumbass still not get it.

No. 533543

Seems like she's gradually removing comments that aren't licking her ass lol.

No. 533545

File: 1529537012885.png (Spoiler Image, 699.79 KB, 720x1169, Screenshot_20180620-192222.png)

No. 533547

In what way does she think this at all looks good for an ad? Tits out in a trashy top that's on backwards. No attempt to look presentable god I can't imagine how fast they drop her

No. 533549

ugh, her body really is fucked beyond repair.

No. 533550

moo, that's cause you're delusional, you don't look like an animu unless you're talking taruco.

No. 533551

i know people that already did 20+ characters from league of legends so i don't think it's that weird

No. 533552

Momo OverT isn't going to fuck you get that through your head. No amount of lewds is going to change that.

No. 533553

it looks like alien is about to burst out from that weird area right above her crotch

No. 533554

this bitch is so starved for attention…why doesn't she just hoe around w some of those neckbeards lol i'm sure they'd be real grateful and buy her fast food and stuff

No. 533555

I'm Those veins.


I sometimes wish I could have her level of delusion. Like, what would life be like if you thought you actually had an anime body and it looked like hers? Like jeeze, I understand faking it 'til you make it, but she's really just lying to herself at this point.

No. 533557


Her body is seriously busted. But seriously:


No amount of trashy “Teehee look what you’re missing out on” photos is going to change that he doesn’t want your trashy ass. You’d have a better chance with all the neckbeards who constantly tell you how much they jack off to you.

No. 533558

Girl, posting shit like this publicly on social media is going to make your nasty lil fuckboi OverT even less likely to come back! Guys don’t leave their girlfriends for this, dumbass.

No. 533559

I didn't know Donkey Kong had an anime series

No. 533560

Her overly “lewd” photos scream “I was rejected by a guy I liked, look at what you’re missing out on my dude. Now everyone else, shower me with comments about wanting to squeeze my IRL animu boobs”

No. 533561

I'm sorry but is that actually her nipple between the letter blocks?
I don't want to believe she'd do that but girl….

No. 533562


It's hilarious seeing her posts get progressively trashier as if she just needs to post something lewd enough he'll ditch his girlfriend and come running back to her. Nothing says "girlfriend material" like flooding the internet with crudely sexual "lewd" photos of yourself!

No. 533563


This, the salty replies on her titty ad, lack of sleep, practically keeping hydrated daily on energy drinks, previous lewd spam, obsessing over being an anime character…she's in for another meltdown. Moo is obviously really angry about it all.

No. 533564

File: 1529537981511.jpg (62.95 KB, 940x529, nelvana-DKC_S1-Full-Image_Gall…)

they do kinda kek.

No. 533565


I think what you're seeing there is her nail, but give it another couple days of OverT ignoring her and I wouldn't be surprised anymore tbh

No. 533566

File: 1529538156661.jpg (891.08 KB, 800x1200, ellahmus1.jpg)

It's similar to this style so she's 100% wearing it backwards because muh tiddies and she probably can't reach around herself to tie it on.

No. 533570

She can try her luck at seducing Leon in Peru instead. Perfect match tbh…

No. 533571

Well well OverTFlows girlfriend now has a photo of her and him together as her Instagram profile icon. Moo must be LIVID.

No. 533572


I’m sure we’ll be getting an “accidental” nipslip soon.

No. 533578

Funny how we were just talking about her thinking that she was an anime character and now she admits it.

No. 533580

>>a anime character

linguistics major my dudes

No. 533581

she has a popsocket and a fucking sticker of her own "original character" on her phone. how embarrassing.

No. 533582

she did the same thing with kbbq when he bounced, posted videos of her in her underwear dancing around trying to act like she doesn't care. she cares a lot.

No. 533584

Does she think she's Kim Kardashian? Lmao. She looks lipo'd the fuck up.

No. 533585

her body always looks so horrible and i think most of it is from the lipo, i mean stating the obvious but i feel like if she'd just stayed um idk normal fat she'd look at least half decent. now her body looks all hard and misshapen

No. 533586

What company wants to be represented by this?? Repulsive. What a moron.

No. 533595

Honestly she would look better if she didn't get any lipo and just accepted she was fat or chubby. Seriously. Look at other fat cosplayers or even those who used to be in her inner circle. They may be fat but fat and "plump" looks better than deformed and deflated

No. 533596

I think if she really started to lift and change her diet she would have better results than to continue getting fat and then getting that fat sucked out.
It’s making her look really strange. I’ve never seen a body like it before.

No. 533602

Either she got more work done or her body is just so screwed up from the lipo that she can't get any fat in her gut now. I'm leaning towards more work. She has fake abs again. Does she really not realize that she looks like a shitshow?

No. 533605

I agree. She’s permanently fucked up her body and it gives me the chills to think about what she’d look like if she ever decided to actually get healthy in the future by dieting and exercising to no longer be a obese monster. With fat no longer going to her gut, that’s probably going to look horribly sunken in. It’s already bad enough she has a Hank Hill ass but oh my god… she’s only 22 and she turned herself into this?!

No. 533608

She got her shit coolsculpted again obviously thats why she went to the laser place

No. 533609

I think she looks equally shitty tbh. She still has those sculpted "abs" that have long since fallen out of place from weight gain. And she definitely doesn't look any thinner.

What I don't get, if she IS continuing to get work done, is why she won't do her back or arms. Those look horrific.

No. 533610

Because she wants to keep denying it. She knows that she'll get caught in a lie.

No. 533611

Because Moo thinks it makes her look 'thicc' and her neckbeard fans are too wowed by flat ass and flabby tits lewds to see past it and that she's just obese

No. 533615

I think the arms getting small would totally give her away that she got lips. Her arms are huuuuuge. She’s better off tricking her retarded fan base that it’s muscle from all that [two weeks of] lifting.

No. 533619

Plus she'd have to cover up her arms with compression wear while she recovers, and that just won't do for the lewds, my dudes.

No. 533620

File: 1529548051115.png (201.63 KB, 348x659, Screenshot 2018-06-20 at 7.26.…)

No. 533621

File: 1529548078904.png (241.09 KB, 344x655, Screenshot 2018-06-20 at 7.27.…)

No. 533622


She could probably do little bits at a time, if that is possible. Start with the back flab at least.

No. 533624

Fucking hell that's an unfortunate face.

Yeah but that's not her style.

No. 533625


Also because to her “big arms = stronk anime gurl” she wants them “thicc thighs that will crush your head”

No. 533626

Unfortunately for her, the stench will kill them before her "thicc" thighs and arms will.

No. 533628

That or even doing a before/after type photo to show the difference?? But then people would know this treatment did shit all for her.

No. 533641

If her thighs are 48", then her hips are at LEAST 50". That makes her a size 18? But she's totally under 200lbs my d00ds

No. 533644

File: 1529551594536.jpg (1.03 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180621_062604.jpg)

a collage of snaps from vamp's story ao as not to spam the thread. sushi binge again, this time being horribly obnoxious all the way there and back with giant googly eyes

No. 533646

File: 1529551735970.png (378.02 KB, 477x571, Screenshot 2018-06-20 at 8.27.…)

buckle up for hilarious shots

No. 533647

File: 1529551788725.jpg (98.86 KB, 640x960, 35686715_1348372251974387_1457…)

No. 533648

File: 1529551809322.jpg (104.52 KB, 960x640, 35842467_1348372255307720_6882…)

No. 533649

File: 1529551827574.jpg (55.71 KB, 640x960, 35761492_1348372281974384_4135…)

No. 533650

File: 1529551883106.jpg (53.89 KB, 960x640, 35471650_1348372288641050_3162…)

No. 533652

File: 1529551907917.jpg (37.03 KB, 960x640, 35508711_1348372331974379_2673…)

No. 533653

Wearing a rosary is a big no in the Catholic community moo you disrespectful shit

No. 533654

What is this pose?? What is this shot??? What is this even trying to convey. They're all bad but this might be the worst..

No. 533655

>don't reach for your hat don't reach for your hat don't reach for your hat

No. 533657

here eyes were mesmerizing, like two eggs, dripping down a wall. surely they would slip and break their creamy yolks, and turn to nothing, all.

No. 533658


just realised she looks like a teenage mutant ninja turtle with those lips and that shitty ab sculpt

No. 533659

but as long as it's on a half-shell moo will eat it.

No. 533661

>i might not have my hat but now i have a new pose my dudes, the mimic

No. 533663

Vamp is totally Master Splinter w that fucked up shnoz

No. 533664

This honestly looks like someone looking after their autistic child. Moo doesn’t know anything about posing in the slightest. Literally everything she does is so uncomfortable to look at.

No. 533665

tbh shes probably gonna be too fat for taruco soon anyway lol

No. 533677

…that’s exactly what I was thinking lol

No. 533679

File: 1529555739357.png (214.67 KB, 382x336, 08CF8D8F-3FDD-4ADE-A465-BF55FF…)

No. 533686

Is this Arturia?
If so… is she color blind? Arturia's stuff is royal blue, and this is navy. Also, why is it so damn shiny. People totes wear satin in to battle my dudes!

No. 533687

I think she was trying to insinuate she had sewn her Artoria Lancer bodysuit

No. 533689

File: 1529556658474.png (262.82 KB, 353x650, Screenshot 2018-06-20 at 9.51.…)

i await this cringe

No. 533692


Calling it now:

>"I wanted to give it a more realistic look my dudes!!"

>Except the other parts of the costume are either lighter or a completely different colour altogether, making the whole thing look mismatched and making it pretty obvious she's bullshitting because she bought the wrong colour of fabric (Moo? Lying to save face? Never!)

No. 533699

Lane Bryant says 50" is a US size 20.

REALLY makes sense why Moo's body looks so distorted. She's got the arms, hips and thighs of a size 20 person, but the gut of someone smaller from lipo, so she looks like a tube of toothpaste squeezed in the middle.

Also, if she's 5'4 and a size 20, she's DEFINITELY in the 230's, just from some googling. Most girls her height and size were anywhere from 220 to 240.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that she's lying about being under 200 when she was over 200 in her thicc Samus days, plus the fact she is a pathological, compulsive liar, but. What good does it do to lie about your weight when anyone who isn't thinking with their yeasty microdick can see you are fat and haven't lost a pound?

No. 533700

Can't wait to see the shitfest this will be, especially since it looks like Leon is (possibly) dating MissHatred. He just got bumped up to her prime dating interest.

No. 533701

You know you can be 200 and have a size 20 pant size, right? Especially considering her build. Her body isn't that off from other people being 195-205. Can we stop complaining about it because she absolutely looks like a size 18/20 even at her claimed weight.

No. 533702

Also on the website, 50" is waist, not her around thigh size. That tape measure isn't around her waist.

No. 533704

a) this is speculating that her hips would be around 50" assuming that her hips are wider than her thighs (which they visibly are).

b) I did misread the size guide, though, rereading it says 48" hips is 20.

C) she literally admitted her weight was 215 in her Samus days, do you really think she weighs less than that now even with lipo? She's also only 5'4. Her build is also totally fucked from lipo, but you can tell from her massive back rolls and arms that if she hadn't gotten any she would have a size 20 gut to go with it. She was already developing one pre lipo.

It's just more proof that she can't tell the truth about anything.

No. 533708

File: 1529561427753.png (57.56 KB, 720x349, Screenshot_2018-06-20-23-08-53…)

No. 533721

In the beginning of 2018/end of 2017 she was throwing all sorts of shit to the wall to see which sticks, and FGO seemed to fare the best. It's a popular franchise with a ton of female designs so she can milk it for all its worth. And remember, Fate was originally a hentai so her lewds are just canon uwu!!!!!111

holy FUCK that is terrible. It makes her tits look like granny boobies. I'm not the one to tell people to get plastic surgery but for the amount of work she's put into her midsection she could've done something about her breasts. They must feel heavy and uncomfortable at this point. This whole photo seems so haggard even for her, she's wearing a top backwards to showcase her chest, she doesn't have any ounce of makeup on, her hair looks like she just got out of bed, she's forcing an awkward grin that's supposed to be a smile. It's starting to get sad.

Aaaaand she got worse. I gotta say I agree about the speculation of her trying to get back at the fuckboy who rejected her by doing this sort of stuff. Momo has ZERO impulse control so if she wants to do something like this as an outlet for her feelings, she will do it right away and not worry about how it'll affect her 10 minutes later.

No. 533722

her thighs are bigger, look at her from the side. there's no ass there either to take up space on her hip.

No. 533728

what the fuck? Does she not even bother to touch up her face with an app of some sort when she's promoting a company that probably gave her free treatment? Look, I know when you're promoting a product you should back away from editing etc, but she's done this shit for body pos too. Laseraway are going to go bankrupt before they manage to fix her face up.

anyone wanna start a bet on how long it takes for laseraway to drop moo's sponsorship?

I wonder how long it will take for her to just throw in the towel and just do fully nude shoots, or even porn. She's not that far from it as of lately.

No. 533730

File: 1529569238787.png (589.7 KB, 720x829, Screenshot_2018-06-21-01-20-40…)

No. 533732

So it’s invisible sandwich now?

No. 533738

She practically did in the valentine shoot, she just had pasties and a sticker covering certain areas

No. 533739


This looks like Medusa is manipulating Sakura but iirc in the vn she was very overprotecting over her and even said to Shiro that she loved Sakura. This shoot doesn't make sense to me.

No. 533740

File: 1529578720574.jpeg (53.82 KB, 583x299, 39E54421-EE41-464E-A47A-5D2817…)

Dat pose variety

No. 533741

On top of that, none of her captions really make much sense in relation to the VN. As far as I can recall Sakura doesn’t say any of these things at all. But I know Moomoo didn’t play any of the VN so that’s expected.

I also can’t believe she has the hair bow on the wrong side. I mean I can, but how hard is it to look at google image search for a minute and see that it’s on her left.

No. 533747

File: 1529582396329.png (1.02 MB, 750x1334, 848A64BA-960F-45EC-AA30-3ECFF8…)

No. 533751


She wants Overt-sempai to notice her so bad.

No. 533752

Is he into Naruto? She cosplayed Sakura before a few years ago but hasn’t really mentioned that character or the series since, yet now she’s suddenly back on the Naruto train out of nowhere.

No. 533757

She is absolutely craving validation right now and it’s so pathetic. Old photos where she actually looked decent? Check. Advertising a skin product with her gross flabby tits spilling out of a top worn backwards? Check. Posing basically naked in front of a mirror sucking her gross gut in ? Check. This bitch has nothing going for herself other than people begging her to do porn or saying how much they would shove their face in her ass or tits. Moo, you’re disgusting and no decent man would go near you, give it up and just “date” one of your equally gross neckbeards.

No. 533759

can you imagine her having a boyfriend that was just like a regular guy? its like…illogical

No. 533760

does she really think this is working? yikes

No. 533761

Ok the picture of her with her pancake tits out has like 40k likes and her heavens feel shit that was post just after has around 10k. No one be caring hoe

No. 533763

Her idea of a shower is putting on a new shirt?

He's not coming back Moo, you've shown how desperate you are.

No. 533771

Oh am sure She doesn't shower judging from the funk that was coming off of her at ALA I'm 100% sure she doesn't shower. It was the kinda smell that spikes yea in back of your throat. Never again will I help York in the box take pics of this Beast.

No. 533777

Yep, Moo has too much pride to date at her level. The fact that she can still attract schlubby dudes with a smidgen of fame now and then for a pump and dump keeps her delusions strong and keeps delaying the inevitable.

At this point she'd be wise to sniff around which of the thirsty as fuck Arab or Latino dudes of hers has money and just gun for them, but nope, she's a FAMOUS STAR and deserves FAMOUS COCK.

No. 533781

She is showing off her body too much these days, she def had something done.

No. 533783

Bunny and Susu just cosplayed Sakura and Hinata so I wouldn’t be surprised if she is trying to one up them.

No. 533785


No way in hell she ever dates a normie. She thinks she’s a “thicc goddess” who only deserves stronk Asian fuckbois and refuses to settle for anything less.

No. 533789

File: 1529597078829.png (465.98 KB, 720x957, Screenshot_2018-06-21-09-03-08…)

Love yourself jfc he doesn't CA RE Moo

No. 533790

She's so predictable. Anons called it when they said that she was going to start taking off her clothes and dancing in her underwear like she did the last time she got dumped and that's what she's doing. She doesn't have to say that she got dumped, just has to do her usual song and dance to let everyone know.

No. 533791

Fit tea didn't keep her for too long when the lipo came out. I'm sure she only got that deal because she waved around her social media "fame" in the clinic and she was a frequent visitor (Because you know she doesn't just get her face done there)
She always seems to do all these procedures in the summer hoping it will make her bikini ready.

No. 533793

She is a perfect example of someone being completely used up. Just 2 years and she's close to her expiration date and becoming E grade beef. But there will always be weirdos with a fetish for deformed obese women. The only reason she is clinging so hard to the cosplay shit is because it's her last straw so she can say "it isn't porn my dudes, it's cosplay. I'm still a respected woman"

No. 533800

I wouldn't care if she'd just be fucking honest with herself for a change.

Admit that you're pretty much a lewd cosplayer/camho and that is where your money comes from, stop going back and forth about wanting to be respected for your ~big builds~ when you AT BEST make 10% of your costumes, you stupid cow. It is okay to enjoy cosplaying normal shit and chilling at cons, but stop pretending like it makes you anything more than meat for gross guys to beat to.

No. 533803


She’s always plays the “I’m just a lewd model/weeb with a sewing machine/I never said I was a professional my dude” whenever she fucks up or she debuts a clearly shitty new cosplay/wig and bikini and any modicum of professionalism is asked of her.

Yet when she is all buttmad at someone calling her out for all her failures and delusions or she wants to brag about being “personally invited” to a con she flips back to “I’m such a successful businesswoman, so suck it losers. The reason I get these opportunities is because I’m clearly such a hard working professional and these companies and cons are tripping over themselves for the opportunity to work with me!!!! What are you doing with your sad pathetic lives aside from hating on a boss bitch like me!!’

No. 533806

She did in her video the other night. She answered a question and said 'yes, what I do is porn or fetish porn basically.'

No. 533808

yes but she flips back to saying she's a professional cosplayer. that is what she claims you're paying for when you donate. SSS is more tame than Momo but she advertises herself as a lewd model, not a cosplyer (her costumes are better than Momo's as well.)

She does get butt hurt when the cosplay community tells her to fuck off and go do porn and she claps back with that "I don't wanna do porn my dude! I have big builds I didn't make so you can't say shit to me. Now fuck off loser."

No. 533811


And yet how many times has she flipped between “What I do is basically porn” and “Ummm actually, if you paid attention then you would see that I’m actually more known for my non-lewd content. So fuck off”.

She says that shit all the time whenever she gets buttmad at someone accusing her of being nothing more than a trashy, no talent whore who takes her clothes off for guys to jack off to. It’s also why she lied about being in school. She wants to have the image of being someone respectable and having a future beyond all this.

No. 533818

Momo would have been better off if she never got famous. If she never did she wouldn't have the funds to fuck up her body with lipo and cool sculpting and would have no way to fund her insane food habits as well. She would actually have to attend school instead of pretending. So I personally find all of this amusing. Can't wait for her to get botched breast implants and a butt lift.

No. 533824

She had five minutes in the spotlight and took it too far. Now we get to enjoy the trainwreck that she is.

>and having a future beyond all this

This is what I don't understand. Why even pretend? It's not like she actually cares about having a future. What efforts has she put towards it at all? She could have used that money to actually go to school. Instead, she refuses to save one penny to put towards her future. She's deliberately burning right through the money and always seems broke(her ratty clothes, cheap costumes and wearing new clothes for a whole damn month). She tries way too hard when she commissions things and ends up spending thousands on something she'll only wear once. Spends quite a few thousands on lipo, only to ruin each lipo session rendering the lipo useless. Spends a lot of time going out to restaurants and ordering food when she could just buy groceries and learn how to cook.

There doesn't seem to be an endgame/future for her. It's like she's already given up and is just riding out the money train until it ends. Yet she lies her ass off by pretending to be in school when she gives no fucks at all about education. The money is now dwindling and she's getting fatter and even more lazy and delusional. She's set herself up for massive failure and she has no one to blame but herself.

No. 533827

Perhaps this is why she refuses to date a neckbeard. She wants a famous youtuber or cosplayer to fund her life when she can no longer cosplay in a few years. She certainly seems desperate to trap a dick, maybe she knows.

But that just shows how lazy she is. Instead of a future being an independent woman she just wants someone else to pay for her fat ass because she's "thic waifu"

No. 533832


She doesn’t care. But she also doesn’t like people calling her out for not caring. If you noticed, she only originally brought up school as a retaliation tactic. She didn’t like that someone with an actual future (I think he was working towards being a doctor) was calling her out (Or I think he was getting into it with one of her fans and she stupidly decided to butt in) so she tried to come back with “Ummm actually, I happen to be in school working towards my bachelors degree in business. Then it became dual majoring in “linguistics”. Then “I do liberal arts and theatre on the side”. Now it’s “Oh by the way, I did pharmacy as well”.

It’s all bullshit lies to make it seem like she is more than just the “trashy girl who poses in shitty wigs and bikinis two sizes too small with her mouth open begging for cock”. She sucks at taking criticism and doesn’t like her own failures thrown back in her face so she has to retaliate with “Ummm actually I’m going to be super successful since I’m obviously so talented and hard working and all you’ll be doing is stuck with your pathetic life hating on me because you wish you could be half as successful as me”

No. 533834

She was speaking to an audience of her neckbeards and wannabes, of course she was going to admit to the porn.

Also the first time she ever came clean about being nothing more than a Patreon Whore, she opted to try and take all of the other Pateron whores down with her instead of just standing her ground and being an adult about it. Bitch can't help but shoot herself in the foot whenever possible and that is a huge reason why we have over 50 threads on her.

No. 533835

This sounds 100% like Mariah. She's in full denial about being a really trashy whore and tries too hard to come across as educated trashy whore. It just makes her look like a dumb, lying hefty bag of shit.

And when she tried to take other Patreon hoes down with her, it backfired big time and they left her ass behind and haven't really spoken to her since.

No. 533850

File: 1529610222577.jpg (69.19 KB, 750x750, 1529607856581.jpg)

It's so obvious she's thirsty for attention at this point she doesn't even try to hide it. it's sad because she's aware of the fact that people don't give a shit about her, she's just a pair of fat tits

No. 533867


This is the bed she made. Now it’s time time for her to lie on her back in it. She knew this was the audience she was going to attract with her “lewd” sets. The POVs, the fake cum smeared in her tits, the fingers in her ass and pussy, the “semi-nude chocolate”, the nipslips, the pussy lips hanging out and the fake dicks with her mouth hanging open just begging to be filled with cock. This is what she asked for when she does all of that. And no amount of “big builds” or “I worked so hard on this because the series means so much to me” is going to change that. All they care about is eventually getting to you naked and completely debasing yourself to them.

This all could have been avoided if she simply put on the effort to get better. Learn the craft and use it to get better and more positive recognition and all she accolades she wanted. Take some goddamn classes and watch some tutorials. But she instead wanted the easy way out. When she saw how much guys were paying just to see her in her underwear and a shitty wig she took the money and ran with it. She thought she wouldn’t have to try anymore because she found an in. That her name was right up there with all the other pros.

Except now she is seeing what that decision has lead to and she doesn’t like it. And the worst part is that she still tries to maintain some “holier than thou” attitude like “Ummm actually, if you paid attention you’d see I do more non-lewd content than lewd, and everyone knows me more for my talent and craftsmanship anyways. So you can just go fuck off”. Easily one of the biggest lies she tries to tell herself. That everyone knows her name for her skills and craftsmanship rather than the girl who wears shitty wigs and bikinis/underwear with her tits practically falling out with her mouth open begging for cock and calling it “cosplay”

No. 533882

File: 1529619896945.png (3.99 MB, 750x1334, C2A5713F-081D-41D3-B7AD-2FDC6C…)

Positivity sperg incoming


No. 533883

File: 1529619941933.png (4.23 MB, 750x1334, 2CC7A06E-EAE3-4227-9F42-2D5A9D…)

No. 533884

File: 1529619987243.png (4.11 MB, 750x1334, 206042D8-A95D-4DE8-A641-CA179F…)

No. 533885

internationally unrecognized thot going to another country to meet none of her fans again? AND she's bringing her mom

No. 533886

File: 1529620025357.png (4.11 MB, 750x1334, EE5C9834-91E5-4328-AE90-347593…)

No. 533887

File: 1529620069733.png (4 MB, 750x1334, 9D5EB2C2-9A33-4D37-8354-1991E8…)

No. 533888

File: 1529620118698.png (4.16 MB, 750x1334, CF916B09-BF4A-4040-BCB2-08910D…)

No. 533889

Well soak it up Moo cause it's looking like the last one.

No. 533890

File: 1529620194017.png (3.76 MB, 750x1334, 379A4B03-40CC-4BDC-B5CE-C875C5…)

No. 533892

File: 1529620395123.png (3.62 MB, 750x1334, 9BE8E066-678A-48B0-BCC7-948E94…)

After a story of Guzma tearing up the carpet

No. 533894

A little shit nugget. And also glad to hear you dont care about selling prints since they won't know who you are or care. Stfu about the omg love bs no one currz. And of course you hope people will come give you big hugs- it beats the cricket sounds at your booth as other better craftsmen who actually look like the anime characters and smell infinitely better get the glory and you get to sit the fuck down and realize slowly- you're nobody.

No. 533896

Except she did at Wizard World…

No. 533897

For any other cosplayer who has made it big. It's another show. If momo was as popular or loved as she says she is, she have many, many international and national cons under her belt. She has one. And its Peru. Moo, the more you boast. The worse you look. No one is impressed or jealous of you. I seriously hope Peru is a wake up call for her, I can bet most of the men will try to treat her like a piece of meat and not a real person.

No. 533901


She's definitely looking for any opportunity to flash tits. If she weren't so shitty I would feel bad for her - she seriously seems to think that constantly broadcasting that you're dtf will get you a genuine relationship and not just a fuckbuddy arangement.

also why would you post this sweet man in a momo thread anon

No. 533908

If he doesn't like it, why are you doing it then? Stop bullying your cat because you're lonely and no one will fuck your wide vagina.

No. 533909

she trollin right

its so sad that she has to take her mom with her

No. 533911

She’s also going off on a body positivity, “fuck the haters” sperg rn on her story. Im too lazy to summarize it if someone else wants to

No. 533913

Tfw when you gotta take your parents to cons because you dont have friends

No. 533917


- Says she “started taking cosplay seriously”

- Most of her “cosplay” have been shitty wigs and bikinis with her screeching about how she is “going to lewd and ruin all your waifus”. Still buys and commissions more than have of the cosplays that aren’t shitty bikinis. Still acts like an unprofessional cunt to everyone.

. . . Sure you have Moo.

No. 533918

She's got Colossalcon East coming up in the next few months. Is she going to get a round of lipo last year? Is she gonna be brave enough to wear bikinis?

No. 533922


Of course that was going to be her next move after her spamming trashy photos of her in her underwear. I’m assuming it’s some bullshit about how “I love my body and I won’t be made to feel ashamed of it. Oh, and FYI for all you little bitch boys out there, just because a girl shows off her body, doesn’t means she is doing it for a guy’s attention. It’s that kind of male toxicity that needs to stop!!” As if it wasn’t obvious that she was doing it because she got dumped and tried to lure him back with “Look what you are missing out on” trash heap photos.

Her go to after her “Omg I’m legit crying right now I love you guys soooo much” sperg is the “Fuck the haterz. Don’t let anyone try to take away your happiness. They are just jealous that you are living your best life and they are stuck living their miserable one” rant

No. 533923

I somewhat doubt she'll show up TBH? too much chance she'll be candid shot. She relies so heavily on edits as is. Plus she can't talk her way into hanging with Jnig this time.

No. 533924

> claims to have been 155lbs in Samus
> 195lbs now

Didn’t she say she was 200 a few days ago. Her and her buddies insta stories prove she hasn’t been eating less or healthier recently.

No. 533925

Doesn't a wide vagina imply it's been used and worn? Moo is the biggest despie virgin on the internet.

No. 533926

File: 1529626200100.jpg (35.82 KB, 640x475, 53d52bc74f70d_-_heavy-flow-wid…)

Nah, it's wide because she's a wide gal.

No. 533930

but you will do fake charities and rip off your patrons for hundreds of dollars. But the photos isn't for your fans, it's for your own self-validation. Good luck with the three people who will take a free pic of you in front of your empty booth.

No. 533931

Maybe she took a 5 pound shit. Who knows, she is full of it.

No. 533946


are you 12

No. 533949

Late to the party but I just don’t understand how you would think this is ok for a sponsor post. You would think you would try to look presentable. Like if this is the clientele of this company I probably wouldn’t want to go there

No. 533952

I’m not sure how freely laser away gives sponsorships but I know several girls I’ve seen on Instagram seem like they are (two of /snow/s kelly edens friends, another model I can think of) and no one else promotes them like this.

No. 533954

Off to Peru. A third rate costhot in a third world country. But she's international muh dudez.

No. 533955

Go through tagged photos there is literally away but naked with his back turned to the camera promoting the center. A lot of girls with this out too. Moos happens to be more low budget looking, but surprisingly more tame than some.

No. 533960

File: 1529634872292.png (213.28 KB, 354x653, Screenshot 2018-06-21 at 7.30.…)

Rant transcript:

>It's really interesting because, for like, the longest time people are always like - and to this day - say like "oh you're never gunna make it" "you're not petite enough" "you're not small enough"and it's like click Bitch

>It don't matter what size you are, honey. Whether you are size 12 or a 2, a 24 or a 7 - it don't matter! you can cosplay, you can do what you what and people gonna love it no matter what

>It's not about people lovin' it, it's about you loving it!I cosplay because I fucking like to cosplay..you know what I mean? I cosplay some tiny ass characters but I don't give a FUCK because it's what I enjoy. It's what makes ME happy

>you don't have to cosplay charactersthat only stick to your body type [inaudible] stick to the way you look that'd be very hard that'd be like telling a person of color cosplayer that they can only cosplay characters of color…that's fucking stupid. People have this mentality, like get rid of it, like, no- Cosplay whoever you wanna cosplay, have fun with whatever you do - Cat stop fucking acting a fool

But yeah, don't let people tell you you can't cosplay something or model do whatever the fuck-

>When I first did Samus, like when I first started to cosplay and stuff, I was 155 pounds. Uh, I'm 195 pounds now and it's like people still jerks about it, people are like "you're too fat to cosplay" nd it's like yikes

>I thoroughly and genuinely believe people should just cosplay whatever they want- I mean within reason like don't fucking cosplay Hitler ya know what I mean- but like do your think, enjoy cosplay-

>someone even dares to tell you that you can't do something, or you're not small enough, or you're not the right color, this and that, just tell them "bitch" and just do it. It's great, it's a great time when you just enjoy yourself and take things in stride

>I get shit from all sides, all directions all the time and I'm like "random gestures Thanks"
>[inaudible] don't address shit cause I'm always like "bitch, biiitch" ((she has to have snorted coke before this instastory))
>I wanna talk about it because I get so many messages about people saying like "oh my god I'm so scared to cosplay" screams NOOOOODONT BE SCARED



No. 533962

That laser treatment sure did work

No. 533963

Cherry glow up

No. 533964

I still die laughing because she has to have her mom travel with her. I wonder if her mom will hold down her booth for the entire weekend while Moo wanders around. It would be Wizard World Portland all over again.

No. 533965

Didn't she used to say she was 200 when she cosplayed Samus? Bitch should really keep her story straight instead of lying out her ass all the time.

No. 533966

moo literally the only people you address are the ones who criticize you

No. 533967

the thing is though, its not really a big deal that shes fat like people aren't saying ohh you can't be a cosplayer at size 20, its that shes not even good at making anything and is making money from showing her tits and no ass. that's not #bodypositivity thats just being fat and also making cash

No. 533968

File: 1529635845731.png (492.45 KB, 720x920, 20180621_215047.png)


No. 533969

File: 1529635864599.png (480.39 KB, 720x999, 20180621_215027.png)


No. 533970

File: 1529635884479.png (329.27 KB, 720x894, 20180621_215014.png)


No. 533971

File: 1529635906360.png (377.48 KB, 720x642, 20180621_214948.png)


No. 533973

No one is telling you not to cosplay a character dumbass. But they are telling you that you look hideous when you cosplay some characters. Big difference. You can go play dress up all night long if you want. Who gives a fuck? Stop trying to respond to farmers because you are not a positive role model for anyone for any reason. Now go snort some more coke. You will love Peru the shit is everywhere. I guess that is what it takes for you to feel good about yourself and to believe all your self delusions.

No. 533974

Yeesh someone is manic tonight

No. 533975

Does anyone have the receipt of her saying she was like 215 when she did Seamus?

No. 533976

Maybe she’s all manic about her weight right now because her fuckboi friend doesn’t like fat chicks. Maybe he didn’t fuck her because, like most of us, he finds her repulsive.

No. 533977

Holy fuck, is she related to fucking jontron or something? She could be his twin

No. 533978

Check the first three Moo threads.

No. 533979

this rant absolutely came from people speculating her size upthread lmao

No. 533980

She spends so much time trying to keep up with us that she doesn't even get the rebuttals correct

No. 533981

I really hope you don’t have a vagina

No. 533983

This is massively ironic considering she bullied a girl at a con about being "too fat" to the point the girl made herself sick, and said another cosplayer's cosplay was better than chelhellbunny's

No. 533984

Two other cosplayers made allegations that they were called "black" versions of their characters.

No. 533985

So it's just another rant while high.

No. 533986

Coke everywhere in peru. Be hilarious if she got busted.

No. 533988

File: 1529645757843.jpeg (644.53 KB, 739x1104, 7C1C759D-2E26-4497-B4D0-5146A5…)

She looks like a bum panhandling in a Greyhound station.

No. 533989

itabagchan gets no respect or love

No. 533991

That's the shirt that she was wearing yesterday. Is this bitch for real? Making people around her on the plane smell her unwashed ass for hours?

No. 533992

File: 1529646710501.png (205.98 KB, 360x650, Screenshot 2018-06-21 at 10.52…)

No. 533994

Fucking hell her roots are showing already?! Also that is one greasy pig.

No. 533997

So I went scrolling through the fan expo page. Other than that one picture I couldn’t find anything advertising her. I’m guessing once again there were people complaining about her like Portland and they won’t associate with her again after this.

No. 533998


Fck she looks like an arab man with a pink wig on

No. 533999

Her Face Is still so red Lol

No. 534001

ummmmmm her skin looks disgusting i know treatments don’t be work the first time but those craters on her face make me wanna barf

No. 534006

How unfortunate that she looks like a man. Then again nothing else is very feminen about her either.

No. 534007

Lmao at taking her mom again to an international convention. Is Moo that much of a pussy to not travel by herself? Is she afraid of being lonely at the con despite humble bragging about the fans who love her? Calling it now her mom looks after her booth while she fucks off to go and stalk Leon all weekend again while looking like a piece of shit in her 'costumes'.

No. 534008

Or kissing moms ass for the time in the not distant future when she needs a place after crashing and burning.

No. 534009

You assume she will be in costume during the entire convention. She’ll probably just go in her street clothes for half of it like in Mexico.
So professional my dudes!

No. 534010

Thats usually what happens after facials for a day or two or a couple more due to sensitive skin. Not to mention the heat.

No. 534011

It makes sense to bring someone with you to a convention or abroad. Not like she will know anyone in Peru besides Leon and I wonder how much he really cares to hang out with her in person after the shit she pulled. A parent or friend isn't something to honestly freak out about regarding her. If she leaves her mom in her booth the whole time while she is absent, then freak out, but its not something out of the ordinary. It not about being a pussy tbh.

No. 534014

You think Moo is capable of planning for the future? No way.

No. 534015


She literally can't be in costume much of the time, she needs to be corseted in and she doesn't do corset training.

No. 534018

I can’t wait for her neck beard fans to see this monster for real without all the massive amounts of photoshop. The best part about her delusions is that she thinks people see her the way she sees herself. She looks so disgusting and greasy on this flight alone, wearing those ridiculous glasses.

No. 534028

File: 1529668972157.jpg (624.67 KB, 1349x1349, CYMERA_20180622_150217.jpg)

It's interesting how different her nose looks nowadays, it's like a reverse nosejob since it's gotten so bulbous

No. 534030

I mean the cartilage in your nose continues to grow for your whole life like your ears so it will continue to get bigger…

No. 534031

This is so upsetting I cannot believe how much this girl has let herself go. You can be big and beautiful but she is destroying herself from the inside out with her diet and lifestyle Jesus Christ. Why isn’t anyone around her intervening??

No. 534038

File: 1529673444416.jpeg (63.49 KB, 952x536, FA947746-0C35-4042-9897-6A0D70…)


bc no one around her actually gives af lol

No. 534043

File: 1529673750671.jpg (73.38 KB, 275x275, 1523227444442.jpg)

This post caught me off guard

No. 534046

I mean, left is a carefully posed selfie. Her nose has always been like you see it now. In an older thread when her old photobucket account was leaked there was a frontal picture of Mariah at like 15 and she looked exactly like she does now, nose included.
Left is just a picture from the period of her life when she at least tried a little bit to look better.

No. 534051

not really lol. moo is just unfortunate. many fat girls just have chubby faces and tiny features.

No. 534055

She was charging $30 a photo at meet n greet, right?

>I can bet most of the men will try to treat her like a piece of meat and not a real person.

And she has literally asked to be treated that way with how she portrays herself publicly.

No. 534057

holyshit, is she wearing new shoes?? I'm shocked she isn't wearing her dumpy moccasins.

No. 534058

Thats how cartilage works that why old people have huge noses and ears.

No. 534060

rofl why would anyone care? She's toxic to everyone around her, esp to other women in the cosplay community. She deserves every bit of karma she's getting.

No. 534062

lmao anon, the growth is only ~.30mm a year on average. and not all old people have huge noses and ears. it doesn't account for moo's face at all.

No. 534066


So how long until she makes up some bullshit about how “Omg I was stopped for photos as soon as I got off the plane! You guys are too much lol” like she claimed in Mexico?

No. 534073

the con rep will be there to pick them up and she'll claim people were waiting at the airport to meet her.

No. 534085

Pretty sure she HAS to have a parent there. It's not by her own choice either. I mean, why the fuck did she bring both her parents to Wizard World? Because she's a child and can't be trusted alone at a con without SOME adult super vision.

Also, side note but her dad is a creepy as fuck in person. Not to mention when she took them to Portland, they spent most of them time looking for Moo or huddling behind her booth and when she was taking photos with her white knights and getting hit on, both parents would lean in and whisper to one another. Like, literally they were judging everyone that even came up to the booth.

No. 534095

>both parents would lean in and whisper to one another

wow… have they not seen their own daughter?

No. 534096

My theory is this. Momo is aware of how fucking ugly she is and at this point she's just rubbing it in like "Look, I'm the fattest, ugliest bitch out there but I'm still more 'famous' than most of the hotties. I can be a gross pig and still make it"

I dunno if you guys get that feeling from her as well.

No. 534098

Love how she's wearing her "oh so real glasses" like sunglasses

No. 534100

Moo… with self awareness? Haha no.

No. 534106

File: 1529686547690.png (994.83 KB, 720x1139, Screenshot_2018-06-22-09-54-43…)

No. 534107

File: 1529686579043.png (1.17 MB, 720x1180, Screenshot_2018-06-22-09-55-07…)

No. 534108

maybe just don't use your phone?

No. 534109

So is she just going to hijack her moms phone for the remainder of this trip to post on social media? And when is anyone going to mention on her social to stop using her costume glasses and pretending they are real?

No. 534111

Holy shit her hair is so fucked I'm actually disgusted. How does it look so oily and fried at the same time it looks like it's rotting I'm so disturbed.

No. 534118

File: 1529688585722.jpeg (775.01 KB, 1242x1145, 06DF0470-B41F-43FA-B0FA-4DB558…)

Mariah are you kidding

No. 534119

I think its just in v bad condition, well duh. like its v dry thats why its getting greasy so quick and I guess she doesn't wash it that often cus shes up all night watching anime. She just needs to do some basic care with it like maybe wash it? do a hot oil treatment or hair mask and stop dying it so often. Notice how all her problems can be solved with some self care?

No. 534124

she looks cross-eyed?

No. 534125

File: 1529689455092.png (243.16 KB, 355x656, Screenshot 2018-06-22 at 10.44…)

In Cancun right now. Says she might be in Peru touching down around 8 pm, not 10 pm.

No. 534126

How can she post this omgg
Whenever I look at her reddit the guys there are like "I know she's a bitch but she's hot" or something like that and I'm like how can they say that? I guess they don't look at her stories

No. 534130


I’m going to guess either she sat on it or confused it for food and tried to eat it.


. . . Holy Christ she is ugly

No. 534131

File: 1529690345324.jpg (23.58 KB, 382x532, yikes.jpg)

No. 534132

Imagine having your goblin daughter take your phone to make fifteen instastories featuring her busted mug and ratty hair

No. 534133


Watch how fast her mom gets sick of her snatching her phone away every fifteen seconds to post some stupid outdated meme or make stupid “lol so random” faces into the camera.

No. 534134

File: 1529690880162.png (217.6 KB, 351x649, Screenshot 2018-06-22 at 11.08…)

apparrently broke her phone grabbing bags for someone

No. 534136

Not trying to tinfoil, but is it possible she's been asked to bring a parent to these guest cons. Her being a immature brat is pretty known after all. And she's not even hinted at ever taking someone else.

No. 534138


Of course it had to be in the act of her being a complete saint who only wants to help people and do good in the world and not because she was being an irresponsible dipshit.

No. 534139

Nah, she keeps dragging her parents to this shit for other reasons:

1) To prove to Mom and Dad that her life spent online high off her ass and flashing her tits at cameras is totally okay and a good career path

2) Because the bitch has no actual friends other than Vamp, and Vamp has/had a job so can't just drop shit all the time for Moo

Anons also figure that she tries to drag in her father whenever possible because of her creepy Electra Complex and as to serve as a bodyguard to protect her from the scary and mean haters.

No. 534143


It’s totally a defense mechanism. She thinks the haters won’t come out if she has her “super stronk daddy” and her “super sweet mommy” there to protect her.

No. 534148

You're incorrect about all of that. Her hair is fucked. Because she dyed it and keeps dying it again and again when it gets fucked up.

No. 534150

Who else does she have to take?

No. 534151

I've been watching this trainwreck for so long I hard forgotten how she used to look. Why does she keep ruining her hair and dying it washed up kool aid colors and not keep the color she already had? It fits her complexion a lot better.

How is she uploading these stories without a phone? Is she seriously using her mom's phone to post retarded instastories?

No. 534152

I think she's lying about the phone thing. She'll probably forget soon.

No. 534156

tbh I think they really don’t look at them

No. 534158

yeah kid i said that too

No. 534159

Funny enough, I don’t see anything on her IG story about the broken phone. She probably did figure it’d be too annoying to keep up with that lie—especially when she starts taking naked jelly-like mirror selfies when she gets to Peru.

No. 534176

Could it also be that her friends don’t have passport but her parents do? I don’t know many people who have one save for myself and a few friends who travel between the borders but passports are expensive. A book is $120-$150 (I forgot) and getting one could take anywhere 3 weeks to 2-4 months depending on how overloaded the government is.

No. 534178

$110 for a book, and a mere 6-8 weeks for turnaround to get it in your hands. Then another $60 for expedited processing and shipping time, which our cow probably paid because she's shit at planning and waiting, as we've seen time and again.

No. 534181

Shes literally taking her mom out of the country for her abroad trip in a country she doesnt know with fans she doesnt know. Like who cares. She brought family. A lot of people do. State cons I dont understand, but come on. It makes complete sense.

No. 534183

Nah. It's because she has no friends. She used to take an entourage of hangers on and leeches with her and pay for everything. Now she's down to her mom

No. 534186

Its international. I dont know about you, but a lot of her friends dont do cosplay full time and have jobs. Probably why her father isnt there either. Stop reaching.

No. 534192


Except she literally used to travel with an entire entourage and would pay for dinners and hotel rooms. Now she is stuck bringing her parents since all her “friends” and leeches dumped her.

No. 534196

She's also making less patreon money now. Probably less then half of what she used to. She has fallen far so quickly our dear moo.

No. 534200

Shes over 830 right now. Most since holidays.

No. 534205

>>534200 Over 839..wow someone must have been buying pledges again. How does she go from 600 something to 839 patrons in just a month or so's time? Shes been resting at 600 constantly for a while, I can't see how she could have jumped that high, and STILL be only making 77% of her goal.

No. 534206


She has no one to blame but herself for that. She didn’t do anything to try to maintain that peak. She really believed she could get by doing the same half-assed work. Which is why she is going so hard in the paint with her “lewd” shit, with each one getting more trashy and risqué than the last. Because her “fans” won’t pay attention to anything else once she went down that rabbit hole. Now she is trying and failing at attempting to rebrand herself as a “serious cosplayer” to recoup the damage.

No. 534207

she's buying them for sure.

No. 534225

No. It comes from people seeing her photoshoots. She doesnt make anything and tbh, Square isnt THAT bad of a basic cosplay photographer. Its everyone elses hard work making her look good and then the 'my mental health' crap like Penny Underbust pulls for attention seeking and it pays off for people who dont know better or who she is.

No. 534244

If she's buying pledges to inflate her numbers it's at the cheapest tier. And most of what she has left that's real is probably on the low end too. That's why she keeps lowering her goal and still can't reach it.

No. 534248

I doubt Squaredick brought in 200+ patrons with his photography skills. People don't fall for her pity parties much these days cause she's always doing it. She was just at 600 and some change a month or two ago.

No. 534249

I don't know if her photos circulate THAT much, especially with her Twitter gone. I'm pretty sure she buys ads or something too because one of my friends mentioned he saw her pop up on his ig feed but he doesn't follow her because he doesn't like fatties.

No. 534252

She sure does have a shitty manager. If she spent half the time she spends trying to manipulate her internet fame numbers on trying to improve her craft or actually market herself in an effective way she wouldn't have all the problems she is having. Yeah, I know, we haven't heard the manager lie in a while. Maybe she fired him after her clothing line turned out to be just another pile of moocow shit.

No. 534321

File: 1529709610520.png (120.36 KB, 1353x2012, 20180622_161730.png)

Pretty sure she's been buying patrons, her jump to 800+ didn't happen over the course of the month it happened just a couple days ago.

No. 534333

what a piece of shit. she keeps changing her "goal" to make it look like she's not losing money, but is also buying patrons.

No. 534339

More of a case of she has nobody else to drag along now and only uses her parents for these trips as a a last resort. Moo has no true friends or a management team despite being 'professional'. Even if she did no way would they mind her booth while she fucks off to be a convention normie everyday of the con. She'll never travel alone, not even to cons in the US as a guest by herself. She needs a wall to hide behind and that's currently her parents. Plenty of cosplayers do very well independently at a con as a guest or have a solid team, she's just completely useless in her own company and nobody wants to be around her toxic ass to help her out.

No. 534355


lmao she didn't get "sponsored".

I've gone to LaserAway. All they do when they want to test a new procedure, is offer a promotional discount for it because it's new. In exchange they ask if it's ok to use the patient's image for a "before/ after" picture once she's done with all her appointments. They ask anyone who opts for the promotion to use their image. They don't care if she's a model. They don't care about her cosplay career or her popularity. It's so they can add her results to their portfolio as an advertisement for future patients interested to try it. She more then likely wanted to try this because they were offering it dirt cheap. Normally that place is very expensive.

She really thinks any company giving her any attention, recognizes her for talent. Sorry but you're just another plain Jane like the rest of us sister lol

No. 534363


Anon is absolutely right. There was a time where she cared more about how she looked and used angles and filters/shoop to make herself look better, but she's always had unfortunate features like the eyebags and bulbous nose.

The only two big differences now are her body, which has been ruined by lipo and poor diet, and her attitude, because she clearly doesn't care about presenting herself in a certain way anymore.

No. 534374


>Double chin

>Fried, greasy hair
>Those glasses

Idk how she can broadcast that face to the world

No. 534413

Typical Moo to overhype and lie about the extent of her 'sponsorships'.

I'm ready for Moo to be even more clueless about Peru than she was about Mexico, fam. She can't moo about tacos and tequila this time!

No. 534415

shh don’t give her any hints anon geeze

No. 534418

File: 1529722999469.png (235.2 KB, 348x653, Screenshot 2018-06-22 at 8.00.…)

this is embarassing

No. 534419

When your mom is your hype man. Good lord.

No. 534424

They try to make it seem like those people are lined up for her but you can clearly tell they don't even care about her existence

No. 534426

i am so glad i got internet back in time for the next out of america shit show

yeah its just some kind of light hearted promotional shoot or something. it barely shows up in the searches, but lots of dumb bikini sluts think swim suit = water, judging from cosplay results

dang, good eye

No. 534428

she has his thighs.

No. 534429

Her itabag was sad as is but does she really need to shove all her crap in the front pocket as well?

No. 534438

The last time she had a real boyfriend was probs the dude she dumped to be a costhot.

She has literally only herself to blame for everything in her life.

No. 534466

No they didn't. They literally walked right past them. No one was waiting for them. If only gif anon was here so people wouldn't speculate. Her mom was just going that thing mom's do to try and embarass their kids by saying "She's here, Peru. Mariah Mallad". Or when people touchdown somewhere and snap or take another type of photo being like 'I'm here'.

No. 534469

It's better that she's using the basebag as a regular bag than her sad attempt at an itabag, tbh.

No. 534472

Kind of stupid though to be showing what you actually own in a bag like that vs setting it up like a real itabag and having your actual things in the main bag part.

No. 534475

Especially in a foreign country where she doesn't know the language and can't report things missing if it gets stolen.

No. 534482

A fat american slob wearing a see-through bag of all her valuables? Man I would be surprised if it wasn't stolen.

Also typical she's buying her own pledges. So she got 200, how many more are also just her friends? Would explain why she has no clothes or furniture. Fake it till you make it my dudes!

No. 534484

She could have dropped her phone grabbing her own bags, not someone else's. Pretty sure she would have bragged harder if it weren't her own stuff.

No. 534488

she said that it was someone else's bags tho.

No. 534489

Why the fuck would you stuff your valuables in the front of the ita bag? The see through part is for the merch and she's stuffed it with so many miscellaneous items, I feel bad for that lone acrylic Saber charm getting scratched all over.

No. 534490

File: 1529730730425.png (298.42 KB, 357x651, Screenshot 2018-06-22 at 10.12…)

No. 534491

More like you are stealing your moms phone until Wed or else you will kick and scream at her like a toddler

No. 534492

She's in Lima ffs not some jungle in the middle of the Amazon. Don't tell me she's too cheap to buy a prepaid phone or something.

No. 534494

TBH this was probably just an excuse for her to get a 'hot' new phone. Moo strikes me as someone who purposely breaks shit to get the newer better thing.

No. 534495

What kind of phone does she even have? I’m not familiar with androids but if it was an iPhone you can still use that shit even if it’s cracked. It’ll be harder depending on the crack (like if the whole front is smashed which can easily happen it it falls flat on its screen) but they’re made to keep working from basic falls.

No. 534496

I went through some mirror selfies of her's. She has an Apple phone. The camera isn't in place where Android phones have had them for the past 3 generations, so now I'm really curious about the state of her phone and what it looks like.

No. 534497

File: 1529732462096.jpeg (697.84 KB, 750x1098, E28D019E-391C-4F85-A4F0-3B8B0D…)

No. 534498

File: 1529732522449.png (23.5 KB, 512x512, thonking.png)


sooo you have mobile picture on your laptop?

No. 534499

I think she honestly did just break it. I man why break your phone on purpose when you're in a foreign country. However… this is the girl who screamed that her mother should die when she bought the wrong car for her. Her mother is such an enabler.

It's an older picture she's using. Vamp is still at the states, so this was before she broke her phone.

No. 534500

May 26th. It's not that old, maybe a month. It just seems weird of her to migrate her mobile pictures to laptop unless she was selling her selfies?

No. 534502

Lmao it’s gonna KILL her to not be online for a few days, and not see what everyone is saying about her.
Unless she plans on hijacking her phone all weekend.

No. 534503

She also could have her iPhone gallery set to automatically back up new files to her laptop when she’s on WiFi. she also does sell selfies as sets, she did a selfie set with pococaho

No. 534504

Yeah, this is at Fanime.

Can you just stop speculating? She means she has her laptop to communicate and you can still access Instagram through it and probably has it for Patreon and Facebook updates. She didn't say anything about mobile images being backed up on her computer at all in the slightest, so I don't know where you got that idea.

No. 534505

File: 1529733271907.jpg (434.83 KB, 1365x2048, 41059415350_6a4a4a3e15_k.jpg)

jesus this screams PT

No. 534506

Crap wish I saw that before reposting and editing my thing. That's a likely thing as well. Setting up a cloud service. Since she has an Apple phone its not that hard to do either. A lot of it does do it automatically if you select those settings.

No. 534507

File: 1529733305412.jpg (642.82 KB, 1365x2048, 42869698051_38ae6f1093_k.jpg)

No. 534508

I thought that black hair was on my screen, but its literally trapped in her nasal fold. Must suck when you post photos without skin editing.

No. 534510

"Makes my heart happy"
Guess this is Moo's favorite new bullshit "look at me, being all cute and shit" phrase. Wonder how many times she can use it before people in her comments section call her out on overuse.

No. 534511

There actually is NO hair…is is just her wrinkle in her shitty makeup.

No. 534512

She will most likely have her mom's phone. I mean, the girl took it already for selfies. I do wonder if her mom will get it back after the trip or whenever Moo gets a new phone.

How many layers of cake does this bitch have on her face?

No. 534513

any other picture of her face where she looks tomato red and scaly should be a good indication.

No. 534514

Yep, it's just VERY cracked lol. Honestly a pretty common problem, but it's so accentuated when you slather your face in foundation and coverup like she does. She's so paranoid about her skin, it'd look a lot better with thinner layers and color correcting.

No. 534515

I agree that Moo will use it as an excuse to get the newest phone, but I find it hard to believe she doesn't already have the newest iphone.

And there's less layers of make up caked on then layer of sushi on her plate.

No. 534517

Damn that's a lot of layers.

I don't mean the newest iphone, I meant getting a new phone since hers broke. Mariah seems like the type to hang onto someone else's stuff until she gets her own.

No. 534522

i still think she was lying

No. 534527

Sorry, I was kind of agreeing with the anon who said she probably breaks shit as an excuse to replace it. I'm sure her mom's phone is "tooooooo old and slow and not for me (:" or some shit. Maybe followed with omg i love my mom so much i got her a new phone as thank you for the hard times we went through at #PERUCON

No. 534531

I don't disagree with that, anon. I guess I misunderstood what you said about her not having the newest iphone already.

No. 534533

Underrated gem of a comment.

No. 534535

File: 1529739442337.png (2.75 MB, 2118x1322, Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 09.3…)

jesus christ

No. 534537

her mouth looks like Donald Trump's

No. 534559

No. 534562

File: 1529748234058.png (1.81 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-06-23-02-11-11…)

I messed around with the contrast and sharpness. Terrifying.

No. 534568

That colour corrector/uneven foundation on her nose looks like some kind of fungus.

No. 534569

thanks I hate it

No. 534598

>someone who likes to always be in control

And there it is. Momo has to be in control and it has to be her way, her delusion, and everyone has to abide by that or she loses her shit.

That's why she thinks she can just lie about everything and it be blindly accepted because Momo said so. If she's challenged she goes absolutely apeshit like a toddler in a tantrum.

She's got the same mentality as Onision in that regard. No wonder their friendship was brief because no two people with that type of personality can coexist without killing each other.

No. 534623

Probably got stolen at the airport but bad bitch street smart moomoo doesn't want to admit she got ripped off 15 minutes after landing.

No. 534624

How about you at least buy a phrase book and make an effort linguistics major. Moo is such a dumbass. She's obviously one of those insuffarable Americans who think if you just speak English more loudly and slowly people in foriegn countries will be able to understand you.

No. 534637

Somewhat MAJOR tinfoil but isn't it odd she kept changing sides with the Leon situation??? And will be alone with him at some point most likely. But now she has no phone so if anything happens she can't get 'evidence'.

Whether Leon did do something or not: What if Momokun plans on using that for her own personal gain and sympathy points like she did with KBBQ and others???

No. 534640

She never disagreed with what Leon did, she only pretended because she wanted to save public face. She is all up for molesting people and lying about her level of fame. She still wants that Leon dick and will justify it if she gets it. However Leon hasn't shown any interest in Momo really and I doubt he will now after she was so "shook"

No. 534668

File: 1529778264378.jpeg (654.52 KB, 750x1111, 38D8D7A2-658E-40B2-9171-912EB2…)

Looks like Leon isn’t gonna make it. Now who is Moomoo gonna hang out with???

No. 534673

File: 1529778882680.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1242x1739, 24A48B42-160C-4DF7-85DB-4AF4F8…)

Stella too. Hmmm.

No. 534674


Looks like she will be stuck with her mom in her hotel room all weekend.

No. 534676

Apparently Phil Mizuno is there

No. 534677

File: 1529779244496.png (242.68 KB, 347x653, Screenshot 2018-06-23 at 11.41…)

flannelchan makes an appearance

No. 534679

Is this the first forest kun and flannel chan collab?

No. 534680


No doubt to hide the fact that her pancake ass was hanging out the last time she wore it.

No. 534681

can we stop saying this every thread

No. 534682

omg she can't be serious
like you can kinda get away with wearing it with a normal outfit but with this??

No. 534683

I feel like this is a new beginning

No. 534685

Sometimes wonder if her mom actually knows what her daughter is capable of and let's her get on with being a cunt, or genuinely doesn't know.

No. 534687

This is way too coincidental. Do you think they both did this in order to avoid Moomoo or just realise the convention is just not worth such a big trip to Peru? The convention doesn't seem like a great catch in itself.

No. 534689

It looks nothing more than another Wizard World but Peru edition. Not even worth the hype. Hopefully both lol. The idea of being stuck with this nauseating cow is hell itself. It's funny though because she's only got Phil to stalk now and that'll get boring real quick.

No. 534690

Most likely a business decision. Stellachuu is AX bound and Leon is just another big cosplayer. He probably also has another bigger priority.

No. 534694

File: 1529780742014.png (264.99 KB, 356x654, Screenshot 2018-06-23 at 12.05…)

No. 534695

File: 1529780750254.gif (942.64 KB, 337x600, 794D2B2F-2057-4403-B4CA-501E65…)

imagine borrowing your mom’s phone for this

No. 534697

File: 1529780757746.png (282.82 KB, 353x651, Screenshot 2018-06-23 at 12.05…)

No. 534698

File: 1529780777932.gif (1.36 MB, 337x600, B243E0E8-FFC9-4B46-8A84-99F477…)

deletes off mom’s camera roll

No. 534701

I agree…very coincidental…leon and stella are much more professional but it seems odd both are traveling from different places to have flight cancellations and neither seem the type to cancel such last minute

No. 534703

File: 1529780898836.png (233.36 KB, 349x653, Screenshot 2018-06-23 at 12.08…)

Moo: "Aww, Phil.."
Phil: "Where's the food (assumption)"
Moo: "Speak English to me, please~"

No. 534704

Something is up. Imagine if Phil didn't go, Moo on her lonesome and stuck with con goers who wanted to see the others instead would have been a treat.

No. 534705

Not everything is about Moo

No. 534706


She really is fucking gross. Why the fuck would you use your mom’s phone to record shit like this?

No. 534709

Her mom obviously doesn't care at this rate and is probably proud of her daughter's 'success'.

No. 534710

I bet her mom got upset at how short her dress is and this is her way of improvising. Maybe don't bring your mom when your gig is showing off your non-existent ass and sad tits.

No. 534711

Both of them said, "Due to technical issues" but it was probably for non-technical reasons.

No. 534712

The peru con is a huge scam. They had cancelled on Leon from last weekend (he was supposed to fly to Peru on Monday) so chances are moo and Phil paid for their own flights or were told they would get reimbursed at the con, which a lot of cons do for guests that dont have smart enough representation to make sure it's paid ahead of time.

Let's be real Phil nor Moo are being paid a lot of money by cons. Leon and Stella are ACTUAL international names who have headlined at major cons all over and have huge followings.

but hey maybe people will actually go to moo's booth this con because there's barely anyone else kek

No. 534714

But her mom is okay with her vag and tits hanging out 24/7? Nah, her mom seems like one of those "cool moms".

No. 534719

I agree their wording is both coincidental but I doubt it’s about moo. It may be the con didn’t do their visas correctly or something. I’m interested to know if this con fucked them over for drama sake but I very my h doubt they bowed out to avoid Mom

No. 534720

File: 1529783373217.jpg (210.3 KB, 607x1080, Screenshot_20180623-154718_mh1…)

True as this is she's obviously bothered by it and trying to show they're still friendo's by commenting on his cancellation pic.

No. 534721

I think this sounds way more reasonable. It could very well be a dashcon situation where they arents having their expenses covered and moo was just dumb and desperate enough to pay her own way believing she’d be compensated. She probably paid her way there but is trying to still seem like she’s a huge deal and a legitimate guest and living a lie. Etc.

No. 534722

i doubt moo is being paid for these cons. she probably just gets invited for free flight and room. this seems like she got scammed though. can't wait till her ranting about it.

No. 534723

Her mom is a very sweet person but she’s a doormat who has been verbally, mentally, and physically abused for years by roid crazed papa moo and moo herself for years. She has not been able to control moo since moo was in grade school. She just does what she is told and pretends to believe all the lies.

No. 534724

Room maybe. Flight no way.

No. 534726

i meant more in general. this and mexico i don't believe she'd be given free flight.

No. 534728

"This is a good photo"

Wow not even a "omg I'll miss you there" or anything lmao. She trying to not look desperate she is probably seething at the thought of not seeing him

No. 534743


Can’t let her other fuckboi see her thirsty for another dude’s cock. Otherwise all those trashy half naked “Look what you’re missing out on” photos were all for nothing.

No. 534745

Her mom is probably happy to travel on her daughters wallet and get plastered enough to forget all the haram shit that happens.

No. 534747

You can see how dirty her feet are through the fucking stockings…

No. 534752

Bless, who's she gonna abandon her booth for now? Can't see Phil wanting much to do with her this weekend as unlike the last trip she did, all the cosplay guests including herself spent time together outside of the event. So far nothing.

No. 534754

From my experience with staffing, I don't think most conventions would even bother inviting someone from out of the country if they didn't offer flight, though. It's just too much of a shit deal, to a point where it's not even worth asking them even on the off chance they're desperate and say yes.

Do I think she's worth a free flight? Fuck no. But I still can't imagine it not being offered to her and any other international guests.

No. 534763

File: 1529791844479.jpg (350.51 KB, 1080x1203, 20180623_151102.jpg)

How does one look so busted

No. 534765

why the fuck is she wearing the fucking flannel around her fucking waist???

No. 534768

Apparently its cold but.. I think shes scared to have her ass or chubby legs seen without photoshop. If shes cold she could carry it, not wrap it, which is why I say that. Makes no sense and it ruins your cosplay.

No. 534770

Love how they're all ignoring Phil and focusing on Moo's tits. Class act.

No. 534772


I bet her mom said she couldn't leave the hotel room with her asshole hanging out.

No. 534773

She could have just worn little shirts underneath, guess she's not that clever to think of that.

No. 534774

*Shorts. My bad.

No. 534779

>i worked so hard but couldnt bring it because of the weather im so sorry my dudes

insert something later about it being damaged and non usable despite being unfinished

No. 534780

garlic garlic garlic

go into river, mariah

No. 534783

I really need to know the story behind flannel kun. it just sort of appeared one day, and she's admitted she has some weird attachment to it. Its like her comfort blanket. Where did it come from? Was it an ex fuckbois of hers and she keeps it to remember him by? I remember there was a about a two week period she wore it everyday, but every other time she just ties it around her waste. I need to know more.

No. 534784

Or she could have brought warm tights and maybe a sweater that fit the theme … why wouldn’t she think to look at the weather before she left.

No. 534785

She was too busy drowning in self pity that her fuckboi didn't want her and busting out her fur tentacle mess for they shit Fate group of hers to even sort out her trip properly.

No. 534786

How was she supposed to know that it is Winter down in Peru right now, my dude?! South America is like, all tropical and jungle, right?!

No. 534787

the weird attachment thing is a lie she just wears it round her waist so people can't see her tiny and flat ass

No. 534804

She probably read our warnings of how disrespectful some people might be and is afraid of someone taking a booty shot.

No. 534807


Chilly? In Peru? In the middle of June?

She’s actually stupid

No. 534809


Is this not her natural state? A bunch of sweaty losers surrounding her simply because her tits are practically falling out. This is exactly the kind of attention she invites. So much for her being a “professional cosplayer”.

No. 534811

But anon she deserves respect at a con! These men shouldn't be eyeing her up and treating her like a piece of easy meat like her neckbeard fans that she cares for dearly already do, how dare they…you can even tell by the guy in the middle he's blatantly focusing on her rack and nothing else.

No. 534813

Any excuse to cover that non existent ass of hers. If she had any sense she'd spend some of that lipo money on getting implants instead of being in denial and acting like she's actually THICC.

No. 534815


Guys aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. They are straight up asking when she is finally going to start doing porn. They are dropping any pretense about her being a “pro cosplayer”

I don’t see how she enjoys being up like fuck meat like that. But I guess because of her personality and toxic behavior she knows this the only way she can lure guys in.

No. 534817


She wants people to believe it’s anything other than this. It’s the only thing stopping guys from sneaking shots of her pancake ass and cottage cheese thighs without her knowing. But even she isn’t dumb enough to call everyone at the con creeps or sexist, so this is her dumb as shit excuse. I’m guessing she is still skeeved out from the last time she wore it and the amount of eyes she felt on her

No. 534820

Wow.cosplay and flannelkun. Classy.

No. 534828

I mean idk why she hasn’t yet. She’d probably make more anyways. Maybe even get into a management company or something. Might as well since she’s already there

No. 534833


It’s because she believes she’s above it. She thinks porn actors are trashy, slutty girls who get fucked on camera for attention

No. 534840

Guess she thinks literally having her vagina hanging out in her lewds is far more pure than that lmao.

No. 534849

Anon. It's winter in Peru right now.

Well, it's not super cold, but probably around low to mid 60s. No real excuse to wrap flannel around your "professional" cosplay, though…

No. 534850

Her mom doesn’t drink. She works 2 sometimes 3 jobs to support her epically disfunctional family.