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File: 1527946648774.png (78.49 KB, 155x275, widesexiigoddush.png)

No. 526950

First thread: First >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>522088

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay

Twitter: N/A, banned x2

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun

Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, xmariahmalladx

Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad

Google Drive:

Attn: Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/snow/386826

The basics:
>Originally 'thicc Samus' with 2+ lipo sessions now trying keep some semblance of a figure (and failing miserably) all while lying by saying she's exercising
>So laughably bad at making cosplays; gets 90% of costumes commissioned/bought and then makes gloves so she can credit herself as a talented cosplayer and claim her money is "hard-earned"
>Does "boudoir"/softcore porn shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>Thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame where she'll loiter around booths/other cosplayers or pretend to be a con guest
>Has to beg for money, con passes, or just ghosts at cons despite +$10k/month on Patreon, not above bullying staff to get a free 'Professional' badge
>Pretends to know about the series she cosplays, despite evidence proving otherwise; will tweet profound essays to prove her expert fan knowledge
>Has lewded young characters for the attention; backpedals after backlash
>Goes on crazy media tirades against people like old fuckboy KBBQ, old photog, yet preaches about being nice to everyone
>Constantly goes on pity party rants or videos, trying to make people feel bad for her about things that are happening to her when she’s done the same
>Lies about attending college even in the face of mountains of evidence proving otherwise
>Rips off a dress design from indie designer MyOppa, denies it and has yet to make an "official statement" about her blatant bullshit
>Also rips of well-known hentai character as her original character and mascot, once again denies it
>Yes, her photos are being used for a KIK FOR FAT ad
>apparently "used to lift", was sorely butthurt when multiple liftfags told her that her body form was dangerously off

Recent Events:
>Attended Fanime with her shitty costumes. Controversy arises when patrons (and anons) suspect her Chichi costume came with 0 panties and she did not buy a badge
>Eddybaystar, cuck photag extraordinaire, outs both Vamp and Moo on """borrowing""" badges to attend the dealer's hall, causing Moo to "defend" Vamp by throwing her under the bus because the GREAT MOO ALWAYS BUYS HER BADGES. Eddy has since deleted his instagram post but caps exist
>still salty the staff of the maritime musuem kicked her and her photogs out because they didn't reserve an appointment to take pictures. Business woman doesn't know what "commercial photography licenses" are.
>upcoming sets are: another milk themed set, Mega Milk revival, slave!Leia, lewd! and normal Sakura Matou, lewd! and normal Chi Chi
>livestreams her gym session but all she does is flaunt how much junk food she ate that week and disrespects her trainer's time by not doing much work
>Lisa Lou Who posts a callout post on Leon Chiro's not so legitimate claims of sponsorship, Moo gets triggered and "calls her out" on it. I guess when you also lie about sponsorships, you feel the need to protect other runts

No. 526958

File: 1527949195854.png (172.58 KB, 298x503, Screenshot 2018-06-02 at 6.56.…)

For anyone that is interested in the rant and WANTS to see it: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad/1792711594662575871

Warning: she screeches alot and thinks it's funny

For those who do not, a transcript:


(screams) WHAT. THE. FUCK.
What is with this "call out mentality" and this "viral witch hunt mentality". It is so disgusting and so negative and painful to watch and see…and especially it- it's-

Especially when people THEMSELVES HAVE BEEN THROUGH such situations and yet put it on somebody else to BULLY them. It's BULLYING! It's not trying to be- trying to make the community be better! It's fucking BULLYING! (kek)

It literally takes no effort to be nice to someone. I'm so disappointed to see people behaving in such - (sigh, face rub) Dude, what the fuck, I'm so disappointed right now! Oh, Oh my god

Seeing people blindly, uh, believe things and just take things for granted or pass judgement on someone they never met is like so incredibly saddening and, like, disappointing. Especially, like, seeing, like friends doing it as well-

You're better than that? You're a fucking human being with a mind that can like contemplate "Maybe I should meet someone before I pass judgement or "Just because I have a weird feeling about them, I'm just going to blindly believe this bullshit that I'm reading"


This isn't just directed at one person. And I'm mad because someone took a small thing about a word usage of (scoff) the word "official" and decided to ruin someone's CAREER? WHAT THE FUCK?

Are you fucking kidding me? In a community where we DRESS UP you guys are so fucking CHILDISH SOMETIMES! Not the whole community, most of you beautiful lovely people. But these little small percentage (blows into fingers) GO AWAY



I'm mad, dude, I'm mad because someone so genuine, and like, really cares bout this fucking community is getting bullshit on - it's bullshit I'm mad I'm really mad about it. It happens to me, I really know how it feels - like fuck dude fuck stupid bitches

600 plus of you? Like, fuck off! Dude, like, I'm over it! I'm over people who blindly believe bullshit and just don't fucking care and don't care about meeting someone and I'mma believe (inaudible)


In all seriousness, uh, don't be a fucking a asshat. Don't try to bully people and don't, uh, try to pass judgement on someone you don't even know (inaudible babble)

I'm gunna watch an anime now and go to bed DESU

No. 526960

god shes so fucking annoying. i could only watch two of these before i gave up. was she home by herself on a friday night screeching into her phone?

No. 526961

Yes. Vamp does not live with her anymore. Just her and her cats.

No. 526962

Aren't there multiple photos of Leon and Lisa together? Does she think they've never actually met?

No. 526963

File: 1527949998683.png (304.93 KB, 496x542, Screenshot 2018-06-02 at 7.30.…)

Oh,…you mean Moo doesn't know what the fuck she was talking about? The great Moo would never make a mistake!!

And talking about someone you never met? But LLW has met Leon? http://www.comicconquebec.com/en/our-guests/cosplay/

No. 526964

I had assumed she meant the hundreds of other random people in the community who are commenting "man I knew that guy must be trash" and the like.

No. 526965

And yet she did the same shit with Rae and his ex when he sexually harassed her, she sent witch hunts after her, supported a call out page on the victim and told them they were a liar

No. 526968

Possibly, but the entire rant seemed aimed at LLW not the general public jumping on to her post.

No. 526969

>>526965 All it takes are those screencaps of her instastory telling people to go look at the callout page, as well as her commenting "insert digging your own grave", among tons of other shit shes pulled. Momo is a hypocritical pos as already stated. Shes just as guilty if not more so. She thrives on attention though, that rant is just her getting excited about being in other people's business where she doesnt belong. Go play with your only friends moo, your cats who only love you because you feed them at night.

No. 526977


What a flicking hypocrite. This bitch was literally commenting on a call out page giving someone shit, and she didn’t even fucking know the person. She always does this shit where she is so quick to publicly shame and blast someone for doing the exact shit she does and act like she has never done anything wrong in her life. Seriously, fuck her. Someone ought to post proof of her bullshit whenever she pulls this shit.

No. 526988

exactly, that’s all I was thinking about reading that lol HOW ABOUT HANARI THEN?

just proves Moo is desperate for dick. She’ll always jump in to rabidly defend a fuckboy if she thinks it will get her in their good graces

No. 526989

But now she turns table and goes after him. I wonder what made her change her mind so quickly?

No. 526990

Watch she'll rant on how he rejected her advances at La Mole because ~shes a big gurl n he hate da fat big gurls~ or some stupid rant like that

Girl will chase after dick day in and day out but as soon as that dick has any sort of common sense and says something she disagrees with, she'll drop it.

No. 526992

Man, I can't wait for her trip to Peru at the end of the month. Anyone wanna get she'll have ~forgiven~ Leon by then in her thirst for e-famous dick? I hope you finally see what a GOOD PERSON your buddy Moo is, Lisa.

Also Moo lurking /snow/ on top of /pt/ confirmed, I think she's been all up in the Usagi Kou thread lately.

No. 526994

That could explain her calling her out on Kevin when she goes back to her. I wonder how these two met

No. 526995

When i woke up and saw this transcript i thought it was about moo getting called out. Seriously moo is nobody to be defending or blasting anyone and its hilarious. I'm waiting for the salt mine to open and the heavy cream to flow.

No. 526997

It'd stop if she apologized to fucking LLW. I mean, I think LLW is batshit but Moo sympathized with her so why not apologize if you two were friends or even networking cohorts??

No. 526999

I kinda feel bad for Leon. He won't come out of this unscathed regardless of what he did or didn't do cause of LLW, who's been known to create drama for no reason, and Moo, whose loyalty flip-flops depending on how she feels personally.

No. 527002

We all know moo won't apologize for anything ever. Because shes never wrong.

No. 527005

Did she delete it on her Instagram or why isn't it there anymore?

No. 527008

Yes because she suddenly discovered some shit and wow she was ~shook~

No. 527013

>feel bad for leon

Enji night said he abused her, it’s over for him. Other cosplayers came forward too saying he was either a creep or shit talked other cosplayers like Maul.
This isnt all hecause of Lisa, he fucked up with many people.

No. 527015

Aside from this drama, did anyone notice that she changed her insta bio to "I love Lewds"? So much for less lewds my d00ds

No. 527016

File: 1527958852750.jpeg (131.37 KB, 540x960, 84FE39B6-3F9E-4AB8-B606-0AC9CF…)

Found this one someone’s collosal con photos. Can’t tell if that person is a fan or just want to make fun of her. Either way this is glorious.

No. 527017

Even if this is a fan, those nicely cut bangs alone are already shade enough against Moo, I'm loving this!

No. 527018


She’s wearing Toms?! LMAO

No. 527023

Better hope momo doesn't decide to secretly film her and post about how people are stealing her OC.

No. 527024

She’s not attending this year

No. 527025

Moo is waddling to ColossalCon East this year to follow Mommy Nigri and her thot friends.

No. 527027


I’m sure she’ll spin this as “omg I’m legit crying right now. It means so much to me that you guys are inspired by me. I’m just a nobody, a weeb with a sewing machine. Thank you sooooo much uwu”

No. 527028

Funny thing is that her face is much better than Moos.

No. 527030

Moo was dangerously close to victim blaming just like she was in the rae incident. Her thirst is so embarrassing…. She really puts the feelings and consideration of dick over people who have actually been hurt

No. 527039

Funny because that's the only way she gets the type of male attention she wants. Moo fights for it negatively as in reality they would never go out their way to win her feelings. She's just an easy fuck with no strings attached, they'll never truly want her as a girlfriend no matter how much she makes out how wonderful of a person she is lmao.

No. 527048


She thinks she is attractive and desirable because of the hundreds of comments she gets on her photos from men that barely speak English saying they want to fuck her fatrolls. She doesn't understand its her availability and desperation that make her attractive to those men, not her looks.

She will never be the "girlfriend" of an actually attractive man, they can always do better.

No. 527049

He's actually kind of a douche. met him irl twice and both times he really came on sleezy af even tho my bf was standing literally next to me (i'm a girl)

No. 527050

File: 1527968288760.png (133.59 KB, 720x855, Screenshot_2018-06-02-12-36-59…)

No. 527052

By workout you mean Overtflow pumping and dumping you in the parking lot afterwards, Moo?

No. 527053

There a difference between Colossal Con east and normal Colossal? They're both water parks right? Is she even cosplaying for it?

No. 527054

Just a different location yes. It is apparently harder for the old guard to book their party villas, so they're migrating to the East version of the con.

No. 527056

If only it was over for Moo who's done far worse yet everyone in the 'pro' cosplay circle jerk remains firmly up her vagina because she's such a genuine person my dudes. Bless those double standards.

No. 527063

"this call out or witch hunt mentality is so disgusting"
Literally says the woman who posts "bitch boy rants" and forwards spam message to all cosplayers to avoid ThorneChan lmao

You just don't like call out posts when you're trying to fuck them but its TOTALLY okay for you to do it?

No. 527117

She'll b back on Leon's dick in a week. He is as self centered as Momo after all and they both have claims of sexual harassment on em.

No. 527122

Did she talk about this somewhere?

No. 527123

She mentioned she deleted her rant because she found ~new info~ aka she didn’t get her shit straight before posting the rant.

No. 527156

Screen shot in previous thread

No. 527157

File: 1527988283850.png (550.16 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-06-02-18-07-54…)

Lmao signing up for ACP events isn't collabing

No. 527158

File: 1527988303272.png (977.75 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-06-02-18-08-37…)

No. 527159

File: 1527988319306.png (674.34 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2018-06-02-18-09-05…)

No. 527160

File: 1527988336669.png (1.17 MB, 720x901, Screenshot_2018-06-02-12-58-43…)

No. 527161

File: 1527988351720.png (604.51 KB, 705x860, Screenshot_2018-06-02-18-09-31…)

No. 527167

File: 1527989046783.png (934.9 KB, 720x1048, Screenshot_2018-06-02-18-23-47…)

No. 527174

Is that…Is that scotch tape on that spike? Fucking hell I'm laughing so hard. 2k spent on a inaccurate cosplay and there's scotch tape.

No. 527175

B-but anon she worked really hard on those 4 spikes!!!

No. 527177

I still can't get over how she bragged that the hardest part about that 2k dress was wearing it. I mean, when you spend hours slipping into something I guess?

No. 527178

look like an ebay/aliepress/taobao quality cosplay

No. 527180

>boots by me

Is she for real??? She literally bought them off some trashy ho heels site. Why is it so fucking hard for her to admit she does a fraction of the work for her cosplays???

No. 527185

File: 1527991444528.png (2.56 MB, 1483x1075, FC5F6C3A-CD22-4EED-9B7C-D59E76…)

Every time I see a pic of those two together I’m reminded of the aunts from James and the Giant Peach…

No. 527187

She knows how talentless she is and as a so called professional cosplayer so tries to make it look like she has skills lol. Moo you're shit and you know it. Unless you hand crafted those boots by hand sit the fuck down.

No. 527188

It's honestly hilarious cause a shit ton of cosplayers go to thrift stores and alter boots/shoes all the time for less than a quarter of what she spent for trashy ho boots that are so tight and bloated on her she had to put in fake tongues

No. 527192

But but anon she spent good money on HIGH QUALITY items so this makes her a respectful and talented cosplayer! Money means everything!

No. 527194

but isn't that a small diss to CC? It's like saying she gets her measurements wrong or you can't feel comfy in anything she makes. But that's Momo for you, throwing shade at everyone, even her friends.

No. 527198


They both look like scumbags.

No. 527211


Whoever he is he must be desperate for validation from Moo and the crew.

No. 527212

File: 1527997980403.jpg (369.98 KB, 1365x2048, 34306529_1921805254525970_1444…)

No. 527213

File: 1527997991515.jpg (227.12 KB, 1365x2048, 34160210_1921804847859344_1992…)

No. 527215

This is a reach, most corsets aren't comfy even the well-made ones

They're only somewhat comfortable unless you do pretty intense waist training for years which we know she doesn't do

No. 527217

File: 1527999741046.png (285.05 KB, 346x652, Screenshot 2018-06-02 at 9.22.…)

hard at work

No. 527221


Moochlette could always look into making some lewds with her girlfriend so she'll never have to work in retail again and they can live the costhot dream together forever like the trash they are.

No. 527222

Yes just what the internet needs- another chunky untalented thot and her ugly girlfriend teeheeing on cheap Wal-Mart furniture and pretending they are hot. Perhaps hooknose could twirk and fart on moo. Get that extra niche neckbeard money.

No. 527225

It’s almost sad how lonely she is without Vamp.
It really shows how she has absolutely no friends other than her.
Who the fuck hangs out at a grocery store in their free time? That’s so pathetic.
And her rant was her screeching in her apartment alone.
You almost feel bad for her sometimes.

No. 527226

I bet if Jaeda, Guzma or Vamp exited her life, she'd actually an hero

No. 527227


Torn between a mixture of amusement and vomiting at the thought anon…in all seriousness though, their bond is just pure cringe and sad.

Neither of them have any other actual friends outside of cosplay, conventions, photoshoots and the like besides each other because it's obvious nobody wants to actually spend time with them on a personal level. They're both as toxic as each other, Moo just obviously being far worse and Vamp is just her superior white knight when needed.

That's fucked up.

No. 527228

She deserves to be alone, to be honest.

No. 527230

She's basically poking and smacking Vamp's ass infront of customers in Albertson's right now. If someone cares to screen or cap it, then fine but she has 0 self awareness.

No. 527231


I'd feel sorry for her if she wasn't a narcissistic asshole, but she's brought it on herself.

Moo thinks she's hot shit and everyone loves her & wants to spend time with her when in reality she is very alone.

No. 527232


Vamp's boss must not give a shit because if your friend is regularly visiting you at work, trying to be funny and acting like a child in front of customers that's not being professional at all.

No. 527235

Iirc vamps an assistant mgr? So at this hour she IS the ranking boss. Would be a riot if she got a complaint against her for this shit
Happening in front of a religious mom and her child.

No. 527239

File: 1528005567469.jpg (218.99 KB, 476x446, ByeHook.jpg)

I wish I could sage but this picture hurt my eyes too much and I had to quickly facetune vamps nose and tooth.
When will Moomoo buy her a nose job.

No. 527241

That's a mean underbite.

No. 527243


Probably never because Moo likes having the bestie who lacks looks to make her look better, even though she's also a mess but uses her 'thicc' status to make neckbeards forget that her face exists.

No. 527246

It's possibly a reason Moo holds out. Vamp isn't a looker by any means. But if her snaggletooth or her nose were fixed. She'd be leagues ahead of Moo.

No. 527254


Moo won't ever. But more to the point, why won't Vamps save up herself?

No. 527255

It must really piss Moo off that Vamp has an ass which is way bigger than hers, even though Moo is the size of blimp.

No. 527258

They both have flat asses. Vamp just has a tiny hump while Moo has an ironing board of an ass.

No. 527259

File: 1528011292486.png (325.86 KB, 512x724, Lanceria3.png)

Oh dear, looks like she is going after Artoria Lancer. This is going to be a mess.

No. 527260


It seems like if she makes a scene she's just gonna make it worse for herself in the end. She doesn't sound like she's playing along and just putting up with it to save face at work. She whipped around in the last video while ringing up a customer.

It all falls on Moo for acting like a shit, knowing that Vamps is trapped into not responding by society's expectations of what a manager/assistant manager should be.

No. 527264

I don't remember where but I read something about someone who knew Moo in middle school and saying how she had like ADHD because she was loud and all over the place. I wonder what she would be like if she actually took some ADHD medicine. I bet she would stop doing shit like smacking Vamps ass in public while she's at work. I don't care if she's the manager of the store because there's also the district manager and i bet she/he wouldn't like to hear how one of their workers are allowing their obnoxious friend to run around and act like jackasses in front of customers.

No. 527267

She takes Adderall anon

No. 527268

File: 1528017216664.jpg (729.23 KB, 1197x673, 1527997980403.jpg)

Vamps body is soo much better than moos it kinda makes me sad. Poor girl needs a dentist.

No. 527269

And dignity.

No. 527271

Can't be bought tho

No. 527291

Moo you are such a loser. You do that stupid pose for every character.

No. 527305

File: 1528035678393.png (4.56 MB, 1242x2208, 3DB48B0A-5CD6-4B4A-A286-270405…)

It’s really hard to screencap but holy shit. Vamp is bagging groceries for another cashier who has a big line and while she’s standing next to the customer bagging, moo walks up and SLAPS HER ASS WITH A TOY. right in front of the customer with a cart full of groceries and a long line behind them?!

No. 527308

File: 1528035857464.png (6.34 MB, 1242x2208, A9AA2CE0-8472-4FD1-B8CC-194F9A…)

Vamp also shows off how messy moos kitchen is AND how wide she is in one go. Channeling her inner linebacker hard here

No. 527311

i am yet to see moo looking clean, someone give this bitch some soap.

No. 527318

No curtains, not an inch of counter space is clean, dirty floor. From what I have seen of her place the only thing she has that is practical is a bed, a sofa and a TV. The rest of her home is unfurnished or is garbage. I remember in an older thread Momo fell asleep on a pile of rubbish. Maybe she isn't human, maybe she's actually a family of raccoons in a human suit.

No. 527320

It's funny because she talked about being OCD and wanting to clean but her house always looks nasty as fuck in insta videos

No. 527322

i mean she has blinds but i get it.

No. 527323

i highly highly doubt she takes it appropriately.

No. 527324

Maybe moo's plan is to get vamp fired so she has to move back in with her
On a serious note, she needs to grow up. Vamp has an actual job she needs to live, moo doesn't even think of that nor thinks twice about how professional it is or how the customers may feel

No. 527325

She doesn't, she also binges on alcohol and smokes a lot of weed, so that'd probably reverses the effects

No. 527327

File: 1528042279632.png (703.16 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2018-06-03-09-09-46…)

No. 527328


One is a fat pussy. The other's a cat.

No. 527330

she really fucked her body up..i’ll never get over this no matter how many times i witness it

No. 527334

She works at the Albertsons I go to regularly. I’ve seen Moo do this shit in person. I’m planning on talking to a manager soon, anyone else want to call corporate with me?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 527336

>>527334 If you're going to do something. Just do it and dont announce it here and brag like you're someone special, dont fuck with the cows.

No. 527338

Exactly. There are no kudos here. Though someone in line saying something about the actions of an employees friends while they are supposed to be working would have been a riot. Of course moo would insta all of it talking bout her haterZ.

No. 527341

Momo has zero boundaries or sense of appropriate behavior. Either that or she wants Vamps to get fired so she can have a 24/7 friend to vent at/entertain Momo.

No. 527343

File: 1528044841424.jpg (712.78 KB, 960x1280, 18-06-03-09-53-03-870_.jpg)

I know her
Yes she is making fun of moo. Shes done photos with the fake hat pose too. I don't want to put out too much of her info incase moo tries to attack her. But it is a gag cosplay.

No. 527345

If you're a customer and in line when it happens, say something. Threatening to do it here is fucking r.etarded.

No. 527346

She can easily hire a maid and get that done for her. Gross man. You can afford it then do it

No. 527364

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA omg this is going to be a hot fucking mess. That armor is tough because it's all curved, there's no way she can do that, she's going to have to get someone to make it for her, and I doubt she's going to worry about getting the titty window right and either black bra will make a reappearance or she'll be practically flashing.
Also can't wait to see what she does for Rhongomyniad because making that thing look good is no easy feat.

No. 527370

I work at Albertsons, just ask your cashier for a survey. They take them very seriously.

No. 527386

As Moo and Vamp lurk here, I bet we we'll see less of their immature shit at her job now lol.

No. 527390

If you're going to do it, don't bring it up here. You'll just end up banned and cause Moo to delete stuff.

No. 527393

that would legitimately be good cosplays for them, they should consider it

No. 527394

Trying to make fun of our deformed Momokun with those tree trunk legs kinda cancels out the intention. Yeesh. It would be more effective if it were someone like Man-Faye or Sailor Bubba.

No. 527401

moomoo's rival, extra sticc

No. 527405

File: 1528057322362.png (859.37 KB, 720x955, Screenshot_2018-06-03-13-21-49…)

No. 527409

I like how Sabrina has her hair brushed, pulling a cutesy pose… and then there's Mariah. Unkempt, unwashed and not sexy. Just there. Blobbing.

No. 527410

her shoulders are wider than her hips now. what was that about being pear shaped, moo?

No. 527412

Vamp is a manager

No. 527414

I don't really get the joke here to be honest. This just screams as some sort of attention grabbing thing because lol momokun. why even make a joke cosplay that could give momo more attention.

No. 527445

Her proportions are so wack. She looks special needs.

No. 527447

Still can’t get over how kigus are supposed to be very loose fitting yet it looks like it fits her just right wtf kigus look massive on normal people.

No. 527451

Didn't they shoot this months ago? Also the amount of editing that went into Sabrina… I remember seeing Moo's posts while shooting this and Sabrina honestly looked like a meth addict, dang

No. 527454

Sabrina looks so much more attractive. Better face, hair looks better, body 100xs nicer and way better pose. Moo looks like some scavenging creature.

No. 527481

Well shit whoever edited this gave these bitches a whole new face

No. 527500

File: 1528066783632.png (820.55 KB, 720x955, 1528057322362.png)


Less shop than they use but I think this is better

No. 527542


Don’t insult Billy Mays, that’s not cool.

No. 527557


>Why did you leave your last job?

>I got fired for letting my friend slap my ass repeatedly in front of customers while on the job

No. 527623

It’s like she’s putting her face right next to sabrina’s tits knowing that’s exactly where the neckbeards are going to look first

No. 527626

File: 1528080158982.png (1.01 MB, 720x1162, Screenshot_2018-06-03-19-41-51…)

>Asian slave is hard at work on my armor!!!

No. 527629

>we're hard at work!
>piece she's working on looks like shit

Sure you are, Moo. Sure you are.

No. 527630

Making sure to show she's a Nerd(tm) by so nonchalantly having Red vs Blue on her laptop

No. 527646

Oh moo, if only your neckbeard fans gave a shit about your effort

No. 527652

Seriously though, who is she trying to prove? Her neckbeards could care less about what she makes because they just want to see her flabby ham, and anyone else with a brain knows she makes 10% of a cosplay, and the shit she does make looks like a child’s arts and crafts project.

No. 527654

File: 1528085924535.png (224.11 KB, 349x650, Screenshot 2018-06-03 at 9.18.…)

i love how if she did not have Kein there, she wouldnt have made such armor in such a short amount of time. She was painting her armor last time on stream with fucking dry paint

No. 527655

File: 1528085942342.png (228.16 KB, 342x653, Screenshot 2018-06-03 at 9.18.…)

No. 527656

For arguements sake lets say that the armor comes out alright and fits.I'd say that this will be even lower amount of fucks given then her shitty passion project. Who knows maybe enough of these will kill her patreon. Keep up the great work moomoo you're doin GREAT!

No. 527659

No. 527672

Wait, she's doing the version with the chest plate? There is literally a canon version with tits out. But I guess making the top would be too hard, it would need some major tailoring and a built in bra/support structure to look good

No. 527673

It's definitely a titty cosplay so it'll probably get a better reception than her passion project or even Saber. I'm still lolling over how barely any of her Saber pics got over 5 digits in likes and this bitch flew out of state to take those pictures. I wonder if she's trying to do Lancer Artoria because she's not really commonly seen cosplayed so she's trying to break the mold by doing it.

I wish she had self awareness or a nose for data because the trend on her ig is honestly soul-crushing.
>tfw one low-effort bathroom selfie in a bikini does better than all the on-location shots put together

No. 527676

File: 1528090744721.png (238.21 KB, 346x653, Screenshot 2018-06-03 at 10.39…)

No. 527678

File: 1528090761623.png (243.95 KB, 347x652, Screenshot 2018-06-03 at 10.39…)

No. 527680

what a fucking loser. imagine being so lonely that you actually go loiter at a grocery store just to talk to your only friend. holy shit moo, join a book club or something. this girl probably feels so empty and lost when she gets home from partying at cons all weekend with people who have to be drunk to tolerate her.

No. 527683

this bitch rarely patterns shit herself lol and this is beginner shit. ppl who make their own cosplays and armor (including mysellf) know this is p much a standard lmao why is she trying to act like it’s revolutionary???

No. 527684

because you need to take her seriously!!!! BIG BUILDS ONLY

No. 527687

and watch it'll still be too small on her

No. 527689

How pathetic do you have to be to flaunt this basic crap. We all know you don't have skills so no one cares about your wip, especially since you've got your Asian prop slave to do most of your shit.

No. 527690

Tinfoil hat theory, but there was that wishlist that showed that she wanted to order a chief helmet

Could it be she's also working on the armor for that red vs. blue cosplay too?

No. 527691

oh most definitely. she’ll forget to do the most important thing, [redacted]. good luck moo lol

No. 527693


I think redacting should be the new standard here. We aren't getting paid as management. Milk? Sure but we get more if she doesnt get our solid input.

No. 527694

She is, yes. She's been thirsting after the various cocks of Rooster Teeth for years now, hell, she only did Wicke (and then was TOTES IRL WICKE MY DUDES!!!) because Miles thought the character was hot.

No. 527695

redacting anon here, agreed

No. 527696

If she's doing chestplate, I'm guessing she'll top out at 12k likes, and that's being generous.

No. 527698

This would be a good way to fuck with her since she gets all of her answers from here.

No. 527706

File: 1528096587977.jpg (Spoiler Image, 623.99 KB, 1440x2261, tmp_5988-Screenshot_20180604-0…)

No. 527707

jesus christ why didn't they shoop out her eyebags at least? Her right eye looks like it's twitching because she finally realized that her only value to anyone is as a piece of meat to fap to.

No. 527708

All the shoop in the world, eyebagchan never fails to say hi

No. 527709


They could have shooped her a waist as well, jesus christ.

No. 527710

she looks like a dumpy ass baby wth is this

No. 527714

This looks like a man trying to be a kawaii adult baby.

No. 527715

this is a great idea, I love it.

No. 527720

Other than the obvious dumpy ugliness of it all, her attempt at being sexy completely defeats the purpose of the kitty hole, not that it's existent in any way.

No. 527722

File: 1528106195435.jpg (155.59 KB, 640x640, 33545922_645616325786535_91183…)

Surprisingly difficult to make her look cute?
What WASNT difficult was removing them eye-ginas.

No. 527724

File: 1528107323946.gif (291.98 KB, 640x640, mooedit.gif)

I actually think what makes her face the most unattractive is her huge honker
I think her eyes are very deep inset so it makes these really dark ugly lines next to her nose
her nostrils are also just so huge and visible no matter what, it's a very unfortunate nose

No. 527729

No shade this looks straight scary

No. 527731


first time i’ve seen someone who can’t be edited to look prettier, that’s a whole achievement in itself.

No. 527743

File: 1528115862832.png (42.48 KB, 1163x687, squidward_by_parokas-dblaa2l.p…)

I'm pretty sure you tried your hardest, but she looks like cringy anime in this

And this kinda looks like squidward

No. 527750

I'm sorry, anon. I commend your effort, but this is uncanny valley tier.

No. 527766

This is awful. The point of retouching is to hide flaws and enhance features, not transform them into another person

No. 527803

File: 1528134862506.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 1440x2261, 15283096587977.jpg)

you can see here labia through her panties, which becomes more noticable when you darken the image.

No. 527806

This is actual nightmare fuel

No. 527810

File: 1528136005322.png (1.73 MB, 1336x1228, Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 20.1…)

solid candidate for next thread pic

No. 527811

Anon you tried, but there's no saving her.

Problem is she's a blob of flaws, even photoshop can't save her you'd have to reconstruct that series of unfortunate events.

No. 527813

Even with Kota-tier shoop she couldn't be saved. She still looks misshapen and like she's wearing a diaper.

No. 527814

Lmao a fat fetish site collects her pictures for their database https://stufferdb.com/index?/category/4692-mariahmalled(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 527819

if you told me this image was from a slenderman type creepypasta about your waifu coming to life as a horrible tulpa monster to kill you, i'd believe it

No. 527839

File: 1528139051841.png (401.19 KB, 832x358, ocmoomoo.png)

I saw this recently and was surprised. I guess people really do like her "OC." I don't think this person is making fun of her.

No. 527842


I agree but can we fill her eyesockets with fire? Or maybe hotpockets god knows her skin looks like thats all she eats.

No. 527851

Who is this nobody who didn't do an ounce of research before tagging Mariah?

This looks like some Five Nights at Freddy's horror.

No. 527859

File: 1528144317233.png (406.2 KB, 811x593, Screenshot 2018-06-04 at 1.32.…)

moo you forgot to take kein in this

No. 527861

All that's coming up is a 404 page not found
Is it deleted?

No. 527870

oh, i love the fact that she's in the category "A D I P O S E D", how's that for an achievement moo?

Press the home hiperlink

No. 527912

File: 1528151494863.png (338.05 KB, 1918x950, SoSheDOESDoPorn.png)

Capped for y'all since I'm home

No. 527917

they really bad nothing to work with when it came to finding wank bait thats kinda sad

No. 527922

File: 1528152708630.png (1.94 MB, 1897x971, thatbrokenlinksucked.png)

No. 527924

Samefag but I figured out why I got the 404 page - if you want to click the link properly, remove the "http://anony.link/" garbage anon put in the url. It breaks the link.

top kek at the file name

No. 527944

File: 1528158328443.png (215.05 KB, 600x1024, Screenshot_2018-06-05-01-20-46…)

A continuation from >>526919 in the previous thread [1/4]

No. 527946

File: 1528158387013.png (160.56 KB, 600x1024, Screenshot_2018-06-05-01-20-55…)

No. 527948

File: 1528158456004.png (225.58 KB, 600x1024, Screenshot_2018-06-05-01-21-12…)

No. 527949

please also post the receipts that person shared

No. 527951

File: 1528158514220.png (234.98 KB, 600x1024, Screenshot_2018-06-05-01-21-19…)

No. 527952

File: 1528158582265.jpg (29.03 KB, 500x682, FB_IMG_1528157627925.jpg)

No. 527953

File: 1528158611625.jpg (30.21 KB, 500x649, FB_IMG_1528157633143.jpg)

No. 527956

>two scents

No. 527960

>Actions do not determine who gets to say what
Only they do and the fact that she's grasping so hard that she has to use this lame reasoning is hilarious.

No. 527961

Aubrey, she replied to you because you’re a girl lol If you were male she would be too chickenshit.

No. 527967

Actions speak louder than words.

No. 527972

File: 1528161314273.png (925.05 KB, 719x1195, Screenshot_2018-06-04-18-13-27…)

Shooting Vamp…wearing Moo's cosplay

No. 527973

File: 1528161375025.png (902.78 KB, 720x1176, Screenshot_2018-06-04-18-13-34…)

Why does Moo take photos if they look like shit. Vamp looks like a mortified greyhound

No. 527976

File: 1528161402808.png (814.95 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-06-04-18-13-40…)

No. 527983


W-what am I looking at other than some duct tape and a huge mess, anon?

No. 527985

she's customizing her dressform to her linebacker shoulders

No. 527986

File: 1528162229795.jpg (687.63 KB, 1079x2075, Screenshot_20180604-183037_Ins…)

Oh jeez

No. 527987

File: 1528162296703.png (903.82 KB, 739x1026, 20180604_202904.png)

She can't be 21/22. Holy fuck her f a c e.

No. 527988

calling it now - she's gonna shoot with that black dog again and pretend it's totally the wolf. she'll probably also entirely reuse her sheep feet/stockings. if she makes it lewd… a stuffed lamb in baker's twine.

No. 527990

Shitty generic posing, a boring set up and probably using basic settings on her camera as she knows fuck all how to use it properly, sounds about right for Moo's skills. She's all Vamp has these days outside of cons for photographs.

No. 527994

kek. yo linguistics chick, is one of the two scents your crotch stink?

No. 527998

Whenever she tries to write all smart and proper she sounds like an even bigger dumbass.

No. 527999

She's so fucking desperate to be acknowledged by Nigri again. Moo she'll never be your BFF no matter how much you tag her in things.

No. 528003

Can’t tell if bad genes or she did this to herself

No. 528004

File: 1528165460201.png (235.12 KB, 345x653, Screenshot 2018-06-04 at 7.24.…)

No. 528005

I think this is supposed to be a wig but I honestly cant figure out what it's for. It's def not for any of the shoots she promised her patreons unless it's for the super secret 'strawberry and chocolate milk' shoot.

Why not get the patreon shoots done first before you lose even more money moomoo

No. 528006

Red vs Blue helmet is my guess

No. 528009

of all the things she should have just bought, why insist on making a lumpy-ass helmet? i get that it's probably going to be the only part of the costume besides a bikini, but still.

No. 528014

Moo is currently in the phase of her manic cycle where she has to PROVE that she's a REAL cosplayer, my dudes. Her retarded neckbeards and baby-thots eat that shit right up, but it just makes her look more and more pathetic to everyone else.

When called out on how shit it looks, she'll whip out the 'just a weeb with a sewing machine' gambit, even if she wants all of the perks of being a so-called pro at this crap.

No. 528015

If this doesn't scream Gaslighting then I don't know what is.

No. 528018

Mental gymnastics and backpedaling is the only cardio Mariah gets on the regular.

No. 528020


Her having to do any work? Of course it’s hell for her.

No. 528021


Lmao she only posts pics or WIPs of the easy shit when it's obviously fully being made by someone else to give the impression she's been hard at work. Moo your fans don't give a shit about your big builds, they pay you to see you look like a lewded up spastic thot. Stop trying to make it as a pro, it's never going to work.

No. 528022

File: 1528168410159.png (238.86 KB, 348x652, Screenshot 2018-06-04 at 8.13.…)

No. 528023

Oh god, there is going to be Rooster Teeth panels at AX again, isn't there? Those boys better watch out, they have a cow charging right for their dicks.

No. 528026

it's alright, they're used to fat autists, how do you think michael and gavin have survived their entire existence as interpreted by desperate fujos on tumblr? she couldn't even pull a sheena & monty, the best she could hope to bag is a min wage animator neckbeard

No. 528028

I'm dying. Steff is a COSPLAY GUEST AT AX

no wonder she's overly exerting herself, she wants to show off to see how better she is?

No. 528034

Bless Moo is salty and wants to think she's a far worthy cosplayer lol.

No. 528035


No. 528042

File: 1528176166284.png (303.9 KB, 346x654, Screenshot 2018-06-04 at 10.22…)

No. 528043

File: 1528176177755.png (260.86 KB, 351x653, Screenshot 2018-06-04 at 10.23…)

No. 528045

File: 1528176806484.jpg (177.05 KB, 1398x788, maxresdefault.jpg)

Based on the pieces we've seen and chestpiece, it seems like she's doing this version. It seems like she's building the wig like a helmet or something? Moo, you already suck at wigs, building a helmet thing is just going to end up looking even stupider. And if it's for the Lion King version… there's no crown there.

No. 528046

It's already wrong as fuck kek

No. 528049


Lmao, the sizing of her crown is thicker than it should be eyeroll

It has to be delicate and pretty, not a burger king crown

No. 528050

tard saber needs a princess helmet

No. 528052

college tip: go eat burger king before you make cosplay so you can cosplay the king

No. 528054

Ya'll need to stop using 'my dude' when talking to her.
It's painfully obvious that you are a farmer.

No. 528056

A lot of people say "my dude"
It's annoying but it's a common thing.

No. 528058

Roseanne in cosplay.

No. 528064

It looks like Sabrina is the older sister trying to do a sexy photoshoot and her autistic little sister came in like "mom said if you don't take me then you can't go!"

Also I keep thinking moo's scrunchie is Sabrina's fist and she's just holding moo's baby-head up by the hair

No. 528070

No one currr take it to the irrelevant Cosplayer thread in snow. Unless you see moo retaliate leave random nobodies out of this.

No. 528072

Hate to break it to you but "my dude" isn't a Moo exclusive term
I think I only hate it because Moo says it alot but lots of casuals and "normal people" say it

No. 528080

File: 1528192398409.jpg (32.96 KB, 680x680, 665.jpg)

No. 528106

Does Moo even play JP server?

No. 528109

She claims to play USA server, but it is clear she doesn't play either JP or USA, because if she did, she would be sperging about either the Journey to the West event for USA or 13M downloads for JP.

No. 528112

It is relevant because Mooriah has a big grudge against Steff for past milk. Educate yourself or GTFO.

No. 528115

File: 1528208652238.png (435.26 KB, 806x590, Screenshot 2018-06-05 at 7.24.…)

No. 528116

File: 1528208664709.png (357.5 KB, 927x442, Screenshot 2018-06-05 at 7.23.…)

No. 528117

File: 1528208744213.png (278.76 KB, 339x654, Screenshot 2018-06-05 at 7.25.…)

No. 528118

File: 1528208756506.png (238.72 KB, 348x651, Screenshot 2018-06-05 at 7.26.…)

No. 528119

File: 1528208838134.png (242.81 KB, 343x655, Screenshot 2018-06-05 at 7.27.…)

A picture Moo took. Looks like Vamp is about to cut some lumber lmao

No. 528120

File: 1528208876974.png (421.27 KB, 481x597, Screenshot 2018-06-05 at 7.28.…)

horrible ass shoop

No. 528122

Is that a shadow under her nose??? Why not edit that out, it looks weird as fuck…?

No. 528124

>Same amount of drug-fueled ranting and raivng
>Not only the same amount of lying but has been doubling- or even tripling-down on them lately
>Same last minute asspulls for things you're getting paid five figures a month for

So how has he improved you lately, Moo?
>Less sperging and crying about sex and being so alone and needing true love, my dudes

Ohhhh, right, he's fucking you. I guess that WOULD be a huge improvement in your sad life, wouldn't it?

No. 528126

Did she ever donate to that charity that the Red Riding Hood pics were done to promote?

No. 528128

silly anon, the lady who was with her? THAT was the charity.

No. 528130

That face feels like one of those uncanny animated video games where the people look real enough but there's that one feature that looks so fake. In this case it's her eyes. Matched with her already odd looking nose it just looks like a badly drawn picture

No. 528131


Damn if I was this guys gf I'd be pretty fucking livid with how much shes hanging on him and making such personal posts as if their an item themselves. Moo is disgusting, what a trashy bitch. Go find your own non taken dick.

No. 528132

holy kek

No. 528134

yeah, even if she really didn’t have a chance in hell shes the type who certainly thinks she does and doesn’t respect boundaries and should be cut off.

No. 528137


This is so cringe. He never posts about her at all, and yet she put him in all her stories and makes this cringeworthy post. Honey, he doesn't want people to think he's fucking you. Take the hint.

No. 528145

I don't get it. He really has a girlfriend? He doesn't even post about her on Instagram so I assume he must mention her on his YouTube channel? Whatever either way I think they're fucking, especially since he's been at her house alone more than once.

No. 528149

If you search OverTFlow in Twitter his girlfriend pops up as she speaks of him in her posts from time to time. He wants to give the impression he's a typical dudebro bachelor because there's absolutely nothing on any of his social media besides his personal Facebook page that says otherwise. It's obvious he's fucking Moo.

No. 528161

Mariah is what we call a "practice girl."

No. 528162

File: 1528221750981.jpeg (131.62 KB, 750x607, EE8037B2-5267-4099-A495-D3A8AA…)

No. 528165

Kinda wishing OverTs actual girlfriend sees Moo's cringe post about him for entertainment purposes.

No. 528167

Man so all the recent posts just confirms Momo thinks she can be the worst toxic cunt out there but she is still allowed to call other people out and thinks it's unfair how people call her out. What is with those double standards. She really is suffering from "princess syndrome."
You would think her having to buy paetron pledges would be enough of a wake up call. Most of her cash is going to buying cosplays and buying slaves (food and drugs at a close second)

No. 528172

>>528165 its painfully obvious shes emotionally attached to him if they are fucking on the side. Talking about how she loves his smile. How wonderful. Caring. Inspirational. The list goes on, he better watch out if he doesnt want to commit to her, she'll bite his head off so fucking fast. Mariah is a damn leech, dude has no idea what hes gotten himself into.

No. 528176

KBBQ 2.0, I hope her skank pussy is just that good, OverT, because this bitch goes psycho the moment you start seeing other side-ass.

No. 528177

She does this with every guy, and when she realises they only see her as a side fuck she doxxes them and makes up rumours that they fat shamed her

No. 528189

File: 1528226334288.jpeg (82.59 KB, 750x334, 67EC5F49-1CD7-46D1-9C20-D4FD89…)


She is in D E E P

No. 528191

Moo is the perfect side piece for this guy. Keeping with the whole bachelor thing a thot on the side who will literally buy your dick? He probably thinks he hit the jackpot

No. 528195

File: 1528228200049.png (159.34 KB, 352x649, Screenshot 2018-06-05 at 12.50…)

No. 528196

I don't know anything about this guy but didn't farmers say he has a girlfriend? I'd rip into my boyfriend if he was letting some chicken leg thot talk to him like that. They deserve each other honestly, eugh.

No. 528197

Her name is Sarah and she's hotter than Moo. I think he keeps Moo around out of pity. If I had porked someone with two flapjacks for an ass over this Sarah chick, I'd ask for death.

No. 528200

This looks like a guy with his mom.

Nope. She didn't donate for the hurricanes either if I recall despite taking money and promising to do it.

You can tell that Moo shooped the eyes bigger cause you can see the whole iris even though Vamp is looking down. It's uncanny valley all over that face.

No. 528201


No. 528202

The inevitable meltdown is going to be delicious.

No. 528209


Yeah. She either caught feelings or they are fucking. Either way, the inevitable meltdown she will have when he tosses her fat ass will be hilarious to see. It’s KBBQ all over again. Watch how quick she will try to publicly drag his add through the mud when she realizes he doesn’t want her. Face Moo, no guy wants any part of you, and if he does he is either desperate or doesn’t want it to be public.

No. 528214

I'll be honest, I would feel bad for her if she's totally in love with this guy and he's leading her on with sex and emotionally. Potentially giving her the "I'll totally leave my gf for you the moment I can" bullshit and manipulating her or something.
Of course she'd immediately do a scam or something shitty right afterwards that would make me lose all empathy to her. Unless she has a history of messing with dudes with partners in which case I say good riddance and the only one I feel for are the girlfriends who were both cheated on and had to deal with this as the other girl

No. 528215

Read the old threads. She has a history of doing this.

No. 528223

Moo is notorious for getting close with guys who already have girlfriends.

No. 528224

Mariah's Dick Hierarchy:

1) (E-)Famous Men*
2) Buff Asian Men Who Make Cosplay/Props*
3) Asian Men with Girlfriends
4) Buff Men with Girlfriends
5) Single Asian Men

*Mariah will be after your dick like her fat ass goes after Pho if you're taken or not in these categories.

No. 528226

And samefagging for a second to add, lest I forget:

17) Girls, Because She's Totally Bisexual, My Dudes! She's allowed to be dumb about LGBT stuff if she wants to be!

No. 528227

File: 1528233895994.png (204.5 KB, 354x645, Screenshot 2018-06-05 at 2.25.…)

why didnt you go to sarah, moo? she's a hairdresser too

No. 528228

File: 1528233931875.jpg (463.68 KB, 1080x2087, Screenshot_20180605-142537_Ins…)

These energy drinks will be the death of her.

No. 528230

Ahh two of Moo's trademarks, a can of Monster and over processed fried hair. I'm betting she's sticking with pink since that is her stupid OC's color.

No. 528231

idgi he sees her face and body right? like I get that he's some trash guy who just wants a side thing but like shouldn't there be at least some standards

No. 528233

Men don't care when pussy's free.

No. 528235

A dark room with no light sources whatsoever solves that problem.

No. 528238


Speaking of which, is Vamp supposed to be her “girlfriend”? Oh silly me, that’s right, that’s only to tease her neckbeards into thinking they will get to see some lesbian action with her. We already know how homophobic she actually is.

No. 528241

We all know Moo is fuck buddy material and as she acts like a hentai gurl IRL so she claims, guys like that shit. What makes this more interesting is OverTFlow or PJ as he's called is friends with her on his personal Facebook page as well. Keep it close eh?

No. 528245

She probably does it because the idea of being chosen over someone is such a boost to her ego, but it’s never happened and never will.

No. 528249

File: 1528236835304.png (248.15 KB, 349x651, Screenshot 2018-06-05 at 3.14.…)

No. 528251

That's one horrible dye job. It looks washed out already wtf

No. 528256

kinda looks like a peach fanta

No. 528257

File: 1528238258826.jpeg (139.68 KB, 675x1200, Dd1-Bl8U8AAiKZi.jpeg)

Idk if this is totally relevant but OverTF also has a similar shade of pink hair. Really makes you think 🤔

No. 528258

The sag on her face never ceases to just stun me.

No. 528260

ugh can you imagine them goin at it, little stubby limbs flyin around

No. 528261

it's when you use cheap bleach to get previous color out and it works like shit
At least it'll match when it starts to wash out more
This explains why she stuck to that shitty pink for so long

No. 528263

File: 1528238584180.png (257.02 KB, 345x656, Screenshot 2018-06-05 at 3.43.…)

mmm saggy

No. 528264

She really needs to get decent sleep and keep hydrated.

No. 528267

Why does she insist on this awful pink? Just go back to natural colours, Moo. They look so much better on you.

No. 528272

Late night visits to her house now that she lives on her own, hanging out more, work out at the same gym, similar hair color, gushing over how wonderful he is on Instagram-looks like someone is desperate for her heartless self to be loved.

No. 528274

She also posted a lot of 'thinking of bae' kind of stuff on her Instagram (I think it was the xmariah one tho)
Yeah they are definetly fucking and she probably hope that he'll break up with his girlfriend

No. 528275

She's got a nice acne mustache going on there. Really brings out her eyes.

No. 528276

Welp farmers, time to get ready for the milk to flow when he "breaks her heart" and she has to explain what her flat ass was doing with a taken man anyway.

No. 528277

What eyes. You can barely see them because of those cute aegyo sal aka her vagina eyes kek

Good comment though anon had a nice chuckle.

No. 528280


besides KBBQ who are the other men in these categories shes tried to go after?

this guy is a youtube guy but what does he do besides gym? can't be bothered to check myself

No. 528283

He's efamous & kinda buff, plays fortnite by a quick glance. but megamarines is probably the reason for the buff/gf category I think. Nomisphotos for the cosplay/gf category… not too sure on the rest.

No. 528285

Is pals with other douche YouTubers like Keemstar and KSI, has his own merch, humble brags about his brand name purchases and does typical nerd dudebro shit that Moo obviously loves.

No. 528286


There was also the guy she did her first “Moomoo” shoot with. Exact same thing she is doing now: flying him out to come hang out with her, constant posts photos of them together acting like they were a couple.

No. 528287

File: 1528241908794.gif (70.58 KB, 275x155, 1510959804487.gif)

And the moment he brought his girlfriend to a con she stopped bringing him up and shooting with him.

No. 528289


I see the same thing happening this time once the girlfriend gets involved. Moo gonna get too personal, thinking that she has practically got him in her stubby little claws. Then all of a sudden he stops coming over and she stops posting pics of him and starts vague posting about how “All men are dogs and liars” how “I don’t know who to trust anymore” and “I now know who my TRUE friends are”.

No. 528292

I can't wait lmao

No. 528294

It's only a matter of time. Sarah is on Twitter and Instagram because of her hair dressing business. Surely she's not that blind towards it, but Moo posts far more about OverT than he ever posts about her, he doesn't even speak about his girlfriend either.

No. 528295


Wouldn’t be shocked at all if she was already in his ear trying to talk him into leaving his girlfriend. That kind of trashiness is practically her calling card.

No. 528301


I guess that thought didn’t pass our little dumb ass cow’s mind. That maybe she shouldn’t make public posts drooling over someone else’s boyfriend.

No. 528302

The thought is just cringe. Why date a decent normie hair dresser chick who doesn't care for efame much when you can have an infamous costhot girlfriend instead my dudes? She probably thinks she's far superior to her as well.

No. 528303

File: 1528243566413.png (232.98 KB, 346x657, Screenshot 2018-06-05 at 5.05.…)

No. 528304

File: 1528243600384.png (170.06 KB, 343x652, Screenshot 2018-06-05 at 5.05.…)

You got frosting for that cake?

No. 528305

This needs a spoiler

No. 528306


She thinks that about every girl. That they are all just inferior trash bags compared to her who couldn’t possibly matchup to all her “accomplishments”. She sees them all as competition that she knows she can’t measure up against so she has to put them down in any way she can. For all her bullshit about “us ladies need to stick together” she sure seems to hate other women a lot.

No. 528307

with how trashy Momo is I just wish some chick would have enough of her and tear her apart… then again I have heard stories of people who wanted to fight her but she's always hiding behind her crew at cons. maybe why she hates being alone for a day.

No. 528309

I'm looking through Fanime pics and aside from the ones she managed to pull because she was tagged, there are 0 pics of her or any street shots. She was creating a wall this con. I'm even surprised anon got that Chichi shot. What a fucking paranoid person, this is her job right? To have people take pictures? Hilarious.

No. 528310

She's like Onision. Picks so many fights that they know there are going to be people who are going to beat their ass the moment they see them. That's why thy both run away and hide like pussies.

No. 528311

File: 1528244518898.png (427.24 KB, 809x594, Screenshot 2018-06-05 at 5.22.…)

she looks like those kids that ate too many Otter pops. This hair color is disgusting

No. 528312

is it just me or her thighs got… skinnier?

No. 528313


yeah, i noticed that too

No. 528314


For all her talk of “I’ll fuck anyone up that comes at me” and how she tries to talk up all the athletics she did in high school she is a huge chickenshit. Anytime someone talks about confronting her, she talks shit online all the way up to the weekend of the con, then spends the whole time either constantly surrounded by her leeches she calls “friends” , her parents or hiding in her hotel room gettin completely shitfaced.

No. 528315

Way thinner. It's her whole body, like she suddenly dropped 20+ pounds. It is either photoshop or she got cold sculpting/lipo done again

No. 528316

her hips are turned back

No. 528317

I think it's because they're spread apart and where the dress ends makes them look thinner, as soon as she kneels on them they'll probably look at huge as they did before.

Her teeth bother me so much in this picture, I can't place why but they remind me of elderly peoples teeth and it's so unsettling.

No. 528318


Yeah. This is obviously shopped. Her cottage cheese thighs are fucking massive. No way she slimed down.

No. 528319

She's posing with her hips tilted back to make it look like she's thinner and has a thigh gap.

No. 528320

File: 1528245119223.png (428.1 KB, 811x596, Screenshot 2018-06-05 at 5.32.…)


No. 528321

She needs to give Flannel-Kun the respect he deserves and acknowledge that she wears the shit out of it around her waist so that people get deflected from her flat ass and cottage cheese thighs.

No. 528323

Fat man in a mini-dress.

No. 528324

aaaand she gained the weight back. I guess it was angles and editing

No. 528325

File: 1528245298023.png (431.25 KB, 928x595, Screenshot 2018-06-05 at 5.34.…)

im dying

No. 528326

File: 1528245313897.png (182.65 KB, 597x595, Screenshot 2018-06-05 at 5.34.…)

No. 528327

File: 1528245327872.png (359.03 KB, 592x590, Screenshot 2018-06-05 at 5.34.…)

No. 528328

File: 1528245350064.png (344.27 KB, 586x592, Screenshot 2018-06-05 at 5.35.…)

No. 528329

Who wants to bet she's meeting OverTF for a hot date

No. 528330

File: 1528245391261.png (332.69 KB, 590x597, Screenshot 2018-06-05 at 5.35.…)

how do you have help and have such shit armor

No. 528332

She's seeing Heaven's Feel tonight with "friends" and Vamp…so maybe

No. 528333

The little black dress that wasn't. Just goes to show even a simple thing like a little black dress in her hands is doomed to be fucked up. Flannel ftl.

No. 528334

Moo we know you use that flannel to cover up your imaginary ass. It's brought up here regularly and now you're taking about how you're attached to it lol do us a favor…

No. 528335

He did recommend the Fate series to her so there's a chance. But it is his birthday so surely he should be celebrating with his GIRLFRIEND.

No. 528336

omg stop. just take it off it looks ridiculous! you have a tiny ass just accept it

No. 528337

Is that why she went from overwatch to fate suddenly? wooow she's as thirst as Mira when she went full muslim for that Rodi dick. And if he's with Momo and not his GF it just confirms they are fucking at this point. Unless the GF is in on it too and they are both benefiting from him being paid dick

No. 528339

It's probably another one of her fantasies. If not it won't last. Dumbass isn't wired for long term relationships. And as her managers we should also probably point out that her neckbeard fans won't sbe too thrilled to see m'lady screwing some guy on a regular basis.

No. 528340

File: 1528247250475.png (160.42 KB, 347x655, Screenshot 2018-06-05 at 6.07.…)

Why does everyone who hang with her look like they wanna die

No. 528341

Well semi-cute? You have some kind of dress/long shirt and have your only fucking plaid shirt tied around you. What the fuck. Work the money supposedly has, why does she wear the same thing over and over?

No. 528343

Her hair isn't even her "trademarked MooMOo" pink hair

No. 528353


I propose an additional theory for Flannel-Kun aside from flat ass + cheese log camo. I have several auto-immune and thyroid problems (on meds, evens out the extremes but it's not a fix) and I hit the gym hard and watch my diet intensely. Despite this, I still have a fat pad on my stomach that drives me insane. Ribcage/upper abdominal area is flat, no FUPA, but I got this bump of fat that refuses to budge HOWEVER, wearing things at the right level completely camouflages the elevation change between non-FUPA-ville and fat town and makes me look overall slimmer. Similar shit at work here I'm pretty sure.(no one cares)

No. 528360

No. 528361

Her knees tho.

No. 528362

File: 1528250523158.png (122.1 KB, 348x651, Screenshot 2018-06-05 at 7.02.…)

No. 528364

where they at

No. 528367


No. 528370

She never lost any, it was just Forest-kun helping out the whole time. Ganbatte, Forest-kun.

No. 528372

Because she's a fucking child. Besides the fact that she probably had her clothes laid out for her every morning of her life she is also like a six year old who gets all OCD about wearing the same article of clothing over and over. Like Louise Belcher's bunny ears.

No. 528375

She doesn't really care about it like louise lol what did she say? it's soft or something, like so wear it as a shirt? it makes no sense to be all omg I need to bring it with me!!! i'm so weird and eccentric!! and then to tie it round your waist ah idk why but this really irriates me

No. 528377

File: 1528253155270.png (4.95 MB, 1242x2208, 2A288063-6326-47DE-8208-C8D3F9…)

Holy shit someone PLEASE screen record her stories. She’s recording in the movie theatre which is a federal crime.. she’s literally filming full parts of the voice actor talk (which is bonus blu ray content so it’s valuble to Aniplex still) with full audio and everything.

No. 528380

>report her to the feds for shittly taping an anime movie on instagram

are you the anon from the onion thread who reverse-image-searched the belt pic or are there two ace detectives here now?

No. 528385

Why can't you do it?

No. 528388

Not that anon, but moo getting busted for bootlegging anime shit would be pretty fucking funny

No. 528390

She can't even sit and watch a film without documenting it

No. 528393

I was more saying to let funimation who she brags so hard about sponsorships from /aniplex know.

No. 528394

The bigger the hoop earrings the bigger the hoe

No. 528395

And yet she TOTALLY went to college my dudes!!

No. 528400

>And my ass through a flannel around my waist
>through a flannel

Linguistics major.

No. 528404

…bitch can’t even put her phone down to watch a fucking movie??

No. 528405

Someone said above about it being for acp, but the deadline for applications was may 31st and that requires a fully done & complete costume to be approved and moo barely even started. There's 3 from last AX's fgo "guests" she probably used to try and weasel into aniplex, but moo already burned a bridge with lisalouwho with that leon blowup. Unless she didn't read (again) the application page or thinks she can just show up on whatever day she feels like it and expect a hand out.
Can't wait to see the wreck, though.

No. 528424

File: 1528264867352.png (456.05 KB, 811x594, Screenshot 2018-06-05 at 11.01…)

No. 528429

She looks like she just got a whiff of her rank ass.

No. 528443

It really bothers me that she/ cc lace the front of the corset herring bone style. She could at least close it if she didn't herring bone it. Its not like it would be any less accurate since the front everything about it is already inaccurate af.

No. 528444

Gothic Miss Piggy

No. 528445

why didn't she tape her face for this cosplay? This was her big build and her fat pig face ruin it

No. 528453

The face didn't ruin this cosplay alone anon, it was doomed from the get go with how inaccurate the dress is.

No. 528454


It just doesn't suit her at all. This looks suits a high cheekboned, regal looking person. I don't know why she would pick this. Considering she spends all day taking/looking at/shilling photos of herself, you'd think she'd have a better idea of what looks good on her.

No. 528457

File: 1528277443278.jpg (296.64 KB, 640x800, 34130703_171184986893587.jpg)

I tried to make her face a bit cuter then I realised her left tit and shoulder have so little definition that she starts looking like an amorphous blob and now I can't unsee it

No. 528458

File: 1528277933973.jpg (16.65 KB, 400x400, ew.jpg)

I haven't popped into this thread for a hot minute. She's banging/trying to bang Overtflow now? Gross. What a huge downgrade from her KBBQ days.

No. 528472

File: 1528281611120.jpeg (274.8 KB, 750x1177, 5C564E55-F24B-40F5-88A5-C3C28F…)

Does this make sense to the higurashi anons in these threads??

No. 528476

Lion is from Umineko not Higurashi, and what she said there is a giant spoiler. Beatrice's identity is one of the biggest mysteries of Umineko and only fully revealed at the 2nd to last VN, how could she recommend people to read Unineko when she did this major spoiler already? How desperate she is to try to show off her wiki knowledge? What a cunt.

No. 528481

File: 1528283238232.jpg (229.1 KB, 640x800, whatif.jpg)

what bothers me are the fucking dobby ears
quick shitty photoshop but you get the idea

No. 528483

Also, if Moo is talking about Lion as a pride icon, then wow cringe. I have a rant ready about how inaccurate she is, but I want her to continue to show everyone how dumb she is, so I'll redact my rant.

No. 528485

But what does that have to do with pride month? Pride is LGBTQ+…..

No. 528486

Wiki says the character has or had a husband so what sort of dumb reach is she trying to make

No. 528487

Nothing to do with husbands. All you need to know is that Moo is wrong because Lion grew up as a cis male.

No. 528495

She forgot she was 'dating' Vamps not even 48 hours after her IG post about them being together. She slipped up and said she was single in response to someone.

No. 528497

Does anyone take that Vamps stuff seriously? "Dating" your female best friend is just something highschoolers do on Facebook.

No. 528499


They're both gross af and deserve each other. (moo and OverT, I mean)

This. And he sounds like a scumbag who will fuck any woman willing to give him attention.
Moo and him are the same in a way.

omg she acknowledged flannel-kun. I hope she at least washes it once a month.

No. 528506

>Beatrice has been such an influental character in my life growing up

But… you haven't even read the VN

No. 528508

growing up she also admitted she hated anime and sci fi because she was scared of being one of the dorks she was bullying. Lets not forget while growing up she made a couple people leave school and one even killed herself. I don't completely blame Momo because other people are in charge of their emotions. But she wasn't always the super nerdy type.
She only went nerdy when she was a fatty before her dad whipped her into shape and she became spiteful.

No. 528511

File: 1528299336290.png (663.14 KB, 1125x470, 7mAsDAL.png)

Well this is awkward.

No. 528512

ughh I really wanna know how she (his gf) feels about their "friendship"

No. 528513


Momo looks like the only female bestie he has judging by viewing his pages, so I'm sure she's delighted by over their 'bond'.

He sure does spend alot of time with his 'friend'. Especially at late as he's rocked up to the lonely damsel in distress that is Moo all alone in her house, which he didn't do when Vamp was living there, can't imagine why my dudes.

No. 528514

dump him, Sarah. Do it now.

No. 528518

moo didn't even drop the spoilers properly.

No. 528519

>its pride month lemme talk about a anime character and not myself to be relatable
LMAO I'm suspecting she's a soul bound bitch like from Final Fantasy House

No. 528520

the worst thing is she clearly has no idea what she's talking about. it's very obvious she read a misguided tv tropes section on umineko.

No. 528522

Why Lion anyways? Bc the gender thing? If you were gonna grasp for straws with lgbt Umineko characters Lambda/Bern or even Ange/Mammon would've made more sense. Then again, i guess w/w ships don't really cross Moo's mind despite her faux bisexuality

No. 528524


How does this honor pride month in any way? Why not do a lewd pride set cause you’re sooo totally bisexual and dated a trans(eye roll) and then donate the money to LGBQ charities??

Christ she’s a fucking moron.

No. 528526

She will never do a shoot with a trans person with looking completely snotty about it. She looks disgusted even in her girl on girl stuff. Won't even look at the girl but she'll look at the guys.

No. 528528

this dumb bitch…
pride month isn't the time to talk about fictional characters. there are people who's lives are affected by who they are.

so much for being bisexual- oh wait pansexual and only say bisexual cause "pansexual is too hard for people to understand". can't even keep up with her own lie and be apart of an important month for the lgbt

No. 528529

She'd probably do one with a trans girl since Moo would just see them as a man and would be less disgusted with touching them
She could have made a post about supporting lgbtq cosplayers and shit, but no. Another goddamn Fate post about fake anime people

No. 528532

She doesn't understand pride month because she doesn't give a shit. She already showed transphobic and homophobic behavior. She can't save face and most of the lgbt community hates her and is aware she is pretending to be bi. No gay person has ever said "Stop pushing your gay agenda on characters"

No. 528536


It’s because she wants to talk out both sides of her fat mouth. She wants to be all “lol fuck all the little sjw snowflakes who get pissed at me”, but yet when she wants sympathy and attention, she is all “Ummm I’m actually bi if you paid attention. As a meme we of the lgbt community I have a right to speak on this issue and you’re being a bigot if you disagree with me”

She is so god damn transparent.

No. 528537

Yes they do, daily. Fujoshits and fetishizers force canon straight people to be gay all the time. Just to play out their gay fantasies, lol. Not everyone loves that.

No. 528538


No one fucking cares, pissbaby.

No. 528539

i dont think ive ever seen a canon confirmed straight person in media. that said, no one fucking cares, pissbaby

No. 528540

top kek @ “gay agenda”

No. 528541


You can't "force" fictional characters to do shit. NONE OF IT IS REAL FFS

No. 528543

unless it is canon. Momo has told peeps canon bi sexual characters are straight and was freaking out about it for a week until she gave up
"B-but this character is better straight!"

No. 528544

lion isn't even the one who had gender issues. lion was 100% fine cause his body was fine. lion as sayo is who she's talking about, but she didn't even mention sayo. the cow obviously didn't read umineko. even sayo wouldn't be relevant in this case anyways.

No. 528547

>in honor of pride month…
>let's talk about me

No. 528549

She's always like that.

>my grandpa is dying but enough about him let's talk about me

>there was a huge shooting in Las Vegas but let's talk about me in my cosplay standing over Vegas
>Those poor hurricane victims! But what about poor me?
>It's Ramadan and a time to talk about the Muslim culture but let's focus on my non-Muslim ass instead
>Vamp is working so hard! Who cares about that bitch let's talk about how hard I'm working instead

No. 528551

File: 1528316058820.png (791.2 KB, 720x1178, Screenshot_2018-06-06-13-13-35…)


No. 528552


Lmao this is painfully true…her ego is just mind blowing.

No. 528553


All that lipo has really fucked up her body, it's more noticeable in this picture and rather creepy. Moo you're a dumbass and now out of proportion, no amount of sucking in your stomach & standing at that angle will make it any better.

No. 528554

File: 1528316233580.png (817.29 KB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2018-06-06-13-15-54…)

Put a bunch of her sets on sale

No. 528555

Her donkey kong arms and shoulders always reveal how huge she is. It must be crazy for the anons who have seen her in person.

No. 528557

File: 1528316490154.png (833.29 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2018-06-06-13-19-57…)

Jfc can your skin not peeling make it this inflamed? I know she doesnt take care of herself but this has to be the worst skin she's had

No. 528559

File: 1528316862941.png (801.04 KB, 718x1186, Screenshot_2018-06-06-13-27-16…)

No. 528562

File: 1528317653263.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, 1505283432249.png)

I guess moo forgot she was saying she was 177lbs after 'so much hard work of eating well' almost a year ago. Also she's obviously bigger than she was when she did her Samus bikini shoot so she's definitely over 200lbs again (she herself said she was 209 when she did Samus) ESPECIALLY with the weight lifting she's been doing even badly she should have been gaining SOME muscle which weighs more than fat . (image from >>433127 )

No. 528563

So you gained weight, Mariah? You were bragging about being 177lbs just a couple of months ago and working hard in the gym. She's too pathetic, man.

No. 528564


Remember kids those panties were probably originally white.

No. 528565

I think she was actually 209lbs during the Chun Li photos which makes her 198lbs really REALLY pathetic.

she made it obvious that she was lying her ass off during that time too cause she had used 177lbs months before that.

No. 528567

File: 1528318083731.jpg (451.84 KB, 1434x970, 1505284435195.jpg)

Nah she was showing off her 'weight loss' in chunk li

No. 528568

Yeah I remember her using her lipo weight loss with Chunk Li. But she used 177lbs twice. Once with Chunk Li and another time. We called her out when she did that.

No. 528569

Funny how she will always take something and make it about herself.
She is probably feeling left out again because pride month isn't something she is actually part of kek

No. 528570

A 10-15 lb difference is just water weight and the easiest to burn off for newbies.

No. 528571

She hunches like some sort of troll. Her shoulder is up by her nose - her posture just accentuates her broad shoulders and arms.

No. 528572

I agree, I think it's water weight which is why it's pathetic to brag about it. Trips to the gym mean nothing if she's not cutting calories and we all know that she isn't.

No. 528573

Why is she showing this off like it’s some sort of accomplishment? As other anons have said, she was claiming to be 177 pounds a few months ago, so gaining weight is obviously not a fucking accomplishment. Also she’s clinically obese. That’s not something to be proud of by any means. But god forbid someone calls her obese or fat, she loses her shit

No. 528574

File: 1528318890079.jpeg (155.42 KB, 1199x598, 1512392522399.jpeg)

This reminds me of her hunched posture when she was Beast.

No. 528576

i think anons are just pointing out how she's claimed to have went down to 177 before and now is acting like 198 is somehow an achievement. you'd think moo would understand that lifting actually gains you weight though. so you should pay more attention to measurements like at the waist when you lift with no cardio.

No. 528579

File: 1528319803132.png (942.93 KB, 750x1334, 1502492637033.png)

And she hasn't even changed her eating habits.

And just a month or two before that photo she was also 177lbs. So according to Mariah, she went from 177 to 209 to 177 to 198.

No. 528580

>>528511 And the story unfolds… Just wait anons that comment is gonna be deleted soon so Sarah doesn't see it. And of course Sarah and Mariah aren't even friends on facebook.

No. 528581

Shiiit, was this before or after she finally opened up about lipo? I can't keep up!

No. 528582

I honestly could believe that weight roller coaster considering all the shit she does to her body.

No. 528583

File: 1528320360262.png (392.26 KB, 720x871, 1502616271563.png)

I remember how smug she was when she was 177lbs. She thinks every pound is an accomplishment and right after she makes her big announcement post, she gains it all right back and more.

No. 528585

It was before or at the same time. She shot here with Sabrina and Sabrina was the one to leak the lipo info, and there was some tinfoiling she did it because she disliked moo after the shoot

No. 528589


She really can’t keep her lies straight can she? She really believes that there is no proof of anything she has said earlier and that she can just lie about shit and not get called out. She is such a a fucking child I swear, always making up lies so she doesn’t get in trouble.

No. 528590

So would it be a mathmatical stretch to always add 50 to any number moo comes up with? Ex: "I'm down to 178 on thid colon cleanse cream!" So truth is you're 228 after lipo. Gotcha.

No. 528591

File: 1528323404468.png (1000.07 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-06-06-15-15-15…)

Nice you spent like 200 dollars on imports

No. 528592

File: 1528323453290.png (1.13 MB, 720x1177, Screenshot_2018-06-06-15-15-37…)

Posting because she took this set

No. 528593

File: 1528323475705.png (749.49 KB, 720x1180, Screenshot_2018-06-06-15-15-22…)

No. 528595

So knowing Momo loves half-truths, she's actually 210 pounds. So all that posing in the gym was for nothing. Enjoy eating your junk food and pretending to work out. Your arms are as thick as your thighs and your waist is a lumpy mess

No. 528596

yuh but we all know she isn't gaining muscle by doing 3 lifts in a week. It's all fat. She seemed sooo proud when she was telling her trainer about all the sugar and junk food she was shoveling down her throat

No. 528597


She is such a fucking fandom snob. She always does this shit where she insults other fans for not liking the right thing. And yet this bitch is constantly going on about men “gatekeeping” women in fandoms.

No. 528599


These photos are bland, poorly constructed and look like they were edited in one of those shit tier beauty filter apps. Given the set was completed in an entire day or so it's no wonder. Moo knows nothing about photography and thinks just because she has a fancy camera that was paid for by neckbeard bucks that she knows exactly what she's doing.

No. 528601

She is fucking stupid. If she had any idea of Fate she would know that Gilgamesh is one of the if not the most popular male character in the whole fandom
I'm actually surprised that he isn't ranked higher because of all the fangirls.

No. 528602

If she addresses it at ALL (unlikely) my money's on her saying it's because she's gained muscle mass from all! That! Lifting! OBVIOUSLY guys you would know that if you were a health and fitness expert like her.

No. 528603

But she was a weight lifter in high school, my dude!!! And her daddy was a super famous pro weight lifter!!!!!!!

God I cracked up last time she rolled in here as an anon and hyped up her father and his nonexistent career as a body builder.

No. 528604

I think it's okay to be proud of each pound you drop when you're actually working for it and put in the time. But she's been caught breaking her diet every single day on her and her "friends" stories. She goes to the gym but the minimal workout she does isn't enough to cancel out eating a 1k calorie bowl of Pho and chasing it with an XL boba tea.

Everyone gains weight, it happens. She just keeps lying through her teeth when there's mountains of evidence against her that she's gaining and not losing. I give it another week of "omg u guise im gettin so skinnyy~~~" and then she'll pop in for another round of lipo.

No. 528606

Moo is getting nowhere with her supposed healthy lifestyle or training because she's only doing it to impress OverTFlow and any other gym bro who'll find her attractive for wanting to keep fit. She goes to the gym, post stories to Instagram about her 'hard work' constantly and hypes up about everything she's doing for views. None of her progress is genuine and her shitty diet tied in with little to no sleep while binging on Monster energy drinks just defeats the purpose.

She's not 100% committed, never will be and will drop it soon as she doesn't get what she wants out of it.

No. 528607

she can't really lose weight now cus then she'll lose her thighs and she needs those as a decoy ass

No. 528609


Plus her low life fans enjoy throwing cash at their overweight and unhealthy cow. The minute she becomes skinnier and can no longer satisfy their fat fetish dreams they'll abandon her for a new thicc cosplayer.

No. 528610

Legit giving me strong Ray Romano vibes

No. 528615

She needs to stop being so extreme and cutting out all carbs (I know she doesn’t because of the food pics she always posts)
I would assume she gets on these diet kicks, cuts out carbs, loses water weight, gets stoked, the insatiable cravings kick in because your body NEEDS carbs, she binges, repeat cycle
Which after a while is what will lead to being fucking huge like she is
Just don’t eat anything out of a box or from a restaurant for a month moo it’s not that fucking hard

No. 528616

>liking kirei
we all know you have shit taste in men moo

No. 528617

she's sucking in so much, must be uncomfortable.

that's a good look on her, moo the hambeast

No. 528618

File: 1528333466197.png (885.29 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-06-06-18-04-07…)

No. 528620

Wasn't she doing keto awhile ago?

No. 528621

I think a certain linguistics double major is fucking around in the Usagi Kou thread again.

She was, yes. Supposedly her 'trainer' put her on it, but we all saw how faithful she was to the diet.

No. 528624

Why is she doing black fabric? Is she doing Lancer Alter or something?

No. 528627

that's black worbla. it's used for armor builds

No. 528634

low carb is really good for weight loss though. I lost 60lbs by cutting carbs (50g a day) after my dr recommended it for PCOS. after awhile you stop craving all the foods that have them so maintaining is easy, it's just the initial commitment. it would be really good for moo honestly. she obviously displays insulin resistance from the discolouration on her knuckles.
but her weeb ass drinks and eats sushi and pho all week so it'll never happen.

this is hilarious. wasn't colossal con right after she got lipo? wouldn't she have been at her post lipo smallest then? also one was a candid and the other is a carefully posed and shooped shoot…(no one cares)

No. 528635

Ah gotcha. Looked like fabric.
Interested to see now if she will prime and sand it. Because lord knows that's one of the most time consuming and tedious parts of using worbla.

No. 528637

File: 1528344311142.png (834.56 KB, 718x471, mex.png)

No. 528638

Damn. Look at those tree trunks

No. 528639

File: 1528344869124.png (178.06 KB, 348x654, Screenshot 2018-06-06 at 9.14.…)

No. 528640

File: 1528344916985.png (251.95 KB, 347x654, Screenshot 2018-06-06 at 9.14.…)

this was MONTHS ago

No. 528641

Guessing the old ball and chain started whining about not getting enough attention. I mean it's the most promotion she's given in months too

No. 528642

File: 1528345307754.jpeg (2.5 MB, 2943x3769, 35BFB4B2-5FB7-4EC6-B548-E874D3…)

Was given this at work today and Moo checks off EVERY SINGLE BEHAVIOR.

Mariah, please seek psychiatric help.(armchair)

No. 528643

whoever gave you this should learn to proof before they print shit.

No. 528644

god she's bowlegged AF

No. 528649

Yeah, probably. I didn’t type it. The grammar isn’t the point though, just funny that it describes our cow perfectly.

No. 528655

Actually the appeal of black Worbla is that you dont have to sand it because its smoother than the normal worbla that has the saw dust or whatever in it

No. 528662

Finally went to her subreddit and found it amusing a lot of the comments were trashing on her.

No. 528663

File: 1528351014462.png (258.38 KB, 344x656, Screenshot 2018-06-06 at 10.56…)


No. 528664

File: 1528351044984.png (317.79 KB, 344x650, Screenshot 2018-06-06 at 10.57…)

you dont do rewards so why think about it

No. 528665

How about you get good sleep aid and get some fucking sleep. Those dark circles are bigger than her thighs and deeper than her retarded positivity rants.

No. 528670

I really hope Aniplex is as strict with costume accuracy at their booth as they were last year. The Mash parted her wig wrong which lead to Aniplex not promoting her as much as the other two since the Japanese Fate team didn't want an inaccurate costume representing their character. Moo really fucked up the arm armor and gloves here, so she may have trouble getting any official photos or recognition out there. I assume that's one reason she's working this booth anyway, so watching it potentially backfire might be entertaining.

No. 528673

I’m waiting for her to thank aniplex for inviting her as a guest and acting like it’s not a volunteer position. Last year funimation had a free event outside of the con and there was an hour long moo “meet and greet” (along with a dozen other people) and she thanked funimation for the guest spot multiple times and even straight out called herself a guest of anime expo.

No. 528674

She's not volunteering for ACP/Aniplex can you all shut up about it

No. 528675

File: 1528354599859.png (285.03 KB, 349x653, Screenshot 2018-06-06 at 11.56…)

shes been working on the same gloves for a hour??

No. 528676

she's so mishappen. I'm curious as to why she hasn't gotten more lipo to "fix" that honestly. out of money or did a surgeon tell her she was past the point of no return?

No. 528677

File: 1528355101224.jpeg (72.37 KB, 576x720, D156B614-7BCC-4448-8408-1F3017…)


No. 528678

How is her arm bigger than her face?

No. 528679

Holy fucking shit she looks diseased

No. 528680

File: 1528356163292.jpg (78.99 KB, 660x660, Momokun_Android-21-gag.jpg)

promo from site

No. 528681

File: 1528356295919.jpg (55.33 KB, 683x1024, Momokun-Valentines-Day-Succubu…)

No. 528682

File: 1528356325393.jpg (70.2 KB, 683x1024, Momokun-Valentines-Day-Succubu…)

No. 528683

File: 1528356354324.jpg (77.17 KB, 683x1024, Momokun-Valentines-Day-Succubu…)

No. 528684

Why are you posting these old ass pictures

No. 528686

File: 1528357759542.png (528.41 KB, 929x590, Screenshot 2018-06-07 at 12.49…)

No. 528688

Ah yes BARGE. Again. It makes me incredibly nervous seeing her use that indoors as it’s extremely toxic and has to be used outside or a well ventilated area (that room probably isn’t ventilated well at all. She needs a respirator but even if she has one, no one else in that room is using one). Using Barge on basic ass craft foam also seems like overkill when something less strong/toxic will do just as well.

No. 528690

File: 1528360118585.png (407.02 KB, 812x596, Screenshot 2018-06-07 at 1.28.…)

No. 528691

File: 1528360131516.png (331.74 KB, 479x591, Screenshot 2018-06-07 at 1.29.…)

No. 528692


She kicked up a shitstorm a few months ago over how she thought Akira from Devilman was straight. Even though the guy who wrote the manga and the dude who directed Crybaby both said he was in love with another male character (not spoiling who)

But now she's reaching so she can brag about LGBT representation in Fate, because she literally has no idea what to do or say in recognition of pride.

No. 528693


Fucking dumbasses in the comments. She's literally posted pictures of her Asian slave working on the chest piece. It's obvious she didn't make it.


The two long middle pieces look like they were made by an eight year old, and the gloves are super assymetrical.

No. 528694

Oh god slave Leia in the back…

No. 528695

She's not even bothering to correct any of them…. Mariah this is why no one likes you

No. 528696


It would make more sense for Mariah to be Jabba, and for one of the Asian guys who does all the work for her to be Slave Leia.

No. 528698

I know these pics are old but her workout lines made me nostalgic for pixy and now I'm sad.

Also I can't decide whether she's aged 15 years since this valentines shoot, or whether the soft prostitute lighting is performing miracles. Its insane how quickly she balloons up, she's long overdue a lipo recovery at this point.

No. 528715

I died
Top kek anon

No. 528716

Why would you make foam armor and then cover it with worbla?

No. 528717

that's how you're supposed to use worbla for armor, anon
it makes the foam more rigid

No. 528718


shit taste for shit people. It is hilarious watching her sperge, regardless.

No. 528726

File: 1528379571720.jpg (61.25 KB, 609x668, 1526604397146.jpg)

>Not even 23
>Needs a facelift
What a wonderful example of how not to live.

No. 528727

I can just see the photo credits now, "armor made by me… with some help from asian slave."

As someone who busts their ass making 100% of their armor it burns me up how brazenly she steals all credit then acts astonished and victimized when she's called out with recipts in tow. Christ Mariah, it's not shameful to admit someone made your armor for you. What people have a problem with is you pretending to do it all on your own. Which is what you're doing AGAIN.

No. 528728

There will be a general gathering for anyone and moo will just call it a "collab"

No. 528729

that's one method that few people need to use anon it's not "how you're supposed to" or anything. you can definitely use worbla without filler.

No. 528731

There's more than one way to make armour, you can prime the foam with different things, worbla is optional. You can use only worbla and not use foam, or only prime the foam then spray paint it. Don't be like Moo who dissed kbbq for not using the "correct method" in making her Saber chestpiece when it was her wrong sizing and bad handling at fault. As long as it looks good and stays on it's a viable way.

No. 528732

File: 1528386355197.png (Spoiler Image, 2.16 MB, 1704x1309, veinchanstudy.png)

studying vein chan i've found a lot more than just on her right boob it seems

also there's a video of her at a pool somewhere where her "more popular" vein literally pops out of her skin it casts a shadow, if anyone could locate that for me that'd be great to add to this(AUTISM ALERT)

No. 528734

jesus christ anon
this is absolutely horrifying

No. 528735

mariah mallad exposed! has veins all over her body! some say it's to carry blood but we think there's a much more darker reason, join us at 10!

No. 528748

Shit like this is why people think we're all autistic.

No. 528749

File: 1528394299925.png (559.48 KB, 807x593, Screenshot 2018-06-07 at 10.58…)

No. 528750

She probably just has thin skin (lol), and she's fair skinned. Pick on her for some real shit.

No. 528753

Even Jabba the Hutt wants to know what it's like to be a slave girl.

One eye looking at the camera, the other's looking at Antares.

She's definitely thin-skinned judging by her immediate clapbacks.

No. 528754


I have nightmares of shit like this coming for me. This is horrid

No. 528755

i don't understand these comments, she looks like a puffer fish (no offense to puffer fish)

No. 528757


>you girls sure look horny

No. 528759

…why is she looking at Antares? Did she steal her invisible hat?

No. 528762

>Da signature vein

No. 528765

Because she's the better looking one out of the three.

No. 528769

She's going to kill those cats using that stuff with how much she lets them wander all over her craft room.

No. 528770

She probably ran out of money. We've seen how she burns right through it without saving anything.

No. 528786

File: 1528402216167.jpg (427.96 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180607-160900_Sam…)

So Colossalcon opened voting for who will be on their 2019 badges and I saw this

No. 528788

>Cow momma wins
>Confusion over moo's "oc" and cow momma
>Cosplayer says she's cosplaying the cowgirl from milk party not moo's mascot

Only in my dreams. I know it's unrealistic but I would die if that happened

No. 528791

I actually saw her at con and asked her what she was cosplaying from, and she did infact say the cowgirl from Milk Party.

No. 528794

I feel like the only people who would question her “oc” are the people already well or at least partially informed of her bullshit. None of the neckbeards ever question a single thing no matter how blatantly stupid.

No. 528802

I just peed my undies. This is the best. Can we vote on their site?

No. 528818



No. 528832

Stop with the nitpicking, boob veins are NOT milk. Nitpicking is NOT milk.

No. 528834

Was literally just gonna post asking why we're nitpicking thin skin and something most women have. We can poke fun at the shit she CAN control but doesn't, don't go after things she can't change about her body like visible veins.

No. 528841

like only one autist was but ok

No. 528853

File: 1528419464614.png (971.99 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-06-07-17-57-20…)

No. 528854

File: 1528419494449.png (1.15 MB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-06-07-17-57-25…)

No. 528855

Here she goes again! This shit isn't going to make people take you seriously Moo, your last two stabs at it were laughable at best.

No. 528863

oh moo when will you learn…

No. 528868

The only films her fans are interested in are softcore porn. Moo just do that instead because nobody cares for your more 'serious' cosplay work. They are here for lewds and vagina slips not deep and meaningful fan made movies.

No. 528871

File: 1528424230454.png (543.17 KB, 716x1157, Screenshot_2018-06-07-19-16-29…)

Enjoy your foam dust lungs

No. 528872

when will she learn A PART

No. 528879

Why can't she just go outside on the porch with that? Or how about wearing a mask?

No. 528886

Jfc DREMELLING INSIDE. ON CARPETED FLOORS. She needs her cats taken away jfc

No. 528889

You’re already behind if you’re crunching on an ARMOR cosplay.

No. 528892

Same for me, lost 80lbs with ketogenic diet - but then again for me it's a lifestyle to keep away insulin resistance, and depression.
Her issue isn't that she "needs" carbs, it's that she refuses to commit to anything. No diet, no change will work, because she'll never stick with it. If you can't commit to a change, it will never benefit you. Period. So she's doomed to fail.(no one cares)

No. 528896

Anything made prior to the last two days before a con IS ahead of schedule for slovenly, prideful Mariah.

No. 528915

File: 1528428774010.png (311.76 KB, 472x565, Screenshot 2018-06-07 at 8.33.…)

Eliminate "and I"

No. 528916

File: 1528428837701.jpg (45.46 KB, 720x960, 34792099_1336581069820172_9220…)

additional pic of god knows what

No. 528918

File: 1528428905274.png (35.09 KB, 444x284, Screenshot 2018-06-07 at 8.35.…)

No. 528920

If I were this dude I'd be so pissed. Her craftsman ship is no where near that good, but she's giving people the impression she actually knows what she's doing. I wonder how much of this he did compared to her.

No. 528922

but that's exactly what he is darling. she even used the way we call him here, such an amazing lurker

No. 528925

She spends more time lurking here than she does working on her cosplays.

No. 528926

Instead of maybe, ya know, taking sewing classes or making blocks for sewing or even going outside for more than getting food and taking a walk she chooses to be a lurking gnome dirty and smelly in her apartment.

No. 528929

Or sleeping.

No. 528930

Or eating/prepping healthy diet meals and working at the gym

No. 528937

File: 1528431979314.jpeg (1.77 MB, 1242x1829, 2B98CC63-9B0C-44BB-AA0E-C8E1E4…)

No. 528947


Ok so hes making everything and shes what, putting rhinestones and glitter glue on it? Whats left after that list really?

No. 528952

wasting a bunch of worbla for shit that will end up being redone.

No. 528955

File: 1528434385971.png (138.98 KB, 351x652, Screenshot 2018-06-07 at 10.06…)

No. 528956

I guess since she's trying to bury her school lies, she's gonna go with two weeks early for other things.

No. 528958

She wants people to think she's like Jessica who pumps out some costume before the con in a week or two. Cept at the fact that Jnig is 1/3 the size of moo she has less materials to worry about. Also moo who's sewing the costume or are you gonna let people assume that you made that just like the armor?

No. 528960

File: 1528434904596.jpg (Spoiler Image, 64.07 KB, 357x364, Walter_Keane.jpg)

She reminds me of the antagonist in the movie "Big eyes" how he would just pose for pictures so it looked like he was doing work, but it was actually his wife.

No. 528963

that movie is fucking stupid.(no one cares)

No. 528964

File: 1528435594903.png (117.58 KB, 1080x551, Screenshot_20180607-222249~2.p…)

So I guess other thot Cosplayers are getting their Patreon accounts swiped, but then quickly coming back. I wonder if Moo was a part of the suspensions.

No. 528966

Fuck that, I hope she's next.

No. 528967

Well now that you've warned her about it she'll have time to fix it before anything happens, nice going.(This is cringy as hell)

No. 528969

We know if she did she would have been sobbing about it and claiming 'the haturz did this to me when i work so hard on my content for YOU GUYS WEH' while subtly telling her neck beards to harass patreon to reinstate her

No. 528977

They probably shut up because being in the presence of a cringy white knight is nauseating.
Funny how she doesn’t say what she made specifically in the description. Meaning she probably only half made the items and her Asian slave boy did the rest.

No. 528978

Oh fuck off this was posted 10 hours ago this didn't warn her of nothing. Someone in the thot squad is bound to of told her already. Maybe she's keeping quiet about it hoping no one notices her page.

No. 528979

mariah has no real friends lol i doubt they told her shit. they don’t even defend her voluntarily unless they’re brought up or dragged into discourse lol

No. 528982

She spends more time filming herself working than she does working.
None of these are natural candid angles. It’s sad.

No. 528984

Bitch is CRUSTY.

No. 528991

File: 1528440771781.png (261.48 KB, 354x656, Screenshot 2018-06-07 at 11.53…)

Asian slave number one appears!

No. 528996

File: 1528442634952.png (915.26 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180608-002139.png)

No. 528997

File: 1528442654745.png (796.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180608-002148.png)

No. 528998

File: 1528442672094.png (1.15 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180608-002159.png)

No. 528999

>have been praying she'd keep her fat Donkey Kong-at-bingo-night self out of Beatrice's dress

At least it'll be laughably horrible.

No. 529003

When will the people editing her images learn that if your tummy is supposedly that flat and without rolls, your bellybutton won't look like that

No. 529005

We're going to see Moo's DK shoulder and arms in those puffy sleeves, this is going to be a glorious mess I can't wait.

The cringy film is also something to look forward to.

No. 529012

Oh god. I hope to god she at least commissions it because this dress is difficult and there's no way she can pull it off. And hopefully she gets someone who is experienced enough with ballgowns to do it justice. Castle Corsetry is great for corsets and such but seems to lack the eye for large ballgowns based on Semiramus.

No. 529013

This is going to look so horrible on her I’m laughing already

No. 529024

Kek how much should we bet on her re-using her Saber wig for this and not re-doing that horrible bun in the back.

No. 529036

File: 1528466416247.jpg (409.45 KB, 1077x817, Screenshot_20180608-065957_Ins…)

I'm laughing at this so hard. They look almost as rough as they do in real life.

No. 529038

is that cardboard

No. 529041


No. 529042

She's going to look like Asherbee in that ballgown.

No. 529043

I think you're onto something

No. 529059

that signature is just the icing on this shit cake of comedy

No. 529072

Asherbee With Money strikes again!

At least Asherbee made all of her shitty shit and finally went underground on social media, unlike Mooriah here.

No. 529074

Question, is she ever gonna wear that 2k fuckup ever again?

No. 529075

She's planning on trotting it out again for AX to prove she's THE ULTIMATE FATE FAN MY DUDES! I wouldn't be surprised if she drags it to DragonCon as well, but then again she does hate paying for extra luggage on flights as much as she hates drinking water, so maybe not.

No. 529076

she gets that people who do big builds actually spend MONTHS AND MONTHS on these right? she's acting like starting two weeks before the con as some sort of achievement. which i guess for her, it is

No. 529094

File: 1528491549524.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1843, asherbee.png)

Asherbee's back and doing commissions. Momokun ought to pay her and save herself some money.

No. 529097

Moo you stupid cow. None of the chumps, er, patreons, who support your kid in a candy store lifestyle want to see this shit or even care about it. Who exactly are you trying to impress? Other established pro cosplayers have either never heard of you or have only heard about the drama and are staying far away. Don't you get that?

No. 529099

Maybe she'll officially start her porn career with a cosplay porn video of Battler and Beatrice…I barfed a little typing this.

No. 529101

yeah she really needs to drop it like she could do "bikini -insert anime girl name-" once a week and make much more money cus she wouldnt have to commission shit all the time or go to cons and she already has the audience

No. 529117

With Moo included, here's to hoping all of their accounts get wiped. Let them start from scratch, build up their own websites and profit from there like normal cam girls and sex workers do. Patreon makes it far too easy for them to make profit under the disguise as 'art'.

No. 529121

File: 1528506720822.png (1.09 MB, 720x1156, Screenshot_2018-06-08-18-08-37…)

No. 529123

File: 1528506749722.png (925.96 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-06-08-18-09-05…)

No. 529125

she really fucking loves herself
also LOL @ her rolls all down her lipo'd waist

No. 529126

File: 1528506817022.png (869.36 KB, 720x1163, Screenshot_2018-06-08-18-09-36…)

Rare photo of a beached whale

No. 529128

File: 1528506858558.png (861.19 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2018-06-08-18-09-44…)

No. 529129

>has 2 weeks to finish AX cosplays
>loafing around doing nothing

Cant wait to see yet another AX full of train wrecks. Cant wait for her to throw kein under the bus for 'gluing it WRONG cause I, Mariah, know so much better'

No. 529133

Oh to make a living off cosplay and laze around. Waiting for the coscrunch the day before the con, she has no other responsibilities & has her variety of Asian slaves to help out, so she has no excuse at all to be behind.

No. 529134

Trying to gain back those missing patrons eh, Moo? They aren't going to care any more than they did the first time. Which is not at all.

Also did she photoshop herself thinner?

No. 529136

I want to imagine this “good meme” was made to be used as bait and not meant to be serious or genuine.

but I know the world is a sad place.

No. 529152

File: 1528513625296.jpg (97.64 KB, 599x271, tmp_30742-Screenshot_20180608-…)

dem ankles from her latest IG post

No. 529153


She looks like she hasn't washed since she got her hair dyed. These shoes aren't helping either.

No. 529154

Did she buy grandma shoes because we make fun at how old she looks already? /s

No. 529157

Are these the ones with the holes at the tips?

No. 529162

File: 1528517514463.png (331.12 KB, 345x652, Screenshot 2018-06-08 at 8.55.…)

No. 529164

10k a month and she can't even buy new shoes outside of cosplay shit.

No. 529168

File: 1528519128443.png (238.41 KB, 347x650, Screenshot 2018-06-08 at 9.39.…)

went to a resteraunt

No. 529170

Now I see why she can't afford shoes.

Her priorities are Luna Slater tier.

No. 529172

So you can afford a 40 steak huh but not quality cosplays?

No. 529173

And she doesn't even dress nice for it too.

No. 529174

When has she ever dressed nicely for something

No. 529175

File: 1528522212235.png (252.26 KB, 345x657, Screenshot 2018-06-08 at 10.30…)

No. 529176

Tfw you are a patreon paying someone's bills to see them cosplay only to know they waste the money buying 70 dollar meals for their friends. On that note i was looking at her rewards tiers and wondering why anyone still buys her bs. Almost none of her tier rewards are things she actually does. We know she never mails anything. She barely does her lewd sets that are more than 8 pictures anyway. So wtf does she still have patreons for?

No. 529177

Didn't she take down prints and say that she would put them up after she caught up? She's either not caught up on last year's or like her merchandise and charity donations, they got lost in the voids of her fat rolls.

No. 529178

$70 isn't really that much for a steak…

that looks like a fillet so I'm assuming it's meh quality for the size.

No. 529179

Thirsty men who still rub one out to her, more or less. She's losing Patrons because of her lazy bullshit, but there will always be dudes carrying a torch for her because they feel that she belongs to them now.

No. 529180

$70 isn't much for a steak? Mariah would love you, anon.

She can't commit to anything, not even her job. When her Patreon dies, she's going to be completely broke because she didn't save any money at all.

No. 529182

I like how as Lolcow speculates that she is losing money she goes out and spends $70 on a steak
Like damn thats like 2 weeks worth of groceries for one steak

No. 529183

At risk of tinfoil is she trying to prove to us that she's totally still a booming career woman with money to spare?

No. 529186

Yep. She's always trying to prove us wrong but makes herself look like an idiot every time.

She also seems like the type of person to live off of credit cards when money runs out.

No. 529193


when you're only spending $40 on shitty amazon bikinis, even if she was only making $5k a month, that leaves a LOT of money to spare.

We're talking about someone who isnt putting out any real content. At MOST she's spending $3k a month on cosplay related things including costume commissions, photoshoots, travel for shoots etc so buying nice meals really shouldnt be surprising at all.

The proof to me that's she's only doing it to prove us 'wrong' is that she talked about the price of the steak, not the restaurant she was at or what cut of steak or whatever it is topping her steak. Anyone can charge $70 for a steak moo if a restaurant let your slobby ass in with what you were wearing it cant be that great.

No. 529198

$70 for a steak is kinda like… you wanna show off you have money tier but you also won't shell out for the really pricey, quality shit tier. Think of it as going to a Michelin star restaurant but getting the cheapest item on the menu at that restaurant.

No. 529204

Moo really does have to brag ALOT about her purchases. Nobody gives a shit you dumbass, least we know where most of your money goes now after seeing that steak. It's definitely food and drink. She just throws it away.

No. 529213

she also lives in Vegas so I'm sure just like everything there it's well overpriced for it's actual worth…

just like Moo herself.

No. 529224


Not really. I mean sure there is some very overpriced stuff to be sure but vegas gets you with the gaming more than food and drink prices. However most of the really nice places have a dress code of sorts. Doesn't matter I'm sure she made an ass of herself she has negative manners.

No. 529225

Nah. She's just a totally un self aware thot who doesn't even understand that her neckbeard patrons might not appreciate this too much.

No. 529227

she's totally trying to hype herself up but not realizing that this isn't impressive anyone making more than min-wage. $70 is like standard price for an average quality chain/local chain steakhouse.

No. 529228

she likes flexing everything but sucks at her job

No. 529230

Can you imagine having some garbage creature walking into your restaurant smelling like dirty armpits and ass and being really loud? She would be lucky to get her food without spit in it.

No. 529235


If she was truly disruptive they would ask her to leave. Doubly so in a casino restaurant. Or just refuse to continue asking if she needed anything and just bring her the check.

No. 529236

File: 1528561740188.jpeg (310.57 KB, 640x685, F35226DB-7438-4E91-B3BA-37DD2C…)

This group is so sketchy to me because Gabby has been making tweets for months about how she’s wanted this to be her next Lucoa cosplay. Earliest tweet I can find about it with a quick search

No. 529237

It looks like Moo's group didn't have a Kanna and Gabby still licks her ass on Instagram, so even if it's another case of Moo leeching off other costhots ideas, they still smother her with compliments and fuel her ego. Let them be sketchy amongst each other.

No. 529240

It could have been where her dad works. Even casinos would just brush it off if he's been there as long as she said.

No. 529241

No. 529243

Bitch where

No. 529247

Look through the comments of Moo's Android 21 Bikini photoshoot. She's in one of them iirc mentioning who made her own bikini who was the same seamstress for Moo's.

No. 529259

On one hand, its kinda normal for people to go "Oh yeah that's a good idea to do" when they see a cosplay and do it at some point

On the other hand, Moo does like to try and do cosplays before other people in spite on a pretty regular basis

No. 529268

File: 1528577882873.png (138.71 KB, 1080x593, Screenshot_2018-06-09-13-41-28…)


She actually responds to this on a later date. The thread is about how annoying it is that people keep copying her cosplays and I know its about Moo. Typical passive agressive cosplayer. Wish I could sage because it belongs in the calves thread but it is about Moo.

No. 529270

>vegas gets you with the gaming more than food and drink prices.
lmao have you ever actually been there? all the food and drink is expensive to begin with, and there are plenty of places selling a false sense of class to the middle class. hicks in jeans think 70$ steaks are high class, so of course there's restaurants willing to give them what they're asking for. vegas exists by selling a luxurious image at a stupid upcharge

lol absolutely not. casinos are used to dealing with the absolute most drunk and disorderly, she's nothing compared to the routine

also she never seems to hang out at the hotel her dad works at, probably for a reason. she wouldn't get his discounts unless she was with him, so he probably told her to stay the f away from anyone who might know him lmao. he's also been there less than 10 yrs…

No. 529272

seriously this. i also find it funny that people ITT think $70 steaks are somehow high class michelin star tier.

No. 529276


That's pretty shitty and seems obvious it's Moo as she just jumps on anything someone else has planned so she can play the "look at me, I did it before them so it'll never be as good as mine" card.

No. 529282

regardless of quality, the steak is 70$ because people like her want to post all over social media about paying 70$ for a super ~luxe filet in a ~fancy steakhouse. the anons that go "omg i can't believe she's spending 70$ on a steak" are exactly the reason why that marketing works.

the thing i don't get is that she's surrounded by top-tier hotels with stupidly fancy rooms, some of which she could get at a good discount. why fly to cali and pick these generic mediocre chains to shoot in? esp with this new penchant for ballgown bullshit like semiramis, she could rent a gorgeous suite at the palazzo or bellagio and have a higher class backdrop for even less effort…

No. 529284

Any effort at all is too much effort for her.

No. 529288

Because the only photogs who can stand working with her anymore are in Cali. Plus she skips off to Cali to check up on her costume slaves and the few calves she has left outside of her Texas herd.

No. 529293

yes but surely it's simpler to bring the cali photogs to vegas than vice versa? idk

No. 529307

but then how would we know moo was rich?? really though, moo can't save money and she's a greedy shit. she's also fucking stupid and has little idea of how to run her "business" properly.

No. 529328

I lived in Vegas for 10 years and a lot of the food is extremely cheap for the quality. Suncoast has a bomb prime rib for $10. It’s just the strip that’s expensibe, and if she lives in the same area she did when we went to school together she’s in Summerlin.

No. 529336

File: 1528600608707.png (490.16 KB, 720x1235, 20180609_201611.png)

Squarenoodle's gf did one too. Must feel bad when the guy you're thirsting over doesn't have a single reason to pick you over his gf.

No. 529337

same, and agreed that that markup is localized to the strip, but the 8.99 steak special at ellis island isn't worth instagram stories. she's probably at ruth chris' lol

No. 529339

Moo always wants to be the gamer girl type personality Gabby naturally is but she's too much of a stuck up bully. Antares was making statuses about how she was alone at Fanime (paraphrase) and I'm thinking she's close to ending it with Moo on a friendly level too. I know she was just at Antares's home but she didn't seem high energy about it.

No. 529340

File: 1528601710317.png (7.67 KB, 945x65, Screenshot 2018-06-09 at 8.34.…)

im dying, her buyer feedback https://www.ebay.com/usr/mariahmallad

No. 529349

File: 1528605444016.png (235.13 KB, 352x651, Screenshot 2018-06-09 at 9.37.…)

No. 529350

File: 1528605459058.png (138.05 KB, 355x650, Screenshot 2018-06-09 at 9.37.…)

No. 529352

I guess she read the manga in between her college study sessions too kek

No. 529356

How can you try it out if you're just going to ghost, Moo?

No. 529357

File: 1528607752166.png (243.25 KB, 356x655, Screenshot 2018-06-09 at 10.16…)

No. 529358

Literally no one cares, Moo. Unless it's your tits, your fans don't give a shit.

No. 529361

….. they showed up in the anime 2 months ago moo. i could understand if the season had ended and she was only catching up after but it's not. Such a hardcore fan of anime my dudes

No. 529365

File: 1528611353560.png (249.33 KB, 350x648, Screenshot 2018-06-09 at 11.16…)

No. 529366

File: 1528611562891.png (504.67 KB, 922x592, Screenshot 2018-06-09 at 11.17…)

>allegedly used to cut
>does bullshit copy/paste rants like this because suicide is a buzzword she can used for views
>not relatable, posts pictures of herself

No. 529367

File: 1528611619940.png (29.02 KB, 323x306, Screenshot 2018-06-09 at 11.17…)

use for*

No. 529368

>covers eyes
>eyelids so huge from lack of sleep that they make an appearance anyway

I love how it's an "inspirational" post but she capitalized IM cause that's who the post is really for.
Also, wasn't she just bullying the fuck out of someone a month ago? She's kidding herself with this shit.

No. 529369

File: 1528611730172.png (427.58 KB, 930x592, Screenshot 2018-06-09 at 11.22…)

No. 529371


Didn't she get banned from Twitter for telling someone to kill themselves?

No. 529373

p sad when your peanut gallery knows you told someone to drink bleach but you dont https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/comments/89qqco/whats_up_with_her_twitter/?st=ji8gau83&sh=519d951b

Aside from the bleach comment, she's done it before and it's funny she wants to pretend she gives a shit about people when she just wants to wipe her ass with her vape lmao

No. 529375

File: 1528612938130.png (286.19 KB, 347x653, Screenshot 2018-06-09 at 11.41…)

No. 529376

File: 1528612954385.png (122.57 KB, 353x656, Screenshot 2018-06-09 at 11.42…)

No. 529378

She must be high as shit right now. You don't love anyone but yourself, Mariah. Not even the mom who let you turn out so spoiled and selfish.

No. 529379

File: 1528614645858.jpeg (268.05 KB, 1022x1764, 26940CA5-1863-436B-B33E-1BC090…)

she tried to pretend it didn’t happen

No. 529380


This "I love everyone uwu be positive" post actually disgusts me, coming from her.

No. 529381

It’s so cringeworthy and eye roll inducing, the fact she goes I know I’m stupid I just love you all adds to the vomit factor
She tries so hard to be so *~*positive~*~* and she only cares about mental illness when it’s a buzzword on someone of status passes away from it
Remember her inappropriate posts about the Vegas shooting and was like MY city MY home when the bitch is from Michigan

No. 529382

And the tasteless promotion of herself when it happened.

No. 529383

She promoted herself in this suicide rant she posted just today and she doesnt realize why people hate her?

No. 529385

I swear this cow lies more than anyone on this site. Her life would be so much easier if she didn't have to keep up with all her pointless fabrications. She must be pathological.

No. 529391

the fucking smiley face is the icing on the cake, she's such a petulant cunt, it's astounding

No. 529392

Damn even her fans on a subreddit dedicated to her know how much of a toxic cunt she is.

No. 529394


Vamplettes should be front and center but nah she’s in the same pic mariah keeps using over and over and over of all the photogs taking shots of her, literally one of the most vain pictures, and speaks so much about her that she’s posted it a dozen times

No. 529396

Oh fuck off, Moo.
She clearly doesn’t understand a single thing about suicide. Only wants to talk about me me me me me (which is the last thing an actual suicidal person would give a shit about)

No. 529407

>incites witch hunts and promotes harassment of girls and past fuckboys she feels threatened/rejected by

I love people so much my dudes

No. 529417

Whenever she posts this vom positivity bullshit about how she loves everyone and how "you all" should keep smiling and remember Mama Moo care about you, I just remember that huge bitchboy rant and how that photographer was harrassed by her fans because she publicly "called him out", and she was happy about it.

No. 529423

File: 1528637182170.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x2097, 20180610_062622.jpg)

So I guess shes still doing this.

No. 529426

idk guys i would kill myself too knowing i made tons of money but was too lazy to do anything but let myself go. and my only cosplay legacy was some fat cow that i could hardly sell merch of

No. 529429

she'd never do it. She's obsessed with herself.

No. 529431

Will she go for the hat trick and not cosplay on the final day again? I seriously hope that this will be her final invite to anything because even if you choose to ignore the "haters lies", she has proven herself to be unprofessional, sloppy as fuck, and having zero value as a guest.

No. 529433

It'll be interesting to see how she interacts with Leon considering she flip flopped so badly when trying to stick up for him recently.

No. 529435


Well it will be worth watching her "interact" with ANYONE since her lines will be empty, her pathetic pictures will be unsold, and she will somehow blame everthing wrong on anyone but her. Nobody will care about her in peru. Much like Mexico.

No. 529436

She shut up about it quickly so she probably doesn’t even care. She’ll go right back to the way she was last time.

No. 529447

JFC moo could you be more transparent if you tried harder? First you post a pic of your new vape then you get high af and go on a pathetic all you need is love binge. You pathetic, hypocritical thing you. You're a regular Dr. Martin Luther Kringe.

No. 529449

File: 1528650058778.png (217.54 KB, 350x655, Screenshot 2018-06-10 at 10.01…)

so like no new costumes

No. 529450

File: 1528650082110.png (242.07 KB, 347x656, Screenshot 2018-06-10 at 10.01…)

No. 529451

so lucoa where she cant breathe or sit down properly or android 21 where she cant breathe and is flashing her vag the whole time

No. 529458

The great thing about moo's reruns is that they are more wrinkly and cat hair covered. And those cheap ass boots she wore into the surf must be in real fine shape by now because you know she didn't do anything to clean them. Stench-kun will be there in full force as well.

No. 529459

I don't understand how she has a closet of "undebuted" costumes but she wants to bring a sweaty crusty costume instead???

No. 529461

I was kinda hoping for for Slave Leia just to see that travesty out and about without PS to 'slightly' help.

No. 529463

You kidding? She flipped out when people were staring at her at the pier when she took Francis Drake photos…she will never wear a bikini out unless she has to.

No. 529465

Seeing how she's a pathological liar. She could of just made it up. Moo adores attention even negative, for all we know shew made it up as a ploy of "Lookit me guys I'm just like you! Self conscious!!" pardon for armchair

No. 529467

She doesn't care of her audience outside the U.S. as we saw with lamole con, if she did whe would gladly present a new one in Peru,

she's going only for her ego and to brag about it when confronted with better cosplayers

No. 529469

I can already see the fans waiting for her at the airport with signs and flowers.

No. 529471

Something makes me doubt this. I think within her circle she's confident because she knows these people will egg her on and suck her dick. A random mouth breather on the pier doesn't care about giving her money.

No. 529473

Yet we here who give her no money she's intent on proving us wrong. But like I said armchair. Moving on, what other cosplayers are going to Peru?

No. 529474

File: 1528653945119.png (245.84 KB, 344x651, Screenshot 2018-06-10 at 11.06…)

Phil Mizuno, Stellachuu, Leon and Moo

Moo seems butthurt today after her depression night haha

No. 529476

Didn't she just throw Leon under for…what was it again? In any case gonna be hella awkward when his table is full line and she has nada.

No. 529477

Isn't stellachu going? Wasn't she part of that sexy shadow of the Colossus group? That's going to boost hey publicity and popularity a lot where as moo hasn't been in any sort of spotlight in at least a year and lost her Twitter reach. I hope they have booths next to each other

No. 529479

Yeah, well, she's not exactly smart.
Watch, she'll butter it up and it'll be great.

No. 529480

I wanna see her try and play his memory is as bad as hers kek

No. 529481

I wonder if she'll try to speak Chinese infront of Stella again.

No. 529482

Maybe we'll get some of that good old Ching Chong Moo's so known for

No. 529485

b-but she totally loves EVERYONE though!

No. 529487


No. 529488

The win will be if someone that hates her speaks spanish because we all know she doesnt. Telling the crowds about her in Espanol will be salty.

No. 529489

Her “knowledge” is limited to tacos and tequila.

No. 529490

Oh shit,moo is gonna think Peru is the same as Mexico

No. 529491

Don't say anything here anon, there are some peculiarities about peruvian culture that i want to see her mock about

No. 529493


She hasn't posted any more videos of Overt since her birthday cringefest, wonder how that went down with his GF.

No. 529494

File: 1528657153653.jpeg (63.27 KB, 476x480, FC88333F-B1BF-4117-81DB-66B6B0…)

No. 529515

Same thing with Castle Cosplay probably. Taken guys can't be taken like a slice of pizza Moo.

No. 529517

So only bringing two costumes? Guess she won't bother on Sunday yet again.

No. 529536

Either that or she's going to re-wear a costume. Sounds gross, but seeing as she's not actually going to be interacting with a lot of greasy fans anyway, maybe it'll stay fresh enough for another day.

No. 529541


But both of those costumes require A LOT of corseting. There is no way she can wear them for long.

No. 529554


Her dumb ass will never learn. Didn’t she just get dropped by a con for not being in costume and not manning her own booth.

No. 529567

Every Wizard Con from here on out has blacklisted her, yes.

No. 529568

Not to mention she went to that waterpark convention and wore something around her waist the rest of the time after people took photos of her ass.

No. 529586


Gotta Love how she tried to be all fake offended and all “It’s so sad that you guys tried to shame me like this. Well guess what, I love my body and am not ashamed of it, cellulite and all!! Also how dare you snap photos of my ass without my permission, I’ll have you know I willl lay your ass out!!”

She said as she continues to photoshop the fuck out of her photos.

No. 529626

File: 1528679246496.png (469.6 KB, 720x1180, Screenshot_2018-06-10-17-38-05…)

No. 529627

File: 1528679281424.png (776.95 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-06-10-17-38-14…)

No. 529629

File: 1528679312298.png (794.08 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2018-06-10-17-38-19…)

No. 529630

File: 1528679346335.png (525.1 KB, 720x991, Screenshot_2018-06-10-17-38-32…)

No. 529633


So now she is pretending to be a huge Halo fan? Is there any fandom she wont use to try to score nerd points?

No. 529637

She's gunning for Red vs Blue so OF COURSE she's now a HALO expert, my dude!!!! She's loved the Halos forever! She totes plays it on her Xbawx all the time my dude, it is just hidden behind her PS4 that she barely ever plays!

No. 529647

She barely plays any game. All she ever does is binge anime. I don't know who this bitch keeps trying to fool.

After she sees this message though she's gonna pretend to play some games.

No. 529653


I await her inevitably posting some screenshot and being like “Check out my K/D ratio, get on my level scrubs lol!!!”

No. 529658

Which fuckboy is into it? That’s the only reason she tries to pass herself off as a fan of anything

No. 529659

Probably OverT.

No. 529665

If she's still going after Miles Luna from Roosterteeth, him.

Since he was there last year and looked incredibly uncomfortable with her when they took some pictures together at whatever con it was.

No. 529677

Surprised she didn't suck the Fortnite teat since that's all he plays. Literally.

No. 529678

File: 1528684621160.png (332.3 KB, 356x653, Screenshot 2018-06-10 at 7.36.…)

No. 529681

File: 1528684840527.png (228.48 KB, 354x651, Screenshot 2018-06-10 at 7.37.…)

>says she enjoys the new MHA episodes and the studio is doing a good job
>even 50/50 vote on Lucoa or 21
>had to express she got waxed because her hair got too long, photoshoots are coming up
>said she had to grow it out for "a clean fucking wax"
>going to Cali
>going to get "pretty lewd" where one set is POV
>recognizes she said she did not want to do lewds as much but now wants to "dabble it in there"

No. 529683

Dabble it in so much that it's all she ever does.

She overshares way too much information and needs to shut the fuck up every now and then so her patrons don't get tired of her mustache and turtle lips.

Actually no, keep going Moo. I want to see them get even more fed up with you.

No. 529691

why our super gamer girl moriah isn't sperging over E3?

No. 529692

>every nerd worth a grain of salt watching E3
>Momo tweeting about anime that's she's months behind on

Such a legit nerd

No. 529695

File: 1528688449057.png (488.85 KB, 473x591, Screenshot 2018-06-10 at 8.41.…)

No. 529698


I ordered a cheeseburger but the bitch waitress ate it

No. 529709

It's okay anon, she ate everyone's cheeseburgers too and asked for tips right after.

No. 529714

File: 1528692180305.png (218.72 KB, 480x326, j jonah jameson laughing.png)


bless you both

No. 529717

Lol Mariah if you had fucking WATCHED E3 you’d know they LITERALLY SAID THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE HALO 5.

No. 529725

She hasn't even mentioned E3 on her IG, but of course she's such a totes cool gamurgirl. Like another anon said, she's only sperging about halo to try and trap some taken boyfriend.

No. 529729

Since when is she an "edgelord" or "default", if anything she was a "hobo".

No. 529731


this image causes me physical pain

No. 529732

Yep, she's still hungry for Miles. It must really burn her ass that he flirts with lewd cosplayers other than her too.

No. 529754

She bought a certain game… what, a month ago or something? She showed it off on Instagram and raves about it since it was hot for a second now the hype has died down. She probably hasn’t even opened the box. Aside from Smash and possibly Halo, I doubt she even games casually.

No. 529763

It was God of War anon. She doesn't give a fuck about games, she's just a lazy weeb. A game just got announced that's "up her alley" but didn't really gain traction with the general gaming community so it hasn't been trending and she hasn't said shit about it. She never puts much effort into her gaming lies as she does her other lies

No. 529765

she's not even a good weeb, she only watches anime off of netflix lol

No. 529772

Does she not have a cruncyroll or funimation account? I thought she was thirsty to work for and support them?

No. 529794

She watches from illegal streaming sites and recommended others to do it too

No. 529795

or she watches anime on YouTube

No. 529818

File: 1528739438067.png (660.85 KB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2018-06-11-10-50-00…)

No. 529819

File: 1528739493699.png (628.2 KB, 720x1158, Screenshot_2018-06-11-10-50-12…)

She must be depressed. She isn't doing any work and is vegging out on the couch.

No. 529820

File: 1528739619595.png (560.68 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2018-06-11-10-53-22…)

No. 529821

The only one in that pic that's really accurate for her would be the Memer, even though she's always several weeks to months late on every meme. If she had been active in the con scene a few years earlier she would definitely have been that annoying asshole screaming "THE GAME LOL xD" every five minutes.

No. 529824

They look like two moms in their mid-40s who just got into cosplay.

No. 529826

That sounds like her normal routine, anon.

No. 529842

So Colossal Con is making everyone re-vote for the badge contest. Hmmmmmm

No. 529863

…hmmmm that is interesting. Maybe they were tipped off that someone linked it here and they didn’t like it. Idk.

No. 529865

nope. did ya’ll even read the reason on their fb lol

No. 529867

No one cares, off topic.

No. 529873

This looks like a porn parody

No. 529878

Actually i wouldn't think a reason for revote too offtopic since moomoo is involved. What was the reason? My guess is her picture took up three times the space on the page and skewed the vote.

No. 529879

No. Moo is not involved.

No. 529890

But silly anon, don't you remember that she watches chess game replays for fun? So deep and intellectual.

No. 529899

Its about a girl cosplaying as MooMoo but thats not really milk. While its ever so slightly related to her, its not really important.

No. 529901

she's not moomoo she's the actual milk party character.

No. 529921

File: 1528757566198.png (1.06 MB, 720x1180, Screenshot_2018-06-11-15-52-34…)

No. 529922

She must have gotten dismissed by OverT after the girlfriend found out.

No. 529926


Sorry i got confused lol.

No. 529928

you REALLY think a girlfriend has stopped her before?

No. 529930

Lot's of feels out there right now about depression and suicide so moo has to go fishing for asspats and sympathy. For nothing! You are disgusting mariah.

No. 529933

I said that OverT probably ended it.

No. 529936

File: 1528760542969.png (204.51 KB, 348x649, Screenshot 2018-06-11 at 4.41.…)

she's sperging about umineko again but we all know she's crying because she's depressed about her shitty lifestyle and growing fupa

No. 529937

her skin is concrunching to resemble onision

No. 529943

hey there's plenty of stubby lookin YouTubers in relationships just looking for a piece of weird ass out their kid, remember you just gotta smile!

No. 529950

Nah with those enormous out of place horns it's obviously a direct reference to Moo

No. 529954

I think it has to do with overt. She has spikes like this often and we're going from "love ur smile baby boy" to whatever this hot mess is. Nothing else significant has happened in the last week and I don't think the depression/suicide discourse is important or relevant enough to her for her to actually get into a depressive mood

No. 529957

File: 1528764532378.png (104.48 KB, 345x654, Screenshot 2018-06-11 at 5.49.…)

No. 529958

File: 1528764548323.png (115.66 KB, 346x653, Screenshot 2018-06-11 at 5.49.…)

No. 529961

honestly i dont see why Stanky Kang wont hook up with one of her willing fans instead of standing on her ego in order to pretend she's at the same level as the fuckboys she wants so badly?

No. 529963

she ~doesnt like dick haha~ anon. lipstick lesbians need to maintain their integrity somehow

No. 529964

For Umineko being a series that influenced her so much why is she just now freaking out about and spoiling the endings?

No. 529965

whales travel in pods, she could date one of her she-fans

No. 529967

She's not depressed. But she thinks hey, famous people are getting depressed/suicidal right now and I'm famous too. Besides how can all the haterz attack me if I claim to be in a down mood. They can't, can they? And even better I can send out messages that make it look like I am reaching out and all my many fans will rush in to tell me how important and great and needed I am in the world. Everything is a scam and an attempt to get more look at me attention with moo. Watch her. She's going to stay with this for a few days just to see how well it's going to work.. Don't forget that one of her many lies was that she used to be a cutter when she was a teenager.

No. 529981

File: 1528768896099.png (203.43 KB, 341x652, Screenshot 2018-06-11 at 7.01.…)

dont you have 2 big conventions coming up? you spent hours reading umineko and watching cmv's but can't make a new costume..guys, i know she's retarded but come on..

No. 529982

File: 1528769262306.png (387.48 KB, 929x592, Screenshot 2018-06-11 at 7.08.…)

No. 529984

Not to mention prints, making a discord, putting up the retarded Moomoo merchandise, counting calories(cause god she needs to), going outside ffs, TAKING A SHOWER, actually applying to school, a great number of more important things that she could be doing than lazing her ass around the couch watching anime on someone else's buck. Not even one person but hundreds. She's such a waste of life, man. She isn't doing anything at all with it.

No. 529985

>I took finals last month
>as an writer
>I'm sure your believed friend


No. 529987

so what happens that's sad?

ya and now that she's finished school she has so much more free time to uh, you know, watch tv all night

No. 529988

File: 1528770398912.png (375.24 KB, 810x593, Screenshot 2018-06-11 at 7.26.…)

No. 529989

File: 1528770410606.png (16.9 KB, 305x206, Screenshot 2018-06-11 at 7.27.…)

No. 529990

File: 1528770464443.png (41.95 KB, 326x448, Screenshot 2018-06-11 at 7.28.…)

No. 529991

File: 1528770476915.png (22.07 KB, 312x263, Screenshot 2018-06-11 at 7.28.…)

No. 529992

File: 1528770656271.png (309.86 KB, 348x658, Screenshot 2018-06-11 at 7.30.…)

No. 529993

File: 1528770664758.png (121.67 KB, 352x647, Screenshot 2018-06-11 at 7.31.…)

No. 529994

File: 1528770672865.png (268.47 KB, 351x653, Screenshot 2018-06-11 at 7.31.…)

No. 529995

ok but…are your boobs gonna be out or? no.one.cares.about.your.shit

No. 529996

Can't believe she's trying to resurrect the old translating Japanese lie again. She will never, ever learn or stop being a pathological liar.

No. 529997

It's like she can't live without having at least 30 lies going on at the same time. She's so pathetic.

No. 530002

File: 1528772469280.png (171.55 KB, 353x652, Screenshot 2018-06-11 at 8.01.…)

she bought sharpies for making cosplay gaiz!! hard work!!

No. 530004

that top woulda fit her two sizes ago, and once she gets that top super wet it'll fade into grungey blobs. nice work, was it worth the three day break?

No. 530005

A+ if the dye stains her udders too. Sup Moo, desperate to whip out a new bikini now that people are cosplaying MooMoo to mock your flat ass?

No. 530007


Don't worry moo. You WILL suck at this cosplay, as you have with every other one you've done because you are a lazy lying sack of shit. And when your stupid ill planned "passion projects" fail out comes the photoshopped udders and flat ass.

No. 530008

>I want to poor my heart and soul into Beatrice (cosplay)
>English major

No. 530009

vein-chan wants to get dirty too

No. 530014

didn't she already say she doesn't speak japanese?

No. 530015

I guess she was wearing her shitty black thong


No. 530016

File: 1528777428636.png (134.64 KB, 263x433, Screenshot 2018-06-11 at 9.23.…)

a little too much Chipotle-I mean LIFTING for that gut

No. 530017

File: 1528777581414.png (457.33 KB, 390x744, 8cafd2f7b37145acc805883cde35b1…)

Not one ounce of ass

No. 530019

Bitch you need to be fluent in both languages to translate and you can't even write properly in English. This is pathetic and so laughable

No. 530020

Chi Chi after she cried into 9000 cheeseburgers.

Yep, during her clapback with the "I don't know Japanese so I don't speak like Mei".

No. 530022

But…isn't Mei Chinese?

No. 530027

File: 1528778573093.jpg (172.87 KB, 482x525, Screenshot_20180611-214259_Ins…)


No. 530028

File: 1528778695298.png (217.44 KB, 344x657, Screenshot 2018-06-11 at 9.44.…)

No. 530029

File: 1528778724348.png (217.62 KB, 349x651, Screenshot 2018-06-11 at 9.45.…)

No. 530030

File: 1528778735333.png (244.31 KB, 343x659, Screenshot 2018-06-11 at 9.45.…)

No. 530032

let me guess a "strawberry" moomoo set is coming?

No. 530033

Yep. That's the part that proved how fake she was about Mei.

She really needs to buy a plus size mannequin.

No. 530034

she got da long back

No. 530035

pink cowprint bikini

white cowprint ears

10/10 also those ears look so shit. She really doesnt understand/know that most cows will only have 1 color per ear right? you might find one with one white one black but … her old ears were FINE. they were kinda the only good thing about her old costumes. Dumb bitch is gonna look like a dalmation

No. 530036

File: 1528779848392.png (266.7 KB, 347x600, Screenshot 2018-06-11 at 10.03…)

hahah no you havent

No. 530037

File: 1528779871614.png (249.21 KB, 350x653, Screenshot 2018-06-11 at 10.04…)

barge on the floor

No. 530038

File: 1528779896946.png (276.9 KB, 341x656, Screenshot 2018-06-11 at 10.04…)

zooms into guzma lying on the floor inches away from it

No. 530039

File: 1528780038386.jpg (497.74 KB, 1440x1888, tmp_22628-Screenshot_20180611-…)

translated huh wow (from alternative account)

No. 530040

No. 530044

So which costhot is she collabing with?

No. 530045

Is the slave Leia hand made it looks like someone put dried dog shit on a green pushup bra

No. 530046

she bought it off etsy

No. 530047

She needs one of those adjustable ones, even asherbee has one

nevermind, >>530038 she does have one , she just.. never uses it

No. 530049

Someone compare this to her swimsuit samus at colossal con and see how much "progress" she has made

No. 530051

Jesus. It's literally a straight line from her linebacker shoulders to the bottom of what should have been an ass. Her arms are fatter than her lower legs.

No. 530066

No. 530086

Hope she calls it 'Strawberry Milk Party' because you know, she only knows how to steal titles and ideas.

No. 530087

That's because she's only read the manga now, before she has only been on wiki.

No one cared about your shitty Takano Project of inaccurate trash nor will anyone care about your Umineko ~passion cosplay~. Your fans only care about tits and ass, case in point >>529982
>Lol, I love hentai too.

Can't wait to see another whopping failure.

No. 530117

Moo, no one fucking cares. Your fans can care less. All they want is your pancake tits and sad flat ass. Just do porn and drop the act

No. 530155

File: 1528825065086.png (186.19 KB, 349x654, Screenshot 2018-06-12 at 10.38…)

No. 530158

Of course Moo the famous smash player my dudes would get excited for Ridley inclusion

No. 530159

Of all the amazing things announced she just mentions Halo and Ridley. Can she be anymore lame

No. 530160

i mean she is literally thicc samus, anon. gotta prove to the fans she knows what characters are in metroid.

No. 530163

She picked the two things she kinda knows and are all over social media
Basic bitch. Stick to Fate and DBZ, their wikis are easier to read

No. 530191

I understand why neckbeards love her… but aren't neckbeards shallow? She's just so ugly and gross looking in both appearance and personality. It can't be as simple as she is the female version of them. Every time I see her I get a little sick.

No. 530200

the glasses accentuate her eye vaginas soooo much

No. 530211

File: 1528833351405.png (243.02 KB, 354x655, Screenshot 2018-06-12 at 12.53…)

I guess true manager-san Emerson is with them going to Cali

No. 530212

File: 1528833367956.png (245.33 KB, 349x655, Screenshot 2018-06-12 at 12.54…)

No. 530213

File: 1528833380671.png (239.06 KB, 349x652, Screenshot 2018-06-12 at 12.54…)

No. 530214

File: 1528833402328.png (202.04 KB, 348x649, Screenshot 2018-06-12 at 12.55…)


No. 530234

um is this a cryptid

No. 530246

A porn parody would be much higher quality than this.

No. 530259

How do you make such a nice wig look so cheap…

No. 530267

Oh my god, I thought this was Luna Slater's boyfriend at first.

He looks like that villain from the first Men in Black movie. The roach wearing human skin. He's got Mariah's thighs, though.

What a healthy meal! And she really wonders why she isn't losing weight after lipo.

No. 530268

Lipo doesn't make you lose weight my dudes. I should know, I had it done multiple times and I'm still fat. Waste of money Munches away all the sodium and carbs and eats 3,000+ calories

No. 530284

Is he trying to get her attention with dog treats?

No. 530290

File: 1528842972596.png (638.73 KB, 806x592, Screenshot 2018-06-12 at 3.36.…)

No. 530293

File: 1528843680690.png (1.18 MB, 720x1156, Screenshot_2018-06-12-15-42-40…)

No. 530294

File: 1528843720643.png (1.33 MB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2018-06-12-15-43-22…)

Cat making her Sakura

No. 530296

File: 1528843810058.png (295.4 KB, 350x651, Screenshot 2018-06-12 at 3.50.…)

No. 530299

Poor forest chan never gets a break anymore

No. 530302

Thinking of the positives here, it looks like she might've washed her hair recently… so maybe she showered.

No. 530305

File: 1528844244120.png (256.03 KB, 840x350, SerB full.png)

I think he might as well be 'cause Moo ain't nothin' but a hound dog

No. 530306

Those ita bags are really sad.

No. 530307

I have a thing for larger girls and always have, and I can admit wholeheartedly that this girl is hideous, euch(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 530315

Of course her gym fuckboi had a bag so she had to get one too to get his interest. At least Vamp hung her stuff but Moo's just looks like she tossed stuff in at random.

No. 530318

that’s basically how she lives. Random shit and garbage thrown everywhere.

No. 530332

Uhm…. this was like 4 sizes ago…

No. 530333

4 is generous

No. 530355


Dude she is totally not copying Milk Party, this is her OC remember?? But yeah most cows that are black and white seem to tend to have all black ears, why not make them look like that?

No. 530359

She's seriously unsettling to watch when she shrieks and gets over emotional over fictional characters. Obviously her life is falling apart, she's not getting the love she wants like her manga ships have and she's still a vile cunt in denial of her behavior so continues to spiral further down into a black hole while desperately clinging on to her gullible fan base who will shower her with asspats to make her feel better.

No. 530360

the worst part of that is that she doesn't actually know what she's talking about and only pretending to care for some reason. i've said it before but she's like a total secondary who only says she likes these characters because she assumes they're edgy.

No. 530365


As if DelightWorks would even accept her. Fate cosplayers for Anime Expo need approval from DelightWorks, which looks for an insane level of detail and accuracy. They will fault you if your wig is even slightly askew, god forbid Moo's level of sloppy bullshit. Iirc, they're also casting for Chaldea Summertime Memory for the most part.

This is a big Apocrypha group at Expo. Her friend tried roping a Fate cosplayer I know into it recently via IG and she saw Momokun on the list.

No. 530370

File: 1528852933972.png (249.7 KB, 346x653, Screenshot 2018-06-12 at 6.22.…)

No. 530372

She has this unhealthy attachment to certain anime & manga characters and none of it makes any sense despite how much she brags about her ultimate fan status which is just bullshit Wikipedia rambling. Typical OTT narcissist in all their glory.

No. 530380

File: 1528855179311.png (899.61 KB, 717x707, gaining.png)

No. 530381


Wow… this is so sad. Sadder knowing she seems to believe she still looks like the picture on the right.

No. 530382


tysm for this, anon. what a comparison.
do you know how far back the picture on the right is from?

No. 530389


I found an old insta post from the finished chun-li outfit about Feb 2016. She said she made it in less then a month. So 2 1/2 years ago?

No. 530397

File: 1528856457973.png (420.11 KB, 678x281, 11 month difference - then 1 y…)

No. 530403

Dude wtf
This is like genuinely disturbing

No. 530408

This is pretty sad…yet she thinks she's doing perfectly fine with her 'working out' and lipo sessions. Moo you're going in the complete opposite direction, this isn't THICC, it's a disaster.

No. 530410


“B-but I love my body now more than ever!!!! I was so miserable when I was thinner!!”

No. 530411

What ?? You mean she wasn’t fat at one point ??

No. 530414

In the past year, ignoring her stomach, her shoulders and arms are easily twice as big, and her thighs and hips are way less proportionate.

I'm wondering if, as long as her stomach is "flat" (aka that lumpy rolled post-lipo mess), she thinks she looks the same?

No. 530417

She was a fat kid and got a breast reduction, so her dad made sure she worked out so she was thin in high school and she did sports, but then after that, she rapidly kept gaining weight

No. 530419


What’s sad is that she tries to pass those lumps off as “abs”, and her dipshit fans who either don’t know or don’t care wat that shit up. She goes around trying to pass herself off as this “stronk weeb girl who will crush your head with her thicc thighs” when really she is built like a fucking fridge.

No. 530420

File: 1528858321338.jpeg (825.98 KB, 2896x2896, 87BA4185-F162-4B9D-929A-6BF10E…)

She used to look pretty decent. She’s really ballooned in the past few years.

No. 530426


It's really amazing the amount of damage she's done to herself in just about 2 years. Not just the weight gain, but her skin, hair etc as well. It's all so much worse than it used to be. She must be really depressed. I'd almost feel bad if it wasn't all self-inflicted and she wasn't such a cunt.

No. 530427

File: 1528859002054.png (267.68 KB, 349x654, Screenshot 2018-06-12 at 8.01.…)

she's clamping onto Emerson's hat and drink. She was also chasing after Vamp clamping on her butt.

No. 530429

File: 1528859039002.png (242.75 KB, 350x654, Screenshot 2018-06-12 at 8.02.…)

Looks like Vamp is wearing her punk!Mei shorts

No. 530430


God, these stories were so infuriating. Colette and Emerson seemed legitimately fucking annoyed, as did I when I watched these.

No. 530432

File: 1528859194911.png (281.81 KB, 349x648, Screenshot 2018-06-12 at 8.07.…)

No. 530433

File: 1528859215867.png (554.32 KB, 624x536, 2 years of damage.png)

Yeah, even when she gained a bit, she looked less horrific then she does now. The picture on the left was from her second thread, little did we know what was about to come.

No. 530434

woah even back then those eyes bags looked awful

No. 530435

She needs to stop fucking filming every aspect of her life and think for once that maybe her little pals don't want to be included in her Instagram stories. She's like an obnoxious teenager out on a trip outside and doesn't know how to interact normal.

No. 530436


I don't know how she can look at herself and think she's making progress of any kind

No. 530437

Every newfag who wanders in here crying about how we just pick on her because she's fat needs to know we've been on her for being a lying, cunty brat from the start. The fact that she's ballooning up into a hideous monstrosity when she was only chubby before is just a nice bonus.

No. 530438

This girl is so mediocre at sewing. That or Moo probably rushes her on getting stuff done I'm guessing. Those seams need to be pressed.

No. 530446

File: 1528860267042.gif (2.86 MB, 320x320, 872DDC68-0EB4-4DCB-9306-A8D4B1…)

No. 530447

File: 1528860300619.gif (1.16 MB, 320x320, A266D73F-A85D-47ED-BA1D-B18D1D…)

No. 530449

File: 1528860327599.gif (1.67 MB, 320x320, EFCA889B-9477-4F66-A489-36C43B…)

No. 530451

File: 1528860354258.gif (1.52 MB, 320x320, 6AC897DD-C445-43AC-BD16-1B83F8…)

No. 530456

She almost doesn't even look like the same person, I'm honestly shocked but also not surprised after seeing all the bullshit she's done to her body.

No. 530459


She is so fucking insufferable. Does she not maybe once think that maybe her “friends” don’t enjoy her acting like a cringey 14 year old around them? The looks on their faces scream “Really? Again with this shit?” and yet she is still going “Hurdur imma keep grabbing her butt”

I legitimately think she might be autistic.

No. 530462

This. We only started calling her fat when she lied about wearing shapewear when it was obvious she was and then she was obviously heavier in her lingerie shots. Then she got fatter and fatter and started lipo while lying about it, claiming she did it through exercise and laxative teas and so we started calling her out for being fat because she was blatantly lying about it.

At least for myself when I call her 'fat' its more calling her out on the lies she puts out rather than 'fat shaming' because at this point she would have to be 5'9" at her 'admitted' weight to not be medically obese.

No. 530464

Her personality and appearance match better now, both ugly.

No. 530467

She probably never slept back then either.

I sincerely hope that she does this shit to the wrong person and they just punch her ass out.

No. 530468

File: 1528864013852.jpg (41.62 KB, 600x450, 1455596040333.jpg)


People need to stop saying this. She never looked good. There was a time where decent photography and Photoshop could hide most of her flaws, and that time has clearly passed. But she was never "decent." (pic from thread #1)

No. 530469

kids theyre probably genetics

No. 530472

Which she made worse by living off of energy drinks and not sleeping.

No. 530475

File: 1528864618653.png (3.71 MB, 1500x3096, Matou_sakura.png)

God lord, at least Vamp's ita bag has some sort of order, Moo just threw whatever shit she owns in, it's like a landslide, she didn't even bother to pin things up.

Cat can't pleat shit, it's inaccurate and it'll look even worse and sad when Moo wears it, it's the exact same thing she did to Artoria's casual dress, what a joke.

No. 530477

sakura's dress does have huge box pleats but not like what she made…

No. 530484

Hunchbacked Granny Part 2: The Mooing

Man I can not fucking wait, you just know the bangs on the wig are going to be like a toddler took safety scissors to them too.

No. 530490

The problem is that she obviously just pleated a rectangle. This only works if you have a very small waist to hip difference, or else the pleats flare out way too much because of the hips.
Add in forest-kun and moo's enormous hips/thighs and the pleats will be gone. Hell, they are already flaring out on the dressform.

Not to mention that the dressform looks to be about 36/28/28 (standard size 10 dressform) which is about 10+ inches smaller than moo.

No. 530492

right. atleast it is supposed to be pleated in some capacity this time tho. it's never going to look right because the both of them are hacks.

No. 530493

I hate to say it, but every time I pass by one of these threads, she kind of scares me into working out more and double thinking my snacking(no one cares)

No. 530494

Of course moo would have a shitty ita bag with shit just piled in. It's so reflective of her entire life lol. And just knowing she saw someone else with one and went "I WANT THAT TOO I CAN DO THAT" without doing any actual research into how to make a bag look good. Not to mention it's probably filled with all the fake merch she's always buying.

No. 530521

File: 1528874319009.png (266.22 KB, 350x654, Screenshot 2018-06-13 at 12.18…)

dry humping Vamp infront of two guys she's with at the jacuzzi. classy.

No. 530523


Ahahaha. You hear the guy filming saying "what the fuck.." in the most un-aroused tone of voice I have ever heard. We get that you can't actually be sexy Mariah, but goofy is not sexy.

No. 530526

File: 1528874638696.jpg (54.69 KB, 500x437, JzfNVWm.jpg)

No. 530528


She recently mooed about how she's been into Umineko since she was 14, but I think we all know bullshit when we see it.

Everyone who knew her when she was around that age says she was a bully jock. She didn't give a fuck about anime until after the first burst of online attention she got.

No. 530531


He does not look even remotely amused.

If I were in that situation, I would want to break her over the head with that fucking toy.

I wouldn't even tolerate a kid doing that, let alone a grown ass woman.

No. 530543

That Eddy photographer/badge fraud guy is trying way too hard to make this “waifu” shit happen.

No. 530586

Man this was back when she was trying to copy the Jessica Nigiri "omg so randum" faces.

Is she just lazy or is she just Moo's shitty costume factory? Those pleats don't even look pressed.

No. 530592

That's pretty typical for Levantine/Arab girls, a lot of them turn into fucking cave trolls around 18 - 20 for some reason.
And binge eating and boozing certainly doesn't help with that.

No. 530595

Her arms are the size of a child's torso, that's some wild shit. Those DK memes are starting to look more and more accurate.

No. 530598

Why put your full effort into a costume when you know your client isn't going to give a fuck about either accuracy or even looking remotely good in it?

Cat kind of sucks, but she can do better than what she does for Mariah.

No. 530600

well no shit it's bullshit. she claims to have been translating the VN, despite also saying she doesn't know japanese. plus everyone who knows anything about umineko knows when the fan translations were released. moo is just acting like she's getting into it now suddenly cause the final official translation was released on steam, even though the first half of the game has been on steam for years. if she was anything worth her salt, she'd also know the fan-translators (who she claims to be part of) were the ones working with the official company to get the steam releases out.

No. 530614


- Claims to have help translate the manga

- Admitted that she doesn’t know Japanese

Seriously, how fucking stupid is she to not be able to see how stupid a lie that is? So what, she just completely forgot a language she claims she was so fluent at that she was able to help translate manga? Either way she comes off looking fucking dumb.

No. 530615

moo always lies without thinking to defend herself when she knows she is wrong. she said the shit about not knowing japanese to try to justify her being racist in the 'ching chong' video. she's also trying to defend her weeby honor by claiming she's translating shit even though the timeframe she says she was doing doesn't add up in the first place, and she admitted she doesn't know japanese.

No. 530616

It was hilarious because she said Momokun is what her Japanese teacher aparently called her, even though the kun prefix is mainly for males, and when she got caught for screaming out ching chong, she claimed she didn't know Japanese(when Mei is Chinese???) and that she was apparently speaking one of Mei's lines, and when she'd comment on Japanese cosplayer's stuff on twitter, it looked like she used google translate

No. 530618

that's the stupidest shit of all. mariah doesn't have mo in it when you say it in japanese, and calling her kun is super rude, it's basically like calling someone a dyke.

No. 530619

Apparently in some Japanese classes you get to choose a Japanese name "to call yourself" in those classes, and apparently she was called momo (peach) kun

No. 530620

File: 1528906885033.jpeg (31.11 KB, 512x288, F7926809-4B21-431D-B291-1F8479…)

any patranons still alive? I need to see the atrocities that are her recent sets

No. 530623

Yeah, what ever happened to that cringy peaches and cream photoset?

No. 530624

lmao what a weaboo dream. i've legit never heard of that, the first thing you learn is how to write your name properly in katakana.

No. 530625

It sounded weird but apparently they do it too if you take Korean classes, but my Japanese class had us learn how to write our names in katakana

No. 530626


B-but anon, don’t you know, she “looooves titties and asses so much she obviously should have been born a boy” and is totes bi for real.

And of course, surprising no one she followed up that asinine statement with “Lol there’s no way I could be a dyke, I care about my hair waaay too much”. Yeah, that’s obviously the one thing stopping you from being gay Moomoo. Not the pressures you would potentially face from friends, family and society. Not struggling with your identity or anything like that. No, for you it’s “Ewww, don’t dykes have those gross butch haircuts? I could never be one lol”

God she is so fucking dumb.

No. 530633

she seemed like the type of bitch in high school to make fun of the GBL kids and then ~kiss a gorl~ to get male attention at parties; she's deffo bisexual, only when it comes trying to please men who never really wanted her to begin with

No. 530641

>she was apparently speaking one of Mei's lines
Oh man I forgot she tried this excuse. It’s such bullshit too, because she’s very clearly screaming
and not something that anyone would ever mistake for an honest attempt at Chinese. Alan Tudyk speaks a lot of gibberish “Chinese” in Firefly because he couldn’t remember the real lines, and while I’m sure it sounds like complete nonsense to anyone who actually understands a bit of Chinese, at no point does it sound like he’s just going “ching chang chong”. I’m honestly baffled that anyone is still buying her lies.

No. 530642

And for someone who claims to be "IRL Mei", you'd think she would've done more research, we all know she lives on wikipedia

No. 530645

Not trying to defend Moo, but the -kun suffix can be used for females too, when they're referred to by teachers or employers, basically when being referred to by people of higher status. The -chan suffix is too informal for academic or for work environments, therefore -san or -kun would be used.

But no matter how Moo's still bullshiting, even if she did take Japanese lessons it's probably one of those casual elective classes that's barely N5 level.

No. 530646

not for teenagers in a student/teacher relationship. and if you've ever taken japanese in the US it's super basic, they don't even teach you that wo is pronounced o and wo commonly, they just tell you to only pronounce it as o.

No. 530647

File: 1528911679768.png (147.94 KB, 1080x1437, Screenshot_2018-06-13-10-35-48…)

Thought her Instagram was getting too high a follower count considering there's fitness models struggling at 200k. This is why she doesn't have endorsements on her page.

No. 530649

>>530647 samefag but at 404k her real followers are only around 190k. And i dont think this audit site is 100% accurate considering it only filters out accounts who have maybe one follower and zero posts that are calculated as "spam". who knows how many more are fake. "Internet fame" just isnt credible nowadays lol

No. 530659

Her defenses to being racist are always the most hilarious and weak because she fumbles to try and think of a quick lie and makes herself look worse.

Like when there was a rumor floating around during a con that she went up to someone and asked them to do an Indian accent. Some anons thought that it was fake cause it seemed a little much. What did Mariah do? Go to twitter and say that it would be cool for the character to have an Indian accent cause she always thought they would have one.

Her racism is up there with Onision's.

No. 530661

The cosplayer she said it to even made a post about how she asked if they could do an indian accent and then after that they realised who she was

No. 530662

>I care about my hair waaay too much

She cares about her hair so much that she has see through ends from her frying the shit out of it.

No. 530666

It was so cringy. Who does that? But I guess that sums up Mariah's existence.

No. 530676

Maybe she thinks now that she is pretending to be gay she doesn't have to wash it and leaves it in that crusty bun until her monthly trip to the salon. Seriously, I never seen hair go south in 2 days after a salon trip before.

No. 530681


Overt isn't fucking her anymore, so she's not going to bother.

No. 530687

It didn’t really look like google translate. It looked like really basic Japanese you learn within the first month of the class, and considering Moo claims she “totally used to translate manga my dudes!” you'd expect her to word shit better than a 2 year old Japanese child.

No. 530746

Ah so that's what her recent weeb meltdown is truly about lol.

No. 530748

File: 1528923116665.jpeg (566.72 KB, 750x1101, D53CC872-B398-47D2-84AC-4D2083…)

No. 530753

>we have the same cup size

lmao does moo know that japanese cups are 1 size smaller, so D cups are us C cups.

No. 530754

Finally something that doesn't involve her vag and tits hanging out. I don't even know why the cup size was relevant to mention but at least there won't be mental scarring from this one until the inevitable lewd set.

No. 530765

it still looks bad. and she looks like she used mspaint to contour her fucking nose wtf. also is she taping her face again???

No. 530766

>worm rape jokes
yeah very original bitch I'm sure you love the character

No. 530787

Okay I used that on myself and friends and it said all of us had about 60% real followers but we never bought any. Pretty sure that site is trash.

No. 530788

nta but it also shows spam pages and bots that follow you.

No. 530800

Momo's lies about Umineko are baffling, literally one sentence after claiming to be a manga translator she says that it took her eight goddamn years to finish the last episode because she couldn't even understand it in English. I really don't know why she's so adamant about acting like an expert on VNs she hasn't read, she looks like an idiot to actual fans and her patrons just want to see her tits.

No. 530814

it looks like those buttons are about to pop if she breathes or sit down

No. 530819

File: 1528928476243.png (1.26 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2018-06-13-15-18-20…)

No. 530821


She always has to be so extra whenever she lies. She couldn’t just say “It’s my favorite series in the world. No, she has be like “I’m such a fan that I literally helped to translate the series”. And then her dumbass then says “I don’t understand Japanese”. Like, fucking what? How does she not see how blatantly stupid that sounds?

No. 530822

funny that the last ep just got officially released in english a few months ago when she started this whole thing. hmm…

No. 530823

why did moo claim she translated japanese at 14 but also took a japanese class in high school?

No. 530829

Cause she can't keep up with her lies.

No. 530831


It’s so bad that her “friends” end up accidentally telling on her. I’m sure there’s a handbook you are given that you are expected to study whenever you decide to actually be friends with her.

No. 530832

It's a miracle my dudes. She finally learned to edit out her vagina eyebags.

No. 530833

this edit is fucking abysmal, you can see where the blur or airbrush is on her cheeks. is she high?

No. 530834

she writes like a retard

No. 530835

My dude she probably only used a beauty filter, but this time actually edited her eyes. Something neither she or her slave photographer has done ever.

No. 530837

She edited her face so small to look skinnier but you can still tell how doughy it is. It's so jarring.

No. 530839

File: 1528930440517.png (799.86 KB, 644x485, Untitled.png)

No. 530845

michael's challenge doesn't work if you take a selfie with shitty perspective and angling so it's obvious you're just pushing yourself up against a bunch of flowers in the aisle.

No. 530847

She looks like a wax corpse
All the make up and filters still can't fix her wrinkles

No. 530848

girl look like a lampshade

super hard jowl times

No. 530853

her editing is so bad she looks like she’s starting to become a rotten corpse…

No. 530854

look at those dry lips

No. 530867

That was probably the year she took Japanese 1. 14 is the age of a freshman

No. 530871

But to translate manga you'd probably have to have a high understanding of Japanese

No. 530881

File: 1528935175855.gif (2.96 MB, 337x600, 6197280A-1AAE-4039-AB3D-5AA5CF…)

there’s a lot going on here

No. 530882

File: 1528935242688.jpeg (615.74 KB, 750x1104, 6BD2B725-B3E4-4C27-83AA-1D6556…)

No. 530883

how many boobs have her boobs seperated into? 4? 6?

No. 530900

She is seriously so gross-looking.

No. 530913

File: 1528938985554.jpg (45.28 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1528938892483.jpg)

No. 530916

File: 1528939084090.png (791.01 KB, 720x1032, Screenshot_2018-06-13-18-15-30…)

No. 530917

File: 1528939115474.png (387.97 KB, 720x1016, Screenshot_2018-06-13-18-15-21…)

No. 530918

File: 1528939141415.jpg (82.84 KB, 720x1160, FB_IMG_1528938906270.jpg)

No. 530920

File: 1528939245489.png (293.73 KB, 401x570, Screenshot_2018-06-13-18-11-10…)

No. 530926

can someone please do a side by side with her real face? lol

No. 530928

Yup same as casual Saber the skirt looks atrocious

No. 530929

Her upper half looks like it's suffocating, that top is too small. She has to be in pain.

How sad is it when Moo's awful wig styling is still better than yours. What a pair.

Does she not know how to do the neckbow properly lol, it's sitting above her collar

No. 530931

She has no one but herself to blame

No. 530935

her foundation is too light and god it’s like she’s never seen makeup with definition lol she’s just looks so flat

No. 530943

File: 1528943052000.jpg (1.21 MB, 2048x2048, Same eye makeup.jpg)

Is this like the only makeup she knows how to do? And people throw money at her for the same trick over and over again.

No. 530945

people don't give a shit about her make up. peeps follow her for the weird fetish porn and unpledge once she gets to fat for them

No. 530950

I've been in Spanish classes in elementary, middle, and high school, and depending on the teacher, I sometimes got to pick out a "Spanish" name. If she really did take a Japanese class, it's not farfetched, especially if it's a name that starts with the same letter as hers.

No. 530952

File: 1528944574727.png (3.01 MB, 750x1334, BF9DA4EA-70A3-4390-A9B8-7523A7…)

selfie momo posted vs this one the other girl posted

No. 530956

Jesus are her lips crusty as fuck

No. 530958

>still hasn't changed out the pigtail loops
At least over them? They look like shit with that nude clamp.

No. 530959

Except she’s not at michaels, she’s at a photo studio with a flower backdrop

No. 530960

File: 1528945342823.png (833.45 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2018-06-13-19-59-44…)


No. 530961

File: 1528945377012.png (861.92 KB, 720x1180, Screenshot_2018-06-13-20-00-33…)

w i d e l o a d

No. 530962

She has so much foundation on! I can't imagine how much makeup she needs to cover the dark circles under her eyes and The Darkness is still creeping through

No. 530963

File: 1528945519735.png (729.17 KB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2018-06-13-20-04-37…)

Nicoletters had the only sense to ask him to go back in the car

No. 530966

holy shit how is possible tho that the girl's bangs are WORSE than moo's?

No. 530976

Both of their wigs are atrocious.

No. 530978

was this while they were in the middle the road?? holy fuck, him and Moo are living road hazards

No. 530979

I don’t know who this guy is, but he’s proved that there is someone worse than moo. Are they related?

No. 530981

File: 1528952627034.png (718.43 KB, 926x590, Screenshot 2018-06-13 at 10.03…)

Emerson Ryan Litchfield (everythingthatfollows on instagram and tumblr), fiancee to Skylar (skylardidit aka the chick who fried Moo's scalp and Vamp's hairdresser). Manager-san to Moo and is a greater influence to her shitty behavior.

No. 530982

vein going strong I see

No. 530985

No they weren’t they were on the road exiting downtown disney at stoplight you can literally see cars turning on the next lane if you watch the video

No. 530988

File: 1528954146027.png (215.27 KB, 343x650, Screenshot 2018-06-13 at 9.23.…)

No. 530990


Can she ever just let people eat their meals in peace? This bitch is always filming people trying to eat.

No. 530991

yes, this is the ""gyaru"" makeup tutorial she has favorited on youtube.

No. 530992

File: 1528957441337.png (593.46 KB, 929x594, Screenshot 2018-06-13 at 11.24…)

No. 530993

She only shoots with smaller chested girls bc shooting with chicks like Gabby& nana bear make it clear her "big tiddys" aren't even that big esp on someone her size *Valentine poop set confirms

No. 530994

File: 1528958773144.jpg (Spoiler Image, 901.21 KB, 964x1715, 18-06-13-23-46-04-096_deco.jpg)

This is all I see when I look at this picture.

No. 530995

Is she ready for her casket with that too light cakey makeup? Has she heard of chapstick and lip scrubs? Will she ever drink water?

The world may never know.

No. 530996

it's sad because when she smooshes them together, that's literally her entire breast right there in the middle. they are soooo small for the rest of her.

No. 530999

So Vamp is going to E3 tomorrow…will Moo stand in the courtyard with her?

No. 531001

Can you imagine spending thousands of dollars on lipo and still look like this? Holy shit.

Is she wearing forest-kun here? Or is her waist just shooped?

No. 531002

She's wearing forest-kun, you can see the faint outline in >>530819 begging to be freed.

No. 531027


Had a quick stalk of the sub and holy fuck her fanboys are clueless idiots.

No. 531028


samefag but this in particular

[–]DarkwingRage[S] 15 points 8 days ago

I don't know why some people still think she's "fat" etc if you do you're clearly not looking at recent photos, she's clearly been putting in the work if you follow her work out clips on her insta stories and i'm 99.9% this image isnt photo shopped, so you gotta give props where props is due 👍

permalinksavereportgive goldreply

[–]landician 10 points 7 days ago

The ones complaining aren't giving constructive criticism. It's never been about her actual anything, just tearing down a cosplayer because they're "edgy" or something.

No. 531043

i mean her wks don't care. they generally don't care about her either. it's just feigned interest till she whips out those udders.

No. 531044

She looks like a turtle

No. 531054

To be fair, she could have claimed to help with scan cleaning or some stuff which would be at least feasible, but that's not fancy enough for her. Plus Umineko is hard to translate, as she'd know if she had actually followed the translation efforts back then. It'd be fun to ask the actual translators about Moo though, just in case.

I find her absolutely baffling, though. WTC is not a marketable series at all and all her fanboys care about is her lewds, so why does she insist so much on being a true fan? Especially when reading the source material and theorizing about it is a huge part of the fandom.

No. 531056

as far as the manga goes, it was translated before she claims she helped with it. for the vn, witch hunt (the translators) are like 5 people from /jp/. plus, they've been helping with the official translation for a few years now, if moo really worked with them, or even knew what she was talking about, that's what she'd be bragging about.

No. 531059

Her claiming to be part of Witch Hunt would be absolutely bonkers and would ruin her reputation even further.

The manga staff were different people, and it would be at least possible for her to have helped (IIRC Tsubasa translations were finished a couple years ago) but she's too stupid to lie properly. Not defending her, just stating facts.

No. 531063

Hate to be that person…but using the suffix kun for female is actually formal and appropriate in professional settings such as a corporate job. So it’s not entirely out of place if her teacher called her that. But obviously she didn’t understand this and ran with it as if she’s a total anime protag who gets the harem. It’s weird for everyone else to call her that or her referring to herself as such though.

No. 531065

they really just don't understand how anything works they just think I'll be nice to the boobs cus it shows me its boobs

No. 531066

It's been said already but corporate relationships and student teacher relationships are different. A teacher would use kun to refer to their student to another teacher but not the student directly unless that teacher was a male, and even then it's rare. This is coming from a native speaker, as well as someone who knows that high school Japanese classes only teach one method without explaining variables at all.

No. 531083

What infuriates me the most is that her idiotic entourage think California is a hectic party city where you can just do whatever the hell you want. Get the hell out of here Mariah and posse © we don't want you here. We also have laws and regulations too, even if Las Vegas is more lax about it doesn't mean we are too. This is a disturbance on the road and making these crazy party antics makes you the same if not worse than a Jake Paul wannabe.

No. 531089

wtf were they even doing?

No. 531091

that's fine, let her get in trouble.

No. 531093

File: 1528994257388.jpg (114.13 KB, 899x664, 01.jpg)

Never before has a caption been so unintentionally perfect…

No. 531094

why are you posting shit from last year?

No. 531097

File: 1528995467436.png (579.91 KB, 1354x369, image14.png)

it's amazing how much better she looks without her huge eyebags

No. 531101

not with all that photoshop. she looks like a fucking fish without them here because her face is fake and shaped weird.

No. 531102


Hopefully playing in traffic

No. 531139

File: 1529002000302.jpeg (137.98 KB, 590x332, 04843083-95E5-456F-AA9B-F94804…)

Her nose is too bulbous and round for the contour she’s trying to do. Makes her look like a blob fish or one of these big nosed monkeys.

No. 531143

Someone found her old fanfiction.net account a while ago, there were a few Higurashi fics (SatoshixShion IIRC) so it's not a recent thing. Even though Momo probably just watched the anime and skimmed the wiki it seems like she self inserts into Shion and Beatrice.

It is bizarre how she thinks her followers would be interested in a movie project though, the venn diagram of people who give money to patreon whores and people who still care about Umineko probably looks like two separate circles.

No. 531153

Let us not forget that Moo was a gross, creepy weeb in middle school before Daddy whipped her ass into shape in high school. Moo then promptly adopted a guidette jock bitch persona and relentlessly bullied the weebs and nerds of her school because we all know she's a VERY self-loathing creature at the end of the day.

She trashed herself and constantly lies to herself for asspats and money, how sad is that?

No. 531155

It's pretty funny to think about how edgy her weeaboo phase must have been for her to latch onto Shion and Beatrice of all characters.

No. 531156

There is proof of her bullying weebs and nerds in school too. She may have watched anime when her dad wasn't watching her but clearly hated anyone else who was a weeb or nerd.

She seems to think she's the top and only real fan of everything and everyone else is simply competition.

No. 531163

Seems like a pretty typical narcissist mindset. Everyone else is fake, she's the only real person. Thus anyone else into her interests is just competition to make her life harder.