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File: 1525382343399.png (1.33 MB, 1222x1192, drugsarebadmmk.png)

No. 514202

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>509581

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay

Twitter: N/A, banned x2

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun

Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, xmariahmalladx

Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad

Google Drive:

Attn: Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/snow/386826

The basics:
>Originally 'thicc Samus' with 2+ lipo sessions now trying keep some semblance of a figure (and failing miserably) all while lying by saying she's exercising
>So laughably bad at making cosplays; gets 90% of costumes commissioned/bought and then makes gloves so she can credit herself as a talented cosplayer and claim her money is "hard-earned"
>Does "boudoir"/softcore porn shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>Thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame where she'll loiter around booths/other cosplayers or pretend to be a con guest
>Has to beg for money, con passes, or just ghosts at cons despite +$10k/month on Patreon, not above bullying staff to get a free 'Professional' badge
>Pretends to know about the series she cosplays, despite evidence proving otherwise; will tweet profound essays to prove her expert fan knowledge
>Has lewded young characters for the attention; backpedals after backlash
>Goes on crazy media tirades against people like old fuckboy KBBQ, old photog, yet preaches about being nice to everyone
>Constantly goes on pity party rants or videos, trying to make people feel bad for her about things that are happening to her when she’s done the same
>Lies about attending college even in the face of mountains of evidence proving otherwise
>Rips off a dress design from indie designer MyOppa, denies it and has yet to make an "official statement" about her blatant bullshit
>Also rips of well-known hentai character as her original character and mascot, once again denies it
>Yes, her photos are being used for a KIK FOR FAT ad
>apparently "used to lift", was sorely butthurt when multiple liftfags told her that her body form was dangerously off

>Immediately starts making Aggretsuko cosplay after it premiers on Netflix, complete with inaccurate tail and ears because we know she just loves furries, is very proud of herself for learning how to sew darts
>ThorneChan Cosplay (SierraThorneX0) publicly states that Mariah sexually assaulted a male friend of hers, but since Mariah was b& from Twitter, she's quiet and none of her calves defend her
>Posts a public rant instead about how much she hates when people who don't know about Fate cosplay from it, despite not knowing any of the source material for multiple cosplays (Camilla, "Samas", Rogue, Ahri, the list goes on)
>Makes an hour long IG story and another public post about the Fate: Heaven's Feel movie and how she can't wait to support it because she is The Biggest (geddit) Fate Fan Ever
>Films herself and Colette fucking around and throwing shit in a craft store because they are Very Quirky
>Moo spends $120 on ugly boots for her Francis Drake cosplay only to cut them up and add a "fake tongue" so they can actually fit her leg
>Adds a bunch of ugly and overpriced Maui (from Moana), Hellsing, Jasmine, and Lucio stuff to her Etsy wishlist. Possibly bought Halloween Mei off Ebay because she finally remembered how much she's supposed to love Overwatch
>Goes on another Adderall-fueled hour long IG ramble looking bloated, goes on about how she wants to rebrand herself and be a "legit cosplayer and do big stuff". People have been asking where her lewds are and she's scared of having her IG account removed (because it's all she has left), and she wants them just on Patreon (because she realized she's been giving them out for free). She'll still do lewds, but will keep the shibari and ass-spreading on Patreon because she still wants money. Also says she realized she's problematic and lashes out at what she calls "trash comments" and criticism and wants to be better. Some anons hope for the best
>Immediately posts a picture of her ass spread
>Appears in some Fortnite skit video looking like the usual trash heap
>Patrons are still upset for not receiving any of what they're promised - her Discord still isn't up despite promises months ago.
>Is working on a Semiramis cosplay, brags about spending $2k+ on it
>Pictures from her Red Riding Hood shoot with BishoujoMom come out, Mariah looks like a startled wide receiver
>Sabrina posts a video from her and Moo's PJ set, Moo spreads her pimply ass and shows off her "pasty" (Spoiler warning: it's not a pasty)
>Selling old costumes again, probably her darling Hellboy and sheep at least
>Got a skin peel, skin continues to be fucked and irritated and she still rubs her greasy fingers all over it when she talks
>Despite being a professional weightlifter, her form continues to be terrible and she brags about her tiny lifts and blames it on an injury she received while playing three sports in high school
>After hanging out with her only friends, mom and dad, she's on her way to Fanime. She announces that she's going to FanExpoPeru in June with Leon Chiro, Stellachuu and Phil Mizuno. Anons pray for the milk to flow once more

No. 514207

good pic op, now when she somes to lurk she'll be reminded of how good she used to look before she ruined herself :^)

No. 514210

Holy shit, the fat distribution in her face is so screwed up from all the lipo. Shit’s depressing.

No. 514216

As amazing as that picture is she was eating eggs in the video. Her right cheek was stuffed full of egg.

No. 514220

Whew, okay! I was like damn, that’s rough!

No. 514222

File: 1525385363103.png (6.46 MB, 1242x2208, 1524756126315.png)

If you want more nightmare fuel, here's one of three screencaps that was taken from that cringy instastory.

No. 514223

File: 1525385396255.jpeg (422.43 KB, 1242x1991, 80C152A0-B7E0-4A5E-A865-A3D45F…)

Her face is still fatter than it used to be, anon.

No. 514224

Wait, this is egg, or just her face?

No. 514227

Both, I believe? Her face is a wreck even without the egg, unfortunately for her. She can't blame the eggs for that double chin, no lips, eyebags dragging down to hell, ratty as fuck hair that looks like a wig and that big ass nose.

No. 514234

Her nose looks fatter in this photo. I can’t believe she’s gotten this bad. Apologies, I only check this thread rarely, but yikes, does she look different.

No. 514244

File: 1525388557567.png (5.92 MB, 1242x2208, 362B922F-8FB0-4923-8263-353FBB…)

She still has it pinned to her profile so I checked. Nope, no egg in her mouth, this is just what her bloated face has become. I still think she had face cool sculpting done around the time she stopped taping her face, so imagine how bad she’d look without it.

No. 514245


Those jowls make her look so old. Like an angry grandma. And she's so young. Wtf, momo.

No. 514246

File: 1525388865790.png (1.47 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180503-160349.png)

No. 514247

File: 1525388883699.png (258.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180503-160357.png)

No. 514248

File: 1525388900171.png (285.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180503-160405.png)

No. 514249

File: 1525388916856.png (264.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180503-160409.png)

No. 514250

>food porn
>it's gonna get messy
diarrhea set 2.0

No. 514251


>incorporating food porn

we did it leds, we're here

No. 514252

Recorded the story so you can see her anomaly face move in action

No. 514254

Is this confirmation she's angling for chub chasers now?

No. 514255

i won't be doing lewds as much as before my dudes

No. 514256

didn't she had a fight with nomisphotos?

No. 514258


She did. A few threads back anons said they used to fuck and when he rejected her she doxxed him and he also quit cosplay photography for a while. According to those who claimed to know him, he was trying to avoid her at conventions as well.

I know him only by proximity but my guess is he’s only working with her out of fear and because his girlfriend is a fan of hers.

No. 514260

She's not really the most consistent person out there. Her lies always contradict the lies she said the day before.

I still don't get why she couldn't just wait until after she's done eating to make the video. She would have made less ugly and people probably would have taken her a liiiittle bit more seriously. I'm glad that her Patreon pledges and fans didn't shoot up after that retarded insta story. Maybe they finally see that she's never going to do what she promises.

No. 514276


No. 514287

File: 1525396509370.png (1002.71 KB, 720x1152, Screenshot_2018-05-03-18-12-11…)


No. 514288

File: 1525396534215.png (1.35 MB, 720x1180, Screenshot_2018-05-03-18-11-56…)

No. 514289

File: 1525396555517.png (796.96 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2018-05-03-18-12-34…)

No. 514290

Sorry Moo, you should have picked up the earlier games if you were looking for someone to lewd.

No. 514291

in b4 she uses these to take nudes but deluded herself into thinking it's really not because the nips are fake my dudez

No. 514292

File: 1525396630138.png (1005.43 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-05-03-18-12-15…)

No. 514293

File: 1525396650687.png (958.26 KB, 720x1156, Screenshot_2018-05-03-18-12-21…)

No. 514297

Sooo Vamp is Pixie Bob from My Hero Academia what does she need a handler for

No. 514298

In b4 female lewd kratos

She's gonna use those new nips for it.

No. 514299

She needs one so moo has an excuse to go.

>I don't party but see you at the after party

No. 514302

We always give her a hard time about not vlogging these events even though she says she will, but then I realized her posting a gazillion times on her IG stories is probably HER idea of vlogging. And thats sad.

No. 514303

Dear god, anons.. she looks like a bloated corpse. Moomoo and I are the same age, how do I avoid looking like this?
>food porn
Please don’t

No. 514306

>I'm never at parties, I just want to play board games and do my homework in my room

Moo I know you lurk here, stay fucking consistent with your lies if you want people to believe them. Or I don't know, tell the truth for once in your miserable life?

No. 514307

More like Moo is to paranoid to go anywhere without her "friends."
I can't wait for her to lie about how many fans ran up to her all weekend because even out of cosplay she is so famous.

No. 514311

File: 1525398552689.png (31.08 KB, 248x545, 863f5f36372ceaf34cc2c73b48e977…)

Did she ever do any of these when she reached this goal?

No. 514313

Nope, she hasn't done any of her rewards for meeting her goals. Except location shoots I guess? Even then those are usually either in LV or LA

No. 514317

None of her goals were even real and were full of lies. No flying out to different cons in different states and countries (unless all of her expenses are paid by guest invites), no location shots that aren't in LA, no calender, no actual merch like tshirts as she promised except shitty key chains and now her latest goal is to sponsor other cosplayers to shoot with her. Like who exactly and what type of amazing shoots has she done with this goal? Fuck all.

No. 514327

Her LA trips don’t even count as “location shoots.” She shoots at convention centres when she goes, even during non convention times.. l

No. 514342

Just when I thought we would be safe… Of course she would show her face at lvl up. At the very least she doesn’t have a table this time.

No. 514346

Isn't that Goho and the ass grabbing? It's not a surprise even without us I think the general public spoke out against her. So even if she applied (looks like she just got the passes) She'd prob of been dropped from any list.

No. 514347


I'm surprised she's even going with Steff being a guest.

No. 514349

She's probably going to intentionally be a cunt and check up on her guest booth, or have whatever friends she has there do it, probably to mock her cosplay "status" as Moo thinks she's the best thing since sliced bread. Awaiting the passive aggressive Instagram story posts as her bitterness towards Steff is still stuck with her.

No. 514350

Yeah. Goho, the cringe worthy interview where she grabbed the guy’s ass and where she wore the godawful Kanna outfit. I was in the exhibitor area so I also caught a glimpse of her shuffling around artist alley every so often with her dragon maid group.

No. 514351

Not trying to be OT or shady but isn't Steff a guest every year?
I think it's more Moo is lonely and Vamp is off of work.

No. 514352

Nah, she goes every year but this year she's an official guest. She was just a cosplay judge last year. So with being a guest I would imagine if a certain group of people harass her, higher chance of them being thrown out.

No. 514380

Nb4 “god of lewd”

No. 514383


No way moo could be this stupid

No. 514385

I doubt she even knew. If she did then she's probably just going to try and be a cunt or suck up to Steff after she outed her as wanting to be fat Nigri.

No. 514387

You people are delusional if you think Steff is important. She's a Vegas guest every year I don't get why you people worship her so much also it's obvious she lurks here the constant worship really doesn't help with the self post vibes jsyk. Moo is just trying to brag that she got free tickets. She thinks she's famous enough to just show up out of Cosplay like her dear Jessica. It's just more ego jerkoffs.

No. 514391

Where did I even call her important? I said that Moo probably had no idea. Steff recently outed Moo which is why I brought up that latter. Chill out and tame your inner Moo, anon.

No. 514395

File: 1525420918038.png (1.28 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180504-005938.png)

So why the fuck did Momo lend her 18 cosplay to Vamp of she doesn't even like DBZ? Example of her story on IG where it's fucking right there. Tired of whores cosplaying characters they don't even care/know about.

No. 514396

this nightmare fuel is going on my fridge and above my scale.

No. 514409

It's the flavor of the month and Vamp is just as much as a dickhead as Moo. Only cosplaying what's popular and will get her noticed at the con.

No. 514412

File: 1525426462173.jpg (421.75 KB, 1080x1380, moomoovsusagikou.jpg)

When cows clash! Old vs new! Showdown of the century! It's Usagi Kou vs Momokun!

Apparently Moo is friends with Lori's latest (ex?)boyfriend and and there has been some crazy abusive actions coming from Lori.

No. 514413

ah takin a walk down the psycho path

No. 514419

Wonder if she's self projecting. Moo loses her shit over anything and acts like just as what she's describing. But ah yes she's the lord and saviour in this story.

No. 514420

Yeah, you tell that bitch who thinks she's an anime character, girl who thinks she's a Chinese video game character!

No. 514421

File: 1525427648247.jpg (Spoiler Image, 341.9 KB, 1080x1076, yikes.jpg)

From what I'm hearing she was truthfully trying to help him out of the situation and offered to fly him to his parents or even to stay with her if need be.

No. 514422

Despite the grim situation, Moo always has a motive for getting involved in other people's lives. She doesn't do it genuinely with the goodness of her heart. In this case she wants to be seen as the one who saved him from this abuse, look at Moo helping her friends, she's too thoughtful to be a toxic shitty person if she can be that caring.

No. 514423

What the actual fuck, dude. What the fuck!

No. 514425

Looks like he's a decent cosplayer with foam. A replacement for KBBQ for her to leech off of?

No. 514426

She's got to worm her way in there somehow.

No. 514428

Spoiler is a p deep knife cut or something, if anyone is bothered by that. y i k e s

No. 514433

Wow. Who wants to bet she didn't ask permission to share this image?

No. 514434

Hold on, is she commenting that under Kevin's status? Did he even want to make that public?

No. 514435

Sorry, I'm out of the loop. Who are these people?

No. 514438

No. 514457

Moo and Onion colliding was an interesting surprise but holy shit, Moo and Usagi Kou colliding is a mashup that truly delights my oldfag heart.

No. 514464


She obviously is desperate to show everyone that she’s a good person. She has no right to talk to someone about abusive relationships or relationships at all when her history shows that she’s abusive as well. She went on social media after her and Eric broke up and dragged his name through the mud. She did the same to nomisphotos and kbbq when she couldn’t get what she wanted. This bitch clearly has issues. We don’t even know if Kevin really cut himself because of Lori or if he made that up in the moment after getting an unrelated injury.

No. 514468

As an oldfag I'm surprised Usagi Kou is still around and as crazy as ever. In my wildest dreams I never could've imagined she would cross paths with Momo out of all people but I guess people involved with drama are destined to meet.

Jesus what the fuck. Not gonna lie but if you do this to yourself just because of your girlfriend you're a resident in the crazy town as well.

No. 514470

File: 1525445313697.jpeg (228.8 KB, 1242x1252, 054DA336-55B1-4589-8439-8EBFAC…)

Damn this is so satisfying to see. Some anons try to say not to look forward to her end of month patreon drop because it’s “‘normal and bounces back” but it really doesn’t - it yo-yos like all patreons with people jumping ship and rejoining at the start of the month, but she is at a loss every month and on a very obvious downward slope.

No. 514481

she probably thinks this is the 1st game remastered and will be so confused.

No. 514487

Oh my god she looks like an unhealthy grandma. I can’t get over how different she appears. It’s a great preview for what she’ll look like at sixty, I guess. Thanks for that streamable, anon, super appreciated.

No. 514488

This bitch lol. Why doesn’t she use her patreon money to take basic sewing classes? In theory, she’d improve enough to make intermediate level costumes and at least her ‘cosplay’ wouldn’t be all about buying costumes for 2k. I have zero respect for moo.

No. 514489


Yeah based on the trend it seems to be going down. It increased a lot in December 2016- January 2017 because that’s when she started doing her softcore porn. And it seems like until May 2017 her patrons stayed consistent. It then popped up afterwards.

Now it’s the total opposite. Instead of remaining consistent like she did this time last year, she’s actually been losing patrons down to her late 2016 level. One more month and we might see an even larger dip in patron count.

I think Mariah doesn’t realize that she’s losing patrons, not only because of her toxic behavior and attitude, but also because there are more patreon thots now than before. And a lot of them do it better than she does.

No. 514493

She's so hypocritical and full of shit, so false rape claims, doxxing and dragging your exes through the mud isn't abuse in her mind.

No. 514503

I would remove Kevin's stuff anon all his friends are calling him out about Lori he's been physically and mentally abused by her..

Im not a fan of moo either but this isn't the first guy Lori has snatched and mentally abused Kevin's been through hell and back these past months its been kept in between the loop of friends and in that post everyone is just tired of him getting manipulated by her and staying quiet.

No. 514505


But Moo has done the same shit basically. Yet her friends aren’t calling her out? It must be nice to be blind hypocrites. Moo herself is clearly abusive. She has no problem attacking and harassing people publicly. If they want to act all high and mighty with Lori, they should first try and talk some sense into Moo.

No. 514511

Well with Lori there's a ten age gap difference between her and kevin , and she forced him to quit college to provide for her and move in while physically and mentally abusing him for the past months.
I just feel he shouldn't be brought in here he's having a rough time as it is.
I understand the moo stuff but I feel his issues are a bit more personal and his post was On friends only.

No. 514512

Moo more or less made this her business AND went public with it to show what a great person she is really, my dudes. This is fair game as long as Moo openly brays about it.

No. 514517


It’s basically Hanari all over again. Mariah is stepping in to protect whatever dick she wants in her, and being a hypocrite while doing it.

> called out Hanari for fake rape accusations.

Gets caught for making fake rape accusations against Nathan Deluca (and avoiding commenting on it).

> now calling out Lori for being abusive and toxic

Has a history of being toxic and abusive in relationships/friendships as well.

No. 514541

This. She most likely didn't even get permission to share that image, she only did it to make herself look good. It's fucking pathetic and sad. Showing a photo of someone's nasty gash that was caused due to an abusive relationship… just to make herself look good.

It makes her look really bad and she's too retarded to see that.

No. 514559


Oh gee wiz! Mariah invading other people’s private life just to make herself look good? I am so shocked!!

No. 514560

As gruesome as this is I think Ive seen that gash picture before?

No. 514611

File: 1525472694948.png (1.22 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-05-04-12-56-05…)

No. 514612

File: 1525472795962.png (908.92 KB, 720x1152, Screenshot_2018-05-04-15-25-35…)

No. 514613

Her poor hair looks so fried.

No. 514627

nah Moo, I'd say a tumbleweed is a more apt comparison

No. 514628


ugh that wig is sososososo bad

No. 514632

Those bangs look like a 5-year-old who cuts their own hair for the first time.

No. 514635

Is Vamp wearing Moo's old costume? Wasn't that tight as fuck on Moo including the neck?

No. 514638

God her eyeliner looks fucked

No. 514640

Sure looks like it. The top looks loose on her.

No. 514647


"natural hair is poof" no Mariah, your hair is fried

No. 514652

Hahaha, Elizabeth Rage won't shoot with you anymore so back to good old Vamp 1.0 for your sick Fate needs, eh Moo?

No. 514653

This is like proof the dog thot filter works on everyone but moo

No. 514666

File: 1525481429876.png (1.25 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2018-05-04-17-48-12…)

Slight OT but Gabby wore this today for LVLUP so Moo has a new Monika cosplay

No. 514672

Is that monika? Looks like a deformed hobbit

No. 514673

at the very least it doesn't look greasy

No. 514674

You have to compare 1st with 7th or 15th to really get an idea.

No. 514678

Neither of them have any other 'friends' to spend time with at cons so they're back at relying on each other again like old times. Toxic bffs at best.

No. 514698

This is OT but she should cosplay Rose from Steven Universe. She already cosplays from fandoms she doesn't like and at least the character is already chubby with pink hair.

No. 514701

File: 1525487046006.png (3.2 MB, 750x1334, B44D75A8-28A9-41DE-8CDE-B07321…)

Apparently one of the vendors didn’t show up and LvlUp gave her the booth so she’s going to have a booth tomorrow and Sunday.

No. 514702

I wonder which cringy mess of a cosplay she will now be wearing now that she has a booth. So much for chillin.

No. 514703

>I'm Momokun and I'm very popular. Can I have the booth?

How unfortunate for LVLUp cause it's gonna be empty as fuck.

No. 514705

Might as well just kept it empty. She's gotta do something to show up Steph

No. 514708

I bet she played it off like she didn't beg for the booth. She'll pretend they asked her if she wanted it cause she's so "famous"

No. 514710

File: 1525487902633.gif (152.81 KB, 256x192, Calisto_Laughing_Hard_1.gif)

please keep using this filter, it looks hideous on you

No. 514711

Yep. That's how she is with everything.

>Funimation invites everyone

Mariah: "Thank you for inviting me to your premiere!"

No. 514728

No one fucking does that? Oh some vendor didn't show up lemme sneak this hot dumpster fire to sell her prints instead!?

No. 514738

Oh please Moo just threw her weight around whining until they gave her some shitty table. It probably wasn't even abandoned just one they didn't need

No. 514741

Her hair never really seemed like this until she started dying it to hell and back. I remember some of her earlier shoots, specifically the b&w calvin klein shoot, her hair seemed rather straight and soft looking. i know it could have been mostly products, but we all know she's always been lazy af about beauty care

No. 514743

She probably isn't mentioning she had to pay for it. Even if it's paid for and the people don't show, the convention will still sell the table to waitlisted or people there that want a second booth

No. 514746


The friend that gave her the free badges for the con, Colton, is one of the con staffers so it seems more like favoritism that they'd just give the booth to her. But there must be some reason why they wouldn't make her a guest, and I think it's despite her large social media numbers they know she's not a good cosplayer who mostly buys her stuff.

No. 514747

I think they just didn't want to have a wave of people telling them she's shitty and is a harasser.

No. 514750

Wooow, thats some shady as fuck shit. I wonder if it was planned from the get-go she'd have a booth? She said she was just going to chill all weekend but she went today as Saber, didn't even mention any cosplays she would be wearing in her post here >>514292

I'm not sure how that makes sense from a buisness stand point. Does that mean she just happens to have a bunch of merchandise laying around to use? Posters? Etc? Also the fact its so last minute, she can't hype herself up to her fans for them to show up.

Its so bizarre and weird tbh

No. 514754

File: 1525493364877.jpeg (51.04 KB, 400x416, EAFEA561-FCDF-438E-9E68-A274D1…)

I see no difference

No. 514756

Just to keep this thread from not derailing any milk or drama involving lori and her harassment towards kevin goes in this vintage cows thread.

No. 514772

I like how antares and gabby went to Lvlup but made no mention nor took any pictures with Moo or Vamp

No. 514779


The best part is the booth is like directly on the other side of Steph's and a little down. I saw her talking to some gross dude there and nothing was there. She kept bending over the table, sticking her ass in the isle. It pisses me off because traffic in the dealers hall is a nightmare and there is some good artists around her.

No. 514780

Maybe they'll be too distracted by the good artists to notice the trash.

No. 514800

Gabby hasn't been seen talking to Mariah for months. Although I think the "friend Cosplaying Sonico already so I have to change my Patreon plans" is definitely her. So Gabby probably snapped at her or only agreed to share costumes if they did it another month. Gabby is toxic too so doesn't surprise me.

No. 514801

File: 1525502177160.jpg (95.94 KB, 720x1192, PicsArt_05-04-11.34.44.jpg)

Lightened. She said she prefers her hair up so she "can be ready". I think she was insinuating she was ready to fight

No. 514802

I feel like cosplayers, even really good ones, struggle against good artists in an aa or dealers Hall. They don't really have a lot to offer and it's more appealing to buy illustrated prints than a cosplayer. She's not gonna sell much

No. 514807

Mariah would be put to sleep in no time. The only thing she'd be able to do is sit on her opponent. Other than that she's a weak bitch who is more likely to run away like she did at every other con that someone wanted to confront her at.

No. 514808

I don't think Moo is even trying to sell anything, rather she's just trying to one-up others with the fact that she has been "given" a booth and show others how important and professional she is. And she probably wants a place to laze around, is there a concession stand nearby?

No. 514814


Yeah a Quiznos and Ben and Jerry's. Hopefully she's not obnoxious at her booth.

Also one thing I noticed was Vamp was picture look out. I got a mean stink eye from her having my phone out and going behind Mariah. I didn't have pockets; but it was something I noticed the few times I passed them, her head perked up each time.

No. 514817

She's just being a good dog, anon.

No. 514827

Moo's going to ransack the concession stands lol, I doubt she'd be responsible enough to clean up after herself, she'll leave a mess at the booth.

No. 514828

I think it’s perfectly normal to be annoyed when someone is doing a bad job at being covert in taking creep shots?

No. 514831

Anon said they didn't have pockets and Mariah isn't even wearing anything revealing. What, is Vamp going periscope all weekend long and give the evil eye to every single person with their phone out within a fifty foot radius of them? Yeah, this thread is about Moo and we talk a lot of shit, but irl and even in the con scene both her and Vamp are very, very average women and 99% of the people walking by them at a con give absolutely no fucks about them, if they even recognize them at all. It's just pure paranoia.

No. 514897

they didn't give her the booth. she probably signed up and was waitlisted. also, since she bought it her free badges weren't even really free.

No. 514903

File: 1525538823467.jpg (77.56 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1525538812909.jpg)

No. 514910

Forest-chan is really working overtime these days.

No. 514913

Professional cosplayers doing super in character poses. Also just in general what is moo doing? I get she's leaning back to try and make her top half look smaller but…gurl

They both look like they bought costumes that are the wrong size. Mooch would probably look much better in Saber and Moo shouldn't you try wearing a costume you actually made for once?

No. 514914


holy shit can she even breathe with how tight forest-kun is

No. 514935

She's leaning back so far to try and end the slouching meme
Yet she's still clearly hunching and just doing a lame peace sign

No. 514940

she's still rocking those "5 year old who cut her bangs with safety scissors"

No. 514962

File: 1525544553532.jpeg (1.36 MB, 2045x2045, EE49874F-ED08-4C08-94C4-FF5871…)

I know these are easy to find but I didn't feel comfortable posting faces. Just wanted to show off Mariah's vast repertoire of professional poses.

No. 514968

to be fair i think alot of cosplayers do simple out of character poses for selfies or cell phone pics at conventions.
The difference is they actually know how to pose for photoshoots, unlike Moo.
But I feel like its nitpicky to critique her for not posing like the character in selfies

No. 514976

You can tell that Mooch borrowed that outfit from Moo. That top is so loose on her.

No. 514977

You'll rarely find that they do ONLY the v-sign though. If you look at any other cosplayer they'll do something else. Just looking through Nigri's pictures (she's the easiest to find pictures with other people since she was just at a con) but I counted 5 different 'with fan' poses.

With a close up selfie it's a BIT more excusable but she probably does it to hide how fat her upper arms are cause notice the EXACT positioning of her arm.

No. 514986

The pleats look even wider than they were the last time she wore it. How are you NOT losing weight when all you do it brag about working out and eating 'right'. Ffs. She has a serious fucking issue. You can't workout 2 days a week and eat like shit 5 days besides those two. Come on. Thats so embarrassing to not even have the cosplay you COMMISSIONED to fit you right without a corset and then to see how stretch out and widened the slits are because the skirt is two sizes too small.

Its a corset skirt. She could've got one that fit and still cinched it in the way she wants it. She has no brains.

No. 514989

Can't see her parents helping her at her booth this time, or let me guess, Moochlette will be her slave at the table while she fucks off to do her own thing…

No. 514993

If she even goes today. It’s what, 1pm Vegas time and there’s not a peep from her OR vamp on social media. So professional my dudes

No. 515005

File: 1525548671914.jpg (48.1 KB, 1000x1000, 201700018962.jpg)

No. 515013

File: 1525550553375.png (871.79 KB, 720x955, Screenshot_2018-05-05-12-52-00…)

No. 515016

'I'm not going to post lewds outside of patreon anymore guys. I wanna be taken seriously'

No. 515018

nothing about this is even a succubus. she just has a shiny black bikini, fangs and cow horns.

No. 515036

File: 1525553602980.png (810.59 KB, 720x1164, Screenshot_2018-05-05-13-52-46…)

Guess the booth is a no go

No. 515043

(very OT, but what app was used for this? the stickers are ridiculously adorable)

No. 515050

File: 1525556500705.png (7.13 MB, 1125x2436, 2A8B1E74-8C58-49F1-851A-7BB5A2…)

“I wanted this con to just be us running around having fun. I don’t want responsibilities today! Finals are coming up!”

Also is it really necessary to post a story and talk while eating/snacking on something?

No. 515051

File: 1525556585015.png (9.1 MB, 1242x2208, F09DCECB-A730-4711-8F70-C8CA24…)

God she’s disgusting. Once again shoving food in her face while she screeches at the camera with her mouth full of half chewed food.

Tl;dr anon called it, she’s not even at the con yet and “doesn’t know where her merch is anyway”

No. 515052

only started doing it after becoming "friends" with Bishoujo Mom, probably just copying her since she does it a lot too

No. 515053

those bangs aren't doing her face any favors. When will she learn that only worked when she was 50+ pounds lighter

No. 515055

File: 1525557199491.jpeg (804.17 KB, 1242x1231, AF44ADEC-B565-406D-87E5-1031EE…)

LINE Camera, it's one of the free sticker sets! I thought posing Moo with some cute food would be as fitting as I could make coverups lol.

Oof, that poor wig has been through so much. Hearing her eat and inhale her food while she talked was gross man.
Also why does she keep talking about being Colette's handler? Colette's wearing Pixie Bob, it's not really an unmanageable costume. She just needs to take off her gloves once in a while.

No. 515056

She's absolutely trying to reel in the fat fetishists now since she's failing to capture wallets as a "fit" girl.

No. 515058

hahahaha bitch where??

One of the most puzzling things about moo is the logic behind which lies she chooses to bring up and when. Like nobody asked???

No. 515060

Didnt the school she supposedly goes to already have graduations?

No. 515062

OK so i'm gonna tinfoil:
She asked some random con staff 'Hey I'm super famous momokun can I have this empty booth?' and they probably said something along the lines of 'Yeah sure lemme ask the Exhibitor Head' but either all she heard was 'yeah sure' or she just assumed that she would automatically get it because she's sooooo famous my dudes and now that she's not getting the table she's going to pretend like it was never even a thing

No. 515078

Just saw her. Her friends arnt even walking together with her lol.

No. 515080

She really is just a nobody at cons lol. Barely any friends, hardly any so called fans swarming her, rocking up in normy clothes trying to be edgy-what a tragic sight.

No. 515084

File: 1525563511432.jpeg (367.7 KB, 648x2122, 2A6E9AE6-5D7F-436A-8381-3D8067…)

Truly only has two poses lol

No. 515087

Those quarter back shoulders do no favors for her

No. 515090

Without the photoshop and over filtering they both look like such shit in person.

No. 515091

someone please fucking tell me how it’s possible to have a body wider than a semi truck, but still have a teeny tiny zika baby head. what the fuck.

No. 515093

File: 1525564105929.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1242x1886, 590DE8C0-21B1-42BE-8D04-AF891D…)

No. 515095

>finals are coming up

Bitch, finals are here. Her lies are so unapologetically ridiculous.

No. 515096

That baby hand, it's like a claw. She should have never gone back to the black nail polish, it just looks (no pun intended) trashy.

No. 515098

Vamps nose is LITERALLY BENDING in this picture jesus fuck it looks like someone broke her nose

Meanwhile DK is trying her hardest to not breathe and hide her shoulders, for some reason her eyes make me feel uneasy

No. 515105

File: 1525566814983.png (8.55 MB, 1242x2208, 2D5A1E4E-1384-41C5-B99C-566ECE…)

And after only two hours at the con, she complained she only slept an hour last night and went home. The vagina lip eyes are bad today.

No. 515114


that acne looks rough and the makeup covering it looks like shit

No. 515117

When will she stop doing her makeup like this… please….

No. 515124

Wait so what happened with her having a booth?

No. 515125

File: 1525569045300.png (996.43 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-05-05-18-09-27…)

Blurry but wtf is the side of her fucking head

No. 515127

File: 1525569131693.png (1004.34 KB, 720x1052, Screenshot_2018-05-05-18-11-32…)

No. 515130

i'm always triggered by those slouchy ill-fitting raggedy boots from the little red shoot… smdh you can buy 120 boots to cut up and ruin but not a single pair to wear out to events???

No. 515131

More like she isn't getting the attention she wanted there and left.

No. 515132

So is the tied sweater a new way to hide her back fat or does she just not fit in it anymore

No. 515136

File: 1525570983753.gif (1.64 MB, 320x320, D3BFBBC0-6586-4263-AA37-D85DEA…)

She’s so fucking weird and not in a good way, in like you’re annoying stop trying so hard

No. 515137

File: 1525571007491.gif (1.63 MB, 320x320, B895F1FB-2768-49F0-AEBF-C4FA37…)

No. 515139

Jesus that Nontour.
She's trying to make her features look bigger so that her face doesnt look as fat but contour cant hide your double chin moo

No. 515140

File: 1525571141323.gif (1.6 MB, 320x320, 145DBDB2-7829-4153-A7D6-23408E…)

I’m still amazed at how her neckbeards find her hot when she looks like this

No. 515141

No. 515142

Ahhhh I can’t believe flannel-kun is still alive

No. 515144

File: 1525571464225.gif (1.61 MB, 320x320, CDFF6285-D7EC-4A42-9D3F-4BD7B8…)

Sorry for the gif spam it’s just so weird seeing her move

No. 515146

>has her own house
>lives by herself
>claims to be a professional
>wants to be taken seriously


I cant wait to use this against her in the future. 'I work really hard and I LOVE to organize my dudes' wtf is wrong with this cheap slut that she cant keep track of her shit in a house where it's LITERALLY ONLY her own belongings???

No. 515148

she said that her banner "might still be in Portland". I'm like what the fuck

No. 515149

It just goes to prove how much she doesnt care about any of this. The only thing she cares about is having money to throw around and soon she wont have that either

No. 515156

Fucking hell she looks like an 87 year old turtle trying drag makeup for the first time. That stubble illusion is real.

Her trying to be ~*sO QuiRkY*~ is incredibly painful to watch.

No. 515160

They creep me out tbh
She barely moves like a human idk how to explain it

Same, anon

No. 515166

File: 1525573473707.png (313.06 KB, 242x734, Screenshot_2018-05-05-19-21-46…)

No. 515167

File: 1525573506428.png (334.28 KB, 293x609, Screenshot_2018-05-05-19-22-04…)

No. 515168


Her tits are almost pouring out beneath the diy crop hoodie…good look there Moo.

No. 515172

She's trying so hard to be Jenna Marbles
But when you know Moo is a nasty cunt, you can't find it even a little "quirky" or fun

No. 515177


I can only assume she isn't wearing a bra because if she is its woefully inadequate, holy shit.

No. 515180

I think its just an ill-fitting sports bra. I doubt she has a real bra that fits her anymore. You could tell she was wearing a sports bra in her Saber cosplay from yesterday too

No. 515185

Probably the same one too.

No. 515187

File: 1525576639792.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1747, Screenshot_20180506-061644_01.…)

lmaooooo found in her tags

No. 515189

>coming up
Does she think college semesters end around the same time as high schools'? It's like she didn't even finish that first year she was actually in uni.

No. 515190

Not to mention that people with real finals would be at home studying, not at a con being a lazy attention whore.

No. 515194

It depends on the school. One of my friends just finished I have some friends that have finals this coming week. I myself finish kinda late May which I think is when most semester schools end.

No. 515199

Where the hell is her neck????

No. 515200

That was gone months ago.

No. 515201

surely there's a push-up bra out there that can hoist her udders above her damn waist. gotta love how she covers up literally rvery part of her body except the one part that hadn't been completely blown out from the lipo.

No. 515203


was UNLV the school she was supposed to be going to? cause if so their finals are literally this week starting monday so she's full of bullshit again cause she should be studying right now instead of being at a con.

No. 515204

Real finals have already passed bitch is still in high school in her head.

No. 515207


she obviously finished her finals two weeks early since she got that head start at the beginning of the semester, duh!

No. 515208

Anon she’s just so smart she never needs to study! Like ever my dude!

No. 515209

She moves around like some sort of animatronic beast.

No. 515212

It's the lack of blinking.

No. 515214

She'd either have to abuse Forest-kun or cosplay pregnant Rose, not even Rose is that fat.

No. 515237

Any anons at the After Party?

No. 515255

File: 1525592453673.jpg (80.66 KB, 960x720, 30412014_2059077794105591_7229…)

No. 515256

File: 1525592470555.jpg (51.29 KB, 960x698, 30571611_2059077920772245_1562…)

No. 515257

File: 1525592707794.jpg (75.9 KB, 720x960, 30581504_2059081767438527_8954…)

No. 515258

File: 1525592719619.jpg (82.99 KB, 720x960, 30725964_10156448774909602_490…)

No. 515259

lol is that person cosplaying or mocking her??

No. 515260

a """fan"""

No. 515261

File: 1525593604192.png (229.16 KB, 354x656, Screenshot 2018-05-06 at 12.59…)

apparently judging The Nerd's cosplay contest

No. 515262

File: 1525593671553.png (287.36 KB, 355x656, Screenshot 2018-05-06 at 1.00.…)

trying to do a sitting body wave but her pancake tits flapped

No. 515264

That hideous dog filter can't help her face or stomach. So many rolls.

No. 515265

File: 1525595098766.jpg (198.96 KB, 465x442, vRTMPRC.jpg)

So thiccc my dudes. Her ass looks like a phone stuffed in some skinny jeans back pocket.

No. 515266

im pretty sure it is lmfao

No. 515269

File: 1525596143344.png (236.22 KB, 355x653, Screenshot 2018-05-06 at 1.42.…)

No. 515270

File: 1525596159057.png (186.26 KB, 347x656, Screenshot 2018-05-06 at 1.42.…)

i dont drink muh dudes!!!

No. 515274

I'm really looking forward to seeing this ugly yellow sweater for the next 2 weeks

No. 515281

File: 1525601403122.png (185.49 KB, 351x658, Screenshot 2018-05-06 at 3.08.…)

wasted as fuck and by herself. says in the story she doesn't know where she is

No. 515288


i think she's wearing either those undergarments with the holes in the butt cheeks that are supposed to make your butt bigger, or undergarments with butt pads. those only work if you have some kind of butt to begin with tho.

No. 515290


she looks like a grandma. also why is she wearing a dog collar?

No. 515292

shes a furry now

No. 515294

W-why do her eyes not blink in synch here

No. 515305

File: 1525613041008.jpg (24.57 KB, 680x383, mitsuki eugh.jpg)

what… what happened to her face here?

No. 515326

it looks like she might be vaping…?

No. 515329

She's always been a "furry" or at least she tries to be (you know your trash when your trying to be a furry)
I thought it looked like she was smoking a spliff but maybe she's vaping. Pretty sure she does both, were her eyes redder than usual?

No. 515330


she let her true form slip.

maybe she's a slitheen from doctor who. read this from wikipeda: "The Slitheen disguise themselves by fitting into the skins of their victims, using compression fields created by a collar worn around their necks to squeeze their huge size into a slightly smaller space. Initially the compression ratio was limited, so the disguises tended to be obese people. The exchange of gases that compression entails also builds up within the acquired skin, causing very loud flatulence in humans (the expelled gas smells like bad breath)"

this would explain why she's so obese, why she smells, why she's wearing the collar, and why she doesn't act quite human

No. 515338


Oh..my god..Anon, you are a genius!

No. 515347

Could be vape with CBD juice, seems probable

No. 515357

def not cbd juice (you dont get high on the pure cbd stuff) but let me tell you that people smoking weed out of vape pens in vegas is as common if not more common than people using them for tobacco. laws saw you can't smoke outside but no one knows what's inside a vape pen exactly, so a HUGE amount of people do it to circumvent that law. go to any concert in vegas and you'll see…

No. 515358

She's already said she only uses the vape to get high

No. 515366

There’s pictures of her smoking cigarettes and she used to brag about all the weed she smoked. It’s eitner weed or nicotine.

No. 515381

File: 1525635059413.jpeg (200.2 KB, 750x1044, 1525626343114.jpeg)

Some more comments from Moo are in the Usagi Kou thread(Lori/Kevin drama). It's funny that Moo tells him to unhide her comments and air out his dirty laundry in public rather than telling him directly in private. He even has to tell her to privately message him.

She wants to be seen as this beacon of light that tried to help her friend but embarrassing the poor guy in public. "Your mother should have stopped this! I'm so disappointed!"

Does Moo really have no idea what a toxic, psychotic cunt she is? The pot is calling the kettle black while trying to pretend to be polished. No Moo, you're just as bad as Lori.

Just a few weeks ago it was RaeKay and Hanari drama that she was inserting herself into and now it's this. Sorry Moo but you can't bully someone and then call someone else a bully without your own shit coming to the surface.

No. 515386

If talking to him didn't do anything what makes you think putting him on blast in public would work? Moo's priority isn't helping Kevin, it's just screaming "look at me I'm a good person my dudes!!1!11!", what a cunt.

No. 515390

File: 1525636464334.jpeg (211.04 KB, 750x1056, 1525626364645.jpeg)

She also calls out Lori for being a leech while conveniently forgetting about the leech Moochlette that she keeps at her side.

>She forced you to put that you were engaged

But Moo forces her friends to control their friends when they do something that she doesn't like. There are even screenshots of her telling people to control other people.

No. 515391

File: 1525636504663.jpeg (219.57 KB, 750x1140, 1525626472138.jpeg)

No. 515392

File: 1525636562118.jpeg (215.09 KB, 750x1114, 1525626499120.jpeg)

All of these were taken from Lori's thread.

No. 515395

Like I get that even toxic people can like be worried about their friends and all, but… putting his problems out in the air like that for EVERYONE to see is really shitty. This is super personal, not like "lol everyone come look at this dumb person trying to be mean to me" or something idk. This is something that is obviously embarrassing and hard for him to deal with. If people are concerned, this is 100% something she, and others, should PM or call about, not like discuss in FB comments imo. Even if yeah, he's apparently accepting someone negative back in his life, being super pushy like that and kind of humiliating him is definitely not the way to help or anything…

No. 515398


Moo better stay the fuck away from Retsuko. Sage for rage. But I kind of want to see how she will fuck it up. She'd be more fitting dressed as Gori tbh.

No. 515399

File: 1525639031871.jpg (119.06 KB, 640x360, gori.jpg)


Pic for reference.

No. 515402


She doesn’t understand boundaries. She has no problem airing out dirty laundry when it comes to others and she has no problem calling people out. but the moment anyone does the same to her she either ignores it, hides, or goes “lol I don’t know what you’re talking about my dude!”

No. 515404

Gori chan is a sweet and gentle soul how dare you. If she wants to rub her grimey hands on anything from it she should just go as fem!ton

No. 515405

She’s fucking awful And not helping in the slightest.
When someone is being abused and you’re not involved, the last thing you should do is publicly blast them.
She’s just making Lori aware, and putting Kevin at more risk for abuse.
She’s only doing it publicly to make herself look good too, she obviously doesn’t care about the abuse or else she wouldn’t be making it worse like she is right now.

No. 515407

Didn’t mean to respond to the first one whoops.
But yeah she’s fucking awful and is making everything worse for Kevin.
Is he Asian or something? Moo only cares this much if she has potential for a new Asian boy toy.

No. 515409

>is he asian

I was thinking the same thing because I have no idea who he is

No. 515419


Shit, you're right anon. It wouldn't be the first time cosplaying a pig.

No. 515421

File: 1525641835312.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1732, lori kevin.png)


From the Lori thread >>573204 he looks like he's white

No. 515423

Why does she keep reading lolcow? An anon was talking about how stupid her crop top hoodies are and she has to post about it.

No. 515428


He he white. He’s an armor cosplayer from Utah. He posts a lot in the League cosplay group.

I barely talk to him but those comments on his FB were nuts.

As a victim of abuse (psycho ex who I even got a restraining order from) I agree with >>515405 . What Mariah did makes the situation worse. She now knows that Kevin talks to other people ABOUT HER. That means she will try to limit his interactions with more people and keep him on a tighter leash. I’m sure when Kevin talked to Mariah and sent her the photos, he did it out of trust.

This should also be proof to Mariah’s “friends” that they shouldn’t trust her with anything. She has no problem posting about people’s private business if it means making herself look good or getting something out of it. And yet she complains about how the truth about her lipo came out.

No. 515443


That’s all she has accomplished here. She just let whatever “friends” she has left know to never confide in her. Because instead of messaging him privately and talking about it like adults, she instead opted to publicly put him on blast and practically insult him and air out all his dirty laundry for everyone to see. All to make herself look better because “I’m such a good person who is just trying to to help my friend”. She isn’t doing any of this to help him, she is just looking for attention and validation to salvage her garbage reputation. I’m surprised more people aren’t calling her out on that thread for how stupid and selfish she is being and how she is only making things worse for him.

If someone chooses to confide in you about their relationship troubles, you don’t then go out and public and let on that the person has talked about them to you, and especially don’t try to play it as a card to boost your own ego and reputation.

No. 515468

She's paranoid about everything that involves herself. Moo has nothing better to do while she 'works hard' in her cosplay career but to check up on herself 24/7, even more so now that she doesn't have a Twitter.

No. 515470

The entire tirade Mariah is doing on that boy’s comments is really fucked up…and the fact she’s demanding that he unhide her comments like this bitch is so entitled and insensitive.

No. 515482


Exactly! There’s a reason why he hid them. She was yelling out private matters. Does she want to play “hero” that badly that she’s willing to share private information?

Shit, imagine how she would have acted if her “friends” let slip private information about her like that? She made Sabrina delete mention of her “lipo being public knowledge” and retract her original tweet. Yet Mariah thinks it’s fine to just tell the whole world his private life? What a cunt.

This is the real her. The entitled brat. The same girl who threatened to kill her mom for not getting her “dream car”. The same girl who said “Live fit or die fat”. The same girl who bullied and sexually harassed many people in the community. She deserves no respect.

No. 515484

File: 1525653004021.png (270 KB, 1440x1591, 20180506_172746.png)

Everyone was putting him on blast though not just mariah. Its a serious situation he's in id keep all this in the Lori usagi kou thread.

No. 515496

File: 1525655592052.png (877.47 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-05-06-18-10-07…)

No. 515497

File: 1525655616534.png (791.95 KB, 720x1201, Screenshot_2018-05-06-18-10-14…)

No. 515500

Is she eating fruit?? I'm shocked

No. 515501


No ones saying it’s not serious. We are saying Mariah didn’t have the right to post such personal screenshots and then ask to have her comments unhidden. Yes, this is a Lori issue but it’s a Mariah issue as long as we are talking about her comments and actions.

No. 515511

If he wants her to stop he'd have to block her and even then I doubt she would

No. 515514

I know that guy in the Ghost Buster cosplay. He’s a huge autist and a huge creep. Not surprised he’s a fan of moo.

No. 515522

And she's an expert in what a screeching "toddler-banshee" sounds like. I'm sure that's how your "friends" feel about you, Moo.

No. 515523

It's a cow crossover and Moo's involved so it was posted here. Cows colliding happen all the time, anon.

Exactly this. Mariah had no right to share personal information like that but she did so she could play savior, as expected from her. She calls foul when others do it to her but she does it to others without hesitation.

She would have gotten her friends involved to post in his feed for her.

No. 515526

she forgot her bitch boi rant?

No. 515528

File: 1525661583319.png (446.56 KB, 812x596, Screenshot 2018-05-06 at 7.52.…)

No. 515529

File: 1525661603162.png (372.43 KB, 930x445, Screenshot 2018-05-06 at 7.53.…)

No. 515530

File: 1525661653692.png (188.82 KB, 353x651, Screenshot 2018-05-06 at 7.54.…)

No. 515533

What's going on with her stomach…? And her fingernails either look like she's been digging in coal or didn't remove her nail polish fully.

No. 515534

These are old pictures, and she has nails like that on purpose.

No. 515535

Wow, that is the worst thing you can do when someone is an abusive situation. Not only she scolds him in the most embarassing way as possible but now he'll be more in danger because of his psycho GF will see what she's been posting and will isolate him more.

No. 515537

What other people did is irrelevant, this is about Mariah's consistent bad behavior

No. 515540

Is she saying that all her Patreon money goes to cheating on mobile games instead of fulfilling her promised goals?

No. 515541


No. 515542

File: 1525662547818.jpg (87.86 KB, 768x768, __katyusha_girls_und_panzer_dr…)

You don't put someone who is being abused in a corner and force them to do something just like their abuser has. What is the point of putting fight or flight on a person, especially when you want to preserve a friendship? This isn't the first time Moo has done this shit.

Moo you might consider my suggestion to you as a "garbage comment" but maybe you should mind your own fucking business. Maybe buy another bikini and get your Patreon numbers up instead of bitching about something you apparently have tried to resolve but it hasn't gone your way??

No. 515587

I know it's mostly photoshop, but she does't look too bad here. Really makes me wonder, why doesn't she just get pretty hair extensions??? Her real hair is short, dry, and awful looking so why doesn't she just get a nice sew in or something?
She'd actually keep fans if she didn't ONLY look even half decent during cosplays while rolling around looking like a butterball-man all the rest of the time

No. 515588

If she can't take care of her real hair what makes you think she'd be able to manage extensions? Her hair would look more like a rats nest than ever if she got those…

…Which is why I'm 100% for this.

No. 515591

File: 1525669737181.png (137.25 KB, 308x470, Screenshot 2018-05-06 at 10.09…)

No. 515597


she exhibits so many signs of verbal abuse in the way she talks:
>Controlling behavior disguised as concern: "we didn't sacrifice so much so you could do what you wish"
>Unrealistic expectations: it's not uncommon for victims to go back to their abusers
>Using feelings to manipulate you: "look at what we/your parents did for you, how do you think that makes us feel"
Easily insulted: feels personally disrespected by him hiding her comments and going back to his abuser
>Invading your privacy: goes without saying
>Correcting your behavior: making him feel bad for going back, demanding he unhide her comments & air his dirty laundry

No. 515625

She's too self absorbed to realise her acting this way was unnecessary and concerning because this is probably how she acts in her own relationships. She's definitely verbally abusive and probably emotional too. Abusers will put other ones on blast but everything they disagree with is actually what they do themselves, sugar coating it to look like they care. This is probably how Moo controls everyone in her life.

No. 515628

>Using feelings to manipulate you: "look at what we/your parents did for you, how do you think that makes us feel"
This grinds my gears so hard, I get that Kevin should leave the situation ASAP and him going back to Lori is frustrating, but guilt-tripping the victim isn't the solution, she could've worded it like "we did so many things for you because we care about your wellbeing, we see you're getting hurt there and that's not ok, we just want to keep you safe" to reassure Kevin that it's ok for him to leave, but nope she straight up tells him he's a disappointment and a waste of effort. Sure that's how to get the victim away from the abuser, just berate him, good fucking job Moo.

No. 515630

File: 1525674072836.png (266.6 KB, 349x654, Screenshot 2018-05-06 at 11.21…)

No. 515638

Do you guys ever wonder if after these heavy eating periods. She genuinely asks those around her why they think she isn't losing weight? She strikes me as someone that blind.

No. 515640

meal prepping isnt for a working woman anon!!!

No. 515642


she strikes me as the kind of girl who goes "i can eat meat and cheese on the keto diet so it's good for me" but doesn't cut out the carbs/sugars

No. 515650

I saw previously, someone mentioned about after party for lvlup, but moo was at a bar called gold spike with overt. we saw her take a few photos with some people. and a belligerent drunk PJ all over her.

when he supposedly has a gf. they left together as well, she left moochlette behind with some other guy and they didn't come back into the bar.

No. 515664

Moo hanging out with a guy who already has a girlfriend and leaving with him, never to return to the bar…well we know what obviously happened there.

No. 515705

File: 1525701287909.jpg (497.28 KB, 1080x1025, Screenshot_20180507-065410_Ins…)

No. 515706

File: 1525701299970.jpg (41.76 KB, 264x326, Screenshot_20180507-065419_Ins…)

No. 515707

jesus fucking christ she looks like she was born in whoville lol she’s so unfortunate looking

No. 515708

Moo is looking a bit rough in her IG story, must been a hard night of drinking and blatantly fucking OverTFlow after their time at the Gold Spike bar.

No. 515710


Oh wow this is just rich! Apparently the whole Nomisphotos drama happened because he was fucking other girls while he was fucking her. So she called him out for playing her and being unfaithful. But Mariah has the nerve to mess with a guy who is taken like this?

Why am I even surprised? She’s always been a hypocrite.

No. 515713

Is what she does best, mess with guys who already have girlfriends. Overt showing up to her house in the night, spending time with him working on that Fortnite video, now seen at a bar with him apparently all over her and seen leaving together. She probably gets great satisfaction doing it too.

No. 515716

I’m sure I’m not alone on this but I really do hope that the girlfriend will call them out in public or at least caught them. She ain’t gonna stop unless someone calls her out.

No. 515723


Kind of hoping she does, OverT keeps her out of his social media and it is like she's hidden. Just glancing at his main pages it gives the impression he's single. Typical fuckboy material as usual, perfect for Moo.

No. 515733


I’m more shocked he wants to do anything with the cow. She’s obviously lost a lot of her former appearance. He can do a lot better than her.

No. 515738

Trash attracts trash, Moo is an absolute party animal who fucks dudes at the drop of a hat, don't underestimate a dudebro's love for cheap, easy pussy. Doubly one who wants to act like a ~real life hentai gurl~.

Moo can't KEEP any of her lays around because she's a psycho party machine, but it isn't like any of the dudes she chases wants to keep her around anyway.

No. 515739

Pretty much. Moo is a easy fuck to keep on the sidelines and that is all they see her as. She has no true relationship potential.

No. 515740

cheaters don't cheat up, anon. usually trashy girls like moo always stay the 2nd bitch or get played harder than real gfs.

No. 515746

File: 1525713236101.jpeg (76.91 KB, 750x716, 55B7BFF2-4C78-4401-8988-6DE220…)

Can any Patreon anons post what this is about?

No. 515749

File: 1525713576632.png (94.73 KB, 760x394, 16BA054D-F15F-432E-971A-83457E…)


This was from the Nomisphotos fall out. It seems like he got caught by her talking to other girls while they were fucking. It explains why he went into hiding and why he tried to avoid her at cons. I think it’s hypocritical that she can talk like this about someone but literally promote this by messing around with Overtflow who apparently has a girlfriend. It’s behavior like this that makes people think even more less of her.

But hey, in Mariah logic she can never be a bad person.

No. 515750

File: 1525714265852.png (197.39 KB, 1061x1488, Screenshot_20180507-102909~2.p…)

Here you go. "God of wars" lmao

No. 515752

>literally starting tomorrow

What a coincidence that that's basically the same wording I used when I mentioned that her finals were starting here >>515203

Keep lurking moomoo

Also so she's readily admitting that she wont START on content for the month until halfway through it?? How is she going to get shoots done, editted and ready by then? Cant wait to see how hard she flops this.

No. 515753

Lmao HER FINALS actually matter this time, couldn't make it anymore obvious she reads here daily.

No. 515756

File: 1525715160411.gif (772.82 KB, 260x221, 23765163.gif)

>"god of wars"

No. 515757

Samus wig-chan is back!

No. 515759

File: 1525715366999.png (554.59 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2018-05-07-10-44-51…)

No. 515760

File: 1525715433766.png (906.49 KB, 720x1044, Screenshot_2018-05-07-10-46-34…)

No. 515761

File: 1525715452191.png (430.26 KB, 720x786, Screenshot_2018-05-07-10-46-13…)

No. 515762

File: 1525715473554.png (727.05 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-05-07-10-45-35…)

No. 515764

these are really old right? from that set she did on a roof or something.

No. 515765

File: 1525715493196.png (552.19 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-05-07-10-46-04…)

No. 515766

File: 1525715599302.png (1.51 MB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2018-05-07-10-44-57…)

No. 515767

File: 1525715619009.png (990.26 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2018-05-07-10-45-13…)

No. 515768

File: 1525715639116.png (940.42 KB, 720x1151, Screenshot_2018-05-07-10-45-03…)

No. 515770

These crap everywhere, scissors on the floor (she's barefoot too so that's smart), that poor wig is just left on the mattress, and the way she's squatting makes it look like she's a bear trying to shit in the wilderness.

No. 515771

Samefag but *there's crap

No. 515772

I'm gonna assume that's her Francis wig and if so I'm gonna laugh cause it's completely the wrong color. Her rat's nest color is more accurate

No. 515780

Isnt that just her moomoo wig though

No. 515782

yes but she added wefts!!!
I don't get why she didn't buy a magenta wig tho..

No. 515783

No pretty sure that's her Moo Moo wig just down so she can pretend she cleans it. After all we have been commenting on how ratty and unclean it looks.

No. 515784

Well pretending to clean something is just as good as actually cleaning it, right Moo Moo?

No. 515785


>”I’m gonna think about it, and when I make my move it’s gonna get you good, with me doing much”

>~lets all be positive and loving my dudes~

Shit like this makes me convinced a lot of her “friends” only stick around and try to stay on her good side just to avoid being shit on her like this. Bitch is mental. I’m sorry Moo, but threatening someone just because you clearly weren’t good enough for them makes you a psycho bitch.

This also explains why Nomisphotos is working with her again. He’s likely trying to avoid her causing him more harm. It must be a shitty situation to be in.

Yet she thinks she can talk shit about Lori when she’s just as abusive and manipulative.

No. 515797

She calls every month a hardworking month, none of them are or ever will be.

Lol @ those stumpy thunder thighs. The pooping pose is doing her no favours as usual.

No. 515835

you can barely see whether she's wearing pants or not.

No. 515840

Look at all of those textbooks and notes lying around her! She's studying so hard for the finals!

No. 515841

It's honestly rather sad how much she's relying on us lately. I know we're her 'managers' and all but she's genuinely using lolcow to keep ahead of her lies. She's up shit's creek if we put out misinformation here and there.

No. 515842

>She's up shit's creek if we put out misinformation here and there.

Good. I want to see that happen since she looks to us to correct her lies.

No. 515845

Seriously if she wanted to sound more believable she'd throw in the occasional "revision suxxx look at all the reading I have to do" insta story or something. But we all know she's thick as pigshit and can't make this school thing sound believable in the slightest.

No. 515847

Stop giving her ideas, if we pretend nothing is happening school wise she'll lose out on her opportunity to keep up the lie.

No. 515848

How do you go to a con and then claim finals are starting the day immediately after it? In what world does that sound realistic or something anyone would do.

No. 515849

File: 1525724040673.gif (2.31 MB, 300x225, giphy.gif)


lookin' like one of these damn face banks yet again, I see

No. 515851

File: 1525724358248.jpg (83.91 KB, 431x440, follow-me-girl-lady-mirror-pic…)


she's trying to do that instahoe crouching mirror selfie pose that everyone does (pic related) but it looks so awkward on her because she has thighs the size of alaska and a belly the size of texas so she just ends up looking like she's taking a dump

No. 515853

Patreon is rolling out anti-porn bans. Well, not bans, in as much as "hey your content doesn't fit our guidelines, delete it, and never upload stuff like it it again."

Countdown to destruction?

No. 515865

I thought it was for just straight up porn? Unless her slips count does Moo apply?

No. 515869

Her old softcore porn might count.

No. 515873

With her vagina practically hanging out in the ripped tights shoot for Android 21 she's on the right track for Patreon to pick.

No. 515884


No. 515893

File: 1525728364746.png (330.08 KB, 933x443, Screenshot 2018-05-07 at 2.25.…)

No. 515899

File: 1525730285242.jpg (307.48 KB, 1080x1020, 20180507_174404.jpg)

Couldn't even be assed to clean this up before the video

No. 515900

it's just weathering, my dude!

No. 515903

Like most full time double major college seniors in their last semester moo doesn't really have much to do until finals week actually rolls around. I'm telling you this is just her planting a seed for her new persona of camgirl college student who is totally only showing her tits online because she needs money to keep up her studies. The cosplay thing seems to be fizzling out.

No. 515911

Definitely think it's the beginning of the end for her. Twitter had so many of her followers

No. 515918

Can we make it a thread rule to stop reminding her of stuff, like it’s funny to see her and try and please us, but it’s much more gratifying to see her caught in her own lies

No. 515922

It would be even funnier to give awful advice.
Since she’s so lazy/slovenly we should suggest terrible life hacks and shitty cheap fixes

No. 515923

Hold up. No. She's trying to impress Leon now. He just got God of War, as well, and has been posting with a potential gf.

Tinfoil, of course, but plausible. Especially since someone tried to spread a rumour Leon was a chubby chaser around the time they were at La Mole together.

No. 515933

File: 1525742906548.png (466.01 KB, 932x598, Screenshot 2018-05-07 at 6.27.…)

No. 515936

Her chin in this makes her head look like a thumb.

No. 515942

what is this gibberish shes speaking bitch doesnt know shit about fitness and her followers know even less

No. 515943

this might be a reach, but i find it funny

MF has been posting more of her lifting weights since Moo has been doing it more than usual

No. 515944

Mostflogged has been doing this for years. Unfortunately, its nothing new. Moo is just fat and needs validation

No. 515945

Floor exercises? So she's a gymnast now too?

No. 515946

It's easy to create a totally fake online persona when your followers are all pathetic neckbeards and ignorant wannabe costhots.

No. 515948

This. I wish you fags would stop posting what she should be doing, or with stuff like taxes wait till after the fact.

Without Twitter she has more time than ever to lurk here, which she will since we laugh at her getting dragged on Twitter etc

No. 515951

Surprise Surprise Leon has a GF already. Miss Hatred Jessica.

No. 515952

She'll want him even more then.

No. 515957

File: 1525749321007.png (272.41 KB, 353x652, Screenshot 2018-05-07 at 8.14.…)

No. 515958

File: 1525749379531.png (141.66 KB, 359x655, Screenshot 2018-05-07 at 8.15.…)

"hey colette, we going to the gym?"
"ah, yeah.."

No. 515961

How did you know that? They are damn good in hiding then! Moo doesn’t have a chance

No. 515963

File: 1525749813056.png (101.87 KB, 354x653, Screenshot 2018-05-07 at 8.22.…)

No. 515964

File: 1525749823406.png (155.65 KB, 347x650, Screenshot 2018-05-07 at 8.23.…)

No. 515965

File: 1525749831783.png (57.8 KB, 154x295, Screenshot 2018-05-07 at 8.23.…)

No. 515966


every single one of her bosu squats are no reps. her deadlift form is still shit. and she's still doing her shitty power cleans but ahe's calling them snatches now. she clearly has no idea what the fuck she's doing. olympic powerlifter my ass

No. 515967

So which dude she's currently lusting over is into DDR? The cow has made a big show in the past few months of waddling her DK bod to Beginner Mode on various poor, abused machines.

No. 515969

Luckily she brought her laptop to D&B so she can do some studying for her finals while she’s there.

No. 515972

Anyone else have problems accessing Moo's patreon page? I know we've discussed this before but I'm not a patron and I just go on once in a while. The page freezes my browser..

No. 515975

Your browser can't handle the wide load.

No. 515978

File: 1525752663548.jpg (151.76 KB, 428x535, wideloadmomo.jpg)

No. 515979

Side noting this but they broke up a year ago. The potential GF is a new girl.

No. 515985

Yea i mean finals are >literally tomorrow
so thank god she thinks ahead. Dave & Busters is a prime study location. Prove me wrong.

No. 515986

I personally like using the sauce from hot wings as a highlighter for my study notes. I think she uses the DDR machine to hammer in her Linguistics

No. 515987

File: 1525754326912.png (6.11 MB, 1800x1800, FDAEF303-8B6B-4455-8A50-6BA41F…)

Been sitting on a few pics from this weekend. Still bothered by the weird back bosoms from her corset though. That can’t be comfortable or safe.

No. 515989

File: 1525754692211.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180507-153247.png)

No way she's 185. Came across this today on fb, it could be the all might kigu she commissioned then grew out of. Made for someone of 250lbs

I can't believe such a huge fan hasnt said anything about the new season!

No. 515990

File: 1525755051544.jpg (787.76 KB, 1080x2087, Screenshot_20180507-215042_Ins…)

No. 515993

I thought she absorbed a neckbeard fan into her back, nice set of moobs you've got there Moo.

No. 515994

she absorbs the paypigs that speak out so she grows w i d e in power

No. 515995

corset + sports bra?

No. 515997

File: 1525757503958.png (213.92 KB, 351x654, Screenshot 2018-05-07 at 10.31…)

wow how generic and boring

No. 515998

In the post she says her deadlifts were 185 (bull shit) not her weight

No. 516000

how many months has it been and this design is literally the ONLY merch she has??? It proves that she's not even gonna bother paying a new artist for more merch. I still doubt she properly paid the first one she probably paid them with 'exposure'

No. 516003

Damn Vamp is barely in these photos but still manages to be hella ugly and her snaggletooth makes an appearance.

Her merch is always coming soon™

No. 516004

185lbs isn’t much at moo’s weight I’d believe her if she actually had a decent coach checking her form.

No. 516006


true, though I do recall her saying not too long ago that she was about 190 pounds and I still think that's absolute bullshit. She looks 250+ imo.

No. 516015

Isnt she like 5'3"? I could see 220

No. 516024

i'm not a figfag but this looks bootleggy as fuck. How is she that bad at recognizing fakes?

No. 516032

She doesn't care if they're bootlegs, she just wants to show off how much of a "fan" she is on the cheap.

No. 516040

While at the same time preaching how everyone should support the actual artists as well as watch anime and manga from official sites (yet illegally download and rip them off)

No. 516069

Moo's Patreon goal is back at 77% and it was only 56% a few hours ago, she must have gotten some Patrons who bought the more expensive tiers. They'll be in for a disappointment.

No. 516070

lmao, it's more likely that she changed it. she's probably trying to trick us.

No. 516071

samefag, but think about it. if it went from 77 to 56 she would have gone up 2k, so atleast 200 people would have needed to have joined her $100 tier.

No. 516072


Sounds like it, as she lurks here regularly and we talk about her fizzling career. She's not making as much money as she used to so maybe she's giving the illusion that is just as wealthy still by lowering her goal amount.

No. 516074

File: 1525786233865.png (1.32 MB, 720x1213, Screenshot_2018-05-08-06-27-50…)

No. 516075

File: 1525786255670.png (646.78 KB, 720x899, Screenshot_2018-05-08-06-28-15…)

No. 516078

>saw hell
oh, did she see her fucking bangs?

No. 516079


Must be one of Moo's "this anime speaks to me, I love it more than anyone, I'm the best fan there is and nobody else can compare with my passion for it" stories. Just like she did with Dragonball.

Fake as fuck.

No. 516081

>i just fucking love reading about fate on wikipedia love fucking googling it and pretending i care about it

No. 516082

Good catch anon. There’s been a lot of speculation on how her goal could still be at such a high % despite her huge drop in patrons, and this all but confirms she’s been changing it.

No. 516083

File: 1525787512787.png (274.76 KB, 720x512, 20180508_153337.png)

No. 516084

File: 1525787526626.png (387.08 KB, 720x503, 20180508_153321.png)

No. 516085

i wonder where she is now though. if she's at 56% that's under 6k but, if she's been changing it she may be into the lower ranges, which means she makes as much as like standard office jobs now kek.

No. 516086

File: 1525787548364.png (332.68 KB, 720x513, 20180508_153438.png)

No. 516088

File: 1525787572903.png (399.08 KB, 720x521, 20180508_153352.png)

No. 516091


"Isint funny how a anime can affect someone"

good luck on your linguistics final moo

No. 516092

File: 1525789768116.png (665.49 KB, 720x942, Screenshot_2018-05-08-07-28-07…)

No. 516094

File: 1525789816193.png (716.28 KB, 720x1031, Screenshot_2018-05-08-07-27-52…)

No. 516096

Yeah I think it’s hilarious regardless - I really wish anon grabbed a cap of her goal so low. Maybe she lost her fake pledges and re-upped? I’ve neber really been on board with the fake patreon subs thing but hey

No. 516098

File: 1525790069880.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1242x1996, D1687520-585D-44C6-8510-C5B841…)

God damn she’s disgusting. Instagram really downplayed how horrifying she looks when zoomed in

No. 516099

what nice steal from twitter

No. 516101

She's all about that preservation, anon.

No. 516102

that armor looks like it's gonna drop any moment

No. 516103


Why am I getting such Danny DeVito vibes

No. 516106

obese swamp gremlin comin to steal ur mans

No. 516124

sorry for OT, but looking at the OP photo just makes me wonder how moo's nose got so fucking obese.

No. 516127

File: 1525798006025.png (365.59 KB, 473x628, Screenshot 2018-05-08 at 9.46.…)

No. 516129

File: 1525798210166.png (266.57 KB, 384x437, Screenshot 2018-05-08 at 9.50.…)

No. 516131

File: 1525798492395.jpg (322.79 KB, 1600x1067, 18517976_1369740123111037_8074…)

No. 516137

she has a special talent! i've never seen people make wigs look so greasy.

No. 516144

>I love spending money on in game gacha, even tho I dunno how to play the game

No. 516145

are you talking about >>515530 anon?
it's like half humble bragging about her income and half trying to prove how much of a fan she is. bitch is so cheap she likely hasn't even spent a dollar. if she had, she'd post every fucking time she spent money on it or when she got rare drops. i doubt she even plays the game anymore.

No. 516152

>those dirty-ass nails
>those awful wristbands
>that ratty, greasy wig that probably smells like sebum and mildew
>not a drop of moisture on her face, dry butthole lips
>fat grandma arms
Somehow people beat their meat to this bitch? How sad.

No. 516176

They like granny porn.

Will someone get this sword away from senile granny before she hurts herself.

No. 516189

Because dudes in certain parts of the world (India, the Americas, the Middle East,) are just hilariously thirsty and they see this fat heifer with her tits out and a big, faked ass and just go nuts.

She's so sloppy and disgusting they legit think they have a chance with her and they can hide behind 'hur hur cosplay at any size, I'm being supportive!!' as a valid reason for giving Mooriah cash. She's beyond being a legbeard, she's a full blown female neckbeard and that resonates with her gross stans.

No. 516198

File: 1525812693958.png (586.05 KB, 929x595, Screenshot 2018-05-08 at 1.50.…)

No. 516199

File: 1525812706850.png (270.79 KB, 352x649, Screenshot 2018-05-08 at 1.50.…)

No. 516200

File: 1525812717305.png (225.33 KB, 349x657, Screenshot 2018-05-08 at 1.51.…)

No. 516201

File: 1525812750750.png (53.11 KB, 143x316, Screenshot 2018-05-08 at 1.51.…)

her trainer was in the background standing there like "are you fucking done yet". gif anon if you could?

No. 516203

>the mirror vs what you see

No. 516205

DAMN I was purposefully not bringing this up so that I could see how long until she remembered she bought this garbase. Point still stands that she's been 'lifting' for weeks-months without it.

No. 516206

Your jokes are terrible, Donkey Kong. And ffs look at your hammy ass arms before you take a photo trying to show how "small" you are.

The gym is there to get yourself into shape not to take photos, idiot. And she really wonders why no one believes her about her gains.

It looks like he left cause she wouldn't stop taking photos and actually do some work and is just now coming back after an hour.

No. 516207

File: 1525813282445.gif (4.88 MB, 270x480, 5A2CB8F1-07C0-4BA0-9535-154216…)

pacing intensifies

No. 516208

I thought she was suppose to be busy studying for finals or some shit

No. 516209

She is studying! For her third major, it's a physical one.

No. 516210

This is not a trainer. This is a guy from the gym that has been sent over to keep an eye on her in case she does some stupid shit. Isn't that obvious?

No. 516214

She is studying for her finals. But since she doesn't have any finals because she isn't in school she doesn't have to study very much. Instead she is preparing for her Olympic weight lifting debut because as we all know she was an all star in every sport she played. For the whole couple of weeks she played it before quitting.

No. 516215

professional babysitter

No. 516229

File: 1525815301268.jpg (24.08 KB, 168x215, IMG_1656.JPG)

>you were perfect before
Dude she is LUCKY if she gets back to what she was "before."

No. 516237

Is her body beyond salvation now? Her arms make her torso look so small, it's absolutely creepy.

No. 516239

Classic mooriah. Goes to the gym and spends most of her time there modeling her lifting belt. Because who needs to actually lift once you have the belt amirite?

No. 516241

No. 516242

Silly anon, the belt does the lifting for her so she can study for her finals!

No. 516244

File: 1525815978152.png (459.46 KB, 928x593, Screenshot 2018-05-08 at 2.44.…)

if you watch the video, she forced her trainer to zoom in on her Cell belt but it zooms in on her ass lmao

No. 516246

Kek! This one makes her look like she has a massive gut. Look at how far the front of her jacket goes.

No. 516251

she's sucking her gut in so hard

No. 516257

So… Maraih, sit down for a sec and listen. Please don't use your fake lifting belt as a replacement corset.

Funny that you don't see her lifting ANYTHING and just modeling it when it is obviously over constricting her. Perhaps her trainer in the back did his job once and was like "…. are you done with pictures? Good, now take that "belt" off. You can barely move with how tight that thing is."

No. 516258

Wonder who Moo is trying to impress with the sudden increase of going to the gym and showing off her new gear lol.

No. 516263

Thinking about it, other anons mentioned he is just one of the staff at the gym to make sure she doesn't hurt herself like a professional babysitter. He was pacing back and forth and did look annoyed.
Maybe he saw her modeling the overly tightened belt and told her to take it off before using any of the equipment at the gym, why you don't see her working out in it while it's that tight.

No. 516267

No. 516268

can someone do what you expected vs what you got on these two images. i was trying but i'm on my phone. lmao the actual waist in the second one ooooffff

No. 516269

I bet she made dudebro in green take this picture. He was borderline about to walk off on her in the video lmao

No. 516275

If he is a legit trainer let me ask you this… how would you feel if you see your clients social media filled with her stuffing her face like a fat pig, not even doing morning walks, then waddles into the gym to model for an hour and then do a couple reps to laugh it off like
"No worries my dude, I'm just going to get lipo."

No. 516281

File: 1525823020144.png (85.74 KB, 639x547, phonto.png)

I got you anon

No. 516282

Her arms aren't normal for someone who supposedly lives a good fitness lifestyle. That lipo really has left her shapeless and lumpy, wearing a waist cincher underneath her gym gear isn't helping either. What a fraud.

No. 516284

Everything about her is fake and a lie. When you think of all the things she claims to be versus what she really is you almost feel sorry for her. I mean she has created this totally false image of herself and she might even believe some of it. Pathetic and sick.

No. 516288

Tbh I think she’s trying to impress Nicolette and co., cause her bf works out like crazy, Nicolette started working out, megamarines does and so does Leon so maybe her brief encounter with him made her think she has a chance

No. 516289

She’s so stupid, it’s 15 reps, 3 sets
Why does she always call everything a rep? Nitpick but it’s just another flaw showing through her fitness facade

No. 516290

I think the meme you’re looking for is “reality VS expectations”

No. 516291

holy shoop, batman

No. 516292

File: 1525824372511.jpg (248.72 KB, 595x595, 1525812693958_mh1525823752571.…)

Okay so. She photoshopped her thigh, it seems for some reason. Didn't circle all the blurry spots, too many.

Also that line looks either like a corset or shape wear line, not an underwear line. IMO.

No. 516294

In case you haven't noticed she almost never knows anything about what she is talking about. She just throws out a few terms and buzz words and the rest is all bullshit. And the few things she might know a little bit about are even worse because she just can't shut the fuck up for 5 seconds.

No. 516295

Pretty sure OverT works out as well. She's trying to make herself look good for someone without a doubt as that's all she ever does.

No. 516297

This is probably part of it but she is also trying to show all her "fans" that she is not turning into some obese nobody. She is still worthy of your donations even if you don't have a fat fetish. And she is also trying to send a message to all her haterz that she is a bad weightlifting bitch and not to be fucked with.

No. 516298

Is Vamp holding the top back?? Kek it's so big she has to hold it to make it look remotely fitted when it was bursting on Moo.

No. 516300

The streaks of paint on that side 'armor.' So talented, Moo.

I will never get over her chopped bangs and floating breastplate.

No. 516304

File: 1525826092232.png (1.62 MB, 1114x1634, Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 7.34…)

wow, what are the odds?

isn't moo doing drake this month as well or is it next month?


No. 516312

File: 1525827035311.jpeg (251.85 KB, 750x932, 5A2480D1-BA35-40AC-B4E3-EDCCC7…)

Interesting. She also did Android 21 and Brigette back in late Jan/early Feb. About a 1.5-2 months before moo.

No. 516315

File: 1525827146671.jpeg (121.54 KB, 709x1052, 65F7DAC0-F80F-4DC4-80AF-EB5325…)

**Brigette in March, my bad. Moo posted both of her versions in April.

No. 516316

File: 1525827160587.jpeg (193.36 KB, 2048x2048, 430B57AC-E428-44D5-B2D4-9F915F…)


When you compare Mariah’s chart to SSS’s, you start to realize how far she’s falling. SSS also gets occasional dips, but then comes back even higher. That means that she’s continuously getting new patrons. For Mariah, it’s clear that many are unpledging and not looking back. It’s even more sad that SSS is doing all of this without nip slips and vag slips like Mariah. Mariah probably had those slips on purpose to attract more neckbeards.

Also, Mariah’s rank has been going down. She was number 3 in cosplays at one point but now 9 I believe. That means, not only is she falling, but there are better people slowly replacing her and the neckbeards are starting get smart.

No. 516318


The sleeve seams look like they are gonna bust open any minute from the strain of her ham east arms

No. 516324

Pleasing to see someone else get Dragonball merch for free from a known company while so called dedicated fan Moo gets fuck all lol.

No. 516325

These make me so happy that her Patreon is tanking. She's only cosplaying to be a bitter bitch not because she's genuinely a fan of anything.

Your toxic ass deserves to fail, Mariah. You're always trying to one up someone that you don't like and end up falling face first into the ground. Try some actual positivity for once in your pathetic life.

No. 516340

She also didnt go to the dragon ball con she was going on about a fee months ago. What a real fan.

No. 516341

File: 1525830733332.jpeg (137.94 KB, 720x960, 1511935158214.jpeg)

repost. thought it was funny to see again

No. 516345

Have you noticed how dead the calves thread is lately? Moo can't even pay people to be around her anymore and she can't threaten them on twitter. She always seems to be doing things alone these days doesn't she? I wonder why that is?

No. 516346

File: 1525831818077.jpg (170.25 KB, 540x540, 20180508_220957.jpg)

No. 516350

File: 1525832130544.jpeg (139.51 KB, 600x800, 92376CBD-8371-4C63-9024-015F82…)

Tfw Man Faye has a better figure than you

No. 516352

She's made statuses before saying how she naturally attaches to a few people because everyone is a snake. She doesnt realize that she treats people bad, they react badly, so they leave. It's not hard to leave but they're afraid she'll say something to cover up the situation rather than remain truthful.
She retains costhots who want networks rather than lasting friendships that are stable outside of work. They realize she isn't appropriate, her attitude is too try hard and she will do shit on purpose to put you under her level.

No. 516379

Honestly, I think her Twitter ban is making it a lot harder for her to get new followers. Networking isn't quite as easy on IG and she has so much hate outside of her own FB page on FB that she wouldn't be able to get a lot of new patrons there either. It was bound to happen but now that one of her legs has been kicked out from beneath get, she's falling fast and she sure as hell doesn't have the smarts or resources to get back up on her own

No. 516386

definitely not lifting heavy enough to be wearing the belt. cleans are ridiculous, as always, and her squats are no reps… as always.

this…. why would she post such a photoshopped pic when you can CLEARLY SEE in her videos that she is at least twice as WIDE?

No. 516387


I don’t think twitter is a big reason for this anon. Twitter is the outcome of people realizing who she really is. The drop also happened because of her bad reputation and her photo quality going down. She actually had better quality photos before she constantly going to California to shoot. I think maybe her “success” after doing softcore porn got to her head and made her think she could just do anything to get money. She has zero sense of quality control. Her chocolate scat shoot in Valentine’s Day is more than enough evidence for this. No self respecting artist would release such a set or keep going with it. If I was her, I would’ve known it was a bad idea from the beginning.

No. 516388

File: 1525836630246.png (Spoiler Image, 1.83 MB, 1383x1795, Capture _2018-05-08-23-29-47.p…)

Tbh I think she got the chocolate idea from darshelle Steven's who did similar shoots with cake icing (not chocolate)

And it just looked like absolute garbage.

She can't come up with good ideas on her own so she tries to steal ideas and falls flat on her face

(super ot but image for proof)

No. 516393

File: 1525837141413.gif (1.41 MB, 337x600, 0F08F71C-6EAA-408D-9067-12A31D…)

No. 516394

or "how it looked online vs in person"

No. 516395

File: 1525837240507.png (5.92 MB, 1242x2208, 2A5FD3E4-534D-4B57-8A59-3DDFAA…)

No. 516396


they're not like they are in high school. they're not over the course of 2 days. she's claiming to double major yet has 3 days of finals?

No. 516398

Oh, she must be taking her finals at home…

No. 516399

you're just lying to yourself at this point kid lmao

the only course i'd believe that shes doing is like that mandatory government class everyone ends up having to take

No. 516400

not even, the bitch got kicked out, we all know it. the bitch just wants to seem like a cool business woman when she can't even manage her own diet.

No. 516401

why does her face look like a kid that ate too many beans

No. 516403

maybe it's her tell when she's lying?

No. 516404

looks like a middleaged unkept housewife who completely gave up on everything.

No. 516405

LMAO university finals week usually last at LEAST 2 weeks (one for studying and one for turning in) this little lie she’s trying so hard to keep up is just embarrassing at this point lol….apparently she has two finals left when she was literally at cons, eating out, and “working out” according to her IG stories………..ok moo lol

No. 516410

moo is obviously such a good linguiça (spanish for woman linguist) that she doesn't need to!

No. 516414

File: 1525839891968.jpg (223.69 KB, 600x600, __junko_touhou_drawn_by_okema_…)

Love it. She will never post her curriculum papers or actual books textbooks but will drop screens of private texts containing a friend's self harm photos

No. 516416


Don’t forget she tried to hunt down the person who debunked her “doing homework at cons her on her laptop” myth.

No. 516422

File: 1525841176814.png (777.48 KB, 720x1155, Screenshot_2018-05-08-21-45-08…)

No. 516435

It really depends on the school and how lucky you get with your exam schedule, but that's ultimately irrelevant since Moo isn't going anyways.

No. 516438

Not to mention the fact that she said that she had to go take the finals in person. We all know that if she went to take them, she'd be taking photos of herself going into the school cause she's an idiot who documents every part of her boring life.

No. 516439

File: 1525844790873.png (205.11 KB, 356x651, Screenshot 2018-05-08 at 10.46…)

are they seriously out at dave and busters again?

No. 516440

It's the only place where she can get enough peace and quiet to study for her dual majors.

No. 516442

File: 1525845149670.jpeg (319.65 KB, 1242x1913, 748693FC-0F84-4D42-8E91-10685E…)

Positivity my dudes

No. 516443

File: 1525845293417.png (1.33 MB, 1242x2208, 73113880-FA61-497F-BE71-2EF58D…)

Posted a video while driving <70mph AND VAPING. Video in one hand vape in the other. I hope this dumb cunt hits a pole and wrecks her car.

No. 516444

File: 1525845349982.png (158.83 KB, 358x654, Screenshot 2018-05-08 at 10.55…)

No. 516447

All she has to do is lie about taking two more finals then she can lie about being through with school.

No. 516449

That passive aggressive threatening tone. Never change Moo, never change!

No. 516455

that's where her finals are! her college is in vegas, anon. don't be so prude.

No. 516459


It’s not our fault she had lipo done. She even said that she’s more open about it now. What? She thinks she can just get away with lying about her weight loss for a whole year??

Look Mariah, you deserve the hate for the lipo. YOU chose to do it. You clearly knew it was wrong because you tried to hide it by sponsoring a tea for weight loss and posted selfies at the gym. That’s the worst part of it all really. The way you tried to hide it because you know people would lose respect for you.

Your body being messed up is on you.

No. 516461

File: 1525851035013.png (251.16 KB, 359x653, Screenshot 2018-05-09 at 12.30…)

No. 516462

File: 1525851056043.png (211.99 KB, 353x649, Screenshot 2018-05-09 at 12.30…)

No. 516464

is she having a fucking stroke

No. 516466


dang she's going to fucking town on the snacks

No. 516467

playing ddr songs on beginner is the closest she gets to a work out

No. 516470

Tinfoil, but I found out that fake weights are thing and maybe Moo is using them….

No. 516477

File: 1525852941531.png (1.03 MB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2018-05-09-00-59-36…)

No. 516478

File: 1525853008658.png (954.42 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-05-09-00-59-51…)

So much for criticism Moo you only lasted a couple days before you ran back to your old ritual!!

No. 516479

>Ready to impress? Perhaps post that unbelievable YouTube or Facebook video?

No. 516480

File: 1525853049268.png (563.9 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-05-09-00-59-46…)

She posted more but its all the same

No. 516482

It's so nice for Moo to post inspirational quotes to people who she acts like a bitter bitch to.

And also nice of her to remind herself that she has a terrible reputation because of her lack of character.

Keep lurking here Moo and blaming us for retarded shit that you do and lie about.

No. 516489

File: 1525855702495.png (189.09 KB, 349x654, Screenshot 2018-05-09 at 1.47.…)

crying over cats

No. 516490

File: 1525855781777.png (400.05 KB, 812x596, Screenshot 2018-05-09 at 1.49.…)

No. 516496

I think she's hurting. For some reason there's something about this recent bout of random posting and "look at how active and happy and productive I am dudes!!" That seems manic and desperate. She's in the death throes.

No. 516499

This picture is just has shitty as moo’s poop sauce pics. This girl looks bored as fuck, what’s sexy about this??

No. 516500


Even the tattoo on her leg looks bored.

No. 516505

> 2 more
She said herself finals started on Monday. Since then she’s been out every night and a con the weekend before. At what point has she been doing her finals to where she has 2 left.

I guess there’s no point lying successfully when your greasy fan base will believe anything.

No. 516534

more like they don't care about anything.

No. 516537

File: 1525871169258.png (5.38 MB, 1242x2208, 58E23E06-B3F8-4DD6-A9EA-C0D66D…)

Holy shit anon said “crying about cats in her story” but that was an understatement she has a mini panic attack over this. Boy oh boy is she riding that manic bullshit wave

No. 516538

File: 1525871215158.png (6.35 MB, 1242x2208, BFB0B055-F3C8-4024-819F-3248DE…)

She also cries and yells about it on both of her accounts

No. 516539

this is the face of someone with no future, who's present is collapsing in on them.

No. 516540

Curious: do you all think this is the end of Moo? I wonder what possible trajectory she has from here on out, either within or outside of the cosplay community.

No. 516541

I wish. But anyone who thinks it is is deluding themselves.

Why was she crying about cats or whatever the fuck?

Wonder if guys do her from behind, a la Lainey, so they don't gotta look at her face.

No. 516542


Maybe, but for a fat girl she's got zero ass, so there's nothing to look at from that angle except for rippling back fat.

No. 516544

i don't think she's making enough $$ to continue on tbh. especially after that goal change shit anon spotted yesterday. for all we know she could be down to 3k, which isn't nearly enough to support her lavish lifestyle.

the beauty of it is that she's obviously too depressed to work up the energy she'd need to get more subs, that and she doesn't have the cash to buy likes anymore.

No. 516545

How are we delusional? Her. already low quality, is getting lower and lower and she's losing money every month. This may not be the 'end' persay but let's be real once she cant make a living off of it anymore she's not going to continue cosplaying. She'll probably sell everything she owns that's even vaguely nerdy and go back to being the shitty LV Normie she's meant to be.

Since starbucks totally loved her so much they had a party when she they fired her (her claims not mine) I'm sure they'll lovingly take her back.

No. 516546

listen anon, i agree with you on everything but the last bit. starbucks obviously had a party to celebrate her fat ass finally being out of their hair, but she crashed it.

No. 516547

I think she's more likely to go full-out porn than give up and do "normal" jobs again.

No. 516551


why is she freaking out abut cats?

No. 516553

I agree. While I think she’s finally at a point where there’s no saving her or her reputation in the community, I think she’s still got much farther to fall before she disappears.

She’s way to proud and up her own ass to quit quietly, I think we’re not far off from straight nudes which will give her social media another temporary resuscitation but she’s way way too fucked at this point to ever be seen as anything more than a stain. Even if she goes full Jessica Nigri and spends the next year heavily improving her skills, there’s no REAL picking up from a fall this severe.

No. 516556

File: 1525876705994.png (4.37 MB, 1242x2208, EF831F72-A93B-448E-BFB4-C608F6…)

I think the most pathetic thing about these posts is that she has no reason for treating herself and her body so badly. She doesn’t have a terrible boss who over works her and makes her come in to work at awful times, she doesn’t have demanding on-campus classes that she needs to juggle. She lives in a big empty house all alone and works on the Internet. She has zero excuse for this shit other than how fucking WRECKED her mental health is.

This is her.. what, second all nighter this week? Third?

No. 516557

File: 1525876790480.png (8.64 MB, 1242x2208, B8E54FB4-7C50-42E5-9BF8-75A2B8…)

Sorry for double posting but she’s also out here posting old pics of her from YEARS ago where she was actually a respectably chubby size. I’d pay to see her try to squeeze her rippled gut in to this now.

No. 516559

Wow, her arm size then compared to now is jarring. Some lovely anon should make a timeline of moomoo's widening and girth growth. It would be the worlds most compelling PSA on not being a fat lazy cunt

No. 516569

File: 1525880785626.png (1.74 MB, 750x1334, F899238D-E4DC-4DCD-B900-F968CE…)

She’s really trying to make this lie happen… we all know you’re not in college stop pushing this so hard

No. 516573

So many videos showing off her life, literally every detail of her life, yet not one showing anything that looks like finals work lmao. Moo stop fucking lying you sad cunt. We all know you're thick in the head as you can barely put a sentence together correctly in English.

No. 516577

File: 1525884113757.png (1.07 MB, 720x1152, Screenshot_2018-05-09-09-40-17…)

No. 516578

File: 1525884139749.png (493.93 KB, 720x736, Screenshot_2018-05-09-09-40-32…)

No. 516580

Did she post this on purpose to show how ratchet her nails are? Or is she lacking that much self-awareness?

No. 516583

Could we get a transcript for those that don't want to give this heifer the views

No. 516585

With featuring her greasy hair and face, wearing dirty hoodies and the same clothes in daily selfies in the past, it's a high chance she lacks self awareness. Mix that in with all her sweaty working out and not sleeping properly lately she's just grimey and disgusting by now.

No. 516586

This is wild. It's obvious she's not staying up all night to study or work on projects. She doesn't have a job that makes her work graveyard, she doesn't have a job at all. She doesn't go to school, she doesn't work, she doesn't volunteer, and her only hobbies are pandering the neckbeards and eating.

Her life is a disaster and she has no one to blame but herself.

No. 516589

>>I have a final in an hour
Correct me if I'm wrong but, when I was in college or high school I never said "I have a final to do" nor did I hear any of my other college friends ever refer to an exam or finals as "a final". Doesn't she mean "I have a test in an hour" or "I have my final exams in an hour". Maybe it's just me being nitpicky but it just solidifies she has no clue what she's talking about.
Has she mentioned anything about a graduation?

No. 516591


we say "i have a final" where i'm from

No. 516592

Same I'd just refer to them as exams. Also it seems like an awful few exams for someone in the final year of a double major…

No. 516593

same, we said finals at my place

>I can't go, I have a final that day :(

No. 516595

Students and teachers refer to them as a “final” here. It’s the last exam of the semester and most of the time it’s cumulative. Makes sense it’s called a final because you’re tested on everything.

No. 516596

I thought this was a chode at first.

No. 516599

File: 1525885742892.png (759.49 KB, 720x1048, Screenshot_2018-05-09-10-06-29…)

No. 516602

File: 1525885920659.jpg (10.49 KB, 210x240, fortuneteller-baba-dragon-ball…)


she might feel like master roshi but she looks like fortuneteller baba

No. 516604

She thinks she feels like every fictional character she sees or relates to them somehow. What a sad existence.

No. 516605

I tried. sorry if there's any mistakes, but I transcribed all of the ig stories in order. all the crying she does isn't exaggerated, holy fuck.

1: Sorry im crying!i just watched like a really stupid sad animation video about this girl and her cat, and like, the cat was living throughout the girl's life and her growing up with the cat i'm fucking SOBBING right now!!

2: it's like, "don't cry because it's over [inaudible] because it happened" and i'm like [exaggerated sobbing] fuck!

3: i feel like people don't think of cats as best friends [sobs] it's like, they only think of dogs, but OMIGOD like OHHH im sobbing and like, ran upstairs and just like, sobbed, hugged jaeda, and went like "I LOVEEE YOU SO MUCH"

4: like i ran upstairs and saw her sitting in her cat tree and she's like [meow] and i'm like "you fuckin- i love you [gasping as she puts a hand to her chest] i can't. why am i getting so worked up over this. i just don't know why im sharing this either or why i seem to cry but

5: just go hug anyone, any, any,any furry friend you have- i don't care if it's a fucking lizard just let them know you love them. [more sobbing noises] oh, I'm [crying] i'm so upset!

6: and now guzma's just sitting here and fuckin' biting my toes [sobbing] right now! i love them!

7: yes, i'm insane. okay? I don't know what else to tell you. [more sniffling] okay i'm good. no, i'm not.

8: if you wanna watch it, imma put a fuckin link so swipe up. it's on facebook.

9: [even MORE crying] ilove my cats so much!

10: JAEDA'S FINE! Jaeda's absolutely healthy and fine! but why am i fucking losing my mind over [inaudible]

11: [crying and fanning herself] i can't stop crying! [bursts into laughter] i'm EMOTIONAL right now, and I'm trying to make myself laugh but i just keep getting emotional, and Guzma's running around like a psychopath.

12: [inaudible] i swear im the crazy person that cries over animals anytime i have a chance [fake sobbing as she zooms in on her face]

aaand that's it. hopefully it's helpful for anyone that didn't want to give this cow views.

No. 516608

I wonder what grade she'll give herself when she "graduates"

No. 516609

Bunny Bulma is one of the most basic bitch cosplays. I know cosplayers who dont even like or watch dragon ball who have done it. Also I love that she goes on about being such a huge fan but didnt get invited as a guest to kamehacon.

No. 516610

I'm dead! She does look like Baba!!!

No. 516612

She really needs to get some therapy or on different meds. Then again, anything she gets prescribed is going to be fucked with by all of the adderall, weed, and booze she drowns herslef in.

No. 516613

She's mentioned before that if Jaeda dies she'd go with her and it's crazy how attached she is to Jaeda.

No. 516614

File: 1525887528859.png (176.26 KB, 471x489, Screenshot 2018-05-09 at 10.38…)

inb4 "is that you?!"

No. 516615


are you telling me there are 12 separate stories of her being all manic and having a panic attack about cats

No. 516616

you forgot the "posted to two accounts" bit as well

No. 516617

It’s amazing how she had a final in an hours time but less than 2 hours later is already posting about watching anime. It’s almost like she hasn’t moved at all! But that’s our Momo! Doing tests in record time!

No. 516619

yup. i only transcribed the one from her main account too.

No. 516620

>>516614 Even then her posing and expressions were shit.

No. 516622

File: 1525889273372.png (535.32 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2018-05-09-11-05-09…)


No. 516623

Dollar Tree Nigri at her best.

No. 516625

File: 1525890608318.jpg (468.6 KB, 1056x1639, Screenshot_20180509-142740_Twi…)

This is obviously about Moomoo.

No. 516626

summa cum laude with fake cum

No. 516628

She's happy that she is taking her fake finals. Now she doesn't have to lie about being a student anymore. She can just lie and claim to have a fake degree. That's much easier.

No. 516629

Nah, she already seeded the lie that she's taking a ~break~ after these 'final' because she wants to focus on her 'career' instead of having to worry to show up at her school for classes as they'd have to be attended in person instead of online.

No. 516634


Obvious she’s been copying SSS with a lot of things. She copied her catchphrase, her POV, and even tried to create an OC like her. I think this helps give insight as to why SSS no longer associated with Moo.

No. 516636

She had no idea what chapstick was back then either. Also, she looks like a man in drag here.

Holy shit she really does look like Baba.

This bitch has shown everything except a fucking textbook or notes. Stop lying your ass off Mariah, it's getting really pathetic.

No. 516637

Samefagging but usually people with final exams to do don't have time to watch episodes of anime.

No. 516638

Why do you all keep doing this any time she mentions problems with other models? It’s like moo is the only person you all think about.

No. 516639

She has to copy others. She has no real talent or abilities of her own. None. For anything. She got started copying jnig and now she seems to have found someone else to steal ideas from.

No. 516646

No it's because Gabby and Suu used to both be publicly supportive of Moo (like Jesus they are in the description for the calf's thread!) And both of them don't associate themselves with her anymore. It's pretty fucking obvious. I know Gabby isn't confirmed not a calf anymore but they blatantly avoided each other at lvlup. Gabby was also hanging around her ex at the con he was in her story but moo wasn't. And suu and bunny both disowned moo. I don't get why people get to up in arms when they get brought up especially since it's just more milk on Mariah.

No. 516648



No. 516650

Name someone else it would be about. Its oddly specific

No. 516658

Succ is pretty much the harbringer of the lewd patreon girls movement so it could be about any of the countless girls who kiss her ass. As much as I hate moo, she is not the only ho in the costhot community who rides coat tails and copies ideas with no credit. Also Gabby still follows moo and kisses up to her.

No. 516669

Pretty rich because most of these costhots also support Moo only to ride on her efame and get more supporters. They know how shitty she is but continue to give her attention only because it benefits them.

No. 516672

I just realized something. Prices for a 3 bedroom in Vegas range from $1,400 -$1,600 (assuming she has 3 bedrooms because that ‘cosplay workspace’, her room and Vamps old room) while 2 bedrooms are a bit lower from $1,200-$1,400. I’m assuming she may have a townhouse since she talks about having to go ‘upstairs’ (maybe upstairs is a loft area? Or it could be in one of those developmental areas where the houses look the same). She needs at least $2k per month for rent/utilities. If it’s getting like 3k/mo I would be horrified and shitting myself. The reality that she may be forced to find a roommate or move into her parents home could be a real possibility in the future.

No. 516673

By upstairs she just means the first floor.

No. 516675

she's obviously going to do a "mega cum latte" photoshoot!

No. 516687

Not to derail but shes talking about Momo Akuma and Midna Ash. They were both sucking up to Susu for awhile and both developed "succubus ocs" and suddenly they arent friends. Not everything is about moomoo the cosplay community has lots of toxic people

No. 516693

And both suck up to moomoo. Ash rides on moo’s fame while posting about how she hates people who sexualize kid characters. In the calves thread there was a post that showed Ash’s “OC” had the same outfit succubus wore in one of her shoots. That akuma chick started kissing ass to bunny and susu and they promoted her a ton then suddenly she made some shitty succubus oc and started sucking up to moo. It’s like moo runs to take on the scraps of whoever rides on susu for fame and lets them use her too.

No. 516696


but only when it's convenient. she neglected jaeda after guzma came in, until guzma attacked her and caused her an injury that soon got infected.

No. 516699

If I recall correctly, Moo didn't even immediately take her to the vet when it happened. She waited until it got bad enough.

No. 516702


you remember right. then she was (fake)sobbing about how much she loves jaeda and how sweet she is and stuff, so she could cover her ass after not doing anything to correct guzma's behavior and then not checking on jaeda's well being.

No. 516704

And that fight happening because she didn't bother to take the advice that everyone gave her about slowly introducing the cats. He started shit with all of the cats and is a little shit starter now all because of her. She basically turned him into her.

No. 516710


rip, guzma. you could've been a sweet little kitty and yet you fell into mariah's paws and got all ruined by her.

No. 516717

stuff like that makes it obvious that jaeda wasn't hers as a kitten. did she adopt or was she from her house? either way, moo's shitty personality rubs off on everything and anyone, even cats!

No. 516738

underrated post

No. 516739

i'm pretty sure Jaeda was the family cat, back when Moo was living at her parents and for some reason decided to take her when she moved out. i doubt she'd adopt an older cat, this is the same bitch that paid almost a grand for Guzma from a questionable breeder and who some speculate isn't even pure ragdoll.

No. 516740

Yeah that cat has no hope at all with Moo being his only discipline. She wanted Vamp to get rid of her cat because Guzma started fights with her. She treated that situation the same way she does when it comes to her. She'd rather blame someone else for her actions instead of facing the consequences.

No. 516746

it's basically as if he's an extension of her, both how he acts and how she acts towards him.

No. 516747

With Blizzard having put out the Breast Cancer Mercy pink skin. (All proceeds to BCRF) I'm shocked Moo hasn't patted herself on the back about her stupid beekeeper Mei prints.

No. 516748

pffft, obviously moo gave them the idea!

No. 516750

Says alot when an innocent cat can take on the toxic behavior of their owner…Moo is such a fucked up person.

No. 516762

there are photos of moo and gabby together at the con so i don't know what you mean by "avoiding each other"

No. 516764

They’re just reaching for drama.

No. 516802

She doesn’t give a shit about overwatch or charity. She will only care if it gives her either money or ass pats. She didn’t mention once about Pajama Mei. But she does lurk here. So we will see this cunt talk about how she wants to give back.

No. 516818

For basic ass courses (like your core classes that everyone has to take), that's a plausible time range. My core class finals took me no time at all to complete because most of them were multiple choice rehashes of tests/quizzes we had before. I'd literally completed some in a half hour and gotten an A on them because of that reason.

But what year is she in again (supposedly)? She should be into more difficult classes that take a little longer to complete by now. Surely she's done with her basics. But most of the time, we were allotted 2.5 hours to complete our finals (possibly longer if no other class was booked in that room after)

No. 516820

She said that she was in her final year.

No. 516821

She's in her "final year" but is "deferring her graduation" because of "cosplay".

No. 516822

she claims to either """probably""' be 3rd or 4th year, majoring in both business and linguistics so no, i doubt that's a good time frame. she'd have to be done with the core classes by now and deep into her majors.

No. 516831

Does this sound like moo to you???? She can't even compose a coherent sentence.

The scientific study of language and its structure, including the study of morphology, syntax, phonetics, and semantics. Specific branches of linguistics include sociolinguistics, dialectology, psycholinguistics, computational linguistics, historical-comparative linguistics, and applied linguistics.

No. 516835

Why do you anons keep trying to figure out what year she is in and what she is studying. Mariah Mallad is not enrolled at UNLV. She has not been a student there since freshman year when she got kicked out of school for not being a student in good standing. In other words she never went to class or did any of the assigned work. Give it up already. Everything she says is a lie and this is one of the biggest ones.

No. 516836

you have it wrong, we're trying to remember what she claimed we all know she's not there, my point is that her lies seem so obvious to anyone who simply knows someone else in college. she's treating it like high school.

No. 516837

There's so many discussions of what year and what subjects Moo is supposedly studying since she started talking about being in school, it's common knowledge at this point that Moo is not in school. Stop trying to improve Moo's lies, I know we're like her manager with the way she lurks and responses to us but come on, we're not even paid for this.

No. 516838

lol right, anons don't work out what year she's in cus then she'll know!

No. 516839

File: 1525922015958.png (983.04 KB, 720x1013, Screenshot_2018-05-09-20-12-48…)

No. 516841

i agree, we should really be feeding her more bait to see if she takes it instead of helping her. even by me posting this she'll be so paranoid she won't know what to do.

No. 516846

It kills me how she looks terrified in this picture. It's like one of her neck beards popped out from a corner and spooked her

No. 516847

battered wife-chan

No. 516850

We're not doing anything for her. We're talking about what year she claimed to be in. This was just two months ago so it would be really easy for her audience to find where she contradicted herself. Her lies don't add up as is and it's obvious as shit that she isn't in school. She hasn't shown a single ounce of anything that resembles studying. All she's shown is that she binged an anime overnight and went out with friends. No one who actually took or is taking exams would believe that she's taking them cause she's not acting like someone who's in school. She's acting like someone with too much free time and that's sure as hell not someone with dual majors.

She can't even pretend to be a student taking one major.

No. 516861

Prices are going up in Vegas, you're looking at 1,250 to 1,800 for something manageable. I think she's said before she lives in Summerlin, so realistically she could be on the low end if she was smart.

I live in a 4 bedroom here that's a two story. Does she not just have a second story? Condos are pretty rare, and I doubt she's in an apartment.

No. 516865

I mean, at least its a somewhat different expression to her usual stupid wide eyed trying to be sexy face? She's learning variety!

No. 516872

I know you're not doing it for Moo it's supposed to be sarcastic. You're here trying to prove a point that's been proven thousands of times in these threads (this is hyperbole no need to go back and count the actual times it's been discussed).

Moo not going to school doesn't need proving because anyone with a lick of sense would know it's bullshit. Hell if you have any sense at all you wouldn't be a fan of Moo, her audience is already dwindling, the remaining ones need more hard-hitting wake up calls than this. These analyses of her school lies are unnecessary to the point that seemingly the only use is letting Moo know what's she's doing wrong. A simple "her majors don't exist" is proof enough. Each time she talks about school we can just simply say "wow she's still lying" instead of "let me explain in detail why this obvious lie is obvious according to my knowledge and experience".

I hope Moo "graduates" soon so that school speculation can stop.

No. 516874

boohoo anon sorry the thread isn't going your way.

i have no problem with anons picking apart moo's obvious lies.

No. 516875

I do see your point but half of lolcow is about speculation. We talk about lies that cows spew. Yes, we know she's lying but this would be a dead ass thread if we didn't talk about the current lies that she's telling.

"Moo's lying again about something that we know is a lie, let's stop talking about it until she tells a new lie." Doesn't sound all that fun.

No. 516877

come on, it's clear anon is just reeing because she seems to think that moo is going to somehow get the upperhand if she changes her lie to something posted here. which amuses me because anon seems to think moos fans care about her almost as much as moo thinks they do.

No. 516879

File: 1525932251509.jpeg (1010.21 KB, 1242x1698, A72C9094-3D03-4F62-85D4-99ACDE…)

With her “no more lewds” rant still pinned to her profile..

No. 516886

File: 1525933343529.png (997.56 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-05-09-23-19-14…)


No. 516889


do i see labia-kun making her comeback?

No. 516892

god why is her crotch all brown

No. 516903

Dude looks like a lady

No. 516905

File: 1525936873840.png (530.77 KB, 1007x1129, 20180510_002012.png)

What is this white line on her upper lip

No. 516906

Posts her tame cosplay shots and only gets a fraction of the likes now she's posting lewds again which shoot up in likes instantly. Moo craves the attention as well as neckbeard money and it's too late now to get that from a cosplay that isn't lewded up. Just stop trying to be the cool professional cosplayer that is known for their craft Moo, it'll never happen. Your only talent is showing off your vagina to satisfy your thirsty fanboys in your sad existence.

No. 516907

1. Why is she saying she painted the shoes if you can’t even see them?
2. Am I blind or is she not even wearing the jacket?
3. Her fat is just oozing out of her tights. And labia-kun is so close to making its big comeback after she totally decided to stop doing lewds

No. 516908

Hyperpigmentation in the groin area is usually caused by elevated insulin levels.

No. 516909


are you talking about her teeth?

No. 516911

File: 1525939722751.jpg (123.07 KB, 1024x1024, lips.jpg)

I think she tried doing an upper lip highlight to try to define her cupid's bow like pic related. It also looks like the lips might have been further shooped for more definition, which is why it might look even more weird/discolored in that area.

No. 516912

God it reminds me of when Michelle Phan did that white donut concealer to shape her lips… I’ll never understand how some costhots never improve on their makeup when it’s their job?

No. 516926

Genuine question, why the ripped stockings?
Like, doesn't that imply there was a struggle in the process of tying her up? Which them implies the viewer is the one who tied her up/ripped her stockings in a supposedly non consensual manner?
Is that what shes going for? Is that attractive? Would genuinely like to know the thought process here.

No. 516928

Nah it's cus they burst when she put them on

Such a nitpick but I hate how she uses the word "just"
>i just sewed the sides
>i just painted the shoes
idek why it's annoying to me

No. 516931

The whole appeal of this pic to her horny followers is rape.

No. 516932

Yea, between the ripped stockings, being tied up, and even the dress is pulled up. Definitely a rape scene vibe. Which is disgusting/dumb given her whole public stance of consent (yes I know she’s guilty of it going against it herself, I’m just talking about what she publicly says to her “fans”).

No. 516936


Its digusting how her pics are so rapey

No. 516943

Given her past spurging about that Euphoria hentai and how she wanted to cosplay it, i wouldn't put it past moo if she had a rape fetish tbh

No. 516953

I hate this.
Why would Android 21 be restrained with measly rope? She’s ultra powerful. Also making a character like that submissive is so dumb and OOC. For such a dbz fan she sure doesnt give a shit about representing the character accurately.

No. 516954

Does she use the same bed in all her shoots? This picture is just gross, that fat fold flumping over her fupa makes me want to vomit.

No. 516955

No. 516956

She always uses hotel beds, they generally look pretty generic, don't they?

No. 516958

Well, at least we know why the beds are clean (ish). So does she rent out a hotel room for like a day or does she do these while staying at a hotel for a con? And yes they look extremely generic, like every one of her cosplay "lewd" shoots looks like the before and afters of a terrible porno.

No. 516960

She'd use to do shoots like this every single con she went to while staying at the hotel for it. She'll still do that now and then, but her main MO now is to fly out to ~collaborate~ with 'friends' and do shoots at AirBNBs and her calves' houses.

More or less giving herself vacations and much-needed asspat injections nonstop because we know she barely works during her trips.

No. 516961

File: 1525966818259.jpeg (269.38 KB, 750x1041, 639864DB-9429-4FB5-919E-916D55…)

She always has to sound like a complete bitch. Yeah, they did sound rude, but no need to be a “super big fan” and be rude about it. She is just like her neck beard fans.

The post is also under 500 likes. You know none of her fans give a shit about her intrests.

No. 516964

Even if she did a "dominant mommy" kind of thing it would match more. Isn't she going off now about what a big mommy fetish she has anyways?

No. 516966


Better answer would’ve been “I apologize. I did not think it would be a spoiler because the visual novel has been out for a while. I was only making a speculation based on priori knowledge”.

Ffs it’s not hard Mooriah.

No. 516967

this bitch always posts spoilers
i hate her

No. 516968

It is those Italian, er, I mean pure blooded devout Muslim genes talking, anon! She just can't help but clap back!!!

No. 516969

You mean Lebeanese

No. 516978

File: 1525972704316.png (746.35 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-05-10-10-15-46…)

>months later
>still says what he is eating is curry and not mapo doufu

No. 516979

File: 1525972817097.png (90.25 KB, 720x572, Screenshot_2018-05-10-10-19-50…)

No. 516981


Isn’t this bitch constantly going on about not spoiling shit for people? And yet the second that gets thrown back in her face she immediately goes into snobby bitch mode like “IF YOU HAVENT SEEN IT YET ITS YOUR FAULT!!!”

No. 516983

Some big fan she is. Isn't it a big meme too?

No. 516985

yes. the meal doesnt even look like curry. shes retarded

No. 516987

I'm so glad she can prove her own lies about having played the game.

No. 516990

one of my friends who did a cosplay held a box of the mapo tofu mix around all day as a joke at katsu. i wonder if she saw it.

No. 516992


like she didn't eat the entire fucking melon and tub of hummus

No. 516995


She needs to ask herself “WWJD” (what would JessicaNigri do).

Since she wants to wear her skin so badly, I don’t get why she doesn’t try to respond like she would. She already copied a lot of shit from Jessica and other cosplayers, so what harm will it do to copy positive aspects from people?

No. 516998

the only thing she's copied from jnig is taking poor care of her skin.

No. 517002

I just don't get how Momo can think she can eat 10+ healthy snacks in a day and think it will balance out her fast food diet. Like, Momo for most of us your "snacks" is our meal and you're having snacks after snacks before eating out.

No. 517003

She was posting about premade meals and those even looked unhealthy. She couldn't ask her trainer for tips?

No. 517016


It's pretty likely that's the case with moo, but afaik darker areas can also be cause by genetics. I'm mixed and look white af but have similar brown patches. Mariah's ~Lebeanse~ background is probably doing her no favours with having a dirty looking crotch. Her photog should be able to colour correct it anyways but doesn't bother kek

No. 517034

Skin discoloration is also caused by skin rubbing against each other which is why it's common in bigger people
It can be lessened by exfoliating and lotion but we all know Moo doesn't shower, least of all exfoliate

No. 517037

I'd be surprised if moo WASN'T hyperinsulinemic
enjoy your heart disease and diabetes moomoo

No. 517045

File: 1525986141588.png (449.55 KB, 535x506, h8RKs3g.png)

No. 517046

This looks like the beginning to some sort of lord of the rings spoof porn.

That fucking dead fish face. I just can’t.

No. 517048

You all need to watch her instagram story. I normally avoid watching it but this was insane. She is literally screaming like a child throwing a tantrum. Probably on the same level as her crying videos from yesterday (?)
Something is going on with her right now she is acting even more crazy than usual.

No. 517050

Honestly I don't think this looks too bad, her facial expression is not the most flattering though.

No. 517054

>>517048 is she incapable of just sitting down to watch a movie, she has to legit be on her phone obnoxiously zooming in on it back and forth the whole time? I had it muted bc I was afraid to hear her grating voice, but how can anyone stand to be around someone as fucking insufferable and obnoxious as her is beyond me.

No. 517058

Jesus am I relieved she's in a house rather than a condo or apartment. If it's anything like when I lived out midwest the houses aren't stacked together so neighbors don't have to constantly hear her at ungodly hours of the night.

No. 517062

Looks like she's on to doing her last imaginary final my dudes!

No. 517065

She was watching the movie with Vamp too, it wasn't like she was alone. I gather that she's annoying as fuck to be around, but I didn't know it was THAT bad. She was shrieking. Her poor neighbors.

No. 517066

Her voice is so obnoxiously ratchet and fake. It screams 'look at ME, look at how much of a fake OTT fangirl I am about this series!'

No. 517068

She has been known to play rapey hentai visual novels and watch it, so not surprised her photo sets are at a similar level. Brings in more Patreon bucks after all.

No. 517072

She’s still talking about her “finals” in her new ig story. She is honestly a psycho… like gurl give it up already

No. 517073

File: 1525993422379.jpeg (209.47 KB, 1190x1879, F8566CAC-DC29-438F-9946-CA32A3…)

No. 517074

>One more final lie about school left!

You're a pathetic joke, Moo.

No. 517075

Lmao this is just sad. Her previous final took two hours as she was home again watching anime filming the TV screen from the exact same spot just like she was before she supposedly left to take it. Let's see if it takes her two hours again!

No. 517078

File: 1525993871070.png (327.44 KB, 638x477, noooooooo.png)

the way she looks here reminds me of this thing

No. 517081

Yes Moo, because as someone who shares every aspect of her existence 24/7. People totally believe your vague posts about finals.

No. 517082

Nobody can stand to be around her but vamp. and while we are at it fuck vamp. She sits there and watches moo put up all the lies about school and all the other things on her insta and doesn't say a word even though she knows its all bullshit.

No. 517083

that's our moo. scream until everyone has to look at her like a three year old child. that's her whole personality.

No. 517085

She's just Moo's doormat and probably has no other actual friends but her which is why they're perfect for each other. The fact she's much older than her is pathetic. It's like watching a shit mom and her unruly kid sometimes with how they act.

No. 517086

File: 1525995075643.jpg (589.35 KB, 1080x2087, Screenshot_20180510-162937_Ins…)

Talking about doing stuff for yourself. If you're not happy change it up. How she wants us to do well in life and work hard.

No. 517090

She's such an inspiration to all the costhot skanks out there. Just lie your asses off about everything kids and you can be just like me.

No. 517091

Spot on two hours later, the imaginary final has been completed and the guilty conscience positivity speech has been said, Moo you are predictable as fuck.

No. 517092

>work until you're exhausted
Watching anime all day must be exhausting and count as work.
>change it up
Not everyone has a job doing absolutely nothing

Great advice Moo as usual.

No. 517093

File: 1525995867943.jpg (45.87 KB, 400x261, qy52ee506a[1].jpg)

tinfoil hat time!
i think that moo was running out of money so lied to someone who is "financing" her schooling, but she's pocketing the money instead. she feels threatened when we call her out because she doesn't want her financier to find out. i thinks she's lying to everybody including vamp. deny deny deny.
she could have even been lying about this for years too, who knows.

No. 517094

Did…Did she put on glasses to give the illusion she's studious? Unless I'm missing something I've never seen her with glasses outside of characters

No. 517096

File: 1525996181549.jpg (45.87 KB, 656x300, legally_blonde.jpg)

She probably thinks it makes her look smarter.

No. 517099

They look like a fake lense pair off ebay you can get for a few bucks.

No. 517100

So cos playing is actually her full time Job and only source of income? Despite the fact she is not any good at it? I just thought this was her "Fun Time" activity . Also in the pic what is up with her mouth? it looks like she has cotton balls stuffed around her bottom Jaw. I have to hand it to her though if I had her figure I would not be confident to wear those outfits, and if she is earning a good income playing dress up, then who am I to Judge lol.

No. 517101

File: 1525997239083.png (50.19 KB, 202x200, 20170524_215646.png)

No. 517104

File: 1525998603120.png (265.11 KB, 818x920, l94eOzI.png)

Asif Moo is actually wearing the Ebay glasses used in her cosplays to look 'smart' in today's finals look.

Fucking hilarious.

No. 517105

Could just show some books related to your studies, you idiotic cow. No one's going to believe that you took your last final just because you put on some glasses.

No. 517107

exactly. she probably heard that snacking throughout the day is good for you (which it is, cause it helps the metabolism) but her snacks aren't even snack. they're full course meals throughout the day

No. 517109

She has claimed to have glasses for a while but she literally never wears them unless she is going on a spurge about something. I.e. trying to look smart.

There are no photos of her when she was younger with glasses, and we know she was pretty wealthy so its not like she couldn't afford glasses until she was an adult. They have to be fake for sure

No. 517110

Old but Star Wars day already happened and she never did her Slave Leia cosplay? Literally the easiest cosplay and it wasn't even that expensive. I honestly don't understand why she didn't do it

No. 517112

Also.. whats the point of "not cosplaying to the con" when you put in contacts, false lashes, and a ponytail wig with a "kinky" choker
Like you're literally cosplaying your OC that nobody gives a shit about to a con again. Why go through all this effort when you could ACTUALLY DO YOUR JOB

No. 517113

Notice the one thing she isn't doing. Like actually watching the movie.

No. 517114

Does it matter? She's a fake fan about nearly everything and lies about everything. She's only a fan of herself.

No. 517115

She did this preachy instastory in front of her fucking parents lmao y I k e s

No. 517116


Gotta look intelligent for the parents, their precious daughter has worked so hard on her finals! Looking forward to those long awaited Photoshopped grade results.

No. 517119

File: 1526001414230.jpg (650.84 KB, 1080x2087, Screenshot_20180510-181635_Ins…)

She just got new glasses guys.

No. 517120


Yeah I don’t get that either. The whole point of “not cosplaying” is to enjoy the con without the burden of worrying about your make up, wig, cosplay falling apart, and being stopped for photos. It’s funny too because we’ve seen her without any make up or wig on in most of her stories.

No. 517121

File: 1526001569221.jpg (9.21 KB, 225x225, P8FU8xa.jpg)


Oh honey…

No. 517122

They're the exact some ones that anon posted here >>517104

No. 517123

You can't see those. It's personal.

No. 517130

is it so hard to iron your shirt before wearing it?

No. 517134

She thinks that will make everyone believe her bullshit story about school. A few simple shots of you actually doing something that students do would have worked too moo you dumbass. But what she doesn't realize is that her parents know much better than anyone how much of a compulsive liar she is. She didn't turn into this thing she is now overnight. She has always been this way. She probably told them she was taking online courses and they are too embarrassed and ashamed to tell her to her face that they doubt that it is true. But there is probably a lot of serious eye roll action going on between them when moo isn't looking.

No. 517135

Classic momo. Wants to look sincere so she puts on fake glasses.

No. 517136


Moo will want to brag about her results at some point to prove the haters wrong. Even if they are personal, she films her life 24/7 anyway so she'll do something and that'll lead on into the imaginary college graduation story.

No. 517140

She already tried that and it failed because she showed textbooks from her first and only year of college. She also threw in some Chinese and Japanese starter stuff because she's an idiot who doesn't know what Linguistics means.

No. 517141

And don't forget the freshman orientation stuff that was somehow supposed to make us believe that she was a senior.

No. 517144

I know it's a lot of work and god forbid someone would actually have to reread all the threads from the beginning, but it would be very funny to see a list of all the lies she has told and all the things she has claimed to be an expert at over the last two years. All that accumulated bullshit would be pretty devastating in a condensed version. Like remember her watching chess games for fun and playing the flute? Good times.

No. 517145

To save you some trouble:

Everything. She lies about everything. Even things she doesn't need to lie about. That's just how the cow moos.

No. 517148

She's suddenly talking about her 'stupid glasses' just as we were talking about them lol. Obvious lurking continues…

No. 517150

File: 1526007821481.jpeg (484.15 KB, 819x695, 59D0F088-7662-42A9-84C5-FC3425…)

God she looks so busted in that pink wig

No. 517151

As long as her neckbeards support her she will keep being a compulsive liar. Even when she hits rock bottom she will still lie. She has already hit rock bottom before, but this cosplay thing was the best deal for her, even if her popularity is already fading after 2 short years of infamy

No. 517152

File: 1526008220418.png (194.79 KB, 349x658, Screenshot 2018-05-10 at 8.09.…)


lmao is this fucking gintama

No. 517153

File: 1526008285466.png (234.45 KB, 348x654, Screenshot 2018-05-10 at 8.09.…)

This is her Patreon expectations for this month, right? So what the fuck is this pink fabric for?

No. 517154

File: 1526008330703.png (498.08 KB, 928x594, Screenshot 2018-05-10 at 8.12.…)

No. 517155

Moo, those are your beekeeper Mei ones. Which are already wrong. She must think we have the memory span of goldfish.

No. 517156

I doubt your Patrons give a shit, Moo.

No. 517158

How does she get so many simple things wrong

No. 517159

File: 1526009194832.png (245.78 KB, 352x655, Screenshot 2018-05-10 at 8.25.…)

Watching Fate with subs but its english dub???

No. 517162

No it’s from hoozuki no reitetsu, a character that’s a compulsive liar & irritating so in other words.. it’s moo kek

No. 517163

She can't hear it over her screeching so she needs subs.

No. 517164

bitch staaap. We already know they are your old bee keeper mei glasses

No. 517166

Oh? What made her delete this picture from her Instagram?

No. 517167

It's almost kind of impressive how much she manages to get wrong. It's almost like she's TRYING to do it bad.

No. 517168

Lets be real. She's gonna flake on half of these. She can barely get shoots done when she DOESNT have anything going on but she spent this entire week pretending to have finals so how is she going to get 8 shoots (5 if you include the fact she'll probably do lewd versions in the same area she does the main ones) in 3 weeks? A competent cosplayer would be able to do it sure especially since she's not making any of these cept for the tragic Francis Drake 'swimsuit' and her Regretsuko but I feel like she's gonna put off half of these.

I feel like she'll probably try and not do the lewd shoots since she's obviously at a point again where she's desperately trying to hide her stomach. it's been 2 weeks since she's last 'fully' shown her stomach and it wasnt pretty. >>510638 and other than this it's been almost a month since she's 'willingly' showed her stomach. (Note: I'm not counting her hiking her leggings up to her nipples as 'showing her stomach' so either another round of lipo is happening but it looks like this coming series of patreon shoots will be a heavy flow of glorious milk

No. 517170

File: 1526010902333.jpg (205.19 KB, 1044x1391, 32086794_1622879387767885_1841…)

No. 517172

Those forced smiles

No. 517175

File: 1526011424248.jpg (453.62 KB, 1440x1920, 31944333_568829423517597_91340…)

God this wig is disgusting and ruined

No. 517177

She doesn't even wash her clothes, ironing is asking a lot

No. 517181

File: 1526012164685.png (290.39 KB, 352x658, Screenshot 2018-05-10 at 9.15.…)

How is this magenta?
Get your eyes checked by a real doctor

No. 517182

File: 1526012190420.png (1.44 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-05-11-00-13-36…)

This post popped up in the dragoncon group and thought this comment was interesting

No. 517183

File: 1526012205733.png (513.05 KB, 1440x2539, Screenshot_2018-05-11-00-11-47…)

No. 517184

File: 1526012219464.png (451.18 KB, 1440x2549, Screenshot_2018-05-11-00-11-59…)

No. 517185

File: 1526012455624.gif (152.85 KB, 256x192, 1525487902633.gif)

Good job moomoo, you're really winning over the hearts of people in the cosplay community! Keep it up!

No. 517186

omg is that supposed to be her 21 tail? Is she going to attempt to not have to bodypaint for 21 cause that would be beautiful. I hope she shoops herself pink.

No. 517187

File: 1526012689582.png (222.42 KB, 1920x1080, moomoo1.png)

you probably should have redacted names.
I'm on the post as well, and idk if it matters, but here is some more. [with all names redacted]

No. 517188

File: 1526012729829.png (131.29 KB, 1920x1080, mooo2.png)

Using paint so its a mess but whatever, its milk.

No. 517191

it's a public post, no need to do that. but if you're going to fucking color code them. mspaint is no excuse. and ffs crop the photo you twit.

No. 517192

File: 1526012897556.png (237.62 KB, 351x657, Screenshot 2018-05-10 at 9.27.…)

Don't make screens.

No. 517193

Honestly they both sound so paranoid at cons that I'd guess they're suspicious of anyone asking for photos of their average asses in their ill-fitting cosplays who isn't a neckbeard. In selfies with fans Moo's all smiles and peace signs, but asked for a photo by themselves and they're both trying to do whatever they can to look halfway presentable (Mariah with her hands behind her back to hide her arms and look like she has decent posture, and Vamp with her hand on her hip to attempt to have a semblance of a figure in that huge costume). They're real insecure in this, and probably in the back of their heads very scared that anyone taking their picture is doing it just to make fun of them.

No. 517194

She made the tail way too skinny. She literally just tried to remake her hellboy tail but pink

No. 517196

File: 1526013278509.png (713.44 KB, 1280x1920, Majin_Android_21.png)

she probably used this pic as reference and it looks pretty thin here
It looks like a giant pink shit coming out of the middle of her back

No. 517197

Looks like a fat rat

No. 517198

I'm sorry but it's just so disappointing that so much potential is wasted here with her. She could have gone far but she chose to short change so much shit for no reason beyond making it difficult for the sake of making it difficult. Like just simple shit. So now it just makes it more difficult for others in this profession to be taken seriously. Like Overtflow she's hanging out with keeps sucking dick of Keemstar, Logan paul, and KSI to the point he's fighting on August as an undercard. It's all the people who YouTube is ashamed of but can't get rid of that make it harder for others on that platform. Just uuuhh it's just time to clean out shit and stop letting people take advantage of society`s indulgence of sympathy/empathy

No. 517199

File: 1526013513635.png (231.38 KB, 351x652, Screenshot 2018-05-10 at 9.38.…)

No. 517200

File: 1526013528092.png (213.28 KB, 359x654, Screenshot 2018-05-10 at 9.38.…)

No. 517201

I hope someone kicks it.

No. 517202

File: 1526013771521.png (596.18 KB, 811x592, Screenshot 2018-05-10 at 9.41.…)

No. 517204

The fuck are these suppose to be?

No. 517205

File: 1526013812449.png (459.71 KB, 719x444, Screenshot 2018-05-10 at 9.42.…)

blantantly copied shit from the wiki

No. 517206

File: 1526013936120.png (4.56 MB, 2208x1242, 1509392258847.png)


r u sure u rnt a salty fuckboi

No. 517207

Still have a hearty kek over this. She looked so deranged. The comments from people who had no idea who she was but was appalled by her shitty costume and technique was also great.

No. 517211

I mean 3 years ago when she had just started and nobody knew she was a manipulative self-centerned cunt.

No. 517212


Exactly this. She has no talent and clearly doesn’t know anything about crafting. Yet she feels like she has the right to criticize others on their work. She went on that whole “don’t use wood glue” tirade a while back but in her Black Widow video, she didn’t even seal her foam!

I get it Mariah. It sucks having people talk shit about your crafting and saying you should start making your own shit. But pretending like you know shit is even worse. You’ve said many times you’re just a “Weeb with a sewing machine” yet you still insist on trying to be some crafting genius. Just stop. Learn and improve your crafting quietly and surprise everyone with your improvement later down the line. Instead of asking for praises for every little “refurbishment” , “modification”, and “styled by me” credits.

No. 517213

I think when she was working as a Japanese translator was my favorite.

No. 517215

Potential due to the audiences ignorance? I mean… sure… But she's always been a cunt.

No. 517217

What con/video is this from? I want to see the cringe

No. 517218

No. 517222

File: 1526016576464.png (203.51 KB, 355x651, Screenshot 2018-05-10 at 10.28…)

please dont tell me she chopped two headphone ear cups and put them on a headband?

No. 517223

File: 1526016595493.png (237.8 KB, 352x647, Screenshot 2018-05-10 at 10.28…)

No. 517224

Jesus she looks trashy. With all the money she get's why doesn't she invest in a brush to straighten out these nappy wigs of heres.

No. 517225

Her fat head can fit in Arda chibi?

No. 517228

Rip this poor wig

No. 517229

File: 1526017240940.png (229.33 KB, 351x650, Screenshot 2018-05-10 at 10.40…)

She hasn't finished this..

No. 517230

Hype died down. She'll prob sell it. Or it didn't fit so she's gonna pretend it didn't exist. Course she could see this comment and immediately do a lewd set to prove me wrong.

No. 517231

How does she manage to fuck up a wig that bad??

No. 517232

Pretty sure that's just unstyled Arda Chibi my dude

No. 517233

File: 1526017897414.png (48.57 KB, 720x280, Screenshot_2018-05-10-22-47-59…)

No. 517234

File: 1526017925602.png (81.75 KB, 718x558, Screenshot_2018-05-10-22-48-44…)

No. 517235

Of course one of the most boosted OW players likes Moo

No. 517236

Instead of drinking energy drinks, she needs to try some fucking water.

Aka "You won't look like hair when I'm done with you."

No. 517238

I love how I mention 2 hours ago that she's not gonna finish her costume stuff and now she's throwing together shitty headphones for a costume she wasnt even supposed to do this month to prove me wrong. Keep lurkin moo

No. 517242

That barge, I hope she isn’t using that indoors. That shit is incredibly toxic and needs to be used outside or a well ventilated area. I don’t trust her using that shit in her workroom at all.

No. 517243

No no anon, by all means let her use it indoors, CLEARLY she's a pro at this kind of stuff so she knows what will happen.

No. 517244

her cats breath it in. sorry to upset you with the depressing truth.

No. 517249

File: 1526034246649.jpeg (246.1 KB, 1242x1585, 35042F65-7EAC-4DE3-9A55-E065DD…)

On her last picture on Facebook in which she’s been neglecting it seems

No. 517250

She spray paints on her carpet in her workshop judging by the stains on it when she takes selfies, she's completely useless. That barge is definitely not being used properly and her cats are just having their lifespan shortened because of her bullshit.

No. 517251

Knowing her drug usage she’s probably huffing it in between selfies.

No. 517252

The person asked Why not Where but its nice to know shes insecure about those ham flaps.

No. 517253

File: 1526036506520.jpg (169.46 KB, 918x1525, IMG_20180511_065912_615.jpg)

I'm sorry but I must have missed this the first time but WTF is up with this???? Also kek at the strap being eaten by her back fat so you can see it

No. 517254


No. 517255

Has she posted about BlizzCon at all? With all consideration, round 1 ticket release sold out and round 2 is on Saturday.

No. 517257

Don't be silly she has no intention of buying tickets as she's going to loser con it like she always does.

No. 517258

You’d think she’d…. try?

We’re rolling in a group of 12 and got tickets pretty easily. I don’t get how she has “fun” ghosting this shit

No. 517259


there is no try only moo

No. 517260

>adds cuffs for no reasons

>wears heels instead of sneakers

>flat wig

I will never get over fucking up such a simple costume.

It's hard to keep your lies straight when that's all one does.

No. 517261

She's balls deep in trying to be the biggest Fate fan right now, she forgot she's supposed to like Overwatch and care about being IRL Mei.

No. 517264

bitch got no $$. moo's a piece of shit who thinks all her patreon cash is profit for her to waste.

No. 517265


She is going to ghost like she always does and pretend like she was too busy being “stopped for photosl and “meeting her fans” to go inside. And once the weekend is over she’ll do her usual “Omg I’m legit crying right now. I got to meet sooooo many of you guys and all saw soooo many awesome cosplays that it has inspired me to work even harder” essay bullshit.

No. 517269

>It looks like a giant pink shit coming out of the middle of her back

so accurate

No. 517270

Moo is that self entitled she thinks she has enough fans and support to not even enter the con when she can just loiter outside and get the attention she wants, mostly from photographers.

Blizzcon looks great, it's one con many would love to go to as an avid fan and Moo is just a cheap cunt who obviously doesn't care for Blizzard one bit.

No. 517282

I have a sneaking feeling Moo only showed interest this year because of her occasional fuckbuddy's involvement in OWL, and because some of Jessica's friends are going. She's too fat and too reviled to ride the 'ching chong IRL Mei!!!!!' train anymore, so she's putting in a (even for Moo) minimal effort with her new ebay costume that she ordered.

No. 517289

File: 1526050075619.png (744.81 KB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2018-05-11-07-42-46…)

No. 517290


lmao nice rat tail moo

No. 517291

File: 1526050109463.png (767.71 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-05-11-07-43-06…)

No. 517314

So she was pirating it even though she pushed so hard for “support the creators!!!”?

No. 517329


Is she already out and drinking right now or are these old photos?

No. 517343

lol she's denying she had lipo again. Momo people don't forget you already confessed to this. And yes, we agree you need lipo in your arms.

As for her current trend, she always has to be known as "the irl samus" or "irl Mei" now she's moving onto "that irl Saber"…. sadly NO ONE is calling her the irl saber no matter how hard she tries to push it. She looks like a granny in the cosplay.

of course she's already getting blasted. She uses any excuse to get drunk and be more obnoxious

No. 517345

These are old

No. 517350

File: 1526062766604.jpg (8.86 KB, 212x406, 249440b7e8ba616cf4d8ed46624799…)

Momo-kun Cosplay, AKA "irl Granny"!!

No. 517352

that's because saberfags don't give a shit about """muh curves""" and moo is bad at being a tiny dutious, bland girl for them to go nuts over. her type of audience likes fiery tsunderes who they can fantasize about fucking into submission, like rin, which is why her rin cosplay was so much more popular.

No. 517361

She has fun cause she stands for two hours to have random take her pic then goes and gets plastered

Her patrein should say it's to support her party habits not he cosplay

No. 517362

Reminder last year she was shooting with blizzard ny dudes

Yet we saw nothing hmmmmmm

No. 517363

Pretty much this.

Moo's main hobby is lying her ass off. That's why she has no ass.

No. 517371

she traded her ass for lipo and coke

No. 517374

Where does the coke claim come from? There's proof of adderall, tons of alcohol and lots of weed but where is evidence of coke?

No. 517375

can't speak for other anons, but personally i feel bad for moo if she's not on some hard shit like coke. bitch is crazy.

No. 517376

coke is present at con parties and knowing moo why wouldn't she do coke?

No. 517377

She doesn't sleep, hyped up on energy drinks all day long, doesn't have friends, paranoid as fuck, lives on social media and under the influence all the time. That probably multiplies her crazy. Even if she cut that shit out, she'd still be an entitled, manipulative, verbally abusive spoiled cunt.

No. 517389

There is a video of her at a con party presumably taking shots with "lime" but from the video it looked more like she was doing coke because she never took the shot and the girl in the video was yelling " IS THAT A LINE (lime?)" and then Mariah ran and hid off camera.
Just speculation and tinfoiling cause it was probably just shots with lime. But yet again, who cares if she had lime so I don't get why they were yelling and freaking out about it in the video

No. 517390

She always wants to be someone "stan" or "headcanon" for characters but she stopped marketing herself that way. Her "Thicc Samus" was her brand and then she moved onto "IRL Mei"
She at least HAD a brand back then. Ever since she made her own OC people stopped caring as much. And this "IRL Saber" thing I think isn't actually happening. I don't think she is trying to be IRL Saber or anything. I think she is just too lazy to find a new cosplay or a new character to wear at cons

No. 517392

totally disagree, she wants to be irl saber solely because of how many fucking crazy fans saber has. i know moo's not smart, but she clearly wants to garner a wking fanbase so she's trying to do that.

No. 517393

That and her unable to fit in her Samus or Mei. The last time she wore Mei Beekeeper you could tell the suit was bulging and strained beyond it's stretch limits.

No. 517395

Moo's not denying she had lipo in this. She was asked if she had gotten it AGAIN, and Moo's saying that if she had, her arms would be a lot smaller.
I forget how many times she claims she's had it done and how many times we figured she had though. I remember the most recent time was when she debuted Roadhog and started taking more pictures in that top and had some mysterious "moles" again around her ribs and stomach. But I can't remember if that would be the second or third round.

No. 517396

I remember that video. I don't think Moo would let anyone show a video of her doing coke cause "muh reputation" but the way she acted in it was really odd and dumb to only be because of a regular ol' lime.

Now she'll make a post referring to us talking about it and claiming it was an inside joke.

No. 517400

i thought it was the 4th? she had 3 sets of ""moles"" two on her legs and one on her stomach, before she confessed and then got the fake abs after.

No. 517401


i think it was a line too. who shot that video? does moo still talk to them? is the video still up?

No. 517404

We think she got coolsculpting on her gut and face for Roadho, so that'd bring up the total of procedures to at least three so far.

No. 517405

at least 3. It's just we aren't sure what else she had done.. but with her lifestyle you see zero results of any procedure other than temporary loss of face lines and 10 pounds off her stomach

No. 517406

I think with her face it was just face tape. It would explain why she aged 40 years so quickly after she started taping her face and has the droopy granny face that we see now.

No. 517408

From Nicoletters Insta stories

No. 517428

who the fuck posts that many insta stories? I know I'm beating a dead horse here but jesus christ. Idk how she can possibly lie about studying and all that when she puts every single aspect of her life on instagram (also notice that ever since an anon pointed that out a few threads back she's been posting all this shit about fake finals)

No. 517429

How do you fuck up something so simple?

No. 517440

File: 1526087662372.jpeg (110.71 KB, 750x341, E1C7667A-A724-4823-B638-FD2B60…)

No. 517442

oh my god shut up about ohnips. No one cares.

No. 517447

Why are you acting like jnig praising someone who openly dislikes and called out moo isn’t relevent?

No. 517449


the world doesn't revolve around mariah. amazingly, people can have working relationships with each other without any intention of spiting someone else. at the very least put it in the calves thread.


nicolleters is a cow in her own right so it wouldn't surprise me if she would post the video of mariah doing lines to bring her down. hasn't she posted in moo threads in the past?

No. 517450

Because it isnt. It's not like ohnips is one of the girls who openly and frequently talks out about moo. She threw moo to the curb to cover her ass and hasnt spoken about her since. I wouldn't even say she 'openly dislikes' moo.

Jessica and Ryan both still follow moo on instagram and are still fb friends with her. Plus even if it was someone like Steff or Yandere Jane who actually make tweets calling out moo, Nigri makes posts like these often enough that trying to tie some conspiracy theory behind it is ridiculous.

No. 517455

Why are you acting like this site revolves around your headass reaching?
It's better suited for the calves post

No. 517456

yeah nicoletters posted the coke vid n she's posted here. i think that it's hilarious that dumpy momo still tries to chill w her

No. 517466

File: 1526091867303.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 155.58 KB, 749x1079, ED062913-0886-421C-AE41-ADA161…)

Hoooooo BOY

No. 517467

File: 1526091943063.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 137.06 KB, 750x1086, 2C50F531-6353-49FF-9EBF-53E5FE…)

this is hard to look at

No. 517468

this looks so uncomfortable and like shes crying. She probably didnt put them in right. Enjoy your blindness moo.

No. 517471

Imagine going through this much pain for a costume you are guaranteed to look terrible in

No. 517473

in her stories she kept saying it was painful and she was tearing up, but that she’s going to keep them in cause the pain was “slowly” going away. I’ve never used contact lenses…. I’m assuming they aren’t supposed to hurt if they fit your eye correctly, right?

No. 517474

Her eyes look like literal vaginas now

No. 517477

I mean I can't speak for scalera lenses, I'm sure they're uncomfortable but as far as pain goes. I doubt it. The most ive experienced with circle lenses is slight discomfort

No. 517478

sclera lenses are really dangerous tbh. you really need to know the correct base curve for your eye and get them from a good dealer. good ones are $70+ a pair, but super cheap plano ones are like standard contact prices. you also must be very careful putting them in or you'll irritate the membrane of your eye. so…yeah moo didn't have much of a chance tbh.

No. 517479

My gosh, she's unattractive…hardly even looks like a grown woman. She really needs to stop posting 90% of the time looking like she hasnt washed in 3 weeks.
Just so unkept and unappealing to look at, wearing the same smelly clothes over and over again. I think even if she did nice makeup, she's let herself go so much that she's just going to stay unattractive looking with those contacts no matter what. I think even Photoshop will struggle this time.

No. 517481

not even photoshop will save her. Ladies, we're about to see a fat cow transform into a pink piggy pig pig.

No. 517484

This is one of those cosplays where I wouldnt nitpick her (or anyone else) for not wearing them. Scleras are super dangerous and I get people for foregoing them. Guess Moo's 'eye for detail' is more important than her health

No. 517485

File: 1526093185883.png (1.42 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2018-05-11-19-41-34…)

No. 517486

File: 1526093272498.png (764.82 KB, 718x1134, Screenshot_2018-05-11-19-41-44…)

No. 517487

File: 1526093302074.png (624.82 KB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2018-05-11-19-42-07…)

No. 517488

Worse is her eyes seem to already be bulging out.

No. 517489

The more effort she puts into the costume the worse it looks, guaranteed… At this point I wish she'd just stick with the low effort stuff because at least it's not as much of an eyesore

No. 517492

File: 1526093419352.png (862.21 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2018-05-11-19-42-49…)

No. 517493

File: 1526093435760.jpg (996.25 KB, 1000x1000, monkaS.jpg)


Its just so hard to keep up with all the photoshop and timeline through threads

No. 517495

File: 1526093445823.png (569.83 KB, 718x1180, Screenshot_2018-05-11-19-24-42…)

No. 517497

File: 1526093637068.png (707.61 KB, 720x1043, Screenshot_2018-05-11-19-52-30…)

No. 517498

>She threw moo to the curb to cover her ass and hasnt spoken about her since.

Except she did a few threads ago when Moo tried to go on one of her "support originals!" rants and she called out Mariah over it.

With that said, I agree with you. It most likely chaps Mariah's ass that Nigri loves Ohnips but until Nigri drops Mariah while singing praises about Ohnips, I don't get why either of them get brought up.

Her left eye is drooping in both of these like she's recording herself in the middle of a stroke.

No. 517499

Rewarding yourself after your fake finals the same way you did during the fake finals isn't all that rewarding.

No. 517500

she can't have an eye for detail if she fucks up her eyes. i wore scleras once for my shiki cosplay and they were still awful. i only wore them for the photoshoot. i even went to an optometrist to get re-trained to put them in and i've worn contacts for 16 years! it's super scary to me almost because of how terrifying contacts are.

No. 517503

>>517487 It….it ripped IN her eye??? I can't even imagine how painful that is, holy shit what's wrong with her??

No. 517504

OH GOD I DIDN'T EVEN SEE THAT!! that's probably going to cause some damage to the cornea.

No. 517511



If that were the case, she'd be blind or in a hospital. Keep lying, Moo

No. 517513

OT but i fucking love Shiki and wanted scleras for the same reason. Hope your eyes are good, but I bet you're 1,000x smarter than Moo.

I bet she bought plainos and will actually damage her eyes. They already look massively irritated in >>517466

No. 517515

File: 1526096831951.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 339.59 KB, 2048x2048, 7B855FC7-F07C-4C84-82A2-A003D1…)

nsfl - These screen grabs are not edited in any way. Her eyes look swollen as fuck

No. 517516


Honestly I think that she just being dramatic and lying as always or maybe really she gives 0 fucks about her health even with something so important as her eyes. I had an accident with a lense that didn't what to come off one day because my eyes were too dry and I still can remember the pain, literally I couldn't do anything because the pain and irritation in my eye. Anyone who had experience a corneal wound knows how bad can be that experience in the umbral of pain.

No. 517517

how fucking horrifying…she’s so unhygienic watch her get an eye infection or something from this. we been knew she’s seriously irresponsible when it comes to lenses lmao didn’t this dumbass layer two pairs a few threads ago bc she didn’t order some in time or whatever?

No. 517518

I'm not sure what type of phobia this incites but now I have it

No. 517520

Lmao I hope her patrons can help her pay for eye surgery

No. 517521

christ, she looks like an extra from 28 Days Later

No. 517524

File: 1526098262835.png (1 MB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-05-11-21-08-46…)

No. 517525

How would a ripped contact cause blindness or warrant a hospital visit?

No. 517528

A ripped contact can cause cuts and scratches, which can lead to cornea getting damaged and/or infected. With Moo's lack of hygiene/awareness that is a likely possibility.

No. 517529

>I ordered a new outfit, I'll be wearing it for the next month

No. 517530

Wait wait wait, did she soak them in solution before putting them on??
They always recommend that you have them in solution for at least 12+ hours before wearing them, no wonder they hurt so much. This dumb bitch is about to be blind.

No. 517532

That room is disgusting and she needs to invest in a bra with actual support instead of just a billion sports bras that she doesn't wash

No. 517540

The pieces can slide and get stuck behind your eye, potentially causing damage.

No. 517541

File: 1526100682813.jpg (447.1 KB, 1080x2021, Screenshot_20180511-215058_Sam…)

Even with a 36 triple D bust my tots don't say this much.(no one cares)

No. 517542

Samefag: Tits… thanks phone. Thanks.

No. 517543

As she has said she wears double lenses at the same time before, Moo has no idea what the fuck she's doing in the contact lense department. If she keeps it up she'll actually need REAL glasses or do serious damage to her eye sight. Blindness would make her Patreon bucks I'm sure.

No. 517546

she's not only going to need glasses anon. cornea damage can get pretty severe, and wearing double contacts is essentially strangling your eyes.

No. 517551

She has no common sense or awareness of health and safety. There's no hope for her seeing as she uses toxic adhesives around her cats as well, as long as she can pump out a costume and make money she doesn't care. Moo seriously lacks a functioning brain.

No. 517567

File: 1526106411466.png (2.74 MB, 750x1334, F874114B-BB2F-4A34-BA63-7F4895…)

it seems like she might be getting a tattoo, posted a story outside the store, inside the store, and this. anyone recognize what this is from? I’m assuming it’s weeb-y

No. 517569

Looks Fate related.

No. 517571

It's a command seal from Fate Stay Night, anon.

No. 517572

File: 1526106733841.jpg (45.78 KB, 800x600, fate_stay_night_saber_by_akaba…)

it's GOTTA be fate

this one maybe? I don't know fate

No. 517575

Oooh great another stretched out tattoo from a series that she's a fake fan of! Looking forward to this one too, Moo.

No. 517579

Pretty sure you're right, he's got it flipped upside down. It's Saber's seal, ofc. Because she just loves Saber SO much and Fate has just changed her life for good.

No. 517580


It wasn't even Goku day…it was Piccolo Day.

But Mariah is the biggest Dragon Ball fan of all time, gaiz.

No. 517582

Bitch just loves piling on regret after regret after regret onto her body. Can't wait to see her in ten years, she's either going to be a proper crack whore or she's going to be rightfully ashamed of herself.

No. 517584

So… How fun would it be if she got it on her hand. He's got a fake hand in the video, the seals are on the back of the hand in Fate, it'd make sense for it to go there, but imagine.

No. 517587

Omg I really hope so

No. 517588

I actually had to look up Piccolo day. I love that.

It's called Goku day because of the numbers 5/9, or go-kyu

It's been a thing for a few years

No. 517589

Also, I know everyone doesn't watch her stories so definitely confirming that this dumb bitch took sclera lenses directly from the glass vials and solution they come in and put them in her eyes. I had completely forgotten about the double contacts until now too. Mariah's gonna end up in the ER with a torn eye and a hand tattoo.

No. 517591


Oh man, I hope so. In the tattoo industry, we call that a job-stopper(any tattoo on the face, neck, or hands). Not like her getting a real job is a thing that is gonna happen in the near future anyway thougb.

No. 517592

File: 1526108948101.jpg (736.5 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180512-030900_Ins…)

No. 517593

File: 1526108964296.jpg (796.07 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180512-030850_Ins…)

No. 517597

Why can't she and her friends act respectful in places that don't belong to them. She was just throwing shit around the store with a friend a few weeks ago.

No. 517599

circlofchiefs on IG, gotten a tattoo by him before; you can see her sperging out on his story, it looks like its going on her forearm

No. 517600

samefag *circleofchiefs

No. 517602

File: 1526110730341.png (2.27 MB, 750x1334, CBCE20AB-21A8-42EA-8E7D-1A697F…)

OOF inb4 she never covers this up for shoots

No. 517603

This is going to be hilarious

No. 517605

Why cover it when you can just blur it out when you are shopping/smoothing over all of your skin anyways?

All her tattoos are poor choices though. Like weeb tribal tattoos basically.

No. 517606

She's just trolling us now.

No. 517611

File: 1526111993019.png (6.04 MB, 1242x2208, D70A8D20-490B-4871-9278-FAF20E…)

Jesus Christ this is tacky as fuck. She’s going to regret this in 2 years when she looks back on this manic phase and doesn’t care about Fate anymore

No. 517612

File: 1526112023464.png (2.79 MB, 750x1334, 72948D45-5F89-43C1-AACC-414236…)

Why does she have her tit just sagging out like that

No. 517613

File: 1526112031520.gif (3.61 MB, 337x600, 130E5910-D7A1-42C1-B6CD-A206EE…)

have this unflattering snap in motion

No. 517614

Feel bad for him looking at all her rolls

No. 517615

File: 1526112432517.gif (6.24 MB, 270x480, 05E75790-FE34-4873-8590-E3AEFE…)

her whole boob is out because to reach her arm good enough to tattoo it she has to pull her whole arm out of her sweatshirt

No. 517616

Maybe she tried to show him her tits. "I'm Momokun and pretty famous. I have a nsfw Patreon account, can I get a discount?"

No. 517617

Arms too fat to roll up her goddamn sleeve

No. 517619

Why does she always have to flail everywhere can’t she not sit still for one moment.

No. 517620

File: 1526113476148.gif (1.22 MB, 337x600, B5C17568-8C9D-4A2A-B3A7-D403B9…)

No. 517627

Now let’s see if she actually take care of it during the healing process cuz we all know how momo treats her body

No. 517628

Her most abused victims are those shoes.

She looks like a lumpy mess that fucked up her arm.

No. 517629

File: 1526114156594.jpeg (584.93 KB, 750x1081, 9799CBFC-27C9-4B24-B017-A85FA0…)

No. 517630

>being apart
>just finished fake linguistics finals

So…he wasn't part of it?

No. 517631


lookes like someone carved on her inner arm

No. 517632

File: 1526114673960.jpeg (47.31 KB, 750x120, 0DBA3068-4DA6-45FB-A284-B9BF1D…)

samefag but I just can’t wait to see the blurry mess that’s going to be her arm now

No. 517634

This is late sor sorry but I am very sure that she just put in her eyes straight from the package.
You're supposed to let them soak for 24 h in contact solution.
Even if you put normal lenses straight from the package into your eyes it can hurt/irritate your eye. So I'm pretty sure that she skipped that step and that's why they were hurting.

No. 517635

Woooooow that’s hideous. Anyone who doesn’t know what Fate is will automatically think this some terrible tribal tat. Good job moo!!

No. 517636

To literally anyone who hasn't seen/read etc Fate this just looks like a tacky tribal tattoo, good job

No. 517638

Please name me the professional cosplayers that have tattoos this bold and visible on their body(no)

No. 517639

Is she going to regret getting a fandom tattoo in a couple of years when she grows out of it? Yeah, probably. But this nitpicking is getting outta hand. I know we all hate Moo but come on guys, the tattoo looks just fine, fuck. That artist did a well enough job like he’s supposed to do and anyone with tattoos knows that dumbasses who don’t know jack shit about tattoos or anything will be like oh that looks like a tribal tat! People don’t really tend to get tattoos only thinking about how others will recognize it or perceive it

We all despise moo and her general ability to suck at life and be a waste of space but not every tiny thing she does is The Worst Ever

No. 517640

I just saw the final product. No black lining… can’t wait for that red ink to look muddy as hell in a couple years. Though I guess in a couple of years it won’t matter cause she’ll have moved on to porn anyway

No. 517642


No one said the tattoo wasn’t clean. They said it looks tribal. Because it does. She could have done something different for Fate but chose this design.

No. 517644

Yeah, but she didn’t. She chose something for a thing she (claims to) like and people are like “but it looks so tribal GOOD JOB MOO!!” like it looks stupid and all, but it IS an official thing from Fate and we can’t say she should have chosen something “less tribal looking” because we all know damn well we’d bitch about whatever she chose to get. If she got something more extravagant we’d say she was wasting money and it looks like shit. Something small and it’s, well she’s obviously not that big of a fan…. and it looks like shit. Let’s be honest we aren’t going to agree to like anything she does because she’s a cow

but damn we bitch about the weirdest shit when the milk is slow with her.

No. 517646


100% agree with you anon. The nit picking is wild in momo threads.

Anyway i'm looking forward to future cosplays with this tattoo. Curious if she'll actually cover it like she said she would.

No. 517647


It does look stupid. I can get the official DragonBall logo or pick something from the manga, what do you think looks better? No let’s go with the obnoxiously big and bold idea. That looks tribal. And tacky. Nothing to do with “milk being slow” it’s a brand new HUGE AND IN YOUR FACE tattoo. It’s milk.

No. 517649

I mean, in all fairness she is wasting money and knowing moo and her hygiene it probably will end up looking like shit.
Also not so tinfoil but I feel like this is just her solidifying that she's giving up on cosplay as her 'job' because she knows that she's crashing and burning so she's wasting money on whatever she can at this point before the well runs dry. Irresponsible, but very much moomoo tactics.

No. 517650

I agree that it's nitpicky but milk is hardly slow with her bringing up the school lie again. We all know that it's going to bite her in her flat ass.

No. 517655

Has anyone realized that she goes up a solid 1k daily? Like each day she gains 1,000 followers on IG. Super sus ..

No. 517656

File: 1526118287791.png (867.92 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2018-05-12-02-43-02…)


No. 517657

She should have gotten it as a small wrist tat or put it on her back, that would make it easier.

No. 517658

>>517602 didnt she say she used to cut herself??? where are the scars?? those dont just disappear

No. 517659

File: 1526118632186.png (113.84 KB, 720x825, Screenshot_2018-05-12-02-47-50…)

Someone commented "won't that ruin your cosplay"..

No. 517661

File: 1526118665248.png (59.86 KB, 720x365, Screenshot_2018-05-12-02-48-16…)

Pending blur patches

No. 517662

It looks tribal and trashy to me! Sorry to the anon who's raging because they also like trash
>anyone with tattoos knows

No. 517664

Haha agreed. Making fun of a giant a ass stupid lookin tattoo is hardly nitpicky. It’s enormous and ugly and defending it makes people seem like they feel personally attacked. “Hey guys don’t make fun of Moo’s shit taste and permanent choices!”

No. 517665

Because they are just trying to be edgy and cool like a bunch of dickheads in high-school still which is exactly what Moo is, stuck in the past. They're all pathetic.

No. 517666

Oh man, it looks like shit up close. What's the point in even getting a tattoo that large if you're just going to edit it out for cosplay when cosplay is basically your job?

No. 517668


why would you go get an arm tattoo wearing a long sleeved shirt


she looks unwashed i feel bad for the tattoo artist being in such close proximity. those new (and thus clean) nike clothes are his only saving grace. hopefully she didn't do this impulsively after going to the gym or sweating all over the ddr machine at dave and busters

No. 517669

looking at her new tat, it seeems so very boring and unimaginative. Even though it's a symbol the tattoo could have done something nice. if he suggested it i don't think id go to this guy if it looked this flat.

No. 517670

excuse you she thought about it for half a year anon how dare u

No. 517671

This was so rude and unnecessary. They asked a simple question that only required a simple, polite answer. The fuck.

No. 517673

I really try not to judge people tattoos considering I have enough video game ones of my own, but I seen that tattoo and I think I had a panic attack.

Good lord that is the textbook example of going to regret that in a couple years.(no one cares)

No. 517676

she couldn't even deal with a facial peel so…

No. 517678

I never said I liked her tattoo, just that we were being overly nit picky. There’s a difference anon and your bait is weak

No. 517680

Samefag but this clown can’t edit her photos for shit to begin with, this comment cracked me up hard

No. 517681

hmm anon, let's think about it. a tryhard 22 year old gets a tattoo of her self-proclaimed favorite series she just got interested in this year. it happens to look like a boring shitty tribal tattoo. and it's on her forearm so it'll be difficult to cover up at all. do you really think we're being nitpicky?

No. 517682

Underrated comment

No. 517683

No. 517686

From what we’ve seen, her idea of editing is abusing the blur tool and not abusing the liquify tool enough. As an example, if she has 30 images in a set, it will take hours to go through each image and edit out a large tattoo in a pretty visible spot.

If she takes the time to cover it up with make up for each photoshoot, which we know she won’t, it will make it easier on the editor. All her photos look poorly edited so I can’t wait to see her attempt at hiding her tattoo.

No. 517689

I think it looks tribal because it's so big, if it's smaller (like in the series) it's acceptable but holy shit this one's unreasonably huge, she's trying to emphasize how "big" of a fan she is but…no, just, no.

No. 517696

File: 1526131280164.jpg (108.88 KB, 960x960, 20228414_884821151673834_91840…)

OT but Kinpatsu's stomach is covered in tattoos but she spends a lot of time covering them up, I can't imagine moo putting in any effort to cover her tat up and she even said she'll "just edit it out"
she really is the fucking epitome of lazy(off topic)

No. 517698

If that's the case then why would you reply with some holier than though pretentious shit. Plus, I understand what he means but opinions do matter especially when it's your customers deciding your not worth your prices. Easy shit to say when times are good and you don't have to struggle for money.

No. 517703

I'm screaming. She didn't soak them and she just popped them in? I'm calling it. Moo is going to get an eye infection before the week is up. That's so stupidly dangerous

No. 517704

She hangs out with all the classiest people.

No. 517705

>thank you for being here when i need you

That's so bizarre. It's his job. It's not like he isn't doing this because she's giving him money. Also, she thinks this is a big moment in her life? That's so sad

No. 517707

"Only the ones who have the pleasure of knowing you personally can recognize how great of a person you are"
How much did she pay him?

No. 517715

Moo wanted a service from him, so he got fun, nice Mariah instead of BITCH BOYYYYY full narc manic Mariah.

No. 517717

Does she slide cash to people so they say nice stuff about her? Or does she complain about the big mean people on the internet to everyone she meets and act nice to them?

No. 517718

i'm so tired, i thought this was a uncooked chicken cutlet

No. 517719

please tell me if i'm wrong, but aren't the seals on a master suppose to be on the back of the hand? why did she get a big fat on her arm?

No. 517721

>Gets arm tattoo
>Wears long sleeves


No. 517722

look gaiz! Real life Saber! She just needs to lose 70 pounds and look 15 years younger. But this is stupid, it isn't even on her hand, it's on her swollen forearm, why? Why not make it small like in the show or just her wrist? Zero impulse control.

I guess on Momo, everything has to be bigger and wider.

No. 517729

File: 1526142027467.png (1.05 MB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2018-05-12-09-17-52…)

What is with Moos circle treating small things she does like its THE BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT? Like she gave birth?

No. 517731

This is her second tat. What’s there to be proud of.

Nitpick but I think it would have looked so much better smaller and inside her wrist. She could have covered it up with a band or quick make up if needed and save future photographers the headache

No. 517732

i guess she doesn't plan on losing any weight. if her hammy arms change size the whole thing will be fucked.

No. 517733

I don’t understand why this is some sort of an accomplishment. Also her tattoo artist LASHED at the person asking a legit question. If you’re a cosplayer and your profession is your body in costumes, yes your body will be under question. Just like a model. Everyone has to think twice before they get tattoos because it effects their life and career.

No. 517734

Yeah no. The command seal is supposed to go on the Master's hand, not on the Servant. Such a big fan, my dudes.

No. 517735

the tattoo artist just sounded triggered as fuck. a lot of people who get tattoos are really insecure about being judged (like moo). you'd think that after moo cosplayed as a character with a tattoo she'd understand that they're part of the costume just as much as hair color is, and they take away from the costume just as much as the wrong hair color would.

it's also amusing to see her friends treating her like she's special needs.

No. 517742


>“Proud of you for so many reasons”

Proud of what though? Being a trashy ~cosplayer~ who has to show skin to stay relevant? Being a liar who tries to milk the whole ~body positivity~ and ~plus sized~ movement for her own gain and then gets lipo? And then lying about lipo to make it seem like she lost weight the healthy way to her many fans who blindly trust her? Are you proud of the way she consistently bullies people who don’t agree with her or say anything against her?

These people who kiss her ass either want to leech off of her or don’t know who she really is. If you notice, people who have had a chance to know her well or interacted with her long term are the people who aren’t around her anymore (except Vamp). Like her and SSS, Bunny, Ohnip, LxM Duo, YJ, Thornechan, Nana, etc are people who have all publicly rejected her. And you can’t say it’s because they’re doing it for publicity because you really think they need to attack Mariah for publicity or that Mariah is relevant enough for that? If she was such a ~great~ person, there wouldn’t be lolcow threads of her or there would be significantly less. She has amassed the most threads out of any cow here within such a short time frame.

No. 517744

(late, but the joke is that it's portuguese for a specific kind of sausage I believe)

No. 517745

Thanks, anon, I'm the one that requested the timeline of girth and growth. The first two photos on the left aren't ""that"" bad but it just goes from ok to dumpster fire real quick. She's gotta stop with the weight training, that's just adding more mass to her under the fat, soon she's going to have the body of a tank.

No. 517746

It's like when that retarded kid in your school runs for school president and doesn't do shit and loses but people are still like "we are so proud of you, you worked so hard, blah blah blah"…
Only Moomoo's not a kid or retarded, people just have such low expectations of her just seeing her leave the house is a miracle.

No. 517748

People like moo are the reason you see so many ads for tattoo removal. But you can’t expect someone with the attention span of a gnat to actually think about the long term future. Then again I suppose being inked is not a problem for a cam girl so no worries.

No. 517756

File: 1526150723107.jpeg (236.26 KB, 750x1110, 0A06AB18-A11A-47BC-ADE5-9354E2…)

Does she seriously think people are this stupid? There are comments on her videos of people complaining how she pushed that fit tea shit and they believed it actually worked but the bitch just got liposuction, you can’t claim body positivity if you lie about it

No. 517758

I remember reading her mom made her a cake for herself, because it was her sisters birthday back in hs or some shit

She really is special needs.

No. 517771


suddenly she's all body posi again. she flip flops so much

No. 517772

Mariah I thought you weren't applying the false "body positive" narrative to yourself anymore?

No. 517783

File: 1526153999586.png (1.26 MB, 720x1143, Screenshot_2018-05-12-12-38-19…)

Hahah gaiz hahah

No. 517786

You probably don't remember getting it since you were most likely high, hyped up and drunk, Moo.

There's even a screenshot(multiple ones actually) of her pushing the fit tea after getting lipo. She's trying to rewrite history when there's proof of her doing that. Oh wait, that's just Mariah being Mariah.

No. 517788

Oh, interesting. When she admitted to lipo she said she seriously regretted it and the only reason she got it was because of the ~bullies~ Now she's saying she "loves it" and it "makes me love body even more" Most likely because she's had more done since then, like the sculpting anons speculate. Or she plans on getting more done. But we all know her last rounds totally fucked up her body, there's no saving it anymore.

No. 517790

And if being a fucking liar and toxic bitch makes you happy just do it amirite?

No. 517791

File: 1526156522387.jpg (13.86 KB, 267x323, 1517263458613.jpg)

>don't worry about it ruining my cosplays
bitch, that extra 70lbs of fat is ruining your cosplays

No. 517798

Yeesh that fucking volcano on her upper lip looks painful as shit

No. 517799

File: 1526157817628.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1920x2560, A04A5DF7-18C0-4D6B-B041-7818A5…)

>>517756 just a few highlights from her video 100% contradicting her bullshit in this Facebook comment

No. 517811

Why get such a no detail tattoo so large idgi…

No. 517815

That artist licking her ass sure didn't mind, bigger tat = more $$$

No. 517816

'cause she's that big a Fate fan, my dude

that big

No. 517818

Okay, Ive only seen fate/stay night, but I’m sure the seal is suppose to be on the hand, right?

No. 517842

File: 1526166336045.png (1.07 MB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2018-05-12-16-01-24…)

No. 517844

File: 1526166422688.png (940.97 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2018-05-12-16-01-56…)

Posting because apparently Vamp borrowed Moos 18 cosplay

No. 517850

Is this from today? If so, the same sweater she went out in last night to get pho and her tat…

No. 517854

Moo, you're not a 100 pound waif in LA, cut it out with those shitty granny costume glasses.

No. 517856

Why is Vamp so desperate to borrow shit that just hangs on her? Moo stretched that out pretty hard. It's not as if she can play I look better in this than you. She's drowning in it like the poor youngest child in a handme down family.

No. 517861

maybe she hasn't had time to make her own stuff. remember she was pretty much doing most of moo's stuff/photography at one point

No. 517866

Elaborating with what above anon said, it could also be because of her moving out. Pure speculation here! But she probably needs to work her real job more, I assume, to pay for rent and food by herself. Living under Moo's roof with her larger income and her constantly buying everyone's friendship could definitely have eased the financial weight from Vamp during her time living with Moo. Living by yourself (she doesn't live with anyone now, right?) is very expensive. And Vamp doesn't exactly rank high on Patreon with her unfortunate face. Idk, this is all tinfoil-speculation-guessing nonsense but I feel like she now has to focus more on taking care of herself since she somewhat cut the cord from Moo. To maintain her cosplay work now, she just borrows old smaller costumes that don't fit Moo anymore. Save time and costly resources. At least, that's what makes sense to me.

No. 517867

I genuinely thought that was a penis

No. 517873

She apparently lives with another friend. But yeah totes agree with everything else

No. 517874

File: 1526173488491.png (936.83 KB, 720x1179, Screenshot_2018-05-12-18-01-36…)

She posts like a Facebook mommy quote group

No. 517875

File: 1526173515276.png (698.17 KB, 720x935, Screenshot_2018-05-12-18-01-53…)

No. 517881

are you fucking new

No. 517890

File: 1526179820075.png (1.15 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2018-05-12-19-48-06…)

Recording pedestrians again

No. 517891

File: 1526179846687.png (1.26 MB, 717x1193, Screenshot_2018-05-12-19-48-33…)

No. 517909

She always seems to record children without consent.

No. 517911

What creeps me is how long was she watching this kid before recording??

No. 517914

…it was a joke

No. 517929


that salad is like 50% meat, bread, dressing, and cheese. and it doesn't even look that good.
try harder mariah

No. 517944

File: 1526186930281.png (259.89 KB, 347x651, Screenshot 2018-05-12 at 9.48.…)

No. 517945

File: 1526186991395.png (345.59 KB, 469x669, Screenshot 2018-05-12 at 9.49.…)

No. 517951

slightly ot, but the onion thread is talking about him padding his patreon and they have some pretty good arguments that fall in line with moo also probably doing it. if that's the case, it's even more pathetic. i wasn't on that camp but i'm thinking it's more and more likely.

No. 517952

Isn't it against the law in some places to video children on the street without consent?

No. 517954

Ofc moomoo would be one to beat this fucking meme into the ground. If she were really such a HUGE FAN and excellent linguist she would know that these are just shitty, literal translations, and that the actual Japanese has a more meaningful translation than what was done

No. 517955

Why does she keep wearing fake glasses?
They’re not even flattering.

No. 517957

It looks like all romaine lettuce too, I.E. no nutritional value what so so ever. It’s all filler and it’ll just make her body crave more to eat. What a fool. Stay fat you cow.

No. 517959


Anon it's iceberg lettuce that has no nutritional value, romane lettuce is high in vitamin A and K.

No. 517968


Still the subject of a recall due to E. Coli though, isn't it?

No. 517970

It's been mostly lifted.

No. 517973

Her arms are too fat to roll up the elastic band sweatshirt sleeves higher than her wrist?!

This legit looked like an unspoilered dick pic for a hot minute.

I don't hate it as much as I thought I would. It's not as crooked as her first tattoo on her back at least? It does looks like a fresh wound from a distance though.

No. 517986

I don't follow moo & Co. very closely but this woman's nose is so fucked up for someone whose hobby/job is to be sexy.

No. 517999

I don't think it's illegal but if she ever got in trouble and a background check there are logs and screencaps of her recording children without consent that could get her looked at suspeciously (especially since she's all about porn and has dressed as 'underage' charactets).