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File: 1529899434044.jpeg (775.01 KB, 1242x1145, 1529688585722.jpeg)

No. 535385

First thread: First >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>531786

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay


Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun

Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, xmariahmalladx

Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad

Google Drive:

Attn: Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/snow/386826

The basics:
>Originally 'thicc Samus' with 2+ lipo sessions now trying keep some semblance of a figure (and failing miserably) all while lying by saying she's exercising
>So laughably bad at making cosplays; gets 90% of costumes commissioned/bought and then makes gloves so she can credit herself as a talented cosplayer and claim her money is "hard-earned"
>Does "boudoir"/softcore porn shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>Thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame where she'll loiter around booths/other cosplayers or pretend to be a con guest
>Has to beg for money, con passes, or just ghosts at cons despite +$10k/month on Patreon, not above bullying staff to get a free 'Professional' badge
>Pretends to know about the series she cosplays, despite evidence proving otherwise; will tweet profound essays to prove her expert fan knowledge
>Has lewded young characters for the attention; backpedals after backlash
>Goes on crazy media tirades against people like old fuckboy KBBQ, old photog, yet preaches about being nice to everyone
>Constantly goes on pity party rants or videos, trying to make people feel bad for her about things that are happening to her when she’s done the same
>Lies about attending college even in the face of mountains of evidence proving otherwise
>Rips off a dress design from indie designer MyOppa, denies it and has yet to make an "official statement" about her blatant bullshit
>Also rips of well-known hentai character as her original character and mascot, once again denies it
>Yes, her photos are being used for a KIK FOR FAT ad
>apparently "used to lift", was sorely butthurt when multiple liftfags told her that her body form was dangerously off

>$490 Slave Leia costume by Beeruprops had to be ruined by Moo so it could fit her tire physique
>Thinks depression is like ~In ThE AnImEs~ where if you smile alot it'll disappear. Should really just go to therapy
>Does a insta-live because she's lonely and depressed. Apparently was going to pharmacy school but dropped it. Talked about other lies she's lived.
>Worked 10 hours on her Artoria Lancer headdress only to say she's not sure if she'll wear it as it'll be hot at AX
>Since her acne is getting worse, her next move was to get a possibly free Laseraway treatment. Advertises on Instagram by wearing her crop top backwards/exposing 75 percent of her breasts. No one got it.
>Goes on a coke-fueled rant about ~the haturz~, anons are too distracted by her reddened skin
>Apparently broke her phone picking up luggage at the airport. Using her mom's phone to take thotty photos of her flapjacks. Moo's mom amps up her arrival by announcing she was at the airport.
>Leon Chiro and Stellachuu drop Fan Expo Peru, leaving Phil Mizuno alone with the hambeast
>Her eye is injured. Says salicylic acid (i.e. acne topical) leaked into one side of her contact case, saturating said contact, burning her eye. Made a shitty eyepatch out of a sleeping mask for her Francis Drake

No. 535388

File: 1529899568994.png (408.91 KB, 411x595, Screenshot 2018-06-24 at 9.06.…)

her tit looks bruised

No. 535389

>John Travolta animorph

No. 535390

Did she get so much fatter that Drake doesn't even fit her anymore? Like its not closing over her boobs (it never did, but it was closer) and is so wide that you can see her corset under the bra. She just keeps outgrowing stuff!

No. 535406

File: 1529903400134.jpg (77.11 KB, 1000x1000, 34982542_1343299692481784_8286…)

No. 535407

File: 1529903439327.png (398.62 KB, 930x550, Screenshot 2018-06-24 at 10.11…)

No. 535409

She finally gets decent editing and still no one bothers with her vagina eyes.

No. 535411

is that a bruise on miso's ass?

No. 535412

>Fakku x Moomoo
Her name is Momoka… Fakku is the company, that she’s obviously trying to milk attention from.

No. 535413

Top 10 unrealistic asses.

No. 535414

Looks like it. Seems kinda weird they airbrushed moo to hell and back and liquified her to have some semblance of an ass, but wouldnt edit out misos bruise. Also misos ass looks flatter than moos and we all know that cant be …

No. 535419

FYI Square and Miso are dating. He probably feels no need to shoop his girlfriend versus no ass McGee who pays him to do so.

No. 535434

File: 1529910867504.jpeg (15.55 KB, 483x307, Screenshot_20180625-040941-01.…)

No. 535439

File: 1529912127815.jpeg (186.21 KB, 640x823, 912B0DFC-C5F1-470A-9877-00DC7C…)

No. 535440

Did she clap back yet?

No. 535441

File: 1529912564154.png (157.75 KB, 350x651, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 12.42…)

No. 535442

File: 1529912587816.png (130.38 KB, 346x647, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 12.43…)

didnt mean to tag the first one lmao

No. 535443

File: 1529912600048.png (259.72 KB, 349x656, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 12.43…)

No. 535447


Oof. That is an unfortunate ass.

No. 535448

>All of senpai squads models are cute thin Asian girls

Was moo hired to be the duff

No. 535451


No. 535469

Kim probably let any cosplayer with a decent amount of followers be a "featured guest". It's just a party after all. The ones he reached out to personally and work with are the tiny Asian babes.

No. 535473

File: 1529928997307.jpg (158.83 KB, 998x619, Screenshot_20180625-051650_Ins…)

She just has to be "right"

No. 535475

she's so dumb. I wonder if she'll delete the comment? the person was right about the mistaking megamilk amd fakku, but moo is too dumb to say 'my bad. '

No. 535478

Jfc Moomoo it’s okay to be wrong for once. Stop trying to clap back.

No. 535480

She's desperate for people to think that it's a 'collab' with Fakku. Susu and Bunny are partnered with them so she thinks that if she pretends that she is they'll either sponsor her too or ignore her and her stupid neckbeards will believe that they do cause they're obviously that slow

No. 535483

Can't wait for people to mostly ignore her just like they did at Funimation's party last year!

Peru bolstered your fragile ego a bit too much, time for you to once more face the reality that most people either hate you or don't know you exist, Moo.

No. 535484

isn't that her nip???

No. 535490


“B-but I never get invited to parties my dude. I prefer to stay in my hotel room and play board games.” Can’t wait to see her get ignored by everyone and post 20 instastories showing her getting trashy ass getting sloppy drunk.


What a cunt. This bitch is always trying to clap back at anyone who has the nerve to correct her. “Professional” my ass.


She does this shit all the time. She wants everyone to think she is the “successful businesswoman” and that companies are practically tripping over themselves to work with her. So she’ll just flat out lie about sponsoring and brand deals she has either lost due to her unprofessional behavior or never had in the first place. She is so fucking pathetic.

No. 535524

How long has she been in Peru? Two days? And she's already wanting to go home. That's sad. Your mom not having fun, or are you embarassed?

No. 535525

>officially shows that doujin

what kind of bend over backward bullshit thinking is this

No. 535537

She’s trying to be them so bad. First cipying susu’s slogan, then trying to make a shitty OC to have keychains like susu, then “vamplettes is my girlfriend” to copy susu and bunny’s relationship and now trying to get in with fakku like they are. Pathetic.

No. 535543

No anon, you've got it all wrong! Moo loves Peru, she just has to hurry back because AX begged her to come work for them! That's our Moo, always working hard!

No. 535551

File: 1529947724519.jpeg (192.3 KB, 640x795, D4410375-A437-426B-92ED-7CEFC1…)

Managed to catch this just in time

No. 535556

fucking rekt. that shit's gonna get deleted in like 2 seconds.

No. 535562


No. 535563

File: 1529948822800.jpeg (38.59 KB, 640x182, 234F9255-7C60-4C8E-9735-B42168…)

Other people are chiming in kek

No. 535567

If she wanted to ~prOvE dA hAtUrz wrOng~ so badly she could, you know, not “clap back” like a narcissistic bitch?

No. 535570

File: 1529949638576.png (568.36 KB, 929x594, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 11.01…)

No. 535571

File: 1529949816558.png (272.61 KB, 346x593, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 11.03…)

No. 535572

File: 1529949842668.png (156.39 KB, 222x456, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 11.04…)

No. 535573

File: 1529949874011.png (175.33 KB, 257x461, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 11.04…)

No. 535574

File: 1529949921996.png (189.22 KB, 382x353, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 11.05…)

her chode is this long

No. 535577

this is an awful photo but the slightly yellow lighting/filter/whatever makes me think she'd look better with a light tan. I'm surprised she doesn't fakebake, actually, considering she loves all that is nigri

No. 535578

nah anon, that's the size of a dick she'll accept.

No. 535581

she can’t even make an eyepatch right… jesus christ

No. 535582

Funny thing is is that there is no eyepatch for F/GO's ascension of Francis Drake…

No. 535585

Moo was never known for her accuracy. She's as dumb as a rock.

That's one teeny tiny fan corner.

No. 535586

This is probably the most flattering pic from Peru and it still shows how fucked the patch is

No. 535589

She's wearing it cus her eye was all swollen tho right

No. 535591

She decided to mix two versions of Drake into one to justify the patch.
Gotta have that accuracy my dudes!

No. 535593

Chode-chan back at it again!

No. 535595



So how long until she takes this down? Because damn did she get burned.

No. 535596

Her tits are both sagging and squished what a feat.

Oof that BURN, will she continue to add oil to fire or make it go away? Anyhow she's probably ready to sperge lol.

No. 535601


She probably couldn’t wait to leave the second she landed. None of her “friends” are there and she is in a foreign country whose language she doesn’t speak.

Wouldn’t be surprised considering the trashy racist she is that she thinks she is surrounded by a bunch of gross savages who have done nothing but leer at her the second she got off the plane.

No. 535604

File: 1529952080131.jpg (15.37 KB, 398x370, smuglevels.jpg)

She's a Linguistics major right? Doesn't she want to learn Spanish to be ahead of the game? Since she knows Japanese and all it should be a walk in the park

No. 535608

File: 1529952271666.jpeg (101.7 KB, 750x377, 1F0483E3-2173-4F3B-8E7E-6B1BD4…)

This was in response to someone calling out the extensive photoshop on Mariah compared to the other girl in her last post.

No. 535609

What does this have to do with anything just say she's your g/f and you don't want to blur her into existence like Moo

No. 535613

File: 1529952474733.gif (450.99 KB, 500x210, BRo4Nmm.gif)

No. 535614

File: 1529952496344.png (2.27 MB, 750x1334, 60482CF3-CD7F-4FA6-B397-349DCF…)

nta, but adding this

No. 535615

File: 1529952764506.jpg (56.18 KB, 704x396, nichijoublankface.jpg)

why couldnt anyone just comment this on her page? why did we need this >>535608 dumbass response from the peanut gallery

No. 535618


I often find people attempting to defend Moomoo often come off sounding even dumber than she does.

No. 535622

uh so he likes all types of bodies but sometimes you just gotta photoshop someone to look like something normal instead of that weird body that no one likes?

No. 535629

How can anyone claiming to be an advocate of body positivity allow this type of attitude to drive their content? Liposuction, photoshop blurring/creating body parts in photoshop, faking a exercise/diet routine, advertising beauty products versus promoting a healthy lifestyle to create a "better body"…this skews people's ideas of a plus sized body. A lot of plus sized models already contradict this ~movement~ of their by sucking out their fat or chopping short their double chins to look aesthetically pleasing, including Moo. She's surrounding herself with people who do it for money, not for positive growth.
I know we all know this but holy shit

No. 535633

its body positivity for the male gaze~ (and for cash)

No. 535634

No. 535635

People know her. We have to stop assuming people dont. She has a reputation for fucks sake. A lot of people don't like her, but she IS known in the cosplay world.

No. 535636

I'd not say she's 'known' per se more thot popular. She's a dollar tree Jnig at best. Clearly only requested by neckbeards who jerk off to her. If she's not paying them to be around, no one really seems to know her.

No. 535638


She really isn’t. Sure her pics get passed around for guys to add to their fap folder, but she really isn’t a name at all.

No. 535639

It doesnt count as being 'known' if 80% of the people who know about you hate your entire existence and the other 20% fap to you.

But also? Not really. I've brought her up to people in conversations about 'real toxicity in the cosplay community' and several times I had to pull up a picture. How often do you see people tweet/talk/draw/post about her outside of her ex-friends and fame climbers? There are people with a fraction of her 'following' that are more well known than her. If she was that popular she would have gotten more guest spots by now.

No. 535641

File: 1529955934095.png (340.46 KB, 807x593, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 12.46…)

No. 535642

this editing is a mess. Why is her tit pink

No. 535644

Yeah it looks like its bruised or cutting off circulation

No. 535645

File: 1529957346786.png (366.52 KB, 848x405, FgH07pq.png)

Anything to ride off that Moo fame wagon, her calves sure do stick by close. Least we know where her shit tier Camilla kimono that she probably fucked KBBQ in after that groping photoshoot went to.

No. 535649

File: 1529957633500.png (343.38 KB, 348x656, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 1.11.…)

No. 535650

So… moo is goat cheese? … even so bruh you make no sense, it’s got nothing to do with excessive photoshop on one and not the other

No. 535651

They’re tripping over the cognitive dissonance brought on by the illogical and inconsistent narrative, which she doesn’t experience because she’s a pathological liar and a narc. You see the same thing with Onion and his fans.

No. 535652


Can imagine Moo dictating what edits she wants done in all of her photos and how she strictly wants all of her flaws erased despite milking the body positive card.

No. 535654

There are screencaps of her dictating edits many threads ago. She's a controlling cunt.

No. 535657

i thought her hair was PINK what the fuck happened

No. 535667

I guess… she washed it? Shocking for her, I know…

No. 535670

File: 1529960922619.png (277.75 KB, 352x653, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 2.09.…)

No. 535682

God her legs are horrifying

No. 535685


She literally does that. A while back there were screencaps of her telling her photographer what to edit out and how “All women hate their bodies and how they look”

I believe that was the same photographer she refused to credit and went on her little “bitch boi” rant on.

No. 535691

I dont think shes riding. She actually has dignity saying where she got her stuff and crediting. Something moo cant ever do.

No. 535694


So she is back to doing cringey Jojo shit in public? So which fuckboi is into the series that’s she is now pretending to be a super fan of now to get his attention?

No. 535697

File: 1529963814798.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180625-145621.png)

Just saw this on Facebook. Moo's parties are just as cheap as she is, apparently

No. 535698

We know every fandom she fakes her way into is to get some fuckboi’s attention but her pulling this jojo shit in public isn’t new for her. Not that her interest in jojo is legit, just she usually does this.

No. 535701


She's just doing it bcs of the Incan Ruins on the background, something completely different to the Azteca ones that are related to the Jojo franchise.

Bcs she's dumb as fuck and every precolumbian culture it's related to Jojo ofc.

No. 535703

Is she actually a Jojo fan? I have never heard her talk about it. Bitch, get off.

She lies and fakes so much, so it's hard to tell when she is legit about anything. I bet she is only doing this for attention

No. 535707

No matter where she goes it's all got to be about her.

No. 535709

A year or 2 ago she was super into Jojo, like doing poses for every photo and wearing sound effect rings and such. She also talked about cosplaying Jolyne too. She just stopped talking about it once the season ended and she found a new popular thing to latch on to like she does with every series.

No. 535715

File: 1529964921485.png (1.21 MB, 1280x720, StTSWCg[1].png)

Dunno, she'd make an alright Nena. True form only, obviously

No. 535720


It certainly gets hard to tell. Whenever she spergs out about a series it’s usually either to get some fuckbois’ attention or because Nigri mentioned it once and she wants be all “Oh oh me too!! Let’s be besties and talk about it!!!” And as if she wasn’t insufferable enough she always tries to talk down to everyone and act like she has always been the biggest most true fan ever and anyone who dares to try to correct her is obviously not a true fan like her and is just trying to gatekeep “geeky anime gurls” like her.

How long until we get some bullshit long winded essay on her theories about the series and how deep she is for totaly coming up with it all in her own and just skimming the Wikipedia article for 10 minutes.

No. 535733

File: 1529966569474.jpeg (407.61 KB, 766x958, 377568D3-CDD4-4CAA-A13F-3B4E9C…)

Her and Square Noodles are both on the defensive today.

No. 535734

It's pretty obvious she is using Moo for publicity. Like most other costhots who pretend to be her 'friend'. She has no friends, not real ones anyway and she never will. Moo is just a ticket to getting more followers and views for their own benefit. They couldn't give a shit about her.

No. 535735


lmfao this is located in a deep Mexican ghetto, good job SenpaiSquad getting all your attendees shot up. I live a few streets down and it's a really dangerous area with active gangs

No. 535738

File: 1529966707387.jpg (494.92 KB, 1000x1415, momo jojo phase.jpg)

sorry for Jojo sperg but she went through a phase because KBBQ was really into it.
she mentioned she read up to part 7 but I asked her on stream nonchalantly what her favourite part is and she said something about 3 (or 4) because that's how far she watched.
I brought it up that I thought she said she read at least up to part 7 and she got all flustered trying to remember when she said it

No. 535740

she is 20% right for once because the other girl is a thot just like her. wtf thots can't call out other thots for being… thots.

No. 535743

with part 5 being announced more people will do this cringy shit and she'll jump on that bandwagon again. People doing "jojo poses" is just memed at this point.

No. 535745


. . . Why is it always the stupid ones that try to publicly come at her?

No. 535751

Her tit looked bruised irl in the Peru pics too

No. 535753

Not even an invite. The owner was publicly asking to see if any cosplayers wanted to be featured as a guest or quite a while; the only thing she gets in exchange is free admission and the possibility of a table to shill wares.

No. 535757


Surprising no one she’s trying play up something she probably had to beg to be a part of as “Omg I’ve been personally invited to this!!! Aren’t I such a famous and big name cosplayer!!!”

No. 535766

anon she finished learning spanish two weeks ago my dude

No. 535767

why does this say moos name but its talking about the other girl in first person

also i just figured it was like laineys hickies
i mark squareboyfriend left and left in to show shes already taken

No. 535777

File: 1529969903795.gif (68.13 KB, 278x340, 384b1b2ed4fb4a054d9dee93160511…)

>Having a healthy balance is important.

No. 535786

After the images got posted, both Bunny and Susu posted actual, affiliated, Fakku posts and made sure to write that they are AFFILIATED. Its hilarious.Im not usually one to talk about other girls doing backhands, but there is no way it isnt directed at her backlash.

No. 535787


She always says this shit when people try to call her out

“Like ummmm, in case you haven’t noticed, I actually do just as much non-lewd content as lewd”

Completely ignoring that more than 90 percent of her photos are just trashy photos of her in her underwear or bikinis with her mouth open begging for dick. Bitch thinks that because she commissions a costume a couple of months out of the year that it means she is a “real cosplayer” and that suddenly it’s what everyone knows her for.

Healthy balance my ass.

No. 535794

Lmao poor Moo will never get that opportunity.

No. 535795

File: 1529971516334.png (1.25 MB, 1356x684, murmurcumlatte.png)

Even if this wickedd girl is a complete dumbass, she wasn't the one saying she wanted to be taken seriously as a cosplayer. She wasn't the one making a PSA about "reducing lewds" and promoting big builds. Moo talks out of her ass so much she needs to back up her statements by noticing things like the chick rubbing her ass in latex? Okay, Mariah, at least the chick doesn't blow smoke out her ass lmao

No. 535814

File: 1529973082633.png (6.33 KB, 380x91, 1bd575b700bf7c2eeddeed376b2af6…)


Sorry for OT, but intentional are not I fucking love how they posted their images lmao.

Momo could also hope to be affiliated with someone like Fakku. She's too busted for them

No. 535820

She tries so hard to make it look like these big companies and brands care enough about her. Poor Moo wishes she was acknowledged by any of them lol.

No. 535825

Did she already delete this persons comments? lmao grow the fuck up you fat stupid cow.

No. 535846

File: 1529975477432.png (243.5 KB, 350x656, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 6.11.…)

Someone stole her phone…'cept she's carrying her mom's phone case? Someone's phone

No. 535847


This is just too hilarious. So obvious they are growing shade at Moomoo. I have to imagine she is completely seething at this.

No. 535849

File: 1529975774500.png (279.37 KB, 348x653, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 6.15.…)

So she dragged Phil into the station with her and asked him for 2 instastories how he felt..

No. 535850

This is what drives me bonkers about her. Why does she lie about the stupidest shit?

No. 535851

File: 1529975784689.png (232.27 KB, 347x651, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 6.16.…)

No. 535852


I thought she broke it?

No. 535853

he prob felt bored as fuck

why would she lie about breaking it? man nothing this bitch says makes even 10% of sense anymore/

No. 535854

"People are calling me out for lying. better pretend something terrible happened to me so I look like I'm being bullied."

She's becoming predictable and even more tragic.

No. 535855

Oh lord, I can't even imagine what kind of ultra gross shit she's been keeping in her phone too. I almost feel sorry for the thief, and send sympathies to Phil for having to put up with her horseshit.

No. 535856

>I'm still pretty shaken up about it

Buuuuut she's been doing everything like she normally does? Thinking all eyes are on her, drooling over a guy that doesn't want her, being on the offense when someone critiques her, lying her ass off and thinking she's been invited to things because she's popular. Literally nothing has changed besides the phone lie.

I think she just did this to get Phil to befriend her lying ass.

No. 535857

So she lied about breaking the phone, and lied about spilling shit on her contacts.

Hasn't it only been like a day.

No. 535859

File: 1529976045026.png (511.69 KB, 932x445, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 6.20.…)

>posting from her laptop
>"I WuZ RoBbEd"

He didn't take your laptop then?

No. 535861

Or the other things that she clearly had visible in the backpack.

No. 535862

i'm so shaken mom please take a photo of me while i talk to the police?

No. 535864

File: 1529976178062.png (225.2 KB, 352x657, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 6.23.…)

So it was kept because you probably did something fucking stupid?

No. 535866

File: 1529976295723.png (306.19 KB, 349x659, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 6.25.…)

No. 535867

File: 1529976335710.png (177.22 KB, 344x649, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 6.25.…)

No. 535870

File: 1529976415423.png (204.73 KB, 345x658, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 6.27.…)

No. 535871

>I was so scared that people were going to know all of the shit that I've been saying in private all along and my lies exposed.

She thought she would gain sympathy from this but only got more callouts.

No. 535872

Why did this dumb bitch lie about breaking her phone??? If her phone was broken why the fuck would she care if someone stole it??

No. 535874

Im so fucking confused. So she claims her phone was broken or lost. Now she's saying she was robbed and someone stole her phone that she didn't have to begin with.
Also um pretty sure your not supposed to film an officer while at the police station, also you for sure can't film or photograph the person who may or may not have stolen your phone… that you didn't have.
Good job being a bitch to the police and secretaries just doing there job Moo. That's smart
What the fuck is happening? Is this the twilight zone?

No. 535875

Scared of WHAT exactly????? Someone stole your phone it’s not the end of the world. She’s making it out to be like she was held at gunpoint or something and I highly doubt someone would rob her like that for a BrOkEn PhOnE

No. 535876

if the phone is broken who gives a fuck if he took it??? she's retarded.

No. 535878

File: 1529976640455.png (1.76 MB, 750x1334, AE62847F-8BFC-4BB8-A4CB-1185C0…)

What the fuck is she talking about right now

No. 535879

She has been on edge since she got there because no one spoke English. She's manic because she probably took a hit of coke and flipped out before she went sight seeing

No. 535880

>get a lawyer

lmfao yeah okay

No. 535881


Im sorry but this is just too much. Wasnt her phone broken? If someone stole your broken phone thats great because you can claim insurance and get a new one????? Also, why was she carrying around a broken phone? You dont leave that shit at the hotel?

And shes docuementing this publicly? I swear ever since her twitter got taken down her instagram stories have just gotten out of control. This is all completely ridic lol Im sure it was a scary situation to be in, but who reacts like this? Makes no damn sense.

No. 535882


I can wait to see what the con has to say about this with all the correct details, I'll be checking on that to let you know how this lying bitch falls.

No. 535883

>what is procedure
>what is language and cultural differences

rly makin me think

No. 535884

File: 1529976911695.png (2.68 MB, 750x1334, 2FC965B2-6E05-4302-AD8C-07B5EF…)

I honestly can’t even follow this story she’s trying to make up rn

No. 535885

Not to tinfoil but she could be doing it because Leon's very into it and currently cosplaying Joseph, and she has been having a very back and forth attitude with him so I mean…

No. 535886

What was this comment made in regards to?

No. 535887

Why does she document everything!! omg and yeah she sounds unhinged rn

No. 535892

This is tinfoily as fuck though

No. 535894

She would have gotten stopped at the airport if she didn't have the right visa. Ans no doubt would have talked about it.

No. 535895

so? moo literally lied about the phone possibly twice.

No. 535896

File: 1529977435783.png (3.56 MB, 750x1334, 4E4176A3-5C39-4325-99D7-D96FC6…)

No. 535897

File: 1529977449639.png (3.79 MB, 750x1334, 323337BF-0149-4CBD-A237-61EC3E…)

No. 535898

Its bad tinfoil though dude. Doesn't mean you gotta add to her lies work stuff that makes no sense.

No. 535899

Thank you to the police who helped us!

They are straight up pieces of shits.

Is this bitch schizo or something, she's flip flopping all over the place.

No. 535900

Maybe if you wore real glasses you could see the thieves coming dumbass.

No. 535901

File: 1529977581582.jpg (71.96 KB, 640x960, 05160d77c4d2ae326894f425d25e29…)

No. 535903

i can't


her phone broke and she's been using her moms, so her moms phone got stolen..right?

No. 535904

File: 1529977691335.png (2.91 MB, 750x1334, A1D8AC97-A640-4416-9FEA-8822F6…)

No. 535905

Yeah I bet they were the ppl who all came to greet you at the Mexican airport, eh Mariah

No. 535906

there's more to this needless to say. Sounds to me like her dumb ass got hauled in for something.

No. 535907

Stole it? She said she broke her phone when she was getting bags at the airport on arrival.

No. 535909

She must have been so excited that this happened. Stories in the police station! pics of the robber! shes probs got ptsd now

No. 535910

File: 1529977989233.jpeg (163.16 KB, 750x628, 11DEA854-2826-4558-9995-D3BAE3…)

No. 535914

don't give her any ideas

No. 535916

Okay let me see if I can get this straight. Farmers help me out.

>gets to Peru

>posts that she breaks her phone in the airport
>uses mother's phone entire weekend
>goes sightseeing
>claims moments after picture is taken with her on a sightseeing walk she's robbed
>is suddenly robbed in traffic in the car?
>phone snatch from her hand from outside the car while she's inside
>chases robber through the streets
>people in other cars in the street chase robber
>people in nearby buildings chase robber
>police claim she's lying
>arrest a guy anyway
>force her to pay money to get her broken phone back
>she has to contact the convention for a lawyer
>gets broken phone and leaves?

None of that makes sense at all. I would say maybe it was her mothers phone but she keeps saying MY phone… which she broke in the airport and hadn't used all weekend.

No. 535917

File: 1529978305608.png (117.84 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180625-185832.png)

but why were you holding a broken phone Mariah????

edit : took icon out

No. 535918

why was she holding the broken phone???

No. 535919

Cause she's lying.

No. 535920


It's pretty normal here in the to be robbed in the middle of the traffic, but that usually happens if you have your hand OUT of the window while you are holding the phone and the robbers tends to go on motorcycle, it would pretty stupid try to do that just running. This is all bullshit.

No. 535921

You mean you don't believe moo would chase a male criminal in a foreign country through traffic??

No. 535922

And then everyone jumped out of the car and people on the streets and in restaurants also chased him down and then everyone started clapping and crying???? This sounds pretty believable to me

No. 535923

Probably tinfoil but what are the odds she did break her phone and let it be stolen just so she could claim it got broken in the theft? Can she claim any sort of money or replacement from having it damaged that way if she blamed the convention or had travelers insurance or a phone policy?

No. 535924

Why did she need to comment three different times? Each time she comes up with something new to say, so she has to comment it

No. 535926

Mariah would need a brain for that.

No. 535932

It's what happens when your brain is panicking and you can't stop making an asshole out of yourself/digging your grave deeper. She has the inability to let things go, a lot of us are like that so it's not exactly a dig at her. She got caught lying and making it up as she goes along so she's trying to free herself from the net of lies but just thrashing around and making it worse.

No. 535933

I'm also from Perú, thieves would even dare to break the fucking car window to steal phones, specially since momo seems to have stayed in a cheap hotel room or a house at the worst part of the city where you can get easily robbed. Some people saw her having lunch in front of Arenales plaza (the only mall that has otaku and gaming related stores in Lima) where menus cost $5 or less, and the con was a district away from that place so she must have stayed near Lince, a district considered to be really dangerous depending on what time it is.

No. 535938

File: 1529979867225.png (4.46 MB, 750x1334, 6EDAC3D7-C51F-4E3C-BF4B-B41862…)

No. 535939

I want to see this bitch caught in this lie so bad. She’s stumbling all over herself, please let this be just one massive piece of BS, she deserves to be caught on the extraordinary amounts of lies she comes up with every single day.

No. 535940

>>535938 same fag but pretty sure shitting on the police and the country you’ve been invited to is a pretty bad idea. She’s such an insufferable cunt.

No. 535941

Her being caught in her lies is loooong overdue.

No. 535942

You would think that someone who lies as much as she does would be better at it by now.

No. 535944

For a second i was hoping shed been caught trying to smuggle coke in her backfat

No. 535946


Her dumbass just lost out in another convention. Is this dumb bitch really trying to talk shit about the local police?

No. 535948

the way she is sperging on the cops make it pretty obvious that she was doing something and got caught. May have screeched at a cop while filming him or something. Or taken videos of the military. Whatever, her story is bullshit. And posting fuck the police stuff on the internet while you are still in the country is dumb even for dumbass.

No. 535949

Not to mention that she's still in Peru and they can still make things bad for her if they were as corrupt as she's bitching about.

No. 535950

it's a new natural way to make crack maybe?

No. 535952

File: 1529981396187.jpg (336.09 KB, 2048x1367, 36176009_1656979201016482_5668…)

Either way, she's looking for sympathy for something fucking stupid. Why would you carry your dead ass phone everywhere? And your laptop? Huh.

No. 535954

This is fucking embarassing how she can't be serious enough for a shoutout in Spanish https://www.facebook.com/ComunidadCosplayPiura/videos/2304338896459790/

No. 535955

File: 1529981508090.jpg (234.86 KB, 2048x1367, 36176491_1659243590790043_6538…)

No. 535956

File: 1529981579623.jpg (81.94 KB, 768x960, 35972683_869051729954674_85579…)

No. 535957


That’s what I’m thinking too. She probably got caught doing something she wasn’t supposed to and is pissy at the cops for giving her a hard time. Which is why she is trying to turn this into “FUCK DA POLICE!!! DAE WUZ TRYING TO SHAKE ME DOWN FOR MONEY!!!!!!!”

No. 535958

File: 1529981624834.png (412.6 KB, 431x658, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 7.54.…)

No. 535961

File: 1529981822919.png (255.71 KB, 308x614, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 7.57.…)

y e e s h

No. 535962

She credited them for a cosplay she's had and worn for over a year now try harder. Also Mariah hasn't shared or said anything how is this getting Mariah's fame lmao. Drama would of happened if she didn't credit cause Moomoos so so generous!!! (Barf)

No. 535964

her lazy, not styled wig isn't even forward enough and you can see her actual hair
She also looks so ridiculous in these serious pics with her taters out in bras showing

No. 535966

I heard people will snatch purses out of the drivers side at stop lights and shit but I don't drive so I dunno.

No. 535968

"STORY COMING SOON" lol okay Tana.

No. 535969

My god, look at her shoulders!
It looks like stuffed padding but it's just her own fat, wtf. It makes her look like she has a hump and no neck, how does she go out in public like this and think "I'm totes a sexy animu waifu" ?? Delusion to the moon.

No. 535970

God she is so fucking coddled and dumb. Has she been to other countries??? Yeah crime and robberies tend to happen to people South of the border especially if you make a spectacle of yourself and look really touristy with your phone in your hand which was broken supposedly.

I'm more bothered even if it did happen by the insane amount of posts. Does she not realize this happens all the time in poorer parts of the world??????

No. 535972

Oh god, you're right. She looks like she has no neck and is wearing massive shoulder pads from the 90s.

No. 535973


I love how her left eye decided its had enough of her shit and decided to wander off

No. 535974

Moo gave Gabby the cosplay cause Moo screwed over Gabby ages ago. Gabby repurposed it for one of her most famous characters she cosplays, and it just HAPPENS to be from Moo. Y'all anons need to chill, she isn't riding Moo's fans. The only publicity she gets from mentioning Moo's name is on this site. She was just crediting because SHOCKINGLY people do that,

No. 535976

I bet they made her pay money because she broke some law and got a fine. Dumbass cunt.

No. 535980

Wow, the sperging you all did was worse than moo's.
Moo using her mom's phone, documenting everything as usual and thief nabbed it because she doesn't know how to pay attention. It's not some complicated conspiracy theory. Though, I doubt she actually ran herself.
Anyways, there's a big majority of cops in Latin America that require bribe fees especially if you're foreign, it's nothing new.

No. 535984

She's saying HER phone and was instastorying the whole thing while in the station before she got her stolen phone back

No. 535988

No doubt that moo took her mom's phone and claiming it's hers now

No. 535990

The way Mariah describes it all makes her look like she's lying. She's told two different phone stories and is notorious for lying. Speculating is natural when things don't make sense.

No. 535993

If your phone is stolen, whose very first thought when they get it back is "I need to post about this on Instagram RIGHT NOW"

Mariah's, obviously, but. Jesus.

No. 535994

File: 1529986463216.png (126.36 KB, 351x650, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 9.14.…)

make up your mind

No. 535997


Fucking shocker, here comes the walking it all back.

No. 536002

Right? Are con lawyers even a thing? I would think even in this case why would "con lawyers" have any power over the local police? Unless the convention had something to do with her phone being stolen?

No. 536003

How is she allowed to take this many photos in a police station?? I can't imagine this is legal or okay. not to mention she is gonna bash the police in another country she was invited to. oh man, she is digging her own grave and will probably never be invited back.

No. 536004

I wonder why Phil hasn't commented on any of this?

No. 536005


Same reason why all her other flunkies won’t say anything when she gets her dumbass in deep shit.

No. 536006

Her lies are getting worse. wow

holyshit, she is manic. She lies about everything. First she bashes the police, then Peru. Suddenly she's a hero who has chased down a robber (which is always ill advised, because they usually have weapons)

Also, this bitch can't run.

No. 536008

He probably knows the actual story but is so done with her antics he'd prefer to just let it go. He's probably only put up with her all weekend because they were both hired by the con.

No. 536009


Exactly. She was literally just screeching about how “FUCK THE POLICE. THEY TRIED TO HET ME TO PAY MONEY TO GET MY PHONE BACK!!!!!!!!”

Now she is trying to walk it back to “I never said I had to pay. My lawyers were just telling me that it was more than likely to come to that”. Bitch is always looking to throw people under the bus.

No. 536012

anon totally fucking called it.

No. 536013

File: 1529987848106.png (160.74 KB, 344x654, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 9.37.…)

No. 536014

File: 1529987860736.png (247.16 KB, 347x654, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 9.38.…)

No. 536015

File: 1529987870875.png (131.36 KB, 345x652, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 9.38.…)

No. 536017

Mariah who the fuck are you responding to because I have an extremely hard time believing any of your double-digit IQ fans would actually probe you on this.

No. 536018

I'm confused. Why are they traveling to different police stations when they caught the guy supposedly? Did they all go on a field trip?

No. 536022

A trip through the field of lies.

No. 536023

Lmao at least now she knows what it’s like to be stolen from. Hurts right Mariah? Maybe you shouldn’t do it to creators and people who you commission and don’t rightfully credit. Also - no one cares. They stole your bag, then it’s your phone, but you have your moms phone in your hands not your own, so whose phone did they steal? Also it’s easy to identify if it’s your phone with your face all over the cover and pop you have. And everyone knows when you go to a foreign country, you have to be incredibly careful with you bag. And the cons don’t have lawyers, just representatives. God what a cringy mess.

No. 536024

Right so
>Guy snatched phone in traffic, probably a regular con.
>Got caught/arrested.
>Police gave phone back, no bribes requested or required.
The rest seems to be total fiction.

No. 536025

It's like when Vamp's stuff got stolen when her car was broken into. Moo kept saying, "Wow nice job on stelaing our stuff" and Vamp corrected her saying, "It was my stuff that was stolen.".

No. 536027

If she had a friend, maybe she could contact them. (idk how iphones work, but she could still Fb Vamp or somethin)

No. 536028

if the lawyers were real she would've take pics of them, period

No. 536029

File: 1529988801289.png (270.23 KB, 348x657, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 9.52.…)

Sooo posting these here but I cannot splice them together so help a anon out plz?
Mom's case

No. 536030

File: 1529988817099.png (88.9 KB, 249x256, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 9.53.…)

earlier in the con

No. 536032

File: 1529988863410.png (40.43 KB, 141x157, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 9.55.…)

her phone

No. 536035

File: 1529989117486.jpg (384.19 KB, 1673x1890, 35194217_1869565536397989_7821…)

No. 536036

File: 1529989130292.jpg (199.2 KB, 2048x1361, 35123752_1869563639731512_4701…)

No. 536038

File: 1529989323360.png (148.19 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180625-220216.png)

so not her phone? Lol

No. 536041

File: 1529989567098.png (115.37 KB, 207x242, atpRtsd.png)

>You're so sick that you always try to say everything to me even in situations like this. Shame on you.

yeah whatever, Mariah. and who was it that shamed a guy for trying to leave his abusive girlfriend, again?

No. 536042

"Shame on you"

As if this bitch even knows the definition of shame.

No. 536043


>keep the phone captive after it was caught

Bitch what? Also did she film the "lawyers"? If she filmed the police she must've filmed the lawyers too to brag about it, or maybe even attempt to drag them aside for a selfie.

No. 536048

It's sick for people to assume her phone story is fake but its okay to call her old photogs "bitch bois"… It's ok to lie about rape accusations… It's ok to grope people against their consent? Right

No. 536049

I hope her mom doesn't let her use the fucking phone anymore after this. But she will, since she's apparently meek and abused by this cunt and her father.

No. 536052

File: 1529990191809.png (244.01 KB, 346x655, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 10.17…)

oh my G O D

No. 536053

>It's why I wasn't able to post about it while it was happening.

But she did make 20-30 different instagram posts even at the police station.

No. 536054

how's it sick of her because YOU didn't use the correct wording??

No. 536055

So heres what really happened

>Moms phone got stolen (highly doubt "right out of her hands")

>Guy was wearing bright red, so he was probably easy to track down for nearby police
>Wento to Police station to report it. They likely asked for a bribe which is not uncommon if you do basic googling.
>"Her ID was held captive" as a pretty normal standard, they do the same thing when youre looking at an apartment. Its incase you go beserk they know who you are.
>"Secretaries where horrible" simple issue of language and cultural barrier with no attempt on Mariahs behalf to understand.
> "Con Lawyers" = Con Representative
>Told everyone is was her phone, because and entire instastory about her moms phone wouldnt have gotten her nearly as much sympathy.
>Was too focused on playing up drama for basic fact.

TLDR: Her moms phone got stolen and getting it back was basically as difficult as anyone would expect being a tourist with no intention of trying to meet half way / obsessively instastorying like a 9 year old brat.

But to Mariah, the world mighthave just as well stopped fucking turning.

No. 536056

What I want to know is, if they held her phone HOW DID SHE GET A BUNCH OF PICTURES AND VIDEOS IN THE POLICE STATION???

No. 536058

Ahh, it's so obvious she's lurking.

No. 536059

Holy shit you're right.

No. 536060

File: 1529990795571.gif (1.19 MB, 275x252, b9VULED.gif)

Her manager, of course!

No. 536062

Well Moo, being robbed is horrible, but you're an insufferable cunt who continously lies while treating people like dirt, so this is your bittersweet karma.

No. 536063

File: 1529990897831.png (254.41 KB, 345x650, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 10.28…)

probably because you did watch it in a movie and applied it to real life for sympathy wrung from the internet

No. 536065

She wasn't alone…and they have camera phones too with the ability to take pics and message them to her (probably she demanded them to document it)

No. 536068


she's so fucking clueless about other countries

Yeah, law is like that there, even if a police saw the whole thing there's paperwork to do, everything is papers there, so the stolen goods becomes evidence and its whitheld until a sentence its declared, and a pity trial can elongate for months if that guy has a lawyer, if you want your things asap they can only offer giving you your stuff back and let the guy free since no official charges where made, probably the police would held him for 48 hours or ask for a bail, anyway, the police gets something

No. 536070

File: 1529991212388.png (269.8 KB, 353x655, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 10.33…)

Phil, Tommy (translator dude) and some rando next to Phil all had a phone. Moo's mom and the other two randos have no phones.

No. 536071

File: 1529991257742.png (263.71 KB, 348x652, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 10.33…)

probably unlikely a rando would lend her their phone for 4-5 instastories

No. 536072

Knowing her she probably wanted 'evidence' of her ordeal and demanded it be filmed by whoever was in her little circle. Shame she actually got the phone back, she's gets a happily ever after moment every time. Typical.

No. 536073

Well idk about everything else but the "ran through traffic" part is definitely a lie.

Mariah doesn't run, she waddles. Also, the only times she would ever attempt to "run" are when she sees greasy food, or when she sees a hawt Youtube-famous tool.

Also the way she frames this whole story comes across as racist.

No. 536074

Ya, but I would guess they would be smart enough not to be filming everything in a police station in a foreign country. The only person I could possibly see doing it is her mom, but her mom's phone was supposedly stolen. Also, you'd think someone else that was there supposedly would mention it if it was such a big deal

No. 536075

she cant be racist tho shes italian muslim arab etc etc

No. 536076

Super Moo saves the day yet again! She's such a fucking liar lmao.

No. 536078

File: 1529991990768.png (14.47 KB, 301x140, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 10.46…)

Sooo she said that Tommy recorded them in the police car 'cept they don't seem distressed. She literally just described the incident as she did before:

No. 536079

File: 1529992044281.png (239.09 KB, 347x657, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 10.44…)

The face of a distressed woman. She was even thanking the police for helping and thumbs uping the situation. If this was "hard for her" she'd be more upset.

No. 536080

So all of this bullshit was filmed after they got the phone back from the thief, so on that exact phone or the Tommy guy's phone? She's making no sense.

No. 536083

File: 1529992177857.png (207.51 KB, 350x655, Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 10.49…)

You're a fucking liar, Mariah. Just stop. You act like this whole incident was traumatizing when you, Phil, Tommy, the tour guide and even your mother were joking that you just wanted to see some llamas.

No. 536084

btich when you got your BROKEN phone back?

No. 536085

That Laserway is really paying off.

She doesn't look distressed at all and if she was thanking the police then what is all of this fuck the police whiny bullshit that she's doing? It doesn't make any sense and she's snapping on everyone for her fuckups.

No. 536088

Where and who is this Victoria you speak of? No where. I see all men in that car aside from you and your mother?

No. 536090

More like Moo losing her touch with her elaborate lying tales to the point they make no fucking sense.

No. 536093

File: 1529993407373.png (72.39 KB, 1200x630, 611f469d-f93d-4abb-bbbb-57759e…)

The more I see her the more she looks like trunchbull

No. 536097

Moo gets so bitter when nobody believes her, maybe don't lie so much and people would be a bit more understanding, hard to digest I know.

No. 536099

She makes that bitch look like a saint at this point lol.

No. 536103

File: 1529994860994.jpeg (547.76 KB, 1239x1744, 2CD5608F-A43C-49A5-A74B-1DE606…)

No. 536105

File: 1529994927477.jpeg (552.84 KB, 1242x1796, 65903BF9-0F89-46AF-B261-355BB1…)

No. 536106

File: 1529994952564.jpeg (532.74 KB, 1242x1650, BB116948-247B-40E4-84FC-0EFA22…)

No. 536108

File: 1529995015988.jpeg (644.39 KB, 1242x2038, 506C7A96-C443-4477-999A-D4BF73…)

From Moo’s personal Facebook page sorry if out of order, English is not my first language

No. 536111

Soooo she posted these to her FB in hopes her paypigs will care? Ok

No. 536112

>people who say our cops are bad have no idea
ohhhhh my god…..moo………….you cannot be serious………..

No. 536114

>not in control

True self fully revealed

No. 536115

What Moo is experiencing is what all tourists and immigrants experience with American police
She honestly thinks the police in Peru would treat a native speaker the same as she was. No, that's just how all cops are with people not from their country

No. 536116

Well that and it's tone-deaf as hell to imply our cops aren't "as bad" compared to foreign cops– not while America is racially charged at the moment and police brutality is such a hot-button topic right now.

No. 536118

File: 1529995912737.png (411.86 KB, 747x492, mooisnoliar.png)

Her supporters are becoming more and more painfully stupid.

No. 536120

> we chased him down
Moo doesn’t have the cardiovascular stamina to chase anyone down. It’s more likely that she screamed and pointed and someone else did the actual chasing.

No. 536121


Yes, having your pwone taken away and held my the nwasty mwean lwadies is JUST AS bad as getting shot at a traffic stop Moo, uwu

No. 536122

The fucking privilege of this white girl I swear. Oops sorry I totally mean Muslim Middle Eastern Italian Christian girl who's also totally bisexual my dudes.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 536125

Looks like Moo is on a comment deleting spree that isn't babying her for going through such a tragic thing.

No. 536128


So having cops who will literally shoot you dead in the street over a routine traffic stop somehow isn’t as bad as being detained for a few hours over a stolen phone?

Only she would say something this fucking stupid.

No. 536129

She’s been deleting comments off this post. Specifically one where the sempai-booty person told them to google her name to see evidence of her lying. I didn’t think to screenshot it.

No. 536130

File: 1529997297847.png (467.87 KB, 853x481, 85e.png)

She's a linguist, we just can't keep up. We are too dumb.

No. 536131

File: 1529997375398.png (171.43 KB, 468x976, Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 12.1…)

Wow, her comments turned real nasty real quick… The Taurell guy was being absolutely reasonable and making a very real point but moo's terrible fans just turned on him like that.

No. 536132

File: 1529997415253.png (325.49 KB, 461x1077, Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 12.1…)

These are moo's fans. She could say something or she could wait for her page to turn into n-word jokes

No. 536136


Can't wait to see the racist Moo try and make herself look like she's completely understanding and can relate to POC when they deal with the police lol.

No. 536137

>But they wouldn't not let me.

which is it.

this bitch, i swear

No. 536139

> Was told he was going to be raped and drugged as punishment

I think she’s officially fallen off the deep end. This bitch is fucking psychotic

No. 536140


I’m sure she is going to say some dumb shit and call the guy racist for bringing it up. Then she’ll walk it back by saying “Well obviously that needs attention and it sucks that it happens”.

Which of course she really means “We need to focus on me now and this clearly traumatic experience I just had”

No. 536142


Funny because that's all anyone has to do is Google her or search Momokun on Twitter. She's that toxic that the results come up with all sorts, yet she's trying to hide that. Those comments sure are gone, shame, must have upset her.

No. 536144


Well look at that another LIE about rape, even if it's not about herself this time, it's still a blatant and disgusting lie.

No. 536146


What’s even ridiculous is that she still tries to paint herself as a saint in all this. “HE WAS GOING TO GET RAPED AND DRUGGED AND I TOTALLY WAS NOT OKAY WITH THAT!!!”

No. 536147

It's like she's trying to one up her own lies.

No. 536148

Her fetishes prove otherwise, but ok Moo.

No. 536149

She also never mentions random civilians chasing the guy down in Tommy Rojas’ stories, only that “she chased him down with the police”

She had a nice three hours with no phone to cook up a good story tho!

No. 536152

God this bitch is so fucking insufferable and so fucking weird??? Like listen, that’s how it is in foreign countries, especially when you’re an obvious tourist.. is she that truly self absorbed that she doesn’t understand the state the world is in?? Like not to be ot but a 15 yo kid in New York was stabbed to death because a gang mistook him for someone else, she’s really coming off as an ignorant and kinda racist stereotypical American tourist, lower income countries in central/South America are like that and police tend to be corrupt anywhere so she doesn’t know wtf she’s talking about, sorry for ongoing about this but this bitch is so fucking stupid!
Anyways I recorded tommyrojas_ instastory so people can see the smug and snide way she talks about the whole situation

I can record her instastory if anons want that way if she backpedals there’s proof aside from the screenshots

No. 536153


Record as much as you can.

No. 536156


Also, what a horrible and scary robbery, let's laugh about it together my dudes.

No. 536158

So here’s a link to her Instagram story cause I know the archive link sometimes doesn’t show all her stories, sorry for it being long but I also wanted to show how she went to a cat park after the whole thing even though she was “so shaken up”

No. 536160

File: 1529999731665.jpeg (195.27 KB, 1242x560, 7B85F131-EB10-4FB0-BDAA-E5CDAC…)

No. 536161

Like anyone would really want to have you guest after the big stink you made tonight.
Sure Jan, nice try attempting to save face.

No. 536162

wow it’s like there’s a reason a lot of big names don’t go to these weird off shoot cons

No. 536164

File: 1530000110968.jpeg (490.52 KB, 812x1023, 7C2DFB9A-7581-43AE-9809-BB33EA…)

Don’t worry, she’s totally Lebanese and knows how it feels.

No. 536165

“No one has announced me yet” is Moomoo speak for “Nobody else has asked me to guest at a con but I still want you all to see how upset and stressed out I am from this!! Give me pitybucks”

No. 536169

So Moo doesn't want her phone to be kept as evidence to charge the man, indignant when the police tells her to sign papers to get the phone back and let the man free, then say later she doesn't want to press charges.

Just, what?

No. 536170

"I just dont think I can mentally handle it right now"

wtf. did the man shoot someone or something?
mentally """"broken"""" but can still make enough insta stories and shit.
stupid excuse because maybe no one invited her lol

No. 536172

Well this one situation could serve as a summary of all 50 someodd threads. You have it all- racism,backpedaling,more racism,pitybux crying,more lying, delusions of grandeur (first I've heard she was invited to any other cons lol) and i cannot WAIT to see her in the neighborhood where that after party is in LA. Peru aint got nothing on LAPD and id love to see her pull her shit with them.

No. 536179

She's broken because the con was probably a dive and without the other two big cosplayers there with only her mother to keep her company while trying to hang out with Phil which wasn't much at all, she probably got bored shitless. You're not as important as you think you are Moo and only mediocre cons actually want you or not at all. You're a shit guest. Go learn some sewing skills and get better at making your own costumes instead of pumping all your energy into lewds and commissions then come back.

No. 536186

she says she was bent over in the seat on her phone when he grabbed it out of her hands but we all know she probably had it halfway out the window filming an insta story where anyone could have easily plucked it from her

No. 536188

this story was totally crazy up until this point, but… holy shit? Yep. Real life. That totally happened.

No. 536199

File: 1530011010436.jpg (110.19 KB, 1242x681, 1504660961430.jpg)

mfw a white girl having to spend a couple hours doing paperwork at a police station is somehow worse than black unarmed children getting shot

also, if english is your first language, your skin is pale, and you have european features, you're fucking white. end of discussion.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 536200

“You’d never see something like this in the US. I promise you”


She’s so white and only milks her ethnicity for brownie points that she doesn’t know real PoC struggles in America. Disgusting.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 536201

is she seriously swearing off of all cons in Spanish-speaking countries because of this? As if crime doesn't happen in other places?

Might as well tattoo "All Latinos are thieves" on your forehead, Mariah.

No. 536203


Just when she couldn't be anymore of a dumbass, holy fuck she's ignorant. Living that sheltered life mommy & daddy provided her all that time didn't do her any favors.

No. 536209

I am honestly amazed at what I just woke up to. Here I thought her Peru trip would be another boring event in her life and she delivers this remarkable mess. Oh Moo, never change. She’s such a lying sack of shit.

No. 536213

This is her most elaborate story yet. She'll fall within her own walls soon. How can a thief snatch her mom's phone if she was in a car fill of people? that makes no sense. unless she was driving a fucking convertible in Peru, which i dont see happening.

>all the citizens chased him down

somehow i doubt the people in Peru care about a random event with a tourist happening

No one is risking their lives for moo and her mom's phone

No. 536218

If anyone can make a chart of the lies that she was spewing in this situation just like her with MyOppa's that would be great. We need to show the world how big of a liar she is.

No. 536219

I'm confused. She said the phone was behind held ransom by the police but seemed like she was snapping away before she had gotten it back according to her story.

It's so twisted and honestly ridiculous.

No. 536221

underrated content, A+ anon

No. 536230

>drugged and raped as punishment

Momo lay off the coke and energy drinks, they're making you sound crazy.

No. 536232

Why does she care about what happens to him when she makes up false rape accusations, sexually assaults people, harasses SA victims, and also obsesses over and begs others to read manga about kids getting raped

No. 536235


No. 536240

File: 1530019383894.jpeg (35.74 KB, 750x199, B3A30E32-D176-489A-941E-A036D3…)

Momokun, a world champion on mental gymnastics and back pedalling

No. 536243

Great way to generalise and alienate a huge portion of her horny fans. South American cons are the only international guest invitations she’ll get.

No. 536248

Pretty much. Mexican and South American cons have no qualms about their guests being 'lewd cosplayer' fuckmeat, it is what their atendees and staff both want to see.

Moo just poisoned the well with the only group that treats her as a legit guest choice.

No. 536250

>why does this say moos name but its talking about the other girl in first person

It's seems like this was taken from that other girl's story or something, so she's tagging moo.

LeonChiro recently debuted his Jonathan cosplay after talking about working out for it for months beforehand, maybe it's in regards to that?

please don't remind me.

>"Thankful no one has announced me yet"
Yeah moo, I'm sure a lot of South American/Mexican cons were fighting to have you guest there. What a shame you can't attend any of them.

No. 536252


As if they will touch your ass after the shit you said. You think they appreciated that little “FUCK THA POLICE” tirade you went on? That shit tends to happen when you act like an unprofessional cunt.

No. 536255

File: 1530021806194.png (1.48 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-06-26-07-00-57…)

This is great keep being racist Moo. If going to Peru and getting her not phone snatched makes her act like this, I wonder how the future looks

No. 536256


She handles every problem she encounters like a spoilt teenager throwing a tantrum & thinks she's hardcore with her words instead of behaving like the professional cosplayer that she claims to be in a situation like that. Moo you're fucking useless and here's to hoping not a single convention invites you as a guest again because you don't deserve the praise.

No. 536268

What doesn't make any sense is why she had to lie over the littlest things. Just say it's your moms phone and be the end of this. It won't make a difference. Also good way to treat other people's country by talking shut about the police. Hope you enjoy your white privilege Becky.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 536270


That’s pretty much what she is saying. “You’re all criminals and I don’t feel safe in your countries, so I won’t ever go near them again”. Of course that whole “Omg I love the people of Peru so much. All these citizens helped me chase the guy down”

Who would actually believe something that stupid? She really is just a dumb, racist privileged, sheltered white girl. This cunt is really trying to compare her largo to the dozens of unarmed men and women getting shot and beat down in the streets. All because she had to wait a few hours to get her phone back. She really is fucking delusional.

I hope other con organizers see this racist shit and think twice about even thinking about inviting her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 536275

File: 1530023901825.png (19.72 KB, 429x150, Screenshot 2018-06-26 at 7.32.…)

im dying

No. 536276


Bet Phil can't wait to finally escape her presence…

No. 536278


Lmao her classic back pedalling has returned.

No. 536280

File: 1530023976935.png (9.57 KB, 467x73, Screenshot 2018-06-26 at 7.31.…)

She's reposting a ton of shit on her page from the con and this came up

No. 536282


She can try to walk it back all she wants, but the funny thing about the internet: It never forgets

We all saw your dumbass literally toasting drinks over “FUCK THE POLICE”.

Also, you can try to acknowledge your “white privilege” or “white passing privilege” in your case all you want. In the end it’s never going to be enough. You’re still just a dumb white girl who simply doesn’t “get it”. And no amount of bitching and moaning about being detained for a few hours over a phone is going to change that.

No. 536283

I wonder if this is as traumatic for her as that one time someone made a meme of themselves pointing a gun at a picture of her and SHE WAS TOTALLY TERRIFIED AND WENT TO THE POWICE ÚWÙ

No. 536288


Oh yeah. I remember the big stinkbshe made about that. She wound up not even going to police and tried to laugh it off like she was in on the joke the whole time.

No. 536292

So tinfoiling: this con didnt pay her so she feels scammed and she's holding all south american cons accountable. They probably only covered her room and booth and made her pay for her own flight (which is why Leon and Stella didn't go because they cancelled their flights) She's using this one experience which could EASILY happen in any country (I've had items stolen in both US and Canada and having to deal with cops at the station for a couple hours to get it back depending on the severity is fairly common) but then again I didnt go around screeching about how because of one extremely minor crime happening to you.

If she got mugged or harassed I could understand it but… ONE person stole from her?

She also claimed 'so many people got out and chased this guy down with us' Wouldnt that make her love the country more? SO MANY NICE PEOPLE!!! She was a hero desu who had so many Peruvians come to her aide!!! Why wouldnt she end up being happy about that rather than saying 'I'M NOT GOING BACK THIS YEAR WEH WEH WEH!!!!'

Dumb bitch will never make any sense

No. 536294

It would give me so much life if someone from Peru openly call her out on this.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 536297


Yeah that would help. Right now it’s all her neckbeards and fellow beached whales pretty muh saying how Peru and all South American countries are hell holes. Although to be fair, some are actually pointing out how she should have taken extra precautions since she was in foreign country, didn’t speak the language and didn’t have someone who knew the area.

It’s just that she keeps changing her story every five minutes to make it seem like she was completely helpless and nothing could have stopped it. Because according to her she is in a country full of criminals.

No. 536300

>traumatic experience


it happens every 5 seconds in every country all over the world you dense fucking whale

No. 536301


It's funny because she has to switch constantly between "I'm so helpless" and "I'm a kickass female." Her constant need to be both a victim and a badass means she has to change her story constantly.

No. 536304

If Mariah thinks that Peru is a hellhole, I don't want to even think of what she would've done if this con was in Brazil…

Anyway, good riddance! If she's not coming down here for the rest of the year, we won't really miss anything.

No. 536309

Underrated comment

No. 536314


Exactly. She’s flip flopped between “I literally chased the guy down” and “I pretty much couldn’t do anything to stop it”. She wants be seen as the “super stronk anime gurl” but she also wants pitybux and sympathy so she keeps embellishing the story to make it seem like she was as helpless as possible.

Surprised she hasn’t elevated it to “He pulled a gun on me and my mom!!!”. Surely that would get the “haturz” to back off, wouldn’t it?

No. 536319

To all the anons from Peru on this board: let the convention know about how Momo was being disrespectful to this country. Show them everything that was posted here. Convince them to never have her be a guest here again. In fact other people from the rest of the world should do the same thing. If she's going to be disrespectful like this that she doesn't deserve to travel internationally and be guest at other conventions.(Cowtipping)

No. 536322

Her story is so incredibly detailed. People tend to add a lot of extra unneeded details to stories when they are lying. Should have just been "my moms phone got stolen in Peru, they caught the guy whole stole it, but trying to get it back from the police was a nightmare. The end. Fin. Done.

No. 536329

File: 1530029324541.png (251.01 KB, 352x653, Screenshot 2018-06-26 at 9.09.…)

just in case she claims she didn't post it to her own social media. Wonder why it's not on her cosplay FB?

No. 536334


It’s because of her shit reputation. No one would believe and coddle her if she just said that. They’d figure she was either lying or had some fault in the matter. She keeps adding more details because she wants to seem as helpless as possible so that no one would dare question her and if they do they end up looking like the bad guy.

No. 536338

Nobody can really speak up against her on Instagram stories or on her personal page so quickly so she's using the bare minimal. It's nothing more than a "please invite me to your con" plea as she's desperate to be like the big time cosplayers who get luxury invites.

No. 536339

This is just her flexin she had ~sO MaNy ApPeArAnCeS~ again like she has some worth.

No. 536342


she could have just done this without telling the world

No. 536346

how dumb can you be to ask him to back it up? sure he has tons of proofs that cops were an ass with him because it's easy like that. oh wait he could back it up with his obituary maybe? holy shit they are stupid just like her.

No. 536347


This is disgusting. Moo your fans are fucking racist. Great job on breading a terrible fanbade

No. 536351

just waiting for her to announce that now she has PTSD

No. 536364

PTSD that triggered her depression and made her smoke all of her weed supply. Looking forward to her high rants about Peru when she gets home.

No. 536365

I get that it's scary to get your phone stolen especially in a foreign country and having to deal with the police, but come on. It's something that shakes you for a couple of hours and then you're fine and laugh it off.

>some police women giggled at me because I'm loud and obnoxious and it was worse than being shot, I'm so traumatized!!1

Put on your big girl panties, Moo. Come on.

No. 536368

Big girl panties indeed.

She's definitely overreacting and it's making her lies appear more obvious than usual.

No. 536369

>We need to fight together for a better tomorrow!!!!!
I've been here since thread 1 and her pageant speeches still make me physically cringe.

This. I fully believe her phone got snatched and that the police were assholes but she's being so ridiculously melodramatic about it. It's not like she got robbed at knifepoint in a dark alley or raped. Especially her stupid "I'm sorry but I can't attend any latin america cons after this my dudes!!!!" statement is just ridiculous, nobody wasn't even aware of her attending more of them (as if she was invited) so why did she have the need to make that announcement?

No. 536373

any excuse to eat 4,000 calories in one setting
But this is such a stupid thing to lie about. I guess she really wants that victim complex.

No. 536374

File: 1530034402713.jpeg (107.74 KB, 749x1080, F354C9F2-35E8-4C59-BBB3-C58DF9…)

Forest kun struggling hard. And no boots?

No. 536378

All that weight training sure did pay off my dudes!

No. 536381

She's just all sorts of weird shapes and sizes.

No. 536382

I'm not 100 percent sure that they wanted money for my phone, but that is what I was told by an imaginary person in my head… because lawyers are always free and wandering around at shitty anime cons.

This Princess complex she has. Like how hard was it to stick to "I lost my phone, sucks but I guess I have to buy a new phone"

I'm sure they didn't keep her ID captive. They probably ran her information in the back and Momo just threw a huge temper tantrum which takes a while, especially if you're a foreigner.

So…. it wasn't even your phone that was stolen like you claimed, it was your moms phone… don't you think your MOM would have been at the police station giving HER information if it was her shit that was stolen. Biiiiiiiitch just admit you got caught in your lie

No. 536383

Man from Forest-kun to her cankles, she looks like the Michelin man.

No. 536385

Honestly they probably didn't give it to her because they were confused. Look at how she explained it to her retarded fanbase, "My phone got stolen!", "Okay it was really my mom's phone". She danced around the fact that it was her mom's phone and probably did the same with the police. Since she has a habit of oversharing, she probably even told them about her breaking her phone at the airport.

Just think about how shady as fuck that all sounds.

No. 536387

I'm sure they just cancelled on Momo or they never invited her at all

No. 536390

she never had a dramatic experience like this before? you mean going to the police station and being treated like an average person instead of a spoiled princess. Man she never had to deal with racism. I know other anons mentioned it but god she is so privileged.

Now her and her fans are just being extremely racist. Trashy.

No. 536391

Yeah theres no deeper meaning. Some anons seriously need to cool the fuck out because its making us look really bad with all the extra tinfoil posts and shit.

No. 536399


I can believe the police were corrupt, it happens more often then people think in foreign countries.

I can believe she got her phone stolen. The thief probably jacked it because her dumb ass was more then likely hanging it outside the window to either record herself driving instead of watching the road or she was in the passenger side. Either way she doesn't pay attention to anything going on around her because she's too busy being loud and obnoxious, drawing attention to herself like an easy mark.

The only thing I don't believe is her Pho & Burger horkin' ass chasing after a theif down the street. If you listen to her in the cat park video, she was winded just by walking lol no way is she built for feats of agility…or mobility for that matter.

No. 536400

I like how Moo's pretty much shitting on Peru while Peru is in the midst of celebrating their World Cup win and the nation being extremely happy and patriotic.

No. 536406

Tbh Im actually gonna believe this one. On top of people like Phil being there. In a foreign country it is scary when you get stuff stolen from you regardless of how it was stolen from you especially if you're held and the police are corrupt and they try and keep you somewhere. I get that she's a huge liar but I mean this is quite the fabrication. And she did say it was her mother's phone that was stolen not her broken phone.

No. 536409

She only said that it was her mom's phone after being called out about it.

No. 536410

Since I don't really give a fuck ppl know I'm a farmer for this cow, just an fyi I was blocked before I could see her response and I was ALSO blocked by Nigri on IG immediately after without even mentioning her or commenting on her page I followed… so I'm done defending Nigri's dumb ass she very clearly still supports this dumb bitch.(no one cares don't post about nigri)

No. 536411

no one caaaares

No. 536412


It’s just like when Vamps’ car was broken into. She tried so hard to make it into “OUR” car got broken into and “OUR” stuff was stolen. Even Vamp to her credit was like “Uhhh, no bitch. MY car was broken into and MY stuff was stolen”

She is so desperate for sympathy and attention that she will literally try to take on other people’s tragedies and misfortunes and try to make them her own. All so that the “haters” will back off. All so she can keep playing the victim and no one will call her out. She did the same shit after the Vegas shooting. All those people dead and all she could talk about how “This is MY city”. A city she does no volunteer work in. A city she doesn’t donate to local charities to. A city she doesn’t put any of her neckbeard bucks back into to the community for. It’s a city that all she does is eat, sleep and shit in and yet she tried to act like “This is MY city, and it means everything to me!”.

No. 536413

She also caused a ruckus about the blood drive and donations when that shooting happened. She's far too up her own ass to see what's happening in the world.

No. 536414

The only world she cares about is the World of Moo. She literally lives in her own bubble, where as she's stated many times, likes to be in control.

No. 536415

Just saying for the Nigri stans in here she might block you if you speak out against her friend so maybe we should stop defending Nigri so hard when it comes to Moo.

No. 536416

we should just stfu about her in the first place. literally no one gives a shit that you were that poster or that nigri blocked you.

No. 536417

You can see the cellulite even through those white tights LOL

No. 536418

Come on anons, there’s no need to be so harsh. The milk is bountiful and there’s no reason to tear each other apart.

No. 536424

Those tights are weaker than forest-kun. Poor thing is already giving out and can barely hold back her fupa.

No. 536431

Here is to an extra milky AX, featuring Moo in a shitty ghetto warehouse rave, I mean an ~AX Collaboration~, and possibly an in-person showdown with the Original Queen of Batshit Insane Cosplayers, Usagi Kou.

No. 536434


Funny thing it's that at the con she made a video with a Venezuelan fan and said "How much she wanted to come to Venezuela". This is the most dangerous country in america, that would be hilarious if just could be possible.

No. 536438

File: 1530040037335.jpeg (66.6 KB, 750x704, EF6E49E4-C776-4884-B638-FE6BCE…)

>gets almost robbed (of an item that isn’t hers)
>has to deal with corrupt cops
>wow this is what being a POC feels like

No. 536439

File: 1530040667529.png (957.4 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180626-141757.png)

No. 536443

Half naked on a bed

Dime a dozen cosplay shoot. On a bedspread that doesn’t even match their theme

No. 536445

What in the hell is going on with Paula Deen's foot?

No. 536451

She probably watched John Oliver's recent episode about Mexico. That's why she actually got spooked.

No. 536455

Look I get using PS to fix up photos but all this airbrushing is getting ridiculous. It's almost as bad as the D.Va shoot she did 3 years ago with the blurred skin and mysteriously reappearing arm hair.

No. 536457


Her face looks completely unrecognisable as her in this one too imo, it's pretty weird


I know Momo has always been bad at what she does but at this point most of her shoots are the same thing but in different lingerie or with a different girl. Her 'theme' is just whatever costume she decides to commission for the shoot.

No. 536465


“I’ll have you know that I’m more known for my non-lewd content”

She said as she posts another trashy set with her hoed up in bed in her underwear with another girl

No. 536472

so you mean to tell me that she got so piss-her-pants scared over getting her phone stolen that she's not going to cons for the rest of the year?

like, that's her reason?

she's sooooo melodramatic.

No. 536474


Maybe this is all so she has an excuse for becoming a camgirl that doesn't have to leave the house..

No. 536484


More like she doesn’t have any invites or sponsors and it’s getting too expensive for her to just fly out and ghost for attention.

No. 536493

Both look awful. I don't get how one can "love their body" and then turn around and airbrush the shit out of it. Knock it off and just photoshop the face. One to the right would look decent if she didn't look like a fucking colorbook. Sad all around

No. 536495

Well moo, since you are not going to be attending anymore latin american cons that you haven't been invited to anyway that should give you more free time to attend classes at the college where you aren't enrolled. it's a win-win moomoo style.

No. 536498

>get lipo to look hot
>still have a worse figure than other girls in the same weight range

those sculpted fat rolls look like something out of a horror movie.

No. 536500

It took me a long time to realize that was a photoshopped fat roll and not her fucked up bellybutton… wow.

No. 536501

Exactly. You can't use "i'm a POC so I'm discriminated against" when you don't look POC. If people assume you're white, they treat you like your white. How dumb is this bitch

No. 536507

i just think it's funny as fuck that she gets her phone stolen one singular time in peru and that made her so fucking StArTlEd that she's sworn off south american/mexican cons. she's such a little baby.

No. 536510

Don't you just love it when moo makes one of her official announcements. Like I can go ahead and make my plans for the summer now that I know what mooriah is going to do. And I would also like to be announcing here that I will not be running for president of Kiwi Farms even though there is no such position and even if there was I would not be asked. I just don't think I can mentally handle it right now.

No. 536511

mexicon hated you, why make them suffer for the actions in peru?

the theft was just the perfect excuse to bounce from having to deal with those gross foriengers, eh moo? TEQUILAAAAAAAAAAAAA

No. 536523

>omg the police in another country were jerks to me!

is she serious? Sometimes police are assholes, but i'd rather deal with asshole cops than actually be beaten or killed by them. She is so privileged, it isn't even funny. I hope worse shit happens to her because she deserves all the karma she can handle

No. 536526

its not underwear its A BIKINI REEEEE

No. 536528

I’ve think I’ve fonally figured out WHAT happened.

She wanted her phone back… but the police told her they can only prosecute him if they keep the phone as evidence. When she demanded her phone back they said okay, that means we can’t prosecute him, please sign this saying you don’t care anymore and we can give your phone back. she demanded prosecution… but also demanded they give up the evidence??? God she’s so stupid

No. 536529

I’m loling at her being so pissed about those “bitch secretaries” smiling at her. They probably never see a disgusting swollen pig of an american throwing a psycho shitfit quite like you, Moo. You must have been the most hilarious thing they’ve seen in a while.

No. 536533

With enough stupid tattoos she can look just as trashy as the bitch beside her. Just be a cam girl already ya twat waffle.

No. 536539


They were probably couldn’t help but laugh at the stupid landwhale, American white girl screeching as if she owned the place. She was probably making a complete ass of herself during her little tantrum and they were just giggling at her.

No. 536542


Doesn’t get much simpler than this. She wanted to prosecute the guy police told her in order to do that they need evidence, which would of course be her phone. She doesn’t want to give the phone up because “personal information”. They tell her “Okay fine, sign this saying you don’t care anymore and we can make this go away”. She still wants to prosecute the guy.

Meanwhile, in her head she had spun this as “Guy steals her phone. She literally chases the guy down on foot. Other citizens assist her in chasing the guy down and they all applauded her for catching him. He gets arrested. Police confiscate her phone. Tells her she has to pay money if she wants it back. She is detained for literally “hours” and they don’t offer her a translator. Office secretaries are laughing at her. Phone stealer tells her he is going to get raped and drugged in prison. Moomoo being such a saint can’t allow that so she wants to drop charges. Actual ”con lawyers” show up to swoop in and save her. Proceeds to spend the rest of the night screeching on social media about “FUCK DA POLICE!!!!”

No. 536561

It could also be the police were holding the phone because of the "it's my phone. No wait it's my mom's phone. But it's my phone. But he stole my mom's phone!" confusion. Until they can prove who the phone belongs to without a shadow of doubt, they won't give it back. They may have asked her to unlock it to prove it was hers and she got angry about the "personal information" on the phone.

If you unlock a phone and look through the camera roll, it's pretty easy to see whose phone it really is. I'm pretty sure she had 1500 lewds/nudes on that thing and didn't want her mom to see.

No. 536571

She also probably tried to play the I'm a famous American card and got obnoxious and schreechy. >>536542
This pretty much sums it up. She takes a simple phone rip off and turns it into her being some kind of superhero who also is somehow deserving of major sympathy.

No. 536572


If she really made a huge fuss about this over some trashy photos that she didn’t want to be seen, then she is even dumber than I thought.

No. 536579

Where did all the patreon anons go?? I miss their milk

No. 536586

File: 1530055497022.png (837.37 KB, 1587x1587, MOMOKUNT.png)

sorry not sorry

No. 536590

That's most likely what happened and she tacked on the "He'll be raped in prison" cause she can't help but lie.

No. 536600

You did good.

No. 536610

File: 1530058367358.png (212.08 KB, 348x652, Screenshot 2018-06-26 at 5.13.…)

not posting the whole thing since anon did already but she reposted this shit again

No. 536626

She's trying so hard to milk this like it's the most traumatic thing in the world. It might be for such a sheltered girl, but for someone who is so quick to attack any girl who dares accuse one of her crushes of doing something ACTUALLY traumatic…

No. 536642

File: 1530061618599.png (269.28 KB, 347x656, Screenshot 2018-06-26 at 6.07.…)

No. 536643


“I’m so glad to finally be out of that country full of criminals!! I’m never going back!!!

No. 536649

You never left America dumbass. But if you meant The United States we are just thrilled that you are back.

No. 536656

when the coke range goes down I bet she will delete everything and pretend it didn't happen or make up a new story

No. 536657

She's actually going to hold this shitty grudge on the rest of the continent for the rest of this year, yikes

No. 536660

she included Mexico as well for some unknown reason even though she had a good time there. so any Hispanic or tropical regions…. way to show your tolerance Momo.

No. 536661


she's moocotting foreign cons because she has no one to go with her, she's unpopular overseas, her mom's phone was stolen, and the cosplay com just isnt into her

No. 536663

I'm sure the folks in Uruguay are going to be crushed when they hear the news.

No. 536666

Next thread image, pretty please? Maybe shoop her actual face on top?

No. 536667

What's hilarious about this is that she's cutting out a good portion of fans that actually like her by doing this and any poor cons that actually wanted to see her pancake ass, because the US cons sure as hell don't want her after Wizard World.

No. 536668

File: 1530065917868.png (567.01 KB, 720x1280, 1529177771843.png)

There was a lot of work put into fixing these two up

No. 536669

Could you imagine if she was at all professional or even just wanted to fake being professional she could have said something like "my moms phone was stolen but with the help of the police in peru we were able to get it back the same day, i want to thank them etc etc i won't be accepting any international invites rn because i still feel shaken by the theft" but she's like "fuck the police and all these brown people countries usa! usa! usa!" she doesn't think at all it's wild i guess cus tits and fake ass doesn't require a brain

No. 536671

File: 1530066529879.png (660.88 KB, 927x593, Screenshot 2018-06-26 at 7.29.…)

No. 536672

File: 1530066631250.png (604.2 KB, 600x753, too many keks.png)

god bless you anon

yes, this

No. 536677

Does it annoy anyone else that she has to have her tattoo showing ? Because the other chick does she is like "omg! I have tats too! I'm a rebel too!"

No. 536678

No. 536679

Now I see where Moo gets her vagina eyes from

No. 536680

when fuckgirls get tatted they want everyone to see that they got inked. moos a special hieffer that needs to show off

Dragon Ball fan? nope, mega fan got a tat to prove it

Fate fan? nope, top fan #1, got it tatted

No. 536681

it's shit like this that makes it clear she isn't really an umineko fan, having the family crest as a tattoo is literal canon.

No. 536686

thats giving her a lot of credit; the only anime she does watch is on netflix. everything else is just wikia shit and fan canons:

throw back to any of her fate cosplays- none of the captions she used for them were even character quotes

No. 536688

"The Misadventures of Momo Show." lol even he's taking jabs at her.

No. 536689

File: 1530069045190.png (12.15 KB, 292x149, Screenshot 2018-06-26 at 8.11.…)


No. 536691

must suck to be on the receiving end hua Momo? But you have done much worse. But to claim multiple countries are "disgusting." Wow

No. 536694

Soooo, because some chicks who had nothing to do with the con, were not at the con nor worked for the con were rude, she’s going to punish her Latin/Mexican fans by not….going to anymore cons where they live? That’s that Mooriah racist logic™️

No. 536695

I'm sure they were not seeing a bloated human cow hybrid

No. 536696

File: 1530069745589.gif (1.19 MB, 480x270, 1511266053_Gif.gif)

she was boolied out of south america by two to three office birds who had a chuckle at her expense

didnt this same bitch bully girls out of her highschool

No. 536698

She did. One of them even killed themselves

No. 536699

i saw that rumor about 30 threads ago, is there any proof outside of that girl who went to high school with her?

No. 536700

What kind of proof are you looking for?

No. 536701

Funny that, when I do shoots I tend to hide my tats especially if it doesnt fit in with the character!
And I know for a fact our cow has harassed others over having tattoos in a shoot cough vamps cough(no one cares)

No. 536702

something other than one person saying the person killed themselves bc of mariahs bullying- not saying it couldnt have happened, just want to confirm.

if i had one wish, id love to read guidette phase moo's Facebook posts tbh

No. 536703

Her mom is old and actually works tho.

No. 536704

File: 1530070993056.jpg (86.66 KB, 800x450, 1528360514191.jpg)


I honestly feel awful for Phil. You can see the toleration in his eyes in almost every single thread in this pic, the poor man is just waiting to get back to Canada to escape the fuckin travelling circus.

Also Mariah, you fucking narc, since we know you're reading..
You were raised terribly.
You will literally never find help because you obviously don't think any thing is wrong.
Say bye to your "career", you've got 3 years!

How can somebody be so literally fucking ugly inside and out?

No. 536705

I bet the office ladies were pretty and in shock by her blatant American stereotyping everything everyway possible so they were awkward laughing/joking.

Also, wouldn't fuckboy Rojas translated for her?

No. 536708

She claimed she would hide it, she only shows it off. dats our moomoo

No. 536712

File: 1530072125068.png (222.86 KB, 348x658, Screenshot 2018-06-26 at 9.00.…)

No. 536713

File: 1530072152762.png (348.52 KB, 346x651, Screenshot 2018-06-26 at 9.01.…)

they went to the cat park after the ~traumatizing event~ btw

No. 536714

File: 1530072165162.png (347.54 KB, 351x657, Screenshot 2018-06-26 at 9.02.…)

No. 536715

File: 1530072176983.png (264.63 KB, 345x659, Screenshot 2018-06-26 at 9.02.…)

No. 536716

File: 1530072216433.png (2.38 MB, 750x1334, AC70269E-574B-4DFD-9684-8C3568…)

God she is so obnoxious she can’t be around men without play fighting with them and constantly shoving herself onto them. None of them want to fuck you moo. You’re disgustingly wide and never wash your hair

No. 536717

How many people want to bet that whenever the two guys tried to leave she screamed she was still traumatized and scared and threw fits like a toddler?

No. 536718

File: 1530072377715.png (560.14 KB, 928x594, Screenshot 2018-06-26 at 9.06.…)

No. 536720

>Say bye to your "career", you've got 3 years!

At the rate she's going that's being extremely generous

No. 536721

>Come to Ecuador
>anon said those are the only people who care about her
>just said she’s not going to any South American cons
What a fucking idiot

No. 536723

White privelge in a nutshell.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 536724

Pathetic cunt

No. 536725

Her fans confirmed for not actually reading or giving a shit about anything she says

No. 536727

Watch her get tatted on her cottage cheese thigh like Beato.

Her ita bag is a mess and there's trash inside, such a big fan of Fate my dudes!

No. 536728

what the fuck

No. 536730

its not about the phone getting stolen its THE CORRUPTION MY DUDE

No. 536731

exactly what I was thinking!

No. 536733

Lol the whole Peru incident literally reminds me of every middle aged white mom who gets something as simple as overcooked eggs at a restaurant and writes a scathing review thats embellished with cockroaches and racist waitresses.

She hates herself and her life so much that it literally gave her pleasure to spew all of this bullshit. I bet the cop shop took two minutes and she signed something and left.

Its just hilarious to me. Shes so sad.

No. 536734

Aw, seems like Moo turned into a bitch boi overnight?

No. 536735

Hopefully either Phil or that Tommy guy eventually tell the real story

No. 536738

File: 1530081141385.png (231.04 KB, 350x649, Screenshot 2018-06-26 at 11.33…)

No. 536739

Stream it. So we can all watch you apply dry paint.

No. 536741

>No rest for the wicked.
that much is true–you never seem to sleep, after all

No. 536750

Not sure to even consider this an Itabag but this is the saddest attempt i've ever seen.
Insulting to those to spend hundreds on real itabags.

No. 536755

File: 1530093722963.jpg (308.25 KB, 659x900, momokun_2018_small_by_aloysius…)

found this on deviantart by coincidence, thought you all might enjoy

No. 536756

Rojas wasn't there anon.

No. 536764

The other guy that she's been hanging with is named Tommy Rojas, anon. Not the ex Funi guy.

No. 536787

Con people are defending momo because a lot of cosplayers here enjoyed taking pictures with her or knew her for her lewd cosplays. I’ve seen plenty of posts from cosplayers saying that our country is a shithole because she got robbed and due to the lack of organization from the con management that made one of the girls who participated in the cosplay contest not to be able to change in time (that cool naga cosplayer that had a lot of leds and someone posted here)
Also the con didn’t have a female change room or bathroom.
You are considering this to have been somewhat similar to an American con but it was way shitier and Mariah probably doesn’t want to come back because of the lack of glamour the con made her go through.
It seems like people had to pay extra to take pictures with her but at the end everyone was able to do it without the VIP pass.
I don’t think she’s lying about the robbery but she made a bigger drama about it because she no longer wants to come to shitty South American cons and needed an excuse instead of saying they are shit and making her third world fans realize she doesn’t really care.

No. 536788

File: 1530108421356.jpg (10.78 KB, 165x194, Hmmst.jpg)

This is fetish art, my guy

No. 536789

Im sure they laughed because she’s really tall but also really fat and angsty
Most Peruvian females are small and slightly chubby or skinny so looking at this tall and fat American girl scream about getting her phone stolen because she was probably taking photos in a dangerous district at night must have been hilarious.
Also lawyers in Peru can be really cheap so probably con managers called a lawyer friend just to get her phone and the guy who was arrested got out a day after the “incident”

No. 536790

She's not tall?

No. 536791

I know lmao

No. 536792

The average Peruvian is 157cm tall.
Mariah is considered here as a tall thicc foreign goddess by the otakus that buyed VIP passes to take pictures with her.

No. 536794

>>thicc being a good thing in Peru.
They believe women should “comer como un pajarito”

The average Peruvian would think she’s a fine pork from America

No. 536804

Which is hilarious that she burned that bridge so hard, South American and Mexican cons are the only ones that think she's a hot and desirable guest. Everywhere else in the world she's shit out of luck unless the staff in charge of booking has a boner for her.

No. 536815

I know a few girls like this. They obviously have issues with inescurity and male attention. They need to make sure men are paying attention to them at all times, and they see other women as nothing but competition. It’s sad.

No. 536827

yeah this was HS shit lol it got me my now ex-bf. but mariah seems like the type to take it overboard ESPECIALLY considering her need to be the center of attention. guys that she does it to probably don’t like it bc it’s like a bulldozer to the side lol

No. 536830


It really is fucking obnoxious. She’s constantly in guys’ personal space and always touching them, like she is marking her territory or some shit to let all the other girls know not to come near them. She is nothing but an insecure cow who knows she can’t compete with all the other girls out there so she tries to make up for it by being as trashy and invasive as possible, hinting at the slightest bit of giving pussy so that guys will stick around. She strikes me as the “I’m not like all those other stuck up bitches who will ignore you or play with your feelings and break your heart” type

No. 536835

one of these days someone is going to be sick of her shit and not give 2 fucks who she is, like the two women she met. I think it was so traumatic for her because she had to face the reality that other women see her as a joke and not sexy bombshell competition.

No. 536840

It kind of seemed like Nicoletter's boyfriend and other people at the last con party were getting sick of her shit. The one where she nearly popped the air mattress.

No. 536841

Why has the quality of posting gone to shit?
This thread is not about Nigri
This site is not used to harass anyone with your personal army. Longer bans will be given to people who cowtip or encourage it.

Inb4 "wow that ended hours ago"
Don't start it again.

EDIT: Looks like some tard reported a shit ton on old posts.
Remember to check dates and fill in the reason when reporting.
The cowtipping still stands

No. 536848


I’m sure she is aware. This was probably the first time it was made real. And the fact that she couldn’t understand them made it worse since she couldn’t call them out.

No. 536854

File: 1530128946890.jpeg (411.27 KB, 750x1057, 3C40448A-39D3-4A76-A7E0-048BBE…)

still can’t get over how the armband is a collar

No. 536855

Square noodles couldn't fix her droopy eye?

No. 536857

I like that Moo is lipo'd smaller than her, but her ham arms are twice as big the other girl's
Legs too

No. 536859

Since her Twitter ban I dont think Moo is necessarly /pt/ material anymore. These threads have been boring, bland, and infighty for a while now. She's going downhill and so are these threads.

No. 536860

The milk disagrees with you. She just recently gave fresh milk with the phone and fuck the police tantrums. Twitter didn't make her a cow, it only gave her a platform to show her cow tendencies on. Now she uses instagram as twitter.

No. 536863

How about if you dont care about the thread you hide it?

Plenty of the cows on /pt/ go silent for months on end but moo literally just had a sperg sesh right before her biggest con and the milk still floweth.

I think her ig stories have always been what really proved her to be a cow because she will post one thing (i.e. I'm working out so hard my dudes) and then her ig stories prove the opposite (i.e. here's me eating pho or sushi or drinking more cans of Monster in a day than most people do their entire lives) Also if anything her getting permabanned on twitter reinforces her pt status.

No. 536867

File: 1530131071199.png (952.24 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-06-27-13-24-25…)

No. 536880


This seems to happen every time Moo has a meltdown. Some dipshit comes in here saying “Lol Moo is so boring now, move the thread back to snow”. Then some late to the party farmhand comes here to say “Quit shitting up the thread. Bans incoming”

No. 536884

….what business is that

No. 536885

It looks like an Apple store, she probably just got a new phone and the first thing she did was log onto instagram.

No. 536886


Narcissism 101 clearly.

No. 536887

>>536885 can you imagine the poor soul who had to wait on her greasy, unwashed Lard ass and listen to her overly dramatize and sperge about being robbed In Peru? Bless whoever had to suffer through it.

No. 536891

File: 1530134391201.gif (505.17 KB, 400x406, 1fc6f7d29e8adf0548cd3df99f7d23…)

i love that all her paypigs and the only people who want to fuck her she hates because shes a racist piece of shit

and its all a problem she created herself

No. 536892

Jesus christ, this is a good point. It really gives a good frame of reference for how fucked she is and would be. And hopefully shut up those, 'she could totes be under 200lbs guys' anons.

No. 536893

Five bucks says this is moo or one of her calves trying to save her lard ass !

No. 536894

File: 1530134791852.jpg (135.14 KB, 500x828, 1530131071199.jpg)

No. 536899

post for exploitable edits

No. 536901

love how she's implying she's back in business (back online cause new phone) when she clearly has an issue with not being on a phone 24/7, so much so, she needed other people's phones the entire trip.

No. 536958

Thats literally why i specified she's attractive to otakus that had the balls to buy VIP entradas just to see her. Otakus are not your average peruvian

No. 536970

I get missing your phone if you can't use it but like she was busy the whole time and with "friends" and her mom you would have thought she could do without her phone, it really speaks to how obsessed she is with social media. it's like to her if she's not documenting something it hasn't happened (uh except school huh) she MUST be acknowledged! I wish she'd get banned from Instagram she'd lose her mind

No. 536985

"average height is 5'5"
Anon she is shorter than that

No. 536997

File: 1530146867481.png (883.84 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2018-06-27-17-46-56…)

No. 536998

File: 1530146897582.png (966.81 KB, 720x1173, Screenshot_2018-06-27-17-47-02…)

No. 536999

File: 1530146922625.png (1.28 MB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2018-06-27-17-47-06…)

No. 537001

File: 1530147072244.jpeg (423.4 KB, 750x1068, C964CF40-71C2-4523-AF25-C41C15…)

No. 537004

Yikes, looks like a mother holding a kid.

No. 537007

looks like a big ugly ogre grabbing a generic princess character

No. 537008

File: 1530148087904.png (555.84 KB, 720x722, Screenshot_2018-06-27-18-05-36…)

No. 537009

but it's clearly not.

No. 537010

File: 1530148288142.png (317.3 KB, 720x936, Screenshot_2018-06-27-18-10-43…)

So nice of you to Google the mascots actual name, Mariah

No. 537013

File: 1530148528297.png (83.14 KB, 720x313, Screenshot_2018-06-27-18-13-38…)

Patreon anon wanna check and see if there's an update?

No. 537014

File: 1530148555154.png (143.37 KB, 720x929, Screenshot_2018-06-27-18-14-30…)

No. 537016

File: 1530148795746.jpg (55.06 KB, 528x960, FB_IMG_1530148774220.jpg)

No. 537017

File: 1530148818710.jpg (57.55 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1530148734790.jpg)

No. 537027

Can you imagine inviting some nobody as a guest, and AFTER the convention you have to deal with her legal shit and give resources to help her with something that has NOTHING to do with the con? Because she was to stupid to call an actual embassy?
I feel awful for the con organizers. They didn’t sign up for any of that.

No. 537030

A broken phone, a stolen phone then impounded and she still managed to record the women without even getting their names?

She seems like she's trying to shame all of Peru (and Latin and South America).

I thought she loved the Mexico con?

No. 537033

Just fucking text her or phone her, holy shit.

No. 537035

File: 1530151177329.jpg (87.02 KB, 750x509, tumblr_p2nw3wKutD1wgdp08o1_128…)

>dirty worn out feet

gg moo

floor looks cleaner than last time tho

No. 537038

The fact that she doesn’t even have the eyepatch covering her eye triggers me so bad

No. 537041

Kek was wondering if she’d respond to that commenter.
I went to check if she responded to >>535439 and I think she deleted it

No. 537050

With her recent spergy behavior I wonder if she was abusing her Adderall again. Overly talkative, excitable, hostility, changes in sex drive (going from "I dun need no man!" to dry humping every guy she sees), Shortness of breath (dunno if her weazing the whole trip was because of the adderall or her being fat though) and of course eyes swelling.
she was off the chain during Peru. She had to be on some kind of drug to be acting that nutty and adderall abuse fits perfectly.

No. 537071

im surprised she hasn’t tagged FAKKU in this or on IG lol it’s painfully obvi she wants to be an official FAKKU girl

No. 537074

Fakku doesn't have an official Instagram but they are on FB&Twitter

No. 537087

did she really wear black underwear with white tights

No. 537092

I think it's the shadow of forest-kun

No. 537101

If they're working with susu and bunny they probably don't have a reason to want to even affiliate with moo

No. 537114

File: 1530164476431.png (1.15 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-06-27-22-40-28…)

No. 537115

File: 1530164506317.png (672.68 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2018-06-27-22-40-52…)

No. 537119

Why is it navy? And made of Satin? This is gonna look like trash.

No. 537121

She probably asked Castle Corsetry to do so. Nobody asked to be accurate, apparently. I think it's cute she's making a buttflap that is worst quality but the bodysuit is alright

No. 537132

I'm really surprised Mariah's Patreon hasn't been shut down especially with all the other Cosplayers getting suspended lately. It's not report related (no cow tipping guys just don't) it's like a bunch of their employees going through and removing adult cosplayers. You'd think she'd be hit by now given how pornographic her content is even publicly. It's weird.

No. 537134

File: 1530166808901.png (219.62 KB, 349x656, Screenshot 2018-06-27 at 11.20…)

Vamps and Kein were over at Moo's.

No. 537135

Whipped the work slaves in shape the moment she got back.

No. 537145

File: 1530168536903.png (452.55 KB, 810x595, Screenshot 2018-06-27 at 11.49…)

No. 537146

looks like shit, but way to make CC look like she did nothing and you did everything

No. 537152

least she posted credit and linked

No. 537155

after a month..?

No. 537160

what is this anyway

No. 537174

more than moomoo has ever done

No. 537178


Does she know he's gay??

No. 537180

Silly anon, she's the one to set him straight! No man can resist her.

No. 537181

omg cAN U STOP TRYING to push ur gay agenda into my anime

also i totally dated a trans person

Since Moo is totes pan/bi/flamingo/lamp/house/etc no relationship gay or straight will get in the way of her thirst.

No. 537213

File: 1530178083693.png (550.06 KB, 620x930, 01tzu0Ph5dW-cW5-ac4KZPTuJxsjii…)

No. 537232

Lancer Artoria, and it's supposed to be blue.

No. 537244

So she was able to film in this situation, but instead of documenting the so-called corrupt and illegal behaviour of the male cops she decided to film the secretaries who didn’t do anything but maybe giggle at her.
Mariah Mallad, defender of justice!

No. 537252


> sewing techniques

You could literally watch a five min video on how to sew bias tape but alright pretend that it’s a fancy technique. This is basic shit that any pro cosplayer would’ve learned years ago, but we all know moo doesn’t know shit about how to sew.

No. 537283

File: 1530193276227.png (1.07 MB, 1076x810, w i d e.png)

this set has blessed us with terrible backrolls

No. 537284

File: 1530193443309.jpeg (76.98 KB, 1280x853, 39B0A6AF-97CA-4352-B1E5-A34918…)

The string disappeared into her rolls LMAO

Ganbatte bikini-san

No. 537285

File: 1530193697578.jpeg (67.63 KB, 853x1280, MARV1091_preview.jpeg)

I finally got off work and can cringe in peace, thanks anon for the link!

Also does squarenoodles actually hate his gf? Wtf is wrong with Miso's armpit! Also I only noticed now how horrendous Moo's eye makeup look, with all the time she spends on the internet you'd think she would find a yt tutorial on how to apply eyeshadow. Unless her intention is to emphasize her eye vaginas.

No. 537286

Ole girl looks like she has an eye infection kek

No. 537288

File: 1530195249538.png (24.97 KB, 100x93, why.PNG)

why do her eyes look so fucked up……. they're looking in different directions what the fuck

No. 537296

I don’t get it? Why did she decide to shoot her cow OC with the Fakku mascot? Also 6 of the 12 photos are the same pose with little variation.

No. 537300

its the same set she always does too, they're all so uncreative

No. 537311

Didn’t she send nudes to and harass a gay photographer before? She’s delusional.

No. 537314

She wants fakku’s attention. Or at least for dumb people to think she’s affiliated.

No. 537316

File: 1530203157845.jpg (Spoiler Image, 16.49 KB, 209x262, 1530148795746~2.jpg)

Nightmare fuel. Her teeth are looking yellow these days.

No. 537318

i don't get why she wore the damn mega milk tshirt.

No. 537321

File: 1530205791191.png (332.27 KB, 634x428, belly.PNG)

Yeah, that's definitely how a belly button looks

No. 537322

cus its by fakku anon

No. 537324

Moo, you're so obviously not attracted to women. That's not how you hold someone you're attracted to and that psychotic expression isn't how you should be looking at them.

No. 537329

File: 1530207665517.png (70.35 KB, 238x243, Screenshot 2018-06-28 at 10.41…)

No. 537331

File: 1530207968796.gif (123.03 KB, 275x186, 1497852614613.gif)

Wide Hank

No. 537332

for size comparison

No. 537334

She wants her augmented, stolen OC to probably have a manga like Susu and Bunny because they have one on Fakku.

No. 537342

i really am so confused by this legitimate hank hill ass. the photos are already shopped and smoothed to hell but nobody bothered giving moo a normal shaped ass?

No. 537344

it's obvious from >>537321 and that test tube baby belly button that the photog is a hack. or moo is shooping these herself and has no idea what to do.

moo likely never had a real ass and thinks this is good.

No. 537347

Yeah because your last ~collab~ with these hacks went so well, right? How much are you paying them or whose dick are you sucking over there for them to even consider doing shit with you again?

No. 537352

File: 1530211414774.png (316.04 KB, 926x592, Screenshot 2018-06-28 at 11.44…)

oh goodie..

No. 537354

really putting the camel toe out there on display, jesus.

No. 537358

She doesn't give a single shit about the women who she collabs with, I don't know why she's still trying to keep up the lie. You would think that she'd decrease her list of lies so she can remember them and contradict herself less.

No. 537359

She only wants to cosplay Pochaco badly because she wants to be peoples headcanon for Pochaco so her and Nigri can be "IRL Pochaco and Sonico"

No. 537360

so naked in kitchen with cake on her tits plus headphones

No. 537364

That's a very accurate prediction, anon.

No. 537370

i just noticed her headphones are hovering over her ears?

No. 537372

Not too long ago we were discussing how she’s always looking into the camera instead of at the other person every time she’s posing with another woman. Gotta prove those haturs wrong!
She looks deranged though, those Skype theatre classes don’t seem to have taught her much.

No. 537377

If that's how she measures her bust then no wonder all of her shit doesn't fit right.

No. 537383

all that comes to mind is how she said her pictures aren’t photoshopped to hell and back besides the lighting and blemishes.

No. 537389

Does she honestly think that her persona is gonna be the next big thing since Zone Tan? Girl please. You're just like the others but apparently you're also white trash who just won the lottery.

No. 537397

to be fair, they're so flat, i wouldn't be surprised if that's where the widest part is lmao.

No. 537411

I don't get why she's done so many sets with squarenoodles. He seems pretty shit when it comes to retouching and his sets are all the same and boring here. Not to mention all the white and light flashing back plus the retouching makes it hard to make out anything on the girls. I know Moo's ass doesn't have the most depth to it but it looks flatter than normal due to the light and how blended everything is. To be honest, even if there was any photoshop trying to make her ass larger I doubt we'd be able to see it
(tinfoil but probably moo got a discount since she advertised his gf)

No. 537416

But she doesn't even have the right measurements or even body type. She's just like the other Pochaco cosplayers.

No. 537421

fatties always cosplay pochaco. she is chubbier than sonico, but she just has a belly. her real draw is huge as fuck tits and big thighs. moo has average to small tits for her size and is just fat all around.

No. 537431

File: 1530226393722.png (696.03 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-06-28-15-27-31…)

Another Gabby inspired costume

No. 537434

Because his girlfriend adores Moo for whatever reason, making him one of the very few photographers who will work with her anymore.

No. 537435

File: 1530226444375.png (1.39 MB, 720x1170, Screenshot_2018-06-28-15-27-36…)

No. 537436

File: 1530226481447.png (1.53 MB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2018-06-28-15-27-42…)

No. 537437

File: 1530226523958.png (1.55 MB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-06-28-15-27-53…)

No. 537440

He lets me push him around constantly and agrees with all my stupid ideas. I wuv him so much.

No. 537441



Moo are you even trying anymore?
Also, Elastigirl is a pear shape who actually has an ass, so good luck you fuckin' lump

No. 537442

File: 1530226697103.png (826.57 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2018-06-28-15-27-58…)

No. 537443

File: 1530226754473.png (1.23 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-06-28-15-28-02…)

Proceeds to post 5ish stories of Square

No. 537444

These sound so thirsty

No. 537445

>>"We work very hard on making each shoot dynamic"

bitch, where?

No. 537446

File: 1530226864009.png (969.33 KB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2018-06-28-15-28-27…)

No. 537447

well he's the only guy in moo's life rn who likes girls so she probably is. moo is one lonely cunt.

No. 537451

TBH I thought it was a jab at TC who just announced she was doing Elastigirl. But thats just me tinfoiling I guess

No. 537456

"THIS FUCKING GUY! Look at HOW DEDICATED he is to doing something ALL PHOTOGS do!

No. 537458

the same shoots with white backgrounds or on some bed in a hotel oh in a swimsuit by the pool! mariah oh oh mariah hold your hands above your head as if you have a hat on! it'll look amazing! the boy is talent

No. 537460

File: 1530227540973.png (873.12 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-06-28-16-08-44…)

>wow HollyTWolf is sooo goooddd gaiz
>cant access new Camelot event since her account isn't working. Even tags Aniplex and mentions she spent a lot of money on the game on the original account. Itd be a shame to start over

No. 537462

File: 1530227569939.png (701.16 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2018-06-28-16-09-30…)

No. 537463

File: 1530227603790.png (1.32 MB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2018-06-28-16-09-42…)

No. 537465

File: 1530227701564.png (966.41 KB, 720x1177, Screenshot_2018-06-28-16-14-44…)

No. 537473

>Fat rolls
>At back of knee


No. 537476

File: 1530228458406.png (725.83 KB, 620x930, donteatherplease.png)

She should really stop collabing with much thinner girls, it only magnifies how large she looks by comparison. Also - top kek that her thigh is literally bigger than this girls waist, albeit not a surprise to anyone.

No. 537481


Uh oh. Sounds like she found another fuckboi with a girlfriend to go after. This is literally the same shit she was saying about Overt just last month. The constant posts about “what a great friend he is” , how “he pushes me so hard to be a better person” and “how lucky she is to have him in her life”

No. 537482

Well he is taken, which makes him moo’s ideal type.

No. 537483


next thread pic please

No. 537486

File: 1530229328379.jpg (166.63 KB, 964x936, 30084195_1141328146006814_3262…)

>I want Holly to work with me so I can feed off of her fan base soooo bad!

No. 537490

more like she got rejected by other photogs and realizes no one else will work with her.

No. 537500

If she didn’t create a (redacted) and save it then her account is gone. I think there is one other way to possibly get it back but I’ll let her figure that out for herself.

No. 537510

Well Holly WAS her Substitute Cosmommy at Katsu when Nigri failed to attend, so I'm not shocked that they're orbiting each other for asspats and neckbeard bux again.

Also I can't wait to see what D-Tier Thots are clamoring to collaborate with the Great and Lardy Moo this time, that Texas Hotrip was amazing for all of the wrong reasons.

No. 537523


I want her to do this purely because of how stupid she would look. Oh man, can you imagine how embarassing it would be if she tried to lewd the mom from a kids' movie? Hahahaha


Nice stolen art, Moo. I'm sure whoever drew this is thrilled to pieces that you reuploaded it without credit.

Also, the girl in the middle can't be Vamp because she doesn't have a massive ugly hook nose.

No. 537531

File: 1530233274077.png (689.49 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-06-28-17-45-46…)

Making silver "slips" for the legs but isn't making the thigh armor?

No. 537533

File: 1530233311479.png (871.14 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2018-06-28-17-46-45…)

No. 537534

File: 1530233335621.png (962.26 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2018-06-28-17-45-50…)

No. 537538

File: 1530233538863.png (381.68 KB, 401x554, 64a186fa1b903588e66ce3725ecf47…)

the shopping on her arm to get rid of her tat are sooo bad
I dunno why they did have her pose on the other side so he wouldn't have to fix it so much. Granted she has her arm rotated to hide it most of the "set"

No. 537550

File: 1530234416844.jpg (455.45 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180628-202410.jpg)

Hank Hill straight-on

No. 537552

File: 1530234493666.png (1002.9 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2018-06-28-18-06-18…)

That treatment did wonders Moo

No. 537554

she looks like she just heard someone take a candid of her at a con

No. 537557

> 'clean'

I think not good sir. Also hey moo, dumbass, you're supposed to iron your shit before you sew it.

No. 537558

Bunny Ayumi is cosplaying elastigirl. Probably me reaching since incredibles 2 just came out so it’s popular now but since moo has a history of trying to one up other cosplayers I felt the need to point this out.

No. 537559

File: 1530235301837.png (420.72 KB, 720x946, Screenshot_2018-06-28-18-20-05…)

No. 537561

File: 1530235370361.png (74.45 KB, 720x491, Screenshot_2018-06-28-18-20-29…)

No. 537566

File: 1530236014919.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180628-213349.jpg)

No. 537567

The patreon bans finally get to her? Or was she given a warning?

No. 537568

Elizabeth had her Patreon sniped today but got it recovered

No. 537569

look at this set that's exactly like her new set! dynamic

No. 537570

I agree with you. She JUST did a grab at FAKKU that sponsors Bunny and now Elastigirl too? Moo probably sees Ayumi as her 'thicc' rival (especially since it was her that called moo out on her copying Susu's slogan)

No. 537572

File: 1530236613317.png (751.52 KB, 720x820, Screenshot_2018-06-28-18-43-27…)

No. 537587

Ill crossover here since its slightly relevant but Vamp has her Patreon suspended. Part of the no butt showing banhammer(keep vamp in the snow thread)

No. 537589

oh no how will she survive without those $7

how come mariah didn't get hers suspended? they didn't recognize her ass as an ass?

No. 537590

I'm sure shes close

No. 537596

it was elisabethrage not vamp

No. 537597

Moo has got to be losing her mind right now. If her Patreon gets suspended she will cease to exist.

No. 537600

Shes already changed her banner to android 18 and got rid of the collage, I'm sure shes paranoid as hell, unless shes just so delusional she thinks shes untouchable.

No. 537601

File: 1530240819255.png (20.55 KB, 814x455, vampdownpage.png)

No Vamp's patreon is down right now, she might get it back but it's still under review.(vamp belongs in the snow thread)

No. 537602

Shame she doesn't move that fast when it comes to Patreon rewards or donations.

No. 537603

Question and maybe a little ot but a patreon goes offline for review- does that mean she'll lose all her patreons and not auto up? Be interesting to see how many don't bother to return in that case.

No. 537604

According to Elizabeth's instastory, she said that if she did not get it resolved in a day her pledges would not go through. I'm assuming its every 29th day of the month that they go through

No. 537605

File: 1530242313492.png (212.6 KB, 346x653, Screenshot 2018-06-28 at 8.18.…)

No. 537607

File: 1530242541946.png (139.15 KB, 349x655, Screenshot 2018-06-28 at 8.18.…)

No. 537609

File: 1530242810752.png (157.14 KB, 345x648, Screenshot 2018-06-28 at 8.26.…)

"Are you gunna drive like they drive in Peru?"

No. 537610

File: 1530242825352.png (246.65 KB, 355x654, Screenshot 2018-06-28 at 8.27.…)

No. 537611

Yeah, keep disrespecting your lovely and awesome fans moo, im sure you'll get far

No. 537613

File: 1530243294727.jpg (747.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180628-233507.jpg)

No. 537626

File: 1530244122743.png (227.59 KB, 807x310, Screenshot 2018-06-28 at 8.49.…)

added to her etsy

No. 537631

Can't wait to see a 2B with no ass

No. 537632

File: 1530244336606.jpg (169.28 KB, 1280x1280, 2B smug.jpg)

2B? more like 2Bloated amirite

No. 537633

File: 1530244380098.png (238.94 KB, 350x653, Screenshot 2018-06-28 at 8.53.…)

went to F21 to get their DBZ line.

No. 537634

Alright what fuckboi mentioned liking Nier around her. God I hope this isn't her new obsession.

No. 537646

File: 1530244857396.png (254.27 KB, 353x653, Screenshot 2018-06-28 at 9.01.…)

holy shit

No. 537648

you think someone who just had something stolen wouldn’t be walking around the mall with their bag unzipped

No. 537650

Moo is a strong independent woman this time it's a trap my dude. She's totally gonna go Chun Li on the assailant

No. 537654

I wish her luck since that's pretty hard to fake lore since she doesn't even play games kek.

No. 537656

Silly anon she’s in America now her white privilege will keep her safe now that she’s not in big ol’ scary Peru(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 537660

File: 1530247144921.png (313.96 KB, 349x656, Screenshot 2018-06-28 at 9.39.…)

No. 537661

File: 1530247187932.png (241.61 KB, 348x652, Screenshot 2018-06-28 at 9.39.…)

No. 537663

she's back in america now! that kind of thing doesn't happen here. only in poopy dirt countries full of brown people! duh, my dude!

No. 537664


why is she acting like an authority on this

No. 537665

nsfw worker? just call it sex work

No. 537666

she is really talking to herself. She probably stares into the mirror saying it's going to be okay.
Paetron loves cosplay thots because of the money they rake in. Though I'm not sure if they are turning into a porn website like Momo is hoping for

No. 537667

File: 1530247737475.png (267.28 KB, 347x656, Screenshot 2018-06-28 at 9.49.…)

No. 537669

Can you imagine how obnoxious these two cows are? Walking around a mall phone's in each others and likely random clerk's faces to 'vlog' I mean, no wonder those secretaries had a chuckle at her. She's the living embodiment of spoiled white american tourist

No. 537670

No silly it's called cosplay!

No. 537671

File: 1530248639395.png (206.13 KB, 353x658, Screenshot 2018-06-28 at 10.03…)

No. 537672

Next thread pic

No. 537673

File: 1530249855242.jpg (104.68 KB, 1036x627, 20180628_222310.jpg)

What the actual fuck

No. 537674

any other interesting statuses?

No. 537675

File: 1530249951333.png (194.71 KB, 349x652, Screenshot 2018-06-28 at 10.26…)

No. 537676

To what? Be thrown on the floor after a few pics?

No. 537677

So that thing that we keep saying about her saving up money….

No. 537678

gets robbed while away,comes back to america and throws 1k at a frivolous purchase yep moo you sure showed them.

No. 537679

yes, in favor of shitty exercise leggings and cropped hoodies

No. 537680

I think we've all come to realize her money goes up her nose and in her mouth (and later out her gut via lipo) with the occasional stupid flash of cash like this to show how ~well off~ she is.

No. 537681

Who gives a fuck. The milk is slow rn with all this nit picking. Looking forward to AX. A lot of cosplayers that dislike her are going. Wonder if her fat ass is going to try and avoid them because she knows she's shit tier compared to them.

No. 537682

File: 1530250483245.png (203.3 KB, 343x653, Screenshot 2018-06-28 at 10.34…)

Chill your fucking roll bitch you were crying about your phone being stolen

No. 537683

Real talk is there any actual proof that momo does drugs? (Aside from weed) I see a lot of ppl say she does coke and what not, but if that just ppl talking or is there actual proof?

No. 537684

She avoids people who have a beef with her at every con. She'll trot out for a few pictures with her wall o' calves, stalk a couple of dudes, then go back to her room and party party party, as she always does.

No. 537685

She was taking a hit off a table and nicoletters recorded it. Others aren't released.

No. 537687

Nothings going to happen at ax. The con is too big and most people who dislike moo will avoid her like the plague. Even that party she's a guest at will likely be a bust since it's so out of the way and not taken seriously anyway.

No. 537688

File: 1530250684885.png (190.05 KB, 347x652, Screenshot 2018-06-28 at 10.38…)

No. 537689

Everyone is gonna be at the FAKKU party which is right next to the con and easy to get too. Too bad she can't go to that one

No. 537690

God, how tacky. It's Gucci bitch don't act like no one's ever seen it before

No. 537691

She wants to flex cuz her ex fuckboi Overt got Jordans

No. 537692

He probably doesn't see her faults as glaring flaws like with Moo. So less shop is used on her.

her eyes creep me the fuck out

No. 537693

God she's so pathetic it's hilarious. Moo it doesn't matter how much you spend in front of him. He's not gonna fuck you girl

Damn narc personalities are are some of the dumbest i've seen

No. 537694

>spends 1k on a jacket

>can't even spend money to buy decent wigs

im dying

No. 537696

>spends 1k on a jacket
>couldn't buy a bed for months

No. 537697

>spends 1k on a jacket
>can't afford to wash clothes

No. 537699

>spends 1k on a jacket

>literally wears the same clothes days in a row and never has any new clothes

No. 537700

>transition to 18+
>bans nsfw content
Lol sure Moo

No. 537701

>spends 1k on a jacket
>couldn't afford the effort to sign, and deliver back ordered prints for Patreon

No. 537703

LOTS of girls are getting their patreons suspended. Its confusing because Moo is a retard but when she says "everyone" she means public. Nudity/implied nudity is fine as long as its not on "public"

No. 537705

Pledges go through on the 1st of the month

No. 537706

Spends 1k on a jacket more than enough to have fixed Collette's car, pledge to Gabby's husband cancer treatment, and fix Collette's nose

No. 537709

Its technically just speculation although some people have claimed to witness it, but thats just heresay. During an insta story she was bent over a table doing something and Nicoletters yells "ARE YOU DOING A LINE" and then Mariah dove off camera

No. 537712

It's out there.

No. 537713

Jfc, she just smokes weed. The tinfoil is too strong right now unlike her 'gym bod'.

No. 537714

i like how you capped then dumb comment thinking that her (incorrect) size of 42 is a big deal

men are dumb as fuck, and so is this cow

No. 537715

i mean we know she "takes" adderall as well, she's said she does. whether she abuses it we don't know. however she's taking it, it clearly does not help ADHD in any capacity.

No. 537716

File: 1530252769446.png (84.83 KB, 720x566, Screenshot_2018-06-28-23-04-19…)

No wonder she's spending a lot she got triggered today

No. 537717

seriously, it's not impressive to have a 42in upper? boob if your under boob is 40in, she's like a fucking b cup!

No. 537718

File: 1530252832629.png (129.66 KB, 720x876, Screenshot_2018-06-28-23-09-54…)

Original comments were deleted so she's talking to air

No. 537719


wtf with that emoji, is it her shitty format attempt or something?

tbf i thought it said pasty chef, also in b4 she uses that for a set name

No. 537720

File: 1530252865353.png (133.85 KB, 720x890, Screenshot_2018-06-28-23-10-00…)

No. 537722

File: 1530252926689.png (146.03 KB, 720x957, Screenshot_2018-06-28-23-10-08…)

>s w e e t i e

No. 537723

No she's not a B-cup. Come on. She's a low D max. High C probably. She wouldn't fit in a B with her boobs. I hope she doesn't claim DD or DDD though because she sure as hell isn't.

No. 537724

File: 1530252952883.png (140.79 KB, 720x941, Screenshot_2018-06-28-23-10-34…)

No. 537727

Looking at this praise, and her pictures, would make me never consider this dude and reject him if mentioned by other people.

No. 537729

How do you not know what someone rubbed on your ass.

No. 537730

File: 1530253214877.png (267.89 KB, 345x654, Screenshot 2018-06-28 at 11.20…)

She doesn't want to admit Momoakuma rubbed corn syrup on her ass like a dumbass

No. 537731

She's still trying to back-pedal on using corn syrup, huh?

No. 537732

File: 1530253275062.png (277.87 KB, 344x654, Screenshot 2018-06-28 at 11.21…)

No. 537734

bitch how

she did that like a week ago??? if that?

No. 537736

Three weeks ago

No. 537737


It is not possible this person is 22.

No. 537739

She takes adderall, but it's obvious she abuses it (even if it's not on purpose and due to her drinking/weed habits).

Cocaine is unconfirmed, just suspected.

No. 537741

She doesn't do coke. You'd be able to tell 100% if she does for fucks sake.

No. 537742

Aren't adderall side effects worse if you don't sleep?

No. 537743

File: 1530253883408.png (265.82 KB, 353x656, Screenshot 2018-06-28 at 11.32…)

No. 537745

File: 1530253978303.png (334.15 KB, 349x656, Screenshot 2018-06-28 at 11.32…)

she was flicking her tongue on the shell

No. 537746

No. 537752

that hemming is awful, why does she still go out of her way to be involved in the creation process when all she ever does is bring down the quality of the whole cosplay? Her poor sweatshop slaves…

this [redacted] meme is truly the best, I hope other anons keep it up too

I absolutely love 2B. I'm so excited for this if she goes ahead with it, it will be absolutely atrocious. When she cosplays characters that are canonically dainty and thin with an ass it just emphasizes how disgustingly monstrous her hamplanet limbs are, she has the body of a baby before it's body begins to metabolise. The funniest part though is how moo looks nothing like 2B, she's virtually the exact opposite.

No. 537753

don't forget flannel-kun

No. 537754

yeah, at least i know adderalls pretty hard on the heart and sleeping is immensely important for heart health.

No. 537755

Considering there’s ALWAYS a fair amount of drug usage (including cocaine) at a lot of conventions anyway, I don’t doubt that she partakes in it.

No. 537773


More money than sense. Keep flexing Moo because eventually that cash will run dry.

No. 537774

She forgot to mention the part where she talked shit about the cosplayer "interrupting" her convo and was rude as hell to them

No. 537775

momo's manic phases are always fun. can't wait for the crying video that follows!

No. 537782

Not soon enough.

No. 537787

File: 1530268287241.png (351.11 KB, 316x451, moo.png)

sneak peek of moo's next cosplay

No. 537820

Weed is a sure thing and many anons are sure she abuses her Adderall prescription (pill popper) then there is her liver screaming because of all the booze
Yuh, though we can only guess she only does it at con parties. But it's clear she is high at least 80 percent of the time. The rest of the time she is depressed

she certainly isn't getting better. She thinks she can still get uglier and fatter day by day if she asks people to photoshop her. You can't rely fully on a photographer to make you look good. By the time she realizes that she will be too gross to recover from
face skin flaky, peeling, sagging and always breaking out and inflamed
botched lipo where her stomach skin is flapping around but her thighs and arms are blimps including the zombie grey skin
Swollen lazy eyes from wearing 2 dirty contact lenses at a time
she's going to be bald in a few short years. The list can go on. Well, she certainly can't recover her former body now, but she can prevent worse damage

No. 537834

I don’t get why she prioritized lipo over fixing her squidward nose and giant eye bags. She had a decent shape before she gained a ton so if she dieted and excersized her body would have sorted itself. All she had to do was stop vacuuming food into her gullet and quit chugging alcohol every day.

No. 537836

you already know the answer to your question anon

No. 537838

File: 1530288658137.png (4.65 MB, 1242x2208, F73F2FE5-E5D1-4132-BA43-77816A…)

>brags about how easy it is for her to drop 2k on a costume
>admits she wears the same thing every day because she “doesn’t care”
>mentions AGAIN that the jacket cost her 1k
>brags about how fast her last creators guild stuff sold (with the stolen slogan)
>will be selling “got lewds” moo merch at their booth
>pink city collab was moved to fall, pretends it was her choice when they most likely want noting to do with her
>goes on to babytalk for 3 more stories about how much she wuvs all the suppowrt”

No. 537841

I can fully confirm that pink city has put her on a back burner. I tried asking them about the collab at one of their parties and they didnt even know what I was talking about at first. I had to remind them about their own collab lol.

No. 537842

Never stop reading the thread, Mooriah.

Also last I checked, your shitty stolen logo shirt was still languishing on the website.

No. 537844

Her spending habits remind me of Marget and Mira. The two of them would flex all their cash and brand but the second their fame was over they were broke as fuck but still acted like they were better than everyone else.
"I'm just so humble my dudes. Like all those rich cosplayers are just toxic, blinded by money. I'm the real deal dudes. Wanna see my asshole for 5 bucks?"
Gross, good to know she doesn't change her clothes and still stinks to high heaven.

No. 537851

haha right ain't no one buying that shit

No. 537854


Oh Moo, making it very clear you still loiter here like the saddo you are, we all know you're still boiling inside because your fuckboi wanted nothing to do with you anymore, so no amount of flexing about your overpriced purchases, boasting about collabs and trying to make it look like you're a caring soul is going to impress him lol.

No. 537882

>Don't listen to the haters they only lie!
>Haters say that I only wear the same clothes but they're lying, I really buy multiple versions of the same kind!
>I wear the same clothes because I don't care

Just a quick note you dense, pathetic cow, that makes you the liar, not the "haters".

It's funny that she always makes it clear that she lurks here. I don't think her followers even mention her wearing the same clothes all the time.

No. 537884


That is actually fucking disgusting. So she actively chooses chooses to wear the same stank ass clothes days in a row, simply because “lol don’t give a fuck”. She must literally smell like hot garbage. I don’t even want to think about how little she must shower then. She is absolutely the type that thinks just slapping on deodorant and perfume is just enough to mask her stench.

No wonder these fuckbois keep dumping her. She is actual human garbage.

No. 537886


Makes sense why she has greasy hair & spotty skin almost daily, she showers very little to none at all while living a slob lifestyle high on little sleep, weed & energy drinks.

No. 537893


She should have just stuck with “I buy multiples of the same outfit”. That at least sounds infinitely less gross than literally wearing the same stank ass clothes for days in a row simply because you couldn’t be bothered to give enough of a fuck to change.

She must smell absolutely rancid. I thought it was a bit of a reach when people would say that she probably smells. But now I am absolutely sure that must be true. I can’t even imagine the odor she must put out that she subjects people to.

And you’re right. The greasy, damaged hair. The oily, acne ridden face. The damaged skin. All signs point to her being a completely disgusting unhygienic slob.

And people seriously jerk off to her?

No. 537894

File: 1530294446960.png (175.08 KB, 347x650, Screenshot 2018-06-29 at 10.48…)

this is ugly

No. 537897


Photoshop is a blessing my dudes. She lives the slob life because she knows her disgusting fans won't care as long as she gives them the overly shooped lewds they want. No wonder why no fuckboi in her life actually wants her, she's too disgusting.

No. 537899

It's even worse when you remember that she only wears thongs or no underwear at all like in the Chi-Chi outfit.

No. 537903

moriah smash

No. 537905

Multiple people who've met her have said she smells disgusting (plus she laid in a pile of trash in New York and then didn't show for days)

No. 537909


It’s no wonder that these fuckbois keep dumping her ass, knowing shit like this. Does she really think guys find this hot or sexy? Literally any guy would find that fucking gross and disgusting. No guy wants to know that a girl wears the same clothes days in a row. They probably got one whiff of her stank musk and ran for the hills.

No. 537910

File: 1530295967590.png (516.93 KB, 1226x600, Screenshot 2018-06-29 at 11.13…)

The jacket. She got a Men's cause that all that'd fit

No. 537911

She claims her shitty ugly dooky brown shirts with ms paint font and a slogo stolen from someone (way hotter and not obese) sold out? If that’s true why are there no photos of people with her shirts? You know moo would be flaunting pics of people with her stuff. Lying to look less pathetic.

No. 537912

This looks ugly as fuck.

No. 537913

And the text was super tiny.

No. 537916

File: 1530296586480.png (500.32 KB, 928x443, Screenshot 2018-06-29 at 11.23…)

it must be those Peru people

No. 537917

If she's so reckless with money, why can't the cunt buy a badge for something that she considers to be part of the job?

No. 537918


She thinks it’s beneath her to have to ask. She thinks she should either be automatically invited or that she can just show up and still be allowed to enter anyway. She is completely delusional.

No. 537919

most of the people are glaring in there direction. I can understand, they are in a nice restaurant and this nasty pig is probably hollering and never puts her phone down.

No. 537920


The worst types in peaceful lovely looking restaurants. Her whole little 'squad' she dines with are obnoxious too.

No. 537921


Same as always when she is in a public place. Screeching like an obnoxious dipshit at the top of her lungs. Constantly shoving her phone in other peoples faces. Generally just being a public nuisance to everyone in the area. Wouldn’t be shocked if someone called the manager over and asked her trashy ass to leave.

No. 537926

File: 1530298155856.jpg (9.29 KB, 244x104, rip.jpg)

No. 537930


This is just a tiny fraction of the reactions she must get in public when being her typical cunty self.

No. 537931

They're probably like, "I feel bad for the kids at that table. Their mom is really obnoxiously drunk."

No. 537936


This look just screams “Will someone please tell this bitch to shut the fuck up”. She probably gets this look all the time in public. Everyone wishing she would just go away.

No. 537938

but because they are white Americans she wont comment on the leers. But when peeps from another country rightfully giggle at her it's the biggest crime ever

No. 537941

I'm not even tinfoiling I'm answering a question. Someone asked WHY people think she has done coke. I provided the reason. I don't even believe it myself

No. 537944

cup size is not related to number/inch size anon

No. 537945

Betting at least one table complained to management about them.

No. 537947

Don't give her any ideas

No. 537950


I’m sure she would find some way to spin it into “I’m a Muslim, Arab, bi woman poc and this racist white lady forced management to ask me to leave!!!! This is the kind of racist and bigoted shit I have to deal with everyday!!! Please give me asspats and tell me how brave I am!!!!”

No. 537951

you better flex that gucci moo coz it's going to look like shit in a month

No. 537960

File: 1530301050038.png (1.34 MB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-06-29-12-37-26…)

No. 537962

>Double Majors in Business and Linguistics and totes a Pharmacy Tech and Theater Star
>'decorated with possibility'

I know this meme has been done to death in here but god damnit, she makes it so, so easy. She needs to make up her mind if she's going to be a ~cosmom~ or a cosleach, the number of assholes she can lick versus the number of people she can boss around is rapidly shrinking.

No. 537963

This looks like something you can get at f21 for $10

No. 537965


again. She NEVER gets this right. Linguistics for sure.

No. 537966


Buying a new jacket when she just admitted to wearing the same shit everyday because she 'doesn't care'. Makes perfect sense…

No. 537967

Jesus. I no longer wonder where the fuck does all her money goes leaving her with pennies to use on her cosplays. She seems to have no financial management skills if she's actually dumb enough to buy a $1000 jacket that looks like a $30 aliexpress piece and she constantly seems to treat her calves to fancy dinners. She's also eating something in every photo she ever takes, sometimes even muching on snacks while recording an instastory. It's starting to get extremely grotesque.

No. 537969


Looks like it's the only reason she has 'friends'. It was questioned here in many threads but it definitely seems more true that's where her money goes as well as on expensive items she doesn't need. Her 'friends' probably don't pay for a single thing while in her company. Money sure can buy you friendship!

No. 537970

She must have learned her financial management skills in her business classes.

No. 537972


It really shows how she doesn’t have any management whatsoever. She spends impulsively like crazy, not afraid to drop hundreds or thousands on whatever stupid thing comes into her head. If she was the “professional businesswoman” that she keeps claiming she is, she would at least have an accountant or money manager who wouldn’t allow her to drop that kind of money on shit unless it was strictly for cosplay. Anyone who makes as much money as she does should at least have some kind of management to protect her assets and investments (Not that’s she has any to begin with anyways). I’m sure that even Nigri has some kind of management team.

I have no doubt she is going to go broke in a couple of years with how she spends. All because she wants to impress everyone and make her “haters” jealous.

No. 537973

She going to be smelling rank since AX is in the 90s again.

No. 537976


And judging by what costume she's doing, that's going to be a repulsive experience. 90's heat, sweat, the fact she doesn't know what good hygiene is and a fully armored costume with fur is just bad news.

No. 538036


I bet she actually does shower a lot with very hot water. Probably 2 or 3 times a day. I knew someone who wore she same clothes for weeks at a time without washing them, literal weeks. They would shower at every opportunity with boiling hot water to get rid of the smell but put on the same dirty clothes after. Clearly it didn't make a difference but they kept at it for a month, the constant hot water made them dehydrated and oily to compensate.

That's probably why her hair faded so quickly and why her skin is screaming over every inch. She's dehydrated herself from not having water as well and only booze and Monsters, so that's also a factor in the grease.

She reminds me a lot of an unhinged kid home alone, why doesn't one of her family members actually step in and get her the help she clearly needs?

No. 538041

I'm gonna have to disagree with you. She's far too lazy to take one shower a day, let alone three.

Her hair is faded because it's fried to hell. She dyes it every couple of weeks which means bleaching the shit out of it. Her hair can't hold the colors for long anymore.

You pretty much said why her skin is dehydrated so no scalding hot showers is necessary to explain that. She doesn't drink water, spits it out when she does, only drinks booze(Which is really dehydrating alone) and carbonated drinks. She eats a tooooon of oily food as well which will play a part in the oily skin and acne party going on all over her face. She cakes on makeup and doesn't bother to clean her face afterwards.

She is pretty much an unhinged teenager mentally. Her behavior is that of a high school bitch who puts herself on a pedestal. Her family probably did try to help but do you see how Mariah acts? Have you seen the threats she said online? She probably says bullshit like that to them in person as well. They didn't nip that shit out of her though and now this is the result. A spoiled, bratty, ugly, fat cunt.

No. 538045

i like when people complain we compare shopped pics together

like, i mean, i kind of get it - but the point is her photoshops now usually look worse than her old real body. its insane.

No. 538050


Exactly. If she doesn’t even have the wherewithal to change clothes, what the hell makes you think she even wants to shower? She is like a bratty teenager. Now that her parents aren’t constantly around to tell her to clean up herself she feels she doesn’t have to anymore. I mean, most people do it simply because of hygiene and wanting to at least look semi-presentable and maybe appear somewhat attractive. But clearly she doesn’t because mommy and daddy aren’t there to nag her about it anymore. Same as working out and exercise. Now that her dad isn’t there to force her on a diet and actually work out she turned into a complete fat slob.

No. 538051

more like under a week
it'll spend the remainder of its life on the floor the moment shes worn it once

No. 538053

+ she lives in the desert


No. 538054

I imagine the answer is somewhere in between. I suspect Moomoo hardly showers, but I also think she never does laundry—she probably puts on dirty, stinking clothes out of the shower. This is evidenced by the fact that she owns few pairs of underwear and the ones she does own she is shown to wear multiple days in a row.
Her hair is incredibly damaged so there’s no way it will be able to hold onto color, especially unnatural ones that are probably just stains. But I wouldn’t put it past her to take very hot showers and not use any products to protect the longevity of her color.

As for her skin? She simply doesn’t take care of it, just like she doesn’t take care of her body in general. I would bet $20 she does not have an established skincare routine. She probably doesn’t use sunscreen or moisturizer, and she most likely under or over cleanses. She gets expensive facial treatments every once in a blue moon, but does nothing to take care of her face on a daily or even weekly basis.

She also doesn’t drink water, eat healthy, eat in moderation, and she additionally drinks heavily, doesn’t have a sleep schedule, abuses her medication, and never exercises.

Her entire life is a dumpster fire; of course she probably smells like an elderly goblin.

No. 538055

Now Vamp is gone too, the house must be even worse.

No. 538058

I'm just glad she stopped posting her gym selfies since her fuck boy left kek

Now watch as she posts a gym selfie because she forgot she was suppose to pretend to work out and not just show pics of herself eating

No. 538061

Money management? She doesn't even pay her taxes.

No. 538062

She has no reason to workout out anymore now that her fuckboi will never be interested lol. At least she tried and failed badly.

No. 538064


We’ve seen how much of a mess she leaves her house in. She lives in complete filth. Don’t tell me she even gives a fuck about showering. I’m telling you, she probably thinks deodorant and perfume is enough to hide the stench.


Yup. Now that her fuckboi isn’t giving her any attention anymore she isn’t bothering to try and keep up appearances anymore. She is so pathetic. Wasn’t this bitch also pretending to be taking up Brazilian jiu-jitsu for him as well. I guess she dropped that as well.

No. 538065

If she used perfume, she'd buy brand shit to brag about.

No. 538070

>she probably smells like an elderly goblin.

I love you, anon.

She pretended for a short time when she read that here that tax season was ending. She pretended to do them by hand which makes no sense and only made her look even more dumb as fuck.

Fucking indeed. She's never going to go back to those jiu-jitsu classes and will magically remember to take gym photos after her daily lurking.

No. 538076

Nigri posted a dozen or so cosplayers that inspire her and once again Mariah is not on that list lmao

No. 538077

Who cares. Nothing Nigiri does relates to Momo. Until Nigiri openly says "Fuck Momo" don't post it here

No. 538085

Shame Moo's Patreon didn't get hit and it happened to Vamp instead who's actually way more tame than hers. She's trying to pretend to care for all of her fellow "NSFW workers" who've been affected while bathing in the glory that she's okay, suuuuuuure Moo.

No. 538086

Her parents don't care. Her father especially likely wants nothing to do with her since his attempts at forcing her to get fit utterly failed.

No. 538091

Cup size generally depends on the difference between bust and underbust.

No. 538100

No. 538102

lol she definitely can. they are small.

No. 538110

File: 1530318154564.jpg (38.46 KB, 720x405, eb56576a6d56c44179c2d6f5916f37…)

>low D

Anon do you know how bras work? the number is the measurement around your underbust and the letter corresponds to that. She's not a low anything, 42in underbust minimum. Pic related is a 42C which I can believe is moo's size. You girls need to learn how bras work.

No. 538117

The smell will scare off assailants.

No. 538120

Moo isn't exactly inspirational even though she likes to think she is. As OT as it is, she's commenting on Nigris stuff today, probably hoping to get mentioned but so far there's nothing which must be really getting to her. Nobody looks up to you Moo and that's a fact.

No. 538125

File: 1530320750453.png (777.14 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2018-06-29-18-01-48…)

>rants about how Patreon is a big ol meanie
>says people are reaching out to her about how to protect their Patreon (lie)
>no one cares

No. 538126

File: 1530320804921.png (748.62 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-06-29-18-03-51…)

Oh boy no one will care

No. 538127

File: 1530320835527.png (1.01 MB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2018-06-29-18-03-56…)

No. 538128

File: 1530320865516.png (1023.5 KB, 720x1175, Screenshot_2018-06-29-18-04-01…)

No. 538129

File: 1530320891961.png (1.06 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2018-06-29-18-04-09…)

No. 538130

Ah the Lord and saviour of Patreon thots desperate for advice on how to get their suspended accounts back, once again she's the hero in this situation. Lmao she's just so sad.

No. 538132

File: 1530321082322.png (101.33 KB, 720x675, Screenshot_2018-06-29-18-10-07…)


No. 538133


No. 538134

Making food she probably means ordering fast food and quick shit you can microwave. Yeah you're such a great cook Moo.

No. 538136


We all know that is a load of horseshit since we literally see her posting photos of her going out eating sushi practically everyday. We pretty much never see her “staying at home cooking”. It’s about as dumb as her “I never get invited to parties. I prefer to stay in my hotel room and play board games” bullshit.

It’s like she is god damn addicted to lying. All because she is afraid of looking bad and she wants her fans to see her as the “sweet, innocent, wholesome down to Earth girl who is just like you my dudes”.

No. 538137

File: 1530321424967.jpg (143.71 KB, 512x724, 1993.jpg)

I'm still somewhat surprised she didn't bother doing the skimpier outfit. I would have loved to see her do those horrible twintails. But then she wouldn't have been able to use forest-kun.

No. 538140

just give it time, she has to lewd everything.

No. 538141

Even she had to say "haha" to that steaming pile of horseshit that she just said.

No. 538143

why the fuck does she think people on her IG don't see her posting food pics 5 times a day.

No. 538145

Ghosting outside for an hour, don't miss it!

No. 538146

File: 1530322602141.png (815.57 KB, 720x1178, Screenshot_2018-06-29-18-30-49…)

No. 538147

File: 1530322657642.png (1004.42 KB, 710x1194, Screenshot_2018-06-29-18-31-01…)

No. 538148

File: 1530322711818.png (755.24 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2018-06-29-18-31-40…)

No. 538149

File: 1530322780172.png (592.06 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2018-06-29-18-31-45…)

Vamp tells her to get a respirator, Moo huffs the paint fumes off the armor

No. 538150

File: 1530322809989.png (692.12 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-06-29-18-31-58…)

No. 538151

File: 1530322851696.png (614.39 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-06-29-18-32-13…)

>no sheets on her bed

No. 538152

And not a mask or proper ventilation in sight. Fuck she's stupid.

No. 538153

Not going to comment on her floor since it’s no surprise that it’s a fucking mess, but how she mounted those prints and posters triggers me. Learn how to space and buy some frames ffs.

No. 538154

Holy shit. This room is as messy as her life.

No. 538155

What the hell is wrong with her legs?

No. 538156

Dropps 1K on an ugly jacket. Can’t afford sheets for her bed. The fuck…

No. 538157

File: 1530323068100.png (7.97 MB, 1242x2208, 05D5ECB9-6724-4D4E-B7C0-F59872…)

Fupa sticking out as far as her “ass”

No. 538158

Not to mention that she lives in a place where it's too hot to wear a jacket. She bought a $900 jacket in the fucking summer time.

She looks like a redneck.

No. 538159

She probably puts the air con on full blast at her house.

No. 538160

How long until the jacket gets condemned to forever live on the floor to be trampled on by the cats along with the rest of her junk?

No. 538164


killing what few remaining brain cells you've got there, moo

No. 538172

I mean, what's the point of a mask when you wanna get high off the paint fumes

No. 538176


Jesus, she looks 40.

No. 538178

File: 1530325178930.png (937.55 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-06-29-19-19-28…)

No. 538181

Haha is right because thats a joke.

No. 538203

No normal person lives like this. And even if they did they would not be sharing it with the world. This girl is seriously messed up in the head.

No. 538207

She didn't use sheets when she lived with her parents either, iirc. What the fuck.

No. 538209

You aren't.


No. 538219

why doesn't she know how to live lol

if you got money to burn then spend a grand on a jacket i guess w/e but at least get a nice one wtf

No. 538228

is no one going to comment on the fact that she has tons of prints of herself on the wall?

No. 538236

File: 1530328460525.jpg (41.95 KB, 570x716, eb38bffcdde54e92d05fd452bd2700…)

Now that she is wearing green, the resemblance is uncanny.

No. 538239

Just a reminder that every dude she brings there to fuck, fuck in that mattress without sheets. That mattress must stink so bad. I’m itching just looking at that.

No. 538241

File: 1530329102876.png (305.56 KB, 353x646, Screenshot 2018-06-29 at 8.25.…)

No. 538242

I'm guessing because you want an excuse to have your floppy tits on display.
Semiramis all over again.

No. 538249

Don't have to wash sheets if you don't have any.

No. 538255


I know this isn't the calves thread, but Vamp was complaining and crying about her nose and how she's been saving forever to get a nose job.

I wonder how she truly feel's hanging out with someone like momo who drops 1k on an ugly ass jacket and could easily afford a nose job.

>tried to make patreon work, when moo tried for two years and makes thousands more then her

>works a dead end job while moo sits on her ass all day and makes money doing the bare minimum

Deep down I think she hates mariah's guts, but hangs around because moo buys gifts and shit

No. 538256

She wasn't complaining and crying. Someone made a mention of it on her instagram, she said those types of people can fuck off because its been an insecurity forever and its not like she hasn't heard it before. She is saving, but not whining and bitching about it.

No. 538264

lol she posted like 5 posts about how she's going to block anyone and "i ain't even mad" cause people made fun of her since middle school so she's oh so insecure. it was fucking pathetic.

No. 538266

this is the. weirdest. lie.

you document everything mariah come the fuck on

No. 538267

I’m not condoning her deplorable living conditions in any way, but I will have to disagree with you on one point. Unfortunately, I know many normal people in their 20s who live like this. They don’t even seem to notice their squalor.

I don’t know how many times people have told me I was crazy for mopping my floors or using my dishwasher. I don’t know a single person who hasn’t made fun of me for separating my laundry.

Moomoo is gross and disgusting, but unfortunately she is far from the norm.

No. 538270

I feel bad for vamp. Like I know she isn't the best person in the world but she can't help her nose. And if it's actually such a sore spot that she'll get a nose job that's even worse at how hard people are on her about it.
To get back on topic, this whole thing makes me even more mad at moo. Not as much that she won't help pay for it (though that doesn't help) but that she has actively harmed Vamp's chances at success in life and getting that surgery. Vamp has very few patreons so she basically needs her main job to survive and continue her second job in cosplay yet moo still fooled around at vamp's work and could have gotten Vamp fired. Moo knows vamp is saving up for the big surgery yet never thought twice about that. And God knows Moo didn't only do it that one time. As a bonus note, part of that fancy-ass dinner Moo treated them to could have paid for vamp to go to a con she can't afford or to that full armour build she's trying to save up for. I think that's more important than Moo showing off she can eat at a fancy place and paying for friends to go with her cause she doesn't want to eat alone.

No. 538271

Holy shit, i hate when people do this. God forbid someone puts on a nice shirt when going to a classy looking place like this or avoid wearing a fucking baseball cap. They look like a bunch of edgy high schoolers that refused to dress nice to some place their mom dragged them too, jesus christ.

No. 538273

File: 1530343987091.png (714.18 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-06-30-00-29-42…)

>girl who can't even wax her moustache has negative opinion about another popular cosplayers opinion

No. 538274

File: 1530344043790.png (395.92 KB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2018-06-30-00-26-56…)

Did not learn from before

No. 538275

File: 1530344078565.png (1.19 MB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2018-06-30-00-29-03…)

No. 538276

File: 1530344226872.png (869.88 KB, 720x1042, Screenshot_2018-06-30-00-36-28…)

No. 538277

File: 1530344255917.png (746.57 KB, 720x877, Screenshot_2018-06-30-00-36-43…)

No. 538278

Oh look the cat in the work room he's never allowed in amright my dudes. Poor thing bet he's been in the garage plenty where she's poorly ventilating as she paints her crappy big build.

No. 538279

Does anyone know what thread has the OG plate David made? I kinda wanna do a side by side of the quality of work lost.

No. 538280

Does it matter? Keintastic made her armor for this costume.

No. 538281

new thread nice

No. 538282


this looks like shit. it's going to look even worse after she adds her trademark "weathering".

No. 538283

File: 1530344887664.jpeg (89.82 KB, 720x639, received_1827506100638991.jpeg)


No. 538284

My vote for new thread this is horrifying

No. 538285

File: 1530345541996.jpg (53.83 KB, 493x353, jesushowhorrifying.jpg)

No. 538286

File: 1530345911152.jpeg (62.56 KB, 720x811, received_1827520970637504.jpeg)

Immature and stupid. Respect the history. The past. And culture. You mad cow.

No. 538287


. . . This bitch

Is she not the same cunt that is always screeching about “Cosplay however you want. Don’t let any tell you otherwise”. Now she is trying to be all “If all you do is lewd work, then don’t call yourself a cosplayer”.

What a huge fucking hypocrite. Okay then Moo, since more than half the shit you do is trashy lewds then don’t call your ass a professional. Oh but that’s right, only professionals get con invites and sponsors so you’ll gladly try to call yourself one when you are out begging for those.

Just go fuck off.

No. 538288

You're confused. That statement is from a different cosplayer not Moo

No. 538289

No. Moo said at one point that if you cosplay and do lewds, you have to admit to being a porn start. Keep up, anon.

No. 538290

Moo made fun of Vamp about her nose on that one stream where she was high and painting nothing for hours. (like "her nose is fucked but god bless her she tries")

I bet it's come up irl between them.

No. 538291


Yeah, as other anons pointed out, she's quoting someone else.

Still a hypocrite though – not that long ago she was gatekeeping other people by saying how annoying it was when girls cosplay characters when they don't even play the games, my dudes.

No. 538292

And Vamp the doormat just lies there and lets Mariah walk all over her, flattening all but her nose under all that weight.

No. 538293


Must have hit a nerve, you're just a geek lewd model Moo and not a cosplayer. Just because you have money to throw at your slaves to make you shit doesn't make you one. Your lewds out number actual costumes which most of the time are commissions, so shut the fuck up.

No. 538294

Nah Vamp is just as much of a cunt as Moo. Did feel sorry for her at one point but she's just Moo's cocky dumbass lapdog who comes running when needed. As well as being her doormat and begging her to give her company at the house now that's she's moved out. They're a pathetic pair yet perfect for one another.

No. 538295

Lewd almost-cam-girls always get so triggered when people don’t call them cosplayers.

No. 538296

It's like watching a fat, female version of Onision and Vamp is Plainey. Both have the face only a grandmother could love.

No. 538297

*A blind grandmother

No. 538298

Vamp never opened any doors!

No. 538299

Only lied in front of them.

No. 538300

File: 1530349779923.png (100.59 KB, 720x614, Screenshot_2018-06-30-02-08-36…)

No. 538302

'Professional cosplayer and business woman" and doesn't know basic armor painting skills…

No. 538304

File: 1530352738675.gif (905.31 KB, 244x278, 0D629886-75A6-4522-B049-E8DF7F…)

God how many times does she do this back and forth shit, I feel like she does this every time a con rolls around because she gets just as “much love” on her big builds, I can’t wait for the disaster that’ll be AX for her since her calves are getting smaller and smaller

No. 538306

Why am I not surprised that the woman that ol Vagina Eyes is complaining about is a billion times hotter than she is and not morbidly obese? There she goes again, trying to sic her incel retards on another person she sees as competition. She’s a cow inside and out.

No. 538307

She only loves big builds cause they're the only way she can appear outside (aka clothed, not photoshopped, etc).

Basically, big builds = hiding.

No. 538313

File: 1530357856067.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, 336FB324-343A-4618-B268-6F0701…)

She must be high as a kite. Still yelling about that Jannet woman. It was 4am in Las Vegas when she posted this. Bitch is so messed up.

No. 538318

File: 1530359726689.png (848.46 KB, 750x1334, 8C9C2626-1548-4A90-AA3C-6BCF5C…)

Made a bread.

No. 538319

So many typos, probably from her typing really fast and not thinking through what she’s trying to say. She’s definitely manic or on some kind of high

No. 538320

Lmao she's lost the plot.

No. 538321

It's fucking hilarious seeing costhots get triggered as shit when one of their own points something out and they don't agree with it.

No. 538322

bitch tryin to peep some dick

No. 538323

She just seriously claimed that most of her lewds are canon.

No. 538324

Yeah wonder how many Moo fans attacked the other cosplayer because once again, Moo publicly called her out like a child. The post about geek lewd models wasn't even a personal attack, but she took it as such. What a cunt seriously.

No. 538325

> no Jannet, you can’t tell people what they can and cannot call themselves. cute, but no. especially when you yourselve do a lot of lewd content. something doesn’t add up, no no it doesn’t
> cute try to tell people if they’re a cosplayer or not. that’s -that’s problematic bitch.
bit of advice, let people do what makes them happy and call themselves what makes them happy and you do what makes you happy. and fucking mind your own business. why do you care - why do you care
> literally post the shame shit and do the same boudoir that everyone else does. I’m not sure, is it because you have a higher production value that you think you can shame women and that you’re better than other girls
> like bitch, you do good cosplays. but you also do good lewds. you a cosplayer still. you ain’t just some “geek lewd model” heuheuu
> I’m sorry I’m just not cool with that elitist attitude and that like concept that you’re on a pedestal and that you’re better than other girls. I just don’t understand it - I’m not even sure what you’re trying to say - actually I do what you’re trying to say. You were trying to shame other GIRLS.
> The thing is Jannet, with cosplay there are so many different sub-categories of cosplay and that’s what makes cosplay so incredible. And I know there are people like you who like to gatekeeper but don’t. Just don’t.

1/2 of transcripts so people don't have to watch them

No. 538326

If she truly believes she's more known for her non-lewds, why would she take it as a personal attack. unless she deep down knows she's just some fat wank material

No. 538329


Holy moly that projecting. She's basically describing herself.

No. 538330

> (goes up to cat) you can’t do this you’re not a cosplayer you’re just a cat. you’re just a cat you can’t cosplay. you should call yourself only a cat cause you’re only a kitty cat.
> guys i will not longer be referred to as a cosplayer. only you shall call me a “geek lewd model”
> dammit Jannet why you gotta make yourself look like a fucking airhead right now. what are you doing?
> literally referenced my photos of pochaco with the bananas saying its not cosplay but when the source material itself has done that and been done that way by the actual artist its not canon?
> or you’re just wrong and you’re mad about it. you’ve been called out for your bullshit and your gatekeeping which is like super toxic and I suggest you fucking get out while you can buzz you gonna go down a bad rabbit hole you don’t wanna go down
> you try to come after me about my own cosplay but you and yourself do the same exact thing. you yourself canonly cosplay lewd characters even somewhat nude so i’m confused (with accent) IM SO CONFUSED RIGHT NOW WHAT
> I’m kidding! In all seriousness, I really do it cannily and I try to make my lewds are canon to I want to especially with characters I want to do like Pochaco or even fate Fate etc, there are sometimes I go out of canon and that’s more so for fun
> drop it, you’re wrong. yes I understand that lewd cosplay can take away from more detailed cosplay. but don’t dare say its more quality than someone else’s way of cosplaying.
> You can think your own stuff better than someone else and that’s fine you can have that elitism. That’s ok you can be that negative fucking piece of shit if you wanna be like that. But don’t. Don’t do that because you’re a good cosplayer so drop this fucking act.
> don’t go around acting like sexy cosplay is a new thing its always been around hunny bunny. and you have made sure of it as well. you do it yourself if not more than most cosplayers.
> there are different categories of cosplay its incredible can you do tell mariah!
> mermaidkin there’s seamstress work there’s sexy cosplay there’s super accurate cosplay there’s genderbending there’s OC designs. it’s whatever you fucking want it to be bubz. it’s costume play.
> don’t come after me sweetie because I’ll fucking come after you so quick you’ll be like WUH

2/2 transcripts

No. 538331

File: 1530364011605.jpg (516.61 KB, 2896x2896, 20180630_080545.jpg)

No. 538332

File: 1530364039913.jpg (573.29 KB, 2896x2896, 20180630_080634.jpg)

No. 538333

File: 1530364063190.jpg (637.66 KB, 2896x2896, 20180630_080709.jpg)

No. 538334

she's so fucking nauseating
it's no wonder she can't keep anyone around

No. 538336


t-the fuck is wrong with this bitch..?

Imagine living next to her and hearing this kind of screams and rants at 5 am or so, damn.

No. 538337

File: 1530364637012.jpg (636.57 KB, 2896x2896, 20180630_081735.jpg)

No. 538338

moo thinks she was the first person to ever do that with bananas

No. 538339

File: 1530365031684.png (84.25 KB, 720x460, 20180630_082354.png)

No. 538341

Lmao "kiddo".

No. 538342


Okay momo, so you literally have your vagina lips hanging out of your photos, sucking on penis lollipops, opening your mouth pretending to take cum from these “bananas”, and have actual fake cum smeared on your mouth and tits, and call that cannon? When did mei ever spill her breasts out, bend out simulating being fucked, and had cum smeared on her? Just admit you’re a disgusting skank and will do anything for money, even degrade yourself. Your argument is pointless and your worse than most of these “lewd” cosplayers. Shut the fuck up and do cam work or porn, no one cares about you or your cosplay otherwise.

No. 538343

i'm glad that these 'cosplayers' are continually being called out. it's ridiculous to call them cosplayers if they're getting naked/almost naked. do you call a porn model/actress a cosplayer if she's dressed as a character? no. if you did all those porn parodies of movies would be "cosplayers" it's ridiculous.

moo is one of the worst offenders at this flip floppy shit. she said she doesn't do porn, tried to defend herself, "admitted" she does porn and tried to lasso every other bikini cosplayer with her, now she flipped again to saying she doesn't.

moo, get over the fact that you never got money for your "cosplay" fame, you got it cause you cosplayed samus and paid for articles, bought followers and kissed nigri's ass, then immediately started doing poor quality POV stuff. people paid for that, not your ""art"" or ""big builds"". you started fake and will end fake. stay tilted bitch.

No. 538346

File: 1530366266544.jpeg (62.73 KB, 540x960, EF757CC7-AE49-4CBB-9C63-BBE88E…)

she really has issues …

No. 538347

Surely that's harassment? She's gone off the deep end.

No. 538348

>sweetie (:

internet arguments 101: dont say that ever

No. 538349

this is definitely harassment. She even continuously tags her in her stories trying to send her neckbeards over to harass as well. And then
holy shit moo grow the fuck up you toxic shitstain, and no, she's not wrong.

No. 538350

She's so fucking vile and immature it's revolting.

No. 538351

File: 1530366842089.jpeg (173.43 KB, 479x960, 2982DDC2-7A4F-4D6A-B35C-69A2AC…)

She’s such a hypocrite

No. 538352

Holy fuck, her instastory rant for this Jannet girl needs to be recorded and saved here for posterity. It's bitchboy rant-tier

No. 538353

>from sonico

No. 538354

It also needs to be saved in case she tries to go back and say she never harassed this girl, like with the photographer

No. 538355

Why doesn't Mariah just admit she's not a cosplayer and just an attention whore? She doesn't make any of her cosplays and all she does is whatever character is popular with the neckbeards. It's embarrassing to watch her defending herself so bad about it like it's obvious it's something shes insecure about.

She's not even cosplaying for her body and she keeps getting fatter. Like every time she does something that has a lot of fabric or armor it looks like squeezed down marshmallow. Doesn't even look good at this point. So why waste so much money commissioning it??

No. 538358

but looking at the bigger when jannet does a lewd character it's a CANON lewd character, not a character she wants to make lewd for patreaon neckbeards.

i regret not taking a screenshot of the photo jannet was original talking about. but it was a velma and daphne with their ass cheeks hanging out and it got posted to a cosplay sharing ig account.

moo's so quick to try and defend, but context is so key. stop trying to be a fucking be protector of things you don't get.

No. 538359

same reason as all those other girls, protection. the cosplay "community" is full of social rejects who, stupidly, don't judge anyone at all for anything. that's why it's full of shit.

No. 538360

No. 538361

i love the "dear, i didn't even know you"
just proves how far up moo is up her own ass.

No. 538362


Plus Jannet looks far more classy in her canon lewd cosplayers, especially the Witcher ones. Momokunt looks like she just crawled out from a cheap Pornhub shot. Lmao this bitch…

No. 538363

>toxicity and negativity is not

ok then, goodbye mooriah

No. 538364

File: 1530368208103.png (713.66 KB, 750x1334, 805DB49C-88EB-459A-8978-A71A11…)

Hmm 🤔

No. 538365

File: 1530368237070.jpeg (332.58 KB, 750x1334, 8991D938-2E32-4884-9DC5-4356C5…)

I tried

No. 538366


Lmao watch her change the description of it now.

No. 538367

can you hear that?
it's the sound of moo furiously scrolling back through her IG to find and edit that post.

No. 538368

she's acting like she's the first cosplayer to lewd up bananas. hell, she's not even the first pochaco cosplayer to do that, it's a fucking popular image of her, moo just copied it.

No. 538369

Anyone want to collage this with the recent drama alongside the old screenshots of her saying boudoir is porn?

No. 538371


It's not cosplay and now she calls it 'swimsuit cosplay'. Pick one MOO.

No. 538378

going through the IG comments on Janet's posts and they're so full of fat crybabies and misinformed neckbeards "don't piss off mariah shes my cosplay mommy uwu" "mariah has videos of her making her own stuff and she flies out for location shoots and takes cosplat so seriously!!" and it's pissing me off, I know this is like blogposting and I'm sorry but it's just SO unfair. Mariah really is so far up her own ass if she thinks the entire world revolves around her. She's probably just mad that Janet is an actual fit chick.
watch me get blocked from moo's IG now because I liked janet's comments.

No. 538379

File: 1530369746898.jpeg (64.42 KB, 750x201, 7D88C0DE-5519-4963-88BC-581206…)

This just in- Mariah gets hit in the face with her own statement- is now forced to go f*ck herself

No. 538380

File: 1530369865479.jpg (265.71 KB, 607x1080, Screenshot_20180630-104315_mh1…)

I'm a role model my dudes. Just don't expect me to ever act like one.

No. 538381

how many times does she need to be told it wasn't about her? Jesus christ she is so fucking dense.

No. 538382


Well bang goes being like her cosmama then.

No. 538383

Has she been awake this whole time?

No. 538384

Please doccument everything, especially her instastories as she has a tendency to delete those once she sobers up.

No. 538385

This link allows you to download each story separately as MP4 files, so you can cut out the irrelevant ones if needed. We all know Moo will erase evidence when she's full functional again.


No. 538387

Oh here we go, she's milking her weight struggles in her story. LEWD COSPLAY CHANGED MY LIFE U DONT UNDERSTAND

No. 538388

File: 1530371192537.jpg (133.75 KB, 827x1472, 36113740_246588889257817_49814…)

No. 538389

File: 1530371228932.jpg (99.88 KB, 828x1472, 35998517_236685330452545_73365…)

No. 538390

she already sent a handful of retarded minions into jannet's IG, can't she shut the fuck up and go to sleep already? Let it go.

that doesn't look anything like a starving girl.

don't even pull that HAES bullshit, bitch. You are obese AND botched, and your health as well as your hygiene are lower than absolute shit tier. You can't say people don't know because you document fucking - E V E R Y T H I N G -

No. 538391

Wait. I thought she was a fit girl and bragged about that aspect of her life just recently? Cause her dad was get personal trainer and helped her eat well? Plus both of her lipo sessions were when she was at her biggest. How has it cured her?? She wears a corset to make her waist ideal, she Photoshops out her rolls… I'm really confused.

No. 538393

File: 1530371986125.jpeg (444.76 KB, 750x1137, 3C1D8101-C5DB-4DF7-BFFA-78ABE8…)

Direct jab at moo in the same comment thread from the Jannett girl’s page that moo attacked her on oh boy

No. 538394

>self love
>image is completely photoshopped
>got lipo several times

No. 538395


All of this nasty, toxic shit Mariah is why everyone hates you and can’t take you seriously. This is what got you banned from fucking twitter you disgusting piece of shit, people who have nothing to do with you, you constantly berate and attack for no reason, and make it all about you. You’re not as famous as you believe you are, and anyone who supports this behavior is just as diplorable as you.

No. 538396

Lmao good. Moo loves to think she is the center of all lewd patreon girls and their spokesperson on all issues so serves her right to get put in her place. She just makes the situation worse for everyone with her retard raging.

No. 538398

Await the day Patreon decide to go back to their roots and just drop these costhots. Without Patreon being so simple to use for profit, they wouldn't be anywhere near as successful with their half assed careers and would need to go old skool by setting up their own website instead like actual camgirls and sex workers do. Every single on that's commenting on Jannet's post apart from SSS looks trashy and cheap, just like Moo who they're defending.

There's a fine difference between quality sexual cosplay and then there's just pure shit.

No. 538399

Those hoes acting up on Jannet’s post show how right she is to say that slutty cosplay girls are tacky and NOT real cosplayers. Their attitudes speak for themselves. Of course moo was the worst of the bunch and made the biggest shit fit. I’m glad jannet and sucubus roasted her.

No. 538400

didn't you mean

>you six years ago when you were actually healthy and in shape?

body dysmorphia didn't just go away moo…you literally had plastic surgery procedures last year you lying piece of shit

No. 538401


They get upset and angry every time someone points out how shit they are. Well it obviously must be true if they get offensive that quickly. Produce cheap material for easy Patreon money and expect criticism because it's the truth.

No. 538402

How SSS posted is how Mariah could have been, but no she chose the childish highschool bitch route that lasted several hours worth of Instagram stories, screenshots, tagging Jannet, messaging her and having her fans involved on her page instead.

No. 538403

Moo is so boring and has no milk guys, I don't see why you nitpick so much and-

Nice to see our cow in top form right before AX, I can't wait to see what her recent chimpouts bring her at the con.

No. 538404

I’m laughing because Jannet replied to SS post saying she deleted the comments she made about thotty cosplay and they both came to an agreement. That’s how you change people’s minds. SS is basically the anti-moo.

No. 538405


Unlike Moo, SSS has an actual solid career and doesn't slap 'cosplay' over it when even she knows it's not. Quite wholesome to see her and Jannet come to an agreement. Meanwhile in the shadows Moo thinks she's won lmao.

No. 538406

moo already thinks the whole thing was about her, she'll think the resolution is thanks to her too. Delusional land whale.

No. 538407

File: 1530374122558.png (1.7 MB, 750x1334, BB891351-D0BE-4AF2-A6DB-0A5F3B…)

No. 538408

Were you battling with starvation or were you a pro weight lifter sports player who was super famous and everyone loved you?? I've never heard of someone playing a game like lacrosse 'starving' themselves because you literally need energy to run around. You, to this day, brag about your dad being SO FIT DESU and how GREAT a trainer he is/was?

I'd believe she has body dysmorphia but I think it's because she's always cheated to lose weight. I dont doubt for a second that her parents got her come kind of stomach band when she was her OG hamplanet self. (or else why wouldnt she have tried to work it off again the second time around??)

She's full of shit and will throw around whatever buzzwords she thinks will make her look good.

No. 538409

File: 1530374208408.jpg (61.25 KB, 609x668, DB2ztN5UQAAgN6P.jpg)

No. 538410

Is this person a retard? Mariah’s smud flinging did NOTHING to help the community. All she did was start a shitstorm. How is attacking others and making a fool of yourself helpful to anyone?

No. 538411

File: 1530374315556.jpeg (178.63 KB, 750x946, 391AC7E7-4CB6-4581-94D9-1F989F…)

Looks like momo blocked susu 🤔🤔🤔🤔

No. 538414


LOL can't imagine why…

No. 538415

Man the OP for the next calves thread is going to be tricky, not only did Mariah alienate 90% of the people in the OP only a few months after it was made, it is realllly hard to point out anyone who can be considered her friend at this point other than Vamp and maybe Nicoletters.

You're not one of Moo's senpais anymore SSS, congratulations on your liberation from her stench!

No. 538417

it's already chipping oh my god

No. 538418

Athletes that play physical sports like lacrosse don’t starve themselves, you fucking dumbass! Somehow she’s so delusional that she thinks that a healthy body weight is starvation and yet nasty shit like >>538407 is healthy and ideal. Mariah, you’re an obese stinky fuck. I don’t see her latest sperg out ending well for her.

No. 538419

it would if anyone wanted to fuck her to begin with

No. 538420

"I don't sexually harass people my dudes"
She thinks sexual harassment ends at just touching people. In fact, she threw a bitch fit when she caught someone doing the exact same thing to Vamp.

No. 538421

File: 1530375535203.png (113.51 KB, 720x778, Screenshot_2018-06-30-09-17-21…)

"She started it first!!" Is a totally valid adult reason to come for someone yeah

No. 538422

>she called out my photo


how many times does it need to be said

No. 538423

File: 1530375605568.png (79.44 KB, 720x486, Screenshot_2018-06-30-09-16-23…)

Its called "gravure", Cat, which is different but keep being dense as fuck

No. 538424

File: 1530375643307.png (59.33 KB, 720x332, Screenshot_2018-06-30-09-15-12…)

No. 538425

its always the "but japan did it first so we can do it too" mentality with controversial things. ero cosplay, pedo shit, etc

No. 538426

that wasn't typed by moo, moo only took a screenshot of that margot_hime defending her

No. 538427

File: 1530375825845.png (515.26 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2018-06-30-09-22-51…)

She hasnt slept. She posted this just now

No. 538428

File: 1530376034950.jpg (69.41 KB, 750x537, DbE3l5fUwAA0vCW.jpg)

>please try not to act like a psychopath and preach how I'm ruining cosplay
But you ARE a psychopath and you ARE promoting cosplay as a lewd way to make a quick buck, jesus this cunt is so far up her own ass.

No. 538431

Sooo Momo thought that everyone is talking about her when no one was talking about her. Got her feelings hurt, got high as shit and went insane. Momo even admitted what she does is porn, why does she hate being reminded she isn't a cosplayer?
What drug is she taking that is making her so spazzy and so paranoid that she is the only cosplayer her poses with Bananas? It's a phallic fruit. I have seen cosplays of Rin Kagame "playing" with a banana.

No. 538432

I will still never understand why she used heels for Saber… Saber is supposed to be short. She doesn't have heels on her boots. I'm all for adding heels if it makes sense for the character or the character is canonically tall and you're trying to reach that, but she obviously knows nothing about the source material. So much for cosplaying "canonically".

No. 538433

God I feel bad for this Janet girl. She just had an opinion about something and this fucking monster just decided to attack her. The worst part is that this fucking retard moo had to make it all about her. But this is moo we are talking about here. She has to make everything about her.

No. 538434

I don't even know why she even cosplays Saber. She's nothing like the character, doesn't know how to pose with her, all of her sets and location pics of her make no sense.

She doesn't cosplay. Moo puts on a costume to go party and do coke- but she's an insecure fatty who needs to pussyfoot around what she's paid for because she doesn't like knowing she's just a cumrag to her fans.

No. 538435

Way to completely miss the plot, cat. Did you totally miss the part where that Jannet girl wasn’t even shitting on anyone? Go back to pretending to be a ghetto black girl when you were born and raised in fucking Summerlin. Moo really keeps people around that are just as trashy and racist as her.

No. 538437

Only fellow thots are defending Momo because when they are looking at Mo they are staring at a mirror. They know what they do is porn, but they have to lie about it because it's their lively hood while still feeling superior to people who do porn.

AH haaa and funny how Momo blocked Susu. Even more funny is Susu has better costumes than Mo but she still lables her shit as "Ero"

No. 538438

I can't wait to see her hot piles of shit at AX. That's if she even shows her face at the Fate gathering.

No. 538439

File: 1530377511459.png (1.39 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-06-30-09-50-43…)

She desperately wants to be a messiah when she just shits on someone

No. 538440

You're only incredible if you're a thot like me
and have the same opinion

No. 538441

yeah, rabidly harassing some actually fit and attractive girl with quality cosplays over her opinion that harmed literally no one is so …touching. wtf.
love and positivity my dudes

No. 538442


She is so fucking nauseating and obnoxious. The really thinks she was completely in the right and some fucking messiah.

No. 538443

File: 1530377838351.jpg (30.26 KB, 580x435, 46e.jpg)

>never be afraid to cosplay how you want to cosplay!
>but is going to verbally shit on Jannet for speaking her opinion???? on cosplay???

I woke up to a mountain of gold, people

No. 538444

File: 1530377958184.png (329.91 KB, 348x651, Screenshot 2018-06-30 at 9.59.…)

No. 538445

She needs validation she isn't a bully by staying up and reading messages about how amazing she is while deleting the ones calling her out or blocking them. Saafe spaaace~
she also shit on Janet for doing lewds trying to make her point invalid

No. 538448

File: 1530378133352.png (130.77 KB, 345x653, Screenshot 2018-06-30 at 10.00…)

No. 538449

The people asskissing are just pathetic chunk chaser dudes who dont even cosplay. No one in the community is liking mariah’s retard fit.

No. 538450

I'd bet she's either gonna wear the big build costume for 3 hours max (a lá semiramis) and then go in a slutty costume and then back into those abused Pink workout clothes.

No. 538451

First shit up on the few international cons that invited her.

Now shit up on international cosplayers, never change moomoo, never change.

No. 538452

I woke up to this shit and its glorious. Goes to show that this bitch is so far up her ass that if someone dares to mention her props then OH NO she must referred to her! Also good for SSS to lead by example of how to handle different opinions, I honestly truly respect her even more as she's the real 'cosmom' of Lewd cosplays who looks after others instead of using the issue as a way to feed her self-importance.

Did anyone got the Mp4 of the rant yet?

No. 538453


More like you stayed up all night looking for validation that you weren’t a complete cunt for what you did. Fuck off with this “I’ll stand up for you guys” bullshit.

No. 538456

This shouldn't be pissing me off as much as it is pissing me off but it is. I hate Mariah holy shit. The comments on Jannets Instagram are now demanding an apology from her for singling out Mariah when she never did. How does she manage to get away with it every time? Such a toxic shitty person who doesn't deserve any of the attention she currently has. How can people be so delusional?

No. 538457

looks like she was crying as well. All night reading "i'm not a piece of shit. I'm not a piece of shit. I didn't bully ANOTHER person"

No. 538459

Jannet is super popular in the ACTUAL cosplay community, not the thot community so Moo really is burning bridges. even though moo claimed she wanted to be taken seriously as a cosplayer all she does is piss off people who actually matter in cosplay.

No. 538460

All they see is her ham flaps if they're a thirsty dude, or her screeching about body positivity and SO MUCH LOVE MY DUDES if they're out of the loop on her shit.

Her constant web of lies can only be parsed if you care enough to fact check, while lots of people are wising up, many are happy to stay in the dark.

No. 538461


I hear you. This shit is pissing me off and it’s exactly what Moomoo wanted when she went on her little tantrum. She wanted her followers to go to this girls page and harass her with comments. It’s fucking disgusting that she keeps getting allowed to get away with shit like this. All because she keeps playing the victim and acting like everyone is out to get her. And this bitch has the nerve to call other people toxic.


Yeah. Keep telling yourself that Moo. Won’t change anything. You are absolutely a toxic cunt for doing this shit like this.


The difference in talent is night and day between them. One look at her page and I see detailed cosplays that look almost indistinguishable from the original and you can see the hard work she puts in. And it pays off with actual sponsorships and con invites.

Meanwhile All Moo does is post the same trashy ass photos in her bikini with her ass sticking out towards the camera and her mouth open begging for cock. No wonder her trashy ass ghosts cons and the only ones she gets invited to are South American ones where is she is clearly just thought of as fuck meat.

No. 538462

Watching narc's in action is so fascinating.

No. 538463

She really is the Keemstar of cosplay.

No. 538464

Well, Moo is pretty much Eric Cartman sooooo

No. 538466

File: 1530379962779.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.01 KB, 640x427, foto-30-05-17-01-06-38_01BHCVX…)

Don't you dare shame me! Just because I lewd characters who are not sexual by nature does not make me exactly what Janette was talking about!

Even though Guzma is underaged in canon…

No. 538468

We cant let her get away this time as its at a point where this shit is being shoved under the rug and it made a huge hill for people to notice. We need more people to call out on her shit and not be afraid of her minions. Especially if she broke the "Lets love one another my dudes!" rule.

No. 538469

This set didnt even make sense. Wicke and Guzma never even interact. She doesnt give a shit about the emulating the characters so why even bother to include cosplay to make her garbage smut pics?

No. 538470

I'd say make a video, finally, but this needs more than one person on board. A critical video, not a cowtipping one with insults and general bullshit.

No. 538471

This and her alleged sexual assaults she's done towards male cosplayers and how she lied about being raped should be priority really, how can people actually still dote on her when she's done THAT? Nobody has battered an eyelid and she's never approached the topic either.

No. 538474

What's worse is not only mooriah but other thots all went in on Janet

Surprised she hasn't deleted her account because legit half the thot community went hard on her

No. 538476

Cosplayers with actual talent and a solid business don't let silly thots bring them down. Just like when Moo tried to bring CowButtCrunchies down about the stepping on tail incident, it didn't work.

No. 538477


Maybe she knows that in the end Moomoo will be the one sucking cock in fetish videos once her “cosplay” career dries up and she’ll still have her skills and talent to fall back on. One gets official con invites and sponsorship from Blizzard. The other ghosts cons and pretends to have sponshand brand deals she already lost or never had. I think we know which one will come out better. And good on her for not letting Moo try to bully her and scare her off.

No. 538487


Unfortunately most videos tend to simply focus on calling her fat and ugly. They are often made by people outside the cosplay community and don’t know the whole story about her.

I think there has maybe Ben one video where the person actually focused on her lying, toxic and bullying shit.

No. 538489

If people from here wanted to collaborate, then we should go for it.

No. 538490

I'd be up for that but I don't have good recording equipment.

No. 538491

How the FUCK is she this hypocritical. It's unreal. She knows she's full of shit and still chooses to be a massive bitch. She's the one making thousands of dollars off thirsty neckbeards by taking off her clothes and calling it cosplay. She's the one who enslaves other people to do her cosplays when it's time to act like a legitimate cosplayer and do something else than a cheap ass bikini shoot.

Two obnoxious thots colliding and fighting over which one of them is sluttier. What a party.

All of this. It's baffling how much she lacks of self-awareness.

No. 538492

File: 1530384207689.png (2.4 MB, 750x1334, 606BA254-F9A4-4FF1-BE8C-2332B6…)

Hmmmm. I wonder who she could possibly be talking about. It’s surelt a mystery.

She’s absolutely right. Moo acting like such a cunt to everyone who disagrees with her and throwing tantrums while at the same time demanding positivity from everyone else.