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File: 1501624027257.jpg (59.7 KB, 853x421, 1501159874458.jpg)

No. 418290

Previous thread: >>384956

Miranda Ann Constable (Name confirmed with she tried to DMCA a vid.)

Currently claiming to be Muslim which started as an attempt to bang Rodi (whom had no interest at all). Trapped in the lie at the moment.
Only wears the hijab for the camera. Claims Saudi Arabia as her favorite country

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kanadajin3
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kanadajin3
2nd Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/doudemomira
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kanadajin3

No. 418341

File: 1501634642707.jpg (343.47 KB, 678x1024, 6325413992_fb587807c8_b.jpg)

Does she not realise there are instant hijabs to buy out there? Just throw on and pull off?

Pic related

No. 418353

at first she tries hard to be all japanese and now muslim. girl just please fucking decide

No. 418357

It won't be long until she picks up some other identity, she obviously believes that being a white Canadian will never give her the validation and special points she craves. I think she should go full burqa she we won't have to see her mush face.
>It was just a social experiment guys

No. 418385

Well she has been trying to spread the rumor that she is also part native and was raised on a Ojibwe reservation. She never stops adding a new identity(and claiming to be an expert of that culture). I'm surprised she hasn't jumped on the mental illness/chronic pain bandwagon or exploited the ADHD he ex-boyfriend claimed she had.

No. 418425

i never used to follow this girl but the muslim thing has me enraptured, how can so much milk of so many varieties flow from the body of only one person?? absolutely phenomenal, what will she do next

No. 418429

>what will she do next

i just got the idea, which i'm hoping for, that she'll convert to judaism at some point in the future

No. 418436

How would Mira react to a detailed callout video featuring her phases?

No. 418444

There is no leaving The Islam once you've said the shahida(sp??)

No. 418449

I'd like to see someone try to cover her various incarnations and impersonations, along with screenshots of her arguing with members of each group, contradicting herself or spouting bullshit about a cultural group she clearly doesn't understand.

No. 418459

Yes, but are there Armani instant hijabs out there?

No. 418465

I don't think so. It's pretty hard to become Jewish. Its come with mentoring, studies, and a lot of community involvement.
Far too much effort for lazy Mira-modo.

No. 418473

>Well she has been trying to spread the rumor that she is also part native and was raised on a Ojibwe reservation

Do you have caps for this? I would love to see her try and explain this.

No. 418486

File: 1501683634092.jpg (287.38 KB, 1233x1750, FhkBlh3.jpg)

^One of the earliest examples. Poster 76. writes that the same day Mira(Yes, that is really her under the Kanadajin3 ☆ handle) starts participating in the thread. Mira l never acknowledges or refutes 76.'s claim, even though she continues to reply to other people.

In the previous thread, a mystery WK was claiming Mira was from a First Nations reservation. Then a few more threads back, a "classmate" swore Miranda Constable is not her real name because she had an unusual native or Russian-sounding name.

You know what's funny? The "best friend" she has back in Canada, who had the dream catcher that Mira photographed, might actually be the one who is part Native. Mira really is a vampire.

No. 418493

Mira is just fucking batshit crazy

identity crisis to the extreme

>Does blackface to be black for a day

>Claims to be Japanese
>Becomes muslim and embodies arabic culture
>Claims to be part native american
>Just plain white ol caucasian canadian

No. 418495


Mira confirmed to be a black canadian native american japanese muslim

No. 418500

>I'm surprised she hasn't jumped on the mental illness/chronic pain bandwagon or exploited the ADHD he ex-boyfriend claimed she had.

Because those would suggest that she is "flawed". She can't have that. She is "perfect". Everything is someone or something else's fault. Example: She fucked up her relationship with Rodi, but it's his fault. And he "betrayed" her by posting that video. (Her words).

>Then a few more threads back, a "classmate" swore Miranda Constable is not her real name because she had an unusual native or Russian-sounding name.

Yeah, and she beautiful owned herself by DMCAing someone on a site other than youtube which sent the notice with her full name. Which was Miranda Constable.

No. 418501



No. 418507

File: 1501692769619.jpg (106.79 KB, 856x508, claws.jpg)

Look at those claws…

No. 418508

Okay guys, she's from a city called Sudbury. Although it's surrounded by a ton of reservations, you can buy native trinkets all over the place, even at the reservations. Most of them have general stores where you can buy knick knacks and some even market themselves as having touristy things to do.

The thing about Sudbury is, most people there like to say they're native. Honestly there is a chance a lot of them are, but in very very small percentages. 1/16th and the like. These same groups of people never have proof, and getting proof of that isn't actually that hard.

No. 418509

New vid from her second channel. She just explains that she became muslim and asks people to write questions in the comments if they want her to explain anything.
Also, her dad makes an appearance. He's busy gardening and doesn't seem to care about what his newly-reverted daughter is doing/saying.
Not worth watching.

No. 418513

Don't forget she claimed to be bisexual as well!

She's a never-ending rainbow of diversity.

Sounds about right. There's no shortage of white as snow North Americans claiming native ancestry, despite not being able to provide the ancestor's name or tribe.

Is she still in Canada? Wasn't she publicly bashing her family and whining about wanting to return to Japan? She seems pretty comfortable there now.

No. 418515

She could claim she had Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and I'd have no trouble believing her.

No. 418523


She was born in Sault Ste. Marie and didn't moved to Sudbury until she was 12

No. 418536

She's getting a lot of attention now to fill the Rody shaped hole

No. 418541

>what will she do next

depends on who she decides she wants to fuck next lol

No. 418543

I was JUST about to post that too, so glad others are subbed to some of my fave skeptic channels!

No. 418544

>The thing about Sudbury is, most people there like to say they're native.

No Canadian will brag about this kind of thing unless it's to outsiders or they want something.

Unless Native is somehow trendy in Ontario idk I'm in the West.

No. 418545



No. 418547

File: 1501704124859.jpg (71.43 KB, 620x458, Great-Lakes-Thunder-Bay-to-Sau…)

Sault Ste Marie is my favourite Northern Inuit village. I like to go there to wind down from the small town of Sudbury.

(I know you aren't saying any of these things, just making the point she was born in Sault Ste.)

No. 418551

This. It's either seen as so painfully common place it's like you're stating your hair grows, or it's seen as the degenerate hood niggers equivalent of Canada

Even most rez natives dislike natives who have high blood % but happen to look white

Mira is so fucking desperate to be anything but her disgusting self

No. 418553

Nevermind rez and out of rez natives are like a whole different set of people who seem to hate each other

No. 418566


Yeah, she's trying to look more Arabic now.

No. 418568


She's also speeding her vids up a bit again, to make herself sound more "fluent".

She has actually admitted to doing this, but claimed it was for shorting the running time.

The small amount it's sped up would only save you a few seconds overall, so, more bullshit.

No. 418570


jesus. she was born in the soo? way to make a creepy little town a little creepier.

No. 418605


It's a really common thing in northern Ontario for some fucked up reason. Mostly white people wanting to be part of a minority or looking for whatever tax breaks they believe native people get.

No. 418614

why does her face look more fucked up than usual


No. 418623

File: 1501723200572.jpg (49.57 KB, 480x480, armani.jpg)

Does this count?

No. 418640

Gawd knows she cannot tie a damn hijab herself. I did it once with tutorials on YouTube just to see if I could, it's not hard but if cannot master the skill of make-up – a hijab is really out of her league.

No. 418642

or they could be part native and you're just pissed because they get to be special and you're stuck on the outside of it

No. 418644

lmfao you're an idiot

No. 418647

Heck I even see Muslims women born into the faith with pins sticking out and around their head scarves. It's nothing easy but the instant hijabs must be a wonder for them

No. 418659

It wasn't easy but I got it after a couple tries the same day. The tutorial was pretty easy to follow, the pins took the most difficult but if you bobby pin your hair over a few years, you'll understand how gravity works with hair and material.

No. 418660


the trend most girls go for is super simple and casual anyway, like video related

i don't know why she doesn't at least try to make it flatter her face if she chooses to wear it.

No. 418665

I used this tutorial, it is pretty easy but gotta be patient and careful with those pins!

No. 418667

If you don't have a nice face nothing will make it any better, just make it stand out more.

No. 418674

you can tell somebody's not 1/8 native by looking at them, or are you just talking out of your ass?

No. 418677

Being Native is literally nothing special. You're deluded.

No. 418678

ahh so you cannot tell people are lying by looking at them, you were talking out of your ass and you only contest me mischaracterizing your statement that whites want to be a minority as them wanting to be special. ok, got it.

No. 418681


Darn, guess I can't be special because I'm not native. You sure showed me, anon.

No. 418683

Look, if you think people don't know who their grandparents are that's fine. You wanted to deflate some snowflakes on the internet, we've all been there. I did show you, and while I'm sure no one else cares this semantic dodge of minority/special is pathetic. Remember next time you think some white guy beside you is lying to your face, that you are special too because only a retard would try to wiggle out of it like you.

No. 418690

sage ur stupidity or stfu already holy shit

No. 418693

Stop derailing, bans have been handed out.

No. 418719

File: 1501753854043.png (789.61 KB, 1080x1920, 2017-08-02 11.56.08.png)

No. 418720

File: 1501753943275.jpg (65.46 KB, 611x853, Clipboard01686.jpg)

so her eyebrows always sucked all the way through?

No. 418721

File: 1501753979925.jpg (45.86 KB, 605x603, Clip5board01686.jpg)

No. 418727


No. 418736

These really show how she went from one phase to the next since her teenagehood. We're only missing Kyabakura Mira and Muslim Mira to have the complete collection.

No. 418744

Mira has no identity and it's sad. She needs to stop trying to fit into every clique and just work on finding herself.

No. 418749

She truly is a lost soul. She wants to belong to a clique to fit in and have friends.
Tough shit for her for being a cunt

No. 418778

what are you talking about? we have both already in our collection.

No. 418783

File: 1501772049459.jpg (167.35 KB, 620x1360, Miranda_hostess.jpg)

and her punk pictures were also already posted over a year ago

sage for old af milk

No. 418812

Maybe for Mira to post them on Twitter like she did with the previous ones?

No. 418841

Working at a Kyabakura is as looked down upon as working in a strip joint here. Yes, some marry a customers from time to time, but the majority of men do not want to marry a sweet talking woman who is 90% of the time lying and is selfish. It was a fitting job for Miranda. They will pay money to them to talk, and get nice words but most will never want to marry one, and if you used to work at one you're looked at a lot lower of a person – especially by your future step parents. Most women working kyabakura are self-entitled bitches who care more about getting the best things like fashion, makeup and luxury items. Sound like someone we know?

No. 418924


she looked actually cute like that. also her eyes didn't look wonky like they do now. wtf happened mira. why couldn't you just stay cute and get a therapist?

No. 418958

She said before because friends said she was too thin she purposely gained weight to make others happy, so this looks like a fuller face disguising the odd eyes.

No. 419324

I don't understand why she'd do this. Aren't Muslims disliked in Japan? Most of the comments on that video are bashing her decision.

No. 419328

Being a white woman in Japan is passé now, at least on the internet, look at how many Jvloggers there are. Being a Muslim in Japan is special and unique because it's more uncommon. And that's all Mira really wants.

No. 419335

She's back in Canada right now? Or is she living with her parents in Japan? I'm a little bit confused

No. 419341

File: 1501964664427.jpg (56.38 KB, 635x500, IMG_4126.thumb.PNG.9b2622b0e77…)


No, she's back in Japaudi Arabia.

>converted for her own reasons

Yeah, to try and get some of that Rodi dick

No. 419343

File: 1501964710415.jpg (57.73 KB, 714x500, IMG_4122.thumb.PNG.d6f1d28cec6…)


It's "annoying" because you know it's the truth.

No. 419346

File: 1501964890603.jpg (80.76 KB, 742x486, IMG_4123.thumb.PNG.1b3b2e5ce0e…)


He "wronged her" because she made a "Rodi and Mira should fuck" page and got busted.

He got mad and magically the page went private after that (Before the fight was public again). So, she made or was in direct contact with the person who did (because she asked them to make it)

No. 419350

I read that over and over and STILL, makes zeros sense.

No. 419356

>me naw gottime
Her desperation to pretend that English is now her second language is hilarious and so transparent.

No. 419358

She must have been part of the high school dropouts who didn't care about spelling and grammar so when she is becoming "SO Japanese" she forgot English so she thinks that looks cool. Nawh bro. You look more stupid. No wonder she cannot learn Japanese when she has no solid grasp on her native language.

No. 419359

You cannot fully learn a new language if you don't understand your first language enough to apply the same learning tools with the new language.

No. 419388

Actually you're the ignorant one there because that's actually Jamaican dialect of English that she is saying

No. 419395



Mira is Jamaican now!!

No. 419397

Rastafarian Mira: the next episode of The Mira Show

No. 419398

File: 1501973795477.png (36.39 KB, 591x85, comment.png)


"Could this weird woman leave japan asap. she is way too disgusting. Japanese government please refuse her application for naturalization. I think it would be better to exile her to saudi arabia"


No. 419401

My fucking sides.

No. 419434

Good joke cause once you go to The Islam there is no leaving it haha

According to Abdul Rashied Omar, the majority of modern Islamic jurists continue to regard apostasy as a crime deserving the death penalty.

No. 419471

does miranda even know a black person let alone a jamaican

No. 419483

Can confirm from northern ontario and a ton of people claim like 1/24 heritage to get those sweet sweet handouts.

No. 419500

So now No-personality-of-her-own-Mira is mimicking Jamaican friends? Do you have no shame? Mira, you are so sad and lost. You have your OWN family history, you know. You don't need to steal from others.

It's Sevdha, the purple haired girl. Mira is a leech.

No. 419505

oh i forgot about there being a black girl in her photos

much like mira will forget her when she is no longer of use, i guess

No. 419520

Somebody already mentioned that that's how people from Toronto talk because there is a huge influence from Jamaican patois on young people.

No. 419557

she can just paint herself again

No. 419563

Who did? Where?

Why would Mira NOW be affected by Jamaican culture in Toronto when she has been living in Japan for years? She was not writing like this before.

No. 419564

Sage for anecdotal, but I am from Ontario and I know a bunch of people of claim Native status.

And when I worked at a pharmacy, I was trained on how to process Native status cards to remove taxes.

So it isn't uncommon.

No. 419579

Do the natives there all have Jamaican accents?

No. 419597

and hasn't she claimed to forget Canadian culture or something?

No. 419605

File: 1502021693251.jpg (22.29 KB, 814x145, dXicZ7E.jpg)

Yep. She has claimed multiple times that she is NOTHING like a Canadian and she is so culturally and ethnically Japanese that she shits pokeballs. So Japanese that she couldn't understand English language Canadian booking sites to buy plane tickets to her own hometown!

No. 419783

and she remembered it all so fast, gosh bless her

No. 419849

So is she saying Japanese do not read into what someone says? That's what Japanese do best, reading between the lines. They just won't confront you for your BS they just leave you.

No. 419892

File: 1502079119765.jpg (196.15 KB, 1237x1197, TNYGwXz.jpg)

She recently left this comment on a PULL user's video (KANADAJIN3 EXPOSED VISA & ADULT ENTERTAINER SCANDALS 'MIRAGATE')

Besides lying that she made that obvious GaijinPot account, she is now going back and claiming she DID take advantage of her sham marriage to get teijuusha and ride that out as long as possible. Didn't she claim she was morally superior to foreign women who do that and she switched to a student visa as soon as she could?

No. 419893

pls mira does not have time for all you haters

she has to edit those 200 videos on her hard drive

i guess she cant get them done cause she is too busy google searching her self between praying 80 times a day in her new trendy religion

No. 419901

She creates multiple accounts in PULL and sets up notifications for new posts so she is never left out of the latest gossip. Is she her own best stalker?

No. 420038

File: 1502122857820.png (110.55 KB, 631x799, lie.png)


And, bam. Caught in her own bullshit again.

No. 420041

File: 1502123696813.png (63.58 KB, 838x527, selfown.png)


And in yet another case of Miranda's self-ownage.

No. 420051

Can someone explain what a tejuusha is to a non-weeb?

No. 420059


It's a special VISA that is sometimes granted in cases of divorce when there are extenuating circumstances (usually because you have children with you ex-spouse).

They wouldn't grant it to a high school dropout, with no children, after a 3 month marriage. But that became her claim after Victor outed her having a 2nd Visa husband. Prior to that, she claimed she switched to a student VISA as shown in her tweet.

No. 420066


They also grant it if the Japanese spouse has died.

Mira, or her flying monkeys, have come here several times claiming that Mira met a very special and unusual exception to this rule, despite being married only two months, having no children, no education and no job. She is definitely not Nikkei, Japanese descendants who were allowed to return to Japan with teijuusha, so what was her important circumstance?

There was a (self-started?)rumor her husband was an abuser but everyone knows a foreign wife's word is weak against a Japanese national's and DV is often considered a "private family matter". Why can't she say what unique condition she qualified for teijuusha, or even describe the requirements she met to earn permanent residency in her own? She claims to be so honest and caring about her fans, but she won't give them advice via her extraordinary case?

No. 420070

What Kanadajin doesn't realise is she walking a very fine line to seeming like a Fraud and commiting Fraud of residency by getting various types of temporary VISAS.

Not only does the various Visas scream FRAUD, but her identity change could come across as very deceptive.

I think she will be caught out, and with mounting evidence online, she can't run away from her naive choices. The Japanese government will catch up.

She is fucking up so bad with these Visas.

No. 420103

Is she more likely to face prison time or be fined and deported?

No. 420104

File: 1502134340814.jpg (30.98 KB, 400x440, VNYWnKO.jpg)

One of Mira's visa timelines that she gave a PULL user(Pearl?)

Yeah, shinpaigaijin is tooootally not her:

Also, these two tweets are very funny.

In the first, she says she has finished all her paperwork and will apply for permanent residency the following week. The the next tweet, only two days later, she says she HAS permanent residency already.

No. 420107


Good find with those tweets.

No. 420227

As someone who speaks Japanese, I call BS. All pages you find when looking for the long-term visa after divorce show the same requirements.

You have to fulfill one of the below requirements.

1. In case of the marriage lasting more than 3 years, having had steady income during that time or having assets.

> Nope

2. If you are the parent of a Japanese child and need to look after them.

> Nope

You at the least need to have a reason to stay in Japan, be it because you don't have family back home or you are suffering from an illness that can't be treated in your home country.

She's just spewing BS, or lied to immigration.

No. 420278

She's either still married or has PR.. but the relationship was a secret after 2012, and they saw other people openly during that time. When she was seeing the guy after she got divorced from Visa-kun 1.0 who she went with to Japan first. The second guy he paid for her language lessons, she was broke, so when her marriage visa with Visa-kun 1.0, ran out she was going to get kicked out. He felt bad for her.

Then the relationship started going south as always, she was cheating on him. So he got pissed off and wanted her out of his apartment. He lost it and pushed her, and when she was on the ground he apparently kicked her, but she started recording this on her phone. No video (too dark) but the sound of her crying and saying he was hitting her.

It was in 2012 she posted it and all the j-vloggers was worried. Victor made a video talking about it. She moved in with a strange guy she met online and said she was with Sharla (she wasn't – another lie). She used the video to blackmail the guy to marry her, or she'd charge him with the evidence. He didn't want the police involved in his life true or not as his job was pretty high up.

So they married, which freaked out her friends seeing her as married to the guy after what happened (she listed herself as married with that guy not long after the "abuse" with Visa-kun 2.0. She said they'd divorce when she gets what she wants, Permanent Residency. So she could have got it after 3 years being married (a couple months after the video abuse leak) so 2012 to 2015 could have got her enough time to get PR as a married couple.

They could have divorced in 2016 after she got the PR because that's probably why she's having trouble nationalizing. She could have deleted the video as part of the condition to get her PR, so now she cannot use him anymore. They wouldn't let her back in Japan without a visa, so she either does have PR (which even TkyoSam backs up) or she's married still. But that I do not know 100% as nothing much gets through the grapevine anymore.

No. 420283

It was 2013 not 2012, sorry wrong date

No. 420295


That is interesting. Most of it is verifiable.
Is there any solid proof on the blackmail?

It does make since, I saw the video, and Victors vid confirms that part.

It certainly seems like something she would do, but we do need a little proof/evidence .

No. 420299

There were messages I saw from one of the big vloggers, but I do not have them now as I left the community because of all the drama and gossiping. So that part you guys can take it or leave it, but I know it is true based upon the stuff I saw. Wish I did save it. In hindsight, wish I did.

No. 420302


can you say whom the big jvlogger is? I mean, you are anonymous and you couldn't be the only person who saw it.

No. 420310

Sharla and Rachel, they showed not a lot of people this stuff (screenshots), but enough for them to not know who is saying this. I have a life in Japan so I do not want to hurt my chances of having my identity given out to hurt my own life here.

No. 420503

it would almost be impressive if it wasnt so fucking pathetic

in b4 "not mira" comes to say we are pathetic

No. 420582

Oh, yeah. I've been here in Japan longer than Mira and I have never, ever met someone in her situation who was granted teijuusha. Even worse, here >>420104 she claims she received permanent residency because she was divorced. Wtf?! That's not how it works. Divorced foreign spouses are booted from Japan all the time, without sympathy, after their spouse visa runs out. Even people with children and jobs have trouble renewing their visa after divorce.

Those of us in Japan with no public online presence or connection to Jvloggers also know about these rumors. Word gets around easily but the pattern of a visa scammer is recognizable. 2ch has been discussing her lies for years, although some evidence has been erased and it's more difficult to back up claims. Native Japanese already hypothesized the blackmail theory before Jvloggers hinted at it because that tactic has been known to be used by unscrupulous foreign spouses who don't want to leave.

I'm waiting patiently. Maybe we'll get the whole gang of Mira, Lola, Simon, KMrurouni and Tkyosam! And not a single Japanese person.

No. 420587

They do their job pretty effectively I can say!!

No. 420686

First time posting. Last time posting

You are either Kat, or Sharla.

And seeing as Sharla probably
Has a life, unlike Kat who doesn't have a life and likes to stalk me online and comes around when there's any kind of drama including commenting on my newest video about relating to my conversion to Islam.

Don't twist stories and make shit up.

1. My spouse visa had 9 months left on it, I switched to student visa because it was the right thing to do.

2. My ex bf did pay for school, I paid him back.

3. Yes he was abusive. They all know this, but you are sick in the head to do what you did (post my ex bf pictures and pretend to be D, I have your convo, I know it was you. You both contacted her on Facebook. You think she wouldn't show me??)

3. Never cheated on ex bf. He was abusive cause he had mental illness, utsubyo which I talked about in video I deleted

4. Yes I moved in with strange guy. No. Never told anyone I was living with Sharla. He was even talking in background in a live show once. He spoke French and had a French fetish. I lived with him only for 3 months. NEVER did we date or anything sexual.

5. Never got married after that. I said I wanted to . Planned to. But no. Sorry . You don't know me. You see, I never trusted yoy because you were unfruitful. So I never told you my true info. But at the end of the day yoy all knew I was planning to applying for PR. You knew I applied.

6. Your in your 30s. Get a job. A life. And stop sitting on your fat ass online whining about someone else's life. Your mental health is really at stake.

Great ppl talk about ideas
Petty ppl talk about ppl

No. 420692

This post is almost retarded enough to be believable.

No. 420697

Usually they deport, i think anywau

No. 420700

To be fair, she doesn't say she HAS it in those tweets. Just that she got the paperwork for it done.
The first one says: Finally finished preparing paperwork! Off to the Immigration Beaureau this week~
The second one says (in Mira-go): Not a working visa. I finished the paperwork for PR.

No. 420705

If she's claiming tejuusha she gets it like automatically.

No. 420714

File: 1502192377264.jpg (19.54 KB, 673x179, captain_obvious_IN_JAPAN.jpg)

No. 420715

File: 1502192499304.jpg (63.39 KB, 948x346, took_me_2_seconds_to_find_some…)

Just had to do a quick Google search to find the answer.
As usual, if Mira has no knowledge of it, it doesn't exist for the rest of the world.

No. 420742

I'm dying that those are the only people you think of. Nope, I am neither of them, girl you gotta get a life and think that your information got out to a lot of people. If you this it was Sharla or Kat, you have no clue to who seen that information. I am also in Japan so I cannot be Kat, and why would Sharla post here while outing her and Rachel? I have no contact with anyone in the community and live in Japan. So you fail at deductions. You are really paranoid.

No. 420767

You can easily tell when someone posts something correctly when Miranda Constable herself comes on any sceptic forums about her to IMMEDIATELY cast doubt (which unintentionally shows it struck a nerve). I think >>420278 was correct in what they posted. funny that Miranda saying petty people talk about people, hmm whats better, people speaking in a public forum or behind someone's back like you do all the time. Islam nor cute words will not save you from the person you clearly are.

No. 420771


Yep, definitely hit a nerve. And got her to admit things she denied before.


First time posting. Last time posting

Yeah, everyone knows that's a load of horseshit. You always claim you don't have time for these forums, but you are ALWAYS here very quicky when someone post something close to the truth. You even admitted that you lied about not reading them in your own "pity party" video when you pretended to quit your job for sympathy since you got rejected for citizenship. You said that you "have to read them" to make sure you're "safe" or some bullshit.

>because you were unfruitful

That is the funniest thing ever. Not only is it a bizarre phrasing (trying to sound all muslimish) but you also admit that you didn't care for Kat because she could provide anything for you (ie, no extra views, no money, etc.)

No. 420775

Here here!!

No. 420790

No. 420870

> He was abusive cause he had mental illness, utsubyo which I talked about in video I deleted

Hahahahahaha! Utsubyo is just clinical depression.

People with clinical depression are rarely violent unless there are other factors (such as drug abuse).

Depression sufferers are FAR more likely to engage in self-harm or suicide rather than outward violent behaviors.

Just more of Miranda's ignorance of, basically, every subject showing through again.

No. 420874

Sage for off topic, I never followed these threads but it's crazy to me that this chick is from my hometown. I've never heard of her or seen her before.

No. 421127

In the previous tweets, she was talking about getting eijuusha status, as an unmarried person without a full-time job or education. She keeps baiting with that teijuusha business without confirming whether she got the extension or not. Note the time of eijuusha application: less than three years from the first marriage. Low-priority residents with no family or job do not get permanent residence in just two years. MARRIED people can.


>First time posting. Last time posting

As YOURSELF. You'll come back as KMrurouni, edge master. You really need to attempt a new writing style when you shit up the comment section of a "hater" video. You could at least write out the full word PEOPLE when you post as "him". It's a dead giveaway, besides the ridiculously excessive praise you give yourself. I actually laughed out loud when you wrote: "She is the nicest person living, only want good to ppl"(again with ppl).

Hey, skinwalker. You didn't answer. HOW did someone like you qualify for permanent residency without meeting any of the minimum requirements? It's really amazing and you must have a superior gift to bestow this great country in order for the government to make an unheard of exception for a skill-less, uneducated YouTuber with only a part-time waitressing job.

Utsubyou/鬱病… you mean depression, you weeb? Why was it necessary to write the Japanese name? And just as the other poster said, that DOES NOT make someone inherently prone to violence against others. You never tell the truth.

Now what is your exact diagnosis? You should be truthful. It would actually gain you sympathy from most people if you are upfront with what the Hell is up with you. Think of all the YouTube bucks and asspats you could get if you went to a behavioral specialist: IN JAPAN. I think it would generate more traffic than this Islamaboo phase. Or you can prove us haters wrong when you get your clean bill of health.

No. 421136

she's not a weeb, she just forget what the word depression was DUH

No. 421158

exactly anon don't you know a nihongo princess like her is constantly forgetting english and learning how to speak perfect arab and jamaican

No. 421425

File: 1502302798883.png (24.62 KB, 788x161, res.png)

Here she is claiming that she lived on a reservation, but is not a native.

She will say anything that makes her think she is "winning" the argument, regardless of basis in fact.

No. 421428

File: 1502303011537.png (19.45 KB, 843x164, frencg.png)


If she was native she wouldn't refer to other natives as "these people". If anyone was wondering about her not being a first nations.

Also, in the last thread, some anons were going on about how her "french" must be causing her to speak like she does. Even after being pointed out that she claimed in the past that she did not speak french.

Well, here's a new claiming that she never learned french. Which, if she knew any, she would claim to makie her seems to much more "special"

No. 421445

>it's our culture as Canadians

Wait… I thought she was true Japanese, ethnically transmogrified and became nothing like a Canadian? Suddenly she is owning her real culture again after all that bullshit.

I'd buy her being part native if she had embraced it from the beginning instead of suspiciously bringing it up after we began talking about that rumor again. She had five years to talk about it publicly or make a video about it. Much more interesting than Tim Horton's.
She could have lived NEXT to a reservation…

No. 421451

said the one who probably doesn't care about us since there is no evidence she's interested in any natives' culture lol

No. 421456

It's possible people speaking English with French-Canadian accents could influence her, not French itself. You ever see that Jodie Foster movie Nell? Kek

No. 421464

i mean, she's not wrong about the appropriation(you'd think they'd want the white man buy more from natives to pay them back) or the fact that natives live off touristy stuff.

she's wrong about everything else though and it's doubtful that she didn't just buy it off ebay.

No. 421481


It's also funny because she frequently talks (incorrectly) for Japanese and Muslims

No. 421544

File: 1502314938199.jpg (6.96 KB, 259x194, lolfuuckedfaceteeth.jpg)


It ties in with RODI'S VIDEO,(where she confesses her love for him). AT the end he threatens to leak information about her if she keeps harassing him.

Most people made out "Visa husband" as part of the whispered threat.

She is still married, she has to be.

No. 421583

im just imagining an anon date rn,
- "w-wow dinner was great, anon!"
- yeah those totes kawaii california rolls really filled me up!
> her eyes bat furiously creating a small tornado while she blushies liek crazy!!!! uguuuu :33
- "here is my b-body anon! dont judgey pls >////<"
> anon looks her up and down sees a piece of toilet paper stuck to her twat
- "y-youre beautiful Miranda"
>after smexy hot wet juicy pphat sexy!! anon wakes up during the middle of the night and forcefully rips off her eyelashes, pulls down his pants and shits in her mouth, as she looks into his wide eyed in absolute fear trying to mutter "a-anon what are you doing!" he books it taking her passport with him

No. 421686

how dare you make me read this, what the fuck

i don't think she's still married like >>420278 is suggesting but the leaking info on the ex would ruin the story she has going so still a risk to be threatened by

No. 421691

File: 1502327547951.jpg (169.78 KB, 1242x1335, zBKbrfB.jpg)

So she managed to scare off all the Japanese men and has given up on snagging another sucker? Not surprised one bit, but how did she blow it with so many gaijin hunters and desperate old men that would have actually paid her to be his Western waifu? Her chances of having a direct link to Japan or Japanese family has now become zero.

Bitch, you okay?

No. 421711

Japanese value humility, selfless, modest, kind, discreetness and feminity in women – nothing Miranda possesses. Marrying a Japanese guy, much less Asian is next to impossible.

No. 421716

I think you're trying too hard with this one. I live in the west and I've never heard a single person mention marmite. I would wager I only know what it is because of foreign media.

No. 421718


I live in the South East U.S. and I can go buy it and a store not even 2 miles from my house.

Vegemite and Bovril, too

No. 421719

OK? That's not even Canada. So not sure your point.

No. 421722

I could easily find Vegemite in a small city in Canada, so you can get that, it is similar to Marmite. Maybe in a bigger city unlike here you can find both. I had it in Australia and it was good with butter and toast (not a lot on it).

No. 421730

I'm seriously wondering if her goal is to catch her a rich Saudi playboy to whisk her away to a Louis Vuitton-branded sand dune, or hang around Rodi's front door until his fiancé chases her away with a broom.

Why doesn't she have any career goals beyond receiving praise from males on the internet and getting a man to impregnate her? Is it due to her absent father?

No. 421746


All that was said was you lived in "the west", no country mentioned. I was stating that, even in my podunk town, you could find that stuff.

So, calm your tits.

No. 421748


That is, most likely, it. She has no education, no skills, no ambition, no prospects, and no personality.

So, her only hope is Muslim man, or baby-trapping a guy.

No. 421752

>>421730 Pretty much this >>421748

No. 421772

Lol you sure worked real hard to not say "passive."

No. 421815


No. 421816

File: 1502350981848.jpg (59.74 KB, 800x450, o59uaf.jpg)


I am someone who was raised a Muslim (I am an ex muslim now).

She is a fucking moron, a lot of muslims date and have long relationships before getting engaged now a days.

The only Muslims who do the whole "don't date get married first", are the ones who are very extreme in t heir views.

(I was born in one country and raised in another, so i have a very large perspective on things of the Muslim world and the West)

Most muslim guys who are not radical will never marry on sight, she is going to end up as an ISIS sex doll slave.

Good luck you Gaijin uncultured whore. The next guy you marry will honor kill you.

No. 421840

If you're married you can get Eijuken after 3 years. For everyone else (except highly skilled workers, but Miranda surely isn't one of them), it's 10.

Good thing that all Japanese men want the same from women… Obviously no person in their right mind would want to marry Mira, but not every Japanese man wants a doormat.

No. 421842

>>The only Muslims who do the whole "don't date get married first", are the ones who are very extreme in t heir views.

Yeah, but she apparently thinks KSA is some sort of dreamy place to be, so maybe that's what she's after. Maybe she will run off to the Middle East so she can get married to some ISIS warrior and live the jihadi fantasy like these dumb teenagers we read about every couple of weeks. She sure seems to be romanticizing a lot about the middle east, in any case. It might actually be interesting if she actually made it to KSA, and their roving bands of religious and purity police. She'd probably be flogged within a day of her arrival for her impiousness.

No. 421855

I am not a fan of Mira, but you are an idiot. No one cares that you left Islam or lived in two different countries.

Honor killings aren't allowed by Islam. Surely you had to have know that as an "ex-Muslim"?

No. 421856


No. 421858

Another thing-most muslim countries have a system where people get to know each other and marry through arranged marriages. This means no datting. Most Muslims do not date.

You really don't know much about Islam at all.

No. 421906

This is husband n°2 right?
Because I remember another husband that made one or two appearances in her videos and she used to compare the size of his head with hers, saying how big his head was.

No. 421927

Visa-kun 2.0 right here

No. 421928

He's actually very nice, it was Miranda who ruined his life. No one could see why he was with her, but the "gaijin allure" lasts for only so long with a horrible person.

No. 421950

No. 422012

Out of all Muslim/Islamic countries, WHY Saudi Arabia? WHY? It's one of the worst ones for women, I don't get it.

No. 422041

While discussion about Islam cannot be avoided due to Mira's conversion, please refrain from inflammatory and off-topic comments.

No. 422048

she needs to marry an extremist so they cant find all her faults beforehand

No. 422050

Doesn't Japan have the same thing on a smaller scale?

No. 422157

Yea, but at least they get to meet them and have a choice if they don't think it'll work. I feel the choices is more closer to "speed dating".

At least from stories I heard in the Muslim country it's more either arranged since childhood or they're parents will choose later on and you'll have to deal (or it's common enough anyway)

No. 422183

File: 1502435993478.jpg (39.59 KB, 384x512, 1469584076499.jpg)

You are an idiot Mira, if you think i don't believe its you replying to my comment. Just on plain ignorance you speak once again about cultures you dont know.

> Rodi doesn't want your fake islamic ass.

> You try to demonise Rodi for his blackmail video but you have done it to countless men.
> You're still married
> You commit Visa fraud
> You buy instagram comments and likes with repetitive phrases like "Welcome to Islam"

and yet you still sit your ass on lolcow, you are a god damn joke.

If Rodi even took you in to be his GF, you would have probably blackmailed him and used islam against him as part of your Blackmail. You are that twisted.

The most insane thing is you claim STUDENT VISA but you dont qualify for higher education in Japan, BECAUSE YOU DONT EVEN HAVE FUCKING HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA, idiot!

Fraud, and you will get caught for your Visa fraud.

No. 422226

Because she hopes to snag up a rich oil sheik (or at least someone who gets paid a stipend to sit on his ass) and live the high life without having to work.
Essentially want to become the waifu of a SandNEET on oilbux.

No. 422230

Though I do agree with most of your rant, language school students qualify for student visa. It's the easiest way (besides coming up with school fees) to legally extend your stay in Japan. If you pay the fees, you may be able to stay up to two years, depending on the program. However, time spent on a student visa does not count toward the minimum required duration of stay required for naturalization.

No. 422232

who is that ? second or third visa husband?

No. 422239

File: 1502451277687.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.72 KB, 276x183, jNTF9Ht.jpg)

Last time that photo was posted, "somebody" came here saying it was actually a classmate from language school and posted this picture^. It looks like the same guy on the far right. However, it could still have been her boyfriend from that time since she doesn't get along with Japanese anyway.

For anyone interested, she attended the System Toyo Gaigo language school and lived in Sakura House lodging for a while. That school has lots of activities and trips for students. She trashed that school and thought she was too good for them even though they gave her ignorant Canadian ass a crash course education in Japanese culture.

No. 422249

I think this one is the original Visa-kun, the one that left for another country.

No. 422250

She already attended language school, they will see her records. She can't double dip, when applying for student visa they will see she already did it. They will know it's fraudulent what she is doing.

No. 422256

imo, Mira reverted just in case she gets deported. Videos of a Canadian in Canada would not be as popular as a white girl in Japan but she could keep on posting videos of the "struggles" of a white muslim girl in Canada…

No. 422288

I was responding to this part:

>The most insane thing is you claim STUDENT VISA but you dont qualify for higher education in Japan

She was able to get the student visa when she attended language school, which I believe was until 2014. You do knot need a HS diploma or anything like that to enroll. But by 2013, she was already claiming she had permanent residence, which doesn't make sense if she could ride out the student visa until graduation the following year.

But you're correct, she will not be able to use it again, for university or vocational school, unless she were able to complete higher education first.

No. 422289

*Forgive my weird typos.

No. 422333

>White muslim in Canada
You mean a Japanese muslim in Canada? Kek

No. 422335

Nobody will ever believe that she is Japanese once she gets her ass kicked back to Canada. Hence the muslim conversion.

No. 422354

File: 1502478553796.jpg (104.29 KB, 572x480, 1494990834559.jpg)

New video about her getting denied citizenship.

Nothing too milky. Still claims it was due to quitting her job that she never quit.

Vidme link: https://vid.me/wwliz
(pic related)

No. 422374

"Muslim weaboo-jap goes rata-tat-tat on deportation flight to Canada"

No. 422394


Interesting little slip-up in that video. She said that she had filed the paper-work, etc and "we were just waiting for an answer".

VISA-kun 2.0, hoping to be able to unload that anchor from around his neck.

No. 422397


No. 422398

File: 1502483664299.jpg (33.61 KB, 638x540, Smug_d22333_5762907.jpg)

Obviously Mira has been living in Japan so long she has forgotten what Marmite is

No. 422439

90% of the comments are calling her out. Let's see how many she'll manage to delete but right now, it's a fun read!

No. 422505

>in language school for a decade
>still can't speak the language
>"forgetting" your birth language

No. 422507

"any job"

i find that highly unlikely

she makes it sound like theyll accept her sketchy gaijin ass no matter what even if shes only had some shitty job for a week

No. 422748

During this video her hijab is making her sweat so bad. By the end of the video her fucking face is like a disgusting sweaty armpit.

Also of course she was denied, she will never get citizenship, not now, not ever, especially with her fraud visa tracking. Soon enough she will get deported and banned from Japan.

No. 422753

LOL, this is fucking hilarious even though i don't follow this cow

No. 422786

Who said they thought she was still married? An abusive Japanese husband is just going to smash what you used to record something. She would have had to run black and blue to the police.

She must be in Canada.

I am not sure but isn't your spouse visa pulled as soon as you divorce and you are back on a tourist one? Or did the law change? I knew it used to be 9 months before you could get married again.

No. 422913

There are two marriages involved, but that doesn't mean she was faithful to both of them or it is love-based marriage.

She was the one pushing the DV rumor, with the guy she was with after the first Visa-kun. She also temporarily uploaded an audio-only video of a fight happening where you can hear an angry man in the background throwing/hitting stuff. She said she was struck but there were Jvloggers and anons saying he didn't, claiming she set him up. What makes people doubt her is that Rachel said something about Mira not being the victim in that incident and made it seem like Mira was lying about being abused.

Another thing is that if that man were an abuser, Mira should have had video and picture evidence to defend herself, but she dropped any mention of the incident for a very long time. It's suspicious since Mira is the type of person to archive evidence against anyone she think has wronged her or is a threat, even contacting FAMILY of teenagers on a dumb forum. So why did such a bad guy get a pass? Why didn't she go home to the safety of her family in Canada and come back to Japan later? This all led people believe their was a blackmail marriage involved.

Back to the first husband: If you have a spouse visa and divorce, you can stay on the visa it until it expires. But you must be in the process of changing to a different one before it's too late. She claims that she had 9 months left on spouse visa and transferred to a student visa soon after, but actually she is exaggerating because she didn't do it immediately. She did it in the time required. She divorced by October and System Toyo Gaigo 2 year course starts in April(currently their web site says you must apply the previous year, September 01 to October 3). She wouldn't have been on student visa so long before the course started, so she would have to ride out the spouse visa as long as she could.

In January 2013, she says she was on student visa >>420038
But later in these December tweets >>420104
months before graduation, she said she was already applying for permanent residence. Regular language school students CAN NOT apply for permanent residence. It is impossible. Then you see the previous conversation with the girl from PULL. Mira claims she got permanent residence BECAUSE she was divorced. At least two years after divorce and going through language school on a student visa… Yeah, there are no time machines at the immigration office. They don't grant visas for old ridiculous relationships, especially if Visa-kun 1.0 had left the country for work by then.

No. 422931

I agree with you on the student visa. Mira mentioned that she switched to student visa in January but she has another tweet in April mentioning that her visa is going to change soon so she need to quit her job.

She had a bf who allegedly paid for her language school after her divorce and she was short on money.There's no way Mira would give up her PR on January since she can work at Kyabakura until April to earn some extra cash before Visa-kun 2.0(this is an imageboard, use it)

No. 422934

Sorry not PR. I meant to say spouse visa

No. 422980

File: 1502612781990.jpg (254.71 KB, 1242x1712, Znsj38n.jpg)

^There is also this corresponding Facebook post of that switch and quitting the hostess job.

Good catch! I missed that one! It proves she did use the spouse visa to its limit, like we all knew. So much for doing the "right thing". She did what she was forced to do by law.

You're right. Spouse visa allowed her to work as a hostess, but a student visa will not let you. Through many language schools, like hers, they will help you find normal, legal part-time work. That is the most likely the way she found the waitressing job and kept it so long. Last time I checked, the work permit allows students up to 28 hours a week maximum. However, her student visa expired after graduation(it's usually invalid 30 days after) and she alternates between claiming she went on to permanent residence and getting "special visa"(teijuusha) for a 2 month marriage.

No. 422981

lmao, she is just describing herself in that fb post tho

No. 423056

File: 1502639756315.jpg (59.55 KB, 705x530, that_looks_like_a_penis.jpg)

No. 423165

File: 1502655323918.png (50.1 KB, 793x414, OV2mPie.png)

>>422354 >>422439

This is my favorite exchange. She says she ~basically~ got citizenship. How delusional can you get?

No. 423184

File: 1502660215162.png (28.92 KB, 621x329, vusaswitch.png)


Screen shot of tweet in the above post.

No. 423435

File: 1502693199591.jpg (733.56 KB, 400x300, 0YkKylc.jpg)

>It only happens if you quit or lose your job

This 27 year old woman just can't stop!

Let's not forget, in May, right before Rodi-gate, the Legal Affairs Bureau was trying to contact her and asking questions like where was she and why was her apartment so bare. At the time, she was expecting that important registered mail and decided to take a vacation. You do NOT do that! https://mobile.twitter.com/kanadajin3/status/868980009184092160
Citizenship applicants may be subject to investigation, additional interviews and may get visits to check out their residence. Houmukyoku were already scoping her out. She also says in the tweet that they knew she was a YouTuber and could just watch her videos to verify who she was. Yes, they probably saw those videos and read about her bad reputation and grew suspicious of her. Maybe she already got confirmation that she was rejected by then.

No. 423449

File: 1502697128752.jpg (54.63 KB, 767x458, no_means_no.jpg)

So, when Rody says "please stop it, I won't fuck you" she actually hears "yes please, try again, it'll definitely work next time".

No. 423450

another tragic example of her forgetting languages. poor mira, if only her friend was muslim

No. 423451

File: 1502697307852.jpg (90.26 KB, 710x787, not_funny_apparently.jpg)

Muslim people are not happy with the "that looks like a penis" joke.

No. 423453

File: 1502698147704.jpg (61.88 KB, 600x516, 7e7.jpg)

No. 423510

File: 1502723119296.jpg (109.08 KB, 700x571, hijab_is_japanese.jpg)

Hijab is Japanese, guys!
And she took a freaking pic of her computer screen!

No. 423515

File: 1502723952890.png (24.34 KB, 621x266, dipshit.png)


Yup. and true to form, Miranda knows more about Islam than anyone else.

No. 423517

New video about wearing a hijab with a yukata.
- shows on video how she puts the hijab on.
- complains that it's really hot in Japan.
- puts flower-shaped accessories on hijab (here you go, symbol of modesty!)
- meets up with one of her (ugly as f) friends to go see some fireworks.
- gives a short explanation on fireworks (basically, that they are not always related to a specific event. I find it hard to believe…).
- shows bits of videos taken from the previous year when she wasn't wearing a hijab
- films the firework show for a few seconds
- went to a halal chinese restaurant with some people constantly saying "oishiii" at the camera like the good weebs they are.

So basically, there's only a few seconds of her being outside wearing her hijab+yukata combo.

No. 423521

File: 1502724635711.jpg (72.49 KB, 800x800, img61756433.jpg)

For those wondering what the "Japanese hijab" she is talking about really is, it's this thing called "okosozukin" and it was worn by women to protect them from the cold weather and not as a symbol of their faith, stupid Mira!

No. 423540

Seems like her "accent" sounds different since she "became hijabi"

No. 423566


Yes, she is trying to sound more middle-eastern now.

No. 423601

File: 1502733662841.jpg (Spoiler Image, 790.95 KB, 1920x1080, qVyqn7f.jpg)

That stupid asshole. One of the two Hamamatsu city mascots is a representation of Ii Naotora, Sengoku period daimyou, who had formerly been a Buddhist priestess. It is not exactly the same as hijab and only a minority of Japanese wore head coverings for religious reasons. In the above picture, this is how Koei chooses portray Naotora.^ No reverence for her "hijab" or modest at all. Japan does not care.

Hamamatsu's Naotora-chan has zukin only as a unique identifier to show contrast of her life as a female warlord. Mira has absolutely no idea who Ii Naotora is. Again, Mira is generalizing and twisting history to make her seem right. It is not Japanese history for Japanese girls in yukata, or even formal kimono, to wear zukin or other religious garb. It's a recent adaptation by foreign Muslim visitors. Non-Muslim Japanese NEVER wear head covering with yukata.

Funny how she chose Rodi's city for her source.

Yeah, that one was a functional hood and scarf combo. The vast majority of Japanese "hijab" had practical, everyday uses. These were by far more common that the Buddhist zukin. Unless she is admitting that to HER, hijab is no different than Japanese using cloth to protect them from cold or to collect sweat? Wow, good job, Mira! Keep digging deeper into that hole.

No. 423603

this bitch probably thinks wataboshi are muslim too.

No. 423636

shall we make a countdown to Mira doing a kyabajo hijab video?

No. 423756


>learn history!!!

fucking kek

No. 423802

File: 1502816416265.jpg (31.44 KB, 230x340, UesugiKenshin.jpg)

mira probably counts Uesugi Kenshin as a Muslim trans woman, lol

No. 423863

>Headscarf = Muslim
God, she's so fucking dumb it's frustrating.

No. 423892

File: 1502821947867.png (34.96 KB, 1050x449, y9Ie8ii.png)

And, not surprising anyone, Mira gets offended if other people say "our" or "we" when referring to something.

No. 423901

File: 1502822173099.png (231.9 KB, 672x500, kanadajin3.thumb.png.dd6d3e2e2…)


That is exactly what she was thinking of. And still somehow thinks it's the same as a hijab..

No. 423908

File: 1502822433600.png (72.55 KB, 938x759, bleeding.png)

Look at those subs drop. Time to buy some more, Miranda.

No. 423972

The girl did a live stream on Twitch a few hours ago.
I couldn't stand her for too long but here's a brief description of what I saw/heard :

She tried to use "inchallah" (not sure about the spelling here) as if it was part of her normal speech pattern.

She asked for donations in exchange for singing or dancing.
Next, she asked for donations in exchange for talking about being a new muslim IN JAPAN or talking about dating IN JAPAN.
Then, she asked for donations in exchange for the telling of some "wild" stories.
After that, she said she would talk about one creepy English student from back in the days (I think it's the story she wrote a while ago on her blog, nothing new) if people donated.

She wore a hijab without the black cap thingy and that long-sleeved jeans jacket you can see on basically every recent picture of hers.

Then she proceeded to re-tell the "Shin Ikubo" is now Muslim City story, the place where she went to buy halal food.
She explained that lots of people were clearly hitting on her by saying greetings in arabic to her.

At one point, she said "water is the gift of nutrients". I'm still trying to understand that sentence.

Since people were not donating, she was just sitting on her ass, asking for money so I got bored and I left.

No. 424016

File: 1502836756945.png (295.25 KB, 815x419, dspd.thumb.png.7e8338350de8d3d…)

Dropped the hijab to rub her self with a penis shaped face roller

No. 424092

you can either spell it as Inshallah or Insha'allah but inchallah is fine too although that is more of a Turkish spelling lol. (Sage for going OT)

No. 424104

I caught the last 20 minutes or so and it was incredibly boring. It was nearly 2am here in Japan, which is a time she has done lives before. Something about being in full makeup in a Granny scarf, alone, blabbing about the same stuff repeatedly is really weird to me. In addition to begging for donations, she was sitting in what looks like a closet, slowly reading text books about Japanese idioms and vocabulary. The chat box was also very slow. It's sad she would not answer questions about being a Muslim without a donation.

WHY does she keep doing this? The hijab literally signifies submission to Allah and dedication to their religion. Regular Muslim women do not use it like a mere fashion accessory, slipping it on or off, hair falling everywhere or tightly concealed, depending on whether it suits their outfit.

No. 424269

> It was nearly 2am here in Japan, which is a time she has done lives before

Because the few people that watch her are all delusional weebs, so need to accommodate their time zones.

No. 424295

File: 1502891478414.png (51 KB, 880x892, twitch.png)

Wow, she is just killing those Twitch stats.

No. 424375

File: 1502901504509.jpg (31.49 KB, 1016x201, droopy eyes.jpg)

No. 424377

pfft. does she really think they're droopy? they look droopy cause she's making them that way with her shitty bootleg gyaru eye makeup. any idiot can look at her old pics from years ago and see they're not droopy and basically the opposite.

No. 424383

Mira has always had heavy lidded dopey looking droopy eyes, anon. The makeup just exaggerates it and makes it look worse.

No. 424398

Heavy lidded droopy isn't the same as downturned eyes that are really low on the outside corner. Her makeup makes them look like that compared to >>418720

No. 424469

I wonder why Mira feels the need to be an utter asshole, regardless of what she's talking about, or to whom she's talking, or the intention of the person who is talking to her. Seriously, like 95% of her interactions with peeople trying to have a chat with her are her being an asshole. Her personality is amazingly unpleasant.

No wonder Rodi didn't want to fuck her.

No. 424495


She can't help it. She IS an utter asshole.

No. 424923

File: 1503007127744.jpg (287.59 KB, 800x1484, 800px-Hokusai-sketches---hokus…)

Oh my god and the original muslims! Ninjas!!!

attention it's irony

No. 424924

how can her Japanese still be that bad

No. 424965

obviously that's a BURKA anon.

No. 425017

File: 1503017546846.jpg (431 KB, 854x1484, severe_mental_illness.JPG)

I am thoroughly disgusted

No. 425026

Maybe hopefully she'll switch to a burka, that way we won't have to see her face anymore lol

No. 425201

File: 1503069020027.jpg (120.31 KB, 1215x1328, QXP0VEU.jpg)

Are all five of you ready to party?!
Maybe she'll read silently from another textbook she hasn't finished(she says once she reads a book, she never opens it again) , or grandma dance on her stool against that depressing blank wall.

No. 425244

pity story about how her family asked her to stop doing her islam shit

No. 425260

I watched a good part of her live stream.
She kept asking for donations, again, but this time this KMRurouni guy kept sending donations even though he didn't say a single word during the whole thing.

There was also a guy who was obviously very into his faith and he kept correcting everything she was saying : her scarves being too pretty for being used as a hijab, the fact that Muslim guys are not supposed to hit on girls in the street, that he was leaving if she kept playing music…

Then she told the story of her parents' reaction to their daughter's new head accessory.
Basically, the mother took it real bad, tried to rip her hijab off her head, said she wasn't allowed to pray in the house and that she looked like a demon.
And Mira responded to that by wearing her scarf at all times, inside and outside the house, she swears she didn't take it off once, just to piss her mother off. She even went so far as to go outside to pray while it was raining. Her mother asked her if she was doing all this to get attention or if it was to spite them or something.

One of her friends' mother asked her why she looked like a Syrian refugee. That made me laugh.

Other than that, it wasn't really interesting. That KMRurouni guy is definitely suspicious though. She kept going back to her phone, she even stopped talking in the middle of her story-telling several times to check her phone. I wonder if she wasnt communicating with the guy to get those donations flowing.

No. 425330

>Her mother asked her if she was doing all this to get attention or if it was to spite them or something.
her mother knows her well.

unpopular opinion, but i always thought Mira looked mildly pretty in her videos (not pictures though). in an average white girl kinda way. average pretty. But hiding her hair makes her look so ugly. I guess the less face, the better. her hair at least framed her a bit.

No. 425366


Yeah, "he" was behind the trying to get Rodi to kiss her in one of their strwams together which Rkdi took her phone away.

During that same stream, she'd step away with her phone and "he" would donate money.

Checking his twitter, about four years ago, it seemed to be an actual person. Since about a year or less, All this "person" does is like her vids, make praise post about her and pimp her channel. Follows nothing but her three channels, and noyhing else.

It's either a sock puppet or a psychotic "kill you and wear your skin" level stalker.

No. 425384

just another example of mirandas great reading comprehension
jap said DONT CHANGE KIMONO CULTURE not dont wear kimono ever white pig

No. 425385

she would probably see an old white grandma wearing a scarf and be like ah yes my hijabi ally

No. 425388

she can be mildly pretty if the angles are in her favour

No. 425409

File: 1503120212000.jpg (31.3 KB, 384x384, IMG_3061.JPG)

At first I wanted to be mad that he's against mixing hijab and kimono but he mentions 白人+hijab+kimono is what's pissing him off. So the fact that she's basically cosplaying both cultures.

Like, when actual Muslim woman wear kimono and hijab, it's pretty cute. Especially because it isn't just a fucking rag thrown over their head.

No. 425412

I used to wonder how a parent could release a child like Mira into the wilderness and watch her make an ass of herself online for 6+ years. I though her parents had to have been as obnoxious and stupid as she is because I personally would be horrified if that were my daughter. But now I think they are just so tired and ran out of options since she is a legal adult who has not been charged with a crime or anything. They probably have asked her to come home and get help many times, but they can't force her under current circumstances. People like her are exhausting to deal with.

Whenever KM is live in chat, Mira is always has her phone in her hands or her hands are obscured from view, where a possible computer or phone may be. I have never seen "him" type something live when her hands are free.

I hate to seem like I'm defending Mira but that person, MadridHopper005, really isn't Japanese at all. Not only was his Japanese odd, I did some digging and found out he couldn't put a Japanese sentence together a few years ago. It's a troll, but a very funny one since she thought she "owned" someone who did a good job of exposing her anyway.

In truth, Japanese people do not like to interact with someone like her and avoid her. That's why you rarely see a native Japanese speaker in the comments, even though they know about her. Most Japanese comments on her videos are by foreigners.

No. 425417

lol, I bet she just bought someones old Twitter handle. I wonder how many overall. Too bad she's too lazy to make it look like a real person and not a psycho fan/herself.

No. 425419

>in Japanese constitution, there's NO race discrimination.

Bitch, have you ever tried renting an apartment here?

No. 425464


KMrurouni also replies to specific people Miranda often tells him about. She had shared screenshots of other peoples' conversations with him - heavily edited as well - and it's a never ending cycle of two crime fighting partners. Similar to Team Rocket, I might say

No. 425492

too bad this idiot is wearing it wrong

No. 425503

Are you going to tell us how she's wearing it wrong or are you going to continue to get mad at anyone who wears hijab when they don't have super dark skin?

No. 425504

not the hijab, the kimono you asshat. she's wearing it folded wrong and is currently dead. that's why you can see the break in the collar. inb4 pic is flipped, it's not, you can see the text on the sign.

No. 425505


This is just typical Mira "reasoning" – she picks random technicalities and then uses them to justify her random, contradictory positions. Idk about Japanese law, but there's no active race discrimination in a lot of "constitutions". In fact, most constitutions explicitly ban race discrimination, especially in western countries. But just because something isn't "in the constitution" (lol) doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It's like saying her beloved Saudi Arabia is the safest and most peaceful place ever because murder and rape are illegal there.

No. 425507

Kimono is left over right she's fine?
Like, obviously it's just 着物体験 but if you search 着物 ヒジャブ there's tons of examples.

No. 425508

lol you're the asshat mixing up 入 and 人

No. 425631

Someone made a parody and posted it on Twitter.

Although I find the video to be quite meh, some of the subtitles are hilarious and absolutely not related to what's being said.

Some of the subtitles :
- boku no pico is awesome
- am I am I am I an idiot?
- help please
- I'm not Mira (reference to the "I am Mira" pic?)
- where is Rody?

and a lot of random words and sentences in broken Japanese, a few words in Korean and Chinese and even a charade.

No. 425678

By somebody you mean yourself?

Don't come here to promote your stupid video it's not even funny it's boring as fuck and you really just are wasting your time and looking like an idiot.

No. 425688

File: 1503193310266.png (995.66 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170820-032528.png)

I never realized how awfully deformed her jaw really is. Like yes a lot but bit even goes sideways?

No. 425692



No. 425741

You walnut,she's wearing it correctly. So as not to mix up your 'left' and 'right' try to remember the collars should form a y shape.

No. 425752

Sorry to disappoint you. I'm not the author of the video, I found it while searching for any news from our beloved Mira.
And if you had read my comment more carefully, you would have noticed that I didn't find the video that funny but I had a good laugh with the subtitles.
God, some of you people are so aggressive here.

No. 425891

New vid from Mira : Why you shouldn't become Japanese.

This girl will never cease to amaze me.

No. 426037

this thumbnail is pretty spot on tho

No. 426111

Also, Japan legit does not care if you ~love the country~

You just have to have a bureaucratic reason for changing citizenship (i.e. you want to be buried in your spouse's cemetery plot instead of having your body repatriated).

Fucking moron.

No. 426118

File: 1503295059493.png (1.09 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20170821-025130.png)

Her left eye distracts me so much

No. 426188

File: 1503322859626.jpg (20.82 KB, 249x313, steve-irwin-1.jpg)

>'I would like people to very take lots of cautious'

making a concerted effort to be inarticulate…

No. 426190

Do you think part of the reason she fakes forgetting English is so that she can brush off being called out on her bullshit as people misunderstanding

No. 426193

it can't be anything other than a literal undiscovered psychological condition induced from being such an insufferable weeb.

If anything one would surely be proud of living in another country for years and maintaining articulacy in your native language.

that's what makes all these cows cows, their complete and utter lack of dumbfuck rationality or logic, nothing makes sense

No. 426257

File: 1503339103862.png (96.09 KB, 622x881, mus.png)

Even her "fans" aren't buying this bullshit.

No. 426266


Yeah, the hijab that she only wears for pics, occasionally. Also, that video with you wearing the hijab and sweating profusely kind of contradicts this load of horseshit.

No. 426325

File: 1503346043544.gif (1020.31 KB, 320x180, sweat.gif)

allahu ahkbar it's so cold in my hijab

No. 426477


Is she implying that muslim women are just magically colder than the average person and that's why they cover up..? Her brain must be seriously messed up for her to even think this way as an adult.

No. 426504

Top diamond kek Anon, I'm not sure if I remember something funnier on this board

No. 426514

I'm confused, too. Wouldn't it be more in-line for her Japanese personality to be complaining about how soooo cold she is because she's soooo delicate?

No. 426591

File: 1503375110685.gif (1.64 MB, 300x225, giphy.gif)

Oh. My. Fucking. God.
Her English in this video is especially horrid, and I am appalled.

No. 426593

File: 1503375733412.png (133.81 KB, 847x518, Miralogic1.png)

Taken from the comments section, Mira never disappoints.

No. 426595

>japan is not nationalistic guyz

omg is she for real

No. 426635

File: 1503381516664.jpg (958.51 KB, 500x364, RGHUTCZ.jpg)

>100% Japanese

This fucking weeaboo. Oh God…
If any of that were true, she wouldn't isolate herself with a barrier of foreigners between actual Japanese people. It was years ago that she was regularly seen around or on camera with Japanese and it was mostly due to Sharla and those expat meet up groups she can't wean herself off of. She KNOWS she will always be an outsider and she is not taken seriously by anyone but her weeb friends. No matter how nice Japanese are or how much they like you, you will always be considered different if you were not born and raised Japanese.

It's funny how she is not aware of how much she pushes her Canadian, characteristically Western ideals, on Japan. Especially when she mentions "our" constitution, which was only drafted by the fucking United States of America after Japan lost the a war. Lol. Basically, she wants Japan to become westernized to a point that only suits her needs. Just once, I'd like to see her in a live or video with all Japanese people, speaking normally. The biggest shame is that there are plenty of foreigners who live and work with only Japanese and they don't need that expat safety net to feel comfortable once their Japanese an acceptable level. Did she create this situation because she can be the "most Japanese" and special of her expat group, but she would just be a regular boring person if she were to actually integrate herself with everyday Japanese? She is more of a unicorn with other expats this way.

No. 426640

>Especially when she mentions "our" constitution, which was only drafted by the fucking United States of America after Japan lost the a war.

what can be expected of a high school drop out lol
i bet she didnt even get her ged

No. 426733

Mira is always trying to invoke technicalities to pretend she's japanese, she's dumb as fuck and on top of being ignorant she's stubborn as a mule.

In about every country practically no one will recognize you as a citizen if you move in an say "I'm married and I've been there for 4 years therefore I'm french/american/italian/swedish"

She can say all she wants but the truth is the country you grew up in is the one that will stay with you, culturally. My japanese friend is barely recognised as one because he's half and "only" stayed there until he was 10. Whenever he goes back to see his family, random people comment on how well he speaks japanese kek.

No. 426755

I think she's projecting that U.S.-centric belief that once you live in America, you're an American and you're expected to act like one onto Japan, a country that doesn't have that same belief.

The Americans even do it onto other cultures like Ireland "everyone's Irish on St.Patrick's day!" Your nationality is where you were born. Not where you currently live and not where your great-great-great grandfather is from. I think people do this because they think it makes them slightly more interesting as a person, rather than to say "I'm a white American" (or in Mira's case, Canadian). But it's about as interesting as a Tumblrina explaining their sexuality and pronouns or a munchie listing their various illnesses.

No. 427175

Is she still in Tokyo? Because apart from the northern parts of Tohoku and Hokkaido, it's been pretty consistently 26~35℃

No. 427212

I pity the weebs who upvoted her comment and believe the delusional lies she says. As soon as they visit Japan themselves and live there for a few months, they'll know they'll never be regarded as Japanese by actual Japanese people and will always be seen as an outsider.

No. 427244


She lives in Tokyo, and her own delusional reality. She even previously stated that high humidity makes the temperature cooler despite meteorological fact to the contrary.

No. 427256

File: 1503497047278.png (75.98 KB, 622x698, derp.png)


And here she is now contradicting the above and showing lack of understanding that Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are all Abrahamic religions.

No. 427257


Also, kind of, confirms that she is only doing it for attention.

No. 427287


The Quran never stated that women have to wear hijab. What it basically said was that women should dress according to their place in society. Wearing the hijab around Japan, where they value conformity so much and especially wearing it on and off is pretty much the opposite of what muslim ideology is about.

No. 427313


i don't know much about islam and muslim culture but i specifically remember this singer called shilah amzah from malaysia, who converted to islam and after she did her muslim fans demanded her old music videos be taken down from youtube because she wasn't wearing a hijab back then and they said it wasn't ok to leave those videos online. so i guess it really is kind of a big deal if you're showing your hair, regardless if it was before you converted or after.

No. 427315

Sage for randomness
I don't see her muslim brothers and sisters commenting much on her shit anymore. It just confirms to me that a lot of the comments where bought and the others who where real left. I can understand them leaving in groups, seeing how she pretends to be the muslim athority after just a month of google searching and claiming to dress this way to piss off mommy.
Speaking of mommy, is she still at home? Is she just visiting or trying to renew her visa?

No. 427329

I'm Muslim and she isn't lying…The hijab isn't compulsory. It's a more recent phenomenon, most majority Muslim countries didn't even dress the way they do now until the 90s/80s :/

No. 427533

That's not the point, though. If it's not compulsory and it doesn't determine whether you are Muslim or not, WHY is she wearing it at all? She knows many Muslim do not wear hijab, but the ones that do, have a unifying reason to do so. Why does she dress like a full-on sweating granny on the days she does wear it? There are obviously cute and casual ways to arrange hijab like so many young women in Southeast Asia do, yet she plays around with Saudi Arabian style. She did not grow up in any country where a head-covering is part mainstream culture and she is not a modest person or trying to promote chastity.

This all proves she has no deeper reason to wear hijab, especially with the more conservative underscarf, other than a fetishized Muslim cosplay. She will repeatedly say she believes in Allah and the Qur'an, but she never gets into detail into why she feels it is true or what changed in her heart. She can't identify the surah where it all clicked for her, she doesn't ask questions or discuss verses with Muslim followers and she can't tell anyone how far she has gotten in the book(She said something like she has read "From front, moving forward" lol).It's like an actor who was given the script only 10 minutes before showtime. Just going through the motions.

No. 427601

Choose Japanese. Either way it will end in rape, but Japanese is preferred.

No. 427761

File: 1503576173635.jpg (121.58 KB, 675x1200, 70Vq2FS.jpg)

She posted this "burn" on Twitter.

First of all, she provides no proof that she confirmed he had a wife and child. We don't know if she found wrong information or if the woman was an ex. The guy outright is offering a marriage proposal, which is unusual if cheater. Normally they suggest meeting up/hooking up first.
Secondly, if she is so damn Japanese, she would know that cheating, especially when it affects a family, is a private matter in Japan. Japanese families don't like airing out laundry like that, even when people still gossip. If she is telling the truth, she should have only contacted the wife privately and let the WIFE decide how much information she wants to share about such a shameful event. What about the wife and child's feelings? How fucking disrespectful and humiliating for the family! Miranda went and told every person she could find that knew him and was proud she made things as bad as they could possibly be. Fuck. I really hate her for not only doing that, but boasting about it for likes!

No. 427766

gee, all the guy wants to do is live a postmodern life with her in jersey city!

No. 427776


She sent that to herself. "I'm essencially American" That's Mirandaese right there.

She is trying to show how tough she is and also that "See, guys want me so bad, I have to fight them off.." It's pathetic.

No. 427778

Now I'm starting to think that too. She created it just to show what a virtuous person she is and deflect from the fact that she herself chased after man with a gf and she has already cheated on partners before. But the scenario she gives doesn't seem genuine and contacting multiple people over a man's flirtation is too extreme. I would figure the wife would be very upset that Mira took it upon herself to spread something like that to their circle of friends. Taking that power away from the victim, if she is real, is a horrible thing to do.

No. 427784

You can't get any sadder than that, how old is she again?

No. 428202

yeah, i feel like its either her or a troll. sad…

No. 428204

I think she's 27, idk she mentions it in her WHY I SO HIJABI NOW video

No. 428214

her. a common way she misspells words is by replacing a t with ci like in ""essencially". her trademark misspellings get her every damn time.

No. 428229

A red flag of someone that is lying is that they provide too many details in a story, often with unnecessary information. This "admirer" crams too many details about their location instead of talking about why he likes her or what he could provide for her if he marries her. He didn't even talk about his age, education, occupation or hobbies to get her interested in him. It was just "I am totally not a white Canadian woman in Tokyo".

No. 428268


she looks like those oyster people from disney's alice in wonderland

No. 428382

yea but no one wants to eat her

No. 429382

File: 1503867422833.png (195.09 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170827-002844.png…)

Ha. Miranda is positive that she can "spot haterz a mile away" but can't tell when shade is actually being thrown..

No. 429473

I thought Liana Yokohama had been a huge ass-kisser of hers for a while?

But this is a great opportunity for some of you artistic anons to submit something truly special.

No. 429486

Well, either way, they captured her "recently had a stroke" eye droop.

No. 429597

not abect sketch just abject face lol

No. 429699

File: 1503931916462.png (70.47 KB, 815x176, 59a1b2961993e_.thumb.png.2533e…)

Islam the Miranda way.

Wear hijab only when convenient. No need to eat halal because it's too expensive and too hard to find. No need to pray five times a day if you're too busy.

So, Miranda, how was this not just for attention?

No. 429700

Sounds like she's already getting bored of even pretending. It's not like it's generating her more income.

No. 430032

Miranda, take note…. your pro-victimization SJW retardation is out of control.

No. 430115


While I do agree with this, gosh that Hunter guy is such an intolerant christian scum at times, he went so overboard with the edginess I unsubbed.

No. 430119

I enjoy his new stuff, gives me a laugh from time to time. His last video he said he was not really Christian nor 100% athiest…yet. I don't judge people on their religion, I judge when they force it upon others.

No. 430125

No one cares about your personal beliefs or some nobody's video. Stick to Mira and sage your shit

No. 430128

What a loser, look at his pepe poster. Ugh, can't believe I have to look over my shoulder at all times in case one of these neo nazis wants to shoot me because of my hijab :)))))

No. 430173

I posted a video about whats wrong with Islam, you know, to the enlightened Miranda… That is sticking to Miranda.

No. 430202

what >>430125 said. don't clog up the discussion with shit.

I'm surprised she has lasted this long, I thought she'd dump it as another 'social experiment' a while ago

No. 430294

Those were my replies
Does this not seem like Miranda topic when I directed the video to Miranda who stalks in the thread. Was on the topic of Miranda specifically.

No. 430400

sigh since you seem to be actually retarded …
Miranda quoting a sura, getting it wrong - related. Miranda fucking up hijab - related.
You getting triggered because someone used your favourite word, and dropping some shit video no-one cares about that tries to bandwagon the latest moral panic - not related. just you looking for literally any excuse to derail with crybaby shit about Muslims.
Miranda or gtfo

No. 430656


Jesus, will you two just fuck already and stop shitting up the thread with this crap.

No. 430733

File: 1504120625506.jpg (73.48 KB, 562x1000, o.jpg)

New Video: Reverse culture shock #2 (In a rare moment of honesty, She actual admits to recycling this video idea because she needs money.

https://vid.me/ihMr9 (Vidme link to keep her from getting said money)

Again, a lot of generalizations about the Canada that are not true and easily verifiable. Such as Plastic umbrella bags. According to her, Canada doesn't have these. It's such a foreign concept that her friend gave her a weird look. Yet a quick google search shows this pic

Which is from the Yonge Eglinton Centre in Toronto, Ontario. The very city she was visiting.

No. 430758

I think Mira is retarded, as we all must, but I live in Canada as well as have lived in ontario/Toronto and have never seen these. Same with vegemite or whatever the fuck people were talking about last time. I wouldn't put it past Mira to lie for random retard facts, and she really shouldn't try to speak for Canadians without a fucking Google search, but I could believe she's actually never noticed/known about them.

I mean with the look her friend gave her who fucking knows.

No. 430778


these are at a lot of places in vancouver

No. 430851

I live in gaybec, and we have this shit in most malls, and we also have them in some stores, wtf is she talking about. Canada's a big ass place, I can't believe this dumb cunt. I'm tilted.

No. 430869

Yeah, I live in Toronto, and certain places will have the bags all year, some only seasonally. Generally they're not THAT popular though. As for the ordering food, though, not sure what she's talking about. It really depends on the place. But for example, she mentions Tim Hortons and Subway. Subways here custom make your sandwich and then immediately check you out and hand it directly to you after they have you instruct them on how you want it made so it's impossible to get confused. At Tim Hortons here, they will usually ask you to wait for your order at the side and call out your order or hand it directly to you.

No. 431155

>Wants to be Japanese and/or Muslim
>27 years old
>Japan and a lot of Muslim countries consider that to be a spinster

No. 431234

File: 1504986582272.jpg (73.31 KB, 576x613, sponsor.jpg)

Mira talking about being sponsored by some kind of muslim TV channel.

No. 431237

File: 1504986757566.jpg (70.73 KB, 601x590, the_cringe_is_real.jpg)

No. 431240

File: 1504986967615.jpg (46.47 KB, 955x202, I_thought_she_never_was_a_host…)

While checking her channel, I saw this new video of her about quitting Kyabakura (probably a reupload of the vid she deleted a while ago). Didn't she say in a previous tweet or video or whatev that she has never worked as a hostess?

No. 431255

File: 1504988821810.jpg (89.02 KB, 804x595, wut.jpg)

Her number of views suddenly went negative a couple of days ago. Did she delete a bunch of videos?

No. 431283

This simply means she begged for a free access to the materials.

>These sponsorships have had a deep impact on Muslims all over the world who cannot afford the $112 annual subscription fee.


No. 431401

File: 1505025362730.jpg (66.33 KB, 800x438, IMG_20170910_071219.jpg)

Just watched that reverse culture shock video out of morbid interest, as I'm a Canadian living abroad who grew up in Northern Ontario (way further north and remote than the metropolis of Sudbury).

When I go back, I notice what's changed and what's different about where I'm now living, but having grown up there it's not difficult to get back into the swing of things - like remembering not to say 'loo roll' when you mean 'toilet paper'. To further her 'I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so' act, she affects to believe it's a totally foreign country. Why, she asks, would she act like she's Canadian when she's from Japan? Even good tourists knows that when in Rome, do as the Romans do - she has no excuse having grown up there. and then she mentions Japanese families who move to Canada and integrate with Canadian culture. What a fucking idiot. And I can't even order a Double Double to calm me down….

(Repost - think I forgot to sage the last one. The temp board made me lazy.)

No. 431426

File: 1505035423546.jpg (244.93 KB, 691x1321, extract from her blog.jpg)

At the end of her vid about why she REALLY left kyabakura, Mira says that she left the job a month early because she couldn't stand it anymore.
However, in one of her blog posts from 2013, she clearly says that she doesn't want to leave but has no choice because you can't be a hostess with a student visa.

Seems like she wants to create some kind of purity aura for herself to match with her new faith, like she endured everything and had no fun in it whatsoever.

Well, your post from 2013 says otherwise Mira!

No. 431428

File: 1505037078278.jpg (42.2 KB, 1048x203, the girl need money bad.jpg)

No. 431429

File: 1505037281389.jpg (71.82 KB, 853x544, the face that brings the views…)

No. 431601

She sounds like a normal person in this blog post.

No. 431624

File: 1505080500472.png (2.5 MB, 1080x1920, 2017-09-10 14.24.52.png)

God, she is so boring nowadays… can she not provide some milk soon?

image related screenshot from 10 hours ago. proof she has still/again work.

No. 431625

File: 1505080709904.jpg (1.22 MB, 3208x3816, IGstoryDUMP.jpg)

and she started learning arabic.
<< IG story dumb from the past days

kek at the scrawly letters.

No. 431627

can this please be the next thread pic

No. 431631

she cant wear this tho. muslim women aren't supposed to wear anything skin tight above the shins like that. it's too revealing.

No. 431633

>left handed


No. 431939


isn't arabic written/read from right to left you little shit

No. 431950

What kind of job could she be working to allow patterned tights like that?

She really just copied it as she saw it, starting from the left, instead of writing it as if she actually studied Arabic?! Wow… Miranda, the half-ass queen.

No. 431987

That girl is an idiot. I just can't believe she's trying to do those from left to right.

That's because it's from 2013. She was not as much of a delusional nutcase as she is now.
And I also remember one of her old videos (probably one of her "gaijin tips") about the meaning of the word "gaijin" and what she said in that video is in total contradiction with what she has been saying since. It's basically "if you weren't born in Japan, you're a gaijin, and that's it". It was the good old times with her first husband and I used to enjoy watching her.

No. 431999

File: 1505141203289.jpg (39.2 KB, 815x223, ice cream.jpg)

Because that was the only problem, of course.

No. 432028

but still use cock-suckingesque preview shot. so modest

No. 432031

she's so ugly here. no wonder she's not hostess material.

No. 432112

new tinfoil theory guys. mira hates herself so she's converted to muslim but is doing it wrong on purpose in the hopes of getting murdered cause she thinks muslims are violent cause she's a racist idiot.

No. 432115

she should try burqa

No. 432116

then we'd have to stare at just her weird drippy fried egg eyes.

No. 432118

I don't think so. When Rody told her to get a religion because her life was a wreck, she chose the one religion that comes with a ton of various rules, most rules she doesn't plan on following, probably hoping to be noticed by Rody senpai.

I think this is the worst life choice she's made to far as she didnt get Rody back and she has to answer to basically everyone (Muslims and non Muslims) for everything she does badly (and she seems to excel in that area).

Her Youtube career is pretty much over. Non-muslims people keep unsubbing because she doesn't seem to be able to talk about anything but her new faith and muslims people are starting to realize that she is a joke.

I can't even see how she can get out of this situation. Maybe lose the headscarf and act like nothing happened for the past two months. She won't a (3rd?) Japanese husband with that towel on her head, that's for sure.

No. 432211





>oh kakoo san

lol holy shit her japanese is really astonishingly bad. Customer/client should be one of the most common words anyone working service in Japan would know (even if she only did kyaba for a bit, she worked at family restaurants and such too…). Even if she can't read kanji, she should at least get the pronunciation right (kyaku not kaku). Wew.

No. 432244

She often gets her kanji mixed up, especially if they have the same prononciation. That's what you get when you don't study kanji and vocabulary.

No. 432452

no lel that's the point
okyakusan!= okakusan.
It's not even close in either pronunciation or hiragana spelling

No. 432566


lol I see what you did there

No. 432744

It's so embarrassing that Miranda's learning arabic… Do you have have to be so extra in that you have to be a Canadian Muslim and a Japanese resident?

No. 432746

I think she'd prefer to be called Japanese Muslim

No. 432753

File: 1505248026629.png (502.3 KB, 772x525, you cant learn arabic.png)

No. 433211

File: 1505308583063.jpg (295.41 KB, 1384x725, HcqHX4t.jpg)

she's got a new boring canada video online and she's disgusting as usual, spitting carrots on us for the shitty rodent she is

No. 433213

File: 1505308680703.jpg (296.99 KB, 1388x738, h8ecvyK.jpg)

かわいい ^.^

No. 433216

No. 433218

File: 1505310657995.jpg (90.3 KB, 435x435, Ftp5xoW.jpg)

srsly guise

No. 433223

did she chew her nail extensions or something???

No. 433224

it's shoop, I wanted to "beautify" her too but ragequit

No. 433225

ooh i thought i recognized the picture. her face seems hard to fix…

No. 433320

her liquified and twisted eyes and caveman browbone aka low hanging brows are her biggest problems.
lighter eyebrows and lighter eye make up in general would suit her much better.
sage for autism.

No. 433330

File: 1505324977535.jpg (241.44 KB, 856x508, guCUSaV.jpg)

no liquify, achievable with make up and brow grooming
not a beauty but an improvement imho
miranda take note, you are not made for heavy cat eyes

No. 433341

oh my god anon i laughed so loud right now
top kek
i love you

No. 433371

File: 1505327231377.jpg (119.12 KB, 435x435, 1505310657995.jpg)

5 minutes in photoshop.
things she does wrong:
- eyebrow pencil: the color is too dark for skin and hair color it just doesnt match. eyebrow pencils also are hard to manage. get eyebrow powder and a lighter tone for that
- youre enhancing your hooded eyes mira. You always had hooded eyes but as you age they become even more enahnced. here is a perfect video for what to do and not to do with hooded eyes.
currently your enhancing the hooded eyes by applying the eye shadow on the moving part of the eyelid. yes usually thats the right way, but not for hooded eyes. you need to apply it way higher.
- eyeliner below the eye, only partial eyeliner above the eye: it's what makes the space between your eyes even wider than it is. the most attractive space width between eyes is exactly one eye. thats what you already have, you dont need to enhance it any further, because thats making the space appear to wide. also the eyeliner below the eye is very 80s and 90s… outdated.

and dont start me shit with "thats how we do it in japan/saudi-arabia" because not even venus is pulling the shit you do.

No. 433373

okay still looks like a deformed retard but like a deformed retard with nice make up

No. 433390

> that's how we roll in jihad
"looking forward" to her first video with shit arabic subtitles and her claiming to be 100% saudi

No. 433418

you know what, on closer inspection, you can see that she's enhancing her droopy eye with white on the waterline. to make the eyes appear bigger is my guess, but all it those in combination with the black liner of doom is make her eyes Australia shaped

No. 433437

why are there no nudes of her? she seems to be the kind of girl who sends nudes around left and right or even let guys take her picture when fucking.

No. 433469

of course she's doing that she's a 'hostess' and probably just followed gyaru makeup tutorials from koakuma ageha mags since they love to make their eyes droopy.

No. 433470

just look up pics of naked mole rats for the same effect

No. 433698


Dear God, why would you even want such a thing? Be happy that there doesn't appear to be any. I'm pretty sure they would be against the Geneva Convention anyway.

No. 433732

everyone who got them probably deleted them instantly.

No. 433772

Not only did they delete instantly, but they vomited on their electronic devices. Miranda sending nudes is definitely some kind of crime.

No. 433789

Miranda's nudes are basically like the cursed VHS tape in Ring. Delete everything and possibly get a new device!

No. 434013

that's not how it worked tho
you had to show it to someone else

No. 434025

it's more like LOTR, we should throw her into mt doom

No. 434118

from her japanese channel, apparently she's rambling about how Islam is not ISIS or something idk
can some weeb anon tear her shitty japanese apart?

No. 434172

Something about her makeup reminds me of burn victims, I think it's the drawn on eyebrows the fact that she's wearing a hijab isn't helping much either

No. 434384


First thing she says is that she already shot that video a year ago but didn't upload it.

She says she saw "イスラム国" being mentionned a lot in the news a year ago.
She goes on and on about the meaning of イスラム国 (which refers to the Islamic State or ISIS) and she acts all confused about that character -> 国 <- because it also means country.
Then she explains that ISIS and Islam are not the same thing and that the Coran explicity states that you shall not kill other people. Same thing for suicide.

She asks people to not use イスラム国 to refer to ISIS because it assimilates Islam to the terrorist group. She says there's no connexion between the two and that terrorists are bad people (sigh)

I hate the way she says " と言う" (to iu), it sounds like "tuyu" or something.

My Japanese is not that great, if someone spots a mistake or something, please tell me.

No. 434386

File: 1505475021631.png (553.05 KB, 913x597, Clipboard02.png)

when you accidentally open front camera and see how ugly you are

No. 434387

Q&A she did live

No. 434391


First ten minutes :
- Says she's not married and will never get married but I clearly remember another live she did a few weeks ago where she answered someone asking for what it would take to marry her. She said that she didn't want an engagement ring, she wanted a watch instead.

- Paid for her Iphone 7 in cash. (don't know why she had to say that).

J- ustifies using the same outfit over and over with "I'm gonna shoot the next video right after this guyz"

-Says she doesn't have enough time to answer e-mails but that she does answer comments

- Says it's ok to take a photo with her but touching her is a no-no.

No. 434420

New video

No. 434437

Lel top kek shit imagine walking in your bathroom mirror and see that ugly mug everyday

I really really am getting tired of this faux-broken-Arab-English accent she will not stop doing. She did this with Japan too. She speaks fluent English, born & raised, but the second she becomes Muslim for rodi penis she speaks like… like my fucking father (and he's a 78 year old Saudi immigrant living in America for 20 years) this "subtle/not-so-subtle" broken Arab English accent crap. It's getting to the point that she does it in EVERY video and she sounds like she has literal Down syndrome. You can see her video right before she turned Muslim and right after and poof just a matter of one week whole new accent. #masterofdisguise

No. 434438

The fuck.
Why does she sound like a half assed stand up arabic comic?

No. 434654

>always thinking about my future
wew lad

No. 434659

>Things I Never Wanted Answers For
>What would Quasimodo look like dressed as a Muslim?

No. 434683

File: 1505546515799.png (1.16 MB, 640x1136, IMG_1555.PNG)

I tried posting this a few days ago but something glitched..? So sorry for late milk.

Did anyone else catch her insta story where she's singing "I know I can treat you better than /she/can"

I only have this cap sorry.. but yeah just long and cringey and felt like outing herself for at least wanting someone who is already committed

No. 434688

just the usual Mira Japanese, but her word intonation is especially terrible in this vid lmao don't know if that's on purpose like her English, but it's worse than usual

No. 434925

File: 1505616033818.jpg (23.48 KB, 255x197, IMG_4176.JPG)

No. 435133

is it only coincidence or did she actually take the other anons advice about her make up and at least made the upper lid a little better? it looks improved.

No. 435150

It's probably part the filter. The filter adds top lashes but yeah, seems like she took the advice to me

No. 435278

I used to hate muslims, but then I realized I hate feminsm far more. I see feminism as THE single biggest problem that has led to the decline of western civilization, there is not a single other more destructive force to civilization.

Literally _everything_ that is degenerate in society can be partially traced back to feminism. It is the primary reason for the destruction of the family structure, it has had a profound effect on crime, poverty, degradation of morals, and demographic and territorial loss of the white race.

Islam stands against feminism, I am a Christian, but I view muslims as my allies now. I want more of them to come to the west, and I've realized why I enjoy hearing about their terrorist attacks, it's because their terrorist attacks primarily kill feminists and self-hating white people.

Nothing will get better for white people until there is a cleansing of feminists and self-hating whites, and I see Islamic terrorism, or at least Islamic demographic takeover, as the solution to getting rid of these groups.(????)

No. 435288

you're an amazingly wimpy little beta cuck, you know that? male or female. all the complexities of suffering and strife in the world, and you boil it down to this. this is the only way you can process it in your cowardly, sociopathic mind. i just wonder if it's your male sexual frustration and incompetence or your female self-hatred and subordination that's coloring it with this misogynist angle. i know being anti-feminist doens't always make one a misogynist but you're clearly as sheltered as you are uncompassionate and oblivious to what makes people behave the way they do. definition of a betafag.

anyway sorry guys. i'll sage and stfu.

No. 435296

It's taken me a long time to form these beliefs. Like I said, for a long time I hated muslims.

I find it funny that I am now standing in support with feminists to flood Europe with muslims.

I am doing it for a much different reason than them of course, I want it for the destruction of feminism. I am not exactly sure why feminists want to flood Europe with muslims, the most anti-feminist and patriarchal group of people on the planet.

It has further shown me how stupid feminists are, they openly welcome something that wants to destroy them. I truly do not understand this kind of extreme contradiction.

Many countries in Europe are demographically set to have a muslim majority relatively soon, and these countries are of course democracies.

The mayor of London is already a muslim, what happens when they get over 50% of the voter base of a country? One of the first things that will go is feminism, white men will vote on that too, no more pussy pass, no more divorce rape, no more adultery and being whores without consequences.

At the end of the day I still don't like muslims, but to progress it is necessary that they demographically takeover Europe, it is the only realistic step towards a war that will result in creating a white Christian ethnostate without feminism.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 435305

File: 1505700239218.jpg (16.34 KB, 600x600, e9d.jpg)

Umm and this correlates to Mira how? Just because she says she's muslim doesn't mean you can go on this weird (most likely bait) rant about feminism and muh muslim conspooraciez

No. 435418

File: 1505714395829.jpg (253.24 KB, 1242x2046, 16GEDGm.jpg)

Your penis must be very small and ugly.

Back on topic, it's interesting to see her decline while she boasts of her popularity and content. Didn't she claim she was so famous that she had to wear sunglasses and a mask in public?

No. 435420

File: 1505714544834.jpg (143.48 KB, 1242x1739, AId5sPY.jpg)

Red is total number of views and green is channel subscribers in the course of a month.

No. 435423

Damn. I wonder if because she boasts so much her followers don't feel the need to actually go watch and support her.

No. 435442

She never misses a chance to ask her viewers to like, share, etc her videos and to bring people to her live streams. Doesn't seem to work that well.

No. 435471

File: 1505726088669.jpeg (15.62 KB, 301x273, 1FA44985-62CC-4C09-8755-6A3413…)

hahahahahahahahha holy fuck

No. 435989

There was an episode of Dr Phil where a mother brought her daughter who abruptly turned muslim and completely changed out of no where. The daughter previously had an equally strong obsession with being a rapper, and before that with wanting to be Dutch. (this is just a trailer, the episode itself is mostly about the mom fearing she'll turn into a terrorist so that's irrelevant)

rings a big bell to Mira's old punk phase, full-stop obsession with Japan, and now this. like some 'culture-switching phase' mental problem.

No. 436050

oh my god it's like Mira 2.0

No. 436054

yeah weird. i know constantly and changing external identities is often associated with bpd, but its usually more about styles and subcultures etc instead of things like race, ethnicity, and religion like these two. They have such intense specific culture switching that you gotta wonder if there's something else they have in common.

No. 436056

i feel the same way about her video titles. they make me so irrationally angry. she omits prepositions etc to make her seem esl and probably hopes that it's subtle enough that people won't pick up on it consciously. she doesn't just abbreviate things like a native english speaker would either. it's hard to put my finger on but you can tell she's trying to abbreviate things in this really specific esl way. like the video title above- LIVE FOR Future? NOW -is just not how an english speaker would ever naturally think to title a video, no matter how casual, uneducated, or brief they're typing. its forced!

No. 436132

#I remember this. This whole "it's not a phases mom!"
It'll be done and over in a few months and she'll delete everything like that Vikkie Murder girk

No. 436377

File: 1505899520203.jpg (184.68 KB, 800x795, pepe normie.jpg)

I watched all kinds of javloggers to prep for my trip to tokyo,most of them were ok, but that kanadajin chick always made me want to punch her face for some reason.Then I came across the drama vid. Then I found this place after PULL. Found out ALL the bullshit and milk. You grills shit on her so much, shes starting to compost. And I agree with it. BTW, Im just a straight male construction worker who gets bored sometimes and I check on miranda and other lolcows jus for lulz. you guys can be just as bad like you`re brothers over on /pol/,/r9k/. you`re awesome.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 436392

>straight male
enjoy your ban

No. 436421


Was that even English?

No. 436670

She started speaking Russian English when she hung out with yurya and Swedish when she hung out with her Swedish husband. So it's safe to assume she has been hanging out with Saudi's

No. 436778

/pol/ and /r9k/ are not our brothers you fucking retard.

No. 438333

File: 1506187066455.png (436.19 KB, 611x719, lol.png)

No. 438352

File: 1506190672498.png (3.01 KB, 289x63, thisguygetsit.png)

Anon, you are missing the actually interesting part!
Even some of her oh-so-very-loving-muslim followers are not buying it, like this commenter over here whose comment seems to be translated (acording to Google) to: "A woman may be Muslim because of fame and then return to her religion, but we ask God for us and her steadfastness".

When another comment (also in arabic because this dudes are smart, they know Mira can't even read or write English properly so there's no way she can't understand them) pointed out that "she's been losing followers, so she can't be doing it for fame! how could you possibly think that?!", the first dude answers with: "Its foreign friends say so".

They KNOW about her idiocy and attention seeking.

No. 438412

File: 1506200862044.jpg (2.86 MB, 4288x2848, compost_methods.jpg)

>shes starting to compost

No. 438422

my hobby include youtube and visa marriages

No. 438426

File: 1506202049105.jpg (77.77 KB, 626x696, 1.jpg)

No. 438427

File: 1506202063268.jpg (85.9 KB, 629x644, 2.jpg)

No. 438433

File: 1506202642407.jpg (105.44 KB, 800x640, DKaKznaWkAIO3Od.jpg)


this edit could work as an upcoming thread picture lmoa

found under this tweet

No. 438449

How spontaneous has this decision been? was she still an atheist this time last year?

No. 438467


Shes really thinks this will win whats his face over.
And plus those stories of white women who get drawn into this shit.

No. 438687

They usually get pulled in through social media, too. I wonder if she's already being groomed.

Bitch better not pull any shit in Japan.

No. 438776

See! Take THAT Rodi!
Lol. I think Rodi was simply born Muslim so I can't help but think she feels so smug by doing this all publicly.

More Japanese than Japanese, more oppressed than blacks or First Nation/Native Americans combined, sexier than Beyoncé and now more Muslimier than you!

No. 438789

>>Lol. I think Rodi was simply born Muslim so I can't help but think she feels so smug by doing this all publicly.

Agreed. There is a good chance he is "Muslim" just as much as many white/latin people are "Christian/Catholic" and Asians "Buddhist".

No. 439103

Does Japan do strict surveillance on internet activity? Considering how much of a total 180 Mira's life has taken, they might be keeping tabs on her in case of extremist action.

No. 439128

Japan anon here.
Not unless there is reasonable suspicion. The internet in general is pretty free. In addition, there are many Asian Muslims here that are hard-workers and try to assimilate as best they can. I honestly have never heard any Japanese friends complain about run-of-the-mill, documented Muslim families. The majority are those moderate and "non-practing" type. However, refugees and religious leaders(and their mosques) are definitely watched closely because of Japan's trouble with cults and cult leaders. If Mira started actively proselytizing or posts something threatening, things would change.

Right now, the government just sees her as another asshole foreigner who is visa-hopping and probably not paying all of her taxes.

No. 439134

Thanks for explaining. Totally forgot how different (and free) internet culture is in Japan versus their face to face presentation.

I've read about surveillance/rehabilitation programs in other countries where they focus on preventing extremist recruiting of vulnerable people (mentally ill, living in poverty, etc.), so I was wondering if Japan had the same. Mira just seems like she would stand out because of how much of a drastic lifestyle she's made. But yeah, the government likely sees her as an immigration/tax problem, not a threat.

No. 439140

Oh, no. Because of the stigma, mental health is not always properly addressed. My relative works in psychiatry here and their patients are usually very serious and unstable cases, like a lady who says the emperor is her husband or people who need constant supervision. If you have depression or other "invisible" mental illness, you are very discreet about receiving care.

Many Japanese would rather just ignore the strange person since they don't believe it's their place to get involved or cause unnecessary trouble. If families don't institutionalize their relative, for example, the mentally ill person is pretty much left on their own until they commit a crime or become a nuisance in public. Because of the low crime rate in general, people are not as likely to report odd people without convincing proof of a threat. Unless someone like Mira is reported multiple times for concerning behavior, the police won't waste their time on her.

Also, she's a small white woman who blends in with the rest of the ex-pat community. Unfortunately, it's basically assumed a foreigner will be strange or uncouth and a lot of leeway is given.

No. 439233

File: 1506343750576.png (619.72 KB, 1066x746, 595c4e9e38b71__(6).png.7406352…)


Ha! Busted lying again. She posted back in July that she had already don that.

No. 439247

Ehhh not really. A lot of converts take their Shahada privately with friends or even alone (with God as their witness) as a first step into the religion. Later, once they’re moving more estanlished and sure of themselves, they might arrange to have a more formal ceremony at a mosque.

No. 439294

but if she's doing it privately why would she publicly talk about it both before and now?

No. 439829

File: 1506400230072.jpg (306.24 KB, 1242x2058, ZEFQq8G.jpg)

She wrote that she did it online first, but I guess the official one is done at the mosque or in front of an imam?

Whatever the case, this is all so freaking bizarre and I will never believe this serial liar. This is the same arrogant, racist piece of shit who publicly bashed a well-meaning Japanese Christian family for naming their son Michael and wanting him to learn English. Seriously, read that garbage and tell me Miranda isn't a rotten, self-serving twat. A person like that would never make such a huge leap in ideology. http://kanadajin3.blogspot.jp/2012/12/crazy-christian-japanese-power-english.html?m=1

No. 439833

File: 1506400927559.jpg (468.05 KB, 1242x1956, wt4SmG7.jpg)

I'll post the rest that got cut off. It's so unbelievable. She is absolutely full of shit. Japanese people would figure it out quickly once it was explained to them. Kids here are not bullied for an unusual name alone. When they are bullied for being different, it is often because of their nationality, foreign appearance and accent, even if the haafu kid has a Japanese first name. Her "friends" and their fucking PARENTS(how?!) all told her that? Such a liar. She sure loves to project her extreme thoughts by creating imaginary people.

No. 439918

atleast she picked a shit religion and is falling into a stereotype. it's not like she decided to be buddhist or something.

No. 439919

haha fuck, these types of gaijin thinking they know so much about japan is hilarious.
>he probably gets mistaken for a gaijin. no, mira, unlike you, a white girl, no one will question if he's japanese or not.

No. 439929

B-b-but, ALL her friends and amazingly, their parents, said so!

Lol. I guarantee those mass interviews didn't happen. More like she was bitching about it to someone and they just politely nod their head and go through typical aizuchi routine during that uncomfortable conversation. Just like how she ridiculed foreign visitors for using the English language option at the train station, she is always looking for trivial things to measure how different she is from other foreigners. No Japanese person would care about such a petty matters.

No. 440696

File: 1506541005787.jpg (85.2 KB, 867x578, Clipboard02ddd.jpg)

bitch, your last name is constable

No. 440702

File: 1506541485645.gif (1.88 MB, 360x240, 1370.gif)

No. 440706

i couldnt even tell anymore if this is actually from her or some kind of satire

No. 440713

Says she named herself after a freaking train station.

No. 440743

she's still hanging on to being Japanese at the same time? a white japanese canadian muslim jfc.

No. 440747

She's probably trying to appeal to those people who asked her to go back to making videos about JAPAN.

I can't even imagine Japanese people's reactions when she introduces herself as "Mira Nagayama". Trying to pass for a haffu much?

And I don't think she did any paperwork to really change her name either.

No. 440888

I think she is just using the name of her recent ex passport hubby

No. 440937

she looks grosser than usual here. i guess its less make up?

No. 440943

File: 1506557364651.jpg (7.72 KB, 681x260, bRayO6r.jpg)

>And I don't think she did any paperwork to really change her name either.

Unless the paperwork was done when she was first married or she legally changed it again in Canada. She bragged on 2ch about how easy it is to change your name in Canada and how Constable was actually a name change she already did in high school. But as far as I know, she used to be married to a guy with a the last name Inoue(on her private fb). I personally don't believe she was ever with a Nagayama.

She has been throwing around that name, both 永山ミラ and 永山美良, since 2014, but it would be difficult and nonsensical to go through an independent, legal name change at that point. Her Japanese at the time she was first using that name was extremely basic. There was no way she could go through the legal process by herself (court>Canadian embassy>immigration>local city office). Also, she would most likely would not have her name change registered in kanji anyway.

Unmarried foreigners in Japan almost never register kanji for their new name until they are naturalized. Other cases for name changes for foreigners happen almost exclusively when correcting an error on their passport or because of marriage.

^The last bit of proof, shown in the screenshot above, that she has not had a legal name change yet is that when she issues a copyright claim or other legal action, she does so under the name Mira Constable, aka Mira C.

No. 441120


Eh, she could have registered a tsuushou, and be able to use either 永山ミラ or 永山美良 for everything save zairyuu card..

No. 441367

And her Grandmother's obituary, in case anyone forgot about it.


No. 441372

File: 1506643203948.jpg (8.67 KB, 208x275, 33cfa5ab-be26-4153-b4e8-4bad59…)

No. 441598

She started using the name in 2014, but when was the exact point that she started claiming to be trans-ethnic Japanese? I really wonder if she would go that far to legally change her name in order to prove a point, despite previously saying she dreamed of becoming a traditional Japanese housewife and mother. Changing her name before getting married and taking her husband's name kind of defeats the purpose of going through that unnecessary paperwork.

I really think the Mira Nagayama is nothing more than an attempt to throw off people that research her real name and family history.
Lol. Case in point:

No. 441671


Exactly. the pic in >>441372 is her grandmother. You can see the family resemblance, including slightly droopy left eye.

No. 442711

She's a Canadian citizen. Even if she legally changed her name to Mira Nagayama in Canada, she wouldn't get kanji, because kanji are for Japanese people only.

She could however register an alias (tsuusho) as the other anon suggested, and then she'd be able to legally use the Japanese last name and the kanji. This does not require her to legally change her name at all.

No. 442715

she specifically says her LAST name is nagayama though, nothing about tuushou. and we know her legal last name is still constable. so stop the bs.

No. 442717

>when was the exact point that she started claiming to be trans-ethnic Japanese
a week after arriving in japan? kek

No. 442798

File: 1506914188936.jpg (315.26 KB, 1194x1662, AmGN53R.jpg)

Dear lord. The heavy, messily drawn-on eyebrows on this babushka. Why?! Japan has no shortage of fantastic eyebrow kits and products.

Yeah, if she is still claiming copyright under "Mira C", she never made any legal change.

No. 442803

is she back in japan again???

No. 442930

I don't think she stayed in Canada that long. I think she was back by mid-August/early September. But we don't know how long her current visa will last.

No. 443026

it's astonishing that she doesnt see what is wrong with her eyebrows…

No. 443083


Wow, acidic much?

Legal name has nothing to do with a tsuushou.

It's literally a replacement name that you use instead of legal name.

What I'm suggesting is that her legal name in Canada is still Constable, and she has an alias (tsuushou) in Japan that she then uses externally.

Her Youtube channel actions (copyright claims, etc) being under Mira C. probably means that she started the Youtube channel in Canada or before she registered the alias, and never changed it / doesn't have an official record of name change (because a tsuushou isn't a legal name changing thing).

No. 443108


Close. She actually started the claiming the "I'm forgetting English" after three months.

No. 444961

File: 1507178110473.jpg (31.1 KB, 241x136, Kanadajin.jpg)

THe resemblance in uncanny.
There is something deeply wrong with this creature Miranda.

No. 445582

wait, she had the surname McCool and she changed it to fucking Constable? Why?
In addition to identifying as a Japanese and Muslim does she also identify as an Uncool person?

No. 445609


It was her Maternal Grandmother. Her surname has always been constable.

Though, I fully agree, if you're going to change your name and you have "McCool" as an option, seems the obvious choice. Like "McLovin"

No. 445639

My favorite part about this is that the boy's legal name is almost certainly a Japanese name, the mom specifically said "Michael is his Christian name", she probably just never told Mira his Japanese name. Having a fake English name for English language settings is far more common for Chinese people than Japanese but it's not unheard of for Japanese. The baseball player Daisuke Matsuzaka was called "Dice-K" for instance, I've also seen Japanese people shorten or Anglicize their given name (like changing Kentaro to just Ken). I don't know the Christian community in Japan but I would not at all be surprised if they choose Bible names for English settings. Lots of Christian Koreans do that – you can usually tell they're Christian because their English name is Grace or Constance or something, but they still have a Korean first name they use in Korean settings, school, etc.

So basically Miranda was panicking about nothing

No. 446062

That's a great point. Having an Anglicized or Western alternate name is so common for other Asian people when they live abroad or regularly interact with English speakers. In legal documents, the Japanese child's name is most likely completely Japanese and his parents would have thought in advance of situations where it would be more convenient to use kanji alternative.

Hmm… so Miranda Constable can use Mira Nagayama will-nilly despite having no Japanese background nor having that name being legally registered, yet the little boy can not be named by his parents according to their beliefs? She's such a nasty, ignorant person.

No. 446098

File: 1507363957702.png (1.55 MB, 1334x750, 1500738708637 (1).png)

Does Miranda know how despised and reviled she is?
Or does she chalk everything up to "haters?"

No. 446559

She likes to tell her minions that everyone is just jealous of her life: living in Japan, speaking "advanced" Japanese and diving into piles of money like Scrooge McDuck. I think she really believes it at this point. The funny part is some of her biggest critics live or have lived in Japan, speak Japanese, have real Japanese friends and understand Japanese culture well enough to know how wrong she is. Nobody envies her, otherwise the other more successful Jvloggers would get twice as much shit as her. Those people just don't compare with her level of rudeness, stubbornness, penchant for misinformation and lack of self-reflection.

No. 446800

File: 1507494294881.png (494.46 KB, 588x648, Screenshot-2017-10-8 Twitter.p…)

No. 446968

she looks more like a grandma than usual.

No. 447840

File: 1507655091077.jpg (46.02 KB, 480x480, 16123415_1312566505449170.jpg)

No. 447906

File: 1507660025840.png (804.27 KB, 598x598, Screenshot-2017-10-10 Publicat…)

No. 447908

I forgot to add that it's from Mira's instagram. Sorry for doubleposting.

No. 448199

Mira is married to a Saudi Arabian man.

No. 448201

i thought a farmer did this for shits and giggles. you'd be harassed and threatened by muslims in my muslim-majority country for stuff like this. i can't believe a supposedly devout newly-converted muslim thinks this is an okay thing for her to post.

proof or GTFO.

No. 448237

you can tell she made this because it's misspelled.

No. 448277

File: 1507721197271.png (24.13 KB, 639x463, massage.png)

Looks like she's actively looking for some rich oil prince. That broken English though.

No. 448280

This is so tacky!

Well, that's her plan but we all know she isn't married to Mohamad now. All of her conquests end in failure or her running away. Two Japanese husbands, Swedish husband that never happened, and Rodi got out of there in the knick of time.
The meal ticket search continues…

It seems that the person she is actually responding to is a Johnny's-obsessed young woman, not a man.

No doubt she is messaging a lot of beards right now, though.

No. 448297

she sounds like those thaiwanese (or whatever) prostitutes who offer their service in broken english
>you want fucky fucky? me love you long time

No. 448305

No she really is married to a Saudi guy. He is same height as her. Very skinny and has a beard. She went to ultra with him and I saw her. She was super covered up and I assume she didn't upload any pictures because she doesn't want to ruin her image. I know some other YouTubers who said before that she is married to a Muslim guy. The reason why I guess that it is a Saudi is because look at her obsession over Saudi Arabia. She tends to obsess over the guys she's with. So that is probably where it comes from.

No. 448320

I get she is obsessed with KSA for some reason (I am sure someone like her would do just wonderfully under their theocracy), but do you have any evidence of this claim?

No. 448396

Someone is going to have to take a picture of them if they see them. She won't post online that she has a husband. Saudi are very conservative so I don't think he would he even cool with being in a photo with her.

No. 448441


So close and yet so far

No. 448459

File: 1507752094990.png (13.55 KB, 588x137, Screenshot-2017-10-11 (2) Twit…)

This doesn't make any sense.

No. 448462

File: 1507752262479.png (12.94 KB, 588x133, Screenshot-2017-10-11 ★KANADAJ…)

I think that she's doing to re-do all of her videos with her wearing a hijab.
I hope she gives us some milk, she's been pretty dry for the last couple of months.

No. 448464

File: 1507752385640.png (61.37 KB, 898x597, Screenshot-2017-10-11 kanadaji…)

She's the only Youtuber I know that loses subs whenever she uploads a new video.

No. 448625

>Saudi are very conservative

I know, which makes me wonder why a Saudi man would marry someone like Mira. I can't imagine anyone more inappropriate (in any sense that "inappropriate" can be read).

No. 448752

Yes, she uses sterotypical broken english. It's disgusting.

No. 448978


Some are not even "re-do" video. One, she just did, was an old one back with visa-kun 1.0. The hand cutting the mochi cake is his.

She did delete all of her previous videos where she talked about being married and her divorce.

Trying to hide the past

No. 448981


Again: proof or GTFO.

No. 449204

Oh, shit. She scrubbed most of her blogspot entries too! Some of those entries, like the about the Shibuya gaijin sex-seeker, are saved on PULL.

I don't think she is married yet, but she is definitely after some Muslim dude. Since she is also re-posting old videos and claims to have a ton of unpublished videos to upload later, I think her visa will be expiring soon. I noticed she has been mentioning Canada or Canadian things more favorably in recent tweets as well. I wonder what her story will be when she leaves, or if she will pretend she is still living in Japan when she returns home.

No. 449237

they randomly realize they are still subscribed to her when youtube mentions a new video of her to them and then go and hit the unsub button lol

No. 449239

did i trigger your autism? kek

No. 449240

so when she is taking that thing of will we have a full turn and she will re-do all of her re-do videos without hijab?

No. 449250

No. 449443

File: 1507900446940.png (67.18 KB, 900x654, Screenshot-2017-10-13 kanadaji…)

She deleted a bunch of videos again and lost subs in the process.

No. 449444

File: 1507900521849.png (125.09 KB, 296x232, Screenshot-2017-10-13 (1) kana…)

Huge typo in her thumbnail and in the title.

No. 449446

File: 1507900788312.jpg (169.71 KB, 857x549, silense in the mountians.jpg)

I swear this girl can't spell.

No. 449456

She deleted all her pictures from Instagram

No. 449459

No she didn't. They are still there.

No. 449470

she probably blocked you.

No. 449485

The Doudemo Mira page only has 5 videos showing for me(14 seem to be unlisted?), out of 55 that were originally posted.

When I did a search for that channel, the results showed the main kanadajin3 channel first had 416 videos, but it appears it is now down to 333( was 358 like an hour ago!)

Anyone else get those results?

No. 449594

>but she is definitely after some Muslim dude
in japan? wouldn't that be very difficult to find?

has she had any talks about moving out of Japan into a muslim country?

No. 449705

prs understand i have forgotten the english language i am so japanese i mean muslim i mean…

No. 449731


That's beautiful. What are they teaching kids in Sudbruy, Notario (sic) these days?

No. 449744

No, she deleted all non hijab pictures on Instagram

No. 449815

she can just move to Birmingham, UK

No. 449878

Muslim visitors to Japan are not rare(unless you mean Muslim Japanese citizens? Those are super rare) but he doesn't have to be living in Japan for her to be in correspondence with him and willing to meet him. It's apparent she gave up on snagging a Japanese man.

Most conservative Muslim men will not start up an online relationship unless marriage is a definite possibility. That's why some Muslims say they don't date, they just get married. Her Twitter is full of thirsty men who also have, or want to, visit Japan, so it wouldn't be difficult for her to find a guy who thinks he can make a good Muslim wife out of her if she says the right things.

I haven't been keeping track: does her hijab keep morphing or is she sticking with one type of coverage now?

No. 449886

How do these female weeb clowns even manage to hold onto a few hundred thousand subs in the first place?

Something tells me it's all thirsty Asian men, either Japanese or overseas. Or more recently in Mira's case, thirsty Arabs. Because the content is absolute garbage…

She's already snagged at least a couple of Japanese men, it's just that, surprise surprise, these marriages and relationships don't work out because cultural differences are usually a lot more intractable than "we eat different food and wear different clothes", which is what brainlets like Mira believe.

No. 449906

>cultural differences are usually a lot more intractable

See, that is what makes me wonder why on earth a girl from Canada is thinking the KSA is some sort of Arabian Nights wonderland. She must not read the news AT ALL. Because if she thinks she is going to marry a nice Saudi man and her life afterwards is going to be all roses, I don't even know how to finish this sentence. It's inconceivable to me that she thinks she would be treated in a way she would like under those circumstances. This has nothing to do with being Muslim as such, and everything to do with KSA being a theocratic hellhole where women are not even the level of "second class citizens," they are about twenty rungs below that. It is amazing to me, and makes me wonder if she is literally retarded, because that girl ain't right.

No. 449912

Anon, it has been explained many times in these threads, even /pol/ have had threads about Mira that touch on it. She has no group identity of her own, as a result her entire life is spent trying to attach herself to foreign groups she perceives as having distinct and exclusive (religiously or racially) cultures.

At the root of all of her dysfunction is self-loathing and a desire to belong to a group. Sadly this is common among a lot of weeaboos we see on /pt/, they feel that there's nothing to be proud of in being white/european unfortunately :(

No. 449968

Best case scenario is if she marries a man but he neglected to tell her she is the third wife assigned to cleaning duty

No. 450350

well, she's an adult and free to ruin her own life with her unfathomable stupidity. i kinda hope she does.

No. 450398

File: 1508067985040.png (1.36 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171015-134512.png)

How does she do it? How does she manage to become uglier day by day?

No. 450408

no eye makeup? those brows and hiding her hair have done her zero favors

No. 450416

I wonder why she hasn't gotten an eye lift yet?

No. 450435

I feel as though a lot of Youtubers in Asia have been solicited by that Korean plastic surgery service, even people with only a few thousand subscribers. But Mira is probably too crazy for them to touch

No. 450527

no way she has enough subs for that

No. 450631

Does she believe she is pretty, or does she know that she is a goblin?

No. 450777

well, one time I think she said something about Venus(?) being talked about on here "because she's pretty", but said she didn't know why she herself was. So I guess that kind of shows she knows she's not.

I don't even think her droopy eye shape is the worst part. I'm sure there must be some way to flatter that. the worst imo are her big teeth and horrid makeup skills.

No. 450799

File: 1508164733385.png (969.15 KB, 849x500, crap.png)

Jesus. She's photoshopping herself in a hijab on her old video thumbs.

And very shitty photoshop at that.

No. 450800

File: 1508164857580.gif (328.5 KB, 817x498, miraPS.thumb.gif.234d2222f1ca0…)

And, someone on PULL found the original and put it together as a gif.

No. 450819

Lmao, that's so sad and pathetic.

No. 450849

i don't know what irks me more, the shitty editing job or the fact that she left her bangs showing. i mean, i'm not muslim myself so correct me if i'm wrong, but showing your hair is typically a big no-no right?

No. 451067

That is so funny, do you ever think she's just a troll or that she's at least being kind of tongue in cheek? I don't know if I can believe someone is actually like this

No. 451328

File: 1508246875523.jpg (208.88 KB, 1242x1439, UkV1nP2.jpg)

250 videos deleted, including TOKYO GAY PRIDE 2015 - 東京ゲイプライド and Gay event in Tokyo ☆ クラブでゲイイベントに行ってみた.

Mira hates the gays now too! It wasn't too long ago that she claimed she would continue to be an LGBT ally after becoming Muslim. I guess she flipped on that as well.

No. 451332

She has mentioned in the comments "why would I hate gays" when she converted. I don't think she hates gays. She deleted a ton of videos. I think she just deleted videos with low views so she could reupload them and get more views.

No. 451563

File: 1508286924941.jpg (36.54 KB, 420x310, download.jpg)

It really depends on the wearer. Some Muslim woman simply wear a loose neck scarf with parts of their hair still showing. Women in Iran are a good example. They tend to run the whole spectrum. Some are super conservative while others not so much.

No. 451760

Well, one of the first videos she deleted was the Penis Festival video, followed by controversial and sexual-themed videos. The low viewer count ones were after.

I do not feel she will reupload any videos that support LGBT, even though she does not explicitly hate them or will speak against them in the future. She will pander to her Muslim base now.

No. 452073


Most likely. She re-uploaded an Onsen vid and removed all the parts where she was naked from it.

No. 452096

File: 1508335151907.jpg (73.51 KB, 575x1024, 1.jpg)

Well, the real reason for the video deletions comes out.

You used the "naked" as an excuse, but the real reason was all of the thumbs down.

Now, in Miranda's defense. The Prick she is talking to is a 100% genuine real person, and a racist fuck.

I've dealt with him before and can vouch he is real and as big a piece of shit as he appears in those messages.

No. 452570

Is that why he thinks she converted ethnicity when she went Muzzie or does he not have much idea about her?

No. 452582


Yeah, he's an idiot. He has the habit of accusing anyone he disagrees with of being Mexican as well

No. 452660

Oh, shit. Is she going to claim that she is ethnically Arab or some Middle-Eastern, after claiming she transformed from an Anglo-Canadian to Yamato Japanese? How will that work out?

No. 453002


Probably, she's already started switching from her fake "Japanese" accent to a fake Arabic sounding one.

No. 453387

She has switched the way she talks because I am telling you, she is married to a Saudi. People have been pointing it out in the comments that she has been talking like a Saudi and she deleted those comments.

No. 453393

Will he accept her illegitimate baby from her German fiance though. THAT is the question. !?

No. 453440

kek you both are fucking hilarious.
every other month someone comes in here trying to paint a weird story. try harder.

No. 453444

that's what I was joking about by posting >>453393

it's that funny story an "anon" posted here about seeing her on the train and looking over her shoulder at the text messages.

No. 453446

That's fucking hilarious

No. 453492

that's because they're obligated to wear one. I'd say half the women in Teheran would prefer to go without.

No. 453511

File: 1508517901479.png (900.02 KB, 827x781, nightmare.png)

Here's some nightmare fuel from her most recent vid. I vote for it as the next thread thumbnail.

No. 453527

File: 1508518869686.jpg (24.42 KB, 523x281, IMG_3102.JPG)

Cannot unsee.

No. 453728

Someone shop these two pictures together so we can use it as the new thread pic

No. 453781

File: 1508544718072.gif (2.99 MB, 360x202, 1xzjl8.gif)

No. 453800

Why do I get the impression that if a thread with no name was posted and the OP was quasimodo it'd be correctly recognized as a Miranda thread?

No. 453823

File: 1508553138663.jpg (86.45 KB, 1023x551, sorrym8wasinarush.jpg)

The best I can do if anyone wants to do better

No. 453833

File: 1508554730886.jpg (35.3 KB, 515x281, hunchbacku.jpg)

No. 453998

File: 1508584962914.jpg (412.89 KB, 1242x2055, uICFOIX.jpg)

Something about this image is depressing. Alone, no makeup except for hastily filled eyebrows and dowdy granny clothes.

It’s only been about two months since her conversion, right? I honestly don’t think she could be happy staying this way.

Something I was wondering: She says YouTube is her job and she spends so much time editing and planning videos. Why did she say she had like 200 videos yet to be uploaded when she could have been uploading them on a regular schedule? Do they all need editing or are they fully prepared? It just seems very weird to have that amount of unpublished videos when she claims 1)YouTube is what really makes her money and 2)She claimed her part time job was just for fun, so it theoretically wouldn’t take up much of the time she needs for editing and processing her uploads consistently. What is she doing instead of concentrating solely on her “job”?

I feel like storing that many videos must be a backup plan as she knew she could not stay in Japan for much longer.

No. 454004

File: 1508586177529.png (159.12 KB, 523x281, e.png)

I wanted to try too

No. 454007

i like this one the best so far

No. 454024

She reminds me of white Western women who denounced everything, converted to orthodox Islam, and acted holier than thou toward native POC Muslims. This white woman in my town wore a full face niqab, slept on the floor, brushed her teeth with miswak, and refused to let her Christian parents see their grandkids. Bitch was nuts and nobody at my mosque liked her. Mira will eventually burn out of her phase, get sick of religious brown Muslims who will lecture her and she will go back to being a make-up wearing atheist self again.

Sage for personal anecdote.

No. 454195

File: 1508631072802.jpeg (88.6 KB, 600x436, A1BA1D6F-39C3-4B55-BAB6-1407F6…)

Last I saw this girl online, she was a Canadian-Wapanese housewife to some Japanese guy wasn’t she ?? What the fuck happened. Anyway,

No. 454260

Basically, a Muslim guy refused to fuck her, so her crazy decided to take a new form. That's literally the only reason she's going through all this Muslim stuff. Mira: no depth as a human being.

No. 454329

File: 1508644817708.png (180.8 KB, 523x281, 5473537568658.png)

Took longer than I thought, but had a good laugh.

No. 454396

Oh my fucking god anon this is amazing

No. 454434

Don’t forget that our White Japanese Princess’ application for naturalization was (rightfully) rejected around the same. She has no other options to stay in Japan long-term and her only way out, Rodi, finally came to his senses about their relationship.

A Saudi prince will soon whisk her away to his palace full of Louis Vuitton…

No. 454436

>slept on the floor

what why? is it like a quran thing to not sleep in a bed?

No. 454500

this is art

No. 454501

just came to check in on mira after not following her or her shit for about 2-3 years. holy fucking shit, was not expecting all of this. problem is my housemate was like 'aw is that your friend?' because she could hear a canadian accent and when i sat her down and explained it all she was mortified.

No. 454541

Thank you so much for this.

No. 454637

oh my fucking god
this is the most beautiful piece of art I have ever experienced
top fucking kek

No. 454638

I laughed audible from that top kek

No. 454639

muslima are not supposed to wear make up arent they? at least if you take the rules stricter.
tbh, I prefer her no make up face to her cheap plastic hooker make up every day

No. 455044

Yeah, the most conservative Muslims say that outside of your home or family’s home, flashy or excessive makeup is haraam and the most pious girl will wear little(as natural as possible) to no makeup.

However, the Qur’an says something like kohl, as in eyeliner, is fine for men or women. So natural face with simple eyeliner is permissible. Of course, many Muslim women, even those who wear niqab, love striking eye makeup and moderate hijabis often follow mainstream makeup trends.

I just don’t know why Mira chose to concentrate on harsh eyebrows instead of an all over a fresh faced, soft look. She should look for conservative makeup inspiration from South East Asian hijabi instead of Syrian refugees.

No. 455200

File: 1508776256317.gif (4.41 MB, 600x270, ezgif-4-85dfd8c5a8.thumb.gif.a…)


Not just the "Pride" video, all of her LGBT vids. Can't afford to offend any possible muslim fans

But they still show in a google search, just tells you the vids are gone when you click on them. The internet never forgets, Miranda

No. 455202

OT but, my name is Miranda, and I go by Ann in a lot of circles.
Really wish her name was just Mira. I don't like this new info.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 455204

recently for something i was reading about if wigs count, and found muslims arent allowed to wear fake eye lashes, pluck their eyebrows or eye lashes or change their teeth. Does this mean shes over filling her eye brows so when her brow grows in, it will be less noticable?

No. 455219

no1 curr. also sage ur shit

No. 455284

what's wrong with her face

No. 455315

Sage in case this is old news but I've noticed one of her Japanese Housewife videos (where she cooks pasta) has been deleted… she on a deleting spree?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 455331

are you fucking kidding me? You dont even take the effort to read the last 5 posts in a thread?
>>455200 is adressing this and quoting the anon adressing this 6 days ago.

Also sage goes in the email field.

No. 455646

Wow you really feel entitled. She took down over 300 videos and out of them two gay pride videos whoopdie-do. She also deleted her "becoming japanizu" video too do you think she hates Japanese as well?

No. 455655

Maybe not as much as you hate proper grammar and punctuation, you snozzwanger.

It’s pretty obvious that including LGBT videos was a DELIBERATE move to scrub her image clean for the next Mohammad or Youssef. The videos were not deleted at random.

What will be next? Hymen reconstruction?

No. 455663

>hymen reconstruction
mind that the anal queen would also need rectal tightening top kek

No. 455665

>the anal queen


No. 455723

Read the threads. This has been mentioned multiple times.

No. 455730

No. 455795

File: 1508866978425.png (45.12 KB, 625x436, tkyo.png)

Most likely referring to Tkyosam. In a live stream just before she "converted" He said anyone who converts to Islam is "Legit retarded"

No. 455829

well he is not wrong.

No. 455832

File: 1508873931852.png (10.89 KB, 588x74, Screenshot-2017-10-24 ★KANADAJ…)

She uploaded a new version of her yuzu bath video with less nakedness.

Also, I found this on Twitter. She prays in bike parks?

No. 455842

what kind of degenerate is she
>hurr durr people want to go to the bike parking area what a surprise
only thing thats missing is her trying to pray with a small carpet in the middle of shibuya crossing and then complaing that people want to walk there.

No. 456018

that fat fuck did something right for once if true

No. 456054

It can’t be him. They are not close friends, she has never hinted that they were best friends and I’ve never seen them out together except for Twitch.

It would have to be Erika, “D-chan” or the friend back in Canada that she posted about before. She called all of them her best friend during the past year.

No. 456075


Yeah, I could be Erika (Panda). She was friends with the doormat Swede that Miranda shit on for the Rody dick (Though, he was a fucking doormat about it). And Erika is also a Lesbian, so I can see her not wanting to associate with her and her new homophobe phase.

No. 456081

Wow. Just wow. I've been checking up on her every now and then but holy chirst .. she has really gone off the deep end and needs helps. Personality Disorder or something. Where are her parents? :/

No. 456161

she's 26, she doesn't need her parents. and iirc her dad is drug addict

No. 456278

File: 1508982050404.jpg (103.61 KB, 1159x943, 8oHnSis.jpg)

It seems Mira and Erika still follow one another but Mira has posted several times about how she can get a hold of Erika at times. Their relationship seems weird. Like in this new tweet. Why can she just call Erika on the phone if there is an emergency, like normal friends do? I don’t have a Twitter account so is it possible to post on someone’s account but make it only visible to that person?
Thanks for making all your problems (and friend’s problems)public, Mira.

BPD gets thrown around so much but describes her behavior perfectly. It would also make sense because it could show that her parents (mom and step-dad) may not have been bad or neglectful, it’s just that they can’t really do anything more for her due to the nature of the disorder. You can plead and cry to with those who BPD about how they need help, but they can be extremely difficult to get through to and living with them is emotionally-draining.

It’s not something that is cure-able and management all depends on how much she effort she is willing to put in. BPD is notoriously difficult to treat. Something like 70% of patients with BPD quit their treatment programs and many private practitioners will not take on BPD patients or they will limit themselves to one BPD patient out of their caseload. Imagine how exhausted her parents could be after all these years of her antics. They probably have argued with her so much more than we assume.

No. 456279

Forgive my typos.

No. 456397

The tweet is telling the mutual friend to ask her to check another messaging service, which I'm under the impression is most popular in Japan. Twitter does have private messages.

I think they weren't saying her parents should be responsible for her, but more like, where is her social familial support.

No. 456496

File: 1509023962362.png (589.17 KB, 1061x604, 2017-10-26 15_17_11-(188) KANA…)

No. 456513

File: 1509028368102.jpg (4.37 KB, 331x155, Clipboard01.jpg)

mira pretending to still have some kind of supporters

No. 456517

File: 1509028479077.jpg (107.5 KB, 942x921, Clipboard02.jpg)

this was confirmed to be one of mira's fake accounts in september by that pull user


No. 456529

I also have a LINE account so that is not the issue.
What I mean is she is trying to have another friend contact Erika and in the process, publicly revealing it’s about Simon’s personal trouble. It just seems unnecessary to post in that way when she could just call Erika up to discuss a private matter or keep it to PMs.

No. 457198

File: 1509185456663.png (121.22 KB, 280x156, Screenshot-2017-10-28 (7) YouT…)

#muslim storytime

No. 457236

So according to her last live, she really is going the super conservative Muslim route with her look: no more (noticeable)makeup, hijab all the time, full-length babushka fashion, no more body exposure, switched thong bikini for “burkini”, and even owns a niqab. She said she won’t even go to onsen unless she reserves a private area.

Damn. Rodi really killed her vagoo.

No. 457256

I thought Muslim women were allowed to be naked and show their hair around other women?? Also I can't wait to see her in her niqab

No. 457319

they are, she's just a fucking moron.

No. 457515

Lol, why though? What does she get out of it?
Japan is mildy xenophobic at best, being a gaijin and a muslim just makes her stand out like a sore thumb. She clearly doesn't seem to full understand how islam works either, so I doubt she's dedicated to the faith (and it's not like it's any better or more legit than, say, Christanity). Most conservative muslim men probably wouldn't want a random Canadian trans-racial Japanese girl anyway. I've been following Mira's bullshit for years but this is just completely baffling. She needs a therapist.

No. 457530

File: 1509274042812.jpg (49.06 KB, 1038x936, BA6fEES.jpg)

She uploaded a couple obscured pictures of herself in niqab. In her live, she showed a picture of herself riding the train in the full ensemble, but I don’t know if she uploaded that one anywhere.

She should just go all out and wear the burqa. I think that is where she is headed.

No. 457531

lolllllll this looks like its from a a martyrdom video watch out japanese commuters !

No. 457552

Because she wants to be ~different~

She doesn't care that it makes her a social pariah; it just gives her more to moan about on YouTube and get asspats from the online Muslim community.

You are an ostensibly sane person and therefore realize rejection from society at large isn't a desirable life choice.

No. 457561

File: 1509285790767.jpg (14.14 KB, 308x450, ninja.jpg)

No. 457575


How will she back out of the Muslim faith when she finds something new and shiny! She is an idiot!

No. 457593

File: 1509298027066.png (654.14 KB, 481x603, weird face.png)

This looks scary…

New pic of her from her Instagram account.
What's wrong with her face? She looks like she just had some teeth removed.

No. 457596

File: 1509299371740.jpg (57.03 KB, 759x204, cringe.jpg)

Her answer to someone commenting that her using arabic words (and pronuncing them badly) in her latest video is cringe-worthy.

No. 457609

yeah I was wondering when she'd pick up on the mashallah/inshallah thing and be even more annoying

No. 457818

fuck mira, that's not even how you say sallallahu aleihi wasallam and nobody but most annoying or fanatic Muslims say that constantly after referring to Mohamad. her muslim-ness is just like her japanese-ness, what she lacks in actual knowledge and intensity she tries to make up in snootiness but fails miserably because she's an uneducated idiot from backwater Canada.

No. 457864

I didn’t think it was possible for her to become more pretentious but she keeps proving me wrong! When she was Japanese, she thought herself as more Japanese than native Japanese and appointed herself an authority on their culture. Now as a dick-chasing Muslim convert of just a few months, she applies the same rigidness. What’s wrong with a normal Peace Be Upon Him or PBUH, like the average English-speaking Muslim does? Why not addressing Muhammad as the Prophet or the messenger of Allah, without the superfluous “Arabiclish” she is attempting?

Imagine if she put half as much effort from this ongoing minstrel show into pursuing higher education or going to vocational school to learn useful skills.

No. 457876

Ummmm…. actually you are told to use these Arabic words in day to day speech as a proper practicing Muslim. The western Muslim culture is not correct Islam. You find many western Muslims don't pray, don't even know anything about Quran or sunnah. I have seen Muslim Youtubers doing things that go against Islam. Islam isn't just about covering up and not eating pork. So what Mira is doing is actually correct. She's not going over board, it's just spot on. If she starts protesting to have Japan follow Shiriah law then its extreme.

No. 457879

Her Instagram story as videos of her saying she deleted all her old videos because she wasn’t wearing a hijab in them. She claims to remake the same videos but this time in her hijab.

No. 457882

Thanks for the info, Mira.

No. 457886

File: 1509351679967.jpg (67.17 KB, 603x601, delete everything.jpg)

She also posted a video on Twitter saying she deleted all the pics and all the videos showing her hair or her body.
Says she's all about sharing information and that people who come for her hair or her body are not needed.

No. 457887

File: 1509352977581.jpg (101.44 KB, 952x967, 6i1Ojh4.jpg)



Isn’t that Shari'ah, you filthy infidel?

lol Fanatic Mira is upon us. Her behavior is so creepy. Her contrived accent and gestures are like she has been watching video after video of religious sermons while sitting in front of a mirror. Babaloo snackbar!

Mira lucked out with Japanese because it is part of their culture to be polite and not cause a raucous when it comes to annoying weeaboos. You fuck up with the Muslim community and you won’t get that “ignorant gaijin” pass that you took for granted in Japan, Mira.

We just want her for her body! Shit, she’s crazy. Wait, didn’t she say she could not wear hijab at her job? What’s her explanation now? Time to leave Japan.

No. 457895


i grew up muslim in a muslim country and i'm still living there, your arguments are invalid.

No. 457899

File: 1509360574603.png (335.13 KB, 1082x549, so pure.png)

She deleted so many videos that when you search for her on Youtube, you get all those videos made by people exposing her.

No. 457900

File: 1509360695386.png (322.01 KB, 641x745, no sense of humor.png)

No. 457903

Yes, Katie Perry is globally renowned for disliking people staring at her boobs. FFS, Mira.

No. 457905

this next phase of Mira is gonna be fantastic(ally awful).

No. 457910

File: 1509365096809.jpg (498.3 KB, 935x337, PZeDfNx.jpg)

What’s funny is not only are Katy Perry and Ellen friends, Ellen is quoting Katy’s song “Birthday”, where the lyrics mean exactly what you think they do.

I’m looking forward to ankle-shaming Mira.

No. 457912

I never thought Mira would reach the all time low of white-knighting celebrities that give zero fucks about the likes of her.

No. 457918

People are actually offended by this photo?!

No. 457919

It's always entertaining to watch when people who used to have zero shame suddenly become defenders of chastity.

No. 457933

This one right here is a personal fave of mine :D

No. 457960

Will they give her asspats though, besides some weird dudes on Twitter? Islam as a whole doesn't seem to openly embrace converts, especially the conservative side. I remember reading a few stories about converts (mostly women who married muslim men) being ostracized and rejected by their communities.

I guess Mira doesn't care either way so it's pointless, but it's offensively stupid.

No. 458159

She has no one to reject her. Shes 'safe' in japan.
Honestly im just waiting for her to fal right on her dace with this shit.

No. 458949

she's doing boring live videos everyday now. desperate for subs?
she says her back hurts because she rode 8km (5 miles) on a bike. wtf that is nothing? she must be such a lazy fuck in everyday life if that kind of "exercise" exhausts her.
she's also so modest, she pees during the first few minutes of her live-stream! apparently she could not go before she started her shitstream? you can hear the toilet flushing. such classy meek spirit
she also says she feels naked without hijab. bitch you just started wearing it (allegedly)?! she is such a bullshitter
also talking about saudia arabia trip and tourist visas, when realizing SA dosn't let in tourists, changed trip destination to dubai only to realize she had no money.
she forgot halloween existed, just like she forgot english i guess.

No. 459060

Peeing is natural do not sexualize it!!

lol jk having ppl thinking of her pissing is probably the closest she can get to being a slut and muslim

No. 459154

She's getting creepy

No. 459241

oh god, Saudi Arabia is a shitehole, I've been there. Boring as f–k, there's nothing to do. WTF is Mira going to do? Walk around in an ugly black niqab and carry a camera around vlogging and get stared at by Saudi locals?

And she won't fit in Dubai, Dubai is full of hedonistic people who love partying and dressing up. Dubai is like a huge ass luxury mall full of rich people and tourists. They'd take a look at her and laugh their asses off.


No. 459244

well, being born and raised Muslim, from my personal experiences, I will tell you that a lot of native Muslims are now distrustful of converts today because of 9-11 terrorism, ISIS, and all that shit happening in the world today. Typically if Westerners are interested in Islam, it's for the wrong reasons and they're pro-ISIS and have fanatical views that native born Muslims don't share. Many white converts have ran away to join ISIS, you can google for examples. So that's why nowadays converts are not easily accepted in Muslim communities. I remember that before 9-11-2001, converts were widely accepted and welcomed by Muslims, but not anymore.


No. 459478

File: 1509635583054.jpg (45.51 KB, 594x438, k4kWFMdFKBdl.jpg)

i can't believe how stupid she is. how's this for "influence negative"?

No. 459991

Why is Mira throwing herself into Islam so quickly? She hasn't even been a Muslim for 6 months, yet she's learning Arabic, wants a Visa to Saudi Arabia and wears nothing but her Hijab and Burqa. Why would she want to throw away her life in Japan so quickly, especially considering how much she used to brag about being Japanese and raising her children as Japanese in her videos? She recently tried to become a Japanese citizen as well, so she's being a bit drastic

No. 460008

File: 1509733750031.jpg (97.42 KB, 960x719, 1458838513607.jpg)

It's obvious she has some kind of identity crisis issue where she keeps wanting to be something different, and goes at it hardcore.

when she was a kid she used to be a full blown punk, then became a trans-Japanese that got offended when waiters at a restaurant gave her forks instead of chopsticks, and is now as muslim as they come. This is a recurring thing with her. I bet the muslim phase will last 2 years max.

No. 460010

She seems to have so little personality that she fully throws herself into whatever new identity she adopts, idk.
To be fair Japan is probably more uncomfortable for her than she lets on. No friends, no qualifications for a decent-paying job.

No. 460023

Mira my jump from cultures and subcultures but if she gets too deep into this one she might not be able to handle the culture shock.

No. 460061

she has an identity crisis since she is a teen. usually a sign of bpd

No. 460064

File: 1509741682021.jpg (58.24 KB, 800x530, 800px-Kanadajin_denied_Japanes…)

Popular consensus points that she's always had an identity crisis and that any new thing or person that picks her attention is what defines her personality, interests and her new "I'm totally an expert in this and everyone else is wrong, no matter their experience" mentality.

>"Why would she want to throw away her life in Japan so quickly, especially considering how much she used to brag about being Japanese and raising her children as Japanese in her videos?"

She tried to obtain citizenship and got denied. Since that rejection makes her unable to claim her "glorious nipponese" status, she tried to find a new bandwagon to jump in -that and the whole Rodi fiasco got mixed up and now she's Mira Constable: the Mightiest Muslim ever.

>"so she's being a bit drastic"

Meh, she's always been drastic. Give her another year and she'll either move to "glorious Saudi Arabia to be Muslimer than you" (except not because her Youtube money is almost non-existent now and SA's regulations wouldn't allow that) or she'll finally realize that she's in deep shit because she won't be able to escape that new "identity" as easily as she escaped her punk, rave, weaboo, "totally native Canadian" and "totally Japanese" fases.

TL;dr: Yes, she's being drastic. She's losing face, money, "friends" and what little is left of her "sanity"/previous identity is fading away. You know, the usual.

Polite sage for long post/recap.

No. 460065

File: 1509741794063.jpg (137.02 KB, 1243x712, Clipboard02d.jpg)

to answer that question i recall a video where she videotaped herself alone at some kind of japanese holiday festival where people went and had a picnic. and she actually went to a family and got all shy, reluctant and quiet. not the loud obnoxious fuckwad she usually is. so personally I think she hates herself and offends a lot of people with her personality and her behavior. so when she hushed everyone away she adopts a new culture/country where she can start new.

it was also a weird change before versus after the denial of japanese citizenship. before she babbled so much about how this is so important to her and how there is such a little chance that it will get denied. after it she was like "i didnt even want it anyway - meh". if you feel rejected, pretending that you didnt want it in the first way, can be a coping mechanism to deal with the hurt.

still it is quite immature of her to not being able to reflect on her feelings and thought and now jump on the next train.
oh, and of course also because rody.

No. 460067

File: 1509742167021.png (46.36 KB, 787x583, You are doing amazing, sweetie…)

Just adding this to my "she's having a meltdown" argument: The current state of her channel.
She deleted just about fucking everything (she has 47 videos instead of 200+) and since her old "target viewers" aren't interested in her "I'm Muslim now" BS… well, here you have the numbers (not that socialblade is totally accurate but you can get the idea with this).

No. 460084

>it was also a weird change before versus after the denial of japanese citizenship

Honestly, don't know if she was. She may have know weeks before about her denial and tried to come up with a cover story.

Which she landed on with the sock-puppet "finding" where she worked and then being "forced to quit". And that her quitting was why she was denied.

No. 460105

it was very clear she had posted that herself. i agree with you that it was a cover up story, but i dont think she knew weeks before doing that. she is not known to have that kind of self control.

No. 460677

Isn't that Sharla at 2:18? Surprised she included that in the video since she hates her.

No. 460692


maybe since she wanted to show that everything bad is now gone from her channel which is also Sharla.

but idk but these days everything mira does is just damn depressing tbh.

No. 460693

File: 1509827199337.png (52.7 KB, 646x279, Screenshot (49).png)

She's pulling an Onion now. She's claiming her views and subs are dropping not because she converted, but because of some weird youtube conspiracy

No. 460700

"look forward to new Kanadajin Videos of the same old Kanadajin just covered up. If you don't like that, go watch red tube"

So she's saying every woman who doesn't cover up is doing porn. Yuh, okay

No. 460720

Now she deleted all her old videos which probably still had views and thus made her money. Her views went really badly downhill once she started the 'muslim' thing and keep getting worse with every video she uploads. I've never seen anyone being as good at self sabotaging as she is.. maybe Onision but yeah.

No. 460738


Yes, she couldn't resist trying (and failing miserably) to throw shade at Sharla for 4-5 year old drama that Miranda started anyway.

She can't let go of anything, deleted videos or not.

No. 460941

im surprised she has held onto this muslim thing for so long after that guy she was creeping on shat all over her. im assuming she is waiting for another muslim guy like him to fall in love with her? i really cannot see her actually giving a shit about islam considering how awful it treats thots like her

No. 460942

why tf would anyone wanna go to saudi arabia as a woman alone when it is crazy sexist and rapey there?

No. 460968

she failed in life. she's probably buying into the idea that there is one magic formula (Quran) you can follow and if you do your life will be spot on. you'll attract the right man and he will follow this 10-step-programme too and everything will just magically fall into place. of course people are people and people are shitty and it will never work like this. but it's a classic cult/religious fanatism track and I really hope she'll quit this shit soon and don't get impregnated by some jealous/abusive fuck who'll make her life even more miserable

No. 460999


because IMHO when she's trying to adopt a new identity, she wants to be in the place/conditions where that identity is the most prevalent to prove her sincerity. she went to Japan to live her weeb dream and became a supposedly traditional housewife and Japanese nationalist because she thought that's how the Japanese were. now she thinks that Saudi Arabia must be the Japan of islam because it's one of the countries where islam is observed most strictly and intensely and living there will lend her credence to her muslimness.

No. 461012

Seems to me that Mira doesn't want to work a regular job and is only willing to be a stay at home youtuber, just like she wanted to be a japanese housewife. She probably saw Rodi and thought that being a muslim wife who doesn't have to work who suits her too.

If I remember, everytime she had a part time job she'd complain about everything there.

No. 461013

I can't imagine an unaccompanied woman being allowed into SA. You can't immigrate there without a sponsor either. Even if she wants to do the Hajj she's going to have to find a man to take her. She's going to end up doing something really dumb.

No. 461014

is it that hard to find a Saudi man? Mira doesn't seem like the picky type, so as long as the guy is Muslim, young and from SA, she could probably easily become a mail order bride.

does Mira being white give her any exotic advantage on that?

No. 461019

Isn't SA the muslim country most desired? They're well off there, I don't know that it's full of desperados on the level of neediness or cross-cultural openmindedness that Mira requires. I could see her more moving to Malaysia / Indonesia or on the flipside, going somewhere really risky like Yemen.

No. 461026

I don't think she realizes how serious is Islam and that she cannot be Muslim and do whatever she wants cause "it's all about love and acceptance and I'm learning" in fucking SA. This girl must be kidding she better go back to reality before putting herself in danger

No. 461027

her white 1st world ass can't handle even flying over Yemen, they're getting bombed by the Saudi, there's a huge famine and contagion. as for SA being the "most desirable" muslim country, i don't think that's the case. expats gravitate towards rich and more "open-minded" muslim places like Dubai, Qatar and Kuwait where they have special rights while muslims themselves prefer more liberal countries for immigration and holidays.

No. 461036

Who the fuck would go to Yemen if you can… NOT go Yemen instead? Like?????

No. 461038

some of you guys have said that it won't be easy to drop islam once she outgrows this phase, excuse my ignorance, but what'll happen?

No. 461039

i dont know if this applies to first world white people that 'convert to islam' but a quick internet check shows that there is a possible death penalty

No. 461042

File: 1509902412419.jpg (35.53 KB, 704x434, uSv7FJ3.jpg)

No. 461045

>Who the fuck would go to Yemen if you can… NOT go Yemen instead? Like?????

She is so dumb that it seems like she actually thinks the mideast is some sort of Arabian Nights fairytale or something. She must not watch the news at all.

No. 461110

same thing that happens every other time, she'll pretend it never happened while she immerses herself in a new identity.


No. 461158

No. 461160

What will happens depends on if she leaves Japan or not imo

No. 461209

If she stays in Jp or goes to another Asian country, not much. If she marries a guy and goes somewhere extreme, she won't just be de-converting and going home.

No. 461481

what is that supposed to show us?

No. 461521


I’m sure every country has these same warnings and restrictions, right?
Holy shit. Even Hajj information comes with warnings of possible death due to stampede/crushing, like the unfathomable 2,000+ death toll that occurred just two years ago.

No. 461526

that website is paranoid af. I just checked several countries and it has ridiculous warnings for all of them. beware of over-priced bars in Estonia, beware of zika virus in Cuba, beware of spiked drinks in Russia, beware of peaceful demonstrations possibly turning violent in Sweden

No. 461527

How do you figure they're ridiculous? I think it's informative. Can't say you weren't warned if you go.

No. 461532

because a few of them i know for a fact are untrue/super exaggerated. it's fear-mongering imo.

anyway, this is OT

No. 461553

>any new thing or person that picks her attention is what defines her personality, interests and her new "I'm totally an expert in this and everyone else is wrong, no matter their experience" mentality.

As someone mentioned earlier, it's really too bad she can't seem to apply this kind of behavior towards a vocation or some sort of marketable skill.

Like I want to see her give this same kind of enthusiasm and effort to something worthwhile, that might be able to provide a living beyond YT earnings. Like is she really planning on living off YT into her 30s and beyond?

No. 461566

>Like is she really planning on living off YT into her 30s and beyond?
that's.. not bad? tons of people in their 30's get their sole income from youtube. I always thought that when she got older she would graduate into mommy vlogs. I kinda looked forward to her stubbornly insisting her baby is full Japanese and probably getting offended by the word hafu.

though with this turn of events the future is uncertain now~

No. 461585

I didn't click on any or check, but in Onion thread they used this to archive his deleted videos. I assume these are Miranda's

No. 461593

Sorry, didn't mean to imply it was bad. I know lots of people have success at all ages. Just that with her "content" it doesn't seem feasible that it can go on much longer.. like she's 27(?) now and seems like she's losing more and more viewers.

Time to think about a real job and real marketable skills.

No. 461596

fear-mongering is not informative. They list the UK and France in the same advisory category as Saudi Arabia and Algeria.

Nothing, considering no one gives a fuck. Unless she gets married or moves to the middle east like an idiot.

No. 461604

File: 1510090787564.jpg (410.06 KB, 1156x1751, c.jpg)

how likely is it that she'll really move there?

No. 461605

0 unless she finds a husband

No. 461609

Given that the shit will soon hit the fan there, I guess never.

No. 461667

Keked heartily

Sharia makes Apostasy an automatic death sentence. Saudi Arabia operates under Sharia as its government form and they strictly enforce it, they got moral police patrolling and the whole shebang. Iran does, too. She'd be a lot safer if she'd opt for SEA muslim countries like Indonesia or Malaysia instead.

No. 461685

I can't stop laughing at her new accent.

No. 461703

It's a govt. site… Last I saw in the news, France and the UK haven't been as safe as 15 yrs ago so, how is it fear-mongering??

No. 461706

i wanted to look up canada and was depressed when i noticed it was canadian

No. 461710

I just linked the official Canadian government site to see what her own country says about travel to S.A. I guess it says more about general Canadian cautiousness?

Anyone, especially Canadian anons, know if Canadians have a reputation for getting taken advantage of or scammed easily when they travel abroad?

No. 461758

Canadafag here. I've never heard of us having a reputation of being easily scammed. I have even heard of other countries wearing our flag so people treat them nicer. However, I have heard of places that will charge more or target you for being any kind of 1st world country because they suspect you to have more money/valuables. Also, Canada might be considered easier targets purely because we might not be privy to the type of scams (ie. In some places in Mexico they will overcharge you for gas while claiming you're being charged another price, which a sheltered person might not even think to check for because you'd never get away with that in Canada). However, that's really true of… any traveler?

No. 461759

>she made a face

Uhh… Yeah maybe because she knows first hand S.A. isn't funtown for women?

>"I love there!"

She probably, rightly, thought you were a retard, Mira.

No. 461767

Everyone needs to chill about travel warnings. they mean nothing, and they are not specific to the Canadian government. It's just a government giving its citizens a heads up that, say, they might get robbed on the train from CDG into Paris, or pickpocketed, or killed by terrorists. They are just disclosing it so no one can say they aren't informed. Australia has the same type of thing: http://smartraveller.gov.au/

Of course, Mira is a special combination of careless, pigheaded and naive. It's going to be like that nutter taking his pregnant wife into Taliban country then getting her pregnant multiple times while held prisoner for years.

No. 461770

This 1st world white bitch wants to be muslin in SA. What the fuck am I reading.
It's not possible to be that stupid, she has to have some sort of mental issue.
Everyone knows how women are treated in those places, the extremist level they take their religion, and mostly that things are NOT AT ALL about peace and love and Care Bears.
This girl needs help. She's walking into something that can get her abused, deprived from rights as we know or even killed.
Im completely mind blowed with this girl.
This is not even funny. If she insists on this she can end up in a tragic way. I can't

No. 461783

how can her english still worsen when it is her mothers tongue

No. 461794

File: 1510151869555.jpg (121.5 KB, 1184x1029, v8dPbOp.jpg)

Aaaaaaaaaaand…. here she goes. Most Muslim tradional, subservient housewife!
That fucking song is about a lazy ass, immature lover who stops contributing to the relationship and expects her(Jennifer Lopez) to do everything.

Lol. What culture differences?! When has Mira not cheated and exploited the men she has been with? When has she given 100% and done something for someone else?

No. 461796

what is this supposed to mean? what culture difference?

No. 461802

saging for no milk
lol i thought about that too, joshua boyle the idiot who took it upon himself to enter a warzone and fulfill some vague humanitarian effort with absolutely zero resources or institutional backing of any kind, as a honeymoon adventure with his pregnant wife. you know that before marrying the woman he was held in captivity with, he had gotten close to the family of omar khadr and married his sister? both boyle and mira will go to extremes to insert themselves into exotic~ cultural communities where they think they're gonna be praised for their selflessness and take on some kind of i'm-not-like-those-other-white-people social status. you can only entertain this shallow af narrative for so long before you put yourself into harms way.

No. 461805

It looks like she is criticizing the narrator of the song for being a bad, disobedient woman who doesn’t gladly serve her man.

Ew. Mira has done this “men and women are not equal” shit before.

No. 461808

oh, i was afraid that's what it meant. well, i won't be on the pity train if she ends up in an abusive relationship with no way out.

though i guess it's not really surprising. she got so infatuated with Rodi because he was the only decent guy she's ever met in her life who didn't fuck her and use her, so that's why she ~fell in love~ according to her own words. she can't have a very good self-esteem when it comes to men.

No. 461820

Kek, what the fuck Mira, there is no culture difference. You're not fucking middle eastern OR Japanese.

Not to go full SJW, but she's just a privileged white girl from Canada that's never faced any kind of oppression besides not being fully embraced a ~real nipponjin~ as soon as her feet touched Japanese ground, and now roleplays as a muslim/ME woman. She's disgusting. She has no idea what women in some muslim majority countries have to go through, there are women over there fighting just to have the same basic rights as men who get death threats or are attacked on the street. You don't want to serve a man Mira, you've just been lucky enough that no one's ever expected it from you.

No. 461825

Like >>461767 said, you can ignore most of these warnings and just use common sense. Travelling to France is generally about as safe as travelling to Canada and much safer than many of the countries in its same category, there could be a terrorist attack in Toronto tomorrow for all we know. Fear-mongering was the wrong term I guess, but they're just being overly cautious.

Sage for OT

No. 461829

tbh i hope she gets a real taste of that. i doubt she has ever experienced sexism beyond /pol/ calling her a stupid bitch

No. 461875

Wish mira could do herself a favor and sit a whole afternoon browsing liveleak as a quick eye opener, since I doubt she'd bother to read other websites documenting all the shit that happens there. Males over there are literally entitled to do whatever they want with women's lives.

No. 461979

because shes a fake

No. 462029

I'm not trying to defend her or anything, hell I dislike this cow as much as the next person but I kind of understand the whole struggle of maybe forgetting some words, or suddenly having grammatical issues and such. I communicate so much more in english in my daily life than I do in my mother tongue, so many times I completely fail to structure a proper sentence in my native language. And it's embarrassing but it really can happen. sage for blog but just wanted to add my thoughts since that topic comes up a lot.
But yes, Mira might overdo it to fit her 'whatever new nationality' she just wants to have.

No. 462059

English is her native and first language anon. She's not "forgetting" it.

No. 462080

is she seriously trying so hard to be muslim that she is going to go extremist?? like i met a few muslims where i work and alot of the shitty extreme ones (not all i know calm down) make assholeish remarks like this. if she seriously is going to go that route she is in a world of being eaten alive by other muslims

No. 462091

not that anon, but 'native' and 'first' language mean the same thing. And I agree with them, you can start to forget it. I doubt Mira lives, thinks, and speaks Japanese 99% of the time though, so any misspellings or weird sentence orders is probably down to her being a neanderthal.

No. 462096

Did you not read the entire comment or what? Anon knows that Mira's native language is English, but is saying that you can make mistakes in your native language if you spend enough time speaking another one. Your brain gets used to the different syntax, etc. and then you accidentally apply them to your native language.

Hence >so many times I completely fail to structure a proper sentence in my native language

No. 462103


But do you start speaking your language in a fake accent to sound more like a 2nd language speaker? Or suddenly shift to a different fake accent a week or so after becoming Muslim?
The vast amount of people who have been in foreign countries far longer than Miranda, and speak their new language far more often (Miranda's few friend are all English speakers) that haven't. Plus she first claim she was "forgetting English" after a few MONTHS.

Miranda's claim of "language attrition" is forgetting a word here and there or a grammar mistake. She tries to imitate a Native Japanese speaker just learning English. It's pathetic.

Also, If you had looked at her previous stuff when she was on that SixtyFourdigits sight. She had the same grammar and spelling Mistakes and she was still living in Canada.

Sage because this has already been covered to death but someone has to come along every few months to bring it up.

No. 462104

She doesn't just make some mistakes, her English is straight up awful. I tend to forget words in my native language or struggle to get the correct grammar every now and then too because I speak and write English all the time, but as an adult your native language skills don't completely deteriorate, especially since her social media and her entire YT channel are in fucking English.

sage for dead horse

No. 462109

Especially since she doesn't even have the excuse of speaking a different language all the time rather than her native tongue (English). Her Japanese is terrible– and she doesn't speak it all the time– and she absolutely doesn't speak Arabic, much less speak it all the time. She's just being a tryhard dumbass.

No. 462112

But Miranda's english has always been bad. These are just a few of her usual misspellings
foringer - foreigner
embarising - embarrassing
guincidence - coincidence
lout- loud
reaconise - recognize

as you can see, they're not just misspelled, they're mispronounced. I don't think Mira has a fake accent, I think she literally can't properly speak English because she's simply stupid.

No. 462136

she has a history of exaggerating this kind of shit + changing how she speaks due to "being japanese" and now "being muslim"

of course what you say happens, but its clearly not the case with this dumb bitch. also, i am pretty sure she hangs around anglos as much as possible.

so even if you want to take into account she was in japan, sure. but that doesnt explain her new broken english style

No. 462138

Though I admit her English is still awful, in this video it doesn't seem as try-hard "I'm forgetting Engrish because became Japanese" as her old videos.

IDK, you can be the judge of that.

No. 462153

Mira has no excuses. As an ESL, I tend to make a lot of mistakes too when I speak in my native language after speaking exclusively in english. Notice the "speak".

Mira writes like a goddamn caveman, meaning she has plenty of time to pause and correct herself. Same with her videos, she can and should edit out all the mistakes and dumb accents.

You MAKE a lot of mistakes living in another country, if you do involve yourself a lot with native speakers but they tend to show themselves in the form of brain farts, directly translating a word that seems similar but not really, or forgetting a word for a minute.

No. 462180

How can someone be making videos for so long and not have any improvement in quality. The shitty headset mic, iMovie stock sounds, and cheesy outro-song would be laughable even if you started making videos a week ago.

Also YouTube's algorithm counts the views of a deleted video as being lost when deciding search results / recommended videos so she has completely fucked her channel up for months in doing so.

No. 462258

File: 1510279782176.jpg (93.98 KB, 640x1258, q0Nbxnn.jpg)

^Why does she make an exception for herself when it comes to using English with her gaijin friends and using Arabic? Why is her Quar’an English edition instead of Japanese? She should tell her Imam to use only Japanese from now on because this is Japan! None of that barbarian language and customs polluting OUR culture. Lol

>also, i am pretty sure she hangs around anglos as much as possible.

And this is the hole in Mira’s claim of her language attrition. Mira hangs out nearly exclusively with foreigners, often speaking English or non-native level Japanese with them, and conducts social media and videos mostly in English. Except for her rumored job, she is not completely immersed in Japanese language and influenced by close Japanese people in her personal life. She is not living like a regular Japanese person, so she does not speak or write like one. I slip up a lot when switching back to English from Japanese, but those are temporary brain farts and I will get back into the swing of things as the conversation goes on. It is not a permanent thing! I have NEVER posted something or recorded myself using significantly flawed grammar because I proofread and quickly notice my mistakes. You can also edit later, so she has no excuse to leave things the way they are. She’s just a fetishizing asshole.

No. 462483

>those tweets
i can't even wrap my head around how stupid she is. A monolingual child will be a million times angrier at their parent if they go out of their way to prevent them being bilingual when they could have been.. than a bilingual child would be angry at their parents for not keeping him monolingual. the latter doesn't even make sense because it would never happen.

No. 462485

I thought it was establish Mira isnt bright.

Speaking multiple languages is very good. Like we needed a spanish speaker for a costumer and non of us in the front knew any that was good we had to get someone from the back to speak. He spoke english, french and spanish. It was very helpful.
It will only help you in the long run as the world becomes more connexted and chances to visit other countries increases. Mira is a back country dumbass.

No. 462501

Not always true. I know this is anecdotal evidence but .. I live in USA, and my boss is Chinese. His son is American born and attends public school. He was hanging out in the office a lot last summer and he told me he "doesn't speak Chinese anymore" when his dad tries to talk to him in Chinese he won't answer. Or he will only answer in English. I'm sure when he gets older he will see the value and appreciate being bilingual but right now he's just a kid trying to fit in.

No. 462515

it doesnt matter if it is good or helpful. it doesnt matter if the child wants it too. a child that age doesnt give a shit about it. so raising your child bilingual or even trilingual only has upsides.
even if the child later decides they dont want to like >>462501 they can just stop speaking that language. but you can never go back to your childhood and learn a language native level. you only can do so until a certain age. and even if you dont use it later or forget vocabulary you will always have an advantage in that language and every language that is similar to it. she is just outright retarded and doesnt know language acquisition works. she probably is mad she didnt grow up a bilingual halfu child and tries to convert her hate and inferiority feelings onto bilingual children/their parents.

No. 462516

same but: hence her saying
>to say that knowing another language makes you more advance is insulting to those who dont know another
she feels personally insulted

No. 462528

yeah, but the reasoning for someone like that comes from a pretty bad place. first generation immigrant kids who are embarrassed of their roots and want to be fully Americanized. i've seen it before too, even to go as far as hope they forget it completely.

spot on, except I don't think she's mad because of that last part. I think it has more to do with her obsession over being 100% Japanese. According to her races don't exist, or whatever, so she and her child would be strictly Japanese in every way.

No. 462551

Thats the down side of knowing more than one. Alot of immigrants do not teach their children in america because of the mindset of not fitting in "in america we speak only english" is a harmful mindset that has been here since the colonies. Its a harmful assimilation and should be gone so we can truly become a melting pot.

No. 462579

"Saudi Arabia is safe and peaceful!"

Sage for marginally related but I wonder if Mira actually looks at news about SA at all.

No. 462690

File: 1510402684133.png (42.7 KB, 640x382, 1.png)

No. 462691

File: 1510402716538.png (15.68 KB, 588x177, 2.png)

No. 462699

File: 1510409111333.jpg (77.88 KB, 616x616, tumblr_o1kz8p5IJB1qiezzso1_128…)


No. 462700

lmao took me a second to notice, she thinks that's a contraction for "there are"

No. 462704

Same bullshit as the last years. Holier-than-thou Miranda Constable strikes again. How much self-loathing does she have?

No. 462729

>>46What the fuck is her ¨general¨?

No. 462741

I think she means her channel and that's hilarious

No. 462747

I've just noticed that she doesn't know how titles work, she really is stupid

No. 462761

This is a seriously over privileged white bitch who needs to go to Saudi Arabia, get gang raped and then when she is mocked for getting raped, see how nice life is in North America again.. (or even Japan.) Damn, she is beyond obnoxious. Women have zero rights there. my boss is a muslim woman from SA and she goes on about how much happier and safer she feels here compared to her birth country.

No. 462767

File: 1510438032264.png (874.36 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20171111-220436.png)

If only the niqab covered her eyebrows

No. 462768

Her "accent" is just the most bizarre things…

No. 462790

someone revoke her extra twitter letters asap

No. 462890

lmao, not even muslim chicks like the niqab, the only ones i have ever seen wearing it are women in middle eastern countries who are forced to wear it
she is seriously one of the like five muslim chicks on the planet willingly wearing that shit.
its funny how she is calling everyone else the white privileged sexists tho

No. 462906


I think converts may like it more than women who were raised in the faith. There was a driver's license case a number of years back in some state where she didn't want to take it off for the driver's license photo since it was part of her ~religion~. She was a convert, so she was taking an ultra-hardcore interpretation of it to the max, which an Egyptian Muslim scholar commented about in the state's rebuttal of her argument.

No. 463085

re: language ability, it should be noted that a lot of people have said she may have fetal alcohol syndrome, as she shows a lot of signs.

what i can say from a linguistic perspective is that, yeah, her english is trash-garbage. you do lose ability to use proper grammar when immersed in a language. mira speaks japanese daily, there's no doubt to that, and if you do that for long enough (she qualifies), you can start to lose some of your native language capabilities.

but mira has a history of not having those capabilities in the first place. back lack of grammar knowledge, pronunciation knowledge, low vocabulary, and horrific spelling. she's a native speaker, yeah, but to that of maybe a 5th grader in the US.

maybe she just had a shit education. maybe she just didn't retain it. or maybe she has some neurological deficiency. it doesn't really matter, and props to her for doing all she's done if she does have a brain that works against her. but the only undeniable fact is that she can't speak english at an even remotely competent level.

>>462690 i mean look at this mess. she makes trump's lackluster grammar look like he has a PHD.

No. 463283

File: 1510583697363.png (63.26 KB, 901x701, dump.png)

Onision levels of a sub nosedive.

No. 463536

yeah exactly this. Most native born Muslims look down at the niqab and will think Mira is a freakin' weirdo. Usually white Western converts or African American converts will become hardcore right-wing fundamentalists and grow beards or wear niqab and sleep on the floor and brush their teeth with miswak, while the rest of us are like, NOPE.

No. 463540

if she moves to a right-wing hardcore Muslim country like Saudi Arabia and decides to quit Islam or speak out aginst Islam, she would get punished by the government, maybe get lashings. Death penalty? I'm not sure. Otherwise she might just get death threats from right-wing militias like Al Qaida or Hizb ut Tahrir. Fun!

A former ex-Muslim atheist blogger in Bangladesh got hacked to death by an ISIS fanatic. A few ex-Muslim intellectuals in Pakistan have also spoken out against and gotten death penalties.

Nowadays, many moderate and liberal Muslims are too scared to speak out and call for an Islamic reform because of how deep Wahhabi ideology is ingrained in many countries around the world, it's sad af.

Mira is an idiot.

No. 463603

Mira's threads went from entertaining to depressing really fast. At this point I'm just waiting for Kanadajin3: Jihadi Mira Edition to be honest.

No. 463623

I feel we are gonna get there fast
She is already wearing a niqab and offhandely implying women without hijabs should just be on pornhub.
Like literally this girl all ready getting pretty damn fanatical

No. 463628

File: 1510641975954.jpg (244.59 KB, 1080x1712, IMG_20171114_012631.jpg)

No. 463716

since she needs to be an offending idiot and scandalize with her being everywhere she goes, she probably would trigger that off without even realizing that. but in saudi arabia she couldnt be the "OMG YOURE WEARING A NIQAB" queen so why would she go there.

No. 464432

>culture-switching phase'
Seems like BPD-levels of lacking a clear identity.

No. 464443

It was said before but if she openly denounces her muslim faith in a sharia governed country, which KSA is, the punishment is death. She will never live there, though, so the absolute worst that could happen is her joining a radical/fundamental mosque and eventually get shipped off to ISIS-held territory in Iraq or Syria and end up as a wife/marital rape victim to some chechen soldier and that is a fate I don't even wish upon even the likes of Mira.

She seems a prime candidate for being talked into going to jihad if you compare her to other girls that went/got shipped off to Syria, childlike mentality, low intelligence and especially the need for attention but I still doubt this will happen because I don't think that there are many, if any, crazy wahabi fundamental mosques in Japan to begin with. A scenario like that would be far more likely in NA or Europe.

No. 464449

Mira could dive in this far out of hardheadedness and the extremity with which she does anything, then find it impossible to get out.

No. 464546

File: 1510819435930.jpg (164.5 KB, 1242x1119, mfCPYKS.jpg)

Christmas has come early, children! Thanks to an anon’s tip, here is that rumored local punk forum that Miranda used to haunt. It seems like several people were quite annoyed by her over there. Have fun taking screenshots! As you can tell, she was always an illiterate weeaboo. There is a lot to browse through if you have the patience.

As Murasaki:

As namaxdaijoubu:

Thread arguing about MIRANDA as a nuisance to the forum:

No. 464550

File: 1510819764277.jpg (386 KB, 1242x2092, uQcHuyF.jpg)

She totally didn’t make 123japanese, eh?

No. 464553

File: 1510820068393.jpg (18.56 KB, 425x282, Punching_a_Wall.jpg)

>Perhapse again

No. 464560


i want to run this thru a text-to-speech program and send the results here for keks but currently at work and have no clue how to do it. other anons are welcome to try.

No. 464565

File: 1510821891319.jpg (194.17 KB, 1456x700, Screenshot_6.jpg)

In case your were curious about her literacy:


>i can:t

It hurts my soul. Mira would probably say these posts are 7 years old. But it's not like her grammar has EVER improved.

No. 464584

File: 1510827306435.jpg (16.13 KB, 597x277, Clipboard014.jpg)

No. 464586

god i bet right now she's trying to get the passwords to those accounts to delete them lol

No. 464596

File: 1510831143988.jpg (571.91 KB, 1242x2096, 3fNXuX8.jpg)

I found at least one of her sockpuppets!

Here, she comes to white knight herself and her competing Sudbury punk website. As usual, she bashes the other site and exaggerates how great her own forum is. Miranda is always right! Miranda is perfect and her ability is superior! You are Shaytan!

It seems the original site was down for a couple months (admins or mods were working on getting it back up) and Miranda decided to take it upon herself to make her own Punksud site.

No. 464638

> visit japan, the world's cheapest country

No. 464641

File: 1510841025140.png (146.68 KB, 1716x872, history.png)

This site is fucking GOLD!!!!

Little sexual history for Miranda

No. 464654

File: 1510843391196.png (13.96 KB, 1058x279, nanismira.png)


And for dead proof that "namaxdaijoubu" is Miranda

No. 464655

File: 1510843451130.png (19.42 KB, 1714x300, barf.png)

And the best comment I've seen regarding Miranda on that site, so far.

No. 464657

File: 1510844098731.png (41.85 KB, 1712x296, always.png)

Seems, even 7 years ago, Miranda was always a "half-retarded weeaboo from Toronto"

Also, humorous because she claimed to have never heard of the term "weeaboo" before when she was repeatedly called that on this site.

No. 464670

At the time of that post, she had claimed she had been with her bf for 3.5 years, cheated on him once and had some BBC when they broke up. So that looks like 13 people by the time she was 16. Impressive. But it’s all good because she wore hijab, like a good Muslim girl.

We can only dream of the stupidity those posters encountered with her in the now-deleted original version of that forum.

No. 464698

File: 1510852354483.jpg (480.34 KB, 1242x2092, brEdVUS.jpg)

Me again.
Here is a post, where the administrator tylerh quoted a message to him that seems to have been deleted, where Miranda’s sock reveals she is from Sault Ste. Marie. In typical Mira fashion, she makes vague accusations against the administrator’s character, pretends to not have visited the site or been aware of who runs it, praises her hometown and puts down Sudbury. What are the odds that an unknown person from Miranda’s small town, who was later tracked as having an IP from Illinois, would be her biggest supporter and heavily critical of the rival site that shunned her? Lol

No. 464761

File: 1510870578697.jpg (87.99 KB, 772x525, you dont even know english.jpg)

oh miranda

No. 464768

File: 1510871571700.png (435.16 KB, 720x720, hfjskdt3.png)

how do i unlearn about this trashy behaviour

can i pass this memory to all the muslims and free myself

No. 464793

File: 1510874467651.png (49.22 KB, 1212x392, anne.png)


All over that board they call her Miranda, And Murasaki is confirmed her (screen shots of her trying to pimp her website) well, Miranda posting a stupid quiz. Check out the middle name: Anne

Once again confirming her name is Miranda Ann (or Anne) Constable.

No. 464795

Just imagine a conga line of suitors making their way to Lady Miranda’s boudoir. R. Kelly’s Bump n’ Grind playing in the background. She has those “bedroom eyes”.

It’s amazing that she now literally accuses people of being perverts looking for porn because they wanted her to keep up her old videos without hijab.

No. 464873

>Thread arguing about MIRANDA as a nuisance to the forum

Miranda is this 'Demonica', isn't she?
>the people should be aloud to chose.
>aloud to chose

No. 464885

File: 1510886886393.png (14.41 KB, 504x215, 5dZ4xi6.png)

Here you go Anon, just click the little speaker to hear it


No. 464891

File: 1510887404390.png (75.47 KB, 1080x400, 20171116_205445.png)

Oh the hypocrisy Mira while you cheated on your BF.

The link was to Craigslist of a photo to a 19 year old pretending to sleep while giving a handjob to the man next to her.

No. 464892

File: 1510887437194.png (251.41 KB, 1080x1452, 20171116_204607.png)


No. 464895

Bloop. There goes any chance she might marry into Saudi Arabia.

No. 464909

No. 464910

File: 1510891349223.png (816.32 KB, 824x547, l8kiuythgfd.png.1e1d11e424d4af…)


No. 464911

No. 464921

so… mira is the op?

No. 464935

op has spelling and grammar

No. 465036

ewww wtf

No. 465037

File: 1510906392692.jpg (1.51 MB, 1920x6953, screencapture-reddit-r-LearnJa…)

I love how 4-5 of the top comments refer to the fact that miranda is insane

No. 465038

wait thats actually from yesterdays. who of you fuckers is hophopaway1 top kek

No. 465104

It really seems that way. A small punk rock board for locals and somebody decides to create an account just to defend a nobody like her(and criticize the administrator just as Miranda does)? Yeah, smells like a rat.

It’s easy to spot a wild Miranda when she is her typical lazy self, but sometimes she CAN acknowledge spell check and take her time to read over her posts before publishing them. Usually, her more coherent, consistently grammatical posts come about when she is in a place where her normal speech pattern would be recognized too quickly.

It’s either her or a troll. Nobody past N5 Japanese would dream of praising her, especially not in r/LearnJapanese.

No. 465125

>It’s either her or a troll. Nobody past N5 Japanese would dream of praising her, especially not in r/LearnJapanese.

Exactly. One big giveaway is the "One of the most popular Japanese tutors on youtube"

She's not even close..

No. 465132

I forgot to add another indicator: the poster needlessly denigrates a more successful or well-liked YouTuber/blogger who offers content or research of much higher quality. She’ll always find a way to piss on them to elevate herself to an undeserved status.

No. 465134

she's a sockpuppeter extraordinare, but what turns me off in this instance is the user's posting history, which involves some sperging about games. is that a subject of interest for her?

No. 465153


thank you anon, that's so nice of you. results are not as lulzy as i hoped but still kinda funny.

No. 465179

File: 1510933425588.png (4.47 KB, 763x55, vid.png)


Possibly, she said in the PUNKSUD board that she liked playing. In the "Question" thread where she talked about banging all those peeps, there was the attached question.

Not sure how accurate that is considering the source is Miranda..

No. 465215

File: 1510938751922.jpg (214.8 KB, 1242x2075, oXU4OjE.jpg)

At the time, she did seem to enjoy casual gaming. She was into handheld games first, and then appears to have been introduced to computer games by her ex-bf and his friends. In general, it looks like she preferred card-based strategy and Pokémon. She had a Steam account, but her game list is pretty meh. At least she never claimed to be the best at these games.

No. 465472

Hi. Mira here

What? I hate card games. Unless it is "cards against humanity "

And no, Pokémon was around grade 4-6 when Pokémon was cool, but I only collected the cards , not played the card game. Preferred to watch the tv show and play with toys.

Games. Always loved
Since I was little had a sega Saturn.
I don't have a problem giving people proper information about me but please don't assume things because you look stupid in the end because at the end of the day I always give out a lot of information about myself because it's no secret

But if you sit there and try to assume or make up stuff about my life in the end you look stupid because when I release that information people know the truth

My favorite game generally is stuff like empire earth and colonization , Big fan of tycoon games especially roller coaster tycoon and Zoo tycoon. I don't know why the Western world likes to think that if you were interested in games you must be some professional gamer and if you say that you like the games that means he must be the best otherwise you fail . That's why am glad to live in Japan because people don't give a shit about this kind of stuff . If you live in Japan and you say you like games it simply is just stating that you like games there's no competition there is no oh my God he doesn't play the game for 15 years and knows all about it so he's a poser stupid childish high school culture here and I love it .

No. 465475

is this a joke?

No. 465477

And I thought I'd mention I don't care that people know that I was a member of the website punksud, because I have already mentioned that in my Videos . I already mentioned my old YouTube account as well . However I hate to inform you the website user that that person is trying to expose is not me because I stopped using that website when it shut down the website does not exist anymore . My user name was unknownarmy16 . I only had that username and I went by it . But the website shut down and when it shut down I didn't use it the website didn't even exist when I lived in Japan for when I had my YouTube . The timeline of what these accounts that you think of me or not lining up . Though some of the posts and stories seems like it's something I would say at the end of the day I didn't cheat on my boyfriend and then go sleep with a black guy. Nor would I brag about it online. I never knew this form existed but it appears like it is someone who is pretending to be me which doesn't surprise me because a lot of people did hate me on that website .

The reason why is because I hated the fact that the scene kids were taking over the punk scene and I was one of those stupid kids who seeing it as a click opportunity .

I don't agree with my old personality I think it's stupid . I think people who go around calling each other posers and bashing on another person's likes and dislikes is the most stupidest thing in the universe and I had no life back then so I went on that form and thought that I was better than those people so I would make long post about how Toronto is the best .

But those post you will never see the long gone sadly though because I would be interested in seeing how stupid I actually was.

I'm a little bit confused why you people would think that I'm so upset about this you do realize that I went on that website over 12 years ago .

I'm Muslim I don't care about the past my life is about my future .

Nothing people can see on the Internet about rumors or stuff in the past or in my past life or anything to never hurt me .

I live my own life and I love it nothing can affect it

No. 465478

so much for first time posting last time posting

No. 465482

>those pathetic meager gameplay hours

Stay mediocre

No. 465532

Lol. Isn’t coming here every day haram?

I can’t believe you finally said something when your GAMING HISTORY was being analyzed. What is with your tangent about the Western world? Do you have to mention you live IN JAPAN in every post? I don’t know how many times this has to be reiterated: Many people here live in Japan too! You’re a dime a dozen.

>I never knew this form existed but it appears like it is someone who is pretending to be me which doesn't surprise me because a lot of people did hate me on that website

Are you seriously claiming that other people were impersonating you that time as well? Holy fuck, Miranda. Stop lying. “Mira Nagayama” and Miranda Anne Constable are the same person. You can’t separate the two in order to avoid responsibility for your behavior. Aren’t you afraid of Muslim Hell or something?

>I'm a little bit confused why you people would think that I'm so upset about this you do realize that I went on that website over 12 years ago.

Of course we know you have no shame. It’s just hilarious to see you take the bait and come back here again and again and again…

>I'm Muslim I don't care about the past my life is about my future .

Yes you do, or else you wouldn’t have typed up that barely coherent rant about your video games choices.

So, Miranda. Are you that PULL user Punksu?
*”One who testifies falsely against someone will be hung by his tongue with the hypocrites in the lowest portion of Hell.”

No. 465574

If you're going to roleplay, remember to misuse punctuation (your usage of commas is correct, which Mira would never), and add more incorrect spellings.

Practice harder, and I believe that you'll be able to properly detail a thread one day!

No. 465579

Oh honey I don't know why that bothers you that I say that I am living in Japan the point is that it everyone of my titles is for the click bait factor . I'm not sure why that triggers anyone because it's common sense and advertising that if you're going to make a video about something and it's related to Japan it's best to put that in the title so that it catches people and so that people know that .

My first name was never Miranda, it's a combination of my middle name and Mira . A nickname that I used in high school along with other names such as Amanda , flea , mandi, myrah,

Constable is my grandfathers name
I used it after he died to respect him. Already said this in a vidoe but nobody pay attention to those . Instead they will keep saying it as if it hurts me .

Couldn't care what my last name is.
Whiteiemcwhitewhites . It's a name.
Nothing you say bothers me ^^(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 465584

If you're not bothered why are you here.you only come around when we hit the nail on the head, trying to steer us in the wrong direction.I bet you wonder to yourself how do they always figure it out? Everyone isn't an idiot like you.

No. 465598

>My first name was never Miranda
nobody believes that, Miranda.
>Constable is my grandfathers name. I used it after he died to respect him
>to respect him
that makes no sense

No. 465601

I don't think this is Miranda. The typical spelling mistakes and speach patterns are not there.
Don't be fooled people and stop replying to someone who wants attention.

No. 465604

Yea its to well written, and I cant read it in her mucus coated voice.

No. 465605

File: 1511024437697.jpg (36.44 KB, 811x239, i do it in my head.jpg)


<- THIS is Mira.

No. 465607

What is she trying to say?? She's so shit at English that I can't even comprehend her sentences anymore

No. 465608

File: 1511024682979.jpg (11.16 KB, 351x106, no comment.jpg)

Because you can see perfectly well someone's face in a niqab…

No. 465609

File: 1511025195078.jpg (75.6 KB, 1052x653, digital0.jpg)

She actually added a filter in one of her recent videos to hide her hair and it looks absolutely retarded.

No. 465610

File: 1511025216938.jpg (27.47 KB, 561x246, digital.jpg)

No. 465613

what the fucking cocksucking jesus christ fuck is that

No. 465670

welcome to the future states newly converted muslim woman ready to throw her rights away for that muslim dicking

lmao oh miranda

No. 465754

What? The person’s replies above are practically a murder scene when it comes to grammar and punctuation. Syntax alone is not the only indicator. It’s also her batshit rationalization and posturing. I’m not saying I’m 100% convinced it’s her but it’s lame when anons are like “It can’t be her. The spelling is too good!” when the posts look like the were written by a stroke victim.

She’s in her true form: a hairy asshole.

No. 465828

>She’s in her true form: a hairy asshole.

That, legit, cracked me the hell up..

No. 466609

File: 1511270577755.jpg (94.36 KB, 1003x248, kanadajin1.jpg)

No. 466616

No. 466619

File: 1511271192458.jpg (152.77 KB, 1277x819, 1470867313970.jpg)

miranda before islam

No. 466620

File: 1511271274473.jpg (47.99 KB, 450x600, 450px-Hostesmira.jpg)


No. 466622

File: 1511271662703.png (328.62 KB, 567x465, 1470856657069.png)


miranda's thong. G-string.

No. 466630

i was gonna say she looks like a tranny, but she looks so uncomfortable, like a dude who's friends forced him into it.

No. 466663


WTF is this? Looks like a diaper soggy with baby shit.

No. 466785

>She’s in her true form: a hairy asshole.
top kek

No. 466807

That looks awful and beyond unsexy. Why would anyone wear that?

No. 467124

File: 1511366529733.jpg (86.54 KB, 900x900, grill.jpg)

They can look pretty, but Mira is just ugly with an unflattering body

No. 467138

yeah they can look good after hours of photoshop and a pro photographer, irl they would look like shit no matter how hot your body is

No. 467236

File: 1511386562433.jpg (56.31 KB, 476x348, Untitled.jpg)

iirc she didnt buy a real one of these (whatever theyre called) but just bought 2 different types of bikinis and put them over each other like the redneck she is. since the normal bikini ones are suppossed to be worn over your hip bones this one sagged like shit when she just let it hang there like a diaper because she thought she was some fashion guru.
the store-produced ones are way shorter and smaller so they dont sag when worn like this.

personally I think it became a trend because japanese women were to shy to wear an actual thong so some were happy they can wear a thong on their hips while on the meantime having all of their buttocks covered.

btw is there no other milk besides discussing her old fashion choices?

if she is keep being so dry on milk I might enjoy this new muslim phase as long as she doesnt start bombing shit up.

No. 467352

File: 1511399303096.jpg (264.05 KB, 1242x1589, D2kssWC.jpg)

>Just recently learned about the Israel-Palestine conflict.
>Just recently

What the fuck?! This bitch is 27 years old and didn’t know about this bitter conflict? She has never watched the news or picked up a newspaper. Never seen a “Free Palestine” poster and understood what it was about? Wow….

But I’m sure she read an Wikipedia article “from front to continuing forward” and is an expert now.

No. 467356

oh my god. Major eye roll. Even rednecks in my town know all about Israel-Palestine conflict and they don't even like Muslims or Jews. I'm a Muslim (non-Arab) and I think anybody who is NOT Israeli or Palestinian should STFU about these issues. I can't stand it when people start lecturing about what Israel/Palestine should do. Personally, I feel that only Israelis and Palestinians should be allowed to state what's the best thing for the peace process. KanadaCunt will probably start ranting about Palestine and make antisemitic remarks. She will attract more pro-Palestine anti-Semites. Ugh.

saged for rant.

No. 467467

File: 1511425929109.jpg (81.92 KB, 586x482, react.jpg)

New type of stupid videos, "react videos", when that trend has already come and gone a long time ago.

No. 467469

>dat face
oh jesus cocksucking christ

No. 467512


OT but i think it has more to do with the way japanese women are "allowed" to be sexy. from what i saw on the interwebs, what is considered sexy/attractive there are coy, infantile women acting shy and not really willing to reveal skin. they only imply sexuality. this fugly piece of crap is that kinda thing imho, in that "i'm too virtuous to wear a thong but i'm still showing you the strap so that you can fantasize about my butt in a thong" way.

sage for lolicon japanese beauty standards bullshit.

No. 467619

File: 1511477597589.jpg (44.42 KB, 600x797, are-you-wizard.jpg)

Before I read the text my initial reaction was that someone shooped headscarf on a picture of a legitimately retarded person as a joke of it being Mira…

…but then it was actually her.

No. 467674

File: 1511487807703.png (285.44 KB, 640x480, Copy_of_1zwo5p.thumb.PNG.5bbda…)

No. 467722

File: 1511496924396.jpg (271.91 KB, 1335x1242, yAl16WO.jpg)

>And no the reason why I wanted to teach kids only Japanese, is because we only spoke Japnaese. Now I actually only speak English so my child will only speak English I think, unless homelife changes.

Can someone help me translate this Mira-ese? Who was the WE in the first situation? Why would it change now when she has vehemently argued that only Japanese should be spoken in Japan, even in private countries conversations with family or if you are a tourist?

I have a suspicion that the determining factor, in every case, is a man of varying national origin. Gross.

No. 467724

same anon
*in private conversations

No. 467731

Look at that shit plastic wig much fashion

No. 467734

>we only discovered iron is from heaven in the last 50 years thanks science

No. 467755

yeah, I guess she's opening herself up to having children with a non-Japanese, so whatever language her child will "only" know will depend on whatever culture her partner is from. Either way I don't get why she's so dead set on her child not being bilingual no matter what the circumstance.

No. 467759


No. 467762

She wanted to be so Japanese that when her kids would visit Canada she would tell people “Oh, sorry. My JAPANESE children can’t speak English. I will translate what you say into JAPANESE… for my Japanese children who are so Japanese.”

Now she must be interested in a Muslim guy who can’t speak Japanese very well, and she can’t speak any other language, so it looks like they will settle on English for communication. But ONLY English, even though she said she will stay in Japan forever? That is doesn’t make any sense unless she plans to move back to Canada.

That is seriously sad. Just because one parent can’t understand the other parent’s native language or the predominant language spoken where they live, it doesn’t mean a child can’t easily learn.

No. 467776

someone HAS to ask her how the fuck science proves a load of bullshit like THAT.
I am now convinced she is reading some of those Muslim creationist "science" blogs

No. 467800

I forgot to mentioned that the screenshot comes from the à-bas-le-ciel video Kanadajin3 Replies! Slavery and Racism in Islam. He has posted a few entries on their correspondence and there are some crazy, golden quotes her. It’s really scary how she, a former atheist and good-time girl, repeats “ Nothing in the Quran is flawed”.

No. 467808

File: 1511524345004.jpg (809.55 KB, 1766x1278, my life is awsome.jpg)

>Saudi Arabia has been my favorite country since a child … Has nothing to do with Islam. I only mentioned it because it's interesting that as a child I was drawn to Saudi, even though I had nothing to do with it. Brittle? Suicide? I'm confused why you think that. In my religion it's forbidden and I rather not go to hell^^ plus my life is awsome so no worries there ^^

No. 467809

>which is why I was able to fit into japanese society so well
sure jan

No. 467810

there are a lot of scientists and documentaries available who're saying that the arabic world didnt bring forward great scientists because of the strict rules that the islam provides. The arabic world was known for its advanced science around hundred years ago (advances in the medical field in the middle age was far more developed than it was e.g. in europe). now theyre going backwards due to islam.

No. 467812

the only predominantly muslim communities that made scientific progress were secular

boy somebody should ask her questions about jews just to see how much of the antisemitic kool aid she's already drunk

No. 467915

wait this isn't a mirandism, this is stuff other people believe? fuck this world. the planet being flat is more believable than this shit.

No. 467947

Holy shit. Have you seen the vids that those coments come from?

The fact that Miranda is responding and trying to debate him is hilariously sad.

But, she also posted on Twitter that she's going to take Japan's equivalent of a GED. Because she gotbso butthurt from this dude commenting on her lack of education.

No. 467948

just link the vid

and lol she still doesnt have her gr12? fuck

she's gonna fail it

No. 467954

File: 1511563040575.png (44.79 KB, 790x343, 5a17f542776f7__(131).thumb.png…)

Will do here's the twitter comment first.

Translation: I'm going to take the University Entrance Qualification Examination.

This exam isn't a test to get into college. The name changed in 2005 and it's now called "Certificate for Students Achieving the Proficiency Level of Upper Secondary School Graduates". This is the same thing as GED(General Educational Development)

No. 467955

This is the first of four

No. 467956

Reply to her comments vid 2

No. 467958

Vid 3

No. 467959

Vid 4

No. 468004

Her expression… She really looks special needs.

No. 468042

File: 1511584761945.jpg (86.87 KB, 409x600, helping-the-retarded235[1].jpg)

No. 468076

File: 1511588754209.png (369.05 KB, 409x600, retarded.png)

best i can do

No. 468101

File: 1511598025686.jpg (310.16 KB, 1242x1802, 4uK8lpG.jpg)

^Try running that through a text-to-speech app. Lol

That’s amazing work, anon!

I’m kind of hoping she continues to debate à-bas-le-ciel, but it also seems too sad to encourage her. He’s just a small YouTuber yet she chose to argue with him since she cannot stop searching for every insignificant mention of her name. Very strange for someone who claims they don’t care about the haters.

No. 468105

>I have no idea
>why you are thinking with the government done has anything to do with…
>with any teachings that a mosque?
>that somebody has talk to you in saudi arabia
>that a mosque this information
what the fuck is she trying to say?

No. 468142

She cares because she's the most Muslim ever and has to defend her honour at Allen costs Allah akhbar end of story.

No. 468148

>Her English is to the point that it's incomprehensible
>Her Japanese is pretty shit
>Despite all of this, she's learning Arabic, but is at no skill level whatsoever
How the fuck is it possible for someone to be this retarded

No. 468214

ran it through text to speech. for some reason it slowed down and got loopier. i like it:http://bit.ly/2jm1Vi5

No. 468250

File: 1511648554200.jpg (142.48 KB, 917x600, M1h0Mtf.jpg)

man she is really buying heavily into all that convert brainwashing. where is her heavy make up? looks like people bullied her out of something she seemed to really enjoy? although it looked like shit, she should do it if she feels good with false lashes and droopy eyeliner. it's kinda sad that she's giving up on everything

No. 468265

>In islam we have no colours
There we go again, lmao. You're not a WOC Mira, just give it up. Muslim majority countries aren't white. No one pictures a white Canadian girl when they think of a muslim woman.

Also her English is absolutely incomprehensible, garbage spelling aside.

No. 468269

you seem to have no idea of her psychology

No. 468289

File: 1511663482866.png (326.87 KB, 389x500, 5a194b6603134__(133).thumb.png…)

Just when you thought it couldn't get worse…

No. 468462

Holy shit. Is she really becoming one of those crazy convverts. Mira must be realy wanting to fit in some fucking where.

No. 468477

did we talk about this already? can some weeb anon translate?

No. 468749

Really boring, she just says that when she was in Shibuya after a footballgame she twisted her ankle or something and had to call an ambulance. Before that she says she can't say what she works as though, I guess this was when she was a hostess.

No. 468756

File: 1511776774157.jpg (141.29 KB, 2208x1241, HqAQvKQ.jpg)

From her YouTube live:

>“And yes, I’m Canadian.”

Less than one minute later:

>“I’m Japanese, but not on paper.”

>“If I said to the police ‘I’m Japanese’, it’s actually a criminal offense.”
>“I’ve had Japanese policemen say to me, like, ‘Oh, you’ve been here six years and you’re not Japanese yet? You look Japanese.’”

No. 468758

File: 1511776927642.jpg (79.4 KB, 2208x1242, H5RQJDE.jpg)

Yamato Nadeshiko

No. 468817

File: 1511794964192.gif (1.41 MB, 288x198, 271.gif)

>“I’ve had Japanese policemen say to me, like, ‘Oh, you’ve been here six years and you’re not Japanese yet? You look Japanese.’”

No, Miranda, no one has ever said that to you..

No. 468847

Wtf does she even think that would mean???

Also, yes, of course lying about citizenship is illegal, it's not nihon exclusive ffs.

No. 468908

OT but it looks so stupid when women put hats over their head coverings.

Wouldnt put it past miranda tho

No. 468941

love you anon. just need to change god to 'allah' i guess.

No. 469084

She keeps claiming she looks like an average Japanese woman and people always tell her that she should become Japanese. I wonder how she would explain how one LOOKS Japanese if she claims it has nothing to do with ethnicity or race? It’s obviously something she views as the highest compliment.

I do not buy for second that Japanese police and government workers think 6 years is such a loooong time to be in Japan and they actively encourage her to get citizenship. Nobody says that to someone like her. There are married foreigners with children and real jobs that don’t have citizenship after 20 years. Japanese are used to that. More frequently, they will ask a foreigner when they are going back home.

No. 469260

Her jihadi mode is on

No. 469316

today on things that never happened:
>“I’ve had Japanese policemen say to me, like, ‘Oh, you’ve been here six years and you’re not Japanese yet? You look Japanese.’”

No. 469343

File: 1511881431966.jpg (182.66 KB, 713x1100, HDKtAgi.jpg)

For shits and giggles, here is the normal way of qualifying for permanent residency in less than 5 years(after this year’s MOJ amendment to the rules) if you are not married to a Japanese citizen. To be considered, applicants must earn at least 70 points based on this immigration scorecard. Most importantly: only highly-skilled professionals are eligible. What is our buddy Mira’s score?

Ignoring her weeaboo bullshit fantasy, why is it that she has had MULTIPLE interactions with the police? She has never claimed to be subject to random foreigner stops by bored cops, so what were the circumstances that led more than one policeman speaking about her immigration status that way? It would kind of make sense if she was with a VISA HUSBAND at the time, or they saw "Spouse or Child of Japanese National” on her resident card….

No. 469344

japan is like the 'entry level' job that requires 3+ years experience, but a country. you need to already be japanese to qualify for citizenship.

No. 469369


Not really, I meet the 70 points in the first 3 questions alone. And I can't speak Japanese.

No. 469376

This must be what it’s like to have no idenity…

No. 469389

that doesn't automatically mean you'll get citizenship, just that you can apply. also no one gives a shit, sage your humble bragging.

No. 469398

> I failed my driving license 3 times, I can't legally drive
> I can drive but I don't do it because I screw up left and right traffic

> Nobody found my Niqab strange because girls weren't running away screaming rape

> Niqab fits perfectly in japanese culture because we also wear masks you guys

Damn that girl is stupid

No. 469529

File: 1511909192927.jpg (46.48 KB, 640x481, IMG_0352.JPG)

Just when you think you have seen everything, she uploads this shit on her blog. Dem photoshop skills.

No. 469544

how much is 3mil yen? 3k?

No. 469550


Guys, this scorecard is about foreign residents in Japan qualifying for permanent residency, not naturalization(i.e. citizenship). Mira claims to have been granted permanent residency in less than 4 years despite not being married, not being a highly-skilled worker, not having a University degree or academic achievement, and not even having full-time, steady employment while on an applicable visa.

Christ on a pogo stick …. Why is she always munching or slurping in something in her lives? It just adds to the grandma aesthetic.

3 million yen is currently 26,900.66 USD

No. 469553

LMFAO so 30… sorry for my stupidity i always get messed up with the higher numbers.

i refuse to believe she ever pulled 30 and was able to apply

No. 469821

this is not true. there are dozens of other videos on youtube, interviews and youtubers alike that tell otherwise. I remember one interview was linked here, where the guy expained how he was naturalized in japan and how the process is. it was 1 hour long but the most importan stuff was cut to 10 minutes.
in the end if your japanese is decent, you have a job that is securely supporting your income and you meet the requirements of residency in japan (like having lived there 5 or 10 years) then there is only little chance you get denied.

sure if your some redneck hobo with to language acquisition skills, not social skills whatever you will get most likely denied. but meeting the requirements for a regular person is fairly easy after one has lived there long enough.
(Im embedded it for anyone interested, it's from "Life is where Im from", as I said there is a longer 1 hour version too)

it's only Miranda Redneck Analwhore Constable's telltale that it is oh so hard, because they dont want her.

No. 469866

it was a fucking joke you autist. kill yourself. no one gives a fuck about moving to japan.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 469868

Can we please stop sperging about citizenship and residency? We know she is not qualified and will never be. It's getting ot at this point.

No. 469869

Every time i think that she cant fail more..she fails more. The Photoshop photo…why..how..? Cant she see that it is bad..?

No. 470723

This is when we should all just stop talking about her and have PULL delete her info. She won't show up in search results cause all her most viral videos are deleted. Her subs are plumiting so it's safe to stop talking about her and let her fade away.

If we keep this going it will only give her more views because PULL and lolcow have more active fans than she does.

No. 470732

Mira, pls

No. 470734

why….? this site is for entertainment provided by lolcows, not to make them disappear.

No. 470735

you're hilarious.

No. 471429

what is happening

No. 471472

Start at the top post in the tread and read your way down.. then you will know.

No. 471670

File: 1512365217914.jpg (281.38 KB, 1242x1794, IS5VWa5.jpg)

Is that the plan, Mira? Fade away and disappear to a new life instead of improving your current one?

Besides Mira’s Twitter being a ghost town, she retweets a post such as this^. She’s getting emo now that she has burned so many bridges and changed herself so drastically that it turns away anyone who is not hardcore Muslim. If the content and video production has not improved in 6 years, of course the channel can not stand on its own. Her newest video is just talking about her trip to Sweden from two years ago. Just shot against that blank wall. Sitting on the floor in a closet, as if she is not allowed in the living room. Just dreadfully boring.

She looks so lifeless. Mira should have just joined a Japanese cult if she wanted to stand out. At least パーフェクト リバティー教団 looks like fun.

No. 471827

File: 1512408778812.png (198.05 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2016-10-11-03-41-45…)

The internet never forgets

No. 471860

she really looks like a rat in this bath.

No. 471906

holy shit. She made these kinds of videos?

No. 471946

lol those vids are the only reason she had subs

No. 471953

can someone explain this to me

cause ive seen at least one of these dumb videos

but whats the point in just having the fruit floating around, shouldnt they be cut to get the juice into the water?

No. 471955

Yes, you are. Yuzu baths are done before the winter solstice to ward of illness and for good luck in the new year. Also this is particularly weeby cause hot springs and public baths are generally the places that do this and people go there. Tho, it doesn't look like she's in Japan during this, still, just use yuzu bath salt.

No. 471956

*you are correct

No. 471959

cant pose naked in the public bath with a camera rolling, i guess

thanks for the explanation!

No. 473232

File: 1512740068779.jpg (42.54 KB, 547x640, E3_B06_D91-_B79_E-4376-892_B-1…)

And, as usual, It's not her fault. It's all the "Islamaphobes" that cause her channel to be shitty..

No. 473237

First the "haterz" ran you off of the Punksud forum.

Then the haterz ran you off of you ex-boyfriend sixtyfourdigits.com forum

Then you ran away to Japan to get away from the haterz

Then the haterz ruined your "Rainbow Rants" youtube channel

Then then haters moved to your kanadajin3 channel

Then the first "jvlogger conspiracy" happened when you created all of those sock puppets to attack the others (but it totally wasn't you..)

Then your fake suicide drama with Unrested that the haterz caused (despite the screen shots from you)

Then your attempt to doctor your texts messages from jvlogger conspriacy but the "haterz" had the full messages.

Then your first failed attempts to get some Rody dick that a "hater" sent text to Rody that you sent to them talking about how bad you wanted that Rody Dick.

Then fake suicide number 2 (the Rody Dick edition) that they "Haterz" were trying to keep you and Rody apart

Then Rody exposes that you lied about the first Rody dick attempts because you tried to get some Rody Dick again after you promised him you wouldn't. But that was somehow Rody's fault that you are a selfish bitch.

Now it's the islamaphobes.

It must be so hard to be so persecuted no matter what you do or where you go..

Or it could be, since the common denominator in all of this is you, that you are just a shitty person and the cause of all your problems. But then you would have to take responsibility and actually change things about yourself. So, fuck that, just blame the "haterz"

No. 473458

It's because you deleted all your videos and now only talk about Islam, period. The few people following you were extreme weebs and have no interest in a islamic creationists. Literally how does she not know that deleting all your content and making completely new standards of videos will quickly kill your channel??

No. 473524

Yeah, that is a bizarre take on her part. People are leaving because they were interested in her stories about her life in Japan. It seems weird to me that she doesn't understand that they are leaving because she isn't talking about the things they signed up for. If I were her, I would make a separate channel for her spiritual life, if she wants to talk about that so badly, and return to her Japan channel that talks about… Japanese things.

No. 474288

Cows always think they have followers because they’re what people want to see, which isn’t the case.

No. 474289

Cows always think they have followers because they’re what people want to see, which isn’t the case.

No. 474303

it's not even just cows, a lot of people who run channels even without being part of it get this weird complex. a channel i used to follow that only posted doujin music recently started doing speedpainting and plugging their shitty art, so i unfollowed. literally no one cares who's behind the channel in most cases.

No. 474790

File: 1513169297955.jpg (69.1 KB, 583x601, lkkklmjkhhklm.jpg)

New article on her blog about her wearing a niqab

No. 474791

File: 1513169516959.jpg (138.18 KB, 763x666, dfghj.jpg)

No. 474801

It's a wonder why she doesn't know that conservative Muslim women wear only black with their black niqab
There are rules regarding colors in such conservative forms of Islam
Why can she never get anything right?

No. 474815

File: 1513203015485.jpg (172 KB, 750x1334, 40jpQbU.jpg)

It's all bogus. She's only wearing a scarf and puts it up for pictures. Otherwise you wouldn't have to stamp a stupid emoji over

No. 474816

File: 1513203062138.jpg (153.65 KB, 750x1082, 9HjS3mM.jpg)

holy fuck

No. 474828

Seconding this. Notice how in >>474790 she's wearing the niqab over the hijab. I've never seen someone wear it like that. Cant see why anyone would except to be able to easily remove it after snapping a photo, kek

No. 474890


oh my god

No. 474935

so… she thinks dressing like this will make up for all the shit shes done in her life? i dont get it. I shouldnt even try to understand

No. 475012

File: 1513259452599.png (296.57 KB, 333x499, miranada_unstbla.thumb.png.383…)

No. 475013

Interesting video from Rody in Japan showing exactly how much money he makes and he made $68.00 last month with 90,000 views(with screen shots).

Why I'm posting this in Miranda's thread is that it shows more of how she has always lied about her income.

Miranda had 70,000 views last month and Rody had 90,000. Why that is important is Rody has 16,000 subs and Miranda supposedly has 245,000. Shows how many of her subs are dead accounts or purchased.

No. 475031

Muslim-splaining to someone raised in the faith. Never change, Mira!

No. 475037

I had to double check her social blade because 70k sounds extremely low. Most channels of that size will get at least 300k+ from new uploads and some views on their old stuff, even if they're not doing so well.

No. 475039

Also samefag but I think he explained that he made 90 USD this month so far, within the last 10 days. So projected over a month that's probably around 250-300, keeping in mind that CPMs are higher in December.

No. 475049

File: 1513272987256.gif (1.24 MB, 500x281, 9MMJD.gif)

Holy shit anon

No. 475057

File: 1513273858989.png (36.64 KB, 772x481, 1.png)

And then image related happened.

No. 475062

File: 1513274167260.png (11.67 KB, 749x192, 2.png)

Also related. I guess it's only a matter of time before this one gets deleted or gets muslimsplained like >>475031 said.
Is she pandering to foot fetichists now, btw? This is, like, the third time she posts something related to that kind of thing (then again, the others were deleted eventually)

No. 475064

i said before, but she is pissing off the wrong group of people. muslims who take stuff seriously, are very very serious about their religion. and the more she does the more people will pour in to set her straight.

No. 475067

Since >>474791 was deleted, I've created a copypaste with some redaction adjustments in case anyone wants to repost it. Also, I've added an intro for it.

"Hey there! The other comment had some good opinions and I, as a reader, think it should be kept. Luckily, I kept a screenshot of the original and will re-paste it.

"Dear Kanadajin3:

I subscribed to your Youtube channel like a year ago. I was watching your videos and learning about Japanese culture and so on. I am still watching your videos but I started to feel sorry for you after you decided to be a Muslim-

-please don't get it wrong, I AM A MUSLIM TOO, but as you know there are a lot of sects and ways in Islam just like christianity and I believe you are in the wrong path since the ideology or sect you are following now is called "WAHHABISM" and it is widely accepted only by some Saudis, being the cruelest and no-nonsese of Islamic sects, comparable to what would be, for Christianity, the Westboro Baptist Church.

I don't really want to write a long comment so I'll cut it short.

You don't NEED to wear hijab, niqab or any piece of cloth to be a Muslim, you just need to BE A GOOD PERSON and believe in Allah and the prophets; Those things you wear are unnecessary and pointless. I believe if Allah wanted you to hide your hair from men, he would have created you without hair. Every detail of you, every curve of your body, every inch of your skin has a purpose, so don't feel forced to cover what Allah created.


No. 475076

No offense but did you type it because that's not cool pretending to be a Muslim . I'm going to assume that you type that since the time is really just about after it was posted and who else would check her comments over and over just to fight….

It kind of defeats the whole purpose if you're going to pretend to be a Muslim person just to piss her off because actually what you said is not correct at all .

There's nothing in Islam that says that you can't buy expensive things or take pictures with it , but it is strictly for bidden in Islam and a very deep sent to judge or harass another believer .

No. 475082

>>475067 is a transcript from the >>474791 comment, made originally by one of her followers, Anon. The first part ("hey there…") is the only addition; Whether OP is Muslim or not is not the reposter's bussiness and this thread was not made to discuss which interpretation of their faith is correct, but to point out the fact that Mira can't handle any form of criticsm, even if it's presented in a caring, well redacted, manner.

Have you been reading the thread or just jumping to the last post? Just saying.

No. 475178

>In Japan, you often see women wearing Hijab but do you see women in Niqab?
>I see at least 1 niqab per week.

Sure, Miranda

No. 475203

hi miranda

No. 475253

stop ban evading, pigface

No. 475298

File: 1513330492786.jpg (28.51 KB, 468x700, dHXuaZu.jpg)

Don’t you know? “Japanese niqab” has been around for hundreds of years! A motorcycle helmet also counts as niqab as well.

Lol, Miranda. What marketplace will you choose to go KA-BOOM in? Tsukiji?

If you try to dictate what “true Islam”is, you ARE opening yourself up to debate. If you don’t want to debate, then shut the fuck up, you weekend Muslim cosplayer. Stay in your lane. Even if your Canadian soul can’t tell your right from left…

No. 475356

File: 1513358677757.png (522.32 KB, 937x607, thats not how it works.png)

Today in "that's not how it fucking works, Miranda, for fucks sake"…

When asked why she uses totally-not-knock-off ~burando~, she says that it's because "she doesn't support slave labour".

I mean… http://siampremier.com/blood-money-the-terrible-human-cost-of-the-counterfeit-culture/ (Louis Vuitton) , https://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20100808/business/bulebel-textile-manufacturer-wins-giorgio-armani-contract.321382 and https://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20141211/local/worker-describes-miserable-working-conditions-at-leisure-clothing.547812 (Armani), and https://www.triplepundit.com/special/cotton-sustainability-c-and-a-foundation/high-fashion-brands-slavery-supply-chains/ (in general) …are total liars and just there to make her look bad! they toally are Islamofobe haterz guyz!!

inb4 "why bother finding sources when we all know she's delusional?"
Well, maybe she'll read them, since >>475076 is totally not her.

Polite sage for sperging and link spamming.

No. 476225

File: 1513562550457.png (749.25 KB, 655x1370, MiraIT2019.png.68e1e461efbae76…)


No. 476257

File: 1513575065469.jpg (334.84 KB, 1242x1580, jeZ7cMJ.jpg)