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File: 1416264161073.jpg (236.33 KB, 791x1011, image.jpg)

No. 24669

Himezawa / Sabrina Schultes thread!

- Wanna-be aidoru, model and entertainer in Japan despite making zero effort to learn Japanese or anything about idols.
- Threatens people who criticize her with lawsuits.
- Buys Facebook likes(evident as she jumped from 2,000 likes in a meet week despite being virtually unknown)
- Confirmed scammer who has ripped many people off.
- Made a Wikipedia page where she calls herself an "internet celebrity" but barely has 1,000 subscribers.

No. 24676

She also raised $700 on kickstarter with no goals for the money. Spent it all on lolita burando

No. 24679

She raised much more than that £1,108 which is $1,733. There is reason to believe she may have made up the rest of the money to complete the goal through a family members name,so she can get all the monies that people donated but it didn't reach the goal, there was only 20 backers afterall. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/himezawa/himezawa-japan-debut

No. 24681

lel what, what novels has she written?

No. 24683

A crappy mobile story, tbh that's like someone writing a fan fiction and calling their selves a novelist.

No. 24707

No. 24708

Honey something something. She's not famous, she's a nobody who scams her way into performing. She didn't use the funds properly from her kickstarter. Her "debut" in Japan was on a karaoke stage at MoshiMoshi Nippon.

No. 24765

I just found the wiki page of her and just

No. 24842

Maybe she should write a book about how she scammed so many people. Now that's an achievement!

No. 24843

File: 1416291292956.gif (577.42 KB, 500x225, 747955.gif)

Yeah, her wiki, page…
I can't believe she's fucking serious about that crap.

No. 24857

No. 24860

There's a link on the bottom of that page that says "Gossip About Himezawa" that links to lolcow threads. Proof she lurks here? Unless someone from here added it.

No. 24870

I'm sure she is the one who added that. I don't think any of us care enough to it and a lot of us are kind of apprehensive to link to lolcow anyway. I'm sure she thrives on the gossip and it makes her feel more famous/worthy of having a wikipedia entry even if it's been pending deletion for months now.

No. 24872

Wow. This is just sad…

No. 24873

Yes she is delusional

No. 24879

Hope she stays in London or whever she is.

Germany is a weeaboo breeding place and we really don't need more them here.

No. 24880

She's from Germany and moved. When will she move to Japan?…

No. 24881

File: 1416319772902.jpg (28.72 KB, 600x357, Mr-Tickle.jpg)

Her arms are so fucking long

No. 24913

"gossip"? holy shit, this bitch is so fucking delusional.

No. 24914

the truth hurts ,doesn't it,Zawa?

No. 24920

File: 1416335067476.jpg (41.69 KB, 460x366, aDwnQOB_460s.jpg)

Please guys,don't make this dumb attention whore "famous".

No. 24939

Its so frustrating to watch her dance covers because the music is always replaced, I guess because of copyright issues.

No. 24951

Either way her dancing is pretty shitty.

No. 25041

kek like that'll ever happen.

No. 25080

No. 25089

The original post has been deleted. I wonder why. Maybe Himezawa threatened the OP?
I'm glad someone took screenshots.

No. 25094

All the other weeaboo dancers leave the original music in, maybe she just doesn't want everyone to see how off beat she is, lol.

No. 25111

…..why does she look so old/creepy

No. 25154

File: 1416403081583.jpg (25.16 KB, 210x210, Gt mfw looking through your pr…)

The bitch is completely tone deaf.

No. 25157

This is gold.

No. 25160

I remember seeing a niconico video where she was singing. I thought it was a one-off thing…I didn't realize she actually tried to market herself as a singer. These are…amazing.

No. 25162

it's funny she made two covers of world is mine and they're both equally shitty.

No. 25166

I didn't even knew she was singing in Japanese until I heard a watashi somewhere in that song

No. 25187

This is terrible.

No. 25192

Guys stop making fun of a deaf girl

No. 25201

I wouldn't even have a problem with himezawa if she wasn't a scammer and wasn't making her Wikipedia page.

No. 25203

Or if she had a nice personality
Or if she could sing
Or if she could dance
Or if she wasn't so egoistic and deluded

No. 25204

She always feels attacked and threatens people with her lawyer…

No. 25205

Yes she can be very nasty and manipulative.

No. 25208

wait, didn't she say that her dad was a police officer or smth? oh my god, she's hilarious.

No. 25209

Yes pretty sure she's said that before.

No. 25213

I know usakoukun is in this thread lol
Inb4 jrcach

No. 25228

"Sabrina Schultes[1] (born 7 December 1994)is a model, actress, internet celebrity and cosplayer from Germany."

wat? I'm from Germany and heavily involved in the cosplay scene and I've never ever heard of her.

Not even "famous" German cosplayers like Kamui/Calsara/Naraku have wiki pages, what is this girl thinking?

No. 25234

Hahaha brilliant.

No. 25251

She spams herself in lolita tags all the time. I can't browse on tumblr or instagram without her photo popping up every 6th post. It's seriously getting annoying at this point. her and that annoying ass shirubianyanpire chick.

No. 25272

Did she delete all of the stuff off of her soundcloud??

No. 25274

lmao wtf

I don't think anyone's wikipedia uses "internet celebrity". That sounds so unprofessional, it's usually blogger/vlogger/youtube personality.

No. 25277

Wtf, she added her own video on youtube with only 400 views as a reference link. You can't do that, they have to be credible third party sources that highlight the person. They don't even count The Daily Mail as a good reference because they're known for giving people 15 minutes of fame for little/no good reason.

No. 25349

Daaaaamn, I think she did. That means she found the farm yo.

No. 25373

ikr! kamui is worldwide known for her cosplay but even she doesn't have a wiki page.

No. 25375

She already knew about Lolcow

No. 25380

Not this shit again.
So,how do you know that?

No. 25381

Good for her lol

No. 25383

No. 25385

No. 25386

It's you. You lurk the idol threads, you obviously aren't a native English speaker, you responded to that lol, you're the only Lithuanian IP in the community. I really couldn't care less who you bully. It's all the more amusing to me.

No. 25387

Yep it's her lol. She posted herself many many place

No. 25390

So, every non-native English speaker here is Usakokun?

No. 25391

Oh god so obvious!

No. 25392

Does anyone know what happened to those people ? Did they get their money back ?

No. 25394

No. 25396

File: 1416463189059.png (28.11 KB, 597x772, Funny-Laughing-Meme-3.png)

so you're telling us that you know every anon's ip adress? pls , go away jrcock , this isn't your shitty gossip blog.

No. 25398

Yeah I'm far from Jrcach. I just want to know why Usakoukun hates Himezawa so much? Himezawa is pretty shitty but I want to know the deets to this dramu.

No. 25399

That post on fb lolita group is gone now. What the fuck

No. 25402

And how do you know she hates Himezawa?
Not Usakokun but I'm so sick and tired of you shitposting in every thread instead of actually contributing something.

No. 25403

why are you always throwing that bitch under the bus anon?

No. 25404

Looks like someone here has a serious vendetta against usakoukun lol

No. 25405

Wow,she is a trying too damn hard

No. 25406

Too bad Himezawa can't delete those threads.

No. 25407

File: 1416464294454.jpg (82.16 KB, 960x960, IMG_0793.JPG)

No. 25408

File: 1416464370577.jpg (216.78 KB, 1280x1024, 1416462090422.jpg)

No. 25409


No. 25410

Basically every "aspiring aidoru" nowadays.

No. 25411

I don't even get why so many girls want to be idols in Japan.

No. 25412


No. 25413

File: 1416464697974.png (67.97 KB, 313x412, zawa.png)

No. 25414

File: 1416464798318.png (99.36 KB, 500x381, tumblr_nf9f30K8q51tij6jvo4_500…)

she's not on the list anymore. why??

No. 25415

This is gold

No. 25416

No. 25420

How did she find this thread? Does she google herself every day or what?

No. 25421

File: 1416466436682.png (7.1 KB, 311x250, wiki.png)

Oh, someone fixed it

No. 25453

Muuuuch better now.

No. 25454

No. 25458

How could we tell? I wouldn't be surprised though.

No. 25461


Same. I asked some of my friends who are into cosplay and they said, they've never heard of her. Plus, everyone can appear in certain amime/cosplay magazines if they don't completely look like shit so it doesn't really mean anything.


No. 25465

tbh I wouldn't be surprised if she actually got signed with a modeling agency in Japan. She's not ugly (ok well beauty is a matter of opinion, but she's certainly not ugly by Japanese standards), she's blonde, and she's tall and skinny.

I would just worry about the scamming ruining her image.

No. 25471

Everybody can join this agency

No. 25473

Maybe she threatened them with lawyers?

No. 25486

>Recently I recieved an offer from a company in Japan, to work for them as a performer and model under a signed contract. However, living on my own and taking care of my own living expenses, I am not able to pay the flight by myself.

from her kickstarter^, don't agencies pay for your flight?

No. 25487

Well, the info matches: born in Germany, surname beginning with 'S' (Schultes). Judging by some of the other 'models' and the fact they've used selfies on the site it's hardly a high-profile agency though.

No. 25602

Get a job bitch

No. 25635

No. 25639

Clicked on a random chapter and this is what I see

>That time, she was a girl in my age, only one year older and blonde. A models face, clothes of a porcelaine doll and she got lost on the way to her stand.


No. 25694

"Umihime?!", she screamed, uncertain, soft and cute.

She screamed soft and cute? What is this 'novel' even

No. 25695

Most of it makes no sense whatsoever, a nine year old could write a more interesting 'novel' as that.

No. 25700

I read the first 10 chapters in under 10 minutes. It was terrible.

No. 25708

Jfc there is like 50-100 words per chapter. How can she even dare to call herself a novelist?

No. 25731


Cellphone novels are supposed to be short since a chapter has to fit into one txt message or something. But I don't think she should call herself a novelist because of that lmao.

No. 25733

Guys. I just signed up to that website and created a short cheap story and now it's up.


Lmao this makes me mildly pissed because I self-published a novel on amazon once, which at least goes through a more professional looking process than just "create account, publish story, BAM U-NOVELIST" but mine was never popular or anything so I've never even bothered calling myself an author. Yet this website is literally no different than posting a story on fanfiction.net and she goes around calling herself a novelist on every description.

No. 25736

Hahaha, she's a joke.

No. 25785


>Just away

>I want to break out and never come back again

> After all those things that happened during the last days, I just wanted to hide myself. Anywhere.

So deep

No. 25787

File: 1416637136455.gif (589.84 KB, 500x275, chris-rock-huh-face.gif)

Dafuq did I just read..?

No. 25883

novelist ahahahahaha

No. 25984

File: 1416771317470.png (5.31 KB, 634x123, hime.PNG)

okay then

No. 25985

I could have sworn she is in her twenties..

No. 25991

She's 20-21.
Where is this?

>performer all around the world

No. 25995

Do you think she's pulling a Dakota and lying about her age? On her wiki it says she was born Dec.7, 1994, so she'll be twenty in a few days. Although, since she's been lying about a ton of other stuff I wouldn't be surprised if she was a little older.

No. 26017

File: 1416783374297.bmp (1.56 MB, 858x633, Unbenannt.bmp)

Animexx, a cosplay site usually just used by Germans I guess. Her profile is private though so you have to log in to view it

No. 26019

File: 1416783656954.jpeg (73.28 KB, 500x500, 2224201.jpeg)

Her last fanart was uploaded June 2013, can't see when she last logged on

Oh actually she postet about her Japan trip on the 05.10 this year but still posting the fanart because lol

No. 26020

File: 1416783700484.jpeg (72.12 KB, 510x558, 1413855.jpeg)

At least she improved

No. 26023

The 94 behind Dei-chan could be the year she was born it so she could be 19 still?

No. 26047

study performing arts? LMFAO.
and she's lying about her age. we all know she's 20. maybe she'll keep going younger and younger hoping no one will notice.

No. 26098

File: 1416800771813.gif (486.52 KB, 418x279, giphy.gif)

>19-year-old fairy princess who lives in London,UK
isn't she too old for this shit?

No. 26110

Some people are just late starters.

No. 26136

If she was born on December 7th in 1994 she's still 19 for just under another month.

No. 26137

If she was born on that date like her Wikipedia page says, for clarification.

No. 26148

her wikipedia page was deleted :D

No. 26151


No. 26315

The page had already been deleted in January, then she remade it and it was deleted now, apparently.

I was the one to request its deletion now and I'll keep doing it no matter how many times she remakes it.

No. 26362

Great job anon, you have my respect

No. 26471

File: 1416956111627.jpg (110.66 KB, 480x640, 2009.jpg)

I just had a horrible realization: I vaguely knew her.

That picture is from 2009. Back then I joined some weeaboo club with a shitty name and met an Air Gear cosplayer who was her. I actually thought she looked kinda cute and shy but I never caught her name. Since then I've always wondered who she was. Thanks, lolcow.

No. 26483

>>26471 LOL I can't even…

No. 26582

She looks so uncomfortable lol

No. 26583

God, is this a random snap or is it meant to be a ~legit cosplay pic~? That's some deviantArt-tier modelling.

No. 26587

If she keeps remaking a deleted page it'll eventually get "salted" or locked so the page can't be remade at all, ever

No. 26620

File: 1416978122753.png (333.04 KB, 404x301, image.png)

No. 26621

File: 1416978179998.png (625.46 KB, 432x578, imagee.png)

No. 26622

terrible tutorial, the quality is awful and you can't see what she's doing at all.

No. 26730

She doesn't even have big "dolly" eyes though.

No. 26766

Does she record the videos with a webcam?

No. 28196

Noooo she has deleted everything off of sound cloud waa I wanted to listen to them for entertainment and they are gone.

No. 28234

imagine a cat dying in japanese.

No. 28484

No. 28486

No. 28522

Looking at the comments for that first nico video seems off… I mean the japanese ones.

I don't know if it's because I'm shit with nico slang or not. Or maybe it's just I'm shocked there is so many compliments going on

No. 28526

in short:
>Won a writing and drawing contest as a child, which is probably why she thinks she's so good at it.
>Became a "yankee school girl" and got into a lot of fights (lmao yeah right)
>Formed a rock band with her pal.
>Her grades started to slip so her mom did the natural thing which is move her from an all-girls school to a different school where she wrote her AWARD WINNING cell phone model.
>Her grades did not pick up because she's an idiot.
>Won a cosplay contest or something.
>Graduated at 17 and wanted to become an artist (kek). Every drawing in the video is the same kawaii shit with minor changes.
>Went to art school and got in an accident that ruined her chances of being an artist (yes, I am sure it was that and not someone finally criticizing her "style"). It is worth noting that it looks like her arm was broken in the picture she drew. Because as you know, if you break your arm you cannot ever draw ever again.
>Had to leave art school.
>When she was injured she could somehow still type well because she got a job writing movie reviews. She also found out about aidoru, jfashion, etc despite being obviously interested in anime and cosplay before this.
>Auditioned for drama schools in London.
>Got invited to British cosplay conventions because they had seen her work before and were impressed (lmao lmao)
>Became Himezawa.
>Joined Nico.
>Performed in a play.
>Modeled for Putomayo and got an interview
>Had to make the heartbreaking decision to go to university or go to Japan and become aidoru.
>SHE HAD TO GET A CHECKUP and she's afraid of needles.
>As we all know, she got a kickstarter going and went to Japan
>She spent her time there shopping and MoshiMoshi.
>Her book she has been writing (not Honey Moon Marmalade) is being PUBLISHED!!! (totally not self published)

Her English is pretty good for someone who lived in Germany until 18. Not even a hint of a German accent.

No. 28527

>cell phone model
should obviously be novel. My bad.

No. 28533

>Performed in a play

Did she mean this shit?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoSYtoBjGy8&list=UUraWAc9anG2D7aJmjFfObvQ
It was pretty horrible.

No. 28534

No, it was some other actual play. But considering she was in drama school, it's not much of an accomplishment…more like an expectation. She considers it one of her greatest achievements though.

No. 28587

CHRIST what is with that quality? You can put it up to 480p but it makes no difference, it looks like I'm watching a 240p video

No. 28597

Yeah, that's not a tutorial but her just doing her eye make up in terrible quality..

No. 28599

Also it's kind of sad that video only has 277 views and who knows how much came from this site.

No. 28646

>Formed a rock band with her pal
Poor pal that listened to her singing

No. 28647

Do you know if she's monetizing her channel? A lot of songs were removed even though there's usually no problem with the copyright.

No. 28658

>Had to make the heartbreaking decision to go to university or go to Japan and become aidoru.
should've chosen uni

No. 28659

I like how Himezawa thinks she's so ~special~ and ~unique~
That shit made me laugh tbh

No. 28928

so she's in Japan, is it for work? jrcach closed his tumlbr until she leaves or something.

No. 28931

jrcach didn't close his blog,he's just an attention whore

No. 28933

File: 1418098642698.png (598.38 KB, 915x606, tumblr_ng80q3SSps1s9z12ho1_128…)

No. 28934

File: 1418098677844.png (95.5 KB, 820x653, tumblr_ng80q3SSps1s9z12ho2_128…)

No. 28935

File: 1418098729271.png (68.84 KB, 1328x740, jrcach.png)

No. 28936

File: 1418098777690.png (27.17 KB, 651x547, jrcachtum.png)

No. 28978

Staph Himezawa,you're not that "famous".
They were probably taking pics of some celeb.

No. 28999

how embarrassing for her.
…is what I would say if I felt she were even capable of feeling embarrassed.

No. 29017


Did she really think people would think she's famous? Did she really believe that people would fall for this? Ahahaha

No. 29020

Fucking Abipop and Kimonotime still chatting to this scamming bitch? Ew.

No. 29024

Abi is an asslicker

No. 29032

We're constantly bombarded with English language media and it's mandatory in school, a lot of people grew up listening to English and some even speak it better than their native tongue. It's really not that uncommon. I refuse to speak English unless I really really have to and try to speak in my mother tongue as much as I can but I know people who are proud of being bad at their mother tongue and speak English to sound cool all the time. Those are usually weeaboos and young hipsters.

I don't understand why someone would be proud of not being able to speak a language that's spoken literally everywhere around them, but oh well.

No. 29097

my thoughts exactly

No. 29108

As an American, I didn't know anything about that or Germany in general, so thanks for telling me. The few German people I have met have had very clear German accents when they speak English. Himezawa does not have that – that's all I was really remarking on. I often forget she is German because of that and because she often refers to herself as from London and literally never speaks German.

No. 29127

File: 1418215952119.jpg (29.23 KB, 512x512, i_see_what_you_did_there_meme_…)

Does she think we're dumb or what

No. 29139


Honest question: Is Himezawa really that unknown compared to other wannabe aidorus?

She got 31,218 views on her latest "singing" video, 697 visitors under Nico Nico live broadcast details (Kimonotime has 4784) and 1.240 Youtube subscribers. Most of her Ameblo entries only receive 1-3 likes at most. Minus the visits she gets from lolcow, is that considered much for someone like her or is she really so delusional?

No. 29142

She is known by other aidorus and the people who make fun of wannabe aidorus. That is it. Most of her hits on ANY of her pages are from lolcow/PULL/etc. I wouldn't say she's completely unknown, but she has admitted to jrcock that she has only one Japanese fan so to act like she is being mobbed for photos after one shitty performance is laughable at best. She's just so bad at everything she does that she probably will never have m/any fans. Other wannabe aidorus at least dance reasonably well or sing or have like a gimmick or are friendly. Himezawa is just so fake and the way she builds herself up is so transparent that the only people who care about being nice to her are people like Abipop and Kelsey who are nice to everyone('s face).

No. 29166

She bought those fb likes.
(Yes, she is THAT delusional).

No. 29179

If you're talking about her youtube channel, chances are she isn't.
You need sponsors for that kind of shit, which she doesn't have.

No. 29180

It really depends on the amount of time you spend speaking English compared to your native language.
Before meeting people who spoke English as their native tongue, my English had a thick accent and I wasn't as fluent as I am now.

No. 29188

That's true I guess.
I never met anyone who spoke English as their mother tongue, but I learnt English through BBC and when I came here to study (UK) in the uni, people thought I was a native. I'm from Eastern Europe originally and most people there speak kind of shitty English, but the younger ones are much better.

No. 29205

Yes, she has +8k likes in her page but her posts get like, 10 likes at max?

No. 29241

She sounds like a generic Scandinavian type accent but definitely not stereotypically German. She also sounds a lot less English in her videos from earlier this year.

No. 29265

you can tell she's german by her accent

No. 29266

Yeah,that's weird.

No. 29290

File: 1418318647290.png (24.85 KB, 635x608, im.png)

No. 34480

File: 1419776366141.jpg (82.1 KB, 500x704, tumblr_nh7sunftPi1smd5q9o1_500…)

No. 34481

That's one hell of an ugly skirt.

No. 36187

No. 36197

There's no mistaking that bulbous snozz.

No. 36198


thought so!
she looks older than usual with the make up/lack of editing so I was wondering.

No. 36242

She looks wasted

No. 38251

File: 1420650534466.png (18.06 KB, 638x404, tumblr.png)

What the hell is happening?

No. 38260

>Drama waiting to sparkle

No. 38262

Jrcash is so thirsty for drama, he can't even hide it anymore.

No. 38263

is it just me or jrcock's english is getting shittier?

No. 38272

old man is getting senile

No. 38289

But seriously, why does Himezawa block everyone? It seems like a constant issue with her. I remember a dancer on twitter who tweeted about how she was blocked and she didn't even know who Himezawa was until she saw her on lolcow and looked at her twitter. Lmao

No. 38302

No. 38416

File: 1420690179069.png (826.68 KB, 1160x812, himezawa.png)

Check this out first hand. Haha! I didn't even know who she was, we were simply mentioned in a tweet together so I clicked her name and she'd already blocked me.

No. 38419

dafuq is wrong with this bitch

No. 38421

File: 1420690786021.png (6.3 KB, 574x118, t.png)

oh shit

No. 38424

>inb4 'book' is self published

No. 38430

File: 1420691590750.png (332.41 KB, 600x543, Excalibur_face_1.PNG)

Oh lord, remember her "novel"?Imagine the whole "book"

No. 38433

Let me guess…
'HIMEZAWA.Internet celebrity'.

No. 38435


No. 38442

I really want to know why Maybe I should just ask her? Oh wait, I'm blocked too

No. 38449

I really do agree with jrcach in that I think she blocks other performers out of jealousy. She can't stand to see other people doing the things she wants to do and can't stand competition. Maybe she's /actually/ delusional?

No. 38491

If she blocks everyone then I guess she can fool herself into thinking she's the only person doing what she's doing…especially since she blocks people who are better than she is.

No. 38496

>wants to become a kawaii aidoru in japan and promotes the shit out of herself
>blocks everyone who tries to talk to her

well…good luck with that

No. 38615

File: 1420755678564.jpg (56.03 KB, 600x750, B61PElQCEAAbIhM.jpg)

No. 38623

This purikura made her look way better.

No. 38684

File: 1420775590134.jpg (69.95 KB, 788x525, wpid-0_1475180.jpg)

No. 38687

Aaaaaand you had to ruin it.

No. 38702

That nose though…

No. 38941

File: 1420849241146.jpg (126.77 KB, 452x640, 10088215.jpg)

Oh boy, I know this girl…

met her at a convention once. She was incredibly immature and dependent (had no food or money with her, complained about being hungry all fucking day)

hung out with a real freak of a guy who voice-acts Homestuck characters at everyone he meets.

Mostly everything in this thread is correct, let me just add a bit more:

She claimed on her Tumblr that she'd "never kissed a boy", but she did have at least one boyfriend.
Whenever she wants something, she doesn't ask, she cries. She breaks down in tears until you give her attention and pander to her.
Example: her ex bf burned himself by accident, thighs covered in severe burns. They were rooming in a hotel for a convention, so beds were narrow, and he asked her to stay in the second bed so she wouldn't bump into his wounds all night. She cried until he gave up and let her sleep in the same bed; she laid right on top of him all night.
On the way back from the convention, while on the train, she didn't like how her bf was texting on his phone to say goodbye to friends, so she vanished for hours and had to be looked on the entire train. The entire relationship was a disaster. Asked for her bf to return all gifts she gave him and threatened to sue.

She is incredibly spoiled. Her parents (policeman & seamstress) pay for EVERYTHING, before she went to London she complained that they only give her 1000€ per month for rent and food. She made around a dozen posts about how it was impossible for her to find an adequate room for that money.
Had her parents drive halfway across the country (Munich-Leipzig) in the middle of the nights so they would finish sewing a skirt for her cosplay.

Begged her parents to buy her the same car as the one in Supernatural, then whined about how she had to pick it up by herself.
She has told her father, who was ill and in the hospital, that he might as well die as far as she's concerned.

She used to skip school to take skimpy cosplay photos. When her father met one of her friends, his first sentence was "please make sure she actually goes to school".
She got kicked out of art school for not attending her internship.

Used to have an "acting tumblr" she asked for money in exchange for her acting your script.

>mfw dis bitch

No. 38996

Shame really, 'cause she'd probably be quite cute-looking if she didn't have such a honker on her. Not that she doesn't deserve to have her face ruined in such a way.

No. 39002

do her parents think she's going to be rich and famous and pay them back? I don't understand all these lolcow parents who enable this kind of behavior.

No. 39054

Oh my god this is gold! Thanks anon.

No. 39055

i'm not even surprised…she always looked spoiled as fuck

No. 39057

File: 1420873335336.jpg (12.05 KB, 300x225, himezawa-08.jpg)

The moral of the story is…money cannot buy talent, nor can it make people like you,apparently.

No. 39062

Is this her?

No. 39229

Collective post on most of her shit, does anyone know what else could be added to summarize her?

No. 39230

I still find it odd that people didn't kick up a bigger fuss about her scamming. She should have been taken down.

No. 39242

Just in case that she ever tries to defend herself pretending to be somebody else somewhere, her usual IP is

No. 39249


Holy shit, I thought someone jokingly photoshopped that onto some angsty kid's myspace photo until I realised it was supposed to be Marceline.


I guess most wannabe idols are spoiled little shits. The whole 'attention whore' factor of any public eye status combined with the fact they'd have creepy basement dwellers lusting after them.

No. 39255

what annoys me the most is that she started so many things and educations and never finishs anything and brags about all the things she has done which means shit. she only has the most basic German graduation you can get

No. 39269

She looks too old. she needs to stop the kawaii shit.
seriously, if you're gonna be an idol, have a babyface.
Also, i don't understand the appeal to become an idol? You're not allowed to date, hang out with guys, idol otaku stalk the shit out of you, you do handshake events and guys fap before the handshake, 85% of your fans are pedophiles, you're not a person with rights you simply become a product, you only earn little, you can't speak your mind, you need to fake acting cute and innocent ALL THE TIME.
seriously, wtf? It's not just dancing in qt clothes. It's a fucking nightmare. it's like selling your soul to a shitty agence that willtake 90% of your profits

No. 39290

File: 1420956756212.png (47.8 KB, 669x561, pull.png)


No. 39291

File: 1420956973033.png (142.01 KB, 843x711, p.png)

Himezawa's in deep shit

No. 39297

You forgot getting slashed with a handsaw at said handshake events.

No. 39298

Wtf? This bitch is scum. For what reason would she even delete this girl? Especially after she sent her money? How does she have any friends at all if she treats them like this.

No. 39301

File: 1420957985977.png (1.01 MB, 1020x606, zawa.png)

No. 39302

She's So……. Ew.

No. 39304

Yeah she reminds me of Beckii Cruel. Her face is sooo old and gross

No. 39305

She has rich parents. Why does she have to beg for money on facebook and make a complete ass out of herself? Just why?

No. 39311

What show was she supposedly on?

No. 39317

File: 1420962869429.png (25.18 KB, 651x683, jrcach.png)

No. 39322


Agreed. it sounds like a horrible way to live. As well as that, I'm guessing you can only do it for so many years until you're not youthful enough anymore. What's the fucking point? Just to be kawaii?

No. 39343

on the tv show she's on, they are making fun of her. how embarrassing.

No. 39345

are you watching it now? i hope someone will upload it

No. 39348


What they did they say/do to her?
And how are her Japanese skills?

No. 39350

Aaah, I wanna see! Please give us the gist of what they say for the lols.

No. 39351

I want to see it !!!!

No. 39352

No. 39355

File: 1420981279628.png (83.03 KB, 776x378, zawa.png)

>I wanna be the top idol of Japan
Oh my god I'm cringing

No. 39356

that's too embarrassing oh my god… i can't even watch it

No. 39357

Oh man, I'm cringing so hard and I don't even know what the hosts are saying about her. I've never seen that horrible anime toast running parody thing before either and it's sooo bad.

No. 39358

She's sooo thirsty for attention I can't even watch that shit.

No. 39359

File: 1420982057471.png (752.75 KB, 1242x458, fail.png)

close enough

No. 39360

they're asking her stuff about her apartment and youtube in the second part i think, and what she wants to do. her japanese is really bad, cringe when she says she wants to be a top idol. they comment on her lolita fashion too but the hosts seem to laugh at her. her outfit is bad probably thats why.

No. 39361

Jfc, I still can't believe she's 20…

No. 39362

also she added "chan" to her own name. which.. you don't do..

No. 39363

LMAO! That cap is ridiculous she acts and looks like a typical 14 yo western girl in her embarrassing weeaboo phase.

No. 39364

She doesn't look "chan".At all…

No. 39365

aren't idols supposed to start at like 14-15? if she's 20 she has no hope

No. 39366

Holy shit she's so arrogant! This is so goddamn embarrassing.

>"come in!"

>continues to stand at doorway

No. 39367

She blocked me and another girl i follow on twitter.

No. 39368

She's 20. Of course she has no hope. She's not even cute

No. 39369

they're not rly saying anything, just laughing at her. and when they ask "what's this" when they enter her apartment and discover the spot where she takes videos she says "it's a camera" and they're kind of like, yeah we can see that, lol

No. 39370

laughed so hard at "camera desu". she can't speak japanese for shit

No. 39372

File: 1420982751954.jpg (9.7 KB, 160x160, 8523795.jpg)

No. 39374

I love how, in these kind of shows where they show clips and have the people on the shows' face in the square at the bottom, that they usually are over-saturating everything with "kawaii!" or "eeee sugoi!", but throughout the whole entire clip of Himezawa they were straight-faced and unimpressed, apart from the times they were awkwardly laughing at her.

No. 39376

I hope they don't think all the germans are like her. eww

No. 39377

Holy crap, is her voice really that way?
This is so awkward.

No. 39380


Yeah… thought she would be better at speaking since she wants to be an aidoru so badly but she uses a lot of rehearsed phrases, way too many "ano"s and her short answers are really basic.

Probably not. There were other foreign girls being interviewed there, one of them also German, and they sounded more fluent and not as fake/weird as Himezawa. Pretty awkward.

No. 39389

File: 1420989700756.png (331.24 KB, 586x404, waymakeup.png)

Decided to look through her makeup tutorials and god her nose is overpowering. She looks so old and disgusting compared to Way lol

No. 39392

File: 1420990560033.png (66.44 KB, 800x532, x.png)

No. 39401

Who is that girl with the severe bob? She looks like KPP but I'm not sure.

No. 39408

File: 1420995782944.png (8.27 KB, 749x135, wut.png)

lol okay

No. 39409

Fake accounts?Please honey,you are not that "famous" or interesting.

No. 39412

I wonder if she'll attempt to sue the TV station over this too, given how she threatens to sue just about everyone.

No. 39413

Over what?

No. 39414

other anons said they made fun of her. I dont understand moonspeak so I dont know.

No. 39415

Maybe because she made a complete idiot out of herself? lol her fault.

No. 39417

didnt stop her in the past, did it?

No. 39418

How the fuck she's gained ~200 new subs over the last few days? No one ever watches her shit.

No. 39419

File: 1420996563726.png (502.52 KB, 997x602, h.png)

She saw it

No. 39420

Her appearance on TV was sooo embarrassing.
How come she doesn't see that?

No. 39422

I bet she doesn't even know that they sort of made fun of her and didn't take her as seriously as the other interviewees. She appeared on Japanese TV and probably gained some fans and that's all it counts.

No. 39423

They probably thought she was some kind of "big shot" because she appeared on japanese TV.

No. 39425

I'm the anon who posted that and she made it private now lol
don't know since when tho, just wanted to see if there is something new

No. 39432

File: 1420999198171.png (58.47 KB, 513x543, E6kYVpj.png)

No. 39434

I attended the same LARP as her for a few times, and acting wise she is horrible. Did she really get cast into a Westend production?

No. 39435

She definitely lurks here

No. 39436


no she definitely didnt. theres a video of her acting somewhere, maybe her youtube and its just awful.

No. 39438

No. 39443

i like how she calls everything a debut, like its going to amount to something.

No. 39458

She looks old. Therefor, she'll NEVER BE ABLE TO BE AN IDOL and the kawaii look looks terrible on her. And holy shit, that nose.
She's making a fool of herself jfc at least yuka had a qt face, this girl doesnt.
And please, at least match your eyebrows with your ugly wig

No. 39460

I'm confused. I've always heard you can't, but why do japanese girls add -chan to their own names?

No. 39461

It's considered arrogant but yeah, some Japanese girls do add -chan to their own names but I think it's one of those things you can do if you understand the cultural connotations (so, if you're Japanese) but it's just weeby and annoying if you're not.

No. 39467

File: 1421009168822.jpg (184.44 KB, 788x525, 1420775590134.jpg)

She should pay me to be her photo editor, because this photo looks amazing now. I can't liquify her top lip to make it look fuller because there is no top lip to liquify.

No. 39468

Good job anon. However, I think she'll never be pretty in the pic because of the lack for a top lip. It makes her look extremely old

No. 39469

File: 1421009902534.jpg (86.04 KB, 788x525, 1421009168822_副本.jpg)

kawaii desu

No. 39472

File: 1421010274123.jpg (86.32 KB, 788x525, wat.jpg)

doll-like himezawa

No. 39473

File: 1421010868630.jpg (184.54 KB, 788x525, 1420775590134.jpg)

Any better? I had to draw the top lip on.

No. 39474

No. 39476

File: 1421011931861.jpg (345.41 KB, 1348x444, Untitled-2.jpg)

Think I did a decent job

No. 39506

File: 1421020234876.jpg (272.06 KB, 788x525, Untitled-1.jpg)

I used to do photo editing on commission.

I try to keep it subtle bar the colour.
People forget that the most important aspect of any photo is the colour and the lighting.

No. 39517

File: 1421030625308.png (778.94 KB, 788x525, ^E7E6DB51B227B83CF821117E8853E…)

No. 39523

File: 1421031966107.jpg (315.88 KB, 788x525, 1420775590134_meitu_1.jpg)

No matter what I do, her face just always ends up making me mad.

No. 39527

Her snozz is the problem.It's unphotoshoppable!

No. 39528

Now she can be a kawaii aidoru in Japan11!

No. 39559

This is the best one, I think. Except the way her teeth hang over her lips when she smiles looks weird and is kind of un-editable.

No. 39560

File: 1421046246242.jpg (189.56 KB, 900x675, patricia_martins_cosplay_by_hi…)

No. 39563

i know nothing about lolita, but is the type she's wearing really sweet lolita like she says? wasn't there something like classical lolita?

No. 39577

Yeah, it definitely looks more classic lolita to me. Sweet lolita is like the epitome of dolly. Pastels, particularly baby pinks and all that junk. Pretty much not at all what she's wearing.

No. 39585

File: 1421057946800.jpg (16.84 KB, 236x419, otomekei.jpg)

I think what she's wearing is closer to Otome Kei than lolita tbh

because real burando is expensive and Otome Kei is cheaper

No. 39586

Yeah, you're right actually; it does seem more like that than lolita. Makes it even funnier since it's even further away from sweet lolita, kek.

No. 39618

File: 1421083545563.png (795.77 KB, 588x580, snoz.png)


No. 39619

Can someone photoshop this?

No. 39621

Has she ever heard of unfortunate angles …duh

No. 39622

Let's face it, there is no fortunate angle for that nose.

No. 39625

lol that nose makes her look like nosepass

No. 39632

File: 1421087063619.png (844.33 KB, 588x579, 1421083545563.png)

Best I can do.

No. 39633

But the Japanese love big and long noses, didn't you know!11!!

No. 39636

File: 1421090245055.jpg (58.11 KB, 674x505, chica-anime-181744.jpg)

They like slim, anime-long noses,not wide, bulbous noses.

No. 39637


No. 39638

Good job anon.

No. 39639

File: 1421090461909.png (372.46 KB, 1365x711, Ge0hEay.png)

>I wanna be famous

No. 39643

Uh, when I was in Japan the women were whining about not having high nose bridges and felt that theirs were "sunken into their face". A pronounced nose is a thing with some over there.

No. 39648

what, really? i don't get that at all. in asia they seem to have more of an obsession with youth than we do in the west and flatter noses are much more youthful looking. idk maybe it's because i have a high nose bridge/gaijin nose that i feel looks hideous on me, i see them as really ugly, for the most part.

No. 39649

How sad

No. 39654

I feel like people are too used to porno Asians or perfectly photoshopped K-Idols/J-Idols, because plenty of them actually do have wide noses. Some are wider than most "White" people I've seen, too. Some even have more pronounced lips, as if they were part Black when they're fully Japanese. My Father's side of the family (a mix of Italian, Filipino, and Japanese) have never had the snow skin or tiny noses, but they do have the petite frames, brown eyes (not even all Asians are brown eyed, some are hazel or green eyed) and thick, dark hair. My Mother's side is just Russian and everyone there is pale as fuck. They're so pale and I didn't realize until about two years ago that none of the women on that side wore foundation and it was because they couldn't find a shade for them. They really have no undertones and just white skin with dark hair.

No. 39656

>because real burando is expensive and Otome Kei is cheaper
Lel, some otome brands are equally or even more expensive than Lolita burando. Depending on your taste and where you shop it can both be cheap-ish to expensive to very fucking expensive (if you want the newest or popular stuff).

She probably doesn't wear Lolita because it would be too expensive to buy the popular dresses and there are already so many Lolitas battling for e-fame; there's no way she would win that competition. It is easier to wear otome/something vaguely "Lolita-inspired", call it Lolita and be proud to wear kawaii japanese fashion.

No. 39660

File: 1421100255755.jpg (41 KB, 599x608, seungri_dae_mini_019.jpg)

Even some idols have really wide noses

No. 39674


Unfortunately, you mainly only ever see guy idols going against the grain.

No. 39676

>not even all Asians are brown eyed, some are hazel or green eyed

Assuming you're talking about east Asians, hazel eyes are extremely rare. The only Asian I've ever seen with them is Go Ara, and people are constantly calling it surreal and questioning if she's mixed. But green eyes? Nah. They're not even that common among groups that are actually known for it.

No. 39679

I have green eyes and they came from my grandmother, who is the Asian one. Both my mother and father's sides are made up of brown eyes, with only two people having blue on my mother's side.

No. 39682

have you been to any parts of asia? i feel like this is going to turn into how people need to lecture white americans about how you'll see light skinned latinos in latin countries with light hair, light eyes, etc.

No. 39686

I'm aware there are South and West Asians with green eyes, incase they're the ones you're thinking of. But since we're talking about K-Idols and J-Idols, they're the ones I'm talking about, and no they don't have green eyes.

No. 39687

but people weren't only talking about just idols? they were used as an example with others yet not the only discussion topic

No. 39724

File: 1421126914186.png (519.3 KB, 766x743, pt1.png)

No. 39753

File: 1421133437753.png (1.01 MB, 1106x374, lol.png)

That tooth

No. 39764

looks like she shooped her nose and jaw line in the more recent pic.

No. 39765

Sniggle snaggle.

No. 39786

File: 1421150642620.jpg (6.99 KB, 225x225, mGzmaM1Jj86p6rXNyFgX8hQ.jpg)

People with big hooked noses really shouldn't wear thick black frames.

No. 39810

File: 1421165113153.png (457.27 KB, 643x616, totemo legit fanbesu des.png)

>asks to have picture taken with some event attendees
>thank u fans <3<3

this year is shaping up to be p legit. first the scamming stripper, now this raging weeb

No. 39811

lmfao the old lady beside her doesn't even have a clue

try harder himezawa

No. 39822

I like how she tricks people into thinking that everyone who takes a pic with her is her "fan".
Just pls staph

No. 39824

she's delusional.

No. 39826

File: 1421171418061.jpg (52.83 KB, 454x488, 10903765_929226783756759_56232…)

get me out of here

No. 39829

Obvious hardcore fan.

No. 39842

File: 1421176286149.png (10.44 KB, 719x129, SWqZzq9.png)

Is she seriously playing the jealousy card?

No. 39843

Every single lolcow does this, it's pathetic.

No. 39844

it was from a year ago though, did anybody even know she existed a year ago?

No. 39853

even now pretty much no one knows she exists

No. 39855

>fought for the things I wanted
What has this little spoiled twat ever done except promoting the shit out of herself online and scamming people? Come on now

No. 39856

so much facepalm

No. 39857

Maybe her parents dared to suggest she study something else as a backup if stardom doesn't pan out? And she threw a tantrum and told them that she was born to be an aidoruuuuu~

No. 40008

File: 1421233728970.jpg (388.45 KB, 1024x575, 5271685964_eb85994e93_b.jpg)


No. 40018

File: 1421245284013.jpg (923.73 KB, 3000x1500, PicMonkey Collage.jpg)

It is scary how much a simple quick edit can change a photo.

No. 40027

ergh…her nostrils

No. 40029

File: 1421248969595.jpg (65.4 KB, 640x480, msFIdNA.jpg)


No. 40030

File: 1421249039225.jpg (103.39 KB, 412x550, nXlquSB.jpg)

No. 40067

if she's supposed to be yui from k-on (i really can't tell) it's kind of amazing she went the trouble to get a guitar from somewhere (that's wrong color) but didn't bother buying a wig or a vest or even just ironing her shirt

No. 40074


>Does anyone else do that in the morning?

No. 40075

Lol yeah it is part of my daily routine that.

No. 40076

https://vine.co/v/ODXhF7me0UU All her friends are weebs.

No. 40077

https://vine.co/v/ODMWqtYiFpq So graceful, just like a drunk penguin.

No. 40079

No. 40080

I'll leave this here

No. 40081

Oh god could she sound any worse on 'Lied für dich'…

No. 40082

What about this beauty?

No. 40083

I found more singing

No. 40103

her singing is AWFUL

No. 40113


No. 40124

I can't even understand what she's saying… "YOUUU. That's none of my chocolate" is what I'm hearing, but I'm pretty sure that's not right.

No. 40125

File: 1421281003058.jpg (17.3 KB, 1024x576, 1024576.jpg)

Is Volvic a thing in Japan? I don't understand…

I hope Tyrannosaurs Alan has her for breakfast.

No. 40180

This is so awkward

No. 40181


No. 40200

Not really a "thing". It's just fucking water. She think she's acting sooooooo cute, just like in her totemo kawaii animes. Uguuuuuuuu.

No. 40217

She's a spoiled brat on par with Kiki.
Except unlike Kiki, she never had any sort of fame anywhere.

No. 40239

kinda have the feeling its an ad?

No. 40244

She just doesn't have a cute face for all that i wanna be a kawaii aidoru in japan shit. No matter how hard she tries she just ends up embarrassing herself. Someone has to tell her the truth for fuck's sake…

No. 40275

For all of you wondering what Japan really think of her (from PULL):

The comments from this link

Basically, the comments are saying she looks like a transvestite, and a guy and stuff like:
"She doesn't have a babyface so she doesn't look good"
"She reminds me of someone else" <ー "Oh, do you mean Becki Cruel?"
"I disagree" (With the title saying "beautiful german woman")
"Her eyes look strange"
"Not cute"
"Wouldn't it be better if she tried to aim for success in Germany? That face won't get her anywhere in Japan"
"Needs to detach that nose"
"When white women cosplay, they should stick with natural make-up"
"Witch nose"
"She might look good without all that make-up, it looks scary"
"What is this? She's far from kawaii"
"Droopy eyes from the make-up looks bad"
"Her face looks like a manga by 浦沢直樹 (Urasawa Naoki)"
"Westerns with deep faces don't suit wearing lolita fashion"
"We don't need all these foreigners anymore, go compete in your home country"

No. 40283

File: 1421354049506.jpg (178.29 KB, 515x670, image.jpg)

Now that's what I call brutal. LOL

No. 40286

Behold the beautiful, accepting Japan that all of these aidorus aspire to!

No. 40290

it's really funny to me bc so many people go on and on about how sweet and polite japanese people, and asian people in general are. but i don't think i've ever met any people who are so blunt in my life than japanese/asian people. it may just be because i'm american, but if you show a picture of someone ugly to an american, they'll talk about how beautiful the person is inside and out. but if you show the picture to an asian, or maybe even just people who aren't from america in general, they will flat out say that the person is ugly. and tbh i love that the most about asia/other countries, i can't tell you how many times i've embarrassed myself/looked like shit because someone didn't have the heart to correct/tell me.

i think that myth is the reason why so many wannabe aidoru and dakota's sister go for japan. they think japanese people are going to be so sweet to them and treat them like royalty because they're rare, exotic foreigners~

No. 40293

>"Her eyes look strange"
>"When white women cosplay, they should stick with natural make-up"
>"She might look good without all that make-up, it looks scary"
>"Droopy eyes from the make-up looks bad"

I used to be into gyaru and it would drive me insane how a bunch of them would be like "this is nt gal where is ur meiku? in japan they blah blah blah" every time someone didn't do that fucking shitty droopy eye makeup. I feel vindicated now.

No. 40320

Well since it's gyaru, it's supposed to be rebellious remember? So I guess if some japanese people don't like it, you're doing it right,

No. 40354

Of course if she's not there when you ask them what they think they will be honest. But on the internet where they can be anonymous, there is absolutely nothing holding them back for being completely honest.

My problem with himezawa is not her nose, but that she's delusional and acting as if she's a 10/10 while she clearly is not.

No. 40377

No. 40378

File: 1421381111891.gif (1.46 MB, 360x202, Free-Splash-free-free-35097735…)

It's so out of sync with the music. But of course she's a yaoi weeb.

Why do so many of these girls do these dance videos out in the open with people walking around? I never understood that.

No. 40392

oh god i couldnt even watch it, the second that guy in the background stopped and stared at her i closed the window. the second hand embarrassment is just too much

No. 40395

Well it's kinda cool when people who CAN dance do it in public
But in her case….Jesus, I can't handle the second hand embarrassment

No. 40396

File: 1421383458210.gif (999.67 KB, 245x245, tumblr_mrdy178jeZ1rlfsw2o1_250…)

No. 40408

I was actually just looking through her Youtube videos and found this:

>" …people gathered on both sides of the ways though I set up a sign on every side that they should walk behind the tripod-camera-setup if possible ;w; "

She actually barricaded off an area for herself and her tripod in front of Buckingham Palace. I can hardly comprehend how she could be so full of herself to have the balls to do this sort of thing.

No. 40409


This one is also out of sync.
I tried to mute it and play Ponponpon on another tab and it still didn't work. I don't live in the UK but isn't doing that kind of illegal?

No. 40410

whenever i see videos of these girls dancing in public, i can't help but think they expect it to be kinda like a musical where they start dancing and everyone joins in, lol.

that is just so cringeworthy. it's strange how dedicated a lot of people are to youtube/attention on the internet, they are willing to do this kinda stuff. she really takes the cake on the most cringeworthy i've seen, after this is vloggers who walk around in public yelling at their camera. a lot of these wannabe aidorus i've seen usually try to find more secluded areas to do their dances or dance at abnormal areas. on top of filming in a popular area, she brings more attention to herself by setting up signs around her.

No. 40429

I don't think japanese people are blunt though? That's the internet, of course they will state their honest opinion, doesn't mean they'd do it in real life…

No. 40445

They can be if they want. Of course not compared to the west, but if you ask your friends they're gonna be completely honest. If you ask a stranger, they'll be more worried about saying something they think you don't wanna hear. But they will, some do.

No. 40448

Wow, I give myself crap for being too snappy and unrefined sometimes but damn girl that wasn't graceful at all.

I can't be the only one that gets serious cringe feeling when they watch her videos can I? That water vine was all sorts of wrong with me.

No. 40461


No. 40462

>Thanks to everyone who walked behind the tripod and EVERYONE who came to see me at London Animecon 7 last weekend!
>came to see me
>see me
Himezawa.Lolcow of the Year

No. 40463

File: 1421404870189.jpg (55.36 KB, 500x367, 8c30f9ae1b4f8aca1ba0a08aa41aa2…)

Man,I just came across this thread… Believe it or not but we used to be friends.She's one sick twisted fuck irl.

No. 40464

File: 1421405300747.png (737.66 KB, 1014x602, wat.png)

Busy day? What do you do on a daily basis besides sitting at your pc 24/7 and taking selfies? Himezawa pls.

No. 40465

Probably some important celeb stuff…We'll never understand that anon

No. 40466

Is she seriously like NEET rn?

No. 40467

Please tell us more.

No. 40470

It even looks like he might have heckled her, ha.

The dreary replacement music is hilarious. It sounds like it's from one of those Intervention shows or some other sad documentary thing - "Addicted to being an idol! Girl dances for hours, despite having no fans."

No. 40471

the end. if only she didnt attempt to keep balance

No. 40534

I lost my shit at the end.She's completely tone deaf AND blind.

No. 40542

Yes, tell us more!

No. 40556

She obviously doesn't have a job, quit uni (or got kicked out,who knows) and now currently lives in Japan to fulfil her weeaboo dream. Also, someone here mentioned that her parents are pretty wealthy so…

No. 40559

Would this mean she goes to a Japanese college, or just language classes or something similar?

No. 40592

File: 1421437052231.png (30.35 KB, 619x385, h.png)

She just tweeted this
Coincidence? I highly doubt that! More like she lurks here and now wants ppl to think she actually goes to school( in other words, that she's not a NEET)

No. 40594

Nice try Himezawa.

No. 40595

holy shit.this is hilarious

No. 40596

God,her dancing is SO atrocious.

No. 40598

0:46 Himezawa starts throwing some shit into the audience and literally no one gives a shit

No. 40599

She didn't even try

No. 40601

She so gracefully lobs Harribos, whilst everyone chats among their selves. Brilliant.

No. 40602

Not Sabz, I just wondered if she is over there studying as an excuse to stay in Japan. Because the idol shit didn't turn out.

No. 40603

An AnimeLeague event, wow really hitting the big time there.

No. 40609

I don't get how she expects people to watch her dance videos when she puts some random song as bgm. I mean I get its for copyright or something but her dancing isn't so great that I would watch it with song that doesn't match it at all or that I'd bother to mute it and open the right song in another tab? So it's no wonder no one watches her videos tbh.

No. 40621

when she did the second one, you can hear it drop to the floor

No. 40654

File: 1421447994141.jpg (1.33 MB, 3210x2191, PicMonkey Collage 2.jpg)

Taking her worst selfie, how did I do?

No. 40659


It's okay but I recommend turning the contrast down and not up to reduce grain and soften the vibrancy. Also her jaw is unnaturally slim.

No. 40672

Just noticed, but I love how she doesn't know how to do a copyright symbol and just uses brackets.

No. 40685

File: 1421452599166.jpg (1.45 MB, 3400x2403, PicMonkey Collage 3.jpg)

Hmm, the jaw looks better now but I can't decide if I liked the vibrancy before or lower now.

No. 40697

I love how she felt the need to add the tweet below so people could get the impression she is studying hard. And how convenient, that tweet appeared today after this discussion here.

C'mon Himeloser, you're a joke.

No. 40699

Oh so Himezawa is studying, right? Himezawa, tell us what are you studying. Ah! All stundents have a ID card, could you show us your student ID? 'cause I don't believe you. Himezawa is the kind of wannabe that lurks on the internet and goes shopping, I barely believe she's studying japanese so ~hard~.
Dakota's sister 2.0.

No. 40702

I wish she would contour her nose

No. 40756

She dances out of sync

No. 40760

Still better than original

No. 40763

EXACTLY!Himezawa tweets/updates her social media accounts every 30 minutes.
>studying hard
>concentrated on the new lessons
lol who are you trying to fool?

No. 40774

No. 40779

File: 1421477149251.png (1.08 MB, 781x588, image.png)


No. 40780

Can someone photoshop this?

No. 40781

No. 40782

File: 1421477333891.png (1.21 MB, 777x587, image2.png)

No. 40872

File: 1421513728536.jpg (747.28 KB, 3400x1901, PicMonkey Collage 4.jpg)


No. 40875

>"Come in.", I said. My voice was trempling from off-use.

Ah. So this is the honeymoon marmelade 'novel' she seemed so proud of in her Draw my Life video.

I'm sort of baffled by the sheer amount of self-confidence oozing from this girl's pores. She doesn't even feel the need to spellcheck anything, let alone the title.

No. 40879

Her personality is exactly the opposite of what's considered attractive personality in Japan and yet she wants to be an idol.

No. 40884

File: 1421517699257.jpg (1.05 MB, 2240x1680, 5485749209_7fc49f9efc_o.jpg)

I made a thing.

No. 40892

Well..at least her double chin is gone

No. 40893


No. 40894

What what?

No. 40898

Maybe she can hire a ghost writer, they seem pretty famous these days.

No. 40905

File: 1421526857243.gif (484.4 KB, 499x374, will_smith_uh_gif.gif)

Why do all these way above average looking girls always think they're so kawaii and speshalu?

No. 40909

>way above average looking

lol wat

No. 40914

Exactly what I was thinking.

No. 40915

I think anon might have meant to type "below" but wasn't paying attention.

No. 40999

File: 1421560779635.png (689.54 KB, 761x566, so-hipster.png)

Yeah sorry about that. My mind was probably distracted. lol.
There's no way I'd call Himezawa above average. Esoecially with that plain face and shitty personality.

No. 41000

is this supposed to be…cosplay?

No. 41006

File: 1421561591343.png (142.54 KB, 766x612, pull.png)

I couldn't agree more. Btw,she disabled the like/dislike button on her youtube videos because they used to get A LOT OF dislikes and literally no comments most of the time.

No. 41007

Himezawa is so stubborn..if only she listened to us. But nooooo,she thinks she's perfect and everyone's just jealous of her.

No. 41023

File: 1421572379838.jpg (185.66 KB, 822x548, hereyougo.jpg)

I did my best.

No. 41028

File: 1421573429662.png (735.61 KB, 963x606, 1420957985977.png)

No. 41029

Wow..great job anon! You should get paid for this

No. 41030

No. 41032

File: 1421574074230.jpg (60.18 KB, 640x358, 12553149.jpg)



No. 41033

File: 1421574170893.jpg (157.8 KB, 640x480, 7649227.jpg)

No. 41034

File: 1421574335345.jpg (101.91 KB, 640x480, 5248383.jpg)

My favourite.

No. 41035


No. 41036

This sure looks like a lot of fun

No. 41037

File: 1421574647932.jpg (62.2 KB, 358x475, 185012.jpg-1346839830-358-506-…)

No. 41038

File: 1421574678771.jpg (79.14 KB, 497x550, 5248874.jpg)


No. 41039

File: 1421574715868.jpg (95.03 KB, 413x550, 5246261.jpg)

No. 41043

Omg, it gets worse. She is a massive fan of Pewdiepie and tweets him and quotes his shit.

No. 41053


Thought you guys would enjoy. She appears around 24 minutes.
Her Japanese is so bad that they couldn't understand her, it's delicious.

No. 41054

Looks like her wiki got deleted, because there was "No explanation of significance (real person/animal/organization/web content/organized event"

No. 41056

Just a typical weeb trash making a fool of herself in Japan..
She called herself "Himezawa chan" like 3 times.Who does that.?

No. 41057

is it just me or are her eyes really far apart?

No. 41058

You're slow, that has been posted already.

No. 41061

She really only looks good as a guy when she cosplays… Her costumes for anime/manga ones look cheap.

No. 41062

Apparently she blocked, unblocked, and re-blocked Bekah.
Idk why bekah even cares though, tbh. I would rejoice.

Seriously though, what is with this bitch blocking everyone who is more talented/popular than her? She's such a brat.

No. 41063

omg this dramu is so amusing
yeah i don't understand why she keeps blocking everyone either

No. 41064

File: 1421598583926.png (32.04 KB, 591x525, w.png)

No. 41065

File: 1421598649056.png (7.71 KB, 594x142, beckah.png)

>so early in the game
lol,what's happening?

No. 41066

Imo she thinks every girl in the community who is more talented/popular than her is her potential rival. She's completely delusional. But blocking them won't change anything, so why she keeps doing it?

No. 41067

oh god please give us the delicious deets

this girl is advancing her lolcow rank at lightning speed.

No. 41068

what the fuck?

No. 41069

Himezawa isn't even playing the game, honey, don't worry.

No. 41070

Yeah I want more details!! Maybe anon is busy with reading the thread

No. 41071

File: 1421600222706.png (43.19 KB, 639x435, twitter.png)

Why did she block Bekah and the rest of the girls but keeps licking Kelsey's ass?

No. 41072

It is weird, though. Bekah isn't even dancing anymore so she shouldn't be considered a rival, right? Himezawa just has a few loose screws or something.

No. 41073

What an idiot! How does she even expect to become aidoru if she acts like a complete ass

No. 41074

So to be her friend you have to have a certain number of subscribers? Lol
Beckii and Kelsey.

No. 41075

and abipop. lol.

No. 41076

I'm even starting to think that those few Himezawa's "fans" are her own sockpuppet accounts.

No. 41077

File: 1421601020782.gif (485.56 KB, 500x275, giphy.gif)

Well… Good luck becoming an idol with this shitty background.

No. 41079

That snozz is frightening!!!

No. 41082

Sabrina is my favourite lolcow.

No. 41090

No. 41093

They are about looks.

No. 41096

You know you're pretty shitty when even jrcach is right about the shit you do lol

No. 41097

Not more than people from other countries lol

No. 41099

No. 41101

No. 41105

File: 1421607080595.jpg (43.99 KB, 552x804, b796025936fc6dcd740e6376ccfbee…)

>Performance at the Royal Opera House

ayyyyy lmoa

No. 41108

How on earth did she gain +250 subs in one day?

No. 41112

Maybe she bought them? YOu can buy likes on fb, so you can probably buy subscribers too.

No. 41150

I'm done. Sure this isn't a self portrait Himezawa? Well she got the nose right.

No. 41155

No. 41177

very artist
much art

No. 41223

My ears are bleeding: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm24450057
Just compare with this one that someone fixed. They should've done a version with song but no autotune to compare both of them.

No. 41228

Is this supposed to be himezawa?oh pleasseee

No. 41229

Japanese girls add -chan to their names
I've heard a lot of them doing that so

No. 41236

What the. Not really. If they do, it is a rare cute little quirk that doesn't work well with thick accented foreigners. They would just sound stupid. Like himezawa.

No. 41238

A lot of them talk in third person, but just use their first name without -chan.

No. 41248

File: 1421642716967.png (431.81 KB, 342x512, didifuckherupmore.png)

I'm sorry guys, I was bored :( aaaand this is the first time I try to Photoshop someone

No. 41250

what? - chan is a form of -san used to refer to children(little girls mostly). himezawa is 20 lol.

No. 41251

don't act like you know what you're talking about anon. Girls here use it with one another all the time even if they're teens or in their 20's or even older some times. It's also realllly common to call idols "-chan" despite their age. I'm guessing that's why she does it. It's still really improper to use it on yourself of course

No. 41253

Great job. But that snozz still needs to be fixed. It's not kawaii enough

No. 41255

No. 41256

File: 1421645014705.png (410.07 KB, 366x458, sugoidesu.png)

No. 41270

Lol What? Calm down. I speak japanese. It's not incredibly common. Or at least I don't hear it as often as you do over there. I can see burikko or cutesy idols doing it, but not regular girls.

No. 41271

And I meant referring to yourself as *-chan btw, not other people! Sorry if that wasn't clear.

No. 41272

She looks wrecked lmao

No. 41274

Aww crap just realized you weren't responding to me lmao sorry <3

No. 41339

File: 1421676532385.png (644.54 KB, 1009x603, wt.png)

>I'm studying my ass off in Japan
>Left my gloves at school because I'm soooo busy with my studies!!1

No. 41341

>trying to limit myself 1 coord a month

like a new, brand coord?

No. 41342

Hell yeah,spending your parents money on expensive lolita burando must be so damn hard

No. 41343

Poor Himezawa, she has to LIMIT HERSELF ON ONLY ONE COORD A MONTH. Oh my god, that poor thing!!

No. 41345


No. 41346

File: 1421676907308.png (562.03 KB, 518x669, lol.png)

No. 41347

>things i did today:hanging out dresses and reorganizing blouses

No. 41349

Why did she order the same dress?

No. 41351


Why does that dress look like it has been out of style for a while now??

No. 41352

>The Original I gave to a nurse and she put it into a frame and hung it up where she works.
I'm so done here…

No. 41355

It's a replica of a BTSSB replica (Sister Maria OP) of old AP (Cross OP). Nun Lolita has been on the rise for a while again.

No. 41359

No. 41360

No. 41363

is she paralysed? lmao

No. 41365

File: 1421686753464.jpg (708.25 KB, 1942x2700, 1421686612358.jpg)

No. 41367

File: 1421687106695.jpg (301.13 KB, 882x1374, Beautiful.jpg)

No. 41368

She looks like an awkward teenage boy in motion.

No. 41371

Noooooo D:
MTNN is one of my favorite animes….
Damn you, Himezawa… damn you.

No. 41372

well.. back then she didn't scam people

No. 41389

File: 1421698154820.jpg (46.13 KB, 636x358, pcvwtkhe0ppa6anmxew7.jpg)

Joel? Is that you?

No. 41394

Is she calling herself Japan's top idol at 25:05??

(Sorry if I'm way off. I only just started learning Japanese this year at University.)

No. 41400

Her music skills didn't improve at all

No. 41420

No she wants to become japan's top idol.

No. 41436

is she implying she's playing it?

No. 41473

Damn, she does look like Joel. Glad I prefer Mike

No. 41563

Japan's top idol? Oh please, with those shitty dancing skills..

No. 41744

File: 1421789530273.jpg (78.93 KB, 640x640, 190352435.jpg)

Judging by her other pictures, I think she's probably going to a language school.

Talk about having rich parents.

No. 41746

File: 1421790792378.jpg (51.21 KB, 554x543, 3.JPG)

She is still at elementary levels tho.

>Minna no Nihongo

fuck that shit textbook

No. 41747


it seems she wants to tell us that when she entered some arcade place everyone called her kawaii

No. 41763

Wouldn't surprise me if it really happened and she wasn't delusional this time, like with that cafe incident lol.

In Japan and other Asian countries, even average, white foreigners are often called beautiful or pretty (if you can call believe all those expat blogs).

No. 41941

You don't need to be a good dancer or even a good singer to be a popular idol. Her attitude is what would hold her back. You have to be humble and hard working. And the fact that she's a foreigner holds her back even more. None of these girls can be successful idols. Idk why they are all so delusional.

No. 41951

Let's see… Himezawa can't dance, sing, speak japanese. God, she can't even act like a decent human being. She thinks that idols do nothing, they just have to act kawaii and shit.

No. 41956

File: 1421814363450.png (624.83 KB, 609x607, hidethatsnozzz.png)

No. 42082

Does she pretend to be 100% fluent though?
If she doesn't, I don't think we need to discourage her (Or others starting to learn Japanese/ a foreign language) Since everyone has to start somewhere !

No. 42134

I think it's sad she's 20 and she's still in her "I WANNA BE AN AIDORU IN JAPAN" phase.
Sure, there are idols that are 18+ in Japan, but they started young and had the "package" for it.
There's a lot of pression involving idols.
They have fucking creepy fans. Some of their fans are kids or qt girls but that's a minority. Also, idols leave when they graduate because THEY WANT TO GET A REAL JOB. It's sad she haven't realized this despite her age.
Anyway, she'll probably always try to be an aidoru in her life. Reminds me of PT.
I'm all for people doing the makeup they want or wear the clothes they want. ex: it makes me happy when i see those girls in sweet lolita that even if they look older or their face is more mature, they truthfully enjoy the style. What I despise is people doing it for attention, especially if they dont have the fucking features.
Himezawa, your face doesn't looks young enough for this aidoru shit.
Ever noticed how the japanese idols look?
They all look young. You have a thick japanese accent. also idols are supposed to be girls next doors.
why the fuck would they choose you over a qt girl that lives in japan???
There's tons of girls that speak japanese and have a babyface so you dont have a chance.
seriously just become an av idol or some shit. I respect japanese idols who keep their job because some of them do it because they truly enjoy it. they endure all the inhuman rules and creepy fans.
if you want money and attention then don't become an aidoru wtf

No. 42202

Himezawa already damned herself by posting a purikura with that guy. That's a big no no for idols.

No. 42204

funny how her parents pay for everything yet her japanese is still shit

No. 42205

Well, in ten years her japanese will be functional for her to be the super idol of Japan

No. 42332

so basically what you're saying is that if she was cute you wouldn't have a problem, but since she looks like a hag at 20 that's why you mad.

it has nothing to do with the age and everything to do with looking cute and pulling this shit off. which she can't do.

and how does she have a "thick japanese accent"? she can't even speak japanese……

No. 42337

You sir, deserve a medal. It's really sad but I don't think Himezawa will ever understand that, she seems delusional as fuck.

No. 42338

The Moral of the story: money can't buy three things: friends, talent, skills.

No. 42340

i think they accidentally typed in "japanese," they may have meant german

No. 42350

you didnt understand.
She doesnt look cute nor young, which is a requirement to be an idol. she doesnt have the features to be an idol.
And no, i'm not mad.
it's just plain pathetic

No. 42375

I think they meant that while she's speaking japanese, she has a thick accent. It's almost embarrassing to hear considering how confident she seems in it.

No. 42434

Yeah, she obviously wanted to show off that she's got a Japanese fanboy and make people think they were in a relationship… but if she really wants to become an idol, that kind of backfired on her.

No. 42494

Tbh her german accent is really annoying. Plus, she can't even pronounce her own nickname correctly so wtf.
>hymezawa chan

No. 42728

She's doing a #askhimezawa thing on twitter, quite sad because there aren't any questions regarding her scams or lies

No. 42732

>starts every sentence with "anó"
>What is your dream?
>I am Japan's top idol, right?

this hurts to watch

No. 42733

File: 1421962890667.jpg (65.84 KB, 925x548, kjkj.JPG)

got herself some japanese sugar daddy

No. 42769

This is what I don't understand… She wants to be an idol, but she's obviously staying with some guy in Japan and keeps posting pictures of them together. Does she not understand that idols can't have boyfriends or what?

No. 42773

She must think "idol" is synonymous with "celebrity".

No. 42806

goddam her nose is huge

No. 42869

She has the face of a soccer mom.

No. 42884

Omg she looks so ridiculous in those clothes!! She looks at least 10 years older than she actually is

No. 42890


Getting tired of seeing these scamming self absorbed weeb bitches model for Lolita brands. Seriously BTSSB and Innocent World I thought you were better than that.

No. 42960

File: 1422017425253.jpeg (33.18 KB, 293x473, 124391_gif_9444.jpeg)

>cosplay Castiel
>end up looking like Columbo

She's modeling for BtSSB and IW? Since when?

No. 42961

No. 42962

Catwalks. There's a photo by KERA. Beckii appears too.

No. 42966

i have a friend who is studying in japan, and she often does runway modeling for these brands, and she doesn't have any internet persona etc at all. i think it's very easy for foreign girls to get to runway model for lolita brands if they are pretty even in the slightest.

No. 43090

I wonder what she'll do when she has to eventually graduate though. Pull a Mira and marry some Japanese dude? But then she can't be ~*~*aidoru*~*~.

No. 43113

she already can't be an aidoru but no matter what she does,she'll always think she could so its pointless

No. 43117

File: 1422077584544.png (306.96 KB, 391x356, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_…)

Jrcach may be completely stupid but he does post entertaining things from time to time.

No. 43126

Oh my god what the fuck?

No. 43127

Looks similar. I knew that old dumbass couldn't resist.

No. 43128

File: 1422079366437.png (203.87 KB, 596x748, wat.png)

No. 43129

>gaijin party nose

No. 43131

File: 1422079664843.png (398.97 KB, 1017x597, insta.png)

>thank you farmers

No. 43139

I lol'd

No. 43169


It's actually a new cut sew dress AP just released, you can see it on the website. Came out with the Celestial series, called "Celestial one piece".

No. 43185

Sometimes I feel jrcach is the one posting his screenshots in hopes Plp here will start liking him.

No. 43192

Yeah but that's not gonna happen. Jrcock is a lolcow himself

No. 43193

File: 1422092049687.png (6.39 KB, 576x114, lol.png)

Himezawa probably thinks it's because she's ~worldwide famous~

No. 43194

>a kid

No. 43195

File: 1422092132952.png (20.17 KB, 613x275, sabrina.png)

No. 43196

Maybe that lady was being sarcastic?

No. 43197

i'm pretty sure that kid was staring at her just bc she's "gaijin". it's not even just kids that do that

No. 43198

File: 1422092604113.jpg (19.49 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

>praised my japanese skills
just when i thought sabrina couldn't get any more delusional

No. 43200

Japanese people don't really except foreigns to speak their language so they are probably going to praise it even if you can only speak a little. It's not anything to brag about

No. 43201

She's beggining to sound like Kiki

No. 43209

"日本語が上手ですね!" is used so commonly by Japanese people that it's a reoccurring joke in the Japanese language learning community.

"I can't be bad at Japanese! The old lady at the bus stop said I was good!"

Even if you only say konnichiwa, you will hear a "日本語が上手ですね!" in return!

No. 43211

No I guess we just have similar humor, or he saw it, found it funny and made one his self.

No. 43219

That's true. Some expats actually get fed up with always hearing how good their Japanese is even though they only spoke two sentences.
If you only know a couple of phrases and don't look Japanese, they will praise you.

It is funny that Sabrina (and not only her) encounters a lot of normal things for a foreign tourist but she probably thinks it's because she is special and everything.

No. 43272

"So TV was following my friend @inesarjoun and me through Laforet today ✨ Watch out for us on TV Asahi, Monday morning!! ✨"

Watch up for more Himezawa being an idiot on TV!!!

No. 43277

I wonder if she contacts TV houses to film her and give her exposure

No. 43319

That or she's just lucky.

If you're a foreigner who is in the right place at the right time, especially if you're dressed up in lolita or other conspicuous fashion, TV stations will film and interview you. That is why there are a couple of Japanese TV segments featuring foreigners on Youtube, for example YOUは何しに日本へ.

No. 43322

14.000 people laughed their asses off. Nothing to be proud of though

No. 43323

-views- Sabrina, not reads

No. 43331

They praise any and everyone who doesn't speak Japanese as their native language. It feels nice but then you realize that no one actually thinks you're good. I had friends tell me that you'll know you're good when you stop hearing "wow your japanese is so good!!"

Imagine she lets this get to her head and flunks out of her language school because her ego gets to her head and she thinks she doesn't need to study anymore lol

No. 43360

She made a facebook page for it, is she an idiot

No. 43456

sabrina staph

No. 43460

File: 1422166650949.png (859.95 KB, 997x594, sabrina.png)

Yikes, the nose!

No. 43461

File: 1422166747574.png (877.73 KB, 1019x607, sabrinasnozz.png)

Yes Himezawa, we can't wait to see you embarrassing yourself and your country on TV again…

No. 43462

File: 1422166791150.png (700.29 KB, 1015x607, sab.png)

No. 43466

Chriiiiist. If her family buys her anything she wants, why doesn't get a damn nose job already?

No. 43479

i'm curious too, if i were her, i'd show either this shoop >>39467 or this shoop >>39517 (or any other of the good shoops in this thread) to a plastic surgeon and get my lips plumped up a bit while i'm at it. granted, she will never be an aidoru but plastic surgery would definitely help her look like she could be one. i think her parents may be against plastic surgery or she just thinks that she's ~kawaii~ just the way she is.

No. 43487

>tfw I have a strong gaijin nose like this.

Should I feel bad about myself or am I okay because I don't want to be an aidoru?

No. 43517

File: 1422179850916.jpg (115.82 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

seems like shes using her own face for the cover of her new book which she actually found a publisher for?

tbh looking at her i'm so ashamed for being german

No. 43527

She might get a nose job but her face is still too mature. Aidorus have baby faces. No matter how hard she tries to be kawaii and look as young as possible Sabrina just ends up looking like PT.Sad.

No. 43530

She's 20, I'm surprised she hasn't gone through her weeaboo phase yet.

No. 43541

The latter. I don't know why everyone keeps talking about her nose tbh. I doubt the Japanese will care, being tall nose lovers and all (see: Beckii Cruel and keekihime).

No. 43542

>the book is called dust girl
>her face will be on the cover
This is surprisingly accurate.

No. 43547

It's really not her face that's the biggest thing that keeps her from becoming an "aidoru"

No. 43554

Her mom is more talented than her, it's a shame. They seem to make good money and the little cunt can't even thank her family by studying to have a good job like them. It's way too late for her to have crazy dreams about being an idol.

She can't sing, dance, draw or write. I could see her model a bit because she's skinny but aside from that …

No. 43565

Her nose looks way nicer in her latest photos when compared with older ones.

I'm sure she will get a nosejob when her aidoru dreams don't come true. She'll blame her nose or something – anything but her personality and age.

No. 43599

If it doesn't sell I'm sure she'll buy tons of copies to make it sold "well"

No. 43610

Because she shoops now, there is GIF proof somewhere.

No. 43654

didnt she say she went to art school or something
wat is this shit

No. 43655

she went to theatre school.
she "won an award" for art.

No. 43663

No. 43669

ah, ok.
she seems like someone who has watched a lot of idol anime but doesn't know much about actual idols.

No. 43677

Wasn't the possibility floating around that she just invented the story with her broken arm to cover up that she actually never went to art school?
Because seriously with those drawing I can't imagine one school that would take her. There is more than enough room for improvement.

No. 43701

She lies about so many things I wouldn't be surprised if she was lying about it. How bad would an injury be for her to be unable to draw again? (I'm not being sarcastic, I'm actually curious about it).

No. 43716

Himezawa is easily the best j-performer at this current time , believe me when I say her accomplishments are many . There is jealousy here and the racism .

No. 43718

hahahahahaha ok sabrina.

No. 43719

Fuck that ! I was the old lady and she did talk proper jap !

No. 43720

i am kill

No. 43721

Hey , what's a winner like you you doing up at 4am on some pissant message board - oh sorry , its 12pm in Tokyo , where you work for Tsunku , presumably ? (what with your extensive knowledge of idols 'n' shit)

No. 43725

ok now i am kill

No. 43734


The only Western 'Hime' going strong in the idol game who isn't an egotistical bitch and actually seems sweet is Himesama1101. 7 years and counting. Sabrina is just a thirsty try-hard.

No. 43750

Ok no. No one here is jealous of a nobody who buys followers and is terrible at everything she does. She is not a good j performer, and she is not going to be successful. Sorry.
She absolutely cannot dance, and she cannot sing. She cannot speak japanese, and she doesn't know what an idol is. She's a joke to everyone in this community, telling by the reactions of dancers she's alienated, and to everyone onlooking the community as well. I bet even Beckii cringes when she watches her perform.

No. 43788

Well, there are plenty of non-Japanese girls who dress up in lolita fashion, travel to Japan and no one cares a bit about them. But Sabrina is a scammer who's delusional about her talents and popularity and sounds fake/weird while imitating people from another culture. I doubt anyone could be jealous of that.

No. 43791

>the best j-performer at this current time
omg that's so hilarious

No. 43792

GTFO Sabrina

No. 43801

>Himezawa is easily the best j-performer at this current time

I think you mean gaijin performer, Himezawa isn't Japanese and therefore is not a J-performer.

No. 43803

I think Kelsey takes the #1 spot at being the best Gaijin preformer. Even though she sings badly live, she can actually dance unlike Sabrina.

No. 43805


Ah, well that wasn't the part I was focusing on, but I agree 100%.

No. 43806

I understood your point, I was just adding in my opinion on who actually tries to be good at what they do :)

No. 43814

what the fuck..?

No. 43817

inb4 you say i'm Kelsey.

No. 43823

I don't know much about art schools in Germany but they probably accepted her (especially if it's a private or semi private school, they'll take anyone who pays their fees) but she couldn't pass and pretended she broke her arm instead of failing.

I'm sure if someone broke their arm in art school, sure they wouldn't draw anymore for a while but most schools would try to accomodate a bit.

No. 43856

If you'd break your arm while in art school she easily could take one or two semesters off until everything is back in order.

Do we know which school she applied to? Because nearly all have pretty strict criterions for apllying.

No. 43863

Kelsey doesn't sing that well but she's not tone deaf, like Sabrina is, and she can dance. Sabrina does what? She waves her arms, and not even that is in sync with the song.

I would like Kelsey if she wasn't the idiot weeaboo she is.

No. 43867

How can she be bad she has been to Japan with Beckii Cruel ?

No. 43870

Are you really using Beckii Cruel as an example? Are you that idiot? But even Beckii can dance better than you, imo

Beckii doesn't have any real talent, that was just pure luck and if you think you're going to have the same luck as her, you're really wrong.

No. 43871

And at least she didn't need to buy her facebook likes

No. 43872

The japan person has spoken , bring Himezawa japan ! This proof Himezawa good person dance !

No. 43876

It's OK "Japan person," you guys can keep her.

No. 43880

Of course! Kelsey, the person that appeared in her interview and a japanese person, all of them coincidentally came to a internet board to defend the Himeshit. That japanese person seems to know how to read english very well, despite not knowing how to write. Sabrina, give up, nobody is going to like you, anyways.

Your witch name lives up to your nose.

No. 43882

not just "a japanese person," but the old lady who complimented her japanese. >>43719

so this old lady just happened to stumble upon lolcow to defend himezawa's honor.

this is embarrassing, sabrina….

No. 43896

>old Japanese lady typing "Fuck that" on lolcow
Sounds legit

No. 43906


Pretty sure that was a random anon being sarcastic
Either that or she's so retarded I'm in denial

No. 43912

File: 1422315371521.jpg (89.21 KB, 500x333, tumblr_md4e80xVvR1ryi1xe.jpg)


No. 43916

"haters aren't constructive"
I wish people would learn from their haters
i mean, this bitch is delusional and people dont hate her for no reason smh but whatever she's an old hag so who cares she's never going to go far in life

No. 43961

wow , kids why so jelly ? this chick is great looking and an all-round entertainer . ok , she ain't the best dancer but she has charisma and the x-factor in abundance . give her a chance and she will grow on you . i'm feeling a lot of neagtive vibes on this board and all i can say is that i love you all and feel your pain . so lets all learn from this experience and grow as people : )

No. 43962

Lmao you don't know what the purpose of this place is, do you?
You're the same anon as before, you type like them. So this means you're the only one here who thinks like this. So just leave, because you're not going to change people's minds.

I dont personally find the girl ugly, and if she does get a gig in Japan- good for her. But she will not be an aidoru. Is just how it is. Not even keeki was "successful" as one. Shady companies are all these girls will get in Japan unless they are half jap.

No. 43963

I've even accomplished more than her. I'm not jelly, damn. I just do not like her! It's possible to dislike someone without being jealous, man.

No. 43966

>lets all learn from this experience
it thought me to not end up like her
thank god blessed lolcow
also, pls read entire thread, himezawa

No. 43971

I couldn't agree with you more. Kelsey is a good dancer but she's annoying as fuck. And Himezawa.. she sucks at everything.

No. 43972

It's a troll. Calm down people.

No. 44022

But that's the thing, she's NOT a big thing in Japan. No one knows about her!

Source: I live in Japan

No. 44026

Can you people not recognize a troll? Is this your first day on the internet?

No. 44043

Stop acting all high and mighty. Our panties aren't in a bunch, we just like confirming that Himezawa is shit.

No. 44073


holy shit. her japanese is terrible. listening to that was physically painful.

No. 44074



top kek

No. 44299

A post from her facebook. I want to know why Beckii and Abi have anything to do with her. Especially as Beckii takes no BS:
(IT'S JUST MY FACE post ahead.)
Also because I am back to my thing of telling myself: YOU DONT NEED SURGERY and because I want to be a role model for young girls who feel insecure about their looks, not another manufactured barbie model - yes they are pretty and some of them are naturally that pretty, but most people aren't and it's those people I want to reach.
Look at Diana Garnet, look at the incrediswag Beckii and Kelsey that's the people I look up to. Kota, Tay & Co are pretty, but it's probably not my type of thing. I might change my mind one day, but I am thankful for my management that lets me be a natural girl, my friends who support me (though they sometimes upload unfortunate pictures of me), and my family who still manages to tell me I don't need things, though I swear I'm a grown up.
Also thanks to Jacqui Flint for her kind words on my previous post.
I'll listen to those I should listen to now and all the compliments I got on the street today, though I was crying on trains and in convenience stores and I probably made some people really uncomfy.
I might still get acupuncture (?) for my eye bags, but no botox.
I might still do a nose massage and excessive make-up, but no nose fillers or rhinoplasty. I am happy for Milky Tea for her positive experience, but I think it's best for me to enjoy my time in Japan and not waste it with a swollen everything on Seijin no Hi and follow my opportunities instead of whining over what could be.
Thanks for your support and Merry Christmas everyone!
(also happy last day of Hannukah for those of you who don't do the Santa thing)

No. 44300

Another from her FB:
2014 - Was an amazing year.
- Performed all over the UK (even paid sometimes)
- Finished corset training
- Found out I was terribly sick and overcame it
- Found my fashion sense
- Did loads of great photoshoots
- Was on Japanese TV a lot
- Performed at West End with Esther Mok
- Was in magazines and newspapers, NEO, Japan Update, Modelpress, got so many interviews done, and made loads of new friends through my dancing and online derpings
- Joined FuriFuri
- Met the amazing Momoyo Morioka Queen of the make-up sensei's
- Made friends with Kelsey Ellison Beckii Cruel Abi Mills Georgia Cooke Nat Blinder Char Wetherhill Andy Lee Ophelia Jenkins Ines Arjoun Fahr Loki Sindram Pixie Reznikov Yi Luo Emily Carr Shannon Jade Manley-Fleming Sylvia McElroy Letitia Van Herck Delphine Znanaeo Jonathan Britton Meshi Cashmere-Harris Ronnie Jae Ah-Chuen Chewiee
- Made great new sponsors, especially Justine Chantelle made my year with her dress!
- Went to Japan with Beckii Incrediswag Flint and did my first fashion shows at HJ and Taiikukan
- Signed to modelling agency of my dreams
- Moved to Japan
- Met Steven Takatsu and had Gummy Sonam Teriyaki helping me so much
- Found the DokiDokis heart emoticon
- Found the self-confidence
- Made a lot of plans for new projects and finally started eating healthy!
There are some people I can't mark in this post, but I am so happy to have you all and I am looking forward to the new year

No. 44309

>Found my fashion sense

No. 44328

>Signed to modelling agency of my dreams
Anyone knows which one she's referring to?

Seems like despite her mediocrity and scammer past she'll become popular eventually. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 44338

Sorry for samefagging.

She's been signed to Aqua Models apparently. Guess it's her: http://www.acquamodels.com/node/1710

No. 44346

Didn't know about Aqua Models and I'm aware of almost all the most important agencies because I'm a model lol I only do jobs in europe, wanna finish university before going outside.

No. 44353

Didn't we already discuss this?
Anyone can be "signed" with them. They have a registration form on their website, and judging by Sabrina's page you don't even need a photo.

No. 44364

Fuck, I'm dumb. I searched for "aqua" instead of "acqua" and didn't find anything.

No. 44406

It's the kind of agency that books lots of models for commercials about milk, restaurants, new shampoo etc not a "fancy" job

No. 44407

She got her visa by signing in that agency? Or does she have a tourist visa?

No. 44466

>I want to be a role model for young girls
Role model my ass! She's a scammer.

No. 44471

No. 44472

File: 1422507472079.jpg (139.13 KB, 774x1033, butterfly_by_kurouda-d36p4fw.j…)

No. 44473

File: 1422507504555.jpg (150.17 KB, 900x675, butterfly_by_kurouda-d48vzf8.j…)

No. 44474

File: 1422507526282.jpg (162.03 KB, 1033x774, velvet_butterfly_by_kurouda-d3…)

My favourite

No. 44475

nice editting skills

No. 44476

maybe she have student visa

No. 44483

I don't think she came to Japan to study. Judging from her IG photos and tweets, Sabrina came to Japan to become a kawaii aidoru and spend her parents' money on expensive clothes. She's just a mediocre bored rich kid.

No. 44488

LOL what is this thing?

No. 44491

another option is working holiday visa

No. 44496

Holy shit that's creepy as fuck. It's the super disturbing Slenderman version of Princess Bubblegum.

No. 44514

That is her only option tbh. It expires in a year and then she'll be gone. I can't wait.

No. 44515

You don't get "signed" to them, you just send them your photos and info and they put you on the website instantly.

No. 44518

They don't sponsor visas

No. 44585

Can she even do anything right kek

No. 44681

File: 1422592189881.png (301.44 KB, 576x630, twitter.png)

WTF is this shit?

No. 44918

omfg those slippers tho

No. 44925

dat boxy cropping around them. top notch editing skills 10/10.

No. 44942

I've got to hand it to him, he has a way with puns.

No. 44944

are those hospital shoe covers?

No. 44971

In a couple of days she'll be adding "designer" to his social media description

No. 45054

Those paint skills tho
>totally kawaii desu

No. 45055

File: 1422682777627.png (8.48 KB, 583x135, sabrina.png)

Damn right.

No. 45057

File: 1422683012037.gif (464.59 KB, 320x178, ali-g-respect-o.gif)

Admitting is the first step,Sab.

No. 45068

She's in japan with a student visa

No. 45093

How do you know?

No. 45094

File: 1422691932267.png (24.5 KB, 627x589, image.png)

No. 45103

^ ok jrcach we accept and love you now lol

She never mentioned or apologized? She's just gonna pretend it never happened? What a bitch.

No. 45262

Hate this bitch . Back in 1940 I was on my way to synagogue when she rounded me and my neighbors up and sent us all to Auschwitz !

No. 45354

"I feel ugly, please tell me otherwise"

Sorry but lol, no one will and only one person did last I checked the tweet replies.

No. 45423


No. 45448

No. 45495

File: 1422792319661.png (759.01 KB, 778x711, himeshit.png)

Her mother is a seamstress. I don't think Himezawa would even bother making a costume all by herself.

No. 45542

No. 45544

>>gets asked what her favorite novels are. She pulls out a light novel of an anime, a Susan Hill short novel that she hadn't even finished reading.
I think Bad Omens is the only book she has read in her life.

No. 45550

To Himezawa

No. 45551

>I'm sorry this video is going to be really short

No. 45559

at least she's self-aware

No. 45562

I laughed so hard

No. 45634

>I'm sorry I couldn't choose all the questions
>Repeated questions about her hair color

No. 45635

"I write so I don't read" what's even the logic in that

No. 45666

lol. the majority of the questions were from her friends/other weaboo

No. 45700

her fake british accent (idk, that's how german people sound when they desperately try to sound british) is cracking me up.

No. 45741

File: 1422852804300.png (40.65 KB, 780x486, totemo.png)

Fucking classic

No. 45811

It's so painfully obvious that she practiced reading the Japanese questions she got before she got on camera. loooool

No. 45894

File: 1422905268864.png (13.19 KB, 591x255, crymeariver.png)


No. 45896

She constantly either forgets things (forgot her burando hat on train, got a new one) or fucks them up

No. 45900

ikr how pathetic

No. 45901

Is she talking about her period how did she get blood on it?

No. 46270

File: 1423063826536.png (720.5 KB, 1018x610, insta.png)

No. 46271

File: 1423063957956.gif (1.06 MB, 408x288, sfukad.gif)

>always keep the faith girl

No. 46273

File: 1423064063488.png (799.62 KB, 974x601, sab.png)

No. 46280

Her nose seriously ruins her whole face. If you cover it with your finger she looks so much better.

No. 46287

It's so high res it's like she's trying to make her nose invisible.

No. 46291

She's been taking notes I guess.

No. 46292

Nice try Himezawa,but those filters won't make your nose look smaller

No. 46293

File: 1423074802214.png (615.04 KB, 559x594, 1423064063488.png)



No. 46294


No. 46314

I almost didn't see her behind that nose

No. 46327

Why didn't she beg her parents for a nose job? Or use her scammer money to get one? At least fix your face before trying to be a kawaii shithead

No. 46957

File: 1423229030559.png (463.41 KB, 1018x608, sabrina.png)

tbh her make up looks so awful

No. 46958

File: 1423229076447.png (895.25 KB, 1017x605, AWKWARD.png)

I laughed.Hard.

No. 46959

Holy shit…. those wrinkles are so deep. Is she really 20?

No. 46985

You mean the undereye thing?
It's a popular way to do your eye make up in Japan and Korea. Looks super bad on non-asian people at least.

No. 46987

No they probably meant all those little wrinkles around her eye.

No. 47006


Shieet that's bad.
I'm 23 and my undereye wrinkles are nowhere near that dense thank god.

Are we really sure she's 20?

No. 47008

Or maybe she ruined her skin early like JNig.

No. 47043

Why does she keep posting such unflattering photos? Goddamn Sabrina.Get your shit together.

No. 47048

Actually…I sort of thought a while back maybe she was lying about her age. I'm not sure what it is but something about her (not even just her appearance) seems like she's fudging it by a couple years to appear a bit younger.

No. 47051

No. 47148

File: 1423301296951.png (357.08 KB, 799x605, senorcake.png)

No. 47187

She looks like she's over 30

No. 47213


I dunno guys, I'm 22 and my eyes are the same as hers, they've been like that since I was a teen, it can be genetic. Feels bad man. They're really ugly, saving up for surgery atm, makes me hate myself. I'm surprised that with all the money Himezawa has she hasn't already gotten surgery herself.

No. 47214

Do you have sensitive skin? Because pretty much everyone who tends to have allergic reagics got those, those would be called Dennie–Morgan folds.

No. 47218

The eye wrinkles don't strike me so much as the fact that she appears to have her head drawn down against her neck, making it look like she's developing a double-chin.

No. 47221

No actually. I have great skin, never had a problem with acne even in my teen years, I'm not allergic to anything as far as I know. Just shitty genes.

No. 47227

File: 1423339559092.jpg (205.5 KB, 981x462, eos briller pink.jpg)


Dropped my pic. This is just when I was testing lenses. But yeah, it's bad. Don't smoke or anything either. Maybe Himezawa is just unlucky like me, it's possible. But still mindblowing how she hasn't had surgery yet considering she's loaded. Or maybe it's just a very bad picture/make up job? I never noticed it badly on her before that picture really.

No. 47254

Shutup, stop derailing the thread. Your eye wrinkles arent bad, and you have nothing to worry about. The only reason why they were criticized is because Sabrina has them and no one likes her.
If youre not a lolcow, you're fine

No. 47255

I didn't really see how I was derailing the thread, it was more I was pointing it out since a lot of people were saying that it could be a sign she was lying about her age, I just wanted to point out that it probably wasn't the case because you can have crappy eyebags even when you're not old.
If it came across as derailing or whiteknighting her it honestly wasn't my intention. But anyway yeah. That's really all I had to say. So lets continue.

No. 47276

I think this is a great example where someone would actually look cuter if they stopped trying so hard to look cute.

No. 47352

File: 1423376573633.png (11.05 KB, 589x138, lmao.png)

No. 47353

File: 1423376674281.png (9.3 KB, 581x113, awkowaii.png)

No. 47358

Japanese people don't even make the "awwww" sound wtf
Or anything close for that matter.

No. 47363

>watching pewdiepie
>won in life

No. 47364

File: 1423379856438.png (285.88 KB, 786x583, faggot.png)

No. 47372

I don't want to get too OT about poodz.
But I remember one time I came across this forum where people were saying why they hate him & one of his zealots burst into the thread making the most retarded & hilarious arguments against them.
It truly was the perfect representation of his fanbase.

No. 47374

I really do not see the appeal of his videos. Like one of my friends from my old school liked him (probably still does) and I honestly tried watching his videos but god no. Oh and I remember he disabled the comments in his videos, so that's probably where Himezawa got that.

No. 47379

I'm guessing this is some kind of channel with botted/paid viewcount?

No. 47383

haha no it's not like that.
It's a joke picture because he's the most successful? youtuber or something & has tons of subscribers & views for basically "Screaming at video games like a retarded Faggot".

No. 47384

Ikr, girl needs to try harder with her stories. And I doubt a group of Japanese people would even do that, unless it was a celebrity. That kinda shit never even happens in the west, and I've heard people in Japan are commonly much more shy/reserved than people here in the west. A lot of Japanese people I've talked to and heard from go on about how people in the west, particularly Americans, are very open and friendly.

People who actually get compliments don't feel the need to post about them on the internet. Someone may say, x person really made my day today, but no one goes into detail unless they're making it up.

I used to be a fan before he got all this popularity, like 2 or 3 years ago, and now I can't stand his videos, he used to actually give genuine reactions but now it's all over the top screams, acting like an idiot, and randomness. He gets all the views because his videos are marketed for children who find screaming, "bad" words, and stupidity funny. I don't exactly blame him though, this shtick has made him a millionaire. To loosely quote SteveGreeneComedy, you can't expect anyone in the top 100 of youtube that's considered "funny" to actually be funny because they're just children's entertainers.

Also I've heard he disabled the comments because of his retarded fans and self-promoters shitting up the comments. She just does it because she doesn't want to see criticism.

Getting kinda back on topic, it's surprising to me that she can actually sit through his videos. She should actually have a sense of humor at this age. I can't even imagine any adult who finds him incredibly attractive to be able to sit through his videos.

No. 47391

this is fucking normal in japan when you are gaijin…
who post that type of things on twitter is really self-centered person.

No. 47393

My 35yo cousin got called cute many many times at a con by Japanese attendees because she was wearing fluffy ears. It's not because she's a magical fairy princess, she's a middle aged woman.
Himezawa girl if you're reading, get over it.

No. 47395

It's okay to be happy when you get compliments but you seriously don't need to inform people every time that happens, just makes you look bad…

No. 47398

That's true. I sometimes read expat blogs and they all mention at least once that they're being called "cute" or "pretty" by Japanese people.
A lot of gaijin think they're ~special~ in Japan but in reality, they all get the same compliments on their looks or language skills. It IS kind of arrogant of her to always brag about these incidents…

No. 47411

It looks like she's trying to trick people into thinking she's such a famous gaijin aidoru/cosplayer/model/actress/singer/novelist blahblahblah that people recognize and compliment her irl.

No. 47417

File: 1423410861734.png (1.65 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-02-08-16-48-51…)

dat schnozz

No. 47428

File: 1423414020794.jpg (975.3 KB, 1440x2560, photoshnozz.jpg)

Nothing a little photoshop can't fix.

No. 47470

Well that's unfortunate…

No. 47471

can u photoshop her personality?

No. 47474

You got me there, anon.
srsly tho if she just got a nose job, she would look quite nice imo. She seems to not even use contouring to her advantage either. If I was her, I'd be shadowing the bulbousness out of my nose like crazy.

No. 47475

Ashamed to say that sometimes I'll watch the odd video of his just because I find him super hot :'(

No. 47562

File: 1423429911556.jpg (38.71 KB, 410x579, 10968383_1578007715750365_5638…)

Keep ready, the E-Book release of #Staubmaedchen is scheduled for next week! @clovernovels @bestoffverlag

No. 47564

I can't fucking wait to read the spelling mistakes. It better be free, but nothing is free where Sabz is concerned. I can't help but cringe that she has herself on the cover.

No. 47566

Same ngl, if only he would stop screeching down the mic that would be perfect.

No. 47574

File: 1423431287973.jpg (634.8 KB, 894x895, fixed sab.jpg)

I went on a snozz + undereye bags fixing spree.

No. 47575

ngl, but her normal nose looks better.

No. 47605

yeah she looks like a tiny dog in the upper left corner one, like a chihuahua or french bulldog

No. 47741

Better a tiny dog than a proboscis monkey.

No. 47768

File: 1423497552444.png (388.89 KB, 1014x607, sab.png)


No. 47778

She actually stalks him. No joke, she is always tagging him in shit. I bet she dreams of him ditching Marzia and marrying her so he can be her sugar daddy and give her money for Lolita and be a famous Aidoru lol.

No. 47782

Someone hand this girl an Aquafina. Her thirst is unreal.

No. 47783

Too bad you can't really buy fans

No. 47869

She does everything she can to get fame what a loser

No. 47906


No. 47907

She has such a big face, holy shit
ugly af

No. 48039

File: 1423548656453.png (906.81 KB, 1011x609, kawaiijapaneseaidoru.png)

I laughed.HARD.

No. 48041

File: 1423548689793.png (863.04 KB, 986x596, sokawaiiandjapanese.png)

No. 48045

File: 1423549030034.png (567.42 KB, 1015x606, willieverbecomejapanese.png)

No. 48058

lmao why is she acting like she's sponsored?

No. 48083

Her mouth looks like an arse hole.

No. 48095


Not if she's still requiring fucking romaji above her HIRAGANA.

Like come on, I understand that katakana can be a real cunt to fully memorise, especially when it comes to so/n and tsu/shi, but hiragana is so easy and relying on romaji really only hinders you.

The best way to learn kana is to throw yourself in the deep end to the point where you're sweating when your teacher hands you a sheet of paper like I do in every one of my class every day.

My shirts are ruined.

No. 48100

Holy shit, she is too. Wow, hiragana and katakana is literally the most basic of basics in learning Japanese. Like, the number one first thing you learn. You can memorize that shit in a week.

No. 48101

yeah. if hiragana and katakana trouble you, you're going to be fucked when you have to learn kanji.

No. 48105

I don't get it though, why does she still need romaji over her hiragana/katakana if she can already speak some amount of Japanese, as we've seen in that show she was on where they were cringing/laughing at her? Granted, what she can say is very limited and broken, but it's something. Surely she'd have known her hiragana and katakana if she can somewhat verbally communicate .

No. 48106

I guess it's some bullshit Japanese language school designed to take your money

No. 48108

what does writing have to do with verbal communication at all..

No. 48118

*to take your parents's money

No. 48130

I remember they zoomed in on her notebook with Japanese phrases in it and it all was in romanji.

I don't get how anyone would expect to teach someone/learn Japanese just by relying on romanji. But for some reason a lot of books I've seen for learning Japanese do focus on romanji a lot. I guess because they automatically assume you're just a tourist and not someone who wants to seriously learn the language. I guess that fits with her, she is just in this for aidoru fame. If she were truly serious about learning Japanese, she'd invest in some white-out or something to cover up all the romanji she sees. And she'd write journal entries in Japanese daily (or a shitty book in Japanese because she's a ~writer~) to practice.

No. 48142


*romaji, not 'romanji'. Sorry, pet peeve.

No. 48191

Ahahah holy fuck…!!

No. 48193

whyyyy is she doing this face?

No. 48197

I was just thinking the same thing she looks so much uglier than normal

No. 48236

No. 48349

OMFG HARAJUKU_HEAVEN USED TO STALK ME ON INSTAGRAM. He's a dude in his 30s /or maybe older/ and started following me because I liked a photo of his 2nd instagram, a photo of a yukata. And started following me with his 2 accounts. This dude is scaaaaaaaaaaaaaary
sorry for ot

No. 48352

I also have to say that he was always commenting on my photos as if he has never seen a woman, his comments were like 'hey notice me gurllll'

No. 48353

Lol he is stalking Sabz now, he comments on every post of hers.

No. 48354

He did the same on my photos and sometimes more than three times :/ he wrote it, deleted it, wrote the same again and so on

No. 48358

No. 48360

Is it possible she's trying to be more like Taylor R now?

No. 49334

File: 1423824298560.jpg (248.31 KB, 400x630, himezawa_02.jpg)

Brand:Angelic Pretty
Favorite artists:Kyary Pamyu Pamyu/Mayuyu

Jesus christ she looks like she's 30 and too old to dress like this.
Source: http://jrock.tokyo/fashion/9243/

No. 49336

File: 1423824343545.jpg (233.14 KB, 400x630, himezawa_03.jpg)

No. 49337

More photos in the link.

No. 49339

>Birthplace: Tokyo

That's bullshit, right?

No. 49343

I'm guessing they asked where she was born and she thought they asked where she LIVES so she said Tokyo. Because nothing else would make sense.

No. 49363

Of course not. Don't you know about Tokyo, Germany?

No. 49377

She's so hideous

No. 49378

>Birthplace: Tokyo
God,what a weeb…

No. 49380

Maybe she lied…?That's just what she does.

No. 49426

Such a fucking idiot

No. 49478

I think lolita is suppose to be an adult hobby because the clothes are far too expensive for a child/preteen.

Its kind of like how children play with dolls but dollfies target audience are adults.

I don't think she looks too old for it.

No. 49507

You're right. She doesn't look too old for the clothes but that coord makes me cringe for some reason.

No. 49514

There's nothing wrong with this coord except it's being worn by Himezawa.

No. 49516

Hm maybe you're right. Her torso just looks unusually long so it makes the outfit look gross to me. A lot of tall girls pull lolita off really well, but it really tends to suit petite girls a lot better IMO.

No. 49619

I know a lot of girls in Japan whose mothers buy clothes for them all the time. My friend was getting new coords every other week.

No. 49625

She would be so cute if she got her disgusting nose fixed. Until then, she needs to dress like a fucking adult because cute shit doesn't suit her lumpy face.

No. 49633

not everyone has this entitlement though. A lot of lolitas have full time jobs to afford their dresses and coords. It's definitely a hobby more for people in their 20s than teenagers due to have pricey everything is. I would of never dreamed of spending $300+ on a dress as an 18 year old.

No. 49635

Nice try Himezawa but you look old af

No. 49638

I feel like the people on this site have a strange obsession with noses.

even with other lolcows like yukapon, venus etc i notice the common insult is that the girls look "old" or their noses are too big.

I assume most of you are like 12 which is why 20 seems so old to you but if these barely legal girls look elderly then damn…
im 25 so I might as well give up on life and check my self into the nearest nursing home lol

No. 49643

I notice most lolita are women who have full time jobs and wear it on their days off. most parents even if they were rich wouldnt buy their kids that stuff because its "weird".

No. 49645

im not her but i dont understand why people think an expensive hobby like this is for children.

Imagine if a preteen girl wore lolita everyday, that seems crazy…two outfits would cost more than a lot of people make in a month…

No. 49651


hair accessories
35 dollars for two hair bows

34 usd

103 usd

coat so u can look kawaii in the cold

so, this one outfit comes out to be 1014usd. these are the kind of clothes people think should only be worn be preteens and teenage girls?

if someone were to allow their child to have expensive clothes like that theyd be creating a monster.

No. 49653

I get what you're saying. But I think it's due to most of these girls trying to get fame in Japan, where they prefer very youthful, cutesy looks. None of these girls look grandma old, they look their ages for the most part. But they're all trying to be kawaii models/aidoru when they aren't cute and super youthful looking. No one would comment on them looking old if they weren't trying to get this type of fame.

The nose thing kinda comes into play with that, big noses aren't cute or youthful either. Also I feel like most people have a hatred towards bad noses because they feel their nose is awful, if that makes any sense.

No. 49654

File: 1423895705708.jpg (82.13 KB, 556x744, yuko-oshima-akb-pretty-book-21…)

I think you guys try to act like japan experts but youre not.
have you seen what one of the most popular members of akb48 looks like?she doesnt look 9, she looks like shes in her mid 20s.
if she was a lolcow i bet id hear ppl sayin "omg she look old she neva make it in japan!11!, omg look at her eye bagsssss is she 78?!"

No. 49655

lets be honest if these girls cant make it in japan it isnt because they dont look young and cute. it is because theyre fucking white.

No. 49658

Are you kidding me? This girls nose is fucking huge. Penis Angelic can pull of the kawaii, this bitch can't because her face is too long and her nose is too big. She's should dress normal, she just looks like a sad adult trying to look like an infant.

No. 49659

I'm sorry you're too old for lolita and have to dress your age. :( That doesn't mean you have to give up on life, it happens to everyone.

No. 49661

>>Also I feel like most people have a hatred towards bad noses because they feel their nose is awful, if that makes any sense.

I actually think it is also because they cannot find anything else to pick on, so they go for the nose. This board is full of insecure bitches.

No. 49662

himezawa can't make it as an idol bc she hangs out with random guys and has like vines with them, sucks at japanese, is weeb as fuck and a scammer. and even if there are idols that are like 20-25 pretty much all of them start when they are teens (except maybe akiba idols but idk about them).

No. 49663

yuko oshima graduated last year, right?

No. 49664

i have never felt the urge to wear lolita. it looks too constricting.
but id love to find out where these preteens and teenage girls are finding the money to buy this shit if its meant to be worn by them.

a lot of these brand dresses cost more than I make in an entire week. 700 for a dress?o hell naw.

No. 49665

File: 1423898028671.jpg (698.57 KB, 2336x3174, Magazine, Sashihara Rino-33856…)

that could be a reason but the main reason is because shes white.

himezawa and yukapon are prettier than sashihara rino but they will never be as famous as her because theyre not japanese.

No. 49667

no matter how good at japanese they are, nice, pretty, perfect nose. its not going to happen for them because they are white.

They can be in some irrelevant aidoru groups no one cares about like tone jewel but theyd never be in a group like akb48, dempagumi inc or momoiro clover.

No. 49668

if you think venus angelic is prettier than this girl you have poor taste or poor vision.
Neither of these girls are my cup of tea but you are suffering from a bad case of jealousy if you cant even admit shes prettier than venus…come on now.

No. 49669

well i was saying she couldn't be idol in a "group that no one cares about" bc of those reasons. i'm assuming none of these girls are aiming for those mainstream groups. even when yukapon was aiming to be idol she was only aiming for akiba idol.

No. 49670

theyre aiming to be an akiba idol because thats is as far up as they can get being white.
somethings better than nothing, right?
you think if they had the option they wouldnt choose to have their faces plastered all over japan like akb48?

these bitches love attention so the answer is no…the only reason they choose to be akiba idols because they cant be a famous actress or pop star in japan.

No. 49762

I really dislike her hair like this, the way the bangs seems to start from the crown of her head looks bad for her face shape

No. 49766

have you ever considered that maybe for Japanese standards sashihara is considered to be more attractive? and yeah yeah apparently Japanese people, hell even Koreans supposedly prefer white features, but come on. It's obvious they prefer the features of their own ethnicity, as do most groups.

So yeah, I agree it's because himezawa is white, but I don't think thats a bad thing because she's not necessarily more attractive if sashihara is more in tune to your preferences

No. 49768

Himezawa, is that you? Penis Angelic has much prettier facial features than you. She has a small, cute nose while yours looks like something out of a cartoon. Aside from that, if you want to dress in kawaii shit, you need to have a round, childish face. You're face is mature, long, and thin. Normally this would be fine, except for you…
1. Your big ass nose ruins your whole face. The rest of your face is pretty, but you need to stop deluding yourself by thinking you're beautiful with that nose.
2. You can't dress in a way that flatters your face or your body. Stop with the lolita and stop with the kawaii, dress like an adult.

No. 49814

Like the other commenters said idg why you guys think clothes that cost thousands of dollars are for kids. Id hate to meet the 14 year old with a wardrobe that consists of dresses that cost hundreds of dollars, theyd probably be extremely entitled and spoiled. Theyd make these lolcows look like saints.

No. 49816

You just admitted to her being pretty. Its obvious now that you are just jealous. Himezawa is nothing special, shes average at best. You dont need to be jealous of her, with a bit of makeup and cute clothes anyone can have that style. Dont be a hater, get a job and you can afford nice clothes to elevate you from basic bitch level.

No. 49826


No. 49834

File: 1423958951527.png (196.72 KB, 507x227, 1419227087418.png)

>>You just admitted to her being pretty.

No, I said that she would be pretty if it weren't for her ugly nose ruining the rest of her face.

>>Its obvious now that you are just jealous. You dont need to be jealous of her, with a bit of makeup and cute clothes anyone can have that style. Dont be a hater, get a job and you can afford nice clothes to elevate you from basic bitch level.

LOOOL. Confirmed Himezawa.
Why would anyone be jealous of you? Oh I wish I had a big kike nose so I could make a fool out of myself by dressing like an obnoxious weeb lmao.

No. 49873

Himezawa is not a pretty girl. Shes average at best, theres no need to be jealous.

Yes himezawa is a weeabo but we all are.
If you werent a weeaboo youd have who she is.

You like anime, Japanese fashion and music.
You might claim you are not one but you are.

Its fine if you want to sit online hating on ugly/average little white girls thats fine w.e.

But these girls like venus and himezawa are so plain aand ugly there's no reason to be jelly.

No. 49877

Again, why would I be jealous of an ugly girl? You said yourself that she was ugly. Why are you accusing me of being jealous when you base this on nothing?
I know about her because someone made a thread about her here you stupid weeb slut Himezawa. On second though I think this is Kiersten, considering how butthurt you are about people hating obnoxious weebs. Do you know what a weeb is? Google it before accusing people of it.

No. 49908

Im not sure why youre jealous of himezawa, she does nothing for me but beauty is in the eyes of the beholder i guess.
I can tell you are jealous because your tone is so hateful for no reason.

If i saw himezawa on the street i wouldn't notice her w.o her crazy clothes but venus angelic is ugly in comparison. You keep throwing the word weeaboo around but you are one. Weeaboos dont know theyre weeaboos just like hipsters dont know theyre hipsters.

No. 49916

Do you even know what a weeaboo is? because it sure doesn't sound like it.
Weebs are not just normal people who have an interest in Japanese media/culture, there's a vast distinction between a person who just likes to browse 4chan or something and someone who proclaims themself a 'proud otaku' and wears their Naruto headband to school. if you can't see the difference, you're probably part of the problem.

No. 49917

lmao Venus is a goddess compared to Sabrina.

No. 49919

You sound like a hipster trying to prove youre not one. Unless you can prove with pictures that you arent some ugly jealous weeaboo in denial i will keep the image i have of you in my head.
I bet u are just jelly because you cant afford kawaii clothes and your parents are too poor to ship your ass to japan.

No. 49927

>>I can tell you are jealous because your tone is so hateful for no reason.

So, I can't hate stupid assholes without being "jealous" now? You really must be delusional if you think that everyone hates your stupid ass for no reason.
You don't know anything about me or my interests, so no, you can't make that judgment. I know everything about you and your interests because you don't know how to grow up and want to be famous in Japan despite being ugly and having no talents. You dress like a weeb, you act like a weeb, and you are a weeb. Make dealings.

No. 49929

People don't hate people they don't know unless they have done something unspeakably horrible or theyre jealous.
Himezawa is just a silly little girl but shes no hitler. I assume you have so much hatred towards her because youre jelly.

You have an interest in her because you care about vain stuff like japanese fashion and aidoru, you are a weeaboo in denial.

I bet you have a huge nose just like himezawa( which is why you focus on that)but the difference between you and her is she can afford to have plastic surgery to fix hers if she wanted to but you are poor so you are stuck with yours ^o^

No. 49933

you dont know anything about idols because if you did youd know most of them are talentless lol

No. 49937


No. 49938

not the anon you were answering but.. yeah idols don't have to be like top class singer and dancers, but that doesn't mean they don't have ANY kind of standards and don't practice a lot. (Again depends on what kind of idol you are of course, but you should check like hello pros dance lessons) I've yet to seen an idol who would suck at singing and dancing as much as himezawa.

No. 49940

the appeal of idols has nothing to do with talent. it is about being someone likeable that guys would want to date. Being pretty isnt even an important requirement.

Now himezawa has no chance of making it as an idol because shes white but no harm in trying i guess.

No. 49941

File: 1423977957642.jpg (43.35 KB, 536x525, jeluzh8trz.jpg)

>>u r all just jelly like omygraaaaaaaaaaaawd

No. 49942

>himezawa and yukapon are prettier than sashihara rino
Are you fucking kidding me??

No. 49943

File: 1423978371170.jpg (35.64 KB, 420x600, tumblr_mff1q7dvp91rt9waoo1_500…)

i dont find himezawa pretty but i dont think a big nose means unattractive. yuki has a huge nose but she is so cute. this site acts like having a small nose is all that is required to be pretty lol

No. 49944

That's why wanting to be an idol is fucking stupid, especially if you aren't Japanese. It's for immature attention whores who want to be famous without having any qualities about them that would generate public interest. Especially this bitch, shes plain as fuck but thinks she can be famous because potato. There's nothing about her that would make her famous in Germany and she has an even less likelihood of being famous in japan.

Most people eventually grow up at a certain point, but this retard is too vain.

No. 49945

just because shes japanese doesnt mean shes prettier ya weeb.
even japanese fans say shes ugly but her looks arent why shes popular.

No. 49946

probably himezawa or some shitty troll

No. 49947

I disagree, I think it's an unflattering feature. Some people look better with it than others, but on Himezawa, it just makes her look like a fucking horse.

No. 49948

File: 1423978728842.png (980.95 KB, 1013x608, zawa.png)


No. 49949

Not because she's japanese, but because she has prettier facial features. She doesn't have any harsh, big imperfections like himezawa does.

No. 49950

You are vain as well that is why you are on here talking about the looks of some no body child on the internet. I mean I cant hate on you because im here doing the same thing but im not acting all high and mighty like im not a loser.

We aren't even talking shit about actual celebrities. that is how pathetic we are.

No. 49951

File: 1423978789767.png (805.17 KB, 1023x610, image.png)

She looks like Margaret lol

No. 49952

File: 1423978859939.jpg (3.64 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

No. 49953

File: 1423978924738.jpg (36.3 KB, 532x355, RealDoll_06_1488263a.jpg)

No. 49954

I honestly think it's WannaBlaze/Kiersten. We already know she found her thread and she's saying a lot of the same kinds of shit like in >>48629
They also sound like a delusional, ugly weeb. Just like Kiersten!

No. 49956

File: 1423979433570.jpg (930.76 KB, 1141x1711, IMG_5130.JPG)

Agree. Her potato nose is a huge turn-off. Some girls still look cute with big noses (like Princess Himena) but this girl is just plain and old as fuck. It's NOT just her nose.

No. 49957

This photo
Oh god…..

No. 49959

No. 49960

File: 1423979920405.png (8.49 KB, 589x112, wat.png)

That self-delusion though

No. 49961

File: 1423979974236.png (11.12 KB, 583x113, sab.png)

No. 49962

File: 1423980089783.jpg (Spoiler Image, 351.29 KB, 1200x1800, e4b89f99f21b36dbaad0de1a354e72…)

so basically if you dont look like this youre old and ugly?

No. 49963

What the hell

No. 49964

File: 1423980308668.gif (436.4 KB, 600x450, 1.gif)

I'm legit curious as to how she's uglier then other idols. She looks the same as every other Japanese idol I've seen. Or maybe they just look the same because they're all Japanese. How do people tell asian apart?

No. 49965

after looking at them a while you start to see the differences

No. 49966

u guys said a girl has to be small, tiny nosed, round face.

yall basically describing a 10 yr old.

No. 49967

No, anon.
The way Himezawa dresses doesn't flatter her at all. Her face is too mature for all that kawaii aidoru shit. That's what I'm saying.


Yukapon is an adult but she has a round face, button nose etc.

No. 49968

You sound like one of those fat bitches claiming that skinny girls are for pedophiles.
Aside from that, plenty of adults don't have big noses. Explain.

No. 49969

Yuka doesn't have a button nose, though. It's kind of big.

No. 49970

Ah, yes. Who could forget those who claim to be all muh feminism yet slam on thinner girls as pedobait for having smaller chests and different features overall.

No. 49971

File: 1423980920338.jpg (45.85 KB, 300x250, superthumb.jpg)

Yeah, her nose isn't t THAT tiny, but it's still not as big as Sab's snozz.

No. 49973

File: 1423981222038.jpg (331.13 KB, 1200x1800, bc5c7303gw1eee90imbedj20xc1e04…)


i swear i see people in her thread calling her old and big nosed too.
ive come to the conclusion that lolcow just likes lolis.

unless someone literally looks like an elementary school girl shes an old hag.

No. 49976


I don't think it's so much her age as it is her age in combination with the way she's dressing and putting herself out there.

Like she's a perfectly okay looking young woman, but all the kawaii deco shit isn't making her look younger, it's only accentuating how old she really is and making her look comparatively haggish.

It's like when all this living doll shit started happening I kind of got caught up in it and tried out a few aspects of it, and I looked SO. OLD.
Now that I've reverted back to a nice, clean-cut mature style with appropriate, fashionable clothing I actually look closer to 19 than my real age of 23.

Mutton shouldn't dress as lamb.

No. 49977

File: 1423981741601.jpg (314.44 KB, 1200x1800, bc5c7303gw1eee90m7nbbj20xc1e0d…)

ive seen people saying keek looks like an old hag as well and she dresses normally.

lolcow loves lolis.

No. 49979

File: 1423981940352.gif (431.79 KB, 252x176, tumblr_mb66qraXEd1qmcnk4.gif)

Hohoho that porn site.

I personally don't care I think thats just what most women say to make the other feel bad.

No. 49980

I wanted to post that weird video in reply to this, the one with like 10-year-old white girls dancing and singing to a Japanese song (I think in seifuku) but I can't find it.

No. 49982

You're really fucking stupid, like seriously. How fucked is your face? How huge must your nose be to be this butt hurt about people calling big noses ugly? Why do you equate nose size with age? I'm sorry your old and ugly with a big nose, but don't try to make people find you attractive when you aren't. That's not how life works, calling people pedophiles for thinking your nose is big doesn't make you pretty.

No. 49984

Nigger you're a pedo.

No. 49985

Kiki doesn't dress normal, she tries to be kawaii and still thinks she's a teenager.

No. 49988

Found it, lol. I was wondering how I came across it then remembered. OC > Beeblefox > this video. Didn't even realize it's from the same people/website as well.

No. 49989

Its not a porn site. in japan a lot of celebrities start their career off at a very young age doing glamour modeling.
youd think since you guys are such aidoru/japan experts this wouldnt be that much of a shock to you.

even kyary pamyu pamyu did it
u guys dun kno shit about japan or idols but youre always telling other ppl wat ta do.

No. 49990

Its not a porn site. in japan a lot of celebrities start their career off at a very young age doing glamour modeling.
youd think since you guys are such aidoru/japan experts this wouldnt be that much of a shock to you.

even kyary pamyu pamyu did it
u guys dun kno shit about japan or idols but youre always telling other ppl wat ta do.

No. 49991

No. 49992

No. 49994

Thats fucking gross.

Why is it cool to sexually exploit kids over there.

No. 49999


lolo Kirsten DOES not dress normally and that's why she looks like a hag.

No. 50002

I honestly agree with this, I know not a popular opinion but seriously EVERYONE gets called an old hag no matter how old they look its fucking weird

No. 50003

i actually had a dream about Himezawa wtf lol. it turned out one of my old friends knew her personally and set up a fan meeting for me!! ^_^ so i went with my 2 best friends and knocked on the door. the door opened and there she stood - dressed in a navy furisode.
'etto… hajimemashite! konnichiwa! himezawa-chan desu!' she said, followed by a bow and me trying to hold back laughter.
'ah!' she exhaled and reached for my cheeks and started doing some weird shit pressing all over my face. 'i think you may be very sick. i'm very well versed in japanese medicine. you need to apply pressure here and here…'
by this point i was like 'whoa. do not touch me ever again' and she got upset. one of my friends snuck up on her from behind and gave her a massive wedgie, another blindfolded her and they pushed her around for a good chunk of time. she finally managed to run back inside sobbing and did not answer knocks on the door anymore.

No. 50007

I have only lurked but never posted(i posted the picture of the little girl).

But I notice on every lolcow thread there are comments about noses and youth(too old looking).
its so strange lol

No. 50008

its not that serious hun. calm down.

No. 50011

you dont seem emotionally stable

No. 50012

youre having sex dreams about himezawa. its time to log off the internet and take a break.

No. 50015

You know Junior Idols are like the closest thing you can get to CP without it actually being CP. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is pretty much the only successful japanese celebrity I've heard having doing actual Junior Idol stuff. You don't sound much of an expert yourself either.

No. 50016

It's not 'glamour modeling', it's gravure and it's almost always sexualized or sexually undertoned, even the extremely young or underaged ones. If you've seen Kyary's one, you should know it has sexual undertones. There are hints such as the camera slowly panning across her crotch/boobs (that aren't even developed yet), having her pose in a swimsuit, etc. If you don't notice or realize that then…honestly, you're stupid. The video I posted here >>49988 is from the same website and you can't deny that having the little girls dressed in super short skirts and at one point one girl turning around and flashing her naked butt with no underwear on is sexualizing them. That site is full of loli shit for disgusting old Japanese men. It's painfully obvious.

No. 50024

yuko oshima
Chiaki Kuriyama
ayumi hamasaki

they all did that kind of modeling too.

No. 50025

I know its pedoish but I also dont care.
I came across the pictures accidentally looking for candydoll makeup. I saved the pictures of the girl because shes cute.

shes just a cute girl in a uniform, shes not doing anything sexual. stop with your save the children shit.

No. 50027

You better hope you don't get done for possessing child porn on your computer lmao dude

No. 50028

shes fully clothed and not doing anything sexually suggestive.

No. 50029

I'm not talking about that girl specifically…did you even look at the site? You don't even need to go past the homepage to see sexually suggestive shit; and actually that same girl you posted the picture of is on that homepage wearing a beige bikini. There's worse if you click on the links. Stop trying to justify pedophilia you fucking freak.

No. 50030

>I know its pedoish but I also dont care

Thanks! Your argument is now invalid.

No. 50031

i didnt get the pictures from that site.
can u read?

ive seen those dvds at dvd stores/bookstores in japan.
im desensitized to it.

No. 50033

ive forgotten what the argument or conversation was about tbh. its time to let this go and get back on topic.

No. 50035

I'm getting the idea that this is some pedophilic faggot from /cow/ trying to start a shitstorm.
Either that or just a really retarded female pedo trying to justify her shit.
>lolcow loves lolis
Fuck off and stop trying to make this a "thing". It's like you're trying to force a meme, but literally nobody wants it and it will never catch on.
Go back to your CP boards on 8chan

No. 50036

File: 1424004037170.gif (987.13 KB, 500x281, giphy.gif)

i feel dumb because i sat online all night having a non-sensual conversation
when I could have been sleeping. now I have to go to class tired.

it was fun but now I have to suffer the consequences. have a nice day.

No. 50105

>>Either that or just a really retarded female pedo trying to justify her shit.

Aka wannachub.

No. 50123

No. 50124

THIS so much

No. 50265

Beckii has a similar face and a few people in Japan still liked her though.

No. 50267

rich parents?

No. 50272

I feel like the title of this photo is narcissism, staring at the reflection you know?

No. 50273

'Murican equivalent=child beauty pageants.

No. 50276

Anyone can dress however they want. It's her attitude that's the problem.

No. 50277

Someone explain why those bows cost that much please? I understand expensive clothes are more sturdy because they are made of higher quality things so is this higher quality than cheap mass-produced bows? What percent of the price is due to the brand name?

No. 50282

it would be impossible to wear that jacket with that dress.

No. 50296

You can always buy the things second hand which makes it cheaper but I feel like Himezawa would buy it new bc she thinks she's too good to buy things used

No. 50298

Somebody shoot her pls

No. 50300

File: 1424062832386.png (798.12 KB, 1020x609, cringe.png)

No. 50301

And both are pretty sick.

No. 50302

Yes. you're literally paying to have a tiny angelic pretty star on those bows. Same with the over priced socks.

No. 50303

I legitimately felt disgusting looking at this photo. Is this girl 10 or something ? ugh

No. 50313

Yes, she is.
there are ones far younger on that site that are more "popular" go figure.
Shits nasty as fuck don't care how anyone tries to justify it.

No. 50328

>>50302 I wonder why hardly anyone complains about how overpriced it is but if someone else does it, no one complains.

Did the items start out this expensive or did they gain enough of a good reputation for the price to go up that much?

No. 50333

Back when she was 14 or whatever though. It was more of a pedo thing.

No. 50399

File: 1424088726564.jpg (70.78 KB, 600x899, B99XTRxCIAAYKKN.jpg)

Q: How does himezawa say "no" in German?

A: "Neighhhn."

No. 50400

File: 1424088881217.jpg (1.24 MB, 1067x1600, tumblr_njv0vb2Nvf1stxqaco1_128…)

Larger version

No. 50401

File: 1424089031339.jpg (65.73 KB, 600x800, B9d4oq0CIAAGCFf.jpg)

dat pose

No. 50402

File: 1424089188632.jpg (61.97 KB, 598x598, B9KIpDtCMAAmj5-.jpg)

No. 50404

File: 1424089233220.jpg (82.1 KB, 600x800, B9jSr_2IUAA1I5M.jpg)

Last one for now

No. 50405

Is she friends with girls who have even bigger snozzes to make hers look smaller?

No. 50409

She will never be kawaii with that nose. Get a nose job.

No. 50412

That hairstyle is incredibly unflattering on her. Her and many other weebs need to understand that a lot of Japanese people don't wear certain styles just because it's ~totemo kawaii desu desu desu.~ They wear these styles because it's flattering on their features. This goes for everyone trying to go for a look/style just because it looks good on someone else's features. I know it's petty, it's a pet peeve of mine.

Tbh, I don't think she'll ever be considered cute. Her features are much more mature looking in general and while plastic surgery is an option, I don't think it would make her features any less mature looking.

No. 50413

I mean, the same goes for certain colors of clothing and make up that looks better on skin tones, but people are going to do what makes them happy ultimately.

No. 50415

Her skin looks so dry too. Girl needs to take better care of herself, maybe then her eye bags wouldn't be so bad either.

No. 50421

The lace is thick and often personnalised instead of thin like the kind you'd find on say, hot topic accessories, there's some quality control on the product (no missing pearls or broken stuff), the fabric is often thick and not fraying and there's the tiny brand logo emblazoned. On top of that you're paying the designer work on the serie and the brand.

If Lolita fashion was mainstream prices would probably drop but to keep a certain quality they have to charge those prices.
We complain when we think some stuff are overpriced and don't have a good quality, like brand shoes for example.

Himezawa is definitely lucky. She'll probably rely on her parents money when she'll get back, enroll in a regular university and will have spend her early 20 having fun without a worry and buying brand in Japan.

No. 50484

Not to get too ot, but these types of pics are reminiscent of loli and shota images to me. Tumblr was the first time I came across these images. I knew the term beforehand, and because of that never searched up anything related to it, but when it showed up on my dash unexpectedly I was shocked. It was so much worse than I had expected, and people justified it by saying it's just an animated image, not real people. Others were saying they don't understand why the age difference is such a big deal when they're both "consenting" and when you mention statutory rape, age stages, mind/emotional development etc, they always hit you back with age laws and the fact that it's just a drawing.

They try to justify their interest in children so much and think that an image won't be a gateway to cp one day. It's creepy as fuck and if that anon who was posting the images/vids of these girls is still around you are scum. You're trivializing the fact that kids are being preyed on by saying you're desensitized to it because of how much you have been exposed to it. It's not normal and its why there are so many people advocating against children being used this way, especially kids who've been victims of it.

No. 50487

she looks really old here, like a mom who is playing dress up with her daughters. Id if some of you are upset at the fact that I think she looks old, but she does, especially when she tries to make herself look smaller and cute. What a waste of time for her since she's not going to get anywhere with this. You know whats the most annoying part though? That a lot of these aidoru obsessed girls go to Japan because they know for a fact they wouldn't be worth shit in their home country, and by looking up to Japan as this country that may accept them because of the features they think are idolized (blonde hair, blue eyes) they simultaneously look down on it. It goes from 'oh no place else besides Japan will cater to my need for attention?' to 'I love Japan, everything about it!!' over night.

No. 50490

She honestly does look a lot older than her age. And it isn't even the eye bags, because my eye bags are pretty bad but people still think I'm a lot younger than I am because I'm short/petite. Himezawa is tall and lanky. There are times where she can look youthful (OP pic) but most of the time she looks like she's older than 20–and that's just not a good look for a wannabe aidoru. She should really pursue a more mature fashion style (some of her coords aren't bad, tbh) and just revamp her look. She could stick with language school, go to university back home, then come back if she really wants to live in Japan. But she can't make a career out of being an idol, and she really needs to stop trying to.

No. 50506

Eww her nose is completely disgusting

No. 50533

I can understand what you mean. It's creepy no matter what, however I'd rather have them drawing it than using real children. And Japan does both, which makes it worse. The junior idols are a prime example. It just makes my skin crawl so much.

No. 50534

Holy shit, she looks like Margo here.

No. 50548

Yes, but even with it drawn they're saying its okay to like kids sexual in 2d format.

Ot but its just sick.

No. 50551

Agreed. It's not right either way, because the 2D can encourage 3d behavior. It sucks, but that's how Japan is. I will never like it or understand it and i hope someday it will be outlawed because they're basically pandering to pedos. I seriously dont understand how people not from Japan go there to have kids. I'd be disgusted to have my child in a place where so much loli lovers exist openly.

No. 50554

I have to agree. I think her looking older isn't even just her nose or eyebags. I think it also has to do with her long, slim head and she's making it look longer and slimmer with that haircut. I wanted to avoid saying she looks old because people get so upset over it, but it's true. She puts herself out there and is trying to be seen as this cute little aidoru girl. If she went for a mature look that actually flatters her features, no one would say shit about her looking old. It's exactly like people saying pt looks old when she tries to dress like a toddler. People can wear what makes them happy, but that doesn't mean it'll look good on them.

No. 50564

Exactly, or when people say it's just a "cultural" aspect of Japan, as if that were true or made it okay. Just because it's allowed does not mean its representative of the ideas or behavior of Japanese people as a whole. This is representative of pedos everywhere, though it is fucked up how Japan openly caters to them as you've said because it makes people think that what they're doing is okay since its open. I really don't get how people can try to justify it, it's so sick.

Speaking of Japan, what can Himezawa do in Japan besides chasing the aidoru dream? I noticed that many of these girls don't have much of a personality outside of liking kawaii things (I'll exclude Kota here, and even Weenus just because shes' a special case), or skill for that matter. So if they don't have the looks, skills or personality to make it Japan, and they didn't like their home life, what's left for them?

No. 50578

These girls could go to college and get work as an English teacher. There are other jobs that will accept foreigners to work at but there aren't many and English teaching is the most common job for foreigners. But I highly doubt they actually love Japan enough to work any of these jobs. Like this anon >>50487 said earlier, "a lot of these aidoru obsessed girls go to Japan because they know for a fact they wouldn't be worth shit in their home country, and by looking up to Japan as this country that may accept them because of the features they think are idolized (blonde hair, blue eyes) they simultaneously look down on it. It goes from 'oh no place else besides Japan will cater to my need for attention?' to 'I love Japan, everything about it!!' over night." It's not Japan they love, it's the idea of the fame and attention they'll get from Japan.

No. 50588

Thing is though the reputable companies/colleges avoid hiring weeaboos.

Also fuck people like this when their parents buy them all the brand they want without having to work for it.(yes im fucking mad)

No. 50697

File: 1424151615926.png (898.88 KB, 1017x606, wtf.png)

I'm cringing to death

No. 50698

she doing aegyo sal now? god.

No. 50701

It's funny cause she thinks it's cute
What a trainwreck

No. 50707

the eyebag looks cute the nose is what's fuckin it up

No. 50712

File: 1424152410341.jpg (186.46 KB, 800x545, ischial-callosities-on-baboons…)

Ew. Her lips remind me of baboon's butt

No. 50714

jfc her eyes

She got some natural shitty eyebags going on and she does THIS to promote them?

No. 50715

She's even acting like Margo.

No. 50716

Hahahah She looks so ridiculous!!

No. 50721

File: 1424153525333.jpg (41.76 KB, 520x520, 201401220723101111_1.jpg)

eye bags and eye fat are not the same. you can't even see her eye bags in this picture bc of the overly bright lighting.

shes's trying to do aegyo sal or namida bukuro which makes the eyes look cuter/bigger depending on how they look. sometime they can be a fucking disaster though. look at some of them female kpop idols that go overboard to the point where all you can focus on is the creepy eyefat…….pic fukin related

No. 50728

pretty sure it's that mouth she's making

No. 50731

lel fucking T-ARA

No. 50762

Ah, I guess himezawa's are just.. wrinkles. lol

No. 50777

God, they look awful. They're not even done evenly.
Her skin is nice though.

No. 50805

Well at least this girl is cute

No. 50880

No. 51021

kpop is such shit. at least the girl groups mostly are.

i want himezawa to become a koreaboo.

No. 51052

File: 1424241843920.jpg (154.08 KB, 1495x644, vrsdx.jpg)

fuck I was trying to wipe that spot on her nose because I thought it was dirt on my screen

But yeah her aegyo sal looks so bad, especially with the overly dramatic lashes, her thick bottom liner and the contacts. It's too much, especially when much of the appeal of korean styled make up is that for the most part it emphasizes a minimal, almost no make up look, i.e. natural (except when they put on foundation thats like 3 shades too light and it's so obvious because they don't blend it in with their jaw or neck, or when their foundation is super oily looking, it ends up looking like a clay mask)

No. 51384

File: 1424323219213.png (500.31 KB, 511x679, image.png)

No. 51394

>>That face

No. 51406

oh god i see the eyebag now……

No. 51438


No. 51439

multiplying* (whops)

No. 51464

Kinda sorta off topic: how to get rid of eyebags? I've had a bad case of himezawa eyebags for as long as I can remember.

No. 51488

File: 1424359845109.png (1008.28 KB, 1020x607, images.png)

No. 52180

Omg ^~^

No. 52210

wtf is wrong with you? You should be spending your time actually learning to sing/write/dance/perform instead of being here.

No. 52214

it's so funny when they get all like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE GO AWAY SO WE CAN HATE ON YOU IN PRIVATE" ily himezawa !

No. 52219

is it legit tho lol

No. 52267

yes, this is hidden from the world, are you serious

No. 52421

File: 1424502109018.png (892.93 KB, 1024x609, topaidoru.png)

No. 52425

Man she really knows how to pick the worst lightning for her snooze

No. 52463

File: 1424521885901.jpg (203.08 KB, 831x1322, tumblr_myh252GxQJ1smd5q9o1_128…)


No. 52465

File: 1424522945977.gif (1.26 MB, 352x264, vom.gif)

This is awful and terrifying!
You can fucking see part of her outer labia ew gross ugh.

No. 52468

Eugh. Her face looks so old, mutton dressed as lamb springs to mind.

No. 52489

She doesn't look as bad as her eye bags aren't as noticeable and her lips don't look like greasy sausages here. Half her fanny is hanging out but obviously she doesn't give a shit.

No. 52617

File: 1424554572475.png (325.27 KB, 1080x1830, Screenshot_2015-02-21-13-29-40…)

This picture is oldish, of course jrcock had to be a total creep about it though

No. 52618

I know, I remember seeing this. He makes my body want to turn inside out with repulsion.

No. 52688

I think if the eyebrows weren't so dark this shot would look ok.

No. 52689

Agreed, it is quite a nice picture of Sabz but the brows and labia hanging out ruin it.

No. 52700

Also if she didn't have the face of a soccer mom

No. 52705

File: 1424561868656.jpg (120.66 KB, 831x1322, shitshoop.jpg)

No. 52725

she would benefit from a fuller upper lip

No. 52885

That snozz ruins it all

No. 52900

But then she'd probably end up looking even more weird like Pastelbat did after her injections.

No. 52907

She seriously looks like a man right here. If you put her in guy clothing, I would honestly think she was a man. She must shoop more than I thought because she looks fucking horrible here without it.

No. 53125

File: 1424636906557.jpg (120.26 KB, 831x1322, df.jpg)

I tried making her nose look smaller, idk if it makes much of a difference though

I doubt it because her upper lip is so non existent already, I think anything would help

No. 53130

I think you did a really good job, Anon. She actually reminds a little bit of Emma Stone here.

No. 53551

Anon, I've been struggling with them too and after doing these things they're a lot less prominent:
1. Use products with hyaluronic acid, it's a very moisturizing ingredient which helps to plump the skin caught in wrinkles (essentially flipping them inside-out back to normal) I use CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser, Hada Labo Goku-Jyun Lotion/Toner, and then CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion which all have HA and some other beneficial ingredients. Make sure to use sunblock of at least SPF20 as well. (The higher the SPF, the longer it lasts, or so they say.) Under makeup I use a silicon-based primer which can help fill in wrinkles and large pores for your makeup to glide over.
2. Drink more water!! I know it gets stated a lot but it really does help, just don't overdo it of course. I also started taking vitamins and made sure the ones I got have niacin, folate, and biotin which are all nutrients that help keep skin healthy. I also cut out all sodas, and anything with corn or glucose syrup. (Google 'glycation', it's a lot to summarize in one post lol) If you're feeling hardcore you could also try swapping white sugar for stevia in your recipes!
3. Get 7~9hrs sleep, no more no less. It's well known under-sleeping can worsen eyebags, but so can oversleeping! Try to avoid tugging at or rubbing your eyes too much, and take care of any allergies or sinus problems since those are actually the biggest causes of eyebags and wrinkles. Tight and tense muscles in the neck, shoulders, and upper back can also cause eye bags and facial sagging. You might be so accustomed to the pain that you don't even notice there's a problem! Certain yoga poses, pain relief gel (my favorite is Voltaren but any will do), massage/vibration heating pads, and muscle tape will definitely help out in that regard.
Sorry for the super long OT post guys, but hey maybe Himezawa will find it try a thing or two~ and of course I hope this helps any of you anons.

No. 55777

File: 1425187702375.png (768.15 KB, 1014x604, fuckingno.png)

No. 55780

lol, she was excluded from Asobi's official poster

No. 55781

Why does it say England? She only lived there for a few years

No. 55785

Haha, maybe she shopped her picture into it

No. 55798


She ain't even in the model line up on Asobisystem's site lol

No. 55812

No, she shows up on this website: http://ok15.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/index.html
Since she's a nobody and only there to fill the "white foreign model" quota, she isn't included in the poster.

No. 55819

some of the models from asobi system are my favourite ever, but damn they also have a tonne of fuck ugly models too. himezawa ofc, and those twins with the massive ass noses.

No. 55821

>next to Queen Eva
wtf no

No. 55828

if himezawa comes back to the UK in summer to hyper japan with asobi system nobody will want to see her - she's really hated here in the community now lol

No. 55831

If she tries to get into Hyper Japan I will contact them. I will tell them all about her antics of scamming, manipulative behaviour, using peoples donated money for things other than what she stated and lying. No way would they let her preform.

No. 55832

Also her UK 'friends' like Beckii, Abi and Kelsey probably dislike her now.

No. 55835

Nah, they all posed together and went out for dinner after the last HJ and her scamming was exposed before that.

No. 55836

Same, her presence will irritate me during the event

No. 55837

Do they even keep in contact now that she's in japan i wonder? They dont add much to her kawaii in nippon fame now, all she needs is other asobi models now and inez

No. 55841

I am not sure, I think Abi does. Abi is too nice to admit to Sabrina that she doesn't want anything to do with her.

No. 55842


We have mutual friends and if I end up being around her there after she used my friendship for money, god knows I won't be comfortable having to put up with her falseness like nothing ever happened.

No. 55843

If she's there i'll seek her out and ask her why she blocked me on twitter.

No. 55846

Imagine if she has a Q&A there and all the British gals who were scammed/blocked/used by her bombarded her with questions about it haha.

No. 55852

Agree. It's like they keep the ugly ones around to make the others look even better than they do by comparison.

No. 55854

maybe someone should contact with asobisystem and tell them about her antics of scamming.

No. 55857

I don't think they will take an English speakers email into account, I don't know if they deal with English emails.

No. 55858

This is a girl who deserves to have Jrcach mess with her company, if only he would step up to the plate and tell Asobisystem all about her.

No. 55880

If someone writes a message for them in English, I'll help translate it to Japanese. I'm honestly not that great, but I'd be happy to at least try/help.

No. 55908

Ugh, Himezawa is soooo boring

No. 56007

please do it!

No. 56289

damn, that one time I can see this train wreck I'm in a different prefecture
and it's for free too ;_;

willing to help to this cause too!

No. 56549

File: 1425354699858.png (867.42 KB, 1023x612, potatonose.png)

No. 56589

It's even funnier when you know that she has even attempted to shoop it small here.

No. 56621

What? Her nose?

No. 56691

Yes, It looks much less bulbous than other photos from this angle.

No. 56787

File: 1425417363236.png (786.91 KB, 643x785, himez.png)

a photo from a video montage

No. 56807

I hate Sabrina, but she does look nice here.

No. 56810

File: 1425420333493.jpg (73.03 KB, 480x640, 6215790.pimg.jpg)

>and those twins with the massive ass noses

No. 56814

i agree. when i saw that pic i was thinking she'd look really pretty with a more vintage style. kawaii fashion really doesn't suit her

No. 56829

How unfortunate. Are they mixed asian?

No. 56837

File: 1425422796706.jpg (117.91 KB, 600x900, TK-2014-04-27-016-006-Harajuku…)

No and they are both models.

No. 56839

Wow. they both look like unattractive mexicans. I don't get the appeal.

No. 56857

Wow. Models? They don't even look usual in a good way to be a model. And that haircut is not doing them favors.
At least Sabrina is somewhat pretty.

No. 56862

Fun fact: They actually started as hair models and this exact haircut is the reason why Ema & Eri Tanioku got signed.

No. 56866

I really like the look, it's distinct and different.

No. 56868

I actually like the hair a little, however their faces are really not…model faces. I mean, some models can have janked up faces, but still look like a beautiful painting with make up and poses/angles/cheekbones. These two are literally potato faced. I don't get it at all.

No. 56869

Jesus. People like this this make me think I can model. Put a filter on me and I'm good to go.
(but I fit the whole thin body image. I'm just too short.)

No. 56871

File: 1425426772297.jpg (39.83 KB, 599x399, B-ciV74CAAAe-rr.jpg)

yeah, I dont get Japan's taste in models at all.

No. 56872

Them noses. At least we know why Sabrina thought she had a chance in Japan.

No. 56879

I honestly find them cute and just think /pt/ has a vendetta against anything but a button nose.

No. 56883

It's actually really bizarre how that's the only flaw anyone here points out. Lol Half the time it isn't even that big.

No. 56885

ikr, getting pretty fuckin tired of this whole nose thing. i'd say Sab is a pretty average looking girl, nothing terrifying but her personality knocks her appearance down approximately a hundred thousand times. this is science btw

No. 56896

Yeah. Sabrina is kind of cute. Her personality is what's rotten.

No. 56997

File: 1425441805139.jpg (159.71 KB, 1005x1507, DSC_0385.JPG)

top kek

No. 57008

yep, can you imagine the nervous break down they have every morning at finding their own nose can still be seen

it's not just button noses that i've seen people go after here, it's every nose but that of super famous celebrities like taylor swift or something

No. 57149

File: 1425475392094.jpg (26.11 KB, 299x399, twom_meitu_1.jpg)

they are salvageable
if they stop dressing like damn hipsters
they could be average cute nipponese girls

No. 57159

No. 57180

That hair style really changes how they look completely. Crazy.

No. 57186

File: 1425482336338.jpg (79.43 KB, 500x342, 20110124_daesung.jpg)

Thought this chick was Daesung from Big Bang and I died

No. 57252

met them IRL last summer, the haircut is pretty horrible imo. One of them looks ok because her nose is pretty massive but not so bad in shape, but one of them got a really unfortunate hook nose with a massive ass bump on it, like worse than himezawa's nose easily.

No. 57513

Look like Where's Wally characters.

No. 57835

File: 1425617997739.png (725.54 KB, 1018x609, insta.png)

Her nose looks slightly photoshopped

No. 58101

No. 58497

Her voice is awful.

No. 59649

File: 1425963951927.png (754.67 KB, 1022x608, wowseriously.png)

No. 64492

File: 1426634899082.png (448.84 KB, 563x755, Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 23.2…)

No. 64523

what a horrible decoration

No. 68357

What a horrible book

No. 68544

Haha that's so tacky looking. What did she even write about?

No. 68557

Some inventigation on some occult terrorist murder sect.

No. 68563

>Staubmädchen (English: Dust Maiden) is set in London in a world not so similiar to ours. Secretly inherited by the apparent myth of Demons and Exorcists, Mr Penber, a doubtful officeman from the Ministry of Occult Crime arrives at London, accompanied by a young lady that goes by the name Lucien. Following his case of catching the 'Dust Killer', he is led on an adventure through the nearly empty city, finding more than just one murderer…

sounds like unreadable shit

No. 68912

File: 1427361355867.jpg (131.01 KB, 1500x1498, Caughthimforyousabs.jpg)

>>Dust Killer

No. 69134

dafuq did just i read

No. 69210

Jane tries to tide the positivity trend thing but honestly doesn't and never really did strike me as a nice person. Nice people don't try to cash their followers and the call them annoying..

No. 69213

lol oops neefag here sorry wrong thread please disregard.

No. 69221

Just fyi, you can delete posts by checking the box next to Anonymous on your post and a menu will pop up, just hit delete.

No. 70358

File: 1427552593702.jpg (140.41 KB, 1024x768, tumblr_nlx3loyiLZ1sean81o1_128…)

oh, found her again.
Why is she with Ayumi Seto?

No. 70363

They're all wearing stuff from Ayumi's clothing brand, 'Aymmy', even Sabrina. Maybe they hired her to model her stuff? It sounds ridiculous but Aymmy seems to use some white models, I think because the style is very 50s America. She doesn't look bad in this picture either, to be honest.

No. 70371

It's all because she lives in Japan and is friends with Becki Cruel, who took her to that other Kawaii thing event last year.

It would have been Becki, if she lived in Japan. No one there, not even the models, know who she is. There are photos on instagram from today where only Eva tagged her (because himezawa kept tweeting/mentioning/tagging eva).

There are many pics of them all together where everyone tagged all the models except himezawa, because they have no clue who she is.

No. 70372

File: 1427554904656.jpg (88.7 KB, 640x640, 11093016_829858117050427_12166…)

>She doesn't look bad in this picture either, to be honest.
Right, but then there are photos like this.

Also keep in mind that himezawa have been sitting on her phone all day going through all the Osaka Kawaii tags to find herself, then commenting on the pictures so people will ~notice her~

No. 70378

Omg I can't… that fucking face.

No. 70505

>There are many pics of them all together where everyone tagged all the models except himezawa, because they have no clue who she is.


No. 70795

ew she has so many wrinkles

No. 70805

File: 1427611524670.png (799.75 KB, 1010x591, sabrina.png)

I just hate how she wants to trick people into thinking she's famous and everyone wants to take pictures of her but the truth is they couldn't care less about her, they're taking photos of Eva Cheung.

No. 70806

top kek

No. 70825

It's hilariously sad

No. 71391

File: 1427701733742.png (866.46 KB, 777x593, sokawaii.png)

I'm cringing

No. 71392

File: 1427701761864.png (396.69 KB, 592x582, sokawaii.png)

No. 71848

himezawa has lame outfits

No. 71930

her outfit is awful. Her dress is horrible. And the saint crown she has is horrible, too

No. 71940

It isn't a horrible dress but she knows how to make Angelic Pretty look bad.

No. 71945

That classic looking dress is so pretty, but it's awful on her. She looks uncomfortable.

No. 71946

the dress isn't the problem.

No. 72757

>>70795 Fuck all you bitches- Himezawa-sensei is gonna be bigger than Beckii Cruel or Lea Dizon . She has talent and beauty to spare . How many of you are in Japan modelling at the moment ? - None ! Case closed.

No. 72780

File: 1427843364837.jpg (56.56 KB, 400x533, k.jpg)

No. 72797

Ummmm I actually don't think she looks bad here. Better than any other picture i've seen of her so far. Dunno if it's edited or not though…..Eva's dress looks kind of bad and clashes with her haircolor, surprised no one said anything about that.

No. 72799

Ayumi's brand isn't the 50's looking to me. More 90's mixed with 50's.

No. 72800


No. 72805


She's a self absorbed twat. Sapphira van Doorn is far much of a better creative person and Western model in Japan than Himezawa will ever be. She may not be hugely "known", but at least she isn't desperate and latching on to anything for a quick 5 seconds of fame. Plus her Japanese isn't shit.

No. 72855

File: 1427848723452.gif (841.12 KB, 450x254, sure jan.gif)

>bigger than Leah Dizon

No. 72860

There are better things to do in Japan than modeling

No. 72897

Not if you're a foreigner.

No. 73323

lmao yes, even if u r a foreigner. Debitto in Japan works for a Japanese company. There are other things to do if u r a foreigner, not only modeling

No. 73353

Lmao if you are a foreign model in japan, usually people won't know who you are. You may get a lot of jobs and make some money, but the public won't know you. You will not be famous. You're just a random foreign face that looks like the others. You started out unknown so you won't be like Kota.

No. 73363

Debitto? ok, what company?

No. 73366

idk but he's always talking about it. Do you doubt it? LOL he got his visa for 5 years a few days ago. If I get the chance I will ask him. What do you think all foreigners do in Japan? Modeling? Lmao there are other jobs, gal.

No. 73380

he has a shopping service, works for a company, he has done graphic design jobs so I think he's working as a graphic designer. He also appeared in some video clips and tv shows as guest. That's all I know about him, but yeah there are so many jobs for a foreigner, not only modeling. In 'madrileños x el mundo' appears a man who's the chief of a shipbuilder company and a man who's an architect.

No. 73386

he also teachs spanish and english, and he works for IMJ Corporation http://www.imjp.co.jp/en/ . See? Not everybody goes to Japan to be a model or idoru in kowailand

No. 73390

Of course he teaches English.

No. 73392

English teacher.

No. 73396

I'd do it too to gain extra money lol I'm not talking about a teacher like highschool teachers, but conversation. And I doubt he's still doing that, that was years ago and I haven't heard again about that

No. 73405

Yup, that was before, he's focusing on his job at IMJ and the shopping service.

No. 73408


No. 73413

am I drunk or k/awaii/land is banned?

No. 73425

it's the new rules, anon… gotta be nice…

No. 73500

GTFO Himezawa

No. 73501

File: 1427914021051.png (627.85 KB, 1021x607, wat.png)

Dat shoop