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No. 183682

Someone mentioned in the Onion thread that we should have one for mamma Onion.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5emng4UyX_LM2W8fLkofVQ
Personal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Revamp.Shebang

No. 183683

Thanks for making this thread, anon!

No. 183684

File: 1476637800512.gif (191.79 KB, 356x200, excalibur-face.gif)

>mfw open Blogger and it's all 2edgy4u vampire shit with IC posts

No. 183685

File: 1476638278499.jpg (105.28 KB, 460x750, like mother like son.jpg)

>Told Onion when he was growing up that he was an Indigo Child multiple times
>been divorced three times
>skipped town to avoid one of her divorces and onion's stepfather had to hire someone to find her to serve the papers
>Onion used to make videos shitting all over her and she made a video airing out all of his shit
>She happily agreed to make a video with Onion, mocking Shiloh's claims about him pushing her into a door which caused her miscarriage and "I want to make a rainbow"
>now she makes unfunny comics and shitty vampire novels that she claims she's won an Emmy for. AN EMMY.

been drinking Onionmilk since AJ was a part of his life and Tami is a fucking NUT.

No. 183686

No. 183723

>she made a video airing out all of his shit

Tell me more about this. Can you still find it? What did she talk about?

No. 183731


I've been searching since someone mentioned making a separate thread for Onionmomma but to no avail. I'm still looking though because it was deliciously funny. Hopefully, it's somewhere on one of the Anti-O blogs.

Onion basically b'awwwed about how she was never there and some other emo shit and Tami made a video in response, smiling and singing a song (a reworked version of that good morning song from Singin' in the Rain) about how he needed to get off his lazy ass and she basically aired out some other shit. It was fucking hilarious.

No. 183741

Momma-Onion, ex daughter-in law and Onion himself.

No. 183745


sorry for samefagging, but according to anti-o blogs, she made the video back in March 29, 2011.

I think she deleted it because it doesn't show up, but if anyone can find a reupload or something?

No. 183749

I remember this video. Basically she was guilt tripping him about everything he'd ever done wrong in his life in song form (for whatever reason) and then I remember at one point she even blamed him for one of her divorces.

No. 183769

Does she have another channel? She stole the whole dog thoughts thing and did a bunch of videos on that and I don't see them either.

No. 183770


not that i'm aware of, but I remember those! Her dog thoughts videos are on her vamchoir YT page, I think. She has one called "pug thoughts" LOL

No. 183795

I have done a little research before on this lady and the redpill for Onionmom goes basically as follows. Heads up no matter how I try and write all this, it always remains a little long so please try and bear with it here:

Onionmom's real name is Tami Jayne Jackson/Daniel and has existed online under names such Vampchoir, Vamchoir, ReVampSheBang, and Sun-Tiger Mojo for a number of years. As a kid she was raised into the Seventh Day Adventist church by her just as nutty parents and stayed with this church until Onion was around eleven years old according to his own admission on one of his ancient abandoned sites. She has a two part video series about this on her Vamchoir channel which interesting to watch as she redacts the fact she stayed with it so long and instead gives the viewer she had left the church earlier in life which is untrue. At somepoint shortly after, more than likely in Onion's earliest teens, she completely abandoned the congregation and replaced this belief system with one based around paganism and shamanism seemingly overnight. She legitimately believes herself to be a native American shaman type even though she is of no native heritage whatsoever. Among other things she has also claimed to be the recipient of an Emmy award however she omits the fact that it was a minor regional Emmy for a writing piece which are given out all the time and not what the television awards show is about. This was back in 1993.

She also believes other equally delusional things about herself. In another video on this channel she details how she has believed that through her massage therapy she can actually hear the spirits and thoughts of her clients. One would like to pass this off completely as a joke video but unfortunately she is actually being completely serious. At one point she was running a short lived business of doing home cleansings for 'evil spirits' charging people upwards of $100 dollars to burn sage around their home and walk from room to room essentially talking to herself. Around the time she was doing this, Onion was working on his own ghost hunting website back around late 2004 early 2005 claiming himself able to do essentially the same sorts of things and saying that his future ex wife and her sister could as well. She is heavily involved in various new age things and claims to be a pagan though none of what she appears to practice even remotely resembles actual pagan practices. Over the years she accumulated various blogs detailing these bizarre beliefs and not unlike her son appears to have deleted them over time so the only way to really research them further is through the internet archive service. Jackson also raised her son at some point under the idea that he is an indigo child, essentially putting him a pedestal above her other children and most people around him. This would account for his large superiority complex which is observable among people raised under that belief. She displays a very stern and manipulative demeanor yet at the same time during her YouTube videos appears completely detached from the real world around her.

She has been divorced several times in her life, none of her marriages lasting more than a few short years at most. Most of the divorces were brought upon her by her husbands and I recall at one time donstandsoclosetome uncovered that at one point she actually had asked her son to divert divorce paperwork and lie about her whereabouts to an ex-husband to keep him away from her so that he could not leave her. Essentially she had made Onion complicit and okay with lying to a stepfather about where she was living merely to force him to stay with her for financially beneficial reasons. I do not recall at what age this supposedly occurred but I going to assume in his teens as it was before he was ever on YouTube (or possibly even before YouTube was even a thing). On top of this she seems to have imbued a resentment in Onion towards his various father figures since he never mentions any of them for the most part. It is also speculated that she actually lied to him in regards of the accusations against his biological father being a child molester as the accusations only came forward during their divorce and at such a young age in Onion's life that he would not have been able to confirm or debunk them whatsoever.

She is also mother to Onions two sisters, however not many have done much research into them as of yet. I can say that she appears to have very little contact with them compared to what she has with Onion which is interesting. She appears to solely praise his accomplishments over theirs at any given chance. On social media she will violently bash any criticism directed at her in regards to her son and proclaim that he is nothing short of a perfect person without any flaws in his character. She will often state that his "special" and once even called him a "gift to humanity" via a now abandoned twitter account which is needless to say incredibly bizarre.

Upon her own sons admittance in videos uploaded at different points this year it has also been noted that she has engaged in questionable physical behavior with him throughout his youth and mid to late teens. He described her giving him fully nude oiled body massages which he has redacted into only topless massages in a recent video about the Billie drama. He has also admitted that his mother had a tendency to become physically aggressive and violent with him to which he shows no concern over currently, stating that she had hit him multiple times in his childhood (one time with a flashlight apparently) and even broke his bedroom during during an argument. In a recent video Onion also subtly admitted that she had possibly been dating a member of his highschool football team during his time at the school.

Lastly she is the author of many very cringeworthy teen romance vampire novels that equate to an odd ripoff of the Twilight series. The writing in these books isn't much to be desired and is very inline with the failure of authorship that her son creates in his own work. She claims to be highly acclaimed and talented but her actual works are in reality quite subpar and anything but readable for the most part. So far the only people who have upvoted her novels on Amazon are people who personally know and their reviews read as though they were only doing so because they felt obligated through being a friend to her.

So far that is what I have. Apologies for the massive post but this is almost to be expected when catching up on anything related to Onion, especially in this case it being his own mother. Video related, its a good starting point to see her delusional insanity up close.

No. 183798

File: 1476648855798.jpg (17.62 KB, 343x377, 1312042916451.jpg)

No. 183805

It's amazing and creepy how similar they are. On the one hand, it's so easy to see how he became this fucked up and it makes me feel sorry for him, but then I remember that he can easily afford therapy if he wants but refuses.

If he wanted to, he could overcome the abusive shit he dealt with as a minor, but he's rather stay a piece of shit and abuse everyone around him, just like his mother.

No. 183819

Do any of y'all think there's any possibility that Onion and Mommy might've had…"relations" at any point in time? Possibly in his teens or adult life?

No. 183825


…okay first: THE DEDICATION. Anon did their homework. I applaud this.

Second, okay I never knew she was this…"special". Holy fucking shit. With her as a mother, no wonder Onision is so fucked in the head.

Someone get those kids away from that family, period.

No. 183826

Emotionally, yes. With some inappropriate physical familiarity.

No. 183828


Like all the other anons, I want to say yes to "emotionally", but I also feel like Tami wanted to at some point but never acted on it.


No. 183829

Oh man, I hope y'all are right (thank god)! 'Cause I remember watching this video not too long ago. Title is "Attraction to your mother"

No. 183830


"Why does my mom turn me on?" Posted a year ago.

No. 183855


I swear he's like a greasy, narcissistic Oedipus.

No. 183860

>"As a kid she was raised into the Seventh Day Adventist church by her just as nutty parents and stayed with this church until Onion was around eleven years old according to his own admission"

Its like theres a crazy gene that runs through Onion's entire lineage that made him the way he is.

No. 183863

It's been said multiple times that Tami despises Lainey and even Lainey said it in one video, but do you guys really think that Tami would be as cruel enough to tease Lainey about a miscarriage?

(if reddit anon was actually Lainey, of course)

No. 183939

reddit anon was demonstrably not Lainey.

this woman seems mad enough to do whatever though.

No. 184238

what did you mean by this?

No. 184305

Having the intercourse.

No. 184787

Well Onion says shes given him a full body massage… I wouldn't be surprised if she gave him a handjob or even preformed oral on him.

No. 185520

>If he wanted to, he could overcome the abusive shit he dealt with as a minor,

Idk, I think this is much easier said than done, especially when unhealthy, abusive patterns of behavior have been drilled into your head as normal from a young age.
It's just not as simple as that.

Personally I think everyone involved in this comes off as shit, but I kinda feel sorry for them too. Mostly I just enjoy the milk tho.

No. 186607

saw someone mention this today, weird af

No. 186741

Jesus. It's not that funny an idea to start, but making this with your real mother is super gross.

No. 186744

her dreads remind me of margo

No. 186776

I remembered how he she gave him a full body massage and shit and he did lose his virginity at 14 who else thinks that sounds fishy

No. 188715

I clearly remember reading some archived online paper from her town that she was actually getting accused by neighbors for keeping animals (mostly chickens) in her backyard in deplorable conditions. Most of them were dead from neglect and starvation. For whatever reason it had me tinfoil hat the idea that perhaps Onion's vegan crud comes from this woman's torturous care towards animals right in front of him?

Look what she said to Plain after she apparently had a miscarriage. She tried to low key blame her for her own baby's death. I wouldn't put it past someone that psychotic to blame the death of their animals on their own children to take the guilt off their own shoulders at that point.

No. 188739

Yeah but didn't Greg kill his turtle by leaving it in a tub in the heat?

No. 188761

Eh I find it very hard to believe that his vegetarianism has anything to do with empathy for other living things. I think it's more a hat he put on that lets him feel superior to other people. If he truly cared about animals he could donate to charities, which would give him bragging rights, or volunteer at shelters which would make for actually interesting video content but in reality it's not about animals, it's about HIM and HIS body, and as an extension his teen brides and their bodies.

Both Gerg and his mom seem like narcissists who either have a stunted ability to relate to other people or lack empathy altogether. Not at all surprised she'd let animals starve to death, and I'm sure that seeing that shit fucked with Gerg's psychological development in some way, but I don't think it inspired him to care for animals' wellbeing.

They should collaborate on a parenting video. Maybe Raven can lend them her Reborn doll.

No. 207407

i do believe she molested onion

No. 207813


I too believe that, especially when he recently flat out said; he got a hard-on from one of his mommy's full-body massages in an uhohbro video.

No. 1985345

They're both demented

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