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File: 1484972565885.png (298.8 KB, 1406x819, zewwer.png)

No. 342231

Kiwi Farms is dead?
What happened?


No. 342232

This isn't happening. It's all just smoke and mirror and time.

No. 342233

i never saw the issue with farmers giving CWC donations, but i guess it mattered to someone

No. 342235


No idea. Null claimed it was due to family being threatened. You know cows like Phil and CWC are going to claim responsibility.

No. 342236

I thought he said , "I honestly don't give a fuck…"

No. 342237

Speculation on /cow/ right now is that one of the cows emailed Null's mother's work claiming she's a pedophile, and she may have been fired because of that.

No. 342239

I saw on 8chan that someone was accusing Null's mother of pedophilia. Trolls were harassing the realty company she works for and making fake pedo sites with her real name on them. And the TransLifeLine nutjob was visiting his house. I was lust browsing the Yandere Simulator drama and when I hit the next page I got OP's message.

No. 342240

Either this is a ruse or something really weird happened, it's so vague

No. 342241

there is no way null didnt expect something like this to eventually happen, given how much personal IRL info he's made available. calling ruse.

No. 342244

God I hope they all fuck off to reddit or 8chan and don't come here

No. 342245

idk, he's egotistical and kind of an idiot. he always thought he was untouchable and never expected this shit to significantly catch up with him irl. i could buy it being real

No. 342246

I'm glad I didn't donate to KF (btw I'm not a jew I swear)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 342248

Well, it does say "goodbye for now" so I give it a week minimum to a month before the site's back up if it's just a ruse

No. 342249

I'm guessing that it's not a ruse but that it'll be back. That site is all he has in his pathetic life. He couldn't give it up for good.

No. 342250

And nothing of value was lost.

No. 342263

He shut down all his other sites like lolcow.email, lolcow wiki, and jaw.sh so i think it's legit.

No. 342264

No. 342266

File: 1484980765985.png (294.67 KB, 1832x1326, Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 5.23…)

/r/Drama claims to have a few clues to why KF has been closed (allegedly, Josh's mother being fired due to trolling by Vordrak) https://www.reddit.com/r/Drama/comments/5p8r9m/we_excuse_our_regularly_scheduled_sub_joke_the/

Additionally, in 2016 Josh was personally visited and threatened by Greta Martela of Trans Lifeline.

No. 342267

File: 1484980953566.jpg (38.85 KB, 1495x139, zT61TQ8.jpg)

repost via /u/Fartkin on reddit:

>I hopped into their discord, apparently vordrak (just look him up on ED) found out null's mom's job (null runs the site) and got her fired. That's the prevailing story but it's sperg central up in there so who knows.

>There's up to date backups and the site will be back in one form or another soon.
>There's also this I have no idea how true it is.

pic was attached.

No. 342268

from the kiwi discord:

Punished "Venom" Null - Today at 1:19 AM
It wasn't my mom.

Punished "Venom" Null - Today at 1:19 AM
It was a lot of people.(edited)

Punished "Venom" Null - Today at 1:20 AM
I'm not going to say.

No. 342269

There's so much autism about Chris in this OP pic. The real story is the rather personal attention Josh gave to the site and its users. He regularly read PMs for example.

No. 342270

learn how to lolcow

No. 342271

He's such a fucking baby. Greta probably held a knife to his nuts.

No. 342275


Punished "Venom" Null - Today at 1:46 AM
It's not because of my mom.

Punished "Venom" Null - Today at 1:46 AM
He went after people within 3 generations of me

Punished "Venom" Null - Today at 1:47 AM
I can't explain it.

Punished "Venom" Null - Today at 1:47 AM
Grandparents, aunts, uncles

Punished "Venom" Null - Today at 1:47 AM
All of them public servants with name brands

Punished "Venom" Null - Today at 1:47 AM
I didn't do it because I was forced. I felt bad. I considered the sum of all I had built and all that would be lost.

Punished "Venom" Null - Today at 1:48 AM
I'm probably not giving updates. If the site returns it won't be by me.

Punished "Venom" Null - Today at 1:49 AM
I'm going to disappear into China or help Wikileaks.

Punished "Venom" Null - Today at 1:49 AM
I can't delete the site. It's just not possible.

Punished "Venom" Null - Today at 1:51 AM

Punished "Venom" Null - Today at 1:54 AM
Being doxed probably made be a better owner.

m0rnutz - Today at 1:55 AM
Null is a badass as long as I've known him these six months, but he's not a god

Shrangus - Today at 1:56 AM
null if you spend the donation money i gave you on some pepperoni pizza and some beers i will not feel cheated at all

Punished "Venom" Null - Today at 1:57 AM
There are 3 different people will full access to the db and server contents

Punished "Venom" Null - Today at 1:57 AM
I am certain one of them will host it, with or without consent

Punished "Venom" Null - Today at 1:58 AM
@Locksnap Even if I proceeded with something that'd put Vordrak in jail forever, the thread made is imment and irreversible.

Punished "Venom" Null - Today at 1:58 AM
@Glaive I'm going to legally change my name to yours

Xor - Today at 2:00 AM
Won't he still come after you if the farms are up, even if hosted by someone else?

Punished "Venom" Null - Today at 2:00 AM
@Xor probably

No. 342277

Wait… Is "bull dyke" really a hate term now?

No. 342279

File: 1484984603544.png (174.48 KB, 1279x703, Screenshot_2017-01-21-16-42-47…)

Ok, this here is funny

No. 342280

>I'm going to disappear into China or help Wikileaks.
What a hero.

>I can't explain it.

Then you aren't telling the truth Josh.

No. 342281

don't come for the asexuals!

No. 342282

Yeah there's more to this story. It sucks his mom got fired, but this weird "I can't explain it gonna kms and go to China" story is weird.

No. 342290

Apparently people spread rumors about his mom being a pedophile and that's why she lost her job. Bad, but it's not like she's going to jail. This is what kiwifarms has been doing to random people for years. Someone thought they were invisible lol

No. 342294

Null did make a huge mistake of putting his dox out there and expecting anything good to happen.

If the site is intact and several people do have full access to that db then I hope it's up again soon with a new administrator. Null should have stepped down and went behind a sockpuppet ages ago.

No. 342296

Vordrak got Null's mom fired and threatened to do the same to his other relatives.


No. 342297

I'm sure it will be back. Several people are willing to help. All it takes is someone (or multiple someones) trustworthy and not retarded to take Null's place.

No. 342298


refugee board

No. 342300

It's been considered an insult since it first entered the general lexicon, but it was appropriated by the lesbian community to such an extent that it became one of those weird words that can be completely innocuous or extremely disparaging, depending on the context.

Sage for OT.

No. 342302

This board looks like ass

Why is it so horrible

No. 342303

Oliver Smith (aka Atlantid, Cassiterides, MarkOfKri, the lioness was a guy irl, etc) is a well known poster on racist/racialist websites and is a fundamentalist christian. He has no right to claim hes against hate.

No. 342304

I can't believe this shit, this better not be real or I will sweae to god I'm gonna cry myself to sleep.

No. 342306

But… Where will I get all my Chris updates…? Say what you will about kf and Null, but they were organized, and quick on updates about whatever lolcow was trending. I'm sad about the Chris board the most though… What a fucking waste, hope it comes back soon.

No. 342307

I have sources saying they got backups ready. And that ED wants to archive the copy given to likeicare.

No. 342316

So who's going to moderate once Null (completely) steps down?

No. 342318

Same anon. KF is my other fave lolcow source. God i hope someone takes it over or something

No. 342319

I'm from KF, I'm bringing over some of our "friends" we had threads on and I'm gonna give them threads here, if you would like that?

No. 342325

Wait, Chris set fire to his house? Sorry for being extremely late to the party (only used KF for Werner news) but I didn't hear about the fire bit.

No. 342326

I think it might be best to wait to see if a better alternative to KF pops up before making new threads, but I wouldn't mind bringing back the old Wu thread.

No. 342328

I made one over in >>>snow about this guy Tim Craig, and I looked through the catalog and then bumped a really old dead one about Nora Reed here in /pt/ you should check those two out for now at the very least.

No. 342329

He didn't just threaten, he contacted the workplaces of his extended family to call them all pedos.

No. 342344


It was two years ago. Chris had a coffee maker plugged into his bathroom and one thing lead to another.

No. 342349

Ah, okay. I thought it had just happened or something.

No. 342351

there's no autism ratings here or I'd give you one.

No. 342352

There was a mod team already who were doing the good work. Null was mainly seeking attention or cultivating his "lone nutter" image.

No. 342354

did the lawnmower sell? and other important questions…

No. 342356

Please bring in the Onision thread. That shit was just starting to get good.

No. 342357

We have our own Onision threads and a chunk of content was being ported over from here to that thread. Lurk more, and read >>341112

No. 342365

What an autistic loon.

It looks like a Candice Potter had an account there. But there were no posts. Sure she could just be a lurker. But there's no proof it's even her. Someone could have made the account to mess with Null.

Losing your job over unfounded allegations though… I'm guessing the company just didn't want to deal with it. Especially if someone leaked it to the press or something.

Did he do that to make himself appear untouchable? You shouldn't dox yourself.

No. 342374

Who'd have thought publicly running a site like KF would eventually cause problems for people in your life who probably have no idea what the fuck is going on.

Imagine you're a 40 yr old man living in new york or some shit and one day your name is plastered all over the internet and some crazy fuck is telling you he's going to ruin your marriage with slander unless your autistic nephew you've never spoken to or seen in Florida takes down a website.

No. 342377

>Punished "Venom" Null - Today at 1:49 AM
>I'm going to disappear into China or help Wikileaks.

So the site will be back tomorrow, got it.

No. 342390

File: 1485018278082.gif (23.07 KB, 200x150, IMG_2683.GIF)

Fuck. I want my Dan Cilley thread.
It was so fucking organized and updated.
Lolcow is home base, but good cows are few and far in between.

No. 342398

File: 1485021070100.png (127.95 KB, 900x451, what the fuck.png)

I regret not reading the Vordrak threads when I had the chance. He talks like a mustache-twirling cartoon villain.

No. 342399

File: 1485021185595.png (161.44 KB, 712x950, 20170121_094953.png)

A former user is claiming Null's mom was killed. From what was said, his mom's entire job was painted with the Pedo brush, and they were told that the news was going to do a piece on them unless they fired her. They did. Now they have hit everyone else in his family with the same thing.
Honestly, Vordrak was more then likely behind some of this, but he was by no means smart enough to do it all by himself.

No. 342400

He had his issues but I genuinely feel sorry for Null and family.

I guess this is a wake up call to stop wasting time on weird internet retards.

No. 342402

The farms held my cherished horrorcows,there were so many new ones too…..

No. 342405

Null did a few retarded things. One of the biggest was condoning a few member's efforts at Doxing oldfags over on SA. That's a big pond with big fish in it. Much bigger than Null.

The idea of KF is great. At least the part about watching, documenting and laughing. But doing shit like search optimization on threads, doxing and weenery went a bit far sometimes.

It was only a matter of time before the right psycho was tapped. All the while Josh stood open and exposed for all the shit members did.

No. 342411

I can't feel bad for Null because he honestly had it coming. But his family doesn't deserve to get caught in the crossfire because of his autism.

No. 342418

Guessing this Doc Cassidy isn't posting any proof?

No. 342428

yep, so long Shmorky proof

No. 342431

Doc Cassidy was pretty much exclusively a shitposter on the Farms. I wouldn't believe a fucking word he says, tbh.

No. 342433

File: 1485027388868.png (52.61 KB, 599x586, kftwitterposts.png)

More from Cassidy and Dynastia's twitters.

They and a few other members are supposedly in contact with Null, so it's pretty much just word of mouth at this point. I'm going to be skeptical until obits/newspaper articles go up.

No. 342447

I'm so glad old admin didn't give Null the keys to this site when Null approached him about it, otherwise we'd be gone too.

No. 342448

Just a reminder for users migrating from Kiwifarms to lurk before shitting up lolcow without attempting to integrate with our fine board culture. Feel free to make new threads as long as you follow rules & guidelines.

No. 342456

I'm sorry, I only browse lolcow on occasion. Mostly for onion and our queen. Could you guys explain what is going on here Exactly? Should this be on Snow?

From my understanding, which is super limited, kiwifarms is another dramu site yeah? I'm assuming the owner was this Null character?

Could you guys provide some caps/backstory about what's going on for us clueless Farmers? This all seems vague and not particularly lulzy, most other OPS on here provide that sort of info. Not sure if this is /pt material or what is going on around this guy.


Also apologies for weird typing, I'm on mobile

No. 342458

fuck off kiwi spergs

No. 342459

That's complete bullshit; he's probably just conspiring with a few ~inner circle~ members to spread dumb rumors about the happening for attention. lulz epic troll man xDDDD


Null is a power-hungry, attention-seeking waste of life. He's obsessed with getting people to talk about him and fawn over him. KF could have been a great concept if it weren't with he and his ~inner circle's~ obsession with treating the site like a highschool lunchroom. That and the weening and complete acceptance of coldsteelesque comments from retards like Dynastia made KiwiFarms a fucking garbage heap. The only thing it had to offer over alternatives is that the autism was so concentrated on there, and their membership consisted of so many deadbeats and NEETS, that they had a lot of energy and time to waste figuring out every minute detail of a cow's life. But this sort of membership and focus could EASILY have been fostered without the fucking creepy tryhard culture and social dynamics.

No. 342461


lol simmer down there Cucky.

No. 342463

If it was real there'd be at least one news article on the murder(s), even if they hadn't released identities yet.

No. 342465

Says the one who nonironically kissed null's ass and played his high school popularity game on an autism forum

No. 342470


Kiwi Farms was a general lolcow forum run by Null.

It was originally the CWCki Forums (and exclusively focused on an older cow with his own Wiki, Chris Chan) up till a couple of years ago. This particular forum was owned by Null but there were other incarnations of the forums before he got involved AFAIK.

A cow called Vordrak/Samuel Collingwood Smith went full retard about being talked about on the site, and it looks like Vordrak recently started spamming Null's relatives places of work till Null closed the whole forum down.

Sorry if I fucked up any details here up here. I lurked and never really went into the Vordrak thread because it was a stupidly long nightmare by the time I found it.

No. 342472


lol i've never been a member of kf but whatever helps you sleep better man

No. 342473


No. 342475



No. 342482

Oh thank you anon. I knew about cwc forums but didn't know it had changed hands. I'm out of touch. I'm gonna hunt for that vordrak thread while I drink my tea, thanks again.

No. 342509

Yeah I'm not believing this "Null's family was targeted and murdered by people" yet until we find obituaries or news reports posted. Especially about paying someone in bitcoin. Sounds like something pulled from a "DEEP WEB HITMANZ" creepypasta, perhaps to get the "weens" to go after Vordrak if I may speculate. Details are conflicting reports and just word of mouth on twitter with no true evidence yet.

We'll see in a week's worth of searching I suppose.

No. 342512

wasn't dynastia the forum's village idiot, though? he does this shit on purpose. don't really believe a thing he says.

No. 342524

I wouldn't be surprised if null just "paused" the site to keep vordrak at bay to give him some time to retaliate. Possibly some harassment litigation, which would be hilarious given the nature of the site and how they've always immediately given the finger to anyone trying threaten legal charges.

No. 342565


Speaking of litigation, don't they still have their lawyer?

No. 342576

>>Website famous for harassment,bullying and doxing is forced to close down because of retarded owner being threatened and doxxed.

A very fitting ending to a cancerous website, sure lolcow picks on cows for petty shit but kf has driven some cows to suicide from pure hatred and bombardment. They regularly pick on mentally ill, autistic or young and vunerable people which is shit I just can't condone.

I don't mind shitting on onion or suzy but there's some individuals I can't shit on out of sheer sanity. I will miss some threads though highlighting the genuine idiocy of grown adults like the evaxephon thread which had some pretty incriminating evidence on Yanderedev which was always hilarious to lurk among others.

The main issue with kf I believe was that they would a-log, dox and threaten despite the rules mostly vulnerable individuals, spam teh autism insult to death and drive people to suicide with their incessant shit whilst attempting to farce a morally aware and introspective image, something that never existed for the admins or members as a collective.

sage for being a moral fag

No. 342583

was still reading the shmorky thread so this sucks. hope he doesnt try to come crawling back to the internet now that the exposé source is offline.

No. 342596

i just went there for the slaton sister thread

No. 342621

There were rules against targeting under 18 and they were adhered to.

No. 342648

>They regularly pick on mentally ill, autistic or young and vunerable people which is shit I just can't condone.

We have a general for anorexic girls.

No. 342654

Slatons was a damn good thread.

No. 342655


Nah, that shit was EVERYWHERE. Those logs are in a dozen places by know and SA won't let that be forgotten.

No. 342659

One person's "pretty incriminating evidence" is another person's "cancerous website". You can't have one about the other. You can't have someone delivering Ali Rapp's Maria Mint profile to the thread exclusively or contacting Nick Bate's prosecutor with evidence then say everyone has to play nice. I agree the site was quite toxic in its mission, not the least its admin who enjoyed spying on PMs and blackmailing users. I didn't fuck with it too hard but I could see just as a user there you could get yourself into trouble due to the high levels of autism.

No. 342660

without the other*

No. 342691

I don't click that shit mang like I said I only laugh at stupid adult cows.

I wouldn't bet on this, also driving one to suicide is a shitty thing regardless of if they are under or over 18.

No. 342709

If you're talking about Terryberry, she had a terrible, abusive fuckup of a boyfriend and her family life was seriously fucked on top of that. The Farms were actually a very minor problem on her laundry list of issues and unless I'm remembering incorrectly she had a friend come to the Farms and tell people exactly that. Most people genuinely felt bad for her.

The hell the 18+ rule was always adhered to, though. When the site went down I think there were a couple threads on 16 year olds, at least according to the shit they had publicly available. And the Jessi Slaughter thread got a pretty large number of posts before someone decided to bother locking it due to her being underage. I seriously hope whoever decides to run the forum bothers to enforce that next time.

No. 342713

Terryberry was suicidal from the jump, too - she posted self harm photos on her public FB all the time, and her family just ignored the gore. Kiwis are the ones who actually reported it. Her family allowed their cognitively low functioning 18 year old to live in foster care and be beaten by her 30 year old boyfriend who became a tranny. She was failed in every way by her own fam, not kiwis.

No. 342724


No one committed suicide because of KF.

Terryberry's death was essentially autoerotic asphyxiation and that tranny weirdo killed himself because of non-KF drama.

Both were whiteknighted by other cows to try and rally support against KF. It was dumb and gay.

No. 342736

The Slaughter thread got long because she was already notorious. It took a couple of days to determine her actual age.

Who were the other two underage with open threads?

No. 342748


The boyfriend (Goddess Desiree) killed himself too?

No. 342750

no, sadly. still kicking around, neglecting his bastard daughter. will likely abuse more.

No. 342753

I think that anon is talking about Elizabeth Waite, who called the Trans Hotline due to suicidal thoughts and was put on hold.

No. 342755


OP is referring to Elizabeth Waite, a rando tranny who killed themselves as a show of appreciation for Trans Lifelife (seriously, they praised TLL in their suicide note. Worst Lifeline Ever)

No. 342758


Ok,gotcha. I was confused because Mike was running around fetishistically pretending to be trans.

No. 342761

I know one was Katlynn Yost, a seventeen year old girl who was implicated in the murder of her furry parents. An exception was made in her case because if you've got the balls to kill your family then morality about mocking you due to age may be misplaced concern. She has yet to be charged but her thread died down long ago after everyone got tired of pointing out that furries suck and that Katlynn's face is weird.

Kiwi Farm was no better or worse than any other site of its ilk. I appreciated their coverage of how much Greta Martela sucks, the grossness of Nora Reed and other people similarly failing at life but since I frequented very specific threads I didn't encounter the core group as much. I didn't have much to with Dynastia, who had moment of cogent and intelligent behavior that belied his trolling nature. His explanation of benzo addiction and the hell of detox (in the Jenny McDermott thread, I think) was amazing. Too bad he was such a butthole so much of the time.

I wish they'd have been clearer on the no weening rule. Just recently a user sent information that a transexual woman named Eden Belmont posted online to her place of work. Eden posted gross ass shit she did on the clock, wearing her company uniform, often in bathrooms on site also available to the public. She would have been fired eventually but it should have been when some Walmart shopper whose trip to get flip flops and cheeze whiz was ruined by a greasy employee blowing a Craigslist encounter in the bathroom complained, not some random asshole online.

You take the good with the bad. Kiwi Farms was no worse than lolcow, and I'll miss the Schmorky thread and Ratking forum. I hope jamais or some other mod steps up and revives it.

No. 342765

No they were not. I explicitly saw them doxxing people's children and making commentary on it. There was a man's five year old posted on the fucking forums in his thread. There were teenagers posted on there. That "rule" was a joke and actively got overturned, as much as the rest of their rules tended to be.

There were even people warning them that fucking with people's kids and with minors in general was going to get them in trouble, and they would not listen "for the lulz."

I'm honestly surprised its just Vordrak managing to push the harassment of Null far enough, rather than this issue becoming the subject of some lawfag suit.

No. 342766

Sorry to same fag but to clarify I am mentioning Katlynn Yost as a person under 18 with an open thread, not a suicide.

As other mentioned, the two suicides attributed to KF are due to hysterical drama-mongering and blame placing. Julie Terryberry was a sad, foresaken mess and those who pointed the fingers at KF for Elizabeth's suicide were the very people who let her down the most. One of the women Elizabeth reached out to the night she died said she knew Elizabeth was overdosing but thought she would sleep it off the way she always did. Lizzy had threatened and attempted suicide so many times no one took her seriously, even those who loved her.

Also it's inappropriate to blame Trans Life Line for failing Lizzy. Almost every transexual has a "call no one" attitude. If TLL had her on the line as she took the pills, no rescue attempt would have been made unless Lizzy asked for it. Even had people taken Lizzy seriously, they wouldn't have called for help because they are convinced that EMTs, doctors and police as a whole want to kill transexuals. Lizzy died because she was a demented human being propped up by demented people, and TLL is just one small part of the community.

No. 342767

What thread featured a five year old?

No. 342768


People who were doxed means their facebook was connected with their online names. That's as far as it went. Oh no, someone made fun of you on the internet and found shit you posted in public profiles. They're literally murdering you.

No. 342775

Gonna be honest, I can't remember their usernames at this point because it's been a couple weeks and they were seriously just dime a dozen DA autists with gross fetishes. I know one was in BlueCatRiolu's circle with his own thread and his page said he was sixteen, though.

Also I would've sworn that Slaughter thread was open for a lot longer than a couple of days but my short term memory is a bit fucked. Fair enough, in that case. I take back the Slaughter thing.

No. 342781

Sure the chick who was cutting her throat and posting the pics on her public FB before the farms ever fond her, that was def. their fault/ s

No. 342787

Damn. and I was really getting into Hamberlyn and Failyn threads too.

No. 342796

With the Elizabeth Waite thread, she had been mentioned in passing in another thread, kind of a "known associate of" thing. AFTER her suicide, Greta mentioned her as a "donate to us, we helped her!" Even tho she never saw the heavy irony in mentioning a suicide vic as a "we helped them". Lizzy's thread was created after death as a way for the farms to keep ahead of all the shit Greta was trying to pin on themy. Lizzy's ex wife came in as screen name manapan and laid out the facts for the thread and asked for some respect. She also went to Greta and asked for Greta to stop using her ex wife as a talking point for donations. Greta and friends completely ass blasted her, and wouldn't even post Lizzy's burial expense fund until it was made clear that Lizzy's sister was the account holder.

Manapan still gets harassed about the whole thing, with Trans "allies" calling her a murderer. People at the Farms actually donated quite a lot of cash to the burial fund, and yet Greta keeps saying that the Farms was responsible for her death.

Ugh. So that, along with Terry erry, was the suicides that the Farms were supposedly responsible for. Not saying they didn't deserve their reps, but they kept a shit ton of receipts, and Vordrak going this low to get his Amy Lee loving ass off the Farms was low.

No. 342798

We need a MrEnter thread.

No. 342804

I don't remember the name of the guy. It wasn't that the thread featured a five year old, its that they specifically dug and went after pictures of his son and then posted it publicly. They also did this to other parents who weren't trying to feature their kids anywhere outside private facebook accounts.
Maybe I'm a moralfag but I think private pictures of people's families that include children should probably stay in the private facebook where they were.

No. 342805

And I once saw a pink buffalo and thought "fuck, that's weird"
Was where they posted it publicly KF or was it off site? Also, when are people going to learn to actually set their FB profiles to private?

No. 342809


Pretty sure that if you post shit publicly on your Facebook then it's by definition not private.

The two are mutually exclusive states, you see.

No. 342810

If you are a moralfag then so am I.

I went to the site for the gossip and schadenfreude, not to see people interacting with the lolcows. Kind of like watching a documentary on animal planet.

Disturbing their lives for me wasn't just a morality issue, but also it would make it less entertaining. I felt this is the main reason why CWC gave up on his comics (people distracting him from his normal life), and I would rather not see it happening to other people of interest.

No. 342815

Julie didn't commit suicide because she was harassed online, though I'm sure it didn't help matters. I suspect the following played a far larger role in her decision to kill herself:

–Parental abandonment. Both parents had put her out of their homes when she was underage. People called the elderly woman Julie lived with Grandma Terryberry but really she was no relation - she was a foster mother.

–She claimed her brother molested her.

–She had a very low IQ, a very low threshold for frustration and few employment prospects. She had just enough self-awareness to understand how fucked she was but no skills to fix it.

–She was dating a sexual sadist who used her for welfare fraud, bit and beat her savagely, sodomized her with such ferocity that she was super close to goatse territory at age 18, and played head games with her. He promised her repeatedly he would one day live with her while spending all of her savings until she was broke and had no money for deposits. She said she liked the sexual abuse and given her love of self-harm maybe she did. But mostly she seemed like she would have endured anything for attention.

–Touched on above: she was broke and had little means of making money. Mike raided her savings to fund his gambling addiction so she turned to cam whoring to try to make money. She ruined her iPad by filming herself in the shower and had no money to repair it and could no longer upload content. This happened days before she died. Mike using her name to cheat the Canadian welfare system for money closed her off from being about to get their version of welfare or disability. The inability to make income combined with Mike breaking up with her again seem like they were her final straws.

–Her low IQ left her with few life skills and the men in her life played so many head games with her that it stunted her capacity to cope in the real world. When she lived with her father in her teens he refused to let her shower or blow dry her hair when she wanted to and made a good portion of the food in the house off-limits to her, demeaning and punishing her when she ate food he limited. As a young adult Julie obsessed over and hoarded food, had difficultly dealing with basic food preparation and had difficulty knowing when to clean herself. She was so full of self doubt that every decision was hard for her to make.

All of that weighs far heavier on the suicide scale than strangers making fun of the gaping asshole pics she posted online.

No. 342823

Ugh, same fagging again but I am now remembering kids on the site.

I think the son you may be thinking of is Greta Martela's son. He's of age but pics when he was still a child then later when he was a stoned adult were looked up and posted in the thread. He had nothing to do with any of it outside of the topic of Greta skipping out on support payments.

Kailyn's Gracie, Cecily Kellogg's Tori, Amy Slaton's niece… I'm sure there are more. All of them got criticized under the guise of concern trolling.

But even so that happens everywhere. It would have been nice if mods had deleted posts and pictures about the kids involved in these cows' lives.

No. 342827

Gracie, Tori and Amy 's niece are a bit of a grey area for me. Kailyn and Cecily voluntarily uploaded their daughters to social media, farmers never went specifically digging for them. The girls were discussed in relation to their mothers, not picked on for themselves (as in Gracie is so speech delayed because Kailyn is a shit parent). Yes some people overdid the concerned weenery and it was annoying.

The mother of Amy's niece prohibited Amy from filming the children. I don't recall anyone going after the family info other than posting the wedding photos from Facebook.

No. 342831

I don't think a blanket ban on kids in cows' lives is necessarily the right answer. Sometimes the cows have made being a parent such a crucial part of their identity that you can't talk about them without the kid, or they're such a fuckup as a parent that it does bear mentioning.

Also, a blanket ban would've made the Nick Bate trial really hard to talk about instead of just really hard to read.

I agree the excessive concern trolling is fucking retarded though.

No. 342841

Let me put it this way imo respecting nick's victim and using an alias and banning pics/video was a good compromise.

In other situations, concern trolling, posting kids names, and otherwise involving them in the site drama they have no control over was not ok to me. Their parents or relatives may be fuck ups, but it doesn't make them free game.

I think it just got out of hand because they were stop thirsty for content they would dig, dig, dig with no consideration for conflicts like that.

No. 342846

I thought the Nick thread was handled really well too but I stopped short of suggesting that for every cow because having to create a new alias for every single minor and get every Kiwi to use it would've been like herding cats, tbh.

I'm sort of of two minds on this because on one hand the poor kids can't help having crazy people for a parent and I don't feel like some people were always very understanding of that.

On the other, if you know you have a forum full of bored sped watchers lurking on your social media why the fuck would you not set your shit to private.

(or in general, really, but you know what I mean.)

No. 342859

I do not see the issue with how KF handles kids. I remember most people were discussing them in the context of how much of a failure their mothers were. I read the Cecily thread and do not remember anybody saying anything negative about Tori, they were just pointing out how fucked up it is that a 10 year-old kid writes at the level of a 5 year-old because Cecily does not send her special snowflake to school, but of course she already "came out" as pansexual and wears skimpy Halloween costumes. I did not see many people call Gracie retarded, most of them were just saddened that a 3 year-old still babbles like a 9 month-old but does not get any help.
As long as it's not YTT-level insulting an infant just because a lolcow squeezed them out, I don't see the problem. The damage has been done the moment their crazy/highly controversial mothers decided to exploit their childhood on the internet. What's the point of coming up with an alias for Gracie when her real full name, face and address is already out there and readily available on the internet to everyone who googles her?

No. 342861

If i remeber right using thw real name of Nick's victim was a big taboo. I am so glad "A" testified and got that fucker in jail.

Dynastia had a running joke of "let's dox their children" but only an autist would see that as serious.

No. 342878

They handled Tori's situation much better than GOMI did. GOMI labelled her a brat and a loser, KFers posted in her defence.

No. 342879

Our Amberlynn thread is active >>>/pt/304962 but the Kailyn one's not seeing much traffic >>>/pt/7656 (the KF one was way better). Feel free to join either.

No. 342881

Yeah, that's the kind of stuff I disagree with. I do not think it's right to attack a child just because their parents are failures. Youtalktrash users do the same thing to Gracie, and then justify it by saying they do it to prove a point, because Kailyn is a shit mom who does not care about the bad things people say about her kid. If you already know you're not going to rile up the lolcow and produce more content, why do it in the first place? It's a waste of time and makes you look psychotic.

These kids unfortunately already live public lives without ever having been asked. Saying that they exist and that their upbringing is fucked is not that big of a deal as long as people are respectful.

No. 342884

Yeah. I don't buy that. the way it's written you'd expect the next post to be "And then Slenderman appeared and we all died!"

That's why I'm really wary of uploading children's photographs to publicly accessible spaces. Perhaps some etiquette should be used in these cases. Where if the photos are available publicly people just don't freely link to them out of concern for the child. Lots of people are way too lazy to google for themselves anyway.

No. 342886

Discussing something you're neither allowed to upload nor link to is asinine. At this point you might as well just not talk about it.

No. 342920


People in the Onision thread talk about Troy and clarie all the time but no pictures of them are posted.

>Inb4 no one can find any because the one thing onion did right was decline to include them in his internet fuckery

Point still stands, you don't need to post pictures of the children of cows to talk about them

No. 342931

Does anyone have any archives about the yanderedev drama? I'm searching through /cow/ right now but so far it only seems like they care about trannies and anti GG people.

No. 342934

Which drama in particular?

Some of the pages in their thread can be seen here but it's not many (considering the thread was over three hundred pages long).

No. 342935

Double posting, sorry. I found more archives.


Also he has a thread on PULL that's up to date.

No. 342957

On another note I think this will be good for Null.

Dude was a bonafide loser with no prospects. Who is gonna hire a fucker that runs a forum like KF? Who is gonna date and marry a dude that spends his life in a basement taking donations from other people to talk about people like Chris?

Like, I hardly know anything about the people who run this place, and its probably for the best.

Null was just putting himself OUT THERE because "welp I got doxxed already lol" and I never really understood keeping around a website that probably got him called at like 3 AM to harass him and his mom all the time.

No. 342995

Yeah, I just found the pull thread,thanks

No. 343017


His life before KF was bullshit too.

"His crown achievement was somehow convincing Fredrick Brennan of 8chan that he's the man to take his site to the next level, but instead spending the next few months making a crippled man in a wheelchair act as his personal autism caretaker/drug supplier while he pretended to write code but instead sat around abusing his mod privs to ban and dox anyone who made fun of him on /v/. For this dubious pleasure he billed Hotwheelz 12k, and when the code didn't work tried to claim ownership of 8chan and then just fucked off."


No. 343056

The funniest part is how he started a donation drive a few weeks before he shut down the site. Having known about him for a while I wouldn't doubt him asking for money knowing he's gonna shut down the site later.

No. 343281

It's up now on Shmorky's thread on /cow/ and possibly on ED, but I haven't checked there yet.

No. 343287

Oh god, Null is that Josh faggot? Fuck the loser then.

No. 343290

Well… this is an interesting turn of events

No. 343359


Yeah, Josh/Null/ichverbot/iban has never been the beacon of doing shit in a manner that paints him in a good light. Kiwifarms was his ego box. Made him feel like he was going somewhere with some crusade for "free speech" by documenting people's public lives.

But Josh being Josh fucked it up as usual. Weening and fucking with people's lives(predictably)got out of hand with people trying to out l33t each other. The idea of "Documenting and Laughing" was just a fall back smug excuse when people would literally send animal shit to cows just to watch them freak out.

He was incredibly naive and as autistic as the cows he laughed at for thinking he could proudly stand at the helm of such a place with his face, name and address plastered all over the internet and think someone wouldn't find a way to fuck him over for it eventually. Just a shame he wasn't smart enough to realize his family was just as vulnerable as he was and his arrogance put his family though something they didn't deserve.

I just wish it wasn't Sam who finally did it. Sam's a fucking nutjob.

No. 343362


Very well informed post. People try to paint KF as driving her to suicide but that's simply not the case. That thread was a drop in the bucket of the fucked up things in Julie's life.

In fact KF started to concentrate more on her terrible family and the horrible way Mike treated her. They were probably giving her more attention (even if it was mostly negative) than her own family was. Most rational posters recognized Julie's situation was not entirely her own fault, but the product of her upbringing and environment.

No. 343363


I don't feel any sympathy for Eden. First she taunted KF, telling them to "Come at [her]", which was an extremely bad idea. All while she had public pictures up of her doing morally reprehensible things (committing sexual acts in an environment that a minor very easy could walk into). All while on the clock, in her uniform.

There's a common saying that applies here "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes." Eden acted like a moron and was justly rewarded. That's all it was.

Hopefully she will use it as a learning opportunity to realize things on the internet can follow you into real life, and learn this lesson while she's young and doesn't have a serious career. She's actually lucky she learned this lesson just before KF was shut down, effectively erasing that history of her. Unless it's documented somewhere else that I'm not aware, she could now wipe her internet presence (or at least the less savory aspects) and move on with her life and keep the deviant aspects of it in private.

No. 343364

What's the drama with Shmorky? When I learned of him (in like .. 2003-2005 I think) he was a smutty cartoonist and I was actually following his work, and the last I heard he had hopped the nonbinary tumblr train and stopped drawing porn and gore. I'm interested in hearing what drama I've missed because he used to be such a well-known figure in the early to mid 00's, does anyone have links?

No. 343365


He was actively grooming minors, mentally impaired minors at that, into his diaper/scat fetishes. One of these people came to KF and posted a 90 page skype log of her and shmorky interacting and needless to say it was pretty disgusting. Lots of sexual roleplaying with her as a child and diaper play.

Previous to this he was mentally abusing his schizophrenic girlfriend (a different person from the above), at one point recording one of her psychotic breakdowns and posting it on the internet to make himself look like the victim. He had even called the cops on her once, claiming domestic abuse (keep in mind shmorky is like a foot taller and a quite a bit heavier) and got her put in a psychiatric hold for a month, which she described as the worst time of her life.

He absolutely not did not stop drawing porn. In fact he ramped it up and was drawing porn depicting minors. He had one character he explicitly described as underage (I think it was 10-12) and drew a lot of porn of said character under an alias that was positively linked to him.

Unfortunately most of this drama is erased since a lot of it was posted on kiwifarms. Hopefully the site will be restored with the database back up and people will still get to see it. The stuff here is just what I remember off hand as I didn't follow the shmorky drama closely. I think some of it is documented at Somethingawful (where shmorky was a mod for a time), but I can't see that since I'm not a member. It's also on Somethingsensitive.

No. 343367

Damn. He always came off kinda fucked up but not that bad. I found his thread on /cow/ and read up, I'm kind of shocked that he was this terrible. I thought he was just a dime a dozen pervert who had a thing for lesbians but this is just way more messy.

No. 343368

It was also confirmed he was behind another account called sandypants featuring an otherwise adorable lamb character shitting/pissing itself. He pretended to be a girl on this handle too

No. 343373

So.. does anyone know of other sites that have Chris related things that are as close to organised and from the beginning as it was on KF?
Not the thread on here.

No. 343374


For now cwcki.club is about the best you can do. Keep in mind it's strictly Chris related, which some minor subforums regarding strange art and media, no threads or subforums about other lolcows.

No. 343446

The actual Cwcki is all chris info with the braindead discussion filtered out.

No. 343753

Oh no, looks like Raven will have to make more haul and food videos to make up for the empty space where her lolcow haters videos would be.

No. 343776

At least Logan will be saved from making "My Mombride caught me fapping to porn" vids for the hate watchers.

No. 344223

I never read KF threads, but now I want to see the Shmorky chatlogs. The site linked to the tumblr post is down - Are there any archives?

No. 344287

we're in the process of migrating

No. 344294


I only lurked, never joined, but Jaimas and AnOminous (sp? John Goodman icon) were both great. Dynastia was possibly my favorite shitposter ever.

That Shmorky thread needs to be back online because there were some insane connections being rolled out just as the site got shut down. Hell, the Shmorky thread alone justified the existence of KF.

I also appreciated that they were keeping an eye on Julie Terryberry's fucked up boyfriend. I still think he had something to do with her death that he wasn't talking about. They did do good things there. Getting the word out about Nick Bate was one of them.

I hope someone brings it back. But leave our cows off the site. All the Beauty Parlor threads were ripped off from us.

No. 344367

Just to add a little more detail to Julie Terryberry's suicide:

Not only was she posting self harm photos on Facebook, she was also posting photos of herself after being beaten by Mike. At another time, she made a post saying that she and Mike were about to do something illegal and she was nervous about it, and the only response was a 'dislike' from her mother. Said mother was nice enough to visit for her daughter's birthday, where she happily posed for photos with a man who preyed upon her intellectually disabled and mentally ill daughter. Not only was he beating Julie, but he was the one pushing her into cam work, allegedly for money, but given the pitiful amount of money she made, I'm very certain that he got a huge thrill out of being her pimp. If she were still alive, without a doubt she would be a full service sex worker by now, and she'd never see a single cent of what little money she'd make.

When I read that she had committed suicide I was shocked; I was legit convinced that she'd brutally murdered by an ephebophile who thought her low IQ and mental age sexy. I was even more shocked when her family not only claimed her body, but even gave it a very small but respectful funeral complete with an obituary in the local rag.

There's no doubt that KF would have had some contribution to the mental state that resulted in her suicide, but it was negligible compared to her family cheerfully kicking her out of the family, refusing to even contemplate applying for any form of community care for low income disabled adults, and instead cheerfully fed her to monsters so she would be too occupied with being beaten and prostituted out. The friend of Julie who showed up in her thread just before it was lock said that the first time she met face to face with Mike after they'd swapped details on Fetlife he brought a friend and they raped her, with Mike later convincing her that since she had rape listed as a fetish on her profile, it was a legit consensual encounter on her part. Very citation needed but it was absolutely something that the sick fucker would pull. There were a ton of things that attracted him to her

As I said, doubtless KF contributed to the mental state that led her to commit suicide, but that contribution was tiny compared to what her wonderful boyfriend and loving family did to her. The fact that they actually gave her a funeral is astonishing. I would have put money that they'd just wrap her in a tarp and throw her in the nearest creek

No. 344396


I was shocked too.

I was actually pretty grossed out by the family's obituary. "Our little star, oh how we'll miss you!!" ;_; When they generally couldn't be bothered to give her the time of day.

I am still not convinced she intended to commit suicide. She was working on her camgirl stuff in the days before her suicide and was openly pondering kinky ideas to make it sexier. Given her love of "bdsm" I still think she was trying out autoerotic asphyxiation that went terribly wrong. But I suspect we'll never know.

No. 344399

Dynastia was an edgy coldsteeling idiot with horrible opinions about women. I've seen him say truly disgusting things about plus-sized women like me. I bet he is an incel or worse in real life because nobody would ever want to touch such a toxic malignant prick.

No. 344401

Julie was one of my favorite cows, only because I felt sorry for her and the situation she was in. Her family did not give one fuck about her and I think Julie knew that very well. Her IQ may have been low but she knew. Her last Facebook post was depressing and it was about suicide. No one commented on it much during the day but after she did it, everyone commented on it. It's sick how then her family claimed she was bullied into it. KF gave her more attention than her family did and the more the thread went on the more the focus shifted to her family rather than on Julie.

I hope Julie found peace because the life she lived was really lonely and fucked up. I wish that fake tranny was the one who went, then maybe she would have had a chance.

No. 344411

is there anywhere to read about her suicide or others happenings? her ED is basically empty

No. 344416

File: 1485445805129.png (352.41 KB, 1125x2001, IMG_9737.PNG)

The only place that recorded everything was KF. her Facebook is still up tho.

Here's a post of hers about how her father knew about her abuse but did nothing but laugh it off.

No. 344427

>Plus Sized
Slaton pls go

No. 344492


Eh, I've seen him be super kind to people. In the Jay Geis Golden Knight thread, he's incredibly nice to Jay's girlfriend, who's clearly also autistic and would generally be considered a lolcow. Dyn was actually protective of her.

I don't care either way but to insist that he was so much more than your average shitposter is whatever.

No. 344494


So how many pages did your thread have, then?

No. 344532

His character changed a lot since the GK days IMO

No. 344586

The "x is fat and I would not have sex with them" meme or something else?

No. 344611

It was literally obsessing over the most minute parts of Chris's life. He stopped being funny a long time ago. It's just sad and boring now.

No. 344612


Tumblr plz go

No. 344632


You've got a good point there, but Julie was bipolar as fuck. When someone is as mentally ill as she was, on top of being abused in a variety of ways by a number of different ways, extreme mood swings between the high of mania and the low of crushing depression can happen many times a day. And with each swing she'd be convinced that her current state of mind would be permanent. Also her impulse control was non existent; she was incapable of seeing even a minute or two ahead and would do a lot of shit that even a five year old would see as being an incredibly bad idea.


I've absolutely no doubt that her sick fuck father got off on seeing her be humiliated and abused. He couldn't get away with doing it himself anymore, but watching someone else abuse her was definitely better than nothing.

No. 344760

fuck off Dyn

No. 344777

Which tumblr subforum lolcow were you anon?

No. 344937

Why hasn't anyone just setup a new forum and have everyone join? Fuck Null.

No. 344947

Already two of them, has been for a while
There's also EDF

No. 344949


Possibly, the ones who are able to code a secure site - something that is at least moderately difficult to dox both owners and users - either don't have the money or time to write one, or else have weighed the entertainment value of a new site versus what they could lose if they do get indeed get doxed and have Greta from the trans help line show up on their doorstep one day.

Or else simply don't have the time or money to do it.

No. 344961

Links? EDF and Cwcki club are both shit.

Actually it's pretty simple to setup a secure forum and protect it behind Cloudflare.

No. 344964

I don't give a shit about Null or Dyn (though some of his shitposts were entertaining), but I miss some of the tumblr forum especially. The fakeboi and Sherlock salt threads weren't very old but they were already full of great shit.

No. 345009

autism.cool is in the process of migrating to less shitty software
There's a link on the front page to the temporary URL
I think it's less shit than EDF and cwcki.club, but I'm biased

No. 345139

I googled Kiwi Farms a few days back and something appeared on the first page of the search. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:zB193dd0rV0J:kwifrms.com/+&cd=8&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

This is the address: http://kwifrms.com/

Vut there's nothing there now. What is the origin of this? Does anybody know? Admin seems to be McNotNull.

No. 345141

*But not Vut. What adumb trypo.

Anyway, I forgot to add, when you type the address into google search the results bring up "This is Kiwi Farms, only better. We hope to get the old database next week". The last cache is six days ago. But the site itself brings up a DNS error.

Here is it archived: http://archive.is/kwifrms.com

I saw on Reddit that some people think Vordrak or some other autistic cow made this to lure people in. It definitely did look suspect. Like a bad attempt to look genuine.

No. 345215

I don't think anyone knows what that is. It was up for like a day, then disappeared, no warning and the kiwis don't seem to know anything.

The license for Xenforo costs money IIRC, so who knows.

No. 345419


if you think that could in any way be dyn's writing style you're a fucking mong, drink kiki cum

No. 345447

dyn pls go

No. 345473

File: 1485699260532.png (129.85 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Is Vordrak really there or nah?

No. 345478

Yeah, he's been in there for days now.

No. 345479

One thing you need to learn about Discord is that anyone can be anyone
Vordrak is possibly Vordrak or Vordrak could be "Sally848"
Just like in the Onion thread, they'll be lurking in that too.

No. 345485

No, that's the real Vordrak.

No. 345496

My point is that yes he is there but he, alongside countless others, could have other accounts too
It's not hard to create a Discord account

No. 345565


Don't mods normally check your IP before you get in and aren't cows normally not allowed entrance?

The latter could be wrong on my part…

No. 345568

Nah, Vordrak is prolly only in Discord so that he can suss out anyone dropping Screencaps of his Kiwi pages,then call them pedophiles ( he is a one trick pony with that shit) until the caps are deleted.

Dynastia was an epic shitposter, but when the cards were down he was alright. He was amazing to people who deserved it, and shared his knowledge of drug addiction and withdrawal as was relevant to a thread. AnOminous was pretty well informed in legal matters, and shared their point of view on the legal battles of Green Cards and Spouse Visas. Mina Minkoff also had quite a bit of legal experience too. That is what I really miss. There was a bunch of shitposting, but they had tons of people who could explain the workings of the legal system they had learned or worked thru, and there were others who shared their points on art, the workings of contract law, the way certian laws worked in different states or countries, and other areas. Yeah, we talked a ton of shit, and you had to wade thru pages of "you faggot" or Dynastisa threatening a dick pic barrage, but there was good info on there.

No. 345570


Aw damn, I've could've used their legal expertise in (U.S) Law for my studies! Hopefully KF will be back soon…or not.

No. 345575

The general channel is open to anyone. The lolcow specific channels require verification.

No. 345602

Null throwing a fit that he doesn't call the shots anymore.

No. 345609

he got banned from the lolcow discord shortly after joining and started whining about that too

No. 345610


Why did he got banned (and not Vordrak lol)?

No. 345619

nevermind, he didn't actually get banned. a discord mod made fun of him or something and he immediately ragequit.

No. 345639

I hope you will take your studies more seriously than that. It was Kiwifarms ffs.

No. 345643


True, but gaining knowledge from a lolcow-based site wouldn't hurt either.

As for my studies, don't worry; I am.

No. 345679

Null showing how on the spectrum he is. His obsession with OwO is pretty creepy, isn't she underage too?

Also, does anyone know what SA post they're talking about by OwO?

No. 345682


Was that picture of Dyn in the Jay Geis GK thread real? The one of him with that very pretty dog? If so, I thought he was cute.

No. 345693

go home dyn nobody cares

No. 345747


It's this cringy piece of shit.

OwO was the most worthless furry on the site.

No. 345757

Those last few paragraphs are gut-wrenchingly embarrassing. Holy shit.

No. 345758


Null must be thirsty as a man dying in the Sahara if he wants to stick his dick in that.

No. 345767


Please shut the fuck up. It's a real fucking question, my god. Here, I'll even help you out with the greentext so you don't have to bother.

>dyn plz go no1curr

No. 345773

stop whiteknighting dynastia you thirsty skank he's literal garbage

No. 345774


Dyn isn't literal garbage. Is this the fatty from upthread who was btfo by him? Sorry for your pain, but if anyone else can answer the question "was the photo of Dyn a real photo" it would be appreciated.

If you can't, I'll just be sitting here and marveling at the amount of rage.

No. 345775

go home Dyn

No. 345777

Sod off, dynastia is a useless try-hard and the embodiment of everything that was wrong with KWF's creepy, sycophantic social climate. If you non-ironically think that he isn't literal garbage then you're either him or some mong who bought into null's weird ass "inner circle" cult.

No. 345778

This is so bad. I can't even finish it. The Null dick sucking and the unwarranted self importance are so embarassing. No wonder he's so up her ass. I bet when she got banned from the chat she went crying to him and he came to white knight the fuck out of her.

No. 345781

File: 1485806543643.jpg (571.47 KB, 1320x2200, 4oXkL89.jpg)

lmao, for any of you thirsting after DyNASTYa's cock, this is what the owner looks like.

No. 345790

Definitely. She was doing all kinds of other backchannel shittiness too to get mods to do her bidding.

No. 345796

File: 1485808422174.png (242.06 KB, 1376x1004, 02.28.24.png)


it's worth noting that all this was posted in the mod channel

also one of the reasons OwO had been banned is that she brings drama everywhere she goes
and within hours of being re-admitted on discord she: had a mjor slapfight with another user, bragged about getting soemone banned and started bugging the mods to get them to run the place the way she wants to

but y'know, she's null's waifu so it's alright

pic realted, more null salt

(sage bc blogposting)

No. 345798

How dare u compare /u/cerkies5lyf to that impotent loser

No. 345803


Surprised nobody has doxed this idiot yet.

No. 345814

It sounds like she has protection from both KWF's usual troll-shielding nature and the fact that she's a Girl on the Internet doing hardcore badass things with the boys, tee hee!. As much as most people in those communities will refuse to admit it, it's really common in troll groups for completely toxic, useless, attention-seeking women to weasel their way into the upper echelons of those groups by virtue of being female, flirtatious, and attaching themselves to a particular sex-starved higher-up. Usually these types of people end up getting doxed and/or ruined in some way, but it takes much, much longer than it usually would, and they usually just end up returning on the back of other desperate men or attaching themselves to a different social circle because there's no shortage of desperate men in that subculture. That's not to say that most women in the subculture are like that by any means, but it does attract attention-seeking women for various reasons, and they take a long ass time to get rid of.

No. 345816

Well I hope nobody feels any particular need to continue shielding this idiot who is only attached to the ex-admin of a now-dead forum.

No. 345834

Probably depends on how genuinely attached these people were to Null. It'll be interesting to see whether they maintain some level of devotion to him, or whether it was all an act to gain status and popularity on KWF (lol). However, if he's still participating in the community and has some form of power, people are still going to respect his authority even if they are just doing so for status. At least for a while until some infighting crumbles the group hierarchy and/or somebody creates a replacement forum.

No. 345856


Well people were grateful to Null for hosting and running the place. Whether the majority of posters are attached to him as a person is a diffrent matter, because he can be immature and impulsive and has a knack for alienating people.
And there's definitely some resentment against him for basically pulling the plug on KF all of a sudden. He's not as popular as he once was. There's more outspoken criticism of his actions.

When it comes down to it, most Kiwis were more attched to the forum than to Null himself.

I'd say a lot of KF people still respect him for now, though it's definitely not a universal sentiment .
But if he keeps acting like such an ass whiteknighting a poster no one likes (and really, everyone hates OwO), he might find this support shrinking pretty fast.

No. 345861

Dynastia was on EDF talking about KF being resurrected and being run by an untraceable, unknown groupnof admins. This was several days ago and nothing has happened, he was making it sound like it was going to happen very quickly, but then just kind of stopped talking about it. Also, there were talks of null running off to China or something? I don't think anybody knows what the fuck is going on, null included.

No. 345882


When Null got ass-raped by incessant reports of his activities to the authorities, no matter how utterly nonsensical, here in the U.S., imagine how the chinks would deal with it.

Especially considering that they'd all register accounts on the new forums and relentlessly insult the Chinese government just to fuck with him.

That shit just isn't happening.

No. 345883

he'd have to leave his mother's (literal) basement, so no.

No. 345904

No one liked Null, but a lot of the mods there were good people. Like, shockingly good people. Jaimas and AnOminous were already mentioned, but there were a lot of other mods and shitposters alike who I loved just because they were cool bros. Vitriol was a-okay.

Sort of enjoying this Dyn hate. If he came for you, then I get it. If your interaction with him was under different circumstances, then he was fine and even friendly, so to all the samefags flipping their shit here, I'm sorry that he wrecked you.

To the poster asking about the photo in the Golden Knight thread, if you're talking about the photo of a long haired guy with the dog in a garden or something then yes, I think that was him. Dyn posted that in response to Jay's girlfriend in an effort to bring her out of her shell. KF treated her pretty well and she ended up sticking around. All in the interests of getting milk, but still.

The one mod I was iffy about was Meowthkip/Cat Bountry. She was never a douche to me personally but she seemed to have cow tendencies herself. Don't know. Just a hunch.

Null has always been a creeper. All those things he would say to Stocking back in the day…yeah. He also read all the PM's on the site because Great Leader was paranoid.

I'm still pissed that the Shmorky thread is gone. That was great e-detective work going on and fuck if it wasn't scaring the shit out of that yarn-headed, child grooming abusive shit.

I miss the place. I don't miss Null. At all.

sage for reminiscing.

No. 345908


kiwis liked the farms. i don't know any kiwis who'd say that they thought null was the shit.

not one.

No. 345910


Did Stocking = OwO?

No. 345913

File: 1485834886797.png (87.43 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Dynastia is also there. Hmm, I wonder what they doing on discord…?

probably trolling

No. 345926

Yep, I completely agree.
The hostile way Null acted towards the mods always rubbed me the wrong way.
I might be remembering wrong but I believe he threatened to kick a pretty chill mod (might have been AnOminous?)out for making a joke about Trump in the pizza gate thread, then the mod retired.
Also yes, Meowthkip is a piece of shit and uses tumblr a lot despite spending all her time on the tumblr subforum bitching about them.
She emotionally abused and harassed a minor that she met on tumblr as well.

I feel like kiwifarms was a lot more tolerable back in the days where they mainly talked about chris and ADF, it really went to shit in recent years and I'm honestly kind of glad that it's been put out of it's misery.

No. 345932

IIRC Meowth bought a Chris-Chan medallion awhile back and posted a video of it to the farms. A little while later I was shocked to see that she became a mod because she looked and seemed like complete Tumblr fodder. John Goodman otherkin Pokemon ERP lesbian vibes. Pretty sure she was a bad weekend away from her own thread.

No. 345934

In one of the many political threads, Null would constantly make "jokes" aimed at AnOnimous because of their conflicting political views. I guess the guy just prefered to not have to deal with his BS after a while.

No. 345936

File: 1485843503445.jpg (24.22 KB, 412x406, policed.jpg)

where can i get ahuviha updates?

No. 345947



While I hate to make a special appearance just to defend Null, because it seems white-knighty, I was not a victim in that whole affair.


No. 345948

Whatever, it's probably my fault, my name is not important.

I was already at odds with him to some degree over political moderation, and while I had no problem at all banning "fellow" leftists who insisted on shitting up threads, I was pretty much intent on shitting up threads myself.

He challenged me while I was quite deliberately shitting up a thread and, to some extent realizing my own hypocrisy, I just said fuck this and resigned.

While it was nearly a definitive ragequit, I don't really see a better alternative I could have taken. What? I should have hypocritically kept up modding there even though I disagreed with the guy who owned the site and then undermined him? I'm not an SA mod type. I didn't seek the mod position and only took it because I was asked to.

Also, seriously, Null making fun of me in various threads, do you really think I give a shit about that? We ALL made fun of each other constantly there. I was okay with that.

Anyway, I resigned my mod position because I wasn't going to be some fucking jackoff having a position of some perceived authority on a site while deliberately undermining a guy I actually STILL respect.

Laugh at that all you like.

Also I liked Meowthkip, tumblrina or not. Lol calm down

No. 345950

>No one liked Null, but a lot of the mods there were good people. Like, shockingly good people.

The only reason that they were "shockingly good people" is because you had an incredibly poor impression of what they would be like to begin with. It shouldn't be shocking that many of the mods have basic human decency. It leads me to believe that you don't have an understanding of how these types of communities work beyond your limited experience in KWF if you think that it's a shock that there are some nice people there. People with kindness, trustworthiness, empathy, and social graces tend to climb the ranks in communities like KWF because social graces are rare and valuable and make people stand apart from the nameless hordes of edgelords that tend to make up the bulk of the subculture. Not sure why you would make this statement as if it weren't a given to anybody who's had any modicum of experience in these types of communities.

>If he came for you, then I get it.

He acts like a 13yo /b/tard circa 2007, and it's fucking embarrassing to read him '''''''come for people''''''. His language is reminiscent of those tee-shirts with dogs giving badass one-liners that elderly vets and bikers used to wear in the 90's before they all died off. Yeah sorry spewing self-important 'lol kill urself' 'well maybe ill make a lolcow thread for u then ull see whos crying' 'ha ha another one whose cutting themselfs because of me im the BIG DOG' etc type shit isn't "wrecking" anybody. It's sad and embarrassing. It's a relic of a time long-past. It's try-hardery at its finest. Sorry. You sound like you're very young and additionally like a sycophant who's bought too much into the KWF social structure.

No. 345952


Any time I read Dynastia hate like this, I laugh, because he obviously bugged the fuck out of you even though had you just not given a shit about his flak, you'd have been okay.

I was a mod on that site, and do you realize how much sheer utter shitshow got directed your way by that guy if you were a mod on that site?

Dynastia was a shining personal example of how the government (on any site) should be afraid of the people, rather than the other way around.

He is literally the king of douchebags and I wish him success on any future forum he torments.

No. 345953


I forgot to mention I wish him good luck on finding another forum where the admin literally sucks his cock every day.


No. 345958

"no one liked null" may may

Sorry. We mostly did.

Even though he's arguably an incredible asshole in a million different ways, we really did love this motherfucker.

It actually does upset us that not only is the forum we loved in a state of chaos, and is unlikely ever to return in its previous state, but Josh was kind of our man. We miss him. At least, I do.

No. 345959

"no one liked null" may may

Sorry. We mostly did.

Even though he's arguably an incredible asshole in a million different ways, we really did love this motherfucker.

It actually does upset us that not only is the forum we loved in a state of chaos, and is unlikely ever to return in its previous state, but Josh was kind of our man. We miss him. At least, I do.>>345958

Imagine Josh getting rounded up at the very camps he supported.

No. 345961


try harder dynastia, it's going to take a lot of effort to convince non-KWFers that repeating 'kill urself im the big boss here lol i made u cut urself ha ha ur cutting urself lol cut urself dont mess with me ur the 420th person i make cut themselfs!' ad nauseum is anything but annoying.

No. 345962

File: 1485854445311.jpg (67.56 KB, 558x344, 1444626202845.jpg)

>im the big boss here lol i made u cut urself

No. 345963

Wait, he made you cut yourself???

No. 345965


I know who this is, and you were always cool with me. You're being pretty harsh with yourself to say that YOU were the one shitting things up in that thread, IMO. I like you and it was hypocritical as fuck for certain members to get pissed at you for what they saw as shitposting.

As for Meowth, eh. It doesn't matter anyhow. I didn't loathe her, just as in life, some people rub you wrong and she was it for me.

Hope you're well and hope to see you around again somewhere soon.

No. 345967


My god. You are a joke. No one is saying Dyn was a saint but you are sperging all up and down this bitch, take it easy.

You know what they say about hatred being the flip side of another emotion, right?

Keep on frothing bb. In closing:


No. 345977

>Even though he's arguably an incredible asshole in a million different ways, we really did love this motherfucker.
>incredible asshole

This is the twee shit that made kiwifarms full of cancer, fuck off with your 'we love null' he's a big boy and he can fight his own battles.

Dynastia's alright, it's Kiwi seriousposters that made their forums dull and sperging like this made it insufferable.

No. 345994

Only a handful of people gave a shit about Null. And of those handful, only a few of them actually knew him. Maybe 10 or 15 at the most. The rest were all "Notice Me Sempai"

The majority of people there wouldn't give two shits where the forum popped up, so long as they could all shitpost to facebook updates of retards on the internet again and have ratings to get asspats with.

Legitimately there was some damn fine information and entertainment on there. THAT'S what the majority of people miss. Not Null.

They were only grateful because the site existed. Not because of anything Null specifically did. He is a hard person to get along with. He's arrogant, naive about how the real world works, and has a massive insecurity issue. This bullshit with OwO is a perfect example. He'd rather piss on the few remaining people that are closely supporting him than realize maybe he shouldn't try to stick his dick in a crazy sperg who by all right should have had a thread themselves.

The only thing he has going for him is a massive archive of crazy people on the internet in a database that lots of people think would be a crying shame to lose and he knows it. He's trying to leverage that.

Do you think anyone from there could organize a shadow group and keep it running? They can't even keep a fucking discord server together without drama and butthurt, let alone a hydra admin Illuminati. Rumors and bullshit would tear that apart in a week. Probably already has.

You only liked him because he gave you a place to do something you felt empowered doing. EG: Saying mean things freely without fear of real repercussions in a community of other people saying nearly the same things.

I did it too. But I didn't suck Null's dick for it and steered clear of him entirely. The whole place was a train wreck waiting to happen and it did. Whatever he does next will be on the same path because he's incapable of listening to reason when it doesn't line up with his mental image.

But I'll be there to watch it all again 'cause shit like this don't come around too often.

No. 346000

Seriously, someone just fucking remake the site, add all the old staff members except Null and start again. It's easy to setup. I could do it. But the former admins/mods would need to get on board. Don't let Null hold the site hostage. Fuck him and move on.

No. 346002

It's probably because no one wants to be the next guy to get his family involved on their autistical escapades as the owner of a forum like KF.

Personally, I just want that "archived database" because of all the threads I missed on reading. Fuck Null for keeping it for himself.

No. 346007

Don't hold you breath.

Null has pulled similar stunts before where he holds info over people's heads so they'll suck him off. He recorded a few phonecalls made to moleman, then kept telling /cow/ about how he wasn't going to release them and doing his usual "umad umad" bit, which backfired when somebody found them sitting in a public dropbox somewhere.

No. 346011

You can keep the site behind Cloudflare and whois protection. I can setup a new forum and let the former staff run it. I don't even want to be involved with it. But apparently everyone wants to wait for Null to bring it back. Fuck him.

No. 346012

Except cloudfare and whois protection costs money. It's not just being able to do it, I would have done it myself by now if it was free. And just when everyone got done donating to KF servers!

No. 346013

I'm not really being harsh with myself, just accurate. It's not like I'm apologizing or anything. I'm totally okay with the fact that I was deliberately shitposting in a shit thread in an attempt to kill it. I wish I had actually succeeded.

I'm just saying doing that was incompatible with being a mod there and that's why I resigned. It wasn't some kind of persecution from a tyrannical Null or some shit.

No. 346015

>le edgy i hate everyone and have no human emotions

Lol it's actually this shit that's embarrassing.

No. 346017

Cloudflare is $20/month and whois protection is free. I have a spare server and money to pay for it so money isn't an issue.

No. 346020

The bargain basement Clownflare costs that. Once they actually have to devote significant resources to your site, the rates go up, proportionally to how much of your bandwidth they have to eat to cope with your DDoS situation.

No. 346022

As far a dick sucking goes, Null recognized that uncontrolled dick sucking is toxic to forum-style websites and he took some good measures to negate it, which as a user I appreciated. Of course dick sucking still happened to an extent, because ass-kissing and sucking up to those in power is human nature and totally stamping it out is extremely hard. Null himself is also human, some would argue a shitty human, and he didn't always uphold his own lofty ideals. Despite this, for the majority of the time- when he wasn't slipping back into inceldom and attack girls he perceived as weaker than him, lusting after OwO, or letting his own personal beliefs cloud his head- he at least tried, and encouraged the community to try, and actually didn't do a bad job.

No. 346027

nah he pretty much let thirst and personal grudges influence a lot of his decisions
not gonna go into detail but let's just say he took shit very personally even when he told everyone else not to

and OwO has him wrapped around her little finger rn

if there's ever a new KF, they would be better off without him in charge, but he's got plenty of buttkissers left so that probably won't happen

No. 346029


>not gonna go into detail

You really should, because as is you're not really giving me a reason to revise my own position.

No. 346034

Null is a petulant manchild who never practices what he preaches. Owo will be his Waterloo.

No. 346040

OwO thread when? What's known about her?

No. 346048


Furry. Loli. Utterly useless imbecile. For more you'd have to get someone in the inner circle to purge themselves of their sins.

No. 346050

Same, I was really enjoying both of those threads, the fakeboi one especially

No. 346055

Kiwi farms was kind of a "love me or fuck off, m8" kind of site. But the whole Null thing was it'something biggest weakness. It depended on anonymous posting, and the fact that several people were known (Meowthkip/Catbountry, Null, OwO, etc) kind of blew up in Nulls face. The fact that it
asked as long as it did kind of was amazing to me. Null not stepping down and allowing the user base to "NOTICE ME!!!" All over Twitter and Gab? Made it so easy to wreck his life and get the site taken down.

Dynastia was epic, and he gave everyone shit. Hell, he even came for me for a bit, but I deserved it, took it on the chin, and he moved onto another target. Nifty you got all butthurt, he attacked even harder.

I miss all the info the site had, like the Translifeline Scam shit. That was amazing, as was the developing Schmorky thread. If Vordrak had stayed silent after a few months his thread would have disappeared. But he got seriously buttmad and that made him a huge target.

I know most of us Kiwi's have perforce moved to EDF or here and 8chan, but NOTHING will replace the hive of shit posting that was Kiwi Farms.

No. 346056

Dynastia was the best worthless shithead who ever lived. Getting assblasted at his existence was a very, very good moron detector.

My favorite thing I ever did as mod was Null created this ridiculous "You Are Not Dynastia" warning, in an attempt to stop people from trying to be Dynastia.

I gave it to Dynastia.

No. 346068


What kind of bottom of the barrel underage furry attention whore do you have to be to find a dying dysfunctional website as old as you are and decide "Hmmm, yes, I will farm my asspats here and when the crop fails this is the hill I will die upon" ?


Why did you find it ridiculous and what would you have done differently? I'm genuinely curious about the pros and cons of that approach.

No. 346073

She's not underage, she's like 30 but just acts like a 14 year old.
She has some kind of IT job and claims to be a computer wizard, but in actuality she knows very little. What she really does with her work time is reformat old peoples PC's while having snake roleplay phone sex with her boyfriend.
She lives in a "furry commune" with 5+ other furries. She does art commissions and body paint because her fursona is a cheetah, and claims that being doxed would ruin her standing in the furry community.
She claims to be 5'10 and skinny.

No. 346092

DNS records might still be propagating

No. 346099

Je suis de mon coeur le vampire,
— Un de ces grands abandonnés
Au rire éternel condamnés
Et qui ne peuvent plus sourire!

Unless you understand this, you will never understand anything at all.

No. 346112

File: 1485902796017.png (231.74 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_2017-01-31_11.42.12…)

if null keeps acting like he did in the lolcow discord today, i don't think kiwis will support him much longer

that was a staggeringly embarassing display
and of course OwO kept encouraging him

btw OwO has tarted speaking on null's behalf increasingly often
this won't end well

No. 346113

Your website still sucks, Obamatron.

No. 346117

Jesus christ, I like Null but that's fucking embarrassing.

No. 346120

No. 346182

What's her name? Does she go by any other online handles because she sounds familiar in another community.

No. 346195

feel free to revive the fakeboi thread here >>>/snow/45564, it has died of late.

No. 346214

that cunt needs doxed

No. 346216

Quoted twice because wtf.

The utter cult-like faggotry going on here astounds and amazes me and is why I bowed out of participating in this fucking Guyana punchline a couple days after it came into existence.

Do you people even know what it looks like to normies or even not-normies who just look at random snippets of how crazy you're acting?

No. 346218

The only faggot I've seen stupid and desperate enough to white knight owo is Null.

She said she's 28 and lives in Wisconsin. She claims to draw furry porn for a living and was too scared to post her art because she's lose all her customers if they knew she was a cyberbully.

No. 346222

Nobody draws furry porn for a living and leaves no records.

No. 346242

>hate really equals love and ur mad lulz

thanks for showcasing the quality of discourse on KWF for everyone that missed it. :)

No. 346261

She lives in Milwaukee and her first name is Michelle.

No. 346262



No. 346321

>Also yes, Meowthkip is a piece of shit and uses tumblr a lot despite spending all her time on the tumblr subforum bitching about them.
She emotionally abused and harassed a minor that she met on tumblr as well.

Wow, how dare meowthkip use tumblr and kiwifarms at same time!!! wow shame on her really!! Fucking grosssssss/s

Rly tho, many of us came there from Tumblr, we liked idea of having space to mock Tumblr retards, your whole point is invalid.

Also fuck off with that ''hurr durr she harrassed a minor'' rumor.

No. 346323

Look around at all the people in this thread namedropping and low-key bragging about having super duper special positions in their autism support group- they're so wrapped up in this shit that they actually think that it's cool. They have absolutely no idea what they look like to everyone else. lol!

No. 346324

Nothing wrong with using both tumblr and kiwifarms, she was just hypocritical as fuck about it. But hi catbountry, you been talking to any more minors lately? Are you upset that you don't have somewhere to circlejerk anymore?

No. 346349

it's pretty pathetic

No. 346350


show me on the doll where the bad tumblrina touched you.

No. 346368


Totally agree

Non-farmers who come here to jerk off Null and other Kiwis need to be banned tbh

No. 346392

wait is Null actually a cuck?

No. 346394

No. 346428

no surprises, he did sound like a beta before

No. 346442

Null needs to get laid tbh

No. 346446

That would require someone who wants to sleep with him tho.

No. 346453

So are you actually suggesting that furry should suck his dick?

No. 346567


…nah. Too easy.

No. 346570

What did everyone think about CatParty though?

No. 346571

How do I take my name off publicly visible here?

No. 346572

Maybe he can try the Chris approach ie. his mother.

No. 346573

don't enter a name in the first place… or an email either. try getting a feel for the place before you start posting?

No. 346574

no really how do you take your name off these things

No. 346579

He's a meme stealing faggot who looks like moby.

No. 346580

frig off caylen

No. 346625


Smutley was the superior cat-themed furry who had far more utility, as Null would say

No. 346635

He was an absolute nigger.

No. 346650

He actually said that about OwO, when "futility" was a much better and more appropriate word.

No. 346660

I bet you're a seven foot tall tranny who somehow has an eight inch dick and a yeast infection at the same time.

No. 346669

File: 1486068079939.gif (1.38 MB, 421x231, lames may laughing.gif)

No. 346671

I'm not sure we aren't being trolled

No. 346712

it reads like a creepy pasta

No. 346722

The person posting /cow/ thread is making accusations that the New South Wales PD is in league with kiddie fiddlers. I think it goes without saying that waiting for less schizo verification wouldn't be a bad idea.

(also some people in the thread keep calling the nutcase Luke but I don't pay attention to most schizo cows unless they do something like this. Could someone better informed tell me which cow this is?)

No. 346737

what's the backstory on dynastia?

No. 346744

Lol I'd like more confirmation than extreme autism.

No. 346758

Lol I dunno he's just this guy who breaks into your house and rapes you.

No. 346769

wouldn't be surprised if the dox were legit, even if the pedo shit is ridiculous. It's only a matter of time before they do surface.


He's just some attention whore from KWF whose claim to fame is spamming the forum (and other drama communities online- he seems to scan the internet obsessively for any mention of the farms because he appears within like minutes) with edgy 'kill urself' type comments alternating with smug self-fellation over how badass he is 'cause he tells people to kill themselves. Somehow he's managed to amass some sort of following of kids who are too young to know that his shtick consists of what you'd see on /b/ circa 2007, though they could also just be defending him because he's donated enough money and asskissery to Null to be a fundamental part of the "inner circle", which means that kissing his ass is an avenue into the "inner circle".

Honestly, there's nothing really remarkable about him aside from his extreme visibility because he spends day in and day out shitposting, a thirst for attention that surpasses that of most camwhores, and the fact that people inexplicably seem to like him despite his crippling autism.

No. 346823


If this twit is Australian, the bastard is too fucking stupid to realise that he needs to switch his spell check from American English to Australian English. If he isn't Australian, why the hell is he up in arms about the NSW coppers? If there is a legit investigation into some paedophile shit that is linked to some overseas, then the feds would be covering it, not the state.

This bloke is coming off as being so, like, totally, like, a murikun who's, like, totally pretending to be Aussie by, like, putting 'mate' and 'cunt' into every sentence because, like, that's totally how they speak all the time, like, OMG!!1!!!

No seriously, this bloke is a master hacker who can't figure out how to change his spell checker and writes like every clichéd ocker comedy ever written into one dire ball of misery. He's not using much by way of any punctuation according to any grammar structure of any form of English, but every single word is spelt in the American way every single time. If he genuinely mixes up the two forms, there's going to be discrepancies; he'd spell the same word differently often, and random words will be in the correct Australian spelling all the time.

I'm not being a grammar nazi. This poster is trying to write in Australian dialect, but is using language that's on par with every American yokel parody that makes it across the pond, and has a grudge against the state coppers when he should be whining about the federal police. He's obsessed with paedophiles but can't even spell the word right. He's going the uncooked crustation. He's not an Aussie.

No. 346873


no1currs lol

No. 346906

nice autism

No. 346919

please stop being retarded, he has talked on mic before and has an accent.

No. 346968

It's quite possible that he spells like an American because he has a lot of American friends/spends a lot of time interacting with Americans.

No. 346995

lol dynastia obviously isn't australian

No. 347064

i've never lived in the UK but picked up weird UK spelling quirks from having a lot of friends there. i think you're right, especially if he's been on mic

No. 347258


Looks like Dynastia's dox are legit and that the guy posting pedo conspiracy shit was either trying to derail the thread or is just a schizo.

It'll be interesting to see what the fall-out is from this. Dynastia's made a lot of enemies. A lot more than he should have if he were smart.

No. 347323


Now all we need is likeicare's dox and the triad will be complete

No. 347366

File: 1486270631252.png (116.73 KB, 1585x646, edf.png)

from EDF

shit is getting spicy

No. 347383

File: 1486276602219.png (173.74 KB, 1414x480, 14.31.01.png)

meanwhile, null is still mad that people don't like his new furry waifu

(valiant being a longtime kf mod)

No. 347386

Sniff dirty panties null.

No. 347388

File: 1486279821983.png (111.04 KB, 1580x410, edf.png)

Wow, it really didn't take long for everything to devolve into in-fighting. Guess Null's ability to enforce mandatory dick-riding was the only thing holding everyone together.

Here's the start of Dynastia denying everything on EDF before ragequitting, bonus toughguying from URNotReallyAlive, who doesn't seem to realize where they are: https://forum.encyclopediadramatica.se/threads/kiwi-farms-thread.22703/page-196

No. 347412

Shouldn't Null be in China by now?

No. 347504

Anyone seen the new front page for KF? It's just the logo with the text "The line, held" with loud rap music playing (I muted it immediately, idk what it is).

No. 347509

Sounded a bit like the US anthem in the background of the song before I closed it

No. 347516

I really enjoyed the site but this kind of Null/OwO/Dyn drama is such a fucking turnoff.

I have no idea how the rest of the kiwi contingent feels but to me this shit is just really stupid and annoying and I wish they'd go away. We want to laugh at random speds, not be run by by them.

No. 347519

File: 1486325922017.png (188.64 KB, 750x1021, IMG_2138.PNG)

Heh. Dyn is trying to shrug this off and failing.

No. 347521

File: 1486326624871.png (212.62 KB, 1679x841, edf.png)

Total bullshit. How he acts on the EDF thread says it all. He'd better hope that the people after him don't know how to do as much damage to him as they could.

No. 347524

Best James can do is to clean up his act and leave the internet. We all knew Dynastia doxxing so many people would be his down fall.

No. 347528


He should just take the L to the chest and go home

No. 347534

File: 1486332339123.png (26.39 KB, 413x261, edf.png)

>Best James can do is to clean up his act and leave the internet.

The fact that he hasn't already left and is trying to pass this off as fake when it clearly isn't indicates just how vitally important KF is to him. He's willing to bring more attention to himself and thus information that could destroy his real life to keep the internet asspats flowing. I don't think he can clean up his act; the validation he gets from acting like a tough guy online is probably all he has. Wouldn't be surprised if he only quits if the irl repercussions become incredibly bad or if KF completely turns against him.

>We all knew Dynastia doxxing so many people would be his down fall.

Yeah, saw it from a mile away. Of all the people I've known who act like him, only one has managed to keep their identity hidden, and the only ones who remain do so because there's nothing in their lives that can be influenced by dox (because they have nothing). People like Dynastia have a deadly combination of antagonism and hubris; they get off on making people angry while failing to adequately cover their tracks because they overestimate their own competence.

They also seem to have an overestimation of how loyal people are to them and think that they aren't in danger of being double-crossed or challenged by someone close to them despite having no loyalty themselves and no trouble eating their own for fun, as can be illustrated by this screenshot.

Can't tell if it's funnier that Dyn got doxed by a literal paranoid schizophrenic or that he's being devoured by KFers in the same way he delighted in.

No. 347557


No, Dyndyn should double down. Doesn't Vordy have a mom and sister?

No. 347854


Getting back to Cat Bountry aka Meowthkip, why did Kiwis allow her to trollshield by giving her a forum to mod? She was just as bad as if not worse than many on the site

The fact that she of all people was allowed to hide behind other shitfucks like Vade was disheartening.

No. 347858


You're a mong if you think CatParty doesn't know how to use (shit up) a site.


Still so assblasted over Dyn. My god, you must have no friends at all. How much does it bother you that people genuinely like him? You must be boring as hell. Smell like wet newspaper by any chance?

No. 347870

She brought in more users

No. 347885

>why did Kiwis allow her to trollshield by giving her a forum to mod?

What was wrong with Meowthkip in particular?

Though is it really that surprising? The entire place was Troll Shielding: The Website.

>Bawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww why are people are saying mean things about a lolcow on a lolcow discussion website?? Why can't they say nice things instead? :'(

No. 347886

File: 1486357300601.png (211.82 KB, 329x401, ancestor.png)

No wonder Null had bunch of asslickers with people like you because half the Kiwi posters were either underage or cows themselves.

Being an internet edgelord stopped being cool in the eyes of people in 2008, I guess it must still be impressive to people like you who were posting on Club Penguin forums or some shit just 2 years ago. Besides shouldn't you be happier now that there is a bigger epik haxor doxxer in town even more pro at googling people? Go worship him.

Not even the poster you replied to but fucking circlejerkers like you ruin too many fucking communities.

No. 347894


I don't want to lose our shed princess Julay content. Such good memories.

No. 347900

I'm curious, too. What did Meowthkip do that is so bad or upsetting? I know a lot of the Tumblr transtrender otherkins said Cat Bountry is literal trash and a rapist but they call people who accidentally refer to them using gender-specific pronouns garbage fires and consider rape that time when their girlfriend orgasmed first so I brushed it off as melodramatics.

KF was just another site where people mocked people, not dissimilar from lolcow. The only people who were troll shielding were the ones with concrete anonymous identities they used across the Internet and hoped that bashing the right pets would make them haram. The rest of us just wanted to rubberneck at weirdos while hoping buttholes like Greta Martela would finally get their comeuppance. The site's main problems were Dynastia and the tubby pedophile who owned KF.

Null, in many ways, is a cancer. To his family, his friends, his websites. I'm sure there are massive character issues with anyone willing to openly hitch their wagon to KF's star but if new owners can remain anonymous maybe it will work better in future versions.

No. 347902

No. 347914

File: 1486367123746.jpg (36.59 KB, 637x289, catbountry.jpg)

I found this on tumblr. Something about telling a kid that their parents weren't being abusive and the kid wasn't really suicidal. I don't know much about this Meowthkip person as I only lurked on KF and never registered. Although so many tumblr teens act like mom asking them to clean their room or take out the trash is child abuse. Plus so many of them claim to be mentally ill and suicidal that you can never tell who is actually having problems. So much "literally crying right now" and earthquake typing goes on on tumblr.

Anyway, Null should just forget about KF and try living in the adult world. After what happened to his family this should be a wakeup call to him that being a dysfunctional internet autist has consequences and they can affect other people around you. I liked reading the threads at KF. And if it wasn't for that site I never would have known all that stuff about Yanderedev. It even jogged my memory about seeing him whining on Gaia. But if KF comes back I agree that whoever runs it should remain anonymous and not get themselves embroiled in drama. It just isn't worth it. Who's basement is Null gonna live in if mommy turns on him?

No. 347928

Schizophrenia is a hell of a drug

No. 347990

File: 1486390677522.png (154.49 KB, 1366x728, nRNeDrJ.png)

No. 348001

Shopped? If it's owo's account then shouldn't the reply field be @josh, not @owo?
Ignoring the fact that the general text and phrasing is ridiculously hilarious of course. So much so that I almost hope it's real.

No. 348005

yeah it should say @josh, just checked on mine

No. 348008

I was gonna say, there's no way they'd actually post this. People are shit stirring.

No. 348034

Let me tell y'all about Luke McKee, gather round children because this guy is worth a thread of his own here quite possibly. Just say "Aye" if you vote that I should make it.

Luke McKee (also known by online handles VGB-OPSEC, HomoCopVictim, and more commonly Hojuruku) is an Australian currently living in Korea because he's considered a fugitive in his native land and will be arrested for violating Criminal Code 60C, which (in a nutshell) means that he violated the privacy and obtained personal information about a cop.

-(http://archive.is/T6Faa)archive of his KF thread
-(http://8ch.net/cow/res/250346.html) thread on him on /cow/ was made after he sperged up their thread about Dynastia
-(http://pastebin.com/RVM4YBLN) is a log of him talking on Skype to Kiwis, convinced that they got him banned from /cow/, when the two sites are unrelated. And also believes the Kiwis to be pedophile jews working for a man he's been stalking for years called Gary Burns.
-(http://archive.is/tq3HM) archive of him appearing on voat's Pizzagate forum, ranting about his senpai John Sunol (who's also a lolcow himself) getting arrested in Australia.

TL;DR version: an actual legit insane person who believes in Gangstalking, Pizzagate, and gay pedophile trolls out to arrest him because they run the police force.

No. 348037

idk, unless you have some more info, he seems like a run-of-the-mill schizo. plus it might not be a good idea to summon him here so he starts shitting up the board.

No. 348038


How does he manage to support himself in Korea no less as a retarded schizo?

No. 348039

Oh right yeah, I left out the kicker. The reason he was holed up in the SK now is because he was actually there two meet with two underaged girls who actually turned out to be catfishers fucking with him.

No. 348041


in that case, go for it!

No. 348211

>arrested under Criminal Code 60c

So he was congregating with an outlaw motorcycle gang in a public place and attempting to recruit more followers or something?

No. 348218

File: 1486422127322.png (159.28 KB, 245x300, Brynjolf-thieves-guild-3406173…)

No. 348336

Probably as an English tutor. Practically any drooling spastic who can string two words together can do that.

No. 349069

I might have typed it wrong, but the law he broke was one where he illegally obtained personal information about police officers.

No. 349083

I don't think that is an actual offence in Australia, police and public servants don't have any different protection under the law that other citizens have (at least in my state). If he was charged with offences relating to a police officer it could be resisting arrest, failure to comply or move on or threatening an officer. I think he may be telling people shit to look more hardcore than he is.

No. 349096

The thread on 8chan said this was the specific law he broke:

Obtaining of personal information about law enforcement officers

60C Obtaining of personal information about law enforcement officers

A person who obtains personal information about a law enforcement officer, with the intention of using or permitting the use of the information for the purpose of assaulting, stalking, harassing, intimidating, or otherwise harming, the officer:

(a) as a consequence of, or in retaliation for, actions undertaken by the law enforcement officer in the execution of the officer’s duty, or

(b) because the officer is a law enforcement officer,

is liable to imprisonment for 5 years.

No. 349112


is his thread in /snow/, so moving this conversation over there would probably be a good idea.

No. 350400

File: 1486670344718.png (47.94 KB, 1623x1005, Zrzut ekranu (156).png)


No. 350405


God I hope it's someone else running the site now, like an unknown admin and not Joshua fagging it up.

No. 350409

Don't get excited, Null's begging for more money(2k$) and that's the countdown for when he expects the money to be complete. It's on /cow/.

Someone on /cow/ also mentions that Null kept the billing info of the donators from before so I suggest reconsidering even if you are dumb enough to consider donating when he literally had a donation drive a few weeks before shutting it all down, he probably ran out of money again.

No. 350463

That's hilarious.

I hope that if it does come back, people just back everything up so we don't have to deal with his faggotry again in the future.

No. 350470

File: 1486686571078.jpg (40.56 KB, 562x437, 001.jpg)


Wait..people actually believe if he gets the $2k KF will reopen? And there's a deadline?

No. 350513

I am going to say something incredibly unpopular and with the full knowledge that I'm going to cop it sweet because of it: I think that the ratings system was actually one of, if not the best, reason why there was so much legit research into cows and so many people who could discuss things like law, medicine, psychology etc because it was their area of expertise. People competing with each other for positive ratings spured on a lot of work that went on there. Absolutely it lead to massive amounts of attention whoring and stupidity, but it also was one of KF's biggest assets.

I was heavily into KF myself, but I was fully aware that it was both full of cannibals and surrounded by people with a legitimate grudge against it. I personally didn't like either Null or Dynastia, or a significant amount of their cronies, but they were the ones who ran the site so I avoided any posts or threads with a high percentage of them in it.

Null was ALWAYS going to end up paying the piper. He himself put his own dox up on a regular basis saying, "Come and get me!" I'm only surprised that it took so long. And Dynastia definitely had it coming as well.

I miss the Farms and really want it up again. And I sincerely wish that Null stays the fuck away from it. And anyone who's sending money to Null for something that's not even there and they know for a fact is going to draw a hell of a lot attention themselves as well as make them so easy to trace are out of their tiny minds. hi

No. 350570

Kiwis overall seem preatty skeptical about Null's e-begging efforts. I don't think he's going to get anywhere near two grand to get the forums running again, let alone every month.

No. 350592

I liked the rating system because it helped to discourage a lot of unwarranted shitty posts where people just wanted to chime in and voice agreement/approval/etc. Made it nicer to lurk.

No. 350593

When skimming a thread, I would use ratings to check the worthwhile posts.

It was good if the thread users were good.

No. 350597

He wants 2k a month to run it? No difference from e-begging camwhores then.

No. 350599

Of ffs. I miss KF but I'm not giving that tubby loser a penny. No one should. Null is untrustworthy as fuck and before anyone gives Null any of their hard-earned money, I encourage them to consider the relative merits of just setting their money on fire and tossing the ashes into the toilet.

No. 350603


Maybe his mother's pissed off about him destroying her job, reputation and career, and has given him the ultimatum of either supporting the household until she finds work, or else getting the fuck out of her house and never coming back.

While KF was still up I was on there almost every day, and when Null said that he needed to raise some capital I genuinely wanted to throw ten or twenty dollars at him because I have a serious addiction to lolcows and you have to pay your drug dealer at some point. But even if I wasn't in a "count every single cent" financial mode, I still wouldn't have because it struck me as being risky as hell.

No. 350606

File: 1486710936637.png (47.37 KB, 858x198, nullwants2grand.png)


He literally wants ppl to pay him a salary on top if server costs.

So far the reception has been lukewarm to say the least.
(the only one who said she'd donate was OwO)

No. 350611

This being the "rent" his mother is asking him for fucking up her life was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it, ha.

When I joined KF and I saw it was accepting donations, I thought to myself "If this site gives me enjoyment for a period of an year, I'll pay it back then".

Luckly for me, my account never reached an entire year there. Thanks Vordy!

No. 350695

File: 1486737505663.jpg (36.88 KB, 254x336, abed7f13fba3b1183f9383874190a1…)

>Lusting after a Furry

It's like KF taught him nothing….. NOTHING

No. 350698

So will Null fail to reach the goal and throw his toys out of the pram again? Or will he receive a little of what he seeks and just call the goal met? Any why has the cost to his family of him keeping KF open become not so great?

No. 350701

What I don't understand is why whoever made him shut down the site is allowing him to circlejerk with his buddies on discord. If I were that guy I wouldn't stop until Null had nowhere to go online so he finally realizes how much of a loser he is.

I'm guessing either they are negotiating about what Null will have to give up whether it's user data or something else or it isn't Vordrak or whoever with a giant hateboner for Null like Null claims, it's just someone that wants the Farms down.

No. 350711

Because he can't stand not being in control and the notoriety of being the KF admin is the only thing that gave his life meaning.

No. 350715

He's backing himself into an embarrassing corner though. I know he can't see that but still.

No. 350727

He probably doesn't care. Him, LikeICare, Dynastia, and alot of others on KF are all no different than Momo and the other camwhores on lolcow. They thrive on attention. Attention is worth its weight in gold to them, and they don't care where it comes from so long as they have a circle of asskissers to validate them at the end of the day. Did you ever read Null's thread here or on /cow/? He loved it and tried to keep it active despite the fact that everyone was shitting on him. As long as he has a group of people to go back to and talk about how dumb ____ is haha look how they're all so mad over me trolled then he's happy. He and his ilk still have a lot of ass-kissers, as you can see from the people getting defensive in this thread, and until they go away he doesn't care what he looks like to everyone else.

That said I hope he opens it again so people can make archives

No. 350769

well that was interesting
and redirects to a 500 internal service error
gj josh

No. 350770

refreshed, nevermind
lolcows back
null wants 2k as people discussed
yeah, because after infinity next you're surely the most reputable source for giving money to work on sites
what a fag

No. 350774

Someone claiming to be Null posted this on /cow/ a few hours ago:
>My family is just completely fucked. There's nothing I can do for them.

If you are gonna trust a man that's gonna do this to his family just so he can get asspats from furry whores, you are worse than any cow. There is no reason for him to not throw his members under the bus if he can do this to his own family.

No. 350786

>there's nothing I can do for them

So continuing to run the forum that fucked his family in the first place was his next thought. It's sad how desperate he is to reopen his giant hugbox. He really has nothing going for him besides that. I guess he couldn't ever get a real job at this point though.

No. 350791

KF is back up.

No. 350797

File: 1486767699394.png (116.27 KB, 1023x567, null1.png)


Well how bou' dat

No. 350798

File: 1486767720119.png (292.19 KB, 1023x629, null2.png)

part 2

No. 350799

File: 1486767942105.jpg (13.51 KB, 400x343, IMG_0320.JPG)

This nigga wants 20,000$ a year to run kiwi farms?

No. 350807


He pretty much has to ask for this. His mom is now unemployed because of him and he sure as hell isn't going to get off his fat ass and get a job. So what is left to do? Beg for money, just like the lolcows he mocks daily. He even admits it only costs $400 to run all his sites.

No. 350818

File: 1486769781066.png (163.33 KB, 1902x1090, Screenshot 2017-02-10 18.33.02…)

lolcow.farm's server hosting costs are $9/month, and I'm assuming we get pretty comparable traffic.

But even if I'm way off and they somehow get like 10x our traffic, and even accounting for their forum application being more resource-intensive and a higher % of our traffic potentially being served from cache, I don't see how $400/month in server fees is even possible.

No. 350831

Null has lost it, I remember when it wasnt like this.

No. 350832

File: 1486770558168.png (125.7 KB, 1904x1096, Screenshot 2017-02-10 18.47.38…)

I see he said they get 350,000 unique visitors per month (not the same as requests per month, which he didn't include and which is what I posted).

Here's our monthly unique visitor count. 655,756 unique visitors for the month, and 25 - 36k unique visitors per day. Based on that, we probably get more traffic than them as well.

No. 350833

He used to load balance across a ton of tiny servers, but I think they're renting a physical sever now

No. 350834

Then either his server is designed to handle way, way more load than they're currently getting, or he got seriously ripped off.

No. 350835

It is fair to assume that if thruthful, Null is of the mindset "renting more expensive hardware equals better product". Personally I think that there is some sort of specialty project being run on the same server, isolated from kf for which he's justifying the absurd hosting fees, some app big data personal cs bullshit he believes very much in.

Because I peg him the type.

No. 350836

If he's a decent sysadmin, he's not gonna host a big data analytics project and a forum on the same server. But even if he was, it would have to be a very crazy project to cost nearly that much.

No. 350839

Yeah, I don't think that the project justifies the costs, but that Null justifies the mentioned costs to himself by way of something he thinks is important (to him) running on that server.

Objectively, aside from my pet assumption, he's most likely just lying and a hack.

No. 350854

Did anyone else just get a message fromm Null saying KF is online?

No. 350858

It's back lol he's asking all users to donate so has $2,000 a month to make the site his full time job

No. 350863


>there was a threat

>but not to you
>there is a new threat
>but I am saving you

No. 350899

You're measuring by a different metric to get whatever numbers you want. GAnalytics says the forum gets about 750,000 unique sessions per month over about 350,000 unique users creating a total of 7 million page loads. This is Analytics, though, which removes data about people they think are minors and is frequently blocked by privacy features.

Cloudflare doesn't keep month to month records and we just had 2+ weeks of downtime, but in early January we had 45,000 unique visitors per day and 9 million individual requests per day creating about 8 Terabytes of data per month.

The problem with this 1-1 comparison is that you only host the Lolcow Farm and no one cares about it. You have no SEO and only hit easy targets, like girls who can't do makeup right. So, yes, it's conceivable to host your HTML cached imageboard software on a $9 VPS. The KF is dynamic and has user accounts which means that every request calls the database, but that's only the first difference.

I can't give specifics about the setup because it's what makes the site so hard to kill despite getting complaints ''every single day''. I will say, however, that the core servers which handle the 18GiB database and store about half a terabyte of data is about $70 a month. On top of that we have twice daily cloud backups of data and a living archive that adds about $60 a month depending on how many months of archives I'm storing. On top of that we have sister VPSs running the email server, cytube clone, teamspeak channel, and other 'vulnerable services' that require a non-CF IP to be public. That specific VPS is 30 Euros a month because it's hosted in the Netherlands. We heavily rely on Cloudflare page rules and their long-term content caching (for data preservation), so I have the $20/mo plan for that. I use smaller VPSs to resolve other problems and that's about $10 / $20 / $30 a month depending on my configuration. It's constantly changing because we are constantly being attacked.

Sprinkle on top all the annual fees of domain names, software licenses and LLC container company and yes – it's between $300 and $400 a month. If the entire site was static HTML with a simple post function and no long term data storage, no hosting challenges, and no content I could definitely host it for $9 a month even with 35,000 unique visitors.

But please, tell me how to do my fucking job.

No. 350900

>my job

you wish

No. 350905

Get a real job.

No. 350907

File: 1486785389819.png (11.95 KB, 666x83, lolcow-llc.PNG)

>my job
>takes laughing at spergs so seriously that he made a limited liability company called "Lolcow"
Why do you do this to yourself

No. 350908

File: 1486785437183.jpg (97.38 KB, 1280x720, hop-in.jpg)

The thing is, if you live a fantasy or affectation long enough you will become that thing. Null has become Howard Hughes minus the money or inventiveness, and it's what he has cultivated in himself.

I'm sure tons of people will flock back and give money but I think I'll decline.

No. 350909

>But please, tell me how to do my fucking job.
"Don't let the lolcow run the lolcow forum"

No. 350911

Can we also talk about how this job pays no salary, such that Null is now asking for one.

No. 350915

>Cloudflare doesn't keep month to month records and we just had 2+ weeks of downtime, but in early January we had 45,000 unique visitors per day and 9 million individual requests per day creating about 8 Terabytes of data per month.
You get ~40% more visitors and traffic and have larger storage requirements, but you're still far off from a reasonable cost.

>You have no SEO

Do we really want that?

Small sample of recent Google referers:

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We're also not trying to be a big teen chatroom. The landing page is spartan and the site is not easily comprehensible to people brand new to imageboards or this community for a reason.

>and only hit easy targets

I don't curate the content on this site like you do. I have a day job. Feel free to berate shitty users or threads, but don't blame me for them.

>The KF is dynamic and has user accounts which means that every request calls the database

>even accounting for their forum application being more resource-intensive and a higher % of our traffic potentially being served from cache, I don't see how $400/month in server fees is even possible.

>the core servers which handle the 18GiB database and store about half a terabyte of data is about $70 a month

You're way overpaying for that.

>On top of that we have twice daily cloud backups of data and a living archive that adds about $60 a month depending on how many months of archives I'm storing.

You can get reliable and redundant backups for much cheaper.

>On top of that we have sister VPSs running the email server, cytube clone, teamspeak channel, and other 'vulnerable services' that require a non-CF IP to be public. That specific VPS is 30 Euros a month because it's hosted in the Netherlands.

Not sure if you meant this, but it doesn't make sense to have separate servers for necessarily all of those given the lower traffic some of them get. Either way, you can definitely get reliable and decently-specced Netherlands VPSs for way under 30 Euros a month.

>I use smaller VPSs to resolve other problems and that's about $10 / $20 / $30 a month depending on my configuration. It's constantly changing because we are constantly being attacked.

If the attacks are constantly making you waste money on overpriced VPSs, maybe they're more successful than you thought.

Anyway, I never said or thought you were a liar. I just said you must be overpaying.

>If the entire site was static HTML with a simple post function and no long term data storage

I don't know what you mean by that, but we have thorough backups and threads exist forever.

>no hosting challenges

We definitely have challenges with spam, attempted DDoS, attempted legal threats. But I'll admit they definitely aren't as severe as the challenges you've had.

You're right that it's naturally much cheaper to host a mostly static site, so I should have tried to make less of an apples-and-oranges comparison - though it still doesn't make sense to be orders of magnitude more expensive than a static site with these metrics. In the past, I've administrated read/write-heavy dynamic websites with higher traffic levels than yours at much lower costs, including costs spent to mitigate similar (to my knowledge) issues you have to deal with, and diverse infrastructure and frontends.

You may very well be a good sysadmin otherwise, but you still have a fiduciary duty to Lolcow Inc.

No. 350918

You mean the job only he can do because it is tied to his existence by now?

What does it say on the resume? Lolcow? Looks like he has that one covered by tying his life to it. Other people do things for fun or because it is good for business. Null on the other hand has a mission.

No. 350921

lol calm down

You're taking that shit way too seriously. Throwing everything else to the dogs and making KF the sole focus if your existence? Expecting people to pay you a monthly living wage for running a shitposting board?

You're off your fucking rocker, man.

No. 350989

>software licenses

No. 350990

Whether the costs are inflated or not, isn't the fact the donations will require processing payments that could easily leave a much more concrete connection between users and their real identities going to be the real killer for this plan?

Like, with 4chan the passes are a one-off thing, they're not linked to accounts and you would probably have an easier time making an argument about "legitimate" uses of 4chan than something like KF. The whole thing seems rather dangerous for the users.

No. 351022

During infinity next he fucked up and leaked everyone's IP. He tried to play it off like no big deal and said that it's the user's fault for not using a VPN on a site like 8chan. He'll try to keep your personal info safe as long as he can, but if he fucks up he'll blame the user.

Kiwis are pretty dumb though and desperate to have the site stay up so they'll probably donate. They gave money to chris chan, ffs.

No. 351033

As Null said in his KF post, whoever threatened his family also demanded all of the user info. It's really only a matter of time. Anyone stupid enough to donate at this point is practically asking for it.

No. 351051

File: 1486831260721.png (751.11 KB, 1162x1329, kiwi-farms-donation.PNG)

I wouldn't trust putting my credit card info into anything made by josh lol.
Knowing him the info is probably stored completely unencrypted.

No. 351076

I find it funny that he's branding/rebranding everything "lolcow" instead of, yknow…KF. It must eat him that this site took lolcow.farm before he could.

No. 351082

In case you didn't know, he tried to get the admins to switch to infinity next, then got mad and started insulting them when they didn't.

He has to insert himself into everything lolcow related.

No. 351084

Random poster from KF, I can say not all of us like Null or his circlejerk. I'm tired of it, frankly. He should've just fucked off and let someone else be the admin of KFs but he's the hugest attention whore, moreso than most of the cows on his site.

Over the 1 year+ I've been on the site there's been all kinds of drama with the site itself. I decided to just be a lurker and go on some of the (very) few threads.

Anyways, tl;lr Nulls a drama queen and not all of us like him.

No. 351093

This is the same guy who made his forums take up 1.9GB per tab at one point, and chat software that couldn't handle emoting without eating the whole website.>>350899

No. 351098

He's the farmer we don't want, need, or deserve.

No. 351113

>He has to insert himself into everything lolcow related.

Remember when he kept trying to take over parts of the farm and then whined about it here?

>An interesting caveat of your admin is how he is totally self-reliant. He detested the idea of operating a joint wiki, he refused to let me run an mx server for him, he unobjectively rebuked my offer to consider Infinity Next as an upgrade to Tinyboard. Basically, he doesn't want to participate in anything I might have a hand in.

He's an utter control freak.

No. 351124

null wasn't the first person to talk about lolcows or have a site dedicated to them and he won't be the last. i wish he would just go and fade into obscurity

No. 351129

He once forgot to enable the program that rotates out old logs and he wound up using 100% of the disk space.
I thought that was funny. That's a big fugging access log.

No. 351196

Wow, he really does want a monopoly on lolcows. It's not enough to have hundreds of users sucking his microdick simultaneousy over on KF, he needs a finger in every pie. That's so pathetic.

No. 351210

>Remember when he kept trying to take over parts of the farm and then whined about it here?

Also planning a lolcow.farms replacement when we were under siege by Kiki / Spergchan. Just out of the kindness of his heart of course.

No. 351370

Null is a pusher.

No. 351681

This is pretty sad and cruel on Null's part. He seems to care more about KF than his own family. He should just give up KF out of respect for them. I wonder if he plants on giving any of his salary to the mother who's basement he currently occupies. At least do something that isn't entirely selfish.

No. 352616

O shit


Looks like:

* Josh is still in mommy's basement in Pensacola
* Josh stalked himself, spammed Vordrak under both identities …
* … and got his timing mixed up proving he was not in fact on a plane to Asia
* Josh doxed Dynastia
* Josh incompetently impersonated /Baphomet/ to create a story for when he sells or leaks the KF database

And people still trust this prick…

No. 352619

Wow am I glad this board never got run by that fag

No. 352621

Daily reminder that Vordrak likes to capitalize board names

Thanks for copying this straight from /cow/, clearly no agenda here

No. 352641

Looks like OwO was banned from KF on valentine's day. Lots of people calling her a tranny, some people saying she'd been doxed. Anyone have more details?

No. 352661

It was only a tempban (unfortunately). She derailed a thread by trying to start shit with another user.

You can read it here: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/howdy-kiwi-youtuber-here-an-intro-perhaps.28146/page-9#post-2050366

Anyone else who caused as much drama and infighting as OwO does would've been banned long ago, but as long as she keeps sucking Null's and Dynastia's dicks…

No. 352670

Why would I type all that shit out myself when somebody already did all the work already?

Getting a little paranoid there, huh Josh? Or is this James?

No. 352671


Null I get but why/what sway does she have over Dynastia? Before she was banned she interrupted a conversation Dynastia was having with someone else in chat to tell them to stop talking about the subject they were talking about, and the cuck actually did.

No. 352673


Vordrak you are a fat ugly potato headed pedophile freak and I nor any other sexy young farmer nor any girl who isn't a middle aged drug addicted desperate single mother would have sex with you.

No. 352685

whatever you say cupcake

maybe you should use your tugboat to buy some benzos and get rid of that paranoia.

No. 352748

How disappointing. He'd actually be cool if he wasn't so servile to the other kiwispergs.

No. 352753

>Josh stalked himself, spammed Vordrak under both identities

This was one of the porn cows on KF, tagged under terrorist, probably namesearches obsessively so I'm going to try not to summon him here by avoiding his powerword. Incidentally he's also the one who started the mass harassment of josh's family, rather than vordy, who's mostly just suspected of enabling him.

>Josh doxed Dynastia

I don't think those dox were real, but there was an explanation for how they were obtained which doesn't involve anyone leaking them.

>Josh incompetently impersonated /Baphomet/ to create a story for when he sells or leaks the KF database

Someone incompetently impersonated baph but it wasn't josh. The 'hack' was pathetic. They basically just got some useless-by-itself info from the email server, which as he describes earlier ITT he pays through the nose for to have seperate from the main site - he explained in some detail about this on KF while vordy overplayed it on his site. Since the 'hack' didn't do any damage of itself vordy has turned it into an alleged false flag to undermine josh.

You have to understand everyone involved has an agenda and interpret what they write accordingly. Vordy is quite good at archiving informative stuff but he's terrible at providing objective commentary.

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