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File: 1479527910244.png (232.93 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 201127

Onion Troll Account

First, there was the Lainey clone, the anti-o's, Onion's mommy, and now some loser pretending to be Onion and Mrs. Onion 1.0's love child is now joining the snowflakes.

Truth is, nigga's just trollin'. Except… He's letting out more information (about Onion-wife 1.0) than what we've already know.

For example: he's altered some of the names of wife 1.0's relatives and current boyfriend. He also probably knows where she lives (just go to the page and probably do some research afterwards).

In the end, he could just be a schizo and mentally retarded but the shit that's been posted is really bizarre.


Redirected from the current Onion thread to avoid more derailing.

No. 201136

Why was this even made? They're not a cow or a snowflake and it's already been discussed before in the threads that Onion's past victims (Skye, Shiloh and Adrienne) contact details or whereabouts shouldn't be discussed as they're no longer involved with him, even a farmhand said that. And if anything; considering he lurks his own threads, you're just bringing attention to shit that he can collect information from if they turn out to be in any way related to her.

No. 201146

Reporting derailing is probably better. Containment works for repeated derails on one subject (like for Lainey's looks).

Schizophrenics do have a way of spilling truth in their hallucinations, it can be quite eery. But not a good thing to try an follow along with.

No. 201194

File: 1479543571999.png (2.3 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9184_1.png)

No. 201195

File: 1479543605809.png (2.34 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9186_3.png)

The alleged person behind the account?

No. 201197


It looks like her, just older-looking…with an Onion-vibe to it (the picture).


I think it's a troll account acting as a personal fb page as well. It reminded me of this:


No. 201200

Was anything archived from this, because the page now appears deleted. Reverse image searched the pic of Skye. Returned nothing back so kind of curious where it even came from now.

No. 201204

Searching it however shows that this nutcase was connected to it somehow. The only other mention I could find of "Sky Albatross" on Facebook. Ironically this page is named "Adrianne" Byrd. What the fuck is going on here? https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012875799495&hc_ref=SEARCH&fref=nf

No. 201205


It's either the dude's actual mom or another role player/troll as well from what I've seen, not really connected to AJ to say the least.

What's bizarre is how do they know everything about about her/them?

No. 201206

File: 1479547245434.jpg (38.3 KB, 600x315, 9d5298ac15db5f11e169f7bb1ef964…)

that dudes from a disney movie

No. 201207

So I just did the unthinkable and troweled through the people in that accounts friend list. For the most part, they all appear to have stopped posting from the 15-17th and haven't updated since. I don't really see the point of this. They're all connected with each other, posting really bizarre regularly on their timelines back and forth before just stopping as of a couple days ago. The Skye one is the page that makes me raise an eyebrow though because it's the only one that was ever taken down it appears.

No. 201208

Well, whoever this turd is most likely was the one who sent the initial anon submission to the EOliveson blog in the first place and then came here to self-post about themselves in the recent Onision thread.

Absolutely nobody would of discovered this FB page otherwise, it's way too random and unimportant.

Ignore this shit, they're looking for attention from us and attempting to distract discussion away from Onision by pretending this is some kind of ~*mystery*~ when the truth is; they've probably just befriended his exes and are pulling up random details whenever those women make posts on their accounts… don't forget, we had one or two anons in the past who were going out of their way to PM his exes and get details about their relationship history with Onion.

The best course of action would be to report their posts in the main thread on /pt and this thread as well.

No. 201248


There was an EO submission? I tried scrolling through.. I couldn't find it.

No. 201274


Isn't that how exposé journalism works? Finding clues and figuring out what's true and not as well as interviewing the people who knew them to see if their story aligns with the culprit?

Besides, that's why this thread is here, to avoid any more derailing and mainly focus on the Onion topic. It's contained.

No. 201275

Focus on the troll page rather than speaking about it on the Onion thread.*

No. 201305

What's the point unless you're interested in details about Skye, what exactly are you trying to get out of this other than that, as there's no other point to it. Lolcow isn't a sleuthing blog, make your own Tumblr if you want to do that.

Someone posted a screenshot of an anons ask from eoliveson in the onision thread that started this shit rollercoaster.

No. 201334


It was mostly looking for the oddities posted there. As you know, rumors of said love child are still going strong (seriously, I thought they'd stop) and just started the thread out of curiosity and not derail the Onion thread.

Other than her picture someone else posted, no other (personal) information about her was leaked to the public.

And possible awareness of other role player/troll accounts that might be lolcows themselves.

No. 201363

Alright, fair enough… I apologize if I sounded a bit harsh in my caution. I'm just concerned considering how often suspicious anons have tried weaseling out personal information such as addresses from other anons in the past (even though none of us know or would share that info if we did anyway) about his exes… the whole thing just sounded strange out out-of-field to begin with.

As far as speculation goes, I don't really believe in the secret love-child theory, something would've been said in the alimony documents otherwise - she also had a restraining order out against him (I think for about a year) until they tried to become friends again when he was on the rebound from his first break up with Shiloh… and even then Onion himself said they had only spoken on the phone a couple of times, they never met in person. It just doesn't really match up if she was pregnant before, during or after the divorce, considering his penchant for drama; I think it would of all came out long ago if she did have a kid to him.

There still hasn't been any concrete evidence, or even circumstantial evidence for that matter - except from some random anon who came into a thread at one time saying they went to school with the two and said their friend thinks that they "might of had a kid" but were in no way certain about it… that's all there is to go on, a grapevine rumor that hasn't even been confirmed or denied.

As for the FB account, it sounds like some weirdo self-poster looking for attention or one of many freaky roleplaying fans (judging from their friends list) who some anon just stumbled upon (I don't buy that, but whatever).

I can't really think of anything more to discuss on the matter, I think we'd be here forever trying to dissect every possible troll out there otherwise, and I just don't think it's worth anyone's time or effort.

No. 201379


No hard feelings, though you have every right to be concerned. I'm not really sure about the love child conspiracy theory is legit but curiosity aside, I thought it was really strange for that user to know that type of info. His other role playing friends don't even have that type of information on the people they're "trolling" and she's no longer that "famous" anymore. So what gives?

Maybe it's better to leave it alone like you said.

No. 201384

Alright I kind of regret linking the profile now. I don't think this has any relevancy. I wouldn't be surprised if Skye deleted her facebook because of this person, though. They just seem like a stalker that's pretty far removed from reality.

No. 201385

>>I thought it was really strange for that user to know that type of info.

I've been mulling over it for a bit and I can try to offer one possibility at least.

If someone actually knows Skye's FB account and her friends list is available to the public, it might be easy to figure out whether or not she is okay with adding people outside of her immediate social circle/trusted friends to her account. For example; if she has more than 150 friends, it would mean that she's a bit relaxed in who she adds to her friends list, it would give a troll ample opportunity to trawl through her statuses to pick out minute details in regards to her everyday life before she noticed herself that they're rather fucking odd before removing them.

There is/was a rather salty tone to this person's posts, it's possible they were once on her friends list, she caught them roleplaying/sharing personal info/being generally creepy and promptly removed or blocked them.

Otherwise, like you said - there's no real reason to be trolling her.

No. 201399

Sorry everyone, I was the one that stumbled on this and posted it to the EO blog. I didn't think anything of it so wanted to see what they thought. I found the facebook through an alternate post linking SK's old facebook, which was tagged in some of these weird fake? facebooks. Once again sorry for stirring this up, I was just genuinely curious.

No. 201426


Her Facebook acc. is set to 'private', you can only see 2 or 3 photos of her and profile info. It's safe to bet she's being very low key on the Internet and only "chosen ones" are allowed.

As for the troll account, their friends' list is set to private as well. It just adds to the erieness of it all.


No worries, I was the one who took a screenshot of your post in the first place out of curiosity and to get help investigate this since we know the EO mods won't do it themselves.

No. 201439

Are we settled that this was just a mistake then from sheer curiosity?

If there's any more questions though I can help you think about, let me know… but otherwise, I think this is a red herring.

Even if there was anything remotely interesting about Skye from their account - it's really none of our business, she jumped that sinking ship long ago and doesn't deserve any further investigation.

If I was in her position, I'd just want to try and live my life as best as I can without being reminded of a piece of shit who whines and tries to continue to be a part of it purely out of spite.

No. 201445

File: 1479596483060.png (91.89 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


Before we let this discussion r.i.p since the troll's account is deleted (update), there kinda is something that's been bothering me for awhile.

Even before this troll mess started yesterday and waaay before HSAnon's "revelations", there were love-child rumors spreading around due to a 'fake' account in the beginning of the divorce proceedings. I remember seeing them a long time ago while reading old Onion tweets and replies from the past. I wasn't gonna say anything about until now. Would you mind looking into this please? I've went to the account myself but…I'm not sure.

No. 201446

File: 1479596523540.png (87.35 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 201447


Thank you so much!

No. 201597

Thanks for investigating! Sorry once again :)

No. 201609


It's okay! Also, the troll account is gone. Either they themselves or at the other parties' request deleted it as well as any references to Skye. They were (probably) watching us.

No. 201685

I noticed they deleted it soon after this thread was created, I wouldn't be surprised if it's the same troll with the fake Skye account on Onision's FB… it also makes me wonder if they're possibly linked to the fake Billie shite a couple of months ago.

I know Admin banned them, but if this is a troll who gets enjoyment from creating fake drama for their own amusement/entertainment, a simple ban is easy to evade if they're determined to stick around.

I mean, Kiki/spergchan is proof of that herself.

No. 201728


Yeah, you're probably right. Except they've been using that account for two years, given the date they started, so why delete all the hard work on trolling them as well as cutting off your (other troll) connections?

Would that mean Greg is the troll himself then? It doesn't seem like his style though…

No. 201731


And again, why play to be "Skye's kid" when they would've had a variety of 'celebrities' to choose from? Something's really sketchy about this.

No. 205786

The troll is back.

No. 205800

they changed their last name?

No. 205889


Yeah, it's something Italian, do you need me to link it?

No. 205894

naw, I was just stating the obvious lol
the link still works

No. 205944

Haha yeah, though I think they're keeping a low profile as they haven't posted since the 16th.

No. 206173

Still fucking creepy

No. 207393

that church sounds really fucking familiar and connected to bunion… isn't that the church his mom goes to

No. 207502

Onion and his mom quit that church when he was 11, his dad is still a pastor for it though.

No. 207505

It's been common knowledge for ages that Gurg and his immediate family was/is linked to the Seventh Day Adventist Church, all this information is easy to glean from lifeofonion.com… it's all easily obtainable and nothing strange or mysterious still hasn't come to attention from this account.

Skye was never a part of that church though, Gurg and his mother denounced the religion and left it when he was 11 years old so this FB fucked that up in pretending to be her for a start.

No. 207506

pretending to be related to her for a start*

No. 207522


Could have been an Onion troll/roleplayer from the start but who knows. Then again, they've been playing said love-child since 2014, a year before HSAnon "spilled the beans". They have anybody famous to troll, so why target her and the love-child?

No. 207527

I'm not sure what HS anon has to do with this, the information about the SDA church came from Gurg himself and the rumors about Skye and Gurg possibly having a love-child have been going around the anti-onision circles wayyyy back since the time they divorced.

No. 207533

>>They have anybody famous to troll, so why target her and the love-child?

The same reasons why almost every infamous cow on this site has their own imposters, relative imposters, trolls and roleplay accounts… to start up a rumor mill because they get their shits and giggles from reactions to them such as this.

All the information this account has provided has been around even before HS anon came onto the scene, which is why a lot of anons who frequent the Onision thread don't put much stock into what he said.

No. 207543


And yet we've just recently discovered this…


Weren't the anti-o's mostly concerned with the Onion/Shiloh (and Lainey) drama back then? Never really saw them concerned with the love-child conspiracies tbh.

I'm surprised Onion hasn't confirmed nor denied the conspiracy through all these years. Especially since HSAnon "came forward".

Btw are there any Kiki Kannibal/Sheena/Chris-chan trolls out there?

No. 207754

Wouldn't it be funny if the account(s) is owned by someguy?

Since they privated their facebook/changed their name does that mean they lurk here or that somebody messaged them?

No. 207762


Haha, that IS funny!

No. 211696

No. 211734

same insane ramblings as the Skye account

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