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File: 1587313386529.gif (6.1 MB, 600x338, ezgif.com-video-to-gif copy.gi…)

No. 543270

Discuss celebrities with cow potential/cow like behaviors,or celebrities who abuse social media, both past and present.

Previous thread: >>512321
Dan Schneider thread: >>405637
Tinfoil General thread: >>369313

Milk from the last thread:
>Drunk Ezra Miller grabs a fan by the throat and starts choking her.
>Ellen Degeneres gets exposed by twitter for being a bitch in real life.
>Danielle Bregoli and Selena Gomez get called out for blackfishing.
>Amanda Bynes is engaged and pregnant
>Phillip Schofield came out as a gay man after rumors surface after him going after barely legal boys.
>Adele's leech husband gets alot of money in divorce.
>Rumors of Harvey Weinstein being intersex after victims come out saying his penis looks mutilated
>Post Malone acting unstable on stage.
>Billie Eilish turns 18 and immediately does performances where she is stripping.
>Vanessa Hudgens goes on a dumb rant about coronavirus which gets her cancelled.
>The phone call between Taylor and Kanye was leaked; turns out Taylor was innocent.
>Courtney Stodden is releasing a tell-all book.
>Grimes says that her baby will be genderless.
>Demi lovato's finsta gets revealed.
>Celebrities having breakdowns over the quarantine.
>Selena Gomez says she is bipolar but doesn't mention her alcoholism.

No. 543272

That gif makes me sad.

No. 543273

worst thread pic

No. 543286

I wholeheartedly agree

No. 543287

Selena is a coked out mess that has allowed substance abuse to ruin any chance of her being talented. Her and Taylor Swift looked like they got a deal on tit jobs.

No. 543288

demi lovato phat

No. 543291

The fact that the thread pic was not picked up or spoken about by any type of media… Who is protecting her? Are her team/PR really that good? To be able to pay off literally everyone to keep quiet? It's honestly incredible.

No. 543292

Yup Selenas team are in a pay deal with the majority of tabloids thats why you never hear any negative things about her and thats why her scandals are hidden too.

No. 543293

She and her team had WebMD open ready to make six excuses, I'm sure.

No. 543300

Question, was h1llary d.uff video bought up here? The one where she prints pics of her son and in the last second you can see him naked lying on a towel looking a little faced? it's weird that 1) exists (like what kind of parent prints that picture even as a "I missed you!" Gift and 2) I had to search if anyone talked about it in duckduckgo cause Google only gave me news about them

No. 543303

i dont think it was brought up.If you want it to be discussed then post it.

No. 543320

Nta but uhhh, that's cp

No. 543323

>looking a little faced
What does that mean?

No. 543328

This post is really confusing. Where did you hear about or see such a video? Who would printed photos be an "I missed you" gift to? What do you mean by "a little faced"?

No. 543331

yeah same…maybe anon is a little drunk just like the thread pic LOL
why did you type out hillary duff like ''h1llary d.uff''

No. 543332

So Hillary Duff won't find out about their post and kill them? lmao I think the anon meant to post here >>>/ot/490893

No. 543333

File: 1587324822615.jpg (99.88 KB, 770x807, duff.jpg)

Lol sorry I'm esl

I don't want to post the image cause as anon said >>543320 it's p much cp but if ppl aren't having luck finding it I have it censored, I didn't tought of putting it in conspiracy cause I was more into discussing why would anyone think it was an ok thing to show, specially if you are famous and you don't know who can see it

No. 543340

File: 1587325804108.png (112.85 KB, 300x281, Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 7.27…)

What happened to her…i cant believe i used to be a fan of hers in 2010. Now she looks drugged and drunk all the time.
I wonder what next sucker she will find for a transplant after she wrecks her second kidney too with all the alchohol and drugs she is consuming.
I think that gif is from the site exposingsmg.com since that is the only site which posts drama and exposes about selena gomez. They also knew about her kidney problems before anyone else so the site is legit since some snitch keeps on giving them info.

No. 543342

This is the perfect representation of a Karen

No. 543345

i spit out my apple juice

No. 543347

Can't see anything, and it looks like the Twitter account deleted the post.
Pretty weird if true. Hopefully, she just wasn't thinking when she filmed the printed photos, and the photo in question was innocent.
Pedowood is basically confirmed at this point, so I can honestly only hope it's nothing bad.

No. 543354

The site unironically defends Michael Jackson. Not really sure whether to take it seriously, but maybe the Selena stuff is true.

No. 543355

It is true I saw the intial video posted and have a link to the video on twitter but it's gross Idk if I should post it or not. She has a picture of her son laying on what appears to be a bed,naked and wrapped in some kind of plastic wrap or film.

No. 543360

i only read their selena stuff its pretty well explained.
But yeah the micheal jackson article of theirs was bad, but most of their articles are good.

No. 543361

she looks like a combo of lucille bluth from arrested development and malory archer but without the cheekbones or look of refined authority lmao

No. 543367

i hate saying this but reading that gossip site i honestly feel bad for her. but it also shocked me that its been kept under wraps for so long. I remember wendy would hint at it but its wendy so i take what she says with a grain of salt lol. but like the fact that both Demi and Selena have insane drug/alcohol issues since they were teens is so fucked. The child actors/actresses need to fucking sue disney and their parents tbh for putting them in such a fucked industry at such a young age. Im not gonna lie if I was pushed into super stardom at such an early age and having to deal with grown ass men snapping photos of me and asking about my sex life, other private things id probably turn to drugs too smh. Every year i understand even more why brittany shaved her head.

No. 543370

i feel like the people at that site also feel bad about her. They did make a article detailing how bad her health is and they hoped selenas health would get better and that she should get help for her addictions and told their audience to give her kind advice.
I think most of their criticism of hers is constructive and not ill mannered.
I do wonder who is the person who keeps on giving them information about her though…i feel like its one of her friends.

No. 543371


Wtf, I saw it and I'm like… That couldn't have been an accident. I mean, why the fuck does she have that picture in the first place and how can she just upload this onto Instagram? She must've noticed before she posted it.

No. 543376

File: 1587332777202.jpg (176.52 KB, 1242x1049, EV6WdrLWsAEQjLp.jpg)

Did you see the posts that she is still latching on to justin,Abel or whatever drama to stay relevant.
She lets her friends go and attack demi and hailey and she goes around still mentioning Abel and justin despite both of them being in a relationship, she even liked some jelena pictures just to stir up drama.
There are also posts in the past exposing some abusive behavior of hers and how her pr team has payed E! news.
One of her friends even made fun of Demis overdose and when a fan called them out then Selena blocked the fan.

No. 543380

see this is why i always hate to say i feel bad for celebrities. They always ruin it lol.

No. 543402

I thought that was Cardi B

No. 543403

What? Is it on LipstickAlley or something?

No. 543410

Didn't see it but I follow her on instagram and it's weird considering she was going on a little while ago on her stories about how the paparazzi don't care about the privacy of her children and complaining about them taking photos of them. That's fair, but weird that she'd post something like what is being discussed after the fact.

This made me laugh ngl

No. 543413

File: 1587337934598.png (147.6 KB, 1256x592, 98josio1.png)

Same anon here, I checked LSA. Didn't see any photo, but I guess this is what happened. I really thought she was the one Disney child star who turned out normal.
There's a photo on Google of her kissing her son on the lips. Disgusting.

No. 543415

https://m.imgur.com/a/oktD6ts the image in question, even thought it's blurred it's pretty nsfw so proceed with caution.

No. 543418

kid looks like a Rosewell alien

No. 543419

hilary noooo wtf

No. 543420

Sorry for doubting you anon wtf i

No. 543422

I thought it was more well known about selena and her various substance abuses. Lupus seems to always be the cover up for celebrities when they're dealing with addiction issues lol. Her and Taytay also have the puffy surgery face look, guess EDs and drugs are really aging this starlets.

No. 543423

what the fuck

No. 543426

I thought Hilary was normal but guess not ffs

No. 543428

It's ok anon I didn't take it personally if anyone told me that a child disney star posted something like this on public ig I would have doubted it too, that's why I find it so weird that almost no-one knows about this or only conspiracy reddits are talking about it

No. 543430

File: 1587339247637.gif (351.11 KB, 480x360, 1DDC06F6-A8C9-4166-87ED-65CC17…)

No. 543431

So does Selena even have lupus or is that just an excuse for how fucked up on drugs she is?

No. 543432

aw shit we're talking about s3l3na now? INB4 her PR will be coming to this site soon

No. 543435

>>INB4 her PR will be coming to this site soon
tbh that would be hilarious and milky.
But i dont think her pr can do much about image-boards lol considering they werent able to take down exposingsmg.

No. 543436

I don't believe it. There isn't a single thing out there about it besides the screenshot you provided and that's virtually impossible nowadays. No PR can cover something up like that for a celebrity so well. May I ask where you found that article?

No. 543437

nevermind. Found one post on reddit. I'm very uncomfortable…..

No. 543438

For anybody who has doubts about the photo - here is the video Hi11@ry D. Posted which has since then been deleted


No. 543441

Why are people talking about Tom Hanks in the replies. Please not him too.

No. 543445

Lmao at people acting like Selena's drug and alcohol addiction is the only problem when need i remind you this woman is 29 years old and she is still OBSESSED with her EX. She goes around liking posts about him to stir up drama, indirectly shades him and gets her minions aka friends to go and attack Hailey Bieber and Demi. This grown ass woman who is starting to look like a melted wax figure needs therapy.
Also lets not forget how her new music video is a total copy of one of her other ex-boyfriends (abel from theweekend) music video

No. 543446

File: 1587342250645.jpeg (204.59 KB, 750x405, E808DB4A-1350-4EB7-9960-6F0E06…)

lmaoooo the conspiracyfagging in that thread is top tier especially this daft cunt

No. 543447

that wasnt just a slip up, she had to have seen it, it was laid out with the rest of the pics, clearly referencing her son so its not just some fucked up ""art"" piece.

she wanted people to see this. also that line, "luca comes back tomorrow so i'll have to hide these" holy shit someone arrest this bitch

No. 543449

lmao for real anon must have confused this thread with the tinfoil one. I mean just look at how they write Hillarys name.
please go back to your tinfoil containment thread and LEARN TO SAGE
Newfag nutcase

No. 543459

NTA, but
1. She is a celebrity. This subject has been discussed widely on a different site that's basically one of the largest online hubs for celebrity gossip.
2. This isn't tinfoil. This is some shit blatantly thrown in everyone's face, fresh off the celebrity in question's IG account, with multiple people (including a fan Twitter account) posting evidence. If you scroll up, an anon even posted a link I'm still too scared to click.

No. 543461

Yeah i understood. The video is real, its just the people talking about the video are insane
when i saw someone mention tom hanks i was like nope since tinfoilers mention him all the time and for no reason like what has this even got to do with him…i swear those crazy asses.

No. 543463

What the fuck y'all. I thought it was going to be some normal pic of a kid in the bath that every parent loves to take and it was getting blown out of proportion. Did she say anything about this? There's no way she didn't notice it was in the video before posting.

No. 543466

Went to take a look as well, expecting some endearing snapshot of some kid doing dumb shit while in the nude, now I am fucking disgusted. Whatever the fuck could be the context to even taking that, wtf would the kid think, he looked quite old, not a brainless toddler? Why post this shit i am so unsettled

No. 543469

There is another part of the video here: https://twitter.com/HilaryNews/status/1240108455635058691

You can see another photo that looks like it was taken around the same time, where the kid has cucumber slices on his eyes. Maybe it was some kind of spa trip and just looks weird in low res?

No. 543470

I knew Tom Hanks was an esteemed actor but the whiteknighting is odd. He's been linked with some of the men in metoo, not surprised he's getting scrutinised by the conspiracyfags

No. 543472

this made me lol when i noticed. shes a god damn mess and needs to get her life together before she freaking goes to the hospital again, this time the loony bin
bro did you even see the pic? her son is wrapped in plastic and you can see his dick and balls what the fuck is that? people are seeing obvious patterns in behavior
and calling it out. its not tinfoil when the evidence is right in your face, you're just blind

No. 543473

File: 1587344975511.gif (881.22 KB, 200x175, tumblr_inline_mu9bztQ8nP1r0c2m…)

Selena Gomez must have some strong PR who is paying million to keep the news and media silent about her.
This woman was an alcoholic/drug user since she was a teen and now she looks high/drunk all the time.

Wonder what her selenators who love bullying other people for overdoses and addictions will think when they see their blobfish selena overdose which will be happening soon.

No. 543474

Nice try Hillary.

Jk,but honestly is doesn't seem like thats the case at all.

And secondly in the replies there is a higher resolution of said pic, anybody know what's up with all the strange white markings all over his body?

No. 543477

I stopped liking Selena after how she fucked over Francia Rasia.
Pretended that they were best friends went and told her that their kidney's matched and then after she got her kidneys she left and stopped talking to her.
She dipped the moment she got her kidney and started drinking and doing drugs again.

No. 543478

I’m really surprised by all these videos of her stumbling around drunk. It’s one thing we hear it all the time, but to actually see her drunk off her ass in public. All these videos yet she never gets called out in the media? I’ve never even seen these gifs and she’s really famous. Damn. Her PR is doing the lords work.

No. 543484

same. when i just heard rumors i wondered if people mistook her being sick/dizzy/in pain from lupus as her being drunk, but seeing those gifs, yeah, she's definitely just drunk.

No. 543488

I'm watching a red carpet of her in the green dress on youtube and everyone in the comments is saying that they feel bad for her because she looks super nervous. SHE'S DRUNK AND ON XANAX why are her fans so psychotically in denial.

No. 543493

I still don't understand how someone who can't even manage the bare minimum inspires such ride or die stans

No. 543496

that's terrifying. why is he posed like that?? do children sleep splayed out like that naturally or is he unconscious? is that paint or clingfilm on his body? what the fucking fuck. I really thought this was going to be conspiracytards blowing shit out of proportion as usual but this is actually really messed up.

No. 543499

This is as bad as that pic of Cindy Crawford's daughter that had her bound and gagged, tied to a chair (when she was little). I've never seen it tho but google it for info.

>her being talented
Lold irl. This useless bint?
I cant understand why people are being nice to her ITT. Shes a dumb whore whos almost 30 and still fucking up her life.

No. 543506

>Cindy Crawford's daughter that had her bound and gagged, tied to a chair
>The photo had been taken by a nanny during a children's game at the family home in Los Angeles, according to court papers filed by the FBI.
Huh, I wonder if any of these children will come forward and tell us what truly happened in the future.

No. 543512

I wonder how long Selena’s kidney transplant will remain unaffected by her “lupus”, she’s probably looking for a new donor bff now

No. 543518

Speaking of Cindy’s daughter , the girls seems to have a lot of issues and most likely was pushed into modeling because of her mother, I wouldn’t doubt that abusive (verbal/psychological)happened in that home.
She’s obviously underweight and dealing with some kind of ED.

No. 543521

While I wouldn't be surprised if Tom Hanks had some skeletons in his closet, the Qanon thing is such obvious bullshit.

No. 543537

Tom Hanks emits incredibly scummy vibes to me. I know it's trite to say "bad vibes" but my gut has never been wrong about male celebrities, I've always been able to recognize the shark eyes on angry, power tripping, sex obsessed men. Personally I think the younger women in his life have some stories to tell.

No. 543539

oh so you think tom hanks is bad because you get ''bad vibes'' from him meanwhile men like Henry Cavill only dates teens and had a strange relationship with one of his underage co-workers and has blind gossip of him being into children yet i never see any consipracyfag mentioning him.
Funny how the mind of conspiracyfags works…. off to your containment thread you retard.
I see that cospiracyfags want to become the new pp fags since you are leaking out of your containment thread.

No. 543540

NTA but why would there be a conspiracion about Henry when it's already proven that he's a POS

No. 543543

Show us on the doll where Alex Jones touched you, anon

These threads are sometimes interchangeable and where were you when people sperged about pedowood/the elites in the Dan Schneider thread? Don’t mini-mod.

No. 543546

It's clearly a fucking doll I'm howling at your idiocy. Look at the anatomy.

No. 543548

Hi Hilary. :^)

No. 543551

Ma'am please calm down I hate Henry Cavill too. Trust me, I can multitask.

No. 543554

Dont forget that he has the herps and he's probably giving it to all the kids he sleeps with


Their son is a fuck-up too. If they made her daughter do weird shit with hollywood pedos, imagine what their son went through. Also don't forget that Cindy's husband is bff with George Clooney and this happened http://www.foxella.com/bribes-and-a-huge-payoff-saved-him-last-time/

No. 543556

were you not present for the previous thread, Cavill was mentioned many times there and almost everyone was in agreement that he's a gross "glow up" of an incel that's also a pedo. Hollywood is such a cesspool that I wouldn't be amassed if every one's favorite actor is a degenerate to some degree.

No. 543568


Are you serious?

No. 543573

Yeah her kids are right at the age where they are able to get famous in their own right, dating other celebrities and being in the tabloids. They arent gonna mess up their cushy newfound fame until they start to fade and dont get attention anymore. That happens to most nepotism celebs.

No. 543587

Henry Cavill is so fucking gross and creepy to me. I would bet money he's committed statutory rape and is covering it up.

My fucking brother stans him and refuses to believe me when I say he's creepy. He's literally like the jock bad guy from a teen movie. He constantly brags about his penis and muscles, and feels the need to reassure people about how SUPER DUPER STRAIGHT he is. He thinks relationships are about "chasing" women and he refuses to date anyone older than half his age. He's a chauvinist creep and something's gonna come out about him, I just know it.

No. 543612

her fans are the same girls that can't fathom why t swift isn't liked as well. deeply deluded. selena and taylor probably share teams since they use each other

No. 543674

File: 1587397135418.png (73.26 KB, 946x466, justincult.png)

Whats up with all these celebrities joining cults??
Justin bieber (along with demi,hailey,selena) are members of the hillsong church.
Just some things to note of this ''church''
>Frank Houston the founder of the church sexually abused a pastor in training,sexually assaulted a 23 year old man when he was 60, and his son said the he has also abused children.
>Brian Houston (his son) raped a 7 year old boy and confessed to both him and his father abusing children.
>Wants their followers to follow orders and give them all of their money.
>The church requires people to give 10th of their income to them and give big donations which has left many people poor and with financial issues.
>A hillsong pastor pretended to have cancer to rake in money and so that people would forget about his porn addiction
>Sexist,homophobic beliefs and they are pro-life
>Preacher blamed a woman for her man cheating on her with male prostitutes and told her to keep up with her appearance
>The pastors literally use violence and bullhorns to shut people up or make them do a order
>They avoid paying taxes

Either-way you can read the rest here since its way to long for me to list everything

No. 543686

I'm more inclined to believe their 'cult member' status is for money laundering purposes or because the cult leaders have got some dirt on them, I don't think celebrities actually believe in anything but themselves and anything they do is to sell the image to the public that they actually believe in such things.

No. 543692

I think Justin and Selena have used this church for a coverup once, they went somewhere sketchy in LA and were caught on camera. They than went to church that (I think) the same day and were photographed. I remember it being a huge deal they went to church together and those were the photos that hit the media, not the ones where they are hanging in a sketchy gas station than literally running from away etc. There’s a YouTube video with all the footage. To me, it seems they used the church/photos to distract from them being caught buying drugs

No. 543702

Anons you do realize it can be both? Yes they did use some things as a coverup but that doesnt change the fact that the church brainwashes their members including them.
I mean Justin gave 10 million $ to the church in 2017 so you can only imagine how much he gave in 2020.
And his new behavior towards religion seems very influenced by his cult. I mean he even talks about how obedience is important and he says he is obedient to god.

No. 543705

…. I never gave an opinion on them being brainwashed, I gave “being caught buying drugs” milk. But since you bring it up again, some people really need something to believe in to keep going. Sometimes people who believe in Jesus and God are just very lost and feel better having “god” there for them. The church is so important to religious people. Justin has always been a big believer in God and very religious, way before he was even famous. I think to get off drugs and stay on a better path he needs someone telling him what to do in a sense. Some people really do believe in Christianity and it’s up to you if you feel like it’s a cult. All church’s seem to be corrupt, I don’t think that has any reason as to why he attends. Selena doesn’t seem to be someone who practices religion. I don’t think he is brainwashed by this specific church, but brainwashed in general by Christianity and organized religion? Well, that depends on your personal beliefs.

No. 543711

anon im just talking about the hillsong church. You know the church where the founder are pedophiles who molested boys, and how the members have to give half of the money to the church and some go broke and become poor, or the fact that the pastors and preachers are violent to people , Or what about the fact that they avoid taxes. Come on anon the hillsong church is 100% a cult, they operate just like other cults.

No. 543761

Why are you projecting your beliefs onto other people? Just because you don’t believe in God doesn’t mean they neither believe.

No. 543774

Your post doesn’t make a lick of sense anon. Maybe reread the post you tagged.

No. 543792

The white markings are there because she’s going to go give her child to the giants of Skyrim as a peace offering

No. 543959

Even if it was a doll who the fuck would even have a doll that looked like a child and had genitals anyway? And why take a picture of it for millions of people to see, like she very deliberately rummaged through the photos and showed most of them clearly and that one was right bang in the middle, there's no way she could've missed it so what the fuck was she thinking? Why did she print it out anyway? The whole thing is just so disturbing and weird. Even weirder is how virtually no news site has talked about this and twitter has been silent on it too, it was on reddit for a while but that was quickly taken down. It's scary how well covered up this is and how most people know nothing about it, they're making sure nobody reports on it.

No. 543961

I'm sure r/conspiracy would run with it

No. 544069

He's the irl version of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, looks like him too. It's uncanny.

No. 544123

File: 1587486196502.jpeg (135.56 KB, 1280x720, A42A12F7-DDA0-43EA-A5F7-73D686…)

Sorry to bring up something so old but does anyone know what happened with this? Who was in the car with him? Wouldn’t it be in public court records? How did this huge story just suddenly disappear? They just broke up and neither of them mentioned it again… I literally think about this all the time

No. 544131

are we supposed to know who these two are..

No. 544132

Sorry, it's Terrence J and Jasmine Sanders - I thought most people would know them as the accident was so widely reported

No. 544137

File: 1587487799885.jpeg (185.88 KB, 1534x1234, B14941D8-CDE0-46C8-9C1B-BA1785…)

I thought her eyes were photoshopped in the Interview magazine shoot but it’s like that even in the video interview. What is going on with this eyebrow trend among celebrities? Do peopler really think this looks good?

No. 544138

I can’t find anything on google referencing the photo or anything. It seems very weird, it’s a very disturbing photo. I wonder if her fans said anything under the video? Just no one but us have noticed? It’s definitely not a doll, that’s just plain stupid to say.

No. 544139

Some minor celebrity called Terrence J who used to be a host on 106 and park crashed his car 2 years ago after joy riding. I reversed googled the image and found a bunch of articles, 2019 being the latest. This sounds like one for lipstick alley.

No. 544140

The level of desperation must be real if she's willing to hop on the black fishing trend.

No. 544150

It gets called fox eyes and is supposed to mimic models like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner but obviously looks pretty weird in candids especially when done in such an exaggerated and sloppy way.

No. 544155

Does anyone remember when she release her new album and begged her fans to get her to the top of the music chart? How pathetic can you be? If its good, pp will listen to it but if its not then try harder next time. I hate her music sm its so cliche and empty, and there are wayyy better artist that deserve the better ranking and fanbase than her.

No. 544170

>remember when she release her new album and begged her fans to get her to the top of the music chart

This is becoming more common and I hate anyone who does it

No. 544172

God, she genuinely looks hideous like this, who the fuck told her she can pull this off.

If this was a desperate attempt to stir up drama and views amidst the blackfishing trend I think it's super funny that noone gave a shit enough about her to make a buzz. Shes boring and basic in every way. Should of stuck to acting but then again she eagerly worked with Woody Allen. Imagine ruining part of your career for a pedo. Even her own mother was dissapointed.

No. 544177

File: 1587492286962.png (1.77 MB, 1808x1648, sel.png)

makes me sad what happened to her face, being pretty was her only talent and now thats gone.
I knew this would happen i mean the woman abuses multiple substances (drugs,alchohol and cigarettes)so this would happen one day. Im just supervised how her face has been able to hold out for so long since she has been drinking and doing drugs since 2012.

No. 544179

i feel like she's going to die soon

No. 544187

where have you been? qanon people have been going after tom hanks for satanic pedophilia since like last year. I hate celeb culture and general and if hollywood gets burnt down i'll party. idgaf if the people in there are "innocent", they're still bystanders

No. 544188

i’m too weirded out by everyone’s descriptions to actually open the full res image, but i saw the small blurry one. is there any possibility it’s a photo from some weird medical or spa procedure…? like, what if it’s just some weird GOOP-type shit and she slathered her kid in essential oils and wrapped him up to cleanse his chakras? idk, whole thing is weird as shit

No. 544190

you are on the wrong thread.

No. 544207


That still wouldn't explain why she'd take a picture of it and post it on Instagram.

No. 544211

I understand the confusion about the "plastic wrap" but it's not, it's definitely some kind of white paint streaked on his body, once I got over my original disgust and scrolled down to the replies of that one tweet, there's a clearer pic. It's fucking weird. Not a spa day thing. He is just lying there, his face isn't clear so I can't tell his expression so "blitzed out" or whatever was kinda an exaggeration too. I also don't think he is "tied up" or whatever other anons saw.
But there still is no explanation and it's still fucked up. Especially because she supposedly cares so much about her kid's privacy.

No. 544214


omg I need answers

No. 544223

I also thought it may be some weird spa thing. I agree it's a strange photo but I do feel like there is likely an innocuous explanation for it to be honest

No. 544234

While taking and printing naked pics of your child is still pretty weird to me i could see it being some weird spa day, the thing that keeps intriguing me is that:
A) either this is a rlly innocuous pic and we are all pearl-clutching
B)Hillary pr is ruthless and pretty powerful which seems odd to me as she is no longer a well know name in Hollywood.

No. 544239

I feel like its not super weird if its your child though? Like obviously any normal mother is not see a naked photo of her child and think anything sinister over it, I think it seems weird more so because of the pose but because the picture is so blurry it's hard to even fully make out his facial expression/ what's happening in the picture. If it is just a totally innocuous picture, I feel like the thought could have simply just not crossed her mind and it was an oversight, I think anons in this thread may be seeing it in a more 'how could she just tweet that!?' way because they're going into it with the perception already that it's a scary/weird pic. If you're a mom and it's a pic of your kid on a spa day and you know the context etc, it's possible you wouldn't see it like that - or at least that it wouldn't be your first thought

No. 544244

What's bothering me is how Google makes it look like nothing happened, even though people are definitely freaked out about it. Plus, she offered no explanation. Not even a passing reference to a spa. It just looks so shady.
>B)Hillary pr is ruthless and pretty powerful which seems odd to me as she is no longer a well know name in Hollywood.
I have a feeling the fast removal is less about her, and more about who else would/could be implicated if this kind of thing blows up.

No. 544268

I could kinda buy the spa thing, but even if you’re the kid’s parent, why would you take a picture of your kid completely naked from the front like that? That’s really odd. He’s not a toddler.

Not even a conspiracyfag, but I wish she had given some short explanation because it’s weird as fuck.

No. 544272

Idk if I think people having a photo of their kids naked in a totally innocuous context is inherently weird, but I can definitely understand people finding it weird, but I don't think it being weird means that there is necessarily some extremely malicious thing behind it. She likely was just advised not to engage, it's probably better to not draw attention to it unless it becomes a huge thing, or to associate yourself in anyway with qAnon conspiracy types by addressing them (not saying you are one, but that a lot of people talking about this would be)

No. 544303

I don't see any plastic wrap or anything, I think that's just the gloss reflection on the print. It looks like he's just laying on a table or something with a white sheet/blanket draped over it. I could see it being some kind of creepy no-family-boundaries kind of "watch me grow" thing. Like if she took a picture of him laying on a similar blanket when he was small and then did it every year to show progression, except for some reason he's fucking naked and she's posting it to an untold number of people. That's the least awful answer I can come up with.

No. 544307

No, it's totally weird. Spa day or not, I can't imagine ever taking a pic with my child's genitals in full camera view at that age. And then keep it front and center in a video. I'm not saying it is some pedowood conspiracy, but it raises some questions about her family dynamic.

No. 544359

this instagram live video she looks like she's either super high or about to burst into tears maybe it's both

No. 544371

I stan Demi now lol, the finsta thing made her relatable af

No. 544373

imagine being filthy rich and doing this to yourself.

No. 544416

Woah, didn’t take long to be removed, fucking bitch.

No. 544418

The video is still there, click on the title and watch it on the YouTube app. Or link: https://youtu.be/HhNOb5MbEA8

No. 544440

This is eerily familiar to everyone with bpd I know

No. 544527

Is she high and driving?? What a CUNT

No. 544530


She sounds batshit crazy in that interview. She's slurring her words and chuckling. Literally what the fuck is wrong with her?

No. 544546

Its so weird how brainwashed her fans are, everyone body in the comment is like ''poor sel must be sad'' meanwhile only one comment mentioned that she might be stoned.
Her delusional fans will be in for a big surprise when she overdoses (unless her pr hides that)

No. 544559

>alleged singer/actress Selena Gomez has checked into [name of rehab center famous for drug counseling] for anxiety and nervous exhaustion please respect her privacy

No. 544588

I'm not huge into the poot and selener stuff but why is demi kind of more transparent with her issues than her? They're both not even that famous anymore or child stars anymore or anything so it seems kind of pointless to have such heavy PR now?

No. 544817

selena's personality is all about being "classy" and uwu innocent, I don't think it's about PR but just how she sees herself? I'm speculating, but she reminds me of some of the cows posted on here.

No. 544919

>"alleged singer"

No. 545050

File: 1587661064729.jpg (385.7 KB, 774x849, eyebrow-081.jpg)

I don't get the snatched eyebrow trend, it looks fucking bizarre

No. 545094

File: 1587668937775.jpeg (282.92 KB, 750x644, F0C2FC7F-B74A-40BA-B4E1-8D32C1…)

No. 545097

If it's true, I bet it's cause it sounds a bit like Influencer plus it's on time cause covid-19.
Looks like the Covid amd Corona kids are in a good company lmfao

No. 545098

why did god let these two retards procreate

No. 545099


please say sike

No. 545105

no source no nothing not even the account that tweeted it literally just a tweet someone made and threw two google images together. quality

No. 545106


I can’t find anything that verifies or refutes this info, but it was the top twitter trend this morning. I don’t put it past these two dumbasses though. Imagine how stupid they’re gonna feel when their baby gets bullied to no end. All for the memes I guess.

No. 545109

File: 1587671051663.jpeg (151.09 KB, 723x972, AB06525B-8F82-4EBC-A264-8A322C…)

It’s a big account that talks about music and pop culture, but who knows

No. 545110

File: 1587671110562.jpeg (100.54 KB, 828x1337, CD6F8B52-93B8-45C3-A90D-19A0BF…)

Samefag but this is the full grimes photo. What the fuck happened to her stomach?

No. 545111


iirc she carved some nordic (?) symbol for healing or something like that on her stomach.

No. 545113

QUEEN of self harm. nobody does it like claire

No. 545117

File: 1587671926279.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.54 KB, 430x340, 04.jpg)

did you mean marina abramovic. this stupid cunt made people believe that histrionic selfharm is high art

No. 545120

>Influenza is a viral infection that attacks your respiratory system — your nose, throat and lungs.
>"Influenza Musk"
I know she's capable of this, but it just can't be true, lmao. It's too horrible, even by avant-garde standards. "I want her to be influential, and it reflects the era she was born in!!", fucking kek.

No. 545121

An anon in one of the previous threads said it's the Nordic rune berkano. It has a lot of meanings that are apt for this context:

No. 545122

….which it is

No. 545123

mmm no it isn't. go seppuku yourself

No. 545124


dumb bait

No. 545132

destruction can be a form of art. let me guess you look at abstract work and laugh because you could do that!!! boring bitches on here tonight.

No. 545133

it's a pretty neat pic

No. 545135

File: 1587673935609.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.57 KB, 640x641, 178072.jpg)

found the edgelord

No. 545142

everyone who cuts themselves are artists?

No. 545190

KEK! I guess I must be fucking Frida Kahlo then! haha that legit made me laugh of how retarded that sounds, the fact that some people glorify cutting make it to be something artsy, well shit…

No. 545257

File: 1587696239507.jpeg (61.38 KB, 961x764, C1EAE61E-0F8E-436C-B569-1ABCA2…)

It does, it also looks really painful for some reason.

No. 545258

she looks fucking retarded, her face doesn't fit the rest of her head like this lmao

No. 545277

What, I just… I need to pick at both of their brains to get the bottom of this..

No. 545501

dude they don't have any

No. 545535

It's an eyebrow lift. Using fillers too much stretches the skin and actually speeds up sings of aging cause it fucks with your collagen. Lifts are more permanent than filler. Honestly I miss natural beauty and seeing different features in media, all the young girls in Hollywood have the same fish faces now.

No. 545551

Lol at Selena trying to copy whatever Bella Hadid had done on her face. She looks ridiculously dumb and ugly. She was cute when she hadn’t messed with her face and drugs. A lot of people are predicting that she will die soon and that’s kinda scary.

No. 545553

What the hell, is this a pic of Grimes?

No. 545558

OT sorry but is the lift from a surgical brow lift (skin removed + sewing up the gap) or is it from putting filler in the temples?

my eyebrows are starting to droop like a sad puppy lel any advice appreciated

sage for non contribution

No. 545560

Surgigical hence why I said its not fillers.

No. 545649

Affluenza would have been more edgy and poetic. Might as well call it Shit-Head Maladjusted Musk.

No. 545733

Jesus. She looks like 6ix9ine in drag. She used to be so cute.

No. 545770

Look! It’s Mexican Shiloh!

No. 545819

she will be turning 27 in June. just saying

No. 545881

Double check anon, Selena will turn 28 in July.

No. 545968

I think it's this procedure, they insert threads into the skin and pull the eyebrows up with them

No. 546227

my bad! fingers crossed she'll make it to July

No. 546460

NTA but I also have hooded eyelids that I know will look bad when I'm older. I also saw the procedure where they do that thread lift for the jawline and that shit scares me. It also gives the effect that the lady had too much botox or something. Some people just aren't going to look good with a high brow like that.
The fact that most of the time celebrities look like shit after their procedures makes me not want to get anything done. Seriously, is it because they can't help but overdo it because they're rich? Or is it just guaranteed to all look bad overtime?

No. 547246

File: 1588133995804.jpeg (193.02 KB, 750x620, BBECEA7F-4662-4748-A1E6-A29232…)

Gigi Hadid is expecting a child with zayn according to tmz.

No. 547250

I always forget the one direction boys are in their late 20s, time goes so fast

No. 547276

Can't believe an unborn baby is already richer than I'll ever be. And more attractive. FUCK

No. 547294

I really don't get why her and other celebrities like Kylie or Sophie Turner are having babies at such a young age (it's not like she's a teen but under 25 is young in a modern sense). I get that they don't need the money, but one would think that they enjoy working? Pregnany as a model is basically retirement, usually they'd try to do that as late as possible to prolong their career.

No. 547297

If anyone had a mom like Gigi they probably wouldn't enjoy modeling. Though she'll probably be tough on Gigi gaining weight during pregnancy too

I can't see Zayn being a dad he's rather immature.

No. 547305

Not to mention an alleged junkie.
My fave bit of Zayn gossip was that RCA had to invest in a Playstation Network account to even reach him because he would never answer his phone or check his email.

No. 547318

File: 1588154891576.png (1.49 MB, 1074x1470, Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 6.07…)

No. 547331

Isn't he also ana?

No. 547343

File: 1588161393869.jpeg (73.54 KB, 660x854, 126767.jpeg)

To be fair gigi is also immature. Who types like this at 25 lmao

No. 547345

Y’all reaching. And why is this schizo spelling hillary duff so weirdly?

No. 547348

what a karen

No. 547351

kek most likely drugs than an ed

No. 547355

Only one parent is attractive anon.
The only reason Gigi's bloated face is famous is nepotism.

No. 547361

This is why the majority of models are fucking pathetic and food-obsessed.
I'm glad this girl is preggo if it gets her an excuse to bow out of that shithole culture.

Well for one it's Twitter, and secondly do you see who she's replying to? He wouldn't even be worth the proper grammar.

No. 547368

NTA, but do you have an explanation for it, then?

No. 547370

I love hooded eyes, I wish that women wouldn't be insecure about them.

No. 547445

Idk about that anon but most ppl code the names if they spend some time in gossip sites, it's common courtesy so pr doenst bother the site. If you think that's exaggerating remember that Chris Evans mom tried to sue LSA lol

No. 547453

File: 1588176539770.jpg (66.8 KB, 612x700, grimes.JPG)


No. 547455

>I'm grateful to be oddly design

No. 547459

She looks like every unfortunate white girl ever, why does she strive so hard to make everyone think she's some ~uniquE WE1RD .:GRimESangEL:. HUM4N PUPP€T! 4BNORMAL FEATURESSSSSS~
I get that "weirdness" is a part of her aesthetic and career but man, she looks so fucking basic and normal there's nothing unique about her face

No. 547464

If you blow up the picture on the right, she shooped that pic so badly. Her fingertips look like giant clubs, as if she tried to slim her fingers and arm to look slimmer but couldn't work the tips because it would've looked odd. Reminds me of the ET glowing finger. Looks like she touched up the face too while leaving minor imperfections for proof of ~authenticity~
What's her point about looking weird if she's still gonna shoop to be as flattering as possible? Not that this is a good luck. I wouldn't eat a pizza she delivered.

No. 547475

Did grimes have her baby?

I’m sooo grossed out by her public self-hate on full display on her IG. “Chubby fairy” bitch you know your fans are 14 years old??

No. 547476

this is so bizarre, i didnt notice it before but her hand looks really bizarre, like somebody else's hand. I dont think she would shoop herself, she is very skinny, but how the hell such bloating would occur?

About the nose tho, I've seen so many pictures of her before and NEVER for a second thought she has a big nose. I guess on this pic she accentuated it somehow but please, there's literaly no "ODD DESIGN" about her face. Wtf.

No. 547480

I didn’t see yet the other pics actually. And no, but I do hope h3ll4ry d€3&3€ff has an explanation very soon. Maybe it’s just a picture with a sentiment meaning. Maybe he was being naughty. God damn it she better explains it.

No. 547481

Her nose literally looks like a club or joystick though. I mean I don’t care since I don’t like to nitpick but…

No. 547512

Because it makes them feel ~grown up~ then when they hit their 30s,theyll get bored and pass off the kid like it's a dog to some nanny while they relive their childhood that they missed out on. I have very little hope in celebrity kids being normal. Most of them hardly get out of that Hollywood circle of fashion/modelibg/acting/singing or a social media "influencer"

No. 547527

Agreed. Yeah she looks normal by regular people standards but by weird celeb culture standards that's a meatball nose.

No. 547546

She's anorexic, as long as she's not back to being a stickbug she will complain about her body.

No. 547548

They are 25 & 27 it’s really not that young of an age to have kids and definitely not them ‘missing out on their childhood’

No. 547558

Courney Stodden has recently talked about Chrissy Teigen sending hateful tweets towards her when she was still a teen who had been married off to that 50 year old washed up actor.


No. 547562

File: 1588192176358.jpg (37.92 KB, 442x439, christine1.jpg)

And she had a history of going after young girls in the media around that time period. She was using her twitter fingers to go after a 9 year old actress. She seems like a really hateful mean girl who attacks the vulnerable.


No. 547565

This cancel culture using tweets that are 5+ years old is fucking annoying. Yes they said some mean shit on Twitter years ago, what about it? The accepted things back then were much different, people wouldn’t get triggered over such mundane shit.

No. 547567

I've never understood why this plastic surgery nightmare of a woman is so endearing and 'relatable' to people. I honestly don't even know why she's famous in the first place.

No. 547570

File: 1588193222156.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x8100, ctcs.jpg)

Came here to post this. I hate chrissy she's a fake ass chef and probably a pedo desperate to be relevant and edgy and qUiRkY. But is clearly a fucking bitch right under her veneer. With her slave-ass mother or sister or whoever is in her ig stories taking care of her children

No. 547571

I remember this. Not only is this woman painful to look at, she seems awful in general.

I don't think it's ever been acceptable to call a 9 year old girl a "cunt", anon.

No. 547572

File: 1588193321270.png (607.42 KB, 618x648, fingerz.png)

Even skinny people shoop themselves thinner because they're dysmorphic and insecure about their bodies. I mean just look, nothing about this photo looks untouched.
It's like she wanted to distort herself to look more freaky for this photo.

No. 547573

Fucking freaks living disgusting lifestyles

No. 547574

File: 1588193440269.jpg (97.3 KB, 634x793, ok.jpg)

Then it's back to this moments later.

No. 547578

this isn't the tinfoil thread m8

No. 547586

File: 1588194337172.png (646.51 KB, 1080x1620, 1588193987818.png)

It's… not tinfoil. It's right there in the video. Public sex involving Obama somehow. Bold of her to mention those two things publicly like that.
Not to mention all the naked and scantily-clad pics of her kids on her ig. She virtue signals every activity she does with her kids on instagram. And here's her attitude towards her mother who she capitalizes on and shills her recipes/cooking as her own work. Just a nasty fake bitch all around. She fucking grinds my gears. Why and how did she get her status, because she's both ugly and unpleasant. I read somewhere John wants to leave her but she won't let him. Kek

No. 547595

File: 1588194936532.jpg (77.49 KB, 1024x804, 6db2a87470948dfff8a5f1c087a5cf…)

ok I'm done now but LOL

No. 547600

Can someone explain why people always say grimes is anorexic? Like did she actually say something about it at some point? She seems a normal weight to me and in the ‘what I eat in a day’ she just seemed more irresponsible and clueless about food than restrictive but I don’t follow her that closely so I may have missed something

No. 547602

Someone can probably give you more info but people found her old accounts on blogging sites or something? that talked about her anorexia.

No. 547605

Hold up why did Mommy evans try to sue them, all i know is the thing where people say chris only likes black women lmao

No. 547610

Does she bite her nails? That looks so off.

No. 547613

Obviously she tried to sue for slander or defamation, judging by the content of this conversation. Google and context are your friends… But here you go:
>[…]posted a story with the title "Exclusive! Chris Evans Might Have An STD",[…]a user on the forum Lipstick Alley posted the story to that forum, with a link to the original, some quotes from the story and the comments, and a random picture of Evans. Meyer quickly sent a threat letter that really tries to include everything but the kitchen sink. It argues that even though Lipstick Alley is a forum, it is responsible for what its users post (which is clearly wrong under Section 230 of the CDA). It argues that the site "fraudulently" and "intentionally" published the post, again despite it being a forum where a user posted the information. Meyer also seems to claim that reporting on Evans – regardless of whether or not the information is factual – is a misuse of his publicity rights (which is clearly wrong under the First Amendment). He also claims that merely linking to content that may be defamatory is, itself, against the law. He demands that the site "permanently remove any mention of Mr. Evans" even beyond this particular story – which, again, has no legal basis.

No. 547615

Her old LJ account was Chairmandore, and she talked about being anorexic there.
She's also made allusions to it publicly. From what I remember, she mentioned her dad putting her on very strict diets, doing ballet as a kid, etc.
Even on IG, she said something like "This is the first time in my life I've eaten 3 meals in a day" on one of her pregnancy photos recently.
Even if she doesn't come out and say "I have an ED", her eating has been a peculiar topic so many times that I think it's hard for anyone who's familiar with eating disorders not to notice.

No. 547620

File: 1588197621889.jpg (28.73 KB, 350x465, 1dce733247aa1790418e4b5c4926d0…)

>Did you grow up in a strict home?
>Very strict. I spent my teenage years running away from one house to the other house because it was so intense. Not just religious stuff. My dad was super-strict about food. I had to eat these weird protein shakes and he’d make us go on runs in the morning. I had to do ballet for a really long time. It was always working out and being serious about lots of things, really intensely. By the time I hit puberty, I kind of went insane.

>What did you figure out about yourself back then?

>I became street smart. I learned to stand up for myself. When [my parents] would be crazy, I’d have the self-awareness to be like, “just because they’re your parents, doesn’t mean that they’re right.” I didn’t want to go to church. I didn’t want to work out for six hours a day. I’m super headstrong. I need to get what I want, and I’ll work very hard for that. A lot of that is because I had to do battle.

No. 547654


I have so much shit to spill on this cult and how they use Justin to convince teens about how “hip” they are.

They have connections with govs too

No. 547666

Seriously. Even as an edgelord middle schooler when the whole Courtney Stodden thing was initially happening I had more empathy for her. This shit >>547570 reads exactly like the stream-of-consciousness typing style old people use to yell at Walmart's social media accounts. It's not even a one-off joke it's a bunch of weird cryptic tweets.

No. 547673

And that’s why her and Ellen get along so well, they’re both mean people who get enjoyment out of making fun off other people. They both seem to like making others feel plain uncomfortable too

No. 547706

spill it

No. 547716

Weird she didn't mention her fucking dumbo ears but ok

No. 547717

Kylie is like 22 and Sophie is 24. I'd say that's young. Gigi is 25 and is relatively young I think too. And Sophie was acting since she was a kid, gigi started modeling as a kid and kylie was born into a fucked up family that prepped her to be where she is. They did miss out on normal shit but that doesn't really matter anyways since they have millions.

Yeah Courtney back then was the butt of the joke for being married off as a kid and drugged up but these tweets are so bizarre like chrissy was just drunk typing these.

No. 547719

This man looks like he would do anything for a divorce

No. 547728

>tells AB to eat
>tells AB she's also fat
>had anachan blogs and used to be into dance ot ballet
Its pretty obvious too. People are easily sold on the lie that people are naturally thin or skinny when they're obviously not.

No. 547731

File: 1588218946155.gif (1.65 MB, 245x180, 7A77B6BD-33CE-4FD2-A1DC-BBB09C…)


Listen to this interview

But how does that connect with JB

Justin Bieber “Yummy” YouTube comments which links to #Pedogate

Here is a comment from Justin Bieber’s Music Video, “Yummy” which talks about how the video symbolises child sex abuse in the music industry.

“To all the people confused about Spanish comments and the Pedo hashtag: It's gonna get long but bare with me. Latino and Spanish people are theorising that this video contains symbolism exposing pedophilia in the music industry and elite of the world in general. Here are all the clues that have led them to believe this:

1. ⁠The party includes very rich people dining and being entertained by kids playing violin.
2. ⁠Justin promoted the song on instagram using the hashtag Yummy and pictures of babies.He also seems "desperate" for people to stream the song 24/7, maybe because he's not getting support for it's distribution. He also shared a logo of the title Yummy stylized after pizza (PizzaGate pedophile rings).
3. ⁠Some of the foods are quite  disgusting, in contrast with the title Yummy (pedophilia is disgusting but the pedos enjoy it).
4. ⁠Everytime Justin takes a bite of food 0:42 he seems overly excited and at one point his jaw enlargens abnormally 2:21 (effects of being drugged, excitement and hallucinations).
5. ⁠The old man with huge glasses 0:48 seems to represent John Podesta, powerful political consultant who worked with Obama and the Clintons. He was involved in the PizzaGate scandal after emails were leaked containing coded language in the form of different foods, which pedos use to refer to children, child porn and sexual acts. Any coincidence this video contains so much food when he could have made it about anything else?
6. ⁠The black waiter 2:19 on the right side of the screen, seems to represent L.A. Reid, who discovered Justin at the beginning of his career since he was 14 and made inappropriate comments about his looks saying he was "beautiful like a woman could be".
7. ⁠The blonde lady eating french fries 0:24 could represent Jenny McCarthy, former playboy model who handed Justin an award at the 2012 AMAs, where she was wearing very similar earrings, glasses and hairstyle as the lady in the video. She got physically inappropriate with Justin and he said later on he felt violated by her actions.
8. ⁠One of the cakes includes lots of blue swirls 1:18 which have been confirmed by the FBI to be symbols that pedophiles use.
9. ⁠At the end scene 3:33 on Justin's right (your left) behind his table you can see a red outfit which is the same that the girl in the beginning playing violin is wearing 0:21 (insinuating she was abused during the party).
10. ⁠In that scene, only Justin, "John Podesta" and "L.A. Reid" remain. Podesta is still eating (abusing children), Reid is cleaning up the mess (covering up after the pedos) and Justin has a plate with a cake in front of him which underneath reveals a photo of his kid self with the word Yummy under it (insinuating he was once the "meal", or in other word abused”

No. 547733

again, this is not the tinfoil thread

No. 547739

ntayrt, but honestly I don't even think this is a tinfoil.

No. 547742

Uh yeah it is

No. 547747

> Holy chic! From designer handbags and celebrity pals to saucy Instagram snaps and SERIOUS bling: Inside the glamorous life of Hillsong leader's model wife Esther Houston

Let me let you in on a secret, ALOT of companies are connected to the church.

It’s even mentioned in the book crazy rich Asians as a connection place for rich families and their kids

But what happens when you aren’t rich?
The interview explains it

No. 547749

… they mentioned pizzagate

No. 547789

The Grimes thread on PULL covers her having anorexia. There's screenshots proving that she's been open about struggling with it since 2006.

No. 547856

Says the girl who shoops herself into another person

No. 547883

this isn't tinfoily so much as like… profoundly sad. i don't know anything about mr. bieber but it's pretty clear to me that any child doesn't belong in the limelight rubbing shoulders with ~elites~. this video seems sad af, haven't seen it for myself. regardless if it's le pizzagate related or not, the imagery seems pretty straightforward

No. 547904

File: 1588273537117.jpeg (407.91 KB, 1959x1125, 79172BEC-C9CF-40CE-B468-14FA23…)

So I never watched the video before this anon but I wanted to add the shot of the plate at the end with him as a child. We can tinfoil about music videos forever, but this plus the fact that he promo’ed the song with baby pictures is what is most obvious to me. There’s no explanation. Anons can complain about “tinfoil” all they want but it’s worth discussing.

No. 547905

ok so let's say you're right. why would they put shit like that in a music video? to give us little hints?

No. 547910

or because he's just a person with trauma who's coping through art, idk. i don't know why everyone acts like this is super secret or like certain things are "hints". he had a shitty, crazy child and was exploited by adults for several years and now he's an adult looking back on how fucked up it was. why is that tinfoil

No. 547914

I'm pretty sure that's just motion blur from the camera

No. 547916

File: 1588276186682.jpg (162.78 KB, 720x1000, Bang bang.jpg)

This guy is a minor lolcow imo. I saw his comment "Time for new ink" on JB's IG a while ago and I wanted to type in caps he doesn't need more tattoos, he needs therapy…

No. 547924

File: 1588279482689.jpeg (178.34 KB, 720x1123, EW0UW2UXkAwl7bU.jpeg)

So I'm not sure if it's OK to post this here but kpop idol Taeyong's fans have allegedly driven a person who's exposed his past to a suicide attempt(no)

No. 547927

File: 1588279792875.jpeg (284.01 KB, 720x1698, EW0UXZVXsAAqH5o.jpeg)

His stans have been doing damage control and are demanding his company sue for defamation even though there's nothing to prove that the victim is lying

No. 547928

File: 1588279942927.jpeg (276.38 KB, 720x1577, EW0UZuLWAAAePef (1).jpeg)

No. 547931

there is a containment thread for this pls fuck off

No. 547937

ntayrt but not anymore, it's closed atm

No. 547938

the world doesn't revolve around your beloved nct taeyong and there is more interesting stuff going on than some kpop group in a scandal over something that won't be relevant in a week or two

don't bring the same retardation of the kpop thread on here

No. 547944

File: 1588284672135.jpeg (292.08 KB, 1125x1258, CD80B047-5345-4559-AFAC-39C976…)

Sorry if this been brought up a million times already but I’m dying to know what’s really going on with her. I hope we’ll find out one day.

No. 547948

she types like she's trying to sell me on an MLM

No. 547950

Almost 40 years of no personal freedom and contracts that function like helicopter parenting.

No. 547970

I don’t know much about Justin Bieber, I only started looking into it today because boredom and Hollyweird. so correct me if I’m wrong but I think he said the song is about his wife and part of it could be but it definitely can’t be completely. So why would he lie? He could say it’s also about trauma, everyone has some, especially in that industry. so it wouldn’t be a big deal to share like other celebrities have

No. 547987

“Hey guys totally stream this songs about sexual abuse”
Would be career suicide

No. 547988

Considering her dad got her photographed by the same guy that fucked up that girl from the react channel is nice she’s still semi alive

No. 548056

It reminds me of Melanie Martinez' blatant pedo imagery regarding children, miniature things, food, eating etc

No. 548208

File: 1588351666253.jpg (456.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200501-124758_Chr…)

Both are petulant children.

No. 548217

they're so embarrassing and act like some wanna be underage twitter e-couple who kin edgy characters are into sanrio

No. 548227

Elon has been tweeting extremely weird shit lately, more so than usual. He must be on drugs.

No. 548242


wow they just have a newborn child and act like that. Of course it's too much to ask to be decent parents. Will he shoot himself into space and live there? I fucking hope so.

No. 548295

Seriously, grimes is cringe as fuck, but he’s going to publicly post this shit to his millions of followers when she is in her third trimester of pregnancy? What a complete dolt. There is no logic, and no reason this would be okay for anyone to post. “Normal” people barely even use social media let alone post personal private things or info. I don’t even use social media so the idea that a grown man twice my age is posting this shit. God men are the worst. Such a disgusting thing to do to your girlfriend and newborn baby. Fuck anons I’m a young gen z woman and I don’t even post information that personal what the fuck is this old fuck doing

No. 548302

>when she is in her third trimester of pregnancy?
She already had the baby. That's the awful part.

No. 548303


nta this is the part that confuses me. He said she is due on monday, grimes on the other hand worded it like she already got it? So what is the truth?

No. 548317

File: 1588363837037.jpeg (425.23 KB, 1242x1114, FB67443F-54C9-44C1-85DC-9C7CF5…)

I just saw the tweet, he did indeed say today that the baby is due on Monday.

He is definitely tweaking out right now, which stresses me out because he has the ability to create bombs and I just don’t want this idiot killing anyone.

No. 548321

chrissy teigen is a garbage person for literally harassing a child bride. Wow. Sad but not even surprised.

No. 548325

>olivia munn commenting

Trash begets trash, i suppose.

No. 548329

File: 1588365040430.jpg (83.61 KB, 596x641, iggywho.JPG)

browsing twitter for grimes/musk memes and came across this news


No. 548333

Can someone explain the gif to me? I've watched it a few times and I don't see what's so sad/what happened? Am I retarded? lol

No. 548336


selena being shitfaced

No. 548339

how about he fixes his shitty AI-ridden payment service instead

No. 548341

and people praise her for it for some reason

No. 548362

This is a tantrum. He's mad cause the goberment won't let him open his factories back up after they had to forcefully shut his stupid ass down. Basically posting conspiracies about how covid is nbd and the government is lying about how many people are actually sick. This mangy looking mf thinks hes guy fucking fawkes posting the star spangled banner cause america = FREEDOM and MAKING MY WAGE SLAVES STAY HOME IS NOT FREEDOM

No. 548399

It's mostly the DDLG or some pedophiliac ageplay people though, the rest have cancelled her a long time ago all thanks to the rape scandal.

No. 548406

Wow I bet this 48 year old man just doesn't understand why his soon to give birth gf would be upset over him disrupting the security of their home life!

No. 548430

I really wish people would stop sucking on Elon's cock.

No. 548447

Apparently, this is about Hilary Duff re: that creepy nude photo of her son.
>"With all that is going on, CPS just blew off doing any real digging or investigating of this former A- list tweener actress turned B+ list adult actress and what she had done to her son. They spent twenty minutes talking to her with a lawyer present and just decided it would be easier to pursue less confrontational cases. This was even though at least a dozen people reported the actress"

No. 548453

File: 1588386189925.jpg (66.5 KB, 634x598, 26650228-8173619-Uh_oh_Shortly…)

Samefagging, she also posted this to her IG recently.
The nude thing, the weird kissing photo, and now this shit? Nope. I think she gets some sick thrill or power trip out of putting this out there.

No. 548467

CDAN is full of shit, why do people keep posting the site as if it means anything. Anons have talked about submitting false rumors to the site before. Some of their posts are literally ripped from tv show and movie plots.

We're not in the tinfoil thread.

No. 548469

What? I don’t necessarily disagree with the tinfoil about the picture, but this is a stretch. Obviously her kid just locked the other kid in the dog cage, kids do that all the fucking time. If they weren’t hurting each other she snapped a picture to make a joke about how quarantine is getting to everyone.

No. 548484

File: 1588388294975.jpeg (189.67 KB, 1242x766, 3F185E0E-EB87-4DBD-B9FD-E4D321…)

Speaking of Sophie Turner, is anyone else creeped out by the age gap in her relationship with Joe Jonas? It’s not that weird now that she’s older but iirc she was only 19 when they first started dating and he was 26. That and I remember him saying something bizarre like he’s had a crush on her since the earlier seasons of Game of Thrones. She has confessed to being a Jonas Brothers fan when she was younger and getting with Joe being a preteen dream come true, so that also creates an uneven power dynamic. I don’t know, maybe I’m overreacting but for some reason he gives me intense creep chills.

No. 548501

Oh yeah, it is kind of strange. Not full out creepy but strange, especially since she was a kid when he was a boy band idol. Their relationship dynamics are probably weird

No. 548503

>reads that
>i'm 19 and my husband is 28

No. 548507

That kid is going to have the most shitty, dysfunctional parents ever.

No. 548508

the way the son looks at the person holding the camera, in a am i doing this right way, makes me think that it wasn't his idea.

No. 548520

Nah they seem aight to me, there are worse age gaps out there in my opinion, like DiCaprio and his girlfriend, now thats creepy

No. 548530

Wtf poor kid is scared and she has to film it.

No. 548531

You're grasping at straws

No. 548535

yes youre right parents never use their kids to make a funny viral video

No. 548536

I'm not talking about that, of course she's using her kids to make a viral video. I'm talking about the conspiracy theories that anon mentioned in their original post

No. 548560

They both need to get over their selves. All this for the clout of the AV Kids. Cringe le maximum

No. 548643

Have any of you actually dealt with children before? This isn't sus or weird and the kid in the cage won't be traumatized by it. I didn't see the original pic that started all this, but the fact that you spergs eroticize every thing a child is doing probably says more about you and the fact that you spend too much time online trying to date robots and incels than it does about some washed up puckslut.

No. 548757

You sound like those who had a shitty upbringing and say they turned all right.

No. 548758

>no you're the pedo for sexualizing a child!!1!!
every fucking time. btw i'm 15 so checkmate bitch(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 548779

it's like pottery, it rhymes

No. 549038

Read this post in a Jessi Slaughter voice and had a soft chuckle. Thanks, you little shit

No. 549419

I'm gonna put you in a cage for your stupid ass comment

No. 549439

Couldn’t find the milk previous thread about horny wankstains intersex affliction, can someone link me?

No. 549448

Is everyone ready for Grimes to become a first-time mother tomorrow? And Elon Musk to become a father of a seventh or eighth child or whatever? My popcorn is ready.

No. 549450

File: 1588533903353.jpg (14.13 KB, 464x401, EUQGVCpWsAAM-0N.jpg)

i can't imagine how creepy, desperate and immature a person would have to be to want to date a 19-year old at 28. are you okay? do you need help?

No. 549453

>bragging that your husband is an immature creep

No. 549466

>I didn't see the original pic that started all this,
Then go back to look at it (or at least read the comments to avoid re-victimization), then come back.
If it was anyone else who posted that video, I wouldn't really bat an eye, but this bitch is creepy as hell, and the way things were swept under the rug is disturbing. I haven't seen anyone ITT who's talking about this "eroticize every thing a child is doing" (and it's weird you'd think to eroticism and what a child is doing, instead of plain abuse and what an adult is doing), this woman just keeps posting weird shit, and it's like no one is allowed to say anything.

No. 549471

>I feel much older
Oh shut up
I love Sansa as a character but Sophie seems insufferable irl.

No. 549475

i don't know much about his relationship with sophie but he's for sure a creep. he hit on gigi hadid when she was 13 and he was 19.

No. 549496

ok schizo chan. anyone with half a brain knows CDAN is bullshit

No. 549513

How do you manage to become offended by strangers' relationships?

No. 549573


Women who sprout that 'i'm mature for my age! I feel so much older than I am' sound groomed by men to me.

No. 549574

this sentence can be so easily twisted

No. 549681

>gave the phone number to my mom
Of course. Yolanda is a disgusting gold digger and doesnt surprise me that shes so quick in whoring out her daughters.

Also just realized how much alike are the Jonas guy and Gigi's boyfriend

Not the anon youre answering to but CDAN has had a lot of blinds that came out to be truth

No. 549709

RHOBH season 5 or 6 had major dramu revolving around Yolanda faking lyme disease, and then claiming Bella and Anwar also had it. But get this, David Foster left her after the whole lyme disease shit because he was tired of taking care of her and it essentially ended their marriage quick. I can't help but wonder if she is indeed faking it. Lyme disease is extremely rare.
I know Shallon has a thread but she gets into it in this video.

No. 549799

Gurl I know, I watch RHOBH so I'm well aware of this woman's ways. Don't you remember when they ( Yolanda and David) were at an event and David was talking with someone and the mic captured something he said about Being tired of dealing with her fake shit or something like that ? I'm sure she 10000% faked it. Don't forget both of her daughters supposedly has Lyme disease too. ( can't forget Rinna bringing out the Munchausen theory lol )

No. 549803

Yes! David was tired of her ass lmao!
>( can't forget Rinna bringing out the Munchausen theory lol )
Nah dude remember it was Kyle and LVP and then LVP and Kyle tried to pin it on Lisa Rinna when she brought it up on camera. Still hilarious though, so pathetic that she left after the reunion pretending to be the victim of bullying. The Lyme disease awareness thing she did is also disgusting considering she straight up made it up.

No. 549808

File: 1588586988335.jpg (77.24 KB, 675x800, Capture.JPG)

I don't know if anyone follows either of them, but it looks like Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman have split up. They were isolating in NZ with their kid and now Neil's moved back to the UK. Palmer is pretty milky at times herself, she's had quite a lot of twitter drama in her time, not sure if it's been discussed here

No. 549819

holy shit, palmer is a huge cow (even though i like her music) and gaiman is one of my favourite artists, i didn't expect this, thanks for posting

No. 549825

lmao good for him, i hope he files for divorce soon because shes utterly insane.

No. 549826

they were in an open marriage so I'm really not THAT surprised…

No. 549828

Yeah the Lyme disease awareness gala was fucked up. Yolanda made Gigi go up there and say she has lyme too. Gigi never spoke of it again, it was obviously fake.

No. 549830

good for him. i can't imagine she's a very good partner or a healthy influence.

No. 549831


She has her own thread, but it's 3 years old so didn't want to necro. Personally don't really approve of relocating across the globe in the middle of lockdown, surely he could have just found an airbnb somewhere else in NZ so he could still see their kid. I like both of them for the art they produce, but they are both insufferably pretentious.

No. 549850

>Low-key bragging about getting groomed
Get help anon

No. 549854

that's not what that is.

No. 549857

File: 1588601200950.jpeg (9.26 KB, 225x225, biged_rose.jpeg)

Can we talk about these two? Not proper celebrities but def a lot of articles are out about them.
I read a lot of IG posts about them and tbh I dont understand why most if not all people see Rose as a pure, innocent angel and Ed as the monster. Sure he said very rude things about Rose, but she is obviously in it for just the money. I mean the faces she does when she sees him? Oof.

No. 549858


She was catfished, you can't really blame her. If she really was in for his money she wouldn't get upset when he said those things, at least not to his face.

No. 549859

Catfished? That makes it sound like he used pics of someone else. All he did re: his body was lie about his height tho.
I don't think she got upset, she probably faked it or was prompted by the producers. Ive heard of them interfering with the "characters" and telling them how to act.

No. 549861

>most if not all people see Rose as a pure, innocent angel and Ed as the monster.

He cheated on his wife and is now dating Rose, who's younger than his daughter. Ed is a monster.

No. 549863

He's a total sexpat. Not to mention rose is YOUNGER than his daughter. He is totally a monster.

No. 549865

Because she’s a struggling single mother from a poor country being used by a man with a daughter OLDER than her

His gifts to her are for himself

He worries he’s a “meal ticket” when all he wanted to do was to get her in bed ASAP

He refused to get tested

He’s patronising as fuck

He asks her to dress like a child

He realllt doesn’t give two fucks about her

No. 549866

He told her to get STD tested before they would even do anything intimate too. But roses sister did ask him for money. Isa mess.

No. 549867

Ofc her sister asked for money

What else is that walking thumb good for?

No. 549868

File: 1588603228778.jpeg (86.07 KB, 800x886, BBFBD4C6-89B7-4EE4-BCCD-FD3DAE…)

His profile pic on FB

No. 549869

File: 1588603270395.jpeg (165.08 KB, 2280x1080, BBEFDB7D-0E0B-4A8E-83C9-950996…)


No. 549873

genuine question, does he have a spinal condition?

No. 549875

Yeah, he was born with some condition where some of his vertebrae are fused which is why he has the "no neck" thing going on.

No. 549876

No neck ED CATFISHED her and i wonder how no one is ever talking about this. Oh right because most of the people who watch that show are sexist trash and will never call out what the man does.
He used a picture of himself when he was younger and lied about his height and then when he meet rose he looked completely different….and you are blaming her for being disgusted by him????!! Also his personality is horrible too.
When a woman on that show looks slightly different compared to her pictures she gets roasted af.
Rose also made a instagram live talking about Ed.

No. 549878

I think hes legally considered a "little person"? Hes like 4'9.

Ok y'all hear me out. I'm the OP who posted about these pair. I don't want to defend Ed cause he's obviously a huge asshole but I see some anons saying that he is a sexpat, which I do not agree with. I lived in SEA for 6 years, and I saw hundreds of Eds over there. Paired with their wives that were exactly like Rose (young, pretty, bubbly etc etc) while their husbands were nasty as fuck, like Ed. Of course the men had money, especially in the circles I frequented. (One of my neighbors was 87 years old and his wife was 30, they had two daughters and I never saw him smile when he was with the kids, not once). The women know what kind of agreement they are getting to, all that money and status (+10 for the guy being white) and all the men know what they are getting with it (young wife- arm candy that he can leave at any moment to go fuck 20 different also young women, and someone to take care of him in his old age). Sexpats are men that travel ("as single") to a poor country to go and fuck everything that moves. This dude met this girl online. In the first episodes he said he sent her like 10k in gifts or something right? So he was gifting his shit before he even knew he was going to be on tv.

Anyways my point is , they are both equal fuck ups, they both deserve shit, but I think the balance of comments of whichever is worse is highly disproportioned.

I can give more examples about these dirty fucks in SEA that ive seen , if anyone want any (but I dont think this would be the right thread for it ).

No. 549883

I can't deal with the majority of 90 day fans. There were weekly threads on reddit "DAE THINK THE WOMEN ON THIS SHOW GET AWAY WITH SOOO MUCH ABUSE". They accused Angela of rape when she first met Michael but they give passes and love men like Alexei who were very clear that they believe women are a sub-species.

Also I don't get the people coming for Rose. Let's say this was all about money and America for her. So?? He wanted a wife way out of is league and younger than his daughter. But she has to be madly in love with him despite the fact he's a fucking ugly obsese liar? I'm sorry but Asian women that marry these lard sacks usually sick with them once they get the greencard (statistically). Rose could be all about that greencard and she's still done nothing wrong.

He's the literal definition of sexpat wtf. Ed knows he has power and uses it against her constantly. HURR shave your legs, wear lingere you're uncomfortable in, brush your teeth more, oh btw I'm not having more kids. What you gonna do Rose? You already fucked me so you're in this deep. Do these things or stay living in a shack.

Like this girls dad literally lives in a pigpen and you're gonna spin it that this is 50/50 jesus christ.

No. 549884

You didn't make any point about rose being a fuck up? She's poor as fuck and has a child like fuck yeah she's gonna jump on the first opportunity to live a comfortable life?

No. 549887

sageing, sorry for the blogpost but I need to clarify some points

Ah yeah sorry I thought it was all implied.

Young women of their age (in SEA) will go out of their way to do whatever the guy want them to do. New tits? Why, it is almost a requirement after a year or so of marriage!
Yes Rose is poor but did she have a job before they met? They never talked about it. For what I've seen theres no lack of job offerings in the Phillipines in tourist areas (Ive met people in the islands that came from towns far far away. They were poor but they heard there was good money in the tourist industry so they migrated). She is pretty, believe me, she could have gotten a nice, better-paid-than-most-entry-position job. .Yes, in these poor countries they care the most about looks.
That she didn't want to talk about the dad of her kid raised big flags to me. The women I've met that had kids before their "expat marriages" didn't have any problem talking about their exes, but I have heard of some that were doing "shady" jobs that got themselves preggers by their clients and of course didnt/couldnt say anything about the fathers.
If you marry a poor woman from a SEA country you better know you will have to send money to her family, either by your own will or by them asking you directly or giving you the good ol "i wish I had money to build the roof on my house, etc etc". No exceptions. This also goes for other poor countries in other parts of the world btw. My old university teacher was getting his wallet bled by some woman in Colombia that wanted to get a roof built for her family. He told me his friend, another teacher and also head of a dept in the university, was having the same issue with some girl from Russia.

Men that date/marry these women are 100% of the time losers, and in need of a companion. The sad part is that some of these actually believe the women saying they love them (or at least they act like they do). This is the category where I think Ed falls into. I think he must have heard a lot of guys telling him (after he told them about his new young pinoy gf) that he can tell her to do anything for him and she would be happy to do it. tldr It takes two to tango.

No. 549895

That entire essay typed out and all it did was make me pity Rose even more.

No. 549898

I follow the 90 day drama. This woman is claiming she used to work with Ed and he sexually assaulted her. Ed just deletes comments on her IG whenever someone brings it up. https://us.blastingnews.com/showbiz-tv/2020/04/90-day-fiance-big-eds-in-trouble-could-be-arrested-soon-over-alleged-harassment-003126145.html

No. 549900


1) Rose works at the shop that was attached to her house with her sister.

2) Men run away from their children all the time in western countries where there are court systems set up to force them to be responsible. Is a poor Filipino girl being a single mom that unbelievable?

3) Rose also said that her ex left her and her son and married another woman and had a kid with her. She said this to Ed a few episodes ago. He wants nothing to do with them.

You seem like you were a sexpat and now you're just bitter at women from that area.

No. 549901

new lindsay lohan song

No. 549903

Oh man. This is why I can't stand lolcow sometimes. Young woman, old man? omfg he must be abusing her. shes a saint! desgusteng! Seriously , there's no in between here. I have talked for experience from living over there and interacting with women from all the backgrounds and hearing their sides of the stories but oh no I must be wrong, Rose is good, poor girl with a kid, so innocent, the guy is bad, abuser, terrible.

Again I think Ed is wrong and also a creep but it goes 50/50. They are both equal fuck ups.

No. 549904

You sound like you have a vendetta against Rose lmao.

No. 549917

Nah anon is right, the entire thing was a mess. It's obvious it was a money thing but his autistic attitude was too much for her to bear. Don't insult her intelligence.

No. 549920


lmao what Filipino girl hurt you, friend?


Is this the one Alma co-wrote? Because I'm still laughing that she worked with Lindsay

No. 549922


yes, that's the song

No. 549938


today is the day, folks!

No. 549942

Lmao when you need to racebait because you have no counter argument.

No. 549952

>all this shit
Okay. So, what's your point? How does that make Rose unlikable, or Ed less abusive? How is she abusing him?
He knew what he was getting into. Look at her, and look at him. Imagine having sex with that mutant. Do you think he believes it even makes sense? He knows he can't get someone as pretty and patient as her in his own country. He should be paying for everything, it's the absolute least he can do. He has nothing to offer with his personality or his looks, all he has going for him is his wallet and a green card.
How is this 50/50? She's basically doing more work than the marines. She is not wrong to want a better life for herself and her child (though IMO she is wrong for wasting her own time and sacrificing mental health like this, she's probably normalized it in her own mind because she's been exploited this way before with fewer returns).
>I think he must have heard a lot of guys telling him (after he told them about his new young pinoy gf) that he can tell her to do anything for him and she would be happy to do it.
So, he was looking to take advantage of young, poor, desperate women from the start, and we should be thinking "Oh, poor guy"? Do you think he actually loves her? Why does he even deserve a companion?

No. 549979

Scripted reality shows. They always have to do something so they're talked about.

No. 549984

This isn't rare baiting. You are very bitter at rose for no reason. She literally just wants a better life for her Child and you're saying the dirty old man that has a house plastered full of pictures of 20 year old girls because he's a """photographer""" and brings lingerie with him to meet a girl younger than his daughter for sex, only to wait until he got laid to point out her dream of having more kids would not be happening with him is somehow on the same level as her? Please. She held up her end of the bargain.

No. 549990

Okay but did anyone else see her tell him OFF last night? It was amazing. He’s a disgusting creep, idc idc. He’s also always flirting with little girls on Tiktok.

No. 549996

File: 1588627286584.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1536x1805, 39FBA4A4-C81D-4F33-9C08-E4D783…)

Fucking weird he’s say xoxo to a 9y/o girl.

No. 550012

It seems like you're sexualizing something that's innocent in the first place

No. 550034

>>550012 nah this guy is always pushing boundaries on tiktok, there's a pattern. The dude is a walking red flag. Also >>549990 link pls

No. 550060

Why bother defending that pervert?

No. 550087

Who watches 90 day fiance with their 9 year old??

No. 550100

File: 1588635817561.jpg (156.89 KB, 1919x1080, download.jpg)

I just remembered who he reminds me of

No. 550125

Here ya go

No. 550134

File: 1588641278243.png (76.38 KB, 722x364, Screenshot_20200504-201446(1).…)

The baby is here!

No. 550141


No. 550147

please just be a really fucking dumb publicity stunt please say sike

No. 550158


too late for that

the antichrist is a taurus

No. 550159

the most common lolcow sign, of course.

No. 550177

Didn't Hailey and Justin say they went to the Hadid's for advice after Justin's lyme diagnosis though?

No. 550184

>actually think Justin’s Lyme disease isn’t just a cover up for his drug addiction

No. 550194

> She is pretty, believe me, she could have gotten a nice, better-paid-than-most-entry-position job.

This happens everywhere don’t be holier than thou even in NYC you can get a job by being a promoter if you are hot

No. 550195

Making a prediction about Justin Bieber, either he's gonna die before he reaches 30 or he's gonna get super buff, no in between

No. 550197

Let me rephrase that for you

> A has the ability to change the life of B promises the world fucks her brags about it and leaves.

Imagine starving sleeping in the ground and having to work barefoot yet people side with the walking thumb

No. 550207

File: 1588652564676.png (856.58 KB, 2048x1768, Screenshot_20200505-142230.png)

What do we reckon?

No. 550215

poor kid

No. 550224

How long do you think it'll take them to break up?

No. 550225

At least the baby won't have to worry about saving up for hair plugs. They'll just be presented to him on a silk pillow for his 21st birthday

No. 550239

At the start of quarantine Justin was live with Scooter on IG and Scooter had to remind him that he has Lyme. Found it weird.

No. 550273

Another boy. My tinfoil is that Elon only wants to have boys, which is why he always goes with in-vitro.

No. 550279

I thought Grimes said she wanted to raise the child non-binary/gender neutral or something. Wonder if she's pissed about the gender reveal.

No. 550285

There’s something deeply unsettling about that. Even some of the most misogynistic men seem pretty content with having daughters.

No. 550310

I mean it can happen, My Grandfather had a total of 7 brothers and 1 sister and him and his brothers ended up having either only sons or just 1 daughter rarely

No. 550311

File: 1588674629640.png (1.13 MB, 1204x976, Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 6.27…)

The thing is not even a day old ad it's already getting whored out for epic internet points and humiliated by this degenerate.

If the child wasn't gonna be a billionaire then I'd feel deeply sorry for it, being born to these two retards.

No. 550316

>>550311 it has Grimes' nose. Poor kid.

No. 550358

Is the second tweet the name of the baby? What the fuck?

No. 550362

File: 1588685540432.jpeg (399.1 KB, 1242x1726, EB819D1A-CBE9-4A83-9602-EFD153…)

Please be a joke, the baby got a fucking spaceship name

No. 550363

I heard somewhere that its code for Micheal Slash Archangel Mush

No. 550366

That's rough. I think Grimes would like and obviously relate to a girl better, maybe she wouldn't be such a careless airhead if she had a girl. Seeing as how he stated the gender after she said she didn't want to I imagine the kids whole life will be between Elon pushing his masculinity and her fighting against it

No. 550373

I'm glad it's a boy. She would've fucked up a little girl with her and Elon's issues.
See already >>550311, scumbags. Hope the kid emancipates himself when he gets the trust fund and the self-awareness.

No. 550387

Ngl I am dying for emma stone to lose fame already and have lindsay lohan to replace her, she’s such a cc of lilo when she was in her prime and seeing her so ugly pains me when she’s at an age to play serious roles. That song Lilo brought out is so garbage Though.
I’m out of the loop, what? Who is that photographer?

No. 550389

Did he delete that reply? I only see the pic of him and the baby.

No. 550397

Me too. Both grimes and Elon love to objectify girls. Especially with grimes' whole etherial ana goddess schtick I definitely see her as the type to get jealous over her daughters youth and try to steal the spotlight.

No. 550413

tbh I don’t think they will be such shit parents to a boy, probably have the kid learn how to sword fight and extra shit like that, I genuinely think he will grow up alright enough considering the circumstances.

A girl would’ve been utterly fucked

No. 550424

Haha what? Girls are special fragile snowflakes who absolutely cannot have autistic parents?

No. 550428

No. But both grimes and elon are huge misogynists, they would probably traumatize a girl beyond measure.
Grimes would probably push her weird ethereal anachan shit worse than yolanda hadid and god knows how horrible could be to a daughter.

A boy on the other hand will be loved and spoiled by these freaks.

No. 550442

Ok seriously, how do doctors/nurses sign off on this shit? Is it becuase they're billionares so they just keep quiet when they name the child something retarded?

No. 550443

Imagine doing this to your own fucking newborn. Jesus chirst.

No. 550450

File: 1588695834714.jpg (59.73 KB, 585x657, bb.JPG)

I really wonder how disappointing grimes is that turned out to be a boy …

No. 550451

She probably already knew, she stated she had a risk pregnancy so she didn’t announce it earlier, usually with this kind of stuff you need to get regular ultrasounds.

No. 550456

How do you even pronounce it?

No. 550459


like this

No. 550508

hopefully it doesnt end up with her ears too

No. 550511

It's art, anon, you wouldn't understand.

No. 550683


i can’t stand these two.. but especially amanda. having an open marriage is bound to fail

No. 550720

Go to /snow pls

No. 550750

It’s real, I can’t fucking believe it. I miss the days of naming it Covid or Corona, at least that’s decipherable.

He was born on May 4th. Now they have an excuse to be extra ~nerdy~ each year because they‘ll say May the fourth be with you like every other Star Wars fag.

No. 550805

You might think he's crying in that pic because he's a newborn baby but I think he's crying because even he knows that name is ridiculously stupid.

No. 550837

File: 1588750522536.jpg (121.04 KB, 634x825, 28056560-8291397-Incredible_Ad…)

No. 550839

Needs bangs or an aggressive side part.

No. 550841

holy shit she got SO thin SO fast. like, I'm impressed at how good it looks on her for how fast it happened, and I'd like to think she did it healthily but I'm suspicious tbh

No. 550844

Wow she looks like a queen and Sarah Paulson as well lol. I wonder if this affects her singing abilities. Brb googling what diet she is on, this is incredible.

No. 550847

Unbelievable, I didn't see the account name first and would never have guessed it was Adele

No. 550848

amazing, she looks really good, and has to a healthy weight range. Congrats Adele!

No. 550849

File: 1588754487173.jpg (33.51 KB, 577x166, h8ou9034p1x41.jpg)

No. 550851

I wanna scream lmfao

from her wikipedia page:
> While both Boucher and Musk have stated the child is named "X Æ A-12", California law dictates that legal names can only include the 26 letters of the English alphabet.[148][149]

I want to know what she plans on actually, practically calling him on a day-to-day basis.

No. 550853

File: 1588756324459.jpg (19.29 KB, 275x262, 1585049710482.jpg)

>naming your kid after a burial song
>random danish letters
>le epic mecha android science memes
/mu/ autists should just never reproduce

No. 550868

File: 1588762091399.jpg (21.43 KB, 400x293, EXUay0nX0AAWj_1.jpg)

Imagine correcting your gf in front of the whole internet for more edge points

No. 550874

Its funny when you realize that Elon has already had so many babies with so many different women.
This is like a collection to him LOL.
I do wonder if he will make another women pregnant again or will Grimes be the last one.

No. 550896


ouch. that's embarrassing.


He hasn't had children with "so many different women" though. Only Justine Musk and now Grimes.

No. 550902

That bodes well for their relationship

No. 550910

>inb4 this is all just a retarded meme to lead up to their kid being named michael

No. 550923

File: 1588773616513.jpeg (242.85 KB, 2048x1736, 41E2CF80-7161-4D5C-A2BB-27584C…)

Same. They’re probably just playing us because of this meme.

No. 550924

I wish I were in the simulation where Grimes’ dream of being pregnant at the same time as Azealia Banks wasn’t derailed. Elon could have his poly pregnant dream.

I hope Grimes is being emotionally mature now. She’s in her 30s and if those maternal instincts don’t start working now, that baby might as well be adopted by the nanny…

No. 550928

unfortunately you don’t just magically become mature when you get to your thirties or have a kid, and I doubt she’s going to start now

No. 550930


Also he didn’t even really fuck Justine, their kids an in vitro, thats why they came out as twins and triplets.

No. 550933

Can anyone tell me why did they do it this way? To make twins? To make only sons? Because it's cool and science-y?

No. 550938

Nah twins and triplets are normal in vitro fertilization, the mother will usually get warned the chances are really high she will have more than one baby.
I assume they were having difficulties on having children since he and Justine were married for almost 10 years, or he was so emotionally checked out of the relationship he didn’t want to have sex anymore but wanted kids.

No. 550942

I agree I’m glad it’s not a girl, but he’ll still be raised as a spoiled misogynistic wealthy male. I imagine he’d grow up to be quite capable if not doomed to be harmful to women in his life. Really any kid from them would’ve been doomed.

No. 550972

To add on, imagine claiming this is your ~favourite aircraft~ only to fuck it up

No. 550980

Lmao invitro is used for men with weak sperm/ male infertility

No. 550989

She is pandering to him heavily. I wonder if she knows how exactly misogynistic piece of shit he is and tries as hard as she can to stay relevant to him as long as possible, ~not like his other wives~. She hardly gives a shit about any airplanes, but names their child after one to please Musk, only to be corrected by him in front of the whole world. That is some level of pickme.

No. 550993

She looks good but Twitter is super salty that everyone is praising her for losing weight lmao

No. 550996

she looks cute af.

No. 551001

well tbh her weight loss is speculated to be caused by stress because of her divorce with her golddigger husband taking alot of her money.
Im guessing thats why not everyone is having a positive reaction??

No. 551007

nah it's fat acceptance HAES shit. there's very little valid concern about her weight loss, just "she doesn't look great she looks thin" and crap like that.

No. 551013

Go eat some bread and calm down, anachan
I'm going to keep speculating that this is just a huge fake pr stunt until video of grimes giving birth gets put on the internet. This baby is not real. I refuse to accept it. I do not see it.

No. 551020

I'm in the camp that Adele's weight loss isn't all that much of a good sign. She was a beautiful woman even when she was fatter, she achieved great things all while being outside the ideal so kudos to her in every way deserved.
But was this motivated by any kind of self-love? It really does appear stress-related and perhaps even overcompensatory as is common when women get divorced. Her ex husband sounds like a scumbag, who'd wanna eat knowing some broke scrub who could take care of himself is coming after half of everything you've worked for? Then society claps because this is 'equality' to them now.

No. 551036

Alot of people are claiming that Tim (from 90daysfiance) is either a closeted gay man or that he used to be a woman and is taking testosterone.

No. 551043

File: 1588794207219.jpg (66.66 KB, 748x1200, EGPBbHFX0AAxZ75.jpg)

I don't buy the FTM theory, but he definitely seems gay, he's very fem. The fact he took weeks to fuck an incredibly hot woman who wanted to have sex with him? Also these boots. Sir, you are gay.

No. 551056

I don't know how to explain it, but his face looks like it belongs to a gay mans. His posture and everything is so sleek.

No. 551096

Grimes didn't seem to undergo ivf so I think it may have been a her problem.
I'm all for positive weight loss if that's what she wants. She really looks so different. However, I think there's something up too. It all seemed to happen so quick. Did she mention she was going to lose weight or am I right in thinking it just happened? Imo not a good sign.

I don't know why everyone's getting so pissed off about Grimes' kid's name. It's fine to be pissed about the family situation or Grimes' immaturity but the child is going to grow up a celebrity anyway. Everyone's all like oh, the kid is not gonna be normal!! He's gonna be bullied by kids!! He was never going to be normal and I'm glad they came up with something different, even though I don't think the name is real, something about the way Elon announced it made it seem like a stunt. A kid's name shouldn't be a stunt but having a completely unique name on its own is a good thing. It's nice to think outside the box. I hate the way everybody just wants the kid to be called James or something because that's how it's always been and humans get mad at each other if they don't act the same way. Let's just hope that the child grows up happy.

No. 551104


>Grimes didn't seem to undergo ivf so I think it may have been a her problem.

excuse me, wh-what?

No. 551109

Grimes described herself as "knocked up" and didn't at any stage talk about an experience with IVF which leads me to believe that the problem he had conceiving with Justine was on her end and not his

No. 551113

For everyone arguing about Adele’s weightt loss, she started losing weight during her pregnancy because her obesity was causing complications, also why she was taking a hiatus from music pre divorce.

She has said multiple times that she lost weight to keep up with her child better, maybe the divorce stress exarcebated it but she started dieting a long time ago.

No. 551118

People want to forget and ignore that Adele faced health issues. So losing weight was definitely a good step in right direction for her since she's in her 30s and metabolism starts to slow down in your 30s. I hope she keeps it up and stays healthy

No. 551132

The fact that he could have just said this to her face and she could have quietly corrected it but he chose to do this instead shows what an arrogant prick he is.

No. 551153

I think also the fact that there were quite long periods where she wasn’t really photographed in public contribute to people thinking it was more sudden than it was because you didn’t really see her gradually losing weight in the public eye

No. 551209

File: 1588823292503.jpeg (92.53 KB, 600x600, CbWplsyVIAA1Q0W.jpeg)

She's part of those mom's like Meghan Fox and Charlize Theron that dressed their sons in dresses.

No. 551212

maybe the kid just likes dresses

No. 551215

right, like all those other celebrities' kids

No. 551221

Why do you say she's a misogynist?

Also they're trolling with the baby's name. It's a stupid troll, but still a troll nonetheless.

No. 551229

On Pillow Talk he always talks about how beautiful men are. I mean, there's nothing wrong with men calling men beautiful and if anything it's great. But he just went on and on about how Ash from the current season has great features and which features he liked, etc. He also talked about another man who was hot but I can't remember which.
If he's not gay, he's bi. But from the way he presents himself and the way he talks about other men, it's clearly more than a femininity thing.

No. 551237

this is one photo of her son in what looks like a Disney princess kinda dress up dress. I haven't seen anything in the media on Adele talking about dressing her son in girls clothes long term. Kids can play dress up, it's not always narc parents.

No. 551260


Its a common theme of complaint when people have fights with grimes, both poppy and azelia have said it that grimes plays feminist for woke points and was actually very misogynistic.

They aren’t the most trustworthy figures but she’s dating Elon ffs

No. 551280

Have you ever met kids irl anon? When they're young they don't give a shit if they're boy or girl if they want to dress up as a princess or a knight. I'm glad most parents just let them choose for themselves now. (and no I dont mean that gender fluid bullshit)

No. 551314

honestly, i don't hate tim. a lot of people went after him and honestly, he doesn't seem THAT bad. the same people who watch the show who mocked him for not having sex with the woman were the same ones who would have shamed him for jumping into bed with her immediately.

No. 551318

Looks like Anna's dress from Frozen. I'll never understand the obsession with this shit movie

No. 551320

>I'll never understand childrens obsession with a magical disney movie targetted at children
anon are you okay?

No. 551322

I'm more worried about the amount of grown women that I see obsessed with disney princess shit

No. 551324

let people enjoy harmless thing you douche

No. 551328

I said obsessed people anon, not just people who like it a bit. There's a whole community on Insta, late twenties women still living with their parents and instead of getting a mortgage they buy every single thing that the disney store comes out with and add it to their disney princess bedroom in moms house. That level isn't harmless. It's being stunted.

No. 551331

There are also weeaboos in their late 20s wich is exactly the same in my book.
how about the middle aged women fawning over twilight when it was popular.
people obsess over things, it's always been that way.

No. 551335

My mom let me dress up like a firefighter and a hammerhead shark when I was a kid. Kids are drawn to what's different because they want to imagine something beyond themselves. It's fine as long as he's not being forced to.

No. 551337

nta but just because something has always been this or that way, doesn't mean it gets to be exempt from criticism.

No. 551342

I've seen people do the same with pokemon toys too, I mean no matter what the brand is or whether it's been happening for years it's equally funny, and tragic. I had no idea disney would be a touchy subject on a board of adults.

No. 551354

people also obsess about things like football/soccer or cloth brands but those things are standard and thus considered "normal" so they're not considered weird or prone to criticism

No. 551356

I know exactly the type you mean.
There's nothing wrong with watching a Disney movie now and then for nostalgia sake or even having a collectible or two, but some of these grown ass adults act like liking Disney is a personality trait. I like a whole variety of geeky things but I am unable to get as immersed in them as I was as a kid/teenager.
I have found that the adult diehard fans of the following tend to be the worst-
Harry potter
Dr who
Marvel and dc film franchises
Lord of the rings

I have enjoyed some things of these fandoms, but I honestly think that adults obsessed with this stuff (I'm talking hyper obsessed) tend to be on the spectrum.

It's not about not letting people enjoy things, it's a whole different level where grown adults compete for attention over a franchise. Who can out fan each other.

Also I agree with the anon that said they don't understand the Frozen hype. I don't either. Extremely average film.

No. 551357

You are right, but even those sports people get fucking annoying too.
I think it's okay to be a super fan of something but if you are unable to have a conversation with another person who doesn't share your interest without making it about your obsession every two minutes, you need to work on your social skills.

No. 551361

you forgot kpop fans, they're unbearable.

No. 551362

File: 1588864148346.png (3.56 MB, 2050x1250, Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 11.0…)

i just learned that florence pugh and ray romano are dating?

No. 551363

I hope you're including Animal Crossing in the above discussion because I've never seen adults obsess over a game more in my entire life.

No. 551364


isn't this Zach Braff??

No. 551366

File: 1588864348430.jpeg (49.33 KB, 720x720, 1575060192004.jpeg)


No. 551368

Gross. She’s way too young and pretty for him

No. 551369

No. 551378

wow he aged really horribly

No. 551385

her new interview with Elle has so many contradictions

> it is “necessary” for her to respond to criticism about her relationship

> “it’s bizarre that normal folk are allowed to display such hate and opinions on a part of my life that I’m not putting out there”
> “I don’t want to talk about it because it’s not something I want to highlight”

she posted him on social media and then went on IG live ranting about how people should not be commenting on the age gap kek

No. 551400

File: 1588870121222.jpg (30.77 KB, 728x380, 1ab2699358d426f7a226f0.2266149…)


Florence is way too young and beautiful for that old ass man wtf

No. 551424

File: 1588875149761.jpeg (688.09 KB, 1600x900, 93419C64-0247-40E7-9519-689D1F…)

Christ, this is worse than Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin — Braff is almost twice Florence's age and washed-up imo.

No. 551471

wasn't he also dating jennifer lawrence for a hot second?

No. 551502

Yes. Chris Martin gives me manchild vibes

No. 551507

It's gotta be for career moves right? These gorgeous women can't possibly be into these goblins…

No. 551515

She’s so ashamed of him lol. I understand sometimes you just wanna fuck an older dude but that’s something that is typically better as just a fantasy than reality.

No. 551538

bitch, you're probably one of them.

No. 551542

>sometimes you just wanna fuck an older dude
lol sure, maybe if you have low self worth and are desperate for a little extra leverage over the guy. If he's actually hot then he might leave you or cheat on you after all.

Literally nobody has a fanatasy about fucking middle aged, ugly old Zach Braff.

No. 551558

idk about that. florence wouldn't benefit from dating zach since he hasn't been relevant in over a decade. meanwhile she's snatching up all of the good roles for actresses in her age range.

No. 551612

So the kids name is actually just Micheal

No. 551618

Fake news.

They were prohibited with going with the crazy ass shit, but still stuck to Ash/Sasha Archangel apparently.

No. 551619

I mean men have MILF fantasies, why can't women have DILF fantasies? but I see what you're saying, there's no reason a stable woman wants to be in a relationship with an old man, no woman wants to deal with the baggage

No. 551620

It seems they meant the kids name to be code from the start, pretty much right away people figured it out

No. 551642

File: 1588911960821.jpeg (841.51 KB, 1125x847, FE3460E6-D12F-4974-AB56-A97173…)

No. 551649

File: 1588913027743.png (208.93 KB, 400x378, 03388388-86EB-4AB5-BD04-0CB946…)

>that cameltoe
decisions were made…

No. 551650

I'd fuck him.

No. 551669

Why is there always a Photoshop anon in these threads?

No. 551737

Making your son wear a dress is the new ”adopting a kid from Africa for woke points”

No. 551742

>Aiden, 19, they/them

No. 551772

I like Miley Cyrus but I HATE HER PINK FLOYD COVERS. PLEASE JUST STOP! Who the fuck signed the rights over to her? Assuming she had to get some sort of permission to perform their songs live over and over. I'm sick of it..

No. 551773

No. 551781

File: 1588947564090.jpg (75.89 KB, 518x923, azealiatea1.jpg)

Azealia dropped some tea that Grimes went to get some fertility treatments to ensure she would babytrap him. She then pretended the kid was an accident.

Considering we all knew Elon has weak sperm, that's why he and justine did vitro. It was part of this rant I believe, but I cant find the screen of it for the life of me. Someone here probably has it and can drop it.

No. 551783

File: 1588947619465.jpg (204.88 KB, 1125x2436, azealiatea4.jpg)

Here is one of the screens where theyre talking about getting pregnant together.

No. 551798

Where is the fertility treatment milk though? Maybe we can summon AB to dump it all here kek

No. 551800

Ahhhh those texts barely make any sense, how are these grown adult human beings? Elon Musk should have his money taken away, his brain is seriously that of a 13 year olds. And Azalea with her “invisible world”, someone get this woman her meds. Its honestly depressing anytime I see any Azalea info, she is so fucking mentally unwell. I hate seeing a crazy person just let free to keep harming themselves like that.

No. 551815


I had the absolute honor to hear this live from david gilmour twice and once from roger waters and this is just bad. The guitar and the voice are not doing what they are suppose to do. There is no feeling, the og song has just so much heart and soul which isn't there with miley and she can cover all sorts of floyd and led zep shit bc she will be never on that lever.

No. 551828

azealia would go ape shit on here. i need it

No. 551865

Apparently Zach looks A LOT like her dad…

No. 551870

File: 1588963906613.jpg (58.98 KB, 634x682, 23540882-7900651-Florence_was_…)

all old white men look alike so i guess?

No. 551947

it's sad seeing her fans encourage this behavior. this woman needs professional behavior.

No. 551970

I scrolled by really fast and literally thought this was a recent picture of was Ray Romano.

No. 551980

Idk in another picture I saw he resembled Zach quite a bit. Take what I say with a grain of salt but their relationship is still skeevy.

No. 551982

zach braff and ray romano look a lot alike, >>551362 made a joke about it.

No. 552000

James Charles just ruined his career for the second time. We love to see it.

No. 552001

Post context or fuck off.

No. 552002

youtubers have a thread of their own

No. 552020

I thought Zach braff was gay wtf

No. 552052

I'm still a fan of hers, but I feel very conflicted about her choices lately. Elon Musk is an objectively shitty person, and my initial instinct is to say that he's bringing out the worst in her, but maybe I'm biased because I still want to like her?

I honestly don't mind her lolrandum persona all that much. I don't even care about the baby name because it's clearly a joke…I just don't really get what the joke is? Was there any point to any of it other than to drum up attention? It all just seems so stupid.

I don't know what the hell she was thinking getting involved with AB either. I only recently even found out about that.

No. 552075

Banks is seriously deranged and 1000x worse than Grimes. I really wish she would just completely stop being relevant. She's one of the most toxic female celebrities that has ever existed.

No. 552093

>azealia would go ape shit on here.
The milk produced could keep us going for YEARS.

No. 552114

Except 90% of it would be lies, nonsensical rambling, or out of context messaging screenshots. Nothing she ever provides even means anything, like >>551783 cool Elon smokes weed, the screenshot is essentially meaningless. Except for the part where Azalea sounds more crazy, delusional, and pushy.

No. 552135

Ew, just ew.

No. 552185


People are saying it IS for attention.
1) grimes probably wouldn't reveal her baby's name, she trolls the media all the time giving incorrect answers to those asking about her personal life.
2) Very sure it is PR from when he tanked Tesla stocks last year for being a stoner, was involved in profiteering off the Bolvian coup for lithium cells in Berlin, or recently from when he promised to send ventilators, he sent like 10% of the promised number (like literally under #40 ventilators), and OH they didn't work for COVID patients.
Apparently the baby name is pronounced Kyle - but… they prob just got high as shit and thought it would be funny and just had someone help generate the most ridiculous name.
Sage bc newfag and idk what I'm doing

No. 552190

Never heard of this goober, just wanted to say that his fake dentures that are too big for his mouth brought me endless amusement throughout this video.
It's the paradox of this man being embarrassed enough of his rotted out gob to get false teeth, but felt nothing as he put a bunch of ugly scribbles all over his body and dresses like a clown on the daily.

Oh what's the word…cognitive dissonance? Yeah. Delulu.

No. 552203

He's extra cringe now that he's still rapping about being a hardman gangster despite snitching on all his gangster friends in court and surrounded by models when if it wasn't for corona he'd still be locked up with only men probably worried about them sexually objectifying him lul.

No. 552205

NTA, but when has Azealia ever actually lied?

No. 552206


No. 552210

File: 1589052437992.jpeg (51.19 KB, 848x960, 830617C6-8C1C-4158-9B1E-674BA6…)

neil gaiman and amanda palmer split up recently. amanda is an attention whore and posted about it on her patreon. neil just updated his goodreads with this and i’m deceased. they’re both so petty it’s amazing

No. 552214

I hate this fuck. Can’t someone off him already? He’s been asking for it for years

No. 552217

love this but we have an Amanda Palmer thread

No. 552218

they have a thread in the gossip boards

No. 552219

i thought he'd be dead immediately following his release. i love thinking about him agreeing to witness protection wtf would they even do

No. 552221

on the other hand, this looks shooped and I don't see the book in Gaiman's activity

No. 552228

according to TMZ, his neighbour posted his address online so now it's just a matter of time

No. 552232


oh man i had no idea, sorry anons

No. 552242

>she trolls the media all the time giving incorrect answers to those asking about her personal life.

i don't think this is a very valid criticism tbh. maybe it's annoying, but is she actively harming anyone by doing this? maybe she just doesn't want the entire world knowing the intimate details of her personal life?

telling people you don't want to answer personal questions as a celebrity doesn't make anyone stop asking, or from wanting to know more. if she were telling people to fuck off, the criticism would just be something like "oh, she's a bitch." if she were politely saying "i don't want to get into that," the criticism would be, "oh, she's hiding something."

celebrities who aren't 100% open about every intimate detail of their lives are always given some kind of flack, regardless of whatever method they choose to protect their privacy.

No. 552243

I can't answer this personally, but she's such an inflammatory and emotionally unstable person that I think it's very unlikely that she doesn't heavily exaggerate a lot of her claims.

No. 552616

File: 1589162611506.jpg (748.82 KB, 3464x3464, nTwB5bA.jpg)

Chrissy Teigen privated her twitter account after her drama with NYT food columnist Alison Roman

No. 552618

File: 1589163314175.png (78.01 KB, 1184x434, xaU5nC1.png)

No. 552629

This would make a great banner

No. 552633

I hate her pinched looking face so much


No. 552648

File: 1589168598801.jpg (18.48 KB, 360x217, EXnecG3WoAAGjhM.jpg)

I love how everyone came to Chrissy's defense for like 2 seconds yesterday before it switched to people remembering the annoying ass shit she tweets in an attempt to curate a faux relatable girl personality, mixed in with weird and very unrelatable jokes like this one, and they all went back to hating her… going private at 12 million followers is fucking hilarious though. I don't despise her or anything but something about her is super annoying to me. every time I see her bloated face on my timeline it's always just her trying too hard to be funny and failing

No. 552658

What a rancid bitch

No. 552672

File: 1589172334522.jpg (32.97 KB, 560x415, rs_560x415-140626181116-1024-k…)

her faux-relatability aside, she's just not attractive to me at all, which is weird because she's supposed to be a conventionally attractive swimsuit model. i know it comes across as very "2/10 pointy elbows" considering she's a SI cover model, but she has the face of a woman two or three times her weight, and although she's thin, she still reads as broad. she and Kate Upton are in identical boats to me– don't get the male hype.

agree on this as well!

No. 552677

Kate has a classically beautiful face and huge boobs, I can see how that has carried her despite her waist.

But does Chrissy even have male fans…? I feel like she's talked about constantly, but never for the things she's supposedly famous for. Just social media or her online presence, I've never seen her mentioned in any other context.

No. 552705

File: 1589181180629.jpeg (137.81 KB, 1908x1146, 76962D4B-E0F6-49C3-B15E-1570E6…)

She’s not attractive at all and her horrible personality makes her appear even worse

No. 552706

It's a fad for rappers to get fake dentures regardless of their dental health.
I think its ugly as sin but oh well.

No. 552710

He specifically went out of his way to find a downtrodden, poor third world woman who could make into his living sex doll. So if you wanna actually do a who vs who

no neck ed
- Lied about wanting kids/getting a vasectomy when she told him at the very start she wanted kids. Dangle marriage/a genuine relationship with her except when he got over there he started having "doubts" over any single little thing.

-Insulted her, treated her like a child, insulted her family.

-Pretended he was going to be a father to her son, who is Rose's entire world and then basically dumped the kid as soon as he could so he could get her alone in a not third world hotel.

-He has been trying to get famous for years, he literally lied and fake dated her so he could be on tv. He had merchandise premade before the show ever got made because he thought he was gonna somehow be the underdog and loveable guy to come out from this.

-Very evident he had no intention of actually being with her other than to fuck her once and be on the show.
His entire luggage was sexy underwear for her to wear FOR HIM, sheets for HIM because he didnt want to sleep on anything less than 4k count sheets. He asked her to get an std test but he wouldn't do it in the phillipines because he didnt think the tests were up to par but for her it was okay? When she said she had an ulcer, he didn't ask how to fix this or tell her that they should go to the doctor. He just didn't care. He thought she was a dumb, 3rd world poor woman who would fall at his feet and be his living sex doll because HE KNEW that SHE KNEW that all she wanted was to have a better quality of life for her and her son.

What Rose did.

-Want to have a marriage, more kids and a stable, better quality of life in America for her and her son. You know, not live next to pig shit and the like.

No. 552801

the fucking irony of chrissy playing the "poor me" bullied victim role less than two weeks after being exposed for legitimately bullying a teenage girl and wishing death upon her… did she even ever address the whole courtney stodden situtation?!

No. 552809

She used to be pretty imo but she ruined it with fillers etc. She's such a nasty mean girl. Team Courtney Stodden.

Men like Ed have been babied and had their harassment downplayed by women for years because of women generally being nicer/more tolerant, being socialized into niceness to men, and him playing the pity game.

He came on 90 day ready to play a game and then saw the storyline he wrote for him and rose slip away from him because he didn't bank on his young third worlder gf actually having a backbone.

Fuck ed and all men like him that contribute to sex tourism.

No. 552815

She's obviously not a pure, innocent angel but I'd try to bag a 'rich' western man too if I were stuck in a dirtpoor country. My dumb rabbits live a better quality of life than she does. Can't blame her for trying to get out and achieve a quality of life that's actually humane.

No. 552836

File: 1589213125894.png (58.32 KB, 518x287, chrissyteiganbeingabitch.png)

chrissy teigan bs incoming
i think the girl was 9 at the time

No. 552837

File: 1589213231581.jpg (87.68 KB, 2048x935, detached.jpg)

No. 552839

File: 1589213323632.jpg (71.81 KB, 1080x924, i.jpg)

No. 552840

File: 1589213435081.jpg (116.72 KB, 1188x1012, EXmTXfsXsAMMHjA.jpg)

if i did my math right, courtney stodden was 16

No. 552859

File: 1589217163328.jpeg (77.87 KB, 640x293, F6FC93AA-B22B-48FA-8C65-EEB4BC…)

Fuck Chrissy Teigen omg

No. 552861

She looks like what happens when you are allergic to hair dye… gross bitch inside and out. Her poor daughter is doomed

No. 552862

My god, what does John legend see in this rancid bitch? Jesus the level of Karen and privilege is gross.

No. 552864

i know these are from 2011 and people can change blah blah. but the bitch was 26 and older tweeting this shit. it's not like people dug up tweets from when the person was 15 and can be forgivable

No. 552875

She is exactly what he deserves
I kek'd a little ngl

No. 552891

Idk why farmers hate her. I think she has the stereotypical somewhat unstable and trollish behavior of a farmer, tbh. She just happened to get married to a very public figure and launch an empire off it. Chrissy secured the bag forever and still gets caught up in Twitter… She needs to follow the Beyoncé social media approach.

No. 552893

It's cuz she's ugly.
Also she's not the right kind of farmer, she just says dumb shit instead of something true or relevant.

No. 552895

Why is Chrissy Tiegen famous? She claims to be a model but I've only found badly photoshopped sport illustrated or whatever American mag she was on the cover of. She's short with a frog face, was she an escort or something and fucked enough famous guys to get some clout? She reeks of insecurity.

No. 552898

Beyonce actually has (had? I haven't paid attention to her career in a while) music, looks and dancing to offer to warrant her fame. She also made it "big" before social media became an important thing for celebrities, so she never really needed it outside of the extra PR.
Chrissy Teigen has literally nothing but a bad attitude and social media. She can't even monetize her looks the way the Kardashians have. If she gets off Twitter, she loses it all.

No. 552899

Farmers have the sense to be bitches anonymously, not on personal social media accounts with millions of followers. She's a dumb bitch

No. 552904

That’s the thing. You’ll find from through forums of guys oogling female celebs (I’ve done that out of curiosity, yes) that you never see Chrissy on there. As >>552672 brought up, Kate Upton gets way more positive attention for her looks—in such communities and in general.

Farmers bitch and gossip anonymously. She does it on a public forum and is a grown ass woman with a daughter who tears down other women needlessly. not being able to keep your bitchy slights to yourself or in more private environments is immature and tacky. She’s more of a cow than a farmer, and people would call her out more if she weren’t married to a seemingly nice star.

No. 552987

I'll give you that she does have that edgy sort of farmer tendency, and I support anyone who can secure the bag just doing what they want, but when you compare her to other celeb trolls like azealia banks, azealia is actually genuinely funny and when her hot takes are right, they're right on the nose, in spite of her obvious mental illness. chrissy on the other hand is never funny and her twitter persona comes off as all wrong to me. idk how to explain it but she just misses the mark so often that it becomes cringe. like you can sense she wants so badly to be a self-aware celeb that's not like the other rich celebs!!!1 but as you can see by the maid tweets, having money really blinds any attempts to be relatable or down to earth. I'll admit I actually like her when it's just her youtube videos of IG stories being her at home, baking with her kids and being natural and not forcing herself into this weird snarkyfunnybitchgirl role, but maybe that's because she just seems like a cool fun normal parent for a minute. then i go back to her vile courtney stodden tweets and change my mind lol

did anyone see the actual video these are from? it was borderline creepy. she was just flailing around in an unflattering one piece saying something like "here's my first thirst trap… I'm going to trap you… with my thirst…"

also not to project/ go in on her too hard, but her face literally looks WORSE than mine when it blew up due to complications from bulimia, fucked up lymph nodes and allergies a few years ago. how you can have that much money and not get your face done properly is beyond me. like another anon said she used to be pretty but she's a very good example of why I will neeever get fillers

No. 552998

File: 1589237476516.jpeg (319.46 KB, 1125x1103, E808C66B-81C0-4819-BF02-539E08…)


Muskrat plans to set up shop in Texas

People are already afraid of Texas turning to a blue state but on the other hand, more jobs will be available. shrugs

No. 553048

File: 1589246185888.jpg (117.97 KB, 855x900, JGcCgsX.jpg)

No. 553074

>Anna uses tankie buzzwords to badly disguise her hatred for women

Just like every other day

No. 553098

Does she even belong in the celebricows thread?

No. 553103

I just posted it because the guy who liked the tweet works with Alison Roman. Some people are holding it against her

No. 553109


Wait, who is Anna Khachiyan?

No. 553114

A cryptofacist disguised as a neo communist. But full of quips. Known for being 1/2 of red scare (podcast)

No. 553127

>human whoopee cushion
ngl that was funny

No. 553158

File: 1589279369837.jpg (49.54 KB, 828x692, ISfxwDj.jpg)

No. 553160

what the fuck is his problem?

No. 553173

daddy's south african mines worldview

No. 553184

File: 1589288485671.jpeg (207.97 KB, 2048x1765, 6F5F49C5-2CB5-4180-966A-58E20B…)

Can someone please translate

No. 553185

Google Teigen and Alison Roman.

No. 553187

did they mention shallots..like where did that come from. I don’t want to read Allison’s block of text

No. 553192

Alison is a food writer and shallot pasta is one of her most popular recipes

No. 553199

yeah and I wonder how Courtney Stodden felt reading the shit you tweeted while she was being abused. God i can't stand this cunt.

No. 553203

File: 1589294831892.jpeg (81.4 KB, 1171x827, simplywtf.jpeg)

sorry if we're over talking about chrissy teigen by now but this tweet is just sending me. rich people are just so detached

No. 553208

File: 1589295601843.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x1244, A331735E-D3C2-440E-A163-194119…)

Also, when she had children she behaved like she’s the only woman in the world who has given birth/gone though a difficult pregnancy

No. 553222

She's so ugly. Like, I know Legend isnt a looker himself, but at least he's talented. Holyshit, she's so bloated and deformed looking. Like a corpse who has been found days later in a lake. On top of that, she's entitled af. She's trying to relatable but also being completely confused how modern everyday people function.

No. 553235

File: 1589302969821.jpeg (496.3 KB, 1536x845, 3ABE3283-F9A1-42AA-9B0A-E6E356…)

She reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence in the sense that she tries to hard to shill the whole one of the guys, down to earth, “I like eating hotdogs and swearing” cool girl persona and it comes across as laughably fake. She constantly puts other women down in an attempt to feel better about herself, I can’t imagine what a nightmare it must be being married to her

No. 553272

>She constantly puts other women down in an attempt to feel better about herself
Right, because why else would someone criticize Melania other than NLOGness?

No. 553274

File: 1589311324873.jpeg (140.39 KB, 720x1480, DCFAC527-A1F0-49C4-9E2F-7F5D06…)


No. 553285

I get that everyone is bored during quarantine and celebs are trying to stir up drama to spice up their days sitting in their mansions doing nothing while their nannies take care of their kids, but do they really not realize how bad this makes them look? Normal people are worried about their jobs and healthcare during a pandemic, while these people are having online catfights about whether or not it's anti-feminist to dislike another woman. Twitter is such an utter cesspool, celebrities are a disease.

No. 553320

God this is so obnoxious. This is almost definitely a huge exaggeration for pity points, but still, famous people should be used to this and have thicker skin. Sure, it sucks when someone doesn't like you, but stop laying it on so thick for sympathy. It's gross.

I used to think Alison Roman was super annoying but I have to admit, her recipes are solid. This whole thing actually made me like her way more lol

No. 553356


bro did i say it was a criticism? reading comprehension hon.

No. 553468

I’m not saying Melania can’t be criticized, I was using the tweet as an example of her trying to seem like a cool girl, she has a long history of attacking women via twitter, including little girls

No. 553476

File: 1589368696975.jpeg (346.45 KB, 1800x1012, 377154E1-C071-49DC-9801-9C7D01…)

Think about the poor rich people’s feelings!!1!1!!

I feel the exact same way and have felt this way for years and could NOT for the life of me understand how her bulbous face was never pointed out by anyone. She seriously destroyed her face.

No. 553481

I know a couple of guys who like Chrissy but only because she's John Legend's slam piece (exact words). I think men can be memed into finding someone attractive if they think other men find her attractive (plus she's got big boobs and if we look at Momokun's career that's enough for some guys).

No. 553485

Did she have surgery?

No. 553497

Looks like she got filler.

No. 553530

This has to be shopped. Her face has become such a pillow.
I don't understand why plump checked/round faced actresses and models get cheek filler. It almost always ends up looking bad from overdoing it.

I can understand actresses like Angelina Jolie or Gwyneth Paltrow where they have lost a lot of volume in their face, but she was already quite chubby cheeked. She looks one needle away from Wildenstein.

No. 553535

Im not an expert but generally you lose face fat as you grow older, right?

Maybe shes an alchy? Their faces look swollen all the time

No. 553542

I remember an article on her she said her whole face is fake but her cheeks, surprisingly. Idk why they’ve gotten so large, I read that a while so they could be fake now too lol. She’s pretty open about all her plastic surgery. I also remember a pic of a celeb, I swear it was her, with their shaved pointy teeth before they got veneers but I can’t find it.

No. 553551

I can't understand how anyone can be memed into getting veneers unless your teeth are hopelessly messed up in the first place, and I mean rotted away not just crooked

No. 553552

Yeah you do lose face fat as you get older but some people still don't need fillers, it doesn't necessarily make them look younger.
Like imagine having a round face like Devon aoki or Gemma Ward. Sure there's other minor procedures or things you could do, but adding filler to already rounded features makes them look worse.

It's the same for botox. People think it will make them look younger when it doesn't always work get way. They end up even more saggier with weird Disney villain eyebrows when they should have just gotten a well done minor facelift.

No. 553553

Hilary duff had really bad oversized veneers back in the day which was weird because she's always had good teeth.
Danielle bregoli has some bloody shocking ones at the moment. She looks like a little horse.

No. 553629

Creepy empty bug person eyes

No. 553671

File: 1589406176718.jpeg (121.05 KB, 1200x900, 18AC2AD8-EBEF-4937-9231-A68726…)

She looks like one of those weird little craft dolls you make out of pantyhose

No. 553678

Im not even going to ask what that is

No. 553697

Sage with your useless commentary newfag.

No. 553860

Not super familiar with the concept but could they be bulimia cheeks?

No. 553934

She’s said she regrets going overboard with cheek fillers. Why not get them dissolved then? She’s such a pickme. Used to like her cooking now it’s just weird

No. 553953

She has literally never said this. She maintains her cheeks are real for some reason and backtracked on her comment about everything else being fake besides her cheeks as a joke being taken out of context, she has admitted to having lipo under her arms, a breast augmentation, veneers and Botox in her jaw but nothing else

No. 553965

I don't know that much about Chrissy but I'm here for all of this trashing. She always annoyed me for some reason. She tweets for like, good person points or to be relatable. I remember her tweeting about the new luigi's mansion game. I thought it was cool at the time but along with her other tweets it's just odd and obviously tryhard and fake. Like, why does it matter? She must truly have no life.
I was also wondering about what she got done to her face. She already had extremely high cheekbones, now with the fillers she looks ridiculous. Jesus. She obviously maintains it all for some reason because I think they would just go down or she could get them dissolved.
She's probably out of touch with reality and what her face actually looks like though.

No. 554058


uh…. as an actual non-idiot answer…
her cheeks look like reg filler. The bulimia-puffing is, for ONE, within an area under the ear - toward - the - jaw. I would not say she show Obvious (bc of the filler…) Bulimia except in
>> 552705
where you can see a weird lump to the top-left lower jaw… but shit, that could be stress

Sage bc I wanted to respond, not speculate. Despite spec…

No. 554059

same anon. I was space-cadet w the link

No. 554063

I recently saw a YT video from an aesthetician (I think?) that said filler doesn't actually disappear, it just migrates/spreads out. So if you don't get them dissolved and instead just add more, it eventually turns into a grotesque, bloated face.

No. 554120

That literally looks like the face a 300 lb woman would have.

No. 554128

No, if it's some how not filler, I could believe that she's a wino like >>553535 mentioned.

No. 554308

>>543270 nah bulimia cheeks is actually swollen glands around the jawline area, not the actual cheeks

No. 554319

File: 1589578564648.jpeg (688.18 KB, 1242x1759, A538D7EB-C5C6-467E-BBA3-0305CB…)

She is, so that could be partly why, but I think there’s a 0% chance she’s never had any fillers


No. 554337

Chrissy made her Twitter public again, I can't stand her.

No. 554413

Jesus Christ how can people be mad about a relationship like this, in goddamn 2020

No. 554430

are we going to talk about traumaqueen4eva or is that already old news? Does anybody have more milk other than the screenshots that the tabloids picked up?

No. 554461

File: 1589610859817.png (729.36 KB, 806x803, PKKJYAU.png)

No. 554468

No. 554518

Seems like a healthy relationship /s. I feel kinda sad for her. Choosing guys like him clearly has something to do with the abuse she experienced as a kid.
I'm confused about the money stuff though, because last I heard I thought the twins had plenty of their own?

No. 554529

this always cracks me up. I'm rooting for her, just looking at him grosses me out (still a smaller age gap than Florence Pugh and Zach Braff).
Glad to see Ashley is in a seemingly stable relationship with a decent younger guy.

No. 554542

Abuse? As far as I know, both sisters had a good childhood (nothing like Drew Barrymore's).
I dont get why most people think badly of a woman dating a much older man (either that shes a goldigger or she has daddy issues/abuse etc etc). I am attracted to much older guys, and yet I dont have issues or was abused as a kid.

No. 554546

just because you weren't abused doesn't mean others haven't. There is no solid proof out there, but it's an open secret that Hollywood is full of pedos.

No. 554563

What, the cigarettes? The Olsen twins have been hardcore smokers for a while now, unfortunately.

My understanding is that the issue is he’s trying to kick her out of their apartment. During a pandemic. Apparently he’s terminated the lease and she has to be out by the 18th despite the fact that she’s not even present in the apartment right now. Some legal expert speculated that the courts are using her as an example to be all “your money doesn’t grant you an exception to the rules,” but I feel bad for her. There has to be some kind of legal mumbojumbo in their marriage that’s preventing her from getting her things until the divorce is finalized.

No. 554589

This only ever happens when a black woman dates out. Just saying. Too bad we can't discuss this further.

No. 554600

I don't believe you don't have issues

No. 554602

Same as the vampire dude (I can’t remember his name but Edward) and FKA twigs

No. 554607

Farmers saying they don't have issues and expecting anyone to believe them is probably the funniest thing about this board. Most of the people you come here to make fun of probably have more self awareness than you.

No. 554712

>“I look at old photos of me, and I don’t feel connected to them at all… I would never wish my upbringing on anyone…”

-Mary-Kate Olsen during an interview with Marie-Claire, where she referred to she and her sister as “little monkey performers” as children.

No. 554733

Found Chrissy Teigen.

Go back to Twitter and post about your baby shitting on your rug again x

No. 554735

go back to sucking old fermented dick x

No. 554736

If there's no trauma in your past, your issue is simply low self esteem and being a pickme. Nothing else explains attraction to objectively less attractive men except a deeply ingrained understanding that the older the women, the less valued she is by men and dating an old man is the easiest way to counteract that.

No. 554756

File: 1589681206105.png (1.33 MB, 1144x638, drctfvgybh.png)

jfc, that photo at the bottom of the article

No. 554760

well the thing is in both instances it wasn't adult black or white men making hateful comments but rather white teenage girls, which is odd

No. 554761

nayrt but how is that odd?

No. 554772

Its usually adult men(both black and white) who take part in this behavior, not teenage girls

No. 554773

dumbasses being sjws

No. 554775

File: 1589688257076.png (320.77 KB, 658x640, Screenshot_20200517-000053~2.p…)

No. 554784


NTAYRT, but my boyfriend is 8 years old than me, and I don't have any issues. There's no such thing as "objectively attractive", I prioritize intelligence, humour, maturity, and being a good provider in a man over physical attributes. Once you're an adult over a certain age, differences in years matter much less when you can find a true connection.

That being said, Olivier seems like a total douchebag and like he wants to wield the power dynamic against Mary Kate simply because of his money. Not cool.

No. 554807

God, the fear and uncomfiness in her eyes… I feel so horrible for her.

No. 554843

He doesn’t deserve it

No. 554846

File: 1589711378329.gif (1.03 MB, 500x375, ulP2eYn.gif)

>I prioritize intelligence, humour, maturity, and being a good provider in a man over physical attributes.
Bragging about your ugly old sugar daddy doesn't usually go over well here.
He's like Pete Davidson - he has that tall mentally ill dick that women in Hollywood go apeshit for.

No. 554854

ot but mgk is hot as fuck

No. 554865

8 years is hardly an age gap but for some reason you feel the need to justify your relationship to strangers on the internet? i guess if the shoe fits girl

No. 554868

Enjoy your old man and his erectile defuction girl but don't brag about it lmao

No. 554877

No. 554882

what is this? like what's the tea

No. 554885

Doja cat was active on tinychat yesterday or so

Imagine risking your career to hang out with neckbeards just like that.

No. 554887

lol that's not a big deal. quit nitpicking. she's bored in quarantine. i doubt anyone is going to cancel her for fucking around with neckbeards

No. 554888

I hope so tbh, I really like her music

No. 554892

Literally how, he looks like a heroin addict

No. 554899

Meghan NOOOO, you could do so much better girl! Don’t do yourself like that. MGK looking like a rotten shrimp compared to that goddess (IMO)

No. 554911

This is no the first time, she used to strip for them and show her boobs.

No. 554917

She's just going back to her roots, remember she used to post for /soc/

No. 554929

heroin chic is and has been really in since the early 00s

this is really funny. does anyone have any sources for that lmao. that would change my whole perspective of who she is

i think that's funny

No. 554960

i like doja cat, but this is probably the least surprising thing you could possible reveal to me about her past lmao. she is 100% the kind of person who would do that if bored and alone for too long.

given this, i'm actually surprised that she hasn't had nudes get leaked yet.

No. 554966

What abuse? I wouldn't be surprised if the Olsen Twins got diddled since they were raised in pedowood and all that, but is there confirmation?

No. 554969

The Olsen twins are very private people. I really doubt that they would reveal such a thing to the public if it happened. I've watched a lot of their interviews back when they were a thing, and even then, they came across as very introverted and uncomfortable talking about more private aspects of their personal life. They don't seem to like drama at all, and usually give very polite and safe answers to any questions that had the potential to spark controversy.

The girls did not have a normal life by any stretch of the imagination. They have been famous since they were infants. The awareness of how different they are in comparison to the rest of the population had to have been traumatic to some extent. Even if they weren't personally sexually abused, they were more than likely exposed to pedophiles who made them feel uncomfortable, or perhaps even witnessed other kids their age being sexually abused/groomed.

I think it's entirely possible to grow up in Hollywood without being explicitly sexually abused and still end up fucked up.

No. 554975

Megan Fox looks terrible these days. She used to be so beautiful but now she’s morphing into Jocelyn Wildenstein. Still think she can do way better than mgk though.

No. 555031

exactly. maybe they avoided the worst of pedowood (doubt it tbh) not having time to be a child would fuck anyone up

No. 555041

mgk is way better looking than pete davidson tho

No. 555044


Don't forget that both of them seem to struggly with mental health, Mary Kate even had to be institutionalized due to her anorexia back in the day, they clearly didn't have happy lives.

No. 555066

File: 1589774041364.jpg (105.25 KB, 640x1097, 1589755704295.jpg)

Looks like a doofus. I Swear straight Women have god awful taste in men.

No. 555069

He looks like a conventionally hot yet trashy fuckboy, I don't see the controversy about finding him attractive. Though I've been eternally turned off him since I saw him naked in that motley crue movie, I don't know if he had a body double because he had no tattoos, but he was sickly, scary skinny and it was offputting.

No. 555076

A lot of women like his aesthetic. I don't find him ugly, but he ok facial wise, i can see it. Far better looking than Pete Davidson.

No. 555083

File: 1589779445131.jpg (83.77 KB, 750x959, 64145929-2346-423b-a4b8-542af2…)

How is Grimes going to try to pretend to be a "uwu woke femme empowerment qween" when her baby daddy posts shit like this?

No. 555090

File: 1589782578032.jpg (71.31 KB, 1080x1161, 20200518_011423.jpg)

Seems like Grimes's mom doesn't like Elon lmao

No. 555092

jesus grimes listen to your mother…

No. 555095

this is the most sickening image i'm going to puke
muskrat and the trump family all need to be assassinated asap

No. 555097

Even reddit has been turning on muskrat lately. I'm happy ppl are finally seeing him for who he is.

No. 555099

Pretty face, 6'4, skinny, bad boy type. Not a keeper but plenty of girls go through phases where they're into guys like that.

No. 555102

No. 555103

>whats the tea
I guess having a wealthy family of producers and Dr. Luke does a girl good.

No. 555112

People think this shit is attractive? fucking hell. The bar is on the floor. How have men degenerated to this and why is it accepted?

No. 555123

Is this a fake tweet? The timestamp looks off. Shouldn't it be formatted as "6:52 PM" not "6:52 p.m."?

No. 555124

This is exactly how I feel seeing people say he is attractive is making me feel like I’m going insane

No. 555130

Dope song tbh

No. 555135

Is he referring to the MRA red pill though? Or is he turning alt right? I would say it is the latter, especially since Ivanka Trump commented on it. It probably has to do with him being against the Corona measurements, he was already complaining about lockdown and opening his factories back up >>553158
I am rooting for Grimes’ mum (if this Tweet is real), but I don’t think he was trying to promote MRA bullshit.

No. 555153

He looks like literal trailer trash, Jesus.

No. 555157

File: 1589801585852.jpg (162.1 KB, 1080x1080, NINTCHDBPICT000530884845.jpg)

>Pretty face, 6'4, skinny, bad boy type. Not a keeper but plenty of girls go through phases where they're into guys like that.

thats understandable if you're 15 year old girl, Megan Fox is 34 years old and a mother to three kids

No. 555165

File: 1589802970940.jpeg (211.34 KB, 1112x2048, 007F1019-88AA-484D-BBC2-2F9D7F…)

She is aware of the tweet but she unliked it

No. 555171

I'm in my 30s but I like skinny pretty boys

No. 555174

Liking skinny pretty boys is one thing, liking the guy who looks like he sells drugs outside a burger king parking lot is a whole other ball game

No. 555175

Based mom.

No. 555177

He looks like your average low self esteem fuck boy that looks like he'd be very eager to please a conventionally hot woman. That amount of terrible tattoos just screams "yearning for attention". He's probably used a lot in between relationships

No. 555179

How should we remember when there’s no source? Post the source pls.

No. 555181

this is the best fucking news.
i think it's that combined w qanon shit

No. 555185

he looks like that sloth thing from ice age.

No. 555189

I won't believe it until I see a proof of anti-Musk circlejerk in mainstream subreddits

No. 555193

Basically he's just for casual sex but nothing beyond that

No. 555200

If you see how shit most men look just a guy being not fat, not old looking and tall is enough for most of us.

No. 555230

He’s got an okay face, definitely seen way more attractive men. he’s not ugly but he has the worst tattoos I’ve ever seen in my life. I personally love tattoos but I want him to laser his off they are so bad!

No. 555281

joaquin and rooney mara are expecting

No. 555293

File: 1589831463503.jpeg (108.88 KB, 618x960, DC413E7A-5DEE-4F32-996D-E696D7…)

Jennifer Lopez posted a picture of a guy tied up on her Instagram and keeps deleting comments about it. Zoomed in version in next post if you can’t see it (over her right shoulder)

No. 555294

File: 1589831494241.jpeg (113.34 KB, 640x1351, B6362F4E-2476-4429-9A8C-B1248F…)

Zoomed in and circled. Thoughts?

No. 555296

tied up? is he not just wearing a face mask?

No. 555297

Yeah I reckon that’s what it is, I just find it odd that she wouldn’t simply say so.

No. 555299

Looks like a worker wearing a face mask to me. Weird that she wont just explain it tho. Deleting is such a bad move but a lot of celebs don't know how to manage internet mishaps like this. They refer to the old PR trick of ignoring shit and it just doesn't work in the age of conspiracy theories.

If there's a simple explanation, it's better to just clarify for 2 seconds.

No. 555318

I don't understand Musk. I can never tell if he's serious or just saying inflammatory shit to get a reaction out of people. Also find it it hilarious that Ivanka is engaging with him now. I've always thought the parallels between him and Trump were pretty striking.

I also highly suspect that him and grimes' relationship involved some heavy emotional manipulation on his end.

No. 555336

I hope Grimeth dumps him. He is getting more cringy each week and while she perhaps didn’t mind before, it must be so weird to watch him trying to be edgy on Twitter while just having given birth to their child. This must be such a life-changing event for her (hopefully in a good way), can’t he just shut up for a moment and let her have her peace? No, pandering to internet edgelords, being irresponsible and causing uproar it is for Muskrat. He is so respectful. Even more when he interacts with her (correcting her etc). He must be even worse and more manipulative in private.

No. 555338

didn't know the matrix was a metaphor for trans people, huh

i noticed the same thing earlier, i wonder what tipped them off

No. 555340

wrong thread

No. 555343

she is an unapologetic pedophile that's for sure.

No. 555362

Clarifying like a sperg is retarded imo and silly and barbara streisand tier. Just delete If u care about clutter and/or move on. Who cares about a bunch of schizos analyzing a few distorted pixels?

No. 555421

im more bothered by that horrible facetune

No. 555443

Tekashi dropping some tea about billboards. Siding with him this time.

No. 555444

i'm patiently waiting for the day he dies of a xanax overdose

No. 555449

I hate Ariana and Justin but I hate 6xine9 more. So team Ariana/Justin

No. 555453

OP here, why hate a tumor who seethes celebs? He’s the antidote to cancer.

No. 555463

I swear to God, if Tekashi's gonna be the snitch, he better make sure he knows who he's messing with lol. Cross paths with a Scientologist and he's out. Those guys will fuck with him hardcore.

No. 555475

File: 1589865618097.png (128.99 KB, 987x770, Capture.PNG)

You don't have to "team" with anyone, retard. I hate 6ix9ine too but he's right about artists' buying their spots on the charts. Scooter Braun is shady as hell.

Ironically, 6ix9ine is being investigated by YouTube.

More info via LSA https://imgur.com/a/FdhU1us#danObdm

No. 555482

I'm happy for them, I love Rooney

No. 555499

probably a stupid question because I'm unfamiliar with twitter but how does she get her name like that? With all the special symbols I mean.

No. 555501

it's just unicode anon.

No. 555505

Hate it how Twitterfags are praising Wachowski brothers for turning into trannies when it's been known for years that it was their fetish with dominatrix all along. Cheating bastard.


No. 555511

ofcourse! how did I not know that.
thank you for indulging my idiocy anon

No. 555517

Yup, and the dominatrix also was married to Buck Angel, a total fetish. I don't think it affected the original matrix, but the other sequels with weird orgy scenes. I am a fan of their works but there is complete cringe in sense8.

No. 555522

I agree with you on the first paragraph, and I prefer autistic celebs like doja and tekashi anyways. but am I missing something in the dojacat screenshot? Nowhere /soc/ is mentioned. >>555475

No. 555533

Isn't this the guy who got in trouble for fucking a minor or was that a different soundcloud rapper?

No. 555535

It’s him, but he didn’t have sex with the girl he uploaded a video of his friend engaging in a sexual act with her, which is obviously still extremely bad

No. 555536

crazy how i remember this even though idk the guy and my friends, who are into his shitty music, keep forgetting about it. i hate people

No. 555546

His music has suddenly gotten good. Rappers all do that shit btw what he did was mild. Not condoning it, but cancel culture kills fun.

No. 555550

It was a 13 year old girl…

No. 555551

i thought this was an open secret? i hate celebrities, hence why im here. this could be any combination of people. and like >>555550 mentioned, yeah don't "side" with him

No. 555560

>> 555533

He also abused and beat the shit out of his baby mama and ex-girlfriend Sara Molina.

No. 555569

File: 1589896982435.jpg (39.74 KB, 728x524, ef2ca4e6c51f0a095e8ce0159e8302…)


starved spoopy vegan baby

im surprised rooney mara can even concieve, she's looking awful these days.

No. 555576

File: 1589897430283.jpg (72.57 KB, 684x534, 1496794811092.jpg)

Lol if it makes pornsick wachowski mad im happy.

I can't believe no one commented on how freaky these two are, they basically dropped everything in their home lives to live their BDSM Sissy fantasy, Buck Angel's wife divorced him to be the Wachowski's 24/7 live in domme/wife.

These two are the epitome of hollywood degeneracy and haven't even produced anything remotely decent since V for Vendetta.

No. 555579

they are disgusting. filth.

No. 555582

why doesn't anyone call out that other guy for cultural appropration

No. 555583

the one on the right is a man? couldve fooled me

No. 555590

File: 1589900407128.jpg (6.73 KB, 237x213, images (2).jpg)

The one with the dreads transitioned first and had a fuckton of plastic surgery, looked equally "ITS MA'AM' back in the 90s.

Pic related ft the dominatrix.

No. 555607

what are you talking about?? she looks fine

No. 555608

post ur bmi

No. 555610

No. 555616

File: 1589907531933.jpg (47.13 KB, 750x536, joaquin-y-rooney-750x536.jpg)

She literally looked like she stepped out of the hospital with that weird sunken in ashy face.

No. 555618

you’re insane she looks completely normal

No. 555619

bone rattle harder anachan

No. 555620

I agree she just looks shes on the lower end within the healthy weight range. Even if someone was slightly underweight it’s not necessarily unhealthy like someone being slightly overweight wouldn’t necessarily mean they’re in bad health

No. 555621

File: 1589908411153.jpg (34.5 KB, 680x620, fff.jpg)

No. 555623

File: 1589908585861.jpg (87.46 KB, 1000x561, rooney-maras-family-is-basical…)

She's a strict vegan and used to look much healthier back when she had a normal diet, its not about her weight its about her looking sickly.

Her skin naturally had a rosy glow and her cheeks weren't the grand canyon, even if you chalk half of it up to aging she still looks unwell.

No. 555624

I see, I agree she looks unhealthier now but I think ageing probably plays a role somewhat plus the bony areas of her shoulders being covered in that picture, I was responding because the original poster said she looked ‘starved’ which is objectively untrue I think

No. 555626


Remember one of them said he was scared to use womens toilets because of how aggressive black women are? But he woke now according to twitter lmao

The passes you get for being a tranny….

No. 555627


> “I know African Americans who, if given the chance, will vote for bathroom legislation to restrict people like me from using them…there was a time, a more innocent time in my life, when I would not have thought it was possible. I mean, your grandmother couldn’t use the same toilet as my grandmother and now you really want to do the same thing to someone else? Really?”

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szsjJ6G2Q_E

No. 555630

Can you take this irrelevant racebaity tranny shit somewhere else it’s extremely old news and they would barely even be classed as celebrities

No. 555632


Lola is recieving billions to make a new Matrix this year you dumbass, if anything now its the time to shed light on their weird cumbrain shit.

No. 555633

Ok? But literally none of the posts about them have been about that it’s just been about them being trans and racebait

No. 555663

File: 1589915146533.jpeg (57.45 KB, 500x742, 0D05F37F-869F-45C4-94F4-CCECA6…)

And this is the 15 year old girl akon humped with. If tekashi’s gonna kill the elites who cares?

No. 555664

Wait what do you mean kill the elites? He seems like an industry plant if anything

No. 555665

File: 1589915287012.gif (79.19 KB, 601x602, XnvUITC.gif)

No. 555668

You aren’t gonna tell me that he’s not an aztec god for releasing horrendous god awful “”music”” that still got more streams than slightly more talented singers? I hope they seethe. He’ll die young anyways.

No. 555671

Do you believe that celebrities are actually carrying their own children? I bet that the most of them use surrogates to avoid risking their looks (=income).

No. 555673

mods pls ban all of these aluminium hoes

No. 555684

Don't you salty ass gender-crits have a containment thread?

No. 555691

they have their own image board but they keep coming here for some reason

No. 555696

That’s what I find so annoying, they have a whole board for themselves and they also have an ftm thread here on /snow/ why do they insist on trying to derail every other thread

No. 555700

One thing is sperging about radfem bullshit everywhere, but the wachowskis are self admitted fetishists and frequent bdsm clubs, one of their wives is literally a sissy hypno dominatrix, after Lola transitioned too they started shoving troon porn in all their works.
They are tarantino level of creepy, maybe even worse.

Its definitely something to talk about, and im not even gender crit.

No. 555707

I mean most of the population who aren’t gender crit or radfems wouldn’t even care about bdsm, porn or dominatrixes though, and even if it was something to talk about that’s never what actually happens, you can read the thread and see it’s just sperging about how disgusting trans people are and how they don’t pass, and then of course dissolving into racebaiting

No. 555713

>most of the population wouldn’t even care about bdsm, porn or dominatrixes
nah most normies would find it strange

No. 555715

And those normies would be correct.

No. 555718

> they would barely even be classed as celebrities
Anon, I don’t want this thread to be clogged up by tranny shit either but you would have to be delusional if you don’t think they are celebrities. They’re overrated hacks but a lot of their work has been big Hollywood shit. They’re private sure but they’re celebrities no doubt.

No. 555719

You seem a bit overeager to shut this conversation down. As a viewer, trans orgies is something I hope is not in the latest Matrix movie but I am now considering probably is, since Sense8 was full of them. It's not just randon trans people getting critiqued, they are world-famous movie makers.
Their own sexual desires literally end up in their movies and tv shows, so dominatrix+sissy+orgy is something millions of people around the world have to share with them if it bleeds into major franchises. So it's relevant and doesn't need to be sent off-board, by the way that other board was shut down months ago, so there's nowhere else for this conversation to go.

No. 555724

https://asherahsgarden.net/ it hasn’t been shut down

No. 555731

File: 1589926578363.png (28.75 KB, 1329x237, weirdo.png)

Why white knight the Wachowskis of all people, they are not even some of the good trans of hollywood who say they just want to feel comfortable in their body (ie hunter schaefer).

Here's Lilly saying porn was a motivation to transition lol


No. 555741

This is a celebrity cow thread and the behaviour the wachowskis display is top tier cow behaviour and difficult is to defend, regardless of how you feel about trans stuff, so what exactly is the problem?

No. 555744

Unless you’re maybe talking about middle aged religious people the average normie does not care about porn or bdsm

Why would I care about this if I don’t already have a negative opinion on porn or trans people? This inherently would only be milky or interesting to gender critical people.

No. 555747

real life ≠ twitter

No. 555748

I mean, the only thing you have on the Wachowskis is their treatment of their wives or the transition they both went through. The first one transitioned in the 90s so it's kinda stale milk, don't you think? It's like bringing up Winona Ryders shoplifting stuff as something modern and scandalous. Stop rinsing watered down milk out of an industry that is ripe with it just because of your beef with trans people and go back to your containment thread.

No. 555749

so what do u guys think of taylor swift? i heard a humor that she was… a lesbian!!

No. 555752

That would be a fine comparison if Winona Ryder was still stealing but she's not. These two cows are still trans and are still releasing media. So, yeah it is still relevant.

No. 555755

Even the normiest of normies would see changing your entire indentity because of a fetish, publicly admit that and shoe horn that fetish in tv shows, weird.

Why do you think everyone normal hates Sense8 and it got cancelled?

>stale milk
>Lilly literally picking a fight with muskrat yesterday
>New Matrix being made as of right now. Probably with trans and kink shit, since its so important to them (as lily has said in interviews).

Stop defending your pet cows just because they are trans.

No. 555756

Did you even read this excerpt? It reads more as seeing trans bodies as acceptable in porn, not autogynephile shit as you might expect of mtf who relate to porn.

I agree there isn't much milky about them plus they have made some of my fav films so.. they get a pass at least from me lol.

No. 555757

>Lilly literally picking a fight with muskrat yesterday

How is this a problem?

No. 555758

sperging about pet cows and getting upset that they attacked your favourite silicon valley daddy? lmao ok. you sound like a scrote.

No. 555759

>they have made some of my fav films so.. they get a pass at least from me lol.
same kek

i don't get this post

it's not. still milk tho

No. 555760


lol if i liked musk i wouldn't call him the rat the he is

picking a fight with musk is cow behavior because it got lilly those sweet sweet headlines and new matrix press.

>they have made some of my fav films
so you're just white knighting retards that can't accept criticism of your pet cow directors.

No. 555762

Unless the only normies you know are twitter idiots, no, no one thinks middle aged men getting dommed and drugged into being sissies and putting that crap into their media is "normal'

Honestly the kind of BDSM they engage in is on the more extreme side in general

No. 555769

File: 1589931442949.jpeg (307.58 KB, 1097x1433, CEE28A73-6EA5-4CA4-80E5-47EC5C…)

>When I feel anxious I do perfectly acceptable productive things that ease my anxiety symptoms

How did autistic gaijin made a spoilt shitty ass socialite fake model turned real model pseudo kartrashian look good? People sperg about everything these days….

No. 555786

Talking about celebs is derailing now if that celeb is Trans lmao dumbass

Yeah suspicious how people want this shut down. >>555741 is right. If you don't like the current convo hide the thread stop clogging it with your white knighting

No. 555793

TRAs are getting bold now they think mods are on their side for banning 'hi troon' etc

No. 555804

Don't care for her but I do think she is a lesbian and all her relationships are just beards.

No. 555806


She's spent most of her early career pushing a super idealized fantasy of hetero romance. I think she let herself get pigeon holed as "the girl who writes about exes and break ups" because it sells her records and merch. Would not be surprised if she was closeted af due to it.
Side note: I have a similar theory abt Avril Lavigne, there's too many allusions to potential (L)gbt status in her early work but now she pushes too hard to be "party girl" and now "lyme disease girl"

No. 555811

Oh… my gosh!!

No. 555812

idk the only people i've seen who push this theory are delusional fans who are in love with her. i feel like with a celebrity as big as taylor we would have heard substantial rumors by now if she really was gay

No. 555818

having a thing for racist incels who use 4chan is something doja and half the lolcow userbase have in common. its sad, doja is pretty and hot and shes not white. depressing that she felt the need to seek validation from those racist creeps.

No. 555823

Could be true but a lot of it sounds like tinfoil. I don’t see having pr relationships make her gay when even obviously straight celebrities get pushed into that shit.

No. 555824

lmao stop taking the bait quarantinefags

No. 555825

Holy fuck that's so embarrassing.

No. 555833

File: 1589944695147.png (31.07 KB, 1690x136, 6x9.png)

Because hes scum.

No. 555835

Switch in the original matrix was trans, but the producer said it would have been confusing for audiences. Same with the humans being processors which is why it was changed to humans being batteries (which then ended up making a plot hole but nevermind).

No. 555838

Yes but that doesn't change that the redpill is still a universal symbol for the "truth". There's also some embarrassing tranny coder in a ((lesbian)) relationship that has totally realistic ((lesbian)) sex. Pure fanfic.

No. 555842

I'm just talking about the matrix, I dont know much about red pills.

No. 555849

Oh I mean some people on Twitter are now sperging at Musk over it because one of the brothers said it was a symbol for being trans but I'm unsure of it was actually said or if changes the context of the matrix itself.

No. 555925

Jesus christ this nepotism wife is a low cost version of the kennedys.

I thought it was just memey shit but the kardashians have more life in their eyes than this manfaced pickme.

No. 555926

sage for ot but v for vendetta was ok because the source material was good.
the movie could have been great but they still somehow managed to fuck it up with distorting the relationship between the main characters into a hollywood romance and leaving out certain key elements

No. 555929

Stupid catlady.

No. 555934

They haven't made a good movie in fifteen years. Get a grip.

Alan Moore hated the movie lmao. He thought it was a watered-down Bush-era American take on a story intended to be about Britain. I don't necessarily agree, but it's pretty dumb that the movie pussyfoots around the word "fascism" when the comic didn't.

No. 555940


Kinda like Quentin tarantino and Kill Bill.

No. 555941

The brothers are fair game, just limit the derailing of related topics to a minimum and it's fine.

No. 555964

Yep, Alan Moore didn't spare any nasty words trashing that piece of shit movie. He hated it and wanted his name to be disassociated from it. Iirc the rights to the movie were sold by the publisher who holds the rights to his comic so he wasn't affiliated with it in any way.

Larry also cheated on his wife with the dominatrix who introduced him to his sissyfication fetish and then tried to cheat the wife out of money. There's so much to unpack about him and the assblasted anons who are mad about poor tranner being ridiculed can sock it. Even now Andy's involved in a TV sitcom called Work In Progress starring a "fat, queer dyke" (their words) because apparently he learned nothing from Sense8.

>"According to Germaine, Lilly (Andy) Wachowski was frequently on the set as an advisor and helped direct the sex scene of the third episode among others."

Not a fetish though!

No. 556073

Did he pick you, shorty?

No. 556077

Yikes, they're so creepy together. I don't even like Bieber but why did she even answer a question about his disease?

No. 556107

Megan Fox in the new MGK music video

No. 556133

what bothers me is how he's straight up rude about it. He could let her know in a nice way that he would like to answer the question, not blow her off like that LIVE to his fans. That's fucked up

No. 556135

I don't know why he's releasing a pop-punk album when he can't fucking sing. His voice is way too fucking boring for the genera, he has zero vocal control and uses auto tune for everything.

No. 556137

what year is this?

No. 556190

File: 1590024955012.jpg (247.51 KB, 1125x1681, EYT2XQMXsAEh50b.jpg)

So Vashtie Kola got married just 2 days and people's reaction to her marriage on twitter have been insane



No. 556192

Owl says what?

No. 556195

Good for her, her husband looks cute. But why couldn't he wear something nicer to the wedding if he is a designer of all things?

This person doesn't seem that famous. Is there a reason people would be surprised she married someone white? Looks like it's just a couple of idiots on twitter…

No. 556280

ngl the femdom vibe in this is pretty hot

No. 556339

File: 1590072745468.jpeg (469.63 KB, 2048x1327, 0B0FB2AB-E8EE-4CDD-9E8A-52E274…)

Opinions on the pictures that Lana del Rey released on her Instagram?

Twitter/Insta has been a shitshow ever since she posted these.
People are attacking her and calling her racist, because she namedropped a bunch of black artists.

No. 556343

I mean im not one to racebait but it does look like she basically implied that black women get a pass for being sexual and glorifying abusive relationships but she gets shit for it

if she had listed some white artists who do the same thing(of which there are plenty) it probably wouldnt be causing such an issue
shes so fucking stupid and vapid

No. 556348

not to racebait either but its not untrue, plenty of black female artist's work glamorizes "struggle love"

No. 556349

honestly? im getting so sick of celebrities bitching about other people getting more attention than them, shes rich as fuck now, but shes still getting pouty because not enough people are sucking her dick

same thing with tekashi/ariana tbh, like god who cares about chart positions you’re both set for life just be happy with that instead of being whiny

No. 556350

but she ONLY named black women, thats the problem
the way she worded it sounds like a play on the reverse racism trope(black women can do this what about us poor whites) so of course people are going to be offended

No. 556354

ok i reread it and she DID mention ariana, but most people still dont know that ariana is white so it still makes sense for people to be mad lmao

No. 556358

It's weird how she's acting as if she's the only woman in the world who sings about relationships, including abusive ones.
>I'm not a feminist - but there has to be a place in feminism for women who look and act like me
What does she even mean by this? Look like her how? She can't be talking about race with a straight face, because feminism is full of women who "look like her" in that sense. So, what is it exactly she's searching for? Fellow plastic surgery addicts?
And "act like her"? What kind of women does she think are involved in feminism, and what gives her the right to demand there's not enough of any of them when she herself doesn't even subscribe to the movement? Does she think it's all rough, tomboyish women who punch men out or something?
>the kind of women who says no but men hear yes
So, literally every woman?
>The kind of women who get their own stories and voices taken away from them by stronger women
What is she even talking about? Which "stronger woman" took away her voice and story? When did that ever happen? She's from a rich family, privileged in pretty much every way, has millions of fans and is signed to a huge record label, making her even more powerful.
If anything, she's probably taken multiple women's voices and stories for the sake of her "sad starlet" persona. I still remember when she admitted she fantasized about being a Harvey Weinstein victim and put lyrics about it in one of her songs, lmao.
I don't know. She just seems so…whiny, shallow and bitter. It's like an advanced "not like the other girls" post.
I don't really think she's racist, but I still want an explanation for the "Feminism needs women who look like me" part. She might just be delusional enough to think she's a minority, but I hope she isn't. I wish she'd stick to making music, because she pretty much never has any good takes.

No. 556361

Camila? As in Camila Cabello?
I don't listen to her and I dislike her persona, but at the end of the day she's kinda right. Still, mentioning these other artists was a bad and unnecesary move and I can't help but say … kim, there's people that are dying

No. 556364

What does she even mean with
>I'm not not a feminist

No. 556366

I thought it was a typo. She's said before that she isn't a feminist and that to her, it's "just not an interesting concept".

No. 556370

It's dumb, she could've made her point without namedropping other artists. And Beyonce'? Seriously? Didn't she start her career long before Lana? She's pretty much an industry veteran at this point.

She sounds so whiny and bitter now, what happened?

No. 556371

File: 1590075246005.jpg (21.92 KB, 750x438, b8ii6d3kagr11.jpg)

whatever she meant by this too

No. 556373


Baby what is you doing??

No. 556379

it's not looking good for her at this point in regards to racism with this tweet being brought up. lol #lanaisoverparty is trending but obvious no celebrity ever gets cancelled. idk what prompted her to even post anything. you got your coin glamorizing abuse (idc your excuse) about in your post now go back to your cop boyfriend. i like how she complained about every woman in the music industry for a whole page then added a sentence in the second one about her native american appropriation

"Question for the culture" go back in your hole pseudo-intellectual nlog bitch

No. 556383

i'm not saying that rich and famous people can't have their feelings hurt but it's weird when they get bent out of shape from criticism. like she has hundreds of thousands of adoring fans, critics praise her work, she's worth millions of dollars. why does she care so much about some nobody feminists who criticized her works years ago? people barely bring this stuff up nowadays so why remind people about it?

No. 556385

the reason why they're famous people in the first place is because they're attention seeking hoes with a god complex

No. 556387

I don't care for her, but if she didn't namedrop the artists, people would've accused her of being vague/shady and asked for specifics.

The only reason why she's being dragged right now is, because she namedropped one too many black women in that statement — inlcuding one woman who people seem to think is above critique (Beyoncé). I do believe she fucked up with this statement and she could've worded it way better than whatever this garbage is. It just seems like she's trying to victimize herself when she already has everything she wants and needs but at the same time she makes kinda sense to me with the people attacking her for glorifying those things, etc. I don't know whose side to pick lol.

No. 556396

Jesus…everyone seems to be missing the point.
And she "only" named black artists cause she's talking about the ones getting number one songs about the topics she mentioned. Everyone is so quick to hold onto one little thing and miss the big picture.
Black women ARE getting number one songs, which is great and should be celebrated but everyone is focused on that one misinterpreted sentence?

Her statement is not about black women, it's just coincidence that the number one songs lately are by black women. Are you all for real?

And I do agree with what she's saying and I do remember all the backlash she got for the theme in her songs, and it is true that a lot of songs nowadays being popular are about the same shit she used to be dragged for. It might seem whiny, but I get her frustration. No matter how much money she made, she clearly cares more about her art and how people perceive it

No. 556402

She never really speaks out, shes still a pretty normal person for a celeb and I feel like she is just venting. People are taking it too seriously, she’s a very flawed person who says dumb things like everyone else. She not wrong at all though. Nicki Minaj has kids singing about literally selling drugs, shaking ass, and having sex but a sad song about abuse is too much? Lana’s not wrong imo. I was a kid singing Nicki’s songs about sex and drugs so I’m here full knowing this shit does get into kids heads.

No. 556404

She wouldn't have gotten dragged for being vague because there's nothing wrong with her being upset over things she's been criticized for going mainstream. But the majority women she's namedropped have gotten criticism for their work lmao.

No. 556406

Maybe it's simply because there's not a lot of crossover between fans. Someone complaining about Lana's lyrics may not even have Nicki Minaj on their radar.

No. 556417

>she DID mention ariana, but most people still dont know that ariana is white so it still makes sense for people to be mad lmao
Most people know very well that Ariana's white, hence the past ~5 years of her "cultural appropriation" and "blackface" scandals.

That's a tweet from October 2018 in response to Azealia Banks, who'd made multiple unprompted and public negative tweets about her. How is it relevant to the current situation? Banks has literally called other black artists "uneducated niggers", "coons", and "house slaves" on video.

>now go back to your cop boyfriend
She broke up months ago and isn't in a relationship now.

No. 556419

she still dated a cop

No. 556420

Yes, she did, and no one has denied this. The post I replied to implied that she is still in a relationship with said cop, which she is not. What's the point of your post?

No. 556421

What’s wrong with dating a cop? Not all of them are bad people.

No. 556422

by the tweet they meant how she used
>I'm not not a feminist
>I won't not fuck you up

implying on how she keeps talking so weird with the double not's

No. 556423

god this is still funny

No. 556427

Maybe there's a barrier in understanding for non-English or ESL speakers here, but using "not not" in a phrase can be intentional. For example, if one were to say "I'm not not a fan of chocolate", it implies that they have an ambiguous or vague opinion of chocolate - the phrase "not not" sometimes implies that the speaker doesn't want to say "I am a fan of chocolate", because it would be false, but also doesn't want to say "I'm not a fan of chocolate", as it might sound too harsh or not nuanced enough. I don't believe her use of that phrase was an accident here.

No. 556436

I can get where she's coming from in the sense that people want to make some kind of sociopolitical commentary on her lyrics when they were only ever meant for venting about her personal experiences. I see how that would feel unfair and like people are picking apart your life. What, are you never supposed to speak about your mistakes? Or only ever write songs about healthy relationships and coping mechanisms even though it's the opposite of your lived experience? I've definitely seen criticism leveraged at her for lyrics that seem to portray a really reductive image of women as passive, image obsessed, doting on their abusive man, etc.

It just kinda bugs me how she's trying to absolve herself of any responsibility whatsoever for any negative impact her songs and their messages may have had. The lolita thing exploded on Tumblr because of her. So many girls my age at the time were glamorizing that sad girl image, talking about wanting a sugar daddy, even specific items of clothing became really popular because of her - heart shaped sunglasses being one example I specifically remember girls referencing Diet Mountain Dew as their reasoning for buying. Obv I'm not saying everyone bought them because of her, but you can't deny she had a huge impact on the aesthetic and attitudes of teenage girls in the 2010s.

I don't think it's fair to hold her entirely responsible for the actions of dumb teenagers because some of her lyrics are deemed problematic. But it's also dumb to pretend that you didn't have any influence over them whatsoever. Especially when she's made very stupid public statements, as herself not an artistic expression in song lyrics, about feminism in the past.

No. 556445

yeah. saying "i am not not something" rather than just saying "i am something" is valid & means you're putting the emphasis on negating the negative rather than stating the positive

No. 556450

People still being shitty to interracial couples in current year really bums me out. It's not just celebrities, either. I've had family members get mistreated for it.

No. 556453

I feel like she has a point about only certain narratives being allowed. I noticed myself that women could only write, sing etc. about being abuse victims if they presented a polished narrative of a survivor who is out to slay her abuser and is stronger now because of the experience. Expressing the complex and often fucked up feelings about toxic relationships was shunned as glamorizing abuse. There was no place to process to showcase the more problematic aspects of trauma like loving and hating at the same time the man who broke you.
Not saying Lana's lyrics are above criticism, but I found it disturbing how she got shit for showcasing the more disturbing side of what goes in the psyche of an abused woman.

No. 556458

This. She said it like a dumbass, but she's just basically just tired of a "bad bitch" being the only thing a woman is allowed to be without being accused of being an internal misogynist or abuse sympathizer.

No. 556472

I honestly don't have much of a problem with Lana's music and even really liked her latest album, but this comes off as really bitter and defensive. Throwing other women under the bus is always a big no-no. It's hard for me to imagine that she didn't intend to stir up at least a little bit of controversy with this post.

The whole "I'm not a feminist, but I'd like to believe there's a place in feminism for women like me," statement is also really telling. So, she's not a feminist, yet she cares enough about feminism to desire a place in the movement? That almost sounds to me like she may to some extent want to be part of feminism, but whether or not she becomes one depends more on a perceived acceptance by other feminists, rather than any genuine commitment to, or understanding of, women's rights, which is pretty goddamn tone deaf.

I think Lana is one of those people who is just so intent on being "herself" at all times that she's essentially blind to any valid criticisms that have been leveled against her persona, particularly the potential messages that her music sends to vulnerable younger women.

No. 556474

File: 1590087492192.jpg (80.13 KB, 745x561, gordon11.jpg)

remember when Kim Gordon wrote that Lana should kill herself…. yeah.
Apparently feminism means you can't talk about self-destruction and being a fucked up person cause it's not empowering lmfao. Well, at least if we take Gordon's word for it.
read it again, she did not say 'I am not feminist'. She said 'I am not not a feminist'. See >>556427 and >>556445

No. 556476

oh my god. more kim gordon gossip

No. 556481

File: 1590088530939.png (211.39 KB, 1080x1475, Screenshot_20200521-141318~2.p…)

I think the whole kill herself thing was in reference to this interview Lana gave, rather than her lyrics in general. It's still a shitty thing to say regardless, but she's not saying she thinks Lana should die because she isn't a feminist.

No. 556490

The specific interview may have triggered her, but I believe she said it in regards to Lana's whole career and presence (since she's dunking on her art in the same paragraph). I can't believe she suggested grown women should censor their art so teenage girls don't get the wrong idea. WTF?
Where are people like Kim Gordon when rappers release misogynistic lyrics? Why is nobody (except for fringe feminist sites) like 'Kanye/LilPeep/whoever is a bad role model for his male teenage fans when they rap about fucking bitches and taking drugs'?
And why are male artists praised for talking about depression/suicide and perceived as 'troubled, but talented' while Lana got shat on for expressing her mental health issues? This is infuriating to me.

No. 556493

wow. Such a feminst icon.
Lana chose her words poorly and probably shouldn't have named other artists (especially flawless un-problematic beyonce!!1!) but she's right. Her art has been put under so much unnecessary scrutiny since day one.

No. 556503

Scrutiny is something that comes with being an artist in the public eye. It's not like she has it that much worse than her peers. All of her controversies are what helped her become as famous as she is in the first place.

No. 556519

i know lana has always been hypersensitive about negative reviews of her music which is embarrassing in and of itself, but i really did not think she was still butthurt about some criticisms from 2012 about her cringey pussy taste like pepsi cola lyrics that she would imply there's a double standard against her and that she paved the way for black women to sing about being sad and horny. and to complain about how there’s no seat at the table of feminism for delicate white women with daddy issues lol. ok lana go back to larping as a latina mob wife, let’s see how that works out for you in 2020


No. 556520

Lana has a point about black artists getting a free pass, the other day anons were talking about how female rappers rely on objectifying themselves all the time. Missy Elliot never had to rely on that. It just goes to show you that lana has some sort of a point when it comes to the doublestandard but she's trying to make it seem like she's never done anything wrong. She doesn't write songs about abuse in a truthful manner she straight up glamorizes embarrassing shit and calls it art. She somehow believes this absolves her from criticism and people are too grown to buy into it now.

No. 556550

This is so cringey. All celebs are narcissists. She's had a great career and been praised constantly. She doesn't like feminism because it means she'd have to ask herself some hard questions. Which is fine, but at the same time she's demanding a seat at a table she's "not not" even into? lmao. I used to stan.

No. 556558

No. 556567


She quoted black artists minus Ariana because they are at the top right now. Rap is IN now. But rappers have been off about sex and violence for years on end.

Lana has a different vibe and while it is questionable about the daddy issues side she has I will say always been under scrutiny.

Thing is you can’t say anything or even bring someone who is black these days without there being drama. She was just listing artists down who are popular and do make songs about fucking and fucking someone else up. Like that’s the world we live in, you can’t mention someone black without there being the race card or “omg racist” despite you’ve not actually said shit about their skin colour.

Lana should have been more careful and not listed these women down. Now look. Drama.

And as for Beyoncé, when is she never privileged? From day one, hell, even her group members were her back up. The whole group was named after her n her mother in some way.

I think this whole thing has gone absolutely out of proportion if I’m honest.

All she is saying is that if they are then why aren’t I? And she isn’t wrong, they all talk about ass or fucking. Ain’t anything new.

And it’ll never change.

I’m a WOC myself and you know what I can’t wait for the day where there is a black or mixed or whatever. Artist who sings about something other than all that shit and looks more girly and toned down.

Sex sells, I get it. But not all of us WOC even want that thot look as the face of what we should be as musicians. It’s depressing and it’s like, every fucking WOC I know all seem to be just down with half dressing and rapping and all that.

K rent and rant over

No. 556569


If you’re referring to her old music that was wrote when she was like late teens and early twenties. Her music now doesn’t really refer to sugar daddies and all that hit me it felt like a kiss which was quoted from an all black 60s girls group “he hit me” named the crystals who had a friend who was being abused by her fiancé.

No. 556573


This is the thing. You’ve got young girls and guys. Girls as young as like 5 shaking their ass and already getting into all that thug shit Cardi and Nicki spew.

They always say well parents should becareful what their kids listen to yeah but when they’re teenagers they’re obviously gonna listen lol

While people bash Lana about the sugar daddy thing and Lolita thing which i think would have come out either way due to Japan and kawaii Influence with that whole peado Lolita thing it all comes with.

But you’ve got women in the eye right now singing about rappers go on about and it’s like it’s normalised lmao

It’s like POC have been mistreated so fuck anyone white but if they’re POC artists leave them alone

Like okay yeah but the message still ain’t right just as Lanas ain’t lol

No. 556576



No one else is allowed to twerk or braid their hair or do fuck shit because it’s black owned apparently.

I’m a WOC myself part black before anyone says anything and I really don’t care. It’s a dance and a style. Who gives a fuck. Unless you’re going full Venus Angelic trying time be another race then that’s when I’ve got a problem with it. Like that white German freaky woman who tans herself black and wants to actually her surgery to be black. That’s creepy Jesus.(massive samefagging)

No. 556585

>the aesthetic of this note

No. 556589

ariana doesnt really have "blackface" scandals outside of like..here and ontd and MAYBE lipstick alley tbh
no one else cares and almost everywhere else people claim they still think shes at least hispanic

No. 556591

I agree with you about Beyonce. She was raised by narcissist creeps(especially matthew) as parents and was very clearly promoted and picked up by the general public so much more than the other girls because of her skin tone and her. That and basically being sold to Jay Z. But that also has its downside as shes basically owned by him now and cant do shit without his permission.

No. 556594

File: 1590102229613.png (1.19 MB, 1242x2208, 9EF9C471-E5B1-4DE3-8324-9EC7E1…)

No. 556596

File: 1590102254184.png (1.07 MB, 1242x2208, 7EE51F2A-C60E-46F4-AA17-324455…)

No. 556597

Posted by Lana on her IG story

No. 556598

lmaooooo why cant celebrities just shut UP
literally your life would be so much easier if you just shut the fuck up, just do your job you're an entertainer

No. 556599

who is lana del ray

No. 556601

>people calling me racist because I specifically called out black women is what's wrong with society today

God, what a fucking drama queen. Even if she genuinely just intended to list her favs, she could clear up the misunderstanding without acting like she's been grievously wronged for being understandably mistaken as racist.

I'm so sick of celebs whining about ~cancel culture~. They exist for public consumption, and their success depends completely on the whims of the public. We're under no obligation to support or like them and it really doesn't matter how fair or not our judgment is because we don't owe them shit. I will continue to hate LDR more than any of the artists she mentioned because I hate uwu daddy kink dumbassery and she can just deal with the consequences of her actions.

No. 556602

a singer who got famous for basically writing songs about fucking older men, who had sort of a priscilla pressly aesthetic sometimes but mostly just inspired her fans to wear flower headbands/crowns and make tumbler posts about being ddlg and getting choked out and cut with butterfly knives during sex

some people compare her voice to stevie nicks but hell no lmao

No. 556603

I think that anon was joking

No. 556604

fair enough. she should never have said what she originally said but she's only being faux cancelled so hard because it's quarantine and twitter stans are coming for everyone, even ellen degeneres. to be even slightly controversial right now when everyone is bored and on their phones and looking for drama is a really, really stupid move.

No. 556605

>advocating for a delicate personality

what? LOL. she really does think she's a fragile misunderstood little doll or some shit.

No. 556612

>Most people know very well that Ariana's white
you would not believe how many people think Ariana is Latina

No. 556629

do i believe lana is racist? no! will i still listen to video games and young and beautiful and get my life? ABSOLUTELY. this was just a horrible shitty take and i am honestlhy confused as to why she even wrote this. Like what was the reason? Didnt her last album get nominated for multiple grammies and is critically acclaimed Like??? I heard Lust for Life and Love ALL over the radio when they were out? Its just weird that she mentions black women and then clarifies it by saying she could name anyone its just they are "strong" and she is "delicate" that is so coded lol. There are so many R&B artists who talk about shitty toxic relationships and have been for LITERAL DECADES. (Mary J Blige comes to mind) She isnt the first and wont be the last. If anything those artists opened the door for HER. Again do i think she's racist…not at all. But do i think she is just another tone deaf privileged white girl who put her foot in her mouth…definitely.

No. 556632

she's right in a way, she's called out for "romanticising abuse" and all she's doing is speaking from a perspective that isn't HAHA I TWERK AND MAKE MEN EAT ME OUT and is more yeah i've been abused and i can romanticise it because it was in a romantic relationship. relax

No. 556635

She also doesnt have near the amount of talent to back anything up. Thats part of the problem its always mediocre talents what whine and run their mouth and drag other artists through the mud for no reason. She could have kept it a lot cuter by not saying any names.

No. 556636

And people are allowed to criticize that. She needs to get the fuck over it. It doesn't mean feminism is her enemy and is targeting poor little fragile women like her while giving passes to Beyonce etc

No. 556637

i dont really listen to any of these artists, but isnt her whole thing basically romanticising relationships with an older male creep/younger almost lolita/student type thing? I think her and Melanie Martinez need to own up to their influence on younger girls who are more inclined to hook up with abusive predator/pedo even type men and relationships. Neither one of them want to own up to that. Its different than just being sexual for the sake of being sexual.

No. 556639

Sorry if this didnt make complete sense I just got home from a rough work day.

No. 556640

i hate how the minute any artist is open about unhealthy behavior the floodgates open for MUH YOUNG WOMEN. that's life. it's just life. terrible things happen and women make beautiful things from them but everything still has to be sanitised

No. 556641

Celebrities really want to be disgustingly rich, have constant attention and validation, but recieve 0 criticism on their work or things they make public ever. Pathetic.

No. 556644

What? I think its a completely valid issue. Its different than hypersexualization as a general thing. Its something that Lana and Melanie are known to basically encourage and glorify. Lana admits to it while Melanie still skirts around it as it ~just being character~ as if that makes it ok. They basically share the same fanbase and its not a coincidence.

No. 556648

No, it's just life to be criticized on things you put out there. If you can't suck it up and ignore it or answer to it without sperging out then don't put it out there. People are allowed to not like your super special kink daddy dom message lol

No. 556650

File: 1590106276808.png (113.97 KB, 1198x474, Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 8.08…)

lmao this is the biggest reach I am laughing

No. 556659

I don't understand the point the person is trying to make like, ok so you found that out, now what?

No. 556660

did anyone ever think lana del rey was anything other than white? seriously

No. 556663

The particle "del" in her name is used in Spanish/Latino culture (ex. Guillermo del Toro). I agree it's a reach though.

No. 556672

>a more delicate personality
Oh, she's one of those people who think feminists aren't feminine, lmao. It really is a special snowflake thing for her.
The way this woman keeps embarrassing herself.
Watch her use this whole debacle as an excuse to become a tradthot, and say "Feminists pushed me away, bullied and tormented me for not trying to be a man" the moment her music starts to flop after the gays and teen girls get tired of her.
I enjoy some of her music, I really do, but it's not just that she doesn't "look necessarily smart". She seriously isn't.

No. 556673

and what about it? fuck constantly posturing and trying to seem intelligent and this that and the other. retard pride

No. 556674

Nta but…yikes lol. Please stop.

No. 556676

No, I actually agree with you. She needs to stop posturing, admit she doesn't know shit about shit, and keep singing somber Americana music about ~*delicately*~ having a line of coke snorted out of your ass by some wrinkly 55 year old man with nine different wives and kids he hasn't seen in years. These rants aren't it.
How hard is it to just shut up? Why can't these tone-deaf celebrities just enjoy their money and go?

No. 556678

How is this a reach? It’s pretty well known that she picked her name because she lived in Miami and hung out with a bunch of Dominicans and wanted to sound more exotic. One of her music videos even has her playing the rich housewife to some Colombian drug lord. I wouldn’t call it race faking but there are white Latinas and I’m pretty sure she was banking on passing as one, same as Ariana.

No. 556680

Exactly, both are shit topics for songs but one is definitely worse than the other.

No. 556686

there are plenty of white spanish people

it's a reach to insinuate that it's ~so disturbing~ that she picked that name and that she did it for some nefarious purpose. clearly the tweet just an attempt from a blue check to get replies. no one thinks she's anything but white

No. 556700

first anon literally said that

No. 556701

File: 1590117119108.png (3.76 KB, 250x96, Screenshot_4.png)

I agree the dude probably tweeted that for sjw brownie points, but he's not wrong about the 100% Anglo part. I don't know about you but when I first heard the name Lana del Rey I didn't exactly picture a blonde haired, blue-eyed, wealthy Stacy from upstate New York, which is what she used to be kek. It's up to you to decide whether it's racist or "nefarious" to pretend to be a Spaniard or a White Latina for fame, but I would consider that to be past the point of standard popstar rebranding and reeling into scummy territory, especially with lyrics like pic related.

No. 556704

I really don’t think it was intentional. What she said was stupid but there are a ton of people in Los Angeles that draw from latinx culture because of their friends. Yeah she’s a rich kid but I really don’t think she’s smart enough to write her own music AND contrive a “brand” that’s stolen. (Ref her poetry, loool) also, pretty sure her name is just stolen from marina del Rey the neighborhood near Venice…

No. 556709

I've read this sentence multiple times and I don't get what she's saying. Am I just stupid?

No. 556710

i will fuck you the fuck up. period.
and yea you stupid

No. 556712

File: 1590120263344.png (136.56 KB, 320x233, 6e040fb2f3d27e642f21dba104ac39…)

not to racebait but their is a huge double standard when it comes to black women dating/marrying interracially compared to black men, I mean there was far more negative reaction when Serena Married a white guy then compared to Donald Glover and Jordan Peele (both of whom married white women)

No. 556717

Go back to twitter you absolute faggot, it's latino.
This has to be bait.

No. 556719

>She finally settled on Lana Del Rey during a trip to Miami with her sister, where she realized she “wanted a name that sounded sort of exotic and reminded me of like the seaside on the Floridian coast."


No. 556720

omg who gives a shit about this stuff

No. 556729

File: 1590125601565.jpg (136.43 KB, 640x791, 343480b0547a849899bd485d1724a6…)

I hate Jezebel, but this made some interesting points on Lana's rant.

No. 556744

File: 1590129808296.png (315.92 KB, 540x1320, 8943843.png)

This was on my dash. She really fucked herself with that rant, kek. This does look shady.

No. 556751

Lol KYS ur reaching. The como yo part is talking about crazy, not cubano, how can u be this dumb.

Also a double negative becomes an affirmation, she’s saying she’s a feminist, u slow farmers I expected better from you.

No. 556757

She did that for a reason anon, Lana is NOT a feminist and never has been, she's stated this herself only a few years ago. She just knows that in this climate saying so would be career suicide, don't be so obtuse, she used a double negative for a reason.

No. 556761

>It's up to you to decide whether it's racist or "nefarious" to pretend to be a Spaniard or a White Latina for fame
Do correct me if I'm wrong, but by "white latina" do you mean a white hispanic woman? White people can be hispanic (such as white people from Spain) but not latino, as "latino" denotes a separate ethnic group.

The lyrics you've screenshotted are actually slightly incorrect - the actual lyrics are "He's crazy y Cubano, como yo, my love".

No. 556762

>she’s saying she’s a feminist
lmao, she could have actually just said that instead of awkwardly avoiding outright admitting it… but she didn't because she's either not a feminist, or she values male approval over publicly claiming feminism. She obviously has plenty of internalized misogyny and is very male identified, lets not pretend her sly double negative means anything.

No. 556763

File: 1590137885734.jpeg (919.61 KB, 2048x1237, 798E882B-9F3C-44B8-87D6-A80D5B…)

She has a whole section on her Wikipedia page detailing her past thoughts on feminism. Even in the recent Pitchfork article, she evades her thoughts as
>When people asked me the feminist question before, I was like, “I’m not really experiencing personal discrimination as a woman… I got tons of women in my life, love women, support women.” I just felt like, Why don’t we talk about the music first? I can tell you that what I have done for women is tell my own story, and that’s all anyone can do.

She can choose to not identify as a feminist, sure, but why is she trying to put herself in a movement she wants no part of?
>Lol KYS ur reaching
wew this drama really struck a chord with Lana stans

No. 556764

After reading the past hundred or so posts in this thread, and reading various other threads about this all day, the entire situation with Del Rey just seems like… people interpreting a social media post from a celebrity, one they already dislike for various reasons (whether justified or not), and reacting to it as if it's a racial issue when there was no relation to nor intent to create a racial issue, in order to try and justify disliking her more than they already do. "This straw might be flimsy, but I'll grab onto it if I can get one", so to speak.

If she hadn't named the artists she was referring to in that post, the same people accusing of being racist would've accused her of "not wanting to say that it's about black artists!", despite having no legitimate basis on which to do so except that… she's white. A lot of people, and celebrities, are white. There's a difference between calling someone out for insinuating racist beliefs or inciting racial violence with their words or actions, and incorrectly assigning not-present racial tension to a person's words because they're white. The amount of "spoiled white girl", "privileged white girl", "she's rich", "i think she glamorizes something i don't like", "stupid blonde", "she's so vapid and uneducated", and general "i don't think she did (something today), but i hate her for (something she may have done 8 years ago)" sentiments, coming from lolcow.farm of all places, is genuinely surprising. I didn't realize so many anons here engaged in the same bandwagon-hate culture that teenage Twitter stans do to singers whose Billboard chart position they want to try and knock a little lower.

No. 556766

>not not a feminist
I doubt a native anglo would say that, lol. There are more elegant ways to say it and unless this is a spelling error this is ESL tier.

No. 556767

Can we just leave Lana del Rey in 2011? This shit is boring. Ya'll giving these has been, attention starved, celebs exactly what they want.

No. 556770

File: 1590139726873.png (268.8 KB, 896x1748, apiOd4X.png)

I was hoping azealia would tear her a new one but this is kind of lackluster. Maybe she's on new meds.

the double negative is deliberately non committal, she's been similarly evasive on the subject for years.

I wouldn't say I'm a stan but I like her, or at least her music/aesthetic. I also think she's an out of touch idiot.
>coming from lolcow.farm of all places

It's relatively common in speech. I don't see it online much probably because it's so easy to misread.

No. 556773

File: 1590141222424.jpeg (105.25 KB, 749x716, A4E53A82-BB2E-4519-AA1D-7B208F…)

Meghan Fox weighs in

No. 556775

It's not "bandwagon hate". Actually, she's very loved along the board. There are reasons that people may not worship her the way her stans do, but I don't think anyone ITT explicitly called her racist. First off, she felt the need to start her rant with "Question for the culture". Why? We all know who/what "for the culture" is linked to, so please don't try to reduce everything to her race. Second, it's very funny that she'd name a bunch of black women and two white women for her rant, imply that she's the only one who sings about broken relationships, and frame herself as being the unique voice of all victimized women (like none of those women have ever been victimized), when she's actually one of the most privileged (and yes, inconvenient as it is to admit, she is privileged in many ways).
She then goes on to claim she's not racist, even though she needlessly brought up these women and started off her rant in a pointed way, because they're her "favorite singers" and she "knows them", but it turns out she's only even following the two white women she listed, not a single one of the black ones. To make things worse, she doubles down by claiming herself to be more "delicate" than they are, even though she sings about raunchy things ("my pussy tastes like pepsi cola", "you can be the boss daddy", countless songs about being Lolita, songs about drug addiction, alcoholism, etc), twerks at concerts, did at least one photoshoot dressed as a stripper, has men choke her in her music videos, etc.
No one's calling her a Nazi or saying she's inciting violence. She just made a racially charged, bitter, self-victimizing rant, and people are responding accordingly to her entitled behavior.
If anyone else had made this rant, they'd likely get the same treatment. If any black singer posted that rant, all the Taylor Swift/Katy Perry/Ariana Grande/Camilla stans would hop up to call her a bitter black woman (with added racial slurs, if they're Camilla stans), and everyone else would say she's entitled. I'm sorry people aren't falling for the bullshit when it's LDR, she's not the angel her stans make her out to be.

No. 556776

>pink print came out in 2014
>lemonade is from 2016
Why is she using albums that came after Born to Die (Lana's most famous and problematic album from 2012) as example of poc women doing it first? Doesn't make sense lmfao, she could have used some 90's examples by artists that Lana did not mention

No. 556777

>I was hoping azealia would tear her a new one but this is kind of lackluster. Maybe she's on new meds.
It absolutely kills me how literally everyone was waiting for this, but on any other day, they're bitching about how evil and problematic she is and trying their hardest to "cancel" her (even though she's usually right on the money).

No. 556778

File: 1590141683179.jpg (251.65 KB, 749x891, 1589869379951.jpg)

Speaking of Megan Fox (and so that we can change the subject here for one goddamn second) she has split up her husband for over 10 years and whom she's had 3 kids with and began a relationship with machine gun kelly

No. 556781

No. 556783

yes thank you for the amazing commentary

No. 556790

Wasnt that dude dating Kate Beckinsale like a minute ago? Goddamn Kate is going through men faster than changing her underwear.

None of this was written by her and it shows lol

So in the news: Lori Loughlin and her husband have been found guilty and she'll be 2 months in jail while her husband will be 4 months. Hrr children wont get shit tho, I don't understand why. Wouldn't they be considered complicit to the crime, why with all those stupid ass photos of them "rowing"?

No. 556791

Why do I have this feeling that their relationship is not gonna last long?

No. 556795

All this talk over Lori Loughlin having a “total mental breakdown” and serving hard time only for it be 2 months which will undoubtedly be spent in some cushy, white collar prison… jfc.

No. 556797

yeah I don't get why people were acting like there was any real chance they would face some kind of actual consequence

No. 556798

Just an aside I think he did get some flax because he didn’t talk about his relationship for years and when people found out they were upset. He addresses it in his show Atlanta.

No. 556800

Yeah he definitely does within certain circles, I don't think it gets as much mainstream attention generally as it does with women though

No. 556807

With the corona I doubt she will see the inside of a cell. They are trying to keep the jail populations as low as possible. She will probably be in home confinement for 2 months. I hope I'm wrong though.

No. 556824

"mortifying"? jfc, really?

i find it embarrassing the lengths people are going to to try to cancel Lana. it's not that serious.

No. 556853

is this from her beef with Azealia?

No. 556856

I'd like to point out that the author of that article didn't even use that word correctly.

Yes, from October 2018, see >>556417

No. 556857

fucking retard lmfao

No. 556886

new gaga single with ariana grande - Rain on me

Kek at the dance. What a bland song tho.

No. 556892

File: 1590173217956.gif (10.24 MB, 408x316, 20200522_114537.gif)

Came here to say the same thing. This looks stupid as fuck. I like how they put Ariana in a stiff ass skirt for the choreography lmao

No. 556901

No I feel the exact same way. My tolerance for celebrities has gone so low during all of this, it all just seems so stupid and meaningless, I wish they would all go on hiatus for a while

No. 556911

Damn ariana really gained some weight since the last time I saw her? I remember when she was the popular girl in the thinspo realm and would always post her skinny legs or chest bones popping out lol how times have changed. I wonder how many of her fans she damaged from her constant body checks.

No. 556930

Boring song, ugly ass video. What a waste of resources.

No. 556931

File: 1590179561529.jpg (75.55 KB, 1050x528, crackattack.jpg)

who okay'd this shot of Lady Gaga's ass? this looks so uncomfortable

No. 556935


video was directed by robert rodriguez, who made films like sin city, spy kids and Alita: Battle Angel. But yes, this shit looks fake af if you remember how flat gaga actually is.

No. 556936

The song is ok, but i see this being over played in the foreseeable future.

No. 556945

No. 556947

this, basically.

kim gordon is old af now and not relevant anymore so maybe she should check her shit before she starts talking trash. women calling other women out for not doing woman right are always annoying and yes i do know what website i'm on but it's still annoying as hell to see these elder stateswomen talk down to young artists, just fuck off and let them grow at their own pace

No. 556949

File: 1590183920465.png (942.57 KB, 849x793, Screenshot 2020-05-22 at 22.39…)

Probably trying to conceal how much weight she's gained, I wonder if she herself insisted upon it. At least her hair's down for some of it, it suits her more and the ponytail always looks painful.

No. 556950

lol, ARTHUR is commenting on this? scumfucker extraordinaire, crawl back in your hole you fat retard

No. 556951

this is so stupid but pc twitter is eating it up. she's a black woman trolling white incels and doesn't care. she visibly doesn't care. she video chats with "homophobic, xenophobic, racist white supremacists" and you think she's serious….? as a bi black jewish woman

No. 556953

I assume you're answering to my comment, I deleted it because I thought I sounded too pretentious and not like the other girlz but as someone who has been strongly involved in pop culture for ages, used to be a stan of many artists, and even wanted to get into the entertainment industry myself now I look at all this stuff and it just, it doesn't feel genuine and like you said, meaningless, even tho I recognize art and entertainment are tools the public are using to feel good during these times, it just feels like they're doing too much for the wrong things in such a crisis

No. 556954

where's that anon that said doja used to use 4chan? i need the sources, the screenshots

No. 556955

What was the point of this, anyway? Nobody really wanted or expected Megan's take on the Lana situation because she doesn't really contribute to anything artitiscally like the other players in this vapid argument.

No. 556956

okay who the fuck is he. please give me the relevant deets

No. 556957

Pretty fucking hilarious how kim k and pia mia have no jobs to do. Kim’s thottier than ever and piss mia wrote a shitty princess diaries fanfiction on wattpad.

No. 556959

Do you really think it's just "trolling" when she apparently devoted so much of her time talking to them despite them mocking her and roasting/ignoring her whenever she was in the chat, stripping for them, taking a shit on camera and all that stuff that's rumored to be true? I don't know how much of it is even true, but it's more like she spent her time doing all of that to get some sort of validation and raise her self esteem.

No. 556960

even if it was just trolling, which it isn't, it's still pathetic

No. 556962

people have been talking about her being on tinychat since at least 2015, I feel like if a lot of what the 'rumours' people are saying actually happened there would be some evidence, she doesn't seem to be doing anything racist or sexual really. I have a friend who was a fan around 2015 who claims she used to be anti-Semitic and make racist jokes but she herself is Jewish and black so idk, i'd need to see it in context if it even exists

No. 556963

the people praising her for her drags aren't the same people complaining about her

No. 556964

honestly who gives a fuck? she should be allowed take the piss on weird tinychat rooms with weird internet strangers like so many do. i thought it was satire but are people sincerely trying to cancel her? you couldn't pay me to be a celebrity these days. humans are problematic and in this day of technology you see human nature in a way that wasn't there when there wasn't a constant connection to your idols directly from their phone instead of a gossip magazine. it's absolutely unreal that poor woman. i don't care for her particularly or her music but how godawful not even being able to pass time on the internet, not being able to show her face because she can't be her, she has to be Doja Cat

No. 556965

why is doja cat famous, or even a "real" celebrity? she looks so average, her music isnt even that good. i dont get the hype. hope they cancel her just for being boring, literally rita ora levels of forced meme

No. 556966

File: 1590186047272.gif (3.65 MB, 500x208, tumblr_16bfdec87e509acf5e922c9…)

you don't shake your ass to boss bitch?

No. 556967

she shouldn't be a celebrity bc you personally don't like her while a lot of other people do, gotcha..
are you saying she's a try hard or something bc that's the last thing i think of her as

No. 556969

I was in the tinychat room dojacat was in during that time, I probably have a stream recorded somewhere, let me look. She went to the old sweetneets one with some of the old r9k kageshi people. Nothing interesting tbh, she was mostly just chilling without makeup just talking about random shit as anyone there does, it's really not that interesting. This was before she got 'big' mind you, she used to be some what a regular.

Who cares if she went to that though? Why would that mean she should be cancelled? Are 'celebrities' not allowed to have online lives or something? lol

No. 556970

why were you there?

No. 556974

Boss bitch was a terrible song lol what are you on about

No. 556977

i wonder what kind of witchcraft lana's gonna do for the women she named. gonna call upon papa legba or some shit like that other white girl who died doing that
what about cybersex

No. 556978

Sooo… did her magic spells on Trump ever worked? Lol

No. 556979

I dunno I've been there/following for like 15 years+ because of an old 4chan ventrilo server that went to stickam, then tinychat, then kageshi, then ezcape then discord/tinychat again. It's full of robots, oldfag channers, some new people, and rando incels.

Doja was pretty boring there, honestly nothing interesting, especially compared to some of the shitshow people that are in the rooms sometimes.

No. 556990

Who the fuck cares if doja cat said racist/homophobic/sexist/ shit behind a fucking computer screen with a bunch of edgelords she probably doesn't even know? Do her actions match her words? Should we just cancel anyone who had the gall to be bored, lonely and immature at any point in their life? People act like you've just admitted to being a member of the fucking KKK if you cop to even LURKING 4chan at any point in your life, much less to having posted there regularly.

No. 556991

thats what i just implied

No. 556999

It sounds like people looking for any excuse to cancel someone. Being an edgy teenager on 4chan is hardly milky.

No. 557000

are you dumb? she STILL goes on tinychats and talks to these racist shitstains. She is antiblack. Like lowkey feel bad cuz her daddy was a literal deadbeat and thats probably where her resentment lies but like just because you guys were all racist edgy shitstains as teens doesnt mean we all were. Your actions have consequences

No. 557002

maybe she feels like she fits in with them for reasons other than racism? there are so many reasons that people end up on 4chan and associated chatrooms that have nothing to do with genuinely being racist.

No. 557004

she made a whole song called dindu nuffin and mocked the death of sandra bland. Miss me! She is my age i dont feel bad about her woe is me rhetoric. The fact that she is successful and receives so much praise but STILL decides to go on these racist webcam chats shows me that she hasnt changed. Its gross. She needs therapy and to stop snorting coke

No. 557005

She didn’t mock her death doe? The song was poking fun at ain’t shit niggas, rappers have said much worse and not been canceled. The word choice was clearly stupid, not sure why any black people would want to reclaim the word dindu nuffin.

No. 557006

Dr. Luke is behind her, she is basically the new Kesha going viral but less talented

No. 557008

Who wanted to reclaim that? most black people have never even heard of that term because its used in alt right spaces. You sound like a doja stan and im sorry about it but you fave is a self hating racist. Let me leave this alone before they ban me

No. 557010

Not really a stan, I’m not canceling someone over petty shit. I’m gonna write that dindu nuffin song off as her reclaiming a racist word, if she was self hating like you’re pushing there would be colorist and racist social media posts to back it up. There ain’t none, only homophobic posts.

No. 557011

I hate those dumb ass giant heels so much. This would have looked better if they were bare foot or in smaller heeled shoes.. Anything else at all.

No. 557012

for normies, it is concerning

No. 557021

now she's being exposed and cancelled for being a serial cheater? everyone famous ever would be cancelled?

on another note, i feel like people aren't well versed in early 2010's tinychat/stickam culture. that's just what people would do. just taking the piss

can u explain how it's about sandra bland please? im trying to find how it correlates. people on twitter just tweeted it and it caught on now it's the narrative. the lyrics don't match up??

No. 557022

File: 1590196475126.png (63.02 KB, 911x580, 6ti3mAO.png)

No. 557023

whats up

No. 557025

why does she keep digging her own grave. she's so fucking detached

No. 557029

I can't believe she was dumb enough to go back there after she got some fame. at least before she could've played it off as being young and immature. yeah cance