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File: 1631163553791.jpg (26.44 KB, 225x400, 7302e3a3fde356b343fe7d9920d145…)

No. 904833

Let the steam out.

Previous Thread: >>>/ot/895055

No. 904842

File: 1631164486559.jpg (155.76 KB, 1280x720, sopMHlP.jpg)

I don't know which thread to use, I guess I will use this one because it's older.

but anyway, I'm a delivery driver and I ran a red light at work today. I don't know why. I wasn't drunk, looking at my phone or even tired. I just… was being absent minded. as soon as I realized cars were driving across the intersection I slammed on my brakes. I didn't hit anyone but I still drove past the crosswalk which legally counts as running a red light. I feel so embarrassed and ashamed, I'm just glad I didn't hurt anyone. I've been working here over a year and nothing like that has ever happened. my boss wasn't there but I felt the need to tell my manager incase someone called the store to tell them. she didn't seem concerned and was just like "it happens sometimes". I have seen other drivers blatantly break traffic laws but this is different because people actually saw me and I could have hit someone. I hate myself but also hope I don't get fired, if they do fire me though I will understand. I have just been really out of it and distracted ever since someone tried to break into my house the other night

No. 904843

Don't beat yourself up, it happens and if you drive all the time the likelihood goes up. I've had a few stupid driving moments where I've just had a mind blank or a moment of confusion and done something I'd never do usually, it always freaks me out and embarrasses me but if there's no harm done you just have to move on.

Driving is weird though, half the time I feel like it's just muscle memory and instinct rather than being conscious of every aspect of traffic no matter how hard I'm concentrating.

No. 904907

ty, I always try to be aware but sometimes I just phase out and cant help it.

No. 918641

File: 1632203374678.jpg (118.83 KB, 1000x750, stretch mark.jpg)

Before covid started I didn't have a single stretch mark on my body, now 25 pounds heavier I am covered neck to knees with stretchmarks. My breasts, my butt, my knees, my stomach, my arms ,my elbows,my armpits, the bottom of my neck. The stretch marks are so vicious I look like a stab victim I'm a few months away from turning 20, The stretch mark creams I use have fragrance (which gives sensitive skin acne) So I also have painful Pimples all over my body from the creams. I've never dated anyone but I know no one would ever want to look at my naked body. I regret not taking care of my body every single day. I don't shower much anymore because looking at my naked body makes me nauseous (random photo off google looks similar to my stretch marks)

No. 918645

I'm sure it isn't that bad

No. 918647

Sorry anon. As far as I know stretch mark creams don't work. But don't take my word for it. At least the appearance of the marks should become softer as they mature.

No. 918650

Is it just from weight gain? Could it be something medical like Cushing's disease? Stretch marks like that are pretty intense.

No. 918651

I left my job because it wasn't it. The training i got didn't make me feel ready but it was remote. I regret it so much. I've been crying over for fucked i am. I tried finding another remote job in the same type of field just not medical related. Nothing. Every place moved forward with other candidates. Barely any interviews. I decided to drop all my classes in hope of getting an office job. Widen the detach. Nothing. I've redone my resume, redid my LinkedIn, tried various tips. Now I'm just stressed and crying. I'm going to probably have to take two part time minium wage jobs instead. I just want to give up

No. 918654

My body looks nothing like the Cushing's disease model, but I do think I'm suffering from something.

No. 918663

I wish I could sleep right now. I've made a huge mistake and slept at 2am for no good reason at all. I feel like total shit because of how tired I am.

No. 918686

Thought that was an orange that got beat up on the produce truck

No. 918688

How the fuck going on lolcow gonna make you sleep faster? Take a melatonin and never wake up. Recommend 8 for a newbie

No. 918707

File: 1632213474977.jpg (44.69 KB, 736x736, E-kpTJRVkAE410I.jpg)

i have a cold and now i have painful sores on the tip of my tongue. i never had something like that related to a simple cold. why won't they go away already, it's been four days.

No. 918712

I posted this at 9am in my office, retarded American anon.

No. 918718

guys this is the old thread, it was a duplicate thread. the new thread is here >>>/ot/914233

No. 918757

My job is asking me to work a 13 hour day today because one of our shift leads walked out.t he store i've been with is always crashing and burning with good people leaving. I think i need to look for a better option now..

No. 918852

had to drop a foreign language class at my uni because i have pretty bad hearing loss and i can't hear the online program that my prof uses. tired of these dumbasses minimizing my disability. no, i'm not "cured" because i wear hearing aids.

No. 918854

I embarrassed myself in a meeting today. CEO asked me a question and I could barely answer

No. 918856

a troon just said the vaccine was the mark of the beast during a meeting with the vice president of our large company

No. 918862

Tell us more…

No. 918868

This fucking sucks anon, I'm sorry

No. 918885

ARGH fucking handyman just robbed me. i know it, he knows it, but i was too much of a wimp to argue with him only alone at home. FUCK.

No. 918904

handymen stole my box of glass pipes. considered hiring them again to beat them up

No. 918930

a girlboss move
i would give them a money envelope except when they open it it's just full of farts and then they die

No. 919597

my bf is driving me insane. I’ve had a hard couple weeks and yesterday I finally sent off my bachelor’s thesis. I just wanted to sleep in today, but my bf woke me up several times. He hurt his back and can’t really bend over. Usually he works from home, but today he got up at 7 and woke me up so that I could help him put on socks. He can’t put on socks but he can leave for work because there’s a bIrThDaY pArTy and later cInEmA. I’m so angry. I feel awfully tired today, I look like shit, my head hurts like a bitch. Time to break up.

No. 921821

File: 1632471471870.jpeg (90.65 KB, 797x603, 16B4A253-E105-45EC-9841-535F2A…)

I’m sick of my bf too and it’s only been a matter of months. I just want to be single. He’s such a whiny little bitch, wanting me to help with his sOcIaL aNxIeTy by ordering shit for him because he’s scared of fucking cashiers and waiters. The stupid fuck is 6 years older than me!!!! Sometimes when he gives me oral he literally sucks my pussy and when I told him I didn’t like this he threw a fucking tantrum. Scrotes are fucking worthless.

No. 921824

Samefag im terrified to break up in case he fucking murders me, or kills himself. His parents are really nice and respectable people and he’s their only child. I would be devastated for them. He knows where I live and my fucking walk to work. God I hate scrotes. You just don’t know what they’re capable of.

No. 921825

Hope u can find a plan to escape anon. But don’t feel responsible for him or his parents feelings. It’s your life after all and you can only pretend for so long.

No. 921827

encourage him to man up anon, get him into martial arts or crossfit or something

No. 921834

I'm the anon who always vents about being socially retarded at my new workplace and today at a meeting I could hear someone saying in the background something along the lines of 'No, she doesn't speak at all. She should be looking at a new job methinks' and I CANNOT get rid of the feeling that it was about me. I cannot talk in groups. I cannot and this is part 4 in a series of workshops that I did not participate in

No. 921852

> wanting me to help with his sOcIaL aNxIeTy by ordering shit for him because he’s scared of fucking cashiers and waiters
I have the same flavor of anxiety as him and I haven't made partners do this shit for me except for one or two real low points. It's a quick decline if you start doing that. You have to basically treat it like exposure therapy and face waiters and cashiers as much as you can. Let yourself feel uncomfy and and get through it anyway. He has to already already know this.

No. 921880

Anon no, that's not how you take care of piercings. You don't take them out to clean them and they take a few months to heal. You just use saline solution on them and don't touch them. You also need titanium in case you are allergic to nickel.

No. 921915

File: 1632485206439.jpg (4.46 KB, 238x195, 1585831489192.jpg)

I don't trust male psychiatrists and therapists. Not only they don't listen to me as much as female ones, but they also want to push on me some personality disorders, like schizoid or schizotypal, while female specialists tend to be open to the idea I'm autistic and they admit that female autism is harder to diagnose than male autism, especially in our country. I feel like males just don't believe that a semi-functional female can be autistic. Male psychiatrists are also more expensive. I spent so much money on them I honestly hate myself for it. I will never get that money back. My last one wanted 500 for the first appointment, and every control visit was supposed to be 250, but he just recently changed it to 300. This is too much for me, I'm so angry at myself, I wish I could go back in time and take that money back

No. 921927

File: 1632486846645.png (91.08 KB, 500x538, 1559985241573.png)

Why do hetero, risk literal death. You could always pull a "I now have pcos and have (((moodswings)))" then cuss him out and cry until he fucks off naturally. Get creative.

No. 921932

Another fat cunt insisted in sitting next to me on the subway and got mad when I refused to move my bag (I purposely sit to leave little room on either side of me so a 3 seater turns into a 2 seater, since most sane people in my city are still trying to sit with a good amount of space between each person) when the subway was relatively empty and the bitch could’ve sat literally in a bunch of other empty seats. Bitch only stayed on for a few stops too. Your knees can’t handle standing win all that lardo weight huh?

No. 921935

this picture holy shit

No. 921940

One of the guys in my group project chat is so whiny, and I can't tell him to shut the fuck up and cause infighting for no real reason, but I am tempted. It annoys me this much because I also hate when I realize I sound whiny, but this guy has zero self-awareness.
>"UGH, it's so confuuuusing, we have to open two separate softwares to sign uuuup? whyyyyyy?"
>"uuuuugh, I don't understand what we're supposed to do"
>someone tries to explain it to him
>"uuuuuuuugh, we have to do all thaaaat? Why isn't in more convenient? But why should we do all that? I didn't get instructions how to do it step-by-step and didn't get spoonfed all information
>tell him to ask the professor or to use his brain
Fucking shoot yourself, mate

No. 921941

You can talk in groups, you just don't know it and so, you will talk in the next groupthing at your workplace. Just imagine that every single person sitting around is one cow from here and no matter what they think or might say, it doesn't matter, because they are cows and cows are only useful while eating grass. And imagine the look on their faces when you finally talk.
I've been like you and now you can't shut me up when there is something to say and I think the others are just wasting air with their stupidity.
You can speak up, I believe in you, nonna.

No. 921942

Sorry, I deleted the inital post already, but I already use that and rarely touch them. I thought I should take them out like once every two or three days to get the dried stuff off, I'll stop doing that then. I don't know why they won't heal properly, I've been doing what I was told and my sibling that got them done the same day didn't have any problems at all, even though they rarely used the solution or really anything on them.

No. 921945

I remember back when I went to university, the professor gave us literature we could (not should) read and half of it was in English (not the first language in my country) and even before he could finish his sentence 1/4 of the class was whining that they can't read English and that it's too much and, damn, I should have killed them. Still wonder how those people got their degree and I dropped out, kek. Just wanted to say, I understand you, I hate whiny people, especially when it's an easy task. Only thing you can do is ignore him, every interaction will feed his need to whine more, because he will think that you understand and he can come to you for more whining.

No. 921946

I only had one male therapist. He was one of the worst. I, of course, was having trouble opening up to a fat old scrote so instead of idk making me feel more comfortable, this stupid piece of shit starts telling me about his fucking problems. Like the first 15 of my sessions were him talking about himself. Fucking useless. Hurts too because if I would have gone to a good therapist back then, I wouldn't have been as fucked up now and wouldn't have gotten into abusive relationships.

No. 921953

nta but
>I don't know why they won't heal properly
This is definitely why:
>I take them out like once every two or three days to get the dried stuff off
Use a q-tip to get the dried stuff off after you shower when it's soft and when you clean it with solution. You're not supposed to take the jewelry out at all until it's fully healed. 6-8 weeks or more. Good luck!

No. 921957

That classroom scene sounds familiar. I really can't tell if the students are this mentally lazy, or it's just that the few vocal shamelessly lazy people distort the picture. We had to finish a single "intro to economics/accounting" course and some people complained to the teacher because one of the tests we had to take involved basic addition/multiplication/etc problems. I almost died of second hand embarassment to be associated with these people to any degree.

No. 921992

I'm so fucking sad, I just found out my grant application got denied, I worked on it for two months and even hired a copywriter and shit. And then I had to wait 4 more months only for them to reject me. This grant would've been huge and would've changed my life and boosted my artistic practice in so many ways. I'm so upset and obviously I knew this was a possibility but this is the hardest I've worked on anything in a long time and I'm just so sick of people with power constantly saying no to me, I feel like I'm gonna be stuck working a shitty minimum wage job I hate for the rest of my life. I'm going to cry. I have no faith left. I just want want something good to happen to me for once, it's been five years of shitty news and hardship. Oh and my birthday is in a few days. Happy birthday to me I guess, my depression is triggered.

No. 922004

Write them shitty reviews across all their business/ professional online pages if that's possible.
Put forward a complaint perhaps? You're not satisfied and they didn't help, can you claim a refund?

No. 922008

I vented yesterday because my dad has this habit of landing me with plans to come visit me and he never checks whether it suits me or not. I said it's terrible timing and he claimed to cancel the trip.. but I'm tempted to check out the local train station at the time he was due to arrive tomorrow.

I can't even trust that he respected my wishes and told me the truth. I half expect him to still show up. I'm too used to his shit by now.

No. 922015

I'm sorry for you, I hope you can keep trying again later, it would be a waste if you gave up, but rest for now

No. 922016

I'm so sorry anon. Just remember that not getting the grant doesn't mean that your application was weak or that you're not worthy - every art grant gets like a million applicants, and at the end of the day they never have the funding to award a grant to everyone who deserves one. Try to stay positive and definitely keep applying for stuff, you'll break through eventually.

It's not exactly in the same domain, but for perspective my dad is a highly-cited professor with a decades long career, and he's told me that his applications for grants get rejected about 7 out of 8 times. Getting turned down is never fun, but it's a realistic part of the process even if you're well established and respected.

No. 922024

>but I'm tempted to check out the local train station at the time he was due to arrive tomorrow.
yeah sounds like you enable his behavior because you like to in some weird way. either you don't want him to come over or you're being dramatic.

No. 922027

File: 1632495724170.jpg (9.93 KB, 480x360, 060aaceab6326a1a0475464368cc01…)

I'm so damn anxious about my uni courses because there are waaaaay too many people who've applied for the ones I applied for and honestly idk how my uni is going to manage that and how everyone is supposed to get in????????? This semester we have "hybrid" courses, so one group has to come to campus for a week and the other does it online and then they switch but they have to make everything online if there are too many people applying, right?RIGHT!??!?

Like, most courses this semester only take 50 people max but then I see that over 400 people applied for each of them? I'm so scared that I won't be able to get in and I'm on the edge for another two weeks because that's how long it'll take until registration period is over waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

No. 922031

If I do go and check I'm doing it just so I know he's not there and I'm not going to bump into him in the next few days. I'm planning to cut all contact tbh. That's where I'm at.

No. 922042

thanks nonnies, this made me feel better. i know i just need to keep trying, i was just really hoping for some sort of sign from the universe that i was heading in the right direction. i'm at a really weird point in my life right now. i had two really close friends die suddenly within the last two years, and i keep getting rejected by jobs and grants etc, it's really disheartening and i'm starting to wonder what the fuck i'm even doing in this life. so honestly it's more than just the grant. this is just the cherry on top of my existential crisis lol.i feel so lost. and broke, i'm so fucking broke. please someone give me money

No. 922049

File: 1632497879593.jpg (40.36 KB, 572x900, Tumblr_l_125041944374584.jpg)

I look back at my old posts here and I want to kill myself I'm such a hateful little sperg faggot I need more anxiety meds and to get clocked LMAO

No. 922052

Unrelated but would anyone say anything if I had a framed canvas of this in my house? I've always loved this but idk if people consider it edgy..

No. 922053

>You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
I've become the villain

No. 922079

You mean girlboss?

No. 922080

Look at that big ol' honker.

No. 922085

the great secret is that I've always been the villain

No. 922087

File: 1632502095432.jpeg (233.61 KB, 1242x1855, 2C5937B9-C695-4475-96CF-B979F3…)

Hell yeah, me too.

No. 922093

What messed up ish are you all up to? lol

No. 922116

Stretch marks are genetic. Does your mom have them?

No. 922121

I'm too suicidal and depressed to talk to people and I know my friends are worried by now but I can't bring myself to talk to them to even let them know I'm still alive. I feel awful because it feels like I'm suicide baiting even though I literally do want to die. It just gives me so much anxiety to even think about approaching them again. It's like if I tell them I'm still alive they'll think I'm "fine" when I'm still in so much pain, and having them dismiss my feelings would cause me even more pain and push me further into depression. I wish I was dead already, I cause nothing but suffering

No. 922126

i was gonna take a nap but my stomach started hurting so i can't fall asleep. but then i'm bad at focusing when tired fml

No. 922150

I signed up to discovery+ just to watch episodes of 1000lb sisters only to find each time I click an episode there are 'technical difficulties', this has been ongoing for two days now! get it together, discovery+!

No. 922153

I would compliment anyone who had that hanging in their house, go for it

No. 922161

I feel like I can never do anything right. I don't want to be miserable for the rest of my life but I feel I always will be. I've always felt like my cause of death would be suicide even as a kid I felt this way. And now as an adult I have dreams but every time I try I just fail and I could really use a break It feels so helpless and depressed. I honestly feel like just giving up completely

No. 922200

if someone thinks a world famous classical painting is edgy they're kind of stupid lol

No. 922202

Imagine dating an old fart 6 years above you and he doesn't even know how to eat pussy or talk to average sales assistants. Pathetic.

No. 922219

I decided to dump him tomorrow and find a better one.

No. 922271

Good on your girl, find yourself a prime specimen

No. 922272

File: 1632514310338.gif (952.27 KB, 499x374, 2f0.gif)

gj anon. you deserve the best

No. 922313

My future husband is going to be so insanely lucky to be married to me

No. 922343

File: 1632516239072.jpg (166.77 KB, 1280x720, AAAABfJvI6LdCF0a0DhyZRrYGxH807…)

I watched this glitter horse toy commercial and it actually made me extremely sentimental, I was the target demographic when MLP FiM came out and creepy moids ruined one of the favorite shows for little girl me with finding fucking weird fetish porn of my favorite characters and getting groomed on the internet.

Men ruin everything, and a part of me really wants to reclaim this dumb show aimed a little girls, i want to draw some dumb ass little horses and just enjoy something nice and wholesome about friendship.

No. 922352

I feel this so hard. When the fandom first started up it was so wholesome and it felt like a real girls gang, and me and my friends at school would spend lunch drawing our favorite ponies or drawing characters from other shows as ponies. Then shit got weeeeird. I have a lot of awesome memories though. I still remember the day the Hearts and Hooves Day episode was leaked and how excited me and my friends were.
You've gotten me in the mood to draw some ponies!!

No. 922366

I love you but I also want to fuck your husband so bad. Why can't I be the main character REEE

No. 922391

>tfw my scrote is day drinking again
it's not a lot, like a mimosa and a wine cooler, but it's enough to make me want to bring it up. he was a huge alcoholic right before we started dating but went clean aside from functions where it's appropriate to drink a little (like a special dinner etc). i dont want him to start thinking it's okay to drink just because he's not pounding vodka. but i'm afraid to bring it up because i'm not confrontational and i don't want to potentially ruin our weekend.

No. 922397

i'm always surprised to learn some nonnies were kids when that show came out, i was in highschool at that time

No. 922416

i want to avoid double posting, but i hate being ugly. i've had so many people i've met over mmo's and stuff fall for my voice and personality but when i send a selfie, the budding romance just fizzles out. we're still close but it's obvious they no longer hold a crush on me, and it stings.

posting about this NOW because it's recently happened with a sweet guy. why did god make me ugly

im not saying you shouldn't break up with him, but will you talk out the reasons for leaving him before you do?

No. 922417

I was in highschool as well, my first year! I'm >>922352

No. 922424

File: 1632519567923.jpg (108.54 KB, 982x813, izzy_moonbow_by_dawnf1re_defjj…)

I would reccomend watching the G5 movie then nonnie, it feels very much so like a fresh beggining, i hope the series attracts more female fans.
Im only 20 so FiM came out when I was 11 lol, its so weird that so much time has passed right?

No. 922427

Nta but I was also in high school, I’m kind of salty because I didn’t have friends during that time and I might’ve liked having something cute to be obsessed with instead of anime.
I remember trying to watch it, I don’t even remember why because I’ve always hated watching series on my own, I felt guilty watching it since it’s shown on a kid’s channel, I ended up not liking it.
I love the character designs though, they’re cute.

No. 922433

I'll definitely try it out. I'm generally turned off by the 3D animation aesthetic of cartoons in the recent years but the designs are pretty cute so I'm gonna give it a fair chance! I wish I didn't have to feel so much pain for a show ending that lasted a decade, that's more than most cartoons ever get. This is gonna sound lame af but Pinkie Pie kind of saved my life.

No. 922441

I tried really hard to like it because my friend was into it and because I watched the OG cartoon as a kid, but I just can't get into kid's media as an adult. It is what it is. But I also like the character designs and have a soft spot for any MLP since it was a big part of my childhood. An artist friend of mine got big in the pony fandom and I was a little salty that she was making so much bank drawing cute ponies, but now I'm glad I never got into it. She unfortunately succumbed to the brony porn brainrot and now pedo panders for chump change. So conflicted about this series because it was just a cute show for girls that got turned into scrote fetish fodder.

No. 922509

You'll be crying in a few months about bigger issues if you don't deal with this now.

No. 922666

This is stupid to post in this website but I wish people were nicer to each other. It seems a lot of people in the world are unnecessarily cruel and unforgiving with one another even for the smallest things. It seems the world is losing their humanity and becoming desensatized to cruelty. That is depressing.

No. 922670

File: 1632544400774.jpeg (7.18 KB, 275x221, 1603645175382.jpeg)

trips of truth

No. 922677

I feel like most of the arguments that happen on LC are sparked out of defensiveness. I'm not very good at it right now, but I'm trying to train myself for my first reaction to be de-escalation rather than becoming defensive and making an ass of myself. I just need to move on if I can't make a coherent argument without feeling flustered, that's on me. If I'm being unkind to the other person while making my point it doesn't make me more right, it just makes me a jerk. Especially since no conversation on an anonymous board is worth that kind of energy. I like when anons send nice messages back and forth, or have interesting debates where no one is called a retard or an autist, or when a bunch of anons nerd out about some thing they all love and post cool pictures.

No. 922691

Nah, if anything people were even crueler to each other in the past. Be grateful that you get to shitpost on the internet and enjoy your cushy modern life while your ancestors were getting raped and ransacked.

No. 922694

That's a good point honestly

No. 922700

>i don't want to potentially ruin our weekend
Are you genuinely retarded? What do you care more about “ruining” the weekend?Your alcoholic scrote is drinking alcohol. This motherfucker is actively on the path to ruining his health, his life and eventually your life too, if you don’t grow a fucking brain and find a spine.

No. 922704

I am baffled by the sheer confidence all men seem to have to simply blabber on and on without paying heed to others. I'd say I aspire to top it, but it honestly isn't very aspirational. It's douchey

No. 922706

and i can out-blab them

No. 922708

I just want to talk about philosophical and funny things and get to know you stop trying to fucking sext I’ve shut it down twice already. Fuck how am I still surprised that all men will ever want from me is sex and if I deny it they’ll either drop me or take it by force

No. 922716

i want a normal and nice boyfriend to cuddle with

No. 922719

I'm doordashing right now, stuck waiting in a drive-thru line, and the guy in front of me is blasting Machine Gun Kelly. I've had to listen to like 4 of his shit songs in a row and I'm ready to a-log

No. 922720

Jesus christ he's screaming along… how embarrassing wtf I hate scrotes

No. 922871

My period tracking app
> Did you forget to input your period?
No I didn't fucking forget. I'm having the worse pms the last few days and I know the minute I start actually bleeding I'll be fine again but nope… no sign of it starting or of me getting any relief. Stop rubbing it in, I'm not in the mood for your shit lol

No. 922887

Mtf just joined the mostly female community I'm part of. Pour one out for me ladies

No. 922891

File: 1632575915748.jpeg (15.62 KB, 300x300, 55BE712F-C37E-4571-883C-2AFF7E…)

ask if he's into puppy play and pour one out into his doggy dish

No. 922902

kek anon

No. 922903

File: 1632576497965.jpeg (85.45 KB, 1280x720, 2E5D8BF1-FDD1-48B8-87E9-64C208…)

I’m sorry.

No. 922905

our dog was throwing up because he’s old and gets poorly tummies so my dad threatened to kick him down the stairs and while he wouldn’t have done it, it was such a fucking evil horrible awful disgusting thing to say. i’m just crying in my room now. why the fuck couldn’t i have just been born to normal people who wouldn’t ever even dream of thinking something like that. why the fuck did i get stuck with people who would say shit like that. i really cannot fucking bear it it’s so unfair that other people get normal parents and i get these two fucking insane freaks

No. 922947

Sorry for using your post to sperg but this reminded me of something kind of related that I've been wanting to bitch about.

I keep seeing clips where it's like 'My dad and the dog he said he didn't want' and then they show the dad doting over a puppy. What you described is what I actually picture whenever I see that caption on a clip. Such a shortsighted thing to think bringing an animal into a house where the 'man of the house' doesn't want it there is bound to just work out anyway. Like good luck when it stops being cute and has a health problem that daddy might not be so keen to dote on. I hate teens spreading the message to just get a dog anyway and your dad will forever be a soppy mess babying it.

Men in homes with pets who are less than perfect or have an inconvenient illness.. terible combination ime. Sorry you're living amongst all that.

No. 922953

self proclaimed sex repulsed nb they/them ace (so a woman) who's into the weirdest and grossest kinks imaginable (of course) talking about how otome games suck for forcing the player to play as a girl.

what part of otome do you not understand.

No. 922977

it's to scare you into cleaning up the mess before he ever has to look at it.

No. 922981

Anon those sell your data better to go back to paper and pen.

No. 922990

I'm on a trip in Germany with my female friend and two gay guys. The guys constantly chat with some randos on grindr, they started the second we arrived in our hotel and they already exchanged dickpicks and plan to fuck.
Jesus, I never thought gays were this degenerate until I had a lot of gay friends. Every single one of them is promiscuous as fuck. One even talked for a long time how he loves fucking men who have girlfriends. They're also sexist as fuck and really insecure about their masculinity, afraid of doing any 'girly shit'. Men are really only driven by sex and act only on their animalistic instincts, at least women gatekeep it a bit in hetero guys.

No. 922995

>They're also sexist as fuck
Why are you friends with these scrotes?

No. 922998

YES are we talking about the new movie

I've never been part of "fandoms" so thankfully the g4 brony fandom never got to me, never went to any pony cons though
but I LOVED g4, used to draw a bunch of art for it, it stayed wholesome for me beginning to end

Sadly I think cg is the future, but I actually really enjoyed this movie. they are some CLEAR personality channelings (like izzy gives off some very strong pinkie vibes, zipp with dash)
I like this new crew, and I hope noone ruins it lmao

bronies have moved on, I think.

No. 923001

I didn't know that these two are this bad before I went on the trip.

No. 923009

Well I hope you dump them as friends after this, they seem insufferable.

No. 923025

had my baby 15 days ago and i fucking hate motherhood. i hate not having one goddamn minute to myself. i hate that my boyfriend refuses to even feed her a bottle to help me out bc he "might do it wrong!!!" i hate that even a sniffle sends me into a meltdown bc i'm certain that she's dying. i can't sleep bc i'm sure that she's gonna pass away from SIDS at any moment. i can't do laundry or cook or even feed the dogs bc she has to be on me at all times. fuck i hate this. worst decision i've ever made. i love her and she's perfect but i hate being her mom.

No. 923034

If you're feeling overwhelmed beyond your ability you need to get help. It can be a sign of post-natal depression.

No. 923035

>i hate that my boyfriend refuses to even feed her a bottle to help me out bc he "might do it wrong!!!"
Don't accept this cop out from him anon, you didn't pop out of the womb knowing how to take care of another human either. The fact is you made the effort to learn, and yes sometimes made mistakes in order to be a bit better.
He needs to man up and be a father. Btw I'm not trying to shade you, but women in general need to get away from this "help" language when it comes to domestic responsibilities. You're telling him to do his part as a parent, so saying he needs to "help" you implies that you're the default parent and he's only there to occasionally assist. Bullshit. That attitude needs to die and you need to recuperate. Is he dangerously incompetent? If he's just making excuses so he doesn't have to do anything to go relax or funsies, here's what you do: Drop the baby off on his lap, and say you need to go do something. Leave him with the baby. If he bitches about being ignorant then assure him he can figure it out. Leave.

However, if you think he might be capable of being so stupid and vindictive that he might actually hurt or kill the baby by himself…well obviously don't pull this. However I would have to ask why you'd even stay with a man like that if that's the case? If he's dead weight anon then you might as well be single.

No. 923041

A mother who is not getting enough support and who is on the verge of losing it is worse than anything that could realistically go wrong while he's learning how to bottle feed. He's failing to pick up on the more obvious danger here… because his priority isn't safety, it's staying lazy.

No. 923042

my girlfiend goes out and buys expensive things/treatments yet owes me $50

No. 923043

Dads are such sociopaths with pets. Mine keeps saying how he's going to make my bunny into a stew once it gets sick. Like fuck off! I swear they only have families just so they have a group of ppl to terrorize who can't fight back.

No. 923044

>boyfriend refuses to even feed her a bottle to help me out bc he "might do it wrong!!!"

he's a parasite

No. 923045

Old news anon, when conservitards say gays will lead society into degeneration they meant gay males. Hetero women put a little bit of a leash on mens depravity, but with gay men it's a free for all. Paedo shit is common in gay community, so is not caring about STDs, and just hoe-ing around constantly without building a relationship.

No. 923050

Easy, so make him do laundry and cooking (but everyone knows scrotes won't do that). What do you want anons to say? Did you think your man would be not like other Nigel's and help out? Realistically you should cut him out of the kids life, and go back to your mom's so you can have some help raising the kid. Or give up the baby for adoption.

No. 923056

File: 1632589425726.png (190.18 KB, 480x360, 1632252854655.png)

I hate myself so much.

I know that when one feels this way, self-improvement is the way to go, but it all seems so tiresome. I feel like I'd be paving a road that leads to nowhere but more shitty land.

Why can't I just hit a button and be rewarded with a good work ethic, a mind clear of mental illness, and a body + face that do not disgust or hurt me (or other people).

Why couldn't I have inherited the good parts of my parents rather than their dregs? They were chads in their twenties but I'm here crying on LC with a perma pot belly despite being like, 140 pounds and 5'5. I hate this

No. 923060

people like you are like proof that there needs to be some sort of test would-be parents take, so they know how much work raising up a child actually is.
do you think you'd be happier with like a dog or something op? why did you and your husband have a kid?
speaking of your husband: do what other anons are saying and put his stupid ass to work. he knocked you up, he married you, he should be helping out.

No. 923063

This guy in this seminar has that FTM voice, and I really cannot stand it. He's very full of himself, and posted a bunch of pictures of when he was young, so I know it's a damn male.

No. 923065

Are you me?

No. 923066

>he married you
he didn't even do that lmao

No. 923067

this..really blows. obvi you can't change your feelings and i'm not gonna judge that but like the other anon said, it could be postpartum depression. i'd reach out for support to friends/family to help w the baby, and curse out the father. you're not doomed to always feel this way, i'm sure this could be common but people just don't talk about it

No. 923069

Put your foot down and make him take care of the baby too. Even if he's scared about doing it wrong, sit him down and tell him your expectations for him as the father. Seriously, you're going crazy because you're essentially doing the work of 2 people. That is simply not fair.

No. 923071

nta but
>Realistically you should cut him out of the kids life, and go back to your mom's so you can have some help raising the kid. Or give up the baby for adoption.
what kind of shit advice is this lmao

No. 923072

Nta but I grew up in a household where my parents both seperately talked about gays being perverts or sickos at different times… over the years they went on to say they don't actually mind gays but some of those lines really stuck with me and kept me in hiding.

For a long time I didn't get that they were likely talking about men buttfucking strangers and nothing that the average lesbo does. I just heard 'gays' and 'sicko perverts' and took that in thinking my virgin self was a sicko lol

No. 923080

>new neighbor in my apartment building
>leaves vile smelling indian food out all day in trash, despite the fact that we are only supposed to put our trash can out in the hall after 6 and only on specific days when they collect it
>at times has left trash in the hallway for 3 days straight when there was no collection scheduled
>ask management to speak with him about it because the smell makes me nauseous and sometimes even seeps into my apartment
>they reply and say to be "mindful and respectful of other cultures," do nothing about it
unironically jump off of a cliff, the lot of you

No. 923081

>go back to your mom's so you can have some help raising the kid
She doesn't say whether she has a living mom or not. Or a good relationship with her mom or if she's in the same country. So many on here have either a dead mom, a shit mom or have moved to other countries to marry a scrote. You never know.

No. 923082

The kind of advice if anon actually wants to fix her fucked up situation. Hes not going to help and she's just going to go more crazy, that's how it always goes.

No. 923090

ok well still. tell him to get off of cod or stop whatever moid bullshit he's on and help you raise this kid. ok i assume because you allowed him to get you pregnant that you trust him; you should be able to hold a conversation on how stressed out you are.

No. 923091

A lot of peple are homophobic about same-sex attraction in general though. Those I've met, hated lesbians too.

No. 923093

and like if he's scared about "messing up somewhere !! XD" >>923025 this is 2021. we have the internet. show him youtube videos or something, i hope he isn't so retarded as to not be capable of learning. >>923090

No. 923098

Oh look, another tard who had a baby with a manchild, I wonder how this episode will turn out.

No. 923106

I know you're tired, but make him do the work anon. I'm not a mother and I don't know much about taking care of babies, but it's not hard at all to feed a baby and burp them. I literally did it as a kid. Google exists, and there are Youtube tutorials for everything these days so he can "learn" how to take care of his own child. If he really won't feed her, then make him clean, cook, and take care of the dogs (or is he scared of doing that wrong too?). There's no excuse for a man to sit around and make a woman take care of a newborn baby and a home by herself. Also, seconding the anons who said you could have post-partum depression.

No. 923107

Damn wish I had a race card to pull. There's a reason stereotypes exist though, in India it's fine to pollute so they keep that attitude when they immigrate.

No. 923108

What a fucking nightmare, im so sorry you have to live with such an awful, deplorable person. Thanks god my dad isn't like this, he cried last time he hit our dog by accident and when its feeling sick, he feeds it the meds himself. I think if that dog died he would actually kermit lol

No. 923111

yeah, i dont have any living family left. my mom died when i was 15, dad died two years ago today actually. if i could go to my mom's i would.

No. 923115

File: 1632592365891.jpg (18.55 KB, 291x291, MRbA2lV1_400x400.jpg)

I hate codependency I hate codependency I hate codependency best regards daughter of a narcissistic father recovering from codependency

No. 923119

In addition to what other anons said, if she's around ask your mom (or grandmother or aunts etc.) for help. She's got experience, she knows how to get through it. Don't be afraid to ask from support from your family, especially the women who've had children and who know exactly what you're going through.

No. 923121

File: 1632592799350.png (38.18 KB, 647x211, unknown.png)

is it abuse if your parent does things to make you uncomfy? was looking thru my old e-diary tumblr and found this. it's making me wonder if i was just whining or what

No. 923125

I'd say that's interpreting the definition of abuse far too lightly.

No. 923126

go back to tumblr

No. 923127

you need to be 18 to post here

No. 923129

Hey nonnie, don’t listen to the other anons, I can help you understand.
Just post your credit card information, or even better, post your mom’s credit card information.
Then I will tell you all the stuff you need to know.

No. 923132

These are normal lil gripes that happen when living with parents. My dad would come in and sit on my bed when I was moody and telling him to get out. Normal shit. I wanted to seethe in peace and he wanted to talk me out of it lol

No. 923133

i'm twenty-two now, but this is from < ~16 y/o me.
even in the current day tho, she'll always try to guilt me with stuff i did when i was like, 14 or younger, it's just odd as hell to me

is this normal parent behavior? i mean her love of senselessly getting on my nerves was a big source of strife for us (me) growing up

No. 923136

It wasn’t abuse but it was annoying, did you ever asked her why she did all of those things? But like, not while you two were clearly tense or mad, just in a calm environment.

No. 923137

I keep on binge eating due to my depression and not caring about myself at all. I feel extremely depressed and I hate my life and wish that I was dead. I don't think I can stop binging unless I actually care about my life but I don't. I am thin right now but I know at this rate I will become overweight and/or obese. Of course I don't want to be but at the same time I don't care about my life and wish I was dead anyway so what's the point…my life isn't going to get any better and I suffer extreme emotional abuse in my life. I wish I was dead every day. My body hates this though. Of course when I eat normally I feel energy but I eat until I'm sick and tired.

No. 923139

I just took care of 2 people.
I doxxed an internet autist that blamed me that she sent nudes to men.
I just exposed/doxxed my female rapist and now everybody wants to beat her up.
I am never ever going to let myself be trashed again. I will never get raped. I will never get blamed for stuff I didn't do. Nobody can make me feel guilty again. I will do self love.
Anyways, I'll stop the avenging because it's wasting my time. Playing judge sucks but sometimes it has to be done. I don't care if it haunts me. I have the right to feel human for once after letting everyone take a poop on me.

No. 923140

lolcow discord sex work anon, is that you again?

No. 923143

Are you still living there? Adults that carry on living at home tend to stay in these weird grey spaces of still having teen problems with their parents. It's hard to change the parent/child dynamic if your lifestyle itself isn't reflecting that you're in a different stage of life.

No. 923144

Could you fuck off and eat shit? I don't use discord.
This was very important to me. My dad blamed me for his suicide since I were a toddler. I'm really tired of shitheads.

No. 923146

Who is the lolcow discord sex work anon? Do you mean that anon Tsundere-anon was allegedly impersonating?

No. 923149

well, yeah. her response is the same as it is in the image (or was, anyway, because i moved out a while ago): "you're in my house, you're my kid, i can mess with you if i want to."

No. 923150

I agree that it's not abuse, but I don't think it's normal either. It sucks when people (especially relatives) bring up old shit to try and guilt trip you. My mother was abusive and she did the same thing sometimes, I think it was to deflect from her actions. Like a "Well I did this, but you did this!" kind of thing. Idk if that's similar to your mother.

No. 923152

sorry your post had the same unhinged energy. good for you though

No. 923162

I fucking hate uppity choosing beggars they make me not want to help people period

No. 923164

Nothing unhinged about feeling human. And who is she?

No. 923165

>My dad blamed me for his suicide since I were a toddler.
Your dad is haunting you?

No. 923168

suicide attempt clearly.
Anyways i've noticed some of you in vent threads are really rude about serious vents when they're not about petty stuff.

No. 923172

Those posts were so chaotic that it was hard to take seriously.

No. 923173

at least she admitted to her mistakes, i guess. my mother never saw (and does not see) anything she did against me as wrong lol

No. 923176

Awww next time I'll vent about less serious stuff. Can't tell me nothing, bitch.

No. 923178

Your post was an absolute ride, though an unnerving one. I feel like I went through the entire spectrum of human emotions while reading it

No. 923180

we had the same issue at my office, where the indian interns we had were bringing curry into the computer lab and it constantly smelled so they had to ban ALL food from the lab - of course you can't just ban the only pungent food being consumed bc racist. you must ban everyone from eating for equality!

we also had to have a segment at our staff meeting devoted to personal hygiene bc their body odor was overwhelming and distracting. but nooo you can't just tell the people who fucking stink, you have to waste the time of the rest of us who already know what a shower and deodorant is

No. 923183

Imagine being the op (me) the person who went through all those human emotions. And yet I'm still alive, try to be a good person and never hurt anyone that badly except a fucking selfie doxx and telling a rapists' circle what she did to me.

How the fuck haven't I become an avenging serial killer or something with all the pain I endured?

No. 923190

This is so true and I wish someone told me this years ago.

No. 923192

hope you can live a happy peacful life from now on anon, try to get far away from these types of people if you can

No. 923197

so the white people of your office hated the delicious smell of a tasty curry so much they banned all food? talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face… this one's on you. embarrassing to be white sometimes

No. 923198

It's not about being white, it's about basic hygiene. Why would anyone bring food into a computer lab? Imagine how fucking disgusting the keyboards were underneath the caps. Hair, finger grease, curry and crumbs.

No. 923200

It's a strong scent but not any more than any decently flavored European dish. Fucking love curry, and I'm Hungarian. Won't say no to any kind of daal, either.

No. 923204

>we also had to have a segment at our staff meeting devoted to personal hygiene bc their body odor was overwhelming and distracting.
many scrotes could use one of those, no matter their skin color, ethnicity or nationality

No. 923205

So then food should never have been allowed in the first place? That's not what you were saying before. You clearly have some kind of anti-curry rhing because you keep trying to use curry as a pejorative word. If ypu didn't know, that means we can all tell you're a tasteless white with the palate of a five year old, like far too many white people. Like I said, embarrassing.

No. 923210

File: 1632597756614.jpg (247.86 KB, 1024x768, dirty_keyboard.jpg)

I'm not the OP, I'm just adding that banning food around computers, especially communal computers is common sense and not racist.

No. 923217

It's been 7 months and I still can't believe my dad is dead. I like to think he finally took a break from his job and he's on vacation enjoying himself. But no, he worked non-stop since the pandemic started and he fucking died at work.

No. 923220

>is this normal parent behavior?
There's no real 'normal parent behavior' because parents are people with their own quirks and imperfections. This isn't good behavior but it's definitely not abuse by any measure.

No. 923226

My condolences.
Cry and try not to overtink it. We don't choose how or when we die.
He didn't and neither will you. And you will die too.
Don't burden yourself or your offspring any more than we're all already burdened with by being here and having to die.

No. 923247

ewww GOD

No. 923275

File: 1632601795964.jpg (12.11 KB, 275x225, 1631472857137.jpg)

I'm convinced my dad WANTS me to stay an antisocial neet. Just constant putdowns and demoralizing quips, for no fucking reason. And whenever I call him out hes "oh it's just a joke" FUCK YOU. He doesn't do it to anyone else, its not a joke. Daddy issues is an over used trope but literally the main reason I can't stand scrotes is because they all pull the same shit as my dad, as eachother, literal copies of the same putrid vermin.

No. 923282

My condolences anon. I lost my mother to cancer last week yet it was only last night my brain finally realized that she's not just at the hospital anymore and that I'll never see her again in this life. I cried like a baby. Losing a parent is rough and changes up your brain chemistry, don't beat yourself up too hard on the thought patterns you use to cope. I hope that you get many moments of peace in between the battles against your grief.

No. 923289

File: 1632602511663.gif (70 KB, 499x499, tumblr_mmxweumXYn1qjbv70o1_500…)

I never get to enjoy the autumn weather for more than a week before the seasonal affective disorder hits. It's just an early sunset, I'm going to slap the shit out of my brain if it keeps making me think about my parents getting older and dying for no reason.

No. 923294

Grey rock method.

Let them stew in their own misery when they can't get a rise out of you.

No. 923300

I do, but he still does it. Anyway you can't magic away the constant demoralization, even if I ignore it, it still effects me.

No. 923344

god for fucking BID I say ANYTHING negative about my cousin the aNGEL who gave my grandmother a beautiful baby girl. the one who got fired for running her mouth cussing out to her boss. she admitted to stealing packages and I made. c comment about it and god forbid! I'm the bad one. I'm awful and horrible and terrible,.

No. 923346

seriously fuck this family bunch of narc idiots foaming at the mouth to kill me because they wish they were me. sorry you got the ugly inbred white genes and I got a better lot in general because there's less hick dumbass DNA in me,. my apoliogiues I swear I'm sorry u'm so beautiful you fat fuckers go to hell go shove it up yours cancer cuck faggots

No. 923354

My mother invited my aunt over AGAIN and this time she's bringing my cousin… I don't know why she keeps doing this when we both can't stand her but she keeps inviting her over again and again and AGAIN and she recently relocated near our home so these visits are only getting more frequent. It's like my mother is one of those people who HAS to please others even if she doesn't like them. Fucks sake. I've already surpassed my tipping point for living in this household. I can't wait to move out ASAP and not deal with this bullshit anymore. What a waste of a Sunday.

No. 923375

kek i'm not white and roughly half of the employees at my company are non-white, but yes, muh tasteless white meme

there wasn't an issue with employees eating pungent european food, tho. if there were dozens of interns eating [insert any other fragrant food here] daily it would have also been an issue, and if they were white i'm sure the issue would have been taken up with them directly rather than skirted around for the sake of political correctness. imo it's more embarrassing to have a company-wide email issued not-so-vaguely calling you out than to just be confronted directly but, maybe that's just me

you're replying to someone who isn't me, but how is discussing the specific food being eaten pejorative? interns were, in the past, allowed to eat snacks in the computer lab but had their privileges taken away because of this. the proper action to take would have been for a manager to ask the specific people eating these foods to not, but because they are terrified of being called racist, they had to issue a blanket statement. i have nothing against curry, i enjoy it myself and i think it's tasty (though i prefer thai curries myself), but i think it's understandable to not want to have to smell it all day every day.

No. 923380

I have a fast metabolism and I take a medication which suppresses my appetite. It's extremely annoying because I constantly feel the pain, fatique and dizziness brought on by hunger as I go about my day, but nothing is actually appetizing to me. I feel a slight nausea both when I'm hungry and when I'm feeding myself. I'll eat a nutritious meal high in protein, good fats and complex carbs and experience hunger again an hour later. It ends up feeling more like a chore or expensive habit than a small daily pleasure which is the attitude I would like to adopt toward food. I really wanna increase my caloric intake so I'm trying to consume small, high calorie snacks in between my 3 regular meals. I want to put on some weight but I'm also hoping that this eating schedule will minimize the issues that I have with appetite. Hasn't made much of a difference so far and it's pissing me off. This is totally unrelated to body image for me, I just want to be healthy and feel strong.

No. 923382

My art history professor is failing me because of grammar errors. I hire a proofreader and she still fails me despite me hiring a proofreader. There were no more mistakes in grammar.
The deadline time changes each assignment, sometimes it is 5 pm other time is it 6 pm. The cherry on top, she fails me for the assignment because she wrote the wrong panel on the assignment and was like " WRONG PAINTING, you failed." Then why is wiki and other art history websites stating that I got the right panel?

My parents think I should go to the school dean for her behavior.

No. 923384

Do it, but collect evidence before you do so. Other than the deadline time, which I don't think is that strange or difficult to work with, it sounds like she's out to bully you.

No. 923392

My brother telling me he really wants a wife and kids but he's not planning on any long term relationships or getting married in the next 5 years… you are 30 and still leeching off this family, earning a fucking entry level salary without the pretty degree to accompany it. You don't know how to wash your ass, flush the toilet properly, do your laundry, wash dishes properly or even keep your temper in check. Does this tard think wives fall out of the sky and into your lap when you want? And I just KNOW his predator ass is going to settle down with someone closer to my age, or even younger, after the magical 5 years are up. I partly want him to get married so he can fuck off from here but I also wouldn't wish his company on any woman, let alone having her conceive with his diseased sperm.

I have a mental breakdown everyday because of this godawful family I was cursed with. My entire life is a curse. I wish I was being dramatic. Even if I run away from these fucks they'll chase me down across the world because no one in this family wants to be responsible for themselves.

No. 923434

If he ever finds a potential wife (and if she is a nice woman), please, tell her how he is in real life. We all want to meet those sisters that keep us save from their stupid, useless brothers.
And for you, one day they will be gone and you will be free and won't have to run away.

No. 923438

Positive vent? I just had the best sex ever in my life. It was so emotional and hot and I felt so wanted and beautiful. He made feel so good and kept complimenting me throughout and telling me how hot he found me and I did the same to him because he’s gorgeous. People always comment on how cute he is. The best part was the fact that I didn’t mention how amazing it was, but he told me it was some of the best sex we’ve ever had and I agreed. That was incredible. I normally just was kind of not into emotional intimacy during sex, I had some weird block but last night changed everything. It feels so good to talk and really appreciate each other while doing it. It’s not like we haven’t connected or had emotional sex before but there was something so romantic about last night.

No. 923440

oh, I want a fucking shower in my flat. Yes, there is a bathtub, but you have to get in there and then you stand there, looking into the dirty old ventilation while showering and after that, you have to get out of it and every time I'm afraid of falling down, with my head smashing right into the heating, lying there, naked, bleeding and dying. Why aren't there showers in every flat? There is nothing relaxing about a bathtub in the daily life and I'd rather put a chair into my shower if I would like to sit down than having to stand in a bathtub.

No. 923445

Isn't there an in shower silicone mat you can buy?

No. 923451

Of course. The only benefit of her ending up in my age range is that I'll be able to get closer to her much easier and quicker.

No. 923452

File: 1632616658937.jpeg (24.06 KB, 500x232, 00AC1327-F7B1-4B6E-AF53-37B70E…)

No. 923454

I'm jealous… but happy for you anon. There's a positive thread so post there next time.

No. 923468

Dude is a gender neutral term. So is bud, so is buddy, so is "hey guys!". And you know fucking what so is "hey girl!" so is "sup Queen" so is "king shit" nobody is making a deep comment on your gender identity. All of your friends are rabidly pro-trans, they're just speaking casually and using common slang, none of this is harmful to you. Shut up about misgendering shut up about misgendering shut up about misgendering you are retarded and you are being overly sensitive on purpose to get asspats. Shut up. Of all the retarded shit you do the "p-please don't refer to me by gendered terms I am a suicidal widdle baby uwu" is by FAR the most retarded. Even when I was pro-trans I couldn't handle it but now it makes me burn with rage. Shut the fuck up. You are fucking obnoxious and I can't wait for all your friends to TERF out from your retardation. You are a grown ass fucking ADULT if the word 'bud' sends you into a spiral you need to be bullied for your own good.

No. 923470

>look up my 7th grade crush online
>dig deep, find accounts and forum users
>we have the exact same extremely obscure interests and we've probably interacted online without knowing

Fuck this gay earth and he's turned out handsome too oh yeah baby just fucking kill me

No. 923472

i agree. none of that bothers me and i have queer friends that also do not care at all. i only see it being done online or some shows start to do it just to get their shit trending lmao it’s sooooo stupid and performative. like no matter what language you use i can guarantee some misogynist shit will come up, and that’s at the root of it. it’s just to circumvent that and virtue signal with doing real interpersonal work. the suicide part is the worst, have friends who have psychotic episodes or endure heavy abuse where the only option they perceive is suicide, and end up actually attempting. it’s a very, very heavy thing to bring up and i like conversations about it, but if i as a stranger can say the wrong word with no i’ll intent or malice and that comes up, i’m done. it’s so disrespectful to people that can’t function in life because they struggle with suicidal obsessions, or underlying mental illnesses they can’t get treated for.

No. 923474

>change phone battery to prolong its life
>its somehow running even worse than before
>now i need to buy a new shitty phone
>impossible right now because every single penny i make is going towards paying for expensive fucking university that i'm not even sure i can fully afford
>laptop conveniently shows "service battery" message and is dying MUCH quicker than normal
>look up the cost
>200 motherfucking £££
>impossible to pay for that right now
>need to buy hard drive ASAP to backup laptop just incase it goes kaputt
>still have no idea how i'm even going to afford travel fare to uni let alone all this extra shit
>no one in my family to rely on
I've been poor for the majority of my life. I know how to scrape by on literal nothings. But right now, with all of this happening at once, especially when I've decided to return to university and sort shit out, is absolutely destroying my soul. I'm legitimately just waiting for the penny to drop. I have no idea what I'm going to do.

No. 923476

girl get it lol what’s stopping you? how did you find him and info on him btw?

No. 923477

Just talk to him, hang out. It'll all work out.

No. 923486

I will get one soon, but it's sadly not very functional, the walls of the bathtub are just so damn high and the fear of falling is always there. Hope I will find a new flat with a shower and a window in the bathroom soon, I'm just not the person lying around in a bathtub.

No. 923489

Giving you all you want and more, giving you every piece of me. I'm not a Billie Eilish fan, but I can't get these lyrics out of my mind. I feel the overwhelming kind of pain and disappointment now that leaves you unable to express yourself. I don't have anyone to turn to. But I find comfort in the fact that I know all over the world girls are going through the same and are supportive of one another. It is awful this experience is so universal, but I find solace in knowing none of us are truly alone. We will own our bodies again and we will find love within ourselves and we will be liberated.

No. 923497

I’m going bald from (treatment resistant) female pattern baldness and am really struggling. If I wasn’t already going to be alone forever because of being ugly and difficult, the baldness has sealed the deal. I know moids aren’t shit anyway but still, I wanted to find a life partner one day. I already have zero (0) friends and now I’m fucking bald, lmfao

No. 923502

File: 1632623394323.jpeg (120.65 KB, 811x811, 3E68AF45-A55A-4FAE-8041-281F30…)

is it really that common to touch your vagina during sex? i've literally never done it in my life. the thought of it made me feel like i was in a porno. as if i needed another reason to be boring during bed

No. 923508

At least hair pieces and wigs are super accessible and popular now. Pretty much a status symbol. You can switch it up easy if you want to go that route.

No. 923514

every time i hang out with a group of friends i leave convincing myself that they all don’t like being around me, think i’m weird, annoying, etc. i don’t even know why this bothers me so much because if people don’t like me i don’t usually care but it’s the agony of thinking over everything i said and thinking ‘oh fuck i shouldn’t have said that i probably sounded so cringe or like a sperg.’ i don’t want to go into specifics but i always feel like i’ve said the wrong thing. also my other friend hasn’t responded or reacted to any of the pics or memes i sent her this week even though she saw them so i’m also convinced that she’s probably fed up with me even though i’m sure she’s probably just busy. i know it’s all in my head but it still makes me feel so fucking shitty.

No. 923525

Yeah i guess… but they’re kind of uncomfortable and I’d feel stupid wearing it 24/7 just so a bf wouldn’t see me bald, cuz u know no one wants to fuck a bald woman. Keeping a wig on during sex feels like keeping socks on or something kek

No. 923527

I'm in my mid-20s and have zero girl friends. I have a wonderful fiance and I am super close to my siblings, but I have zero girls I can just hang out with after work or on weekends. I feel incomplete and like a failed woman who can't relate to anyone. I've never hated women or avoided being friends with women, I just never stayed friends with them after high school and college. I think about this all the time and it makes me want to cry.

No. 923529

File: 1632625630417.png (469.06 KB, 574x646, 1632273333105.png)

am i weird for not wanting to tell people my major? i tell them i'm uni, but would rather not talk about my major because folks get weird misconceptions about me whenever they hear it.

is that odd? idk. does anyone have a better way to phrase it?

major's computer science, btw

No. 923533

>major's computer science
>furry pic
Anon we already knew

No. 923534

You can get a wig installed, they basically use strong glue so it stays for days.

No. 923536

NTA but I think the pic is cute

No. 923540

this pic makes me want to eat crayons

No. 923559

File: 1632629167612.jpg (30.57 KB, 641x653, 1582229566002.jpg)

i'm so fucken done with my period bypassing my tampon and leaking. i JUST changed you, why you doing this to me bod? (i know. i gotta get a bigger size. just shocking how the blood still bypasses what i thought was a total blockage to just streak the side and continue to come out i want a refund)

No. 923563

My grandmother passed away this morning. My little sister who has already been through enough found her body. Despite having five kids it’s fallen on my mom, my sister and I to do this. And they’re in so many pieces that I’m pretty much managing it all. On top of that, my wallet got stolen and my cards Maxed out just hours after the initial morning chaos. I have power of attorney so it’s pretty much all on me to manage her affairs. I feel so fucking lost and horrible. Also my AirPods were chained to my wallet so I can’t even lay here and listen to sad music. If any of you guys pray or something like that please say one for my family. I’m good at handling stress but good god, when it rains it fucking pours.

No. 923569

just accept you're going to get boolied anon. you made your grave and must lie in it.

No. 923578

File: 1632635917187.jpg (90.89 KB, 709x709, dc4e3fb0e6ee832db06fb81d3c1852…)

I'm sorry for everything you're going through right now anon. I hope that better days will come your way.

No. 923587

File: 1632638169375.gif (554.94 KB, 500x281, 78e2v10x432k79t0u54321.gif)

who the fuck shoots fireworks at 1 a.m. near the end of september

No. 923592

Just finished watching the movie and I swear I could go on for a solid hour about why it didn't work for me and all the ways it disappointed me by trying to connect itself to G4 instead of establishing its own canon but I don't want to shit up the thread with pony talk. All I can say was it was a mess, and how cute it is isn't going to save it for me.

No. 923602

I fucking hate being anxious, I'm going to a small comedy show in another city on my own in a couple days and I know it's not a big deal but I'm very anxious to drive out and be there alone. I hate feeling like this, I've done much scarier things than this in the past and yet I'm still nervous.

No. 923610

File: 1632644147405.jpg (72.56 KB, 1080x735, 1631407767964.jpg)

Was at a party last night where the subject of Chris chan came up with a couple of friends and of course they were super quick at correcting me about his pronouns and the subject went to how TERFS are going to use him as an excuse to demonize all mtfs and I'm just sitting there screaming on the inside all AREN'T WE FORGETTING SOMETHING HERE

No. 923613

I can't believe this happens in real life settings, I'm so sorry that your pals are so dumb.

No. 923616

I was at Disneyland a week ago and this is still bothering me for some reason. Was in a store in line to purchase some things. In front of me there was a family with several kids. All of them were just kind of doing their own thing. One of the boys maybe 8 years old saw that I had something his parents were getting him. He points it out and I just smile and kind of laugh like you do when kids talk to you out of nowhere. He then makes a joke so again I just laughed. The mom turns around and gives me the dirtiest look and loudly tells him to stop talking to me, I don’t work there. This made several people in the vicinity of us look directly at me.

It’s bothering me because like, look lady I get people are fucking creeps but I’m a 5’0 95lbs 19 year old girl in a romper buying some stuffed animals at Disneyland at 3PM and your kid made two comments to me. I didn’t even say a word to him. There was no need for her to make a scene like I did something wrong. Again I get people are creeps but come on.

No. 923618

She probably just hates people who are younger and cuter than her anon

No. 923620

That’s exactly it. She’s probably sick of her kids and wants to be a 5’0 19 year old in a romper.

No. 923622

I didn't realize big dogs have such short lifespans and now I'm sad (8-10 years for a Saint Bernard????)

No. 923626

I think sometimes people with kids just have this hostile view of nearly everyone they share a public space with. The more kids and the more stress then the more likely it is that timmy pestering you.. is somehow your fault and you're the one in the store annoying people. I see parents getting like that all the time. The 'I love my own family but fuck everyone else' attitude.

No. 923632

Yeah she's an old jealous fatty bomblatty and totes not at her wit's end thinking a stranger is riling up one of her several obnoxious children who's going to be annoying af on the drive home.

This ought to teach you to grow out of overhyped theme parks.

No. 923639

Maybe she just doesn't want her kids to bother strangers? Like when your dog is barking at someone you tell it to shut up too, cause you don't want to bother the stranger. I don't think it has anything to do with you, maybe her kid is just ADHD and she gets a lot of shit for it cause he is hard to control and keeps chatting people up who want none of it.

No. 923648

trying to get omega-3 where I live is so fucking cursed why cant we have nice fish that doesn't cost an arm? im sure if you live near the sea theres tons of food stalls or small fishermen to buy off but not in the middle of burger land. at least flaxseed is high in it since ill probably start inhaling that to keep my thyroid from trying to choke me out. im also really sick of feeling hungry when i know ive had my 2 meals for the day like normal. sometimes i really think being a woman sucks on its own because once hormones are introduced from puberty so much goes wrong with us easily. its such a weak balancing act between normal hormones on top of women's specific hormones.

No. 923651

My mom and dad are like this and it was really embarrassing growing up. I had no idea what was up with them but they thought everyone younger than them is basically a kid and needs to be told off for mildly inconveniencing them.
Hope you never get old, nonnies! Oh wait.

No. 923653

Maybe to them it's a respect thing. As in, parents have authority over their children and in their view she should have ignored the boy and deferred to them, seeking permission to interact first? It's definitely not because she's an old jealous hag… some of you anons need help seriously kek.

No. 923693

alternatively maybe the mother thinks that anyone at disneyworld past the age of 14 is a creepy weirdo

No. 923696

One time I was walking down the sidewalk and I passed by this mom and her kid, and the mom GRABBED her kid close to her and shielded the kid from me with her body like I was the babadook. I'm a middle class woman in my 20's. Some parents just have fucking mental problems.

No. 923697

>I’m a 5’0 95lbs 19 year old girl in a romper buying some stuffed animals at Disneyland at 3PM
the state of teens online

No. 923698

>buying stuffed animals
>disney stuffed animals
>useless junk
>19 years old
>can’t understand social cues

unchecked autism

No. 923700

wdym? anon didn't do anything wrong, she was just being polite. Anyway comments like yours make me wonder if I have the sperg, but sadly I don't think so, even though I have all those issues lol

No. 923708

The mom found Lolcow

No. 923712

quick, doctor, grandma is off her meds and she’s ranting about zoomers online again

No. 923714

Damn right I did, i was tired of this Girl annoying my Son like a Creep

No. 923730

that description of height, weight, age even clothes is cringe, anon.

No. 923735

Sounds to me like you just misinterpreted her stare and she's just mad at her son bothering strangers, like he probably does a lot from the sounds of it.

No. 923739

It was contextualised you old fart.
ie. how a small girl can come off as a danger

No. 923741

What was that drama a while back.. moms were online saying that childless people either shouldn't be allowed at disney at all or that people with kids should always be allowed to skip ahead of childless people? Weirdest lil mom themed freakout I'd seen in a while.

No. 923743

>i'm so smol and kawaii teehee
okay cringerella

No. 923744

File: 1632663951510.jpg (317.06 KB, 1303x839, nosinglespolicy.jpg)

Parents think that everybody by themselves is a pedo

No. 923746

I really think she was just pointing out that she's far from a creepy or intimidating looking person. I mean I somehow freaked out an old lady lately when I wasn't doing anything and when I vented about it I was like… "I'm small and female so what's so scary about me?" Nobody gave me shit for saying that.

No. 923751

Are you mentally impaired, Anon? Take your meds, here, take this cup of water.

No. 923755

Definitely. Kids act the fuck out at themeparks.

No. 923756

They're both annoying, but rabid covid anti-vaxxers are way cringier than militant vaccine supporters. The anti-vaxxers are always sneering about how their opponents are a bunch of twitter-brained sheep, but just look at the covid thread here - someone will interrupt their circlejerk for a second, and they'll all excitedly queue up to drop their best epic clapbacks and tired memes for the hundredth time. They're the exact smug twitter mongs that they're constantly bitching about.

No. 923759

The detail of her wearing rompers and her buying stuffed toys really added to the scene.

No. 923761

No, they don't. And banning 'singles' is newsworthy precisely because it's an uncommon policy and almost everyone think it's stigmatizing, silly and ineffective. Are you male? Why do you have a whiney MRA picture saved?

No. 923768

They're both cringe, but atleast antivaxxers don't wish violence on vaxxers.

No. 923770

There is an elderly woman featured in the pic I posted, try reading?

No. 923774

I mean, they kind of do though. I've seen a lot of wishful thinking from antivaxxers about how everyone who got the vaccine is going to die early or go infertile. It's basically the same psychology as pro-vaccine people telling unvaccinated people that they're going to die/kill their grandparents.

No. 923781

I did. Everyone knows the ban is to protect children from men. Sex-discrimination laws make it so men cannot be banned from parks, so everyone is told to get the fuck out. And the cinema ban was a joke.
>To prevent film lovers for getting too hot under the collar, one cinema has joked about banning male punters from the screenings. Amusingly, they have even advised couples to keep a safe distance from each other to prevent any naughty antics.

No. 923793


No. 923798

what you making?

No. 923802

just here again to say for the millionth time how much i hate men and want them bred out of the gene pool!!! lets go ladies!!!!!!!

No. 923809

This is so funny lol

No. 923811

is this anon who was mad about only having yellow onions when the recipe called for red ones

No. 923812

Hate when someone does/says something they KNOW very well makes me angry/upset because I've told them so many times and then they're always like 'Wow, anon, you're always upset,' And won't listen at all when I try to explain it to them why, they literally make eye-rolling and exasperated expressions while I'm trying to explain myself. I'm so frustrated right now. This has happened to many times. I try not to get angry, I really do. I feel like I'm being unreasonable but just at least listen to me.

No. 923815

And what exactly is the thing that gets you so upset?

No. 923816

*mentally retarded girl

No. 923817

Can you stop talking to them? Sorry idk your situation.

No. 923821

When someone keeps commenting on my food portions, how often I eat, what I eat etc. I eat more than 5 meals throughout the day so the portions of each are smaller because it's hard for me to eat full meals at once. I got assaulted orally and it's made it hard to eat for me.

No. 923849

File: 1632671056924.jpg (37.5 KB, 600x507, r254938_1052918.jpg)

I studied for hours every day for a week only to receive a 68% on the test. Being this retarded is a talent

No. 923860

people always comment on how and what you eat, they just won't stop. I have to go through that every time I'm around people for the whole day, yes, I don't eat before evening, no, I'm not sick, no, I don't have a problem with food, I'm just not hungry.
Try to ignore them, you know why you eat how you eat and if this is the way your body functions the best it's the right way. They will always comment on your eating behaviours, even if you would eat like them.

No. 923865

I developed PTSD after a very traumatic event and essentially shut myself inside for 5 years. These past couple of months I've been putting effort trying to get back in touch with loved ones and lost connections and I just fucking can't with my timing. Long story short I started chatting with this couple that were always real nice to me. I put out a status on fb asking for a (paid for) favor and another girl volunteered to help which was really exciting because, idk. Brain stuff said I DO have friends. Anyway the first couple I had been chatting with BLOCKED me and sent long paragraphs to my cell saying that they didn't know I had contact with this other girl, and how could I not know of their falling out. Just paragraphs and paragraphs of airing out personal business and slights and then telling me that even if I don't even know her that I gotta be cut out. Tbh I'm tired of people so I apologized for hurting them and wished them the best and said I'd respect their boundaries and now I'm distancing myself far the fuck away from ALL of them.

I guess my long vent is I'm just tired of people and it really hurts that right when I try again some stupid bullshit I'm not interested in being involved with gets thrown my way. It's discouraging and tbh I'm having to focus on it not fucking with my abandonment issues. I just want to be happy and surround myself with people who like to help each other. It makes me feel so weird and awkward when people start talking about each other (ironic af given the boards, I know ladies). Making new friends is hard. I thought things were going well and I messed it up :(.

No. 923882

The aggressive BPD-chan in the COVID thread almost makes me wish vaccines were globally mandated because I think ultimately it'd be less mentally demanding on the mentally unstable. I get the fatigue over COVID topic, but going around screaming "FUCK YOUR GRANDMA, WHAT IF SHE DIES TODAY AND NOT 6 YEARS FROM NOW ON" is much.

No. 923885

File: 1632672276997.jpeg (405.01 KB, 600x616, 64C6B362-1E73-425C-ADF3-BC931D…)

I want to write but after a certain point, I stop, then when I revisit the ideas I wrote down weeks later they sound so stupid and trite and I just give up.

No. 923895

I ate junkfood today which killed my energy levels so I couldn't even manage to go out and run, why do I do this to myself. Maybe I do need to fall for the keto meme and not rely on my father's cooking because carbs are making me soooo sleepy and sluggish.

No. 923905

I've spent over 3 hours getting Sims 3 set up, and I'm not even done yet. Not only is installing each expansion pack a pain in the ass (especially putting in the serial code and changing the install path EVERY TIME INSTEAD OF IT DETECTING IT AUTOMATICALLY), looking for mods is equally frustrating, especially when most creators want you to download their hairstyles and clothes individually instead of compiling them together in the same archive and letting you pick and choose what you want. Fuck, it's so inefficient. I don't even know if I fucking like the game yet, I just want to play already and if it's not even fun I'm going to sudoku.

No. 923928

That thread is such a mess. You can't even have genuine discussions/questions/posts without someone coming in to insult you or act like a retard.

No. 923993

don't forget an fps limiter and overwatch, or else it's really not going to be fun

No. 924013

No. 924053

NTA but thank you for mentioning this, I’ve been playing Sims 3 and it’s so fucking annoying with the lag and the AI acting dumb as hell making them stand around for 10 minutes when they’re supposed to get their needs up

No. 924090

Yeah that’s all I was doing. It’s not like I’m a 6’5 overweight neckbeard leering at kids. Didn’t know a vent in the vent thread would cause such a ruckus lol

No. 924104

sometimes i hate being a hairdresser. i can do a perfect job on someone’s hair, give them a beautiful haircut and color that took me HOURS with no break, give them exactly what they asked for, and they STILL won’t fucking like it and will be rude to me. and the first question i get from a lot of older clients:”what are you?? sixteen?” in the most condescending fucking tone. people treat me like a stupid kid just because i look young but i’m 22. i am good at what i do if you just give me a fucking chance! and since my aunt owns the salon i feel extra eyes on me and get even more embarrassed when clients treat me like shit. now don’t get me wrong it’s not every time, but it feels like most of the time recently.

i feel like a retard. i don’t fully understand everything there is to know about color theory yet which is important in hairdressing and painting (which is my only passion in the world) but ever since i became addicted to weed due to my severe depression effecting my eating and sleep i feel like i can’t comprehend anything artistic anymore. my brain can’t imagine things as well. it’s hurting every aspect of my life.

my boyfriend doesn’t care about me. anytime i try to open up to him he takes forever to respond or says “i don’t know what to tell you” stupid fucking pathetic worthless smelly loser i drive over an hour to see you every weekend and you can’t even pretend to support me emotionally? fuck you. i tried to break up with you so many times but you keep coming back and my lonely shut in ass takes you back because you give me a place to go to so i don’t feel like i’m rotting away alone. i don’t have any friends.

my brother is going transgender. he molested me when i was little. i met him again for the first time since i was 6. my mom separated us at that age because of what he did to me but all my life i wanted to find him again because he was only a kid too when he did that to me. i wanted to forgive him. our father is dead so i wanted to get back in touch because he’s the only living piece of him besides myself. well it was like pulling nails getting him to meet me and he didn’t even really give a shit. he arrived looking like an average troon, beard showing through makeup, long unkempt hair and everything. but i still showed him kindness and told him i loved him and want to be there for him (even though i disagree with the trans thing.) and i thought we left on good terms. but nope no texts or any further contact from him. he doesn’t give a fuck about me, his little sister, whatever then. i guess i won’t care either.

i did ketamine infusion treatments for my depression and now i feel it coming back. i have no options left for treating my mental illness unless i spend another 3000 on ketamine therapy. what’s the fucking point. life is shit.

No. 924110

No she was being a normal human being. Some of you really need to leave the house more often and interact with others outside of the internet.

No. 924114

Fuck those clients and your troon brother. You were a saint to even want to be nice to him

And boomer clients are always eager to bitch and criticize.

No. 924115

Nta anon but a 19 year old buying stuffed animals isn't what I've seen around me with peers as normal.

No. 924117

Working in an office full of women 20 years older, yes this is a strong possibility. Even if you're a chubby loser they hate you for your youth and lack of kids and scrote parasites. I don't blame them though.

No. 924119

Guys I never said I was buying them for myself and even if I was, yeah it is pretty normal lol your peers aren’t representative of the world

No. 924120

Older teens and young adults buying plushies is pretty normal anon, that's why squishmallows are so popular.

No. 924123

Anons here want no one to have fun because they’re bitter bitches. I hope you had fun outside of that mom though!

No. 924124

I'm sad "normalising" mental illness is the way it is. I would try to change the current but I'm simply too busy to be concerned with this responsibility. It's just very laughable how little understanding there is for living and dealing with mental illness, despite how commonplace virtue signaling about this has become. It's sickening and frustrating. Give me an understanding that mental illness isn't static and that it lingers, that being mentally ill doesn't mean you are overweight, edgy, loud, self-harming, awkward… aghhh

No. 924126

>it is pretty normal
Buying plushies for yourself in your late teens is fine by me, but normal it really isn't.

No. 924132

nta but I'm kind of envious, i would've gotten bullied for that past the 5th grade (not saying it should happen though)

No. 924133

i don't know how to be sexy, and i don't know how to be sexy for men. i can't dance, dirty talk, make sexy faces, nothing. put me out of my misery

No. 924135

Nta but it's very normal. My best friend works at Build a Bear and if it isn't a child coming in to make bears, it's teenagers. All of my friends buy plush. I even make plush art dolls and my biggest buyers are 16-25.

No. 924137

Performing for men is cringe, anyway.

No. 924138

Those clients are idiots and honestly, fuck them for being shit to you. I haven't been to a hairdresser in over 15 years, because I don't trust them and bullying from my past, but you sound like such a nice person and it seems like you are really into what you are doing, so, I would choose you as my hairdresser if I had the chance.

And please, try to get away from the weed, it might help you with eating and stuff like that, but it hinders your biggest passion and I can imagine that your mental health will get a little bit better if you can get back into painting.

And for your depression, hope you find some way to treat it without having to spend that amount of money or win the lottery so money won't be a problem anymore.

I'm in my 30s and when I want to buy a plush I will buy a plush, it's that simple. And buying plushies is normal among the people I know.

No. 924140

I've always had partners buy me plush as gifts. Then 3 years ago I went through a big break up. Ended up getting my own mortgage after I moved out of his place and after a few months living here I realised I hadn't got a new plush in a while.. it was the longest I'd ever went without being gifted one. My mother used to gift me them alot too but she's passed away. I just buy myself the odd one now. Whether it's a gift or self bought, I don't think it's strange. I'm early 30s

No. 924144

I'm honestly surprised at the amount of drama surrounding plushies from a group that formed largely from a bunch of weebs dressing up in Lolita

No. 924145

If 40 year old men can have walls full of funko pops then women and girls can buy a damn plushie

No. 924146

>I haven't been to a hairdresser in over 15 years
>I'm in my 30s and when I want to buy a plush I will buy a plush
Same and same. The money I've saved over the years by not going to a salon… and yes I then spend some of that money in a toy store instead. My money, my choice lol

No. 924147

80% of this site doesn’t even venture to those threads so…

No. 924150

is it? i don't know. i feel feel extremely cringe attempting to do it but at the same time it wouldn't be so desired if it was a bad thing

No. 924151

but that is called a "collection", so he is allowed to have one, because he is investing his money. If a woman would have a wall full of Star Trek (for example) stuff she would have to be able to tell what happend in every episode ever aired. If she can't do that, she just has stuff to attract the males.

No. 924154

Not everything a woman does is for males.

No. 924155

File: 1632688398835.jpg (94.33 KB, 1125x889, 1600990754760.jpg)

A few thoughts I'd like to get off my chest.


Second of all, my friend keeps posting really awful candids of me at my bday party from awhile ago in the group chat and they're a wee embarrassing in that they make me look terrible. She didn't tell me she was taking this many…in fact never told me at all so I could at least pose for a few without my eyes being half open, slack jawwed mid sentence, thumb neck, etc. At the end of the day it's all petty. I just find it ironic that she always excludes herself from posed group photos because she's so mortified of having an ugly pic herself. With that said, I wouldn't do this to her. But oh well.

Husband copped an attitude with me when I got home from picking up my meds and going shopping today. It was petty and over a vacuum. I just mentioned that the vacuum got stuck, and he kept asking me over and over with like some attitude in his voice "Stuck on what?! After the third time I finally raised my voice and said "LOOK IT WAS JUST STUCK, DO I REALLY HAVE TO SPECIFY THE THING?" I mean jfc I was fumbling trying to get it un-stuck while answering to the third degree interrogation. Talk about annoying. I went upstairs to angry-put laundry away and later he came upstairs twice–thrice–to try to horse around with me cause he knows I got irritated. Third time he "hurt" himself coming up the stairs and was making fake whines to have me come look. He said he was grumpy because his favorite football team lost another game. Males are such confused unga bungas.

No. 924160

I dated someone before who thought it was great that I liked plush and wasn't into jewelery/perfume/flowers. Plush were easier to pick out and not such an investment. He gifted me small things like that and often. Everyone was happy.. and then when cracks appeared between us he called me babyish for having a plush collection. Dude you gladly bought me them and said it was great that I was so easy to buy for. You randomly presented me with them all the fucking time without being asked. It was weird.

His current gf has a house that is no joke.. like a shrine to Sonic. I don't doubt that he's showering her with sonic gifts right now and then one day he'll turn on her and call her a tard for liking sonic kek

No. 924161

I hate shy people.
I explain myself better, I’m not talking about the “I’m meeting a person for the first time and I’m shy”, or the “I’m in a new situation and I don’t know how to behave” type of shy. I’m talking about the “crippling shyness” that makes people be soft spoken all the time, who can’t even order or stand up for themselves. The ones who stay on the back row expecting you to do all of the social labor for them, with zero ideas, zero initiative, zero charisma.
“But it’s not their fault”. I don’t care and I won’t lend those social and emotional leeches a hand ever again. They can cry on their loneliness forever until they decide to grow a pair, for all I care.

No. 924163

Yes the plush snakes are to attract the husband I already have.

No. 924167

Damn I feel called out..

No. 924168

Lol the anon in the plastic surgery thread made me consider if I look like a subhuman due to having bad chin/jaw genetics. I always just kinda kept up the hope that someone would love me despite it or even find it cute. Goddamn it lolcow

No. 924170

I know that, tell that the guys that think I play video games and drink beer to be around men

plush snakes attract men? Hm, I must have been doing it wrong, I only have plush penguins, kek

No. 924175

Ugh I am so annoyed. I'm a virgin by choice and very mindful of my sexual decisions. I briefly dated a guy for the first time this year and we very quickly became sexual. Before we continued I wanted him to take a test, which was a big issue for him, since he was super duper confident he didn't have anything. I insisted regardless and he promised he would, but looking back, he never did anything. Flash forward to now and we're broken up and I have an infection. Men really are pigs who can't do anything for anyone else and only think of their own desires. Dumb fuck, he really did teach me that I need to be even stricter with whom I allow near my body.

No. 924182

Maybe I should cry over my own fat neck but I just don't have it in me to go analysing the latest findings in chin science. Tbh I'm glad that I don't care about it with the same intensity some do.

No. 924183

Look into mewing/myofunctional therapy. A lot can be done about these things without extensive procedures.

No. 924184

This is a stupid non serious vent but I’m really pissed at my friend who suddenly makes watching anime and listening to metal her entire personality when she used to shit on both. She especially made fun of me and my other friends for watching anime even though I only did that in my teen years and barely watch it anymore. It’s like she thinks I don’t remember this shit. Now that it’s cool to be into animes she’s acting as if she’s always been into it and is an expert on it. It’s only a small example of her compulsive lying behaviour. She just lies about the most trivial things for no discernible reason. Idk maybe it’s an insecurity thing. But it’s annoying af. I’m not dumb. I can detect your lies.

No. 924189

What did he give you?

My last relationship ended with the guy cheating so I got tested afterwards to be safe. I was then ready to kinda rebound by fooling around with someone I'd met but he wouldn't provide proof of just going to a local free clinic. I wasn't looking for PIV so he kept saying we'd be fine but I stuck to my guns and cut contact. I don't know why some feel so burdened by a test.

No. 924198

my best friend in high school was the same way. fake af, always lying/exaggerating everything, and made fun of emo music when I played it to her, until she realized it was what the "alternative" kids were into then it was suddenly her favorite genre, bc she wanted to emulate that aesthetic. Like 75% of her personality and beliefs in hs were copy pasted from tumblr

No. 924201

samefag to add
>But it’s annoying af. I’m not dumb. I can detect your lies.
I understand exactly what you mean. For a while in high school this girl was always mad at me and turned our other friend against me because she said I "was always contradicting her" but it was literally just me questioning her when she lied in front of other people, bc I'd known her longer than anyone and I knew when she was making shit up lmao. In her case it was insecurity + almost pathological need for everyone's approval at all times. She's also the type of person to completely change her personality depending on who she's interacting with

No. 924207

i am so fucking tired of all the asexual bullshit. it's so fucking irritating. you could say "i love having sex with my girlfriend/boyfriend" online and these freaks will RUN to comment "same but replace sex with cuddles bc i'm asexual lol" like fuck off. and don't even get me started on the asexuals who talk about having sex with their significant other, these fucks have to be mentally ill. "i am not sexually attracted to my boyfriend/girlfriend but we still have sex because it's what they want/i like the closeness of it/whatever." to any normal person that would be crazy talk. i miss when the idiosyncrasies of a person's sexuality were just… normal human behavior. now if you like sex sometimes and don't like sex other times, you're asexual. if you don't look at people in public and immediately orgasm, you're asexual. also tired of them whining about asexual "oppression". society could not give less of a fuck if you don't have sex/feel sexual attraction. asexuality is a fucking meme and over half of the people who identify as asexual right now are not going to identify as asexual in a few years. polyamorous people are annoying as fuck too but asexuals have them beat.

No. 924215

i just watched that on hulu

No. 924217

I forgot the roast beef at my college's dining hall is disgusting and I feel bad for wasting it but I cannot eat it.

No. 924225

I made a massive plate of meatloaf and it was disgusting so I threw it away, if it makes you feel better nonnie

No. 924227

Don’t worry, nonnie, it’s okay to commit mistakes, I once put salt in my coffee, I tried to save it by putting sugar in it and it tasted so horribly that I had to throw it away.

No. 924257

I know a decent amount of people, yet I can't seem to connect to anyone on a deeper level. I feel so alien, I wish I knew what was wrong with me. It feels lonely.

No. 924258

it's genuinely amazing how missing one week of university can place someone so behind.


No. 924265

Stop smacking your fucking lips I’m about to chimp out I stg

No. 924270

File: 1632698265992.gif (1.91 MB, 540x400, evgif.gif)

No. 924279

File: 1632698665913.jpg (2.46 MB, 1886x1371, 20210926_182212.jpg)

i wish i had the willpower to learn the things i want, but my brain wants to kill itself at this point

No. 924301

File: 1632701840816.gif (44.51 KB, 220x124, anime-gif-anime.gif)

Today is my birthday and my bf was telling me about all the sweet things he was gunna do for me after work… for a god damn week. Came home, he's still on the computer. Walk over, he's acting like it's a normal day. It's past dinner, at night. I'm beyond pissed cuz this mother fucker forgot. I'm half tempted to go fuck my goth friend but I'm too much of a pussy to do so. I'm just seething at my dumbass now while eating the birthday cake my co workers got me.

No. 924302

File: 1632701861750.png (461.7 KB, 1405x764, 136B43ED-4BA3-47B6-A009-4E5833…)

Me too, there’s so many things I want to do but that my brain is like “nah, these are all the excuses why you can’t do that”. I’m sick of it but I don’t know where to start even.

No. 924306

I’m sorry, anon, happy birthday anyways, I hope you can go fuck your goth friend soon, your boyfriend is retarded.

No. 924311

For the love of god go fuck the goth man please and dump this fucking loser!!!!!!

No. 924318

If you want to orgasm, yeah?

No. 924323

Goth men are a rarity, your bf won't even notice as he plays his little games all night

No. 924324

We make a birthday wish for you to fuck the goth man! Seriously, this is your life and you’re settling with disappointments? Get some vitamins d girl

No. 924330

Happy birthday anon!! Go fuck your goth friend and report back

No. 924333

Happy birthday anon! Break up with your bf and fuck your goth friend.

No. 924337

Happy birthday, anon! Also, DUMP HIM.

No. 924353

File: 1632707581311.jpeg (48.19 KB, 613x513, 19A507D2-61F2-4BC0-BCA1-A4CA65…)

I recently reconnected with an old boyfriend, I missed him so much, but all he wants is nudes

No. 924359

File: 1632708468516.gif (163.84 KB, 238x200, 0EBE52A9-2E66-4458-9375-0B4BF8…)

My best friend forgot that today is my birthday but I didn’t want to remind her because she’s constantly stressed and surely depressed because of her living situation.
It would’ve probably made her feel embarrassed or even more stressed, I just want her to be happy.
And yeah, it kind of makes me feel sad but I’m kind of used to people not remembering my birthday, It’s not like the day in itself is that important and I had a good time with my family anyways.

No. 924366

He doesn't care about you.

No. 924369

A toxic friend I ghosted months ago sent me a long ass text today trying to, idk crybully me? Guilt trip me? before blocking me. She apparently got so paranoid that I was bitching about her behind her back that I've been living rent free in her head for the past 3 months. I honestly haven't thought about her until she sent me that weird abusive text wall, kek.

I regret wasting my time on a friendship with her. She seemed really nice and we had a lot of things in common, but the more I got to know her, the more horrible she became until I couldn't take how mean she was to other people for shit that honestly didn't matter (or shit she did herself anyway). I checked up on her today, and apparently she is now larping as many years younger than her age, and faking mental illness like autism and BPD. whew

No. 924376

I’m sorry anon. you sound like a really thoughtful and empathetic person for what it’s worth. happy birthday!!!

No. 924387

File: 1632712135571.jpeg (49.56 KB, 567x565, B05564AC-26D4-4821-B8E0-DA4D14…)

Just found out my fiancée (who I live with and share finances with) spent all our savings this summer “on us” (on extravagant dates and outings mostly) and didn’t tell me. I had assumed the money was coming from working overtime. Pray for my relationship and my sanity nonnies I literally feel like my mind is breaking rn how am I not supposed to be mad at being totally blindsided like that

No. 924389

I think you should tell her! Birthdays are something fun, and I’m sure she’d rather you tell her than let it go by. Maybe you can mention spending your birthday with your family and ask if she wants to do something fun to celebrate this week.

No. 924390

you're definitely entitled to be mad, if you can't trust someone about shared finances it's a huge dealbreaker. i hope you can have a serious talk with your SO.
best of luck, anon

No. 924392

Thanks, I’ve already calmed down a little and while this is still a serious situation I don’t think it’s a deal breaker for my relationship currently, we’re just going to have to seriously stick to a spending plan for a while. But seriously thanks I didn’t want to go to my family with this issue and I don’t really have any friends so it’s nice to feel heard lol

No. 924396

>we’re just going to have to seriously stick to a spending plan for a while
No, HE'S going to have to stick to the plan. HE fucked up, not you.

No. 924398

I dunno how retarded someone has to be to think that's a smart thing to do. Abandon ship before you're stuck anon.

No. 924409

i got so jealous that a friend told me he was going on a hike with someone else. it’s because we haven’t seen each other in like 3 years and he’s always making false promises. i always feel silly for feeling this way tho

No. 924412

holy shit. good luck, think about it plenty and follow your gut. just know that everything will be okay but you should stand your ground and apparently be more vigilant around him

No. 924433

The same thing happened in my relationship. Then he did it AGAIN almost immediately with the remainder. Men like this don't get it and probably never will. I wouldn't trust him again. Make sure you have your money in your own account and just know he'll ruin the joint account irregardless of the damage it causes. He did this to look impressive to you but he is clearly not thinking about your future together.

No. 924434

just almost stepped on a centipede with my bare feet and it scared me so bad that it triggered a panic attack and I can’t even go in my room because it’s in there I feel like I’m dying

No. 924436

i miss having a boyfriend so much… a cute, nice, healthy young man to rely on and hold me… someone to cuddle with in bed and make dinner with and then eat dinner with then chat after dinner then go for walks as the sun sets and we talk and talk for hours and kiss and hold hands and kiss more and hug and cuddle… i miss it. i want a cute boyfrieeeend. just a source of hugs and compliments (andof course so i could provide this to them)

No. 924443

i miss noodlerella.

No. 924447

i want to press a button and be free of mental illness.
if not that, could mental illness be more clearly seen, please? like why can't they track this shit to some sort of deficiency in my body or something, nobody believes me because it's literally in my brain.
i hate looking at things and things looking 'off'.
it's like i can see them, and i know they're there, but they just appear fake. please god let it fucking stop

No. 924451

I've been having stomach problems on and off for a week, and it's also interfering with my sleep and I feel like shit and have had enough of this.

No. 924467

File: 1632720928766.png (6.38 KB, 484x116, fgnfhnfh.png)

ew god

No. 924479

I hate when a man takes me being friendly as being interested holy shit. The worst offenders are ugly scrotes who think they can do better than me. I was trying to be nice and asking questions to a coworker because we have some common interests but he basically ignored me so I moved on. Found out he was telling another coworker I was into him but I'm not his type and I was too eager but I'd look cuter with more makeup. No, you fucker. You're fat and short and balding. I have a boyfriend with hair who doesn't work the same pathetic part time job as me.

No. 924480

Lmao that guy must be an incel

No. 924490

this sounds like derealization anon, its totally normal and okay to have this feeling especially if youve experienced trauma. hope u feel okay

No. 924509

I'm hoping this is satire…..but you never really know

No. 924510

my 35-year-old ex won't stop talking to girls in their early 20s and it's disgusting

I'm the fucking idiot who had a kid with him though

No. 924522

i don’t have the energy to listen to my friends complain about their boyfriends or whatever male they’re fucking with.
i TOLD you he was a pig, i told you men are disgusting and shallow, and you went ahead and let him fuck you anyways! i do not wanna hear about it! what could i even say that i haven’t already?? you don’t wanna listen to me, you just wanna continue to let men use you and treat you like shit! i’m sorry girl but i’m enjoying my male-free life and i’m not gonna let you shit it up with your boy issues, i just don’t care.

No. 924524

I want to kill myself and I want my mom and dad to suffer knowing I did it because of them and how they have never been there for me and I want them to know how much they failed as parents and people and I want them to forever be haunted by that, I want them to regret every decision they ever made in their life knowing they have irreparably fucked me up and drove me to this, I hope they never feel peace, I want them to wish they were better parents who actually gave a shit about people who weren’t themselves, they have never cared and they most likely won’t care about me when I’m dead, they will just cry for the,selves, poor them, poor feeble them, always them, fuck them, I fucking hate them, I hope they know in their bones I hate them and will never forgive them ever, I don’t care how childish and immature I’m being, I fucking hate them and I want them to know they failed, they keep convincing themselves I’ll fix myself eventually and then they can say they weren’t all that bad after all because I came out okay or whatever, but fuck them, they don’t deserve that, I hope they know my teeth are rotting in my skull because they didn’t do enough for me, that my brain is cannibalizing itself because they didn’t feed it enough, fuck them, I want them to live and I want to die and I want them to suffer with that

No. 924527

ew. what a faggot lmao
who gives a fuck what this disgusting subhuman thinks of you

No. 924529

>they will just cry for the,selves, poor them, poor feeble them, always them,
apple doesn't fall far from the tree

No. 924530

Sorry I was under the impression this was a vent thread, silly me!

No. 924531

you sound underage tbh. if your parents are as evil as you say, they won’t give a fuck if you kill yourself

No. 924534

No she doesn't, she sounds like she's venting and you sound annoying.

No. 924537

Yeah you’re probably right, they won’t, I’m just pissed and sad

No. 924542

I can accept any opinion someone has about me and let it be except when an ugly man thinks I find him attractive.

No. 924567

File: 1632737275081.jpg (26.91 KB, 271x294, d5e.jpg)

Here's to another 2 years in a university and city I hate. I can't afford to move out on my own and I don't want to put my parents in debt. I know I'm making a bad decision by staying, and I can't do anything about it.

No. 924584

Some people purchase them for decoration and aesthetic. It’s become normal for gen z we grew up with this sorta Lolita cutesy aesthetic splattered everywhere on tumblr.

No. 924602

File: 1632744918495.gif (2.17 MB, 498x498, 91C68536-8D56-4CF3-91B9-D990B1…)

I had to go to the doctor because I'm having some flu symptoms and the doctor was so unnecessarily mean when I had to get my chest checked/do the breathing thing. She went off at me asking if I'd ever been to a doctor before because I didn't pull up my top enough. I don't even remember the last time I went to the doctor let alone how much of my back and chest you want exposed (I wasn't wearing a bra on top of it lol) why couldn't she just tell me normally to lift my up my top completely?

No. 924605

That's what anon is saying though. They're not going to care about the reasons why she'd killed herself because then they'd have to acknowledge their shortcomings and sit with guilt and shame. Instead what tends to happen are outsiders centering their sympathy around the parents while assuming they did nothing wrong and must be emotionally suffering. If the parents are indeed mostly concerned for themselves, they soak up the narrative that they are actually the victims and claim platitudes like how they couldn't have ever possibly saw it coming and lie about the status of their relationship. It's not like dead people can defend themselves or set the record straight.

Nah anon, don't do that. Shit seems impossible but with time and effort you can find a solution to tribulations like a mouth of rotten teeth and so on.
Parents like yours and mine purposefully didn't raise us well to make us co-dependent on their scraps. The real victory is overcoming their lack of care on our own volitions and not giving them any credit. Cut them off and show them you're capable of surviving without them.

No. 924607

Not your fault anon, if she suspected you hadn't been to a doctor ever or in awhile then that should have been a point for empathy instead of frustration. Some people working as doctors are socially stunted autists with no bedside manner and covid hasn't helped their indignant attitudes.

Just remember that there are very few medical professionals, the rest are just wearing the costume.

No. 924610

I don't know how to comfort people and if people around me cry I start crying too and I'm anticipating I'll have to deal with a situation where a person close to me is crying and I have to comfort them lord help me

No. 924611

Thank you anon. It just made me feel a bit retarded, like I'm this adult that's getting asked if I've ever been to a doctor and I didn't realise I had to just halfway take off my top. I suspect she didn't want me to come in and get a check up at all in case I had covid… but it's well within my right to do so.

No. 924629

I had a rude stand-in doctor about a decade ago and I'll never forget how bitter I felt in the reception afterwards paying 80 fucking euro for the pleasure of seeing her. The receptionist then asked me if I was okay cause even she overheard the doc getting all pissy lol

Maybe she was annoyed as she was already judging you thinking you should've gone to a covid testing centre first? Still, a decent bedside manner goes a long way when trying to explain these thngs.

No. 924639

File: 1632749680810.jpg (71.81 KB, 665x374, please_like_me.jpg)

I want to stop wishing everyone liked me and wanted to be my bestest friend. Every time somebody hangs out with me, no matter how different or shallow the frienship is, I want it to be more. It's so pathetic. I used to be fine with not having a best friend. Now I rarely hang out with anyone because I moved and covid fucked up everything. I hang out with my relatives' and their few friends who don't want to connect and get to know me more but there is nobody else. I hang out with scrotes who then become more interested in befriending my boyfriend than I regardless of how much they have in common. Fuck this, I need to talk to women my age. As soon as this corona shit is over I am going out to meet women.

No. 924648

Your parents probably suck but it sounds like your motivation for killing your self is just to get revenge on them which isn’t something that might sit well with you as you’re gasping your last breathes of air, it also sounds like your motivation for NOT getting better is so they never get the satisfaction of taking credit for it. So Basically all your self sabotaging behavior is because of your dedication to make your parents unhappy.

No. 924651

me and my girlfriend of one year just broke up yesterday. i also won't have my car for 2 weeks at least. i feel like i'm just supposed to sit here in my house and sulk.

No. 924652

Praying and rooting for you and your family anon

No. 924653

I need to stop stepping on the fucking scale every day because I know it just makes me feel fucking worse and fuels my self sabotaging self AUGHGHUSHUSH

No. 924657

If your parents are uncaring, what makes you think they'll be bothered by your suicide to the extend you want them to? If I were you, if you want true revenge, keep living and refuse to see them or take care of them once they're old. That's a far more effective way to make them feel your anger.

No. 924687

they aren't worth it. you should be doing the exact opposite, living and enjoying your life. it’s never too late to surround yourself with people who care.

No. 924689

I was diagnosed with lipedema. Its only getting worse, isn't it? No money for surgery. I stand here looking at my body growing uncontrollable without anything i can do to stop it. Its time for the sudoku.

No. 924699

anon, the best revenge is a life well lived. I can see that you are in a lot of pain right now, but this would be a permanent solution to a temporary problem. fuck your parents, estrange yourself from them and live a happy life. I'm rooting for you

No. 924704

Forcing myself not to be my shy, easily flustered self around men with ulterior motives…unless a confident girl is what turns them on. kind of exhausting to have to play this game

No. 924711

Stop playing games. Your adjusting to the men around you is exactly what they want. Get strong and kick their asses. Its the only way.

No. 924719

I'm adjusting myself exactly so that I don't get taken advantage of, haha. I am usually very shy and easily flustered: sexual remarks make me blush and stutter, which makes me appear vulnerable and an easy target. I need to avoid this, so I force myself not to respond as such, and instead act confidently and composed. But then there are also men who like the idea of a girl who is okay with sexual jokes and confident in her sexuality, so I need to be careful not to give them this illusion either if that's the case.

No. 924723

I think it shouldn't be about becoming someone or masking as someone the opposite of what men desire, but about being/becoming a confident women who can reject undesired sexual remarks and advances and who can confidently accept those when she wants to (or take the initiative if that's what you want).

No. 924725

Sounds exactly like my friend. Except that she’s not a teen anymore and should’ve worked it out somehow by now. It’s embarrassing to be like this as an adult.

No. 924726

Went to a new dentist on my new employee insurance. I made moves to go because a resin filling for a chip on my molar fell out last week and I knew I shouldn't ignore it.
Turns out, on the side of my mouth where the filling fell is showing early signs of periodontal disease. During the gum probing I heard the hygienist call out a 6 on the tooth, which isn't the worst but is on the high end of moderate progression. Lots of 3s, 4s, and 5s near my molars…it's not good. Fronts are fine. The x rays revealed gum recession and early bone loss on the left lower of my mouth. I'm so shocked. I was just at the dentist for a cleaning some months ago and they told me my teeth were fine. Oh and that chip filling that fell out? They aren't going to bother trying to re-fill it, they're gonna put a crown on it.
My mom had periodontal disease which is why I know so much, but she's smoked tobacco all her life so I didn't figure it would happen to me too, but here I am.

I don't understand how the fuck this could have turned for the worst so quickly but it's kinda upsetting. I've always taken pretty good care of my teeth. I did start a hormonal pill for my acne since the last visit but tooth and gum problems aren't listed as a side effect, so…likely just my shitty luck. My blood sugar has been high so maybe that too. Once there's periodontal disease, there's no going back. My gums won't grow back. My bone won't grow back. I'll have to constantly monitor these gums from now on to make sure tartar isn't creeping back down there. Can't feel the left side of my face rn because they had to do deep scaling to make sure they can crown the tooth in two days when I go back. My gums hurt but I love it. I want more gum pain. I want to feel more scraping and more digging because I associate the hurt with getting nasty shit out of my mouth.

No. 924729

I do agree, but that is a destination far away from me still. For now, I'm trying these things to avoid getting myself into dangerous situations again. It's a big and good step for me to recognise that this attitude of mine can be dangerous and that I have to be mindful of how I behave. I'm not trying to victim blame at all, but I know that certain traits of mine enable my inability to set boundaries. I need to consciously force myself to not think nor act like someone who is insecure and vulnerable, but this doesn't mean going along with what men who enjoy confident girls like either. Sorry for how weird this sounds. I understand exactly what you're saying but I'm still in the early phases of this growth. I have a long way to go until I am truly confident and capable of setting boundaries whilst still being my authentic self.

No. 924731

what's the point in getting a job (in America) if health insurance is going to fuck me over? i was on medicaid which was amazing, then got a job with a deductible and i got screwed over and owe a lot of money. i am back on medicaid because i'm mentally ill and can't keep a job but i'm fucked. why shouldn't i commit suicide at this point? i have other debts as well including student loan debt

No. 924736

>female user posts nice general comment about men
>is met with men ridiculing her and making up weird accusations
Being male is a mental illness and the schizo man haters are right

No. 924738

File: 1632760615896.jpg (401.06 KB, 1080x1056, Screenshot_20210617-113944_Red…)

I got a job offer for a company that's way too good to be true and imposter syndrom is also kicking in because the job/employe/customers and everything is in a foreing language (that I speak fluent but still).

I have no idea if I should accept it or not because I'm not hurting for money right now and am waiting to see if I get into a course that would allow me to get my "dream" job. But the chances to get in are 50/50. And the offer pays a fucking lot, might even allow me to move out for the first time. Or buy a brand new car with cash if I manage to stay for 2-3 years.

Jesus fuck, what is the catch? I can't be that lucky for once?? Is it finally getting better??

No. 924743

I wanna get into horror and /x/ content because it's pretty interesting but i always end up paranoic and with insomnia after. I don't even belive in anything supernatural, i just have a very loud and imaginative mind that makes me see things even though i know there is nothing there. I envy people that are fearless, i wish i could chnage any of my useless traits for that one.
I am going to try and watch horror films this october, starting with some easy 70/80 titles and hopefully endind with begotten(that shit looks cursed and like it'a going to lead me to a heart attack, not gonna lie).

No. 924773

I just feel so ugly this weekend. I'm tired and I feel like my whole face changes. My eyes get smaller, my nasolabial wrinkles get deep and I look like shit in every photo.
I look good normally so I hate when I get like this. I look 5 years older.

No. 924802

I feel the same anon. I was on my parent's medicaid plan while growing up and feel so spoiled because I didn't know what a copay was because I never had to pay one kek. It's so fucking hard to find a job with good health insurance, and when you do it can feel like you're being held hostage because god forbid you leave your job and health insurance behind.

No. 924803

I hate mental illness I hate the stigma around it I hate it

No. 924805

I just noticed on KF that they put the Ashley Isaac's thread under the 'deathfats' category, kek assholes.

No. 924810

File: 1632766405420.jpg (109.01 KB, 743x701, IMG_2207-e1557879814168.jpg)

I'm the anon who constantly vents about her new workplace. I feel like I'm fucked. This is it. I know it. I made too many mistakes and literally everyone thinks I'm an idiot so I have been recently put on a training together with a coworker who's essentially completely new. I feel like any day I'm gonna get called in and fired (after one month). I literally feel like I'm incompetent at everything I do and even if I did everything perfectly I have zero social skills and cannot present myself as a confident and skillful person because I radiate anxiety and doubt. I also misinterpret things that people say or write to me and I always realize these things only in retrospect. Also, if they indeed fire me, I'm not going to have any jobs for this year that lasted for more than a few months, which is obviously a huge red flag.

I feel like I'm stuck in a car that's gonna crash and I cannot do anything to get out for fuck's sake

No. 924814

leave. guaranteed they're making you feel that way on purpose. speaking from experience but have no further advice on how to act

No. 924815

Also I'm literally clueless about how to behave…should I act like I'm oblivious to sucking at everything at being a trainwreck? Or should I succumb to panicking and ask about my mentor about how deeply I am in shit?

No. 924817

This is what my mother is going through and I wish I could do anything to help. Especially because, and I'm sure this goes for you too and perhaps you're too hard on yourself, she is skilled and has a lot of passion. But she gets in her own way. Her own self doubt is what causes her misinterpretations, it's what causes her anxiety and leads to fuck ups. If I could only help her feel more secure in herself, she would be doing amazing. But how can you feel secure when you can't hold a job? It's like a cycle. I really hope you find a work environment that fits for you, anon, one that gives you a feeling of calm and acceptance. It took years for my own self to find it.

No. 924820

No no no, I have been places where they behaved like that and the management was narcissistic, so I recognize it, but this is different, here people are actually very nice and helpful and sweet but I am the one at fault
I'm in a dark place right now so I feel like I'm never going to find a place like that, but thank you anyway for your kind words

No. 924833

i thought i already went through the lowest point in my life and i honestly never thought at that time it could get any worse
well it can get a lot worse unfortunately

i've been depressed for as long as i can remember, i've even attempted suicide twice as a teenager, but lately i just feel like i'm in a constant state of pure misery and can’t stop crying even when nothing happens to trigger it. i genuinely hate my life and no human should have to suffer to the extent i feel and i honestly don’t see myself recovering from this and don’t really see a point in trying since everyone i've ever loved is already dead, both family and friends the only person left is my mother, and i absolutely hate the country i live in with a burning passion and that alone makes me suicidal without my life already being shit. there’s no hope for me. i’m not going to commit suicide or anything but i won’t be surprised if i just simply die soon naturally from being in a constant state of extreme distress, my body is in constant pain and i know it can’t be healthy. i don’t have insurance and i’m completely broke and unemployed with 0 skills so i’m beyond fucked with both my mental and physical health.

No. 924841

This makes me so sad, I wish I could just scoop you up and take you somewhere you'd be happy and safe. I'm so sorry that you have to feel this pain every day.

No. 924853

People have been mocking Lena Dunhams weight gain and I know she's otherwise a nasty person but I've just looked up her condition, endometriosis, and realized that all of those symptoms apply to me. It makes perfect sense now and I'm scheduling an appointment next week hoping that it's not the case but I'm preparing for the worst. I hope other anons look those symptoms up so in case they do experience it, they can react immediately.

No. 924872

File: 1632771007087.jpeg (163.61 KB, 749x743, 34718685-5882-4E3F-BE73-D680FD…)

oh nonny

No. 924876

random but who's the artist? it's very pretty

No. 924880

seong_ryul on twitter <3

No. 924920

If my life doesn't improve by the time that I'm 40, I swear that I'll fucking kill myself. Fuck everything about my life. Everything was a fucking huge mistake and my biggest regret is that I should have successfully ended myself years ago. No real job, high school diploma in a very competitive city (phds galore), ugly, fiance is sweet, but he's a pussy and emotionally weaker than me, poor, I hate everyone in this city, shitty social skills, etc. Why do I even try any more? I have no energy, I'm tired, I hate everyone and everything.

No. 924926

I am definitely pmsing.

No. 924936

I hate it when people say “that person isn’t old, they’re 30 years old!”, they literally are, it’s nearly hubristic to assume that human beings live long and are still young in their 40s, it’s a complete lie you’re just coping. A 60 year old woman or man becomes frail and weaker than a younger person and compared to a 20 year old and 60 year old is huge, there’s developmental stages for a reason.

>old people can accomplish things too! it’s never too late

you’re literally just an annoying hag, everyone already knows this stop being jealous of young people already kek

No. 924943

No. 924945

My 60 something year old mother calls me a 30 something year old young and I thank her but don't actually think it. But I'm hot for my age and could pull 20 something year old men like THAT. literally anyone could. In fact. The real challenge is landing a successful 30 something year old man and the type of man I mean doesn't go for younger woman, because they annoy them! They go for the put together women. The women that look like the women of friends at their pick. The Lorelei Gilmores of the world. Women that have world experience and are respected. A woman you want to make a milf of. Piss of little bitch mommy's home

No. 924950

I am straight-up freaking the fuck out right now. I really hope my UNI can give me answers to wtf is going on right now because if not I am fucked, and I will have worked the last ten years for nothing except debt. FUCK THE US, fuck its healthcare and fuck its college. fuck all of this.

No. 924955

File: 1632775448288.jpeg (18.76 KB, 275x206, 7C921B2C-6683-47D5-AC18-1FE564…)

>But I'm hot for my age and could pull 20 something year old men like THAT. literally anyone could. In fact. The real challenge is landing a successful 30 something year old man and the type of man I mean doesn't go for younger woman, because they annoy them! They go for the put together women. The women that look like the women of friends at their pick. The Lorelei Gilmores of the world. Women that have world experience and are respected

I can’t believe ESL wine aunt is basing their attractiveness off of getting incredibly misguided and young horny 20 year old men who definitely aren’t ready for independence yet. That’s exactly why they go for naive and insecure older women, for financial security and mommying, definitely not for love. You can have them, but it will probably take them hours to pull off your big ballon granny knickers, you bag of wrinkles.

No. 924958

OP was the one who put such an emphasis on youth and being 20 compared to whitered and worn 30, it's creeping up on you quicker than you think. Take care to sleep well, stay hydrated and always take your make up off before bed. A quality lady gets the pick for relationships, we don't do one night stands anymore, the men simply won't allow it!

No. 924960

You guys are so annoying lmaooo. 30 years old is not young but it's not old and either. You act like 30 years old are sick hags. Chill

No. 924968

the 18-22 y/o farmers are on one today. 30 will be here before u know it ladies.

No. 924973

File: 1632776271098.png (101.58 KB, 395x347, 381F1734-47FC-4C77-A1E3-863894…)

you forgot to post this on r/femaledatingstrategy, leave
You’re old when you hit 30 years old, it’s not an inbetween thing you aren’t an immature 20 year old anymore. You become even more old when you hit 40, and when you get to 50 years old you become Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston or drink yourself slowly to death on wine(bait)

No. 924977

I'm old wise and hot af bitch I leave. I've got the social standing to humiliate you in the streets you don't understand how much I simply do not give a fuck. You age and if you've aged right you age hotter with a shit load of hindsight the empirical data to know how to handle anything and the confidence and self esteem out the wigwam. I'll crush your self esteem, batch

No. 924980

are you gonna kys when you get old too?

No. 924982

File: 1632776631370.jpeg (28.02 KB, 190x265, 1A0A6E3E-4915-45DB-A336-3CAA41…)

I know no1curr but my best friend remembered my birthday and sent me a cute picture. I love her so much.

No. 924985

That's some sad, sad bait right there.

No. 924987

File: 1632776720920.png (84.38 KB, 300x300, 856B9717-2DD1-4B5A-BAFE-953082…)

sure granny, you’re definitely going to beat the bootstraps and rugged individualism into me that’s for sure, just like the old days, can’t wait girlboss

yes, that’s the only way for population control

No. 924988

File: 1632776895819.jpg (77.48 KB, 1020x550, derry-girls-1020x550.jpg)

>30 years old is not young
One of these actresses is in her mid 30s, the rest are in their late 20s. Can you tell which one without googling?
Sorry about your shit genes but we aren't the same.

No. 924992

Jesus Christ, you fucking idiots, that’s obviously a baiting moid.

No. 924993

It’s definitely the brtsh fatty on the far right

No. 924994

File: 1632777080423.jpg (201.13 KB, 990x1329, 0e9c0603a4c72085d878757e8b00e5…)

I'm gonna hold you to that anon, see you in a couple years babe

No. 924997

I actually thought clare was going to be some middle schooler when I first saw her lol

No. 924998

>everyone I don’t agree with must be a scrote

No. 924999

It's been years now, I've tried to get financial stability so I can leave but every time there is a ray of hope it turns to dust. I'm stuck.

No. 925001

Silence male you where born worthless and you will die even more worthless you unbreedable little sod

No. 925004

Nicola's Irish.

No. 925005

I don't know why these guys can't even format differently when they troll. It's so obvious

No. 925011

I just saw the above conversation and I swear I wanted to write this before entering the thread, so please don't involve me in the infighting lolol. But ever since I turned eighteen more and more people have gauged me at being 12 - 14 years old and it is becoming stranger everytime it happens. People say I should be grateful and I am, especially since I don't feel ready to be an adult yet and I know my time as a child/teen has almost run out, but it is still bizarre. I didn't realise I actually looked so young, but with the amount and background of the people who genuinely thought I was 12 - 14 years old, I can hardly deny it any longer…

No. 925014

I have sexted a fair few scrotes and listened to some saucy male asmr in my time. What is with the line “then I push you against the wall”. It’s not even funny but every time they say it I equal parts cackle:die inside.

No. 925016

They can’t resist le Pepe and Wojack memes, their buzzwords are all the same, they all recite the same old crap. Men are a fucking hivemind kek. They genuinely think they are striking fear and terror into us, that they’ve taken the last bastion of female freedom by commenting on this shithole of a website that we use to shitpost and be retarded, as if it isn’t an excuse for us to laugh at and bully them without having to fall witness to their chimp tard rage. I have never gone in to 4chan or incels.com or even fucking Reddit to pwn the males or tell them what I think, because I’m not an attention seeking masochistic little spastic.

No. 925017

I can't find any good males to anonymously sext with. Last time I went on /soc/ I saw a bunch of gay shit and lost my horny level

No. 925018

This keeps happening to me lately despite being in my early 20s. People look surprised and say “I thought your were [14-17]!” and say how lucky I am. I don’t thank them, I give them a dirty look.

I can’t tell if this is supposed to be some kind of compliment that everyone has just decided to start doling out lately or if they’re serious. But if they are, it’s fucking disturbing that they can’t tell a baby-faced teen from a whole ass adult.

No. 925034

Why are there still mosquitoes at this time of the year??? It's already fall and I don't live near a swamp or anything, so why are these motherfuckers still buzzing around my head every night??? I don't even manage to kill them, they feel as soon as I lift my hand, no matter how slowly I do it. Are these the same two mosquitoes since August and they have a ridiculous lifespan?

No. 925036

File: 1632780250283.jpg (39.38 KB, 462x461, EOBCJcmVUAAJvZ2.jpg)

>Going to pay almost 2k for dental surgery and retainers, not sure how I will be able to recover financially when a NEET sibling asks mommy for weight loss surgery because she's a lazy 27yo that never gets out of her PC
I fucking hate everything. I'm so tired, anons.

No. 925039

I hate men. But that hate will never ever be equal to the one men have for us. I just opened a "woman hate" thread on a smaller imageboard and it's not venting about the opposite gender, or how much of defective retards they are, or all the awful things they did. No, it's just gif upon gifs of violence and gore done to women.

No. 925044

If we were like them we'd be having cock and ball torture Tuesdays. But unfortunately I don't have a monkey brain that gets off to suffering even if it's men.

No. 925046

>People say I should be grateful and I am, especially since I don't feel ready to be an adult yet
I've always had this going on and years ago I didn't mind it because mentally I felt slightly behind my peers anyway. Then by 30 I was viewing a house thinking about buying it and my ex came along to the viewing with me.. where he was mistaken for my dad. It was such an awkward mistake that we didn't even correct the guy. We viewed the house. I actually did buy it in the end but I just remember the drive home with my ex laughing at how months earlier we'd been lovers and now he's my da.

I had felt great about buying a home all by myself and the milestone that it is.. a whole new level of adult was being unlocked, and then I just felt like a kid again. People always viewing you as that much younger can lead to you having a whole complex around your own competency.

No. 925096

moving back to the city tomorrow and I'm going to miss my little baby dog so much. I love him and he brightens up my days every day. he's lovely. I'll see him at Christmas so it'll be fine but I always miss him when I'm gone, and I'm already sad about not seeing him for a little while

No. 925100

Just got into an argument with my boyfriend about how stupid the song title "Turquoise Hexagon Sun" is. He's retarded, but then again, so am I.

No. 925120

Gore and weird porn in snow watch out

No. 925126

Thanks nonnie

No. 925128

I quit drinking almost 3 years ago due to a pathetic drunk suicide attempt that put me in the hospital. My life is currently falling apart and I just bought a bottle of vodka. I wanna try again, I wanna be successful for once in my life.

No. 925132

Can you do me a favour and put off drinking for ten minutes? If it's possible, could you spend that time writing a response to me describing what are the negative consequences of you starting to drink now again?

No. 925138

I’ll respond cause I still live with my ex and he’s home so I can’t drink anyways. The reasons I want to drink are the same reasons I shouldn’t drink. It ruins my life, it makes me broke, it makes me suicidal. But I’m over it, I see no way out, the good moments I have arent enough to make the rest of it worth it. As soon as my ex moves out, I won’t have someone around to keep an eye on me.

No. 925141

File: 1632790487239.png (863.87 KB, 1022x766, 1578085996990.png)

i went to therapy for the first time in years and they didn't soundproof anything. the receptionist was much nicer to me afterward than she was at the beginning of the appointment, and i thought that was weird. my gf let me know that she could hear everything i said, and that the walls of the office are very thin. i'm going to do telehealth from home next time, but it's so humiliating to know that strangers heard about my mom molesting me when i was assured privacy in a medical setting.

No. 925151

File: 1632791428560.png (25.12 KB, 590x232, unknown.png)

kek this black girl would always sperg about racism and race issues now she's fighting racism with even more racism and it makes her look so fucking retarded.

No. 925152

Leave a bad review. That shit would make me want to commit sudoku.

No. 925153

File: 1632791727049.jpeg (82.46 KB, 750x737, 705AC07A-ED99-4F13-99B3-13BF58…)

it’s my birthday tomorrow and i’m so sad, i get so sad on my birthday every year. i had a party on saturday and it was fun and i’m going to the spa tomorrow, so i should be happy, but i’m filled with this huge sense of dread. i’m turning 26 and i’m really not happy with my life. i went through pretty horrific childhood abuse and my brain is still so fucked up, i should probably be on meds, also my best friend died two years ago. and now i just feel so far behind all my peers, i find it impossible to focus on anything. im also very lonely, like i have friends but they only really want to hang out if we’re drinking or doing drugs.

long story short, my life just feels really hollow. i don’t know what im doing and i am so scared. i’m scared to actually take my dreams seriously so i keep self sabotaging. i can’t believe im already 26, i remember turning 19 and feeling so much hope and freedom because i just moved out of my abusive parents house. but then my stunted brain development caught up to me. soon im going to be 30, wtf? this shit is going by so fast. i feel like i’m running out of time.

No. 925157

File: 1632792026779.png (1.39 MB, 1320x1014, rab.png)

Wow anon I am so sorry. That's completely unacceptable. Please complain.

No. 925159

oh god. def a violation even though it
s accidental. leave a bad review so others are aware

No. 925162

i feel exactly the same like time is going on so fucking fast and i can't do nothing about it, i went through some pretty shitty and serious trauma too, so i understand you

No. 925163

what a based queen

No. 925164

black robot wannabes are so embarrassing. this has the same energy as doja cat shaking her ass for a bunch of tinychat inbreds.

No. 925165

i'm way too shy/anxious to use voice chat and i genuinely don't like watching things with people, and i'm worried these issues in tandem are what really keep me from befriending folks. my internet connection is also pretty bad, even if i do have a pc that can handle most games. there's nothing i can do about said internet connection except /move/ because internet here costs like $50 a month for 20 mpbs and there's no way i'm paying for that.

what can i offer except discord messages? god

No. 925172

File: 1632793806428.jpg (24.88 KB, 590x195, capture.jpg)

No I think she's kind of retarded

No. 925175

if she were to get off of twitter and truly experience the force of imageboard integration she would be better, i promise nonny

No. 925184

The advertisements for the Google Pixel 6 phone and how a smart phone can become smarter and learn who you are fucking terrify me

No. 925188

>fighting racism
It's just making an offensive joke about people who make offensive jokes lol. Of course years of /pol/faggotry would ricochet back on more than just white people. It's based. No more "Oh no you're racist! Cancelled! Pwease respect pronouns and be kind ;-;", just call them slurs back.

No. 925210

My birthday is this week too and I turn 27, I feel the same dread because of some fucked up shit that derailed my life recently. Happy birthday though anon, I hope you're able to enjoy yourself at the spa at least!

No. 925216

File: 1632799002204.jpeg (36.98 KB, 320x500, 51orYMcAhzL.jpeg)

Oh god this is just too funny, someone asked me about how my ex was doing (we were briefly friends after we broke up) and I checked out his twitter out of curiousity.
I knew he'd trooned out but really, this shit is hilarious. He regularly posts shit absolutely seething about cis women, especially bi women (I'm bi lol.) He literally called them reptilians and demons and shit. This is too much!!
I don't wanna be the kind of person who hatestalks someone, especially their ex, but it's the cow factor that's making me react like this, not some sort of insecurity. I don't know. What do you think, nonnies?

No. 925217

I turned 27 recently and I feel the same way. I felt old when I was 20 too which is so stupid, I just continue to feel like life is passing me by

Also stealing this pick as I've never seen a more accurate representation of me

No. 925220

Same!! I keep seeing it and saying those are not good things.

No. 925221

Exactly anon, people get angry when you play fire with fire but it’s honestly more effective. They don’t want to see black people thrive or fight back appropriately at all

No. 925230

File: 1632799685750.jpg (29.57 KB, 500x500, artworks-E1eqFwh7FE1rcBjM-PxQ9…)

>go to friend's birthday party
>guy keeps talking to me
>"oh anon, (friend) told me you like vidya too! What's your favorite games?"
>uhm probably the Yakuza series
>moid continues to explain the plot of the games to me

every single fucking time

No. 925240

sometimes I realize that i'm just going to be depressed my whole life and im just going to have to deal with it, even when i'm happy or i'm on medication or i'm going to therapy etc etc I will always have this dull sadness that will never go away. I guess because i've been depressed my whole entire life my brain doesn't know any other way to function. even when i've been happy with life and medicated I still feel like I have some sort of shadow of my other self living at the pit of my stomach waiting to reemerge. i can be having the time of life but it creeps up on my shoulder and reminds me. and god it's just hard to come to terms with the fact that it's going to be a push and pull between these two parts of myself for the rest of my life. i am terrified of what will happen if anything even semi traumatic happens to me, i will be consumed

No. 925245

depression is shit, i think that darkness will be there forever, but there's always hope and happiness and love, it's too great for being sad

No. 925248

i can definitely feel hope and happiness and love, it just sucks that the depression is always gonna be there in some form. even just the memory of it when i'm not actively depressed

No. 925249

Being depressed is like having a little angry goblin on your shoulder that tells you bullshit.

No. 925268

i wish moids knew how to like games and women in a normal way

No. 925271

I feel so immature. I want to exist without feeling like I need to get my back up and double down over the tiniest things. I rarely act out on it and it's mainly an internal thing but it's so miserable and exhausting. It's easier to say nothing and see no one. Sometimes I go months/years feeling fine and then it creeps back up and I hate myself for the nasty things I think about everyone because I feel so insecure and defensive.

No. 925276

Lady (imo a narcissist) who runs the pro-choice group in my city wrote an email to guilt me into either attend an abortion rally or be a clinic volunteer again.
I'm in the deep southern US. I'm tired. I care so deeply about this issue, but the leader doesn't do anything to protect us. She doesn't go to every weekend volunteer herself. The last time I volunteered, maskless bastards were scream spitting in my face and one brandished a gun. One almost got into a fight with a patient who retaliated in response to their bullshit, and I felt helpless to stop any of it. The police don't care. Therefore these fuckers would have ample time to murder us all on a whim. Guess I seem to be the only one who believes they're capable. I hope I'm wrong. I feel like part of a sideshow political theater as I squander my weekend mornings standing outside a clinic where I'm threatened, harassed, and yelled at by pro-life radicals because no one wants to take simple prudent actions that don't require human risk like installing a car gate or signage so the pro-lifers don't misdirect or harass patients.
Can you blame me for not wanting to subject myself to extreme harassment? I'm so upset.

No. 925282

I'm so fucking tired of job hunting and everything being so difficult in this shithole place.
I feel so useless and depressed. Sometimes I think I have a problem or something because I don't know what else to do to improve myself

No. 925284

File: 1632809623741.jpg (174.71 KB, 1024x1024, bed.jpg)

anon i'm in the same situation you are, and posted at the same time you did, but reposting to tell you you have my solidarity. you are not useless, the job market is shit. I really hope you find something that gives you enough money and at least a bit of purpose.

euuuuuuuuuuuurgh i'm so mad. my boyfriend had us move in a shithole on the other side of the country because of a job opportunity for him, but there's only tutoring jobs for me here and really few hours a week. I've depleted some of my savings for the move and basically I'm broke.
and i tore some fucking ligaments after carrying boxes and groceries and taking apart some ducts wore them when they were already fragile, and because we just moved we sleep on the floor, his is okay-ish but my mattress is so thin i feel the floor under my back. it's hard as fuck getting up from directly the floor with one leg hurt as opposed to being able to sit on a bed first.
and all i want is a fucking bed and a mattress to go on top, which i would already have bought if i could afford half of it, which i can't because i'm already not rich and going to be jobless in this hellhole, and which i can't buy used because i can't carry heavy stuff. so i don't have any place to ask for anything.
but i'm so mad. i wish he noticed that i'm fucking struggling. this fucker is just waiting for me to heal while my vertebrae scrape the floor all night, so that he can make me carry a used fucking bed up the stairs instead of having one delivered, which he could afford 10 of.
i'm so resentful. i pay half of everything and a LOT of extra stuff to be useful outside of money, i want to sleep on a fucking bed.

i like the analogy anon.

No. 925285

yeah fuck that shit

No. 925287


No. 925288

I hate the bus so much. Why is it always eiteher late or arrived at the bus stop and leaves way too early? Why do smelly, trashy or mentally ill passengers always sit right next to me? Pray for my nose anons?

No. 925296

tried to kill myself two days ago. Went to the bridge closest to my house, and sat on the railing trying to decide if I should jump. It was raining, and of course being the fucking idiot that I am I slipped and fell on my knee and hurt myself, and whimpered back home like a pussy. I'm massively ashamed and now I'm trying to decide if I should try again next week.

No. 925298

thank god something stopped you from jumping is the thought that came to me and would come to anyone's mind. don't be ashamed.

No. 925301

I wish I didn’t feel so alone. I can’t talk about the sexual abuse I experienced without feeling horrible shame and disgust. It’s like only the person who did it to me will ever fully “understand” which makes me feel worse, it’s a sick connection, like I will always belong to them. I wish I could talk to someone else about it, anyone, but I just can’t. I want to die so much.

No. 925312

i'm over 30 still trying to figure out how to have confidence in myself. my therapist is a doll whos helped me through much, plus I've been in group sessions for a while… but i don't get how these are supposed to help after this long.
it feels like i'm so hyperaware of my own existence that i'm immune to treatment. Therapist always says its my trauma still holding me back, but her answers as to why feel lacking. i've been at a point where talking on said trauma doesn't bother me for what feels like forever, yet it's still the cause? wtf have I been doing all these years trying to cope then? i'm frustrated to be feeling like this when I thought I was finally getting things on track for once in my life. feels like i'll never truly have control over my own existence. I just want to be able to reach my full potential, because I know I could be so much more.

No. 925313

i have a crush on a friend that makes me go fucking retarded. everytime i get any feelings for anyone my ed comes back. i wish i didn't equate my ability to be loved with my physical appearance. what can i say, i have brain damage.

No. 925336

Not to be a dick but I would have knocked the door if this happened to my partner instead of let them carry on talking. Wow. Is there no overseeing regulation authority this can be reported to? Imagine needing therapy for your therapy.

No. 925354

I'm this idiot, already posted in the relationship thread but I'm so angry, I need to vent. today I have an important presentation and my bf brought shit up that could have waited. I don't get it, why can't this mf wait for some more hours?! why must he dominate my thoughts with his bullshit before I have finished some important stuff?! I told him I'm nervous, that I didn't sleep well, but he only sees himself ever. I really can't focus on getting this done and celebrating after because of this asshole of a bf. fuck him

No. 925357

Dump him.

No. 925360

File: 1632823249938.jpeg (76.66 KB, 1280x772, C04D5F7E-94D5-472D-8B03-E5664A…)

I HATE TIME SO MUCH I’M 20 AND I’M PANICKING ABOUT TIME PASSING ME BY WITHOUT MAKING MY DREAMS COME TRUE AHHHHHHHH OR AT LEAST CULTIVATING AN INTERESTING AND FULFILLING LIFE FOR MYSELF AHHHHHHHHHH. It sucks seeing all those younger kids in the media too. 16, 17, all child prodigies. At 16 my parents were telling me to be grateful I have something to eat. And I am! But I fucking hate time, and I hate this loser feeling, like you’re a balloon that someone popped and now you’re all worn empty balloony skin, all weary and already tired. How can I be energetic again? I can’t even be alone by myself for more than one day anymore without getting incredibly depressed. If I stay in I start thinking about time passing me by and me failing to make any of my goals come true and death and AHHHHHHG I HATE TIME

Anyway, gotta move. Can’t give in to the fear EEEEEEEEEREERERRRRR

No. 925371

Don't even think about that shit for even a second anon. You're 20. Who gives a fuck what the youths are doing, this is your life and your circumstances are completely unique. It is never too late for anything. My grandma was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and breast cancer in the same year at 55, and she turned her entire life around. Not only did she beat the diabetes and the cancer, but she became a fitness instructor!! She teaches land and water aerobics. This lady used to eat peanut butter cookies every day before bed, took naps in the middle of the day, and drank like a fish. You have your entire life to become who you want to be, there is no time limit on your dreams. Stop thinking about other people, it's not a race, it's not a competition, they don't matter in a world full of people. You have to focus on your own life and put yourself first. You're so valuable, you're obviously a passionate person, you want this, you GOT THIS. I fucking believe in you.

No. 925384

My brother lives in another country. Apparently, he decided to do a backpacking trip and come back home for a few days. Everyone in the family knew but me. Neither he nor anyone else thought to tell me. I don't know why, but that really upset me.

No. 925389

Why have you not broken up yet. I hate this man and I’ve never even met him.

No. 925392

anon fuck the popular people on social media or in full media. a lot of these kids came from middle to upper class households who probably threw everything into the grocery cart without worry, got what they wanted for christmas, got a car, all their doctor and skincare needs met, their dental paid with vacations on top of it all. women at 20-30 who keep saying they're too old are giving into the idea that women are basically worthless for not being some e-star, wife, or successful business woman already. except women can come from broke, abusive, druggy families who couldn't or didn't do better. please love yourself more anon I'm sure you didn't have the time or money to focus on being a cookie cutter image of today's woman. my family was the type who had enough for bills but due to medical debt we were never frivolous. it's only after I started working myself that I could buy my own stuff for creative outlets and better skincare. I'm not some rich CEO or large follower count women but it truly isn't too late to just live how you want.

No. 925396

That people talk wasn’t for me but imma screenshot for when I need it again, thank you and ur g ma

No. 925400

my roommate always starts showing off and hanging around like a bad smell whenever my boyfriend is over and like he knows she's doing it for his attention and doesn't take the bait or indulge her but FUCK ME man it's so annoying go and get your own boyfriend you desperate cow!!!!!!!!

No. 925403

i doubt that it's her but whenever anons type like this venting about roommates, it always reminds me of neetlita-anon.

No. 925419

I was just sitting in a local park when one of my neighbours came up to me and asked if I've seen my next door neighbour today. There's a search party out because she left a suicide note and disappeared. I was weirdly overcome with suicidal thoughts myself a couple nights ago. Weird to think someone just feet away was going through the same. I hope to god she comes back and didn't go through with it. Her father died only months ago.

No. 925420

who's that? sorry for all the !!! was just stroppy, kek

No. 925422

File: 1632834569657.png (528.86 KB, 784x570, 4EB6248F-356E-4ECE-ACC3-A5DFC8…)

Everyday it gives me relief that if I die, I won’t have to experience my terrible life anymore and won’t be subjected to this shitty world anymore. If I die, I will finally have the total freedom I never got to have, to have no more obligations, no more unnecessary responsibility, being told where to be, having to deal with family, I will finally go back to the nothingness I came out of.

No. 925424

Dump him, he sounds like a self centred man baby. You need a man protects his woman, not one who whines over needing his little sockiwockies for the cinema because of his big back ouchies uwu. Would this man ever care for you if you get sick, probably not, probably complain he had no clean pantiwanties with no skidmarkiwarkies to wear out with his friends because you haven’t washed his clothes for him and have been too sick to wipe his shitty arse for him uwu. Bin him!

No. 925427

I honestly am going to take "what would a mediocre white man do" seriously. I look forward to being 45 fucking immature 20 year old scrotes and ruining their lives! It's simple, I Coom and get my dopamine from various substances and I sleep 10 hours every night and fart a lot during the night. I can't wait to wear a v neck under a blazer with relaxed jeans and leather flip lops, sunglasses inside all the time. That's just how I operate, simple and clean. Maybe I'll develop a taste for IPAs if I don't have to take Cialis for my nonexistent cock. I'll argue any fleeting thought into oblivion using pretzel logic and declare victory despite the whole argument was a farce. I'll take an online IQ test and fudge my results with a 20 point increase. I'll laugh when people say they got a INT result from Myers-briggs. I might even start watching white on black gay porn. It's never too late too start living like you're dying.

No. 925437

You're a convenient hole and rent splitter for him. Honestly idk why women literally move away from everything just bc their bf got a better job. Congrats you played yourself.

No. 925439

Same… I'm not religious but the idea of going back to nothingness is comforting.

No. 925440

It’s the first time a phone ad (or really, any ad) made me audibly go “oh fuck no” after watching it.

No. 925445

I'm really struggling with thoughts about vigilante justice. How do I talk to my mandated reporter therapist about it without getting arrested for thought crimes?

No. 925456

Why would you split half if you’re not earning the same at the moment? Should this not be calculated on a percentage basis? I could never be in a relationship with someone so stingy to have me sleep on the floor, he could at least get a bed and get you to pay him back in instalments kek. If he can afford 10 beds what the fuck is his money going on, bed is essential priority.

No. 925461

I was out searching when another neighbour passing by in a van quickly shouted at me that she'd been found. Now I'm such an autist that I'm guessing that means she's not dead or in a bad way.. right? I don't want to intrude on her family by asking for details given the sensitive subject. Surely that means found alive?

No. 925468

After some conditions that left me basically non-functional as a human being and trouble/false starts entering the job market, I only began to recover at 26 and started to thrive at 28. I know people who only started to thrive in their 30's and people who've pivoted to a new career in their 50's and 60's. It's not too late for either of you to move forward and do great things; I mean think of it this way- when you hit 30 you traditionally have more than the entire life you've so far lived to complete your career. The biggest hurdle is your own mind, especially if you have some open wounds that make it hard for you to cope with criticism, failure, setbacks, etc.
Here's what worked for me:
>getting therapy- it doesn't work overnight, but having a good therapist (art therapy surprisingly worked for me) helped my wounds scar over, which in time made me less likely to slip into a dark place, made my lows much less low, helped address some of my physiological symptoms like panic attacks, and even helped me naturally stop relying on alcohol to cope with negative emotions
>avoiding social comparison/focusing on milestones- some of your peers may have had a smooth path to however you define success, but chances are that many have not. life is full of setbacks and we all go at our own pace.
>setting realistic goals- there are steps towards achieving any real dream. set concrete goals around the steps you can immediately reach and create a 'i can live with this' backup plan.
>emotional endurance- if you try to pursue your dreams or at least reach a point of stability again, there are likely going to be many instances in the process where for some reason you feel like shit about yourself. you need to be able to just keep working through these points of self-doubt. over time as your conditions improve you'll likely be able to better distinguish when these feelings are 'all in your head' and stop experiencing them as often, or if they're the result of something like valid criticism or failure, use the situation to learn or improve, or, in the case that a situation isn't your fault (e.g. batshit insane boss) understand that you didn't do anything wrong and let it bounce off of you. being able to identify the source of a negative experience and react appropriately is really important for success
>resilience- while you're trying to move forward, you'll probably experience setbacks, sometimes of your own doing, sometimes because of circumstances outside of your control, and often an interaction of both. that's totally okay. if you slip back into a hole, just try to pick up the pieces and keep going. Chances are that you've gained something from your journey, e.g. a new skill, work experience, a connection, that will make it easier to recover.

No. 925546

Holyshit I'm so bad at my job.

No. 925549

File: 1632846959352.jpg (427.34 KB, 1920x2560, image_6487327-scaled[1].jpg)

Dis bich.

She embodies everything I hate about Polish libfems and Polish left. I know there are worse cases out there, but I guess my resentment stems partially from the fact that I had a brief contact with her many years ago and actually liked her back then. I even agree with her on many points, but she's so fucking insufferable, fuck.

Also her art is incredibly mediocre, she had barely evolved over those years and it blows my mind it led her to becoming a minor celebrity for her cold ass libfem takes.

Sadly she's not a cow (or I'm not autistic enough to stalk her SM to check if she is), so there's no point in discussing her anywhere. I just wanted to get it off my chest.

No. 925556

Bro, I feel like I am, too. I'm sitting here in my pjs, I should be working on this sketch but I'm just groggy.

No. 925593

No. 925749

I literally just have no desire to have sex whatsoever and I don’t understand why. I experience attraction and like to think about sex but the thought of actually fucking someone makes me want to cry. What the fuck is wrong with me

No. 925812

I actually hate this fucking website, this dumb fucking thread and the stupid, retarded mods. You’re going to reward incompetent behavior and let this thread continue when there was already an 88th vent thread? I bet the same person who did this shit was the insufferable sonicfag making everything into sonic, you are literally the most unfunniest person alive and no one likes you, your parents probably dropped your fatass hard-head on the pavement and it probably wasn’t even an accident. They literally said that the threads were made at the same time but instead of actually locking one of the threads so there can only be one when it it happened you let two of them exist and then ban mines because god forbid I try to fix anything. Mods literally trying to cover up their incompetence, this is the most ghetto website ever I wish whoever made this thread slips and hits their head on a jagged rock, now we have to look at this abominable thread pic for god knows how much boyfriend rants and racebaiting finally fills up this useless thread to maximum capacity. Fuck OP and fuck the jannies

No. 925815

No. 925817

Imagine taking anything on lc this seriously

No. 925818

Fuck the jannies, they’re literally hitler

No. 925824

You're probably asexual. You can be asexual and still think about sex.

No. 925830

Can you stop shilling asexuality at every opportunity? This is getting embarrassing, go back.

No. 925835

a bpd bitch is looking for a place to stay and has reached out to my bf already once bc they "go way back" thankfully he told her to fuck right off. i don't need that manipulative narc within 1000 fucking feet of me. go somewhere you haven't hurt someone girl… oh wait

No. 925839

It's funny. My life kinda feels like:

>think going away from home will help me be more active (social wise)

>go to another city to study
>interact with friends
>realize they don't love me or even give a shit about me
>feel like shit
>understand I'm not important
>want to go back home
>come back home

The worst part is I… I think because of this I use whatever person approaches me and try to make them be The One. It happened last year, and only now I understand what I did. I'm so sorry for using you, [redacted], I'm really sorry. I wish I wasn't like this. I wish I could be ok without anybody. I wish I hadn't complained to you about everything. Fuck. I hate myself for missing you when I'm away from home, for missing you only when I feel alone. We weren't even compatible at all. I don't know if I wish things had been different or if I wish YOU had been different. I'm sorry.

No. 925851

File: 1632880123360.jpeg (94.04 KB, 720x523, E88B92E8-6873-4F0E-96B8-95DDBD…)

How annoying, they changed my teacher for the French course I’m taking, I love my other teacher, I don’t know if I will have the same dynamic as before. Then again, I was somehow too advanced for my other group and I was more of a teacher’s helper than a student.
I hope this new group isn’t too advanced either, I’m not that great with hearing comprehension.

No. 925852

why is my fat distribution SO BAD, i have a flat chest and a massive stomach, it looks like i’m five months pregnant. my weight fluctuates a lot and im currently trying to slim down, but i just hate that whenever i gain 15 pounds it goes straight to my stomach. my friend just posted the worst photo of me and i can’t believe i look like that ugh. what body shape is this even

No. 925853

File: 1632880621615.jpeg (25.81 KB, 560x560, E4F422DF-CDFA-4899-9097-242741…)

Overhearing boys at my university talk about girls and seeing how some of them talk on the school subreddit makes me want to wear picrel to class every single day. I never want my body to be looked at by a man for the rest of my life

No. 925857

File: 1632881229575.gif (Spoiler Image, 412.33 KB, 600x338, 45E5C52B-DCC9-43C3-8874-ECAEDC…)

I got bad news for you.

No. 925859

4chan pass expired and i can't be fucked to buy bitcoin. i guess this is it

No. 925861

File: 1632881842579.gif (2.6 MB, 275x202, 1632685459137.gif)

I want to fucking die I got long covid neurological problems edition, more and more forgetful by the month, misspel stuff, etc. I was trying my hardest to get out of neetdom again by now? Now what's the fucking point, I can't even retain what I learn. This is torture. I don't know if I should even get medical help because what's the point, brain damage is forever.

No. 925862

sometimes i wish i had a better job and got paid more and feel super underappreciated then i have really shitty days where i feel like i have no control and i understand why my life is shit and I'm paid shit because i am mentally exhausted. idk how to get into the groove sometimes.

No. 925866

I don’t want to write this stupid paper! It’s stupid!! I don’t want to write it!!! It’s a stupid topic and I hate it but I hate writing even more!!!!

No. 925867

You should definitely get an actual medical check for that.

No. 925868

Same but with writing applications.

No. 925870

File: 1632882453791.jpg (86.08 KB, 389x394, IMG_20210928_221108.jpg)

>be me
>taking part on a tech related competition with over usd $100k in cash prices
>send a submission
>male with a social media following (40k+) makes something with a loosely similar concept but it's not too similar and his is better so I don't care. I don't have any social media following btw
>he goes on to make other submissions anyway
>then I get a really good idea totally unrelated and so I send a new submission
>same man blatantly copies my concept literally to a T this time and sends a new submission
>people are loving the concept and it's his top submission now, he takes full credit for it
>he definitely saw my submission a couple days before making his, he even gave it a like
>male is currently holding second place at the competition and will win at least usd 20k, I'm not even in the top 200 and I won't win nothing
>I don't want to stir drama and be seen as a salty loser by the community

God I fucking hate men.

No. 925874

Don’t be a fucking doormat that’s thousands of dollars you could win

No. 925880

I'm sorry you went through that, nonnie.

I hope his dick falls off.

No. 925881

File: 1632883298600.jpg (89.8 KB, 1300x951, businessman-committing-suicide…)

i broke up with my ex girlfriend a month ago and lost all my friends. im alone all the time and i literally have nobody now. i put up with her anger issues so long bc i thought it would be worth it but now i just feel retarded lol

No. 925883

want some legal anons to help? submission rules and timestamps should put an end to this faggotry

No. 925886

File: 1632883790472.jpeg (274.83 KB, 828x419, 846E0A2A-9DA8-4910-BA40-1325EF…)

Anon, you better step up and say something.

No. 925887

alternatively, just DM him that you see he's a fan of your work and see the scrote squirm

maybe take advantage of one of those womens visibility hashtags and tell your side of this. Wish I could help you because I cant imagine how frustrating it is.

No. 925891

Yeah and if he chimps out we can always make a thread for him (I'm joking, I think)

No. 925901

Thank you anons, but there's nothing I can do. It's difficult to explain without giving away what it's all about but there're no rules against copying, an algorithm determines what submission is best based off of how the user interacts with it.
Of course this means that having a following gives you a huge advantage (you can prompt your followers to use your stuff). However it's still fairly common for people without any following to win these competitions, but you have to rely on having a good idea and having it blow up.
Which is what could have happened for me had this dude not stolen my concept. I've had some of my works blow up on the platform before and I thought I had a great chance with this one.
Now there's not much of a point in people using my stuff anymore, because his does the same and users will probably find his first. Now my submission is just a similar variation of the same thing, it's not the "go to" for this feature anymore.
I don't think there's anything I can do, but I'm bummed reading the comments praising the main feature of his submission (a literal carbon copy of mine), and seeing people tell him that it's groundbreaking and amazing and stuff. It just sucks.
Also idk how to explain, but this feature will probably start to show up a lot in this medium because it's just so nice of an idea. I was just the first one to do it, doesn't mean that I "own" it.
I just wanted to have my moment with it, get a few followers, get my submission into the top 200 at least. But he's the one having the moment as if he had created it, and that's what's so frustrating. People with big followings do go crazy when someone copies them, but they have an army of supporters and I don't. I'd just be burning bridges.
Thank you so much for your words though, I just wanted to cry and vent, and I needed some kindness.
It hits hard because lately I've had too many cases of "I worked too hard for nothing" back to back lol.

No. 925906

So I've been working part time at a type of residental home for people with chronic mental health issues. I was part of one of first patient briefings now that I know quite a few decenty.
One of the women working there made a remark about how confusing she found it that one young woman in this retidential was very uncomfortable getting bloodwork done when she's been self harming.
I was literally about to say something but the briefing just continued on which fair enough, I haven't been working for long.
I guess it just fascinates me that it can be so hard to understand the difference between controlled pain you inflict on yourself (for whatever reason) and pain inflicted by someone or something outside of your control. Especially when you add on all the other complex symptoms like delusions and hallucinations that people like this young woman struggle with.

No. 925910

I got rejected from so many jobs it is embarrassing. I don't have the heart to apply more jobs. I'm fairly smart but socially retarded, anxiety meds don't help me at all and I fuck up my interviews. I have no hope left, I just want to die.

No. 925911

gained 40 pounds as part of ed recovery. I did it all on my own because I was afraid of being dismissed by doctors. boyfriend saw me lose 100 lbs by restricting, watched me turn to binging and purging for years until I started restricting and compulsively exercising last year. now I'm trying my best to eat more and he said I never looked sick. this weight gain is completely unnoticeable, which would signify to ME that I was actually unhealthy and lost a lot of essential body mass that was replaced. it pisses me off so much that everyone this whole time has denied to my face that I have an eating disorder because I'm "too fat" and I'm not even fat! they knew I had one for sure and were trying to get me to hurt myself more. someone told me two scrambled eggs looked like a lot of food. they implied I was out of shape. fuck him. fat fucker, keep liking whores tweets faggot

No. 925915

you don't need to 'say something' at work just because your coworker expressed that they don't relate with a patient's worldview. your coworker is a human as well with their own background. is it really 'fascinating' a healthcare worker and a patient have different perspectives on getting blood drawn. what people say to their coworkers and what they say to patients are two different things.

No. 925916


break up w him nonnie he sounds like a piece of shit, and i'm proud of you.

No. 925917

Anon, break up with that fucker please. An ED is an ED no matter the weight. Do what is right and healthiest for you and please dump that loser for your own wellbeing.

No. 925919

cool guy i've been talking to over discord wants to see my face now…but i'm ugly as sin.

this is so sad i guess i have to break it off

No. 925921

>but there's nothing I can do.
You can complain really loudly about it, it won't win the competition but might make him look bad.
Appeal to pathos.

No. 925927

Anon, I'm so happy for you getting better and recovering so well and also not falling for that bullshit the toxic people in your life try to feed you.
Not many are able to be so strong in a situation like this, so I'm relieved to see that you're able to be your own supporter when you can't rely on anyone else. I hope you keep it up, you deserve to get better.
Also, you already know that, but that fat scrote has zero value. It's time to clean up that moldy moid and live your life.

No. 925929

you guys are right. i talked to him and he's getting us an actual bed today.
as for where his money is going, he simply doesn't spend it on anything. i'm quite frugal too, which is the reason he gave me ("i thought you wanted to heal your leg and then find a used bed"), which doesn't excuse having me sleep on the fucking floor when my ligaments are torn.
i am really mad but money matters are so delicate and i always have trouble depending on someone else or asking for money even when someone owes me.

No. 925930

Yeah, and what bridges are you burning? Sounds like no one will even know who you are otherwise

No. 925931

File: 1632895668054.png (748.82 KB, 1440x2370, 20210929_070403.png)

Fucking shit like this. Posting pictures post-surgery, then having the energy to cry about follower count. You sell fucking jewelry FFS.

Of course, I proceeded to unfollow.

No. 925934

File: 1632897240144.jpg (164.97 KB, 1124x619, E_0inTQVUAAsf4-.jpg)

I'm really sorry nonnie, the rules of this competition sounds so unfair. I know it's not helping but please remeber that at the end of the day you are the one who got this 20k idea. the scrote might never get another good idea like that for the rest of his stupid life but you will because it came from you naturally. Let spit alone hold you aloft for a while and try again and agin. You obviously have a lot of potential and I'm afraid that this event will make you reconcider your path, you got this, I believe in you!
Do you think you would be ok ok with using social media in the futur ?

No. 925936

Ok I did my stupid writing nonita, now it’s your turn to do your stupid writing. Don’t let me down!!!

No. 925943

File: 1632900582233.jpg (6.07 KB, 250x243, 1622242281409.jpg)

I just found out I'm 7 weeks pregnant and I have both smoking weed and drinking before I found out. I am so fucked.

No. 925944

Dump his disgusting dick cheese ass. You're a star, he's a piece of shit.

No. 925945

was this an accidental pregnancy? could you get an abortion if you don't want to keep it nona

No. 925948

File: 1632901523434.jpeg (182.03 KB, 697x508, 73A3F664-46C1-4B89-A4FC-4C499F…)

the baby if u keep it

No. 925952

I hope you're not in texas

No. 925954

just saw the billionth fast food ad that literally was, "women say they're not hungry, but they eat your food"
And this has become the standard because why??
I HATE that women and girls are still being shamed because they're trying to fit into what males want

No. 925956

That's rough, you may want to contact your doctor for some advice.

No. 925959

If you don't want it, pennyroyal and lots of vitamin C can help flush it.
If you want it, check in with your doc.
Good luck.

No. 925963

There's this person I follow on twitter whos an "Internet microcelebrity" I guess (as annoying as that title is.) Who broke up with her boyfriend that she tweeted non stop about and will now not shut the fuck up about how "abusivr" he was. She comes off as a spoilt rich girl. She tweeted constantly when they were together about how amazing he was and now seemingly any time she remembers something bad he said tweets "AND ANOTHER THING" to her hugbox of likeminded wannabes. Then when people criticise the fact she's done this in her last 3 relationships she goes apeshit and admits she is is bad judge of character but that's not her fault and all her exes are EVIL AND ABUSIVE. When will people like this realise it doesn't come off as quirky and relatable "hot girl things", you look manic and desperate for validation from strangers that follow you. You've admitted you're a bad judge of character and sound even brattier trying to paint it as nobody's fault but yours. Touch grass Jesus christ.

No. 925970

You're right it wasn't necessary to speak up which is why I let it go but I just don't understand at all how it's hard to understand why bloodwork could be hard for the patient. Different worldview or not.

No. 925988

Anyone who has ever been in a relationship with a man knows it's the opposite. Boyfriend tax on food is real, while women will always put their needs second cause we are naturally caring like that. I legit have to hide my snacks around the house if I want them to still be there the next day. Men literally eat the hair off your back and then complain when you take one fry.

No. 925996

Nobody will ever love me the way that I wanna be loved I’m so desperate and pathetic i don’t talk to my family and they all hate me I have no friends I was bullied for my appearance I am just sobbing rn and I’m pathetic and a whore I slept with a bunch of dudes who kept me a secret I just hate myself I wanna kill myself

No. 926007

having a mutual crush on a friend who's already in a relationship, i'm honestly fine with never dating him and i'm happy for him and want him to stay in his current relationship… it's just that he's actually perfect for me, he doesn't mind my quirks and is always supportive even when i'm being a little shit, he just "gets" me while every one of my ex's have treated me like i'm an ugly freak and belittled my interests, and he constantly compliments me and fully supports and engages with my hobbies. i just have this "what if" longing

No. 926024

there is a radical feminist I'm subscribed to on youtube. I originally found her through other radfems I was subscribed to, even though I'm not a radfem. I like her videos that are responding to TRAs and stuff like that, and they're usually pretty good and well researched. that being said, she's also a conspiracy theorist and likes to make like 10 or so community posts every day, often times about stuff that isn't even related to radical feminism. she's antivaxx, and even though I'm vaxxed myself I still support people's decisions not to get vaxxed. that being said, I am getting really tired of the fear mongering by antivaxxers, especially because of how much they complain about provaxxers fearmongering. she straight up said that covid isn't even real, and that the whole "scamdemic" is just part of the war on women. she makes a shit ton of community posts every day about how the vaccine was made to decrease population size and shit like that. I'm getting really tired of seeing it, also because when I scroll through my subscriber feed on youtube I do so because I want to see what the channels I'm subscribed to are uploading that day, but all I see is her posting screenshots from articles being like WAKE UP EVERYONE!!!! BILL GATES MADE THE MODERNA VACCINE SO HE COULD KILL US!!!! oh yeah and she always types in all caps, which seems to be a thing with radfems. it's just stressing me out at this point and I feel bad unsubscribing because I've been subscribed to her for so long and she almost feels like a pseudo-friend because we've interacted a lot of times but I am getting so tired of this shit.

No. 926025

When someone gets shitty with me I double down on them and make THEM back off, now, for all the times in the past I let people treat me like crap. Man people do NOT like it but tough shit. Don't get shitty with me and you won't get it back, retard

No. 926026

Honestly I'd unsubscribe and just check back on her channel periodically to watch new videos. I don't consider myself pro or antivaxx; I'm double jabbed after catching covid early in the pandemic but I had a very bad reaction to the second jab so I'm just pro people doing what they want with their own bodies. But after nearly two years of this covid shit I'm sick of hearing about it, from either side of the fence. I do not know how these people keep going on and on about it every single day.

No. 926027

Tell the people who hold the competition with timestamps and screenshots. Maybe they aren't fond of plagiarism either.

No. 926029

i literally dont want to go to work today. the other day was my first day and already i witnessed a pickme girl start to literally BEG a guy to give her a computer because he was talking about how he repairs computers and resells in his free time? she was like flirting in that most disgusting whiny way. and then when he said he'd give her an old computer but not a screen, she started begging ANOTHER guy for a screen. fucking pickmes. she also seemed to live at home and maybe be in high school still, like save up for your own computer? it was just so gross i already don't wanna befriend her. so far and i'm not even kidding my best friend prospect is an anachan femboy. i'm not kidding i'm literally so confused.

No. 926064

unsubscribe tbh. There are a lot of mentally ill "radfem" attention seekers out there. just because she's right about troons, which anyone with eyes can do, doesn't mean you have to let her suck you into her mentally ill hovel any more than she already has.

No. 926066

I did some performing onstage for the first time in years (I stopped due to mental health problems) and I absolutely smashed it, I was so thrilled and so many strangers were coming up to me after to compliment my material and ask me advice on writing and I was experiencing such a high for the first time in ages. I asked my bf if he enjoyed it and he was just like "yeah it was good" and had nothing more to say about it, turns out he was in a huff because I didn't ask him about how his first day at a new job went. I'm so annoyed because I spent hours praising him and asking questions when he got this job offer, and he can be super inconsiderate and forget to ask me about things all the time, and the one time I spend the night rightly focusing on myself and enjoying something I haven't done in ages he goes in a huff all night? I'm angry

No. 926067

Late but please post caps on the personal lolcow thread, this sounds milky enough for you to share and have an excuse for stalking

No. 926079

Holy shit I'm so fucking tired of being such a sad sack! Yes the world fucking sucks, but how is being mopey and depressed going to accomplish anything but bring everyone else down, god damnit!

No. 926081

wow she literally sounds literally cringe, I literally hope the femboy is literally nice at least

No. 926127

I’ll say it, fuck your bf. I’m proud of you nonnie

No. 926128

Thank you for this anon. Really. Your grandma sounds so cool. I hope your day (and your entire life!) goes well.

No. 926130

This is so stupid but I feel like a mean bitch for always getting angry at my sister but she has her own room and her own bathroom but she always uses mine and kicks me out of my room to shower in my washroom that I diligently work hard to keep clean, She showers here, washes her hands here, washes her face here, waxes her brows here, she only pees and stuff in her own and I get really irrationally annoyed. She spills water everywhere on the floor and I have to wipe it every damn time. I have begged her to go in her own toilet but she fucking doesn't and gets angry at me for suggesting it. Nothing is wrong with her washroom. She's literally a fucking graduate school student and is this immature. No, I can't move out, I' already a broke uni student and my home is really close to my uni. I needed to get this out of my system.

No. 926135

Homie go to the hardware store, buy a door knob with a lock and key, and replace the bathroom knob. That way you can lock it. Tell her she’s a grown ass woman who needs to respect it’s your bathroom

No. 926136

destroy him

No. 926144

I’ve had a migraine since Monday morning and my head hurts, prescribed med aren’t working, nausea. Light sensitivity. Head throbbing. The weed isn’t working. My doc hasn’t called me back.
Someone bash my head in so I can finally be at peace over 48 hours of severe pain

No. 926171

Whenever I’m treated like a subhuman in this house, I’m going to start being thankful. It’s hard to control my tears but I’ll remain thankful. Because it’ll be a constant reminder of the reason why I’m going to move out. Keep up this attitude and I’ll manage avoid falling for the eventual guilt trip, so thanks. I sorta can’t wait to see you pathetic fucks begging your maid to stay because you “need” her when she was a “useless, lazy piece of shit” a second ago.

No. 926174

I really hope you can leave soon, nonnie, i have a friend who is in the same situation as you are and she’s still getting guilt tripped by her family.
I don’t get why people get kids when they can’t take care of them nor even keep at least a few actually hired maids around.

No. 926194

I googled, is this Kiciputek? God I haven't heard about her for a long time, she was kinda annoying back then. What libfem shit is she spewing nowadays? I would like to add Zwierz Popkulturowy, her third person writing is insufferable and makes me want to book her on the head. Plus she's so brainwashed she's only able of regurgitating american SJW bullshit when reviewing movies even if it's not relevant to Polish viewer whatsoever (and she herself wouldn't know something is pwobwematic had some amerifat not informed her)

No. 926197

I love being complimented on my intelligence and personality by potential love interests. It is nice to be valued for who I am as a person and not exclusively my appearance.

No. 926208

thank you guys so much for responding with such kindness… I broke up with him just now and he didn't even really care. ten years of wasted potential. I just cry for what my 16 year old self thought what could have been. how she desperately tried to get him to show her the love she needed. for ten years, dealing with so much shit that his bullshit didn't even register until recently and now this. I'm crying now so I'm probably not making any sense but god I just wish it could have worked. he never cared about reassuring me he was interested because he wouldn't date me despite taking my virginity. then he did date me but talked to girls constantly online. never stopped. I just can't convince myself he's anything other than what he is after this long. there's no chance of change. I've wrung myself into so many shapes to fit what I thought needed to be for the other person to change. I completely fucking lost myself and now I'm finally seeing things for what they are. this additional vent got really long so I'll just blow my nose and put on some samba

No. 926211

You are so strong though, for standing up for what you need. I hope you give yourself the time and space to heal!
Also, I know therapy isn’t for everyone, but it may help you.

No. 926227

Same anon, sorry to keep going on about this but the fucker just had the nerve to message me asking me how I made my stuff because he just realized that his stuff is only working on Android and not working at all on iPhone, and he doesn't know how to solve it. I obviously ignored him.
Sadly he'll probably figure out the solution eventually, but jfc the absolute lack of shame.

No. 926236

Anon, you're doing what I haven't, and many other women, cannot do. Really proud of you. Please maintain your strength and resilience don't look back

No. 926242

File: 1632938566476.jpg (8.84 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

I hope that you'll continue to thrive. Don't think back on time wasted or what could have been, you are here now and the world is now your oyster. There is so much time ahead of you to enjoy your life and be surrounded and loved by people who truly care for you and will help you succeed. I wish the absolute best for you anon.

No. 926244

if i could give you a big hug or dance with you i would, i’m honestly so happy for you even though you have a lot of grief to process, i just hope that you do it for your younger self and don’t give up on finding someone. your innocence, love, kindness, trust, and vulnerability is what makes you so beautiful and enjoy life so much, like another anon said please do not look back and keep projecting your beauty onto him, and also do not close of your heart or faith in love please. you spent ten years growing and learning about yourself and other people, that’s not wasted time and it saved you from spending one more day with him, and also will save you in the future. don’t let anyone else write your narrative, or try to manipulate you into bringing them into your present tense. i know you’ll be happy, you’re way too good for him and you need to cherish yourself for following what you thought you wanted through, and strengthen your loyalty to yourself first. this is a really good time to do therapy or some workbooks about attachment, assertive communication, self esteem, etc which everyone could use. you’re able to be your best self now and i’m so proud of you.

No. 926253

Break ups are hard. It's hard to turn off the love tap. Let yourself be sad even if he is an asshole. You'll miss him but you'll be happier in the long term and you're young. You're at a fun sexy age, don't waste your 20s anymore

No. 926260

File: 1632939533906.jpg (18.25 KB, 517x285, Ee0ZqVVUMAYsdtz.jpg)

I'm so depressed but I have deadlines coming up. Yet I can't do anything, I just wanna curl up in a ball and die, I don't know what I'm doing, I do not wish to be perceived, I do not wish to deal with my problems, and I also know that some of this is just because my mood is fucked because of menstruation. I want to go out and get fucked up and maybe make out with someone but I don't even have good friends I could get a favor from. I don't think there'll be a day where I can become a condifent adult woman, I'm already 29.

No. 926265

I’m begging you to do something, you’re killing me. Imagine what other opportunities he will have handed to him for stealing your work!

No. 926279

I am so angry for you. Can you please just TRY to do something about him? It wont hurt any more than it already does anon

No. 926295

/g/ is so fucking useless for help on anything unless you're talking about a retarded scrote bf or degenerate fetish shit

No. 926299

I wish a girl would try to flirt or get a crush on me. I’m tired on the same fucking breed of beardo coming into my DMs thinking a few weak compliments grants him lewd pic access.

No. 926301

I agree, it’s another husbando or boyfriend/husbanding venting dumping ground, everything about this female-dominated website ends up being phallocentric.

No. 926304

>dates a man
>is hurt by him
>go on lc and vent about what would have obviously happened

Go and cry I don’t care, at this point you did this to yourself by voluntarily dating a man, this is an actual situation here where you don’t deserve asspats or empty compliments. You’re an actual fool and I’m tired of these fucking relationship vents ruining /ot/

No. 926305

it's not meant for help outside of the advice thread, and there's plenty of threads for posting/discussing women, other sexualities, discussing fashion, health, etc. just post in and bump the threads you like

No. 926306

This sounds familiar. On the rare occasion I wanted to be proud of something I had accomplished my ex could never bring himself to not be the center of attention for 2 seconds, and giving me compliments was risky because it could tip me off that I deserved better than him (I didn't feel that way but he did and made me suffer for it). I was always there for him though, not that it meant anything. You deserve so much better than this anon, someone who treats you as well as you treat them. It really is the bare minimum that a partner show support and be excited for you when you do something positive in life, big or small. Your bf is a selfish piece of shit that doesn't deserve to be in a relationship at all, much less one where his partner bolsters him up without receiving anything in return. Maybe you don't have the self worth to leave yet but I hope you do eventually. You're already succeeding despite this leech, think of what you can accomplish without him attempting to drag you back down. Congrats on your performance and wishing you the best!

No. 926308

nona i'm in the same situation. covid in january, and all year been struggle with brain zaps, fog, hot headaches, anxiety, forgetfulness and more. i also feel like i've got dyslexia now or something. been NEET four years and FINALLY got my first job last week…. first day today. it gets better. also i only cried ONCE today, can we give me a pat on the back? also anon i'd give you a hug if i could and you like them.

No. 926309

Except the advice thread was exactly what I was talking about. There's also a fuckton of types of topics there where anons ask for help

No. 926310

also samefag but shrooms really helped me, if thats something you felt comfortable with and had access too but i'm not gonna say its exactly the reason my lh symptoms are getting better and yes i know i sound crazy.

No. 926321

God you're an insufferable shitstain, I hate your type who professes to be pro-women but then tears them down for being hurt by men. Hypocrite. Anon was a literal child when she got in the relationship and hoped it would work out like every other person on the planet, yes how foolish. As if she was supposed to exit the womb with all the radblr programming you've carefully curated despite growing up in an emotionally abusive relationships on top of having an ed

No. 926322

my brain fog has also gotten a thousand times worse and I'm currently off my psych meds because I fear I won't be able to afford refilling them come next year, but I can't seem to find anything to fix the dissociative effects. im afraid to go back to my psychiatrist and tell her how fearful I am for my own future and that I only quit my meds for the inevitable reason it's unlikely I'll be able to afford them when I turn 26. I'm not a neet and I go to classes and have a job, it's my lack of a sense of time. any planning skills whatsoever having gone out the window, that makes me worry for my future. I know I've got legitimate mental problems causing this but I literally think some of my fog could be fixed by ousting where I am right now and moving to a new place where I'm not surrounded by idiots and forced to accept greater responsibility than I'm dealing with right now. otherwise I'm just going to die a vegetable here. even when I had my psych meds it's not like I was much better living in this hellhole place.

No. 926334

I was browsing 4chins for the keks and saw someone mention a Christian gaming website I used to visit and it just catapulted my mind back to my last breakdown. I feel like I'm watching it through new eyes; how pathetic I was! I read the Torah, the Quran, the KJV bible TWICE. Fucking asked Christian and Catholic preachers if a Jew like me could be reborn and saved. I voluntarily put myself through conversion therapy and then I'd look at that stupid fucking website to see what games I could play and get upset that Stardew Valley was off the table because of gay marriage and idolatry. I would never admit a single word of this if I wasn't anonymous and if it weren't for my fiancée I'd have an hero'd by now. How shameful.

No. 926336

My head is killing me right now I’m in so much pain and everything is a drama with her as per usual

No. 926339

my birthday is in two days and my family doesn't care enough to get me anything or make solid plans, which they did at the last minute, is hurting my feelings so much. they revoked the plans because i can't drive the 30 minutes to them. i feel so unseen.
i can't drive to them because my car broke down two days ago, the same day me and my gf of one year broke up. i might have to sell my car completely because of how fucked it is. getting it to a dealership was a whole fiasco.
i feel super under appreciated and not cared for

No. 926344

I totally woould but I'm a pussy, sorry anon

No. 926353

i noticed this trend where every time i try to watch a video about a topic that mainly and disproportionately affects women, literally EVERY TIME a man is the creator of the video he has to talk about how…b-but MEN EXPERIENCE IT TOOOOOOO. like fuck off. Comparing women getting groped on the street for existing to a man literally inviting a strange man in his home that drove 17 hrs to his doxxed address, introduced himself as a "fan" then taking him out to dinner and letting him SLEEP OVER and then being surprised that the dude didnt want to leave. When i tell you i hate men like they literally can NEVER let women be the focus of anything even their own trauma and abuse. men HAVE to put their two sense in. Vid related is what im talking about.

No. 926355

I just need to get something out of my mind
I have been ignoring it for a while but seeing people i know interact with the person makes me uneasy and revive the moment

I was dating a guy, not gonna talk about the reason we broke up because that would be another story but, we slept at the same bed at friends house, in the same room as other 3 friends which were on the other bed also sleeping

I just remember waking up in the middle of the night, we were sleeping in such a way that I was the little spoon, and I woke up because he was dry humping me and pulling on my hair and brathing on my neck

I got shocked and couldn't react, i just hated it I felt horrible and I still do, the only thing I could do was to turn my body and try to sleep on my bed, and so after some minutes he stopped

I don't know If i'm overrreacting by thinking that wasn't ok or what I just feel disgusted and dumb for not doing something vocal at the time to make him stop and feel ashamed, fuck

No. 926359

File: 1632946319775.jpeg (107.3 KB, 640x480, 1616084885202.jpeg)

What's that mental issue called when you take any potential rejection really fucking hard?

Happens to me constantly. I'll ask someone if they're available at the weekend, they say they aren't and I get so mad my first thing is just to repress the urge to lash out, I'll say "ok <3 " real quick before I'm passive aggressive then seethe for the rest of the day, every so often checking their rejection text to refresh that pain.

Today, I had plans but the person asked if it was OK to cancel because they were exhausted. A first for them, but I said that same reason at least 5x before to cancel on them so I shouldn't be mad, right? My hands were shaking as I texted back saying all good and my cheeks were burning I was so, so angry. I thought about cutting them off. I thought about messaging that I'll drop their stuff off to at least imply I'll cut them off. This guy is someone I'm a few months into dating and physically exclusive with, but I spent the last hour on tinder because I figured why not? Like my first reaction is to want to say "fuck you anyway" and cut them out of my life.

Not only do I feel like a toxic mess, but also I'm emotionally PISSED, how DARE HE.

No. 926360

I really wish all men got fucked in the arsehole and then hit multiple times a day, I fucking despise them

No. 926368

rejection sensitive dysphoria

No. 926377

Why don't you try to just tell them the truth? It seems like you don’t love yourself enough, if you actually think they're in the wrong, just tell them to fuck off. If you don’t value yourself, how do you expect them to respect you?

No. 926383

Idk, I think calling it a mental issue is too much. It's just being angry at people not valuing your time imo

No. 926391

I'm angry and hateful about scrotes today, I am a proud manhater, who wants to discuss manhate with me today?
im fucking pissed

No. 926394

I don't think they're in the wrong though. It's hypocritical to judge someone negatively for doing exactly as I've done, on a higher level I know that it's not personal. On a guttural level they may as well have stabbed me.

Like, putting myself in their shoes, if someone asked me if I was available at the weekend and I already had plans so I say no…if I found out that they were raging, seething at me and pacing around because I said I couldn't see them this weekend I'd think they're a fucking psycho.

I thought I did love myself enough, but maybe not.

No. 926397

File: 1632947634682.jpg (9.6 KB, 598x175, FB_IMG_1629719013462.jpg)

it was such a mistake for me to do a postgraduate degree. I should be finished by now but because of my shitty mental health issues and being just a general useless crybaby nutcase I have had extensions for all of my assignments. I just have my dissertation to finish now but it just feels like an impossible hurdle to surmount. I'm also working part time and I get so upset when I remember that my free time technically still isn't my own and that I should be finishing the assignment, which makes me angry and even less likely to sit down that day and work at it. I just want this to be over so I can enjoy my time again

No. 926398

I've been bleeding in some form or other since August 1st. My period has always been a bit irregular, and I am apparently on the edge of PCOS (have cysts, but no hirsutism or out of control T) and no Endo. During my period in this time I have a pretty heavy flow. All the other days it can be just pink/red streaks when I wipe, to dark rust colored spotting. I have to wear a liner constantly, so this isn't a tiny bit of blood. I tried to get an appointment with my GYN 5 weeks ago and the earliest was late November. I am annoyed and a little worried that something is like, really wrong. AARGH! I HATE THIS!!!!!

No. 926399

I get it because I used to be like that but I found out that I projected my fear of being replaceable and not essential into them. I tried to think with logic and know that maybe they had some change of plans or something but actually I was furious because I wasn’t a priority to them in that moment.

No. 926400

I noticed one of my works looked way too much like a somewhat-famous movie teaser, to a point you could accuse me of plagiarism. It wasn't on purpose, i didn't even knew about that movie and now I feel like a fucking loser. I already deleted that post but some friends saw it and it seems they didn't notice the similarity, but some of them are kinda fake so maybe they did but didn't care about telling me to further humiliate me. I'm so embarrassed, i feel like absolute shit.

No. 926401

Do kids spend the majority of the day screaming and crying? I’m so paranoid because of the news of that Reddit mod who kept a child in his attic who was constantly being tortured, that whenever I hear a kid scream and cry for too long, I worry a lot.
And I wish it was normal to call the police because of screaming children, but as far as I know, the police does nothing because this is a third world country.
I think I’ve only witnessed such a thing once in my other apartment where a woman got livid about a kid that wouldn’t stop crying, she told the other woman that she would call the police if she kept hearing the child crying.

No. 926403

Don’t worry, anon, I once almost wrote a novel which was like fifty shades of grey but shittier, I’m glad my mom told be that they were too similar before I even started actually writing it.
Sometimes some ideas just happen to be similar because that’s just how it goes, please don’t discard your idea because it’s similar to something that was already made, you could try tweaking it until you feel like it’s only yours again.

No. 926406

Toddlers will scream for like 3 hours straight sometimes and young kids cry A LOT but if it’s constant and daily, there’s probably something up

No. 926408

I come from a third world country too and yeah, a kid could be literally crying for help 4 hours straight and no one would care, and also yeah, that child was me. Very fucked up.

No. 926415

I wish I was constipated again so i wouldn't have to clean my ass endlessly, im already sore and it's not clean yet. I think i will just take shower.

No. 926420

It's so hot where I live, my AC is dead, and the AC repair said the earliest they could get a new unit is 8 weeks, if they're lucky. I crave death's icy cold embrace.

No. 926450

Why can't someone look at me and love me. Not even strictly romantically. Just for someone to be happy and concerned about me is all I want. I'm rejected by my own mother in favor of my other siblings. My old friends liked me but they loved each other more. I will probably never find a partner who will cherish me either.

I have so much love to give that it's suffocating me and I just want that feeling directed at me for once.

No. 926455

I just divorced my husband… just turned 50 years and going strong… House empty and only left of his video games and mags and kicked the lad out. I’m sad that he left even though he didn’t contribute to the household much. The kids are crying right now saying to me mommy mommy why is daddy such a useless gigantic faggot? the kids know i can’t answer that (im a big lgbt fan) and im flustered and angry on how they know what that word means could it have been him(bait)

No. 926463

why the fuck must i have food allergies?!? i can’t ever relax and enjoy food when i go out to eat, everyone thinks i’m a picky freak but i’m just trying not to have a reaction.
i had an allergic reaction to the daim cake at ikea today, i popped some benadryl real quick and it made me dizzy but the reaction stopped. luckily i didn’t eat too much of it.
it’s so fucking annoying though, my allergies are kinda obscure and put in SO MANY foods,..,. like why??? why god why. fuck food allergies.
at least i can feel right away when i’m having a reaction so i never eat too much of it.
when i was younger my mom would gaslight me and tell me there was nothing i was allergic to in what i was eating. but now i know better, when my mouth starts itching i stop eating that shit

No. 926473

File: 1632955499762.jpg (82.73 KB, 986x1002, E__U3-IVEAYZSsf.jpg)

>want to message a friend
>but our last few conversations have been started by me
>and they all petered out with me left on read
>feeling anxious that i'm losing them because we talked every single day for a straight few months
fuck fuck fuck FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK

No. 926477

You lost it towards the end with the typing style. Keep it consistent and your RPs will one day make someone kek themselves all the way to the moon.

No. 926483

4chin must be slow today huh

No. 926484

I enjoyed it tbh, original

No. 926487

You're not fooling anybody.

No. 926491

I was so bored I started writing it, thanks nonnita

No. 926532

this is super late but thank you nonny, this really means a lot! i am slowly healing but i need to trust the process.

No. 926534

Sometimes I look at pictures of cute bedrooms of teen girls and just cry. I didn't have a bed for years. I slept on a deflated air mattress. I didn't even have a dresser, everything was piled in my closet. My dad just didn't care enough to invest in getting me any furniture. He'd rather snort coke with a drug addict street bitch. I can't believe he let that woman live in our apartment. It was a one bedroom apartment. He let me have the bedroom and he slept on a lazyboy, she slept on the couch. Eventually she stole money from him and ran and left all her trashy clothes behind. Eventually I told my friend that I had no bed and she told her parents, who gave me a futon and a dresser. All I ever wanted was one of those cute bedrooms with fairy lights, a simple bed with a bedframe that matched my dresser. A little desk to draw at. Some cute art on the walls. Curtains….

No. 926536

I am so sorry. You never should've had to go through that. Is there any way to give that yourself now?

No. 926537

it's sad that I legit felt pissed off because of something that happened to me yesterday with a guy but no, everyone is a scrote. k sure

No. 926542

I'm sorry anon, I had similar experiences living in poverty. The best thing you can think of now is towards the future you're building for yourself. It isn't fair that our parents chose their vices over us, but we shouldn't look back. Look forward you strong bitch

No. 926544

Samefag but give yourself the dream room you want in any way. Maybe you can't afford everything right now but go to the thrift and make your space your own

No. 926551

i'm in uni + living with my parents, and i have no reason to work (because i'm focusing on my lessons and my parents have enough $$$ to support me while i study), but everyone my parents know want me to get a job. it's so irritating, like…mind your business.

is it because i'm twenty-two? idk. i don't see why i should work when my parents don't care and i don't have to

No. 926552

it's especially odd because i'm not relying on them for anything but housing + food, and i don't even eat that much (plus i do all the chores and etc.)

i'm getting refund $$$ from my school, and currently have like ~9k just pooling in the bank. these people need to leave me alone

No. 926553

Who's hounding you? I was like you until I dropped out and it was nice, maint loan is all you need kek

No. 926563

File: 1632966747792.gif (4.85 MB, 400x300, 56465654.gif)

I seriously need to make some mf friends, my bf turned down an offer from me to hang out because he's playing games online with his friends, he literally TOLD me two days ago that he was going to be doing that today and my dumbass forgot, and I'm still seething unreasonably because I have no fucking friends of my own and rely on him way too much for attention and approval.

No. 926565

Omg anon we need to become friends at once because literally same

No. 926566

No offense anon but I want to fistfight your dad and then throw him out of the window. Jesus christ, please treat yourself as soon as you have some money for yourself, you deserve so much better.

No. 926575

Ok, but why do i find this man cute though.

No. 926577

This old retarded boomer called my job today because the attachment in the email I sent him wouldn't load. I deal with a lot of boomers so I sent this guy a jpg IMG of what he needed. He starts mansplaining email to me and how to send an attachment properly while asking me if it's a pdf file. Eventually he asks me to MAIL him a copy of this fucking paper like I'm about to waste a stamp because you're a fucking retard. He told me half the image loaded and it must be something on my end. I hate retarded old men so fucking much.

No. 926582

He has that softboy jesus face

No. 926584

God I wish the boomer remover would work quicker the amount of insane old men is too high, why do they even live past 40. Always mid life crisis at 40, maybe nature intended for them all to be dead by then. It's not natural.

No. 926589

I wish I had a group of female friends to play online games with, particularly dbd. I love my friends but they're all busy with uni lately and we don't even vc anymore.

No. 926591

sell your dad on the black market so you can finally have you some fairy lights and a nice bed

No. 926592

I hate how my mother will smugly say "you don't know." She's such an ass. The woman who refuses to listen when presented facts, cause y'know, she's so damn smart. I have wanted to slug her in the mouth since I was 14. It wouldn't solve anything, but it would feel good.

No. 926593

I'm so sorry anon, but don't give up on your dreams, you can still have your dream room! Is there any way you can get a small weekend job? You can buy some cheap second hand furniture and fix it up to make it fit your aesthetic. Fairy lights can be bought very cheaply too.

No. 926594

yeah, honestly, i would sex him

No. 926602

File: 1632973067529.jpg (26.49 KB, 450x364, rk8du406zaq71.jpg)

People I know tell me I'm pretty, and I know I can look good if I put effort in my appearance and lose a few pounds, but I'm starting to give up on the idea of dating someone hot because I have adult acne and I feel that ruins any other effort I could make. Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and I feel so gross, like it doesn't matter if I tried to look pretty because I can't get rid of my pizza face.
Sometimes I'm talking with relatives about anything else and then out of nowhere they'll give me tips for my acne.
Bitch, I have enough common sense not to interrupt your conversation to point out that you're a fat ass and yet you have the nerve to talk to me like I don't look at my face in the mirror every fucking day.
I'll have to settle down I guess. It kills my motivation to even try to lose weight. Fml

No. 926603

Which skin product have you tried?

No. 926605

File: 1632973810899.jpg (19.4 KB, 516x384, 1483820218000.jpg)

I should never have made up a race of sexy male only aliens. How do I cope knowing I will never fuck them

No. 926606

Keto helps with my acne. Maybe you could give it a shot

No. 926609

I don't remember at the moment, lat time I used now was before the pandemic, but one was a soap without perfume and some water that I had to spray on my face.

I heard about the diet before but I have never tried. It's time to look more into it. Thanks anon!

No. 926610

File: 1632975099738.gif (812.99 KB, 500x405, 1627749095462.gif)

I'm in Dallas

No. 926611

I've been there with really bad cystic acne anon, I'm so sorry. They're wrong for it. I hate it. I'd get told 'drink more water, never eat chocolate, don't eat red meat' and asked if I washed my face. Fuckers. Meanwhile I was already doing everything I could to make it go away. I ended up having to go to a dermatologist. Prescription oral antibiotics and topical cream helped a bit but not majorly. It wasn't until I went on accutane that it cleared up. Several years have passed since then, and I haven't had a single acne spot come up. It's considered a last ditch effort when other methods aren't working, and I felt like I was dying while on it. Can't say I regret it, but I sincerely hope less extreme treatment helps you and any other anons dealing with this. Or at least that you guys don't have the side effects from it I did.

A lot of people are ignorant and don't understand hormonal or cystic acne. I try to understand that they're trying to help, but some of the shit they'd say was so backhanded and hurtful. Unprompted, too.

I promise you can find someone how you are currently. Hang in there!

No. 926613

ugh that’s annoying, people suck. last year i had severe cystic acne, worst i ever had in my adult life. thank god for the mask mandates because i felt so ugly and embarrassed showing my bare face to the world. it cleared up really fast after i made a few lifestyle/skincare product changes. i think the main thing that helped solve the root of the problem was quitting my extremely stressful, high pressure job. the products helped a lot to heal the hyperpigmentation along the way. less than a year later i started to get a lot of compliments on my skin. anyways, i hope you can find something that works for you nonita, i know how hard it can be. but the skin can heal, keep your hopes up and keep trying!

No. 926614

This gif is so creepy.

No. 926620

I'm the first anon you replied to.
I've had occasional hormonal acne flares up due to PCOS, but it's not as bad as it was before since I've been using benzoyl peroxide. It's not expensive and you can find it with 2.5% or 5% concentration, depends on how bad your acne is. Also, washing my face with salicylic acid made a huge improvement.
Remember to find a proper moisturizer for you skin type because benzoyl peroxide can make your skin a bit dry. Personally, I use grapeseed oil because it's good for acne-prone skin, helps fading scars and evens out your skin tone.

Good luck, nonnie. Manifesting you having flawless skin. ♥

No. 926628

anon omg no… please drive a state over and take a friend with you to drive you home, it will be hard and exhausting but so is everything involved with having children and bringing them into this world. if you aren’t ready it’s ok, I’m sorry where you are makes it so fucked in the head to access safe and legal care for your health at this time. best of luck regardless of your decision. also, >>925959 this advice seemed interesting, god willing I’ll never have to test this myself as I hate the D but if you take advice related, post updates if it works, I’m now curious.

No. 926640

File: 1632978735624.png (428.38 KB, 1080x1221, Screenshot_20210930-021210_(1)…)

Thank you for the sweet replies anons! I'm working toward my dream room now, I got a new job at a bakery and I'm living with my fiance. He really likes the way I decorate and we're excited to save up and get some cute furniture. In the mean time we have some stuff from yard sales and thrift stores that I've painted and even though things don't match, I'm really happy. I've got lots and lots of fairy lights now too! I still hurt a lot when I think about how I was living such a short while ago, but I'm in a new phase of my life and I'm excited to move on from all of that.

No. 926652

that's great to hear, enjoy your room. wishing you all the best finds at the thrift store !

No. 926664

>Get screen repaired a few months ago
>It already broke again even though I always have the case on
What the fuck? I don't want to get a newer phone either because newer models are all fucking huge and I like to actually be able to hold my phone in my hand.

No. 926706

File: 1632985952182.png (269.58 KB, 819x584, delusional.png)

Oh, so you hate yourself? You must also hate me to burden me with that knowledge for no fucking reason.

No. 926719

File: 1632987502561.png (443.4 KB, 726x662, tired.PNG)

The last 3 - 4 years have been a complete hell for me. Every aspect of my life has gone to absolute shit and I have lost complete faith in myself. My family is broken and we're all strangers at this point. College has been rough and the transition from high school to college broke me. Everyday I wake up tired, filled with self-loathing, and extremely low self-esteem. I reached the point where I allowed myself to enter a pretty shitty relationship where the guy either doesn't care or just uses more for emotional supply. I didn't care either way because I just wanted some small scrap of happiness. In the end, I have no idea who I am anymore and I'm essentially a husk.

However, I'm going try to turn this around and start over. I don't see this as some blazing new beginning but simply acceptance. My life is shit and probably was always shit. I just denied it because I thought if I internalized it then I wouldn't have the strength to keep going. I always feared what would happened if my life fell apart like my parents did, now I don't have to imagine.

I'm still here.

No. 926721

another place you can look is Facebook marketplace. If you can haul it, a lot of people will give nice furniture to you for free or very very cheap

No. 926724

File: 1632988021905.png (Spoiler Image, 26.19 KB, 197x191, bwr.png)

Hello, fellow Dallas anon.
I agree. It's road trip time.

No. 926725

File: 1632988292558.jpeg (157.93 KB, 587x762, 2541FB40-444B-4BF6-8B19-B8F2C1…)

i don't remember the covid thread being as autistic as it's been the past few weeks and i hope whatever boochie juju they cast to uptake the amount of antivax tards wears off soon

essential oils aren't going to save your greasy neet ass becky and retail workers like me don't want to deal with your tantrum throwing so yes all you moronic sludge piles should've remained unfertilized eggs in your mothers wombs. hopefully you never leave your moms basement for more than hours at a time so the real world doesn't have to deal with your delusions. have fun fapping to your ugly anime men

No. 926729

I hate the autistic guy in my major but I can't even blame him, he did not choose to be this way. Yet I'm sure he shaved down like a week already off everyone's time just this semester interrupting the class to ask questions and interjecting his irrelevant comments. Most teachers don't know how to handle him, they just smile nervously and nod then thank him for holding up the class for a full minute, the most based professor ignores him most of the time and started speaking OVER him when he goes on for too long. He's not a "savant autist", he remembers some random shit and dates that help no one, he's somewhere just above being a retard when it comes to problem-solving. His requirements to finish the BA are much lower than ours, but then what the fuck are they going to do with him? To work in the industry he'd still need constant supervision because he'll finish a simple task in the most retarded manner without ever thinking of asking for help. He actively made me less tolerant because I see what the presence of a person like this does to education and student communities. I have zero idea how the fuck is he allowed to finish at the same pace as us when he can't solve problems we had to be able by the end of our first year. Equal opportunities have gone too far.

No. 926730

File: 1632989124576.jpg (271.67 KB, 842x1200, RED; Living On The Edge v02 c0…)

why can't i watch a single music video without someone in the comments talking about how much their dead mom loved this song

No. 926731

File: 1632989255902.jpeg (76 KB, 947x1060, 1630321790292.jpeg)

Indian Parents, a concerning number of Indian parents don't know how basic biology and genetics work. They blame their own kids for being short, ugly and dark skinned despite the fact that we are their own children and we have no control over our features.
They make us eat shit food with no protein content, and are most of the times fat themselves.
Superstitions make things a lot worse for us, parents think exercise shortens peoples height and life span, they talk about Ayurvedic products when the whole Ayurvedic industry is filled with fake products.

No. 926732

Nonny, why do you have the music taste of a 70+ woman?

No. 926733

File: 1632989522998.gif (6.55 MB, 498x387, ebf77a717692adf6e11b7cde444628…)

I just hate living in a third world country in general. It just sucks so bad. Thankgod I have a supportive and caring family to make up for this shithole we live in.

No. 926741

File: 1632990688406.jpeg (704.2 KB, 1242x1149, 1569236992730.jpeg)

my boyfriend and I have been having some mild problems and last night I dreamt that we bumped into his ex (she had the real name of one of his exes but looked like a combination of all of them) and my boyfriend referred to her as "the love of [his] life", so I ran away and left them to it and nobody came after me. I hate my brain why has this upset me so much

No. 926743

I bombed on interview today that's for sure. I got connected with another company and will be having an interview with them tomorrow. It has better pay and lots of growth (if the company succeeds) but it's not that close to me. It's 39 minutes away but with traffic an hour and half which blows.

No. 926746

Ik I'm late but my mother's husband regularly says he'll shoot the dog in the head. He's too much of a pussy to do it but it's such a vile, ugly thing to say and it makes my mom cry. I hope your dad falls down the stairs.

No. 926764

I hate being a terrible person but I am. I have a casual friend that had the same chronic painful disorder as me. From what she says it sounds like we are on the same level of pain and what not. She drives me up a fucking wall though because she constantly posts about what a charity case she is and sometimes e-begs because 'she deserves something nice'. She hasn't had a job in years. Meanwhile I have to kill myself at a 40 hour a week physical job where I am standing for 10 hours. I literally can't work for less and all the other jobs in my area are shittier for less money. I'm killing myself and princess gets to act like the sickest person in the world.

I'm so fucking tired. I'm in so much pain. Nothing gets better. But, hey, I get to go to make a old scrote more rich and I just make enough to get by.

No. 926779

Only time I was ever invited to unofficial after work hangouts was when one of my coworkers wanted to fuck me (which I've only realized after), thankfully dude was fired but no one ever invites me anymore, sucks.

No. 926798

i have a yeast infection and none of the stores are open yet. i steamed the carpet a week ago and have been vacuuming 1-2x a week. somehow, I STILL FIND EARWIGS OR FLEA BEETLE. I've covered the plant soil in diatomaceous earth. The windows are sealed and never opened. The front door is only opened when needed. The dishes and trash have been getting done faster too to avoid any sitting food. still, fucking still I've been finding a bug or two a day in my room or bathroom. I cleaned under the sinks, my whole closet, under my desk just fucking everywhere. I'm about to lose my shit after finding a flea beetle on my bed holy fuck. I can't for the fucking life of me figure out where they're coming from. I wish winter would just come already to kill everything so this hell will be over.

No. 926800

I feel really weird now and also like a gross Redditor writing this. I was on tiktok and the first video that appeared on my fyp was of a cute egirl. I didn't understand the joke of the video so I went to the comment section and saw a lot of messages about her doing porn. The last time I checked, she had only just graduated high school, so I was confused and sadly this inspired me to Google in disbelief. It didn't take me long to find a video of her having oral sex with her boyfriend. I still was shocked and amazed that this was so easy to find since it was made for her onlyfans. It was just a full video of her giving her boyfriend a blowjob and undressing too. I feel really disgusted and ashamed to have watched that. I feel disgusted to have watched a video of a girl who just turned eighteen like me doing something so intimate. This isn't in a judgemental way towards her, I just feel like I saw something I shouldn't have. It feels so abnormal and unnatural to have seen a vulnerable and young stranger who is just like me, do something so private. She doesn't even know I exist and yet I saw her do this personal and private thing. It feels wrong and weird. I feel disturbed.

No. 926804

commented to my mom that i'm tired because i woke up at 6:30.

>"well i woke up before that, you're fine"


No. 926806

At least you didn't jack off to it

But yea, it's disturbing how these things have become "normal"

No. 926807

anon, it's on that note that I now announce my plans to become Charles Manson 2.0 against scrotes and ceos

No. 926809

All the pervert men who run the internet and media memed teenage girls into broadcasting their sex lives for the old gross scrote's amusement, the dumb girls fell for the con and here we are. I agree it's disturbing and shouldn't be so easy to see this content just from knowing a name or username. The internet is so invasive and gross right now.

No. 926813

anon that's a lot better than the common reddit scrote who would have saved the video and looked for more or paid to be in the onlyfans. since you're the same age as well as a woman you're able to recognize that this is basically a teen with little life experience that fell for the 'ethot' money 'sexual liberation' that seeks to exploit young girls. it's all just bullshit to make women (and young girls) body a commodity for gross middle age men and failed 20-30 year old scrotes.

No. 926828

Right? I feel like she should be doing these things with her boyfriend in safety and privacy. Exploring your sexuality is already so scary and often dangerous as a girl. It's sad and weird to think she had the ability to decide to commodify her first sexual experiences and broadcast them to strangers across the globe. From what I could tell, the social rewards are (naturally) not even that spectacular either. As is to be expected, the tiktok(!!) comments were largely disrespectful and her following isn't impressive compared to many other social media personalities. This isn't anything new and I've been critical of this culture for a few years now, but this instance just encapsulates every flaw of our overly misogynistic culture in the age of the internet. I just wish I could erase those images from my brain, especially out of respect for her. I hate that I have now somehow become a part of sex with her boyfriend. I know this sounds like a weird thing to say, but the whole situation was just so uncanny to see. Especially the fact that she was wearing plenty of make-up. I know her style gives the illusion to many that she is a mature, cool and confident girl, which makes it more uncomfortable. She was also clearly making faces and aware of how to pose for the camera due to her online presence. It is so, so sickening to think she had this in mind whilst having her boyfriend's penis in her mouth. They're going to break up and she will be left with the memory of her first sexual experiences being of her with some teenage boy's unwashed penis in her mouth whilst she remains concerned about how she appears and how this degrading moment can be profited off even though it is now available to anyone for free. I wonder how much her boyfriend makes off her *nlyfans and I do hope it's nothing. I know this is none of my business too (which is exactly the problem) and I do respect her enough to trust she will find the strength to endure the trauma she inevitably has and will suffer from as a result of this. Sorry for the oddly written sentences at times. It's just a deeply unnerving situation. And indeed there are many similar cases

No. 926869

I'm so unsuccessful I want to throw up. I can never achieve my miniscule dreams. This is edgy as fuck but I'm staring at this noose in my hands, I feel fucking nothing. I can't talk about this to anyone and I don't have money for therapy. Medicore life that's not worth living for. I can only feel how tired I am.

No. 926874

Why do moids always think they put in so much more effort than they actually do? Every guy I've dated has tried to suck me in with the "I'm never going to find anyone like you, you're ruining my life, you're breaking my heart, it's you or it's nobody" etc etc etc like OK why didn't you prove it then??? Name 3 things you did for me that didn't involve buying an expensive gift I didn't want???? None of these men (except for 1 but long story) ever actively worked on themselves for me or reciprocated my level of intensity or even something as stupid as asking me to marry them? I would've said yes!!?? I'm so tired of feeling like I'm a crazy bitch with high standards when I'm seriously just asking for a guy to take our relationship seriously and be a couple of mature, independent adults together. I want a guy to see me as his equal and make tangible plans with me that align with both of our goals and interests. I don't want this softboy crybaby shit, it seriously means nothing.

No. 926877

took the fucking words out of my mouth. mens only love languages are physical touch and gift giving. that's why so many of them love the cavalcade of sex workers readily available to them

No. 926893

This was my ex. I broke up with him and he came at me with the "you're my dream girl uwu" bullshit. Meanwhile he couldn't even take a damn shower, brush his teeth, and expected me to buy us groceries on my damn birthday. We also got into arguments a lot because he got offended every time I brought up his lack of effort. He was ridiculous sure, but I can't believe I entertained that bullshit. Months later he emailed me begging me to be his friend, while making it sound like we were just incompatible, like part of it was my fault instead of him being a dipshit. Didn't take any responsibility at all. Pathetic.

No. 926925

File: 1633012331884.png (86.68 KB, 500x282, hannibal-buress-1606262007534.…)

I wasted so much of my 20s just coasting through life because I was so apathetic and nihilistic about the world due to the ridiculous trauma i faced as a child and teen. (parent dying out of the blue, constant homelessness and having to sleep on the floor at friends/family houses most of my life yada yada) So by the time i got to my early 20s i was miserable, depressed and just gave up on myself and the world. It makes me so sad because I wish I was more confident and less depressed. I understand why i was so miserable back then (losing your mom as a teen doesnt stop fucking with you just because you have a 2 in front of your age) but i wish I couldve shaken myself and said "bitch its gonna get better just keep going and try new things" instead i would just go to work and come home for years. Rarely buying myself anything nice because growing up in poverty made me hoard what little earnings i made. Even then i'd just give all my money away to my family so i stopped caring to buy myself things even further. Which is why most of my clothes now are from 6 or 7 years ago some even older lol. Flash forward to 27 year old me. I was able to move to the city i wanted, I have a nice apartment now, and a shitty but painfully easy and decent paying job but i STILL feel like a failure. It also doesnt help the constant pressure people in my life put on me. When i would work and quit jobs because they exacerbated my depression i was told "stop quitting jobs it doesnt look good /you seem lazy and like you dont want to work" NOw that i've been at my current job for 3 years everyone is saying "why do you still work there? isnt it time to move on? why dont you try going back to schoool" But also at the same time I can't quit because they'll say "why did you quit you need another job lined up" But i've applied to about 100 jobs while here and every time they ask for an interview its during work hours or when i m traveling home it sucks!! I've left work early so many times just for the "interview" to be a prelim interview and the REAL interview is at another inconvienent time when i have work. Its just annoying because the goal post literally is ALWAYS shifting when it comes to me. Its frustrating because i never once have gotten to sit back and be proud of myself and how far I came with what little resources and help I had. I literally could find the cure for cancer and im preetty sure someone in my life will say "okay but what about aids?" Like stooop why cant people just be fine with me doing the bare minimum to get by LMAO. Like i had a hard ass life i didnt start feeling like i could relax until 25!!! THAT WAS 2 YEARS AGO! EVEN THEN I COULDNT RELAX because people have been asking me to quit my job and find a career the second i got my first apartment. And DONT get me started on people asking me when im gonna get a car. Like WHO CAN AFFORD A CAR AND RENT IN AMERICA IN ONE OF THE MOST EXPENSIVE CITIES IN THE WORLD IN 2021!! you gotta pick your poison. I do need to quit though but like its easier said than done finding a new job especially when literally most people in america are without work.

No. 926953

File: 1633014401102.png (375.68 KB, 828x842, 1BCCF617-C31D-430A-A01B-C6DC14…)

I used to hold off on posting a lot of stuff on here in ot bc I knew my twin sister browsed here and I didn’t want her to worry about me because I knew she’d be able to pick out my posts. She just fucking died yesterday so now I don’t have to worry. I am a wreck but at least I can freely post online.

No. 926954

File: 1633014582844.jpeg (86.42 KB, 828x842, 29D4DC7C-54FB-44D8-9C2D-99845F…)

Fixed it!

No. 926964

Jesus, sorry for your loss anon

No. 926972

omg nonny sorry for your loss! can’t believe we lost a fellow farmer

No. 926978

did you feel her death? ive heard twins can be super close emotionally.
Sorry for your loss

No. 926981

idk it’s so fucking weird. lately I’ve been really really upset and I’ve really had no idea why since my life has been on a real upswing lately. I even told my mom a few days ago that I was really scared because I was feeling so happy and I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop but when she told me it felt like some part of me just vanished. I felt really empty all day before she even told me so now I know why. It’s so fucking weird and I don’t even know how to parse through it right now.

No. 926987

I wasted my 20's too and I'm also 27 but I feel stuck and hopeless. You're ahead of the game. You got this anon! You're not a failure. I quit jobs as well due to mental illness and I am unemployed right now. You can do this anon.

No. 926992

This is awful, anon. I wish there was some way to help.

No. 927004

I can relate a bit, anon. Been coasting through my early 20's. Trying to sort myself out now but it's hard. Losing a parent while young is something you never fully get over. I think you're doing better than you give yourself credit for.

No. 927006

I get suicidal thoughts before my period and a general feeling of helplessness and I tried everything to make it better - antidepressants, chasteberry supplements, calcium and magnesium in the luteal phase, menstrual teas, etc. My last attempt was chasteberry and it sent me into absolute hopelessness (also woke up in the middle of the night with cold sweat) the last few days so I stopped it. My next attempt is going to be birth control but if that doesn't work I have no idea what to fucking do. I don't want to feel like this every month. This is not a life

No. 927008

I have a coworker who has their last week this week, but I work with them Saturday and I am desperately trying to switch my shifts around or give the shift away. I can't stand her anymore. She is one of those girls who if you call out, she goes around and tells people you're faking and it's just to fuck with her since she's the supervisor. That type of awful person. She also harasses another coworker of mine and I've reported her, over her asking every day "do you have weed on you??" and it was making the girl super uncomfortable. Not to mention that any manager discussions, she tells the normal coworkers about, when some of the discussions involve bringing up names to let everyone know who has had a corrective issue, so that going forward, if someone needs that same issue corrected again, it's a write-up. Basic fucking shit. She also doesn't do her job and any bad closes she has, she blames on the other coworkers and takes into no account her lack of leading. She got transferred in and we are finally transferring her out. I hope she has a shitty time and that manager at her new store tears her up [they are known for being strict and we've already let him know about how she pretends to not know how to do things, to get away with not doing stuff].

No. 927022

File: 1633018419777.gif (3.2 MB, 498x498, D9F5E96D-F517-4252-99E9-D92534…)

I’m such a dumb cheesy retard but i can’t believe I told a guy I liked him without being sure and then my brain is actually hurt that he said he had a girlfriend, not sure any of that made sense but I don’t want it to matter but my mind can’t help but being hurt why is this happening it literally doesn’t even matter. I didn’t expect anything to happen but it hurts, why?

No. 927023

I've known girls who've turned to sex work out of desperation with the encouragement of their boyfriends or at the failure of their boyfriends. It's always disheartening to see someone relinquish their control of their sexuality for money. Money isn't even the right word, for a lot of them it becomes sustenance and livelihood as opposed to working a job job. It's so sad.

No. 927026

i go through the same feelings (like that weight of a super heavy wet blanket on you constantly, helplessness, loss) and every time i go to my obgyn, they tell me it's "normal pms" and that i just have to up my antidepressants.

i hate to be a self-diagnoser or w/e but looking it up and researching it, seems like i have premenstrual dysphoria disorder and it seems like you might too.

No. 927044

This might be just my anxiety speaking but why is human interaction so cringy so often.

No. 927047

I think because most of us are used to talking through the internet now that when we have to have an actual lengthy conversation, it's just.. not it.

No. 927056


No. 927075

File: 1633022524034.jpg (97.49 KB, 926x1024, 1631225826401.jpg)

Calm down retard

No. 927084

In these last few days I've been interacting a little bit more than usual with other people on the internet (I've been alone at home for the past week and don't have friends to talk to) and it hasn't been much more than some polite or friendly comments here and there but I feel so drained. It's fun for a bit and I know they all have many things going on in their lives so they won't even remember it but I feel so cringy about it. I feel like everyone's lives would be much better if I wasn't in them, even if I didn't even play any role in them other than commenting something like "wow your painting turned out so well!" on their posts. I know it's nothing but it feels like I'm being a burden just by basically imposing myself on them like this. This must be mental illness

No. 927096

go lick a bus seat

No. 927115

I got Alzheimer's type symptoms after recovering and I'm in 20s with normal health. There's lots of things worse than death anon.

No. 927134

Men think they are slick pointing out the flaws of women in society, when it not only doesn't offend me because I know it either doesn't apply to me or isn't a flaw to be ashamed of, but also because it will never amount to the horrendous flaws of men. They can call women whores, sluts, degenerate, fat and ugly, but they can never claim we rape and murder in response to the same issues. They can call us emotionally immature and irrational, but it will never align with reality, in which men respond to inconveniences with violence. They can complain about women being promiscuous, but they cannot deny that the people these women have sex with are willing men. They can complain about women having an OnlyFans, but they cannot deny the consumers of OnlyFans are men. Men either have to approve of rape or admit that rape is a crime essentially exclusively committed by men. Humanity cannot progress until this problem is truly addressed, but this would require a radical shift in societal structures.

No. 927136

I know she wasn’t a good friend after all, she used me only for her benefit and only when she wanted something from me, she was so selfish all the time and she never, ever was happy about me being successful just because her life was a mess and she couldn’t get what I got.
I still feel guilty because I know she has no one to talk to (even when she talked to me me with so much disdain)

No. 927142

birth control can make those thoughts (and general moodswings) worse

No. 927182

But I also read that it could also make them better. I'll never know until I try it. I just can't bear this anymore, I feel like literally half of the month I'm just preparing for the other half of the month so I won't lose my mind. That's half of my life

No. 927190

Are you me anon? I've been trying so hard to connect with more people online lately and it's just draining me. I think we're giving more than we're receiving and that's why we're tired. Sometimes I question if it's even worth crawling out of my hole for. You're not a burden anon, they're lucky to be graced by your comments.

No. 927198

And I've literally tried everything other than birth control so it's my last hope. All I want is to not feel despair and not to think about suicide that time of the month

No. 927201

>men want sex
>women give them sex
>men hate women for giving them sex

scrotes are fucking retarded

No. 927213

I go to the obgyn tomorrow for the first time since my rape and I’m so fucking nauseous over it. I have no idea how I’m going to do this but I have to. God please don’t let me freak out it’d be so embarrassing id kms

No. 927215

I just got suspended from a gambling website for "suspicious activity". What was I doing that was so suspicious you ask? I was winning too much. Fucking assholes, I try and contact them and all I get is "it's suspicious because we say it is and it's under investigation" WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU INVESTIGATING? Tryna find out if I'm fucking psychic? If I have contacts in the football leagues, boxing and tennis? It's nothing exciting or juicy, I'm just autistic. I'd have more respect for the crooked bastards if they'd flat out admitted I'm winning too much and they can't allow it because it's bad for business.

No. 927217

Kek did you get your money at least?

No. 927220

thats hilarious lol I never even knew people used those sites! Good on you, youre the real winner still.

No. 927225

Yeah they paid up for my last win before suspending me, thank god. I might've gone Rambo at their offices if they didn't. My fiancée is currently drafting up an email taking cue from SJWs and framing this as them unfairly judging an autistic woman and her special interest and threatening to go public with this lmao. I have no such intention of going public ofc but my partner used to work in marketing for a few big companies so she knows how to spin things.

Most people on these sites are drunken idiots taking wild guesses so when they're dealing with people like me it gets complicated. I've lurked on sports forums for years now and it's actually quite common for bans and suspensions to be handed out if you're too successful. Annoying thing is there probably is some cleverly worded bullshit stating they can do this in the terms and agreements but of course I've never read them kek. Oh well, I have other websites I can use at least.

No. 927228

Ever since the weather started getting colder in September, I started mini-binge eating. It's not extremely bad, but I got a bit plumper in the middle… Sigh, why am I like this? I kinda lost my appetite,though, following my break up in July. Now, it seems as if I'm eating because it feels good? Girl, get a grip!

No. 927239

Weaponized autism. Love to see it, good for you nonnie hehe

No. 927240

Aw that's kinda wholesome of your boyfriend to defend you, but to manage your expectations, I used to work for one of those companies and the owners don't give two shits about their public perception, they're already seen as trash tier brands. Just take your business elsewhere, there are literally thousands of these sites doing the exact same thing. If you're such a rain man then have accounts at a few different places and mix your real bets with small losing ones to show more randomness in your pattern and make it look like you're just lucky sometimes.

No. 927259

File: 1633034563831.png (790.4 KB, 1280x956, tumblr_plnyccumkf1wjs4veo1_128…)

I've read an interview with a local Lil Peep wannabe. That little cunt had the gall to whine how the sexualization of mental illness is a SERIOUS issue… when he realized that cause Lil Peep has fangirls loving him because of his suicidal soft boi thing (cause it makes him relatable). Whiny bitch, I hope all of your scrote idols neck themselves. The sexualization of women's mental illness literally goes centuries back and even nowadays, in the 'therapy is self-care uwu' climate leads to shit like anorectic girls abuse porn. But god forbid some '17 year old' relates to Peep wanting to sudoku (or whatever) more than his ~ironic~ boasts about what big dick he has. That is the real problem in the world!!! Stupid bitches supposedly sexualizing a dead rapper in their thoughts. I swear that faggot was doing a classic misogynist gatekeep under the guise of muh mental health awareness

No. 927260

I feel the exact same way. Every time I try to love someone they reject me. Usually for someone “better”. I’m fearing I’ll probably end up dying alone.

No. 927264

Thank you nonny.

Ah shit, yeah I didn't think about how gambling websites are already seen as trash. Can't believe I never thought about placing losing bets to throw them off the scent though, nonny you're a genius!

No. 927265

anon, I hope you can give yourself the bedroom of your dreams. you're never too old to give yourself a wonderful living space. if I knew you irl I'd buy you a cute dressing table right fucking now. I'm rooting for you anon, make a pinterest full of room inspiration, if you're broke then check out secondhand furniture stores and charity shops because it's shocking how cheap genuinely good quality furniture is in those places. wishing you all the best <3

No. 927275

I'm sorry anon. I told mine about the trauma in advance. Due to covid my partner wasn't able to come in and hold my hand during the exam, but a really sweet nurse was instead. If it helps, you could ask for similar.

I wish I had better advice. Please take care.

No. 927285

wanted to come back and say that i was the anon who vented about hating being a mom. decided to take some anons’ advice and go to a doctor about postpartum depression. i start zoloft today and i’ve been talking to a doctor and i’m feeling a little more optimistic and capable. just wanted to say thanks for the advice.

No. 927294

File: 1633038652788.jpg (166.77 KB, 1000x1500, EvZzO_zVIAIBzBw.jpg)

I fully expect to get made fun of for this entire confession-vent-whatever, but I have no idea where to cement myself online as a creator.
While I do ascribe to radfem ideology and hate weird gender shit, I'm also into a LOT of weird anime shit that would have me strung up by radfems.
However, I'm finally getting tired of posting my cute femboy doodles or whatever and having like, ten trannies + he/they women in the comments taking it as "representation" or whatever. The only reason why said he/they women aren't on my ass about it all is because I'm going by they/them myself just to avoid "fetishization" accusations.
This post is an absolute mess but I'm – tired. I don't want to lose my audience, but I also want to maybe gain some actual art friends (and just friends in general) to pal around with on twitter. I don't want to have to tip-toe around them either.

No. 927297

based but have you talked to your shitty partner about pulling his weight

No. 927300

I'm glad you're doing better anon, I hope your man has started to step up.

No. 927303

>While I do ascribe to radfem ideology and hate weird gender shit, I'm also into a LOT of weird anime shit that would have me strung up by radfems.
Welcome to my world. I am an artist too

No. 927304

who is sexualizing ophelia? legit question

No. 927305

i hate how fashionable alt fashion has to be. does this make sense? i check on 'modern grunge' and it's basically a normie stacy outfit but with ripped tights or a slightly old-looking top.
now if i want to wear grunge, i'll just ge considered a 'slob' idk

No. 927306

I get you. Things that are supposed to be alternative to the norm have become too pristine and just part of another fad

No. 927311

Google it, it's a relatively popular topic of feminist discourse

No. 927319

i pointed out to him that i needed help and i couldn’t do housework or literally anything else while also caring for her and he bought me a baby carrier. so that’s how that’s going. probably gonna carry us both tf out of here when i save up enough.

No. 927320

kill him

No. 927328

I want to post my shitty gay, lesbian, and sometimes straight drawings but I also never want to deal with the discourse of aydens screaming the gay shit and the trannies projecting themselves onto one of the girls who they'll pretend is a tranny or futa. I'm sometimes jealous of ESL artists who can ignore all english comments even if they understand them.

No. 927329

then dont allow comments, thats what I do.

No. 927332

NTA but I also relate to that. Guess theres more of us out there than we thought kek

No. 927334

anon you genius.

No. 927335

I wish I could give my mom a good rest of her life, but I legit don't know how to do it, unless I was to become a millionaire overnight and pay for her (and my dad's) every need forever. She's just so tired all the time, and even depressed. It's so rare to ask her how she's been and be met with anything other than "surviving" or any other cynical response. And I really don't blame her. She should be retired by now, but our country sucks and she can't. Thinking about it makes me wanna cry, I just wish she was enjoying her life.

No. 927337

No. 927347

Kek anon make one of your femboy doodles say something transphobic.

No. 927353

File: 1633044772473.jpg (15.46 KB, 500x337, 1624537535600.jpg)

I'm in my late 20's and I've fallen in love for the first time and it's literally the worst pain I have ever endured, including sexual assault, the deaths of people extremely close to me, etc. He loves me too, but he's very literally fucking insane and nightmare mode difficulty. He's got severe mental health issues, unaddressed trauma, and drug problems. We've only been dating since July but he's already been verbally abusive on multiple ocassions and one was particularly scary. Like I almost wondered if he was gonna hit me (he didn't). Despite all this, I'm completely enamoured with him, though. I've never enjoyed someone's company anywhere near this much and I just want to be around him all the time.

>inb4 just dump him

I wish it were that simple and I tried but my heart genuinely couldn't take it. This is only gonna end if he ends it and I'll probably just gonna end up committing suicide. I'm direly pathetic, I know.

It feels like I'm in some kind of prison and I can't take it anymore.

No. 927354

this is more common than you think nonnie. I'm a creator who feels the exact same and is doing the exact same as you to avoid harassment. I wish we could all find each other somehow

No. 927359

File: 1633045665749.jpg (29.71 KB, 490x376, 1489908874297.jpg)

Fucking addicted to masturbation because I'm so stressed, I was doing good not watching porn but I'm right back on my shit. I did it 4 times today and still thinking about sex. My fuckin pussy stinks from masturbating too many times in a day. I'm scared my roomates can hear me turning n my vibrator every hour but the feeling is overtaken by horny frustration. I'm so ashamed of my self

No. 927361

If you haven’t already I’m sure it would mean a lot to your mom if you told her you feel that way

No. 927364

occasionally radfems post about being artists and I assume some of them also have art accounts but if it's weird shit you like most would probably judge. There might be niche you can find though but also be warned about the deranged loli/pornsick women.

No. 927369

My college roommate is an extremely loud snorer and sleeps talks and stays up all not fucking around until 6-7an where she spends 3 hours being even more loud and getting ready and then being loud again when she gets back from class and it's starting to make me physically sick as in some morning I simply start puking because of how loud she is. The fact my school likes to keep it 80F in the dorms doesn't help either

No. 927371

If there was a Normie Button™ that had appeared during the crossroads moment of my life between me growing up to be a positive, well-adjusted person with typical hobbies and quite a strong interest in other people and their lives, and me being the jaded dirty mopey antisocial shut-in that i am to make the move towards the "normie" lifestyle, i would've smashed that shit with a crowbar so hard. My parents gave me unlimited and unrestricted access to the Internet snce an early age, and my main problem with that now isn't really so much that I saw horrible things that I wish I could unsee (although that's also true), it's that it forced me to create community with people who were as terminally online as i was, like my tribe could only really be people as fucked and loser-ish as i am. As entertaining and funny as l.f and other places can be, I really just wish I wasn't so in my head with my interests and ways in which i think I'm so radically different from people (which are completely made up and in my head).
Now, I would've loved to just be blissfully ignorant of anything happening online. I literally don't have a life elsewhere. But I just don't know how - or even if - i can go back. Because, as I've said, this has been my whole life. I don't know anything else. Like, what the fuck do people do for fun? Can't answer that.
Hopefully one day I'll get so for-real fed up with my own laziness and moroseness that I pull the plug to my router and stop giving a fuck about anything that happens outside of my immediate experienced reality.

No. 927372

>but I can’t end it, I’ll just die without this mentally ill drug addicted scrote I’ve only been dating for 4 months!

Sad. Pathetic, even. When he tries to kill you in a drug induced psychotic episode, or starts stealing your shit, or OD’s permanently, do not complain.

No. 927377

My mum has clearly been triggered after reading the details of qhat happened after the conviction in the case of Sarah Everard being raped and murdered. Brought her straight back to her own sexual assault and later rape. It's really difficult to know your own mother has gone through something so horrible. The trauma will always live with her. There's nothing I can do to change it. She's been through too much. So much more. It's just so hard. I hope she just goes to bed soon.

No. 927381

Anon I want to assure you that you will not commit suicide, but rather sit in disgust about how much time you wasted on a scrote who doesn't give a damn about you.
Obviously, you're free to your feelings but this guy doesn't give two shits about what happens to you, and like it or not there will come a day where you grow sick of it. I just hope that time comes before this asshole tries to up the ante of his assaults, or before you drive away all your support systems who gave up on saving you.

No. 927384

File: 1633048879293.jpg (32.2 KB, 640x478, E7RgTxjXsAEX6_X.jpg)

so sad that my friends haven't been messaging me (after months of straight talking every day) that i'm contracting a stress headache. this is so dumb

No. 927392

Not to sound like a redditor but get some fucking therapy for you’re extreme codependency, shit

No. 927395

get help and dump him before he kills you or himself

No. 927396

My dad got intoxicated from eating something rotten or something and the whole day has been extremely stressful with doctors coming in and out of the house, but now my stress level is through the roof because apparently my mom has been in direct contact with him\ his feces and also cooking without telling us and now I'm afraid of ending up vomiting too because the idiot couldn't just tell me to cook myself and now she may have infected everything we've been eating, she even washed the dishes ffs. I'm emetophobic and I have OCD, this shit is making me go into a crisis.

I am also on my period, which makes everything even worse, and our washing machine is damaged so everything that he messes with vomit\diarrhea we cannot wash it unless it's by hand, it's also raining so there could be a power outtake at any time. I hate my life and I'm sick of thinking that it will get better, I wish i had the courage to kill myself and escape from whatever curse is ruining my life. I wish God just had a little compassion for me and my family, we have been trough a lot, and i just want to live without thinking someone will die or something fucked is going to happen, I'm sick of pretending the world isn't trying its best to drive me to suicide.

No. 927397

keep it up youre KILLIN it nonny!

No. 927398

so fucken tired of being the messenger. damn bitches always texting me to have me ask my mom shit for them/ my mom asking me to ask them shit back. like you goddamn bitches have a fucken cellphone to call each other with. then they get impatient constantly asking if they replied yet. like seriously? you could had asked whatever the fuck you wanted over and done with with a damn phone call.

No. 927401

do you have a job? i think that would help. you can always start small with things like going outside more, even just for a short walk.

No. 927403

I've checking lolcow more than usual, every 5 minutes exactly. That really tells you how stressed am I.
I thought mods banned your ass

No. 927404

I wish I could move out of this apartment sooner. My ex girlfriend and I have been broken up for a while now, and things are just constantly getting worse. 2 days ago I found a used meth pipe in her her jean pocket that she'd left on the bathroom floor, where my kitten could have easily found it. I'm in recovery and she has been relapsing our entire relationship… I'm stupid for thinking she would ,really commit to quitting, she's clearly not ready. We were both clean when we got together, for what it's worth.
Anyway I just found used heroin foils in her purse, and her 2 week script of suboxone that she got 4 days ago is gone. Snooping is shitty yeah but ever since finding that meth pipe I've been losing my mind.
Tried to talk to her about it, and she blatantly lies, tries to shift the blame, and gaslight me.
Yesterday she texted me to let me know that her "friends" AKA dealers were coming over while I was at work. I was furious, but couldn't do anything because I'm terrified of making the situation worse. I'm so worried about her smoking drugs in this house with a fucking KITTEN who is not only inhaling whatever fumes, but gets into EVERYTHING and ex-gf is careless as fuck leaving drugs and paraphernalia where my kitten can totally get to them.
I was homeless for a few years and still trying to build my life back, I don't have a car and have been using hers to work (delivery driver). I have to stay on good terms with her for the next 2 or so months until I save enough money to rent a U-Haul and drive across the country with my belongs and cat (to my only family member's house. God bless her fucking heart). Saving money has been hard lately because somehow she is always short on her half of rent, in spite of working full time. I had suspicions for a while, I guess at least I know I'm not imagining things.
It's going to be a long couple of months. Just hoping nothing happens to my cat, that would be devastating. I've got to get her out of here as soon as fucking possible. Sorry about the retarded rant. Hope all you nonnies are well.

No. 927407

That really sucks. Poor kitty, if only there was someone around who could watch her while you work

No. 927417

i just wish i had a job, all my uni friends already have their lives sorted out and are working for nice companies and growing in life while i’m here living like a loser, unemployed, with my parents. it’s not like i don’t try, at this point i must have an addiction problem because i keep constantly checking my emails and job hunting websites, i’ve been to several interviews and im always looking for ways to improve my cv and networking, still nothing works. i feel so miserable, there’s nothing worse than having to go through those kinds of interviews that have several steps and it’s all so stressful just for them to tell you that you’re not good enough at the end.

my love life simply doesn’t exist, there’s not one men in my shitty city who i feel interested in, the ones i actually like end up finding someone better than me to settle down after a few dates. and i don’t understand why, i’m not unattractive and as far as i know i have a pleasant personality, and yet i always end being replaced for someone else.

i feel like my life would improve if i started taking care of my physical health, ever since covid started i became extremely skinny because i just stay inside all day and don’t eat much since i barely spend any energy. i want to start working out and exercising but i don’t have enough motivation, i always think “tomorrow i’ll walk a few kilometers” and then when tomorrow comes i just don’t do anything.

No. 927424

Whenever I talk to people, they always tell me about the cool skills and jobs they have. How does everyone have the energy to learn and develop new skills? I'm exhausted just from existing. I already accept that I'll always be a failure and I'll never have a successful career. It's too late for me.

No. 927430

Get on depression meds

No. 927431

I want to die and there is no one I can talk to about it. There is no escaping this situation. Life is only going to become more painful. I'm so mediocre. None of this is worth it. I'm thinking I might actually go through with it.

No. 927432

Don't do drugs kids

No. 927436

Anon I know how you feel. Please don’t compare yourself to your friends, it helps no one and only makes you feel worse. It’s hard not to be jealous, but we are all on different paths in life, and one day you will get to where you need to be and there will be a friend who looks at you and feels the same way. You can only see what others want you to see. Job hunting and interviewing sucks, it absolutely sucks. It’s soul sucking, its moral destroying, it’s just god awful, so there is nothing wrong with you. At this point, I just think it comes down to dumb luck of applying at the right moment for that right person to see it, and the right people to see that you have potential worth investing in.

As for working out, if you can’t bring yourself to leave the house for a walk, why not follow workout videos on youtube? Not the strenuous ones because I find that I get overexcited, too tired, then burnt out, but simple stretching or yoga videos, even just a 5 minute one. I followed easy stretching videos for over a year before I finally started actually working out in the mornings, which was recently. But even now I do very easy workouts! Consistency is key, and you can ease yourself in as slowly as you want.

Keep on moving forward anon. You will get to where you want to be one day. I’m rooting for you!

No. 927437

ssris are honestly awful so if op wants to take depression meds would 100% recommend against anything that's an ssri

No. 927441

That would be ideal. Unfortunately, I don't have any friends or even acquaintances where I currently live. I will be getting her a harness ASAP and might start taking her with me when I'm out. Not a perfect situation, but at least I'll know she's safe. She would definitely enjoy car-ride adventures so long as she's not stuck in a carrier.

No. 927442

If you can think of a safe way we can chat outside of here, I'm down to talk anon. Let me know if there's a way we can connect. Maybe a throwaway email or something?

No. 927444

i haven't felt close to anyone since i was 14 (i'm 20 now) and im worried i never will. i don't know what's wrong with me, all my relationships are just so surface level

No. 927445

I mean, unless you’re going to die in the next week, you still got a long way to go. I also had issues with deepening my relationships with others, but I met my current best friend in college and also deepened my relationship with a friend who I didn’t even talked to during our school days.
You might feel comfortable in the future as you talk with different people, specially if you just happen to click with someone, which is something that always happens unexpectedly.

No. 927451

The other night my friend asked me if I thought she was self absorbed. It's funny because just a few days earlier I was complaining to my mom about how self absorbed this friend was, but I assured her she was not because we were in the middle of dinner, and I'm not about to hurt someone's feelings or get into a fight with them in the middle of dinner. But honestly I wish I had told her that she's self absorbed and selfish because she is. She never asks me anything about myself, even just asking how I'm doing, even when I ask her how she is doing first. Is it not common courtesy to ask someone how they are after they ask you? Christ, not even out of actual interest but as some sort of instinctual polite reflex? That's just the tip of the iceberg really

No. 927457

That would actually be really awesome anon, I left it in the field

No. 927474

I'm sorta angry at mt husband for making us watch Squid Game with the horrendous dubbed English.
He says he's too lazy to read the captions. Wtf.

No. 927479

“Id say I’m about 95% attracted to men and 5% attracted to women so I consider myself bisexual” bitch I am about to flip the fuck out. Thank you for making me think I had a chance by dressing even gayer than I do and calling yourself bi only to literally just be heterosexual I fucking hate that shit oh my god

No. 927482

So did she turn you down though or did you just give up when you heard that? Could it be that maybe she has never had a chance to do more than maybe kiss a girl? She might not have any experience, but is still interested and wants to try.

No. 927489

Why. I've accepted that i'm an unlovable cow, a mediocre NPC. She is identical to me. A loser NGMI, plain looking annoying autist with dead fish eyes and anger issues. Same living situation. Same age. Our voices are so similar. She even uses the same brand of cheap smartphone. But they befriended her and absolutely ignored me. They give her attention.
I tried to better myself. These good doings have been devalued by someone who I thought has become my friend. But no, I wasn't good enough for her? We've known each other for three years, but she is still more interested in a woman who was mostly swearing at her and threatened to stab her.
When she hears about that first girl, does she think, that it is about me? Is she able to see similarities? Or was I so unimportant, that she doesn't have in mind a single fact about my life? I am just worthless.

No. 927492

I wish I could do cool eye make up but I have very little eyelid space. I also wish makeup didn't make my skin instantly break out. I have a thing and I want to look nice but I think ill look ridiculous since I'm horrible at makeup. Fuck it. Maybe I'll just go casual. I can't decide what look I want to go for still.. At least I have clear skin most of the time. So glad it cleared up after years of acne.

No. 927496

It actually pisses me off so much when guys try to project their kinks onto you.
I went on a date with this guy who I thought was cute and taller (short story, he wasn't, tinder lies) but turned out to be the opposite.
I hung out with him for a little bit but the whole time he was acting completely feminine and submissive to me in an overt way. Like I'm a sub lolol and it pisses me off when guys act like I'm into that sort of thing??

No. 927507

sounds like he's one light shove away from trooning out

No. 927508

How does anything you just said make sense… you say he's projecting his kinks on you, sounds like he's just being himself and you don't like it. If anything, you're the one who made assumptions, like apparently because he looked cute and tall on tinder (???) he's dominant and should somehow know you're a sub?

bdsmfags really are retarded huh, I guess voluntarily degrading yourself messes with your brain a bit.

No. 927523

trying to save my knowing it's far too late. i can still here my sister's sobs. i can remember what he was doing that afternoon, he was sitting on the windowsill basting in the sun like he always did. that night, or evening, i remeber him going to my sister to curl up next to her for warmth. that was the last time i saw him alive. when he died, i kept thinking if i could turn back time and have him sleep next to me…or just watch him. it's really rough i guess. he was just so small. i wished he could've seen the next day with me.

No. 927526

i love my bf and love that he likes to keep in shape so does the whole bulk/cut thing, but i fucking hate it when he's bulking because he just eats us out of house and home. it's constant. he does the grocery shopping which is fine, but he eats the food i specifically ask for. e.g. i get this certain cereal because i enjoy eating it dry as a snack, but i went to have some today (we went shopping a few days ago) and it's all gone. the entire box. he does this with everything and quite honestly it's getting on my nerves. he snaffles everything like a pig and doesn't seem apologetic for it in the slightest.

No. 927531

>Finally go watch a movie to unwind
>As soon as the movie starts my mom starts desperately calling me
>Send her a text telling her I'm at the movies
>"k anon but as soon as you get out please call me, it's urgent"
>Start getting anxious bc grandma is in bad health, spend the whole movie worrying about what couldn't she tell me by text, can't enjoy movie
>Dash out of the theatre as soon as movie ends to call her
>"Uhhhh anon I was wondering if you want some grapes, I could drop by your place tomorrow"

I want to smash this woman to pieces.

No. 927535

Tell him to buy a protein powder and stop being a pig who doesn't leave any of your snacks, ffs.

No. 927543

Men on dating apps that show their 6 packs or abs or whatever annoy me when they try to talk to me. Yeah I look thin, active and beautiful in my photos but I'm not showing skin like a desperate bitch. Any man that poses like a thot is going to have stds or mental health issues I don't want to deal with.

No. 927544

anon i feel you, i'm straight but i grew up with lots of "bi" friends whose logic was "i think girls are cute and am not a icky homophobe therefore i am totally gay" despite only ever dating or showing interest in guys

No. 927546

i was going to sign up for music lessons but i decided at the last minute that that’s a hilariously bad financial decision because i dont even have money to run my own blood tests or fix my teeth or even get tested for corona, which i didnt get tested for even when i got sick like hell because i didnt have the money. and now im sad and broke and feeling like an alien. like a big fucking alien that isn’t even supposed to be here. who am i and what am i doing.

No. 927549

samefag but im this close to going insane. this close. i dont understand anything anymore. im a big freak, i have a speech disability, i cant even speak right, i cant act right, i dont know what to do with people or how to act around them or how to say the right thing, i don’t know how to do what i want to do, i dont even know how to do the most basic of fucking things. everything seems to work out for every fucking body in the end and im always in the same spot not understanding anything. i dont get it, did i come from a different place? am i not exactly like these people? why is this so hard and tiresome? why do i feel like a fucking ghost all the time? and it’s even worse because i hate whining, and i hate complaining, but every minute i spend with these people i find out that i dont understand myself at all. anyway time to go back to job searching and hope i find something good day ladies

No. 927550

Pets can be fragile im so sorry

No. 927554

I feel like such an idiot for continuing to send my mother money and the fact I have to hide it from my fiancée because she knows how awful my mother is makes me feel like a real scumbag. I just can't cut her off though. Yeah she abused me physically and psychologically, kept my childhood chaotic as she bounced from one abusive scrote to the next and lied to me about who my biological father was until I was in my mid 20s… but she's still my mother. At my lowest point during my addiction to heroin she was there. My fiancée says that it was probably guilt from knowing that she was in some way culpable but idk. I'm not completely stupid, I know she doesn't need my money. She's quite literally a conwoman, got jailed for blackmail when I was a baby and missed my first birthday because of it (another secret I discovered in my 20s). I just… idk. 9 months of pregnancy, 15 years of keeping me fed and clothed, I can't tell her to fuck off just for making a few mistakes.

No. 927555

Do you speak spanish?
You're just hurting yourself at this point. Cut contact with her. It's like you're punishing yourself. You owe her nothing.

No. 927563

My BPD friend is doing the silent treatment on me and I've come to the realization that she can fuck off for good.
No, it's not normal to stalk a guy you've never even been in a relationship with and to endlessly go over every single interaction you've ever had. Or stalk his exes, friends and fucking colleagues. You won't have any new insights by doing that. You're obsessed and creepy and need help. You'll never be with the dude and everyone knows it. It's beyond pathetic. Why do you think that after eight fucking years he'll suddenly want a relationship when he avoids messaging you all the time? Keep telling yourself that this is only because he's too much in love with you lmao.
I know I have my own issues that I haven't told her how insane her behavior is and I'll work on them. For now I'll deal with the relief that I won't have to put up with her bullshit anymore and have to walk on eggshells all the time. I also hate her other spineless enabling friends. I've been enabling her shit for way too long and it's actually quite shocking when you had a few weeks of distance. I'm so glad she's ghosted me and I already know that I'll be getting a stupid guilt-tripping text because I haven't asked what I did wrong and begged her to stay friends kek

No. 927566

Nonas I'm a fucking idiot. I agreed to a couples' trip with a guy I know through my friends because I'm missing being in a relationship and he's good-looking and very kind but I feel like we basically skipped the second date and went straight to probably fucking in the mountains, Jesus Christ. And I don't even feel like this is gonna become a relationship and it's just gonna make shit so awkward in my friend group. I'm such an idiot when it comes to setting proper boundaries. I'm looking forward to a nice trip in mountains with a handsome guy but I'm scared of the aftermath.

No. 927567

If your other friends are going, just go have fun. Don't feel pressured to have sex unless you want too and maybe you don't want a relationship with this guy either. You're in control nona! It could be a fun memory

No. 927575

Thank you, that makes me feel a bit better.

No. 927592

my ex is such a fucking joke. he was hot when we got together but now he's a fucking blimp. he looks like his body is swollen and melting and his cock is small and never stays hard. he talks to anorexic heroin addicts who use him for money while getting blacked hard which makes him a motherfucking cuck. he implied he's attracted to her because she looks like a little boy. he's a major reply guy on twitter to just about anyone, including trannies because he's a nasty faggot too, honestly I just think he's closeted gay and only dated me because he has mommy issues. he practically warped our relationship into a rehash of his parents' relationship so he could correct where theirs went wrong. this is further evidenced by the fact that his mom wasted all her child support on cocaine, makes sense how he would spend all his money on whores. he ate almost a whole tub of ice cream after I dumped him according to his twitter, so his diet will always fail. what a fat fucking loser. he groomed a 19 year old on twitter over Christopher fucking walken of all things only so he could "lead her on" and this isn't even what he admitted to me, her friend told me this. now he's tweeting all sorts of nonsense trying to get me to text him but I deleted everything so that's impossible. he's trying to tell me his sugarmama from 6 years ago wants to fly him in but he's probably 100lbs heavier so I really fucking doubt it. I'm so ready to live after excising this fatty tumor from my life

No. 927593

I don't speak Spanish but English isn't my first language, if my post was a bit garbled.
You're right though, all this is doing is hurting myself. I'm always gonna worry about how she's doing, but I have to admit I was in a better head space when we weren't in touch. Not to mention a lot richer without her inventing a new sob story every week.

No. 927596

File: 1633088435776.jpeg (41.14 KB, 740x370, E9717CAB-BA8C-429D-A9BA-AB7526…)

Good luck nona

No. 927599

I had a psychiatrist appointment yesterday, and basically my mental health keeps getting worse. I really want to die if my life is just going to keep getting more difficult lol

No. 927621

I get really sad when I see underage girls or even young women you a historic of multiple partners or hookups ( high body count as some say). There is this 19yo I know who claims to have hooked up with 50+ guys and girls, most of those guys were already +18 while she was still a minor ( not a crime tho since the age of consent in my country is like 14). Like, I live in a relatively smalls city were almost everyone either know each other or is 1 or 2 handshakes away from knowing each other. Prior to personally knowing her I have already heard of her past "partners", so basically her fame preceded her. What saddens me is that this girl of only 19 was took advantage by multiple scrotes, and now she has this "easy girl" fame, so almost every guy will approach her like "she is one of those girls". I mean were the fuck her parents are? Didn't she had any friends to help her? She will be treated as disposable by every new partner she will have because no scrote would "officially date the town bicycle", they will only treat her as "one night stand material" and that's it, and the biggest problem is that she doesn't realize that, it seems that her whole identify became this incessant hooking up with new partner each month. I can't say she has any psychological problem,and I'm not a psychologist or learned in the subject, but I don't think this kind of behavior will do any good for her mental health or had already messed her up a bit. Call me prude if you want for "slutshaming" her, but young girls should be more protected from this sort of male predatory behavior.

No. 927628

It’s honestly sad when that happens, I had a friend who was treated like an easy target and even though I talked to her about it and told her that it was bad because men are retarded, she never listened.
Her parents and family would also tell her to take care of herself, they even got her condoms when they just knew it was impossible to change her mind.
She got pregnant anyways and the faggot didn’t want to recognize the kid as his, because he already had 4 kids with his wife who wanted to beat up my friend.
In the end it’s kind of difficult to find a way to make them stop their behavior because they were groomed by multiple men, I don’t even know what kind of psychologists could help, then again, she didn’t have the money for psychological help from a professional.
But still, it’s something that they have to recognize that they were groomed first so they can understand that they need help.
And like, it’s so shitty the whole thing, she wasn’t even trying to fuck random men, they were her boyfriends even if the majority were just grooming her with gifts but at least they asked her to go out with them for different periods of time, but men would still treat her like shit, calling her a whore and telling other men about fucking her as if she was some sort of trophy.
I hate men and I hope all of the men that messed up with her get erectile disfunction and their balls kicked really hard, but I particularly hope that he man who got her pregnant gets beaten up on a daily basis, fucking bus driver lowlife dirty blood faggot.

No. 927629

I agree. It’s not even about shaming her, it’s about feeling sad and wanting to protect her/girls like her for me. I know some will disagree, but like, that’s so disturbing and unhealthy. I’ve heard similar stories from girls I know and friends of friends, and I’m always judging the men more than the girls and just sad/concerned for them.

No. 927640

I don't know how to get over being sexually abused as a child and raped. I'm trying my hardest to work through it. I'm almost 20. I'm so sick of feeling sorry for myself. I try to talk about it with my therapist, but the words can't come out. She knows, but doesn't know specifics. I told her I felt like if I told somebody the specific moments that always replay in my head I would be able to move on. She suggested I write it out and give it to her for her to read. I can't even write the specifics, either. I don't know why. I just freeze. All I can say is "I was molested and raped for almost 10 years". But that didn't lift the weight off my shoulders like I thought it would. The police investigation went practically nowhere. I was even denied a restraining order at the time, because they said I was in "no immediate danger". My rapist knows where I live. He has a criminal record of violence. He attempted to kill somebody. I know all this because he is my fucking father and he is insane. I honestly wish he would just die so I could feel better. So I could go to my hometown and not worry about running into him. He's a fucking druggie and an alcoholic, plus smokes a pack a day, and in his late 60s. How he hasn't died yet is beyond me. I don't want to whine or feel sorry for myself, but it isn't fair. It feels like a cruel fucking joke. Sorry this is dark. I wish I had said something sooner. I didn't say anything until I was 16 and confided in a friend and she said I had to tell someone because I was only getting worse even though the sexual abuse stopped when I was about 13.

No. 927642

I love getting replies. I love making people read what I wrote and reacting to me. I like attention and I like giving it too. complimenting specifics. Treated the way I'd wanna be. Scratch my id I'll scratch yours

No. 927644

Anons like you keep this website alive, you are the backbone of this society. Thank you anon.

No. 927647

Me too! It’s a rare moment of recognition when everyone is anon. You slip into the stream and forget that people can even see you until someone replies to you. Yup, you! Turns out someone saw you after all.

No. 927652

File: 1633096539437.jpg (17.07 KB, 520x520, 332904f53cd846c45fcf0f2ce68227…)

Some fuck from India reopened my facebook. How did I find out? Not from one of those "we noticed you signed in from a new browser!" emails, no, it was from a "welcome back!" email because my facebook has been deactivated for over 2 years (I only keep it for messenger). I remember once when I tried to log in from a new computer it didn't recognize, it forced me to do all these questions where it would pull up tagged friends and shit and make me answer who was who. How do you not flag a login from not only a new browser, but FROM A COUNTRY I'VE NEVER LOGGED IN FROM???

Yeah I know facebook sucks and expecting the bare minimum means disappointment but fuck. I'm not really as much mad as someone hacking in (they only had access for about 2 hours before I woke up and saw the email) as much as I'm mad about the existence of my facebook account and it being reactivated. No one will read my comment but when I deactivated it again I wrote that I only came back in because they failed to stop someone from hacking in, and I was deactivating it again because it's been that way for 2 years and I have zero desire to ever come back to using it.

No. 927655

Delete it nona, your life will be improved. Facebook is cancer.

No. 927661

I don't know if you wanted someone to reply because it is the vent thread but if you did I wanted to tell you I read it and I hope the best for you. I hope you won't be angry with yourself for not being able to say things out loud. I can't say out loud my worst moments and they aren't even on the same level as yours.

No. 927663

I’ll admit I hate when anons ignore my posts

No. 927665

It was fake, they're just trying to lure you back in. You got zucked.

No. 927666

>husband's parents are geriatric
>his mother has alzheimers
>his father is typical old school male who can't shoulder domestic responsibilities
>no less caring for his sick wife who no longer remembers him and requires an increasing amount of patience and eventually care
>won't sell their mansion to downsize to a smaller home to make things easier
>the mother's sister is starting to guilt us more and more for not making multiple visits over there like she does
>she never guilts the older brother who lives on the other side of the country, of course
>we try to go once a week because we both work but the sister is shitting her pants because she says it's not enough

What the fuck does she want? I'm not a maid, and it's very difficult for both me and my husband to get time off together in order to go. The sister is retired so she has all the time in the world unlike us. It's really shitty. I do feel bad for his folks but they need to make decisions to help themselves, they can't rely on two working adults to come play babysitter and maid all the time. They're too cheap to hire anybody either.

No. 927667

my life is so fucked up that even my therapist doesn't believe me. people victimize me constantly just because they know they can. they sense something. but I got diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia after I told a previous psychiatrist that all my coworkers hated me and talked shit about me. turns out the store manager got demoted over what she said about me to my coworkers. I just don't trust therapy anymore. I have to navigate life myself and it's terrifying when the people in my life until now have only served to fuck me over and misguide me

No. 927668

Same. It makes you feel like your vent or reply wasn't snappy enough or something. Throw me a crumb

No. 927669

I am wearing such a cute outfit that if I was looking at me I would deign to hug me, yet it just started to rain and the amazing gorgeous jumper I am wearing will not look right under the coats I have. Wish I had a man servant to hold an umbrella for me so I could just look chic. That's why you get a boyfriend.

No. 927672

Therapists can be cunts and be prone to jealousy. I have absolutely no faith in a stranger working in mental health. This is probably terrible advice but if you don't have someone to trust for some issues you need to handle it yourself. That's what I learnt to do. I hate both my parents but I've got them at the point they help me and they think we love and respect each other. Getting a fun hobby like learning an instrument has given me loads of self esteem too.

No. 927673

I can hold your umbrella nonny

No. 927676

Thank you. I'm probably too high to be wearing such a cute outfit in person all the inevitable staring will make me too paranoid. I'm back in black lol

No. 927683

I finally got the courage to talk to people (on a discord server) after 2 years of only talking to my family members and the one friend I met online years ago. But then I felt like I sounded way too stupid and obnoxious that I deleted my account a couple hours later. Recently I've started talking new supplement for hormones and physically it seems to be working well but I think it's messing with my mental health. Even the smallest thing would take my mood down and I'm just exhausted. I think I really need to talk to someone but then I wouldn't know what to say, it annoys me that I keep making everything about myself and I'm making it worse. I'm a fucking failure.

No. 927685

I've returned for the swiss cheesing-inducing properties of this website after not visiting for a while. I really missed the culture here, as much as I hate to admit it. Every other social platform just doesn't feel the same. I think I just needed a tolerance break.

No. 927700

I feel so bad when an anon who clearly wrote a suicide note is forgotten when some annoying anon complains about her stinky useless husband or boyfriend and gets tons of replies, the only worth of a woman is her proximity to a penis-owning monster

No. 927714

not here to vent just wanted to say that if you feel unloved or bad today, know that this retarded anon loves you very much

No. 927720

right back at ya, anon. this made me smile

No. 927721

Thank you. I love you too, nona. ♥

No. 927723

i don’t care about your empty post anon, go away

No. 927725

>18 years old high school senior
>Lesbian desistor
>Back at public school after quarantine, hoping for a clean start away from tranny bs after desisting
>Tfw tranny bs everywhere
>Trannies everywhere, teachers ask pronouns and teach tranny shit
>Everybody thinks I’m trans bc hot GNC butch lesbian
>Kinda don’t care bc girls are super into me so whatever
>Get harassed for not using chris chan’s pronouns
>Motherfucking chris chan
>She won’t talk to me and she’s mad at me
>Tfw she’s the girl who took my virginity and led me on and then left me for another mediocre ugly gamer guy moid
Stupid rant anons but I’m so fucking tired, there’s just no escaping it is there? I’m sorry to bring my high school drama into the thread but I have nowhere else to rant because I’ll be ostracized from my friends if they find out I don’t kowtow to trannies. I’m skipping class because I’m having a really bad depressive episode and can’t focus and I keep being told to respect fakeboi pronouns in class. Everyone is either tra or conservative here. I’m just trying to keep myself alive and get through high school but I’m surrounded by this shit and it’s not helping my mental health, it’s a constant reminder of a really bad time for me and it’s low key triggering me. I don’t want to use pronouns or refer to hetties as an uwu gay men and lesbians or put up with being called queer by teachers when I have to go home to incredibly conservative, homophobic parents and fear getting kicked out of they find out I date and have sex with girls. Everyone’s obsessed with gender, I’ll have to either ignore my values and mental health or get socially ostracized. Sorry if I’m being dramatic but I’m angry and depressed and I feel trapped. What do, anons?

No. 927726

thats ok i still love you kek

No. 927728

some people don't deserve your kindness anon

No. 927730

I am a genius. legitly genuisical and no one care. astrophysicists and top doctors, surgeons, and politicians alike could stand to hear from me. not really sure about the doctors and surgeons but who knows, I have a unique perspective

No. 927733

they aren’t being kind, they’re virtue-signaling. i bet if you look at their post history they probably called lana a fat bitch

No. 927736

Anonymously virtue signalling, okaaay. I don't know what's got you in a twist but she's just being sweet and I certainly appreciated it.

No. 927737

That sucks anon, I don't think you're dramatic at all. You not only deal with stupid ideology at school but also at home. I feel so bad for your generation having to deal with gender bs in school (well at least for the few ones that are smart enough to see through the bs). I couldn't handle it.
Remember that you can choose who you associate with after school and things will be better. I hope you find some like-minded people soon.

No. 927739

Hell yeah, same. I love when the boards are really active and lots of people are getting in on a conversation or making jokes together

No. 927749

>have been having intermittent bleeding for a whole month
>apply for an appointment at NHS gynecologist
>website lists 'bleeding' as an emergency and says appointment is granted as soon as possible
>get an email saying the next available appointment is in more than a month
alright then

No. 927756

Take your meds, boomer. You can't virtue signal when you're fucking anonymous. Kinda defeats the point, no?

No. 927760

Tapering is making my life living hell. I wish my body could physically handle cold turkey at this point because it's so exhausting.

No. 927763

File: 1633106125138.jpg (28.59 KB, 475x426, 1630998425723.jpg)

I am really fucking mad that forums in the balkans have died out. Boomers just stick to facebook and I don't want to make one. Teens stick to instagram, whatsapp and some gamers use discord, all of those are horrible for discussion.

I have almost nobody to talk with about a ridiculous TV show "Catholic Sacred Inquisition - CSI" where a tamagochi falls into a toilet and becomes a mutated monster and a nun fighting ninjas with a guitar has to look for it.

No. 927765

I know that feeling, tapering fucking sucks but the last time I cold turkey'd after a relapse I thought I was gonna die. Good luck, anon.

No. 927766

That show sounds amazing but I didn't even get results when searching the English name. What a shame! I hope you find your crowd, nonnie

No. 927767

I need this, where can I watch this????

No. 927773

I found the intro

No. 927803

I spent the whole day sick and in pain from being sleep deprived now I got some sleep and am just deeply horny. I'm so tired of it all.

No. 927826

i'm really quickly falling for a guy i met online. i have never gotten this close this quick before with anyone in my life. we have so much in common, so much to talk about, we're already voice chatting and talking literally everyday for hours on end. he lives so far away from me.

No. 927855


No. 927863

I dont think I'll ever forgive my roommate essentially dropping me for his scrote friend he never gave a fuck for until the past few months and even got him a decent job. I thought 2022 was really going to be my year but I'm going to be flat fucking broke trying to live alone now because they're going to be roommates. I'm probably going to move to a shittier town just so I can afford the rent. Everytime I look around where I live now it's so pretty and there's the crushing reality I can't afford it alone. My other friends can afford to live alone or are married with a kid so they aren't options. Fuck scrotes they only ever defend and give a shit for each other. It pisses me off how he always had such a steady good life while I went through so much bullshit that was out my control. He always had everything even now after this lease he gets the good ending. His friend didn't even need to live with him because he can stay with his fucking parents! I have no where to go essentially if I don't get a place. At least they both can run back home whenever they feel like it. Not everyone in the world has that kind of luxery.

No. 927873

File: 1633113062849.jpeg (17.17 KB, 200x224, E_qD3KwUYAIfwt9.jpeg)

Seeing people unironically defend this sadistic old fuck online is making me want to a-log so bad. Not only do you have to be sick, but you have to be real fucking stupid to let the critique on poverty and class go over your head. It wasn't even subtle. Fucking retards.

No. 927875

I gave you my everything I just never got it in return. You're an egotistical prick. Enjoy being miserable your entire life, I'm not your emotional punching bag any more.

No. 927891

really want to relapse again but not going to. it's too hot for me to hide wounds under clothes and I have to appear sane. maybe I should just eat more junk and cry

No. 927921

I'm in the same boat nonnie, except I need to eat something desperately. If you haven't done anything yet let's try to hold each other accountable.

No. 927925

I'm just going to the store to get the fuck out of the stuffy house and maybe I'll buy a giant pack of fruit rollups. to go anywhere or do anything. Anything to keep me from taking the glass out of my center console I should've tossed it out ages ago.

No. 927943

File: 1633119326772.jpeg (69.13 KB, 526x310, F00F13C7-50DC-400E-B823-77C5E2…)

I don’t really know what to think and if I could help my cousin, but he has been acting terribly weird, my family has always helped him and his older brother because we’re family, duh.
But my cousin keeps disregarding any help we give to him, like, my brother paid some courses for him to do online, but he dropped them because it had boring stuff. And his older brother also paid for another course for him, and he also dropped that course because it had boring stuff.
Like, why can’t he understand that dropping out of a course because it has some stuff that you don’t care about, is fucking idiotic? Just do your thing and then use your knowledge in the future, and maybe it’s not as boring as it seems.
I’m almost done with my career and it had boring stuff too, and stuff that I thought would be boring but that I ended up learning about and caring about because I’m a fucking woman who grew up her teenage idiocy.
And he won’t finish his thesis because it’s boring as well like, what? He’s 26 years old, he’s a fucking adult as well, why won’t he just do what he has to do?
We’re not rich, doesn’t he know that he needs a tittle to get a job? Or is there like some sort of super special club for computer technicians thing something that hires anyone who is decent at programming?
Like, my older cousin even got him a contact from some Microsoft dude who is like a third cousin of them or something like that, and the Microsoft dude told him that it was cool, that my younger cousin could get in if he gets his diploma.
But what did he say?
>I don’t like Microsoft, I prefer insert another software company
Bitch, he’s getting you a fucking job at a recognized company, it’s not a fucking option.
Is there like a way for me to convince him to finish his studies or something? He listens to me for some reason, I don’t know if this would work though.
He’s also addicted to weed, I hate weed and anyone who consumes that shit.

No. 927949

I think you should all just give up on him, you and your family tried your best to help and he just won't cooperate.

No. 927952

I think that's because they haven't seen the full movie and only see it as "old man, dead game, sad ending for him for sure" and have no idea of the final ending context. I'm annoyed by it as well, anon.

No. 927954

I've resulted to having those squeezey apple sauce packets, grapes when I need something because my body will let me chew those [sometimes it's so hard to chew because even if I'm hungry, but body doesn't want to swallow and force feeding is so hard], and apple juice. If you guys think those would be good, try it.

No. 927965

No I've literally seen people say shit like
>he just wanted to have fun like he was a kid again! He was living his best life!
>b-but he gave them another chance! (who cares if he preyed on financially destitute people who barely had anything to live for)
>they consented to the game! (never mind the fact that he killed 200 people in the first game before they knew that being "eliminated" meant dying)
Probably most of them haven't finished the series yet but too many people than I can ignore think the old man dindu nuffin.

No. 927968

Maybe it's because I've seen and read Kaiji also, but I thought it was pretty obvious the old guy was the bad dude just like in Kaiji. Too much money, bored because of it. I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone make mention of the brother being last time's winner.

No. 927971

Want to know how much of a lonely loser I am? I only have four conversations open on Messenger, and one of them is literally myself.

No. 928004

I'm such a retard. I wanted to kill myself but when I thought I actually did something to do it I started freaking out and realized I want to live. Now that I'm done being scared about killing myself I want to kill myself again.

No. 928005

It just sucks so bad that I went to therapy because I wanted to get over my social phobia but their mandatory "are you self harming. do you have suicidal thoughts" questions at the end of the session suggested them as a possibility when I previously just barred the idea completely and blocked myself from even really considering it. But hearing someone ask if I was doing it made me think about it doing it. I just wish I had never gone.

No. 928016

the possibility of my mother settling with my estranged father to court regarding my underage brother's vaccination wishes is surreal, to say the very least.

this little shit had to be administered fucking chemo back in the day and it still wasn't enough to convince my dad his fantasy world conspiracy theories are baseless.

No. 928027

File: 1633128679890.png (272.08 KB, 620x480, 209348230975340636.png)

I don't know what my issue is with food lately. I'm proud of myself because I've been exercising regularly for the past several months and can see more muscle even under the fat I have. It's not excessive but I'd like to drop a solid 10 lbs and I'd be at a point where my definition is really noticeable. I have done cuts before and this isn't a huge one. Never had a problem with calorie restricting, hunger pangs would lower about two weeks in, but I've been attempting to lose for 1-1/2 months now and at some point I always end up going overboard with my meals. I've realized I can't have any tempting foods in the house, period. I used to be able to just eat smaller portions but fuck I have no self control anymore. I'm such a hog it has to be salads, protein bars, and dry ass turkey and chicken for the next month until I can allow food that tastes good back into my life.

No. 928034

>I'm such a hog it has to be salads, protein bars, and dry ass turkey and chicken for the next month until I can allow food that tastes good back into my life.
The trick is to learn how to cook well, replace your snacks with high-quality less unhealthy versions (e.g. I'm a chocoholic so I buy a really good 'no sugar added' version to binge on) and/or buy individual snack bags of the unhealthy snacks so you know when to stop.
Chicken, turkey, and salads can be easy, filling, and delicious if you know how to cook, and red meats and high-cal meals are fine in moderation if you understand what's in a portion. I always smh my head at dieters who try to lose weight with shitty cheats and bland food because they never learn how to eat a healthy diet that actually tastes good and will inevitably blow up as soon as they feel like they lost enough to eat shit again.

No. 928053

my friends keep commenting on my weight and telling me to eat, especially girls, i lost a lot of weight recently, 2 girls in particular keep commenting on it, at first i was happy that my people noticed but then then the comments became more concerned telling me to not lose weight anymore and asking me how i lost it, today one of them said "you lost so much weight this jean looks so big on you now" and the other one said "oh but she was dieting she did it on purpose" and girl 1 said "you look skinnier than me now" and girl 2 replied with "no she's not her bones are bigger you have a smaller frame" and it made me so sad i cried when i got home, i have body issues stemming from childhood i was always more or less 10 kgs overweight from my peers ever since 3rd grade(not by a lot but i was a bit chubby, more middle sized never the skinniest girl in the group not that i cared but my weight was a big insecurity of mine) dropping this 10 kgs been a lifelong goal of mine i tried many things over the years diet and sport and i'm finally happy that i reached this goal it feels so fulfilling, but this conversation today made me so depressed, i'll never be perceived as skinny because of my frame no matter how much weight i lose.

No. 928059

why do k-poop fags keep talking about this show on here? we don’t care, it sucks ass

No. 928062

So you've been getting all these comments about how you're too skinny, yet the one single comment about bone structure (clearly intended to make an insecure girl feel better) is the one thing you're clinging to as proof of not being seen as skinny…? Please get some perspective, your insecurity is warping it.

I also think you're misunderstanding the comment to begin with tbh. Bigger bone structure is what makes someone look extra skinny, even compared to a smaller framed person who weighs less. It just means your bones stick out more, and if your concern is being 'perceived as skinny' then it will only help.

No. 928066

It's literally the top Netflix show right now, you're retarded if you think that everyone who's watching it is a kboo. If you actually didn't care you would just ignore the vent.

No. 928068

It's been almost two years since I've had any suicidal thoughts and now they're back with a vengeance. I'm so disappointed because I thought I was doing well but then I realized I don't have any value as a person so it doesn't matter. I already wasted my youth because I wasn't planning on living this long anyway.

No. 928072

Who is this guy?

No. 928088

A character from Squid Game

No. 928143

Boiling water is so fucking tiresome, I can’t believe I’m looking forward to going to kenya so I don’t have to stay in the same apartment as my brother.
I really want a job just to make everyone shut up about his ass being uwu stwessed with work, sometimes I want to kill myself, but with the possibility of looking at my asshat of a brother trying to balance work and home life with the bunch of other shit he does.
If by the time I have a stable job I still get treated as a servant, with the stwess excuse for my brother, I will kill myself, I’m sorry for my family but this is just retarded, I can’t believe I’m the one who has to be in charge of the house when I’m studying and shit while he never even takes the dirty plates to the kitchen.
He goes full retard unhinged when you even tell him that maybe he should clean the toilet that reeks of piss because he’s unable of flushing the fucking toilet and goes
>muh i will make enough money to pay for a maid
Bitch, we’re paying for a maid and she can’t come here every day, what will you do when you don’t have your little sister doing the chores? You fucking retard, just a calculator who plays tennis.

No. 928145

Sometimes I consider killing myself just to run away from the fucking social anxiety. Just thinking about how I'll have to talk to someone is enough to make me want to throw up and pass out. How the fuck am I supposed to ever progress in life like this?

No. 928146

File: 1633145406261.jpeg (334.22 KB, 750x925, 12F3AC40-D63F-45A5-B953-9F9E8E…)

I keep fantasizing about this really hot male streamer even though I try to ignore their existence, I don’t even care about their e-fame or honestly what they say I keep envisioning very dumb romantic things and I feel so icky and scrotey for fantasizing about someone I know and will never meet.

No. 928153

File: 1633146143308.png (191.85 KB, 344x362, pooop .png)

Having functional-ish persistent depression sucks because even if you feel cheerful and somewhat active or with enough energy to do stuff, you will always be sick.
Like, things can get better and your life can improve, but your brain chemistry is now cemented in such a way that you can feel sick any other day.
I often feel guilty about this because it's not like I have a """"real reason"""" not to work, sleep all day, not want to talk to people, not being able to do stuff and feel crappy overall. But it's also physically hard to get it over with.
I guess I could compare it to a cold. You can still work when you catch a cold, but you just don't feel optimal and everything is annoying because you feel unwell. And just like a cold, it could come in and out any day of the week and leave some days later.
Still the apathy and feelings of being drained and sad are so dumb. I don't want to feel like this, but I gotta be strong and patient with myself. Scolding myself over something I don't have the full control over just drains me more.
But also I would NEVER want to be like those twitter people who complain about shit and do nothing and never improve. Idk.

No. 928155

this picture made me jump
Also nonna I've talked to you before. As someone who is in a complicated-ish relationship with a streamer (and I started as just a fan as well) I'd say go for it. You have nothing to lose.

No. 928159

holy shit nonna really? is he a big or small streamer?

No. 928165

different anon. I am going to SHIT my PANTS if it's the guy that led me and like 50 other girls on at the same time kek

No. 928168

He's fairly small. He has an actual job besides streaming. He's more of a co-commentator tbh. He's not well known besides the niche he's in, but he's well regarded.
He isn't. We are very close and he isn't a player at all. I was the one to contact him in the first place.

No. 928169

yeah you're right, it's not him. the guy I was talking to was a mento health awareness NEET that thought his appearance made up for his scrub nature

No. 928172

Lmao, now I'm curious about how he looks like

No. 928186

He's your standard dark skinned Mexican guy with waist length hair and tattoos. I wish I never talked to him. If I hadn't done that I could still get off to his pics

No. 928190

>I'm going by they/them
How do you expect gender specials to not feel comfortable in your account when you're actively encouraging them? Stop interacting with english speakers, just post your stuff without saying anything, lock the comments

No. 928203

same. I thought I got over it completely than I got a new job and I throw up before meetings

No. 928205

Who is this character? He's kinda cute

No. 928218

>I feel so icky and scrotey for fantasizing about someone I know and will never meet
Anon, are you retarded? Daydreaming about your crush is not moid behavior.

No. 928222

damn anon, you sound like me.

what do you do to manage your depression? I'm on the highest dose of lexapro possible and I don't feel suicidal anymore I guess, but I'm also so tired all the time that it's making me depressed.

No. 928223

I talked shit to anons who didn't know where shay's clit was/thought her clit was a urethra but i feel actually bad that women aren't aware of their own anatomy and i wish i had posted a better diagram while it was going on to at least educate. oh well

No. 928238

God I saw my work crush tonight at a party (we had a thing and were hanging out but then after I quit he ghosted me) and I was doing good flirting for a while but then I decided to stop playing nice. I confronted him and asked him why he ghosted me, and straight up told him that I wanted him to make more of an effort. He was like “I feel like you’re threatening me” ??? And then got all weird and left. And it made me feel really bad like maybe I was too aggressive. But also fuck this man and his games. I wasn’t being 100% serious like I was flirtatiously picking a fight and being dom, seeing how he would respond but he just backed down and got all moody. My friend said I was doing too much but I don’t think I was? I was just trying to be honest on some level. The whole thing just made me feel like shit though. I feel like I’ll never meet a man who can handle me, ALL of me. I feel like men only like me when I’m people pleasing and it sucks. Anyway