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File: 1633370372764.png (91.08 KB, 500x538, 1559985241573.png)

No. 930219

Previous: >>>/ot/914233
Write it out to prevent picrel

No. 930227

I wish my family would stop commenting on my eating. I never lost extreme weight because I binge and purge consistently, so there is nothing to them to be concerned about. But their comments cut deep and are really triggering.

No. 930230

this thread pic is too scary!!

No. 930233

Maybe they're triggering bc you know binging and purging will ruin your whole body from teeth to ass.

No. 930236

purging is something to be concerned about though (not that binging isn't also) you can literally get a heart attack and die from that

No. 930237

fitting for october tbh

No. 930246

I like the thread pic, but I hope no one thought it was gore and got scared lol

No. 930247

fought w bf this morning. he ignores me right to my face and makes feel insane. told him he makes me want to kms (and that i wanted to kill myself in the past bc of his pornsick habits) i don't but it's a nice thought rn. tells me to message him every 15 minutes so he knows i'm ok. i said that's crossing a line and no thanks. and then gets mad at me for brining up the past. fb messenger is down and that's the only way i can contact him so yay. i hope he doesn't call any of my family members worried i'd be so embarrassed. i'm just chilling at home crying i feel so alone

No. 930251

WTF, I thought Elaine was spamming gore again

No. 930254

I thought it was gore and got scared, I was ready to report.

No. 930259

madison is that bitch, assuming that's madison and not chanel, love them both though

No. 930263

I didn't know if I should post it bc yeah it is kind of gorey, but it's halloween time so…

No. 930276

Neither of you seem to be healthy for the other. Him ignoring you to your face is wrong and so is you threatening with suicide.

No. 930277

It’s okay, I actually like it, suits the theme of the thread and the spooky season.

No. 930280

What are you, a tween? Halloween is for kids. Should've known better then to post an OP pic with a lot of blood when this place gets frequent gore raids. God forgive me for saying this but even a Sonic picture would be better as an OP.

No. 930281

I can agree with that. I wish I didn't feel this way. He makes me feel so sad so regularly. I genuinely don't think he loves me the way I love him or ever did with all the cheating / porn related shit in our past

No. 930283

what's with anons always thinking that all fun things are only for kids

No. 930286

Sorry you're dead inside and can't enjoy holidays

No. 930290

I saw this pic and thought it was gore
please be more careful next time

No. 930292

Next you guys are gonna say that only kids can like Christmas

No. 930299

File: 1633372625434.jpeg (140.1 KB, 1242x783, 04C8BB8C-998B-40E2-AB71-292495…)

No. 930304

I've been procastinating doing uni work for 4 hours now I hate myself

No. 930308

i like the thread pic! happy halloween 4th yall!

No. 930309

did you know adult halloween parties exist?
I mean how would you know. You sound underage as fuck

No. 930313

Working makes me want to kms

No. 930314

They're retards
They either think all the fun things are either for kids or scrotes
Everyone who thinks like this wants to be a normie so hard but you will never be a normie adult as long as you keep posting and lurking lolcow.farm
Let's just embrace our unhinged selves, that sounds more honest anyways.

No. 930318

Next they'll say only hetties and scrotes like christmas

No. 930319

I read this like "music makes you lose control"

No. 930323

love the thread pic, ppl complaining are pussies happy halloween nonnie

No. 930345

People being pretentious about subs over dubs irritates me so bad, especially with squid game. I have adhd and literally cannot read subs and focus on the show at the same time. Literal celebrities making fun of people for choosing dubs. Who gives a shit if people don’t watch the same way you do, it doesn’t mean I enjoyed it any less. Stop being a prick

No. 930351

The only problem with squids game dub AND sub is that both are poorly translated.

No. 930359

Which subs did you use? English or English CC?

No. 930363

can't you just pause the video?

No. 930365

File: 1633374693146.jpg (35.67 KB, 1028x525, yeah.jpg)

>seeing OP pic whilst I'm on my period

No. 930366

Bruh the thread pic is borderline gore. Why do you even complain when scrotes spam this place with gore if you post this shit and call people pussies for not liking it. I get that it's fake and it's halloween but jfc

No. 930368

I mean if I had to choose between pausing every time someone speaks to read it or just watching dubs, I’m going to choose dubs because they’re not even that bad. It makes me a lesser fan though apparently

No. 930373

I want to know WHO was playing the didgeridoo outside my house whilst I was trying to study.

I am studying so that one day I will have a house with a PRIVATE garden and won't have to listen to people playing the didgeridoo outside. It's an October afternoon and it's wet outside. Respectfully, whoever you are, WHAT were you thinking???

No. 930377

>the thread pic is borderline gore
you sound really sheltered, this is nowhere near close real gore

No. 930379

>I get that it's fake
>Why do you even complain when scrotes spam
You kind of answered your own question. We have a problem with the scrote spam because most of it is real gore or CP and nothing like a well-known actress covered in corn syrup for a well-known TV show.

No. 930380

I fucking hate living in Italy so much, holy shit. Literal shithole country, nothing fucking works. I managed to escape this place for almost five years and then the coof happened, and in these five years it got so much worse. It's fucking Brazil lite over here.

No. 930384

>mfw brazilian and thought about moving to Italy

No. 930386

B-but anon! The sea! The food!

We're country neighbours and yea, I feel you

No. 930390

File: 1633375756230.jpg (31.46 KB, 522x531, bart.jpg)

but it's good for a vacation though…right? right?

No. 930392

So I'm sheltered because I don't like seeing gory pics? I've seen way too much and I don't like looking at something that looks like gore every time I scroll. But you're a big and tough girl I guess.

It still looks like actual gore on first glance and I'm not the only one to say it. Also not everyone's a burger, I have no idea who this bitch is.

No. 930398

you should make your own "Vent Thread for Sensitive Women" thread

No. 930402

File: 1633376533024.jpg (75.95 KB, 651x550, d4skz1h-d3c2e3b4-3d08-4421-9f5…)

use this as thread pic if you do.

No. 930404

fuck you, i thought someone was posting gore again

No. 930405

Nah, I'm not tough at all, quite the opposite. It's just that saying that an famous actress that looks like she just ate her gf during her period is "basically" gore is really stupid. Makes light of real, awful shit.
Even the titty ham with egg at the food thread looked more gorey than this.

No. 930411

File: 1633376780993.gif (149.09 KB, 400x335, 23k8.gif)

how do people in this household get shit on the INSIDE of the toilet roll fucking christ

No. 930413

I see worse than that in my underwear every month lol

You got there before me

No. 930414

Hide the thread pic then pussy.

No. 930418

What the fuck, like inside of the cardboard roll?

No. 930427

yes, there's like a smear/streak in it

No. 930430

I honestly will do it if no one else does

No. 930431

Poopy hands grabbing everything with poop after touching their poopy asshole. They probably dont even clean their ass properly and don't know how to wash their hands either. They probably smear everything with their dookie everytime always.

No. 930436

I moved in with my boyfriend who I only knew online after dating for two months because of extreme circumstances. Now it will be four months in total we have known each other. Nothing particularly bad has happened but I can sense that he probably wishes we didn't move so fast. We've had a few arguments and during them he has said things like "I still barely know anything about you." Or "well that's what happens when you move in with someone you've only known for two months." Maybe he even wants to break up, this is a feeling I get but I have no real proof of it. I don't think he would easily break up with me right now only for the fact that he relies on me financially but he's almost on his feet and the fact he also moved very far away so even if he had money I doubt it would be easy for him to just leave. Which keeps concerning me as I feel like maybe we are just together now because it's convenient and at some point it will end when he has an easy way out, or maybe I'm being paranoid.

I mean all this over thinking is making me want to end the relationship so maybe I'm just projecting. Either way, I feel mildly on edge about it because I'm getting older and I don't want to waste anymore time on a guy that's not going to anywhere. I wonder if I would have felt better if we had moved in together way longer down the line or if I'd still feel the way because I constantly have this fear that no one will want to be with me for life.

No. 930445

This sounds like a powder keg of a situation that will only get worse, I would work on getting into a better living arrangement tASAP. You don’t know this man terribly well & he sounds like he already holds some resentment toward you, things probably won’t get better before they get worse.

No. 930448

I moved in with a bf after a few weeks once. My lease was unexpectedly ended so I'd 28 days notice and while stressing about my options the guy just said to move in to his plave. We did everything so fast that we were having arguments nobody should be having that early on. Stress from the fucking beginning. No nice fuzzy stage at all. I wish I had stuck to my original plan of only staying there til I found my own place. It should've been a temp thing. I got stuck there, admittedly too dependant on his income to help.

Is he looking for his own place once he gets the funds together?

No. 930461

No, we had already agreed this would just be a permanent living situation for us now. It hasn't been particularly stressful except now that I guess the reality is setting in since he made the comments about us barely knowing each other that long during an argument. Which is true but still hurt. To be fair, I'm also suffering from mental health issues so it's probably not making any better. Most of the arguments we have had is him being frustrated because he feels like he has to sacrifice a lot for me and that he isn't used to this as it's his first time dating someone. Like we did have a really huge argument in which I thought we were going to break up because I asked him not to watch porn. He told me he considered breaking it off at that point because he was scared that the sacrifices he had to make would be never ending but he did agree to not watch it in the end because "he loves me and cares about me and that's the most important thing."

No. 930466

>I asked him not to watch porn. He told me he considered breaking it off at that point because he was scared that the sacrifices
You're paying this guys way right now?

No. 930468

I was, he's now in a place where he can pay for his own things financially but still doesn't have a lot.

No. 930476

I'd be done with him after that porn comment, you're in the most lust filled point of your relationship, very new sexual partners and yet porn is needed and is a make or break thing for him already. That's nuts.

No. 930479

nta but maybe you need to revise your "this is permanent for now" agreement and work out a new plan with the goal of him (or you, whoever it was moving in with the other out of neccesity) to live on his own again.

No. 930480

ayrt and yes, it definitely is, it's a great place to visit and enjoy the sights and foods. It's just bad to live in!

No. 930494

I’m so fucking tired of living with my parents. I’m still in school and it’s impossible to rent where I live on part-time wages. My parents are the type of boomer that doesn’t understand it’s impolite/annoying to watch videos on full volume and all they do all day is watch videos loudly while eating sunflower seeds. It’s impossible to concentrate on my schoolwork because all I hear 24/7 is their loud ass videos of babies singing or whatever shit is popular with boomers rn.

No. 930502

File: 1633381474813.jpeg (417.33 KB, 930x954, DB1C8350-8878-45E7-8E80-59A9CC…)

i fucking hate how ignorant and stupid zoomers are. they’re so anti woman, racist, and homophobic that they don’t even fucking realize it. why the fuck are woman spaces being altered and renamed? why the fuck are woman spaces invaded by these dumbasses? what the hell is “non man loving non man” ? lesbian is and always will be wlw. trannies can fucking suck it and stick with pansexual. but no, they never do it in mens spaces. gay isn’t “non woman loving non woman” … it’s just gay.

No. 930522

When I was like 9 years old at my uncle's wedding a strange man wouldn't stop talking to me and following me around the reception. My family made fun of me and laughed at me and called him my boyfriend. I remember lying face down on a couch that was there and just crying in humiliation and embarrassment. I remember a relative sitting down on the couch with me and chastising me for making a scene. Today I was helping my mom organize pics and a pic of me from that day popped up and she brought up the funny story of me talking to that man. When I told her how it was a bad memory for me she become upset and shouted WELL WHY DIDN'T YOU ASK US FOR HELP?? it's like, sorry your funny memory isn't so funny but don't blame me for it I was 9. Dumbass

No. 930524

Hahaha a pedo is following my daughter around ahahaha teehee hee

Your family is cunts

No. 930525

LGBT without the T will always be funny to me. You have literally blazed the path for trannies and other paraphilias to be accepted into mainstream.

No. 930537

File: 1633383625376.png (157.61 KB, 1287x955, oke1ivypv5l71.png)

I'm a woman with a history of coddling 4chan users. In 2012 I used to do therapist skype calls for lonely suicidal men as a teenager, and recently I've begun doing it to the users of the /lgbt/ board. Basically I'm a blogger (lol) who started writing about the transgender debate. I have very dissenting views of pretty much every party involved. However, I initially started writing to convince the trans women on the board that not all women hate them. I became their messiah overnight. I took a break and began to try and write with my own voice without the intent of comforting others, and to do so I had to reveal that I actually agree with the gender criticals on many things. There was a vapid internet argument, but at the end I posted the following. Honestly I don't know what I was thinking lol. These responses shocked me into waking up, and they reminded me that I was not in understanding company. It was the way they responded to my worries as a mother that suddenly woke me up and made me realize I was the only girl in a room full of guys.

Why am I like this? I can't get rid of this stupid desire to be a constant people pleaser. I took this mentality to its extremes with my last boyfriend, where I would degrade myself to ridiculous lengths just because I wanted to make him happy. Do I just want people to like me?

No. 930540

File: 1633383886471.jpg (9.78 KB, 224x217, 1296315836408.jpg)

Can't stop having mental conversations with made up people in my head all because I don't have friends to talk to, I literally give them rebuttals and questions just for me to reply

No. 930541

Same nonna, don't worry too much about it though most people talk to themselves

No. 930546

Porn is such a HUGE end of his entire WORLD sacrifice that he's considering breaking it off…? Come on anon, value yourself a little more.

No. 930550

Been doing this for years too. I was stressed today and I had a rare moment where I was out in public and not sure if my facial expression was giving it away or not. I'm usually on top of it but moments like that are scary.

No. 930552

You're pathetic.

No. 930553

that last one lmao. such a dumb, reddit-tier reply. I don't know what else you expected though… I understand the instinct to be nice to them, honestly sometimes I think I could talk to incels and convince them that women aren't the monsters they see us as and that we're just people too, but then I remember I'm not a charity for the rehabilitation of retards and that if they had the mental capacity to understand that, they wouldn't be incels in the first place. I think some women just tend to follow that "I can change/save him" mentality to a fault, in my country we call it the red cross nurse syndrome. /lgbt/ troons are not worth your time

No. 930556

There are always people like you think "talking" and "being understanding" and the ways to get silenced voices heard. No wonder there's so many anti manhate spergs on lc when there are people like you here, a fucking joke.

No. 930557

I relate to you pretty hard. I was going to be a therapist in life but got caught in the moral quandary of charging people for their mental health. I just can't justify someone's life satisfaction costing money unless they're really well-off and okay with it. I've spent the majority of my life helping suicidal and depressed, anxious and miserable people work towards and maintain healthy, productive, happy, better lives. I've been studying self-help, therapy and psychology since I was about 13. I've watched many people grow and some fail and at this point I don't even know what else to do with my life. It's incredibly fulfilling and stressful.

However I would not take /lgbt/ as serious example of human interaction. That is a *chan board and they're meant to be full of toxicity and stupidity and vain hatred. People are rude and presumptuous, there are no standards of discourse and probably most of the reaction you're getting, other than troons being troons, based on the screenshot. I have personally found a lot of troons to be extremely self-centered and utterly oblivious or uncaring about how their identity-issues affect others around them. It's very solipsistic.

You don't sound entirely sincere about it though, you kinda sound like you're being narcissistic (blogger, messiah, differing actual views) or want to be liked/validated for it and probably overcompensating in some way. Did you ever go through any of the things you're helping others with? What goes through your head and feelings when you see someone in dire straits? What is your self-esteem? are you well-adjusted? you could have a hero-complex or masochism, judging from your post. These are two very common things in the "helper/healer/fixer" category of people, and you may have some mix of these. How old are you? Are you a mother currently?

The root of people pleasing is from self-esteem and a need to be liked, and the extent of this 'likedness' is on a spectrum. You could be filling a hole in yourself where your self-esteem ought to be, or you could have outrageous standards for yourself and need extreme validation for that standard, as in narcisissm or I-was-given-far-too-high-and-unreasonable-expectations-growing-up, which is something I am sort of picking up from your post.

You shouldn't be degrading yourself for someone especially romantically, I'm sure you know this but there's a vicious cycle you're feeding into by doing it. I could help you and explain a lot better in a different form of communication if you'd like, I have a lot of personal and semi-professional experience with this.

One thing you might take away from this, or in general should know is that you cannot save every type of person, and love/care will not work on all people, and doing so is just hurting one well-meaning individual and probably further radicalizing another, which is not serving any sort of good, even if that well-meaning individual is you.

No. 930559

who think*
are the ways*

No. 930561

File: 1633384920837.jpeg (82.57 KB, 402x750, 33949B34-38F2-4721-9C11-44E5DC…)

I'm gonna fucjing lose it. I'm gonna let it out. Im sosick of everything. ARENT you all tired??? Why don't we do something about it? We're all either NEETs or suicidal or both. What do we have to lose

No. 930562

Went out with some normie friends today. Didn’t want to, but I haven’t been out for a while and I knew if I stayed back I’d be alone with my thoughts again. Anyway, it was fun and I’m glad I’m trying to socialize even though I’m still socially retarded. I do wish I had non-normie online friends that I could meet irl though. I think that’s my goal for the rest of the year, if I don’t slip into depression. I always cancel at the last minute with my online friends because I used to think that they’d be weirded out by me irl. I now pledge that I will make friends with online degenerates and meet them irl.

I’ve been getting sick of being online, too. I’ve been online for my most of my life. I spent my teens arguing with people online and fighting race scientists and bringing up different studies and LARPing as a man on /mu/ to convince people to listen to Kate Bush. I was offered money by drunk questionable individuals for free, basically, and lurked in all sorts of communities. My phone feels like the Real World now, boring and uninteresting, and the Real World feels like the nice escape the internet once was. I became so online that the two flipped; now irl is an escape from the online. Ah.

No. 930563

Went for a nap and woke up with 4 giant itchy welts on my left boob. Wtffff

No. 930564

I'm sory I got hungy

No. 930565

Get a job.

No. 930568

File: 1633385307904.gif (888.98 KB, 245x180, tumblr_myocgctkkk1rcwa0zo4_250…)

The same thing which has kept me from going apeshit for most of my life and I constantly have to remind myself of. Life is already so boring, but being potentially caged up, but now with the risk agp's? Fuck no.

No. 930569

I once coddled a suicidal scrote from r9k for a couple months. He ended up sending me fanfiction about raping me. Don't try to connect with anyone from 4chan. They're stuck there and deserve it.

No. 930571

Who cares? I literally write the most outlandish shit here so I can get yelled at by nonnies and see their reactions. It’s not like you’re seeking the approval of highly esteemed, well-adjusted, intelligent individuals. They’re retards, the kind who you don’t want the approval of, if you even think to seek it outside of yourself anyways.

No. 930574

They're probably going deaf, you can go in their devices settings and put a cap on the volume level. Just do it very slowly so they think they're getting more deaf and not you changing the settings.

No. 930582

anon i'm not the person you're replying to but can you give me a way to contact you. I like your post very much and I think we'd get along together and I need someone to talk to. You can post your discord or email and then I will delte.

No. 930587

File: 1633386637164.jpg (8.55 KB, 235x133, 838272627184848.jpg)

God I'm so glad that I'm not an ass-kissing doormat. Feels good to be a cold bitch.

No. 930597

Thank you for the lovely reply.
By degrade, I mean I let him have sex with me without my genuine consent several times over the course of a few months, just because I wanted to make him happy. I feel I constantly have to be this squishy comfort doll that morphs to fit the hand of whoever is holding me. I'm scared to be scolded for asserting myself upon any social settings.
When I think back to him or any other setting where I tried to comfort people, it genuinely was sincere. I didn't feel a need to be liked, I genuinely just wanted to make him happy–and I'd still feel this pity were he next to me right now. I honestly think it's all fuelled by pity. Maybe that is pathetic like the other poster suggested. I don't really need my contributions to be validated by everybody around me. I'm okay with people like >>930587 poking fun at me because I know it's just internet retard shit, and honestly, I'm not so brainwormed that I'm constantly paranoid about being an awful person or whatever. I know I'm fine. I'm just a wet noodle who internalized one too many ideals about how a kind person should act.

>You don't sound entirely sincere about it though, you kinda sound like you're being narcissistic (blogger, messiah, differing actual views) or want to be liked/validated for it and probably overcompensating in some way.

I said messiah because that's practically how they saw me. They treated me like I was this prophesized woman, come to deliver the tranners from their self-doubt. I write primarily for entertainment mostly, besides this occasion where I wrote to comfort people.

I appreciate the offer but I think I'm fine for now. I don't have any channels of contact besides email anyways.

No. 930599

Makes me wonder why there’s always people trying to be understanding to these freaks with the “oh they went down the wrong path!!” explanation. These men don’t need compassion or love, they need to be fucking punched in the face

No. 930602

File: 1633387358731.gif (153.29 KB, 250x341, alice.gif)

Can't go on a damn video with a women killer without incels screeching at the top of their lungs how evil women are.

No. 930603

File: 1633387367973.png (807.99 KB, 1920x1080, po3i0tujqognavpknsk.png)

when i block and unblock him for the 7th time this year and he doesn't accept my friend request this time.

No. 930604

Oh, I just realized. It's probably important to state that I've been a profuse self-harmer for like the past 8 years to the point where I don't even know why I do it anymore. I sometimes do it in the mornings just so I can get on with my day. I think all of this saviour complex nonsense is an expression of self-harm probably. Like I'm throwing myself at losers just to sort of drain myself of something. Like I'm purging some part of myself and transforming into this empty, brainless comfort doll that says answers yes to every question

No. 930605

I wish someone cared about me the way the suicide baiting 17+ year old emo friends I had when I was about 14 did. I miss not logging onto the forum site we were all on for a few days to come back to many messages to reply to. It was fun, I don't even care about the bad parts. In the end it all just fizzled out right when the site was about to get closed down and I didn't keep contact with any of them. I don't think they cared about me at all but I had fun talking to them each day since I didn't have many friends irl. I don't have any right now and I don't think it'll ever happen again, I'm unable to take the iniative when talking the way I did back then and no one would want to do it for me since I won't return it anyway.

No. 930607

well, honestly that's really good to hear. it's always refreshing to see someone who understands the importance of self-sacrifice, but please understand that sacrifice is for the GREATER good, not some vampiric imbalance or self-degradation. you are NOT supposed to sacrifice yourself or commit yourself to suffering meaninglessly or for cheap enjoyment. That is actually shameful and feeds evil. You should really start looking at yourself more objectively, you are a well-intentioned, generally good-natured individual and you deserve the same sort of treatment that those people deserve. Doing wrong to yourself is just as bad as doing it to another. There can be a lot of appeal to being overly kind but please take limits into consideration. You are more than valuable as a human being.

see? see? you know I'm right. You're being a masochist!!! >:(

No. 930610

Let them scream at the couple of “evil women” out of the thousands and thousands of men who have killed people. It’s a diversion tactic, they know who’s the most dangerous and it’s men

No. 930612

In all my years this is the nicest thing anybody on an imageboard has said to me. Thank you anon, I'm going to put in an effort to exercise more of a selective mindset when it comes to what people I give my time and energy to. I think my issue is that while I have many friends, I have no community. Covid has kept my family apart, for example. Having friends doesn't really translate to having genuine community, which is why I'm going to try a bunch of different things until I find what sticks. I'm going to try going back to church. Maybe it will work, maybe it wont. But I need a genuinely meaningful community (political rallies and meetups don't seem to cut it for me even if I like them) that isn't just people my age. And I need something I can pour myself into that is larger than the self, so that I'm not busy pouring myself into losers who are clearly beyond saving

No. 930617

File: 1633388419975.jpeg (151.44 KB, 750x1019, 59B7C0A9-13C7-46C2-9D97-4D81EA…)

I just a forced target ad about Covid vaccine safety on iPhone that opened and closed itself, because I was browsing the antivax section of Rooshv forum for lolz. It was audio only, only showed up on my Lock Screen visually, and was creepy and hell in an unbelievably anti-effective way, like snl skit about autistic aliens making apps and comically failing at understanding basic human thoughts. Is this the future now? 24/7 online babysitting thru ads that assumes the reader is an infantilized child incapable of reading the wrong things without oversight? What the actual fuck is going on right now.? I can’t even figure out if it the origin is apple or the govt of ny, because there is a total search result blackout on Google, like no one has ever seen it besides me.

No. 930622

that's a bittersweet compliment, anon. but I'll definitely take it. You are a lovely person for what you've done, but I think it's time to retire the self-harm and maybe pick up some self-help, too. You can still do wonders for other people helping them and find a medium and healthy balance for kindness and pity, these are very virtuous things but you ought to take a break, heal, and spend some time alone, focus more about yourself than others, you're distracting your progress with other people's. You've earned a vacation, anon, paid in full. Love yourself.

No. 930629

I really like your wallpaper, anon

No. 930630

I have a fucking boil on my pussy lip. I feel so dumb for even getting a boil, and because I popped it thinking nothing was going to come out and now it's definitely gonna get worse and leave a blemish.

No. 930636

I used to get these, why do they even appear? Randomly? They always start off as a small irritating spot

No. 930644

If the boil itches and burns something is irritating it, you have a bacterial infection or you have an ingrown hair there, not really 100% sure since I’m not a medical professional anon kek

No. 930645

I hate having bpd and ruining everything constantly, I just want to be happy

No. 930646

File: 1633390643585.jpeg (117.66 KB, 750x792, 526442CB-F5BB-46FB-9708-7FA695…)

it makes me so envious when anons want to contact each other off the site and become cute online friends, i’m so full of jealousy and spite

No. 930648


No. 930650

I hate the people who try to encourage you to be open with your sexuality and to "explore" it and your body, like it's a piece of clothing you can just try on and take off. I remember reading sexuality and identity are closely linked and I agree. It's not some secret you can keep inside yourself, it leaks out and affects your perception of yourself and other people. It's not "natural" to like being hurt or hurting others for example- do you think people really are born with those inclinations? No, those are put inside them by other people and maybe the environment they grew up in.

I have a problem with having sick fantasies of being hurt in various ways when I masturbate, and I think it is connected to the sexual abuse I went through as a kid. I wish I could stop it, it makes me feel like a weird fucking creep (maybe I am) and teleports me back to being abused, which inevitably makes me feel like absolute shit. When I was looking up advice for this I had to read people saying how "it's natural" and sexuality is something to explore or play with. No it's fucking not.

No. 930659

I met someone on here and we talked for a while and became friends but then they stopped coming online and it made me sad.

No. 930663

File: 1633392885507.gif (2.95 MB, 457x360, D8D77667-03F1-45AD-B522-1450BE…)

I want to go fucking insane seriously I can’t take anything anymore I’m actually a maniac

No. 930666

This is all a passing phase. Remember where you came from, if will give you the power to surpass your limits.

No. 930673

File: 1633394222688.jpg (84.56 KB, 630x630, Tumblr_l_19349574288152.jpg)

I never thought of mads as attractive and I hated the hype around him and now I suddenly want to fuck him and I don't know why and I hate it

No. 930677

File: 1633394899632.png (186.69 KB, 378x484, 132902809347534.png)

Welcome to the club nonny, honestly Madsfags are the chillest of groupies. He's a weird-sexy not untalented actor who's surprisingly unproblematic compared to most celebs, so you could do much worse

No. 930679

File: 1633394989642.jpg (62.85 KB, 401x680, Tumblr_l_497101573507275.jpg)

it's the natural order of things

No. 930684

something about what you said reminds me of what a scrote would say but what would I know I'm a batshit insane schizo

No. 930688

he looks like a frog.

No. 930690

File: 1633396115788.jpg (8.18 KB, 184x184, 1611642261686.jpg)

I'm angry at a situation beyond my control and want to make strangers on the internet angry to release my frustration but am too butthurt to form an action plan.

No. 930693

I accidentally added the wrong tracking number on a Mercari order, and it’s one of the most expensive things I’ve sold on there. I told the buyer what happened so I hope they’ll be honest with the delivery but I know it’s easy to get a refund with this kind of mistake

No. 930712

I don't think my boil was random tbh. I know why it showed up, it's my fault.
Not the ayrt, but mine didn't even hurt before I popped it to be honest. I didn't even realize it was there until I felt it in the shower.

No. 930718

Late, but I'd suggest the option of just being roommates so he doesn't feel trapped with you and start resenting you for it (you can build it back up from there as you get to know each other more). Also I'd not try to control his porn habits or anything else he does on his own really at least for a while, but I'm kind of a pathetic "I'll blow you while you watch porn, just please make me part of it" mess so idk

No. 930719

i got into an extremely long distance relationship and this is probably going to be one of the most major and hardest things i've ever done in my life but if it ends up working out it's going to be worth it forever. pray for me nonnies

No. 930720

>desperately wants to die everyday
>surrounded by family with covid
>tests negative despite being around them 24/7
>still alive and thankfully family members are

wtf??? why is the universe doing this, i simply just wanted the sweet relief of death

No. 930722


No. 930723

praying for you. mine wasn't extremely long but we met each other online and have been together for 5 years now, after meeting each other after a year.

No. 930731

i'm so happy for you! how long did it take you to actually end up being together physically permanently (not counting the first meeting/visits)? probably won't apply much to my situation but still

No. 930745

kek the fear porn propaganda was too effective on you

No. 930752

I got cyberbullied by a group of classmates (who I considered friends) a few years ago and I feel it has given me PTSD. I am too embarrassed to admit it to my family but it has been affecting me for so long. They would leave horrible comments on my ask.fm and Sarahah page telling me to kill myself and would call me ugly, whore, ect. They also shit-talked me on messenger. One of the girls' ex-boyfriend eventually revealed to me that they were the ones behind it. I didn't do anything to them and was nice. I was a bit erratic during that time and went through a cringey weeb phase but I don't think it warranted those comments. It has brought down my self esteem entirely and I still get flashbacks to those comments. I have a hard time trusting people and feel they will do the same.

No. 930754

kill yourself(a-logging)

No. 930758

I DESPERATELY want to tell shay-anons about kiwitober so they can all go explore their artistic abilities away from the threads. I unironically laughed that apparently Lori/usagi-kou's terminology for paid platforms ("the spicy") is prolific enough to warrant a prompt in kiwi farms' version of inktober, and immediately thought of shayna's various fanartists.

No. 930761

Gave out my number to this guy who seemed pretty interested. We had one unfinished text convo, and I have seen but not heard from him since. Not to be braggadocious but I definitely should have the upper hand on this, and I can't see how anything I texted him could be that off-putting? WTF is wrong with men. Whyyyyyy are they like this.

No. 930765

that's what you get for using a smartphone

No. 930767

Ads in general kinda make me want to go back to using basic flip phones sometimes but this is even worse than the usual ad. At least since you were on a forum they could have included some normal links with info on the vaccine instead of this. I'd have a heart attack and think my phone's broken at first if I were you.

No. 930769

File: 1633413449575.jpg (194.51 KB, 1240x1241, 1630435469538.jpg)

From conspiracy theorists to kinnies to new-age antivaxxers to astrologists to gender enthusiasts, the post-truth lifestyle really does seem to be the hot overarching trend of this era when you step back and look at it all.

People have obviously always believed things that aren’t true, but there’s a very particular brazen confidence that’s emerged lately among people who consider it their god-given right to just ignore and replace reality with whatever they want lmao

No. 930771

I wonder if it's the result of the post-religious society. It seems that people yearn for the fantasy of someone bigger than them controlling everything because it's easier to accept than the fact that everything happens because it just happens, instead of the flow of life being a conducted psyop by an international illuminati organization.

No. 930773

Update: he was just asleep hehe

No. 930778

I’m so fucking tired of my libfem friends. I don’t know what I’m gonna do after lolcow dies, reading terfposts here is the only thing that keeps me sane after enduring friends insisting on calling Chris Chan a she after he raped his mother

No. 930780

Instagram has a pretty great terf community. You would absolutely be welcome. Easy to be relatively anonymous on there, as well.

No. 930783

Kek, at least you're upfront about being unhinged. How long has this toxic relationship been going on?

No. 930796

There are adblockers for phones. I use AdGuard on my iPhone and it works well for my browser.

No. 930799

>I wonder if it's the result of the post-religious society. It seems that people yearn for the fantasy of someone bigger than them controlling everything because it's easier to accept than the fact that everything happens because it just happens
Or how about people can tell shit is fucked up and consent is being manufactured for all sorts of things. They can sense that this way of life is too unnatural, but just can't articulate it, without the use of conspiracies or magical thinking. The cottagecore zoomers, not the religious tradthots, are closer to the truth. The rest has to come up with conspiracies to cope. It's difficult to keep track of things when several governments have hired post modern art directors to spread (mis)information. Post modernism is just a tool, used for good and bad, every ideology uses it whether they like it or not, so no Jordan Peterson fearmongering here and it's common knowledge about the culture ministry of as an example Russia. So not a conspiracy either and it does make for very pretty propaganda. Something bigger IS controlling us? Hello? (nation) States literally do that? Patriarchy? Just no lizardmen or terf cabal.

No. 930839

anons I've fucked it. I got a tattoo on my forearm and I love it so much but I've just realised that it's going to seriously affect my ability to teach in japan and live there for a while. I hate myself I hate myself I hate myself

No. 930841

it's been going for 2 years but the unhinged behaviour only started when we became closer 1.5 year ago, he is more insane than me for taking me back without any questions asked every time. we're a perfect match.

No. 930848

I thought I was doing so well adjusting to my mom's death and taking over some of her tasks but tonight I fucked up cleaning and prepping the meat for this week's lunches and I ended up sobbing loudly in bed thinking about how life used to be when she was around. Even though we fought often I miss her so much. I wish she was still alive.

No. 930850

pretty sure there are foundation you can cover it up with

No. 930856

you stink

No. 930858

I'm sorry you went through that anon. people can be so cruel and such losers for doing that. it sounds very immature of them too (I'm guessing they were teenagers and they will probably look back on what they did one day and feel deep shame and so they should!) know that there are nice people out there that I'm sure you'll find to be friends with who won't do that to you. in fact, most people are pretty decent! hope you find good friends in your future anon

No. 930860

whereabouts is it on your arm? can you not just wear longsleeves?

No. 930881

a man in my criminology class today said that men are oppressed because women gatekeep sex from them. i wanted to go off on him but he’s fat, ugly and autistic so i think that’s punishment enough

No. 930890

Jesus Christ, how could a teacher say such a thing? What a sick fuck. Misogynists who think women "gatekeep" sex should just get into the prison mentality and fuck each other. Let their poor partners have some fucking peace.

No. 930893

Samefagging to say I misread, I'm a sped. My point still stands though. Don't like women occasionally turning you down? Go fuck your bros.

No. 930896

i feel like because this guy has poor social skills and is autistic he’s probably a virgin and assumes that all men aren’t having sex with women, when that’s not the case.
he also tried to say that sex work is work and is no different than working retail. i told him he should become a prostitute before making stupid comparisons like that and he tried to wiggle out of it by saying he’s unattractive so he wouldn’t make a good prostitute but i told him some people would probably be into him lol.

No. 930904

Kek, funny how those men who think sex work is work always have an excuse about why they can't do it as a job.

No. 930907

Something small happened yesterday and since then I can't stop crying while thinking about how no one will ever understand me or care about me. But it's fine, since I know I won't be able to do that for anyone else, so it's only fair. I guess I was just violently hit by the realization of how lonely I really am and I'm having trouble finding a way to cope with it, even though I understand why it's like this.

No. 930914

The fact that your friend will lump in people who cope with people with kinks shows how ignorant and stupid she's being. She doesn't care, she just wants to be better than you, but she's much worse.

No. 930918

show him nikocado avocados onlyfans. now he has no excuses left. tell him that if he is so pressed about sex he should just do an onlyfans bc he won't be going far with that attitude in criminology

No. 930925

Batshit insane pseudoscience scrotes like Carl Jung are called geniuses for tapping into spirituality but if a bunch of women want to discuss astrology or tarot cards we’re just a bunch of “dumb irrational broads”. Why can’t I just have fun?

No. 930951

No, it's a good thing. Midwitted skeptics stay dumb and losing. They croak "Follow the science" like toads, even as it leads them to the same truths they scoffed at before. Only the truly unafraid can enjoy the fruits of spirituality, while crowd-following losers sit, seethe and go on about women being dumb.

No. 930966

File: 1633441989877.gif (48.65 KB, 500x308, qdXyx5L.gif)

>gained a fuckton of weight
>blood labs were bad, realized I need to make changes
>read a few books on glycemic load and altering eating patterns because I know I can't commit much to exercise
>cut all carbs and start one meal a day
>easy enough cause I'm too busy at work to take lunch and I'm too broke to be spending much on takeout
>go to the grocery store and buy clean cooking ingredients only
>notice weight shedding off slowly
>20 pounds lost since July from not doing shit
>barely hungry anymore

>husband is a picky eater who loves carby snacks

>like will eat an entire bag of cheese curls in a sitting
>and ofc men don't get fat from that bullshit
>begs me all the time for junk and sweets
>tell him he can buy his own but I'm not buying anything
>he'll buy his own but begs still, I think he just wants me to enable him
>cave and make a medium tin of homemade chocolate chip vanilla bean brownies
>have some brownies from the batch
>weight loss stymied
>sudden ravenous cravings
I ate the brownies between Saturday and Sunday, husband polished the majority of them. Still, I had a few myself. I can't believe what they've done to me just from those servings. It's like my body remembered how fucking good carbs were and stored all the sugar as fat then revved up my appetite in retaliation for depriving it.
Yesterday I was so fucking hungry and I worked from home so food was available. I had a leftover salmon filet and peas for lunch, low-cal soup, a giant bacon and cheese omelet, a tin of tuna, and who knows how many glasses of whole milk because seltzer water wasn't doing it for me.

I'm supposed to make shrimp and zucchini noodles for dinner tonight but I'm working from home again and feel tempted to order something for delivery. I know I shouldn't tailspin just because I had a naughty weekend. I just want to eat shit food and genuinely not care for a day because it's so damn unfair.

No. 930978

it is so unfair that men do not gain weight that easily. I have to fight with every kilo and watch what I eat and exercise or i will look like harry potters aunt in balloon form in no time life is unfair

No. 931002

Based queen

No. 931007

Considering he's autistic and probably a virgin he probably thought you were hitting on him.. be careful with wording around hateful scrotes

No. 931013

You're comparing an academic who created extremely influential albeit pseudoscientific theories at time when research methods were still underdeveloped to everyday randos doing what amounts to flipping a coin in 2021, which is stupid. That said, Jung's theories inspired a ton of batshit new age movements and the creators and adherents of said movements are worse than tiktok crystal-hoarders could ever be.

No. 931027

Why is he begging you for shit he can literally buy himself? Is he trying to get you to be his feeder or sum?
Boundaries, nonna. Tell him you've got your health prioritized and he can buy his own fucking snacks. If he begs you again, hit him with a newspaper.
Also congrats on the weight loss, get back on that wagon and you'll be losing again in no time. These setbacks are inevitable, but it's up to you how you deal with them. A week from now you'll be proud of bouncing back strong instead of spiraling.

No. 931040

forearm and normally yes but dresscode notes on application websites make it clear that you will be expected to wear short sleeves for sports events and festivals and that no tattoos should be visible

No. 931047

Just use makeup

No. 931050

Can't you just use makeup or bandage it up during those days?

No. 931058

There's makeup specifically made for covering up tattoos on the body, google it.

No. 931077

I was on the subway to work and when the train was entering my stop I looked up to get ready to get up and leave. When I looked up there was a man and woman in front of me who seemed to know each other, woman was in scrubs. The man looked so much like a fuck boy I used to be fwb from and I suddenly felt so panicked. I think he works at a hospital now doing pharmacy stuff (which is why the woman in scrubs made me really think it was him). He also kept glancing at me but that might've been because I was staring without realizing lol.

That stupid fuck kept throwing everything back at me, made me feel guilty for going off the rails even though he caused all of it, and I've finally healed from it after many years but damn. It thankfully wasn't him but man it feels bad to know I'd panic if I ever actually saw him on the street. I think he lives on the other side of the country now.

No. 931106

File: 1633453914181.jpeg (103.15 KB, 724x725, 050340B4-635E-4499-AE7C-66F880…)

This is so annoying. I wanted to meet with my friend who I haven’t seen in a whole ass year because, well, I haven’t seen her in a whole ass year.
But because my dumbass cousin got the coof 3 times in a row and three family members of mine died, everyone is paranoid.
I mean, yeah, I am too, I haven’t gone out since I got my vaccine.
But I take care of myself, my friend is also vaccinated, I would wear a ghost costume and I would keep my mask on under the costume, it’s not difficult to me because I’m not morbidly obese with breathing difficulties like some nerd who has to wheeze her ass around like a damaged squeaky toy.
I don’t want to go to her house and she also doesn’t want to celebrate Halloween at her house because her family’s shitty.
But I think she won’t want to come to my uncle’s house because it’s too far from her own.
I just want my house to get the remodeling done so I can go back there, I appreciate my uncle’s help, but seriously, being at home is different.
In my house, I don’t have to deal with these many cockroaches and my dog can also be more comfortable too.
I can do yoga at my house comfortably because I don’t have to worry about my paranoia of cockroaches being disgustingly dirty and running around the house with their disgusting, useless tiny little cockroach feet, making everything gross and making me wipe my dog every 5 seconds.
And like, I’m mad because it’s always so difficult to meet up, none of us can drive because I’ve been sheltered my whole life and told that I wouldn’t drive well even if the whole road was a clean slate, making me insecure about it, and whenever I try to take driving classes, some shit happens that makes me unable to take them for one reason or another.
And my friend can’t drive either because her family doesn’t want their slave to be independent.
Living in a third world shithole makes everything so fucking difficult that it’s honestly ridiculous.

No. 931118

Anon we're in a similar boat I'm trying to lose some weight I put on due to my thyroid fucking up and college work forcing me to sit at the desk more. It took a few days of saying "no" to my stomach in between planned out meals for the sugar cravings to fuck off. My scrote roommate keeps wanting to go out and I have to tell him no because of budget as well as eatting better. I highly recommend getting a bar of dark chocolate 70%-90% to curb your cravings. They're high in b12 or omega 3 if I remember right. God I miss caffeine from coffee so fucking much but it makes my thyroid flip out then makes it hard to breathe.

No. 931135

I hate men so fucking much, and they still have the audacity to be fat and ugly reeeee

No. 931140

You can look into some sort of light exercise routine such as steady walking and lifting some weight to increase muscle mass and burn more calories

"if you have time to eat, you have time to lift"

No. 931145

Trying to find a house for my bf and I to live in has been proven to be impossible. There's almost no house to rent, only to buy and I'm sorry but I don't have 400k and I don't want to go in debt for that yet.

Also when we do find something, it's either 1-extremely far away 2-extremely old and run down or 3-impossible to get. No, I don't have a salary five times the rent, if I did I wouldn't choose your shitty house, Karen. Or they want me to have a specific type of job contract that my profession doesn't do so I'm fucked.

This city has a reputation of having cheap rent for pretty nice houses, and it used to be true. But I guess covid changed that. I just want a nice house with a garden so I can adopt a dog.

No. 931166

I don't know how to cope with the unforgivable things humans do to the animals in food industry and laboratories. Maybe that's fair, since I'm not the one being forcibly removed from my child so both of us can get murdered after days long transport where I cannot even move, tortured to death, or "humanly" poisoned with gas as I squeal in pain and shit myself. I fucking hate this world and feel so powerless. I'm fucking disgusted how we have mastered the death machine so that nothing goes to waste. It brings to my mind Nazis making soap out of concentration camp prisoners. A complete objectification of another living, feeling being.

No. 931185

Getting an appointment with this chiro is so fucking annoying!! I gave him my insurance information and then he said he called and they cover chiropractic care but they said I didn't meet my deductible so I'd have to pay out of pocket. I told him that I have an HRA account with money in it put in there by my company, and any care charged to me will be paid by that account, and end up having to call my insurance anyway to confirm this. They confirm that yes, it'll be paid out of that account (which covers the first half of my deductible) and I could even be reimbursed if something went wrong and I ended up getting charged anyway. I call him back to tell him this and he's asking how the payments are done like… dude I don't work for my insurance?! All I've been told by the insurance, by my coworkers, and by HR (since this is a company sponsored plan) is that almost everything is covered and the HRA account pays for it all until it runs out of money (THEN I start paying). I'm new at this job and this is my first time even using their health insurance. So NOW he says he's going to call my insurance back to ask them how payment is done because he didn't like the answer I gave him.

Like fuck dude, I'm about to just go somewhere else. I've asked HR before about how the insurance pays it and they're just like "don't worry about it, the doctor should know and the insurance will pay" and no one else at my job seems to have ever had a problem with it so!!! Fuck!!

No. 931224

As if the same shit isn't our fate too. But instead of being put out of our misery the second our flesh goes bad, we work until we break and die due to it.

No. 931229

File: 1633464384389.jpeg (225.89 KB, 750x682, 9C578D84-82F2-4E10-BF08-B91AE2…)

It doesn’t matter how much I try to fix my life, if I even ever get friends, a job, a car, some sense of normalcy and adjustment to reality, I will still always feel empty and depressed. I will still wake up needing to kill myself, to finally feel free of pain and existence. There is nothing that I can change in my life that will make me feel happier, I can’t feel happiness. There is no future for me.

No. 931233

>As if the same shit isn't our fate too
It isn't, unless you are a prisoner of a concentration camp or a victim of a murderer like Jeffrey Dahmer.
Please tell me this isn't you, Gus anon. If it is, I want you to be happy!

No. 931242

I’m definitely not as cool as gus anon

No. 931244

i just ate a small piece of milk chocolate and now my tongue and mouth is itching. i swear if i’m allergic to chocolate now i’m gonna fucking kill myself

No. 931246

I'm relieved that the Chicken Woman most likely keeps on rocking, but I also wish for your happiness! Though at the same time, I relate to what you said. I'm so sorry you feel like that.

No. 931255

I don't know how to cope with the fact that they are treated worse than rapists. The non-human animal is literally innocent and punished for the crime of not being born a human.

No. 931258

Thank you anon, ily have a great day

No. 931265

File: 1633466726782.jpg (46.81 KB, 540x540, tumblr_2114eabb1efdad4c0b400da…)

my life has been non-stop humiliation and it's bringing me down

No. 931267

>caged in various tiny rooms for all your life to be exploited against your nature, forced into your working conditions against your nature so the ones higher in the chain can profit off you losing your life, fed with poisoned garbage to keep you alive but not really nurtured, and disposed of once you're ready
Sounds identical to your average lower/working class human to me.

No. 931271

my best friend keeps doing extremely destructive shit, she's having violent sex with men that treat her like garbage and get off to her being pathetic and it makes her depressed then I have to hear about it. I'm sick of hearing about it, I'm sick of her making the same shitty decisions, I just want to put her on mute forever.

No. 931276

shit i didn’t even think of that .. we only have one other class together before i graduate so hopefully i don’t have to see him again

No. 931278

Can you not make everything about yourself for 5 minutes? Fuck you

No. 931290

File: 1633468551032.png (894.07 KB, 960x720, bomi-snapshot-2021-09-30-15-54…)

my feelings on gender are complicated.

i hope this doesn't seem too "spergy", but…on one hand, i don't think it [gender] means anything? on the other, if it "doesn't mean anything" i have to question why i get so annoyed by the idea of "non-binary".

i think in my ideal world we wouldn't have trans identities or whatever, everyone would just go by their sex and otherwise be themselves? i don't know how to shape my thoughts on the matter, and it's growing into another little pointless worry of mine

No. 931291

I feel you anon, I'm on another downward spiral after a year of being symptom free. Depression just seems to be a carousel that doesn't end until you die. I hope you feel better. Take it one day at a time.

No. 931295

I'm a 'content creator' (honestly I just splice videos together for fun) and my content is clearly a joke. In a recent video I said something like "remember, jesus/g-d/allah is watching you" as a joke to the viewer. It was like "hey you shouldn't be watching this" and by all means it was sexual clickbait so it's not like I'm wrong in that religion probably would not endorse watching my videos.
Well of course there's people demanding I take down the video because it's disrespectful to allah. First of all, I don't practice any religion so why should I give a shit about making someone mad who I don't believe in? Is it because it's disrespectful to muslims? What I posted was totally harmless in comparison to the average offensive statement or actions taken against religious groups. I see things that are painfully discriminatory if not out right threatening to my demographic and I don't do shit about it. These bitches need to take some notes from the total of ZERO Christians and/or Jews who are demanding I take my video down.
What a fucking reach to think I'd be respectful of an oppressive belief system as an outsider. If you give a shit for human rights shouldn't it outrage you? How is it really so bad to hate Islam for how it treats people aside from the men?

No. 931299

Anons, I just need some words right now to bring me back to reality. Something to make me less jittery, I'm about to throw up.
My mom, who I live with, is a huge tinfoiler. She's buying a house in our country's sticks so she can "build a new society". Just half an hour ago, a short (5, barely 10 min) power outage happened on our block, and as soon as the lights went out, she started shouting orders: "Get a backpack! Get your warmest clothes! Flashlights, batteries, toiletries!" etc. etc. The light came back on, and after that, she told me to go to the store to get a list full of things for the bugout bag.
This happens every day, every day she tells me how the world is going to end very soon, and how I was going to learn how to survive in it. She loves panicking, and although I dont believe most of what she's saying, she gives me extreme anxiety, to the point I feel like killing myself out of despair.
I'm planning to move to my dad's house, since they're generally saner (and my dad has cancer, about which my mother immediately had to tell me "your stupid father got the vaxx which is why he has cancer now". My mental health is getting worse because of her, and I don't think I can just stand by and nod anymore. Maybe I'm a pussy, but I just can't deal with her.

No. 931308

How are some people that work in psychiatry so fucking rude? Like you obviously have no empathy so how the fuck did you even get this job. This bitch calls me while I’m driving home from work in a good mood to fill out my appointment form. Then starts asking if I have ptsd, I say yes, she says from what? Like you can’t just call someone who’s going about their day and spring that shit on them and then be a bitch when I say I don’t want to talk about it. Fuck

No. 931309

Humans are animals too.

No. 931311

Don't even interact with these people, and don't remove or edit your video just for that. You know you're not doing anything wrong and these people are the type who make more demands the more people try to accommodate them.

No. 931312

Stupid fucking roommate got me sick because she decided it was a good idea to go to a party and make out with a random fucking dude because she 'never had her first kiss before' and he -seemed into her' Just to find out that he's had a cough for the last two weeks from previously being sick. He's not even single; he's in a shitty open relationship and can barely take care of himself. She won't keep her fucking distance and is just sticking her hands in the box of cheezits as if she isn't coughing like a gross bitch, won't even sanitize her fucking hands. I fucking hate people in college, they're just as dirty as elementary school children. Every other person's room is musty as fuck like they don't know how to open a window and air out the damn room.. I'm vaccinated but still have to make sure I don't have covid because my mother has an immune disorder and she can't afford to catch that shit. I've already had someone in my fucking family die from covid. She even gave her friend covid at one point during the pandemic like that shit wouldn't be a big deal. Hope this stupid bitch finally fucks an ugly scrote and she gets knocked up or something. Maybe then she'll learn not to act so damn thirsty and use her damn brain for once in her life.

No. 931316

Yeah I'd saying moving to another place is better. Unless you can slip antipsychotic bc she's full schizo.

No. 931323

Non-binary is the opposite of the belief that gender doesn't mean anything. No one would feel the need to be nb if they didn't believe in gender roles.

No. 931326

I kind of wish I already possessed that release and confidence a lot of women describe to attain in their thirties and past that. This apathy of other's judgement, especially of men. I know it is the result of many years and experiences which lead to a thorough understanding of the self, so it shouldn't be rushed, but I still envy them kind of. I wish I could already possess this confidence and wisdom so as to not waste any time, but I know the mistakes I make are all important for me to learn these lessons at my own pace for my own soul.

No. 931328

Had a job at a summer camp that felt like I was at high school all over agian because of how catty and cliquey some people were. One of the guys there was literally a grown ass man who who would shit-talk and humiliate 19 year old girls and a 17 year old boy respectively. These were his coworkers. It was so plainly obvious that he felt entitled to a "better" position than either of the two 19 year olds when all the positions paid the same, lol. When one of the girls left her position, he ended up sending emails and making calls to head office asking why he wasn't the one who got the position and demanded he get it, listing reasons why. He even went as far as to call both the girls habitual liars that inflated their skills and capabilities. He would walk up to them and "test" them in front of others. He even told everyone someone lied about their major at uni as well as about getting their second vax shot.

I really didn't have to think hard as to why this guy was in the same position as people in their teens and early twenties. He pins others achievements on nepotism when he's lived in the area his whole life and knows his way around it. He couldn't take the fact that some people, especially girls, were more capable and trustworthy than he was. Would imply that little girls between the ages of 4-6 were dumb when certain activities were beyond their level.
Guy was deluded enough to think everyone thought he was kind and generous, lmao. He shit-talked everyone and would even shit talk his girlfriend as if she wasn't doing him a favour by activley seeking out his time and company.
Saw him pressure the aforementioned 17 year old into drinking when that's not even the legal drinking age here; an actual child had more tenacity and self-respect in that moment than he could ever muster in his entire life. The kid had to sit through a grown man and some of his other coworkers pushing him to drink and refused every time. It was so hard to watch, I have no idea how people were fooled by this sack of shit. Like, how could people stand him? He talked about a coworker who had an actual seizure as though he had a fall and that he'd be "fine," when he literally saw what happened. The guy wasn't fine, he had a bleeding gash on his head, was puking and had a seizure that lasted for what felt like a lifetime. I don't get it. How did people put up with that? How did they not see who he was?

No. 931331

Thanks, I appreciate the advice anon. I'm really annoyed because I normally love reading my comments a lot but I get so much anxiety regarding this even if I know I'm right to feel like I did nothing wrong.

No. 931334


No. 931335

File: 1633471207913.jpeg (292.27 KB, 1229x1600, C4A6F4A9-0800-4310-B2A4-F7C2BB…)

anon why are you being so aggressive? kek the peasants are gonna eat you, be afraid shein hag

No. 931344

File: 1633471506124.jpg (27.52 KB, 680x680, 0c5e35b0df6f3306df05cd66a8aca9…)

Ewwwwwwwwww wait why are you assuming that? Do you really think dumb video edits are just a scrote thing?

No. 931368

Show us anon. What are you click baiting? Hot 2D men?

No. 931374

I accidentally left my house keys at work in my windbreaker and now my cousin isn’t picking up his phone and I have to go back to work to get my keys UGHHH. I’m so mad I already bought my groceries, some of which is ground meat!!! FUCK

No. 931380

I clearly was talking about non-human animals. Don't play dumb
>the peasants are gonna eat you, be afraid shein hag
Wow, the projection. And I am supposed to be the one who is aggressive? If you don't see how it's tactless to whine about humans experiencing capitalism when I'm talking about psychotic Dahmer-tier abuse of animals, COMMITED BY PEOPLE (also belonging to the disadvantaged classes, lol), IDK what to tell you. Yes I realize that both of those issues are caused by valuing profit over lives, but you literally made it about poor oppressors when I was talking about their murdered victims. Make your own vent post instead of hijacking mine for your "hmm, extreme abuse of animals is literally what I am experiencing!!!" selfish take.
Thanks, you get it.

No. 931381

ever since I remembered/realised that I was groomed as a child/teen my sex drive has absolutely plummeted in a lot of ways. masturbation is relatively fine, but I just cannot be touched by my bf because it makes me feel so horribly uncomfortable. idk why, but it's already hard because my birth control has ruined my sex drive anyway, and this just makes it worse. I feel like I've somehow retraumatised myself or something just from the act of remembering that it happened/realising how fucked up it was in general and I'm tired of it I wish I'd just kept pretending it hadn't happened or forgotten about it after remembering or something

No. 931386

The antibiotic I’m on is making me irritable as fuck and suicidal but I only have 4 more days so I feel like I have to stick with it. I feel the worst I have in years

No. 931388

>kpop image
you have to be 18 to post here

No. 931390

Thats what I was thinking too kek

No. 931392

Is that a kpop guy? His hairstyle says otherwise. Kek at the idea of referring to anything from korea as kpop to piss people off though.

No. 931395

There is still hope Nonnie. I had a somewhat similar experience and my sex drive completely vanished for a really long time. However it's still completely possible to reclaim your sexuality, it just takes time as you're coming to terms with things and learning to move on. If your boyfriend isn't a bitch and can help support you through it that could be helpful. It was really beneficial to have my boyfriend reassure me that if I needed some space he was absolutely fine with giving it me and he was extremely patient. Sending all my love and support to you from the bottom of my kokoro.

No. 931399

it is an actual kpop man, anon. good job at le epically owning the kpop fans though

No. 931400

thank you, this is really lovely to hear. I'm sorry that you've been through the same thing, because this is honestly a horrible thing to experience, but I'm glad you got through it and I hope you're doing well! I haven't brought it up to my bf before because I'm honestly too scared and uncomfortable to speak it aloud, but I'll definitely consider it a little more. thank you again, mwa

No. 931415

No problem, Love. I wish you luck in gaining the strength to talk about your experiences. Always remember that a good significant other is someone who is willing to help you through these tough times and is understanding. If you trust him don't be afraid to talk <3

No. 931417

Capitalism also kills animals and people, I guess jeffrey dahmer is also capitalism tbh the

No. 931421

I posted in the stupid questions thread or something a week ago asking what "little play" was as someone in my friend group was into it, found out it was ageplay and pedo shit basically.

Since then I've had to drop my entire fucking friend group because I'm the only person that has an issue with this apparently. She is doing this with another person in our friend group, and I don't want to hang out with these fucking people. I want to fucking scream. They told me I should be "more understanding" because "she has PTSD" like that's an excuse for pretending to be a little girl while your 50 year old boyfriend fucks you??? She's putting her "little" songs and shit out there on social media so she's not even hiding it anymore. They're framing me as a mean girl and keep telling me how delicate she is and shit. I've also been through shit, but I didn't make it my entire personality. I want to scream at them that I've ALSO been abused, but I don't feel the need to suck a binky while my "caretaker" heals me with his dick. But because I don't disclose it for pity points this is what I get. I have no fucking friends. None. I had 1 left and I found out at the same time he is a compulsive liar and everything he told me was fake. I don't think I can make friends anymore. Fuck everything.

No. 931425

I wish I wasn't too late for the OnlyFans hype god fucking damn it

No. 931439

Beautiful people look down on uglies like middle class Americans pity starving Africans. I had a pretty girl take a perverted interest in me once. She would randomly talk at me in a very bubbly way then return to her cohort like she just gave $5 to the homeless. It really awakened me in a tangible way to the way social games work

No. 931442

old guy that’s like 70 came into the coffee shop I work at, looked me up and down, and said “does the carpet match the drapes?” because I’m a ginger. Why is it not socially acceptable to just mace scrotes when they act like this

No. 931448

No. 931452

hope you put laxatives in his coffee

No. 931455

im a bpdfag but the term fp sends me into an irrational spiral and I fucking hate it. hearing bpd people adapt it unironically and not see it as fucking cringe is so embarrassing. id not heard of it until recently and now it makes me wanna bash my head in kek

No. 931456

Hope he dies soon

No. 931457

Whats fp

No. 931458

What would you call it then kek

No. 931461

more of an obsession? if it's someone who's a friend or fwb or lover or whatever I just call them what they are. if it's former and we're no longer interacting I just say former. the term makes me cringe and I don't know why. it just feels devaluing to my relationship with that person which I know is contradictory to the point of the term but whatever

No. 931475

Why are men

No. 931483

Scrotes will literally fucking lie to your face about loving you forever and claiming they miss you so badly and the moment you fuck off they start orbiting all the women around them. I can't believe this shit. I get nauseous just thinking about it. Women who used to be my fucking friends. What the fuck did I do to deserve this treament, I always get cucked or cheated on.

No. 931495

This was my old boss. Was old af but loved to make lewd comments and jokes. The carpet and drapes joke was definitely in his list. He was super rich though. He bought me an expensive bag and paid for my dogs surgery. He also gave all the girls working for him gifts but never the men. When one of the guys asked for a gift too he made him sweep the dirt in the parking lot.

No. 931522

File: 1633487379784.gif (4.89 MB, 746x420, vH4UlwZ.gif)

>When one of the guys asked for a gift too he made him sweep dirt in the parking lot
He sounds creepy and weird but christ that's hilarious

No. 931525

Too bad your argument falls flat since Exo is an old group and all Exo hags at this point are definitely older than 18.
It's pretty fucked that you think women can't have youtube channels with shitposting content.

No. 931528

Same op, I just realized going back to my OP and re-reading how I listed that my disdain for religion and Islam in particular is from motivations stemming from protecting human rights, particularly of oppressed people. Now IMAGINE a scrote with the empathy to take a stance against Islam that isn't outright islamophobia. They don't fucking exist lol!

No. 931542

My cat ran away a few months ago and I'm still so heartbroken. He was so sweet and fat and lazy, wish I knew where he was and if he's safe

No. 931559

watch Riverdale

No. 931584

File: 1633492768639.png (247.32 KB, 305x330, pain.png)

Feel awful and a disgrace that I won't end up getting a job nor planning to work in the field with the STEM degree that I've been working on. I hope I can get a job as a library assistant or at a bookstore at the very least. Pressure to go into STEM was me being dishonest and blinded by money at 17 but I guess I appreciate it being a life lesson to being honest with myself.

No. 931587

the important thing is to allow experience to come as it may. wisdom definitely does accumulate with age and difficulty. in a weird way one of the first steps towards self-discovery and wisdom is approaching new experiences with a childlike naivety, to allow your soul open to wonder. in alot of mythological stories the hero starts off as a fool, and then goes through a journey of difficult trials and times of self-reflection, which in the end results in wisdom. i know real life hardly seems like an adventure but that's where keeping a wide eyed wonder about things comes in handy. i definitely know what you mean by a feeling of envy. my friend from college was a spiritual person in a new age hippie way and i felt insecure in comparison to her self-discovery. when i accepted that we go through our journeys at different paces, and that it's better to go with flow rather than force or resist it, then i let go of that envy. something that helps me in regards to feeling like i'm being judged is instead paying attention to how i judge others. why do i have a particular judgement about someone, and is it a sound assessment or is it my own misguided anxiety? i wish you luck and i'm sure you'll be fine just keep open to wonder and be kind to yourself

No. 931637

Whenever I see “picrel,” I want to bash my head against a wall.

No. 931638

That's been used on imageboards for years anon.

No. 931656

Fuck anons, i just found out that my aunt is an anti vaxxer. I should have known that since she believed anything on the Internet. Should i confront her abt it anons? Im ready to fight a bitch when she spill her stupid agenda on people.

No. 931664

I haven't had my period in I don't even know how long, probably since spring. I went off my thyroid medication for a few months because my doctor said the prescription was filled, but when I contacted my pharmacy they wouldn't let me talk to a real person and just said that I needed to contact my medical provider who just said that the prescription was filled. I didn't know what to do and just said fuck it, then when I didn't have my period in ages I went to my doctor and went back on it (and they put me on a higher dose than before). I've been on it a month and a half and still haven't had my period yet, I had some discharge at one point but no period. I also have an iron deficiency that I keep forgetting to take my medication for and I probably also have PCOS. it's not that I love getting my period, I just feel like something is really wrong with me when I don't have it for this long.

No. 931706

I desperately need to rest my eyes. I don't know why I put myself in this state, staring at a screen in the dark for hours on end until the morning. I'm surprised my vision isn't all fucked up at this point. God I hate myself.

No. 931748

I'm snitching on my new neighbors for having a giant bonfire when it's not allowed. Plus we've had units burn down here less than a year ago it's dangerous. I've been fined for having a fucking decoration out of season meanwhile these zoomers do whatever they want. Fuck them I took a pic and I'm snitching. They can enjoy a fine as a welcome to the neighborhood.

No. 931765

I lived in an apt building years ago where someone moved in and their first weekend living there they had a bbq on their tiny (and I mean fucking tiny) balcony.. several surrounding apts went up in flames.

I always thought it was retarded how many people have moving in parties and proceed to piss off all their neighbours from day one, that was another level though.

No. 931768

File: 1633517102775.gif (98.97 KB, 204x200, 748DDD17-11DE-449C-BB2B-10DF50…)


No. 931781

I just remembered the first time I tried to have sex and it was awful.
>be me
>21 years old, have first bf
>bf and me go on vacation
>the last night we try to sleep with each other
>put on condom
>try to have sex
>it hurts and doesn't fit no matter how much lube we use
>nothing fits inside at all not even a finger
>i don't want to do it anymore and just go to sleep
>bf is extremly upset and doesn't talk to me anymore
>somehow make it through the night
>the drive home is awful he doesn't talk to me at all and i cry
>we go home
>he ghosts me
>i get over him after some time but never try to have sex again
>find out that i need to have surgery to even fit a tampon in

No. 931785

Don't call yourself a snitch, you're literally just doing the right thing and they deserve it for breaking the rules and endangering everyone else for their own enjoyment. If they wanna have a bonfire nothing is stopping them from doing so at a safe location where it is allowed. Every single person who's ever accidentally started a fire thought they were in full control and that they would never fuck up until they did so. You're being a good neighbour to the rest of your neighbourhood by doing this. I swear I'm not old as fuck, I just hate it when people my age act like morons lmao

No. 931787

I just had a tough hymen and even with that Im thankful I got through it with solo sessions, there were many sessions where I had to give up. Has often occurred to me that (at that age in particular) I would've likely been treated like shit if I trusted a guy to have patience with it and not rage out.

No. 931788

that sucks that he reacted like that, it wasnt your fault. did you ever have surgery?

No. 931804

Wow that scrote was a fucking asshole, maybe it’s good that he didn’t get to have sex with you because he’s clearly selfish and lacks empathy. Did it get better for you?

No. 931806

You are stopping a potential fire. You're doing the right thing

No. 931808

yeah he was an ass and anon is right I am kind of glad that my thick ass iron wall hymen prevented us from having sex. I did get the surgery and I am now able to use tampons and have a normal gynecology examination. I tried masturbating on the inside but it is just not enjoyable and doesn't do anything for me so I doubt that I will try to have sex with a guy again idk

No. 931811

Vaginal masturbation doesn’t do anything for me either

No. 931813

yeah outside on the clit is better

No. 931825

anon trust me you are not the only tattooed gaijin going to go teach english in gunma, it isn't the end of the world. Wear long sleeves, and even if you're given a short sleeve shirt to wear, sun protection is a extremely normal thing here. You will fit right in with all the countryside grandmas and other gaijin wearing sun protection sleeves.

source: 9/10 english teachers in japan are white people with tattoos living in the countryside and they are fine

No. 931833

You just have to know it’s definitely a scrote or severely autistic anon who keeps making the thumbnails sonic. Just ban them already retards lmao

No. 931834

I’m depressed
Still no job
I can’t pay for my life
I don’t have anything
I’m so tired of this

No. 931839

File: 1633522941008.jpg (634.9 KB, 1998x2825, dde0ae325ad271414751ff553402a3…)

>If you don't see how it's tactless to whine about humans experiencing capitalism when I'm talking about psychotic Dahmer-tier abuse of animals, COMMITED BY PEOPLE (also belonging to the disadvantaged classes, lol), IDK what to tell you. Yes I realize that both of those issues are caused by valuing profit over lives, but you literally made it about poor oppressors when I was talking about their murdered victims. Make your own vent post instead of hijacking mine for your "hmm, extreme abuse of animals is literally what I am experiencing!!!" selfish take.

No. 931848

why does sonic trigger anons so badly kek

No. 931849

NTA, haven't complained about the dumb Sonic pics but they remind me of Chrischan.

No. 931852

too sexy for them

No. 931855

the sexist double standards in my family make me so angry
>what do you want to be when you grow up anon?
>idk mum, actor or artist, or a vet
>hahaha anon you can't even lie
>you can't make money from drawings
>eww, vets job is disgusting don't you know?
>anon's brother, what do you want to be?
>that's so good! you're going to be an astronaut!

>i clean up the whole house consistently

>food crumbs, grease, hairs, piss stains
>taken for granted
>not do it once because i'm too busy or tired
>anon why the fuck are you such a slob! fuck you and clean up now! lazy dirty bitch REEEEEEEEEEEEE
>brother never cleans unless told to
>does it once in front of parents
>thaaaank youuu anon's brother, thank you!
>i start only cleaning when they can see too
>stop doing that it's annoying! can't you do it later?!
>put cleaning off until they're away, make food for myself
>not wash the pan i cooked in immediately bc of above reasons
>what the fuck anon!!! why the fuck are you leaving that out you shit!!!
yeah im only here because rent is cheaper

No. 931865

File: 1633526549656.png (138.89 KB, 630x630, 4090428_0.png)

Oh sorry, I was unaware that I'm not allowed to have feelings about one thing in a vent thread and should single-handedly end global injustice instead.
Your picrel is a boomer tier criticism, down to portraying a pornhub watcher (!) as a white kArEn. Sure, let's obsess about choices of individuals while corporations and billionaires ruin our planet for everyone.

No. 931874

Who's farming your soy, nuts and village-drying veggies and under what conditions? You're whining "waaa I hate humanity because they eat animals :((" while contributing to the same kind of pain but on your own species.

No. 931878

Nta, but why are some of you getting so upset just because anon is talking about animal cruelty? She's right that it's weird that another anon used the OP just to talk about human suffering.

No. 931882

File: 1633528052075.jpeg (105.97 KB, 565x500, 79A8E042-EAB8-4B36-A425-45508B…)

>using White Karen unironically

No. 931883

It's hard, I feel you nona

No. 931886

nta but of course you're one of those people who supposedly cares about animals but refuses to admit that their first world lifestyle hugely contributes to climate change. Do you think major corporations extract petroleum, turn it into plastic crap, and transport it overseas without an end consumer? Retard.

No. 931888

It's because she does it in the most hypocritical, cliché vegan way possible and also sounds like a huge sperg and it's fun poking at spergs

No. 931910

File: 1633529603561.jpg (29.9 KB, 650x650, general-warning-sign-10836-1.j…)

Notice: This person used to torture animals for fun, probably still does, or has a Nigel who does, and is very, very triggered when they are reminded that normal, decent humans have empathy. They do not care about other humans experiencing the worst of capitalism, but they will weaponize them whenever they hear or read someone try to talk about animal welfare. This subject is very personal for this anon, please understand before you reply

No. 931917

I only hate it because now I can’t tell threads apart in the catalog without reading.

No. 931919

At work, girl is going around getting peoples take out orders for lunch. I’m trying to watch my weight and brought my lunch and I just had both of my bosses confronting and trying to get me to order from fuckin Wendy’s Jesus Christ like, I SAID NO THANK YOU?! what the fuck do you want from me. Let me eat my tomato soup.

No. 931921

Fucking paranoid schizophrenia is literally the dumbest fucking condition to have. "oh look at that big cloud" "it's chemicals from airplanes to poison you" "no it's not" "it totally is btw stop taking your meds btw I am now going to scream like a demon speaking in tongues in your brain until further notice" fucking BULLSHIT. Don't drink tapwater, folks.

No. 931924

weirdest fanfic/headcanon I read all day

No. 931927

Lmk about all the exploited third worlders you rescued by dunking on anons on Lolcow

No. 931930

I don't even know what you guys are arguing about but this response is so autistic I chuckled

No. 931933

I have nothing to prove, in contrary to "I hate those awful oppressor humans, they are ok for suffering for my replacement food though"-chan.

No. 931934

I'm proudly autistic tbh, if you're going to infight make it fun

No. 931936

Please stop using the word Nigel if you don’t know what it means

No. 931938

What do you think was she trying to prove, though? It was just a vent in the vent thread

Nothing in my post contradicts the meaning of Nigel lol, try again

No. 931944

That human exploitation is totally different from animal exploitation despite doing the same shit in essence, but more drawn out for the average non-rich human

No. 931951

going on a trip with my friend next month and she is already complaining about how expensive everything is going to be, god this is going to be a miserable trip with her agonizing over every cent she spends, don't fucking agree to go on a trip to an expensive city if you can't afford it

No. 931958

ugh this was me and my friends over the summer, we didn’t get to do a lot of stuff that i wanted to do, i also ended up having to cover both of them for a lot of shit … i ended up maxing out my credit card, i’m still waiting for one of them to pay me back lol. so annoying, never again

No. 931965

File: 1633533150785.jpg (37.58 KB, 622x617, Tumblr_l_653652483207003.jpg)

Why would your cowardly ass wait this long to tell me you had a crush cuz I legit would've entertained it but now it's just awkward at our kickbacks wtf

No. 931969

I hate my landlord so much, he never fixes anything and I have to remind him to come pick up the rent every single time. Stupid motherfucker.

No. 931970

this pissed me off when a friend was doing it. why go out somewhere if you're not going to try anything local or new? what's a vacation if you are still worrying over every cent? at that point just stay home and look at videos or pictures. don't ruin my fun.

No. 931972

My favorite travel vloggers stopped making content. I feel so uninspired. Used to living vicariously through them. I have not been to another city for 7 months. Feels so stuck.

No. 931974

NTA but I get my processed shit from workers collectives, co-ops, so the factories and everything are owned by the workers and the money goes towards women's healthcare, education etc. The rest I grow myself through permaculture or get via foraging. Just because someone doesn't go to the same lengths as I do, doesn't mean that they aren't allowed to try to make choices based on their own set of ethics. While it's not revolutionary to do so on its own, it's something. Call me a lifestylist if you want.
I literally have low empathy and I'm still a decent human, thank you very much, but other than that, I agree. Personally, I do what I do out of spite towards capitalists, because it goes against my own code to treat scrotes better than animals and I get some happy chemicals from growing my own food/foraging.

No. 931997

yep I have a feeling she is expecting me to pay for her, which I won't be doing because she will neverrrr pay me back

right, she legit asked if we can go to mcdonalds for dinner… I don't know why she accepted my invitation to come on the trip if that's truly all she can afford.

No. 932048

File: 1633538157347.jpg (66.45 KB, 837x626, tumblr_oir3o8a4vq1qlb447o1_128…)

My best friend is a raging pick me

She's a really sweet and important person in my life but honestly, sometimes I wonder if she ever thinks ANYTHING other than men and relationships. She values male validation over everything. For example, if we are out and she's wearing an outfit that for some reason she thinks is not male-gazey enough, she will ask a minimum of three times "what if Chad mcChadison sees me now?!". I'm not kidding.

Also, I admitted her that I find a (male) friend of mine attractive, and she tried to stir drama because a said friend has liked her IG post. Seriously, what the fuck? When does that mean that someone is interested in you?
That gave me kinda creepy vibes like she was trying to "win" him from me. Note, I'm comfortable in the friendzone but it's frustrating that she always has to plot these soap opera schemes.

No. 932091

She sounds like that girl Ruby from Anne with an E

No. 932118

Kind of worried that what I thought was a bug bite on my breast is early inflammatory breast cancer. I'm 30 with no history of cancer in my family so I know it's dumb start getting ahead of myself but some of those pictures and descriptions of how it feels are giving me a bad feeling.

No. 932132

I couldn't get any pre-sale tickets for the Mitski tour. Been feeling bummed out all day. I looked online afterwards and the tickets were already reselling for quadruple the original price. Guess I might have to give up on trying to see her live.

No. 932135

Seriously, I’m sick of this, of being dependent of someone, I don’t even know if I will ever be completely independent.
I love my family, for real, but sometimes I think they just don’t want me to ever be on my own or to ever make friends or anything.
This is the same issue since forever, since I was a kid, anything I wanted was an afterthought, and while I’ve always had quite the cushy life, I’ve had my wants and needs.
I need to see my only friend, I want to see her so we can hangout, i want to cheer her up because her life has been hell.
But I can’t because of the dumbass covid, or because my brother is too stwessed, or too bwusy, or he has stuff he wants to do the exact same day at the exact same hour I wanted to meet my friend. Or because there’s some other shit that got miscalculated and now nothing can happen.
I’m sure that even if I knew how to drive, there would be some issue that wouldn’t let me use the car to pick my friend.

No. 932139

Sometimes (okay, most of the times) I just hate my brain. I'm back at university for a 12-months course, I love what I will be learning and doing, but I'm just so damn tired already and it's been only the 3rd day today. I don't know how other people can do it, some of them even work after the course. And to the tiredness comes the feeling that I'm not good enough and that everyone is way better, faster, more skilled, etc than I am. Also, I don't have the equipment at home to practice on the weekends and maybe would get to a point where I would feel confident. I just don't know anymore, I love what I do, I want to learn all the things they will teach us, but I just feel like I don't belong there, that I'm just a loser and won't get through it, because I'm not able to work hard enough.

No. 932141

how I hate those people that buy tickets for a tour and then sell them for such high prices that even at the time of the show they still have the ticket up for sell and now one ever bought it. Had this once with a concert I wanted to go to, the ticket was 3 times the original price and there were still many tickets online at the day of said concert… why can't the let people enjoy what they always wanted to see and have to make profit out of those things.

No. 932146

Anon I know it's hard and you can love your family all you want… but controlling you that way is another way of abuse. Save up and get out of there, it will be better for your mental health. Them keeping you dependent and not letting you learn how to do stuff is manipulative and controlling. They could be nice and all, but they shouldn't coddle you like that if you're an adult. Make your own life, make your own choices, and gradually learn how to do stuff on your own.

Check out this video and tell me what you think.

No. 932171

The entire day I felt like someone hit me over the head, it hurts so bad. Why does crying come with such aftereffects, I already felt bad enough sobbing myself into a panic yesterday, why must I continue to suffer even now?

No. 932180

This video literally changed my whole life. After watching it I realized my grandmother had be infantilizing me and my mother for the last 15 years. I started to realize I couldn't trust her the way I thought I did, that I was being manipulated.

My mother and I have never really had a strong relationship, I didn't even meet her until I was in jr high, but recently we had been communicating more than usual. I told her about the video and after she watched it we talked and started to unravel the years and years worth of lies my grandmother had told us. She had manipulated the two of us into hating each other, telling lies to each of us to make us turn on each other. She would always say I was more like her daughter than my mom was, that I was so much like her and that my mom was mentally unwell and didn't want to be a part of out family. I spent so many years crying that my mother wouldn't come to holidays or my birthday only to find out my grandmother wasn't even inviting her. It was very hard for me to get a hold of my mother and I was relying on my grandma to get messages to her.

She would treat me like a child, always, even when I'm now in my 20s. Making me feel incompetent at things I was skilled at, trying to police what I said and did. Trying to make me seem like I was an out of control kid who couldn't control my own emotions, and that I needed her to survive. She went in so hard on my mother that she can barely handle her own life, she feels completely lost. She has no confidence, she doesn't think she can do anything right. My grandmother shames her for wearing clothes that are too short or tight when my mother is in her early 40s, shames her haircuts, shames her diet, shames who she chooses to spend time with. My mother can barely function as an adult. And now that we've uncovered all of her manipulation, my grandma has pushed me out of her life. She's completely changed as a person, everything I thought I knew about her was like an act. It's fucked me up bad, it's destroyed what I thought was the most important relationship in my life. What used to be my second home is now a strangers house, even the house itself is changing…

No. 932225

>anon… why would you buy a high quality product from a tiny local business when they source from Asia? Why would you bring me here and think I would partake? I will not support this!!!
>anyway hand you heard of TikTok? I’m obsessed with it

retarded ass boomers

No. 932246

I'm happy you both realised the abuse and manipulation that your grandmother was subjecting you both to. I recommend that channel a lot, and any resources that makes you strong against manipulation, specially from narcissistic people.

No. 932250

This is definitely the animal-fucker anon that tried to steal a cat from her local homeless disabled woman

No. 932298

I'm so tired of "lesbians" trying to justify feeling sexually attracted to fictional men. I can't be the only one who thinks the idea alone is the dumbest shit ever? It just makes no sense. If you are attracted to the male body, no matter if it's a drawing or real life, you're not a lesbian. You're just a woman with high standards for men… something we should all have, to be honest.

No. 932324

They're self-hating bis probably. The fact that they sperg about their fetish being genuine tells you enough about them being insecure about it themselves anway.

No. 932349

When you say fictional men are you talking cartoons and manga? Because most anime characters don't look like men or women unless you specifically draw tits or a dick on them. They're just a couple of lines to project feelings onto.
Fancying either Sasuke or Liam Hemsworth are two very different things

No. 932361

File: 1633553146649.png (7.71 KB, 225x225, 61B52448-6B29-4D28-93B7-1A0F6B…)

Just stop, anon is surely a sperg from the huge yaoi sped rap battle from the unpopular opinions thread.

No. 932362

Honestly I don't think it matters because even fictional anime women don't look like actual women. Plus it's not like you can actually have sex with them anyway kek.

No. 932363

I'm suddenly reminded of that one anon in the hornypost thread who tried so hard (and failed) to convince everyone that liking baratits was "gay" because she couldn't tell the difference between pecs and actual breasts lmao

No. 932366

Kek I remember that and the weird Hercules porn picture they attached. Holy shit that was so goddamn funny

No. 932370

>huge yaoi sped rap battle

No. 932373

Kek do you have a screenshot

No. 932391

File: 1633554357850.png (Spoiler Image, 811.5 KB, 1366x657, 79543873422347090.png)

nta but

No. 932395

File: 1633554454776.png (306.85 KB, 456x810, tumblr_pbza8ymmXE1vo6az0o1_540…)

I've been living openly as a lesbian since my late teens, as I never wanted to be in a relationship with or sleep with a man but I was always kind of confused on my sexuality. The older I get the more I feel like I'm actually a female exclusive bisexual but I don't know how to come out about it without sounding retarded or it being incredibly awkward. I'm like a 5 on the Kinsey scale. From this point onwards I'm just going to tell people I'm only interested in being with women and leave it at that if asked. Genuinely wish the term "Sapphic" wasn't only used by people who think of being homosexually attracted as an aesthetic

I know no one actually cares, but can't help feel like I'm adding to the homophobic belief that "lesbians aren't real" which is why I wish I feel so conflicted on this.

No. 932397

Lily? It's okay. Send me a message on discord if you wanna vent

No. 932398

I wonder if anon was male and jealous because he doesn't have bara tiddies.
>>932391 because this shitty pic looks like something only a man would enjoy.

No. 932399

>this cope
You are delusional. Seek help.

No. 932401

Also Lily you can reclaim the term sapphic for yourself if that makes you feel happier. Dont listen to anons here, or anyone else. If calling yourself a lesbian carreys a lot of connotation for you, then it's okay. No one will judge you I promise.
From what we have interacted I have never ever felt like you were bisexual. We both know you hate men and if any man made an advance on you, you would feel disgusted and rejected. You would never have sex with men. That makes you an homosexual.
I'll put myself as an example… I'm a bisexual woman who thought she was lesbian all these years, but even as a child I had both girl and boy crushes. I didn't want to face this because I'm also a manhater and I genuinely thought men are disgusting. As I grew up, I've met men that are nice and do bathe. And now I can accept I like men, just a little.
But even if a man bathed and was nice to you, you would not like him at all. You would feel repulsed. Do you see what I'm trying to say?
Liking yaoi doesn't make you less of a lesbian. People here are just dumb. I love you and accept you as you are, please remember this. You don't need the opinion of anyone here.

No. 932404

No. 932406

adding to this, lily, I'm sorry that I fell in love with the ugliest moid ever. I genuinely am. I believe lesbians are real and I believe you are a real lesbian. The ugly moid I like didn't turn me bisexual, I always was.

No. 932414

adding to this, lily please forgive me for not telling you about the stds and sorry for coming into your dad, if he didn't tell you already. If you're ever down to get that pussy ate again you can always message me

No. 932416

*onto bit I'll keep both versions up for posterity

No. 932418

LARP time?

No. 932419

This just keeps getting crazier with every post

No. 932420

lmao anon thats not me and lily knows

No. 932422

lmao this is cracking me up

No. 932423

My upstairs neighbours have been moving out for a week now. They start dragging furniture at 5 am and stop at about 2am. How the FUCK does it take you a week to move out of an apartment? Other people live here you assholes

No. 932424

File: 1633556571181.jpg (67.97 KB, 500x333, 592.jpg)

Discord users are really something

No. 932429

This pathetic incel was baiting in a comfy female thread and no one even bat an eye at the tard for ages until recently. What a stupid anon. That aside, I fucking hate scrotes. Constantly obsessed with women and then act like victims when it suits them. Literally bottom of the barrel scum. I'll continue to pray for the legalization of castration.

No. 932436

That would victimise them. I rather they are eradicated via firing squad. Incels prove that men cannot live without women. Without women, men are stagnant, worthless and have no purpose. Their only goal in life is to get pussy. choose abstinence ladies.

No. 932438

>Because most anime characters don't look like men or women unless you specifically draw tits or a dick on them.
most people into anime guys talk about imagining what the dick is like and what they want to do with it, or will eventually post art where a dick is clearly visible. i don't see what else that could be interpreted as.

No. 932444

yeah but those arent lesbians
like, people can like anime guys for multiple reasons, hetties too you know

No. 932448

Went out for breakfast with my grandpa and cracked my back on the back of the seat and accidentally moaned really loud. I’m going to commit suicide

No. 932450

File: 1633558707366.jpg (120.17 KB, 1000x625, free-anime-wallpapers-1-e14899…)

And also drooling over the rest over their blatantly male bodies.

No. 932451

B-but noo that doesn't count anon it's an expression of my attraction to women!!

No. 932452

didn't the whole argument start because of some people who claim to be lesbians doing those things? the op mentioned sexual attraction specifically. or is there something i'm missing here

No. 932453

Yeah she's just a retard who can't follow a line of conversation

No. 932454

>Be a hetero woman
>Refer to lesbians exclusively as dykes
>Speculate constantly about how lesbians are just female incels who are jealous of your hetero relationships
>Refer to your experiences and opinions as someone exclusively attracted to the opposite sex as "bihet" to seem less homophobic
>Go into a misogynistic rage any time a lesbian suggests that you come across as homophobic
Nonnies, why do they do this?

No. 932455

File: 1633558988626.gif (1.15 MB, 300x226, tiffany-pollard-new-york.gif)

We just got over the fucking yaoi/fujo argument, please for the love of god don't bring it back

No. 932457

Nta, but wtf?

No. 932460

Fictional or not you shouldn't identify as a lesbian if you're attracted to men kek

No. 932466

Honestly how am I expected not to a log everyone posted in the pedo degenerates thread.

No. 932468

Fuck me man, I forgot there is a thread in /g/ that has that infernal ship image. I'm fucking triggered

No. 932469

File: 1633560475131.gif (1.6 MB, 245x245, nottodisushittoagen.gif)

Ah. I see the monthly fujoshi v. lesbianism debate has come a little earlier this time? Can't we make a thread documenting all the instances already? Alright, who's autistic enough to dig through archives and keep track of anymore popping up in the future?

No. 932470

File: 1633560663465.jpeg (202.07 KB, 1242x687, BE31BE06-F579-4425-9973-C6A1D4…)

At least make your spergs rhyme, it would make everything fine.

No. 932472

File: 1633560734902.jpg (41.12 KB, 460x506, aqK4jVQ_460s.jpg)

>I wonder if anon was male and jealous
he was 100% a weak breasted hangry oh-shit-i'm-out-of-cup-ramen little presslet

No. 932480

I'll never find anyone I'll love again that's gonna love me and be handsome I'm gonna be single foreverrrr

No. 932482

It’s still dumb

No. 932483

funny, I was just thinking that I needed someone to think I'm handsome (female) and be loving. maybe we're meant to be, nonnie???

No. 932485

I’m in pain tonight. Looks like it’s going to be this way for the rest of my life.

No. 932486

hey my name isn't lily but if you want to chat I think the basilisk wants me to say hello

No. 932487

this is fuking tragic. sorry I laughed

No. 932489

I'm not shitting you if you're willing to get a ban for leaving a throwaway mail, I'm gonna give us a chance nonny

No. 932494

i feel so full i want to DIE

No. 932497

I feel like the mods would foam at the mouth if I did that, otherwise i would risk it for you. we'll always have the memory of each other. and we will definitely see each other again….

No. 932499

My friend told me we would and met and then left me waiting again I'm sad it makes me feel like shit

No. 932501

Nta, but just post and delete it

No. 932508

Realized that all my friends are useless pieces of shit the refuse to even attempt to make their lives better and would rather bitch and moan about it. The only thing keeping me from ghosting them is the fact that I just wouldn't have any friends, but damn all these motherfuckers suck. Can't even bring up going out to have a drink with other people to my friend or else they get triggered for no fucking reason, but it's perfectly fine for them to make me uncomfortable by talking about their extreme calorie restrictions. I am fucking done with these people. I am no one's mother, we are grown ass adults now and if they choose not to act like it then boo fucking hoo. If you hate being depressed so much then go on antidepressants you irritating bitch. It absolutely doesn't help that they low key guilt trip me by subtly bringing up that if we weren't friends they'd just kill themselves. I am at the point where I don't even care anymore. If you're going to be such a waste of space then fucking doing it already

No. 932512

Just ditch them anon, it's clear that you aren't getting any enjoyment out of the friendships anymore.

No. 932514

some people grow slower than the others, sadly. i had the same problem with my old friends, in the end got tired of even trying to take care of their shit and just ghosted them. they are extremely selfish and immature, and I understand how much it would hurt to distance yourself from them, but at the end of the day, you are your own best friend. it's much better to be alone and productive rather than being around a bunch of unproductive sheep that slowly drag you down because they don't want you to be 'better than them'.

No. 932517

I might post and delete or just take the bullet and be banned for the throwaway tomorrow, imma sleep now. Wait for me nonna.

No. 932551

some anon mentioned her having the possibility of having breast cancer, and i just noticed some random bruising on my breast. i'm booking my appointment soon. thank you, anon

No. 932597

File: 1633574984939.jpg (92.09 KB, 736x920, f04ebf47a09312cbedfca22256c572…)

I honestly can't even admit this to myself most of the time, but sometimes I do get really lonely and wish I had a boyfriend even though I know it actually wouldn't be worth it and that I'm looking for an ideal that doesn't exist. I also just have a really specific taste in guys and am not willing to compromise so I'd rather be alone than have to settle (tried dating and it didn't really work out). I think what I really want is companionship. It doesn't even have to be a boyfriend. I would be happy even with a platonic friend who I can open up to and talk to whenever. I used to feel like I had friends like that, but we've grown apart and it isn't like that anymore. I guess I could make new friends, but I think that I'm a very specific type of person and most of the time don't feel comfortable really being myself around others. I wish I could have someone who I know would be a constant in my life. I guess that also isn't doable since people inevitably grow and change, but it would be nice to have someone to look forward to talking to and they also looked forward to talking to me just as much. To know that I'm they're favorite person and that they're also my favorite person to talk to. I enjoy being single but I hate being this lonely I guess.

No. 932598

i see a lot of myself in what you're describing and feeling but tbh sis, some of these feelings might be due to your age. can i ask how old you are? i say this because of this in particular:

>most of the time don't feel comfortable really being myself around others

you might need time to figure out yourself and who you really are first. as cliche as that sounds.

No. 932605

NTA but it’s really hard to make actually decent friends. Most women are dating/married or trying to be so a significant portion of their life is sucked up by men. Then on top of finding someone who is single or not totally male obsessed at least they have to be compatible with you. So many people these days don’t even have a hobby.

And of course, you have to wait for time to pass to become close enough to be true BFFs, but being vulnerable or intimate with friends as an adult is viewed as weird so good luck with that

No. 932606

Don't know if the tone of my post makes me sound like I'm younger, but I'm 23 kek. I guess what I meant by not feeling comfortable is that I have specific interests and things that make me excited and I don't always feel comfortable sharing that with my "normie" friends. I also don't feel comfortable being honest with them about my emotions if my mental health is shit. I do have friends who I can be totally myself around, but we aren't as close as we used to be (due to a lot of factors- including distance because I moved last year). I guess it's just a matter of finding new people who I vibe with, but I feel unmotivated because I'm afraid we'll just drift apart again like I did with my old friends, but I know that happens in most healthy relationships anyway.

No. 932607

Is life even worth living when you're in a shit country and just realize how mysogynistic every single man on Earth is holy fuck I just can't handle it anymore I want someone to kill all men

No. 932609

The best thing to do is to eradicate men from your life. Do not befriend them, smile at them or be nice to them ever.

No. 932612

i'm almost 30, so to me, 23 is really young. i don't say this to shit on you, i say this as a positive because you have so much time to figure out what you should value in life.

what interests do you have that you feel like you can't share it with certain friends? a true friend wouldn't shit on you, give you a hard time, or make you feel weird for your interests. distance yourself from people that do that. they are not worth your time. time is precious and i wish i had valued it when i was younger and prioritized more.

don't be afraid to make new friends just because there might be a chance that you will "drift" from them. sometimes what we perceive as "drifting apart" is all in our heads. if someone is a good friend to me and i didn't leave with them on bad terms, i always try to reach out to them even if i can only do it once every 4 months or more. i think that true friends are the ones that can come back to you after months or even a year of not talking to each other, and talk again like nothing has changed. i have seen many older people, like my parents do this when i was growing up. they still kept in touch with some of their high school friends. i hope i make sense to you anon.

No. 932626

I have anger issues which might take part into this but literally I see a man and I'm filled with irrational anger and I just want to beat the shit out of him but I cannot do that.

No. 932629

File: 1633579470194.jpg (6.65 KB, 236x198, 2ad780d9de818c788b544e5c9ce249…)

I had to turn of the AC because I was coughing, I'm not "toxic", I'm not "insufferable", i have asthma/covid, i started coughing so i needed to turn it off. Stop screaming at me, calling me names, talking at my back and plotting against me, stop acting like i want to hurt someone, i just want to get better and be left alone. Everyone here acts like a crackhead, i can't even take care of my health without upsetting someone in this house. I'm sick of fighting everyday with them and that fucking fat scrote, i don't want to fight, i just want to be left alone, let me alone please.

I know there are lots of people and anons that were forced to stay with their shitty family members because of COVID, but i can't help but feel hopeless and alone.

No. 932636

what country do you live in sis? if you don't feel comfortable, i understand. maybe just say the continent. try to elevate your own life to get out of there if you can. translate your anger to determination towards school or a career.

No. 932637

Thanks for the advice nona and for listening to me when I was feeling really down. I'm into true crime, some edgy music genres, and talking about weird internet shit. I can tell to a certain extent that people's eyes glaze over once I start being an autist about my hyperfixations so I usually try to talk about more relatable stuff so that everyone can participate in the conversation even if its less exciting to me.

You're probably right that the feeling of "drifting apart" is probably more in my head, but especially with who I would have considered my closest friend it seems that she is looking for other people in her life and that I can't really be that person for her anymore (which I totally understand even if it took me a while). I don't think she enjoys hanging out with me as much as she used to and I guess I feel the same way. Seems like we've outgrown each other a little bit, which is always difficult to accept. I miss the feeling of knowing that there is someone I can talk to no matter what and viceversa, but I'm sure I'll eventually find someone to fill that space again as you said. Even though it will take a little while, I'll just have to be patient with it.

No. 932640

File: 1633580118417.jpg (200.82 KB, 1008x756, DGHBfj_XYAA9sXs.jpg)

I feel a little sick and I'm not hungry, but for some reason I just keep eating more food. Why do I do this to myself

No. 932642

File: 1633580227988.gif (1.55 MB, 220x220, B67F9996-10D3-4782-AB99-8E61E7…)

I'm glad I'm used to being alone, but man.. kind of wish I had a close relationship with my cousins on my dad's side again. I made myself sad imagining us all having a slumber party and watching old Bratz, Barbie, My Scene, and Disney Channel movies.

No. 932643

Being alone can be pretty peaceful. I ditched all the toxic people around me (basically everyone) and don't interact with many beyond family and those I know more casually. I love having so much time to myself without feeling guilty. I've been slowly building friendships with a few acquaintances that seem healthy and honestly just the casual talk with them has been a hundred times more pleasant than dealing with people who I was more emotionally intimate with but they did nothing but start drama and use me as a sounding board

No. 932644

Yes, it definitely feels this way sometimes. It is so nice to have someone who sees you as their closest friend and viceversa, but most people probably view their partners as their closest friend and will prioritize them first so it seems that the older you get the harder it is to find that 'close' kind of friendship- or if your friend is single they'll immediately prioritize their significant other as soon as they start dating (which is their choice I suppose). Guess I wish I had a boyfriend because then we could be each other's best friends and I wouldn't have to worry about that but I know that's going to remain a fantasy given my weird taste in men and also the state of men anyway kek.

No. 932648

you're welcome. i hope you feel better. you sound like a very agreeable, thoughtful person since you think about how others feel in conversations. i hope you can find other people like you.

if you're not this person >>932644 then please disregard this next part. but if you want a bf that will also be a best friend to you, you need to start as just friends with a man. that's how i grew to eventually love my bf. we had established a strong friendship that when we decided to become a couple, most things just fell into place. it felt very natural.

of course always be cautious of the men you befriend, but it is possible to form genuine friendships with men. it's not a fantasy. i'm not saying to lower your standards or to settle for any man, but if he's truly a good person, at least try to adjust some of your tastes. i'm not saying to overlook bad hygiene or things like that but when i was younger, i had such a rigid set of appearances that i wanted in a bf that i wouldn't even open myself up to men that didn't fall into that exact same type. i almost did it to my current bf. and if i had done that, i would have lost out in experiencing genuine love.

No. 932658

I've always been nervous about the possibility of car accidents, and then this week, while I was sitting in the back, our car was rear-ended. I don't think I'll want to learn how to drive for a little while longer.

No. 932661

Just found out this mediocre af 90% lettuce salad I buy solely because it's 200 calories doesn't include the dressing in the calorie count. It's nearly 250 calories for the fucking dressing alone!! It's enraging that so many food companies are intentionally vague and misleading about calories but I guess it makes sense since I would rather eat something that tastes good for that many calories.

No. 932663

i feel this. trying to find out the truth about certain foods is a fucking hassle. try vinaigrette dressings, they are usually lower in calories. sometimes i use really mashed avocado in place of dressing. not only do i feel fuller but it's a healthy fat and not just useless (nutrient wise) dressing.

No. 932664

File: 1633584252545.jpeg (66.11 KB, 500x500, 1632173569668.jpeg)

Yep, that was also me. I agree that the only way I'd be comfortable around a guy is if I was friends with him first since dating has been really uncomfortable for me. I used to have some pretty comfy, genuine friendships with men when I was in college but we also grew apart for various reasons (one of them ditched me once he got a girlfriend and the other one I had to distance myself from because he was becoming really codependent after a breakup). Since then, it's been harder to befriend men because it seems the only ones who are interested in talking to me do so because they're attracted to me and aren't interested in friendship. I guess again it just comes down to patience, but I really appreciate the advice. I'm glad you have a nice relationship with your bf. I think sometimes it can seem hopeless, but hearing that makes me happy for you and I feel less resigned about the future.

No. 932699

I'm friends with a polilez radfem. She is so exhausting, any normal conversation we have is turned into manhating (extreme kind). She regularly crushes on men, then when they're not interested she's say it is the society who pressured her. She opens tinder for both men and women, then go on dates with women and not initiate anything, then blame her date for being boring. She makes herself out to be a victim of homophobia in every damn situation. She told me I'm not bisexual because my last two partners were men (even though I dated women, had sex with women etc.). Every guy crush she has is comphet and every woman is so boring. She talks about kpop men and how they're so amazing but then denies liking kpop and "is only into girl groups". We talk less now but it is so annoying how she screams comphet at everything and has lesbian flag on her wall.

No. 932701

having a tacky wrinkly polyester pride flag on your wall is a red flag regardless of what flag it is tbh. ditch her, she sounds awful

No. 932704

why are you even friends with her in the first place?

No. 932716

>She told me I'm not bisexual because my last two partners were men
Ditch her please, I hate """radfems""" that do not respect the boundaries of other women. Just because she hates men with a passion doesn't mean she's a radfem. What a fucking shame, fuck her.

No. 932730


Not ironed too! Just straight from the packet!


I want to cut contact fully but she is the daughter of a family friend so I'll see her time to time.

Thanks for your support though nonnies, it really helps to have some sanity.

No. 932736

I just managed to start sleeping normally again last week and tonight I woke up at 2 AM wide awake and don't know how long this will go on for again, fml. I'm going to feel so gross tomorrow after I was just starting to feel like a human being during the day again with the sleep increase this week.

No. 932745

this is literally the average lolcow user kek. she sounds exhausting and autistic. does she have a job or other friends?

No. 932773

Not the average lolcow user, just the average "muh bihets" sperg

No. 932776

stupid bitch in this house keeps turning down the thermostat. lazy bitch doesnt pay for shit or do anything.

No. 932783

In honor of iconic trans "musician" "sewerslvt" taking the horrific murder case of a teenage girl, Junko Furuta, as his own aesthetic, using her name as his own "to show his resilience" and calling her a "sewer slut", I'm releasing an EP titled "41% You Worthless Piece of Shit" including the tracks "Dilator Castrator", "Deadname On Your Grave" and "Dead Rapist Tranny, Head Smashed Into Toilet",
I'm joking but I really get so angry about this shit. Trannies, just like any other type of male, are so fucking violent and disgusting, but we're supposed to act like they're poor torture souls who can do no wrong. Hilarious how the scrote I just mentioned, the whole pornogrind genre, MC Bushpig and Cannibal Corpse shit are allowed to exist, but anything like what I just described would probably get banned from all platforms

No. 932786

>"Deadname On Your Grave"

No. 932787

I'm a lesbian and my gf is kinda a doormat in general. But especially so when it comes to this one orbiting scrote that has been a hanger-on for years and cannot accept she is a lesbian and in a relationship despite the fact he himself is married with a kid. she doesn't see his gross impositions and advances etc, just genuinely believes he's harmless. He is needy over text. Lives down the street and shows up regualrly on our doorstep and won't leave until she goes out to see him. I think it's intrusive on our relationship and disrespecful and my hackles go up whenever I see him. He's like… omnipresent and I can't exaclty put my foot down more than I have (he is not to show up at our house univited and I voice my displeasure at his phone calls to wake her up and get her attention on the weekends when we are sleeping in) as they ahve been friends for like a decade. UGH

No. 932799

What the fuck? Is this true? What the fuck? Not many things actually shock me but this managed to. That is too fucking vile, even for a tranny. What the fuck. I want to break all his bones.

No. 932802

Do it, I'd buy your album and go to all your concerts and ask for autographs like an hysterical fangirl.

No. 932812

I feel like I picked the wrong fucking major but I'm afraid if I switch now I'll get so behind my peers and probably drop out. I really don't see a future in this field, in my country at least. Like, the subject itself is something I love, genetic engineering and whatnot but it's a dead-end, I feel like, in my country and I don't want to waste my time and money on it… but I've already put a few years into it, and money too. I'm not sure what to do. It's not like I'm particularly attracted to any other subject. Maybe pharmacy…? I'm at a crossroads. Should I just get this degree and hope for the best or try my luck in something that may provide a stable-er career path…
Don't mind me farmers, just rambling.

No. 932813

Please actually make this album, anyone, please, I beg you.

No. 932830

I want this very badly

No. 932836

File: 1633610754087.jpeg (355.33 KB, 643x624, 06679295-6230-45CE-87D9-34FEBD…)

I hate some pigshit headed anons, I love fighting with them and seeing them think that their opinions or views will ever have any bearing in the real world. It won’t, you are about as much of a dingdong as me, keep writhing though I don’t give a fuck

No. 932840

That's probably how they view you too, what a lovely relationship.

No. 932843

File: 1633611080691.gif (781.95 KB, 220x220, 8FF4479A-80EF-4E0C-AEFC-316403…)

That’s hot tbh

No. 932847

Uni is not a race. I understand you don't want to be behind. But you can do whatever you want, don't feel forced or locked behind an option.

No. 932850

Men are trash. I fucked up an appointment and paid 2 hours for parking I didn't need so I stuck the ticket to the meter for the next person to have 2 hours free parking and some men walked over. Looked at it. Ripped it up and then paid for parking and there was two elderly couples behind him waiting to pay. He didn't even give them the free parking. He literally destroyed it. Wtf is wrong with people lol

No. 932858

So my best friend started dating a complete soyboy. He is like 10 years older than her, looks like he never exercised in his life, narrow shoulders, a massive beer belly, skinny legs, batman t shirts in two sizes two small, holes in his shoes, the whole fucking works. She is so stunning though, so it's not like they are matched in looks at all.
She used to date a complete chad and got with the new boy in less than one month. I think he is a rebound, but what the fyck still. They looks ridiculous together. And ofc the soyboy wants her to start having children with him as soon as possible. He is completely repulsive, why is she with him, why wont she love herself?????

yes it is Eastern Europe

No. 932864

File: 1633614347497.gif (2.95 MB, 600x338, 1633294199151.gif)

No. 932867

Why do I sometimes give off scrote vibes to anons when I get aggressive? I think I just answered my own question tbh but still

No. 932868

it's all in the wording and intentions nonnie, if you aren't I apologize

No. 932869

samefag but I also just wanted an excuse to post the gif because it cracks me up every time

No. 932870

it’s ok anon, it made me laugh too

No. 932873

not only men want to just argue for the sake of arguing and annoy others… that's just anybody who's ever spent enough time on imageboards

No. 932881

People go on imageboards to vent thimgs they can't talk about with friends or on public social media. And because if you get angry in any way other than clapback wokerighteous on normie social media you make everyone scared & disoriented.

And I mean, everyone likes scrolling imageboards and reading anons going insane on each other. Sometimes you're the target, it's ok, you can rage back. Just don't go all "stop being mean!" like if you can't deal with a random anon making fun of you, that's kind of on you. Now some anons are just pissbabies as anywhere but mods don't let any arguments here go that far before redtexting so I think it's a nice balance.

No. 932894

My favorite is when anons start tinfoiling about who could be behind posts. And when the mods reveal that they’re right (usually a scrote). Or when anons can’t handle a posts and start pinning it on incels, Karen, fujos, or my favorite: Tomboys. KEK
It’s the shit show starring us.

No. 932897

When were tomboys blamed?

No. 932900

No one is blaming tomboys, weirdo.

No. 932903

Kek don’t get defensive
I saw an anon a while ago try to use it as an insult for anons who were responding to her. I don’t mean tomboys are actually a malicious group of people.

No. 932907

That's cool and all but it's not common to see

No. 932909

Never said it was

No. 932910

That's bizarre, tomboys are practically endangered these days. We need more of them and less fakebois.

No. 932917

File: 1633621182028.jpeg (551.2 KB, 2269x1485, F394E19B-FDD1-41F0-8F24-98121D…)

I fucking knew I wasn’t in the wrong when I dropped my driving lessons on 2014!
The instructor was a fucking asshole who would vaguely explain shit and then shout at you for not getting it right the first time.
I just read the reviews after gathering some courage to start taking driving lessons again, and the reviews from the place I went to learn how to drive had a bunch of angry people because the moid is a fucking asshole.
I hope he got fired already, that school is the only one near to my grandma’s house, it’s the only place I can go to.
I’m sure that I will be able to do this right.

No. 932919

File: 1633621373458.png (375.92 KB, 630x583, deadinside.png)

I think my friendship with my long-term best friend of about 8 years is on it's deathbed. We don't get along anymore personality wise and they don't understand anything I say. Everytime we chat it feels tense and hostile. It hurts to talk to them and I wish I could just delete them from all social media and disappear instead of watching us gradually grow apart like this.

No. 932955

Same happened to me just a few days ago, had to just end it for good.. It's too painful to drag it on tbh especially if you're the only one that wants it to work.
Despite a connection/shared years if they're treating you like crap it's not worth it

No. 932958

Thanks for the reply, anon. I'm sorry that it didn't work out for you guys. Did you leave a message explaining why you're deleting them or any kind of final letter? I don't know if it would be better to give some closure or if it's not worth it/will hurt them even more.

No. 932961

I did not leave a message but she was awful to me/ghosted me for weeks at a time so she kinda deserved it
If your friend is nicer than that maybe take has your friendship gone through dips and ebbs before? Maybe you guys need some distance - try just not talking to her on social media for a while. If that doesn't work, then you should think about sending that final message

No. 932962

I honestly hate how my autistic ass can’t learn how to shade for shit. Like it makes sense in others’ drawings, but whenever I try I do it, my brain has a short circuit asking where the fuck is the light source coming from.
I’m not trying to become some super cool art celebrity or some shit. I just want to make cute drawings to rip these ideas off my brain so I can think of other stuff.
I’ve also tried badly because I suck live drawing and I still don’t understand how the shadows work.

No. 932965

File: 1633626221342.jpg (177.72 KB, 1300x950, kerry-washington-angelina-joli…)

Trying to cyberstalk someone and can't find shit about them

No. 932968

Just been thinking about the times I've been compared to a drag queen/called manly in my life. It's only happened a few times (mostly from a female friend that might have been jealous) but every time I think about it I get upset. I'm very feminine inside so this causes like.. reverse gender dysphoria?

People tell me I'm a really beautiful and pretty girl way more often than that has happened. I do wear heavy makeup and around the time the comparisons started was quite muscular from work so maybe that's why? It doesn't happen anymore, but yeah.

Sidenote do drag queens really bug anyone else? Dressing up as a woman just to act like a caricature of us is pretty misogynistic to me..

No. 933041

i find drag queen's appropriation of womanhood more annoying than their appearance. like when they start talking about their "pussy" or being a "mother" i wish obama was still around to order a drone strike collectively on their rat infested, popper&prophylaxis-filled LA apartments so we could be rid of the sickness once and for all

No. 933061

I swear my dad will kill himself because of his not so dormant BPD, or my mom will murder him before he can do it.

No. 933065

Do we have the same parents?

No. 933069

Please, let’s run away, sister, we could live in a nice house somewhere without internet connection. Our main income would be the money we could make selling potatoes and eggs.

No. 933102

FUCK YOU shithead modaffacca, I cooked the fucking best savory pie of your shit life and you NOW tell me you won't come because you are too fucking lazy to move? I curse you with diarreah you egoistcal scrotey modaffacca.

No. 933104

can't tell if i'm delusional about the way that i look or if the iphone front facing camera is making me look fatter and uglier than i actually am. i hate this shit. i miss having a shitty flip phone with a 1.5 megapixel camera so i wouldn't have to think about it.

No. 933106

I feel so hopeless. I just want to run away. I don’t know where to. I only sleep 2 hours a night because I constantly have nightmares about what happened to me. I’ve tried every over the counter and prescription sleep aid. I’m prescribed 4mg Klonopin as well. Nothing helps numb the dread and nothing helps me sleep. I’m falling behind in my classes so much. I know I can get past this. I just don’t know how. I wish I could erase all my childhood memories. I could have learned the world was cruel and dangerous in a fairer way. But life isn’t fair. I have to grow up and take ahold of my life or die trying

No. 933107

Yes. Yes, I want this.

No. 933110

iphone lenses have a slight fish eye effect to them and can make things look a little bloated the closer they are to the camera.

No. 933112

I'm sorry nonita, I have no suggestion nor trick to get you to sleep but I can offer this: tonight I will watch Moonstruck (1987 with Cher) and you can watch it too and I will send chill and sleepy vibes for you even if we are not in synchro.

No. 933117

Nta but jee whiz that is sweet as pie

No. 933118

File: 1633634529310.jpg (57.33 KB, 1029x1028, me.jpg)

No. 933119

I extend the invite to you too!

No. 933130

Will I ever be accepted by humanity, as retarded and useless as I am? Do I even have a place in this world?

No. 933131

No. 933140

File: 1633635565605.jpeg (426.19 KB, 768x808, 30B21258-853E-463C-B745-74812F…)

>mfw yesterday u realize no one’s ever liked u for u
>people only like me for who i am most of the time

can i really catch a fucking break kek

No. 933142

Seeing the racism and people encouraging war, wants to kill each other online makes me insanely depressed.

I know the first thing people will say is that this is the Internet and people say over the top things because of the anonymity afforded and for most of my life I've always kept that in the back of my mind.

Why can't we just get along :/..(:/)

No. 933164

The front camera 1000000% makes you look clapped. My sister took a regular picture of me after I was staring at some ugly selfies and I looked so much better with the back camera.

No. 933169

File: 1633637259311.gif (1009.17 KB, 498x239, mean-grls-get-along.gif)

No. 933184

I'm so frustrated I want to finish my drawing so I can post it but I'm a stupid perfectionist so I spend hours tweaking parts that I've mostly finished and ignore other parts that I barely touched. At least I hope it's going to be worth it in the end

No. 933186

So relatable! Remember not to over render anon, good luck!

No. 933192

File: 1633638637091.gif (6.03 MB, 320x180, FA06D904-324A-4D88-8465-783797…)

Idk why my dumb fuck premature boomer head (I’m not even a boomer I’m too dumb for this shit I hate this world) keeps forgetting to get rid of my illustrator subscription and I also bought the rest of my genshin battle pass and my payment thing isn’t working because and because and because and because I and that’s exactly why I and for that reason and because and that’s exactly why and exactly because because exactly and that’s why and I’ll never explain why because exactly why

No. 933195

Everybody looks better in motion without a camera lens. I've done wedding photos with absolutely stunning brides that could have been on catwalks and found that I still had to use tricks and mitigate some things to stop them from looking absolutely clapped in the photos. I wasn't using a shitty camera, there's just something about the way photos distort your features. Phone cameras do it in the most grotesque way.

No. 933196

Thank you, good luck to you too! I can make a painting so quickly when I'm working with real paint and canvas or paper but drawing digitally makes it so easy to just zoom in, zoom out, mirror, rotate, draw a tiny 1 pixel wide mark, flip again to see if it looks good (it looks exactly the same), repeat

No. 933199

What is it with moids and their need to try and shut down any discussion about issues regarding them as a class by calling any woman making an argument a “man hating feminazi”. It’s not some kind of own or win and there’s no need to prove you’re not actually a ~man hater~ as if that’s some kind of bad thing lmao

No. 933200

File: 1633638969902.gif (2.38 MB, 500x288, whaaaaat.gif)

What is happening???

No. 933202

I’m literally breaking down nonna

No. 933204

File: 1633639416965.jpeg (919.82 KB, 1244x1621, becausebecausebecause.jpeg)

I'm so sorry this is happening to you, here is a bird

No. 933208

the name of the image kek

No. 933228

I spent a huge amount of time on a project at work and one of the pieces was ruined when my coworker cut in front of me to use a machine after I started it, and the material ran out when I had my turn. They used it all day yesterday and didn’t tell anyone it was almost empty. Plus this caused the machine to lockup so I had to rip apart my own stuff to refill it. I feel like I wasted so much time and I have to do it again.

No. 933252

I wish I could knock the handmaiden bug out of my mother. I'll fucking gut every scrote that has benefitted from having a woman do something for them.

No. 933257

Absolutely do it. I hate that i liked a few of his songs, mr. kill myself is still a good song but its just ruined for me. It’s funny because i thought it was a guy at first, found out it was a girl, and i was like wow cool..but no, later found out it was just a troon. Hard eye roll. I don’t even pay attention much to him, because when i found out about the reason he called himself “jvnko” and saw that music video with the clip of this little boy dying or something i was fully out. I hate his stupid woe is me attitude. He is literally so fucking stinky. Sad sap piece of shit. Dunk on him nonna.

No. 933267

My father is such a retard. Typical of a moid hes very cost obsessed and frugal, and I'm stuck living with him until I move out. When he was on furlough during early covid he spent months trying to save thousands of dollars fixing his own fence. He's obsessed with doing every repair on the house himself, even if he does is poorly. Now there's literally cracks developing in the inner roof of the house in every single fucking room, I tell the idiot, and he says he will "fix it himself", when he goes on business trips every fucking week now. Where is all the money you saved from doing the previous repairs going, motherfucker? Where is all the fucking money you're making at work going? The guy is going to ruin the house he plans to sell after I move out before he even has a chance to repair it, but I don't want to be here if the roof starts leaking. I can't afford these repairs myself and I have no desire to have to deal with the workmen coming to fix this shit when I have a life of my own at that. This is too big a project for him to DIY with his work schedule but he's acting like a cracking roof that'll potentially leak is nothing. I hate men so fucking much.

No. 933269

I'm studying web development except I already hate it not because of the subject material, no I get good grades at least and can understand easily, but actually doing this for a job I don't know about. well the most frustrating thing is all my classmates who are actually IT nerd guys who have a passion for it. which is good for them but they all talk about how you should be teaching yourself outside of class, doing projects gaining experience… all good advice but I had to have fucking depression and even though I bought into the tough guy talk that depression is made up, that I gave it to myself through laziness or privilege and that it's a modern meme, I still can't get rid of it this sucks so much. So anyway how the hell can I do this extracurricular work when I'm a worthless energyless lifeform who can barely get through each day. And to be honest it sounds hellish to live breathe sleep something I'm learning only to support myself later, what am I even in school for if I'm supposed to be doing most of the teaching for myself in my free time? I hate this. I have all As in school but I'm convinced it's not enough if what these dudes say is true. I'm not normally so angry sounding but I'm venting is all. The meme phrase is right, it's all so tiresome

No. 933281

i managed to help most of my female workers hate men openly and it's great. Hope you get to turn her too, anon

No. 933283

File: 1633643780609.jpg (182.89 KB, 1124x1024, 1502678757298.jpg)

Please do. Make sure you capture comments on it and compare them to pornogrind/lolicore/ edgy alt rap comments on the same sites you post it to.

No. 933290

File: 1633643984224.jpeg (45.97 KB, 320x240, wot.jpeg)

I'm coming to the realisation that I might have been misdiagnosed with CFS when I was 13 when it was actually childhood depression. This all came about because I had been having problems with my mental health since primary school and it gradually kept getting worse through to high school. Everything started to overwhelm me, I had an emotional crash and refused to go to school because I didn’t feel well. my mother went to the doctor for me since I couldn't even get out of bed, he didn't believe in CFS but diagnosed me with it anyway chalking it up to being caused by a bad reaction to a jab without even seeing me in person. I can't remember a lot from this time in my life and when I think about it I often get emotional and I’ve never understood why. it feels like my teenage years were robbed. the whole time my depressive symptoms were mistaken for stupid cfs. I got worse and worse as I got older, I became more detached socially because I wasn't in school as much as my "friends" and peers, I got made fun of more because of cfs too, and despite everything my parents did my mental state still declined but no one would take me seriously (not even my shitty therapist) so I just kept thinking I wasn't depressed and it was the cfs for years. Looking back, it totally messed up my development. the whole time I could have gotten better and could have had a happier teenage hood that wasn't confusing and fucked up. now I have to pick up the pieces as an adult. I feel so helpless about this time in my life. I don't understand it was so clear something else was wrong how could people have not seen this.

No. 933291

I have to make like a presentation video and my neighbors are as usuall at the same fucking time yelling. They always go off from now till the next two hours after work or some shit. I fucking hate those smoking crack heads why cant they just get kicked out or move out already.

No. 933293

I know this is autistic as fuck but I had this one mutual on tumblr I was talking to regularly and generally I liked her and we had interests in common etc. etc. and then she just deactivated out of nowhere. Imo I still think about her because of being basically a shutin for like 2 years already but she also suddenly disappeared. I just hope she is ok

No. 933295

I just realized this girl is probably how everyone saw me in school

No. 933296

So, you had caring enough parents that took you to a doctor, got you a therapist and let you not go to school because it didnt feel well, what else they were supposed to do? I seriously get mad at this level of delusional pampered sheltered entitled people I hate you anon you are the weakest useless link of our society

No. 933297

based. i'd unironically buy a "dilator castrator" t-shirt

No. 933299

Wtf? Anon sounds like she is mourning the misery and confusion of that time, not once did she actually blame her parents or show she is ungrateful for them trying. She just seems disappointed that it yielded a misdirection despite all their efforts

No. 933307

okay nonnie you were abused or whatevs, you can stop projecting now

No. 933308

Do you have any advice for looking nice in photos at weddings? I'm gonna be a bridesmaid for the first time and I'm unphotogenic af, I'm expecting to look horrid.

No. 933320

File: 1633646416717.gif (635.95 KB, 200x200, 200.gif)

>Iconic trans "musician" "sewerslvt" taking the horrific murder case of a teenage girl, Junko Furuta, as his own aesthetic, using her name as his own "to show his resilience" and calling her a "sewer slut"

please tell me this is a joke anon
I knew that fucker was a tranny but this is just too much for me

No. 933323

projecting like IMAX there

No. 933325

Why can my flatmate never clean anything properly?! Whenever she sweeps the floor all she does is sweep it into a pile in an area where we walk a lot and then just leave it there until I actually sweep it into the bin. She never does the dishes properly either. She complained that an old flatmate always wanted to do her own dishes because she was a clean freak and now I see why. Take tonight for example, dinner was sausages. She did the washing up and I just had to go and redo it. There were globs of fat still sitting on the tray, and even worse there was some on the plates and bowls she '"washed" at the same time. All she does is give it a quick wipe. If I don't wash our baking trays she will put them away covered in grease. So I'll go to take it out to use and it's fucking sticky!!! She says she has 2020 vision and yet she can't see the dirt on the dishes?!!

No. 933328

I have to live with 2 siblings that are exactly like this. Never fucking wash anything properly and you end up having to clean up after them which makes me resent them. They actually drive me insane.

No. 933329

i didnt know sewerslvt was a tranny fucking hell.
ive seen way too many scrotes online making edgy jokes about junko furuta. its so gross and tasteless, i dont know how anyone can go through the experience of reading through the horrific things that happened to her and think 'haha lol edgy meme xd', or in this case using it as some weird fucked up aesthetic i guess

No. 933348

Don’t let men in tech demotivate you. Trust me, I’ve had it happen to me too since I work in tech and got my degree in CS. All that stuff is just bravado for them to try and seem like the ultimate nerd to others. Motivation for personal projects is hard and when you graduate and start working almost all professional developers don’t do side projects because most people have actual lives outside work. It doesn’t hurt your career one bit.

That being said, if you can show that you have played around with some frameworks and stuff like that since you’re doing web dev with at least one or two little examples it MIGHT help with your initial job but you’ve probably done class projects too that you can show off. Don’t worry about going all out/beat yourself up. I struggled with depression a lot when I was in school and ended up fine on the other side. You’re going to do great.

No. 933354

Got into a discussion with a scrote in our group chat because I wrote "lol, next" when my friend asked if she should keep seeing this dude who was 7 years older than her. I don't give a fuck about muh maturity and personality before age. If I like someone and learn that they're 3 years older or younger than me, it's like a switch gets flipped and any attraction to them is gone. I just like being the similar age of a potential partner. My friends backed me up on this. Male waste of oxygen proceeded to tell me he was concerned about how judgemental I was being and fucking left the conversation, kek.

No. 933357

men on the internet always have the audacity to tell you what they think about you as if youre going to care about their opinion. like 'you shouldnt act like this', excuse me? i want to know what goes on in their heads that they think someone is magically gonna change their behaviour purely because theyve been told off on discord

No. 933358

Good job nonny, you're doing god's work protecting other women from old manipulative scrotes

No. 933364

Manifesting this.

No. 933365

Thank you nonny. I will keep hanging in there. I know I definitely need to have good things in my portfolio but you're right their words seem a lot like bravado. I'm sure them being genuinely passionate is also part but it's good to hear from someone else that you don't have to be. I'm really touched by your faith in me, and I'm glad it worked out for you!! I hope I can be the same

No. 933376

File: 1633650302496.jpg (288.29 KB, 1023x1023, tumblr_c05d413f05e0033d9c5f093…)

i seduced the crush of my gay moid acquaintance for no other reason than petty jealously. e.g. my gay moid is a better writer than me, is more charismatic than me, a better artist, makes friends easier than i do, but he's a GUY and the dude he was crushing on was obviously straight (and interested in me). i just wanted to be better than him at something/steal something away from him, idk.

i don't intend to date him for long, we're not even going to have sex, but the look on my moid acquaintance's face when his crush let slip we were "finally together" satisfied me for a short while.

No. 933383

You just reminded me how much I love that movie! cheers

No. 933384

I love corpse bride!!!

No. 933385

Absolutely based. Age gaps in relationships need to be shat on more because it's 99.9% always a (much) older moid with a younger woman for the wrong reasons. Fucking filled across media shilling that garbage from when we're young girls.

My new university group chat was bantering about ganging up on some older guy who hit on one of our classmates. When she told him she's 18 he replied "That's perfect". It was all fun and games laughing at this creep until the 27 year old scrote in the chat tried defending the guy like "It's only a 5 year gap bros" "she's legal anyway, so how is he a perv" "she's already 18" I wanted to reply but the topic changed by the time I opened the chat.

No such thing as a scrote maturing with age, they aren't socialized for that the way women are expected to be mature even earlier in their lives. Only thing an older scrote is good for is to remind him about his receding hairline, shitstain boxers and saggy balls.

No. 933386

Hey nice picture choice anon, love that movie

No. 933387

My cousin calls his gf "mom" and refers to his actual mother by her name. I guess he does it jokingly but it still makes me cringe uhhhhh

No. 933393

That's weird as fuck even jokingly

No. 933394

Agreed. The thing is that moids don't respond to any sort of moral argument or appeal to empathy, the only thing that works is attacking their egos. Women need to actively make fun of creepy older men and make it very clear that young/same aged guys are hotter and their number 1 choice. They need to be embarrassed preemptively so they are too worried about rejection to hit on younger girls.

No. 933402

i don't get this meme
is it saying that you guys don't care about the text in my post or is corpse bride somehow related to my situation

No. 933404

The problem right now is that the "creepy older man" trope is bounced over to wrinkly ugly senior citizens, which lets the mediocre late 20s-mid 30s think that holding down a full time job is criteria enough to be the "cool, mature, older guy" to younger girls that don't know better.

If Twitter/FB/IG/whatever spent less time on trannies and more time shaming sly and predatory scrotes, even if it's just public relationships like Billie's and Olivia's, young girls could have a chance to understand it before unfortunately experiencing it themselves.

No. 933406

File: 1633653126392.jpg (76.45 KB, 750x920, ougi oshino.JPG)

This happened to me a while ago, except I wasn’t a mutual, I just regularly looked at her page. One day I couldn’t find her again, even searching different names she could have used if she changed names plus looking at my follow list, but to no avail. I still think about her, because I regret not having any courage to try talking to her. Many such cases.

No. 933423

File: 1633654246847.png (218.46 KB, 800x450, excuse_the_autism.png)

This happened nonita

Don’t compare yourself to the moid though, there’s no reason to. Hopefully this can be cathartic for you and you can leave him in the past.

No. 933427

nta but I’m crying of laughter, I literally just read her post, the attention span in this thread is immaculate amirite?

No. 933448

I'm so behind on my coursework

No. 933456

this made me kek. okay

No. 933463

Thanks, I was thinking the same thing.

And ngl, if some scrote admitted to fucking a woman solely on the basis of scorning the lesbian he was jealous of, we'd roast him.

No. 933465

Purposely breaking my combo in my rhythm game just to feel something

No. 933468

wow that's a funny image!

No. 933472

I HATE having a period, I have been bloated for WEEKS, I drink so much water every day but for the past week I've been peeing twice a day at most. Today I ate only a shitty impossible burger and some fennel and I'm still so bloated I can't even zip up my jeans. I hate hormones and I hate pms I just want to wear my stupid jeans

No. 933473

File: 1633658868806.jpeg (379.42 KB, 441x779, 11AE1718-5DB6-4294-B0FD-1CBB17…)

I’m 19 and so ready to die can something hurry up I’m ready to go to hell already

No. 933476

I hate nyself so fucking much it's insane. I wish I was literally anybody else. I have had the same therapist for years and every time she asks me to list my strengths it's always so fucking difficult. I always settle for "I'm funny sometimes." I'm not good at anything and I have no motivation to get good at anything. I feel so fucking useless in every aspect of my existence. I do not understand how I even have friends. I hate myself so much that I really feel like I tricked my friends into liking me. I am always worrying about them finally figuring out how useless I am and what a bad person I am. I will not tell them about any of this shit because who wants to be friends with a crazy self-hating bitch that doesn't believe her friends actually like her but that she somehow manipulated them into liking her. I like my friends but I really believe that they would be better without me dragging them down. They would be better without a parasite of a person clinging to them. I don't know how to fix my self-image and I don't know what to do about my friends. I don't want to let them down but I know that if I continue being friends with them that it is inevitable that I will fuck up the friendship. I am so fucking tired of everything and I am so tired of hating myself and I am so tired of feeling so worthless and unworthy of love but I don't know how to fix it and help is so far away. I hate this. I do not think I will ever feel one with this world or with the people in it and it fucking hurts.

No. 933477

>I'm not good at anything
you're good at expressing your inner state.

No. 933497

Found a really handsome guy who claims that he fell in love with me but he's got a really tiny dick. Oh god why, sex with him is terrible. But he's so good looking. Shame that men can't get some kind of substantial dick elongation in the same way women get fake tits.

No. 933500

I just found out recently men can get fillers in their dick to make it bigger. They have no excuse now!

Anyway sorry to hear that, it's nightmare fuel and I have dumped an otherwise great guy for it. Can't help what I'm attracted to and I never regretted it for a second.

No. 933504

same except peeing every 10 minutes

No. 933512

I wish I was still dating a dicklet so I could bully him into wanting penis fillers

No. 933513

Hell yeah

No. 933515

File: 1633664171042.jpeg (47.82 KB, 436x350, DE6D9E60-0FB8-4D22-8C2B-1A33BD…)

Just hold his dick and pull it so far back and really stretch it out like a slinky, problem solved

No. 933520

File: 1633664430597.jpeg (78.61 KB, 1018x1018, 1F3DB9E1-BDB1-4EB4-AB4D-43C043…)

If you want your moid to have a functioning dick have him jelq, go on runs, and chug water. Hope you can start your build a dick journey with this advice anon

No. 933527

No. 933529

Maybe he might be into penis bullying or maybe get an extender [although if it's really small, the extender will be super floppy because he can't even fill out the hollow of that]

No. 933532

just found out my best friend who ran away to ohio a year ago gets abused by her bf.

>mfw i miss her

>i find a reason to hate moids everyday
>her bf is a mtf tranny

No. 933539

god i know people are soft these days, but why tf did my status get taken down for saying ¨failed my french test today feeling #suicidal¨ … the site really is full of retards who can't understand a joke

No. 933644

i need some advice anons. how do i tell someone i'm not interested in to stop messaging me in a nice way? my brother's friend keeps sending me dms on insta and is unnervingly nice to me but he makes me uncomfortable asf because, he's one of those moids who says racial slurs in normal conversations. I dont know what to do anymore :^(.(don't use emojis )

No. 933645

Stop responding?

No. 933657

Wow, you're so edgy anon. Making jokes on Twitter when you know Twitter is quick with that stuff. You tagged it #suicide. You were clearly looking for this reaction, very scrote-like behavior.

No. 933661

I think Twitter is to blame, not "people being soft". It's social media platforms who are tightening in on what you are and aren't allowed to say, I don't think most people would care about a dumb comment such as the one you posted

No. 933684

I get so angry when I see qomen cape so hard for trannies and muslims. Why do you defend people who literally want to rape and murder you? Who would never ever do the same, and will only talk shit about you? Insane

No. 933686

File: 1633685086774.jpeg (13.59 KB, 155x326, 8F5750A4-C4E0-4FEA-811A-99CD47…)

I am at my fucking limit with scrotes at the gym. They’re so fucking brazen, just leering whenever you walk, lift, workout, breathe. I’m actively trying to pretend they don’t exist and avoid eye contact and they just stare like the worthless moids they are trying to catch eye contact.
I try and dress as invisible (black hoodie, hair tied back in a bun, stereo headphones on to block out their obnoxious grunting, black track pants and converse) as possible to them and yet.

I want to watch the world burn.

No. 933695

> implying that they do actual sideprojects instead of aimlessly browsing 4chan and janking their pepper to anime all day
People overstate how much work they are doing. They are procrastinating all day.

No. 933720

I wanted to kms before my birthday. My birthday was yesterday. Spent it alone. Now I’m crying in the employee bathroom at 8am because I’m still alive.

No. 933723

File: 1633694367827.gif (1.4 MB, 544x250, BC131B1C-8786-4DA6-83EB-D7D917…)

i’ve been sleeping terrible lately and now i woke up feeling like i didn’t rest well at all and it feels excruciating. it’s like imaginary pain you can’t access or really describe, it’s nothing physical but everything perceived in your mind. when i started waking up i saw a bottle that said 666 in it, is it a demon trying to fuck my shit up or depression, which one could it even be

No. 933734

Gym scrotes have to be some of the worst people on Earth. Shameless fucking scum

No. 933741

File: 1633696142719.png (271.52 KB, 435x382, fvfvefvffr3wrvgrrgbwrgrwgwrwrf…)

>"""""""""""radfem"""""""""" "friend" posts something on facebook about reggaeton, an hypersexual and violent genere of music, being a good thing and very empowering (lyrics literally say "put them in my mouth so they don't fit" or whatever)
>tell """""""""radfem""""""""""" "friend" why that's actually degrading and not empowering at all
>tell her pornification of women just objectifies us and we can live a healthy sexuality without playing into scrote games
>I'm not, but sorry you felt that way


I deleted my facebook afterwards, I am tired of these people. I swear to god. I will never give my fucking opinon to anyone on social media ever again. I thought I could trust because she's a "friend", guess not. She even told me "DONT PULL THE WOMAN CARD!!!!!"

No. 933743

File: 1633696270387.gif (142.51 KB, 275x207, 1620789910927.gif)

I feel so violent right now.

No. 933744

Why is she calling herself radfem?
Tell her to go read Andrea Dworkin.

No. 933747

When I see a good father, whether in real life or media, I get overwhelmed with this sadness. My grandfather on my mom's side was actually the perfect dad. He never so much as yelled at anybody, save for a time when my mom was young and some retarded scrotes were bothering her. He's the only reason I have a modicum of faith in men, but he died when I was 17. So now I don't have that reminder, that men can be good and thoughtful. And when I see it in real life, I either don't believe it or just pity myself. What did I do to deserve a sociopathic father? My daddy issues follow me wherever I go, even though I cut ties with my father when I was 16. I just can't get over it. Even from my earliest memories, I hated my father. I never felt love for him, even before I could realize the way he treated me was legitimately evil. I thought it was normal, actually, and that I was the evil one for hating my father so much. I always prayed he would just die. I still do. I'm happy for people who get to have good fathers, I am. I just have this retarded "why me?" thought almost every day. I hate people with victim complexes like that, so I try my best not to feel sorry for myself. But God, I hate men.

No. 933753

Because she hates men. That's all. No other basis.
Otherwise she's your typical libfem. And telling her to read andrea dworkin will only cause her to rage even more at me and accuse me of "infantilization" (wtf).

No. 933755

Men are so disgusting I can't take it. Every day I hear stories of women who were raped and tortured brutally. I learn of human trafficking and corruption within politics involving children. It makes me sick. I hate men.

No. 933759

How do I retain my openness towards a romantic relationship when these stories fill me with vitriol. Fathers, brothers, grandfathers, husbands, sons, uncles, teachers, doctors, religious leaders. It happens so often, I know so many girls who have been hurt, and hear it so often on the news even though I try to avoid the news because of this. I feel so sick to my stomach.

No. 933760

My friend works at a gym, she says every woman feels like prey at the gym. I hate that this is something we are expected to just accept instead of doing something about it, but what can you do? Anything you might do they will just construe as "lel women being irrational again!! afraid without a reason!"

No. 933763

We can absolutely not be accepting of sexual degeneracy, as it often leads to sexual crimes. However, we can also not shame these people to the point they keep it a secret and end up marrying with repressed feelings, as this often results in abuse within the home. I am just so sick of all of the disgusting porn that exists and how it is normalised, and how it is becoming more and more difficult to be critical of sexual deviants and their dangers to society. It is undeniably a slippery slope and the fact that so many people defend something so useless and perverse is astonishing. What loss is cheap porn if it can save innocent women and children? What does it even matter at that point? god

No. 933764

Alcoholism, and never being taught how to do anything, while simultaneously being taught so much that I am a genius yet a complete failure of a human being.

Let's not get into having stupid highly specific mental issues where I can't function unless I specifically figure out and read books on my issue, because fuck me I live in a place that has no good concept of mental disorders.

Self parenting is underrated, vent over.

No. 933765

reggaeton is such trash. A lot of my younger coworkers like it and when i call them out, they call me racist. Even though I'm puerto rican. How nonas? How?

No. 933766

I invested in work out gear for my home for this reason. Nothing big but a yoga matt and weights and resistance bands helps a lot. I hate gym scrotes the most. This is why we should segregate the sexes in places like the gym

No. 933767

It actually sucks that men are raised differently than women. It's why we can't understand them as well. If humans in general weren't so pig headed towards the opposite sex, I feel we'd be getting someplace.

But this is akin to wanting world peace, and thus I remain on a board filled with other depressed individuals, venting about shit I can't change unless I create a cult.

No. 933772

How do you think society should approach raising men and women?

No. 933773

I live far away from my family and I haven't seen my sister in a about 4 years. She told me months ago that I could stay at her house when I'll be visiting soon but then suddenly said the other day that I couldn't actually stay at her house because (reasons) related to it needing repairs.
Fine, whatever. I had backup plans so it wasn't a big deal.
The next day I let her know the full number of days I'll be there (more than originally) and suddenly the story changes that actually I can stay at her house but just not (original days I was going to) because her husband's friend is going to be staying there. I haven't addressed the situation with her but I'm really pissed off that she lied to me, I just don't think it's worth the energy. (She didn't apologize, she just kind of pretended the original conversation never happened)

No. 933778

Something similar happens to Brazilian funk, a lot of lyrics are very sexual in a pretty gross way, especially older songs but if you criticize it you get called a racist/classicist because it originated from favelas. People also complain that it has been watered down or whatever to appeal to the general public.

No. 933779

In a case regarding the rape of a young girl by her father and other men, including high ranking politicians and business men, the girl's uterus was to be inspected to further support her case. The poor girl obviously did not want to be inspected as such and tried to exit the room screaming when she learned of it. Eventually they drugged her so they could perform the inspection. What the fuck! Is it not obvious this girl was raped!? I can't believe people still are so shocked and stubborn when a girl shares she has been sexually abused. Her brother also expressed he had been sexually abused, her sister noted questionable behavior too, grandmother also… And the police keeps changing things about the father's side of the story. This involves a politician who recently was involved in a different scandal as well. He is also part of the largest political party here which has had dubious connections in the past. I am reminded of a television show based on a book by political journalists from my country. The scandal and party is similar.

No. 933783

If the world was perfect, I'd raise both as neutrally as possible. examples are: letting both play with whatever toys they want, or following a subjects they want regardless of being masculine/feminine to my culture or not.

I'd express disdain and attempt to talk them in circles in a non aggressive way when they are sexist (regardless of sex).

Why I say it's a fairy tale or wishful thinking, is that any culture I have lived in, or visited/studied is culturally sexist (regardless of sex).

It's like people can't break themselves from the narrative or even from the cultural cult they were born into.

If I were to make an attempt to help society, I'd first get them to travel, and I don't mean this lightly. I believe everyone needs to travel in order to understand humans at their base. We can't understand other's until we live their life (going for 3 years in a new country/culture)

No. 933788

But nonnieeeee, how will they coom though if not by watching two strangers fuck and one party beating the other one up on their screen? You can't possibly suggest they do it like everyone had to for the past six million years up to about just two generations ago now, can you? Are you some kind of hipster? I bet you also think electricity is witch craft if you're so much against societal advancement!!!

No. 933789

the newsreport i am listening to now describes everything in detail (it is a very good and thorough report) but that includes the child pornography that was found… i had to cry immediately and take a break, i can't believe the world includes this depravity. i can't believe those poor children had to go through that. i can't believe they made children do these things i can't believe it.. children, i can't believe it. from nine years old or twelve. i can't believe it.

No. 933805

I hate this “special needs”. needs woman I work with. I’m certain she’s faking most of her condition though, I often I see her independently go walk across a damn street to a gas station by herself no issue but as soon as she gets back k to work she suddenly acts like incompetent. Then She has this donation paper she keeps haggling me like “if you want donate t”

“It’s right there”

“You can make out that paycheck anytime”

Excuse me, PAYCHECK? Lol also I’m not obligated to donate okay? I’m a broke bitch.

No. 933825

I'd complain to the boss about her trying to get you to give your paycheck to her. I wouldn't mince words at all

No. 933832

Man I’m doing everything not to snap at her lmao. She can’t even do her job. She’s given a simple list of chore to do while on the clock. She’s here for four hours. Has only accomplished three things. Like. And her condition changes too. Lol. One day I hear she’s autistic (even then you should be able to complete tasks) and other times she says she has downs. Like. Is it both. One or the other? Which is it, lady? Why can you do things you wanna do effortlessly but doing your actual job you act like you’re struggling.

No. 933835

i dont know why i keep giving people chances. i think it's because they're my best friends so it hurts to accept that they're inconsiderate of me. also, it hurts to accept that they just don't treat me well/can be rude to me.
my ex (as of like, 2 weeks?) will be in town and apparently i agreed to meeting up with her (i probably did but that was weeks ago and i dont remember) but i texted her saying i'm not ready yet and she just replied "Word." and is giving me the silent treatment. idk why i keep giving her chances bc she's fucked everything in my life up for over a year and realistically i shouldn't have any communication with her at all.
i have another friend in town, my best friend who also is my ex lol, and she always says that i'm the only one who listens to her and really cares for her. in reality, i'm always there for her, but she's never there for me. for example, i told her i attempted suicide recently, and that i was not feeling good now and wanted her to be there for me bc i was scared and she told me she can't help because she's working. she works from home and basically can change her hours. then she texted me "Can you just go to the hospital". I think she thought i was attention seeking but i literally wasn't and needed her so badly but instead she messaged my roommate to check up on me. since then she acts like nothing happened
i've set a boundary with her about not talking about a certain person who i don't like/makes me feel really shitty, and she's broken that boundary twice. right when she arrived in town and came to my house, the person in question was at the door dropping her luggage off. then she brought him up later to gossip bc she "had no one else to tell this about."
my other friends and therapist keep asking me why i don't just drop them and idk. it's not easy but i'm trying to not talk to them frequently im just plain retarded and have no self respect

No. 933837

Even if you weren't broke you have no obligation to give your paycheck to some random retarded woman. I worked with someone exactly like this and she ended up being the boss's friend and nothing was done about it. Talk to HR about it, be factual, give specifics, but keep in mind unless she runs afoul of EEOC they don't have to do anything about it. Practice telling her "No" and "Don't talk to me about that" without being wishy-washy.

No. 933838

My shit ass coworker brought some home made cupcakes to work. I'm somewhat lactose intolerant and asked her if they have any in them and she said "uh, oh, no of course not!" so my dumb ass took two of them because they were delicious. After a while my stomach started hurting like hell and I started farting like a hippo. I also shat myself a little on my way home. Damn the lying bitch and her delicious baking, I bet she said they were lactose free because she felt embarrassed that she forgot that there are a couple of people who couldn't eat them and had made them with regular ingredients. I even had my lactose pills on me so I could have just popped one before tasting the cupcakes! Damn it! Damn my asshole for leaking! I can't wait for her to kill some unfortunate fucker who has allergies or something.

Also saw a girl wearing a sweater with "they/them" knitted on the back of it. We don't even live in an english speaking country so what the hell is the point?

No. 933851

I’ve tried every lip balm imaginable and my lips are always dry, I want to scream. I woke up with cracked lips this morning and it’s just so frustrating. Yes I drink water and the rest of my skin is hydrated, my lips are just a fucking mess and I can’t figure it out. Winter is gonna suck.

No. 933858

Have you ever tried plain Vaseline? Sometimes they sell them in teeny tiny containers specifically for lips.

Also, idk if it’s available wherever you are but in my time working in a sex shop I came across somthing called Uberlube and it’s like such a good multipurpose silicon based lube. You can use it on your lips. (And on chub rub, a hair defrizzer, dry skin, etc. ) it’s available online if you can get it.

No. 933861

I hate when people know they don't wanna help you, yet come up with some bullshit excuses because they're too cowardly to just say "Sorry I don't feel like helping you." Motherfuckers just need to ADMIT they wanna be lazy so I can be proper irritated at them instead of feigning that they're helpless babbies.
>Hey while you're at your parent's house, can you pick up the mixer attachments you promised to remember from last time?
>I don't know what they look like.
>Can't you google what they look like?
>But the brand has different models!
>No it doesn't.
Fuck, just say you don't want to look for them so I can just buy my fucking own. I would've done that from the start had you not promised that you were getting them for me and are now treating me like a pest for expecting you to follow through on your word. Too bad there's perfectly good free ones I could have had if you could've been assed to look inside a fucking drawer.

I can't fucking stand how lazy people are. I deal with this shit enough at work and I'm so tired of mommying/managing when I'm outside of it too.

No. 933863

same here. Sometimes when I smile, my lower lip just cracks open in the middle and start bleeding, it's tragic. And I drink enough water and use lip balm everyday

No. 933864

Do you exfoliate your lips? You don't even need to invest in one of those lip scrubs, just take a clean wash cloth, wet it with warm water, and gently rub your lips in circular motions with your finger covered by the cloth; apply Vaseline or a balm after. Be very gentle as lips are sensitive. It might take doing it a few times in a row to get all the dead skin off.

No. 933869

I'll be your friend, anon I was the one who was talking about doormat messiah syndrome earlier

No. 933870

google trauma reenactment

you can help unlearn some of these desires in therapy but it'll take a little while and some other form of opening up

wanna be friends anon?

you didn't deserve it anon. But you should know that talking about it with your family might really help you. it's extremely unlikely that the people bullying you were actually hating you or thought you seriously deserved it. they were probably being shitty teenagers and weren't mentally mature enough or not considering what sort of affect it would have on the other person. Please dont take anything to heart, I know that sounds easy to say over the internet. But remember your value, you're a great person inside and out and you should never define yourself by someone else's sadism. Chances are they just saw an easy target and wanted some cheap laughs.

You can beat this pain, I can promise you that. It's going to take some time, some working on things and changing how you perceive and define yourself but you can escape those events and feelings. PTSD isn't a joke, it is part of your life until you work through it and regain your strength and self-worth. But you can absolutely beat it and become stronger for it. You may want to see a therapist or start reading some self-help books for this sort of thing, you can do wonders for yourself if you really commit and try. I believe in you, anon, good luck and I hope you recover and love yourself.

No. 933877

I just hid the unconventional male attractions thread because there are just too many ugly scrotes being posted. What a displeasure to scroll past it in /g/.

No. 933878

Anytime I’m on my period, one coworker just pisses me off. His general presence anywhere near where I’m working annoys the absolute hell out of me. He’s the only one, though. The other two I work with don’t get on my nerves like he does. I don’t know what it is or why it happens—There’s just something about him.

No. 933883

Can you go into detail about your hyperfixations? What edgy music genres are you into? What sort of weird internet shit? That sounds really relatable or really common tbh. At least around here.

No. 933888

happy birthday anon

if you want a present I will buy you one

No. 933891

are you allergic to nuts? a lot of chocolate is cross-contaminated. it might just be this specific brand.

No. 933903

>living with the constant paranoia of having a beige couch and a heavy period flow
>ditto my white bedsheets

No. 933904

why are there so many fucking retards making retarded threads about retarded people?!?! literally shitting up boards and its driving me nuts, i wish mods would delete retarded threads but i know they can't bc of rules so i dont blame them but jfc i hate these fucking retards ruining the board udshfjdskjfkds

No. 933907

So which one is yours?

No. 933912

The last few days I didn't have much of an appetite and today I got an email relating to the oncoming semester and now I feel sick too. I'm scared because it was all online until now and I'm starting to feel like I won't be able to do it, like socalizing with others or even arriving to lectures on time. I just want to laze around at home, everything I've been given so far is wasted on me, I'm nothing but a useless waste of space. The thought of future discomfort is paralyzing me right now, I feel like I can't do anything productive until it's better, but nothing has happened so far, so I'm stuck like this until everything gets worse because I've been pushing it off. But I know that after it reaches the highest point it will all calm down and I'll return to feeling a comfortable nothing again.

No. 933920

tbh where is the line though? because i struggle with this too.

on one hand i think a woman should be allowed to dress how she wants if it makes her happy (to use an extreme example, if a lady wants to dress like the bimbo meme ok. you do that). on the other hand it's like…okay. how are you empowering women and destroying the patriarchy by doing Exactly what the patriarchy wants you to do, even if you Are doing it for yourself.

just riddles my brain sometimes lol. it makes me wonder if african americans would've gotten anywhere had they done things white people wanted them to do, e.g. sat at the back of the bus with zero complaints (because sitting at the back of the bus was comfy! idk) instead of rallying against yts

No. 933923

to add onto this: i don't get the whole idea of 'reclaiming slurs' anyway. i mean yeah, if a lesbian calls herself a dyke regularly – good for her but everyone that uses it against her is going to agree lol.

nevermind that the main people i see 'reclaiming' them are those that shouldn't be using them anyway (e.g. trannies and people that are like white-passing).

No. 933924

Are you anon who posted earlier this week or last weekend about wanting to kill herself before her birthday this week? If so, it's good you're still around. I hope you can figure things out, I think you can.

No. 933926

File: 1633719419633.gif (2.82 MB, 500x264, 9f426350-cb2b-4309-b3b0-019856…)

The last two years have been so shitty, it made me a lot more suicidal and depressed.

I lost my dad to covid and cancer, never got to say goodbye, had a friendship breakup with my best friend, lost an uncle to a stroke, lost my job a few months ago, fucked up my knee and can't exercise as before and now I lost a chance at getting an education. I fucking hate life.

No. 933935

I'm extremely sorry that so many shitty stuff happened to you, anon. Life can be so unfair. I know it's not much but I'm sending you some good energy so you can at least get a free beverage within the week. Hope things look up for you from now onwards

No. 933970

I can't seem tonget over the fact that I was thrown in rehab by my own parents for things I hadn't done simply because they couldn't care less about helping me and wanted to be the poor martyrs instead. I catch myself thinking about the time I got admitted every day, I replay it in my head as if I was telling it and explaining details to someone else. It's been years and I can't and don't want to get over it. I hate that now the fuckers get to act like they were the ones who remained strong during the time I was "confused and misbehaving" as if they weren't the ones ignoring me while my body was dall'ing apart from the stress and anxiety they caused. Now they pat themselves on the back and pretend like everything's solved! I'm cured! I don't have issues anymore! But none of them made and effort to make me feel better, they didn't do jack shit, I'm the one who had to shut up when I was being forcefully made to stay in rehab, I had to shut up and agree to the wrong diagnosis and I had to endure a therapist asking me shit about an illness I didn't have for months. And my problems are still there, it's just that now I've learned to shut up about it because I'm "cured" now and no one wants to listen to me. I helped my parents when they splurged money and whinef about not having enough, I was in high school and I had to manage their bills and lawyer emails, they dumped their emotional baggage on me and that's how they thanked me. I want to run away and cry.

No. 933983

Last year I made a bunch of great friends online. Now everyone is going back to being busy with work and school and I feel so lonely because we can't really hang out anymore with everyone's conflicting schedules. I'm happy for them but if I'm honest, I really miss lockdown.

No. 933993

Thank you anon <3

No. 934021

my bf just got rejected from target after doing an incredible job on his hirevue interview yesterday and honestly i think the only reason they rejected him they could tell he was nervous in his voice. he has the experience from previously working at walmart and as supervisor at a small thrift store, he had great relevant and professional sounding responses, and likely gave more effort than most people but apparently occasionally stuttering or pausing is an automatic rejection because i literally can’t think of anything else that was wrong. this is just for a simple seasonal position. im so fucking glad i don’t have to do this shit myself sounds like a nightmare. also the walmart he used to work out won’t even respond to his application despite leaving on good terms and was specifically told when he left “if you ever want the job back we would rehire” he even went in and talked to the store manager TWICE who seemed interested in rehiring and told him she would tell the new manager that was hiring for that position about him and then never heard anything back ever and hes too embarrassed to try asking again

No. 934033

I'm sorry, I know this is gross, but you might have a fungal infection instead of just dry lips. If so lip balm won't help you.

No. 934046

nta, but jesus fuck that's possible?? You know what, I'll pretend to have not read that and go to bed

No. 934068

More often and often I feel like I'm getting disconnected from reality. Like I'll work on something school or work related but I'm not making much progress and I feel like I'm just a retard and an impostor, and I wonder if I even exist. I'll be neutral most of the time but I constantly get strangled by this feeling of wanting to not exist. I've done nothing with my life and then am surprised when I can't do shit normal adults can, when it's the same as trying to run a marathon after years of sitting on the couch. Should I just numb myself with meds or something?

No. 934070

Try lanolin. You can find it as nipple cream or baby butt rash cream. Normal lip balms are full of shit that dries out your lips and make you addicted.

No. 934078

Just to add to the suggestions you've gotten, there are other causes for dry lips. Issues with your dentition or anatomy around your lips or even the airways in your nose might cause your mouth to be open at rest and so you might be breathing through your mouth while you sleep instead of your nose. Mouth-breathing can really dry out your lips badly. You should try using a lip mask at night and maybe see a sleep specialist if you can first get someone to confirm whether you snore or mouth-breathe when you sleep.

No. 934091

File: 1633733476702.jpg (78.73 KB, 1170x1170, 4903074d264374443e3e432e15cac7…)

anons shit on old scrotes and age gap relationships on /ot/ and then lust over old scrotes on /g/

No. 934092

My mom is ignorant about how much she emotionally tortures me and when I bring up specific instances she sees it as no big deal and brushes it off. Maybe because she's been through some real fucked up abusive situations in the past she sees "mental" abuse as nothing. I don't know how to get it through her head unless I run away, but I don't have anywhere to run away to.

No. 934095

/ot/ always shits on /g/ for their cock worshipping handmaiden attitude

No. 934096

why is abusive redtexted thats so retarded

No. 934097

Two different groups. Us sane anons with good taste in men have to tell retarded age gap anons that their geriatric scrotes don't belong in the 'conventionally attractive' thread all the time.

No. 934099

I see people lusting after older hollywood icons and dating actual 45+ middle-manager bald uncles who want kids "someday" as two radically different things.

No. 934100

I'm so fucking pissed, I left my Telfar bag out on the floor when I came home drunk one night, and when I woke up in the morning my cat had chewed on the corner of the bag. It cost like $200. Normally I have it up on a high shelf but I was drunk and my cat has never taken an interest in vegan leather before. I'm so irritated. It's not that noticeable especially from a distance, but I spent a lot of money on the bag and I want it to be perfect. I might try and buy a matching nail polish color and paint over the chewed spot so it at least blends in. Fucking cats. I can't have anything nice. I wish I were rich so I could just buy a replacement bag and move on.

No. 934108

This, they already have the unconventional male attractions thread to simp for haggard looking moids, why do they always have to shit up the conventionally attractive men thread too?

Hollywood geriatrics aren't any less manipulative and predatory than regular ass old men who have Peter Pan syndrome and lust after women who are half their age, so does it really make a difference?

No. 934113

For me the main difference is I never imagine that some 18 year olds 54 year old boyfriend at least looks like Brad Pitt or something, they're dating someone mentally challenged AND ugly, so it's not even their old man fetishism but some weird way to feel mature. I mean the man is the manipulator, but I'm talking about the way nonnies here write about them and reply to concerned commenters.

No. 934119

200 dollars for a plastic bag? Girl…

No. 934122

It's a beautiful plastic bag, nonny. You're missing the point.

No. 934123

Oof, nonny…..

No. 934127

File: 1633736383732.png (17.85 KB, 1291x97, cope.png)

the mental gymnastics..

No. 934128

are you triggered nonny?

No. 934146

>vegan leather
Just call it plastic or vinyl like a normal person, jeez.

No. 934149

Kek true. I hope they’re just hornyposting so they abstain from fucking them irl…

No. 934151

I've never understood the thirst for Mads Mikkelsen's geriatric ass. He wasn't much to look at when he was younger either, kinda odd-looking imo.

No. 934153

damn you're quite unlucky

No. 934162

No. 934163

I'm always feeling so under the weather because I can't help but feel like a joke wherever I go. I feel like such an easy target to ridicule. I've "grown up," yet people my age and older still view me that way. I have no idea what to do. I've moved from a highly conservative society and came here only to find that people are not so different. I don't know what I expected. I feel like such an idiot for thinking it would result in anything meaningful or worthwhile. Now I'm stuck here. I'm stuck and my life is fading away in front of me. I can never shake off the fate of being the butt of the joke no matter how much maturity or whatever I procure over the years. Fuck. I want it to end. All these thoughts about how I'm doomed to be a loser just make it so hard to do anything and I have so much shit due. Whatever, I guess this is my life.

No. 934168

My dad is racist and ignorant and it’s shameful and gross. It makes me uncomfortable, the worst part is that I soaked in things he said as a kid and parroted it without fully knowing what I was saying.

No. 934186

File: 1633745647041.gif (151.17 KB, 346x233, original.gif)

>got high
>started cleaning the house
>mfw getting shit done and working up a sweat

No. 934193

My dog is still being her old hobbly self but my cousin said he saw her cough up blood this morning FUCK.

No. 934197

I don’t hide my need for a geriatric scrote, I want old sweaty baggy balls near me.

No. 934198

Oh my fucking God anons there's a fucking huge spider in the goddamn corner where I sleep. I've never seen anything like it. I can't even swat it because it's in the corner and it's so big, and I can't spray bug poison or else my boyfriend will bitch about how it's hurting his lungs.

No. 934199

Why doesn’t he help you kill it?

No. 934200

File: 1633748051161.gif (913.63 KB, 320x180, E946FD6F-1739-4D70-AC3C-D29F55…)

No. 934201

Wow fuck you anon that actually fucking scared me.
He's not home right now. Luckily it's staying still so maybe it'll still be in the same position for him to kill it when he comes back.

No. 934202

I killed a black widow with hairspray, bug spray, bleach, Clorox. The fucker was still alive. I eventually just came close and grabbed a shoe and stopped the little fuck

No. 934203

I remember doing something similar with a huge ass beetle and it was alive too. I heard the chemicals just close up their breathing so they die slowly, but I want them to die immediately. I wish I could do that too anon but the spider is in the corner and idk if I could achieve a good angle.

No. 934204

I love my dog so much, she is the love of my life, my sunshine, my whole entire world. I love her so, so much. But I feel like an awful owner, I feel like I’ve never done right by her, I feel like I’m neglectful and haven’t paid enough attention to her. She apparently coughed up blood this morning, so we have to take her to the vet soon. She was diagnosed with kidney failure 2 years ago, but seemed to get a lot better after we switched her to fresh food. She’s 17 now, so the inevitable has really been around the corner for the longest time. Is it here now? Are we turning the corner? Do I have to say goodbye? I often think about what it would be like, returning home to her lifeless body. Or crying uncontrollably in the vets office as I say goodbye.

I am so sad anons. I already can’t stop crying. Who knows? Maybe the vet will just say it was a fluke. But she’s 17 now, with bad teeth, bad eyesight, and probably bad hearing too (or maybe she pretends to not hear me as always). I don’t have high hopes. I think back on all the days when I was younger, and older, and opted to play games or scroll on my phone instead of being with her. And now she’s old, and now I’m flooded with regret and I hate myself for being like this. I feel like she has been too good for me and my family, the most precious and beautiful little dog, and we haven’t done enough to repay her for her company and love. I don’t want to give up the soft feeling of her fur, the tiny little pitter patter of her feet, her barks when she is hungry. I don’t want to say goodbye yet. I’m supposed to go out with friends tomorrow, but all I want to do is stay at home. But is there any use of crying next to her while she sleeps? I feel like I have to be next to her. I don’t know nonnies. I’m just so fucking sad right now.

No. 934207

File: 1633749101744.jpg (5.75 KB, 275x183, 2883737278373.jpg)

>muh Mads-kun is not like the other geriatrics
Rofl the cope. Just admit that you have a thing for liver spotted old men.

No. 934212

good shit

No. 934213

i need to start doing some internships since i don't see a future for myself in academia and i don't wanna support this ivory tower navel gazing lit studies circle jerk bullshit outside of my studies. apparently a lot of people who majored in humanities are working in HR, but i have no idea how to get into that. i found an internship that might fit, but i have no fucking clue how to sell myself because how the fuck is discussing the portrayal of female teenage lust in bob's burgers a good skill to have in HR??? uuuuggghhhh.

sometimes i wish for those dystopian societies where people are just given jobs based on their skills and working isn't strictly necessary and only an option to keep people busy.

No. 934215

Nonnies I’m so beyond disturbed right now, I feel so awful. I found out that an old teacher of mine had a relationship with a 14/15 year old today and it’s just shocked me so much. I had her as a teacher once in middle school, and I used to think she was so amazing. I would even come back in high school to help with art related things. It’s just so weird because I think of all that, and now coming to terms with what she’s done is so shocking and I feel so weird. I just genuinely thought it would never happen in a school of mine, even less a teacher I knew well. Just beyond fucked up. So weird to see a teacher I know the voice and face of being arrested and pregnant from all this. Plus it being out in the open, because the student would show his classmates the video of them, you can assume what they did I don’t even want to type it. I feel so sick, and have had a crushing headache from how disturbed this makes me. I even had a dream today about the school, when I haven’t had one there in years, and I woke up so drained from it. Thankfully now it’s a little more behind me, but it really put my day in for a loop. Just what the fuck.

No. 934216

I think about killing myself everyday now. I can't bring myself to care about the pain I'd cause others because I'd be dead anyways if I did it. I still function and go to work and then drink all weekend and repeat. I don't know if my new birth control has caused such a huge shift but I've been feeling it before then.

No. 934217

I'm not even sure I give a shit about weekends anymore in terms of working because honestly I have nothing to do during them anyway. Almost all my friends are scrotes from my teen years and all they do is play the same building or knight games. The other women I have as friends I met through online hobbies so it's not like we can just go to a cafe together. They're all in EU practically. Absolute retard but it feels sort of hollow to realize there's nothing but my own solo hobbies to work on in my free time. I always enjoyed being alone but I'm not sure I like being alone to this extent. Today everything got cleaned because I didn't actually want to sit down in the living room or my desk alone.

No. 934222

File: 1633752810140.png (59.51 KB, 512x512, 1f9d8-2640.png)

trying to reconcile with the fact that people entering and leaving my life is perfectly natural. it's going to hurt, but it's fine: this will happen. you can't keep anyone with you forever. not every friendship ends on a loud, obvious note; some just taper off. it's okay.

i'm also trying to realize that i don't want to play genshin anymore, i just want to play it with her, since it seems to be our sole connective interest. but it's a waste of my time.

just gotta relax.

No. 934223

File: 1633753094034.png (62.08 KB, 301x147, tumblr_fceb53eb0f7251dbcb5ca98…)

no but actually knowing i'm losing someone who i Really wanted to be my friend is painful as hell. the feeling is so shitty that i almost wish i had never tried actually reaching out to people. but i mean, this always happens. it never not happens. it just keeps happening.

how many people do i need to leave me until i get the point? lmfao

No. 934224

Oof I feel you

No. 934225

it was a small forum so nah. id actually understand if it was twitter/instagram bc then it was likely triggered by a specific word/phrase

No. 934226

This is how I see it:

I like Doja Cat a lot
But not because I like and chose to consume Doja Cat, it means Doja Cat songs are empowering

Some women degrade themselves
But not because one woman chose to, it means we all should find it empowering

Do you get me?

No. 934227

you tagged the wrong post + it wasnt on twitter. it was in a vent thread on a forum so i assumed it would be okay

No. 934237

I don’t recognize my best friend anymore and it’s sad

No. 934238

What happened?
I hate when that happens so much

No. 934240

This atrocious reddit-spacing is going to give me a seizure, go fucking back please

No. 934249

i know right, it's the worst feeling.
she's hanging out with fucked up people now and prioritizing them over me, despite complaining to me about them all the time. like they're so fucking weird and ill intentioned. idgi but i guess that's what moving to nyc does to some people. she also just doesn't care about my feelings/boundaries i've set, and that's saying a lot because i'm an extremely low maintenance friend

No. 934250

I don't use reddit, and I only spaced it that way to make my point clearer. Go take your OCD meds please.

No. 934251

Shit that sucks. She doesn't sound like a good friend. I guess if she wants to hang out with them instead of you that's her shit. I think you deserve better than that.

No. 934269

File: 1633763158818.png (444.89 KB, 600x604, b13.png)

I love ditching bad friends and not giving them the satisfaction of closure. No final argument, I just delete you and ghost.
Yes, feel that weight, confusion and guilt on your shoulders. Can't lie or gaslight when it's you on your own. You will never know the truth, but you will be forced to reflect on your own actions, and your personality. You'll start to resent yourself in a way you wouldn't have if I had directly told you, and that's really the best punishment I can think of. It's what you deserve. Was it worth it, dummy?

No. 934273

No. 934279

I hope you know you got personality issues too and don't think you're an ~empath~

No. 934280

my new upstairs neighbors are loud and have a kid stomping around several times a day. fucking kill me.

No. 934282

Damn you remind me of the most broken and unhappy person I know. Get your kicks somewhere I guess cause you don't seem to find your happiness from much else

No. 934284

>repeatedly searches “woman has never been in a relationship in their entire life”
>constantly getting results of annoying ass men whining that they’ll be single
>men whining about not being loved like idgaf about your XY feelings

holy shit, am I the only woman who has never been in a relationship or sex in my entire life?

No. 934286

Nope, you can keep these projections free of charge lol. I'm not going to tolerate being emotionally abused by people I thought were my friends, repeatedly getting shat on when I try to repair things (even when I wasn't actually the one who attacked) and then give them the satisfaction of ~explaining myself~ for all their troubles. It will always be better to just walk.
If this is what you've done and the person ghosted, sorry you lost your scapegoats, maybe try to be less shitty

No. 934288

if you lurked here for a while you'll realize that no, you aren't

No. 934289

Imagine being this mad over withheld details lol. Psycho confirmed.

No. 934290

Uh, I'm the one who withheld details. Are you lost? I think you're the psycho, maybe get help

No. 934294

Nah, you got the gist. You agreed and acknowledged you withheld details and got mad at the responses and claimed they're projections.

No. 934297

Anon just ignore them. I think you are completely right to get rid of friends without making a fuss.

No. 934301

File: 1633766125753.gif (354.17 KB, 220x220, 3001CB99-F2D4-4F8D-B9F6-8B7BA5…)

holy shit shut the fuck up and die honestly, nta just no one cares(a-logging)

No. 934307

Yeah, you're right. The people involved were extremely shitty and toxic, but I should've expected I'd trigger that same breed even on Lolcow lol

No. 934308

You sound unhinged

No. 934312

>Yeah, you're right. The people involved were extremely shitty and toxic, but I should've expected I'd trigger that same breed even on Lolcow lol
Yeah exactly. They probably are projecting their own insecurities on how ex friends suddenly ghosted them or whatever. Not every relationship should end with a bang, not every relationship should be like "Hey x this is why we shouldn't be friends anymore…" some people just don't feel right anymore and we outgrow them. It's better to let them go.
Just ignore these anons, let them seethe by themselves.

No. 934314

Female teacher and a male student is not the same as the other way around.

No. 934315

its still pedophilia

No. 934316

NTAYRT but yeah, no relationship needs a fiery blow up. Just kinda weird that anon gloats that their silence will cause their friends to self reflect in a way that would hurt more and be more transformative than if anon wasn't direct. If they hurt you that bad they probably dgaf you fell silent lol.

No. 934317

Is this bait or something? Fuck off.

No. 934318

You aren't the main character. People won't give a shit.

No. 934321

Ayrt, no it's not bait. I just don't believe it causes them trauma. It's disgusting but much different than a man forcing himself on a helpless girl.

No. 934323

If you genuinely believe this, or that women can't be predators and take advantage of children, I'm just going to assume you're also a predator. Stop excusing pedos just because they're a women.

No. 934325

Also NTA, but it sounds like you've never been in an abusive relationship lmao

No. 934326

Nta but exactly my thoughts. Nothing anon does will make them reflect. It's a nice fantasy to have I guess, but anon should move on and focus on herself. Those friends are clearly still living in her head rent free.

No. 934327

NTA but didn't Macron have a similar relationship?

No. 934328

Ayrt, no I believe women can be predators and take advantage of children. I just don't think the two scenarios are the same when it comes to teenagers. The idiot bragged about it, that should tell you everything.

No. 934329

That’s because I am, your point nonna?

No. 934330

I disagree, people who get off on causing others pain are usually pretty upset when it doesn't pan out as they wanted, and there's really nothing wrong with being glad about their seething.

No. 934332

How the hell do you deduce I've never been in an abusive relationship just because I point out that Anons friends won't self reflect over Anon's silence lmfao. They're graywalling toxic friends, not an abusive ex kek. I'll repeat myself again…anon doesn't need a fiery blow up ending to their friendships, but they're definitely delusional in thinking that their silence will incur any self reflection or self hate.

No. 934335

Nonna doesn't know if they're seething though.

No. 934338

I'm the OP. I was shown screenshots of them sperging about it in their GC, and that's what spurred me on to make an anon vent post in the first place lol

No. 934341

Sperging out about not having a punching bag anymore is different than genuine self reflection.

No. 934342

Either way, I'm laughing while they rage and try to figure out what the last straw was

No. 934344

No way. Any kind of sexual assault on children and teens is obviously fucked up. Not all teens are like HURR DURR SEXXXX IM A COOMER you know? male or female. I know you want to argue that male teens just love sex and to fantasize about their teachers or whatever but it's still illegal to have sex with someone so young and vulnerable.

No. 934345

>what are abusive friendships
If you've never seen a case of people vagueposting or openly agonizing about that one person who left them behind, or if you see those posts and just take them at face value believing the poster did nothing to warrant it, that's on you

No. 934346

you aren’t playing 4D chess, this is actually painful to read. stop expecting sociopaths to care that you blocked them, they don’t care about your existence enough.

No. 934347

>but they're definitely delusional in thinking that their silence will incur any self reflection or self hate.
So what? Who cares. It's their shit. As long as you are out of their life and living yours to the max.

No. 934348

It's a vent thread, and they clearly do care. Take your meds Susan

No. 934349

It's their life and it's important to them, so yeah I would argue they're the MC of their own story

No. 934351

trust me, they don’t, especially when she isn’t telling the full story. they’re probably celebrating that her insufferable BPD ass blocked them all so they can finally be left alone in peace

No. 934352

Ayrt, and it should stay that way obviously. Women who go after teens are fucked in the head. I'm not saying pedophilia good, please don't let that be the takeaway here. I just think the two scenarios aren't exactly the same.

No. 934353

This sounds a lot like you have personal history that you're pinning on strangers. Not everyone is the girl who ghosted you in 7th grade nonnie

No. 934356

So why even respond to anon's vent then? She has a right to feel disturbed that a teacher she used to look up to iss a pedo, read the fucking room retard.

No. 934357

The OP of that post didn't even say anything about the opposite situation, so why did you even reply that anyway? Who sees someone talking about that kind of situation and immediately thinks "well, it's not the same as a man doing it". You're a weirdo for that.

No. 934358

Well it sounded overly dramatic and I can reply to what I want.

No. 934359

What's supposed to be the appropriate response the finding out that someone you know is a pedo? You really do just sound like you're trying to trivialize pedophilia.

No. 934360

How is it over-dramatic for anon to be shocked that a teacher she liked is a pedo? Just shut up next time instead of jumping at the chance to defend a pedo over something that OP didn't even imply, retard.

No. 934365

>Plus it being out in the open, because the student would show his classmates the video of them
What the fuck? I was skimming this post the first time and didn't even notice this part

No. 934367

File: 1633771563338.png (196.3 KB, 640x347, vkhaqi6460w61.png)

No. 934370

I'm the OP, I'll be pretty surprised if you can find any post where I labeled myself an "empath". I think it's a dumb term, every (normal) person has some degree of empathy
Are you one of those people who throws around terms with serious meanings like "narcissist" or "sociopath" whenever someone sort of annoys you?

No. 934375

It's all well and good when you're getting abused tbh, the issue I have with ghosting is when none of that happens and people just throw away other people as in "Welp, I'm bored, time to move on". That is scummy and the mark of someone that either isn't mature emotionally or has their brain too fried off of the Internet.

Yes I'm talking about you, S.

No. 934377

File: 1633773072783.jpg (21.98 KB, 499x238, C-658VsXoAo3ovC.jpg)

>I love ditching bad friends
Do normal, not toxic people have so much glee over this? Most just walk away for their own good, not to punish the other.
>not giving them the satisfaction of closure. No final argument, I just delete you and ghost.
This is why ghosting is considered a form of manipulation or abuse too.
>Yes, feel that weight, confusion and guilt on your shoulders. Can't lie or gaslight when it's you on your own.
Do normal, not toxic people have so much glee over this? Bit sadistic.
>You will never know the truth, but you will be forced to reflect on your own actions, and your personality.
You started with the projecting yourself, right here.
>and that's really the best punishment I can think of
Do normal, not toxic people feel the need to punish their friends for being 'bad'?

No. 934378

You type like an autist, go flap your hands in celebration and stop replying to bait lol

No. 934379

I agree with this, but also, I think it's a dodged bullet if a "friend" just up and leaves. Someone who can just drop you when nothing was even wrong is definitely not worth your time. Better they cut themselves out of the picture

What's your idea of a "bad friend", and what image of the people I abandoned do you have in mind to conclude that the issue lies squarely on whoever leaves them?
>You started with the projecting yourself, right here.
This isn't projection, because I do know the truth of why I left, and I made that decision after self-reflecting and realizing there was no point.
Why would it be manipulative or toxic to abandon people who mistreat you? You don't need to explain yourself, or sit there and try to fix a situation where you're being used or abused
It seems like you're filling in the blanks of a situation you don't know with your own painful and/or undeserved experiences, and getting defensive because, again, projection. That, or you actually have been an awful friend, you know it in your heart, and you feel called out

No. 934384

You keep going on and on how people who question your gloating victim narrative must be bad friends, full of guilt, got ghosted etc…are you sure you're not the one projecting?

No. 934385

>It seems like you're filling in the blanks of a situation you don't know with your own painful and/or undeserved experiences
Aren't you doing this right now towards me?
>and getting defensive because, again, projection.
Aren't you getting defensive and projecting?
>That, or you actually have been an awful friend, you know it in your heart, and you feel called out
It seems like you're filling in the blanks of a situation you don't know with your own painful and/or undeserved experiences…
I'm actually a ghoster, that is what made me the awful friend, even though I have my own rationalizations for why it was justified too ofc. Toxic people seek out toxic people too, not saying it's completely your fault, that is what you make of it. You also seem weirdly obsessed with making people feel bad with the "you know it in your heart".

No. 934388

If you want me to stop posting, then you can always stop replying. My post wasn't aimed at anyone, but some anons obviously wanted to talk, and it's Saturday, so why not
I keep saying it because I'm not sure why else it'd trigger someone so much. Can you explain? I'd love to find out

If you think just mentioning the act of projection must be an insult or a defense (rather than a possible explanation), then you might want to read more about it. This isn't even an attack, it's a common thing that people do and I genuinely think it's what you're doing here
>I'm actually a ghoster, that is what made me the awful friend, even though I have my own rationalizations for why it was justified too ofc
So, what are you upset about, exactly? Do you doubt your own actions, and think my own situation is similar? What made you imagine me as a "narcissist" who labels themselves an "empath"? The repeated "Aren't you..", "Do normal, not toxic people…" also reads as pretty obsessive and accusatory, so of course I'd assume you have some personal problem.
>Toxic people seek out toxic people too, not saying it's completely your fault, that is what you make of it.
I don't really know what this means in this context. I didn't seek out toxic people, quite the opposite, but I don't see much reason to blog any more
Also, it's weird to automatically associate guilt with the phrase "you know it in your heart", I don't know what to tell you. It really just means you know something in your own mind, even if you won't say it out loud

No. 934389


No. 934391

I'd say "I apologize, Karen". More people should just call angry TiMs Karens. They can't complain about it then

No. 934392

>If you think just mentioning the act of projection must be an insult or a defense (rather than a possible explanation), then you might want to read more about it. This isn't even an attack, it's a common thing that people do and I genuinely think it's what you're doing here
You're assuming I see it as an insult or defense. I'm saying it's ironic you accuse people of that, when you were projecting towards your 'bad' friends in the first place. I think you're being defensive due to the sperging/schizo posting.
>So, what are you upset about, exactly? Do you doubt your own actions, and think my own situation is similar? What made you imagine me as a "narcissist" who labels themselves an "empath"? The repeated "Aren't you..", "Do normal, not toxic people…" also reads as pretty obsessive and accusatory, so of course I'd assume you have some personal problem.
You think I'm upset? You are right with assuming I have a personal problem, but instead of reading what I actually wrote and looking at the memes, you are making up your own explanations.
>I don't really know what this means in this context. I didn't seek out toxic people, quite the opposite
Then how come you end up with 'bad' friends who gaslight you and you feel the need to punish?
>Also, it's weird to automatically associate guilt with the phrase "you know it in your heart", I don't know what to tell you. It really just means you know something in your own mind, even if you won't say it out loud
You really aren't self aware at all. You think your 'bad' friends are the only gaslighters? Look in the mirror.

No. 934395

Never said you should stop replying. I find it weird how when someone questions your narrative, you immediately hit them with a 'no u'. Anyway, I just think it's strange to imagine you're making some huge impact on these people by ghosting them. Shitty people don't reflect, don't have grand realizations they acted shitty and only care about themselves in the end.

No. 934397

File: 1633777102820.jpg (47.11 KB, 640x768, 1632582089556.jpg)

>You're assuming I see it as an insult or defense.
That's not an assumption, you said: "Aren't you getting defensive and projecting?". If I'm wrong, then feel free to explain. This whole thing just seems like you assuming things and getting pissy, then claiming I'm the one sperging or schizo posting while you make up narratives and spam the same thing over and over.
>You think I'm upset?
>You are right with assuming I have a personal problem, but instead of reading what I actually wrote and looking at the memes, you are making up your own explanations.
Okay, you having a personal problem is what I was wondering about. This conversation is kind of pointless then, because it means you'll probably keep pushing words and scenarios about this. It's not even about me, really. I'm sure that's also why you couldn't answer any of the questions I asked
I hope you can recover from what happened with you and your friend(s), but it really has nothing to do with me, and going full autismo at an anonymous person won't help you
I also had to have looked at the meme and read what you wrote to have even replied up to this point, but I feel like you already know that, and just added that part because you really wanted a reply (on top of the not-so-subtle victim blaming and "no u, stop gaslighting me by saying I was wrong to assume something about you"). Very good bait anon, had me questioning for a second(infighting )

No. 934398

For it to be a "no u", I'd have had to have been someone who got ghosted imagining wild stories about someone who's ghosting. I just can't imagine why it'd make someone as irritated as some anons were to read that unless there's a personal element involved.
I saw them seething and having rage meltdowns about it, so obviously there was an impact, and I found it funny after all the fucked up things they did. I'm happy because they fully deserve to feel that way. If they never change, then I guess both that (and worse) will keep happening as multiple other people wake up to their bullshit, and that's also entertaining

No. 934399

> hope you can recover from what happened with you and your friend(s), but it really has nothing to do with me, and going full autismo at an anonymous person won't help you
You really are fucking retarded. Do I need to spell it out to you? I'm a narcissist who ghosts people and then comes up with rationalizations as to why I'm the victim. Even if they are shitty people, ghosting and gloating about the pain you imagine they are going through, isn't normal behavior. I've become a bit more self aware about my behavior, still don't feel guilty about it and I'm trying to warn you. I have been up front about this, but you are instead trying to psychoanalzye me over what you imagined.
>I also had to have looked at the meme and read what you wrote to have even replied up to this point, but I feel like you already know that, and just added that part because you really wanted a reply (on top of the not-so-subtle victim blaming and "no u, stop gaslighting me by saying I was wrong to assume something about you"). Very good bait anon, had me questioning for a second
You're not the only victim in your story, your are literally victimizing your friends by imagining they are going through pain by the things you do to them. You see it as victim blaming the moment someone says that you might not be the perfect saint in your story. I never told you to stop, I'm just pointing it out that you're doing the exact behavior you deem people 'bad' over. Yes you should question yourself ffs

No. 934400

File: 1633777916528.jpeg (34.07 KB, 800x450, 39829842.jpeg)

At first I was just going to reply with pic related, but then I saw
>I'm a narcissist
Now I'm even more glad not to read. I dumped a group of awful people, don't need to hear from another

No. 934401

You really aren't self aware, you are the one posting literal schizo paragraphs.

No. 934403

File: 1633778259719.png (34.68 KB, 798x599, kek.png)

No. 934404

Half of it are greentexts from you, because you keep posting schizo paragraphs and I already literally admitted what my problem was, multiple times over.

No. 934406

Sure anonma, now let's get you to bed

No. 934408

You know what I meant narc chan.

No. 934413

My mum is such a pick me bitch. My step brother arrested some man who was already a registered sex offender for wanking outside of a school and at parents and children and my mums reaction was to giggle and say nothing exciting ever happens to her??? I was sexually assaulted when I was 14 and never told anyone. She'd probably get jealous if I told her. Such a mental bitch

No. 934417

File: 1633779188958.png (10.67 KB, 422x182, wdym.png)

I'm not sure if you meant to reply to me or the "I'm a narcissist" anon right here >>934411, but either way, kek

No. 934418

I've no issues with self admitted narc nonna. At least she knows she's got a problem.

No. 934420

Alright, hope she doesn't rage at you again

No. 934421

Yeah my bad, thought it was less self aware narc-chan samefagging, accusing a normal anon of being me.

No. 934422

File: 1633779822709.jpg (48.18 KB, 600x450, 1442211071360.jpg)

I'm trying to buy a new sex toy (dildo) but so many sites seem to be catering to fetishists and troons/men. I just want as normal dildo and a normal pack of lube. Why is being a woman suffering??

No. 934423

That wouldn't make sense after my last post after you sperged out at me, but okay narc-chan

No. 934424

I'm so fucking tired of homo scrotes on 4chan and twitter mansplaining to actual women what women like in men.
>women don't actually like pretty boys, muscly guys are superior!

No. 934426

>I'm a narcissist
Cool. Kys.

No. 934427

I've seen shit like that while lurking 4chin, anons do not believe that women DO actually like pretty men, but going full femboy is overkill and for gays pandering to gays.

No. 934431

It’s better that way, then only the well adjusted guys, that don’t even know of 4chan, will keep on getting girlfriends by just being themselves, meanwhile, 4chan scrote will keep on screeching about
>tfw no gf
>tfw no bf
>tfw no mentally ill crossdresser bf

No. 934434

I haven't used 4chan much in years but the last time I dropped in I saw them posting male kpop idols and boohooing about how women don't like masculine men anymore. Kek wash your ass, incels.

No. 934436

Incels will whine about being too feminine, being too masculine, about having too much of a greak phenotype, about not having scandinavian predator eyeshapes… It's honestly impressive how much shit they can come up with from skimming some shitty articles.

No. 934437

idk why it's worse to be self aware and want therapy, than to write sadistic/narcisstic fantasies on a Mongolian basketweaving forum about how you hope your friends are somehow suffering without your presence, while in denial

No. 934440

File: 1633782736714.jpg (33.27 KB, 828x836, swkboxpozdc61.jpg)

this, young Mads was god tier though

No. 934441

I dunno, wanting shitty people to get what they deserve is a pretty normal thing that most people have probably thought about. I think your narc ass is just seething and projecting because you've fucked over so many people in the past that you know they're probably thinking the same about you lmao.

No. 934442

NTA, but admitting to being a narcissist, and diagnosing someone you don't know with it is textbook projection. You self-admittedly ghost people and victimize yourself about it. This is your own problem, and you've spun it into somebody else's

No. 934443

I literally said I'm the ghosting type too. Stop projecting your experiences with your friends on me.

No. 934445

I'm not the anon who made the vent about their friends. Go book an appointment with a therapist and calm down.

No. 934447

I honestly feel like some of them just pretend to find him hot so they can fit into the fandom. It's been memed so much I find it hard to believe. There are probably ones who claim to be into him "ironically", and then actually do feel attraction tho

No. 934450

>NTA, but admitting to being a narcissist, and diagnosing someone you don't know with it is textbook projection.
What do you call the type of behavior when you think you are punishing your friends by denying them your supposedly great presence? Also no shit Sherlock.
>You self-admittedly ghost people and victimize yourself about it.
Yes, but where did I victimize myself about it? I realize I'm the problem and that I get myself in those situations? I am the one picking 'bad' friends. OP did the same thing while in denial, she doesn't have to kys?
Yeah, I will. Sorry.(infighting )

No. 934452

>I think your narc ass is just seething and projecting because you've fucked over so many people in the past that you know they're probably thinking the same about you lmao.
This. The whole idea that you're actually a victim if you abuse someone and they leave you is classic narc cope. I think Onision said the same shit once about Billie

No. 934455

One thing is to want people to get what they deserve. It's totally different to sperg how the lack of ops presence in their lives will lead them to a road of self realization and despair.

No. 934456

So, you admit that you're just projecting, but you expect to be taken seriously?
If a person's presence is not great, and they leave a group where things were going badly, it's a good thing. Not a punishment. Those people will probably be glad to see a toxic influence leave, and that toxic influence is also happy with the outcome. They never have to interact again.
If the person's presence is great, and they leave after being gravely mistreated, that's also a good thing. The person is free of that influence, and the group might feel bad, or at least get angry. If not, they probably won't care, and the person is still free. All in all, it's a good thing. What's wrong here?
>Yes, but where did I victimize myself about it?
You admitted you do just that, you said you rationalize why you're the victim every time.
>I realize I'm the problem and that I get myself in those situations?
No, this is great for you.
>I am the one picking 'bad' friends. OP did the same thing while in denial, she doesn't have to kys?
This is still you. You are confusing yourself with others. People do get abused, manipulated and exploited in the world without "picking" it. Just because it doesn't happen to you, doesn't mean it can't happen to others

No. 934457

They do care. I ghosted an annoying scrote druggie that I was sick of smoking weed with and he wouldn't stop contacting me for like a year and even got other people to contact me to try and patch up our friendship. I had to point blank tell him, I just don't like you anymore. Why do people have to make it weird? Take the hint.

No. 934458

Wtf I'm either apparently victimizing myself over being a ghoster or I'm supposedly seething over being ghosted. Which is it?
I'm a narc because I ghost, the ghosting is my narc behavior. I put myself in those situations. I'm not the victim when I ghost people. Being vindictive isn't okay. Normal people ghost for their own good, not to punish perceived slights. OP could use some therapy too, that's all I'm saying jeez.

No. 934460

I agree with 99% of what you're saying? Me and other anons were trying to tell OP it's probably not a punishment to them, but the intention is weird either way.
> People do get abused, manipulated and exploited in the world without "picking" it. Just because it doesn't happen to you, doesn't mean it can't happen to others
You should look up why people turn into narcs, it has happened to me too, but the world isn't black and white.

No. 934464

You were posting pure projection and narc autism. Others said it's probably not really a punishment to those people, but you went the extra mile to make it about you and make others into clones of you for some reason. That's actually weird as hell, I agree you need more therapy.
>You should look up why people turn into narcs, it has happened to me too, but the world isn't black and white.
If you understand that, it's better not to apply black and white thinking to random shit like this, either

No. 934467

Ghosting isn't inherently narc behavior. It's literally safer to ghost abusive scrotes at times, same goes for all other kinds of abusive people. Looking at something like that and saying "Ackshelly it's two parties being victimized here" is brain dead.
It's 100% okay to be vindictive sometimes, especially after you haven't actually attacked anyone, but done something ultimately for your own good. If you don't do that, okay, but that doesn't mean everyone is you

No. 934470

nta, but they never said that?

No. 934472

File: 1633786452936.png (94.19 KB, 350x329, large.Screenshot_2018-11-23_at…)

I haven't seen my family in three years, their health keeps declining and they are under danger right now. I can't even visit them because of COVID and my own shitty health.

I miss them because I know there's no way I'd be treated as an actually family member in partners family. His mother and grandmother, along with father and his wife like me, but bitch of a sister in law keeps throwing rocks on me and tries to make sure to distance me from everyone. She is also spending a whole year trying to turn their stepbrother and fathers side against me by making up bullshit. She acts like a victim in every situation while being a lazy manipulator that hates everyone unless they can give her something. She keeps brainwashing the kid because it's easy for her - they don't live together so he doesn't know how much of a terrible bitch she is IRL.

Now, I am done. I don't want to spend my time gifting her a gift on birthday or on Christmas, because it's second year in a row where she fucks up my own birthday celebration on purpose. I am tired. I want at least a little bit of warmth in my life, not a reminder that I will never belong anywhere and that my guardians are dying. I am so sick of everything. I am so alone. She is six years older than me but acts like a fucking idiot. I spent my time gifting her a gift on a fucking names day and she didn't say thank you or even reacted to it. Last Christmas she gifted me shit off AliExpress while giving massive gifts to others. I am so done.

No. 934473

They did post that the friends were victimized earlier IIRC. If you mean the part about ghosting and narc behavior, why would anon accuse others of performing that behavior the same way they do it if they don't think of it as narc-ish?

No. 934474

It's about thinking you are punishing by ghosting vs ghosting as self care. Ffs and I'm supposedly the only one projecting when literally Onion-boy is projected on me.

No. 934475

For non-narcs, it can be both. It's not all or nothing. You can feel better about leaving behind abusive people, and be smug about it when they seethe. That's not a bad thing

No. 934477

Op wasn't even smug about actual seething, but posting fantasies and hoping they'll seethe. I'm a woman with issues, you really think I've never been abused and have 0 clue?

No. 934479

God who fucking cares if anon is resentful for being treated badly. That's a normal human emotion. Why are we expected to coddle shitty people and abusers or else we're not the ~perfect victim~
You should probably look up what psychological projection is before you use it incorrectly again.

No. 934481

I'm OP, and I literally said I saw screenshots of them doing that. Multiple times. Before you sperg about me and headcanon me as your deranged twin, maybe read my posts

No. 934483

File: 1633788050585.jpg (33.68 KB, 460x230, aRX32N7_460s.jpg)

asians seem to be obsessed with him

No. 934484

File: 1633788190513.png (417.46 KB, 615x1000, Screenshot_20211009-155729.png)

Sorry for thinking this comes across unhinged, as a fellow unhinged person. Also I used the search function and cannot find you mentioning screenshots elsewhere. Can't we just agree we both need therapy?

No. 934486

Then you must have missed
The second one I'm sure you already saw, since you got mad at the anon who replied to me, thinking they meant you. I'm not sure if you're lying about seeing that post (why do that when I could just prove you wrong again? narc trait again?), and I'm not sure what you hoped to prove by posting a screenshot of the OP I wrote that we can all read, but it's okay. Multiple people have pointed out why your tirades don't make sense, and even if I'm not a narc, it's still pretty autistic of me to expect you to make sense at any point

No. 934488

Not a narc trait, forgetfulness, but sorry, you're right.

No. 934490

Is there context to these photos or does he just go around grabbing female fan’s necks

No. 934495

fans at photoshoot thingys like when you go to take a pic with an actor you like at booths

No. 934497

anon, I really needed that vent you posted today because I used to feel so guilty about ghosting too.

the thing is, these bad people aren't entitled to our time and company. a relationship is a two way street, both people should be having a good time. the thing I notice is, the people who mention upfront how they hate friends who aren't loyal are usually the ones who are abusive, and want you to stay out of courtesy or some social norm not because they're enjoying the relationship.

if I had stayed in the relationship, I knew that I would just be asking for these situations where I get hurt over and over again, meaning I'm not a victim, and I never want to be in a position where I'm a victim. and I did used to feel guilty for ghosting and I'd apologize how that's immature of me, but these abusers will just smirk and disrespect you even more for that. the only language narcissists understand is withdrawal of attention. and if they dont get your message, they will suffer the same fate over and over again. with friends I cared about, I would usually have lots of conversations beforehand on the things I'm not happy with. the thing is: "they know, they don't care" so it's not like ghosting is out of the blue, if they were paying attention to your feelings. Ghosting is only out of the blue because they assumed you'd keep taking their shit.

No. 934499

I do this too, not because I get any pleasure out of it or believe it will teach bad people lessons like introspection.
No, it's because most people really can't handle the reasons for why a friendship needs to end and why it's partially their fault. Every time I've tried to let someone know what action or trait within themselves was generally toxic, they always try to reverse the point and make it about me somehow so they don't have to feel guilty. It takes a lot of courage to work up telling them the truth, and so it isn't worth having it blow up in my face because other people don't want to admit when they were acting ugly.
Better for them to believe the friendships naturally grew distant and faded. Most of the time, the people I end up doing this to are so self-obsessed that they don't even notice when people pull away like this anyway.

No. 934503

God fucking save my soul but I think I have a crush on my friend and I would ruin my life ever expressing so how do I kill this forever

No. 934514

File: 1633791974911.png (131.36 KB, 644x910, D2D5FD75-6D26-4BF0-BFEF-43F14C…)

This period is kicking my butt, I hope it ends early with how much I bled between yesterday and this morning.

No. 934517

I'm going to stab every single stupid scrote who catcalls me or slows down and tries to coax me into their car when I'm just trying to go about my day. Fuck off.

No. 934519

Last weekend I thought I’d finally have another girl to hang out with and have common interests with… and then she talks about how the earth is flat and doctors are literally the spawn of evil. What’s in the fucking water around here? Now my options are genderspecials and conspiracists and it sucks

No. 934539

Where the heck are you? I have yet to cross paths with a flat earthier, but I deal with some real idiots here in the south.

No. 934552

hate living in a shithole student city.
i love going to second hand shops/vintage clothes shops and just spending time looking at what they have because you always find interesting stuff and generally it's just a relaxing experience, but i swear the students have overrun the places i usually go to. it was pretty bad already honestly but it makes me sad that the last few times I've tried to go into a vintage/thrift shop it's just been overrun by really annoying people taking loudly and barging past me while im trying to quietly browse.
and yeah i know it makes me sound like a snooty old woman, i am literally around the same age as most of them as well but god they are just the most annoying self-entitled little shits.
nowadays i just end up browsing ebay to get the same experience of finding interesting stuff that people have put up for sale or auction, but i do really miss the physical aspect of going into a shop

No. 934578

Sadly from the south too, I never met a flat earthier either until I met literally four this week at a music festival. They believe ‘the government doesn’t want us to travel to other ‘disk dimensions’ in space, and that’s why NASA’s lying and saying it’s round.’ They denied gravity, the moon and tides but was great for entertainment at least

No. 934579

File: 1633797061198.jpg (461.39 KB, 1024x1024, imag.jpg)

I think I just want to hold a man and cuddle for a while, but the only man I know more than on a completely professional relationship/casual acquaintance level lives abroad. I'm not even horny anymore, I just want to sniff a man.

No. 934620

I'm kind of upset about being 22. I feel like 18-21 was the period where it was okay to just fuck around but now I have to start being a serious adult. Yes I know to older people this might sound ridiculous but it's really how I feel.

No. 934624

File: 1633802265068.jpg (74.8 KB, 971x747, Screenshot_3.jpg)

I have no social life and decided to go to a meetup today but I stressed out about wanting to look perfect and did my makeup for too fucking long and then realized that I'd be late by 30 minutes if I still decided to go, so I did not end up going. I literally prepared for this the whole fucking week. I ended up angrywalking to the store instead to buy some watermelon flavored cider and now I'm in my bed drinking alcohol, crying and browsing lolcow. I want to fucking die.

No. 934625

Not to alarm you but 18-21 was definitely when I had the most fun. It all went downhill from there.

No. 934628

Anon please don't worry so much. It's okay, I bet you look very pretty right now. I don't think it was for nothing, the pressure you felt wasn't going to help you at the meeting anyways.
I wish I could help you in some way. All I can say is try to get some relaxing music and sleep. It seems you suffer from anxiety. Have you tried any natural herbal pills for that? They always help me when some event is causing me trouble. I take one before going out too because I can be a nervious wreck.
Please don't drink any more alcohol. Alcohol is a depressant, and it will only make you feel worse. Why don't you buy your favorite food tomorrow instead? Watch some movie while you eat. Cuddle a plush for company. I bet it'll be fun.
You know, people do their makeup and wear pretty clothes for themselves all the time, they don't necessarily go out. I think you did a good job today. Please feel accomplished about it.

No. 934632

I genuinely think if you have the right mindset, age does not matter and you can have fun anytime. Don't force yourselves to be mature either. It'll all eventually come.
And even if you don't go out and fuck around like you used to, maybe you'll find some other thing to be passionate about and focus on that.

No. 934635

Oh I've been in that position anon, for several outcomes since I went to so many meetups before covid. I've also stood outside the meeting place before deciding I won't go in and just walking around the city.

Also maybe think about if it's a good thing to come late? By then the ice is usually broken with people and you're not awkwardly standing about with the host. However, if you're early/on time, you can have the upper hand power wise because all you have to do is say hello to the newcomers and are automatically perceived as part of the group if you know what I meanm and can make much less effort.

Another thing, from an anxiety perspective, is it's much better IMO to be underprepared than overprepared for these things. Dress in whatever clothes you'd wear on any day, keep yourself busy right until you need to walk out to meet. Don't hesitate, you can think your first thought about what you're doing after you're standing in front of the group having said hello.

My comment has a bossy tone, i'm not taking the effort to rephrase it but I mean well.

No. 934638

File: 1633803731793.jpg (186.19 KB, 1280x624, 1596073670125.jpg)

I'm so close to making a gofundme and scamming trannies and brain dead TRAs to fund a surgery, everywhere I go I feel like I'm seeing corporations and society getting on their knees and sucking tranny cock with their "we WILL pay for/reimburse your breast implants or FFS!" and it's driving me fucking crazy I just want to feel comfortable in my body

No. 934642

My life has only become better as I've left behind my teens have aged into my twenties. I'm 25 now and I can genuinely say I am happier and enjoying life more than I was at 15 and 20.

Don't take it out on yourself so much, you'll have another chance again. I bet this wasn't the first or last meetup you can attend.

No. 934644

I think for me 18-21 was a very special time, I moved out of my abusive childhood home, moved to a new city and started school, I felt such an immense sense of freedom, joy, and naive optimism. But then eventually my repressed trauma caught up to me. After I graduated, mental illness and real life slapped me in the face. Also, two of my closest friends died just two weeks after my 24th birthday. Life just feels so heavy. I’m 26 now and I would do anything to be carefree, full of hope and excited about life again.

No. 934648

ill sage myself cuz not really vent, but why tf is my gay friend NEVER fucking humiliated or put in uncomfortable situations by ftms?? why the fuck only lesbians are expexted to bend over and take the mtfs dicks?? i'm so tired of this dumb ass world. why is nobody pointing out how grindr works for men but her doesn't work for women because of troons?? honestly, i wish gay men would get a taste of the same "conversion therapy" rabid mtfs at my college are trying to enforce, at least then they would start to see how fucked the troon situation is. it's like inconceivable to them that some people are grossed out by penises and males. fuck faggots fuck trannies (not literally).

No. 934649

God anons who are like "Well she smokes weed so she isnt sober its still a drug, highway to relapsw!!111!". Goddamn if you know nothing about drugs or addiction, why even comment. Weed is the most effective treatment for an opiate addiction, and a petty safe one as well. Swapping a heroin addiction for smoking weed is a great step, and shouldn't be demonised just because its a "drug". "ShEs NoT sObEr!!". Trading shooting heroin into your veins for smoking some weed is pretty much sober, goddamn.

No. 934662

People who force themselves to be mature, settle down and wear beige instead of just doing what they like always come off as really insecure in a very grating way. They then try to rub off that insecurity on others.
I have a friend who is about to turn 30 and she's really not taking it well. She never shuts up about being too old for anything fun, having wrinkles or being insecure that people can tell she is 30 (she's a heavy smoker and has years of professional experience, of course people can tell you're not 23 anymore).
I am three years younger than her and she won't stop pushing her insecurities about aging onto me. She thinks her life situation applies to me, calls me a fellow boomer, never shuts up about us being two old hags who are too old and haggard for anything, and negs me about using any social media that isn't facebook, because that's supposedly for young people too.

I am still young, I have no wrinkles, I like to go out and have fun and I dress how I want. I like my life and am honestly considering dropping her as a friend because she does nothing but moan about her age and make me feel like shit. Any age is a good age as long as you're confident and do what makes you happy.

No. 934667

How guilty should I feel for assuming all my "bi" female friends to be straight?
They make a big song and dance out of being bisexual and insist on using the terms "sapphic" and "wlw." We're all artists and they'll fawn about the idea of "wlw couples in art" from time to time" but they all exclusively draw heterosexual couples, and even only draw het porn. None of them have even talked about having a crush on a women they knew irl before, just the "I think this anime girl/celev is hot," shit. One talks about how oppressed she's going to be for her sexuality, when she's presently in a relationship with a man. It all feels so fucking performative to me, like they don't want to admit they're just boring straight girls, especially when we have other friends in the group who are actually lesbians who don't make nearly as big of a deal about it as they do.

No. 934671

ntayrt but i’m also 22 and freaking out so this was really nice to read. you’re very kind and positive, thank you for your nice words!

No. 934674

you should be guilty, kek. you clearly don’t like them and you’re clearly another one of those dykes who doesn’t like bisexuals, so just dump them for both of your sakes. they’ll never meet your uwu perfect febfem standards, clearly.

No. 934675

I’m straight lol

No. 934676

I wouldn't feel guilty at all, anon. From the sounds of it you're right. I've noticed online artists fake being bi or gay a lot because they've memed so much about heterosexuality being "boring" that they actually believe it. It's like they adopt this persona for posting art and their performative online social circle, it's fucking weird.

No. 934678

i just got out of a break up a couple weeks ago (we dated for a year) and it's just hitting me how shitty the things they did were. like fuck how did i not see any of this. and why did i excuse it?

No. 934679

not guilty lmao i'll have to see it to believe it. every girl i know is "bi" and talks about women all the time but they literally never do anything. they have the option too, like other girls are interested in them, they just..don't pursue anyone but men. they are very gay until it's time to be gay

No. 934681

honestly, if you're stressing out over this because of what you read in /snow/, you shouldn't worry so much. I live in a very blue area and all the lesbians I know are in cis/cis relationships. It's hard to find other lesbians, but it was always hard to find other lesbians. There's never been that kind of instant sex bathhouse/grindr culture for anyone besides gay guys.

No. 934682

File: 1633809609111.gif (2.36 MB, 400x226, 999DEF59-FE06-45E8-890E-121C82…)

I’m definitely turning into an anachan. Everything I eat is just so off-putting or I never can finish it anymore, pretty sure it’s just the consequences of my depression but I’m not interested in eating things anymore and it makes me really scared because my body always feels so weird. I just don’t know why my brain is so disinterested in eating? I’m kind of terrified.

No. 934690

i honestly wasn't against trannies before, didn't care much for them. but they are all over my campus, i've tried joining lgbt club to meet some lesbians and there were only a bunch of mtfs/ftms and like one gay guy. so far haven't met any lesbian girl, but i keep getting offers from those mtfs even tho i only went to their meet up once. i tried to vent about it to my gay friend but he doesn't give a fuck and says i should ignore them when they ask me about my "preferences". that's why i'm so enraged. hope it is like you say and i can actually meet some lesbians when i'm out of this place. there are supposed to be more homosexual women than trans "women" but it doesn't seem like that's true in my age group.

No. 934693

I hate that I formed this parasocial friendship with an ex classmate in my head. I think up imaginary meetings and hangouts, I even dreamed of having fun with her from time to time. In reality I haven't seen her in more than five years, she most likely forgot about me completely and is living a nice life. Even when we were actual friends she didn't like me that much, she just used me to chat. She would hate how I am today. I keep hitting new levels of degeneracy and patheticism. I'm absolute garbage, no wonder everyone's leaving me.

No. 934696

Oh damn, I had no idea, that is actually crazy. I hope it gets better for you off campus or outside the lgbt club.

No. 934697

You're probably just too sad and offputted to eat, I think it takes a special kind of mental illness to be an anachan. Don't worry about it, a lot of people pass through that

No. 934698

It's so boring seeing people shit so much on bi women. Why are they even so invested in the first place?

No. 934699

Not an anachan if you're not conciously making the decision not to eat in order to lose weight.

No. 934700

File: 1633810565403.jpeg (192.84 KB, 466x700, 90763F74-58E7-48B2-A5BF-8E3F3D…)

>my dad goes back to his third world country where people don’t own pets, but they’re plenty of street cats and dogs
>he tells me his family adopts a German shepherd puppy from a breeder and sends a cute video of the puppy
>decide not to tell him why buying a puppy from a breeder is bad because they already bought it and the damage is done
>days later, my dad calls me
>after talking for a little bit, I ask innocently about the puppy
>he says he died
>they apparently put a metal chain around the puppy’s neck because it was ‘shitting everywhere’ , which led to the dog falling from a tall height, with the chain still attached to his neck
>so he died from being hung
>call him and his family animal abusers and insult him for letting a puppy die due to neglect
>he didn’t seem all that bothered by the puppy’s death, just as an unfortunate accident

I still don’t know if the puppy died instantly by having it’s neck snapped or not, but the implication that that poor little puppy may have slowly suffocated to death made me cry instantly. I know I never actually met the puppy but I Jesus fucking Christ

No. 934701

nta but straight leaning bi women insert themselves where it's not needed so it's always in our faces

No. 934706

I want to kill myself but I’m too scared. I’m an obstruction to everyone and I know everyone would feel better without me.

No. 934712

I get what you mean, and agree in some part. But half-explained sentences as a response to a random vent thread is kinda dumb

No. 934719

File: 1633812524632.jpeg (299.8 KB, 1132x1600, 93903AC5-87CE-47C1-9395-301A4B…)

The Sephora point system is gay af, I have over 1,000 points and I’m not even rouge yet.

No. 934728

>Agreeing on playing oppressions Olympics over child molestation
For fuck's sake anon.

No. 934730

Oh my god this was so sad

No. 934741

Take your meds instead of getting worked up over imaginary arguments in your head

No. 934755

Sorry that calling you out for pathetic behaviour seems mentally ill to you, you must have a terrible childhood.

No. 934756

No. 934759

I wasted so much of my time on a vile, vile man. He treated me like shit for so long until I just snapped today. He only told me he loved me when he was desperate he never really loved me and my dumbass stayed with him. Men are such fucking liars. They will choose someone who uses them over you until they can no longer bear it. They lie. I don't even know if that was the truth. Why did I ever believe him. Why? Why did I believe that such a cruel person could be "used," and he was really just dumped and ran back to me. I'm a fucking idiot and it's my fault for wanting to talk to someone. I shouldnt have ever talked to him. He used me.

No. 934761

This is a little fucked up but I'm looking forward to my genetic tests results if it means that my possibly having a congenital defect stands some chance of shortening my lifespan. Any excuse for a chance to tap out early lol.

No. 934763

>Not suicide bombing Biden's podium
Come on anon, do sth with your life.

No. 934777

File: 1633820421561.jpg (50.55 KB, 500x385, 4b12600bc0a363124bd911017fcf39…)

I ate an entire cheesecake and now I feel sick, it was huge. god I don't know why I'm doing this to myself. I was fine on zero sugar diet but after I got my first job I can't survive a day without tons of sweets. I'm exhausted all the time, my muscles hurt, and sugar gives me a rush of evergy. But then I'm very sleepy and tired so… I eat sweets again. It's a never ending cycle

No. 934783

Brush your teeth tonight

No. 934791

I feel you anon. I crave sugar when I'm stressed mostly then I end up needing it every day just to keep myself going. eating proper portions of healthy meals and then having a chocolate wafer and some fruit helps and doesn't send you into a sluggish cycle in my experience

No. 934793

oh man I feel absolutely an unequivocally unhinged right now I haven’t eaten and I am so tired of seeing photoshopped onlyfans hoes all over the place I am about it to lose my shit wtf anons what do I do I feel psychotic

No. 934796

go eat, I always feel shit and psychotic when I skip a meal

No. 934798

Try drinking energy drinks with sugar like monster, helped for me

No. 934815

I'm so fucking bored and everywhere is slow today even LC man where the fuck is everyone

No. 934816

File: 1633826437695.jpeg (695.03 KB, 1280x1424, CCEF606C-9BCF-465B-ADF7-8E27AD…)

No. 934818

I fucking hate everything and everyone and myself a little too

No. 934819

File: 1633826954546.jpg (58.62 KB, 1036x318, tumblr_98a55ffa4018caaf8aed609…)

I'm so fucking tired of twitter trannies ruining my culture and my interests by making it all about them. Stop drawing your unwashed ugly "diverse" OCs that you clearly only made for twitter woke points, as a member of those cultures it's obvious you did no research and just see us as stereotypes who need to be wokeified.

No. 934822

File: 1633827184740.png (15.03 KB, 550x488, EGfV6gnU0AIntjO.png)

I know this is fucked up, but why the fuck are you reading this spoiler, idiot? are you bored? did you think I would tell you some juicy gossip? hell nah. Fuck u biotch! And this is why I love lolcow.

No. 934824

It's a saturday so…out probably?

No. 934825

>implying we go out

No. 934826

File: 1633827687677.png (304.29 KB, 615x581, if i post this, my day is goin…)


No. 934827

I remember stumbling upon a random twitter artist a long time ago and one of her recent character drawings was an obese hairy "transgender" dark brown muslim character and I was so confused… like you really just tried so squeeze in all the woke points you could fit in, didn't ya? If I stayed long enough I probably would've found out that the character had a long list of disabilities too.

No. 934828

bitch your days are numbered

No. 934832

File: 1633828859821.jpg (41.39 KB, 498x497, IMG_20210607_083303.jpg)

Yeah this stuff doesn't usually get to me but this time it really bugged me how badly they got it wrong, they didn't even TRY to learn anything other than from google images. It's fucking disgusting how people don't call them on this shit.

No. 934833

ive been so affected with the messed up things i've seen online that i'm considering doing drugs or anything to make me forget about it. i don't know who to tell because i dont want them to be affected but i am so stressed out

No. 934836

Don't do drugs, just meditate and do yoga like all women our age do to forget the bullshit

No. 934842

not even just today for like a week or so, I think everyone finally killed themselves tbh

No. 934845

I met a really fucking good bass player on omegle who said they were a woman, but turns out he was just a tranny. I actually felt inspired for a second, ugh

No. 934846

Maybe all the self proclaimed Stacys weren't lying about being Stacys….

No. 934853

Little has changed and I'm still the weak person I have been for years.
There's probably no hope for me in this world.
As edgy as it sounds, I believe I'm genuinely doomed to a life of loneliness.
Nobody will ever accept me, and every single person without fail in my life calls me weird. I'm tired of it. I can't be normal, sorry.
Nobody will ever accept me and this life will probably end in a mediocre suicide like I've always felt it would.
You have to be normal to be loved and accepted.
I can't do that.
I just want someone to tell me I'm fine as I am.
I don't want to change.
If I tried it would be disingenuous.
I just want one singular person who'd accept me for who I am, who wouldn't view me as weird or pathetic. They wouldn't have to understand, I wish I could just for once be embraced by someone with open arms who doesn't judge me. But they'll probably never come, and life is what it is.

No. 934855

File: 1633834539875.gif (3.94 MB, 498x326, 35B509BD-6837-4865-95F1-E9FC42…)

tired of being a woman, tired of being lonely, tired of being shut-in, tired of dissociating, tired of the waking up, tired of doing the same thing, tired of nothing changing, tired of being insecure and unloved, tired of pretending like i don’t want companionship, tired of posting here, tired of collectively everything. i’m tired of being in pain all the fucking time, it almost makes me want to sob in my bed all the time everything is so shitty and horrible my life is unchangeable this literally is just my shitty fate

No. 934859

File: 1633835671600.jpeg (107.74 KB, 804x538, 5C2DEA6C-3E62-4A13-A6C6-180864…)

I'm genuinely extremely sad over the fact that Pikachu isn't real and I'll never be able to hold him.
A plushie just isn't the same.
I want the real thing.
My life would improve significantly much if I had a cute Pikachu to cuddle and hold.
How could I even be sad.
He's so loveable.
I am despairing over the fact he isn't real.
This is such a cold and cruel world.

No. 934864

I mean have you looked into pets? The more silly looking cute pet breeds have Pokemon vibes. My dog basically makes that pikachu face when he's happy.

No. 934868

My dad won't let me have pets and I don't have the money to move out, because this is a cold and cruel world and if Pikachu was real I am sure everything would be better.

No. 934874

I know you said a plushie isn't enough, but you should look into trying to find one of those vintage light up Pikachu plushes. I had one I put on my work station and squeezed him whenever I was upset. Hearing him go pika pika was really soothing. It's the closest thing to real.

No. 934875

Late reply, but you said literally everything I've been feeling about it. I'm glad you're out of that shit situation, anon. Never feel guilty, you deserve way better than someone who treats you like shit.
They react negatively to being ghosted because "My toy was taken away" is the only thing they understand. That doesn't mean you're in the wrong, or that they're victims.

No. 934884

i wish pokemon were real in general. it's my absolute favorite fictional world. what an amazing life we'd all lead.

No. 934888

tempted to drop a guy friend. he was sending gifs of people drooling all over themselves and said i was 'bitchy' for saying 'yes! please stop posting these'.

is that a bitchy thing to say? he deleted them all + apologized, but i'm now annoyed.

No. 934899

File: 1633844010734.jpeg (50.04 KB, 504x496, 7EE9B136-9C3F-4B32-80E9-7A88A5…)

I’ve been trying to raise some caterpillars that were born on a plant on my porch and it has not gone well. I accidentally killed 2 of them, one by stepping, and one because after placing it in a specially constructed box with twigs to it could go into its chrysalis, I accidentally forgot to put it under shelter during a rain storm and when I woke up, the whole container was full of water and it had drowned. The worst part? When I lifted the stick, it had made its silk harness and was ready to go into its chrysalis. And I drowned it because I’m an idiot. I know it’s stupid nonnies but I’ve been so depressed over this for two days. It was one of the only ones who successfully made its silk harness and I killed it. I feel so bad. What a terrible way to die. I can’t sleep at night now because I keep thinking about how it drowned, anchored to the stick and unable to crawl away, and I keep seeing the one I stepped on and then had to euthanize (by mushing it up all the way) in my minds eye when I try to go to sleep. It was so healthy and cute. The other ones all starved because I kept having to buy them more parsley bc they were so healthy and kept eating through it all, but after I blew $30 on four plants and they razed it all to the ground, I couldn’t justify spending any more and hoped that the big ones were big enough to pupate. And then I ducking killed the two big ones on accident! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHGH I so lovingly took care of them and watched them every day for hours because they were so cute and I liked watching them eat and climb, and then I killed them. I’ve been having other rough circumstances in my life for a few months and these cute chubby caterpillars were getting me through it. I’m devastated and feel cruel even though it was an accident.

No. 934919

i had accidentally brought in a twig with a bunch of moth eggs and i kept one egg…which grew into a little worm into a fat one and then i let it burrow into some dirt in a cup, when it emerged from its pupae, i let it go BUT, now every year, moths come to my room all the time i guess to breed because i see a lot having sex on my walls and i don't know what to do about it since they get stuck indoors and when i let them out they just fly back into my room for whatever reason so i guess the point of my story is that you could become infested with little friendly bugs to the point of worry, you did your best tho

No. 934921

I'm sorry about your caterpillars anon. It's not like they don't face a number of dangers out in the wild too. If they hadn't died with you they could've been eaten by birds, beetles, yellow jackets, parasites that kill them from the inside out. All those ways of dying are just as crappy or worse than being squashed or drowned. It kind of sucks you were having to buy parsley to feed them though, I'm pretty sure caterpillars can eat anything within the specific plant family they prefer, so it would've been a lot easier if there were just wild plants you could harvest instead. If you have any others left or eventually try again I would look up what type of plants they will accept so you have more options rather than having to spend so much and risk running out of food.

No. 934931

File: 1633853051998.jpg (59.83 KB, 1500x1138, 71IF0mTC7DL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

I bought one of these and sleep with it every night, its is very comforting

No. 934946

no anon, your moid friend is just a moron who is trying to neg you into putting up with him being a freak

No. 934962

My mother has been narcisstic abusive all of her life to the point it made my father always want to die and it's burned many bridges. I live away from her but due to health reasons I've been with her to care for her. I want her to be okay but I just needed to say somewhere that it's incredibly painful and degrading coexisting with her because no matter how kind you are to her she is so nasty. Today it finally got to me and made me cry and I just want to sleep all day but I can't because she'll use that against me too. Any farmers in touch with their NPD or abusive mothers because it's not bad enough to cut them off or you couldn't do that to them, how do you cope? Therapy helped and my friends and loved ones detest her and I mostly can take it but not when im here for weeks.

No. 934964

I wish I could give helpful advice, but I just want you to know that the abuse doesn't have to be "bad enough" for you to cut them off. I know what it's like to have an abusive mother that you still care about, it's hard but hang in there anon.

No. 934966

Drop him. In fact, drop all your guy friends. They’re probably discussing in private group chats how badly they want to rape you.

No. 934967

Seconding what the other anon said, any bullshit that starts to negatively impact your emotional or physical health is "enough" to cut people off.
My family had that kind of reaction towards me where they seriously believed I should have to put up with anything cause ~but she's your mother~ except NONE of them ever had to live with her in any capacity and she always put on a front in the presence of company. Of course they didn't understand or care what it was actually like to put up with the bitch, just as long as they could guilt and shame me to keep doing it.
She was super nasty too. I could never win.

I'm three years no contact and have never been better to be rid of her volatile ass. I can only speak for myself, but considering the fact that we never had a great nor honest relationship with each other, finally burying that relationship wasn't that much more of a leap. I don't even think any of them even care about me or the damage she's done, only that they feel embarrassed and need to believe it's somehow all my fault.

No. 934969

I cannae get my fingers to do a b minor chord

No. 934970

My mum is a complete narc and blew up at me yesterday. I don't live with her but was down for a visit and just left. So she spent the night texting me every hour all this abusive shit and I just kind of accept it and let myself cry when I'm alone. It's sad. I want a nice mum and to be a nice daughter but there's always issues. It would be nice to have a non emotionally stunted parent but I could have a lot worst things in life too. Accepting people for what they are is my best advice and allowing yourself to be sad for having a shit relationship is OK. I've been wallowing for about 3 hours today and I think that's enough now lol so I just try to distract myself with things I enjoy.

No. 934972

Y'all are so sweet, thank you for your kind words.

No. 934975

File: 1633860387051.png (366.97 KB, 515x493, 85049385376547.png)

Was casually talking with this guy I met in a professional setting. He's been nothing but pleasant and respectful for the past month then he mentioned offhand a shifty past. I know now when you find one cockroach there are hundreds more hiding where you can't see them so time to ghost. I wasn't surprised because my expectations for men are so incredibly low these days, in fact I'd been waiting for the other shoe to drop. Just sad our time has come to an end so soon because he had some genuinely interesting talents and thoughts.

No. 934980

File: 1633861318948.jpg (1.88 MB, 1440x2158, boundariesaregreat.jpg)

I hate how my mother is constantly trying to find out if I'm dating/fucking someone instead of asking about it directly. When I mentioned to her that I talk to a certain coworker every single day (about work stuff) she immediately asks if we also talk or meet outside of work as well (we don't). She also randomly asked the other day if I'm gonna sleep home on the weekend or somewhere else (I live alone btw). Also, I noticed that whenever she comes over to my place she always finds a reason to go into my bedroom (either to open the window for some air or to check if my plants are still alive) and she always looks at/around my bed really thoroughly (my guess would be to look for signs of sexual activity, condoms, etc). She also asked me the other day if I have been to a gynecologist recently. The whole thing just feels creepy.

No. 934983

the knowledge that i'll never have a deep connection with someone is so depressing. im just lacking something

No. 934984

File: 1633861767652.jpg (202.68 KB, 1000x712, 14iin8w.jpg)

What does it mean to be alive? I'm terrified of change, I do not have the strength, resilience or wits to make myself different or better, and now I feel too old to change even though YahooAnswers or whatever will say it's fine to turn around your life at 30, and I'm not even there. Do I want to be succesfull? That boat probably sailed long ago, and I can't commit to anything, I'm terrified of being mediocre, but it's so disrespectful and egoistic to think that way, do I think anyone who isn't causing big social or technological advancements die? Of course that's not for me to judge, so why am I terrified of just living a good life and making some friends and accept that my taste is trash. Would I be better off if I avoided the internet unless I absolutely need it for something? I do have genuinely happy moments but all those times I act like a retarded kid or teen, and I'm comparing myself to serious, professional adults. Would I be happy as a biorobot browsing the Internet all day as long as I was unaware there are people doing more with their lives? All I do outside my bedroom is a performance, and I don't even know who it is I want to pet my head. Is this how people suddenly find God in their life?

No. 934985

File: 1633862101330.png (166.13 KB, 547x528, huffin.png)

Seriously just got down arguing with my mom for like fifteen minutes on the likelihood of a hawk attacking and killing our little dog. She wouldn't listen to me; I agreed that it could happen in principle. But the chances are incredibly low. I cited our past two dogs and ~5 cats that didn't get their brains eaten out by a hawk. But all she kept saying was "you just don't have experience in the country like I do" and wouldn't acknowledge what I was actually saying. I HAVE LIVED IN THE COUNTRY FOR TWO DECADES WHERE ARE ALL THESE FUCKING HAWKS KILLING AND EATING OUR SMALL DOGS

I am seriously shaking over this. I feel like my blood has been replaced by petrol.

No. 934987

Most people in dentistry are quacks or scammers. I had to learn this the hard way. I had an infected wisdom tooth that I went to a dentist for help with like, idk, a dozen times? They would give me medication and it would never help. They neglected me so badly that it festered and spread to my other teeth and I had to have a root canal on a molar. Then, after I got all wisdoms out (a scam, you do NOT need them all out, I should've just had the one infected wisdom taken out. They perforated my sinus extracting an upper wisdom that wasn't even bothering me and I had nosebleeds for months). Then, after the root canal, I still had nerve damage radiating from that tooth to my neck and shoulder. I still do, they gave me TMJ. The dentist that performed the root canal did an x-ray and told me that the tooth's root is fractured and the root canal failed and they would have to extract. I was so upset I literally got up mid-appointment and told them I'd be seeking a second opinion. I used a new dentist through my aunt, then I had to go to an endodontist, who said that the root is NOT fractured and is just healing and sensitive. The new dentist supports that. It's been over a year later and the tooth is fine, but I still have radiating TMJ pain. Sometimes I can't get through the day without a lidocaine patch. If I were rich I'd sue the OG dentist. I swear to fucking God they made my infection fester on purpose. I went to them literally a dozen times for the same issue and they never helped it get better.

No. 934997

Drink a big glass of water and take your ADHD meds anon, it's gonna be okay.

No. 934998

Read the first sentence and then saw "YahooAnswers" in the next line and just loled.

No. 935002

I'm not even an ADHD-chan (or at least not medically diagnosed with anything), I just have to pick a research topic for my paper and I'm in a total avoidant overdrive.

kek I'm happy my ramblings at least had some entertainment value

No. 935011

There is no purpose to life other than just be hurt or hurt other people, it’s a perpetual prison that can only be solved if someone kills themselves. Most people don’t deserve to be alive tbh, just don’t worry about it constantly it’s going to ruin you when you keep being reminded of the reality of this world and it’s endless chasing of an undefined future. Live in spite and not because of “muh discover happiness, you only live once do whatever you want that makes you happy”, humans don’t have a brain chemistry that allows them to be happy. Only live because you hate everything and everyone.

No. 935012

Don't listen to this anon. You should be trying to find muh happiness. Happiness exists don't like people tell you otherwise.

No. 935021

Girl shut up, you know I’m right. There really is no such thing as happiness and I’m not saying that as a nihilistic thing.

No. 935022

I do not hate the world and my experience wasn't ever that the world was needlessly cruel, at least in the place and time I was born in. If I was living out of spite I'd still fail in comparison to the people I'd "hate" on social metrics, so if that was my motivation I could neck myself yesterday.

Oh, I'm not that depressed. I'm not even looking for happiness, just some kind of inner peace. I've tried only focusing on one minor task or goal at a time and it still fails.

No. 935028

Are you one of the unfortunates that can't benefit from weed?

No. 935029

Tell burgers to legalize it for everyone in the US then

No. 935032

There are other ways. It's not legal in my country. Have a smoke and cheer up

No. 935036

File: 1633869043903.gif (1.75 MB, 400x298, 762DBD12-2509-4BC0-AA78-A05BE0…)

Why do I have to fight in a sea of generic ass women to be able to sit on a semi-decent penis owner? Why is life like this? Why is there so much of the same woman everywhere like bitch MOVE OUT OF MY WAY no matter if he gets married and has continuous sex with other women he’ll still be mine, sorry haha

No. 935038

Scrote vibes

No. 935043

Anon did I call you generic? No I didn’t, go away, it’s always the same kind of women who always go for these men and it’s tiring don’t you understand? They are always like little termites grouping together trying to claw their way in but I wouldn’t expect you to understand because I have to fit into a mold and if I don’t then I’m a scrote, women actually can’t win. If you can’t handle what I said then don’t fucking respond

No. 935044

I just feel so stressed and shitty all the time. I have these bursts of good mood and I always pray they stay but it always crashes down in an hour or so again to feeling bad. I just want to be happy, I wish my baseline mood wasn't stress and sadness. I'd take antidepressants if they actually made me happy but from what I heard they just make people drowsy and apathetic. But maybe being apathetic is better than being actively stressed and worrying.

No. 935051

Win… scrote penis?

No. 935052

File: 1633870502234.jpeg (310.41 KB, 622x574, 73B6C07C-196D-45BE-87A1-3132C3…)

wow anon you actually made me come back to reality and I’m not being sarcastic either

No. 935056

For me anti-depressant certainly aren't uplifers, they just prevent you from having any strong emotions. If you want to feel good, you'd probably need to try recreational drugs or something, I have no experience with that.

No. 935063

Stop trying to drag other people down.

No. 935064

Please actually make this album a thing, holy shit. I’m being 100% serious when I say I’d buy this.
I’m in a community chock full of edgy transbians just like jvnko, and it’s fucking infuriating to say the least. I wish I could talk about the more niche things I enjoy with other actual women, but they’re so hard to find in this community. Being around degenerate trannies is seriously awful for my mental health, but I’m in too deep to leave now. I fucking hate this.
Sorry if this is a retarded post, by the way, it’s nine in the morning and I’m buzzed which honestly says a lot kek

No. 935065

I will drag you down to hell with me, it’s inevitable

No. 935066

Holy fuck. I like one song by him I didnt know he did this because of Junko Furuta. I want to murder him now

No. 935067

Based anon

No. 935070

No scary bitch, I'm taking you to heaven on my coattails, or at least up in a tree and we eat fruit and kiss

No. 935071

File: 1633872477199.jpg (85.99 KB, 526x448, 241422921_130345409330443_6786…)

When I was at the six month mark at my current job, I started asking about starting a retirement fund. The finance person said she'll contact our broker but said that it might take a few week because COVID. I said, don't worry that's fine.

Another six months pass. No broker contacted me. I ask the finance person's boss about it and he was surprised I didn't start it yet, said he'll take care of it. Another two weeks pass. I email the finance person again, and she puts me in contact with the broker. I submit all my paperwork, and the broker CCs her so she could put me in the system in the employer's end. It's been a week and she has not responded. I'm beginning to think she doesn't want me to have this retirement account that matches 3%.

No. 935092

You're a total piece of shit. Make me glad to know I'll never be as miserable as you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 935097

Today is my cat’s 3rd birthday but also the 2nd anniversary of my best friend’s death. I hate how it’s the same day. Feeling blah

No. 935136

Hey homie, it took me over a decade to get help for my eating disorder. I just hope you take this to heart; find help, medical help. Even if you have to go to a few places, do it.
Bite the bullet, ask for help. These doctors can offer resources.
I went 15 fucking years gaslighting my self and dealing with my own families “constructive criticism”. Now I have a doc, I’m on medication and therapy, 3 months free of those behaviors.
You gotta show yourself love and get help. Stop punishing yourself.
And your family probably doesn’t understand, and that’s okay. You will have the tools eventually to talk to them.
When I finally sat down with my dad and explained he ended up tearing up and apologizing for comments he made.
Take care pal.

No. 935137

Well happy birthday to your cat, and a big hug to you

No. 935138

Maybe I’m being extra spergy because of my period but I feel like absolute shit. I went to a “girls night” with my sister and mom and the entire time my sis talked about her life. Her husband makes a lot of money so she always goes on trips with their kids, is always buying lots of stuff, and me…I wouldn’t even spend $15 to go out to eat because it feels like a waste of money. I was happy that I made almost a thousand dollars selling stuff online and she told us that she made almost 30k this year going back to work part time. I got a letter of acceptance to a University earlier in the day and I didn’t want to bother bringing it up. I’m in my 20s and my sister constantly says it’s a waste of money to go to school. And yeah, I know I’m going to drain everything I’ve saved to get a degree and it’s going to be hard because I have a full-time job. It makes me want to cry with how easy her life is compared to what I have to do without any support

No. 935142

I really don't mean to break any rules but I just want to vent somewhere where I won't be told I'm a man-hater or bigot. I have no idea how to like, exist as an amab person who has value and isn't garbage. Like, I can do the things I should, I support and donate to radfems, I try and bring positivity to the people I love and care about in my life, call out toxic masculinity, etc. I don't want to ever be violent so I'm really pacifistic. But I still just constantly feel like I deserve to die because I was born a scrote. And I'm just tired. I know it's literally nothing compared to like, experiencing misogyny on a near-constant basis, but I don't understand how any self-aware moid isn't this utterly miserable and feeling hopeless.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 935148

They eat stuff in the carrot family, Queen Anne’s lace is SUPPOSEDLY everywhere but I looked high and low and even went on hikes and couldn’t find any, so parsley was my only option. Thank you for your kind words though. I just love caterpillars too much.

No. 935158


Thank you both, honestly it helped to get this out somewhere. I considered cutting her off a long time ago and she has improved a little since we lost my dad and she's had more time to think about her actions but I know I cannot change her or be responsible for her either. Right now she could be dying and we don't know for a week or so if the cancer has been that bad but I've just wanted to be here for her through it. I could cut her off, but even then with all of this I just don't have the heart to, if this was the last time that we have together I just want her to be okay and I think I can handle the outburst as long as I can vent here or to friends. It does feel good to share with people and I'm really sorry you other nonnas have had similar experiences. It can be so draining.


Sending you a bunch of love, those texts must have been really hard to stomach. I'll try to allow myself more to accept that we don't have the best relationship and that on the bright side I am my own person and I have things that I can hold onto and cherish.

No. 935177

do a flip

No. 935178

File: 1633885525556.jpg (644.57 KB, 1080x1884, 1597169759790.jpg)

I made those posts a while back and got clowned for it, which I was hurt by, but as time have passed I am realizing that was not normal. I judged other girl's relationships with their moms and none were as codependent and physical with each other as we were. Thinking back now, her calling our relationship 'a romance' and how we are a couple and how she touches me sometimes, says how I always came to her to get kissed and touched, is not comfortable for me. Maybe since I've grown up a bit I'm embarrassed about being like that? She never did all that with my older sister. I know for sure that she doesn't see me in an, like, adult way. Maybe she is touch-starved or something. I told her I felt uncomfortable when she kisses my neck or my stomach or like, other places, massaging my thighs but she gets upset at me for that. Sometimes when I used to cook she would come behind me and do those couple-like things and it made me feel bad. I even cried a few times I felt so weird. But now that I have spent time alone I realize I miss her a lot, I liked cuddling up to her and even kissing her boobs. I felt comforted and like a baby, I even spoke in a baby voice around her. Even a relative got concerned with our relationship at one point, that my mom still treated me like an infant. I don't know what to feel, honestly. I just feel like our relationship was not normal sometimes. What's the use even thinking about it now though?

No. 935180

do you have small hands bc same

No. 935181

You should look into covert incest and maybe get some counseling.
The fact some of it makes you uncomfortable, that you told your mom and she didn't respect your boundaries and that your sibling didn't get the same 'affection' are red flags.
Missing the closeness doesn't mean it wasn't wrong or that you didn't get hurt by it.

No. 935189

Where do you live?

No. 935194

time to move out if you havent already

No. 935198

File: 1633886718315.jpeg (33.29 KB, 381x310, AAD18688-1DD9-425B-8CD0-8D7938…)

I want a hug

No. 935203

I will pray for you

No. 935204

Honestly it is ethically and morally wrong that transsexualism is more legal than weed. What a crazy world

No. 935222

Never heard of that term before but I don't think it applies to me, I wasn't there so much for emotional support as for physical affection. We really were too close. I feel ashamed of how I acted with her, I used to straddle her all the time as late as 16, that's not normal. I don't think there's much use to think about it now but it's not leaving my mind. I keep getting reoccurring nightmarish incestual dreams with her.
I have just recently, anon.

No. 935245

File: 1633890820822.jpg (58.05 KB, 628x619, 51e416cfcfb620e142d5c59c4ac3f9…)

No. 935247

my family have been similar except more verbal. especially my dad. I found myself getting way too comfortable talking about weird stuff around him because he's a pretty crass person, but there are times where he'd overstep boundaries with his lewd jokes. it's not normal for parents to talk about sexual shit with you and it shouldn't be, right? I know some people can make vulgar jokes with their families but mine just feel wrong doing it. they're abusive and gaslighty in ways and make me hate myself opening up about that kind of thing. I've become a lot more wary of what covert incest is now and it makes me sick to my stomach.

No. 935256

Losing weight is impossible while I live at home, they bring junk and fast food every single day and get upset when I don't want to eat it. We waste so much food that it's driving me insane. I desperately wish I could afford to live alone because I'm so sick of being fat!! Fuck! I can't wait to finally have control and no longer have temptation in the house.

No. 935278

if youre a male then you have no value and are gargabe. hth

No. 935280

you're probably right. i hate men so much

No. 935283

how is being a pickme "based"

No. 935284

prove your loyalty by cutting off your balls

No. 935286

File: 1633895198490.jpeg (54.97 KB, 750x538, B1F495DC-F13F-4812-98C5-FD5F1F…)

Finding makeup is depressing with my sensitive ass skin every base product I try either causes breakouts, eye burning, fucking sinus headaches (purito bb cream), or just looks bad on me (mineral powder foundation). I don’t even want to do fancy looks I just want to look less like a worn out slug

No. 935291

Weed can make some mental issues worse, I don't understand why it's always shilled as the go-to solution for every problem.

No. 935324

>your crush is ugly
>he’s so ugly ew

okay??? and??? why do people think you’re suddenly going to stop getting wet from looking at pictures of unconventionally attractive men. not talking about the actual thread the thread is fabulous but people are so annoying let me want to have sex with ugly-hot men

No. 935333

Ffffuck I'm so sick of scrotes who fuck off in the middle of a convo to reply 8 hours later. I'm sick of scrotes who play these fucking waiting mind games. I should just drop them all but it feels like there isn't a guy who doesn't do this.

No. 935338

i know right? like that shits for females he better become a man and reply all the time

No. 935343

Women reply to me right away, only men do this shit to me all the time even when they're otherwise interested because they try to be all cool and unbothered I guess.
And when sometimes they aren't interested, I wish they'd fucking man up and tell me they don't want to chat. Don't waste my time and make me anxious waiting for your shitty reply.

No. 935344

I can't stop crying about FGM. I'm so fucking stupid for never questioning if my mom had it done to her when I always hear about it but I could see how awkward she felt talking about it. Why the fuck are little girls going through this?

No. 935346

it’s keeping you in some kind of proximity with it so if something else that they’re trying to pursue backfires, you’ve been selected as the backup plan. tell it to go lay its dick in a meat grinder and block

No. 935351

Why didn’t you just choose to be white? I’ll never get girls who create a character with a different race than white?(bait)

No. 935352

How do I even handle my partner getting turned on from reliving her trauma (she was sexually assaulted in the past)? Idk I told her that it made me feel really upset and now she feel ashamed of herself fuck

No. 935354

Trauma is processed differently and there is no "one size fits all" for what that would look like. I'd suggest looking into resources to get a better understanding and keep comments to yourself. And go apologize and let her know you're upset because you didn't understand (but maybe you should want to going forward.)

No. 935364

I'm so embarrassed. I used to do text based roleplay with online friends until I turned 20. During that time, since I loved writing, I offered to write an epic story with everyone's characters, mostly self-inserts, including some of my own. At that time my then boyfriend was also in the online group, and asked to have our characters be a couple in the story. I found the story again now and read it through because I wanted to giggle at my younger self. I realized just how much of my relationship which I back then thought was romantic and caring was actually abusive. In the story, me and my ex's characters got separated for months due to a battle taking place in their city, and when I finally had them re-unite, I wrote his character yelling and screaming at her for being stupid enough to get separated from him. I described him punching a wall and telling her he was tempted to slap her for "putting him through this", and angling it was my character realizing how much he loved her because he screamed at her that way. I wrote it like that because that's how our relationship was like in real life, and while we broke up a few years ago I'm still shocked to see my younger self having written this as if it was a cute moment of a couple re-uniting.

No. 935370

Was this some kind of high fantasy story? Tell us more about the world and lore.

No. 935372

I think my mum hates me. It's weird. I tried talking about the cake I tried making this weekend, she looked at me and rolled her eyes and looked away. If it's not hate, I'm not sure what it is. Whatever I tell her I did that's fun, I keep getting eyerolls, but then she asks me about my friends and if they're okay.

No. 935380

It was set in the modern world with fantasy elements, so like an urban fantasy. Humans had found ways to control and steal the power of supernatural creatures, and there was an underground market where monsters whose powers had been stolen were sold to perform on freakshows or be studied by scientists. This eventually lead to a big war. We all created characters for both sides and a resistance group of humans who fought for the rights of monsters, kek. It wasn't a great story, but I miss those online friends and hope they are doing alright, wherever they are.

That sounds really tough, anon. Having people roll their eyes at something that makes you happy feels awful, I can't imagine how it is to have your mom do that. Please tell us about the cake, if you want to!

No. 935391

File: 1633907228963.jpg (128.78 KB, 1106x616, Untitled.jpg)

men need to be sent to concentration camps until they can prove they aren't menaces to society

seeing shit like this enrages me

No. 935395

he needs to be fucking killed

No. 935401

File: 1633907958008.gif (5.96 MB, 640x640, CBD26362-6368-4AD4-ADDE-858960…)


You’re literally a fucking idiot, you can’t be assigned a sex at birth you ARE that sex. Fuck off and go take your damn meds, this world has lost its motherfucking mind and so have I

No. 935407

Thought that meant All Men Are Bastards

No. 935412

it should

No. 935425

My brother is diagnosed bipolar but I am 99% sure he has bpd and if he was a woman he'd have been diagnosed years ago but since he's a moid he gets to whine and cry and act insane his whole life about every little thing and everyone just says he's dramatic or difficult but not the truth that he's fucking insane. I want to scream in his face YOU HAVE BPD GET FUCKING THERAPY but he'd probably just find a way to spin that into me being abusive or some shit. whatever I'm so done with mentally ill moids

No. 935433

File: 1633909992460.jpg (17.15 KB, 324x324, 1607814747735.jpg)

samefag everything is supposed to revolve around him and his problems. He will keep steering the conversation back to how much his life sucks and everyone is out to get him. He literally thinks nobody else has problems because we don't lose our shit like he does. He has no fucking idea how much shit I put up with and hold in and I couldn't even mention my problems to him because he ALWAYS FINDS A WAY TO MAKE IT ABOUT HIM and how his life is so much worse and he should just give up and everybody should pay attention to him right now. So fucking sick of his complaining. He gave my ptsd from his midnight screeching fits when I was a kid and now he talks like he's the one with all the problems just because I don't make it my whole identity. Can't even have a nice thnaksgiving with the family because he's gone 48 hours without validation so he's started the whole "my life is over because xyz reason" shit so everyone will give him attention. And then in an hour he'll be like "teehee I'm fine now" fuck you you fucking mentally ill moid. So much energy I've given to your shit. I got away in adulthood but this shit keeps coming back. and we're staying at my parents house for the weekend and he's my ride home fuck my life

No. 935435


>letting a mentally ill moid be responsible for getting you back home.

Hopefully it doesn't cost 100+ dollars on Lyft to get you home nonnie.

No. 935442

If I had a better option I would have arranged it already, but it's a 3 hour drive back to my city and there are no busses/trains from this town. I was an idiot to get rid of my car but I'm also dirt poor rn.

No. 935454

I’m so tired of feeling other peoples emotions so strongly. It’s so exhausting why do I do that

No. 935465

File: 1633913410733.jpeg (66.96 KB, 598x350, DA2EF690-65D7-4EC4-A888-0C77BB…)

Every time I think back to my girlhood I feel sad. I’m tearing up writing this right now, which is kind of pathetic knowing how I pride myself on never crying, and not over-relying on outside support. Most certainly, I don’t talk to people about these things.

But I can’t stop feeling this sadness, whenever I think about my early years. Yesterday I was digging through something in our old storage unit, and I found a teddy bear I used to have when I was a kid and I hugged it tight for a second to see if it would feel the same and I felt nothing but sadness and grief, there, in the dark. And it was so fucking awful I had to shove it and leave and I thought about it being lonely and dirty and empty under my mom’s old kitchenware and my kindergarten’s lunch box. I threw away all my toys when I was 11, because they made me a little uncomfortable, like they already seems like tokens of a time gone by, and I didn’t want them to sit in the corner of my room and taunt me. But this somehow escaped, along with two other toys, one that my sister bought me and one that my brother bought me. Whenever I saw them turned up in my mother’s monthly erratic clean-ups I stood arrested for a minute, so fucking uncomfortable, with the magic off of them lifted, and I kept remembering how the sunlight shone through our old’s apartment balcony and made everything soft and gold, and I wondered a bit if this was the same timeline, if that somehow led to this, because you wouldn’t fucking believe it with how everything become dull and ugly.

I have exactly three (four?) memories from when I was six/five. I don’t have others. I don’t remember anything before this time. One when I was standing in our old apartment and someone asked me how old I was and I said six and a half, and it had seemed back then to me that I was six and a half for a hundred years. And I was lonely and confused and already had accepted that everyone else was just as confused as me. I didn’t see my dad much because he was always at work, and I didn’t see my mom much either because housework was (and is) difficult and physically and mentally taxing and took up all her time. Most of time was spent alone, doing nothing.

My second memory is asking mom to turn on the TV for me while she cooked, and my third is sitting in kindergarten with my four friends and sharing food like we always did. I remember the playground a little, even though sometimes I think it’s not real and my mind mad with up because I dream of it so much it seems made-up. I still think it may be.

I don’t like thinking about that little girl. I feel so sad for her. I just took something small and lonely and made it crooked and spent. I think people can see it too. Last time I was at the bank a girl gave me her ticket, patted me on the shoulder, and told me I could take her place. She looked at me so sad, too, like she was sorry for me. I really don’t like seeing my childhood toys. I don’t like being reminded. I want to be okay with being reminded. I don’t want to feel sad for myself, because I hate self-pity and being dejected, which is why I keep to myself. I remember this teacher who hated the living shit out of me, but I never told my parents about her or about the bullying even though they kept asking why I wasn’t on top of the class anymore, because I was always too prideful and never liked asking for help, and despised being helpless, and she’d once said to me that I was the most depressing and miserable student she had ever had. When I was 11 I thought that was funny, and now I think that’s actually hilariously astute (and embarrassing; in a better mode, I’d like to have other distinctive qualities).

My birthday is 17 days from today. I’m young and old. I hope it passes by quickly. Sometimes I wish that I pass away before too many years pass me by, which have always seemed like a defeatist and weak thought to me, and one that I’m way too ashamed of to admit in real life, but also one that I have always guiltily had. I hope I don’t see any of my childhood toys any time soon.

No. 935483

I am never drinking again

No. 935490

Oh my fucking god, I wish my mom would stop bothering me about my brother's SAT. Yeah I got a decent score on mine, but that was mostly luck. I hated school and I didn't study in preparation for the test. My mom has been 'helping' my brother study for the SAT (my brother does not want to)and she keeps coming to me with questions about SAT, which I've stated multiple times I don't know, and she would take out her frustration on ME. INSTEAD OF MAKING MY BROTHER FUCKING ASK HIS OWN SCHOOL COUNSELOR AND TEACHERS ABOUT IT. So fucking sick of this bitch babying her son and nitpicking my 'attitude' just so she can take out her frustration on me. Hope this bitch gets a stroke and die.

No. 935531

Using discord for the first time ever because I'm looking for something and I'm having the most awkward time of my life… everyone is kinda hostile or a genderspecial over there. Or maybe I'm the weird one? Is it normal to join a server and ask a question over there? All I want is to find a specific fic goddammit

No. 935532

Discord is basically a middle school playground full of kids that already became very best friends and won’t let anyone else join the group because ew, newfags.
You might have to act like a clown for a while for any discord group to accept you.

No. 935539

What >>935532 said. Discord is chock full of trannies. Considering you’re looking for a fic, I’m assuming you’re in some fandom related servers, so expect to see plenty of fujo aidens and they/thems.
Personally, I don’t think it’s weird at all to go into a server to ask stuff like that. Good luck finding that fic, Anon.

No. 935544

i wish i had someone to talk to regularly who actually cares about how i’m doing and who’s not my therapist. my friendships seem so shallow, i want to have a deep connection with someone without it being codependent. my former close friends all live in different places now, and the ones i have in my city are slowly turning into cokeheads. i want new friends but i’m socially retarded

No. 935545

like everybody mentioned, discord is filled with an abundance of they/them zoomers or disgusting scrotes. Too bad drama shut down the lolcow friend finder thread, i think anons here really needed it because it's though finding discord groups to fit in with. I also feel like a lot of discords just have too many members talking at once sometimes and it's easy to get lost in the shuffle if you are new.

No. 935546

I'm friends with a girl simply because she has the exact same taste in vidya as me but she is one of the most annoying people in the world I swear
Just very very sjw
She's a white blue eyed blonde hair girl but always plays as dark skinned ""non-binaries"" in games if she can for """representation""" ??
Is married to a tranny who doesn't pass at all. Looks like the typical nerdy guy but she's always talking about how she loves her ""femme wife"" when he wears a long skirt once in a blue moon
Always spouting about racism/homophobia/transphobia/misogyny/bigotry that isn't there and extremely passive aggressive
I think what annoys me the most is how passive aggressive she is
A game we both play recently added gay marriage, and I questioned out loud why they didn't add it before and she went on a very aggressive rant about cishet men and is now acting coldly towards me because of my "refusal to acknowledge constant bigotry"
I see her tweet something clearly meant for me about how people of that fandom don't recognise bigotry enough holy shit

I just want to all about muh niche and obscure vidya with a non insane person for fucks sake