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File: 1630276458532.gif (2.96 MB, 640x530, 42F2D115-91A0-4A36-8660-B78A1A…)

No. 895055

Stop putting your spicy hot takes in this thread, that’s what the unpopular opinions thread is for. Let basket-case anon vent about their alienation in society!
Previous thread: >>>/ot/887989

No. 895063

File: 1630276919412.png (197.81 KB, 1080x726, imagen_2021-08-29_174202.png)

people like these REALLY piss me off

No. 895065

File: 1630277028059.jpg (136.33 KB, 1384x1590, FB_IMG_1551195224582.jpg)

Grrr, I'm so angry about things and stuff! Why don't more people like Star Trek Voyager?? It doesn't have to be perfect for you to have a good time, what's wrong with episodic adventures? There is totally character development, you're just not paying attention or forgetting episodes. Hot damn it, they've been travelling for 7 years I'm sure they've gotten plenty of torpedoes from other planets and plenty of dilithium for the replicators to make parts for the Delta Flyer why are you nit picking this campy space show, do you hate fun???
Stuff and things.

No. 895067

why the fuck is the op trying to tell me what to do?

No. 895069

Going to Walmart is so depressing, makes me feel like kermitting

No. 895073

File: 1630277507684.png (1 MB, 1728x810, bullyingstress.png)

Bullies should have to pay me reparations

No. 895085

Agree, voyager is great. It was nice that it felt like a classic Star Trek again after DS9. I enjoyed most of DS9 too but it wasn’t as comfy. People fucking rather watch enterprise than voyager and that’s how I know they’re full of shit when they say it’s not about a woman being captain

No. 895092

File: 1630279856305.png (1.04 MB, 766x960, Untitled.png)

this shit makes me so sick, i fucking hate these disgusting scrotes, but i think i might hate the retarded pickme whores in the comments even more who are sucking his disgusting chode and saying hes OMG SOOOO GORGEOUS AND STUNNING AND BRAVE AND HAS SUCH AMAZING MAKEUP SKILLZ EVEN BETTER THAN I HAVE OMGGGG !!!
fucking sickening i hate this planet and these pornsick men who LARP as women and pickme whores just as much and they should all walk off the edge of the flat earth (technically not an alog because the earth isn't flat hehe lol)

No. 895097

File: 1630280337377.png (348.31 KB, 694x1197, what the fuck.png)

clown world

No. 895098

Not to be racist but I hate those black chicks who talk shit about white women, cis women, even women from other races but still date a ugly straight white scrote. I feel like they are insecure(both dating a white man and being straight) so they shit on everyone except their dear beautiful darlings white scrotes

No. 895100

Pretty much all women are male identified. It's hard, but I've sort of come to accept it. I cope by distancing myself from women and vet them like I do men. I'm cynical, I think we're going to lose these tranny wars. I won't give up obviously, but realistically speaking I think the backlash is here to last.

No. 895105

I don't like Voyager because Seven of Nine is clearly just fap bait. It was said so by the execs themselves. Captain Janeway is not a consistent character and is terribly written.

No. 895106

Um, okay yes, that's why they put her in there but that's not Jeri Ryan's fault. Seven is one of the shows best characters, her whole arc and relationships with the Doctor and captain Janeway and even Naomi Wildman are my favorite part of the show. Jeri Ryan suffered being on that show, being forced to wear a tight suit with a corset, she even passed out once. But she's an amazing actress, and she proves it over and over again in the episodes that center around her.

No. 895121

I hate her too but literally every Star Trek has fap bait characters. No one ever complains about Deanna and her character was even more retarded

No. 895140

sick of tranners and handmaidens!!! sick of being forced to fucking sit there and pretend these disgusting degenerate moids are super uwu heccin valid!!! my god it makes me want to kermit for real. praying for the 41 to become 99

No. 895141

>be me
>doing work and school, had to spend time in hospital bc of an injury, messed with my mental health bc of all the work/school i missed and fear of surgery
>have male friend who just started therapy for the first time in his life and has become woke
>back home, have to work double as hard to catch up
>friend texts, i text back a bit and then study
>wake up next day and send him a meme
>"anon..did you watch Big Bang theory?"
>"just like Sheldon it puts me under enroumous distress when someone doesn't end what they start, like a conversation"
>confused but look up what we ended on, him saying he thinks I would like some new anime
>'uhm sorry that annoyed you but I was busy and if it was important to you, you could have just messaged me again. I'll try to remember but I am all over the place lately so it might happen again'
>"it's ok, it seems you never answer to what I say and I gotta live with that I guess"

I'm so fucking done with this. It really doesn't matter when you tell someone that you're really stressed and won't be present for a while.
Plus, we still have normal conversations all the time so wtf is this even all about?! The Big Bang theory bit was also explained like I am retarded and couldn't understand it if he explained it in any other way…
Also for someone who's caused great distress by conversations not being ended he surely ignores my messages a lot kek
This makes me so angry I wanna rip my skin off but at the same time I really don't care to answer if that's how issues are brought up.
Went back to look at our chatlogs too and I react and ask about a lot of shit he says so I don't think I'm being insane.
At least I can channel that anger into being productive I guess

No. 895143

This is why I don’t have scrote friends. If they aren’t waiting to cheat on their gf with you they’re feeling entitled to you babying their ego

No. 895145

I hope the COVID thread dies. I literally don't give a shit if you're vaccinated or not and always appreciate reading scientific articles or medical journals from either side but seeing dumbass bitches that failed science try and talk about it is painful. We were getting awfully close to "the vaccine just comes into your body and punches your blood cells in their little blood cell faces until you explode."

No. 895147

thats why I have it minimized kek it attracts the dumbest people from both sides

No. 895148

I only have 2 scrote friends from highschool times so I know them about 10 years by now.
Which is why this is even more bizarre to me, did he just hold this in for 10 years?!
Or does he just feel entitled to my time bc his therapist is coddling him into believing that's how it's supposed to be?
If it bothers him to tears that I don't answer to his anime recommendation then maybe he needs more therapy kek
I'm too old for this shit

No. 895149

Me too anon, me too.

No. 895150

Message him "I have something important to tell you" and then never speak to him ever again. It's important that he learns that life is cruel, we don't always get what we want and the big bang theory sucks.

No. 895152

The covid thread is just a "containment" thread for these covidspergs, so they don't shit up other threads with vaccination and mask debates.

No. 895153

I miss her still. She was my best friend for 12 years. I was in love with her for almost 8 years, despite other relationships and attraction towards men. She was the epitome of what I wanted, more like needed and still don't dare to ask for anything more or less. Despite our flaws, we worked together so well. I should've told her.

It's time to let her go. This is somehow so painful yet nothing is really going to change. She taught me so much about love, friendship, trust, how to be yourself, raising others up even when you feel down… All the dumb stuff we did together, all the tears, all of the obstacles we conquered, I will not forget. I will still love her and honour her memory, while still loving myself. I'll live for both of us.

I'm definitely going to be sorry for the rest of my life but today I'm going to learn from it.

No. 895163

To be fair, those comments are the exact equivalent of pity-praise disabled and deformed people get when they post online. They've got that insulting, condescending 'you're so brave to post this because you're gross and I feel bad for thinking you're gross so I'm going to overcompensate by complimenting you' vibe.

As annoying as handmaidenry is, and despite the fact that most women are conditioned into being overly sympathetic and nice to men, average men aren't gonna get flooded with attention online just for existing.

No. 895164

No because if people can be trans I don’t have to be black?

No. 895168

lol exactly. it's basically the equivalent of being like "aww the retard is doing the best they can, don't make fun of them!"

No. 895169

they never pass is the issue

No. 895172

I just realized that I would be an absolute menace if it weren’t for socialization, now I actually check myself for what I have to say in my own head but it’s barely workingand I feel really bad, yet there’s this pervasive internet culture equipped by swarms of sweaty balled men who are allowed to make fun of these idiots but if women were ever to do that it’s automatically over for us because they expect us to smile and accept the crazy. When women want to engage in fantasies we’re shallow, hysterical and mysterious witches no one can understand but when men engage in their fantasies they need it validated immediately and to be navigated through reality it’s just none of what I said made no sense but it’s so frustrating I fucking hate these fatasses and I’m so tired of being nice but being nice has sadly become a knee jerk reaction for doormats like me

No. 895174

The difference is that disabled people hate it but trannies jerk to it

No. 895179

oh hell no some dumb bitch tried to make a new vent thread fuck off I’m tired of your anime/cat/eurocentric thread pics don’t you dare and try to colonize this

No. 895181

I just want a gun to blow my brains out with. And then when I tried to vent my piece of shit old laptop froze. Living is not worth it not even a bit. Sick of it all!

No. 895190

anon didn't say anything about the actress though?

No. 895211

I don't really have anything against Jeri Ryan. Seven of Nine's character centered around questions regarding sex way more than other female star trek characters and her entire personality is basically a fetish. You may be inspired by her, but she's not a feminist character in the slightest.

No. 895212

Re-socialization is a thing. No point in having to accommodate people to avoid Uncomfortable Feelings. Be a menace, anon. Don’t hold back.

No. 895214

No ones saying she’s a feminist icon, but there are lots of fetish episodes about Deanna too. So do you hate TNG?

No. 895215

I thought 41 had recently been revised to 50?

No. 895216

File: 1630295362892.jpg (134.46 KB, 746x1300, Circleoflife.jpg)

My pathological lying ruined all my previous 2 relationships. While I managed to lie much much less to my current bf, I still did lie here and there, especially about saying that my piece of shit deadbeat dad that I haven't seen in years was actually a great, loving dad and he just died when I was a kid or that I'm working with my dream job instead of actually working retail in the neighbouring city.
I can't fucking stop myself and I feel so bad, like I'm ruining everything.
We're gonna meet my sister and her bf sometime this week for dinner and I'm not sure if I should damage control it all and ask both my sister and him not to talk about certain stuff to not make my lies come out or if I should just accept defeat and that I'll never fucking change.
I hate it so much, I just wanna be honest but I just fucking can't.

No. 895217

It is never as overt with Deanna. Deanna never wore as overtly fetishized outfits, she never focused on sex in the way it was with Seven of Nine, and the producers themselves never stated her reason for existing was to spice up the show to add a "Borg babe". Promotional videos of Seven of Nine dancing in a provocative way were also filmed (not sure if they were ever used though). Deanna's character wasn't meant to exist purely for fap fodder. It just feels weird to me how I see people shilling Voyager as a feminist girl-power story but in reality it's just like femdom porn, none of it is for women, it's all for men.

No. 895219

Deanna wore a corset, there was episodes about her being impregnated, foot fetish episodes, and many episodes surrounding sex and the nude wedding shit especially when her mom was present. She was entirely worthless as a character with little personality besides chasing riker. At least 7 of 9 had a borg story arc before devolving into the gross romance stuff.

There were also a lot more random sexy coomer alien characters/races and episodes in TNG than voyager

No. 895221

Samefag there was also the Tasha Yar rape trauma porn and retarded Data romance

No. 895229

I would damage control unless you are able to handle a shitshow & the aftermath. I get what you're going through. The lies protect us in some fucked way but they also cause chaos.

No. 895230

It’s been a while since I watched TNG but you’re totally right anon. Especially in the early seasons, Deanna wore that ridiculous bodysuit with tons of cleavage and her character was so basic (~uwu empath~). I always liked Star Trek but it’s annoying how female characters are treated even in futuristic sci-fi stories that are supposed to present a more equal society.

No. 895231

I almost got attacked by someone's dog today. I'm a pizza delivery driver so this is far from my first time witnessing stupid/questionable dog owner behavior but this was my first time almost getting attacked. you can leave a note when ordering food and usually when people have aggressive dogs they leave some kind of note like "call when you get here" or "leave outside the gate" this person didn't leave a note. I went to open their gate which didn't have a "beware of dog" sign or anything (and half of the time people who have that sign have yappy chihuahuas). anyway I opened the gate and walked up to the door and realized there were 2 doors with 2 doorbells which meant it was a duplex. I was about to go back to my car and call to ask which door it was when this rottweiler came out from the side of the yard. it just.. stared at me. I was kind of hoping that this completely unrestrained dog was maybe not aggressive because why else would they just leave it COMPLETELY UNRESTRAINED walking around when you order food. so I slowly started to walk back to the gate and it started barking at me and trotting towards me. I was able to get out of the gate without it attacking me but it was barking at me the whole time and then I had to latch the gate shut which tbh I was afraid to do because I was afraid it would bite my hand but I didn't want it coming after me. also the fence was really short and I was afraid it was going to jump over the fence. then I set the food on my car hood and was about to get my phone and this lady came out and was like "sorry about that :^)" I was just like "it's okay"… even though it wasn't. I didn't want to start drama but I was also pretty pissed off. since she came out after the gate was already shut I think she maybe thought that I didn't open the gate at all and that the dog just came out and started barking at me through the fence. but still. I actually started to cry when I got back in my car. I feel like I'm kind of overreacting and being a wuss but I was attacked by a dog as a child. also that was pretty fucking irresponsible of them. it might not have been her dog as it was a duplex but if your neighbor leaves their dangerous dog walking around in the yard it's still your responsibility to make sure the food delivery person doesn't get attacked.

No. 895240

I absolutely can't handle it. Last time my dumbass lies got exposed I got into my worst depressive episode I ever had. Plus my sister also thinks that I stopped lying so I'd have double the shitshow.
You put it perfectly, I feel vunerable as fuck without my dumb little lies but I also hate how everything needs to be calculated and planned because of them. Nothing is spontaneous.

No. 895248

Why can't fat OF girls leave me the fuck alone. Am I on some kind of spam list like when people get these automated scam phone calls?

If you want to make money go advertise to men, stop pestering me about it just because I'm into women. I don't want to see your ugly pancake ass, fupa and shit, like it's making me homophobic at this point ew.

No. 895255

Damage control for your own sanity. I've been married 16yrs and my husband has only ever met my sister. I'm in this deep. I hope it goes as well as it can for you, anon.

No. 895264

I was just considering being honest because I plan being with him long term, but reading this gave me a lot of hope lmao. Thank you nonita, I'm planning how to damage control the shit outta it, hope it works!

No. 895273

God what the fuck, he legitimately looks like Grimace in a wig complete with the bowling pin body shape and vacant AGP stare.

Does anyone else think that handmaidens doing this are just unconsciously trying to prevent the tranny from having a nuclear meltdown instead of legitimately feeling sorry for this serial killer looking beast being laughed at? It's almost so over the top performative you'd think there was a gun being held to their heads.

No. 895275

Wasn't until my late 20's that I finally started getting over my female socialization and learned to take up my own space instead of being walked over all the time and being obsessed with pleasing others. I don't accept male bullshit at all anymore and sperg at men like a crazy bitch if they're trying to test me, and this is coming from someone who before hung her head in silence when men shat on her. It's liberating as fuck and I really recommend women trying it out even if it was with baby steps. Lolcow's manhate anons definitely helped out in developing this habit. also I'm a fujo and don't give a shit when I make men uncomfortable and insecure by abusing 2D men

No. 895296

Today i missed a deadline for submitting papers to go to a state job exam. I feel like such a nuclear retard, now I can't do the exam because I'll be excluded. A year of studying down the drain and it's my own fucking fault. I am so angry with myself I could die.

No. 895298

Ask if you can submit after the deadline do it do it do ti do it

No. 895302

venting to my friends and having them misunderstand the issue every time is so infuriating even though I know they just want to be nice and help… it just makes me feel even more isolated and like no one understands and i end up feeling worse than before

No. 895304

I wish I could control my insane anxious thoughts
I feel like I'm going fucking crazy sometimes because I literally create these fucked up scenarios and ideas in my head and start to believe it if I don't know that what I'm thinking ISNT happening
It gets so fucking overwhelming and effects how I act around people I love because I keep convincing myself they're doing or thinking horrible things when I have no proof or reason to believe it, I just do
It's almost as if if I don't know something my mind just starts filling in the blanks with the worst possible assumptions and yeah
I feel like I'm losing my mind

No. 895360

I hate the thread gif. What the fuck does this have to do with anything? It's so lol XD random you guys!!11one1!!

No. 895369

You let him die because it was convenient for you. You could have genuinely helped him, you could have saved his life and you choose to make it worse until he couldn't live anymore. You made that decision and I hope it haunts you. I hope you feel like garbage you evil bitch. He was the way he was because you enabled it. You were the one who kept bringing in the snacks and treats and the beer even though his health had gotten so bad he couldn't even get up on his own anymore, he was six foot fucking four and his legs were starting to ROT. You LEGITIMATELY could have prevented this, you were there the entire time and you are a FITNESS INSTRUCTOR specifically for people his age and weight and you didn't even TRY, WHY DIDN'T YOU TRY. He was a nice man, he was passionate about cars and music and all he wanted was to see his friends, to drive his classic cars, to be involved in our lives like he was family because he was family! He was the only thing close to a grandfather I've ever had in my life and you let him rot away!! You were the one who convinced him assisted suicide was a good choice, you encouraged him to literally kill himself rather than help him. Oh and I fucking know about the money, that 700 dollar mattress, the pension, the duck down jacket. Is dad next??? You sick bitch.

No. 895370

holy shit anon, this is so horrible and terrifying. im so sorry

No. 895374

The worst part is her trying to say he made all these decisions himself, when everytime he tried to make a positive change, she would literally discourage him. He wanted to go back to work and she said it was a bad idea, he wanted to take one last drive across country and she told him he'd just end up dead in a ditch and how selfish it was. God I hate her. This is my own grandmother and I hate her. This isn't even the only evil thing she's done. I can't believe how selfish and out of touch with reality she is.

No. 895389

>tfw we'll never get an angry babushka for the vent thread pic and instead people keep picking shit like this

No. 895440

Me, too, nonna
But reading stuff like that helped me coming to terms with my mental state and I stop trying to play it down. They ruined parts of my life and I have every right to be angry and if I would meet them again today, I would make them suffer, so their cortisol level would be very high forever.

No. 895483

I hate that I can get bad body odor If I dare to drink something that isn't water. Just let me live my life ffs.

No. 895487

I wish I could help, anon. I'd love to be your masked phantom who stealthily makes moves to kill this evil bitch.

No. 895488

ALWAYS GET ME CHIPS.When you have a chance to get me chips, get me chips! How hard is THAT? ??

No. 895490

God, I am so sorry anon. I would murderer this horrible woman if I could. Hope karma gets to her, what the fuck.

No. 895491

Woke up and I don’t want to live

No. 895528

damn, I'm so sorry for you and I hope that no one knowing her will help her if her life falls apart. Karma will get her rather sooner than later. I don't know what else to write, leaving you a hug right here and hope you can get through that pain.

No. 895544

File: 1630339802942.jpg (69.06 KB, 1080x1048, 1625635245768.jpg)

I'm gluten intolerant and yesterday I are a lot of noodles and today I'm definitely not okay

No. 895598

I’m sick and tired of this trashy imageboard, I’m gone

No. 895605

You'll be back tomorrow/within a few minutes just like all the other anons who said they were "totally leaving, for real this time, okay this time, honest!"

No. 895608

Anons, I miss Avicii… Is there any artist that does at least something remotely similar

No. 895611

Same, his story is so sad, he seemed like such a great guy

No. 895643

Sick of my immediate family. Tired of pretending they're all wonderful and not cunts. Tired of trusting them when they showed me many years ago they are never to be trusted. There the reason I've not had successful relationships. Also my brother fucked my ex boyfriend. Sick of him talking down to me. Sick of them all talking down to me. None of them would ever speak to me again if I ever put them in their place and for right now I need them. And I hate that I need them. I hate them. I hate my step father too. Tired of them all. Tired of how they speak to me. What they assume. That they don't think I know the shit they talk about me. None of the respect me or can feel any genuine happiness towards me when I'm doing something successful or of benefit. They're freaks quite frankly and I fucking hate them. Don't even get me started about my actual father. Wanker.

No. 895664

i can't even listen to him now because on top of his sad story, his peak was during a time that is painfully nostalgic to me now

No. 895672

I truly hate her

No. 895677

I feel profoundly sad and lonely, but I could also be hungover and have had to deal with my narcissistic mother and brother.

No. 895679

If you're only way of communicating with me while not drunk is to make my presence a joke and tut and sigh and complain about literally everything I say and do would you blame me for not visiting more often? I don't want to binge drink just to see you and even drunk you're hit and miss. If we weren't related I'd have no desire to every visit quite honestly.

No. 895683

File: 1630350020756.jpg (113.45 KB, 1280x753, be5f0678-36f8-423f-880c-e64df5…)

I miss him. Trying to remember my value though and focus on myself. Still miss'm, simple as.

No. 895698

File: 1630351423799.jpeg (17.22 KB, 750x733, 1616454321643.jpeg)

God, my anxiety is so bad it's killing me. I attended my first uni class today. I felt as if I was about to throw up and I couldn't stop stuttering like an idiot whenever it was my turn to speak. Worst is I had to read texts in a foreign language together with strangers twice my age.

No. 895708

I hate how men think having a screaming tantrum when something goes wrong will fix or accomplish anything. Men seriously turn into giant hollering fucking babies over the smallest shit and their own fuck ups. Screaming at me won’t fix shit it just shows me you’re having a meltdown because you’re emotionally retarded and can’t handle minor setbacks.

No. 895709

You did it though! Proud of you!

No. 895716

Ugh I hate being a redhead. Can’t go outside for more than 10 minutes without burning, even if I wear sunscreen. I like my freckles I guess but the rest of my complexion is such a pain in the ass, plus my eyelashes are like translucent

No. 895720

I don't even know if I have the right to be lonely because I blow off and avoid people that bore me and you can't force people to be what you want so?? And on that note I hope I get a job in September so I can start saving up to move somewhere new. It's annoying have a rough idea of what I want to do, but not telling anyone because I don't want to fuck it up or have any naysayers. I guess this is my first big adult step I've ever taken.

No. 895730

File: 1630353609873.jpg (12.47 KB, 532x427, 4974413668729-1__17604.1540210…)

so i've been close (online) friends with someone for 5 years and she's always been incredibly shady. like not in a way that actually hurts anyone, but being an active troll on a few platforms, lying about her age, lying about important things happening to her, never agreeing to meet up with me, and only actively reaching out to me when she says she's going to kill herself. i remained friends with her because she was obviously extremely out of touch and didn't really have anybody else and i was lonely too, plus we shared very niche interests

but lately she's ditched me for other people who run in our same circles, and i have an inkling it's because i know too much about her and she'd rather talk to people who don't know all the weird crazy shit. she's also trying to have more of a public online presence/persona, so me knowing too much about her might be unappealing to whatever it is she's trying to do. i don't know, it was an extremely one sided relationship because the proportion of her talking about herself vs. asking about me was way out of whack so i shouldn't be upset. but it's weird for other friends of mine to say "i'm really getting to know so and so" and i'm thinking shit you don't know the half of it and you probably shouldn't get involved because she's a literal emotional vampire. i won't say anything because i'm not a bitch, but i'm really hurt that i invested years of effort into being a friend and she's just bouncing to newer shinier people she can lie to. needless to say i am disillusioned

No. 895733

File: 1630353796491.jpeg (92.89 KB, 457x309, FDF7A220-9189-45EC-91F9-ACC89C…)

I always feel so stressed looking at good art, like I want to make cool concept art but all of my art just sucks ass and it’s impossible to get better I’m like stuck at certain point and it feels impossible to get any better than I am.

No. 895736

why do my coworkers ignore me? is it my autism? is it because they’re racist? is it because they’re mysogynistic? i don’t want to be buddies with them but a simple “hello” directed my way when they come into work would be nice. it makes me feel like a fucking asocial tard when they greet each other but simply do not acknowledge me or my existence.

No. 895737

It works because ppl are too afraid he'll chimp out and hurt someone so they soothe his ego and fix his problems.

No. 895742

All the "friends" I had so far have been the kind that keep you around as a spare for when their other friends are too busy to listen to them complain. Why am I the one who has to shoulder all their problems and see them at their worst? Why don't they seek me out when they're in a good mood so we can just casually talk about things and have fun? It's always about their problems and issues when I'm around. And I can't even vent to them, when I have problems there's never time or I'm being stupid. I just want a normal friend, not people who will dump all of their frustrations on me and pretend I don't exist when things are good for them. They all treat me like I'm subhuman too, I'm always the one that gets left behind and ignored. How do I even keep attracting people like that? It's exhausting.

No. 895746

I really hate it when people will mope even after all the comforting, coddling, and offers of help they get. I just spent the past 20mins consoling my gf because she was having a hard day, but because what she wanted (some specific comfort food) she can't get, she won't accept any substitutions and decided to just go off and sulk.

No. 895748

i hate that that sounds like me, but it's mostly only when my partner eats my fuckin snacks and then i finally want my snacks when i am sad and they are already gone

No. 895760

Aw, I'm sorry anon. I'd just buy you more snacks. They should just replace them if they eat them, not like there's a snack shortage out there

No. 895765

Literally every 19-35 year old man I know has receding hairline. What the fuck is going on? It's so bad that men claim that wanting a partner with healthy hair and normal hairline is "high expectations"

No. 895768

How is the thread gif related to venting?

No. 895772

>How do I even keep attracting people like that?
People like that are everywhere. The question is not how you're attracting those types, the question is why are you tolerating them?

No. 895776

Based as hell and same anon. The older I get the more I realize young men are the fucking worst, too. They and the handmaidens can kiss my ass, I'm doing whatever the hell I want.

No. 895782

Because I want someone to talk to and I want to delude myself.

No. 895787

As long as you're selling yourself short, there's nothing else you can expect. You're worth a few words thrown your way? Good god.

No. 895790

After all these years I can finally understand why she’s all alone. She used to tell me all these crazy stories about how people were mean to her, always getting bored or something similar. She’s insufferable. Always the victim. Always has to be the center of everything. Her problems are always the worst, of course she won’t change a single thing about her pathetic life because it’s easier for her to complain about everything and everyone. This way she can always justify her shitty attitude towards anyone.
I used to like when we met up because we always had some fantastic plans ahead and I thought I could be someone reliable to her. Now every time she talks to me I can only think about how much I want to be somewhere else, instead of being with her.
And that makes me sad because I feel like I’m one of those people who let her down by not being there but her attitude is just too much for me, I just can’t stand her anymore at this point.

No. 895793

File: 1630358541865.jpg (21.14 KB, 400x400, s-l400 (1) (1).jpg)

not op but i guess her shirt kinda looks like a vent

No. 895795

Ohh that went completely over my head haha

No. 895797

Especially boys having the tantrums. When I had a rare tantrum I'd get slapped across the mouth and computer taken away, when my brother has a tantrum my dad appeases him and mom comforts him. Fuck "women are so coddled".

No. 895798

lmao uhh

No. 895810

I think I’m developing a shopping addiction

No. 895814

I'm in constant pain these days and I don't know if it's directly from the car accident months ago or the result of having to sit on my ass for 2 months waiting for my broken bones to heal. I would give anything to be pain-free.

No. 895818

How the fuck do you get rid of a hemmoroid that's like on the inside. Its so painful and I haven't done a shit in like 5 days but I'm too embarrassed to do anything. I've never had this before and don't know how it started. I'm getting scared ya'll. HELP.

No. 895883

Can't believe I have to go to the post office as soon as they open and beg for them to just hand over my package so they don't wind up delivering something expensive to the wrong house because no one can be assed to do their jobs correctly.

No. 895890

I miss him so much. I miss him so much.

No. 895893

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i miss him

No. 895898

I hate my best friend's boyfriend so fucking much. He's your average scrote, manipulative, jealous, cheated on her, pushes her boundaries. I just saw he follows lots of bimbos, erotic models and hot girls on instagram, so disrespectful.
He has even been dangerous to her in the past, fuck I'm so mad. She deserves so much better. I know I shouldn't think this but anons how I wish they broke up but she's so in love. This literally makes me sad, I don't know how to even talk to her about this because nowadays she rarely talks about the relationship

No. 895901

I think I’m going to kill myself next year. I don’t even want to but I can feel that it’s going to happen

No. 895910

Not if I kill you first

No. 895914

Haha, you couldn't even kill that fly that annoyed you but nice try

No. 895972

No racebait/jewbait here (although I predict some inbred /pol/tard will respond with it) but I'm really pissed because I have a Jewish last name and if you look up my name's unique spelling then this antisemitic website full of Jewish surnames comes up.


It's a freakishly long, obsessive list of all possible Jewish surnames to try and 'expose' less common Jewish names (24 VOLUMES!). To which I fucking ask, for WHAT purpose? Who fucking cares? I'm willing to bet many of the people with names on that list were not raised Jewish and have no connection to Judaism aside from some ancestral ties. This level of hysteria and dedication shocks me because most antisemites (aka /pol/tards) that I've seen don't freak out about Jewish blood–mostly Jews who actively practice the religion because they "control the world" or w/e. I'm only 1/4 Jewish but since I've got ancestry and my last name is originally Jewish, by these freaks' standards I would probably be executed. I kinda have to lol at the audacity of people to even condemn people for their heritage when a lot of ancestries (not even just Europeans) are guaranteed to have some degree of degeneracy like incest and rape at one point or another.

And tbh the saddest part is that just from this context alone I can see how internet misogyny is so common that it doesn't even outrage me like this did. It took one website to make me vent here about Jew-hunting antisemites but I probably come across multiple websites per week that are dedicated to hating women and the most I think is just a sigh like "yeah men should all die out, that'd be gr8".

No. 896074

I'm so tired of this place and honestly I don't think I can keep up a real job. My dad treats me like his wife, I have to cook for us, I have to shout at him 3 hours to clean even a little bit, to make him shower, they've abused me so much and I grew up so isolated it's impossible for me to make normal friends or go to work and frankly he wants me to stay here forever. Also it's impossible to meet anyone here and my mind is so scrambled and scattered from everything it is literally impossible for me to keep a job.

Any effort I make to be a normal person is futile. All the puzzles I do, the books I read are irrelevant to my life situation. I had to go through all forms of abuse from bullying, to poverty, to beatings, to CSA to literally everything my brain is rotten but I'm still a decent human being when I could be horrible. I'm not an ana chan im not a pick me and so on I genuinely dont hurt others and I dont hurt myself although I have these urges. I tried working and studying but to my life that is absolutely nothing. If I don't get out of here ASAP I will do something bad. I'm willing to do anything to get out of here and I cannot accept people's help because if you get help from people they expect you to do some sort of performance like they bought you and you're their lil monkey if you don't say what they want to hear they rip you into pieces.

All my life I've gotten looked down on by people with more privilege than me that put in less work than I do. And they tell me I have a victim complex as soon as I try suggesting bettering themselves because they do have the resources of having a successful life. I don't have resources and I have been beaten, pissed on, humiliated, raped and these are not fucking lies I wish they were lies. Of course I never got any support for it anyway. My entire life I've had to listen to some privileged bitches complaints and act like their fucking therapist for free when nobody's done it for me. Sorry it seems I try making it into a competition but maybe you're the inconsiderate one if you think I should listen to you whine about your mom doing some stupid shit that totally triggered your mental illnesss uwuu while I'm in a miserable and desperate situation with the worst memories and when I tell you something about my life you act like I'm lying or you're straight up uncomfortable. Maybe you're the inconsiderate one. Like have you ever thought that maybe it's your fault? Because my entire life I have questioned myself while others don't seem to question themselves and all their pains and sufferings are valid and when I tell them to question themselves they act like I'm this evil guilt tripping narc and it doesn't matter what I had to go through or have to go through because if I don't kiss their ass they immediately lose their empathy for me. I've been nice and considerate to people but everything it takes them to hate me is suggest that maybe it's not as bad as they think it is because I genuinely know that. All my friends my entire life have been richer and more privileged than me and when I gave them some constructive criticism then they all snapped finally and literally tore me to pieces for "invalidating their pain". My entire life I've had to put on a facade about my life and my childhood and my living situation just to appear like I'm like everyone else when my life since my childhood has been on some horror movie fanfiction tier of bad.

I'm leaving but the chances are I will end up homeless and raped once again and it will once again is going to be my fault for some reason. WHY IS IT ALWAYS MY FUCKING FAULT. I don't want your sympathy or empathy or fake nice words I can shove them up my ass. I just want to get this horrible shit out of my system without paying 50 euros to a shrink that might lock me up in a moldy eastern european hospital room because I say the "wrong" things.
People are so fucking vile honestly and I have found that it is those that appear mentally ill that most of the time are fake non empathic snowflakes that don't have real issues in their life, but unfortunately I always end up with those kinds of people because I'm unwell and normies would never accept me. But shit bitch I'd rather be forever alone than have people like the one's I've had in my life until now. I've always put myself in other people's shoes, but nobody has ever put themselves in mine. Why should I accept you're right? And why is it that if I don't accept that you're right I'm the patronizing self righteous one? Have you ever taught that maybe you're that one?

bitch you're literally lucinda your illness is made up and you live in comfort and your parents acting cold towards you 3 times in your childhood is not horrible narc abuse your mom not wanting you to do drugs is not horrible narc abuse or enough to justify your shitty behavior, laziness or whatever you're doing like bitch if you had my life what would have you done??

And people are fucking insane they act as if I go to a shrink and pop some pills I will be able to keep a job and be normal and like the aftermaths of horror like abuse will just go away. In any normal country I would be granted benefits.

No. 896116

Rejections followed me all my life.

I’ve been rejected by my mother, people I’ve had crushes on, people who said they were my friend, and recently someone I thought I’d be spending the rest of my life with. And you know it’s so repetitive to the point to where I’m thinking it either I’m not meant for this life or I’m predestined to die alone.

I just want to be somewhere safe and warm and to have someone there for me. Is that too much to ask for? “Just wait the right I’ve will come” bitch I’m 32. I waited, had it, and got dumped. No one wants me lol. But I’m too much of a pussy to end my life so I just silently hope I get a life threatening illness or I drive a bit too fast and have an accident. It’s too hard anymore. I’m tired of waiting for someone. I’m so tired of being alone. I just want it all to stop. I don’t want to feel anymore.

No. 896143

The thread OP pic grosses me out so much to the point I feel like spamming this thread just so it'll be filled earlier on and a new one can be kade. Come on, a woman flirting with the ugliest fucking moids, nasty shit.

No. 896146

I found out someone posted a selfie of me onto one of the 4chan boards and one of them replied and said no trannies allowed and now I feel really dysphoric all of a sudden even though it's probably some deluded scrote. I've never been mistaken for a guy in my life but suddenly I'm really conscious of my face. I'm petite with dark hair and a fringe and a strong jaw but I look younger than my actual age. Now I feel weird.

No. 896147

kek I've been called a tranny by scrotes too despite looking unmistakably female and I don't care. Remember that you don't have to "pass" as a woman because you are one, scrotes and troons can seethe over our vaginas all they want and it will never make us not women. Even despite one shitty selfie we will never be mistaken as men in real life.

No. 896150

Were they pretending to be you, like a selfpost? The replier might just think it's more likely there's a passing tranny posting selfies on 4chan than a woman.

No. 896153

Was it someone you knew that did it? But don't stress about it too much, anon. They can't even tell a part a heavily edited picture from an untouched one.

No. 896154

The anon replying to the post is 100% a fatso basement dweller with an amputateed foot from the diabetes. You really care that much about that person opinion?

No. 896159

Be honest did you post it yourself?

No. 896167

Damn new cow just dropped?

No. 896174

I know op pic is from some 80s song or whatever but I find it enfuriating, I dont want to do what boys like

No. 896176

same tbh

No. 896202

I wish I could give you the friendship and support you deserve, I really genuinely do. I wish I could do anything at all to help. I empathize deeply with your situation. I know that like you said, nice words don't fix anything, but I'm thinking of you and I'm sending you all the love I have left.

No. 896203

Are you proud of yourself OP? Causing us this pain??

No. 896217

Fired again. I can't keep a job. I feel like complete shit, I'm too old for this. Why the fuck can't I be normal??

No. 896224

File: 1630405083285.jpg (11.58 KB, 425x426, 51PqFjeD2FL._AC_SX425_.jpg)

4chan scrotes always say that to real women to trigger them, but then they just droool over some ugly troomer pussy with socks in pic related

No. 896225

Why were you fired, nonna? And how long have you worked there?

No. 896243

Are there any guys that aren't sexist…? I'm losing hope. I want to date a guy that won't say sexist jokes or things like 'I don't like my women to do xxxx' or think I'm inherently supposed to do something or am worse/better at something just because I'm a woman. How fucked up is it that it's the norm for straight guys to be like this?
I'm bisexual and I feel like I should just switch to women completely, they can't be as bad as men right? I just want to be seen as an equal partner, not 'someone's' woman, an accessory or a bangmaid.

No. 896245

My fiance is nothing like the typical man, but unfortunately he is an outlier. He is the first man I ever dated for a reason. I don't know if it has to do with the fact that he was raised by a single mother and his father figure was his uncle who is also a very good man. He's never made me feel possessed and has never put any expectations on me, sexually or otherwise. I truly feel like we are totally equal, we are life partners, and he's the only person I feel totally confident and like myself around. Like I said, his unfortunately one of very few good men, but I hope just the fact that he exists and that I'm with him is enough to give you hope that you could also one day meet someone like him.

No. 896257

I feel like you have to wade through a lot of shitty retarded men to find a good one. They are rare, but they exist

No. 896293

it's cgi but still gross

No. 896295

There was two posted and the second one was a lot worse and I do not think the second one was cgi

No. 896301

File: 1630412595523.jpg (63.82 KB, 355x536, 0739ccf0b13c678e43dabf6dab7d16…)

I'm this fucking close to ordering a body pillow with my comfort character on it, but wouldn't dare because I'm

married. And I live with my husband. I would not dare to do this to him.
We had major problems with intimacy for a year or so, and as much as I tried to fix it he sort of pushed me away and treated my emotional needs like a stupid chore. He said and did some hurtful shit and it took time for him to actually understand the extent of the damage he's been putting on me. Lately he's been more sensitive to my needs and treats me better and gives me affirmations through words. I see he's trying to be closer to me.
But I've already fallen back to my habit of escapism and maladaptive daydreaming. I spent so many years getting rid of the husbando-habit/distant crushing thing, and at one point I didn't need it because I found fulfillment IRL. Now I just point blank don't. I've retreated back into my own head and as much as I resent myself for it, I can't help but enjoy the soothing quality of my romantically, erotically, emotionally fulfilling daydreams.

The daydreaming habit is something I originally got rid of because it's actually really fucking distracting. It literally puts my life on hold, I get nothing done and every time I have to snap back to reality it rattles me to my core making me nauseous. I'm fortunately getting over my one year long absolutely retarded crush on a really good friend, but I'm face first in fantasizing about fictional dudes who're nothing like my husband. Currently I'm hyperfixating on (the idea of) a subby scrawny manlet pretty boy around the same age as me who I want to be strong for and take care of without emasculating or clowning him. Just being my 'too much, too strong' self around him and having someone beautiful and gentle to protect and care for. I don't want to go into depth about how much my husband isn't like that, but it's obvious that the comparison is inevitable. Comparing my husband to these fantasies hurts just as much as myself being compared to a supposed fantasy woman.

I want my marriage back. I want my sex life back. I want my life back. It all used to be so good. I still have the desire to enjoy being with my husband and I find genuine love towards him. Apparently I'm just afraid of being emotionally abandoned by him again, but isn't this me in the process of emotionally abandoning him right back? It's like my whole being has tried to shed my emotional ties to him as a response to him invalidating my struggle and it hurts so much because I see value in my relationship, I'm just scared of being pushed away again for the stupidest of reasons. He's nowadays kissing me and hugging me and all, but I'm out her still vibing with Mitski's Washing Machine Heart.

It's like he's fixing everything or at least trying sort of but now I'm too far gone and I'd rather just dream my life away. He's consistently made me feel decrepit and 40 for over a year, despite me being 25 and in shape hitting the gym four times every week. How do I even recover from that. How do I even.

No. 896304

Imagine being bisexual yet wasting time on scrotes

No. 896307

File: 1630413371219.gif (8.45 MB, 540x450, tumblr_5cfd0980645bc77212ba59a…)

Every time I finally reflect on stuff, I hate myself so much.
I spent most of the year looking for a job and I could have used this time to get new hobbies or work towards my dream job/dream life/dream self but instead I just gave in to instant gratification and just mindlessly browsed the Internet and watched random Youtube videos. Actually looking back, most of my life has been spent either online or in a dissociative, daydreamy haze. I just recently realized that not remembering large chunks of your life is not normal and I guess I can thank my inability to be in the present and tendency to daydream. Someday I'll realize that I'm suddenly 65 years old and I had literally done nothing but stayed in my head all of my life

No. 896311

You still have the time now, hobbies are support groups aren't going anywhere nonnie

No. 896313


have you ever gotten tested for adhd? Not diagnosing or anything but it sounds like it could be adhd or something adjacent. You shouldn't have to live feeling like you are missing out on life

No. 896315

File: 1630414063728.jpg (260.36 KB, 564x546, Tumblr_l_391104826911926.jpg)

I hate my hooded eyes so much I just wanna claw at that stupid puffy skin. Even when I was at my lowest weight they managed to make me look like a frumpy grandma. My eyes are upturned and slanted, but my retard slav eyelids make them look sad and down facing. That paired with my fat cheeks is making me wanna commit. I literally became an ana chan a few years ago because of my face, because even when I'm skinny it somehow makes me look fat and flubby. The worst part is whenever I see myself in the mirror I feel good, and I love my appearance. I even recently got told that I look beautiful and could have whoever I want, I've been told I'm pretty many times. So why when I see pictures and videos of myself do I look hideous? I don't think people compliment me out of pity either, but that only makes me feel more delusional and uncertain of what I look like. Is this BDD? I want off this fucking ride already

No. 896318

I have done online tests and according to them it is unlikely. I was also in therapy for a long time and my therapist also said that he doesn't think I have it.
I think my problem is just that there's a huge gap between thought and action. Even if I have desire to do something, by imagining doing it, I feel almost fulfilled as if I had done it

No. 896326

anon. I am in the same boat, I am not a specialist, but I am very well versed on psychiatry and I generally understand the human brain very well, this will come off as hypocritical, but get off the internet. You are suffering the side effects of internet usage since childhood. We as human are programmed to be hunter gatherers and the amount of damage internet use does to our brain is not even studied properly, we are not made to perceive hundreds over thousands of concepts daily, we are not made to watch stimulating imagery constantly. What we consume on the internet literally changes the anatomy of our brains and our chemical production. Internet usage is very likely to cause extreme day dreaming and attention span issues and depression. I've never been as addicted to anything as I've been to the internet and the only times my daydreaming became lesser in intensity was when I stayed at a monastery for 2 weeks with no technology, my brain was literally rewired by being in nature and having a normal routine and staying away from this horrible drug called the internet.

I've smoked for years and did not get addicted, I've smoked weed, done speed, done acid, done ketamine and the internet was the only one that gave me an addiction. It takes me mentally elsewhere but then I have to come back to reality and it hurts even more. You need practical restructuring in your life not some psychiatric tests or some therapist telling you empty words when the internet is hurting your brain. Go one or two weeks with no internet and you will see what I'm talking about.

No. 896339

I cannot stand being around normies or anyone in general anymore because they have positive feelings towards the porn industry and I have actual PTSD around that because I believe I was sexually trafficked and groomed to get naked on the internet and when I try to tell them my experience they downplay it and act as if I am a slut that does not want to take responsibility for her actions when there's literal CP of me on the internet from when I was 17. I've had people tell me I was not even that young or joke that they would watch it. They also hate me when I say I am anti porn although my arguments are really good and this has happened with both scrotes and women. It's just so heart breaking and devasting having to try and explain something so obvious to these people and how they're willing to downplay my abuse and the horror of my life and how insensitive they are and how I still end up feeling like I'm wrong or feeling guilty. It like talking to some religious freaks about how God is not real, but you replace God with porn and "not real" with "porn industry is abusive".

People are so insensitive, I'm glad I quit school, because it mostly centered around open debate and accepting other's opinions and subjectivity. I talked about how women are mostly victims of sexual abuse and physical abuse and some scrote in my class had to say "but uwu women abuse men too" and then I said it's very rare occurrence and that it is insensitive to say that. It's like someone is talking about how children in Africa are more likely to suffer from poverty and die of hunger and you say "but rich children suffer too". My prof hated me too and made jokes about me until I broke down in class and I was guilt tripped too and everyone acted like I was this insane bitch crying and having a meltdown when nobody did anything bad or wrong to me. The prof literally told me I was blinded by feminist ideology and like all feminists unable to take responsibility for my actions after I spoke a bit about being sexually abused and being trafficked into the sex industry. (she is a woman) I'm also convinced she had sex with the old married prof that promoted her into her position and on facebook she has a pic where she's literally showing her ass to the camera. She also has ugly dyed blonde hair, wears cleveage and is bad at doing her makeup and naturally is ugly. I hate how women are going to downplay actual abuse of other women just because they have some frustration around not having sex or scrote not picking them

No. 896347

Every time maintenance comes to my unit to fix something they always find a way to blame me for the repair. For example, my ventilation fan stopped working in the bathroom, wouldn't even turn on. It's a flat-type one that adheres to the ceiling. He pulled it out, and the inner component was caked in dust. He scolded me for not cleaning it more often. I clean the outside and between the grates every time I clean the bathroom, but there is no way to physically clean the inside of it without ripping it from the ceiling and going in it with pipecleaners. Also, it is attached to the ceiling by wires and you aren't supposed to fuck with overhead fans without disconnecting the breaker box, which he didn't even touch, so I guess it's a different model? I was afraid of getting electrocuted that's why I fucking called him. I'm sick of them blaming me for shit that's their job to fix. I lived here for 8 years it's BROKEN not because of ME. They also blamed me for my water heater going out constantly and not relighting because it was "too dirty" until I hired an outside plumber to come in and he found the real problem and told me that they don't know what they were talking about. Also, they weren't even telling me the right way to clear what was blocked that was making it go out, the plumber had to go inside of it with a special tool and remove a blockage. I got in a huge fight with one of the maintenance guys over that water heater and he was treating me like I was a retard that doesn't know how to clean when HE is the retard

No. 896350

Thank you for your comment, I found it very valuable. And yes, I also suspected that (over)using the Internet has definitely contributed to the reduction of my attention span. I've been actually planning on using the Internet (or my laptop altogether) in a structured way, planning out which websites I'm gonna use and for how much time and stick to just that because otherwise it's gonna be website after website and video after video and suddenly it's the end of the day and it's time to go to sleep.

>but then I have to come back to reality and it hurts even more

Oh God, I know that feeling very well. I remember trying to interact with people after having spent literal weeks with nothing but surfing the Internet from morning to night. I felt like an alien, couldn't pay attention to what people were saying to me and I desperately wanted to go online for some information overload because I did not find the presence of people stimulating enough (the irony…). Also it's interesting how overusing the Internet is followed by a hangover-like feeling, there's a hazy feeling, can't focus, the regrets of wasting time start rolling in, there's the craving to go online for some more so I don't have to deal with the regret and the shame etc

No. 896370

I wish the anon who has been shitposting, infighting and venting all over /ot/ about "first/third worders" for a whole week now would finally get her shit together.

No. 896392

just do it
divorce him
marry your pillow

No. 896406

Don't even know if I'm quite venting but I went on a dating app for the first time in years and I'm just full of weird feelings now. I'm early 30s so I set the age range for a few years on either side of that. Wtf happens that 26/27 year olds typically look like partying babies to me but then add a couple years on to that and it's suddenly all moany old men (super cynical rude bios) that are bald and fat and talking about their 12 year old kid being their whole world. Saying they're tired of dating bs. Looking ancient and sounding like they hate you and the world in general.

It's one or the other and I can't make sense of where the middle stage is?

No. 896407

I think normal men aren't on dating apps. I've come to this conclusion after dipping into dating apps myself. I did it before in my mid 20s and had some fun but no one was boyfriend material. Tried it again in my 30s and no one was fun or boyfriend material lmao

No. 896416

i’ve had this weird condition with my legs where my muscles freeze up completely when i stand or begin to walk about 50% of the time. it goes away after like 10 seconds but it’s jarring. i don’t think it’s lack of exercise or strength because the same happened even when i was an active kid, on my feet all day working retail, etc. my mom has the same thing

i haven’t told a doctor about it and i can’t find anything about it online that makes any sense. i really need to get it checked out though. nonnas please respond if you have ideas about what’s up with my crazy legs

>sage almost autocorrected to sagebrush

No. 896417

nta but where do you think one can find normal guy other than dating apps?

No. 896419

I'm not sure. Maybe the workplace or through friends. I've never dated men from my places of work but I had an ex I met through friends that would cheat on me with coworkers on nights out with them so maybe that's normal? I just want to know where the loyal guys hang out lol

No. 896441

every time a get an e-mail from my mother I want to explode, I even gave her an address that I don't use often, so I can avoid reading it for weeks or months.

No. 896448

My boyfriend was also raised by a single mother and turned out to be a good man, could that really be why? His uncle was also a good example of a decent human being growing up.
When I was younger I'd always read /r9k/ posts about how men that grow up with single mothers grow up to be miserable human beings and incels, yet what I saw in real life counters that.

No. 896452

If a single mother treats her son like a child, they usually end up better. If she treats her son like a replacement husband while often shitting on other men, they end up like nightmares. My ex was extremely messed up from that dynamic

No. 896458

Nta and obvs I'm female but years ago I went to therapy. My mom has passed but growing up my dad was distant and verbally abusive so her and I shared a room, a bed and were attached at the hip basically. I had to unpeck how I was some weird emotional replacement for a marriage on top of being her kid. I'm not angry but yeah this happens and affects you in your adult relationships. My bro didn't get that treatment but as the youngest (she couldn't have any more kids after me) I fell into a weird role. I see single moms get like that too.

No. 896466

out of curiosity, do you mind detailing how you felt this affected you in your adult relationships? like what are the parallels between your mothers treatment of you as a child and the mindset you had/actions you took as an adult. i’m sorry that happened and i’m mostly asking because i know someone like this and i feel like insight would help me be more empathetic to it

No. 896520

There seems to be a growing anti-weed sentiment on lolcow, not just towards cows but also fellow posters. And it's super annoying the way anons always act so holier-than-thou about it. It's 2021 and a lot of people consume weed. ALL of them can't be lazy losers like some nonnies would like to believe.

No. 896526

Literally never noticed this and I'm constantly high and post about it sometimes too lol. Although I'm not a cringe weed smoker imo

No. 896528

>it’s 2021
And las year was 2020, when December 31 passes, it will be 2022, and after that, it will be 2023! Wow, super cool.
It still doesn’t make weed consoomers any more valid, smoking weed is retarded.

No. 896535

>There seems to be a growing anti-weed sentiment on lolcow
I mean last week there was a poster shitting on tattoos at every chance, it happens. Anons will come along and shit on the thing you like. Nothing is off limits just cause 'but current year says it's cool now'

No. 896539


I'm so glad I don't have friends like you.

No. 896548

Dunno what you talking about. My impression was that many people here smoke weed.
Maybe it's because the farmers in snow and pt might not be the same as the ones posting here?

No. 896582

please I hate the OP gif, the woman's dance looks autisitic and infuriating and I hate men and I don't care about what they like or want

No. 896583

Smoking weed is retarded and I hate weed addicts, but I think doing it once every blue moon can't be that bad

No. 896590

Hate when you get food with someone they moan about the calories, like they are trying to shift some of their shame onto you. It's pathetic and I see right through it

No. 896594

Fucking kill and block whoever does that

No. 896626

File: 1630435469538.jpg (194.51 KB, 1240x1241, EXJj0fqWkAAEOa8.jpg)

based anon, have a good day

No. 896634

Lmao I have a few friends who do this. It's almost like they're cueing me to assure them it isn't so bad and at least they're not as fat as me. Sometimes I feel they're mad at me if I order something relatively healthy and don't enable them because I'm fat and was supposed to order worse.

No. 896637

my only cat i’ve ever had died aug 27 2020 and my grandma that has lived with me the entire pandemic and has been one of my closest friends my whole life died aug 26 2021
i actually feel like my life is cursed and this pattern is going to continue every year until it kills everyone i love and then it’s going to kill me last

No. 896640

> the woman's dance looks autisitic
I don’t know why but this made me laugh so much

No. 896662

I’m very sorry for your loss and hope you’re able to process everything at your pace. I can tell you with certainty that when energy like that leaves you, it does come back to you in other forms. In the absence of their presence, you’re able to celebrate how they grew with you and gave to you, and keep them alive while helping them pass with your love. They are with you forever, and will be in the ways you love differently because of them. They will always be there to protect you and comfort you, and as you work through the grief and on yourself, you can stay open to the idea that other presences can be welcomed into your life. Don’t lose hope, you don’t deserve that and they wouldn’t want that. Best wishes

No. 896665

File: 1630437236891.jpg (40.65 KB, 477x477, 1586351720289.jpg)

Literally all i wanted in life was to collect games and consoles and be surrounded by my nerd filth but i had to be born in a shitty third world country with enormous taxes for imports. I worked so hard to save and finally get a Genesis and i can only find bootlegs and buying the original ones is more expensive than just importing them. Fuck, literally i have no reason to work if i can't enjoy my hobbies. I am going back to being NEET, fuck this country.

No. 896697

wait how are you going to be a NEET in a third world, in my third world country the only option for men is to be some kind of wage slave for your leech extended family with no personal autonomy of your own and for women to be a housewife and be a domestic servant
I'd love to escape this hell as well but I know being a NEET here would be impossible

No. 896716

File: 1630439404887.jpg (24.61 KB, 720x704, 200708532_340875647558570_6846…)

My mom pays the bills and i have a house. Yeah, i know i am a disgustig parasite but fuck it, there is no reason for me to live anyway so i am just going to NEET until she dies and then off myself.

No. 896719


No. 896720

Have you considered buying a flash cart?

No. 896724

Didn't you want to leave Lolcow?

No. 896727

Not the same. I just want to collect original games and consoles.
wrong anon. I am sad this place is going to close.

No. 896729

can you shut the fuck up retard the anon you're replying to is not even me go off yourself in your first world country. Do you genuinely believe I'm the only person from a 3rd world country posting on here and being mentally ill? Get some empathy or go starve yourself and ruin every opportunity life gave you or some shit. You're ugly stinky and useless with a lot of opportunity that you are ruining browsing chinese bottle cap collecting forums and persecuting people born into shit life situations

No. 896731


No. 896738

Depressed third world nonnies please tell me how do you keep going, what motivates you to not off yourself?

No. 896744

Wrong thread dipshit

No. 896753

I don't care for weed, as long as I don't have to smell the secondhand smoke from it, I just really hate having to walk through clouds of that smell. Same goes for normal cigarettes, as long, as I don't have to smell anything from it, I don't care.

No. 896760

Kek welcome back (again).

No. 896796

Sometimes I feel bad when I'm posting on lolcow a lot. I always worry about not shitting up a thread and samefagging when I contribute to some discussion. I also have constant low key anxiety about looking absolutely idiotic to jannies who can see our post history and IPs or something. It's not really an anonymous forum to me when I know there's people who can connect all my dumb vents and posts to me.

No. 896799

File: 1630444053131.jpg (65.51 KB, 736x923, f320492f409765c6e6cdfea5d79c2c…)

There was a party last night and I didn't go. I wish I had friends. I wish people enjoyed my company, I wish I enjoyed theirs. I wish I was a lovely social butterfly and not I a fucking dumbass socially retarded anachan who doesn't know how to do anything but hide away in my room for 20 hours a day. This shit has ruined my life and my ability to connect with others. If you have eating disordered thoughts please please please get help. Dont romanticize it like I did because before you know it you'll have a full blown eating disorder that's spiraled out of control and has completely warped your perception of yourself and the others around you. Also my teeth hurt.

No. 896806

this might help idk

No. 896807

I wish every day that my mother and brother would just drop dead. It would reduce my stress and make my life so much easier. They're lazy, narcissistic losers who spend all of my dad's hard-earned money, and my brother is a lazy, narcissistic loser just like my mother. I hate them both so much and wish that they would just disappear. My mother has especially ruined my life.

No. 896822

My brother was raised by a single mother and he's the most vile, misogynistic and unhygienic creature so it's not a pattern

No. 896824

File: 1630445228560.jpeg (114.98 KB, 828x818, fc115a4a1e0e167ffcfdaa0eabd5b5…)

I feel you, anon. Fuck those taxes, they don't even get used to help the country lmao

No. 896825

Weed smokers stink of literal shit. Yes, even when you try to conceal it.

No. 896831

Of course you're back so soon kek pathetic. Can't even stick to 1 conviction.

No. 896834

I actually think it's weed smokers that have the "holier than thou" attitude when they act like weed is the cure to absolutely every ailment and anyone who criticises it is trying to keep them from accessing its magic powers. I also don't think smoking makes them uwu special or interesting, like they've all memed themselves into believing. If they didn't constantly sperg about conspiracy theories and schizo rants that took the entire energy of their last two working braincells to write, maybe we wouldn't see them as "lazy losers".

No. 896846

Husband's sister hates me so she invited only him to ttrpg online (her barely adult best friend when she's mid20s only remembered me but I declined like an idiot). Been 4hr n I finished all of my freelance and I wanted to chill and forget all of the work and family stress just to end up crying in the kitchen like an idiot instead of telling him that I am not feeling too good. I am tired of keeping all of the stress inside myself, always wanting to show my weak side only to myself. My family are doing horrible health wise and I can't help them with anything because they are in a different country. I feel so petty feeling so lonely and I should have accepted this awkward invitation but no, here I am sitting like an immature idiot with myself because I don't want to complain to anyone about anything. I keep having tension headaches for two weeks now because of all the bad news from the family and work stress. I fucking hate it. I'm so tired.

No. 896858

Oh nonna, it's not too late to get help. And my teeth hurt, too.

No. 896861

and you nonna, get that stuff off your chest, tell your husband, why do you have a husband if you can't tell him stuff like that? You don't have to take all the bullshit in and hide it away from the world, let it out and get yourself the relieve and help you deserve and need. Also, that sister is a dumb bitch, should be happy for his brother that he has a nice wife.

No. 896875

My dad will chastise me for not liking certain foods, specifically liver which is his favorite. Never mind that I’ve taken a bite at every chance since I was four and have ALWAYS come to the same conclusion of “smells great when cooking, texture and iron-yness of it makes it hard for me to eat.” It’s only this year, well over 20 years since I have continued to periodically try liver, that I can deal with the texture and iron-y taste of it. Meanwhile, my dad in his mid 50s hates vegetables and when I cook primarily vegetables, because that’s what I like and variety in diet is important, he won’t eat any of it. If there’s not even a bit of meat in it, it’s a no. Practice what you preach bitch! I’m not that picky of an eater, so don’t lecture me on how I need to ~*~*try it more*~*~ when you refuse to eat anything with vegetables in it. God forbid I decide I don’t like a handful of foods when I eat basically everything else under the sun!

No. 896876

Thanks a lot anon. It's actually funny how he got invited to ttrpg only thanks to me, I talked to a stepbrother about how I am worried that he doesn't spend too much time with him (sister went full hateboner mode at me for a year and declared a war against me which included my husband, groomed stepbrother into being her underage therapist that will always be with her and tried manipulating him into hating me, but I would always be nice towards both of them no matter what) just to as always end up getting cucked like that.

I always feel guilty when it comes to venting to people until it's too late, but I've had a lot of stress in my head over the past months and you are right. Thanks a lot. I felt incredibly petty and needy because this 'session' is so long but I realised all I really need is to talk about my troubles to him. It actually sounds really stupid come to think about it, but I always feel like as if I am a really needy type while doing nothing but freelance or art studies most of the time.

I was being nice to a sister and still am the whole time,bbut long story short is that she got jealous of him getting married that she tried forcing her bf to marry her just for him to break up with her and she thought that was the biggest drama of the whole family and put it all on him until I came back. She got incredibly petty because she couldn't stand seeing us together and thought everything should be about her when his health went complete downhill after a huge amount of stress the family put on him (because they turned him into her babysitter), doctors still couldn't figure out what was happening to his health last year but now it's better. Still, she couldn't realise the fact that people got a lot of things to deal with and went petty mode while being a 28yo.

No. 896893

sounds like there's always been competition between your husband and his sister and because he got married first she feels like she lost the "battle". Maybe your husband should have a talk with her and not chicken out of it. Damn, she is 28, she could act like an adult.

And no, you don't sound needy, you sound hurt, because you tried to build a relationship with his sister and she just doesn't care. Hope you can clear that situation and your husband will understand and help you.

No. 896912

The thing is, there was never any competition in a first place from his side, only hers. She is a highly insecure person who never had any job, let alone education. For some reason she always wants to be higher than everyone instead of being happy for her whole family members, to a point where she started helping her mother with garden only after she paid for her weight loss surgery (too busy playing games and sitting in the same room). He always thought they had a nice bond but he never saw it from an outsider's perspective - she is a control freak that uses people.

I think that will take a long time sadly.

No. 896913

I hope things will get better for you anon, I really do. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be with an eating disorder, I struggle with food and disordered behaviors with food sometimes but have never had a full blown eating disorder. I hope that you’ll find friends who enjoy your company one day, and I’m sure those people are out there somewhere for you! I wish you the best future nonna.

No. 896916

this sounds so annoying and I'm sorry for the both of you. If my brother would find a nice wife I would try everything to be a friend for her, not make their lives harder. What else can you want for your brother than being happy with the choices he made? Hope she will get her life together and in some years you can all laugh about the shitshow she put up.

No. 896928

File: 1630452680111.jpg (731 B, 16x16, 1625543711200.jpg)

fucking shit it's 1:30 am and I forgot I have a dentist appointment tomorrow at 8

No. 896944

I saw a turtle crossing the street and I flashed my phone light on it to illuminate it because a car was coming thinking there car would just swerve around it but it fucking ran the turtle over and killed it

and I hate myself for not just grabbing it or going into the road and I am legit fucking upset right now and I’m afraid that if I vented to someone about it they’d just tell me it’s not a big deal stop fretting about it

And I get it I just have to learn my lesson and move on but I’m angry goddammit. Deal with it

No. 896945

Illuminating it probably wouldn't even help a study found that a lot of people swerve to hit turtles and snakes on purpose. People are jerks. It would've been dangerous to put yourself in the road to save it. It's cruel but that's the way shit happens sometimes. You did the best you could at the time I'm sorry you witnessed that

No. 896964

I hate my neighbors they're an autistic 20-30 year old guy and either his mom or aunt taking care of him. They always scream at each other 1-2x a day which I can hear enough to sound like loud garbled speaking. The older woman constantly smokes outside rather than in the designated area. I've reported them for noise before when they added a fucking drum or something into their home and now I've reported for smoking. I just want to enjoy the god damn hail or rain. I legit wish they'd be kicked out. All our nice neighbors moved but these assholes stayed.

No. 896971

Fuck man I miss her so much. We never even hooked up, and I was too retarded and in denial to realize I loved her. It wouldn't have worked out, I know that, our disorders made us incompatible, but I loved her so fucking much. Fuck mental disorders, fuck internalized homophobia, fuck comphet. God damn it. I'd give anything to live in a world where neither of us were as fucked up as we are. Even if we didn't work out there I would've liked to have been able to try, instead of both of us getting gutted when the other has an episode.

No. 896983

I'm falling back into old ED habits again I'm pretty sure this website at least partially triggered it

No. 896984

I can't say I blame you, considering an average-sized woman will get posted on this site and 5 to 10 retards will immediately respond saying she's a "fatass burgerfag". Maybe take a break from lolcow, recenter yourself.

No. 896991

File: 1630459014447.jpeg (53.41 KB, 604x569, 1DAB4461-784E-47EF-A74A-6B5086…)

I can’t tell you how much I hate male teachers. I’m so fucking sick and tired of going on campus and hearing this fat scrote who keeps taking his mask off despite the fact that you can still get the virus and die when you’re double-vaccinated and giving a whole ass speech while virtually teaching nothing and expecting people to quickly understand. It also blows my mind how you spend 500 dollars on a course and then the instructor has the audacity to give LinkedIn as homework because they’re too lazy to actually teach. Second week was an absolute mess because he had nothing in control or in order. I fucking hate this class I have no interest in photography I can’t wait until I’m done with this class ughhhhhhh

No. 897005

I feel like such a grandma compared to everyone on lc. Not because of age, but due to behavior, interests, etc. How is everyone here horny all the time and apparently masturbating since childhood, and having all these twitter/tiktok/IG accounts (despite hating it?) and so many other things? I was such a goody-two-shoes as a kid that I never ventured outside of children's sites until I was a teen, never saw porn until early adulthood and even then it did nothing for me. My sex drive didn't kick in until 16 and I only feel anything if I'm physically ill and don't want it to happen, otherwise it's nonexistent. Smut and images do nothing. I can think someone looks nice aesthetically, as if they're a painting or artwork but have no sexual feelings for them. I'm not on antidepressants so there's no excuse. And I have no social media at all and can't understand like one third of internet slang especially abbreviations. Never posted selfies, nudes, etc and don't get why others do so. I feel like I'm missing out on something, but when I try to get into these things that are supposed to be normal, even amongst outcasts I don't enjoy it, hell other outcasts thought I was weird. Sometimes I'm convinced that I didn't truly go through puberty or something. Even other children used to treat me as if I was younger than them and made fun of me for not talking to males outside my family, not liking male celebrities and stuff like that like why am I like this? Where's my desire for anything? apologizes for any world salads and typos I'm just pouring out shit.

No. 897011

Most zoomers were sexually traumatized with the internet and became hypersexual young as a coping mechanism. You're normal anon, maybe just low libido.

No. 897013

To be honest, I feel out of place with everyone because of this, too. They talk as if hypersexuality is the norm. I've never wanted to have sex with or even kiss anyone, and I'm well into adulthood, but I do want an intimate relationship. I think I am sexually attracted to women, maybe, but I don't want sex. Sometimes I wonder if it's because if autism, on my end.
Probanly unrelated to your srruggle, but this is also something I think goes unaccounted for when talking about comphet. People assume everyone who dated the opposite sex kissed or had sex with them, or had a sexuality/libido that made telling who they had romantic attraction to easy. I didn't realize that I wasn't interested in men (at all) until the last couple years, because I didn't have sexual drive to lean on. I've never kissed or fucked anyone. I have no interest, and I never had any interest.

No. 897030

Although I feel blessed for living in a first world country, I just can't stand living in the town I live in anymore and I can't move now so I really want to become a shut-in so I don't have to look at it any more.

No. 897042

No. 897044

You can't move to the outskirts? Always cheap houses in the middle of nowhere.

No. 897045

Makes you feel better I didn't start solo maturbating until my mid 20s. I have a fb a tiktok that I private and don't post on just lurk, an Instagram for lurking artists/celebrities I like. There's always been horny people though in every walk of life and probably people over compensating, like those women that have too many babies. Like we get it! You have sex!

No. 897050

Studies say even laying down and closing your eyes or getting an hour of sleep is better than just staying up

No. 897053

File: 1630464520076.png (109.89 KB, 1600x900, bnDvjPk.png)

No. 897068

NTAYRT But sorry you're horny, must be rough.

No. 897099

I'm annoyed. I was promised a job and I quit my job to work at this job, and it now seems like I might not get the job because the owner doesn't want to mandatory vaccinate himself so, yeah.
I'm so confused, I JUST quit, It was a secure easy job but it was shit pay, now I can't go back.
I'm going to start an onlyfans or kms idc

No. 897110

Are you vaccinated? let your boss die of covid

No. 897125

Calm down edge lord

No. 897136

>I might not get the job because the owner doesn't want to mandatory vaccinate himself so, yeah.
Oh no, someone who doesn't bend to your will, holy shit how will you cope

No. 897142

oh my god just stay in the covid thread with your idiocy

No. 897143

>how do I make this entire thread about me challenge

You’re one of the reasons why I hate humanity.

No. 897144

They're right though. Refusing a job because if someone doesn't get a shady vaccine is childish

No. 897147

yes, every single woman in lc except you is pornsick coomer, you're not like the rest of us sluts, here's your fucking medal

No. 897149

Seeing fahr acting the way she does at 40 years old makes me wonder just how many other people are going to turn out like her. She also trooned out and I’m wondering how she expects to keep this Loki facade going into her 50s.

No. 897153

I don't know why some people are mad at you for this post, you didn't say anything wrong.

No. 897159

It's probably the painting of this entire community as horny nympho social media addicts. Not that some anons aren't that, but c'mon.

No. 897160

I'm sorry nonnie but I really want to abuse cute anime boys it's just how I am

No. 897161

My boyfriend is obese and I can see him eating his feelings away. For example he had a difficult day at work and he went to the store to get ice cream to be able to numb his feelings. It's very sad to watch.

No. 897166

NTA Literally a vent thread, but go off I guess.
It's not a non-horny woman's fault that society treats you poorly for being sexual, as a woman. Nonsexual women also get shamed for being "prudish pickmes". I swear to god, you people need to stop misdirecting your anger.

No. 897172

File: 1630480139161.jpeg (154.42 KB, 512x512, download.jpeg)

Nonny, I'm so sorry that this happened to you and that people were so quick to assume things about you here. I'd suggest looking into alternate job listings, if you can't rely on the one you're currently applied to. Maybe a temp agency could help, if you're in a real bind. Also, treat yourself to something nice, if you can. The world is being hard on you, so you need to be kind to yourself. If you see this message, I hope you will accept this GAN generated cat, and it may make you feel even a little better.

No. 897174

>you people need to stop misdirecting your anger
I wasn't one of the people that originally responded to her, but even I can acknowledge that she could've expressed her frustration without saying "everyone here" is "horny all the time and apparently masturbating since childhood." There was no need to be all holier than thou and make assumptions about the entire userbase just because there are several degen/thirst threads on the board

No. 897176

Nta, but what's your issue? It doesn't even seem like OP is choosing to quit.

No. 897178

I've been having a hard time with my mental health issues lately so I've been venting to my friends but one of them told me that they can't deal with my issues because they're too much for them. I understand and I think it's great that they said it upfront, not everyone has the mental energy to deal with this shit and it's ok but damn it hurt. And now I feel compelled to reel in the crazy. I don't feel comfortable talking about my issues anymore. I feel shitty for being a burden for the people around me. I feel lonely on a completely new level, level that I've never felt before.

No. 897180

AYRT, I just think that's reading into the post a bit. OP does say that, but also frames it as something that it's her fault for not understanding. It reads as incredibly insecure when people get upset at someone like OP for expressing their own feelings of confusion or inadequacy. There's nothing wrong with being horny or nonsexual, but I've repeatedly seen people attack people for expressing a lack of sexuality and assuming that they're "bragging about being pure celibate maidens" or something, when it's a genuinely alienating experience. I'm actually sorry if I'm misunderstanding you or others, but this comes across as troubling to me.

No. 897183

File: 1630482001097.jpg (27.05 KB, 750x852, 1618406940264.jpg)

Nothing feels worse than eating excessive amounts of cheddar puffs, listening to emo music with depressing lyrics, and crying over a moid at almost 4 AM. I miss him so much.

No. 897184

Find the cheapest therapist you can find, use them to vent about anything and everything. Seriously, doesn't matter if it's a shitty therapist (as long as they're not unhealthy ofc). And if you happen to actually find one that has good ideas the you might even get some help.
Having a healthy regulated output for all that negativity is going to improve your relationships so much.

No. 897186

File: 1630482356339.jpg (110.88 KB, 1920x1200, White-and-black-cats-hugs-and-…)

I'm sorry, keep hanging in there bby

No. 897188

Heartbreak is rough. Allow yourself those cheesepuffs, they ease the pain.

No. 897189

I don't know why girls like pegging. It's literally the most disgusting shit ever and it's not dominating. You cannot dominate a man by playing into his degenerate coomer fantasy and giving him prostate orgasms. The only way you can dominate a man is by making him give you a lot of pleasure

No. 897190

Make him eat you out. It's the only way.

No. 897223

Nonna I'm the same, but that is such a retarded thing to act "not like other girls" over. Yes, there are several women like us not really interested in sex or social media culture. It's not that special.

No. 897246

I am in therapy and my therapist is great actually but sometimes I'm in too much distress and can't wait until my appointment. It doesn't happen often though. I've been scared of overwhelming my loved ones with my issues for my entire life to the point I used to keep everything inside, I've been working on that and trying to open up more. The person in question had previously said they want to hear about my issues so it felt even worse when I trusted them to handle them and they immediately backpedaled. It felt like confirmation that I really should just keep it all inside. Sigh.

No. 897275

Samefag I didn't mean for this to come off as bragging or holier than thou, I see myself as inferior and worse for it. I just want to be normal like everyone else. Maybe I worded it wrong it's all word vomit. Wish I could delete this tbh

No. 897287

Idk why some anons are chimping out at your vent and going "not all farmers!1!11!" they sound retarded and insecure.

No. 897296

I don't care if he is vaccinated or not, I honestly don't. However, he is legally not allowed to work until he is, so if he doesn't get vaccinated, he'll have to close the door down to the business, hence vent.
I quit my job two weeks ago, and I was ready to start working there this week.
Thanks anon, I've been looking at jobs that can also fit into my FT school schedule, and decided to order an onion pizza to soothe self. Thanks again

No. 897297

I have so much nostalgia for early-mid-2000s-era weeb culture. I miss spending my allowance on Tokyopop volumes at the local bookshop and watching 4-part episodes of Lucky Star. I miss getting lost in a jrpg for hours. I miss not caring about anything except my hobbies. I can't bring myself to waste money on new manga and anime anymore because I've bullied myself into seeing it as a worthless hobby and I have no interest in the fanbases or in keeping up with the latest series as the tropes are getting pretty worn out for me. but when I'm going through a rough time I end up buying second-hand volumes of old manga or digging out my old books from storage.

No. 897321

Same, anon. I get so nostalgic about those times that it hurts, everything felt so new and exciting. I used to spend hours on deviantart, renting loads of manga from the library and watching random series in parts on youtube. I got bullied out of it and gave most of my manga away to friends which I still really regret, because a lot of those volumes are now rare and hard to find. I'm glad it's becoming more socially acceptable so kids won't get bullied just for watching anime, but it was so much more fun back then, I'm just not interested in any of the new series. I wanna feel estatic like when Haruhi season 2 came out lmao.

No. 897337

God this reminds me when I would look up fandoms on Deviantart and bookmark what page I'm at so I could pick up where I left off when it's my turn at the computer again.

No. 897340

File: 1630503891061.jpg (21.46 KB, 376x270, 96a1256cbe23f8edb10306913a1cf3…)

The fandom degraded so much now, everyone has an ''ironic'' taste for anime and either is a huge coomer or sjw. I hate being born to dress like this, too.

No. 897342

i hate being born too late*

No. 897344

my feet are so dry they're beginning to peel

No. 897349

File: 1630504418313.jpg (37.89 KB, 573x429, 1629253132094.jpg)

Out of all the possible symptoms from the Covid vaccine, I had to get diarrhea just fml.

No. 897352

i did a really big poo and the poo was orange with red bits in it and my stomach dropped I thought i was bleeding out my arsehole but it turns out the red bits were just the peppers (i had 2 big ones) i had the night before with hummus and the hummus was orange too so that's why my poo was orange

anyway i wasted hours of my life thinking i was gonna die and now i have heart palpitations and i missed an important lecture this morning

No. 897354

>>897344 So sorry anon, I have the same problem with my hands xx

No. 897355

I wash my hands so much the dry skin catches on my clothes. It's horrendous.

No. 897358

File: 1630505393723.png (319.58 KB, 512x512, image_2021-09-01_150957.png)

Have you anons tried an oat bath yet? You put oats in a sock and then let it soak in your bath for a while before getting in. It's really soothing for super dry skin.

No. 897361

My irl friend won't stop being retarded. No I will not elaborate.

No. 897362

no, but i should try it, make it into a whole day of pampering one self at home spa.

No. 897363

I was kinda bullied out of it as well but I never cared and kept reading manga and watching anime, just never got back into the fandom part (not that I was very active either way).

If you want to read manga, please go ahead and buy yourself some volumes. I promise you don't have to interact with any fandom or any coomer or any piece of shit that bullies you to enjoy those things. It's a shame that people who are into anime and manga are now the "lol so ironic xddd im edgy and i love hentai" type but please understand those are just the loud types that have twitter and are disgusting as fuck.

I promise and assure you, there's normal adults that still read manga and watch anime at their own leissure because either the story is interesting or the art looks cool. And even if that wasn't the case, who cares? As an adult I can read and watch whatever the hell I want. I've been into a female author books and the queen's gambit mood recently, but just last month I was watching some 2011 Hunter x Hunter because I've only ever watched the 90's one, and I sadly am also following the new Higurashi anime because it reminds me of the time in middleschool when I would watch amvs of said show without even having watched it in the first place lol.

As adults we can have varied hobbies and do whatever the hell we want. Don't let stupid people ruin your fun. I hope I helped because I felt autistic writing this up

No. 897364

I'll try this up! only thing is I have no bath, just a shower.

No. 897366

I have never spent money on manga, since it's so expensive where I live, but I did use to be bullied a lot for reading manga and watching anime when I was a tween. It has helped a lot that I have been lucky enough to find other women online that still to this day read and discuss manga of all kinds. You just have to find a space for you or make it even!

No. 897371

File: 1630505964434.png (18.6 KB, 300x250, 1579910688248.png)

> meet a cute guy
> watches hontra


No. 897373

File: 1630506113371.png (82.07 KB, 250x355, image_2021-09-01_151932.png)

If you love and miss baths, I got one of these fold-up Japanese shower baths when I lived in a really small apartment. I really did use it every year in the winter.

No. 897374

i'm scared to dye my hair other colors than brown (naturally blonde) because i don't want to be assumed to be a tiktok teen since i also have a septum.
but i'm so tired of the brown and i wanna be the cringe self i always wanted to be, 10 years later but regardless still.

No. 897380

RIP, but at least you know you dodged a trans-flag colored bullet there.

No. 897386

Anon be cringe and free, who cares. Besides you have blonde hair so you'll be saving money on bleaching. If you aren't acting like a deranged tiktok kid then you should be fine.

No. 897387


right now my hair is like old dyes on top of each other and faded as fuck, so it's so ugly and gross looking. i haven't seen myself w blonde hair in nearly 4 years.

No. 897394

I never stopped reading manga and watching anime. I love it and all it's bullshit, yes even loli shit and big tits anime girls. It's just that i wish i had someone to talk about it. Doesn't help that i mostly watch older shows so it's harder to find people that like that stuff too.

No. 897397

You weren't born too late, just do it

No. 897400


Family and religion. Also, lots and lots of spite. I want to live long so I can watch all the corrupted, misogynistic, greedy and ugly boomer politicians that ruined my country die. After that, I want my generation to take over all the top governmental positions and make meaningful changes for future generations. Gotta play the long game even though it's suffering. All the best to other third world anons! Don't let the bad guys win.

No. 897409

Spite, so many people are bothered by the fact that I exist in their space that I refuse to die just to piss them off

No. 897423


OP here - wow, didn't realise this would resonate with other anons - yeah you guys are right, the fandom is so much more embarrassing and full of edgelords, coomer hentai losers and sjws. it makes me sad. but I'm glad that anime isn't seen as "weird" nowadays, and I should probably give myself the space to enjoy the nostalgia freely without shame, even if that's just reading old volumes quietly in my room or watching my haruhi dvds every so often. I don't have to interact with any cringey fans and can enjoy reminiscing in private at least. thank you anons, go forth and enjoy your manga nostalgia trips!

No. 897469

I spend months saying I'm depressed and how it gradually gets worse, I repeatedly tell people I'm suicidal and how my actions are getting more erratic and dangerous.
I tell them I'm now in the hospital and they're like "oh why, did something happen?"

Are you for real? Can you not figure this out? Did you think I was fucking joking this whole time? Once I'm dead are you all gonna proclaim "I had no idea!!1!"? I literally don't know how I could make it any more obvious that I'm mentally sick and in desperate need of help

No. 897537

No. 897538

NTA but thank you so much, I had no idea that this is a thing, and it would solve so much issues!

No. 897553

Mom found the oat sock, it's over.

No. 897567

Why is it that I only post about fucking stupid moids in the vent thread.

Anyway there's a guy I'm seeing, not seriously yet and we bumped into each other, were standing together not chatting waiting on the bus and he called a friend over and started talking to him and I felt awkward so I just walked elsewhere. It's rude, right? So he asked if I was OK after I walked off and I said sure.

And now I'm on tinder because he asked like a week ago if I was seeing any other men because I said I had plans, and looked worried when I took a second to answer before he insisted it was none of his business, and said he wasn't seeing anyone else when I asked.

I feel a bit unhinged to be honest.

No. 897573

He's interested in you and you're pulling away because of how socially awkward you are. Literally show interest in him if you like him.

No. 897655

File: 1630521062641.gif (820.26 KB, 480x270, 1452969656424.gif)

Why the fuck aren't female-only gyms the norm/more common? I want to go back to the gym so badly

Anons engaging with scrote posts is also really pissing me off today

No. 897677

You wouldn't say it was rude of him?

No. 897694

Maybe he wanted to talk with more than one person he valued? Maybe he wanted to gauge how open you were to freely communicating with other people he enjoyed?

No. 897707

File: 1630522019961.png (372.88 KB, 476x756, cringe.PNG)

>Why the fuck aren't female-only gyms the norm/more common?
Because moids complain about it, especially if trannies get involved

No. 897728

I just got the vaccine but I don’t know which one they gave me. If it’s Johnson and Johnson or whatever I’m really scared because of the blood clot issue. I know it’s dumb to vent about this because of anti-vaxx kiwifarms scrotes and schizo-Chan’s but I’m so non-assertive I didn’t ask. Ugh

No. 897737

God, a female only gym would be so cool, it would seriously solve my hatred of gyms if I could go to a place with a bunch of 20-40something women who just want to excersice

No. 897738

they didn't write it on your vaccination card?

No. 897749

>women having their own space to work out without getting leered at or harassed by men is literally segregation!!1!!
why are moids so fucking retarded. seriously, do they think it's their right to be able to watch women workout? I can't think of any other reason why they always chimp out whenever the topic of female-only gyms comes up.

No. 897755

Moid genocide when

No. 897767

Is it the single shot you got? I got the all in one and was OK after just a couple days of aches.

No. 897785

File: 1630523441942.png (187.83 KB, 640x645, jrp45ywblcc61.png)

I just feel so shat on by everyone lately.

The landscaper blew me off under a stupid excuse today after I worked from home just to be around (my boss and coworkers hate this even though I rarely if ever do this while they get to wfh or live literally 5 minutes from the office). He claims he'll come tomorrow but who knows, by the day this yard grows more unmanageable and it's like a jungle thanks to the previous owners. It's stressing me out because I don't want it to start intruding on our neighbor's properties and people getting pissed at us. I'd do it myself but I'm not equipped. It's the one home improvement thing I can't fucking do by myself and my husband is too much of a pansy about bugs to do it either.
Speaking of husband, he did a few things around the house finally but only after he made me feel like such a bitch because I had to nag. I HATE nagging. I HATE having to mentally manage loads when he should just pull his weight automatically. It makes me feel old and uncool. When I talked about this responsibility he said I should make him a list…ugh, why is this such a typical moid copout? I used to say this to my mom when I was a teenager. You know we have to unpack boxes. Unpack them. You see a dirty dish. Clean it. You see the floor is dirty. Sweep, vacuum, or mop. Idgaf what he'd do as long as he'd do something besides spend his waking hours playing games. He goes to bed religiously at 10pm every single night like an old man and typically sleeps in unless he opens at his store. He thinks it's some kind of superpower that I stay up until midnight or later and can wake up at 7am. No? I just have responsibilities and want my personal time, my body adjusted as needed. I'm not tired. Last night he went to bed at 10pm (whines when I won't immediately join him too), slept until almost 10, got up and played a game for an hour and then came downstairs to where I was working to pass out next to me from 11am to almost 2pm until he had to leave for work. He didn't do shit and acted so grumpy when I heckled him for having to go to work, which is the only fucking thing he'll have to do today. At least he apologized, but jfc he needs to stop acting like he's got it bad or something. He's got a fucking charmed life to be able to laze about like that.
Meanwhile work has given me more than a couple virtual heart attacks today because my coworkers type stupid shit that when not clarified almost get me in hot water with my boss. Not because they hate me, but because they don't fucking understand how the things they type sound. I'm not a manager, I don't get manager pay, and yet my job is to literally micromanage and herd idiots by email all day to get them to perform their functions until I can FINALLY perform my functions, and ofc if there's a breakdown in the process chain then it's my damn fault for not reminding leadership enough to finish their fucking jobs.
I wish I could order delivery so I can at least eat some delicious food instead of having to cook myself something for the umpteenth time, but everything's too damn expensive. $30-50 minimum for meals that aren't worth the amount and drivers demanding 20% tip, all cause covid. And of course the food will be soggy and cold for the pleasure.
I just want to be done right for once. I swear I don't do anything to warrant this shit besides my jealous feelings I keep to myself and browsing Mongolian basket gossip imageboard.

No. 897799

File: 1630523621346.webm (6.87 MB, 576x1024, youknow.webm)

Sucks because the gym looked really nice too. Just wish it was easier to have women only spaces.

No. 897841

i know exactly how you feel nonnie, my husband is basically useless around the house and i have to mentally keep track of all my own shit plus anything I feel he needs to be doing. pisses me off.

No. 897853

File: 1630524352898.jpg (100.36 KB, 850x850, da6041bac48a82ae001.jpg)

Everyday I'm thankful for developers who put hot male characters in their games.

No. 897859

yeah I’m dumb as hell anon, it was the pfizer one they gave me thankfully. thanks!

first dose, my second dose is scheduled for 2-3 weeks.

No. 897875

He knows what he's doing
Start sending him memes and articles about "strategic incompetence" and the weight of managing the "mental load" of others. Let him know you're on to him, shame him in front of everyone

No. 897923

Based, are you me? I just watched hxh, which was amazing, and the new higurashi for the nostalgia. I used to love the studio deen version as an edgy 13 yr old, not so great now that all the lolicon shit is more obvious to my adult brain. I still buy manga but nothing will recreate the ecstacy of how it felt back then except literal drugs. I think thats just par for the course as a 13 year old, whatever hobby and friends you currently have will induce those types of feelings, I really miss it.

No. 898084

This, even if he was legit incompetent and not lying to get out of doing chores like… fucking learn? Youtube exists.

Not that I think anons could necessarily do or say anything to force their husbands to pull their weight, most will dig their heels in and wear their wives down until they cave and do it because it's easier. Then they get the choice of either divorce or a lifetime of servitude.

No. 898088

What the fuck….what area is this? I'm guessing LA or something. I'd be the fittest bitch in town if this was in my area.

No. 898089

Okay, so…
My boyfriend is an artist and basically it’s what he does for living (selling his art, his drawings…all that stuff).
Two years ago he met this girl who was way younger than us, a bit immature but she was always eager to learn and to collaborate with my bf. Some things happened and she got kind of lost in the way but we didn’t think much about it. She appeared once in a while to spend time with us and we saw her as someone volatile but with good intentions, we thought that she didn’t took their job too seriously because of her young age but things were in good terms.
Fast forward to last year when my bf meets this girl (our age) which is also an artist but she was much more compromised with the jobs they did together. At first she was always available and she also admitted that my bf was a referent to her.
Basically we started seeing how hypocrite she was almost immediately. She was always talking shit about not only the mutuals they knew in the art scene from here but also talked shit about people like her boyfriend or some old friends of mine who I didn’t keep in touch with.
She always did the things she criticised and furthermore she started seeing my bf as some kind of competence because he was always better than her (she also told him this multiple times). For example, my bf once told her that it was okay to share clients and she agreed with him but the moment one person (ONE person) send him a message about one of his paintings, she went bat shit and started questioning him about stealing clients.
My bf didn’t want to argue with her, even when she started planning things behind his back when she told him before that she would involve him in -that- thing. Nor when she started cancelling plans with him to do some works to other people which benefit her and only her.
The last straw was that basically she stole a piece of him. Literally it’s the same drawing, even with some distinctive characteristics. I can’t go into much details but it’s not a common drawing so it’s even harder to believe that this ideas was hers. My bf confronted her about it but he was super calm about it, telling her that it was okay to be inspired by him and that it didn’t mean a thing but he was kind of pissed off because she cancelled their meetings like 4 or 5 times.
Again, she started denying all these accusations and told him that he was just saying these things to feel better about himself (when actually she’s the one earning money with it, my bf didn’t even buy that drawing, it was a present for her). He asked her about cancelling their meetings and she started all these stories about being that busy when my bf knows she cancelled some of those to work to other people individually and he even told her that he understood that she wanted to earn money only for herself but it was kind of shady (it even surprised me how calm my boyfriend was about all this because he has a terrible temper sometimes but he was very assertive with her and didn’t lost his shit once).
Well, this girl decided to call the first one I was talking about and basically started telling her lies we supposedly told about her. I have to mention they don’t know each other, so this fucking moron went to search for her number, called her and spent an hour or more on the phone telling her how we hate her, how we only used her and basically laughed at her expense. We only talked with the second one about the first one once, telling her what happened when she disappeared and how we thought she was too young yet and we hoped on the future she would get in the right way somehow (I also told her this, before, not a big deal).
The problem is that this young girl is truly resentful and obviously it didn’t matter what my bf or me told her about what happened, of course she went crazy at us and told us how terrible we were and basically she threatened to death at this point.
I don’t actually care about these threats or her opinion right now because truth is she’s not someone essential to my life and losing her wouldn’t mean too much even when I care about being labelled as someone fake when my intention never was to hurt her or to give the impression I was someone to backstab her. Actually, if I tried to be fake, I know I could be the worst but I don’t enjoy this drama shit.
What makes me rage is that this stupid girl thought she was sooo clever to go and tell her some shit when she talked bad about so many people that if my boyfriend starts contacting them, she would be finished in less than one week. I know that is what she is afraid of, being called out about all the bad things she told about everyone. She even talked bad about our friend, the one she called but I’m so sure she didn’t tell her about it and I specially remarked this when I was defending myself. I also told her how this morning this girl was following me on all my social media platforms and even reacting to my content but now that my bf called her out I’m blocked on everything. Funny how this morning I was always she seemed to like and not hate and now I’m the fakest one on all this shit when I don’t even belong here kek
Perfect timing if you ask me, now that he decided to call her out finally after more than half a year dealing with her shit, we’re the bad ones.
I know we and I can’t control how people feel about us or reacts to our behaviour but I wasn’t expecting it and I’m just so surprised about her manipulative ways, I didn’t think she was capable of being this cruel to this girl who she doesn’t know just for her resentment and to cover up her poor choices.
TL;DR manipulative people creating some kind of high school drama with some friend just because my boyfriend called her out on her shit…

No. 898103

I wonder how they feel about wards and shelters that take in women who have been abused by men and get PTSD attacks from being around men

No. 898114

File: 1630531315561.jpg (484.63 KB, 1280x1124, 1582837976396.jpg)

I'm just mentally exhausted from my own sabotaging ways. I have a doc appointment in one month that i hope will fix me but until then i just feel like i'm gonna be lazing around and be tired to make times go by faster. I hate myself in that state but idk how to cope anymore. I just want to be free of my mental prison…

No. 898140

File: 1630532856326.jpg (53.18 KB, 540x452, fml.jpg)

I'm getting cystic acne again at 23 after already having had 2 rounds of accutane… my skin was clear for only a year I can't take this shit anymore sisters imma off myself

No. 898141

I forget how much of a narcissist my mother is. Kek. God forbid I tell her that the word she is using is wrong. Had a fucking tantrum and uses the excuse it doesn't matter because I know what she means. She then goes on a rant about people doing it to make her feel dumb. Funny thing is she has no problems telling other people they're wrong. She's nasty.

No. 898146

Oh they want access to those too. I really don't want to dig for it but it reminds me of a tranny that proudly took and shared pictures of his boner in the mirror of a women's shelter bathroom, a shelter where women had been beaten, abused and raped by degenerates like him. It made me absolutely rage

No. 898163

Keto was the only thing that rid me of acne, and when I get back to eating sugar it immediately comes back again. You might try it

No. 898166

Have you ruled out hormonal issues? I mean more than just taking birth control.
I was skeptical about accutane working for me because I knew my acne was genetic and likely hormonal, since my mom is in her 60s and still has it and looks super rough for it. I'd always been on birth control but it never helped. Topicals and diet bullshit never helped. Then at 29 years I started taking spironolactone and I'm kicking myself for not finding this shit out sooner. Acne was gone within two weeks. Every now and then I get a spot but that's because I behave like a normie now and go to work or bed sometimes with an unwashed face lmao. I don't produce the sebum that would clog my pores like I used to because the med addresses androgens. MtF trannies are prescribed this because of the hormones too kek.

I'm just saying, if you're willing to try anything else at this point you could try it. It's not scary like accutane. It just made me pee more so drink more water, and also it's not good for fetuses so you'd have to stop taking it while pregnant. Another downside is that it only works for as long as you take it too, but like I said the risks are minimal and the tradeoff is pretty great.

No. 898167

My pap smear came out weird this year, I was scared as fuck, had to get a colposcopy today, it was really traumatic, it hurt a lot, they spent like 10 minutes digging around, I'm sore, my abdomen hurts. Turns out it's just a cyst and the only thing to do is monitor it once a year.
My scrote bf forgot about it, never asked how I felt. I told him I deserve better and the shithead told me that maybe I should find someone else. Why the fuck am I still dating this pile of shit?

No. 898185

File: 1630535657802.jpg (253.96 KB, 1224x1445, 1630246072576.jpg)

>bf gets butthurt whenever I joke about buying a dildo
This retard literally has a big dick. How on earth can he still feel ~inadequate~ over a toy that's smaller than he is. I might just buy a dildo out of spite because I'm going to ovulate soon and I'm already horny as fuck.

No. 898187

Just do it, anon. That is so stupid to be mad over, it's literally a different experience, it's like feeling jealous over the fact that you can masturbate with your hands at any time

No. 898188

Tell him to get a pocket pussy then kek

No. 898195

Well, it was straight out of the horse's mouth. Why ARE you still with him? Security? Sunk fallacy? FOMO?
While you're figuring that out, leave him and get your life together. Find someone else. Get a new hobby. Get a pet. Something.

Trust me, there are plenty of men who would give a unicorn's ass if it meant making sure you felt like a queen after a pap smear.
I know I'm being dramatic, but I hope you get my point.

As for my vent. It always feels like one step forward two steps back with me and my happiness.

I move away to school after COVID, change my major track to something I'm actually happy with it, I'm on cloud nine–And then my dad's health turns for the worse. Even his doctor isn't sure if he's going to get out of this one. Now I'm scared, stressed, and alone. No one to speak to because I'm such a freakshow fuck up who can't keep at least one friend.
On top of that every time I look in the mirror my misery shows in my face. I don't smile, I'm breaking out, my eyes are dark, sunken, and gaunt. I hate myself

No. 898214

I woke up with a huge fucking stye this morning and I’m supposed to see my cousins for the first time in ten years this weekend fuuuuck

No. 898219

I have such a different vibe in my new job application photos than my actual character, I legit look like I'm applying for a high position or trying to win an election campaign kek. I'm afraid whoever views my resume will have way too high expectations, because I am neither experienced in leading nor am I a dominant personality in team settings or have great and extensive job experiences. But I paid $50 for them and hate taking photos, so I don't want to do it again..

No. 898241

just finished bridgerton and the ending was so stupid. it kind of makes sense but it’s generally just really dumb. wtf

No. 898243

imagine having this exactly
and then also going through the fact that not only are you an "undesirable" to men due to your body type (that you physically cannot alter) but also having your wishes of wanting a family completely invalidated by men who go out of their way to say that women with big hips and small waists make better mothers
fuck me sorry for existing

No. 898250

It was my kids first birthday the other day and we took a bunch of pictures and I can not believe how incredibly fat I am. I know I'm obese, I know it factually. I am like 250lbs. I guess I don't see it as bad as it apparently is. Seeing myself from the outside like that is fucking me up real bad. I want to crop myself out of every picture but I don't want the kids to look back later in life and have no pictures of me after I'm dead. I'm so disgusted.

No. 898263

It's normal to put on weight after having children and it's not like looking after a baby gives you much time to exercise. I've just accepted that I'm probably never again going to be the weight I was before getting pregnant.

No. 898264

When do you get over the "I am just faking my problems while everyone else is Actually Suffering while i have it all so easy?"

I am right in middle of explainig to myself how me being ass raped and being almost strangled to death by said rapist wasn't actually that bad situation and me moping about it is useless because people have faced way more worse shit than me. Other people's suffering is always worse than mine and i am just whining about useless shit. Intellectually i realize this is idiotic but stll I am doing it.

No. 898266

Who cares what men think, they say shit like that but if their peepee is in the right mood, they will fuck and date whatever they claim is unattractive anyway. Reverse-Triangle anons should find clothes that favor their shape in a way they like and highlight the features they like, until THEY can feel comfortable and confident, men don't know shit.

No. 898267

I wish I had more childhood photos of me with my fat momma. Maybe it's selfish, but as her child, I want to remember her as she was before she started looking really old and going crazy. The fatness is not important. I know how you feel though. I think I look like a fat tranny in pics with my baby. My arms… what the fuck happened to my arms??

No. 898268

Your kids are going to remember you being there and present for them. They're going to remember your smile, warmth, and the effort you put in. Your kids right now see you as their world and a whole person.

Yes, the kids will probably notice you're overweight. But more importantly, your kids will remember how you treated them, and also how you treated yourself. They can either remember their mom having great self-esteem and working towards better habits despite the setbacks and problems–this behavior teaches that they have value and are worthy of working towards health no matter what mistakes they've made. Or…they can remember their mom as someone who hated herself and had so much insecurity that she did isolating and sad things, like crop herself out of family photos from shame…and that they too hold dubious worth depending on their looks.

Just a perspective. Contrary to what lolcow thinks, family and friends care about your weight to the extent of your wellbeing, but they LOVE you and want you in their pictures! Plus, if you ever do lose the weight one day it's kind of a neat thing to see your progress.

No. 898269

>who go out of their way to say that women with big hips and small waists make better mothers
Men with strong opinions of how women should be are the most insufferable and usually the ugliest too. Maybe you should look to see if these men are desirable to you in the first place. 90% of men don't even match up to the average woman.

No. 898274

Every now and then I get so up in myself angry that my parents basically gave me food & shelter and just pushed me infront of the computer when I wasn't at school. Like how do you expect me to become a function member of society if you do this shit? Should have just fucking aborted me if you put that much effort into raising me. And to rub salt in the wound they raised my brothers perfectly well, payed attention to their med problems, interacted with them other than just screaming, and encouraged their interests.

No. 898275

dumbass problem but my long time friends didn't wish me happy birthday while i have personally painted them cards and stuff for their birthdays. i could understand forgetting but they have been online where they most likely have seen other people wishing happy birthday for me so yeah

No. 898276

I want to peg my boyfriend but he has IBS

No. 898277

I am in so much pain for a scrote that lied and manipulated and negged me constantly. I feel this way because his lack of genuine love for me made me feel like I could never be loved. I wish I could get over this. Why must I suffer for a man that never loved me? I've tried turning these feelings into hatred or at least rage (justified rage), but I have moments of weakness such as this and I end up crying my eyes out. I hope it ends soon.

No. 898279

Whenever I finger myself and orgasm I can ALWAYS feel my vagina tightening around my finger and I usually take my finger out right away. On like the two occasions I managed to make myself orgasm while having penetrative sex with my ex boyfriend (lord knows he didn't give a shit if I did or even cared to learn how) I'd ask him if he "felt" it on his dick without a condom and he'd just flat out be like
I think the stupid retard was just gaslighting me for some reason, or maybe he had deathgrip or some shit from whacking off.

No. 898286

some scrote at my work was talking about how he had to go pick up his dads ashes today and I said I’m sorry for your loss and he got pissed. He’s like “we weren’t close why would you just assume I’m upset about it?” Like for fucks sake man I was just trying to be nice you weirdo

No. 898298

File: 1630548960924.png (786.79 KB, 1093x807, hdRT3zu.png)

Happy birthday anon, I made this for you. Sorry your friends are dicks

No. 898332

Basically my ex made out with a man while we were together so we broke up (bc what the fuck) but we remained best friends. I was under the impression that no one knew why we broke up or what happened (and hoped no one knew bc it’s embarrassing to me) but someone just referred to it and I was like wait what and they were like “um I mean…..that’s what I assumed happened …” which raises even more questions. So I’m just bummed for the night, after a long emotionally exhausting day

No. 898337

File: 1630551415266.jpg (61.44 KB, 600x695, tumblr_cdf36a50eb821f7f1946d98…)

thank you

No. 898345

A couple weeks ago my sister left me her stank ass cat to babysit and the motherfucker was infested with fleas. I've already bombed the place, set up traps, and poured salt and baking soda all over the carpets but they just keep multiplying. I'm so sick of having bug bites all over my body I'm going to scream.

No. 898348

I wish I didn't have a dad or stepdad tbh. Both are terrible and have abused me and my mom in some capacity. Just want to forget they both exist.

No. 898353

This is so cute I think I'm gonna cry

No. 898357

File: 1630552629286.gif (37.67 KB, 500x173, tumblr_lsaz7gpHoA1qi5ybk.gif)

Autoimmune disorders run in my family and I'm afraid I'm starting to exhibit signs of one. Theirs are basically debilitating in almost every way possible and I just want to be a normie in terms of health. Give me diabetes before lupus, rheumatoid, or fucking anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis god.

No. 898359

I’m so fucking sick of my mom. She’s technically gen x, but in typical boomer fashion, she got brainwashed by the alt-right. Now, all she ever wants to talk about is politics, no matter how many times I get mad and tell her I don’t give a fuck about her husbando (Trump) and whatever crazy shit he’s doing now. I don’t care about those troops that died because, over the course of 20 years, there were countless more that these people didn’t give a fuck about, so why start now? I don’t GIVE A FUCK about how dementia riddled she thinks Biden is, those memes she sends aren’t funny at all. Seriously considering going no contact with her till she dies. I haven’t voted in an election before because I used to live in a solidly red state, so I figured it wouldn’t matter. I’ve moved to a swing state and will now be registering specifically to spite her after she told me not to vote at all if I’m not going to vote for a Republican. And I won’t.

No. 898391

I know you've tried a lot of things, but put diatomaceous earth on the carpet.

No. 898445

Why not move to America or Canada then

No. 898468

File: 1630566346103.jpg (412.85 KB, 1080x1056, 20210810_070529.jpg)

My workplace waited for me to sign the agreement to tell me they're not paying me the bonus that I earned. Fucking pieces of shit

No. 898473

I woke up with the same thought today (ocd acting up) and I’m just certain it’s a matter of time before my thyroid starts fucking up. Diabetes also runs extensively in my family so I feel like I’m doomed for my 40s, 50s etc. even though very slim.

No. 898491

I'm very upset because I was in one of my most favorite artists discord server and it's full of troons and libtards but some people seemed fine. I said something about how China is not communist but very capitalist and how it exploits the lower class to over produce plastic shit and they got upset at me and some guy that's white and went to China basically told me "But it's not that bad and you have to come here before you talk" which is overall a bad argument. We have access to a lot of information nowadays, we don't have to go to a certain country to know a lot of the things happening there.

Then that artist streamed on Twitch with some of his audience and I'm 100% sure someone called me a "sociopath". It hurt me very much, but Jesus Christ I'm glad it made me not go there anymore, it's a shithole. The artist guy seems fine, but his fanbase has attracted a lot of unbearable wokeist retards trooners and munchies and this guy is so well intentioned I don't think he can see through their bullshit.

I think I'm done sharing my political views on the internet, although they are BASED. I hate both right wingers and left wingers and they are very toxic, but if I criticized both of them, then it would mean I would have a lot of people hating me.

No. 898497

My mother will not stop bringing back my old (as young as elementary school) mistakes whenever we argue. I just want a normal relationship with my mom. Why does it have to be like this. I want to kill myself because I feel like I will never escape my berating, never escape the past. I don't know what to do, I'm really close to committing suicide but I can't find an immediate painless method

No. 898500

At first when you said artist I thought you were talking about a musician and was very confused but then I realized you were talking about a drawer and everything made sense.

No. 898506

wtf anon, that sounds like some narc behavior, I'm sorry you have to deal with that

No. 898525

I got a call from the hospital. He has contracted the delta variant (despite having received two Pfizer shots) and was transferred to another hospital

No. 898567

File: 1630580365015.png (140.13 KB, 251x265, 987425.PNG)

Why can't period be every an every 2 months thing

No. 898582

My stupid apartment is trying to get me to pay $350 to clean the air ducts when their bitch asses are the ones who never replaced the HVAC filter and let it get all disgusting and filled with allergens in the first place. I legit get hives when the AC is turned on

No. 898589

With the current american abortion politics events it's so mindnumbing to read any scrote's input online. It's obvious a lot of them are still hung-up on college girls not fucking them because they think most women having abortions are educated women, when looking up anything about abortion stastics in any country with legal abortions shows that's not the case. They're fucking obsessed with the "Stacy" that dated confident, hot men.

No. 898593

I really hope it's that because I had more sugar lately fingers crossed anon

I've always been scared of birth control and have never taken any but I will take your advice and check that out before going back on accutane if it gets worse. Do you have any other side effects like bloating/appetite/sex drive changes? Thanks anon

No. 898602

Found a polish site shit talking the company. Wish my country had a site that would let you rate employers.

The bitch is also ignoring the email I sent her. She works from home I know she saw it. She thinks she's punishing me, a grown ass 30 year old woman. Jesus fuck I hope karma is real because she needs something to bite her in the ass.

No. 898644

No matter how much I love this place and love other farmers I am still too dumb and autistic to continue going here, and it feels very sad because I genuinely love talking with others here / trying to help other people
But my stupid autism makes me into just another cow either way

No. 898672

Same. I'm pretty sure most anons hate me.

No. 898696

Nobody knows who the fuck either of you are. You can literally just start fresh between every stupid post.

No. 898698

Jannies probably know based on devices and such.

No. 898709

To be worried about that would be to overestimate how much jannies care about random posters. Provided you're not doing anything bannable, why would they put their time and effort into following your posts? If you do sperg, just take your ban and come back some other time.

No. 898739

NTA but I worry about jannies thinking I'm weird and disgusting idiot sometimes. I know no one cares though

No. 898770

File: 1630604914401.gif (1.25 MB, 450x366, 4yehhe.gif)

I just realized that because of the agreement I lost a chance for unemployment pay. I have no income now.

No. 898777

I'm talking to a old friend and i'm just crying and depressed. I have literally nothing good going on in my life, nothing to talk about, I want to just spill all my depressed ass storylines but I'm so closed off.
It feels good to maybe have someone to talk to but at the same time, it's just sad and I don't know what to say.
This is the most emotion i've felt in a while. So much time has passed, I feel like I've sat around getting worse and not doing anything, meanwhile everyone else, for good or bad have done things.

No. 898785

Like a few mintues have passed and I haven't gotten a text back, and I keep re-reading what I said thinking, "Did I say the wrong thing?" and I want to be left alone but at the same time, I want to talk to her, SOMEBODY so badly. I always over think everything I say to someone, even my own family. I feel like i may have blew it, I'm very honest, I can't help but be honest.
I just wanna spill everything

No. 898842

File: 1630610469066.jpg (118.48 KB, 661x533, 30.jpg)

This is such an attention seeking post.
Deadass. Really highlights the level of narcissism that random hos think anyone, especially jannies who can barely be fucked to look at reports 5 minutes a day, gives a damn about them. Bet they the same twitterfags who be like "omg I'd totally be a lolcow if I was famous". Like no you won't, you're boring af.

No. 898855

File: 1630613019617.jpg (52.99 KB, 540x455, 3ba8_d7c5dad3_540.jpg)

I mean we got posters here that keep a log of anons who've revealed their emails/icons so who fucking knows what's going on with anyone. With that said as long as you don't post suspect things, no one really cares.

No. 898858

Go for the gold, work until you get a watermark on your posts. You can do it, little tard.

No. 898862

>calls people twitterfags
>while unironically using "deadass"

No. 898863

I never cared much for most /w/ cows but I peeped the NicoleEeveeDavis one and I realized Des and Nate were mentioned. I haven't watched their videos since I was a teen but some how I'm not surprised they turned out to be groomers.Why the fuck does scene/emo shit attract these dudes like flies?

No. 898870

We have more vibrant and diverse anons. Retardation is to be expected.

No. 898879

My mother throws a shit fit whenever my father so much looks at another woman, but him staring at my tits right in front of her is okay. I hate my creep father and pickme mother so damn much. I literally envy kids whose parents beat them, because they can turn their backs on their parents and noone gives a shit. Me, otoh, i'm an ungrateful bitch if i go nocontact with a fucker who treats me like a piece of meat and a dumb narc bitch that only wants validation and a maid. Seriously, i want to pluck this fuckers eyes out.

No. 898880

Didnt know that either. I only even knew who Nate was because he dated Leda.

But at this point, i think id be more suprised if a male youtuber with a very young audience (especially an emo/scene one) from the early youtube era wasn't a groomer.

No. 898885

File: 1630617645653.jpeg (9.18 KB, 217x233, images (5).jpeg)

I'm very disappointed in the world right now and feel as if all my dreams were crushed by all these mentally ill troons and horrible narc people.

I grew up with anime and as a child it literally kept me alive and it helped me disconnect and I have a special connection with the anime/japanese aesthetic. Now modern degenerate weebs have turned anime into exclusively coomer shit and all the things I like and even my style is being appropriated by mentally ill troon pedophiles.

My dreams are crushed, I've always wished I could be on the internet sharing my ideas or connecting with others, but I always attract people that see me only for this aesthetic but I'm entirely different from them.

I just hate how everyone is a troon pedo or a perverted scrote that can only see you as his fake internet gf and not see you for who you are or for the things you want to express. I love art and self expression, but I can't do it in this world without censoring myself.

I fucking hate scrotes, pedos, pick mes, sjws, right wingers and they are everywhere.

Also, Japan, the place I've wanted to visit since forever is a shithole full of pedophile groomers and my favorite female arrtists are objectified by them in the most pedophiliac way

No. 898892

This is a bit autistic but I completely agree with you nona and feel a similar way. It's a shame scrotes have to stick their nasty asses in everything

No. 898902

I'm constipated and can't sleep

No. 898914

File: 1630621008421.jpg (11.13 KB, 225x225, enraged.jpg)

Ffffff %@$&*! The sims 2 with their inverted y axis and inability to change it aaaargh @#$%&! Do you think I'm flying a fucking plane?!?! I'm changing alien nappies. Shitting shit and fucking fuck I am the maddest person itt

No. 898915

File: 1630621131754.jpg (77.32 KB, 548x825, 1403583815957.jpg)

bought a perfume I had lusted over for years, sprayed too much, noticed it smells bad and chemical-y and I can't stop noticing that.

No. 898916

File: 1630621206610.gif (1.74 MB, 600x300, 1581584660927.gif)

I can't believe my mom had sex with my dad. His family's genetics are dog shit. Why make me so hot just to make me frail and predisposed for mental illness??? Reminder, reproducing with ugly unhealthy men is child abuse.

No. 898917

I started my new job this week and I hate how awkward it makes me feel because of how great it is? Like I just know so many people and family that hate their jobs and constantly complain about them (including myself with the one I’m quitting), if almost feels unreal to have a job that’s actually fun

No. 898920

Don't make it about me. Faggotry is a vibe and you did not pass.

No. 898922

lol I feel the same way anon. My job isn't fun, but it's definitely very laid back, chill, and has good perks. I try to keep quiet about it as much as possible because I feel like I'm unintentionally rubbing it in my friends faces if I tell work stories.

No. 898930

I wasn't the anon you responded to, I just think you're being a massive hypocrite.

No. 898931

>I have a special connection with the anime/japanese aesthetic
I sympathize with your recent disillusionment, but holy shit you are fucking retarded. None of the shit in your vent is a new development, either. This was happening to women in arts in japan long before modern degenerates came about. Scrotes have been all over chinese cartoons in some way from the very beginning. You’d be better off trying to find instances where they aren’t present and enjoying that for how it makes you feel, because if you observed a lot of anime for what it is, it’d only make you more depressed. Stepping out of the fantasy is hard especially when it’s clearly important to you, but simultaneously don’t let the troons/pedos win. Keep liking what you like anon.

No. 898934

i honestly think men should pass a test before conceiving a child, on another note,
everytime i have my periods i am reminded of how superior women are, moids could never stand the sight of blood

No. 898942

I'm sooo slow at drawing and when I get to a part I don't like or know how to draw I get stuck even more because I don't wanna do it so I keep refining the parts I've mostly finished already. Dammit

No. 898944

i understand the scrote hate but holy shit the snowflake complex is out of control. you don't have a SpEcIaL CoNnEcTiOn to glorious nippon, you're just another weeb.

No. 898952

What field?

No. 898953

File: 1630623556412.jpg (48.86 KB, 1200x675, chito-and-yuuri.jpg)

yes but when I was younger I was just not aware of it anon. I watched cute anime with moe stuff and to me they were just loveable innocent child like characters. I looked at Japanese girls wearing maid outfits and I just thought Japanese people must love cuteness. I didnt make the pedophilia connection until like 1 or 2 years ago. Thank you for the kind words though. I just dont want to possibly attract these people into my life, like troons or nasty pedo scrotes. I got really sad today learning that the author of a girls last tour is a pedo and seeing the sort of disgusting stuff he posts about.

yes I am a weeb but I thought being a weeb was different, it seems being a weeb is about cooming to loli characters and being an ugly bearded white man with scoliosis that dresses himself like a Japanese moe moe kyun girl because of his pedophilia. I think my connection with Japan and Japanese media goes beyond this depravation of being a weeb.

No. 898955

I hate when I’m painting and I get to a part I really, really like. Because I don’t know how to go forward from there without worrying I’m going to fuck it up, either abandoning the work completely or being incredibly anxious the rest of the time.

No. 898956

I wanna quit my job so fucking baaaaaad it sucks so much every day b/c we have no staff but if I quit id be fucking over the few people left and I'm not a piece of shit so I can't bring myself to do it but UUUUUUGGGGGHHHH

No. 898960

You honestly sound like you’re still a delusional narc weeb and or just severely young and potentially dangerously unaware of things. You must be 18 or older to post here.

No. 898962

>I think my connection with Japan and Japanese media goes beyond this depravation of being a weeb.
NAYRT but can you elaborate on this?

No. 898964


No. 898968

I hate leftist men so fucking much. The Texas abortion ban isn't about idpol you absolute braindead retards. Without safe access to abortion the female body literally becomes a means of production, a human being becomes a factory, you don't know anything about Marx or capitalism or exploitation and you don't care, you just want to win your little ideology war with rightwing scrotes. That's all it is to them. I hate them. They're so fucking retarded but so convinced that they're right. "hurr upper class women can still travel out of state to get abortions therefore misogyny doesn't exist and feminism is cancer and women are hysterical I Am The Smartest Boy Look How Smart I Am".

No. 898970

Jesus I just found a Twitter page dedicated to posting very young girls almost nude with explicit captions and they reblog from other pages that do the same. There has to be hundreds of accounts I feel like puking

No. 898971

I’m the first anon that posted, NTAYRT

But I just got a job as a clerk in a school. I get paid to spend 6-7 hours doing arts and craft stuff like laminating or making photocopy requests and delivering them to the teachers. If there’s nothing that needs to be done I’m free to do whatever I want at my desk, like homework or listening to podcasts. My only interaction with the students is giving them hand sanitizer at lunch one day a week.

No. 898976

Can't help you with any words of consolation or anything, just wanted to tell you that I get you so hard on that disillusionment front, so at least you're not alone in this lol. Even attempting to ignore it is impossible once you begin to notice it.

No. 898978

Just want to get lost in a really long amazing fic and forget my miserable life and worries but I can't find anything. why is nothing going right

No. 898980

File: 1630627302730.jpeg (16.48 KB, 680x383, b2fb7e587d7016564502322add0bc8…)

People are clowning on you, but I agree, anon.
>yes but when I was younger I was just not aware of it anon. I watched cute anime with moe stuff and to me they were just loveable innocent child like characters. I looked at Japanese girls wearing maid outfits and I just thought Japanese people must love cuteness.
This exactly. It's why I still get pissy when I see anons here insist anime belongs purely to scrotes and trannies.
There have always been girls and women who enjoy/enjoyed this shit without a male gaze or a pick-me agenda. Little me didn't pick up on a huge difference between shoujo/kids anime and manga vs ecchi shit, it was all just cute and pretty. It's still cute and pretty to me, and there are tons of female artists.

And you know what? Everything is owned by fucking men. You can't enjoy movies, books, music, fashion, games, anything without running into their bullshit. Always some song with a good tune, but the lyrics are stupid bullshit about the gf who dumped them or how many women they've totally fucked, long-ass paragraphs in books about women breasting boobily down flights of stairs, jiggle physics in every fucking game, unnecessary male gaze scenes in films that are "critically acclaimed", clothes produced by gay scrotes and shown off by women who are paid in pennies to model for hours and told to commit suicide if their waist grows even 1 inch. Nothing is safe. The only hobby we have left is probably knitting (and even that will probably be stolen by troons).

I'm not going to give weeb shit up just because of penis-havers. Anime is for girls and women, J-fashion is for girls and women, all cutesy shit is automatically for girls and women. Males should just do construction work, stick powertools in their mouths, go to war and die. That's the law now, don't care that I'm autistic, fuck off

No. 898981

ever since being in rural america visiting family for a couple weeks, all i've been able to think about it how much i hate living in the city

No. 898984

i miss the kpop thread so much it's unreal. choachan is just a bunch of fangirls angry their oppa won't date them, nobody made fun of lucas' scandal i wanna scream, people unironically like txt there !

No. 898988

ccc is filled with trannies who call each other roastie unironically, don't bother anymore anon

No. 898989

I miss kpop threads here so badly. Choachan doesnt hit the same.

No. 898990

Same. I went on vacation to Argentine Patagonia before lockdown and being in the forest, surrounded by mountains, lakes and rivers filled me so much energy, it's been like 2 years and I'm still living off that energy. My only desire in life is to fully become a digital nomad so I can move somewhere like that.

No. 898992

File: 1630628582929.jpeg (52.26 KB, 564x343, EDAA3627-E90B-4242-A1B2-67F444…)

I love cutesy shit I love slice of life, moe blobs I love motherfucking K-ON. Never let men ruin things for you. Think about all the weeb women of the world. Women can and do manage to enjoy weebness independently from male bullshit. Take China or Korea or SEA countries, all have dedicated women-funded women-run otaku circles big and small. Otaku women have become sustainable business owners, successful authors, screen writers, and celebs with fan base almost entirely made up of girls, inside and outside Japan. Distance yourself from the discord scrote crowd and focus on finding other perhaps older weeb women to connect with. You will never stop running into pick-mes and retards but it’s such a different experience when you’re surrounded by those who feel the same way you do.
Maybe learn a language if not Japanese. IME non-english speaking online weeb spheres tend to be more divided by sex. Scrotes prefer to stay in their own cum crusted pockets while women gather in their own fb groups/websites.
I had a weeb renaissance in my early 20s and it feels too undignified to give up something joyous because of moids.

No. 898994

File: 1630628783203.jpg (95.03 KB, 550x577, IMG_1234.JPG)

My parents are arguing at 1am. My mom is screaming a fair bit. I just want to sleep

No. 898995

File: 1630628802981.gif (457.91 KB, 300x100, randomBanner.gif)

his crusty ass face as a banner, is this supposed to be attractive ? i should be turned on ?

No. 898996

Fuck you and your stupid bar gigs! I just wanted a nice night out and to fuck so I can finally be rid of this obsession towards you for the past 12 years.


No. 899009

I hate charli’s new single

No. 899010

why was it removed wtf? people can rant about their politics in /snow/ and celebrities in the celebricows thread but you can’t even have a kpop thread?

No. 899011

im playing a game for the first time and people can be so rude. No, I'm sorry I didn't play this game for 10 years but im TRYING, so take it easy. Fuck, the gamer boiz are so cliquey.

No. 899012

None of what you said is wrong, I don't understand why anons get so bothered by it. Some people have hobbies that they're truly passionate about and not everyone is an insecure "ironic weeb".

No. 899013

kpop threads led to major infighing and an influx of retards who'd spam gifs and pics everywhere. thank god that shit is banned now

No. 899015

Why couldn’t I have been a miscarriage why why why why why why why why why why I am drained I am tired I am quite literally a waste of space and resources except when I’m being the household slave which has fucked me up mentally so bad no matter how much I try to be a different person or improve myself I fucking can’t
What was the reason of being born into this shit fucking world that gives me nothing no matter how patient or selfless I am WHY didn’t my mother just wait another period and why did she fucking have to marry a retarded shit genes XY-doner. Having children is so fucking selfish

No. 899017

Report them all

No. 899026


No. 899027

File: 1630632855530.gif (1.42 MB, 500x375, 0186A8E1-B5E5-49E5-ACC8-B58CA8…)

No. 899029

girl you’re not fun

No. 899030

File: 1630633035957.jpg (227.89 KB, 949x678, 1618537272331.jpg)

I wish my boomer parents would stop watching fox news holy shit
I'm so sick of seeing Tucker Carlson's shitty spray tanned face on the TV

No. 899031

File: 1630633137966.gif (801.06 KB, 450x252, IMG_2670.GIF)


No. 899039

I'm guessing you're not one of the anons who wants to peg him on /g/

No. 899047

File: 1630633998930.jpg (9.98 KB, 235x279, gtgftg.jpg)

nta but wtf is wrong with de/g/enerates?

No. 899058

Fat anon whining incoming. My doctor wants me to start these hunger suppressant meds even when I have absolutely no appetite due to gastro issues, I rarely feel hunger anymore, haven't really felt it in the last two years and I have lost around 40kg due to it. I am kinda scared to be honest, I have been keeping a food diary for a while and even when I showed it to her, she was adamant on me snacking. How the hell am I snacking when I feel awful just eating the healthy stuff I already do eat, how the hell am I losing weight if I am snacking? She also keeps putting wrong stuff in my records or notes or whatever, I am so tired of this. Yeah, I fucking binge on shit I couldn't even physically digest and keep losing weight but sure, let's try this expensive medication I do not need because otherwise my records will show I am un cooperative and that is like the last blow to a fat cunt in the hospital hell I am in.

No. 899068

File: 1630637632700.gif (317.64 KB, 384x224, dragonfire-2-1.gif)

swear to GOD this heartburn will kill me. tempted to take 2 Zantac. but I will only take one like a good idiot

No. 899069

File: 1630637745565.jpg (24.16 KB, 342x298, EUydZrdWoAMidAN.jpg)

No. 899080

No. 899086

Had a horrible migraine all day and finally got rid of it then an hour later I had my annoying fucking tic where I throw my head back really hard and it immediately came back. Fucking love tourettes

No. 899088

File: 1630640027064.jpg (35.2 KB, 640x480, Tomoe.jpg)

Just don't go to the Dr for weight loss anon. They just want to get commission from pushing pills. You lost a lot already idk why you need their help.

No. 899090

neither were the posters in the k-pop threads (except for the earlier/first few k-pop criticals)

No. 899094

I am not there for weight loss, I have a select few conditions and one of those requires I see this specialist who doesn't seem to be even specialized in this shit. I can't afford to have a troublemaker, refusal of treatment on my notes so we'll fucking see what happens next week, but yeah. Tastes like a fucking scam.

No. 899105

Hyperfixating on shit is so fucking miserable. Why do I do this?

No. 899106

men really ain't shit

No. 899108

going on like 15+ years (damn) of trying to not end it fucking all & im just proud of myself for still trying to survive this mess

No. 899110

Cant believe it took me 5 Years of singlehood to form a parasocial relationship with a vtuber, sad

No. 899111

File: 1630643815865.jpeg (64.06 KB, 768x1152, 244ACD89-34AE-48B6-AC56-5D002E…)

I bought these jeans today and even though I like how they fit I really wanted that loose, baggy look but because I have wider hips/butt I think that type of silhouette is just not in the cards for me. Sometimes I wish they had binders but for like your hips instead of your chest kek

No. 899118

>Sometimes I wish they had binders but for like your hips instead of your chest kek
Same here. I like how my hips look and I don't think it's bad to have them but man they just get in the way and I hate how they feel. Maybe it's autistic of me but I get weirdly grossed out when my arms hang by my sides and make contact with my hips.

No. 899120

I get so frustrated when I can't understand hands-on stuff. For the last hour I've been trying to learn a slip stitch (which is supposed to be one of the easiest things in crochet), and I still can't do it. Video tutorials suck, and pictures+text tutorials might as well be hieroglyphics. I wish there was anything that came easily to me.

No. 899131

I feel the same way anon. I could’ve made that post. I’m so sick of my hips being so prominent no matter what kind of pants I wear. I feel like this might be some kind of body dysphoria common in women?

No. 899135

File: 1630650536018.jpg (79.16 KB, 512x341, unnamed (1).jpg)

>it was all just cute and pretty.
lmao reminds me of the times when I would listen to trance and whatever techno music on youtube, and the thumbnail was always some anime girl

I was like 10 or 11 and absolutely didn't pick up on how awful many of the 'cute animu pictures' were, because I was just happy having a colourful cartoon pic on my screen while blaring music I felt was fun. Child me just went yay beep beep boop boop colours and sounds wow what fun. It was all just cute and pretty and caramelldansen. I was just vibing and didn't see it for what it was.

Only in retrospect I see how much I've been influenced and damaged by the loli shit being so normalized.

Picrel the thumbnails were something like this, I picked out a less creepy option that's still an example of the aesthetic.

No. 899144

Holy fucking shit anon I’ve been going through the same thing, right down to the cramps starting 2 days before the period. Just like you, it all started right after I got my vaccine. I’ve been worried out of my mind about what the booster is gonna do to my periods. Thank you for posting, it’s somehow comforting to know that it’s happening to other people too.

No. 899145

…and she deleted it I guess. Wtf.

No. 899151

i hate being a quiet under socialized woman because no matter how much i try to prove that i’m competent and extremely capable at the job, big tit extraverted stacy will always be loved more and given more assignments to do just because she can talk for hours. it’s over if you’re a woman without social skills. i think im going to have to sleep with my bosses in order to get any job opportunities in the business world just because i’m not naturally extraverted like that. might jst say fuck it and go pre-law actually, i dont mind working on cases all day and contemplating suicide.

No. 899164

You need another job, nonnie!
And you can't let the shallowness of your work environment bring you down. You know youre capable and worth more than this. Hang in there. I wish I knew you well enough to give some proper advice

No. 899169

Thinking about that vtuber thread that got flooded with gore because someone was talking shit about one and their simps found out. The gore was terrible but I can’t help laughing at these moids for getting so worked up over literal anime avatars.

No. 899172

IKTF my bosses and coworkers despised my presence and treated me like a bitch or stupid for being quiet, just like highschool. Sorry I actually want to recharge on my lunch break and sorry I can't shoot the shit like everybody so well. I feel like being a bit introverted and gnc hurts my career a lot

No. 899173

Yea, it's more difficult for us, especially if you have rbf then you're instantly an arrogant bitch even tho no one talked to you yet.

The trick seems to be to get REALLY good at something/your job to the point where they can't really replace you. Or at least good enough so you can get a new job easily. As long as you're not an asshole you'll get by.

No. 899181

My current job is the first one I've experienced this at because I have to spend basically all day with my coworkers. I maybe have it somewhat easier than other quiet women because I have a very young face so people tend to subconsciously infantilize me despite me being 20 now (people have mistaken me for a 15 year old in the past). Still despite of this, maybe even because of it in a way, they feel more comfortable disrespecting me than anyone else here, and I can feel them looking down on me. I genuinely think some of them believe I'm stupid because I don't speak much and I'm very polite so people automatically assume I'm gonna be their doormat. I wish I looked more intimidating for this reason, but as another anon said women with a rbf get treated badly in their own way. Introverts really have it rough man

No. 899182

I was on there kek and everyone made fun of Poocas for the scandal and called him an STD ridden lil shit

No. 899188

i wish i could find another job but i need the experience ahh, i'm not sure what to do without being a big pushover. this shit always happens to me :/ i remember during high school one of my scrote supervisors completely ignored me and gave all of his attention to this beautiful charming talkative college girl even though she didn't even work there :< one time when i had to go to an event he asked my female supervisor if she thinks i'll embarrass him so yea. suicide fuel LOL. i guess working in a more technical position would be a good way to counter working in a hyper-social high school type work place but yea ill grin and bear it lolololol
fuck i feel like it's so much worse for introverted women because we're expected to be more "talkative" and agreeable if that makes sense? also the older women in my office are so vile i don't know how to deal
>The trick seems to be to get REALLY good at something/your job to the point where they can't really replace you
true, but i feel like my supervisors would just see me as someone they can take advantage of. guess i have to lean in kek(don't use emojis)

No. 899203

I fucking hate how retarded leftist men get whenever women's rights get mentioned. It's not fucking idpol, it's material reality, women have been oppressed because of our biology, not just because. I swear to fuck these motherfuckers sound exactly like the right wingers they try to act like they're superior to whenever it comes to the topic of feminism.

No. 899230

Almost forgot to send in the payment for the coming semester before the deadline today. Then I looked up the next exam date and suddenly I'm so terrified, I'm freaking out for no reason. I feel sick just thinking about it, this is all too serious for me. I want to go back to slacking off without a thought in my mind

No. 899240

why did this fucking scrote just catcall me and my sister from one of our own building's balconies. I hope he doesn't live here and is just a worker or someone's retarded family member visiting. I hate how it makes me feel disgusting even though I know it's not my fault

No. 899241

>big tit extraverted stacy

nice try scrote, you didn’t integrate enough.

No. 899243

well it sounds like part of your job is having social skills, so how can you say you are competent and extremely capable at the job when you literally lack one important skill of the job which is being social? That "big tiddy extraverted lady" does not get promoted because of her body but literally because she has a skill that you do not have. Stop whining and making it appear like the world is extremely lookist, having skills and privilege like connections or money is way important than how your body looks like.

No. 899246

File: 1630673147736.jpeg (259.6 KB, 529x523, 4863AFDF-1E85-4EF8-BBF5-122D80…)

Knowing that I will probably have to work for the rest of my life once I get out of school makes me want to commit suicide. I already feel unusually numb and fatigued from life and I’m deathly afraid of how my career will turn out or if I even will have one because I don’t have the energy or enthusiasm for capitalist work. I just want to drop everything like an idiot and run away to become a bum.

No. 899247

oh my god this is so cringe kill yourslef scrote or pick me stop using emojis and acting like women have social privilege because of their looks, we don't. Actually, if you're pretty there's a higher chance scrote will grope or rape or stalk you. Most incel scrotes wish they were good looking women because they are obsessed with sex and rape. They wish they were good looking women solely for the fact that if you are a beautiful woman your chances of getting sexually harassed, groped, hit on by disgusting moids increases significantly. YOU LACK SKILL THAT'S YOUR PROBLEM beauty ain't shit and it can get you in trouble with moids or it can make women hate you and try bringing you down mentally

No. 899256

File: 1630674444221.jpg (19.91 KB, 576x348, 42156879_10155991520724842_382…)

how are you people still out there being fooled into replying to a man talking about "big tiddy stacy" and using retarded emojis
you really shouldn't've

No. 899260

you’re a scrote trying desperately hard to imitate what you think women talk about, go back to kiwifarms because we don’t want you here.

No. 899262

i hate when you realize all your friends know something that you don't

No. 899263

my whole body always aches the morning after drinking and i don't have pain relievers. it feels like someone is sawing at my bones

No. 899267

Kek glad I'm not the only one who had that smell in the nose

No. 899268

My grandma spits out bits that seem unedible to her when she eats, and sometimes she starts putting her fingers into the plate and smear anything she gets on them all around the table. Today she had fish broth (mackerel) for dinner so everything was in fucking fish and stinked. I cleaned up and it seems like it didn't even really help, I can still feel this awful smell and it drives me mad. I got so mad I started swearing out loud while cleaning and I never do this (well, unless I'm really angry), and then I wanted to cry because I was so disgusted. I know it's inadequate, but I can't stand nasty fishy smells and they always seem to stay no matter what.

No. 899269

Rather that's a scrote or not- there have been multiple studies on this. Being attractive, in both genders, gives you more opportunities in life. People are more likely to hire you even if you have less skills for the job. ALso men will fucking molest you no matter what. I'm fucking ugly as shit and have been harassed and nearly raped on several occasions. I'm not saying beauty has no let downs but this anon is roughly correct though I don't support shitting on the woman just because she's beautiful, she didn't invent how society works.

No. 899274

Same tbh, my dad's not even hot, my mom is much better looking and I got all my physical flaws from him. Not to mention mental issues, both me and my brother are highly anxious, I'm always depressed and it's obvious his family is mentally unwell - shizos, mentally slow people and so on. Dad is depressed, aggressive and used to be physically abusive.
I genuinely don't understand why my mom that was a popular very good looking "Stacy"-type girl attending a very hard STEM university had children and married a guy who never helped her, treats her like his maid, almost failed highschool but puts her intelligence down all the time. He talked her into not working, wouldn't ever help with anything at home and now he's acting all high and mighty because he's earning more than she is. Of course I'm glad I'm alive so I can't complain much about her having children with him, I hate that I had to grow up in such a shitty family environment.
Growing up with parents who hate each other, cheat on each other and father that's physically abusive to his own wife is much more damaging than if they separated and found loving partners. And I always feel guilty because it's because of me and my brother that my mom is bound to him and she basically ruined her life because of us.

No. 899278

Paying $50 to graduate college is bullshit like bitch just give me my paper

No. 899279

They just have to squeeze that last drop of money out of you

No. 899283

is Japan as ideologized as America or Western countries when it comes to gender ideology? Are there as many troons involved with niche media like anime?

No. 899284

Not sure about niche media but there are definitely many transexuals on tv (as talento)

No. 899331

Aren’t otokonoko more akin to cross dressors and drags? Not “literally a woman” copium yet. That may change soon tho. Labels like gender x or nonbinary are more popular.

No. 899335

Shit maybe you are right. I don't know for sure tho, it's not like they talk about their weiner status on tv lol

I know JAL was in the news some months ago because they decided to change their " ladies and gentlemen" greetings for more "gender neutral" ones. That was the first time I ever heard anyone talking about gender-neutral-ness in japan.

No. 899341

File: 1630682169469.jpg (8.13 KB, 277x182, cjn3kfjl.jpg)

Made the mistake of curiously looking into Oscar speculation forums and now I'm too caught up in checking in on reactions from the ongoing film festivals. Literally waking up at 5am without an alarm because I'm too excited to see if there are reviews for Dune or Spencer or whatever the hell else. There's something engrossing about how everyone just knows that contenders have to follow certain narratives like "this actor is long overdue for a win so he'll got nominated whether or not the movie is good" or "so-and-so doesn't need to win the Volpi Cup, in fact it might hurt her chances for the Oscar" or "This entry is this year's Mank/Roma/whatever because it will garner (so-and-so) reaction". This is by far the stupidest thing I've ever hyperfixated on but I know too much now to be free.

No. 899343

What are they saying about Spencer? I've only heard bad things about it, because let's be realistic, Kristin Stewart can NOT act for shit

No. 899350

File: 1630682853493.png (31.51 KB, 1306x291, endmysuffering.png)

You're not gonna believe this but I've seen mostly raves (which I didn't expect either). You can see several already in the hashtag but here are a couple that are published on websites. Picrel to avoid (imageboard) redtext



The most lukewarm review I've seen so far is Indiewire's but its criticism is mostly for the script/direction.

No. 899358

Oh man I didn't know the trailer was out but she doesn't look like her at all lol

thank you for the links! tbh I've read (in blind gossip sites) that KS is one of those stars that love giving out "favours" for good reviews/ parts so it wouldn't surprise me if she went all out with this. I guess I'll wait until the "normies" watch the movie and give their reviews.

No. 899360

Love that for you. Yeah, I'm looking forward to more general audience reactions too. If there's one thing I learned from this hellish deep dive it's that most of the reviews that pour out immediately after a movie premieres in a festival are extremely hyperbolic in order to farm retweets/clicks from film stans.

No. 899364

You should watch Speak and Clouds of Sils Maria, she was great in these

No. 899403

I'm so embarrassed, my blood sugar spiked or I had a panic attack at work and my boss is worrying about me and is giving solid advice on how to calm down. I feel so stupid.

No. 899413

I hate when sayings are true, when I'm miserable (which is 90%) of the time, i DO feel better when shit isn't going well for other people. Even if I feel bad for them and wish them the best, I do feel like i love company and it's not only me. I'm trying to pick the pieces of my life togeather, I'm trying to live, it's so hard…I just pray I keep at it. My period is coming and I feel more depressed then normal, but I think I can do it. I gotta know I can do it.

No. 899418

File: 1630688960414.jpg (1.17 MB, 2000x1052, Maslows-Hierarchy-of-Needs.jpg)

and it's hard to be a human being… and it's harder than anything else

(if you don't have all of these you will be miserable)

No. 899430

even worse, if you have all of these but they’re still not adequate enough to feel like an actual human being KEK

No. 899450

I have the top and the bottom and I'm fine, just severely delusional

No. 899462

I’m so fucking sick and tired of having a different opinion and being called a scrote for it. I’m sick and tired of being ignored in general. I’m sick and tired of everything. And also the immaturity and audacity, I actually can’t. I’m tired of being called weak because I’m normally reacting to situations that no one would ever want to be in. I just hope you suffer.

No. 899482

Man, anytime I find someone cool and intriguing on social media they ruin it by blabbing about their personal life or opinions.
I hate that sooooo many people hopped on the mental illness train, anytime someone posts about mUh MenTol IlLnESs!! I unfollow and block. I'll never understand why people are so proud to broadcast their dirty laundry.

No. 899483

File: 1630693765952.jpeg (116.66 KB, 1440x1715, iu-9.jpeg)

Sage 4 sperg but I hate my fucking manager. I have shit to do outside of my job so I asked for 10-15 hours a week, he gave me 23 at first which I didn't really mind because it's not that much but now he's given me 35 hours a week and considering I'm a cashier, I hate it. I'm gonna ask the assistent manager or whatever he is at my work to give me less hours because jesus h christ

No. 899486

My period is about to start and I just took a good look at my life and i'm soo depressed. More then I've ever been in my life

No. 899488

Samefag, but I followed muatheresa for a little while because her makeup looks are cool, I was hoping to learn from her but her "tutorials" are unwatchable and she is so fucking irritating. One of those people who just screams into the camera or constantly makes retarded jokes/noises/meme references. In her makeup videos she talks about everything but makeup. It pisses me off. I just wanna learn how to use neon pigment dumb bitch stfu about yourself you're not that fucking interesting.

No. 899510

I don’t usually mind kids but god when someone can’t wrangle their own, I lose my fucking mind.

No. 899517


Like the badass kid who keeps running around in Applebee's and you just want to trip him so he fucking stops? Yeah. I can't stand bad kids either. Just reflects badly on the parents who can't reel them in.

No. 899524

Exactly. This little girl was crying on the floor and her mom did fuck all to soothe her or even take her outside until she calms down. I get that being a parent is hard but how does someone not feel embarrassed that their kid is throwing a fit? I would feel so uncomfortable and red in the face.

No. 899545


Because she hates her kid, the kids father, and her life. Kek. She's too deep in her own depression to really care about whatever the fuck her hellspawn is doing until it gets too bad to ignore.

Abortions and birth control are legal in the U.S ladies. It's more merciful than having a kid you can't stand because you're not ready for the responsibility.

No. 899567

We're finally going to be able to get an exterminator in for our bedbugs, but the co-op board has been super unresponsive so our exterminator is coming in basically without their knowledge because they are just taking too fucking long (been waiting for their response for like 2 months already with repeated follow up emails every other week or so). I would feel relaxed that we finally can get the guy to come in, but I'm absolutely terrified of our building finding out that we're just hiring the guy. My dad thinks they can't evict us, but I'm pretty sure it violates our proprietary lease to hire an outside contractor without approval. The guy isn't some shady weirdo from an alleyway, he has his licenses and insurances, but still. They only agreed to come in without approval from the board because I've been in contact with them and they can't seem to reach our building management either, so we both don't want to have to do it this way but there's no choice.

I guess it's a lose-lose situation either way, but I want my shit back from storage already. It's going to be $1800 for the two treatments, which is pricey, but I have enough in savings to comfortably cover it. I may or may not elect to have continuous follow up treatments at a lower price but they said I can decide that after the second treatment. Please pray that everything goes well for me nonnies. My nightmare might soon be over.

No. 899568

I've seen that in person, parents straight up ignoring their wailing child in a pram as it cries and going about their day as if it doesn't bother others. Why?

No. 899584

>Abortions and birth control are legal in the U.S ladies

uhhh…states are literally turning to overturn roe vs wade right now. It happened in Texas

No. 899589


Well birth control should become even more of a priority for the modern woman. My point is, do your due diligence to not be stuck with a baby that you low-key hate. That news made me sick though. I hate America for shit like this.

No. 899592

Best form of birth control was realizing that I'm lesbian, not bi. So thankful I realized that pretty early on, I was on the pill from age 15-19 and it probably fucked my body up in ways I didn't realize. If I ever got pregnant by a scrote somehow I would scoop out my own fucking uterus

No. 899596

Go clean your room Michael

No. 899597

Apparently they found fetus cells in women's brains and organs even after she aborted the fetus. Boymoms brainworms is real kek.

No. 899606


If that happens the abortion wasn't complete.

>Fetus cells in women's brains


No. 899610

i've been drinking so heavy and hard that my face looks like a strawberry. i hate this shit, why can't i just have my booze without my face being a dead giveaway that i have a problem.

No. 899627

No. 899670

Just shoot me in the head, I can't stand seeing any more twitter POC garbage on here. No I'm not going to formulate every post around the possibility that I might be talking to someone with heretofore unexplained racial trauma, why the fuck would I assume that?

No. 899671

I'm probably going to end up killing myself. I'm 27, gonna be 28 by close to mid next year, and my life has just been…nothing. I have no friends and haven't had any in a long time. I had 1 friend but she bailed on me. I spend a majority of my time on the internet. I have a bachelor's degree but can't hold down a job due to anxiety and depression and possibly something else like bipolar disorder or OCD. My family is abusive but the only way to escape them would be holding down a job which I can't. I've lived a very sheltered and controlled life and I've never done anything significant in life. I know I can just escape and be homeless and live in my car but I'm scared and eventually need a job to be able to pay for the car. The only way out of this would be if I had a lot of money but that will never happen. I really want to die and don't know what else to do. I have no hope. I've been to numerous therapists and psychiatrists since I was 13. I've been on all different types of medications and have seen countless therapists but NOTHING HELPS.

No. 899672

Amen to that nonnie

No. 899677

No. 899699

Finally someone says it

No. 899720

This but with unintegrated kiwifarm retards calling anons muzzies, britbongs and niggers.

No. 899735

File: 1630706931931.jpeg (165.85 KB, 1200x792, D315EDE3-088D-4BC3-9FF9-EB3C55…)

No. 899767

Every time I post on here the more alienated I feel. I can’t even talk about a game I like without feeling excluded. I guess lurking is the only thing I can really do without devolving into full madness like others have unfortunately have.

No. 899777

>I can't even talk about a game I like without feeling excluded

what do you mean

No. 899780

What game anon?

No. 899784

How can I stop caring about my abdominal aorta? Thanks. I always think about it and I'm convinced I'm going to die from an aneurysm in my stomach. I am seeing a gastroenterologist in hopes of getting an MRI of that area, I'm hoping they don't find anything.

No. 899786

The game that has been causing many to go wild in /m/, why is it so bad just to like a character? regardless I just feel really detached from this place, /snow/ has been unironically enjoyable to lurk as of right now

No. 899793

I'm falling behind socially because I hate social media and everyone expects everyone else to have it.
A coworker asked me today if I have Instagram, of course I said no. It's not the first time. I manage to have a Facebook that I rarely post on, but of course that's too personal or uncool for most people to want to connect on. And when I do post on Facebook, the algorithm punishes me and hides my posts from everyone because I don't interact or use the platform dutifully enough for Zuck the cuck.

If I didn't have my husband I'd be really lonely. Getting anyone to hang out is like pulling teeth, especially being of covid.

No. 899804

I was taking a nap when my dad woke me up to ask me to go to the supermarket with him, but “ask” isn’t really right because he basically expects me to. I went to go refill the water basin for my plant (takes like 2 seconds) and he starts bitching that we only have half an hour left before the supermarket closes so I go to change clothes, and when I come out and say “alright let’s go” he changes his mind and is like “fine! fine! you dont have to go!” like bitch I’ve already fucking changed clothes. God I can’t stand this stupid dipshit. I wanted to go out with him tomorrow and take him to this food market that he’s never been to because he’s usually working when they hold it but fuck that, he can go himself now if he wants to go.

Also I was telling my mom that I get commuter benefits through work now and she wants me to buy my dad his subway card now too. Yes, I’d still be saving money since it’s bought with pre-tax dollars, but I know they won’t pay me back for it so thats another $100+ expense for me.

No. 899820

that's why i don't bother talking about stuff i actually like here or anywhere else unless someone brings it up first, all my likes are probably autistic to them

No. 899845

Embed or jannies will ban. It's dumb but they do.

No. 899873

I got a new ipad to work on (i’m an illustrator) and my parents immediately strong armed me into giving them my old one, which i kinda wanted to keep so i could use it in case my new one started giving me problems. I know it’s kinda dumb, but i’m very unlucky with tech, and having my old one around really helped with my anxiety… Needless to say my new ipad is giving me trouble, i don’t know what’s wrong with it or how long it’ll take to fix it, so i can’t work or draw for fun… this sucks.

No. 899896

weird. I saw this right after switching tabs. I was researching my old iPad because I wanna resell kek it's fated that you buy mine, nonnie

No. 899910

It’s a sign… i’ll buy your ipad anon

No. 899916

File: 1630714010912.jpeg (54.16 KB, 284x398, 3FE6A140-C11E-4476-A4DF-C610FF…)

i have a male friend with whom i enjoy doing a specific hobby. no one else i know does this hobby and its predominantly male anyways. now this friend of 3 years is dropping signals and im not trying to pick up. every. time. i wish men realized that if a woman doesnt act interested its because she fuckin isnt

No. 899936

>male friend
Why do anons do this to themselves. Rip hope you learned smthng.

No. 899956

File: 1630716458627.jpg (43.82 KB, 540x540, 8c37d94ac0_5aeb58b9_540.jpg)

What is up with FTMs and Ryona? why are so many of them into gore? They're heading into schizo mtf territory at this point.

No. 899958

Fuck. My shithead ex-army neighbor is staying over to eat. He's a hypocritical asshole yet my parents like him. He aggressively wants me to like him. Fucking hate how he talks to me. Fucking ass.

No. 899959

Also stfu about weed. You are so dependent on it. Stop acting like it solves you're problems. News flash: it doesn't.

No. 899964

i’m like 95% sure from own experience that it has something to do with autism and the way it warps their empathy and sexuality

No. 899966

a mixture of autism, self-hatred, and being so terminally online they get used to increasingly fucked-up porn

No. 899967

they’re aware that men find gore hilarious or sexually enticing

No. 899968

Heavy internalized misogyny, the desire to be masculine/autoandrophilia, pornsickness, wanting to be an edgy NLOG and autism.

No. 899970

File: 1630717376646.jpeg (60.46 KB, 631x757, 68C487B0-6B91-4847-934D-0869FB…)

I like this one. Still good seven hours later.

No. 899975

actually this reminds me, i drew ryona (torture images) since i was 8, so i don’t think the terminally online pornsick thing applies to me, there’s just inherently something wrong with my brain.

No. 899982

I think they're aware, on some level, that their transition is a public form of self harm and mutilation, and that reflects in their art and artistic tastes a lot of the time

No. 899985

i hate when people invite men to things. it always ruin the fun

No. 899999

theres like maybe 20 women in my state who share this hobby and 0 in my city that i have any way of contacting, my options are limited

No. 900029

what even is your hobby. your vagueness is ominous

No. 900031

File: 1630729583282.jpeg (1001.38 KB, 1265x1451, F2A2AE69-44AE-4B07-BF14-4913FC…)

>be sitting with my MIL and SIL having a drink
>were all watching our kids and watching a movie
>not getting hammered but a little tipsy on a weekend night
>son hops up into lap
> my drink is to the side of my seat
>just sitting there for like 49 seconds
>my 2 year old proceeds to then throw his sippy cup aside on the floor
>lands right on my glass of margarita
>glass shatters , it’s my first drink too, like halfway filled.
I have to pick it up and tell the kids to keep away from area.

No. 900035

Learn to say no to your parents then

No. 900082

Anon, be assertive and tell them

No. 900083

Can someone please respond to me I’m so lonely anyways my boyfriend always takes off with his friends, and usually I’m ok with it but he’s doing it more often and yesterday when he hung out with his friends his friends girlfriend was there so I feel pretty left out he’s acting like I’m overreacting but I’m just AAAA I don’t even have my own friends so maybe that’s why he won’t invite me but ugh I’m so lonely when he goes out all the time

No. 900084

Are you pretty at least?

No. 900088

Why don’t you go out with him? What has stopped you from becoming friends with his friends?

No. 900095

The term “roastie” is such a weak insult. I dont know why moids think anyone outside their pornsick faggot hugbox gives a fuck about a meaty pussy. If anything it sounds more appetizing

No. 900098

ik what roastie means but for some reason i thought 'meaty' meant like fat pussy lips

No. 900104

Big pussy lips just means more feel good surface area, only drawback is you have to spread them when you put in a dick because they might become caught and pinch.

No. 900112

'roastie' like roast beef.

No. 900118

Yes exactly. Don't get women who mutilate themselves and cut all those sensitive nerve endings away.
Who cares about pussy shape anyway, it's such a non-issue irl.
It's just a cheap insult made in retaliation for 'small dick' insults anyway, except it didn't catch on in normies like small dick jokes did because no one cares kek

No. 900132

I fucking hate being apple shaped.

No. 900134

I'm so fucking tired all the time. I don't want to get out of bed.

No. 900148

I fucking feel you, I am exhausted every hour of every day

No. 900150

Same, I don't feel like I wake up in the mornings

No. 900173

My trick is being skinny all the time. When I gain weight I look terrible. I lose all my curves instead of getting them. Felt for the thicc meme, thought I'm getting all curvy and thicc and ended up with the worst body. Now I'm hungry all the time. That being said I hate being apple shaped as well

No. 900180

I don't know how to unclench my jaw and relax. My (metaphorical) asshole is just clenched all the damn time and I get headaches

No. 900183

File: 1630759547560.png (815.77 KB, 757x568, NaturalVitalityCalmProducts.pn…)

Had the same issue and it was hell!! For me it was mostly psychosomatic and once I wasn't as stressed it got a bit better, but definitely try picrel or any magnesium supplement as well as eating bananas for potassium. Use a sleep aid like valerian to relax your body and stay relaxed in sleep. Puff your cheeks out to stretch tight facial muscles. Experiment with facial massage. Good luck, nonny.

No. 900187

File: 1630759836321.png (145.66 KB, 360x450, onebigcurve.png)

Oof, I would hate life if I was apple shaped.

No. 900210

I was in a lolcow discord server and I left over some disagreements and I'm convinced someone from there is LARPING as me on here. As schizophrenic as that may sound, there are a bunch of posts that sperg about things I would sperg about and they use the same writing style that I use. It's so creepy and uncomfortable and I genuinely want to leave. It's just too extreme for it to even be a coincidence at this point.

No. 900216

Maybe you're not as unique as you thought. Nobody knows who you are to larp as you lmao.

No. 900226

i live across from a park (a pretty hidden park in the city) and EVERY saturday people come there and blast music. i live about 300 feet from it and can feel the bass. i don't care about a lot of people being there, i think that's pretty nice. but it's all centered around the music. on top of that, the guy with the aux doesn't turn his phone on silent so everyone can hear his notifications.

No. 900229

It's possible. For how long has it been going on? It happened to me in snow. She gave up after a few hours. If I tried replying to the people who thought they were replying to me, she became aggressive and accused me of bullying her. It was bizarre kek.

No. 900235

File: 1630764956710.jpg (124.19 KB, 920x1390, schoolgirl-dunce.jpg)

Still, at least anon can form grammatically correct sentences.

No. 900238

I doubt anyone would be able to perfectly copy your writing style, maybe you were just on drugs and forgot you wrote it.

No. 900242

File: 1630765282417.jpeg (15.15 KB, 235x214, 3C197FBA-C156-4941-A54C-8ED5E2…)

No. 900245

I went to see a doctor last week since I had an ear infection and Jesus Christ the doctor was like 10 years older than me but he was also really hot. I thought about telling him that he is really handsome and pretty but I was too shy and was afraid that it might make him uncomfortable or that he notices that I think that he is good looking. The examination itself was also going well, he was really nice. He didn't wear a wedding ring on his finger so should it be fine if I try and give a compliment next time…? I don't know if that would be inappropriate behaviour tho since he is a doctor and I am a patient. I don't want to make a fool out of myself. I hope I get sick fast again so I can see him again.

No. 900247

Idgi, just be skinny?

No. 900250

You're probably ugly shaped

No. 900251

Knowing that at least one of the Discord servers with users from here is full of like, actual unstable people who'd probably do this, I can believe this.
In your position, I'd just call them out and not give a fuck. The best they can do is deny it and be like "T-Take your meds, I'm just venting", but they know what they're doing, and they know they're the creep who needs to take meds because they're obviously obsessed with you.
I'd straight up derail all their posts and respond to anyone who tried to talk to them. Doesn't matter if disbelieved, the point is to fuck up the fun.

No. 900259

If you consider a defined waist ugly, sure

No. 900269

I have the same issue. You can try spending money on a night guard/retainer (they are extremely expensive if you're in the US) or you can also try putting your tongue on the roof of your mouth to help prevent clenching. I also recommend putting warm compresses/ice on the area and seeing a physical therapist or a chiropractor.

No. 900272

I have a mole on my leg that I'm insecure about, I tried to scratch it off when I was little so it looks extra weird now. Have any of you had a mole removed or removed it yourself?
I feel like having hairy legs makes them look better but I still don't like my ugly little puffy mole. The flat ones don't bother me but any raised moles drive my OCD fucking bonkers

No. 900273

nta but have you tried the cow yourself thread

No. 900276

File: 1630766658472.jpg (475.34 KB, 1920x1267, annie-spratt-ikFIeO6cd7Y-unspl…)

No, I have not been on drugs and even if I were I wouldn't forget it but whatever you say
For a couple of weeks now. There's just a lot of mean/sociopathic girls on here and they're the same ones that say they are radfems. Look at some replies of the replies
replies for someone that complains about their body shape

anon is very depressed and suicidal and in a bad situation >>900084 the reply

I'm glad the friend finder thread was closed down. The feminist flood of lolcow made me think this place would have good people, but afterall it's a gossip imageboard for people that foster a lot of hatred and sociopathy. The discord server I joined was "radfem" but they're all back stabbing each other and they've been playing with my mind for 3 weeks now. They impersonate me, post personal things about me when they think a post sounds like it could be mine and they accuse other anons of being me and attribute posts made by someone larping as me to me. They're insane. The person that LARPs as me is probably one of them too.

No, I don't wanna do that. I'm not like that. I just want them to leave me alone and stop thinking about me and stop bothering me.

No. 900278

Nta but I have the same problem and in my experience a month guard only made it worse. Gonna try the tongue thing, normally just the tip of my tongue is at the roof of my mouth

No. 900279

at least you’re shaped like an iPhone, I think that’s pretty cool

No. 900291

File: 1630767119520.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.08 MB, 1914x1736, 1D5EA63F-8ACB-4453-B40B-0DC1C1…)

here is my gross mole and the reason i’ve never worn shorts in my life

No. 900292

Literally no one here cares what shape you are you all have probably really ugly clown faces so you better worry about getting that plastic surgery money for your big red shnoz honk honk

No. 900295

Go 1 in 3, scrote

No. 900300

>people that foster a lot of hatred and sociopathy

pretty much. lolcow sucks and is full of, not just mentally ill, but cruel people

No. 900307

that looks tiny and completely normal to me

No. 900328

yeah anon, that's pretty much completely unnoticeable. wear those shorts babe!

No. 900336

why are you still here then?

No. 900357

I can’t stop stepping on the scale and it’s messing with my head and I know it is but I can’t stop. I started working out a little more regularly now, and I gained a tiny bit of weight that could maybe be muscle weight, but telling myself that feels like cope even though when I look in the mirror I look the same as normal/my stomach looks like its less bloated than before too. Why can’t I just exercise and eat normally without feeling absolutely miserable? Why can’t I convince myself to just work out and enjoy the benefits of feeling stronger and more energized rather than focusing on how I look? I’m skinny fat and always have been, and like to dress in a relatively modest way so regardless of whether I have anything to show off, I wouldn’t want to show it off anyway. My brain feels so fucked up, and even though I know what I value, I won’t listen to myself. I hate this shit.

No. 900358

If it's that small then just use an at home mole remover.

No. 900359

I scratched off a big mole on my arm when I was a kid. It was hanging by a very tiny piece. I just put a bandaid on and the skin grew back around it.

No. 900362

can't stop binge eating. might kms.

why can't i eat a normal amount of food. it's either nothing or everything. lost 10lbs in a week by going full ana chan and just not eating anything and then gained 20lbs back in a month by eating everything.

a few years ago i lost 40-50lbs by doing the same thing. fasting or low restricting. ended up gaining it all back.

can't exercise because i'm physically disabled. i got especially suicidal once i hit 200lbs but now i'm 220lbs. would have jumped off a bridge by now if my legs worked kek

tldr; i'm built like PT and it's making me suicidal

No. 900363

Thank you, sweet nonnas.
I would like to try that, do the at home removers work pretty well?

No. 900379

I don't know about the site as a whole, but I have noticed that the vent threads in particular have had a weirdly hostile atmosphere for the past year or so. There used to be a rule in the OPs to prevent this but then it just stopped being placed there for some reason.

No. 900385

File: 1630774185623.jpeg (84.03 KB, 619x526, 07A3D131-8A64-48E9-BD82-699F72…)

I’m so flustered why can’t people answer my questions am I the only one with this problem ahhhh

No. 900397

lmao same i once fell down some stairs made out of rocks and scratched of some of the skin on my back and one of my bigger moles fell off

No. 900401

What is your disability exactly, if you don't mind telling? If you can't use your legs you could still lift some light weights for a few minutes every day, I'm sure even that would make a big difference

No. 900404

Your DID saga begun, anon

No. 900406

i've never been given a name for it, because apparently it's a few different things working together. basically i can't use my legs much, i'm not paralysed but things move out of place and dislocate if i move in the wrong way, which is agnoisingly painful when it happens. i get around with mobility aids, sometimes use a wheelchair if i need to.

i'm fortunate that my condition is fixable and i'm going to get surgery (possibly multiple) for it. i do think after that i'll probably lose a lot of weight just from the novelty of having fully functioning legs, since i'll want to use them. but right now i'm so stressed about it, and i need to lose weight before surgery anyway. they didn't say exactly how much, but they said "you can afford to lose a few lbs" and i was like haha yeah.

i think i need to work on the binge eating before i start exercising because i'm just going to gain everything back.

it definitely felt good to shout into the void about it though. thanks for replying, anon. it feels good that somebody is listening.

No. 900411

You're free to leave anytime, just like OP announced a week ago despite still being here.

No. 900417

I am the same weight and have done the same thing. I have the PCOS body shape too, giant wide shoulders and ribcage + oddly narrow hips. I started hypothyroidism medication and it helped me get to 220 without doing anything else, but to get below I have to eat around 500 calories, otherwise it stays the same.
I also suffer physical pain from an accident, so I try to walk more instead of run because it'll make my condition worse.
I don't binge eat, I just have an unfortunate metabolism, so I can't give much help on that, but when I was younger I would just drink a lot of water to the point I was full. I've honestly come to accept that I'll look like this the rest of my life though.
I want you to know that I relate completely to everything you said about having to be ana to lose weight lmao, it is so fucking painful. I just don't know if the pain is worth it to starve myself the rest of my life so I look a certain way. I believe in you to cure your binging.

No. 900429

link the posts, I'm curious if they'll look like one person's post or multiple people

No. 900437

Anon is probably just damage controlling after finally realising how much she sticks out in the unpopular opinions thread >>899931 >>899933

No. 900439

File: 1630778697600.jpg (66.9 KB, 640x406, tradwife.jpg)

I hate tomboy-obsessed moids. They don't don't want a "tomboy gf", they want a hentai trope who plays sports with them but is also petite and cute and super skinny. The same guys who used to bully me for buying clothes from the boy's section as a kid are now on 4chan wondering where all the tomboys have gone. Not to mention none of those precious tomboys would've fucked them in the first place. It's hilarious to imagine all of these moids sitting in their mom's basement jerking off to old Ellen Page movies thinking "I could've saved her."
Also, I don't get the whole "muh tomboys being brainwashed into becoming trannies" meme. Every single TIF I've ever met was a girly girl before transitioning. There are a bunch of enbies at my school (I'm 18, jannies don't ban me) and they wear more makeup than the "cis" girls.

No. 900456

True, me and a lot of other masculine girls who played real sports were mostly ignored by most of the normie scrotes, we had bf's though but they were often in the same sports clubs as us and so part of our circle
Either way I'm still fairly masculine to this day and only a small minority of men are interested in me but that small minority is still better then most scrotes

No. 900463

It's the new monthly flavor of "cool girl", mix of muscle fetish + childhood friend trope. Irl they would get triggered if she was more fit than him, or had better banter, or had no manners, or had more confidence than him.
>The same guys who used to bully me for buying clothes from the boy's section as a kid are now on 4chan wondering where all the tomboys have gone. I don't get the whole "muh tomboys being brainwashed into becoming trannies" meme.
I dressed like a tomboy since childhood and never got any male attention, mens eyes just slide past and if forced to interact they act pissed/like they want to run away. Though I guess you firstly have to be a 10/10 and then don a hoodie. If they didn't want tomboys to become ftms then they shouldn't degrade girls for being confident/loud/assertive/non feminized.

No. 900487

They calls tomboys dykes and failed women irl. Their idea of it is generic hentai girl with short hair, tanlines and a big ass who is ~coOL~ but insecure about not being feminine and needs scrotes to reassure her value as a woman with his cock.

No. 900494

>moids sitting in their mom's basement jerking off to old Ellen Page movies thinking "I could've saved her."
kek if even they did stop her from trooning out she still wouldn't fuck them

No. 900513

File: 1630786193403.png (4.02 MB, 1242x2688, 349FBE38-4FC9-476B-AE3D-1DA876…)

Only thing i agree on Tories with.

I pray that this doesnt make it through parliament. They’re putting up our taxes to pay for living corpses to shit their diapers because their selfish kids won’t look after themselves like any loving son or daughter would.

Boomers should pay for their own care, they never take responsibility for anything.

I swear to god, I am not footing the bill for this. Absolute lunacy.

No. 900515

I love how politicians just ignore the biggest problem the country is facing right now, which is the housing crisis

No. 900518

you’d think the one benefit of rona would be that it wiped the near-deaths out and relieved the burden a bit

No. 900520

A women tried to get me kicked out of the gym today. I'm a swimmer and a couple days ago she got in my lane without asking. I have an autoimmune disease so I practice social distancing and I told her she that and asked her to get out of the lane. Well today she said she doesn't feel comfortable working out while I'm there because I'm sick. She actually almost got her way u till I reminded the employee that there are signs when you enter the pool saying one person per lane, so I was following their rules. She ended up leaving. What a bitch.

No. 900523

>wahhhh i don’t want to share a lane in a public gym


No. 900524

You’re a Karen l

No. 900525

They think tomboys irl are like in hentai, like you said, so if they actually existed these women would be girly women who like completely normie sportswear BUT they would also be total nerds who'd make fun of them for being greasy, disgusting otaku while also liking them for being greasy otaku. I'm sure there are women like this who like both sports and geeky hobbies irl and who have short hair but they're not actual tomboys and they would 100% be into well-adjusted normie men anyway.

When I think about it, most tomboys I knew irl tended to have very long hair because they wouldn't bother going to the hairdresser very often. I know that applies to me too but anyway.

No. 900528

Doesn't 'Karen' usually refers to people who inconvenience shop workers rather than other customers? Especially other customers who are actively breaking rules?

No. 900530

Right, just fuck the pandemic I guess.
Happily will be a Karen if it mean defending my health.

No. 900542

The thing I find most pathetic about these men is that they never even consider doing sports themselves. I fit the tomboy stereotype in a few ways, but there's no way in hell I'd want to be with someone who considers hot pockets a meal and can't keep up during activities. Just going by what I've observed in my own circle, getting a fit girlfriend isn't that hard… if your fit yourself.

No. 900546

I don't wanna see this get passed but is it really selfish to not offer full-time care for your parents when they get old? Some people have kids in their 50s these days, is it really fair to expect your 20-30 year old children to give up everything and take care of you? Others don't have any kids, should they just be left to rot if they didn't save enough money? Not to mention the type of diseases that can stop someone from having any kind of independent life as an elderly person.

No. 900547

NTA but if the rules say one person per lane, and you break the rules, guess what happens?

No. 900550

File: 1630789383852.jpg (21.93 KB, 480x469, E-Uhk8pUcAQePRi.jpg)

I don't understand why people blame women for things like being a costhot,ethot whatever and "ruining" things. The entire reason these women do this is because men give them money and fuel this business.If Men stopped being horny monkey retards for one seconded and stopped giving them money they would all leave. Of course that will never happen but at least recognize who is the main reason for this garbage plague.

No. 900557

I'm inclined to agree with you but there still are girls who are addicted to male attention who rub their asses all over hobbies just for that validation, they aren't even getting simpbucks they just like being fawned over. And I know this firsthand

No. 900558

Mine expect me to take care of them and wipe their asses because I'm not going to have kids so "I'll have the time". HAHA no. Fuck you women are not free eternal mommies.

No. 900560

Scrotes said empires fall because of women's thottery, yet conveniantly leave out the part that men's demand for thots ends up destabalizing societies and traumatizing women and kids.

No. 900572

I wish LC was a little more toned down on the scrote talk. It just sucks sometimes to scroll through the pages of /ot/ and read 99% scrotes this, scrotes that shit. Not that I disagree with things said generally but it makes me feel down and sad about the world and I'd like to read some things other than posts about scrotes.

No. 900588

File: 1630793948042.jpeg (78.8 KB, 750x527, 46ADE593-0F6A-416C-A812-68F98C…)

blogpost incoming but my mom in particular is so favorable towards her sons, even though they don’t do anything for her and she has explicitly stated that she wishes she had daughters. one of her dumbass sons said something really bad online that warranted law enforcement coming to our home a few years ago, wasn’t too long ago but it wasn’t recent. one of them in a selfish leech and the other one is a selfish disabled emotional manipulator who used to bombard my mom with fake suicide threats just to get what he wants or to receive attention. me and my sister have realized this obvious bias and came to the realization that we hate both of our brothers. tl;dr I slammed one of the doors because they don’t have manners to close their door if they’re going to fart all over the place and he came out looking like an idiot, my mom was there right in time to break up my screaming because if he were to ever put his filthy hands on me, he would be knocked out on the ground. i‘ve been telling this woman a million times about his presence, how he should be placed in a group home away from us, my feelings of despair and anxiety, and I hit such a breaking point when she had the audacity to ask me

>why are you screaming? maybe reevaluate yourself, there’s something wrong with you

she rather cape for her sons who are absolutely no value and have pretty much traumatized both me and my sister in the most unorthodox way possible. this is going to be drowned out by annoying infighting and derailment but i don’t care anons, i’m tired of men, tired of my life being dictated by men, dictated by uncontrollable factors

No. 900594

If you’ve ever been to a care home and would leave your parents in a place like that then you’re a sociopath. Those places are nothing like the movies.

it’s Any loving son or daughter would take in their parents or hire a live-in nurse.

No. 900595

You could move out if you look into living in a cheap area.
i’m sorry this is happening to you my mum favours my youngest sister to ridiculous levels where she used to physically drive her to end of our 30metre drive to get to the bus stop

scrotes are everything wrong with the world. God i hope i secure a teaching post in a girls boarding school.

No. 900599

I don't think that's a fair judgment to make in this current climate. Many people can't afford to move out at 18, and spend much of their 20s living with their parents. A lot of these parents have kids in their 40s and even 50s these days, so by the time their kids are in their 20s they're senior citizens. If they have a disease like alzehimers, they might start needing constant care before they're even that old. I agree that care homes are totally awful places, but the idea of spending my 40s wiping my parent's asses instead of experiencing life makes me wanna rope.

No. 900607

And any loving parent should have the foresight to plain their own retirement instead of burdening the children they chose to have, who they can reasonably expect to be living their own lives. They might not have the resources to help, they might not live close enough, it's not fair to demand they drop and sacrifice everything for caretaking duties.

I have every intention of taking care of my parents, but that's because I don't plan on having kids myself and should have the time/money. But my parents are extremely unselfish and would never expect it, it's just something I want to do.

No. 900611

I’m just sitting in my car on a random road after driving for an hour bc I can’t handle my life

No. 900612

i've done that before too anon. the driving is good, you need it. keep driving.

No. 900614

I hate uni. Just the freaking enrollment process gives me freaking headaches. I have no idea what the fuck I am doing. Nobody in family or even in my close/long time friends group (wich is small) has gone to uni before me and my memory is so shit I can't even remember how I did it last year so I'm going in basically blind, no helping me. I don't even have any passion for this. Once upon a time on freaking primary school I accidentally tricked everybody into thinking I am smart and now for all fucking eternity my parents will pressure me to do all that smart people stuff like going to uni just cuz.
My parents always said "what? do you want to end up as a street sweeper?" to guilt trip me but honestly I'd probably been happier now if I had just done that instead of LARPing as an intellectual.
I wish I wasn't constantly pressured to "follow my dreams" or whatever garbage hollywood made everyone believe. I am clearly not a remarkable person and I am simply not passionate about anything, I wish I was allowed to just live at peace with that.
Having a bunch of expectations placed on you just cuz you look smart is wrecking.

No. 900617

Retirement homes are full of elderly abuse and neglect, if you love your “unselfish” parents why would you drop them there?

No. 900640

I wanna peg my family friends annoying son, like I know he wants it so bad the dumb little slut but he doesn’t leave his house and our families are too religious so I can’t try to make a move :((

No. 900645

Literally can’t express how fucking rude it is to be mid conversation with me and then answer your phone and talk on it for 15 minutes like who the fuck does that

No. 900648

File: 1630804213484.jpg (Spoiler Image, 641.04 KB, 1612x1209, Braised meat.jpg)

Hey farmers who eat meat, would you eat picrel? It's braised short rib stew on top of roasted veggies topped with parsley and bacon.

I'm one of the anons with autistically picky partners. He told me there was "too little meat" and thought the meat may be tough. He didn't even try it and told me he was gonna eat leftover manicotti I made yesterday.
If it looks like shit then whatever I guess but I thought it looked alright for a homemade braise stew situation? Am I fucked?

No. 900650

I would serve that to someone. looks good

No. 900651

You're partner is an asshole. It looks delicious. He probably one of those meat eaters that can't handle anything but processed chicken nuggets

No. 900658

File: 1630805039190.gif (105.45 KB, 370x300, f.gif)

You're too kind nonitas, ty.

No. 900663

It looks good. I'm pretty picky with meat but I would at least try it before deciding whether or not I like it. He sounds like a child.

No. 900666

that looks tasty and being a picky eater is a moral flaw

No. 900667

i've made plenty posts in the past unrelated to scrotes but half the time it's ignored

No. 900670

File: 1630806179449.jpeg (109.38 KB, 828x720, 9183A70B-659A-4131-8911-C53286…)

i feel so cringe at the idea of signing up for tinder to meet men. tldr, i have no way to meet men and i don't have friends to meet men through them either. when i go to the app store to look at tinder it literally only has 181 reviews/stars… that should tell you how little it is used where i live. i'm so pathetic i can't believe i can't meet people normally in real life somehow. the more i stew over this the more i would prefer to just be alone. but then i stew over being alone. everything is so much harder without social connections.

No. 900677

my mom is also like this anon, she's way worse actually, i'm convinced most moms have some fucked up oedipus shit going on with their sons she always favours my brother over me even though i'm the perfect child that did everything she told me to do since infancy, i'll have to blogpost but i cant forget the day i found pics of me and my moms feet on my brothers ipad showed it to my mom because i was very disturbed and she brushed it off then i found her naked pictures taken secretly by my sick brother showed it to her and she did not care at all, i felt so uncomfortable any time she walked around naked in the house around us after that, i felt like an insane person being the only one freaked out over those photos. Dont think about it too much, moms are disgusting and will always choose their creep sons over you simply because he is the son and you're not.

No. 900679

That looks delicious anon. He doesn't deserve you.

Tinder is rough esp in regards to tinder men. Always wait to message back. Crazy dudes will either unmatch you or flip out and reveal their true nature early on. Easy way to weed out some of the worst ones.

No. 900681

>There's just a lot of mean/sociopathic girls on here and they're the same ones that say they are radfems
I'm pretty sure a lot of feminist types here aren't wasting time insulting some venting anons body. However, this place is full of craziness like you said, so anything is possible. The nitpicking here has always been retarded.

No. 900682

>the meat “might be tough”
>didn’t even try it
>didn’t even suffer through a potential mediocre meal to indicate that he appreciates your effort

Worthless scrote. Anon your meal looks really good, you fucking garnished it and plated it nicely and everything. I’d be happy to eat something like this.

No. 900683

I was kinda feeling like this and I set up a fake account just to lurk, then I saw it wouldn't help at all anyway. Maybe you could do that just to get a feel of how bad it is in your area

No. 900684

christ i didn't even think about how many crazy types might be on there, especially considering how little it's used here, the crazies are probably all on there because they have nowhere else. FUCK
this is a really good idea. can i just make a fake profile without linking a phone number or whatever it requires?

No. 900688

was it an obviously fake account or did you use someone’s photos? does it make a difference? i’m also considering trying that.

No. 900694

samefag, i made a fake account to scope out the men on there and it was even worse than i thought it would be. i'm actually upset. it's like they rounded up every unattractive stereotypical guy in my country and put them in one place.

No. 900696

this sounds sexy

No. 900697

I went to his Facebook page to look at his pics then I saw he still had pictures with his exes and now I have the urge to murder them in cold blood and make him watch.

He’s not even my boyfriend and I’m not sure why I’m still obsessed with a near 30-year old scrote who has a thing for zoomer chicks

No. 900698

nonnies this is so bad i'm not even exaggerating, looking at the dudes on there is making me question if i'm even straight at all. maybe i'm asexual? how are most of them downright painful to look at? holy shit i am literally going to die alone

No. 900702

i feel so ugly and dumb and useless.
anyone have any recs for what to read/or what audiobook to listen to?

No. 900705

loving all the queens coming together to bully scrotes

what recipe did you use anon.
any recipe recs for beginners?

No. 900706

i'm so happy that i only have sisters holy shit

No. 900710

my dating prospects look even more depressing after seeing what's on tinder. i'm actually laughing hysterically at the downward spiral my nonexistent love life is.

>make fake tinder profile
>name is literally Sjsjcjsisishxbchd and the picture is of young Ben Shapiro holding a gun
>get 5 likes in 20 minutes
men just fucking swipe left on every single woman don't they? they're not even looking at who they're swiping. jesus christ

No. 900715

You need to enter your phone number becayse they send a confirmation code to it, but I think it doesn't really make a difference? A few years ago, when I was living in a different city, I installed tinder with the same phone number and had made a completely different profile, but I did use a throw away email address. Either way, your phone number is kept private.
Tinder is kinda stupid so it forces you to put at least two pics when setting up your account, but it has no means if recognizing if it's the picture of a person or if they are two different pics. Because I only made an account to lurk (so swipe everyone left) I just put two cat pics I grabbed off the internet.
Yeah, I got some 80 likes in just one day. I think a lot of men must think I am there to cheat on my husband and not showing my face cause of that. There are those who literally swipe right on everyone too.

No. 900736

>prepare a meal for your adult partner
>he refuses to even try it
Unfathomably fucking rude.

No. 900738

Anon that meal looks lovely, you did a great job and you deserve someone who is grateful for your love & effort.

No. 900743

It looks greasy, the bacon is overkill if you’re braising short ribs, and it needs more of a balance of vegetables. Instead of roasting the vegetables you should have put it in with the meat and let it braise together. Did you put any acidity in this? This would also pair better with a carb, it looks to saucy and not thick enough to be a beef stew. Anons here can’t cook for proper shit, don’t ask them for advice they are just as incompetent as you and your childish nigel.

No. 900744

I'd eat it.
>too little meat
This makes me very irritated for some reason, so I'm about to A-log: He's a piece of shit and should kill himself. That's a shitload of meat.
Never cook for him again, the cunt is probably a fat fuck anyway.

No. 900745

You didn't deserve the fucking manicotti, either.

No. 900748

Is this a situation where he expects you to cook for him and is critical of you, or do you insist on making food for him every day whether he likes it or not?

No. 900750

Dump your worthless scrote and gtfo, tired of casuals ruining this thread I’m tired of being nice, go post that shit in the food thread.

No. 900757

nta but literally what is your british damage? it doesnt need the bacon but anon probably did it for her meat bastard scrote, bit roasted vegetables are fine & good.

And hold on a second, what in sin do you mean "would pair better with a carb"? As far as I can tell that's literally potatoes right there, and if it's turnips or smth good on anon, not every meal needs to be served on a bed of soggy fat fries you toothless pom. Go swill ypur cider and sit on the kerb.

Actually you must already be blind pissed because those vegetables aren't mashed either. What's wrong with ypu? I literally hope you are trolling. Literall… british people tryong to say literally anyone else can't cook… you understand you're a joke yo the rest of the world right? Like a literal punchline, because of how nasty ypu eat?

No. 900764

Look up how focal length effects the appearance of faces. Your face literally does not look like it does on camera, and movies, photographers, and influencers all use meticulous lighting and/or post processing to mitigate facial rounding.
Don't go insane over this, it's a problem with the camera, not your face.

No. 900765

Are the British living in your walls or something? Carbs aren’t just bread or potatoes, other cultures use rice typically for meaty and fatty stew-like dishes and that at what I was referring to. I would not touch anon’s nasty slop with a ten foot pole, you got me messed up if you think I would be apart of the toothless hags on an island club AND think beans on toast is a delectable meal. She needs to put her scrote on a leash and train it to cook if she wants it to eat more meat.

No. 900772

>I would not touch anon’s nasty slop with a ten foot pole
Oh whatever. Maybe in abstract viewing the dish on the internet it looks unappetizing to you, but in real material reality it's pretty normal for people to eat food that looks like "slop" or whatever. It all turns into acidic mush in your stomach.

No. 900776

File: 1630820052994.jpeg (40.57 KB, 500x666, CB67D64B-C3EA-4043-B165-A85B08…)

her scrote eating her manicotti:

No. 900780

I don't think you have very good reading comprehension. I said "Not every meal needs a carb". I said "That meal has a carb anyway, as those look like potatoes". Are you arguing with these facts?

And also, why do you think SHE wants him to eat more meat? I'm pretty sure this is a troll because you have everything literally backwards.

For the record anon's meal looks a bit heavy but tasty, the potatoes and carrots look well-roasted, and what's actually missing is a salad or other green vegetable, but there's no way the aforementioned meat bastard would touch those so it's fine.

No. 900785

…who is defending the food he is refusing to eat in lieu of manicotti?

No. 900797

Fucking kek, anon

No. 900863

I feel so terribly sorry for every child around the world. All of them, to be honest. They deserve to get back the happiness that was stripped away from them before they really even knew about it. Really I feel so much pain towards most humans living in awful and oppressive conditions today but mostly for kids. I can’t even think about it for too long otherwise I like fall in this pitch black hole of despair and hopelessness and rage. Is anyone else like this lol. I wish I could stop agonising myself over it but I just can’t. My heart hurts just thinking of the terrible things kids are going through, especially in my country and I can’t even do anything. And people don’t even seem to care. Feels bad man

No. 900874

I ranted about how when I post to social media, my OC content never gets as much engagement as my fanart despite people claiming to always want to see more of them or learn about them

So I said I might end up never posting my personal art at all

None of my friends showed support to motivate me. None of them said anything on the lines of “I’ll miss your oc art but okay” etc. They just basically said: lol ok

Am I in the wrong here to be so mad over this??? It hurts that even my own friends don’t care about my personal work

No. 900880

Ever since I was a child I've had regular bouts of weeping over remembering people are suffering in so many ways. Mostly emotional suffering though. I'd literally think about people being lonely and shit on and my chest would hurt and I'd think how their chest probably hurt too. I'd think about someone else just not acknowledging the great pain they can inflict on others and I'd just weep. Thinking about others suffering alone made me feel lonely and lonelier still by the fact that people thought I was odd for caring so much.

No. 900881

Idk how old you are, but I do think what you described with your initial post is a very immature way to go about it, and will also come off emotionally manipulative and disingenuous to a lot of people. I guess the best thing for you to do is bring up how you feel about them not supporting you to your friends personally and see what they say.

No. 900882

I feel this way too, I forget about it for a while then start feeling that way again, and like you said I especially feel bad for the kids. I've especially been feeling this way about certain things happening in the world right now. I wish there was something I could do, like there are little things I can do but ultimately I'm powerless.

No. 900885

Yes since I was a little kid I’ve felt the same, I would just become overwhelmed with how tragic and hopeless so many aspects of life are. I sometimes feel like it’s even harder to come to terms with all the different ways other people suffer and that there’s nothing I can do to help them than it is about things relating to myself. Some days I just feel sorry for everyone on earth.

No. 900890

Yeah I. Just very emotional right now I guess but that’s not a bad idea

I do acknowledge how what I said could come off as manipulative…I just wanted them to give me advice, or something

No. 900893

Don’t get me wrong they still could have reacted better, especially assuming it was more a one off heat of the moment thing and isn’t like a repeated pattern of you saying things like that. I don’t think you’re unjustified in feeling upset.

No. 900897

You know people like your OC content less so you posted "I'm not going to post it anymore" and proceeded to get offended when you didn't get support for something you already know people didn't like that much. Lmao you sound too young to post here.

No. 900900

File: 1630829972352.png (476.29 KB, 805x614, knowyourmeme.png)

This ugly motherfucker makes it such a trial to visit Know Your Meme. Now every time I look something up my day is ruined

No. 900901

I'm not a stew lover but I wouldn't refuse to eat it because it looks fine. I think it's a bit childish and entitled to refuse meals your partner made for you if they're just fine and edible, especially if that happens on a regular base. If he routinely refuses to eat what you cooked him, you should really consider having him cook his own meals. You're not his chef.

No. 900924

File: 1630832177252.jpg (13.33 KB, 275x275, 1499610397447.jpg)

it seems i have to disenroll from my previous university that i havent been attending for about 4 years to get into a new school. i have until the 8th to get this shit done. it all depends on how fast the university staff does it. i hope it all works out or i might get ideas of sudoku. wish me well anons

No. 900927

I didn’t think my friends didn’t like my OCs either.. just random strangers on the internet which is well, expected

No. 900928

Very self-pitying rant incoming.
I hate how no one ever takes me seriously, ever takes my anger seriously. When someone asks me for help I never refuse, when someone does something I don't like, I tolerate it. I do everything I can to not disturb, irritate or inconvinience someone but when someone can CLEARLY see I am getting extremely irritated by something they do that is easily avoidable they just do not give a single fuck, despite me telling them numerous times it angers and irritates me to no end. No one gives a single fucking fuck. And when I get angry at them they always laugh it off or think I'm not actually angry at them and misplacing my anger. Just stop doing that thing, it irritates me so, so much, it ruins my whole day. How many times do I need to tell you? I would never make someone suffer like this, I do all in my power to never ever get in someones way and this is how I am repayed. It's not like I haven't told them how much it bothers me, I have so many times, it doesn't go through their thick dense fucking skull, or they just don't give a fuck. I will literally become the next joker because of this.

No. 900930

I think the only solution is to stop caring like them

People are assholes

No. 900932

>porn-addicted weirdo joined artists discord server and chimed in with "guise, I went to a con and saw a 13yo girl cosplaying sh_dman!! She was with her mother and I bet she wasn't aware of who she was cosplaying. Huge respects to her". What the fuck man

No. 900946

>befriended a person
>he was very polite
>talk for 6 days
>I stop talking for a few hours
>he immediately bids me farewell as if I'm gone forever
>"good luck with any man you meet. I would have treated you right"
>I come back, say hello
>post a picture in my snapchat story of me sitting on some grass

"Goths are my fetish, anon, God the fishnets drive me crazy" is his first response. Ngl I'm just tired of it always just being goth fetishizererers

No. 900950

Block and delete him, he sounds unhinged.

No. 900954

File: 1630836581335.gif (1 MB, 480x270, 6565135165.gif)

my bf's roommate can be so fucking annoying and downright rude sometimes. i've been holding this in for a while. he's one of those gays that never knows when to shut the fuck up. blog post incoming.

he can't just say his opinion once and be done with it. he has to say it over and over when literally everyone has moved on. if you disagree with him he has this "i know more than you" attitude about it even over the most trivial shit.

one time my bf and i made a stir fry together and we let his roommate have a bowl. he went on and on about how the duck sauce we used didn't have any flavor, and as he was eating it he was like, "i'm just thinking about how this could be better" no one fucking asked and it wasn't made for you!!!!

there have also been a few occasions where he'll make judgey comments towards me. he once looked down at my feet and told me "girl you need a pedicure" all because my big toe was a little fucked up from an infection that i already took care of and it was healing. he also roasted me once unprompted, about my torn jeans, and that it looks trashy. he also has pointed out my dark circles when i didn't have makeup on. shut the fuck up, you're a man.

and what's funny is that one time he vented to me about how it's hard for him to find a bf. (he's super picky too btw) we started talking about his type. he said he liked masculine hispanic guys. (my bf is hispanic too) and i just went for it and asked him "if (bf) was gay would you date him?" and he immediately got red and started laughing nervously.

no fucking wonder his roommate would tell me "leave (bf) alone" when i would playfully get after him for stuff like cutting his hair. like fuck off, it's none of your business. put down women all you want but you're still a fag and i can get what you can only dream of with far less effort. lmao

No. 900955

File: 1630836603368.jpg (22.65 KB, 500x625, 1630093792745.jpg)

I immediately scolded him over this and blocked him. I know this sounds dumb because I can literally nip this in the bud by not dressing goth, but I should be able to dress in alt clothes without having to fend off leghumpers looking for a mommy dom

No. 900962

jesus, he sounds irritating as fuck.

No. 900963

i feel this. i once befriended a guy who added me on overwatch. (i know, gross. what else did i expect?) we talked literally for only two days on discord, then i was completely offline for two days after because i just got busy with life. the following day i got online, he immediately messaged me on discord. and this dickhead says to me "where have you been young lady?" and asking why i've been gone for so long. yeah it didn't turn out pretty. lmao he was seething every time i would choose to play overwatch with my friends over him. i cut him off so quick.

No. 900969

What does your bf think about him? Did he notice how annoying you find him? Unrelated but I love this gif.

No. 900983

Tomorrow is my first workday at a new place after being jobless for half a year and I'm already contemplating about leaving after 3 months. I have ridiculous commitment issues. Also at my last place I constantly sabotaged myself so they would fire me and I'm worried that my self-sabotaging tendencies are gonna come back at full force at my new place as well. Work has always felt like prison to me and not looking forward to not having me-time and feeling exhausted both mentally and physically at the end of the day and also having to pretend that this job is God's greatest gift that happened to me and I'm so happy to be here. And yeah, I know this is a first world problem and I should just shut up and be happy about having a job. But still. I wish I could be an entrepreneur and just work alone but I literally have no skills

No. 900985

my bf has been annoyed with him too but not for the same reasons i have. he once had beef with his roommate over the cat and dog he decided to adopt. both animals, but especially the dog, were really noisy to the point where my bf was losing sleep and couldn't relax on his days off.

i forget the dog's breed but it's one of those really social dogs that needs constant activity (the dog was originally on a farm) and here is his dumbass roommate trying to fit this hyper dog in an apartment all by itself. the dog destroyed a bunch of stuff cause of its stress of being locked up alone.

at one point my bf threatened to move out and leave all the rent to him if he didn't get the animals under control. luckily his roommate has for the most part so my bf can actually relax now. but i know their issues with the animals caused a divide in their friendship cause my bf will still bring up how stubborn he is with the animals. he finds them really annoying.

his roommate should not have animals at all. he doesn't have a car so he can't take them to the vet. the cat has been grown for a while now and really needs its balls removed. it's been in heat over and over and every time i go to my bf's place i can tell the cat is in agony. he's so irresponsible.

my bf knows about everything that i've ranted about concerning how he's rude and all he can say about it is "well he is gay" like ok????? i know plenty of gay men who don't act like that. men are so obtuse.

No. 901010

Have a good day anon, maybe take this job as practice to get to a routine because if you wanna be your own boss you're gonna need it. If you're not interested in working but still have to do it try to get a part time so you'll have your time for yourself and you feel trapped by the job? Anyway good luck anon

No. 901014

I have an oral exam tomorrow and I'm very very afraid. Even if I tell myself to be okay, I can't shake it off, it's subconscious.

No. 901015

I know. Just think how it will pass and think how you will walk out no matter what happens

No. 901034

it's amazing how much accidentally stumbling over porn even (/especially) when googling something innocent can ruin my mood, wow

No. 901035

File: 1630848717349.jpg (51.31 KB, 563x561, sighhh.jpg)

it feels so shitty to think about how the youtubers i loved most growing up turned out to be groomers or sexually abusive in other ways. it heavily sickens me, i can't go back and watch their old content and reminisce or anything without thinking about how they're no different from the men who've been gross to me. i'm mainly referring to cryaotic since i watched him so much, he was a very comforting presence for me through the ages of like 13-16. dan avidan too, though i engaged with his content later. but 13-16 was a time where most of my life was spent just going to school and watching youtube, i didn't go out with friends or anything. i was very emotionally distant from my family, the people closest to me were these shitty youtubers

No. 901039

Same anon, I've been thinking about Cry lately too. It's sad because I used to chill with his videos, I loved his UT play through and his horror games and thought he was an empathetic nice person. I watched him since his PewdieCry collab days. Reality of him being obese pedo pervert and a cheater just ruins it all.

No. 901042

>"young lady"
Why are people like this. This is so stereotypical of a Discord Joker pfp type person

No. 901043

File: 1630849909898.jpeg (38.38 KB, 567x565, 1622489135729.jpeg)

Men are so fucking annoying and clingy "I love your voice so we need to call everyday!" no we fucking don't faggot, I don't want to waste my time sitting in a fucking call with you when I should be finishing no more heroes 3 and starting new game plus.

No. 901052

cry was my first thought as well. i didn't watch him a lot, but i loved his twd game lp and how he just burst out laughing when the protag randomly slipped on those kitchen tiles because he completely broke character when he did that ugly laugh. ugh i'm sad now. all men are garbage.

No. 901057

Had a horrible day at work I hate being a foreigner so much.
> Sitting at my desk, boss walks in
> 'hey anon did you hear that the other foreign guy's friend works for us now?'
>'Do you know him?'
> I know where this is going.
> '…no? Are you asking because you think that I know him since he is from the same country?'
> At this point people usually back down, and take the out. He stares at me blankly, and replies with a sure 'Yes' and doubles down with a 'I know for a fact, you all live in communities and know each other.'
> I am blown away by this sheer display of ignorance, just the sheer fact that he is trying to convince me that I know all foreign people is baffling.
> 'No John, I do not know all other people from my country.'
> He is now agitated 'But it's a fact, you all know each other.'
> '…no.'
> 'Anon, could I speak to you in private.'
> He proceeds to make me stand in an empty room and tries for the third time to make me admit that I, do in fact, know all other immigrants.
>I refuse to agree and eventually say I need to go home.

This was on Friday, I am probably going to get sacked. Fuck you John , you ape-brained racist bigot.

No. 901064

I feel that, anon. I honestly started questioning Cryaotic ever since the legendary "Cheyenne" saga, also the reason why LNC crew went to complete shit (still shocked over Red and Russ divorce, Russ seems pathetic to me now and I hope Red is doing well). I know people hate PewDiePie a lot, but I am glad the he turned out okay. I used to watch CutiePieMarzia a lot and he wouldn't put edgy act on her channels videos, you could really see how dorky and cute they are together. The only youtuber I ever watch now is CinnamonToastKen because he is a nice, loving father who doesn't give a shit about dramas or anything. He is just out there vibing.

No. 901069

Oh God I hate when people assume things just because you're a certain nationality. Once my (my somewhat alienated) dad couldn't understand the fact that I don't like paprika.
>'You're Hungarian!!! Every Hungarian loves paprika! They put it in everything!!!'
>'Well I don't, Dad'

No. 901073

He seriously took you aside and tried to convince you that you must know that guy even though you said before that you don't?? What an absolute retard

No. 901075

My housemate seems to think i’m his mother.

He left hair trimmings in the bathroom sink for days, i couldn’t get them cause i’ve been busy. Spilled cooking oil on the counter and didn’t mop it up.

He works from home then plays games all night. He empties the bin but leaves the stinking bag by the door.

I vacuum, wash the bathroom. apparently cleaning the kitchen has fallen to me now as i did it once as a favour cause he was too busy.

her cooks the majority of meals but i clear up dishes. and i can’t say anything because it’s his house and i’m renting from him. um just frustrated that i’ve become his housekeeper on top of everything else.

No. 901076

Amazes me how much of you take shit from men. Beat his ass, I don’t care if he has a physical advantage beat his ass, it’s the only way for them to shut up as leave you alone. Make yourself a threat and instill fear in him

No. 901081

I would neg you too if I was a blue balled looking at this hot hispanic guy with long hair and you were trying to get him to cut it kek

No. 901096

I'm on a trip with my boyfriend to visit his grandfather and I'm having a terrible time. Before we left I had said I wish I could bring my dog because I was going to miss him. My boyfriend told me to bring him along because everyone else does all the time and that since it's a farm my dog will gave fun running around. Keep in mind I have a small inside dog. He just said the one rule is the dog sleeps on the porch. But I feel so dumb because he said it was an enclosed porch like the one at his grandmother's house. His grandma's "porch" is more like a sunroom and has air and is furnished and super cozy. When I get here this porch is like just an outside thing with some screens. And it's super hot here. Had I known I would have never brought my dog. Also I didn't realize that we would be spending very little time at the actual house so my mostly inside tiny dog is spending his time in the super hot outside. And at just I can hear him whine by the door and I feel so bad. My dog doesn't normally ever make noise. We joke that he's a cat because he doesn't even bark hardly. And now I hear him crying and I feel awful about it. But that's not the only thing that's been sucking. He grandfather is so mean. Every morning he has to go out for breakfast because I guess he doesn't know how to cook because his wife used to do all the cooking. But it has to be at a certain time. Like at 7:30 every morning. Which I don't kind getting up early, however the night we got in, we had a late start our drive so we didn't get here until 3am. So hr still expected us to get up for breakfast. No consideration for that fact that we were exhausted. Plus after breakfast he had a bunch of plans for us to do, with not even asking I'd we wanted to rest. So running off of maybe 3 hours sleep we had been out all day from 7:30am to 11:00pm. And then for the stuff we actually did he kept rushing us through like the museum and whatnot so I couldn't hardly even look at stuff. The whole time while I'm here too all his grandfather ever talks about is his childhood and his family and never let's anyone else say anything, except for my bf to maybe ask a question. And when I do ask him questions he kinda just ignores me. So everday we've been here its just basically been a repeat of nonstop stuff and there's so much driving because to get anywhere it takes an hour and I'm just tired. This morning was awful because I was trying to get ready and I guess I was a bit slower than usual because my boyfriend is yelling at me to be ready and his grandfather is yelling that we have to go to breakfast and im trying to get my shoes on and I feel so stupid. And then in the truck his grandfather is like, "That dog can't sleep on thw porch anymore, he whines too much." And then my boyfriend whispers to me, " I told you not to bring him." And now I feel crazy because he's the one who said to bring him! I feel so unwanted right now. And I'm scared because they said coyotes are out there at night and my dog is little. We only have until tomorrow, but I really want to leave.

No. 901097

You should leave. Pick up your dog and go back a day early. Don't stay where you feel unwelcome.

No. 901105

lol I grew up in Hungary but I never even eat "hungarian cuisine", I think it's awful.

No. 901110

he sounds like a jealous beta fag get a grip and don't take any shit from him

No. 901113

>had said I wish I could bring my dog because I was going to miss him
>boyfriend told me to bring him along because everyone else does all the time and that since it's a farm my dog will gave fun running around
>dog sleeps basically outside
>grandfather is like, "That dog can't sleep on thw porch anymore, he whines too much." And then my boyfriend whispers to me, " I told you not to bring him."

anon your bf is someone who will say whatever to make people happy and its a bonus if it allows him to act passive aggressive later. he let you bring the dog knowing what would be and then throws you under the bus to get in with the "Master" fuck this guy. this is the definition of snake. dump him

No. 901114

samefag but that comment about the coyotes is meant to upset you. they're trying to push you to endanger your own dog for their pleasure

No. 901117

I was a dumbass and locked myself out of my apartment. My new place has a door that locks once it shuts, which I forgot and my keys are in there. Plus it’s Sunday so even though I left a message for my apartment manager I doubt he’ll check it and tomorrow is Labor Day… fuck I’m so mad at myself.

No. 901120

Have any Nonnas here had any luck talking to women on tinder?
I'm really outgoing so if I match with a lady I message her, I also have lesbian on my profile. So far though I'm not really getting any replies, and the people who do reply are super dry.
I try to be interesting when I message people, asking questions or complimenting the person, not just a generic "hey."
Should I wait for people to message me? Am I being to bold/forward? Or are these women creeped out by me being lesbian?
I mostly just want to make friends but some romance would be nice too.

No. 901121

Try opening it with a creditcard or something similiar. I don't know how to do it exactly but there's youtube tutorials on it. It happened to me too once on a similiar type door and the locksmith couldn't come for hours, so some random guy in my hallway got his a card out and opened in a minute.

No. 901128

what country do you like in? I live in the UK and it's pretty common for gyms to have women-only hours, and there are sometimes women-only gyms (though idk if they allow troons or not)

No. 901133

report him to HR maybe? idk, hopefully you don't get fired

No. 901153

Damn I could've written this word for word myself anon, I know exactly how you feel. I plan on moving out next year since I've had enough of being walked over for scrotes who do nothing, let her see what it's like to deal with the boys alone. I hope you're in a position to move out ASAP too anon

No. 901155

>He didn't even try it
Get rid of that mutt asap

No. 901173

File: 1630862087154.jpg (209.99 KB, 750x1067, 1630859869940.jpg)

He has audacity to complain when there should have been women and children getting refuge

No. 901179

Afghani men shouldn't have been rescued at all. Let them down at the hand of their own creation.

No. 901181

Goes for all middle eastern muslim refugees kick them out

No. 901183

at first i thought damn that's really too little until i saw that there's some bread slices in the corner…

No. 901251

Lol dude come on who's going to see that, and why would anyone care if you have a small ass mole on your leg? Most people I know thinks moles are cute/cool. Youre too in your head, wear shorts if you want to wear shorts

No. 901262

I'm bi and there's no way I'm gonna find a gf. I don't want to use apps like tinder so I found les/bi site.
All offers are:
- Women who just want a friend
- Women in relationsip with man that want just to fuck (in one offer, a woman wants a partner to live with her and her husband, but doesn't want this partner to fuck with her husband kek, what is she thinking?)
- Males who offer to impregnate women for free
- Actual relationship offers but with women over 40s

There's no hope for me anons, I'm also neet and autist so my chances are zero at this point.

No. 901265

I feel so lovesick lately. This morning I daydreamed about this guy I had a crush on in highschool. To make matters even worse he looks like Elliot Roder.

I want to be in a relationship but I'm so scared, and it's not like I don't have any opportunities. I just don't want to be vulnerable to someone that can be a stranger, and to someone that I will possibly break up with and never see again. Why show so much of myself to a person who is most likely not going to be in my life anymore in a few years?

Attraction to me has always been such a hassle. Why must we have this biological need…

No. 901272

Felt this in my core. Women love with their entire being, moids unfortunately can't do the same.

No. 901318

All of a sudden I'm experiencing difficulty breathing at night, especially when I'm lying down, and it's freaking me out. It's been about 2 days since it started and I'm just praying it's something in the meds I got after my wisdom tooth removal (surgical) that is causing this issue and it'll pass once I finish my dosage, I don't want to feel like this ever again, I just want to breathe. Fuckkkkkkk

No. 901326

Do you think it may be allergies? Sometimes I have it pretty bad because of cat and pollen, so I take a Benadryl or two just to be able to sleep without dying

No. 901337

bf is pissed at me because I wouldn't buy his fatass junkfood, why do I even bother nonnies

No. 901348

I wish I had friends, sometimes I feel the need to just talk to someone and idk what to do with these feelings. I feel like I'll disappear sometimes.

No. 901353

As in, he's already fat and hes asking you to spend your money on food that will make him fatter? Dudes are so shameless these days, they're just as entitled as they've always been but now we have to pay for their shit too. My ex used to rage at me when I wouldn't spend all my money on takeaways for him, he'd throw a tantrum and then seethe all day until I gave in.

No. 901356

My rich friend didn't tip at a cafe we went to. It was the new kind of modern tablet thing where if you pay with a card the cashier will show you a screen where you can choose to give a tip. Ever since they became a thing in the last few years I always leave a small tip, not always 20% like at a restaurant, but around 10%, since it's counter service. My friend, who is very wealthy, chose 0% and it rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe I'd feel differently if they'd JUST bought a $2 cup of black coffee, but they were getting a nice drink + food prepared and their total was over $15. Plus, the place was super packed and the cafe was understaffed. I feel like I lost respect for this person since it would be literally no sacrifice to them to tip. I tip regardless, even if I have just $30 to my name, cmon.

Also yes, American tipping is stupid blah blah blah.

No. 901360

You can tell a lot about a person from the way they treat service staff. Are there any other red flags or signs of a bad personality that you've noticed?

No. 901371

They are definitely entitled and complain a lot in general. It never goes into obnoxious karen territory but it's enough to make me uncomfortable at times. Would feel weird to end our relationship over it but I agree that it's a red flag.

No. 901378

I'm an autist and was a NEET when I met my wife on a hobbyist forum. Just follow your passions and focus on becoming your best self. You're very likely to meet other women that way, plus you'll have a fuller, more interesting life to invite them into. Even if you don't find romance, at least you'll have spent so much time doing what you love!

Pro tip: Go for the other tards. It makes life so much easier when you can be freely autistic in ways that you'd have to over-explain to a neurotypical gf.

No. 901396

Tfw no similarly autistic gf. Though even online I've found that ppl I get along with really well turn out to be autistic.

No. 901403

File: 1630876787850.jpg (99.54 KB, 728x555, anime-anime-girls-gun-weapon-w…)

These men complaining about a fresh meal of bread fruit and meat, meanwhile their abandoned wives and sisters hiding at home waiting to get tortured by Taliban.

No. 901404

File: 1630876838323.jpeg (11.29 KB, 118x118, 178B45DF-8460-4AD1-8422-764474…)

This cute blond guy was looking at me but after our eyes met my stupid shy self looked at my feet as I walked past

No. 901412

Scratch it enough to draw blood, then bandaid a cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar to it. It'll take a while of doing this but will eventually get rid of it

No. 901431

im turning 25 this year and i just feel weird. growing up i always had an idea of who i "could" be in the future and the potential excited me, but that romanticized idea has just crumbled in the last few years now that im past the age of ever "living up" to my ideals. i feel like my youth is over and i don't know what i identify with anymore. i feel so empty and invisible. ive become critical and bitter about everything, i feel like im destined to be a hermit.. i keep getting this bitter thought that ive passed my "peak" already, and it makes me sick to my stomach. i know it's stupid to feel this way but i can't help it.. i don't know how to cope now that my future seems to be shrinking. i know life goes on, but it feels like the end of my life as i once knew it and i don't know where to go from here

No. 901434

I keep having intrusive thoughts about one of my professors assaulting me. It's getting so bad to the point I'm scared of being near him and avoid any interactions I can. When I had to go see him the other day, I had a panic attack in my car because my paranoia convinced me he'll try something. He didn't of course. I think this started when he kind of obviously checked me out once last year. But it just spiraled out of control. I hate my brain.

No. 901435

You don't have to bother. What keeps you sticking around? Money? Dick? Housing? Is he hot? Assuming no since he's a fat shit. Just evaluate if he actually adds anything worthwhile to your life, if not then drop the deadweight

No. 901443

I dont have the mental energy to focus on watching or playing anything but every single social platform I visit is dead

Wtf do people do in times like this

No. 901468

I really resent my dad. He hid from me that I have two sisters for 20 years. They are both younger than me and he had them while married with my mom. He's poor, ill pathetic and barely there for me but still thinks he's a great dad. Does the bare minimum and acts like he did a lot. He used to beat me as a kid and now pretends it never happened. Everyday I wish I had a different father, and that I didn't care for this dolt but yet here I am. Fuck him.

No. 901475

thinking about texting my ex, not because i want to get back together but because i feel like i deserve an explanation and an apology. he made me feel like utter shit and i think he owes me a coffee and an hour for me to see what he’s really like without retarded love goggles clouding my vision. i know closure is not a human right but i’m going to get it goddamnit

No. 901489

File: 1630883689044.jpeg (70.24 KB, 550x460, 0006530E-6449-4DC7-A761-75E258…)

If he's as garbage as you say he is, he will never give you closure. He'll make excuses, deny wrongdoing, straight up call you a liar, etc. You're wasting your time. Move on.

No. 901500

This white trash piece of shit bitch moved to the apartment upstairs and I hate her, she's so loud, I swear she doesn't know how to talk, she only yells, she always has her white trash friends over and they're rude, they always leave the building's door open, she listens to crappy music until like 3 in the morning, I hate her so fucking much

No. 901508

I lived in a ghetto apartment a few years ago and all my neighbors including roommates were like this. There was this fucking guy who'd park below my window at night getting high and blasting Gucci Gang on repeat and the air conditioner was always broken so I had to keep the window open. Also my roommate kept leaving used pads on the bathroom floor. It traumatized me from ever living in apartments again.

No. 901511

>He'll make excuses, deny wrongdoing, straight up call you a liar, etc.
He'll also enjoy the additional proof that he has so much power over you and your emotions.

It really won't work out like you want it to anon, the only 'closure' you'll get is more evidence he dgaf about you. Protect your dignity and stay away, that's all you can do when someone doesn't care.

No. 901513

File: 1630885893500.jpeg (671.97 KB, 2048x1536, C32BA078-69E2-45C1-8DBC-F4A973…)

the worst thing about ed recovery for me is having a large wardrobe of expensive clothes that I bought under the impression of "uhh I'll never get bigger! only smaller! and I'll just make sure that I never get bigger than these clothes because they're worth a fortune!" but now I just have all these carefully curated, beautiful clothes that I could fit into last year or the year before. now I'm too big for stuff that I still fit in earlier this year and I'm feeling really conflicted. part of me wants to diet to fit the clothes for the event I'm dressing up for instead of buying a new outfit. hate it!

No. 901521

sell it, duh

No. 901534

yeah I've realized that but it's hard to give up things I felt were perfect for me. clothes used to be a kind of comfort thing for me, like I would feel secure wearing something I thought affirmed "who I was" which sounds like tranny shit tbh. since last year though I realized how much I was using clothing as a crutch in many different ways. so yes nonny. peep my depop for deals and steals

No. 901538

I fucking hate how my dad invites his friends over. Why the fuck can't my dad just go over to their house. And my dad doesn't ever tell me in advance, I always find out when I walk outside my room and I see a schlubby middle-aged man with my father. Even worse is that one of his friends frequently invites himself over without warning, and always around dinner time of course.

No. 901566

File: 1630891291681.jpg (513.58 KB, 1280x1750, tumblr_n1u4udYZPi1rl2xsfo1_128…)

I'm very ugly. Even more deformed than pic related. I'm also an apple shape. I'm anorexic and constantly extremely underweight. I'm so jealous of beautiful women and I cannot stop myself from trying to hurt them on any given occasion I love seeing cute girls suffer. They have no idea how much I've suffered from being this ugly, they deserve it.

No. 901572

I think to save my soul and to attract good energy into my life I need to stop being hateful online and offline. I love the freedom of this site and being able to have an unfiltered opinion about people/behaviour/things. Not everything I post is hateful or being rude towards a cow but a lot of it is and I genuinely worry what it's doing to me to have such a negative mindset. I use to get called two faced in highschool for having a tumblr where I shared opinions I didn't freely speak in school and it rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way but it also wasn't anything exceptional compared to how others handled themselves online. Idk. I'm going to make a conscious effort to be more positive. The past few years in my offline life I've been witness to some unsavoury aspects of society and it has spilled into my everyday consciousness that I've developed a massive chip on my shoulder, more so than ever before. In a way I think because I've been hurt/abused significantly at different stages of development, I am aware of how much hurt people can cause each other and in a lot of cases I hurt people close to me just as bad, if not physically at least emotionally. I really want to change and idk if that means stepping away from sites like this where you can freely share thoughts without fear of actual repercussions. But I like here because any time I feel lonely or sad I can come here and exchange thoughts with someone else and feel less alone or understood.

No. 901574

I cannot stop peeing myself, to the point that on some days I give up on changing because it's the third pair of pants I wet, so I just reek of urine in my room all day.
I got a piss jar for my room because we only have one toilet in my house and it's often occupied, and I usually prefer peeing on it anyway because I don't want to leave my room and showcase my toilet urgency to my family.
It gets worse when i'm stressed out, so when it gets really bad sometimes i'll have the toilet dream and do it on the bed, which sucks because I can't change the sheets until the next friday (sheet changing day) to avoid raising suspicion among my family. Thankfully I got a waterproof mattrees cover that mitigates damage.
I have been doing kegels but they don't seem to do a lot for me. The only thing that seems to help in a bladder urgency situation is imagining a building and trying that elevator kegel thing where I start contracting slowly as I imagine the elevator going up, until it reaches like the 4th floor and I can calm down and head to the toilet, where I get nervous again and inevitably pee myself when trying to lower my pants.

No. 901576


This is incel-tier thinking… The girl that you posted isn't even ugly.

No. 901577

don't do this anon unless you want to risk getting a nasty infection or permanent scar. If it's really getting to you, go to a doctor - I had a similar thing and my gp was happy to just slice it off in a sterile environment.

No. 901579

I'm gonna be honest, the post you're replying to definitely sounds like a baiting scrote

No. 901581

File: 1630893086460.png (2.59 MB, 1206x3665, mlt.png)

You sound like a tranny. Did you post this hoping biological women would respond like "I totally know what you mean, anon"? When does this fruitless quest end? You won't get validation.
Do you type things like pic related as well? Go and seek help, and I don't mean HRT.

No. 901585


Yeah you're probably right lmao. It's probably some scrote that posted his ex-girlfriend or something. What a retard.

No. 901586

That reddit post has scared my soul.

No. 901590

Agreed. Wanting to harm women for being attractive is 100% a male trait. The only women I've seen with such tendencies are FtMs on testosterone, and I think that says it all.
They think those feelings are somehow universal, too. It's like they literally can't imagine any other way to see the world. If that poster is not a delusional tranny, he 100% thought he'd get the "femcels" he tells himself are totally equal to incels to relate.
Males cope, seethe and die forever

No. 901593

yeah, as a fucking "blueprint" bitch I had to stop reading. thanks for sharing, hope it peaks someone

No. 901599

My mother annoys the fuck out of me. My brother and I were talking about how much a whore she was when my dad left her. Literally not even a year after he moved out she was engaged to this absolute cunt and had him and his two daughters moved in. It obviously didn't last and then it was just constantly a string of men. I even walked in on her when I was 11 fucking the married neighbour next door. Men would show up drunk wanting to fuck my mum and my bedroom was above hers. I'd constantly meet men when I was in my pyjamas for bed or waking up the next morning at breakfast. These men obviously messed her about because she had no self esteem which is why she was such a fucking slut. She use to beat the shit out of me take all her frustration out on me. My brother was older and just wouldn't come home if there were men. She never let's me talk about my exes or my past and screams at me or mocks me but I haven't ever dared brought up the fact she beat me or how much of a slut she was. She has a husband now and she still never fucks up about all her past dates like its a point of fucking pride. She also keeps calling her husband my dad's name and its just mental. I've taken like a year out from dating after going steady with an addict/alcoholic for about 6 years. He was horrible and I put up with physical abuse as well and never felt like I could confide in anyone. I opened up to her tonight about just how much I've struggled especially during covid (I finally broke up with him August of 2020) and she was so fucking nasty and belittled it. Saying its the past and for me to get over it. Yet she still talks about all the fucking wankers she made me put up with until she conned her husband into marrying her. I'd love to tell her I wouldn't be such a walk over if I maybe had a decent mother as a role model.

No. 901600

File: 1630894463428.jpg (36.41 KB, 680x395, 20200801_013715.jpg)

I have fucking cancer, no girlfriend and will never get one because I'm too tired and bitter because I have cancer. A kissless fuckass NEET, I am so fed up with myself. I really tried before this, was studying, it was difficult even then but it's now impossible and people keep sending me awful inspiration porn, thank you, I am aware everyone else could do more than I do or did. It's not normal to constantly think about suicide or how to keep on staying alive but that's how it be on this fucker of a planet, I am glad there's at least the vent thread. It's also just downright stupid of me to be thinking having a gf right now, as if that's my biggest issue, what the fuck is wrong with me.

No. 901601

Men don’t “respect” a woman until she’s beautiful. I’ve seen countless men treat a woman better because she’s prettier, the problem is mistranslation. A man’s idea of respect and appreciation is bombarding women with unwanted and conditional compliments and attention. If you’re a woman and not visually appealing and say/do anything that they disagree with they will attack you harder than a woman who has fulfilled a man’s inadequate and pathetic internal idea of respect. I don’t fully disagree with scrotes when they say that attractive women cruise through live easily but it’s also their retarded asses who complain about it and still allow it to happen because they have no standards at all and live by a mystified code of honor that they themselves don’t ever apply themselves to unless it involves other men or achieving sex.

No. 901602

Anon if you’re afraid you won’t live along enough even though I sincerely hope you get to have a healthy long life in remission, hit up Dream Foundation. It’s never too late, don’t kill yourself sometimes god does offer power-ups because it occasionally feels pity

No. 901604

That's because they want to fuck them, and when that option disappears, they want to murder them or see them harmed.
Sometimes, they do get the sex they're seeking, but then they remember that they are still subhuman, so they feel spiteful anyway.

No. 901605

No idea what that is as I am a mere eurofag but I don't think I would tap out at this point but at the same time, I was already so tired, like exhausted. No one can make me feel better and sometimes not even I can but right now, I don't feel like giving up but I am also not gonna act like I won't at some point, it's just not realistic for me to fake optimism either. Thank you for the kind words though, anon.

No. 901606

That really fucking sucks, anon. I'm sorry.

No. 901613

Does anyone else feel like they're cursed with bad luck? Try to fix acne, oops my skin is retarded and I just get wrinkles from treatments, doc can't explain it even. Try to lose weight, oops as soon as I see results I have a running injury and get permanent damage. Try to do mewing to fix my bite, oops just get rearranged bottom teeth. Try to make friends and just keep misunderstandig them/they misunderstand me oops until they grow tired and leave. Just as I get off parents insurance oops get tons of cavities out of nowhere. Try to eat healthier and work out again oops just get PCOS suddenly. Just fucking kill me already why won't this bad luck send a car to run me over in the street. All the effort I put in amounts to nothing or a negative result.

No. 901617

File: 1630897085829.jpeg (18.8 KB, 253x160, 84F70391-0E98-42DA-ADFE-8BFF72…)

I’m fucking losing it anons. I’m moved back in with my parents and locked down working from home. I just feel like complete shit all the time. I have a degree and am working in my field straight out of college and I have good friends but I just feel terrible about myself all the time. Working from home is killing me and for everything I’ve achieved and all the progress I’ve made in just the past few years I just feel like a completely useless sad sack who’s never going to get better. I hate myself, I’ve convinced myself all my friends back in my college city hate me too, and I’ve walked away from every guy who ever showed interest in me because I was convinced he would drop me too. I just broke things off with my fwb in my college city even though he was a guaranteed lay and a place to sleep whenever I visited. I just feel like complete and utter shit and I’m tired of it all. I literally lie in bed until 9 and rub one out just to get up in the morning. this lockdown can’t end soon enough. Fuck.

No. 901665

File: 1630906951742.png (84.12 KB, 512x443, F8E3E7CA-6834-4D2F-8967-96B752…)

I honestly wish my friends would outgrow weebshit. I'm starting to resent and hate it. I don't want to be an autist sounding downer but I no longer care for the majority of anime. I think I've developed a revulsion mechanism. I don't know how to tell them nicely that I don't care for it anymore, but I think a couple of them can tell. One of them is just a huge sperg and it's bothering me. At least nobody's a fujoshit, or else we would no longer be friends. I'm a selfish sociopath for this one, but I thought I'd found friends with interests closer to my own and everytime the turbo weeb one brings up 2d shit which is way too often even though I've tried to get her into live action movies and tv that isn't just tumblr fandom crap I wanna gouge my eyes out. I wanted to have mutual interests with these people and I'm losing at least one of them to the cult of 2d lunacy.

Fuck me. I refuse to watch any new series. So many of them are coomershit produced for and by scrotes. Most, in fact. Anime circles are full of misogynistic and sexually harassing groomer men and degenerate women who end up acting like pickmes for disgusting scrotes. I hate what the attitude in anime communities did to me. How much misogyny it makes women internalize. I hate what it does to other people. Why did I waste so many years being into it. Some I still hold close (Little Witch, Haikyuu, Watanabe's series, Ouran, and some of kyoani which I know can be scrote baity but they were part of my early stages of watching when I actually enjoyed myself and wasn't exposed to so much degeneracy, a couple others) but most of it makes me wanna vomit and I don't want to watch anymore. I don't know how to tell my friends I don't care anymore. I don't know how to make the one turbo weeb shift topics. Like girl please tell me you have any other damn interests for the love of god.

No. 901668

>Watches only mainstream coomshit and male-pandering series
>Hates fujos
kek I think at this point it's a You problem nonnie, are you like 19 and just outgrew your weeb phase?

No. 901670

You should literally just be up front with them. Your perception isn't that weird. Just explain yourself and say you find discussions on anime kind of annoying and would like to not discuss that anymore. Maybe I am oddly blunt but my friends and I can tell each other shit like that.

No. 901672

I watched hundreds of series before I stopped watching and there's an increasing lack of non fetishized decent series and always has been, it's just that I finally woke up and decided that I didn't care for it anymore

What's wrong with western film or even live action East Asian films instead of anime? Not "pretty" enough for 2dfags? Either way, I find the change refreshing. I just think my one friend in particular who displays the turbo weeb behavior has a lot of internalized misogyny. I want her to unlearn it. I think if she's was exposed to more media outside of stupid 2dshit she'd probably feel better about herself. Yes, western media has its problems but my weeb friend seems to have constantly played the NLOG weeb girl because she was surrounded by scrote influence from a young age and it clearly has hurt her self esteem. I just want her to see other media. There's so much more than what she's seeing. I used to be a lot like her and that's why I worry

No. 901673

Problem is last time I did that with someone I ended up having a longtime friendship implode over me telling a person that I didn't want to discuss certain things. Usually I wouldn't be walking on eggshells but now I'm paranoid everyone is going to abandon me if I don't bend to their whims. But since I'm basically at my limit with turbo weeb right now and my other friends are interested in media beyond weeb shit anyway, it's mostly her driving me nutso, I should tell her how I feel so I don't explode later.

No. 901674

Kind of true. Anime made me take pride in sticking to guys who would reject or be cold to me. It meant I was the ideal giving waifu who was proving I was a rare extremely loyal and sweet woman, right? And the more it hurts the more poetic and meaningful it is.

No. 901677

Why do my friends get love from others so easily while I'm not even liked by my own parents? I want to be genuinely loved too… people act nice with me when they need something and then forget about me.

No. 901679

Hentai, the degenshit, and yes, fujocrap also helped fuck up a lot of my young sexuality. I didn't want to admit it for years, but a lot having to do with my prolonged interest in it and interaction with those who consume it has fucked me up. I know not everyone who does is a bad person, I love my friends dearly and they helped me out of a tough loss, I don't want to lose them over something as simple as that.

Watching my friend put herself down hurts though. I know it's way more than just the unattainable 2d obsession bringing her down and her internalized misogyny from growing up but I can't help but feel the media she consumes helped contribute to it. And I love her dearly, like in a platonic way, want her to love herself more. She's grown a lot since I met her but sometimes I don't know how to tell her the truth out of fear I will hurt her. Guess it's best to be upfront but I don't like going for the jugular since I know how much she loves anime

No. 901683

I watch western movies and series, but always default back to weebshit because that's just what hits better, I live outside of the Anglosphere so maybe it's a cultural difference that I simply don't enjoy, for example, movies and series originating from the USA because they're too over the top, lack subtlety and don't resonate with my expectations. There's nothing wrong with liking pretty things though, one of the things I like about anime is the aesthetic and appreciation of beauty, enjoying gritty and objectively ugly things just for the sake of being ~deep~ has never computed with me past my teens. I hate the coomer series but every year there's at least a few that are genuinely good and that's enough for me tbh, I never understood the constant flow of endless consooming of media instead of digesting one satisfying piece well.

However you do you anon, just don't become one of those "anime is for brainlets, I love my Bojack Horseman and She-Ra" people in my vicinity kek

No. 901687

I am very fortunate that my virgin rage stopped me from ever liking fujo shit(hate men for fucking each other instead of me) but it sure did permanently make me attracted to aloof people who can't commit if their life depends it. Or the unironic acceptance of """tsundere""" men.
Just make sure you also highlight that you're worried about her and want her to have self worth.

No. 901699

>I am very fortunate that my virgin rage stopped me from ever liking fujo shit(hate men for fucking each other instead of me)
This confession explains a lot of the spergy fujo hate on this site and I had already generally deduced it tbh, absolute mental illness to be an unironic femcel seething over fictional men not choosing to fuck you.

In all honesty the "fujoshit fucked up my sexuality" finger pointing is reminiscent of all those self-hating male troons who blame anime for becoming a perverted scrote fantasizing about being a lesbian schoolgirl instead of taking responsibility for being a degenerate loser memed into something he wanted himself.

No. 901700

Maybe you have trouble forming genuine connections with people? It comes to some people more easily than others, besides your poor luck with your parents.

No. 901702

Stop calling your mom a slut ffs.

No. 901723

I’m visiting family in Finland right now, and honestly having a really hard time because I don’t know much Finnish.
I wasn’t expecting people to be nice to me, but I also wasn’t expecting everyone I come across to fuck me over in every way possible just because they can. I’m TRYING to learn the language but it’s not gonna happen overnight.
I’ve been trying to get a taxi but they keep hanging up on me because I speak english. Not only that but locals have given me bad directions, sent me wandering all over the place, given me incorrect information to fuck me. I understand hating foreigners but I’m still human and it’s so frustrating I just feel like crying.
Although I have to say, even the cuntiest Finn I’ve met is still nicer than the average american.

No. 901725

Not them, but it sounds like her mom cheated on her dad and/or others. A slut is a slut and she seems like an awful person so I'm not remotely offended by her being insulted. I don't get looking at someone talking about how they were abused by someone and getting upset that they are calling them names lol

No. 901732

Where the hell are you visiting anon, in Helsinki you'd be lucky to get a taxi that speaks Finnish instead of English kek so I take it you're in the countryside. If that's the case the locals most likely didn't give you shit directions to "fuck you over" I know I've probably sent foreigners wandering around because I just wanted to be helpful but probably was too incoherent giving out directions or misunderstood them because finns me included are awkward spergs

No. 901734

I’m in Vääksy, and that makes sense, I could see that happening. I’m just gonna start using google translate a lot more, maybe that will make communicating a little easier.

No. 901735

That's factually what her mom is. If the only reaction you have after reading this is to ask anon to respect her abusive mom on an anonymous image board you have mental issues.

No. 901736

lol where did you encounter americans that mean? I've lived in the US most of my life and have never had anyone hang up on me or give me bad info on purpose, and I've been in some real shithole neighborhoods.

No. 901737

i lived in Seattle & Tampa, seattle was definitely worse. Washington people will steal anything thats not bolted down. Tweakers man. My own “friends” stole shit from me. Also when I had to walk places on the side of the road, cars going by would try to hit me or run me into the ditch.

No. 901742

Finns aren't generally mean, they're just really autistic, don't take it personally. Unless they're boomers or bald, middle-aged men wearing specific attire, they're most likely just short-circuiting since they aren't used to the situation and don't know what to do. I've had a girl run away from me when I was trying to give her a free tote bag at a fair, it's just how it be.
I'm foreign and still use English language service sometimes, especially with doctors since my vocab isn't really up to par there, not once have people hung up on me. They're pretty nice once you get used to it! Just treat them like shy cats and approach gently and non-threateningly, that usually works for me.

No. 901744

Thank you anon, love the shy cat analogy! I will keep that in mind. I’m probably just frustrated because I’ve been living on Salmiakki and tomato soup for a week.

No. 901763

I just had a fucking traumatic experience and I want to vomit. I live with my mom, dad, sister and her dog and our house is pretty small, it's actually not technically a house but a trailer (but it's stuck to the ground). we actually live in a relatively safe part of town but I guess we still have some degenerates. I was laying in bed looking at my phone & my parents and sister were out in the living room watching TV when there was a bunch of noise outside our front door. I didn't hear it very well but then someone started beating on the door with their whole body and heard someone yelling and my dad going NO. WE DONT WANT YOU HERE. I immediately grabbed my fucking phone and starting dialing 911 as our dog was going apeshit. my dad was holding the door as this guy was slamming his body FULL FORCE up against our door. we have a dead bolt but with that amount of force Idk. I called the cops and this bitch was so calm and just kept being like "do you know him" NO I DONT FUCKING KNOW HIM. then she asked what race he was and other stuff, mind you I barely saw the guy, I only saw him through the small window on our front door. she almost seemed irritated at me. LIKE JUST FUCKING SEND SOMEONE ALREADY HOLY SHIT. he kept being like LET ME IN and LET ME IN YOU MOTHERFUCKER COME ON YOU ARENT GONNA LET ME IN???? my dad kept being like WE DONT KNOW YOU, LEAVE after I called the cops I went up to the door to help my dad. I screamed I WILL FUCKING STAB YOU. I WILL CUT OFF YOUR BALLS AND FEED THEM TO MY DOG, DO YOU FUCKING HEAR ME? and he just kept being like COME ON MOTHER FUCKING LET ME IIIIIINN. then he kept going around our house and I kept hearing thumping sounds like he was throwing stuff/himself at our house. I kept being scared he was going to break one of our windows and climb in because if he did man we would have been COMPLETELY FUCKED. mind you my mom recently broke a bone and also has arthritis and cant walk currently. then he continued to throw himself at our door and scream at us, I had scissors in my hand this whole time trying to muster up the courage stab him in the stomach if I had to. my sister called the cops again and the bitch kept being like "do you know him" NO YOU FUCKING BITCH WE DONT FUCKING KNOW HIM. a few times he was like YOU ARENT GONNA LET ME SEE MY DAD and THIS IS MY DADS HOUSE. no it's not. I screamed SO FUCKING LOUD hoping that maybe someone would hear. the 911 lady also told us to go in a different room and hide from him and im like bitch?????? if he can kick down our front door he can definitely kick down our other doors. he also tried to break into my parents' car and the car alarm started going off. I also set my car alarm off hoping it would attract someone. finally the cops got their and arrested his ass, I seriously don't know how much longer our door was going to hold up. I looked at my phone after the cops got there and it had been 27 minutes since I called them, that was a couple minutes after they got there so maybe it was more like 22 minutes, which I guess isnt that bad but it felt so fucking long. probably obvious at this point but this guy was fucked up on something. had to be worse than alcohol or weed, probably meth. which is terrifying because people on meth dont feel pain so if I stabbed him he might not even notice. now I'm having heart palpitations, its almost 2am here and I dont think I'll be able to sleep anytime soon. everytime I hear any little noise or thump I panic. I'm going to buy a gun.

I hope you get raped in prison, contract AIDS and/or overdose on meth, you subhuman inbred parasite maggot.

No. 901764

I'm glad you are safe

No. 901767

ty I'm just scared now

No. 901768

My parents left toilet water or piss all over the floor and seat again and I didn't see it and accidentally stepped on it. I'm so sick of this disgusting place. Wanted to clean up the seat and go pee so I went to my room to get my antibacterial wipes but then someone went in the bathroom sigh

No. 901770

Yeah, Vääksy a countryside place alright. People in Finnish rural settings are even less used to any foreigner approaching them, much less in English. Especially anyone older than a millenial will be awkward with trying to deal with a situation where they actually need to apply any English skills. Even the young folks that know English will mostly sperge out as discussed before. I'm sorry that it's leading you into a tough situation, I hope you find a way to enjoy your stay a bit more. I think you'll have at least some success with Google translate, if you run simple sentences through it. Asking people to write down instructions in Finnish on a small note or something is always a good emergency measure, when dealing with Finns that stumble over whatever they're trying to get out of their system. Sounds excessive at first, but it's worth a try.
I also pray you get some good freaking food soon, if you're literally just on salmiakki and tomato soup all the time. Sounds exhausting.

No. 901779

I don't want to re-escalate your mood, but 22 minutes is so fucking long for a cop to arrive. It would've been much less traumatic if they were there sooner, like as in even 10 minutes. Not even gonna go into the topic of these negligent 911 operators I keep hearing/reading about over the internet. Maddening. I'm glad the piece of garbage scrote didn't get to hurt you or your family. You were brave and did your best in a hectic, dangerous situation.

No. 901781

she kept being like "ill send someone as soon as i can okay but we're busy tonight :) just call us back if you feel like you're in danger k :)" or something like that. as I was holding back tears. she clearly did not believe I was in actual danger and she (or whoever my sister talked to) acted the same. like I get they're supposed to stay calm but she seemed apathetic and practically dismissive of me.

No. 901786

It's astounding how much being stoic and calm is equated to being an apathetic stone cold bitch. Drives me nuts how emotionally unaware people in general are and then they fuck each other up mentally just because of their own braindead notion of what 'keeping it cool and professional' means in practice. I don't know if it's in their training, if the average person is really that unempathetic and slow, or both. She could've told you firmly that alright we got this, we're sending someone as soon as we can, what's your address, stay on the phone, help is on the way, it'll take x amount of time, all that. Not this call us back we're busy anxiety inducing type of shit nobody needs to hear when they're in danger. Sorry about this counter vent, but it's a specific frustration of mine, how people who're actually in pain and/or danger are just left hanging like

on so many levels and in so many instances

No. 901794

If you’re going to use a filter, be honest about it. Anyone who claims to be ~natural~ while having a filter glitch out on their videos make themselves look way worse than just admitting to it and moving on.

No. 901823

File: 1630932365800.jpg (66.25 KB, 564x564, e522a1e4a5785099e04f8b12e39594…)

Warning for catty shit but I work in a STEM field dominated by males, often being the only woman, and I've had to work like a dog with no handicap at all and suffer through endless shit situations where I often end up being the scapegoat and being duped into overworking and abuse. But my industry also has a huge hard-on for witnessing female empowerment so a new, way more attractive girl walks in and is immediately showered with praise and encouragement and plastered all over marketing. I know it's not her fault and the girls are super sweet, I know it's all for show, but I just can't help but feel bitter and wonder if I wasn't a loser gnc lesbian freak I'd probably get treated with more dignity and didn't have to witness all this smoke and mirrors only there to hammer in how I'm not even considered a proper woman and how my hard work will never be recognized.

No. 901832

It's ok to be bitter, it's a shitty, unfair situation that isn't her or your fault.
Scrotes gonna scrote and that praise means absolutely nothing coming from them, because the ones not using it to crawl up her pussy are doing it to appear woke despite being anything but. Once they get bored they will go on to complain how easy women in tech have it and put her on blast or gossip monger about her sleeping her way to the top even if it's not true.
The opinion of what I'm assuming are greasy tech bros is as worthless as the opinion of men who browse reddit, as they're one and the same. Do yourself a favour and get closer to her, together you're stronger and can back each other up when the males inevitably mistreat you or her.

I'm lucky to work in a fairly old school, un-hip tech company (think IBM but shittier) where the average age is 40+ and the atmosphere here is a lot more relaxed. My coworkers are a different kind of retarded but at least you get your work done and go home, no office politics and there's lots of women here too, mostly older mom types. If you ever want to switch jobs, gravitate towards places like that. You'll escape most of the shitty STEM male drama so I recommend it.

No. 901833

It’s always so funny watching normal people get destroyed by the pandemic, damn y’all can’t withstand being solitary with yourselves for a few months? That’s sad.

No. 901843

calm down edgelord

No. 901884

Yeah, getting forced to isolate yourself from your family, friends and loved ones is completely normal and healthy. Stop complaining and deal with it, pussy

No. 901885

honestly, people are so spoiled

No. 901887

I don't know what to do with a friend of mine. She has been a close friend of mine for 2 years but lately she has been very emotionally unavailable to the point where it feels I am doing emotional labour for her by trying to figure out how she feels and such. Everytime we talk I have to be the one coming up with what to talk about because otherwise she just stays silent. Sometimes I feel like I am an unpaid therapist. Recently she flipped out on me for not ''understanding her'' and says she feels like a tool but it gets really draining sometimes. I have to admit I was also rude to her. She makes me feel like I am bothering her. What should I do anons? I don't want to completely discard this friendship but it feels exhausting too.

No. 901890

I'm torn between telling you to shut the fuck up, you idiot, and agreeing with you

No. 901893

File: 1630941193793.jpg (49.37 KB, 500x628, confused-cat-looking-at-comput…)

my gf is giving me the silent treatment after i told her i dont want to argue. Now she messaged me again just to give me one word responses that I don't know how to respond to, but if i don't respond, she will feel "left alone". I don't know what her problem is. Asking about it doesn't help. It's like i'm supposed to figure it out myself

No. 901895

i'd be blunt and say very neutrally "what do you want to come out of this" or "what do you want me to do right now"

No. 901896

This anon. There was this girl in our discord server who used filters on her selfies and when we had a meet up irl people clowned on her so hard. She was p much bullied out of the server for being deceitful and actually uggo.

No. 901897

i will try that next time but i know she will just get upset again somehow, kek

No. 901900

You can’t be near your family or friends at all times. This is what these people get for being so dependent on other people and the system.
>I can’t go outside and do my degenerate things anymore wahh wahhh I hate the pandemic

Lmao, it’s hilarious to see extroverts nearly die from the thought of being by themselves for a long time. Human beings are social but not all the time. It’s about time anon sits her ass home, eat a banana and make a painting or something and learn to be by herself.

No. 901903

ugh i know how that is. let her be upset and go about your day

No. 901912

File: 1630942700594.jpg (82.51 KB, 1024x768, Rachel-McAdams-Mean-Girls-1024…)

you kicked a girl out of a discord server for being ugly?

No. 901914

anon thats retarded and high school shit

No. 901917

kill yourself please

No. 901918

bella janke is that you

No. 901919

Dude how old are you

No. 901920

I have this friend who is a TIF and finding out she was one, saddened me a bit, still does. At first I thought she was just GNC and that it would be cool to have a GNC female friend. Turns out it was some fujo to ftm shit, and I even said some shit about fujos before she came out. I currently have no other female friends and just fill the void with lolcow lol

No. 901923

it’s male, ignore them

No. 901925

ill be your friend

No. 901926

In time she might return to being a gnc female, I mean alot of them do after a few years of playing around with various identities.

No. 901929

Maybe but it sucks that she has been taking T
thanks nonnie

No. 901931

back to reddit, moid

No. 901938

I took T for about 10 months before noping back out of it. I didn't lose any friendships to it because I was never overbearing about gender shit but I feel like I had to go through that stupid phase for myself just to figure things out. Your friend might come back to normality but I get that it has to be concerning watching someone do that. A year or 2 of T you can come back from pretty ok, beyond that point it gets difficult though.

No. 901948

my friend was taking T (not sure if she still is) and all this other fujo troon stuff, now something I secretly predicted is going to happen, her bf breaking up with her, is happening and it sucks not being able to tell the truth. we're not that close anyways but I get why anons here say to get normal friends and distance from TRAs because there's no way to help them, they're allergic to the truth and will only hate you. I hope she doesn't start lambasting him for being transphobic because no he's normal for this. this is the logical outcome sadly. kinda darkly funny in a way to see a moid who had pronouns in bio and all that turn out not to be so woke after all. but it sucks that it's hurting my friend.

No. 901949

>3 jobs
>spent $ on tuition
>no pay until month is over
>can't buy groceries, only eat 5lb bag of rice/hot sugar water
>friends think I'm anorexic
I can barely think, feel like I'm going to faint every time I walk to work, and cannot stop obsessing over food… I've even dreamt that the grocery store was empty so I could steal sandwiches. wish I could go on auto pilot for a month.

No. 901952

Can you get food stamps? Does your country have any sort of welfare system? Can you talk to your friends and maybe have them help you with food?

No. 901958

tinder dinner dates with men then walk out.
jk but i hope you find a solution nonnie, that sounds really difficult. don't be afraid to reach out to people, that's what friends are for

No. 901960

food pantry?

No. 901962

many sociopaths are on this site and it doesn't surprise me. it was made for gossip, which attracts jealous narcissist types and other disordered bitches. i like to believe most of it is banter and slang. but some post do sound unhinged especially on /snow/ and in threads where men are mentioned. i know 3 anons who got death threats from other anons on lolcow discord because one was defending her boyfriend, another disagreeing with a radfem and the other over petty shit. unhinged psychopaths

No. 901974

I need friends. I've lost contact with all my old friends except for chatting every couple months or so. I don't know if I should try harder to get back in touch more or just accept that we've moved on. It's been a few years out of college and everyone is scattered across the country now so we can't even go out together anymore. In the past I've been terrible about keeping in touch with people so I don't know if it's too late or if maybe they're also just bad at it, like I've attracted those sorts of people.

I would like to go meet people in meatspace but I don't think corona is letting up anytime soon.

I would like to meet people online but I'm too lazy and not sure where to begin. I don't know where the late twenties borderline aspie females into internet drama and asian shit hang out. And who aren't total SJWs.

No. 901981

Can you borrow money from a friend and pay them back when you get your paycheck?

No. 901982

Sounds like you were having a disagreement and now she's mad. Give her some time to cool off then try to ask her why she got upset. Also if she starts acting normal again but doesn't want to talk about what happened maybe just drop it.

No. 901984

tell me nonnie do you watch psych vids on YouTube? you sound like it

No. 901986

Thank you for the suggestions, anonitas
I'm American, but was denied emergency food stamps and will have to wait 6-8 weeks. Unfortunately, my friends are all also broke grad students waiting for the same pay day lol. The pantry is open once a week (that's where I found the rice & sugar), but we don't get so many donations.

I actually did go out with a bi male ex-friend who was aware that I'm a lesbian for free pizza, he let himself into my dorm and felt me up for hours that night. was pretty terrifying and we haven't spoken since.

No. 902003

File: 1630947684610.jpg (19.35 KB, 460x342, cat.jpg)

I hate myself for sounding like a lil bitch but I'm so tired of constantly being hurt. Whatever I do and no matter how much I try to please everyone, it's never good enough. I just want to crawl into a hole. I can't wait for winter so I can have an excuse to never leave my apartment.

No. 902018

I've never been one to think about karma too much but an ex cheated on me in the crappiest of ways and he's been all loved up with that woman for the last 3 years now. I was obviously in a bad way emotionally for a long time afterwards, depression wise and having to move short notice and financially struggle was all part of it too. The knock on effect of us making plans for our future one week and me having to worry about what stds he could've given me the next. Where am I meant to live?? Shit like that. Joyful time.

That's made me seriously think about karma for probably the first time. He put me through hell and then strolled off into the sunset with his love that's greater than any love… I can only hope that behind closed doors it not the heaven he portrays to people. That or it meets an end where he gets the chop for once in his life. I felt like my sense of trust and security in all future relationships was sacrificed all for him to secure this woman without having to wait a couple weeks. Like thanks, go ahead and take that from me. Don't give me a second thought.

No. 902021

based. always with the selective arguments…
we live in a patriarchy so it is relatable for every woman to be annoyed by scrotes. i like this place being one site to express these feelings without getting sexism thrown back at me
aren't discord servers for making friends, with you know, your personality?
it takes a lot of effort to build boundaries when you are a nice person anon. people just won't see how hard you are trying. maybe isolating yourself is the way for a while. maybe they will reach out. maybe it is time for new friends

No. 902040

Why was I born human, why can't I be a crow or something. I do not enjoy being a human.

No. 902117

My mum will be the fucking end of me. No good thing comes out of that woman’s mouth. All she does is complain about shitty her life is and how unlucky she is. She obsesses over other peoples lives and is envious all the time. Happy with nothing. On top of that she’s neurotic af. A slight inconvenience happens and she gets into this extreme nervous/ anxious mode and stops eating and drinking, is easily agitated and aggressive and makes us go crazy nervous too. I’m pretty sure half of my mental problems stem from living with this woman. Istg bring any random healthy person into our household and watch them get severe depression among other mental health issues within like 6 months. It’s so exhausting living like that. I wish I could throw her into therapy for the rest of her life for her own sake as well as ours.

No. 902121

> All she does is complain about shitty her life is and how unlucky she is. She obsesses over other peoples lives and is envious all the time. Happy with nothing. On top of that she’s neurotic af. A slight inconvenience happens and she gets into this extreme nervous/ anxious mode
Sorry to even joke but like… your mom is just the average lc poster, but older.

No. 902130

I hate my ex so much. At least I'm past the rose-tinted glasses phase where I tried to excuse his bullshit, but I had enough problems before he came along and now I have complexes about things I'd never even thought about before. I'm working to undo the damage but the process is slow and I didn't deserve any of this. I was truly the perfect supportive girlfriend and he thanked me by shitting all over me. Being a pickme does not pay. I just want men to leave me alone from now on until the day I die.

No. 902133

aww poor little man only got a meal of meat, fruit, and bread in a nice western country. so #brave and #inspiring.

all afghan men are nothing but spineless worthless cucks. i was against the us meddling in but the us military should have at least enlisted and trained afghan women instead. the women there actually have everything to lose. it's so infuriating to see men have so much physical strength and the upper hand in society and politics and they do nothing with it. they run faster than the women when shit goes down. i hope the men who fled are haunted with guilt every day of their coward lives.

No. 902176

File: 1630958933235.gif (281.95 KB, 320x300, 6546563.gif)

i felt like this a lot before i found the love of my life. it took me so long to let myself go with him and fully trust him. i'm just not a very trusting person and part of it had to do with childhood trauma as well.

at the start of our relationship, my bf told me he would wait for as long as i needed to open up. he said we could go at the pace i felt comfortable with. if someone truly loves you, they will do that for you, anon. if he won't or he pressures you, then immediately move on. it'll be hard to find someone like this but they do exist. never give up hope. i almost gave up on finding love and my bf saw through my "tough girl" act when we were just friends. he described it as a darkness i was clinging on to so much that i wasn't living. don't allow yourself get to the point that i was, it was truly awful.

>I just don't want to be vulnerable to someone that can be a stranger, and to someone that I will possibly break up with and never see again.

you haven't even found anyone and you're already thinking negatively about the relationship. if you go into a relationship expecting it to fail, it WILL fail, one way or another. either by your own fear or you or your partner's inability to fight for each other. a good relationship doesn't just happen, it takes time and effort. you need to be able to know who is worth fighting for.

relationships require work but they also require a certain amount of losing control. i know for people like us, complete control is everything. it was control that kept me safe but it also left me isolated. everything is a gamble, sis and you have to accept that. but if you stay true to yourself, have a good judgment of character, and go slow, you can minimize your loses. if you're always afraid to lose, you will never win. i wish you well.

No. 902185

I want to strangle the people in my life who were left a house or a large inheritance every time they try to give me financial advice or wonder why I haven't bought a house yet. You were struggling with me before your dad decided to kick it, motherfucker.

No. 902202

File: 1630959857968.png (196.73 KB, 422x456, Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 3.19…)

Shut the fuck up you whiny little son of a bitch. I have avoided this video for two days. I keep seeing it. I want to unsubscribe. It's not that bad. It's not supposed to be anything but a spicy lil tendie in a NICE tortilla. fuck OFF with your bullshit """Takes"" for internet points you DUMBASS you din't even wear that in real life, you are such a fraud. A FAKE And a fucking loser. If you did wear that irl you are a fucking psychopath on top of it. I got mental issues. All people who wear weird shit do buddy, trust me, they fucking do and you are NO exception. Your anger, if manufactured, lends more to clickbait FRAUDULENCE than being a sociopath foaming at the mouth on cam not giving two fucks about his pathetic skinny body by shoving fast food and processed bullshit down his malformed gullet and has the gall to complain. maybe elevate your senses, you may benefit to graduate beyond a toddler palate but I doubt you will. faggot bitch. fack fucker, godamn it I mean fake fucker. he's just a loser putting on a lame show, think about it. what is he really doing. and who is he really trying to be? it's not good, people should look twice, keep their eye on him at all times, there's something wrong with this guy,. he's wrong about the chicken thing though

No. 902206

File: 1630959945850.jpg (15.48 KB, 260x259, squarehead.jpg)

The walmart checkout camera made me look like this but more square today gave me major bad vibes guys

No. 902210

File: 1630960213743.jpg (83.45 KB, 720x699, q4supn2urea21.jpg)

I'm so frustrated with how often my thoughts on plastic surgery change. half the time I'm saving up for procedures and the other half I think it's a terrible idea. on the one hand why should I resist something that could afford me higher self esteem and better treatment from other people; on the other hand what message does it send to my sisters, who have the same nose, if I cut mine up and mould it beyond recognition? how do I live with the financial loss? would I spiral if the surgery is botched, and I end up still hating my face, but also unable to recognise my own reflection? ugh.

No. 902216

I bet you're pretty anon

No. 902220

he's making bank off dressing in weird suits and eating food, but he does it in a "classy" way so everyone loves his. On his patreon he is literally asking for 2k for you to talk with him on Skype. If he was a woman she'd get torn to shreds for "asking for money", "fishing for attention" and having "orbiter simps". This guy lucked out.

No. 902226

Preach queen

No. 902228

if you're saying this as a way to cope or minimize what my bf did for me, just know that my face is about a 6/10 and i'm overweight. there's someone out there for everyone. stop making excuses.

No. 902230

this woman is much uglier after surgery, before she looked like a beautiful doll and after she looks like a blow up doll

No. 902231

If this guy was a woman he would be bullied out of the internet for having that face

No. 902235

File: 1630961710549.png (691.84 KB, 1121x648, 58392084-327525674.png)

He definitely gets bullied kek. I like him but that being said >>902202 was a brilliant roast

No. 902255

I had a pettiness episode today that backfired hard and now I'm scared of the repercussions. I got jealous of someone taking an idea I was considering and my friend offering them suggestions and help even though they offered me help first and I wasn't able to take it because I wanted to pleasantly surprise him instead.

But I couldn't do it, I kept getting demotivated and kept feeling bad and just gave up.

Now I just want to wash my hands of it all.

No. 902279

I was reading about personality change after a head injury and I wish it could happen to me. Just getting hit on the head and the next second I'm a brand new person. I know it will probably just give me brain damage and anger issues lmao but I love to daydream about it, I'm the worst person ever and I just want a quick fix for my life. I guess I'll keep going to therapy.

No. 902291

lorde kinda looks like a female version of him and she's a lot prettier and has good hair kek

No. 902294

i’m so lonely i don’t feel like i’m alive, i’m a constantly in a dissociative state

No. 902300

same with the prozd fatass, god youtube stop shoving him in my face

No. 902302

Wanting to talk to you is like an impulse and a reflex that I need to replace with something else. Getting out of codependency is hard especially when we have a decade between us. I'm getting desperate but I know deep deep down that this needs to end it's so toxic. I thought maybe trying snapping a rubber band, doing push ups, or writing a letter to a friend whenever I get the urge but so far I'm so fucking undisciplined. I hate that you groomed me to rely on you like this. Even wanting out for as long as I have hasn't done any good.

No. 902315

Shut up, he's a treasure.
It's so refreshing to see someone not orgasm at a sniff of chocolate. Us anti-chocolate fags need representation.

No. 902366

same! every day is like living in a dream state and it's been going on for so long idk if it'll ever stop. my memories are like pushing through fog. it's very fun and cool

No. 902381

File: 1630974514305.jpeg (53.23 KB, 683x1024, 569A2A55-B7E4-409C-B314-59EE6A…)

I’m not sure where to put this but I’ve been going through a mini existential crisis. everything has felt static and I feel like I’ve barely changed even though my personal style, beliefs, interests, and hobbies have changed. Ive gotten over the fear of death but the lingering feeling of watching everyone you love slowly die and knowing you might be able to outlive them makes me really upset. I’m just afraid of watching the people I care about die or get hurt or get old. I know making these connections is one of the gifts of life but it makes me want to cut ties and live all by myself out of fear of losing someone. How would you anons cope?
Also I think it’s because I forgot to take my pills kek

No. 902385

speaking as someone who was in your position and had it happen, no you don't. you want what is essentially a lobotomy? people in your life start to dislike you and you don't know why, everything is perceptually different but your circumstances are still the same. just take acid, it's supposed to do the same ego killing or whatever is your looking for

No. 902386

i have this same problem but it's my demise, i feel like i don't exist and therefore life is meaningless and i barely want to do anything but what i do feels like it has no worth

No. 902389

Nobody can really cope with the death of loved ones. It's not like all other things that can heal. Nobody can prepare for it either.
You just cry and keep living and then cry again from time to time.

No. 902397

ayrt, i totally get what you mean. i have no idea why it started either - i think it might've come from trauma or something, or maybe it's just an effect of way too much internet way too young, but it sucks. i feel so unfixable, but it's nice to know it isn't just me

No. 902402

I woke up really late today and now it's almost my bedtime again but I don't want to go to sleep so soon. Why God.

No. 902406

I stumbled upon this YouTube channel where someone just drives around all day filming the sketchy tweaker encampments roadside in Philadelphia.
I'm not proud of it, but I find it so interesting seeing how people live like that day in and day out. It's sad but I can't look away. I begin to recognize repeat faces and movements.
It's a bit too much actually.

No. 902407

yeah and she wouldn't even tell us how long it was going to be when the cops got there, she seemed super not concerned, she also kept asking us if we knew him after I said NO several times.

and for an update; after they arrested him they took him to a HOMELESS SHELTER not a jail cell because there wasn't an arrest warrant out for him??? I'm fucking scared he'll come back, we're trying to figure out how to press charges. I want to buy a gun but I also don't want to get shot by the cops for defending myself.

No. 902408

the kensington ave videos! Girl, me too. At the beginning I was like shit this is fucked UP but now everytime I get one in my reccs I have to watch it to see if I can find someone "worse" than in the last video

No. 902414

My parents were really abusive and I spent most of my teenage years trying not to take up space because of them. I just feel really sad about it tonight.

No. 902415

Oh wow it's like some post-alocalyptic zombie flick. Except it's real life. Welp, I'm with you now. Morbid fascination fully engaged.

No. 902423

went to check it out, scrolled down and immediately saw a video of my neighborhood lol. I feel like a zoo animal

No. 902431

You might want to avoid posting things that could doxx you

No. 902438

I just realized that I was actually looking at a completely different ghetto tour youtube channel somehow, but thanks for the concern anon! The one I was on had a bunch of different cities and a ton of videos, so it's not too risky (my residence's also not technically in the video or anything, just a couple of blocks away).

It's funny, because seeing the area at night on video makes it look way worse than it actually is. During the day, there's a lot of vehicle traffic so it's pretty safe. It feels like they might have done a couple of takes to be honest to get the maximum number of weirdos walking around, but I guess that's to be expected.

No. 902465

not to be a retard or anything but i kinda wish i was a dude. id rather die than troon out but the urge is still there

No. 902466

discord does this thing when my pc goes idle where it just randomly appears on the screen and its not interactable until closing it on the taskbar. so i have no idea if someone walked into my room while i was gone and saw posts about gay furries

No. 902531

I'm tired of people defending onlyfans and prostitution

No. 902532

This sounds like anxiety

No. 902572

Same can't even look at it anymore I just close the page when I see that somewhere. it makes me feel sick

No. 902573

a woman who i wouldn’t call a friend but more an acquaintance who i follow on facebook and twitter identifies as non binary and just today posted a go fund me for top surgery. when i met her she was a somewhat butch lesbian and it’s kind of sad to see this happen. when she started identifying as non non she began posting memes and stuff about being trans on her instagram stories and i don’t really remember her doing the same thing but for lesbian memes or whatever before she transitioned. there’s nothing i can really do as i don’t know her that well and i don’t think she would listen anyway but it’s just sad to see this happen. it feels to me like this trans thing is mainly a trend that people in our age range (early twenties) and younger treat as a counter culture rebellion thing.
what gets me is she isn’t even identifying as a trans man. she says she’s non-binary . why the fuck does being non binary mean she has to cut off her tits? i’m not seeing non-binary men choosing to get breast implants but the inverse seems to be true for women. why does being androgynous mean you have to cut off a perfectly normal body part in your early twenties!!?? it’s complete madness but i hope the surgery goes well and she doesn’t regret it later on in life. needless to say i will not be donating to the gofundme, there’s just no way i could do that and still feel like a good person.

i know trans shit is sperged about ad nauseum on here but it’s not even that i’m angry at her or think she’s a bad person. i just feel sad for her and pity her. seeing someone i know in real life begin the process of going through an unnecessary and major plastic surgery that she can’t even afford in the first place hence the gofundme is really confronting. putting it here because i have no one i can talk to in real life about this

No. 902579

I can't imagine making such a drastic decision. And based on what? Discomfort you think you may be experiencing based on descriptions of other people's discomfort? Are you really so uncomfortable in your own skin that you need to lop off chunks of it of it to feel better? Or are you really just desperate to be a part of a group? The thing you said about people treating it like counter culture hit the nail right on the head.

No. 902581

File: 1631000503072.jpeg (111.88 KB, 750x722, 861E3B41-1A03-462B-AC67-DE170B…)

I feel your pain anon, have a similar situation. Feels so helpless to watch it happen knowing you can't actually help at all or they'd hate you.

On another note. It's interesting to watch as it quickly seeps into the mainstream and isn't exactly "counterculture". I mean it's still (probably?) a minority consisting of mostly youth, but even if they are acting counter to say their parents, they all march in lockstep with each other's choices. It is conformity, just to their own small but growing group.

No. 902593

File: 1631003868047.gif (255.42 KB, 250x188, tumblr_mea8tj38se1r2vtc0o4_250…)

While I enjoy how different everyone are here and how everyone comes from different walks in life with different experiences, it sometimes really aggravates me how unapologetically toxic some anons are.
Have been a couple times where I've almost dropped my jaw with how psychotically narcissistic some responses are to anons that didn't even deserve that kind of response. I know some people are just trying to provoke but it's easy to tell those apart from the ones that genuinely believe the bullshit they spout

No. 902594

my prolactin came out higher than normal, but I'm not pregnant

No. 902601

File: 1631005647930.jpg (12.13 KB, 365x287, EBEZ3PaXoAA0gYT.jpg)

No offense but ever since I started to wash the dishes regulary and even clean the mess around that wasn't even done by me she started to be quite impatient and quick-tempered if I don't do shit she asked within the minute, I should've stayed a recluse in my room honnesty brings no good

No. 902604

Yeah, some anons are genuinely pretty cruel. Thankfully I think they’re in the minority and still nowhere near as bad as scrotes but it sucks and I hope they eventually reach a better place mentally.

No. 902625

I really wish I was a man. Not in a trans way, I just feel like my parents would treat me better. So would the society. My brother does everything I want to do with no issue, but if I do it it's shameful even though I'm much more older. Also my mother wouldn't have an outlet to impose her "girly girl doll" fantasy on me if I was a dude.

No. 902651

File: 1631015868772.jpg (99.54 KB, 1200x600, 38502.jpg)

My male friend, after about a year of barely tolerable nb shit, is going full tilt mtf. I'd really like to ask him to reaaaaally think about it (his first reason he gave me is that he likes "dressing like a woman") but I don't wanna lose him as a friend either; we've known each other so long.

No. 902661

Sorry for your loss.

No. 902671

I don't want to be part of society anymore. People are so manipulative and horrible. The world is literally built on narcissism. You have to suck up to those in power and give them what they want and tell them what they want to hear. You have to constantly lie and keep up a façade. We're just constantly manipulating one another so that we can get ahead. I hate humans. Not to mention that I've seen honest people being accused of narcissism by narcs themselves. I'm 100% convinced the average person is narcissistic and mentally ill. Society is just very flawed.

No. 902672

File: 1631018283530.jpg (44.93 KB, 540x426, 9784958_FJNKFN.jpg)

I fell in love with someone I couldn't be with, while being in a happy relationship and now I'll probably never see him again because he's leaving for a long time, I have to mourn this nonexistent love story all alone like a fucking retard. I'm feeling relieved because I was a afraid this was going to ruin my current relationship and devastated at the same time, because I'll never know what could have happened between us. It seemed like a he liked me a lot too. I whish I could have just held his hand once or touched his pretty hair, I wish I had kissed him to. I hate that he'll never know how much I love him deep down, and I'm afraid I'm going to carry this stupid love for a very long time.

No. 902685

Sounds like you're confusing society with work climates.

No. 902695

nta but this can manifest in many places

No. 902706

this so much

No. 902710

I used to think "normies" were a thing until I understood that you just have to search for the kind of person you fit in with; there are plenty of types or "subgeneres" of normie and it has to do with the enviorment you are in. As long as you don't act dumb, respect others, and don't dress like an idiot you can try to be a normie too

No. 902712

Those anons are probably under 21