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File: 1604644290600.jpeg (304.37 KB, 2048x1312, ElhLjHBVkAAH9rD.jpeg)

No. 1076135

A continuation of the thread about Alyssa D. Silos / Alythuh / Alyafterdark, the rich girl e-thot LARPing as an internationally successful full time artist, even with the bad art she makes.

Previous thread >>>/snow/1048899
(Included her alt twitter username in this title)

Rundown of Pt. 1 thread
> Resells Alibaba / Aliexpress items as overpriced weapons
> Really shit when it comes to customer service, even with employees, and tried to hide this by deleting her shop's support account
> Has a coomer boyfriend who wants the whole world to know he exists in her sphere
> Donated her kits to an anti-assault organization ran by Duterte supporter(s)
> Used the "Femme Fatale" theme for her self defense kit but it becomes more of a narcissist's royal circus trash
> Still uses her family as a defense team instead of responding to issues that she's clearly guilty about

Twitter (Main): https://twitter.com/alythuh
Twitter (Side): https://twitter.com/alyafterdark
Instagram: https://instagram.com/alythuh
Website: https://alythuh.com
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@alythuh
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Alythuh/

No. 1076197

File: 1604654743740.jpeg (513.22 KB, 623x1081, 93309CCF-8944-49CD-AA4E-4430E7…)

This is a candid, but can someone explain to me what’s going on with the glasses?

No. 1076208

Looks like her glasses titled a bit, then she overedited it and erased the left leg of the frame. Her hairline and the shadow of the hat made it look like she was balding too.

No. 1076227

It’s a candid posted by a ‘fan’ I mean why is half her glasses missing, is it an aesthetic thing?

No. 1076234

Oof I didn't know it wasn't hers lol. But that is weird that half of her glasses' frames is missing. She'd look awkward walking around with a droopy eyeglass.

No. 1076245

Arching her back like crazy no?

No. 1076316


It almost looks like a glasses filter, which explains how the glasses are hovering lopsided without frames.

No. 1076323

Sage for zooming in, but as someone that wears glasses I’m very confused how they are staying up when there is nothing connects the frames to her ears

No. 1076324

File: 1604676119342.png (1.36 MB, 750x1334, 945F81F9-D7E3-4FEC-9ED6-C504B7…)

No. 1076325

You can see where the frames start to get erased

No. 1076503

File: 1604691255838.jpeg (110.82 KB, 782x1024, 5F982186-EEDA-45A3-A3F1-84EC29…)

That is…so strange, because what was she even editing there? Makes more sense if picture was taken using an app with a filter/phone with a built-in beauty effect rather than a PS error IMO because..Why? Though, trying to rationalize any cow‘s decision is pretty useless and maddening, she might be trying to even/smooth her skin out.

It does look very uneven, although it isn’t anything ugly or abnormal.

Could also be areas that are lighter might be related to skincare products containing skin-lightener (Whether she uses those on purpose or not). Unless she has a fading splotchy fake tan or tried a “no makeup” look using lighter foundation/concealer in the center with bronzer on the entire outside of her face.

No. 1076527

It really looks just like uneven natural tanning.

No. 1076549

File: 1604695321049.jpeg (348.99 KB, 750x882, A86B6F73-0698-4B84-992B-D611E9…)

anyone catch the deleted tweet? i think it might be about the reddit businessman but idk

No. 1076550

File: 1604695357152.jpeg (171.9 KB, 743x527, E7C4BE18-8B1D-46F0-A4DC-E1B37C…)


No. 1076553

File: 1604695737249.jpeg (313.12 KB, 750x1018, 85EA9563-30FA-4412-8E46-A46745…)

I can’t speak for anyone else but I couldn’t care less if Alyssa does do sex work, it’s that she passes off her lifestyle as A) a result of luck and hard work uwu (and not generational wealth) and B) an achievable goal for your average independent artist. It’s like those “how I retired by 30!” articles where the secret is getting a ton of money from your family. It’s not realistic.

No. 1076554

She edited her face and just forgot to add the glasses frames back on. Sometimes I can tell anons don’t photoshop / know how too, which is a good thing. Also the glasses are wonky bc she didn’t set them right in photo shop after editing her facial features

No. 1076556

File: 1604696083918.jpeg (466.85 KB, 1536x2048, D7D3CD1B-82B0-4390-A91B-E9C458…)

No. 1076557

this is so hilariously depressing, it looks like a sweatshop someone set up in a middle school gym.

No. 1076562

this is probably nonsense but maybe she intentionally removes the arms and balances her glasses on her nose so that she can edit her face later without the glasses being visibly wonky. then edit the arms in later?

No. 1076563

I'm horrid with PS, but is she still trying to pass her name actually being on the wall? It looks like she either tried REALLY hard to match the texture of the wall, or she got one of those shitty vinyl wall clings that only pass on smooth surfaces.

No. 1076566

you guys are retarded the glasses look broken. the way they tilt it's how glasses go when broken. my glasses were broken for a while and did the same squinty thing.

No. 1076586

This is so weird because she'd be way less cringey if she just owned up to being a hoe. That's literally more respectable than badly lying about being a successful artist tbh

No. 1076614

oh this is just hilarious. So you got a warehouse for something that you can clearly do in your own damn condo. Two picnic tables and some ikea containers.

Super goals.

No. 1076619

it doesn't look like it's tilted the same way the wall is to me. like the wall has perspective on it but the text doesn't. come on alyssa

No. 1076636

File: 1604703618289.jpg (225.03 KB, 1750x600, Untitled-4.jpg)

Eh, as much as I think it would be hilarious for her to photoshop the size of the warehouse or the text on the wall, I don't think it's true. Comparing the two photos the text is placed in an IDENTICAL position on the wall, to the milimeter (look at the bricks); seems to be some kind of shiny sticker material so the reflection stands out on the matte wall as weird, but that's it.
Somewhere in the previous thread I think someone found out it's not that expensive to rent warehouse space so it really is nothing special she would have it, nitpicking is fun and all but some anons here reach unhinged tinfoil level of PULL (like with the glasses conspiracy where it's obvious the frame on the side is missing IRL, not removed in PS).

No. 1076684

Agreed, there's a lot of people who will continue to wear their glasses with one arm broken off. Just looks like she broke them and is just wearing them like that.

No. 1076758


holy shit did you retards miss the part where it was stated that this was a fan's candid?

>This is a candid

No. 1076782

For the third time, she didn’t edit that. It was taken by someone else and posted by the dude in the photo.

No. 1076845

>>1076197 nitpick but why does she look like a bad james charles clone

No. 1076866

If it’s not true, why did she delete the tweet so quickly? It’s odd to defend yourself and then delete it immediately like you have something to hide and don’t want to refute it with evidence. Reminds me of when she unRTed several tweets because there were aliexpress links to her garbage in the replies

No. 1076875

Either she's wearing some pince nez, or even the fan knew the glasses were way too crooked to leave, but couldn't do much to help other than erase that bit

No. 1076909

I’m confused why a fan would photoshop it ?? It’s clearly photo shopped

No. 1076917

The glasses are broken. It isn’t photoshopped out, it flat out isn’t attached. The photo at most has a filter over it, again I was literally posted by a random guy who took a pic with her and a lot of other random people at a con on ig. I promise you, that man is not doing beauty work on Alyssa. It’s okay to be wrong sometimes.

No. 1076972

Alyssa sitting in the naughty corner for a time-out

No. 1076991

>putting a logo up in a shitty rental space

No. 1076995

kek anon please

No. 1077018

So many Alyssa stans
We nitpick because we know she edits the shit out of her picture all the time. The candid is weird but it's unlikely someone else took the time to edit her face, but the warehouse text could just be very carefully placed there with photoshop. It's not that hard to do. The size of the warehouse and herself were definitely photoshopped in the previous picture.

>SeX woRk Is WoRk
kek way to miss the point of everything

No. 1077030

I haven’t seen a single Alyssa stan since the last thread.

No. 1077036

anon is just retarded and doesn't want to admit they're wrong and can't fucking read lmao

No. 1077040

The fuck are you talking about? It's the first time I post in this thread kek I'm not the other anon retard. I was calling stans both the twitter faggots and the anons who insist some of the things in her pictures aren't photoshopped when they obviously are. Or you.

No. 1077045

Nah this is definitely a you issue.
Seems like it. There hasn’t been a stan here in awhile, and thinking that anyone who disagrees with you can’t possibly be a farmer and has to be a twitterfag or stan is dumb. Mountains and molehills and all that.

No. 1077105

Alright, whatever you say bitch.

No. 1077145

File: 1604761804610.jpeg (533.94 KB, 1483x1491, 180B76BC-7DE8-4F85-8507-15A27A…)

I like how the first sentence implies that these kits are effective at anything at all.

Oooh sick burn

No. 1077146

is that low res key image photoshopped in or is it actually printed in such a low resolution?? confounding either way

No. 1077171

It appears to be that low-res, pixels on everything else doesn’t match

No. 1077190

"While our self defense kits can help you in dangerous situations…" insert several tweets of reviews describing shitty quality

No. 1077247

“and this is from me Alyssa Silos personally” Im sorry what. And who the fuck even are you. My god even the way she writes is delusional as shit.

No. 1077849

I think that line is there because the rest of the "advice" is random stuff she found online

No. 1077896

ayrt. True, I can see that now, just took the time to read the rest of the garbage and it’s basically copy pasted stuff lol

No. 1077898

It was still poorly written and looks narcissistic as fuck. You are not Oprah.

No. 1077927

Before I even noticed the key it sticks out that that cursive looks super blurry on the upper left, too.

Right? She acts like she's as household a name as the Kardashians

No. 1078061

Ew that key, where has all of her (assumed) photoshop mastery go, not only it's incredibly low res but also cut out really poorly, with white bg left in the hanging hole. Insulting to the client, not like she has any respect to them lying about usefulness of the set though.

No. 1078523

File: 1604930964234.png (4.82 MB, 1240x6172, Alythuh and fans dogpiled on A…)

I forgot to add this in the first thread, but this one is about that time she majorly blasted a small account to the point where that account got suspended.

> Alyssa posts a Miss Mirage Cosplay
> She posts a photo of her employees packing her customer's orders
> A user (APHOBIAKILLS) makes a joke about Alyssa being the IRL Ms. Mirage
> Alyssa takes the joke too seriously and talks about how her paid employees are a gay couple
> She asks her followers to report the original tweet for misinformation (even if that was clearly not the intention and that the OP was just joking on their timeline)
> Her orbiters, simps, and fans all diss the OP with whatever they can throw at (including the "You're jealous" cliche which is the only thing their brains can think of)
> The OP gets suspended

I've listed archived proof that these tweets actually happened. Alyssa and her fans did dogpile on this person. However the OP now has a new account and somehow, Alyssa found it out and blocked them. That didn't stop OP from spilling truth and freely expressing their thoughts about her, though. She may have deleted her tweets about it but there's proof that she encouraged harassing a user just because they didn't kiss her ass.


No. 1078526

>here is a private picture of my assistants they're GAY TOGETHER and love working for me uwu
Imagine your employer tweeting about you like this… even if you were friends IRL.

No. 1078528

File: 1604931919889.png (593.73 KB, 585x867, girlpower.PNG)

Cat owners, have your cat's gender reveal made you cry uncontrollably too?

No. 1078557

The guys were an actual couple, but I believe she's trying to queer bait and earn pity points so her fans (who lack loads of critical thinking) can label the person as a homophobe or anything that can spin the OP as someone who has beef against LGBT+. That will just encourage her orbiters to dunk on this person. However, the OP is also LGBT+ (not sure which one) so that'd be fucking pointless. For Alyssa though, anyone who doesn't kiss her ass is from hell.

No. 1078590

Imagine being the poor vet who told her her cat was a girl and she started screeching and bawling in their office. Literally what is wrong with her

No. 1078601

File: 1604938711205.jpeg (530.38 KB, 1536x2048, AE785A5F-E3DC-42D4-A5F5-FF194A…)

Skin looks like beef jerky, tragic

No. 1078620

Sorry for being dumb but why are these taped onto a bigger paper? How are they gonna mesh in together?

No. 1078625

What's with the random alphonse mucha prints and the trailing pastel intestines. Does she think this looks good? Art hoes on pinterest wouldn't even pin this

No. 1078650

File: 1604941638667.jpeg (165.62 KB, 828x872, D5BFC86E-F669-4E1E-93CF-DAC30C…)

I think she does think it looks good since it's something she "fancies" along with an unopened bottle of scotch she bought just to show off and some poor plants she's torturing

No. 1078658

Look how hurt she was by all the people on reddit clowning her for being as fake as her plants

No. 1078661

I'm amazed by just how bad her art is every single time

No. 1078681

File: 1604944134130.jpeg (185.65 KB, 828x687, 1E31EA8B-B21B-4E5A-928D-0B21FD…)

Would love to see the tweet she so quickly deleted.

No. 1078827

If anyone has the original post I would love to see it. It appears she was dogging on a rando who called her out regarding the sex work accusation.

No. 1078853

Is it just me, or is her using a font in her signature weird? It's clearly not hand written. Even her signature is fake smh

No. 1078867


It was asked earlier, still nothing

No. 1078920

This might be her worst composition yet.

No. 1078956

File: 1604964709597.png (129.9 KB, 387x199, D98215EE-C271-4058-972A-5079E0…)

God the longer you look at it the worse it gets. The fuck is this?

No. 1078991

conveniently avoiding the face every single time

No. 1079093

Artwork of naked, headless women is something I'd expect from a man. It's dehumanizing and blatantly sexual. The weird pink blob running between the torso cut in half immediately made me think of intestines pooling out. Wtf was she thinking when she made this??? It's not just her lack of skill that makes her artwork bad, it's the fact her pieces have absolutely no meaning, story, or soul

No. 1079154

I'm sorry but she very stupid. You know what gender your cat is after a few months. Even someone who doesn't own a cat would know by simply looking if the cat has balls or not and in the case where the male cat was neutered and henceforth not having balls you would have been informed prior by whoever gave you the cat…

No. 1079170

The Mucha prints are the only good things in this picture. And her drawings are probably copied.

No. 1079178

We say that every week about something new, she’s just not talented. These are the kind of people that should have imposter syndrome, profiting off of such mediocrity.

No. 1079217

Her narcissism saved her from imposter syndrome. IMO she’s a full blown imposter and she’s past the syndrome lol

No. 1079233

What a vile fuck, why hasn’t anyone called her out on this yet?

No. 1079397

File: 1605031002881.jpeg (846.75 KB, 828x1213, B325FCEE-94BE-468B-9942-6C7245…)

No. 1079417

WHHOOOO is buying this shit? Who? With actual currency? Who and why?

No. 1079426

Teenage girls with their parents cards

No. 1079429

File: 1605034231850.jpeg (396.42 KB, 1125x1692, 22C87A3F-89C0-4BEF-A4E2-93C543…)

She’s using someone else’s art for her packaging, apparently? I can’t find any credit to this artist on the original post either. I would hope that Alyssa asked for permission to do that beforehand but without publicly saying who drew the bag art, it comes across like she’s trying to pass it off as her own work to her fans.

No. 1079430

It’s funny how she’s so offended people thinks she’s a talentless liar when she just loves using omission to make herself look better

No. 1079436

File: 1605034876985.jpeg (1.03 MB, 2048x2002, 681F0A2F-A464-4908-B49E-FA587D…)

So I went through her twitter media… I’m pretty sure all of this was commissioned from her by Alyssa omfg.

No. 1079441

File: 1605035601993.jpeg (472.37 KB, 828x934, A06A636D-A3EA-4F67-8230-0C3DE5…)

I’m not entirely convinced she didn’t get these from sleepypixieart or trace things that she made at the very least. They look nothing like her art and favor that girls style, shading, and color palette too much

No. 1079444

Who, sleepypixie? I can’t say for sure that they’re direct commissions, they do seem a bit “off” as far as style goes. But, I am leaning towards what >>1079441 says: the pieces do seem a good bit inspired by sleepy’s work, at the very least.

No. 1079448

She heavily copied a girl she commissioned and didn’t even give her direct credit for her work. She’s worse than I thought.

No. 1079455

This is going to sound tin foily but what if they aren't actually orders? Something about the positioning of the envelopes and the sheer number of orders feels really sus to me. I don't want to sound like I'm super salty but something about her numbers (especially on her posts promoting her store) and the perceived number of orders in all these photos seems off.

No. 1079475

Yeah that’s too tinfoily. People are buying them.

No. 1079486

File: 1605039455393.jpeg (519.06 KB, 1536x2048, F92D3909-570D-4589-BA5A-B17A10…)

people are buying the kits/knives, the only real milk is that I’m 98% sure every pink envelope is safety kit related and the small pile of white in the center are art prints

No. 1079490

File: 1605039876288.jpeg (486.33 KB, 828x1132, 93F863A1-9B90-4C9B-904E-5A7DA4…)

Whats really weird is she credits someone else for helping with packaging but not the bag artist? I really don't know what she was doing here

Also I definitely think Alyssa drew the other girls herself with how muddy and ugly the shading and colors are on them. I can see she was copying pixie's style though.

No. 1079495

Man, this is depressing. I see so many legitimately skilled artists and creators struggle to sell their work and people eat this up because of this strange circus ringleader of an “art influencer”.

No. 1079513

All that talk about empowering artists and she only credits one of the two involved in creating the packaging, and only on her side twitter in the replies to the main tweet. Disugsting.

No. 1079534

This seems the norm this generation. People eating up shit like this instead of legit art or proper kits because of an imagined connection to ~influencers~.The false sense of the security the kits will give can actually get people hurt.

No. 1079664


Every one of her photos is carefully orchestrated and this is the one you believe is true? She's done the same sea of envelope photo before. Last time it was pink envelopes. Just another part of her charade to convince gullible artists that shit art on aliexpress keyrings is something people are buying in bulk during an economic crisis.

She does have real orders, if you search Twitter for related keywords you'll find some of them, but far less than presented here.

No. 1079666

It seems like she commissioned a bunch of art and has been passing it off as her own with no credit??

No. 1079986

Anon, she has over 600k followers. People are buying her dumb trinkets or else she wouldn’t have that dumb ass apartment and all her Amazon props. She sells a bunch of those stupid little keychains, still doesn’t make her an artist, just a merchant really.

No. 1079991

>mfw you think her keyrings pay for her apartment

You need to read the first thread anon. It's clear she comes from money and most of her vacations and her home are funded by family, sugar daddies, or her rich boyfriend. 600k followers doesn't = money. I follow plenty of artists with 100k+ each who make an average of 6k a year from selling their tat. For most people selling tat can only be a side job, especially at the "quality" Alyssa is giving us.

No. 1079994

Samefag, if you really believe her "successful artist" act you have missed the entire point of the thread.

No. 1080014

Um, I’ve contributed half the caps in the past two threads and the art cows thread. By all means point out the shooped envelopes or I’m apt to believe she’s selling that much because again, people do buy her dinky little aliexpress toys. Doesn’t make it right and doesn’t erase the fact that everything about her is fake, but I’m not going to fashion myself an aluminum hat over every little thing.

No. 1080016

imagine thinking follower number equals real life money. And at the level she exclaims she’s at?? No one with a sane mind believes that all of her trips, the “luxuries”, the penthouse condo clown house and more are all supplied by the sales of her fINe aRt or chinese self defense kits. get fucking real.

No. 1080020

File: 1605103553660.jpeg (467.99 KB, 828x1032, 3FC51A02-1D8D-495C-A3A9-54815F…)

Some real face for today.

Girl… I said her followers are buying her kits. Imagine leaving some unsaged passive aggressive psychobabble because an anon is saying she probably didn’t photoshop her packages for a new release? I literally think she’s a prostitute, refuckinglax.

No. 1080021

oook. doubt she actually shooped those envelopes.

Guys… she placed literal empty ones. Stuffed it with tissue, etc. In all seriousness that’s basically what this likely is. just cause she censors the labels doesn’t mean they’re real orders jesus. And if they were… wow cool, you’re throwing my packaging on the floor for your picture? :) saying if I did buy one ya know.

BUT. I also don’t doubt the fact that people are buying them. Selling enough every month to supply her luxuries though? Nah try again.(:))

No. 1080023

File: 1605103826887.jpeg (186.23 KB, 1125x835, 5DA35462-9699-4FE9-84F2-372297…)

Slightly better quality.

You can type ‘sage’ in the email field newfag, this has been discussed a thousand times over

No. 1080050

She'a def trying to pass that art off as her own and she probably paid extra to not have to credit the artist publicly to keep up plausible deniabiity. The only thing Alyssa is an artist at is scamming.

No. 1080057

To elaborate on this photo a little, it’s interesting that she’s attracting the streaming crowd. The particular Asian clique that Rae (far right) recently became a part of is super fake, superficial, and catty. Perfect for her really. They only care about numbers and everything is pretty forced.

No. 1080062

File: 1605108820610.jpeg (380.37 KB, 742x819, AC8A498D-F0FE-4118-BAD5-4DB2D7…)

of course there’s a studio light. totes real and authentic guys. all I can think about is the cold food whenever I see stager shots like this.

No. 1080064

>shooped envelopes

Envelopes are cheap, pretty easy to throw some fake empty ones in with your real orders. Plenty of the envelopes in the warehouse pic have no visible label.

In the van pic >>1079397
the envelopes on the right are obviously neatly "arranged"

Just something ringing odd and false about these, as with every other Alyssa pic.

No. 1080067

Samefag, just noticed none of the "arranged" ones in the U-haul box have labels.

No. 1080069

And I can't see any labels on the ones in the van? It's hard to see them from that angle but every one you can make out has no label. What are the chances every package happened to position itself label-down for her convenience.

No. 1080071

I just thought she made them face the other way specifically for photos so she wouldn’t have to blur out so many labels, maybe you’re right though. It’s pretty risky doing that in front of two other girls who could easily throw you under the bus and gossip with their internet-popular crews about it.

No. 1080079

everything about this girl’s media presence is so shallow, calculated and contrived I’d believe almost anything

No. 1080211

She probably did edit the photo (something's really off about the proportions even when you take perspective into consideration) but I think she does sell a lot. We'll just have to wait and see how many of them pop up on Twitter because the customers hope to get ~noticed~ by Alythuh.

No. 1080376

File: 1605137426757.jpeg (639.74 KB, 828x1240, 7197DE46-0B6B-4864-86D6-5F9F5B…)

>growing together in different fields
anyone else not buying this shit? why do these people only start claiming each other when the other is superficially successful. so predictable.

No. 1080381

File: 1605137658772.jpeg (366.93 KB, 977x843, 3F0AB7E2-3281-4CEB-BF16-194C00…)

If you zoom in, there’s shipping labels. Seems she just turned them the same way because she was dying to take pictures of it without having to scribble out or blur the labels like her sister had to in their last package post. Incredibly neurotic and ridiculous either way.

No. 1080509

File: 1605146183256.jpeg (365.98 KB, 750x1022, B20C65A2-C331-457A-8C4D-65D218…)

hate to debunk your tinfoil but they are legitimately friends. i got curious about that too when she announced her visit and searched twitter

No. 1080510

This makes the picture look shooped even more. It’s not the envelopes for me but the lighting on the girls in the foreground

No. 1080511

File: 1605146332939.jpeg (387 KB, 750x835, 22FC0E64-C2D2-4EFC-A1AA-5AADD1…)

also not trying to derail but why do straight girls do this? I understand the “sis you’re such a stunner x” thing between straight girls but they just act borderline sapphic? Alyssa does this too, IDGI

No. 1080517

Being acquaintances and mutuals + kissing each other’s asses every few months in replies does not equate to friendship. They didn’t even start interacting like that until after Alyssa started getting attention on twitter.

No. 1080520

All boring/basic straight girls do this tbh. They want each other's audiences to notice the interactions

No. 1080526

This is such a lie. Alyssa was 16, 7 years ago and was barely posting during highscool???? She was totally unknown. This was waaaay before her trips, boob job or anything that made her slightly go viral.
Funny she says this because all Alyssa's posts during 2013 didn't have valk liking them. What makes me curious is why even lie about this??? I don't get it.

No. 1080527

This boring, groveling way of talking to one another on socials is so… sterile? to me. It sounds the opposite of intimate, like a hallmark card.

No. 1080581

sorry I should clarify, by “really friends” I just meant they knew each other before last week (I looked because I assumed they met very recently tbh) and not that they’re actual, proper friends or that they’re not cross-pollinating their fandoms

No. 1080612

Its all good I actually meant to also pin >>1080376 but my point still stands. I don't know what they're trying to achieve by lying? 7 years is such a giant lie, more believable if she just mentioned the recent years. Perhaps to make their friendship look more legitimate and less about clout?
Makes me think of other things they're lying for her about

No. 1080988

File: 1605204136262.jpeg (586.52 KB, 828x954, 4171DE6B-B3C4-4E00-AB77-4463A2…)

Blocked out her nose kek

No. 1081069

How embarrassing lol. She did a bad job, too, it only accentuates how wide her nose is.

No. 1081103

File: 1605217552088.jpeg (441.32 KB, 828x779, D6432133-D2EF-420D-AE39-BD163C…)

No. 1081104

File: 1605217576890.jpeg (692.3 KB, 828x1060, A0680F70-DB9D-4DA6-A0FC-DAB1A9…)

Love the smell of desperation for engagement

No. 1081154

why do the sides of her mouth always look so gross?

No. 1081206

She overlines her lips in a really strange way that she extends into the corners of her mouth into a weird Glasgow smile

No. 1081215

File: 1605229802123.png (70.63 KB, 1214x250, 3DF1DF08-6124-4FF3-9098-C5ED7C…)

Please no

No. 1081227

Oh it wouldn’t happen. She’d only stream tiddies and she knows she can’t make art on live.

No. 1081385

Is it too early to call her leaving vegas, joining otv and dumping her current bf for a new streamer bf or esports player?

No. 1081419

Too bad she can't draw live because people will see that she copies, traces and just colors like a toddler.

No. 1081747

File: 1605305572692.jpeg (785.07 KB, 828x1413, EF23BD6D-DE08-4B6D-BE71-4845F2…)

Clout chasers love flexing vague parasocial “relationships”

No. 1081770

Unlucky for Alyssa to be beside someone who’s genuinely pretty

No. 1081801

File: 1605309634789.jpg (1.12 MB, 1439x2274, Screenshot_20201113-181956_Twi…)

Remember this lol? Now she needs to be convinced?

No. 1081806

oh she’s gonna stream (probably
playing games, become another ethot twitch gamer) or make a cameo on val’s or something. Can’t even imagine how an art stream would go when she takes literal MONTHS complete information anything.

No. 1081846

she's probably going to play Among us and watch episodes of One piece.

I imagine that when Alyssa actually starts live streaming her body movements would probably be awkward, gangly and slow and probably won't have anything interesting or intelligent to say.

No. 1081849

Pretty sure the reason she still hasn’t is because people will see her actual face.

No. 1082924

File: 1605454539026.jpeg (218.29 KB, 828x590, 05B5283D-5FC5-4AA8-8AC1-49E4F4…)

Isn’t she only 23? Jesus Christ

No. 1082938

This. She hasnt figured out convincing filters yet

No. 1082952

Her coomer boyfriend is probably into schoolgirl hentai and it makes Alyssa feel like an "old and mature" woman

No. 1082957

She talks about herself like she’s a seasoned veteran it’s crazy because 23 is nothing.

No. 1082962

Lol I'm her age and all I know is that acting like you're old or know shit when you're still early 20s ironically only makes you look even more naive and stupid. This bitch really woke up with a new crease or something and went straight to twitter to cope lol.

No. 1082967


Most of her female followers are teen girls, right?
When you're a 16 year old follower of hers who buys her kits, idolizes her as a role model "baddie" and "self-made" artist, age feels different. You might think you're grown when you go from 16 to 18, even though it's just two years. So, you might see 21 vs 23 the same way at that age.

Either Aylssa knows her followers think this way and will eat it up to give her more "credit", or she herself still thinks this way because she's so immature.

No. 1082994

>is 23

She sounds like one of the insecure anons in /ot who cry about turning 21 and hitting the wall. Falling for the coomer rhetoric when men are the ones who age like milk.

No. 1084661

File: 1605630601629.jpeg (293.86 KB, 750x744, AA0E3011-7CF8-4C74-BAC8-0A35C3…)

it’s probably not milk but was Alyssa’s “personal mansion” (that everyone figured out was an Air BnB) in Thailand? might be confirmation

No. 1085770

File: 1605744656928.jpg (263.99 KB, 1242x1492, 20201118_191047.jpg)

that wiggly table lol

No. 1086238

the way she over draws her lips makes me grossed out every time. All that excess lipstick on the corners… ugh.

No. 1086422

File: 1605818273223.jpeg (457.2 KB, 750x934, B059122D-EC41-4223-BA93-0657DC…)

I find it funny how they both vaguely complain about the other on twitter. I could write an essay about the other tweets though

No. 1086529

Love how her arms are level (hands) but her left shoulder (our right) is just completely gone.

No. 1088482

I would guess this was also traced from a picture like the artwork under Mission #3 in >>1079436 was. Just change the heart mirror for a phone and it's a very typical selfie pose, even the hands look messed up because it's probably the one thing she changed. This whole set was probably traced from her own pictures kek

No. 1089042

I like that she’s just now started to be silent. Maybe she’s finally realized that all this is going to catch up to her the more she postures and lies?

No. 1092186

I'm fairly new to this as I just came across Alythuh and then this site a few weeks ago. I was just searching key words like 'alythuh scam/liar' trying to find out what the craic is with her, cause to me it's blatantly obvious that things don't add up as she presents them.

Has she ever been this silent before? Maybe she's being sued or some shit

No. 1092315

she went quiet for a couple of days when people starting calling her out for not using her platform to help spread support and info on BLM. She later did that and left Twitter until things died down. She's probably doing that after what happened in the Philippines. Maybe, I could be wrong though.

No. 1093308

File: 1606529980938.jpeg (871.19 KB, 828x1252, E6A8EC3A-B12A-4921-ADAE-BE133C…)

I think the risk is finally hitting her. She’s been called out on lying about the simplest things, and her ‘friends’ posted a pic of her real face. Every single thing she posts is some bizarrely calculated (non)explanation for some other lie she’s told or dishonest thing she’s done.

No. 1093311

File: 1606530180720.jpeg (63.7 KB, 428x254, 2D4E7EFA-0F13-4306-A48D-2FD75A…)

Note the creepy gaping holes she edited after she’s been called out countless times for over lining so much into the corners of her mouth that it looks gross and dirty. She’s insane if she thinks this looks normal.

No. 1093318

LMAOOOO she did the anime corner lip shading but irl it looks weird and deformed.

No. 1093335

Nitpick but those windows are filthy

No. 1094121

File: 1606620638453.jpeg (85.61 KB, 828x302, 25384A33-4F63-4C80-80F0-DB8089…)

It appears her bf is trying to delete all of his tweets? None of his tweets are loading for me except this one, and when you click his media tab in-app he deleted all the media he could up until February.

No. 1094142

File: 1606622126562.jpeg (656.08 KB, 1125x1401, B3846DC7-7E74-46D7-BA0F-29C2D6…)

I wonder why? He’s only left this one retweet up now and his media from February and prior.

No. 1094165

There is a limit to what you can delete at one time mostly, it can be difficult to delete all of your tweets. That one is still up I’m assuming because it’s his pinned, he may not have realized. Probably deleting Alyssa’s trail per her request since she’s finally frightened of the consequences that come with being a serial liar.

No. 1094194

I wonder what's going on? Did they break up?

No. 1094251

We wouldn’t find out for awhile if so, they’re still following each other and she wouldn’t want to draw any attention to it. I’m betting on it just being to hide whatever she wants to hide.

No. 1095984

File: 1606818062722.jpeg (352.2 KB, 828x900, D3814623-D420-45AD-A0B0-DBEB0E…)


No. 1096155

File: 1606841786964.jpeg (436.07 KB, 828x1098, 76207480-B4E1-4F70-B5B0-51BC43…)

For what reason

No. 1096200

I would understand it's all for fun sure but girl, can't you at least try get you a better pair of boots or try to improve the rest of the outfit just a little?;;

No. 1096222

Looks like shady self defense kits aren’t the only thing she buys off of AliExpress. Everything about this cosplay is dreadful from the wig to the outfit itself.

No. 1096300

File: 1606849262972.jpeg (297.17 KB, 828x773, 562C2BBF-3DD2-4F27-B2EF-667107…)

I know it’s been said already but the live-in bf is a fucking weirdo

No. 1096616

File: 1606864425653.png (257.7 KB, 589x566, Screenshot at Dec 02 00-07-59.…)

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that if you spend your entire day packing orders, you're not a "full-time artist". You work in fulfillment. At this rate if her order count is this high it would be easier to hire a fulfillment company to send her wares to rather than renting a warehouse, renting vans for her post office trips, and having 2-4 people (if we include her "gay assistants") to do her orders. They also do "pack-ins" like her little notes and rose petals, whatever you send them and instruct them to put in. Her art is literally the least defining aspect of her job. Her customers don't buy her shit because they love her art, and she certainly doesn't spend time honing her skills or coming up with designs, she only has the same 3 shit-tier drawings. The majority of her time and labor is spent on researching manufacturers and fulfilling orders. She's an online marketer, not an artist.

No. 1096630

In the manga Ryu is a coombrain sex-pest with 3 wives. Alyssa knows how to pick the right ones i guess

No. 1096929

File: 1606883907324.jpg (336.25 KB, 908x1586, Screenshot_20201201-202826_Mes…)

I ordered to see what the hype was about. It has been a month! I wonder what covid-19 regulations are causing the delay? Is laziness a covid-19 regulation?

No. 1096930

Yet I get my Amazon packages within 5 days. Hahaha. Stupid bitch is just lazy.

No. 1096947


I wonder if the influencers she's never met before to "help her with packages" were a part of Covid-19 regulations?

No. 1096953

Yeah the delay is probably because she orders on demand from China. If she had everything in stock it wouldn't take a month.

Also explains why she makes such a big deal of doing her monthly shipping orders >>1096616
When most normal small businesses ship multiple times a week.

No. 1096964

if you are consistently around your own sister who you went on a trip with
why is she wearing a mask and gloves in your tiktoks
clearly no one else is there


No. 1096979

File: 1606887945423.jpg (247.73 KB, 1080x1507, 20201201_214315.jpg)

omfg they are the only people there

No. 1097023

Trying to look professional and make it seem like there are other people there.

No. 1097024

File: 1606892688623.jpeg (335.11 KB, 828x522, F3DB70E7-B839-442C-BD28-CB1204…)

No Alyssa, I don’t think we will

No. 1097064

File: 1606899021158.jpeg (283.34 KB, 827x1157, C9A278D9-0CF5-470D-B2FB-9EE1FC…)

Is this the entrance to the wArEhOuSe? Looks nasty

No. 1097568

I'm so confused, why would she bring her cat to the warehouse? Wouldn't that just get hair all over the products?

No. 1098172

The same reason she does everything in her life: to take pictures and post them on the internet

No. 1101944

File: 1607310267313.jpeg (177.88 KB, 750x491, DF481274-5682-4841-BDA3-0A2696…)

No. 1102001

Alyssa you are Filipino. You are not black.

No. 1102083

Why does she write like that all of a sudden

No. 1102167

Funny how she only chooses to type like that when she’s trying to be aggressive

No. 1102185

She needs to take her own advice kek.

No. 1102208

>always got a stick up your ass
Says the girl who rearranges her furniture every time she takes a single selfie

No. 1102237

because twitter is brainpoison

No. 1103200

File: 1607463517861.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1125x1746, 49380001-CA17-4718-8D21-681DE7…)

Sage for no milk but it appears she’s gone quiet on twitter just to become more active on TikTok and IG. She posted another day in the life as an artist video showing this god awful work in progress.

No. 1103645


What the ffff is that sleep paralysis demon of a tiger. Look at its little mop head.

There is absolutely zero illusion of depth in this picture, which just screams of tracing.

No. 1103648

It’s not even a mop head, it’s her self inserts poorly drawn hand. Fucking kek.

No. 1103651

File: 1607524449414.jpeg (425 KB, 1477x831, DDB9AD1B-A70D-47F1-9CA1-5A6EDA…)

it blows my mind how 1. she’s technically horrible at painting but has somehow convinced hundreds of thousands of people she does it for a living, 2. how blatant her tracing is on her decent paintings because her decent paintings are actually digital and traced directly (and probably photo overlaid for details). i’m sorry but it’s not possible that she drew both of these tigers using the same technique even though she claims she “oil painted by hand” the tiger on this ipad pic. obvious lie and even more obviously traced when you put these pics side by side. i’m seriously impressed she hasn’t been canceled over this.

No. 1103652


Oh no - you're right lmfao. I wonder if we'll ever see the final piece.

I know every artist has different processes but surely those stripes being painted in already and SO black would make it hard to work on the rest of the tiger. Seems like a rushed effort to make it actually resemble something so she could use it for one of her videos.

No. 1103673

Imma be real, I think a lot of people are too star struck by her entire show to notice the details of her art. Art is an afterthought to them just like it is to her. Side note, she is really trying to push the “I’m an artist” narrative on these other platforms because her engagement on twitter has been lacking.

No. 1103679

Omg the difference is RIDICULOUS.

No. 1103689

sage but I still feel bad for this artist that drew the work on the self defence kit packaging - Aly has given her no credit anywhere & the poor woman is actually having to (pretend to?) gush over the fact that she worked for her just to get out there that the art is hers.

No. 1103690

File: 1607528935972.jpeg (1021.13 KB, 1125x814, 6FACCFCC-B3B4-4B21-8CD2-A8F169…)

Apologies for samefagging, but I also wanted to point out how weird it is for someone who claims to be an “artist”, that they are using another artists (SleepyPixie) work on her packaging. Alyssa hasn’t credited her properly still and people buying these shitty kits believe it’s her own work on the package. It doesn’t take much critical thinking to just look at her shitty blatant trace of her face on the heart card and see that the art styles are worlds different, though.

No. 1103693

File: 1607529009419.jpeg (34.65 KB, 320x240, B66D6F16-7A7B-4046-99F8-3D2E8A…)

It looks like a bad fursuit design

No. 1103695

The girl and the tiger look like two different paintings stapled to together. The tiger also seems to be missing a few chromosomes.

No. 1103708

I’m gonna be real, a shit ton of tattoo artists that live in cities do pretty much the same shit. It sucks, but people are probably buying her shit even though it’s poorly done copies of real art/pictures.

People will pay for garbage so easily just to be a part of something. They throw money down for shitty overpriced traced tattoos, throw money down for crappy paintings or her kits, throw money down for fake luxury bags/shoes. They don’t think it through.

No. 1103713

Sleepypixie's art is the only thing that manages to dress up any customer pictures of the 'set' and make it look half presentable, though you can't polish a turd. I just wanna know what Alyssa said to her and if she had any idea she'd get no credit for it. totally pulling this out my arse here admittedly but I wonder if she phrased it as though she was giving an opportunity to lesser known artists & amplifying them, cause you can hardly say 'my own artwork is shit so I can't do it myself'

I just hope she paid her more than her standard commission rates.

No. 1103721

File: 1607531417396.png (587.28 KB, 960x1090, Screenshot 2020-12-09 at 16.25…)

Just searched both their names and saw this.

Is this… the birth of the packaging?

No. 1103730

This is HILARIOUSLY bad I am amazed

No. 1103761

The tiger should get her nasty lips photoshopped on his mouth.

No. 1103850

Can the next thread be a side by side of the two tigers? I think it would be funny
Alyssa doesn’t credit anything until she gets called out for it. It happened with the promo photographers too.

No. 1103859

I think all those traced digital arts are by that girl she hired to do some of her packaging (posted somewhere in the thread). She must have paid her handsomely to keep quiet while she claims that art is hers, despite the skill and style disparity between them.

No. 1103861

I didn't read ahead yet, it looks like this was discussed directly above, my bad

No. 1103870

Retarded samefag, so compare the art here >>1103721 >>1103690
with the tiger on the ipad, >>1103651 looks pretty similar in technique right?
Since when has Alythuh ever done digital art?
Then look at the "tiger" in this pic >>1103200 No chance it's the same artist, a front view should be easier than the complex pose in the digital piece. Yet it looks significantly worse than the tiger I drew in art class at aged 11.

No. 1103874

File: 1607542846014.jpg (432.07 KB, 1296x1944, 25-2_ae1eb775-85fa-4261-89ce-3…)

She's selling prints and stickers with what is probably that other girl's art on it.


No. 1103879

File: 1607543449778.jpeg (299.37 KB, 750x428, C41F54FC-84C4-4923-BC2C-E005C1…)

The way this advice is so vague (and wrong) when it’s the simplest question you could be asked as a content creator…

No. 1103894

File: 1607543950767.jpeg (588.65 KB, 709x837, F97D3521-AA22-40E8-B8DE-384249…)

I don’t think that’s SleepyPixie’s work. It would make more sense if she traced over images she took of herself. It was pointed out she traced the heart mirror and an image of herself in the print attached.

No. 1103944

It's likely she supplied the images/refs she wanted to pass off as her own. I think she is aware her art is bad and is trying to slowly filter in better quality art by other artists to create an empire. The style, composition, color scheme and skill is too different from Alythuh's own work. I think when people suspected it was a traced alythuh piece was prior this packaging artist being revealed.

I noticed a lot of small art businesses in China supplying sculpture and paintings, have a team of artists (referred to somewhere in the small print) operating under one artist's name and account, for logistics purposes. Maybe something Alythuh is considering.

No. 1103998

When you use bad stylization to hide the fact that you cannot draw anything beside beef jerky skin and tits.

No. 1104042

Agreed it's clear this isn't Alythuh's work, but I don't think it matches Sleepypixie's style either. Maybe Aly just flat out stole it from somewhere - has she actually said she drew it? Obviously that's implied with it being open on ProCreate but she's not selling it or posting it anywhere else that I know of and that's suss - if she bought it off another artist with an agreement or if she somehow managed to trace it (I think even that is out of her skill-zone for something this decent) then surely she'd be plastering it everywhere since it's actually good.

No. 1104055

I just wanna throw out there that I don't think Sleepypixe is in on this at all. I've followed her for a while and she seems to be a decent person who's protective about her art and doing pretty well with commissions, and I just don't see it. I reckon she was maybe a bit 'starstruck' when she got a message from Alythuh cause of her online presence & apparent success, and so was probably very flattered and excited at the prospect of 'working with her'. Not to mention getting buttered up months earlier by her here >>1103721

Honestly just think she's been taken advantage of and swindled a bit tbh. That tweet where she was desperately like 'i drew this babe for Alythuh' seemed to me like her trying to get some credit without wanting to call anybody out. She's probably still giving her the benefit of the doubt and clinging on to the hope that the lack of credit is an oversight, and that she hasn't been shafted by somebody she's a fan of and that everybody seems to adore.

No. 1104070

I’m really hoping should approach SleepyPixie and gently tell her about the truth about Alyssa. It’s sad to see a decent artist like her think that Alyssa is a role model for female artists. It feels like she and many other artists are looking at Alyssa with rose tinted glasses. Someone needs to take those glasses off because man we’re in deep shit if future artists hail her as some inspiration. Barf.

No. 1104074

I wonder if Alythuh convinced Sleepypixe it’s some sort of co-created character or she’s “inspired by Sleepypixe‘s art” and wanted to “paint it in her style, oh and I love her so much-is it alright if I use her likeness here and there?”

If she’s not starstruck I hope Sleepypixe is getting commissions from Alythuh, or some % of anything at all. If Sleepypixe is just using her for exposure, I wish her the best of luck. Alythuh can only go so far with what seems to be plateaued, or even declining, painting skills and trying to skinwalk girlcrush social media personas like Snitchery’s to obtain a parasocial following of Twitter feminists that she’s totally gonna have blow up in her face one day.

She’s lucky she survived the delusions of her fanbase saying her ACNH child cosplay was adorable while she wore a low-cut dress and push-up bra because “um, stop sexualizing cleavage and who cares it’s a video game where they don’t say her age anyways”

No. 1104119

File: 1607559365280.png (1.79 MB, 1040x1062, Screenshot 2020-12-09 at 23.26…)

This older one from her website is obviously a traced picture of herself too - it's the spit of her.

Then the only thing she added herself and so couldn't trace were the can rollers, look at the fucking cans

Also super nitpick but this gem in the description: 'For an additional $60, we will professionally mat and frame your piece. This intensifies the art by adding size, color and depth to what’s being portrayed. Naturally enhancing the work aesthetically. We highly recommend this option for those who want to sustain the longevity of their Fine Art print'. For fuck's sake man, the English is terrible. When you gotta hit that word count

No. 1104223

The perspective and lines on those cans is tragic. I’m not even someone who thinks you need to be a Renaissance level master to put your art online but you could at least try.

No. 1104305

omfg, this is so fucking traced.
just look at the lips on both of the headless girls, nothing about the fat sausages goes with the rest of the illustration. it's like everything else is well constructed and properly shaded but the lips are like someone drew on top of the original because they didn't like the normality of it. which i think is exactly what alythuh did kek
i wonder if it'd be possible to figure out where she traced this shit from because if so she would be so fucking done

No. 1104364

File: 1607598808725.png (1.18 MB, 1176x696, Screenshot 2020-12-10 at 11.11…)

She's been working on that tiger for 2 months

No. 1104436

File: 1607613038167.png (299.98 KB, 547x424, alyssa2.png)

Looks like it's not a direct trace (well, she's shown before that even when she traces it ends up wrong somehow) and she composited some images together, but if you compare these 2, I believe she referenced this photo heavily for some of the body and especially the butt/leg part. From what I can find, the photo is from a (pay-to-use) stock image website. Also, the way she drew the leg shows that she doesn't understand the anatomy behind it at all and is just blindly copying. The ankle part is just a straight line going up so the form is totally lost.

No. 1104441

I know you pointed out the ankle but I want to direct everyone’s attention to whatever is happening to the front paw. You’re right that even with it referenced the anatomy is off though
As funny as it would be for her to sink 100+ hours into this she said (on Twitter I think) that she moved it to the warehouse so she could work on it more. It’s probably been collecting dust for 2 months.

No. 1104443

File: 1607614770457.jpeg (379.08 KB, 1531x2041, 2FF75ACB-6BA8-4076-B3B2-795302…)

No. 1104446

It still baffles my mind how many people are just buying into this shit

No. 1104475

The reason there's so much delay on people's orders is because she needs to hoard enough to take one of these pile photos before she can send them out

No. 1104520

I'm not sure when she said that but that tiger screenshot is from her latest tiktok a few days ago, where you can see her transporting it to the warehouse with the tiger already painted on.

She then pretends to be working on it there. Either way, I don't get the point in moving it. Surely it'd be a lot nicer to just work on from her apartment rather than sat on the floor in some gross warehouse?

No. 1104533

Genuinely think this is the case, also think she bulks up these photos with empty envelopes as well. What's the point of the boxes in the front? Just like her art, her photos don't make sense.

No. 1104538

File: 1607625795268.jpeg (611.71 KB, 828x1453, EA02E03E-E639-4904-B2A5-E67D18…)

Jesus Christ

She did that on her sisters tiktok too, pretended to work on finished pieces from like a year before.

No. 1104645

She's even photoshopping the roof warehouse to make it appear bigger

I can't figure out what her angle is?
She just looks like she's part of an mlm in the logistics department

No. 1105009

Wat? Warehouse like this typically have tall ceilings… why would you think this is photoshop? Come on.

No. 1106473

File: 1607870109658.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1125x1648, 933F1E6E-5C83-485B-978A-55C6AB…)

Notice where Aly credited SleepyPixie and the font size.

No. 1106478

>>1106473 that’s so shitty of her to do. SleepyPixie worked for that one piece harder than Alyssa’s entire art career since she started this boss lady~ persona. No wonder nobody mentions the real artist. Alythuh made sure she credited sleepypixie, but not enough to take away the attention from her. She wouldn’t want a more talented artist taking away the spotlight.

No. 1106487

lol I wonder if this is after we pointed it out here.

No. 1106488

No, Alyssa did credit her on the package way before we pointed it out. However, the credit line is so small, the buyer wouldn’t notice it unless someone pointed it out.

No. 1106491

I really hate how she has all those bubblemailers just haphazardly thrown on the ground to show off how much she's selling.

Tinfoiling but I could see her throwing in some empty ontos just for the picture

No. 1106926

Honestly although it's tiny, it's better than I thought she had done and I feel it's (very) slightly redeemed the situation. I do think though that not mentioning it/her on Twitter is still a calculated move by Alythuh - she knows the majority of her followers will see the front of the packaging online but not buy the product themselves, and they will obviously just assume that she drew it. If she wanted to properly credit the artist then a shoutout to her large following would be a huge, and a lot more valuable than some tiny acknowledgement on the back of the packaging. You'd think a "self-made artist" would understand that as well as anybody. Surely you would go out of your way to credit and bump the account of a lesser known artist whose work you were using.

No. 1107072

I personally don’t feel that this redeems her or the situation at all. You know probably most of the people that purchased likely tossed the packaging right after without reading any of text on it or just flattened it and maybe put it on a pinboard or something.
Sleepypixie definitely should’ve been credited in every/any tweet that was relevant to this launch and given a better credit on the packaging.

No. 1107106

Considering how she prints her name in gold foil and has a giant (that people initially assumed was fake) logo of her signature in her warehouse, it's like she's excessively aware of crediting herself but it's a literal tiny afterthought for other people.

No. 1107110

>>1106473 gold foil name

>>1104443 warehouse
(It's directly above but linking to save the scroll)

No. 1107149

I think I was just relieved to see that it wasn't a flat out scam-job. But yeah you're right.

No. 1107153

The artist has been RTing tweets that mention the packaging, and none of them have mentioned her

No. 1107157

Also putting the tiny credit at the bottom of the safety/legal message, ie the boring thing that people are only going to quickly skim.

No. 1108312

File: 1608140948082.jpeg (254.76 KB, 828x1316, 7C0847F7-E746-456B-9A16-F276A9…)

Anyone know what this is in reference to? I missed whatever story post came before it.

No. 1108423

In b4 “the farmers are bullying me”

No. 1108464

Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s going to be pathological

No. 1108467

File: 1608151246171.jpeg (180.32 KB, 777x428, 9CCF3C3B-A597-4DEC-819B-39B9E6…)

Isn’t particularly interesting but the reason you want to do this is because you’re histrionic, Alyssa. You want attention from attractive people who will bring you more attention and you know the only way to do that is to give them something.

No. 1108474

Not going to lie, this tweet gave me queer-bait vibes. Meanwhile, she has her live-in bf yoitfitsmyname larping as her tripod

No. 1108598

The follow-up was just a contrived, ~*seww quirkyy*~ sperg about One Piece. It isn’t even interesting enough to cap. It was literally just facts about One Piece.

No. 1108707

> Meanwhile, she has her live-in bf yoitfitsmyname larping as her tripod

This is so funny anon lol, the truth.
I wonder what this guy is doing these days and why he deleted everything from his twitter, pains me to say that but she can do better.

No. 1108986


I feel like everything she posts is passive aggressive as all hell. I feel like she's trying to say something dramatic but turns it into some bullshit about her life or intrests. Who is she really? I'm sure the truth is in the responses she gets from people on Social media. She seems like she's targeting people but doing it in code. Maybe she reads this shit like her diary. Idk

No. 1108997

File: 1608210945441.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1125x1963, E9BEE591-9AB5-4B50-9413-C5310E…)

Kek. She’s all dried up that she is reposting old images from May. She is so attention starved it is ridiculous.

No. 1109074

That's why I figured it was referencing a post that came before it that expired before I could see it. It would be a weird thing to say before going on a rant about onepiece

No. 1109287

Her eyes are completely different from each other in height, shape and size.

Is this her regular face or awful photoshop?

No. 1109321

I think she broke up with her tripod but isn't being clear about it. Also lines up with amping up the queerbaiting. Nicole Eevee did the same thing (dead thread on /w) - going crazy queerbaiting after a breakup.

No. 1109323

>scribbled over nipples

really feels like something she would have taken for one of her sugar daddy profiles

No. 1109383

File: 1608248729251.jpeg (8.74 MB, 3024x4030, AF039034-2ADD-4F4C-86FB-88FF8F…)

Proof that Alythuh’s step daddy (and mother) pay for her trips around the world. First image (left) is from her step dads public page (note that is also angel in said picture). The images on the right are from Aly and Angel’s Instagram and the trip dates match up.

She is such a con artist saying she is traveling around the world for her art when it’s actually her family paying for it.

No. 1109478

Nah, he still rts from her and angel and they all follow each other. My bets is on her pressuring him to delete so there is no timeline and she can freely lie whenever she wants.

No. 1110120

File: 1608335988066.jpeg (428.72 KB, 1242x1413, 631961F9-6BDB-467C-8DB2-B338EC…)

Anon I think you may have gotten to her after you showed proof that she isn’t the self made boss lady~ she keeps claiming herself to be

No. 1110151

File: 1608337470501.jpeg (1020.72 KB, 1125x1109, 4527AB5F-8FBC-41A6-9329-0F4549…)

Kek. Good. Here’s the infinity pool villa her step father also paid for on their round-the-world vacation.

No. 1110183

You know, the funny thing about cows thinking they’re victimized by big fat cwazy meanies is that they never stop to ask themselves if it’s more about us being invasive bullies, why is there only selected people in our catalog? We don’t have a thread on the Lardashians and they’re seldom mentioned, and there are tons of other non-ethical thotties that barely get mentioned here. It completely negates their cope because the truth is that they’re scrutinized for being a joke, a liar, a fraud, etc.

No. 1110234

Cows are entertaining because they get caught lying all the time. At least the Kardashians (mostly) don't try to prove to their audience anything.
Aly does everything in her power, besides owning up to something, to try to prove she's not lying. Let the milk continue to flow.

No. 1110271

I just threw them out as an example of controversial bimbo photoshoppers, but yeah. There are tons of ig scammers with followings much bigger than hers that rarely catch on here. Alyssa doesn’t have much right to complain about people questioning her online presence when she’s spent the past several years lying about it and painstakingly crafting it so neurotically that it brought her so much negative attention.

No. 1110338

File: 1608354913982.jpeg (124.53 KB, 1125x416, 3B93AB70-EC5B-43D4-AE2E-E198D0…)

No. 1110347

i swear she is just going to be repeating that exact fucking phrase until the day she has dementia and literally all her brain can process is "Hey. I'm Alyssa. I quit my job 2 years ago to become a FULL TIME ARTIST. I TRAVEL THE WORLD and I MAKE ART."

No. 1110367

>A full time traditional artist
>that travels the world for a living

Doesn't make any sense unless people were hiring her to travel to them to paint their portraits, which evidently has never happened.

Even music artists who literally travel the world on tour don't phrase it this way.

No. 1110460

Exactly! Her YouTube bio
paints a very different image from what was just found a couple posts above. She isn’t traveling around the world for her art. She is having her family fund her travels while she larps as an artist.


No. 1110588

Correct. She’s been bragging about her achievements and success but words them in a vague way that will get young and impressionable people retweeting. So the moment someone appears with very contradictory evidence she gets very defensive and it even makes her look worse.

No. 1110704

File: 1608409713485.jpeg (470 KB, 1125x618, 39B52CC3-CB80-4C51-A5E7-E39561…)

She dropped this on her alt saying she designed these knives and are redesigning all the old ones. Hmm.

No. 1110711

I'll give her that these so far look pretty cute though the red is oddly desaturated. Just as long as she doesn't give it some pretentious bullshit meaning. Gotta play safe now huh

No. 1110731

Highly doubt she designed them, doesn’t even matter if she did because it’s not like she had any hand in their creation, yet another shipment of shitty trinkets being made by labor slaves in China.

No. 1111030

Does this even fit in with the “brand” she’s been going for?

It took me a hot minute to figure out that it’s a mushroom, and not just a tiny knife with half an orange or onion awkwardly on the end.

No. 1111143

this is literally a trace. this cunt is a fucking hack, pardon my language

No. 1111159


Please tell me her warehouse is in California where disguised knives are illegal.

No. 1111243

File: 1608480479313.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.43 MB, 1125x1079, 867B336A-69D2-425B-B133-23475E…)

What surprises me is she hasn’t been called out on twitter for her tracing yet — and she’s traced multiple of her pieces.

No, it doesn’t fit her “brand” in the slightest. It looks like she’s trying to expand her audience since her fruit knife business isn’t sustainable.

No. 1111315

That wouldn’t make any sense, she lives in Nevada.

She’s going to try to reel in the corny hippies which was her original market base. Finally reverting back to her previous style, which was just knockoff white hippie psychedelic nonsense. I’d prefer this over her jerky-skinned black women.

No. 1111355

I’ve never understood these. They’re literally no bigger than those files on nail clippers. Who could you hurt with these, besides yourself since there’s no front guard? I’d laugh it someone pulled this on me.

No. 1111368


Anon they kill people with toothbrushes in prison.

No. 1111382

Nta but a sharpened toothbrush would be more effective than this dinky little easy bake knife.

No. 1111511

File: 1608508724537.jpeg (12.03 KB, 174x101, D272B66F-3F77-41B7-BFA6-EE60BD…)

A few months ago, someone dropped a 60 plus page Google doc outlining all of Alyssa’s antics. Disclosure: the document came from PULL and they’re a bit nitpicky, but it’s well backed up with links and footnotes. Some information was already posted here from the past two threads, but theres plenty of milk nonetheless. It’s best viewed on a computer. Pic related as it’s one of the many from the doc.


No. 1111632

Jesus fuck, that’s long. thanks anon.

No. 1111741

File: 1608532078398.png (78.27 KB, 802x163, spray.PNG)

Are idiots on Twitter not aware that 99% of these self-made dropshippers get their products directly from China? I'm kind of hoping one of them gets sprayed in the face with her defective pepper spray but I don't think any of these ppl go anywhere where they'd need to whip it out.
And just imagine buying $12 pepper spray online because it has some edgy bullshit like "Fuck You" silkscreened on the packaging. These girls are fucking stupid and deserve to get scammed honestly. Buy pepper spray from a WEAPONS SHOP. I hope none of you are like this. Don't buy essential items from shady influencers.

No. 1111755

You could kill a person with a pencil or a spoon if you think about it, but in a situation where you'd have to use these for self-defence because someone is threatening you or you're being assaulted you'd be too scared to think of how to use them in a way that will actually hurt someone while managing not to slit your own hand. That's why these knifes don't work, they even look so thin they could break in half.

There are so many unnecessary colors here. What's with the magenta and yellows? She looks bruised and her mouth is tilted.

No. 1111760

In prison the odds are different, in a self-defense situation you have to turn the odds of the encounter in your favor, meaning having a properly destructive/disarming weapon you're trained to use, or successfully escaping.

No. 1111823

That blade is so fucking tiny! Do you know how difficult it would be to actually defend yourself from anything with that little thing? The last thing you’d want to do in that situation is get in hand to hand close combat with a 2 inch long blade, this shit is going to put you more at risk instead of just fucking running away. It’s cringeworthy seeing these aesthetic uwu knives peddled as real helpful tools for women and not just an accessory.

No. 1111844

File: 1608556397603.jpeg (767.16 KB, 1125x858, F5D52ADA-2BD0-4A04-BD1A-789253…)


She is aware of the scam and that you can’t really defend yourself with these items.
>””Our knives and not intended for weapons usage, but they are weapons nonetheless”

Like, no you stupid bitch. They’re fruit knives. Stop lying and putting women at risk so you can get coin. What grinds my gears is she says she cares about the safety of women, but in reality she only cares about their false sense of security.

No. 1111848

File: 1608558136425.jpeg (462.33 KB, 1125x1460, 4F56DBB4-5289-47C1-BFDD-56AE70…)

Apologies for samefagging, but on today’s episode of “this never happened”.

No. 1111883

"but on today’s episode of “this never happened" LMAOOOOOO deadass

No. 1111894


>she lives in Nevada.

Well, that's interesting for the 'self defense keychain'.

"Brass knuckles are illegal in Nevada. This includes selling, brandishing, exhibiting, repairing, manufacturing, and possessing brass knuckles. Failure to adhere to this law results in a misdemeanor leading to fines of up to $2,000 and/or up to one year in prison."

No. 1111902

It's so stupid because they're cute knives. She could just be selling them as is but she had to create this whole narrative around them for woke points or something.

No. 1111916

Not to mention the items mentioned that are used in prison have a handle so your grip can do all the work—how the fuck can you do any damage whatsoever with that polly pocket knife? You can’t get any force when swinging it.

No. 1111919


It's like how most of karate is 'fucking stab them in the eye'.

Stab them in the eye.

No. 1111921

lol well I hope this never happened

No. 1111944

File: 1608570108677.jpeg (364.44 KB, 1125x1352, E6FE7623-C78A-4B2B-8F8F-622794…)

She said that the “unique design” of the knuckle is what makes them legal. Does anyone know if it’s actually legal for her to be selling these brass knuckles and knives? She even put “legal” in quotations in multiple tweets.

I doubt it actually happened. She uses her alt twitter to be *~quirky~* and farm engagements so I’m not surprised.

No. 1111960


The prosecutors can use that tweet as evidence that it's a "tactical weapon" that was designed to try and get around the metal knuckle law by the idiot ~designer~. Good luck getting busted with them in Nevada.

No. 1111968

It’s not legal in many states. Brace knuckles are highly illegal where I’m from. Even the ones she is selling. Cops aren’t retarded. If a cop saw me with that I would get a huge ass ticket and that would be confiscated

No. 1112020

Then I wonder why no one has reported her yet for selling these knuckles? Even if she can’t get in trouble for selling the key knives, there should be some liability for her even advertising them as weapons for defense when they’re literally envelope cutters.

You’re right, it’s not legal in many states at all. based on the image from >>1111844 she passes off all legal responsibility to the buyer if they’re forced to use it.
>Our knives and pepper spray are not intended for weapons usage, but they are weapons nonetheless…
After reading that statement again, it shows she doesn’t actually care about protecting the user, and is just a gimmick to provide a false sense of security.

No. 1112051

You keep defending this like that’s even possible for most women in duress. If you are being overpowered and you reach into your pocket to grab this, you have to be extremely close to them to even have a chance at stabbing them and the odds of you being able to stab them anywhere near their eye is slim to none. How naive and optimistic of you to think that would be a fighting possibility.

No. 1112436

Love or hate PULL, thank goodness this document existed. Anyone who reads this and still supports Alyssa's bullshit has got to be the densest motherfucker.

No. 1112441

File: 1608612108579.png (1.33 MB, 1642x1236, Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 12.4…)

Samefag as >>1112436 but yeah, she kept advertising them as brass knuckles. Her website sells them as a simple keychain but she has like 3-5 tweets calling it a brass knuckle. Nowhere in the site did it even say brass knuckles so little miss self made boss babe doesn't get in legal trouble yet.

No. 1112443

File: 1608612257426.png (1.59 MB, 2472x1526, Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 12.3…)

How the product is listed on her website. No mention of brass knuckle and it's not classified as a self defense item. Even if she's called it that.

No. 1112589

It's an enamel Keychain that might poke someone. That's all. She's using women's saftey as her selling point, when she's never actually been in any danger. She's fraudulent. She's selling the look of a defense kit. The pepper spray and the alarm are the only valid defense items in these kits. The "knife" and "brass knuckles" are just letter openers.

Tbh the pepper sprays looks extremely cheap and flimsy. Get ready have an accident and have it everywhere.

No. 1112618

File: 1608656490885.jpeg (382.36 KB, 750x1014, 9B90072E-D078-4083-A736-D698A6…)

You can buy an actually safe pepper spray at local stores for the same price as Alyssa's. No reason to buy her shitty one.

Also, if anyone remembers the Ms Mirage tweet, (I'll repost it after this)
The person who made the tweet remade their twitter. Saying they got banned because Alyssa begged her followers to report her for harassment when she didn't even @ Alyssa, just posted screenshots of her tweets kek.

No. 1112620

File: 1608656657943.jpeg (146.44 KB, 750x1055, 8BD5EAE6-251A-4743-A44E-E558F6…)

No. 1112622

File: 1608656932168.jpeg (82.25 KB, 750x1062, B985A324-9BAA-4BF2-B711-78BC7C…)

No. 1112629

Went to check OPs twitter and it also got suspended, people really will do anything for a fish lipped bobblehead.

No. 1112646

File: 1608658515202.png (15.16 KB, 589x509, BPn0B9uL7y.png)

Wait wtf, it really did. I took the screenshot in >>1112618 at 12:44 AM EST, almost exactly 12 hours ago. I scrolled through her twitter yesterday too and didn't see anything ban worthy at all, wtf.

No. 1112649

File: 1608658621798.png (311.66 KB, 591x587, chrome_1iWACiJxHx.png)

Crisis averted: Her twitter is magicpengeI, with an I instead of an L.

No. 1112889

File: 1608679492673.jpeg (678.78 KB, 1242x1716, 352A9C36-7205-4622-B260-E43A14…)

What’s the real kicker is what Aly did was violating twitter TOS, and she can actually get her account banned for it. Picture attached for reference. APHOBIAKILLS deserves better than Alys orbiters nuking her account over a joke.

That’s because the pepper spray she sells really is >
cheap and flimsy. In the PULL doc there’s countless customer complaints available here >>1111511.

Im assuming she’s not calling it a brass knuckle on her website for legal loopholes. However, it’s in writing on her twitter that she’s advertising them as brass knuckles. Little miss business can have that used against her in court if her charade goes south.

No. 1112894

File: 1608680319510.jpeg (1.86 MB, 3024x4030, FEA8D0AC-11F3-472C-ADE2-91DFD6…)

Some more tweets from the APHOBIAKILLS saga and the harassment this individual received because of Alythuhs fans.

No. 1112903

Way ot but couldnt help but notice the metric album art. Good taste I like them too, especially that album

Anyway back to discussion, there should really be ramifications for what Alyssa did, funny she cries harassment as if sicking her hoard of retards on her isnt also harassment etc

No. 1112971

Not calling them brass knuckles for legal reason won’t get her off if the cops do find out she is selling them bc they are illegal

People selling cat chain brass knuckles only called them keychains for the samething and ended up in legal trouble.

No. 1113102

im just here to say, alyssa you better get art classes before the hype around you dies off and nobody want to buy your traced art

No. 1113139

Not even just that. Just overpriced and garbage quality. What makes it worse is the 1000% markup price- and before people say that's what drop shipping is, droppshippers usually get review bombed when they pull crap like that. If it was at least not as expensive as she sells it to be, it won't be as bad but like how >>1112618 says you might as well just buy one here in the states for the same price and better quality.

Well the only way she can have the lifestyle she has now is to rip off tons of people, all the while marketing that she's a trustworthy person. She only gets away with it because of her stupid followers

No. 1113658

File: 1608760351745.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1125x1973, CA328CC9-2C9B-4A19-9922-A159DF…)

“cuz im that sexy motherfucker” disingenuous and painting herself darker skinned as always

No. 1113659

File: 1608760377077.jpeg (865.45 KB, 1125x1898, 6EA4CFB2-3A81-43C9-BA18-DBAA38…)

And of course the key knives…

No. 1113778

She definitely bought premade designs from her Chinese manufacturers. It doesn’t make sense with her theme. Only someone as tacky as Alyssa would mix and match cottagecore with femme fatale kek

No. 1113881

She's probably going to recycle something she already made because we know she's not coming out with anything new, unless she pays someone to do it for her.

No. 1114091

I doubt she made the design, but I don’t doubt that’s the same knife from the same manufacturer. It’s the same fold type and the bolts holding it are similar to her original knives.

No. 1114095

The contrast in style between the tiger and “herself” in the same drawing lol

No. 1114247

Holy shit the tiger is melting

No. 1114304

That looks nothing like her and that tiger is hideous.

No. 1114690

why cant this bitch just make soap or something? unironically shes just going to get found out by some serial litigant at some point w all her posting on tiktok and twitter abt her faux weapons.

like im just assuming her step-dad or whoever the rich parent is told her to go get a fucken job, but why get a job where you have to aggressively lie about your entire life? invest in a bunch of shitty projects you dont care about?

she clearly likes to make sets and model/photoshop herself all the time, so im just confused on why she doesnt go be some thotty instagram influencer and queerbait on twitter on the side. bitches love bella thornes and she fits in that niche perfectly. not "art hoe"

No. 1114950

Why the hell would anyone share this like it’s something to be proud of? I know it’s beating a dead horse at this point, but this is something you’d expect to see hung up amongst other ninth grade student’s first art class project-and that’s being generous.

She’s as delusional as those people who think they sing well when they’re tone deaf.

No. 1115040

why did she make that tiger have a tumor growing out of its head

No. 1115165

That’s supposed to be the self insert’s hand on the tiger. The fact that we can’t even know what it is unless someone points it out is amusing kek. That’s how horrible of an artist she is kek.

No. 1115183

That’s supposed to be the self insert’s hand on the tiger. The fact that we can’t even know what it is unless someone points it out is amusing kek. That’s how horrible of an artist she is kek.

No. 1115269

File: 1608992523667.png (36.38 KB, 532x351, lonershit.PNG)

At this point, I'm 90% sure she mentions she is a loner/introvert/shy so she has an excuse to not give other artists exposure on her platform. Also, it's so obvious her "normal" posts on her alt twitter are to boost her twitter engagement.

No. 1115368

Always trying to justify why she only shows interest in girls superficially, she doesn’t care about anyone she can’t use as a prop or to give her engagement.

No. 1118060

File: 1609340225434.png (846.55 KB, 794x1346, Screenshot 2020-12-30 at 14.50…)

Major nitpick but how stupid are her fans?? Why tf would the tattoos be real?

bonus queer-baiting from alythuh

No. 1118072

no way those are all temp tats… they look horrendously photoshopped lol

No. 1118078


Yeah the '13' looks very odd and flat. I think the roses and others are actual temp tats though - they'd be easy to buy since they're so generic and not even all that similar to the ones Judy has

No. 1118230

File: 1609361447973.png (1.88 MB, 750x1334, 5D4BE67D-25D7-4A1E-BC1D-DDEFAB…)

posted by Alyssa on her side twitter. I only cropped out the other girl (who doesn’t even look like she knows she’s in the photo), I don’t know why she didn’t do it herself lol

No. 1118233

File: 1609361761605.jpeg (417.88 KB, 1125x1121, FE4CA0BB-45E0-4D09-89FE-862DBF…)

kek the girl you kindly cropped out is her cousin Kyra. She is part of Alys PR patrol and was screenshotted in the previous thread when a twitter user started calling alythuhs lies out.

No. 1118237

File: 1609362342446.jpeg (238.25 KB, 1125x844, A36641D0-4B10-473F-A1B9-4FF1E0…)

She sounds like a broken record. posting surface level tweets about One Piece constantly to stay relevant must be exhausting.

No. 1118243

Oh my bad! I thought it was some random classmate. This whole family is the Alyssa defense squad huh

No. 1118401

File: 1609378235524.png (134.13 KB, 1184x604, Screenshot 2020-12-31 at 01.26…)

Same deal with this one she posted the other day. If this were true then why wouldn't she just use her 'ani twitter' for this instead.

No. 1118435

File: 1609380844181.jpeg (216.39 KB, 1242x936, 8372AF7E-83A9-4D85-905D-A50264…)

no babe, you really are just a boring, clout hungry, fake ass girl lmao

No. 1118443

File: 1609381317102.jpeg (251.9 KB, 1242x1280, 6B734867-1EDD-406F-AE88-4FC665…)

She really must think she pops off with these tweets or something…

No. 1118553

Who the fuck would like to get a roud of applause tweet from Alyssa with her "relatable" mental illness speech and pro tips? These tweets feel so forced

I thought she'd brake with One Piece obsessing by now and find some new popular anime but no. Anyway her Sailor Moon wine glasses were tragic, looked like those sets of plastic toy kitchen mugs and glasses for children

No. 1118595

You know it's young people from privileged background who romanticize this kind of shit. Being responsible with the basic minimum of discipline is a novel concept for them.

No. 1118625

She's so annoying with the one piece shit. At least pick a good show to sperg about.

No. 1119005

You are one-dimensional and draining, and there’s ample screenshots that prove it. A vapid dead fish with zero authentic creativity or talent using adobe and amazon to peddle an image of yourself that doesn’t exist outside of selfies

No. 1121776

File: 1609773710511.jpeg (107.59 KB, 820x376, E92C7FE3-0B77-47EB-A2DF-50531F…)

People like your girlfriend ?

No. 1121778

Samefag but I didn’t meant to reply to the post before I just wanted to post the screenshot sorry I’m on mobile

No. 1122682

>just be spewing
Why do they both suddenly want to sound black so bad? Sounding like an aave generator.

No. 1124438


Pretty soon she'll tell everyone how she's black, chinese and filipino. Just be patient.

No. 1125038

File: 1610062297698.png (96.71 KB, 1190x375, Screenshot 2021-01-07 at 23.23…)

My god, this reply to that tweet. She must have instantly regretted letting slip that some people she knows in real life have a negative opinion of her. Nice save, of course it's only because she WANTS those people to think she's boring. Sure, Jan

No. 1125907

Wonder why she's protected her tweets on her side twitter

No. 1125964

File: 1610145914215.png (4.33 KB, 244x226, F1DCF227-0B54-4963-AC4B-156406…)

No. 1126179

Private with 158k followers because she’s retarded

I have a feeling she doesn’t keep friends long

No. 1126185

I got to follow her (for lurking) before she went private. She locked because of the recent piracy laws in Japan, which includes anime. She used the tweet in her one piece header as an excuse for her to pass through that piracy law… When in fact that law applies to Japan AFAIK

No. 1126890

Thanks for the info. Though I just looked it up and I don't see how that law applies to anything that she does? Do you know what in particular she's trying to hide?

No. 1126976

File: 1610222512895.jpg (47.97 KB, 281x535, 0000011122.jpg)

Looks like Alyssa doesn't pay her sister/manager very well… either that or her manager is not reporting all of her income. Isn't that FRAUD? (I guess it runs in the family!)

No. 1127233

Yeah she doesn’t qualify for unemployment if she is working. What ?

No. 1127237

It’s likely fraud.

No. 1127270

What a scumbag, even people who aren’t working sometimes don’t qualify and therefore have no income at all.

No. 1127333

Not trying to wk but you can get unemployment under partial unemployment for those whose hours have been reduced. Not sure if ever state allows this tho

No. 1127465

Still sounds like a scam since a family member who hasn’t been effect by Corona is their employer. To me is seems like if that was the case, reduce the hours just so they can cash out a bit.

No. 1127549

I just think she doesn't actually get any money off Alythuh. I highly doubt there's much for her to do for her besides meet up every now and then for a photoshoot with the orders that she's put off sending.

No. 1127566

File: 1610292793402.png (1.07 MB, 1084x1258, Screenshot 2021-01-10 at 15.29…)

Fingers can't even fit inside the holes properly - but still a perfect tool for self defence…… ..

No. 1127568

File: 1610292830616.png (298.34 KB, 370x538, Screenshot 2021-01-10 at 15.32…)

Not to mention a quick look on their profile shows that they don't even have fat fingers

No. 1127671

Shueisha (the company that owns the rights to one piece) is speculated to have set up a bot to go after people actually uploading things that go against the new piracy laws (full reuploads of manga chapters/episodes) but the bot has been indiscriminately going after anything and everything that includes their IP, including gifs, screengrabs, partial manga caps, etc. People are just trying to play it safe, not just Alyssa.

No. 1128235

Nothing says female empowerment like a fake self defense tool with a drawing of a hot girl in lingerie doing a pin-up pose and with the words "Don't fuck with me".

No. 1129141

File: 1610425918473.jpeg (604.55 KB, 1902x2048, EA41A6F0-1D4C-41BC-B392-01F8EE…)

Snuck her cat into a bookstore + Alyssa pretending to read

No. 1129144

Must be a coincidence the carpet is obviously blurred around her joggers or whatever.

No. 1129164

File: 1610429663103.jpg (546.28 KB, 977x1466, Screenshot_20210112-003426_Chr…)

seriously lol, a halo of blur around her lower body

No. 1129179

Literally only did it to take a photo ofc. Yawnnn.

No. 1129258

>Snuck her cat into a bookstore
Honestly… why

No. 1129846

What an absolute faff that would be for such a shite picture. The poor cat was probably shitting itself*.

Ffs I typo'd 'myself' before re-doing the comment. It's me I'm her cat.

No. 1129901

File: 1610498422730.jpeg (553.01 KB, 2048x2048, D1E0DA6F-7AB3-45C8-A674-2DD133…)

“Cottage core” themed self defense set incoming ….

No. 1129994

Girl, run!

No. 1130048

Kinda weird to be selling stickers of yourself/self-portraits… does she think she's some idol

No. 1130126

Apparently she does.

No. 1130175

The warts didn’t translate well.

No. 1130247

Really cute sneaking your germ ridden cat into indoor places, possibly exposing people to allergies in the middle of the pandemic

No. 1130520

i hate this bitch too but couldn't this just be a resident cat of whatever bookshop? It's not unheard of and would be super hard to sneak a full cat into a store

No. 1130551

That definitely looks like her cat Tofu. It's possible the bookstore allows cats especially if they do have their own resident cat. Not that it would surprise me if she's entitled enough to bring her own non-service animal into a store that doesn't allow them.

No. 1130789

pretty sure that’s a barnes & noble by the looks of the green genre tags. i’ve never seen pets in any of those stores

No. 1130813

Nitpick but for someone who brands herself as grandiose, we’d think she’d make an effort beyond Nike trackpants. This is like the 20th time I’ve seen her wear those pants but in a different color. It all just goes to show that her luxurious branding is fake, like everything about her on social media.

No. 1131487

Did she… get her hair cut like the lead from that pervert manga her bf is so obsessed with? The hare-kon one…?

No. 1132273

Agreed like she used to try and make out as though she was constantly 'extra' and couldn't even chill in her house without being fully kitted out in lingerie. Seems she's lost the energy for that facade.

Although you may have triggered her new video. Also a nitpick but can I just say most of those outfits in her new video are gross. Some of the dresses are ok but that first one is hideous and any of her top/bottoms combos are just not working ??

No. 1132921

>>1132273 same anon as >>1130813. Haha it’s funny that her new video is her showing outfits that we barely see her wear outside. The fashion sense she’s known for is just for clout. I also agree that her choices in top-bottom look cheap and the dress in the start is ugly.

No. 1132994

i hate aly but this is a dumb nitpick, she'd look like a complete clown dragging doc martins and supreme track pants into the barnes and noble

No. 1133013

It's not a dumb nitpick. Alythuh presents herself as opulent, yet it only extends to her social media aesthetic. Her real fashion sense looks more comfortable compared to her ~hustling boss babe~ style.

No. 1133060

When does she wear supreme pants anyways? The point is that every single aspect of her social media self is staged to hell and back. She tries too hard, and only ever relaxed it when hoards of people started saying she tried too hard. So even her “casual” is some stupidly calculated attempt for attention.

No. 1134676

File: 1610948925976.png (1.36 MB, 750x1334, 2BD73016-D072-490B-80FB-82BABA…)

>Arm width dramatically thinned
>Box in the background somehow in front of her wrist
>Hand partially erased
>Waist lazily edited
>Hip edited but only on one side
>Blurry tit, looks like she forgot to add the layer back on. You can see the outline if where the largened boob would’ve been
>Cleavage line

No. 1134797

File: 1610968993628.png (1.23 MB, 863x1344, Screen Shot 2021-01-18 at 7.00…)

Is it me or are people getting sick of her "woe is me people didn't believe in me and now I run a successful business" sob story? She just reiterated the same thing here again. Like we get it, you're a boss lady~

No. 1134798

File: 1610969165178.png (1.55 MB, 2298x936, Screen Shot 2021-01-18 at 7.09…)


Samefagging but for continuation. Although it's not the same story as the post in here, the PULL Google Doc in >>1111511 shows two instances of her repeating the same story. She keeps beating a dead horse by trying to inspire when we all know it's misleading at best, fake at worst.

No. 1134799

File: 1610969264675.png (669.67 KB, 1870x1132, Screen Shot 2021-01-18 at 7.09…)

Her using the same tweet over and over again, but regurgitating it with different words other than "unapologetic"

No. 1134801

File: 1610969380697.png (922.74 KB, 1396x800, Screen Shot 2021-01-18 at 7.27…)

Here it is. I found (via the Google doc) a couple of her many, many tweets about packaging orders and messily surrounding herself with them.

No. 1134802

Again she's trying so hard to convince us she's a pro artist and not just an aliexpress reseller and grifter

No. 1134815

She has the uncanny ability to look pasted into every photograph.

No. 1134831


No. 1134989

>few empty boxes under the wall

No. 1135015

File: 1610993733106.jpeg (94.66 KB, 640x556, EBC1C44C-B361-441A-A90D-0EBF92…)

alyssa you know EXACTLY what the fuck you are doing

No. 1135238

I’m just wondering why no one has made an account to make a twitter thread about all this stuff she’s done? I have just seen one about her aliexpress stuff but that’s it. Is it because her friends just harass people off twitter for having even an opinion? Would that happen if it was anonymous?

No. 1135248

Bingo. She has a history of using her followers to brigade smaller accounts for “harassment” which results in them getting banned.
I’m sure it would be different if it was anonymous. I was hoping a big profile would call her out by now but I’m beginning to lose faith in that happening.

No. 1135257

I feel like most people are held accountable for their fanbase and friends being toxic but she really isn’t… people have been cancelled for this stuff. Why is it taking so long for her

No. 1135336

I feel like one massive call out thread might overwhelm people because of the many, many issues she has. And she can paint the thread OP as a sexist, racist bully and send her simps to harass & report them to suspension.

No. 1135361

I think the main thing that will get her cancelled is more awareness on how she sexualizes and appropriates black women in her art, as well as paints herself darker than what she is so she can claim a movement against colorism when she’s literally a light skin. Literal black face in art

No. 1135546

I truly hope nobody attempts to use the knives for defence since not only is there nothing to use as a proper grip on the useless things, but it’s like the bad advice that to protect yourself you should put your keys between your fingers for safety. More likely to cause damage to your own hand and even worse it gives a false sense of security that keeps people close to the attacker.

The screamers are the only potentially helpful item if used while running away, but that’s if they’d even work if god forbid someone would feel they need to use it.

Not gonna lie it’s funny as hell that her “I win, haterz lose!” tweet has so little to do with her art at all when her lack of skill is likely why people gave her negative criticism or tough love in the first place kek

No. 1135550

File: 1611041496552.jpeg (136.37 KB, 889x657, EFFA4DD9-5917-44C4-9922-264513…)

That icon… she’s so neurotic and wildly narcissistic that I really think it’d be a reasonable guess that she was very inspired by that dirtbag manga her bf likes to self-insert into that was posted upthread. Probably sends him screenshots like ‘look baybee it’s us <33333’

No. 1135597

I assume you mean the alarm by "screamers" because I read on the PULL Google Doc that it breaks easily. I'd say the pepper spray is the other choice but even the bottle easily leaks.

So long story short, avoid buying Alythuh's kit. You'll be in deep shit.

No. 1135665

Is the pepper spray legal, though?

No. 1135723

it's so funny to me that she has this room full of stacks of boxes and literally nothing else. No shelves or tables for packing orders or desks with computers

No. 1135807

It's all a massive larp. She has no idea what it's like to actually run a business.

No. 1135835

Her bf is a cow in his own right, but it might be because he was a personal cow before the thread. There is something about creeps who think that going to the gym makes them better than the average incel / makes up for jerking off to anime girls all day long.

No. 1135843

Browsing his social media, he really seems to have no personality at all.

No. 1136123

This cardboard boxes are glamorous thing she's trying to pull off isn't working

No. 1136128

This type of stuff falls apart once you look at her actual art. Imagine what an artist with any actual skill could do with that space.

The actual art is the missing piece, she can't go further unless she really studies and tries to improve her work.

No. 1136213

File: 1611095341038.jpeg (329.68 KB, 750x973, AC061153-C439-4CE2-87A3-02B00D…)

I can’t find the tiktok on the girl’s page so I think she took it down but
>(Boss Ass Bitch playing in the bg at the start)
>“Every day I wake up and I choose to be a bad bitch. And for some reason it makes a lot of you guys mad. And being bothered by another bad bitch doing her, only makes you ugly. Respectfully. (smirks and does a twirl as the music comes back in)”
This is literally just how Alyssa acts

No. 1136260

> And being bothered by another bad bitch doing her, only makes you ugly. Respectfully.

>Idk about you guys but I love women who act like this.

Wow, I wonder why she said that.

>Bonus slip up: When a Black woman acts like this I get scared

No. 1136395

Why is everything just a passive aggressive dig at people who criticize her? Alyssa, why is it that you have a thread but not the countless other artist thots? What makes you so special that we’d single you out and make a whole thread about you? I’ll give you a hint: it’s not because you’re an unapologetic boss ass bitch

No. 1136434

kek she is such a passive aggressive dumb bitch. two threads and counting on this scam artist

No. 1136441

so one of her friends personally harassed me a while ago and I was trying to find an email to tell her and now I found this oop…

No. 1136475

Post the milk, anon. Don’t be shy.

No. 1136519

I can’t because I’m 99% sure that person lurks here and I’d rather not be harassed again. Severely disappointed and I’m not sure she’d even care despite championing for women and safety

No. 1136673

anyone know if her kimono robes are also just custom drop shipping, she's been posting the hell out of those lately

No. 1136678

if you guys want some good news, it seems her statistics are falling more than increasing for her followers. It spiked the day she announced her actual knives but then have been dropping since. I used social blade.com

No. 1136735

Pretty sure a big part of all those boxes is from her aliexpress orders lol

No. 1136854

File: 1611143200497.jpeg (834.05 KB, 828x1470, 50C9F44C-1D91-444B-BFC9-A73D13…)

Please don’t tell me she’s going to try to release these huge rags with lopsided, sloppy silkscreens of those tigers she traced…? Bet they’ll be like $80 and come with a special certificate of authenticity.

What are you talking about? The only recent mention of them I’m seeing isn’t even a mention, it’s just her wearing one in that stupid tiktok.

No. 1136855

File: 1611143297362.jpeg (1.02 MB, 828x1468, F8528BA4-33E7-48DA-A4E3-506918…)

Doing literallynothing with color swatches for knives she’s already finished…?

No. 1136856

File: 1611143423260.jpeg (785.47 KB, 828x1468, B1D0C515-25FF-4449-9AA4-162287…)

Because you’re definitely going to spread messy tubes and brushes on top of the bibs you’d supposedly be wearing while painting…? K makes sense

No. 1136859

File: 1611143706609.jpeg (952.71 KB, 828x1465, BD2C6369-DFD8-4C0A-A844-38722D…)

Alyssa if you’re making a self portrait, then why are you black?

Big brain moment, here and >>1136854
I just noticed that while she pretended to stage all these scenes to be independent of each other all she did in these two slides was flip her shirt backwards because she wanted the camera to see the tigers in different poses. Tell me this dumb bitch isn’t scary levels of neurotic, why deliberately try this fucking hard.

No. 1136860

We want to keep you safe, OP. Yet I got a feeling I can narrow it down especially if this person was a guy—I can think of 3. But it goes to show she hangs out with people as bad as her kek

No. 1136889

File: 1611148018878.jpeg (306.5 KB, 1242x872, B3831EE8-95F3-48CB-9022-120219…)

Here’s another example of Alythuh and Angel sucking at customer service in recent history.

Her black face in her art is what is going to get her canceled. I’m calling it now.

No. 1136899

The hell does she need oil paint for. Sperg but it triggers me, it makes no sense for the type of art she makes and her paintings always look muddy as hell. Just use acrylic girl and you won't have to worry about tracking oil paint all over your chic expensive apartment

No. 1136918

She desperately wants to be Soeymilk without the talent, appeal, or ability to not be terminally online

No. 1137037

She tried to make her art like Soeymilk but it ended up looking like dairy milk carton left open outdoors, under the noon heat.

No. 1137128

Im going to make a tiktok about her black face in her art, I hope you guys see it and support. It’s the best platform to get things across fast, and I’ll wait for someone to upload it to twitter.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1137509

Same. The two I can name is Tim and that Huckleberry guy

No. 1137610

Correct. AigooTim is still mentioning PULL in 2021. He posts a lot of his convos with the Silos sisters. If anything the way they talk about PULL proves how bothered Alythuh truly is that other people can see through her lies.

No. 1137889


This is recent I assume. There’s been barely any progress for so long on this piece.

No. 1140743

File: 1611465097678.jpeg (215.54 KB, 750x534, 0E3D933B-54AC-4D9B-B850-5B6CE2…)

>Pretending to be single
>Not so sneaky whining about her boyfriend not being a (good?) cook
>She can’t cook either
>Implies she would love him more if he could
>Second time she’s tweeted this complaint
>Says this all on Twitter when he’s what? Probably ten feet from her?

No. 1140792

>Throw it down in the kitchen

Fucking topkek

No. 1141095

She’s made this tweet like forty fucking times

I love how she has three dishes of microwave food next to her that she definitely barely ate and threw in the trash. You know she only took it out to try to look ~sewww taurusss~

No. 1141100

It’s always so funny seeing how shitty she really eats when she said she only eats healthy to maintain her body lol

No. 1141260

just pining for Bobby Flay

No. 1141343

This, if you watch any studio/small business vlog on youtube you will see that artists who sell prints/stickers need a jackshit amount of supplies she doesnt seem to have at all. Like, how could anyone keep inventory/shipping in check with that mess?

No. 1141760

File: 1611592180113.jpeg (114.76 KB, 828x853, 521C4FC8-6BAB-4A02-B8C6-42CDC1…)

idk if i did this right but let’s not forget to mention she literally had to ask people what taurus people are like lol(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1142181

I remember that TikTok video of her about being a Taurus. It was very staged as usual.

No. 1143932

i've been wondering every time i look at her, is her boob job really bad? are they up that high or is she wearing a strapless bra? her tits are so confusing

No. 1145034

she photoshops her cleavage line sometimes, maybe that’s why they appear so high?

No. 1147960

File: 1612183652249.png (148.79 KB, 1212x720, Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 4.09…)

Saging because this isn't exactly new milk, but still relevant. Her sister Angel is a huge enabler of her "we didn't grow up rich" despite proof that they come off from a well-off background. She just posted this to point out how they had humble beginnings, but if you look at both sisters' previous social media posts, you'd see they've been traveling everywhere since they were young.

No. 1147961

#Posting the archive in case she deletes it soon#

No. 1149112

This post was talking about Mexican households first off, and she deliberately quote tweeted it going out of her way to mention it was “16 people”. That whole sentence is so unnatural, she’s spending too much time around her sister

No. 1166954

File: 1613871970275.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1207x2130, 74E04CB9-EF35-4302-B065-3B61E4…)

This thread has gone dry, but I noticed the her latest updates always block her face kek. It seems that she doesn’t want anyone wondering if she photoshopped her images or not.

No. 1166978

She is more active on Instagram now a days as she can avoid and block out criticism there. Also, I think she got her wisdom teeth pulled out hence why she’s been blocking her face as of late.

No. 1166991

Doesn’t wisdom teeth heal in just 3-4 days? IIRC she posted the story last week.

No. 1167273

Pretending to be relatable because everyone was seriously sick of her crock of shit

No. 1167331

Maybe she got some plastic surgery?

No. 1167613

It’s because she’s not pretty without makeup lol

No. 1167675

it takes about 2 weeks to heal, maybe even longer depending on how impacted they were and whether the removal was complicated

No. 1167819

She’s literally just pretending to be relatable because everyone caught on to how neurotic and psycho her meticulous persona was

No. 1169090

File: 1614135164509.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1242x2089, image4.png.jpeg)

I'm suspicious of the way her sister Angel is always saying how much Alyssa provides her with gifts or treats her to vacations. It would seem sweet to acknowledge what your sibling does for you, but knowing that she also promotes Alyssa's rags to riches story like in >>1147960, these gestures come off more as "My sister is a successful boss lady earns so much she can afford these!" She's done this a lot, and there are more images.

No. 1169095

File: 1614136097117.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1242x2237, image0.png.jpeg)

No. 1169116

People who believe the rags to riches story of hers are delusional, haha. Didn’t know poor people can afford trip to Dubai and breast surgery for three people.

No. 1169130

File: 1614139945560.png (1.22 MB, 1242x2018, image2.png)

There are more of these "Alythuh is so generous with spending her money" posts kek

No. 1169132

File: 1614139994109.jpg (158.97 KB, 1242x2173, image3.jpg)

No. 1169144

>isolated cabin in the woods!
you can see so many other houses from just that window alone, kek

No. 1169163

>visibly populated "isolated" trip in fucking Utah, one state over from where Alyssa lives
hey Alyssa turn around and tip your wrist back a little your hand is showing too much

No. 1169188

Yeah, both of them had implants by the time they were what, 20? Everyone is over the bullshit.

No. 1169226

That one is Angel, Alyssa's sister. If you look at Angel's face you'd see a less photoshopped version of Alyssa kek

No. 1169231

I think maybe even younger? But CMIIW. Their mom had hers done first then Alyssa and Angel afterwards.

No. 1169244

Alyssa mentioned it around 2017 so I think she was 20, so anon hit the mark. Then I remember a tweet about her making a big deal about how she paid it with her own money, full cash, not like anyone cares about it though. It's there in the google doc linked above >>1111511

No. 1169281

While she was living with her parents I’m pretty sure. Don’t understand how that makes a person “self made.” We could all be self made if we lived rent free with our wealthy mom and didn’t have any responsibilities or real expenses.

No. 1169379

Okay but it's kind of hilarious that even in a ~cozy aesthetic~ picture like this where she's literally covered in blankets and wearing a giant sweater she had to pop the cleavage out for a candid. I've never seen people more obsessed with their implants than these two

No. 1170258

their matching bolt-ons look even more ridiculous considering their small frames

No. 1174551

File: 1614719341722.jpeg (676.44 KB, 1242x1490, E9925A77-513A-4ED9-9A0B-F51418…)

In today’s news, Pixie finally decided to take ownership of that commission that Aly refused to acknowledge.
Alternatively, I don’t see Pixie’s pin up girl on Alythuh’s packaging as of late.

No. 1174628

File: 1614724436751.jpeg (767.13 KB, 1180x1021, F76FEDAE-7388-4F33-8BAE-C8C437…)

Yeah the orders posted around February were received and I don’t see the art of SleepyPixie anywhere else. She probably gave up because they were complimenting Pixie’s art more, and she know fully well that she didn’t make it.

No. 1174631

File: 1614724520916.jpeg (901.25 KB, 1184x957, F34DB224-BD5C-4197-B661-2BAC38…)

No. 1174632

File: 1614724700183.jpeg (474.8 KB, 1177x1183, B6373FE3-D9D5-4AB1-8AAB-CEAE6B…)

No. 1174677

So high-class and upscale! Too bad they didn't manage to run a spellcheck first, it's supposed to be "any more bullshit"- not "anymore bullshit"

No. 1174689

Kek for such an intelligent b0$$ babe she sure does have the grammar skills are that of a brain dead retard

No. 1174732

Also she’s a native English speaker from the US so this is really a shame kek

No. 1174849

Really not that big of a deal though

No. 1174990

>“crafted with deliberate care and attention to detail”
$2 aliexpress wholesale pocket knives with off center text

No. 1175009

File: 1614765376775.jpg (1.85 MB, 5327x4690, pixlr.jpg)

Her latest IG story update. She's bringing out new products.
(Put in collage to not overly spam here)

No. 1175010

File: 1614765422889.jpg (4.26 MB, 6060x4124, pixlr_20210303104849679.jpg)

More info on her new alarms.


No. 1175012

File: 1614765536951.jpg (5.18 MB, 5848x4272, pixlr_20210303105147676.jpg)

A better look at her new envelopes. She also seems to be working on more shit.


No. 1175017

(The images I posted are already off her story again but they might be in her highlights for anyone wondering. I just didn't manage to post earlier.)

No. 1175041

These are pretty cute, I wonder who she stole the design from

No. 1175052

Well at least she knows she’s not an artist

No. 1175139

File: 1614780255356.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1125x1683, 689A1FB9-7373-491A-8F4F-19C5F1…)

It looks like a delicious Bradley ripoff tbh

Btw - she’s so inactive on Twitter now a days that most of her posts are now in Instagram stories, probably so she can hide from the criticism we give her kek

No. 1175265

Sage for nitpick but are these her hands? I'm really surprised how awful her nails are

No. 1175695

She keeps her nails short and low maintenance because she’s not like other girls

No. 1176172

Her shitty nails are one of the only parts of her "artist" persona that makes sense imo

No. 1176266

yeah her nails have always looked like that. even her toe nails are short and stubby which there’s nothing wrong with. But it’s kinda strange considering how much effort she puts into the rest of her appearance.

No. 1176275

File: 1614891054884.jpeg (855.29 KB, 1638x2048, 5006EB46-CA95-4FA7-93D4-9A3D46…)

does anyone else think Alyssa might try designing lingerie with those awful tiger robes? reminds me of Valentina Voight but she actually studied fashion & design in college and seems to be doing well for herself. I can’t imagine how long these self defense kits will continue to sell with new designs and defects.

No. 1176303

Oh 100%. This bitch will cash grab for anything. I bet you she will do the same thing like she did with her original knives and buy AliExpress robes and have her “art” printed on it.
Average price? $4-$8 USD

Link below, I would upload a photo but my phone is being a cunt. Sorry farmers.


No. 1176309

oof those robes look so cheap and heavy/non-luxurious. Alyssa needs to brand herself better and truly invest in her products if she wants to be taken seriously. These launches like the femme fatale theme are so confusing.

No. 1176370

bitch got some big ol stompers on her

No. 1176409

>cross with a heart in the center
upcoming knife?

No. 1177120

Nothing about that dull ass crystal wrap could be used for self defense, I wish she’d get her head out of her ass. I feel like it’s more dangerous to sell women a false sense of security when these little toys truly won’t do shit when you’re being attacked. What the fuck are you going to use a blunt little rock for?

No. 1177171

File: 1614985203474.png (200.56 KB, 640x354, tenor.png)

is that the pig from hazbin hotel?

No. 1177199

Is this suppose to be Alythuh? It doesnt look like her face at all.

No. 1177203

That is not Alythuh. That’s Valentina Voight, someone she’s trying to copy the lingerie line from.

No. 1177289

>reminds me of Valentina Voight
>all the boxes have VOIGHT written across

Mmh I wonder who it could be

No. 1178211

File: 1615096930126.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1242x2200, 340BCC20-D154-42F5-B717-88D293…)

She dyed her hair and it looks like a wig lmao

No. 1178215

I know it’s stupid to defend anyone on this site but I work at a hair salon and her hair actually looks fine to me. Maybe a little dry since she had to lighten it to get to that color. There are plenty of things to post about this girl but this wasn’t milk please sage.

No. 1178222

I quite like the hair, but her makeup is so shoddy.

No. 1178304

What anime character is she trying to skinwalk now

No. 1178387

It looks like a nice job done on the hair, but the color really washes her out

No. 1178540

i wonder if shes had a jaw shave. sorry for kpop but her mouth & chin reminds me a lot of felix and he had half of his face chopped off

No. 1178633

File: 1615147937085.jpg (200.68 KB, 822x1360, 1615147764737.jpg)


Funny that you say that, these are some of the comments

No. 1178718

File: 1615153763428.png (177 KB, 1316x850, 1615153600900.png)


I can add this. She's so predictable at this point, another low-effort cosplay

No. 1178847

honestly i expect this from here since her cosplay is so low quality to begin with

personally i think the hair color is nice (props to the stylist), but it washes out her complexion. a darker red probably would have been better.

No. 1178872

God first Nana Osaki, now the remaining One Piece women lol

No. 1178934

doubt it. there's nothing weird looking or off about her jaw like that guy

No. 1178937

File: 1615178157352.jpeg (311.13 KB, 828x962, F15F9DDF-A704-421D-888B-C8FAE5…)

I don’t think she’s gotten a jaw shave either lol her face just looks like that, heres a 2019 fb pic

No. 1181107

File: 1615409285480.jpeg (539.34 KB, 2048x1880, D04A2409-9BF9-478E-9A71-0B76DA…)

From her Twitter

No. 1181687

Not sure about the cottagecore/witchy theme crossed over with knives and self-defense, kinda doesn't work since much of the appeal of cottagecore and witch stuff is creating an alternative aesthetic reality, far away from such things as men grabbing you in the street requiring you to dig in your handbag for your Alythuh branded self defense weaponry.

No. 1181698

File: 1615470014104.jpeg (459.32 KB, 828x1339, D15D4E6A-EDAB-4BC6-82BA-8218A8…)

More people than not are commenting on the functionality and legality more than I’ve seen before. Good.

No. 1181952

File: 1615492605262.jpg (4.95 MB, 5888x4243, pixlr.jpg)

IG story update


No. 1181956

File: 1615492703474.jpg (2.62 MB, 5000x5000, pixlr_20210311205556293.jpg)


IG story update (2/2)
funny how this has been called…

No. 1181963


So I just checked if she posted more… she literally took these pics down like 5 minutes after posting them. I wonder why

No. 1181976

I'm crying here, how is a knife on a NECKLACE gonna help anyone? Are they gonna fumble to take it off before charging at your assailant with your 18k gold toothpick or are they gonna have to rely on chest-to-chest combat? Once again you're more likely to have this reversed on you than to actually be successful at poking someone with it. I've said it before and I'll say it again, she doesn't put one iota of thought into these and her fans don't do it either. I feel sorry for anyone who buys this shit and relies on it in an emergency. This is bafflingly idiotic.

No. 1181987

File: 1615494037129.jpg (6.1 MB, 5000x5000, pixlr.jpg)

another story update, she's posting a lot right now

No. 1182002

1. Grab key
2. Stab at neck
3. Run
That's it. That's self-defense. Every self-defense class teaches this. You don't have to reach into your purse to fumble with a tiny knife that is actually thinner than a key. The key on the same keychain does the same thing but is stronger because it's designed for heavy use. You're not trying to poke holes or slash at people, which these cheap things can't do effectively anyway. You're trying to injure/stun and get away.

Thank God this cheap shit is less durable than a potato peeler.

No. 1182009

"Good thing I had my trusty self-defence rose knife with me! I carry it everywhere, you never know, teehee! Available in my shop for a limited time hehe!"

No. 1182018

Her ugly lil pizza faced bf isn’t with her at the mall or something? Lmao

No. 1182022

File: 1615495553751.jpg (182.43 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20210311-214017_Ins…)


the saga continues

No. 1182025

It’s so fucking stupid, I’m hoping girls are just buying them to LARP and think they’re badass bc their cheapo necklace actually has a hidden 1 inch knife inside oooooo edgy! It’s just retarded to even imagine someone being able to escape a dangerous situation with trash like that, your legs are your best option if you don’t have a fucking firearm. I don’t think Alyssa or any of the buyers have been in a real physically threatening situation so they just act like they can be strong powerful women fighting off the rapists by carrying around a sharpened pencil at all times.

No. 1182050

File: 1615497646467.jpg (113.86 KB, 720x582, 20210311_221722.jpg)

looking through her comments once again. can you all imagine this? as if her products aren't a safety hazard already

No. 1182059

…and that's when I pulled out my handy ALYTHUH™ Femme Fatale Rose Key Knife, which could have saved my life! Get yours today and if you order before 8 pm you'll receive a FREE scratch-and-sniff chloroform sticker!

No. 1182094

This is so embarrassingly trendy. At least she’s fully surrendered to being what she is now: a vendor, not an artist

No. 1182134

>stab in neck with key
That's awful, Alythuh tier advice. Go for the scrotum, always. Use your foot, knee, literally twist & yank on his balls if you're too close and you can't get away. That will incapacitate a man of any size more than a tiny flesh wound.

No. 1182328

Cos Alythuh is a little dumb she missed the fact "are you from here" usually is someone being racist and trying to find what country you come from. I feel bad for her for this one, since asian fetishists are very real, but it's interesting her actual reaction to intimidation is to (rightly) run away, rather than swing her aliexpress keyrings at them like she is recommending other women to do.

I can see this injuring the wearer if they fall asleep or clothes/items press their chest and it opens, otherwise you simply give yourself a handy way for an assailant to choke you.

No. 1182683

Why is her shitty knife so grimy? Legit looks disgusting. And like the paint is chipping off (unsurprisingly)?

No. 1182690

Because it probably came from some drop shipper in China.

I feel bad that she had that experience, but for some reason I’m getting the vibe she’s using this moment to drive her sales further by preying on the fears and anxieties of other women. If her self defense kits actually defended people from attackers I’d get it, but these more so provide a sense of protection than anything else.

No. 1182726

It literally looks like she thought “this will be a cool idea” tried it, realized how hard it is, gave up and is passing it off as style choice lol

No. 1183948

File: 1615680566058.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1242x2207, 7B8CD3DF-EE0B-467C-917A-CB56D5…)

I know this is a WIP cosplay, but damn this made her look rough. The cosplay is from Love Death and Robots

No. 1183949

He’s right though, she literally took her food into the poop particle filled bathroom to bring a stranger into this non-issue instead of just leaving.

No. 1183967

File: 1615683146801.jpeg (116.99 KB, 768x768, 8E16AE45-03B2-4915-942D-6CA0B6…)

A comparison of who she’s supposed to be “cosplaying” as for those interested

No. 1183987

Damn you’d think an artist would do better

No. 1184016

You sound like a jealous hater anon, it's normal to take selfies and type up instagram posts when you are scared and uncomfortable in public. Whenever I'm in a situation where I should be on high alert I like to have my gaze fixed directly on my phone instead of my surroundings. Men will be stunned by what an unbothered queen you are and leave you alone.

Jokes aside I think she just took a couple selfies while out and then crafted the story afterward. She seriously has issues.

No. 1184037

File: 1615688163166.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1125x1311, 90EF24EB-024C-4BA7-8A02-EE355F…)

Here’s the actual shot she posted to IG rather than what was on her story.

No. 1185004

File: 1615820878713.jpg (8.86 MB, 5000x5000, pixlr.jpg)

IG story update

No. 1185970

File: 1615918867931.jpeg (537.96 KB, 1242x1632, 1236F0DC-AF85-4A45-A5D6-6DF4EC…)

Instead of directly responding to any concerns and criticisms on her self defense kit, I present to you: Subtweeting on Alt

No. 1185993

Omg holy shit Alyssa, no one is telling you to dim down your already boring and fake personality. They want a refund for your shitty aliexpress kit, you flat faced scammer lmao

No. 1186011

I can smell the fear in that screenshot lmfao. She also mentioned international shipping will now be available? Cant wait to see how that goes over.

No. 1186430

She can’t go a week without trying to be manipulative and calculated

No. 1186470

"It's okay if I scam people as long as it works out for me in the end."

No. 1186551

File: 1615981702656.jpg (4.66 MB, 5888x4243, pixlr.jpg)

IG story update

info on her new releases


No. 1186554

File: 1615981908317.jpg (7.63 MB, 7798x3205, pixlr_20210317124522178.jpg)


Sorry for this being kinda crammed but it's redable when zooming in

No. 1186556

File: 1615982030221.jpg (6.35 MB, 7904x3161, pixlr_20210317124713194.jpg)


Once again sorry for cramming. But tbf this is the most boring q&a I've ever read. Either she just didn't answer much, but I'm sure she just didn't get much questions

No. 1186573

sage for no milk but please dear god no. why do i feel like these robes and whatever else she’s doing are going to come from AliBaba / AliExpress, too.

No. 1186598

Made in Abyss is an anime about children being raped, tortured and dismembered.

No. 1186604

I love how she's always pretending to be a fine art gallery-tier artist but when she's asked about printing she just goes with a consumer home printer. Prints are cheap even if you get them done with archival ink, she has no reason not to get them done professionally, she's just so zeroed in on the "self made" bullshit that she thinks making her own prints at home makes up for having everything else mass-produced.

No. 1186631

I don’t know any professional who would recommend doing prints at home, high quality printers for over A4 size get expensive

She literally puts no effort into her work, you can tell she doesn’t practice to improve her painting technique. She occasionally tries to make a finished piece with the skill level of a beginner. It’s so obvious she doesn’t spend any time on actually improving her work

No. 1186686

If she's capable to print everything by herself it means there are not that many orders lol
Also I feel bad for people who orders her prints and receive a trashy print from a home printer. Not only it's super amateurish approach (especially for the "glamourous vibe" she is going for) but also disrespectful for the buyers.

No. 1186714

Yeah idk about other places but in my country most of her products would be illegal to ship, not to mention pepper spray is classified as a prohibited weapon here.

I can't see this going well

No. 1186861

File: 1616011087000.jpg (6.74 MB, 5976x4183, pixlr.jpg)

IG story update.

Looks like she got a new kitten…


No. 1186863

File: 1616011222848.jpg (202.99 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20210317-205447_Ins…)

Story update (2/2)

More product info

No. 1186866

File: 1616011400662.jpg (358.47 KB, 714x1164, Screenshot_20210317-205933_Ins…)


Immediatly went back to check on this. Overlooked her post before. She indeed got a new cat.

No. 1186869

File: 1616011994650.jpg (243.04 KB, 720x893, Screenshot_20210317-211048_Twi…)

She also posted on twitter. Besides this more pics of her cats with frog hats.

No. 1186944

File: 1616017547873.jpeg (526.67 KB, 1657x2048, 2A15FA66-F4EA-4812-BDF8-7B2918…)

Catch that it’s a ~boy~ cat this time for sure kek

No. 1186960

I guess Tofu was too big to take cute selfies with kitten casually and naturally chilling on her exposed titties so she had to get a new one

No. 1186969

I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt that she got another cat to keep Tofu company, but now it just looks like because Tofu grew up, she’s using another kitten as a prop. Gross

No. 1187099

nobody going to address that she shooped her cats face to high hell?

No. 1187133

Holy shit her inner mouth corners is just a hole wtf is she still shooping it since we clocked her for it last time? Lol

No. 1187183

not to mention the tiny broken foot!

No. 1187331

It looks like an uncanny valley cgi cat now in the eyes, why would you do this to a kitten that is doubtlessly adorable anyway?

No. 1187337

What's with her fixation of the cat having to be a boy anyway? I remember she found out the previous cat was a girl and she had a meltdown over it?

No. 1187663

File: 1616099932158.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 156.34 KB, 750x450, F400FB2E-D734-4979-99C6-7FEAD5…)

Not WKing but her eyebags >>1186944 don’t even look bad. What are they even going to fill? …How long til full face Botox?

No. 1187705

Wouldn't be surprised if she's fishing for compliments lol

No. 1187725

Was gonna say that. Not something i'd rec to anyone casually. Guess she thinks she's edgy

No. 1187832

She thinks it makes her cool that she watches these “less known” animes

No. 1187891

either way, just goes to show how neurotically obsessed with her own appearance she is. like do whatever you want to your own body but literally nobody else cares this much about something so insignificant

No. 1188015

because she’s a whore anon

No. 1188060

File: 1616156816682.jpg (4.54 MB, 5000x5000, pixlr_20210319132420226.jpg)

IG story update (1/2)

No. 1188062

File: 1616156990103.jpg (5.7 MB, 7140x3500, pixlr_20210319132608851.jpg)

IG story update (2/2)

No. 1188899

File: 1616250725256.jpg (3.75 MB, 5000x5000, pixlr.jpg)

another story update

No. 1190402

Is that her warehouse that they are doing the photoshoot in? Lol, so much for it being overflowing with inventory

No. 1191422

File: 1616539547146.jpg (5.72 MB, 5888x4243, pixlr_20210323234022098.jpg)

IG story update (1/3)

More to her new stuff. She made an actual post, I will add to this later

these are all from over multiple days btw

No. 1191424

File: 1616539638970.jpg (5.8 MB, 6104x4094, pixlr_20210323234152063.jpg)

Update (2/3)

This seems to imply Sesame is a rescue, also she plays cyberpunk now?

No. 1191425

File: 1616539713820.jpg (8.61 MB, 7798x3205, pixlr_20210323234342828.jpg)

Update (3/3)

Her, her sister and the cats are seemingly on vacation

No. 1191429

File: 1616540004779.png (349.73 KB, 1335x838, 1616262100365.png)


The caption of her IG post about the alarm. I wonder how the other ones planned look

No. 1191434

Gotta give it to her, this mushroom alarm design / photoshoot are actually genuinely cute and pretty, too bad we know she must have copied the design from somewhere given she's never done anything in this cutesy style before.
I have a vague memory of her cosplaying some Cyberpunk character a longer while ago, funny she only starts to actually play the game now, though we shouldn't be surprised she'd do things just for clout wihout actually knowing or caring about them.

No. 1191435

File: 1616540224398.jpg (7.14 MB, 7535x3317, pixlr_20210323235551458.jpg)


Angels story gave more info about trip and location.

No. 1191632

“Business trip”

No. 1191638

I wonder if she’s gonna start having Cyberpunk always in the bg of her pics like she did with Persona lmao

No. 1192724

File: 1616682473581.jpg (6.79 MB, 7620x3280, pixlr.jpg)

the latest IG updates

No. 1195509

File: 1616929500769.jpg (8.4 MB, 6992x3573, pixlr_20210328130327020.jpg)

story update (1/2)

a peak at her new collection

No. 1195513

File: 1616929683802.jpg (7.33 MB, 7212x3464, pixlr_20210328130429436.jpg)

story update (2/2)

No. 1195680

Thank you for your dedication in documenting her stories, but this is not milk and should be properly sage'd.

No. 1195835

She looks so awkward in every selfie, it's remarkable

No. 1195838

What location is she at? It does look really pretty.

No. 1195870

Wedding venue in Utah called Wadley Farms.

No. 1196560

File: 1617027292603.jpeg (898.1 KB, 828x828, 138FA8F7-C2F5-4628-BDA4-101311…)

Looks like she didn’t learn from the last time she made those self defense keychains. When you put the key ring holder where the palm is, stabbing someone with it is also going to stab the user back. If she just moved where the ring is located, they could actually be practical.

No. 1196807

File: 1617045255224.jpg (5.77 MB, 7140x3500, pixlr_20210329210806134.jpg)


Noted. Will sage more posts from now on. Sometimes I can't really tell what info is truly interesting lol.

Anyways, here is a bit more she posted about the launch. She seems confindent in her products selling out fast…
She also posted more pics of the products, but spamming them doesn't feel relevant when we can all look at her website (that should be up now).

No. 1197117

so i’m assuming she’s calling that a “business trip” so she can write it off on her taxes and not have to pay for any of it … because why do you need that giant ass cabin when all of the product pics are close ups with background sets and not the actual cabin/ it’s surroundings? but it does look like most of her keychains sold out

No. 1197541

File: 1617116219074.jpg (8.04 MB, 7362x3394, pixlr_20210330165502217.jpg)

another update

Yup, they sold out fast indeed it seems.

No. 1197586

Does anyone notice how she removed all of her traced artwork?

Looks like she's about to get caught for tracing other artist/photographers work and she's acting like it never happened? I smell fish.

No. 1197636

She’s accepted that she’s just a vendor, it seems. She now understands the very real consequences of all her lies. She also had her bf delete all his tweets from when they met too. She doesn’t want a timeline of her lies.

No. 1197638

Nice minimodding, newfag.

No, it’s fine that you didn’t sage that. Updates from a cow that has periods of silence is fine to bump the thread with, we’ve never had issues with that before. Some newfags like to overcompensate.

No. 1197657

File: 1617126365674.png (81.48 KB, 1196x514, 0B7FBA56-230D-4864-BE05-DB8125…)

I’d be surprised if this was real. She mentioned this same thing with Hot Topic in the past and nothing happened.

I didn’t realize this. The individuals are taken down for the femme fatale traced set. Wow

No. 1197730

By work together, she means send her products to post an ad on her story

No. 1197951

Does she really not realize these are illegal in some countries? The only thing she could sell in the UK is the rape alarm. Self defense weapons and pepper spray are completely illegal.

No. 1198253

File: 1617181753125.jpg (6.89 MB, 6506x3839, pixlr.jpg)

new update
Seems like the robes are gonna come out soon as well?

Okay, I'm a bitconfused now but will go back to posting here as before.

No. 1198258

File: 1617182018361.png (368.94 KB, 871x1284, 1617181896466.png)

I also found this in her tagged posts, this design has not been posted by herself yet.
(She only posted Wisp (the mushroom) extensively and the cow one once yet.)
Looks like this guy renders her stuff in general cause the style checks out.

No. 1198285

File: 1617185656012.jpg (117.71 KB, 1080x1761, _20210331_121213.JPG)

lmao would that mean this is her amazing design work then? As always, if it looks good it can't be hers

No. 1198391

sage for bitter artfag rant but nothing says "self-made artist" like outsourcing almost every step of literally every single thing you do. the product designs, the product manufacturing, the packaging, the photography… i'd at least give her credit for her original ideas but they're pretty unoriginal as it stands. like many have said it's not that this in of itself is wrong but her #realartist attitude is so phoney sine she barely even credits the many other artists she pays to do work for her.

No. 1198541

Does anyone have proof of her tracing other artist/photographer's work(s). It would be interesting to see!!!

No. 1198560

are you the same newfag from corpse thread

please, learn to read and click on >> previous thread link.

No. 1198575

lmao ffs. this 'design' basically proves at least one of two things: a) she can't draw for shit, or b) she put barely any effort/thought into those designs.
I'm gonna say both.

No. 1198581

Interesting how she mentions all of the other artists involved in her work except SleepyPixie, too.

It’s also going to be interesting to see if nothing happens in terms of her shipping out these “defense items” internationally. I wonder if they’ll get through customs.

No. 1198584

I can imagine it now, her sending those drawings to that guy like 'omg ignore these terrible sketches, i put them together after 2 hours sleep in 3 days, after barely eating anything, i just got a creative vision and needed to see it through.'

three year olds could 'design' products if those kind of bodged up drawings are all it takes. of course the person refining them, 3difying them, and applying all the character design principles to the proportions and shapes and such are nothing compared to the work of drawing up a blob that vaguely resembles a frog.

No. 1198855

She knows she’s a vendor now. The backlash finally reached a peak where she got the hint. She’s deleting everything that incriminates her and rebranding because she can’t handle the constructive criticism but still needs her delusions and greediness fed.

No. 1199857

You're telling me the person that designed this masterpiece and had the gall to send this to her sculptor as a reference drew this tiger freehand??

No. 1200151

She didn't draw it freehand, see >>1104436

I wonder if that frog she drew is her actual skill level…

No. 1200406

I just know she said “here is a quick 20 second scribble I made on my phone while driving 70mph on the freeway to my warehouse xx”

No. 1200497

File: 1617389835052.jpg (6.16 MB, 6345x3939, pixlr.jpg)

new IG update

No. 1200548

File: 1617396446554.jpeg (23.88 KB, 545x550, meme.jpeg)

No. 1200552

File: 1617396783450.jpg (948.89 KB, 1439x2508, Screenshot_20210402-164834_Chr…)

I'm not tryint saying she's copying with these character designs, I'm just saying they seem very uhhhh out-of-line with the rest of her style and "brand" and similar to other popular artists

No. 1200553

File: 1617396840372.jpg (408.89 KB, 1440x2716, Screenshot_20210402-165004_Chr…)

No. 1200555

so so cute though

No. 1200557

They remind me of the generic-ass art in the Erin thread, I think the world at large are at such a stage of exhaustion after a year of pandemic and economic crisis that these incredibly simple characters that seem most suited to a baby's book are doing numbers, and hitting the right notes with the online populace.

They remind me of things like Miffy and Hello Kitty, characters designed specifically for babies. So Alythuh is just jumping on trends and chose a particularly generic, safe one in these characters. There are countless artists on Twitter making the same stuff (ref: Erin thread) and they do crazy numbers. Quite at odds with the Femme Fatale image Alythuh was doing up until now.

No. 1200696

It's funny she takes these most generic simple cute designs and still does her own design so so poorly, like baby's first tablet drawing.

No. 1201284

I genuinely think she's commissioning graphic designers to do her products for her. She spends so much time on her Twitter account and doing thirst trap overly-staged photos for her IG and TikTok there's no way she's actually fulfilling orders AND making her own products. Just say you're a small business owner and go. You aren't successful because of your own art. It's because of your marketing strategies. It annoys me to see so many artists look up to her as inspiration. If you wanna be like her then be a sell-out influencer, that's how she did it lol

No. 1201292

imagine thinking asking someone where they're from is racist lmfao

No. 1201317

Look literally right upthread. It shows her designs are generic Pinterest shit that were rendered by a different artist.

No. 1201617

I called it when she adopted Tofu, that she would use her for clout when she's a kitten and "abandon" her when she grows into adulthood because she's no longer #aesthetic. It hasn't even been a year, and although she hasn't abandon her it's quite obvious that she's no longer her new accessory to pose with.
Throwback to March, she gets another kitten (Sesame) and two weeks later she's using them to promote her new tacky AliExpress merch. Not staged at all!

No. 1201628

For all we know, they might not even actually be hers. They might belong to her sister or something and she just scoops them up when she needs a cute prop in pics.

No. 1201812

I think anyone who is an actual artist, especially an adult, established professional artist, sees right the fuck through her shit and the only question for them is whether she's escorting and using this as a front or if she's just marking up alixpress shit and profiting from that, or a little from column A, a little from Column B. The only crowd I've seen actually be envious of her seem to be teenagers drawing their half furry OC's on Procreate who think she's goals

No. 1201917

A lot of established and genuinely skilled artists I follow actually follow her and a few I've seen even gushing over in the past. It baffles me completely, cause I thought the same as you, and I'm only an amateur artist but it's been obvious from the get-go that she's not what she says she is. Maybe they're sycophants though looking to leech off some of her clout, or idk maybe it is quite easy to be blinded by her fans/apparent success and chalk up a dislike of her shite drawings to personal taste.

No. 1201922

I think maybe the way she love-bombs her fans comes into it a lot too. People find her edited pictures and apparent glamorous lifestyle attractive and they want in in some form, and she dishes it out to anyone who will compliment her

No. 1201929

Lmao what. White people don't get asked where they're from unless they have a different accent or some shit. Minorities get asked it all the time and there's an implication that they're an outsider in a country that may have been their home all their life. Yeah, it's racist

No. 1201943

sorry to break it anon but i don’t think the OP of the four year old post you’re responding to is gonna see this

No. 1201991

Right, the fact it was likely a white guy asking an Asian woman where she's from has obvious implications.

No. 1202881

File: 1617731868401.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1125x1849, 763C397D-A9CB-4EDC-93A1-AC2FFA…)

She posted this in the dead of night and deleted it. Sorry I didn't get the name in the ss I wanted to show the full pic

No. 1202887

File: 1617732147398.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1125x1938, 4BD95237-1AD6-433B-BF0E-88CEEC…)

Btw If you zoom in on the snake it looks like she copy and pasted rows of scales in certain places. It's mostly noticable at it's head and the bottom right

No. 1202990

It's funny to me that she always says she's making custom self defense shit/robes/lingerie/ whatever the fuck because what, do her brain dead fans believe she's actually hand sewing fucking things, or hand casting metal keychains? Surely nobody believes this bitch is doing anything other than ordering a print on alixpress knickers and reselling cutesy shit she finds elsewhere after marking it up. Like do they believe she has her own little ethical factories of people dedicated to making the random shit she shills? Lmao

No. 1203006

TBH this is could be a smart move if she using a computerized embroidery machine, or is more likely outsourcing the work to someone who knows how to do custom work/has a machine or, the more likely explanation for all “her products”, AliExpress

No. 1203591

the whole design is just copy-pasted clip-art, it seems. that's such awkward placement for the snake, shes completely forgotten that shes designed for a curved surface

No. 1203870

So now she's going to copy Thistle and Spire's mesh lingerie? Kek they made two sets with snakes on them that look very similar to this. She chose the same color ways too.

No. 1203900

File: 1617892758521.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x2076, DB8DC2D8-1A4E-4303-921E-875783…)

Now that you mentioned it, I dug in Thistle and Spire’s site to look at their Medusa collection. The idea of the snakes were definitely taken from them. But not only did she do that, she also named her own robe Medusa according to her previous tweet. She didn’t even try kek

No. 1203901

File: 1617892849189.jpeg (973.04 KB, 1242x1801, B6EE3376-6D96-4F91-B1D6-D086F6…)

The previous tweet mentioned

No. 1203908

File: 1617894331421.png (727.03 KB, 1080x1665, Screenshot_20210408-170312~2.p…)


Pretty sure stolen from Studio Pia

No. 1203910

I'm not sure of which brand did it first or what will look more like the finished thing, but this also looks identical. She really could never have a single original thought, huh?

No. 1203929

nope, it looks like her plan is to rip off as many already-popular designs and artists and make a quick buck off her fanbase.

No. 1203931

whether she's directly copying from one brand or the other, it's definetly gonna look like a cheap knockoff in comparison to the mentioned examples here. Go follow your dreams gurl, anything but original

No. 1203954

I highly doubt she's going to be sourcing the production to ethical studios either. She wants to capitalize so like with everything else it will be from cheap places who use slave labor in China. Way to be empowering towards women when you're literally helping contribute to their oppression.

No. 1203997

Her stuff always clashes so hard with one another. Cottagecore? Medusa? Anyways, I already know her crap is gonna look cheap. The robe was enough.

No. 1204078

I could have sworn that she posted pictures of her owning some Thistle and Spire bodysuits, but I can't find them on her Twitter or Instagram. Wouldn't be surprised if she lifted inspo from them.

No. 1204142

File: 1617914489111.jpg (739.22 KB, 2560x1920, 21-04-08-16-34-03-062_deco.jpg)

I couldn't find a picture though I'm sure it exists, but she's definitely aware of the brand.

No. 1204240

How does that look like hers at all?

No. 1204251

NTA but I think they're referring to the mesh with snake embroidery/silk screen motif. Aside from Aliexpress knockoffs there aren't many other stores making serpent themed lingerie in the same materials.

No. 1204431

I like how she always intentionally phrases her posts "I made x with my art" which implies she handmade them and not bulk ordered them from aliexpress. Lying by omission is still lying, Alythuh.

No. 1204437

Samefag, ref:
>Made these self defense mushrooms and bugs made with my art
>I made these lil self defense alarms
>I made a robe with my art
So we are omitting not only the factory workers, but the artists who designed the products from her amazing sketches like this poor sod >>1198258
And the girl who did the packaging insert art.

No. 1204440

Yeah she’s always all over the place and somehow she can’t even get her themes right. Her “femme fatale” was a mix of circus and royalty. Not so sure about her cottagecore either, though it’s a slight improvement compared to femme fatale. She’s gonna make gaudy versions of whatever theme distracts her at the moment.

No. 1204442

File: 1617941620443.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x2130, E0229B8F-4C11-461A-8AF2-F71BD9…)

There’s also a new page on her site. It’s a Legal Disclaimer that will “protect” her in case one of her customers get in legal trouble for using her shitty “weapons”. If the customer get in trouble for using the items, it’s gonna be a lose lose for them. Not only did Alythuh rip them off with the prices, but they’ll be in legal shit too. This is really scummy for someone claiming to advocate for women’s safety.

No. 1204451

>I will take your money but good luck if you didn't do your research and my shit is illegal in your country or state

The more responsible thing to do would be to limit sales to certain territories where her products are legal.

No. 1204500

Yeah, Jen Bartel had a keychain that’s basically the same design as one of her earlier “knives” as a decoration and accessory and still issued warnings for those in Canada and the UK and explained the risks. You can barely find the information and it’s basically just fuck if I care I won’t be responsible and I’ll take my money.

No. 1204535

thb to have a legal disclaimer is fair enough but these fonts and these colors and icon style clashing with the rest, design of her website is so ridiculous at least this one thing I think we can safely assume she did completely by herself (as far as customizing pre-existing template goes)

No. 1204612


Scam artist at her finest

No. 1204700

The difference is Jen Bartel (>>1204500) never claimed they were to be used as a weapon. She sold them along with the keychain of her art. Meanwhile Alythuh has multiple tweets claiming her trinkets are self defense items, promising safety and protection to the user. She even advertises some items “discreet” brass knuckles, which isn’t even legal to sell in Nevada, her home state. Promising false hope over women’s safety is what makes Alyssa’s marketing so shady. Then scamming customers without 100% guarantee of the product reaching the customer (because of their area’s legal restrictions) just makes it worse.

No. 1204798

Sage but has this pug donated or spoken out about AAPI violence? I don’t follow her.

No. 1204882

File: 1618000555409.jpg (3.42 MB, 6506x3839, pixlr_20210409223605970.jpg)

IG story update
Looks like her newest brand aesthetic is everything cute. Pepperspray seems to be the next project

Sorry for possibly missing stuff lately but I'm very busy rn and didn't screenshot posts that weren't interesting anyways (she posted on the issue with ppl ordering wisp due to the website messing up again so this is still not resolved but I forgot to sc)

I didn't think of her reposting these advise threads as interesting before but now after seeing your questions - she has started to share these lately (I missed 1 or 2), but only about the topics as above. I haven't seen her make one posts about AAPI issues… for being such a PrOuD fIlIpInA she's awfully quiet.

No. 1205465

i only learned of this cow's existence from this website and can i just say i am hooked. truly she deserves every point&laugh she has ever or will ever receive

No. 1207305

File: 1618329609861.jpg (5.76 MB, 6928x3608, pixlr.jpg)

IG story update (1/3)

Haven't checked the last days, looks like I came back at the right time

No. 1207306

File: 1618329693263.jpg (5.1 MB, 4926x5073, pixlr_20210413175715246.jpg)

update (2/3)

No. 1207307

File: 1618329760055.jpg (6.53 MB, 7798x3205, pixlr_20210413175803294.jpg)

update (3/3)

All the new info on her robes. I wonder how much longer until they get released

No. 1207316

Is the art hers or is she still using other people's without saying it?
Also >>1207307 looks so cheap, it feels like she was going for that elaborate-embroidery-on-the-back-of-the-jacket look without actually using embroidered patches?

No. 1207359

>This robe I made
Misleading phrasing again.
Something about her current design makes me think there will be a lot of printing and sewing errors in the factory; like the mushrooms, she is not a designer and has never physically made objects for sale, so doesn't know how to make designs more simple to negate possible flaws. The mushroom and tiger wrap are excessively detailed with too-small sections for each color, basically a busy design which is likely to mess up in mass production.

No. 1207538

I feel like she wouldn’t even wear her own robe designs lol she only does in pics to further shill that tacky and cheap crap anyways lol she’s the type to buy an amazon knockoff of independent/small designers. (Ie the red robe in her jojo pose pic from the past)

No. 1208021

File: 1618386051529.jpg (590.16 KB, 1242x2214, IMG_8297.jpg)

I noticed she had a bit of a slip up here. She was confused because her Aliexpress or Alibaba supplier sent her that particular keychain in the photo. For the things that she "made with [her] art", she sure is not so familiar with what she's been "designing" kek

No. 1208055

This is such an awful design too, like a kind of piss bottle (sorry to say it, thinking of those Amazon staff who have to piss in bottles since they don't get breaks)

I wonder what her emails look like for the manufacturer to have thought she wanted to go ahead and make them.

No. 1208101

My first thought too kek, I still can't get over the way she put the connector at the point where your palm would hold it

No. 1208144

File: 1618406572767.jpg (305.13 KB, 2167x1615, mushroom keychain.jpg)

I searched "self defense keychain" on Alibaba. Took 2 minutes.

No. 1208320

Looking at her Twitter retweets, she charges $19-23 for each keychain, that's a nice profit on the $1 cost price. That barely-changed from default mushroom is $23. What a ripoff, especially as most artists charge <$10 for enamel pins, this is essentially an enamel pin with a flimsy knife attached.

No. 1208575

the other lingerie brand posted copied Studio Pia, not saying Aly or her staff did. Anyways there are more styles down the page on their site

No. 1208945

File: 1618486971319.jpg (5.75 MB, 7535x3317, pixlr_20210415134309237.jpg)

story update

No. 1209939

File: 1618596738944.jpg (7.88 MB, 7535x3317, pixlr.jpg)

new story update

(edited because I forgot to put in the wierd narcissus thing, whatever that means anyways)

No. 1210128

I was going to get the witch hat. Looking back I’m so glad I didn’t. Waste of money and probably more dangerous to oneself than it is useful.

No. 1210302

File: 1618627573512.png (4.41 MB, 828x1792, 3FDB9F7A-1235-4884-975E-9DF379…)

pic from someone she retweeted on twitter bragging about her cute packaging

i’m not one to speak on someone’s artistic abilities but can we just— i feel like alyssa made this herself because look at it. it doesn’t look anything like sleepypixies work (the one who created her femme fatale packaging) and it seems more like alyssas level if we’re comparing to the tiger in her self portrait. just the two girls alone on this packaging look like two different styles. the pink dress feels so flat, same with the pointed brown hat. and the shoes on the girl in the green skirt … those child size feet couldn’t even support a woman’s body lol

No. 1210626

File: 1618678665496.jpg (311.64 KB, 1080x1012, Screenshot_20210417-095354_Goo…)

Haha omg this terrible anatomy! They look so lumpy and lifeless.

Pic related, this should read "any more" instead of "anymore". I know grammar isn't that big of a deal in casual settings, but on actual printed packaging for your business, it looks SUPER unprofessional. Between that and the capitals on every word, it reads like Engrish. Gives off "found this through a generic Chinese seller" vibes for sure.(nitpick)

No. 1210839

The face on the right one is off too. She put much more effort onto the left one. Probably because it’s supposed to be her? Regardless, this drawing is terrible. How are you gonna brag about your products and packaging when it looks like this? Lol

No. 1210889

It really does look like she's outright trying to copy sleepypixie's style because she knows she's unoriginal and doesn't have the skill to make anything look as good. I can't believe her hundreds of thousands of followers don't see what an obvious fraud she is.

No. 1210894

Also, holy shit it's so bad… Look at the feet on the one on the right. She's also levitating. The shading is so amateur as well. The girl with the umbrella looks like it's resting on her head but it's supposed to be an umbrella??? I'm confused. This looks so half assed it's not even funny.

No. 1211204

It seems like she put effort in the girl with the greenskirt and gave up halfway through. Maybe she wasn't gonna be able to meet the deadline for card printing or something? I would be ashamed and embarrased to hand these to a buyer. Maybe it would be better to not even distribute them. What the heck is going with their feet and shoes though?

No. 1211205

Does no one in this thread know how to sage?

No. 1211207

I know you got redtexted for this but there's a point:
>Not taking any more bullshit
>not taking your bullshit anymore

1. Not taking any further quantity of bullshit
2. Not taking your bullshit for a further duration
Both correct English with the same meaning, but she went with
>Not taking anymore bullshit
3. Not taking a further duration of bullshit

It's just awkward enough to be annoying but not outright wrong enough to be a "order 1000 more of these, we fucked up."

No. 1211399

File: 1618769380596.jpg (3.96 MB, 6104x4094, pixlr.jpg)

IG story update of the last days

No. 1211400

File: 1618769459967.jpg (2.87 MB, 6104x4094, pixlr_20210418200735104.jpg)

update (2/2) - anime edition

She is also crossposting a bunch of stories of people posting photos of her products.

No. 1211415

“I hate gatekeepers I’m a real anime fan tho” they are cartoons, ma’am!

No. 1212785

I know people have brought up her AAVE stuff earlier in this thread which I agree is weird but I think she's skinwalking Valentina Voight.

No. 1212971

It was speculated that she might try to sell lingerie like valentina after announcing those robes >>1176725 Then she announced her lingerie designs last week lol. But I don’t think she’s really skinwalking or trying to look like her otherwise? Alyssa hardly dresses up in nice clothes or takes normal pics like Valentina.

No. 1212973

whoops wrong link, meant this one >>1176275

No. 1212993

learn to sage anon

No. 1213476

File: 1619007872405.jpg (8.86 MB, 7904x3161, pixlr.jpg)

story update (1/2)

No. 1213480

File: 1619007979848.jpg (6.52 MB, 6802x3674, pixlr_20210421142353592.jpg)

story update (2/2)

No. 1213551


OT but what app are you using to compile these? Every app I look at wants to squish them into an ig square

No. 1214048


It's called Pixlr (I also checked: it should be available on both ios and android)

No. 1214268

File: 1619116503373.jpg (6.58 MB, 7620x3280, pixlr.jpg)

new IG story update

knife necklace is real now

No. 1214645

why do i feel like she overuses the word "art" so much to the point where the mere mention of the word "art" makes me want to bash my skull in

No. 1214704


fear of going stagnant
all her latest products have been charms with pointy ends or right down knives. new revolutionary product: necklace, but also knife

woah, incredible. it also looks so fricking cheap

No. 1217571

File: 1619507127406.jpg (5.79 MB, 4272x5846, pixlr.jpg)

IG story update

(differently formatted this time, I feel like it's more pleasant to read like this)

No. 1217732

File: 1619529284257.png (83.84 KB, 419x238, doubt.png)

>emails from people that tell me my self defense kit saved their life

No. 1218062

Idk if anyone else thinks this but I feel like she somewhat perpetuates some aspects of toxic femininity lol

Also bs on that email haha no way her shitty products are saving lives. I’m waiting for her to release that dumb knife necklace tbh

No. 1218308

She sent that email to herself or asked her family or friends to do so kek

No. 1219228

she's the literal embodiment of the toxic "girl boss"; getting rich off the illusion of being successful and scamming other women with shitty "empowering" junk that's more likely to hurt them than protect them

No. 1219849

File: 1619729431560.jpg (5.98 MB, 7620x3280, pixlr.jpg)

newest IG story update

No. 1220023

>grand purpose
Oh lol her narcissistic god complex is showing

No. 1220049

File: 1619749963138.jpeg (554.87 KB, 1242x2203, F0C61637-8DF3-4CE4-B06E-2E7E9A…)

This is definitely the samples/preview her Aliexpress or Alibaba manufacturers send her before she gets to make custom designs. Obviously she doesn’t have the Chewbacca pin or the military badge (lower right) in her lineup. Just like in the story posted at >>1208021 its starting to show she’s not exactly the artist designing most of these. She gets smaller artists and/or her manufacturers to work on the designs. Maybe that’s why her branding looks all over the place, since she switches up aesthetics so quickly.

No. 1220087

Doesn't she brag how much money she earns from being an artist. Why she getting a shared Uber then. Also I'd be more uncomfortable if someone held essentially a weapon while I shared a ride with them.

No. 1220114

You need to work on your reading comprehension.

No. 1220124

Is it me or does the white wall panel on the ground behind her look kinda wavy?

No. 1220198

This is awful to say but we will never hear from the people her "weapons" could potentially kill (due to false sense of security/escalation) due to survivorship bias, like I doubt anyone has actually emailed to say it saved their life but we won't hear any opposing stories for obvious reasons.

No. 1220235

Fuck, the thought of a woman getting killed because of Alyssa's stupid fucking trinkets…

No. 1220556

File: 1619812051329.png (7.6 MB, 1125x2436, 0C1AEEB8-918A-445E-B58F-A306A4…)

Stealing the thunder from IG Comp Anon (sorry!) because she posted this on her story. There's some other stuff but this stood out. She followed it up by saying she's not complaining just explaining to process

No. 1220590

I don’t think she’s going through all that for some shitty lil aliexpress, taobao, alibaba alarm lol

No. 1220649

I would love to hear your reasoning/explanation. I don't disagree at all, and I am not a fan of hers at all I just don't quite understand 'toxic femininity' as a concept so I'm interested hehe

No. 1220695

you absolutely don't need 'design engineers' to do what she wants. I've made similar components as her (but for festivals, and a bit more complicated). You just need to do a blueprint on fusion/maya with schematics and create a 2d spreadsheet, then either build it yourself with your own parts or get an electrician to do it for you. Hers aren't even that complicated, it's just an on/off switch so there's not much real dev work involved. Even finding a company to do the actual printing of the case + send off is extremely simple and cheap on top of that, anyone with a shopify account can tell you that.

But I guess because she doesn't know any 3d modelling, can't do any art for shit from a product standpoint (aka, shit needs to be pixel perfect) and lies out of her ass about everything.. She'd probably need to hire everyone for every step for her shitty taobao trinkets that will probably get her maybe at most 2k$~ if she's lucky.

No. 1220945

File: 1619874843522.jpg (5.32 MB, 6200x4029, pixlr_20210501151003612.jpg)

IG comp anon here haha, don't be sorry

for everyone who did not see them: her other posts about it for context, plus what looks like more product samples

No. 1221111

I have never encountered a predatory Uber driver during the day. And no, I’m not ugly. She’s fucking insane.

No. 1221181


Sure, it’s mainly her “I’m not like other girls.” attitude and making fun of other women in hopes it will make her attractive to men. You don’t have to agree with me but she knows that men/her weird coomer fans eat her shit up.

No. 1221393

this is def a big part of it. it's documented a bit in her last thread and her old pull thread but she definitely relishes in making other women & naive young girls feel inadequate, always liking and retweeting when people quote retweet her extensively photoshopped and facetuned pics with over the top "omg i would die for her"/"i would kill to look like this"/"i hate myself bc im not her"-esque compliments, even quotes/replies that are straight up like "im so fucking ugly" w rarely even an "omg ur so pretty dont say that hehe" type fake reply in response with zero shame lol

No. 1221761

File: 1619976437409.jpeg (320.68 KB, 1125x1056, 6A0B7138-E875-4F54-80F5-F9CE73…)

Probably not milk but the Uplifting Women Girlboss REALLY hit the jackpot with coomer bf who hates women

No. 1221844

Wtf, is this really her bf?

No. 1221845

No you guys are right, I absolutely agree with you.

I'm really curious what everyone thinks is actually going on with her. Is she actually this rich from her art? Or is it a complete sham/front? How does she afford to travel? Asking mostly because back on PULL there were lots of conspiracy theories about this lmao

No. 1222079

She is who she surrounds herself with… truly. But honestly, it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that she really doesn’t give a shit about women and that we’re all competition to her (except for her followers tho, they have mush for brains) lol plus she’s apart of anitwit, that’s already enough to tell me she’s a fuckin weirdo

No. 1222642

>I'm really curious what everyone thinks is actually going on with her. Is she actually this rich from her art?
From what it seems she's just born rich and makes some money from art, but definitely not enough to be rich from it; travel appears to be all thanks to the family. I think there were even some anons here in the previous thread possibly (?) saying her apartament looks nice but it's not really in the best area or that expensive likely; and she lives with her bf with whom they split expenses? So basically her being rich from art is pretty much a performance.
Not to defend her but you get samples like this from any kind of printing house, both huge chinese manufacturers and local businesses; we cant really assume this proves she uses aliexpress.

No. 1222696

Yeah a few people were able to find out the exact place she rents out and it’s in a shady area. Practically where you can get stabbed and robbed at lmao the rent is cheap too if I recall.

I remember someone on PULL or was it here(?) was able to dig up her family emblem or some shit and her family is forsure well-off.

No. 1222790

It still proves the point though. If you still add what we know about her previous self defense kits, it’s still most likely an Alibaba source.

It’s also sus how long she is taking with a simple alarm. The pandemic restrictions may have delayed production/shipping, so I’m guessing her trinkets are still in China. She’s just stalling by saying bossbabe shit kek

No. 1223495

File: 1620159306952.png (716.74 KB, 1364x2048, Screenshot_20210504-141432.png)

Part 1

No. 1223496

File: 1620159334946.png (928.92 KB, 1959x2048, Screenshot_20210504-141447.png)

Samefag Part 2

No. 1223502

>going on the trip to the phillipines
I'd bet a 100$ it's literally just a family trip that she goes on every year for the holidays.

No. 1223510

File: 1620160014510.jpeg (306.74 KB, 750x1345, 1350DA6E-A6B0-4345-B49E-991114…)


I really hope this is another one of her lies because the thought of her aliexpress keyrings being given to children as an earnest means to deter paedophiles is next level bleak.

No. 1223514

I mean it’s good she’s looking out for these victims…. but isn’t the organization supported/founded by Duterte supporters? Lol

No. 1223588

yes, 100% lol, definitely believe that all her family members in general are duterte cronies and it's kind of disturbing. see these posts and the ones that follow >>1052867

No. 1223603

Yes that very organization. The head of the organization is a staunch Duterte supporter who’s not even in the Philippines anymore. It would be interesting for someone to bring up the organization on Twitter because Alyssa has a lot of Filipino followers who want Duterte ousted. Yet they still treat her like some woke influencer.

No. 1223890

This sounds like absolute bullsit, ngl

No. 1223958

It is. The organization she sponsors never listed her as a donor or as a supporter on their website >>1052831 There is no mention of her on the organization’s social media pages either.

However the organization’s chairwoman does include Alyssa in her public Facebook posts. It makes me wonder how she got to know the Duterte supporter. Knowing that Alythuh supports that organization is funny because some of her active followers have #OustDuterte in their Twitter names.

No. 1224086

File: 1620240127523.jpeg (210.95 KB, 1125x661, FAF87162-8E8C-44B9-A7DE-27C486…)

(learn to integrate)

No. 1224413

File: 1620277876039.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1242x2195, 882D9968-9DE4-4E03-A5FE-60149B…)

Saged because nothing is milky about this one, but sharing this because she deleted it. She talks so weird, must have been that clout addiction she gets from all the lies she puts out there.

No. 1224520

This one sounds very specific, I assume she had just humored a manbaby in recent hours. You should post (on ot or wherever) here Alythuh, that's one thing the lolcow userbase are in agreement about.

No. 1224773

it's not just the escalation element, although that's definitely a factor. as other anons have mentioned the design of the "weapons" makes them a danger to whoever is trying to use them. there's no guard or proper handle to the flick knives, and the shape of the finger-holes and the chain on the keyrings mean if you hit something hard with it you could end up breaking your fingers/hand

No. 1224792

the PULL theories were that she was sugaring/ working as an escort right? i think it got discussed a bit upthread. I don't think it's impossible but it seems more likely that it's just family money and a knack for over-exaggeration ("huge luxury apartment" is in a bad area where she moves the furniture around to make it look like different rooms, "warehouse for her merch" is a rented space in a shared garage etc.) her feed is like a teens fan-fiction idea of what it's like to be wealthy, but I don't think shes as well off as she'd like people to believe

No. 1225065

File: 1620345767479.png (5.72 MB, 1125x2436, 10595282-1683-4820-AABD-56C61D…)

Some leaked future products concepts

No. 1225066

File: 1620345958643.png (3.66 MB, 1125x2436, F3CBA844-C3FF-4F78-B792-487B11…)

Sorry for the black bar on the side! I didn't realized I fucked up the screenshot .

2/2 Here are the weapons.

No. 1225085

File: 1620349766625.png (329.54 KB, 1440x2560, 0210E096-C37A-4C3E-B279-0DCA0F…)

This cow is getting too loud again

No. 1225297

Does she think she's in a tacky girl boss movie or something

No. 1225936

File: 1620480227059.png (1.04 MB, 1158x1308, Screen Shot 2021-05-08 at 3.50…)


Proof that her knives are not good self defense tools no matter how she shills them out

No. 1225950

Holy fuck this is blatant proof that her “self defense” items are actually more dangerous to the user. Ugh

No. 1225953

I hate to say this but there’s a chance that this knife is gonna go like this in a dire situation. And that’s dangerous

No. 1225975

File: 1620485373968.jpeg (252.92 KB, 1532x1168, 666608E5-785F-488F-B486-F1BFD9…)

Does this enamel plating look awfully familiar to anyone else ? Look at the flowers.

They’re only .85 cents.


No. 1226905

Who has a screen shot of that "BIG BRAIN SHIT!" shit post she did. She deleted it.

No. 1227098

>That tiny knife

Could these even be used as letter openers? I can't see that wee thing doing any damage to anyone.

No. 1227440

why did this anon get banned

No. 1227467

File: 1620691482708.png (171.43 KB, 612x808, alythuhduterte.png)

I wonder if she is working with the same org that is staffed by Duterte cronies?

No. 1227944

Posting a snowflakes tweet every time they update is not milk

No. 1228975

File: 1620869197961.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1242x2228, 1F2A6175-9955-4D05-8E25-461D9A…)

She just shared the photo of her with the founder on her Instagram stories. I don’t think she cares that the chairwoman supports Duterte. The way Alyssa describes her here speaks a lot.

No. 1229085

Bit of a nitpick I guess but the way she uses "international women's award" makes it sound like the international women of courage award (which gets handed out to a handful of women every year) but it seems like she's holding a women appreciating women award (which, according to their FB page, hands out like 100 to 1000??? awards at a time it seems)

But hey, trying to trick people into thinking she's being recognized for doing anything of importance and actually helping other women is pretty on brand for her

No. 1231242

File: 1621171174421.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1125x1605, 263B0BFC-FA32-4B4E-A1D1-3865D0…)

The beginning of the end with her AliExpress “defense” items

No. 1231244

File: 1621172145757.jpeg (963.16 KB, 1125x1702, 5428C99B-7825-42B4-BABE-AC743B…)

Same fag but more proof her Fairytale launch had gimmicky, faulty “defense” items

No. 1231249

such a W to have to fix an overpriced, drop shipped hunk of metal straight out of the box!

No. 1231797

god that just looks so fucking bad. like the design itself is hideous. this is absolute bottom of the barrel, it’s insane how simply posing in a “luxurious” apartment and creating the illusion of success can convince people to drop their money on this shit. in one way i almost respect the audacity of this bitch to sell this glorified aliexpress shit for such a fortune.

No. 1232433

File: 1621309305472.png (231.03 KB, 1136x1022, Screen Shot 2021-05-18 at 11.3…)

She may not be designing real weapons but she sure is pretending her Aliexpress keychains are weapons for self defense.

No. 1232465

That tool she’s holding and her nails are both more useful as a self defense tactic. Do these Twitter e-girls think some rapist scary abusive man hiding in the shadows is going to care about some dinky mushroom and the blade they have to retract and have no real control over because of how comically tiny it is? I’d be more worried it slices into my fucking finger as I’m trying to hold it properly. What a grift, it’s crazy how people get so attached to an online persona they’re willing to accept this literal trash they paid for.

No. 1232622

File: 1621340615273.png (1.39 MB, 1170x1416, Alythuh Knives.png)

Checked this Google doc again and turns out more people are seeing through how unsafe her kits are.

No. 1232647

File: 1621341917320.jpeg (23.75 KB, 425x523, 0912620B-1626-47FE-BB6D-19EA1A…)

They’re basically the same as the bit on a nail clipper for digging crap out from under your nails. Absolutely ridiculous.

No. 1232737

>I design weapons
>weapons barely operate as letter-openers
>These Tweets suggest arming children with weapons which?? could only go well

Her intention is good but the way she's going about it is really odd. Like she really thinks she's a badass like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill with her aliexpress keyrings.

No. 1232938

Pretty sure her intention isn't something good. She just wants to trap gullible suckers into sending her money for trinkets she's vastly overhyped and overpriced.
She is just making these defensive tweets to cover her tracks and keep the ruse up. I doubt she actually believes she's truly a BAMF, she just wants others to think that because it will sell the product.

No. 1233154

Funny how she thinks she’s a BAMF when she goes silent every time someone brings up her bullshit, and then she has her family respond in her place.

No. 1236951

I dont think her intentions are malicious like that, more like shes just delusional and more attached to the /idea/ of herself as a badass artist/activist than the reality of actually helping people

No. 1246025

File: 1622832889850.jpeg (225.35 KB, 701x1476, 340608DA-A295-465A-9237-3E0184…)

downloaded an app to try and collage these two pics. apparently we’re ripping off name brands now too

No. 1260631

File: 1624162868831.png (359.02 KB, 1094x1346, Alythuh Sleepypixie Buried rep…)

Thread is almost dead. But just wanted to point out that Alythuh "credited" Sleepypixie only because someone pointed it out. And it's under a reply to a random customer too. Her followers won't see that on their timeline. She knows what she's doing by confirming it in a reply instead of posting in a new tweet.

Just a nitpick though. Although she never claimed the art as hers, she never corrected the followers who thought it was hers. She also did Pixie dirty by typing her name in a small font on a paper bag that users will definitely throw away at some point kek

No. 1260700

lying by omission is still lying, Alythuh. Even the way she replied here is quite vague, what is "in support of Filipino artist" supposed to mean, is she trying to deflect from the halfassed credit by virtue signaling? When she is also Filipino? Like how is that relevant to the conversation? If anything it makes it worse, since making such a tiny credit isn't supporting or advertising Pixie.

No. 1261878

File: 1624345534174.png (13.43 KB, 580x101, aly.png)

She's recycling old tweets… desperate for those Twitter numbers much?

No. 1263069

File: 1624504885734.png (1.47 MB, 1024x1364, DD815FA5-ABCB-46AA-A49F-33A594…)

alythuh bot generator strikes again! she is so desperate for engagement it’s pathetic

in other news, can someone please come save that poor cat? her hair is also a disaster jeez

No. 1263071

File: 1624505158453.jpeg (884.22 KB, 1080x2340, 3D3425F8-0616-4EB7-B7E8-D1DC88…)

samefag, but imagine spending thousands of dollars on a boob job just to continue to photoshop them kek

No. 1263095

What app is that?

No. 1263209

It is called HOTUNE.

No. 1263225

And photoshopping it to make one tit look like a square, at that

No. 1268162

File: 1625058297619.jpeg (126.42 KB, 1078x1121, DC269FEC-BAF7-4A8D-A426-1DEE03…)

Found this photo of her true face from the GG discord.
She is so pretentious with how she presents herself.

No. 1268206

holy shit lmfao

No. 1268209

mfw all the anons calling her Auntie were right

No. 1268218

Omg she looks so frumpy

And that orange hair definitely does not suit her at all

No. 1268467

She looks extremely normal, but compared to her outrageous shoop the disparity is shocking and insane. Wow. I don't think this would look so bad if it weren't for the fact that she turns herself into a whole other person for social media.

No. 1268538

The shoops are what makes it so jarring. Otherwise therecis nothing wrong with her natural features. She could be so much worse off like other people who are legit ugly ugly.

No. 1268631

Holy shit NO WAY LMFAO was this taken by a family member?

No. 1268634

She looks normal, but what makes this so off is her pretending to be something she isn’t. She pretends to present herself well with style but couldn’t be bothered to dress up if she’s not gonna post photos on social media. She even has a different face kek. Her “glam” image is just for social media.

No. 1268637

File: 1625102533774.jpeg (508.81 KB, 1078x1077, D2B84931-5AEC-41A5-9C20-3164D5…)

There’s more from the GG server

No. 1268639

File: 1625102864786.jpeg (697.09 KB, 1125x1264, 6B329047-22F2-43AF-BE46-CC86FA…)

Bless you, nonnie! I was about to post the same image but you beat me to the punch.

I’m sure other anons have noticed these are not the most flattering photos. However, this looks like a completely different human than how she presents herself online.

No. 1268640

File: 1625103104255.jpeg (731.07 KB, 3024x4030, D3E2D61A-1458-4DA5-8355-21D616…)

This one with comparison kek

No. 1268670

File: 1625105661996.jpeg (260.8 KB, 1242x800, 834E0FD1-C693-4797-9A10-20B595…)

Sage because this is old and about sleepypixie but looking through the discord .. I found this

No. 1268694

wow gg server delivering actual milk long after I leave? who would have dreamt that useless overly pc swamp would actually be useful for something

No. 1268702

File: 1625109207031.png (1.16 MB, 1024x1601, 6F408427-D547-4370-BBDD-E72701…)

kek it truly is a goldmine. glad to see this thread getting traction again

>takes sexualized photos of self in the children’s section of a store

ok aly

No. 1268704

File: 1625109462661.png (1.3 MB, 1024x1687, E89D2805-1236-4CD7-9FE3-FCC7F9…)

Samefag, but on another note it genuinely appears like her stylist is sabotaging her on purpose. Her current hair is truly tragic

No. 1268790

i may catch flak for saying this but the huge difference in her "professional" vs personal presentation, cements the sugar baby/escort theory in my head. like obviously she plays it up for attention on the internet but going as hard as that picture in literal lingerie, when she's nothing like that in her real offline life, it makes you think.

No. 1268822

Alyssa empowering other POC women creators at it's finest. Just sad.

No. 1268852

File: 1625138080259.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1564x1564, 66DDEB8B-879E-46DC-854F-AE67EC…)

More proof of her shooping

Nah, anon. This gave me the exact train of thought.

No. 1268856

the floating disembodied tits are fucking killing me anon this is advanced

No. 1268872

this wouldn't even be so jarring usually, like obviously a woman dressed up and in makeup and hanging out with her family are going to look different in each situation, but it's the fact that her whole online persona is trying to convince people that "all day I lounge around my loft in the daintiest of panties and the finest of silk robes, sipping wine and painting, this is my life and it's better than yours" when this is the reality, because of course it is. she refuses to just be normal.

No. 1268886

Pennywise hair

No. 1268903

I love that she wants to make her boobs bigger but since she's bad at photoshop she just ends up making them look like pancakes or squares.

No. 1268908

File: 1625146978355.jpeg (875.25 KB, 1564x1564, 8389B64A-53E0-48F5-AC7F-2DCCA9…)

It absolutely kills my sides that she literally is shopping the absolute hell out of her fake tits.

Girl got a whole boob job just to continue to shop them, and poorly at that. Bless the user who discovered these horrible edits.

No. 1269103

Can someone explain what I'm supposed to be looking at on these pictures? It's the second or third time I see this app and I never know where to look for the evidence of shooping. Sage for autistfagging of course

No. 1269271

Idk about the app either but it looks like you can drag and drop features on to your picture to merge them, and anon is showing us the exact fit bw the app and her final image (?)

No. 1269633

File: 1625218102041.jpeg (347.19 KB, 1125x1879, 29B07F84-330C-4329-8487-F7EB7C…)

This anon has the correct answer.

Here is another negative review from her latest Fairytale drop.

No. 1269635

File: 1625218152618.jpeg (1008.25 KB, 1125x1560, 5312F1CC-DAD3-4D69-B446-63B2C1…)

And another one.

No. 1269639

Not excusing Alyssa for selling cheap alibaba garbage, but who the fuck buys a cutesy enamel mushroom knife and expects it to actually be viable for self defense…

No. 1269654

i don't think it's even that, just being viable as a cute little "i'm so tuff!!" accessory to haul around that doesn't harm the paying customer.

No. 1269669

File: 1625225278486.jpeg (282.94 KB, 750x766, 6B4FF66B-988D-49E5-AE32-E0B582…)

Not milk but i came across this on Pinterest and it’s hilarious to me how fucked up and bad this is (the proportions the nose everything kek) and how racist her uwu black queens art is

No. 1269684


these threads are wild to me thinking about just how manufactured and fake her online appearance and personality is down to the lavish apartment slinking around in expensive basques and how she's so above everyone, the degree she Photoshops herself and lies is funny to me

it's even funnier when I remember how she was someone my abusive coomer ex simped over because apparently men cannot tell how heavily edited Instathots and egirls online are and they think it's real, ditto Momokun

No. 1269722

File: 1625230346964.jpeg (956.82 KB, 1242x2210, 04224C52-A757-447A-8484-DD2F25…)

I mean, her fans are looking at this woman with rose tinted glasses and she does in fact advertise them as self defense weapons multiple times. It’s false advertising coupled with people blindly following her.

This is probably why she decided to be a drop shipper kek.

Men are truly stupid lmfao all they see is attractive woman and that’s it. Same with a lot of her fans that are women and blindly defend her. Zero critical thought.

Sage for no milk, but here is her claiming to be “engineering” her own circuit boards. I can’t believe anyone would fall for this shit.

No. 1269774

Shitty aliexpress keychains will do that

No. 1270196

She phrases things misleadingly on purpose, this definitely means she hired someone to engineer the circuit boards. Same as the insufficient credit for the artist she hired. >>1268670
Everyone she hires gets sidelined and she phrases announcements to imply she did the work. Sucks to suck.

No. 1270379

She hired those Alibaba suppliers. She’s just trying to make it look like she’s doing everything herself again. Typical Alythuh kek

No. 1273643

File: 1625775521266.png (859.51 KB, 1024x1189, B75DE03C-0044-4E6A-86EF-A97144…)

Oh boy, here we go.

No. 1273645

File: 1625775617905.jpeg (674.29 KB, 2048x2048, 411C3A96-95B5-4578-B894-586DF1…)

No. 1273646

why did i run to here after seeing the tasers on twitter(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1273653

>After years of trying, I've sucessfully made my own tasers
>Insert footage of factory workers in China making the casing and an engineer in the US designing the circuit board

I anticipate people accidentally tasering themselves since all her stuff seems to break somehow while in people's bags.

No. 1273654

Because you’re a newfag.

No. 1273655

File: 1625777666726.gif (487.05 KB, 500x278, tumblr_lomex5BJvy1qzb34u.gif)

Footage of some twitterfag who bought this and tried to use it

No. 1273661

I know this has been brought up thousands of times but fuck, it irritates me to no end. While she does have cute ideas, she seems to have no clue how to make a proper product. None of her products are ergonomic which is a huge mistake. When you are in danger you are not going to have a steady hand so it's incredibly important to have an ergonomic product. It's like she never saw a taser before. Most tasers are ribbed on the sides so you can have a good grip on them. Some of them have a bit of a hourglass shape so there are less chances the taser will slip out of your hand when you are hitting your target. Some have a rubber coating for a better grip. What does this have? A blocky straight design which is hard to hold, two arms that are sticking out and digging into your hand and making it harder hold it properly, no special coating or ribbing and a completely non ergonomic cap which makes you waste time. At least it has the most important part; the ass. I don't think you could mess up more if you tried.

No. 1273686

Is it just me or is relying on weapons for self defense as a woman a terrible idea? Even if you are capable of using a weapon then there's a good chance that an unarmed man can still overpower you or (if you live in America) draw a gun on you. If you have no practice using weapons then I think there's a good chance that you could hurt yourself too. I think it's even reccomended for men to run away from a dangerous situation rather than fight back.

Also, I feel like these weapons are a lawsuit/legal trouble waiting to happen, at least in America. Like if some guy makes a gross remark or flashes you, you're legally not allowed to shoot or even pepper spray him.

I just don't really see a purpose to these weapons.

No. 1273695

It’s profiting off of women’s uncomfort and fear of getting assaulted. She thinks all a girl needs is some rinky dinky “cute” accessory and all of a sudden she’ll turn into a power ranger and be able to beat the shit out of any creepo rapey dude or criminal. She should just make normal accessories instead of pretending that this crap has any use or helps women because some of her fans really trust her and it’s worrying to imagine some girl trying to use a fucking mushroom of all things against someone. You can buy safer trustworthy self defense items for cheaper anyway, just sorry they won’t have a stupid chibi face/asscheeks on them.

No. 1273719

File: 1625785616204.png (1.29 MB, 1024x1326, 75F1E0D9-03EB-40C9-B973-3C3644…)

>shit thats never been done
>just the beginning

when is someone going to report this bitch to the ATF lmao. You need a license to own a taser in multiple states. They are currently banned from civilian ownership in Washington DC, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey to own and sell.

Please tase yourself as demonstration, Aly. We’d love to see it.

No. 1273726

File: 1625787431913.jpeg (657.92 KB, 1125x2434, CD713AED-813B-45BF-86C2-53AF53…)

Samefag. She deleted this post above on Instagram.

This anon hit the nail on the head. She is preying on women’s fears by selling up marked, Alibaba bullshit.

And as this anon mentioned, Wisp has a bulky design that is not ergonomically friendly. Decent in looking cute, but awful “self defense” execution.

No. 1273739

>discreet body fluid from all my holes
Fucking gross wtf is the point of saying this, just make an onlyfans already

No. 1273748

It's just you. A weapon is never a bad idea, if it's high quality and you are trained to use it. You are actually advised to fight opportunistic criminals as much as you can, because you may be deemed as "too much trouble" and abandoned for an easier victim. A serial killer won't let you live regardless, so you might as well give it all you can during the initial assault. That doesn't mean that you should never try to run, but stunning an attacker with some self defense aid first makes it easier.

Granted, the nature of violence against women is usually IPV, and if you have a gun in your house, you're simply increasing the chance that your cohabiting male will shoot you (and not vice versa) due to nothing but biological differences in aggression levels. And of course her cheap unergonomic aliexpress crap only reduces your chance of survival in opportunistic attacks, because it will simply crap out on you and you will get killed/raped/abducted 5 times over while trying to fetch it from your purse as it falls apart. Simply running beats that.

No. 1273752

kek it’s “excrete” not “discrete*”. she is such a dumb bitch

No. 1273754

black trans lives matter AND a streamer? jackpot

No. 1273765

She lives with her hentai enthusiast of a simp coomer for a boyfriend. His disgusting qualities and habits are now hers too. Just look at >>1268162 it looks like she doesn’t regularly shower anymore kek.

No. 1273774

Having a gun increases chance of homicide when you’re cohabitating with a male because they are deranged. Women get just as angry as men but are better at handling it imo, men who waffle on about biological aggression are just showing how poor their self-control is more than anything. I still think women should arm themselves when possible though. Just don’t let him know you have a gun.

And don’t waste any of your money on retarded mushroom tasers.

No. 1273789

File: 1625794593926.png (1.31 MB, 1024x1665, Screenshot_20210708-211058.png)

this was today and she is looking as dirty as ever

No. 1273795

File: 1625795247484.png (3.51 MB, 2016x1656, pleaseshutup.png)

More images from her IG stories.
>ass hanging out
>showing off the robe her suppliers made saying she "made it"
>going on some bravado-filled rant from that serotonin boost from the validation she got from posting her shitty taser on Twitter earlier

No. 1273802

I’m so amused by her social media because she clearly keeps up with LC, GG, and PULL all day; then indirectly responds to the messages there kek. What a loser.

No. 1273826

Makes her look like a hick wtf who lets their teeth get fucked up again out of laziness

No. 1273840

You are correct, men are in fact more emotional. Testosterone impairs impulse control.

No. 1273841

what the hell is that robe?? i love robes and own 5 but i can’t see why anyone would buy that? the design is ok at best but the length?? even if it’s meant to be lingerie, it’s basically a cardigan with oversized bell sleeves? i’m convinced that was made strictly for that one photo lol

the alarm wisp was somewhat cute and functional because it can pass as a keychain (if they actually work) but this taser is just so large and awkward. i wouldn’t want to pull it out of my bag, ever— even to show a friend lol

No. 1273843

kek did she make them this short to show off her ass? such an awkward length

No. 1274177

Aren’t pull and gg dead though

No. 1274214

File: 1625867932797.png (209.54 KB, 1024x700, 90F10201-F90E-410C-A3F0-41DDD6…)

No, I don’t believe the robe is actually that length. It looks like a poor excuse for a thirst trap.

kek, no. Her thread on GG is spicy.

No. 1274329

Whatever happened to anon that was being harassed by Tim or some shit?

No. 1274345

File: 1625885038544.jpeg (288.12 KB, 1242x825, EFFCE9CC-CAB0-47FF-8177-ADB2A6…)

Apparently the head of Mayas Organization (the sexual assault nonprofit that supports Duterte) has tried reaching out to Alythuh multiple times to the point she had to resort to twitter to contact her. Has she potentially backed out of her deal with them after realizing who they politically support?

Aly, Maya called. She’s looking for the ₱30 million you keep bragging about donating.

No. 1274405

Lmao of course this bitch talks about how she achieved her life dream of opening a charity and then ghosts them and goes on to create more shitty merch and showing her ass on social media. Philanthropic queen!

No. 1274466

can i get a link to her gg thread

No. 1274735

File: 1625963259441.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 747.32 KB, 1242x1397, 8A3562ED-6CCB-4C1A-B6D7-57A667…)

Still looking disheveled and dirty with nothing to show but her scrawny body and bolt on tits

No. 1274747

Would be hilarious if this was real but it looks like this twitter account was made last month and it's not the same account linked on the maya's organisation website…

No. 1274774

File: 1625970469378.jpeg (875.46 KB, 1242x1744, 31D58892-50B6-4EA1-96AE-8890FF…)

The bootlicker probably forgot her password to this account kek. Her last Twitter like was around 2017. She also talks that way in English, if you saw her previous Facebook posts shared in the other thread. From what I know about this woman, she loves exploiting her personal tragedies. I wouldn’t doubt that account is her trying to self promote her book under an unrelated tweet.

No. 1274775

File: 1625970499888.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1242x2102, 87B2541B-7C62-45F3-9284-6A6A8D…)

No. 1274799

No it’s definitely the organization leader’s account kek

No. 1275255

File: 1626067581707.png (75.39 KB, 169x275, 1625794593926.png)

Grew up poor. Parents paid for orthodontics and literally throws all the money away that her family supposedly didn't have because iss cute ?

No. 1275282

She looks like she got hit in the mouth with a baseball, delusional

No. 1275745

It's always come off to me that she wants to look/be like Snitchery
Seemed like a reach at first but the more time goes on the weirder it seems

No. 1275748

Never realized how short her philtrum is lol

No. 1282170

File: 1626935018774.png (405.03 KB, 759x743, 556879h8hgff8754.png)

>when your alibaba "self defense equipment" has a rubber ass

No. 1282194

It's important to embarrass the fuck out of yourself in your final moments on earth by whipping out a little mushroom toy with a sculpted ass, before fumbling, tazing yourself or dropping the alarm, and ultimately being stabbed/shoved into a van by your assaulter

No. 1282195

Samefag, I'm someone who lives for cute shit and I would be embarrassed to carry/use these. Needing to taze someone or set off a rape alarm is serious business, these are somehow even more inappropriate than the kawaii letteropeners. And their maybe only possible use of smuggling "weapons" into places they wouldn't be allowed will still fail any scan for metals/x ray (airport, venue) so literally what are these for? Just buy one from a reputable brand that you know will work+is designed for more than aesthetics, and skip the cute stuff.

No. 1282196


the fact that she’s calling a cheap AliExpress stun gun/prod a “taser” (which is a very specific type of “less lethal” projectile weapon with darts, one that isn’t even legal for civilians to own in certain countries) is irritating to me. i know it’s a nitpick and a really common mistake to make but it feels like such a prime example of how little she should be trusted to talk about self defense weapons/how fucking retarded she and anybody who buys into her schtick is

No. 1282315

Tbf NO ONE who is in the market for actual self-defense weapons is like “these aren’t kawaii enough, can you make them more fashion?” They’re not supposed to stand out or be visually noticeable until you have to use them. Pulling out a brightly colored fucking mushroom toy is telling your attacker you’re poorly armed and giving them time to disarm you. This product is strictly for idiots trying to flex and possibly electrocute themselves reaching for their sunglasses.

No. 1283678

File: 1627167018054.png (45.18 KB, 741x409, kikifdgcfvhg.png)

if by not straight she means that she'll take softcore pics with another e-thot for the male coombux

No. 1283735

At this point I’m ready to gatekeep this shit, even as a bi girl myself.

I’m tired of the straight or gay for pay type of girls who are comfortable pandering to their fan base for extra money but go home to the blandest white bf they can find at the closest servo.
I honestly have more respect towards women in the spotlight who can say they’re straight and comfortable with it without wasting everyone’s time. It’s less insulting imo.

No. 1284248

What? All she does is pander to men. Shut the fuck up, you straight bitch. You are not special

No. 1284284

She’s pansexual but she keeps baiting women into dating them. However she’ll still settle for a coomer like her current boyfriend. She’ll easily get jealous and competitive if she dates any pretty woman she claims to want. She’d always want the spotlight on her and another woman is going to hinder that. I just get that vibe from her, because she can choose to date a woman if she wants to. Yet she stills settle for a loser kek

Speaking of being jealous and competitive with women, I noticed something. She’s not as close anymore with that one artist friend of hers who has actual talent.

No. 1284346

It’s not tho. she just paints her lips onto it kek

No. 1284349

or just don’t view your sexuality as your whole identity then you won’t feel like you have to “gatekeep” it.

I think queerbaiting is as cringey as the next person, but people get way to worked up about this shit.

No. 1284353

I love how she thinks it’s her “feminine presentation” that makes people assume she’s straight and not her constant dick pandering

No. 1284432

we get it, you're gay for pay

No. 1285015

Alyssa will do anything just to get money in her pocket and it's unfortunately working. She will post pictures of herself and hate when men give her attention with a simple greeting or question. She plays the victim for attention to promote her business. She will use every single person she can and throw them away without giving any of her "team" props publicly on any of her pages. She's not a real person. She's never shown anyone who she really is. It's a fake online persona that's making her money. Her business is a scam. She started off being as creative as she could be and now that she has nothing else. She's relying on cheap, China made trinkets she's created. They all will be designed by other people and honestly, she shouldn't ever be considered an artist ever again. She's not a content creator. She posts pictures of herself and only posts about how amazing she is for months on end to release such cheap products that will break within a short amount of time.

All Alyssa is trying to do is piggy back off of someone else. I wish the people who support her would see all of this and wake up before shopping on her website. She is not a good business person. She's just subpar at playing the internet game. She's not lavish or luxurious. She's just another person who got followers overnight for promoting her 3 crap, pencil drawings with her boobs.

No. 1285295

File: 1627393796315.png (2.5 MB, 1983x1192, SueTsai_Alythuh.png)


> She's not a real person. She's never shown anyone who she really is.

> All Alyssa is trying to do is piggy back off of someone else.

Anon that reminds me of how she's skin walking off of other artists and influencers.

Alyssa has always been skinwalking this one artist named Sue Tsai. The times that Alythuh claimed she was a very acclaimed artist to the point where she had international exhibits and collaborations with brands (Hot Topic, Fenty) remind me of Sue's actual success. Only difference is, Sue's accomplishments are real and she does art for major brands such as Puma, Canon, Apple, etc.

What made me so sure that Alythuh's copying Sue was when she put up the "Alyssa D. Silos Art" logo on her warehouse's white wall. Sue has her own name logo on her studio wall since last year or earlier than that. Alyssa had her name logo around late last year. It becomes so obvious.

Linking photos for reference and dates included:
Sue Tsai: https://www.instagram.com/p/B7d4k-8Fin_/
Alythuh: https://www.instagram.com/p/CHQckKVpA97/

No. 1285302

File: 1627394658317.png (Spoiler Image, 4.12 MB, 1781x2000, ValentinaVoight_Alythuh.png)

Pt. 2 of Alyssa skin walking other influencers, just cause. kek

Alyssa's been skinwalking Valentina Voight as well.
Voight has released her own lingerie and clothing lines, and just a few months later, Alythuh tweets about making her own clothing line. Even their photoshoots are eerily the same, down to the red fabrics and the photo editing. Valentina's images for her clothing line are around May 2020 and 5 months later Alyssa's femme fatale photoshoot was released. She also started announcing her (unreleased) clothing lines around that time too.

Photos with dates:
Valentina Voight: https://www.instagram.com/p/CAg0hWjj_ta/
Alythuh: https://www.instagram.com/p/CGc_3f9JIZi/

No. 1285306

File: 1627394927570.png (Spoiler Image, 5.04 MB, 2088x2382, ValentinaVoight_Alythuh_2.png)

Just more images from Voight's shoots and photos of Alyssa with her clothing line, since I forgot to add it in the collage above kek

Photos with dates:
Voight: https://www.instagram.com/p/CB9SbIuHn_C/

Alythuh: https://twitter.com/Alythuh/status/1305944346944962561

No. 1285333

File: 1627397721125.png (6.28 MB, 2162x2368, Snitchery_Alythuh.png)

Pt. 3 of Alythuh skinwalking

She also started cosplaying a year or more after Snitchery started doing photos of cosplay that goes beyond her shoulders / upper body. They tend to imitate each other back and forth with the same characters, so sometimes Alythuh gets it first, other times it's Snitchery. But it was so obvious when Snitchery did a Gogo Yubari cosplay and Alythuh did the same weeks later.

Photos with dates:
Snitchery: https://www.instagram.com/p/BpUpes3n0xY/


I shared all these comparisons and images to show
that Alythuh has imitated so many artists and influencers for her own branding. Her online persona is a Frankenstein of different influencers. Not only is she embellishing and lying about her life, she's also writing off others' accomplishments as if it were her own.

[I want to also add she tried imitating Bretman Rock's Instagram story where he criticizes majority of the Philippine government for not acting urgently towards the flood last year. Like word for word, with her talking in the stories as if she was reading script kek.]

No. 1292256

From GG, there are Tiktoks warning people not to buy Alythuh’s self defense kits, and there’s now a copy of them on YouTube. The Tiktoks have already been reported and muted by Aly if you check them.

No. 1303151

apparently there was an exposed thread about her but it's deleted now, does anyone have screenshots? apparently there were a lot of damning evidence cause even some of her fans are kinda iffy about her now

No. 1303181

No. 1303282

this really is complete lmao even my pathetic ass who had read most of her PULL thread already found new stuff in it
kudos to whoever made it, clearly a lot of effort

No. 1303399

File: 1629369119089.png (1.14 MB, 1422x2643, Alythuh Aphobiakills.png)


The deleted threads contain this Deuxmoi comment which is more concise than the google doc. It only covered her scamming, connections with Duterte supporters, and constant lying.

The user Alythuh and her fans harassed on twitter (see the post >>1078523) also came forward in the replies. They told their story about what Alythuh and fans did to them.

> Alythuh quote-retweeted her photo by saying the two guys were a gay couple working for her

> APHOBIAKILLS didn't mention anything about simps at all
> Alythuh asks her fans to report APHOBIAKILLS for "misinformation"
> Alythuh says they were harassing her when ironically it's the other way around
> Alythuh stans harassed them by talking about Alythuh in tweets not even relating to Alyssa
> Stans tried hacking their account, sending password change requests, and reporting their account even if they didn't violate any Twitter rules
> Stans got APHOBIAKILLS' account suspended because it was reported as a "hacked account"
> Stans also harassed other Twitter users who agreed with APHOBIAKILLS
> Those other users had less followers, some of them are even minors / were minors at the time

Not surprising that Alythuh and her stans are absolutely pathetic. She is obsessed with reading what others say about her. She's also regularly lurking in forums like here, PULL, and Gossip Gate.

No. 1303572

colors in her paintings always look so muddy. she doesn't know color theory, she keeps mixing warm shades with cold shades.

No. 1309444

File: 1630034867735.jpg (935.8 KB, 1275x1322, Mayas Statement.jpg)

Saging since this is in relation to the Duterte supporter Maya, and the milk for Alythuh is out now kek.

Maya and her organization are trying to disclaim any direct association with Duterte. But the organization's website has photos where she attended DDS (Diehard Duterte Supporters, like the MAGA of the Philippines). Some of these "meetings" are just DDS meetups as seen in her Facebook. I'll attach another image for proof.

If they truly weren't associated with any political affiliation, then why is there a lack of other politicians who have actually done shit to help victims? That's another thing I've been asking because the politicians who are actively working on ending CSE are from other political parties that don't care / oppose Duterte's bullshit.

No. 1309446

File: 1630035533644.jpg (1.88 MB, 3442x2334, Maya HK Meeting gallery.jpg)

The "meeting" in question

No. 1309447

File: 1630035849360.jpg (854.83 KB, 1000x1507, Maya with DDS figures.jpg)

First photo: The woman beside Maya is Mocha Uson, the Philippines' very own Tomi Lahren. Heavily responsible for the political misinformation in the country.

Second photo: Gemma Sotto, the DDS "President". Glorified fan club president for Duterte.

How can this woman not see how her statement is bullshit when she affiliates with very political people? She's a whole damn ass clown kek.

Way to go for promoting this phony advocate, Alythuh.

No. 1352882

cringe(sage your shit )

No. 1352886

File: 1634819010514.jpg (817.16 KB, 1080x2070, Screenshot_20211019-141252_Twi…)

I noticed she times her posts so that whenever people are complaining about not receiving/being unhappy with their orders on Twitter- she buries them by posting sexually provocative photos to distract others from seeing them

No. 1352890

File: 1634819459720.jpg (696.13 KB, 1080x2069, Screenshot_20211021-022626_Twi…)

again before posting her new lingerie pics. ignores customers but still promoting a new "launch" on Oct 26.

No. 1352894

is it just me or are the suspenders in those photos shopped to hell and back

No. 1353073

It's not just you Anon they definitely are

No. 1353336

She's really just getting the whole tiddy out on Twitter now, huh

The person replying is asking too much, playboy is an aesthetic and Alythuh-tier posters only care about that.

No. 1353341

File: 1634863822187.jpg (555.62 KB, 1536x2048, FCKLahpVgAABv2p.jpg)

One of her new products. My rape alarm is covered in hearts, what about yours?

The color scheme and heart motif are completely out of touch for a fuckin' rape alarm what you doin, gurl. It looks like a valentine's keyring.

No. 1353342

File: 1634863980011.jpg (511.17 KB, 1536x2048, FCKLahnVUAATL-I.jpg)

>press heart to activate taser

Jesus wept.

No. 1353346

File: 1634864397244.jpg (466.83 KB, 2048x1614, FCKQTx8UcAwcMQX.jpg)

A little cow alarm actually called "Valentine"…

No. 1353716


but what's wrong with having cutesy stuff to protect yourself with if it actually works?

No. 1353773

Nothing wrong with it necessarily, that's why so many places sell pink pepper sprays and tasers, but these designs prioritize aesthetics over function. Real self-defense weapons are ergonomic and easy to use. The alarms are fine imo but none of these items are built to an acceptable standard anyway.

No. 1354093

The Valentines-esque love theme seems tasteless considering these are rape alarms. These things have little butts too. I get the feeling Alythuh has never been sexually assaulted or she'd understand why this seems odd and tasteless.

Plus what this anon said. >>1353773
You can get more ergonomic tasers and alarms for cheaper that aren't cheap Aliexpress tat.
Her mini knives are known to break on people and only be good as letteropeners, it's very much form over function here.

No. 1354660

File: 1635052124203.jpg (659.81 KB, 1080x1688, Screenshot_20211023-150419_Twi…)

odd how aly doesn't tag val in the original post photos. 17.6 likes on the original and 354 on the actual credit to valentinavoight…

No. 1354680

you get less engagement if you tag people in your posts

No. 1354774

what in the Shein catalogue imagery

No. 1354776

File: 1635073938103.jpg (391.86 KB, 1080x1274, Screenshot_20211024-001734_Twi…)

this comment…. is sending me.. LMFAO whoever edited this did them wrong

No. 1354780

File: 1635074365646.jpg (986.3 KB, 1080x2154, Screenshot_20211023-150614_Twi…)

seriously who edited and approved this

No. 1354781

File: 1635074424106.jpg (207.16 KB, 1051x867, Screenshot_20211024-011720_Sam…)

No. 1354793

Oh yeah, posing in lingerie for the male gaze. So empowering, Alyssa

No. 1354798

It's misleading, for starters. None of this garbage is going to protect you from the group you're most likely to be assaulted by: friends and family. Marketing shit like this so extensively overstates the risk of being snatched up by some random on the street and draws attention away from the actual source of the problem.

Next, none of this is designed with practicality in mind, so it doesn't really "work." These puny knives made of plastic and aluminum aren't doing dick against a violent attacker. If you really want to protect yourself, get an actual weapon like a taser or mace. Maybe even a handgun if you live in the United States.

Alyssa doesn't give a shit about assault, she just wants to look like a ~tough edgy feminist~ and make money while doing it.

How did she manage to fuck this up? Even if you suck at spelling, you can just Google the phrase and copy/paste the title of the Wikipedia article into the text tool.

No. 1354893

A house key or even a freaking ballpoint pen is a more reliable weapon than this cheap, sweatshop-assembled crap, but I guess Bic pens aren't ~ A E S T H E T I C ~

No. 1355111

because kawaii uwu bullshit doesn't mean shit when your life is in danger by a man, bigger and stronger. She is advertising aesthetics over safety

No. 1355973


No. 1389394

Alyssa is a poopy head(necro)

No. 1421952

File: 1642637465171.png (182.04 KB, 1192x1124, Alythuh dogpiling 1.png)

Aaaaaand Alythuh is back to dogpiling again! When the Reddit thread outed her true colors she kept quiet then started becoming one of the woowoo cottagecore egirls who talk about "healing their inner child~". It only took one random person to @ her and now she's back to dog piling on randoms who don't kiss her ass. She didn't learn much from what she did to APHOBIAKILLS lol

No. 1421961

File: 1642638219663.png (141.83 KB, 1174x580, Alythuh dogpiling 2.png)

She must be so triggered by people not licking her ass. Her trauma post on Instagram that says she "changed" is all for pity. Like the month before that so many people called her out for scamming, not properly crediting artists, harassing small users with mass reports, and everything in the google doc. She never addressed those and instead played the victim kek

No. 1421969

File: 1642638518602.jpg (1.46 MB, 1242x3898, Alythuhs Bullshit photoshoot.j…)

The "trauma" photoshoot I mentioned. Her playing "victim" after the Reddit thread exposed her >>1303399

No. 1422203

One random slightly negative (not even aggressive?) reply on twitter should not send anyone into a defensive, self-aggrandizing sermon like this. I cannot imagine what she is like in person.

No. 1423133

File: 1642779028750.jpeg (932.27 KB, 828x1271, 070402DC-1F4F-42AE-BDAD-7CA881…)

New tiktok illustrating a full time artist’s day:
- wake up at 5AM (the girlboss hour)
- don’t go on your phone immediately after waking up, that’s bad for your mental health. Instead go on your Nintendo switch,
- skincare self care yass
- “start writing things in planner to do”
- more skincare; marinate yourself in no fewer than four high end skincare products, purchased with your hard earned artist bucks
- snuggle kittens
- meditate in front of the floor to ceiling windows in your penthouse apartment
- “world build” for your universe of tazers. make sure vintage typewriter & healing crystals are in reach
- Go to Home Depot to buy one shelf for your large empty warehouse
- Go to “the office”
- Gratitude journal & webtoons

No. 1423366

File: 1642799340998.jpg (99.57 KB, 635x583, 1635376719326.jpg)

“world build” for your universe of tazers

No. 1425932

File: 1643073918867.png (29.65 KB, 605x240, Screenshot 2022-01-24 172146.p…)

It does not surprise me that she commented like this. For context, there's a festival called When We Were Young that are primarily featuring emo bands. I love how she says this despite the fact both days of the event sold out on the 21st. So either she payed scalpers double or she paid extra being on the waitlist yet she's all high and mighty? for what boo? you wasted more money lol anything to feel high and mighty over people when she is super insecure

No. 1429048

File: 1643348167349.jpeg (1.97 MB, 2160x6111, FA60DE87-4D99-4D11-AD8A-94D953…)

looks like alythuh is following her supposed friend valkyrae’s ex-boyfriend sonii and he commented on alythuh’s recent insta post. valkyrae and sonii had broken up only a few weeks before. I know it’s not too milky but it is kinda sus for a supposed “friend” and makes me wonder if she would even have the morals to not sleep with a friend’s recent ex should the opportunity arise

No. 1429145

is Alyssa still with her bf? I feel like maintaining a good relationship with Rae would be very beneficial for the longevity of her currently unstable career, would be pretty fucked if she went for him.

No. 1429792

not wking alyssa but it’s obviously him who looks scummy here. i have an ex who, years after our relationship ended, still likes / comments on photos of my friends whom he’d met only 1-2 times. it’s just desperate scrote behavior