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File: 1617525661422.jpg (90.38 KB, 736x920, fde09d3a7c4ff0babd71a591b92900…)

No. 776032

Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped. - Elbert Hubbard

Previous thread: >>>/ot/768938

No. 776042

File: 1617527036774.jpg (42.13 KB, 341x368, 3703f71.jpg)

… I don't get it

No. 776043

I like that all passports have rectangle pokéballs

No. 776048

unrelated but i hate how righties and racists co-opted the gadsen flag

No. 776053

File: 1617528533923.jpg (84.01 KB, 1200x1015, te.jpg)

Just now catching up on all of the retardation that Travis McElroy's been up to lately. I used to be a fan of MBMBAM until they all became too obnoxious, haven't looked up the brothers' activity in ages. This has been an extremely funny Sunday so far kek

No. 776057

File: 1617529255056.jpg (172.44 KB, 976x883, tumblr_om4q82IwXQ1s9ih0yo1_128…)

I love playing with Webber, he's too cute

No. 776061

that's so cute, anon, i love that you pointed this out

No. 776066

File: 1617530373757.png (125.63 KB, 512x720, 2458MariCleanURIdolized.png)

I noticed most of the twifags complaining about queer baiting in media are the biggest love live stans despite the huge amount of yuri bait this show has with no canon lesbians (riko and nozomi can be argued but neither of them are confirmed)

No. 776108

File: 1617538826900.png (129.38 KB, 279x312, Screenshot 2021-04-04 081657.p…)

>When your brain has been fried by anime


No. 776109

File: 1617538849249.png (181.67 KB, 318x386, Screenshot 2021-04-04 081301.p…)

The new nose

No. 776111

who cares? she literally looks fine you’re nitpicking

No. 776112

it's not the nose itself, it's the fact she had to "fix" her perfectly good nose to become an anime

I swear to god everyone on lc is autistic

No. 776113

File: 1617539363193.png (93.4 KB, 1006x462, sad.png)

happy to line his pockets with your insecurity kek
why istanbul though? is that something they're known for?

No. 776114

It’s the new age, zoomers get super defensive when you criticize plastic surgery

No. 776126

Iirc plastic surgery is cheap there.

No. 776128

Lindt chocolate is so good holy shit

No. 776148

I feel like I'm a decent conversationalist and company until the other person tries to ask personal questions or make me the topic, I absolutely hate talking about myself or my plans or dreams. I wish you could have intimate relationship without actually opening up, but when I try that balancing act, or just being mysterious for a time being, it'll still fall apart sooner or later.


No. 776149

Wow, I could have written this myself. I love learning about people but as soon as they want to learn about me I suddenly feel vulnerable and naked and almost like…attacked?? and my mind freezes

No. 776165

People knowing anything about me makes me so fucking unconfortable i lie about everything that i can get away with. It's not that i want to pass a specific image to people, the way some people lie to make themselves sound cooler or wtver. I just don't want to show myself, and anything that is not me or mine is better.

No. 776172

File: 1617549342626.png (742.12 KB, 962x826, captured_my_worst_enemy.png)

Yeah, it's a conversation-stopper. Mainly because I used to fill the slots in with random shit that I could convinvingly lie about like >>776165 says, but I try not to lie anymore. I don't want to be cool either, I just don't want to be perceived.

Probably the shittiest take you'll read today, on level with cringey takes about Hitler, but I remember when I read about Stalin destroying every person who knew him in the past to create a void there no one could fill in, I thought "yeah, I get it". I'm obviously not a psychopath and would never hurt someone, but it is so uncomfortable to know that there's a version of me existing in other people's brain, and that there are people who can recognize me on the street living in my country. I'll pack up my shitty take now and eat some dessert.

No. 776180

Has anyone watched this youtuber's videos? He has good production values and does his research but it feels like there's this underlying tone of misogyny in everything he does (and how he claims to do videos about representation of the whole LGTB community yet mostly speaks about gay men and trannies)

No. 776181

>zoomers get defensive over plastic surgery

there’s a plastic surgery thread in /g/ lmfao absolute dummy

No. 776182

any left-leaning male is untrustworthy and a hidden softboi that supports sex positivity because it means more sex even though they’re ugly and have to resort to making youtube videos to make themselves look smurt and attractive

No. 776187

File: 1617551200973.jpeg (89.65 KB, 559x421, 03957123-E6EF-41F6-9B9F-9B95CD…)

I thought that bird was some demonic creatures with a weirdly fleshy mouth, it took me a few minutes to find the bird.

No. 776188

> it is so uncomfortable to know that there's a version of me existing in other people's brain, and that there are people who can recognize me on the street living in my country
i feel this so much. this is why i'm changing my name, leaving my country and cutting everyone i know off once i'm done here. kinda wish i could fake my death for a true clean slate.

No. 776191

>this is why i'm changing my name, leaving my country and cutting everyone i know off once i'm done here. kinda wish i could fake my death for a true clean slate.
t. serial killer

No. 776192

File: 1617552570337.png (5.13 KB, 491x71, ot-Dumbass-shit-thread-42.png)

here we go

No. 776194

What happened? I’d like to read about this retardation

No. 776195

File: 1617553806748.png (1.38 MB, 1588x876, vaknakjv.png)

Had to stop watching as soon as I saw his face. I know this man has nothing worth hearing to say about manwha/manga/anime.

No. 776216

File: 1617559160467.jpg (23.46 KB, 660x960, image2.jpg)

Slowly going blonde with the bleach bath method and my hair looks like PISS

No. 776225

good luck! i'm doing the same thing to get the rest of the dye out of my hair and it's.. a little uneven so i'm just going to keep washing my hair. purple shampoo will be your best friend.

No. 776243

Going through old photos in my phone and got reminded that I used to be friends with this girl in college who would always chastise me for liking "nerdy things" (i.e. sci-fi, video games, comics, etc.). She insisted that it was weird and not ladylike kek.

Whenever we were around men she would try to insult me by making fun of my interests and say stuff like "oh you won't like anon, she watches stuff like anime!"; the funny thing is she didn't realize that a lot of scrotes find that attractive. It's like she was out of touch with reality and didn't realize that nerdy stuff is totally popular with normies now. There's plenty of things that would make me unappealing to men, but telling them that I have the same interests as them and/or can understand their dumb game of thrones or star wars references is not one of them. She ended up accidentally making me sound cool lmao.

The worst part was that even though she looked down on me for liking that stuff, she eventually had no problem pretending to enjoy certain things if a guy she liked enjoyed them. So if I'd ask to see a Star Wars movie she'd go "no that's stupid" but if a guy asked her she'd start gushing about how much she loved Luke Skywalker. I used to feel so betrayed lol I guess she was a pickme? luckily we stopped being friends after she found a group of people who she weren't lame like me.

No. 776259

I work in a medical training facility and a man came up to me after the class asking for my name and I was worried I said something rude or something to him this morning and he was going to report me to my manager (I wasn't rude but sometimes I don't hide my annoyance that well when people come in and don't know what the fuck they're coming in for despite signing themselves up for an expensive class). I told him and then he's like 'oh yeah… do you like anime?' like um, excuse me? lol. Apparently he was at one of our other offices and an admin there blabbed about me but I'm just a little off put and was taken by surprise by it lmao. I'll weeb out here and there behind the scenes with my coworkers but otherwise I put on the most boring, normie image up at work because I don't think it's anyone's business… especially just random people who come in here.

No. 776260

File: 1617565988288.png (799.36 KB, 745x745, 3756C7B7-18D2-4374-A1E0-BBD12D…)

This is gonna sound like pickme shit but I prefer dating shorter men because they’re much more comfortable to cuddle.

No. 776261

Why do farmers fetishize manlets so much?
Are you all 5'10 and taller?

No. 776263

That doesn't sound pickme at all, its just a preference I guess. I personally do not care about height at all, as long as a person sane in the head, its all fine.

No. 776269

am I delusional or that guys who tend to be smaller are sort of cute not because of their diminutive size but they genuinely look like pretty boys when they tend to be very attractive

No. 776270

File: 1617566806342.jpg (24.77 KB, 336x473, 1608841179518.jpg)

Short face syndrome = more childish

No. 776276

>look at me I can talk to men about game of thrones and star wars

lmao, that is like the most normie shit ever, in fact I would guess game of thrones is more popular with women and redditors than with "nerds"

Do you watch super nerdy shows like Big Bang Theory too?

No. 776281

wtf is short face syndrome are you actually retarded? healthy disorder-less people of all heights usually have body parts that are proportional to their size so this makes absolutely no sense. go obsess over some 7’10 hulking cellphone tower because you have fujo brainrot(infighting)

No. 776295

Whenever I post something and realize I made a typo or whatever, I'm always debating whether its worth the effort of deleting and reposting or just letting it rot for farmers to see.

No. 776298

Holy shit
The most relatable post in this gif forbidden site

No. 776299


No. 776305

the best twitter acct is Women posting there W's

No. 776308

File: 1617571818896.png (109.87 KB, 320x500, Aussie_Reconstructor_3MM_250ml…)

Yis ive stocked up on loads hehe. Id recomend you and any anon that has bleached/dry/damaged hair this, its an absolute life saver and smells amazing!

No. 776317

these scrotes are so ugly and not entertaining in the slightest

see how women and gay scrotes can appreciate the charm of barbie movies but the unwashed testicle element of this video ruins the fun

No. 776322

File: 1617573121940.jpg (78.51 KB, 736x523, 1f1e79d663b002fa9054c9c9fd3d01…)

I'm in such a good and high vibe right now, sending it too my fellow nonnies

No. 776325

God look at those dead eyes

No. 776331

Oof, I have thick curly hair so maybe thats why it was different for me.

No. 776332

>>776308 omg no that one actually made my hair 10x worse. maybe it's because i have really fine/thin hair but it was a complete waste of money.

No. 776348

they're so vacant, whenever I see ppl talking abt dead or crazy eyes is always about women but you can way easily find men that literally look dead

No. 776350

I just saw a very beautifully drawn fanart of one of my husbandos and my heart started pounding.

No. 776353

Mind sharing?

No. 776362

Does anyone else hate when you have to do laundry because you’re out of clean underwear but you have barely anything else that needs to be washed? I really try to not wash my clothes unless they’re stained/smelly to avoid washer damage.

No. 776374

no they don't

No. 776384

File: 1617581432924.png (36.08 KB, 690x539, 4XEYEMx.png)

this is way too retarded to go in the confessions thread but i think i'd.. fuck the isis wojak if given the chance

No. 776387

I will never be this down bad and idk if that’s a good or bad thing

No. 776403

lolcow national anthem (2021 edition)

No. 776414

I just saw a Twitter post about someone feeding their Neopets a "paint milkshake" and "sand cherries." Neopet anons, what the fuck is going on over there?

No. 776418

File: 1617587624919.jpg (8.55 MB, 2048x2732, __yuria_of_londor_and_sirris_o…)

Playing through Dark Souls 3 again and this time I actually did Sirris' questline and a bit of Yuria's too. I love Sirris, her voice is so soothing and authoritative, and she uses Darkmoon Blade which is one of my favorite miracles. Yuria is more understated and her outfit (picrel, on the right) is very stylish. The two of them give me impetus to continue playing this game until Elden Ring comes out.

No. 776426

File: 1617589900560.gif (348.28 KB, 320x180, 1564900086369.gif)

I just had the fucking insanest breakup of my entire life, there's no way there's gonna be one like this again
>be seeing guy for maybe a month and a half at the most
>he says "I love you"
>had already been wanting to tell him I'm not interested, we have no chemistry
>he says that shit
>now I have to ghost him because I don't wanna deal with that shit
>just start ignoring his texts for a couple weeks
>he keeps saying shit like he needs to be with me, which like ew
>he finally says something to the effect of, "i love you so much and I miss you and I've never had a relationship like this" that type of shit
>and I'm like we ate buffalo wings at your cousin's apartment like four times
>I'm like, "Okay well we have to break up, sorry."
>he starts begging ot come over so we can at least break up in person
>I'm like, "We don't need to do that, I'm breaking up with you right now."
>he says he's coming over
>I'm already doped up on a shitload of xanax because I did not expect this to be happening tonight, so I don't think to call the police
>say "Okay I guess but I'm still breaking up with you"
>literally be living in my mom's garage because I lost my job during covid and shit is fucked right now
>he shows up
>he's wearing a house coat and shorts and it's like 20 degrees and 1am
>he comes in without knocking and sits down on my couch
>I am on so much xanax I basically can't feel anything
>he starts fucking hyperventilating and crying
>my xanax brain just goes, "ew"
>he starts in with the whole "I love you I need to be with you" shit
>but then
>he says, "I have money"
>my drug-addled brain fucking loses it's shit
>"You have money? What the fuck does that mean? You think you can fucking pay me to stay with you? You think I'm your emotional hooker?"
>he still b cryin
>too angry to stop
>"I would rather be fucking homeless than be paid to be with you. I'd rather die fucking face down in a storm drain than fucking get paid to be with you."
>he still on the I love you shit and crying
>"Get the fuck out of my mom's garage."
>start laughing because that sounded really funny because I'm turnt up on drugs and rage
>he's being a real baby tbh
>I'm now laughing my ass off and saying "GET THE FUCK OUT" while he's sobbing
>grab him by the house coat and drag him off the couch
>he goes fetal on the floor
>my dude, I am as high as absolute tits, honestly this was probably the best time this could have happened
>I'm still laughing my ass off, grab him under the armpits and drag him across the floor to the door
>drop him
>"Fucking go, what the fuck, get the fuck out"
>he starts clawing at me from the floor like he's trying to pull me down there with him
>it's like if you were watching someone else's dog, and it started diarrheaing everywhere suddenly, and it was scared so it kept jumping up on you, but it's not your dog so you're like holy shit no get away
>laughing so hard I feel like an insane person, but I am literally also furious
>he gives one last, "But I love you" a shot
>shake him off enough to get the door open
>drag both of us outside
>wrestle him off me
>go back in the garage and lock the door
>don't even call anyone, just leave him there
>get a bag of those Gardetto's rye chips
>still hear him crying outside
>eat a fat sack of rye chips and watch Solar Opposites while I listen to him cry for a while
I mean I guess he left at some point, his car is gone
That shit was bananas
Like I felt bad for him until he said he had money, like fuck that dude

No. 776428

reading heterosexual relations makes me feel euphoric it’s always so damn funny holy shot you’re both a hot mess(infighting/bait)

No. 776429

What kind of lives are you guys living to attract literal psycho man babies? I'm just glad he didn't threaten you or do anything dangerous cause it could have gone south real quick. Fuck that dude, happy you broke up with him, anon.
Ah yes because nonhet relationships aren't as batshit crazy.

No. 776430

yeah I wish being gay was a choice, I'd opt clean out of this shit if I could

No. 776435

You sound awful yourself, I know we harp on moids for being subhuman but this anon is close to that level

No. 776436

Fuck anon I’m crying pls

No. 776437

Disagree, she's clearly a queen

No. 776439

This sounds unreal but completely real at the same time. It's only rational ig that you would react like this bc you were completely doped up kek.

No. 776440

Yeah, going out with a guy you aren't interested in for 2 months and getting high off of xanax are real queen moves and not trashy in the slightest.

No. 776441

moid psyop
she did nothing wrong

No. 776442

Nta, but wouldn't a moid want us to like short men?

No. 776445

1 month

No. 776447

Thank you queens
Don't do drugs lmfao

No. 776448

>"Get the fuck out of my mom's garage."

Holy shit this absolutely sent me. The comedy just writes itself sometimes. "I have money!" ffs. I hope you're careful with xan consumption though

No. 776467

>"I would rather be fucking homeless than be paid to be with you. I'd rather die fucking face down in a storm drain than fucking get paid to be with you."
>"Get the fuck out of my mom's garage."
fucking legendary

No. 776481

File: 1617597868568.gif (819.02 KB, 400x300, 1616101025826.gif)

The shota picrew on /m/ is making mad uncomfortable

And you know it's a discord weebtard that is doing a lot of these cause they tried to do the discord censor shit with []

No. 776483

I don't use the picrew thread, but I also thought it was kinda weird when I scrolled past lol. I just think it was a little strange cause some anons have admitted to being into shota, but I'm sure there are some anons that are just doing it cause they think it's cute.

No. 776486

i bet like half of those piccrews is by that same anon

No. 776491

File: 1617599824059.jpeg (28.09 KB, 598x554, E1E2C69B-B123-4DD7-9F78-05D5BB…)

IA when I saw it as I was scrolling I was like who the fuck is posting this ugly shit lol

No. 776492

yikes you're right, looks like some gross weeb weirdo is samefagging hard in there

No. 776494

yeah there's nowhere that amount of replies in that short a duration on the typical in the thread so it definitely seems like a samefag

No. 776497

File: 1617600848002.jpg (107.04 KB, 954x1023, ILHKmDG.jpg)

I began to draw my characters for a proyect I'm working on, and maybe it is because I have seen a lot of underage fighting on the art community, but I got a feeling.

I have been studying some criminal psychology for my story but I began to feel that once I publish this, there's going to be a group of Twitter kids mistaking one of my characters for a genderspecial or a DIDfag Probably both. Stupid thing to worry about, but I have seen it too many times already, even on independent comics and such.

I'm scared anons, I actually liked how the whole proyect was going.

No. 776498

If they're wokies you can just say 'I was getting criticism from someone I showed this work to, they said it portrayed trans/nonbinary people and people with DID in a bad light so I just want to make it clear this character is cis and doesn't have DID'

This won't work if your average normal person would think the character is trans/has DID tho. Then you might get cancelled for using stereotypes, like wokies did with JK Rowling and goblins (some idiots think it's an antisemitic caricature because they have hooked noises and are bankers or rich or smth)

No. 776499

Don’t worry, anon, I’m also writing something that will most surely catch a bunch of twitfags either to bash it or to love it because it has gay men in love, hell, most of the projects I’ve been planning have at least one little thing that could make twitterfags go apeshit.
So just do your thing and don’t worry, now it’s twitterfags, back then it was tumblrites, there’s always going to be a group of people that will hate whatever you do even if you’re doing it for your own enjoyment, if not exactly because you’re enjoying what you’re doing.

No. 776507

People will take any character and assign them an identity regardless of if it meshes with the information the author gives them. I wouldn't worry much about it unless you're willing to emphasize that they're not those things, which can distract from your story.

No. 776524

File: 1617608866827.jpg (34.45 KB, 680x380, d01897b4d32a85c3f8da2d4ebe1594…)

>when a guy says he has a dark sense of humor

No. 776551

a bit ot but discord censor is ||like this||, I've no idea where the [] comes from

No. 776559

I accidentally developed a retarded obsession with this piece of media and especially a specific character. It has a series of books and a series of movies made based on the books and I've read the books a long time ago (considering reading them again) but never seen the movies so I will be watching them when I have time. The problem is though, I skimmed through one of the movies because I wanted to find this cute scene of my favorite character, but for some reason I couldn't stop crying while watching it. I'm afraid watching all of them will be some retarded physiological torture to me where I will just cry non-stop. What the fuck is wrong with me

No. 776578

There's never a sense of humour, it's just dark.

No. 776585

I've noticed that men's dark "humor" is just saying something somewhat racist or making sexual jokes about underaged girls. I think some people don't realize that saying something offensive ≠ dark humor.

No. 776591

File: 1617625309151.png (176.35 KB, 270x409, 556AE403-9030-4DE2-8BCE-BB470B…)

it’s so funny that typical 2D husbandos we like are probably toxic as shit and to some degree violent murderers because we make excuses for them

anyways this pic made me gay good morning anonnies

No. 776595

All of my husbandos are very nice guys though, I never got people that husbandofag sociopathic villains or anti-heros.

No. 776603

yeah but these toxic antiheros aren't real and they can't hurt me and can't disgust me like irl men. it's not about them not being toxic or shitty, it's the projection.

No. 776606

People who punish innocent people during fights or defend the people in the wrong are literally the reason why society is a shithole. It gives the crazy people an inferiority complex while fueling their ego and makes the innocent people shut up and don't do anything

No. 776608

I will never forget the absolute idiot that went on to say that all of the women in part 6 are trans women.

No. 776615

No. 776626

Even as a lefty using my left hand to control a mouse feels so wrong at this point

No. 776629

they always been calling women who have muscles, tall, and are hot trannies lmfao there’s this IG page I love which calls out dumb scrotes who think that women who lift look like a man

No. 776635

I really want to date a cute finnish woman because of the suomillanka thread thanks a lot finnanons you guys are so adorable

No. 776642

thanks, queen. it's weird but funny how many anons are interested in our thread for some reason

No. 776650

Nta but it's the most active of all the non-English threads, when I saw that you ladies had moved onto thread #2 I thought "good for the Finns, well done"

No. 776654

File: 1617640573873.jpg (394.06 KB, 1080x1542, IMG_20210405_183610.jpg)

This headline is literally making me lose it (the article is no better) https://mobile.twitter.com/XtraMagazine/status/1378406949637783556

No. 776662

Wtf is a queer haircut???? An undercut bowl cut????

No. 776664

word salad

No. 776671

File: 1617641175200.jpeg (34.79 KB, 680x176, A5DF48AB-CA53-4C65-9B83-BF3E0A…)

god i hate performative ~kweers~ so much

No. 776674

kinda wanna learn fish so I could eavesdrop on the thread.

No. 776676

>I found the pandemic invisibilizing
>This haircut was rejuvenating, dimensionalizing
jesus christ

No. 776678

>Straight man gives straight narcissistic woman a shitty haircut
>Short hair = lesbian
>What an amazing boyfriend, he let her be soooo gay. What other scrote is so respectful that he would continue fucking his girlfriend after giving her a gay haircut? Gay couple goals!
Did Lainey write this?

No. 776679

I remember some scrote I used to talk to who said that I'm bad at art and it really made me a lot more anxious about how I present my stuff. Should I let what he said internalize inside of me? I don't know if he said it to make me feel self-doubting about myself sorry for the blogposting anons just idk

No. 776682

no you should let it internalize outside of you

No. 776684

What the fuck, anon? It would make way more sense for her to externalize it internally.

No. 776687

File: 1617642513344.gif (748.38 KB, 220x275, tronlegacy.gif)


No. 776692

>man letting his gf have short hair is now queer

No. 776719

noooooooooo they're shutting down yahoo answers

No. 776726

>feeling her queerness slip away
Yeah, that's totally how sexuality works. Also why conversion therapy is so effective. Great take.
We really need a name specifically for straight special snowflakes like this.

No. 776736

damn it. my pasttime was trolling there as a tween. also helped with hw questions. rip and fuck the internet.

No. 776767

File: 1617651179426.jpeg (13.24 KB, 260x280, beautiful-woman-looking-wrist-…)

What if men had to either get vasectomies, or pay a certain amount to the state to support adoptive/child welfare/child protective systems every month or year?
And if they wanted to have kids, they could have the vasectomy reversed, but they'd have to have their partner with them, and both of them would sign legal "release" forms?

No. 776769

it's an old term but i find LUG (lesbian until graduation) tends to be appropriate for such cases

No. 776775

Men would cry about bodily control, because you can't do that to them. Also afak just handwaving vasectomies away as always reversible is oversimplifying it. They have a somewhat high fail rate (as in it fixes itself) and possibly reversible within a few years, but the more time passes, the slimmer the chance. Of course they could always just put sperm away, who even needs them to be shooting active ammo ever?

No. 776776

It's like you guys forgot about the sonfu thread smh

No. 776778

File: 1617652201805.png (6.6 KB, 810x810, EvA9H__VEAA_Cwk.png)

Drawing seems so fun when I think about it, but when I actually try to draw something I feel like I am being punished. It's not fun at all.

No. 776779

It's weird to me that there's no hormonal form of male birth control. Not that they could be trusted to take it, anyway, but that's a different concern.

No. 776780

I completely wiped that thread from my memory, fucking ew.

No. 776782

Men apparently can't handle the side effects but women can.

No. 776785

Men won't take hormonal BC cuz side-effects, and there's none so far that has zero. For women pharma justifies the side-effects because they're lesser than the alternative, pregnancies effect on the body. Of course this is the same mentality that somehow considers pregnancy to be magically occuring without male input, as if every pregnancy wasn't equal to a man's load.

No. 776791

I've thought this since forever. The world just really hates women and coddles men like the manchildren they are.

No. 776851

Wow anon did you draw that? How did you do it? Pixel art is super fun to make

No. 776855

File: 1617661553736.jpeg (62.89 KB, 640x640, 2DAE36C3-FA29-4A35-8746-1A8102…)

I had a nightmare that I was on lolcow and accidentally typed sage into the name field instead of the email field, and I got perma-banned before I could delete the post. Then a bunch of farmers replied like “your name is sage? what are you ftm? that’s such a fakeboi name!” and I couldn’t even reply to explain myself because I was banned.

No. 776856

why does everyone have lolcow nightmares lol

No. 776858

File: 1617661688419.jpeg (247.81 KB, 488x547, B93F953E-1513-47D6-A4E0-2D4D1A…)

hai guys im hella stressed

No. 776859

rite of passage

No. 776868

File: 1617663217612.jpg (68.71 KB, 589x900, sam-raimi-los-angeles-premiere…)

Sam reimi looks like yandev

No. 776872

Lol no. It's by 16pxl. I would like to try pixel art someday though.

No. 776877

I'm excited to get older. I'm only 25 right now but I'm excited to experience my late twenties and thirties. My life has become stable over the years and is on a very slow, upward trajectory. Being young is overrated and I don't get what's the point of putting youth on a pedestal. I've gotten so much wiser and me from the age of 16 to 23 was peak retardation. I love older women who are powerful and too old to deal with people's shit, I want to be like them. Not really in a shakes cane at young people and yelling get off my fucking lawn type of shit but I'm over thinking that my life is over because I haven't achieved greatness by 18.

No. 776887

how the fuck did pewds actually sound intelligent in that one video he made about diet and exercise? he’s retarded in pretty much every other vid

No. 776889

File: 1617666942383.jpg (31.91 KB, 550x545, 1597114635483.jpg)

Fuck yeah, anon. Getting older is the best. I'm almost 30 and I'm living my best life without all that insecurity. Honestly think I get more beautiful as I age, and can't wait to rock older woman fashion like capes and shit

No. 776890

Probably because someone else wrote that script for him.

No. 776893

His whole e-persona was built around being a quirky meme screaming nerd, and he has to keep it that way. I tbh liked his book reviews, they were the only things that seemed nice.

No. 776896

i'm having the opposite experience tbh. things are getting worse and i'm more retarded than ever.

No. 776923

File: 1617669890139.jpg (18.94 KB, 292x326, 1617559098106.jpg)

I wonder if the anon that randomly created another dumbass shit thread out of the blue and linked the old one is just blind, high, or really stupid

No. 776927

File: 1617670274547.jpeg (31.9 KB, 431x160, 93584C4A-CDFF-4C62-9DD0-4EAEF7…)

I accidentally wiped my ass with a clorox wipe, I realized halfway and washed with soap and water, it doesn't hurt at all but am I gonna die OMG
Yes I am on drugs.

No. 776928

The older I get the more time and money I have. I understand it's not like that for everyone but I do not miss having to juggle working and education. Working a reasonable number of hours a week and having the rest of the time to do whatever is the best.

No. 776931

it's rare to get to meet god with your ass that clean

No. 776932

I had a dream the other night my personal Facebook was linked in the email line of a post I made here on lolcow. Someone responded to the post with my real name and I freaked out and tried to delete the post but couldn’t. Then crazy moids started sending me requests and contacting my job, family and fiancé. I woke up in a cold sweat.

I think I need to stop coming here.

No. 776935

A little blood was on my toilet papes. I think I already was too rough wiping. So my high genius brain said get wet wipe. foolish. I thought it was baby wipe. I feel no pain but I feel like I should. I think I'm ok guys but I'm nervous

Dear god I repent for my sins

No. 776937

ur asshole will burn off.

No. 776940

File: 1617671077648.jpeg (691.89 KB, 1125x788, 8C9A957B-3E2C-4626-9278-4D9EB7…)

No. 776943

I've gotten to the point where I could survive comfortably on a part-time schedule and am no longer pressured to take on more hours because of work culture saying so. Honestly, having the time to make tea and drink it on a quiet day is the greatest thing. I value free time so much now.
>kek my manager just sent an email with a shit ton of extra shifts

No. 776944

File: 1617671827901.jpg (64.61 KB, 1024x683, Fabien-Frankel-as-Dominique-Re…)

watching the serpent and finally we see a series without male uggos

No. 776950

Fuck yeah anons, I'm glad other women feel this way. I'm working just barely above minimum wage at my current job but I've gotten really into just not being as materialistic (since I am no longer depressed and don't seek happiness in material items anymore) so now I have more disposable income to invest and shit lol. My job is mostly chill and even on it's worst days is still manageable. Also, my mom has had greying hair since her 40s and I know she hates it but I'm excited for it kek. I just love the look of it so much. I want to unapologetically be old and confident.

> Honestly, having the time to make tea and drink it on a quiet day is the greatest thing. I value free time so much now.

I couldn't have said it better myself. I love soaking up being present in the moment. My big picture isn't earning myself the title of 'Youngest woman to ever do XYZ!' I just want time and enough money to not worry.

I hope things will get better for you! I think I've become a lot wiser in a lot of ways, but since graduating college I also feel like I have a lot of trouble learning things. Sometimes I feel like my brain is rotting when I try to learn something for fun and I have to replay the same 10 seconds over and over and over again.

No. 776954

File: 1617673328467.jpeg (36.31 KB, 472x476, 71F399ED-F18B-4045-88F1-8B5586…)

me lurking at the anons who are saying it’s better to be old because they have more “free time and money” but still not realizing it’s only like that because they are old

doesn’t matter if you’re old or young life shouldn’t be like that regardless. keep that double dose of gen x/millenial copium

No. 776955

I can't tell if I'm a picky eater or if I just can't cook

No. 776957

this makes no cents

No. 776963

>doesn’t matter if you’re old or young life shouldn’t be like that regardless
So what should life be like then??

No. 776971

my world because I run earth

No. 776974

I don't think this has to do with millenials and gen x as much as you might think, I'm 25 and I also feel like children being put in schools and having no life is shitty

No. 776981

yes school is so exhausting I will never understand the faggots trying to push “free education for all” in the west when there’s a diverse group of people who have different needs, desires and skill sets and we’re just told at 18 that “well, it’s the real world you have to suffer 99% of the time kiddo!” it’s such bullshit

No. 776985

i’ve grown out of islam but i still enjoy wearing my garb in public because i don’t like strangers being able to see any part of my body besides my face

No. 776997

I'm trying to decipher what your point is and failing

No. 777001

do you think that free/affordable higher education means everyone will be forced to go to college or is this some weird "not every kid needs to learn how to read" thing? genuinely a little confused. everyone should have the right to basic education

No. 777009

File: 1617678997899.jpeg (253.43 KB, 639x541, 5D93A991-0878-489B-8273-0F7B8C…)

couple goals

No. 777016

what was the name of this cartoon?

No. 777027

Pinky and The Brain

No. 777029

Sam and Max, started as comics but got to shine as a point and click game series.

No. 777030

Kek my bf tried to hug me but I pushed him away playfully because I was doing something and he said in a monotone voice, "wow sorry I'm not Ken Ichijouji" before walking away. It's probably been 5 years since I mentioned he was my first husbando.

No. 777042

Why does all the gross shit like to show up on my youtube homepage when I'm trying to eat

No. 777050

and a tv show.

No. 777056

File: 1617683915549.jpeg (59.03 KB, 480x310, DDF10CD0-67B1-4508-92BE-B25767…)

update I'm alright, asshole didn't burn off it seems. good night anonettes

No. 777085

kek my bf calls me the max to his sam

No. 777088

File: 1617687453400.jpg (159.73 KB, 1200x1600, aquaphor with eucerin.JPG)

I fucking love how Aquaphor looks after it's soaked in for a couple hours, it makes me look so fucking healthy and moisturized
I wanna go out with my whole body and face coated with a layer of it, but I'm scared that I'm actually just crazy and it'll look like I'm greasy to everyone else

No. 777092

>do you identify as (thing he clearly is and doesn't need to "identify" as)?
>ok but let me act rude to you because I'm speaking here
>please everyone shut up I'm special
>please don't use gendered language!!!!!!!
>why is nobody clapping for me

God jesus christ society is fucked
This is woke twitter shit irl, fucking nuts

No. 777094

Same, I love aquaphor. I apply it every night after moisturiser. It's incredible for healing dehydrated/inflamed skin and blemishes too.

No. 777099

Im at a point where I know I need to go to therapy and get diagnosed with adhd or something but the idea of seeing a therapist makes me want to die like I truly can't see myself ever being able to sit down and talk about things I've never told anyone to a complete stranger

No. 777100

Being from a small town is fucked. I've been bullied in my late 20s from old classmates (my classes were only ever 13 people tops) for not having children lol.

No. 777101

Watched some old videos from Its Black Friday and it was honestly painful because i used to be a fan of her and remember when those videos were new so it was nostalgic for me. I know she's a lolcow and probably kind of a shitty lerson but damn i miss her old content.

No. 777102

Ladies this is your daily reminder that you will never be a part of "the boys". They will never consider you cool, they'll always talk shit about you behind your back if they cannot fuck you. The only way you'll be remotely "in" is if you're dating one of them, and even then, the rest of them most likely don't trust you

Give up your dream of being in a tight knit group of guys even if you "get along better with them". They don't respect you, I promise.

No. 777103

The first clip with the young woman removes some important context from their interaction, the guy she's confronting holds pretty extremist views

No. 777104

You are now my best friend, ilu

No. 777105

Maybe I'm just autistic but I can't even tell what you're trying to say

No. 777106

You're good anon, that was a mighty word salad that nona there concocted

No. 777109

File: 1617690637716.jpg (33.03 KB, 273x275, 03cf2b52d89e2738246bcc51572506…)

I am ugly forbidden man fag and I've made so many threads that are currently in use here in /ot/ not that it is hard at all and even did some in /pt/ when I was more active there and I wonder how the nonnies that are always calling us underaged scrote newfags (or boogeyman flavor of the week) would react(driversperging)

No. 777117

File: 1617691816625.jpeg (20.05 KB, 688x446, Noah Centino.jpeg)

I don't get his hype. I don't get it why so many zoomies has crush with him. The only thing I know he's the dumb netflix romcom movie guy.
Maybe i'm a boomer in zoomies eye kek.

No. 777119

Idk. He just has those droopy/dead eyes that I like, even when he smiles.

No. 777120

this video is so right
>they see no value on having society standars or personal boundaries
>so when you say they're bad for society, they just say "my body"
>they can't grasp that the things they chose to do with their body along with the when and the where has an effect on society and children

No. 777123

He's cute enough. I guess everyone has a bit of a type
As long as if it's not like sam hyde tier ugly I can almost always understand it Cumberbatch is the exception to the rule I guess

No. 777124

sometimes i think about making a weeb equivalent to the ugly men/women shilled as attractive thread but it would cause a massive shitstorm and i am a coward. it would probably turn into another "characters you hate" thread anyway even tho that's not the intent.

No. 777125

Couldn't get through more than 1 minute of this video because of his annoying voice

No. 777128

lol interesting message but wrong messenger. I really don’t care to hear this from him, but if it was someone else I’d consider it. I even agree with the points you mentioned.

No. 777129

Why are people still going on about WAP

No. 777131

File: 1617693756738.jpg (283.41 KB, 589x626, 1594879710121.jpg)

Oh jeez I just bought a tube of this online because of you anons. Praying it'll erase my dry face skin problems

No. 777166

I didn't watch any shows or movies for ages and I watched some for the first time again yesterday and I realized how fucking ridiculous tv/netflix shows/movies are. It's like you become desensitized to it when you watch it regularly but I didn't enjoy it at all.

No. 777168

I like Aquaphor as well but it's so fucking expensive. I have a small tube for my lips only.

No. 777179

people can't breathe and kiss at the same time? am I doing it wrong if I'm also breathing??? am I supposed to kiss with my lungs??????????

No. 777195

I can't recommend some of the anime I watched to people freely, because I know I just got used to all the retarded shit that can be in it, so I automatically ignore the bad parts, and I'm afraid of making my friends hate it on a "genre" level.
I do remember I had a year when I wasn't watching any TV/streaming or even keeping up with movies being released, and a guy I ran into looked at me like I was retarded, asked me if I lived under a rock, and recommended me some really awful looking live-action show about zombies in the korean empire coming out. He was one of those Netflix-junkies, and I'm pretty sure he'd watch anything as long as he can spend his night consuming something, so I still get what you mean.

No. 777201

damn you definitely know that there isn’t enough popular lady commentary channels when we have to resort to watching scrotes whine about muh musical artist whores ruining society while neglecting the many social ills that men bring along with them (being the main propagators of sexual abuse, pedophilia, rape, capitalism, war, domestic abuse, increasing their life expectancy when they marry with a woman but decreasing their wife’s life expectancy). I also love how he neglects talking about the years upon years of rappers and male musicians of all kinds who constantly objectify women and promote drugs and violence. But once a woman is dancing naked on stage it’s like we’re going to collapse society. Destruction is an expectation of the male species

No. 777203

>those twitfag twitterfag [more lolcow buzzwords] wokie zoomers are at it again

please, please I beg of you to never say wokie or wokies again that is my trigger word, horrible. makes you seem like a secret /pol/ lurker

No. 777204

File: 1617711295795.jpeg (35.32 KB, 600x593, 7199316E-CA35-4484-B71E-885D5E…)

You summed it up perfectly imo. Fuck him. I know some women’s channels (Chrissie, GoldenBaby, Lovelyti) who have made the similar points but on the whole I feel they occasionally miss the mark so it doesn’t always come together. You should make a commentary channel because you seem good at talking about these things.

No. 777208

File: 1617711720490.jpg (338.84 KB, 1903x1934, inCollage_20210403_073206342~2…)

this anon's post in the mtf thread went unappreciated, i feel

No. 777213

File: 1617712396042.jpg (179.17 KB, 1600x1167, depositphotos_137857876-stock-…)

My neighbors keep receiving my mail and I just got my neighbors prescription meds/important mail in my own mailbox and I'm anxious because I ordered some…very questionable BL games with no tracking number and I don't want the neighbors to see them.
Why cant USPS and Fedex get their shit together

No. 777216

A lot of tweets people make about their kids obviously did never happen but tbh when I was working at a school kids did often say things to me that if I tweeted would 100% get me dogpiled for making it up.

No. 777218

Do it, I was in the exact same position a few months ago and I promise it will not be as bad as you think and will probably even be reassuring. You will regret not doing it earlier if you keep putting it off.

No. 777220

I open messages that scrotes send me, but never reply. Some of these motherfuckers will talk to themselves for WEEEEEEKS before giving up. Also I publicly brag about my sick ass relationship and have no pictures of myself up, so it's incredibly strange behaviour. I imagine that they all have cuck fetishes for an imaginary version of my face when they do this. MEN LOG THE FUCK OFF

No. 777230

Men dont care about coming off as thirsty or desperate because they dont care about womens opinions anyway

No. 777234

Nta but I don’t get how they don’t feel pathetic? Men give me such bad second hand embarrassment like I feel like I wouldn’t be able to look at myself in the mirror if I acted as pitiful as some of them.

No. 777235

Truer words have never been spoken. I'm glad they're dyingly alone, it's like poetic justice.

No. 777236

They barely see us as human which is why they act so shameless. I mean do you care about doing something embarrassing infront of a dog?this is why they act like this.

No. 777247

My cat purring on my stomach is genuinely helping my cramps. He's so warm and buzzing so hard lol

No. 777248

I try to stay at least mildly optimistic about gender relations, but now thinking about it, it also explains why they're so quick to break down and open up to any woman (who never even asked) while not being able to tell their own best friends that their life is shit.

No. 777252

I breathe through my nose but I've always been super nervous that it's off putting to the person I'm kissing? Since it never seems like I can feel them breathing through their nose lol. When I kissed my ex gf I could tell she was breathing through her nose though and thought "oh so other people do breathe through their nose".

No. 777254

This is one of the things that annoys me the most and if you ever complain about it they’re like “oh women don’t allow men to express their emotions” like it’s completely unfair and selfish to expect one person to be your entire emotional support system and just dump all your problems on them exclusively but so many men expect that of women they’re in a relationship with or sometimes women they aren’t even dating

No. 777255

I used to use it as a way to give them the worst coping mechanisms possible, like drinking. I do not care for the suffering of men.

No. 777256

This makes me want to get a cat just for period pain killing reasons lmao

No. 777258

File: 1617718788523.jpeg (332.73 KB, 750x727, B17B93ED-8A12-47B4-A6DB-64717D…)

Moar gay men making fun of white women when really it’s just an excuse to make fun of women

No. 777260

This video very clearly wasn’t making fun of women it was making fun of the way so many movies have this exact scene

No. 777262

I didn't really mean romantic relationships. Obviously, that shit's prevalent too, but at least there's some kind of expectation of sharing hidden emotions to your partner. But it even extends to shit like expecting emotional labor from women you speak with on dating sites, using female collegues as your emotional corner in your professional life or my favorite which I first heard from when it was linked from reddit - men buying actual prostitutes to listen to their abooboo marital problems and hold their hands.

No. 777264

don’t care

No. 777296

Really? I think it could work well

No. 777299

new coworker looks like a fat version of me and she's kinda cute ngl

No. 777310

File: 1617726290438.png (274.6 KB, 598x463, twitter_profile.png)

tried to create a tranny profile it ended up quite mild and not predatory enough. I wish the generator would let us write the bio

No. 777311

I've matched with a number of attractive, muscular and seemingly very successful chinese and korean men lately and all of them wrote to me first (and are ten times faster at replying than I am) and I'm so confused and intimidated. I'm not charismatic nor intelligent enough to challenge them, and I'm not attractive nor stupid bimbo enough to be a trophy fuck/wife. I'm a skinny fat, nerdy, tattooed chick with dyed hair that needs to put on an alarm clock that reminds her to eat dinner and go to bed whenever she finds a new video game, they're in scandinavia so there are conveniently attractive women that should be more to their taste everywhere around them for them to pick.
I'm not gonna complain, I'm gonna enjoy the attention while it lasts.

No. 777312

why would you waste your time doing this

No. 777314

Do not go into this thinking those guys genuinely like you. Be realistic and understand that 99% of the time they're just trying to fuck anyone who let's them.

No. 777316

They probably think you are easy, sorry to tell you anon. Especially if you have dyed hair and tattoos, foreign men will think you will give out sex easier than the trad waifus they know back home.

No. 777317

Oh yeah, I'm not going to. I'm just confused because even if it's obvious they are hoping for a quick fuck while they're here to review international contracts or for a conference I don't understand why they would go for mcdonalds when they can have a filet mignon instead.
Ngl if one of them would end up inviting me over for a fuck I wouldn't really mind that much as long as dinner at a fine as fuck restaurant and protection was included.

No. 777320

So you are fine to be a "McDonalds" meal for men who don't care about you and think you are an easy piece of meat? Yikes. Love yourself.

They don't go for "filet mignon" cause those women have self respect and won't fuck them.

No. 777321

…have you met the people here?

No. 777322

bored and 5 minutes to spare

No. 777324

Just because a guy is attractive doesnt mean he can get sex easily.

No. 777328

File: 1617727740673.jpeg (101.27 KB, 750x554, 91C0A8EE-486A-45AE-8CFC-92F317…)

how to understand three levels of misogyny

No. 777330

there should be a lolcow poll to see how much anons have disabilities and then you’ll get your answer

No. 777332

Inside the brain of someone from r/femaledatingstrategy. Let me deliberately give the woman self-doubt about herself and her worth but also insult scrotes as well.

>tut that they don’t want filet minon which clearly isn’t you haha

Go fuck yourself.

No. 777334

Idk why anyone would ever ask for any kind of dating or relationship advice from here of all places

No. 777339

As someone who has been on dating sites most of these men have a "a hole is a hole" mentality. If you go into online dating thinking every man trying to fuck you actually finds you attractive, you will get your self esteem crushed.

No. 777341

I am only using the language that anon used for it herself. I don't know why you are so angry. I literally told her to love herself. The only thing she should doubt is her choices in being a piece of meat for a worthless scrote to use just cause she thinks its a compliment to be picked for easy sex.

No. 777343

I just had a bowl of soup with broccoli and cauliflower in it and my farts smell like a thousand rotting corpses and could be used as biological weapon. Seriously, how do vegetarians and vegans do it? Do they just not have a social life? (yeah, pandemic, but still)

No. 777346

If you only eat veggies and no cheese or dairy your will maybe fart more but they won't smell as bad.

I used to be vegan for a couple of years and even my poop smelled very inoffensive. Makes sense if you think about rabbit poop vs dog poop.

No. 777351

i feel like such a thread would trigger too many husbando/waifufags except for the ones with actual taste

No. 777355

anon why

No. 777356

I was hungry

No. 777362

I used to find men hot but after the years and especially being on this site when I try to fantasize about men it actually makes me nauseous now god

No. 777366

You probably don't at enough veggies and that was your body getting used to the fibre. When people transition to veg from omni, they note the same thing. It tapers off eventually as your body gets used to more fibre.

No. 777377

I'd say it's more of an example of making fun of the way movies portray women? What woman acts like that kek

No. 777384

Isn't it more an artstyle debate? Sometimes I think some peoples husbandos are fuggos, but then I see fanart and I'm like mmm i can see now.

No. 777386

Didn't his nudes leak or he had some scandal of some sort?

No. 777387

I'm curious, what would you say is the recommended amount of vegetables for a day?

No. 777388

fact. if I didn't have low selfesteem and liked my face, I'd pulling shayna level of thread numbers.

No. 777417

File: 1617733994481.png (4.06 KB, 113x105, tae.PNG)

I have no memory I should train my brain but even that I forget

No. 777421

How do you train your brain to have better memory?

No. 777423

Govts usually say 7 - 10 servings a day

No. 777425

Nta, but Playing games that makes you memorize stuff and studying stuff will help you be able to have a better memory.

No. 777440

Nta but reading something and writing down a summary/critical response about it also helps with this kind of thing. It's basically like doing calisthenics for your brain.

Try setting a reminder on your phone/computer, use a timer, create as much structure as you need to stay on track.

No. 777448

I had a beer after taking my antidepressant and now I'm having weird heart palpitations

No. 777453

My best friend is a guy and I want to fuck him so bad, but I respect his gf, so I don't flirt with him or anything. He also looks like a model, so I'm sure he could do way better than me. I really should have fucked him years ago.

No. 777457

File: 1617737020027.png (73.67 KB, 158x178, j4OZGai.png)

i turned on my camera last week for zoom lectures to see if it would make me focus more in class and now i can't stop compulsively body checking in every single reflective surface known to man. anachan shit has ruined my entire fucking life

No. 777468

Your first mistake was thinking men and women can be friends. What kind of dude in a relationship has a girl best friend? shady.

No. 777469

File: 1617738654586.jpeg (106.15 KB, 666x692, 1613435125193.jpeg)

I'm going to get myself a brazilian wax nonnies. The wax has almost melted. Give me strenght for I am week and frightened.

No. 777470

I wish I could just like things normally but nope, I have to get autistically obsessed and think about it 24/7 and sperg online

No. 777484

File: 1617739540406.jpg (35.23 KB, 854x532, Hairless-Cats-3.jpg)


No. 777486

Lc is dead af when I’m not RPing 5 different people on every board each with dedicated routine and time zone

No. 777487

I want one of these naked ass cats.

No. 777488

Where all the cute chubby guys at tho?! There's so much chubby chaser content made by/for scrotes which means it's either women or gay bears… In general a female oriented erotica and porn website sounds nice… lemme see some moobs

No. 777489

do they have different interests and personalities and stuff? you should drop us some hints so we can see if we can spot you in the wild

No. 777490

For some reason I thought they already did

No. 777496

Now someone's going to LARP as you LARPing! Unless…

No. 777498

Ignoring canon, do you imagine Pikachu(c) to have fur or be smooth?

No. 777499

I like the idea of fuffly pikachus, it would be cuter, like a hamster.

No. 777500

Furry. Isn't he technically just a rat?

No. 777503

you're sure you're not a gay scote?

No. 777510


No. 777511

File: 1617742169905.gif (4.27 MB, 250x312, 81ECF3A2-E9CF-4F62-AA5F-BCCC31…)

will someone please tell me an excellent vegetable joke (fruit joke also okay)

No. 777513

No. 777518

File: 1617742519232.jpeg (41.77 KB, 500x457, 318E5F67-BD27-4959-94E2-AEE742…)

No. 777542

File: 1617745542333.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1200x1800, 5BB03686-6A67-4F86-9943-7DDE60…)

Attack on Titan manga is ending this week, and already we got the “this ending sucks! fuck isayama!” like when GOT ended and everybody got buttmad over the leaks which ended up being true. Someone leaked a general outline of the ending, and everyone on reddit is already crying over it, so I have a feeling it must be true. Flashbacks to the juicy disbelief and screeching over Dany burning King’s Landing.

No. 777552

those things are flocked

No. 777567

File: 1617750131693.png (574.67 KB, 720x720, BD473584-C2C5-4361-A77D-77E1EC…)

Thank you for your service I have 3 semi-dedicated personalities I switch through on here, you’re a load bearing wall compared to me. Godspeed fellow hyperactive nonita

No. 777576

File: 1617751512679.png (236.97 KB, 691x650, 70.png)

knowing that some putanons enjoy SAO unironically ruined my day. I thought aotfags and idolfags were bad enough but sao crosses the line. might as well have harem anime threads at that point. i'm calling /m/ /m/aggots from now on.

No. 777581


going to be using that now, thanks anon

No. 777585

Maggots is pretty metal though

No. 777586

I was surprised when I learned that my ex bf got into SAO because of his ex gf. What is the appeal of that anime for women???

No. 777592

I like gus videos from time to time but this new friend of his is so painfully ugly and unfunny what the fuck

No. 777595

When SAO came out, the videogame isekai genre wasn't a blight on anime like it is now. Who knew that women also like wish fulfilling shows about being OP and acquiring husbandos. It had good production quality. The soundtrack has some bangers. Asuna design is pretty cute. She was actually strong in the beginning not yet reduced to waifu and rape meat. And teenage girls still liked chuuni faggots like Kirito.
N-not that I know this from e-experience…

No. 777596

They both ugly as shit

No. 777598

Yes but at least gus has some funny videos, or maybe I am just nostalgic.

No. 777600

>and acquiring husbandos
where, all i see is a boring self-insert

No. 777601

didn't watch this vid but I also remember that other guy being unfunny

No. 777602

YES a convert-ee, it's so worth it anon
Omg their lip repair is so good too, have you tried the one with sunscreen? I wanna try that one

No. 777607

I feel like I’m always at a weird, low level of horny where I’m not turned on enough to actually do anything sexual, but I still hold an interest in it and get almost a brain fuzz when I see something I like.

No. 777619

File: 1617758134442.gif (4.94 MB, 360x270, 6D5D81F9-B9E6-465E-979C-AF04AB…)

No. 777620

I meant it has the setting allows for that kind of fantasies. VR was a big deal that people wanted to explore. Obviously the SAO wasn't made for women.

No. 777624

Kek I'm 30 and recently ended a friendship and my aunt just texted me to tell me that my ex-friend contacted her FB to tell her about drugs I've done. My aunt just laughed.

No. 777625

Then why bring that idea up to defend SAO if it's not even in the show?

No. 777630

It's such a weird vibe

No. 777633

Anon is prob the salty anon from the anime thread when other anonitas pointed out what a shit anime SAO is. The isekai genre is BOOMING for women rn with all these historical webtoons/manga and im loving it. I don't care if it gets repetitive, I'm tired of boring ass shoujo with doesnt understand boundaries male leads. Reverse Harem is the shit with hot dudes who are simps for these villaness stories.

No. 777651

For some reason, the fact that there's a landlord anon on here being mad because some people don't like landlords is so funny to me.

No. 777654

I'm not defending it, are you retarded? Per the question in the post I replied to, I'm explaining why it had female fans 10 years ago when the VR gaming isekai Ready Player One etc thing was new and existing. What's not clicking in ur brain the fact that power fantasy anime for women was and is so non-existent that shounenshits will always have big female fanbase even if they suck?

No. 777657

That's what I'm saying. Don't they have someone to trick into a bad lease or something? kek. In fact, this same argument happened a couple/few months ago. Maybe they're just mad again.

No. 777658

Right? I thought everyone here was a neet or working minimum wage at retail so I'm surprised

No. 777661

File: 1617762587203.jpeg (21.43 KB, 208x275, 3A28CD48-01DF-4A78-99B4-BA724D…)

You ever kiss someone so hard they mention how good it was the next day

No. 777662

No but I just imagined kissing someone so hard my chin recedes into my skull like in your photo

No. 777664

Sure call me retarded, but do you honestly believe that SAO was
>a power fantasy anime for women
? cause thats just a joke. You could have just said like any shounenshit, it will inevitably have female fans instead of talking about shit like
>teenage girls still liked chuuni faggots like Kirito
Uh… When is the last time I heard of a fanfic with Kirito or a fandom focused on Kirito?
>N-not that I know this from e-experience…
O-oh b-but I'm not defending it. And why mention the soundtrack as if an amazing soundtrack lures female fans to a shitty male self insert anime. Yea sure you're not defending it just "answering the question" by not actually doing that.

No. 777685

Holy shit your reading comprehension is abysmal. When tf did I say it was for women??? Lmao Kirito did have hordes of girls, mostly teens, thirsty for him dumbass, globally in fact. Every con around that time had 100 Kiritos and Kirito body pillows. It is not a high IQ show with good plot. But once again, its few merits, mostly in novelty and technical qualities, made it a phenomenon. I know it's like meme to shit on SAO or whatever, so not trashing it in every sentence get fags like you aggro.

No. 777699


No. 777706

File: 1617765726302.png (573.04 KB, 680x680, cutie.png)

I want to try one of those mushroom growing kits, but I hate eating mushrooms so I feel like it would just be a waste. Like, if I don't eat them, then what would I do with the mushrooms once they are grown? Or do you just let them keep growing until they eventually take over your entire house?

No. 777716

people grow flowers that are just going to die. you might as well do the same with mushrooms.

No. 777723

File: 1617767858782.jpeg (108.12 KB, 620x731, wicked shrooms.jpeg)

You could gift them if you know anyone that likes cooking with mushrooms, I think that would be sweet.

No. 777725

Perfect pics anon

No. 777726

File: 1617768202869.jpg (45.72 KB, 615x444, 39d0d39783c978662452e0596d4732…)

Just found out there's an Adam Driver stan thread on /m/ and my confusion at the thirst surrounding Keanu Reeve's ugly little brother continues. Now that I think about it more I never really found Keanu particularly attractive either until recently, but after looking at Adam Driver's face I can say that Reeves was genuinely handsome in his prime. I suppose I should be thanking the Diverfags instead for making me see the beauty in this man.

No. 777727

I wonder if you'll get banned now

No. 777728

>Just found out there's an Adam Driver stan thread on /m/
How new are you

No. 777729

Same, the suspense is killing me

No. 777730

I haven't been using LC frequently since early last year, so no I don't have a mental catalog of every thread that was posted while I wasn't browsing here.

No. 777735

Now I'm worried it's just the three of us larping together

No. 777747

To >>743815 (the anon who advised me to try the mint flavor of Yerba Mate because I was having a hard time enjoying the original one), please come onto the stage so I can smooch you. I love them so much now.

No. 777753

File: 1617771679096.gif (154.82 KB, 220x122, gimmekish.gif)

omfg that's me…smooches

No. 777759

File: 1617772551394.gif (867.43 KB, 500x256, thankyouforyourservice.gif)

Me n you! I've been buying them like 4 cans at a time.

No. 777763

I'm happy for you, queen. I'll think of you next time I get the chance to crack one open.

No. 777764

File: 1617772944044.gif (3.14 MB, 478x270, e048f378d1b307d489bc3b9d7c455f…)

>Makes a lot of posts
>Going to make another one
>Suddenly banned again, same ban

Has this happened to anyone else? Wtf

No. 777765

Why are mods against funnies

No. 777769

Maybe you're switching between IP addresses somehow.

No. 777770

I ate a whole tub of guac with a spoon

No. 777772


No. 777773

File: 1617773745489.jpg (29.22 KB, 500x371, 6af.jpg_large.jpg)

Pico de gallo is better. All offense.

No. 777774

Apples and oranges, baby. But I'll have you know this guacamole had pico in it

No. 777775

Are you switching between wifi and network?

No. 777776

File: 1617773904297.png (97.36 KB, 359x420, llzrm7t6que51.png)


No. 777777

One more post till the 777777 ooooh

No. 777778


No. 777779

Women are superior

No. 777780

My apologies then. Carry on.

No. 777781

oh shit! It was me!

No. 777782

File: 1617773935922.jpeg (58.45 KB, 680x868, Ev-o3inXcAA6Tjv.jpeg)

I thought you called me funnie (like funny but make it cute) and was flattered like a dumbass lol

I wonder if one of the mods can unban someone another mod banned in case they disagree with it?
If so, then the mods were battling for me because I am unbanned again even though it said I had to wait like 2 more hours or so

No. 777783

Fuck you beat me

No. 777784


No. 777785

make a wish nonny

No. 777787


No. 777788

Late samefag, I don't think it was that cause I didn't leave home. Weird

No. 777789

what the fuck nona

No. 777790

blessed be!

No. 777794

the chosen one

No. 777798

Saging in /ot/ is for homophones

No. 777799

Anon sauce? I'm oddly endeared to "ugly" 2d men. Or is that a girl… I'm not sure either way, sauce plz

No. 777801

File: 1617774723420.jpg (62.18 KB, 512x334, unnamed (2).jpg)

Dead Dead Demon's De De De De Destruction - it's about some young women dealing with life since a huge spaceship appeared above Tokyo and has been there for years.

No. 777805

No, I hope know that saging in /ot/ is for winners and people who aren't losers. It's our duty to do it at every hour of the day.

No. 777806

thanks anon, they look cute.

No. 777808

I sage all the time cause I'm shy but tbh I agree with you. Saging in /ot/ makes no sense whatsoever.

No. 777810

Smh just proving my point

No. 777811

I sage in OT when I am being OT in the thread.

No. 777812

File: 1617775129197.jpg (57.6 KB, 626x701, check.jpg)

No. 777834

Give them away or just grow them for the fun of growing them! I have a whole garden full if herbs every summer I could technically use in dishes or teas or whatever but I don't because just growing them is fun!

No. 777884

File: 1617790086941.png (111.72 KB, 600x600, D5DC1F8E-3E4F-4610-ACCD-78441D…)

I want to date the irl version of this picture

No. 777885

File: 1617790133437.gif (1.32 MB, 360x202, 4a6192f034e8265c102e7386197959…)

My desire to permanently go braless vs my consciousness about my nipples poking through

No. 777886

File: 1617790436950.gif (2.18 MB, 183x200, 1F5F9923-8935-47BF-94EE-18D6E3…)

The concept of pasties/nipple covers watching from the sidelines

No. 777890

pasties are a godsend. i will never care about my swinging titties offending someone again because they can't say shit with no nipple evidence.

No. 777892

ayrt, fo sho I've been looking at pasties! But seeing as one of the reasons I wanna give up bras is for less fuss getting ready each day it seems counterintuitive kek. Anyway I'll probably end up getting some and trying out life with them

No. 777895

Nayrt but I wish there was a more reusable form of them that didn't involve glue. I sometimes use tape but there's an art form there of making sure there are no bunched up wrinkles that look weird through your clothes. Lately I wear fabric bralettes but they don't really hide my nipples anyway

I just want small nipple shields to suspend themselves from my body without any binding agent or fuss so that I don't get stared at for having the same things literally every human has

No. 777903

File: 1617792321855.jpeg (40.85 KB, 680x450, F97E70BE-2541-4303-9A8B-BF488D…)

Sooo when did this new wave of encouraging people in their comments to remain in toxic relationships start?

No. 777905

What the fuck, why is all of the fauna of my country trying to get in my house?
>exist as me
>spend the day cleaning up and making sure there’s no garbage before going to sleep
>spray isopropyl alcohol on almost every single surface
>go to bedroom
>gecko eggs everywhere
>wake up
>cockroaches in the kitchen
Next time I will see a fucking capybara trying to eat my pet’s food or some shit.

No. 777906

Maybe I'm happy living in a shitty cold country

No. 777912

What do you mean?

No. 777916

I was on tik tok and I came across a girl I'm familiar with/have seen on my fyp before. Anyway, the video I saw was about her getting back together with her ex and captioned "to every guy I was talking to, you can leave me alone now. I got back with the only person I want". And the comments were about how they originally broke up because he cheated on her. Then a bunch of other comments were also saying things along the lines of "y'all are a different kind of toxic. you're so cute together". This isn't the first time I've seen that narrative on social media before. It just baffles me why people find that kind of stuff admirable. Especially when the couple publicly broke up before in a grand spectacle.

No. 777926

>tik tok

There's your problem. The site is full of kids and twitterfags, an odd mix. No normal or sane person is going to encourage that.

No. 777933

File: 1617796964424.png (213.56 KB, 522x1190, nkx.png)

This reminded me of the landlord anon, for some reason (sorry for ant pic).

No. 777939

File: 1617797566378.jpg (279.31 KB, 720x736, 20210407_130630.jpg)

People at my uni are such pussies holy shit, rest in piss to all the psychology students

No. 777941

Nothing good can come from coddling weakness instead of building up strength. This is not how creatures survive. It's so unnatural, a spit in the face of evolution.

No. 777943

I have to wonder if this is mother nature's way to solve overpopulation

No. 777944

File: 1617798352712.png (1.05 MB, 1062x1296, ughghghgh.png)

i fucking hate this so much. stay strong anon, the weak will die out

No. 777945

>sorry, I can't help with that, I missed that part in school because it had a violence TW

No. 777946

What? They're just implementing trigger and content warnings beforehand. It's not like the material itself is going anywhere. This is already done in so many places, and very casually too.

No. 777947

This lol, it's not going to hurt anyone and most people don't give a crap. It's not like they'll skip class because of a cw

No. 777952

I hate how everything seems to require an app or you signing up with an email for practically anything. I went to the library with my dad so he could print out something important and it pretty much took 2 hours because we had to sign up for some shit and then download an app and then scan this barcode and connect it to the printer and it was so freaking ridiculous. Less than a few years ago all you had to do was stick a usb in and click a button and boom it's done in 3 minutes tops, now you need like two different apps to download one sheet of fucking paper. What next, you need an app to turn on the light in your room? I hate the modern world sometimes

No. 777968

There’s this entire family in my town that is just fucked up. The parents swing with other couples in town (this is a small town, so it’s even more weird), the oldest son is a cross dresser, and the youngest son just recently got caught filming people pissing in his bathroom at home (including his own mother).
So if I ever get sad about how much of a loser I am, I remind myself that I’m not like any of them and I feel pretty good.

No. 777971

The landlord hate on this site is very telling about how mature most anons are

No. 777974

>The scrote hate on this site is very telling about how mature most anons are
>The tranny hate on this site is very telling about how mature most anons are
>The sexual predator hate on this site is very telling about how mature most anons are
>The scammer hate on this site is very telling about how mature most anons are

No. 777976

Apples and oranges anon

No. 777979

what a landlord would say

No. 777982

Hey, no "hi landlord"-ing in here

No. 777984

Well it happened. I had my first lolcow induced nightmare. And guess what it was about? Getting banned over Adam fucking Driver. I don’t even like him(driversperging)

No. 777986

Nobody gives a fuck that you're a landlord, nobody would know if you didn't say anything, stop "oppressing" yourself.

No. 777988

Every time an anon rants about landlord being the devil, I imagine it's Luna Slater posting lol

No. 777989

I feel like laws need to be passed against that stuff, because pretty soon you won't be able to actually own anything. Any electronic thing you buy all for yourself and take it home won't really be yours, if you don't play by whatever corporation's rules they can just deny you service.

And if you have a household full of the same company's appliances on the same person's email or other identification, they could cut everything off at the same time if they want.

No. 777992

My mom discovered the phrase "I love you to the moon and back!" and now she cannot stop saying it kek it's cute

No. 777994

Are you sure it was a nightmare and not a prophecy?

No. 777995

boohoo, i thought landlords would be too busy leeching around to post shit like this on lolcow.farm of all places. being a landlord should be a bannable offense

No. 777996

The ask again option for sanic doesn't really make sense, it's pretty much always guranteed to be a no.

No. 778001

Landlords have much more free time than the proles that they leech off of, since they’re not arsed about property maintenance, all they have to do all day is send passive aggressive emails and me fun of le poor people on the internet. Then they cry when their poor investment fails and want the government to bail them out.

No. 778002

Well when your "job" basically consists of collecting rent from people who actually work, that lends itself to a lot of free time.

No. 778003

Sanic is not meant for a slow ass website like this anyway. It's meant for 4chan where the numbers are more random.

No. 778004

Exactly this

No. 778005

What the fuck is happening
>Literal BDD-chan
>Wrote in my childhood diary that I was scared wouldn't go to heaven because of how ugly I am lmao
>Bullied for ugly as a kid
>Daily horrible daydreams about getting stabbed, crushed, and acid burns to the face, because literally anything would be an improvement
>Decide to troon because being an ugly man is easier than being an ugly girl
>Graduate bottom of my class, go to therapy to become troon
>Diagnosed with BDD, therapist says I can't troon until better
>Learn some copes, brain improves
>Lose the desire to troon
>Still ugly but accepting myself and realizing it's not the end of the world to be ugly
>Years later, it is April 6, 2021
>On track to get my degree, top of my class
>Very stressful event puts me in BDD mode
>Pick my face for an hour
>Take selfies to photoshop and plan my future plastic surgeries
>See my face
>Bitch is gorgeous
>Mirror flip that shit because it can't be right
>Take 20 more pictures because it can't be right
>Use different camera apps because who the fuck is this, some automatic beauty filter must be on
>Beauty filter is off, must be a camera angle trick
>Look in mirror
>Bitch is gorgeous
>It is today
>Still gorgeous
What the fuck

No. 778007

File: 1617803355500.jpg (51.37 KB, 468x468, 1594468485792.jpg)

Congratulations on being gorgeous!

No. 778008

>how could it be that working people don't like those that take their money in exchange for a place to live until the day they die?!
Just keep your head down and collect your money quietly. Indeed, no one sympathizes with this.

No. 778010

Might as well shoot heroin, homeless shelters and rehabs are better maintained than a lot of shared houses/apartment blocks

No. 778011

Thank you sweet fluffy moth-chan, I wish you a very gorgeous day.

No. 778012

I don't get it. Who cares? It's not censorship, you can just ignore the warning. Those who refuse to read/watch the course content because it's "too triggering" will have their own grades suffer, not your or my problem.
Maybe even better, professors will take into account that not everyone took in all the content, so they'll make tests/final exams a little bit simpler so we can all have an easier time.

No. 778014

Awesome, the curse was lifted. Congrats anon

No. 778015

>it's the landlord's fault I'm a junkie!
Definitely Luna Slater

No. 778016

File: 1617803891871.jpg (9.64 MB, 5951x7205, Narcissus-Caravaggio_(1594-96)…)

No BDD but also found myself to be so ugly I literally cried when I looked into the mirror for too long, and had the same enlightenment a few weeks ago to the point I'm just waiting to fall into a lake kek.

No. 778019

Get a job

No. 778021

get clean

No. 778023

Fix my fucking boiler

No. 778024

I'm not a landlord, junkie

No. 778025

Ok so you must be ashamed because you’re fucking the landlord for rent. That’s disgusting.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 778027

Lay off the drugs, that made no sense at all. Leave your poor landlord alone and check into rehab, you said it yourself it's better there so what are you waiting for.

No. 778028

File: 1617804641665.gif (409.8 KB, 220x220, 451E4F9F-A179-4366-8936-0AAC72…)

Oh look it’s the worlds smallest violin playing for your poor landlord pimp daddy

No. 778029

Look, she's not fucking me for rent okay she's fucking me AAAND paying rent. Also tune your tiny violin bitch you sound horrid(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 778032

Official judgment is you’re retarded. Costs assessed to plaintiff(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 778034

File: 1617805131418.jpeg (359.29 KB, 643x627, 0A034003-2239-4533-8C5B-6A0734…)

lmao I love that the jannies are anti-landlord I love it. anyways got a job interview in a bit I really hope I get it wish me luck

No. 778039

File: 1617805205071.jpg (40.62 KB, 640x853, sad birthday cat.jpg)

I'm so jealous of short women with long legs

No. 778040

I don't think they're anti-lanlord just anti-autistic sperging that nobody cares about

No. 778041

File: 1617805301237.jpeg (151.4 KB, 750x638, C276A76A-6467-4298-8240-5659B7…)

let’s stay dumbasses together <3
Good luck nonita, I hope you get it!

No. 778042

File: 1617805332445.jpg (24.7 KB, 547x505, She looks so much like legs go…)

Wouldn't that mean they have very short torsos then?

No. 778044

Yeah, but I don't think short torsos look bad

No. 778045

don’t anon, we look very stumpy and weird in jeans

No. 778058

I should add that it's not my friend that had the baby but his gf.

No. 778059

Jesus that’s crazy, I feel bad for your friend and anyone that comes across that. Poor kid

No. 778062

Why in the fuck was my post deleted, I even added a fucking warning for other anons. Too scared to even check if I was banned.

No. 778063

Maybe it was deleted because you posted a photo of a dead baby for no reason, anon

No. 778065

It wasn't for no reason. I was kind of venting, in irritation that they posted it as well as commenting on the mortality rate of infants in obese women. There's been far worst posted, I did trigger warning it and warn anons. I spoilered it.

I did nothing wrong.

No. 778067

Okay anon but morbidly obese or not, many of them do give birth to alive babies and it's not like anyone truly knows when or if they'll miscarry. This woman's hormones are leaving her and she just went through a traumatic process. She's in an insane amount of grief and I feel bad that no one is there to be in her present so she doesn't feel she has to turn to facebook with shock pics for empathy. She should really have family there to take that phone away and not leave her alone.

No. 778068

warning or no warning, doesn't it count as gore? You could have censored the dead baby (haven't seen the pic btw)

No. 778084

Idk there is a ton of uncensored gore posted in the munchies and soren threads. I censored it and warned people so it's not like I was trying to scare anyone, which is what gore posters do.

No. 778098

not as stumpy as short women with short legs

No. 778108

I'm really stupid but I just realized that they don't remove lactose from lactose-free products. They just put the lactase enzyme in them

No. 778111


No. 778128

File: 1617815204879.jpeg (34.18 KB, 480x480, 1606286497959.jpeg)

oh no dude I'm dating just linked me to his soundcloud what if he's cringe and sucks???

No. 778129

I'd soooo dread listening to that shit

No. 778130

File: 1617815528359.jpg (53.76 KB, 700x368, 1616151324906.jpg)

If I were a landlord, I wouldn't mind giving free housing to some people, as long as they weren't terrible, or like complete human trainwrecks. I especially wouldn't mind giving free housing to people who are really old, mothers, those who have pets and/or people with a lot of other bills to pay already, etc. At the most, I'd probably have them pay only if they or their pets damaged the property more than three times, or if it exceeded a certain amount in money to fix. Like, why not give people who are struggling and non-problematic a place to stay? It could happen to you, your friends, family, etc.
I just don't see any reason not to help people if you can do so. Not like most landlords are struggling, with the way I see some landlordanons talk.

No. 778131

bit the bullet, they're just remixes and they sound fine thank god

No. 778134

While this is a sweet idea and would exist in an ideal world, how would you make money on that? Being a landlord is about turning a profit. This idea would work in a compound scenario, maybe.

No. 778136

File: 1617816118327.gif (14.74 KB, 50x50, djstrife.gif)

godspeed, gorgeous-chan

No. 778137

It sounds nice and all and I thought the same but ever since I actually got my own flat and finished it up from a completely raw state I realized how much money and hard work it is and it's not something I'd ever just offer to a stranger for free. People do overcharge like crazy in many cases but unless you're rich af offering up a place to rent for (almost) nothing sounds like something that could only bring in trouble and cheap / entitled people that will never appreciate the generosity.

No. 778138

I co-own and rent out a single property. We charge so little that we either break even on the mortgage and maintenance, or really most months we’re losing money. Being a landlord is only about profiting off of someone else’s need for a home if you’re an unethical sack of shit. If you have a home you want to keep ownership of but don’t want to live in yourself, then accept that you’re going to take some inconvenience and no profit in exchange for the blessing of having a home you can afford to not live in.

No. 778140

does anyone else think joeybtoonz is kinda annoying? His disinterested voice and the fact that all of his videos are basically reaction videos with no interesting or entertaining commentary

No. 778144

Yeah, he just seems like a hack that publishes misinformation and dresses it up as a critical hot take for views on youtube. Reminds me of the perfume nationalist from the leftcows thread.

No. 778146

File: 1617817643877.jpeg (61.69 KB, 500x625, 6AF3F0E8-C5F6-4915-B0DE-0B9634…)

just realized that I said hi in the discord and unfortunately went to sleep. oh boy can’t wait to sift through the autism

No. 778164

So weird that this anon >>777984 was banned but this >>777726 wasn't. What's the criteria

No. 778166

Just because it isn't redtexted doesn't mean anon wasn't banned. But it does seem random overall.

No. 778167

me, with a fresh body and mind at daytime
>browsing image boards
>watching anime
>lounging in my gaming chair
me at 1am half-asleep and with a headache from the monitor fatigue
>doing schoolwork
>doing my daily workout routine
>manicly sending out and answering e-mails I was supposed to days ago
Why am I like this? It's like I can't be productive unless I can completelly dissociate from my mind and body

No. 778183

File: 1617822622669.jpg (102.94 KB, 735x739, bd361b0d0fcebea155f21f44d334e7…)

Can't wait for my tablet pen to arrive so I can try and make money with my shitty art again
hopefully this one will work, the last one I bought was super crappy

No. 778191

The second post was me sorry. I haven't been a regular here for so long that I had no idea there was a legit Driver schism lmaooo. Mods if you're reading this pls no ban I won't post about him again after this.

No. 778193

A SoundCloud rapper? Looks like you got yourself a keeper! He’ll be telling you every month that he’s dropping a fire mixtape!

No. 778198

File: 1617824231702.jpg (48.85 KB, 562x841, 987631.jpg)

This meme is so dumb. Pic rel is how they actually look imo
a post in the confessions thread got redtexted too despite shitting on him. I thought only fangirling was banned, what's going on

No. 778207

I wish I could transform my cat into a cool big dog to take with me on long walks and then turn it back into a cat once we get home. That's the dream.

No. 778209

On the topic of Keanu, I should probably binge all his movies

No. 778216

Its ok my loves I'm safe. Honestly I deserved it

No. 778217

I wish I had someone to play with my hair, I had a female friend in HS who was always playing with my hair and giving me cute little hairstyles and it felt so good.

No. 778220

Yeah, and she has freakish bodyproportions. Not hating on Sailor Moon.

No. 778222

Are you using a VPN? Or was it lifted? Lol
At this point I can see it actually having a bit of a Streisand Effect

No. 778223

> I thought only fangirling was banned
Pretty sure it's talking about him in general since once you do, all of the fans start fangirling anyway, not to mention, no one cares about dreams of getting banned over adam driver, post about it in the thread for him

No. 778225

AD thread is for fangirls and not haters, so keep your negativity to yourself or make an anti-AD thead if you must

No. 778228

File: 1617828670721.jpg (244.68 KB, 1062x889, 159893723200373956565237719553…)

Fellow shitty artist here, do you mind sharing how you personally make money from it?

No. 778231

File: 1617828864393.jpg (29.47 KB, 319x427, iduncare.JPG)

just saw this pic on the home page based folder pics anon

No. 778234

I had some few commissions, nothing that I could make a living out of, tbqh. I know that an old client of mine wanted to work with me again but I couldn't because of the broken pen, I don't know if he found a different artist by now but I'll try to contact him again lol
I will try to do something different now, but I still don't know exactly what. I am just winging it, not the best one to give advice lol

No. 778238

saying something like "I had a dream I got banned for posting about adam driver and I don't even like him" is not hate. it belongs in the adam driver thread IMO.

No. 778240

Cardi B was right. Men love a toxic b.

No. 778248

Saving this one too, ilu anon
Lol maybe the best advice is to just do it. I did offer $5 sketches when I was desperate on reddit and got quite a few bites, somehow I'm too scared to try for real

No. 778254

File: 1617830409070.png (215.8 KB, 932x1188, mister bubz.png)

Was reading an interview with Mister Bubz' owner and came to this part and I just… could…could people just…stop? Just don't do this shit?

No. 778255

I agree with this but I don't think it was sperging either. Idk maybe different mods have different criterias

No. 778261

I found my sister's secret Pinterest account by accident. For some reason it showed up in google search results when I searched for her instagram even though she uses it under a fake name. Unfortunately there's nothing interesting on it though.

No. 778266

Nah it was practically nothing

No. 778267

File: 1617831911806.jpeg (71.37 KB, 1024x576, 8C25B5DB-5FA5-46D8-BD96-87B72D…)

>on instagram
>sees twitfag raving about picrel actor
>gives me a hoot
>reply on post that he’s generic white guy
>passive aggressive highly suspected gay scrote replies to me with whiteknight defense
>i reply using sarcastic twitterfag language and emojis
>seething gay james mcavoy stan starts screeching in comments and claiming this b-list star made major “problematic” contributions to the black community

No. 778269

what'd he do anon please tell me I need to know

No. 778281

fuck anon sorry to excite you but I meant “unproblematic” they obsess over bland actors

No. 778296

Ever since my medication got doubled, I’ve been horny as fuck. I’m feeling a lot better don’t get me wrong, but before, I was able to go months without sex without hardly thinking about it but now I’m thinking about it WAY more. I feel like a horny teenage boy and not an actual adult woman. It sucks. The last thing I want to be is a coomer.

No. 778297

File: 1617835837121.jpeg (486.3 KB, 731x911, 4F26EE08-47C7-4956-95DD-4FFF39…)

this is true and you know it

No. 778301

You’re just poking the nest, anon.

No. 778303

Let’s hope they ignore it and just start talking about how their bf won’t wash their ass correctly god I hope fingers crossed

No. 778314

I'm genuinely grateful to be a woman. Better intelligence, memory, empathy. Literally all the things you need to succeed in this world and men fuck it up constantly. The only thing they have is stature which the world believes is impossible for women to have.

No. 778317

File: 1617837027617.jpg (93.48 KB, 625x804, 818c751e9884a6ee1c64c18103a65a…)


No. 778323

But what about the physical threat and constant fearing for your life? And despite being more insightful and more empathetic than men, not getting any credit or acknowledgment of it?

I fucking hate scrotes but I'd rather be a man bc it's undeniably easier.

No. 778324

File: 1617837589360.webm (3.43 MB, 960x1708, cROUDga.webm)


No. 778325

yuck I hate this thing

No. 778327

File: 1617837761651.jpg (57.03 KB, 600x600, 29053x.jpg)

Just bought this hedgehog, his name is Odeng. I'll buy the frog when he finally restocks as well, unsure on what I should name him

No. 778328

That’s not nice, anon… :(

No. 778329

Call the frog Odong

No. 778330

File: 1617838043027.jpg (133.35 KB, 480x640, d8ec3ecfea550a38b5d072ad46583a…)

why u gotta be so rude?
don't you know i'm an elephantseal too?

No. 778334

Redbull didn't have to go so hard making their new summer flavor that tasty.

No. 778348

No. 778371

File: 1617844651606.png (291.38 KB, 528x390, 160FEEE6-0B6F-4F99-9886-35EC7E…)

I want a super weird ADHD King freak weirdo bf so bad because I’m also an ADHD freak and feel like I can’t fully communicate with most people who don’t have it

I will also never be jerma’s gf kms

No. 778386

Live yourself,(not a typo btw) he's ugly

No. 778393

File: 1617847974197.jpeg (65.21 KB, 720x540, 9F76A339-A4C2-401D-A8B7-B11A39…)

Listen. If I was presented with the trolley problem, whoever is on the tracks that it was originally/automatically set to is getting killed. I don't consider blood to be on my hands that way. Inaction is not an action.

No. 778409

Based anon

No. 778419

File: 1617851216358.jpg (38.57 KB, 842x204, Troon Vineyard Logo Oregon wid…)

I'm fucking crying I hope they sell tshirts

No. 778422

>living in mom's garage
>doped up on a shitload of xanax
>obvious shit taste in men
Is this not just Amanda Bret only a couple months ago?

No. 778424

File: 1617852051131.jpeg (76.61 KB, 1060x825, 988A15BF-F640-412A-9178-59A0A8…)

Don’t slander my beloved like that

No. 778427

>obvious shit taste in men
She dumped him pretty brutally, so clearly not her type

No. 778433

File: 1617852896040.jpg (27.25 KB, 474x348, unnamed (4).jpg)

Chug, chug, chug went the motor,
Bump, bump, bump went the break,
Thump, thump, thump went my heartstrings,
When he smiled I could feel the car shake.

No. 778441

Thump thump thump thump thump* actually because there's supposed to be 5 bodies strapped to the tracks that are primed to get run over.

No. 778448

And credited it all to being very fucked up on a "shitload of xanax".

Sorry anon still has strong bratoutofhell vibes.

No. 778450

Gonna have to disagree, her break up had nothing to do with drug use,
>had already been wanting to tell him I'm not interested, we have no chemistry
and in fact she said she took drugs because she didn't expect anything to be happening that night
>I'm already doped up on a shitload of xanax because I did not expect this to be happening tonight, so I don't think to call the police
I'm not saying recreational drug use is good, but also neither does she
>Don't do drugs lmfao
I think she's based, fuck moids, and plenty of decent people have abused drugs for plenty of reasons, it seems like a moot point in this case
I'd be pissed off too if someone tried to buy me, can't say I'd be ballsy/crazy enough to drag them out of my house, but I wish I was
You're absolutely entitled to your opinion and I don't mean to try to change your mind, but I like this girl's tale a lot and I want to defend her

No. 778454

File: 1617860675262.png (237.27 KB, 736x789, 1576838396556.png)

sorry you will never be as based as our man-destroying xanax queen

No. 778458

It's not like they were ever actually together, he imagined the entire relationship.

No. 778459

but anon, they ate chicken wings together four whole times /s

No. 778460

>based kween yas
Do you wk the scamanda thread too or are you xanax anon herself? kek

No. 778461

My post didn't say anything like that and I still think you're allowed to disagree with me

No. 778471

me too but genderbent

No. 778475

i jsut hate moids and think the xan story is hilarious, unclench

No. 778485

I like testing how deep up my nose I can go up my nose while getting snot for my corona test.

No. 778500

I have an interview in like 1 and a half hours and I am so scared my tongue is swelled in my mouth

No. 778501

File: 1617871181262.gif (1.86 MB, 356x200, 20E75960-2E32-43A7-BFCC-A9529D…)

GECKO EGGS??? kek what the actual fuck

No. 778503

Do some breathing exercises, it will be fine! Good luck!

No. 778509

Fingers crossed for you anon!

No. 778512

File: 1617872211100.jpg (108.77 KB, 600x600, fuck u gecko.jpg)

lmaaaaooo I had the exact same reaction like, I was not aware this was a problem people had. I'm very sorry for that nona though because that sounds extremely stressful. Still though, gecko eggs!!! KEK at least geckos are cute I guess. Picrel is something I found googling 'fuck you gecko' and I'm dying

No. 778515

File: 1617872637816.jpg (243.4 KB, 2896x2896, 20210408_105842.jpg)

It makes me sad that one of my favourite companies has started to pump out expensive garbage workout gear. Their leggings used to be really nice quality, I still own one of the first they released, but now it's all ugly shiny vanity sized poliamyd crap. They had the potential and just threw it all away. Whatever makes the most money I guess.

No. 778519

Do you remember the Miley Cyrus blue eyes meme? I loved that

No. 778521

I 'member

No. 778534

File: 1617874885789.jpg (92.44 KB, 680x453, IMG_4072.jpg)

I'm craving noodles but we don't have any, I want to go to that imported asian product store but I don't have money (yet) rn

No. 778542

clicked on this image just to say i'm so hungry i would obliterate this bowl of noodles

No. 778552

I got banned from some stupid feminist memes FB group for ableism because some scrote reported me for defending the use of the word 'psycho' lol

No. 778567

trying to go to heaven is overrated

No. 778568

Is anyone trying? I honestly haven't noticed.

No. 778578

No. 778583

We are one and the same anon
I followed the popular advice of getting a routine and worked so hard on having a regular sleep pattern so that I can fit into the working world, but without running on sleep deprivation I can't get anything done at all
I hate to label things but if it's of any interest to you, I got diagnosed with adhd but have found the medication doesn't make anything better except for helping me to keep a more regular sleep cycle although I'm never really "mentally awake" anymore in the way that 3am made me feel.

No. 778588

Reddit is so fucking corny lol. Like any time they get those stupid useless awards the poster's all like "omg thank you so much kind strangers" or worst "wow this blew up!" like bitch I wish YOU blew up

No. 778592

>bitch i wish YOU blew up
kek i love you anon

No. 778598

File: 1617884600805.jpg (79.58 KB, 750x750, DrqHJJsXgAA2BNQ.jpg)

love ya too girl

No. 778599

I wish scrotes had better reactions to being hit on or asked out by women they dont like. It would be nice to be able to ask cute scrotes out instead of having to wait for scrotes to hit on me and they're usually ugly ones i dont want. I know if I went up to 100s of cute scrotes, one of them would eventually say yes but I cant deal with the first 99 who will probably act cocky or act obnoxiously disgusted. Just smile and say "I have a gf" like women do. I hate having to use dating sites and I am not attracted to the men who talk to me in real life.

No. 778600

edits of tv shows and movies make them 100x more interesting

No. 778634

>tfw you have to scurry and delete your lolcow tab in fears of being called on in class

No. 778641

Saw a post on some gossip group that Henry Cavill has a new girlfriend, commented that I hope she's not as young as his previous partners and got attacked by multiple women there for daring to imply it's in any way wrong for him to date 19/20 year olds in his mid-thirties. I got so used to reasonable approach to this kind of subject here on LC I forgot ""normies"" are not like this.

No. 778643

I get you, I have this with a lot of opinions too lmao

No. 778645

easy to forget sometimes that we're in a very specific world view bubble here

No. 778648

Why the fuck am I so out of loop with everything that's going on in my own family? I literally live with them
>My dad got diagnosed with a disease and didn't tell me (I already knew they were suspecting it but had no idea he was diagnosed)
>My dad was tested for COVID two times (both negative), I didn't even know he was properly sick

No. 778649

Anon I totally get you which is why I'm going to sperg. Normie women are taught not to be mean, aggressive and selective with their interactions and relationships. If they are they are socially punished for it by their peers and scrotes. That also means that they have to accept the weirdest things like dating some 40 year old celebrity scrote because there's a disgusting amount power/wealth/privilege imbalance. If we gave young women better outlets for self-esteem and self-advocacy and financial independence it would be over for those jailbait-scheming male hoes around the globe.

No. 778650

File: 1617892400528.jpg (62.53 KB, 775x1488, do-u-like-sexy-egirls-f3udyix9…)

I saw this picture and thought it was D'Angello Wallace trooning out

No. 778652

File: 1617892524023.jpg (22.25 KB, 296x194, 564564156.JPG)

I have mood swings it's annoying I don't know what I really want now

No. 778666

File: 1617894128936.png (392.72 KB, 640x640, 10429214_10152924193140751_401…)

So I'm eating this pumpkin soup and it tastes like my Guinea pigs used to smell like after they rolled around in a huge pile of hay and now I'm confused.


No. 778668

I'm so retarded I'm sitting at home starving with a full refrigerator because nothing I could eat seems appetizing enough. But I don't even know what I crave.

No. 778673


My mom makes these “health nut muffins” which taste fine but when they’re a few days old the bag smells like the inside of a pet store. Related phenomena?

No. 778676

File: 1617895962275.jpg (39.38 KB, 750x793, 169109245_515049726333166_4900…)

No. 778680

I tried to look up but found nothing related to that. But I came across the information that bees smell like bananas and that grey kangaroos' smell like curry, who knew?


No. 778690

Honestly I think I can only feel connection with my boyfriend and no one eles, not men or women or anyone

No. 778695

p sure that's called codependency

No. 778707

you need friends, retard, stop hanging out exclusively around these low-value hoes
I know you feel like you fit in, but never forget what this place is really like

No. 778712

It's so nice having a coworker closer to my own age. He's cute and helps out way more than the older people. And we both make funny faces at each other when other people do or say stupid things kek.

No. 778715

I don't have a Job, I've tried and failed so many times
I have certain lows which cause me to self isolate for days on end, so I've never held down a Job, also where I have worked people have made fun of me for one reason or another

No. 778719

I really like Momokun's house. Not sure why everyone else seems to hate it.

No. 778775

I shaved my eyebrows into tiny, angry little rottweiler dots.

No. 778778

I did too last year. I thought I looked cool but now when I look at the single photo I took of myself back then it was not really good at all. Not to discourage you, I hope you feel good about it.

No. 778801

I don't know why that made me laugh, I'm sure I'll be in the same boat by this time next year too

No. 778802

My mom's aunt gave me some clothes from her old closet, there was this black with white polkadots dress with shoulderpads and elbow length sleeves and a huge detachable collar, I love it so much I can't wait for summer, everyone is gonna envy me and my tacky 40 year old dress

No. 778804

I don't like the fake marble tiling cause it looks cheap and tacky imo, other than that it's fine.

No. 778806

growing up with 80s and 90s fashion in their respective decades it blows my mind to think that its the in look now lol i say that as late 90s early 00s fashion im still p okay with. momcore/normcore just confuses me

No. 778809

Yeah it's so silly how you can pull old clothes out of a wardrobe that haven't seen the light of day for decades and that's exactly the type of clothes they're selling to us as cool and fashionable in stores right now

No. 778827

File: 1617910616698.jpeg (112.65 KB, 750x467, 9B11CA96-709F-4F8D-B672-7B07E1…)

No. 778830

File: 1617910641002.png (23.17 KB, 969x256, agreed btw.png)

I laughed out loud when I saw this, who of you anons was this? I know you play

No. 778831

Reading lolcow is so satifying for when you want to mind other people's business. Literally nothing happens in my life so I live vicariously through you guys' lives or fake stories. Thank you.

No. 778834

I got kicked out of my vegan/green anarchist group for ableism. I said "stupid". I actually hate social media.

No. 778846

ive always loved internet drama for that reason. ive been doing it for a little more than a decade and its only getting better with how integrated socials are in daily life.

the mistake is associating with those types of people. unfortunately the majority ride the woke wave and it makes sane people who believe in good causes look bonkers. but ngl loud vegans are second behind troons in obnoxiousness

No. 778847

The overlap of neoboard posters and farmers is kind of worrying

No. 778851

File: 1617912299365.jpg (141.71 KB, 850x478, ac53f7f939e264d89bbf6c7d4e1c86…)

I'm so sad I tried searching for the larme website where there were lots of photos from photoshoots and such but I can't find it anymore. There's just larme.co which is only advertisements. There were so many cute photos I wish I'd saved more. (pic related is us)

No. 778857

I keep losing weight uncontrollably and look like a complete crackhead even though my BMI is only like 20. My chest and rib bones are starting to show and I feel disgusted with myself but I still have a small lower stomach pooch and fat thighs like how the fuck am I so skinny and fat at the same time? Someone pls give me advice I've been using weights to help but I feel really gross with my bones showing

No. 778858

File: 1617913304558.jpg (675.79 KB, 927x1280, 1484681929532.jpg)

Search OP threads with 'larme' on the /cgl/ warosu archive.

No. 778859

File: 1617913424974.jpg (171.94 KB, 682x1024, louder for the backwards.jpg)

>fuck scrotes
>lolcow as a collective

i hope you ladies have a great day

No. 778870

Real queen shit. You would be a good actor tbh

No. 778872

File: 1617914487675.jpg (281.71 KB, 924x1200, 1493325338328.jpg)

No. 778879

File: 1617914859532.jpg (332.03 KB, 1024x683, 3c67fcca07903fa2ef5d62acdefc7d…)

Thank you, but that's not it; these images weren't in the magazines, they were only on that site and in all the cgl threads I've read I've never seen any of them there, they only have magazine scans, shop staff or random people there. But I will check out those threads once again for fun

No. 778885

File: 1617915174692.jpg (362.92 KB, 867x2048, 1484675330528.jpg)

Oooh damn, I totally misunderstood what you meant by photos from photoshoots. Sorry for insulting your intelligence like that, kek. It is me who is the fool.

No. 778886

File: 1617915248911.jpeg (181.32 KB, 538x376, 778AF278-52E4-422A-B214-DC84CA…)


No. 778888

File: 1617915476996.jpg (193.88 KB, 1280x720, Asobi Asobase - 03 - Large 14.…)

the toilet water touched my pussy when i was using the bathroom

No. 778891

File: 1617915636270.jpg (38.3 KB, 480x640, P(3).jpg)

It's okay, and thanks for posting that photo, I don't have it in my folder hehe now it's mine

No. 778892

Why did they cast Jared Leto in the new Gucci movie to play an old, balding man?
It just screams tryharding for an Oscar, either the make-up one or the best supporting actor one

No. 778893

your labia used the warp tool

No. 778894

I usually hide artist salt threads but I decided to read the last posts of the current thread and I wish I didnt. My god I hate Americans. I sometimes fantasize about Americans and severely americanized SJWs having their own, completely separate internet so they'd leave normal people alone in peace.

No. 778895

where is that pic from?

No. 778900

If you’re using weights you should be gradually building muscle, but you also need to eat enough for that. Since it sounds like you are already skinny but want a more toned look, try eating more calories per day of healthy foods and especially incorporating more protein into your diet. Getting enough sleep is also important to maximize the results of working out. Good luck anon!

No. 778905


No. 778906

just pee standing up! the world is your oyster sister <3

No. 778908

File: 1617916593283.jpeg (229.28 KB, 800x1066, 96BB675E-FF73-45FA-9F7F-829E4C…)

he looks like a pitbull sorry not sorry

No. 778909

i-i was pooping

No. 778910

nice tits tbh

No. 778911

Put toilet paper over the water before you poop so it won't splash. I never have the splashing issue when I do that

No. 778925

File: 1617918664067.jpg (74.88 KB, 600x900, e6a1f2bb7a429f99610a3705810f21…)

Wish my country was more creative with candles. I always see american candles with a lot of different "flavors" and I get so jealous. Like candles that smell like apple pie or chocolate pudding, or this other candle that I saw that had a mix of pine, musk, and vanilla.
Meanwhile here in my country is just lavender, cinnamon, vanilla, roses. That's about it.

No. 778928

File: 1617918955915.jpg (14.82 KB, 320x320, 1531480777972.jpg)

I have this one mutual on tumblr and we've been following each other for years (never really interacted with each other though, only like each others stuff here and there). Normally I find her posts funny, but for the past few weeks every other post is some kind of handmaidening and drowns out her original content. I know for a fact you browse lolcow too and got the man hating part down, now get on with the rest of the programm already.

No. 778929

Maybe you could try making your own if you are really interested. I don't know how it works but if you melt the store bought candle and add cinnamon and essential oils maybe it would smell nice, also if you or anyone else is really really interested this site has relatively cheap ingredients for making soap and candles https://www.thesoapery.co.uk/

No. 778962

smells like a money-making opportunity

No. 778967

lol anon…

No but I think you're right, you can always purchase the scents and everything and start making the candles yourself (even maybe become a small business?), Video related

No. 778968

File: 1617924554196.png (180.19 KB, 608x344, Sin título.png)

If LOTR was escapism back in WW2 and after 9/11, what's our escapism now as a society? VR, e-girls, onlyfans, NFTs and injecting hormones? Everything artificial and bad?

No. 778971

I hate the artsalt thread and most of all I despise twitter because they try to dare cancel good female artists with interesting messages in their art. Imagine shutting women up because of some petty shit.

If you are unconfortable with depictions of blood, then what the fuck are you doing in art? Just go back to your kiddie crayons and draw sanrio shit.
Who cares what race the subjects of the art are? They cry for inclusivity and then they cry when they don't like the subject of the art. Art is uncomfortable, art is supposed to make you think and feel… if you want to be a fucking piece of shit about it, maybe this scene isn't for you. This is what pisses me of, these little bitches think that them drawing ugly shit makes them equal to any other artists. And they aren't. They're masses of ignorant dumbasses with too much self entitlement.

I'm sure it will in time, there's bound to be a backlash against all the shit going on rn. It's so obvious It's just witchhunting against any popular female artist started by people with shit art wanting to get e-famous by harassing them and using it as a way to advertise themselves, and take down a superior competitor in the internet attention olympics. It's like damn if you spent as much time as you do harassing random popular artist's on twitter for clout as you do actually studying art you might actually get somewhere.

No. 778972

File: 1617925298279.png (292.03 KB, 480x480, frog.png)

I am incredibly jealous of women who know how to do protective styles on themselves. I can't do my own hair for shit, and I don't even know where to start

No. 778981

I apologize if this is too personal but do you live somewhere with readily available access to stylists who do protective styles? I know going to salons where people haven't learned how to work with certain hair types is all too common, and they charge up the wazoo if they do. What style do you want btw?

No. 778990

I dunno other people but mine are anime boys, my vibe and dancing

No. 778992

File: 1617928389749.jpeg (147.8 KB, 750x933, 1CD38337-473A-4209-9770-0FE70D…)

Husbandos and waifu’s.

No. 778994

Any dark triad anons that can give me tips on how to mentally break a scrote? I need that Megan Markle type power

No. 778995

The worse part of being ugly is some how blaming myself for it even though I know its 100% not my fault

No. 778996

File: 1617929892228.jpeg (38.26 KB, 554x554, gownoewbwp.jpeg)

I feel so bad for buying cute stationery since i never use it but i can't stop they're way too adorable

No. 778998

How'd it go? I do my own Brazilian. First time was hell. But now I do it weekly or every other week (hurts waaay less to do frequent maintenance).

No. 778999

I really do love my scrote. Maybe one day I’ll be free of this disease. Pray for me

No. 779000

Sly insults over their calves, gaslighting and all the usual stuff. Men haven't gotten used to sly insults about their looks or clothes so done right, it will fuck with their head.

No. 779001

nta but it still happens even after doing that and makes the toilet more clogged than usual

No. 779008

I have a purple big blanket and wearing a purple shit so it looks like I am one with the blanket.

I'm a super stoned big purple mass. I'm about to eat an egg roll. Life is good.

No. 779013

File: 1617932054933.jpg (125.77 KB, 768x1152, 54aa114be5100_-_elle-02-birthd…)

I want to marry Halle Berry.

No. 779014

Are you the reddit typing anon? Gröss

No. 779015

File: 1617932415268.jpg (137.62 KB, 735x764, 40b91504c97d7446a9ccad9333a6e9…)

Start bullet journaling so you can use it all
It's fun

No. 779016

Failing to sage pointless posts is just as bad as “reddit spacing” if not worse. Also, some people who don’t even use reddit just like to add a little space between paragraphs to make things more readable. It’s not a big deal.

No. 779019

File: 1617932839717.jpg (21.67 KB, 275x215, ffffffffffffff.JPG)

I want to be her.

No. 779020

File: 1617932930599.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.9 KB, 661x795, halle-berry-hot-boxing-8.jpg)

She's so hot anon. I know she's not that old, but I hope I'm able to take care of my body and maintain a toned figure like she does when I'm older

No. 779022

File: 1617933124134.jpeg (657.33 KB, 2010x3000, 2004.jpeg)

Oh god, same.

No. 779029

I could be her ugly dumpy cousin in real life. :(

No. 779031

File: 1617933676367.png (Spoiler Image, 122.44 KB, 1024x965, nelson1.png)

/pol/ is hell, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

No. 779034

File: 1617933724114.png (Spoiler Image, 503.63 KB, 1061x1000, nelson2.png)

I wish i could draw like this.

No. 779039

what am i looking at

No. 779040


Sometimes I wish I had anime goggles so men could actually look attractive IRL

No. 779042

It's ot, I'm not saging unless it's covid thread or something, but agreed. Paragraphs yeah, but that one bitch uses spaces like a madwoman and she's icky for it(sage)

No. 779047

File: 1617935701712.gif (3.16 MB, 314x200, tfw.gif)

A SINGLE SENTENCE IS NOT A PARAGRAPH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA who keeps saying this? I will find you and hunt you down

No. 779052

If you resemble her in any way, I'm sure you're beautiful, anon!
I can't remember what thread it was, but one reddit spacer said the "I add spaces in my post cause I went to college and I know how to type paragraphs" thing as well! Wtf is going on? If you're gonna space your posts (which you should if it's long) then at least do it properly. Makes them stick out like a sore thumb.

No. 779065

Holy fuck I hate the "latest Youtube posts" section on the homepage so much. It'd be one thing if it was only channels I subscribed to but the fact that it'll show me blog posts from a channel I watched ONE VIDEO of fills me with autistic rage

No. 779066

File: 1617939065336.jpg (50.82 KB, 564x564, catsinsperation.jpg)

I feel like such a hot bitch today. My smile is beautiful, my skin is clear and glowing, my ass is fat, my stomach is flat. Idk what I've been doing, but I need to keep doing it.

No. 779086

I have cold sores all over my lower lip and it looks disgusting close up but from afar it looks like I had lip fillers and am wearing red lipstick. So crap either way.

I can't wait for the pharm to open so I can put something on my lips for it to go awaaaay

No. 779089

File: 1617943261364.jpg (22.72 KB, 523x523, FB_IMG_1617814141358.jpg)

Would you forgive your partner cheating if it was their dream A list celebrity?

No. 779090

I don't care if it was God himself, no.

No. 779091

Sure, but my partner would need to let me cheat them too
Unless it's my dream A list celebrity
They could do whatever I want and I wouldn't care at all

No. 779092

No. 779093

If he wants to fuck his dream A list celebrity, he might fuck his dream A list celebrity because I would just leave and never go back. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

No. 779096

every time a woman is doing a sport they love and enjoy, just minding her business, weird-ass men come on the comments invalidate a woman's accomplishments like how fragile does a scrote have to be to do this constantly. and they never seem to mention or care about women's sports unless to put down cis women as boring and lesser. bitch stfu if you don't care then leave cis women alone you bitch

No. 779097

Is this about the deadlifting woman on Twitter by any chance?

No. 779098

No. 779100

have you tried taking Lysine? I take it whenever I get fever blisters & it helps a ton!
i take two pills with every meal while i have a fever blister & when i don’t i try to take it at least once a week.

No. 779102

OP here.
You could also fuck your dream A list celebrity in return, of course.

I was thinking that I'd probably forgive him, but I'd feel too guilty if I did it myself - even if he also forgave me too kek

No. 779104

What's even worse is the scrote that was antagonizing her in the first place had the audacity to later say that that was his way of "flirting" with her. And it turns out, he was using his friend's video like wtf. The day straight men learn negging women is not a form of flattery or flirting, especially on a post about their accomplishments will be the day the clouds open up and a beam of light shines down on Earth.

No. 779105

God I always see that shit, like can't they leave women alone? a woman just practicing a sport and being proud of it doesn't affect them like at all. If you're that upset about that you should get shot

No. 779111

I want a second cat that succeeds where my cat fails. Like for example my cat fucking sucks at eating foot he is so dumb. I've seen strays that can really put away some food. I want a cat that can annihilate anything I put in front of it really.
I watched a vid of a cat munchin on a slice of watermelon. My cat would need me to break him off a tiny little piece so his tongue barbs can pick it up when he licks it because he's retarded and doesn't know how to use his mouth.

No. 779115

Have you had his teeth checked? It sounds like he may have dental pain.

No. 779116

got mixed up between kurtis connor and drew gooden and for a period of time thought they were the same person

No. 779117

File: 1617946662993.webm (638.47 KB, 540x960, 1611242537805.webm)

why can't these girls just be quirky artsy girls without identifying as nb bullshit

No. 779118

Well he chews perfectly fine, and he can pick up kibble with his mouth. But when I offer him small pieces of meat or fruit, it's like he doesn't remember how

No. 779121

You’re spoiling him. If you refuse to help he will figure it out himself. He sounds like a sweetie though.

No. 779122

Because being nonbinary is a fashion trend rn. Just like many have said before - it is modern day emo/goth
I'm glad my teenage years ended right in time to avoid all the nbs

No. 779127

lol well he doesn't like fruit enough to learn how to eat by himself, he'd rather walk away and get some cat food. That's why I need kitty 2.0! I don't really consider it a problem, just a quirk, but I'm curious to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of my future cat friend!

No. 779131

I think I feel a UTI coming on and I'm scared!

No. 779141

NTA, please check his teeth, do an x-ray of his jaw. Many cats, mine included, have an inborn degenerative condition that makes their teeth hurt and fall out eventually. We had to get them all removed. My cat also ate kibbles, but he wasn't supposed to, he's on soft food on vet's orders. If your cat has trouble eating and food keeps falling out of his mouth it's almost certain he also has that condition.
You sound like a total jerk and a pyscho who doesn't deserve one cat, let alone two, and I honestly hate you, but I'm begging you to do right by it, don't let it suffer.

No. 779142

I truly cannot understand the concept of someone being skinny and having huge, non-fake boobs at the same time, especially if they're under 100 pounds. i'm not trying to shit on anyone i'm just fucking retarded. i don't get how they can carry all of that. it always reminds me of anime characters having exaggerated measurements like the girls in monogatari.

No. 779144

shit you sound psycho. NTAYRT but it sounded like the original anon was just using a silly description rather than describing her cat having an inability to eat, plus you've seemingly ignored her other posts where she talks about her cat eating everything except fruit and meat perfectly fine. Some cats just simply won't eat giant slices of watermelon, you turkey. If anyone here shouldn't have a cat, I propose that it's probably you since yours is in constant toothless pain and has an autistic owner.

No. 779145

Cats don’t need fruit, they are obligate carnivores. My cat used to enjoy a nibble on an apple or licking grape juice from my fingers, but she’d never eat it properly. She just liked the taste of the sugar.

No. 779148

I promise he's fine, alright? I'm not wasting money on frivolous x-rays. He doesn't drop his food either. If I offer him a small piece of something he doesn't usually eat, he'll lick it a bunch until it catches and picks up on his barbs, and that's when he realizes he can pick it up and eat it. It really seems like a dumb behaviour thing of his, but it's not a problem at all.

I just like to give him some tiny pieces of fruit when I'm eating some. Feels like I'm sharing an experience with my buddy lol

No. 779149

Yes they love the taste of it. I used to share fruit with my cat too! I wasn’t sure if you where worried about your kitty not getting his 5 a day kek.

No. 779151

>I want a cat that can annihilate anything I put in front of it really.
Should you even have a cat if you don't know that it has dietary needs or aren't willing to provide it's dietary needs wtf. A cat's skull is literally designed to rip and shred meat but you want to feed it fruit and call it dumb for not being good at it? A cat isn't your trashcan.

No. 779153

I know cats have dietary needs god lol. I just wanna watch a cat go ham, even if it's a can of cat food. My cat IS dumb. His brain is smooth and he's dumb as fuck and I love him. I'm feeding him nanners right now

No. 779154

Making sure your pet is healthy and not in pain is not "frivolous" ffs. You lack basic empathy to be a caretaker and are concerned only with how much your cat amuses you. I can't with you, I've already a-logged more than is allowed, I'm out.

No. 779158

he's telling me "mmmm mommy I love these nanners and mangos you're feeding me yum yum yummyyyy but not too much wink"

No. 779160

I'm sad that my 13-year-old cousin didn't recognise this:


(ʘ‿ʘ✿) “what you say ‘bout me”

(ʘ‿ʘ)ノ✿ “hold my flower”

✿\(。-_-。) “Kick his ass, baby. I
got yo flower.”

(please don't ban me mods, I just felt old for recognising this)

No. 779163

That’s my body type and I don’t understand it either. I guess it’s just the result of hormones but it is dumb having so much excess boob fat compared to little anywhere else. It’s something you get used to in terms of carrying the weight and balancing, though backache is obviously an issue. Currently saving for a reduction which is going to be such a relief but also going to feel fucking weird.

No. 779165

my bmi is 18 and i have 30G boobs it's really annoying

No. 779168

You are legitimately retarded. I can't fucking stand people who treat their pets like accessories.

No. 779170

She’s not treating her cat like an accessory you fucking moronic peta sperg why don’t you go euthanise some cats in a shelter because they where taken away from their abooosive owners

No. 779171

File: 1617955873144.jpg (156.32 KB, 1172x1212, 1617954044924.jpg)


No. 779174

I haven't used my scale in years, but the one time I want to, I can't fucking find it! It was just on top of a shelf a couple months ago, so where the fuck is it now. Why do I always misplace objects? Hate myself.

No. 779175

I’m a eurofag who has never been to USA and knows little about it but I feel like Detroit is one of the worst places. Is that correct?

No. 779176

No. 779180

I'm not even a fucking peta supporter or a hrdcore animal activist, and assuming I am based off of one post just confirms that you're a fucking retard. Trying to shove food in your cat's face that they're not interested in eating just so you can gawk at how ~kawaii uwu~ it is is treating your pet like an object that's only there for your amusement.

You stupid bitches do not deserve the joy of looking after another living being.

No. 779181

I guess it depends, but Detroit does have a lot of crime and poverty. It's gone through a really bad decline.

No. 779188

What the fuck is a ttans clinic

No. 779202

File: 1617958305595.jpeg (105.93 KB, 750x921, 1B8F9F64-ADF9-48D2-AF27-BD97D5…)

The ex muslim thread is my favorite thread on the entire site. I never comment on it and my relationship with islam/muslims isn’t one where I’d need to post there either, I just feel for the women in the thread and I hope things go well for them.

No. 779204

File: 1617958483350.jpg (60.09 KB, 786x500, cemeterybaby.jpg)

pov: it's 2002, you don't know what photoshop is, you're in the school library using the computer to look up "real ghost pictures" and this image is the most convincing evidence you've ever seen

No. 779207

i was 4 in 2002

No. 779216

I loved those though!! I used to look up paranormal photography websites and was so spooked. I was aware though that they were manipulated but some of them looked really real kek thanks for the throwback anon

No. 779219

a clinic for troons

No. 779223

I pray almost daily that one day we got more positive media depictions of happy carefree black girls that are just be happy, no stories of struggle love or ones that are political or woke(notice a lot with modern films that black girl character is always woke and preachy) or stories where their fetishized in a way

but I feel that will never come, pretty much every mainstream black girl depiction is either in some BET struggle love film or explicitly woke black girl sidekick that spouts neo liberal talking points

No. 779224

File: 1617961216521.jpg (50.6 KB, 679x446, 814Pa1ngm5L._AC_SX679_.jpg)

Was reminiscing about doing just that today heh, hence the comment! Glad you relate, here's another one of the OG images that scared the shit out of younger me

No. 779225

File: 1617961219527.jpeg (151.94 KB, 1280x720, 8B33C03B-25E1-42FA-B0A2-515D16…)

I haven’t actually slept in almost 36 hours and I keep closing my eyes and spacing out and hearing/making songs that don’t exist. I just read a post and imagined sykkuno’s musical debut and it was an EDM song and the intro is a diss towards him calling him a loser because he dropped out of school to play video games all day with people he’ll never meet. And then in the middle of typing this I had another where picrel Anais from the amazing world of gumball was killing Gumball while he was stuck in a screen/chalkboard and also singing and rapping. It was very creative, I wish I could easily turn them into animations and record the songs. They were completely my taste and I want to hear them again. And there are alien people that live on a different timeline than us who live among us in the Invincible comics. Some humans eat them for some reason.

No. 779236

I agree anon! I just want shows and movies of black people doing cool shit without it being political. I plan on watching Soul and Sylvie's Love next week. I also thought about watching Farewell Amor because I watched the trailer and thought Jayme Lawson looked beautiful, but the movie seemed kinda boring. I hope you're able to find some kind of media that you like!

No. 779247

>Farewell Amor
>An Angolan woman and her daughter reunite with her husband after spending 17 years in exile. Now strangers, they find common ground in their shared love of dance.

yeah that sounds struggle loveish, I just want a cute quirky romance film with a Monoracial black girl and a cute guy, is that too much to ask

No. 779256

You should read Seconds by Brain Lee O'Malley! it has a very nice happy black girl

No. 779260

It's weird how representation was so much better in the 90s and 00s. I can't imagine there being another popular sitcom like Family Matters of just a wholesome black family doing wholesome family shit in the current political climate.

No. 779280

My biggest regret is not fucking more hot guys when I was age 20-24. Now I'm 30 and all the scrotes are post wall.

No. 779297

I needed paint for a home project that is currently half finished. Travel restrictions are strict here and the one local discount store that usually sells a variety of paint was weirdly out of it…I'm months into looking at this ugly wall so I sucked it up and ordered some online, paid a lil more than I'd like and now the shipping is taking its sweet time. Had planned to get it done this weekend but it won't come in time.

Oh and look that nearby discount store suddenly got a ton of paint back in stock.

No. 779299

File: 1617972782090.png (98.27 KB, 571x355, 16654687777.png)

Thank you queen

No. 779305

I haven't seen that reaction pic before, or that post. Does anyone have the image? Where was it posted?

No. 779307

File: 1617973751469.jpg (94.79 KB, 858x723, Screenshot_1.jpg)

I love hardcover notebooks with beautiful flowers on them so. fucking. much. I'm never going to be happy until I rob a stationery shop and free them of all the beautiful Paperblanks and moleskin notebooks. Also I want all of the beautiful brushpens and graphic pens that exist in the world

No. 779314

It's in the lolcow-tan /meta/ thread!

No. 779318

I think its cause in this modern climate everything has to be political and its usually weirdly woke white people who force this role upon black women

like that new Amy Pholer film, the black female character is just well what a woke neolib would think a black girl is like, woke, pushy and always political

No. 779331

I know a guy who was major fat fetish and teen fetishist to the point where his entire group would pretty much exclusively date fat teenagers and his beautiful thin but curvy girlfriend (like 120 lbs and 5'2, big boobs and butt) got a bad eating disorder to appease him and is facing the health consequences of it and now he's pissed off because he threw him sister into a tank full of pedos and fat fetishists and his sister has the same binge eating too

No. 779343

My psic is not online atm, we were supposed to have a skype call. It's only 3 minutes late and I'm already ansious as fuck. What is wrong with me.

No. 779345

the only solution is murder anon.

No. 779370

Don't know if this is true but if it is, I just feel miserable having to share the beautiful planet earth with people like this

No. 779379

I'm on my period, I love Christianity, I love the royal family you can only imagine how intense my cramps are today.

No. 779381

this sounds like lolcow ai bot, it just needs
>and fuck scrotes

No. 779384

File: 1617980434249.png (159.76 KB, 351x433, 54645646.png)

I hate people

No. 779386

I feel compelled to make one of those shitty anime shrine websites to my husbando in the current year

No. 779390

File: 1617980599565.jpg (Spoiler Image, 26.61 KB, 495x619, image0-2.jpg)

English twitterfags really tryna make me and other Scottish people feel bad because we dont give a shit about Phillip croacking. Just another reason to keep bullying the English x

No. 779397

Maybe ai bot sounds like me I am a prolific poster and Christian warrior

No. 779399

Prince Philip's dumbass died on Kristen Stewart's birthday. Wow. She's so powerful.

No. 779401

A lot of Big Dude die during Aries season. Jesus and Philip. Now Kristen Stewart is in the mix. I love it.

No. 779415

I think legally this makes her the Duke of Edinburgh

No. 779419

Make it happen

No. 779421

File: 1617983260245.png (349.53 KB, 337x607, sds.png)

Is parents hugging and saying I love you to their kids now really a white people only thing ? cause my brown Punjabi parents always hugged me, kissed me and said they'd love me and encourage what ever I did, as well as all my other Punjabi relatives who kissed, hugged and supported their kids


No. 779422

No. 779425

i think it really depends.
my mom's from south america and i did have lots of physical affection and words of affirmation even if she was harsher than some parents here.
my east and south east asian friends didn't, though. less physical affection (or none at all), no discussing feelings, very high expectations but not much kindness to soften the pressure.

No. 779429

I think it has less to do with race and is just an individual thing.

No. 779432

I think it's just something this girl is trying to push for woke points.I'm not white but my parents are very supporting and loving.

No. 779438

I mean just my country alone seems that Punjabis and Sindhis and Kashmiris are very outwardly affectionate with their children, its just these culture is very big on hugs and praise
Pashtuns, Baloch and Northern Jats are ice cold with their kids, pretty much every Pashtun friend I have had would refer to their father(even when they were on bad terms) with the equivalent of Sir

No. 779457

I accidentally ate a tomato with salt and the flavor was nothing I had before so delicious jfc

No. 779461

have you never eaten a salad or sth

No. 779462

Back in the day people used to walk around with a salt shaker and a tomato and eat it like that.

No. 779463

Salads usually don't have salt in them nonny

No. 779470

They do when you season it.
I don't know where you live, but here it's common sense to put salt, vinegar and olive oil in salads

No. 779472

nta but here we don't put any seasoning in/on our salads lol

No. 779473

File: 1617987152299.png (Spoiler Image, 347.73 KB, 733x541, 90A1D54D-BB14-4442-86A4-CC0C19…)

I love HOADs and I look forward to every popular shonen ending just for the shipping meltdown compilations
Can’t wait for MHA to end and I hope Hori doesn’t pussy out on the deku x ochako because MHA fujos are the most annoying right now.

No. 779475

File: 1617987388232.gif (231.56 KB, 400x260, 95d.gif)

Stone ocean anime comfirmed bichez

No. 779478

The celebricows thread is so unreadable, it’s only worth checking to see the summaries of previous threads

No. 779482

I was there now, agree!

No. 779486

I think why many people are always anxious is because of the dumb fucking English language. muh “life is too short” incites unnecessary death anxiety and neuroticism like fuck off

No. 779494

File: 1617989815380.jpg (32.8 KB, 540x531, fca6_d5660849_540.jpg)

I also can't wait for MHA to end. The autism that came from it has lasted long enough.

No. 779502

based scots

No. 779505

They colonize other countries enough, brits dont deserve rights.

No. 779509

Kek, the Japanese have horrific war crimes, so does Germany, countless countries have dark, awful histories. Saying they don’t deserve rights for colonising other countries in history is retarded. This hate for the English is a dumb bandwagon thing

No. 779512

File: 1617991334097.jpeg (97.97 KB, 500x559, 83AF6FAC-8999-43F7-A7C1-696900…)

Watch ur mouth sweaty sock kek

No. 779514

The Scottish are brits.

No. 779516

This sounds like what a brit would say to defend themselves lmao, stay mad colonizer.

No. 779521

You all deserve to be colonised you haggis munching ginger haired wankers. We should of let you all starve along with the Irish.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 779524

I’m getting drunk and celebrating

No. 779526

File: 1617991973507.jpg (237.29 KB, 2048x1972, 411fa52b2d66aea1816eed4036154b…)

Truly based kek

No. 779527

Good for you anon! Cheers, drink some on my behalf too!

No. 779530

I hate the Scots. They are so holier than thou. You should see the sentences they give to rapists and paedophiles kek. They think they’re so liberal and pc and call the English “colonisers”. Sorry our ancestors pwned yours. Let that sorrow out into the mournful bagpipes you Gaelic wankers.

No. 779531

File: 1617992278369.jpg (15.53 KB, 522x141, tumblr_143a7a3d801e3f9bfa12298…)

everyone on tumblr is happy about him dying lol

No. 779534

Cry about it u tea-loving son of a bitch.

No. 779535

choke on your sheep lung wanker

No. 779538

Awww, birtty brits need a time out to feel better about themselves huh? Drink some tea and eat some beans on toast to calm down ok? We all know the only thing the brits are so good about is colonizing others and have bad food. What a wonderful country to live in! Known for their anti-intellectualism so i dont think you are that smart nonnie.

No. 779541

Kek nobody cares that Prince Phillip died, it’s just so embarrassing how hard the scoots’ try to snivel for oppression points. Their laws are absolutely shot to pieces and people get 4 yrs for child trafficking. Also their spineless politicians can’t stand up to troons or muzrats so they’re all doomed.

No. 779545

Cope harder!! I love it when you speak colonizer to me anon.

No. 779546

See what I mean. Sooo holier than thou. Oh let’s all feel sorry for the poor wee Scotty boos. They have the highest suicide rate in the uk oh boo boo.

No. 779547

the sweaty socks are nothing without England, they should thank us for colonising. also you smell American spelling coloniser with a 'z', stop brown nosing the Scots, they hate you as much as we do.

No. 779554

Coloniser colonizer, tomato tomato.
They are better than u anon, go home and cry on the blood on ur hands hehe.

No. 779555

File: 1617993927868.jpeg (18.51 KB, 320x240, 37FB866D-6655-48CA-9333-2FCDF9…)

Brits still don’t deserve rights. Go eat your soggy ass bread and seethe

No. 779556

I’d love to know where you’re from. Let’s see your own hands. Stop snivelling about shit that happened 100s of years ago, it’s embarrassing. We pulled ourselves up after being invaded and so did every other country in the world so why can’t you?

No. 779557

Scots can’t take a joke, that’s why nobody likes them. People only laugh at their stupid accents and that’s it. You all sound hysterically retarded and that’s the only likeable thing about you.

No. 779558

>We pulled ourselves up after being invaded and so did every other country in the world so why can’t you?
>Implying that history isnt a thing and when a country fucks up badly we should forgive them.
Coloniser mindset indeed.

No. 779562

I’m glad you where all colonised. We love watching you seethe about it centuries later kek. Sorry your ancestors where too busy drinking and fighting and shagging highland cows to defend yourselves.

No. 779565

what are you talking about? I thought this was about Scotland vs England, both of which are part of Great Britain, so you are implying Scotland also doesn't deserve rights, or are you just retarded nonnie?

No. 779566

Tsk tsk tsk, poor farm hands have to deal with this mess in the morning.

No. 779567

>Brits and Scots fighting

No. 779568

No. 779569

If they are in NYC or Boston or whatever it would be like 3PM lol

No. 779571

thanks for your smart contribution, but see here >>779565

No. 779576

yes the poor farm hands are probably too busy shooing away the Scots from eating the organs of their sheep.

No. 779578

They’re retarded. All they know about history or any country at all is what people screech on tumblr. English and Americans = bad let’s just ignore the war crimes of everybody else including the fucking Dutch and Spanish who where worse.

No. 779582

OK, but we are criticising you so don't point your finger at anyone else yet when we have tea to drink anon.

No. 779584

The lolcow ai is back! And making less sense than ever.

No. 779595

Wasn't Scotland not even colonized? Didn't they sign an agreement to unite with England to form the UK?

No. 779605

wtf anons, maybe instead of eng vs scot, maybe it can be women vs scrote

No. 779606

File: 1617996275979.jpg (61.33 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1617925031325.jpg)

Wish I could have non bitter chocolate but I can't have sugar and lactose and nice things

No. 779617

File: 1617997365595.jpg (80.85 KB, 537x414, Tumblr_l_169279758572947.jpg)

How many you bitches pee in the shower

No. 779618

Ot but why is English food so repulsive? Baked beans are fucking terrible and I'm Mexican. I love beans. Just not soaked in sugar and put on sandwich bread.

No. 779619

Why do our own farts smell positive yet other peoples farts smell negative?

No. 779620

Im British and I think they’re absolutely foul. So is black pudding. So is a lot of British food. Shepard’s pie is nice but that’s literally just meat veg and potatoes which who tf doesn’t like that.

No. 779622

File: 1617997793233.png (894.02 KB, 2000x2000, 4aec5b13-d517-42e6-b3b9-69f9b7…)

Idk how much sugar you can have, but I'm vegan and these are pretty creamy and good. If it's too much sugar, I found this recipe you could try:

No. 779627

I do every single time

No. 779630

I actually did the other day as I was so desperate for a wee, but I felt so dirty after and was in the shower for another 10 mins trying to be extra clean

No. 779632

Why have delicious dishes of your own when you’re too busy colonizing other people for spices to only put in your tea and demonizing the poor?

No. 779633

I love when the sanic totem tells anons to just jerk off, I'll never stop loving it

No. 779634

File: 1617998254128.jpg (64.34 KB, 600x450, img_tutu_de_feijao_a_mineira_1…)

All this talk about beans…
This is my favorite way of eating beans. The best way I can describe it is "mashed beans". The cooked beans are blended and then you add cassava flour to thicken it.
Every place makes it a bit different, but I think the most traditional way includes boiled eggs, some sort of pork meat (usually bacon or sausage), collard greens, garlic, onion and green onions. I also like it with red peppers.
You usually eat it with rice, but it's basically a meal in itself because this was the type of food that miners, soldiers and blue collar workers in general would eat before going to work, and it was cheap and nutritious.
The pic is kinda ugly but it is great

No. 779636

Are we still on the colonising insult? Come on nonnie, be more creative

No. 779639

can you post a recipe or the name of it? I want to make this.

No. 779642

You know what I’m not even insulting your shitty country anymore. You, personally as an individual, are a boring, smarmy one-note retard.

No. 779644

File: 1617998779115.jpg (150.75 KB, 1000x1000, baby.jpg)

I won't soil the place I'm cleaning myself in

No. 779648

It's called tutu de feijão ("beans tutu", I honestly don't even know what tutu means, but it's pronounced the same as the ballet thing)
This recipe is in portuguese but it's super easy to understand, I think.
Basically you sauteed everything and then add the blended beans and the cassava flour. They also pour in liquor but I honestly never did that myself lol

No. 779654

I wish I had the confidence of the little girl in the video where a woman says "Chloe, what's on your face?" and she goes "Um….. beauty?"

No. 779655

File: 1617999941448.jpg (29.49 KB, 480x360, norf.jpg)

Both roaches, no one cares

No. 779656

The Royal families married and united the kingdoms. People pretend to know about history but get the simple facts misconstrued. Politicians have done a number on retards, with them making them fight each other than hold the elected leaders accountable for their shite policies.

No. 779661

I pee in the bathtub, what are you gonna do about it?

No. 779662

We don't have those in my country, but the recipe looks good! I can't have coconut sugar, but I'll just sub it for xylitol or whatever.

No. 779668

Anons why do I feel bad after infighting? I hate conflict in real life and I am a meek person.

No. 779669

File: 1618001100678.jpeg (20.18 KB, 235x221, 8AE4A783-5E85-435B-B123-BE0D53…)

Thanks! I found a recipe after I asked that I’m going to use https://www.oliviascuisine.com/tutu-de-feijao/ But I’m taking notes from that video too. I’m soaking the beans now. I suck at making beans though. Somehow I always fuck it up… please wish me luck…

No. 779673

File: 1618001471031.gif (2.1 MB, 314x498, B7BE2420-416B-4E05-9A14-7AC6D1…)

The seething britfags are giving me a hoot. So defensive of your country that doesn’t even have a proper laundry room and every house looks like a fugly amazon warehouse.

No. 779676

I used to like peeing in the shower so much I'd hold it in and save it for the shower

No. 779677

don’t offend us English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish like that anon, us brits are sensitive!

No. 779679

File: 1618001783808.jpeg (51.88 KB, 342x512, 46605B4B-49ED-486D-93ED-8FE35C…)

Don’t let this forget the fact that this stank ass bitch was UK’s ronald reagan.

No. 779680

File: 1618001866378.gif (307.73 KB, 267x200, giphy.gif)

Idk what's going on right now between the British people and everyone else, but I'm enjoying it

No. 779681


No. 779682

I’ve been watching clips of kitchen nightmares for hours on YouTube

No. 779686

File: 1618002179272.jpeg (72.46 KB, 800x450, D087C6EF-4304-400A-B878-324AA4…)

Stop bringing those countries into the debate as to why british people shouldn’t have rights. Pretty sure all of them twaggle-toothed fucks also wanted to be far away from england and I don’t blame them. I heard that someone whispered into Phillip’s ear that england sucks and he evaporated

No. 779687

Wtf do you mean about “laundry rooms”???

No. 779688

But they are one anon, “Rule, Britannia!” as they say.

No. 779691

good, we are all glad he’s dead. Now stop posting his horrific face.

No. 779694

What is your point? We all hate her and she ruined everything. The majority of the country celebrated when she died. You know what? She’s not the only evil POS to ever sit in parliament, far from it.

No. 779696

You’re repressed anon. Embrace the rage and the keks. Infighting should make you feel alive!

No. 779698

Because you've retained your humanity.

No. 779699

Holy shit you guys don't have laundry rooms? Where do you wash them, the bath tub?

No. 779702

Troll’s remorse

No. 779704

Kek I feel so rage and find it funny at the time, but then I feel mean and guilty!

No. 779705

I laughed out loud

No. 779707

In a washing machine you fucking savage

No. 779709

Not a troll as I just pity those I offended anon, as they deserved it and it was true! I meant every word.

No. 779710

Where the hell do you keep it?

No. 779711

Our houses are made of brick and a lot of the older houses have washing machines in the kitchen. Amerifag doesn't know we also have utility rooms where we do our washing because laundry is an americanised word of the queen's English god bless

No. 779712

British homes are smaller than your American barns. The washing machine/dryer goes in the kitchen, or a utility room.

No. 779713

Do you put a table cloth on it

No. 779714

Nta, but our laundry rooms are usually by the kitchen or bathroom too

No. 779716

Are you burgeranons too fat to do the laundry in the kitchen that you need a separate room?

No. 779717

Usually near or in the kitchen. Had a laundry room in my childhood home but don’t have as much space as that now. Idg what the big deal is and why someone would get so finicky about “omg the laundry isn’t in its own little room! How droll! How filthy!” How do I know you don’t live in one of those deviant countries where you shit into holes in the floor and shoot water up your ass every time you piss, giving yourself Utis??? Or maybe you live in Poland and share a bed with your grandmother or st.

No. 779718

They might accidently mistake it as a cupboard and eat the clothes.

No. 779720

You better not be saying that from Fatmerica, the home of the McMansion.

No. 779721

File: 1618003452733.jpeg (78.51 KB, 615x617, F957EF3A-95CD-461D-8D86-0C4FA1…)

There are nations that keep the washing machine centimetres from where they shit though

No. 779724

That looks like a hotel.

No. 779725

Overpopulation be like we can’t have nice laundry rooms

No. 779726

I'm from one of these and people here are capable of aiming with their shit to the right hole and then flushing it, without anything around being affected, it's not that hard actually!

No. 779728

anon I nose laughed at this

No. 779730

It’s sensible that the washing machine is in the bathroom because it makes it convenient to throw off your dirty clothes before you shower and throw it in there. It’s telling that british dumbfuckery makes them put a utility that are meant for clothes in a place where you’re supposed to cook food.

No. 779732

I think it's more to do with plumbing, and also older houses washing clothes was done outside, like some houses use to have out houses. Also UK is an island nation, we don't have the amount of urban sprawl Americans can use

No. 779734

File: 1618003855338.jpeg (14.64 KB, 260x194, 43E4A09C-4973-4481-9A3D-E29CBE…)

bet that’s why the food is disgusting as well, heating up their cold fish and chips and water bread in their kitchen dryer, how cute!

No. 779735

A utility room is for large appliances like a washing machine, not for cooking in

No. 779736

We have some beautiful architecture and some hideous architecture just like every country. IK your Twitter brain can only think in absolutes but there isn’t a country on Earth that doesn’t have beautiful buildings somewhere. Also how is it some sort of horror to not need an entire room dedicated to fucking laundry? You are dumb af

No. 779737

I don't know. That would always have to be a toilet seat down situation when not in use and no taking shits if I want my clothes in there, I want them to smell fresh not like shit.

No. 779740

File: 1618003985137.jpeg (72.97 KB, 718x522, 90DD5411-DD9E-46A4-A191-7B44DE…)

I wish I had a laundry room!

No. 779743

I know you’re trying to be a wokeshit dumping on le colonisers but you just sound like a complete snob. You know some people have even less space than this to cook in? Also you sound like someone who doesn’t know how to cook.

No. 779744

File: 1618004094174.jpeg (38.33 KB, 300x300, F0868144-ACB4-41BD-A043-8A81DA…)

Luv me mum, luv me dad, luv me knife license, luv me beans

No. 779745

File: 1618004170392.jpeg (259.86 KB, 600x600, F20EFB9D-0D2C-48BD-B6B5-DE261D…)

Let’s dance anon!

No. 779746

Theyre trying to one up this anon >>779718. Shit attempt imo

No. 779747

File: 1618004215671.gif (27.46 KB, 220x146, E452A5CC-841A-4C23-8FF8-B68606…)

> I know you’re trying to be a wokeshit dumping on le colonisers but you just sound like a complete snob. You know some people have even less space than this to cook in? Also you sound like someone who doesn’t know how to cook.

No. 779748

Why do Americans think they’re better looking than the British? The average American looks exactly like these two except twice the weight. We’ve all watched shitty American reality tv we know exactly what you all look like in your day to day lives.

No. 779752

Based, they’re projecting

No. 779756

Whoever is ITT trying to troll le triggered brits and their soggy bread, water and pea pudding is really clutching at straws. All the things they could shit on the brits for and they pick washing machine placement like some sort of germaphobe autist freak. The squabbling ended hours ago anyway. They post a perfectly normal kitchen from a working class flat and shriek like it’s some sort of repulsive hovel.
Yes, this is exactly what the average yank looks like, and is why they need an entire basement hovel ,with a raccoon nest in the walls that they don’t even know about because of their shitty polystyrene architecture, to wash their XXL clothing.

No. 779759

Perfect reply to end this annoying country bickering and infighting.

No. 779760

File: 1618004788227.jpeg (1.8 MB, 3464x3464, C663A8BD-5612-4E23-A7BE-E7046C…)

british reality stars vs beautiful iconic never been done before patriotic feminist moid-destroying reality stars

No. 779761

File: 1618004916355.jpeg (16.38 KB, 300x168, 75C65A8D-05D9-4295-9153-923DEE…)

I think you used the wrong pic anon, these are the reality queens you mean right?

No. 779767

Fucking kek

No. 779768

File: 1618005251020.jpg (120.39 KB, 560x668, orange.jpg)

I'm supposed to be getting a snail soon at least, I think I am. it hasn't shipped yet, and at this point idk if it will and I've been sketching ideas for a miniature painting and for some reason it makes me so excited. I've started to hate art recently, but I'm very happy to have a little creature to make something for. I still don't know what I will end up painting, but I hope they will like it.

No. 779770

File: 1618005302330.jpeg (94.74 KB, 678x555, 43C60E45-14C9-4499-BB2C-4AD0C8…)

Bongs being tsundere as always

No. 779771

No. 779772

this is so cute, im wishing your snail safe travel to you

No. 779775

Cute! What will you name it? Where did you buy it from lol?

No. 779777

When men are loud during sex its cringe sometimes….I know this pussy ain't that good please chill. Why do they do it?

No. 779780

Unrelated but the window cleaner was outside the other day groaning with exertion and I had my blinds shut so he couldn’t see me and I almost coomed he sounded hot, like involuntary sex noises.

No. 779781

What are the worse states in the us and why?

No. 779786

our state of economical and societal depression
because it sucks

No. 779787

Thank you! I have no idea what I will name it yet, but it'll probably end up being named after a houseplant/succulent or something. I'm sure a name will come to me once I see it irl. I bought it from BigSnailUSA.

No. 779792

I've only done the sex once and the guy I did it with was silent and it kinda put me off doing it again. was something wrong with me

No. 779794

Florida because they do the most when it comes to one-upping people on outrageous crimes. Also not to be ageist but they have too many old people around there.

No. 779796

You can do it, nonnie! It was trooper food, so it's super easy.
What kinda beans will you use? I personally prefer non-black ones, but they can all taste good.
Hope you like it!

No. 779799

ever heard of shit particles

No. 779801

No anon there was something wrong with the man. For some reason they tend to think it's not masculine to make any noise during sex so they just silently thrust away kek. I trained my man to be more vocal because I think it's hot and thankfully he doesn't act like a librarian when we're banging anymore.

No. 779803

This looks good anon! I love beans.

I'm not british, but there are a lot of nice british foods. People meme about beans on toast, but British people make really good pies (good baked goods in general) and curries. Sausage rolls are really good too. They have a lot of simple, hearty food.

North Dakota because it has the highest ratio of moids to people.

No. 779820

The OP pic for the vent thread looks like PnP to me with her botched lip job.

No. 779826

They are.

No. 779835

both look like shit who cares

No. 779837

is that azealia looking cute?

No. 779859

No that is True Jackson VP from Nickelodeon

No. 779866

Baby, this is Keke Palmer.

No. 779869

I just came to a realization. Gary from Bully and Nathan from Life is Strange are lowkey the same character.

No. 779877

File: 1618019780933.gif (288.1 KB, 220x219, 42B3DD01-908C-4CE7-8031-4B6BBE…)

No. 779878

File: 1618019933566.jpeg (191.48 KB, 750x1248, F6918FD6-FCDC-4880-AD06-60E7B0…)

sam and max faggette I want this I want this so bad this is so damn cute

No. 779883

Wow I was writing my essay from 9am-9pm and my eyes look DEAD. All the life has been drained out of me.

No. 779884

File: 1618020882345.png (388.78 KB, 1068x1089, kjcg.png)

apex lel

No. 779891

File: 1618022975744.gif (102.26 KB, 220x229, 9EFA8CDF-3EED-4064-80B1-79F0C9…)

i can’t stop giggling I type like such a fucking idiot

No. 779892

My tummy is hurting what do anons

No. 779893

eat it

No. 779900

I am now lacking a stomach

No. 779902

you did well

No. 779909

So at the shop I work at downtown, one of the new girls they hired is 18 but still in high school, and she seems a bit awkward/nervous but very sweet and friendly… but like idk if I’m making her nerves worse by being friendly and trying to talk to her bc I remember being terrified when adults talked to me at that age kek.

No. 779913

Remember to wipe your ass before you go anon! Im not offended its just really funny that you would try your best to defend your shitty country to the end when we all knew that its nothing without the countries that they colonize. Brits are a different breed and need to go to hell hehe.

No. 779918

I'm about to disown my lizard. I noticed today she wasn't opening one of her eyes as I was feeding her, I thought maybe she was just squinting. but when I put her food on that side of her face she really couldn't see it. That really concerned me so after I fed her I was trying to get a good look at that eye, she suddenly opens it fully and starts licking her dumbass eyeball. As I'm breathing a sigh of relief she yawns and walks back into her cave. I hate that bitch

No. 779921

Reading your complicated relationship with a reptilian made me feel warm thank u

No. 779922

This is an understandable reaction to being the victim of an epic and sophisticated prank.

No. 779929

File: 1618029771908.jpg (71.25 KB, 708x810, 20210410_003857.jpg)

The munchie hoe in question

No. 779930

Im thinking about my Ex a lot recently, he was objectively the best guy I have been with, good looking, tall, attentive to my needs and just the right amount of woke for a white guy(not ignorant but not like self flagellating or virtue signaling) but he was also undoubtedly the most humorless man I know, like he the made equivalent of resting bitch face and didn't even like any type of comedy at all and I swear being with him for extended period of time made me lose my sense of humor as well

either we separated on good terms and I often wonder what could have been

No. 779933

Oh she’s adorable

No. 779936

There are no coherent thoughts in her cute little head.

No. 779941

Thicc eyelids so I can better wink at you when I fool you

No. 779944

File: 1618031417583.png (757.21 KB, 600x487, starfire-the-titans-1999-2.png)

I don't care about comics, but I've been yearning hard for this specific version of Starfire. I want an alien gf with fluffy hair

No. 779970

I'm dumberino

No. 779972

omg samesies

No. 779982

File: 1618036304770.jpeg (74.55 KB, 750x171, 464213ED-9B97-455F-93C0-FB51FE…)

>take a 1-3 hour nap every day
>read this

No. 779985

What is the "syndrome" thing there?
I also take naps that last more than 60 mins and both sides of my family have the beetus, kek and rip

No. 779988

I finally have a reason to be happy that I'm only capable of taking cat naps.

No. 779991

File: 1618036665567.jpeg (152.99 KB, 750x313, C56576F8-7EA3-4947-9E7A-0E3475…)

No clue why I didn’t include the entire paragraph, since it’s all relevant. Late night brain fart kek

No. 780000

Oh fuckin whatever, studies supposedly show everything on the planet causes cancer too, meanwhile old farts who’ve said they drink and smoke every day live to 100. They will not take my sleep from me!

No. 780003

I've always had trouble with sexual arousal and orgasming due to being on SSRI meds the entirety of my teenage years but last night I had the most intense full body orgasm that seemed to last forever and my mind is still so blown by it that I had to tell someone. I don't even know if the weak ass unsatisfying ones I previously called orgasms were actual orgasms. Are orgasms supposed to feel like the one I had yesterday? Suddenly I understand why people like sex so much.
I was using a safisfyer while thinking of eating my gf out, good shit

No. 780008

Obviously fake "study" printed as propaganda to make you exhaust yourself like a good little wagie so your boss can afford another yacht.
Schizo moment, but I'm really tired of these constant mental attacks on innocent people fraudulently hiding behind the name of "science". Notice how they also all want you to constantly think about diabetes and cancer, actually increasing your risk of health problems from the stress, worsening existing conditions, fucking with your life bit by bit. And the articles will contradict each other to ensure you're always guilty of something, always just a little bit confused and grappling, as if life itself isn't already confusing.
Shit is really inhumane, and none of it's a mistake. Anyway, I'm going to take a fucking nap, and the only people to get diabetes will be the pieces of shit (mostly scrotes) who publish and co-sign garbage content like that. Returned to sender lmao
Reposted because I mistakenly added a picture I wanted to post in the dumb bitch meme thread

No. 780010

Fuck I thought I finally found my holy grail foundation but today I checked it out in a new light and it's slightly too dark

No. 780011

You should of left it how it was

No. 780017

No. 780018

No. 780020

Perfect taste anon

No. 780024

I fucking hate "Watching You Watch Him" by Eric Hutchinson. They play it like ten times a day where I work and everything about it is obnoxious. The lyrics literally sound like a Reddit Nice Guy wrote them, and the backing track sounds like the shitty public domain instrumentals people put in the background of Kickstarter videos. I know literally nothing about Eric Hutchinson and I want to punch him in the dick.

No. 780031

yeah this is just big sleep trying to stop you from uberman sleeping and activating the pineal gland

No. 780035

I just looked up the music video and listened to the song for the first time. I hated seeing Eric smile through the whole thing while he sang his mopey lyrics and everyone danced like it was the best thing ever. I hope Eric Hutchinson never has a reason to smile ever again.

No. 780052

File: 1618049457705.gif (205.25 KB, 400x400, 158e631787ecff7c13bc3315b7e30f…)


No. 780060

>increased the risk
I don't even know why they suggest causality here, it could easily be explained that those who need to take naps during the day already have sugar or other problems.

No. 780068

I can't get used to Jeff the Killer creepypasta image, normally no matter how unsettling something is with time brain manages to get used to it and stop feeling disturbed, with this one though it's been years since I first encountered it and until this day every time I happen to run into it I prefer to look away. In a way that makes me very impressed with the anonymous creator of it, they did one hell of a job editing it, too bad we will never hear how it was made and what was in their mind at the moment.

No. 780070

File: 1618051665276.jpg (39.12 KB, 500x394, tumblr_mkkwlnvO7f1rfocwbo1_500…)

Remember when people really used to say "what is air." Or "I can't even". Or "my ovaries are exploding". Strange days. I miss 2013 sometimes

No. 780093

My nose got super stuffy last night and I haven’t replaced my inhaler nasal decongestant (I hate the sprays) but by the grace of god I found a pack of sudafed I bought over a year ago but ended up not needing soon after I got it. I took one pill and hoped to god it would work and decongest me so I could sleep and it did… at the price of my sleep because my idiot ass did not know it was also a stimulant. I think I did sleep but I was very much awake for long stretches of time that I didn’t even notice myself coming in and out of sleep. I hope this stupid 24 hour pill will keep me awake at work too.

No. 780096

Me too anon! Creepy images like that do something weird to my brain. I used to be super paranoid as a kid but grew out of it, but when I see creepy images they just sort of burn themselves in my mind and my paranoia spikes considerably and I always think they’re coming for me lol.

No. 780098

Yes I recall. Whenever I feel bad about the cringe way people act now, I try and think of it as the current version of that time. Though tbh that time was better because there was less hostility and misogyny (not saying there wasn't any but you could at least talk about women's issues lol and also the majority of drama was from tumblr anon hate, which is nothing compared to now). Anyway twitter is repeating a lot of behaviors from after that era, like kins and neopronouns. It's freaky because it seems like a bigger scale but these fucking innocuous misha posts got tens of thousands of reblogs. Well now the media is encouraging it so I guess that's the difference, but here's hoping we get through this just like we passed the Mishapocalypse times by. It was definitely simpler.

No. 780102

Glad to not be alone with this!

No. 780112

File: 1618055700073.png (104.9 KB, 500x375, 9cd.png)

I joined Tumblr in 2012 and remember when those "BAZONGO" comics making fun of The Big Bang Theory were reblogged all the time. I distinctly remember reblogging picrel because I laughed my ass off about it like it was the pinnacle of humor. I've never even watched the show.

No. 780113

I still say "I can't even" lol

No. 780114

at least in 2012 fujos were proudly fujos instead of insisting they are True and Honest Gay Men

No. 780116

and no one tried to do a witch hunt for shipping shonen (so, teenage) characters which I start to see happening pretty often lately.

No. 780120

Shit has gotten weird
I see shonen characters as in their 20s usually by the way they look and act. The young age is usually just for the intended male fanbase to relate to but it's arbitrary. So it makes sense to me that some fujos are that age but it's weird when they are just as unhinged as the younger fans. It's bizarre to see a fujo that age unironically argue that sexualizing jotaro jjba from part 3 is pedophilic but not when he's older and looks like the exact same buff adult it's so funny. There was a little of that in the past fandom days but nowhere near like this yeah.

No. 780122

File: 1618056843195.jpg (199.68 KB, 1080x811, 1612121068989.jpg)

ever since i found out megan thee stallion looks like this without make up, i can't stop thinking about it. i think i'm in love with her

No. 780126

File: 1618057012322.png (215.16 KB, 194x522, 1.PNG)

I was watching a Moesha and there was a episode when she was insecure about her butt being big and it was weird thinking about what a big ass looks like now. I remember when Jlo's ass was big. Now a days we have women walking around looking like this just to have a fat ass and big hips.

No. 780146

File: 1618057845413.jpg (146.31 KB, 750x933, meg.jpg)

Same, anon. I think Megan is hot either way, but she's so beautiful without it, or with light makeup.

No. 780149

She's beautiful and talented but she choses to look ugly, cringe and do gagging sounds in her music on purpose
Why is this world like this, upside down?

No. 780150

Please tell me this is shooped I can't tell anymore in this world

No. 780153

Oh wow it’s rare seeing natural beauty nowadays; makes my delusional narc self esteem tank. I really hope she fully embraces the minimal makeup look.

No. 780161

File: 1618058685816.webm (1.03 MB, 640x800, 170054259_3022885221279864_640…)

Nope there's a video
She looks better with little make up and fitting clothes, she always looks a mess to me and people are always picking at her body, because they aren't used to seeing the huge hips that these girls get and Megan is tall and naturally thick. She does not dress for her body type though.

No. 780162

please mute this before you play and I meant to say,"They are used to seeing the huge hips these girls get"

No. 780163

There's threads in g for girl crush talk

No. 780164

Why do these videos never play for me? Also the hips are not her natural ones, right? I do feel bad being shocked at them if they are but I've never seen a body like that

No. 780166

File: 1618059073250.png (Spoiler Image, 425.62 KB, 389x474, 2.PNG)

no, she got shots or some shit. It's not natural.

No. 780167

File: 1618059155992.jpg (182.95 KB, 1080x1125, Screenshot_20200203-185016__01…)

Anyone have good AI dungeon caps

No. 780168

Kek. I'm Italian, Brits are all fat too. a fry up is not healthier than a hamburger. yeah, neither is pasta, but at least we have reasonable portions
I love her, anon. I have an older male leopard gecko. He's also very dumb.

No. 780169

What are we here for

No. 780170

sucking titties

No. 780171

i want a weeb gamer transphobic gf

No. 780173

We should get back to the womb

No. 780174

Don’t we all

No. 780179

File: 1618060297702.png (65.98 KB, 148x217, 0.png)

>type out a long reply
>read it before posting
>makes perfect sense to me
>post it
>read it again
>realize it's a fucking ESL wordsalad

No. 780185

Jesus is lucifer and the ot god is the beast of revelations. Ot god tells the jews to mark their hand or forehead, mark of the beast is ln the hand or forehead. He also tells them to sacrifice their firstborns, blood sacrifice of babies isn't very godly.

While jesus and lucifer are both the morning star and rebels againt their father.

No. 780194

File: 1618061574241.png (310.96 KB, 384x424, cchild.png)

Kids are so ugly and annoying

No. 780196

well does he know where the clit is?

No. 780200

OT God sucks so bad I don't get why woudl anyone read a Bible and be like, yeah it's nice imma follow this rn. Jesus was actually cool and would hate majority of shit catholics do nowadays.

No. 780205

/ot/ has a god??

No. 780207

"Old Testament" kek

No. 780208

I think ot stands for osteoporosis.

No. 780209

The story of God telling Abraham to sacrifice his son as a sign of devotion was the tipping point that turned me away from religion ngl.

No. 780211

its Old Testament God
I mean the God of the Old Testament is literally just a Semitic war god, he's not gonna be virtuous or kind or even good, he's a war god that asks his people to conquer, to take slaves and to destroy their opponents and while that's fucked up, it was a common thing for a illiterate Semite in the Iron age to believe in

No. 780214

Hit up the new testament vibe. Viva la revolution

No. 780219

Are we going to forget that a scrote posted a screenshot of some bot that can use key words just so they can pretend to integrate or was that just me being schizophrenic? There are probably bot posts among us

No. 780220

You were also ugly and annoying anon, let them live.

No. 780222

The goddess of PCOS and infighting

No. 780223

Also it all began with Joshua, the story of Abraham and even the Exodus was likely made up, by Joshua a nomad Semitic warlord who conquered the settled peoples of Cannan and invoked their war god as justification

>Then the Israelites burned the town and everything in it. Only the things made from silver, gold, bronze, or iron were kept for the treasury of the LORD’s house.

>When Israel had finished killing all the men of Ai in the fields and in the wilderness where they had chased them, and when every one of them had been put to the sword, all the Israelites returned to Ai and killed those who were in it. Twelve thousand men and women fell that day—all the people of Ai. For Joshua did not draw back the hand that held out his javelin until he had destroyed all who lived in Ai. But Israel did carry off for themselves the livestock and plunder of this city, as the Lord had instructed Joshua.

yeah this is just a nomadic warlord whose accepted as a prophet and messiah by Jews, Christians and Muslims

No. 780225

Nope, never was a child, speak for yourself

No. 780228

Not all kids are annoying and ugly btw. Some are wellbred and smart.

No. 780229

Are you saying the "lolcow AI" memes are real?

No. 780231

This is why if I ever get pregnat I will only get the best semen available. So I can have well bred kids

No. 780232

>are we going to forget
I already forgot about it, was it a real thing?

No. 780233

Same, it's such a fucked up story. Also Sodom and Gomorrah story when Lot offers the mob his virgin daughters, persumably to rape, when they demanded his Angelic visitors (who could persumably fend for themselves anyway)

No. 780240

It's a ghost and get ghosted world out there. Be wary!!!

No. 780242

File: 1618064732915.png (1.07 KB, 222x28, ihave.png)

Petition for a lolcow caps-out-of-context thread

No. 780255

File: 1618065363508.jpg (19.34 KB, 758x426, sleepawaycamp-4_758_426_81_s_c…)

My dumb ass thought this was a screencap of Emma Watson from an early HP movie for years. Only learned today who it actually is

No. 780261

Sleep away camp is unintentionally hilarious

No. 780268

so are most adults
i'll believe it when i see it

No. 780271

Same, idk what the fuck happened, maybe it’s an IOS thing, but I pretty much only browse lolcow on my iPhone or iPad, and I can no longer watch any video that isn’t an embedded youtube video. I can’t remember if I was able to watch videos here on my old iPhone but the shit I have now just doesn’t work.

No. 780278

I tried to walk my dog at the park and had to immediately leave because a group of ten kids all on bikes started screaming “PUPPY” and heading our way. Like Jesus Christ, FUCK OFF. Dogs aren’t fucking open invitations for interaction.

No. 780303

I liked the idea of the Daily Gratitude thread but then I checked the posts and people are literally fighting lmao

No. 780309

File: 1618068353230.jpg (34.59 KB, 720x401, 29fvvi.jpg)

KEK I was about to go on here to vent about that. Why can't we have nice things

No. 780318

A few days ago I remembered one night when I was a kid and my mother was sleeping next to me on the sofa and she had left the TV on on a secondary channel where they were airing Howl's Moving Castle. It was the first time I saw it and I didn't even know what the movie was called at the time but it was the stair scene and I remember faking being uninterested when my mother would wake up briefly because I was always made to be ashamed of watching cartoons. And now I think, why the fuck, as a parent, would you make your kid ashamed of watching fucking cartoons? Like I remember always acting as mature and "adult" as I could and being ashamed of liking anything that wasn't smart or sofisticated and now that I'm an actual adult I wish I had been a kid more.

No. 780325

I creeped on an ex from years ago because something reminded me of him and in a recent picture he posted you can see a crocheted Squirtle I made for him like 10 years ago on his bedroom shelf. It gave me such a nice feeling tbh

No. 780343

I enjoy a little chaos. But it probably needed a warning like "don't pick on other people's experiences" like the vent thread. Otherwise anons go "I like not eating shit" and someone inevitably goes "wtf, shit is amazing".

No. 780344

just got weed for the fist time in a year and it's very relaxing also solved my artist block, good shit

No. 780349

File: 1618072419736.png (94.15 KB, 235x212, 96683213_127075102301943_35421…)

Maybe I should start to bully my little brother he told a hurtful lie about me and the family believed him

No. 780353

File: 1618073027139.png (460.7 KB, 519x520, ohairpic.png)

madalyn murray was a fucking queen

No. 780354

haha didnt mean to reply to you but i guess it fits lmao

No. 780356

that's what you get for being an applefag tbh. other phones/os don't have this problem

No. 780365

recent applefag here, love how fast their phones are but they seriously can’t make multi window shit possible yet especially for youtube? sucks shit and honestly made me regret getting the phone because I love multitasking

No. 780373

Apple doesn't have multi-window? They're not lying when they say apple is overhyped

No. 780377

File: 1618074917278.jpg (15.03 KB, 720x540, FB_IMG_1617559629605.jpg)

Non UKfags will never know the joys of a tesco meal deal

No. 780383

overhyped, super expensive (only because of their branding and not because of the quality) and not to mention they use samsung parts kek

No. 780385

How is the gigachad dude real? He literally looks like a cartoon.

No. 780388

File: 1618076173210.png (500.97 KB, 1027x384, 4QhS2oa.png)

he's not, he's photoshopped

No. 780391

What a sigh of relief. I can't imagine walking on the same planet as someone who looked like that.

No. 780400

I am glad that the picrew thread is about to max because that thread pic was fugly

No. 780409

i cringe hard every time i read the word "dysphoria"

No. 780422

i read it to the tune of rihanna's disturbia

No. 780427

I love that since I started following more terf accounts on Twitter, the number of people that have blocked me has gone from 2 to almost 50 now lmao

No. 780428

File: 1618080448181.jpg (13.77 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

now I'm imagening trannies covering Disturbia, do you think they would leave this line in

No. 780429

get on those blocklists anon

No. 780448

You can see how many people have blocked you??

No. 780450

kek anon i think you're onto something:
"It can creep up inside you
And consume you
A disease of the mind
It can control you
I feel like a monster"

No. 780454

File: 1618083407011.jpg (51.85 KB, 800x450, 1526499905784.jpg)

if it makes u feel better we got out neighbors viagra in the mail. probably doesn't make you feel better. ok rip tell me if you got the games back or not x

No. 780457

File: 1618083547490.jpeg (34.59 KB, 320x320, EymVH20XMAEe2T2.jpeg)

No. 780458

I'm trying my best to stay sane right now.

No. 780493

The best part is that I am in a very male and boomer field, so if my terfdom was ever found out, it would be wholeheartedly accepted… especially since one of the executive officers of the company I work for and I have made a lot of pronoun jokes.

Sometimes STEM jobs can be beneficial to women.

No. 780499

The industrial revolution and its consequences has women wanting to shift into different realities to date 2d men because 3d heterosexual relationships are that awful.

No. 780515

>anime is a reality
kek lwish I could listen in on the exact moment they realize there is only one escape from existential dread. Are kids not into doing psychoactive drugs and astral projecting anymore?

No. 780536

>on tinder in the USA and all the dudes look inbred
>went on Italian tinder and almost every guy looked like a model

I thought men were just ugly but maybe I'm just american

No. 780537

ok but she did have girl power

No. 780545

I 'traveled' to Japan once and got a bunch of models, I'm sure they were like actual japanese bloggers and influencers, so it's possible Tinder just tries to show you the most popular guys.

No. 780548

My bf said he thinks Jennifer Aniston is more beautiful as an older woman than a younger woman. Very cool.

No. 780598

Just ordered a beaded skipping rope and am so excited for it to arrive ! Been really into skipping recently, it’s basically the only exercise that I actually enjoy, and learning tricks is so fun~

No. 780600

Ironically, lc is my only ~safespace uwu~ to be a terf kek

No. 780606

File: 1618102162154.png (8.26 KB, 205x1066, ....png)

I'm 99% sure that all of the anons in the "Fetishes you're ashamed of thread" are larping scrotes. Whenever I go to that thread Im like picrel

No. 780611

Do you think you can force yourself to become a lesbian? Or do you think a relationship between girl best friends could work where you just live together and raise kids together without fucking? Will men always get in the way?

No. 780631

I think I just saw one of the new banners. Hot diggity dog!

No. 780638

All the sex themed threads read like that to me.

No. 780657

I mean I wouldn’t doubt some of them post secretly, at the same time we do have degenerate female anons.

No. 780658

File: 1618106930140.jpeg (65.79 KB, 612x612, 9B2BF3CA-67AE-4EBC-B29D-9439C7…)

The other day I put a banana sticker on my head and forgot about it, then ended up walking around like that all day. Oops.

No. 780661

ilu anons let's be friends

No. 780662

File: 1618107095020.jpeg (584.16 KB, 3464x2293, 20A7C1AC-3F7B-44FD-83B3-6C9C30…)

human touch is so overrated

No. 780673

File: 1618107735670.jpg (313.69 KB, 600x400, Dog-outside-looking-at-mushroo…)

For the past week I've been watching the sunset in my backyard with my dogs while I drink a beer and read a book about mushrooms while my husband plays video games. Currently wearing a matching pastel green sweatsuit and idk if I'm living the good life or a shit life or just like a regular life?

No. 780677

yeah it's me

No. 780683

File: 1618108470656.jpeg (14.73 KB, 275x262, 1617814461672.jpeg)

No. 780686

Good life.

No. 780687

all i do is type why my fingers so fat?

No. 780691

sounds awful but all that matters is that you are happy

No. 780693

you’re really asking the biggest questions

No. 780694

File: 1618109468460.jpg (19.74 KB, 287x369, 7lp.jpg)

No. 780699

like if my fingers were micro dicks they'd be long thick micro dicks, im drunk but my fingers are fat ass fuck and i hate it.

No. 780702

And the more i drink my outh gets drier and i hate it

No. 780710

you can't spot reduce, sweaty

No. 780717

I love the pure hypocrisy of me going to one thread to read gossip about a content creator I’m familiar with and then checking a thread of someone I don’t know and thinking, “why are these people so upset about this literal nobody”

No. 780718

No. 780723

I’ve just gotten back into listening to The Ricky Gervais show and I’m reminded of how much I adore Karl Pilkington. I wish all my thoughts were narrated by him.

No. 780724

File: 1618112218135.jpg (189.98 KB, 736x1309, 297747473aadf84a400c989d9138f7…)

Which celebrities do you think snore loudly?

I'll start:
Bill Murray
Miley Cyrus
Russel Brand

Since most older people snore, only post old celebrities if you think they snored when younger

No. 780729


I reckon The Rock has always snored but snores like a squeaking sound. like deflating a balloon slowly.

margo robbie likely farts constantly in her sleep. every few minutes. like a sailor full of beans.

tom holland would snore quietly but would have regular snot bubbles and call out for his mommy.

No. 780733

File: 1618113649222.png (263.04 KB, 528x390, d4f4ba267e654_540.png)

The husbando thread really letting the horny out today
good for them, good for them

No. 780755

I wonder what makes people want to post their face here

No. 780764

File: 1618116509040.jpg (37.83 KB, 400x267, dogs-and-mushrooms481801366.jp…)

I guess that means I'm living a regular life then

No. 780875

Shoutout to Dairy Queen workers. I just think they're neat!

No. 780902

My mom said cyley myrus instead of miley cyrus

No. 780921

A lot of them just be saying shit to one up each other anon

No. 780936

loneliness and a need for any kind of recognition, good or bad

No. 780941

nah, it’s definitely the good life. it sounds comfy as fuck. keep enjoying it anon!

No. 780946

File: 1618140181557.gif (1.34 MB, 500x281, 258ba1f6729db836bb33b3d27a54c8…)

i want to be lovers with my childhood best friend so badly. i think she wants it too, but she's with her boyfriend because comphet and wanting somebody to share the rent. they don't seem sexually attracted to each other.
i don't know. we're meeting on tuesday in town and i keep fantasising about kissing her and taking her to bed and and telling her how beautiful she is because i know she hates her body. i want to make her feel good and see her in a mess. i don't think i'm a lesbian but i only ever think this way about her and 2D men.
i'd settle for platonic touch too. imagine if hand holding was the norm for friends. or walking arm in arm. her skin is so pretty and smooth. take me to horny jail officer, i'm worthless for even thinking like this. she's so beautiful and sensible and i'm an insane ugly gremlin.

No. 780949

>or walking arm in arm
that's what we do in our 20+'s group go

No. 780955

>with her boyfriend because comphet and wanting somebody to share the rent
Wasted a few years to this myself.

No. 780956

My hair has never been better and I genuinely believe its because I haven't let a male stress me out in months.

No. 780959

File: 1618141046222.jpg (17.05 KB, 406x596, EmCy7AlVoAA5c_2.jpg)

>i think she wants it too, but she's with her boyfriend because comphet and wanting somebody to share the rent. they don't seem sexually attracted to each other.

No. 780961

Nta but why did you delete and repost?

No. 780962


No. 780964

i think that's lovely anon ♥ i'd really like to do that but it feels wrong and scrotey of me to get off on something she thinks is innocent

yeah, probably wishful thinking on my part

what made you wake up?

No. 780969

I was with the guy for 3 years and I think I only orgasmed maybe twice in our first few weeks together. Our sex life turned into him wanting quick bjs before going to sleep and me basically doing it because he paid the larger portion of the rent and I felt I owed him that. I don't know if he knew I felt that way but I was well aware of it. I would sometimes get oral back but couldn't finish because there just was no attraction attached to it. Then I became obsessed with a woman working in a nearby store. I'd often grab a coffee in a cafe that overlooked the store she worked in and I had this fantasy of her sweeping me away from the situation I was in.

I hit the 3 year mark where all my orgasms had been achieved solo, that was my wake up point. Realised I might as well be single and pay more rent than live like that.

No. 780986

the quoted part copied twice

No. 780990

File: 1618144954664.jpg (467.63 KB, 1080x1468, Awww.jpg)

Caught my maid slacking on the job

i will never stop playing this game

No. 780991

Oh no no no you’re making me rethink my whole fucking life. I’m too scared of change…

No. 780995

Hehe cute

No. 780997

I’ve been playing sims 3 and it’s such a capitalist simulator but I love it so much I feel like a god playing these games

No. 780999

I love this game but I hate how fast they get old. There's a cheat to make them stop aging, but that makes the entire household stop aging which means babies and toddlers will never grow up and that sucks because babies and toddlers are fucking annoying.

No. 781001

I think I always turned off aging and then just used cheats to age them up. It's been a long time since I've played the sims 2 though.

No. 781004

There are tutorials on how to make custom ages

No. 781013

File: 1618147269147.jpeg (75.75 KB, 749x791, 13040EF7-A905-401A-A984-4E1528…)

fighting with britfags and pretending to be a true patriot burger was the most fun I’ve ever had in awhile. i love you britfags though your food is absolute shlop but the music has always been bopping

No. 781017

File: 1618147609248.jpeg (61.07 KB, 499x362, C1BCD64A-2171-4376-9FA6-D00785…)

Toddler reminds me of pic related

No. 781031

should I go check on her?

No. 781034

No. 781040

my leftovers, I just took a bite she's cooked!

No. 781047

File: 1618151287540.jpg (2.8 MB, 3899x2706, Lava_lamps_(16136876840).jpg)

Lava lamps are so cool, but I keep accidentally leaving mine on all night and then I feel bad about it.

No. 781050

My piss smells like ramen spice packs

No. 781052

I went to gimpgirl's pickme reddit and there was a picture of topless japanese adult movie actresses or something and they all had the exact same breasts, it made me really depressed, beautiful women are not enough they must all install the exact same implants too, but that's what I get for going to gimpgirl's pickme reddit

No. 781068

I love how bitter scrotes on KF are. I follow one thread on there and it's always helpful when posters from the same country as that cow can confirm how certain things work over there. Today someone local to the cow points out that a certain service does exist there and says her husband uses it, that the cow should too. That's all she said…someone rates it as tmi lol

How dare she remind you of how lonely and sexless your life is eh? Please go back to listing off things that your dick likes and doesn't like in a woman.