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File: 1613211398436.jpg (107.99 KB, 1242x928, b90eb87710a86516959fef43ced323…)

No. 738107

if you want to say something…

previous thread >>>/ot/730292

No. 738113

Naruto > Levi
Can't change my mind and I don't watch either of these animes

No. 738115

That's pretty stupid of you indeed, kudos, sister

No. 738119

One of my fake nails came off and god there is nothing more unsatisfying than going to scratch yourself and getting an uneven scratch cause one nail is gone
Oh, so this really is the dumbass shit thread

No. 738121

That's me too, my english writing skills are ok but when I try to say something I sound like this

No. 738122

oh geez or scratching with freshly cut nails

No. 738135

This actually had me laughing out loud, nonnie, thanks

Cool song too

No. 738157

File: 1613218303946.jpg (149.76 KB, 648x514, Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru v…)

I wanna shill this

No. 738159

File: 1613218504218.png (91.49 KB, 250x211, image_2021-02-13_071547.png)

A day or two ago I told somebody on here I was from South America, and I just realized they might have meant the continent not fucking southern America oh my god

No. 738162

you said "south america" meaning southern USA? oh nonny

No. 738164

In my defense, they said South America first and that's probably why I said it as well. I don't know why my brain did not pick up on the fact that South and southern America are different though? Maybe they also meant Southern America and we're both fucking stupid

No. 738168

Just a warning, apparently there's cp in /pt/ right now

No. 738169

Bless you

No. 738179

I downloaded this program for making music Fruity Loops studio and it's really good I can make a nice distorted guitar sound, I hope the world is ready for my generic one man black metal project because here it comes
Thanks anon. I saved it

No. 738182

sure is
I hate scrotes

No. 738191

Still up. Farmhands wake up challenge

No. 738208

I think I saw you two and was confused because of you. If I'm not mixing you up, of course.

No. 738210

File: 1613225719537.png (36.81 KB, 1157x265, image_2021-02-13_091558.png)

Lmao false alarm. My dumbass just misremembered what I wrote. Pic rel, I just said southern, not South America.

No. 738233

My last awful ex looked like that Yung Gravy guy on tiktok— I don’t have to be reminded every time I’m on tiktok abt how awful my taste was kek. I let a blonde man talk to me like that?

No. 738234

Got my once a year complimentary rose today. A local store hands them out to female shoppers (did you just assume my ge..) I don't own a vase so it's now sitting in an old nescafe azera coffee can. Maybe I should feel depressed at the sight of it but this time 3 years ago I was close to losing my sanity in an abusive relationship.

Freebie coffee can rose ain't looking too shabby

No. 738236

File: 1613228363763.png (857.11 KB, 720x1026, Screenshot_20210213-174058.png)

Looking back its for the best that the Hetalia Fandom died down

No. 738237

Dry that shit and make it into a lil decoration on your wall!

No. 738241

why don't you binches ever choose a good anime

No. 738243

My nephew started writing for fun and I'm so proud of him I almost started crying lol. He's 12 and today he showed me this little notebook full of horror stories, and they're actually pretty good. Me and my sister are best friends so I've watched him grow up and been really involved from day 1 so it kind of feels like he's my kid a little too and I'm so proud of him and need to gush about it. He's so creative. He draws too. He reminds me so much of myself when I was that age and I just wanna fucking, protect him from the internet and cringe culture and all the bullshit that ruined creativity for me as a kid. I love him so much. I'm so happy.

No. 738247

because naruto is dumbass shit

No. 738256

Erwin > Levi
Wowee an unreasonably OP tsundere manlet what a marvel

No. 738257

I see we haven’t outgrown the muh intelleckyual animu phase.

No. 738260

nah i just hate all the characters. i'd even take moeshit over this tbh.

No. 738261

if y'xll don't shut up i'll make sure the next thread pic is hetalia

No. 738264

File: 1613231180347.jpeg (99.46 KB, 750x751, EAEC905E-9C04-4C1B-984A-D47D72…)

Don’t you dare.

No. 738265

I remember there's a filler episode of Naruto that's about him failing to find an open public toilet so he shits himself during a contest

No. 738266

good, unironically

No. 738269

Shhh let the children have their NGE Lain Oyasumi phase

No. 738270

Are you that wierd pedo anon who has a crush on her nephew ?

No. 738271

Those are shit too

No. 738272

File: 1613231583368.jpeg (36.28 KB, 479x317, 4291A761-B01F-403E-881F-3F0742…)

My favorite is the cat ears episode. Based Naruto.

No. 738274

No. 738282

enunciate with "welcome to the jungle" cadence

No. 738283

File: 1613232460595.jpeg (50.1 KB, 640x640, 8A45756A-FABF-4BCD-B26E-D93C3A…)

The What? Now I get why the Naruto fandom has always been so cancerous.

No. 738288

File: 1613232706000.jpg (40.44 KB, 640x480, MV5BZTE5ZTA3YTUtZmJjMS00MTUwLW…)

I think it was more about the shipping wars and the weirdos that wore headbands and did the Naruto run in public. The fillers are usually hated, but they were really wild. I remember them more vividly than the main story.

No. 738290

File: 1613232757471.png (413.57 KB, 640x604, 1604794995795.png)

hetalia>literally every other anime>naruto>rotting dog feces>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>attack on tardies

No. 738296

…w-which episode anon?

No. 738297

File: 1613233014984.jpg (49 KB, 500x333, 7da2b37636337bd30160d95fee0682…)

No Hetalia

No. 738304

Ariana Grande wishes she looked like me

No. 738306

I like the idea of smores but I don't like graham crackers or chocolate, but I found out that apparently in the UK they make smores with digestive cookies so the other day I made smores with just toasted marshmallow and digestive cookies and it was great. 10/10 good impulsive dessert.

No. 738310

I'm dead asf, ahhh we will never get to enjoy this level of female autism again.

No. 738312

I had a good time in the Hetalia fandom, made lots of good friends, and even participated in cosplay meet ups in my city (thank fucking GOD no one pulled nazi shit) but yes, thank god it died. I haven't participated in any fandoms since and I do miss it, but maybe it's for the better kek. The same 30+ year olds still run the Hetalia day event in my city lol.

No. 738318

Yeah there are still some hardcore members left in the fandom, most know each other well and are often friends IRL, they're all mostly married to male weebs and have children with horrible birth names

No. 738333

I really love being short and I think I lucked out with my body despite being a butterface, but sometimes I wish I had longer legs. Like, I don't necessarily wanna be taller, just longer legs in proportion to my body. I've seen some short girls with super long legs and I get a little jelly

No. 738334

Fellow shorty here, my legs are extremely long in proportion to my body. I used to hate it because kids would call me spongebob back in school kek, but now I've learned to appreciate them. I'm sure your body is super cute too though!

No. 738339

Hetalia is the only annie-moo my siblings and I watched together in its entirety and enjoyed it
Viva la hetalia

No. 738346

I hate when people don't let their dogs on furniture or bitch about people who do. Like, you can vacuum and give your dog a bath. Don't get a dog if you're not going to treat it well.

My ex-roommate used to spray my dog with a squirt gun if she got on the couch, but she let her 4 cats scratch it all day long. I honestly wanted to keep her cats, because she never played with them or brushed them. She honestly reminds me of Shay. Lazy and spent all her money on food, but she at least she was pretty and stayed thin from adderall binges.

No. 738361

Pls don't tell me you let that bitch do that to your dog

No. 738365

Just remembered this one time I met yung cynical on omegle. Fucking weird.

No. 738376

I know people with outdoor dogs that aren't even allowed in the house. I find that weird. Like what's the point? How do spend quality time with a dog if you only do that in the garden or on walks? We're not even in a country with the nicest weather

No. 738382

Google has dark mode now and it just reminds me how inferior dark mode users are. How can you not look at the color white? Grow up, eyelet.

No. 738387

I haven't worked out in months so today I tried to follow a pilates Youtube video but after 15 minutes I collapsed on the floor and couldn't breathe. I'm not even overweight. RIP me

No. 738393

File: 1613237452259.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 38.32 KB, 635x771, B311B317-054A-47BC-8371-224168…)

i’ve been taking an iron supplement every day for like four days now because i have heavy periods even despite being on nexplanon and i have a lot of symptoms that make me think i have low iron. the tablets are only like 7mg of iron each so i thought it would be fine but bitch! i’m constipated as HELL gat DAMN

No. 738394

yeah you have to increase your fiber intake otherwise you're gonna be constipated

No. 738396

samefag, i could have been such a stacy if it weren't for the terminal tardation

No. 738398

File: 1613237605283.jpg (356.4 KB, 1920x1080, dawnbringer-soraka-league-of-l…)

I want to put up a new super ~aesthetic~ wallpaper as my computer background, but I'm too attached to this nerd shit, pic rel. My old one was a star gaurdian bg. I'm not even good at the game
wtf is that

No. 738399

yeah, i thought eating more wholewheat bread would help but it hasn’t yet. gotta get my lentil intake up lest i want to keep shitting bricks i guess

No. 738402

Been there and I thought I was going to die on the toilet trying to pass the accumulation of poop. Scared myself out of taking it again.

No. 738419

Try taking it every other day while increasing your fiber intake, maybe that helps

No. 738443

I want veneers so bad for my fucked up yellow teeth but it's like 23,000 dollars. I doubt insurance would cover it, blegh.

No. 738484

wait i'm stupid, is nexplanon or your iron supplement responsible for your constipation?

No. 738500

got into an argument with my boss today. can’t fire your best employee, now can ya? kek

No. 738505

anon pls, I've just started taking prescribed iron supplements and I've been warned it fucks with your digestion, but I was remaining hopeful until I saw your post. I'll pray for us both.

No. 738506

Bought a cute card today, a v day card for a girlfriend (which I don't currently have) I'm going to put it away in a drawer and see if this time next year I have someone to give it to. Don't quite know what my own thought process was there…hope for the future maybe?

It's such a stupidly cute card though. I love soppy shit like that.

No. 738513

This is very cute! Keep us updated anon. Don't let that card get dusty

No. 738517

I hate seeing the amount of posts on here about mothers insulting or mocking their daughters appearance.

My mom was the one person (outside of horny scrotes) to bang on about me looking great. I still have super low confidence but hell..she tried. I miss her, makes me realise that her kindness wasn't purely 'what mothers do' cos apparently some don't even try to build you up like that.

No. 738522

File: 1613245678705.jpeg (11.92 KB, 310x163, uhhh.jpeg)

better watch out

No. 738526

Same, my mom always legit found me cute even at my ugliest and would tell me endlessly. She has her problems but is overall the greatest mom I know, and it's distressing that so many young girls miss out on having a good one.
>I miss her
Is she gone gone? Sorry for your loss, if so. She sounds lovely.

No. 738531

Ah same my mom is so cute she’s always hyping me up and compliments my outfits etc usually i get zero compliments not even from my husband

No. 738532

i just cried and deleted all my social media because i was looking at pictures of beautiful girls and i know i will never be as delicate or beautiful as they are.

No. 738537

Lemme tell you they spend half an hour at least on taking a perfect photo where they will look delicate and sweet. If you went through those lengths you also would look beautiful

No. 738539

>i will never be as delicate
Not being smart here because I know different women have different goals/wants but posts like this and another recent one talking about wanting to be 'dainty' are strange to me.

I don't get it but I'm still sorry you're hurting anon.

No. 738546

Women with strong shoulders and arms look so nice compared to buff men.
Maybe it's the bf%, idk. Even strong women just look so feminine and cute. Men just look like belgian blue bulls.

No. 738548

I HAVE VALENTINES DAY PLANS ANONNSSSS, THE LAST TWO YEARS IVE GONE THRU BREAKUPS THE WEEK BEFORE VALENTINES DAY SO IVE NEVER GOTTEN TO DO VALENTINES BEFORE. I’m not even super serious with this guy so I didn’t expect him to ask me to go out to dinner I just thought we’d hang out like normal!!

No. 738549

I mean good on you, social media is a lie. But do realize that it's a lie, and most of the people don't have the lavish life/beautiful body they present online.

No. 738554

File: 1613247673807.jpeg (195.55 KB, 1280x1280, nwPnUZrwqB3dMxHrbrSxwxPE.jpeg)

social media is all smoke and mirrors. I'm sure you're beautiful, queen

No. 738560

Money matters more in getting tall/above average looking bfs. only really rich girls regardless of what they look like have hot bfs. While pretty girls who are broke or middle class usually have ugly or average bfs. Damn I wish I had some money lol
Men are just as big of gold diggers as women.

No. 738562

I've heard of this before (pre-xmas breakups too, cheapskates lol) but 2 in a row is rough going. Hope you have a great one this year.

No. 738563

File: 1613248102047.jpg (33.96 KB, 420x413, aa1.jpg)

>On homepage
>Oh wow someone bumped /m/ I can't wait to see what thread it's in, maybe some good discussion on a new TV show or book or a funny meme
>Once again, it's a driverfag

No. 738565

i had to formally ban yung gravy music from my house, god i hate that shit shit music. i don't even know what he looks like but he makes the worst music i've ever heard.
you sound incredibly shallow, hope you find real happiness someday

No. 738566

I also fell into their trap several times…fuck them

No. 738567

File: 1613248401041.png (1.52 MB, 1080x788, iuknkj.png)

The facial expression Emilie Autumn is making in these pictures reminds me of AGP troons, except she's not an ugly man, so it just looks silly instead of creepy. Uncanny.

No. 738570

I remember I used to be obsessed with her a couple years back, always admired how rediculously edgy she was(still do), what's she doing recently

No. 738573

Ugh anons I was obsessed w her too. I love her voice so much. I think she has a thread here doesn’t she?

No. 738574

I suddenly just remembered that someone once sent an ask to my ex on her tumblr asking her "what's the most pain you've ever caused someone?" and she replied something like "I think I caused my ex a lot of emotional pain." Well… at least she knew lmao. We stopped talking a while back but last I heard, she's no longer a fakeboi and is obsessed with bts. Still hope the bitch gets hit by a car one day.

No. 738577

I don't get that thread, I mean I think Adam Driver has a unique look and appearance, but a whole thread which basically worships him is wierd
I mean i'd be weirded if there was a thread like tha about Chris Evans or a more conventionally agreed upon Handsome celebrity

No. 738590

Hi anon, I hope that you won't return back to social media. It warps and fucks with your perception of self, it definitely did with me. Even the beautiful girls you see on social media most likely have the same thoughts. It sounds like a massive cope, but I'm sure that many people are posting photos that have been facetuned to hell and back and have 50 very similar but taken at a slightly different angle selfies before just posting one on their phone and probably look at their posted photos with extreme scrutiny, and honestly, maybe they're also a little upset thinking about how they don't look like their ideal self in that selfie in real life. Social media really fucks with you.

I am sure that you are beautiful and delicate. Take time away from social media.

No. 738593

naruto fandom is cancerous because for some reason anything related to ninja shit attract the most autistic of autistic kids

No. 738596

What'd she do?

No. 738598

You just reminded me of that kid that died in sand trying to be Gaara

No. 738604

File: 1613250071986.jpeg (53.15 KB, 612x612, c7e80b04-56e1-4790-b063-38b4a6…)

This cucumber water is so fucking good i could drink it all day

No. 738668

File: 1613253582679.jpg (7.81 KB, 214x236, 1578056595832.jpg)

I'm 26 and I want to be 20 again so bad. How do I cope with ageing fuuuuck

No. 738678

Turning 26 this month and I feel this. I'd rather be like 22 or 23 though, at 20 I was still retarded

No. 738679

Why? I'm 25 and it feels no different from when I was 20? What is the difference.

No. 738725

File: 1613256948560.jpg (22.02 KB, 220x367, suspicious.JPG)

There's this dude on our guild server who make sure we know how much he hates lolis, I'm starting to feel he's secretly a pedo

No. 738731

Maybe he used to like them then stopped himself and is now trying to convince others its a creepy fetish

No. 738733

yea, same. if anything i'm in a much better place (financially, emotionally, mentally, sexilly) at 25 than i was between 20-24.

once you start fearing getting older you have lost.

No. 738735

If it helps at all anon, both my mom and my aunt have told me they're much happier being 40+ than they were when they were in their 20s. They feel more comfortable with themselves and are in better places financially, and socially, and feel less pressured by expectations on women. Hearing that helped me come to terms with aging better.

No. 738742

Eh I think some guys are genuinely fed up with it. Some of my male friends specifically get cranky about the "1000 year old loli" trope ruining their game/show etc

No. 738769

Why did backstreet boys and author do a cameo again?

No. 738778

i'm 20 and i wanna be 50 tbh

No. 738779

Hey girls, I made way too many cookies today if anyone wants some

No. 738786

Why the hell not. I'm sure the three people on Earth who are both furries and BSB stans were thrilled.

No. 738790

what kinda cookies? i bet they taste great!

No. 738799

Sometimes I wish I could go back to being a teenager but then I remember the high points of my teenage years were weekends spent home alone frantically cooking, baking and buying tonnes of food so I could b/p for hours undisturbed

No. 738851

In hindsight, nothing really that bad. We were both young, insecure, and depressed teens when we got together, she strung me along for a few months because she was too chicken to break up with me until I confronted her about it. She also knew I took it really bad afterwards.

No. 738855

i would do the same as a teenager home alone, i would always bake something and attempt to make it "different" and it would always fail and thats why i would "waste food" when i was alone, i still wish i was a decent cook because i love to cook, but im not good at it

No. 738875

I literally killed my dnd character just now because i used a stupid fucking item im so upset

No. 738881

How do people play dnd? Are you just on a voice chat or something? Why can't you just bring the character back and get back in the game

No. 738885

I'm playing on vc but I can't bring them back. Like once they die theyre dead. I'm not totally dead yet but fuck the deck of many things

No. 738895

File: 1613278621892.png (242.79 KB, 968x293, image_2021-02-13_235753.png)

No let her speak

No. 738896

they were using that thread as a front to post gore, anon.

No. 738897

Oh lmao sorry

No. 738898

NTA, but really? That sucks. I like the borzoiposting, it shouldn't be used for evil.

No. 738902

Samefag to add that mods were super quick to delete the gore posted here too though it looked fake? Didn't see much of it cause fuck that so kudos.
Someone didn't take their anti-edgy meds today

No. 738905

No, it wasn't. You wish.

No. 738911

holy shit

No. 738914

I like that we've been having so many new threads recently. Just to spice up the board a lil

No. 738916

Join us

No. 738919

I disagree. Many of them are lame, get activity for a couple of days and then become another shithole or waste of catalog space.

No. 738922

Most of them are shitty or redundant

No. 738942

Can anons share weird valentine's or couple themed pics/memes so I can spam them to my friends

No. 738946

italian people are fucking annoying

No. 738949

File: 1613286971109.jpg (18.77 KB, 736x412, f2a142bbf5d99d8450210d78d8c9d1…)

Does this count?

No. 738963

File: 1613290173464.jpeg (21.77 KB, 275x143, 1574802884388.jpeg)

my best friend just broke up with her shitty boyfriend and she's been paying his phone, which isn't paid off yet. he's riding off my line so i'm paying the 10$ for family mode and i'm going to limit him to two hours a day of screen time with every fun website and app i can think of blocked. worth it!

No. 738978

File: 1613293461173.jpg (12.95 KB, 500x290, 0e1944d9429d1709980ac36b29c1ce…)

Had a great dream where my great granddad was Jack Nicholson and I played pranks on Kate Bush in her 10M$ designed uber-bougie train.

Here's a tacky one i guess

No. 738990

I have a unique struggle that I'm sure 99% anons here will never ever go though, let alone fully understand, see all the attractive/good looking men in my country are illerate peasent farmers under feudalism, see I come from a poor multi-ethnic 3rd world country but the upper class(who are middle class by western standards) come from 2 specific ethnic groups, Muhajirs and Urdu speaking Pubjabjs, now the thing is these men are often ugly as sin, mostly skinny fat and having shit diets of western fast food combined with oiled up desi food, top it with an overall shit fashion sense, they do nothing for themselves or anyone else. Most of them grow older but don't know how to adult or develop any beneficial life skills

So that's my potential marriage/dating market, the best looking Pakistani men are mostly Serakis, Pashtuns, Gujjars, Baloch however as I said they rural peasants under feudalism

Its a unique struggle

No. 738995


honestly, anon, that super blows.

No. 738998

It was ungodly cringe back then but to be perfectly honest I'd rather deal with this kind of autism than the current "I'm a panromantic asexual and my pronouns are they/them, now I will get you fired from your job over a fictional ship".

No. 739001

I've always found it weird when people don't let their dogs on couches and beds and start screeching like banshees if they jump on one. I have a cover sheet on my bed all day so there's no way it would get dirty, what nasty bitches don't do the same? Also fuck your ex-roommate

I never got people who got a dog or a cat and only kept it outdoors. What's the point of a pet if you don't want to spend any time with it?

No. 739002

File: 1613295950830.png (337.5 KB, 900x494, Picture1.png)

No. 739003

File: 1613296054512.png (130.68 KB, 500x350, tumblr_p45dltw3HB1r3op89o3_500…)

No. 739004

File: 1613296102866.jpg (105.26 KB, 960x639, a75e88c72925089109fbe6ffb55165…)

No. 739005

File: 1613296123186.jpg (13.43 KB, 236x168, 1a8ef83a8c83e619eb2ca98f67ac2b…)

No. 739006

File: 1613296155087.jpg (128.6 KB, 634x423, 29B2D22400000578-3127914-image…)

does this count?


No. 739007

File: 1613296218902.gif (153.7 KB, 240x320, 0c51531b395270bc716a6b4681f474…)

No. 739009

You have no Idea, imagine the worst stereotypical Attributes of western men, Muslim men and Indian men and you end with USPs and Muhajirs, fat Muslim Pajeets who watch porn, worship Arabs and Turks, hate feminists and non-Muslims, LARP as Islamic warriors of the past e.t.c those are the men have to deal with everyday, and they make up majority of the upper class in my country

No. 739022

Bringing back medieval/early modern style duels sounds like it would be fun to watch, until you remember that it would be a magnet for suicidal people.
So you pay to watch, but out come 2 depressed losers and just stare at each other, neither lifting their gun, each waiting for the other one to shoot them.
Give me my imaginary money back!

No. 739023

File: 1613299582989.jpg (19.49 KB, 500x499, AmscX0R.jpg)

These past few days I have gotten day dream fantasies about me and that one Angry Japanese guy reuniting and having a sort of enemies to lovers story. I keep wondering what happened to him, so as long as I don't get an answer I'll keep making up Fanfics in my head.

No. 739040

Is that one Angry Japanese guy someone I should know or did you anger some japanese man

No. 739045

Sometimes when I wake up and look at my window, my shit eyesight can’t make out my blinds properly and they look like some demonic scribbling on my window.

No. 739058

File: 1613304163683.jpg (113.28 KB, 736x1104, e4a89856189731aac940abb7ec02ac…)

This old lady looks happy and it's nice

No. 739063

I only remember that shit happening after the anime got an English dub, but then again I've never been to anime cons back then and I'm not American so I only knew the fandom thanks to a few big lj communities. Was the autism that widespread?

No. 739064

You reminded me that sometimes when I wake up I notice that my eyesight is redder in one eye and bluer in the other. I think it's because my head was laying sideways. Has someone else experienced something like this

No. 739069

I have this all the time, colours in one eye are a slightly colder/bluish tint, in the otherbslightly warmer/reddish tint. It's not about the way you sleep, you probably just don't notice it the rest of the time. I've heard this is common. We're not perfectly symmetrical so the ratio of cones is slightly different in each eye.

No. 739095

Chocolate chip (super delicious and buttery) and oatmeal raisin ♥

No. 739102

File: 1613310264989.jpg (33.62 KB, 600x375, josuke.jpg)

No. 739116

That's cool, I never notice it the rest of the time, even if I try. Maybe my brain adapts when I truly wake up.

No. 739118

File: 1613313840325.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1345, IMG_20210214_153655.png)

I miss when fujos were just cringe coomers and not cringe trooners

No. 739149

File: 1613316651800.jpeg (131.56 KB, 1200x800, BB4798E4-4AEB-4589-AEBF-D4A7A7…)

feel like pure shite, just want princess rpatz to take me away from this world

No. 739165

i wish i had a higher voice. i hate that everyone assumes i'm older just because of my deep voice

No. 739176

Short answer: Some random possibly-a-teen-at-the-time asian american that was really salty with everything. I found him on Tumblr when I was younger because I accidentaly angered him for ~fetishizing~ his culture by liking noodles or something. I don't remember his URL or name tho

No. 739177

was it jun euthanizeallwhitepeople?

No. 739197

File: 1613322940681.jpg (23.56 KB, 500x375, 131648-Little_Fairy_Mouse_with…)

I find it comforting "girls that are not like other girls" is a universal experience amongst mainly daughters who were tomboy, lesbian, autistic, traumatized and those who wanted to be a man from a series, creature, or an animal. Alienation early on in life for little girls is something i never really see being discussed. Everybody assumes they are just quiet personalities and well behaved daughters who are just a little "different". There's simply no place for lonely girls who seek the same company they have given themselves.

No. 739198

ugly as fuck

No. 739199

File: 1613323027477.png (245.18 KB, 330x317, p.png)

Shoutout to my fellow farmers who have one eyelid that hangs slightly lower than the other and you know no one notices it at all but you're still insecure about it

No. 739202

Just tried coconut water bc I never had it before. Somehow it's unpleasant and refreshing at the same time?

No. 739203

I've had it before cause I needed it for a pumpkin soup, and tbh it was not as good as people hype it up to be. Mine was canned though. It probably tastes better out of a fresh coconut, or even those bottles.

No. 739205

anon why did you post about me here

No. 739208

When it comes straight out of a fresh coconut is glorious. But at the same time, I think coconut water is something you have to grow up with.

No. 739209

Coconut water in pumpkin soup? That sounds disgusting.

No. 739211

She has a masculine face and body type. Wouldve looked better in soft butch or super elegant styling instead of the girly wear

No. 739213

I think it's charming!

No. 739219

It was a creamy pumpkin soup and it called for either coconut milk or heavy cream to make it creamy. I couldn't find coconut milk, so I mixed coconut cream and coconut water together instead. It was really good and I didn't get any coconut taste.

No. 739220

Ah, that makes sense. I was just thinking of coconut water alone. Coconut milk is such a good soup base.

No. 739229


No. 739233

rob an animal shelter today

No. 739241

>a he/they mom
Jesus christ

No. 739245

is this a suggestion or a reminder?

No. 739247

both. steal an animal.

No. 739249

File: 1613328992708.png (196.34 KB, 1241x581, lick lick lick slurp.PNG)

People who use stripes pls explain how you read this

No. 739259

Select text

No. 739263

Had my waffles with my new waffle maker today, they were delicious! Happy Birthday to me and a v Happy Valentines to all u anons!

No. 739278

File: 1613331255478.gif (935.17 KB, 220x220, 8DF1A1B0-B640-4EE7-9FC9-FA4D98…)

planting the seed of drama here is so enjoyable

No. 739286

Happy birthday, girl!
Mine was yesterday and I have a lot of party (for one) left overs! Clink clink bitch

No. 739287

Shit I think I ate too much I’m feelin sleepy

No. 739300

Fuck R.Kelly, but trapped in the closet is a fucking ride. I still watch it with a little bit of shame sometimes.

No. 739307

I can't believe anons in the conspiracy thread are taking "they turned the frogs gay" serious oh my god…

No. 739309

General tinfoil thread is probably 95% delusional scrotes

No. 739334

I really like this post. I can feel the sorority in such an affectionate way. Cute.

No. 739345

It’s so fun and I’ll never stop singing “and I pulled out my beretta”. Separating the art from the artist and all that

No. 739350

but I'm a frog having gay thoughts

No. 739354

File: 1613338480323.jpg (183.56 KB, 500x715, hkJ4Hqn.jpg)

I decided to look for that blog and the posts that other users made about it and no, it's not the same person (The one I'm looking for made "Relatable/vent comics" aka. math notebook doodle tier drawings with text)

I must say, a troll or not, that was… something to say the least. They actually kind of talk the same way tho.

No. 739356

a fraggot

No. 739357

oui oui baguette

No. 739361

File: 1613339084021.jpeg (27.06 KB, 739x415, 10F5F15B-93D3-4F30-B72D-EE4B00…)

No. 739365

One of my friends live on a street called "Troon avenue"

No. 739387

I can't stop watching this guy on YouTube who removes parasites from shrimps it is so satisfying and rewarding

No. 739405

No. 739409

Hyper-pop and SCP foundation both feel like things that grew to big and fast for their own good. I predict hyper pop will get big, but slowly become more and more "mainstream" and that SCP's will get a the next undertale fandom along with a tv spin off that's shit.

No. 739411

File: 1613343294520.jpg (63.55 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1613080494819.jpg)

For valentines day I ate an ungodly amount of chinese takeout,took a nap and got jizz on my wall. Hope all you nonnies are having a good day either that be with a partner or just vibing with yourself ♥

No. 739419

File: 1613344121632.png (1.86 MB, 1100x2400, 1606094806601-1.png)

My feet sweat so much, I hate it

No. 739420

scp? que?

No. 739421

>got jizz on my wall


No. 739422

I pray to fucking GOD that wasn't your sperm or I will hurt your feelings sO BAD

No. 739425

my husband and i call taco bell "tranny bell" because of the troon that's always working there at the one we go to

No. 739427

File: 1613345243629.jpg (109.21 KB, 1300x866, 37800585-girl-with-knife.jpg)

>got jizz on my wall
Say what?

No. 739428

I usually don't care for this type of stuff at all but today I am missing having some friends over and blasting some hard rock while we drink, laugh and smoke.
Not because it's VDay though (I have a boyfriend)

No. 739429

File: 1613345463075.jpg (9.16 KB, 252x256, 1603533937666.jpg)

i get the distinct feeling youve shared this on your snap, instagram and private discord or something

No. 739438

If it's a scrote, it will come back to defend itself. If it's a woman,she will be too embarrassed to come back or will confirm it was her domestic scrote

No. 739440

Don't give the cheat codes wtf

No. 739442

But they dont know we can tell by the way it types, the heart already tells me most i need to know anon

No. 739451

File: 1613347519474.gif (432.79 KB, 398x397, girlfriend.gif)

Left, right…
Left, right…


That's how you do it!

No. 739453

File: 1613347631337.jpg (34.33 KB, 800x458, ai_dungeon.jpg)

Got my hot date ready for Valentine's night

No. 739460

Wish I could find a job that doesn't need an interview, stressing me out.

No. 739465

I wish I could experience the ~pussy privilege~ that incels and mras say I automatically have as a woman.

No. 739467

All i got was utis and ovarian cancer loooooollllllll

No. 739473

I love eating food every day!

No. 739491

I broke my diet today to binge a bunch of donuts and chocolate. All in the name of saint valentine. ‘Twas very enjoyable

No. 739493

Once my friend of like 14 years was dating this other friend of mine and when we all three went to her house once, her mom and other family members kept saying that her boyfriend talked, walked and had the same mannerisms as me.
Me and him didn't see it at all, but she kinda agreed once it was pointed out to her.
It was super fucking weird, I felt like House in that one episode where he realizes that Dr. Wilson was basically dating a female version of him

No. 739509

My sisters first boyfriend was basically a male version of me. Her current bf is also similar to me in many ways

No. 739514

SCP is that horror stories shit. They have a whole website with a bunch of stories about monsters.

No. 739522

MY MASTERS APPLICATION IS FINALLY SUBMITTED. I'm so anxious but what's done is done. I'm only applying to one program/school in total, so please wish me luck anons or else I'm gonna be a NEET next year too. :(

No. 739523

You will get it nonnyyy good luck!

No. 739530

File: 1613356626285.webm (728.84 KB, 404x720, 1612733199044.webm)

I love this meme

No. 739532

I thought that this thread used to look like venting thread 2.0 but now it looks like dumbass shit thread 2.0

No. 739534

I want a scrote to give me validation and possibly monies tonight but all the ones on /soc/ are so fucking gay and retarded

No. 739535

Am I the only one who is avoiding lolcow for a few days because of the gore and disgusting pictures?

No. 739536

Samefagging but the shit I saw posted really made me feel mentally unstable, I really can't when it comes to gore

No. 739541

I somehow managed to miss every single instance of cp/gore posted, I don't know how since I'm on this website all day every day, it's really a miracle

No. 739545

File: 1613358074594.jpeg (15.34 KB, 345x333, gfd.jpeg)

imagine being so reliant on the internet to feel good about yourself. master yourself anon, you should be embarrassed

No. 739550

If alcohol was calorie free I'd probably be an alcoholic

No. 739552

same, i know anons are complaining but i feel like they're getting removed pretty quickly since i never see them in time

No. 739555

Some were up for as long as an hour

No. 739556

last week i learned that my ex's gf (who i am mutuals on instagram with + went to hs with) is selling her nudes on social media for $10 a pic in a bid to do online sex work while also being nearly 200 pounds lmfao
i have absolutely no contact with him and i despise that guy but it does make me laugh that the universe keeps handing him L's

No. 739559

My language is a null-subject and pronoun-drop language, where you can omit the subject of the sentence when it's obvious from the context. English is not such a language, and people come off as extremely egotistical to me when using English. "I" this, "I" that, I, I, I. It's so grating.
Because it sounds so wrong to me, I will often omit the subject when writing English, I start sentences with "did this" "can't see" instead of "I did this" "I can't see".
I'm trying to take notice and stop dropping the I's in order to better integrate.

No. 739562

Samefag, not dropping the subject is stupid. Your default frame of reference is yourself, there really is no need to point it out by starting every other sentence with "I".

No. 739563

I feel bad for whoever has to dig through all that shit to make the OP for the next celebricows thread lmaoo

No. 739564

Not really? You could easily be talking about another person. Like you could replace the I in "I did this" and "I can't see" with you/they/she/he. Including the subject is also important if your talking about yourself AND someone else or if your telling a story or something. Just depends on what you're talking about I guess.

No. 739566

Happy birthday binch, how does it feel to be a little cupid huh? hope you and waffle maker have many happy dates together

No. 739568

The subject is always obvious from the context. There are many languages like mine, and our manner of speech us precise, it is the English language that keeps unneeded extra info in the sentence.

No. 739571

I'm not a native either but I've noticed that people who drop the subject and start a new sentence like "Did this. Went there." usually say the dumbest shit while the good posts don't have that. Idk, it's just a pattern but I always look at what other people do.

No. 739572

Well fuck you too

No. 739582

I just realized Belle Delphine has 5 threads already and she's only been around for like 2 months wtf. No way she's that interesting

No. 739601

I think I meme'ed my self into thinking slavic men are hot.

No. 739612

I got some Japanese snacks today, and quite frankly, the weeb in me is very disappointed. Now I just want some donuts

No. 739613

I feel you, japanese snacks are always hit or miss. When they're good, they're really good, I like the gummies for example. But when they're bad… good lord they're soooo bad.

No. 739618

I feel really bad for the Gorilla Glue lady, but I kinda wanna put gorilla glue spray on my hair now….just to see what it's like. Imagine having a permanent slick ponytail/bun

No. 739621

please don't, use flaxseed gel instead

No. 739622

No. 739624

File: 1613365992020.jpeg (180.42 KB, 1024x1024, 9E8BB7F4-1E74-4FC5-AE0C-8555C9…)

if u can manage to get ur hands on some of these bitches u will NOT be disappointed. camu-camu lemon candies. i was absolutely addicted to these when i lived in jp a few years back & to this day crave them constantly, and i don't usually even like lemon candy. there's supposed to be as much vitamin c in one candy as in 10 lemons, not sure if thats true lol. but they taste incredible, perfect skittle-esque chewy texture with sweet on the outside and sour on the inside, fuck i miss these

No. 739626

Seek help

No. 739628

>please don't
Oh don't worry anon, I won't ;)

No. 739642

File: 1613368848129.png (323.58 KB, 512x417, b49.png)

i am going to sleep at 1 am, hopefully i can wake up early tomorrow to be productive

No. 739650

File: 1613369721697.jpg (21.42 KB, 275x201, 1613261569747.jpg)

I am so weak, I can't read erotica without having to take a breather after every saucy thing, I am almost 30 ffs
I guess I am just insanely easy to please

No. 739656

Sometimes whenever I feel like I'm about to have a bpd freak out on a man I remember this

"If you give a man pussy he will come back 99% of the time. Very rarely will a man dating you leave unless hes found new pussy and let's be real with the kind of men you date they're not fucking anyone else. Dont flip out, hes just not texting because hes asleep."

This is sad but I have to think back on this before I start freaking out.

No. 739660

tf is the point of anything if i can't even train myself to lucid dream my cool story ideas and way-too-specific husbando sex scenes??? i can barely immersively daydream but i try so harddd. just writing stories down isn't doing shit anymore, i just wanna escape reality for an hour or two with my horny thoughts ffs. i've been so desperate i'm looking at hack yt videos for guided meditations yet ofc nothing works anyway. aahsasjkhjnbdbnl

No. 739664

I don't get how that's comforting on any level tbh, 'the kind of men you date' can't be completely unfuckable if you're fucking them.

I just remind myself that a guy will cheat if he wants to, regardless of what I do or don't say to him, and that the intent to cheat remains even if I somehow stopped him physically doing it. If I refrain from freaking out, at least I'll get to keep my dignity.

No. 739665

File: 1613370756025.jpg (78.66 KB, 260x500, 94390.jpg)

I suddenly remembered there's a manga and anime about cockroaches

No. 739679

I'm more concerned with them just completely vanishing than cheating

No. 739694

It was cute lol

No. 739698

File: 1613373898876.jpg (359.55 KB, 776x1109, Screenshot_20210215-182335_Chr…)

Coincidentally I was just thinking today about how I read a junior fiction novel in high school told from the perspective of a cockroach, and how iirc there was basically a cockroach sex scene in it.

No. 739701

File: 1613374366605.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.06 KB, 480x480, av-1054277-1547992304.jpg)

>there was basically a cockroach sex scene in it.
Well..was it good?

No. 739712

theyre doing the wap wap wap

No. 739736

I'm too lazy and cheap do bother doing an actual enema when I do anal, so instead I put on a glove, cover my (gloved) fingers in conditioner, stick them up there and force the shit out. I'm anorexic and barely eat so my shit is like rabbit pellets anyway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ If god is real he regrets letting me live.

No. 739741

do ppl with anorexia even enjoy sex ? I always hear them say the sensation is reduced for them

No. 739743

Depends on the person, I guess. I have very mixed feelings with sex due to a plethora of other issues and trauma, and I prefer to have some sort of recreational stimulant to increase it but I do definitely, like, feel pleasure and whatnot.

No. 739747

Do you orgasm and really enjoy it or is it just a general sensation of pleasure that doesnt lead up to anything? I noticed when a lot of women say they like sex they mean mostly the latter which is much weaker than how guys enjoy sex, with the former type (apparently rare) being superior to how men enjoy it

No. 739755

File: 1613386571232.jpg (104.1 KB, 500x333, tumblr_m42qfubApC1r9zo9j.jpg)

That's sound like more work than an enema through. Like by being lazy you're actually creating more work for yourself. Also I'm not an expert but I'm pretty sure it's not safe to put hair products in your ass, because your rectum absorbs things into your blood.

No. 739760

>I'm pretty sure it's not safe to put hair products in your ass, because your rectum absorbs things into your blood.
She's anorexic anon, I don't think she gives a fuck

No. 739773

I remember my history teacher in high school asking all the girls in the class if they would rather live in Athens or Sparta. Every single girl said they'd rather live in Sparta and then my teacher explained some of the nuisances of living as a woman in Sparta and asked the question again and while the overwhelmingly majority of the girls still choose Sparta about a quarter or 1/5th choose Athens

neither socities were a beacon of gender equality, but Ancient Sparta was arguably at the one of the most liberating place in the Ancient world for women. By comparison, Ancient Athens was not just the status quo for women, it was even more oppressive then many societies around it. The Athenians viewed women as mentally being like children, a literal after thought sometimes, hell they invented philosophies to justify misogyny and thought of them as lesser cause they could give birth

Now Sparta women were viewed with importantance, in Sparta women could own land and be educated, it is estimated that Spartan women owned 40% of all Spartan lands, Spartan heiresses were so insanely rich that even the two Kings of Sparta would have to lend money from the Spartan heiresses from time-to-time. They didn’t just get the advantages I mentioned earlier, but they also even influenced the political life of Sparta to (directly and indirectly). We even have records from Aristotle which shows that he was shocked that women had so much power in Sparta. It was also known throughout the ancient world that Spartan girls and women the most physically fit women on the planet due to their manndatory exercises they had to take

But there were the downsides, the biggest and obvious is the pregnancy, As a Spartan woman you had to provide the state with large amounts of Children, as many as a woman physically could and more so, while also doing adminstrative jobs for the state on top of that, the man you would marry would be a meathead who hasn't seen a woman in 13-15 years, had most likely been raped as a child by his teachers and raped other children when he got older, he will likely die in some war by the before he even reaches the age of 40

Now your children, if your baby was born with any sort of imperfection or smallness of the body, they would be left to die and you couldn't anything to save them, some leeway was given to baby girls but still, then after that your sons would be taken away at age 7 and you wouldn't see them again for 13 years, in many cases they would die in the training process, they would be raped, they would have to commut rape on children and if he survive's all this he'd still die in some conflict cause the Spartans were always at war, your daughters would become your business partners and manage to estate with you, they like would you take some state adminstration job for the rest of their lives

So anons what do you choose Sparta or Athens ?

No. 739776

it's funny you didn't mention a single upside for athens, obvs sparta

No. 739780

Where did this Sparta propaganda come from? Sparta sucks.

No. 739782

File: 1613389519453.png (2.09 MB, 1502x1002, finn-SHOT_23_FINNSINGLE_LOOK01…)

Finn is objectively a very cute person and I'd definitely have a huge celebrity crush if I was his age. That being said, I'm not, I don't know him, he is an actor, I wish him well in his career and life and that's about it.
I think it's okay to find minors / young adults objectively attractive or even have a non-serious "crush" but only ever in passing and never, ever to be considered seriously. It should always be limited to a comment at the most like "Yeah, they're attractive (for a kid)" or "they remind of XY that I crushed on" and that's where I would draw the line. It's a delicate subject too and I understand if anons think this admission goes too far.
I think it's good when people call out minors being objectified and sexualized on this board. That stuff can't fly.

No. 739784

Literally all outsiders, only adminstrative documents were ever found from the ruins but the Spartans never seemed to produce any even nominal works of art or science or even poetry

No. 739785

I agree with this. You can think minors are attractive because thinking someone is beautiful/handsome/pretty/good-looking/whatever does not mean you are sexually/romantically attracted to them. Having a crush on a minor is way too far though.

No. 739786

File: 1613389882809.jpg (182.32 KB, 1087x1600, statue-Hatshepsut-New-York-Cit…)

>Ancient Sparta was arguably at the one of the most liberating place in the Ancient world for women.
Ancient Egypt was more egalitarian. All the things you listed for Spartan women was also the case with Egyptian women, but Egyptians didn't commit mass infanticide like Spartans did. On the contrary, certain physical abnormalities, like dwarfism, would be considered magical. It's common knowledge that there were female pharaohs (though they typically only ruled in the absence of a male monarch, much like the queens of the Tudor dynasty.) People married for love, and both women and men could initiate divorces. There's a lot more, just look it up.

>they would be raped, they would have to commit rape on children

I have no idea what the hell you're talking about with this, unless you're using the word "rape" to describe pederasty. Are you the anon who was talking about how evil Greece and Rome were in another thread?

That's what I was thinking. Choosing between Sparta and Athens sucks because you're basically picking between horrific abuse of women and mass infanticide.

No. 739787

>he will likely die in some war by the before he even reaches the age of 40
as he should
>if your baby was born with any sort of imperfection or smallness of the body, they would be left to die and you couldn't anything to save them
still better than caring for a vegetable or a tard
>some leeway was given to baby girls but still, then after that your sons would be taken away at age 7 and you wouldn't see them again for 13 years, in many cases they would die in the training process, they would be raped
fuckin oath

i see no downsides

spartan stacies > virgin athenians

No. 739789

mass infanticide is preferable and even necessary, if we still had it there would be no united states of america and i see that as a missed opportunity

No. 739791

They asked this in our school too lmao? My answer has always been Sparta.

No. 739792

God I feel bad for saying this but… I agree
Extremely unfit deformed children should… just not live, it's a horrible life for them and the family

No. 739798

I mean… this is what abortion is for, we don't necessarily need infanticide nowadays.

No. 739799

I know Egypt was based, espically before the Hyxos Invasion and occupation but it was still cool before that

> have no idea what the hell you're talking about with this, unless you're using the word "rape" to describe pederasty

Obviously I'm referring to the peadastry, the whole thing of an older man and his "beloved"

Austronean societies also had degrees of gender equality, so much so that the Chinese mocked and considered them Barbaians

No. 739807

Nah kill all sick children

No. 739808

I guess they ask this as a male power fantasy of some sort

No. 739815

Why would you do that? They'll die on their own if they're sick enough

No. 739816

File: 1613393587274.gif (1.73 MB, 800x868, Fly-away-now.gif)

I've got a big exam coming in 10 minutes and I think I didn't do enough to prepare for it, sooo wish me luck anons. Here goes nothing

No. 739818

Good luck

No. 739826

File: 1613394592388.png (390.47 KB, 500x375, tumblr_npc9y364Ph1qbhakvo1_500…)

for people with intrusive thoughts

No. 739827

I have a counterargument for all that is listed there. I don't like this stuff because it's not genuine.

No. 739828

NTA but kinda following the "a lie repeated 1000 times becomes the truth" saying, if you you'll force yourself to consciously dispute your irrational thoughts like that every single time, eventually it may become a subconscious habit and that's the point. At least I hope it will work like this because there seems to be no other way.

No. 739831

I loved the gimpgirl convo in the recent leftthots thread. As a gg anon I want to say, if Red Scare transcriber anon ever wants some extra help please just hmu here! You almost inspired me to join you before with the detail and quality of your pod transcriptions

No. 739838

The guy you posted is 18, he is a man, there's nothing wrong with you having a crush on him when you're not his age. Even two years ago it would be ok to crush on him since 16 is above the age of consent in most places.

No. 739844

My roommate and I got blackout drunk last night for Valentine's and at some point at the height of us being drunk messes, I just went over to him, pulled his pants down, and sucked his dick.

For what reason, I do not know. Drunk me is a fucking messy bitch lmao

No. 739846

File: 1613397386905.png (712.73 KB, 512x768, ec6.png)

No. 739849

Nta, but some people still do not want to date/crush on 18 year olds because they're young
>Even two years ago it would be ok to crush on him since 16 is above the age of consent in most places.
This AOC argument people love to bring up is dumb. AOC is also as low as 12 in some places. Doesn't make it ok.

No. 739851

I'm literally just 3 years older then him, Its not pedophilia to have a crush on a male this near my age range

No. 739856

Please post them.

No. 739859

Why does Ricky's dad in trailer park boys have a Canadian flag and confederate flag off the back of his wheelchair I also can't find the stupid questions thread

No. 739862

As someone with ocd, these kind of things have not helped me that much tbh. I find that they usually work for a day or two and then "wear off" and I end up feeling worse when I try to tell myself to stop. Keeping in mind "This is not who I am, this is not my personality, this is not my problem, etc…" has helped me a lot though when I'm not having intrusive thoughts though. I'm not saying these are completely useless btw. Just my personal experience with these. They're not a magical fix to intrusive thoughts

No. 739867

IMO it's not wrong or creepy when women say a minor is good-looking, but when men do it, it immediately doesn't sit right with me. Not with those crime rates!!
Also, I love how women put so much thought into this and into not being gross, while with men it's just
>Billie Eilish is officially 18 bros, now we can say all those things about her we've been holding in
I mean, the concern is just another reason why women are superior, but at the same time, I guarantee Finn Wolfhard and most other young adolescent males do not give a single fuck if women outside their age range think they're cute/hot/whatever. He liked a nude posted by Dasha Nekrasova, ffs. I feel like this is another thing we have to accept that males and females are vastly different on (sexuality), but it's not really an easy pill to swallow.

No. 739873

File: 1613399999405.jpg (196.35 KB, 800x790, 800px-Akhilleus_Patroklos_Anti…)

It wasn't considered rape, I already explained this to you. 1) The eromenos would be courted at the same age women would be getting married 2) Both the eromenos and his father had to consent to the relationship 3) The relationships weren't always sexual in nature 4) Pederasty was only practiced by upper and middle class Greeks.

It's certainly gross by modern standards, but it was normal back then. To call ancient Greek pederasty rape is to devalue the impact of actual rape happening at the time. Not to mention, lumping pederasty in with slavery and infanticide trivializes those things.

No. 739875

File: 1613400399403.png (694.24 KB, 536x649, ray.PNG)

What about the pirate flag?

No. 739877

Anon, just because it was normal back then does not make it not-rape lmao. You can recognize it was rape and still recognize that it's not as big of a deal as rape today, cause y'know, there is no more ancient Greece.

No. 739878

Peak comedy is people falling over but no one gets hurt

No. 739879

Women need to stop being on a high horse about telling other women not to be be attracted to 18-24 year old men. Men marry and date 18 year olds girls all the time and will call you a old hag for being 23 in a heart beat. They feel no shame about it and finn will probably grow up to be the same way. Just stfu at this point.

No. 739880

!!!!!!! I'm still watching lol

No. 739881

I actually wrote that about Ricky falling over. I'll stop now

No. 739882

Calm down, eugenics-chans.

I agree with this, but I really doubt Spartans were only killing off vegetables. We don't know what their parameters were for killing a baby, but given the state of medical technology at the time, they probably yeeted kids into pits for shit like being underweight.

If a condition causes a child perpetual pain or makes it impossible for them to intellectually develop past infancy, the humane choice is to abort or give palliative care after birth. But some conditions that look really bad don't effect a person's intellect– cerebral palsy for instance. Having a physical handicap doesn't automatically eliminate someone's worth as a human being.

No. 739885

NTA but I think it's a matter of principle. Like anon's probably very disturbed when men only want 18 year olds, so she's trying to do 50/50 to avoid being a hypocrite.
But the truth is that it's not hypocrisy, just reality. It will never be the same, men start being scrotes from basically whenever they start getting into porn. Teenage boys are some of the worst scrotes.

No. 739886

I'm a native english speaker and I do that quite a lot when speaking online. Don't feel bad about it nonny!

No. 739889

My bf is a paki so hes hairy and he shaves his entire body and while it does look good hes low key prickly as fuck

No. 739891

Isn't that kinda like a slur? My pakistani british friends hated the word

No. 739894

I didnt know it was a slur thought it was short for Pakistanis

No. 739896

The concept of statutory rape didn't even exist back then, and it wasn't until the 19th century that Western countries began viewing eighteen as the beginning of adulthood. The vast majority of cultures throughout history have viewed the end of puberty as the beginning of adulthood. This is because 1) it wasn't until recently that we discovered that the human brain doesn't stop developing until a person's early 20s and 2) longer lifespans meant people weren't obligated to start having kids as early. In the middle ages, women would typically experience menopause at around forty, if a plague didn't kill them first.

Yes, it's statutory rape by modern standards. But you're not just calling it that, you're casting moral judgement and recontextualizing it as "child" rape based on strictly modern notions of what a child even is. Kouroi we're not children, they were fifteen to nineteen years old, which at the time was considered young adult. You can call it rape all you like, but don't lump it in with actual human rights abuses like infanticide and systemic subjugation of women.

No. 739897

It's kinda like jap, not the best of vibes

No. 739899

I'm a burgerfag and I've only ever heard it be used as a slur.

No. 739904

That's like saying it's not bad that marital rape existed in historical cultures since people didn't believe you could rape your wife and it was legal at the time.

No. 739912

No, it's not. Marital rape is the result of systemic misogyny. Two upper-class white men having otherwise consensual, non-penetrative sex is not even remotely comparable to marital rape. You're giving more consideration to the plight of affluent teenagers than you are the the scores of other people ancient Greek society treated like shit.

No. 739914

File: 1613404645380.jpg (92 KB, 790x1070, 5917220ce9b368586aea22b4ae432f…)

Idk anything about lolita fashion, but I feel like gothic/dark lolita is so much better than regular lolita. Like, both styles make the wearer look a doll, but something about dark lolita is just…different. I really wanna learn more about that style so I can draw a bunch of vampire girls in lolita. also, black girls who wear lolita clothing are very cute

No. 739919

File: 1613405208162.jpg (124.25 KB, 900x1351, moite.jpg)

I feel like the pic you posted looks too costume but I generally agree. Classic and gothic lolita looks better than sweet

No. 739926

I want to share my samosas and bhajis with you all

No. 739929

File: 1613406080089.jpg (1.06 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210215-181916_Twi…)

This is how i see adult pokemonspergs

No. 739930

File: 1613406106819.jpg (72.69 KB, 564x752, a8aeec602de8e9fb7642a7de3f2c93…)

No. 739931

I wish there was more lolita related discussion on lolcow. Or is there and I'm just not in the right places?

No. 739932

never had either of them, but i'll gladly take some, thank you anon

No. 739937

I was midshit when my cat started meowing hella loud in the hallway because he wanted out, my roommates sleep in until noon so I was afraid he'd disturb them so I put the shit on pause, wiped furiously, and hurried to let the cat out.
Now, upon returning to my porcelain throne, I notice that I had shit on my hands. And I just touched the door knob.

No. 739938

File: 1613406961923.jpg (116.41 KB, 640x1139, bynSMrsnKx3toimR2ngGcheYulP1Nn…)

You're wrong my friend. Pic related is how we actually are. No money for weirdo clothes when you gotta take out your pokefriend on a dinner

No. 739939

File: 1613407009520.png (275.88 KB, 420x300, 1612495493397.png)

No. 739940

A fan and a sperg are different, u absolute dummy

No. 739942

I hate when I find someone cool on social media, but they are into something weird. Your art is so nice and you seem so sweet, but why do you have a piss kink?

No. 739943

>maladaptive daydreamers be like

No. 739948

>implying you are not a pokesperg when you are taking your pokeplushies to lunches
yes I know that's probably not what's going on in the pic, I don't care tho

No. 739952

We used to talk about it when this site was a cgl offshoot and the only boards were pt and ot
You missed out
Now that most of our denizens are normies, they view it as negatively as normies do

No. 739955

It's overcast & I want to go for a walk but I'm anxious about going alone ahhhg

No. 739957

Why would they share that?

No. 739959

I've had equally disappointing things happen a few times with fanfiction authors. They start out cute and fluffy, but then they'll upload some BDSM face-fuck choking bullshit once and now it's in every single fic.

No. 739962

Maybe don't be a degenerate and stop following sex workers?

No. 739969

I don't even an issue with bdsm shit (as long as they don't talk excessively about it, but if I follow a NSFW artist it's not an issue. Even with fanfic authors I get why they might talk about it more often), but the pee kink is too fucking much for me lmao. The issue is it's always the people with the weird fetishes who are the loudest
Who said anything about sex workers?

No. 739970

Your telling me that normal ass non sex workers post publically about piss fetishes or face fucking bdsm interests?

No. 739973

kek underrated comment

No. 739974

'dumbass shit thread' wasn't supposed to be taken literally

No. 739979

Nope, the person who I'm talking about is not a swer and her account is not even focused around sex shit. And yes, non-sexworkers can post about their kinks. Like I said in my previous post, artists and fanfic authors do it sometimes.

No. 739983

Tomato juice is vile. How can people drink it?

No. 739984

'dumbass shit thread' wasn't supposed to be taken literally

No. 739992

That's wild to me, sorry for making assumptions tho

No. 739995

File: 1613409564981.jpeg (55.28 KB, 629x379, 1611610144497.jpeg)

This is an actual tragedy.

No. 740000

All I know about lolita is its a book about a pedo. Yea I've read it but a lot of it was forgettable because you were reading the ramblings of a mad man.

No. 740006

>Ramblings of a mad man
I'm told that's the point, reading from the perspective of someone you understand is objectively a piece of shit. I think it's interesting and all to write "bad person" characters but it's also not my thing, so I feel you

No. 740007

i know this sounds very cringey, but this website is full of normies and it really shouldn’t be. this should be for all the socially disenfranchised freaks, weebs, femcels, neets ect. whenever i see a post about my boyfriend, my job, i want to scream.

No. 740009

but you can have a job and even a bf and still be a major fucking sperg

No. 740010

File: 1613410140019.png (302.49 KB, 350x490, rsz_toalltheboys.png)

I'm in the mood for some feel-good coming of age dumbassery, will picrel suffice?

No. 740011

I can't stop thinking about this cute delivery guy. He might be taken but I was sure he liked me too. I'm probably just imagining things.

No. 740014

I'm sorry anon but, my normie ass will not stop browsing.

No. 740015

File: 1613410352837.jpg (145.77 KB, 1080x795, 20210215_192737.jpg)

What are they thinking

No. 740016

File: 1613410362299.jpeg (72.19 KB, 567x604, 16F75E23-7911-4C51-B649-12F7BF…)

I just watched the final installment yesterday and I'd say it'll do. Lara Jean is definitely more annoying in this one though. No spoilers but I'm pretty happy with how it ended. Also pretty sad I won't get to see her and Peter be cute together anymore. The series overall is a really fun watch, even if there's some frustrating moments.

No. 740018

File: 1613410390330.jpg (21.16 KB, 236x364, 36e8e33b2305d60f8c60acb15a6fb7…)

I didn't watch the movie, but I remember reading this book when I was a teenager and thinking it was cute so, might as well give it a try.
I think I like the costume-y outfits more cause I don't think of these outfits as like, everyday outfits (although I love anyone who does wear lolita everyday). Classic lolita is very beautiful! I didn't know there was a name for that neutral colored style.
I feel like it's important to stress the difference between loli, lolita fashion and the book by Vladimir Nabokov lmaoo

No. 740019

Wow this pic is tiny lol sorry

No. 740023

Nah, I know exactly what you mean I wish there was an imageboard like that. Crystal cafe is mostly trannies and scrotes so that's not an alternative. The problem with normies is that they turn every discussion into something boring with the most canned like responses. It's as if they can't stop regurgitating stale memes and quips. I really wish they'd fuck off. I blame twtter and rddit. The lack of original thought is frightening.

No. 740024

Thinking about the ben swolo meme

No. 740027

Some of us just grew up and stopped being weird. I was a weeb in high school when I started browsing here, 5 years later and I’m a fairly normal college student.

No. 740028

Thank you girls, off I go!

No. 740030

Peak r9k-brain here anon. Why do self-proclaimed persecuted minority freaks/neets etc always come off so narcissistic? I understand making the logical jump from "boyfriend, job" to "=normal life" but I'm sure you're smart enough to know human beings are more complex than that. It goes without saying that you can be mentally ill and also be forced to work and move out, but the worst part of this line of thinking is that the "uwu I'm a REAL neet"s without fail seem to think they're capable of comprehending someone's entire life and mental health just by reading a two sentence shitpost that happens to mention a romantic partner.

No. 740033

Based as fuck

No. 740035

lol i support this 100% you're fucking right

No. 740037

I agree with this 100%

No. 740044

No. 740047

Ah, driverfags

No. 740054

I am proud to say I am not (no offence). But he looks like ben swolo

No. 740072

If you were truly mentally ill you wouldn't be able to hold a job and everything, you would be homeless and rotting on the streets without support

No. 740075

it's crazy how so many aspects of sex are purely psychological. my bf asked me if him cumming all over my face "felt good" or why i liked it and the only good explanation i could come up with was "i like it because you like it" (it's true though).

No. 740076

>t. someone who doesn't understand mental illness

No. 740077

Youre fucking retarded

No. 740083

What boomer logic is this?

No. 740085

File: 1613414290962.jpg (52.62 KB, 1200x907, 8c9c06c0721d57b070d96b708e4e57…)

Anon, a lot of people with full-time jobs and good careers commit suicide and have families, homes, etc…

No. 740087

File: 1613414317684.jpeg (256.28 KB, 1299x837, 3D71DB6D-6AE6-4EC5-A114-A3F564…)

you browsing lolcow

No. 740088

most famous people are severely mentally ill, that's where the talent comes from!

No. 740090

I like walks too but also get pretty anxious before taking one alone, wish we could be walking buddies anon

No. 740091

Are you retarded?

No. 740092

some of them seem to lose sanity from being famous. though I wouldn't say they all have talent

No. 740095

My cat was sleeping with her eyes open and for a second I thought she was DEAD. Stupid beautiful baby scared the shit out of me.

No. 740099

I would unironically argue that having greater access to wealth and education sometimes even directly leads to mental illness, as a working class 3rd world wageslave with depression and child abuse in their history doesn't have the time to sit and ponder the meaning of existence long enough to realize there isn't any. They just have to swallow it and work until they die. But you guys are totally right, the truly oppressed mentally ill people are the first-world neets who are just sooo speshul that the government needs to pay them to sulk online in a little private safe space where the existence of Stacy's boyfriend can't hurt them

No. 740101

go watch love rosie, it's so much better

No. 740102

That means they function very well and just have very shitty personalities. Also yes I know that many of them have families and homes kek, but they only have homes because someone else pays the bills.

No. 740106

Anon, do you realize people don't have mental illness because they "sit and ponder the meaning of existence"? Also, people in first world countries can experience shit like child abuse. I'm not sure why you think the only people with depression in first world countries are NEETs living off of government assistance.

No. 740107

Nta but ah, you're just retarded. Seethe.

No. 740109

yes it's not like some mental illness is genetic like schizophrenia. that can lead to homelessness and poverty but not always (I know cases of both). I honestly agree with the first part of what you said in some cases but that doesn't mean some people's mental illness doesn't matter/isn't real, and why is it a competition? Wealthy people definitely have more resources and time to feel bad for themselves but some of you act like class is the only factor in quality of life, like someone can't even just be born mentally ill or experience trauma. I understand bitterness that they have more resources but wtf it's weird what anon (you?) implied like to have TrUe mental illness you have to be homeless

No. 740110

nta but there are plenty of people who pay their own bills who are mentally ill

No. 740111

I don't think that, I was phrasing it in that way in response to the anons who think online forums need to be closed off to people who have their specific type of depression/neetdom. I just think it's stupid to say things like "I don't think normies should post here because they have a boyfriend so they're not truly sad/alone" because on that logic there's a lot of other comparisons to be made. Tldr nobody should be comparing traumas, everyone experiences their own life differently

No. 740113

You're just a pretentious asshole with too much free time, you create your own fucking problems. "Oh no the world has no meaning!" Who the fuck cares, go outside.

No. 740115

>nobody should be comparing traumas, everyone experiences their own life differently
You literally did compare traumas though. The post you replied to didn't even say anything about closing off websites from people who have depression, and I haven't even seen anyone say that.

Friendly reminder that having a mental illness isn't a fucking competition.

No. 740116

No, I said they are homeless IF they have no support. But the homeless and the ones who are supported by family have one thing in common, they can't provide for themselves.

No. 740117

Classic Karen response.

No. 740118

> Tldr nobody should be comparing traumas, everyone experiences their own life differently
This is basic common sense but I think anons are trying to bait. I can't tell if they're going for edgy or woke


nta but I think you misunderstood her. the OP did say that only neets and truly depressed people should use this site. she was responding to that

No. 740119

This post >>740114 is the one that kicked off all the discussion. But you're right they didn't say anything about mental illness

No. 740120

I'm now seriously tempted to make a chan site dedicated to kawaii and weeb shit strictly for females. Separate boards for lolita, cosplay, other J-fashion, anime/manga, fujo degeneracy, and a few others. Thoughts from my fellow j-fashion enthusiasts or weebs?

No. 740121

I always laugh when I think of all the autistic shit Sparta did and then they got fucking rocked by Thebes of all places
what a joke

No. 740122

File: 1613416356524.jpeg (167.22 KB, 750x538, B3D97A88-39ED-4F58-B959-57AE39…)


No. 740126

If you do it I'd be interested, as long as it doesn't become crystal.cafe 2.0

No. 740127

why is everyone acting like mood disorders or psychosis dont exist

No. 740128

Can you read? For the last time, I compared traumas because the logic of "Stacy with a job and bf can't possibly be a lonely freak like me" lends itself to an endless Oppression Olympics-style pissing contest. I made that comparison in the same line of thinking as OP, /I/ personally don't think a depressed Cambodian fish farmer is more ~valid~ in their mental illness than a sad American neet who doesn't want to hear about Stacy, but the OP who claimed "normies" don't belong here certainly seems to think their personal brand of social isolation is extra special. THAT is what I was responding to

No. 740130

Wrong. The clown lives inside of us all.

No. 740132

File: 1613416726054.jpg (46.01 KB, 564x564, 1613163121745.jpg)

No. 740136

>as long as it doesn't become crystal.cafe 2.0
I would die on a hill before I allowed that to happen

No. 740137

Women's fashion nowadays is so androgynous is unflattering. Mens fashion always refers them to flattering suits, teaches them how to dress and helps them look sexy and mature but women's fashion is jeans and a boring blouse or practically pajamas if that

No. 740140

Cringe as fuck, lmao

No. 740141

I want to claim crystal cafe back for us but I don't know how

No. 740142

But what do you consider women's fashion though? There are so many styles out there.

No. 740143

You have my vote.

No. 740145

Hard agree. I'm tired of hearing about 3D men.

No. 740151

Wanted to leave my unwarranted opinion which is that as someone who went from a NEET to normie-passing (no bf but I get male attention and have turned down dates, full-time job, friends, etc.), I am plagued by doubt and imposter syndrome ("I have no friends" as my phone is blowing up, "No way that guy actually likes a freak like me back" as he flirts repeatedly, "I'm incompetent at my job" as I have to fix other peoples' mistakes almost every single day), and this complete unfamiliarity with the cycles of doubt, embarrassment, self-compassion, and acceptance that normies experience in some degree for their whole lives is what sets stealth-normies apart from true normies, and what keeps me from moving on from this stupid fucking Thai sea monkey breeding forum. There is no escaping the feeling that you have been set back in life, with no one but yourself to blame. My concept of "normal" has simply shifted, because I have identified with abnormality for so long that I cannot tell if I've reached it or not. I seethe, too, when I see anons bragging about their good degree and lucrative job, or house, or what have you, and I wonder why they're here if they're so "normal", and I would have seethed over someone with my own life ~4 years ago.

No. 740155

pleaaaaaase get over yourself kek this is so embarrassing. you unironically sound like some nerd ass redditor thinking they’re weird and quirky for unironically enjoying joker or something

No. 740160

File: 1613418055026.png (173.21 KB, 1242x575, 1608677225020.png)

cringe being proud of being a sperg. Sorry this board is for mega stacies only

No. 740161

You just need to get over yourself.

No. 740166

I would love that, with captcha and boards dividing the kawaii stuff from the other cute stuff that’s more normie-tier so there’s no retarded infighting between weebs and normies.

No. 740167

File: 1613418576841.jpg (39.51 KB, 933x1253, Es1TjqHVEAMlZ2c.jpg)

You're right. That's the toughest part kek. I let myself develop a persecution complex as a NEET that I still haven't overcome.

No. 740172

A real stacy wouldn't know how to even use an image board, geek ass hoe

No. 740173

if you were truly mentally ill, you would have shot up a school or a mall by now. GTFO normie

No. 740178

File: 1613419442980.png (11.89 KB, 500x294, ae2.png)

>a farmer thinking of themselves as a Mega Stacy

… at least the spergs you're referring to know they're spergs

No. 740188

>geek ass hoe

No. 740189

It doesn't work like that. You either function or you don't, if you're in the second category it's useless to make comparisons.

No. 740201

Same, I really don't care and it's annoying.

I'm interested.

No. 740203

File: 1613420988862.jpg (92.99 KB, 854x960, 1583472942954.jpg)

What's a surefire way to flip your sleeping schedule so that instead of sleeping at 6am you're waking up from 6-8am? I've tried all-nighters but I always revert back and it's difficult to force myself to wake up early.

No. 740207

Modern basic stuff. Like the kinda stuff you can just go get from Walmart or TJ Maxx. A lot of alternative styles are pretty nice though

No. 740208

File: 1613421057489.png (351.53 KB, 562x673, 1612673826163.png)

um idk what you guys talking about this is literally a picture of me. don't worry I won't steal ur husbandos because they're trash xx

No. 740214

I love starting arguments on here. Stacies still mad that they’re boring and no one wants them here. Booooooo

No. 740215

I dont have characters I really kin with because I dont notice any fictional characters like me for some reason

No. 740216

Stay up 3 hours later each day. So if you normally sleep at 6am, on the first day stay up until 9am. Then the next day stay up until 12pm. And so on until you fall asleep at a normal time again. I've used this method many times.

No. 740217

File: 1613421574935.jpg (513.24 KB, 694x1036, 675cb42.jpg)


No. 740221

You think? I like being surrounded by normies, it gives me a bit of hope. They're also pretty kind to interact with instead of being cynical. I feel like the outcast places usually turn circlejerky and constant 'woe is me' but hearing about people with normal lives (featuring their mental illness) gives me hope that I can become normal.

No. 740222

reading through the threads and all you stupid faggot normies call everyone who thinks slightly different from you a scrote or an nlog. fuck you you’re all so fucking predictable and boring. oh please give us another post about your abusive boyfriend in the vent thread whilst also proclaiming you’re a radfem lol. kill yourselves.

No. 740224

No. 740225

>t. scrote and an nlog

No. 740228

Alright, I'll try this method out. It's good timing since I have a phone appointment at 8am tomorrow anyway. Thanks anon!

No. 740229

True, I saw once a retard accuse an anon of being a scrote because she liked philosophy. The absolute state of college dropouts.

No. 740230

File: 1613422176037.jpeg (42.36 KB, 390x270, A5C63F79-14DB-4DF4-822F-5DF90D…)

Shut the fuck up, retard, let the normie anons be normies, if you want to be a bitter neet, just go to 4chan or literally anywhere else of the internet.

No. 740231

>t. coping boring bitch

No. 740233

no i want female neet solidarity

No. 740235

All the neet anons just need to admit they feel threatened by regular people and go

No. 740239

literally what are you mad at? that normies use this board? boo hoo sorry it's not your neet safe space

No. 740240

Do you own the board or something?

No. 740242

File: 1613422655873.jpeg (59.2 KB, 275x274, 2C8CE536-2CDC-46E0-9A65-7FF37E…)

In a utopian world, Stacy farmers and NEET farmers would date. Just kiss and make up already, guys.

No. 740243

Kek, i love this picture.

No. 740244

ive been a neet for years and its not fun idk why people are proud of this shit. i wish i had a job

No. 740245

Depends on wether the other anon owns it or not.

No. 740247

This. They probably only recently became a neet or whatever

No. 740262

File: 1613423917522.png (194.75 KB, 596x638, 339450EE-7C5E-4333-A3D1-711BB3…)

okay okay stacies, i’m sorry for being mean, you know i love you really

No. 740263

I’m tired of my boyfriend watching vtubers whenever I come over. I don’t care what he does when I’m not around, but I can’t keep pretending I think they’re funny when he puts a stream on. Their voices grate on my ears and some streamers feel like they pander so hard to coomers I can’t do it. I’d rather listen to people playing among us than someone putting on their fakest high pitch voice. Please let this trend die soon

No. 740266

No shit dude, they want to kill us and are very outspoken about it

No. 740267

Does he watch the English or Japanese ones? Vtubers overall have terrible humour

No. 740270

wtf is a vtuber? is it something good and can i make money off of this?

No. 740271

File: 1613424229450.jpg (62.47 KB, 800x450, good.jpg)

Seriously, what would be the benefit of having a "normie" free imageboard just for uwu special broken neet girls? Doomposting each other into mass suicide?

Personally I became an evolved neet by setting up my life in a way that caters to my desire to be a shut-in. I have 2 jobs that can both be done from home and I married another antisocial shut-in who blissfully avoids the internet for anything further than looking up recipes. The best part is nobody bothers us because on paper we're both self-sufficient adults with respectable jobs and a loving partner. It was a lot of work to get to this point but it's perfect and worth it, don't care if online randos think I'm not deep and tortured enough, femcels can stay mad

No. 740274

Oh V tube looks autistic

No. 740275

He mostly watched the JP ones, which is funny because there’s no english subs unless it’s a clip reel. He’ll watch kiara and gura, but it feels like such.. manchild media? He’s put a few streams on for me to watch and I just… didn’t laugh, I don’t connect to their lolrandom humor. I don’t want to come off as having a stick up my ass by telling him I can’t stand these streams but if we’re eating dinner and he puts a stream on I just internally lose it because they sound so annoying.

No. 740281

File: 1613424815126.jpg (95.98 KB, 563x554, 1578847915755.jpg)

All this stacy/normie talk reminds me of a video I saw where some youtubers were interviewing some normie chad from that Love Island show, he mentioned that someone linked him to the Love Island subreddit and he was not only viscerally put-off by the fact that people were wasting time on a forum talking about celebrities they'd never met and speculating about him, but also baffled by the concept of a forum in general. He was confused that people were interacting semi-anonymously with people they'd never met and didn't plan on meeting. THAT is normie behavior. None of us are on that level.

You're not a neet if you are working and supporting yourself. Your life does sound comfy though, good for you.

No. 740284

Yeah their humour is fucking terrible, especially the EN ones. You can tell their putting on an act and it's so off putting. Majority of the JP ones suck too but I guess I give them the benefit of the doubt because they're mimicking anime from their own culture, hearing it in native Japanese feels slightly less cringe. I think the vtuber audience just love the cute design and the idea of a "cute girl" being behind it. My friend gets me to watch videos sometimes and they're never interesting or funny…I'd rather watch someone who is actually interested in the game play around. The only one I like is Marine if you want to check her out for yourself/your BF or something.

No. 740286

It's a form of retardation and ugliness rolled into one

No. 740289

Wtf explain in detail please, this sounds like a dream

No. 740290

That's the retarded normie who didn't read a book in their life and not the cool normie that most people talk about. How can you hate forums but appear in trashy reality tv?

No. 740293

The Love Island thing is a good point but just to play devil's advocate here I've met seemingly well-adjusted Chad frat boy types who have a good job and a girlfriend and all the support from family friends in the world, but also happen to be on antipsychotics because schizophrenia is just in their genes and they were institutionalized for suicide attempts when they were 12. To me it's kind of hard to harshly cast aside someone like that as a "normie" who has it easy

No. 740300

Which islander anon? I need to know.
And yeah some of them are so brain-dead I'm convinced its LARP

No. 740302

Oh I agree. I wasn't trying to hate on the Love Island dude for being a normie, I just brought it up as an example of what a NEET would perceive normies to be like vs. what they're actually like.

Carrington lol.

No. 740304

I’ve asked him once why he likes vtubers and he told me that he thinks they’re cute and chill entertainment, and gives him the feeling of listening to a podcast while he cleans his apartment/plays games. I don’t know though, he can enjoy and watch what he wants but haachama streams make my eyes roll back into my head. Call me a fun killer but it’s too coomer-y for me

No. 740308

i feel attacked!

No. 740323

I've never done any drugs because I'm scared of them and right now I have to take narcotics because of surgery and I legitimately feel like I'm dying but like in a cartoony way, I feel like my head is going to detach and like each of my eyeballs has 4 pupils inside

No. 740337

Lurch looks like a fucking cyclops in that picture that just got posted holy fuck

No. 740354

File: 1613429560945.jpg (15.33 KB, 600x315, 83eaa3141bc3e6507fd98d0547d0ba…)

what a cute moth

No. 740358

Nta but you people really think this is good? Tragic

No. 740367

Lmao this is retarded

No. 740368

This is really weird and sad

No. 740369

this is a fake felted moth.

No. 740372

File: 1613431302329.jpeg (783.7 KB, 828x1321, 240A7684-5C64-471A-B302-C134C6…)

Do you guys think Deangelo Wallace is a TIF?

No. 740374

What the hell is a TIF? If you're asking if he's sexy then yeah god yes

No. 740375

No. 740376


yeah, no, i think he's a cis guy. personally i find him quite cringe but he's talented

sorry lmao i pressed enter by accident

No. 740377

Oh, TIF is a trans thing. My thirst got the best of me. I've been watching him since he was doing art videos and he seems like .. regular guy to me. Isn't he super tall too?

No. 740378

i hate his mannerisms and voice. besides that he seems chill.

No. 740379

No, but he sounds like a retard with that low ass monotone voice

No. 740380

trans-identifying female. A transman. He's sorta cute but the second he opens his mouth he becomes insufferable

No. 740382

File: 1613431980618.jpg (18.72 KB, 257x355, 05.jpg)

I just learned that Gary from Ib is an okama I didn't need to know that

No. 740383

to be fair, he looks fairly andro

No. 740384

No. 740385

File: 1613432414823.png (384.74 KB, 720x720, kor.png)

hard agree. The only vtuber I can stand is korone, even then she's a guilty pleasure for me

No. 740386

since everyone keeps talking about him I watched like 3 of his video's and honestly he just sounds like a really condescending and annoying gay guy, but in his Blair white video he said he used to be a fan of him even though he did not agree with his political opinions so honestly I would not be surprised since that means the only stuff he would watched him for is the tranny stuff.

No. 740388

Colt 45 & 2 zigzags, baby that's all we neeeeed

No. 740400

File: 1613434873025.png (425.7 KB, 519x586, 36459j.png)

>Applying to scholarships
>See a lot of scholarships given out by law firms
>See even more out of state
>Probably biased towards in state applicants
>I want to apply, but hide the fact I'm out of state
>What are they gonna do sue me?
>tfw they could actually sue me

I mean they most likely wont, but the ought just popped up

No. 740403

That would explain why I find him cute.

No. 740416

File: 1613436873240.png (253.01 KB, 570x449, mogumogu.png)

My boyfriend went to sleep but I wanna make out

No. 740424

So many early pregnancy symptoms are almost identical to symptoms I get the week before my period, but of course I'm convincing myself that I'm pregnant this time instead fml. The guy I'm with had a nightmare over the weekend that he had a kid and has been really paranoid about it lately which is probably what's making me think this

No. 740430

File: 1613438388000.jpeg (109.63 KB, 550x550, 4C00CB42-2B1A-4753-92A0-FF459C…)

Have you ever seen a mother fucker so ugly, so damn repulsive, that you don’t even know what to say? You have to just stop and stare for a good minute because faces like that shouldn’t be real? I have witnessed the face of possibly the ugliest human on the internet and don’t know where to go next. It genuinely cannot go further downhill. It is just so fucking ugly. It’s teeth and face and mind and body are all fucked and it makes me want to simultaneously beat it up and and run away, but I get the feeling I wouldn’t be able to sanitize enough if I was in the same room as it. I have never seen someone so ugly their face should be illegal until now. So incredibly ugly that I can’t even feel sympathetic even if it wasn’t a male. Insecure anons I hope you feel better about yourselves because I promise you will never be uglier than this vaguely man-like creature. FFS I know I sound cruel but this is forbidden levels of ugly. He makes the driverspergs look like they have good taste.

Yeah it’s Armin. OK not entirely, unfortunately this also applies to a real human. They are both so distressingly ugly though. They both deserve an all expenses paid free expulsion from this realm.

No. 740433

File: 1613438503869.jpeg (157.52 KB, 1643x1080, ECA53E3B-DB05-4EC0-9F80-8C7C34…)

a-armin from snk…?

No. 740436

File: 1613438845696.png (5.42 KB, 246x205, B82C47DA-FBC9-4D00-8F33-7D6E9E…)

No. 740437

File: 1613439118904.jpeg (18.96 KB, 296x296, 7337A826-416E-41AD-BF8F-9FB91B…)

If you think it doesn't get uglier than this little blond anime boy idk what to tell you… but I'm guessing this is mostly entirely about a real person

No. 740439

It's flattering to be called a normie here when offline people suspect the underlying strangeness.

No. 740448

I wish I could beat up all the main characters tbh.

No. 740459

I know right, I’ve been told way too much that I’m nice and kind but that there’s something off about me. what is it? What’s off? I need to know so I can correct it

No. 740464

I got told that too, but as a compliment from my friend. I am pretty okay with the balance, maybe you could be too. I don't want to be 100% copy-and-paste normie but I do want to be functional enough

No. 740518

My god, I am so passive aggressive it's annoying.

No. 740550

File: 1613456549608.gif (573.25 KB, 220x307, tenor-1.gif)


No. 740560

Is this what kids mean when they say fandom

No. 740562

File: 1613458444469.png (73 KB, 1716x671, huh.png)

No. 740564

samefagging AGAIN to say that I've uncovered something really fucking weird


>posted 2017
>9 million views
>uploader is a member of that ceiling fan forum I found
>it's about phones ringing and nothing else
>comments are all spam, and are recent too
>uploader and his friends are desperately yelling at the spammers telling them to stop, as if that will do anything

I feel like I'm digging deeper and deeper into a rabbit hole.

No. 740565

It bothers me how quickly time passes. I was browsing twitter and someone mentioned something funny that happened late last summer in my area and it really made me think, like fuck it felt like yesterday when it was 2020, and now it is already February of 2021. It makes me sad because I feel like I need to learn how to cherish time more.

No. 740620

Did you find anything else?

No. 740627

My schoolmates are unironically citing Contrapoints videos as a good/credible source and I feel sorry for the current generation.

No. 740631

File: 1613471081045.jpeg (116.08 KB, 1400x700, 85666D62-FC87-4F36-863E-7D4DE5…)

So I’m obsessed with Selling Sunset and I heard in an episode that heather did a playboy photoshooting. Obviously i looked it up and first of all she looks entirely different but I can’t really pinpoint what she got done. But secondly her pussy looks so weird in one of the pictures that makes me think she got fillers in her other lips aswell if you know what I mean. Is this a thing??

No. 740632

Its kinda depressing that the only women I know who lift seriously are all right wingers, Im the only leftie in those groups and its awful listening to their bullshit

Libfems only do cardio and radfems think exercising (even for strength) is a tool of the patriarchy

No. 740633

Post period cramps are especially annoying
Sure, cramps are bad anytime, but at least when I am on my period it's expected and I am already bloated and miserable lol

No. 740636

>radfems think exercising (even for strength) is a tool of the patriarchy
Really? The "prominent" radfems here (who are admittedly still have little following) are almost all into bodybuilding. I mean, yeah, they generally hate the notion of exercizing your "peach" for men gaze and other cringey motivational tactics, but they want women to be their strongest selves. It's a pretty patriarchal eastern shithole though, so if you have noticeable shoulder definition you already get called "masculine", so there's really no better way to anger men.

No. 740637

File: 1613472526674.png (528.63 KB, 461x582, parmesan.PNG)

>radfems think exercising (even for strength) is a tool of the patriarchy
Wait, really? why would they think that?
Anyway, your post reminded me of a hot buff girl I found a while ago, pic rel. Idk if she counts as a bodybuilder but….secksi

No. 740638

Cow qualities aside, what is wrong about whats said in the videos though?

No. 740640

Look up some of the most prominent radfems of the second wave, there all pretty unfit

No. 740644

He's more of an entertainer to me. Also all of his self-selected counters he "argues" with are strawmen. And I actually think he has a good sense of humor, but self-deprecating humor is not a replacement for actually engaging in your topics in good faith. I don't really want to go into specifics because of the gendersperging rules.

No. 740645

>radfems think exercising (even for strength) is a tool of the patriarchy
Yeah that's not true at all.
There is nothing men hate more than seeing a woman who is built, especially if she is stronger than them. Plus like >>740636 said, rounded shoulders, ripped abs and big biceps immediately make you less feminine in the eyes of scrotes. There's nothing more radfem than turning off men and making them insecure about their own masculinity/physique. Ever seen a crunk woman enter a room full of average guys? The seething is palpable.

No. 740648

Have you ever been to a gym in your life, from My experiences most guys there were supportive of the female lifters and I hate to break it to you but most women can't ever "naturally" gain this >>740637
physique without using steroids and or being some type of genetic Freak, and I'm sure its radfem to be stronger then the average male(I know I am) but most radfems are not any where near physically fit

No. 740649

I don't really know that much about the american/anglo radfem scene, but the few british ones I've seen don't seem out of shape, even if they're not athletic. And it's one thing to not be powerlifters and another thing to consider weightlifting a "tool of the patriarchy". Are they arguing against working out?

No. 740651

No they don't. Magdalen Berns was a fucking boxer.

No. 740653

File: 1613474482985.png (599.28 KB, 437x544, cheddar.PNG)

Anon who posted >>740637 here, I don't think she uses steroids, she just has a wide body. Pic is her with less muscle. She also plays baseball if that matters

No. 740654

NTA but I don't think she was speaking about the male gym members being unsupportive, but the average male population. The ones that need to voice constantly how they don't want to fuck muscular women, and think that working out your muscles is "trying to become a man" somehow. But it might be cultural differences.

No. 740655

Went to check it and TIL Magdalen was an amateur boxed and an autodidact software developer.

No. 740663

I think it's funny how the celebricows thread always burn through super fast but everyone's too lazy to make another one kek (me included)

No. 740669

what's up with this new recent obsession with people talking about smart kids being accomplished in school then getting depressed later in life because they were praised so much? I swear everywhere I turn online people are discussing it. Is it some weird smug brag, like just another petty way to feel better than people?

No. 740674

I guess it's sort of a humblebrag, but it's also just a general experience I guess that most terminally online people experience. Like in elementary school you have a pretty rich selection of kids of different backgrounds and abilities, but as you go to high school and uni, people realize they're not geniuses, just average. They just compared themselves to people that probably had troubled homes.

No. 740677

I don't think it's a humblebrag, just people reflecting on their life and making jokes out of it. A lot of gifted kids have that experience.

No. 740680

Everytime I think I would love to be pregnant and and have a baby to love, I see something that fucking horrifies me. This time it was a woman saying she broke her pelvis apart while giving birth. Pelvic bones have a surprisingly short heal time though

No. 740681

Anon I want to raise a baby and all but I'm stuck at the "find a man"

No. 740683

Bitch me too lmaoo

No. 740685

File: 1613480504223.png (422.52 KB, 2324x976, ange4.png)

I have a hunch that these people are autistic, or they just have a thing with hyperfixation, and ceiling fans (which often spin), ringing phones (repetitive, but varied noises) and other commonly founds objects that do their own stationary actions are their special interests.
If some of them are (or were) kept in isolation for a certain period of time in their life, it also makes sense for them to focus on certain objects and develop an interest in them in a more general sense IMO.
This all seems weirdly…innocent. Like, try to read this post without imagining the "weird kid" in your class being the OP, rambling away. All this thought put into fucking speakers. The "fancollector12" poster really went crazy on it, though. It might even be good practice for older people who want to preserve their memory and are susceptible to dementia, but I don't know.
I'm not sure why that one video with the ringing phones got so many views and spam comments. Someone said the algorithm lead them to it. It even seems like the uploader took the time to respond to every single one, even the spam comments, saying things like "That makes no sense", "I don't know", "Do not post a spam", etc, so I don't think he knows what's going on, either. He replied to one person who commented on the view count with "It's incredible to think about, I never expected to get millions of views per video.. That video held its own for a while, but now it seems to have fallen out of favor..".

No. 740686

i sit chain-smoking on my porch all day like a retard even when there’s a blizzard. anyway the blizzard finally ended and now i have a giant wall of snow on my porch blocking anyone from seeing me smoke and it feels like a nice cozy igloo

No. 740689

I'm jealous of you snow-having bitches tbh

No. 740698

I'm jealous of your porch, I'm stuck in my concrete jungle apartment

No. 740708

awww, y’all can come sit in the igloo with me! there’s plenty of room!

No. 740727

I'm no where close to being married and I don't even have a bf, but the idea of eloping sounds so much more better than a huge event. I used to want to have a huge, extravagant wedding and a beautiful, ballgown dress not too long ago, but the idea of traveling to some beautiful country with my partner and exploring with no electronics (unless needed ofc) sounds so much more romantic to me. I guess this is partially because I don't have much family I'm close to, but I genuinely think eloping is more intimate.

No. 740745

File: 1613489010755.jpeg (899.03 KB, 1242x1415, B7B79E63-7952-4B8A-8A5F-58B55B…)

My dad said he didn’t want dogs yet shoveled out a whole area for them to use the bathroom in my parents’ backyard bc they’re small and old. He lives up to the meme.

No. 740750

File: 1613489420001.jpeg (1.15 MB, 640x752, D941C078-D632-462E-9A3B-A71504…)

I want to have a “daily goals” thread but I’m afraid I’ll get banned if I make it. We could post whatever we wanted to accomplish that day, whether it was to email someone, exercise, get groceries clean etc. draw a picture, anything. I think it would be nice for us.

No. 740754

We have a mundane shit tread anon, I'm sure that thread will be fine. It sounds like a great thread anyway!

No. 740755

okay who the fuck broke /snow/ and /pt/ and how can i kick their ass. fuck you.

No. 740756

It's definitely the scrote(s) that keeps bothering us and posting dumb shit. They don't have anything better to do, but it's better to just bump the current threads again and ignore them. They want us to be bothered by them doing petty shit. I wish there was a way to mass-lock old threads

No. 740779

This is so annoying

No. 740784

Please make the thread, I would love to see it!

No. 740804

File: 1613493946148.png (223.88 KB, 596x413, 151236911_229560685530538_4370…)


I love this article so much. Pure SCP energy, especially the physical markers

No. 740824

i never saw any of komaeda kin posts, sucks i miss most of the fun in this site

No. 740831

that is one of the most fascinating wikipedia articles i've had the pleasure to stumble upon, thank you so much anon.
what is SCP ?

No. 740835

File: 1613497284074.jpg (34.42 KB, 263x320, EuW_WQxXMAAmHcT.jpg)

Does this photo make anyone elses skin crawl or is it just me
I think anon means the SCP foundation http://www.scpwiki.com/

No. 740839

ah I was thinking something similar, a motivational thread where we could post motivational videos and books and things like that. I thought it would be a nice counterpoint to the vent thread

No. 740840

I have my first massage in 15 minutes and I'm very nervous about it.

Will it cure my headaches? Maybe a bit at least. I wonder if I'll need to get totally naked, pants and all. Probably not. I hope I don't smell weird. I put deodorant on but had the whole day at work.

No. 740841

it's probably cause they're super cheap, but my paint brush bristles keep separating when they're wet and it annoys me so fucking much

No. 740843

Fuckin where do I find myself a high value man

No. 740846

Holy fuck I love it too. It’s so oddly beautiful an interesting. We’re peering into a story that hasn’t happened yet, that we’ll never experience and yet are a part of.

No. 740848

Samefag and sage:
But do you think the Egyptians tried to warn us about something like this, but we weren’t able to translate it?

No. 740855


No. 740861

At Macy's

No. 740877

Honestly these all just make me want to peer in to see what's there even more, like a big red DO NOT PUSH button calls to be pushed.
These "human interface task force" behavioural scientists are so shit at their job damn. Who entrusted the fate of humanity to those idiots

No. 740904

bruh just go back to cgl if you wanna discuss lolita lol

No. 740905

hieroglyphics are actually translatable as far as i'm aware, but yeah the section about manufacturing myths / creating a religion that warns of the danger of radioactive waste made me wonder if our own myths and ideas were created by the civilization before us so that we would do better than them.

No. 740971

I’m so fucking glad I’m still single. My ex use to drink water so obnoxiously loud it gave me an aversion to drinking from bottles.

No. 740980

I didn't have time to make a saline solution so my dumb ass flushed my nose with regular water and I'm now I'm in excruciating pain holy shit

No. 740984

I might be your ex.

No. 740986

Isn't that dangerous because the bacteria from tap water can go to your brain? I'm pretty sure it's even on the package of nettipots.

Sidenote, but the whole nose flushing thing is also why I would be terrified to get a nose job. Idk how people do it, too scary

No. 740989

Oh noooo that's so scary shit well RIP me I guess. The reason I'm flushing my nose is actually nose surgery, although it wasn't cosmetic. Recovery is pretty harsh, I would avoid it if you can

No. 741006

you can get a brain eating amoeba from that. you probably won't because it's rare, but it's possible

No. 741009

Nta, can I get shit like that from drinking tap water too?

No. 741011

File: 1613505726033.jpeg (177.08 KB, 750x855, 43D3F18D-639A-4D01-B64B-B0A245…)

enjoy it while you can anons seeing shit like this is so rare

No. 741012

Where was this? It's giving me Samantha vibes

No. 741015

Samefag, nvm it's the anorexic thread

No. 741016

Nope, you can only get it from freshwater entering your nose. it is still incredibly rare, tons of people get freshwater up their nose all the time and nothing happens.

No. 741018

File: 1613506120858.jpg (123.83 KB, 1009x826, aluppz23erc41.jpg)

Found someones one drive of coomer memes and I'm surprised how many alternative versions, smoking, guitar, internet, modding, of the coomer exist.

No. 741019

People who sit in their car to blast music look homeless as fuck, especially the more expensive their car is.

No. 741023

People who blast their music, especially so loud it vibrates my car, are so fucking annoying. I get it, those car speakers are great and I wanna hear my favorite songs super loud, but I do that shit at home! The rest of us want to listen to the music in our cars too!

No. 741024

make a thread on /m/ or /ot/ and dump them there, I need to see more -oomer memes

No. 741026

This reminds me of that Varsh (? is that his name?) european viking dude that has a thread in snow

No. 741027

samefag but I think this would be a fun thread to have with many ways to contribute (I have some good -oomer memes to share)
pls nonny I beg

No. 741028

FKA Twigs went crazy when she made Lights On. I will not forgive her for releasing the vid for Sad Day so late though.

No. 741031

>those filenames

No. 741037

Ayrt, her username is parmesan so I just made the filenames cheese themed lmao

No. 741044

I think Seth Rogan has to laugh like that because his esophagus and lungs won't allow him to have a solid laugh lmao.

No. 741049

I would never date men shorter than 5'11 or thinner than me. I'm 5'6 at 120lbs but if a guy is my size he going to be so insecure and whine about im a big girl with heels, my feet are too big(I wear I size 7.5-8) etc. They might just be more over dramatic because I'm dark skin and black but I do not date short men because they simply cannot handle it. The dislike short men get is because they are assholes. Only date short men if you are smaller than 5'3.

No. 741050

I think Seth Rogan doesnt deserve to laugh or live among the rest of humanity.

No. 741053

Oh here comes Mrs. So-Sexy-And-Desirable-By-Many, making a post directed at Armin Arlert (アルミン・アルレルト), who is the 15th and current commander of the Survey Corps, and one of the two deuteragonists of the series. Shut the fuck up. You're probably all fat and ugly in real life with crippling depression that won't save you anymore so that's why you're here on Lolcow, sperging over a fictional character while acting like you're morally superior than him in the first place. Have you taken a look at yourself? Ugly and stinking the whole place up. You probably cackled to yourself while shitting that paragraph up, thinking it's the funniest thing ever and will find a place on that funny Lolcow posts thread. Guess what, you're fucking embarrassing. Armin is literally the 104th Commander of the Survey corps, an excellent soldier, a man capable of understanding empathy and respect towards everyone, a specimen who will save humanity, a god who is sexy like no other and has a bunch of sexy women on his excessive shaft too.. and you? A random nobody who needs to add more lines to her already scarred wrist. Kill yourself and make your parents happy once. Worthless piece of shit. No wonder you're sperging a like that to begin with. Nothing in your life probably makes you happy anymore - and you don't make anyone in your life happy either - so you have to take your disgusting, bitter hatred out on making comments like that directed to THE man himself.

>I promise you will never be uglier than this vaguely man-like creature.

Wow, haha. Total own. Epic. Go kill yourself, retard.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 741054

lol why??

No. 741069

What the fuck lmao. New copypasta?

No. 741076

File: 1613508680014.jpeg (36.73 KB, 1200x675, image__1_.jpeg)

No. 741082

File: 1613508926984.jpg (68.87 KB, 474x711, 39342c807eed8fe6165674b466153b…)

I tried jajangmyeon a while ago and honestly I was disappointed. It was not as good as I imagined it to be. I didn't put as many potatoes as I wanted, so maybe I made it wrong or I just need to warm up to it, I still have another pack left so maybe I'll try again.
lmaooo let her speak

No. 741086

Is Armin our new guy? Our new boy? We got Komaeda and Driver spergs we may as well expand the ranks.

No. 741090

Ew no, I don't even watch that shit and I know armin is ugly as fuck

No. 741092

armin aged like fine wine, he's hot as fuck in season 4. you have no taste, anon.

No. 741096

post a picture and I'll be the judge of that

No. 741097

it's weird to discuss whether he's attractive imo. he is cute in a childish way I would protect

No. 741103

Pics or didn’t happen.

No. 741105

But would you take him to the ocean?

No. 741109

File: 1613509694075.jpg (27.81 KB, 500x274, armin.jpg)

Facts. I'm a Levi stan and a Ymir simp, but armin looked good. Especially in this specific scene. I haven't actually watched s4 though. It's still a little weird to think of him as hot because s1-s3 made me feel like he's that cute little brother, and I could still never simp for him, but he definitely glowed up.

No. 741114

Dafuck is wrong with his frayed undereyes, you call that attractive? he looks like pewdipie

No. 741115

>potato nose
>glow up
Somebody needs a new prescription for their glasses.

No. 741117

File: 1613509836389.jpeg (26.38 KB, 400x400, 6EB8558F-41C3-466D-AFCF-84AEA5…)

i’m sorry anon but big ass nose on the mf beat

No. 741125

this is what you guys simp over? op was right he is ugly. even komaeda's not this bad

No. 741133

It's from his titan
I swear he doesn't really have a big ass nose. It's just the style the new animation studio has. They give it to all the characters

No. 741141


No. 741142

I don't care if he got it from his titan or his mom, he's still funky looking

No. 741143


No. 741145

File: 1613510411921.png (769.29 KB, 1920x1080, kaka.png)

komaeda is an ugly ass motherfucker with early dementia and that's just straight up facts

No. 741147

his eyes are ugly too. klasky csupo looking ass.

No. 741148

WHERE IS THE COOMER THREAD It's been an hour sis please deliveR?

No. 741150

oh my god this is my new favorite insult ever lmao keksimus maximus dab pog

No. 741151

The fujos are fighting again

No. 741156

File: 1613510635147.jpg (34.7 KB, 1200x675, EuWjw_MXcAUNkzT.jpg)

Fine. You bitches win. Armin is ugly. But what about this
do you know what a fujo is anon

No. 741157

lol anon love you

No. 741158

whos this ugly mf?

No. 741162

File: 1613510736899.jpg (89.55 KB, 500x748, atsushi.jpg)

he's the only attractive man in this whole thread

No. 741163

File: 1613510798452.jpg (62.67 KB, 1300x866, 17563349-closeup-on-medical-do…)

Take these bitch

No. 741164

I adore my cat anons. He is chubby (but not unhealthy!!) and I am his favourite. He always sits on my lap and naps and tucks himself by my legs when I am on the sofa. He has such soft paws which I stroke to feel comforted and he makes me feel loved and wanted. He is an indoor kitty and when I see outdoor cats I think of him being outside alone and trotting around in the rain and I feel so sad and snuggle him even more and I am happy he is safe and warm and enjoying life

No. 741167

Sometimes I wish I was better at drawing so I could do degen furry art commissions. I would hate every minute of it but at least I would make a lot of money.

No. 741175

I-is that not a woman?

No. 741185

File: 1613511275749.jpg (112.79 KB, 736x1134, 050908829fb1b41f78971b3118437e…)

No. 741311

Yesterday my friend I've know for three years confessed to me that she's been under the impresson that I'm autistic. She's a medical professional.
Now I'm extremely paranoid if I should get tested

No. 741383

this is a beautiful wholesome post and I love your cat too, anon! I wish you both many more happy and healthy years together!

No. 741400

File: 1613527994040.gif (844.09 KB, 450x253, 102AC7DE-5EF8-4D30-A1DD-F09138…)

I hope my southern burger farmers are okay and have enough battery to use lolcow. Stay warm ily and kill the rich when this is over.

No. 741412

>she's a medical professional
Okay but is she a psychologist or psychiatrist? Being a brain surgeon doesn't make you better at detecting bowel issues, you know what I mean? If you haven't had any problems in your daily life or wellbeing due to autistic traits, I doubt getting tested will do you much good.

No. 741414

Large part of her work consists of working with people with autism, interviews etc. It's what made me alarmed in the first place.
But you're right, I don't think some label on paper would help me much.

No. 741421

In my opinion it's best to stay away from labels like autism unless you really need them to help figure out your mental issues. (And that's coming from a psychologist lol)
It's only a disorder if it actually causes distress.

No. 741424

In my head, i always read TW/CW as
>trigger warning/crigger warning

No. 741425

I am a dumb untalented bitch but that’s ok!!!!!!! Fuck being renowned and great at something!!! I’m stupid as hell and I’ll take my sweet ass time processing simple information, don’t expect anything of me and leave me alone!!!

No. 741428

I’m so tired of my butt cheeks hurting, I just want to cry. I need a new desk. My poor flutes, they are so tired and beaten from being sat on all day.

No. 741429

is it normal for people to look at you a lot ? like when i’m walking in shopping centres or down the street it feels like people are constantly looking and me and making eye contact even though i try to avoid it .
i’m pretty so maybe that’s why . or i’m going crazy

No. 741431

depends on where you live
in certain countries people look at everyone who interests them in some way, in others it might mean you shat yourself or dress like a retard

No. 741439

I’m trying to remember just what CW is supposed to mean and I keep on thinking of random stuff like
>Chez Wong
>Child Work
>Chess Win
>Cheese Wings
>Club Winx
>Chain Win
I don’t even know anymore.

No. 741441

It could just be that people like how you look. When I see a passerby that's wearing an outfit I think is cute, I look a little longer to admire it too, for example.
That being said if you're paranoid about people looking at you you tend to inadvertently look at them too, to check. People might just respond to that by looking back more than they would have otherwise.

No. 741447

Been looping vid related all day. One of the most beautiful songs there is. On an unrelated note: would it be retarded/poser to wear a beret if you live outside of France? I think they're really cute and go with curly hair, but I want someone else's take.

No. 741448

just wear the goddamn beret, anon. Where the hell do you people come up with these hang-ups

No. 741451

no, it's cultural appropriation

No. 741452

That song slaps, anon. All I can picture though is one of those slo-mo scenes in media when something is falling. Also, wear that beret! I just finally wore mine for the first time the other day. For some reason, it feels like such a hard piece to coordinate with other clothing.

No. 741457

File: 1613535812654.jpeg (55.96 KB, 600x651, image.jpeg)

Ty anon! Yeah, I'm probably going to. Have any recs for where to buy one by any chance?

No. 741458

I would love that, even though it would end up being slow af.

>tfw no stacy gf

No. 741460

I don't know where you live, but if you're a burger then try Five Below. That's where I got mine from, I think. Forever 21 might also have some. There's also always online places like Shein too. If you're outside of the U.S. or don't want to support fast fashion though, I unfortunately cannot help you. I hope your quest ends in success, anon!

No. 741462

I wear berets very often and pretty much coordinate them with anything I wear in the same colour. It helps if you wear a lot of skirts and dresses as opposed to jeans, although berets can work really well with straight cut fabric pants too.

It kind of depends on your head shape and hair whether you look best in a floppier, smaller beret, or a bigger more structured one. Especially if you don't want it to be very stiff and clean cut, most berets sold by cheap stores and even aliexpress are fine to try them out. Then if you decide you like it you can get a better quality fabric beret (which I've only gotten from small local stores so I can't help you there).

No. 741465

File: 1613537253085.jpg (68.76 KB, 860x573, ChompAway.JPG)

Damn. I pretty much exclusively wear jeans. I guess this is a sign that I need to look into some new style options. Thanks for the information! Your reward? A french baguette to match the atmosphere of this conversation.

No. 741468

File: 1613538056761.jpg (261.08 KB, 1080x906, Screenshot_20210216-224234.jpg)

Shit bread Trash bread stupid bread Break teeth 1 hour after purchasing bread should be illegal bread fuck the french bread Sage and hidden to avoid looking at this stupid bread

No. 741469

Nice I love bread! I'm not that anon though can I still have a bite?

No. 741470

Wear a beret who cares we're all gonna die

No. 741475

Has anyone even been so far as to wear a beret on their skeleton? I am concerned about my post mortem aesthetics.

No. 741477

Fake and wrong. You ever nuclear blasted a slice of one of those bad boys in the microwave with some butter? It's tasty grub for everyone. Unsaged so bread returns to top of /ot/ for everyone to enjoy.

Of course! Might take me a while to hack some off though. I don't own a good serrated knife. Feel free to just take a bite in the middle if you can't wait.

No. 741484

Kinda funny that I have never met a manhating lesbian IRL, like I've seen twitter screenshots of alleged man hating lesbians, but the ones I know IRL have great relationships with the men in their lives, and I have met many lesbian couples who had sons that they absolutely adored and loved

No. 741488

Same, I have several lesbian bosses who get on like a house on fire with my male bosses. It's mostly bi women I know who hate men, which I guess makes sense – being attracted to men probably breeds a sense of frustration that helps the resentment stick.

No. 741490

That don’t mean they don’t hate men sis. You think all the man hating anons on here live in a separatist commune or something kek. It’s unproductive, and potentially dangerous, for women to be vocal about their misandry irl.

No. 741491

Try the instant version. It tastes better tbh

No. 741492

File: 1613540093561.jpg (151.12 KB, 720x405, how-to-make-french-baguette-3-…)

Jeans can work too, but vintage or bell bottom types are easier to coordinate with a beret than the typical modern skinny jean, since that can look a bit too casual I guess?
That is a lovely baguette.

Just because your bread skill level is low doesn't mean you can take it out on the baguette! Your problem is either a shitty baker, inadequate reheating technique or dental issues. If your baguette is tough you should slighty wetten the crust and pop it in the oven on high heat for a couple minutes. Good as new.

No. 741497

Yes but those women tend to avoid men as much as they can, these womem continue to have close personal friendships and many have Sons

No. 741499

The pigeons in my city are so fat and so dumb. That's a lot of easy food if famine ever hits.

No. 741514

Kek. I like the way you think, feral anon

No. 741531

The U.S. education system is so bad omfg. I just had to learn lungs aren't hollow from a tik tok

No. 741538

An update on this, it was super weird. At some point she pushed down from my neck towards my butt and there was like a bubble? Underneath my skin, her thumb kept pushing it forward and I'll be honest if I felt that in any other context I'd have called the doctor immediately.

Also she touched the top half of my butt a LOT. She also massaged my legs and feet though so I guess most of my ass is included in a full body massage.

No. 741539

If Ethan H3 can eat 1000 calories a day so can I

No. 741550

ive watched too many tiktoks today and now lanky men turn me on wtf

No. 741564

For a split second I read this as
>I ate too many tictacs today and now lanky men turn me on

No. 741574

Websites like Simsdom are so dangerous. I said i was only going to download a couple items and now I have like 30 tabs open

No. 741588

Sims CC in general is dangerous, I spent weeks downloading and curating my collection just to make my game slow af and I don't even feel like playing anyway. I just wanted to download stuff.

No. 741593

Lanky dudes can be so fucking hot.

No. 741610

File: 1613554269522.jpeg (74.58 KB, 750x750, 1597328175238.jpeg)

Nonnies I think I'm actually very stupid in the common sense sense.

For example, when I was a teen I was surprised the temperature was a consistent 26 C, but on the third day, after looking at the snow out the window I realised the thermometer was indoors, and in fact didn't tell the outside temperature, only the room temperature.

I used to be too shy to ask questions for fear of looking dumb, but now I think I've gone too far on the other side. Yesterday I asked a question on how to answer something in a form at work, and right next to where I sign there was a reference answering exactly what I asked. Funny enough I don't think I'd have got it even if I sat with it for several minutes.

I don't get jokes. I dn't get sarcasm. I don't get it when people imply something and my relationships are terrible because I can't recognise the blatant red flags enough to actually take action.

I mean I can be smart for some things, but these massive lapses make me think that overall, I am a retard.

No. 741613

You're just autistic it's fine

No. 741633

File: 1613555958449.jpg (192.41 KB, 1080x1099, Screenshot_20190228-090320__01…)

Farmers why does number keep going up?? BTC GO UP I'M LOSING MY MIND

No. 741635

Could be autism or something but have you tried working on being observant? My ex had zero common sense, to the point where I don’t know how managed to get two degrees and hold down a respectable job. He wasn’t socialised properly and still lived with his parents, so maybe that’s why. Anyway, when he asked a stupid question I’d ask “why do you think?”. Like with a kid, lol. Turns out with a bit of coaxing, he could conjure up some common sense. The problem was that he’d never had to have any, not that he was completely unable.

Try asking yourself questions like “what would make sense in this situation?”, “where could I find the answer independently?” (Google often helps). Observe other people. Things that don’t match up should give you a weird feeling even if you can’t tell what’s bothering you. It’s possible to improve.

No. 741639


Lanky men are a godsend. Never understood where my obsession came from either.

No. 741643

I can't stand this animal abuse

No. 741648

I never saw an animal emote like that.

No. 741668

I think every youtube vid I've watched in the last few months has had a least one comment about someone 'being a narc' in it…that or people claiming to be able to read body language

>I was raised and tortured by two narc parents so I know a narcissist when I see one!

>They looked to the left when they were saying this thing so that means they are lying! then they scratched their ear which also means they are lying

Variations of those two comments exist on every type of vid on youtube, I swear

No. 741669

I don't agree with people throwing around the narc accusations either, but when you grow up around someone that has a pd, it is easy to at least spot that kind of behavior
>t. mentally ill mother

No. 741671

I feel like narcissism/narcissist has been a big buzzword for like a year and a half that everyone and their mother and their uncle is throwing it around to sound smart

No. 741674

Anon, what the fuck? Why did you post outright animal abuse? I’m triggered and now I must tweet about it.

No. 741677

If a person can armchair diagnose someone with a PD based on just a few mins of a youtube vid.. it usually makes me doubt their story of having narc parents too. Throwing around those terms too easily.

No. 741678

Samefag, same with the word toxic

No. 741679

This post made me laugh because my uncle (a psych) diagnosed my mother as a narc last year (although idk the validity of diagnosing your own family members)

No. 741686

How was me threatening to ship gretzky and selänne racist

No. 741696

My leg hair is finally like 1 inch long hehehe I'm gonna shave it today. I love letting my body hair get super long just to shave it to unveil a dolphin skinned bitch. It also will be nice to have smooth pits again

No. 741704

i unironically love catgirls and i hate that trannies ruined them

No. 741707

same, i was obsessed since like age 10 when i saw tokyo mew mew

No. 741708

i burned my finger on my dishwasher FUUUUCKCKKKSOAS

No. 741712

How did that happen anon?

No. 741718

Ok so anyone else think that Find Sai thing was a stint?

No. 741723

I touched the heating element. I just wanted to see how hot it would be but I didn't think it was gonna burn my fucking finger
I actually recognize the Sai person, and they did go semi-viral in a smaller community a while ago. If I recall correctly, they were sent to a mental hospital because of family or something and friends were worried because Sai said they were being forced to leave. I think Sai is mentally ill and that's why this keeps happening. I don't think it's a stunt though.

No. 741728

My workaholic mom is working with a severely broken hand, from her knuckle over looks like it's tripled in size. I wish I was her mom so I could sternly demand that she see a doctor though. That being said, when I fell and broke a bone in my face she actually convinced me to not see a doctor and that it wasn't broken. I eventually saw a doctor when I couldn't stand without fainting and even fainted during the xray. She's so weird.

No. 741730

I just realized that grapefruit lady really gave fellatio on the internet. I think everyone was too focused on the weird noises she was making to pay attention to the fact she was sucking dick on youtube

No. 741732

File: 1613573052251.png (113.75 KB, 258x387, tygusanoniluvu.png)

>neck deep in college shit
>new project for digital archive by the college library that sounds super interesting
>i really shouldn't but it sounds fun
>apply through form with bullshit questions: why are you applying, experience, what can you bring to the team
>oh shit
>i can't sell my self for a fucking rusty cent and have no noteworthy qualities or experience
>fuck it
>free the autist in me and write TWO fucking paragraphs on why I want to join the project
>give completely honest answers without overstating or overselling my shit skills
>next week
>interview through zoom
>oh shit, i'm completely retarded and have no people skills, plus I look like garbage on camera
>meh, but if I fail i don't have to work more
>fuck it, let's do it
>interview at ass o'clock in the morning
>super strict teacher, but pretty relaxed today
>we talk a bit and I answer honestly, like I was talking with a friend
>got approved

The other candidates were few and frankly meh (like sis, using sci-hub and libgen is not something noteworthy, that's like being proud of using google), so that's why I got in.
Honestly, I was inspired by the anon who acts like Gus from Breaking Bad. You're my hero.

No. 741736

Are you sure you're not thinking of a different person? There was a Black trans minor named Arielle who was reported as "kidnapped" back in November and people ran with the story that she got sent to conversion therapy. It turned out her parents just sent her to an all-boys psychiatric hospital though, I think. Still pretty fucked up.

I don't know much about this Sai person though. People have been saying they were in danger before but no one took them seriously. They're comparing the situation to Oluwatoyin Salau. It's probably not a stunt, but I also think there's not enough information. People close to them say they're ok now and flying home today.

No. 741745

Oh you're right! I thought that incident is where I remembered Sai's face, but you're correct. Her friend didn't give any specifics about why Sai made that video, but that's understandable I guess. Atleast it's over now.

No. 741753

Get ready for Disney's girlboss film about the woman who wanted to skin dogs

No. 741754

Where did you see an actual dick in her videos on youtube, anon?

No. 741757

Bought my house a couple years ago and the one nextdoor has been empty for all that time. Just heard some man having the loudest 'shouting down the phone' conversation and…yep hes stood in nextdoors back garden. Well the peace was nice while it lasted

No. 741761

Good, she was due one

No. 741762

i forgot i watched this video when I was like 12, jesus fuck. Thanks for the repressed memories, it's weirder than I remember it to be

No. 741764

Doesn't matter if it was a dildo or a dick, she was sucking those motherfuckers

No. 741768

File: 1613575680660.jpeg (48.62 KB, 587x509, 76E29E44-C6F5-4453-BF27-4D316E…)

here is an actual photo of my veins

No. 741791

File: 1613577006907.jpg (74 KB, 893x1198, image0.jpg)

I sewed my first dress and I'm so proud! It's made mostly of tulle and a few strips of hemp for accent. I even used hand embroidery to detail the skirt and sleeves, I'm just so happy I finally got the drive to see a sketch come to fruition. If only that fashion designer anon from the other thread were here…pls bless me with ur humble opinion

No. 741795

Goddamn I was just bitching about having no female friends to make clothing with. So proud of you, that must feel amazing. Every time you wear it is gonna feel nice!

No. 741803

I started pronouncing image like mirage as a joke to annoy my sister and now I can't stop

No. 741805

Congratulations anon!
>If only that fashion designer anon from the other thread were here
Which thread?

No. 741807

I saw this comment on youtube from an old guy and it really made me think of how stupid zoomers pretend to have DID. It was in spanish, I just google translated it.

It makes me sentimental because it reminds me of my wife. She suffers from DID (multiple personality) and I have seen her travel by subway with our daughter, with gestures, grimaces and manners that are not hers, they are of her other personalities. Our little girl has understood it despite being so small. And their personalities love our little one at the same time, however it is difficult to say it with strangers, it can explode in a violent way, it can react with great fear or panic or with an explosion of tears. However, you have to go to the psychiatric hospital when this happens, or in the worst case it happens unexpectedly and many people witness this and distort or wrongly see what is actually happening.

No. 741814

No. 741824

Lately I've been seeing alot of comments online where people talk about their partner having all sorts of extreme mental health stuff like this going on. I've had two partners dump me because my depression wasn't responding to meds (well the first time I was grieving a parents sudden death) I was hard to live with when I was that low. I respect that, always leave if you feel unhappy. It's healthy to have your limits. But then I see this kind of stuff posted everywhere and I'm like…. these people have partners sticking it out with them for the long run… well fuck me lol.

No. 741843

I only found out what a road man is and I'm 30. It's a chav. I thought it meant a lad with a knife trying and they were likening hoods to like bandits. Fuck me.

No. 741853

After much thinking im pretty sure I'm straight, I just like being touchy with other girls but I don't do it since I feel like I'd come off a little weird (personal space too obviously but also how do you just casually get to that point). Like I just wanna squeeze big honkin' boobies, maybe motorboat them idk they're just really nice. Anyway uuuuh the female body is obviously superior, peace bitches

No. 741856

Trannies ruin everything. I love cat boys and magical girls.

No. 741857

Thanks for sharing Shoe

No. 741859

Imo it's very easy to know your sexuality if you imagine yourself going down on a vagina or dick. I can only enjoy the thought of sucking dick so I know I'm straight even if I think women are sexy etc.

No. 741870

Diff anon but lately I was wondering what percentage of people actually opt out of oral altogether. It's one of those things we assume nearly everyone does but I've known men obsessed with sex that won't lick a pussy. I've also known women who suck dick but will complain to friends about not wanting to do it. One of those things where I'd love to know the honest percentages.

No. 741871

Nayrt but idk if that's the best measure, I personally gag at the idea of going down on anyone and I don't want anyone's face in my crotch either. But I'm open to dating/sleeping with any gender

No. 741873

My bf texted me that Rush Limbaugh is dead and my reaction was a small but audible laugh

No. 741875

File: 1613583389489.gif (5.86 MB, 500x281, gritty.gif)

You're erasing their strong independent black waifus, anon, duh. You're worse than male coomers!!11!!1

No. 741878

File: 1613583548241.png (378.75 KB, 813x428, was anyone going to tell me.pn…)

>Rush Limbaugh is dead

No. 741880

Just had to put a suppository up my coochie because of a yeast infection, and honestly, I get oviposition kinks now.

No. 741881

File: 1613583600184.gif (4.19 MB, 728x728, ebufGdP.gif)

Maybe more than oral, imagine giving a handjob/fingering. I like the look of the penis, but I don't want to see or touch pussy. I can get excited by the female body, but then they shove the camera between her legs and I'll close that photo album.

No. 741886

I think what you fantasize about is the best measure. I've had sex with women plenty of times, not because I particularly like women, but because I like sex very much. Everyone that knows me considers me bi, but I know I'm straight because I only ever fantasize about men. People see only my actions, they can't peer inside my head and see it full of male biceps, abs etc.

No. 741889

I didn't know wondering about my sexuality made me a cow kek. You really reach for anything, don't you?

I agee with what other anon said, oral isn't really a good way of telling since people have different opinions about it. I have my own too but im pretty certain I just have an admiration for the female body. I tried dating a girl when I was younger but to me its not a good basis to go on. Personally I cant see myself dating or even having sex with other women.

No. 741894

>I can get excited by the female body, but then they shove the camera between her legs and I'll close that photo album
i wish i could relate, that's the best part for me

No. 741900

my neighbors moved out of their rental and they left behind a whole ass truck with no wheels. i bet the landlord is seething.

No. 741901

Why do I sometimes have this orgasmic feeling when I pee? It always happens when theres only a little bit of pee to pee.

No. 741908

Some people have all the fun

No. 741909

I have wondered about this all my life ngl. I also feel it if I hold it in.

No. 741910

I get that feeling while driving when going over a long bump in the road

No. 741914

No. 741916

Having to pee can feel kinda intense to me too (and make me cry), and I think it's cause the wall of the vagina and the bladder are connected. If you search it up you'll get a bunch of articles about prolaspe, but they're right next to each other afaik
>In women, the front wall of the vagina supports the bladder.

No. 741919

File: 1613587359719.jpg (19.89 KB, 300x280, 15468-normal-pelvis-diagram.jp…)

Samefag, I think the bladder may press on the gspot from the inside when it's full

No. 741921

(not berating you anon, just in general) i'm triggered whenever i see a diagram of female anatomy that doesn't mention the clitoris

No. 741922

lmaoooo I didn't even realize that. Doesn't the clitoris go far back into the body? I wonder why it isn't shown

No. 741927

Well it's not really the bladder, but the urethra when the pee is passing through.
t. spent way too much time in my teens "edging" pee to stimulate my G-spot (inner part of the clitoris). Yes, I leaked sometimes.

No. 741928

Wonder what's its like to lose a boyfriend you like but don't love, I knew a girl whose boyfriend of I think 3 months died some time back and to this day she claims she's not over his death but if he had lived they likely would have broken and moved on, but him dying kinda changed her whole life, kinda strange

No. 741930

Im gonna have to try this. do you drink alot or is a small amount better?

No. 741932

Really? Because I have a similar affliction and as soon as I felt full and started feeling "stimulated" I'd go pee and it'd take a few seconds delay until it'd come out. So either I have a long ass urethra or it's the bladder pressing on something.
Large amounts of water for me.

No. 741933

Well you need to drink enough to feel the urge to pee. But it's not like I was intentionally drinking a lot, I was just hooked on video games and too lazy to get up which is how I noticed it in the first place.

No. 741934

I still kinda do this. Peoples bodies are different but be warned: now everytime I have to pee I get really stimulated and its lowkey kinda awkward when I'm around other people. Also if I'm edging in the bathroom I fold my arms and gently hold them against the bladder area. For me that usually enhances the feeling.

No. 741935

Well I assume it's the urethra because I needed to intentionally "loosen" my lower body muscles almost as if I was going to pee, but then stop. Just a full bladder does not make me feel anything. I'd say it's a similiar feeling to being penetrated in the start. I hope anons who read this don't get too grossed out.

No. 741936

can't imagine either but i'm probably not asexual

No. 741937

Maybe not oral, but other foreplay. I wouldn't want to finger another woman either. But like even at my horniest when oral seems like fun I could never fantasise about a woman that's like my extreme I guess. Your sexuality is who you have sex with so if you're like comfortable sleeping with woman I'd think you're bi.

No. 741939

File: 1613590085252.png (139.97 KB, 281x445, 143443434_239873498.PNG)

I didn't know Tripp NYC hired Randy Stair to model their clothing

No. 741942

all this time i thought i was a libra libra aries, but my mom sent me my birth card and it's libra libra taurus. who am i

No. 741950


No. 741951

I've felt this at my university since my first day, when I walk outside on campus I can feel people staring at me. But I haven't felt it in any other public place, it's really strange.


No. 741953

File: 1613590974761.png (113.82 KB, 951x702, ihhnl9kup6b41.png)

Made it in /m/

No. 741960

Linkin Park will never stop being my /mu/ guilty pleasure.

No. 741972

File: 1613592388719.jpg (66.51 KB, 878x592, c41574e3ba038009239ce927c2a04f…)

I heard the news about the FNAF creator encouraging and funding multiple fan projects being "A new step in gaming and something bigger companies should follow".
Am I the only one who see's this as a trainwreck waiting to happen? Maybe I browse this form to much, but I can just imagine imagine a company not paying attention to who they give money to and accidentally getting an internet gamedev team full of lolcows 500k. Can't wait till we get Yandev 2.0, but this time he has enough money to destroy all who spite him

No. 741979

Hm, so I had animal crossing on my ex's switch, we lived together and I played it daily from like march-Oct, so full lockdown, it helped my mental health so much, especially because the fan base was thriving.

And I love the game, I got a well paying job so obv bought my own switch and animal crossing, but it's just doesn't feel the same. It's disorganised, but i don't feel any compulsion to perfect it. My progress is SUPER slow and biggest thing - I'm not attached to any of the villagers.

So,idk. I'm sure this new Island has the potential to be just as good but i love all my villagers on my old island (I'm still welcome to visit etc). New island just has a darker and more lethargic vibe, hard to describe. I used to really look forward to playing and now it's more "hm might as well".

No. 741982

I always thought it was cool of him to just let people make their autistic lil fan games without fear of him taking them down.. to fund them though..seems like a bit much.

FNAF is autie heaven and we know male tists come with their many perversions. No cartoon, no game can exist without being turned into animated fart porn. They're going to promise a game and then produce fart porn arent they

No. 741989

Why Is ass eating a thing, I see if referenced in movies and twitter and I'm like "WTF STOP ACTING LIKE THIS IS NORMAL"

No. 741990

I've met more men who are bigger financial burdens in their relationship than I've met women

No. 741996

U mad cuz nobody ever ate your ass like it was made by Gordon Ramsey. The ass sweat adds flavor

No. 742000

No. 742003

The above anon is correct. Eating ass and getting your ass ate is chefs kiss

No. 742006

The fashion general thread over in /g/
Oh wow how often do you make clothes? What got you into fashion design? Sorry for all the questions it's rare I run into someone who also makes their clothing! At some point I want to get a little side hobby selling dresses while I'm struggling through grad school, just something to take my mind off being called a dumbass 24/7 by my advisors lol

No. 742011

most people on twitter are only saying it as a joke, luckily

No. 742012

> Can these idiots not warm up one room of the house with tea lights or candles??

the tnd thread always brings out the dumbest of anons

No. 742015

I don't even know how you can comment that without gagging

No. 742017

My nordic ass has had to done just that and lemme tell you: it kinda maybe works but not really, anons are dumb

No. 742022

File: 1613596621146.png (303.82 KB, 512x654, 923.png)

>The ass sweat adds flavor
do sexhavers really

No. 742023

I'm getting gray hairs. From the time I was a kid I was always weirdly into the thought of going gray. I had visions of it coming in in streaks but it's not like that…it's just the odd white hair here and there and every few months it seems like a handful more came in. I want it to hurry up and reach streak level already.

No. 742026

me too! i love my sparkly little strands, ive always loved salt and pepper hair

No. 742032

Grey hair is so nice, anon! My family has gone grey so late in life that I think I'm gonna keel over before I get greys, grandma was in her late early 80s with mostly black hair still.

No. 742079

File: 1613601394416.jpg (99.18 KB, 768x822, 64b6637ef396966b8e14dfa509002d…)

I feel the same way. To me its the fact that villagers aren't as spunky/mean as they use to be. I miss sitting on my bed and calling someone a bitch because they said something about my hair lmao

I really wish more people embraced their gray hair, it's honestly so pretty to look at. My aunt has these cool ass steaks that I've always admired and the more I notice how good older people look with them the less insecure I feel about eventually turning into bones. I can't wait for them shits to come in so I can have cute silver coils lol

No. 742083

how old are you? i started getting greys at 21. im 23 and i have a little more but they're white now. so when im older i'll be a white fox

No. 742088

Good for you, anon! The dress sounds lovely! Wear it with pride!

No. 742089

You picked a bad angle sis but you're right! He did glow up!

No. 742093

Nice one, anon. And now I can't get that song out of my head.

No. 742095

File: 1613602720275.jpg (43.53 KB, 294x331, SHIT AND PISS.jpg)


No. 742096

Roadman and chav are two different things to me though

No. 742103

File: 1613603376316.jpg (39.16 KB, 384x384, anorectal violence.jpg)

It wasn't a bald dad asking me to sit on his face, or a "Nice pics!" from a guy wearing a sport coat with jeans in his profile picture. It was from a user named timotheeandapples (?) and he had this to say: I don't know what apples have to do with anything (he fucks a peach, ya?) and for a second, I couldn't even remember when I called Timmy a musty sewer rat. I mean, I knew that I must have called him a musty sewer rat at some point because a) he looks like a musty sewer rat, and b) I love to call everyone a musty sewer rat. But then I remembered this Slack conversation between me and some coworkers, published to babe dot net earlier this year: He does look incredibly oily like, ALL the time.

But the question remains: who's right in this argument? Timotheeandapples, who thinks I'm disrespectful, or me? Little ol' me, who dared to speak my truth about that thumb ring-wearing twink-but-not-a-twink who got famous pretending to bottom for Armie Hammer?

No. 742113

girl what the fuck

No. 742127

Thread number 37 already? I remember when I made the second thread like it was yesterday. Time moves so fast…

No. 742129

Did you mean to reply to another post or something? What is this even in reference to

No. 742136

Has anyone here heard of Kevin Samuels? I barely know him and I've only heard snippets of his videos but he sounds misogynistic as fuck from what I hear. And my women-hating brother is a huge fan so that set off a ping in my head. I don't understand women who call in on his show/videos at all…

No. 742139

I think I've heard of him on LSA, unless I'm mixing him up with one of the other misogynistic dudes.

No. 742164

File: 1613608225647.png (5.37 KB, 786x78, cave.PNG)

This post has me fucking crying. Since when were we choosing partners based off of their belly button lol

No. 742171

File: 1613609112729.jpg (67.89 KB, 593x600, bfcbc9fd02402fca6f39e5d9228142…)

What is like riding one of those bicycles with two seats?
It seems like such an impractical idea. Why not have two bikes instead?
Also, what is like to ride one of those bicycles with giant front wheels? Is it easier? Is it harder?
Maybe victorian anon.could answer that for me.

No. 742174


No. 742184

Why do the hottest women always have bad luck with men. FKA Twigs, Megan, Beyonce, etc… Wtf is going on Well it's Beyonce's fault she chose to stay, but still, who cheats on Beyonce

No. 742186

File: 1613610776806.jpg (38.64 KB, 680x649, f7df0cf9502170621fa19796d86442…)

Best signs of each element:

Aquarius, Sagittarius, Scorpio and Taurus

Can't change my mind

No. 742187

File: 1613610994019.jpg (27.97 KB, 498x456, f59db58b5e09083091e383cc232bd7…)

hehe you're right

No. 742190

Finally, someone remembered Tauruses

No. 742191

You’re gd right

No. 742193

Except for Aquarius these are all the worst in my eyes lmao (tho still libra > aqua)

No. 742194

Watch your back, friend.

No. 742199

Literally everyone got know before my state did. I'm pretty sure the state right next to us even got snow. Fucking Arizona is probably gonna get snow before I do. Global warming, pick my state bitch!
A wrong opinion.

No. 742201


No. 742205

I'm a Leo, Taurus moon

D-does that count?

No. 742210

But of course a Leo would wanted to be included. So Leo. i like leos tho

Is this a threat?

No. 742211

It was simply a warning. A heads up, if you will. Everyone knows scorpios are the least liked water sign.

No. 742212

File: 1613612977035.jpeg (353.79 KB, 1242x1217, 1575514968905.jpeg)

T. Aries gang

No. 742214

File: 1613613106311.jpg (335.66 KB, 735x940, IMG_20210217_225102.jpg)

It's because the other water signs are all cry babies.

Here's the Aquarius Sagittarius Scorpio Taurus squad

No. 742215

File: 1613613123591.png (487.54 KB, 659x479, EqjF2snVoAAsaZ9.png)

I see so much hate for us lately, ily anon

No. 742218

File: 1613613414575.gif (305.53 KB, 1024x1024, 1612928509680.gif)

Ty anon

No. 742219

Aqua rising sag dominant ayyyyy

No. 742221

File: 1613613548466.gif (4.18 MB, 640x488, 68DFE912-0BB8-4859-9DF9-A7B16B…)

Maybe cancers are, but this pisces right here is just built different ig. Crying is only reserved for movies designed to elicit a cathartic response.

No. 742223

File: 1613613633346.jpg (61.7 KB, 791x804, zodiac.jpg)

Since we're all on the topic of astrology, where do you prefer to read your horoscopes?

No. 742225

Cap and sag are the wrong way round. I like using astrotheme.

No. 742269

I just found out some people don't "hear" their own thoughts and it had fucked me up.
I can't imagine people just thinking things abstractly. I understand and have read about how deaf people think things and that I understand but… Really? How?

No. 742270

could also be bc of your moon & rising, but im with you as a pisces. cryin is reserved only for a 5 min time slot after months of not crying, or weeks of emotional buildup

No. 742282

Yeah, those thought bubbles and people thinking to themselves in cartoons don't really exist for me. It's feelings, the stray word (ex. looking at a pretty person and thinking "pretty"), colors, and images (for planning, thinking about my destinations for the day, recalling something, etc). The only time I "hear" my thoughts are when I'm typing/writing/reading words, and even then it's not "thoughts" but active, real-time expression.

I figure since we aren't born with the knowledge of oral/written language, we carry over our baby way of thinking throughout our lives, some just adapt to "hear" thoughts while some don't feel the need to.

No. 742290

Cancer moon and Capricorn rising. By all accounts, I should be ready to burst into tears, but I'd rather sit and hold a grudge lmao. High five for bottling up emotions on 3. 1…2…3!

No. 742291

File: 1613623609107.jpg (15.74 KB, 275x275, f20a3c0f7ca3d4b5276bdd3497fdfe…)

Someone snatched the figurine that I was wanting and virtually shopping daily oh no
I'd probably wouldn't be able to buy it for the next months anyway, but I had hopes

No. 742296

File: 1613624880021.jpeg (62.34 KB, 371x500, E4AFFA21-6E4B-43C1-BAD0-7D7601…)

my only zodiac resource i have ever needed is the happy bunny zodiac book

No. 742316

I swear male matobalism is a fucking crime against the goddess, my brother eats as much for a family of five everyday, he's always hungry and still skinny as shit, if we go out for fast food he will be having at least 5 burgers (minimum) he doesn't even exercise that that much, just some occasional jogging
Like I swear I'm not a seething fatty, I'm relatively fit but I do a lot maintain it, espically compared to my brother

No. 742318

I took some low dose shrooms today for the first time but honestly, I'm a bit underwhelmed. I've had similar low doses of LSD where the visuals lasted longer and the comeup wasn't as nauseating. I definitely enjoyed LSD more, but I don't want to discriminate just yet. The next step is to do a larger dose and compare.

No. 742322

I started doing OMAD this week
I haven't taken a shit in days, pls just end my suffering

No. 742325

File: 1613630242067.jpeg (20.26 KB, 235x323, 3B41ADE5-0FA7-4C38-BF44-B70B01…)

My bf reminds me of legosi. I’m no haru tho, I’m like 5’5” still I love me some long scrawny dudes

No. 742369

Aqua and Taurus I agree, but I fucking hate Sags and Scorpios. I'd take a Leo and a Piscis over anytime and no, I'm neither.
Please report nonnie I'm also interested in shrooms but only did acid before.

No. 742381

File: 1613642377706.jpg (106.13 KB, 750x750, 8ad11247a44f33de71674fd2cd810e…)

Real life Starfire

No. 742382

File: 1613642660262.jpg (69.81 KB, 260x665, 8300432_f260.jpg)

Sza's actually a good fit for this version of Starfire.

Also, this post reminded me of that live action Teen Titans movie. What the hell happened with that? I remembered everyone was calling it ugly and then it just disappeared and we never heard about it again

No. 742384



No. 742394

I wish I was drunk but I don't want the alcohol bloat. Doesn't matter what I drink, I always get it

No. 742406

Must be weird having old parents, Iike there was a girl who lived in our apartment complex whose man and dad were like in their mid 60's and she was was teenager then, like I mean they're gonna be be dead before she even reaches her 30's

No. 742432

Alcohol enemas are a thing. If you butt-chug you will get drunk but you won't get bloated. Just sayin'

No. 742433

Isnt that dangerous as fuck?

No. 742434

Sure, it can be lethal. That's why I'm just saying, not recommending.

No. 742440

File: 1613652467652.jpg (95.17 KB, 1115x560, Screenshot_2.jpg)

Twilight obviously lacks logic and good taste, but I can't believe Meyer thought that it was perfectly okay for the Cullen siblings to date each other because they are all adopted and noone even bats an eye at it in-universe either. Like it's fucking weird, Stephenie

No. 742441

this reminded me of a Reddit post I read a while ago where a Redditor used hand sanitizer to clean himself after he did a number 2 in the bathroom and consequently got drunk from it kek

No. 742443

Hmm I think I remember people from school were weirded out by this when they talked about Cullens to Bella for the first time
Ultimately it was not the worst thing to happen in this series so I think this is why no one focuses on it too much lol

No. 742445

im bored so I went into /w/, i think i've been in there 2 times before? I saw Micky Moon and I thought, huh seems interesting.
So i went all the way back to her first theard now i'm on the second and boy…lolcow was a different place back then.

No. 742451

I never understood why they didn't just split up the "family" for public appearances. The blond guy and girl could have been "siblings" and the brunettes could have been "siblings".

Or they could have just done the normal thing and lived as adult couples and not gone to school for the 100th year in a row

No. 742454

File: 1613656292923.jpeg (75.56 KB, 750x747, 3602F303-DA76-43E9-AAA3-EEB8C5…)

fuck this gay earth

my package is being delayed due to snowstorms fuggggg

No. 742461

It’s pretty cold at work so I always wear a plain long sleeve under my work shirt but now I’m thinking about using ones with patterns or dumb shit on them to spice things up

No. 742464

That sucks. What did you order, anon?

No. 742469

I haven't online shopped in ages because I had a weird run of missing/delayed parcels and the stress put me off ordering. What did you buy?

No. 742473

I mean better safe than sorry right?? I hope it'll come eventually

No. 742481

Listening to 60s to 80s rnb music where theyre singing about a womans personality, pleasing her, how much they like her style, ect to the new rnb/rap shit of constant ass and titties mentioning and nothing much else is a slow soul burn lol

idk how people can defend this shit. i thought the old times were supposed to be more sexist

No. 742484

ordered off of apple for some headphones and I guess I ordered it at the wrong time because ups is jacked up in tennessee lol

No. 742486

Music these days is sexist as hell. All male rappers talk about women like they're expendable objects while mainstream women rappers rap about their ass or sugar babying skills
Turn off the radio folks

No. 742487

Jungle Anons who up??

No. 742490

The fact that vaginas are muscles is so cool to me. My pussy is out here squeezing and releasing and shit.

No. 742495

Just wait til you can kweef on command. Ultimate flex.

No. 742501

I usually listen to indie artists and every now and then I check out mainstream pop music to see what's trendy and every time this happens I feel like I'm watching a softcore porn vid with some excuse of a song playing in the background kek

No. 742502

I think I can if i bend over. I don't like to do it though cause of scared of having an air embolism tbh

No. 742504

No. 742505

She said what she said

No. 742509

She's so pretty!
Reminds me of how i love Starfire's original design in the comics and why i hated teen titans so much

No. 742512

I hope someone does a cliff note type series of that manga because i stopped reading after Erwin's death but that shit is so convoluted. It's literally become isayama's ww2 apologist manga

No. 742513

>ww2 apologist manga
Opinion discarded.

No. 742515

It's almost as if women are not allowed to age because of male high standards in society and therefore a lot fo women feel insecure about their white/gray hairs. I agree that women look beautiful in their older age, more so than men ever will and hope that this standard of bullshit beauty will change over time. I think natural gray hair is so beautiful on older ladies

No. 742516

He's literally a japanese nationalist.

No. 742517

Don't be a kweer

No. 742524

The only mention of it being weird is:
>"They are… very nice-looking." I struggled with the conspicuous understatement.
>"Yes!" Jessica agreed with another giggle. "They're all together though — Emmett and Rosalie, and Jasper and Alice, I mean. And they live together." Her voice held all the shock and condemnation of the small town, I thought critically. But, if I was being honest, I had to admit that even in Phoenix, it would cause gossip.
Ngl when I first read the books when I was 11 I didn't think it was weird at all but now as an adult it's so fucking stupid lol, this is the best Steph could come up with?

No. 742525

I used to dye my hair because it's brown but I thought it was a dull shade, I'd dye it a slightly different shade just to add some shine. Since noticing my grays I stopped dying it tho as that's given it a two tone look that I like.

No. 742534

It's one of my fave words tho, look at it



No. 742539

All hail the riot grrrl genre!

No. 742540

waves Hi, fellow jungle intellectual!

No. 742549

OOOOO OOOO AHHHH AAAAHHHH to you aswell, fellow genius

No. 742556

File: 1613666793629.jpg (48.56 KB, 750x609, Tumblr_l_575818257296271.jpg)

I just realized that my friend and his gf are speedrunning this shit lmao

wish I could send him stupid things like this but it's not his type of humor, I know it's dumb. I should also stop gushing over them

No. 742560

I don’t think this is supposed to be a funny tweet anon

No. 742566

True that

No. 742568

Ruh roh

No. 742573

Probably cause she's Mormon

No. 742590

I married young, my mom died in our first year of marriage and then he left me months later. I swear he left me because I wasn't grieving quick enough. This shit is painfully true lol

No. 742592

Freezing tofu before using it makes it tastes a million times better. I watched a video about a guy making tofu as close to chicken as he could, he froze it multiple times, I thought that was too much work. One freeze before opening it works fine. That plus lots of nutritional yeast made it tastes amazing in my burritos this week.

No. 742594

One of the best feelings in the world is when you remove your facemask and your skin is fucking SOFT

No. 742603

File: 1613670261528.jpeg (44.29 KB, 570x570, 853A58DE-DCA4-4286-B624-3E01BC…)

People who wear stripper heels look like minotaurs

No. 742605

File: 1613670473715.jpg (31 KB, 750x469, wymelj4lhlm11.jpg)

I'm watching compilation videos of men writing women and they are so ridiculous lmao
Does freezing make the tofu firmer? I'm gonna try this

No. 742609

i hope the bastard chokes to death on an oreo. i'm sorry this happened to you and hopefully you're better now.

No. 742613

At what point do heels just become self torture devices?

No. 742617

do you think a porncow thread for FAMOUS pornstars would flop? Or is it stupid?

No. 742618

File: 1613671604964.jpeg (117.59 KB, 640x640, 8DCEFE47-30B8-436B-93CC-543EA9…)

>implying I don’t want to look like a mythical being
weak those are definitely for taking pretty pictures with, to then never putting them on again.
Also, why is hardcore porn appearing when I tap the video tab on google at the first page after typing high heels monster? I want to cleanse my eyes for I didn’t need to see someone’s asshole at all.

No. 742619

i keep watching nature documentaries, and why don't we humans have men making themselves pretty and dance and sing for us, when did we get memed into this being our responsibility

No. 742620

File: 1613671700679.png (12.77 KB, 1032x103, Anorexia mirabilis - Wikipedia…)

i feel like these women would post here if they existed today

No. 742621

I mean…..I don’t think many of us are familiar enough/care enough about porn stars or how milky they are, being a hot mess is part of the life.

No. 742623

yeah, I only know of one legit porncow (and I don't watch porn anymore) and I was hoping someone here would come with some milk, you know dumb takes on twitter or something.
It's dumb, but thats why I put it in this thread!

No. 742624

That's so cool but like as a sculpture and not to wear

No. 742625

I literally have thought the same exact thing…

No. 742626

We're meant to be the ones with an overall lower sex drive while men will fuck anything.. it doesn't make sense to me either. Naturally lower sex drives (overall) and a set standard where men can be hairy, fat no effort fucks without a care… no wonder dead bedrooms happen

No. 742627

Who is it? It may not be enough for a thread, but is it really milky or interesting to share?

No. 742642

I know, right? Even evolutionarily, mating-strategy-wise, it makes no sense for women to put effort into attracting males at all. Sperm is cheap, eggs are expensive - Women have a lower libido, take on the bigger risk of pregnancy during sex, have to essentially have only one partner to "complete" their evolutionary mission (i.e. giving birth to a kid), don't have to be as physically active in general so we don't have to literally look for a partner, etc. etc. Plus there are more women on the planet overall, so it's not like there's mass competition.
I think male society's biggest success in brainwashing women was to fully convince us that it's us that has to put in all the unessecary the work to attract a suitor, so that men can have even less work to do for them to have their property (women) pretty and ready to go. In reality, men will literally fuck anything that's narrow and warm.
Sorry for the sperg, I'm a seething radfem.

No. 742644

I think the Dan Schneider thread is just becoming another place for anons to shit on Ariana since the celeb thread got tired of that

No. 742645

File: 1613672972367.jpg (28.61 KB, 500x373, DwLddF1U8AAbE9S.jpg)

No. 742646

It would flop. Most porn stars aren't really milky but more of underground ones are milky if they agree to do racist stuff, prolapse or anything really damaging

No. 742647

Does anyone else see the resemblance between Audrey Hepburn and Ariana Grande. I can't unsee it watching Roman Holiday. Kinda weird to think how much beauty standards change and how they'd look like the other if they switched eras

No. 742648

Ngl, even I think stripped heels look ridiculous, I like how they look. They're kinda cool in a weird way. Also, according to strippers and women who pole dance, they are actually very comfortable when you are dancing

No. 742664

Sometimes I forget Kiwifarms is full of men, I'm so used to here that I tend to think, "Oh everyone here is a woman"
Until I read through a thread and seeing a guy go on a three paragraph rant about what is ruining tranny porn,Then i'm like, "Oh shit, yeah scrotes are here".
It's my fault for going to the porncow threads because I can't remember the gay pornstar I wanted to talk about.

No. 742670

>incels say women just have to look pretty while men have to do all the work trying to win her over
>femcels say men don't have to do shit and only women have to put any effort into attracting suitors
so, which one is it?

No. 742675

Both but mostly what femcels say. If you're an attractive girl by elites standards and you hang around with top dog men you'll easily get a high value men however that's not the reality of most women. I've seen my friends who look like literal models with gorgeous goddess bodies who are funny and smart who have to completely simp over men to get treated decently and men will cheat on them. I know at least like 6 women personality who are almost completely financially supporting their ugly bum bfs while being hot and successful, a lot of girls I know get used and abused but men where I live get treated like gods if they're not lazy assholes lmao

No. 742676

I follow a couple of the deathfat threads and they get so pissed at the thought of fat/ugly women existing and not essentially looksmaxing. Then they start talking about their own gastric band surgery and I'm like…dude you're the number one poster counting her chins on here everyday? lol

In the same way that shayna has been chubby for while and those posts here get repetitive… their constant surprise at super fat people still being fat day after day drowns out actual cow behaviour that could be better covered

No. 742679

File: 1613675263982.jpg (41.69 KB, 498x623, 28f.jpg)

I really like this meme format, too bad most submissions of it are shit.

No. 742683

Incels say this because it is easy for women to get sex. They think sex is all that's needed to have a relationship.

No. 742685

File: 1613675689343.jpeg (35.17 KB, 152x247, 8E063D1B-8BBB-4615-BB71-4C0E46…)

fetch me their souls

No. 742689

No. 742690

What? You're the dog, you go fetch.

No. 742694

Incels dont understand that men will fuck anyone but are extremely picky about who they want a relationship with because they think they deserve nothing but the best. So they use women who arent their "dream girl" for attention, free therapy and sex until they're too old to play those games anymore

No. 742697

>They think sex is all that's needed to have a relationship.
Depends on the type of incel. Those that want nothing more than to just fuck any woman they come across but can't (for obvious reasons) do. The lowest, absolute sad sacks of shit that absolutely no woman wants would give everything for one hug, but will never get it (for obvious reasons) generally stopped or never had that much of a desire/ sex drive to fuck around that much.

No. 742699

Oh, sorry, I didn't know the word thicc was cultural appropriation, I'm going to go whip myself now with a cat o' nine tails and scream SO SORRY

No. 742700

It sure looks like you could use one. Your life force has certainly dissipated, rat creature.

No. 742701

twitter again?

No. 742706

Huh, isn't it internet slang?
reminds me of that girl in twitter who said "living rent free" was aave

No. 742710

File: 1613676701970.jpg (Spoiler Image, 68.2 KB, 1050x525, Eud0Wo5VkAEuJd9.jpg)

British anons, this your mans?

No. 742711

Wtf are you talking about? No one said that

No. 742713

No. 742714

File: 1613676881752.jpg (60.14 KB, 1024x578, 9155745f90bb13df657d57f7d11f4b…)

Burger Anons, is this your dog?

No. 742716

Yes and we love him. What about it? no but, who the fuck is that

No. 742717

Not here, dork

No. 742718

I didn't say here. I've literally never heard someone say that anywhere

No. 742719

File: 1613677152988.jpg (24.89 KB, 520x327, 1564520509505.jpg)

Some schmuck put his vinesauce on my pizza

No. 742721

File: 1613677348909.jpg (631.78 KB, 900x611, 89008-2.jpg)

I want it allll I want it aalll I want it aaaalll and I want it now

No. 742724

File: 1613677436579.png (95.57 KB, 500x500, BD725422-D1C8-41A9-BF1B-A70FF5…)

Pic unrelated but I feel like such a fatass ordering food oh my god why can’t I eat a decently flavored heavy meal without feeling like I have to choose something dainty and fresh just to be ~uwu feminine and gracile~ like a female “should be”

No. 742725

File: 1613677554082.png (239.65 KB, 640x484, 5456464.png)

I was looking for stock photots and I found this. Can someone explain it?

No. 742727

Fuck that, order the fucking quarter pounder girl, get some fries on the side

No. 742728

Didn't know marabou made 86% chocolate, my night is set!!

No. 742729

No. 742732

File: 1613677814381.jpg (17.25 KB, 248x248, 1548252629371.jpg)

Shouldn't you be ordering from the Hungry-Woman if you wanted to be ~uwu feminine and gracile~?

No. 742736

File: 1613677971265.png (49.26 KB, 380x65, gawk gawk sluuurp.PNG)

I just pissed myself (on accident), but the toilet paper I just bought is so freaking soft. Idek what brand it is

No. 742737

flat earthers on suicide watch today

No. 742739

When I put the male filter on myself in faceapp, it looks like a 15 year old sk8er boi who tries to be cool but is not. When I put the female filter she looks like an annoying uwu ethereal fairy elf type.

No. 742740

File: 1613678362473.jpg (33.56 KB, 750x467, 1585088206448.jpg)

This is fucking retarded but last night I read some reader x you stuff for the first time in at least a decade and actually got pissed off when the dude got "dominating". Bitch where is the shit where I force a superscrote go down on me and he doesn't call me shit like "baby girl", get the fuck out of here.

No. 742741

Flat-earthers are just jealous of Mother Nature's curves

No. 742742

wait what
what happened?

No. 742743

Alright I just tried another photo when I had brown hair and my male version looked cute

No. 742744

Hm, there's not much to report since it was such a low dose, but here I go. I took a pretty low dose, maybe 1g, but I don't have a measuring scale for it so I can't be sure. The taste is not great, but better than I expected; it just tasted like any other dried mushroom. It was more of the texture that I had a problem with, since at first it was hard, then after a bit it gets chewy and slimy and sticks onto your back teeth. Gross. I started feeling the initial comeups in my head, similar to when you take a few hits of weed. The next comeup effect wasn't great. I suddenly felt a heavy body load where I felt kind of horny… and then moderate nausea. When I had similar doses of lsd, I only felt the body load and no nausea, so it was unexpected. I noticed that I felt very thirsty as well, not unlike weed or lsd. After the initial comeup, perhaps an hour in, I started to notice that things were subtly warping and melting. A few of my postcards on my wall were protruding like 3D films and the colours were enhanced, but not greatly. By that time, my pupils were HUGE, but interestingly, my face wasn't changing and warping like it did when I took lsd. My wall was fun to look at though because it took paint strokes on my wall and made wavy patterns. Music didn't sound as good as compared to weed, interestingly. Visuals were overall weak. When I took low dose lsd, the floors were tessellating and splitting like mica, the mineral. When I looked at the floors with greater inspection, I noticed cities were created and zooming in and out. The comedown from shrooms was more comfortable than lsd; I didn't hear auditory hallucinations and could not sleep for hours even when I was tired on lsd. Especially at the end of my high, it just felt like a weed comedown, the lethargy, comfiness. I did wake up this morning with the worst headache still ongoing after 5 hours.
So yeah, I much preferred lsd due to prettier and more distinct visuals, but I still have a bunch of shrooms left so I'll probably do a larger dose in the near future.

No. 742745

File: 1613678492791.png (962.65 KB, 1197x857, 464657654.png)

So like does breadtube have any YT's left who identify as male? 70% of them are gender specials or troons

No. 742746

File: 1613678495017.png (143.29 KB, 438x231, 1597386672198.png)

I was literally just wondering how long would it take for my coomer, "kawaii"-stuff-loving autistic friend to troon out, and just today he told us to refer to him with they/them pronouns today.
Wouldn't ever fuck him in my life, but he's cute. I have no hope left in the world.

No. 742747

lol I remember when I was younger I use to be that way, I use to be all in to diets and pretty much counting calories and shit. It was hell and I was miserable tbh. Now I am an olg hag that eats whatever I want well of course without reaching landwhale heights lol I still excercise and work out but fuck it I love chicken nuggets dipped in ranch or bbq dressing.

No. 742748

w-what if my male version and your male version had loving sex? not in a gay way of course haha

No. 742749

A rover is landing on mars today

No. 742752

Be the change you want to see in the world, anon.
And link it to me when you're finished

No. 742753

I'm doing pink tips on my nails heheheheheheh

No. 742755

A-anon I didn't know you felt that way about me u///u

No. 742756

I was actually thinking about writing something!! Never done a reader x you thing though nor have I written hetero stuff

No. 742760

Is it weird if one of my favorite female anime character archetypes is "crazy bitch driven by pure lust"? Is that a -dere type?

No. 742761

What kinda lust?
Sexual, murder, knowledge?

No. 742764

hbomberguy, josé is one I recently found, quentin reviews (LOL nvm), vaush if uploading his streams counts like a lot of them are mostly streaming now

No. 742765

File: 1613679580264.png (241.52 KB, 651x503, Q.PNG)

>quentin reviews
I actually find him some what funny, but I hate telling people I like him because he's a total mess on twitter.

Pic related is him, the non censored parts of the icon matched up perfectly with his PF pic,

No. 742766

File: 1613679738296.jpg (70.72 KB, 512x426, fellas, is it gay to wash your…)

this is like the guys who dont buy soap unless it's specifically marketed to them
eat what you want

No. 742769

use the femdom or cunnilingus tags nonny

No. 742770

File: 1613680042950.png (624.6 KB, 620x755, 4555646574.png)

I wanna make a "Get on a watchlist" book reading list

No. 742772

If board-tan was a rapper her name would be Lil Cow Farm

No. 742773

I like the smell of mens deoderant and showergel so that's what I've bought for years and whenever I'm sitting in the bath bored and reading labels it's kind of intense how much they need to bang on about the masc-ness of products.

I love those 3 in 1 showergel/facewash/shampoo combos too. Doesn't get more masc than that eh

No. 742776

I tried cunnilingus and still got some bad shit but femdom i failed to try, thank u anon

No. 742777

You talkin about yumeko?

No. 742780

Does anyone else have it that when you scratch the back of the roof of your mouth with your tonuge (with the furthest part back, not the tip), the inside of your ear gets itchy?

No. 742783

I just tried it and it made my eyes itchy instead. Why, anon? Why?

No. 742784

lil farmer

No. 742785

File: 1613680638264.jpeg (185.33 KB, 2280x1520, FFC23A48-D31C-4DA4-8666-B00512…)

fettuccine Alfredo mmmmmmmm

No. 742789

File: 1613680834281.png (1.01 MB, 973x1080, 1552578196910.png)

Hello guys, this is my boyfriend
Isn't he just quirky?

No. 742791

File: 1613681129724.jpg (103.23 KB, 1200x1200, 1200a-Penne-alla-Vodka-with-Ba…)

Vodka penne aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

No. 742798

Facts aren't even really facts. Who made facts? we did. So how can facts be facts

No. 742803

File: 1613681743115.jpg (140.18 KB, 500x454, 1612320141023.jpg)

No. 742804

That is not a fact.

No. 742806

Your mom is a fact

No. 742807

I feel like this is something Trump has said at one point in his life

No. 742814

I am dead at this photo, I stan [10] girl

No. 742815

File: 1613682384448.jpg (14.14 KB, 275x267, 1596809089548.jpg)

And what about it?!

No. 742818

For me, it's old spice original scent solid white, it smells like spice drop candy

No. 742831

I'll never trust myself wearing stilettos, mainly because I'm scared I'll break my ankles.

No. 742834

my posts where i pour my soul out about things i love, or when I confess what is weighing on my hear: 0 replies
my posts when I saw "pee pee poopoo": many replies

No. 742835

I'm >>742760. Uhh, like willing to kill anyone in order to get to her man, both driven by lust for the man but also her pure batshit insanity. I'm thinking of Yelena from Attack on Titan and Kodachi Kuno from Ranma 1/2. I've been watching both lately.

No. 742836

Coffee gives me such a fucking dopamine boost I feel so happy when I drink it. No wakeful alertness, just pure cozy joy

No. 742838

I'd like to know what's weighing on your hear, anon. Also, I bid you a wonderful peepee poopoo.

No. 742840

This brings me a sense of camaraderie. You know what's up. What's your favorite type/way to drink coffee?

No. 742842

File: 1613683668436.jpg (62.54 KB, 640x640, 1554169263977.jpg)

If you had a dick, would you suck it?

No. 742843

Understandable, there's something to be said for the morning routine of having something warm to drink on a cold morning. It's pleasant.

No. 742847

With my lips, tongue and throat occasionally

No. 742849

isn't that like the question about the chicken or the egg? are you sucking your dick or are you fucking your mouth?

No. 742850

File: 1613683987144.jpg (85.72 KB, 1000x866, mm49re350wi41.jpg)

You can't keep getting away with this.

No. 742853

I hate gross bellybuttons. If a guy takes of his shirt and he has an outie I'm [spoiler]outie

No. 742857

File: 1613684332835.jpg (86.74 KB, 314x323, 1554211163731.jpg)

Depends on if yourkeep your hips stationary while sucking or your thrust your hips to fuck your mouth

No. 742863

>why don't we humans have men making themselves pretty and dance and sing for us
That's literally k-pop.

No. 742866

I feel like logan paul will get killed in some kidnapping thing and i can't tell you why

No. 742868

I love making caffe lattes and iced coffee, depends on the weather really

No. 742873

NTA but yeah, but that's only to siphon money from idiotic teen girls, not a form of flirting (except when they're flirting with the old-ass, decrepit-ass men funding their industries).

No. 742877

File: 1613685410127.jpg (26.51 KB, 285x275, 1550498062971.jpg)

>That's literally k-pop
So men wearing make-up is a bad thing then?

No. 742880

Of course not, k-pop men are hot.

No. 742884

uhh, sure, you do you sis

No. 742893

I bet you only like ugly men.

No. 742902

I don't like overly feminine men

No. 742905

Name 10 that don't look like waxy, pasty, shiny anachans that have been in the scene in the last 5 years, anon.

No. 742908

File: 1613687241118.jpeg (80.97 KB, 749x751, 70E969FB-F564-4E81-91B5-7BD4A6…)

holy fuck holy shit there are actual dumbfuck scrotes in the unpopular thread right now kek


No. 742914

I can name ten attractive idols you wouldn't deny fucking unless you dislike Asians in general but not on your terms exactly because
Being pale as hell is a Korean beauty standard
They almost never appear on camera without foundation or bb cream
You will see a lot of "shiny" pictures of them because that's the exact purpose of their stage make-up. It's goddamn stage make-up. But also we can easily find "bare face" photos, so.

No. 742923

I wouldn't fuck any of them, anon. You could have mentioned ANYONE by name yet you couldn't, uggos

No. 742929


No. 742939

I don’t fuck men, anon

No. 742940

Ah yes, not finding some pop stars from a country attractive means you hate their entire nation. Great logic

No. 742943

Ahh, oh my. Sorry then.

No. 742949


No. 742954

I've never seen someone cape so hard for men so ugly and talentless how fascinating, it's like meeting a post Malone fan irl. At least have an attraction to a guy with a dick longer than an eraser

No. 742985

Anon you do realize people are only talking about faggy kpop manlets, right? No one said anything about the entirety of the Korean population. K-drama actors are way hotter than idols anyway.

No. 743002

I put American cheese in my fettuccine Alfredo. Biggest mistake of my life.

No. 743007

Damn, you turned him into fatty Alfred now

No. 743010

The fact that some people don’t have a minds eye freaks me the fuck out like Damn sis that sucks

No. 743017

I have the 'cant see stuff in my head' thing going on, visualising just doesn't exist for me and for years I didn't know what people meant by telling you to 'picture this in your head'

No. 743024

You need to log off, sit down and think about what youve done

No. 743026

The k-pop singers I like are far from talentless, dickhead.

No. 743031

File: 1613696826332.jpg (15.95 KB, 329x329, 1554576725779.jpg)

more like K-poop amirite

No. 743035

I'm so damn hungry rn fuuuuuucj

No. 743036

Nta but i guess anadieting and dealing with abusive slave contracts on top of the bad nosejobs could be considered a talent

No. 743038

Why are you hoes so triggered with k-pop? I just said one I guy I like can sing well.

No. 743039

Name them

No. 743040

My faves? Kyungsoo and Xiaojun.

No. 743048

Nta but maybe cuz it sucks

No. 743049

Ah, ksoo the buggy eyes autist. He was kinda cute at some point.

No. 743050


No. 743054

That's a good imitation of K-pop

No. 743055

let me one-up them: peepeeK-poopoo

No. 743056

Lmao, it's the twilight shit all over again. I'm pretty sure I must talking to a scrote or a pickme. Probably a tranny.

No. 743063

What are you talking about, anon? You know you can reply directly to other anons

No. 743064

No, it's a pickme.

No. 743067

File: 1613700545775.jpg (61.12 KB, 700x394, 17872099_401.jpg)

No. 743068

It seems a certain newfag is not aware of the anti-kpop threads existing

No. 743070

I miss those threads

No. 743071

The cum in your mouth must be ruining your brain. Kpop spam and critical were a thing too.

No. 743076

Whoever invented Panera mango smoothies deserves a big kiss on their forehead.

No. 743078

Whoever are you talking to, you sound like the cum guzzler poster on meta

No. 743079

why do people in the trad thread keep talking about whether or not humans are programmed for monogamy or polygamy. Wtf does that have to do with trad people

No. 743080

I'm not the one sucking the patriarchy off, handmaid.

No. 743082

File: 1613702023248.png (74.64 KB, 261x263, 1554667281010.png)

At this point I have no idea to who you're even responding

No. 743083

File: 1613702385621.jpeg (59.77 KB, 275x265, 1575388779834.jpeg)

What the fuck are you talking about, schizo

No. 743084

Why is the kpoopie still hallucinating here

No. 743085

How do you retards even post here without knowing how to read?

No. 743086

Can you pls elaborate, I truly am lost on why you are so angy at everyone

No. 743088

Shitposting is fun. Aren't we on dumbass shit?
K-pop is dumb teen shit, and it doesn't faze me that the hate is so disproportional even among women, like it happened to Twilight a decade ago, just because it's dumb teenage girl shit. What's weird is how the enlightened feminist lc crowd can't see similarity or hypocrisy. Yeah, plastic shiny k-poop, yadda yadda. Faggy shiny vampire, yadda yadda.

No. 743089

File: 1613703192470.jpg (127.29 KB, 1001x1001, 1569343670-befunky-collage-13.…)

Not liking kpoop!!!is antifeminist! It's feminism to call other anons cum guzzlers!!

No. 743090

Eye for eye

No. 743091

File: 1613703410377.jpeg (92.02 KB, 986x1024, 1574984717950.jpeg)

No. 743098

My bf puts up with every dumb thing I do without complaint but if I even start to explain a dream I had to him he shuts it down so fast. Like bitch I just want to tell you about the room of oranges we had in our apartment

No. 743100

Anon, please. This is one of the funniest things I have ever read in my entire life.

No. 743102

Scream about the orange room, girl

No. 743109

File: 1613705420074.gif (2.06 MB, 300x400, 1556157299864.gif)

You ever have the suspicion that every lolcow poster is a male bodybuilder pretending to be a woman on the internet?

No. 743110

Every joke response I want to type out to this would get me a ban.

No. 743111

If i was i wouldn'have struggled so much with that tea tree oil bottle just now

No. 743112

honestly yes, sometimes I really don’t even think that lolcow is even 85% female

No. 743113

anon stop this is scaring me

No. 743114

so all the fujos are actually men doing gay ERP?

No. 743115

File: 1613706221193.png (737.5 KB, 680x759, 6C5FAF0A-53A5-4BF1-BD86-E12DA3…)

some of the things I see on the boards look like something that someone on 4chan or anywhere else would post to make fun of women or try to imitate women as, a lot of the time it seems genuine but like the fashion threads and the other images people post look so outdated and gaudy it reminds me of this meme all the time idk it’s just the off vibes tingling lately that remind me of this pic

No. 743116

how is it anti-feminist to find k-pop men ugly

No. 743117

let’s be real here anon, a lot of women who like gay fan fiction and media wouldn’t even refer themselves as fujos to begin with, I honest to god will defend my tinfoil by saying it is most likely gay men in that thread lmao no woman would be so actively devoted by gay men duking it out in a debauched comic or manga. they mainly only like shipping them in plain romantic stuff, like regular fan art or cooing over how cute and wholesome and pure they can be like that whole dan and phil shit

No. 743118

i think part of that can be accounted by 3rd world chans or britbongs. either way, am gonna be in denial and pretend everyone else is also female here haha

No. 743125

No. 743126

liking stuff made by and for women is scrote now too? damn are we allowed to like anything

No. 743127

Googled both and not only are they both manlets but the first one is ugly as shit, literally your typical narrow shouldered omega looking Asian. Just more proof that women who are into kpop faggots are mentally ill.

No. 743128

not saying it’s explicitly scrote I just honestly think there are some gay men that thread who are honestly talking about their fetishes but don’t want to be outed as a scrote so they have to play along with the script

No. 743129

Fuck you talking about? The only ones who are afraid to call themselves fujos are the Uber woke ones who think it’s a crime to enjoy BL unless you’re a fakeboi.
Nobody calls themselves fujo as a compliment or something, it’s an insult that nip fujos turned into self-depreciating nickname. Like calling yourself a weeb or a cat lady.

you’re the one who was sperging out over fujos in the ship thread aren’t you

No. 743131

My sides

No. 743133

imo the fetishes thread in /g/ seems more likely. and there was a few self-admitted males in the femdom thread too.

No. 743135

File: 1613707382740.jpg (82.68 KB, 840x700, 1556902534662.jpg)

you know what puts real fear into my mind?
troons that are into k-pop, just imagine all the concentrated mental illnesses in one living being, the absolute horror

No. 743143

Reminder that the average South Korean penis size is 3 inches. A lot of Korean feminists deliberately post about this.
Meanwhile, unbased farmers will forever whiteknight tiny-dicked, misogynistic/racist scrote pop stars with extreme plastic surgery and makeup, lmao.
Never forget Burning Sun scandal and how many others are still doing this shit uncaught. Nth room, too. That is all.

No. 743144

Aren't most western kpop stans he/they agenders who "kin" (whatever the fuck that means) their idols anyway? At least that's what I got from a few peeks at kpop Twitter kek.

No. 743145

>Reminder that the average South Korean penis size is 3 inches.
That Astolfo cosplayer would like to have a word with you

No. 743148

Isn't he japanese?

No. 743149

those Jergens commercials with mom Leslie Mann and daughter are really creepy they give incest vibes I know "mom overriding boundaries" is the joke but in the one where she ducks down to lotion her daughter's feet and the daughter goes "mom!!" it's just weird, why is she embarrassed. They keep milking this weird joke

No. 743150

I don't think so. I remember one of his tweets being in korean and the bottles having Korean text, but I could be wrong

No. 743151

The cherry on top is how they all pretend to be some progressive fighter yet support the wretched abomination that is the kpop industry, which heavily mistreats all of its talent

No. 743152

nta but what gets me the most is when they virtue signal tweet about idol suicides or the mistreatment they get… then turn around to continue stanning and supporting the industry.
but then these stans all probably average age 14 anyway

No. 743156

File: 1613709523551.jpg (Spoiler Image, 95.35 KB, 960x1280, 1613231869081.jpg)

I think he's Japanese. I Googled and his account is locked, but his username is "kotomitako", and multiple people have been correcting people who say he's Korean.
This does look Photoshopped either way, though

No. 743159

Some of those kpop stans censor words like sex (s*x in this case) whenever they have to post it. That should tell you many of them are underage.

No. 743163

I hate when people tell me their dreams

No. 743164

You underestimate how mentally ill BL addicts are

No. 743166

Some of the oranges were as big as soccer balls and they all stacked on top of each other perfectly. It felt like the air was buzzing around the towers of oranges and I got dream heartburn from absorbing the buzzing air

No. 743170

You and >>743119 >>743142 should hang out. She'll definitely want to hear about your orange-related dreams.

No. 743171

nta but I think ayrt is right that some bl readers are "vanilla" but you're also absolutely right that a ton of them are into darker creepy things. I think it's a spectrum and there can also be overlap. honestly I couldn't guess which is the majority. there is a lot of fucked up content but fluff and mild things like that are usually the most popular on ao3. source: was fujo, knew the fluffy normal-er ones, and the fucked up ones who froth at the mouth over creepy kinks… both types range from woke fakebois to self-named fujos. personally I was in the middle only enjoying dark stuff for plot like in a movie, but not as a kink. the tastes do vary but I understand those who think it's all weird. just saying it doesn't have to be scrotes in that thread based on my experience, but I guess some could be.

No. 743173

I think it's just one or two anons who keep doing it. I don't get why words like alpha, beta, sigma, omega, etc. are used seriously now. I remember people were making fun of those dumb redpill terms from the very start but now I see them used unironically, all that's doing is legitimizing the ideology of redpill tards.

No. 743181

Do you ever stop reading a pt/snow thread because of the posters? I hid a few threads, I'm not very good at ignoring posts if they're in front of me so I have to hide the whole thread. RIP milk.

No. 743184

The nitpicking on some threads is kind of annoying. Some cow gains 5 lbs and nonnies act like she’s the cheesy potato lady from that freaky eaters show.

No. 743187

Kinda, yeah. I wanted to see if there's any new milk coming from the Onision ducumentary, but the posters in that thread made me nope out.
Which thread posters annoyed you anon?

No. 743197

This makes me think about a certain cow's boob vein anons like to make fun of. I get it, she's doing porn and that's not part of the visual standard. But I always hope and wonder if they know that little "flaws" that get nitpicked on cows are common and fine on women everywhere, regular women in regular situations

No. 743198

File: 1613715871711.gif (1.5 MB, 298x168, 412980tw21765g72l065487p52r8.g…)

It's funny how my shits go from solid to liquid in a matter of seconds.

No. 743219

>there is a lot of fucked up content but fluff and mild things like that are usually the most popular on ao3
This is true and tbh ao3's tagging/filtering system is the best data we have on what fujos like so I tend to trust what it tells us about current fandom preferences. It def shows that innocuous romance is more popular than anything fucked up or smutty.

ik this is autistic af but I calculated tag percentages for some of the most popular fandoms. I just included ratings to show if it's sexual or not, and the rape and fluff tags for comparison of how common they are. Keep in mind that's just a warning for rape in any context, ime it's rarely between the main ship or meant to be sexy.
69% teen/gen/not rated, 31% explicit/mature, 19% fluff, 3% rape
65% teen/gen/not rated, 31% explicit/mature, 26% fluff, 2% rape
>Harry Potter
66% teen/gen/not rated, 34% explicit/mature, 10% fluff, 3% rape
71% teen/gen/not rated, 29% explicit/mature, 15% fluff, 2% rape
63% teen/gen/not rated, 37% explicit/mature, 15% fluff, 2% rape

Pls no bully, I just think fujos have improved a lot from the yaoi paddle days even though that image has really stuck with a lot of people

No. 743224

My sister, my nephew and myself have pretty arched and strong eyebrows and my baby niece seems to have hella round brows, odd shit.

No. 743225

I feel like I would enjoy 70s America more than now.
>Interesting interior design
>Women's rights movement was a real thing
>Freedom to go and do whatever you want without social media or the government up your ass 24/7
>No covid
>Fun clothes
>Typewriters, lol
I know there was bad shit going on too, but my parents are non-white immigrants and both say they had a lot of fun back then despite everything.

No. 743232

You lost me at the very first bullet point, didn't read the rest. 70s interior design is singlehandedly the worst design in history of humanity. The color palette is hideous, with shit browns, period blood reds and oversaturated oranges that hurt the eyes. It's all so unpleasant to look at, particularly because it would always be overdone, never subtle.

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The anons in Lillee Jean’s thread who keep freaking out about her misaligned jaw confuse me. I also have a misaligned jaw that mostly developed in my late teens/early twenties (after my braces were removed) and even though I get twice yearly checkups at the dentist and have seen various orthodontists about the issue, nobody here thinks it’s a real problem. Every orthodontist has told me that the surgery to fix it would be considered cosmetic and the risks plus recovery time may not be worth it. I should note that I’m from a Western European country with good healthcare (not the UK). I’ve met other people whose jaws were more misaligned than mine and LJs who also never bothered to do anything about it and they’re fine, just not photogenic.

Maybe I’m missing something and maybe there’s more to it when viewed in the context of her weird little cat teeth and other issues, but I can’t help but wonder if this is just another case of Americans freaking out at anyone whose teeth aren’t Hollywood perfect.