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File: 1616638344864.jpg (112.49 KB, 736x736, f413480eb0216118d779d9e7824d42…)

No. 768938

Live fast, die dumb

Previous thread: >>>/ot/762731

No. 768947

File: 1616639116552.gif (699.23 KB, 220x220, 94F7A6E3-5A15-45EF-B2B7-BCA5A6…)

male faggots will never be a woman’s ally

No. 768949

The dumb bitch meme is kinda depressing

No. 768951

true, look at trisha and shane/shane's cock slave

No. 768954

If you are lesboja could you please come here and give me a kiss? I promise you I'll behave I just want a nice kiss

No. 768968

The absolute patience canadians have amazes me. Literal beastly impulsive psycho followed this woman even when she got him on camera as proof in daylight until she finally found a group of people to hang out with so he would eventually stop following her. My anger issues would simply knock his ass out. These menaces are around you everywhere, mustering up their rotted pornsick braincells to calculate their primal moves and you don’t even know until it’s too late, it’s getting worse and worse everyday. Fellow anons please stay safe for the love of god and stay on guard, we really need curfews on men

No. 768982

Why do crazy and/or trashy people always have white cars? Like some of the nastiest people I have ever known always have a shiny white car. One of my neighbors for instance is a total shit stain…he drives a pristine white truck…weird.

No. 768994


Shit like this makes me have fantasies about beating those type of men up. It sucks that men are so much stronger than women

No. 768996

Damn I swear that men act like trash because they know they are trash so they go the full way in. It does seem to be getting worse. I'm worried incels are increasing and recruiting young boys who wouldn't even be worried about that shit otherwise.

No. 769029

i'd literally kiss any woman rn i'm hornt

No. 769031

I hate New Zealand and I don’t know why. I feel like recently there’s been an uptick in people (twitterfags) romanticizing their government and wanting to move there. Are we going to see kiwiboos in the future? kek

No. 769032

gun anon, guns

No. 769033

D'Angelo Wallace is going to troon out by summertime, trust me

No. 769036

Why do you think so? He doesn't seem the type.

No. 769042

No. 769045

not with that voice, anon

No. 769050

I actually get more of the vibe of closeted gay who's really into trans women tbh. I haven't followed him for a while though; has he hinted toward any sexuality??

I don't mind it so much online but I recently saw someone start selling actual bags like the ones in the thread pic and I was like… really? You'd wear that around and say that about yourself in public?

No. 769051

He's engaged/married to a girl, and pretty sure they live together.

No. 769058

File: 1616650850353.jpeg (42.45 KB, 300x250, F102AE46-7B1A-4CE2-ACFA-7BA76D…)

I can totally see that happening and I fucking hate it. First he’ll be a femboy then he’ll be non-binary. The un-pc edgelord loser to troon pipeline is real.

No. 769179

is it bad that I kind of look like d’angelo as a woman and it makes me feel uncomfortable lol

No. 769181

File: 1616670955042.jpg (218.83 KB, 1080x1350, a2438716a588c91bc13ee29556decc…)

you might be right anon…

No. 769183

That makes me so sad to think about, he's actually cute.
I low-key suspect he's an FtM, though.

No. 769200

I'm happy I have the ability to never love scrotes. I can find ones who are cute, entertain me or take me on dates and as soon as they start acting up i cant drop them instantly with no feelings. It's sad that i have never loved a man and never will but it works.

No. 769202

Kek this is my new favourite tinfoil. Though the biggest shock would be that an FTM managed to have normal weight and skin without being an obsessive gymbunny/anachan.

I think he's just a manlet attention whore, because his art before he became a commentary channel had a scrotey quality.

Though every troon is tragic, I think him attempting the Contra muppet valley girl voice with his baritone would be hilarious

No. 769203

Decided to randomly google Orlando Bloom and was surprised to learn he was married to Katy Perry, also that he's like 44

Kinda having a Mandela effect Cause I remember he was married to a model or something

No. 769205

Feel like a tard for even bitching about this but anyway. I've been playing pokemon go since its release and a couple years ago I moved to a small town with just two pokemon gyms I can walk to. I rarely travel beyond my town much and then lockdown and 2km restrictions happened on top of that. So those two gyms are the only ones I ever occupy and I see the same few names popping up in the gym too. There was always a nice balance of teams here and the income of coins was steady.

Lately a new name popped up at one gym and any time I defeat them…they within one minute fight you and kick you out again meaning it's pointless to even bother with the gym anymore. I don't know if they live or just work within playing distance of the gym but it's always an immediate kick out. You just can't earn coins from that gym anymore. They went and ruined a gym when all us other local poketards had a good thing going.

No. 769206

File: 1616675629956.jpg (100.69 KB, 1080x522, Screenshot_20210325_132913.jpg)

>be me bored as hell
>so bored I open the twitch app, I never watch twitch
>cool female streamer I know from youtube is live
>open her stream
>immediately see someone in chat ask "what are your pronouns"
>haha fucking retard get out of here shes obviously normal
>"guys she/her…"
>there it is lol
>"…and they/them are both fine!"

No. 769209

Hot girl shit

No. 769220

I don't play it(since i try to limit smartphone time) but my sister still does, honestly its been one of the most positive influences in her life, like she's made a lot of close IRL friends cause of that game, even got invited to a wedding by someone she met from playing PokemonGO

Sorry to see the experience of yours has gotten shittier

No. 769238

I don't know what komaeda (sp?) is and don't care to find out, so anytime I see anons talking about it I visualize a komodo dragon because that's what it sounds like the most to me.

No. 769245

Your picrel is fucking spot on and the best way I've ever seen this issue described as.

No. 769254

My mom keeps getting me cringey oversized pastel clothes but I accept them and pretend I like them because they're cosy and much nicer quality than what I'd buy for myself. And I know it's how she shows she cares. Mama I'm not a deathfat Easter egg but thank you, I love you

No. 769257

I was so sure my bf was going to say yes when I asked if I could have the last veggie burger for lunch but he shut me down!!! It's fair because I already had 2 out of the 4pack but omg he never tells me no. Kek why am I weirdly turned on?

No. 769261

You guys think Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald ever kissed?

No. 769269

i hate those "ew british (/polish/random european nationalities) "people"!!1!" memes. cringe ass forced meme cop out by lefty zoomers who want to make offensive jokes but don't have the balls. either be racist or don't

No. 769283

File: 1616685270674.gif (1.88 MB, 500x383, 1906543278894.gif)

I keep having nightmares about anons misinterpreting my posts and getting angry at me for nothing. I hate you guys.

No. 769287

File: 1616685833424.jpg (203.6 KB, 1200x1800, fake bread.jpg)

>americans think this is real bread

No. 769289

I'm not from anywhere near america and that image is still my default image when I imagine bread. There's better bread out there but thats my everyday bread

No. 769295

Time to take a lolcow break

How's this not real bread? I'm from a bread eating nation -not the US- and this looks like regular white bread to me.

No. 769298

File: 1616686535911.jpg (970.42 KB, 1280x800, bread.jpg)

that's sandwich bread, which is not real bread

No. 769300

In my country we make no distinction between bread and sandwich bread. It's just bread.

No. 769301

Wtf it's all just bread but different kinds

No. 769303

My pre menstrual bloat is already intense today, I don't need to be looking at all this bread lol

No. 769305

I had a dream that for some reason I met Shayna at a dispensary in Tulsa and we hit it off and went back to her place to smoke up. I got to meet ribmeat and noodle and yes her apartment was covered in trash and clutter. Even in my dream dream me was like wow no one on lolcow will believe this. It made me feel so insane I gotta use this site less lol

No. 769309

it's a vital distinction and i feel nothing but pity for you and your breadlet peoples

No. 769313

Hello good morning lolcow, what will we infight about today?

No. 769314

According to upthread, it's bread.

No. 769319

Thinking about the anorectal violence memes because I read "colorectal" in an article… I love this site you make my day sometimes and nobody even knows.

No. 769321

Plain white bread is gross.

No. 769323

But do you like getting bred?

No. 769324

I had a nightmare where I got permabanned and instead of the expected short explanation, the mod launched into an essay on my sins here and which things I said she thought were lies… basically roasting my entire post history

No. 769326

File: 1616689386273.jpeg (25.4 KB, 480x256, 3761CC44-7255-4B28-A061-9FD375…)

Always has been

No. 769329

File: 1616689515244.jpg (224.85 KB, 1200x675, getbred.jpg)

Now that's real bread

No. 769332

kiss you on the mouth

No. 769335

File: 1616689779431.jpg (109.54 KB, 1021x571, ariel-pink-john-maus.jpg)

People were really surprised when Ariel Pink and John Maus were exposed for being creeps when they look like this.
Maus made a whole ass song about harrassing a woman he met once and Ariel, just fucking look at him kek.

No. 769352

what song is it?

No. 769353

File: 1616690771762.jpeg (228.09 KB, 719x723, B26AF949-E1D7-4EDC-B174-73F443…)

No. 769357

What is this?

No. 769359

A bread's cubicle at the office

No. 769363

File: 1616691933562.gif (61.36 KB, 267x200, mood hearts.gif)

but can we talk about how cute the thread pic is? it's unusually inspiring makes me want to draw ohmygod

No. 769364

My grandma's ashes

No. 769378

File: 1616693781137.jpg (20.59 KB, 235x275, 1614651834913.jpg)

The MtF thread became to depressing to read

No. 769412

Whoever invented barbecue definitely did it for the culture and wanted humanity to be happy.

No. 769441

something about the clear juice box and milk carton. they're clear and that's cute as hell

No. 769446

I wonder what made him stop. Just before he left he was going on about how he won't stop unless he has a thread

No. 769457

File: 1616702154281.jpg (28.21 KB, 612x400, delete-chrome-autofill-suggest…)

The name field on my browser has autofill suggestions of my real name, and I'm afraid one day I'm gonna click one without realizing it and post my name on here. I should clear it, but I honestly don't feel like it

No. 769482

File: 1616704108075.jpg (338.93 KB, 800x800, 556000723-1545306239.jpg)

Bought a lot of cute stationary today to get back into journaling/scripting. Not exactly get back per se as I still do it, but to motivate myself to do it more often. I also bought some for my mom! I hope she likes it.
Can't wait for it to arrive.

No. 769499

File: 1616705107139.jpeg (60.93 KB, 600x601, A01EC87F-B971-4E7B-BA9E-A04F39…)


No. 769511

File: 1616706013408.png (465.36 KB, 718x924, dfd.png)

I spent 3000 hours in ms paint back in high school for this meme

No. 769514

anon it’s beautiful

No. 769525

File: 1616706844664.png (178.06 KB, 300x469, dagakotowaru.png)

Thank you for acknowledging my mastery, in fact I didn't make it from scratch, somebody already made it but I changed the words because I couldn't stand the wasted opportunity of not using "breads eaten" for the huge number (if you look closely you can see the N is masterfully reconstructed from some other letter. You might have to look really hard though.) anyway here is a manga panel I colored

No. 769556

you've done the lord's work, anon. thank you

No. 769557

File: 1616710177934.jpg (63.21 KB, 604x340, what.jpg)

No. 769577

What are your favourite threads that make you laugh? Mine is the first few unconventional attractions and lolcow’s own caps. Also the Nikocado Avocado thread when people started posting his OF content

No. 769579

>Nikocado Avocado thread when people started posting his OF content

No. 769581

It was hilarious anon, I loved reading people’s horrified reactions

No. 769590

God I’m never going into another teeny bopper store ever again

No. 769613

thinking about how when i was starving myself at 17-18 i wouldn't buy tops or dresses if the smallest size didn't fit me. i was a couple kg underweight at this point but most importantly i am SIX FEET tall like no shit a women's xs won't fit you even if you're skinny?? i specifically remember this one dress that i really liked but didn't buy because the extra small was still a too tight and i didn't want to get a small because i thought that meant i wanst thin enough like a fucking retard. i wanna go back in time and yell at myself

No. 769636

File: 1616714316138.jpg (98.86 KB, 720x960, D7zr32gW4AAhs9X.jpg)

TIL there are a suprising amount of GC people on Gaiaonline of all places. Weird.

No. 769666

ngl, I lived for pregnant Katy Perry. Daisies and Never Worn White were such good songs, also this version of Never Really Over with preggo Perry is chef's kiss

No. 769674

Damn guess I am logging back in after 10 years

No. 769680

I haven't been paying attention to boris Johnson since he became prime minister and I dgaf about politics etc but just saw a thumbnail of Boris on YouTube from BBC and that cunt is looking like he's on deaths door. I want to give my insight as someone that has not looked at that man for months. He looks very unwell. I almost had genuine feelings of empathy.

No. 769685

Oh shit, post a screencap I might re-join

No. 769686

Horrible people live longer than you ever expect, he'll hold on long past his natural time like Prince Philip

No. 769709

File: 1616721281107.jpeg (61.32 KB, 640x550, DB451558-6F60-4728-81EC-92340E…)

I am so fucking stupid. For the longest time, whenever I got Panera’s cheddar broccoli soup, I wondered how they managed to keep some strands of shredded cheddar cheese from melting. Made a copycat recipe today, and found out those “cheese shreds” have been carrots the entire time.

No. 769712

File: 1616722748176.jpeg (14.18 KB, 154x204, 8E5E5023-6C42-420A-AAA2-79A347…)

none of you are real you are all demons and this is hell torturing me with bad milk, slow activity and tedious mundane life stories

No. 769714

fuck you my tedious mundane life stories are interesting as shit, now listen to me how i became friends with the cat near my apartment

No. 769715

We can't all be cows, nonny. That would defeat the purpose of the imageboard.

No. 769717

Stop telling us the tedious details of how you waste your mundane life reading /ot/ and go hunt a wild cow like nature intended

No. 769758

I love this song, but I can't help but think that the lead singer looks like that milf neighbor from Edward Scissorhands. Please someone tell me I'm not the only one that see's this.

No. 769760

File: 1616726930452.jpg (120.3 KB, 804x1282, ExNPkZAWEAISmJX.jpg)

I hate the "THEY'RE GIRLFRIENDS!" meme. I want it to die. A woman with brains would never date a pickme that sucks cocks.

No. 769763

It's no different than the trad femwojak x doomer girl memes

No. 769766

>wojak memes
That makes it even worse you know

No. 769767

Dubs confirm it: Memes r ded

No. 769769

File: 1616727570032.jpg (129.14 KB, 1200x800, ad-lucille-bluth.jpg)

RIP Queen

No. 769770

it’s a libfem distraction from the very problematic nature of looking like a whore

No. 769771

>A pickme that sucks cocks
Stacy doesn't bow to any man she instead enjoys herself with whoever she wants when she wants, she is confident enough in herself that she never feels pressured into anything. Believing that a women are less for doing whatever they want with their own bodies is incel tier

Besides it's fiction you just decide yourself that they're both goldstar

No. 769774

I still think no self respecting woman would date a not self respecting one. Looking like a whore is not attractive at all.

No. 769775

They're girlfriends and there's nothing you can do about it. Plus, who said she sucks dick?

No. 769776

File: 1616728185155.jpeg (58.75 KB, 500x353, AC6A36B9-48C0-4CB8-84BE-F63D8A…)

May Miss Walter rest in peace and haunt all the scrotes who did her wrong, clink clink bitches

No. 769777

File: 1616728201572.png (580.4 KB, 918x500, ruhroh.png)

You know they're going to eat you alive for this, don't you?

No. 769778

>Believing that a women are less for doing whatever they want with their own bodies is incel tier
imagine shilling looking like a cocksucking whore

>Besides it's fiction you just decide yourself that they're both goldstar

exactly: it's fiction. This isn't what happens in reality in most cases. Self hating women dress like bimbos are into men and they look like it. Looks matter.

She's a bimbo and bimbos suck dicks.

Inb4 someone calls me "woman hater!!!! they can wear whatever they want!!!!!"
Yeah as long as they don't look like WHORES, we need more radical feminism in this world.(bait)

No. 769779

It's a drawing. Calm down.

No. 769780

People that turn a blind eye like looks don't matter are brain dead. You dress for the work you want. Your face says if you're a crazy rapist or not. This goes for men and women alike.

No. 769781

It's a drawing that effects how people react in twitter and then how people react in real life. It's the same with troons.

No. 769795

File: 1616729962468.jpg (25.3 KB, 350x200, EebsSe-WkBAMaXL.jpg)

Imagine being this mad over a drawing, Jesus. People do this all the time with those drawings where they ship them together

No. 769805

Post chin

No. 769811

Downward spiral

No. 769812

File: 1616731383721.jpg (95.73 KB, 1200x488, download (11).jpg)

Anon, the point of that specific drawing isn't to encourage women to dress a certian way or convince you of anything. It's to make fun of an incel image that was posted about how one woman is seemingly "superior" to another and boxing them both into superficial tropes, by making them… in love kek. It's just a simple joke to maybe piss of some incels, nothing more.

No. 769814

deja en paz al osito bimbo por favor.

No. 769817

You leave him outta this. I love their conchas and donas tho

No. 769820

I apologize anons, I don't even know who he is. I just think he's cute

No. 769822

There's this big truck for that brand that drives around my city sometimes. I'll look out the car window, only to be called "BIMBO" in big white text on the side of the smiling bear's truck as it passes by.

No. 769823

File: 1616732112554.jpeg (82.12 KB, 455x482, F33A87D7-E1AE-41CA-AAA1-9776B1…)

my mistake, red text. I mix up the color scheme in my memory.

No. 769824

I didn’t know she passed until recently, I was wondering why so many of those GIFs were trending and it made me cry

No. 769825

File: 1616732418813.jpeg (203.96 KB, 1084x508, E667D307-2BD3-4BBD-81C7-08DFFF…)

Randomly wanted to post these quotes from Kim Deal (was Pixies bassist)

No. 769826

File: 1616732507980.jpeg (690.07 KB, 1079x1557, EB0BF295-3CC4-47D1-9181-D7E5DF…)

This one's for the anons here who I've seen feeling left out about not having kids. Makes you think

No. 769839

Osito bimbo be like

No. 769844

He is cute.
I’d be down with bimbos if they were cute bears that give out their delicious desserts.

No. 769854

I love my pointy ass titties, but my areolas are so fucking big. They're not even pepperonis, they're like tennis balls

No. 769862

That's cute! I preffer big areolas

No. 769863

Painting your nails and eating chips is NOT a good combination, my nails are ruined.

No. 769864

Please learn to love your big areolas, I think they're beautiful (not scrote)

No. 769865

Be galaxy-brained and use chopsticks

No. 769869

>Not thinking of just dumping the bag in your mouth

No. 769872

I cried about her death earlier. She's the only celebrity death I've cried about. Feels bad.

No. 769873

File: 1616737294492.jpg (276.01 KB, 1024x683, receta-churros-de-maiz.jpg)

Its this kind of chips…

No. 769875

I wanna know, what do you think these chips are nonnies?

No. 769876

File: 1616737503937.jpg (76.87 KB, 499x558, lkw4ik3micf21.jpg)

God, what an absolute icon. RIP

No. 769878

Love putting some lemon and chile on those

No. 769879

Anime be like "here's your villain/antagonist for the season" and he be the sexiest dude you've ever seen. Life ain't fair, man.

No. 769889

File: 1616739862999.jpg (124.13 KB, 851x667, 03669a015a_c5390085_1280.jpg)

This pic specifically made me extremely horny for Mikasa and Hanji

No. 769891

Mikasa and Hange do look scrumptious but I hate what they did to Levi

No. 769893

File: 1616740267973.png (217.21 KB, 831x339, pantone.png)

Wtf, is this what people do for money on facebook streams?

No. 769894

is that mikasa? she looks so cute

No. 769904

File: 1616741738128.png (594.21 KB, 703x746, 2008.PNG)

These are so ridiculous and I used to hate them back in 2008, but I unironically fucking love them now.

No. 769913

() () remember the bunnies
(-.-) everyone used to have on their profile
(v v) because they didn't support bullying or w/e
mods pls no ban

No. 769926

it brings me peace knowing my boyfriend has never used discord

No. 769957

he was always shit anon

No. 769961

weren't they gonna take over the world?

No. 769967

I want to own blue Juicy Couture pants so bad. I have a top that would match them super well but unfortunately I don't really have extra money

No. 769975

Aw I remember using this one a lot:
<( ^ - ^ <) <( ^ - ^ )> (> ^ - ^)>
Some people would call them kirbys
No ban pls it’s an example

No. 769989

I have such a craving for ranch with veggies and wings right now, I'm so tempted to dip a burrito in ranch. I won't do it cause I know it'll be a waste of time, but the urge is there. I don't think I even have the shit in my house to make wings or ranch appropriate vegetables, and it's 5:22 am. I literally have no reasonable way of fixing this

No. 769996

Go to the thrift store

No. 770025

File: 1616756764907.png (8.76 KB, 1207x111, banners.PNG)

Finally, damn.

No. 770029

BASED I wonder if mines got in

No. 770045

nooo I had a dream about lc

No. 770064

yes nonny what's up?

No. 770066

File: 1616763250858.jpeg (153.1 KB, 473x537, 502F9ABB-1240-439C-A527-955828…)

ever had one of those weird dreams where you’re about to wake up and do your brain just makes shit up? incoherent but I had a dream of browsing and posting on here and the anons were being super mean, I can’t even remember it anymore

No. 770075

I want to find a slightly weeby woman in her 30s to be friends with but anyone who still likes anime in their 30s seems so intense about it in my experience irl

No. 770080

At that age you’ve given up on pretending to be nonchalant, you surrender to your autism in full and become your most authentic weeb self. It’s a good thing.

No. 770083

File: 1616764474931.jpeg (234.7 KB, 1242x477, F49CBDFA-82C0-4A3F-9FF0-2588A1…)

I love this site sometimes. It’s hilarious as the words retard, autistic and so much more being used as insults is really frowned upon everywhere else. Some of the replies here are so unnecessarily angry and I laugh every time. So thank you.

No. 770084

hmm I will dwell on this

No. 770098

no one would be this aggressive irl i think people are much more aggressiv online to get their point across more effectively or to be more funny and it works

No. 770105

Kek same but I do love the satirical extremes of these too, like “who do you think gave you your new heart…” levels

No. 770106

Unironically cute

No. 770112

Um based

No. 770118

I know it’s just a matter of time, but I’m kind of glad Shay’s new thread isn’t up bc her fading into broke complete obscurity bc not even LC cares would be very funny. She’d miss us so much.

No. 770124

I'm sorry anon but I saw a thread earlier

No. 770133

Damn, I’ve been blind! I kept checking the catalog and her old thread and didn’t see, my bad

No. 770135

I told you out of love and respect

No. 770148

File: 1616770754295.jpeg (58.67 KB, 722x172, 1779E65A-4327-41A7-8B51-E0DECE…)

Your death was swift but I hear you and I love you

No. 770158

Just remembered that if I want to start dating again I'm going to get triggered by all the baldies again. It's just not worth it.

No. 770163

File: 1616772906896.jpeg (18.65 KB, 252x233, 7B3D64B3-D3C6-4550-81A8-71B08E…)

No. 770165

My friend is a cis woman but mentioned that, although she doesn’t use they pronouns, she wouldn’t mind if someone used them on her and that the “only pronouns she wouldn’t like are he/him because men are disgusting” kek. While true, I can’t tell if she’s genderspecial or just doesn’t understand that theys are like….supposed to represent another gender or whatever. She’s usually pretty terfy with me so I’m guessing the latter, but I am…..concerned.

No. 770166


gross. anyways, I do the same thing. I don't care what people refer to me as and I'm not genderspecial.

No. 770167

Relax, I was emphasizing that she's normal

No. 770177

Only mentally ill retards care about what people are referring them as. Imagine getting mad because people keep referring to you with le wrongu pwonouns.

No. 770181

I'm not pro trans but when people get this bothered by the word 'they' it sounds just as retarded as a bearded man in a dress screaming about his femme pronouns. They is neutral, it applies to every person on earth, not just NBs or people going through some gender phase. You sound nuts for caring this much about a neutral word.

No. 770192

I’m so tired. Before all this bs I have always used they/them for other people, have no issue being referred to as such because I’m ESL and my native language has gender neutral 3rd person pronoun so it feels more natural to me. From my observation it was normal af practice for English speakers to use they/them anyway when they are unsure/vague about the subject. Now it’s ruined, I don’t want to be associated with genderspecials. Grammar is a fuckin political statement to them.

No. 770193

I’m not mad, I’d just prefer for my friend to not troon out considering the state of people recently. This is the dumbass shit thread and it’s dumb.

No. 770196

>grammar is a political statement to them
This is more what I was trying to convey, not that I care when people use singular “they” to refer to people in a regular setting. Re-reading my OP, I worded it to sound more bothered, so that’s my bad.
Sorry that you struggle with this now, though, anon. It sucks.

No. 770197

It's so weird to me how Japan is touted as one of the safest countries in the world and their people are known as the most polite, but it's also one of the places where, if there's a murder, it is over the top violent. Like when I read about Junko Furuta's case I just couldn't believe it. Also there was a case where a Japanese man literally cannibalized someone and got away with it. Unbelievable shit

No. 770199

I have always thought that Japan has less frequent crimes, but when they do have crimes, they have some of the most disturbing crimes/murders I have ever read about, like you mentioned Junko Furuta, the Otaku killer, the Kobe child murders and more. So disturbing

No. 770203

I'm sorry but if I ever reach a point where I can say "the users from kiwifarms are overwhelmingly on my side," I know I've done something wrong.

No. 770204

>half of the economy is held up by yakuza
>huge cultures around degenerate sex shit
Lol. Huge stigma around reporting sex crimes and DV so consider those severely underreported. If they can cover up WW2 they can cover up crime stats.

No. 770209


No. 770214

Pretty sure they just mean they have overall low crime-rates.

No. 770215

have you heard of this one? this disturbed me when i first learned of it

No. 770219

I'm starting to think that when men say they prefer blondes, that it's code for white

No. 770221

File: 1616779109168.png (70.66 KB, 339x284, tumblr_nlya2gXYxz1sl8bxqo7_400…)

>See dream toys listing on ebay
>Less than half of the usual market price for two collector's toys
>Gone the next day

Always like that. Wish I was loaded so I could just buy it on the spot

No. 770222

you’re super late anon lmao

No. 770235

I feel that hard. I'm so sorry, anon. You will get that dream offer in the future, I promise! Sending good vibes your way

No. 770237

Isn't it a thing in Japan that people will kill themselves in the street in front of traffic. What country is it that has the fucked up law that it's preferable to kill someone outright in their car than to call an ambulance?

No. 770242

gets kind of confusing when referring to a single person and multiple people at the same time.
it's worse in fanfics cause the "neutral" person being written about is obviously a girl and if there's sex scenes everything gets called "hole" cause pussy isn't neutral enough.

No. 770243

File: 1616782109279.gif (407.73 KB, 500x375, 1604004802503.gif)

Weird gore on /snow/ right now
stay safe nonnies

No. 770244

File: 1616782345381.jpg (60.36 KB, 550x823, f0873b5434316157f42ecbcfaf3d57…)

Thank you nonny! I hope you also get all of the stuff you want, toys or otherwise!

No. 770248

I'm too naive, I can't tell when someone is drunk or on drugs and I can't discern the smell of weed from normal cigarette smoke.
Also the only alcohol I've drunk in my life was a little bit of beer my dad made me taste when I was a kid (it was awful) and some blackberry wine I had to drink because of low blood pressure (even worse) I hate it when people say "we're gonna make you drunk! I wonder what that would be like" wtf man am I a toy for you to play with

No. 770250

My coworker is so weird - she hates most people because they are "insufferable" but loves working with kids.

Like nothing wrong with enjoying working with children, but she does realize that kids grow up into "insufferable" adults, right? We're school tutors and I think she has so much pride in being cool with middle schoolers. I think kids can be fun but I am so over that phase in life.

No. 770256

Ime I use to think drugs made people act certain ways then I started being involved in drug culture. Pretty much the idiots you went to school with stay as immature as they always were and then everyone else manages to be normal on them. Yes drugs have horrible side effects and can increase desire to do things you normally wouldn't but after a decade of being around them now it's still definitely down to the mindset of the person using. So to answer your question just stay away from idiots.

No. 770266

Thanks anon I sure will

No. 770268

File: 1616785092119.gif (497.04 KB, 250x250, a5abff377f848e3efff3fb9b18126e…)

Music bores the shit out of me nowadays. It's been like a year since I last found an album or song that genuinely excited me.

No. 770269

come on anon stop it

No. 770272

You're not too naive, it's good to stay away from those things and be healthy.
I've also never had any substance and my family doesn't drink either. I can only tell the things you mentioned because of a shitty job I worked in a bad area (had to deal with drunk and high customers a lot).

Is it just where I am, or do you experience that most people make drinking a prerequisite to being close friends with them? That's the only thing that sucks to me.
I have a pothead friend but I know he's closer with people he gets high with and it will always be like that.

No. 770286

Well, I can't really answer your question because I don't try to make close friends and I try to stay on a distance from everyone, but yes here the go-to way of trying to become friends is inviting them to drink. I think the people you mentioned which will only be close friends with people who consume the same substances are unreasonable… Sure I get it if people want friends who share their ideals or interests but I don't think consuming substances should be considered such an integral part of someone's life that they won't accept anyone who doesn't do the same thing

No. 770288

Idk what to think of this lol

The conspiracists losing their minds is hilarious tho

No. 770289

I'm sure they did.

No. 770291

Pane in cassetta di merda.

No. 770296

I am truly saddened. Real Queen

No. 770305

Kinda catchy, his videos are creative. I like seeing musicians do fun and quirky shit instead of taking themselves too seriously. And a young black man being openly gay is pretty brave even if he has more protections due to being a celebrity.

No. 770306

I like that I can act like a normal person on here one day and just go batshit the next, yet there's no consequences except the immediate response of a couple anons. It's so freeing. But anyway, I find that I prefer to be nice and pleasant, so I hope that you all have a good day and that something lucky happens for you soon.

No. 770308

File: 1616789664761.jpg (194.15 KB, 1079x1036, 1616773740241.jpg)

I hate """gifted kids""", I feel like for kids to be gifted they would had been very smart and talented like adult level, but everyone nowadays thinks they're gifted lmao

No. 770309

File: 1616789676064.jpeg (494.2 KB, 1242x871, 3877C65A-4B4C-498B-8728-4EFF22…)

lil nas x’s new song is genuinely so good but all I can think of is fucking armie hammer bc of the name kek

No. 770310

File: 1616789697373.jpg (290.55 KB, 1079x1158, 1616773789871.jpg)

Also "ending bimbo stigma" wtf? hell world

No. 770315

lol I just derailed a whole entire convo in a group chat just because I mentioned I was an antinatalist. It wasn't a bait or a flammatory post, only a simple statement related to what someone else posted before me. Why do so many people have a hateboner for us? I keep getting tons of @mentions hours after.(bait)

No. 770317

Why do so many of you freaks on here have troon paranoia?(bait)

No. 770318

anon same that is literally all I can think about

No. 770319

File: 1616790646974.jpg (24.33 KB, 472x248, 8744fad23b43519aaac5120a743cd8…)

Very minor complaint, but I wish I could use Grogu memes without feeling like a wine mom of 3 kek
I don't mind them being themselves or liking "baby yoda" it's just that their minion memes stuff is not my favorite flavor of humor, so I wouldn't like the association for that reason only.
It's all meaningless at the end of the day and I am just overthinking but ye

No. 770322

No. 770325

I get second hand embarrassment from watching Hypnosis Mic
which is a shame because the dudes are cute

No. 770327

bait, you probably called women breeders and less than animals

No. 770328

The consequence of participation trophy. By not being a flailing retard you get put in “AP” courses and called gifted. “Gifted” American kids wouldn’t be considered gifted in other country. You’d have be actually so far ahead of your peers.

No. 770329

Put "no baldies" in the bio

No. 770330

I’m gonna assume you’re samefagging because no one replied to you

No. 770331

after reading Phobw Tickners thread, I found myself dead ass referring to someone in my head as a "Small fat".

No. 770332

It might be because they’re zoomers and all their friends get troon’d one by one. Actual horror movie, who’s next?

No. 770333

Hi anon! Just doxx this scrote and once you find his phone and address post an ad on his local craigslist for some degenerate anorectal violence. https://github.com/jivoi/awesome-osint/blob/master/README.md
this could help you.
Good luck Queen!

No. 770334

i don't even care or like NTFS but

western art twt complaining about NTFS as if them being alive doesn't contribute to the planet more and more every day. regardless its cringe to cancel a bunch of people over some fad like NTF's

No. 770338

Why was I banned? There's nothing baity about my post.
Fuck off.(ban evasion)

No. 770340

File: 1616792609181.png (78.37 KB, 742x802, so true bestie.png)

i loved being pink pilled

No. 770341

just wrong timing for an antinatalist post anon, we had a longass discussion earlier in the thread and now noone wants to sparks it again.

No. 770344

I hate this meme too and the meme making fun of the original. So many memes these days are just pure cancer.

No. 770348

File: 1616794049978.gif (782.31 KB, 260x176, AC7AAA17-E639-4304-8C64-98D999…)

hi guys how are you doing?

No. 770349

File: 1616794195752.gif (5.77 MB, 400x300, 84F341C9-881B-41FD-8A2D-13AC00…)

nm hbu? awesome how are the kids? haha kayla is absolutely wild love our little trailer park cookouts haha wap

No. 770369

I thought that was China because otherwise the person you hit could sue you for bodily harm (and desperate people use this as a money making scheme)

No. 770371

Thought it might have been China. I saw a video of a guy and I do t know if it was China or Japan but he walked into slow moving traffic, like up to a big hgv that was slowly crawling in traffic and stuck his head in front of a tire and the vehicle just drove over his face and he died. It was horrible do not look it up, but fuck me if that's a normal occurrence.

No. 770376

File: 1616797429324.png (334.28 KB, 286x410, 2.PNG)

I loved the baby sitters club books, I had almost all of them and like the Goosebumps covers, I loved the covers and could stare at them for hours.
I fucking HATE the netflix series. I'll stick to the old show

No. 770383

It's funny but the books feel a lot more mature than the netflix series does

No. 770388

This is probably very rude and fucked up. I was molested by a total douche back in highschool and the whole friend group was terrible but I was mates with them all for years. And they all bitched more than any female friends I've ever had and would say the worst shit about each other. Anyway. The scummier ones that literally hated each other are now each others like only "real" friends and my abuser is a dad now. His wife hates me. She never knew he molested me I was just a "love rival" even tho I'd rather die. Anyway his kids are fucking ugly af and I know a lot of kids look ugly but they don't actually but these children. Holy good fuck. No matter what happens in my life I will always have the knowledge that my abuser has the ugliest family I've ever saw.

No. 770420

god, i want Mikasa to step on me
the shorter hair is such an upgrade and awakens my love for tomboys

No. 770422

Good on you, anon. Also, let your revenge to be having a better spouse and better looking kids. I dont know but my bullies having ugly kids is hilarious in itself

No. 770426

I hope this doesn't come off as racebait, just an observation I have noted

Black girls who usually date white guys often are pretty white "culturally", girls who have lived mostly in white communities and don't speak with a AAVE accent, like everyone sorta expects the black girl with blue dyed hair who likes anime to date mostly white guys, but no one expects a black girl whose more culturally black and speaks with a AAVE accent like keke palmer to ever date a white guy, like remember there was a minor backlash against her a couple months ago

No. 770427

The kids are old enough to have their own features now. So like it's confirmed they're going to be rancid little people. Probably all of their bastard father has corrupted them poor sods.

No. 770433

I just remembered last year I went to some kind of event on a plantation in my state, and there were fucking live peacocks. That freaks me out sometimes. I feel like peacocks aren't animals you're supposed to see irl
This is kinda true

No. 770448

File: 1616807109186.gif (5.83 MB, 506x640, E4A87D91-A2E0-40B6-BEE6-BCDDDD…)

Bimbofication has some sort of truth in it. Being brain dead or not being able to think about anything is so refreshing, you don’t have to worry about anything or anyone else. I’m so tired of other feminists proclaiming that women can be scientists, mathematicians, but that’s literally not me lmao I’m an absolute retarded useless bitch and I don’t like thinking because it drives me crazy, I don’t want and never wanted to be some ambitious ladyboss and I don’t want to be a depressed housewife making tiktok or youtube videos everyday to convince people my lifestyle is great, I just want to be dead and empty

No. 770451

I've seen this post, word for word, like a dozen times on this board and in celebricows once. Not trying to argue with the post itself it's just weird seeing it copy pasted so much.

No. 770452

You can be brainlet NEET without worshipping cock. You’re already there as far as brain damage goes.

No. 770454

this and a blunt?

No. 770459

I kept trying to figure out what language "me lon" is supposed to be, but it's just (water)melon. Just dumb bitch things.

No. 770460

You don’t need to be a bimbo to not think about anything lol. Just enjoy your life.

No. 770463

File: 1616808000634.jpeg (210.51 KB, 750x595, DF017D7A-5589-483D-AFBE-04A0A0…)

seething because I don’t think and you have to think everyday for the rest of your life burning out your patience and tolerance

average brain havers vs empty void enjoyer

No. 770464

go to therapy babe. there's nothing freeing or refreshing about spending your life obsessively performing the most pornified scrote-friendly persona possible. the time those "bimbos" save not caring about real ambitions of intelligence is wasted on catering to men that can never truly be satisfied.

No. 770475

I love being an artist. I'm a bad bitch with an even badder pinterest account

No. 770487

There really is no hope for women huh

No. 770496

Heard someone use "male Karen" as if men aren't fucking drama queens by default

No. 770498

No offense but do you by chance have a girldick?

Idk why you would waste your one life being empty “bimbo”. People like you make me feel so glad to be ambitious and enjoy the little things that make life awesome. Maybe it’s a good time to try something new anon. Don’t devalue yourself so much.

No. 770501

Anons really gotta learn to love themselves

No. 770507

File: 1616811758950.jpg (133.05 KB, 1154x1200, c.jpg)

Late cause I forgot I posted this but, thank you guys. I don't necessarily hate my areolas, but idk. I do wonder how they would look if they were smaller, but I also know my genitals are dumb to be insecure about so I'll try not to think about it.

No. 770529

Being lazy and hot can be fun. Although I don't think lazy is the word we should be using. You don't want to be performative for others and that's valid, it doesn't make you empty and dead inside to think like that. When I think about it, any time I've posted just narcisstic content like a selfie for no reason or most tiktoks are just a moving selfie, it's been from an attention seeking standpoint. Those performative people are just filling whatever void they're feeling inside. People slag the middle ground but it's a nice place to be.

No. 770543

Scrotes try and shame women who wait to have kids as somehow failing the rat race of life and look down on IVF as against nature and somehow evolution. Yet they stuff their faces with artificially flavoured foods and food grown using technology. How's it against evolution to use technology to amplify our innate biological functions. Where's all their queer logic when unprepared young adults have kids and nurture them to have mental illness. I don't think our genes factored in the 9-5 and 6 year graduate schools ffs. Miss me with that shit

No. 770545

File: 1616815251559.gif (3.57 MB, 500x500, 5DF16E2C-05F5-42CB-A552-899993…)

if im currently possessed by a demon then where tf are my powers? why can’t I float? halp

No. 770547

What’s a girldick is that an incel term for vaginas with long labias or troon?

No. 770549

File: 1616815494735.jpg (252.32 KB, 1024x709, download.jpg)

Thank you for coming in Ms. Ymous. Your resume looks very promising. A position here opened up rather…suddenly, so we are looking for candidates with a particular…skill set for the job. Tell me, what are 3 of your strengths and one weakness? And what do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

No. 770551

Who told you you are possessed by a demon also, who's the lady in the gif? She looks very familiar

No. 770552

I hate using ear drops so fucking bad but I have to use them because my ear canal is shaped weirdly and causes problems
I swear I can feel that shit behind my eyes when I put the drops in

No. 770553

A girldick is what mtf troons call their penises to somehow make themselves less male.

No. 770556

this is 100-percent serious but this is fucking crazy I remember awhile ago that I used to know someone who told me im a child of a demon, i know this should be in the confessions thread because it’s pretty cringe but it was so nice having the small amount of validation that I could be at least different to people even though my ass would be dragged to hell if it were even real

No. 770558

Just had Korean strawberries for the first time and what the fuck anons, I feel like I’ve been eating fake strawberries my whole life. This shit is like candy.

No. 770560

Where did you get them? Honestly, strawberries where I live are kinda sour. I mean I like it, but they do not taste how they look

No. 770563

I’m actually not sure since they were a gift, but I’m assuming Hmart. They’re very sweet and not tart at all. Highly recommended.

No. 770569

lately I've been getting these random "surges" of emotion for absolutely ridiculous reasons, I saw people getting married on TV and suddenly I feel like I'm about to cry. This has been going on for a few months and it's nothing to really be worried about but I feel silly for hiding back tears over videos of cute bunnies kek

No. 770582

Me too, started about a year ago and hasn't stopped yet, but maybe you'll be different lmao.

No. 770591

Lmao same. I went to a wedding shortly before corona times and I had to fight back tears. I don’t even care about marriage and I barely knew the couple kek. I also saw a cute greeting card at Walmart last week and got fucking teary eyed at the cute kittens, like wtf.

No. 770606

Don't try to find actual logic in their bullshit, their sole aim is to make young women desperate and panicky re children so they lower their standards and fuck ugly old losers.

No. 770608

Seriously don't use your hands to play with a kitten. I have two adopted cats who grew up with two different play styles from their previous owners and it's night and day. The one who had an owner who used their hand will bite and scratch in less than a moment's notice and the other cat who had a hands-off owner has only accidentally scratched me and even tonight when I was trimming his claw that he injured he bit me but only with warning bites and no pressure.

No. 770631

I can't understand how anyone could just approve of this scene, like this is every misogynoir stereotype black men have about black women, though I should have expected as this show was made by Donald Grover

No. 770632

this could explain why all our cats were little shits who couldn't keep their claws to themselves

No. 770634

I have no context about this show whatsoever and this is some top tier cringe. All them words to say PICK MEEEEEE

No. 770636

Its not about the pickmeism aspect, this is almost the ideal fantasy of black incels, the angry Black women who only wants black men when their financially successful and not when their husseling
There's a whole thing regarding black men who hate black women to an insane degree

No. 770637

The "good woman" cooks and cleans and is "supportive" through thick and thin? Kinda weird how they made it a white privilege thing to be a doormat tradwife.

No. 770639

You're not black, there's an untrue stereotype within the community that black women aren't loyal, they don't do housework, don't have jobs
Just live off social security and abuse poor innocent black men

No. 770641

Ignore the bait, or anon is being obtuse

No. 770643

I'm not baiting and I didn't say I was black. I just think it's weird that both women are trying to prove they can serve a man. Unless I'm misunderstanding the conversation.

No. 770645

The conversation is a stereotype that black men have against black women, they think that black women are all just jealous and insecure

No. 770648

Whenever I get a sudden influx of money, like now when I got way more than I expected from my last salary at my old job (guess never taking out vacation days literally pays off), I get extremely stingy but I am the opposite when I have less to spend than usual. Wtf me.

No. 770650

My friend saw my Sims 4 club called ”Trannies" and now she looks at me weird lol

No. 770655

I’m not black either but god you are so cringy with your annoying ass white feminism bs. Even I understood the context of this video and I’m dumb as a brick. Either way this video scenario would NEVER happen irl, this shit interaction only happens on the internet and I think Donald Grover needs to be less memey.

No. 770657

lmao what is this trash?

No. 770672

Every time I see a lesbian on Lolcow referring to herself unironically as a "dyke" I can't help but see it as a tranny. I legitimately never see actual lesbians doing so because at least for me it's hurtful to use a slur outside of joking context.

No. 770673

Its from Donald Grovers show Atalanta, also his self insert character gets paired up with a very light skinned biracial woman(cause of course she is)
Honestly woke black incels need to he called out more oftenn

No. 770674

Tinder is trying to clickbait me into opening it again since I haven't used in a few weeks by sending me different sorts of "ERHMAGERD YOU HAVE SO MANY LIKES OOOH SO MANY LIKES YOU DON'T KNOOOW HOW MANY LIKES YOU ARE LIKE IT'S SO INTENSE HOW MANY LIKES YOU HAVE MHMMMM YOU SHOULD CHECK THEM OUT"

No. 770693

uninstall it and become free of its poison

No. 770705

>white feminism bs
Uh explain?? I'm not white but I'm also not a burger. I'm saying that why would a black woman be so petty and bothered that misogynistic black men fantasize about imaginary subservient white girlfriend? Aren't black women usually pinkpilled? Doesn't it make black men foam at the mouth when black women don't date them?

No. 770709

I hope the Louis Theroux doco about Joe Exotic completely vindicates Carole Baskin. Mostly so moids give up on their stale “fuck Carole Baskin” meme but also I just love that crazy bitch and I want the best for her.

No. 770710

Many are pink pilled as the rest however arw well……. There's a reason why the word pick-me and caping came from the black community
Pick me culture is very strong with in black women, many black women have below average standards when it comes to black men and they still fail, Its a dynamic that only exists with in the African American community
This video goes into more detail regarding this mentality which for TL;DW "The Man shits on and oppresses the black man so we have to stick by and support Black men no matter what"

No. 770721

I'm not from burgerland and I'm truly sorry this shitty stereotype has grip on scrotes mind. I'm from Europe and even tho there's a lot of racism too, we kinda have the opposite stereotype of black women , they are seen as hardworkers, motherly, loyal and always great cooks. The racist here hate the black man.

No. 770723

File: 1616849852310.jpeg (336.58 KB, 541x549, 0D12EB94-64C3-408D-8C0A-AC5847…)

the unconventional male thread is making me actually nauseous now deadass, so ugly holy cow

No. 770726

I swear 90% of /g/ is scrotes larping

No. 770728

>they are seen as hardworkers, motherly, loyal and always great cooks

Don't know how racial dynamic works in Europe but those stereotypes you desicbed also get applied to us, its a bizzare dynamic where majority of black women will be the breadwinners in the family and the homemmakers but still get treated like shit

No. 770729

wasn’t it obvious? I saw an anon post nick fuentes in the thread and immediately knew that /g/ for the most part is just tranny/scrote bait don’t trust that board which is why I barely use it

No. 770739

Why is someone posting sanrio hate in every thread on /ot/ ? It's the strangest fucking bait. Maybe the scrotes are getting smarter. Forget race or sexism or incest, hit us where it REALLY hurts.

No. 770740

>>770728 that's fucked up.

No. 770743

Lmao, I got get together on sale and am having so much fun with the club systems

No. 770744

Egirls appropriated sanrio and hello kitty, anon

No. 770758

I noticed that trad girls are almost always bad at cooking. It doesnt make sense because that's all theyd be doing as stay at home wives.

No. 770760

The trad pickmes that I met IRL always end up being the opposite of what they label themselves.

They always either:
- cook horribly
- don't do anything and just sit at home in parents basement, leeching off them

Usually when someone ends up getting with a tradthot pickme (from friends experience), they don't do shit and manipulate you for even trying to criticize them; eg instead of cooking or cleaning they start playing mental illness card or whatever, and they will never find a job unless you dump them.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to have a traditional lifestyle (in case someone will start arguing), I am meaning women who are desperate of attention from men and scream how special they are because they are trad (and oftenly with a vonus: right wing) )

No. 770764

Sugaring is kind of dumb because most of the money you get will be used to stay hot(plastic surgery, nice clothes, hair, diet food etc) for the scrote that you get money from. Only a small % of that can e used to better your life.

No. 770772

File: 1616856733289.jpg (9.29 KB, 269x211, 7e371da5-27c6-4355-b8e5-c9f061…)

A few days ago I clicked on a normal looking link someone linked without thinking and got a classic jumpscare image with the distorted screaming and had to throw my headset off. It has been so long I ran into one of these, I never even considered the possibility, even though it was so common in my teenage years. I grew too trusting and soft.

No. 770773

File: 1616856820737.jpeg (189.96 KB, 1242x557, D635E0D7-FC07-42F8-ABD5-1D7E4B…)

I didn’t think about it that way, my brain is bigger now.

No. 770783

Most sugar babies, cam whores and porn stars spend 97% of their income on staying attractive but they're too dumb to see it.

No. 770784

for some, thats the point. to get the work they want done and items they want for free. just have to string along a deep pocket. maybe your lust for the material isnt as strong as theirs enough to understand and accept their reasoning.

No. 770787

I really wish there was more appreciation for working class women, like it seems female liberation gets tied into being in position's of power or having wealth and material positions

And this isn't something jusy scrotes ignore it's something many feminist groups themselves don't focus on

No. 770790

Basically theyre sugaring to pay to look good for scrotes who pay them because they look good. Seems like a dumb endless cycle.

No. 770791

File: 1616858917534.jpg (36.54 KB, 500x366, 1431950083784.jpg)

Fuck subscription apps. Unless you use the app daily there's no reason to pay. The price is also always fucking expensive and ofcourse I can't find a better alternative or a free cracked version.

No. 770793

File: 1616859938529.jpeg (195.85 KB, 1120x747, 88504E4C-04F0-4956-BEE3-C75410…)

Hard agree and speaking of subscription apps, BIG fuck you to Adobe. I dl’d their software and used my old student email to pay for one month of subscription (no crack is avail on Mac…) and the amount of bloatware they run ALL THE TIME, regardless of whether you’re using the software, is unbelievable. I can’t imagine paying $40-60/ month for a service that violates your computer functionality that much. I unsubbed and deleted ALL their files off my computer and STILL have some type of creative cloud error pop ups when I start up my computer.

No. 770794

What app? I want to create something for my portfolio but I'm currently lacking ideas. It would be free and open source.

No. 770796

File: 1616860132446.png (133.22 KB, 719x425, 33.PNG)

I've been looking for this comment for a year about this fish because it cracks me up.

No. 770800

That’s such a cute monke.

No. 770806

GOWOD, basically an app that helps with mobility by tailoring some routones for you.

Yes, I could probably do the same with youtube but having an app is just a lot nicer.

No. 770816

You know what. I’ll look the other way for trad LARPers who bag the retard men that seek tradwaifus just to leech off everything they have. Pickmes will always exist but may as well destroy men’s perfect housewife delusion by letting them marry mentally ill NEETs.

No. 770817

most people into sanrio are batshit

No. 770819

File: 1616862157854.gif (916.59 KB, 375x211, A4C930F4-AD63-4EA5-89AD-541B3A…)

I hate hour glass bodies holy shit you look so craggly and archaic you look like one of those bimbos in those scrote barbarian posters disgustANG

No. 770823

It really is pricey. I wish I could make something similar but I admit that it would require lots of hours for something that would end up subpar.

No. 770826

Imagine getting cucked by some scrote into thinking women with a certain bodytype are gross, could never be me, sis, hope u heal

No. 770828

Unless your e talking about plastic bimbos, it’s not a woman’s fault scrotes fetishize their bodies. Either check your self-loathing sis or neck yourself, moid.

No. 770831

File: 1616862824443.jpeg (1.21 MB, 2000x3000, 76583C83-B609-4B2E-AAF1-027215…)


No. 770837

I think you just went full retard lol I'm sorry anon

No. 770841

I am not gonna tell you to go widen anything but-

No. 770843

Only men can’t tell that the corset is hard at work

No. 770849

File: 1616864287675.gif (9.38 MB, 416x372, 697161A8-19AF-4351-95B3-58CAAB…)

KEK it was my intention

No. 770852

File: 1616864500772.png (85.51 KB, 502x540, 3981815c7e9bebe223af515d276994…)

Fair. I think the early onset schizophrenia makes me love Marumofubiyori even more, somehow.

No. 770863

Anon I can assure you that nobody is happy who is a stripper that spends days on end searching for tweets about strippers to raid accounts because of their opinions on strippers. We've all had some early internet faux pas but that's pretty tame and not technically wrong so dw.

No. 770870

Stay mad.❤︎

No. 770872

File: 1616866152542.jpg (50.42 KB, 700x692, 1616786484591.jpg)

I laughed so hard at this image that I got tears in my eyes

No. 770873

Patiently waiting for sleuth anons to find out
what that corpse husband goober looks like

Yeah that’s true. Cute characters and subcultures seem to attract crazies at higher rates.

No. 770876

File: 1616866521624.jpg (69.11 KB, 300x422, fav chandler game.jpg)

I audibly cackled.

No. 770879

Something about it just inspires bloodlust in me. I almost go into an amnesiac trance when I stare at their kawaii yet empty faces. Capitalism and propaganda wearing the faces of innocence perhaps. I want to do the same. Heh

No. 770883

Words of a cuckquean

No. 770884

File: 1616867711727.jpeg (19.5 KB, 300x309, 74DD45D1-3714-47EF-B605-B52E9B…)

KEK anon, thanks for this pic

No. 770894

I'm so hungry… not for normal food but for junk… my period making me act up also my roomate prob hates me and she's right

No. 770904

this video lives in my brain

No. 770916

This is so accurate kek

No. 770920

I got a text that was like "Amazon: sign-in attempt from HN, VN. Tap link to respond" and went "well that's obviously fake" but just to be sure, logged into my Amazon account to see if I could view all my logins. After I logged in and went into login and security, it said it was going to send me a verification code and that same number I got the first text from sent a "Amazon: account data access attempt from (My state), US. Tap link to respond" and I was like… oh shit is this legit?? It thankfully also sent a verification link to my email so I clicked the one on my email and it was fine and after turning on 2FA (which I though I already had on) it sent a verification code from a different number. Can't believe I almost fell for a phishing text but the second text was way too perfectly timed…

No. 770925

anyone watch ssethtzeentach?

while i like that he gets you discounts on some old timey games he's too 4chan-y for me

No. 770935

he's bottom scrote-tier with his constant porn references, shame, because edgy retarded humor can actually be funny plus I like the games he choses to review.
But to answer your question, yes, I do watch him from time to time

No. 770936

>attacked a scrib
bad person confirmed

No. 770940

Krispy Kreme is giving free donuts to people who got vaccinated so of course my dumb monkey brain self went and got one kek. The person gave me the donut after I showed my card and I left and no one said anything but now I can't stop thinking "was I supposed to speak with the cashier?" or something in case they had to give me a receipt even if it would've been discounted to free anyway for their numbers. It's haunting me.

Anyway for burger anons, krispy kreme is giving away one free donut per day. You can also still get one (plus coffee) even if you don't want to get vaccinated, but only on a few mondays.

No. 770965

I don't wanna be that person who touts their opinion as the objective truth, but it frustrates me so when people attribute extraterrestial causes to literally random strings of events just because they are favorable. Can't you see it's just lucky because we decided it was lucky. In the incredible amount of events in life we forget most because they're not favorable but the few that are favorable we decide omg it was the hand of god. There will always be a lot of lucky strings of events, even some super incredible ones, because there's just so many events in life

No. 770968

I haven't gotten my vaxx yet, but krispy kreme is so bad, even when you get the hot ones. My mom got a dozen (plus 1 free box) like a week ago and shared with me, and I just remembered thinking "this shit is so ass". They're way too sweet

No. 770977

nta but fuck you

No. 770978

My only comparison is Dunkin so my standards aren’t very high kek. I like and usually just get their original ones, but I remember once I got a cream filled one but I didn’t realize the cream was just… icing and that was disgusting, even for someone like me who likes sweet things.

No. 770984

Tinfoil: Large companies hire phishers, too.

No. 771001

I just got paid $4000

No. 771015

Congratulations anon! Are you gonna buy anything?

No. 771017

Yaaaaas! Treat yourself or save it. Do what you waaaant

No. 771020

File: 1616884523633.jpg (Spoiler Image, 27.07 KB, 709x580, wow.jpg)

>wake up
>don't eat
>low mood
>still don't eat
>lower mood
>continue to not eat
>want to die
>finally eat a banana
>suddenly feel human again
I am mentally challenged

No. 771022

I just found archive.org has a few snapshots of my old tumblr blog. I only rebloged pretty pictures and posted some art which I later moved to an art blog that has no snapshots.

Do people just randomly make snapshots or what? I was never a popular blog.

No. 771023

I don't restrict myself, but sometimes I need to delay my lunch and think to myself "why am I so irritable?" and realize that I'm just hungry. I'm a completely different person depending on my blood sugar.

No. 771024

going to the dated aesthetics thread and downloading every single image i like because i love dated aesthetics. also my tweet went kinda viral today, weird

No. 771028

I went to a cardiologist a while ago so I know nothing is wrong with my heart, but I still get so paranoid about it. I just laid down and when I stood up I had a cramp in my chest for a few seconds. I was actually kinda worried something was wrong with me

No. 771032

File: 1616885228251.jpg (53.51 KB, 600x900, 373bd523e2b4321e466f095bc4db23…)

Out of all the nature things (?), the one I like the most is definitely the sky.
Looking at clouds, both in a beautiful sunny afternoon or at dawn, or even the dark clouds in a cloudy day or night, lightning making they go bright for a few moments. That's why I never understood when I was little or even to this day why people would go "such a nice day, not one cloud in the sky". No!!
Also, of course, a beautiful night sky, full of stars and/or with a giant, round full moon.
So beautiful.

No. 771033

File: 1616885348602.jpg (66.71 KB, 564x751, 4c6190f63c8e5e4c2a163dbe26ae74…)

>also my tweet went kinda viral today, weird
show us or you're larping

No. 771039

The point of imageboards is to stay anonymous

No. 771046

File: 1616886331745.png (260.58 KB, 520x594, cloudoncloud.png)

Hard agree! I absolutely love clouds and am always in awe of them. I'm that dumb person stopping on the side of the street to take a picture of the sky because I think a cloud looks awesome. These aren't photos, but I highly recommend looking up cloudoncloudlove on instagram! He does oil paintings of clouds. I've never felt the need to own or buy art but I dream of owning one of his pieces in the future, they're lovely and make me so happy just looking at them.

No. 771067

File: 1616887780346.jpg (66.11 KB, 700x467, Summer-Monsoon-2-scaled-e15884…)

>That's why I never understood when I was little or even to this day why people would go "such a nice day, not one cloud in the sky" No!!
kekkk this sounds so twee but me too, I have never understood wtf people are thinking when they say that. Clouds are literally awe inspiring, and empty blue skies are either boring or borderline creepy. Desert clouds are the best.

No. 771074

File: 1616888380225.jpg (121.91 KB, 640x1137, 3f02898fb15c73649957a3c7086c39…)

Thanks for the rec, anon!

I guess they just like the sun do much they literally rather have absolutely nothing blocking it?
Beats me. I love sunny days but hate the actual heat so clouds are always welcome even if for that reason alone.

No. 771087

File: 1616889378875.jpg (28.1 KB, 450x430, 0F701AEE-977D-4FCA-8492-2C00FC…)

It's the weekend hehehehe

No. 771088

File: 1616889861206.png (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 700x813, 1614723698754.png)

I just found a huge google doc with a bunch of free resources for language learning (for most languages) and even for programming languages, holy shit. I knew tumblr was still good for something

No. 771091

Yees gonna eat some homemade pizza with sweet red wine with the nigel and watch some movie, I'm preemptively cozy

No. 771092

File: 1616890259056.jpeg (87.72 KB, 750x717, FBC0C79C-1C45-4E85-A3F7-0A70A2…)

No. 771093

File: 1616890574995.jpeg (84.26 KB, 1242x1208, AD4AFF68-739D-4E27-ADCA-AB6844…)

leak it queen

my dumbass statement is: how can you work at mcdonalds and have more of a social life than me?!!!! get back to grillin

No. 771097

No. 771103

just dropped the last of some great acid my bro left me listening to this, wish me luck

No. 771106

File: 1616891992419.jpg (48 KB, 736x1103, 0fb26e92a3bb1f41c0536c5437973e…)

Anyone else prefers all types of their wine cold?

No. 771117

File: 1616894547761.jpeg (82.25 KB, 750x662, 2A7080D3-E8BA-414A-8DA1-0395A5…)

LC be like

No. 771119

i dont use emojis

No. 771120

All alcohol cold. All of it, forever.

No. 771123

I have more stretch marks on one thigh than the other and I always wonder if this means one of my ass cheeks is bigger than the other

No. 771128

Someone actually made a thread to encourage eds, jesus lmao

No. 771136

File: 1616897107468.gif (2.48 MB, 498x295, 1596130880909.gif)

bless you and the ground you walk on, anon

No. 771151

File: 1616900025892.png (114.52 KB, 1304x408, girl-talk.png)

With that and the constant scrote bait /g/ is officially the worst board

No. 771163

aw fuck yeah justice is the shit

this is rad!!

No. 771169

Do anons that keep calling these freaks "bones" and "skelly" know that they enjoy being called those things. It's even a trigger. Then again, anything positive or negative about the body is a trigger when you have ED brain. But yea if the concern is shitty suicidal behavior enabling then people need to stop referring to their body shape in general and just stick to other insults.

No. 771177

I really like a good cheese and mustard sandwich. Smoked gouda and spicy dijon tonight~

No. 771180

File: 1616910929279.gif (443.6 KB, 240x180, 61ff97c88888cdb78a5768f327964e…)

Just wanna say I FUCKING love hallucinogens girls

No. 771182

Wearing a che guevara shirt is counterintuitive

No. 771191

File: 1616913230051.jpg (89.24 KB, 602x483, 1591961694671-1.jpg)

Really dislike Urdu here in Pakistan, literally no one but a small % of people can even speak it properly and it's not even native to Pakistan, also incel muhajirs try to argue that it's somehow a turkic language cause their ashamed it came from Central India are just laughable

No. 771197

not pakistani but even a quick wikipedia search clearly tells you it's not turkic but indo-iranian, how can they even argue about linguistics ?
scrotes be delusional everywhere.

No. 771199

File: 1616914908957.jpg (129.07 KB, 900x900, 1612759170559.jpg)

I wanna try shrooms and acid SO fucking bad, but I wanna get off my antidepressant first. Fuuuuck. Getting high is so much fun.

No. 771202

Currently on lsd here. wishing you a great time with you and yours, anon

No. 771205

File: 1616916426357.png (177.18 KB, 720x966, Screenshot_20210328-122658.png)

It's taught in Pakistani school that Urdu is a mixture of Turkic, Arabic and Persian

No. 771207

this picture is scrote fetish tier of disgusting

No. 771208

I think I waited too long in life to try a full face on make up. My friend did mine and I think I look jarring and like I'm trying too hard even though the makeup itself is really nice and well done! My bf has never seen me in more than brown mascara and gloss and he laughed his ass off kek

No. 771209

Eh, full faces of makeup are not worthy. Just mascara and gloss is fine.

No. 771210

File: 1616916688144.jpg (400.92 KB, 1210x809, 35311317.jpg)

Shiii have a beautiful time anons. I need to go on an adventure soon, my brain needs resetting.

No. 771213

File: 1616917060749.jpg (15.27 KB, 235x198, jHSjMcw.jpg)


I've had a shroom chocolate bar in my drawer for months and have only done a gram which didn't do a whole lot should I stop being a fucking baby and eat the whole 3g? I have no supervision.

No. 771214

Fuuuuck yes, doing drugs alone is always nicest. Especially shrooms

No. 771215

File: 1616917634914.jpg (53.14 KB, 564x553, The Best Valentine's Day Nails…)

Whats a good tv show or yt videos to watch? I'm doing my nails right now and need something to watch

No. 771216

Samefag, nvm I think I'm gonna watch some Krissychula videos

No. 771218

I feel you anon.
I think I look like a man/troon with full face make-up.

No. 771219

I'll drop a throw away email if you're interested in clean acid or golden teacher's or white caps.

No. 771221

Have a fun trip anons!!

I’ve been planning to take a trip next weekend, I ordered these glasses that makes reflection of lights look like hearts. Very excited, if you like psychedelics you should look into glasses like those. I always love getting new lights and things for tripping, having a mini rave in my room to myself every once in a while.

No. 771223

That is so cute, I love when people prioritize their environments. I've never heard of such glasses but you just made my night! I'm gonna look into them

No. 771224

File: 1616918605104.jpg (130.41 KB, 700x698, Female_Urinary-Tract.jpg)

Uhhh, I think I just realized all my unexplained, mysterious pain in my back/under ribs after masturbating was probably a UTI. I'd just finish and conk out and let the bacteria travel up my urinary tract directly to my kidneys while I slept. It hurt so bad. I'd feel nauseous, and I could hardly walk like a normal person without saying "oww," yet I thought it was normal for women to experience pain after sex or masturbating. I dealt with this multiple times, and yet I didn't even think to question it. Definition of dumbass (and potentially life-threatening) shit.

No. 771227

Be careful anon! Get you some meds. I didn't realize how bad utis can be until I vented about having a really bad one here and some anon told me they could be fatal.

No. 771231

I appreciate the tip, death by masturbation is not the way I want to go!

No. 771233

File: 1616919910086.jpg (56.36 KB, 825x759, 1603638107853.jpg)

God some of the shit I see in fiction almost makes me want to self-insert as male characters. How come women can't be the edgy brooding badass that everyone loves and sucks up to despite their terrible actions anyway for once? Where's my "pure cinnamon roll uwu" manic pixie bf who'll make me better with ~love~ and make me happy for once? Fix my fucking problems first. god nobody will ever appeal to my fantasies and I can't write for shit.

No. 771245

If men in general were at least more beautiful, it'd already make them more bearable.

No. 771257

I tried listening to the red scare podcast with Anna something and what's her face again after hearing it a while ago. I forgot how toxic and catty they can be, I mean they talk about interesting topics sometimes but the questionable things they say makes me uneasy.

No. 771261

Honestly from my observation tradthots are either complete slackers who leech off of everyone around them OR they're absolute cuck queens who pay all the bills and support their unemployed loser husband financially and emotionally while he hits on other girls online. Sort of like how shoeonhead was with greg.

No. 771262

completely relate. some of it just kind of turns my stomach for some reason, I cannot really articulate why

No. 771286

wish we could blow our ears the same way we can blow our nose

No. 771288

File: 1616930684109.png (732.97 KB, 600x887, sebastian_michaelis__kuroshits…)

need a sebaschan in my life
need a sebaschan in my life

No. 771292

Never felt the need for that, but so many times I wished we had earlids like we have eyelids. Imagine the peace of going to sleep with your eyes and ears closed… Bliss.
Wake-up alarms would all have to be vibration or something like that though, which may be more pleasant than a sound alarm, but is not as effective.

No. 771312

Fuck I shit posted in the anachsn thread with a video that has a kid in it, completely forgot the no kids rule and my dumnass VPN won't let me delete it. Guess I'm getting banned for a while, fuck it wasn't even funny, farewell nonnies

No. 771313

r.i.p. to you

No. 771314

So change your vpn

No. 771327

My ring finger has been slightly red and hurts around the joint since a month ago, now it's the pinky finger too, it feels like it's stung by a bee but not as painful, idk what's wrong with it I hope it's just a fungus infection I'm gonna put some fungicide on it lololol but how did I get a fungus infection I wash my hands 35 times a day and dry them well

No. 771329

got kholed last night thank god for ketamine

No. 771331

No. 771333

I wish I could come to terms with my body shape. I know hourglass is supposed to be the most desired body shape for a woman but I've always wanted to be androgynous. It doesn't help that I'm gay so a lot of lesbians prefer that body shape too.

No. 771347

Doesn't this image look like crossdressing joseph joestar >>>/snow/1195590

No. 771348

Am I the only one who finds this guy ugly? Never watched this show past two eps so maybe there's some other appeal I'm not getting

No. 771349

No he looks really scary. Like an approximation of a human

No. 771361

Every month my period comes way later than my period tracking app estimates…I looked at the app lately and I've used it for years but this whole time it's just been using a 28 day cycle to predict dates when that's not my cycle length at all. I thought the whole point of those apps is they track YOUR cycle? Why am I inputting info if it doesn't take that on board?

I feel stupid for not sitting down and looking through all the months sooner to catch the issue

No. 771396

they just wanna collect your data and sell shit to you.

No. 771446

I hate seeing him and his toddler boyfriend.

No. 771458

bones have been rattling a bit too loudly for my liking this weekend

No. 771470

There is no way safiya nygaard is straight she’s probably closeted and will be in denial for the rest of her life

No. 771471

I think the guy I'm talking to is into being cucked or something. We are talking about several fun and interesting subjects at the same time, with one of them being him pushing the subject whether or not I would ever consider dating more than one guy at the same time (I previously mentioned that I was briefly dating a poly guy a year ago but that I felt it REALLY wasn't for me because I'm too selfish). I don't mind it and genuinely find his curiosity regarding a scenario like that interesting, I just think it's a little bit odd.

No. 771474

She always set off my gaydar as well

No. 771475

fucking same, i have used the same app since 2016 and it has not once predicted the start of my period accurately, and im not even irregular. i use clue btw, im thinking of switching to a new one. which one do u use?

No. 771476

File: 1616951063986.jpg (97.86 KB, 1080x1080, Tumblr_l_12695888687649.jpg)

> tfw the only active artists of my husbando draw only yaoi with him (even though hes been dating only women, but it's fine to let people dream, really) or grossly fetishize him which doesn't look hot at all but disgusting
I just want to look at gorgeous "generic" fanart…come on

No. 771484

Clue is shit and believes periods are not for women only, no wonder it can't predict your period anon.
Use flo, the superior tracking app.

No. 771485

is her husband gay too

No. 771489

I agree with anon, I've tried out a number of different period tracking apps and flo has been the best so far on top of being free.
Though if you forget to register your period when you get it or if your period is late, like mine was 12 days delayed for some reason this month, it will sort of act like a more concerned version of the duolingo owl. It's kinda funny tbh.

No. 771498

Told my friend about the guy and her reaction was "finally my queen gets what she deserves; a harem. An army of simps." and now I can't stop laughing.

No. 771503

Just realized that 98% of the people I follow on social media has the pronouns in their bio's? For some reason I never realized it or just assumed that they belong to the woke crowd when they had them in but even non-woke people have them?? I don't and I won't have them for what fucking reason???

Cringe plus points when they have their entire political spectrum mentioned in their bio's as well.

No. 771520

because as social media has evidenced they'll get bullied if they don't, and some people also are forced to have them in their company and professional profiles now, it's retarded

No. 771530

You did read too much gimpgirl comics. Stop this larp, it's embarassing.

No. 771535

File: 1616957648435.jpg (76.91 KB, 663x672, thefuck.JPG)

So I went down the rabbit hole to "understand" it and what I got is that you as a cis person need pronouns in their bio because to show people your pronouns because they WANT to know it and to show your support for twans people. On the other twans people don't have to do it because if they have it in their bio, they get bullied for it …..

No. 771537

File: 1616957712463.jpg (34.79 KB, 654x360, thefuck2.JPG)

No. 771543

>cis people won't be unsafe for putting their pronouns in their bio
actually i will be unsafe from my peers deeming me a fucking retard

No. 771544

Is the only reason its unsafe for trans people to put their pronouns because they don't "pass"? Ah. hahaha. This is great.

No. 771547

>don’t put h/h s/h because it could stand for anything
What does that even mean? Short/Hot? Heterosexual/Hermaphrodite? Also, I’ve never, ever seen a tranny putting s/h in their bio, it’s always a huge she/her little girl lesbian bimbo so I don’t get the gatekeeping bullshit.
Even they themselves don’t even know what are they’re trying to defend.

No. 771549

>all cis people must put pronouns on bio!!!
>but not trans people uwu
what the fuck?
I'm never putting pronouns in bio. Catch me dead first bitches

No. 771551

Kek all troonios be like
>she/her bimbo loli cat godess
I swear to god I'm just waiting at this point for this shit to stop being a fucking fad, it's been taking too long.

No. 771552

Trans people are also allowed to have "genital preferences" because "dysphoria uwu" while the rest of us aren't.

No. 771556

Never checked out her thread but it's ok anon, I'm sure you'll have friends that to joke around with you one day too.

No. 771563

>don't Heil Hitler / Sieg Heil accidentally
It's actually sage advice kek

No. 771566

File: 1616960850103.jpg (31.97 KB, 225x350, 3826.jpg)

Anime gave me unrealistic expectations that I could have a loyal dumb himbo husband.

No. 771567

One of my fav nights was when Lady Gaga's second album came out. I got drunk for the first time, kissed my crush, and my friend's mom brought us leftover party sub from her work. My best days are behind me.

No. 771577

Sometimes you meet himbos irl, but they're so few and far between than i'd rather stick with my anime himbo husbandos



No. 771582

Has anyone ever done jury duty? I wish I would get called to do it

No. 771586

I do in fact identify as short/hot

No. 771588

I kept getting summoned to do it when I was out of the country/out of state and they made me write a letter and mail it in the second time I had to put it off, but I’ve moved back and they haven’t contacted me one to do it, so annoying lol. I kind of want to do it too. I took an american politics class and my professor is super enthusiastic about our rights as citizens and exercising those rights and really wants to do jury duty but they never pick him once they find out he’s a polysci professor kek.

No. 771593

File: 1616966140351.jpg (11.39 KB, 260x300, Ffxii-flowercactoid.jpg)

I'm in a discord server and some seems to be lurkers and share based tranny memes

No. 771594

I want to do it as well kek, any excuse for some time off work and a chance to break my routine. And maybe I'd get an interesting case, though I know that's unlikely.

But I'm nearly 30 and nothing so far…

No. 771599

File: 1616966500455.png (92.83 KB, 310x320, cream.png)

I got bedbug bites on my fucking mons pubis
Also, why does mons pubis lipo exist

No. 771602

Should you leave your toilet lid down all the time? Or down when you flush and then up so the bacteria won't fester? I've heard all of the options.

No. 771617

I keep mine down and try to instill it into others homes when I'm there lol like my mum's. It feels gross to me now if a toilet bowl is just sitting stewing in the open lol. I even put the lid down in public toilets. It's just more sanitary.

No. 771619

I’m afraid of cacti

No. 771635

I leave it down because what if something falls in on accident? My bathroom isnt huge so we have shelves above our toilet and stuff on the sink right next to it.

No. 771636

File: 1616972244051.jpg (57.02 KB, 640x640, 076ae40b4be0f9edd07022eaaf7e03…)

For some reason, in my experience, the straight guys that like or are proud to announce their own sign are usually scorpios
No idea why
Second place are probably leos

No. 771680

Why isn’t Eugenia Cooney a snowflake?

People pay her on twitch to pick up heavy boxes and she legitimately looks gravely I’ll… I just don’t understand how she isn’t dead yet I’m just so confused.

No. 771682

It's probably because lions and scorpions are dangerous/powerful. Guys think it's cooler to have a sign like that, so they share it more often.

No. 771684

I leave mine down when flushing (especially poops), but do let it air out at night and spray it with a little bleach because the bowl started smelling funky after a while.

No. 771685

They heard that scorpios are sex gods

No. 771690

She has little milk outside of being actually brain damaged from malnutrition.
>People pay her on twitch to pick up heavy boxes
Scrote degeneracy knows no bound. But she has to be the cash cow for her mom. She's too good at deflecting and ignoring baits to be milked tbh. Any topics on her I've seen have just been "she triggers my ED waaah" from underage fatties.

No. 771712

File: 1616977713421.jpg (53.26 KB, 248x275, 1616723841650.jpg)

Shane wants to come out of his rat cage everyone

No. 771713

she's so pretty like a real fairy

No. 771728

I leave it up because I hate mold. Whenever someone in my house leaves it down, I get hit with a huge bubble of water tank stank when I lift it.

Same goes for washer lids.

No. 771733

File: 1616979772466.png (54.45 KB, 800x585, 94f.png)

>16 hours ago
>0 reply

No. 771734

File: 1616980013779.gif (1.54 MB, 540x380, 69716D8A-7253-40C3-B4D6-E5C1B3…)


No. 771739

File: 1616980568484.png (7.58 MB, 2790x3209, e97c33cbe061c3a27a9989e93b6cac…)

My eyebrows are really short (the hairs are really long and wiry but the brow itself is short) and they're naturally downturned so it looks like a fucking inkling. I don't wear makeup anymore and people always think I'm angry bc of this. I've never plucked them or anything so idk why they're fucked but it's kind of funny to me.

No. 771747

kinda cute ngl

No. 771751

File: 1616982035468.jpg (50.8 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I just saw darkmatter2525 on my radar for the first time in ages, I can't believe this guy is still fucking making videos. Does anyone else remember watching this guy some 10~ years ago? I had no idea what any of the videos were about when I watched them in my teens.

No. 771755

File: 1616982420578.jpg (111.32 KB, 1440x1414, 164775919_440751780549890_2881…)


No. 771758

File: 1616982682311.png (382.94 KB, 675x619, F7F1DBFB-F74A-4661-963F-A1D5E5…)

i wish the ffxiv thread wasn’t dead but I only started the game this month and don’t even know if there are any xiv anons out there to consider making a new thread

No. 771762

Can't you just bump the old thread?

No. 771769

File: 1616983752672.jpeg (149.27 KB, 704x960, 3619020A-0A6C-4353-AAE2-808B7A…)

my mom really really loves nic cage, we have this whole tradition of binging dumb cage flicks together. she doesn’t know about his creepy shenanigans and charges cuz she doesn’t keep up with celebrities and i hope she never finds out, i once said in passing that cage “is a meme at this point” and she seemed kinda upset, she’s so pure

fuck scrotes and fuck nic cage i can see the appeal though

No. 771773

Scorpios are known as the cool, mysterious, sexy sign and Leos are Leos.

No. 771776

cant believe anime caused the collapse of western society

No. 771780

RIGHT?? shit, anime + bad parenting + participation trophies + extreme individuality + unchecked mental illnesess = shit

No. 771781

cause people be dumb like that

No. 771790

This is throwing me back anon oh my goodness. I remember going through the shitty cynic skeptic atheist pipeline where I obsessed over tha fat white blimb scrote that put hot oil on his tiny balls. Honestly I’m not a religious person but I’m so glad that there is at least some sort of force that pushes back secularism because it’s going to destroy ethnic cultures soon enough

No. 771791

File: 1616986093930.jpg (383.56 KB, 1024x1024, cacti-collection.jpg)

How does this pic make you feel, anon?

No. 771793

That one South Park episode was right.

No. 771795

joke's on them scorpios are actually walking red flag psychos.

No. 771796

Wow, I didn’t know that was a thing nor that people would reach the point of extracting fat from there, I thought having “a fat pussy”™ was desirable and stuff?

No. 771797

Also samefag but, you could say some people just want to die on that hill

No. 771798

I honestly think its fine to do just so you know how to refer to people – I hate when people assume I'm male online and putting that I'm a woman in my bio just seems weird. this stuff >>771535 is fucking stupid though.

No. 771810

File: 1616990465132.png (28.11 KB, 182x132, 1616987316180.png)

CH thread keeping everyone on their toes

No. 771816

What's the deal with that one anon who keeps replying to random shit with gifs of that big titty girl? Am I missing a villain origin story here?

No. 771818

what about closeted trans people? they might not feel comfortable to put pronouns in their bio, thus nobody should be expected to because you can't assume they're cis. checkmate twitter

No. 771823

I just checked wether my recent husbando and I would be good couple in an astrological sense.

No. 771829

Kek I feel the same, anon. Never got why he was one of the stereotypical hot anime boys of the mid-late 2000s

No. 771830

File: 1616996895635.png (491.43 KB, 700x522, 1616221771357.png)

why are women so based???

No. 771832

well? dont keep me waiting anon

No. 771834

File: 1616999330604.jpeg (30.48 KB, 640x360, D85A54EE-D5B8-499D-946D-A3F849…)

I'm crying yes.

No. 771835

God I wanna spoil myself with new clothes and shoes so bad but I’m forcing myself to wait until I can go shopping irl but I found a pair of my dream heels in my size on eBay and it hurts so bad not to buy them

No. 771840

What anime is this from?

No. 771848

It's just a drawing

No. 771849

Too bad. I would have loved to watch it

No. 771850

Wait, are you sure anon? I've seen that same character multiple time before. Always assumed it was from some 90s anime

No. 771851


I think you're right, I think it's from Onii sama e

No. 771852

Omg, it is!! I love the art style, I'm gonna watch it, thank you

No. 771885

OMG I literally uninstalled the creative cloud updater and it STILL keeps updating. Adobe leave me the fuck alone you don't need to update everything every 10 seconds

No. 771888

We’re soulmates, anon! Now I just have to double check his height so I can make retarded self-insert drawing of us!

No. 771892

File: 1617015034305.png (214.35 KB, 500x534, tumblr_c3228a71bde77fe8513b447…)

I'm really attention starved my online friend who hasn't logged in since 2 days talked to me and I don't feel like shit anymore

No. 771896

Love this cat, hope you're doing ok nona

No. 771900

Is everyone sleeping right now? Talk to me binches I see no activity, lolcow be dead

No. 771904

I'm awake nonnie. How are you doing?

No. 771905

I'm fine, kinda bored. Wish I could eat something yummy or cuddle a giant bunny. How about you?

No. 771906

Sorry, anon, the aliens took away the worthy.

No. 771907

File: 1617019307854.jpg (123.37 KB, 480x517, descargar.jpg)

I knew it!

No. 771908

Bored. And I can't find the will to wah my face apply toner and mosturizer, that's why I was not worthy of being abducted.

No. 771909

Lol, better go pray to the praying thread for the aliens to take us away then

No. 771911

i’m awake, gotta go to the shops though soon so i’ll be leaving you ladies

No. 771918

File: 1617020976729.jpg (153.72 KB, 1080x1080, pretty.jpg)

I washed my face and applied moisturizer. I'm ready for the abduction.

No. 771921

A girl I have a slight crush on started dating the worst fuckboy ever and I'm praying for the gay gods to turn her lesbian before she gets hurt.

No. 771922

I hate male anime fans so much i just wanna be a weeb in peace

No. 771929

If you're comfortable with if it, I'd love to see the finished drawing anon

No. 771940

That always feels good to wash your face, anon

No. 771947

Sending lots of positive vibes she ends up leaving him at least

No. 771950

File: 1617026704485.jpg (30.36 KB, 400x524, 877562398328012800_1.jpg)

I hate to be cynical but in IME, it's hopeless. Somehow I have shit taste in women who have shit taste in men…paging Dr Freud! I hope you don't get hurt anon.

No. 771964

File: 1617027980909.png (237.74 KB, 720x321, Screenshot_20210329-192127.png)

These are the only 2 male body types I'm attacted to, Muscle bound apes or really skinny guys

No. 771967

Both really gross anon

No. 771972

Men like that one the right are fucking scary and no one's going to convince me otherwise. The fact that a man like that could seriously injure you or worse in just one single moment of rage or loss of control with nothing more than his body completely dispells any attraction I have towards the muscles.

No. 771974

that one on the right*

No. 771980

I think there's something wrong with me because I think muscles are fucking disgusting. Fat is just as disgusting and most skinny men look like birds. 3D men are just gross actually

No. 771981

oof hard agree. women are so beautiful and smart, but i wouldn't know where to begin.

No. 771983

I like strong-looking guys but huge muscles, gymrat look like that triggers nausea in me for some reason like I'm seeing too much inside. I can only tolerate that in 2D bara sex. Really skinny or skinnyfat guys are also repulsive, always feels like I'm hugging a child.

No. 771990

The one on the left is too skinny and the one on the right is too bulky,I like muscles but his muscles look hard and unnatural.
If you were to touch his pecs they would feel like boulders (not sexy at all and really off putting)pecs should be smooth,squishy and natural.why do they ruin their bodies like this?

No. 771993

File: 1617031067533.jpg (702.61 KB, 2448x3264, 1 (3).jpg)

I recognize an anon that keeps calling people twitterfags for stupid, innocuous shit (including me), and I want to tell them to shut the fuck up so bad, but I don't want to get banned. The Dilemma of a Farmer

No. 771995

The automatic flushing function of the toilets at my work are too sensitive, just trying to wipe my ass it’s flushed like 3 times

No. 771996

>most skinny men look like birds
is that a good thing or a bad thing

No. 772001

I'm OP and even I'm not attracted to the guy on the right, I was just using him as a extreme example to create juxtaposition, I am attracted to buff men but buff men with more natural builds, like Henry Cavills build is as far as I'm willing to go

No. 772002

its trying to wash you

No. 772004

definitely a bad thing. most skinny men look like bowlegged hairless chickens

No. 772007

That's alot of wiping

No. 772009

Don't act like one then EZ

No. 772019

>t. A woman with absolutely no taste
skinny and buff men are both great in their own unique ways

No. 772035

i wore a kind of cropped shirt after a lifetime of being a hijab and i feel like everyone’s laughing at and judging me, I know it’s all in my head maybe but it’s really getting to me. I hate how my upbringing made me so ashamed and afraid of my own body.

No. 772037

I'm sorry about your upbringing, but i bet you looked really cute. Baby steps, nonny!

No. 772043

Absolutely based, wear your crop tops queen.

No. 772045

The right mindset to adopt is to not give a fuck if people laugh at you or think you look ridiculous. I'm sure you looked great.

No. 772051

I'm ruining my life because I don't want to do anything at all
even standing to shower is too much to bother with I sit down in the middle of cooking because I can't be bothered

No. 772053

If it were a bidet I’d be all about it
Not even, the flushes just happened in really quick succession! Every little move kek

No. 772069

File: 1617037120391.jpg (13.72 KB, 720x379, 1564440594241.jpg)

Today I realized I have a pavlovian response to Gee from Girls Generation. I was briefly in a dance group many years ago where we used the song and dance for warmup and I still know most of the moves so when the song turned up in my recommended on spotify when I was in the store I had to REALLY hold myself back from very begrudgingly start dancing or even discreetly doing any of the moves. I swear to god my hands were almost twitching.

No. 772072

File: 1617037282700.png (190.68 KB, 475x468, 62103143_584908225364972_58773…)

I feel like I go through two spiritual epiphanies a month. "I've figured out the philosophy I'm going to live by", etc etc. This isn't bpd is it

No. 772073

File: 1617037475162.jpg (40.36 KB, 626x826, pringle cat.jpg)

I'm starting to develop a crush on Chet Hanks after that stupid "White Boy Summer" video. He is so cringy and I'm not into those type of guys but something about him is…interesting.
Gee is a fucking banger, I would feel compelled to dance to it too, honestly.

No. 772075

Every time I scroll or skim past the CH thread in snow I laugh, every post is autistic

No. 772078

File: 1617037967990.jpeg (88.96 KB, 1240x700, 9C82C2E3-A500-48D4-AED4-3866BA…)

god male bodies look so fugly tbh no matter how they look they look so flawed but picrel lean and muscular looks so damn good

No. 772079

I agree, ever since I've seen that painting I think this is the perfect male body

No. 772080

I can appreciate nice legs but I hate male torsos in all forms lmao

No. 772095

pls post more pics of sexy Satan

No. 772097

File: 1617040308973.jpeg (85.41 KB, 750x729, 95AA9F0F-26CC-4797-8341-21DAC7…)

Hard agree. 2D>>>>>>>>>>>>3D

No. 772102

Male bodies can look good but their faces always ruin it. If you ain't got the face of an anime guy then you're not worth it. 3D is the worst.

No. 772103

True, I think /fit/fags call it ottermode (or is it gay slang?) when men are lean but somewhat muscular. Men don't care enough about having a nice waistline, it's basically only existent in young, early 20s guys, then they fuck it by putting on visceral/abdominal fat.

No. 772109

File: 1617042192384.jpeg (927.33 KB, 2964x2198, 1CB2D9AA-E6C4-482E-8001-EB41AA…)

No. 772113

Just found out about the string of korean celebrities bullying accusations and what the fuck, my first thought is how stupid can you be to bully someone when a) you're already famous and b) when you want to be famous and already training for it

No. 772126

Bars still arent allowed open where I am but I saw a whole lot of familiar looking puke puddles in my town today so I highly suspect one is secretly opening. I also had a bunch of drunks in a car yesterday shout sexual shit at me…so yay for bars and law breaking and puke puddles everywhere and sexual harrassment. Missed ya lol

No. 772128

File: 1617044425892.jpg (2.42 MB, 1998x4118, 1611472964606.jpg)

A bit late but posting depictions of hot Satan

No. 772131

File: 1617044565884.jpg (420.61 KB, 1030x1280, 1611522813266.jpg)

Also fun fact, both in Islam and the Christanity is described as most beautiful among the Angels

No. 772132

File: 1617044592950.jpg (60.44 KB, 388x442, 1611494922503.jpg)

No. 772133

I really like lucy's tits here

No. 772134

File: 1617044683748.jpeg (62.17 KB, 397x450, 1611491332205.jpeg)

No. 772137

File: 1617044802891.jpg (298.57 KB, 1000x1375, 1614972318295.jpg)

No. 772138

File: 1617044956890.jpg (38.82 KB, 620x643, 1611512937819.jpg)

And done, Hail Satan/Shaitan he did nothing wrong both the both the Biblical perspective and the Islamic perspective

No. 772141

Lolcow will always be og for me but the girls over on cgl are starting to get based big https://boards.4channel.org/cgl/thread/10585278

No. 772147

Was doing inventory with a coworker and our boss offered to get us poke for lunch. My coworker (48 year old scrote) was losing his mind at the possibility of people eating raw fish in the office. He was like "everyone is going to shit their guts, what are they doing??" and seemed really concerned. In the end he got a bowl of only beef and the beef was too spicy.

No. 772151

Lord forgive me

No. 772153

I laughed at this lmao

No. 772156

File: 1617046731838.gif (6.8 MB, 480x270, 4fe2dbe898b2df972b465tdkol.gif)

No. 772157

KEK anon plssss

No. 772174

Maybe my judgement is clouded, but finally I had some kind of tension with someone! It's been like what, 2 years? He's probably 10 years older than me, but at 30 it's whatever. I've seen him around work, he's got that unusual look that I have a thing for (near-albino), I just hope he's not an uggo under that facemask.

He seemed kind of smooth the first interaction, but when I had to visit him again he only said my name in greeting (that he learned an hour before), then stumbled over saying goodbye and started like 3x over kek.

It felt pretty nice, I must say.

No. 772191

File: 1617049615030.png (842.37 KB, 780x4078, 645401285845286912-is-it-just-…)

i'm not that familiar with AoT but from what I've heard and seen of it misaka doesn't seem as good as sakura, idk if that's a good comparison. although I agree with her point regarding female characters in general. is she right aotfags?

No. 772196

File: 1617050046322.jpeg (36.21 KB, 600x300, FE06378C-446B-47A0-A3E2-CF8205…)

Does 90s Viggo Satan count ?
Epitome of scared and horny feel

No. 772198

File: 1617050262192.jpeg (255.25 KB, 1078x1051, CB56D856-2B20-4981-BD4B-3D8CBD…)

Reject modernity embrace monke

No. 772210

I haven't read AoT in a few years so I don't know if she's gotten better but her only purpose and motivation was being a brainless doormat to Eren and that was her whole character. People just called her a "feminist icon" because she was strong in combat when even fighting was fully motivated by simping for Eren and Eren only. This bitch is just projecting hard into the character and her rebuttals are just "y-you can't call her pathetic because I LIKE HER YALL!!!" repeated ad infinitum.

Though I have to admit I stopped reading when she went into the "HATING MIKASA IS RACIST" territory. Really throwing everything at the wall to feel better about having a shitty taste in characters, lmao. Just accept that she was written in as a stand-in waifu for the self-insert main hero. And yes, Mikasa is creepy and possessive. Ymir was also possessive of Christa but she came nowhere near as fucking creepy as Mikasa with her obsession.

No. 772214

I saw a tranny at the thrift store. I don't understand how he thinks he's going to fit into a womens medium shirt when he's 6 foot 2. Should have told him to try dresses instead, he already had this super Christian mother look in that baggy cardigan he was wearing.

No. 772221

Anon there's two creeps in this story lol

No. 772229

Always fascinating to see hons out and about. I hope they know when they’re paranoid about being laughed at behind the back in public, they’re right.

No. 772236

what cartoon is this? It looks cute

No. 772264

I can't believe you guys started thirsting for Satan right after the prayer thread was made.

No. 772269

File: 1617055379091.jpeg (546.06 KB, 1024x1497, A0304CD0-2073-4C9B-A72F-27C355…)

Infinity Train! Sci- fi cartoon on HBOMax.
It’s very cute but also unironically traumatizing.

No. 772275

Some people pray to Satan pls don’t be a bigot uwu
Nta but sounds like a good time. I’ll check it out.

No. 772280

File: 1617056240307.jpg (137.4 KB, 1080x630, termini-cannoli-1080x630.jpg)

I had a stint at a cannoli bakery a few years ago and it has absolutely ruined me. There's a little cannoli stand that just opened up near my workplace and these workers know nothing

They gave me two huge boxes for eight mini cannoli (they could've just stacked them in one box), called the cheese filling "vanilla," and jeez, the piping… The filling's like shrunken sad dicks instead of voluptuous bows (picrel). So much empty space.. I always want to offer up my piping tips but I'm sure they wouldn't give a shit

No. 772291

You think Satan would be good at fucking?

No. 772294


No. 772297

File: 1617057763415.jpg (368.07 KB, 828x975, 2021-03-30 00_40_08.557 0200.j…)

Facetune is my passion

No. 772298

This is kinda weird. Her face looks like one of those greek statues but something is…off.

No. 772300

I want her hair

No. 772320

saw my first troon in the wild today.

No. 772326

Sounds like a cutie patootie, anon
Rooting that it goes well for you!

No. 772335

Sounds like he's already ugly tbh

No. 772339

File: 1617061786753.jpeg (523.12 KB, 576x971, 7E084D93-676B-48A8-9095-EA895E…)

No thanks

No. 772343

File: 1617062041686.jpeg (546.66 KB, 640x1034, D8998074-0B22-44F2-8192-EB12E8…)

God I fucking hate men.

No. 772362

aotfag and i disagree that mikasa is a good character or comparable to ymir and sakura (sakura had some development and could have been really good if kishimoto knew how to write women).

thought i agree that female chars get unnecessary hate, mikasa is simply a boring character considering the others. yes ymir and historia had a romance and yes ymir was crazy about historia but they both had personalities and goals outside of each other. meanwhile even now that the world is ending by erens hand mikasa STILL can't fully let go, things were tense before between her and the others because she didn't want to kill eren in any scenario even when it involves mass murder of innocents .

it's just annoying how we have so many other female characters who are interesting and get shit done like pieck, gabi, yelena and hange but mikasa is still the same autistic eren fangirl even if she agreed to let go in the end.

and she mentions floch, but floch is also widely hated and mocked because of his eren fangirling.

No. 772388

my friends were talking shit about lolcow today lololol

No. 772397

do they support troons anon

No. 772405

How do they even know about it?

No. 772408

Did you assert stacy dominance by calmly and clearly saying “Yeah I use it” ?

No. 772410

Anon…Stacys don't use this site

No. 772416

>she’s not stacy
Uh cringe?

No. 772428

I was a green anarchist, but I hate the left so fucking much that I moved onto post-leftist/egocom.

Literally someone in my green anarchist group banned me for saying, "dumb", because its "ableist". At least I can have opinions on troons now.

No. 772503

File: 1617076225622.gif (811.08 KB, 280x158, 797FD5F9-8105-4ECC-A660-E21F96…)

im so desensitized from the horrendous gore at this point but I’m finding a very obvious pattern, they always post late at night or in the early morning (this is obvious for the certain burger anons and their time zones) because the jannies are less active. they dump it into random threads in specific slightly less popular threads in the gossip boards because they think it will get buried away.

No. 772512

don’t be retarded. It’s been going on all day long in random bursts. CP too.

No. 772516

How are they being retarded? I can't speak for how it is right now because I personally haven't been on the boards where it's getting posted, but in the beginning they would post cp and gore in-between 4-7 am in America, and I also saw some Euro anons say the content was being posted early in the morning for them.

No. 772533

I was going to reply to that but stopped in my tracks like, why waste the fucking time. The kicker is how he probably thinks he has a high IQ or some shit

No. 772535

Has anyone seen any new banners yet? I know admin said they would take a while to show up, but where the fuck are they

No. 772536

No, I've seen that pattern too

No. 772537

Yeah, me too. They usually star posting after midnight (NYC time)

No. 772544

File: 1617085098883.jpg (165.46 KB, 736x919, cc60c6dcb1ff291b4aee17bd9dc32c…)

Beliefs aside, I think the witchy (wiccan, I think? I'm not sure) aesthetic is really nice. Nature stuff is just nice in general; flowers, crystals, the sky.
That's probably why teenagers are super into it.

No. 772551

Yeah… no she just didn't add them in. There is no reason banners should "take a while to show up". None besides that she never got around to implementing them.

I remember last year admin said she's gonna fix the code for this website when it comes to things like catalog not using the chosen theme but that hasn't happened either.

No. 772554

I fucking knew it. I honestly don't think Admin has changed anything with the actual site. Even stuff like the (you) thing hasn't been added. I hate to sound like an asshole, but damn, it can't be that hard to add those features

No. 772556

File: 1617087902507.png (1.25 MB, 890x905, Tumblr_l_222309746041567.png)

> retard spammer is a guy from 4chans vt
HolоEN was a mistake.

No. 772560

I like crystals too but more than half that picture is smelted and dyed glass.
It's not that I care but they pass that shit off as authentic special crystal for a premium. It's pretty but damn.

No. 772567

I pray to Queen Pixyteri that we never get the (you) reply. It's a function specifically designed for attention-whores and trolls. They get a little dopamine boost when they see the (you) just like if they were getting a reddit upvote, and it drives them to attention-whore even more. This is not your social network profile so that you track your retarded drivel nobody cares about. As soon as (you) is implemented, 50% of the benefits of posting anonymously disappear. We stop being an anonymous hivemind, and start being a ground for farming ego-boosting replies.

No. 772568

Jesus Christ anon, relax. I didn't even say that I want (you), idc if it's added or not. My point was that the Admin said she was going to add it a long time ago and still has not.

No. 772571

Right, sorry for the outburst, I wasn't ranting on you, just ranting in general.

No. 772574

Does it really matter? People already farm for (you)s even if the little block of text doesn't appear, it's not like they don't know which one's their original post.

No. 772579

It’s almost 3AM and I haven’t slept yet with no hope in sight, and have to be up for work at 7. I actually want to kms lol I hate my brain so fucking much

No. 772582

True that people will always attenton-whore, but we put systems in place to curb it to an acceptable level. This function on the contrary facilitates attention-whoring, makes it easier which in my mind is a bad thing for a website like this.

No. 772598

Hadn't listened to this song yet because Marina's last album was awful but

>I don't wanna live in a man's world anymore

>TiM dancer

Every fucking time.

No. 772601

>Marina's last album was awful
Surely you're not talking about Froot?

No. 772604

File: 1617096831974.jpg (118 KB, 1200x1200, marina-love-fear.jpg)

nah, Froot was great, I was talking about Love + Fear. It was so bland it went under many people's radar.

No. 772606

Love + Fear really makes it seem like Marina never mentally matured past 16

No. 772617

i love this song tho

No. 772639

I think he's supposed to represent gay men. I mean he even has a nipple out, I doubt they'd do that if it was a "woman".

No. 772640

File: 1617105637244.jpeg (356 KB, 750x637, 49B65ACF-4BF7-4552-840F-02F746…)

omggaiz I found shayna

No. 772641

No. 772644

File: 1617106530636.jpg (147.69 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Anyone else ever fantasize about their boyfriends beating people up, like I've been fantasizng for a long time now about my boyfriend beating up Vaush to a bloody plup, also anytime a guy is cat calling when I'm alone I fantasize about my boyfriend beating them up as well

No. 772648

cringe anon, why not beat up vaush yourself?

No. 772650

I'm very Skinny and not good at fighting, my boyfriend is buff and is good at fighting

No. 772656

File: 1617108034683.jpeg (19.42 KB, 275x206, 1613433701437.jpeg)

Sad how even in your fantasies you have to ask your boyfriend to do it

No. 772660

Why should she get her hands dirty when her scrote could do it for her. That’s the only reason to have them around.

No. 772663

No. 772665

File: 1617108755296.png (77.65 KB, 393x450, 417-4175518_pixel-and-kawaii-i…)

Nothing beats a cup of tea and a book while sitting in the sun in the garden.

No. 772667

amen, anon, amen

No. 772668

We are not the same, I would like to hurt them but that is a good point

No. 772672

Coffee, indoors, laptop. Better

No. 772676

seconding coffee, indoors, on a cozy rainy day

No. 772683

The upside of being ugly is that aging really doesn't change anything for me. Take that pretty people.

No. 772684

Don't sell yourself short anon, I bet you could destroy his mushy face like an old fruit

No. 772686

Lol I was thinking about this the other day. The worst thing for beautiful people is aging because they lose the thing that’s always given them an advantage. It’s like having to learn how to walk again after being in a coma.

No. 772688

Anon….old people can be beautiful…..

No. 772689

No. 772694

NTA. In general I'd say that people who were beautiful young adults will probably still be better looking middle-aged/old people than those born ugly, but if you're born average/ugly there isn't really a drastic change in people's attitude towards you when you fall out of that glorified age group. And I don't just strictly mean male attention, everyone is nicer the more beautiful and the more young you are.

No. 772698

God I hated her latest album but she's so damn hot it makes my brain shut down

No. 772721

Have you posted this before? I remember reading this exact thing not too long ago

No. 772722

File: 1617114814530.png (1.28 MB, 693x860, tumblr_a0f4fe763ff68686d246b73…)

Not a flat earther in the least but damn I love the adjacent conspiracy theory that a lot of our famous giant rock formations are the stumps of gigantic ancient trees. It just seems to switch on all the creativity/excitement signals in my brain.

No. 772727

They have but at least last time they graciously left Vaush’s disgusting face off of the post
Seriously anon if you’re going to copypasta yourself at least don’t subject us to actually seeing him

No. 772729

God i miss soren's milkiness so much come back home queennnnnnnnnnnnnnn

No. 772732

The bitch died

No. 772734

I still can't believe she died rip

No. 772737

Wait why

No. 772740

She an heroed, look up her thread

No. 772741

To be honest, she had some bangers on her 8tracks, lmao.

No. 772750

if you ignore the actual child autopsy or real crime scene pictures she's used in some albums for edgy shock then yes i agree

No. 772763

File: 1617118171740.jpg (1.89 MB, 1863x2329, Crispin_Glover_2012_Shankbone.…)

Crispin Glover's face is the creepiest thing I have ever layed my eyes upon

No. 772765

If she had dropped all that fucked up shit, stopped being disgusting about actual children and quit catfishing, she really could've just been like an edgy, fakeboi Rupi Kaur/Dennis Cooper fusion.

No. 772771

File: 1617118368134.gif (414.96 KB, 220x134, C5C21E9E-9A87-47C0-9433-9A9B31…)

someone called a cat ugly and I’m sorry but they’re literally just cats? i’m literally howling rn anons so funny to me like who the fuck cares

No. 772784

terrifying to think of this staring down on you

No. 772785

Are they still up?

No. 772792

Haven't checked in a while, but they should be:
She also reuploaded most of her playlists to PlayMoss at some point:

No. 772794

File: 1617119727111.jpeg (78.17 KB, 856x1390, 90024BCB-C29E-48D1-9E74-F15DF2…)

I will forever remember him as the Charlie's Angels guy

No. 772797

File: 1617119989551.gif (1.75 MB, 244x166, tenor.gif)

I saw the warning upthread about pictures of child autopsy and I clicked anyway

No. 772801

I LITERALLY CANNOT STOP FEELING REALLY SICK IN THE STOMACH WHENEVER I PLAY AIM LAB. It hurts so much, I actually have to stop playing every few minutes.

No. 772817

Went on gg for the first time in ages yesterday. It was getting late and my eyes were tired.. So I wanted to catch up on 2 particular threads but thought I'd just check back today..

I mean it's not like gg is always going down

No. 772836

Anons need to spoiler ugly scrote pics by default

No. 772842

there was some thread on /ot where anon posted that she just sent her ex money requests and the ex paid up
i've been thinking of the picture anon uploaded for three days but i can't find it anymore
(it was three ms paint drawn anime girls in DDLC-looking school uniforms clicking on a computer with the funniest expressions on their face)
pls help meee someone upload that image

No. 772849

I also really like this, in a sci-fi kinda way. Imagine giant ass trees going up to space

No. 772855

I'm not a fan of the evenings getting longer and brighter. I've always found some weird comfort in it getting dark at like 5pm. My anxiety levels go down once it starts getting dark but now it's bright and everyone is outside making noise later. I'm on edge waiting for the night to come.

It's like the opposite of seasonal depression. Or maybe it's just seasonal anxiety.. summer edition.

No. 772858

Men are more driven by emotions than women are. 99% of mens decisions are emotion based, kind of like toddlers. A man will go into debt and leave his wife and kids if he sees some random girl on the street he has instantly fallen inlove with. A logical person would think "oh if I leave my wife for a 20 year old my life will be in ruins and it will be expensive too". Men live their life based on feelings which is why they live more care free/happy lives than women.

No. 772859

As a black woman married to a white man you have no idea cringy this whole white boy summer comes across to me, like rarely does the topic of race come up in me and my husband's discussion unless it has to, like the white men and black women involved in this are just making this across like its some weird fetish or something

No. 772860

does anyone here watch Emily Susannah? She seems like a really nice girl buttt..whats up with her lips? If it's natural i'm sorry but…is it injections? If so are they botched?
It's the same for ASMR youtube Hunibee.

No. 772861

it's corny and if it was a white girl doing this it'd be shut down right away

No. 772862

I've known enough men who have this weird divide when it comes to empathy for women. If they see you as an underdog they'll want to rescue you and will throw money at you if it helps you.. But If they think a woman is a lil too confident or doing too well in life.. they foam at the mouth and wish for terrible things to come along and knock her down.

They want to either rescue women and build them up.. or just knock them down a peg. The irony there. It's all about trying to manage other people's egos

No. 772863

I came here to read shit like >>769511 what happened to the dumbassery? Where's the dumbass in >>772855 >>772860 >>772859 >>772858 ??

No. 772864

No. 772865

Dumbass shit is more like casual or shit that doesn't fit anywhere else, but doesn't warrant its own thread. You have the retarded shitpost thread for posts that are not even allowed to resemble an actual human conversation.

No. 772868

Weirdly enough it seems to be mostly black women into this, for black women (Specifically Dark Skinned BW)rely do ever get attention from men of our own race, so it seems like any attention is nice for us, when really that shouldn't be the case, like bw are desired by men who don't fetishize for us but still see us women

No. 772872

File: 1617127934042.jpg (26.7 KB, 423x423, tumblr_ptarmzwbQx1tsnvxd_540.j…)

agree. just because this is the most active thread in /ot/ doesn't mean you can post whatever you want. this thread is for stupid people only, brains smooth as a marble

No. 772881

Maybe there should be a Posts that fit nowhere else-thread.

No. 772884

this site has made me hyper aware of aging. idk if my face skin is normal or if it’s sagging aaaaaaaaa

No. 772885

Just browsed through the past dumbass threads and its pretty much what it is now. This is the fit nowhere else thread.

No. 772887

Best not to come here then bc that’s silly, I’m sure you’re fine, anon

No. 772888

If you want to see more of a certain style of post… Post more of it yourself to kick things off. Don't just mass tag all the posts that you personally don't care for lol

No. 772892

Dumbass here, I mixed up this thread with the retarded shitposts thread, that's on me lol.

No. 772893

I had a dream where I was friends with Luna Slater. I think I've been on here too much the last couple days.

No. 772894

stop posting this sanrio crap. anon you’re almost 30

No. 772895

people who have the courage to use their blender jars lid-less… how the fuck are you so brave. Or retarded

No. 772917

File: 1617131832345.jpg (71.2 KB, 600x901, 10e1f4b22067ac6733078b15b18e8b…)

Weather is now hot, I just bought myself some rollerblades, and waiting on the protecc gear. I want to get fitter and if that means falling on my face then so be it.

No. 772924

Me too except I bought roller skates. I hope I will learn quickly, I want to find an activity that doesn't suck and that helps me stop being a fatass! Good luck to us nonny

No. 772926

Anons what skates did you buy?? I really want rollerblades but can’t figure out which ones to buy.

No. 772929

File: 1617133174340.png (140.58 KB, 421x337, oxelo-quad-roller-skates.png)

My case probably will not help you out much, but I bought pic related. I wanted skates because they seem more stable and easier to learn (especially since I'm clumsy). IDK if you have Decathlon in your country but you can find the brand there (though this model is sold out). From what I've read, Oxelo makes solid starter rollerblades/skates. They aren't expensive, but they will not fall apart after a month or three. You can also buy spare parts for them at the shop. I know that people that have been skating for years recommend high end sport brands, but IDK if there is a point to spend a lot of money if you are just starting out.

No. 772933

I finally finished building my first pc that isn't prebuilt and I'm posting on lolcow from it. I'm so happy I didn't fuck anything up

No. 772953

File: 1617134645407.jpeg (20.68 KB, 254x185, FEE96764-B0E6-4DED-8645-660B81…)

women calling other women bitches or hoes is an initiation of trust and respect, men calling women bitches/hoes is entirely derogatory no matter the context

lots of words should only be gatekeeped by women

No. 772955

File: 1617134768960.png (764.97 KB, 1288x748, inline skates.png)

I'm a noob, so I picked the best rated on amazon. If this interest evolves into a hobby, then I'll invest in a better brand and better gear. Good luck anon, let's break all of our limbs together.

No. 772957

Calling other women bitches makes me feel sad so I only call men bitches kek

No. 772959

File: 1617135046297.png (1.03 MB, 723x723, luv u binches.PNG)

yeah, that's correct

No. 772970

I bought some vintage roller blades when yuri on ice was popular kek. Never ever used them. I'm afraid of breaking my bones.

Fuck yuri on ice btw

No. 772987

>I bought some vintage roller blades when yuri on ice was popular
i bought roller skates because of yoi too and only used them twice. after a nasty fall that caused me pain for an entire month i never touched them again.

No. 772989

File: 1617137715869.jpg (363.01 KB, 1776x2048, 1616879435776.jpg)

Women use those as insults against other women all the time tho.
I can't call other women that because I feel like a scrote doing it.

No. 772996

my stomach is super bloated and hurts but i cant shit also have to wake up in 6 hours ugh

No. 773031

samefag, contemplating setting an alarm for 5am just so i can get the satisfaction of turning it off and sleeping a bit more. should i or this retarded?

No. 773032

File: 1617141515452.jpg (13.03 KB, 192x192, tumblr_ofybkbid5c1ue0vdjo2_250…)

anon, I did this once 5 years ago and now it has become a delicious habits, but everyday I'm getting more and more exhausted and this is not helping. You also need to concider that your brain will slowly stop to associate the alarm as something an important signal, even when it's the "real" alarm. I'm teeling you to not do this as I'm setting my alarm for 05:25. If I could go back, I would…

No. 773038

Vtube is so fucking weird and uncanny. I don’t get it. Virtual puppet show

No. 773042

thanks anons hope you guys have fun with your skates. Scoot Scoot!

No. 773043

Kek this looks like a picrew.

No. 773044

File: 1617142713948.gif (20.25 KB, 180x120, 1404135177260.gif)

only real bitches understand

No. 773045

I do this just so I can get an extra hour of snuggles. It feels so good to get that extra time but like the other anon said I find myself pushing it later and later. I give myself 20 minutes to get ready for work at this point despite setting my alarm an hour and a half earlier. Being able to wake up and go back to sleep is just so comfy… reminds me of a snow day or getting to stay home sick from school.

No. 773054

The world is beautiful and we are destroying it

No. 773058

I can only do it if I'm joking and on this website but it does feel like a positive girls-only thing used that way. Men, even gay men need to stfu with that and also we shouldn't use it negatively anymore (I know I sound naive since that's how it is meant to be used though)

No. 773087

File: 1617149086105.jpeg (93.59 KB, 750x934, 57EB9E6B-BB46-4F82-9250-EEBF7F…)

Aging is so unbelievably tragic. Would you believe this cutie grows up to be old ugly ass John Wayne.
Cant we just stay cute and then keel over suddenly

No. 773089

I want to hold his pecs while looking at him straight to his eyes.

No. 773092

File: 1617149576475.jpg (28.97 KB, 640x480, 1614118356072.jpg)

i was a weeb for most of my teenage years and a kpop stan for half of my 20s. now that i'm over weeb and kboo shit i have no idea of what my interests are. great, another identity crisis.

No. 773093


No. 773094

That's a 10 min/$1 hoe. Don't try to bargan with me, slut.

No. 773097

People from his generation had zero awareness of sun damage or the effects of smoking cigarettes, which is why they all aged into alligator bags. I think current generations are going to age a lot less severely just by virtue of being indoors all the time, plus all the skincare. Aging is fucking horrible though, no arguments there.

No. 773116

>tfw irl men don’t look like this
Males have some nerve being ugly, retarded, and unattractive.

No. 773118

File: 1617151957421.gif (7.17 MB, 557x640, SmartSelect_20210330-205021_In…)

really hate this girl but I can't stop looking at her stupid posts

No. 773122

There’s people browsing this board right now who don’t shower at night and wash their sheets only once a week

No. 773125

MissDarcei is so goddamn annoying and her whole deminior is so faaaaaaaaake wish youtube would stop pushing her shit to me

No. 773127

Aww really? I like her vids. What’s fake about her

No. 773130

She seems nice, but the voice is so grating, I can understand people liking her but it's the general kboo and rawr xd emergy but an adult kboo version + shit brows

No. 773132

File: 1617153812249.png (106.71 KB, 1172x612, 66E638C9-5537-4AE6-8850-349A58…)

Just got my adderall refilled ladies, feeling superb

No. 773140

I think it’s far outweighed by the farmers who don’t leave their room in the span of a week, lol

No. 773151

I only eat eggs that came out of Stacey pasture free chickens.
Eggs from lame virgin caged chickens that never even peaked on a rooster taste like yellow despair.

No. 773157

I was lurking on someone's account and accidentally followed them. I unfollowed them right after, but they definitely still got the notification. A rookie fucking mistake.

No. 773159

I hope the creative writing class was free

No. 773168

the free range shit is just a meme to make people who don't have the willpower to go vegan feel better

No. 773172

… aren't you supposed to change your sheets every week? ngl sometimes I do want to change them twice in a week

No. 773174

>hot girl must suck dick
sorry about your ugly gf, anon

No. 773175

No. 773177

Why if she's still young and youthful looking, she choses to wear terrible makeup that ages her up? Also not somehting that bothers me but she's looking chonkier.

No. 773179

who tf is this

No. 773182

Here's to us queen, I picked up another round of vyvanse today. I couldn't take my meds until the afternoon because I was waiting for the pharmacist to refill my script, those few hours alone were harrowing

No. 773183

man I never recognize 90% of youtubers/e-celebs farmers complain about

No. 773187

I just got a really weird feeling in my stomach that Luna will OD when Lurch returns because it'll be "celebratory"-level amounts (assuming that he's actually gone)

No. 773195

And that’s a good thing

No. 773198

I’m making a beautiful purple desert palace in Minecraft. I love my autismo game, I’m glad I finally bought a copy for the switch.

No. 773200

File: 1617160154734.gif (38.81 KB, 220x220, 52796DB7-E5A4-457D-8ED1-3AF60A…)

I’ve been listening to the same song over and over again for the past hour and not alright help me I wish I could get drunk and lose my mind and never have to think again why am I so smart yet so unbelievably retarded in every possible way

No. 773209

my wife

No. 773210

what song? pls share

No. 773224

I’ve decided that I’m going to call in to work tomorrow because I’ve slept less than 4 hours total over the past 2 days and still can’t sleep now. I have a migraine and can’t drop a pen without starting to cry. I’ve been tossing and turning for over two hours now, but since making this decision, I’m going to go play a video game and just let it happen when it happens, I guess.

No. 773226

can pigeons stop fucking on my windowsill please

No. 773232

I hope you feel better anon. I get migraines and they’re so awful, they make everything horrible. Hope you can get some sleep

No. 773240

File: 1617167582026.jpeg (11.28 KB, 275x275, 64843484.jpeg)

Is "getting maskfished" a term yet? That is, getting disappointed by the bottom half of someone's face because you either hadn't seen it before or forgot what it looked like? Because I think that just happened to me. I just got asked out by a guy I initially met and developed a crush on pre-pandemic – saw him without his mask on today for the first time in almost a year and I swear to God his face does not look ANYTHING like I remember it did. I remember his smile being way fucking cuter smh.

No. 773243

I feel like I'm going to be the one maskfishing other people anonita kek.

No. 773244

>why am I so smart yet so unbelievably retarded in every possible way

also what song

I feel like I'm constantly maskfishing ppl because I have a gap between my two front teeth

No. 773252

we had a substitute teacher in primary school who believed the sun was closer to the earth than the clouds. don’t know if she was like a flat earther or a troll or just high that day but she sounded extremely fucking serious and everyone got super confused. hope she’s doin good.

No. 773254

anon. no lie. gaps between the front 2 teeth are cute AS FUCK. Thats not maskfishing that's a cuteness suprise.

No. 773258

File: 1617169036775.jpg (91.61 KB, 720x703, original.jpg)

I'm so fuckin close to getting a snail right now and I cannot wait for the one I want to come back in stock. I'm so nervous but so excited at the same time. I have to start blending up egg shells so I can make sure I have it for when I order my baby

No. 773259

dreaming of the day i have a cute gf who will hold hands with me all the time. my ex gf wasnt too fond of it, but i love holding hands so much.

No. 773263

Strange thing to dislike, or was it PDA she had an issue with? Either way I hope the same thing for you anon

No. 773265

nayrt but i dislike holding hands for too long, it's hot and sweaty

No. 773266

i don't think it was a pda thing, i think she just didn't really like the physical affection part of relationships? not entirely the reason why we broke up but it played a part since our love languages were different.

at that point i like to opt for linking arms or something kek i just love physical touch so much

No. 773269

One of my earliest memories of my mom bringing me to Outback Steakhouse was having to order all on my own and when the waitress asked how I wanted my steak done, I didn't know what she meant, so when she gave me the options and said "well done" my tiny child brain thought that that must've been the best option since it would be well done so I got it well done. I must've been like 9 or 10 or something but it was the worst choice and I'm sad my mom didn't stop me but I don't think she realized I didn't know what the fuck I was saying and didn't want to look stupid in front of this stranger lol. Funny to think about but was sad to eat that steak.

No. 773279

File: 1617172795220.png (195.94 KB, 720x657, Screenshot_20210331-113619.png)

Honestly woke black men need to be called out more often, like all moids are trash and the white one's aren't inherently better in anyway but the woke MOC will always just use colonialism or white patriarchy as an excuse for their bullsht against black women and other WOC


No. 773285

File: 1617175794425.png (446.87 KB, 349x431, happy.PNG)

>when your existence alone makes moids seethe

No. 773287

Men love to try to shift responsibility on to other races.
>>it’s the white men that created the patriarchy!
>>it’s the black men that rape and wife beat!
Etc etc until we are all dead from global warming

No. 773291

just made a very simple meal I haven't made in months and while it's nothing special I'm just surprised I had the energy to cook… at 3am

why can I not do this during the day instead of eating out

No. 773313

Had a dream that I was infighting with an anon but the anon turned out to be my mom. Doesn't make sense really but everything makes sense in dreams I guess

No. 773319

Looking for a place to do my practice internship for uni, and my mom kept telling me to go work under male mentors. I asked why and she told me it could turn into romance. I showed her how gross looking most of these men are in the first place, and she told me I'm too picky, it's fine for a man to be ugly and I just kept asking "why?". She told me plenty of women date ugly-ish men, and I told "maybe they shouldn't". She got so mad and I just don't get it, my father isn't even an ugly man, so I wasn't targeting her or anything, kek.

No. 773321

I found out my job hires a lot of people with criminal history. Especially in my department. Most recent case is I wanted to be friends with a cute new guy so I tried to look for his social medias, he's a sex offender. No work friends, never again.

No. 773322

Stay safe, anon

No. 773327

i change them once in maybe 3 weeks but 99% of the time i shower before going to bed so its okay right

No. 773331

It never fails to surprise me that so many anons here have troons and gender/sexualityspecials for friends, sometimes even entire friendcircles.

No. 773332

That pisses me off so badly, reminds me of my mother. Like she thinks I'm shit and should take what I can get

No. 773333

People wash their sheets once a week?

No. 773334

I wash my sheets once a week and I'm pretty sure that's more often than 95% of the population. More often is really not necessary.

No. 773338

Sounds like she thinks you're ugly
Why anyone would want an office romance is beyond me though, most adult men are probably married and you'd likely be with a manipulative cheater if it does end up being anything more

No. 773339

this comment made me laugh hysterically lmao

No. 773344

I think she's more worried that I'm gonna run out of time to start a family (which was all my grandmother talked about to her daughters before she died because none of the younger women in our family are married), I'm gonna be 30 by the time I graduate. I never mention the fact that I don't even want to start a family around my parents though, I'm not having that fight.

No. 773348

Yes, but the yolks also taste better.
I like to exploit animals gently while still considering them below me for all practical purposes.
Fuck fishes though, I don't care about their feelings.

No. 773360

Yes, I took night classes WITH YOUR MOMMA!

No. 773378

There's just something I hate about the lil nas video. I don't care that's he's giving the devil a lapdance or that he's gay, but it's like how I hate WAP. The sex appeal is vulgar and ott. Specifically I hate the aesthetics of the lil nas video. I hate the outfits. I hate the styling. And idk if it's cause I'm a straight woman but the way he is emulating a woman is just gross to me. I hate seeing men in heels.

No. 773382

File: 1617194161827.jpeg (39.03 KB, 450x633, helen-mccarthy-582dd637-0fef-4…)

>Helen McCarthy (born 27 February 1951) is the British author of such anime reference books as 500 Manga Heroes and Villains, Anime!, The Anime Movie Guide and Hayao Miyazaki: Master of Japanese Animation. She is the co-author of The Erotic Anime Movie Guide and the exhaustive The Anime Encyclopedia with Jonathan Clements. She also designs needlework and textile art.
>McCarthy was the first English-speaking author to write a book about anime, in addition to being "the first person in the United Kingdom to run an anime programme at a convention, start a dedicated anime newsletter, and edit a dedicated anime magazine."
Fucking based. I wish I had a weeb grandma. Scrotes will still swear up and down liking anime is "their" thing and women enjoying it is recent and/or fake, though, lmao.

No. 773385

>it's like how I hate WAP. The sex appeal is vulgar and ott.
This, I fucking hate how everything has to be hypersexual now.
>the way he is emulating a woman is just gross to me.
It doesn't matter if you're straight or not, you're on your right to find it offputting because we're women and he's trying to copy the shit that is put onto us. I also find it disgusting. Fuck that shit honestly. I don't care how much "omg soft gay bean uwu empowering" it is. It's making me feel like an animal in a cage made by men, then they use it to mock me.

No. 773387

Tbh I agree because a lot of overtly sexual music videos made to produce outrage just look very tacky and awful, just like WAP and Montero.

No. 773438

I watched the video just now, and I just find it very ugly looking.
>I hate seeing men in heels.
Made me remember when Lady Gaga's Alejandro came out and there was some panic media about her background dancers, but I think it looked fine there, with pro dancers and a nice direction. This video just smells like days old piss.

No. 773443

>Scrotes will still swear up and down liking anime is "their" thing and women enjoying it is recent and/or fake
I never got that. Maybe it's just the fandom's I've ever been in, but pretty much all the people actually invovled in the communities I've found to be women. Leading cons? Creating fanart? Fanfiction? Fancircles? Websites dedicated to a single series with a page for every single one mofo who appeared for even just a panel? All women in my experience (maybe the occasional co-owner was a man, I'll give it that). What did scrotes do? They watched it and sperg about why the series local loli is best waifu material because totallynotpedoexcusemehebephilia and how generic harem protag #52342 is totally them.

No. 773446

A lot of the people providing fan translations/typesetting or make edits/draw submission for imageboards mainly visited by men like /a/ are also women. They'll cry about fujoshis, but those fujoshis actually learned enough japanese and some editing skills while trying to find obscure BL shit than the guys hoping that someone will feed them content, and yet they still act like they're superior fans.

No. 773450

preach!! when i was in art school i had a professor who was a horny old weeb lady, she was the best! she also has written books and speaks at conferences about japanese media and everything. she would talk about how back in the day before the internet and such, you'd have to connect with someone in america that had books and translations, or just go to japan to get books and translate things yourself. it was super niche and kinda difficult to get into but people were passionate enough about it to put in the work, and now it's so widely and easily available that any scrote with too much free time will think he's a fucking anime expert

No. 773451

Was texting my dad and wanted to describe something as “cathartic” but realized he might now know what that word means

No. 773456

Women who spend the time to learn Japanese and organize translation teams for doujins and stuff are the fucking back bone of the community. Seriously, women do so much for these fandom communities. It’s incredible.

No. 773459

I had to pause my episode of Ultraman Tiga for this.
Honestly I'm seriously thinking on leaving AFB for a while. The facts for the last weeks have been either reposts or too hostile .

No. 773460

I know right! I love those translators that always put detailed and interesting translation notes, it’s always really dedicated women, that want everyone reading to learn at least a bit about the whole translation process and why they picked the option we’re reading.

No. 773491

I've always liked over-the-knee socks, admittedly mostly because I can skip shaving my legs if I wear them, but now I don't want to wear them because people will either think I'm a really good looking troon or some sort of otherwise anime-influenced deviant

No. 773492

I quietly live by a 13 month calendar divided into perfect 28-day months
The left over day is New Year Day, and on leap years, it's New Year Weekend

No. 773496

File: 1617205313821.jpg (75.72 KB, 700x1050, thb.jpg)

IMO, if over the knee boots aren't a problem, the same goes for socks. Like, I really don't see a huge difference, they have a similar effect of framing the thighs/legs. Also, I'm not going to let troons have shit, lmao.
Can't stand wannabe normies who "yass queen" over pic related but write essays about how "cringe" and "troony" it is if someone's wearing stockings.

No. 773497

Strikingly similar to this dude's idea

No. 773504

Damn, that was neat

No. 773505

File: 1617205835306.jpg (52.9 KB, 1170x458, Tumblr_l_335872932635751.jpg)

I posted this meme in a scrote discord & it seriously rustled several of their jimmies, I'm laughin!

No. 773507

Kind of true. 1 glass is whatever, but 3-4?

No. 773511

I think soda drinking is a total turn off. Especially if it's Dr. Pepper, that's how you know the suspect is a complete manchild kek

No. 773513

chads don't drink soda i'm being serious

No. 773515

>Also, I'm not going to let troons have shit, lmao.
This, I'll be damned if I let some ugly trannies appropriate all the cute stuff. Thigh highs look great on my legs and I like wearing them with shorts, I'm not going to quit because some nasty AGPs are obsessed with programmer socks.

No. 773518

I'd rather date a vaper than a soda drinker

No. 773521

Soda is so bad for you and tastes like battery acid. Anyone who respects their teeth and health will drink water instead

No. 773522

theres no such thing as a good looking troon
As long as you style it appropriately I don’t think anyone would call you that. Women look so cute in OTK socks

No. 773524

It's gay as fuck for a man to drink soda. Female trait.

No. 773531

what did yall major in/are majoring in / masters / phds

No. 773542

inb4 useless humanities degree but i'm finishing my ba in english literature. thankfully i'm in a country where it'll actually help me get a job rather than hinder me and i go to a good uni so i shouldn't be any worse off than other people with decent humanities degrees when it comes to post-grad job hunting (as long as i get a 2:1 but i think i'll manage). i'm thinking of maybe doing a masters but idk what for yet or if i really want to. after the past hellish year of learning entirely online, i need a good long break from academia for a year minimum

No. 773549

Pffft. My friend got a BA in English with a focus on Creative Writing and now makes six figures as a technical writing manager. Go big, nonnie.

No. 773559

thank you for saying this nonnie! i always really worry that i'll never get a job and that i'm doomed to become a jobless neet for life because i didn't do a STEM degree. the post-grad job market atm and the fact i've got nothing lined up has been making the anxiety worse lately, so this is really nice to hear! thank you ♥

No. 773560

I have a masters in biotech and research. People still don't take me seriously. Altho tbf I have crafted this coy image because otherwise I'm a triple threat. Smart funny and hot. Heavy is the Head that wears the Crown

No. 773576

Do you believe in love at first sight? Or soulmates?

No. 773579

the fact that people think affirmative action exists makes me kek

they should seriously come and watch me do interviews and then see the outcome of them

No. 773582

I believe in both. I believe love at first sight may be a little less common than couples would lead you to believe though lol

No. 773586

Idk the equivalents for masters and majors in my country since we don't use those terms but I'm working on becoming a (ideally) neurologic physical therapists

No. 773590

I believe in falling in love at first sight and no. This universe exists for no reason therefore soulmates can't exist.

No. 773592

no everyone sucks pls stfu

No. 773594

I do believe in love a first sight, we are visual creatures as much as some like to deny it. Problem arises once the two people start getting to know everything about each other kek

No. 773595

Insta keeps showing me these clips where it's someone petting a cute puppy and the caption is 'my gf said she didn't want a dog so I had to choose bewteen her or getting a puppy, did I make the right choice?' And it's just spammed with comments declaring that women obviously have less worth than a dog.

Just show me the dog, I don't care about your petty break up with your made up gf

No. 773596

i genuinely really believe in soulmates but it might just be because i like corny spiritual stuff like that, lmao.

No. 773598

I am temporarily taking acne medication that dries out my entire body to the point that going to the toilet is painful and after dealing with this literal shit for two months now it recently hit my slow-ass brain that I could just get some laxatives.
Took two days, with one pill each day, and I finally had the smoothest poop in weeks. The level of relief my ass and I feel right now is amazing. It feels like I'm in heaven.

No. 773601

I believe in attraction at first sight, a lot of people have a hard time figuring out the difference between love and attraction so I can see how it might be mistaken for more than just thinking someone is hot.
But I also believe in soulmates, and the fact that it doesn't always have to be a significant other.

No. 773608

I think the idea of soul mates is often unrealistic, mainly because I think when it comes to meeting 'the one' most of us actually meet 2 or 3 major people rather than just 1. They all have value.

Soulmates tend to be seen as permanent parters. I'm just not a fan of aiming for 'a forever partner' and seeing anything less than that as failure.

No. 773609

>love at first sight
Isn't that just being horny. What's the difference

No. 773612

File: 1617211444369.jpeg (34.74 KB, 380x380, 13AACF75-EFAC-43E8-91B0-F072B1…)

I get posted in the Lolcows Own Caps threads quite a bit. I’m sorry anons, I have nobody else to sperg to.

No. 773617

Falling in love is a hassle a waste of time

No. 773618

Why apologize? You're in the hall of fame

No. 773619

The amount of time it took to get this post to get this many replies tells me so many anons other than me are hornyposting this fine day. Anyway I think love at first sight exists but not in a good way; I think it’s when you’re so attracted to someone and can’t explain why so you assign positive traits to them that end up being out of your pespective and personal wants and cannots in a partner, not the subject of interests reality. Godspeed to you anonitas, take your time and thoroughly know people before declaring love for them.

No. 773621

I don’t believe in love at first sight because you can tell so little about someone by their appearance alone. I believe in soulmates in a kind of non-spiritual way - like everyone is unique so it’s hard to find someone you completely gel with. I also don’t think soulmates necessarily have to be romantic - you can be deeply connected with someone without that aspect. I don’t believe everyone has one single potential soulmate either.

No. 773626

File: 1617212217047.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1445, 28DDBBDB-C28A-4AE2-908B-8BA18B…)

That’s how to “boost engagement” on social media. Just give a tiny piece of bait that makes idiots feel like they have an opportunity to give their “hot takes” and they’ll absolutely fuck up the algorithm sperging out about how much they hate women or pineapple pizza or whatever. Usually women though.
It’s like when scrotes on Reddit decorate a room in their house with stormtroopers and shit. They know if they just posted the pic no one would care, so they caption it like “my wife would never let me turn her crafting room into a gaming room, but then she left me for my best friend. silver lining: now I have the man cave of my dreams.” Now they get thousands of upvotes, several gold medals, and hundreds of comments of “wife bad” and “women bad.”
It’s so fucking retarded and transparent, but idiots always fall for it.

No. 773629

Drink more water and eat some veggies, holy shit. I took the same medication and never had that issue. You really don't need laxatives, please don't start taking them regularly.

No. 773630

That's attraction at first sight, not love.

No. 773647

No and no. I mean if you happen to lust over a guy from the first moment and it turns into a longterm relationship, of course it's a more romantic narrative to say it was love at first sight, because we all like giving significance to things. I don't think soul mates are a thing, it's only a thing people either use to justify to stay in toxic relationships or to feel more special than others.

No. 773648

File: 1617213206765.gif (48.02 KB, 280x210, 7ac639616959cec46f85e2e51a766f…)

just finished crying after fingering myself to kazuma kiryu's voice. what is everypony up to this lovely wednesday evening?

No. 773656

File: 1617213473968.png (8.5 KB, 485x209, baseed_mrclean.PNG)

tbh it is time to scrub men off this earth

No. 773660

> lovely wednesday evening
You heard of timezones?

No. 773667

I kind of wonder how angry they'd be if the genders were switched. Like if a woman converted her ex's mancave into a room to for her plush collection, or if a woman picked a dog over her boyfriend.
They'd probably comment shit like "This is just sad, you're a pathetic lonely woman" or "Yeah, you probably fuck the dog too".

No. 773673

File: 1617214014434.jpg (83.6 KB, 640x715, 103e77cef7aeadc8971dace00d648e…)

Nah it still works. Alyssa Silos went viral over a post like that. Women use the internet too and are just as susceptible to that kind of bait post.

No. 773684

Man I doubted fujos were closeted lesbians but now I think the antis are correct.

No. 773692

File: 1617215122621.jpg (8.44 KB, 564x564, ca292c763da40af9cd9da7bc3aa228…)

Come off spoiler and say that to my face anon

No. 773713

Kazuma deserves all the happiness…i wish he could live a nice life as a wholesome dad.

No. 773717

Kek anon, that's cute as fuck. Reminds me of when I ordered black coffee at a lolita meet cause I didn't know anything about coffee at the time

No. 773721

File: 1617216555745.jpeg (142.45 KB, 1920x1080, 520FA3A0-6D28-4FC3-8898-52BD0D…)

I refuse to watch any reddit scrote shit with my bf like GOT or Tarantino films. When I do humor it, I point out every dumb ass thing and laugh at the self insert male characters.
But he seriously gets invested in stuff like Gone Girl and Fleabag or fujo shit with me and afterwards I go on ADHD fueled dissertations about them. He drinks my every word. Now he laughs at male gaze media just as much as I do and makes BL anime references. I think this nigga is in love.

No. 773725

I wore knee/thigh socks all through college but now I'm a tights girl. I've tons of videos of perverts taping up the skirt so if that ever happens to me, it'll look like a black hole to them. Also the last time I wore knee socks after a long while, a random scumbag smacked my butt

No. 773729

File: 1617216954240.jpg (10.77 KB, 200x200, X0NAl9L7_200x200.jpg)

Some newfags from Twitter and KF are shitting up threads with no sage over the past hour…jesus

No. 773732

Based AF. Damn, really need to watch Fleabag soon.

No. 773736

File: 1617217228848.jpg (302.89 KB, 1398x2048, 20210331_215950.jpg)

Discostang, so close to a-logging

No. 773746

I am going to punch this man

No. 773749

Thank you for this, anon. It grosses me out.

No. 773763

I always say to my friends I don't want a boyfriend I don't want to get married etc etc but sometimes I wonder how nice it would be if I met someone I actually liked but today I thought about how I would have to be lovey dovey with him, like wipe his disgusting face if he gets food on it or touch his greasy hair or hold his sweaty hand in my sweaty hand and all my doubts passed, I don't want to do that shit it's disgusting I can't imagine doing it even with a guy I liked
This is the scrotiest scrote I've ever seen

No. 773765

I wanna be you when I grow up anon

No. 773766

I drink almost 3 liters of water a day, and always bringing a water bottle wherever I go so I make sure to keep myself hydrated. Also spent way too much money on expensive moisturizer because the one they gave me together with the meds didn't do shit.
While the backne I'm taking medication for is looking a lot better I sure hope it will completely go away soon because this is so frustrating.

No. 773769

Please tell me youre the racist /pol/tard with the crusty 40-year-old bf

No. 773772

You're into women.

No. 773778

File: 1617219694452.jpeg (139.27 KB, 1000x1000, 0DBEF23A-72C7-4832-B8F4-AA6368…)

Am I the only one who doesn't think that Sol de Janeiro and their products are literally god's gift to mankind? I like their stuff, but the manic craze so many people apparently have for their shit is weird to me. I've tried most everything from them and I just don't see why people go goo goo gah gah over the line. I bought one of their newest body creams and I really wish it was more hydrating - it smells good but it feels more like a lotion than a cream. And I think their OG scent, the salted caramel one, could be sweeter. But don't mention this on Sephora, you'll get downvoted to hell if your review isn't >5 stars, so yummy!!!! my boyfie tried to eat me last night tee hee.

No. 773780

I always wonder what happened to Jess Woods? I think she was actually how I found this site.. like from a really old thread

No. 773781

No unfortunately penis excites me too much.

No. 773783

I'm pretty sure she quit the internet for good. Actually I think that thread may have been the reason she left and didn't come back. That thread was created right around the time she was coming back after a hiatus o]and/or style change (don't remember) and then suddenly disappeared. I don't know if it was archived but someone made a thread about her on PULL and she made an account to reply so she definitely knows the thread here exists.

No. 773789

Anon what medication are you taking? Are you noticing improvements with scarring and hyperpigmentation?

No. 773791

I have never related so much to a video.

No. 773794

File: 1617221222375.jpg (372.78 KB, 1944x1452, 1610910053660.jpg)

Did you see this pic that was posted in her thread? No more moon forest fairy

No. 773801

It's called isotretinoin here, but when I googled it seems to also be called Accutane and Roaccutane. It has helped A LOT with the acne despite it not being fully gone yet, luckily I haven't experienced any scarring but I have a hard time telling if there is any hyperpigmentation since it's only on my back.
It's really strong so you'll have monthly appointments with your dermatologist where you also have to take urinal tests (one of the reasons being that they want to make sure you're not pregnant since birth defects are pretty much a guarantee while you're taking them) and occasionally even blood tests depending on what they say.

No. 773804

I had to go on that twice for my acne I think it was Roaccutane here it was called.

You need to drink a lot of water, lots.
Get some lip balm or something for your lips because they will end up being chapped and dry and bleed.

No way around it sadly, stay strong avoid alcohol and give yourself time I wish you all the best for it !

No. 773805

File: 1617222165242.png (356.58 KB, 720x532, Screenshot_20210401-010537.png)

Its almost fascinatingly bizzare how the modern slasher films "fandom" is mostly teen girls and women who either selfship themselves with the slashers or ship the slashers with each other

Like I remember a decade or so a go, online discussion of these films were dominated by creepy boomer men who were explicitly misogynystic about the killings, but now discussion of slasher films is mostly always female majority

No. 773812

I usually have lip balm both in my pocket and one extra at home, but it took a while for me to realize how dependent I'd end up on it.
I'm happy to see someone else having gone through this struggle though lol, sorry you've had to be on it twice though because this is seriously inconvenient. How did it turn out with the hyperpigmentation for you?

No. 773823

I love otk socks and tbh I think it’s really about how you style them. There are more normie ways to wear them, but it can be a slippery slope. I regularly struggle with the fact that I started liking them because I was groomed by a man with a sock fetish when I was a tween and associated them with praise and people liking me, and they definitely contribute to people thinking I’m younger than I actually am, but unfortunately I still like them too much to give them up.

No. 773828

I never really had much hyperpigmentation to deal with my only real issue with just very dry and chapped lips, I would get them during winter if it was very dry but these would be dry regardless of what I did.

so its a sign its working for you but also to stay the course and do your best to deal with it, my only real skincare issue is more acne scars and trying to have them not appear as visible or bumpy in a sense.

But im honestly really thankful I went through it, it made such a difference.

No. 773855

This is the way. Gj anon.
I saw the title and I thought it might be based but now I just feel bad. She’s going to attract all the tradthot hunters that want shy introverted virginal wife who won’t cheat or leave because she has idealistic if not naive view of love and relationships.
Theorizing about men won’t prepare her for when she finds out how long men can keep up the Mr. Right act until you’re locked in.

No. 773863

File: 1617229076311.jpeg (76.67 KB, 749x1086, 09931A65-F7D9-4BE5-8269-05602F…)

all of the other anons ignore me because of my aggressive bad bitch energy

No. 773866

The problem is the self-esteem issues and heterosexual attraction in general. Heterosexuality requires women to be hurt, abused, in pain, discomfort, a damsel that has to fall in love with a crazy ass monsterous scrote, a field delicate flower to be plucked apart by some greasy chode owner. It’s the sick poison that has been fed to a bunch of girls that they can “fix” these psychos and turn them into a socialized human being. A heterosexual woman’s duty is to tame the innate monster in order to have a decent relationship with men or to be tortured by them. A lot of women who fall for slashers are mostly in it for the fantasy and the thrill of it, realistically they wouldn’t support murderers, just the thrill of doing something immoral and taboo.

No. 773879

too bad I'm unignoring you right now

No. 773883

File: 1617230394674.png (721.88 KB, 680x680, oh god.png)

Whoever the woman in the pic is she is ridiculously beautiful

No. 773898

Anon I'm sorry but you were obviously not on deviantart from 2004-probably now because the fandom has always consisted of horny chicks

No. 773929

File: 1617236831397.jpeg (108.1 KB, 750x608, 7126DB1A-651F-402F-91D0-0FD8D3…)

me and my different personalities (in the right thread)

No. 773931

thank you for the laff anon I saw this in the catalog and choked on my beverage

No. 773934

But these are basically the same

No. 773946


No. 773953

nta but I have a different conclusion. The thing about slasher villain's(with exceptions like Chucky and Freddy) is that their often the peak of masculinity but also never explicitly sexual, they are impossibly buff and tall killing machines with no emotion or personality but their not rapists(often times they kill rapist's) their not sexists, their not racists, they are essentialy blank slates and you can apply whatever personality you want for them to suit you

No. 773961

you ever cry and listen to Gene Wilder sing "pure imagination" while drunk?
I do

No. 773980

Samefag, explicitly regarding Michael Myers who is probably the most crushed on Slasher villain, the reason for this he isn't as ugly as your average slasher. I mean lets think about it.

Jason is water-logged and disgusting, Freddy is burnt to a crisp and nasty, Leatherface wears a skin mask and is mentally-handicapped, Chucky is a doll, and Pinhead…..well, he has pins in his head.

Michael is canonically said to be good looking, in fact there are debates on which version of Michael is the best looking, the Original Halloween 1 Version, Halloween 5, The H20 version or the Rob Zombie version
For me its original Michael followed by Rob Zombie Michael

No. 773990

File: 1617245786020.png (52.57 KB, 619x769, robits.PNG)

Anyone else love following stupid random tumblr drama? Even if it's just dumb teenagers fighting there's something so entertaining about it, currently following this girl who pretends to have paranoia about turning into a robot and acted like she didn't know what coronavirus or the internet was because of an "alter"

No. 773991

The corpse husband thread is the best one on this site right now
It's making everyone's autism come to light with blinding intensity
It's Delicious anonitas

No. 773999

Do you think she has enough milk for a thread?

No. 774003

Love at first sight just sounds like horniness, but then again, being attracted to your partner is important too. In soulmates I do believe. There's almost 8bio people on this earth, at least one of them is bound to be perfect for me and the other way round.

No. 774005

Today the cute butch at my work said I had nice arms and squeezed my bicep. I almost died instantly. I still feel like screaming

No. 774030

File: 1617252306469.jpg (179.09 KB, 1080x1080, 1615258894810.jpg)

ladies. oh my god i got a tip for a vaccine line from a coworker today and subsequently scheduled an appointment for a dose tomorrow on the first day for adults in my state, this is not a drill or april fools joke.
like idk maybe call me optimistic but i'm finally settling into my first apartment and now this, really any steps toward the light at the end of the tunnel just has me just so giddy

No. 774031

A family acquaintance is engaged to her bf but he's so ugly compared to her and I feel bad that she has to look at him like 20+ years. I feel like she settled since she's pretty and nice and cute etc. RIP. Doesn't help that she wants … 3 kids…

No. 774035

File: 1617253206355.jpg (101.94 KB, 564x763, 1920s France La Vie Parisienne…)

This week went by so fast! Tomorrow is Friday! I was lazy this week, but I will be exceptionally lazy on the weekend.

No. 774046

I fucking love old women so much. They are so cool. Man I can not wait till I'm an old radical nana.

No. 774049

File: 1617255490137.jpg (63.31 KB, 387x507, LifeFlapper1922.jpg)

kek me too.
I was just looking at old flapper art because of picrel I saw in a yt video. Same minds, nonny, same minds.

No. 774052

File: 1617255968270.gif (7.58 MB, 480x360, GMKKdV8.gif)

Idk how Bob Ross does that flicky flicky thing with with his brushes. I tried to do it and got paint and water everywhere

No. 774070

File: 1617260532086.png (1.4 MB, 1302x654, dfgdgd.png)

I laughed so fucking hard at this and felt a need to share it with someone

No. 774075

Those eyes, no matter where she's looking they're hypnotizing me. Lol anonita, who's the author?

No. 774083

File: 1617263064348.jpg (823.94 KB, 1320x2040, 44061a1579921195f4746221.jpg)

DoctorGlasgow, it's from his webcomic Ennui Go!
Warning though: it starts having occasional porny one or two pages (he has luckily enough confirmed that he is never going to lewd the kids in the previous strip) but it's otherwise mostly one page gags and sometimes pretty solid arcs with character development, believe it or not. It has a slow start though but it kinda grows on you as the comic starts to find an identity.

No. 774091

I'm watching the DiC Media dub of sailor moon and its fucking hilarious(sometimes purposefully and sometimes unintentionally) the corny dialogue, the Localization quirks and the voice actresses being adult women voicing 14 year olds

No. 774093

File: 1617265910193.jpeg (119.86 KB, 750x255, 18AED4A8-4C08-43AE-93FB-1DF218…)

I was trying to find one of my local ice cream shop's menu and I stumbled upon their website…this is one of the worst color combos I have ever seen. I can barely even read it!

No. 774095

File: 1617266330759.png (41.06 KB, 1257x317, altarage.png)

Every time I see that Blisters Wournos thread I think it's an Altarage song
>>774093 disgusting

No. 774097

File: 1617266409881.png (1.08 MB, 1043x755, itsbad.PNG)

Jesus, this is like a chimera of every popular webcomic from the early 2000s, filtered through the sensibilities of modern idiot coomers. There's a third panel that I'm not even including because it's that disgusting. It just gets worse and worse. Are you male or something? You like this? Sorry to harsh the vibe but this is insane.

No. 774099

File: 1617267494548.jpg (859.21 KB, 1320x2040, 44061a1575508179f914016952.jpg)

Nah, I'm a woman. It gets better, but yeah it's a chore to go through. I was just curious when I stumbled upon it on smackjeeves and realized how many fans it had on top of having 1000+ pages so I wanted to see what the deal was with it and kept reading out of boredom until it actually got better and found an identity other than "lolololol main character is a rich asshole and her friend got a big dick"

No. 774101

>Jesus, this is like a chimera of every popular webcomic from the early 2000s, filtered through the sensibilities of modern idiot coomers
Spot on. It somehow makes me think of Questionable Content and Chugworth Academy (disgusting and yet he made so much worse comic based on violence against women, hope the author rots) at the same time

No. 774112

I hate it when people I match with on tinder have a profile in english because idk if they're from somewhere else or actually speak my country's language and I'm scared of trying either of them in case I end up looking like a fool.

No. 774119

kek I know right, this shit is dredging up every web comic I ever read as a middle schooler. Definite, strong notes of Questionable Content and Least I Could Do, with the obligatory shades of Penny Arcade. Even the floppy haired guy is an imitation of Beef from Achewood. No offense meant to OP, we all have our vices. Full offense to the author though.

No. 774168

My ass is so plushie and I don't even know if I like it or not

No. 774170

File: 1617282449061.jpg (52.14 KB, 900x833, 156436506_10101539256675779_22…)

I'm a BPD fag that is currently 1/3 into my DBT therapy, and both me and the other girl I'm doing the "group" sessions with are both really doing our best with the homework and asking questions, and it makes me so excited and is a great motivator. I was already motivated to begin with since I've been working hard to get this therapy for almost a year, but having someone else that is just as motivated to get her life on track is the perfect push when it's hard.

Looking forward to get a grip on my emotional life so I can finally get therapy for my trauma, I'm going to become a functional human being anons and I'm looking forward to it so much

No. 774171

File: 1617282559620.jpg (68.26 KB, 1000x571, 10361_fel22388.jpg)

I could eat buckets of these. But then again, I could eat buckets of anything that's sweet and unhealthy so

No. 774173

I love orange juice so much but if I have it in my house I drink it by the litre. I just want oj in the morning without spiraling into a juice fiend.

No. 774174

File: 1617283135536.jpeg (23.17 KB, 600x600, sojade.jpeg)

I raise you this. I could drown in those.

No. 774175

Also I prefer the coconut version of that brand.

No. 774176

I'm not familiar with this brand, but I would love to try it

No. 774178

File: 1617284014201.jpeg (19.96 KB, 300x300, E0CAA17E-BAAA-43F2-9E0B-3D8A09…)

This shit mixed with blueberries. Better than chocolate or any fancy dessert.

No. 774191

The dark chocolate one is perfect

No. 774193

the only way I’m given attention is acting unintentionally like a dumbass I would be the best online personality

No. 774195

omg yesssss, the taste of vanilla and the blueberries complement each other perfectly

No. 774201

Anyone remember that series Kid Nation? I was the same age as the oldest members of the cast when it aired so I genuinely passionately rooted for them and also I had a crush on Sophia

No. 774209

I have such a love hate relationship with the DiC dub. I was practically raised on it and the Tokyopop! manga, but god they are really the epitome of everything wrong with 2000’s anime dubbing.

No. 774231

File: 1617293560940.png (834.75 KB, 807x741, Sperg v sperg.PNG)

YT writing advice community is kind of fun when when it gets into fights. Anyone with a whiff of success is to busy to have a constant channel, often preferring one off lectures and interviews to teach, or knows their career isn't worth dying over some random internet sperg. That means the only people left to fight on writing online are spergs. No good guys or bad guys just spergs.
Pic related. Wont stop claiming "we're professional writers", but their only job is writing a random podcast no one gives a fuck about.

No. 774235

I root for you bpdfag

No. 774242

File: 1617294422466.jpeg (3.45 KB, 310x163, alpro.jpeg)

since were talking about alpro i really wish i was drinking picrel right now

No. 774243



No. 774244

i want the anon who posted her macaroons and got shat on to know that i don't think her macaroons looked that bad and that i would eat them. if she'd used a little food colouring to make them blue or something i bet they would've looked fine. macaroons are hard as fuck to make too so the fact they even turned out edible is good enough. fuck these haters macaroon-chan you did a good job!

No. 774245

Oh, I remembed putting on their Lily Orchard shit as background noise. I remember them alluding to their OC characters and storylines as a point of comparison at some points, and I thought to myself "wow, it sounds like shit". Definitely two guys that found each other and keep sucking off each others cocks to the point they got an overinflated ego. Honestly, somewhat envious.

No. 774251

Hear, hear.
The entire thread was so bizzare from the response to it getting locked.

No. 774253

tbh macaroon-chan should not have overreacted so hard over a simple comment about them being undercooked…really reminds you that twitter people are on lc now

No. 774255

What was her reaction?

No. 774260

Is this the soy variant? I remember buying this the first time when I was 15 or so. I never made sure whether I'm allergic to soy or not, so I read up the symptoms and started crying because I thought I'm gonna die from a stupid ass chocolate soy drink (all while sipping on said stupid ass chocolate soy drink). Not allergic to soy btw.

No. 774262

File: 1617296427777.jpeg (129.27 KB, 1019x1100, 69D762E3-EE74-4A2F-9346-5E3F78…)

I didn’t even know who Corpse Husband was but I speedrun his entire life so I could participate in dragging a man lmao
So much funnier than female cows.

No. 774267

File: 1617296907370.jpeg (448.75 KB, 1200x1200, B77FA56B-C8FF-44BD-B594-6CC5A2…)

can tylenol put you in a happier mood? I want to take some kek

No. 774268

best male cow ATM for sure, he and his fanbase are so enjoyably cringy

No. 774272

File: 1617297169998.jpg (29.06 KB, 450x625, Screenshot_15.jpg)

this is my personal crack cocaine. I could drink it anytime, anywhere

No. 774275

I eat this garbage all the time and I'm still a bitch

No. 774278

File: 1617297575013.png (271.39 KB, 586x325, 48336076_3.PNG)

I've gotten angry at my bf and left "to avoid arguing" but the second I arrived home I calmed down, seems like my asocial ass just wanted to be alone and made up an excuse. No idea how people deal with living with their partners 24/7, I love the guy but time alone is priceless.

No. 774281

File: 1617297962139.png (211.97 KB, 720x1374, Screenshot_20210401-222501.png)

I decided to look up Michael Myers ships for the fun of it(assuming there wouldn't be much content) and fucking hell

No. 774297

This looks so delicious where is it from? Am burgerfag and it doesn’t look familiar

No. 774298

I love horror movies they are my bread and butter and I’m absolutely cackling at this wtf

No. 774302

File: 1617300673611.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1125x1778, 1614489835726.jpeg)

I love asking people what their favorite show is and telling them how many hits on ao3 it has. Bonus points if I only include works rated m+ or with a random fetish tag

No. 774303

Blame the Dead by Daylight fandom for turning him into this awkward autist that just wants friends but can't express himself. There are people now crying that Myers fanfics aren't violent enough because all these young girls just want to change him.

No. 774307

tbf to them, Micheal Myers is canonically supposed to be good looking, Tall, Muscular build and he's supposed to have an Angelic face
So there's a reason why he gets shipped the most then other Slasher's

No. 774308

File: 1617300961546.gif (368.7 KB, 220x205, B96791B5-4083-42E9-A2E4-649EAE…)


No. 774331

There aren’t that many twitterfags here, they can’t go two minutes without whining about whatever ism is their new pet project.

No. 774339

It's a Belgian brand but they sell in several other European countries as well. Picrel banana soy milk is really delicious

No. 774340

File: 1617303597208.gif (719.62 KB, 500x315, NnWqcCh.gif)

I should've called out todaay

Just got my second COVID shot and spent last night in a fever, but figured I might be okay in the morning. Curse my optimism, I am death rn

No. 774344

anon will we ever see you again

No. 774358

seeing anna k’s baby is setting off my baby fever again aaaaaa i want babies!!!!

No. 774363

You bet yer ass I'm going to lovingly haunt you bitches if I die
>just now I emailed to leave 30mins early, praying boss lady says yes to my mess

No. 774374

That full head of hair is so adorable, setting off my baby fever too lol but ig if I want to have a baby by Anna’s age I still have 14 years to get knocked up kek.

No. 774379

I really hope the bird girl cartoon, birdman reboot, turns out to be good because it looks like it has has tuca and bernie potential.
I think it's main problem is that it's was obviously not a birdman reboot at first. The trailer is nothing like the original show to the point it barely classifies as a reboot. I felt like it was another show mid production, but AS said "This wont sell unless we put a known brand on it". It feels like they're forcing another show into the Birdman format.
I also feel like it could be derailed by sjw sperging real quick. A black guy named "the feels", a fat latina woman, and a female version of the mind taker all feel like a leftist nut dream. It doesn't bother me that much, but it kind of put a few alarm bells in my head.
Also I do wonder how Birdgirl will be characterized. She was kind of one not in the og show because her only personality was "I love birdman" and her only jokes were "Im bad at being birdman/My dad wants to fuck me".

No. 774380

Honestly I want to have kids but I don't just want to settle for anyone and I'm not sure if I want to raise one alone. Everytime I see cute kids it makes me think about wanting them though

No. 774382

finding out that d'angelo wallace likes pussy is the biggest plot twist i've ever witnessed

No. 774385

File: 1617307770113.jpg (563.9 KB, 2000x1492, cri_000000347466.jpg)

Anyone want a cup of tea?

No. 774391

File: 1617308022173.jpg (20.25 KB, 480x480, 86697335_611534093004030_20836…)

Finally installed Adblock Browser app on my phone and it felt so good to read mangos safely on my bed

No. 774399

There are old lc posts I wanna post in the screen cap thread, but I'm to lazy to find them. Main two are the "I like it when anime girls have anus hair because it makes me less insecure about mine" and "If this is a female imageboard why do we call them newfags and not newdykes?"

No. 774410

Late but my misogynist narcissist ex literally went on a rant on me after I broke up with him because he thought I broke up with him because of fleabag?? Like it was a good show and yes, very relatable but do give me some credit dude, I have eyes and can see that this relationship is going nowhere - no need for the BBC to tell me what to do

No. 774412

dont fuck with nature

No. 774420

I have a genderspecial classmate. She doesn't have much of a way of expressing it other than declaring she is, since our language isn't gendered for the most part, but she's active in online SJW circles. During our latin course the teacher kept correcting one girl using neutral form adjectives with obviously female nouns (mother, goddess) and the prof joked about not needing to be so afraid of gendering things, the romans weren't known for about their progressive gender politics. People smiled, and this enby girl's lips got so narrow, her eyes almost popped out of her skull, I was ready for some prime shitshow or her leaving the zoom call. But she said nothing, which I guess how most of these "epic takedowns" actually happen in reality.

No. 774430

File: 1617312322628.jpeg (253.46 KB, 749x1056, 3AC147DF-44A6-4130-B2E0-0B362D…)

No. 774431

File: 1617312372607.jpg (16.92 KB, 256x256, 30de4ab950285bc2b708cedd22ba30…)

Nonette/nonnette, nonnita/nonita, nonny/nonnie and nona > anonita > anã

No. 774435

File: 1617312855813.jpeg (25.6 KB, 500x395, EX4q1ahXQAMF6zS.jpeg)

Ah ouais nonette

No. 774438

File: 1617313216815.jpg (33.08 KB, 464x464, 1616072961786.jpg)

No. 774445

File: 1617314455595.gif (29.99 KB, 480x320, 2.gif)

wrong, anonita

No. 774447

File: 1617314834409.jpg (5.46 KB, 350x294, 45e7a23dc36b2b049c6dfcc1793bad…)

Fuck no
Drop that ugly ass A, nonita

No. 774448

I know salt is a mineral, but it's crazy how much it tastes like a mineral. Tastes like it's straight off the periodic table

No. 774450

i will never understand people who take five minutes to order in fast food lines or order food in general, are they retarded? can they not read the menu? coming from a notoriously indecisive person I can't understand

No. 774451

I thought nonny was a word used to mean an anon older than 29 years old of age

No. 774453

File: 1617315361734.jpg (57.55 KB, 384x313, 1611658009762.jpg)

Bizarre ass pull, nonny

No. 774455

Maybe she thought nonny was supposed to be like nonna?

No. 774456

File: 1617316247334.jpg (30.86 KB, 660x574, 1591908383540.jpg)

The Corpse Husband thread is making me anxious. It's nearly at post limit (over 1200 posts), but they're still making nonsensical throwaway posts/commentary and no one's posted a link to a new thread yet. At this rate, it's going to lock before anyone can finish the OP of the second thread and link to it.
By the time I've posted this, it'll probably already be maxed out.
It's a very funny thread and I'm still wondering if anons will manage to find his ass, but I really wish the newfags, PULLtards and Twitterfags would just calm the fuck down.

No. 774463

I think you could also benefit from calming down. someone will make a new thread and you will be able to find it on /snow/ like usual. it's not the end of the world.

No. 774464

File: 1617317346865.jpg (6.33 KB, 206x245, tank.jpg)

I just woke up, and the first thing I see on here is someone's shit in a fucking drawer

No. 774465

I know, but I just get autistic about things like that. It's going to be annoying if the threads need to be archived and posted elsewhere at some point. Having them all linked to each other is so clean and convenient.

No. 774466

I hate whoever made that thread

No. 774497

Does anyone have caps of those posts some anon made sperging about circumcision? I want to laff

No. 774507

File: 1617323908027.png (71.95 KB, 400x140, 1548961715969.png)

I used to feel really disgusted and insecure about my body, so much so that I'd avoid looking in the mirror through most of my life… but after taking some nudes for the first time I literally can't stop 'mirin myself and getting horny over my own photos. Is this Patrick Bateman level of narcissism?

No. 774509

no dumb bitch thats self love, i strive to be like you some day anon

No. 774519

im so fukkin thirsty i want an apple juice

No. 774529

Pfft virgin apple juice drinker vs chad orange juice (with high pulp) drinker. jk I like both

No. 774530

I don't get how people can brush their teeth in 2 minutes or less. I switched to an electric toothbrush recently and the built in timer feels like I'm being rushed lmao. I used to just count in my head as I brushed but when I timed myself recently without counting (and using a manual brush) I took about 3ish minutes to feel like I properly brushed.

No. 774532

I only drink orange juice when i'm hungover ngl. It just hits different when i feel like a raisin

No. 774537

god bless the normies

No. 774540

My hands have so much dead skin coming off of them since I actually started taking care of them and I feel like a gecko shedding it's skin

No. 774542


I remember him admitting in a video last year that he didn't get the whole trans thing, and apologized for his past ignorant bigot behavior. Damn it I forgot what video that was..it was a quick thing that stood out to me.

No. 774569

I get it

No. 774579

Isn't three minutes the recommended time, anyway?

No. 774584

File: 1617334356797.jpeg (54.79 KB, 748x421, 6F303440-168A-4689-959A-382405…)

>finds picture to retaliate.
>doesn’t post it because it could make other nonitas squeamish.
Maybe I should just post it somewhere else.

No. 774586

you are weak

No. 774593

Don't listen to that anon, you're correct and I love you for looking out to other nonnies

No. 774594

Don't listen to that anon, post it.

No. 774598

Don't listen to that anon, don't post it

No. 774601


No. 774605


No. 774608

Don't do it anon!

No. 774610

What’s your new hand routine? My hands are so dry they look about 3 decades older than the rest of my body, I bet they’d shed so much if I actually took care of them.

No. 774613

…What is it though…

No. 774615

Do do it anon

No. 774624

It was just a naked guy hung up by his skin with some hooks I looked for it because the picture the scrote posted was a suspension fetish one and I recognized that thing from that one natgeo episode about freaks doing freaky things on tv.

No. 774626

File: 1617339083575.jpeg (1.86 MB, 2365x2365, f74f3c1c-969b-4668-ac9d-22ef2e…)

I don't really have a routine tbh, I just use a lot of lotion (pic rel, it's cheap as fuck but I love it), the exfoliating side of a face brush to get the dead skin off and occasionally use a body scrub on them. For some context, I over wash my hands which is what's causing the dryness, and I have wounds from the skin splitting open. It's all healing and getting better and I've only been doing it for a couple days! kind of tmi, but I suspect I have ocd, and as dumb as it sounds, I haven't had nice hands in years so this all makes me very happy

No. 774634

It's so funny seeing the same screencap circulate between lc, kiwi farms, terfblr and adjacent online spaces and playing chicken & egg trying to figure out who discovered it first

No. 774637

File: 1617341322569.jpg (107.02 KB, 800x571, Художник Александр Аверин.jpg)

I want to make a dessert, but I have no fucking idea what to even make. I don't have any milk, brown sugar or cocoa. Why does my pantry always fail me I'm too lazy to go grocery shopping, but I wanted to settle down and just read lesbian erotic stories, eat desserts and paint all weekend, so I guess I will just settle for ice cream

No. 774640

going online and seeing women thirst over a character named the darkling is so cringey. i don't care how hot the actor or character is that is the lamest fucking name and these women should not reproduce.

No. 774641

my animal crossing island is so nice

No. 774642

same anon - minimal waterfalls, flows well, my villagers can interact with everything, no clutter. good shit.

No. 774646

Please teach me your ways, I’m struggling with mine so much and lost all motivation

No. 774693

File: 1617352451041.png (535 B, 82x19, p.PNG)

the fuck the P stands for now

No. 774696

File: 1617352683617.jpg (11.46 KB, 450x450, 61IEAzKutUL._AC_SS450_.jpg)

Saw a car with this decal on it and my sides went into fucking orbit. We truly live in a society

No. 774700

Polyamorous I am guessing?

No. 774707

Probably pansexual or polyamorous like the other anon said.

No. 774727

Schitts Creek got cringe when David got a boyfriend and did thst dance.

No. 774733

File: 1617360579473.jpg (35.1 KB, 466x829, 1604447749968.jpg)

Every time I see the discord cows thread I get reminded of the farms rp and /tg/ server and how everybody is too scared to talk there because nobody wants to expose their autism. All of the people there seem to be incredibly gifted some way usually involving writing or drawing, and have all been a treat to talk to.
also i'm pretty sure one of the anons there is side eyeing me for unknowingly buying from a reseller from aliexpress. I'm sorry, please forgive me. I've learned better since then!

No. 774746

File: 1617363605192.png (181.21 KB, 653x519, 7684a079f1afaa9cfe31190d602587…)

If anyone would for some reason ever wonder how much I love my monstera I want you to know I just showed it a picture of a really big one and said "this will be you one day!"

No. 774747

File: 1617364677529.jpeg (116.38 KB, 750x721, 77C9C8F6-D6B6-4656-BBE3-A0E522…)

good morning binches

No. 774749

File: 1617365243268.jpg (9.6 KB, 274x348, FB_IMG_1575487979964.jpg)

Good morning I wish I had slept but everything just kept waking me up and now I am just zombie

No. 774758

She really didn't. That's what even a small taste of fame and ass kissing sycophants do to you
>the fuck the P stands for now

No. 774772

File: 1617370294564.jpeg (115.66 KB, 1024x706, A433150A-EEFC-4CD8-8E6E-00ED57…)

The only good thing about feeling nauseous all the time and my male doctor being an unhelpful retard about it is that I’m losing weight

No. 774774

File: 1617370506569.jpg (18.96 KB, 747x65, teeth.JPG)

I've always been told two minutes, but I don't know if it's different outside of burgerland. I'm getting each of my quadrants done in 30 seconds and just going back for an extra minute after just to make sure my mouth feels clean.

No. 774785

File: 1617372886709.jpg (5.86 KB, 235x195, jeMeesr.jpg)

i'm sorry anon i hope you get better sleep tonight

No. 774790

omg me too anon, I can’t sleep for shit anymore i hope you are visited by the fairy of sleep and serotonin every night bby

No. 774807

How can the singers in late 80s/early 90s live performances just keep on bouncing all the time, I feel my calves dying just from watching

No. 774823

No. 774835

File: 1617379076239.jpeg (94.42 KB, 750x535, 91B939EB-E318-4D41-B481-B9CE00…)

Just submitted my shitty mediocre paper! Cheers to being a dumbass!

No. 774854

I made an account on Her and I was thinking to myself, “I wonder if the first person to send me a like on here will be mtf” and I was right

No. 774856

Kek I almost want to try this but no

No. 774857

Whenever I look up shipping/fanfic stuff on Google it suggests "lemons" even though no one has used that word since 2007. Anyone else notice this?

No. 774858

I used it as a teen back in the mid-2010s, but I don’t read or contribute fan fiction anymore so I wouldn’t know if the word has fallen out of use or not. I guess I haven’t really seen it around in a while.

No. 774877

Heading out ot the shops here if anyone needs anything but I've noticed girlies that my hoodies with pockets in the front got me feeling like a kangaroo. Funny that nature gave a female of a species a biological pocket yet male human designers are so tight about it. Anyway, men suck!

No. 774882

Somebody at work brought in boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts and I cant stop eating them. The worst part is everyone left so it’s just me with unattended delicious chocolate donuts and I can’t fucking stop. I have no willpower. Please end me

No. 774888

Pasta bake, though I'm not sure what that is lol.

No. 774891

File: 1617384200899.jpg (27.48 KB, 600x575, FB_IMG_1617298051163.jpg)

Bouta go to the store, should I make Mac n cheese or pasta bake for dinner?

No. 774895

Mac and cheese! Get fancy with breadcrumbs on top

No. 774897

Please cook your pasta al dente first. So sick of the wet chins on TikTok putting dry pasta into an oven with milk. Rinse under cold water when you’re done boiling it and cook a minute less than the recommended time. Sorry if you already do this but it is my personal mission to stop people from fucking up pasta

No. 774900

why do you rinse it with cold water ?

No. 774903

Nta but to stop it from keep cooking

No. 774907

which one?

No. 774910

It's okay anon, I plan on buying a dozen of their special springtime doughnuts and a dozen regular glazed today. Treat yo self!

No. 774911

File: 1617386218440.jpg (64.07 KB, 960x930, destroy.jpg)

I know most sane people should say that men should stop raping, murdering and mutilating women to make the world more peaceful, but a part of me wants to encourage women to be violent and aggressive in proportion to men. I low-key want men scared to walk down the street in fear of rape, I want prominent men to be sexually harassed by random women on the internet for the sake of memes, I want holidays where women and other female relatives get to sit down in in the living room and chat as the husband and scrambles to make food for all of them in the kitchen

No. 774922

Equality on both ends is equality nonetheless. If we can't get men to behave like a human, might as well get aggressive as fuck.

No. 774924

File: 1617387223932.jpg (125.25 KB, 720x679, JUST.jpg)

There's a scrote that frequents /snow/ that you can recognize easily because it always posts bait and then replies to 4-5 anons that took the bait in one post. I swear only scrotes reply to every single person who disagrees with them on an anonymous imageboard.

No. 774927

i quit smoking four weeks ago and i haven't craved it at all until right now when i may KILL to get one. help

No. 774928

>>774911 The thing that sucks about that though is that always makes other men witnessing more aggressive. Men are so passionate about their burning hatred for women that they'll always try to fight back and see us as weak little rape toys that can "put up a fight" or be a "screamer". That or they'll either fetishize our aggressiveness.

No. 774929

While I understand this feeling, why should a female dominated society look exactly like our current one, just with a role swap? Not only is it unrealistic, it's just boring. Why would you envy the men raised by the patriarchy? They're emotionally stunted, violent, unhygienic, sex-pests with low empathy and loose morals. Practically parasitic. My utopia is a lesbian separatist commune where we sunbathe topless and wear comfortable jeans with big pockets.

No. 774931

samefag. i'm so fucked up lol i didn't think to specify i was smoking cigarettes, so it's better to not give in, but fuuuuck

No. 774959

her sims videos suck booty but i love when she talks about off topic stuff and I honestly never expected her to get married but I’m so proud

No. 774961

Jesus christ, I watch her sometimes but I thought Kayla was like 18. Good for her though! I hope it lasts, afaik they've been ltr for most of this relationship.

No. 774966

File: 1617394113700.png (533.59 KB, 960x947, sausage.png)

Manwhores are fucking gross.

No. 774967

I cried