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No. 771391

Anything goes here.

No theme, no venting, no discussion about anything, you come here to be an absolute retard and shitpost. Post whatever you want. Bark if you want to. However, global rules still apply, don't infight, don't post nsfw shit, don't be racist, etc

Previous mental impairments:

No. 771399

Very cute threadpic ♥

No. 771401

File: 1616945441097.jpeg (269.05 KB, 1242x800, 0C0A3393-29AE-4BCA-88D6-71FCBA…)

No. 771402

bitch i'm a dog (woof grr)

No. 771407

File: 1616945843335.jpeg (879.6 KB, 750x938, 6E7D16D1-7CC8-4089-9CB0-2F31D5…)


No. 771413

My vegan ass is craving for that shit kek

No. 771416

File: 1616946479760.jpeg (73.38 KB, 1280x720, 726CBB35-9430-44A6-8629-2BD1F9…)

yummy delicious fart balls

No. 771421

File: 1616946690919.jpg (20.65 KB, 480x480, 21013523_10155018489268175_187…)

No. 771432

the boy I am is just venting venting deeeeaaaar gra vi ty you
down in this starless cityyy

No. 771433

File: 1616947971623.png (220.53 KB, 505x464, jo.png)


No. 771435

i boil that shit. it means cooking them in full water right? i don't even know other methods. airfryerhscdnbskjehlfhwl

No. 771437

The thread image is a stuffed animal I’ve had since I was 4 what the actual fuck

No. 771438

If you boil them then I hope you don't drain them after. Cooking in water leeches nutrients so you will miss out on some really important shit. When you cook with water make sure you're gonna actually use the water a la soup or stew.

No. 771449

No nonnie, I am a retard after all. But soup….. soup….. too watery…. sowwy…. i'll eat raw carrots

No. 771451

Best thread pic so far

Anyways today my brother is being an abusive scrote again. I'm tired. Can I get some hugs?

No. 771454

File: 1616949899591.jpeg (1.48 MB, 3076x4224, DACC226C-6181-4DE8-93DA-31FDD9…)

It’s going to be okay, anon. I hope he leaves you the fuck alone soon.

No. 771455

File: 1616949920602.gif (157.66 KB, 370x294, 4040aec4818664cb1875678e4504ea…)

I'm sorry let me hug you

No. 771467

File: 1616950477428.gif (781.63 KB, 356x200, B55A8EFD-17E6-4755-A6CD-EE5E88…)

No. 771468

a-anon are you suggesting she just eat plain boiled broc in hot water…??? or just “never boil it unless you’re making soup”?

No. 771479

File: 1616951208762.gif (405.47 KB, 220x193, 38718291-69B8-4AC7-B00F-F32005…)

Love u nonny. Is there someone around that can help you?

No. 771480

>she doesn’t eat her brocc deliciously boiled to perfection
Come on, anon, it’s delicious on its own.

No. 771511

File: 1616955332717.jpeg (106.76 KB, 1024x768, 6CE7233D-E918-4C4C-B2D9-CD5790…)

No. 771517

right that wasn’t my point though, my point was, are we supposed to be drinking the water like broccoli tea?? who consumes the water they boil veg in unless they’re specifically making soup?

sorry for being retarded about boiling broc but this is the thread for it

No. 771522

File: 1616956431589.jpeg (21.88 KB, 843x464, 8114FA8D-276B-4422-870F-BD364F…)

should I start a tiktok and and use it to fulfill my manifestation goals for validation, recognition, and one very specific encounter, or will I falter and will it fuck up my future opportunities for employment?

No. 771529

you shouldn't fucking be allowed to post spiders unspoilered anywhere except spider-themed forums specifically designed for that kind of thing

No. 771539

is this about people shipping hannibal and will? I just finished the first 2 seasons and even before looking into the fandom i knew they'd be a popular ship lol is anyone really surprised

No. 771540

File: 1616957832776.jpg (35.91 KB, 671x372, 53id5g.jpg)

An absolute madman

No. 771542

Ask sanic-sama.

No. 771545

I agree also I was searching for a program that could make a character walk across your screen and I only found one with bugs and spiders and when I opened the page with the download spiders started crawling across my screen, WHY would they do that

No. 771554

Original water anon here. When I said "use the water a la soup or stew" i meant fucking make it into a stew or soup. I did not mean drink the broccoli water as-is. Truly the retarded thread so I forgive you but your two brain cells need to regroup after this and do a post mortem.

No. 771559

File: 1616959819499.jpg (16.92 KB, 256x256, 30de4ab950285bc2b708cedd22ba30…)

>and one very specific encounter

I dreamt about my manifestation, but I really don't remember it. Hope it's a sign

No. 771562

Been dreaming about mine but I've devised multiple ways it can happen, I just don't know where we would collide exactly. My first thought is pure accident, crash into kind of situation because that tends to happen with me

No. 771568

File: 1616961067658.jpeg (56.35 KB, 640x360, 9EC0F37D-5353-4023-8DA5-29DC6A…)

No. 771569

File: 1616962108880.png (193.56 KB, 740x394, shit.png)

No. 771571

No. 771578

File: 1616964105777.jpg (54.69 KB, 661x372, EIEwUVB.jpg)

No. 771579

File: 1616964156454.jpg (110.07 KB, 640x360, nb uwu.jpg)

No. 771583

based and uwupilled

No. 771589

File: 1616965810700.jpeg (162.34 KB, 1242x699, 5664739D-E4E4-4A76-BB6C-2DC19E…)

No. 771592

File: 1616966112902.jpg (57.87 KB, 400x600, d486a10386696fbd98c7012c261d06…)

Are you picrel?

No. 771603

File: 1616966813057.jpg (28.15 KB, 932x525, oh.jpg)

No. 771620

File: 1616970443770.png (113.11 KB, 305x379, Prince_Fleaswallow.png)

In the rain or in the snow
(In the rain or in the snow)
Got the got the funky flow
(Got the got the funky flow)

No. 771673

File: 1616974683903.jpg (275.24 KB, 1000x1000, descargar.jpg)

Let's go trib on the anime jesus bed

No. 771678

Fucking yes I’d buy that

No. 771693

File: 1616975949009.jpg (18.38 KB, 350x245, ascended-masters-350x245.jpg)

I've been studying my ass off and only taking small breaks in this shithole.
I hope this retardation thread only gets more retarded.

No. 771698

File: 1616976706456.jpeg (31.93 KB, 320x250, 8A14EDF8-53C0-4416-8F4B-B01295…)

May I interest you in the hisoka bed?

No. 771700

File: 1616976767357.jpeg (295.6 KB, 743x734, 8D005CC1-E9BF-48BF-B121-BB9804…)

No. 771701

File: 1616976788280.jpeg (305.04 KB, 1242x1712, 3FCB7548-7C40-4250-957A-4C11F2…)

No. 771702

Lmao this reminds me of me and my nephews

No. 771703

No. 771706

I'll eat a lot of tacos so then I'll be able to purposedly shit myself on top of that bed

No. 771707

File: 1616977193693.jpg (15.24 KB, 480x360, 1616974598594.jpg)

No. 771709

Omg I knew this dude who was in dsa and looked exactly like beavis and butthead

No. 771723

File: 1616978908098.jpg (102.91 KB, 933x679, 1577433212671.jpg)

name this anime

No. 771727

File: 1616979342951.jpeg (193.78 KB, 1280x720, 4B3D209C-D354-427E-8DF5-DF1EBB…)

I would willingly get pregnant if it meant the morning sickness would cause me to puke on this shitty bedspread

I want to rest peacefully on kurapika bed

No. 771729

did y'all know that this originated from a cult recruitment video

No. 771738

both of them??

No. 771741

the dick sucking alliance?

No. 771746

No. 771766

File: 1616983479907.gif (1.04 MB, 500x288, 57D030B2-9931-4022-B13B-8FBF82…)

So much hisoka hatred… hisoka will pay you a visit tonight to show you that Bungee Gum contains both the proprieties of rubber and gum..

No. 771825

File: 1616994760474.jpeg (151.17 KB, 1080x1032, 797A4B1E-0375-4AAB-A524-735CAE…)

kek tell him to go ahead and try… fugly ginger pedos with shitty superpowers will never be cute even if they’re turned into retarded anime men

No. 771837

The general head and hair shape that they share, yes. He looked more like Beavis though.
Actually I think he got booted for being predatory somehow. Not a surprise with dsa dudes

No. 771902

show me your genitals, your genitals
show me your genitals, your genitals

No. 771913

Someone pls post something cool and cute so I can make it into my new discord avatar

No. 771915

File: 1617019980245.jpeg (58.39 KB, 560x600, A8B6E8B1-B747-4326-8411-995BD9…)

I think she looks cool and cute.

No. 771916

File: 1617020278492.jpeg (63.51 KB, 600x528, 16CFB6F1-2AA8-4B4A-92DC-D3BA23…)

No. 771920

gimme da GORBAGE

No. 771932

Aria from PLL looks different here

No. 771975

I woke up in the night and saw something dark on my pillow and I freaked out but it was just my hairband upon closer inspection

No. 772160

File: 1617046974154.png (922.77 KB, 1000x1410, __original_and_2_more_drawn_by…)

Let's go, rockets.

No. 772170

tbh I hate that I'm actually like clem in some ways, except if she were more of an inexperienced trainwreck who was stuck living with her shit family. I'm stuck somewhere between bastardized manic pixie dream girl and the genderflipped version of the depressive love interest of the pixie dream girl. Kinda makes me want to die

No. 772199

I’m scared what happened
Is that hack fuller throwing in some troon headcanons since his show is never fucking coming back?

No. 772207

File: 1617051243190.jpg (45.38 KB, 720x895, 1615061434369.jpg)

>somewhere between bastardized manic pixie dream girl and the genderflipped version of the depressive love interest
Aren't we all?
Maybe not all but it sounds like the kind of description half of all girls would sort of relate to.

No. 772209

File: 1617051816107.jpg (76.31 KB, 736x736, 782f09a4ff1189bc8bcf6d4b5c1eb4…)

but what is Carrey chan's zodiac sign

No. 772232

Definitely a Cancer

No. 772237

yeah, I just don't really like to pull the "I'm not like other girls" card, though I feel comfortable in this place admitting things like the aforementioned because it's lc

leo sun
saggitairus moon
cancer rising

you'd be partly right kek

No. 772242

I don't know if this is a joke or because she makes them daughters

I don't know why I get Aries or vibes, or some earth signs. Completely shots in the dark though, as we only know the legend by her alias and obsession with the rubberface man

No. 772243

Oh shit samefag didn't see this
I stan a lioness queen

No. 772245

I took a true zodiac sign quiz and it said I'm actually more akin to somewhere between gemini / cancer so cancer isn't so far off anyway

No. 772251

File: 1617054089758.jpg (72.65 KB, 600x600, ur,comforter_top_king,square,6…)

imagine owning up to liking jim carrey on lolcow. how embarrassing. could never be me. anyway, come in, sit wherever you like

No. 772260

Most European languages have their own word for Venice that sounds a lot more like Venezia. Nobody actually pronounces it the English way except for the English.

No. 772261

Imagining Ghiaccio with a venetian accent ruined him for me. He's right though also it annoys me when people who live in Venice Beach say they live in Venice and mess with my head. You live in LA. hacks the lot of them

No. 772271

File: 1617055461506.jpg (142.52 KB, 720x1440, f9cc812.jpg)

Carrey-chan is iconic, I will defend her honor

No. 772360

File: 1617063744514.png (847.48 KB, 770x774, Screen Shot 2021-03-24 at 11.1…)


No. 772363

File: 1617063941176.jpg (Spoiler Image, 22.77 KB, 500x366, UwU.jpg)

ohh no, u don't like spider-chan?? there are some sweet babies with eight legs out there, they're not all scary!

No. 772427

File: 1617068319770.jpeg (144.25 KB, 764x782, DE5E9A63-7528-4FA4-9A80-75F01D…)

?! ?!!?!?!!?!?!????!!,’v be

No. 772437

File: 1617068890963.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.8 MB, 4032x3024, 20210314_040349.jpg)

This is one of my (many) spiders. Her name is Tofu and she loves everyone.

No. 772447

File: 1617069756258.jpg (79.7 KB, 600x600, icon.jpg)

I thought the only creatures capable of love were mammals and birds.
This sounds like undercover spiderposting at work.

No. 772451

File: 1617070061070.jpg (49.47 KB, 680x613, ee9.jpg)

incredible post

No. 772457

File: 1617070618956.jpg (Spoiler Image, 306.21 KB, 825x550, p89.jpg)

disagree. lmao @ jannies spoilering every image

No. 772467

unironically based janny, I don't feel like looking at that either

No. 772475

File: 1617072143919.jpeg (211.42 KB, 1478x1119, 5BB08988-4776-4520-BBA6-6FC622…)

Thread is severely lacking of chromosome bjÄrcK

No. 772496

File: 1617075102770.jpg (52.41 KB, 745x566, animememe.JPG)

This is unironically true and any moid that says otherwise is a seething retarded scrote who shits his pants everyday.

No. 772497

File: 1617075124392.gif (406.11 KB, 480x250, greys-anatomy-meltdowns1-15108…)

Meredith Grey vibes

No. 772499

File: 1617075825853.jpeg (76.68 KB, 1104x729, 649D57A1-94DF-4D0A-81CE-997601…)

It’s the truth and it should be said, hell, you could tell a moid to at least pretend he’s like a character, and his stupid brain will never understand how to do so, they’re incapable of consciously pleasing a woman on their own volition.

No. 772502

No. 772504

So effin’ true…

No. 772527

File: 1617081343162.png (287 KB, 497x573, spider-kun.png)


No. 772570

File: 1617089720033.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 3.12 MB, 1842x1280, F9BB70EA-D975-40ED-8433-FF39B8…)


No. 772573

The gooty sapphire tarantula

No. 772577

File: 1617090270495.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 991.63 KB, 3141x2356, 1092A8A9-0A9B-4443-8369-0D0154…)

Peacock spider

No. 772578

File: 1617090303600.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 206.02 KB, 1200x1200, 09B7A9FA-5C3E-4602-889F-6D1031…)

Wasp spider

No. 772580

Scrote tier humour

No. 772594

I just remember the time I got somehow combined with one of u komaeda stans and anons thought we were the same people

No. 772630

I love you spider anon

No. 772646

Unfunny and cringe

No. 772678

File: 1617109907421.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.31 KB, 444x960, 158477789_801699620556141_2606…)

hispanic memes are something else

No. 772681

File: 1617110143518.jpg (33.48 KB, 442x960, 141823341_777552616304175_4500…)

baby drinking starbucks

No. 772682

File: 1617110212197.jpg (36.7 KB, 711x922, 136453734_771641706895266_6428…)

No. 772687

File: 1617110408271.jpg (66.22 KB, 720x940, 135152774_765548520837918_4280…)

No. 772696

File: 1617111355023.jpg (63.04 KB, 1242x1226, 117389089_663963460996425_4446…)

No. 772710

File: 1617112866981.jpg (31.99 KB, 380x588, ecfc46c1124940f67d3bdf44a0d8b9…)

Akikan (”Empty Can”) is the unlikely story of high school boy Kakeru Daichi, whose can of melon soda magically transforms into a human girl. More "akikan" girls begin appearing, each of them needing to be infused with carbon dioxide from their respective drink types to survive. The akikans were created as part of the 'Akikan Elect' to determine whether steel cans or aluminium cans are superior. The akikans must battle each other until only the strongest type is left standing.

No. 772736

File: 1617116197891.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 32.25 KB, 500x277, 00FBC6F9-6E07-439D-930E-DFF123…)

Orchid spider

No. 772738

File: 1617116243188.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 34.95 KB, 760x514, 48AFDC4A-13C7-4E3C-A349-DBDAF9…)

Jewel spider

No. 772739

File: 1617116405450.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 80.79 KB, 1000x750, 25E13877-49E1-469E-8577-FC6622…)

Crab spider
They live inside of flowers UwU

No. 772759

File: 1617117873479.jpeg (446.02 KB, 750x929, 77BFC1AD-0250-479A-BF96-B0BFE0…)

No. 772762

File: 1617118047027.gif (104.57 KB, 220x132, 04727901-431A-403F-83E0-CE91DD…)

Someone told me I’m unfunny and cringe… i gotta kill myself now sorry, someone said it was unfunny and not up to their standards goodbye im not meant for this world now

No. 772779

File: 1617118780806.jpg (48.2 KB, 640x634, ok karen.jpg)

Ya that's pussy babe

No. 772780


No. 772782

File: 1617119036287.jpeg (863.04 KB, 2448x3264, yURjTwq.jpeg)

shopping with mommy

No. 772788

File: 1617119350054.jpg (63.64 KB, 540x642, squard.jpg)

I fucking hate males. Don't slander my name again or I will destroy you

No. 772796

You deserved it

No. 772798

File: 1617120119982.jpeg (10.68 KB, 290x290, 3d4d668cba0cf36c112e7d63eb219a…)

No. 772814

File: 1617121289620.jpg (46.29 KB, 719x382, matryoshka-dolls.jpg)

I was thinking about that meme where it's a big dog next to the smaller dog, who is a photoshopped-smaller version of the same dog, and it says don't talk to me or my son again. And how that's similar to these Russian dolls with a big grandma, with smaller grandmas that look the same under it.

Sometimes you meet someone's parent in real life and they're exactly like an older clone of their kid and that's really cute and funny.

No. 772830

You sound like an Animal Crossing villager from Wild World, I like that a lot, you would be a good friend and I want to hang out with you

No. 772837

File: 1617123930365.png (Spoiler Image, 381.24 KB, 614x483, wtf.png)

Why did I enroll in this class I have no idea what is going on I hate it here (spoilered for disgusting math)

No. 772841

Fucking hell. mods pls spoiler this. It’s so fucking ugly

No. 772854

you should all kiss and fuse together

No. 772870

File: 1617127892044.jpg (14.94 KB, 320x313, aa4bfca15f1d71090847ab01a51cc0…)

4 4 2021

No. 772900

Yyyyyyoooooooooooooo I just saw a new banner

No. 772905

Which one was it?

No. 772906

It was a girl milking a blushing anime cow with blonde hair. But I haven't seen another new one since

No. 772912

good, I'm tired of seeing onion banners, and all the other old ones, it's about time

No. 772928

I am a few instances away from wanting to kill myself but the only thing that keeps me from doing so is playing genshin impact seriously if something happened to my account or my ps4 I would just end it right then and there. Never underestimate the power of waifus and husbandos!

Also chilumi 4 lyf!

No. 772975

File: 1617136130231.jpeg (188.48 KB, 750x1125, 530B4C8B-6242-452C-B63F-6183F2…)

free the trapped ponies

No. 772982

No. 773019


No. 773021

I second this!

No. 773040

ew you wanna look like crazy mlp hobos? couldn't be me

No. 773057

The person wearing this looks like a straight up alien

No. 773070

Slaytherin, Hustlepuff and Dripffindor.

No. 773073

That's all runway models nonny

No. 773081


No. 773084

File: 1617147867557.gif (4.19 MB, 654x368, 1497388915_WADgtHq.gif)

Don't, don't do it…Don't open steam
You gotta go shower, if you don't step away from the computer NOW you'll still be on it 3 hours from now
Don't do it hoe- I swear to GOD…

OH oooH MY

No. 773086

Me too nonny, me too.

No. 773123


No. 773138

File: 1617154291775.png (13.39 KB, 277x78, ExG0SiUXAAITw0n.png)

No. 773146

File: 1617154540675.jpeg (205.53 KB, 750x518, C3B8A8B4-F846-423C-A5BF-550545…)

Happy Halloween anons!

No. 773153

File: 1617155507404.jpeg (177.26 KB, 828x610, 4CFCD647-B2B9-4F7D-876C-333A45…)

punches him in front of live interview


No. 773155

how do you sell furry art I’m ready to lose my integrity to build my entire 401k life savings

No. 773162

god fuck if this isn't me right now. got home from work and ive been on my pc since

girl help i am terminally online

No. 773166

File: 1617157359077.png (329.04 KB, 872x1291, 4CE02EF1-5BBF-4AEF-B1D4-D224B4…)

if by my life or death i can pwotect you, i will, nya
you have my sword

No. 773180

File: 1617158280555.jpeg (181.36 KB, 750x1125, 42E8C135-C950-4B17-8051-CF8F38…)

thanks ninnies now you've got me on a crazy fashion spree
this is what we call haute couture

No. 773181

so happy being a strawberry. look at that smile.

No. 773186

Delicious and nutritious

No. 773189

Merry Jesus day!

No. 773193

Fucking finally. Fashion that empowers inverted triangle bitches.

No. 773214

I want to be called Anonita instead of nonny from now on

No. 773495

File: 1617205273810.jpeg (395.36 KB, 750x869, 72080026-8032-46CC-9DBC-7C47FC…)

who wanna sleep in the dickbed with me

No. 773517

I wanna sleep inside a tight pussy

No. 773523

When you're cold but your un-circumcised boyfriend got you

No. 773664

File: 1617213736043.jpeg (277.04 KB, 1242x1085, 1599608482347.jpeg)

It's chill how anonita y nona has suddenly taken off, we hispanohablantes are an indeterminate but strong presence on these pastures.

No. 773688

I'm going to start saying anonita, nona it's what I call my grandma kek

No. 773718

File: 1617216393096.jpg (119.62 KB, 728x908, starcucks.jpg)

I wonder if I tried to order this if theyd just tell me to fuck off

No. 773726

I’m ordering it and will let you know.

No. 773740


No. 773774

Anons I'm so sad I posted yesterday about seeing a new banner but I haven't seen another new one since. But I swear I did see it. I even dreamed about lots of new banners this night. Have you seen any? I hope admin is still tweaking them or something so they are not available right now and not that there is only one new banner per a thousand.

No. 773786

What banner did u see

No. 773787

I haven't seen any yet. I'm just confused as to why Admin said they would take a while to appear.

No. 773790

Take the hint anon, they said it would take awhile because they’re either too lazy to fix it or it isn’t a top priority for them. The moderation and upkeep on this site is sometimes laughable

No. 773800

File: 1617221643947.gif (2.16 MB, 275x92, 1582261590300.gif)

I went looking for it in the thread, it took a while here it is

No. 773815

too lewd tbh

No. 773818

I also dreamed about new banners! must be the admin being lazy and adding them telepathically

No. 773821

I also saw it once yesterday! Weird how it always takes time for the banners to start showing up. Wish I knew why it's like that. Seems interesting

No. 773832

File: 1617226138884.png (35.76 KB, 574x488, new ban.png)

FINALLY a new banner!!!!!!

No. 773834

I'mma call everyone anonita from now on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and nona and nonu and nana

No. 773835

>I even dreamed about lots of new banners this night.
you're so cute omg

No. 773838

I actually dreamt of having this banner
and how everyone started getting angry at it or something lol

And then I woke up and it's there! Isn't that crazy? Manifestation power bitchessss

No. 773897

File: 1617231809066.gif (49.35 KB, 250x250, 0340CEBC-BCA8-49D1-9E7D-39926A…)

beware, this is the true face of evil

No. 773936


No. 773941

eing like that won’t get you anything.

No. 773942

File: 1617239698645.jpg (226.15 KB, 1080x999, Screenshot_20210331-201418.jpg)

This is the only bitch I'm ever kinning

No. 773943


No. 773956

File: 1617241472061.jpeg (63.3 KB, 750x536, 1905DE05-14EF-4622-BBEA-71A8C3…)

jealous poors? hahahahhaa

No. 773958

File: 1617241675347.gif (613 KB, 112x112, 1572535415366.gif)

I love it when you call me Anonita
I wish I could pretend I didn't need ya
But every post is ooh la la la

No. 774021

File: 1617249681209.jpeg (116.58 KB, 1280x720, 4CA67395-FBB2-4EA2-AA48-F41DF0…)

Dance party!

No. 774039


No. 774061

Mario died yesterday

No. 774077

File: 1617262108788.png (416.07 KB, 484x350, E945267E-4137-49A2-8390-E6F4CC…)


No. 774079

File: 1617262346630.gif (67.85 KB, 220x280, tenor (1).gif)

Say dance sucker dance sucker
say dance sucker dance sucker
Now move sucker move sucker
Now groove sucker groove sucker

No. 774094

No. 774132

File: 1617272552357.gif (1.42 MB, 300x300, d1d0dfc513f9d5f7222eeb03081f85…)

Me loading up lolcow in the morning trying to find which popular thread had the usual infighting meltdown while EU was sleeping

No. 774159

File: 1617279967683.jpg (62.12 KB, 1252x704, EVPPka3U4AAUV2f.jpg)

shit kiryu ur boops are watermelons! 0.o

No. 774172

File: 1617282823568.jpg (27.7 KB, 500x542, tumblr_26607c69cbf27cf39ccf69d…)

No. 774179

File: 1617284695797.jpeg (214.69 KB, 1200x986, 1C514969-46AB-4654-A3F4-7502EE…)

Im loving the influx of yakuza shitposters on lolcow keep that shit comin

No. 774192

File: 1617287085879.png (125.21 KB, 400x225, 33-1564169513-979445188.png)

Mhhgmm… I want to put my face in those tater tots

No. 774227

File: 1617293008366.png (36.82 KB, 842x236, 1.PNG)

Power to

No. 774228

File: 1617293044157.png (36.03 KB, 837x205, 2.png)


No. 774317

File: 1617301488325.png (303.71 KB, 899x273, heh.PNG)

>The image that destroyed Lolcow

No. 774470

File: 1617318444785.jpeg (67.16 KB, 450x418, 3F98C87E-2738-4E35-B41E-220AB0…)

No. 774483

File: 1617320258773.png (158.18 KB, 500x500, f7309c1_500.png)

No. 774485

File: 1617320414565.jpg (213.36 KB, 1080x1061, 20d99202e5c1dc2f8b0d9_9b79b174…)


No. 774488

File: 1617320751660.png (220.95 KB, 351x214, kot2.png)

"I ain't even mad"
kek sure

No. 774506

Based as fuck

No. 774514

File: 1617324873490.png (127.16 KB, 275x275, 442F0A3D-4A67-4E83-ABB8-5791A9…)

Oh yeah? Am I cringe? Was that cringe for you? Did you think I was cringe? Yeah, you physically cringe from that? Well yeah no duh, me too do you want to fight about it? (please?)

No. 774520

File: 1617325998918.png (549.73 KB, 710x708, tp:/%2suck dogs snout.png)

slorp slorp

No. 774521

File: 1617326243647.png (779.68 KB, 1382x779, 46ua1a.png)

No. 774535

File: 1617328530433.png (183.55 KB, 446x569, lmao.PNG)

XY = bad

No. 774549

File: 1617331124833.png (93.83 KB, 584x1131, 1615745476581.png)

Pedo flags are racist.

No. 774550

File: 1617331403517.jpg (35.4 KB, 564x423, 4cee071a880321fca56e962f610369…)


No. 774551

… that has to be a troll, right?? they even suggested adding 17 stripes for age 1-17. What the actual fuck. kill that person.

No. 774556

File: 1617331904612.jpg (210.94 KB, 1080x1346, IMG_20210402_044813.jpg)

No. 774572

in 2017 mr x alternated between a zombie, a vampire, and a sleep paralysis demon

No. 774583


No. 774682

File: 1617351337620.png (2.84 MB, 1280x960, tumblr_phxpg0ll7s1w22gauo1_128…)

join us. become a komaeda kin.

No. 774686

We are so lucky digital images can’t be smelled. So incredibly lucky.

No. 774688

File: 1617351975621.png (129.92 KB, 715x938, regret.png)

the tattoos in the CH thread inspired me to make this. I'm posting it here instead of there cause I know there's at least one nona in /ot/ that might kek at it.

No. 774689

is this heaven?

No. 774690

Are you suggesting that you can smell the subject(s) of physical photos?

No. 774694

Yeah. But it depends on where and if the subjects kept the photo. Usually when someone shows you a physical photograph, it’s because the photo belongs to them. Depending on where but smells of a place and a person don’t actually change that much over time. And if they are artificially scented, people tend to keep to familiar and similar fragrances throughout their lives.
But you can always smell a physical photograph. If you spill coffee on a photo it will smell like coffee. Or if you spray it with lavender it will smell like lavenders or keep it in a place that smells like something. Like a closet where your things smell like vanilla. Or if the photo is old it will have an old paper picture smell.

No. 774698

what does that photo smell like?

No. 774706

Got a smirk out of me anon, thanks

No. 774709

File: 1617354336507.jpg (67.56 KB, 539x448, god father of souls.jpg)

good. great. now I can go to bed.

No. 774712

Old, encrusted sweat on cheap polyester, mostly

No. 774787

File: 1617373060357.png (852.91 KB, 654x619, 1611562985591.png)

No. 774985

File: 1617395731242.jpeg (738.14 KB, 3464x3464, F6D72ED2-9B0A-45CB-8CA2-0FD24A…)

No. 774988

No. 775067

File: 1617407126559.jpg (85.87 KB, 1000x1000, lifecycle_stages_2.jpg)

My bad for posting in the old thread. Anyways, me on the top right

No. 775083

Call me shallow but I was so distracted by this dumbass haircut that it was hard to take him seriously. He has limitless options, and when the time came for him to make a video defending himself, he chose to make the top of his head look like a fucking guitar pick.

No. 775090

File: 1617409865392.jpg (186.69 KB, 1090x1280, original (2).jpg)

You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like

No. 775149

Sex offender hair.

No. 775237

File: 1617431995297.jpeg (231.45 KB, 1209x1844, 858AA03B-CCC2-4778-94A2-6B9A62…)

No. 775361

File: 1617450231237.gif (Spoiler Image, 296.22 KB, 220x205, tenor (3).gif)

No. 775368

File: 1617452476166.png (2.02 MB, 1352x2680, type.png)

Can I just say… I think I have a type… ♥

No. 775369

I agree but also cannot wait for the triggered anons

No. 775376

File: 1617453419058.jpg (46.18 KB, 600x423, 2314383724_27a6146316_o.jpg)

ok who did this

No. 775377

My tiktok has discovered I'm Northern Irish and now all I get is sectarian shit on my fyp or people really hamming up their accent. If I hear one more fucking Irish accent on the app I'm going to scream. I use the Internet to escape this shite island I don't want to be inaudated with the bad jokes and takes I hear irl. I fucking hate the Irish victim complex.

No. 775379

yeah apps like tiktok can really radicalise people


No. 775380

No harm to you anon I just did say I'd scream if I hear another accent and you link a tiktok with ira in the url. I'm not clicking it. I know enough gang members of both sides to know its not even over culture it's a drug war and the young kids today that talk about the troubles most likely have drug dealing parents because it's always been about racketeering.

No. 775381

Lmao i was so triggered didn't realise it was an article. I fucking hate this island. I'm a child of a Catholic ma and a protestant dad from the Shankill. I'm forever tired of the amount of dumb cunt ignorant wankers that glorify any paramilitaries.

No. 775382

yeah i know its all LARPing and americans online love to glorify it despite having no idea what they're talking about :(

No. 775383

It's not just Americans there's enough retards born here too. At least the Americans can have an excuse for being ignorant.

No. 775386

haven’t you heard the news that irish people are apparently ethnic girl?

No. 775387

I have absolutely no idea what this means. Irish people have ethnicity? I don't doubt it.

No. 775405

I hate to break it to you….

No. 775423

File: 1617459160715.jpeg (37.42 KB, 746x766, E54D5816-84E9-4C6B-AE19-4EB2DB…)

Hate to break it you…

No. 775425

File: 1617459771300.jpeg (26.19 KB, 554x554, 2ie838828283839299283838383.jp…)

Omg him ♥

No. 775438

File: 1617461098161.png (783.22 KB, 334x1390, entk.png)

Fixed ♥

No. 775441

Not me, I’m Badgrl777.

No. 775450

who is that? leafy as a tranny?

No. 775459

His lips are perfect wth

No. 775461

kinda hot
no no no

No. 775473

File: 1617465748924.jpg (1.31 MB, 1920x1920, 737383827462828824828822.jpg)

STFU I love my sons

No. 775486

File: 1617468493026.jpg (Spoiler Image, 114.71 KB, 404x719, pixlr_20201227032203757.jpg)

My type is big nose, long-ish black hair, cute eyes, talent

No. 775488

i can't stop shitting water. my asshole hurts

No. 775489

File: 1617469270195.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.58 KB, 108x79, 72737282828728282872.jpg)

Manifesting titties

No. 775491

File: 1617469400371.jpeg (83.96 KB, 640x716, 37A7928B-EC3C-44F5-9AC0-5E8960…)

pinterest started recommending me casual low quality pics of keanu, I have no idea why

No. 775506

I'm unironically starting to say unironically unironically

No. 775516

File: 1617472604362.png (21.61 KB, 540x114, d29e4af8_540.png)

>unironically get called a TERF for posting this
See I thought people were just overreacting but no people really do think talking about pussy is bad

No. 775530

File: 1617473649275.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.19 MB, 3464x3195, 1616218529358.jpg)

I too remember when I touched his titties and felt warm and fuzzy and like the universe finally made sense

No. 775536

File: 1617474187700.gif (355.43 KB, 185x200, yesmommy.gif)

But do you hate /ot/ or do you hate happiness?

No. 775538

How much time can I spend in the bathroom instead of socializing at this party.

No. 775546

File: 1617475096613.jpeg (118.54 KB, 750x710, 3CB88115-801D-4BCD-9A65-4D795F…)

Driverfags be like

No. 775553

how do i reality shift

No. 775554

File: 1617475539678.jpeg (60.14 KB, 678x671, twb120617zoo-feutriv2y5yr8dxbe…)

POV: You're a driverfag spamming my /ot/ despite your own designated thread

No. 775556

Drugs and schizophrenia

No. 775557

File: 1617475725409.jpeg (97.54 KB, 470x600, 49BAAEF3-465A-47C2-B065-487502…)

liquid shits > constipated shits you can’t convince me otherwise. I feel cleansed at the end of proper diarrhea but I feel dirty and fat any time I’m constipated.
I unironically hope whoever says that peaks & apologizes or chokes on something they eat today, no in between or exceptions.

No. 775563

File: 1617476095971.png (95.03 KB, 498x255, the_look.png)

what where did the babby go

No. 775574

reality shift at night it’s very easy get as sleepy as you can and then you’ll see spooky driverfags at your window as you shift into halloweentown

No. 775575

I don't get you liquid shit-likers, do you guys not feel physical pain? have you never shat on yourself or been close to doing it? i feel way dirtier with liquid shits because of that. and they take too long too. at least solid shits can be controlled.

No. 775577

squish I apose.

No. 775583

>have you never shat on yourself
oh my god, no dude
I mean I get why you'd hate it more if that's a risk for you, damn, rip

No. 775584

where are her baby organs

No. 775587

File: 1617477315263.jpeg (48.02 KB, 500x375, 19433E16-60D7-43B0-B621-FDA3B3…)

feeling like I can’t makes me feel worse than feeling like I really need to, and yes I have emergency-shit in public but it was a constipated load that had reached diarrheal state. felt great after, liquid shit supremacy

No. 775588

brb girls i'm shifting realities

No. 775595

there's so much keanu on my feed now what the fuck is happening hes not the man I was saving pins of

No. 775598

>liquid shit
Ewwww you like getting water poopy all over your fucking butt and vagina? Not me. I love me some firm yet just a bit creamy poop. I feel like I'm in a dog food commercial.

No. 775599

pinterest knows you need him

No. 775600

it doesn't get on anything, it fires out like a faucet turned all the way up, cleanest wipes I ever have are after explosive diarrhea

No. 775615

pinterest exploits my fetish for actors who were popular in the 90s

No. 775618

File: 1617479985811.jpeg (98.77 KB, 650x651, alejnak.jpeg)

agree with this and nonnie's rating although diarrhea poops can be so and so. and I never get constipated anyway.

love the bathroom talk as one of the most unpopular sujets on this site

No. 775622

my old ed messed me up to the point where I have to now take laxatives to have a normal shit, watery poops are normal to me

No. 775633

File: 1617480861446.jpeg (17.22 KB, 275x194, 1580315135908.jpeg)


No. 775658

File: 1617482445019.jpg (178.07 KB, 999x622, DE2UJkJ.jpg)

I love him so much, he be pounding my badonkadonk and I be like: go bestie

No. 775659

can we exchange buttholes

No. 775669

Into the void

No. 775691

File: 1617485638823.jpg (41.58 KB, 600x400, k5EUNsPCdffayNuZawifNs1xqktAdw…)

Okay but isn't infighting just play-fighting where I can practice and hone my shit-talking and comeback skills for savage and devastating statements in real-life???

No. 775700

File: 1617486199545.jpeg (58.44 KB, 351x500, 85434962-13B8-49DA-8F63-21DCD5…)

I don't want to betray my main for keanu but hes so cuteeeee

No. 775738

This is smells like canadian balls simp, but I could be wrong

No. 775740

Help sweet anons, I need the drunk thread but can't find it, link plsi am using autocorrect xoxo drunk girm

No. 775741

No. 775744

here you go queen

No. 775747

File: 1617488840392.jpg (67.88 KB, 1080x391, EvKSGi4XEAEoL3e.jpg)

who else feels this

No. 775752

Discharge anon

No. 775762


No. 775763

god I love that I knew exactly which thread this was before clicking the link

No. 775767

Me crushing on comachan

No. 775769

I love u both and i wish u absolutely lovely evenings or even mornings, qho knows

No. 775807

the word "lesbrian" came into my head randomly and idk what to do with it

No. 775812

File: 1617494082914.jpg (43.54 KB, 975x600, roz-monstersinc.jpg)

No fun allowed

No. 775816

File: 1617494579976.jpg (175.1 KB, 1280x720, 5c0feea21bee8b067c6e768e2fe7c3…)


No. 775828

File: 1617495968717.jpg (141.33 KB, 598x598, 7166203.jpg)

No. 775838

File: 1617497182238.jpeg (12.99 KB, 576x344, DW-q2YEXcAEhMD1.jpeg)

I'm eating fried chicken right now let's gooooooooooo

No. 775848

0mg that's totally me

No. 775849

File: 1617498142716.gif (868.45 KB, 267x200, 200.gif)

hell yeah queen. stay safe and don't let cthulu and gorgonzola get you

No. 775853

File: 1617498510552.jpeg (223.84 KB, 1377x1072, 0E89270B-0E14-4E60-B247-7FC90B…)

No. 775855

laquida shiet

No. 775856

ive really been sad today because i feel like a fictional character wouldnt like my body if he were real…absolutely retarded indeed

No. 775858

Don’t worry, anonita, I’m sure he would love you even if your body isn’t of his taste, 2D men would be perfect if they were real, therefore, they would have feelings and they would be able to think, unlike scrotes

No. 775861

anon you're fine, you don't need collegebones

No. 775865

Thank you nonny, where else would I find reassurance over retard things like this if not lolcow

No. 775887

File: 1617502565901.jpeg (136.1 KB, 640x480, 87296C67-DFA7-4859-B5FF-917CFF…)


No. 775888

File: 1617502678300.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.69 MB, 540x300, B9C2417F-9FFA-478D-ACD2-CCF0BA…)

got my keanu fix, watched the devils advocate, and goddamn he's hot in it, even the scene where he starts sucking toe, I'm not into that at all

i am not going to fantasize about any of this, nope! I totally don't want a lanky guy to kiss down my back and nibble at my thighs and frickin' fat ass

No. 775902

File: 1617504211769.png (416.95 KB, 1080x846, 1608410736347.png)

sometimes i have similar feelings, but not cause of my looks but because some characters i like are canonically not sociable so realistically they wouldn't even bother with relationships much less friendships, but neither would i tbh so i wouldn't even like them if they were real.

No. 776020

File: 1617523659244.jpeg (114.74 KB, 600x600, 6EAAD0A3-B128-4149-BB00-071A74…)

Would anyone like a glass of water?

No. 776022

Does anyone like this aside from people with autism?

No. 776024

I've only heard about people who have trouble swallowing drinking it. More specifically, elderly people. The concept's pretty gnarly though. I'm not sure anyone likes it per se. Not unless it comes in cool and funky flavors, of course!

No. 776031

Unironically would love this, wish it came out of my taps. Imagine a bath tub? How good would a thick ol' salt scrub feel? Fuck off.

No. 776036

Oh, this makes more sense. Thanks for explaining it to me, queen

No. 776049

Need this for when I choke on water

No. 776183

File: 1617550885575.png (230.52 KB, 473x344, WATER vs water.png)

i'm more of a WATER gal

No. 776193

sumimasen suomillanka salam alaikum

No. 776199

How do they make the water thicker?

No. 776207

File: 1617556827181.jpg (58.04 KB, 700x499, a6Mz9ob_700b.jpg)

Ahhhhhhhhhh, why the fuck are people around me so fucking short!!

No. 776210

File: 1617557954246.jpg (163.27 KB, 720x761, IMG_20210404_143449.jpg)

Like the good ole dumbass I am, I went to check if my astral chart matched with that of my celebrity crush.
And to solidify my position as an absolute idiot, I got happy that they've matched this well

No. 776212

feel u

No. 776214

I'll happily trade you my height nony

No. 776221

damn let's trade, i'm not interested in tall men but i can't date men shorter than me without them looking like children (5'3"). my dream would be to be at least 5'8" and dating a guy who's 5'5"-5"7'

No. 776236

we lost

No. 776249

what site did you use? I'm curious

No. 776262

Here you go, nonnita

Post your results

No. 776293

File: 1617569212410.jpeg (562.98 KB, 801x1040, 5F59E61C-545F-4830-A78F-406836…)

>periods of calm followed by more turbulent ones
oh I could totally see this

No. 776297

File: 1617570057051.jpg (401.65 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_2021-04-04-06-51-17…)

I did one for forbidden man and his favorite partner director and wowie wow apparently they are soulmates
That would explain why since they first met he has been in all of his movies, even if just a cameo

No. 776361

File: 1617578187879.jpeg (138.01 KB, 640x640, 5323378F-0676-4273-AAA6-B0E36B…)

happy easter anonitas!

No. 776375

File: 1617579845400.jpg (80.7 KB, 736x981, 8ac7599e0405c93a1decb484b5a957…)

Happy Easter!

No. 776390

File: 1617582746281.jpg (178.55 KB, 695x845, IMG_20210404_213055.jpg)

Made one for me and Carrey-chan's muse to honor her
I am weirdly uncomfortable that I'm supposedly this compatible

No. 776391

Just saw a new banner! It's with Shayna and a cow both waving their tongues around

No. 776392

I don't think that's new

No. 776394

That's not new at all, Shayna is even thing there

No. 776399

Really? I forgot that it was here already, I constantly see like 2 or 3 banners.

No. 776425

welp you're more compatible than me

No. 776446

File: 1617592476205.jpeg (70.71 KB, 720x687, B254E4F7-E570-4DFF-B9F6-6B9D62…)

No. 776449

File: 1617593068822.jpg (111.39 KB, 1280x658, 1615436157495.jpg)

I really didn't want to be

No. 776458

File: 1617594649891.png (166.24 KB, 1090x954, Screen Shot 2021-04-04 at 23.5…)

driverfags eat your heart out i'm gay tho

No. 776459

File: 1617594770856.png (183.84 KB, 1092x1012, Screen Shot 2021-04-04 at 23.5…)

Ok I did Phoebe Bridgers whom I am actually into and I knew we had very similar charts (she is born one day before me, same year) so I guess the site just checks proximity of placements? idk.

No. 776461

File: 1617595202726.png (183.91 KB, 1078x1010, Screen Shot 2021-04-04 at 23.5…)

Damn Megan Fox is all about me.

No. 776462

File: 1617595395964.jpeg (144.43 KB, 750x750, F54CB17C-5A9A-4C03-8C74-97FCDF…)

i know
i will take my 60some percent and run with it

No. 776471

you know it'd just the two of us using lolcow, right? just you and me babe!!

No. 776472

TBF mine was basically the same >>776293
But you have better sex

>I guess the site just checks proximity of placements?
I guess that's kinda it but a bit more complex than just that, see Noah's and The First Man God Made >>776297
Although I guess considering they don't have Noah's birth hour it was somewhat guesstimated? Who knows

These are so damn cute

No. 776473

File: 1617597141155.jpeg (52.67 KB, 597x597, C43219FD-AB18-42CA-B9D8-74C12B…)

it's an esty shop that makes these, but sadly they don't have a lot of the clay animals out right now.


No. 776476

I thought they were real cookies!!
And that snake!!
So cute aaaaa

No. 776493

File: 1617600155038.png (69.06 KB, 656x414, Screen Shot 2021-04-05 at 1.20…)

No. 776496

Shit i linked the wrong one like an idiot and just noticed it now >>776210

No. 776522

Just idly scrolling and this made me laugh anon, so thanks

No. 776535

File: 1617611476666.jpeg (133.16 KB, 640x880, A7A4F496-71F5-48EB-90E4-4CC80C…)

Only realized today that we can change the theme of lolcow at the very bottom of the page and I’m immensely enjoying dark mode. This has probably been a feature for so long I feel dumb.

No. 776546

top fucking kek at the banner rotation being so shit, this lovely nerd right here thought the wild cow tongue action banner was fancy and new lmaaaaoooooo

No. 776550

just the two of us
we can make it if we tryyyy

No. 776553

File: 1617615532967.png (856.1 KB, 1203x673, descargar.png)

getting unbanned feels like when lady gaga got out of jail to meet beyonce

No. 776561

Just wear heels

No. 776593

flashbacks to when I called a Diablo 2 assassin Jean d'Arc instead of Jeanne d'Arc

No. 776597

No. 776601

you the gay son or thot daughter?

No. 776607

File: 1617630347464.gif (42.55 KB, 333x60, moo.gif)

look at this dude

No. 776624

This post was made two days ago but I really like it's message and wanted to give it another chance to shine.

No. 776634

File: 1617634866583.png (340.12 KB, 1311x471, fupa.png)

I get jealous of how anons can phrase things and write such well thought out insults. I'm like I wish I thought of that. But obviously I lack the mental capacity to kek.

No. 776689

This should be made into a banner that will never be added

No. 776713

File: 1617645466883.png (317.02 KB, 613x333, 585372.png)

When he fuck me good, I take his ass to Banana the yellow Lobster where we shake his lil hand because in this house we don't eat animals

No. 776714

beto o’rourke?

No. 776716

That's the dude that appears in people's dreams

No. 776717

crunch crunch yummy

No. 776718

Speaking of that thread, I liked it better when it was called “Men you’re ashamed to say you’d fuck” instead of “Unconventional male attractions”

No. 776725

File: 1617646371996.jpeg (157.79 KB, 378x381, GUEST_aa47f613-ed1c-48ea-9c15-…)

well tough shit anon

No. 776735

File: 1617647672516.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 800x800, 1605050111178.gif)




No. 776738

File: 1617647825930.jpeg (344.42 KB, 1242x1110, B74A1916-F975-4D5A-8B89-3266D8…)

No. 776745

fragile item

No. 776763

there's a part of me that regrets ever posting there in the first place, then maybe I wouldn't be as confident as I am now about my shit taste

it's been over a year, it ain't going away now

No. 776808

I get the change. I just thought the previous title was funnier,

No. 776811

It led to anons having to exclaim "not ashamed but he's not classicaly attractive"

No. 776814

tbf if you posted the "not classically attractive" guys in the attractive thread you would get bashed so there wasn't really a middle ground for it

No. 776816

Yeah, which us why the new thread title is better

No. 776827

File: 1617657863523.jpg (184.99 KB, 1080x1870, 7be069b.jpg)

Scrotes will reject hot girls because her boobs are like one cup size bigger or smaller than they would like but fap to shit like this

No. 776841

File: 1617659695122.webm (338.4 KB, 640x360, based.webm)

Dr.Doof is based

No. 777040

uhn daddy doof

No. 777059

File: 1617684223969.jpeg (23.65 KB, 288x450, BD10F790-C5FB-4589-846D-50B742…)

No. 777081

File: 1617685856985.png (Spoiler Image, 189.86 KB, 766x430, dilfenshmirtz.png)

oh god oh fuck I'm acting up

No. 777086

File: 1617686867656.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 199.74 KB, 1200x836, 659171D8-B4D6-4E09-8EAE-281EF7…)

No. 777087

imagine his moans, with that voice

No. 777110

Stop nonita my vagina can only get so wet

No. 777137

File: 1617695346338.png (840.76 KB, 1776x586, d.png)

No. 777138

File: 1617695449975.png (511.76 KB, 1210x584, b.png)

No. 777142

File: 1617695746433.png (514.17 KB, 1192x588, c.png)

No. 777143

File: 1617695791240.png (716.94 KB, 1198x598, a.png)

(the scissors are for zer balls)

No. 777152


this is like a conservative comedians lame "funny" setlist

No. 777182

idk who needs to hear this today but you're dum lol

No. 777207

File: 1617711718716.webm (1.19 MB, 854x480, aaaaaaaaa.webm)

Sometimes I just want to scream.

No. 777221

ty i am ready to start my day

No. 777246

this made me fucking laugh and throw up

No. 777305

I mean are they wrong

No. 777306

I just dreamt I was nice to a farmer and that I helped her with something, everyone else was really happy as well.

No. 777378

File: 1617731833970.jpg (98.93 KB, 720x858, I02b6921b040195b526992.jpg)

No. 777392

File: 1617732304660.gif (4.68 MB, 700x394, 54779b02b09548b8b45b96117b1b28…)

dun dun dun Where will you be when the hotwienerdog invasion strikes?

No. 777543

in my bed, d*!@#!fagging

No. 777547

File: 1617746074348.png (148.19 KB, 446x404, t.png)

maybe but they're funny (I'm not conservative myself)

No. 777549

I wish every furry a very Fuck Off, Disgusting Piece Of Shit

No. 777550


No. 777553

Maybe it’s dominofagging, now I kind of want to play some dominoes.

No. 777623

File: 1617758425129.jpeg (29.14 KB, 720x720, DE7BDB49-769C-4754-AA66-1A48C8…)


No. 777636

Hopefully, by their side

No. 777639

File: 1617760863407.png (Spoiler Image, 128.11 KB, 781x721, 1617077569055.png)

No. 777737

File: 1617769601077.jpeg (82.83 KB, 1019x737, 3BEEEEA3-1EB0-4B1E-B546-131FFA…)

lucky number?

No. 777767


No. 777802

Durka durka jihad

No. 777807

File: 1617774904495.jpeg (158.71 KB, 571x1024, 71EAB1E5-6970-4076-9D49-E34871…)

Why this character

No. 777818

File: 1617777280163.png (181.38 KB, 203x500, literally me.png)

No. 777856

File: 1617785005457.png (931.34 KB, 1152x1152, A3E7A173-A87E-4B8D-AC23-0031F2…)

so you’re just not going to post the source?

No. 777919

File: 1617795014722.jpeg (89.47 KB, 512x384, B30CC886-0D0C-40CF-8644-D3E876…)

Everyone sit down, we have some very important things to discuss

No. 777922

File: 1617795258156.jpeg (70.32 KB, 880x613, 628F1B00-2951-497D-AF61-108B18…)

STOP IGNORING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 777951

what is there to discuss? please enlighten me

No. 778026

why would you post this horrifying photo

No. 778073

File: 1617809324824.png (1.26 MB, 1072x924, kit.png)

im ready to take notes anon

this is a european bee-eater! i saw one a few days back and it's so lovely i could cry

No. 778081

File: 1617810094705.jpg (109.83 KB, 548x750, IMG_20210407_182926.jpg)

I love these cats

No. 778085


No. 778087

File: 1617810649928.jpg (122.96 KB, 992x1200, Df0udBQU0AAT_fs.jpg)

A fellow hobbikats enjoyer

No. 778092

Yes! Another woman of culture. I'm so glad Stache is doing better. I was really worried about him. He's my favorite.

No. 778095

OH he's my favorite too, I hope he's going to be around for more years. I really love catching up on them whenever I feel low.

No. 778149

File: 1617817915519.jpg (57.83 KB, 750x824, b82qvioxtok61.jpg)

okay I'm listening

No. 778156

File: 1617818743576.png (145 KB, 500x531, d8559f06c2a4cd4078cd794b8b4139…)


No. 778161

grabbing him by the tongue for when I need a light source in the cellar

No. 778181

albino lickitung

No. 778194

File: 1617824034828.png (139.55 KB, 351x351, 1513125217264.png)


No. 778197

File: 1617824185454.jpeg (116.57 KB, 693x720, 445099E8-5663-4528-B09D-52AEDA…)

>doesn’t have a split tongue
>tongue so big you wouldn’t even feel anything
>can’t kiss that thing because your mouth isn’t humongous
Shit/10 would not have near my sight. Get some taste, anon, love Zhongli’s sexy mouth.

No. 778201

No. 778202

File: 1617824736059.jpg (74.93 KB, 828x821, 1600372091933.jpg)

No. 778203

sexy but what is up with that hand placement

No. 778206

It's not his hand, it's you brushing his teeth

No. 778208

File: 1617825365007.jpeg (43.98 KB, 400x300, 1AE3C30E-6B4A-48E1-BC84-3009DE…)

daily reminder: you are garbage, not trash

No. 778232

File: 1617829031028.jpg (29.49 KB, 572x700, 78de8609e904478be4d68c89cff62e…)

[Verso 1]
Ni una simple sonrisa
Ni un poco de luz en sus ojos profundos
Ni siquiera reflejo de algún pensamiento que alegre su mundo
Hay tristeza en sus ojos hablando y callando y bailando conmigo
Una pena lejana que llega a mi alma y se hace cariño

El muchacho de los ojos tristes
Vive solo y necesita amor
Como el aire necesita verme
Como al sol lo necesito yo
El muchacho de los ojos tristes
Ha encontrado al fin una razón
Para hacer que su mirada ría
Con mis besos y mi gran amor

[Verso 2]
Ni su nombre conozco
Y ya quiero volver a encontrármelo a solas
Y en sus ojos de otoño
Dormir poco a poco olvidando las horas
Yo pretendo saber por qué extraña razón
Hoy sus ojos no ríen
Yo pretendo lograr
Con ternura y amor ver sus ojos felices

El muchacho de los ojos tristes
Vive solo y necesita amor
Como el aire necesita verme
Como al sol lo necesito yo
El muchacho de los ojos tristes
Ha encontrado al fin una razón
Para ser que su mirada ría
Con mis besos y mi gran amor

El muchacho de los ojos tristes
Vive solo y necesita amor
Como el aire necesita verme
Como al sol lo necesito yo

No. 778235

File: 1617829316942.jpg (74.93 KB, 456x454, EkGd-RFVkAIBaCG.jpg)

i hate that ho

No. 778244

toxic trigger warning nonny triggered terf

No. 778256

terf triggered nonny problematic trigger warning toxic victim oof poc

No. 778273

I fucked your mom

No. 778302

File: 1617836039149.jpeg (529.59 KB, 722x731, 17DD3E9F-20A8-4904-8842-ED704B…)

No. 778311

terf triggered nonny problematic trigger warning toxic victim oof poc abusive

No. 778313

File: 1617836779723.gif (430.32 KB, 120x90, 559B3B6D-0553-41F9-AFF2-E543DB…)

I've got the answers in my memory banks
Strike like a panther, make no mistake
Back on my shit (Beep)
I don't know it (Beep)
Nine in the clip (Beep)
If I catch someone lacking (Beep)
Back on my shit (Beep)
I don't know nothin' about (Beep)
Losing my shit (Beep)
Only problem I can think

No. 778315

File: 1617836873337.gif (1.09 MB, 256x512, 83457e96539009c6f8399e9f3333ee…)


No. 778326

No. 778332

This is retarded but I also work out so I don’t end up like land whales trying to preach body positivity

No. 778333

File: 1617838166277.jpeg (268.45 KB, 1500x1969, A458F20C-1065-49D3-AAD3-24EA58…)

Me to bara tiddies

No. 778397

who still plays smash?

No. 778451

File: 1617859467165.png (113.86 KB, 309x366, edie_1.png)

i wont wat she has

No. 778465

Me to the tiddies of the Forbbiden Man

No. 778466

you won't have a funeral?

No. 778470

i submitted my freelance thing for review and i think it sucks but these mfers keep loving my shit???? they have bad taste

No. 778478

File: 1617865274609.png (57.05 KB, 298x232, h.png)

No. 778522


No. 778524

I feel like a special kind of idiot because this whole time I thought sparkling water was sweet. But today I bought la croix and another brand I forgot the name of. To me it tasted bitter and I couldn't taste the triple berry or whatever. I bought two cases and I"m chugging it down cuz I hate wasting things. I'm just tryin to kick my soda habit

No. 778530

You can add sugar to it yourself if it’s that important to you. Use honey or melt some sugar in water and you have a simple syrup and can control the sweetness in the drinks easily. I don’t drink soda often so just 1 can makes me feel sick. But chugging a box of them is just going to make you uncomfortably bloated isn’t it? If they have no flavor to you then you can let them go flat and drink it like regular water.

No. 778535

I tried lettin it go flat but it was still bitter. I added artificial sweetner, made it go flat. But the winner here was mio

No. 778562

File: 1617879684541.jpg (666.99 KB, 3024x4032, IE8vspL.jpg)

come get your sonic juice

No. 778563

thanks it looks so delicious and refreshing

No. 778620

File: 1617887386623.jpg (132.08 KB, 1280x720, wtf.jpg)


(inhales more)

No. 778626

toxic poc terf triggered nonny problematic abusive victim trigger warning oof

No. 778660

File: 1617893325029.jpg (Spoiler Image, 182.83 KB, 2088x1508, D-RKXWnXoAE8Wsk.jpg)

too hot to handle

No. 778813

File: 1617908835093.png (156.65 KB, 555x555, wrong_concept_right_timeline.p…)

consumerism has me in its cold white knuckled grip

No. 778815

I'm scarfing this down with no hesitation and curling up into a ball afterward.

No. 778816

ayrt, I just shamefully ate one and am playing out that scenario in real time

No. 778817


No. 778818

What is this called?

No. 778819

sage and spoiler because this really reads like an advertisement, it's the new krispy kreme oreo donut for a limited time until April 18th

No. 779044

File: 1617935114708.png (168 KB, 330x386, 15789694680873327638.png)

kek ads are funny

No. 779064

it's also not even true

No. 779069

Did they just call him a skinny legend and a girlboss? Let us discuss.

No. 779078

young dumb and full of existential bread

No. 779129

File: 1617948494448.jpeg (565.42 KB, 1125x1035, 7A6F1C05-4806-4D8D-A1FA-1CC244…)

>existential bread

No. 779290

Anyone wanna watch some TV with me?

No. 779291

File: 1617971491009.jpeg (320.64 KB, 602x833, 6C1AFC67-8FDC-4782-9AD6-CC0618…)

Open RP
Me; DIO kin, reading picture book in bed

[DIO] the M O N A L I S A is kind of fucked up

No. 779295

File: 1617972373008.jpg (58.34 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Ya like jizz?

No. 779302

I hate this quote because it makes me think of the original coomer one that actually rhymes (and that I think Shayna reposted or something?) It makes me wanna vomit. Had to hide the thread picture which with it

No. 779308

File: 1617973799734.png (43.82 KB, 149x158, quality.png)

What the fuck did you just fucking say about the M O N A L I S A, my lord? I'll have you know I work as an employee for the Kame Yu department stores, and I get home every day by 8 PM at the latest. I don't smoke, but I occasionally drink. I'm in bed by 11 PM, and make sure I get eight hours of sleep, no matter what. I'm trying to explain that I'm a person who wishes to live a very quiet life, and masturbating to m'L I S A's lovely hands is the only thing I let myself indulge in that brings me true happiness. So you think you can get away with saying that shit about her on the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am furiously masturbating to that book you're holding in your hands. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you vampiric moron. I will cum all over that bed and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, DIO.

No. 779312

File: 1617974219987.jpg (447.13 KB, 1600x1420, c54ce91a76a6886bc36bdc356577a8…)

Gee Lady Thompson, how come your mom lets you eat two wieners?

No. 779441

Today I ate cornflakes swimming in tomato juice because I wanted to eat something yummy and I was angry.

No. 779515

We gotta install microwave ovens, custom kitchen delivereeeeeeeeieiees
We gotta move these refrigerators, we gotta move these color teeeeveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

No. 779540

Double the head, double the bread.

No. 779543

File: 1617993361848.jpg (26.63 KB, 470x813, 283836728293737392929922826638…)

Furry Adam Driver

No. 779561

Y'all know this guy? My sister just sent me this video and I have no words

No. 779608

Absolutely No, Have a day

No. 779727

File: 1618003595080.jpg (40.72 KB, 540x286, ine_p67drq3aYg1rugl5i_540.jpg)

fuck, you are right, but righ in the same way that november is the thursday of months for exemple, do you know what I mean ? like I have no proof but I know you are right

No. 779802

Or is it just a face thing? Never watched beastars

But isn't december the Sunday of months?
It's the last one, the one with most resting/holidays and it's tied to a religious thingy

No. 779895

File: 1618023633138.jpg (120.49 KB, 720x654, 883838383838383737888393929298…)

The author comfirmed , he is a furry AD

No. 779957

Oh damn
Time to watch beastars now jk but it actually was on my watchlist before

No. 779966

>november is thursday
it makes so much sense now

No. 779967

I gotta watch it now brb

No. 779973

File: 1618035169567.jpg (Spoiler Image, 996.04 KB, 1920x1920, 494939447849392929812727464648…)


No. 779976

Nta, and your reasoning for December being Sunday makes a lot of sense, but tbh December gives me Wednesday vibes.

No. 779980

hmm… yes…

No. 779981

File: 1618036262386.jpg (257.98 KB, 720x908, PicsArt_04-10-03.30.20.jpg)

oh shiet

No. 779983

Do you have a reasoning for this or is it just a ~vibe~?

No. 779984

It's just the vibes anon

No. 779987

For me Wednesday is associated with the color orange and I also don't know why, it's pure vibe

No. 779994


No. 780001

My favorite character from Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the cat. So fluffy! <3

No. 780062

Both of you sound hawt.

No. 780139

File: 1618057585540.jpg (226.18 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_nr6vzoBD1L1u87qt3o1_128…)

I just got banned for a scrote post from 2018 when my IP was different and then immediately unbanned. I got unreasonably angry. I need to go to bed.

No. 780483

I read this in the possum's voice

No. 780640

File: 1618105505310.jpeg (365.11 KB, 750x709, D5FFB149-6EE7-4936-9684-6CC352…)

No. 780643

This looks like if gimpgirl was male

No. 780645

No. 780646

omfg it does so much it has to be that faceapp filter, OP please admit it's a faceapp filter

No. 780648

Holy shit lmao
It’s a good edit and She makes a cute dude I’ll give her that

No. 780654

thank you for this anon

No. 780655

Anon I despair for your taste in men.

No. 780670

I’m sorry anon I just think the trans man look can be cute

No. 780684

Lmao yes I’m op anon and it is just FaceApp.

No. 780692

File: 1618109185364.jpg (49.57 KB, 600x600, 473c8660ee36071ae810e2dcb6553d…)


I don't want to remarry.
I only want SEX.
See my pussy.

No. 780719

I am clicking but nothing happens

No. 780939

File: 1618139500208.jpeg (480.69 KB, 750x744, 87AF473B-8DF6-444F-98E2-D9F834…)

good morning ladies, you can relax now, I’ve arrived

No. 780951

File: 1618140440933.jpeg (11.27 KB, 261x142, C3E83C38-46A1-4407-9059-669E60…)

No. 780987

File: 1618144652753.jpeg (206.89 KB, 1065x1230, 84379DF9-0914-478D-A362-6A62B3…)

why am I seeing so many images I reblogged on tumblr in 2012 on the farms these days?

No. 781006

Iconic, legendary

No. 781093

File: 1618157279948.png (20.38 KB, 813x228, cogntivebred.png)

Dude what

No. 781096

design students are the worst.

No. 781098

File: 1618157474486.png (1.67 MB, 1042x1048, Screen Shot 2021-04-11 at 12.1…)

No. 781103

This lobster DIED for someone to eat and they didn't even manage to acceptably prepare it , shameful

No. 781191

File: 1618166622101.jpeg (100.99 KB, 750x750, 5115C3BC-568C-4156-9D4A-A460AD…)

i want to be like your last girl
she's got looks that drive you wild and
love the way she wears her makeup
she would be so nice to wake up to
she's so sweet
and she's so pretty
even more than me

No. 781219


No. 781230

Mrrrrrowww yeah I’ll squish it with my car tire

No. 781238

File: 1618169632505.png (20.78 KB, 700x700, 9911DE15-39B9-4077-9D75-88985D…)

its claws are bound so it could still be alive

No. 781258

File: 1618170765089.jpg (60.27 KB, 758x511, kek.jpg)

Posting problematic™ content? NOT ON MY WATCH

No. 781281

Very good

No. 781307

Should I shave my hairy ass armpits?

No. 781321

Let them stay how they are if you want, nonny! Smooth ass armpits do feel pretty luxurious when you're in the shower though, ngl.

No. 781336

As an American I'm gonna be so sad when a block by country feature kicks in because I'm careful to be polite and hate that controlling bullshit, but then I completely understand and would block us too if I could.

No. 781441

File: 1618192259352.jpeg (331.8 KB, 750x735, 6A76AB11-C131-4F85-941C-4D80FD…)

No. 781447

traps and femboys go home ur ugly asses aren't welcome

No. 781469

File: 1618198961066.png (2.86 MB, 2048x1339, 1589752857721.png)

No. 781480

I wish i was in a TERF discord but the one i was in got nuked because an aiden detroon got triggered at some asinine shit about SNK being problematic or whatever… I wanna kms now

No. 781491

post driver pics in the driverfag thread, not here plz

No. 781499

File: 1618204768489.jpg (13.7 KB, 250x250, 1409707217110.jpg)

I got out of bed right before I was about to fall asleep because I sensed something was wrong and my hamster was standing right on top of his enclosure staring at me. Was a funny and lucky moment, I found the loose spot and secured it too

No. 781509

File: 1618206267067.gif (661.21 KB, 245x223, 23462746872.gif)

Oh anon.

No. 781518

What’s SNK?

No. 781520

Nta, but it's Shingeki no kyojin.

No. 781535

This exact same thing happened to me one time too wtf

No. 781976

File: 1618247207417.jpg (108.53 KB, 1280x854, 20210412_104656.jpg)

No. 782300

File: 1618268654119.jpg (68.02 KB, 576x622, Dl4JQUxXcAEs00F.jpg)

No. 782343

File: 1618271490502.gif (257.91 KB, 320x240, 4a8babd0ff48f6d9b25fa7cae4a37f…)

No. 782351

Best naruto ship, sorry I had to say it

No. 782356

File: 1618272919578.jpg (254.79 KB, 900x1200, 55720003_p9_master1200.jpg)

it's true and you should say it

No. 782634

File: 1618299741482.png (22.3 KB, 370x444, gratis-png-sakura-kinomoto-tom…)


No. 782637

File: 1618299839066.jpg (32.97 KB, 680x383, 4cd.jpg)

Time to listen to Mitski and die

No. 782650

I'm scrolling through Find A Grave right now for no reason

No. 782664

Find one for me pls

No. 782667

np anon you'll get the best one

No. 782753

File: 1618319261779.jpg (6.52 KB, 225x225, Papasmurf1.jpg)

Papa Smurf Can I Lick You're Ass

No. 782759

o yea gurl get that blue tongue like u been eating a freeze pop

No. 782763

No. 782767


No. 782800

Jaelle Stiles
Greasy fat bitch
All she do is go on live
And slit her wrists
Fake ass empath
Attention seeking psychopath
Cryin bout how people treat her
She a goddamn nasty fat groomer reaper
Pedophillic fat bitch
Racist wid a twist
Her mama dead n
Her daddy want head
Blamimg everything on her bpd
She look like a fiend
She look like a beast
Meth head hoe
Psychosis tramp
McDonald fried hair
So obssesed with her narcissit abuser
Nikita Dragon
She misses when she would chose her
She skinwalked that hoe
She nearly tied the noose
Suck it up bitch
U so obssesed
Its not like ur traumatized?
Its not like you want your plan to be justified?
What you can't handel the criticism?
Get off the internet and drop the narcissism
Her online leeches

No. 782803

No. 782806

call me retarded because I'm almost in my mid twenties but I don't get why these spam community girls get so much attention, other than being addict messes who arent even old enough to drink. while the milk is blessedly cursed you can't help but feel the entire intent of purposely "private" and "exclusive" trainwreck accounts is fuckin' retarded in the first place

then again, I was not born after the year 2000, I do not understand this zoomer culture bs

No. 782839

Good thing its in the shitposting thread then

No. 782897

wasn't the op of the second nika thread put out to pasture because it was her or jaelle herself though

No. 782998

File: 1618344910127.jpg (578.57 KB, 3000x2000, danny.jpg)


No. 783053

File: 1618347692167.jpg (38.15 KB, 682x767, BaPCG0V.jpg)


No. 783377

File: 1618390014231.jpg (23.4 KB, 320x240, storymodoga.jpg)

Burichu bureido baturaso

No. 783466

Where are the mods?
Where are the mods?
Where are where are
Where are the mods?

No. 783472

File: 1618407882827.jpg (190.95 KB, 627x949, 77.jpg)

Where do you go with your broken heart in tow?
And what do you do with the left over you?
And how do you know when to let go?
Where did my keys go?
Where did my keys go?

No. 783474

File: 1618408051794.gif (4.6 MB, 400x300, 4C67C21E-5329-4EF1-A23D-CE1A83…)

Dasa cassanaa I’m just getting into a prophetic bang
Mandadakindibo someone with a digestive tract problems quickly call
Mandadacassa there’s a miracle for you
Mandidikini inyosoula intestinal problems, someone with similar intestinal problems
We’ve seen several people being delivered from the colostomy bag.
Disability of a child some time of learning disability we’ve seen many many children healed
We’ve seen midgets grow
We’ve seen arms and legs that stopped growing, because the growth cells have stopped
We have THOUSANDS of testimonies documented by people who’s lives have been changed!

No. 783486

I see you bitches being stupid, every day. And I think. Same

No. 783503

File: 1618413668966.jpeg (100.22 KB, 828x731, 03978A0B-3E07-4AA0-BA25-E33BE9…)

No. 783516

File: 1618414317442.gif (628.75 KB, 500x312, giphy (1).gif)

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

No. 783546

File: 1618418944849.jpeg (60.47 KB, 1029x589, B2079151-81F2-40B8-B3B2-CF4CC8…)

No. 783548

File: 1618419303926.png (2 MB, 512x512, db8bmp3-b15d7d7e-58d3-4b45-ad0…)

No. 783549

File: 1618419539747.jpeg (100.13 KB, 720x720, C5D195B8-D536-4D8F-9DEB-1A75FF…)


No. 783551

No. 783556

tell source of anime dilf please

No. 783558

Nanami kento from jujutsu kaisen

No. 783584

File: 1618423933385.jpeg (102.98 KB, 828x828, D170A705-FB2F-441C-8630-196D7A…)

No. 783647

File: 1618429988575.png (122.05 KB, 263x245, xcfxcf.png)


No. 783653

File: 1618430349955.jpeg (111.55 KB, 750x875, 1615250966237.jpeg)

I hate this so much

No. 783654

holy crap I read the manga a while ago I dropped it bc too long and repetitive but it's comedy anime potential I loved it

No. 783656

File: 1618430458597.png (1.67 MB, 1465x947, CB56153F-9972-4382-AD63-512970…)

Did the pasture in the sky run out of stables?

No. 783802

File: 1618452377600.jpg (110 KB, 750x1012, Tumblr_l_244413357843168.jpg)


No. 783826

this is retarded but im actually flattered youre using the GK screenshot i posted here yesterday

No. 783849

I get a can of vegetable, I get a packet of ramen
I pour the vegetables and vegetable water into a pot, I add the ramen flavor packet, I cook it
I discard the noodles

No. 783869

File: 1618464757868.jpg (Spoiler Image, 835.2 KB, 3464x1949, 848383838484848484848484848484…)

Maybe someone who has better understanding lc board culture can fill it up.

No. 783876

I for one welcome our new anyafags overlords, if they are strong enough
Imagine if one of the known lurking cows fell for one of the lc memes? Especially the one with a dedicated thread. It would be funny and tragic

No. 783879

I refuse to acknowledge anyafags. Borzoifags were based and I miss them, driverfags were meh, but I despise anyafags. That woman wouldn't be able to lick your clits straight on with how far apart her eyes are. Pathetic taste. At least pick a hot woman who can lick your clit head on like a real one.

No. 783894

wasn't there more than one komaedafag, or were they all samefag?

No. 783898

File: 1618472328553.jpeg (135.28 KB, 1080x707, F4D605A9-392B-4563-8AAA-549453…)

It is I, the holy monk of the mountain
Rest your weary legs and feast upon the humble ration of dates in which I provide for you
Once you consume the sacred dates, you will lapse into a deep slumber
You will awake in a holy land of ice, situated in a hotel bathtub, with several of your vital organs missing
This is simply a purgatory. If you can retain your holiness during this trial, you will be beamed up into a big spaceship and transported to the holy land.

No. 783899

File: 1618472570250.jpeg (206.47 KB, 862x1024, C7A93172-C09D-45AC-8502-BF6BC9…)

God is alive and lives upon the earth
His holiness has taken the form of an Orangutan
Bow down to his holiness and provide bountiful gifts of fruit and delectable leaves
To be spared from His Terrifying Wrath

No. 783902

There are certainly more, and they even fought. You can see one of their posts on the copypasta thread

No. 783907

That is pretty good but discarding noodles is so wasteful. Suggestion: give them to me

No. 783918

I want to wash and comb his hair, maybe even give it a perm

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