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File: 1505692585054.jpg (11.12 KB, 480x480, 1f9.jpg)

No. 204765

who else here drunk

No. 204770

i fucking wish i was
have fun

No. 204771

not me but seeing this thread makes me wanna be drunk

No. 204775

Bout to beeeee

No. 204791

Yes, I tried to start a general addiction/alcoholism thread here once but it died quickly. Oh well

No. 204796

420chan is a good place to go.

No. 204797

I thought a female perspective would be nice, I overestimated is all. Women are far less likely to be addicts in general.

No. 204798

Or less likely to talk about it maybe. I started a post so many times on that thread but deleted it. I know I'm an alcoholic, I just don't want anyone to try and talk me out of it. Let me pickle my liver damnit.

No. 204894

File: 1505781098878.jpg (101.34 KB, 633x353, Ia9vHlS.jpg)


kampai, bitches

No. 204919

maybe i have an addiction, maybe i don't idk

No. 204927

The shame is also a lot worse for female addicts… drunken antics are considered funny when men do it but when a woman does it not so much. Or if the woman is a mother, no one gives a a shit if dad gets wasted every weekend, but if mom does she's the worst person ever.

No. 204932

This is so true. It's funny when the guys joke about drinking a 12 pack of beer but makes people uncomfortable when I talk about it. My bf drinks every day and that's Ok but he gives me death glares when I do. Which is why I have booze stashed around the house. Fucking double standards. Or they think it's funny to see the old alcoholic matriarch on some show but God forbid you're actually that alcoholic matriarch, but with less narcissism and more functionality.

No. 204934

anyone else absolutely hate drinking but still does because you're a sad sack of shit?
i legit hate being drunk and drinking, but if it numbs it, i will legit drink it regardless of if i like the taste or not

No. 204936

Not sure if I should post this in this thread…I'm technically drunk but it's more of a question.

Does anybody know what could be the reason for a sudden change in what "type" of drunk you are? I used to be an extremely giggly, happy drunk and about 6 months or so ago I did a complete 180. Now I'm extremely angry when I drink to the point where I probably shouldn't be around others or I will lash out at them. I usually have to remove myself from the company of others and go somewhere alone where my anger eventually dissolves into just sadness/tears.

I've always been the kind of person to keep my emotions bottled up and have a sweet, soft spoken external demeanor. I would say I have a lot of anger kept inside, but it doesn't really account for the changes I mentioned because I've pretty much always been like that. I'm not anymore angry than I was 6 months ago. Has anyone else had this happen? Maybe it's just aging…? Idk.

No. 204960

Maybe you've bottled up so much that you can't bottle it up any longer? I was that way too. I was more of the "fun" drunk but became the type that bitched about everything due to shit going on in my life. I never spoke up until it all came spewing out in a torrent. I went back to being more of a fun and happy drunk when I started voicing what was bothering me when I was sober.

No. 204974

I'm legit scared of losing control of my faculties. Same reason I don't smoke and avoid taking meds. Also alcohol smell makes me nauseous.

No. 205022

me i am drunk

lolcow is the best thing that has happened to me as of late.

i am so happy to discover clever, witty, wonderful femanons who are hilarious but not creepy sjw's.

everyone on this board is a treasure and if you send me a compliment i will give you 1/5 of my pretty princess fortune.

No. 205024

boyfriend wants to call it off
im gonna buy a shitload and wine and drink it, or swallow a bunch of opioids idk im in the subway crying my ass off heading to liquor store

No. 205025

File: 1505872302454.jpg (42.94 KB, 296x309, jpeg.jpg)


sorry you're in such a world of pain anon. fuck that guy, enjoy your drinks and make a toast to yourself. look ahead, whatever happens

No. 205026


if it means u not an hero anon i'll send you hot noods or s/t anything so you feel valued <3

No. 205028

File: 1505876030541.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.44 MB, 2434x2943, dickpix.jpg)

have a dickpick

No. 205029

is Nixonposter back?

No. 205038

File: 1505883440327.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.59 MB, 3650x2704, Rooster-1.jpg)

Sorry no.
Do you like my cock?

No. 210575

haha op again and you thought you were drunk when you made this thread? try again in like a month

No. 210601

been there done that, you'll find a more complete happiness way sooner than you think

No. 210602

i disagree and find many of the users to be deeply, deeply flawed in pretty obvious ways. but i guess lolcow girls are my kind of girls, so its nice to know that you're all here anyway.

No. 210720

>The shame is also a lot worse for female addicts

So are the consequences. Putting aside the unfair social aspect, from a purely biological standpoint, alcohol addiction does far more damage to females than males.

Our bodies produce significantly less of the enzyme that breaks down alcohol. An average woman's body will deteriorate from alcohol addiction about 3 times faster than an average man's.

No. 210872


idgaf i love lolcow infighting, drama, all of it. ive waited a few weeks to get some money in after having to pay out for some serious house repair even after insurance covered it.

ive got my vodka and grapes, i feel like a queen

No. 228307

I wish we could have a drunk discord

No. 228861

any southern anons shitfaced for mardi gras

No. 228873

I would join this, absolutely.

No. 228878

me too

No. 229699

Anons, I am currently drunk. I want to chat with the rest of my drunk friends too. Can someone please create a drunk lolcow discord channel? I would but I don't want the responsibility of managing that shit.

No. 229923

I wanted to go with something alliterative but "anonymous alcoholics" seemed a little too close to other organizations using those same based words, went with "flushed farmers" since flushing is a somewhat common symptom of intoxication. "milk bar" hearkened a bit too much to A Clockwork Orange to fit well imo.

Anyway if anyone has better ideas for names/channels etc. that's fine, here's a permanent link: https://discord.gg/KxBWF4H

No. 335068

File: 1544071876128.gif (980.8 KB, 450x257, mte0o3Wg4E1r38njjo1_500.gif)

hey anons it me I love you all and I love mods and I love this site.

No. 335074

Love you too nigga. Have a good night

No. 335284

does weed drunk count

No. 335407

yeet homie. im raisin my glass to you! hope you had a good time

No. 335850

im drunk and ily all

No. 343058

Reviving this because I’m drunk and I just wanna spread some cheer. Also not saging like I usually do. If you’re reading this, I hope you have a great night.

No. 343102

File: 1545523277207.jpg (110 KB, 612x612, IMG_4506.JPG)

Thnx bitch im high but just in case nobody replies to you I hope you have a great night too

No. 343133

Yeah I read this and scrolled past but now I’m reading it again. I hope u have a good night too and thank you. I’m not drunk or high but I have both wine and weed so I will be soon

No. 343137

Off work in an hour! I’ll be joining you ladies soon, stay toasty!

No. 343164

Not drunk yet but getting there. Thank fuck my crush logged out and I won't embarrass myself tonight

No. 343167

I'm drunk now on Sambuca. I wish I wasn't it just make s me depressed

No. 343170

somehow ended up sdrunk :(

No. 343171

whats up anon-chan

No. 343197

File: 1545543555114.jpg (151.25 KB, 800x450, crying.jpg)

not drunk but i rly want to be right now so that i can distract myself/ not be present for this AWFUL depressive episode…. but i can't mix my antidepressants with alcohol so i'm fucked


No. 343565

Christmas Eve and I’m baked, waiting for my SO to come home. Just watching Mean Girls and eating crumpets. Merry Christmas to you!

No. 343693

i have a christmas tradition where second we share our gifts with the family and I can quietly go to my old room and get hammered.

currently drinking red wine with glögg and finally getting a bit tipsy!!

No. 343762

Enjoy your gløgg, im watching christmas movies high af w the family and watched my mom kill a box of wine

No. 343779

File: 1545686261320.gif (1.86 MB, 224x224, tenor (1) copy.gif)

eggnog and fireball oof

No. 343787

I wish. I've had two beers which isn't even enough to be tipsy. I've already had my first family fight of the season and I don't have enough alcohol in my veins to deal with this.

No. 343807

First Christmas away from my damn family in a nice warm place. I'm gonna get wasted!

No. 343821

I live in the warmest US state and haven't had a family gathering in years. I drink every holiday, welcome to the warm side!

No. 343822

File: 1545693189682.gif (493.44 KB, 500x277, flights-stop-offering-limes.gi…)

yes, girl. vodka and ginger beer over here!

No. 343829

my mom who drinks like 2 glasses of wine per year bought this super expensive Saint Emilion for xmas dinner so now I'm finnishing the bottle, and let me say, as a broke person who usually only drinks the cheapest crap….this is much more pleasant

No. 343830

File: 1545694360653.png (54.17 KB, 98x350, watermelon2L.png)

First Christmas living away from home and all I'm drinking is pineapple malibu and this vimto. Tastes like a cocktail but it's super lazy.

No. 343833

>start drinking wine at 5pm
>finish it by 7
>fall asleep at 8
>woken up at half 10 by mum barging into room

sad times

No. 343834

Thank you! I'm currently in Australia! Far far away from my mountain range. Merry Christmas!

No. 343841

File: 1545705981679.png (135.58 KB, 707x623, iSZukcj.png)

No. 343851

i'm drunk af and Prince William as cute kids and i'm happy for both him and his wife.

No. 343871

lmao, kind of ot but "vimito" almost means "barf" in my mother tong.

No. 343895

Agree. Although I hope George and Louie inherit his hairline.

No. 343933

I know its just a typo anon but im screaming at
>my mother tong

No. 347113

File: 1546307281263.jpg (10.67 KB, 246x205, images.jpg)

so strange how one (or a few) tiny liquid doses cxan change a person so McLachlan

No. 347298

my bf brought me back a 1.75 litre bottle of bombay sapphire gin from his vacation in the states and i can't believe how fucking cheap booze is in the US. also!!! the american gin is 47% and in canada the same brand is only 40%.

anyway i didn't notice the percentage difference until a few min ago and that answers why i feel so much more drunk than i should.

No. 366188

File: 1549152049784.png (77.41 KB, 380x349, C3E66E22-3406-40E5-8E07-1FFACE…)

Happy Saturday anons! What are we drinking this evening? Vodka and cranberry for me, going to fire up some Overwatch and have some sips.


No. 366230

Lidls knock off disaronno and coke for this broke bitch mmmm

No. 366236

Yeeeeet anon drinking Costco knockoff Kirkland Vodka. It's very good.

Also to anyone reading don't be afraid to make internet friends. I went out on a limb and used voice chat in a video game and now I'm friends with a few of the sweetest people I have ever met. Only thing is I'm too shy to talk to them unless I'm drinking kek

love u all you are worth it

No. 366252

raspberry moscato. i feel like a wine mom

No. 366278

Hahaha im a cheap bitch and I'm enjoying some Yingling while playing LoZ: oracle of ages

No. 366315

>oracle of ages

Nice! i'm playing oracle seasons with a nice glass of vodka (neat)

No. 378216

Hi anons,
So I’m drunk.
My friends have been lecturing me for a while about how I need to find a guy and experience a relationship. How it is so wonderful and different.
Is it so wrong that i feel like I’m fine without being in a relationship with someone? That I’m whole as I am and I don’t need someone to complete me?
I feel so broken.
I guess I’m pretty fucked up for being kissless virgin at 23.

No. 378226

Sounds like they want you to experience the same things they did, along with all of the pain and sacrifice that accompanies relationships.
They sound no different to me than parents that balk at the idea of people not having children. They continue to insist that it's the only way to live life, they're getting a truly exceptional and exclusive experience, all the while complaining to you about how hard it is, how difficult every day life is and criticizing that you aren't going through the same thing.

Honestly just tell them to fuck off. If they keep going on about it, you could just as easily counter that your current experience actually is much more different and wonderful than their own, as the majority of people typically do enter relationships or have sexual encounters.

No. 378235

anon, I've been in a very long, happy relationship since i was very young and lemme tell you something: it's not that big a deal as everyone would like you to believe. relationships are only worthy when you manage to find a person who loves you as much as you love them and when you're both willing to work through the many rough patches and bumps along the way, which there will be many of as time goes by. relationships can be wonderful and enriching but they're also very hard work and require a lot of commitment and negotiating, no matter how much you might love each other. people who glorify and sugarcoat relationships acting like it's the end of the world
that you've never had a boyfriend have likely never experienced a real adult relationship or are retards with no life.

i love my boyfriend a lot and am very thankful for MY relationship, but that's because I WANTED ONE in the first place! a relationship is nice to have when the other person is a true partner to you, someone you enjoy spending time with and doing stuff with and embarking on projects together, but it's not everything to life, far from it really. in adult, mature relationships you both have your own lives outside of a partner, you can have separate friends or groups to hang out with, you have your own hobbies and things you like to do without your partner. said partner is an add-on to your life, it's not everything to it nor it should be, and I suspect your friends' ideas of an "ideal" relationship involve much of the stupid, unrealistic and immature values modern dating culture has, which i personally find appallingly moronic. if you're going to embark on dating to deal with a bunch of assholes who won't respect you, demand incredibly stupid or inconvenient things from you or mistreat you just for "the experience of it" then you're better off sparing yourself. not having a partner, not having had sex and not even having kissed anyone past a certain age isn't the end of the world, and you're not "missing out" on anything if you don't even want to experience it in the first place. life is full of opportunities well beyond the realm of dating, if you want to be alone then be alone, cherish it, embrace it, and you do you! if your friends cannot see that i feel very sorry for them

No. 378236

I love you anon. You made one drunk bitch very happy.

No. 378239

Thanks man.
I personally feel like I’m not missing out much. But no matter how much I explain that I have never envisioned my future with a man, and that I’m cool with dying alone, they just don’t believe it.
I felt so alone.
It is so reassuring to hear from others that it is okay that I’m crying now.
I guess it is time to sleep.
Good night sweet anons. I hope you guys have a wonderful day!

No. 378299

Some friends insist you are exactly like them otherwise your experience is invalid. Being 23 and single is no problem. Don't let someone bully you into thinking your own choices and instincts are wrong for you.
Also it is a terrible time to date right now with Tinder, fuckboys and all that jazz so I'm not completely certain your friends aren't trolling you. Or just plain ignorant. Do things when you feel like it

No. 378596

I'm drunk as hell off shots of organic, Oaxacan mezcal because I am hurt from a stupid boy (posted in vent thread) and because I want to escape reality. I'm just worried it might become a problem, but I promised myself I would keep myself accountable.

Cheers to all farmers <3

No. 384908

Damn I wish I could get drunk, but Im too mentally ill pos for that. I guess Im sorta lucky, I would have probably ended up an alcoholic without this. Have fun all you able to enjoy the booze!

No. 384910

Drunk a beer with a zolpidem in the hope of making it potent again and finally get to sleep.

No. 384922

hmmm alcohol doesnt revive ambien. hope youre well boo. see a professional about that

No. 384930

File: 1552164037406.gif (1.28 MB, 480x360, A280057F-EA28-4AFD-8032-FE447B…)

send me more alcohol girls im going into earthbound again

sincerely a tipsy wino

No. 384932

whad up anon?? im about to drink some wine like gatorade and play some vidya. hope your game go will boo! im gonna grind on a weeby jrpg cus im trash

No. 384944

drowning in absolutely terrible chocolate wine to distract myself from the neverending nightmare of now suffering from basically untreatable and costly medical conditions!!! woo!

No. 384948

Going out soon and getting my buzz ready so I can be adequately sociable! Should probably shower before I go but it's only been five days and I still smell okay

Yooo, I'm getting back to my games as well, hope I don't deunkenly mess shit up

I'm so sorry anon

No. 384969

>that image
Have fun anon! Earthbound is great

No. 384973

wtf is this shit? is this a store that's big in the midwest or something? it looks like a cool store. s fla anon but the only locations near me are weirdly out of where i would expect this store to be. key west and hialeah. nothing else? is it a new company?

No. 384976

This thread has inspired me to get trashed and rage clean Imma make you proud KonMari

No. 384988

Last weekend being unemployed, celebrating with a fridge full of ice cold beer and a plate full of the juiciest chicken ever

No. 385016

Congrats anon

&happy Saturday night anons! I am drunk

No. 385300

it's me weekend now

I don't have anywhere to be until at least Wednesday

I bought a big bottle r wine and am rewatching game of thrones before the new season comes out and I'm HYPE

also haven't smoked weed in almost 3 months and promised myself I could smoke a bit when each new episode of the final season comes out as a treat. probably won't be able to understand what's going on since I'll be stoned off my gourd, but I'm double excited because bitch used to be hella dependent on the ganj. game of thrones and ganja is a double excitement. then it's no more shmokey shmokey until my birthday in August, gotta be careful not to fall into old habits

No. 385420

How did you manage to stop smoking weed anon? Have been a daily stoner along with drinking a bit too much for years now but I really want to quit.
My days are just so boring without something to alter my mind. Snorting speed helped with my weed smoking habit for a little while but that shit is garbage and I don't want to do it too much.

Luckily my alcohol consumption is a lot more under control.
Any of you into making your own cocktails? It's fun and there's a lot of variety!

No. 385441

A combination of "this is a problem and I need to stop" and "I'm a broke bitch and do not have enough money to buy weed at this time, so I will abstain. then when I do have money, I'll just refuse to break the chain"

it took a really long time of knowing I needed to stop before I actually could. And yeah I feel you it sucks being sober lol, I'm getting help to address the deeper issues that make me feel that way.

No. 398855

b r i n g i n g i t b a c k

my mom and i decided to celebrate getting my first college certificate in the mail by drinking rum & cokes and now i’m makinf myself some pasta with an ungodly amount of parmesan

who else is drunk? i know u bitches are out there

No. 400674

File: 1555796658723.jpg (9.47 KB, 275x262, 1541409424296.jpg)

I'm drunk as fuck right now and I just wanted to say that I love this site and all the farmers in it
You've helped me vent through some hard times and allowed me to express my opinions anonymously and without fear.

I love all the women on here.

No. 400675

I LOVE U TOO ANON!!! kissuuu i hope u have a fun safe time being drunk and extra.

No. 400683


Not drunk but I feel the same. I love you girls!

No. 400687

Love you too, anon! I love all of uuu <3

No. 400721

This is so wholesome. Love you right back.

No. 400729

I love day drinking alone sometimes hehe. Gonna make myself a huge salad and watch some dumb Youtube vids.

No. 400736

I have been drinking alone since I was 14. At the time I was depressed as fuck but now I just do it for fun and listen to music…

No. 400742

File: 1555814342473.jpg (62.9 KB, 675x1200, DrA6BMmXgAA_HcN.jpg)

I wish i was straight just so i could be like "men are shit", call it a day and be content about being alone
whats the point of liking girls if theyr not liking you back…..
unrelated but mother 3 is a fucking masterpiece please play it

No. 400782

I propose a big group house for all the lonely lescels of lolcow.

No. 400797

Gatorade is an underrated mixer, or maybe I'm just drinker than I thought…

No. 400805

What are you mixing with it? I've never thought to try it but it sounds yum

No. 400820

I was so drunk at this party but O met this guy and when he saw me leaving with my friends he stopped the car for my number aaaaa

He texted me asking me out and I'm so stoned and drunk so that's my 4/20

No. 400827

i was very very drunk last night and lost my phone at the club

i'm so upset because it had my id, debit card, and student id on it

i cried the entire uber ride home but my boyfriend tracked it and found that it's still at the club so pray for me ladies

No. 400830

good luck!! I lost my wallet while trashed at a concert last year and it was a headache replacing everything but hey, at least those things are replaceable. I lost about $80 worth of different gift cards tho. :( Just make sure to freeze the debit card.

Even if it's not there, maybe a nice stranger will mail it back to you :)

No. 401108

Just vodka or rum, nothing special! I want to experiment with it more though!

No. 405303

i need a new hobby to distract me from my thoughts but intil then we /drunk/ boys

No. 405311

holy moly, I've never seen this thread here before, and coincidentally, I currently am drunk!

No. 405341

I'm drunk too. I'd like to dance and sing karaoke right now and I feel like I could stay up all night. Maybe next weekend I will sing and dance!
Love you girls!

No. 405368

i dropped my phone in the sink. god why did i drinksom uch

No. 405384

Any Scottish anons here? I’m on my second bottle of buckfast hehe

No. 406285

i am drunk, lisetning to music, wathing yoitube and i am so happy i have thick walls! i can blast music all night long if i want to, it's the ittle things, anons! i kinda feel guilty enjoying drinking once or twice a year on my own and not with company but idc.

No. 406287

never feel guilty for taking time for urself

No. 406321

who here /fridaynightdrunk/
I need girls to go out with but until then…cheers vodka and la croix like a snooty bitch

No. 406328

File: 1556929638355.gif (676.51 KB, 220x165, ee.gif)

I barely browse Kiwi farms but I get weird feelings when I see @entropyseekswork because their angry typing style and whole aesthetic makes me horny. threaten me please. thank god I don't have an account.

I've never had la croix I wish we could bond over you making me a mixed drink with it

No. 406330

I'm drinking red wine tonight! I'm such a lightweight though and my stomach is a little bitch that I always have to water it down by like half

No. 406332

Girl i always need to add sparkling water in mine and nurse it for hours, a few years ago i could drink a bottle and a half, shits tuff.

No. 406335

Just drank at home like I always do every week. Wish I could hang out with the girls here. lol

No. 406339

Hi I'm drunk and I'm sad I haven't had penetration with my bf yet despite being together for a year almost 2 years. Nice to get it off my drunk chest :)
Ty for autocorrect thank. You

No. 406350

File: 1556934915176.jpg (8.99 KB, 200x280, P118223.JPG)

got gin and juice tonight. a friend recommended this gin to me and it didnt change my mind that gin is fucking disgusting but im not going to let it go to waste.

i like kiwi farms, maybe anons here only pay attention to the more spergy sides of it but overall not so bad. they follow a bunch of people that arent over here.

No. 406351

the first two sips of gin are nice, the following however many sips are disgusting

No. 406353

Hi, currently drunk alone, always pass this thread sober forgetting about it but I'm drunk alone for once and have an excuse.

Also; drunk thoughts but does america really have a small tolerance/view people who drink not much as alcoholics (in my view)??? in the UK we drink heavily/often and I always see people say americans' views on alcohol are quite odd compared to here.

No. 406355

I don't really understand the question but in my area of the US the socially acceptable way of drinking is to start drinking late in the night and usually only on weekends, and only for a little while. also acting too outgoing will have people thinking youre already kinda loaded.

that doesnt include regulars at bars who manage to come out during week days for special bar nights like karaoke or band sessions

ive never experienced a bar here where going "crazy" was normal or drinking heavily was super encouraged. average closing time is before 2am too.

im in southern california

No. 406356

colonial america used to drink like 7 gallons of pure alcohol a year but that can be attributed to not having clean water. christianity and prohibition helped lessen the amount consumed.

but ill drink with you in spirit anon, im about to fix another shot of my nasty gin. ill agree with >>406351 its not horrible to start but i feel like im consuming some kind of nasty victorian tonic to rid myself of a disease.

No. 406363

Just asking about the US drinking views in society tbh. Here in the UK everyone uses every excuse to get drunk, uni students get drunk all the time (generally speaking), to the point I feel in American society it would be seen as alcoholism (according to some people but I guess it varies by state or the people they hang around too??).

Usually in the UK people pre-drink, go out and stay out until 5-6 am (mostly on weekends where I live but Thursdays are student nights also, and a lot of people still drink through the week), go to McDonald's and go home and do it all over again the next day or the next couple of days. Binge drinking is regularly encouraged because it isn't seen as binge drinking, just being "normal". Bars close 2-3am here, clubs close around 6am, but most people still drink very heavily/binge drink.

It just interests me how people's views on alcohol differ by country and such. Drunk me isn't too drunk to type but still waffle on so excuse me being a retard lol

No. 406364

also samefag but I can't make myself like gin. tried it a few times, its okay-ish sometimes but a lot of people here hype about it a lot.

No. 406365

where i live its near enough to moonshine country so if its not meth or heroin, people are drinking constantly.

No. 406366


Pretty much the same here, same UKfag as before. If you're in the bad parts, heroin is pretty prevalent, aswell as alcohol and whatnot else.

No. 406367


Ohhhh okay I was talking from the experience of being in community college and in an area that just doesn't have clubs unless you head closer to Los Angeles. so everyone I've known has been a small-town poorfag who cant really drink up through 6am even if we wanted to. people also tend to discourage others from ordering drinks like crazy through the night, so there's some kinda learned psychology there?

But we do smoke weed while drinking (bc legal) and getting crossfaded causes us to not need to drink as much. some people are on cocaine too here.

No. 406373


Where I live the city centre has bars and clubs in walking distance, so no worries for the confusion! Though here we have a chain called Wetherspoons which has cheap alcohol so I'm not really surprised at the drink culture here. Even in clubs there tends to be cheaper options, mostly cider.

The weed in the UK apparently sucks according to a Canadian I got to know here, which is true. Most people smoke weed here too, but if drinking will mostly use Ketamine, ecstasy anf cocaine if on a night out.

No. 406379

That's actually pretty neat that they're altogether, I wish we had a proper club where I could get buzzed and dance like a loser in a place where everyone else is equally drunk lol. Dancing in the bars here is kinda an inconvenience for you/everyone.

damn I cant imagine forgoing weed for any other drug. Just too many risks and too expensive. I'm actually kinda sad that your weed is lame, I wonder if its the downer or upper kind.

No. 406383


The only good thing about the city I live in is the nightlife tbh. It's gotten a bit dangerous since my mum went (knife crime here is horrendous), but it's relatively safe if you don't go to shitty places lmao.

Yeah our weed really does suck. A lot of people take spice (manufactured weed), and the weed we have anyway really sucks. But a lot of students take other drugs instead, which are probably just as shittily made.

No. 406384

>>406379 samefag but by my mum went I meant since the 80s btw. The town clubs were a lot better then apparently

No. 406386

spice is awful. had a friend come over and did some with them because we couldnt get any weed or ecstacy. i was paranoid and freaking out the whole time. im still pissed and it was about 8 years ago.

No. 406387

It is absolutely awful. Took it because I was a drunk idiot and didn't realise what I was smoking was spice, I literally thought I was having a heart attack and that the Earth was moving too fast.
Thank god for mom drunks (that are usually me) lmfao

No. 406397

cheers friend, i get it lol. im too old to be dealing with drugs from random shady people. im glad i got over that in my early twenties. drinking on the weekend is plenty enough for me.

No. 406400

I'm only almost 21 but I'm not too fussed about drugs. I just drink quite a lot; mostly alone nowadays if friends are busy. It sucks, but as I get older hopefully it'll go away instead of turning into a drink 24/7 thing since a lot of my family are addicts.

Off topic but also not, I don't even think I can keep up with drinking because I started swimming finally. Today is an off day but I've started to love healthy eating and exercise minus occasional partying.

No. 406403

mkay I am drunk but I would be mindful of how often you're drinking a lot, if your family is full of addicts it might be a little idealistic to think you'll "outgrow" drinking to excess

anyway I thought I would be able to drink half a bottle of wine in 2.5 hours but I'm like wew and still have 2 glasses to go I'm probably just gonna tap out and eat some brownies. I'm gonna take a bong rip before bed so I don't wanna over-do it and get the spins.

No. 406405

i find that when i am more mindful of exercise and eating better im way better about drinking and its in measure, but i have dealt with depression for a long time. it comes and goes in waves of months of down but i bounce back decently. wishing you the best! drugs are overrated tho. lsd and ecstasy left me feeling worse than drinking have. weed is so so i just feel way too sluggish and want to shower constantly while high

No. 406409

wow why do you want to shower constantly when you smoke weed? that's just so interesting lol do you feel dirty or something or do you just like the sensation?

No. 406418

I'm a lonely drunk bitch tonight

No. 406433

samefag just kidding I have mini brownies and weed so life is k

No. 406434

ntayrt but I relate to the shower thing. It can make me panic if I have any responsibilities looming and showering symbolizes like a first step to sorting things out, like tidying your room or something.

No. 406471

I'm drunk but I really shouldn't be. I hate my life.

No. 408756

Man I wish I could just hang out with some ladies here. Drinking is better wtith a crowd…

What are some good lowcal drinks?

No. 408802

File: 1557551644277.png (527.61 KB, 537x540, ccvbn.png)

i got too drunk tonight. water and bread and blanket omg

No. 408816

I drank too much help

No. 408830

Cold black tea, Ripple brand vegan milk, and vodka has been the best drink I have had in ages. Gonna eay leftover hot and sour soup and call it a day.

No. 409024

Wow, that sounds so good. Gonna try this and you just made me so hungry and in the mood to have a drink fml

No. 411269

it was my one year anniversary with my bf and i drank a lot today bc his friends wanted to celebrate the end of the semester. I have work tomorrow, though, so we'll see how that goes.

No. 411374

it's not even 8 am and I want to get drunk again

No. 411561

mmm i love milk in my alcoholic drinks. i know that's weird, but idk. white russians are my fave.

i'm about to have a fun night with my bf, dropping acid and drinking beers.

No. 411562

I'm drinking my vodka with juice as I always do on Fridays. Cheers!

No. 411580

File: 1558135411817.jpg (105.61 KB, 640x480, tumblr_op6odc63qC1ud5qxgo1_128…)

Cheers you lovable bitches

No. 411585

wtf is this

No. 411596

Just a random pic I found as I was going through my random image folders and thought it was funny

His shirt says "Now is the time" in Finnish

No. 411643

>>411580 pidä kivaa, rakas nyymi

No. 411646

Oh okay I only asked because I couldn't tell if he had a head

No. 411660

File: 1558152158736.jpg (31.42 KB, 700x500, arabian_sand_boa.jpg)

cross fadedd and feeling good af

No. 412432

Im drunk for the first time in 2 years and it feels so good a nice wine drunk

No. 414567

File: 1558841085755.jpg (32.11 KB, 188x275, 1554261642129.jpg)

im drinkin dumb stupid old-timey gin in a log cabin without any central cooling in 85 degree weather. i may not make it in the morning but fuuuuckit. so much milk been flowin and i wanted to celebrate lol

No. 414569

what milk has been flowing? just curious because i dont keep up with all cows

No. 414571

margo being stuck in korean prison or whatever has been so vindicating. projarad has gotten stale but its mildly interesting to see what has been happening. pretty recently after chronically jaquie passed from the munchie thread, someone else did and people are hyping it up despite her being a nobody just using her for more pity.

but i do hang out on kiwifarms and there are a few choice threads there that are going p well right now.

i just really love internet drama lol

No. 414572

File: 1558842033244.jpg (158.57 KB, 1582x922, 6XadMm1.jpg)

No. 414581

every time i took a shot i replayed that to myself internally.

No. 414832

I'm so full of love when i'm drunk it completely erases my anxiety it's stressful also my boyfriend is ill so I can't talk to him and i'm salty about it

No. 414886

Had day off work and not much to do now that the semester was done and now pretty tipsy off wine. Lolcow is way more entertaining when tipsy i feel like a lot of threads have dried up recently but im crackin up right now

No. 417301

haven't gotten drunk in months and don't have anything to do tomorrow so I drank some wine and my mouth is already like going numb after two glasses it's nice to be such a lightweight it's very economic

No. 419498

My bf isn't as good at oral as my ex was. I hate to say it but I have to confess here.. I haven't orgasmed from oral once w my bf of two years. I've barely let my bf eat me out though, so that's my fault for being too self conscious all the time… but at least he wants to do it and seems to enjoy it. I've given info/feedback about what makes me cum, but we haven't gotten there yet. Idk if we just need to relax more or if he just needs more practice but last time we watched a porn tutorial thing and it kind of helped. That's all.

No. 419505


You guys are going to get there at least so that's nice.

OT I can only post drunk. Too shy otherwise. Being drunk is amazing it's like everyone is two people! (The sober you and the drunk you)

No. 419509


I just wanted to say i do the same shit. Abstain all week and then get snashed friday night. I do russian imperial stout and then just start finishingup wine bottles. When i finally meet someone who liked to drink on fridays theres going to be fireworks.

No. 419515

I think I need to take a break from drinking since I can down 12 beers in one night without getting sloppy. I'm still tipsy but not like properly shitfaced

I want to be lightweight again so I don't have to spend this much money to get drunk

No. 419880

I went to a bar after work for the first time in my life, and now I just made myself a shitty drink at home for the first time ever. It was known that I bought rum for a party, but I've never felt like it was ok to just make myself a drink. I tried to be secretive about this one, but I'm legal and it's my own alcohol so it feels silly to me to have to hide it. Oh well.

No. 419888

Honestly same. I used to be a lightweight since I started drinking very late in my life, but I used alcohol to cope a LOT and now I can spend the entire day drinking and just feel a slight buzz. The last time I drank I also smoked a ton of weed and I was completely fine and sober.
I wish I could get absolutely smashed again. It's the only thing that helped anymore since meds stop working for me really quickly and therapy is nothing. I just want to feel numb. I'll even take drunk vomiting over this shit.
I am a mess.

No. 420462

Lately drinking just doesn't feel good. Saturday night I drank a good bit of vodka but I didn't feel it aw much as I wanted to. My bf said I seemed appropriately intoxicated but idk. Maybe it's not even worth it if I wake up feeling slightly shitty the next morning.

No. 420519

I'm not drunk but, I haven't been out drinking recently and I spoke to my friend about past times we went out and holy crap, I got more pissed than I thought I had. Theres so much shit I did that I don't even remember, it's kind of scary. Nothing dangerous, just embarrassing stuff, I really hope I didn't make an ass of myself too often.

No. 420521

Guess it's a good thing I'm living with my parents again so I can't get messy sad drunk in the middle of the week like I did last semester when I was living in an apartment.

I've been busting my ass to finish this project that was due a month ago and it's been making me feel like shit because I can't get anything else done until I finish it, so I'm gonna treat myself to some wine or a mule tonight and watch a movie, then start up on the project again in the morning.

No. 422258

drunk again on this fucking thread lol making friends in ur 20s is so hard i just wish i had people to party with now that all my friends have graduated/moved away

No. 422602

hey i'm a little drunk, not to be a loser but i'm so in love with my bf, like damn… i really thought i'd be a failure, i had a really rough time all throughout middle and high school… thought i'd never go to college, never find love, never amount to anything… but now i have a wonderful loving bf that wants to help pay for my education, his family loves me and wants to help me with my education/job search as well, it's just been really great. he's my best friend and soulmate, i feel so blessed. we uplift each other and it's just been incredidble. i lvoe him so much, i never thought i'd experience this kind of pure love. we help each othr so much and i'm so blessed. i'm probably getting repetitive but i took another couple gulps while writing this so pls excuse me. peace ,stay beautiful, you all deserve happiness and good things in your lives, and you WILL find it. much love from a drunk anon

No. 426371

i feel you girl lmao, all my friends have graduated/moved away and i started college late so im still in class struggling to pay rent on my apartment w my bf and I just feel so alone. How the fuck do people make friends after high school/college?

No. 427171

I am drinking Saturday, but my dumbass who binge drinks has drank today. Because I'm an idiot. Tbh this isn't a rare thing I am just an idiot who binge drinks and purges a lot. So I hopefully won't be hungover tomorrow lol enough to shave and shit to go out Saturday kill me

No. 428682

I've been dogsitting for my mother for the past week and only tonight (the night before she gets home) did I realize there's a box of wine in the fridge (I noticed the beers but I hate beer and rarely drink anyway so didn't touch)

but wine is my fave and I stopped smoking weed a few days ago so I've been itching for a lil somefin just to help me fall asleep

I'm lit off of two glasses that I watered down bc I'm such a lightweight and haven't drank in months


No. 428691

meetups, volunteering, work, church, sports, clubs, classes, exercise groups, hobby groups, support groups, running into the same person all the time at places, trivia/game nights at bars, etc.

these are some of the places I know where adult people have met other adult people and formed friendships.

No. 429211

I’m drunk and drinking beer on my own at 06:02 in the morning and I feel shitty and guilty

No. 429218

I’m not that drunk but I’m at a bar. I’m somewhat of a regular there. There’s this stupid bitch who was hella rude to me for no reason. And we got into it. I know I sound like an autist but looking at her stupid face pisses me off at the moment.

At least I told her that she needs to get an upper lip before she talks to me kek. Idk if she heard me though.

No. 429357

You should of kicked her bottom lip off Anon

No. 429388

>get an upper lip
FUCK hahahahhaa

No. 430343

File: 1562290247753.jpg (14.55 KB, 512x288, 651.jpg)

hello any inebriated anons who happen to see this.

No. 430993

File: 1562428545887.jpg (27.13 KB, 355x369, 1550627248176.jpg)

A few days ago I was thinking about how sad it is that I'm already 23 and never experienced any form of intimacy besides a fucking hug. But the more I read about people's experiences and how their confidence issues also affected them, the more content I am with my life and how unactive I am in finding a partner. I love you girls so much I'm so glad I'm not alone.

No. 430994

I've said it to a 29 year old kissless virgin on here, and I'll say it to you too

You're not really missing out on anything.

No. 431012

File: 1562430730326.gif (2.92 MB, 180x200, IMG_1340.GIF)


Same here…cheers, ladies!

No. 431477

Just turned 24
we're going to make it sis

No. 431485

20 anon here. Had my first kiss pressured on me by my first "boyfriend" a few months ago. It was disgusting. Aside from that, never had intimacy. As other anon said, you're not missing out.

No. 431505

File: 1562558387108.jpg (35.1 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg)

ive been drunk shitposting on the internet for the most part of the night. got drunk initially cus im super fucking nervous about a job interview i have tomorrow (inb4 bad way to cope yea i know i have a problem )but goddamn peoples responses are so predictable its no fun anymore.

i just hope i dont cock up this job like i did my last one because of my anxiety. i need the money to pay for my therapy for the drinking and anxiety

No. 432814

Love u anon hope all went well

I really appreciate the recent invasion of the trannies and summerfags. Not only are they entertaining but I feel as though it has brought farmers together. Less internal bickering when we all realize we have one common interest, hatred and goal. I know it’ll pass eventually but I appreciate mods making this a pleasant experience for us all with the visible bans and deletions.

No. 432859

Who's this? He's hideous

No. 433015

Low-key thought he was Joe Jonas scrolling through. Eyebrows.

No. 433391

Omg wat upppp just killed a bottle of wine like a fuckn wino. Kind of want to sleep but mostly want to play video games ahh

No. 433410

I’m a 20 yr old kissless virgin and tbh I wouldn’t want it any other way. Watching my friends fight with their bfs, get cheated on, and hoe around after break ups because they can’t live without male attention just makes me want to wait even longer for a relationship.

No. 433414

you sound pretty resentful anon…

No. 433422

There's a cool event in my town and there's no one to go with me. I can't go alone because all my ex's friends are there and I just feel uncomfortable. I like company to do those things, I don't like going alone. ugh. I always drink alone on Fridays anyway so fuck it.

No. 433426

Omgg ur so not like the other girls anon! Lmfao loser

No. 433429

yikes, pickme much?

No. 433430

Just chiming in with my support since we have some summerfags triggered by your post. Something about getting cheated on and hoeing around must have hit home, I guess!
Having a mature relationship when you're ready > messy childish drama shit

No. 433646

anyone trying out a variety of low sugar/sugar free coolers? they seem to be huge rn in the liquor stores near me. nütrl’s lime soda vodka tastes like lime skittles but without sugar. do u ladies have any faves?

No. 433665

I'm betting it's the same weirdo who got mad at some people not liking PIV sex and insisted that everything else is "foreplay"

No. 433675

Me? An absolute failure at life? Yeah! Laughing at unaware retards on the internet so I can tell myself “Well at least I’m not that bad?” Yes! Still undoubtedly making a fool out of myself seeking constant affirmation and validation from randoms… you betcha! Wew leds this is all there is.

No. 434019

Ughhh I had 5 ipa's and my face is so hot…what have i done? Why am i drinking when my kidney's gone to shit from all the overdoses lmfao. I used to kill bottles of hard alcohol in a day and be fine but now it is literally pain and suffering with every drink. What is addiction hahaha

No. 434037

File: 1563061195413.gif (942.17 KB, 375x211, i6h27O001shollu_540.gif)

Not drunk, but after reading this I now wish I was

No. 434049

I was at wafflr house and saw someone j have beef with and now I'm banned lol bc I got in a fight

No. 434056

So trashy but i love it. Who won the fight? Lol

No. 434058

Me lmao

No. 434069

Lol yeah when I read this sober this morning I cringed and wished I could delete it but the deletion timer expired. Ah well.

No. 434559

going to get drunk and do tarot readings

comment your questions

No. 434574

If I'm not drunk, will you still do my tarot reading(s)? Ty anon! These are always fun.

Will I pass my courses and finally graduate?
Will I start my career in the city I want to go to?
Am I doomed to die alone with many plants in my room and way too much money than I could ever dream of spending?

No. 434587

of course

1) the hanged man
no, at least not finish school how you anticipated/right now. the cards say to pause, reexamine, and find a new perspective. you're bored and apathetic, you need to readjust.
i asked why this is and what tangible steps you should take and got the three of swords reversed. you are distracted, alienated, or incompatible currently with how things are going. there needs to be something to reignite the fire under you so you can find enthusiasm. this may be a new area of study, or there's something out there that will further push you into your current area of study. it's out there and coming to you, you just need to be open to it

2) two of swords reversed
no sorry, there is a misinterpretation or falsehood at the base of this desire. there might be someone lying or deceiving you, this could also be yourself.
why? the world reversed. this will lead to disappointment or failure to complete the task that starts. maybe you won't find work there.

3. the hierophant
yes, you are living a life of security and lack of conviction. this could be good, if you want to live that way. if you remain captive to your own ideas this could be the outcome. if you branched out: ten of swords. ruin, pain, desolation. maybe you're meant to be average

this is all really negative, take it w a grain of salt. i dont know your name or age or who you are, so maybe i can't read anything quite well on here. the future can always change

No. 434597

I am also quite drunk. May I ask a question?
Will I ever get promoted at work or am I wasting my time?
If you're still doing this lol

No. 434609

I choked. I'll keep moving forward. Thanks though!

No. 434610

five of pentacles
won't get promote. in fact i did this twice bc there's too many negative things already from above! and got no twice. if you continue, it will bring material trouble and destitution. maybe not that extreme, but it just won't be satisfactory.

what you should do about it:
seven of cups reversed
the intelligent choice is to pursue that thing that drives you as it will bring resolution. follow your willpower and desires. it's not only good because you enjoy it, but because it will bring more material gain

good luck!

No. 434611

i love m’y friends

No. 434613

omg I love these anon!

Will I get my gpa up by the end of fall?
Will that guy I'm seeing ask us to be official?
Will I lose 20lbs by the end of the year?

No. 434615

This was both devastating because I really want the promotion but also uplifting because my job is not my passion, and that's what I ultimately want to pursue. Thank you so much tarot-anon!

No. 434616

File: 1563162971366.jpg (33.67 KB, 960x540, DJYhcs4V4AAiuJH.jpg)

Do me, do me! I always feel like other people's decks draw more truthfulness than my own readings.

1) Am I gonna make it into work today?
2) Should I dye my hair back to its natural colour before I'm 30?
3) Is that bitch who stole my cat and took money out of my purse before stiffing me for rent and running away from her problems to another state as truly miserable as I hope she is?

tia nonnie x

No. 434624


1) judgment reversed
not substantially because incapacity to understand the material. do not delay in studying or homework. if you're wondering whether you shhould study or not, you should. (my own personal advice is researching the material the day before the lecture if it's available)
2. ten of cups
yes! it will be a union of pleasure, security, and happiness. a card that jumped out was also a ten, the ten of wands. to me this says don't force it, let it fall into place. the tens represent a full circle being completed
3. for this i decided to pull three to represent stages in your weight loss
the fool, the wheel of fortune, and nine of swords
with the fool, there is insecurity or lack of knowledge at the root, but you have passion and enthusiasm. research well the best methods for healthy weight loss.
with the wheel of fortune, you will experience a significant loss. it will go better than you expected at this stage
with the nine of swords, you might have a slip up or misstep, the weight may come back a bit. it also might mean you become obsessive over it and it could cause more problems than you started with

the outcome is two of cups reversed. you will lose weight, but it might bring more insecurities, projections, or it becomes about something else entirely. make sure you check in with yourself at all stages and monitor your thinking, body, and spirit.

No. 434670

I just texted my sister in law because she texted my husband saying that she met a guy that was married, and I NEEDED to respond that he ain't shit compared to her. this is my first interaction with her. I hope she doesn't take offense.

No. 434671

wow high-five me if I saged that. wowzers. good etiquette me.

No. 435117

i drink because it helps me sleep usually to get piss drunk but rn im not even sleepy? wtf alcohol if ur gonna be so high in calories at least do ur job and make me pass out

No. 436257

How do you all manage your drinking in social situations? I have zero control and it's either 2-3 drinks or a full blown blackout and it is messing with my office events where there's lots of alcohol.

No. 436262

Seriously, pacing yourself with a non-alcoholic drink between drinks will help you avoid getting blammo whilst maintaining a nice buzz. You'll feel like a chump for paying for soda at a bar but it does work. Fuck, I've even started on non-alcoholic beers to trick myself into feeling like I'm participating. The taste goes a long way to recreating the environment in which I'd be drunk and relaxed. And consuming less overall alcohol over the night will improve your hangover.

No. 436269

Thanks anon. I actually have zero hangovers after I blackout, for some weird reason. Still would like to exercise some control in social settings.

No. 436282

>The taste goes a long way to recreating the environment in which I'd be drunk and relaxed.

This is so weirdly true. Light beer doesnt do anything to me any more but I still have it at the end of the day and one sip puts me in that ultra comfy relaxed feel just from the taste and extra coldness. I wish there was a non-alchoholic whiskey or rum because the sharp taste of that also helps "reset" my brain when I'm stressing out, but I hate how tired it makes me.

I just realized I could taste it and spit it out instead, kek go me

No. 436285

I wish I was drunk rn. In fact, I wish I was drunk 24/7.

No. 436305

File: 1563478451763.png (334.22 KB, 500x686, sub-1grove-1garden-1spice_500x…)

>I just realized I could taste it and spit it out instead, kek go me

Not to sound like your mom or anything but that's a classic ED behaviour. Chewing up chocolate and making yourself spit it out. It's also a waste of spenny booze. Be careful.

More usefully, non-alcoholic "spirits" are starting to become a thing: https://seedlipdrinks.com/us/shop/grove-42 I think this stuff is meant to taste like gin, and the "spice" one seems like it's trying to go for a spiced rum flavour. Whiskey might be harder to imitate as its flavour profile is so complex, but I've started seeing a lot of respectable cocktail bars stock this stuff to widen the appeal of their mocktails selection.

No. 436314

a whole entire mood. I usually wait till the weekend to get drunk but like Thursday is weekend adjacent right?? RIGHT!?

No. 436316

thirsty thursday

No. 436433

I have work at 7 am tomorrow but I'm so stressed that I'm falling back into my binge drinking habit. I'm so miserable that idec at this point, god bless wine

No. 436470

sorry for faggotry but i'm genuinely concerned that my alcohol consumption is going to start limiting my ability to attend school/jobs and i'm getting currently a doctorate degree. any anons been treated for substance abuse while maintaining a level of normalcy? my anxiety and depression are out of control but i'm stubborn and i can't take SSRIs safely atm

No. 436474

last year i was on the verge of alcoholism (i was drinking a ton of vodka almost every night). i was going to work and school normally, but the drinking started affecting my sleep, so i was starting to lack in my grades and in my work performance, so i worked with my therapist and we worked out a plan to help me cut back, first by drinking just 3 times a week, then to just 2 times, then to just 1. now i maybe drink once a month, and im pretty happy with that

No. 436480

i've started pouring small amounts of alcohol into my morning coffee to help me get over my morning hangover which is largely what caused my concern. i'm glad that you were able to gradually recover anon - maybe i'll try to reach out and do something equally steady but meaningful. i want to get back on track but i just feel like shit atm

No. 436486

idk why i bothered to lie, i'm not even concerned. i'm just so fucking miserable at my current job that i wish i could exist in a constant state of drunkenness but i still have some slim measure of prestige

i can't wait until that dies and i can be sad and drunk without my pride getting in the way

No. 436493

watch a couple of episode of intervention with the alcoholics, that's how i stick to just drinking once in a while, kek

No. 436514

I'm drunk and I'm not used to it but like at the same time I'm worried it's going to become a problem, I'm not a good drunk and I just get real ugly sad about everything, but at the same time……..

sober? do not want

luckily just can't afford to fuel any dddestructive habits that cost $ at this point

No. 436894

I am so lonely jesus I just want to chat with people without getting a virus from omegle

No. 436904

I've been a functional alcoholic for almost a decade, I stay away from hard booze and drink 7-8 beers per night, enough to be drunk and go to bed yet not have a massive hangover.

I've had darker periods at first but it eventually evened out to this and now I have no reason to quit because I function just fine. It gets in the way of some things, for sure but not enough to change it. It's basically just a bad habit at this point and while I don't drink as much as some folks, it's still a lot. Really the only thing that bothers me is that it's pretty expensive.

No. 436913

>Really the only thing that bothers me is that it's pretty expensive

that was one of the main reasons i quit drinking as often as i was, even tho the money wasnt coming from my own pocket most of the time (my dad gives me money monthly to make up for being absent most of my life, but i digress)

No. 436917

I want to get drunk but now it’s too late to buy anything

No. 437742

why are hiccups a thing when you're drunk?

No. 437753

Drunk for the first time in weeks and listening to Inuyasha OPs and EDs. Nostalgia is toxic and fucks me up.

No. 437812

You have top taste though anon.

No. 439434

I don't usually get that emotional over sappy stuff but I'm halfway through a 0,5l vodka bottle and I'm watching Jenna & Julien compilation videos and they're making me a little misty-eyed because they're just too goddamn sweet

where can I find a man like this

No. 439784

Was going to go out, but found out the gig was cancelled when I got there. Gonna just get wasted on absinthe by myself like a miserable fuck.
The shops are closed so I can't get sugar cubes and chilling water is too much work/time. Just gonna mix that shit with 7up like I used to when I was a trash teen getting wasted under bridges and see where it takes me.
Really a shame to be "wasting" such a good drink, but holy fuck do I need it.

No. 439791

Yo I did that last week sober lol

No. 439807

I limit myself to drinking once a week to keep myself from building bad habits but god do I look forward to it. A little over a year ago I rarely drank but my views on it took a complete 180 due to adult life.

I love getting drunk and finally being able to put my walls down and have deeper conversations with friends. This is only online however, I pine for a female friend to drink and talk for hours with.

No. 439814

the vid where she shaves him with his safety razor is what got me. before that i was just mildly annoyed by him but watching them cooperate and trust each other made me sappy as fuck.

No. 439839

Whys everyone annoyed with him? Hes pretty funny. A lot funnier than jenna who just repeats twitter memes. He does too a lot but its a lot wittier and relevant to the video

No. 439898

speaking for myself, my first impression of him was that he tries way too hard to insert himself in her videos and it bothered me. i was wrong, obviously they just love goofing off together. they're both twitter meme quoting dweebs though.

No. 440345

does anone else sleep really well when theyre drunk. i only do it every few months when im really stressed or for special occasions, but i always sleep so well afterwards. i dont understand how people can party after drinking, it just makes me relaxed and sleepy lol- there was only one time when ive gotten drunk and threw up once and cried for about an hour about school, but that was after i drank an entire bottle of 750 ml 22% liqueur and wine in one sitting.

also, whats everyones favourite drinks? i like wine, because you can buy a liter of local wine for the equivalent of 60 US cents in my area, and i also like sweet drinks. idc what it is as long as its sweet.

No. 440393

>does anone else sleep really well when theyre drunk.

This is literally the opposite of how alcohol is meant to affect your sleep lol. I have to physically wait to sober up before I can sleep after drinking, literally lying there for 1-2 hours like I can feel my liver processing what I've consumed until I can eventually fall into a really shitty and disturbed version of sleep that fucks me up for days after. Enjoy your beneficial quirk, anon.

No. 440596

back from a friends house and am drunk watching did you know gaming and taking in nothing… i gonna be busy tomorrow too but whatever

No. 440901

Lol when drunk I like to read and post in the meta threads for fun

No. 449134

That explains a lot.

No. 449801

WOOOOOOOOO saturday night tequila

No. 449805

YO! get yours boo boo! plain vodka for me but ill raise my shot to you lol remember to stay hydrated tho. hangovers are no joke

No. 449909

Im sorry im raeally drunk but my ex always ficked me or took advantage of me when i was drunk. I still miss him

No. 450964

I was sober for almost a month, and now I have relapsed. It's bad my dudes, and I can only complain when I drink because otherwise I feel guilty.

No. 451089

When I have a drink before dinner, I always end up tipsy. I had a drink before dinner.

No. 451090

I'm almost 8 drinks in so I'm in a different dimension currently but tipsy is always good

No. 453002

2 weeks sober but back off the wagon tonight. drinking rum and pineapple juice whats everyone else drinking tn?

No. 453280

File: 1566681089791.jpg (36.22 KB, 550x518, morpheus.jpg)

Time to bid farewell to my last "store bought" booze. Next week I'm gonna start brewing my own alcohol, since it's been legal for about a year now in my country. From now on it's gonna be way cheaper to get drunk, and if I can perfect my recipes enough, maybe I can sell some of it to my friends too. I'm gonna try a mint & lime mix first since I LOVE mojitos. Wish me luck

No. 453281

File: 1566681412671.png (69.24 KB, 250x240, pond.png)

going to try and stay sober after years of binge drinking almost every night. today is day one, enjoy yourselves for me friends.

No. 453299

Not fully drunk, just a bit tipsy from downing two glasses of wine and laughing my ass off. A bunch of kids were playing shit trap under my window so I turned the volume at max and played them some metal.
I scared the shit of of my sleeping boyfriend and I can't do anything but laugh.
Little pieces of shit aren't going away though.

No. 453356

i'm drunk again and i'm starting to get a beer gut. time to stop or i'll turn into my parents lol

No. 453460

got those feels anon, things are getting rough

i simultaneously love and hate this stupid site. sadly lolcow has been the only thing i could consider socialization for the last few years, i have no friends, i dont even have a smartphone. but goddamn the influx of sjw twitter/ig users suck. i read a post sometimes and think that i have half a lifetime on them and they sound dense as fuck but it doesnt matter in the slightest, so it feels better to type out a post then alt-a and delete it and move on,

i say that too but i dont always do it oops.

No. 454104

it's a monday and I'm binge drinking alone again, my excuse being "it's bank holiday!!!".
I'm too ashamed to even tell my boyfriend I'm drinking right now because he knows I'm relapsing. Fuck it tho, I'm gonna get drunk and listen to shit music

No. 454135

File: 1566842004322.jpg (41.69 KB, 561x561, 70caf2e537a69ddef9caaad2545427…)

Although I'm not a drinker; I've struggled with binging from an eating disorder. Although it's difficult, it's been rewarding on my health, and now it's starting to show in my relationships. Sending love your way anon. Congratulations on your decision; don't be too hard on yourself and keep moving forward when you face setbacks.

No. 454182

File: 1566853680736.png (122.74 KB, 500x581, 3561D505-B23A-45EB-990E-07786C…)

You’re a treasure anon, thanks for the support.

No. 456133

File: 1567223334893.jpg (28.54 KB, 1080x1080, 45661439_256310635047468_21998…)

could you imagine that getting drunk wont solve past childhood shit? but whatever, i love image boards because i hate irl and i love talking with strangers about shit that possibly never happened. and laughing at lolcows. thats always super fun. just remember anons pls, once you legit get mad on the internet, you automatically lose. keep you shit tight.

No. 456142

File: 1567226394960.jpg (50.68 KB, 780x438, hobbits-are-drunk-pretty-much-…)

I just wanna say I love all you admirable ladies and I love this place so much. just makes me so happy!

No. 459412

Decided to drink a little before I stream tonight ladies, hope everyone's having a good night! Also I can't stop thinking about the dude I lost my virginity to for some reason but whateves, enjoy life!

No. 465977

File: 1569461572348.png (139.13 KB, 301x340, 1495628637483.png)

fuck i love this board, and i love the anons that post innit. and i love the mods and admin. glad i found this place three years ago from reverse image searching pic related from a random twitter thread.

No. 465991

anyone getting rekt this weekend?? i have a convention and there's no official parties so i'm gonna drink at the nearest nerd bar in cosplay woo

No. 466461

heya guys getting pretty fcking drunk here bcause of broken heart lol kill me please
my best advice is never start extreme self harming. smoking? ok. hitting yourself? ok. but here i am, four years clean, yet today i decided to get drunk on my own and, hey, ive got some new sharp knives, nice, right??
im too much of a pussy to kill myself completely, always hoping for a better future
anyways, my dear anons, please love yourselves
there's no one else who is able to make you happy other than you
love, peace, and see you later

No. 466495

I'm sorry, anon. I've been at the bottom of the hole you're in right now. Four years is an insanely good length of time, and while I hope you don't break your streak, it's not failure if you do. Ups and downs happen, those four years remain. You hope for a better future because you know, even subconsciously, that you've got it in you to do it. Four years is your proof. I've never managed that. I look at your post and I just see strength. Battered, sure, but it's there. You've got what you need, anon. I'm sorry it's so easy to not feel that way.

No. 466498

Anon i been there, i'm not fully drunk drunk atm but i wish you all good. You don't deserve to feel like selfharm is the way to go but this kinda like blind leadinh bling, take this anon's love. Bitch idk u but i hope it gets better. I think strangers believinh in you is kinda more pure than freinds or family yano? I habe no obligation to even read your shit yet here i am, rooting for your drunk ass

No. 466941


I'm drunk by myself after being unable to get tipsy for months. Wish I still lived near friends.

No. 467029

been on image boards for years but its still so strange to think that other farmers are close to me. thinking that yumi is like 5 mi from me and a few other cows from kf around the same is so weird. all these anons and artcows bleeting about awa and im like damn.

im just sittin here thinkin about getting in touch with people i knew since high school but i have past cows so close to me. i have nothing else to report other than i have seen then in person but in weird clothes.

No. 467030

omg and i mean past awa and h-mart. i dont actively seek these weirdos out

No. 467188

File: 1569711305624.jpg (7.04 KB, 235x214, 93EyPTF.jpg)

y'all ever just want to stop drinking but you… can't?

No. 468255

yup. binge drank a lot last year but i do ok when drinking socially. it's just when im alone that i can't seem to find the off switch lmao

No. 469619

Taeminchan here, I’m drunk as shit, I don’t understand why I got a warning from mods bc I posted like 5 pics of Taemin, meanwhile Lucasfags post 26 low quality pics of Lucas and don’t get shit. Anyways where’s my other Taeminchan at, I’m not alone

No. 474521

File: 1571489874589.png (23.41 KB, 168x170, tumblr_2758115044609fa4cfcc92e…)

just got back from a party at a friends house after vomiting in her sink in front of this really cute american guy after singing material girl on singstar really badly. never drinking again tbh

No. 474535

File: 1571495554615.png (479.64 KB, 600x525, damn.png)

This guy i like just went facebook official with his girlfriend and now I'm drinking. He isn't even that cute I just had a dream about sucking his dick and started thinking he was cute. Cheers to unrequited feelings.

No. 476190

I am closing on drunkness and i can f3el my period starting i am so annoyed. Was watching the chris hansen repzion stream earlier and had to bust out the vodka.

No. 479270

I'm goint to tell my bf he is cuteee and that I want piggy back rides!!!! I like him!!

No. 479535

I'm drunk and I love the show crazy ex girlfriend

No. 479557

File: 1572664281603.jpeg (35.52 KB, 400x237, 1570291572403.jpeg)

…you 21 yet anon?

ive been having horrible chest pains and i have a family history of deadly heart disease, and early. like my mom had 4-5 heart attacks that i can account for before she died at 46. so ive been worried as a mf, went to the er twice because its been getting worse each time but turns out my stressed out depressed ass has been just having anxiety attack after anxiety attack.

i never know that shit could make it feel like your heart could fail! wtf. so now im drinking to celebrate the fact im not dying after spending the last week not sleeping because i felt like for days my heart was about to give out. fuck. it feels so good not dying.

No. 479828

was supposed to go out boozing with pals tonight but everyone bailed now i'm lying in bed at 12am miserable and drunk off cheap wine because none of my friends like me and i've not had a good night out in forever. i just wanna let loose and party. i want to go absolute ape shit feral is that too much to ask? let me dance!!!

No. 481877

Had way too much red wine after a stressful day at work, hbu you all?

No. 482026

I really really like lolcow. It's always been a light in the dar for me. Cheers, bitches.

No. 483992

hehe i am drunk and impulse bought myself a figma i've always wanted. can't wait for it to show up in the post.

No. 486477

File: 1574562176700.jpg (63.98 KB, 801x801, e205e277cbdabc66c0076671f68ba9…)

It so happens to be that I'm drunk. Wishing you all a splendid evening, ladies. Stay smexy and lit as you are

No. 486490

Anon this is like the 4th time I've seen the word "smexy" this week and that's 4 times too many. What the fuck. Cute pic btw.

No. 487668

I’m drunk as hell and I wanna say I want everyone to be happy because being depressed fucking sucks

No. 487684

I wish I could enjoy alcohol. It doesn't give me a euphoric feeling at all. When I see how much other people enjoy drinking and it makes them happy I feel sad that I can't feel that way and enjoy it with them.

No. 487685

bless you fellow drunk <3

I do have to ask, do any of you get an upper feeling when drinking? Like, it used to put me to sleep after 3-4 but now it re-energizes me and keeps up hours later than it should–regardless of what type of alcohol I drink.

is this normal or am I becomming more of an alcoholic than I care to admit?

No. 487749

Same here, but it depends on what you mix it with and the proof of the alcohol. After periods of prolonged drinking, of course, you'll need more and you'll be used to the feeling so it doesn't make one as tired. However, if you've been at this personally for a few months/years for most parts of the week… then yeah, sorry to break it to ya, sis. You might be on the yellow brick road to alcoholism. As long as it doesn't take up a good part of your week or preoccupy your thoughts upon awakening, you should be good.
If you ever tip that scale and it gets in the way of every day shit, whether it be family, friends, personal time, work, as well as how you interact with said people or events… may be time to give up the sauce preemptively tbh.
Take care of yourself for the most part on top of moderating & everything should be good!

Happy drinking, my friends!

No. 488381

What if the concept of a lolcow didn't exist and this entire website was themed around chickens and eggs instead of cows and milk?

Brought to you by Thanksgiving wine

No. 488386

Then it would be lolhen

No. 488389

Spill the fucking corn ladies

No. 488432

File: 1574994270998.jpeg (47.05 KB, 768x803, D7pa2R6XYAA10C9.jpeg)

i laughed a little too hard at this i think

had a bit of gin but sippin on mommy wine while hoping to cheer my doomer friend up enough to not sudoku. cant lie, i get it but he is my only friend. and if i can make awful imageboards jokes while still being true to my emotions on the inside then like damn i dont want to lose that.

No. 491656

happy Friday lovely farmers

No. 491963

smoke weed every day

No. 494861

wooo preppin for a Monday morn hangov I cried during the last episode of expanse new season. I knew ashford dying was coming!!!! jeeeeez and I still cried. pulled the grandpa card.

No. 494872

Didnt expect to see spoilers here - noooo

No. 494879

Same, life really uh finds a way to fuck you over whenever you're not expecting it to

No. 495371

ignore the self poster (it's the third time i see this url here)

No. 497775

happy christmas eve eve anons
i drank a bottle of wine to get through wrapping presents and i love you all

No. 497783

No. 497785

File: 1577156730852.jpeg (38.85 KB, 249x275, B268614F-7F24-424E-B85C-96C662…)

Cheers bitches! Remember to drink h2o tho but I’ll raise a glass, just have fun!

No. 498830

File: 1577509148299.jpeg (58.86 KB, 737x737, A17B80A6-B8D1-4FFF-97AD-6F9F13…)

Happy Friday! I hope everyone is good bc I’m a drunk mess and want to mother hen everyone

No. 499055

I AM SO IN LOVE!! i hate how i can only have deep conversations when i'm smashed but i really do have the best boyfriend ever!! i cannot get over how lucky i am!! also my stomach hurts a lot with how much vodka i have drank but!!! i don't care because all i can think about is how blessed i am!!!

No. 499103

I’m drunk and wanna buy dildos on the internet but I live with my parents atm and their WiFi has an opt-out child filter that they never bothered to turn off even though my younger sister is 18 at this point and I’m 21.

Anyway I hope y’all are having a lovely evening.

No. 499107

File: 1577597893625.gif (251.93 KB, 480x458, giphy.gif)

so cute i love you anon i wish i had people to drink with

No. 499355

File: 1577675206789.jpeg (49.36 KB, 720x709, F8F9DE3B-C093-4365-84E0-4081F2…)

I love you too, anon! I’d drink with you I’d share my drunk snacks with you

No. 499381

File: 1577683444920.gif (2.39 MB, 540x526, 1564612961410.gif)

idk why but i just picture all farmers as being really cute even the grumpy ones i bet you're grumpy in a cute way. lolcow meetup when anyway cheers

No. 499384

my tinfoil theory is that all grumpy posters are shoeonhead, I just get a handmaiden or scrote vibe.

No. 499617

Not to be gross but does anyone else get diarrhea 12-24 hours after drinking?

I'm not a heavy drinker. I only ever have one cocktail or glass of wine in an evening.

No. 499652

Yep, drunk again.

No. 499888

File: 1577842999633.jpg (8.47 KB, 257x196, images-1.jpg)

Happy New Years~ ( if its already 2020 where you are)

I ain't got shit to do but get drunk and play games and pass out in the bathtub before the ball drops

No. 499979

File: 1577878499043.jpg (104.72 KB, 739x751, blessed.jpg)

happy new years,

No. 500061

Yep, going through that as we speak

No. 500230

i wish us and the US were on the same timezone so we could drink together, pouring one for you yank anons

No. 500267

Wholesome drunk

No. 506720

necro but woooot here i am spiraling down down, my bf just broke up with me because of depression(which he refuses to admit). LMAO ME TOO BISH but i chose to swallow up my pride and man up to see psychiatrist but you choose to break up with me because i dUn WaNnA dRaG u DoWn i JuST nEEd tO fIgUrE OUt oNMyown. There you go shoving me out of the door like a fucking white knight, you ain't shit come the fuck on. You close all your doors to beat yourselves up then why did you waste your time by knowing me? why did you date me when you would just rather close up put your guards up and go on a self defence mode if you dont consider on letting me in at all?

No. 507504

you know what anons? i am drunk as fuck and miserable about my appearance so i'm watching the amy schumer i'm pretty movie and i'm not taking in anything that's going on but i hate this woman a little less even if the entire premise of the movie is absolute garbage!!! god i wish i loved myself. i deserve better.

No. 507511

ethan reminds me of my boyfriend i wish i had fake fictional character renee's confidence!!!!!

No. 509125

i just passed all my exams!! i barely passed my last exam today necause im just so done and exhausted from almost 2 months of exam season. it was so bad that i was tempted to cheat by looking up the answers on my phone but the professor supervising was scouting the room like a hawk so tht didnt happen lol. still passed tho, and wit an ok grade too, but not the best.

so i had a celebratory bottle of wine. and yet my family is already breathing down my neck about the next exam season (>4 months away) im so done w this bullshit. fuck off, i can finally watch all the bullshit tv shows ive been wanting to watch for the last 3 months and sleep, stop trying to ask me what exams im going to have next semester and how ive started to prepare for them.

also celebrating because i just found out tht the bullshit essay tht i wrote in 15 minutes on the day of the deadline got me the equivalent of an A kek

No. 509196

congratz anon!!! take some well deserved time off and enjoy it!!

No. 509217

i know you posted this 7 days ago but you dont need him anon, you're fine on your own!!fuck him! you are capable of being who you are and doing you without him. you dont need him. value your friendships and family above boyfriends

No. 514437

I’m gonna eat some snacks and drink some more but I hope everyone is having a good night! Because I’ve been having a really rough week so far

No. 514980

File: 1581747754646.jpg (33.97 KB, 604x453, n1114230012_30306306_5486.jpg)

cheers ladies! my life is on the up but im busy af but its worth it. relaxing with some moscow mule. have a good night!

No. 516884

File: 1582321384180.png (145.71 KB, 528x534, Screenshot 2020-02-21 at 22.40…)

Fun times causing chaos and distress throughout the internet and in real life. I do wish I had some drinking buddies… Listening to some SOAD to match chaotic energy. I always tell myself this is the last time I will drink in a long time but then come back to it about a month later. At least I always have a positive experience with it.

No. 516945

File: 1582343799239.png (267.2 KB, 533x492, 1506113714546.png)

im wine drunk and every fucking time without fail I get extremely horny and lonely so now I'm going to pine over my stupid crush and listen to sexy music

No. 517240

I started drinking daily for the last idk how many weeks. Stopped drinking this week. Felt amazing, alert, not super depressed, getting things done,came up with more ideas for my writing and practiced drawing. Drank again a couple hours ago, feel like shit, fighting with bf. Maybe I should quit completely. Maybe I should just drink less when I do drink. I feel sleepy, I hate how alcohol puts me to sleep. Idk, anons.

No. 517247

same, anon. My room is clean, laundry done, bed made…all because I haven't been drinking every day after work. Tryign to decide if I should buy something when I go grocery shopping later tho.

No. 517271

How is it possible for 2.5 trulys to make me this nauseous? It's only been like, 3 hours.

No. 522289

bumping the thread bc I ate a shitton of edibles
what happens now?

No. 522293

Build a pillow fort and pick out some movies while u still can and get comfy lol

No. 522303

If you start to feel sick just remember that unless you ate like kilos of the stuff you’re fine, crack a window, the cool air is nice. Lay still and it will pass. Stay hydrated. You might be high for a good while, i hope you got snacks!

No. 522309

you'll think they are weak af and try and take more then 30mins they will hit all at once.

For me when I first tried edibles I kept sort of zoning in and out like day dreaming and spacing out.

I also kept thinking I had a fight with my friend over and over regardless of how many times I was told that didn't happen.

also felt like anything I looked at my eyes zoomed in on over and over then zoomed out, felt like a kaleidoscope

have some water on hand and settle down for the next few hours.

No. 525225

File: 1584194910425.jpg (26.12 KB, 575x312, D0r3TkVU8AE5QAh.jpg)


i'm so glad i found keftover vodka while organizng my pantry, i gte that drinking is like "bad" for you or mkes you dumb or whtever but i do it so lightly so this is rare for me. and i forget how much it likje….. releases yur inhibitions and while it MAY make me stpupid……… it also makes things simpler. i feel like i'm having so many revelations and like i just needed to get past all the fogginess of depression and get to this base level to realize how much potential i stilll have as a human being. i have so much to live for. and while the world is in a panic this month and my job is paying me to stay home (thnk god i work for a good company like disneythat can afford it)…… i feel like all this free time will allow me to experience what used to make me happy. friends, hobbies, making art and learning hobbies and working from home with my boyfriend and actually APPRECIATING MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY. THEY ALL LOVE ME EVEN THO I'M DEEPLY DEPRESSED AND UGLY AND LAZY AND AHHHHHHH WE CAN ALL GET THROUGH THIS. I HOPE YOU ALL USE THIS TIME TO MAKE THE BEST OF IT. GOOD VIBES. I LOVE U ALL. anf i am so sorry ahead of time if nonne of this makes sense and its all word vomit i am the lightweight.

(shhhhhh ps. i ha ve not drink in MONTHS. i legit fel like how a cat ust feel when accidenta,yl gets into the bozzei)))

No. 525226

wait……. i spelled sage wrong and it still saged. i think???? that's honesly so beautiful

No. 525227

File: 1584195193688.jpg (95.56 KB, 933x915, D3B9ckAUgAArqri.jpg)

i'm also kindf of horjny. does alcohol make anyone else unnecessarily hprny or is that just me

No. 525236

File: 1584196834361.png (71.59 KB, 220x230, tumblr_oh0x9s2rUy1vjsyrjo1_250…)

ok not necssarily horny like LEWD but like,,….. idk… like a romantic sweet nostalgic longing kind of way. like in a way where i'm dangerously close to watching ship videos or shitty romance webtoons/ anime/ fanfics/ etc and cryingat all ofthem at 7am levels of snentimental. tim e t o go the fuck to SLEEP instead.

(is thisstupid???/////??? i gues . i will find out. fyck it imma read some frerard til i fall asleep. mock me who caRES BUT these mid-latte 2000's mcr bitches knew what was UP

No. 525241

STAY SAFE WASH YOUR HANDS DONT TOICUHCH YOUR FACE. sty home as much as u can allow yourself.make sure you have enouhgh to survive,,, if you dont let me know iand i will do my best to helpyou. if you're lucky enough to be stuck at hhome but also pay compensted/ protected by unions/ etc, take this time to do what TRULY makes yu happy. idk….. i feel like i disagree with some of you, like, politically or whtever, but at our HEARTS we all just want what's best, for the world, ourseleves and the people we love. do the bet you can do. be a . good example.BE KIND!!!!! BE NICE TO PEOPLE. AND BE SAFE PLEABSE.

No. 525552

Shotgunning a bunch of Svrewdrivers counts as helpinh my body fight Corona-chan, right? Not bevause mu relationship is falling apart and i want to text my supervisor how much I want to makeout with him. Right?

No. 525558

I miss my girlfriend I wanna see her rlly bad but she hasn’t been feeling well lately and was sick lately so i haven’t seen her (probably not corona chan) but is feeling better now at least. and conventions were cancelled because of the virus so now we can’t have our first con together but she’s so cute and i miss her and ihope she wants to see me soon too I miss her ughhhh

No. 525564

Now im rlly drunk and just wanna kiss her i miss her

No. 525565

Kess 'er, anon. I believe in you.

No. 525571

File: 1584251849446.jpeg (151.8 KB, 807x605, 4C5F89A1-F932-4946-865E-F2C2F1…)

Imglad somebody does!! im gonna send her a nice message to wake up to and I hope you have a good night anon stay safe

No. 526138

Ended up getting drunk due to corona panic. My local grocery store was crowded, shelves were really bare, and people were being so pushy and shitty.
Feeling pretty cozy atm though.

No. 526226

i've also been drinking slightly more often to take the edge off and cope. i think i have sort of an addictive personality, so i'm really hoping drinking occasionally doesn't turn into anything bad if things start getting a lot worse in the world lol

No. 526324

Be careful, anon. Set your limits now before it may get too hard to stop in the future.

No. 535305

had a bad day at work so I've been chugging barefoot and binging cliff bars;..chocolate chunk w/ sea salt to be specific. why are calories the only thing that make me feel better???? fuckkkk thank god I have JUST enough self control and a low enough natural appetite to keep me form getting obese even if I'm a little chub. had a whole bottle of moscato and now i'm working on a bottle of riesling. thank god i don't work till like 15 hours from now.

No. 540783

You know what, fuck life honestly, this fucking mental illness just makes me feel nothing but pain. I fucking hate that I can barely feel anything towards people even though I crave it. Just keep giving me nothing life, just keep giving me TV material that I watch and can never have. I just stare and wait, but feel nothing. Pandemic or no pandemic I'm always going to be alone in this god forsaken room. I'm so fucked up cause I've been so isolated for so long even though I'm not a NEET cause I went to school and had jobs, I have no one to blame but myself. I've started craving bad attention and pain cause I don't get anything at all, some kind of attentions better than no attention, am I right? Hahaha, hurt me. No sage for the bitter bitches.

No. 542558

File: 1587167287675.jpg (82.88 KB, 1024x684, 1656165419781.jpg)

what's good anons….just cooked up some stir fry chicken and mushrooms and mixed veggies with a lil rice, sippin mimosas and chillin on my day off yall want some???? You don't like mushrooms just pick em out i'll eat em.

No. 542579

Love you

No. 542640

Wish we were neighbors

No. 542993

I've been drinking a lot since the lockdown but this is like the 3rd time I'm really drunk on the quarantine.

Anon you are so cool, can we be friends?

No. 542995

holy fuck anon are you me? reading frerard fic on ao3 while drunk it's so fucking perfect.

No. 543016

File: 1587254517386.png (115.11 KB, 275x207, 1584909420255.png)

livin with my abusive ex, missed too many days at work cus i had to take care of his shit. got fired today. drinkin vodka, smoked weed for the first time in like 10 years. im chillin you sexy bitches. clink clink!

No. 543041

File: 1587258037554.gif (891.42 KB, 500x385, A09550B9-202B-4368-8A1C-FC44D2…)

Cheers anon, better times ahead!

No. 544415

File: 1587528736793.jpg (153.62 KB, 624x806, 20200321_204239.jpg)

Aw fuck I had quite a few vodka mixed drinks. It's been a month and a half since I've seen my fwb and i don't do sexting or any of that and it's getting kinda hard. I really wanna cuddle!!! I also thought it was the wrong day of the weektoday this quarantine suckssss.

No. 548606

File: 1588411337144.jpg (40.9 KB, 720x389, EKpfy0AXYAA8MK1.jpg)


oh my god, same, well-written smutty bandom fanfic is like my ultimate guilty pleasure and they were discussing it briefly on some other /ot/ thread recently which inadvetrently got me back down in into it. three cheers for my fellow anons time for a strong mixed drink and a comfy nostalgia trip

No. 549024

quarantine really has me out here spiking my protein smoothie like an absolute degenerate

(it tastes good tho i swear)

No. 549083

Tip: if you hate wine but have nothing else.. try mixing it with pop. Dont hate lol

No. 549091

fuck yeah
white wine and 7up is top shit

No. 549316

Sorry anon you have to be 18+ to post here

No. 549344

kalimotxo my dude

No. 549607


lmao i was just gonna say, isn't that just poor man's sangria?

then again i would never hate on crazy drink combos, I was always the weird kid mixing soda fountain drinks for the fuck of it at parties. also i'm >>549024 so, self-explanatory

No. 549677

poor man's sangria, the South american way, is red wine with fanta (or any orange soda). Its delish but fuck red wine tho. Worst hangovers Ive had come from that devil water. Sparkling (white) wine with aperol FTW

No. 549684

japan has a drink where you mix sprite or similar with red wine. it's called a kitty.

No. 549939

Good tip anon. I've always mixed the shitty homemade red wine my relatives make with ginger ale and ice to pretend im not having shitty homemade red wine

No. 549987

I remember in one of maxmoefoes japan vlogs he was drinking a red drink and he called it a kitty. Had wondered what that was.

No. 551586

and by the way, pinot grigio with half black tea and half lemonade is pretty good too. Just made it.

No. 551591

Ooo anon don't give me ideas. Sounds like something I'm going to prepare for my houseguests for mothers day!

No. 552003

monopoly is the worst fucking game ever. it's even worse when you're competetive af and your dice rolls never work out.
it's even worse when you're playing with your family and you're the only one enjoying adult beverages and your SIBLING IS ALWAYS SUCH A FUCKING PRICK WHILE PLAYING

No. 552606

i typed a very nice post earlier that didn't go through so fuck it anons

i just graduated with my doctorate degree and im drinking vodka and the world is shit but gl to you all

No. 552825

I've always needed a lot of alcohol to get buzzed but nowadays it's like I can't really feel drunk no matter how much I drink, even though I do still get hangovers.
How do you guys solve this

No. 555497

Dae get drunk and waste time with stupid men on the goodnight app

No. 556240

Before I started drinking I hyped myself up for the baked potato I would make at the end of the night. Now that it's the end of the night I realized I forgot to put my potato in the oven and I cannot stay up another hour (no microwave.) So sad.

No. 557441

Just got drunk on wine watching Priscilla queen of the desert and I had the time of my life. Feeling tipsy and quite nice actually. Good evening over all

No. 557518

Congratulations on graduating anon!

No. 558223

File: 1590395678339.jpeg (67.2 KB, 649x638, 76C21C70-D020-4A73-9D84-9F2664…)

ive posted here before about her but my gf. She’s so cute and i love her. i miss her and we’re gonna have a date in separate cars next week because of quarantine and im so excited i can’t stop thinking about her….aa

No. 558224

i’m like two weeks late but congrats!! You’re doing great and I believe in you, i miss being in school and am super proud, anon!!

No. 558287

been into making drinks recently instead of just downing wine like normal. Made myself some aperol spritz yesterday which was amazing as we had summer warm weather. Ended up face timing some friends and getting tipsy on my balcony.

Can any anon recommends some more drinks to mix during quarantine? preferably cheap/not a lot of ingredients.

No. 558309

Personally prefer not being able to taste alcohol so the cheap 'cocktail' I've been making is:
2 shots vodka (any shelf)
2 shots cordial (I use Cottees raspberry and apple flavor)
300mL soda water for the bubbles, or just flat water if you don't have any


No. 558314

shit apple flavour sounds delicious.
Vodka cranberry has been a major fave for me recently, and i always love me some fruity drinks

No. 560631

File: 1590744619326.jpg (37.68 KB, 750x844, 89262613_2318657011758970_8514…)

I got so fucking drunk last night and now I am so hungover and hate my life
The post drinking anxiety is real
I had some really yummy sour shots though

No. 560654

File: 1590752419790.jpg (2.19 KB, 125x109, 1530561569958s.jpg)

Drinking tequila and feeling sad over the same guy in this post >>474535. Can't believe it's been 7 months. Maybe I'm just jealous of how cute him and his gf are. I don't know. Can't wait to visit this thread again to see its been a whole year obsessing over one guy.

No. 560655

Who the hell recommended the kitty? I just finished it with like one ounce or two of Redwine and I'm fucking dead. I've been drinking vodka nearly everyday at large amounts but I haven't felt this fucked up. Is this wine drunk?

No. 560797

No. 569894

drunk and gay.

want nerdy weeb gf

No. 572494

currently dronk on half a bottle of white wine and listening to goth music and desperately want someone to keep me company

No. 572513

listening to switchblade symphony rn anon i will keep you company

No. 572667

File: 1592651299195.png (391.57 KB, 923x540, geuf1xp7r1551.png)

so that half a bottle of white wine sure was something cuz apparently I sent a friend of mine nudes last night and have no memory of it

No. 572720

ah sweet child, I hope that got resolved.
protip from old(alco)fag: airplane mode while drinking.

speaking of which, I made it two and a half days. I'm drinking rn and have been for hours but still buzzed. i fucking hate being an alcoholic, you go from tipsy to blackout in a hot sec cause ~tolerance all that shit.
wish i could fucken tolerate life. I feel like such a fucking coward.

No. 572725

Do other countries have strict limits on what hours alcohol can be sold in stores?

I'm an anxious loner and like to get at-home drunk every once in a while, but I can't buy alcohol unless I shop during the crowded hours. If I were ok with crowds I'd just go bar drinking instead. It's hard being this much of a loser.

No. 572727

over here the state owned liqour store closes around 7pm on weekdays, 3pm on saturday n closed on sundays. I get the idea but it sucks when you wanna buy some specific alcohol for a drink and the shop closed 20 minutes ago lol

No. 572738

Most scandinavian countries are pretty strict. I live in Norway and the latest you can buy softer drinks like beer is 8pm on weekdays. 6pm on Saturdays and no sale on Sundays. Wine and spirits are only sold at specific stores. The highest alcohol percentage you can get at grocery stores is 4,7%. I think Sweden is even stricter in some ways but they have similar regulations. Meanwhile in Denmark you can get some wine at fucking 7/11.

No. 573998

Daydrinking today, only beer but I get the most insane overactive bladder whenever I touch alcohol. It's ridiculous, can't imagine myself out social drnking and peeing every 5 mins like this.

No. 574007

Kek, I’ve lived in Sweden, where you can only buy alcohol over like 3% at the state owned liquor store at normal business hours, idk maybe until 20:00 or something. Also, you can drink at bars at 18 but can’t buy your own booze until you’re 20.

I’ve also lived in Germany, where you can pretty much always get some booze somewhere around the clock. When you turn 16, you are allowed to buy wine and beer and it’s sold everywhere, in supermarkets and at gas stations and kiosks. You can even go to night clubs if you have a signed form from your parents and have someone over 18 there with you (I think that’s how it works, I never partied in this country when I was underage).

Pretty big differences.

No. 574094

I'm the same and I'm worried because I read that when bars reopen then only every other toilet stall will be open. I'll never get to drink in a pub again for fear of having to wait too long in the toilet queues

No. 574106

Yo I love yoiuuuuuwru

No. 574107

Love you too, anon

No. 574116

Thank you anon, I love you too.

No. 577320

I've been drinking for the past 6 hours. I don't remember how I ended up on this website, I don't know what it's for. It's like 4chan had a child who was angry about pruned threads. I hope you're all doing well.

No. 577329


No. 580602

decided to have a couple vodka shots because i havent' been drunnk in months 9(and so much weird personal shit has happened to me where i keep getting sucked into other pplss issues and its exhausting. lol.) i just wanna focus on improving my own little life now that i have so much free time until quar ends!!! ):
idc if its selfish i want to change myself for the better in every way i've ever wanted to but didn't have time or motivation for. i feel like its acheivebale now and have even seen progress in hobbies/ skills im trying to teach myself that i thought i was too old n amateur to learn!

also got drunk because bf out of town and i am being such a stereotpyical clingy codependent litle bitch like it's only been a couple days aand i'm already wearing his shirts around the house to cope like kill me

drunk dancing home alone 's always a good time tho

No. 580730

Which drink has the best calories/alcohol ratio?

No. 580743

Vodka + diet soda? You can try stuff like Whiteclaw. I get a pretty good buzz after a couple and they're only 100cal each.

No. 580745

I drink vodka and sparkling water. I don't know the exact calories but I don't think it's a lot

No. 580748

I don't have whiteclaw in my country, but I will try vodka+ diet soda

No. 582878

I guess one of the worst things about being drunk alone is that you have no one to talk and joke with, I always thought the idea of having a bunch of friends around to drink wine and gossip with was cool

No. 583331

Do any other anons get extremely horny when drunk? I swear my libido always goes through the roof whenever I drink and what's worse is that I almost always drink alone in my room so I have no outlet for it.

No. 583335

i have no friends so the times i drink im alone and misrrable in my room, yes i get horny and sad since i have no one

No. 583344

File: 1594590065221.gif (1.53 MB, 582x540, anime-hug-30.gif)

AYRT and sorry to hear that anon. I actually don't have many friends either. But I'd be happy to be your fren

No. 583380

yes, but it's also so much harder to get off. I've never had an opportunity to drunkenly have sex untill recently, unfortunately I discovered my clit is like "I sleep". Frustrating

No. 583524

Unfortunately sober

No. 583564

drunk and i stayed up all night to read things and the whole time i can hear my partner breathing very quietly and stirring once in a while and its very cute

No. 585955

File: 1595047730060.jpeg (168.51 KB, 1242x1816, CBAB7EBF-E76B-4570-ACD0-5857BE…)

I accidentally got drunk tonight, I’m sick with a head cold feeling like trash and wanting to be held

No. 585958

Yes I had some great sex wowee

No. 585994

>get drunk
>now bored and drunk
covid sucks idk what to do with my life now lmao

No. 586052

File: 1595080240947.jpeg (149.75 KB, 960x960, BC4A9264-04E5-4075-8C25-859D51…)

I feel you anon, had the same accident three days ago and felt like shit for two days waiting for the serotonin to return. I‘d hold you and let you complain about feeling bad. It will be over soon!

No. 586317

"Oh maybe I can get some laundry done after I have a truly" - me to myself. Mostly through my first one I was had the unshakable urge sing angry riot grrrl karaoke songs in the garage. 10/10 really got a lot of emotion out

No. 586340

I know you posted this an hour ago but. Did you get any laundry done?

No. 586343

Shit samefag but I mean'd don't leave it in the washer overnight.

Good luck everybody!

No. 586366

Asked for a rum nip today but the cashier gave me whisky and I didn’t notice till I opened it upon my porch

Drank it on an empty stomach fried a bunch of vegetables and breakfast meat watched intervention and played with my cat .. keep calling him pee pee

No. 586367

I love you, anon. stay hydrated cutie

No. 586368

dropping for relevance, alco dad keeping it real

No. 591378

Had some wine and im drunk in front of my parents who don’t even know I drink, I feel so guilty help

No. 591384

Can you excuse yourself to your room? Maybe you can tell them that you feel sick or you just want to nap

No. 592261

Having a couple drinks with my bf tonight in the green space behind my apartment building. It's hot as shit, but not too bad in the shade. He just went back inside to grab some more drinks and I'm chilling out here in the grass with my cat who is happily people watching. Life is really stressful right now but this is a nice treat.

No. 592269

File: 1595990436407.gif (5.57 MB, 500x281, efX2rvU.gif)

>drinking to gain PRODUCTIVENESS
>works for like ten minutes
>am tired now

Goddamn I'm old

No. 593658

Off several screwdrivers/cranberry vodkas listening to MBDTF and just wanted to say I love you ladies!! love the format of imageboards cause the girls making fun of me in some threads might be agreeing with me in other boards, so I love you all

No. 594268

Me and my friends have a standing order to meet up and drink at this one skate spot every Friday night, me and my partner just got home and wow I’m steamed but full of love for all my mates who I hold so close

No. 594285

This is very cute anon. Glad you had a good night.

No. 594469

Bought myself a bottle of pink gin to celebrate two years since I got out of a physically abusive relationship.

Just rememebered that rum and gin are the two types of alcohol that make me act weird. Might watch some sagittariusshawty while I can temporarily relate to her lol

No. 594496

samefag, Got drunk on gin and destroyed the phone that he bought me 3 years ago, he bought it for me on the day I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. He was cheating on me at the time, good phone but I hate owning anything that reminds me of him, he was cheating on me while I dealt with cancer.

No. 595392

File: 1596401816005.jpg (43.33 KB, 500x590, lrh-photo.jpg)

i am sauced up on tequila rn.

god i wanna make sweet sweet love to l ron hubbard. i don't know what it is. is it the ascot? is it the nasally 1950's accent? is it the nerd revenge cult? the way he fills out those suits? the way he tells a bitch off when they confuse listing and nulling?

idk but goddamn if i had a time machine i would go back in time and fuck l ron hubbard. whatever it is he seems like a very fun and novel person to have sex with. there's no way this man is not a complete sexual pervert. he's definitely been around enough to know how to touch a woman. he just looks and sounds so damn dirty.

No. 595398

vid related.

No. 595429

anon i think you mistook this for an auditing thread.

No. 595437

/ot/ doesn't stand for off topic, it stands for operating thetan!

No. 595442

File: 1596407357278.jpeg (51.69 KB, 450x333, 17362982-large.jpeg)

speaking of auditing this pic legit turns me on tbh.

No. 595449

Im tipsy but a lightweight and this is the last time im seeing my friend before she moves abroad and imbsad, why the fuck do everyone just move on but also good for them, they deserve good shit but i have like 2 friends i HAVE HAD IT. I missed being drunk, i feel light yet drammma

No. 598263

File: 1596737725630.jpeg (1.43 MB, 3024x4032, E4D7E5C5-41EF-4FB1-9104-B0D321…)

I’ve already drank most of this, and only have 2 beers in the fridge so it’s going to be a rough morning tomorrow..

No. 598282

File: 1596739607113.jpg (194.57 KB, 1080x2175, IMG_20200806_015110_109.jpg)

The anglos are getting annoyed but i am having some mango liquer today, 14% bitches

No. 598299

Why does getting tipsy on a school night feel so bad yet so good but you wake up with a hangover and have to have meetings until you die the next day
Tipsy points for no punctuation and willpower points for no emoji
I have a meeting at 9am plz help

No. 598341

I fucking hope you're not the anon who got shitfaced in the vent thread and if so put that fucking bottle down already

No. 598350

Sorry to dissapoint, but that was me,, I’m only drinking bc my arm hurts, my thoughts are racing and I cannot sleep otherwise..

No. 598577

Why does your arm hurt?

No. 598760

Because I got into a fight (that I didn’t start) and the guy kept pulling my arm back, so I think I pulled a muscle or something idk.

No. 599237

I cannot stop drinking, but my money is running out. Bc if I sober up my thoughts will be at a normal speed that I cannot handle.

No. 599338

>takes one sip beer
>"I miss gimpgirl"
Is she calling out to me?

No. 599370

about to have sex for the first time in a whiled and of course I got wasted off one drink beforehand help guys

No. 599378

This is truly horrific, I hope for your sake you're underage because if not you're hugely fucking delayed

No. 599625

tHiS iS tRuLy HoRrIfIc people are dying, karen, get a fucking grip

No. 605298

I fucking hate myself

No. 605302

File: 1597533751883.jpeg (33.57 KB, 678x452, CE688A12-B4DD-4023-831E-853696…)

No. 605337

File: 1597541357534.jpeg (27.72 KB, 567x565, EbdjVs6XkAAXB3a.jpeg)

No. 605417

i havent seen this girl in person in probably 4 years but we have been talking on facebook over our shared love of theme parks and i dont even. know if she is anything other than straight and im so sad. i only realized i am really not into guys like 3 years after college this sucks

No. 605418

question, does beer make anyone else feel really barfy? i can drink vodka, gin, seltzer just fine. in the past year any time i drink half a beer i feel sick to my stomach. i dont think its gluten, i eat sandwiches everyday for lunch…

No. 605441

I'm drunk enough to post in this thread but not drunk enough to say stupid shit on Twitter.

No. 607356

File: 1597730068687.jpeg (64.1 KB, 622x711, BD07BB99-F2E5-4B2E-A7D2-32B39B…)

I lost most of the weight I put on from quarantine, so to celebrate I drank and now I’m feeling loving. I love you girls!!!

No. 607391

congrats you sexy bitch!

No. 607698

:( i'm so flirt and sociable and willig to help people when i'm drunk (like rn). why can't i be like this always

No. 607710

I get the good kind of drunk on beer and the bad kind of drunk on gin, rum is hit and miss, whiskey is good

What about you other anons?

No. 608152

blasted as hell. i hate everything about my life. i'm gonna fill out these moving out forms tomorrow fr

No. 608244

Beer is best drunk, probably because I drink it slower so the buzz is usually nice and consistent. With liquor I end up drinking too fast and have a bad time lol.

No. 609218

im drunk as fuck

No. 610552

red wine fucks me UP it tastes like shit but i drink like 3 glasses in one night and want to throw up but i resist and then i wake up with the worst fucking hangover. no other drink does this to me why the fuck

No. 610553

opposite of you kek, best drunk is on gin and beer sneaks up and tackles me like a quarterback

No. 610618

File: 1598025265674.gif (972.22 KB, 245x225, bitchmetoo.gif)

Samesies. I think it came with age tbh.

Drinking a highball atm.

No. 610727

Wine is the yummiest but goddamn I always feel so bad day after. Whiskey makes me throw up EVERY time I get drunk on it, wtf? I love cola + whiskey so that's a shame. One beer is enough to make my head feel heavy, I don't like beer drunk, for some reason my nose clogs and in general my face gets stiff and uncomfortable. Weird.
Best drunk? Vodka drunk. I can get very drunk on it and I'll be hungover sure, but "managable" hungover.
Sadly, with age I get worse hangovers in general. I only got blackout drunk once, but I liked getting close to it with right people. Now I wouldn't think of doing that because I don't wanna die for literal days after

No. 610735

are you allergic to alcohol? it kind of sounds like it.

No. 611539

How to avoid alcohol stomach bloating and digestion issues? I am want to get fucked up like I am 16 again

No. 611780

Just mix vodka with some non-fizzy drink.

No. 612183

File: 1598143683519.png (298.15 KB, 400x400, 6257cd9f077aae3014da5c8c80181a…)

I drank myself through my friend's non-alcoholic beers while watching her cats. Now I drank a real one and am drunk. Yes, I get drunk from one beer (1)
Hello bitches

No. 612293

my bf drank two beers, knowing he has some allergy or bullshit illness and passed out in a whiny fit at 9pm. Here I am. Awake as shit with nothing to do but play animal crossing and try not to shit post.

No. 612340

Pedialite before drinking and again the next morning

No. 612547

AYRT, love you anon. definitely an age thing with me too. i feel like i automatically unlocked hangovers as soon as i graduated college kek.

in other news, am living with the family for quarantine and we found a still decent bottle of sparkling with bits of gold leaf so we're pretending to be fancy tonight. feeling ok after a long time of not. love y'all.

No. 614692

File: 1598371682987.png (1.33 MB, 1280x1280, 2b443199-22ce-4102-a390-d37172…)

>be me
>work as housekeeper in hotel
>find empty alcohol bottles in rooms everyday
>throw them out ofc
>today I'm on my last room and can go home soon afterwards
>find FULL bottles of chanoagne, cider etc
>IM poor as fuck and this is an opportunity
>drink the shit while I'm cleaning the room, don't even care that it isnt cold
>work FAST
>superviser checks room, says it's ok and I can go home
>walk home absolutely smashed
>typing this now
Anyway what did your days look like farmers? (Yes I know I' a fucking mongoloid but a mongoloid having fun)

No. 614700

Samefag forgot to say the room was a departure and the full bottles were in pile of empty discarded ones they were clearly rubbish I did not just steal someones alcohol lmao

No. 614703

Aaaaa I forgot to sage I'm sorry. I'll turn off computer

No. 614731

Kek what a beautiful drunk thread saga, I'm happy for you anon

No. 614751

aaaahhh yes, a fellow raccoon chan.
I’m a ridiculous sicko & when I was waitressing at a Japanese restaurant, The other waitresses and I used to eat the left over sushi rolls that customers would leave on the table.
It’s not like they touched the pieces that were left on the table, and letting sushi go to waste seems like a sin.

No. 615313

Hi I'm happy tipsy not sad and shirfaced

No. 618279

So I went out/got drunk with some colleagues tonight and one of them said "anon, I'm really glad you came out" and it really did make my night, she sounded so genuine

No. 618287

That's sweet of her! I'm glad you had a nice night anon.

No. 619633

I am extremely drunk and this is the fucking song and I can't get out of my head tonight lmao fuck

No. 619643

This is my favorite t&e song and now it’s in my head too, thanks

No. 620559

I am drunk!!! Love you all you are all my sweeties. Kisses to all!

No. 620561

I am drunk!!! Love you all you are all my sweeties. Kisses to all!

No. 620562

File: 1598969604767.jpeg (4.45 KB, 150x200, w.jpeg)

love this thread so much

No. 622039

Cheap liquor recommendations??

My usual rules are:

Only glass bottles
Under $25
Cheap CLEAR liquor > cheap brown liquor
Cheap VODKA/schnapps/gin >>> cheap whiskey/tequila/darn rum

My brands are:
Russiam standart
Beef eater
Sailor jerry
Mt gay

Havent found a decent cheap tequila that doesn’t mAke me recoil

Also if anyone here has tried perierre jjouete a review would b nice. Been wanting to try some

No. 622040

File: 1599133745477.jpeg (322.04 KB, 750x1238, 1C4855A6-99BB-4528-A666-BBE12F…)

This shit. I want to try it. Is ot worth the price?

No. 622734

File: 1599199746206.jpeg (77.06 KB, 750x663, 6D2D3575-11D6-4F39-927D-68B8C8…)

I’m very upset about how my little has been going lately, but I want to tell everyone else how good they’ve been doing

No. 622735

My little life*

No. 622748

Sorry to say anon but I don't think that anyone here is doing okay

No. 622767

There's a really cute guy who works at one of the local liquor stores so a couple of times a week I'll go there to buy wine and shoot the shit for a minute because he's cute and I think it's turning me into an alcoholic because, what else am i gonna do with all this wine?

No. 622800

Once every few weeks I'll get drunk and just make up shit on here. Always amazed reading it back the next day. No matter how plastered I am, the posts might get weird but still perfect spelling.

No. 622805

I'd offer you a hug if I could

No. 623291

chile HI, im drunk hahahahah. anyways ive been posting dumb shit on old kpop videos for the last half an hour. how did i get here?
im just gay and i hate myself. also i got log nails this time so ill have baaaad mistakes in words. anyways i thought this was ok, but thn i though i would eats some ice cream and watch utena. BAD DECISION!!!! if u gay and hate urself for thta N3VER atch any gay shit durinh your self hate phase!!!!!! anyways i'm here. idk what to say. wish i was a straight man. would be easier. please write something so i don't get embarasssed once i get sobet. any3wqays being a lesbian suck. i cry everytim.
i live with my dad!!!!! and i drunk from his alcohol stash…a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so…i poured sum water into alco bottle..hope he does not nitces…what do you think??/

ummmmmmmmmm…haha so random rawrXD comedy genius i am!! what is your d=fave kpooop song from 2008-2001??? not much of us i say!!!! bts was never "underdgos" and ill stand by that!!! wtf i got bts memes back from 2010..how are they undrogs?????lmao i laugh…not a scrote! just drunk lesbian that hates herself!!!!!!!!! AMA

i checked a thread so its ok to be embarassing! anyways listening to i got a boy by snsd!!!!!! remember the memes!!!

No. 623292

omg ur embarassing….no wonder you are a dyke!!!!!

No. 623294

bitch im a cow

No. 623295

this is comedy heaven

No. 623298


No. 623299

same anon…what is your fave alcohol?? i LOVE vodka. it's like water but gets u drunk n blasted. anyway i don't want u to hate me…..but if you hate me…whatever bitch, i hate myself more!!!!!! lmao don't even try!!! anyways i am embarassed? because i call myself weeb all the time but i have not seen that many anime through my life. i actually like mango a lot more…i love to look at the inking and shit..yah..there wre manlets on r**dit that reat A WHOLE volume in 20 minutes?? how do you do that? lmao
also do you like rgu?
anyway i hate when my parent say i am an artist. no more! it is just a hobby!!!! do you relate? just let me draw?
i will be honset…if i as an artist, i would hate myself. commit suicide even… because art is hard. commiting urself to that is not for everyone and i would drive myself crazy with perfection..never to reach it. and then un hero it.
i WILL drive u crazy !!! haha BAN111

No. 623300

is doja cat hot? i think so!!!

No. 623302

pls drunkies, let's talk!!

No. 623304

I’m drunk and a lil stoned and idk if anyone around me knows that hehehe

No. 623306

Also ily nonnie you’re So cute like I know it

No. 623312

god, i'm wasted..what is more epis - posting on here or on random utube videos???
anyway, i've been thinking to start a journal once again..but on notio. it is a very good app .
my fantasy is writing self htred letters to noone and then letting my love (<3 <3 <30 read it and then pity me and llove me) about how lesbian i am… have you read previous unpopular opions thread? the lesbian anon?? thats me!!! hahahahahhahahahahahhahhahahahah
pls share your fave animus! i lov4 neon genesis evnglion! and shinji is a good character because he exemplifies depression. i know, i have been depressed and i can relate. when men say - oh, i hat4e him!!! he a bitch. i say no!! men love to say no one cares about men and their mental heatlt, yet they laugh at male traumas and health..same with donovan from berserk..lmao. men don't care it is all a MEME!!!!!! qnd then they they say women don't care.

when iget sober i will read it and get embarassed. it's ok, hunny, just cover your tracks and lie to your dad abt. alcohol. (\i'm not underage)

also i think berserk was really good but now it is creepy. i hate what they did with underage characters. you creep. i will fight for girls and their undisturbed adolescences.

No. 623313

File: 1599268241648.png (734.84 KB, 703x456, cool dragon yoo.PNG)

I am also drunk and a little stoned. Here is a picture of a cool dragon i found when looking up cool dragons i hope you enjoy it as much as you are enjoying your night my queens

No. 623314

i don't understanc

No. 623315

too many medium values. caravagggiou got it right.. extreme lights and shadows got the most effective effect

No. 623317

I sort of get what you mean, but I have got to admit my taste in dragons is trash. Like I was one of them dragon obsessed kids in my youth and maybe I do not have much dragony taste but man do I like dragons

No. 623318

i once asked my EX friend to smoke some weed and she nnever delivered! she never car bitch
careded about me! i HATE her!!!!
i had weed once.. it had no effect because my roommate put too much tobacco in it. so i got sleepy but not high. i am scared that i will not try weed anymore because i hae no friends anymor >(((

No. 623320

i LOVED dinosaurs…they are cool once one girl from neighbour garder asked me to show my dinosaur book, but she did not get it… i was sad buttt
anyways i was excluded from being a russian but i am not russian i am half!!!! they all hated me for that. but i cant change my parents :(

No. 623321

nooo…..dragons are cool but also trash… so..dichotomy

No. 623322

he's cute, looks like my cat

No. 623323


No. 623326

Wakanda forever rip chadwixk

No. 623327

File: 1599269308320.png (91.43 KB, 282x343, 744.PNG)

here's a pic:) for aall of you. please do not judge i am drunk could not choose better

No. 623328

a sphinx hairless goblin

No. 623331

File: 1599269452180.png (162.49 KB, 408x379, 5.PNG)

th it is crazyyy..but i would not want black panther 2 because sequels usually are bad. the only good sequel is "aliens 2" but the genre is different, they really took the action route. you may say it is pandering but this time it worked

No. 623333

actually, now that you say it - i always wanted sphinxes. :) they are nice. the more people hate them the more i love them :) it is something about me. when somethhing is mainstream i dont care dont love, but once the hype died down, i am a stan. i cant rember the groups but there are ones(don't use emojis)

No. 623335

enoy it sweetie!!! at least you get your emotions out in some way!
don't become alcoholic though! bad for your skin and health@!

No. 623337

God bitches I fucking LOVE one direction

No. 623338

Empire strikes back girl
Terminator 2
Mad max
Silence of the lambs is technically a sequel
Godfather 2
Idk. I'd watch aliens. They mostly come out at night. (mostly)

No. 623340

i will fill up the thread. i wil fill up the world with myself. everyone will be gay! no more heteros!
i am big. i am meaningful! i listen to old songs!
just discovvered one of the songs is from "highscool of the dead". when it came out everyone loved it but now everyone hates it, because "gratuitous ecchi" and shit. i was there. i saw you. no you are lying, you were watching it and had no thoughts of gratuity, stop pandering. also stop caring about old shit, if you think about new shit, think about. not about old stuff. AMA

No. 623341

File: 1599270201804.jpeg (85.2 KB, 1080x720, image.jpeg)

This little girl survived longer than that with no training andno weapons andbasically you're fucking stupid.

No. 623342

i don't remember stand alone star wars movies, so this is your win
terminator is different. just like aliens, they change genres. from horror(?) to action. but i like terminator 2

its your prerogaive! britney spears is queen and i love kpop but now you can love 1D! if i was sober you would get blasted from me! or maybe not….boy bands are the same all across the world tbh…

No. 623343

File: 1599270345360.jpg (75.91 KB, 552x427, 1570274611580.jpg)

i don;t know her (funny pic att)

No. 623344

when i'm drunk i love myself and think i am funny.

No. 623443

I am so sorry I came on here and swore last night. I didn't mean it at all. This is the whole problem with this.

No. 623490

Newt! why she have to die :(

No. 624167

Have been experimenting with ratios and I've nailed my ideal Bee's Knees. Just lemon, gin, and honey but it's sooo good.

No. 624168

can't forgive you.

No. 624371

im cross faded and here to tell you that i love you and you are funny

No. 624992

Oooohhhh yeaaaaaa

No. 624993


No. 625013

File: 1599531376437.jpg (165.56 KB, 1080x1081, 1599232743773.jpg)

For all y'all who like cocktails I've managed to make my own creation while drunk af at a friend's yesterday,cringe but I call it The Flamingo. Its:
1 shot of peach shnaps
1 shot of vodka
2 tbsp of strawberry syrup
Lemon fanta/lemonade
1/2 lime + 1/3 lemon
Legit just random shit mixed together but tastes great if you like sweet cocktails.

No. 625040

I'm drunk and I can't stop thinking about Mion Sonozaki, I would love to have a friend like her, how much she generally cares for her friends makes me wanna cryyyy.

No. 625071

A+ taste anon ilu

No. 625108

I love you too anon <3

No. 625329

File: 1599580509997.jpg (74.58 KB, 600x600, Single-NotTonight.jpg)

housekeeper anon. I' back because it happened again (I swear it doesn't happen often but when it does…. I'm not gonna waste anything lol). Anyway I'm quitting my job because it's the worst and I need to study because I'm trying to get into university and I'm on my last chance. So when I (hopefully) get accepted I'm planning to defer my place and spend the year working for a childhood friend of my mothers renovating houses in murica so that's something to look forward to. Idk like I'm getting my shit together and my life was looking really bad for a while and now its staring to look up so I hope all you anons are having a good day and a good life and if not then I hope things improve for you very soon!prancing around my room to pic related.

No. 625336

wish you the best anon, keep dancing

No. 625338

(flings open saloon doors to the groans of disgust of the patrons) GUESSS WHO'S HERE FOR THE 3RD NIGHT IN A ROW

No. 625355

You could never disgust us anon. imma join you in your debauchery

No. 625366

kek you're the best anon, ILU

No. 629716

Firsr time getting proprt drunk in months

No. 629911

File: 1600054098346.jpeg (49.99 KB, 500x586, E52170ED-4F0F-4050-906A-C973D8…)

I hate quarantine!!!! I miss my family!!!! I miss my partner, I miss being kissed!!!!

No. 629952

This stout tastes like fucking SOY SAUCE

No. 629992

Buzzed and am here to say - pasta and wine are a helluva combination. Why does this shit feel so good? It's like, pure bliss. I can't stop smiling.

No. 630548

oh my god i was out of it when i posted this… I am so sorry

No. 631567

File: 1600261940149.jpeg (2.79 MB, 4032x3024, 1F01450D-1186-4CF4-9176-A18245…)

I habe a note pad to keep track ofnwhat i did when i am “working” from home since i have a chillllll af job and enter my own hours on their app. Still get my shit done tho!

No. 632670

sorry to be late replying but I hope you come back to this thread becasue are you gay anon? you type !!! like one kek what are you so excited !!! about, going to hell?

No. 633023

fixed myself the cutest cocktail and am about to make a second. who's joining me for fancy bitch night

No. 633056

Based and italypilled

No. 633175

10:20am and I am drinking whiskey to get through this long shitty day and no one can stop me because COVID-sama allows me to work from home now. I love being a shut-in and the fact that no drinking on the job is impossible to enforce kek

Also obviously I can browse the internet between doing actual work and no one knows. these are the good days not the end days

No. 633211

Any tips for drinking the whole day and not feeling like crap and vomiting later??

No. 633234

I was just about to comment that the only reason I don't drink daily is this. Getting carried away and vomiting..or getting the runs the next day. That's all that stops me.

No. 633361

File: 1600463678941.png (225.81 KB, 491x295, 748932694836.png)

I try to pace myself and allow rest periods instead of just nursing a full bottle all day. This morning I had like 2 drams, which got me buzzed, then I allowed that buzz to fully wear off before the next glass (took like 1-1/2 hrs). Then I repeated 2 more times lol. I probably won't have any more today because I know that's my personal limit before I end up feeling shitty later on, but it's at least gotten me through the roughest parts. Sorry I know that technically doesn't cover strategy for the whole day, but I think it's a trade-off between only partial blissful delirium or complete delirium with unfortunate side effects

No. 633554

Damn I can’t believe Ruth died

I had two margaritas

No. 633826

File: 1600517626846.jpg (50.99 KB, 640x640, f311256bc4ae7.jpg)

No, this is helpful for today! Thank you!!

No. 634665

File: 1600629007782.png (140.18 KB, 400x400, kopparberg_strawberry___lime.p…)

this shits disgustang, I like sugary beverages hence why I drink normal cider but this is cloyingly sweet and smells worse. why 2 fruits?????? apple is enough!

No. 634666

3 fruits kek I just noticed the lime

No. 634670

File: 1600629485871.jpg (518.92 KB, 1536x992, kona-seltzer-review.jpg)

Best hard seltzer coming through.

No. 636754

I love pussy anon, sorry no one is licking your clit

No. 642960

Drunk and listening to the greatest song of all time, of course

No. 642963

File: 1601515918070.jpeg (223.37 KB, 540x960, 5B197E8D-C415-4058-A92B-434812…)

No. 642992

I want this

No. 644283

I just had a bee's knees (lemon, honey and gin), would it be wise to have a can of beer next or will that just make me too sick?? I'm too lazy to squeeze another lemon just to make a second bee's knees.

No. 644336

you will be fine anon, just dont chug it and drink water

No. 644344

File: 1601651669556.jpg (95.62 KB, 944x944, DWQ5AAfWkAAAVm3.jpg)

Ty for the water reminder, you're a queen

No. 646303

I'm… I'm a little tipsy
I drank a lil bit of wine (like 2 glass) but wine hits me in a weird way. Like I feel like time slows down and my face gets red but I'm not hammered and can still function (mostly). I get two tired before I am really drunk 'im so light weight :(

No. 647156

im drunk and grumpy and i work to gotdamn hard for the money i get. then to have people demand it all from me, time and money, fuck im exhausted.

No. 647167

I hear you, anon. Hang in there. take good care of yourself, and remember to hydrate

No. 648290

im drunk on a fucking tuesday because i hate my life

No. 648295

Girl same.

No. 648305

clink clink bitch

No. 648318

i just took a shot for you bitches. i have work in 10 hrs. my life is falling apart lol

No. 648360

it's taco tuesday so why can't it also be vodka tuesday

No. 648373

everyday is vodka tuesday if you're not a pussy

No. 651681

I cut my hair and I want to die

No. 651858

File: 1602317213996.jpg (45.79 KB, 670x670, 1561254779875.jpg)

My favorite liquor store has a huge selection and even has carts. When I go to the counter the guy always asks if that's "it" and it makes me feel like I'm not buying so much or something and I'm not insecure. My least favorite place to buy alcohol is the Circle K because the employees ALWAYS ask for my ID and comment on what I buy. I don't care what you think about the jalapeno cheeseburger, I'm buying beer at 11am and gas station food, you are just an obstacle to get through before I can enjoy them

No. 651869

Lol this is such a mood. Circle K has the worst food too.

No. 653193

I'm sorry I complain about being unemployed so much but tonight I'm drunk and not wallowing I'm just lit!!! I love you all

No. 653996

i gotta get up early tomorrow but im drinking gin

No. 654007

Are you mixing it with anything? I love it with some sparkling water and really bitter grapefruit juice.

No. 654010

ohh that sounds good, i wanna try!, i mix it with iced green tea and fresh mint leaves

No. 658372

Just took about 2 shots and took the rest of my thc pills. Will be drunk/crossed momentarily…

No. 658695

tesco brand whisky and barr diet cola while watching brookyln 99 got a nail appointment at 9am tomorrow what's upppp

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