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No. 757074

So you're finally graduated from highschool and you don't know what career path to take?
Or maybe you're older and going back to college but you don't know what to pick?
This is the thread for you! For everyone who is confused or wants to ask about a certain career/major/work etc.

Example: someone who might have artistic qualities, but doesn't know if they should pick between animation or illustration. Or someone who wants to go to college for something office-related, but doesn't know what kind of major to take. ETC. Anyone is welcome to post here.

Also be free to post aptitude tests and your results if you want to. Here's an example https://www.123test.com/career-test/

Employement thread for people who want to be employed
Post college thread

No. 757076

Some questions to ask yourself

What do you like?
What are your hobbies?
What are you good at?
What values do you prioritize?
What kind of work enviorment do you do best in?

No. 757077

also the opposite

What are some things you dislike doing?
What are you bad at?
What are some things you don't tolerate?
What kind of work enviorment would be dreadful for you?

No. 757141

I went from wanting to be an actress to a biotechnologist and now I'm in law school lol. My advice is to be realistic about what you're good at and what you aren't and how much you're willing to work to get better at what you aren't good.
I'm not good at math and not excited to work my ass off to be excellent about it, so I ditched all the STEM careers that I found interesting.
Remember that degrees won't define your future, they're just accreditations of your knowledge and the intellectual tools that you've developed. There are a lot of routes and approachs for every profession. I'll put myself as an example again, I'm doing the most traditional and career ever but I'm not interested in doing it to become the typical lawyer working at a firm, I'm persuing a job in international public law/civil service.
Nowadays there are a lot of career combinations and growing industries, as well as innovative disciplines in the most established ones.
If you have a career in mind, try to contact professionals to ask any questions you've, read and see their day-to-day. There are tons of youtube vlogs for almost any profession.
I also never took any tests, but I did a list of 5 careers I was interested in and wrote their pros and cons, being 100% honest with myself, that might work too.
And something that might sound stupid but I had to understand was that it's totally possible to have interests aside from your profession. For example, I study and enjoy acting, music, biology, ecology and whatever without having to make it my job.

No. 757572

>Example: someone who might have artistic qualities, but doesn't know if they should pick between animation or illustration

Unless you're dyslexic and literally can't study anything else, I'd say art education is a bad move.

I know dozens of art grads and not a single one is happy with their lives putting logos on Twitter images for ten hours a day and then spending the evening forcing themselves to draw another fanart Disney prince in BDSM gear for Instagram likes.

Sure you could be one of the chosen ones and work on designing the new fetus Yoda for Disney, but then you're still overworked and underpaid, and people call you a sell-out too.

If you're arty I'd say study engineering and you could get into actual product design or industrial design, an interesting, well-paying field.

And no, the math and science aspect of engineering really isn't that hard. Even scrotes can do it.

No. 757600

Social media marketing / graphic design might be far more rewarding both financially and emotionally than designing next best Disney character really. I'm a designer and I know a lot of other designers that are perfectly happy with their job, as this is what they wanted to do, they didn't go into the industry imagining they'll be rich and famous illustrators or whatever. If someone's passion is artistic they shouldnt pursue engineering instead just because "it's maybe safer" because they may end up really disappointed in a long run.

No. 757605

im scared of being judged for admitting this but im about to be 27 and my dream has always been to do voice over. However I literally feel like everyone is better and more equipped than me. Before the pandemic I was making moves towards it by taking classes, i even put thousands into a demo i never ended up recording due to fear. It makes me sad because i feel like i've wasted so much time. And with the rise of anime so many people are interested in voice over that werent 10 years ago. I wonder if anyone here is doing voice over and what advice you have? Its also scary because i know that voice over isn't the biggest lucrative career and sometimes i just wish i had more realistic goals. But i've wanted to do this since i was a child. I hate having 0 faith in myself. How do you get out of that mindset that you'll never be good enough to pursue your dreams?

No. 757640

File: 1615308339980.png (138.72 KB, 1078x1852, Screenshot_20210309-102434_(1)…)

Took the career test and this is what I got. Honestly, furniture cleaning sounds based. I get satisfaction looking at cleaning videos and seeing the dirt get picked up through the vacuums. I am also interested in the process of finishing wood and all that. Hairdresser does sound like a me thing too. I cut my bangs myself and have been doing so since middle school. The one thing that pushes me away are other hairdressers who try to get strangers business on social media and guilting them for being too poor. They're so scummy and it's obvious what they're doing. I guess me going into the field could break that stigma.

Currently I work as a security officer. Very sentient at my site and it does open up opportunities for me to work on art during down time, and I've done that plenty of times.
One thing I like about these suggestions is the fact they don't require going to college, beauty school is similar but way cheaper. More affordable for me to attend if I really wanna do that.

No. 757663

I would love to work as a furniture cleaner too, I love cleaning really dirty things and renovating furniture. I took the test and got a 100% match for astronomer, I'm studying physics but that field doesn't interest me right now as I don't know much about it, maybe I should be more open minded towards it in the future

No. 757674

I took an introduction to the universe class in uni and absolutely loved that shit! I love astronomy so much, it sucks that I'm absolute fucking ass at physics and math in general.

No. 758607

File: 1615411434480.jpg (21.66 KB, 640x368, 5aca0f14fce0a0b8b1133b4f89ad8b…)

> If you're arty I'd say study engineering

No. 773007

File: 1617139010451.gif (917.1 KB, 147x260, baby giraffe.gif)

Sorry for bumping a semi-old thread. I'm unsure what I want to really do. My careers advisor suggested that I become an Actuary, and I think I could like it because it seems like it uses both mathematical and English skills,the regular hours of work and though I'm unsure about advising people and being detail-oriented. I'm a bit worried regarding the job's availability since it seems a bit low. According to my research, they make ££40,560-55,000 a year on average and the trainee's starting salary is roughly £19,000-25,000. I like the fact that the job seems 50/50 in terms of the gender split so I won't have to work with scrotes 24/7.

I also like the idea of going into IT. The career advising website I'm using recommends so, and I mainly because they seem to earn a lot (I want to get into egl), like becoming a Computer Programmer, Computer Software Developer, Database Administrator or Database engineer, despite not having much, if any, interest in IT and not wanting to have to deal with workplace sexism in my daily life. However, I'm slightly less interested since they seem to earn as much as actuaries do, so I may not go into IT

pic unrelated

No. 773010

wow my grammar and spelling suck.

the regular hours of work, though I'm unsure about advising people and being detail-oriented.*

recommends so, and I'm mainly interested in going into IT because they seem to earn a lot*

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