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File: 1609049302576.jpg (18.87 KB, 852x480, 4.jpg)

No. 703303

whaaaat? noooo, i'm not laughing at your retarded confession!

previous thread: >>>/ot/690333

No. 703307

it has 100 posts, fag.

No. 704482

I hate troons as much as the next farmer, but I find it too funny when nonnies try to clock ugly women as trannies. Bless the ugly women's souls. i am possibly one of them

No. 705893

I apologize every time I run over a civilian with a car in a Grand Theft Auto game. I really don't mean to run them over.

No. 705896

Kek I'm not ugly (afaik…) but I tend to look troonish on pics because I'm taller than most of my female friends and I don't know how to pose or smile, I sometimes really look like an autistic AGP. If some of my pics got posted, I'm sure I would get called a disgusting tranny.

No. 705905

It had 1100 posts at the time you posted this, you actual retard. You need a new prescription for your glasses.

No. 705910

They meant it had 100 posts left before it hit limit. Thats a lil too early to make a new thread.

No. 705912

Pfft. I guess. But I've seen ppl do it before so I guess I just jumped the gun.

No. 705915

The only reason I want to lose weight is to dress like an e-girl/cos-thot/lolita and I don't care that that's my inspiration. It's something that actually keeps me motivated and always has been a reason. The number of cheap outfits that I can't buy because it's made in China and doesn't come in my size makes me upset. And as someone who loves to shop but hates overpaying, I feel like losing weight is the only way I can dress how I want and take weird pics with cute clothes.

No. 705966

I lost my youth to autoandrophilia . I'm 30 and finally learning to be present in my female body during sex. It's actually awesome and not as scary as I thought it would be, now I'm just mad I spent my teens and twenties terrified of everything except my fantasy world.

I could have had do much fun and I'll never get that time back, but at least I'm here now. I know who and what I am, and that's enough.

No. 705975

Idk what thread this was specifically about but the 1100 posts system msg literally says
>Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.
>and post a link to it after this thread has reached 1200 posts
So I don't really get what people's problem is with a new thread being created between 1100 and 1200 posts. Or why it even matters?

No. 705980

Because 100 posts is a lot of posts and it's confusing when there are two open threads. The 1100 post warning is just that, a warning that it will get locked at 1200 and to make sure a new thread gets created when we need one.

No. 705994

File: 1609430654003.jpg (185.1 KB, 735x1238, IMG_20201231_125823.jpg)

My boyfriend doesn't dress bad at all, but for some reason he always avoid the color black when he looks so good in it. He always go for gray, which is okay, but sometimes it looks like he came from The Clerks.
He always uses the clothes I gift him, but since I lost my last job I wasn't able to do that anymore.
If I get this job in 2021, I'll keep showering him with black (and more varied colors too, but mainly neutral) clothes - also buy pieces that he wouldn't buy in fear of change, because he doesn't understand about fashion too much so he sticks to shirt + skinny jeans just to be safe.
Hope it doesn't get too obvious kek

No. 706001

I just want to know what some of you farmers look like honestly. It compels me so much that there are other gross women like me and yet I don't know what you lot look like.

No. 706002

check out the eyes thread and kibbe thread on /g/

No. 706056

This is the worst confession ever. My bf confessed to me when he was a teenager, him and his brother were watching a movie w a sex scene, they both agreed to jerk each other off, but like they didnt finish or anything. Well ever since he told me this ive been having such weird dreams about it because they're both hot. Like yeah it gross incest ik, but i end up imagining them in a threesome with me. I think i might have to break up because this is disgusting to even fantasize.

No. 706059

that's kinda hot, don't be ashamed

No. 706093

At first I read it as "jerk off next to each other," and not "jerk each other off" good god. Anon your thoughts/dreams are not the worst part, you're fine. Fantasy isn't reality, and you're not committing or encouraging incest irl. I get wanting to break up, though, it can be hard to get over. Hope you figure out what you want and/or need to do.

No. 706094

Do you compliment him when he wears black and mention that you especially find him handsome when he wears it? My boyfriend was about to give away jacket he didn't wear often until I told him it was one of his most attractive pieces and now he happily wears it all of the time. I think once guys realize there are articles of clothing that make them more attractive to a woman they will remember that forever. Scrotes aren't often told they look good.

No. 706095

I'm not going to lie that's super hot. Just don't act on it.

No. 706098

>started dating a guy
>"oh noes, i'm going to cheat on my anime husbandos!"
Can't I just be normal for like one fucking second?

No. 706104

I think Onision is kind of attractive.

inb4 "hi Onion"

No. 706105

> I think once guys realize there are articles of clothing that make them more attractive to a woman they will remember that forever.
100% true

No. 706114

File: 1609445004208.jpg (222.47 KB, 500x500, big_is_cauliflower_bad_for_you…)

I think cauliflower looks creepy.

No. 706119

File: 1609445510236.jpg (40.9 KB, 540x523, 510d758aad2bdc2bd045f194054c1f…)

I do! Tbh it's been a long time cause, as I said, he barely has black clothes now. Usually when he does, we're at home and he's using one of my old band tees and I guess he just brushes it off in this scenario because he's not really dressed up.
Even when we are shopping together, I always tell him he would look great with all the black options. Now, I understand when he prefers to buy lighter shirts because it's very hot here, but for pants it doesn't make much sense (imo), it's more about the fabric and thickness of it. And he could also buy black tees and pullovers for the winter.
I think he fell into a cycle of always buying grey stuff. He also looks very good with red shirts, but I don't see him buying those anymore either.
Well we go shopping together again (not so soon, clearly) I'll try to convince him once more haha

No. 706122

File: 1609445809562.jpeg (278.86 KB, 1500x1125, image.jpeg)

Romanesco cauliflower tho

No. 706125

this looks weird as hell but i've heard it's apparently good

No. 706136

This looks super cool. I would like to have this as a succulent

No. 706157

My bf and I wear obnoxious matching shirts when we go on vacation

No. 706159

absolutely adorable

No. 706160

That’s living the dream anon, I’m glad.

No. 706188

my covid test came back negative I'm so happy

No. 706190

i used to be into a lot of weird fetishes before i started posting here, and in a way i'm grateful for the existence of cows because they ruined those kinks for me and forced me to develop a non-degenerate sense of sexuality

No. 706196

I keep wearing the same clothes for 2-3 days straight, including sleeping in them (I do change my underwear). Lockdown has me living like a scrote, kek.

No. 706204

I was the same, anon, but i dropped the shitty kinks and fetishes when I got to browse 4chan. Really, people can ruin anything, at least I got better shit to be into now.

No. 706251

File: 1609456777515.jpg (23.21 KB, 428x600, a746ead5e89800161b1cf881601aa6…)

Look at this place of horror, this hell and the Evil that pervades it. All of the suffering, torment, and torture raping our innocent souls. Life, by Law, cannot be good in this universe. Every aspect is corrupt and wicked. Life is a punishment that we are forced to suffer without redemption. Consider this alone: even in the christian bible, God allows Satan DOMINION OVER THE EARTH. We are, without question, burning in hell.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 706264

File: 1609458614946.jpg (41.01 KB, 500x491, ok.jpg)

No. 706270

Same, except I wear the same outer layers of my outfit for like a week straight. I am living the comfiest life.

No. 706272

I already did that with my work clothes since I don't have that many so I guess it was easy in lockdown mode to transfer that onto my regular clothes

Good thing I don't sweat too much these days, it was a lot harder to do this during the summer

No. 706276

preach it queen

No. 706502

when i personally hate someone it is because of how they treated me and i while i wish them the worst i also secretly wish they liked me instead.
also i want to act however i feel but at the same time i can not get over if this offends somebody. i am a hypocrite with little self awareness.

No. 706503

They banned her because she told them the truth

No. 706529

I noticed that for most people it's the opposite, they like or dislike you based on who you are, not how you treat them. It's pretty fucking strange for them to be like that.

No. 706532

I want to make an OF lmao. Not for the money but because I'm a pervert.

No. 706543

Have some self respect.

No. 706560

this is super mean, but I wish sometimes I could make my bf's voice a little bit deeper. like if there was a plant that made it lower I'd make teas for him with that secretly. he had shown in the past that he dislikes it too, but I've always been supportive of him and honestly. I don't know if it's possible do it without testosterone and/or coaching lessons.

No. 706617

I have this terrible habit of ghosting people as soon as they annoy me, I have lost a lot of friendships just doing that. I feel especially bad for this woman who tried to reconnect with me several times, but I never answered her messages mostly out of shame.

No. 706622

Sometimes I read about traits of narcissism and how narcs act in relationships and constantly find myself saying "oh shit, I do that." Then I see like 20+ people in the comment section of the article/picture/etc saying the same thing, someone jumping in to clarify "no, if you have the awareness that you do this, then that means you aren't a narcissist." Okay but…why? Why is awareness of the behavior the one thing that makes it not narcissism? I feel like people act like narcissism is so black and white. You're either a demonic entity with no soul or an angelic eMpAtH who can do no wrong. I think a lot of people who run and religiously follow social media accounts about narcissism have bpd tbh.

No. 706623

Labeling people with a disorder means that they’re objectively bad and not regular people who make mistakes or you have a disagreement with

No. 706626

Yeah that's true. I guess I'm being just as bad by labeling anyone with bpd. Tbh I kind of hate how anons on lc are so prone to doing that too

No. 706637

I think a lot of the people online complaining about narcissists/BPDs are just losers that have a poor judge of character and they are butthurt they got mistreated and want to feel less stupid for it. If they are a victim of an evil narcisst/BPD person's headgames it wasn't their fault

No. 706639

Most people do narc shit sometimes, part of what makes someone a narc is the frequency and severity of their behaviour. People recognise themselves in the examples without contextualising it. Having mild or even moderate similar behaviours does not make someone a narc, it just makes them a normal, flawed human being with possible issues that fall short of a NPD diagnosis.

Awareness is a part of it too but maybe the word isn’t very fitting? Narcs can be aware of their behaviours and even aware that they are seen as “wrong”, they just don’t care. Lack of empathy might be more appropriate phrasing.

Some of the people who obsess over this content may be BPD but most seem to be involved or have been involved with a narcissist or abusive person with similar behaviours. Living through that can fuck anyone up so they latch onto the explanations and community. Some do seem to be obsessive though which kinda feels like missing the point.

No. 706644

I’m scared of the dark and will not get up until it is bright outside (obv. not for a workday) but i never get up when I have to pee and night or I’m thirsty

No. 706645

I'm no SJW but that's some victim blaming shit. Just because people are stupid doesn't mean you have the moral clearance to game them.
You sound like a narc who wants to lessen the culpability you feel about your actions.

No. 706648

This seems unnecessarily harsh and narrow-minded. Having a "poor judge of character" usually comes from somewhere. If you focus on why you have a poor judge of character, rather than solely hating on your ex, then you might actually learn and grow from the experience, and you won't end up with a similar person down the line. I don't necessarily judge people for complaining/venting about their abusive ex-partners, but after a certain point, I agree that it's no longer helpful and is just holding the person back.

No. 706650

why she got banned… she's trying to warn us

No. 706657

Yep. They're actually pretty easy to manipulate once you figure out how simplistic and childish their thought process really is. I don't recommend doing so if you have the choice to just sever ties with them, but it's good information to know if you're living with a narc family member, for example.

No. 706662

>They're actually pretty easy to manipulate once you figure out how simplistic and childish their thought process really is
Could you explain this a little? I know the grey rock method is supposed to be effective but, I haven't tried it because I'm a stupid and emotional bitch. I just genuinely don't understand how people with personality disorders think or how they could do the things they do and still perform the mental gymnastics needed to feel like it's never their fault.

No. 706668

If you say so.. I felt way more free once I stopped labeling people like that and I've actually become anti-psychiatry altogether. I used to think of this relationship with my ex-friend as her being a narcissist and using me for supply but I was just mad that I sucked up to her and bought her BS for so long. It was a way for me to save face with myself for being such a pitiable peon. It's called self-respect and personal responsibility, look it up

No. 706669

>I just genuinely don't understand how people with personality disorders think or how they could do the things they do and still perform the mental gymnastics needed to feel like it's never their fault.
I'm guessing that this is your main issue, anon. You haven't actually accepted that their behavior will never change, and that they will never truly acknowledge their shitty behavior. Once you have, grey rocking becomes much easier, although it may never feel 100% comfortable. Really though, the best course of action is to just avoid people with pds (particularly narcs) as much as possible. Even negative attention is still attention to them, so don't waste your time trying to call them out on their bullshit. If you really have a pressing need to do so, you should probably just vent about it online, or with a therapist if you have one.

No. 706672

You realize not everyone is in the same situation as you and there are genuinely narcissistic people out there who are abusive to the people around them right? And you do realize not everyone who is around a narc can just leave right? Just because you sucked up to your friend doesn't mean that all victims are just self-pitying people need to take "personal responsibility". Stop making excuses for people with personality disorders.

No. 706676

No. 706677

This post sounds underage. If I'm wrong, yikes.

No. 706679

Oh that makes sense, you think every situation is some dumb teen tumblr drama scenario.
Like >>706672 said, there are times when the possibility to leave doesn't exist so you have to endure. Not my case thankfully, I have escaped and cut them off. But think about people who are less lucky.

No. 706690

This reminds me of when I knew someone with BPD and I was looking in to how to deal with their BPD and I read so many articles that fit them like a glove only to scroll to the comments and see all the BPDs REEEEEing how incorrect it was
>I have BPD and I’m not like this…
which I guess only strengthened the point kek, gave me a good giggle

Also narcs latch on to people who are vulnerable they can leech on because no one else would put up with their shit

No. 706703

Slow clap for anon who thinks she can make objective statements about narcissism because she stopped sucking up to a friend once who was taking advantage of her.
You're sheltered as fuck dude.

No. 706707

To be fair, it seems that BPD is misdiagnosed fairly often, but anyone that goes around defending themselves in the comments of online articles is probably not one of those people.

No. 706709

"Slow clap for"

No. 706711

No. 706717

File: 1609543172115.png (Spoiler Image, 136.14 KB, 245x574, Legoshi_(Anime)_S2.png)

I'm not a furry at all, but I'd let Legosi take me the fuck down

No. 706718

>I'm not a furry
They all say that in the beginning.

No. 706719

I'm not about to get banned for infighting I just thought your phrasing was really fucking funny, you sound like a redditor.

No. 706731

OP here but that anon wasn't me, I was just gonna ignore it but turns out a diff anon wanted to know what was funny about it.

No. 706743

I refuse to watch this anime despite the recommendations because I am not a furry kek. Is it good though?

No. 706756

File: 1609545838423.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.85 MB, 499x281, tumblr_pzowd6k3dW1qkh0j6o4_500…)

I haven't completely finished the first season but, I think it's pretty good! I love the art and animation (the intro is chefs kiss, pic related), and the world building is great. I feel like it's realistic for what a world of carnivorous and herbivorous animals would be like. Give it a watch anon! Don't let the animals push you away.

No. 706774

It's easy to fool someone, anon.

No. 706778

My best friend continually will not stand up for herself because her mother and step father groomed her into having sex with them. She has many childish behaviors related to not protecting herself or standing up for herself. I am about sick of hearing about her problems because she now needs to take that last step and start putting up boundaries and not giving a shit about being nice to shitheads.

I'm waiting for her to do this in her own good time but I will not wait forever.

No. 706782

>because her mother and step father groomed her into having sex with them
????????Huh???? Explain?

No. 706821

Every time I'm comfy in bed and ready to sleep I have the biggest urge to piss and it's annoying to get up and go to the toilet, so I've started pissing in a cup I keep in my room. I clean it the morning afterwards

No. 706826

…a-anon, i have a lot of questions but most importantly - what do you wipe with? do you throw the used tissue in the cup or do you just drop dry and make a wet patch in your underwear?

No. 706837

Whoops I should've added that I use wipes and throw them in my trash can after, I may piss in a cup but I'm civilized enough to wipe

No. 706846

The step husband was allowed to do anything he wanted and the mother never let her be her own person so my friend caved and trauma bonded to them. She was like a sex slave.

The cherry on the top of the incest sundae, they also had the family dog fuck her.

Her mother died horribly of cancer so that's great at least but without her tormentor living my friend felt like her own world had ended and she had no one to "love" her.

The rest of her family has no idea and I will take this info to my grave.

No. 706850

File: 1609554095042.jpg (15.75 KB, 430x430, FB_IMG_1609548920637.jpg)

Holy fuck

No. 706854

it is weird, and they can have such petty reasons for loathing people. i understand if the person is a murderer. when a coworker is yelling at another it may seem abusive, but there may actually be a legitimate reason behind them acting that way. and even if that mad coworker starts shouting at me, if it only happens once i may chalk it up to a bad day, and just have them make up for it later.
i see it so many times that a friend would gossip about another and they believe and pick their friend's side immediately, even going as far as being an asshole to the person they talked about.

No. 706861

I think I know what you anons are getting at. I had a roommate who would randomly start shit-talking people to me, and I didn't know what to say. Like, I didn't take an issue with that guy for being socially awkward, he was nice… So I said "idk he's nice though" but she still seemed to hate him. I'm awkward too so what would she say about me? Anyway I don't understand harshness like that.
>the irony of saying it on lolcow

No. 706885

kinda want to date a cute ftm, but don't want to deal with gender shit and an overgrown clit. sigh guess i'll have to search harder for an andro tomboy gf.

No. 706897

your roommate 100% shit talked you the same way to her friends.

my most people pleasing friend talks the maddest shit about others. but still thinks of herself as a saint.

>the irony of saying it on lolcow

ironic as it is, lolcow has made me like more cows than it made me dislike. i lurk the persona threads whom i follow to feel closer to them if not laugh.

No. 706900

>mother and step father groomed her into having sex with them
>I am about sick of hearing about her problems
>I'm waiting for her to do this in her own good time but I will not wait forever.

Jfc you are self-absorbed to the point of actual derangement that you would hear about a trauma this horrific and not only judge your friend for not "protecting herself or standing up for herself," but somehow manage to make it all about you and what a "burden" it is that you have to listen to it. Fuck off and die.

No. 706903

Confession based on your confession…

I actually love the overgrown clit. It's really hot to me and makes me wish mine was even slightly out there. I've seen a woman fuck a fleshlight with hers and I was envious. 10/10 would love to trib with a woman with an oversized clit and/or be f*cked by her.

No. 706907

File: 1609559614869.png (90.17 KB, 300x169, 300px-Happy_Birthday,_Nathan..…)

This you?

No. 706910

No but I don't get it. Did he mention something about this?

No. 706913

I made a totally "straight" guy get off to gay porn, it was fun

No. 706914

File: 1609560612815.png (Spoiler Image, 114.09 KB, 485x932, lore.png)

Yes, ma'am.

No. 706918

I ain't readin' all that but God he gives me the heebie jeebies. Even before his transition, just looking at pics of him made me feel sticky.

But no, I'm not Chris-chan. Just a closeted, virgin lesbian.

No. 706919

I’m keking at the thought of seeing your own face randomly pop up
>makes random statement in OT
>”Is this you?”
>”… no …”
>logs off pc

No. 706926

>My Vagina Of My Soul!!!

No. 706929

how'd you do that?

No. 706930

File: 1609563743850.jpg (10.5 KB, 256x256, n8ey9qa7i2031.jpg)

I'm so bored I went to check out /sty/ and read the entire fluffy ponies abuse thread (I strongly do not recommend). I wouldn't say I'm turned on or get any sexual pleasure out of it but they do seem to awaken ancient feelings within the deepest trenches of my subconscious.
I finally remembered what it is they make me nostalgic for.
>When I was about 6 or 7 years old I used to play the same story in my head to myself before I went to sleep at night.
>It was always the same; I'd go to a popular camping site in the countryside with my family where I'd kick one of the lambs maliciously, invoking the wrath of its older flock members
>(for some reason they were in the style of shaun the sheep even though it was the real world with real looking people).
>I'd continue to terrorise the sheep before eventually they'd rise up and drive me out.
>I'd miss abusing the sheep and be itching to return. So I disguised myself as that tiny woman with the bob haircut from the incredibles so they wouldn't recognise me.
>I weaseled my way into their society until I was a teenager, when I gave up the disguise because I looked different to how they remembered me.
>I faked "Little Ms. Polly"s (disguise name) death and claimed to be her daughter when making my debut into sheep society.
>Under my new identity I built up a relationship with the first sheep I ever abused (who was some kind of sheep prince) and we eventually got engaged.
>Now we were the hottest, most talked-about power couple in sheep society I revealed who I was to him and watched him die inside.
I can't remember anything that happened after that because I fell asleep around then.
I had the most normal parents, neighbourhood, childhood in general, why tf was I such a psycho

No. 706933

Sometimes I download wicked whims (perverted mod for Sims 4) and play a little, then I feel so embarrassed I delete it instantly. But after some time I will add and delete it again. Idk it's pretty harmless but I feel so stupid. It's like being a kid and undressing your Barbie and Ken. I guess I should accept this temporary NEED of mine and don't feel so ashamed but I can't… it feels so wrong.

No. 706935

This is what The Cat Returns would have been if God was just

No. 706940

Kek don't feel ashamed anon, it's an embarrassing, cringy thing but not shameful or a sin. We are all cringe sometimes. Were you raised religious? I was and it took a while for the feelings of shame to leave.
When I played with wicked whims for the lolz I did look over my shoulder a lot, and I think that part's normal. Not wanting to be caught. But you aren't "wrong" for it.

No. 706945

My sides anon, someone write the screenplay. The plot twists, the deception… top tier thriller material.

No. 706946

I completely forgot what I was even going to say because of how fantastic that story is.

No. 706950

Well he's one these totally straight guys that are into shemales and futanari. Being a masochist he let me "humilliate" him by sending gay porn as jerk off material. Honestly this just proves men who like dick that much are at least bi if not gay as fuck. But it was so funny I giggle everytime thinking about that

No. 706977

my friend invited me and her male cousin to her bf's house to play games and eat junk food and she also invited some guy she knows from facebook. when i first saw this dude he looked like a weeb who's into hentai and shit. so basically because they had to work the next day the bf and cousin slept on the bed while we kept playing drink games sipping on beer and wine. when there was none left we went to sleep and weren't really drunk since it wasn't enough booze. we were laying on a single matress when i heard kissing sounds, literal moaning and thinking wtf? man they didn't even wait for me to fall sleep and honestly i wanted no part in it so i pretended to be asleep and actually did sleep for a while before she fucking almost fell on top of me. at some point she made the guy touch her down there and started moaning really loud. it was fucking awkward, i was feeling like some type of voyeur while expecting her bf to wake up at any time and murder that guy,,, which didn't happen because everyone but me slept like a rock. only told her cousin after so he can share that burden. it was a fucked up thing to do, with me by her side, her bf and cousin a meter away in his OWN house but seriously the most embarrassing thing is the guy is fugly. he makes her bf look like prince charming. wtf.

tl;dr friend cheated on bf in his own room while he was sleeping

No. 706979

I'm waiting because I know she can pull it off. Being frustrated with someone going through something but not quite getting it is pretty normal I think. She has a roommate who treats her like shit and she stood up for herself once. That's pretty good, she never did that before.

No. 706982

File: 1609571155639.png (60.75 KB, 619x550, 1601873705490.png)

i just money requested my ex for $400 because i was doing stuff on paypal and was wondering what he would do

he paid me $400

so i invoiced him again for $300 and he paid me that too

free $700

No. 706984

No. 706998

i wish i was you rn

No. 707003

My ex saw a post I made about him here during my venting phase, and because of that, we broke up. I'm still absolutely fucking hurt, however I'm so lonely I cannot leave this stupid website.

No. 707005

I hate when people have kids.

No. 707046

Why was he here?

No. 707054

I think my yellow fever started not from consooming Asian media, but from meeting the Japanese immigrant owner of the local Japanese restaurant in my early teens. Dude's really fine, trust me.

No. 707056

How would your ex have possibly found a post about himself on a vent thread? Even if the info was specific, those threads are long as fuck.

No. 707061

Hehe, thank you for reassurance. My parents weren't that religious, but I got caught masturbating as a kid and was shamed for it by my mother. It also has struck me right now that I got caught playing naked Barbie and Ken lol and even though the reaction was calm it was made clear that it's something I shouldn't be doing. My mom isn't even prudish, but she acted like one back then, idk. Maybe she was merely clueless about child sexuality and didn't know how to handle those things.

No. 707086

you ever heard of a he/him lesbian, shitlord?

No. 707100

I don't see Marilyn Monroe as attractive and it confuses me that people still see her as such. I think she's interesting and obviously deserved far better from people around her but nowhere near as wildly pretty as people make her out to be

No. 707107

Obsessive fuck. She’s lost nothing.

No. 707109

For some reason I find it immensely satisfying when pickmes pretend to be ~gamer girls~ for male attention and conspicuously struggle to show anything beyond a surface interest/basic skill at them (see cows Erin Painter, Alythuh, but I also have people I know irl in mind). Like, here I am having an actual good time playing shit I like while they spend money and a considerable chunk of their day taking well-angled pics of their tv/laptop set to some title screen, all for a drop of clout. It's such a shallow thing to derive pleasure from but I find it hilarious

No. 707124

Embarrassing, but video games make me work harder IRL, probably because I'm so out of touch with reality.

No. 707125

I think the whole pandemic shit and the continuous lockdowns have managed to turn me into an asocial hermit, I barely talk to my friends and aside for work I don't want to go outside anymore (and I'm really starting to get fed up by my job).

No. 707242

I wrote a post, and didn't close the browser and it was open at the post I wrote and was very specific for him to know.

No. 707244

if I was a man (as there would be a lessened risk for physical harm) I would walk into an old acquaintance's house and say "hi I'm home" to their family and when they become alarmed I insist I'm the acquaintance and parrot facts about that person back to the family and stand my ground, insist I eat something because I've been starving on the road for five years, etc

No. 707254

Could you link the post or say what it was about? Breaking up over a text seems a little extreme unless it was very bad

No. 707286

File: 1609623346751.jpeg (89.32 KB, 520x594, 32014655-C97C-45A2-ACA7-29E6DE…)

I’ve been sort of a wannarexic lately. I used to be really good with restricting really low. Last year I lost 30 pounds in 5 months but since Covid I’ve gained 20 back. I don’t look bad or anything but I feel so heavy and gross. Everyday I’m like “I’m gonna do 1200 calories a day for a few months starting now so I can go back to my weight before! I’ll be so skinny and light~ uwu” and then I end up binging on cookies.

No. 707315

I wish I could be a Stacy but I’m a fat blob and a try hard

No. 707329

File: 1609625680562.jpeg (361.91 KB, 750x1013, A1F9B8D4-1A0B-4453-B8AF-E753E7…)

I'm sorry for posting here too much, being judgmental and infighting. dammit I want to be a good person. once again I am asking myself to be nicer and post less

No. 707332

Omg anon I’m the same. Today i bought oreos and binged them all i feel like shit. How to we get back on track??

No. 707339


No. 707342

File: 1609626579336.jpeg (433.98 KB, 1242x1859, 6AE36E9B-A10E-4B91-B608-3DC40C…)

No. 707349

It’s okay, anon, just try closing the tab and focus on yourself more.

No. 707351

okey! wait… actually no
that's a cute image
thanks good idea. Im not on all day but stay on a while when i do. I only want to not say negative things. I was thinking about a past infight (more like a debate, I'm not mean), I like debating topics but I hope those farmers didn't get mad. Its the internet but we are human. I kind of want to hug them lol something is wrong with me and everyone probably moves on. I also want to stop judging people so much but I mean they are cows in those threads. I like this site because sometimes judging is necessary to understand your own morals, but I only need to lurk for that
sorry to sperg it's not really at you but continuing my confession.

No. 707352

Ot but what’s this picture from?

No. 707356

I fantasise all the time about being tall and angular just so I can pretend to be a transwoman and make a youtube channel to pander to the alt-right. Like Blaire White except I'd actually look like a woman. I'd take my place as the coolgirl token troon that passes the best and watch the bux roll in while laughing all the way to my bank account at these retarded scrotes throwing money at me when I'm neither a trap nor alt-right.

No. 707363

It’s a ball jointed doll but I honestly don’t know which exact type it is.

No. 707401

damn anon, i also get nostalgic af from the fluffy ponies abuse threads. partly because i used to lurk them in my earliest 4chan days, but i also used to draw very very similar things as a young kid. idk why i did it but i remember when i found the pony abuse stuff, i thought "oh, so everybody's done this" and that it was some kind of universal thing. typing this out now makes me feel very fever dreamy.

No. 707404

i want a cuck husband because i get bored of having sex with the same guy for more than 3-4 months. the fact that my ex was a cuck doesn't help, i can't imagine myself getting into a "traditional" type of relationship or marriage at all now

No. 707425

Are you me? I'm eating cookies right now.

No. 707484

i just want you to know i love you and this post

No. 707487

Looks like a mini dollfie dream.

No. 707488

Same here, eating my 2nd bowl of cereal today even after 3 big meals, a cookie, chocolate, etc. Christmas holidays really set off my binging for the first time since I started losing weight last year, it was going so well until then. I'm just praying that going back to work tomorrow gets me back on track because I won't be home and eating out of boredom.

But I will continue binging tonight because 'it's my last chance to eat what I want and then I'll be perfect starting tomorrow!!'… as if lmao, rme @ myself because I say that every time and it's never true.

No. 707503

ugh same. i keep getting hunger pangs after i eat and it fucks me up so much. like i'll eat a huge bowl of nutritious food but my stomach will still feel empty and i'll wanna binge on anything.

No. 707504

I stroke my pubes obsessively

No. 707506

Lately someone I'm interested in has started to playfully make fun of my height (she's pretty tall), so I've started playing up my shortness by complaining about not reaching top shelves or other equally retarded crap like that. I'm basically pretending to be a helpless smol baby uwu just so that she can bully me. It turns me on.

No. 707511

Have you tried having a hot drink when the hunger pangs strike? It would still be calorific but less so than a binge, for example a coffee with full fat milk and a shot of sugar syrup can be less than 200kcal which is equivalent to a couple cookies. It’s still satisfying (which is why I’d recommend calories over black coffee), warms your stomach, slows you down as it’s too hot to swallow all at once, can feel somewhat ritualistic like a binge iykwim. I used to have a binge eating problem and it was something that I found really helpful. If coffee isn’t your thing then try teas or even hot chocolate, just make sure you’re not drinking a binge worth of calories.

No. 707515

I'm a pretty hardcore feminist, but deep down I'm disgusted by pregnant women and breastfeeding.

No. 707516

>a coffee with full fat milk and a shot of sugar syrup can be less than 200kcal
That seems like a lot of calories, how did you calculate it? Even 250ml of full fat milk is only ~160 calories, surely you're not using that much? I have a massive cup of instant coffee with artificial sweetner and almond milk for like 15 cal, with soy or skim milk it's maybe 50.

I agree in general, a hot coffee is super filling and can sate my hunger for 1-2 hrs. I just wouldn't use 200 calories for it when I can have a legit meal for that much.

No. 707518

thanks anon, I'll give that a try!

No. 707520

What disgusts you about them?

No. 707525

The deformed bodies is what I hate about pregnancy, and regarding breastfeeding it remind me of cows feeding their babies with enlarged udders, I guess I'm disturbed by how animalistic it looks.

No. 707526

The coffee place I go to provides their calories, my usual order is 171kcal (latte with a shot of syrup so yeah, a lot of milk). That’s the smallest option, it’s insane how calorific takeout coffee can be. Of course at home you can make it for much less, 200kcal is generous. I find it much more satiating than anything else in that calorie range.

No. 707527

this is cute anon, take advantage of being a shorty

No. 707529

my relative is in jail for beating up his girlfriend and i recently checked the news article to see commenters defending her. while i think he deserves to be punished for it and its a common thing with him this woman tried to sexually assault my mother in law and kept sending death threats to my family saying she would murder us over the course of months. I find it hard to feel sympathy for one in this situation tbh

No. 707547

same, it's really unsettling and makes me feel sick.

No. 707557

Jesus christ. When I think about the flavored creamers that I buy, and the fact that they're only 25-40 calories per tbsp, it's a little insane to think of a coffee at one of those places being even as high as 171.

No. 707602

Have you guys heard about Flavor Drops?? It’s zero calories and you can still have a caramel latte

No. 707603

I post regularly in the "Fetishes you're ashamed of" thread, but I also used to post regularly in the kinkshaming thread when it was active.

No. 707612

I'm sad the kinkshaming one hasn't had a new post in almost two months

No. 707694

i'm bisexual, but i often read the l chat. that place is hilarious, almost as good as lolcow, sometimes even better.

No. 707723

Mu bf came over for dinner but was planning on leaving later that night so I "accidentally" spilled my drink on his shirt so he'd have to stay over since he didn't bring a change of clothes

No. 707795

Every day I'm glad that I opted to have a hardcore sjw phase rather than ever go down the path of edgy humor and being offensive=funny. Any time someone online says "we all had a period in time where we said offensive things constantly." Uh, speak for yourself? The only time I did that was when I was like 7 and didn't know which words (outside of swear words) were offensive. It was never intentional.

No. 707804

Same for me. My sjw phase was still cringe as fuck but at least it aged well.

No. 707873

I love reading and watching shows about deathfats, My 600lb Life is probably my favorite show of all time and I frequently visit kiwifarms only to read about my favorite fatty cows. It really motivates me to keep an eye on my calorie intake, though I do get this sadistic joy out of eating something fatty or unhealthy snacks when I watch the latest episodes of 600lb Life.

It makes me sad that the deathfat thread on /snow/ didn't go anywhere. I would also love if someone that is better at writing decent summaries would make a 600lb Life topic now that the latest season has started.

No. 707875

I still remember and have caps on the koreaboos who used to call their biases faggots and I am not afraid to use them when needed

No. 707883

thank you so much for that anon. I die a little inside every time I think of when I used to talk about cultural appropriation, rape culture and other lame SJW topics. Now I can be thankful there’s no video of me cropping up doing blackface or using the N word to haunt me.

No. 707891

> It really motivates me to keep an eye on my calorie intake
This is interesting as I don’t know your weight but I often hear healthy-weight people say this. As someone in the healthy range, I find stuff about deathfats completely irrelevant to me as it’s so far from my reality. I’d be much more motivated to count calories by seeing the moderately overweight - slightly obese range of people.

No. 707908

Well, you aren’t wrong. I am at a healthy weight and I don’t think I will ever end up as a deathfat if I ever let myself go but it is sort of like a surreal cautionary tale I guess?

No. 707912

I bake Yorkshire pudding and eat it by itself without a meal. I'm not even British, but it's just a simple recipe that I like to have as a snack sometimes.

Same, I'm glad that I used Tumblr as a teenager and didn't go the "alt-right youtube rabbithole" route.

No. 707917

>we all had a period in time where we said offensive things constantly." Uh, speak for yourself? The only time I did that was when I was like 7

I think when people say that they are talking about older millennials. It was very different being 14 in 2006 internet than on 2014 internet.

No. 707927

I've been on a binge (lol) of deathfat content lately, also watched youtube videos on the history of some of the biggest lolcows associated. I just find it amazing how long people can be in denial. Whenever I see a huge person, I try to mentally draw a skeleton over them, and it's terrifying.

No. 707928

The same for me, I find pregnancy and motherhood so primitive and animalistic, which is why I was terrified of any of my friends getting pregnant young. But I also find it hot, so I'm obviously quite psychologically tangled on the issue, I don't know what went wrong.

No. 707959

I wish I could have been more like you when I was a teen, anon, growing up around racist people and shit was really fucking annoying, it made insecure weirdos like me say some stupid shit just to feel accepted.

No. 707967

as someone who’s british that made me chuckle. bless you anon.

No. 707983

File: 1609723094198.jpg (34.73 KB, 460x658, elegante.jpg)

I been eatin hotdogs

No. 707984

Pick up Roger Love's Set Your Voice Free, you can find it online. Might not make him into Mr. Bass Man but if he's self-conscious about his voice it might improve it.

No. 707991

I once bit into my lip balm to see if it tasted as good as it smelled. it didn't

No. 708003

When I was 11 my best friend's dad pulled me into the bathroom and tried to kiss me. I pulled away and he offered me money before kissing me again. I pulled away again and he let me leave. Saying something at the time would have been more trouble than it was worth.

No. 708020

I once stuck a tube of lip balm in my ear to make my earwax go away (??) and it got stuck and I had to lie sideways and let hot water dissolve it

No. 708060

I don’t understand how you thought that would work

No. 708075

I used to eat lipgloss and chapstick for fun when I was a kid and actually thought it tasted good. I also still occasionally lick lipgloss for fun. Hello fellow lip product eating anons

No. 708078

Same here, deathfats are like an impossible nightmare. I might watch for the trainwreck factor but I'm not worried about becoming one. But something like Secret Eaters is super fucking relatable and a very realistic kinda scary. The people on it aren't addicted to food and aren't morbidly obese, they're just regular people eating regular food that happens to be high calorie, and you could easily be doing the same thing if you don't pay attention.

No. 708082

File: 1609742995850.jpeg (80.45 KB, 794x586, 341DD062-8CC2-49DC-BB55-FA70C5…)


I nibbled on these bad boys.

No. 708083

You don't have to worry about what's in any vaccine.

No. 708090


Hopefully more chapstick.

No. 708093

Sugar plum was my signature smacker

No. 708119

File: 1609755093388.png (1.64 MB, 889x1500, i1DP3od.png)

or these!

No. 708131

File: 1609757501818.jpeg (77.55 KB, 425x716, B5E2D69C-0A16-4B6F-90C7-08CA9F…)

I see what you mean and agree it’s more realistic, but at the same time I still wonder what goes on inside these people’s heads. The delusion is strong when you think you’re undereating but are actually significantly overeating. Like it’s more relatable as a lot of people don’t understand calories but also if you’re overweight and/or gaining weight, in all likelihood it’s because you’re eating too much. I find it weird that this doesn’t seem to occur to the people featured? (Have only watched a few episodes years ago though)

No. 708133

File: 1609758264488.jpeg (85.61 KB, 828x819, FE5F0C12-B2EF-447D-AC46-FB0D18…)

this was my favourite snack

No. 708175

File: 1609767329691.jpg (567.77 KB, 1370x2048, 20210102_093239.jpg)

At the start of November I hooked up with a guy and we've been hanging out since then. It's comforting, we cook for each other and sex is great.

Neither of us wants to commit seriously and that's great… because I don't trust men. A part of me will always hate them and I 'm fearful of being in a relationship only to discover the guy is a disgusting pornsick coomer…I wonder if I will ever get over my romantic manphobia???

No. 708189

I figured ear wax was made of the same stuff that dry skin on your lips was. My thesis was incorrect

No. 708202


No. 708215

Is he dead now, anon? I hope he is. God, I'm sorry that happened to you.

No. 708227

Wtf how? do you have any mental impairments? Is your earwax just so dry it feels like dry lip skin?

No. 708243

I wish my mom didn't love me so I could kill myself

No. 708253

>do you have any mental impairments?
Harsh, anon. But I probably should have included that I was like 7

No. 708329

I don't like watching porn, seeing other people having sex instantly turns me off, but smut and romance novels are my weak spot.
So, I started playing around in AI Dungeon and somehow made a romance with one of the NPC in my game and had them have sex, and this fucking AI is so god damn good at writing smut it makes me insane.
If any other anons like ERP, or even just normal text RP, go check it out.

No. 708378

Im glad your mum loves you, anon. Keep holding on. <3

No. 708451

File: 1609807195481.png (350.05 KB, 1024x354, huhhh.png)

I feel jealous of the natural hair movement purely because I've had severe hair dysmorphia since I was a toddler. I've never since looked back since doing treatments on my hair continuously, but I wonder if there was something that could have been done when I was a child. Nobody ever picked on me because of my hair, it was just a built-in hatred of how my hair looked, felt and how high maintenance it was. It was instinctual, a seething primal hatred of my own hair before I even knew what true hatred meant.
I wonder how common something like that is, to be born with body dysmorphia right out of the gate. It started VERY young. Genetic lottery?
t.former 3a~3b been doing permanent straightening for a decade

No. 708455

Hair….dysmorphia…why would you even be jealous of the natural hair movement the whole point is accepting your hair the way it is. Secondly it would be easier to maintain once short. Such a weird larp

No. 708458

I think anon is saying she's jealous because she spent her entire life hating her natural hair (and probably frying it and damaging it to hell and back), and now she's jealous of all the women who are able to accept their natural hair as is.
>Secondly it would be easier to maintain once short.
Natural hair doesn't have to be short? There's plenty of women with long natural hair.

No. 708500

i worked at recovering from bulimia for the past four months and was doing better than I had been in like ten years (since it started, when I was like 14) but it just made me realize I don't actually want to recover bc I just really fucking like to binge and purge and I can't imagine not letting myself do it, it's honestly the only thing I truly look forward to despite having a "full life"

No. 708504

Are we the same person

No. 708523

why is it so satisfying to know there is another bitch out there as dumb as I am? thank u anon

No. 708549

one of my biggest motivations for losing weight is to make trans people jealous

No. 708560

Hey, you're fucking right. Even though even the ugliest, fattest woman is better than a tranny.

No. 708562

They're living rent free in your head. Get a grip.

No. 708585

Trans are jealous of fat women cause they're still real women. Don't feel like you have to do a damn thing for them lmao.

No. 708601

File: 1609836462711.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.76 KB, 720x314, IMG_20210105_094319_836.JPG)

Thanks it was pretty good until the sludge

No. 708616

I don't really get it, but whatever motivates you to get healthier, I guess

No. 708625

I want to find a robot and fix him. I sort of feel obliged, actually. Some of the woman hate there genuinely terrifies me and it feels like if someone doesn't step in it will spread like dry rot and worse things will happen. I know it's a terrible idea but I'm very compelled

No. 708630

> I sort of feel obliged
Don’t. It’s not women’s job to fix men.

Also I dated one before, not even a severe case, and he was predictably shit.

No. 708631

You'll just end up with nothing but an abuse story and wasted time, best reward you'll get is a thread bitching about you on /r9k/.
I swear these robots understand that women lurk their boards, and they write 50% of their bullshit sadposts in a bid to prey on a mix of motherly instincts and general anxiety about potential mates. Stop falling for it. These are child groomers and guys who jack off to torture porn, not innocent, lost souls who just need affection and care.

No. 708642

My bf and I met when I was 17 and he was 25. He thought I was 18 at the time because I lied, but I eventually told him after a week of talking platonically/semi-romantically. He decided to keep talking to me, to my relief. We never were sexual with one another, just romantic, and we didn’t talk sexually at all until after I turned 18. I’m almost 20 now, I love him, and I hate that I can’t really tell anyone the truth of when/how our relationship started because I know there would be accusations of “grooming” or him being a “predator” even though I know he’s a good person.

I know it’s tempting because I have a thing for emotionally babying men and wanting to comfort/take care of them. It’s not a fetish, just this compulsion I have. But the men on /r9k/ are extremely emotionally stunted and not worth it.

No. 708643

It’s not worth it, anon, I tried and at best they will leave NEETdom and 4chan, which is kind of funny because they treat leaving 4chan as some sort of
>I’ve been sober for 5 months
Kind of thing, but that doesn’t mean they’re any better, they keep their incel mentality and don’t truly mature.

No. 708646

Once upon a time I considered that getting a robot bf might be good, because I'm such a social loser myself. Believe me, no matter how bad a case you consider yourself, you're not truly as degenerate as them. Also if you don't happen to be up to their "standards", you'll be their "practice girlfriend" to help them socialize. Nothing more embarassing than being a placeholder/sidepiece for a robot.

No. 708647

I've read a few accounts on here from women who tried that, it went thusly
>utter asshole
>treated them like shit
>leaked their nudes

Guys like them (and MRAs) are honestly mentally destroyed and unsalvagable imo. There might be a few young guys there who are there for keks and not actually deranged, but anyone who's been thinking the way they do for a few years isn't gonna change. Inceldom and MRA stuff is like Fight Club to them, it's a personality where they lacked one, even if the personality itself is repungent. I've even seen 50+ scrotes on Twitter still thirsting after 18 year olds and calling all women whores. Once a scrote, always a scrote.

No. 708650

I had a super similar relationship, slightly larger gap. We lasted a long time and were pretty happy. My only "warning" I guess is that I hope you don't feel like you miss out on your early 20's by being with someone significantly older who has already experienced those years. I wish you luck Nonnie!

No. 708660

Thank you for not judging me anon <3.

No. 708698

File: 1609858174603.jpg (155.61 KB, 650x650, 1584832944623.jpg)

What would you call the condition where you've been almost completely engrossed in hating something that you feel this sense of digust follow you around because of the hate you feel towards this thing?
In the past months ive been really obsessed with the mtf/ftm threads and some trans threads on lolcow, and my hunger for feeling the cringe was so insatiable that I started actually going to troon discord servers to larp as a non-binary person, stalking my newly mtf friend, and started chronically going on Ovarit and trans subreddits. I feel disgusted all the time. What's even weirder is that this isn't even a problem in my country, where I live homosexuality is pretty rampant, so I never interact with troons irl. What I'm obsessing about all the time will probably never affect me directly. But i can't stop. It's toxic. I feel like I swallow mud every time I fulfill my cringe-itch. I certainly don't feel proud about this, and I feel like a creep.
Moreover, how do I stop?

No. 708710

I mean, I dislike trannyism, but I'm satisfy my hateboner just by looking at all the irrational and demented shit activists post. I'd never go after and try to lure in mentally ill individuals, that often aren't even rampant activists, just post tumblr-tier cringe on their own servers. Maybe try to look at the cringe of the mentality and the movement, but don't poke and prode just random people.

No. 708733

The closest thing I can think of is rumination. I don’t mean to be rude but do you have a career? Are you happy with it? Do you have issues with relationships or something? Do you have hobbies you enjoy? Obsessions this severe tend to occur when someone is deeply unhappy or unfulfilled in their own life, but unable to confront that so they hyperfixate on something else.

By all means hate troons, but don’t let it take over your life (they would love to hear that). Figure out what’s actually wrong and try to fix it.

No. 708740

Yeah, i realising goign after individuals is really a step too far. I put blockers on some threads and sites to I could wean myself off from this thing, lol.

That's probably what it is. Thanks for the tip, anon. I guess I am at a crossroads in life, I have no idea what to do after this senior year of college and I desperately want to move. I also seriously need to get a hobby.

No. 708769

File: 1609865117706.png (Spoiler Image, 17.47 KB, 452x187, unknown.png)

The ai can write the most hilarious nonsense and I've actually cried with laughter from some of the responses. This is my favorite mental image.

No. 708772

File: 1609865419914.jpeg (19 KB, 226x223, 7D75588F-AB61-43CE-9B3A-4E8020…)

i have a horrendous habit of saying "yee" loudly when i'm excited, started saying it a few years ago ironically and soon a realization dawned on me that i couldn't stop. it's awful, whenever my friends or parents get me gifts i react with a "yee" and immediately want to kms.

they should get me an electric shocker next so it can be pavlov'd it out of me

No. 708782

I think that's really cute, anon, there's nothing to be ashamed of.

No. 708842

I love petite women so so damn much sometimes I’m scared of being a closeted pedo. I know I’m not because I’m repulsed by any girl before her 20’s and I love milfs so much. I would like just to live past a day I don’t get horny just at the thought of small breasts. I just want to live peacefully, I don’t want to be an horny she-coomer.

No. 708857

I don't want to do anything. I don't have any concrete goals and I went to university just to learn about esoteric stuff that interests me, so I graduated unprepared for any career. I went to a prestigious school and never struggled with academics, so my family thinks I'm some aloof brilliant girlboss. But I just sit around all day reading and drawing and make money however I can, when I feel like it. I don't have any desire to get money/fame from my hobbies–posting drawings to social media makes me want to kill myself. I don't think I'm depressed or anything, I'm just kind of repulsed by the idea that we need to justify existence with some kind of productive output. Yes, I know I'm speaking from a position of privilege–I don't think I'm entitled to be a drain on society, I just wish there was a way to opt out of capitalism I guess

I wasn't able to articulate this feeling until I asked my bf what his dream job is years ago and he replied "I don't dream of working." He makes nearly 100k a year after growing up in poverty so that was pretty insane to hear from him

No. 708874

Wow you are so special! Is your boyfriend supporting you?

No. 708875

File: 1609875903360.png (753.08 KB, 680x680, hackerman.png)

Forgive me farmers, for I have sinned, I'm submitting tonight a school work pdf file that I've intentionnaly corrupted to buy me some time, I will be able to submit the real thing tomorrow though.

No. 708878

Hello, Rami! Do you think professors have caught on to this trick since it's been shared around? Not trying to scare you at all, just something I've wondered. I used to do the increased period size when I was in hs turning in hard copies of papers, kek.

No. 708880

I made my bf buy me and one of my besties matching Red Scare lighters

No. 708883

Oh fuck I hope that she doesn't know about it! I'm usually really serious in this class and the teacher likes me so I hope it will be fine. I will update if I got caught kek.

No. 708886

He is not, and neither are my parents or anyone else. I definitely mentioned I know I sound privileged and I'm not exactly on a lolcow vent thread to garner admiration/jealousy/whatever you think I want out of this kek

No. 708891

That is so retarded that I’m surprised you have a boyfriend

No. 708894

File: 1609877613079.jpeg (110.99 KB, 1280x720, 181F1739-E789-4525-921D-EE1ABF…)

When I make my husband a quesadilla I always eat two pieces. I cut it into 1” triangles so he never notices. Consider it tax for my services

No. 708899

i always felt like we shoulda had a banner that's just a clip from Doja Cat's Moo.

No. 708900

Opt out of capitalism… so what… the government forces people to support your “esoteric” ass? Get real. Your age will catch up with you someday and your sedentary existence won’t be so comfy. Invest in yourself now so your peel doesn’t rot you absolute banana brain

No. 708903

It sounds like you do want to do stuff: you want to read, draw, and pursue esoteric knowledge. If you are doing fine financially and this is how you want to live the rest of your life that sounds perfectly fine to me.

No. 708912

But we do

No. 708917

God thank you this is exactly the bullying I wanted to receive. I'm gonna do it for u anon
>so what… the government forces people to support your “esoteric” ass?
absolutely not, I'd rather die than that, it's not something that could exist in reality so I was just saying it in a fantasy way.

No. 708919

It comes from a place of love because at one point in my life I probably puked something similar in this thread or in front of my therapist

No. 708926

I hate certain cows on a personal level and I wish harm on them.

No. 708931

Wish I could stalk my ex friends but none of them seem to have social media

No. 708935

you can't just say that and not tell us which ones

No. 708990

I don't feel bad for people who wear attention grabbing clothes and complain when others give them attention (by looking, not assault or anything harmful). They remind me of poorly written characters that are meant to be the most innocent pure being of pureness but the author gives them skimpy designs that can't be interpreted as anything else but sexual. It just doesn't add up. This goes for non-sexual clothing too like alt fashion. I think it's normal for people to react towards outfits that stand out, it's no different than wearing a clown suit in public. The people I've known who were genuinely shy didn't just throw on any random thing unless they had no choice, they actually put in more thought than necessary to how others might potentially view them.

No. 709004

I always find it odd that in documentaries about people who present themselves in an unusual way, there’s the compulsory scenes of ordinary people being bewildered. The public laughing/smirking/looking disgusted by a man dressed like a dragon or something… it’s like yeah, we know they’re considered weird. That’s why they’re on the fucking TV.

No. 709029

agreed. as someone who dresses in an outlandish way i live for the weird stares whether they're good or bad, you kind of sign up for it if you decide not to dress like the most basic of normies and so you have to learn to like it or at least tolerate it

No. 709034

I firmly believe that our lives belong to us to do what we want with them. Not everyone is interested in a career and "productive" is a subjective concept anyway. Sounds like you have an interesting and satisfying life. Enjoy it and don't worry about what other people think, especially if you are supporting yourself.

No. 709057

I guess this is not super impossible but it never happened in all of those 27 years wandering God's green earth, and it's something I've fantasised since I was 14… I guess it's mainly a Uber luck thing

But I've always wanted to casually find one of my favorite celebrities (crush or not) on the streets, like walking, or eating, or being kinda lost and asking me for help (like a lot of foreigners actually asked me before)

Just have a casual friendly and non-intrusive conversation while I'm helping then or whatever, a quick selfie with them before parting our ways.

To be honest I always think about like this once I think I took a plane with bruno mars because the dude was really similar to him (and one of his luggage was actually a guitar), but not being a big bruno mars fan I never knew for sure and I never went to talk to him as ask. Maybe it was just an impersonator or a super fan.

No. 709059

i know i'm bitter as fuck but i hate reading anons humblebrag or outright brag about their asses. ok becky congrats you have extra flesh there like most of the female population, now let us hank hill asses rest in peace

No. 709061

I'm the same. The idea of "opting out of capitalism" is pretty stupid to me but that's probably because I live in a socialist society where I feel a duty to pay my taxes and pay into my pension, but that's all work is to me
I'm thirty and all my friends have grand plans for their careers but I just don't, I'm lazy and between the choice of working or free time to do nothing at home I always pick free time. I'm sure I'll regret this when I'm older.

No. 709068

Same, anon, same. Too bad I don't live anywhere near where celebrities actually go.

No. 709095

I actually hate this site but I love the art threads because it’s the only place where you can be critical about online art and it’s culture without people yelling “#LetPeopleEnjoyThings”

I wish there were more art threads on here

No. 709122

>I'm sure I'll regret this when I'm older.
No you won't, they will. Nobody says on their deathbed "I wish I worked more and enjoyed myself less".

No. 709124

Unless you live in Venezuela i highly doubt you live in socialist society.

No. 709129

The happiest I've ever been was when I accidentally got high on ambien.

No. 709131

When I was 10 I ate an earthworm on a dare from my school friends. I've fortunately made it to almost 20 with no complications, but I've been forever terrified after hearing stories of people getting infected and subsequently dying from internal parasites because they ate bugs like worms and slugs when they were kids.

No. 709132

Real talk, I regret being a well behaved child. I never threw fits, told my parents I hated them, I didn't cry when I would ask for something and my parents would say no. Didn't complain about the fact that we had no money, no vacations, no friends, or the fact that I wasn't allowed to go join clubs or see elementary friends after school. They would say no to everything and I would just walk away. Shit got me nowhere, I grew up glued to the internet, got myself into weird ass shit on there, divulged myself into video games and daydreaming, and grew up to be socially awkward, a loner, and someone who has no idea who they are and what they want out of life. Maybe if I made life hell for my parents they would have just given in to a few things that were , in my opinion, things all kids deserve to have that are good for their development.

Having said all that, I love them deeply and I feel guilty calling them bad parents because they're not in any way, but shit, the blame is theirs at least partially for the way I am.

No. 709138

As a past brat I wish I could look back on my childhood and feel like I was a good human for the first 11 years of my life. I threw tantrums and cried and it makes me cringe now even though I know I was a child. The thing is I grew up to be the same socially awkward loner you describe yourself to be, except I just have memories of being embarrassing in walmart. It didn't result in me getting much stuff beyond maybe a pack of candy once a month.

All I'm saying is it's likely had you thrown fits your childhood would have been the same, except now you'd just have cringey memories and some resentment on your parents behalf.

No. 709158

I wish I was shittier because my mom sucked and my good behavior was for nothing. Very childish and petty on my part but I kind of like remembering the few times I got her frazzled.

No. 709163

i'm attempting to repress my sexuality for the most ironic of reasons, one of my friends told me recently that she hates lesbians/bis and i'm playing along with it because i had a crush on her beforehand and want to make her happy. kill me

No. 709176

File: 1609919455229.jpg (48.16 KB, 500x498, xLyo63T.jpg)

I have a specific fetish, I even make art for it, no one in the fetish community knows that I'm a girl, I'm pretty sure they think I'm a gay man or something. But I dislike the men that share my fetish.

I have read and see many of the things they make, and I feel so disgusting after it. I don't want to be a hypocrite, I really don't, but the way I write about men in my fetish stuff is nowhere near as disturbing as the way many guys write about women on theirs. I have legit shiver while reading some of that stuff, I felt gross, but I can't say anything, so all I can do is quietly stay away from them.

I always wonder the kind of people they are in their personal lifes, given their vision of women. Some of that stuff revolves around not caring about your girlfriend/wife's ambitions or dreams as long as they have sex with you, but it gets taken to an extreme so creepy that I have almost puke a few times by how disturbing it can get.

No. 709181

File: 1609920787689.jpeg (120.7 KB, 720x720, D4B27675-957D-4898-856C-DC8D4C…)

Sometimes I end up fantasizing about my high school’s religion teacher. I think I will never get over now cute he was when I was studying there, maybe that’s why I tend to be more into pale, guys with glasses. I’m mad because if I would have been older so I could have met him before he got into the whole clerical stuff, I might have had a chance no way but i like to think I would he must’ve been a really cute type of boyfriend, like really shy and sweet.and a bit of a freak in bed
It’s also shameful because It’s such a coomer thing to think about.

No. 709184

Anon. Please tell us what fetish it is

No. 709188

Brainwashing and Transformation.

No. 709190

File: 1609921833891.jpg (28.46 KB, 696x693, 1493092441266.jpg)

Sometimes I have a comforting fantasy of butchering another human. I don't know what the hell, it's the edgiest shit imaginable yet I think we probably taste good.

No. 709221

Why does she hate us, anon?

No. 709249

I'm still bullied as an adult. This is embarrassing to admit, but strangers without discretion make fun of my appearance without trigger. No i don't dress different or exclusively stand out, i have always been an easy target to humiliate due to my frail look. My mom is my number one bully and she never picks a bone with her other daughters. It sucks being me because people are too comfortable beating me down for no reason. Whys it so hard for others to mind their business? I never bother anyone, it's so easy. Been dealing with bullies my whole life and honestly, does anyone here still get bullied?

No. 709250

I used to, until I became a massive bitch and started biting back.
There's a certain subset of people that will bully anyone they see as weak and a pushover, and it's not going to go away after high school.
It irks me that schools teach children to sit and take it ("They're just looking for a reaction, just ignore it!" "He bullies you because he likes you!" etc) or face detention/being called a tattle tale/being ostracized or beaten up etc because that just encourages the bully and you never learn how to deal with it in adulthood. It's basically free real estate for them - they get to pick on you and you'll just sit there and take it or ignore it so there's no consequences.

Now I get called an aggro bitch when someone pushes my buttons and I explode, but at least I sleep soundly at night knowing they're too scared of me blowing up in their face to do it again.

No. 709272

My confession is that I've struggled quite a bit with Dragon Quest XI. can't wait to marry Erik tho, sexy lil hedgehog

No. 709274

confession: my friend recently got a "gf" but i still don't believe she's lesbian or even bi.

i mean why is it always some kind of immature long distance e-dating with her?

No. 709277

>Now I get called an aggro bitch when someone pushes my buttons and I explode, but at least I sleep soundly at night knowing they're too scared of me blowing up in their face to do it again.

Queen. I might try this and do it more. I've done this before and lost a friendship but looking back, I also feel much better that I'm not being walked all over anymore.

No. 709284

I'm not proud which is why it's a confession kek

No. 709291

I've gotten to the point where I'm no longer the doormat I used to be and it's much more exhilarating. Call me a crazy bitch but at least I'm no longer subservient to peoples abuse the same as I used to be

No. 709297

I am so ashamed of my own stupidity, I am so disappointed in myself, how can I be this DUMB.
I have an allergy and I've been abusing a nasal spray for years now. You're not supposed to be using it more than 5 days in a row, but I never paused use because I couldn't breathe without it. So I just accepted that I'll keep ruining my mucosa if I want to breathe.
Anyway, today a pharmacist I bought the spray from tells me how to stop abusing it - just switch nostrils. Use it 5 days on one nostril, 5 on the other. Can both breathe and not destroy mucosa. How did I not think of this before. I spent years ruining my health because I didn't take into account that I have two separate nostrils. Put me out of my misery, I'm too stupid to live.

No. 709299

File: 1609946153989.png (1.08 MB, 975x975, 7D5E001B-2596-4DE0-B657-C7A91B…)

I'm really annoyed by Billie Eilish's face and think her expressions are fake (wholly intended to look sultry/attractive) and it drives me nuts for some reason - Am I just a jealous femcel?

No. 709307

File: 1609946762112.jpg (104.35 KB, 658x541, 44d019463bac7e1ae085dbdb631c3a…)

Mention of Phobs' old days in Art Salt thread triggered a memory and I need to get it off my chest now:

In my edgy teen years I was super into nazi aesthetic with some interest in history too because at the time for me it was such level of incomprehensible evil it was fascinating, kinda like some people are into gore etc. In primary school I had a history teacher who was really into this shit too, in hindsight I really hope she got fired because she was too excited to introduce all the details about her favorite nazis to tiny 5th graders. Later I became a weeb, got into Hellsing and so, followed people like Phobs, listened to music in German; I remember even posting some pic of me in nazi hat which I was dragged for by strangers in the comments. I was never racist or even remotely interested in any white supremacist ideas, and I've ultimately moved on from all that aesthetic fascination, but if someone didn't know me it sure could seem different to them.

Looking back at it, it was a major cringe I could just leave behind and honestly I'm so grateful to have experienced in in the so called "early internet" when cancel culture didn't exist yet and much more things were allowed. I was an idiot but not a dangerous one - nowadays I'm sure this all would get me publicly cancelled and dragged by twitter and IDK if my 13yo self with low self esteem would take it well. It would definitely never be gone off the internet either. Teenagers nowadays have it hard.

No. 709309

Her whole persona and being is 100% manufactured and fake and all who believe otherwise are naive zoomers.

No. 709313

Why do so many guys defend her now though? They always seem to fall for that bullshit, I suppose it's having a penis

No. 709318

lolwut. it's ok to not like a celebrity.

No. 709323

She's cute but I don't care for her music or persona.

No. 709324

hell yeah girl, i do the same thing when i cook for my family!

how old are you anon? (i'm 25) i felt the same way for a long time, then i went to therapy & i'm finally motivated to start an actual career. it was the realization kind of that i need to stop living in the past. it's easy to blame my parents for not pushing me/supporting me. i used to be so envious of my friends whose parents would actually take interest in their lives/drive them for college tours/acknowledge their struggling/etc. but now i'm an adult and i've come to terms with the fact that i like living a life when i'm away from my childhood & that i should do what i can to continue this lifestyle. it's kind of freeing tbh.

anyway I believe in you!!! every day you're further away from the way your parents raised you and you're coming into your own. it's hard work but it's even more rewarding to know that you did it by yourself, without them.

No. 709327

part of me is going to miss adobe flash when it's gone. i hope people will preserve flash content so some of its still playable

No. 709328

File: 1609948560434.jpeg (43.04 KB, 500x358, 1525498417574.jpeg)

no, anon, please don't do this to yourself. you're a beautiful lady and you don't deserve people treating you like that, even if you did have a crush on them. it's not fair to you. there will be loving, kind and warm women in your future who will actually love you for who you are. i don't want you to spend your time pandering to someone who hurts your feelings!!

warm kitty cat pic to send my love for u

No. 709336

File: 1609951548524.jpg (25.24 KB, 264x373, bawww.jpg)

I can't get over this, it's the biggest blow to my self-esteem in like forever. I dont wanna be a moron but I am bawww

No. 709339

File: 1609951952260.jpg (73.88 KB, 1125x827, 20200901_182727.jpg)

It's never worth it, anon. You can and will find someone who accepts your gay ass for you, I know it hurts to let go but it hurts even more to pretend.

No. 709340

I love "gassing up" people who are making poor decisions. I don't give advice or anything, but if someone genuinely seems happy in their bad decision (like transitioning as an MtF, or getting a big ugly tattoo based off a daytime TV show) I totally support it. Not in a way where I'm supporting their happiness but rather living vicariously or something, because I'd seriously never personally do this shit. I'm like a stereotypical "yassss queen" to some people who are downright terrible artists, or to hairstyle decisions that look like crap or to a big, sad alternative 40 year old man going on estrogen.
I love doing it, it feels like I have input on the reality TV show that is their lives. I only give my honest input/advice to the people closest to me.

No. 709347

Having done a few of these retarded things, massive tatts, shaved my head just cos, even played around with hormones for a while years ago… I weirdly don't feel regret over things even when I switch back to growing my hair out or saying "well thats enough big fuck-off tatts for one lifetime" In a way I think it'd be worse to never try shit. Even though some are long term or leave you with permanent reminders.. I guess my bigger regret would be if I didn't try risky things out. Short of cutting off body parts I can live with the consequences of most decisions.

I guess what I'm saying is.. autists have no regrets

No. 709352

i'm going to keep doing it periodically just to fuck with him. this is what i deserve for ever planting my lips on that snail

No. 709355

I don't care about politics. I just don't. All that matters for me is what is personal.

No. 709365

Ohh I know! I don't think these people regret it either, and I'm not really into it for the "suffering the consequences" aspect of it thankfully. It just feels like a modern choose-your-own-adventure novel.
Don't get me wrong though, my life is very "boring" by those kinds of standards, but my regrets would be more about whether or not I piss off my parents versus making them proud. Not implying that anyone else's parents aren't proud of them for these decisions, just that mine wouldn't be. I shaved my head once as a teen, and the look on my grandma's face set me straight. Hair down to my ass now.

No. 709390

Leave her you big gay.

No. 709391

i don't think anyone would be proud of their kid trooning out tbh

No. 709419

Lots of parents feel that way about their gay kids too.

No. 709439

I ALWAYS flush my tampons. I honestly give a fuck.

No. 709447

you forget munchausens by proxy aspect of parents (moms) transitioning their kids. this shit is sick if you look into it

No. 709454

>I honestly give a fuck

then why do you do it, nonnie?

No. 709478

I’m going to be a merchandiser/vendor at a store I got caught shoplifting at as a teen and I’m scared I’m going to awkwardly get fired or not be let into the backrooms. It was like 4yrs ago and I haven’t done it since but I’m still really nervous.

Being gay is different from being a troon.

No. 709497

File: 1609978410117.jpg (97.59 KB, 920x520, Koretsky_SolidPeace.jpg)

I relate to your post in a certain way because I used to be really into soviet russia as a teen. I also have a cringy story involving a soviet hat kek, and also a creepy teacher who would glorify this period of history. Sovietic history/ideology is different from nazi germany, and it was quite tolerated by people around me but I still feel bad for being so tone deaf. Not saying that it's an excuse but the Internet and memes played a big part in my fascination. I remember seeing it more as something quirky rather than a real thing that happened and killed millions of people. I’m glad that all of this is behind me, and I did learn a lot in terms of history and politic so it wasn’t totally worthless I guess

No. 709509

what do you do when you can't flush anymore after the toilet breaks?

No. 709517

I eat my (clean!!) toenail clippings

No. 709519

I'm really into the Soviet aesthetic. That brand of utopianism is gone now, and you don't really see social realist art anymore outside of jehovahs witness pamphlets.

The early Soviet Union had the reputation of ISIS, and Stalin era was a horrific dystopia. But honestly the Bhrenznev era onwards was passable in terms of living, certainly not grand but it wasn't monstrous. I personally don't think there's anything wrong with admiring post Khruschev Soviet society. It's not like Nazi Germany or North Korea where the entire regime is monstrous from start to finish.

No. 709530

so anon do you wash them in saline solution or do you have another prefered way of cleaning them please tell me i'm interested

No. 709548

that’s absolutely sick, anon. do you eat your finger nail clippings as well? your hair? where does your depravity end?

No. 709683

tangentially related, my dog eats other dogs toenails, it's hilarious

No. 709700

they're clean from the shower duh
I bite my nails, i think it's an oral fixation (??? not sure if that's the right term) thing like as a kid I used to chew my clothes and my hair and other random stuff all the time. I still chew on hairties sometimes but I try not to

No. 709725

I have an oral fixation too, it's why I picked up smoking. Wish I just gnawed on toenails instead.

No. 709749

Are you autistic? I don't mean this rudely, I do a lot of the same stuff and it's linked to that at least for me.

No. 709819

I've never been diagnosed with anything but tbh I might be, though I think it's more likely I have some form of mild adhd

No. 709823

If you're into that kinda snack you can always eat the shells of shrimp or cooked crayfish.

No. 709830

I'm the same anon. I don't chew my toenails (too far for me), but I bite my nails and push them in between my teeth, I chew plastic straws and utensils, plastic wrappers etc… Idk why, I just like chewing things.

No. 709839

>I bite my nails and push them in between my teeth
ayrt and same!! Good to know I'm not the only one lol. That reminds me I also chew the little label on teabags and pass the string between my teeth

No. 710050

i used to put headphone cords between my teeth as a kid and now i have two gaps. what was wrong w me…

No. 710245

I think one of my colleagues accidentally saw my nipple. I thought I was completely alone at my desk and I wanted to check on my nipples and fix my bra and stuff and when i looked up I saw him standing there. Idk how much he saw but it was incredibly awkward. The worst is he sometimes tries to flirt with me and it makes it even more awkward.

No. 710307

>at my desk and I wanted to check on my nipples
I don't get this

No. 710316

Just a stupid habit of mine

No. 710447

i’m not white and i’m only attracted to white men. people make me feel weird about it and tell me i have ‘internalised raysism’ but i just want to fuck white boys honestly idk.

No. 710448

Just like what you like, anon, I also prefer white guys and have been told the same with the cherry on top being told that I’m somehow racist-???- having preferences isn’t some crime nor a sin.

No. 710449

may i ask if you're east asian?

No. 710453

I've never been attracted to guys of my ethnicity lol

No. 710455

nah i’m north african arab

No. 710460

Same, I'm black and mostly attracted to white guys (and sometimes non-white or black guys). Honestly, I just ignore people who say it's self-hate or the "bedwench" stuff cause I know if I was a man no one would give a fuck, and I still think the men and women of my race are very attractive.

I think men of all races feel like women "belong" to them, and get mad when they date someone that doesn't look like them. I'm glad more women are realizing liking who you like isn't wrong or shameful, even if they're from a different race. i hope this post isn't taken as racebait lmao

No. 710462

you like french men anon?

No. 710466

lmao yes, i don’t live there but my ex is french

No. 710529

Same for me but I also like Asian guys in a very general sense. I can't see myself ever dating a north african guy, and especially not a muslim one. White guys in France are absolutely not into me and north african guys like me though, maybe I'm cursed.

No. 710558

Why arent they into you? I thought they were the most open minded

No. 710609

lmao if only you knew. Most French people dislike for just being north african by default, and I'm sure white guys over here must think I'm a muslim girl with a stick up my ass who will only accept to kiss and hold hand after at least 5 years of secretly dating just because I look vaguely kinda nerdy. I wish I were just exaggerating.

No. 710639

I don't think I'll ever be able to be in a relationship, I'm way too attached to my status as a single woman.

No. 710654

I used to be like that but I slowly became less attracted to white men. I don't mind though.

No. 710739

Same but luckily I don’t know anyone who would brainwash me about that crap.

My face is literally 0.7% of the UK population. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Yeah I wanna fuck the white guys, they’re all I ever see, I grew up among them. I’m not attracted to men of my own race because the only ones I’ve ever seen are my family. It shouldn’t be so ‘racist’ and surprising to people if they just thought about what it’s like to be the only (insert race here) for a few miles or more.

No. 710777

File: 1610151070060.jpg (41.63 KB, 600x564, eatymyfeelees.jpg)

Whenever I like someone, i start to get really depressed and paranoid even when I know they like me back. Like I'm afraid they're starting to not like me or that they're falling for someone else and will cut contact with me in favor of them. They don't give any indication that they feel this way, they show interest in me and are nice, but I still feel like within a couple hours they'll suddenly change their mind and tell me to just fuck off. Why am I so insane and clingy. Why can't I just not get attached.
Pardon if this makes me sound underage, I swear i'm an adult kek

No. 710932

Lolcow is the first thing I check when I wake up in the morning. I'm scandinavian so most of the threads are active while I'm asleep so it kinda acts like my retarded newspaper

No. 711024

Gimpgirl reminds me of the type of pickme I used to be like 14 years ago when I was in college (YES I'M OLD STFU) so when I read her threads I feel extra, extra levels of personal cringe but also it fills me with a kind of weird nostalgia. I used to cut my hair short exactly like that, AND be openly anachan (shudder), and wear cheapo bondage gear around town and be ~polyamorous~ and n0t LiKe OtHeR GiRlS as hard as I possibly could. her thread actually hurts me to read. Luckily I stopped that shit around age 21 (therapy ya'll) but still. Everyone at my college knew I was a fuckin' pickme and they definitely made fun of me behind my back and I didn't even realize that's what they MUST have been doing because of my behavior. Delayed ouch.

No. 711030

Same here from middle Europe kek I also love browsing before sleep so i get new updates in the morning

No. 711034

I'm almost 25 years old and yet the second I start readinga dumbass shoujo manga with romance in it, it's like I'm back at being 13 all over again, full on squealing and having to stop when scene is "too much" to process my emotions
absolutely pathetic

No. 711036

same here from the uk, kinda lame but i like it

No. 711038

File: 1610209243387.jpg (352.18 KB, 1200x1599, artisticadult.jpg)

Me too

No. 711039

File: 1610209308264.jpg (26.95 KB, 554x554, FB_IMG_1610200519793.jpg)

I love looking back at shitty people I went to hs with and just admire how downhill their appearance goes. Looking more like smackheads everyday luv x

No. 711040

I started reading manga again and all of a sudden 3D men are really ugly and boring. I want a dominant bishounen with a golden heart and good hair to materialize and protect me from the evils of the world.

No. 711042

I am a nymphomaniac. I hate myself.

No. 711044

I get this too, it sucks because a lot of the time my paranoia is correct and they DO leave, which just makes it worse the next time

No. 711046

Mistakenly set my alarm for PM instead of AM. Was late to work. I'm an idiot

No. 711048

I want to have sex while partner is streaming. No face cam but I just want it to happen.

I had a similar experience when my ex bf was touching me while he was Facetiming (without facecam) with his friend.

No. 711052

I sorta relate to this, I want to give a streamer a blowjob under the table and see if he can keep a straight face in front of thousands of watchers.

No. 711132

Don’t worry anon, I’m also an idiot, this keeps happening to me way too much.

No. 711208

I write crappy self insert smutfics in Japanese, both as Japanese writing practice, but also so my insanely nosy mother who tends to snoop on my computer can't read them, thus I can pass them off as innocent language studying.

No. 711212

anon did you write the one with the swedish(?) guy in the sauna i read a few days ago

No. 711214

I do not publish them on the Internet, so no.

No. 711215

No. 711298

Anon, same.

No. 711332

I have high functioning tism. I would like to think that I'm about as normal appearing as you can be given the diagnosis. I don't tell people about it and I don't run into issues beyond mostly sensory stuff that I keep to myself. Externally I'm good at keeping up appearances. In private though I'm drawn to collecting some really childish things. I live alone so I collect them without worrying about it. It's like a part of me never developed past the point of finding comfort in the same things I did 25 years ago.

It's mostly just soft toys but they always have to be the type you'd buy for a new baby. Like Peter rabbit. Things designed to be baby gifts rather than the soft toys a woman might get as gifts. If I spot something like that in a store and I fall for it I usually prepare a story in my head just in case the cashier asks who it's for.

Now I'm due to have major work done on my house soon and the thought of having workmen in my home has made me realize how fucking weird it is. I'm single, child free and paying my mortgage alone.. If I don't hide this stuff I'll likely have workmen assuming there's a baby in the home. I don't know whether to use this as a wake up call to purge this stuff or if given my asd diagnosis my shame around it might be unnecessarily harsh. I feel like a tard. If I get rid of the stuff I know I'll struggle without it and end up slowly rebuying anyway. But now the feelings of shame have been stirred up to a point where I feel like shit either way.

No. 711367

I'm horny but too afraid to actually fuck anything atm. Why is life so painful?

No. 711369

File: 1610253412204.jpeg (25.1 KB, 852x480, ashamed.jpeg)

i have a peculiar quirk where i can get spontaneously turned on and get off (without hands) when my bladders full. earlier it crept up on me while i was on my computer, with headphones on, and i didn't realize i didn't lock my door. my brother was supposed to come back from the store not too long ago and pick me up a treat, and now i'm afraid he might've walked in on me spasming and squeaking like a retard…

No. 711373

Pobody's nerfect,tardchan. Just get a big black garbage bag to stuff them in while the workmen are there. Otherwise who cares, you function in life like you're supposed to otherwise (assuming this isn't actually your parents house you're talking about), you're doing better than 64% of nonautists already.

No. 711385

my worst nightmare is getting pregnant and i've decided i'm going to go to the doctor and pretend to be a fakeboi so that i can easily have my uterus removed, or at the very least get my tubes tied. i don't really want to resort to that and i'm not going to become an actual fakeboi or take hormones, but doctors only seem willing to perform those surgeries if you say you have some kind of gender issue

No. 711396

I can do the same thing and once did it at my old job at the front desk right next to my coworker. At the time I was sure I was being completely contained about it and no one could tell but now I lie awake at night cringing at the idea that my coworker could have known what I was doing. So fucking embarrassing, idek wtf I was thinking

No. 711397

Don’t get your uterus removed, it has very serious health consequences. Your rate of vaginal prolapse skyrockets, for one. There’s a bunch of other scary things but I don’t remember the details off the top of my head. Your uterus isn’t just a baby pouch, it literally is integral to the structure of your abdomen and helps regulate so much stuff in your body that you don’t even think about.

No. 711398

Yeah christ anon, as >>711397 said do not remove your uterus. That is a huge procedure and will fuck up a lot of your other bodily functions and likely end up shortening your lifespan. Having your tubes removed will still prevent you from getting pregnant but it doesn't mess with your hormones and it's an easy recovery. It depends on what country you're in but a decent amount of places will allow you to get approved for a bilateral salpingectomy upon request and are often even covered by insurance (mine was).

No. 711419

I don't have any sort of foot fetish but rubbing my feet on certain types of carpets or fabrics feels insanely good to the point it feels almost like an orgasm but not quite?? It's weird and overwhelming. I'm not even particularly turned on by it or anything. Anyway just learned this crazy new things about my body.

No. 711423

I'm probably going to have to have my uterus removed due to cancer and this post made me seethe. I wasn't even planning to get kids but the amount of health complications it will cause otherwise are fucking horrible. Just get your tubes tied and grow the fuck up.

No. 711425

Anyone else keep their real body count a secret? I only include those times when I was in long term relationships. I went through a ridiculous period of fucking around after I turned 18 up until my 2nd year of college. I fucked every living thing and frequently had multiple partners a day. The funniest thing is, I regret most of it now and prefer a slow and passionate make out session to any sexual act I could think of. So if I could give one advice to virginanons: don’t rush it if you’re unsure. Sex without feelings is gross, esp. from the perspective of a woman. Even if you think you’re just using a scrote, they still benefit way more from fucking around.

No. 711429

I've got the biggest crush on this celebrity while I’m on a 5 year relationship. I even dreamt about him three times last week…

No. 711433

Same, I posted about it in the obsession thread. Just finally watched his Instagram story for the first time and that's the only reason I'll ever watch an instagram story. Bought merch and considering masturbating while thinking of him, all while right next to my sleeping bf. It's sad, and I do feel ashamed about this. But it's a celebrity so… No harm no foul right?

No. 711434

>Anyone else keep their real body count a secret?
I read this as if you're some mob hitwoman talking, was kinda let down by the rest of the post

No. 711435

Lmao I wish. Sorry for the disappointment.

No. 711436

I don't, because I guess I'm not really ashamed of it. I lost my virginity at a fairly early age but it was a really long term relationship and I planned on marrying the guy. Every other "body" count I've had since then was also long term relationship. There was just one time I fucked a guy that I wasn't dating but we were more like…. lovers? if that makes sense… But after we fucked, he slowly stopped talking to me.

So more advice for virgin anons… Don't fuck a guy unless you're in a relationship and have been for at least a month. Btw anything less than 12 months is not long term.

No. 711443

File: 1610274429155.jpg (57.31 KB, 720x540, 1506241777270.jpg)

I have a 43MB file with only reaction images and 433MB file with reaction gifs that I will never get to use because they are a thing of the past, but I can't stop saving them just in case they'll make a comeback and won't be considered cringe anymore.

No. 711447

File: 1610275011468.jpg (1.04 MB, 1440x2094, 20210110_053627.jpg)

I screencap stories of pickmes getting screwed over by scrotes on reddit so when ever I feel myself slipping back into old pick me ways I go and read them and then remind myself why I shouldnt do certain things

No. 711450

Lmao this sounds like it could have been written by my ugly pickme friend

No. 711467

Why would you keep someone as a friend who you despise

No. 711473

Ntayrt but a sense of superiority and/or narcissism probably

No. 711475

I had a crush on my homeroom teacher when I was in 4th grade and did anything I could to get his attention which meant getting into trouble while feeling awkward about my newfound feelings towards him at time. He was a really nice dude who occasionally helped me locate my bus whenever possible. He was 28 during the 2000-2001 school year.

One time, I also asked him to help button up my pants while in the classroom with everyone else (I had to use the toilet). Granted, I was nine, trustful, naïveté about crushes and anything regarding sexuality and there were no female teachers present but looking back; I cringed at the event and thankful that he actually helped me with that problem.

No. 711478

Because it’s neetlita

No. 711480

Are you a teenager? That is so fucking stupid, just get your tubes tied like a fucking normal person

No. 711487

hey, dont feel embarrassed thats completely normal- this is coming from a primary school teacher.

it's so sweet when kids have innocent puppy dog crushes on teachers (PROVIDED THAT THE TEACHER ISN'T A CREEP WHO TAKES ADVANTAGE OF THAT!! I DO NOT ENDORSE PEDOS! NEVER EVER BE ROMANTIC OR ADULT WITH A MINOR!!!!) i've had boys in my class (4-5 y/os) tell me they want to marry me etc, and some of the kids even call one of the teaching assistants called Sean "Seany" and say they love him and it's just really a part of development. of course they dont really love their teacher, they're too young to understand what that actually means, but they just see you as someone they trust and feel safe with. it's normal, do not be embarrassed! im sure your teacher found it very sweet. im glad he helped you and was kind about the whole ordeal.

No. 711492

I was so sad when he told me he was planning to move back to Alaska the following year but I was glad that I would no longer feel this way about anymore and never told anybody until now.

I tried to look him up after writing that post but I don’t remember how to spell his last name, I just remembered his name was Dean and that’s it. I’ll try again

No. 711493

I do the same thing and my meme folder is only 284MB kek. The oldest files are from 2007 apparently.

No. 711587

NTA and I am friends with someone I despise, but unlike the person who said superiority or narcissism. I have mixed feelings, on one end I despise her on another I want the best for her. I've tried for years to help her but she's autistically retarded and doesn't accept the help. Doesn't accept money, doesn't actually try to get a job, and now she's living in my flat (rent free, mind you) and refuses to actually apply herself. She makes the most retard decisions ever and I just watch from the sidelines throwing a life ring and she throws it back.

This has slowly made me hate every single thing she does, from walking around to her stupid scent. She was given so many chances. And taken advantage of me.

So yeah I'm dumb for being naive and thinking "if I give her these resources she'll listen and apply herself! She'll have a better life" but nope, retarded tumblr fag who is 20 something but acts 16.

No. 711591

File: 1610300509369.png (135.71 KB, 500x280, hot.png)

Since anon is talking about teacher crushes, I wanted to fuck a couple of my instructors from college, as well as a manager at my old job. They weren't even the most attractive looking men, just older but something about them was hot and I think I had a chance if I really attempted to go for it. I swear there was some sexual tension at times between us.

No. 711632

I had a crush on my mormon maths teacher when I was 16 and I constantly made pathetic seduction attempts trying to fuck him. I still cringe when I think about it late at night.

No. 711635

File: 1610306025777.jpeg (22.31 KB, 150x233, BCED79C6-E573-4CA3-B272-712A56…)

I enjoy some aspects of gimpgirls artstyle even though she's an absolute cow. I sometimes save and crop her pictures to be completely out of context


No. 711640

File: 1610306517736.png (11.86 KB, 423x85, sus.PNG)

When my mom and grandma make comments about my body I feel super uncomfortable, but I always just laugh and brush it off and I feel like a huge retard because of it. They've been doing it since I started puberty and grew a body, but I've never told them about it. It's not even insults, just teasing compliments if anything, but it makes me feel so uncomfortable. Example number one of how much of a doormat I am. Other family members also comment on my body sometimes, but it's mostly those two

No. 711654

I'm planning on disappearing and starting a new life. When I go, I'm going to let people know that I'm safe but I want to start completely afresh.

No. 711656

File: 1610310307459.jpg (248.17 KB, 842x1200, tumblr_ppzdl0LfBB1xlbi72o1_128…)

I'm 5 minutes into No Guns Life and I already want Juzo to fuck my brains out

No. 711657

I only have 2 real friends and I don't think I'm in a good place to try to make more. Also pandemic. Sad

No. 711660

I have such a soft spot for gimpgirl even though she's insane. I see her in my mind as this tiny woman screeching on about pickmes and "it's over for you girls" and all us farmers are standing in a circle around her fawning over her like she's a deranged kitten or something

No. 711663

I haven't had any friends since I was 12 years old.

No. 711666

I am the same rn and I'm sorry it's like this. I think the pandemic is making it worse for everyone, even social butterflies. I've heard a lot of people mention friends "who just fade out" after it started. While long distance friendships are totally possible, it's harder and I think we all need regular contact to an extent. The only good news (imo) I can tell you is that many people will be looking for friends where they are able to find them. It's what I tell myself at least

No. 711667

I fantasize about this constantly. But I've basically done it before and still ended up in this place.

No. 711670

When (or if) the borders ever open again, I'm absolutely doing this. I hate the person I've been known for here.

Does it really matter if you're always anonymous on this place anyways? It's not like you're planning to run from lolcow lol

No. 711672

I nearly did this a couple years ago when I bought a house far away from where I'm from. Ended up telling my dad my whereabouts and now he books holidays to come see me without asking first, which sends me spiralling every time lol.

Do what you have to do. I follow alot of missing persons cases and they always wonder whether people are doing this just without the 'im safe' message. As long as people aren't left worried sick then I think people should respect decisions like this.

No. 711673

File: 1610312650421.jpeg (11.25 KB, 150x150, 90C38E17-5E70-4540-AEAB-5AB25C…)

I feel like a ghost in the world for the time being. I used to have a life, used to have friends but even before the pandemic, I had to let it all go. I think everyone forgot me and my last friend is forgetting too. If not, it's interesting to ponder what small footprint I left in this place. I sometimes wonder how many like me exist. It may be worse due to the pandemic now but it already happened for me. How many of us are unknown to the world with no contacts?
I intend to change it I guess, to have a healthy life once this all passes. I am starting something that puts me in touch with others (online that is, but includes my face). However, it's kind of nice to be hidden sometimes

No. 711675

lol what?? fantasizing about starting my life over has nothing to do with being anonymous or lolcow. I meant "this place" as in still a place where I still want to run away and start over.

No. 711678

So when you leave, would you cut off all of your family or significant other? Asking cause when people say this I wonder if they mean completely leaving everyone behind, or like only cutting off some people and having minimal contact with the people they still talk to or what.

No. 711682

oop soory anon im braindead

No. 711684


No. 711688

I moved to a place where I knew nobody and only my dad got told my address eventually. He's the only contact I have from my old life and I don't enjoy that contact but I feel guilted into maintaning it

No. 711690

I feel you, anon. also I love the pic that you used ahh

No. 711692

>I am starting something that puts me in touch with others (online that is, but includes my face)
Not to be creepy, but what is this? I'm in a similar situation as you, and i feel kinda starved for interaction rn lol

No. 711701

Hehe it is a good pic
Sorry anon, I was being vague. It's online school, so not a small choice. But only a few classes at a community college..so it costs less Still I know something else that may be available to you. At least near me there's a bookstore having online book club video meets. They had ones for each genre. If there's something like that near you it could be an option? I considered it myself because everyone could do with more reading. I found the info on the store's website, so you could look around or even google various clubs to join who may meet online, you never know what you'll find

No. 711724

My political convictions are rooted in Marxist-Hegelian analysis but I don't air it outside of my circle of close friends and family because I worry that people will get the wrong idea, assume I'm a clueless "Twitter commie" and associate me with left thot tropes.

No. 711736

based anon, be my wife

No. 711737

I'm going with the intention of leaving everything and everyone behind, though I guess my feelings might change throughout the years. It's really the idea of leaving the people behind that draws me in.

I don't think my relationships with others are healthy. One of the main reasons I want to start over is that I really like who I am when I'm alone or when I'm around new people and I have a chance to shed the version of me I created.

I was very sad and lonely when I was growing up and forming these relationships and I created a completely fake version of me because I wanted to be accepted and loved. Now I feel like the people that like me like the made up version and the people that don't like me never got to give the real me a chance. I feel like I've missed out on things that could have made me happy because I was too busy trying to be something I'm not.

I'd just like to start again but actually be me this time around.

No. 711746

I have Trumpians and Biden supporters in my family and friend circle. But I firmly believe this country is run by very rich, apolitical corporation shareholders who try to keep us fighting each other so they can stay rich. I hate Trump. I hate Biden. I think all politicians are just fake, corrupt people working in the interest of the rich white dudes who actually own us. … Anyway, that was probably TMI but I have no place in this new stupid world. I disagree heartily with both "sides." So I just agree with whoever is talking at the time. Like, sure buddy.

No. 711766

File: 1610320515104.jpeg (24.61 KB, 230x147, 7A375F58-2945-4FDC-9FF2-9762A9…)

She's very interesting. As much as I loathe her and what she stands for, she's fascinating in a curious way. Maybe it's the slowly recovering weeb in me but her art reminds me of when I was a dodgy 13 year old trying to draw manga, and how I gave up on that style of drawing, there's something sadly nostalgic in it

No. 711768

I think that the world is against me in the literal sense

No. 711915

I love the smell of my own pussy. Even on my period, but only on the last few days where there's a small amount of blood.

No. 712075

Some of the stories I read on here about men make me pray that I'll never have to go on another date again

No. 712078

Can relate to the first part

No. 712079

No. 712138

I love being more successful at my job than (some of) my friends in the same field. I know it's an old trope that people only post their "highs" on social media for their ego, but when I post myself accomplishing a new project or milestone I get a rush of satisfaction knowing that certain people whom I know are lagging behind will definitely see it and be jealous.

No. 712146

Me too anon I never not liked my scent. I think it’s normal/healthy so yay for us

No. 712159

i lied about growing up southern in the unpopular opinions thread i just like to use yall because my grandma was southern and i frequent twitter.

No. 712164

File: 1610382366437.jpeg (25.21 KB, 236x250, 61E9E3D5-E527-43AE-873F-C2B9CD…)

i had a sex dream about callmekevin in my own home in secret while my mum was there in the living room.

im just really deprived rn, but holy shit he was good with his tongue

No. 712166

ugh, sex dreams about Berleezy when….

No. 712190

I mostly like my own scent when I’m taking a shower, it’s just really nice.

No. 712197

I get so much satisfaction from the fact I'm never giving my awful in laws grandkids.

No. 712204

I love it when a man is good with his tongue

the only reason why I like to sleep so much is the idea that I can have such vivid dreams. I had dreams my current crush was an acting coach last night and it was so fucking weird

No. 712222

Diff anon but honestly my dream relationship would be all oral and no PIV.

No. 712231

God, you sound like a terrible “friend”

No. 712261

Doesn't sound healthy to be that wrapped up in other peoples perception of you or in your success versus theirs, especially if you consider them friends.

People go to therapy for stuff like this because you have to build you confidence on a better foundation than 'what other people think of what I post' Your mental health can go to shit real fast when it's built on that.

No. 712272

I’m cackling because my ugly pickme got dumped by her bf. Reminder, pickmes never get picked

No. 712273

Lmao NTA but you guys seem like losers and/or jealous

No. 712277

People like you annoy me so much. Do you really not realize how obvious it is to others how desperately insecure you are? Anyone who is genuinely jealous of your accomplishments just has the same fixation on winning/workaholism/material success as a means for self-worth. It's embarrassing. You should try focusing some of those efforts on learning to be a nice person and maybe people will genuinely like you rather than wanting to "be" you.

No. 712289

okay donald

No. 712291

ayrt and I dreamt that he was good with his tongue, in multiple ways piv and oral included

I'm going to hell

No. 712299

Nah I was telling her to learn how to feel that confidence by herself, without the need to compare herself to others. That is a supportive post.

No. 712312

File: 1610394196750.jpeg (112.75 KB, 364x705, 04061ABA-60CA-43E6-AB5D-0CDA46…)

I always tell my family that if we ever get short on money that we can sell nudes of my brother and my cousins, who are older than me 27-30 they laugh it off but I’m serious. I’m not selling my nonexistent nudes, I’m selling theirs, they won’t have any repercussions if people find out about it.

No. 712316

Went to check social media of my ex-friend, seems like she never managed to leave our hometown, didn't achieve anything big career-wise despite doing much better in college than me and she married the bf she claimed to be miserable with and cheated on through entirety of their relationship with multiple people including my at-the-time bf, without me knowing of course.
I hope her life sucks forever, maybe I should not care and I usually don't but feels good to check for the first time in years and see she is exactly where I hoped she should be. Fuck forgiveness.

No. 712338

yeah anon, you really shouldn't care jfc

No. 712347

I have a lot of violent and murderous fantasies and daydreams

No. 712392

File: 1610403589366.jpeg (87.59 KB, 570x780, C5C9B4B3-84C9-453C-8F3A-028A20…)

I have become so disgusted by men that I’m having trouble getting off to any porn because the men are so grotesque and degenerate. I’ll try watching it but by the end, without fail, I look at pictures of Kate Moss in her prime and I can always get myself to orgasm. I think it’s because I want to look like her so badly. She is so fucking beautiful.

No. 712397

I want to murder a man who deserves it

No. 712402

No. 712404

pretty sure that's not an issue or even abnormal until you start acting on them anon

No. 712427

I'd kill my ex if I knew there'd be no repercussions. Not exaggerating.

No. 712428

Good, don’t watch porn it rots your brain anyways

No. 712455

>I look at pictures of Kate Moss in her prime and I can always get myself to orgasm. I think it’s because I want to look like her so badly. She is so fucking beautiful.
>anon will post this, and then go to /lgbt/
>anon will post about how he, a transwoman, sometimes posts feels on Lolcow and he fits right in
Tired of the autogynephile propaganda

No. 712458



No. 712504

I like shitflinging in the sex work thread. It’s very easy to make those dumb handmaiden whores angry.

No. 712506


This is pretty funny ngl

No. 712513

Kek takin’ the bans for us

No. 712515

Not even worth reporting them all (both sides) at this point. /g/ clean up crew's just gotta swoop in when they're back from lunch.

No. 712520

Based. That thread is embarrassing.

No. 712524


Based af. I met a guy once who was too submissive to piv and at first i was like ? Then I was like nvm this is based because men fucking suck at sex

No. 712528

I know most other women aren’t like this, but I’d personally be okay with it if a guy I was actually attracted to was touchy-feely with me.
I don't really give a fuck if that’s "unfair" to unattractive scrotes. When they do it, it definitely feels like harassment and a violation of my personal space. My body is simply not an equal access space. Ugly moids need to stop expecting handsome moid privileges. That is all.

No. 712530

File: 1610415655294.png (418.53 KB, 728x551, 2595D3BB-F933-4920-AA3C-DA89C0…)

I genuinely miss the horror monster anon’s posts. It’s been 20 days. I hope she brings us an update soon even if it isn’t about Discord guy or how she surpassed his ex Girlfriend. I wish if she finally chose the sane path to end the experiment she would announce it on here and post a conclusion. But honestly I enjoy reading her entries and I hope she shares more of these types of stories if not in confessions then in the unhealthy obsessions thread.

I tried so hard not to laugh but the part about Edna Mode did me in

No. 712532


This is literally the best storyline please god moar

I feel this I personally rank moids on scales because im a female supremacist so theres like companion moids (top tier), breeding moids, house pets, like dobby level house moids, and then slaves. Not all of them get sex its just how you rank their stats tbh and im with you anon that ugly moids dont get hot moid privilege fml im a lesbo tho so male house pets and slaves are platonic

No. 712534

You both look fucking stupid

No. 712536

>female supremacy and ranking moids

No. 712547

I went through my boyfriend’s phone and opened up his Instagram explore page. It was only pictures of lewd anime girls and real life girls shaking their asses and tits. I feel so sick to my stomach and depressed knowing that he looks at stuff like that. I am so in love with him. I just want him to only want me the way that I only want him.

No. 712548

I snack on raw pasta or rice on occasion. It seems gross and entirely pointless and I have no idea why I keep doing it, but I like the taste and texture

No. 712556

dump him

No. 712558

Eww I’m sorry but genuinely gross anon. If I saw my bf looking at that stuff, it’d change how I saw him a lot. That sucks.

No. 712595

I unironically find soft butch era Dakota Rose incredibly attractive. She's my ideal type.

tfw no soft butch bpd model gf

No. 712618

Fellow Women of culture, do you like the spaghetti pasta or the ones that are shaped like tubes

No. 712623

they all do that

No. 712630

Yeah, what >>712623 said. People complain that the algorithm there is terrible because everyone's explore page is filled with the same soft-core smutty garbage regardless of account activity. To my understanding it's more of a reflection of what's popular across ig than what the user engages with.

No. 712637

I prefer the tubular, wider kind to the thinner, though I'll sometimes switch to spaghetti or angel hair to change things up

No. 712640

unironically, ramen noodles in freeze dried block form
they have a nice flavor alone

No. 712698

File: 1610437247936.png (1.13 MB, 640x960, IMG_0827.PNG)

I find all the gross creepy shit armie hammer sent in those dms super hot. i'm so mad at myself for being so wet from reading them

No. 712701

I am taking away your interner privileges, anon.

No. 712705

File: 1610437796898.jpeg (30.65 KB, 719x527, EoubNgxUYAoXoce.jpeg)

litcherally crying a little because there's a YouTuber that I will never get to marry and have children with.

The sad thing is that I've made the perfect version of him in my head. But irl he's cute, funny, makes me laugh, down to earth, realistic, educated, logical, in touch with his emotions, a family man, has good friends that he clearly care about, very good life lessons in his videos, grew up kind of a nerd but athletic so he understands both sides of the coin, he'd probably be a great husband and a great father. He's positive but not always positive and seems sweet. Doesn't seem to let things get him down.

I literally am crying right now because he's not mine.

The sad thing is that I have a boyfriend a few feet away from me who is most of the things above, just a bit of an airhead with holes in his brains. We like similar things and are like each other's soul mates… and I definitely not I probably wouldn't always get along with the YouTuber and the youtuber probably wouldn't put up with my autism/ocd/retarded behavior but goddamn it, in another timeline I would've been happier, healthier, I would've kept going on YouTube or started a channel, not dated an abusive guy that makes me scared to show my face online…

I could've had him, probably… but I don't. Anons please I'm begging you please talk me out of this slump, please. It's the only time I'll ask LC of anything. What can I do to get over this youtuber who is absolutely my perfect male counterpart?

No. 712706

File: 1610437818106.jpg (21.69 KB, 419x439, 1544370490418.jpg)

you should
tfw no edgy rich white man that wants to slice off a piece of my skin, lightly toast it with some garlic and olive oil, and eat it like the food critic in ratatouille.

No. 712712

sounds like you don't even like your boyfriend fam.
you're projecting the most basic positive traits on some guy you find to be aesthetically appealing.
you don't even know the youtuber or know what he's really like. for all you know he could be jacking to kiddie porn and eating his own shit. youtubers and famous people are curated personalities in general, no one in the public will ever see the real versions of them because that would alienate the markets they are trying to appeal to.
you should find yourself a new partner since your current one isn't fulfilling your needs, but it also sounds like you have really deep personal issues which will prevent you from being happy in future relationships.

No. 712713

File: 1610438388950.jpeg (950.46 KB, 1446x1626, E19D9518-A376-4E4E-8080-208E4A…)

Anon, I have great news…

No. 712722

File: 1610438645445.jpg (143.98 KB, 752x501, stiflinglaughtermichaelcera.jp…)

it doesn't help that i had a thing for hannibal lecter in middle school. gaspard ulliel in hannibal rising was the kindling for my edge imo(stop avatarfagging)

No. 712723

File: 1610438701952.png (66.65 KB, 222x184, EqdCrwIXMAMStAE.png)

Slayed me in one go. This feels awful because now I'm questioning everything.

Thank you anon.

No. 712733

Is this berleezy anon? If so, you got it bad.
Anyway, the chance of you actually meeting him is very slim. You already have a guy who's nearly your perfect match, so just be grateful you have found a potential soulmate and stop lusting after a life and dude you will probably never have a chance at.

No. 712736

File: 1610440115851.jpg (7.43 KB, 235x232, 6759905e0efa3b262cf037b8b7fe99…)

okay I know I sperged about him alot but I didn't know it was this much. my heart seriously jumped when you called me out!

alright I'll stop…. thank you for being nice and being real about it.

No. 712737

File: 1610440611758.jpeg (77.06 KB, 1080x789, 3FFE7D6F-9581-4BF2-9F6B-14FF96…)

Ive seriously seen you post multiple times in various different threads, its like seeing a familiar face in a cloud of strangers. I hope you end up well, idk if this is the best advice but you should really block/unsub/not use the socials that this YouTuber is on. Just cut yourself off and focus on doing something else, learn how to play an instrument you’ve always wanted, practice coking or clean your room. Focus on yourself and your partner right now, i hope everything gets better

No. 712766

File: 1610445372728.png (619.24 KB, 586x392, pasta.PNG)

Real women of culture know that every pasta shape serves different purpose and is the best fit for a different pasta based meal

No. 712775

I put leftover ramen seasoning on spaghetti and it was pretty good

No. 712778

File: 1610449858305.jpeg (398.35 KB, 1200x1932, 6D1CE699-B725-408C-BEAF-229881…)

If I looked into a crystal ball and saw this face cannibalizing me I would seppuku on the spot

No. 712792

File: 1610453249671.gif (1.61 MB, 268x340, 72c3fa79f538b85811dc6002b34ffb…)

Would it change anything if you saw pic related instead?

No. 712793

Based opinion. Same plus shes totes a carpet muncher so it stings harder

No. 712796

Where did this rumor come from?

No. 712797

Oh no she’s degenerate

No. 712798

major reconsideration only if the crystal ball shows me getting at least one stab in before I’m delicately sliced, spiced just right, and placed atop a piece of artisanal toast

No. 712799

Think of him as having a secret shitty side life like that Ryan guy from roosterteeth

No. 712800

Attack on Titan is so dumb but probably the most fun I've had anime/manga considering.

No. 712801

I used to get a fuckton of likes and messages on dating apps when I was dressing very feminine, now that I got a sidecut and am more into alternative fashion I bearly get any. Part of me feels a bit insecure but part of me is oddly proud since I prefere and only date women now.

No. 712850

I was a little drunk and sent some misguided frustration to a guitar player who does tutorials. It was dumb criticism and I take it back but omg they have sent me 23 messages in response lol. I haven't opened any of them.

No. 712871

Also wanna add that they have 210k subscribers on YouTube (though a smaller amount on insta which I messaged them on.) 28 messages now.

No. 712886

Lmao sounds like you triggered them, well done

No. 712905

kek all I want is a stable of himbos who dress slutty and do whatever I want, the dream

No. 712946

Last year I took a massive poop and rather than trying to flush it down the toilet I threw it out the window and a few minutes later my dog ate it

No. 712950

This is probably the worst confession in this thread, including the one where the brothers jerked each other off

No. 712957

The brothers jerking off one was hot, that is just disgusting

No. 712959

No it wasn't. You incest people are fucking weird.

No. 712963

ok furry

No. 712965

See, at least Mads and I would have shit in common. We could talk about comics and ballet while he munches on my brain. Baking soda boy can’t even type without ESL speak. nta

No. 712972

i don’t know what you’re talking about so i’m going to assume you’re having an autism attack. bisexual female here who just wants to fuck kate. whatever you’re going
through i simply cannot solve it.
this one is my favorite confession, fucking kek. guitar man doesn’t like criticism. please update if it’s funny.

No. 712977

I hate one of my good friends. I'm just starting to realize how toxic her behaviors really are and it makes me want to distance myself. Also she's one of the dumbest people and just having a basic conversation with her is frustrating.

No. 712991

Ayrt, hard disagree
I was trying to be funny and it backfired

No. 712994

In all my 25 years I've never developed a crush on anyone or know what it's like to fall in love. I also unironically still think kissing is icky and gross. The only time I felt genuinely aroused is when I'm tired, sick, in pain, or hungry. Even though I spend a lot of time online i still don't fit in anywhere, not even here, and not in real life either. I only post out of boredom. It makes me sad how even weirdos can enjoy regular human emotions but I can't. I don't even have an excuse like abuse/medications/etc. it's always been like this since childhood, I'm just born retarded.

No. 712995

Michael Cera is so ugly that it makes my stomach turn

No. 712996

You're not alone,I have never dated or kissed anyone or even had sex yet I'm only 20

No. 712997

Genuinely loving both Sonic the Hedgehog and Britney Spears makes me feel like motherfucking Chris-chan.

No. 713005

well you aren't that alone then because even in small online communities ive tried to join i still dont fit in with other shy outcasts.
kissing is something i did because my gf wanted to but i honestly think its stupid and semi-disgusting.

No. 713016

> The only time I felt genuinely aroused is when I'm tired, sick, in pain, or hungry.
So, only in times of vulnerability then? You're probably in some form of survival mode then. This is extremely common and doesn't mean you're going to be alone forever

No. 713021

File: 1610481819000.png (5.42 KB, 246x205, images.png)

the military is doing covid tests in our country and our entire workplace was getting tested last week.
All my normie coworkers were like 'ah anon you are so shy! Don't be scared of the army men they are here to help!'
Jesus Christ, I fucking know they are here to help Daniele.
I was just trying to be respectful and not stare so the nice lad doing my test does not get uncomfortable due on my immense uniform fetish.

No. 713025

Oh no scrotes lamenting male beauty standard? Fucking good. Men are so fucking weak, imagine becoming rapists and murderers because you’re not chad lollll
Ugly scrotes DO NOT a deserve to breed. Even themselves know they shouldn’t have been born.

No. 713037

File: 1610483599527.gif (437.77 KB, 120x120, 1RhL.gif)


No. 713048

Until today I didn’t know that joji and Filthy Frank are the same person I’m-

No. 713050

No. 713051

I still can't believe Joji is his main persona now and Filthy Frank just something he used to do. When my friends showed me a picture of him I was just like "Oooh that's Filthy Frank!" and they were like "lol who?"

No. 713059

But surely most people are attracted to the person they're with to some extent? If I try to actually imagine fucking someone or spend time around others I don't feel anything. These horny feelings just come randomly without thinking or doing anything, I thought it was some weird way of my body trying to cope with illness or something.

No. 713060

You are banned from lolcow!!!

No. 713061

I'm confused as to what was even the point of sharing this story on Reddit, besides using it for your purpose who would even care about this.

I like how my used pads smell. The stale blood scent is kind of good.

No. 713064

Pls open them Anon I want to know

No. 713069

I remember I was on a school trip dedicated to a WW2-related holiday where many guys in uniform were doing historically accurate battle recreations. Some of them were appointed to talk to us and answer questions, and I shied away from them noticeably, since my teachers told me "They're not going to shoot you lmao" – 14 year old me was just super awkward and had a raging military uniform fetish, of course.

No. 713169

I have a toxic trait of ghosting anyone who is boring to me. Even if they are nice people.

No. 713174

this isn't a confession he's just ugly

No. 713190

Same. It sucks because I live already in a smallish part of the world, my attitude is more appropriate for a megapolis.

No. 713227

idk, is that really toxic? if you don't click, you don't click.

No. 713239

I want to fuck my mum

No. 713242

Are you from Alabama

No. 713253

The guy I'm seeing used to be a swimmer and lax player and still has the big shoulders/arms but now he's really skinny, he's really shy and doesn't have a lot of sexual experience and for some reason today I decided he'd be so cute as like one of those little maid outfit catboys. I'm barely even a weeb, never had degenerate non-normie thoughts about sex/guys I'm with, but now all i can think of is. nya :3c

No. 713258

do they say mum in alabama

No. 713283

no wonder bongs look so inbred

No. 713344

File: 1610519764367.jpg (175 KB, 707x1000, 20210113_131624.jpg)

I used to hate meyoco, but after reading some of her interviews. I feel bad for her. I think the reason why meyoco art stangnant because she is struggling with social media likes. She have an anxiety so I understand. At least self awere about his technical skill aren't good because she more focused on theme or color.She quit watercolor and more focused on digital for it. Conclusion fuck social media culture for artist.

Also I think the artist saltfags nitpick her so much in level of pulltards sorry not sorry

No. 713552

I don't know if being autistic contributes to immature approach to such things but I feel super embaressed when I'm around retarded people, I have no idea how to behave around them. I'm usually mute around normies but I feel like being mute around retarded people only contributes to being judged by normies for my weirdness. I just can't "behave". Same with small children. My aunt asked me to take care of her 5 year old grand daughter and it was ultra cringe. Children can SMELL you're autistic. I didn't really know what to do with this child anyway, children don't evoke any feelings in me. I like to draw so I draw her some shit and she was entertained at first but then we both got super bored and I had no idea how to talk to her or what to do. I'm always jealous of normies and their skill of talking to retardeds, small children and other impaired people

No. 713561

Normies can also be awkward around kids and tards, don't think your too speshul. Kids sense shit and with 5 year old it's just better to let them do shit and you just observe if it's that awkward, like drawing together, making it into a game and so on. Tards are kinda daunting at times because you never know if they are the spergy ones or just basically normal and polite, actually the same with kids.

No. 713565

I also feel that way, anon. I used to just let them do whatever they felt like doing unless it included me.
Then I somehow got hired to teach at some school for pennies and I got to learn how to treat them.
I think the best way to act is to constantly ask what they want to do or what they’re doing, if they want to include you, do your best to pretend you’re having fun, if they don’t, make sure they’re not hurting each other or themselves.

No. 713568

Always makes me laugh. Don't say you would have kept a straight face if you were in Shia's place

No. 713648

I started a new job with a bunch of middle schoolers who are 11 and 12 years old. All the students are so cute I want to kiss and hug them!

No. 713659

Sure you don't, dude.

No. 713672

Careful anon

No. 713673

i admit i do a similar thing, i can only get off imagining i look like this singer who looks like the far more attractive version of me…

No. 713683

File: 1610566786979.jpg (31.02 KB, 612x408, gettyimages-540205804-612x612.…)

>I want to kiss and hug them

No. 713692

File: 1610567667151.jpeg (23.03 KB, 212x320, CAC2FEF6-6888-42DF-B62B-D23DAD…)

No. 713760

Really, with middle schoolers? I had the most emotional/behavioural problems during middle school and I know a lot of other people did so I'd imagine most teachers would hate to deal with teaching middle school students. I might understand this sentiment if it was finding kindergarten or primary school kids cute but with middle schoolers this is weird.

No. 713856

I'm so disgusted by the thought that my partner slept with me when I was 18 and he was 26 that I'm less attracted to him and have considered leaving him. Im 24 now and 18 year olds are children. It's so gross but we can't do anything about it now. Sometimes I wish I hadn't gotten into this relationship.

No. 713861

I’m sorry anon, that’s such a huge age gap. I dated a 21 year old when I was 17 and even though it’s not a huge age gap, now that I’m his age it’s so weird— what would I have in common with a 17 year old??? Ask them where they’re thinking about applying to college?? Soo fucking strange

No. 713866

I mean and probably the fact that you're in your early 20s and dating a 32 year old doesn't sound like a very fun pairing either.
You're probably craving someone who you can actually grow and do firsts together with. I'm almost 30 and I considered myself a naive baby at 24.

No. 713869

yeah i don't blame you for being upset anon and if it's making you feel bad enough it might be time to leave him. that's a huge gap when you're that young, when i was 18 i didn't even feel comfortable just being friends with anyone older than 20 or 21…

No. 713891

when I see fidget spinners in videos or irl I look away because I think they're unhealthy devices that can hypno some disease into you

No. 713896

me to anon, I check all the time and your image gave me false hope kek, I'm ready to screencap

No. 713909

I think I had a boot (footwear) fetish when I was younger

No. 713933

kek my new confession is that I check back once each day minimum since that post, I really do hope she comes back soon

No. 713935

thank u anons, love u
There's some truth to that for sure.

No. 713944

Today I asked my boyfriend if he ever told a girl before me that he loved them. He said “yeah one and she broke my heart.” & he shared with me what happened in that relationship. I was so afraid to ask him that question, because I am lowkey crazy and expected I would feel extreme jealousy and insecurity if he had loved another girl. It kind of sucks that I am not his first love, but seeing him be honest, emotionally vulnerable, and sharing a story from his past made me feel an even stronger connection with him. I love him so much.

No. 713945

File: 1610599163170.jpg (56.11 KB, 1000x597, 1569093847374.jpg)

Three of my posts ended up on the funny screenshots thread and it brightened my night

No. 713948

I have two posts there and it's probably my biggest accomplishment in the last months, fml

No. 713949

I am talking, like, all of them were posted on there today, my other posts there have kinda been meh but these were actually ones where anons were just being dumbasses. At least we have this going on, anon!

No. 713950

File: 1610599971808.jpg (48.4 KB, 736x736, d170d952b5695fcc0a9560a8aae4f3…)

Wow, three today!
Amazing, I aspire to be like you but I am probably not funny enough

No. 713957

File: 1610600881423.jpg (15.99 KB, 236x236, 20200717_210125.jpg)

Bitch I am sure you're funny but what matters the most is the self induced keks

No. 713965

File: 1610602402904.jpg (12.89 KB, 312x245, WNDSOpb.jpg)

I used to soft follow this NSFW artist on Twitter. He used to change his name pretty often but always keeping the theme of the same character. His account is no longer up, I actually don't know why, but that's okay, I guess.

So, yesterday I got recomended a few editting blogs on Tumblr, and I can swear, between them was the artist. The character theme account, the pronouns (Instead of just saying "Male"), and the name were all the same.

I may be judging to fast, and it's probably just a huge coincidence; but in case it's not… is this person complaining about incest ships when just a few months ago he used to draw cannibal incest porn?

B4 someone asks, he used to do Silent Hill porn, that's how I found him

No. 713972

I still read and write fanfiction

No. 713974

I won't forget that time when I started to wear makeup again after a year of not wearing any and I got weird looks from everyone. I feel like people want to control me and I'm not allowed self-expression but only me, specifically. Other girls didn't get weird looks when they changed things once in a while (makeup/hair).

No. 713975

i'm kinda fat right now and i dont give a fuck!! yoooo

No. 713976

Maybe it just looked bad

No. 713981

I keep forgetting that very attractive people have souls. It’s like their attractiveness creates a hypnotic effect that makes you forget that they have dislikes, likes, human experiences—that they are a person. A lot of the time, they just seem like soulless mannequins whose sole purpose is to please your eyes. Interacting with them is so trippy. i dont think I could marry someone so pretty.it’d freak me the fuck out

the modeling industry, among other things ig, is to blame I guess..

No. 713985

I could not care less that my mother hates me. It genuinely does not bother me at this point, she’s just a psycho that makes everyone around her miserable. I wonder what it’s like to be a blackhole sucking the happiness out of everyone around you. Fucking cunt.

No. 714010

File: 1610615486573.png (132.13 KB, 531x526, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

No. 714022

My confession is that I really like the True Beauty drama.

No. 714144

File: 1610637669756.png (412.07 KB, 635x624, v.png)

I frequently feel left out/insecure because I'm not interested in video games. I know it's silly but I can't help feeling like it's everywhere, especially online.

No. 714148

Maybe it depends where you live but please know that many people are like you. Most of my (female) friends don't play videogames and don't care about them

No. 714392

File: 1610658439178.jpg (48.16 KB, 664x310, JbSBdBF.jpg)

Hello anons, I'm back for a new update. There was a little turn of events that complicated things for me. Not going to lie, I was indeed frustrated for a while, but I think that some of that stuff might be interesting.

- A girl joined the server, she says that she was contacted from the app Vent. I didn't know about it, and I didn't gave her too much attention until someone came out saying that apparently she has posted a few things that are incriminating about a people on the server, possibly including Discord guy. I downloaded the app and made a profile just to see what she posts (Took me a while because all my names were taken), I don't know if Vent-chan deleted those posts or if the person on the server was lying but I'm keeping an eye on her for now.

- Discord guy began to act strange around me. It's hard to explain, mostly because I had never seen him act that way; but to put it shortly, he began to use a lot of "…." when reffering or talking to me, almost all of his messages about me had a pause like that and a "I guess", "I think" or variations. At some point he even tried to be somewhat defensive and lowkey sarcastic too, but even then it would just last for 2 messages before telling me that he appreciates me. I was getting kind of confused because that hasn't happened before, neither did I expected it, but I still tried to follow what he said to me.

- Yesterday I asked in another thread if I could get banned from Discord for sending an Ip Grabber, because I was going to try to send one. I actually never used an Ip Grabber before, so there was a lot of try and error. Ultimately I send the link without getting banned, but I didn't get anything. I guess he was using and VPN, since I already knew of him using stuff like that to avoid a doxxing, and he isn't completely out of touch with Ip Grabbers, I don't know if he has used them before but he indeed is using something so I can't have it. I had to drop the Ip Grabber idea.

- He also began to suspect that someone on the server is lowkey stalking him. Everyone laughed at the idea for a while, but I knew what he meant, because he addressed me later, but not for what I thought, he said that he trusts in me, and that I have been very good with him, so he dropped the subject altogether.
His words made me very happy, I couldn't sleep at all while I was thinking about it.

I began to suspect that he has been lying about stuff, given what they told me about Vent-chan's posts, but I don't want that to happen. I'll have to change the direction of my plan for now. Right now, Discord guy says that he is busy, I don't know in what, but I just hope to see him again soon.

No. 714402

>Hello anons, I'm back for a new update
OMFG is that discord yandere anon???
I missed you!

No. 714404

Kek, yes, I guess that's me ♥
I missed all of you too.(Adhere to the global rules)

No. 714495

File: 1610671161821.png (474.49 KB, 723x628, 1577034222710.png)

I am stupid and bad and the only thing that makes me feel alive is clothes
I only feel better when I buy clothes and wear clothes and look at myself wearing clothes
It's the only time I even feel like a real person
I am so mentally deficient, I stopped buying clothes and wearing clothes and enjoying life at all because I feel so guilty about my only love
What should I do? What can I do? It's the only thing I love
I used to wash my face and brush my teeth twice a day and comb my hair and file my nails, and now I can't even get out of bed and shower more than a couple times per month
Should I go back? Am I worthy of enjoying anything? Even if it's worthless like this?
I am so shallow and rotten, I don't know what to do.
I loved clothes and hated life

No. 714499

i see nothing wrong with finding fulfillment in material items but i think it's also very nice just to connect with other people who share the same interest

No. 714500

I'm the same way anon. Sometimes I wish I could connect with people through animal crossing or whatever. I play a bit of sega genesis from time to time, but that's mostly because I'm interested in vintage media.

No. 714503

I post my body constantly on /fit/ and discord and it's become N emotional crutch for me, I'm actually struggling to not do it and it's gotten to the point I had to delete my discord account

No. 714506

It looked normal, it was very light makeup. It's not like I went out looking like a clown with 15 colors on my face.

No. 714507

I missed you horror anon! I think he might be on to you, unless, is he an animefag? They like to use elipses as if it makes some sort of impact, or to imply shyness or discomfort instead of using regular words. But should you post updates in the internet obsessions thread instead? I don’t want you, or any other readers, to possibly be banned for engaging exclusively with this saga. Stay safe and remember to keep boundaries for yourself and others.

I was like you anon. Where you are at now is awful, but you have to come to the conclusion that none of your happiness was ever completely reliant on clothes themselves. From conception to production to consumption, there are many different aspects of clothes that you could have fallen in love with. Even if you cannot buy clothes for whatever reason anymore, you can still be in love with and engage with some of those parts. You can try drawing, taking up free fashion courses online, watch videos on weaving and silk and archaic looming and interviews and runways and the like. Embrace your love for clothes if that’s what you truly feel.
You are not stupid nor bad, but you don’t have to like yourself to be worth liking something you’d otherwise enjoy. Stop thinking of it as you’re unworthy of happiness and instead treat yourself as someone who must be handled with delicacy and discipline so that every day you make the clothes, and they don’t make you.

No. 714509

>>714392 I don't know if you have tried it, but maybe try keylogging him? Also, do you have links to your past updates? :)

No. 714566

this happened to me too only it was new years eve and at midnight my friends dad tried to kiss me on the mouth and held me so i couldn't move away
he was super drunk and probably didnt remember it so i never told anyone but i cried for days

No. 714621

File: 1610695771676.jpg (8.13 KB, 209x234, tumblr_89c9bc9a76a86e05de46091…)

I accidentally scammed a girl on nookazon just now and I'm legit gonna cry about it I've been up late working on my island cause I flattened it for the new year and no one was responding to my offers for a green jungle gym and in my sleep deprivation I accidentally offered this girl 99,000 NMT instead of bells and she DM'd me like "really 99k?" and I was like lol yea???? cause I didn't see I entered the number in the wrong field and she was nice enough to give me the item anyway but I feel like such an idiot and I can't even look at it in my little park.

No. 714642

File: 1610698105378.jpg (13.29 KB, 474x474, 3cdeb3a5985d6071da91990e27560c…)

The first ever present I got from my boyfriend was a silly cascading hearts necklace, I've been wearing this ugly piece of ass every since, but I genuinely hate it, it's been two years…

No. 714643

Message her and explain and offer to give it back ffs

No. 714649

nookazon users deserve to be scammed

No. 714684

Two years is plenty of time, could you stop wearing it? Hint that you want a new one? Tell him you want to experiment with other necklaces? Say you don’t want to damage it because the memory is precious so you’ll keep it in a box?

I felt guilty about gifts I didn’t like too until someone explained that the gifts purpose is to be a gift. Once the gifting is over, it’s just something you own. You’re not obligated to wear it. A gift is supposed to feel nice, not like a burden.

No. 714686

Sell it and tell him you lost it. Then find a necklace you like and keep dropping hints that you want it

No. 714687

I have this intense fear of my body turning into Shayna's. I don't even have her body shape and I'm not close to her size, and I eat healthy. The thought of if instills this weird fear in me whenever I read her thread and I end up looking at myself in the mirror reminding myself that I do not look like her and motivates me to keep an eye on my calorie intake.
Congrats Shay, you are the perfect thinspo.

No. 714696

I've never really had that mind-blowing awesome level of sex and I don't feel bad about it. It's always just kinda been alright at most to me. Ofc I can't say this irl because people will assume I want advice and/or act pitying and condescending but the truth is I'd rather just masturbate as I find it more enjoyable.

No. 714704

I feel like I abuse the confessions and the vent threads way too much, but ever since I discovered them it just feel so goddamn good to just get shit off my chest as they pop into my head, feels even better when at least one anon and I are on the same/similar wavelength.

No. 714717

I pretty much look exactly like Shayna and it still doesn't do shit for my weightloss.

No. 714732

I want to make a twitter so I can shit talk they/thems and complain about shitty brats and transbians invading fandoms. I want to see how long I will last. I know it's dumb and petty but since I've always hid my opinions from others on social media before deleting everything I only got ghosted by my ex online friends because they suspected I was vaguely complaining about fakebois once.

No. 714736

you dont need this kind of negativity in your life. twitter sucks, even when consumed ironically

No. 714740

Can relate, I don't even spam that much but it's very comforting to have a place to anonymously vent, feels better than just writing it down to myself even if I get zero response.

No. 714741

File: 1610713492555.jpg (117.46 KB, 1920x1080, lol.jpg)

i passed a pedobait alt pickme in followers and i didn't even have to post 100 fried hair koreaboo selfies

she acts like she is better than everyone. her best friend is an obese lesbian because she can't deal if a girl looks better than her. spergs out on twitch to get followers for her shitty art that is shamefully amateur for being an art student.
tons of failed relationships with mediocre scrotes she posts cutesy pics with before they go cheat on her.

No. 714750

I lasted one day anon. Good luck if you do make one. Make sure to not call urself shit like "man-eater" because twitter hates it

No. 714756

When I said I wonder how long I could last I meant that I wonder how fast I'll be banned for being problematic. It's just morbid curiosity.

No. 714757

All these confessions about farmers secretly resenting their friends are so unpleasant. Get friends you actually like, anon, resentment will do you no good.

No. 714758

Like i've said, only one day for me lol

No. 714760

My dad would hold me down by choking me or putting his knee firmly on my back making it hard to breathe while he spanked me till it was blue. It happened when I was a kid to a teen and none of my other siblings got it. He would do it when mom wasn't around to stop him usually. One of my siblings would purposefully lie about scenarios so I'd get hit. I'd cry during it but I guess he didnt care. He later tried to treat me like his favorite as if all those years didnt happen. I dont talk about it because everyone remembers him as a good guy but I dont understand how you can go from laying hands on a kid to saying they're the best one.

No. 714761

File: 1610718213779.jpeg (147.98 KB, 1199x674, DCF3BC85-8AE5-43A3-8C37-7B9A87…)

I like wearing vests.

No. 714803

Happy to see you back anon!

I have a few questions for you:

>apparently she has posted a few things that are incriminating about a people on the server, possibly including Discord guy.

Do you know what type of incriminating behaviors was he accused of in those messages? Can you tell us ?

>He also began to suspect that someone on the server is lowkey stalking him

>he dropped the subject altogether

Wait, so does it mean that he is ok with you being stalkerish? You said before that he really craved attention, are you trying to feed his ego to make him lower his guard ?

>His words made me very happy, I couldn't sleep at all while I was thinking about it.

You said you didn't love him, did you change your mind after spending more time with him ?

Anyway, good luck with whatever you are trying to do anon and be careful

No. 714807

meee toooooooooooooooooooooo

No. 714809

I feel like a fake bisexual because I'm not into butch women. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against them, they're just not my type. Hell, a lot of the women wlw on social media gush over are not that attractive to me (Cate Blanchett and Brie Larson especially to be honest) and I feel like I'm not really bisexual and that I have internalized the male gaze for having "scrote tier" taste in women.

No. 714810

what the fuck is wrong with your father? absolutely unhinged. im sorry anon, thats not even just regular spanking, that's torture. i hope you're okay.

No. 714813

I love butch women, pretty much only butch women. And I've been told it's because I must secretly want men lol. You can't win either way

No. 714814

AYRT and yes, unfortunately that is so true. Hell, I've even seen so-called lesbians (albeit on an anonymous forum so it's not that unlikely for them to have been actually scrotes) say butch women are ugly and should just transition to men. It sucks that even as lesbians and bisexual women we keeps judging each other and nitpicking at our orientations when hetero society already keeps doing that.

No. 714819

When I was like 13-15 I was really into naruto fanfiction and ended up finding these fucked up pedo fanfictions on AO3. It did not help that I also looked at loli/shotashit and chatted up 50 year old men on omegle. What the fuck was I thinking? I think I developed a fetish for older men or gross power dynamics because I definitely wasn't attracted to children. I've developed severe guilt over it that I'm pretty sure it's not ever going to go away. Am I completely irredeemable?

I wish I grew up in the 90s because then I wouldn't have had unsupervised access to the internet. I'm pretty sure some creep has my pictures somewhere.

No. 714834

in my early teens i saw this homemade porn made by some girl and it was honestly 100% not meant to be uploaded and shared anywhere, she probably just sent it to one person and he uploaded it on the internet and it still makes me feel so so bad that i watched it, i felt i had invaded her privacy. i've stopped watching porn for years but knowing that i watched something not meant for me at all. terrible.

No. 714835

I switched bedrooms yesterday and planned on dismantling my metal ikea bed frame in order to fit it through the doorways and down the hall, around a turn etc. I went out and bought a set of Allen keys because I lost the one that came with the bed… I bought the wrong ones. The store I was in didn't have other ones. I decided to get a manual saw and saw the metal built-in headboard off thinking it might fit through then.

It took two hours to get my rusty old manual saw to saw through metal. I did it. I felt amazing when it finally came off. I went to drag the rest of the bed down the hall and it fit! Then it just fell apart mid drag.. All my vigorous sawing had loosened and bent screws in other parts of the frame. There's no fixing it.

I ruined my year old bed frame, I hurt from sawing for hours. My mattress is on the floor and Im left with a broken bed frame that'll take up room in my house til I pay for its disposal.

This is the kind of dumb shit that I do

No. 714851

How were you intending to re-attach the headboard after you sawed it off?

No. 714854

I use tinder to get some instagram followers. I've got like 3 irl friends so I try to make my profile look more real this way. The best part is that most of these dudes don't unfollow or send me any messages. I also don't post any almost nude or fap material so it's an absolute win situation for me.

No. 714857

File: 1610733754098.jpg (Spoiler Image, 858.97 KB, 3948x1691, ggfitfd6ujds.jpg)

I confess that f@keboi is my personal cow and a huge inspiration to never get fat

No. 714863

File: 1610734291048.png (1.88 MB, 1912x1052, ef645fe66e320190925055530038.p…)

I hate the little uwu loli races in games (like those in tera or in final fantasy 14 or 11) but the shai in black desert online are so cute and you can't dress them in revealing clothes and I love their huge boomerang and that they aren't super killing machines but specialize in crafting and other skills

No. 714874

I wasn't going to, I thought I would just sacrifice the headboard if it meant that the bed would fit through the door..in the end I was left with nothing lol

No. 714893

Hello there!
Actually, yes he is into anime, but it still took me a little off guard, but I guess it makes somewhat sense since he has stated being shy around women. He has open a little with me tho, so it could mean something in the future.
Also, I think you are right and I should post updates in the Internet Obssesion thread, I don't want to get banned again kek.

I haven't try a keylogging, it does sounds interesting. I don't know if I can do it for now but I'll try to test it some day. Also, here are the links! >>670659 >>701429

Hello ♥

>Do you know what type of incriminating behaviors was he accused of in those messages? Can you tell us ?

The person told us that it had to do with his whole persona being fake, or at least part of it, but they couldn't post the messages or go into detail. I don't know why the mystery but they refused altogether to send me anything on DMs too.

>Wait, so does it mean that he is ok with you being stalkerish? You said before that he really craved attention, are you trying to feed his ego to make him lower his guard ?

Maybe? It seems like if he doesn't really care that much because I'm not dangerous to him. Now that I think about it, he hasn't say anything about the missing girl, even if he didn't like her at all he just seems to be okay with it as long as no one bothers him. But yes, he has indeed lower his guard with me.

>You said you didn't love him, did you change your mind after spending more time with him ?

I think so. I actually always liked the way he talked about his girlfriend, even if they didn't end on a good way (By the way they broke up, I don't think they liked each other that much), and he just seems like an interesting person to talk to, so I guess after reading all of his messages, I kind of developed feelings for him.

>Anyway, good luck with whatever you are trying to do anon and be careful

Thank you, I'll try to, take care!

That's all I have for today, I don't think I can post soon, since he seems to be busy. But still, stay safe anons!

No. 714902

Sorry for samefagging but I think the links weren't posted right, so I'll send them again.

No. 714915

File: 1610739286574.jpg (99.54 KB, 1024x576, gross.jpg)

Same. Those actually look kinda cute and angelic. That's way better than TERA demented loli catgirl garbage. Tbh I'd prefer no loli class in game anyway because it attracts pedophiles.

No. 714918

Yeah to me it feels like these were made to cater to men somehow (ew) and the black desert ones were made for women who want to have an adorable doll like character

No. 714931

I'm jealous of girls who can twerk in a squat jealous of girls who can twerk in general though

No. 715008

Yandere anon you fucking creep me out

No. 715014

I don't think yandere anon did anything wrong, she is just interested in a guy but writes about it weirdly, why is everyone reacting like she's a literal stalker?

No. 715044

I like that style, it reminds me of Crystal Chronicles

No. 715144

When I was a kid I had a big crush on a boy from school. We were really cute lmao and I knew he liked me back cause one time I left a note on his desk confessing my feelings and he whispered to me that he liked me back. But eventually I had to go to a different school and I never saw him again and I was sad for months and never liked a boy again till many years later
Well one day I'm in college and a friend of mine texts me asking if I ever went to X school and I say yeah why do you ask. It turns out that she was talking to her bf and he mentioned he was from [MY TOWN]. And she told him that's cool I have a friend who's also from [MY TOWN]. Then they asked each other some questions and it turned out yeah my friend was dating my childhood crush.
Well I ended up meeting up with them for lunch and stuff and we joked a lot about how much we used to like each other etc.
And ever since that month I find myself thinking about him from time to time and I have dreams where I'm dating and having sex with him and stuff. I don't think that'll ever happen because I would never do something like that to a friend (even though we haven't spoken ever since I dropped out and I have no idea if they're still together) and also I have a boyfriend lol. But it's interesting to think of what we could've been.

No. 715160

she is not my friend. we are classmates and i tried befriending her. turned out to be self obsessed and airheaded. she redirected every topic to be about herself, her makeup her hair or cosplays. made no effort to contact me first or express like of anything i do. when we had exhibitions she continued to only hang out with the fat lesbian and scrotes. her drawings are also fattified anime characters and fanart of scrote streamers. that's all she cares about, and herself.

No. 715163

*express like as in, she would not acknowledge our common interests when we cleared had some


No. 715167

Nta, but why do you still hang out with and keep up to date with her social media then? Idgi, why entertain people you don't like

No. 715169

we are classmates, it's nearly impossible not to overhead and see what is going on. and i can't unfollow her, although i stopped liking posts, because everyone follows each other and it would be offensive.

No. 715174

When I was a freshman there was a senior, the president of the anime club and a self professed furry, who was interested in "dating" me. Nothing ever came of it but I saw him working at a store in our town a few days ago and now I'm having femdom fantasies about him. He's shorter than me, is rather thin, and has curly hair with glasses. Please help me, anons. I want to bully this nerd so badly

No. 715177

I love getting waxed. Not in some nasty fetish sense, but I love having smooth, hairless skin. Unfortunately I'm also a lazy bitch, so yeah I'll totally pay someone to do it for me. I just get to lay there and ramble for an hour while someone does the grooming for me and it takes a good month for the hair to come back in noticeably. I think I miss waxing more than I miss hanging out with my friends.

No. 715206

File: 1610777157761.jpg (16.23 KB, 400x400, L4b1guuv_400x400.jpg)

5 years ago my online friend from abroad was telling me about a party she was going to attend later that week, she was in uni and just started drinking so I was kinda worried but also excited for her. A few days goes by and I think it was the night before the party, maybe two and I had this dream that felt very different to my usual dreams, too vivid yet regular? I was on some boat, a mini yacht you can rent out for parties, with the multi colored lights on deck, there was this sense of claustrophobia around me, I felt like I was watching a movie and was not actually there. On some isolated part of the deck there was my friend and some tall, nerdy looking bearded dude, I swear to god I can't forget that face even today because he was an odd mix of nerdy and low key buff. It looked like a normal romantic moment but everything just went quiet, before I could hear music, the waves and now all I could hear was a man's voice that kept repeating "she doesn't know I am gonna rape her".
Called my friend after I woke up trying to explain the best I could but even before I got to the part with the guy in it, she was scared of the fact that I knew it was going to be a boat party. She asked me if the dude looked like this and this and it sounded exactly like some new friend she and her housemates had made. Told her how I knew how crazy it sounded but they needed to know and I hoped they wouldn't go and they never did go, thank god.
As I said, I can't remember if it was a day or two before the party when I had the dream but anyfuckingways, the day after the party, my phone was full voice messages from my friend. A girl from her uni got fucking raped by that dude, on that same fucking boat I saw in my goddamn dream. The girl had almost died because this towering fuck had strangled her, then left her but not on the deck, somewhere else, never was really too clear. I still get those kinds of dreams but I am fully aware how psycho it all sounds so I rarely talk about them, but they always feel distinctly different from normal ones.

Tldr; apparently i am a rapist telepathy machine

No. 715210

I think I may have some type of mild depression but I don't tell anyone out of embarrassment.

My boyfriend has no idea how many times I have cried on my many sleepless nights while he was sleeping. He almost caught me once when he gave me a half-asleep hug and notice that my face was wet. I just told him these were tears for yawning too much, and he bought it.

At least now he's not here, so I don't have to lie

No. 715216

Holy shit anon…

No. 715218

Tfw no male shai available yet

No. 715220

I had colitis and the best feeling in my life was in the ER they gave me really crazy muscle relaxants and all of my joints cracked at once and everything felt so fucking good… I live in chronic pain in general so that moment was like an orgasm to me. I think about it a lot and really want them strong muscle relaxers again for relief

No. 715223

Very sad to hear about the victim but I’m glad your friend was safe. I believe you. It’s weird I’m not really a mystical person and I don’t believe in ghosts and stuff but several women in my family have had prophetic dreams before. Some of the most striking ones I remember: My grandmother dreamt of a volcano erupting and sure enough the local volcano went off the following day (luckily we did not live close enough to be in danger). My mother had a nightmare about someone stalking her sister/my aunt when she was a nurse and called her the next morning in a panic begging her not to go to work. It was later discovered that one of her coworkers was murdered on her shift by a killer the police had been trying to find for a while. Big coverage in the news and everything. My own dreams haven’t been as impressive but I have had a few occasions of dreaming about the details of friends and exes’ lives which turned out true. For example I’d known one friend about a month and dreamed of her in a relatively cozy scenario, relaxing in log cabin with a prominent river nearby and an older man who drove a specific make of vehicle. Told her about it and she said her family had a vacation spot exactly as I described and her dad still drives the same car I saw. She was pretty spooked but impressed and I was just like I don’t know dude, weird stuff. Can’t explain it but interesting to think we might have some odd ability like this.

No. 715235

after allowing my body hair to venture into sasquatch territory I finally shaved, it's so relieving

No. 715271

i replied to one of blaire white's tweets calling him a typical ugly man with a big fat male brain and telling him he has big manly feet and was banned within like 30 minutes

No. 715288

I love browsing Romwe. I'm so sorry hardcore anti-fast fashion anons.

No. 715318

I was overweight for 15 years. I went through a million diets, losing some, gaining even more, a seemingly neverending circle. Finally, a year and a half ago I decided to change everything, I started working out and eating healthy and portioned meals, a complete lifestyle change, and a couple of months ago I hit a healthy BMI for the first time in almost 2 decades. And now I'm finding myself internally judging every overweight person I see. As soon as I see someone heavier than me, my brain goes to insult mode and I can't control it. I feel like I'm a bad person and I don't know where it's coming from when I of all people should know how hard it can be, and how hopeless I felt so many times at my inability to commit to a change. I am full of pride, and vanity, and nastiness, and I hate it.

No. 715344

This is how people often feel when kicking a bad habit, ex-smokers scoffing at current smokers are the clearest example.
I don't think it's pride or anything like that, I think it's a mechanism not to relapse. Those that are closest to a threat push back hardest against it.

No. 715356

I have an anime girl dress up app that I've probably spent between 2-3k USD on in the 4 years I've had it. It's one of those "gacha" style ones. I'm finally accepting that I need to go cold turkey and I'm going to delete it from my phone and never look back after I take some screen shots of them in my favorite outfits.

No. 715367

What app?

No. 715370

Moe Can Change

No. 715406

We most resent the traits we see in ourselves

No. 715415

You'd fit in perfectly with a good portion of the amberlynn/foodie beauty hater community. Ex fatties sperging at current fatties.

They're always the ones that go nuts under every vid or that create multiple accounts to spam pig emojis in a live stream for two hours. Whenever they actually leave longer comments they talk about their own weight loss or about how they are still fat BUT not as fat as some people lol. Seems to be a weirdly common cope.

No. 715428

You should post the outfits

No. 715430

I had an ex who cheated on me and left me for the mistress. He helped me to move house 4 months after the split and we fucked that day. I saw it as a type of closure for myself. I wanted to prove to myself that cheaters keep cheating. I know I'm the type to really ruminate over old shit so doing that helped me get over the whole 'he left me because she's better than me/he cheated because I'm not attractive' lie that I would otherwise be torturing myself with for eternity. It sounds petty but the guy had such a raging temper that I never could even confront him about the affair that devastated me. I never got any remorse or honesty out of him so I stooped to doing what I thought would help me deal with it. I spent those previous 4 months being civil and rising above him regularly rubbing his new love in my face. He bragged about how wonderful she was and clues slipped out that he had secretly holidayed with her and her kids months before we split.

I hated being that person that always rises above people doing unfair shit. I hated seeing an affair made out to be a love greater than any other love. He wanted me to be happy for him…I was getting STI tested because of his risk taking and lies and he wanted me to listen to him brag about that new love feeling?

Last that I saw they were still together, she was recommended to me as a friend on FB and I peeked. Her last post was an image with text about how 'before you call your lover toxic, check yourself for toxic behaviours' I can't even imagine what that's about. Dude had a habit of somehow making you feel like the bad guy while he trampled on you, Fun times that still stick with me.

In summary, I stooped to a tit for tat solution and I have mixed feelings on how I handled it. After I moved he sent me gifts in the post probably panicking that I could easily tell her what happened. I don't plan on telling her, I never did it with that intention.

No. 715437

I hate the smell of cigarettes, everythning about them and think they should be banned but I still think it looks cool in movies/shows/games etc when someone smokes

No. 715438

Eh, as long as you don’t say any of those comments out loud it’s okay doesn’t pretty much everyone think of fatties as disgusting slobs anyway

No. 715509

I used to be a 32 inch waist chan.

No. 715541

Same anon. I have periods where I strongly hallucinate the smell of cigarette smoke, for absolute no reason. It lasts for days even weeks sometimes and it's torture. I still think they look cool in movies and stuff, as you've said, but absolutely not worth the smell.

No. 715542

I have emotionally abusive tendencies, but whenever I catch myself on this and apologize to my partner, he claims that what I've done isn't abusive and that the behavior is just "annoying" or "confusing." At this point, I don't know whether I'm being too hard on myself or he's just oblivious.

No. 715543

Fattie here and can confirm I think other fats are kinda gross men more so than women

I actually dont date other fat people and am only attracted to thin or fit girls (maybe a little thick) but trad attractive body standards. It's just feels like a confession or something because it's kind of shallow especially giving that I kind of have a double standard that I have to be the fat one

No. 715545

I don't think that's a problem, as long as you stay grounded and acknowledge those women you like have the right to their own tastes too and are perfectly entitled to not find you attractive.

No. 715546


I never got into that game as much as the boys version. Post outfits

No. 715548

I can't help but look down upon women who get married to scrotes. There's literally no benefit to doing so. My opinion of a woman lowers when I find out she's been married.

No. 715550


Basically im realistic and on online dating i never list myself as "curvy" because thats dogwhistle for ham planet. Ive never been a healthy weight but ive been "less fat" in the thicc range but ive had weight issues my whole life so i feel like id be catfishing (fatfishing?) If i was thinner and wasn't honest about my history with my ED.

I only don't discriminate at work because i had a boss who told me she paid me less and kept me in the back bc i was fat and the most fucked up part was that was the thinnest id ever been and by most peoples standards i was "thicc". So i actually experienced real whole ass fat phobia…

Im sure sperg ex-fat anon can relate that the most fucked thing about losing weight is getting treated like a human being by the general public. I also had some of the same sperging as them and still sperg on HAES shit even when im fat. I think it just hits different for us who have worked to lose it before on how its possible through small changes

No. 715552


Heteros I just take it as a disease affliction and a side effect of heterosexuality. Bi women I see it as a downgrade and inferior choice ….especially if she took his last name… Bleh…

No. 715555

>Basically im realistic and on online dating i never list myself as "curvy" because thats dogwhistle for ham planet. Ive never been a healthy weight but ive been "less fat" in the thicc range but ive had weight issues my whole life so i feel like id be catfishing (fatfishing?) If i was thinner and wasn't honest about my history with my ED.
I'm sorry anon but this sounds like some "I'm fat but I'm not that fat!" cope. I don't even have anything against fat people but atleast own it.

No. 715557

Not to tinfoil, but you sound like that febfem anon from the vent thread lmao

No. 715558


Omgggg i thought the same!!! I was in that thread too

No. 715559


Maybe I didn't clarify. I am currently fat. I have been "unfat" before. I don't know if my rambling made sense

No. 715561

Oh so you're saying that you don't want to list yourself as curvy incase you lose weight? That makes sense. Sorry for the misunderstanding lol

No. 715570

I don't get how taking a man's last name in marriage is any more patriarchal than keeping your father's? I like my husband way more than my dad, so why wouldn't I take his last name instead of keep my dad's?

No. 715573


You didn't pick your last name. You can choose to take a moids name. The structure is patriarchal but ending up with a name by fate of birth is different than choosing to be a scrote's tag along.

Keeping your maiden name is based

No. 715587

Do you only feel that way about women who get married or women who have boyfriends as well?

No. 715618

I keep craving eggo waffles but I'll never satisfy the craving because I'd be too ashamed to be seen buying them

No. 715627

File: 1610835980690.gif (1.8 MB, 437x245, tumblr_d8c6d54008b486dee775e28…)

I was regretting breaking up with my boyfriend a few weeks ago but now I'm pretty glad. He was a few years younger than be and was kind of insecure. He was constantly reposting that stupid fucking 'women aren't funny' IG meme on every video that featured a woman, wouldn't like my art on social media but liked selfies of girls he didn't like, would interrupt whenever I tired to start conversations with him and was constantly shutting me down on everything. He even admitted that he though I was smarter than him and that he was jealous that I knew what I wanted to do in life with a vague implication that he resented me for it.

No. 715629

I kept my name when I married, two years into my marriage I essentially got ghosted by the guy who had acted perfect up til that day. Then I got one text. I personally was pretty glad that I didn't change mine or have to change it back. You can end a marriage with a text message.. changing my paperwork back would've been shit given my state of shock at the time. He left me to deal with a lease we shared and all sorts of shared responsibilities got dumped on me. It was one thing I didn't have to fuck around with at least.

If you hate your dad or hate your previous name I can see the appeal though.

No. 715635

Only sees value in women when they are being sexy and not when they joke, not when they talk, not when they have a talent.. can't let women feel good about anything that doesn't serve his dick. Cool I think I would scrub at any part of my body that he touched

No. 715647


Scrote is abusive… Tale as old as time

No. 715664

It sounds like so instagram witch thotty but what can we do really? Wow, you, your grandma and mom sound badass, I don't have much family who I could ask about this stuff but at this point, I only tell people if it concerns them some way. At one point I knew of all of my cousins's and sister's miscarriages, pregnancies and the sexes of the babies before they had known or told anyone. It's good to always write them down as well, one time I had a few separate dreams where I somehow felt like I was a baby (it's crazy I know) and just felt a burning in my lungs. Tried to think who the hell has a baby could be that sick, called my grandma and she basically hung up on me only to call back to tell that a relative's newborn was just going in to some lung/stomach surgery. Fucked up, I don't really count death dreams but my grandma died 5:20 in the morning and I woke at 5:25 after seeing her in a dream with my already deceased grandpa, so when my mom called in the morning I told her I think I already know. I think that's a fairly common experience as that can mostly be explained by you already knowing someone was sick and all that, subconscious stuff.

No. 715808

But what if you don't want your father's last name because he sucks and you want to take your moids name because he's good to you and you'd way rather feel like a last name sharing family unit with him than your dad?

Yeah, we don't choose our dad's last name. I didn't choose to have his last name and I don't want his last name. He sucks. So, how is it more patriarchal for me to CHOOSE to take the last name of my husband, who treats me really well and I love dearly?

Maybe women should just be able to choose what last name they want without theur decision being inherently judged?

No. 715974

I finally got my first job because I got tired of being useless and pathetic and I actually want to do something with my life

I feel good

No. 715977

>It sounds like so instagram witch thotty

no it just sounds like you're mentally ill and think you're special/different from the other girls.

No. 715984

The part that plays on my mind with this is that divorce rates are high, the best relationships still have an expiration date and so you're taking on a man's name knowing that the majority of relationships do turn sour eventually. Its statistically likely to be a name you want to drop again in future which leaves you with switching back to your dad's name. Either way It's always some mans name and its based on that old shit of your dad owning you until a husband owns you.

Im divorced and I'm surrounded by friends who are struggling with coparenting because their love turned so sour they can't bare having to talk to the guy anymore. They made babies while feeling confident that they'd be together forever and forever ended two years later. That's the harsh reality for alot of people and it makes me question when we'll start taking our moms names more. Half of us are named after absent dad's and not the moms that actually raised us. I just question it all

No. 715985

In some countries there's a law that you can only change your surname for a good reason, which for women is usually either marriage or being named nothing short of Adolf Hitler. A lot of people with shit surnames change theirs to their husbands' just to get rid of their old ones, or because their husband's name gives them some other benefits. It's not really so black and white.

No. 715990

Nta but are prophetic dreams really normal? These anons seem different to me tbh

No. 716006

Same here except I actually like the smell…

No. 716011

File: 1610880046966.jpeg (39.58 KB, 462x480, 8AB05B87-043F-48F0-A892-6FB0F9…)

A lesbian friend from the past hit me up recently, she wants to be a man now. I saw this coming for years tbh, she has all the traumas perfectly lined up.
I might link up and may or may not be truthful about my TERF shit. Idk she seems happy atm and I don’t want to be that bitch. She’s respectful and keeps to herself, the exact demographic of FtMs my terven witch heart has a soft spot for. Also she’s really cute. I hate being a dirty liar to someone like that…

No. 716018

I just want a cute man to be giggly/affectionate and cute with me the way I see lesbians doing it

No. 716068

Get yourself an emotional support twink

No. 716073

Does she at least know the long term effects of T, or did she believe the "magical no side effects" lies?

No. 716075

File: 1610891552881.jpeg (144.14 KB, 1300x956, FABDA0B6-C679-429F-94E9-076995…)

tfw you'll probably never cook something wonderful with your hot tanned chef bf joking with you during the process

No. 716079

Sorry this is unrelated but that one curl in her hair is so perfect, I can't stop looking at it

No. 716101

File: 1610896302169.jpg (116.52 KB, 1140x861, kfc.jpg)

that reminds me of that terrible KFC romance movie
you should watch it to scratch the itch

No. 716200

bitch my sunday night just got a whole lot better thanks to you!!! lmao i didn't know this existed

No. 716243

this is great kek, thank you anon

No. 716264

I got a bug in my ear one time, and I've been super fucking paranoid since. Sometimes I imagine (or atleast I think I'm imagining?) sounds that it made or what it felt like. I can't sleep without putting tissue in my ears. I never actually got the bug out (even though I poured water, vinegar and alcohol into my ear when it happened) so I have no idea if there was actually a bug in there.

No. 716316

I’m so fucking scared of being red texted

No. 716489

I stole a girl's sticker album in 4th grade (in around 2002).
It was one of those albums with special paper that let you stick in your stickers and take them out for trading or rearranging your collection. She had so many stickers I wanted but of course, she refused to trade them with me. They were really cute, some were fluffy, some had glitter on them and some had cute characters of 90s shows.
On the way to the school gym I faked having forgotten my sports clothing in our classroom and while no one was in there I took the chance to steal it out of her bag. The next day, she told everyone she lost her sticker album so she got a new one. Everyone donated a few stickers to her but of course they weren't as cute as her old ones.
I now had all these cool stickers I couldn't ever use or trade away or else everyone would know that I took them, and the girl now has a sweet memory of her friends gifting her many new stickers because one asshole stole her favorite sticker album.

No. 716498

I remember finding stationary album that some kid left on a sill in my kindergarten and wishing I could steal it… or at least a few stationary pieces… but I was too much of a pussy sadly.
I feel bad for the girl from your story since I am sure she was super sad about the sticker album. On the other hand, speaking as a kid that was denied cute stickers by her parents, you kind of lived my dream.

No. 716501

Don’t feel too bad, anon, you were a kid and she also made some really nice memories out of it, even if she was sad for a while.
Like, that was some kid’s movie happy ending shit and that’s quite the silver lining.

No. 716505

ive had a massive crush on my boyfriend’s brother for too long and it’s eating me alive. im keeping my distance but holy shit i feel so guilty.

No. 716514

as someone with a sister i find this revolting tbh. i couldn't imagine having a bf have a crush on her. just break up with him

No. 716520

Sounds rough anon. Seems like trouble if you don’t deal with it now.

No. 716532

File: 1610937531230.jpg (485.74 KB, 816x816, 20201215_222922.jpg)

I keep fantasizing about my coworker. I can't help it. We've been working similar shifts for awhile and I can't take it. I find him incredibly attractive and I know he thinks I'm hot. Whenever we're alone I feel the tension between us.

It makes me feel shitty because I'm married.

No. 716533

I can't help but be proud when other anons appreciate my posts. Even better because it's anonymous and no one knows who I am, so it's definitely the post itself they appreciated. Or didn't. In which case it's still ok because they still do not know who I am so it must be because they genuinely disagreed and not just personal vendetta.

No. 716534

File: 1610938061258.jpeg (269.85 KB, 1009x1152, 64D9D450-F429-4C7C-B0B4-70DF88…)

i meet up with people from the internet in hopes that one of them kills me.
more specifically 4chan.

No. 716536

noooo anon try and do something more refined if you wanna die! meet and fuck a celebrity instead, you'll get an sti and wanna kys

please do not actually do this for the love of christ

No. 716542

Are you the anon who fucks men from /soc/?

No. 716544

I have come close to doing the same. Actually, i'm in the process of doing so lol.

No. 716550

File: 1610941230698.png (761.33 KB, 800x1000, 4B14C0B7-91C4-4B87-8581-3C54F8…)

I refuse to fuck them ever, I just meet and sometimes drink then go home. I've been offered to fly out, but I'm a pussy bitch about that one
It's a small hope I hold on to, I'm so fatigued with life anon. I wouldn't recommend it but be careful because a lot of these people only want sex and it's gross.
I'm sorry anon

No. 716551

No that's me and I hate myself

No. 716608

nta, how do you have the guts?
I'm miserably lonely and bumble is yielding nothing

No. 716693

I was sick today and I met up with a scrote. I hope it was covid I and gave it to him and he suffocates in his sleep.

No. 716719

NTA but I have done this twice in the past. That is my confession. I am still ashamed.

No. 716722

I am a huge MBTI fag. I've delved into multiple systems stemming from MBTI for like 5 years now. I'm borderline obsessed with MBTI and the 8 cognitive functions. It's gotten to the point that I type people the minute I meet them and then continue to think of them as that type from that point onwards. Like, I'll be talking to someone and there's this big alarm in my brain screaming ENTP ENTP ENTP the whole time they're talking to me. It's actually quite distracting and sometimes I lose track of what the person is actually saying because I'm so fixated on their MBTI type and whatever cognitive functions I think they're displaying.

I swear I'm not autistic, but I'm starting to think this is some kind of anxiety/obsessive compulsion thing and I really wish I could stop. My partner is the only person who knows that I do this kek

No. 716724

Same here!! I type everyone I meet as well haha. But I have been having an identity crisis lately, and I'm doubting whether I'm an INFP or not (the descriptions are too positive to fit me and also I'm not sure if I have Ne at all)

No. 716726

same here anon, i lurked for 3 years before i responded to anything and i still feel like people are gonna tell me to learn to integrate

No. 716728

My deepest condolences, but it's comforting to know I'm not the only one with this problem. I've narrowed my type down to either ENFP or ENTP and have fluctuated between the two for about two years now, so I think at this point I can at least confidently say that my dominant function is Ne.

I am a sad, retarded clown.

No. 716734

File: 1610957666713.jpg (64.02 KB, 640x636, duke-spoon-t-1610470175.jpg)

Seeing this dude appear in the bridgertons completely took me out of the show, I didn't even know there was drama around the diverse cast, It's just weird seing a black man play a duke in regency era england.

No. 716735

Same. I take MBTI seriously and after I learned about it more in-depth, I eventually came up with shortcuts to type people. Sometimes I feel a bit too judgemental but nobody knows anyways.

No. 716739

I'm always impressed when I type someone and then they end up actually getting that type on any of the shitty tests. It's usually only men when this happens, which I find interesting. I was typing as ENFJ/INFJ for years because I'd convinced myself I'm really empathic and good at reading people, when I'm actually not and actually just dissect people's personalities and analyze their behavior like a fucking autist. I wonder if women in general are more likely to mistype because we're afraid of admitting to ourselves that we don't conform to certain stereotypes expected of women.

No. 716754

Sometimes I wonder how much of this is for woke points and how much is "historical accuracy"

Don't know shit about the show or history

No. 716756

I knew nothing about this show and genuinely thought this guy was supposed to be black. I've made a quick research and it was not the case at all. As someone who loves history and accuracy I really hate when they insert diversity when it's clearly out of place in the setting it's meant to represent. I'm not even white but that bothers me to the point I won't be watching this

No. 716757

I thought the whole plot of the show was really boring (apparently based on a book but whatever). The character that took me out the most was the Queen. Her being not white was just way too unrealistic for me even tho the whole cast was "color blind." Her character as a whole was weird to me, like how she wanted to pair up Daphne with the foreign prince (why was she so up in their business, doesn't she have better shit to do?).

No. 716760

Oops, apparently Queen Charlotte may have been biracial so nevermind lmao I wasn't familiar with the real queen at all actually.

No. 716761

The show is not meant to be historically accurate. Like, at all. It doesn't even make an attempt to be historically accurate in the least.

No. 716763

It doesn't take a historian to see that this show is more of a Regency-themed costume party than a period drama.

No. 716768

I did this and ended up making a best friend, falling in love, and realizing I wasn't unhappy but rather in unhappy circumstances and turned my life around. Be careful!

No. 716771

at least he's hot

No. 716778

I have this intense fear of bald or thin-haired, pale men with blue eyes that wears metal t-shirts.
I know it is extremely specific, but that is how both the pedofile that raped me and my abusive ex looks like. Luckily no one in my circle of friends looks or know someone that looks like that (at least well enough to bring to gatherings or parties).

No. 716783

I wish somebody loved me as much as Varg seems to love his wifey

No. 716788

>I wish somebody loved me for my value as a powerless teenage broodmare who agrees with everything I say

No. 716793

File: 1610965212279.jpg (69.61 KB, 431x493, 1551653725915.jpg)

I've been getting way better results in dating since I stopped trying to control my mental illness and straight up sound scary and unhinged on dating sites.
Judge if you want, but if you want advice, act like Gus Fring from breaking bad, I think fear and intrigue make them act better
All my shit gets paid for and they always text back

No. 716794

When you say it like that I change my mind but he still seems to love her a lot regardless of the nature of his love

No. 716796

big kek anon. Do you have exemples of the thing you say ???

No. 716798

I second this!

No. 716810


These are from various profiles, I have duplicates and shit, some of it sounds cringe, but I swear to god this is what I say, so
And keep in mind, I am literally mentally ill and refuse treatment, so, I dunno how much of it is this and how much is the atmosphere I generate, but these are some lines form some profiles I have:
>I like a lot of alone time.
>I'm a night owl, essentially nocturnal. I easily adjust my sleep pattern when I want though.
>I like to keep things laid-back. Life itself is taxing, tedious. I'm not looking to add more stress to myself. I suggest you do the same.
Once you start talking to them in person, always be busy. You're making important deals. When you go out with them, always change the time. Whatever time they suggest, you move it by at least an hour. I think moving by hours instead of days works better.
Also don't move your face from the eyes up.
Practice walking like Gus too, that shit is disconcerting, like he's gliding and calculating even his breathing.
I think the most important thing is to always look like your calculating, like full-alert but not high-alert. Always thinking.
Don't be afraid to make unwavering eye contact
Also when you text, never give single words, but do keep it short and vague, vague is good for mystery points I think
The characters I basically skinwalk when I'm dating are Gus from breaking bad, Ana Spanakopita from bojack horseman, and if I'm manic and feeling good, Wilfred from Wilfred, Wilfred is significantly different from the other two, and you usually get funner pushovers with him, like guys who want a manic pixie dream girl that they're afraid of

No. 716811

thirded kek

No. 716813

I don't think this is as cohesive as I thought it was, I do a lot better on the fly, like if you could give me a message to write a real-time response to

No. 716816

Also never let them actually see your phone

No. 716819

idky but your choice to emulate Gus Fring of all characters is sending me. I totally approve though, seems like a fun way to deal with moids.

No. 716822

oh my god anon I love you this is too good ( and way too inspiring ).

No. 716823

This just sounds like that Dark Triad shit red pill guys tried to LARP kek

No. 716826

>seems like a fun way to deal with moids
Oh my god, it's seriously the most fun I've ever had with a guy, I can't recommend it enough, thank you thank you

never heard of it, I think larping on dates should be an exclusively female right

No. 716835

Do you think this would work on a job interview too?

No. 716837

seconding this question, also have you tried it in a class setting ?

No. 716838

To be fair, exuding confidence period does always help at a job interview, but I couldn't say I know if this exact profile works

Oh for school it's perfect, I literally started doing this in high school and kept it up through college

No. 716839

You are the GOAT, I swear.
How did you come up with this? Why Gus Fring?
Can we count on you to drop by with some date stories?

No. 716840

When your were at school, were people afraid or did the aura od mystery attracted people ? Also, is it a good way for people to leave you alone and rspect you as the same time ?
Asking for a friend of course…

No. 716843

>Ana Spanakopita from bojack horseman
I'm fucking dying

No. 716845

she grabs them by the dick

No. 716850

lmfao thank you
So I was bullied pretty bad in school, but I got to transfer part of the way through my freshman year, and I was like, I am not wasting this opportunity,
Gus Fring was the coolest character I could think of lmfao, I dunno, I was like 14, I had read this story on /r9k/ about this kid who accidentally avoided getting bullied in school by shadow boxing and running the track whenever there was free time and refusing to talk people, like getting up and leaving if someone sat by him, he didn't realize what he was doing was making people wary of him, he was super autistic and pretending to be Vegeta
And I'm super fucked up, so I picked my mans Gus lol
People were definitely afraid of me in school, I went from getting pretty badly bullied at my original high school to nobody wanting to fuck with me at the one I graduated from
It attracted some people which I didn't really expect then, but I think people really do gravitate toward anything they don't understand, people are naturally curious, so the less you let them know, the more interesting you seem
But the cool thing about the people it attracts is that they like the mystery, so you can keep it going forever if you just don't tell them anything, that's a big part of what I do with dating now
Just don't talk if you don't need to, and if you do need to, don't be afraid to take time to think, go ahead and pause a long time, just be sure to make eye contact the whole time. That shit messes with people
It really boosted the hell out of my confidence too, and eventually self-esteem, like I said, I basically skinwalked him, so I started standing up straight, washing my face twice a day, dressing really nice
I started typing a story, but it was extremely long-winded, because seriously keep in mind, I am considered not mentally well, so I don't know if all of this would work the same for anyone else

I've literally done that. More than once, don't actually recommend it lmfao, it's hit or miss

No. 716856

You know what, fuck it, I'm going to try your method. I basically have the same profile as yours and it can't be worst that what I'm doing right know (being autistically aloof in a very un-cool way ).

Thank you for sharing your story anon. Feel free to share any other interesting story, it's really entertaining and fun !

No. 716857

shine on, you crazy diamond

No. 716863

idk how healthy is all that but honestly, love you and your confidence, anon.

No. 716868

File: 1610972471943.jpg (142.24 KB, 1140x1110, 1583392152946.jpg)

Good luck anon! It's definitely better than being unhappy, that's for sure

Thank you thank you, lmfao

No. 716876

As someone who followed him during his transformation this is pretty funny

No. 716932

I look down on the vast majority of lower class people. I've tried really hard to fight off that instinct my entire life, but I just can't help it and I'm not going to bother lying to myself anymore. I think it's just an involuntary natural impulse that success driven people often have, because the idea of settling for mediocrity is so repulsive to us.

No. 716935

I know this is confessions but go fuck yourself. Majority (ingoring junkies) of lower class people cant get out of it even if they were to try being oh so ~successful and driven~. Too bad class can't solve ignorance kek

No. 716937

I look down on people like you. Your stupidity and ignorance is showing, darling.

No. 716946

I think it's humbling to realize that the only thing distinguishing you from a lot of people is that you could have undisturbed school years and normal parents that gave a shit about you. And I say that as someone who had those things, but I don't fool myself into thinking that I have superior brainpower.

No. 716951

I love how on a site where it's totally acceptable to shit on people for their weight, addictions, mental disorders, and pretty much anything else under the sun, everyone gets so triggered the second anyone puts even a fraction of that same energy towards economic class. It's pretty transparent why that is. Y'all can dish, but not take.

No. 716952

>I like a lot of alone time.
>I'm a night owl, essentially nocturnal. I easily adjust my sleep pattern when I want though.
>I like to keep things laid-back. Life itself is taxing, tedious. I'm not looking to add more stress to myself. I suggest you do the same.
These don't sound cringy at all. Sounds normal actually.

No. 716962

>I think it's humbling to realize that the only thing distinguishing you from a lot of people is that you could have undisturbed school years and normal parents that gave a shit about you.
I didn't have those things. I was born to trainwreck teen alcoholic parents who never matured past 20, and I actually had such bad grades I had to drop out of high school. When I was older, I learned the importance of self-reliance and went to community college then transferred for my bachelors. This mentality that any successful person must be a normal middle class white person from a totally stable family, who puts them through school is part of the problem. When you tell entire demographics that they're incapable of success because the starts aren't aligned 100% in their favor, you're just discouraging them from reaching their full potential.

No. 716965

It's not that everyone in middle-class came from middle-class parents, it's just that most people that were can fart around for 20 years and still not fall off. Pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps is a huge effort and even most middle-class people wouldn't be able to do it, but they have safety nets. Survival bias seems to be strong in you.

No. 716972

I get turned on by the crime scene pics they show in documentaries. Something about the wrongness of seeing that much blood & the kind of dread of 'something really bad happened here & someone did it on purpose'. Knowing that irl serial killers exist scares the shit out of me sometimes so I tell myself it's just my brains weird way of coping but it's still pretty disgusting.

No. 716975

How old were you? If you wasted a big part of your life you're still behind people your own age, so it doesn't mean shit. You've already lost the race.

No. 716978

What would you say if someone made the same post but about race?

No. 716981

Tbh >>716932 anon sounds like some boomer/gen x. Millenial and younger have to lie about any fuckup on their school/work history to get anywhere. If you're not the steroetypical middle class person, or a moid who can just get rich from trades, then you only have a slim chance of beocming middle class.

No. 716982

I guess this is me being a sperg but I don't like it when vidya lore states some characters' heights and sometimes even weights but the in-game models don't match those measurements! Keeping things consistent and proportional is very important to me in general, more so so than symbolism or stylisation.

No. 716988

What if someone is disabled and can't do anything about their situation?

It's not necessarily about class. Middle class families can be as dysfunctional as lower class ones. Money certainly helps but I'd argue that having loving supportive parents is just as important.

No. 716999

I'm not a neet but I think most on here are neet or just average, 'success driven people' browsing here is a weird thought.

No. 717001

File: 1610990848447.gif (3.47 MB, 500x207, 1609504791215.gif)

No. 717003

It's the same old recycled bait all the time too

Welcome to lc, the hangout spot for success driven people

No. 717004

True, but my point was that people from her generation who weren't behind like her look down on her, so she doesn't have bragging rights.

No. 717012

Dated my last bf for 3 years. Only a month or so into dating he said "I love you". I never said it back that day or in the whole 3 years that followed because I didn't love him and I didn't want to lie. I was waiting for the feeling to kick in.

When he broke up with me I tried saying it to see if that'd stop the break up. It didn't work. Turns out he had been cheating for half of the relationship so I guess he lied half the times he said it anyway. I don't know why I dated someone for that long when I never started to feel love. I don't know why someone who is cheating would throw the word around so much either. What a mess.

No. 717013

the only men im attracted to are video games characters, sometimes anime guys

No. 717015

Anyone else not have a best friend? I feel like a loser. I have friends I am close to but not anyone I have that connection to. I’ve had two best friends over the years and eventually fell out with both. One from childhood and one from college. Even though the fall outs were justified I can’t help but think that maybe I am the one with the problem.

No. 717016

There's a lot of people that throw these words around without actually meaning it. If he ever felt guilty about it he probably tried to act in love all the time

Which videogame characters?

No. 717017

I'm still in my 20's, make 100k a year and have 300k in stocks and savings.

So yeeeeah, not "behind for my age" lmao.

Money doesn't change your entire personality like people think it does.

No. 717018

what about women?

No. 717023

File: 1610993504718.jpeg (219.13 KB, 824x934, geralt.jpeg)

i want geralt to destroy me
and just spent like the last 3 hours writing a geralt fuckfic via aidungeon

No. 717032

File: 1610994140003.jpeg (30.13 KB, 275x207, D3B1FBC7-6574-4F21-8B87-62756D…)

this is my first confession that i actually feel deep shame for but i think abby brown’s bf bosshog is slightly cute nowadays days, personality excluded
i disgust myself

No. 717034

>>707795 god i was the complete opposite but considering it was due to being a complete shut in, isolated child who's entire social circle was online friends and found 4chan and tucker max books when was around 13 years old. I try to not to blame myself but it's hard when I only forcibly weaned myself off of the crazy train when I was around 19 years old because I saw that
A) hating my own gender to the point I was wishing I was a guy
B) All my humour was just cruel, edgy and vile.
C) Desensitized to EVERYTHING. Including cp, gore and everything in between
C) When the 2016 election happened I was on the full blown trump train because of the "LOLs and fuck everyone this is funny"
D) Had a very unrealistic view of the world, politics extremely skewed/thought i knew everything/super anti sjw
E) Basically was turning into the hispanic version of a coon/uncle tom
F) Just a very mean spirited person

and that was without even interacting on the 4chan boards themselves, I just lurked for years but even then I was still getting influenced heavily.

No. 717038

File: 1610994797650.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 174.65 KB, 749x1056, 9AED3B57-D8ED-43EC-9E6E-F8373D…)

I absolutely know that feel.
i just want to have awkward sex with him

No. 717071

30-year-old here and my ex seemed like an intelligent, creative guy when we first met. The longer we stayed together the more often he would pull out his racist/sexist/homophobic “humor” and while I’m hardly the type to clutch my pearls my reaction was basically, “Bro I haven’t heard anyone think this was funny since I was in high school surrounded by 13-year-old edge lords trying to sound important?” I and literally everyone in his life who gave a shit about him warned he pushed the envelope too far and it was obvious it wasn’t actually a matter of comedy for him but just being a developmentally stunted asshole who really did want to believe he was better than everyone else. I was only ever a Catholic schoolgirl at that age and didn’t even like to swear so it was quite a shock to encounter again many years later. Dude grew up on 4chan and clearly some people never grow out of it. I’m glad to hear you got yourself out of all that much sooner! It’s understandable as a kid trying to figure themselves out. For a fully grown man, not so much.

No. 717091

Just wanna have drinks with him and talk conspiracies while he shows me his gun collection and tries out new patriotic makeup looks. We could've been bffs. :((emojis)

No. 717101

He look like he doesn't pay his bills

No. 717108

He does not.

No. 717109

patrician anon, back at it again kek

No. 717125

Isn't he bald

No. 717143

posting another confession in less than 24 hrs, save me.

I am horny again and watching men suffer is my dream, so I've been doing efindom and efendom and I haven't even showed my face. Feels nice.

No. 717146

Will you be my girlfriend and/or tell me how you do that xoxo anon

No. 717154

today I ate spaghetti for breakfast, dinner and supper and I feel good

No. 717178


No anon she's my gf now.

No. 717179

File: 1611014744429.jpg (28.69 KB, 567x567, EFaO1TMXoAABXje.jpg)

You think i will just back off? Like a coward?

No. 717190

File: 1611016008112.jpg (49.77 KB, 600x885, Weird-Fashion-Funny-Dress-Phot…)

teleports behind you If anon cannot pick then we must duel to the death as the prophecy foretold

No. 717192

File: 1611016488846.jpeg (353.79 KB, 1242x1217, 1575514968905.jpeg)

So shall it be then

i simply slay u

No. 717193

File: 1611016890959.jpg (91.75 KB, 1024x513, Three-Women-Together-1024x513.…)

Alternative ending we all end up like this

No. 717197

>it's my turn to cum on the balloon animal cat / woo anon

No. 717210

My wifes

No. 717251

was casually looking through my personal insta account where i follow all the people i went to high school with basically, noticed one girl i was pretty good friends with throughout had dumped her boyfriend she was engaged to and had a new one. so i look out of curiosity.. she's dating my almost 40 year old cousin. and she is 19. we both graduated only 2 years ago, same class. now i know why 2 weeks ago, my cousin was EXTREMELY hesitant saying a word about having a girlfriend. like, he had legit weird anxiety when my mom joked about "sooo you have a girlfriend yet??"

the cherry on top? this girl is posting selfies, of her in "little space", wearing motherfucking PINK TODDLER ONESIES. she is the stereotypical overweight, awkward chubby adult ddlg "little". and the almost 40 year old man tagged in these photos of her sucking binkies and wearing imitation-baby clothes? my much older cousin. posting this here because if i told my mom, or my father, it would just be fucking bizarre and they'd gossip, talk etc. but it is genuinely shocking. i had no clue that by innocently peeping at this used-to-be high school buddies account, i would… discover this. fucking gross

No. 717253

I don't see how you're not more grossed out by your 40 year old cousin acting like a literal predator.
>inb4 "well I didn't say I'm not!"
I'm just saying your tone is way more focused in on the girl as if your cousin must be a prize.

No. 717256

you must've severely misread my tone then, or maybe my typing is shit because i literally JUST found this out. the entire thing is simply shocking to me not at all because of HER but because of finding out that my cousin is a weird fucking coomer and it just so happens to be this girl from my class lol. i would not call him a prize by any means, obviously

No. 717260

Just observing a lot of harshness directed at the girl and not really much about the cousin. Calling him older didn't really convey what you thought about his coomerness.

No. 717263

she basically called him a pedo. jfc the state of this.

No. 717288

Fuck that's scary, glad you're not with him anymore and thank you, I'm honestly lucky otherwise I would be a complete moron by now. Has your ex changed at all or grown up since then?

No. 717299

Boyfriend wants to live with me but is so smooth about it Im afraid I won't realize when we're ready to get married or something. I love him so is great but but my dreams to study abroad seems so far away :( they were far before bf so is ok) anyway even if I'm in love I don't care that much because I just wanna get better at my career so if I find myself living with him one day nice! But what I'm focused on is career

No. 717333

Do you want to kick the habit? making a private account seems like indulging it tbh, only makes it worse because you think about it more.

No. 717346

I had a really vivid dream where I was all over an old friend of mine. Now I want him to fuck me so badly. I've also had an on and off crush on him for the past three years.

No. 717347

I have both a journal and a private account and one day plan to axe the latter, although I also might burn the former. why is it so hard to keep these thoughts entirely contained?

No. 717485

The Cider House Rules movie makes me feel so uncomfortable.

No. 717495

i can't cope with my appearance anymore so i've started prostituting to save for plastic surgery and if i still don't look good after having my eyes, lips, nose, and jaw fixed i'm finally going to rope. the worst part is i keep hoping i'll get my face bashed in or lit on fire by one of these guys so i have an excuse for being ugly, i don't wish any pain or harm on other people i find unattractive so why do i always think about how i want to be severely injured or killed for looking the way i do? i'm exhausted and i wish i could've been born before mirrors or cameras were around.

No. 717502

Anon why do you care about your looks so much. Especially during corona where you anywhays go nowhere

No. 717504

If you're already prostituting at least spend these money on some therapy first

No. 717505

what the fuck anon please get some help

No. 717534

This is super petty but a part of me will never forgive my friend for crying about her bf at my birthday when we were 16. Now it's the only thing I remember about it and it's not like I had the chance to celebrate a lot when I was a child.

No. 717538

I’m not a radical feminist anymore. I got into HBD stuff this year and it makes a lot of sense to me and it kind of pushed me away from radical feminism to a less extreme form of it. I’m certainly not a libfem but I’m not the unironic Valerie Solanas Lorena Bobbitt stan I was before.

No. 717544

What is HBD? All I get from google is happy birthday, lol

No. 717546

File: 1611061202813.png (9.58 KB, 421x119, Screenshot_2021-01-19 human bi…)

it looks like a slippery slope to eugenics

No. 717562

Most het-attracted women don't stay in radical feminism for long because it goes against their love for males and causes them to have cognitive dissonance, which hurts their fee fees.

No. 717564

Eugenics is a good thing. We don’t need any more retards in the world.

No. 717566

Nothing needs to exist. Embrace efilism.

No. 717586

how did that have anything to do with being straight?

No. 717587

Not with being straight on its own - because there are straight female separatists - but a lot with acting on your orientation. If males are oppressors, dating and sleeping with your oppressor can (and should) cause some cognitive dissonance. That's why most "radfems" leave after they're done with their rebelious "radfem" phase.

No. 717599

lesbians on this site just don’t understand how women can not agree with radical feminism and just blame it on le dick worshipping

No. 717600

It'd be funny if it wasn't so sad. They find a guy they think is nice and say radfem is too extreme, and gush about him nonstop. Then in a few months get slapped in the face with reality when they find out hes just as shitty as all the others. Most don't accept reality tho and just go back to making excuses for men, back on their male validation addiction.

Some do have a brain and cut it off, but they're constantly whinging about how they've been betrayed and are such a victim. Both are ultra cringe.

No. 717609

does it not occur to you that some people change their minds? i don’t even date men.

No. 717614

I'm not even a lesbian. And as I said, there are straight (and bisexual) separatists. Assuming it only comes from those bitter evil lesbians seems a little homophobic
The majority of women don't have any strong convictions in their lives

No. 717619

That anon did not even mention anything about her sexuality.
This is right, but tbh it's just radfems in general, not lesbians.

No. 717643

File: 1611071438766.jpg (72.32 KB, 768x768, 1559490585403.jpg)

I ship myself with dozens of anime characters and all my OCs are giga-sluts. I don't post them online but I think it's funny how fandom autists get upset at people who do the same thing. I'm stealing all the dicks and no one can stop me.

No. 717645

You dont have to be separatist to be a radfem, anon. Sure, it helps, but its not at the core of the movement.

No. 717651

ok edgelord

No. 717656

I'm more turned off from radfem as a community than an idea honestly, just because of the type of women I find in it as the loudest voices. Like we have this pretty great radfem journalist here in my country, and while she shits on men, she talks and describes her son in a way that makes my incest radar break, because he's "oh, so much not like other men" because he was raised by her. I'm really not comfortable recommending her to anyone, even though most of her pieces/blogposts are great.

No. 717665

I agree that the problem with radical feminism isn't the theory behind it but radfems themselves. A lot of it just seems to devolve into gate keeping and ideological enforcement.

No. 717670

she's right tbh. raising and living with a retard is hell, especially the male ones. some of them are outright molesters and can't control it.

No. 717736

I larp as badger sometimes

No. 717740

Sometimes I use my hairbrush to brush my dog’s hair after brushing my hair.
I also share my nasal drops with my family.
I like to lick some plates when I finish eating something delicious that I cooked, when I’m alone of course.

No. 717746

I love my normie office job. When I had to work in an office in listened to podcasts all day, and now that I work from home I watch tv all day in my pajamas while I work.

No. 717748

I derive my self-worth from the few threads I made on lolcow that are still up and running. My grand masterpieces etched in the cloud for all eternity. Someday internet historians will dig through lolcow's archives and they'll find my threads and whisper, what brilliant mind did come up with this?

No. 717750

I briefly knew a guy a few years ago who was a furry and an abdl diaper fetishist with an interest in both wetting and messing them. He was in his mid-twenties and didn't work so he lived at home with no plans of changing that. His parents had seperated so he lived with each of them at one point but settled with his dad. He told me he had outed himself to both his parents because he refused to hide his adult diaper wearing from them. He dressed up as a baby at home and would shit himself. He spent all his benefit money on importing massive diapers with cartoon designs on them. He paid nothing towards bills.

He was bisexual (would probably fuck ayone or anything tbh, I was glad he had no pets) and in the short time I knew him he was waiting on STI test results after a gay hook up left him itching. Guy was so many levels of messed up and he had no filter about telling near strangers like myself or telling his parents his every kink.

He got a boner one day while we were talking and had to draw my attention to it thinking I'd magically want sex. Everything about him screams autistic right? One day I brought up me thinking that I might be autistic (a lie) just to bring the subject up. He told me that his sister has autism….but not him. He has a family that is familiar with autism but somehow this adult baby furry diaper lover neet was normal while his sister had an autism diagnosis?

I'm just glad he never forced himself on me because it appeared to be heading that way. I don't whether to blame his parents or pity them.

No. 717753

I know right, I’ve only made one thread but I love seeing it thriving.

No. 717757

I don't think anyone cares if you do it. They care more if fat manchildren on twitter do it and then fill the fanart catalogs with their pairing.

No. 717769

File: 1611082210604.jpg (229.23 KB, 800x800, 1605566000632.jpg)

i id as lesbian irl despite finding anime men/yaoi/2d cock sexy.

No. 717770

I love having secrets. It started out as a coping mechanism when I was a kid and then became a habit. I'm fascinated by people who lead double lives for decades, although I'm not on their level kek. I mostly hide harmless things, just like any other person, but if it hurts someone they deserve it anyway.

No. 717771

It's like seeing a small plant flourish into something amazing. May your thread live on forever and ever, fellow lc thread maker.

No. 717772

Congratulations for coming out as bisexual

No. 717783

you can id as a febfem anon

No. 717788

I avoid reading too much about the cows posted anywhere so I don’t start seeing them as real people.
I prefer thinking they’re just characters from some shitty reality show.
I don’t like feeling empathy towards them.

No. 717790

that's why i gravitate towards cows i have 100% zero empathy for (like onision).

No. 717795

That explains why many threads are full of anons who try to give advice.

No. 717801

Because you're the exact worst kind of poster on this site. You can't just laugh at cows, you need trauma fodder to justify yourself.

No. 717805

chill lesvbian

No. 717807

they're just drawings so i don't think you count as bi unless you're attracted to any men irl. good for you anon

No. 717808


>justifying yourself on lolcow dot com

No. 717821

I'm not really moved by childhood trauma, but I find it hard to laugh at something like real anorexics. But that one girl that just eats overly sugary snacks and calls herself anorexic is hilarious, so I just skip past the actual ana-chans.

No. 717822

Trisha Paytas inspires me. When I turn 30, I'm going to be in a cringy emo band of my own. She don't give a fuck and that's pretty cool.

No. 717823

I'm 32, closeted. Have had 2 relationships with men. One was 4 years long and entirely sexless from beginning to end. The next featured me trying to get out of sex any way I could and him coming close to breaking up with me constantly over the lack of sex.

Single now, in my 30s and never going through that again. Feel like I've traumatised myself and wasted my twenties on trying to keep up the appearance of being normal. All while secretly losing my mind.

So why now am I so consumed with the urge to tell my dad? Why did I put myself through all that if I were ever going to risk telling him anyway? I can't stop thinking about it. The impulse to just text him is nagging away at me every day.

No. 717841

Truly the dream

No. 717852

I'm really scared of men and I don't know how to stop. I haven't even been thru anything traumatic, so idk why I feel this way. I'm more attracted to women anyhow, but I still don't wanna be scared of half the population.

No. 717860

Do you view a lot of anti-male content, or go out of your way to read about bad experiences women have had with men? I mean, you're on this website, so I have to assume both are probably the case. Do less of that and see if you still feel the same way.

No. 717862

Yeah, now that I think abt it, I kinda do.. I'll stop. Thank you for the advice.

No. 717868

I have a cringy kink. A girl called be a dumb bitch one time and I jerked off to that later that night. I hate my stupid gay ass.

No. 717875

>Has your ex changed at all or grown up since then?
Nope, it's actually one of the many reasons I broke up with him and cut contact. He lost other good friends because of it too. Constantly "joking" about how refugees deserved to die, black people are just intelligent apes and women are less competent at everything compared to men. It wore on the few quality individuals he spent time with so that they never lasted long. It's upsetting how long I stuck around; it was abusive so I was in a fog anyway, and somehow he always had a way of qualifying it as if there was some rational thought behind it. Like "Oh I don't really mean this applies to everyone in that group, of course not. Just the really nasty people who deserve it!" But it was like who made you judge and jury of all these strangers you don't even know? In the end he truly was just a bigot who got off to bullying oppressed groups.

No. 717879

>jerk off

No. 717880

> Do you view a lot of anti-male content
nta but it's kind of sad that you're basically telling her to stop focusing on all the shit men do. The news are riddled with it and I don't even actively look out for it. In fact I see way less anti-male (lol) content here than going through daily news in my country.

No. 717881

aaaaa I don't know what to do now…

No. 717883

Fear is a gift. Use it to learn something beneficial like self-defense. Forcing yourself to ignore instinct isn't going to make males any less of a threat. But it is counterproductive and unhealthy to sit on lolcow all day and be scared passively.

No. 717884

I think the goal would be to recognize that men are dangerous but also know that you shouldn't go through life constantly living in fear. Take precautions, be aware of your safety, don't be overly trusting with men. But don't hide in your home forever either.

No. 717886

>In fact I see way less anti-male (lol) content here than going through daily news in my country
Fucking exactly.

No. 717888

Okay, I Think I got it now. Thanks!

No. 717890

After a while on here it had a similar effect on me, I visited a lil less and also just worked on chilling out.

Then a neighbour I had been friendly with got overbearing and creepy with me… closely followed by an incident of a guy I think using a pickup artist routine on me. I had this ongoing harrassment and then this once-off harrassment and realised there's a balance to be reached tbh.

No. 717893

NTA but any tips for what to do when I was feeling that way before any of that?

No. 717902

I hate everyone who is nicer to me after losing weight. Glad I don't have to see people regularly right now because it's really messing me up.

No. 717905

Go into details anon? I've got a lot of weight to lose so I'm curious about your experience

No. 717975

Same with me but with masks covering my uggo face.

No. 717988

me too anon, I feel like I'm catfishing people by not showing my weird nose and chin

No. 718013

I am attracted to men with higher pitched voices, singing or talking. I love a good male falsetto. A perfect example of a voice I'm attracted to is bbno$ in Lalala. I just think it's cute and I dont experience any attraction to deep voices.

No. 718015

This isn't bad at all. I'm the same way, it's just who you're attracted to.

No. 718022

This happened for me when I was 14-15. I lost maybe 12-20 pounds and noticed more people took the time to hold a door open for me kek.
There's a chance people were also nicer to me in general at basic service places but people increasingly did hold the door..

No. 718043

this might belong to another thread but
the fds, femcel and pinkpill subreddit might be privated because of me
>post there frequently for 5 months or so
>during that time work was monitoring our traffic
>i didn't know how this works so i kept doing everything
>get death threats and harassment on reddit
>think it's only incels being scrotes, nothing special as my posts are fairly popular there and other girls on the sub are getting them too
>people at work coincidentally act weird, make feminism, sex and abuse jokes
>one person asks me if i'm a farmer
>i thought he meant i smell bad
>get literally sexually harassed
>pickme gives me poisoned food
>think nothing of it, people being dicks, nothing new
>be burnout insomniac at the time, so can't puzzle it together
>keep shitposting and telling my sad femcel stories
>make up stories inspired by my and friends shitty exes as cautionary tales
>comfort girls, make jokes about and encourage confrontation of abusive scrotes
>people at work ask if i had been abused or if i hate men
>i think it's because of my hair and generic feminist posts on socials
>friendly coworkers coincidentally keep leaving the place
>people infiltrate voice chats, sub goes private
>get a feeling to delete my account
>decide not to, who would care, that's right
>post about my pedo exs, abuse, lazy coworkers, toxic friends
>people at work are suddenly quieter and nicer
>boss coincidentally comes to check up and urge bums to work harder
>suspect my reddit is leaked but decide to keep it because it's popular, and remember that nobody cares so it's impossible they read it
>group chats are alarmed and start privating all female subs
>starts shitposting in edgy threads instead just to test it
>admit people at work are on drugs, sell drugs, tell about the harassment
>people don't make jokes about this, should've gone for flat earth instead
>people at work try to sell me drugs and obviously stolen things
>workplace gets shutdown for 2 weeks, pretends to be for business
>lots of things happening, i quit, i forget about the account
>lose access to it, lots of hacking happening, delete it

No. 718051

Male acquaintances/coworkers are suddenly much more eager to hear my opinions and to offer help. My boyfriend's family is 100% nicer to me, mainly his brother-in-law who seemed like he would avoid eye contact with me before and would constantly talk over me. My grandma isn't berating me for the first time in my life and wants to praise me and post my pictures on her FB kek. And just compliments from people I would see all the time who never complimented me ever. Idk I just really, really hated myself before and all this "positive" attention just reaffirms how gross I used to be. I still feel uncomfortable with my body in general and hate hearing about it I guess. That's what I get for carrying weight in the most unattractive way for a few years.

No. 718064

Jesus, anon. Reading this freaked me out.

No. 718072

I didn't understood anything. Your coworkers all knew about your posts on those subs and then what? I lost it

No. 718075

same here wtf was the point

No. 718083

I had a dream that a hot tall butch lesbian was feeling me up and started fucking me and I haven't been able to let it go.
I'm not even into butches at all.

No. 718084

Talking about voices, Markplier's and Corpse Husband's weird me out. They're too deep and give me an uneasy feeling when I hear them. I like soft voices usually but once met a guy that had a fucking nice somewhat deep voice that made me sooo weak

No. 718089

TLDR Anon got her workplace shut down because she shatpost on reddit.

No. 718091

this site is so anachan and nitpicky that I started feeling like a freak, forgetting that irl my body type's seen as normal and cute. I don't want to boast; I'm no model. Mainly it worries me how many others here might think they are hideous when they aren't. Posters here criticize body features that are fine and good to normal society. That's my biggest problem with lc

No. 718096

I know this response won't help much, but ignore the ana-chans. The rest of us think they (they as in, specifically the ana-chans here, I just feel sad for the non-farmers anorexic people. think they are freaks, especially the ones that post in the ana thread and call recovering anorexics fat and shit. I don't blame you for feeling that way, LC hasn't affected my body image (if anything it's gotten better but not cause of this site), but I have developed a lot more of a negative mindset.

No. 718097

one time my dad pooped in the neighbors yard then lied about it

No. 718101

I could never relate to anons who blame lc for their self image, why would you take targeted vitriol and apply it yourself. I must have pre-existing issues to work on if I can’t help internalizing remarks about a cow’s nasolabial folds. When I see posts about how ugly Elle Fanning is I just think about how mentally ill and possibly seething trannies those anons are lol.

No. 718105

If someone said that they knew their bf fantasized about a threesome with them and their sister, everyone would say that's fucked up. Why is everyone encouraging anon?

No. 718115

A lot of anons here are hypocriticalwhich is one of the reasons I think it's bad to base your opinions off of shit you see here and feel like if a women does something that automatically makes it ok and it's not as bad. It's fucking gross either way. I'm not a scrote btw, it's just how I feel.

No. 718116

femcels my dude

No. 718120

I'm having a massive meltdown and this made me pause for a minute and laugh. Thank you anon

No. 718123

How would you posting on those subreddits at work cause them to shutdown? Regardless next time don't browse those places at work because I'm sure they can see your browsing history, just use your phone on data to browse Reddit. On a similar note I'm 100% sure that I got a pinkpill ban evasion subreddit banned the other day. I discovered it from somebody's post history and it had been up for about a week. I subscribed and then switched tabs for 5-10 minutes, went back to start typing a comment, then as soon as I click the submit button the subreddit was banned. Reddit admins must be stalking my account.

No. 718126

it's different

No. 718128

How? I find it disgusting. If I unironically fantasized about having a threesome with my bf and his brother, especially if I found his brother attractive, I would break up because my boyfriend doesn't deserve that. That's some coomer-tier scrote shit.

No. 718131

moids deserve nothing but the worst

No. 718132

Nta, but even if you believe that, imo it doesn't make women who fantasize about gross stuff like that better. You don't have stoop down to get revenge or whatever on men.

No. 718136

Why can't she fantasize? Her scrote is the issue for jerking his owm bro off.

No. 718138

No one is saying she can't, but fantasizing doesn't stop the fantasies from being gross. Her boyfriend, and the brother are nasty, and it's still nasty to date a guy who jacked off his own brother although anon did admit herself it was disgusting

No. 718141

You do you anon, if I found out my bf was fantasizing about my sister and I in a threesome, immediate dump for me.

No. 718143

Thank my dad

No. 718148

No. 718151

because i talked about coworkers being lazy, crazy, using and dealing. they can't fire me for that. boss probably got mad at me for saying those things or the others for reading and spreading all that. if the entire place gets along because they are enjoying my writing and trying to get written about (why the inappropriate jokes became so common) or purely hating me for it because they don't understand, it is logical to only get rid of me. maybe the whole place sold drugs. and of course i don't use other people's wifi or reddit anymore.

No. 718153

he probably is

No. 718173

That's weird as fuck. Is her bf from Alabama or some shit? I have an older brother and even if I was male I wouldn't touch him with a 39.5 foot pole. Anons pretending this is fine probably don't even have brothers. And OP being turned on by incest with two real life ppl is being gross as well.

No. 718180

39.5 foot pole is my favorite grinch reference

No. 718183

Can confirm, this veggie is super delicious

No. 718187

I've id as bisexual for a long time now but I've recently realized the only men I've ever been attracted to were from anime and video games (and not even realistic ones), and I don't think I'd be able to date a guy. It's making me question a lot of things about myself.

No. 718230

I like manga that are a bit rapey, the worse the better.
I of course hate it in any other kind of media, but I guess I've read so much manga in my life that I have gotten sort of desensitized when it comes to just that specific medium.

No. 718344

I hate that most people seem to think that getting braces is for aesthetic reasons only. Before I got them my back molars barely touched and I struggled with chewing flat food like salad. I can chew properly now. God bless orthodontists

No. 718362

I used to be anti trannies but now I fully support it. I like it merely for distorting what gender is and mudding gender roles. Even if some trannies try to mimic and push gender stereotypes they fail so I don't see it as a threat. In fact, a lot of GC women seem to have this suburban soccer mom attitude that angers me more than any tranny would. Whatever is anti natural and anti tradition is great. I hate anything conservative, I get this irrational hatred that's likely due to growing up in a conservative family with traditional values. Scrotes seething over potential trad waifus turns me on. Men being degenerate and jerking off to trannies turns me on too. I want utter collapse of tradition. Break their minds and crush their spirits.

No. 718373

No. 718374

You sound like a retarded guy

No. 718378

the word chimp makes me laugh

No. 718385

so obviously male

No. 718389

The chaotic attempts at justification mixed in with degenerate kinks was a wild ride
I have dreams about destroying of gender roles too but I hoped we could get there through listening to women and fashionable androgyny instead of closing women's support services and sterilising gay children but that's what I get for being a libfem

No. 718390

trans people are killing gay children ?? how is that legal???

No. 718393

oh wait, that's not what you meant. I'm dumb, sorry.

No. 718399

I used to reason kind of like you. Then, I noticed that trannies are only "anti-traditional" in the sense that they're openly porn-addicted coomers and/or self-hating gay men. They're extremely traditional in their violence and crime patterns (especially regarding sexual assault on women and children), how much they don't see women as actual human beings, their incel mindsets, etc.
In fact, many "normal" trad men are closeted bisexuals, and they all watch porn in these modern times, so what actually sets the two apart? A pair of thigh-highs, some horse piss pills and an extra helping of attention whore disorder? The fact that one LARPs as a Catholic trad man, while the other LARPs as an anime catgirl/plastic surgery bimbo? Fuck off lmao.
"Distorting" gender for these people amounts to strengthening its oppression on women, and making it so we can't talk about what we deal with (or even our physical existence). Discussing FGM is now "transphobic", and being an actual lesbian is bad because it excludes men. Gay children are just untransitioned straight people, and not 100% conforming to gender stereotypes means you can't "really" be a girl or boy. That's not "utter collapse" of anything, unless you just want a clone of your conservative dad that happens to wear a dress and a pair of cat ears.

No. 718400

>I like it merely for distorting what gender is and mudding gender roles.
Trannies don't do this though, they perform the most traditional and stereotypical gender norms because they want to emulate their 'ideal' of the other gender. Drag queens are more gender defying, trannies are just delusional LARPs that try to reinforce 'blue=boy, pink=girl' level bullshit.

No. 718407

No, I'm not. And why would a male, especially the type to browse imageboards, be anti traditional gender roles and against conservative opinion?
> I have dreams about destroying of gender roles too
That's sadly never going to happen, not in that way. Society doesn't care what women think so you need to have men pretending to be women to do that for you. The extreme progressive left is the only way no matter the dammage. I was left bitter after hanging in GC circles for a long time upon realizing that most of those women (and some /pol/tards pretending to be women, they're easy to spot) were traditional right leaning women that are against changing gender roles and cling to them tight. The same type of people that I absolutely detest. There's a reason why /pol/tards like radfems.
No woman is ever going to be safe from men even if trannies were legally killed and their numbers reduced to 0. The point is that traditional conservative men will have less issues hindering women from reaching their potential. A tranny, as violent as they are, still adhere to some progressive ideals that do benefit women as long as you can avoid the mentally ill group. I'm not just being pro-tranny. I want the whole progressive package. Break whatever is deemed as female and male.
Trannies may perform whatever traditional roles and push stereotypes but in the end, they're a lame copy of whatever they're imitating. They'll never be a threat in that sense and that's why they're so fragile because even one wrong look, one wrong word is enough to break that illusion they've set up for themselves.

No. 718417

i unironically like sonic

No. 718418

File: 1611164802626.jpeg (1.58 MB, 3024x4032, Screenshot-emilia-decaudin-2.j…)

>No woman is ever going to be safe from men even if trannies were legally killed and their numbers reduced to 0.
But think how much less safe we will be when we're considered bigoted for not letting men into homes for female abuse victims, female bathrooms, dressing rooms, into our beds, etc.
>traditional conservative men will have less issues hindering women from reaching their potential.
Not if they can just put men who wear wigs and dresses in positions meant for us, and claim they're empowering women. We're already seeing this happen, pic related, Emilia Decaudin, the "female committee member" who deliberately removed a rule that ensured a democratic party would elect a female leader.
How many trannies, even "sane" ones, acknowledge the sexual violence committed by their own kind, or the pedophiles in their ranks? The answer is zero, because they don't give a fuck. Why is Eli Erlick not cancelled? The only reason a handful of them even cared about Jonathan Yaniv is because he became a huge public figure and made them look bad.
They are men, through and through, and they've managed to trick some women into thinking supporting them is progress.

No. 718424

I mean, the majority of women are, unfortunately, completely fine with traditional gender roles, including "GC" women and even radfems (I saw it many times with self proclaimed radfems). They just don't want their men to watch porn and use prostitutes because they're jealous (it's not even that they care about women being exploited), and they don't want their men to abuse them, but besides that they're fine with "traditional" gender roles. It's natural to straight women. In scandinavian countries, despite the most gender equal school system, girls don't want to choose STEM fields and they choose typically femininine careers even more often than before. That's because when you give people more freeedom, they will choose what's natural for them, and most straight women are, naturally, more interested in professions like nursing and teaching, where they can care for others and socialize, and men, generally, prefer to work with objects, not with people, they prefer to build things etc.

I think nothing illustrated those natural tendencies better than the Kibbutz experiment:

"The documentary 'Full Circle' summarizes the change in the women's view of equality on the kibbutz. The original Utopian goal of the founders was complete gender equality. Children lived in the children's houses. Freed from domestic duties, women participated in the industrial, agricultural and economic sectors alongside men. However, in the 1960s, while the rest of the Western world demanded equality of the sexes and embraced feminism, the second generation of kibbutz born women began to return to more traditional gender roles. They rejected the ideal achieved by their grandparents and returned to domestic duties such as cooking, cleaning and taking care of children. Today, most women do not participate in the economic and industrial sectors of the kibbutz. They even embraced traditional marriage. Women often played a major part in this transition, often framing their arguments in terms of what they saw as the "natural needs" of womanhood and motherhood.[36]
Statistical data proves that the majority of women work in the service and domestic sectors while men work in the production sector. According to data from the 1940s, gender equality existed neither in the domain of work nor in the area of politics in the kibbutzim of the time. For instance, in 1948, in eight kibbutzim of the Ihud, a kibbutz federation with a pragmatic socialist orientation, 78.3 percent of the women worked in services (services for adults, child care, education) as compared with 16.7 percent of the men. That same year, 15.2 percent of the women worked in production as distinct from 58.2 percent of the men. The situation was the same in political life.[37]"

You can try to force "equality" but it won't work. I don't like it but that's just how most heterosexual people are. GNC people have to fight for themselves but we can forget about ever being seen as normal.

No. 718432

I mean the whole "STEM is for women" initiative is a failure from the concept level. A know a whole lot of slavic women who got technical degrees, and they often don't even get the mentality behind this slogan (but they're still very traditional in the sense that every woman MUST have a husband). I think saying "oh, it's OK, you can also come here and study with us guys, we don't bite" to young girls is more terrifying than saying nothing, and makes you feel like you're some kind of retard.

No. 718450

You have no idea how happy I am to have found someone who understands me, nevermind shares the same thougths. I feel sane that my words resonate with someone. Maybe I should have posted my confession in the unpopular opinion thread but yes, I'm aware that we're in the minority and in a way, it's a lost fight. I can't stand the status quo anymore. It permeates at the very core of our (western) culture and despite all the talks of being advanced and civilized we're still hovering near the start and women are the net losers as always. What baffles me is that so many women embrace it and even encourage these gender roles and these traditions that hurt us in the long term. Is biology so detrimental? Are we never going to be free from our reptilian brains? It's a lost cause but it doesn't make me any less frustrated. If I can have these traditional conservative people seethe and clutch pearls, at least I get some entertainment out of it. I just wish things didn't have to be this way.

No. 718451

Shitty STEM culture has nothing to do with it? Women in any male-dominated field will tell you how much it sucks and how their opinions aren’t taken seriously.

Besides that, even the most liberal boomer parents probably raised their kids with fairly traditional gender roles. It’s not as simple as “hurr women like to be social”

No. 718453

Have i…read this exact post here before?

No. 718456

Okay but theres a difference in gender roles in agricultural societies and ones in hunter-gatherer soceties. Thats an entire conversation that just increases the subjectivity of this discussion

No. 718459

it seems kinda familiar lmao

No. 718463

>even radfems… just don't want their men to watch porn and use prostitutes because they're jealous
I don't know what radfems you've socialized with in the past, but I would argue that they weren't actually on board with the ideaology if that's the case. Every single radfem I've known is against porn due to the fact that it causes incredible mental and physical damage to women and is often at the center of human trafficking scandals, not because they're "jealous." In fact many radfems just aren't interested in men at all anymore and are pro separatism. Really couldn't care less about men's interests.

>In scandinavian countries, despite the most gender equal school system, girls don't want to choose STEM fields and they choose typically femininine careers even more often than before.

Yeah this study was performed by researchers who previously wanted to claim women were less biologically capable in STEM fields. When that didn't work out due to the fact that women are outnumbering men in many scientific fields and outperforming them on standardized STEM tests, they decided to change their tune and are now trying to claim women just aren't interested due to our biology. Their measurements were sketchy and claimed improperly, plus the "GGGI" they were using to determine a country's gender parity is also sketchy, considering it ranked fucking Rwanda at #6 a couple years ago.

>the Kibbutz experiment

Do you actually know much about this experiment or are you just trying to use the results to support your subjective argument? Judaism was still at the center of the community and taught women that they all had something called innate motherhood. "Given deplorable living conditions and high child mortality, breastfeeding and no other modern system—which might have relieved women of this 'imperative duty'—was unanimously adopted as the only means to ensure the survival of the suckling, thus de facto creating a rigid gendered division of labor." It's not quite so simple that you can just claim "tHe WoMeNs WaNtEd It" without taking into account the many external and central societal factors that affected things. If you actually want to learn more, read this: https://jwa.org/encyclopedia/article/kibbutz

You really do sound like a scrote trying to throw baseless "facts" to convince us that women are all catty tradthots at heart. If not, you need to think critically and look deeply at more data and various resources before making assumptions.

No. 718465

i hate looking at myself
its pains me so much to know that having severe acne literally ruined my fucking face
everytime i look into the mirror i cry because it looks so horrible and disgusting
it never gets better and the dermatologists arent helping either
maybe i am fucking destined to be ugly and alone

No. 718468

>They just don't want their men to watch porn and use prostitutes because they're jealous (it's not even that they care about women being exploited)
I haven't seen a single radfem not care about the exploitation. It's nearly all they talk about, because coomers are constantly ignoring and downplaying it.
In fact, coomers are also the main people who try to make everything about "jealousy".

No. 718470

This is 100% either a scrote or a delusional handmaiden

No. 718475

So are there proofs that women, on average, are JUST AS interested in traditionally non-femininine activities as men? Because I only see implications that they are not.
I've spent 7 years on radfem tumblr and I talked to lesbians who had radfem channels on youtube or radfem blogs but don't want to associate themselves with radical feminism anymore because it's full of lesbophobia and deep rooted handmaidenism. The few "actual" radfems I knew became separatists.

No. 718477

I'm glad I'm not the only one here
What differences? In hunter-gatherer societies women and girls are also treated like trash and "femininine" activities are seen as lesser. I'm so done with the romanticized image of hunter-gatherer societies


No. 718478

Yes, this scrote has been shilling this agenda in the unpopular opinions thread too

No. 718482

I've been banned a few times for shitting on straight handmaidens and radfem discussion in general, and you call me a scrote? If I was a scrote I'd say that it's a good thing that women are, on average, more prone to certain behaviors, but I don't think it's good. I simply think it's not something we can change, and not something that straight women WANT to change and I'm not interested in taking part in feminist scam anymore; feminism is just couples therapy for straight people. Separatists (regardless of orientation) and ex-feminist lesbians have completely different goals than straight women, and I'm one of them.

No. 718484

It's true there are currently less women in STEM as a whole, but your point centers around women choosing what is "natural" for them and as >>718451 stated, there's nothing natural about girls being raised in highly gendered societies and being told they aren't suited for the field and/or being penalized when they do go into it.

"even women who had selected math-intensive majors had difficulties in associating math with themselves because they associated math with the male gender"

"A study among secondary school students in Switzerland… math and physics were either negatively associated with female or positively associated with male gender. In contrast, chemistry was the least gender stereotyped because among female students there were no significant associations of the term chemistry with either gender term and among male students no negative association with the term woman (Makarova and Herzog, 2015). These findings are interesting in light of students' preference for their subject of specialization in secondary schools in Switzerland (FSO, 2019b) showing that chemistry is chosen almost equally often by boys and girls, whereas math and physics are largely avoided by girls as subjects of specialization."

Boy howdy, color me surprised that girls are just as likely to go into a field when it's not heavily skewed toward a male gender norm! How "natural."

No. 718487

Anyways, it's not that deep. I don't wet myself when they're in front of me, but I had a fantasy. That's all. Harmless. Something I would never admit to anyone outside of a anonymous board. Hence the point in posting in the confession thread. And no i'm not defending it, i know it's wrong but that kinda the whole point of this thread???

No. 718488

> because it's full of lesbophobia and deep rooted handmaidenism
This. The radfem and GC community started off great but it got hijacked by SAHM and handmaidens and other trad leaning women. Whenever there was a talk about some tranny the discussion would soon digress into how women are like x and they behave like y. I might be against trannies in sport but I heavily disliked when the GC women online wouldn't stop at that, the discussion would divulge into, "Well, women are naturally weaker and more frail, lack coordination, are less capable blahblahblah." I swear, it's like a huge percentage of mumsnet decided to infiltrate the GC sites along with conservative men that you could easily tell which sites they crawled from. Not to mention the many instances of subtle lesbophobia which was the last straw for me. I got the impression that despite GC people claiming they're against trannies enforcing gender roles, they were doing the exact same thing just more covert. But that's only after the GC movement gained lots of traction. I've seen women speaking up against all the things I've mentioned and some of them would even have people agreeing with them but it never changed anything.

No. 718489

>it's not something we can change
Studies have proven otherwise. If we work to deconstruct gender norms within a patriarchal society, girls will be more likely to go into these fields.

>not something that straight women WANT to change

It's hard to undo sometimes decades' worth of gender-based conditioning. Straight women who have been indoctrinated all their lives to be "feminine" are indeed hesitant to change since they are rewarded by men and even most women for following these norms and frequently demonized when they don't. So yes it's hard, but it's also worthwhile and if you just throw your hands up and give up on these women then you're right, it will never change. But a lot of radfems are making the effort to reach women like this and were formerly that type of woman themselves. I'm honestly all for separatism because it would be a much easier path towards this goal without men breathing down our necks and critiquing everything we do, but it's going to be a long process and I don't think women living within our current society should be ignored in the meantime.

>the discussion would divulge into, "Well, women are naturally weaker and more frail, lack coordination, are less capable
That is literally the exact same thing this anon is saying? How can they call themselves critical of this attitude while they espouse it?

No. 718490

Yeah, but the problem doesn't lie only in online communities. The 70s radfem movement was full of political lesbians who were making fun of "born this ways" (actual lesbians), they claimed orientation is a social construct and women can just adapt lesbianism as a political tool. One of the most prominent thinkers in radical circles, Mary Daly, basically claimed that only political lesbians are "true lesbians" and biological lesbians are dirty and "male like" because they're actually, sexually attracted to female bodies. Gyn/ecology was a good read but the parts about lesbianism are pure cringe.

No. 718492

But abolishing gender roles on a global scale would require men to be compliant to a certain degree, and that will never happen. Male tendency to dominate females is natural and it happens everywhere, not only in agricultural societies, but in hunter gatherer ones too, and among fucking primates too. Males and females live in sexual conflict.
Women still want to live and breed with men despite having the access to knowledge about literally everything men ever did to women. I can't blame women in the thrid world or poor women etc. But even western women who could easily support themselves without males still do this shit. They would sold out a fellow female for a scrote, some even sell out their own daughters. Straight women are co-responsible. Social constructionists blaming everything on socialization basically deny women's personal agency and ability to think for themselves kek.
And you know what, all the "radfems" I knew who needed to be coddled and who complained that radical feminism isn't nice and inclusive enough to straight women left their internet "activism" after 2-4 years. They got husbands and kids and had no time for blogging. The women whose life choices are actually consistent with their politics usually think like me.

No. 718498

I hate seeing happy young people

I grew up isolated and neurotic, afraid of the future because I thought the world was going to end (I grew up very religious). I thought I had no future, that the world was going to end by the time I was 12 and that I wouldn't grow up to be an adult. I also had no proper education, my parents never sent me to school, never prepared me for the future or even taught me basic life skills.

there is this girl at my work who is 17. she doesn't seem anxious at all. I'm such an anxious wreck that I hate even answering the phone but she answers them without any hesitation. I just watched a video of a 16 year old girl and she seemed so happy and carefree. I'm almost 27, have jack shit to show for it, am working a wage slave job and wasted a lot of money on classes that I mostly failed. I don't even make enough money to move out of my parents' house. I fucking hate it and seeing happy young people, especially when they have a bright future, makes me seethe

No. 718501

27 is still pretty young anon. There's time to grow

No. 718503

Hey now you stop that anon. You work hard, you are still young. Don't let sociaty fog up your brain, I know you may feel bad and hopeless right now but you are not that old. Anything can happen still! Hugs to you.

No. 718505

Not trying to argue, I want to understand something. Why can't the focus be on improving things for GNC women instead of creating more of them? I guess having more by abolishing gender roles would be an ideal way to improve, but I don't think it can happen like you said. I also don't think there is something wrong with women who don't want to be in STEM (using that as an example) or whatever "feminine" thing. The problem is the social attitudes and treatment of both types. It's viewed as lesser to like "womanly" things and that is part of why STEM is pushed, but why is it lesser?? The problem is the male perspective overall… Women who are traditionally "feminine" aren't lesser for it (although pickmeism is another topic) they just happen to prefer social work, care for others etc. If that's the majority it's only bad because of the judgment on it and the worse judgment on GNC women. If a woman likes STEM, is "masculine" she not only is judged for it but also deals with discrimination in her male-dominated field. Could there be a way to lessen the abuse with the current numbers? I guess you would say no, it's never going to stop unless we get a gender balance. That's likely right, I'm just trying to figure this out. I think if the negativity goes away then the women who want to be in STEM, be masculine etc will get to do that, but why is the opposite considered weak? Because most women do that now? Why is what most women do (for whatever reason, social or biological) inferior to everyone including you? It sounds like people here are sad that women choose those things but I don't get why because it's not inferior or weak. Just like men primarily choosing their things doesn't make them inferior OR better. I feel like people generalize too much, we can accept that most women/men abide by their roles (for now) but can't we also accept the ones who don't, I wish we could do that without trying to change either type.

No. 718507

Your writing reminds me of that based anon who used to post in pinkpill/manhate threads. I remember those interesting articles on the subject of toxic male sperm and how it affects the woman in so many ways.

No. 718510


farmers have already had this exact fucking discussion before in the first unpopular opinions thread KEK

No. 718511

Idk anon, this will be the last time I reply because we're already shitting up the confession thread with major OT. I don't take issue with your original post, I personally disagree but if you think troons will somehow help subvert gender norms (even though they play into them on the most basic level), then you do you. But past that you make a lot of assumptions about all radfems in existence. It's too bad your experience has been negative but I personally know many who do not conform to the attitudes you described in the least. I know both straight and lesbian radfems who are for separatism. So if we're only talking about subjective experiences, then there's really no point because they'd just cancel each other out.

I do take issue with you playing into the very concepts the patriarchy has pushed on us by repeatedly saying it's "natural" for women to avoid certain careers or mindsets. It's not, and we have been socialized to do this. Yes, biology plays a large role in our oppression because we are weaker physically than men and made weaker still by childbearing, and obviously men have taken advantage of this since the dawn of time. Your main complaint though seems to be with the women who have suffered under this system and are so indoctrinated that even when presented with evidence that shows they're misguided, they rail against it. It's a fucking scary thing to accept men just want to use us, even the "good" ones, and because of that sometimes it's not enough to get them to change their outlook. But I've seen other instances where it has, and I'm not going to hate on women for being an oppressed class. And yes, they are oppressed, manipulated and lied to even in woke western countries. It's more devious there because women are told sex equality has been achieved and feminism isn't needed anymore, deluded into thinking things like sex "work" is empowering, when it's the exact opposite.

No. 718512

>I think if the negativity goes away then the women who want to be in STEM, be masculine etc will get to do that, but why is the opposite considered weak? Because most women do that now?
But they always did that, not just now. In the past they didn't have much of a choice, but now, even when they have the choice, they still choose to do it.
And straight normies have no problem with women who choose traditional roles. Men want them to choose those roles. Mothers encourage daughters to choose them too.
I don't believe you can change straight women, that's why I don't want to change them. As you mentioned, I think it's better to focus on changing things for the better for GNC people. But GNC people have to accept that straight normies will always see them as not equal.

No. 718515

Just to point out, I'm the anon that was protranny, I'm not the anon you're replying too although I do agree with her views.

No. 718518

Ah, pardon me. The point still stands in the sense that I don't think it's beneficial to give up on educating women about damaging gender norms.

No. 718519

But where did the socialization started? Who did it? Do you think it was entirely male idea and women weren't compliant, for example, in exchange for resources, so basically prostitution? Why even in the rare examples of "matriarchies" women were conditioning their daughters to become breeders through various fucked up rituals? Idk, is seems like no one forced them to do it. I think the problem lies deeper than just socialization and that as long as women want to breed with men and live with men (and the instinct to breed is natural in most het women), the problem won't disappear. I think most people are slaves to their genes.
I will just live here this interesting post on matriarchy written by a female historian and a lesbian. Very insightful.
That's the last post from me I guess

No. 718520

Yeah. I think fighting what straight women want is a losing battle and separatism is too even for some non-straight women because plenty have men they care about. I don't think separatism could be sustained and men would only get worse with even less empathy for us. I think the focus with straight women should be on discouraging pickmes who put other women down, who sacrifice our own and don't care about lesbians/GNC. It may be impossible to separate straight women from men (duh if you ask me) but they can be educated to treat themselves and other women better. But I say this as a probably straight woman; if lesbians want to give up on us that's fine but they probably won't have a lot of straight women separatists because attraction to men is in their nature and many women love their male relatives, etc. I'm all for whatever lesbians want to do for themselves though, and I think all women need to think that way about any GNC women instead of making their lives worse by pushing gender norms onto them.
Sorry at this point you may hate my opinion and that's ok, I'm backing out of the thread just offering a (admittedly still-forming) view.

No. 718536

after reading all of this I still don't get how troons are supposed help gnc women or anyone really

anyway my confession: I still listen to Green Day, MCR, and Fall out boy well into adulthood.

No. 718562

My brother in law regularly dates women uglier and more deranged than any woman posted on /snow/ or /pt/. It's such a miserable trainwreck and I don't understand why he goes for literal meth head suck dick under the bridge types. At least he's open minded with looks I guess considering people find him handsome

No. 718588

Hold up why is your brother in law dating other bitches?

No. 718592

Husbands brother. Did I use the term wrong? Lol

No. 718597

Nta but no, you used it correctly. There just wasn't enough context before. You'd refer to both a sibling's spouse and your spouse's sibling as an in-law, so that's probably why that anon was under the impression of the former.

No. 718634

File: 1611183790507.jpeg (135.81 KB, 1024x1024, 1536448602486.jpeg)

I slept with the fiancé of the girl who bullied me in high school and she now has herpes, kek.
Thanks for calling me a whore all those years hunty, guess you were right!

No. 718637

does this mean you have herpes anon?

No. 718638

Ohhh I always forget it means the spouse's brothers as well, my language doesn't really do family terms that far out

No. 718640

>sleeping with a man in a relationship and spreading herpes
….congrats, I guess?

No. 718641

Yes, but I'm not a Bible-thumping bitch trying for a baby

No. 718643

Thanks! xoxo

He was a customer, I wasn't sleeping with him willingly. I did let her know, but only after she got the herp and he got big mad.

No. 718645

You did sleep with him willingly. Idc if you're a sex worker, you still can decide if you want to sleep with someone or not. I hope they sue the fuck out of you for giving multiple people and (more importantly) possibly a baby an std.

No. 718646

No. 718647

My gf has been trying out new hairstyles and I don't have the heart to tell her they don't look very good.

No. 718648

Go get treatment jfc anon, damn stanky coochie

No. 718649

Don't sleep with people without informing them you have herpes.

No. 718651

I know this is the confessions thread but have some self respect. It's not a way to get back at someone. I've been bullied too btw and I can understand wanting to have revenge but sleeping with a taken man is just not it. The best thing is improving yourself and showing that you've moved past that.

No. 718653

This reeks of underage teenager LARPing.

No. 718656

If she didn't want herpes, she should've kept her nasty scrote on a tighter leash instead of going around publicly degrading me and maybe I wouldn't have fucked him. Suing me won't make it go away, especially since I can always say I didn't know I had it and it's technically possible.
If he's a taken man he shouldn't go around offering sex workers money for their services in the first place. It's not my problem she won't fuck him more often.

No. 718658

So how could you have told her you have an std after she got it if you didn't know? Think out your larp storytimes better, babe. You shoulda kept your nasty coochie on a leash.

I know it's bait, but there are people actually like this and that's why you always test your partners, and it's also why people think people with STD's are "dirty". The stigma will exist as long as people are knowingly spreading shit and not controlling their stds. Anyway, report.

No. 718662

I know I have it, stupid. I got tested, I'm just saying they can't prove it's me that gave it to them. Learn how to read.

No. 718663

Imagine being a literal whore and still thinking you have the upper hand somehow. I don't believe you anyway, so nice larp.

No. 718664

You told her you gave it to them. Nice self-snitch. Learn to remember your story.
>I did let her know, but only after she got the herp

No. 718668

Yes. Told her, not texted her, not tagged her in a post. Where's the proof? Please stop hoping for a gotcha.

No. 718671

I can't focus on my schoolwork and I'm running out of websites to procrastinate on… my grades are also a mess so I know I should be doing it but I just can't.

No. 718672

Isn't it like two against one though? If her and her husband know, I think they'll take two people's words over one's.

No. 718677

File: 1611186116849.png (918.7 KB, 1300x955, lovelypeaches.png)

This anon rn
Do it be burnin' and itchin', anon?

No. 718678

They can try I guess?
It's all he said she said at this point, I also doubt they'd want to advertise their herpes all over town. It's a small place, people will talk.

No. 718679

/r9k/ be like Holy shit screenshot that!!

No. 718684

I’ve been buying stuff from the girls’ section lately, including underwear. I feel like women’s underwear is either sexy/cute but uncomfortable (which is fine but I’m not trying to wear that while I sit down and work for 8 hours a day), comfy but ugly, or cute and comfy but expensive. There are cute options but it kind of makes me feel gross if I think about it too much, which I hate because it’s just underwear! Kinkfucks ruin everything.

No. 718685

File: 1611186871637.png (6.08 KB, 210x240, 5EACD6B9-ABE1-487B-89B9-57AC14…)

You forgot to attach the picture of the /r9k/ scrote taking the screenshot, anon.

No. 718689

jesus how much of an anachan are you for that to fit though

No. 718690

Just get some Amazon essentials panties, they have different cuts and some of them even have patterns and such, they’re cute, comfy and not too expensive.
i swear I don’t work for Amazon

No. 718695

Just buy plain Fruit of the loom or Hanes, you weirdo.

No. 718696

By girls panties anon could mean pre-teen/teen tbh. I think most of us could still fit in those if you haven't gained that much weight, or if your body hasn't grown that much.

No. 718697

NTA, but underwear in general is pretty elastic. Don't really need to be ana-chan to fit into it, assuming anon's not saying she buys like, toddler's underwear or something, lmao.

No. 718701

I’m normal weight, nothing crazy. 125 at 5’6”. Kids are big these days. I think the size 14-16 stuff goes to like a 29/30 inch waist, and I’m 26 inches.

Holy shit I didn’t even know this existed. You’re the best.

But I want cute underwear.

Oh man, I wish I clarified that. Yes, like those sparkly/pastel cute teen styles not toddler stuff haha.

No. 718706

A 32in waist chan AND a ddlgfag

No. 718709

Please, anon. You’re killing me here. I swear I’m well adjusted minus the being on lolcow thing. I just don’t want to wear sad plain grey, white, or black granny panties on the days I’m just having to sit at my desk all day.

No. 718710

will take your word for it anon, im pear shaped so its def a no go for me with the classic wide hips

No. 718711

who is seeing your underwear at work that it matters whether or not they are "cute"? you sound juvenile and this is weird