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File: 1614035367125.jpeg (89.39 KB, 537x851, 1613963747299.jpeg)

No. 746147

Containment thread for all the art salt you could imagine. And sometimes, people ask for help. Stop getting pissy about that. Vendetta-chans, twitterfags and antis need to leave. Don't feed the trolls that visit, for fucks sake. And no, talking about an art cow and calling them out out their bullshit isn't being a TERF.

Discuss the shitty art and even shittier attitude of artists

-Talk about Art Youtubers

-Ask about art supplies

-Discuss trashy art trends

-Instagram bullshit

-Art theft!

-General Art Bullshit

-Fandom Discourse! (Basically antis losing their shit for pathetic reasons)



Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:


Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix Yoon


previous thread:725338

No. 746152

Previous thread: >>725338

No. 746165

This thread has perfect timing, I can't believe hartman thought that he would actually be able to get away with something so plagiarized. Someone said that he was trying to sell the commission for around $200? That man only resurfaces to be a train wreck in new and exciting ways every time. I can't wait to see if he's going to keep it up, delete, or double down.

No. 746208

he hasn't posted in 2 days so I doubt he'll ever delete it lol

No. 746210


I wonder if he's actually not this special and no one's actually commissioning him and he's getting notoriety points from everyone falling all over themselves about how shitty his art is. Is this a way for him to get more interest in his previous work from teenagers mocking and looking him up?

No. 746221

I don't know if it's everybody but at least this guy comissioned him ironically haha for the keks n giggles
I dunno american economy but if he got maybe 5 ironic comissions per month he's basically set of

No. 746269

How are people still commissioning him? His art is shit and ugly.
Whoever wanted that Mikasa must have had a plan or something and was trying to make him look worse lmfao

No. 746297

File: 1614053168485.png (104.52 KB, 594x436, 1.png)

No. 746306

shunao has her own thread now if anons want to participate in it >>>/w/139297

No. 746312

lmao not commenting on anything else but I went down that guys account and apparently he's canceling one of the creators of the project for drawing nazi germany countryhuman porn lmaoooo as a person that used to be into countryhumans on insta this is so funny to me

No. 746321

She doesn't generate enough milk to warrant her own thread. All she does nowadays is talk to herself on Twitter, pretending to be 2 different people.

No. 746342

File: 1614058599423.png (506.37 KB, 600x1182, 063214560.png)

>Thread locked within an hour
As for the milk side of things we get to see "KICK ME JASON" printed in bold. Lovely.

No. 746347

Butch is kind of like vic, they pretend they’re financially stable but in reality struggling

No. 746396

File: 1614073981239.png (189.2 KB, 592x574, 342-3420909.PNG)

what really is sending me for some reason is that he uploaded a video of the inking process like it's some magnificent work of art worth being watched as it comes to life

No. 746429

The fucking lazy eye sends me

No. 746449

File: 1614082387209.jpeg (690.69 KB, 750x1368, AD8FD0B7-B9F2-424A-9B53-644BBB…)

There’s yet another trend happening on Twitter called “#interpvscanon”, what are your thoughts on it anons?

No. 746451


It's nice. I personally like seeing people's different interpretations of canon. Quality of art varies, but I think as long as your attitude is chill there's nothing wrong with it.

There are people who get very conceited about their designs being 'better' than canon and that is annoying but I haven't seen it much with this tag.

No. 746452

interpretation vs canon? so … just fanart?

No. 746456

I think it's cool. I know people get sensitive about racebending, but it's not that big of a deal imo. The first one by marcheriest is actually really nice

No. 746473

Another virtue signaling hashtag void of creativity and hijacked to mean "draw this white/tan character as black and possibly in a hijabi".

No. 746475

don’t forget ‘ugly’ as well for maximum woqueness! seriously, just look at the fucking character on the bottom

No. 746476


Why does this get you guys so mad? Is anime your life or something?

Idc about race bending shit but the reactions to this seem autistic and delusional too

No. 746477

I think it’s cool but unfortunately it’s usually centered where asian characters are “rebranded”. It comes off as erasing a minority in media with a “better” minority.

I think people misguide their hate for lack of misrepresentation created by Western Hollywood to every other media. Eastern media isn’t suppressing and purposely erasing people. Japanese companies create media to appeal to their Japanese audience, they don’t really give a shit about others.

No. 746478

Making every character gay and fags is more annoying than racebending shit

No. 746480

File: 1614086158708.jpg (175.45 KB, 1294x2047, Eu4e6rsXAAADuTa.jpg)

Not completely related to this conversation, but I feel like some anons in this thread purposefully act like all racebend art is "ugly" when there are tons of racebend drawings that look great. I don't agree with making an asian character another race, but pic rel is Jack Samurai interpretation vs canon that I thought was very aesthetically pleasing.

The racebend argument in this thread is overdone anyway. I feel like it's either this or something about tracing and the digital vs trad art argument.

No. 746481

>B-both sides are stupid!!!!

No. 746482

File: 1614086188544.jpg (409.1 KB, 1687x2048, Eu4W2GWXIAEn5X9.jpg)

Samefag, racebent Panty and Stocking artwork that was shared a while back that I really like

No. 746483

it’s a light-skinned asian character being blackwashed because twitfags who typically aren’t black in the first place see POC who aren’t dark-skinned black people as less-than. on top of that, it’s also atrociously ugly. sorry you’re upset about people being salty on a thread specifically created for that purpose!

No. 746484

Imo I don't completely care cuz ultimately it doesn't hurt anyone so getting as mad as the other anons is kinda spergy yeah, but I personally find it cringe.
Basically shoving yourself into a character is kinda "petty" almost, and the idea I get is they actually take racebending pretty seriously and think they're actually doing something so important and fighting society or something.

But ultimately it doesn't hurt anybody so if they're just having fun then let them (plus it's only one more week until february ends lol)

No. 746486

There's no "side" it's just cartoons lmao

No. 746488

It doesn't change the fact you sound like an unhinged sperg though

No. 746490

No need to be willfully obtuse about it. You have to admit that when anons are talking about virtue-signaling racebending they mean all those unimaginative "Black, overweight vitiligo Hatsune Miku with a hijab drawn purposefully ugly" ones that look like more like mammy stereotypes meant to "piss off the weebs" and farm Twitter clout instead of genuinely reimagining the character as another race. Not to mention how it's a one-way deal sort of thing, people are allowed to draw a middle eastern, Indian or an Asian character as black Africans but coloring Nessa a bit too pale gets you cancelled.

No. 746492

Most of the people doing this aren't black and also have a obsession with sexuality bending characters by making them all gay, troons, or ace which I find far more common and more obnoxious

No. 746493

How am I being willfully obtuse by saying that not all racebend art is ugly? A lot of anons here act like all of that kind of art is bad, but that has nothing to do with the fact that it's racebend and everything to do with the artist. Like I said in my post, I don't even agree with people "erasing" other races, making black characters look like stereotypes and I definitely don't agree with making dark characters lightskinned. The above anon is also right in saying that most artists making those black caricature-looking artwork are not black, or even poc.

No. 746497

These are cool! I think overall there's nothing wrong about reimagining character different race, especially if said different race is underrepresented - and what is at first maybe just some twitter hashtag may be eventually an inspiration for actual companies to maybe start including more and more of it, be it for clout or for more honorable reasons - ultimately the more variety the better.

This said it does feel kinda odd scrolling down that #interpvscanon top posts and maybe 1 out of 10 is not reimagining character as black, as if other races or other concepts on how said character can be reimagined don't exists. I'm not gonna go anywhere and complain but would be cool to see people get more creative there than just "i'll keep everything but make them black".

No. 746538

Damn, not only is that drawing shitty, but it's shitty in a way that doesn't even remotely resemble his style. Can a person jump the shark?

Man, I still get sad thinking about how Butch's shitty personality totally obliterated peoples' goodwill for him and his work. I think in the early 2000s, he had some fantastic ideas, and though his art style isn't very versatile, I can understand its appeal. It's hard to even appreciate those things anymore, because now he's 50% enormous ego and 50% desperate sellout. Christ, why can't he just be respectable and keep moving on to new projects like Maxwell Atoms?

No. 746544

I like that you put gay and fags as seperate things, for maximum inclusivity.

No. 746550

File: 1614089053220.png (314.27 KB, 600x318, bc1.png)

No. 746558

Most of you:
>I don't agree with making asian characters another race
>making white characters another race is fine because Hollywood
You're not even subtle when talking about hating white people.(global rule 7)

No. 746560

nta but if you make characters who are canonically attracted to the opposite sex gay (as in homosexual, not even bisexual) you have no right to complain about the racebenders. personally i don't mind either that much but at least be consistent.

No. 746562

I don't care about either of them. It's just fanart, it doesn't affect me or my enjoyment of the source material in any capacity.

No. 746621

Take your race bait elsewhere, we're just here to shit on milky artists

No. 746628

File: 1614095327517.jpeg (108.93 KB, 376x382, 00991D6F-9F94-47C0-8B16-F14197…)

this is probably what I imagine you to look like after saying that stupid shit anon

No. 746630

just say you’re the anon in the fetish thread that likes getting beaten by their husband and go

No. 746703

File: 1614099985611.png (713.29 KB, 482x824, interpvscanon.PNG)

Kind of cringe, it's basically just #Blacktober revisited.

No. 746801

So I take it mild headcanons like making a blonde character a redhead would be frowned upon in this tag?

No. 746816


Why are you so obsessed?
She's as autistic as any other artist.
I'm starting to think it's the same anon desperately trying to have us against her. At least post milk so we can have something to chew on. Not just "she remade".

No. 746818

Why would that be frowned upon? The whole point is to draw your interpretation, and who the fuck cares about that much about blonde people?

No. 746842

4chan newfags are annoying as shit

No. 746877

God that fugly rapunzel redraw

No. 746919

So white characters become black because "WHITEY BAD AND EVIL REE" and asian and black asian characters become darker because they're not black enough? Usual shit then.

No. 746934

File: 1614112632229.jpg (68.58 KB, 881x577, will smith fish.JPG)

It's pretty much a post your fanart, tag. You can post whatever you want in it.

No. 746999

File: 1614117519392.jpeg (798.63 KB, 1242x1552, DE2B95C8-6A27-47C2-963F-00634F…)

Yup, pretty much.

No. 747042

Small rant because I can't really talk to anyone about this non-anonymously, but I'm getting sooo annoyed by some of the people who use procreate. Which is fucking dumb because I use it myself sometimes?

I have a patreon with almost 100 patrons and have a photoshop brush pack as part of my patreon rewards and on gumroad. I upload tutorials and process videos. For 99% of my illustrations I use photoshop and I use my iPad with procreate for sketches and quick doodles but not for finished work because I find the brushes uncomfortable to work with, I have no hovering brush cursor on the iPad and the lasso tool sucks.

EVERY time I upload a tutorial or answer the "WhAT bRuSHeS dO yOu UsE??" question on social media the next question is always "HoW do YoU dO tHAt In PrOcReATe???". Bruh I literally tell you every time that procreate doesn't work for my workflow. So no you can't replicate it exactly. And for basic stuff like layer modes and gaussian blur
justt figure it out for yourselves??? I've had people who use clip studio tell me that my brushes work perfectly in their program and they don't expect me to explain every single step to them. I try to milk the procreate content I can make with doing sketch tutorials, my favorite procreate brushes and shit but I always tell people it doesn't work for me for full illustrations. I don't have anything against people who use procreate or an iPad to draw but why is the basic instagram procreate crowd so inept and expect to be spoonfed every single thing?? Under every single tutorial by an artist there is someone screeching about how to do it in procreate and it's so fucking annoying to me especially since they could figure most of the questions out by themselves.

No. 747077


Why expect much from the basic bitch instagram crowd? They are inept. These are dumb and/or young and/or inexperienced people who think that practice is bullshit and if they just have the right brushes and read the right tutorial they'll be the next sakimichan/meyoco. Just make an FAQ or some shit of the common questions you get and refer to it every time someone asks. If it pisses you off so much cut procreate out of your workflow entirely, that way when someone asks you about it say you don't use it and have no experience.

No. 747100

how do you even get 100 patrons? I plateau at 80

No. 747101

File: 1614124935057.jpeg (703.44 KB, 1125x1085, 5A9488C2-9500-43C6-AC28-8E7420…)

I’m starting to get munchie vibes

No. 747104

But how could she fake organ failure? I'm sure the medical professionals at the hospital would have checked her already

No. 747117

So glad someone else said this. She's been going for this road for over a year now. I had to unfollow her. All she does is whine about being disabled. She just made a GoFundMe for a therapy dog. Why would someone with organ failure be tweeting from the ER?!

No. 747120

It's probably "organ failure," like a really bad kidney infection or mrsa or something else that's life threatening if ignored but fairly common and not actually going to kill someone who gets care. I've milked that sort of shit before and I don't even fake disability all the time, I imagine for people who actually have serious issues there's a lot more options for sympathy whenever you want it. I hate to doubt this stuff but it sounds unusually like nobody paid for her dog fast enough.

No. 747127


I do think that this artist is a tad heavy handed on the disabled front. I don't doubt that she is disabled, but everything on top of that with organ failure? And if you have a look at the gofundme it's just full of several illnesses.

Once again, I'm sure she's actually ill, but as anon said, it does seem a bit like she's milking it for the dog. As she's someone who works in the animation industry, I'm surprised that she doesn't have the surplus to help save up for the dog, but then again I forget that healthcare isn't free in the US. Okay enough rambling, I also had to unfollow her because a lot of things felt so disingenuous.

No. 747133


It started going downhill after she posted the picture of her in the Infinity Train cosplay and got a shitton of attention. She's also an admitted BPD-chan so there's that.

No. 747141

Yeah I'm sure she has some actual disability but the way she plays stuff up seems to make stuff sound worse than it really is. Talking about getting a damn expensive dog while facing what sounds like potential death is a big red flag for me that one of those cannot be accurate to reality. I'm sure she's really in the hospital and it's probably very unpleasant, but she also has to know how much posting something like that will worry her (especially the younger) followers into donating to her and promoting her

No. 747170

File: 1614128359801.jpeg (348.16 KB, 1242x1010, FB6FB827-7D00-46D3-8C8B-8F736A…)

So they sent her home in less than a day and didn't even admit her for her "organ failure"… yeah, this is munch as fuck. I'd bet money that she'll ramp it up pretty soon, maybe cop a tube or two.
Does anyone know what disability or disease she's claiming to have? All I can find from a brief scroll is vague "chronic illness/pain".

No. 747176

sorry if i come off as ignorant but how is a service dog supposed to help her deal with organ failure?? aren't these dogs meant for blind people or people who can't walk. she does come across as very sus, shouldn't she be raising money to help pay medical bills/medicine/treatment for her illnesses, not for a fucking dog

No. 747189

From what she's mentioned, endo and an accident that left a huge scar on her leg. It looks like a pretty bad incident but none of that explains the later stuff, which sounds more like RA or lupus.

No. 747190

Sounds like what she probably needs is an emotional support animal which is different from a service animal.

No. 747195

File: 1614129859813.png (42.8 KB, 615x469, munchie.png)

She says "chronic sensitive sensitization [fibromyalgia], intermittent xiphoiditis, a weakened immune system, interstitial cystitis, a bad sports injury"

I recall reading that the "sports injury" as she calls it now was the result of either jumping or falling from a balcony but I can't find the tweets anymore.

No. 747196

The service dog gfm is for her fainting I think

No. 747198

Maybe it’s the new zoomer apathetic culture but outsiders it comes off as bad taste to post shit like this.

>updating social media on your health

>posting a photo with funny stickers and filters in the ER
Kind of trashy

No. 747285

File: 1614138993098.jpg (127.66 KB, 720x892, 20210224_034438.jpg)

Gonna give an opinion that might be a bit unpopular but animebros get way too defensive of their big tiddy drawings to the point where they really just looks like triggered spergs (ironic because they're the ones accusing everyone else of being triggered).

I don't care about the "unrealistic proportions sexualise women" angle, but if a character has absolutely ridiculous proportions I will find that funny and laught at it lmao. Claiming "she's a cartoon!!!" is a "muh style" tier defense and I will laugh at you cuz you're obviously coping and seething (and are probably a coom brain wich makes the coping funnier)
Dudes out there literally getting triggered cuz someone said their waifu is ugly kkkkkk

They're literally getting offended by jokes c'mon the irony just gets lost in them

No. 747297

It’s just a gif go out and touch grass

No. 747306

>anime bro detected

I'm just pointing out a pattern I notice ya dum dum obviously I'm not talking specifically of this guy (i.e. it's just an illustrative example + I tought it was funnier than people that write a paragraph)

No. 747323

That's pretty much how I feel about it. I don't understand people who get angry at shitty female anatomy in anime or coom art, but I definitely think it's fun to ridicule. Art is subjective, after all.

No. 747329

Lmao it goes both ways, they’re both unnecessary

It takes less power to just not comment.
Equally by commenting they open themselves up to being owned.

No. 747358

i agree, these bros get "triggered" just like all the "liberal sjw snowflakes" they like to make fun of. the big boob bad anatomy is just as hilarious as the unintentionally racist diversity art. there's a way to draw sexy women that actually look human and these guys don't have to draw that way, but then they shouldn't get so defensive when we laugh at their weird looking drawings of women

No. 747365

File: 1614148192568.jpeg (326.17 KB, 1726x2155, 85E7D509-B36C-4EB4-963F-A38D6E…)

How can you steal a style that was not original to begin with? I was not able to find the “stolen style pic” to actually compare. Her style is about the same as 90% of artists on IG that draws pretty face kpop girls

No. 747388

File: 1614151686466.jpeg (44.19 KB, 680x446, 42336896-9DBC-4A51-9C19-B47056…)

Honestly I'm more peeved that animebros/weebs/coomers are defending this absolute mess of art

No. 747391

Why are shitty Instagram artists so obsessed with having a unique art style? Are they just so boring and uncreative that their art style is the only thing that draws attention?

No. 747400

All oppai loli retards need get the rope.
They live in constant fear that someoneelse will do their job better than them since muh-style fags are almost always turd polishers.

No. 747430


Their style looks pretty generic to me. In all honestly I'd be pissed if I was someone like loish or samdoesart who has developed an actually unique style and thousands of unoriginal basic instagram artists started copying me but I would never call them out like that. You will always look like a dickhead. Just judge them in silence like the rest of us.

No. 747437

IDK, looking at other works of that person their style is actually pretty recognizable, with this very specific color palettes and that paired with a flowery theme and very similar way of stylizing the face makes it a bit too similar to just ignore. I'd feel weird too.

No. 747450

Wtf is this abomination

No. 747452

Anon, this is an imageboard. Post examples of their work

No. 747474


Archive link https://archive.is/AXXeC

Can SA1NTCAKES stop with the bad takes for five minutes?

No. 747478

doesn't puccanoodles content only consist of her self insert shit with either:

1. i had such a bad childhood my parents are so mean to me
2. boho rape victim i'm so hurt
3. i'm sick it sucks bla bla

it's sucks like, artists like quinni really suffered and it's sad. i stopped supporting many artists cuz they just kept getting their ''i'm sick i can't work and i need money'' cards up, to the point where one artists just stopped posting content, stopped doing streams. for what they got their money from. which is pretty rude to the people who support them financially. i guess they want to be an art bitch so bad that e begging and living of their man is so ok. rather than getting a side job. rlly annoyed me.

so when i see artists only posting such shit i rather block and never hear a thing of them again. it's so annoying. and so ungrateful to the peope whp helped them.

No. 747480

she gotta pop out stupid shit every second or else she dies

lol opening up that link i'm flooded with this dumb hashtag #intervscanon

wtf is this shit
kagome in a wheelchair, what's wrong with these people omg

No. 747485

File: 1614168884918.jpg (187.78 KB, 584x824, pegacon_lee.jpg)

I was going to write about why I think "art style theft" (I don't like calling it that, sounds dumb) can definitely be a thing in determinate cases and the style being copied doesn't need to be super unique and original, but I looked at pegacon_lee's art and imo this is not one of those cases. I can definitely see the inspiration but it's not a 1:1 replica, which is what "style theft" is to me. They look crazy for saying they want to kill the other artist over this.

No. 747495

I agree with you except when such comments are made under art posted from the artist directly, it's quite rude and doesn't make you look as funny as you think you do. Anime should be fair game tho

No. 747518

File: 1614173000013.jpg (50.35 KB, 276x276, 8b31949571279.5db0acb05d01b.jp…)

they cry "muh art style!!" but they look like a poorman's LittleThunder. Nothing new about drawing pretty girls with flowers and pink.

No. 747520

kek I lost braincells looking at the Twitter thread and seeing coomers trying to make the people who have a problem with this design seem like they're the weird ones for seeing a child in this (she's supposed to have the appearance of a 19 y/o). As if the huge boobs make the rest of the entire design suddenly not have a deliberate childlike look.

No. 747527

oh great, another uzaki. i'm convinced the character designers do this on purpose at this point

No. 747533

Lol so you thought the giant tits weren't deliberate? This caters to a specific group so of course it's intentional

No. 747553

File: 1614179125737.png (76.2 KB, 487x860, Sa1ntcake 1.PNG)

Her entire Social media presence survival depends on being viewed as an unabashed callout queen. The good thing this time is that she doesn't have any supporters for this shitty take.


No. 747554

File: 1614179213849.png (81.43 KB, 485x835, Sa1ntcake 2.PNG)

No. 747555

File: 1614179339425.png (96.39 KB, 489x849, Sa1ntcake 3.PNG)

No. 747556

So um… am I seeing it right and people are defending a right to write a hardcore gore fanfiction about real people?

No. 747560

right??? wtf am i reading here? obviously no one should push anyone into suicide, but people who write disgusting horrible content pretty much deserve harsh feedback? these freaks are really out here saying "if you see something horrific just ignore it because if you say anything mean someone might die" like jesus christ. if you're upset enough over people calling you a freak for your degenerate fetishes that it makes you suicidal, i'm sorry, but that sounds like a you problem and not a "cyberbullying" "fandom cop" problem

No. 747561

So anons should I post my art on Tumblr? Is it still worthy to put your art on there or are there any other sites because I’m tired of hustling on Instagram

No. 747563

I feel like twitter has a lot more protentional than tumblr

No. 747564

it's pretty much an echo chamber at this point, maybe if you post a lot of fanart or use it as a portfolio site it could be worth it, otherwise twitter is where its popping now

No. 747569

Pretty much anywhere you go you're going to need to hustle. Sadly Twitter is has the most potential for growth if you take advantage of hashtags and stay active and engaged.

No. 747570

Tumblr is a little dead, and there’s a lot of amateur crap but I still follow a lot of artists there.

No. 747571


let's be honest, they'll be the first ones watching the newest season despite complaining about it.

its a mess of a design but lbr complainers and people making a big deal about it will still be gushing about their lesbian the moment the first episode comes out which makes it hilarious they're complaining and getting mad when people tell them to shove it.

off topic but i really don't see the point in complaining about designs you don't like to the point you go "lol angry weeb loosers" when people tell you to go shove it. every new anime it's the same rinse and repeat of people complaining and those same complainers complaining the show didn't cater to them all the way through or complaining their precious show is filled with weebs.

it's annoying af that they have no self-awareness. or maybe i just don't have time in my life to complain about anime characters anymore idk

No. 747572


Y'all literally evil. A teenager kills themselves because of targeted harassment and your takeaway is 'maybe they shouldn't have written fetish fanfiction'.

Harassment has a HUGE impact on someone's mental health. To claim it's just a 'you' problem when someone's getting dozens, if no hundreds, of hate messages is so selfish and egotistical. No one deserves to be threatened because they've got some degenerate fetishes y'all vanilla asses don't like.

No. 747575

to my knowledge, the youtuber in question doesn't mind/care but you can say "don't write hardcore gore about real people" and "Don't tell people to kill themselves over fanfiction you don't like" and those statements coexist.

the issue is people pushed the person in question to commit suicide and aren't evaluating how they interact with people can actually affect them. These are often dozens if not hundreds of messages, people calling you an abuser, a horrible person, etc. and not just one rando doing it. I'm pretty sure if the YTer found out, they'd be more disgusted with how people responded rather than the fanfiction itself.

y'all sound like the people that be like "Well they had a heart condition so they didn't really die of covid." when it comes to stuff like this. Yeah they had other shit going on but maybe evaluate how you actually interact with people so you don't end up contributing?

No. 747576

There's literally ZERO actual confirmation it's true. And while harassment it's bad, people saying that "if you dont like reading about real people being brutally tortured, raped and murdered, look away" is pretty fucked up too.

No. 747579

Go complain about every crime TV show or thriller movie then lol. People only complain when it's anime or fanfic, but there's never any callout about TV shows and other shit that's even more accessible to the kids you think are protecting.

No. 747581

The responses to her stupid tweets are so damn satisfying.

No. 747582

Show me a tv show or a thriller depicting a death and rape of a real living person. What are you even talking about?

No. 747583

Every real crime docummentary ever, and also shows based on them.

No. 747586

It's my last post because I don't want to get banned for infighting so please focus:
we're not talking about true crime documentaries that show real events that happened or fictional stories about fictional people. Imagine a situation in which someone writes a story about you being brutally murdered. Would you also defend their right to do so?

No. 747591

just stop, it's fanfiction in some obscure corner of the internet. for once twitter is right that it's absolutely not worth killing someone over

No. 747592

Wait how is saying
>"if you don't like reading about real people being brutally tortured, raped and murdered, look away"
fucked up.

If someone is putting shit you don't like in their works of fiction, why go out of your way to consume said work and then bitch about it on the internet?

No. 747593

Nta, but honestly true crime documentaries and writing a story where a irl person, who is very much alive, gets murdered is different

No. 747594

Yeah it'd suck, but these things have always existed. Hunting people down for writing that stuff is just as idiotic.

No. 747595

incoming blogpost


Can twitter artists quit being vile for five minutes and learn how to handle content they don't like, find triggering, or discomforting like actual adults? Another artist doxxed and this time actually fired/possibly blacklisted for it.

All these sexual predators in animation and people get canceled over fiction.

So if you find telling people to not look at content they find disturbing to be fucked up, what should people do then??

cause if you constantly engage in it and tell people about it, you just expose more people to the content and no amount of "harassment is bad!!" will stop people from harassing others over it.

yeah rpf (and fanfiction in general about an actual person that isn't a historical/dead/public domain figure imo) gore is pretty fucked up, but it's the internet. You don't have to make your opinion about how vile something fictional is known to everyone and comment on the person's page along with dozens if not hundreds of other people.

Like, i find rpf gross and I will state that on my own thread but im not gunna go around to the artist and tell everyone about how gross this specific person is when there actually is much worse in the world than fanfiction about a person.

NTA but if the alternative was to let people tell them to go kill themselves and/or have that person commit suicide, then yeah. One of those things is significantly worse than the other and I'd blast anyone who, especially if they do it "on my behalf", decided that rather than blocking and muting people who make it, they contribute to harassing or them harming themselves.

like i said, rpf is gross af but if you go out of your way to harass people (or contribute it, or downplay what they're going through, or try to be like "Well harassment is wrong but what they write is gross", etc.) until they commit suicide you're significantly worse because you've actually harmed or contributed to the harm of another individual.

That too. If you find something fucked up, why go out of your way to interact with the person making it? im so damn tired of people complaining about things they don't like while also going out of their way to actively find and interact with it.(imageboard)

No. 747603

it's so obvious by the way you type you're twitter tards coming here to shittalk specific people you don't like yet can't help yourselves from virtual signaling. It was a joke gore fanfic, on the veins of Dipper goes to taco bell. Your precious Dream doesn't need your defense

No. 747617

I don't really know much about this situation, but if you write about someone being killed obviously you're going to get some critical comments. If that person was getting hundreds of people harassing them then that's obviously way overdone and fanfic will never be serious enough for other people to push someone to suicide, but I don't know why you guys are acting like it's so controversial to say that writing that kind of stuff is gross and it's going to get you mean comments.

No. 747653

>I don't know why you guys are acting like it's so controversial to say that writing that kind of stuff is gross and it's going to get you mean comments.
We are not. read the rules of the thread.

>twitterfags and antis need to leave.

Twitterfags and antis are the people who will lose their shit over someone writing something that's obviously gross. Yes it's gross we know. No need for captain obvious to point it out. And the other anon didn't just say "this stuff is gross", they said gross fics DESERVED backlash even after it led to someone's death.

No. 747664

I know the rules of the thread. I'm not sure if you meant to tag another anon, but I didn't even say the second greentext anywhere in my post.

No. 747722

NTA but saw people recommending twitter as the best platform for artists rn - any tips? i feel like i'm just screaming into the void at this point and nobody sees my art at all

No. 747723


Well, the main catch is being super active. Post a lot, get lots of engagement etc. Use only one or two hashtags per post- don't use too many.

Checking out what time of the day the platform becomes more active also helps.

No. 747730

I can smell the twitter minor with a trans flag on her bio off this post lmfao

No. 747749

Nta but I love her art, it's so pretty

No. 747770

kids on the internet go looking for things to upset them because being angry feels good. calling someone a freak on the internet for writing fictional fic to the point they harm themselves helps no one. the author of My Immortal would be getting death threats if she posted her fic today lmao there's a bunch of horrific shit online, you should be mad 24/7

No. 747773

>you should be mad 24/7
Most of these twitter faggots are though kek

No. 747790

This isn't a monolith people here can disagree you know. Get over it. - different Anon who thinks you're being stupid

No. 747857

These are the same dudebros who reeee'd when kyoani made that swimming anime with male cast instead of cute girls as usual

No. 747874


If hardcore gore RPF fanfic is the line you choose to create when it comes excusing harassment to the point someone inflicting self-harm on themselves/potential suicide, then you need to end your time on the internet. This is the tip of the iceberg.

Don't like, don't read. The block button is there for a reason, filter out the tags, don't look at it. Take your own activity into your own hands and let the degenerates fucking be. I highly doubt the person that wrote the fic actually wanted to gore whoever-the-fuck they wrote about. Someone mentioned Dipper Goes to Taco Bell; are the twitterfags going to cancel that fic, too? What about all the damn BTS Omegaverse fics?

'Problematic content' only has as much power as you give it. Give it nothing, it gains nothing.

No. 747892

Why does the callout says that copying an artstyle is creepy tho? lol

No. 747900

File: 1614200961776.jpg (29.92 KB, 556x527, 7zfakOD.jpg)

>"Not a cyberbullying fandom cop problem"
Let me guess, Raymond is your comfort character?

No. 747924

nah lol if you write gore/rape/underage porn of real people you deserve to be harassed. that shit is fucking vile and excuses like "I write fanfiction about this 16 year old youtuber getting gang raped to cope!!1!" are bs, and even if it's true then don't fucking publish it. Like are you really perfectly fine writing the most violent disgusting scenarios imaginable but so sensitive that you can't handle people telling you kys? idgaf frankly lmao I'm sure the 12 year olds who came across your gross shit looking for minecraft youtuber fanfiction or w/e were sensitive too but I don't see you caring

No. 747932

NTA, and not defending the people who pearl clutch, but if you're delicate enough that people sperging out at you over some fucking fanfiction is enough to make you commit suicide instead of just blocking them/changing accounts, you shouldn't really be online, or at least you should keep the content you're that sensitive and easily triggered about private. The fragility goes both ways.
You seriously don't need to post everything publicly, and it's unreasonable to expect people to not react badly when you're writing gore/rape about real, existing human beings. The internet as a mass, public "thing" will never coddle anyone, literally anyone is vulnerable to mean comments/harassment (some more than others, especially when it comes to content like this) and if you can't handle that, you need to step away.

No. 747939

At this point I'm forced to doubt that the fanfic was even as bad as people are making it out to be because in 2021 "a pedophile" means "a woman over 20 who ships two anime teens" and so forth so I'm gonna need some receipts on it. Nobody ever posts proof and instead it's all hearsay shit to cause drama for twitter retweets.

No. 747945

At this point i think it's bait. Please do not give this anon more attention.

No. 747949

Yeah, how would anons feel if someone wrote a fic about them?

No. 747960

I dont want to out myself, but I used to be mutuals with thus girl and all the other discourse artists that pop up in these threads. I even used to follow their private accounts.

I'll be honest, I only maintained mutualism with this person because I felt bad for her. She dishes so much shit on main but she would be crying how she hates herself more or less in her private account.

I honestly didn't mind the discourse at first but it was frustrating to witness her going HAW HAW fuck pedophile/racist/weird people. But immediately cry if someone yelled at her back. It got super frustrating to the point where it was like if all of these drama and fights are so stressful, then why do you keep engaging in it, you know?

A lot of my friends still follow her but many of them were pretty honest it was to just watch the discourse because their art isn't that great.

Anyways, saging for my blogpost. Im just frustrated to see how this user actively hurts herself but it's those dam proshippers that ruins her day

No. 747962

File: 1614205106319.gif (510.55 KB, 320x238, 712314555.gif)

Pfffpt reminds me of pic related

No. 747965

The thing is, that most of those fanfics are written by the 12 years old in question, I mean, who the fuck over the age of fucking 18 plays Minecraft unironically while watching Minecraft YouTubers? Probably only mentally and emotionally stunted adults, and then, the real solution would be telling them on private about how it’s quite fucked and weird of them, as if their friends wouldn’t tell them.
Also, if this bothers you so much, go to gorechan and tell all of those actually pedofillic adults to stop drawing fucked up drawings, you could also look for actual fucked up artists and do your own little crusade to see how it would go.
I don’t get why you twitterfags bitch about a random person writing some retarded fanfiction that gets a few hits from a niche fandom, and not at the people actually posting fucked up shit that’s popular and give them enough bank to maintain themselves with it.

No. 747966

>I don’t get why you twitterfags bitch about a random person writing some retarded fanfiction that gets a few hits from a niche fandom, and not at the people actually posting fucked up shit that’s popular and give them enough bank to maintain themselves with it.
Because confronting scrote coomers that are actually potential serial killers and pedophiles would be a lot scarier and more challenging than bullying some mentally ill teenage girl on the bird app and posting fancams.

No. 747988

File: 1614206867440.jpg (843.9 KB, 1080x2232, Screenshot_20210224_233920.jpg)

>writing some retarded fanfiction that gets a few hits from a niche fandom
this is the 9th result by hits out of 106085 on the whole "video blogging rpf" tag on ao3, with 137570. It's not niche that's the point. Why shouldn't the author's actions have consequences? Sorry I can't bring myself to care if the person who sat down and wrote the tag "wilbur rapes tommy (a 16 year old) lol" can't handle being insulted for it
I'm not in the fandom (?) btw and I'm not a twitterfag, if anything I think the people defending that stuff are, afaik that's where mcyt fans congregate the most

No. 747989

Nobody's denying it isn't gross and disgusting but it's not like insanely edgy celebrity fanfics written by troubled teenage girls haven't existed since the dawn of the man. People looked at it and thought "that's fucked up, get some help" and moved on with their lives. And that's what you should do, unless they're directly harassing the people then why do you care so much?

No. 747991

Still, it’s not a normie matter that makes parents say
>yo What the fuck
Which leads me to the other point, why the fuck are you not getting this mad over actual pedophiles like, say, Strawberrymilk who’s got a thread in here and everything? Do you even know the age of the person who wrote that fanfic? Do you have pictures of them that outs them as an adult shipping children? It’s just retarded.

No. 747999

No one denies that it is weird or gross but most rpf about minors is written by other minors.

all these actual predators on the internet and y'all take fanfiction/fiction in general as the biggest sign someone might be a serial killer.

No. 748010


but if you take whether or not someone writes or approves of a certain kind of fiction as a sign of whether or not they're a predator, you're going to miss a lot of predators.

will wheaton was an outspoken male feminist iirc and got outed for abuse and ive seen numerous other people who were outspoken against bad and awful fanfictions only to get outted for being child groomers or sex pests… weirdly enough, their threads detailing what happened are filled with the same people who call someone a pedo over shipping telling them they hope they have a good recovery and come back. Why???

No. 748032

>why the fuck are you not getting this mad over actual pedophiles like, say, Strawberrymilk
Nta, but we're all anonymous. You don't know what else that anon has posted on this site or anywhere else
It's concerning minors are making that kind of content anyway. Teenagers who make those kinds of fics are the same ones on social media talking about how they have rape kinks

I don't know why you guys are going so hard to defend fanfiction like that. Do they deserved to be relentlessly harassed over it? Nope. Should people be encouraged to kill themselves over it? Not at all, but if you make that kind of stuff you will get negative feedback. You can apply the same argument of "don't like, don't read" to "don't make fanfiction with extreme themes if you can't handle rude comments"

No. 748036

You do realize there's a world of difference between "negative feedback" like people telling you that "I don't like this it's too fucked up" and getting relentless harassment and people telling you to kill yourself for committing imaginary crimes?

>I don't know why you guys are going so hard to defend fanfiction like that. Do they deserved to be relentlessly harassed over it? Not at all,

That's literally what people are saying here. Nobody's agreeing that it's so hot to read a fanfic about a youtuber omegaverse male pregnancy, that's the point. "They don't deserve to be relentlessly harassed over it" is what everyone is trying to drive home here.

No. 748050

Not exactly. minors are often victims of trauma and idk if you remember being a teenager, but teenagers get horny. It's a lot safer for them to explore whatever trauma or freaky shit their mind comes up within a story than actually trying to do it when they can barely even get vanilla sex right.

not to mention, you can't say "they don't deserve to be harassed" but then say they just have to deal with "negative feedback". Not to mention, with how people say that the kind of content is vile, disgusting, triggering, traumatic, etc. why would you continue to expose yourself and other people to it?

No. 748059

If we were their parents, I’m sure most of us would tell them to stop being so fucked up and find a way to solve their mental issues, but we’re not, and when a random stranger tells a kid “what you’re doing is kind of fucked up” they will send death threats and/or just block your ass for being nosy.
Unless you guys want to create some sort of “responsibility on the internet”organization or something, I don’t get why we should talk about kids doing fucked up things.
We should focus on the adults that are fucked up and that should get exposed and laughed at for being fucked up.

No. 748060

>you can't say "they don't deserve to be harassed" but then say they just have to deal with "negative feedback"
Harassment ≠ negative feedback.

No. 748066

>Unless you guys want to create some sort of “responsibility on the internet”organization or something, I don’t get why we should talk about kids doing fucked up things.
Doesn't this literally apply to the people that were harassing the author?

No. 748082

this entire time we've been talking about harassment. don't try to be like "some negative feedback" when everyone has been talking about harassment to try to hide it.

ngl i'd be more concerned if my children were telling people to die over fanfiction. Not to mention, a "responsibility of the internet" is a good way to get a lot of kids groomed cause predators (as they have in the past) just adapt the language of "antis" and the "morally good" people but have no problems grooming someone behind closed doors.

If in the grand scheme of things the most fucked up thing you've done in your life is make some fictional content, you're doing better than most other people esp considering that many of the "not fucked up" (according to their fictional tastes at least) adults have histories of abuse and predation. Hell i remember a story coming about about a reylo anti who raped their friend and tried to justify it by saying they liked rape anyways.

No. 748083

File: 1614212897045.png (40.22 KB, 605x264, 076.png)

what makes you think I don't care about real pedos? What does that even have to do with anything? My only point is that "harassment" is the consequence of their actions. Maybe I'm jaded but I've been told to kms for way less on the internet, it's just how it is and I'm pretty sure these edgelord tumblr girls know that better than anyone. In fact the other anon asked if I was the one directly harassing them but I would never because for most of them I'm sure all the outrage just validates their 3edgy5me shtick. also let's stop acting like a bunch of (very warranted) rude comments about a fanfiction are the worst thing that could ever happen to someone, pic related. If someone really killed themselves over that they were extremely mentally ill to begin with and shouldn't have been on the internet in the first place

No. 748088


>If people kill themselves because someone told them to they were already mentally ill and shouldn't be on the internet to begin with

you sound like the same people that say someone dying of covid just had heart complications and therefor covid didn't kill them. funny that the same people who cry about cyber bullying not being real are the same kinds that be privating once someone target they asses.

not to mention, you can actually go to jail if someone kill themselves and you get caught. is it really worth saying "Yeah I'm in jail cause someone killed themselves after I told them to."? I've been told to kms over less too, doesn't mean that people just need to "toughen up" it means people need to stop doing it.

No. 748091

>ngl i'd be more concerned if my children were telling people to die over fanfiction
I honestly have to wonder what is wrong with some of you guys. Children telling other kids to kill themselves over fanfiction is fucking awful, but something has to be wrong with you to think teenagers writing rape porn (and most likely consuming) isn't concerning as hell. I don't think it needs to be said that that is not healthy, whether or not said teenager may be a victim of abuse. I also should add that so many children (teenagers openly admitting they are minors) are on twitter running accounts centered around the fact that they have extreme kinks. It's similar to writing fanfic about that kink of stuff, and neither are good. Both are upsetting imo. Obviously at the end of the day parents need to monitor their kids online activity, whether that be teenagers writing rape fics or telling people to kill themselves, but we do not need to act like writing that kind of content is any better than telling people to kill themselves

No. 748092

don't get me wrong, I don't think children should be writing (or at least posting) rape porn and having accounts centered around extreme kinks because it is dangerous.

But one of them directly actually could hurt someone else and land you in jail. if I had the choice between my child actively deciding to hurt other people and writing fucked up porn I'd just go with the second option.

No. 748093

Anon, one thing is a kid receiving 2, maybe 3 edgy
>lol kys comments
But having over 300 people constantly wishing for their deaths is fucked up. I don’t care if you were constantly told to kill yourself as a kid, but that doesn’t mean other kids deserve such things, specially when they’re as unstable as being able to write gore to publish it on the internet.
Exactly because edgy kids are edgy, they shouldn’t get harassed for being edgy.
Again, the only people that needs to get harassed for being gross are confirmed adults, not literal 16 years olds writing about their retarded parasocial boyfriends.

No. 748096

no it definitely means people need to toughen up, for their own good. Letting the words of complete strangers affect you so much is not normal and will only cause you useless pain in life. What do you think about the website you're on, anyway? Do you think all /pt/ and /snow / threads should be deleted? Are they not "cyber bullying" as well?

No. 748098

>if I had the choice between my child actively deciding to hurt other people and writing fucked up porn I'd just go with the second option.
You seem to not understand how consuming that kind of stuff could be hurting themselves. Also,
>I don't think children should be writing (or at least posting) rape porn
It's really not the posting part that's the issue. I don't wanna derail the thread over it cause at this point this entire discussion isn't even about art but lets be honest here.

No. 748105

The difference between here and Twitter is that people who visit are probably already thick skinned to some degree and two, most of us aren’t going around actually, directly telling someone to off themselves or brigading/cowtipping. We’re off on our own corner of the internet shit talking, not tagging and spreading rumors on Twitter. I mean, you might be but most don’t. >>748098
It could be, but if they’re old enough to tell the difference between reality and fiction the damage is minimal if any at all. Otherwise we’d be banning everything over moral purity and because “it might hurt someone” despite the number of predators who say “don’t hurt people” or take stances against fucked up content but then groom someone or abuse them behind closed doors.

No. 748111

>Otherwise we’d be banning everything over moral purity and because “it might hurt someone”
This can also apply to telling people to kill themselves though. Honestly a lot of the arguments in this thread go both ways. Also a lot of people into those kinks do seek partners to act it out irl.

No. 748116

>Otherwise we’d be banning everything over moral purity and because “it might hurt someone”
That's the point, you can't ban fucked up rpf but you can criticize the people who write it and be vocal about how wrong it is.
I don't agree with "don't like it, don't read" when it comes to rpf because there's just something fundamentally wrong about publishing rape porn or underage porn about real people in particular, and I think the authors deserve to be shamed for sharing it, if that's the twitterfag position then I guess I agree with the twitterfags

No. 748123

But the issue is that telling someone to stop being retarded by writing fucked up shit is not enough for twitterfags, they send lol kys you sick fuck comments instead of just telling them that they need to stop.
I don’t get why is it so difficult to understand that being unnecessarily aggressive to underage retards usually just makes the retarded kids want to kill themselves instead of helping them with understanding that they need to stop writing crazy shit.

No. 748124

If they have a kink to seek out and do it with adults, they assume whatever risks come with that or are at least responsible for themselves. But if they’re a teenager, most of them can’t even go to the store to buy condoms without being sus or embarrassed.

I agree with vocally criticizing rpf (whether sfw or nsfw), esp of minors but what I’m trying to say is specifically targeting someone or criticizing them just for the topic they wrote about rather than it being rpf just leads to banning everything and doing nothing towards actual predators. Mb on crappy wording but that’s basically what I’m trying to get it. Criticize it for being rpf rather than criticizing the content/topic of it. Maybe I’m biased cause I’ve seen too many people criticize the content of something for being gross but then turn out to have done worse.

No. 748126

Anyway, does anyone have any more milk on artists in the fine art world? Sorry if it's already been brought up and I missed it, but I saw some anons talking about it in another thread and I've been curious. I would like something other than the stuff that's always talked about here tbh

No. 748131

I guess I assume that people writing that stuff are already perfectly aware how messed up it is. I also have trouble seeing how someone, even as a teenager, can be so desensitized to rape, gore, and underage porn to the point of producing it themsleves, about real people, and sharing it publicly, but too sensitive for "kys" comments

No. 748138

File: 1614218193760.png (119.68 KB, 260x275, 498B43BC-5520-4068-9A15-2EA6B3…)

Okay, anon, have fun telling kids to kill themselves, we don’t need to help them, just let them hate the world more than before they wrote an obvious cry for help.
Maybe get a bunch of people to help you with it so they get over it as quick as possible, also doxx them, it will make the world a better place. You’re the hero we needed, the Batman of the internet.

No. 748148

File: 1614218706857.png (66.5 KB, 464x620, saintcake.PNG)

Apparently saintcake wasn't even talking about that situation so I guess you guys wasted all those posts for nothing

No. 748150

File: 1614218758030.png (59.65 KB, 470x585, s.PNG)

No. 748153

by your logic if I must be the one telling them to kill themselves, are you the one reading their works? have fun with your dream smp gang rape guro fics then I guess

No. 748158

Samefag, Saintcakes bio says she's 23 so I feel like she's a little too old to be doing all of this but I get it. I'm sure having a bunch of people accuse you of pushing someone to suicide in a situation you had no knowledge of is frustrating and who wants that on their record?

Also, incase it's not clear, I'm guessing what happened is Saintcakes talked shit about that loli dragon maid character and a bunch of coomers got mad at her so they involved her in some kind of mcy drama and accused her of harassing someone to the point of suicide which lead to her saying this >>747553.

No. 748176

How do we even know someone killed themselves? I haven't seen any proof one way or the other, just people aggressively claiming it.
It'd make more sense if they deleted their account and claimed to be dead because they wanted people to leave them alone.

No. 748178

The person who killed themselves is zellamelons. If you search it on twitter you'll find their suicide note and a tiktok that apparently confirmed. In the tiktok the person said they talked to a close friend of zellamelons. Nothing else has come out about it from, but I don't think there's anyway to "confirm" it because they're a fanfic author. Obviously they will be fairly anonymous

No. 748188

Yeah, it sounds like they just wanted people to stop harassing them, and their friends would obviously want to help them (not that they're in the wrong). It's pretty easy to post a suicide note and just abandon an online account, especially if your real name/face isn't there.

No. 748279

most people complain because the creators have come out saying they are uncomfortable with it. like everyone knows its fucking wierd but there was one example of youtube Tommyinnit,16 saying he does not want to be sexualized or any of that shit but they continue. Usually its pervy horny teens doing it but i have seen some 20 years old doing this shit in the drawing side of things. like it gotta be wierd going threw your tags and seeing yourself getting rapped or beaten by your older friend.

No. 748295

File: 1614229465579.jpg (7.71 KB, 299x168, bernadetta.jpg)

ok so I had to do a double take because the artist who was doing the callout regarding that Ang person is someone I used to be friends with in high school. I'm glad I lost contact cause holy fuck.

I kinda miss the days of being online, seeing something you don't like and then ignoring it. It's kind of frightening to think that if you draw something that others may find discomforting you can lose your livelihood over it.

No. 748302

Just spergs sperging as usual

No. 748375

The replies are fucking psychotic as well. Yeah the guy is a prick for calling someone out on false pretenses, but the people in the replies made phone calls to his employer, dug up his address and information on his girlfriend, then sperged about how "this behavior isn't okay in ~the industry~" without a hint of self-awareness. Jesus Christ, I get wanting the guy to get his comeuppance but this is a level of a-log poop-touching I can't even fathom.

No. 748392

If you dont like gay stuff that means you like misogyny now? KEK what a dumb psyop

No. 748395

she is clearly full of fucking shit. You can read her tweets from yesterday, she was CLEARLY talking about the fanfic situation and is now trying to save ass after receiving strong backlash Boogie-style.

No. 748419

>b-b-both are upsetting!
You do realize when writing fanfiction the ones "suffering" are fictional but when you conduct an actual operation to ruin someone's already fragile mental health with targeted harassment you're dealing with a real person? Let's not act like some of us didn't draw or write fucked up stuff when we were edgy, depressed teenagers because I sure did, the only difference is that social media didn't exist back then so my edgelord content wasn't exposed to a bunch of virtue signaling antis whose only source of happiness is gaining internet victories by punching down. Girls writing messed up shit are already bottom feeders, they're well aware of it. And most of them will grow out of it.

Like what do you even have to gain from doing it? The edgelord will delete their account? Another one will take their place, the internet is never cleaned off of "problematic" fiction. I've seen how these lazy bird app activists spread callout posts about how someone is a pedo/whatever with cherrypicked "proof", if any, and people will bite and swallow with absolutely no critical thinking. They use all their energy doing this but never, ever take a dip in the deep end to call out degenerate scrotes like Shädman who openly lust after real life little girls simply because they know they're too big and popular to fall. I've seen call out posts of some nasty troons abusing young girls go unnoticed because that would be ~too scawy~ to RT. Multiple grooming cases exposed on Discord daily and you never see anyone compiling an autistic 20-page google doc detailing it.

And when they manage to break their target they scoff it off with the whole nigga just walk away from the screen bullshit like they themselves wouldn't be having a suicidal breakdown if it ever happened to them. If your mental health was already in such a lousy state that you lose your mind over some nasty omegaverse incest fanfic then you have no place telling other people to just close their eyes cyberbullying isn't real etc. I know you're reciting it to cope with your guilty conscience but when you grow up it will fucking haunt you that you made a complete stranger fall deeper into depression over some piece of retarded fanfiction or art. Feel free to debate them on it and say that you don't like it but the moment you start justifying real life consequences with "well she should've known it was coming!" you lose a bit of your humanity. And keep in mind that one day you'll be eaten by the beast you helped to create because the goalposts will never stop moving and soon something you write, draw or say will be considered problematic as well.

No. 748429

>>748148 This doesn't feel like a misunderstanding, it feels like she's backpedaling. The tweets were pretty specific (even if she thinks she was being subtle with her subtweeting)

No. 748438

why are these dipshits of waste begging for money for this mentally ill person. make her leave make her go into treatment.

no hardworking person should give them money.
this person has obviously too much time when they spend the whole day bitching at ppl and then crying on private for ko-fis.

fucking human scum. also why the fuck are you all writing romans about these wierdos, if someone writes wierd shit and they kill themselves. like leave it be, person is dead, nobody cares. sick fucks get what they deserve.

the internet changed, just adapt if you so insist of keeping up being a wierdo.

fictional writing tells a lot about the mental wellbeing of the person. this person can still harm people someday. first they spit out the shit on the internet, then they snap. and take it out on real people.

who he fuck even know if the person is dead. this could all be fucking lies, so who the fuck cares.

this bitch saintcake is still alive, so she can search for a fucking job and work for her money. like everyone else has to do. i hate how she gets any other artists to beg for her, like what is this? you should be bullying her off the web.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 748439

File: 1614253980393.png (168.77 KB, 907x1264, wtwtw.png)

No. 748448


No. 748451

>>748438 That will be a yikes from me

No. 748455

Anon I think you have some issues.

No. 748456

Michelle spends a lot of time complaining about discourse and drama while taking months to do commissions ordered months ago, lol.

No. 748457

File: 1614256943429.jpg (77.93 KB, 643x820, 0a1.jpg)

No. 748463

>the internet changed, just adapt if you so insist of keeping up being a wierdo.
The only change is the type of humor and meme from the Internet. These weirdo will be not change and always in the Internet since in the beginning.Get used it .
>fictional writing tells a lot about the mental wellbeing of the person.
Yeah Anon I bet my favorite horror and thriller scriptwriter and manga author is some sicko, creepy pscyho.lol

Just stop anon

No. 748464

Is this person ranting korean? I want check out their page but I’m not sure if it’s the right one

No. 748465

File: 1614257440886.png (32.09 KB, 584x344, 1.PNG)

These are the tweets that led up to that one. I don't see it. How is this subtweeting about the mcy stuff? Interestingly enough, she mentions someone named Zami, gut no mentions of any minecraft youtubers, or even fanfic authors committing suicide. I feel like you guys are just trying to hold her accountable for this for no reason.

No. 748466

File: 1614257476868.png (29.15 KB, 547x311, 2.PNG)

No. 748469

File: 1614257572281.png (44.49 KB, 590x465, 3.PNG)

No. 748473

File: 1614257665080.png (50.85 KB, 622x573, 4.PNG)

Oops, forgot one

No. 748482

I always love how they try to brand straight out slander as "criticizing". Oh yeah remember when instead of writing their opinion, movie critics were sending directors twitter DMs and making public callout posts that they're gross abusive pedo perverts who should fucking kill themselves already? Sharp, thought-provoking criticism right there.

No. 748486

>schizo-chan doesn’t know the difference between fiction and reality
Edgy teenagers are edgy, they write edgy stuff because they’re retarded.
Also, not only you can write anything as an exercise, even if gasp you don’t like the theme. But you can also write about something even if you’re not okay with it or you don’t support in reality.
The internet has changed because now you have to be a reflection of your creations, so if I wrote about a child grooming mtf who fucks animals, I must either be one, support them or fetishize them because those are the extremes you retards like to reach.

No. 748488

But when did she do that or talk about that though? I'm not even trying to be defensive, but you guys keep saying she's doing this stuff so I just want to see it. I think the reason why she's saying "criticizing is because she talked shit about that loli character with big breasts, so a bunch of anime coomers got mad at her.

No. 748489

The point is that she's downplaying the harassment other people are doing.

No. 748490

Harassment of who? Afaik, no one was harassing anyone over anything. She's right, that person was trying to use someone else's death as a gotcha in a situation that had nothing to do with fanartists or fanfic authors

No. 748508

File: 1614260897135.png (248.71 KB, 1080x1379, 20210225143309.png)

Ok the way they're talking about this exactly like how they talk about racism or homophobia is a bit cringe ngl

No. 748514

more ugly art to insult my eyes

No. 748516

File: 1614261791103.jpeg (111.36 KB, 750x307, D9CAAB81-2C00-4C1E-A425-6AB6F9…)

Sa1ntcakes is protected now so I can’t access my original link to it but this is a screenshot from when I shared what she posted to a friend.

Is she literally said “a fanfic writer committed suicide…” and didn’t mention anything about a stalker until now.

No. 748517

and other edgy teenagers are edgy and say "kys" it's not that deep. If an adult is getting involved in this shit and harassing said teens that's cringe and they should kill themsleves too but that's not what's happening here
extremely based
>I'm opressed because I like cooming to rape rpf
lmfao can't make this shit up

No. 748520

Are you dense? People are discussing the general vibe of these fandom "antis" and their narrative. Get a clue. And even when it comes to her she's obviously backpedaling from dropping a hot take on someone committing suicide over internet harassment.

>hehe lmao people being ruined by internet mob mentality over fanfics is sooooo funny kek
You need to be over 18 to post here, anons.

No. 748521

Idk, I still feel like she's not at fault for this. It doesn't seem like this came up until >>748465 so it makes sense she's saying people are using it as a "gotcha". A fanfiction author killing themselves doesn't have anything to do with her criticizing anime, so why did it need to be brought up? Are people just not allowed to criticize any kinds of media? A lot about this just doesn't make any sense.

No. 748523

no one said that, stop overreacting, any opinion besides your own ≠ "I hate you and I want you to kill yourself". Ironic how it's the supposedly "problematic" ones being insufferable moralfags here

No. 748540

File: 1614264121102.png (153.16 KB, 465x602, 1.PNG)

Samefag, these are the tweets that prompted the "you drove a fanartist to suicide" shit. Literally why does that matter in relation to these tweets? Who is killing themselves because a twitter artist said a loli character with big boobs looks stupid? This isn't about "antis" (I honestly don't even completely know what that is).

I'm not trying to wk so this'll be my last post about it, but it makes 0 sense to say this person is harassing people and driving people to suicide because of tweets she made about an anime character. That has nothing to do with the fanfic author or anyone else who committed suicide. That person definitely tried to use someone's death as a "gotcha" and it's weird you guys are trying to defend using someone's suicide to defend your loli waifu

No. 748551

File: 1614264716700.png (121.79 KB, 794x708, saintshit.PNG)

sage because samefag.She's full of shit and lying to boot. It feels like an outright backpedal to try to defend herself.

They also usually try to say writing gross shit is a sign that someone is not mentally well but like… that doesn't help their point. If someone isn't mentally well, why would you encourage people to en masse tell them to kill themselves and that they're an awful person? At that point, you're aware of what you're doing so you can't say "Didn't know what they were going through." And if something makes you uncomfortable, why would you intentionally seek it out? Like I'm not over here trying to look at guro but then going around telling guro artists to kill themselves like common and often times the harassment and getting told by random strangers is the breaking point so I really don't get what she's trying to say.

though yeah she did criticize the oppai loli dragon, she's the same kind of person or crowd that will say it's gross but then still watch when the first episode comes out. Dragon maid is popular but still niche enough that you need to actually look for the content of it. I follow mostly weeb shit on my TL and even I didn't see shit from dragon maid which basically implies these people looked up something for a show they will either watch anyways or won't watch (which means the criticism is pointless) and then try to act tough when people start snapping back at them even if they're weebs.

It doesn't help that she almost always has awful takes (I think I had seen one of hers about DMMD) so people prob have an extremely low tolerance for her constant BS and complaining about everything.

How tf is she able to just get donations post a god awful post about people using death shortly after a fanfic writer killed themselves and after an artist had been doxxed and lost not one, but two jobs because a "friend" decided to expose their private NSFW content?

Ngl it kinda is his comeuppance. He basically did the same thing to someone else and now the internet has decided to do it right back to him. Kids, this is why you don't doxx and expose private information about people for the world to see when the worst crime someone has done is fictional drawings and it's an open secret that animation and other industries are riddle with sexual abusers and predators.

It comes from the same thread about her saying people are using death as a "gotcha" in response to people talking about how fandom harassment leads to people committing suicide. I don't think it's related to criticizing anime giving how hard she tries to play victim but then go right back to the same shit that made her private in the first place. and this was all within like? The last month? With the way she phrased it, she makes it sound like people are trying to say that everyone has to be comfortable with everything or else someone will die rather than saying people shouldn't go out of their way to harass people and send death threats. Rather than saying "This tweet came at poor timing shortly after someone actually had been driving to commit suicide after getting harassed and death threats" like a mature person she just dug herself deeper and now it looks like it was either about a stalker or anime, but given how many times she backpedals and goes back to the same shit it feels like she's just trying to cover her own ass.

She's complained that no one likes her and was gunna permanently deactivate and privated, got a bunch of gay people mad at her and privated after she trash-talked DMMD, And now has gotten into a fight with the weebs and posted a god awfully timed take and tried to backpedal and is now private again. ffs if you're going to make a living pissing off and making fun of people you don't like at least don't private like a bitch while crying about it.

No. 748563

Tbh, I've seen stuff about the dragonmaid thing in my tl, and I only follow a couple accounts about one specific anime. I think it may have even been brought up in a thread here? I don't think it's some niche thing that no one really knows about
>It comes from the same thread about her saying people are using death as a "gotcha" in response to people talking about how fandom harassment leads to people committing suicide. I don't think it's related to criticizing anime
But wasn't that thread made because of her criticizing anime? The way I understand it
>saintcakes talks shit about weebs
>weeb says she drove a fanartist to suicide (look at the quoted tweet in >>748465, it's about anime)
>saintcakes says she doesn't know what that person is talking about
>makes this thread >>747553
>people think she's talking about a mcy fanfic author suicide.
I didn't know anything about this person before this so maybe she is a huge cow, but this all seems like an overreaction tbh

No. 748570

seriously this twitter discourse thing is starting to get pretty confusing even for me.

No. 748598

I’m with the other anon, I don’t get it. I thought the whole Don’t sexualize children thing would’ve made people side with her? Since a loli character is just a child, and that child has humongous tits?
Also, how did they come to the conclusion that it was about something completely unrelated?
I swear most Twittercrusaders just don’t have reading comprehension if they really managed to link a fanartist into lolishit to a fucking Minecraft YouTuber getting used for shit fanfics.

No. 748654

File: 1614270511970.jpg (71.44 KB, 373x1127, DRl4ViSW0AAnLs8.jpg)

Why do people call this character a loli when they dont do any research? Its an ugly coomerbait 19yo dragon. It was made for coomers and by coomers, these people dont even know that Kobayashi is an ecchi manga. Having an anime face doesnt make anyone automatically a loli.

If anons will show caps from manga, all of them have the same ugly face so that still doesn't make her a loli. Just a lazy design made for fapping.

The reasoning behind her having huge breasts is that she is allergic to being fat, and whenever she does gets fat it goes only in her chest afaik. It shouldn't be too deep. Just an ugly character made by ecchi manga creator.

No. 748664

>The reasoning behind her having huge breasts is that she is allergic to being fat,
>this entire post

No. 748742

How the hell did this discourse somehow make the leap from making fun of big titty anime girls to Minecraft fanfic suicide?

No. 748749


What a reach to legitimate breasts as big as the character. lol And it's not really thought through like wouldn't she just starve and her breasts would be inflamed all the time? It's so bad it's funny.

No. 748757

I am not wking, i just think its retarded to call this wannabe bimbo a loli.
I think thats the whole point. I bet it took author 3 minutes to come up with it. At the end of the day she is nothing but a coomerbait character and i dont think theres anything special about it cause she is boring as fuck.

No. 748759

I think they were made separately. However, the wording of it and saying “idk a fan artist was driven to suicide apparently” right under her saying people using death as a “gotcha”.

If someone accused me of having driven someone to suicide or harassing them, if I didn’t do it I’d just deny it and make a thread clarifying that I don’t condone harassment or death threats. Not subtweet about people using it as a “gotcha” cause that just makes you look guilty of doing it in some way… especially when in the same tweet you talk about someone having actually done it and phrasing it as “people being uncomfortable”. It lowkey screams guilty and manipulative to boot given that she tried to backtrack and say it was about a stalker… and then tried to say before (or during) it was about an anime critique.

>so which ones the truth

No. 748764

The person who died had nothing to do with the topic at hand though. There was no reason to bring them up Minecraft(?) fandom drama in a thread about a show with big titty 1000 year old anime dragon lolis.

No. 748769

Her face looks like a child's, anon. Doesn't matter if she has ridiculously sized breasts, her face just looks very young.

No. 748772

It seems like she initially, even before that post, she thought the person was bringing up the entire Zamii SU situation again. I do know that I see people bring her up from time to time in arguments.

No. 748778

what's wrong with her feet

No. 748781

She's got some fucked up crocs on.

No. 748783

File: 1614275018252.jpg (275.54 KB, 1078x1303, lol.jpg)

i think its extremly funny how you all wanna lose time on this bullshit when no one in real life cares about it, ofc if you say or show this shit people are goig to be "ew gross wtf" and no one is expecting this to be everyones cup of tea but normal adjusted people will just leave it at that, like genuingly at the end of the day, did you made a difference at all? lol

ANYWAYS theres also the partner of Jim Jinkins daughter?kid?(the creator of Doug), Jay Goldstein, who did a callout and doxing to a porn mansion foster artist and then backtracked about it, said artist was working with vivziepop and another worker. 1/2

No. 748788

File: 1614275183034.jpg (155.3 KB, 1654x714, 20210225_143708.jpg)

However i think its more milky how this ex friend group has been obsesed with that person, stalking him for 2+ years and basically pissed that Ang cutted tied with them without being able to trash them about it directly, in pic is one person of the friend group talking directly about Ang, also to note that callout is because another person of the group cutted ties but when they entered the group chat again they were a still pissed off, so the well adjusted folks of that group decided it was all a big manipulative attempt and decided to do a public callout instead of…talking about it.

No. 748838

the internet used to be the place where you could post whatever you wanted because it was the internet not your real life. the edgy shit i posted online as a teen would get me massacred today. now the internet is basically your real life and you have to watch what you say. moralfag antis who love suicide baiting over fic, why the fuck are you posting on an anon board??? you want to hide your real life identity while being a POS online. harassing people online makes you the asshole, always. there's few places you can be anon online anymore, and people will continue to be edgelords on the internet. you waste your time crying about fictional bullshit when you could be reporting actual pedos going after children (who have existed since the internet was first accessible) to the fbi instead of teen edgelord fanfic writers that hurt no one. but it's easier (and more fun!!) to go after fic writers and artists than actual criminals.

it's actually insane that people can lose their professional careers or livelihood over fictional shit they posted online, especially if the said artists posted under alt accounts to separate their professional and personal life. you gotta act like you're at your job even at home shitposting on twitter

No. 748859

This might sound like a brainlet take but O keep noticing that these callouts posts against artists are almost if not always made by other artists. I don't know it seems a little opportunistic

No. 748860

This. I will never understand if they want to do hood why aren't they targeting actual pedos online Twitter has tons of them.

No. 748889

Not brainlet at all. The call always comes from inside the house and I think it's your answer to >>748860 as well. Just like how on lolcow the loudest criticisms come from jealous vendettafags and people in the same community as the cows.

No. 748897

File: 1614281214333.jpeg (223.59 KB, 742x841, 3A1DD90E-A271-4F98-AA3E-86D773…)

Some girl on tiktok made a bullshit painting, posted it on ebay starting at around $200 dollars and the fucking bid with up to $15k lmao. Are ebay bids even legit or will they fake out?

No. 748907

I heard there's a mechanic (you can disable it, but sometimes people leave it on by accident) on Ebay that if you bid on an item and someone else overrides your bid, you can automatically choose to bid a higher custom amount (500$ more, 10$ more, etc). Maybe that's what's happening here? Either that or just some rich tik tok kids spending their parents' money.

No. 748912

I'm pretty sure you can just back-out on ebay after the auction ends and that's what happends with these outrageous listings.

No. 748924


I cannot fucking STAND this "you deserve reperations drop your cash app" shit I keep seeing. If you saw the stupid "Sai" scam a week back that girl's friends were saying they deserved money reperations for being "harassed"??? Bitch….

No. 748957

File: 1614283970321.png (59.57 KB, 1885x249, emily got covid.png)

so who had 'emily artful getting covid' on their bingo card?

No. 748959

This is something I've noticed too, it really seems like any inconvenience or issue is a good excuse to demand money now? It's so shameless lmao.

No. 748984

anyone can make an ebay account and drop a fake ass bid then just back out once the auction ends, plenty of people do it especially when the seller doesn't turn off the ability for the winning bidder to back out.

depending on how shameless this particular tiktoker is (considering shes already riding the "paint something on tiktok and put it up for sale on ebay = profit = success" trend, idk) i wouldn't be surprised if she made another account to put a fake bid down anyways just to release another tiktok like "omg guys look I did the trend and now my painting sold for this, do this and tag me if it works for you too". it's all bullshit.

No. 749015

>>748957 Uh, nobody… Why would you do that?

No. 749016

it seems like more people care about clout than they do actually protecting anyone.

hell i saw at least two threads where someone was vocally anti-loli/shota/gross content in fiction only to have alligations about them come out that say they've groomed children and/or solicited nudes from minors, were general sexual predators and the threads are filled with the same kinds of people that tear down someone over edgy content saying "get well soon" and wishing them the best.

they wanna be assholes but can't bring themselves to be honest with being an awful person so they target relatively innocent people while shielding themselves and other genuinely predatory and awful people.

if the rumors about anti circles being filled with abuse, gaslighting, etc. are true it make sense as to why they'd side with someone who just got outted as a sexual predator and want them to get better while hoping someone whose only crime was "violating fictional characters" (and sadly i actually saw this brainlet take) dies.

honest to god i can't stand it either and i have too much pride to sink to being that level of shameless to where i can demand money for something i did to myself.

No. 749083

>moralfag antis who love suicide baiting over fic
literally the exact opposite of what is happening here lmfao it's the moralfags ""pros"" or whatever who are suicide baiting over mean comments

No. 749184

This thread got so cancerous, twitterfags really are brain dead(/ot/ rule 7)

No. 749192

As if this thread hasn’t always been a low-quality twitter user containment thread

No. 749258

File: 1614298712963.jpg (843.51 KB, 830x2109, 1614286739573.jpg)

an artist who makes a trans kids comics got called out for making babyfur art using real kids as model

No. 749274

I am calling the police

No. 749303

Sage cuz not milk, but does anyone know what happened to greatgalaktyka?
Her account on twitter doesn't show up and on Validate's thread of showing the devs one of the tweets has been deleted (I assume it was the one mentioning her cuz she's not in that thread)

No. 749306

File: 1614301755483.gif (1005.4 KB, 360x202, tumblr_inline_pla8a4O94P1qlgie…)

No. 749334

I knew something was sus

No. 749439

what a shit friend, and never seen someone who lacks such self awarness. oh no someone did a drawing i dont like and has nothing to do with me, ima dox them.
like let people do whatever the fuck they rarley hurt anyone, sometimes annoying with how much of a degenerate they are but these are just drawings and NSFW artists usally keep to there circles and out of public.

No. 749441

File: 1614321482907.png (339.96 KB, 500x565, kid with cross.png)

Why are so many of them babyfurs, I don't understand. How does someone even end up with a fetish that weirdly specific?

No. 749445

- to add on about truebuggy, he has a furaffinity and draws animals fucking and appretnly some private accounts lmfaooo

every fucking time

the person calling out the alleged predator or whatever does the same shit

No. 749463

I'm keeping my eye on a news report because I need more proof to believe that a suicide, but if it's true I'm going to be calling twitterfags unhinged til the cows come home.
Search his hard drive. Just do it now before he deletes any more "reference pictures"

No. 749480

I still dont understand why someone talented, threesibo still getting canceled by ex-subs/fans or people bombarding her now inactive twitter and pixiv yet a lot of dislikes on her recent youtube videos over her cyber bullying that happened almost a decade ago. I do not agree the way she apologized in 2014 by only tweet "Im sorry for being abusive" then deactivated it but what people did is too far. Cancel culture is too ridiculous, its the same logic as if people cant forgive cyberbullying then people shouldn't forgive tracers.

No. 749492

Holy fucking shit it's always the MtF trannies

No. 749512

iirc she didn’t merely “bully” the way one might think, but tormented others with the intention of driving them out and one of her victims became suicidal and tried to wait it out and she knew and still harassed them. She was basically a farmer but instead of cows she went for normies on the basis of not liking them. Then she lied about it and tried to lie about being a minor to mitigate the damage by being “too immature to understand” her own actions. This toppled with her side account for posting south park porn getting exposed didn’t work to her benefit. A lot of people were shocked and disgusted because her audience was full of younger people but behind the scenes she was drawing shit about cartoon 4th graders. She herself is the cow.

No. 749527

File: 1614334095686.jpeg (104.54 KB, 670x895, 751AAEB6-4B6B-4911-9DA3-5C97F3…)

I read this whole thing, and I’m not interested in conversing over whether it was right or wrong or whatever. But are we supposed to feel sorry for them or something? Their identity was intentionally attached to that shit, if they didn’t want it to be found they could have just… not connected it to their personal life? And what the fuck did they think would happen if their job ever found out? It’d be genuinely retarded if any of the ko-fi donators felt obligated to give them something for whatever reason except sheer pity. Even then it’s a waste of a dollar imo.

well damn

kek no ship or fanfic is even worth considering worth fucking dying over unless someone is severely maladjusted, and if it’s already at that point it isn’t even the fic or the shipwars at fault. Nothing is physically stopping them from making a new account and disabling comments on the old.

This is such an overreaction. More than half the “supportive” comments on these fics isn’t even doing that shit.

No. 749634

Prolific tranny turns out to be a furry pedo, more news at 11.

No. 749670

>Their identity was intentionally attached to that shit, if they didn’t want it to be found they could have just… not connected it to their personal life?
Yeah, fun fact, that's what doxxing is.
They could have kept their entire personal life separate from their weird online stuff, and a close friend could just release all the info. That's literally the meaning of doxxing. From what it seems, they didn't connect their personal life to the online, they didn't even use their name online. Still pretty shitty to do on the 'friend's part.

No. 749712

Yeah, they already weren't connected. Jay just decided to release private information to the world.

Not to mention, according to husbandhugs (the person jay called out) had cut ties because Jay was attempted to groom them so I feel like Jay did this because they got rejected.

No. 749716

wasn’t vee/ang (who the callout was about) in a poly relationship for awhile? I remember hearing she was raped not too long and I’m wondering if any of her partners had anything to do with that

also apparently the OG callout maker (TrueBuggy) tried grooming Vee sometime ago, this situation is a shit show all around lol

No. 749737


hahah holy shit i didn't even know assigned male was still relevant. i havent heard shit about them in years ever since they were e-begging for a thousand dollar intuos tablet they "needed" and now here they are being outed as a gross babyfur. no surprise there. i really hope this ends the career of this artcow who has had it coming for a long time now, disgusting

No. 749871

Damn, time to go lurk the KF thread again, I had stopped years ago because it was the same old shit, but now this is good.

No. 749893

So they got doxxed because they couldn’t keep their degeneracy to themselves, despite not attaching their name to said degeneracy, disclosed it to some scrote and he did as scrotes do and smeared their shit everywhere. Thank you for the explanation but I mean there is no way they could have reasonably concluded this would be a good idea. “I should show this guy who knows so much about me and isn’t my psychologist some fucked shit. Nothing bad will come of this!” lmao doxxing is fucking awful but who thinks like this? It’s like internet safety 101.

On top of that he’s a groomer? This is an entire shitshow

No. 749932

Ang/Vee had considered TrueBuggy/Jay a friend until they had cut him off for trying to groom them.

you really ain't gotta bend over that far backward to defend doxxing.

No. 749964

File: 1614371592690.jpeg (414.09 KB, 724x1153, 9DF207F1-0F7B-4302-8E81-87E2D7…)

Yet another artist is being cancelled by the anti shippers. The person being cancelled this time is badturquoise for drawing noncon on his nsfw Twitter account and for being a proshipper. Antis really can’t go 2 days without starting drama over fictional shit huh?

No. 749973

File: 1614372307983.jpg (372.27 KB, 1080x1592, D8jenejdudd0.jpg)

Retard alert

No. 749977

If I had a guess it could have something to do with trauma and how folks who were victims of abuse tend to create coping mechanisms to bear with the pain. It’s no excuse for being a raging pedophile but kinks like these have been used as comfort devices for the person in question.

It’’s been a long time since I’ve read up on Sophie drama but if I had guess, their childhood may have not been the best growing up.

No. 749987

Some kids have been trying to complain about this guys already in past threads and never deliver any fucking milk. At this point, I'm conviced these people are just waiting for the person they don't like to give them any reason for them to sperg over and try to ruin.

No. 749990

Genuinely think you need to be lobotomized if you have so much stake in wanting characters to fuck that you identify by "antishipper" or "proshipper" kek

No. 749996

lmao yes this absolutely
tbh generally people that identify as being part of a "fandom" give me bad vibes.
People that actively care about shipping, whichever way it is, are just weirdos. the world was a much happier place when "fandom" noncense and autistic shipping shit were mostly contained by tumblr.

No. 750003

Yes and thankyou. These people need to learn to mind another people business.The fact that the use label like "proshipper" and "Antiship" is genuinely annoying.

No. 750029

Idk how to tell y'all this but…you browse lolcow lmao theres no high ground queen

No. 750037

File: 1614377253116.jpg (27.44 KB, 800x534, 5768987654.jpg)

No. 750060

This 100%. I was really surprised when I saw anons itt talk about "antis" and shipping drama like it's a real thing that matters, I didn't think anyone cared about that stuff outside of tumblr and twitter. And lolcow's the last place I thought I'd find people who take this kind of thing seriously tbh, I kind of get the vibe that those anons are twitterfags who use this site as an outlet for their more problematique takes that would get them canceled on twitter

No. 750084

“ang skipped therapy and sought comfort in showing a scrote objectively weird shipping porn” I agree doxxing is bad. But I’m not going to read this shit and skip over ang’s laughable autism lol. Simultaneously I’m not going to take this shit seriously when it was ang themselves who tied their shit to their real life by forging that link between them (and for the groomer to click on) in the first place. Friends, lovers, enemies, it doesn’t matter kek these are perpetually online adults ffs.

It should never get that serious for anyone tbh, if it is they need to log off and step away from the computer. It’s really that simple.

No. 750088

>I kind of get the vibe that those anons are twitterfags who use this site as an outlet for their more problematique takes that would get them canceled on twitter

No. 750107

I love vee and it makes me so sad to hear their story over and over but I'm glad more people are becoming aware of the shitty people that groomed vee and several other people

No. 750108

Badturquoise is a genuinely talented artist, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this was an attempt to take down a better artist out of envy. Does anyone know if it was actually noncon or just misinterpreted? Also I like the fact that when listing the reasons he should be blocked/reported, the first thing mentioned is proshipping, and noncon art comes second lmao.

No. 750120

It’s so true, i swear the whole pro-ship and anti-ship bullshit was created just so bitches had something to bitch about.

No. 750140

File: 1614391541560.jpeg (360.82 KB, 750x1052, CF6D57F7-F416-444E-8CF0-19A730…)

>Does anyone know if it was actually noncon or just misinterpreted?
Just checked out the scenegyaru person’s page and they posted this

No. 750162

Nonny I think you're confusing this character with Uzaki. Uzaki is a shorter-than-average college student with massive tits. This character was designed to be an oppai loli. Also, the mangaka is confirmed to be a loli/shotacon. Even the first season of Dragon Maid anime had tons of sus pedo shit in it.

There's even a manga-only character who looks like a child despite being a grandmother. The mangaka knows what the fuck he's doing.

Also, according to the wiki she's supposed to be 16, not 19.

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