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No. 678929

Post your dumbass questions here

Previous thread:

No. 678932

Is it a bad idea to make a body-positive thread on /g/? I know hamplanets have taken over the body positivity movement but I was sorta thinking about making a thread about learning to accept certain features that you have, sorta like the 'coping with being ugly' thread but more about emotional growth

recently I've been learning to accept certain facial flaws that I had, like my nose and my stretch marks which were, in hindsight, nowhere near as bad I was making them out to be

No. 678938

I'm paralyzed and I can't study because I realized I will probably only make 3k/month 36k/year max my whole life. Isn't it better just to be a neet and leeching instead of being a mortgage slave and bullied at work?

No. 678943

Leeching off who, the govt? If you mean disability payments then go for it. Nobody is gonna judge a paralyzed person for that, welfare exists for your benefit.

No. 678945

If you're leeching off the gov then sure. If you're leeching off of real people then fuck you.

No. 678947

how to build a persona on social media in order to express yourself and find friends? I wish there were a guidebook for autists like me. I crave a personal space on the net but have no idea where to begin or how to curate it…

No. 678957

Real people pay the taxes though

No. 678958

Yes but the gov is already leeching off the real people so it's ok if the real people leech off them back. Most tax money is going to stupid shit anyway.

No. 678972

So I met this scrote on tinder a week ago and before we had sex, he always texted me fast etc then after he started ignoring them giving me one word replies. So, I blocked him. I feel like it was an over reaction but I'm not asking for money, not asking for a relationship, all I wanted was a few texts a day just to feel like I exist to someone and he couldnt even do that. Was I being dumb?

No. 678973

File: 1605997582682.jpg (28.82 KB, 600x600, 1597598281641.jpg)

has anyone had luck with making friends from here yet? I wanted an artsy farmer friend

No. 678976

why do people kin danganronpa characters so much?

No. 678977

ill be ur friend anon

No. 678979

No, if a guy fails to give you bare minimum then he deserves nothing. Stop thinking about it and move on.

No. 678983

my stupid question is wtf does "kin" mean?

I'm going to take a guess that the answer to your question is because it's a series about edgy teenagers with OTT personalities so attracts autists

No. 678988

make it, anon. I've love to learn from other anons about how to accept certain things about my body, if you have the advice. my nose could use some love

kin means you see yourself in that character in a really strong way, at least that's what I always thought it meant. anons?

No. 678990

File: 1605998509344.jpg (799.27 KB, 1024x1024, dbnwg5j-9107000c-c826-4d62-be8…)

idk but tenko is queen, she's a beautiful lesbian terf

No. 678991

Because autists love danganronpa and autists are the ones who love kinning

In all seriousness, danganronpa characters emote a lot and are exaggerated tropes with easy to follow backstories, pretty easy for a teenager to feel identified into, plus it has some funny angst going on and the style is very colorful and out there

No. 678993

Why would someone bait you into fighting then stop talking and cry when you answer?

Like what is going on in their minds, and what should i do to stop this? is it because i'm being too harsh with my words or because they just want to get hurt?

No. 678999

My standards are low as shit. Just text me consistently(I hate when guys disappear for weeks then pop up) shower everyday, be kind cute, flirt with me and hangout with me once a week. I cant even find that lol

No. 679004

I don’t know the reasons and it’s probably specific to your situation but stop it by not falling for the bait. Grey rock method. Not responding at all is best, but if for whatever reason you do then just be really boring and neutral. “Ok, I understand why you feel that way” and so on. Don’t give them the reaction they want.

No. 679009

My parents. Is it bad? Should I drop out?

No. 679026

Don't leech off your parents. It's unfair to them to do that. At a certain point parents aren't supposed to care for you full-time, atleast imo.

Maybe you could just work and rely on your parents for stuff like housing? You could pay for groceries or maybe pay "rent" so that way you're still contributing. I'm pretty sure you could still get gov assistance (depending on where you live obviously) if you're living with your parents.

No. 679029

File: 1606003423288.jpg (289.21 KB, 1170x1000, inconsiderate scrotes.jpg)

No. 679034

>gov assistance
Oh my, I'm not literally paralyzed, it's "just" anxiety and overthinking. I'm sorry I didn't know that would be interpreted literally in English

No. 679043

>Isn't it better just to be a neet and leeching
if i had to live like that i would just kill myself. doesn't it make you feel like a pathetic loser? do you not feel shame?

No. 679048

i put money on my boyfriend's metro card to visit me and i just saw he's used some of it to go somewhere. should i be upset? how do i confront him? i just was checking the balance and saw it was lower than it should be.

No. 679052

>giving money to your boyfriend
your first mistake.

Just say "Hey, I saw you used some of the money I put on the card. What did you use it for? Not trying to be over-bearing. I just want to know cause that money was for your visit."

I would guess he's broke (pretty sure you already know tho) and using that money for stuff that he shouldn't be.

No. 679053

funny how many petty actions get a pass on this shitty website "just because they can" and here you go full sjw over neets
i can't take it seriously when lc users talk about things this way

No. 679054

okay thanks. and yeah i know. he's just broke because of covid right now. the worst part is that i would have probably been fine if he just asked and said he'd pay back for it. ah well. i am just a bit hurt.

No. 679056

>pathetic loser? do you not feel shame?
No? Why would I? Is neet shaming some kind of protestant thing?

No. 679060

Yeah. It's actually a universal staple of the religion, seemingly.

No. 679061

thou shalt not NEET

No. 679068

Well if you put it like that. Make multiple leeching projects.
I'm talking about crappy red bubble shirts and shit. No matter how crappy it is, if it is political, someone will buy it.
Same goes to horrible mobile games. Those that have 4000 ads and burn the kids braincells.
Get creative, the only thing you really need is to be a shameless mf and by expressing your will to be
a leeching neet, we can alredy see that you have no shame
don't waste money on weeb shit ffs be wiser

No. 679072

File: 1606010052012.png (618.19 KB, 1080x965, 1446231651806.png)

It's be funny if people started making those "YAAAWN morning wagecuck" memes, but with Lolcow-tan instead of Pepe.

No. 679079

>full sjw
where? what are you even talking about? i was just asking a question. i don't think being a neet is morally wrong, i just think it's embarrassing.
>Why would I?
idk anon, that's how i feel about it. to be an adult who can't take care of themselves is shameful, i think. to tell someone that i don't have a job or an education and live with my parents still would be mortifying.
obviously if you feel no shame about it then i see nothing stopping you from doing it, i was just curious.

No. 679090

I think that's what it means now but back when Tumblr was at its peak kinning meant you actually thought you were that character. You had all their memories and had done everything they did in canon. They would say that they had killed people if their character had, it was wild.

No. 679138

Of all the embarrassing and sometimes mortifying shit that's posted on this site, being a neet is tame in comparison. Yet some anons make a big deal about it.
Kinning still means that.

No. 679179

File: 1606031849694.jpg (32.85 KB, 600x600, st,small,507x507-pad,600x600,f…)

Reposting from another thread
should I delete my instagram for artwork then? I just made one a couple days ago, after not having any social media since 2015. Like I just hate how corporate everything is. There's no real site for professional artists that is super mainstream and everyone can see and get in contact with artists and get jobs. It has to be fucking instagram, I'm tired. What to do?

No. 679194

I think it’s fine if you just keep one around for business’ sake, ie. don’t engage with other people but keep your uploads consistent or for portfolio. You’ll probably have to learn how to stop yourself from searching/scrolling.

No. 679223

How do I find more obscure-er/not constantly used references on Pinterest?

No. 679226

This is gonna sound absolutely dumb, but how do I access my medical records (in the USA)? I’m looking to get a medical marijuana card and it’s recommended I bring proof of diagnosis. I’m seeing a therapist and a psychiatrist, but I haven’t had a general checkup in like a decade.

No. 679228

Call the last hospital that you had a visit or regular visits with and talk to their medical records department. They’ll have you sign an ROI and fax or mail them to you, most likely. You can also just talk to your psychiatrist and therapist for their records since they’re more relevant and you have easier access to them.

No. 679230

What are some good sites where i can watch or download shows for free? Most sites have very shitty quality so i was wondering if there are any better options, i really want to watch the boys but i have no money for another streaming platform.

No. 679231


No. 679233


No. 679235

Why don't you just torrent?

No. 679281

How can I become smarter anons? Yes I am genuinely asking this question. I'm not a moron, but now I'm approaching my mid-20s, I feel significantly behind my colleagues in general intelligence. So many of my friends will enter conversations or debates on politics, history, technology and social dynamics and not only do I have nothing to add, I can barely keep up with what they're talking about. They use complicated (to me) words and concepts effortlessly and I'm so envious of them, I want to be able to communicate at that level. I've started reading recently (literally never read as a past-time before) and I'm constantly googling words I have no understanding of, but I worry I'm not going to retain any of that.

Should I study? Where do I start? Any resources? I just feel so overwhelmed because the gap between my intelligence and seemingly everyone else I meet feels huge. I want to improve myself in this way but have no idea how to best approach it. Why didn't I pay more attention in school?!

No. 679284

Read books. That's all.

No. 679288

Reading will help, also keep up to date with the news, even read the lifestyle parts of newspapers. My best advice is to pay attention to things around you, make mental notes (or even on your phone) to research something you’re ignorant about later. Be curious about shit - why is it like that? How does it work? What’s the history? Etc.

For words, maybe write them in a notebook and look over them 10 minutes a day, or make flash cards like you would when learning a foreign language. Incorporate them into your speech and you won’t forget.

Keep in mind you’re not stupid, you’re just ignorant. That can be fixed. Also be aware that when you know fuck all about a subject, even a person with a very basic knowledge would seem like an expert. Maybe your colleagues/friends are super smart, maybe they are just good at pretending.

No. 679292

This might have been a bad move, but I made sausage patties last night. I didn't finish eating them and left them out, unrefrigerated. I ate the two patties this morning and my stomach has made the most god awful sounds.
What are my chances that food poisoning is on the horizon?

No. 679294

I agree with the other anon, you're not dumb, just uninformed. Read the news, research the topics your colleagues talk about, take notes with your phone

No. 679296

Throw out those patties anon. I don’t know about food poisoning but I’d say you’re in for an upset stomach at least.
Drink water and get some anti diarrhoea tablets just incase.

No. 679298

thanks anons, I appreciate it. It's not a great feeling when you feel so lost for something to say!

No. 679324

Is it unreasonable to ask someone not to bring their dog with them when they're coming over, when it has no pressing reason (like a service dog or something) to be here? I just think dogs are gross and smelly and really don't want them in my space.

No. 679326

Yeah if it's your house.

No. 679327

Does anyone else opt for using the bidet and soap after shitting instead of just wiping with a tissue because of how weird and dry it feels?

No. 679340

I always use water to wash my ass because I have ass hair and don't want to be walking around with shit possibly stuck in them.

No. 679346

File: 1606059694783.jpg (85.3 KB, 730x1200, 3166426197.jpg)

How tf this movie got blew up on tiktok ?

No. 679349

KEK this blew up when it came out too, and it’s dog shit. YMS has a very funny review on the entire movie, but I know adum is a meme.

No. 679353

what with Adum is Meme anon? I watch his content as background noise.

No. 679358

Tiktok hypes the dumbest shit. Typically I notice that they do it by attaching the movie to some urban legend like "this movie is possessed, if you download it you summon a demon" or "a girl committed suicide after watching this" or some shit. I try to assure myself it's because a huge chunk of their user base (i.e. age 12-14) fall for that kind of thing.

No. 679360

>urban legend like "this movie is possessed, if you download it you summon a demon" or "a girl committed suicide after watching this"
Hasn't this always been a thing though?

No. 679364

Oh yeah, precisely. I mention the demographic of 12-14 years because it was around that time I loved that kind of rumor, too.

No. 679368

So this is their new worst version of creppypasta

No. 679371

Haven't heard of this movie, but it looks like a Z movie that was made on 0 budget

No. 679378

Can us three be friends ?
I don't know how to make friends anymore

No. 679395

How long do bans last? I got banned twice for dumb reasons and everytime it happened it had already expired because it was cast during my sleep. I guess there are also different degrees of ban, like for several days or permaban.

No. 679405

What does sake taste like?

No. 679425

It absolutely depends. I've seen people get banned for as short as 30 minutes. Then you have those bans that last 1-2 weeks for the same minuscule offense lmao.

No. 679432

My last bans were 24 hrs and 5 or so days for completely non-offensive things. I've also had the 'already expired' bans before and I was under the assumption those were warnings, not bans? I never read properly though so I could be wrong.

No. 679440

This reminded m of I ended up getting a 2-week ban for typing something at like 2 am (I couldn't sleep) and I didn't realize what I wrote was race-bait-y because I wasn't really thinking kek

No. 679443

On that note, for anons who have gotten super long/unwarranted bans, does appealing them actually work?

No. 679448

The email field often autofills with my real details and I'm terrified I'm going to leave it in one day when I'm half asleep

If it's unwarranted, yes. But be reasonable when you appeal it, don't just unleash tard Karen rage

No. 679457

Can't you just adjust your browser settings to prevent the autofilling from happening?

No. 679461

Can one drink alcohol while on fluoxetine?

No. 679465

Where can I watch Castlevania if I don't have Netflix?

No. 679472

I agree with these anons. I like watching the national news that's broadcasted in my country, there are also some journalists I like that host informative programs, and publishers like the atlantic or new inquiry offer a lot of different perspectives on current events. After reading something, I find it really helps me to write down a brief description of what I read. It's a good exercise because you engage with the material, learn to be descriptive and concise, and it opens the door to more questions that you can research.

No. 679473

Not sure if it's there but try masteranime.to

No. 679486


No. 679487

You can, but you'll find out afterwards if you should

No. 679500


No. 679501

Thanks anon!

Well i did torrent a view series some time ago on pirate bay but my english sucks and i could never find anything good with subtitles.

I believe Adum tried to defend beastiality and other weird shit.

No. 679510

Alcohol counteracts fluoxetine, in my experience. I’ve drank once or twice since I’ve started Prozac and it wasn’t worth it.

No. 679540

How long does e-dating last, or honey phase if the reason why e-dater choose to e-date was because they wanted someone to listen to their whiney shit and support them instead of going to therapy? Curious.

No. 679558

File: 1606082425104.jpg (306.53 KB, 1080x1845, 20201122_225921.jpg)

So, is all trans discussion banned now? Didn't say so in the rules

No. 679563

Respectfully, this has been explained numerous times now. Even in the latest townhall, admin mentioned that the MtF and FtM threads are meant to act as containment threads of sorts for any discussions about trans people. She stated that it's off limits in places like /ot/ because it has the potential to devolve into infighting. I feel like this post would fly better in one of the aforementioned threads so long as there was milk attached to it.

No. 679573

I was banned for a post about farts, this seems trivial

No. 679574

>it has the potential to devolve into infighting.
That's bullshit, it's one of the most universally agreed upon topics on here. That's why the threads were so popular and fast moving.

No. 679582

Well, then admin better update the rules then. Whining about forbidden topics in meta isn't exactly making it clear whats allowed or not.

And we have infighting over literally anything, so its a bad argument. Might as well ban all discussions about everything then if thats the reason. I'll even go as far as saying that hating trans people is the one thing we can all agree on here.

No. 679583

Anons saying they support or are indifferent towards trans people is what causes the infighting from what I've seen.

No. 679584

>Anons saying they support trans people is what causes the infighting
I mean, if the admins allow trans stuff soon enough we'll have girl dick and mouth feel discussions on /g/. Do we want that?

No. 679585

> we'll have girl dick and mouth feel discussions on /g/.

Imagine the laughs though!

No. 679586

Right because often times anyone who supports trans people are instantly called slurs, bait, or handmaidens. I don't engage in the arguments anymore/bite my tongue because I'm not trying to catch a ban over something so trivial. Plus, getting told "go back to Twitter" every time I want to make a point gets very tiring.

No. 679587

You asked for it

No. 679589

I mean, I'm not a radfem so I don't care.

This site isn't exclusively gc. Anons expressing support for trans IS allowed, but you'll get banned if you start infighting whether or not you're gc. The arguments are usually 1 or 2 anons saying they support trans people, and then a bunch of gc anons coming in to argue with them about it. Basically, the gc anons outnumber the tra anons, so If people could have a discussion about trans rights or whatever without derailing then gc anons probably wouldn't have got banned in /ot/. i feel like i said gc a thousand times

No. 679590

I literally didn't. You're very rapey today, huh?

No. 679594

go support trannies on literally any other site

No. 679597

what's the difference between the video music awards and the american music awards?

No. 679598

Do we have a thread about infidelity? I'v been cheating on my bf and talking about it on /r/adultery but I'd feel safer if it was competely anonymous

No. 679600

Post it in the confessions thread. Also, kill yourself.

No. 679605

I saw it once and it was the stupidest most boring movie ever until the very end which suddenly introduced the shocking shit. I just feel like someone wanted to build a movie on top of it just to excuse torture porn.

No. 679606

No but you should definitely go fuck yourself with a chainsaw

No. 679608

The VMAs are held specifically to give awards for music videos, the AMAs are held to give awards artists who gave blown up in America (not necessarily American artists though).

VMAs has categories like
>Video of the year
>Best Pop video
>Best editing
>Best choreography

AMAs has categories like
>Artist of the year
>Favorite R&B Artist
>Tour of the year
>Collaboration of the year

Basically, the AMAs are more of a general awards show, and the VMAs are specifically for music videos.

No. 679611

>the AMAs are held to give awards artists who gave blown up in America
*have oops

No. 679614

They could just make their threads and ignore comments from anons that disagree with them. Nothing is stopping them from not caring about anonymous people on the internets opinions. Nothing is stopping them from making pro trans conversations among themselves.

Why can't we just have differing opinions on this site and continue conversations we want to have, not rabidly defending ourselves? Cant pro trans(or any other topic for that matter) just ignore anons hating and reply to thise who agree? Its a chan, its not like it matters if people have disagreeing opinions. Why even care that random strangers hate.

No. 679620

Tbh gc anons could also just ignore the trans-supporting anons if it upsets them.

No. 679629

Is anyone actually reading Favorite song lyrics thread or are you all just dropping your post into the void and going on with your life?

No. 679631

What?? What in the world did you say?

No. 679632

Shit and fart posts that sound fetishistic are more likely to cop a ban js

No. 679634

tbh i do both

No. 679642

Nta but responding with that level of sexually violent imagery, really?

No. 679643

Nta either, but have you seriously never heard "Fuck yourself with a chainsaw" before?

No. 679655

What state are you in? When I got my license in CA (before it was legalized) I literally applied for it through a website that contracted doctors who would call you within a couple hours. You could just say “I have anxiety and trouble sleeping” or whatever and they’d OK it and fax/email you the license for immediate use, and mail the card for a fee later (which I never bothered getting). I never had to verify anything or show any other medical documents.

I’d check around online to see if there’s a service like that first before spending money and time on a whole regular visit. Otherwise, what the previous anon said applies.

No. 679657

>sexually violent imagery
Get over yourself

No. 679663

Can someone explain to me what is a anti and anti-anti? My knowledge is someone who disagree of someone works right? While I agree that people can criticize pretty much everything whatever they want. Especially if someone post it or do it on public spaces where EVERYONE can see it (even if the creator give us warning what is going have things that will deem things as unsafe or inmoral). But, I have to agree that this type of people are taking fiction WAY too seriously.

No. 679666

I think anti anti are people who are completely for fictional depictions of things that are objectively horrific. Shitty stuff like shota/lolicon or the shit aggy draws is okay to them because "fiction is not reality". I'm not of that opinion but it's not my entire life to harp on them like antis do.

It's definitely a twitter syndrome and people spend way too much time thinking about it.

No. 679669

I’m starting to get a really strong hunch that we’ve got a trickle of anons from Asherahs garden, and instead of integrating they’re trying to condescendingly ‘teach us’ and chide us. It’s really obnoxious.

No. 679670

i mostly see it used in the context of shipping characters. "antis" are against ships that include stuff like age gaps, incest, and pretty much anything that's illegal/immoral irl and "anti antis" are of the opinion that all ships are okay as long as they're not real
i'm not really bothered by either idea but there's a lot of retardation from both sides and it seems like every other day someone from either side gets called out for being a pedo/zoophile or some other flavor of degenerate, it's not a rabbit hole worth going down imo.

No. 679672

If you mean in the Twitter/fandom sense, an “anti” is typically someone who is anti-“problematic shipping” aka someone who’s hyper PC and against age gap/incest/rape/abuse/dubcon/underage/power difference or anything that could even be mildly misconstrued as one of these, in relation to fictional characters and their related fan works. They’re usually sheltered teens who love to dog pile and spam death threats over this trivial shit.

An “anti-anti” is just the opposite of this, although more commonly I see people saying “pro-shipper”. I should mention that I’m someone who thinks fiction and reality are completely separate, with only autists confusing the two, so my explanation is probably skewed in that direction.

No. 679674

I hate the term proshipper, even thou they have the best discourse account.

No. 679686

What makes someone a normie?

No. 679691

Not being here in the first place.

No. 679694

Having friends, common hobbies like sports, top 20 music, entry-level knowledge of movies/tv shows/Netflix series.
They never did hard drugs, works/studies at a regular or advanced pace, doesn’t know about imageboards like these nor stuff like Pepe or wojak memes, neither about aynime or even comics.
They’re just people that don’t spend too much time on the Internet.

No. 679700

God I wish that were me

No. 679754

any anons here have experience tapering off/coming off of SSRIs? I'm two months into tapering off of citalopram and two weeks on no-dose and i'm so fucking weepy it's not even funny, wondering how long it's going to take my brain to get back to "normal" mood range (aka not constantly crying in traffic). experiences appreciated

No. 679764

How do I stop being a stupid cunt

No. 679766

I'm off ssri's. I'm bipolar and they basically stopped working as well and made me want to vomit by the time I was done with them. I've felt better without them, a little more emotional, but they actually made me feel far more deadened and emotionless. which I hated because I felt like this fucked robot shell of a human. being on only a mood stabilizer that doubles as an antidepressant has been a vast improvement. it was a weird change at first but it was a welcome one and I'd rather be off them than on them. I feel like ssri's really are not for everyone and I wish therapists would stop trying to put everyone on them

No. 679802

File: 1606122044545.jpg (116.96 KB, 1024x1024, 77022468_482055935777889_90862…)

Anyone know of any dollmakers similar to Marina Bychkova/enchanteddoll? Especially those who blog about their process like her. I love her work but have no idea how to find other dollmakers.

No. 679807

How can I improve my emotional intelligence?

No. 679811

File: 1606124405184.jpg (449.32 KB, 1858x980, b01087de7001d130e4010acfbec0fe…)

He defends dog fucking, unironically

No. 679815

File: 1606124969102.jpg (88.14 KB, 980x653, popovy-sisters-doll-pearl-gray…)

I think you'll like the Popovy sisters, anon! They make very beautiful dolls.
I also know of Etsuko Miura, but her work is more on the horror/grotesque side of things.

No. 679818

>I'm sure people used that same argument against sodomy laws.
Why are all these freaks obsessed with equating themselves to gay people? What about "two consenting adults" do they not understand?

No. 679823

He's a literal fur fag. He probably thinks he's making some big brained insight by tying it to the persecution of gay men when in reality he's diminishing it by outing him self as a gay man that loves the idea of fucking dogs.

No. 679824

How many pairs of shoes does one need to have at any given time?
I've been asked at my previous work why do I have only two pairs of shoes and I honestly thought no one would every pay attention to what I wear at work and why does it matter anyway?
So I've got two sneakers and two pairs of boots. Is that enough?

No. 679831

I think it depends on the type of work you do. If It’s office work and you spend the day sitting on a desk without interacting with any clients, I think anything that isn’t too damaged is okay, if it’s formal that’s a plus.
If you have to interact with customers you might want to have at least three pairs of shoes so you can rotate them during the week, some people care, most don’t give a fuck while buying stuff.
So yeah, maybe buy just another pair? A formal pair of shoes.

No. 679836

Is Sinsay going to have black friday? I am waiting for it to happen to buy one cheap gift.

No. 679837

These are great recs anon, thanks so much! Etsuko Miura is amazing!

No. 679838

> If It’s office work and you spend the day sitting on a desk without interacting with any clients
Yeah, that was the type of work I did. No idea why the number of shoes was that important but then again, they were a bunch of vipers so maybe that's it.
Thanks anon, I'll get one or two more pairs just in case.

No. 679847

did something happen to the onision threads in pt? why no active one?

No. 679849

No. 679855

Thanks anon

No. 679867

Can more than one ear piercings/earrings look classy and not trashy?

No. 679873

File: 1606137980291.jpeg (126.42 KB, 750x750, ADF45135-8252-41E0-B6FC-A504EF…)

Yeah, as long as you keep everything clean and use stuff that at least looks nicely done, actually, it’s considered fashionable nowadays. Just keep it cohesive.

No. 679874

Two pairs has always been classic and normal, but more than that goes too. It's been popular for a couple of years now.

No. 679888

Has anyone ever felt that feeling of horniness and disgust while doing something non-horny related? Like I was just browsing lolcow and playing with my nipple randomly, non sexually and I just got so fucking grossed out with myself but at a gut level, not mentally…… am I going retarded right now… also just woke up sorry

No. 679889

Where do you girls buy high quality gold earrings that are fair priced? I want to treat myself for the first time

No. 679890

Are you looking for solid or filled/plated/vermeil?

No. 679893

Best Thanksgiving dish or side dish?

No. 679910

File: 1606144485562.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.84 KB, 720x350, IMG_20201123_161448_126.JPG)

Did you see the scrote thread? Does he really think he "owned us"? How embarassing

No. 679912

I dont want to get into a GC discussion at all I just wanna know where the term 'troon' came from.

No. 679926

File: 1606145620788.gif (1.68 MB, 178x240, whatever_2.gif)

It was apparently "shit" enough for him to come here and make a post so I guess we really made it lassies. omg. finally we have the male approval we've been craving. /s

No. 679930

Like any of us care about this little Ted Bundy incel manifesto.

No. 679933

File: 1606146055579.jpg (103.67 KB, 800x800, download.jpg)

No. 679934

From Something Awful of all places, it was at first a neutral term the resident trannies used to call themselves (trans+goon=troon). Since SA is a cesspool of woke shit, people outside of it started using it to describe the loonies from there, then extended it to basically all trans people (but generally more for MtFs than FtMs and enbies).

No. 679936

Awww little pee pee man thinks we care about his feefees.

No. 679941

File: 1606146683513.jpg (32.56 KB, 480x360, a8f.jpg)

"Hey roasties, just dropped in from /b/ (4chan) to tell all you faggots know your shitty woman knockoff site wont ever be shit. You should all go back to the kitchen, and hang yourselves you copycat dishwashers. All you are good for is raping and cooking.
-All of /b/"

No. 679942

>mfw I remember Something Awful being genuinely counterculture and edgy in like 2003-2004
The last time I heard of them was when some tranny mod was having a meltdown and posted some pinned notification thread screeching about how transphobia is a bannable offense or something and FYAD got shut down. Also shmorky trooned out and turned out to be a huge degenerate nutjob. Lowtax is an alcoholic deadbeat dad. It's sad.

No. 679943

File: 1606146830475.jpeg (186.03 KB, 1024x705, CD69079E-22EB-4087-BCBB-1A8066…)

Let me fix that for you

No. 679944

anon the best dish will forever be mashed potatoes and gravy- always do it just to be safe. If you want to stand out a bit do a potato casserole.

No. 679945

I’d like solid

No. 679946

it was edgy back then. moot used to use it and then left to make 4chan. it became anti 4chan shortly after though. they apparently have a $10 joining fee.

No. 679950

Are "empaths" real?

No. 679956

Empath is just another word for narcissist

No. 679958

I used to enjoy the threads there circa 2009-2012; they weren't obnoxiously woke then. The Photoshop/comedy threads were hilarious. I remember revisiting the site a year ago and being shocked to seeing their pregnancy thread OP warn everyone not to "gender" people or whatever the fuck. It's a real shame

No. 679959

Yep, you can't even lurk threads older than 6 months, you have to join and pay the fee.
>tfw I lurked the Andrew Dobson thread back in summer of 2012 and this was my first encounter with a lolcow

No. 679970

Just by virtue of you asking these questions and seeking out new experience, you are demonstrating the classic sign of general intelligence - novelty seeking! Always be open and ready to absorb like a sponge. As anons mentioned, reading will undoubtedly help you get a leg up in "intellectual" conversations but that can be a bit of a time investment.

It's a bit lower effort but documentaries can provide a wealth of information of politics, history, technology, sociology, etc. You can find so many free ones on YouTube! Maybe start with docs from classic sources like Frontline or NOVA.

Another tip is to always keep closed captioning on so when you hear an unfamiliar word you can visually see it written out, in context, and thus it's easier to integrate into your own vocabulary. I always have captions on, also helps if you miss words form mumbling and I think it helps you gain greater comprehension of the dialogue.

No. 679980

Who are your go-to cows? I love/hate pnp and shay. Mostly because I encountered them on SM before finding LC. Their threads have been so boring lately so I’m looking for someone else to read about. I also lurk Nika’s thread, and LJs.
Hope everyone is having a good day!

No. 679992

shoe, tuna, heather explains

No. 679995

I got banned for a week for saying something about trans women (men) invading women’s spaces in the celebricow thread.

>>679584 Exactly. And I’d prefer trannies NOT take over the one space on the internet I can be as a woman, when they literally get free reign of all MSM. Fuck outta here tranny mods and tranny supporters (men, women who hate women, and chasers).

No. 679998

erin, june, and shayna. they give me the most laughs and i also like to read the egirl thread whenever there's milk on d9 and babivampire

No. 680000

I think Vicky is my all time favourite, I like how completely delusional she is. I like to revisit Phoebes threads as well. I wish she would come back to the internet. J like cows that make me feel outraged, I dont particularly enjoy the sad ones (like Nika or Luna, I feel bad for them).

No. 680004

Johnny and Syd in snow can be really funny and really sad/infuriating at the same time.

No. 680005

Came here for pixielocks but I read shaynas, youtubers, moo, and fake elsas threads

No. 680015

What makes a person want to conform and become a normie while others will always try different things and actually want to be unlike the rest?

No. 680019

You make Vicky your go-to cow and you will always have something to gawk and laugh at, doesn't matter the day. I actually admire her ability to hold onto her delusions so firmly, well into her 30s and in bold defiance of the reality knocking at her doorstep every day.

I used to hate watch shoe's threads but she is pretty lame for me these days. The communist/Vaush arch just isn't as fun as previous sagas lol and I think she's become a lot more self aware past couple years which of course means less milk.

No. 680020

Shame and the fear of standing out. Normies have internalized the mindset that they mustn't be interested in anything past surface level or it would be considered geeky and weird.

No. 680025

how do you get past the upbringing that always told you to be humble and quiet, always keep your head down etc? i literally cannot even praise myself or think about myself in a positive way without thinking that it makes me a stuck up bitch

No. 680027

Some people at some point either don't have anymore time for non-normie stuff or just want to chill without pursuing anything weird and standing out; being a normie is not a bad thing despite internet making it sound like the worst sin.

No. 680031

Yeah, genuinely don't know what's the bad thing about being a normie. As long as the person is satisfied and has a positive life, what's the big deal? That's my stupid question

No. 680035

> either don't have anymore time for non-normie stuff
You make it sound like being a non normie is an effort and an act.
Being a non normie is more of a lifestyle combined with interests.
I'd like to add that being a non normie takes very little effort seeing how most people are dreadfully superficial in thoughts and things they do. The bar is set really low.

No. 680036

How can I make others love me if I don't love myself?

No. 680039

Maybe it's not the best advice but if you don't love yourself figure out the reason… you might need to work on yourself, objectively.

No. 680040

I agree with the other anon for the most part. People can pick up on when you don't love yourself and it can make it harder for them to do so as well. That's not to say they can't love you though. If you're being your authentic self, people will notice that and it can make you seem more endearing. I hope you learn to love yourself, anon. I know that can be hard.

No. 680048

I honestly think a lot of non-normies, especially on here, secretly resent normies for living a normal life they deep down wanted and fitting in (considering there's a lot of people on here who aren't well adjusted, let's be real).

No. 680049

File: 1606161360216.png (49.34 KB, 1156x948, i'm asian riiiick.png)

does anyone have those two pictures of that fakeboi who got some sort of skin graft(?) surgery to look asian
i need to show it to my dad

No. 680052

I'm the one who asked the question and I don't resent normies. I just don't understand why would someone renounce their own genuine diverse interests just to seem normal, bland or acceptable.

No. 680059

How hard is crocheting? I got some cute yarn on sale a while ago but have yet to buy the long hooks and watch videos for beginners.

No. 680060

Because they don't want to be considered weird? Most people want to fit in with the group, it's natural.

No. 680064

some people don't need to make every autistic fixation they have a matter of public interest. all these normies just keep all they weird shit they like to themselves where it belongs. Alternatively, they just like boring popular shit

No. 680065

easier than knitting imo even for complicated casts but knitting seems more versatile as you can get garments out of it vs crocheting is like. for amigurumis and 60s bikinis. on the flip side, crocheting only needs one needle and not 5 and cable needles if you ever want to make socks and anything bigger than that.

No. 680066

File: 1606162922112.jpeg (372.46 KB, 1800x1198, D65BE955-35AE-43A1-8256-DE13D7…)

here you go

No. 680067

Could also be someone who was faking some non-normie interest to belong to some niche group / stand out and attract attention, but in time decided it's not worth it and embraced normieness.

No. 680068

this is legit terrifying

No. 680070

do you have photographic memory by any chance?

No. 680071

Wtf are you even implying, bpd-chan?

No. 680072

Yarn size makes it easier/harder, depending on the project. The needle size and type of yarn can kind of conflict too, and sometimes I've found it frustrating as balls to wiggle into a hole without accidentally putting part of a strand of another stitch in there. There's also making sure that you stay really consistent with your stitch size, meaning you need to micromanage how tight or loose you're making every stitch. Also, counting your stitches. Stay on top of your shit with this, or you can fuck up a project and make yourself wanna sit in a corner and die because you had to go back a bunch.
Maybe this is just me.

No. 680075

File: 1606163326766.jpg (1006.42 KB, 1920x1200, wallpapertip_girl-reading-book…)

How to build a reading habit on heavy literature and pscyhology as a Visual learner anons?

No. 680077

thank you anon this picture is essential to my life
i can't tell if this is sarcastic or not, but i'm a drawfag so maybe? people tell me i have a photographic memory because my room is messy (not rat infested i promise) and i still manage to find everything i need

No. 680078

Why do lesbians move so fast in relationships? My friend only knew her gf two months and they're already living together.
With scrotes it goes like this

>you talk for 3 months

>after those 3 months he asks you to be his gf
>you date for 3 years and then move in together
>after 8 years they decide if they wanna leave or get married.

No. 680081

I'm fucking howling at your image's text anon

This is some night terror demon shit. What kind of a surgeon 1.) agrees to do this 2.) thinks this looks "asian"?

No. 680084

This is something I've been wondering myself and why the u-haul lesbian is such a meme that seems to be based on some amount of truth. I wish FWB relationships and one night stands were more normalized within lesbian relationships, sometimes a person just wants sex without commitment no matter what sexuality.

No. 680093

For what reason would a woman be more popular among gay women than straight men, given she's feminine presenting? It's not a problem since I'm a febfem, but I'm curious about what it could be.
Something about the face, voice, or personality?
Women are less violent/dangerous so precautions are less important. I personally still don't see it as healthy even though I have the urges myself kek.

No. 680097

File: 1606164741143.jpg (22.27 KB, 512x512, 05101UE-1071_1.jpg)

How do you call these tops that have the same neckline as a lot of camisoles (similar to picrel) have but like….with sleeves? kek

No. 680098


seems you're thinking of sweetheart necklines or maybe even U shape necklines

No. 680099

Humans are social creatures; most people have desperately tried to conform throughout history for self-preservation. Equally, the majority have been suspicious of people who act ‘different’ as it can be seen as a risk to the group. Those instincts don’t just go away even if we’re past burning witches. It’s beneficial to everyone involved to appear ‘normal’.

Also, a lot of normies I know do have niche interests and hobbies. It’s just not something that comes up in conversation as often as “do you watch [popular TV show]?” because they’re much less likely to find someone who wants to listen to that shit, much less has the same interest. When you’re a normie and want to fit in, you’re going to make yourself likeable by chatting about shit that most people care about.

No. 680111

File: 1606166419858.gif (598 KB, 452x336, OVxC.gif)

Does anyone remember the blonde Australian girl that was sort of big on tumblr in the same era Felice was? Picrel is her but I can't remember her name and it's killing me.

No. 680148

No. 680161

Found a unopened new(??) Looking bottle of 15% Glögi with no date of expiration, not even the day of manufacturing. Is it safe to drink?

No. 680164

How do I stop breaking down every time a scrote gives me unsolicited mansplaining?

No. 680167

why are you breaking down over that wtf

No. 680168

Get used to it like the rest of us

No. 680169

when women give me explanations i think "Wow she cares about me" when men give me explanations I feel so shitty. How do I stop caring about men?

No. 680170

You can approach this from a number of ways, but the ones I recommend are either make them feel stupid or simply tune them out. Regardless, they're already coming at you with a huge ego, so you're probably not going to be able to dismantle it from one interaction. Instead, use the opportunity to make them feel unheard/misunderstood. They're really not worth your effort and you gotta save your energy for people who actually know how to have a good conversation that doesn't demean you.

No. 680173

File: 1606171574585.png (690.47 KB, 900x773, EN5ArJZWsAIPfkz.png)

I know I've been in a coping spree since last month because of all the junk food, random youtube videos and imageboards in my life. But I don't why. How do I find out what's bothering me?

No. 680184

desperation? the "dating pool is tiny i am the only lesbian in the world and will never find anyone and die alone with 20 cats" thought being ingrained + a lot lesbians go through years-long dry spells, so when something looks up, lots just jump on it

No. 680201

learn how to perform chemical castration

No. 680204

What cow do you think lurks their thread the most and what Cow do you think other cows follow?
For me it's Shayna & I can imagine Shayna hate following Taylor Dean for some reason.

No. 680217

I think sweetheart neckline was what I was looking for, thanks!

No. 680307

File: 1606181713508.jpeg (12.55 KB, 300x316, images (4).jpeg)

Have you ever been disappointed in someone you admired? Have you outgrown the people you previously admire? pls respond.

No. 680316

Mickey Moon, her whiteknights and her sister lurk her thread
Pixielocks and Steve do too

No. 680318

ew, but I want to know more about this. who is the fakeboi? Is this even real? it almost looks like a mask. jfc do you think this person is ever going to snap when they realize what a mistake this was? their insanity has to catch up to them somehow

No. 680320

Sure. Usually even when I eventually end up disliking people I've admired, it doesn't change the fact that I still admire the traits they had which attracted me in the first place. For example, I did and still do admire that my ex was a really hard worker, resourceful and self sufficient. I just ended up figuring out he was a piece of shit on all other counts.

No. 680405

Why do bike riders say "on your left" to me on trails? I'm not in their way. I can hear them without them telling me. Only some people do it. It's really fucking annoying. Any bike riders here can clarify please?

No. 680406

Not a bike rider but if I had to guess, I'd assume it's just in case they do come across someone who doesn't hear them approaching. Better safe than sorry, probably.

No. 680407

Stop being autistic anon. They have to say that just in case someone decided to step to the left. Some people aren't really paying attention to who's riding up behind them, some people are hard of hearing.

No. 680425

File: 1606194933874.png (132.67 KB, 500x519, 1595445596171.png)

Lol you shouldn't have spoiled it anon. I wanted OP to carry on believing that some faggots on bikes like to occasionally remind her of their location as an insult to her intelligence.

No. 680446

They really don't have to. There is no reason for them to. I am not hard of hearing, I am paying attention(who isn't?), and why would I randomly turn left on a trail? Thats just stupid.

I'm aware of why they do it. But there is honestly no reason for them to since I wouldn't randomly go left for no reason without checking behind me.

No. 680449

Random people riding by wouldn't know that dummy. They don't know whether or not you're hard of hearing, paying attention or if you'll suddenly turn. It's really not that difficult to understand.

No. 680450

>why would I randomly turn left on a trail?
How can they know for sure that you won't? You might stop to tie your shoelace, you might drop something, you might misjudge where they are and try to get out of their way in the wrong direction. Being offended by such a normal, well established precaution that exists partially for your safety is just retarded.

No. 680452

Why so mad about being showing you basic consideration?
Are you sent into a rage when offered a menu at a restaurant since you already know there’s food there?

No. 680462

I'm more annoyed than mad. I came to walk not to hear someone yell and ring their bell at me. I've now started to appreciate those who don't say anything to me.
Everyone knows to walk only on the right side and not to randomly stop on the trail. It would make sense for them to ring their bell if I was in their way or I stopped or was walking on the left side but I never do. Especially not on a trail other people are riding bikes on. Most of the people who pass me on bikes don't say anything or ring their bell. Only a few feel the need to open their mouths and hear themselves.

No. 680465

Lmao you remind me of my mother. So determined to be mad that you’ll choose to interpret basic manners as rudeness or stupidity rather than accepting that you were being unreasonably mad.

Hope nobody ever dares say ‘bless you’ or ‘pardon me’ to you.

No. 680468

How the fuck do I stop focusing on the negative all the time? I know there's plenty of reasons for me to be happy but everytime I remind myself of them I feel like they aren't valid and I'm just using it as a cope and all the bad stuff is really the truth. I can't live like this anymore.

No. 680476

Well stop visiting this site for one.

No. 680478

>lol u mad xD
Okay then. Im gonna bring a bell with me and ring it back at anyone who says on your left.

No. 680481

Anon they are on bikes…riding away from you…

No. 680484

Inb4 we catch you in the vent thread in the future saying "Why don't motherfuckers give you a heads up before passing you on their bike? Someone almost ran me over bc they didn't announce themselves." Why don't you understand that there's never a 100% guarantee everyone will follow the "stay on the right side" etiquette so some bike riders want to prevent a collision every single time if they can?

No. 680485

Has anyone else noticed how hard men fall off looks wise in their early to mid 20s? I'm starting to think that a lot of men 'peaked' in high school physically and that men are generally probably most physically attractive right out of high school and early college. Every guy that I check out (face wise but also not obese) is always around 18-20 years old and there's a stark difference between their looks and the guys who are older than me (22). Every once in a while there's an older guy who's a looker and obviously takes care of himself but I think aging in the 20s must hit men hard or something. I have no idea what caused this (partying, stress, bad habits) but every guy that I've gone to high school with except for maybe a handful looks way worse than before. I know this sounds ridiculous because we're only just out of college and most people say men are most attractive in their 20s as well. But in my experience, it's all receding hairlines, fat 'dad bods', and formerly cute faces that just look unmasculine and unattractive. Maybe they use age as an excuse to look haggard, idk.

No. 680486

Definitely proving you’re not assblasted over manners. You’ll sure show those jerks for daring to be considerate.

No. 680491

I can't ring a bell but they can? If they can ring an annoying bell so can I. And I will. Not for consideration but in spite. I'll ring the bell as close to them as possible when they pass me to let them know I know that they are on my left.

I'm literally on the edge of the trail. On the very edge and im pretty sure they can see that from a far distance. Do you ride bikes on trails anon? Do you say on your left to every single pedestrian you pass?

Its not considerate when its excessive and needless. They scream it loudly for no reason. They could tone it down which is why I'm 99% sure its done just so they can hear themselves yell.

No. 680494

I think that's true honestly. Men don't take care of themselves and it ages them. The ones who take care of themselves actually look decent.

No. 680496

Just say you want something to be mad about and go

No. 680498

>the ones I recommend are either make them feel stupid or simply tune them out.
Can confirm that this works. Especially making them feel stupid shuts them right up.

No. 680501

How do people still get catfished these days? I'm watching Catfish: The TV Show rn and I simply can't believe this many people are still getting tricked. Even if this show is staged, this is definitely still happening to people.

No. 680502

Lmao just say you were unreasonably pissed over something and move on. Why double down on a stupid tantrum to prove a point to randos?

No. 680511

Desperation and hoping to finally find someone reciprocating love. It's a hell of a drug.

No. 680521

Agree that TV show is fake as fuck but it probably mainly happens to kids and naive/lonely people in the really dumb cases. In the majority of cases it’s probably more subtle as most people don’t accept the “my webcam doesn’t work” excuse now. Still plenty of shit to easily lie about and probably get away with unless they’re claiming to be a billionaire/celebrity/famous surgeon. Webcams are still kinda blurry and can knock off a few years. They could lie about their family situation, relationship/lack of, their history, job, education, achievements, living situation, sex they were born as. So much shit as long as they don’t go overboard.

Years ago, I was online friends with a guy and it was months before I found out he was a double amputee (both legs). It wasn’t a big deal but it just goes to show how easy it is to appear different online.

No. 680548

What do you guys think happens after you die? I’m hoping we aren’t reincarnated back onto earth again as a different person.

No. 680549

Well I think nothing happens and your mind just stops existing whem you die

No. 680550


No. 680551

I think we go back to what we were before we were born. Maybe that's something and we don't remember it in life or it's truly nothingness.

No. 680553

If we ignore the lack of skin care factor, I think it depends on their face structure. Most male faces I see are so dumpy, doughy, potatoish and featureless that once they gain a bit of weight that usually comes with age and lack of care they start to look so ugly and shapeless. Usually men with stronger features (sharp big noses, big eyes, skinny face, sharper jawlines, higher cheekbones etc.) look more appealing to me as they age because they don't turn into a shapeless, bloated blob. Alcohol probably plays a big factor because it really does bloat you up, and we all know most guys love to drink.

No. 680558

How am I supposed to deal with the fact that every man I've tried to date just wants to fuck me a few times then leave?seriously, they wont even be friends.

No. 680561

I think we just disappear. It breaks my heart because I love the idea of reincarnation.

I can’t delude myself into believing spiritual stuff but sometimes I get the deja vu feeling about weird shit. This makes me think that if reincarnation happened then it would be more like your soul being recycled rather than being born as the same kind of person iykwim? Like you’d be totally different in almost every way but possibly some very vague residual memories.

So it’d basically be like dying anyway lol because you wouldn’t remember your past life.

No. 680562

I feel you anon. Men my age are just so dull and cumbrained. I just want a fancy dinner somewhere nice, and for you to not start talking about sex after the first date. Have some tact.

No. 680564

Well anon I'm 30 and I'm experiencing the same shit at my age. This hell never ends.

No. 680566

I'm gonna be living it up in heaven post-mortem. Fuck dissapearing after you die, I wanna enjoy myself a little once I get off this bitch of an Earth

No. 680583

Are Twinkies good? What american sweets are worth trying?

No. 680587

They taste chemically sweet and disgusting to me (not a burger), so not unless you like that. Reese’s are good even though I don’t normally like peanut butter, Butterfingers are addictive too. White Fudge Flipz. Anything grape flavoured (if that’s uncommon in your country). Sour candy is good. Cookie dough bites.

The different sodas and chip flavours are worth trying too, there are so many wild ones.

No. 680589

I'm going to ring the bell loudly at the bike riders anyways. I've done it before and im gonna start doing it again.

No. 680598

File: 1606217709168.png (210.47 KB, 557x319, 493i0.png)

I don't want to ask this to someone irl so I'm asking here. One side of my chin is less voluminous than the other side (roughly where to red circles are in pic). It's like there's more fat/tissue underneath the skin on one side than the other, I can feel it too when I put my fingers on my chin. It's super obvious to me and I think it makes my face look wonky, it's bothering me so much that I've had the thought of getting it corrected. But then again I'm staring at my face in the mirror while others don't and see my face in motion. Do you think this is obvious to people around me or am I the only one who really notices?

No. 680605

It’s probably not noticeable anon, people don’t tend to look as closely at your face as you do, also like you said it probably looks different when you’re in motion.

If it’s really bothering you maybe a little filler could help? More so you stop worrying about it, I doubt anyone else would notice a difference.

No. 680606

How can I be less serious and take things less seriously?

No. 680607

i don't think anyone would notice unless they're paying particular attention to your facial structure. most people aren't really conscious of things like that. i've looked into getting fillers tho

No. 680612

Nobody notices. I have an extremely asymmetrical jawline and my group of friends didn't notice until I explained it to them in detail and showed them my pictures + mirrored them lmao
Since then I honestly felt a lot less insecure about it, people genuinely don't notice and if they do, they don't really care

No. 680646

My own parents didn't notice until I showed them. Most, if not all, people have an asymmetrical face, our brain just auto corrects it. Unless they either have flipped vision or be super creepy and stare at you for 7hours from multiple angles,you have nothing to worry about.

No. 680649

Thanks for the reassurance! I'm glad there's a place for dumb things like this on here.

No. 680663

Take the "no one cares/nothing matters" approach

No. 680666

Am American, no, they're overrated/a meme. Try a zebra cake or hoho instead if you want a shitty cake, but if you want to experience twinkies, by all means you should.

No. 680671

No they're awful. I don't know how they got so much hype. Oatmeal creme pies and moonpies (the yellow ones) are good if you want to stay in that snack-cake range. Tbh though, some of those cakes can be too sweet, so you should probably try some other junk-food.

No. 680676

File: 1606228321845.jpg (234.36 KB, 1500x1267, 91XTwaLi yL._SL1500_.jpg)

Samefag but don't get these moonpies either. The Lil Debbie moonpies are superior.

No. 680692

Is r/adultsurvivors an okay sub?

No. 680695

File: 1606229298085.jpg (393.99 KB, 1700x1295, 81YV5JFb6tL.jpg)

Is GOT worth reading?
I love medieval shit and wanted to dive in some books with the theme but all that (actually not that historically accurate) rape makes me iffy.

No. 680697

It's reddit so no

No. 680698

The Mists of Avalon series weren't written by a scrote and read pretty well. Don't know about GOT, the TV series is shit though.

No. 680699

Yeaah… Better turn out to YA then. Must medieval stuff written for adultes will feature rape. It goes with that time.

No. 680702

File: 1606230032716.jpg (92.51 KB, 780x676, GoT.jpg)

No. It's basically twilight for men.

No. 680703

I vaguely remember one of my history teachers loving theses books lmao, gonna give it a look.
Im not iffy about adult content or sexual assault, if its handled well, but apparently GRRM can't keep his rape kink out of his stories the sheer amount of rape he shoved in game thrones from the looks of it is fucking unreal even by historical standards, someone actually counted the number of instances where sexual assualt happens and its, roll the drums:


214 times.

Like come on, its inexcusable at this point. He has a thing for it.
But everyone loves to sing songs of praise for GOT, so it makes me wonder.

Dear beezejus, Tolkien it is then lmao.

No. 680712

Read the Wheel of Time series instead.

I was able to stomach the rape enough to read the first book because there were a handful of characters I like. The problem is that some of the chapters are written from the perspective of really boring characters. I was so tempted to skip Catelyn's chapters. I also find the way Martin writes sex scenes to be profoundly unsexy, and I feel like he has fetishes for lactation and incest.

No. 680718

File: 1606230929165.jpeg (165.88 KB, 800x675, 1605906753622.jpeg)

What website could you buy figurines like pic related on? I want this one, but I don't know anything about Japanese figures so I have no idea where I would even purchase one lol

No. 680720

Good Smile Company has their own amazon anon

No. 680721


Try asking on the toy thread in /m/

No. 680723

I like to think "will this matter in 5 years?" the 99% of the times it's a no and I calm down

No. 680724

Thanks anon, like I said I don't really know anything about figures. I think I'll also try the crunchyroll shop.

No. 680729

Kek thank you

No. 680732

The Mists of Avalon weren't written by a scrote but were written by a pedophile and a pedophile apologist.

No. 680735

Marion Zimmer Bradley?
Welp, her ass is dead now, and I bought all her shit at the used bookstore anyway and she didn't get royalties for it, so I guess life goes on for me.

No. 680738

Anons who met their SO outside of dating apps, how did you met them?

No. 680740

No. 680741

No. 680742

We met during an online RPG. His sister brought him into the group because she knew he liked space themed stuff. After that, I would just randomly message him on discord and then we hit it off from there. Met up a few months later, now we live together and have been together for 3 years.

No. 680745


No. 680746

File: 1606233319222.gif (200 KB, 220x165, tenor.gif)

No. 680747

Work at what's both of our secondary job. It's still cute when we get shifts together here and there.

No. 680749

I dated an r9k faggot before (we met on discord with a bunch of 4chan fags). He was… legitimately autistic. and also racist despite me being black???. He admitted to voting for Trump for the keks, also admitted to being openly racist towards specifically black women in his past. Autistically clinging to his "chad" military friend like he needed life support. Just a fucked up, insecure guy.

We didn't last much longer after that.

No. 680750

Unless you met organically through a hobby board, /soc/ relationship finder threads are really no different than dating apps if that's what you meant.

No. 680751

Playing D&D kek

No. 680752

Anon this just makes you look bad

No. 680753

>twinkies awful
>lil debbie being superior to anything
what's wrong with you

No. 680754

I don't really care. I was like 19 and had just gotten out of an abusive relationship so, I was desperate.

No. 680762

File: 1606234385814.jpg (23.86 KB, 500x250, 410x-Yv47lL.jpg)

Sorry anon, but it's just the cold hard truth. The original moonpies just aren't that good. The cookie part has a weird texture. Lil Debbie pies are thicker and don't skimp on the marsh. Kinda sad when a brand takes another brand's idea and does it better, huh?

Idk what they put in Twinkies but they just aren't good at all. Literally just a sugar overload. Who the fuck is even buying them.

No. 680763

Guaranteed instant replies.

He sounds pretty shitty. Insecurities can be dismissed, but blatant racism is pretty unsalvageable. You got out of it though, so at least you can say you had the shitty experience I guess.
It was on a friendship thread, not a relationship one, but I get it if it doesn't count. It was after not fucking around in the cancer that is /soc/ for months. I replied to his post, and I have no fucking clue why. We were friends for several years first.

No. 680769

I’m not glow I swear but how does one source fun time substances online?

No. 680777

File: 1606235488189.jpeg (145.39 KB, 750x600, 7CAF50C8-15D5-4E58-83E2-20E472…)

Eeww virgin moonpies vs chad Orion Choco Pies

No. 680780

Has anyone here had any luck in convincing a scrote to kill themselves? I need tips(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 680782

They're okay but they're boring.
Certainly better than this weird tasting shite
Who tf likes moonpies unironically? Gross. Mealy off-taste cookies with marshmallow splooge MmMmMmMmmmmmmm

No. 680792

It makes more sense to like Twinkies ironically than it does to like Moonpies ironically. Who would like Moonpies ironically?

No. 680796

Bitch, who likes Twinkies unironically?

No. 680797

File: 1606236565772.jpg (7.07 KB, 345x146, tallahassee.jpg)

No. 680806

I'd advise you not to commit crimes.

No. 680810

Why do men like to mix sex with death and pain? I cannot understand what is sexually attractive about choking or spanking at all. Choking is literally meant to kill people.

No. 680812

I can't speak for the people who like to choke, but there is a reason autoerotic asphyxiation is a thing. It generally feels good to cum while also gasping for air.

No. 680813

File: 1606237270004.gif (3.86 MB, 240x266, whatdidyousayn-.gif)

No. 680815

That would make sense if they wanted it done to them. I have never had a man ask me to choke them, they always wanna choke me.

No. 680816

Hard disagree. Have unfortunately had this done to me (yes, "properly"), by some pornsick scrote, and it's nothing but a distraction.

No. 680817

Samefag, exactly.

No. 680818

You can disagree, but that doesn't make it untrue. I wasn't specifically talking about it being good when someone else chokes you. Just in general, it can feel amazing.


No. 680821

And since we know most men dont give a shit about pleasuring a woman sexually it cant be that they're trying to make it hot for us. If that were the case they would all be super excited about eating pussy.

No. 680822

Not sure if right thread but can an anon recommend a cooking youtube channel for beginners? Preferrably vegetarian? It would be cool if it features a lot of different food from different places. I only know how to cook breakfast stuff and pasta and I wanna do more cooking.

No. 680824

Ive had several men wanting to be choked and not expecting choking in return

No. 680827

I’ve deffo had a man ask me to choke them to the point of passing out. Requested to be hit with closed fists/eyes blackened, and to be pegged.
That sex was fucking wild, I should have married that guy.

No. 680828

She has great variety but it's vegan

No. 680829

The degeneracy of risking death for the sake of a slightly better orgasm and it being encouraged by "health" sites

No. 680832

Every man I was with liked being lightly choked, just had no idea until I suggested it and we tried. It's just not something they see in porn so they have no idea, gotta open their horizons first.

No. 680836

Anon, i highly recommend buying from AmiAmi store. They even sell figures that had previous owners for cheaper prices, but u always have to pay attention to items condition rating. Amiami is the best japanese figure and merch service Iever used tbh, even one small figure they pack it very nice and thoughtfully to make sure it will never get damaged during shipping.they always have all the latest goods and pre-orders. Crunchyroll is a shit company.

No. 680841

Thank you anon! This channel looks about what I wanted.

No. 680852

Is anyone else capable of thinking nothing at all? Like sometimes I just observe my surroundings and there are genuinely no thoughts in my head…Is this normal?

No. 680854

How do you know you're not thinking without thinking about it?

No. 680855

I'm just disappointed because I definitely had a HUGE glow up in my late teens to early 20s and I expected dating in my 20s would be better since men would be more mature. So while I (and most other women) are pretty attractive (6/10-9/10 range), the men that are supposed to be our dating pool are like 4/10 face wise. Not to mention the hairlines and their bodies. It's so bad that some of the men that I'd consider to be in my league are actually male models (lesser known ones ofc and it's because the standards for men are so so low) but I don't wanna fuck with that because all men are incredibly egotistical by default, just imagine how bad a man who's told he's hot for a living would be.

No. 680857

Wow thank you anon! This website has so much cute stuff, I might get a little more than just a figurine lol I really hope they have the Snow Miku nenoroid when it drops
Sometimes I space out like that but I quickly snap out of it cause intrusive thoughts.

No. 680860

No. 680869

I want to be that way all the time, it sounds peaceful.
t. mental case

No. 680880

Yes and no? Even when I space out I have thoughts (lol), but the closest I've been to what you described was when I was angry/under a lot of stress and ran out of energy to be angry.
t. another mental case

No. 680896

File: 1606243896121.jpg (16.2 KB, 250x350, thewayimfeeling.jpg)

I don't really have anywhere else to ask this question so I guess I'll just ask here. I've recently come into some money (around 10k sterling) and I've been thinking about running away. Due to severe family troubles and other things I don't want to elaborate on here I've been pretty miserable for a while and I don't think anything good will result if I continue this way. But if I stayed I would be able to get a university education ect but I'd probably still be miserable. Should I take the risk and run away to a different country? I just want to be happy. But maybe I'm romanticising this option too much.

No. 680897

Is it a bad idea to try to get into nursing due to the current state of the world? I was planning to do that after my associates, but idk.

No. 680899

Money doesn't last that long, if you can keep it untouched then you should stay for the degree. Then after you graduate, move away.

No. 680900

I meant to add that it's easier to get a visa and certain jobs once you have a degree. This is harder to bear but will set you up with a better long term plan.

No. 680902

Thanks anon, I thought as much. Just letting myself get carried away I guess.

No. 680904

Why dont you just move to a diff city or part of country?

No. 680908

That is not going to last very long if you move away now anon. I agree with the other anon that said to wait to finish your education and then move. Also make sure you can actually get a job in whatever country you decide to move to. You don't want to just be sitting around waiting for a good job opportunity while burning away your money. Also, making investments with that could be good. The misery will be worth it anon, I promise.

No. 680915

>But maybe I'm romanticising this option too much
You are.

Move to a different part of your country if you must, find a cozy place to live and a job you like well enough. Use the rest of your money to travel.

Moving to a different country is a huge pain in the ass and you'll lose your entire inheritance just getting the right permits and paperwork, that's not even taking into consideration learning a different language and being completely cut off from people you know. You're on lolcow so I'm guessing you're not the most extroverted person out there, and making friends will be even harder with a language barrier and the fact that you're foreign.

No. 680924

I can't view anything on Instagram anymore without having an account? I was just looking at random shit as always but suddenly it says I need to log in wherever I go? At first I thought it was only the hashtags but now it's also normal public accounts for me …

What is this?

No. 680942

Calculus class. I didn't actually need the class so I only stayed in it long enough to get his number, and then dropped it.

No. 680957

an art site, but she ended up being way more flakey in her political beliefs so we broke up

No. 680961

i think it's been like that for a while

No. 680964


I see, I guess the update reached me today. Why do all social media sites go to shit tho jesus …

No. 680966

We were both interns at the same company

No. 680984

Can being a hypocrite ever be reasonable or justified? Any anons have experiences of being a hypocrite and being aware of their hypocrisy while still passionate about their perspective?

No. 680988

I know you didn't ask but technically it's *strangulation since choking is a blockage inside of your throat. Of course "strangulation" sounds terrible so the depraved kinksters have to refer to it incorrectly so that fewer people question their perfectly healthy, sane, consensual, loving, ethical, sex positive kinks. It's truly a sad world that we live in where health sites push aside [largely] women's safety to give in to sexual degeneracy like violence >>680818 (and troonery for example).
If a man wants to strangle you then please run the other way; it's a sign that they take violence and hurting women super lightly. And also bad that they associate violence with sex–strangulation is just one of many forms of kinks that are used to kill women.

No. 680993

Is there a way to actually turn a tradthot pickme that is desperate of male's attention and hates women into _a normal person_ ? Is there any way to show them the right path and has that ever happened?

No. 680996

i don't think women or men can be socialized differently.

No. 680998

Depends how old they are. Younger ones maybe, but ones that have been spouting that shit for years and have went way beyond just having internalized misogyny - unlikely.

No idea how to change the ones that might be saved though, sorry. I think part of it can’t be forced.

No. 680999

Lead by example. You can't change anyone, but you can plant seeds so they can change themselves

No. 681000

i know it's called out-of-pocket..but is there a way to retroactively send a bill to your insurance? i've had multiple friends say they've done it. idk how.

No. 681003

nvm, called superbilling. i just don't know how to do it

No. 681005

Euro anons, how safe am I as a female burgerfag living abroad on my own in the EU (and UK) for a year (or two?) for a masters? I'm looking at schools to apply to and have seen options in the following countries. I am applying to schools in the US as well but the EU has cheaper options by far. I don't plan on working in that country, just getting my masters and going back to the US. So I have no idea which options are the best and which countries should be an absolute no. Some have multiple schools and others only have one (Norway for instance).
- France (ISIL attacks are bad here)
- Germany
- Spain
- Netherlands (has a bunch of options)
- Poland
- Belgium
- Czech Republic
- UK
- Portugal
- Norway
I've lived on my own in undergrad but I'm anxious about the presence of ISIL. Ik as a burgerfag we have shootings all the time but our attacks are rarely as sophisticated in planning as the ones that have happened in Europe.
Any comments aside from safety are welcome too, I just wanna know which ones should be an absolute no and which ones Euro anons would suggest. Sorry if this comes off as ridiculous, I know my own country is fucked up.

No. 681006

You don't do anything with superbilling.

Your therapist sends you a superbill, and you submit a claim to your insurance. Your insurance will definitely have a convoluted way of submitting a claim (because they don't want people submitting claims) but it should be fairly easy with "how to submit a claim {insurance company}"

No. 681014

of the euro countries I know or know people that have lived there:

no: France, Belgium, UK
yes but depending on a city: Germany (western cities>eastern cities) , Poland (Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow)
yes in general: Norway, Netherlands, Czech Republic

No. 681039

why not Belgium?

No. 681045

I write in cursive because it is easier and stylish, I don't care. I have a mixture of both styles.

No. 681048

How to deal with being overwhelmed with stress?

No. 681051

I walk around my room or take showers

No. 681052

Same as France, unrest in bigger cities, nothing to do in small ones. Good for vacations though!
Ultimately though I'd focus on selecting the best University regardless of the country because the difference between safety levels of all European countries is not that big to be a main deciding factor really.

No. 681053

How the fuck does one write like an adult?
In school we learned cursive, but after elementary school most girls started writing in print(?)like. I tried a few times to write like them, but I'm slower than a turtle and it looks like shit.. Cursive feels more natural and a lot faster to me, but most women (and some nerdy guys) I know write quickly in that nice print like caligraphy and I feel like a dumb hick. When it's to fill small forms I try to write print, but if it's more than a line it takes fucking forever. I can't fucking imagine writing notes and exams in that way, I tried practicing during the summer but it's so fucking impratical.

In my limited experience Portugal and Spain are safe (Portugal a bit more than Spain, but maybe that's about the numbers). I also felt safe (and heard good things about) in Germany, but it was before the mass immigration. I think Eastern Europe is also relatively safe, as long you are not to close to the russian borders (but maybe that's just for the locals, i dunno). France right now seems like fucking hell, but small and bigger cities.

No. 681054

Cursive was invented to make writing faster. I find print to be slow and inefficient as well. You do you fellow cursive-sis. Fuck the haters.

No. 681060

I want to make a thread for good reaction pics (I love the ones you anons use), would it be fine here in /ot/ or would /m/ be better?

No. 681062

There's an images thread in /m/ already, but /m/ would still be a good place for it.

No. 681176

I write in a combination of print and cursive. Connecting my letters happens naturally when I write fast so that's kind of become my default handwriting. I definitely had some of the best 'girl handwriting' growing up though anon, so trust me when I say that print handwriting doesn't matter past high school.
Thanks anons for the advice. I will definitely have to choose primarily based on where I get in but I just wanted to get a rough idea before planning out my applications.

No. 681205

do you think a cool person is even cooler if they don't use any social media?

No. 681206

nta but a related stupid question: if you change your handwriting can that go against you ? I want to switch to cursive cus i'm so slow and i am good at it. I've done so before gradually and it was fine but there is this fear they'll think i'm a fake or forger or something idfk. I have anxiety

No. 681209

How do anons take screenshots of cows' content (i.e. Snapchat or Instagram stories)? Do you guys not get worried that they'll block you for it?

No. 681215

Yes tbh, considering how much social media brainwashes us

No. 681217

Besides 4chan, reddit, Twitter, lolcow, and tumblr what are some websites I can go to when I'm tired of reading the same things and also bored?

No. 681221

pinterest and youtube

No. 681222

Yes, I definetely do

No. 681256

why do so many people want to be blonde?

No. 681261

It's highly idealized and studies prove that people really do find blonde women most attractive, they get better tips, more tinder matches, are seen as more youthful, etc etc. I'm sure anyone who wants to go blonde has figured that out.

No. 681265

personally i naturally have black hair and it looks like shit on me and washes me out, blonde suits me a lot better overall

No. 681269

ISIL shouldn’t be a major concern about going to France. Some of the attacks were awful but in the past 4+ years they’ve killed a handful of people at most. Half the time they are directly targeting the police, so not a concern for you. Honestly I wouldn’t even think about ISIL.

Keep in mind the U.K. generally offers 1 year MAs compared to the European 2 year. Idk if this will be a problem in the USA but in Europe a U.K. MA can be considered lesser. If finances are an issue, the U.K. is also pretty expensive for living costs as is Norway, idk about elsewhere.

If you’re monolingual then the U.K. and Netherlands are good choices. The other languages are relatively easy to learn some of but Czech/Polish would be harder. If safety is a major concern for you then learning to communicate as well as possible should be a priority.

Of course safety varies from city to city so keep that in mind. Generally all the places you’ve mentioned are among the safest countries in the world, you’re only questioning it because you’re not a native. It’s understandable but keep in mind websites and people will flag up any risks no matter how unlikely they are to actually happen.

No. 681278

Anons, help. How would a person who secretly dislikes you text?

No. 681281

I don’t think you’ll get any helpful answers without some context and the text itself. It’s very difficult to read tone in text, so unless the message is literally “you’re a nasty bitch” and is definitely not a joke, it’s probably almost impossible to tell.

No. 681298

Is it normal that I always feel super thirsty after eating chocolate or a cake or anything sweet?

No. 681309

File: 1606298210860.jpg (58.84 KB, 1000x1300, 21379a6114747c37d8cb5e58dc2212…)

What's your opinion on huge sneakers making a comeback?

No. 681313

Has anyone tried Schema therapy? I know what it is about in theory (there are supposedly various schemas and modes in people's lives that they live according to), but what actually happens in a session?

No. 681314

Yes, sugar will make you thirsty.

No. 681317

ah okay, thanks. I was starting to worry that I might have diabetes even though I'm not overweight

No. 681324

Why? Are you scared farmers are going to laugh at you for wearing them or are you just trying to gauge whether you made a good business decision last night when you drunkenly bought out Buffalo?

No. 681325

File: 1606299768818.jpg (47.46 KB, 275x220, 1493131289682.jpg)

No. 681332

Why are the uncles always the creepy ones? I don’t get it, like, it’s your family, not some rando you found on the street that day.

No. 681336

I don't really care if farmers like them, I know a lot of people hate them already but I've loved them since the 90's. I just was wondering if people had any interesting outfit combinations with chunky shoes.

No. 681337

It seems like it got deleted, blocked or something because I used to be able to find it on the first page of google by looking for stuff like “suicide tips” or “how to kill yourself” and such.

No. 681339

I think it’s pretty nice, I honestly want a pair just to feel like a bratz doll or a sanic character maybe they will look cute with short skirts or skinny jeans?

No. 681340

1. They’re men.
2. There’s usually enough of a mental disconnect for them to be creepier than they would if you were a direct relative

No. 681346

File: 1606301851204.jpg (41.83 KB, 495x636, 1546442501172.jpg)

I think they look cool but knowing myself I'd break my neck in them so I'll just stick to Converse and Vans.

No. 681356

File: 1606303684441.jpg (40.1 KB, 640x626, 2n93akqqzss41.jpg)

What's it feel like to genuinely believe you're a good person?

No. 681358

File: 1606303996969.jpg (120.92 KB, 1512x2117, ADIDAS_NAVY_1005_MAIN_1512x.jp…)

I really like chunky sneakers but they've been in for awhile and I'm afraid that they're going to look dated sooner than later. It seems like sleeker, 70s inspired styles are also making a comeback and I just feel more comfortable buying something like picrel

No. 681363

You should get them! Those are some great suggestions, I feel like they look a little better with baggy jeans over skinny ones though.

Honestly, platform sneakers are super easy to walk in. The only problem is that they're kinda heavy.

Yeah, you're right. They will probably be out of fashion soon but thankfully I got them because I think they're cute. Those shoes are cute though! What would you wear them with?

No. 681365

A few years back there was this lolita cow posted here (not sure if she had her own thread or was featured in one of the general lolita cows one) that used to wear this amazing pair of angel wings with her coords. Does anyone know what I am talking about and where to get wings like these? I think they probably were produced by a lolita clothing company, but I'm not sure.

No. 681371

eh, I don't care for huge sneakers, although there are better than the ugly sneaker trend. I wish a more feminine and classic style would come back in fashion.

No. 681382

Good for you anon! I keep going back and forth on getting myself a pair of chunky sneakers even if I can only wear them for a year or so. Tbh I'd probably style the Adidas runners with straight leg jeans and an oversized sweaters or tucked-in button down, but my style is extremely basic and safe kek

No. 681383

File: 1606310823369.jpg (124.22 KB, 2048x888, 20201125_142539.jpg)

Sort of a stupid rhetorical question but why do we women hate ourselves so much that some of us don't even want to BE women.

No. 681385

internalized misogyny due to patriarchy and sexism

No. 681386

I just never felt like a woman. I could never relate to what was considered feminine or typically girlish interests but I don't want to be a man either. I'm pretty sure it's partly due to the expectations and the treatment you get for being a woman. I don't hate other women, only the ones that kind of impose certain expectations and obligations just because of my sex.
In my eyes, whatever you do, you lose if you're a woman. The only way to win is to not to play at all meaning renouncing you're a woman.

No. 681388

Nobody "feels" like a woman or man because contrary to what people believe it's not a feeling, it's one of many characteristics people can have. My dad doesn't wake up feeling like a man either, and I bet you don't wake up feeling brown-eyed, brunette or blood type A-. What a stupid time we live in.
Instead of fighting against misogyny and societal norms people would rather stick their head in the sand and become the ultimate NLOG by LARPing as a man or "a shapeless void", setting women and feminism back 50 years. I'm sorry you feel like shit about your perfectly functioning body that some scrotoid will call fat because he's bitter and sexually frustrated, but it's not something that can change.

No. 681394

>In my eyes, whatever you do, you lose if you're a woman. The only way to win is to not to play at all meaning renouncing you're a woman.
You do realize that you're only hurting yourself and other women by doing that, right? You'll never be a man or even genderless. Pretending that you are something else because you hate the stereotypes associated with being a woman only further serve to paint women in a negative light. Like being a woman is inherently a negative thing and the only way to fight back against it is to run away and pretend you're something "better" instead of demanding respect for what you actually are.

No. 681396

Why do so many people seem to be autistic/want to be diagnosed with autism now? It's just seems like…another thing to add to your twitter/tumblr bio. Like why would you want to be autistic.

No. 681397

I agree with >>681388 that being a woman isn’t a feeling but my experiences are similar to yours and in the past I had the same thoughts. Never had a trans/genderspecial phase but felt profoundly unfeminine, but also not masculine. However these feelings led to me becoming more feminist because I wasn’t traditionally ‘feminine’, I didn’t want to be restricted by something that was unrelatable to me, and I sure as hell didn’t want either myself or any women I knew to experience sexism in any form.

> In my eyes, whatever you do, you lose if you're a woman.

True, but you lose harder when you attempt to defect to the other side.

No. 681398

>In my eyes, whatever you do, you lose if you're a woman. The only way to win is to not to play at all meaning renouncing you're a woman.
traumatized fakeboi type of logic. I beg you to go to a therapy, and I do not mean it as an insult. Speaking from personal experience (as I used to think like this too), you need to get help.

No. 681399

>In my eyes, whatever you do, you lose if you're a woman. The only way to win is to not to play at all meaning renouncing you're a woman.
Anon renouncing you're a woman doesn't prevent you from being perceived as one, and the world reacts and treats you accordingly. It's more useful to liberate yourself from those expectations and say "fuck off" than renounce womanhood.

No. 681402

It’s relatively easy to fake, an excuse for people who are just awkward or not socialized to scream about ableism, high-functioning autists (especially women) can live independent lives so self diagnosis doesn’t mean acting like an actual retard. Probably also currently popular among women due to the surge in diagnoses/interest in autistic females when it used to be considered a male issue.

No. 681404

File: 1606313268738.png (359.28 KB, 631x351, 2a8.png)

>In my eyes, whatever you do, you lose if you're a woman. The only way to win is to not to play at all meaning renouncing you're a woman.
Wrong. You can't win, because it's not something you can renounce, you can just look like a clockable cringe machine of a fakeboi and it still won't stop people from discriminating against you. Do you think a rapist will ask for your pronouns before they decide to rape you? Do you think girls in third world countries can identify their way out of breast ironing and FGM?

If you ignore the problems and let them get bigger instead of actively fighting against the oppression you already face, you'll be losing the hardest. Things will never get better, you will never have good self-esteem or love yourself with all your faults and flaws, and you will never meet strong female role models who would be on your side otherwise.

No. 681408

Im on the process of gettin my diagnosis done, but I have severe sensory issues since childhood, and basically no one would even think of diagnosing girls with ASD, my mom said she suffered alot because she couldn't figure out what was wrong with me, doctors didn't listen and everyone treated her like she was a bad mom, girls with autism symptoms were treated as if they were just acting out.
Even when I was a teenager and malnourished and underweight from extreme picky eating, again sensory issues, the doctor had the gall to look im my face and tell me I was lying and I was just anorexic and to get psyhcological help, when explicitly said I didn't like being so underweight, that my problems with food were extremely distressing and even if i wanted to eat I couldn't bear with textures and smells of food, texbook austist.

No. 681410

Sorry that happened to you anon, I do think autism in girls and women is under-diagnosed which is supposedly improving now at least. Just a shame that it looks like some people are using it as a fashion accessory. Hope you finally get your diagnosis and help.

No. 681411

That's awful, anon, I'm so sorry you went through that. Doctors are awful about listening to women, much less teen girls. I hope that since it is becoming more known amongst women, your diagnosis and future treatment go smoothly.

No. 681413

I get that ISIL attacks are big in the news. But look at how many people have actually been killed by them and in what timeframe. Compare that to the rate of shootings in the US. You'll be safer in all of the countries listed.

I think you should focus on what countries you like. Are you interested in the language and the culture? What's the cost of living like? Ect.

No. 681418

Source for the pic?

No. 681421

Indeed, most of the times it seems like the tiktok/tumblr types use it as an excuse on why they are socially awkward and shy, which is very funny to me because while I do struggle with forming long-lasting relationships im pretty fucking extroverted lol
Im actually pretty lucky that most of the obviously tard characteristics I have can be hidden pretty easily, people tend to only take an issue with the fact that I wear headphones in public, background noise really REALLY bothers me, specially in supermarkets, college and shopping malls, but now I got airpods, if anyone bothers me about it nowadays I just say I like Life Having a Soundtrack uwu like a quirky art hoe.

Male doc looks at spoopy teen girl that "doesn't eat" and immediatelly jumps to anorexia ffs.
Thanks im mostly getting a late diagnosis because my mom said it would make her happy and relieved to know whats wrong with me, and that she wasn't a bad mom after all, and so I can easily explain to people why im "weird" because people, specially men. love to be rude about it, "wah wah you just need to grow up and stop being so childish".

No. 681431

It's the kind of logic that lead to "it's OK to treat other women a centrain way, but not me". And I get it, because I was like that when I was younger. I was so unfeminine and unattractive (fat teen) growing up, that I fortunately never really experienced too much of that pushy creepy men bullshit. So when every now and then someone makes like a remark about me being a woman, my internal reflex is "fuck you, don't play that shit with ME". But most women could do without people pointing out that they're a woman in a men's space or that they're only getting nice treatment because they're a lady.

No. 681441

File: 1606315782763.jpg (11.52 KB, 415x159, 20201125_154939.jpg)

No. 681447

I dislike the physical sensation of having female body parts. It feels like they're not supposed to be there, to a point where I get panicky and nauseous if something accidentally touches my chest. Idc about feeling feminine or how I look on the outside, I just want to be sexless and blank.

No. 681448

Does donating blood plasma have negative consequences in the long run?

No. 681454

So kind of a art or how one see themselves question. I'm not trying to bait but why do some people draw themselves lighter skin?

Like I have an art friend and there black/mixed hispanic with chocolate skin but they draw and make themselves much lighter. And today another friend when creating a picrew who is a dark tan made themselves very pale like my complexion but ours is totally different.

I know this is an extra stupid question and I could just ask them but it may seem rude. Like I dont think this is "its cause of the lighting" argument, its just something I've realized with people.

No. 681456

Colorism and selfhate.

No. 681490

What's your favorite function? Mine is the logarithm because log(x)+log(y)=log(xy) isn't that great

No. 681491

>In my eyes, whatever you do, you lose if you're a woman. The only way to win is to not to play at all meaning renouncing you're a woman.
While this is true, putting they/them in your twitter bio doesn't really make the society see you as "not woman". You will still be seen as a woman in everyone's eyes, even the people buying into the tranny meme will still group "nonbinaries" as biological females and treat you as such. Which is why it's only an unhealthy cope.

No. 681502

I don't like having breasts either.
>workout is harder and needs heavy support
>was never a flirty type/don't really want to use my breasts to get ahead
>get bombarded with messages on what are "good looking boobs" by men, so you'll probably just feel worse just because some rando woman's image on the internet has perkier tits
So I understand just wanting to be flat. But I don't feel physical discomfort. You should probably get professional help with that, especially if it comes from the unwanted sexualization of your body by someone from your environment.

No. 681550

I have no social media and some people who don't know me told my friend that I must be hideously ugly bc of it. Then again I'm not a cool person lol.
Thanks anon for this advice! Ultimately if I could choose I'd wanna go to Italy but they don't have any programs. The UK (costly tuition tbh), France, Netherlands, and Germany are probably the best options because of the number of programs and their expertise in my field. Ultimately I'm only trying to go abroad because the tuition is a lot cheaper and because European programs in my field make American programs look useless in comparison. And even if the tuition costs more then I'd rather pay 30k to a UK program that teaches me 3x what I'd learn in a 2 year masters program in the US.

No. 681571

File: 1606329073477.jpeg (16.8 KB, 460x432, eugh.jpeg)

Does this make anyone else feel really queasy or am i just too sensitive today?

I'm not saying disabled people don't deserve love but having prostitutes paid for, and they even choose appearance and all? it just leaves a really bad taste in my mouth to say sex is a human right and have government pay for it, it's like that government mandated gf meme but real and everyone agrees with it, i don't know if i'm just wrong though

No. 681574

This seems gross as fuck male cumbrain entitlement. No one deserves sex. Everyone has the right to pick and choose and say yes or no. What kinda absolute sexism bullshit is this

No. 681580

Disgusting. They can get some sex toys if they want, but a prostitute fund is an awful concept.

No. 681582

I think that regardless of how wrong this is, males are extremely violent and dangerous, and being unmarried makes them even more so. If state-mandated visits to prostitutes keep them in check I say that's a good thing. The prostitutes are making a living off of it too.

No. 681584

>liberal feminism

No. 681585

Wait can someone confirm if this is real? I'm from the Netherlands and have never heard of this before.

No. 681586

Nta but yeah it's a way of coping for young girls who don't want to deal with being sexualized even if it only gives a sense of security in their heads, a lot of girls used to be tomboys as a way of coping with this and with the expectations that come with being a woman.

No. 681587

If you give a mouse a cookie

No. 681588

Yeah it is, up to 12 sessions a year and it's classified as mental healthcare i think.

I don't think being able to buy women will make them view us any better kek

I'm glad i'm not the only one, everyone seemed to think this was awesome and progressive because of some vice doc

No. 681590

It's not feminism of any kind, it's just being pragmatic. You can stamp your feet about how males should be civilized and about how the problem shouldn't exist, but fact of the matter is that they aren't and it does. Denial doesn't solve the problem.

I'm not even convinced that this would solve anything, but if did it would be stupid to opposite it on moral grounds.

No. 681594

Idk, prostitutes could easily be abused by this. There's already tons of abuse in the sex industry, and it really won't be different here. Plus, if this is real, then I doubt they're like, government provided prostitutes. I think this is literally just giving them money to go out and find prostitutes, and like I said, there's bound to be abuse there.

I'm not necessarily against sex-workers, but it's important to remember they're not all girls making videos on onlyfans. A lot of them are women being abused by pimps, getting raped, addicted to drugs, underage, csa survivors, etc…

I agree with the other anon who said to just give them sex toys. Plus, I don't think a that many women want to have sex with disabled men.

No. 681595

>The prostitutes are making a living off of it too
You're not the coerced trafficked prostitute, that's why you're saying this.

No. 681596

My god I fucking hate this country's stance on prostitution. I think we pride ourselves too much on our liberalism without ever thinking consequences through.

No. 681598

I was being sarcastic, tard. But yeah, since men are incapable of being civilized and circumventing this problem in other ways without exploiting living, breathing women, let's continue to allow women to suffer and pretend they're liberated and getting that bag. Disgusting.

No. 681601

Black friday deals really aren't that good, are they? All I see are 15/20% discounts, maybe 25%, but they do that during other sales throughout the year aswell.

No. 681603

They haven't been good since 2016 roughly..back then my sites actually did 40-70% off which was better than the summer deals of 10-25%. Only place I know that might do sales that large still are craft shops, but their coupons will still have limits on equipment like sewing machines ffs.

No. 681604

It seems like they aren't just going windowshopping for prostitutes. I did a quick search, because I couldn't really picture that they just hand out "fuck money" and tell these guys to find one, because I think they can still be refused.

>"The Green party’s spokeswoman for age and care policy, Elisabeth Scharfenberg, said the government could “provide grants” for sexual services to disabled people who cannot achieve satisfaction by any other means.

>Such a system is currently operating in Denmark and the Netherlands, where certified “sexual assistants” with special training conduct visits to disabled people who cannot afford to pay themselves."

So these sex workers get a special training. Makes sense, since I don't think any prostitute would just know what to do with a burn victim or a low functioniong autistic adult.

No. 681605

This ehhh leaves a bad taste in mouth. Yes most people get horny but the government paying for it is a bit much. Pretty sure disabled can still find love or pay ther own prostitute or something.

No. 681612

Are "coerced and trafficked prostitutes" common in the Netherlands? From what I hear they crack down on trafficking pretty hard and take precautions to keep legal prostitution supervised and relatively safe.

Hey sis, if you prefer them to murder and rape freely that's your choice. Not sure how being paid for by the government makes these women any more "exploited" than they already are as literal prostitutes.

No. 681620

I'm not concerned about men that are so disabled that they have to get government sanctioned prostitutes raping and murdering freely in one of the least violent countries in the world, galaxy brain.
>Not sure how being paid for by the government makes these women any more "exploited" than they already are as literal prostitutes.
It only solidifies the belief that women's literal bodies and sexuality are commodities to be moderated and paid for by the government to have them serve the literal lowest caliber of men who, again, are so disabled that they'd apparently be incapable of getting their own privately.

But sure, SiS, cater to male coomerism in the name of keeping the world safe from rape and murder at the expense of prostitutes because men cumming is more important than women's dignity or exploitation.

No. 681626

Help me decide anons.
Should I take methylfolate supplement without taking the MTHR gene test? I can buy a lower dose (400mcg).
Why this is important? Because I suffer from chronic fatigue for a years now and I can't beat this shit.
I can take the MTHR gene test but I'm not sure if I want to give people my DNA information (and also it's pricey)

No. 681627

is It me or do men have a harder time telling an actual vag apart from troon hole? Why is that? Are they just that fucking stupid?
I wonder if they can clock ftm arm skin sausages better.

No. 681629

Is everyone getting emails from reddit today?

I just got a handful of emails from them, every account I ever had with them has had sus activity and needs to be password reset… Now I haven't even used it in years and I don't care about my throwaways but all 4 got emailed at the same time. Is reddit ok?

No. 681631

Blame sex Ed. Sex ED is male-centric. It’s aaaaalllll about men and their pleasure while the clit is never mentioned and the vagina is just “put penis in and make baby”

No. 681636

considering all of the stories about men accidentally fucking post op mtfs, they probably legit can't tell and i have no idea how

that's weird af anon, check here and make sure your emails haven't been included in a breach

No. 681637

File: 1606334716884.jpg (312.79 KB, 1908x1146, dead weights.jpg)

Is "social anxiety" just the new blanket excuse for men to get out of shopping? Past few boyfriends and current absolutely loathe the type of shopping women traditionally do (food, clothes, gifts, etc.). Some claim "social anxiety" to act withdrawn, aloof, and unapproachable inside stores–with the added effect of me wanting to do shopping quicker because they're acting so put out, which serves their interest ofc. I hear men complain that women take too long and ponder too many decisions. Yet they go fucking wild when it's shopping they want to enjoy like games, hobbies and other things on their terms. Smaller niche shops for games tend to be so claustrophobic and filled with people even worse. So "social anxiety" seems like some bullshit. Plenty of men take their time researching and examining the options when it's shit they actually want.

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this excuse-making from boyfriends, friends, or family members in general.

No. 681642


So uhh a moid I fucked once worked as a social worker with heavily autistic clients such as these and told me they get to have sex with a trained sex worker 1-2 times a year as a special occasion. Apparently it's also supposed to prevent them from sexually assaulting people. I mean, I guess if that helps setting clear boundaries that's good. Fun pillow talk!

I'm reminded of a really horrifying comic by bakaudon that was based on a real case of a mentally disabled man raping a young girl as well.

No. 681643

I've been lucky enough with bfs, always did the food shopping as a couple. Would go around shopping centres and try and allow each time to look at our seperate interests. Might split up to look in different stores or might agree to accompany each other and just be patient with it.

The grocery store I shop in always has husbands waiting in cars though and it's strange to me… I mean they're eating the food too, wouldn't you want to browse and see what's new? Stock changes, special offers too… not even curious? Hell they're retired men most of the time, nothing else to do and they still sit alone in a car.

No. 681646

Kek, the picrel. I don't think it's recent, I think men have always done this, though "social anxiety" may be a new excuse for younger men. My dad would always go do his own thing and carry our (mom, me, and sister) shopping bags and coats.

No. 681649

Men don’t know anything about or care to learn anything about vaginas. When your knowledge is simply “flaps and a hole”, of course a neovag seems like the real deal.

No. 681654

What country are you in, anon? I vaguely remember hearing something similar before but it strikes me as weird because would heavily autistic people be able to consent? I assume they’d have a much younger emotional and mental age hence needing social services, but this is not considered in the case of hiring out sex workers?

No. 681657

Severely autistic men sexually assaulting their female caretakers and relatives is extremely common. I watched an interview with a woman who got some media attenton because of being kicked out of their home because of her autistic son, and she was very honest about planning to put her son into an institution in a few years, because she won't physically be able to hold him off, and the chances of him molesting her are very high.

Still, I'ma bit skeptical that just having 1-2 sexual sessions with a prostitute will really help or teach anything to these men.

No. 681661

Why is there quite so much talk about neovag and ftm dick on here lately?

No. 681662

We always laughed at the fucking masses of sad looking husbands in front of stores. I mean I'm sure there are some men who are just genuinely exhausted/feel bad in stores. I do sometimes too, because I'm sensitive to the crappy lights and noise. But for most men it's simply "it's my wife's job, I will only be the driver, why does she take so long, I'm bored and I wannago home" instead of parttaking in their family's life. And then you get all these men that can't go grocery shopping without having their wives on the phone directing them and have no idea what size of shirt they even need to buy for themselves. They put all the mental labor of homelife and organization on their wife.

No. 681665

Jesus christ just leave 'sis' I doubt you're even a woman

No. 681669

>Hey sis
Nobody here is your sis, drop that cringey shit lol

No. 681670

File: 1606337784962.jpeg (99.2 KB, 793x556, 767A4545-6FB2-46CE-A41B-C6E424…)

Should I pick male mc or female mc? I’m torn between the two because not only both are adorable looking, but I read the wise words of an anon in here
>picks the girl MC instead of the cute as hell boy MC to ship to the male characters
Should i let the otomecuckoldry in my heart win? Or should I just go full fujo mode? Being a degenerate is suffering.

No. 681672

I'm from the Netherlands. I'm gonna assume that the clients that receive these sexual services have clearly communicated in some way or another that they are also in need of it. Not all autistic people are non-verbal after all. So I imagine consent isn't much of an issue.

Yeah, I'm highly doubtful once or twice a year is enough to curb sexual need. I could have been wrong but I got the sense they were being taught these times are like a special occasion sort of thing so that they won't seek it out outside of these few times the sex workers are hired for them.

No. 681673

The guys outside of grocery stores are the biggest mystery to me. I'm not girly, I don't shop for clothes in person because those types of shopping I could just do online forever and I wouldn't miss it. But when it comes to the food that I'm eating for the next week…hell yeah I want to pick out the food I'm eating. Can't imagine handing that job over to a partner and never participating in it. I want to see what snacks are new.

How can you make it right to the car park and then be like 'I'll just sit right here alone and with nothing else to do'

No. 681675

I always choose female charas but this time I would choose this cute guy. Only because I have a soft spot for cute blonde guys.

No. 681677

Male. because I'm a fujo and love looking at him

No. 681678

Then I will do the same, anon, I too usually pick the girl, but this will be definitely the first time I’m picking the qt 3.1416 with the crop top.

No. 681679

If someone has no hands and can't come by themself… then I can maybe get that. When I first heard about those kinds of grants it was in that context and I thought well that's fair.

But I don't see why anyone with an ability to use their hands or fuck a fleshlight/buy a vibrator should be entitled to orgasms from a stranger. If you can orgasm solo then you're not being deprived of anything.

No. 681681

File: 1606338762058.jpg (5.71 KB, 225x224, images2.jpg)

>If someone has no hands and can't come by themself… then I can maybe get that.
Oh no, this reminded me of the broken arms reddit incest story, I'm so sorry girls

No. 681690

can't relate, every guy i've talked to about it can definitely tell the difference and are repulsed by how they look

No. 681697

I haven't read it but I feel like I know how it goes lol

No. 681698

woah. what? never heard of this before.

No. 681709

tldr; guy breaks his arms and his mom jacks him off for years (starting when he was 14).

It's probably fake, but it was a verified ama. And he also apparently was working with a researcher for a paper and "non-traumatic" incest relationship.


No. 681711

>paper and "non-traumatic" incest relationship.
*about not and. Oops.

No. 681724

I hate you anon why did you have to remind me

It still makes me nauseous that women and sex are treated like medicine or something. Like we have to use sacrificial lambs or they will go on and rape people, what??

I know how hard it is to have to abstain from sex for reasons beyond you but never once did i think of buying someone, it just sounds so rapey, and like i said like the government mandated gf incelverse

Well at least i'm glad i'm not the only one thinking this is a step too far

No. 681726

File: 1606341373695.png (116.06 KB, 222x275, 1601658737716.png)

>>"They approached me one afternoon and when my mom said, 'I know you are frustrated and why you are frustrated? would you like some help masturbating?' Blood was rushing in my ears and I said yes but I really didn't know if she meant what I thought she meant. I was excited and confused. She said that she would take care of me when I went to bed. Hours away."

Please say sike.

No. 681738

There's an enormous taboo in acknowledging that disabled people have sexual needs as well and get touch starved just as non disableds do. I'm not saying intimacy is a right but… there's more care involved in the process than you'd probably think.

Have you seen the movie 37 seconds? There's a scene where the main protagonist (who has cerebral palsy) goes through a lot of trouble to find a male escort and when she finally finds one the escort is visibly disgusted with her. His reaction to her is completely dehumanizing. It's very saddening.

No. 681741

The reason why prostitution is banned in a lot of countries to begin with is that when you legalize it, it's much harder to differentiate legal sex work from illegal human trafficking. Think about all the bootleg products you see being sold cheap, some of them are made so good that an untrained eye wouldn't be able to tell them apart. That's basically what would happen with legalized prostitution. The pimps would just tell the officials that their prostitutes are doing it out of their free will and that their services are 100% legal while threatening the women into silence. Or they would act from the shadows and make the woman lie that she's not being pimped but doing this alone instead. Or an underage girl could be made to lie that she's a legal adult and allowed to do this. Even when talking about Netherlands a study concluded that their "legal" brothels still are used for human trafficking. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10611-013-9512-4

>The main conclusion is that the screening of brothel owners and the monitoring of the compliance of licensing conditions do not create levels of transparency that enable sex trafficking to be exposed. The prostitution business retains many characteristics of an illegitimate market and the legalization and regulation of the prostitution sector has not driven out organized crime

No. 681743

Nta, but I think we all can recognize that some disabled people are regular people with emotions and needs. However that's not something that can be provided by the government. Not only that, but a prostitute would not actually love any of their clients so it's really not helping them. I understand that it's harder for them to find love or even just someone to have casual sex with but like anon said, that would just be using prostitutes as "medicine".

At the end of the day a prostitute isn't going to quench someone's thirst for affection. It's just a temporary fix to a bigger issue. What would be better is creating ways for disabled people to get in touch with other disabled or, or abled people who would be willing to date disabled people. Also teaching them social skills for the ones who are socially awkward.

No. 681746

>His freaking mother asks if she should jerk him off and he gets "excited"
Retarded larping scrote detected

No. 681753

This just reminded me of the days when I would read r/smalldickproblems

The amount of teenage guys on there who had apparently told their mom (never their dad weirdly enough) all about them thinking their penis is too small.

They'd want their mom to book them doc appts about their dick. They'd want their mom to listen to them vent about life with a small dick.. and older men replying to them would encourage them to constantly seek out empathy and encouragement from mom cos that's a mom job. No, talking about your penis to your mom when you're a teen or adult ain't normal. Book your own appt, cry to your hugbox of small dicked men and leave your mom the fuck alone.

No. 681754

I know it's not street prostitutes, and it's awfully sad what they go through but it still doesn't justify treating sex as an actual human right like food. In her case none of the escorts wanted to, but if it's her right it's okay to force a mandated government one to? someone who would not do it under normal circunstamces?

And also human connection in the form of friendships and close bonds are extremely important for mental health, far more than sex i would say, should the government assign professional friends to someone who can't keep them due to bpd or mood disorders? should these escorts be available for extremely ugly people too?

It's just so commodifying, you shouldn't force human relationships to be a right or a thing you can buy no matter how heart breaking it is for them, humans aren't medicine. It just reeks of incel "I DESERVE a woman no matter what" bullshit.

No. 681767

You got a small dick, anon?

No. 681769

>It just reeks of incel "I DESERVE a woman no matter what" bullshit.
Exactly, it's one step in a direction of "that depressed basement dweller deserves government issues prostitute" and even more incel entitlement, because well, he's mentally ill and has sexual needs so these needs have to be met, right?

Medicine has ways of suppressing libido, why not use that instead? If some people really can't live with their sexual urges?

No. 681770

What do you think the dog in the OP picture is looking at/thinking about?

No. 681774

It think he's having an existential crisis

No. 681776

I think he's feeling left out from the dinner conversation.

No. 681791

he's thinking about how to contribute to the conversation but feels like he's out of his depth, so he's trying to appear actively interested

No. 681811

Hey, hey guys look!! Take a pic, yea you can use my phone, no no no yEA press that, no that's video haha, yea lemme just move a bit. Does it look funny haha, lemme see? Oh yea haha

No. 681847

>It's just a temporary fix to a bigger issue. What would be better is creating ways for disabled people to get in touch with other disabled or, or abled people who would be willing to date disabled people. Also teaching them social skills for the ones who are socially awkward.
Not that this isn't a better alternative to literal prostitution, but you basically described Chris-chan's dating-ed fantasies lol

No. 681855

File: 1606356205292.png (267.74 KB, 927x435, pxfyqfsoob161.png)

How the fuck do I stop stimming? I've only heard of the term a few days ago and when I looked up the definition I realized I've been doing just that literally (and I mean, literally) all the time for the past 5+ years.
I hit the table with my fingers and I shake my feet/legs uncontrollably (though usually in a particular rhythm). I've been a lot more self conscious about it past few days and I realized I can't stop it if I'm not actively thinking about it at that moment, and I guess it does feel good when I'm doing it.

No. 681880

File: 1606361427343.png (23.28 KB, 110x95, sticky.PNG)

Does anyone know the name of those little circles with the metal thing in the center they use at hospitals? They had adhesive on one side. Pic related.

my grandma would have a bunch of these when I was younger cause she works at a hospital. I miss playing with them

No. 681882

ELectrode, I think. That's what I called it when I was high after getting my wisdom teeth removed kek.

No. 681884

Thank you anon!

No. 681890

I have no fucking idea how to act around my relative's cat lmao. He's friendly and came around to me and I patted his butt a little, and he laid down with his butt in the air so I thought that was a good thing but then out of nowhere turned and lunged at me? Am I doing something wrong cat anons?

No. 681892

he's probably getting over stimulated. my cat does this and you basically need to learn cat body language to stop petting when the cat is getting uncomfortable. cats have autism.

No. 681897

All my joints are always cracking and hurting, all of them or most of them. What does it mean?

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