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File: 1605276238152.png (160.92 KB, 500x271, EmaiuAbXUAErD6F.png)

No. 673218

Bring back non-anime thread pics and please… make some actual unpopular opinions

Previous thread: >>>/ot/656803

Farmhands' dumbass disclaimers:

>Reminder that if you are a radfem/pinkpill/Terf sperg/gendercrit, the "unpopular opinions thread" is not your reverse uno to continue the discourse. Nor is it your general place to try and fight people. Ignore posters you disagree with.

If you are here to;
>sperg about trannies ruining your board, or your conspiracies that everyone who disagrees with you is a tranny - BAN.
>explain in detail why every man is shit - BAN.
>fight people who disagree with you - BAN.
>post vaguely veiled gendercrit posts to try and evade the no gendersperg rule - BAN.
>reply to someones personal experiences because you inherently disagree with their views - BAN.
>discuss your views on racism - BAN.
>have gender crit discussions - BAN.
>try and score twitter cookie points by dunking on the "bigot" terfs - BAN.

If you are here to;
>complain that your boyfriend did x/ you got cat called/ you had a bad day due to a man - NO BAN.
>talk about your personal experience and opinions. - NO BAN.
>HOWEVER, personal experiences and opinions do not devolve into long political discussions nor do they contain your tangent on how all men are scum or how you want to ethnically purge because once upon a time a (((man))) said you are fat.

No. 673230

Bless the new thread pic, I was so sick of seeing the obnoxious Nagatoro one.

No. 673234

File: 1605276927585.jpg (Spoiler Image, 102.98 KB, 960x959, 3xb58c0gs4ey.jpg)

Almond milk is fucking disgusting and so's soy milk. But I guess people have to have their substitute. Anyways picrel because they're all obnoxious about it and act like religious freaks over nut water

No. 673256

Am lactose intolerant, can confirm. Growing up my mom made me drink soy milk for the nutritional value and I could only ever tolerate the chocolate flavored kind because straight up soy milk was fucking disgusting.

No. 673294

Everybody is saying that tiktok is shit and vine was the superior platform, but I never found vine funny either, because of the time constraint the videos were edited very fast which annoyed me greatly, and the "humor" was way too hysterical and nonsensical for me.

No. 673298

oatmilk is pretty good compared to those watered down milk substitutes

No. 673299

Both are shit and contributing to the death of the average attention span.

No. 673311

I thought so too until I found a few brands that make it acceptable.
I still wouldn't put it in cereals though.

No. 673312

Agreed, though I can tolerate soy, almond is disgusting in and with everything. Oat is best milk.

No. 673315

Tiktok and vine are fine for what they are but people think it's the etimome of humour because they don't have a regular social group and inside jokes so tiktok and vine was their fucking introduction to normal banter idk

No. 673321

Goat milk is best milk.

No. 673351

When I was a baby I was apparently very fussy and only drank goats milk lmao

No. 673371

i used to hear yuppies freak out about oat milk in coffee so i avoided it because i knew it would be overrated, but when the soy milk i usually buy was sold out i gave it a try… and i'm seriously never going back. making chocolate milk with the extra creamy kind literally feels like drinking ambrosia.

No. 673387

it is frustrating to admit but i think it’s important to keep sexism and racism out of revolutionary politics rather than try to do it under capitalism because when the bourgeoisie get their hands on things like feminism and anti racism they always make it worse and often tell a false narrative of our struggles but still fuck the people who think these things don’t matter, look at what happened after the Soviet Union feel and libfem shit started appearing

No. 673427

Fuck resistance training cardio is the only form of exercise that's enjoyable. Yes I hate working on arms if you can't tell.

No. 673433

The big bang theory isn’t that bad of a show. i do hate it’s sexism tho

No. 673441

Youre so cute anon lol

No. 673444

Ever watch it without a laugh track? It's a show for socially awkward and misogynistic manbabies.

No. 673473

If you want kids you have to settle

No. 673479

the last jedi is the best star wars movie but people are too blinded by nostalgia to admit it

No. 673482

What do you mean?

No. 673486

Might seem like a weird suggestion, but you should give unpasteurized a shot! Eatenially the homogenization process denatures a lot of the lipoproteins found in naturally occurring, raw milk. This is what causes the lactose sugars to be come so irritating on the GI tract in many cases. I usually get mine from sprouts and it’s pretty good stuff.
I only suggest this because I used to think I was lactose intolerant as well for years.

No. 673488

You give up a lot of freedom

No. 673517

IG Thot make up and lip fillers are the modern day equivalent of absurd past fashion trends from other eras and a lot of people are just blind to it but some of us (me) rise above it and manage to be cutting edge yet timeless

No. 673527

I hate seeing moms post about how they haven't managed to pee with the door closed since their baby learned to walk, shit like that which gets passed off as cute. I'd suffocate. Or them celebrating getting to have a bath for 20 mins like it's such a treat. These kids do have dads most of the time… how is that one-sided parenting cute?

No. 673529

They’re bonding with their children! You’d be surprised by how your tolerance for annoying kid stuff goes up when it’s your own child.

No. 673530

Soy milk is absolutely delicious, especially in cereal and coffee. It's just got a creamy nutty taste that makes cows milk seem bland and watery in comparison.

Almond isn't terrible but it's the wateriest and worst tasting milk, I only drink it when I'm dieting because it's so low calorie.

Are you sure they actually think it's cute and aren't just silently seething but putting on a brave face about their useless husbands? In appropriate spaces (eg breakingmom) they constantly bitch about that very thing.

No. 673538

True, today we recoil in horror at things like corsetry and hairline plucking but we do a lot of insane shit ourselves, for the same basic reasons. Some of what is done today is even more risky and drastic (eg plastic surgery)

No. 673552

same as corsetry anon but I misunderstood a bit and get you now. Exactly, look how you know is good for yourself. Following trends is just that and can end up making you a clown as we see all around us. It takes a lot of thinking and finding what you admire of looks from anywhere, picking out what's to use or avoid, then you can craft a tasteful look. I don't put it in practice cus quarantine and used to be too insecure but love having decent taste

No. 673562

I drink almond milk, but I seriously don't understand how it's almond "milk". It's more like almond juice, if anything.

No. 673568

poor and/or mentally ill people shouldn't ever have kids

No. 673574

File: 1605301539831.jpeg (416.61 KB, 750x1159, 585C45CE-B7C5-444D-8035-204675…)

I don't think it's always bad if a woman's a wife and mother. A lot of women have distaste for it, rightfully so with the state of society and men's expectations. But I hate to see us mock other women who show no signs of having problems. I roll my eyes at the r/childfree tier memes spreading how marriage and kids are the devil. Or instantly pitying a woman who is expressing joy about her kids. A portion of women are able to find a guy they can be on equal ground with and have a genuine bond. It's not that the women are "happy to serve" but that there's friendship involved which eliminates the one-sidedness of "serving." That means it's not a traditional-style marriage, but a cooperation. I guess that's mainly millennial marriages where they have an egalitarian viewpoint. I also feel like having kids can be a good thing, even a goal, because it's a natural part of being a living species that evolves. It has potential to be fulfilling. But it's not for everybody and if that's your goal you have to be very careful as a woman to find a man who respects you and will put in effort to raising a child. I do think that's possible, just rare. I hate seeing happy mothers mocked from an assumption.

picrelated is one of my favorite channels and I can't claim to know them but it's wholesome happy content

No. 673578

Technically maybe but in reality it's used as a milk substitute most of the time, so it makes more sense to use a word that helps people understand how it's consumed.

There was actually a lawsuit about calling it milk, someone argued the label milk was misleading and it should be called imitation milk instead, but they ruled that it's not actually substituting ingredients to be an inferior copy of milk and nobody is going to be deceived by the name.

No. 673580

> In appropriate spaces (eg breakingmom) they constantly bitch about that very thing
Have only visited it once but I remember a woman begging her husband on his day off to take the baby for 5 mins so she could shit in peace. She had her period so we all know how those shits go. She described him as coming home from work every weekday evening and easily spending a half hour in the bathroom himself. He wouldn't afford her those 5 mins. I think she desbribed a scene of her crying on the toilet, baby present and all.


No. 673582

Hard agree. I think most anons just get mad when people (mostly trad men and women) act like women have to be mothers. Other than that though, it's kind of weird when people complain about stuff like parents posting their kids all over their facebook, or when anons assume all mothers must be suffering and only having kids to "fulfill" a role.

No. 673583

Congrats, you have the same opinion as the vast, vast majority of people all throughout history. How the fuck does anyone think this is an unpopular opinion? Motherhood is glorified and not having kids has extremely negative social outcomes for women. The reason /r/childfree people are so viciously critical of parenthood is because they spend their whole lives being lectured and criticised for not wanting kids, it's an OTT reaction because they're pushing back against it.

No. 673587

This isn't an unpopular opinion. The vast, vast majority of women in the world still want to be mothers. The reason so many childfree women tend to be more zealous about their stance is because they've been subjected to men and women alike telling them that they're sad, selfish, lonely, incomplete human beings unless they birth a child and dedicate the rest of their lives to prioritizing another person over themselves. This is such a pervasive belief that even women who truly don't want kids get sold on the idea that it's "just what you do" and then spend decades regretting their kids and/or suffering from an extreme sense of loss regarding what their life could've been. Your image of the world is extraordinarily skewed if you think the opinions expressed in our childfree thread here or on r/childfree are becoming the norm. They aren't. Not even remotely.

No. 673591

Samefag, didn't mean to literally repeat part of what >>673583 said. But seriously, anon is insane if she thinks being a mother is unpopular.

No. 673597

Exactly and I do share their anger
Sorry, I know this is sensitive for that reason. I guess I should say that i mean my whole opinion being unpopular, that no marriage isn't automatic hell BUT it shouldn't be for everyone or even most women, and if it is for someone she should be on equal ground to her husband. I absolutely sympathize with the way child free women feel. I know their anger is reasonable and necessary because of what the world tries to push, that every/most women should get married and pump out babies for their husband. I mean to say that I don't even think most should be mothers, no one should be unless they want to and will be treated equally. I just want there to be more even marriages. It's unpopular in certain communities to think that a woman being a happy mother/wife is possible and not every post enjoying it or even complaining slightly is a cry for help. But the suspicion and rage is justiifed and honestly necessary with how things are

No. 673598

I don't understand men like that. How do you look at someone you love going through that and let it happen? How do you not want to spend time with your own child? It baffles me–I know that it's a stereotype and reality for a reason, but wow. Bleak indeed. I have a great partner, but I still wouldn't want kids because of the lack of freedom.

No. 673608

kek dw I do that all the time, I've noticed lots of people tend to repeat phrases from posts they agree with. It just gets stuck in your head and you forget you read it.

Men see children as occasional kodak moments and a box ticked on their list of 'life achievements'. They don't expect their lives to change at all when they have a kid, and a lot of the time it doesn't. The reality is that 'spending time with your own child' involves a lot of boring work and drudgery, why help with that when your wife will do it and you can keep playing video games?

No. 673609

>Other than that though, it's kind of weird when people complain about stuff like parents posting their kids all over their facebook
Not a weird complaint when pedos constantly steal photos from there and other social media, or comment right under the photos. And personally I'd feel embarrassed if my parents plastered my life everywhere for the world to see without permission.

No. 673612

Maybe a weird comparison here but even with pets. I had an ex who spur of the moment insisted that we get guinea pigs. I had them as a child and he knew I liked them but I never suggested getting them again as an adult. Standing in a pet store he pushes me and seeing them there as baby pigs I am eventually persuaded. We get two, each picking one out, each paying half. Each naming one when we got home.

He never once cleaned the cage in the years that followed. When we split and it looked like I'd be moving to a shared place with him staying put so I asked about him caring for them temporarily. He scoffed and said they were my problem to rehome.. Again a weird comparison but in hindsight he also had a son from a previous relationship and it mirrored that. The ex wife complained that he wasn't doing enough. He left her, his role with the kid was absolutely minimal and even getting him to pay somewhat acceptable child support was a battle they had for years. That was a planned child. I was so blind to his flaws at the time… I'm lucky it was just pets in a cage.

No. 673613

But they're not complaining about any of that. Usually I hear anons saying it's annoying when they """have""" to see a picture of someones baby walking or something. Or when parents talk about random milestones. I would get it if it's actual concern, but It's strange to act like you have to follow people who make post about their kids.

No. 673615

Ayrt, and wow. I'm glad it was just pets for you, but yeah, the fact that his behavior towards animals mirrors his behavior towards his child is actually chilling. Men are soulless.

No. 673616

>but it's strange to act like you have to follow people who make post about their kids.
Family? Friends? I guess you could unfollow your social circle to avoid it, but that'd be pretty weird too.

No. 673618

If you have older family members you could just delete facebook and act like you're just taking a break from social media. I don't think anyone actually uses fb anyway If we're talking about younger relatives, then make separate accounts, or again just pretend you don't use social media. It's a lot of effort, but if parent-posting bothers you then I guess it's worth it.

No. 673621

whining about having to look at someone's baby is weird and stupid, like that's harmless and never gonna change. It barely costs seconds of your day

No. 673645

Girls with a lot of male friends just enjoy have orbiters. Theres no way you enjoy spending time with straight men they are so boring.

No. 673648

As someone that used to have a lot of male friends, this is true kek.

No. 673651

No. 673658

It's so obvious when I see my female friends with a lot of dude friends and they sit there and pretend like the dudes dont wanna fuck them

No. 673660

Well like they're not obligated to fuck them if they enjoy hanging out in a platonic way and I'm sure she's not forcing them to hang out either. That's entirely the guys issue.

No. 673662

Yeah, I was pretty well aware but pretended otherwise if I was dating someone at the time. That was mostly high school, maybe early college, though. Shit gets old very fast, and women are far better, less annoying company.

No. 673666

Samefag, but this is also true at the same time. It’s hard to want to be friends with males that see you as nothing more than an object or potential girlfriend. Again, gets old fast.

No. 673667

But straight men are boring what's there to enjoy? And when they wanna fuck a girl the conversations with them are so fake because hes just mirroring everything she says and being fake.

No. 673668

From my experience some of my interests relating to my area of study are usually pursued more with guys, so when I'm having a conversation I'm not just having a shallow one way discussion in which it would be acceptable to mirror back my views. I'm pretty amicable and enjoy talking to anyone, sometimes it's nice to have eye candy too and not fuck them.

No. 673669

>nice to have eye candy too and not fuck them.

Which means you just like having orbiters. Nothing wrong with that but its just the truth.

No. 673670

Well if they asked you called them that I still call them friends

No. 673708

Treat them and use them as such. Never actually believe that they’re actually your friends kek never think that they won’t trade you in for a gf or another girl who entertains their advances more.

No. 673749

I'm glad I never had friends and no one ever liked me. Seeing girls talk about being ignored in favor for their prettier friends seems so soul crushing. I never had friends so I never had to deal with it.

No. 673959

are you implying then that gay men are instead much more fun? i've just constantly found a lot of them to be annoying and overdramatic, not to mention the sexist and gross comments they always make

No. 674003

I'm the ugly friend. Or to be correct, if I hang out with classmates I was the ugly one, and I was the "pretty" one with my childhood friends just because I wasn't heavily overweight. Of course it wasn't like they picked me as a friend to look better, or I picked my friends to look relatively better, in this case it just signifies how much male attention we got when we went out to bars or live music shows. Sometimes it felt really hurtful, especially when my friend got attention from guys that I found really attractive. I almost always turned down anyone who approached me while hanging out with my childhood friends because I knew how it felt to be sitting there when your friend just invites a stranger along and flirts with them all night instead of paying attention to the person you asked out originally.

No. 674005

It's really sad that you see female friendships in this way, like a competition for male attention. I've never experienced this with my female friends and if a guy did approach one of us while we were out together we'd just tell him to fuck off.

No. 674012

I'm so confused why so many of you dislike straight guys (I'm taking about the straight guys that just so happened to like girls, not the questionable creature straight guy). But a lot of my straight guy friends are a lot of fun to hang with because a lot of girls in my area aren't willing to do anything fun. Being straight has nothing to do with our friendship. Are your experiences different? I don't mind getting another perspective. Sorry if I seem like a simp or a #notallmen type of deal.

No. 674029

you don't understand why women would hate men? do you live under a rock?

No. 674031

Speaking from personal experience I believe it's true that a lot of straight men have issues seeing women as anything but potential partners - or even less than that, like sexual objects. And I personally consider you lucky if you've never had an experience like that.
But also keep in mind this is Lolcow, where the vast, vast majority of women come to shit on men, because they'be been burned and feel like they can't do it anywhere else.
Don't get me wrong, I hate a lot of male behaviors and think women are right to be wary of them, especially after having experienced the same things. But I also don't think every single man is like that. There are some people on here who genuinely think all men are the devil though, no exceptions. If I were you I'd be glad I wasn't like them and can have positive, healthy relationships with men. But the cynic in me also wants to tell you to be careful and not be too trusting lest you get blindsided by a man's true nature one day.

No. 674034

no I'm talking about the anons talking about how all girls keep guys around as orbiters, how a lot of anons see straight guys as boring, and how all guys want to fuck their female friends. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

No. 674036

samefag but I didn't mean "all girls" I meant some girls

No. 674038

They wanna do fun stuff with you becuz they low key wanna fuck. If they werent attracted to you they most likely wouldnt even be your friend.

No. 674043

i don't want to sound rude but they're probably not attracted to you/don't see you as a potential partner if you don't see any romantic or sexual signs when you're with them. or you just can't take a hint. i used to think like you until one of my closest friends who i saw as a brother figure confessed his feelings for me one day. i had to stop being friends with him because it was too awkward for the both of us and he genuinely thought i liked him back. didn't take long for a few of my other friends to slightly hint they wouldn't mind being fuckbuddies as well.

No. 674045

I'm not into many feminine things so I've had more male friends over the years than female. A few have tried to fuck me after years of being normal, and when I say tried I mean they got real pushy. I'm a lesbian..

A male group that I was in the process of becoming friendly with had certain conversations in front of me that made me uncomfortable to put it lightly
> 13 should be the age of consent really, girls are already so grown up nowadays
I'm wary now. That's not the same as just disliking people.

No. 674048

>i used to think like you until one of my closest friends who i saw as a brother figure confessed his feelings for me one day.
This was my experience as well. It's not that I want to hate or distrust men, but they basically give you all the reason to.

No. 674101

Mashed potatoes are fucking disgusting. My parents made me eat that shit every day. Potatoes are good in pretty much every other form except mashed.

No. 674111

E-every day? Agree, that's the lowest form of potato

No. 674115

The reason I had a lot of male friends was due my nerdy interest in anime, games, and rarely comics. It’s kinda hard to find girls with similar taste (mainly cuz nerd culture is sexist as hell lol)

No. 674119

I would say that I don’t immediately dislike them, but I sure as fuck don’t trust them. As other anons have said, spend enough time around guys and the degeneracy they usually hide around women slips through more and more. Even my own boyfriend has done some things that I consider questionable when he was younger. I do believe he’s grown past that as an adult now, but many men do not, and he himself is often the first to tell me not to put too much stock in what other guys say. Men’s moral capacity is bleak anon, it’s just a fact.

No. 674124

Vegetables are actually delicious, it's just that most people don't know how to cook them well.

No. 674129

I also think a lot of people have their taste spoiled over too much sugar. Vegetables taste much better to me now that I eat significantly healthier and have laregely cut out added sugar and junk food.

No. 674131

I used to mostly hang out with men because I didn't know how to break into female friend groups, and I was 100% surrounded by orbiters at all times. It honestly became more depressing for me over time than anything else , since I started to realize that I didn't really have a deep friendship with any of them, I'm so fucking glad my friend circle is 90% women now.

No. 674150

I had mostly female friends in highschool. I think it's good to branch out after you graduate because you grow up and meet new people. Truth be told I kept those friends around and found they kept their HS girl drama with them. I agree with the anons that guys only keep you around as a means to fuck because a few weeks ago my guy friend got divorced and immediately slid into my dms.

No. 674164


I have always loved them even when I ate a lot of sugar as a kid. I just prefer veggies and fruit over candy as a kid tbf.
People don't even need to know how to cook. They are just good as long as you wash and get them when they are best.
Well the point though most people don't know how to cook for shit now days.

No. 674169

I could eat nothing but roasted vegetables every day for the rest of my life. Brussel sprouts, butternut squash, even basic ass potatoes are better in the oven

No. 674170

> I just prefer veggies and fruit over candy as a kid tbf.
That's great actually, I wish I had that natural preference for veggies and fruit over sugar

No. 674179

I'm so tired of people complaining about how sucky 2020 is. yes, it's probably of the worst years in recent history, we all know, now shut the fuck up and move on

No. 674184

How do you get female friends? I’m scared I might end up having little in common with them or my personality just feels too “male”. I mean, i’m into a lot of female hobbies like cooking, fashion, baking, casual games and even dolls but I’m also into a lot of male hobbies (if you consider playing hardcore games a male hobby). I feel like I’m pretending to be someone else when I interact with girls.

No. 674187

Lemon pepper is the best seasoning.

No. 674195

I prefer female friend but most of them aren't consistent and flakey

No. 674200

Why would you even need to share hobbies to be friends with someone? It's been a non factor in almost all my long term friendships, with men or women. People can talk about interests they don't share, you just ask them questions and show some interest and they do the same for you, and the rest of the conversation is just about your lives and random shit.

No. 674201

Agreeing with >>674200, I have more scrote-like hobbies but that didnt scare girls away, you just need to make sure you have the same values as other women. Most women often value loyalty, life goals, and emotional/mental support and if you cant provide those they won’t prioritize you. However if you don’t have any hobbies together they’ll probably mention gossip/vent to you which is normal because what else are they going to talk about

No. 674206

So you're okay not discussing the hobbies you don't share with your male friends, but not the other way around? It sounds like you're the only one standing in your way anon. You don't have to have every single thing in common with friends, that's part of the joy of knowing other people, so they can introduce you to new things and vice versa. If you feel like you're acting around women then stop acting. There's some weird double standard you have going on right now likely due to some level of internalized misogyny. Not blaming you, the vast majority of us have to deal with it. But stop overthinking it and just treat other women like people and don't feel like you have to be some robotic version of yourself. You're talking with other women here, aren't you?

No. 674208


I just have this fear they dump me the moment they learn what I like…

No. 674210

Do you seriously think women are all boring stepford wife barbies who couldn't possibly fathom or tolerate "male hobbies" like hardcore gaming?? Your hobbies won't make anyone dump you but your internalized misogyny sure might.

No. 674212

… Why? Video games are a totally normal and unisex hobby.

No. 674219

There is no excuse to still be getting played by scrotes if you're over the age of 28. If you are crying over a man who you can easily leave in your 30s you look stupid. By now you should already know scrotes tricks.

No. 674220

File: 1605396463253.jpg (73.02 KB, 695x450, the-sims-2-imagem-divulgacao.j…)

kek most normie younger women I know play the sims more hardcorely than many so called male "gamers".

No. 674233

If someone has repeated drug offenses they should be sterilized. Addicts and dealers make the worst possible parents and shouldn't be allowed to have children.

No. 674245

You must not know any males who play games then lmfao.

No. 674249

File: 1605401913006.jpg (30.62 KB, 492x328, cosyfrogs.jpg)

music men > movie men > videogame men >>>>>>>> anime men

pic unrelated

No. 674250

I was more of a spore girl growing up. I;m kinda reluctant to hop on the sims bandwagon considering how ea handled the franchise as of late.

No. 674253

File: 1605403047019.png (328.45 KB, 556x745, Screenshot (10).png)

The comfy materials/ vintage styling of dolly/Mori/natural kei are nice, but not always a fan of the long, draping, and heavy silhouettes

No. 674258

I mean they aren't uber autists who spend 8h on WoW, but its the mainstream gamer who will play league, CS or Call of Duty for 3h at night, which is honestly the bigger chunk of people who buy games.
My gal pals tm, who are almost staceys, sometimes will go on weekend 6h sims binges.

No. 674266

Any pet besides a cat or dog (or ferret maybe) is a waste of time, money, and is just kind of cruel (Don't feel strongly about that last part, but it is part of my opinion)

Cats and dogs are the most affordable, and are the most loving and interactive. It's like having another human in the house. Ferrets are really cute but really hard to maintain. All other animals die quickly and are really expensive and they have to live their entire lives in small cages.

No. 674273

Gen z never shuts up about being internet savvy etc but gets trolled so easily.

No. 674275

imo trolling is stupid, not funny and infantile.

No. 674276

Try the sims 3, it's not as nice graphically but it's a lot of fun and there's so many mods available you can make it almost a different game

No. 674278

Trueee. They don’t know how to be anonymous or pirate things or fuck with the most basic HTML. And to think make fun of their boomer parents for not knowing how to google.
It’s called “cancelling” these days. Just don’t get trolled EZ

No. 674282

Most of them dont even know how to use a desk top

No. 674288

OK autist

No. 674290

You’re right we should just use the internet for spreading awareness about BLM and cancelling things that aren’t supportive of Trans women and inclusive to disabled people uwu

No. 674331

people love to talk trash about fast fashion brands but if you can't dress yourself in fucking bershka i really doubt you look good in anything else none of this even matters bc skinny people with good body proportions will still look better wearing a trash bag compared to any tryhard posers

No. 674346

Yeah if you compare them to other shitty genres of men sure they come out on top but musicians are insufferable narcissistic faggots.

No. 674352

kek. Anon, don't make me laugh… do you know any animals besides cats dogs and ferrets? Consider: reptiles and amphibians

>waste of money

They usually cost less than a dog or cat, and can be highly affordable depending on the type of reptile (think of the expenses that come w/ a dog and cat, even with adoption, medical records, getting shots done, spaying and neutering them, paying for their food, toys and bedding, grooming, vet visits, pet rent and pet deposit if you live in an apartment). The average snake can be bought for 100 or less, all of their supplies total to less than 75 dollars and they only eat once a week, with their food being bought in bulk at 25 dollars for a year supply.

>waste of time

2. You never need to walk your reptiles or play with them or give them any sort of attention. They are not needy whatsoever. You can leave them at home for a couple of weeks without worry and live your life without the burden of a dog or cat. (Or spending money for pet sitters/being a drag on your family and friends "can u watch my dog pls")


3. You'll be providing them a better life than they could ever have in the wild. They get to choose when they are warm or cool, they get a guaranteed meal every week and are safe from predators.

>die quickly

4. Snakes outlive dogs and cats by miles. The average lifespan of a dog is between 10 and 13 years. Cats average life being 16. The average lifetime of the most common pet snake, the ball python, is 30 years.

I could go on and on but you'd probably make a comment about how cold and distant those pets are. You can have your opinion but don't say "all animals" and be fucking factually incorrect with your next statement. I love dogs, cats and reptiles equally. None are better than the others, it's about personal preference but don't spout BS.

No. 674356

Samefag but
>inb4 I'm not reading all that

cool here's a tldr: cheaper, no attention necessary, live longer by double the amount of years, they have abetter chance at life in captivity than in the wild.

Also forgot to mention that snakes prefer smaller hides and often feel unsafe/stressed in large open spaces. The only reason they'd need to move is to find food but why would they need to do that when they get food weekly?

No. 674359

snakefags are the worst omfg nobody cares about you

No. 674361

You cared enough to reply, baby girl.

No. 674379

Having pets is a waste of time and money. All of them, ESPECIALLY FISH

No. 674382

My GOD you are bothered

No. 674383

reptiles are useless. i wouldn't want one just to put it in a corner and let it stay there. dogs and cats are fun at least

No. 674384

People who claim they have sooo much anxiety and panic talking on the phone or making a call are pathetic and need to get over themselves. It's such a first-world problem and I can't take anyone seriously if they bring themselves to panic attacks all because someone called them on their expensive phone. Sure, I understand getting a little shy if you're answering a stranger, for example, but other than that grow some fucking balls. I've met wayyy too many crybabies that talk about this issue and I literally don't get it.

No. 674388

Agree. My take is that it's social media's fault tbh. Yeah, it's not fun to call strangers, but it's so popular to tweet like it's the most terrifying, anxiety-inducing thing that some people just decide to make it their personality to be crybabies who "can't adult."

No. 674391

>panic attacks all because someone called them on their expensive phone
>expensive phone
Weird detail lol ?

No. 674396

I think it's perfectly fine to not want to be with someone because they have a mental illness. I've been friends with people who have depression, anxiety, bipolar, borderline, you name it (art is my favorite hobby). It's fucking exhausting. I won't do it anymore. If it even comes up, I'm distancing ASAP. My mental health matters, too.

No. 674399

I lost two serious relationships to my depression and me dealing with grief, when your misery only ends up dragging the other person down too.. it has to happen

No. 674401

I fully agree, being around these people is a huge pain in the ass unless they are actually doing something about it. In my opinion people also shouldn't date depressed folks that resolve their whole personality around nothing but "whining" and even through your friendship they do nothing but vent to you.

I still talk to my mentally ill friends, but only the ones who are at least trying to do something about it instead of making it up as an excuse for everything.

No. 674429

> being around these people is a huge pain in the ass
I've known two different guys who made quite the habit of dating mentally ill women, as in every gf fit that. The first guy had this unhealthy need to help people and thought he could fix people just by loving them.

The second was a an asshole and he had 3 seperate gfs who all had been sexually abused as kids resulting in depressive/bpd behaviours. He took advantage of them. The hypersexuality that sometimes comes from CSA was a nice bonus for him and he loved that they'd cling to him even after he treated them like shit. There are types that are drawn to the mentally ill but they're sick in their own ways.

I had some rough patches in my twenties and I wish it had occured to me that I could take myself out of the dating pool for a few years and it wouldn't be the end of the world.

No. 674431

File: 1605440042084.jpg (45.19 KB, 480x692, plebgarbage.jpg)

Who acts like that? Maybe it's because I've been vegan so long and don't really interact with people I don't know.
Those lawsuits are so fucking stupid. God forbid someone accidentally consumes something vegan. Reminds me of picrel.
Anon, please tell me you aren't feeding a an adult ball python once a week… I'm not trying to act like the scrotes who are into snakes. That's just way too much.

No. 674432

Well it's not exactly mental illness as far as today's categories go, since currently it's more like "differently abled" than ill, but autism is also a good reason not to date or want to hang out with somebody.

At my university I'm in a group with an autistic guy. He's kindhearted and not mentally retarded, but he's way too much, and his autism is bringing everyone else down even if we're trying to be supportive. He's wasting everyone's time when teacher's aren't equipped to tell him to shut up and to not interject the lecture every 5 minutes, because they're being too polite and are overly paternalistic. He thinks women are a different species, and while he's the type to put them on a pedestal instead of going incel mode, it's still tiresome and it's impossible to break him out of thinking in strict categories. He's very hard to communicate with sometimes, and goes ahead and does things that we have to fix in his place, and he bears basically no consequences for his actions, while we're expected to keep him in check, but also treat him like an adult just like us.

Ever since I'm exposed to daily interactions with him, I realized that even high functioning autists can be difficult to handle, and that it's not just down to being patient and being very literal with wording, there will still be days I just want him to be gone or put into some kind of special education program so he doesn't hold us "normal" (neurotypical) people back.

No. 674462

The world would be a better place if it was run by women age 40+

No. 674464

Retweeted by Maggie Thatcher

jk but i get your point

No. 674468

File: 1605448347952.jpg (513.66 KB, 1078x809, 20201114-100633.jpg)

Bitch when did I say I had an adult BP…? If I provided all of that obnoxious advice, do you think I'd be a fucking amateur? Come on, think.

Anyways, I have two corns and a juvie BP, I'm feeding them once a week or a few days more.

picrel is my bp. Only because I don't want to sound like I'm talking outta my ass here

No. 674470

I mean…a lot of white boomers in politics are women-hating pickme religious zealots though. I say white because it’s likely whites will still be the majority in politics.

No. 674476

I'm terfy here but I still think terfness is bigotry and being a bigot is not something to aspire to. I compartmentalize I guess. Truscum are very cool people tho

No. 674479

You don’t understand the word “terf” or the word “bigotry”

No. 674481

No. 674482

i don't think it's bigotry. being trans is a choice and their bad traits and illnesses are what lead to them becoming trans, it's not a #notall type of situation.

No. 674487

Nta, but you can be a bigot even if you think the people you're against made a choice to do whatever you dislike them for.

You can be bigoted towards people who have had an abortion for example. and before anyone says it, yes I know sometimes abortions are a life-or-death situation for the mother. I'm talking about abortions that are done by choice

No. 674488

I hate the stupid self care shit so much.

No. 674490

Yeah there's no reason to bully people that are already ill and suffering. I do think some stuff trans people do are a reflex of mental illness but that's not my business

No. 674491

Mate bigotry means having no good reason for hate, like being anti-abortion. Women have every good reason to hate troons.
Just because some tucute called you terf on Twitter doesn’t mean you are one, trutrans-chan. Go suck Kalvin Garrahs ass.

No. 674492

> that's not my business
Lol must be nice to be so privileged

No. 674494

>so privileged
Nta but god are really going to start using the p word on here now? We're all anonymous, hardly works in this setting

No. 674497

I'm just saying that you can still be a bigot even if you think the people you dislike made a choice to do whatever they did. Being bigoted isn't exclusive to being racist or sexist (things people can't control). Whether or not you think you have a good reason to hate tras is obviously your opinion. I'm sure anti-abortion people think they have a good reason to hate pro-abortion people.

No. 674500

You’re new? What are you even trying to say “privilege isn’t real”? Lol
You are extremely privileged and sheltered if you think you won’t have to experience troons dictating your womanhood, telling you what to say, who to fuck, taking away your space, undermining your accomplishment and invalidating your existence.
Lmao there are objective bad and good reasons. Don’t be telling on yourself now.

No. 674501

use common sense, there are choices that normal and healthy to be against

No. 674510

>You’re new?
>What are you even trying to say “privilege isn’t real”? Lol
No that was not my point
>You are extremely privileged and sheltered
I'm a faceless anonymous person, why wind yourself up by imagining what I am.

No. 674511

Because a lot of anons on here are under the impression of a "it's us or them" mentality when someone expresses anything remotely close to indifference or support for trans people.

No. 674512

Christ, calm down, anon. You mentioned BPs in your first post. A lot of people don't know what they're doing when it comes to snakes. I have large snakes and notice people who get their first large snake usually have chunky snakes. I know BPs aren't large snakes. Sorry for making assumptions.

Very cute snake tho.

No. 674514

kek sorry for sperging out. I just know a lot of people hate snake owners so I was on high defense

No. 674515

What a cutie, anon!! I love snakes so much, is love to have one someday. They’re lucky to have an owner that cares as much as you.

No. 674516


No. 674610

Dog people are so annoying and crazy

No. 674613

I’m gonna feed your shitty fish to my cat

No. 674616

try me bitch

No. 674619

File: 1605467122988.jpeg (58.5 KB, 525x296, fish.jpeg)

No. 674627

File: 1605468144130.png (695.95 KB, 666x500, download (2).png)

No. 674628

File: 1605468373783.png (275.07 KB, 600x329, cat.png)

No. 674629

Oh shit, I didn’t but I guess it’s not that unpopular then kek

No. 674704

I had reptiles in the 3rd grade and yeah, they’re pretty useless.

No. 674750

You don't just put them in the corner and leave them. You can take them out and let them explore around and oggle. It's whatever. I guess you hate fish and lizards and all other sorts of small creatures that you can't play catch with.

Get a boyfriend or girlfriend since you need to be loved by something so badly.

No. 674832

Don't worry. I have arachnids. They're as beautiful (imo), but have spent $470 on a single tarantula and $30-60 on scorpions that can literally kill me. My western black widow just laid a sack of around 200 slings and I only have 20 sold. Fish people are way less stupid than people in my pet hobby.

No. 674843

Momokun is just zoomer Jessica Nigri.

No. 674844

Forgot about her

No. 674846

Suicide is a viable way out and people who say otherwise are gaslighting.

No. 674852

People always say you should stay alive for your friends and family. When those same friends never invited you anywhere on the weekend and the same family abused you. The only time suicide is selfish is if you have kids under the age of 21 who cant take care of themselves.

No. 674855

File: 1605487457805.jpeg (850.37 KB, 1200x800, B8092F82-B8D6-4928-8071-C761D5…)

Big lips are ugly af I will never understand how looking kawaii is popular yet people overdraw or get filler on their lips. It’s not cute, it draws attention away from your eyes. Big lips only look good on people with wide, flat noses and those people are usually born with it. Lip fillers always make you look like a blowup doll. Picrel Kylie Jenner looks better without her inflated sausage lips

No. 674856

Fucked up but I kinda agree. I’ve met some people who just really need to start over ya know? Like just being born into a different family and place because their current life is hell.

No. 674861

I disagree at heart but sometimes there are so many obstacles to getting better.
To me a big problem is society is so isolated, many of us lack community so if your situation is terrible there's no net to fall on. If only people had bigger families/communities/support networks who will help. Like then if there's an abusive family they will actually see justice and the victims get taken to someone else's care, who actually cares. Instead of everyone pretending not to see it or only temporary fixes
But then idk, people are huge enablers, that is really the heart of it. Partly because they don't know how to help but many don't want to admit something's wrong.

No. 674865

File: 1605488322317.jpeg (62.51 KB, 600x600, 6B8E9385-4C2B-4313-B915-FBC169…)

Every male haircut is shit, viscerally disgusting styles.
women's can be boring but there are at least some good options.
also it's been said but more men should have long hair (and learn to fucking groom it)
>picrel makes me feel violent

No. 674866

lip filler is so ugly and instantly ages you, fuck popular trends. there should be no "universal" best lip size, most people look better with their natural features. Plenty of beautiful women with small lips. The instagram trend looks like a bee stung their lips (literally not colloquially)

No. 674867

i have decently big lips and my nose is narrow idk what you're talking about…

No. 674870

anon was wrong for that part, I know people with faces like yours who are natural and beautiful. I think scarjo is an example since she was young. imo it's natural > fake that's what matters
lip fillers tend to change the shape of the lips to look fake in an obvious way that the person didn't have before. it becomes uncanny to watch them speak or eat. For a few people it can work but it shouldn't be a trend

No. 674877

Your face is naturally like that and will have natural harmony. It's when people get lip fillers they always look really bad.

No. 674886

The whole concept of being smart is stupid to me because most of the time "smart" people just have really good memory. Like I can't help that my memory is shit.

No. 674888

Ikr, what do they even want from us normal memory people? I won’t memorize the fucking bible or an encyclopedia just so I can talk about some random shit. I honestly think most smart people are just autistic, they focus their brain on certain topics or whatever and that’s how they can talk about it with lots of details and shit.

No. 674893

I feel like being able to argue is also a huge part of it. I've noticed that people who tend to get called smart by others are really good at giving foundation to the information they bring.

No. 674906

The fact that you can be having casual sex with someone for like a month and you tell them you love them and thats considered weird is dumb to me

No. 674910

What you feel after only one month is not necessarily love but infatuation.

No. 674914

Why would you say I love you after a month?

No. 674915

Why would people be fucking not even a month into knowing each other?

No. 674918

It happens? There's a such thing as sexual chemistry without emotional chemistry. That's not me saying that I support one night stands or whatever. But with most people, you attraction is what draws you to someone. Not how much you think you'll love them in a month.

when u grow up or leave the Amish village you'll understand, it's ok anon

No. 674919

Casual sex has more dangerous and permanent out comes. If you engage in casual sex you lack self respect and control.

No. 674924

Are you trying to say that's the case for everyone in a FWB relationship? I'm sure there are tons of people out there who are friends for longer than a month before they start fucking. I'm still wondering why you would say I love you after only a month of being with someone. It's easy to know you wanna fuck someone. It's not as easy to know if you actually love a person.

Anyway, sex and love are different. Sometimes lust and love get confused with each other. Sometimes sex leads to love and vice versa. I feel like that's not that difficult of a concept.

No. 674926

Friends with benefits is something that rarely exists. It's usually just a guy who wants a gf without having to spend any money. It makes sense that feelings would happen in fwb relationships because they're not actually friends.

No. 674928

What is your fucking cut off time exactly?

No. 674929

Sounds like christian scaremongering lmfao. okay anon.

No. 674930

Enjoy your herpes.

No. 674931

Why won't you answer my question that's above the post you just replied to lol

No. 674935

It didnt happen to me. I've never told a man I've loved him after a month. A male friend of mine was talking shit about his "fwb" whi said she loved him. I couldnt understand why he would spend a month fucking someone he doesnt like.

No. 674937

So what scenario are you even talking about? If you're having sex with a person for a month at some point you're gonna actually talk to them. Again, why are you saying I love you to someone after a month?

>Friends with benefits is something that rarely exists


>It's usually just a guy who wants a gf without having to spend any money.

Do you think dating only consists of sex? Also, what does this mean in for the woman in the relationship then? What does she want?

I feel like this must be some anon from the "casual sex bad!!!" argument that happened here like 2 months ago that's coming back to once again shame people for having casual sex.

No. 674938

If you only hangout when you fuck you arent friends. If you and the guy are doing everything people in relationships do, without putting labels on it, you arent friends, you are a placeholder.

No. 674940

>I couldnt understand why he would spend a month fucking someone he doesnt like.
Cause men are desperate motherfuckers lmao.

No. 674945

Do you really think women can't get anything out of having casual sex?

You said in your first post
>The fact that you can be having casual sex with someone for like a month and you tell them you love them and thats considered weird is dumb to me
Then said
>Why would people be fucking not even a month into knowing each other?
So do you think people are saying I love you to people they don't actually know aside from sex? Or are do you think that people are saying I love you to people they know because they are having sex? It's honestly confusing because you keep changing this imaginary casual sex scenario.

No. 674949

The only reason most women have casual sex is because they're mentally ill and looking for validation. Most dudes cum in less than a minute and dont even know what a clit looks like, no sane woman would put herself through that.

No. 674958

NTAYRT but can you at least admit that not every casual hookup will end with some chump who cums in under a minute?
Some of the best sex I've ever had was from hookups, and some of the worst sex I've ever had was when I was tied up in a relationship label. I'm not gonna debate with you on anything else but I do know for a fact that it's much easier to drop a selfish dude who underperforms than a committed boyfriend who expects you to compromise, train, and work with him through his broken dick issues. Come on.

No. 674961

This is so retarded. Smart people are able to make connections with various topics and tend to think more abstractly. Being intelligent is not just remembering facts ffs. How would anything new get created

No. 674964

kek did you forget that lesbians exist? Lesbians have casual sex too, without saying "I love you".

Anon you gotta be at least 18 to post here.

No. 674965

Guys, you're also forgetting how expertise comes into play.
Just because you're smart in one subject doesn't mean you're smart in others unless you truly are some kind of savant. Most ape brains do have limits and prioritize the information.
This explains why someone versed in music and arts could be terrible at math, or why someone who's really knowledgeable in the sciences could barely compose a legible essay.

No. 674966

I have casual sex and what I mean by that is I'm having sex with dudes without being their girlfriend. I'm practicing safe sex. I am sussing these guys out before sleeping with them, I am considering the risks. I call them flings rather than fwb because let's be real the relationship aka friends part is going to end once I don't want to fuck him anymore.

No. 674972

Unless you are wearing face masks during these hook ups you arent practicing safe sex.

No. 674974

This post is so fucking funny

No. 674975

This reads like a good copypasta if anyone can find the thread

No. 674993

If you pee on him afterwards you give him the covid back.

No. 675002

File: 1605504292633.jpg (11.16 KB, 252x200, g008071-medium.jpg)

I cant believe there are dudes out there thinking they're gonna be getting a beej, who dont even own their own glovebox smh

No. 675007

File: 1605504716891.jpeg (104 KB, 800x533, 6399806E-6693-4B64-9F6A-DC253B…)

don't forget to sanitize your mouth after you're done sucking face (or other body parts)

No. 675044

the white stripes suck ass. their music is fucking terrible. no idea how they got so famous.

No. 675045

Anime fans are always degenerates in their sex lives

No. 675048

anon i've never felt more triggered by this website

No. 675073

Don't you mean their masturbation lives?

No. 675080

Billie Eilish is an industry plant and "her" music sounds like absolute forever 21 tier trash.

No. 675081

I thought that was known lol her parents are entertainment freaks

No. 675083

She's a product anon, 10 years ago we had overly sexual Industrial plastic pop-stars but trend change and now we now have a sadgirl pop-star, corporations just want money and they'll use whatever they think its trendy its nothing new but I'll take corporate produced sadgirls over corporate produced bimbo pop-stars

No. 675087

Indeed. Am an anime fan, and my sex life is non-existant and I dream about non-fictional husbands.

No. 675088

Shit, I meant fictional characters, non-fictional would be the ideal.

No. 675102

Among Us is annoying to play cause the voting periods are too long and it ruins the pacing. Like just when the going gets good you gotta vote and wait for everyone. I'd prefer voting while doing tasks but obviously a lot of things would have to be tweaked to accomodate that so ehhh

No. 675118

oh to be this anon…

No. 675128

Same, anon. I don't have a sex life to practice degeneracy in but the shit I put my husbandos through in doujinshis is degenerate indeed.

No. 675137

False, lesbians have casual sex, say “I love you,” and move in together. /s

No. 675161

What's even going on with this hairline

No. 675162

File: 1605531895968.jpeg (71.93 KB, 626x626, F03145C9-6508-4217-821A-70E3E8…)

lmao it looks like one of those swirly dividers

No. 675287

Men only look good with long hair

No. 675290

Is it unpopular? I'm with you. All my men had long hair.

No. 675296

And beards

No. 675298

File: 1605541293836.jpg (176.75 KB, 900x900, OrangeA-Women-Autumn-Sexy-Holl…)

It should be ok to dress slutty/sexy age 25+. It doesn't make sense that people think mini skirts and sexy clothes can only be worn by very young girls, the concept is almost pedophilic.

No. 675302

but so often they can't properly take care of it. Look at all those greasy metal heads and their unwashed hair.

No. 675304

It is..?

No. 675305

Who said 25+ y/o women can't wear sexy clothes?

No. 675308

Those trousers are fucking awful

No. 675313

File: 1605542389751.jpg (75.41 KB, 634x735, prehistoric30yo.jpg)

Teenage who think 30 is 50, it seems. I wonder which women they actally know in their 30's. Maybe women that have already 5 kids and only fit in potato sacks?

No. 675315

I can't comprehend how that's so common. I'm very low-maintenance, I want to get ready as quickly as I can and don't wear makeup, but my hair always looks clean. It's a cinch and all you need is regular washing. Are men so stunted they can't fucking shampoo?
Long hair does look good on men, if they learn from women and do the basic steps to maintain it. Even saying "maintain" is misleading, it's not some difficult ritual, it's basic hygiene. end of sperg

No. 675322

Honestly, that may be it. A lot of women already have kids and are a bit frumpy by their late 20s to 30s+ for whatever reason. That and motherhood negates any ability to be sexy, apparently. So yeah, I think it's just young people that have this weird perspective.

No. 675323

I mean kids think everyone is old.

I hope anon doesn't think that just because teenagers feel like people in their 20's can't wear sexy clothes which I've never heard a teenager say tbh that that really means it's "unacceptable" for people over 25 to wear sexy clothes.

No. 675325

Ugh I love men with long hair, but only if they take good care of it.

To be fair, not everyone has easy hair where you can get away with just a shampoo. If I do that, my hair looks like a haystack.

No. 675336

>It's a cinch and all you need is regular washing
Hair care isn't that simple for everyone anon, some hair types need special products, have dandruff, oily scalp, etc.

The difference is most women have long hair and are encouraged to make sure every inch of their body looks presentable at all times, and this isn't a thing for men. Women are used to having their hair criticized if it's greasy or frizzy. Short or long hair, nobody is criticizing men for looking unkempt.

No. 675346

Nobody of any age should wear the clothes shown in that pic

No. 675348

tbh thank you for correcting me, I should have considered that. it is frustrating either way

No. 675521

File: 1605560374728.jpeg (6.31 KB, 257x196, images (1).jpeg)

I love getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist. It feels really good having my gums poked and I like knowing that they're scraping all the nasty shit from my teeth and gums.
>tfw haven't been able to get a cleaning in over two years due to uninsured murican whose work contracts give me no benefits and marketplace premiums are too high

I try to clean them myself with dental tools I ordered from china but obviously I'm no expert. I'm hankering for a cleaning so badly.

No. 675526

There's nothing wrong with liking weird and taboo fiction. Yes, this means loli/shota shit. So long as it isn't hurting anyone IRL who gives a fuck

No. 675527

MAP pls go.

No. 675528

Media doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

No. 675529

Thread implosion in 5, 4, 3…

No. 675533

File: 1605561652649.gif (546.59 KB, 160x146, let's go.gif)

No. 675540

File: 1605562203346.jpg (18.6 KB, 640x346, 1602152941057.jpg)

freaks gtfo

No. 675547

Women liking shota is fine but men simping for loli is an instant red flag for a legitimate pedo. I'm not even baiting, that's really just how it is.

No. 675549

It's still disgusting though, at the very least anyone who likes lolishota shit should prepare to be judged for their tastes

No. 675551

The fact some people actually believe this is terrifying

No. 675552

pedochan please gtfo

No. 675555

There's an entire subgroup of women (female, not trooners) in anitwitter who have private accounts to talk about "irl shotas" and are most definitely real pedos, so it's also just stupidly naive to think it doesn't go both ways

No. 675556

Don’t sexualise children. It’s literally that simple, that black and white. No exceptions. None.

No. 675557

Don't care. Men commit 90% of reported child sexual abuse cases and 80% of all victims are female. But go off about the super secret female pedo child abuse rings on Twitter and how nerdy women liking cartoon boys are totally the same as men preying on irl children.

No. 675560

imagine thinking it's ok to sexualise and want to fuck kids at all

I wish mods would just permaban the resident pedo-anons here so we don't have to hear about their nasty fetishes anymore

No. 675561

yes I stumbled across a couple of them on accident in anime communities who were fucking whackjobs who harassed and doxed people when they rightfully called them pedos, and were said to harass minors, so to say "oh women liking shota is harmless but men liking loli isn't" makes my blood boil. pedochans, whether male or female, deserve nothing but to get the guillotine and that is that, period.

No. 675562

I wish the mods would permaban all the mentally ill moralfags who think them saving cartoon characters is a day's job well done.

No. 675564

Do you think violence in video games = murder? Do you think GoT fans want to fuck their siblings? Be honest.

No. 675566

Yes anon because female pedophiles don't prey on kids and think & talk about real children ever at all. Sexualizing children in any capacity isn't putting irl kids at risk at all. There are absolutely no male victims of sexual abuse.

No. 675567

What the fuck? Twitter becomes more bizarre every day. Where did you even see this? Any screenshots/callout posts/receipts in general?

No. 675568

>There are absolutely no male victims of sexual abuse.
Funny you should mention that because in the cases of both female and male victims the perpetrator is almost 100% of the time male.

No. 675569

> Do you think GoT fans want to fuck their siblings? Be honest.
If they're masturbating and fantasizing about it, then YES. Pedos are pedos it's not that hard of a concept to grasp.

No. 675570

Do you think writing NSFW My hero academia or Sailor Moon fanfiction counts as child porn?

No. 675571

Not even gonna respond to this cause this is always the weakass argument you pedos like to use when someone calls you a pedo.

No. 675572

>being such a sperg you don't even realize anon was on your side and being sarcastic
/ot/ is going to the dogs. However it's always funny as hell seeing how triggered twitterfags get over the loli/shota debate.

No. 675573

No. 675574

Depends who's making it I guess, if it's a teen I could care less. But a 30 year old making it is fucking creepy.

No. 675575

>the 30 year old threshold
confirmed 20-year old twitter minor with pronouns on bio

No. 675577

the only taboo shit i'm into is monsters and that's seen as vanilla….

No. 675578

But most people in their 30’s watched sailor moon and like their characters for one or another reason… do you really think only people on their 20’s and under are the ones who watched/read sailor moon and like it?

No. 675580

>Teens writing porn is okay but heaven forbid adults do it!
Anon this is not a good look

No. 675584

This, being aroused by kids does make you a pedo. Not necessarily a molester, but a pedo.
And it's fine to avoid these people because of their pedophilia.
>Do you think violence in video games = murder?
Thoughts aren't crimes lmao. But as someone who used to have gory sexual fantasies, hell yeah I'd have acted them out irl in a lawless world.
That said, it's also fine to avoid gurofags. I've repressed that shit and never talk about it on social media, but if I was still obsessed and loud about it I'd expect some opposition.

Why scream about being a pedo but then also be ashamed and in denial? Dumb. Pick shame or pride, you can't do both.

No. 675585

Relax anon, I meant to reply to >>675564

No. 675587

>Thoughts aren't crimes lmao. But as someone who used to have gory sexual fantasies, hell yeah I'd have acted them out irl in a lawless world.
Yikes, what the fuck anon. This sounds more like your mental illness than the actual gurofag issue.

No. 675588

What if a woman which was molested as a child is into lolicon?
I know its Stockholm syndrome but does it make her a pedo?

No. 675589

Well when do you think it becomes weird then? Can 60 year olds make nsfw porn of teenage characters too? When does it become taboo?
No of course not, I'm not saying that older people can't be attracted to anime characters/younger characters, but writing porn/drawing porn of obviously minor characters is at the least, weird.
Yeah that's a good point, either way it's weird but at least it's not an greasy 45 year old doing it

No. 675591

Anyway, back to the actual unpopular opinions.

>Most desserts are kinda gross.

A lot of people don't seem to understand you gotta balance the sweetness. Slapping a bunch of chocolate on something doesn't automatically make it good.
>Basketball doesn't seem like a sport that actually takes much skill. Just be blessed with being tall and your good.
>Friends is not funny
Idk how unpopular this is now but
>Among us is overrated and got boring fast
>Fall guys got boring fast
but who am I to judge. I play the same games over and over

No. 675594

Yeah, desserts that are overly sweet and just taste like sugar are disgusting. There has to be something tart, or creamy, or something to balance it or it's just sickly.

No. 675597


>Slapping a bunch of chocolate on something doesn't automatically make it good.

Yesss i agree, hate chocolate covered strawberries, no offense anons who like them but they suck ass

No. 675598

You're only a pedophile if you're aroused and fantasize about children irl. Shota/lolicon are fucking creepy yes but unless you have attraction to actual kids, you're not a pedophile. I would hope that woman realizes it does more harm than good to consume that stuff, it's an unhealthy coping mechanism at best.

No. 675600

Sorry to samefag so long after I posted this but
>Chocolate icecream is NOT GOOD
And I wish Neapolitan icecream would stop trying to force that shit down our throats. Make the third flavor something else damn it! That shit is nasty and nobody will ever like it! Cut it out!

No. 675603

As someone who loves anything sweet, that first opinion definitely hurt.

No. 675605

Same anon who just replied here ( >>675600 )… now you've crossed a line. A banana split is not a banana split without chocolate ice cream. Neapolitan ice cream is one of the best alongside mint chip.

No. 675606

Chocolate ice cream is so disgusting, idk what it is but it’s universally just Bad.

No. 675607

>mint chip
Anon what the fuck

No. 675614

>mint chip.
Your opinion is automatically bad because of this.

No. 675620

In all honesty it hurts when someone compares fictional cartoons of loli/shota To real exploitation. CP will never compare to 2D cartoons. If this was the case, all loli and shota would have well been banned all over the internet by now

I don’t like loli/shota. I’m just frustrated someone would compare real abuse, which I and many other people have experienced, to cartoons

No. 675621

What are your favorites? Hm? I bet you guys enjoy moose tracks or something smh.

No. 675625

Don't you dare talk about moose tracks in that condescending tone you wretched bitch.

No. 675626

Don’t listen to the haters anon mint chip is the best ice cream.

No. 675627

My favorites are butter pecan (only cause my mom eats it all the time), cookie dough, oreo, turtle tracks and birthday cake. And for the motherfuckin' record, moose tracks is fire.

I feel like my ice cream choices invalidate my whole "not all deserts are good" thing but fuck it

No. 675629

blue cotton candy, doesn't even taste like cotton candy but I love it anyway

No. 675631

File: 1605566779762.jpeg (322.16 KB, 1370x2048, D72925C1-8EE1-42B1-AE3C-4222FD…)

It’s because you haven’t tried a real chocolate ice cream, maybe try having some dark chocolate ice cream, it’s probably what the wings of a cherub taste like with a pinch of sugar and salt.

No. 675632

Same, I love going to the dentist and I'm very excited everytime I book an appointment because I'm going to feel so fresh when it's done, I don't even mind feeling the tools in my mouth. I wish I could go more often than the recommended two times a year.

No. 675633

Since we're giving out opinions on sweets:
Black licorice is the best candy.
Don't worry, anon, I have almost no sweet tooth and mint chip is the best flavour.

No. 675636

Dark chocolate ice cream is the only good chocolate ice cream and one of the best flavors ever conceptualized.

No. 675638

I've spent nearly 3 years on this hellsite, and not once have I ever told an anon to die, until now.
>Black licorice is the best candy.
Please, kys. Fucking licorice?? Are you serious?? Are your taste buds fucking fried??? Please get some help and die along the way. Jk anon but your taste still sucks

No. 675639

God this could give me an orgasm

No. 675640

Cheesecake is absolutely disgusting and I have no idea why it's so loved.

No. 675641

Wow, my dark chocolate icecream induced orgasm has quickly faded. Licorice?? What the fuck is wrong with you??

No. 675642

File: 1605567482439.jpeg (49.04 KB, 500x584, 8E0C1C73-602D-41AB-8E27-413545…)

No. 675643

Bet no one loves you, what a shitty opinion.

No. 675644

I can't help it if I don't enjoy my ice cream having like 10 million clashing things in it.

>Butter pecan
Old geezer confirmed. You cannot make me feel bad for enjoying mint chip.

♥ finally a reasonable voice

…this can't be real.

No. 675647

File: 1605567675536.jpg (72.67 KB, 590x590, godly.jpg)

cotton candy anon here, you bet your ass it's real

No. 675651

Some of you belong in a fucking asylum. Truly.
>I can't help it if I don't enjoy my ice cream having like 10 million clashing things in it.
>clashing things
>mint chocolate chip

No. 675652

Mint and chocolate clash about as much as chocolate and orange do…which is not at all! I will not stand for this slander.

No. 675653

File: 1605568533004.jpeg (71.89 KB, 454x523, 2F7E29E8-9475-466A-8E2C-DFD00D…)

No. 675657

They hate you because you tell the truth.

No. 675667

>Slapping a bunch of chocolate on something doesn't automatically make it good.
American chocolate literally tastes like vomit so if you haven't had anything else I can understand this.

No. 675673

Hershey's chocolate tastes good and all of the other countries are just mad they don't get as much artificial sweetener and cancer as us

No. 675682

I know this is sarcasm, but I'm sure some Americans really believe this.

No. 675683

I'm so sick and tired of americans having opinions. Your food is gross, freedom bird, go home.

No. 675684

If this is a Brit, sitting on their device in the literal floating turd that is the UK, I swear to god..

No. 675692

Never, the only place I can't go is the hospital

No. 675694

Anime sucks.

No. 675698

We invented America, baby!

No. 675700

Nope, this is a frenchfag sat on the national baguette

No. 675704

Saying that is basically like saying all movies or all tv shows suck. There are plenty of genres of anime and I can guarantee you've only watched a small fraction of a genre that you dislike in general. Like if you hate comedy shows/movies and you get recommended a comedy anime ofc you're gonna hate it.

No. 675710

I will not understand the appeal of fanfic.

No. 675716

Clearly you've never masturbated to a fanfic of your favourite non-canon ship on ao3. I pity you anon.. I really do…

No. 675717

The way you typed this, it's like you're rejecting peas for dinner, kek.

No. 675725

i wish i was this anon

No. 675728

File: 1605578751148.gif (88.74 KB, 220x214, Notsureimadumbass.gif)

Op here
I tried to read fanfic in tumblr, ao3 and Wattpad but it never work on me.
I just feel their relationship never realistic and feel really fictionally rather original works.
I prefer fanart or comic rather than fanfic tbh
And Reader x fanfics are mostly cringe

No. 675729

Holy shit, I thought I was the only one who felt like this.
My sister.

No. 675734

File: 1605580167379.jpg (164.74 KB, 1080x1046, 20201117_092758.jpg)

I like runny eggs and find them delicious

No. 675736

Dipping buttery toast in the yolks is sooooo good

No. 675741

runny egg yolk plus toast is superior.

No. 675744

Idk, I thought most people enjoyed runny eggs.

No. 675747

I was always hesitant to try it until I've had some good restaurant ramen, their marinated soy sauce runny eggs are cooked to perfection.

No. 675761

What kind of monster eats solid eggs?

No. 675762

People who call others twitterfags for using a "cringe" word should give suggestions for appropriate words to express the same idea. Unless they want to ban that idea entirely, then they should kill themselves.

No. 675781

I don't think this site is as miserable as some anons suggest. Maybe they are projecting. For sure it can be, but I come on when I'm bored. Which most people, miserable or not, experience sometimes. Since it's for gossip, people assume we're all bitter fuglies, but most everyone gossips in their life. Then for example Twitter is full of rude interactions, and that's not anonymous so it's less likely to be "no big deal."
With specific threads and posts, again you can't assume. I complain about things here all the time that don't really matter to me. e.g. certain styles, everyone has ones they hate and I enjoy explaining why then forgetting it soon after. /ot/ especially is good for expressing opinions you have no other outlet for. It's also fun to stir things up and see what others think. I'm sure there are deeply embittered farmers but many are probably normal

No. 675785

>she isn't eating hard boiled eggs rabidly in one bite right after peeling

No. 675805

Tbh compared to Twatter even 4chan is a nice cozy place. Twatter is a giant outrage machine.

No. 675872

though i agree with you mostly, i feel like there is also too much nitpicking going on some threads. which makes me think some people are just fueled on this hatred towards someone they see online. i get laughing at people 100% and i do it too but usually people who wastes time on hating stupid internet are miserable as far as ive seen. like can we judge the retarded stuff they say and move on

No. 675877

I feel like this is isn’t a bad place to lurk and post every few times, the anons here are not completely unhinged with an echo chamber like on Twitter or 4chins, they got different opinions, which is why there’s infighting but it’s logical, of course people will start arguing when they don’t agree on different stuff.
The site only gets annoying when we get raids or retards acting retarded for the sake of retardedness.

No. 675908

i used to think imageboards were for neet losers before which might be true and i simply became one of them but lately i’ve been enjoying them much more than traditional social media platforms. kind of has the same energy as the forum discussion websites of the 2000s except with way more sperging and nitpicking

No. 675985

I can concede that sex work is work, but OnlyFans (and the like) are neither of the two. And I really don't think this is le evil internalized misogyny

Instead of ending a sentence with "sis," I propose simply not doing that

No. 675989

When I see anons calling each other sis (esp as a catty term) I picture them as big burly drag queens trying to fit in

No. 676010

Agree. Onlyfans girls have no place to speak for all sex workers, especially ones that actually work the streets.

No. 676014

File: 1605630592315.jpeg (128.46 KB, 540x960, 6ACEB0E5-85B9-482F-9F88-71EAF5…)

Girls who come to talk shit about their boyfriends and ignore farmer advice to dump him deserve to be banned. No one wants to hear about your relationship problems girl, get some real fucking friends to vent to.

No. 676016

I love relationship drama though.

And tbh if I help in making stubborn anons see the light about their worthless scrotes little by little, then that makes me happy. They can't be in denial forever.

No. 676025

I hate it when anons in actual abusive relationships shit on common sense advice. I'm kinda done being the one to type out 3 thoughtful paragraphs warning them in a sympathetic way and then having them revert back to saying "oh well no actually he's the best thing to ever happen to me so shut up saying he's not"

No. 676035

I truly do not understand what they expect to hear when all they talk about is negative shit in their post. No one is going to play devil's advocate for some scrote they don't even know.

No. 676037

>no one is going to play devil's advocate for a scrote
Idk, I've seen that here lately and it's widely accepted everywhere else on the internet that scrotes are default innocent and have the best intentions.

No. 676042

I hate that the nature of every human relationship is exchangable. People will always want something from you. The only uncondiditonal "love" that exists is probably a dog's love kek. I'd rather be alone, even though it is lonely.

No. 676043

Idk anon, the only thing I want from my best friend and boyfriend is reciprocal love, and I get that. Unless you include that? I recognize that I'm probably very lucky as well, but yeah, relationships don't always have to be strictly transactional.

No. 676046

I mean, you have to do things for dogs to make them love you too, you know. Like feed them and play with them. Love doesn't happen by doing nothing.

No. 676050

Plus dogs don't necessarily love you unconditionally. My family rescued a dog from a negligent owner, and when we got her to come out of her shell, she was the sweetest thing ever. When her old owner came by to see her, she growled and bared teeth. She wasn't even actively abusive to the dog, just negligent. You have to put in to get out, and that's not always a bad thing.

No. 676053

Yeah, feeding them and playing with them is basically enough for them to love you. They don't care about your status, your personality, your looks, your age, your ability to fit in and to meet all sorts of societal expectations etc. You also don't have to talk to them as much as you have to talk to other people, you can just b e. Sure, you have to take care of the dog, but the relationship with a dog will never be as draining as a relationship with another human. Nothing can be compared to people's feelings of entitlement, their malicious intents etc.

No. 676058

>your personality
I get what you're trying to say, but personality is definitely relevant to whether a dog likes you or not lol

No. 676066

What about parental love? I lost my mom a decade ago and it hit me that nobody will ever love me on that level again. I was 20 and that thought depressed the absolute shit out of me. If you have a good mom that's a pretty pure kind of love.

No. 676107

Nah Belle Delphine is.

No. 676162

Yeah IA, good parents will love you without expecting anything in return. It's a thankless job for the most part, yet they constantly give and make sacrifices for their kids.

No. 676178

Garlic butter is disgostang

No. 676240

> I truly do not understand what they expect to hear when all they talk about is negative shit in their post

Probably deep down wanting a second opinion to see if their feelings are justified as abusive bf has gaslighted them so much they actually think they are unreasonable for getting upset when he cheats

It’s not worth replying though because someone in that deep isn’t going to leave because a couple of anons said to

No. 676242

Yeah. I don’t get the appeal of role playing either. Acting like a character was always a little cringe-y for me but good for the people that enjoy it.

No. 676262

>It’s not worth replying though because someone in that deep isn’t going to leave because a couple of anons said to
I disagree that it's not worth it. You're right that it's very unlikely someone is going to leave right in that moment, maybe not even months down the line. But speaking as someone who used to be in an emotionally abusive relationship and posted online, even though I didn't implement all the advice right away, I did take people's opinions to heart. When I ended up leaving about two years later, those same opinions had definitely been part of a long journey that resulted in me opening my eyes and getting help. After I'd heard that my ex's behaviors were abusive so many times I finally started reading more on the topic and realized his actions were wrong, and maybe I didn't deserve it. You never know what part your words might play.

I completely understand how frustrating it is when you give good advice and the other person is too blind to see it. You don't have to take the time to try and help if it's too mentally draining. I now often find myself in the same position others used to be in for my sake. I'll keep doing it though, because I have hope that those women may eventually free themselves like I did.

No. 676264

I love night time and gloomy days, the sun feels too intense

No. 676273

I don't consider cash or gift cards to be real presents. If it's my birthday or another occasion, I want a physical object or an outing of some sort.

No. 676274

Ayrt, I’m glad it helped you and you managed to free yourself. It sounds like we’ve been in really similar relationships, I could have almost written your post. However what I took from the experience was that no one thing anyone said changed anything. I knew that my relationship was pretty fucked up, I knew I was being abused, but it took years for me to actually understand and accept that iykwim. Reading shit that confirmed what I knew didn’t really help because each instance was like a tiny grain of salt: completely ineffectual and inmemorable alone, though I agree that the pile it formed did have some impact.

You sound like a good soul, hopefully you can help people, but I do think it’s a waste of other anons time if they think their one comment will make an anon leave

No. 676281

I just wanted to give you a virtual hug. I lost my mom 9 years ago (10 years on Nov 21) to date. She died 3 days before my birthday and i was in a pit - actual rock bottom with money for a year. I miss my mom and thinking about how she loved me no matter what hurts. I love you, mom (wherever you are.)

No. 676282

There are an equal number of female pedophiles as there are male ones. They're just less likely to act on their urges and less likely to get caught when they do

No. 676291

File: 1605661136020.jpg (39.67 KB, 526x608, uh.jpg)

People with wide set eyes are cute

No. 676293

What I don’t get is the whole larping thing, roleplaying is at least something that can be done in private with another person. But larping? In front of people? That’s weird as hell, why don’t they just join a theatre group or something?

No. 676294

Same, I'd rather not get anything than a gift card, especially if it comes from a friend or family member (it's okay if it's from a vague acquaintance like during a Secret Santa though). It feels like the person didn't want to bother, even generic shit like a scented candle or tea has more thought put behind it than a fucking Sephora gift card.

No. 676296

File: 1605661719210.jpeg (157.86 KB, 1500x1407, E6BDA26C-A922-442A-A797-EA2220…)

The people that unironically buy pic related and prefer crunchy cereal over soggy cereal are probably satan’s lost soul fragments.

No. 676299

I've always thought gift cards are retarded if you fully intend to both give and receive from the person in question (say, during Xmas). Think if you both gave gift cards. Then you'd literally just be swapping money you could've held onto to buy yourself something in the first place. The whole point of a gift is to show there was some thought and consideration behind it. The only time they make sense is for an employee present where you know jack shit about the person and aren't expecting anything back.

No. 676305

I think you guys are thinking about it too much. My aunt or my grandma will sometimes send gift cards and I know they mean well, they just have a lot of people to buy for and don't want to get an unnecessary present that I won't use. I'd rather get a gift card or money than something I have no use for.

No. 676311

This is the worst concept for dishware I have ever seen. What is even the point if the milk doesn't taste of the cereal?

No. 676329

I think people are too harsh on the "not like other girls" girls. They're usually 12-17 year old kids who got picked on for not acting like a stereotypical girl and take out their anger by hating on those who are similar to the stereotypical girl.

I know because I used to be like that when I was younger. I liked anime back when it was more niche and got ridiculed for it. I got made fun of for having a final fantasy poster in my room. I internalized that anger by hating on the popular girls and swore I'd never be like them. Looking back my point of view was stupid but I was a 12 year old who was mad that I couldn't my express my interests without being judged. Rather than bashing those types of girls we should educate them about why it's not good to hate women who are more traditionally feminine.

No. 676334

File: 1605668173364.jpg (71.92 KB, 750x612, rsefmygc8kz11.jpg)

I think women are becoming more understanding of it, it's come full circle and most feminist discussions about NLOGing are going to eventually point out how fucked it is that girls think they need to distance themselves from their gender to feel like worthwhile humans.

It's still worth mocking though, people learn by getting shit on by the internet.

No. 676337


There's different types of "not like the other girls" girls

1. The one who was trying to impress guys
2. The one who was generally more of a tomboy
3. The one who felt "othered". Aka me

I just always elt left out/different and needed to rationalize it in my head. It was a mix of me being into more traditionally boy things like video games as well as being a minority, as well as being very shy.

No. 676340

I’m sorry but
>NLOGing being NLOG
made me laugh

No. 676346

queen are you an autist?

No. 676347

I once got called a pick me for saying that women are more than being a sex object lol

No. 676349

Could someone post that screenshot of what that anon rationally explained the problem of accusing girls of being NLOG and the double standards involved in it

No. 676350

Could someone post that screenshot of what that anon rationally explained the problem of accusing girls of being NLOG and the double standards involved in it

No. 676359

this is what i hate about this nlog shit
it's turned right around to where any girl who isn't ultra feminine and sexual is nlog or pickme
it's annoying that this is considered woke

No. 676368

Yep. Tomboys don't exist anymore instead people insist they're non binary or ftm trans. And if you critique hook up culture you're a prude or a pick me that doesn't want to see women win. Meanwhile more and more women report not been getting orgasms with their partner

No. 676371

This whole choke me daddy thing that got popular is weird as fuck and any guy that's into rough sex is sus.

No. 676376

who cares, i'm still going to dress how i want

No. 676390

File: 1605677279736.jpg (118.48 KB, 1007x767, cfvghb.jpg)

no nonnie, you don't get it, you're just some kink shaming prude

No. 676408

definitely unpopular. they remind me of human/fish hybrids, which i guess is perfect for the part she’s playing

No. 676435

But women who aren't interetsed in dating and fucking men, who aren't neurotypical and who aren't traditionally femininine are indeed not like most women, same for non-conforming men who aren't attracted to women, yet there's no not-like-other-boys stereotype, people only jump on non-conforming girls, for some reason. Not to mention truly alienated people aren't obnoxious about it in real world, they only write about their experiences on their blogs or something. How does it harm anyone?

No. 676437

I agree, actually think gift cards or money is the best present as you’re gifting someone the choice.

Generally hate both giving and receiving gifts. Giving is stressful, it’s hard to find a gift. If you choose something they like they probably already have it or something similar, or someone else might gift the same thing. It might also be slightly wrong. There can also be awkward situations where the values of the respective gifts are very different, especially when you’ve not yet established a precedent. “Just ask!” Well my dumb culture doesn’t like to talk about money so the person would say they don’t care but then still get offended later.

Receiving has the same issues. The only times I get something I actually want is when I tell someone the exact item. I’m not interested in generic women’s gifts like candles and pampering giftsets so they end up regifted or sold.

Funny thing is I think my love language might be gift giving? I love noticing people don’t have something and buying it for them like nice gloves in winter, or getting a friend’s favourite coffee when they come to stay. I just hate enforced gift-giving culture.

Tl;dr I hate Christmas

No. 676439

>this is how Danish fish look like

No. 676450

Please stop projecting your unrelated experiences on a very specific concept they don't apply to. NLOGs, by definition, set themselves apart from other girls BY SHITTING ON OTHER GIRLS and typically using it to suck up to men. They aren't just gnc women minding their own business and getting bullied by evil Staceys for not wearing dresses. They often ARE the evil Staceys bullying other women, it's just that they use their non conformity to get male attention and praise. Sometimes that non conformity is being traditionally feminine (see: tradthots), sometimes they claim non conformity over things that are pretty normal and common and that in itself shows their disdain for other women, you have an overly narrow idea of what traits NLOGing actually involves.

No. 676463

Except women here were applying the "NLOG" label even to women who criticized make up and the fact that society punishes women for not performing femininity. How does it make sense? They didn't shit on other women and they couldn't use it to suck up to men on a female only forum, so they don't fit your very specific idea of a NLOG.

No. 676469

>it's just that they use their non conformity to get male attention and praise
Is this even a real thing? If it is it's like 100 times less than just women getting shit on for being GNC.

Going around saying you're not like other girls is the polar opposite way to get approval from guys who 1) interpret this as you being bitchy and drama-y, like they do anything resentful or boastful said by women 2) prefer traditionally feminine looking and acting women they get a bigger ego boost from "winning", or else that wouldn't be the traditional gender role 3) actually get angry when a woman has stereotypically male hobbies because they think you're trying to infiltrate and ruin their boys only club 4) get super insecure that a woman might know more about it or are better at it than them.

Try using a microphone in a multiplayer video game and see how much positive male attention you get.

No. 676485

i've been called an NLOG on here so many times for venting about the most random things

>because i said i only had one male friend growing up (who was also gay)

>for being bullied by girls as a teen for being autistic
>for being awkward around girls because of said bullying
>because i was sad about not having female friends, mentioned in the same post
>for not liking the feeling of foundation on my face and responding to an anon who asked 'anons who don't wear makeup, why'
>for not knowing how to dress myself and asking for advice
>because i find female metalheads beautiful

No. 676486

I understand what you're saying but I don't understand how you haven't encountered this. Have you never seen a movie or novel where the guy says "I've never met a girl like you" or something? Usually because she eats burgers, has a male coded hobby so he doesn't have to listen to her talk about something he doesn't understand, doesn't bitch about annoying things like equal rights, is still conventionally attractive and dtf. He's ok with her taking part in his hobby because she doesn't bring feminism into it and panders to his misogyny, she's just a bro with boobies.

Nlogs and their male targets operate on the belief that all women are bitchy, prissy and vain which is why they say things like "girls are too much drama, I'm one of the guys" and moids eat it up.

No. 676491

So, shoe0nhead? That's a pickme, not the type anon mentioned. Maybe I'm just confused kek.

No. 676615

I'd say they're more like Beckys wishing they were Staceys and wind up with that NLOG behavior.

No. 676640

File: 1605716533677.jpg (218.72 KB, 1242x1539, eb6198eca0f019081f9c062f218f1b…)

I think internetgirl is really cute and I'd love to have her body and confidence. I think her face is very cute, too.

No. 676647

I'd love to have her wardrobe

No. 676652

is this a self-post?

No. 676661

Dunno who this is but cringing at that hair, looks like something an abdl would choose for their day of coloring-in at home in their onsie.

No. 676665

Agreed, the color is bad enough, but that style too? Ugly

No. 676674

this is just ugly, cringe, and egirl tier. I have no idea if the badly dyed hair or the pose are the worst offenders, not to mention that dress looks uncomfortable and screams "LOOK AT ME IM DIFFERENT AND GOFFIC", this reeks of selfpost.

No. 676678

A lot of women getting called nlogs aren't even shitting on other women tho.

No. 676686

To be honest it's important to recognize the harmful stereotype of women putting each other down and trying to rise above each other but it's a survival tactic in a male-dominated world, not something born out of pure vanity and evil. The society keeps forcing a certain frigid mold on women and everything not fitting in it is seen as "not female" so you really can't blame women for thinking they don't qualify to be one. Most of the time when I see women implying "I'm just not like other girls" it's because they don't have enough female role models and encouragement to be as they are instead of sincerely thinking they're "better" than staceys. The insufferable queen bees who do this shit to gain male approval are much rarer and better described as Pickmes like >>676491 said, and even they are as tragic as they are annoying.

No. 676692

I'm not sure why so many people are shitting on this post, but I kinda like Bella in this picture, which I don't normally say. I'm so used to her looking like a different person in every photo. This is honestly one of her more toned-down looks.

No. 676694

>This is honestly one of her more toned-down looks.
I think people are shitting on her because they don't know who she is, and purely looks wise, it's cringey/Not Good.

No. 676699

>Have you never seen a movie or novel where the guy says "I've never met a girl like you" or something?

Yeah and this only happens in works of fiction written by 50 year old men who have no idea how teenage girls act or live. Every youtube video and article about "NLOGs" is centred around fictional characters usually from stupid comedy movies or trashy YA books, it's not actually a widespread real thing since most men are horrible to tomboys.

IRL pickmes do the polar opposite of "being one of the guys" by playing up how uwu submissive and feminine they are and how they believe in traditional gender roles unlike those nasty feminists trying to be men, which is how you can actually suck-up to men by putting down other women.

No. 676708

100% agree with everything you wrote. IRL men absolutely hate tomboys and girls that pass as "one of the guys". It's the pickme tradthot waifus that they orbit around, like does anyone really consider someone like shoeonhead "one of the guys"? Her shtick has always been to own the dumb lib feminists and be a retarded DDLG doormat sub vanilla normies don't understand. The same goes for a lot of e-thots who try to be helpless IRL legal lolis.

No. 676723

>muh "self-posting!!!" in the unpopular opinions thread of all places
geez I didn't see that coming

No. 676780

I could literally give a rat's ass about college graduates in student debt and them trying to convince the lower class they deserve $50k more than everybody else. Many of us didn't have the privilege to go to college and those that did realized we were too poor to continue going.
It is not our responsibility for your financial instability. It's not our fault your other classmates are richer than you, we see you the same exact way. And the fact they're trying to say "Well, we were forced by our parents and teachers to go and we were young!" I still don't care. You had that privilege to choose between going to school and entering the workforce to obtain a higher class status, and being young still doesn't matter, people your age decided not to go too. They also try to guilt us by saying "Well, I don't have a good job after graduating, I make $11 an hour!" Guess what, so do the rest of us that didn't graduate. You're just temporarily broke. Have you all complaining ever considered dropping out and putting it on hold for a few years? Why not? Mom and dad told you you wouldn't succeed without a degree? Imagine, just literally, imagine how you're spitting in the face of two thirds of the population right now, the population that never had that choice you made. I don't feel any sympathy, because in a couple years, that debt will be paid off and your high salary job you got with that degree will let you go on so many vacations and travel around the world without thinking twice about your finances. Meanwhile, majority of us will keep the world turning. Us custodians, line workers, machine operators, farmers, service industry workers, daycare providers, electricians, plumbers, etc… Do you get the picture? All of us that do the dirty work are lower class, and there's way more of us then there are of you.
I literally just want you guys to admit you hate the working class. Also, if you have a degree, you are not working class, full stop. Also consider the fact we have debts as well. We also have the choice of saving up for something to buy, like a used car, and paying it off in full instead of getting a loan taken out. Honestly, every argument I've heard coming from a college graduate to try to get sympathy is not working on me and many others.

No. 676790

Shut up, poorfag.

No. 676796

I sympathize with you wholeheartedly, anon, but what in the world? You're mad at the wrong people. You should be mad at FAFSA (if you're in the U.S.), the government, and the heads of institutions. Plenty of working-class individuals coming from a wide range of unfortunate circumstances are trying to put themselves through school as we speak. Are you of the opinion that only rich people should go into high paying professions since they already have the money to put themselves through all of their schooling? It's literally impossible under the current loaning system and wages of the United States for every college graduate to graduate without loans or debt. They should throw a pity party because that absolutely sucks. Like you, people are trying their hardest to provide for themselves and pursue a better life. That doesn't mean they should have to suffer the whole way through. Hell, the majority of college students are the working class/blue-collar workers like you. They damn sure won't all end up at some white-collar job in the end either.

No. 676802

You realize that the majority of people you're complaining about have the amount of debt that they do specifically because they're middle class or higher…right? Like, I do understand your frustrations, but you sound very ill-informed about how financial aid works. The poor and working class are actually more likely to receive aid and graduate with less debt, or even none at all.

Sorry, but the "I'm too poor to afford school!!" excuse is just as dumb and annoying and more often than not is coming from a place of bitterness and ignorance. Fill out a fucking FASFA before you assume you can't afford school. Most I know who make these claims have never even tried to do this and just screech louder at you when you try and tell them they have options. You aren't a victim.

No. 676826

This is some prime bitter proletariat sperg.

A of the office jobs are just blue collars of today to begin with. It's not like a college degree magically grants you a high paying job, a lot of people have to deal with a 25-30k annual salary even after earning a degree. And some blue collars can also pull in a decent 40-60k salary like construction workers and automotive mechanics and plumbers. It's honestly a myth that all working class positions would earn the wages of a grocery store cashier.

No. 676833

You are actually I'll informed, despite there being away more lower class people in the country, the middle class and up receive about three times more in government aid.
I have filled out FAFSA, I went to college for a year and all I got was $600 a semester. Meanwhile, I had classmates who were getting $2,000 a semester, same school and all, and they had parents who were more well off than mine.
The government doesn't care about low income individuals. They're going to give majority of the funds to the high class because they're seen as useful members of society. They consume more product than any other demographic.

No. 676843

>Many of us didn't have the privilege to go to college
Assuming you're in the first world and didn't piss away your grades in high school and weren't selecting private degree mill colleges: You had grants, scholarships, fellowships, and all sorts of assistance available to you if you were smart and poor. In fact I think the biggest hurdle would be transportation assuming you'd try to weasel out of student housing on campus that was also typically covered by assistance programs.
A girl I knew from high school didn't ever score better than me, but she was given grants and aid to go to my same college just because her family was poor. She even had a MacBook and other electronic shit given to her and the ONLY stipulation was that she had to uphold an above average gpa–and spoiler alert, she couldn't be assed.

>It is not our responsibility for your financial instability.

Okay? So no food, housing, medical care, or child support welfare services for the poors either, then. Nobody is responsible for anybody and if you don't have yours then fuck you.
Sound good?

>You had that privilege to choose between going to school and entering the workforce to obtain a higher class status

There is no guarantee in hell that entering the workforce with no education will give you a "higher class status" unless perhaps you're a white male.
What usually happens is that those people hit an earning ceiling and have to take night courses and acquire some kind of certification class which cost $$$ to advance in their careers anyway.

>They also try to guilt us by saying "Well, I don't have a good job after graduating, I make $11 an hour!" Guess what, so do the rest of us that didn't graduate.

But you just said entering the workforce straight away will higher your class status, which is it.

>Have you all complaining ever considered dropping out and putting it on hold for a few years?

Once you take out a loan and are not an active student after a time, the loans start accruing interest separate from the principle balance. You are literally burning money to drop out and fuck around for years figuring out what you want. That's why people are so pressed to graduate and be job placed immediately.

>that debt will be paid off and your high salary job you got with that degree will let you go on so many vacations and travel around the world without thinking twice about your finances.

But people are making 11 an hour, anon. Because there's no guarantee to advance anymore.

>Us custodians, line workers, machine operators, farmers, service industry workers, daycare providers, electricians, plumbers, etc

Tons of people in those professions hold degrees. You have class traitors in your ranks.

>I literally just want you guys to admit you hate the working class. Also, if you have a degree, you are not working class.

Being considered working class has nothing to do with whether you have an education. It's about your occupation. Hint: You can be educated and be working class based on your job and lack of wealth privilege. Debt is not privilege.

>Also consider the fact we have debts as well.

Okay and I'm sure you don't consider that debt–whether you spent it on food, clothes, rent, car, or shelter–a privilege.

>We also have the choice of saving up for something to buy, like a used car, and paying it off in full instead of getting a loan taken out.

You know damn well you're not saving up and paying in full for a $40-60 new car. False equivalence. If college education were the price of a small junky beater car then literally no one would cry about having to pay a measly few grand. See: Europe.

This is why we need to get rid of outrageous college debt so anons like you can go get an education even though you were retards in your teen years.

No. 676845

>machine operators, electricians, plumbers
kek where are you getting this idea that these specific blue collar jobs get paid poorly?

No. 676847

Nta, but hold on. I'm wondering if you're filling the form out and including things that are going to fuck you. If you live with your parents or are married, that'll get you because it counts their income as yours. Unless you made above a certain percentage,you should be eligible for pell grants.

No. 676862

I'm not, I'm just saying these are considered working class jobs because they don't require degrees. Some of us recognize we didn't have to get a degree to get the experience needed to get paid well enough. Even still, we're not getting paid salary. Those with degrees now have the opportunity to make salary no matter how poor or well your employer's business is doing. That's a big difference.

I filled it out with mother as my only guardian since my dad and her weren't married and she made only $13 an hour at the time.

>You know damn well you're not saving up and paying in full for a $40-60 new car
No one said anything about a new car, I've paid off a $5k car. Even then, with expensive cars, we aren't asking the government to help us pay it off.
>This is why we need to get rid of outrageous college debt so anons like you can go get an education even though you were retards in your teen years.
No, we don't want to perpetuate a broken system. Forgiving college debt is not going to help anybody except for those getting helped, people who've already graduated and their children who are going to suffer the same until you stop guilting your children to "go to college or you're a retarded poorfag"

No. 676866

>Forgiving college debt is not going to help anybody except for those getting helped, people who've already graduated and their children who are going to suffer the same until you stop guilting your children to "go to college"
Ohhhhh so you're one of those types of people. I'm ( >>676796 ) but you gotta be joking. Honestly, it's more selfish for someone to say "well I had to suffer with my debt, so everyone after me should too." The whole point of debt forgiveness is to relieve those who have already graduated and those still in the process of getting their degree. Ultimately, you shouldn't have to pursue higher education in order to get a good paying job, but let's not pretend like every job shouldn't require someone to have to pursue higher education. Not to mention, plenty of confounding factors aside from socioeconomic status or the possession of a degree can contribute to someone ending up at a low paying job. If the government can cut billionaires a break for the large amount of income they're making, they should cut low-income people some slack too and give them adequate assistance.

No. 676868

>I've paid off a $5k car
LOL who cares! That's such a petty amount of money compared to a $40k loan. I've paid off a little over $3k on my car in the last year and I don't make shit, that isn't special and isn't an absurd amount of money even by poorfag standards.
>we don't ask the government help pay it
You do when you file for debt consolidation and bankruptcy, actually. They can't confiscate your mode of transportation within reason. Look that shit up.
And if you're not poor enough to be considering debt help and bankruptcy then check your privilege.

>No, we don't want to perpetuate a broken system.

Keeping unfair and incredulous debt does not help fix the broken system. No one arguing for debt elimination says "Yes get rid of my debt but charge everyone after me and keep the same system!" This is a strawman.

>Forgiving college debt is not going to help anybody except for those getting helped.

Except for boost the economy because then people can take out mortgages for property ownership, buy from markets, and invest in the economy cause they won't have student debt bogging them down.
But sure, eliminating debts help no one.

Anon your stupidity is the BEST argument for free college right now alone.

No. 676874

anon don't get so worked up, don't you have friends to post in e-girl thread to shittalk?

No. 676875

Literal who

No. 676882

You honestly don't understand. The government isn't going to help the non-college educated. Jobs wanting people to pursue higher education are only doing so because they want them to have debts owed, which means they will stay within the company longer compared to those without a college education.

You really just believe we're low income because we don't know how to spend our own finances? You do realize you're assuming based on your own circumstances. We know our worth, what was need to buy, and we know how to be financially stable while in poverty. The largest demographic of high school dropouts are Latinos and only one forth of the overall low income Latino population is in some sort of government assistance, which is incredible because every other low income demographic sits at half of them being in government assistance. It's possible.
>Boost the economy because then people can take out mortgages for property ownership…
You're more likely to own a home if you have a degree. Again, only thinking about the privileged one third of the population. God, you guys really think the world revolves around you.

No. 676890

nyart but oh my gooood stop woe is me-ing and doing the oppression olympics, no one fucking cares. fucking join the military for 4-6 years like the rest of us poorfag latinas and get free school after. if you’re so fucking butthurt about being poor do something about it.

No. 676894

>jobs wanting people to pursue higher education are only doing so because they want them to have debts owed
Not any of these anons, but there is absolutely no way you think there are no jobs where you need to go to school to actually be able to perform them properly. Just say your mad some people might have no college debt in the future and go.

No. 676898

How about you go back to tumblr.

No. 676902

Anons are just throwing this insult around at this point.

No. 676904

Just imagine tarding out in school thinking the kids going to college are gonna be crabs in the bucket with their crippling debt anyway, only to get big mad when years later society moves to eliminate college debt and that you could've gone to college too if you had applied yourself.
Anon must be pissed.

No. 676906

Literally, what are you going to learn spending $18k for a year of classes that is going to apply for your specific position that you can't simply get trained by your employer for?

I'm not butthurt about being poor. I don't have any debts under my name, I'm financially stable.
>Join the military
So you're saying to get help from the government, yeah, got it. No thanks, kek. You guys really love the government.

No. 676908

You can always get that degree.

No. 676910

Employers don't have the resources/time to employ under skilled people that need to study fundamentals and basics on a lot of complex areas. Engineers, scientists, etc. Like not every job is clerical.

No. 676914

What about warehouse/manufacturing types of jobs, because they're starting to require hiring on people with degrees, even though previous hires didn't need such qualifications?
>Employers don't have the resources/time to employ under skilled people
So then why do people assume these same employers should get taxed higher so they help forgive debts? It's all going to backfire on the employees. Hours will be cut and jobs will be lost.

No. 676923

>not every job is clerical
Man anon is in for bad news if she thinks she can even get this without a degree these days tbh. Even most entry level office jobs that pay barely above minimum want employees with degrees now cause they don't want to train or find out someone is a street retard.

No. 676924

Maybe employers have demand for a high number of new recruits and its more financial savvy to recruit out of a school that awards credentials to say this person now has the knowledge and capacity to do x, y and z. It sucks and competition even with degrees are high for jobs. Like the world economies are fucked, clearing student debt will see spending going to other needed industries.

No. 676931

Of course, those "entry level" office jobs are not for the working class and obviously more geared toward those freshly out of college so why would I even apply? Kek. We don't go for most of these low activity positions like you guys because they don't pay our bills.

No. 676939

Maybe you should consider two jobs instead of sticking up your nose thinking working poor is an admirable class.

No. 676944

Anon has already said she was financially stable, what's your problem with her being working class

No. 676946

Or maybe you should be considerate the fact your college degree grants you safety. It's interesting only ten percent of America's most dangerous jobs require a bachelor's degree. I don't need to work two jobs, I have established a full time job that leaves me with expendable income. What are you even trying to insinuate?
>Working poor is an admirable class
I'm not saying that kek, I'm saying this is the reality for two thirds of the population. Jesus, you guys are afraid of being part of the majority.

No. 676955

I don't really understand this privilege argument. What exactly are you angry about, isn't the real problem your government? Why shouldn't college debts be forgiven? What is the good in them? Should people just be punished for going to school?
And like, while we're at this "Stop thinking you're the center of the world, you richfags, reeeee", why not go full "No one gives a fuck about you privileged people employed with full-time jobs in first world countries who have time to be posting on imageboards to seethe about other privileged people who are a bit richer than you, all the while you're basically all living comfortably off of the resources taken from the labor and subjugation of countries your government has crippled with exploitation, genocide, manufactured war, etc"? You're definitely not at the bottom of the barrel, it gets so much deeper and much worse.
Some Americans are weird as fuck with their victim olympics, because those who have the income and free time to be on the internet talking about privilege (and are even really educated on the meaning of privilege) are literally privileged. Even within the USA, they're not at the bottom of the shitheap. Try the poorest parts of the Appalachians for that. Who are you even fighting at this point? Yourselves?

No. 676961

why do straight fujoshits love to bring lesbians into their arguments so much?
>yaoi was created by jap women to free themselves from ~tHe MaLe GaZe~!!1! and actually 99.9% of fujos are lesbians!!! and it's actually very icky of lesbians to like f/f content it means they're just like scrotes!!1! it is obviously more logical for them to enjoy sexual/romantic relationship of two males!!

No. 676962

It's true and you should say it

No. 676965

Yes, the problem is the government. I see no benefit in trying to ask the government to help me financially. I don't think debts should be forgiven because they made the choice to continue going to an optional higher education, which most people cannot set aside time and resources to do so in the first place. I think people should think harder about their financial decisions when it comes to opportunities, such as higher education. Yes, I do have that privilege of being able to reeee in the unpopular opinion forum of this website, with access to the internet. I understand I'm not at the bottom of the barrel, I would just like to understand why a third of the population would try to convince the rest of us why they should get monetary forgiveness. I could think of millions of others, such as those at the bottom of the barrel (who are more than likely in that position because they tried to reach out for help from the government), who deserve this help more than them, but of course, it is the government who chooses who they ultimately want to help.

No. 676969

I mean it's just the idea that people with a higher quality of life are more valuable than those with a lower one, so any small "bad" thing in an overall good life is more evil than a bad thing in the life of someone who was doomed anyway.

No. 676974

So no one should get higher education? Or only the rich people that can pay for it? Then the people that can’t pay for a higher education should just not study because they can’t, which means they will have to find a job they might not want because maybe they saw themselves doing something that requires a higher education like… you know, teaching, because an online course isn’t the same as studying the whole career with the resources the university/college gives and the guidance the decent teachers/professors also give, specially if we’re talking about ED, which I’m pretty sure not everyone is already into, so the numbers of people studying something that requires a throughout preparation would lower and thus you would have lots of families struggling to keep their special needs children in a school system that is already quite a challenge for a common child.
This is just going through the whole education system thing something whatever, life will always go on and the world will always have a deficit of professionals that are actually qualified and up to do what they were studying for.

No. 676992

Possibly not unpopular, but spacing every individual sentence of your post should be a bannable offense

No. 676995

I'm saying maybe wait to get higher education until you can afford it and own up to putting yourself in that debt. There's low cost options, like going to a community college and not living in a dorm or going to a university. I wouldn't purchase a $150k house by myself when I work a job that pays $11 an hour. You guys are trying really hard to justify why you didn't choose a different, cheaper option, but you want to live like the rich. It is no one except yours and your family's decision to enroll you in the school version of a country club.

No. 676996

>go to school for feminist dance therapy with a minor in African history studies
>wtf why can't I get a job??? Daddy government help me!!!!

>So no one should get higher education? Or only the rich people that can pay for it?

You should be asking the question on why Universities are so fucking expensive in the first place, not begging the government to give you a handout. This is coming from someone who went to school for history for 5 years and dropped out and is stuck with 50k in student debt with no degree to show for it

No. 676998

lmao i'm from literal who eastern europoor country and omw to get a masters, die mad lol.

tbf i do think your view is extremely american, I wonder if you would have pursued education if it was free or very cheap. if i had to pay american costs for a degree i would not have been afford to study, however, my bachelors was completely free, i just had to work to sustain myself.

No. 677002

I honestly have no issue with Eurofags going to college because it's way more affordable than American college, so yes, this only applies to the American education system.

No. 677004

File: 1605747361613.png (790.62 KB, 740x717, europoors.png)

>gets taxed 50% of your income so the government can bring in more brown people(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 677010

That's not Eastern Europe. See, this is what happens when you don't go to college.

No. 677014

Who is paying that much in tax?

No. 677020

this poor honeybunny thinks that any refugees are keen on going to a country probably on the same level of income as south africa and even less prestige lmao. the 1st time i saw a brown person I was 11 and it was in sweden circa like 2006 kek.

No. 677054

I think Nickelback is more tolerable than other bands. I don't listen to their music but they're not as bad like Imagine Dragons or Jared Leto's band is lmao.

Basketball mostly relies on how well you dribble and shoot a basket. I'm 6feet tall (yes you've probably seen me comment elsewhere by that statement alone lol) I've played basketball for a few years and sucked at it. Volleyball is the sport that I was better at.

No. 677056

Student loans allow for people of all classes to get access to opportunities and careers. Forgiving inflated student debt is not a big deal, money is finite and releasing that money when classes have obviously been paid for, resources have been used and teacher salaries have been paid paying interest when those with degrees are working should be forgiven, or when the job market is over saturated with skilled employees and there's not enough positions about its better to let go of interest and debt and let people fucking spend so the economy and capital can increase.

There are apprentice ships, fast track courses and ways to specifically become skilled in your desired field, or you can chase a wage and become skilled in wherever you can get your foot in the door. There's no need to be so bitter.

No. 677063

Jesus, Eastern Europe is hostile as fuck in a chunk of areas towards them too. I can't understand why they would want to go to any of those places after communism fucked them

No. 677068

Americans don't even know how to insult, kek

No. 677103

I always found Princess Diana kind of ugly. I remember reading a book about her as a kid and hating her signature hair and big nose and being surprised to find out she's considered an icon for her beauty. I will say she did have some nice outfits though.

No. 677118

I think she's pretty, I just hate her hair. It's such a frumpy old lady cut and instantly ages anyone regardless of their looks.

I always thought she was more considered beautiful for her style than her face though.

No. 677126

The haircut is horrifying. She would have been so much prettier if she had any other style.
Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter now.

No. 677130

People talk about how the generation before us fucked us over (They 100% did) but we are going to fuck things up too. I quite honestly can't imagine as many young adults becoming doctors, teachers, pilots, etc as the previous generation. I feel like everyone is going to take lesser contributing jobs to give them more time to be consumed with themselves and social media. The amount of people in college majoring in communications… lord help us.

No. 677149

I'm seeing this too - I moved from a Muslim shithole to a rich Western country and the cognitive dissonance these people have is astounding.

They hate immigrants for taking their jobs but whine because they all want to be doctors and CEOs and nobody's taking the jobs immigrants get. The blame is partially on people who made these jobs the way they are today, but some of them aren't even that bad and people are just whiny because they think cleaning jobs are below them.

Young people here are also incredibly spoiled. It's great they care about political issues but they never care about the most impactful ones because they're boring and hard to solve (which is why they are major issues). They don't want to give up their daily comforts because it's not their job to save the planet, but will throw money at black trans sex workers on GoFundMe to virtue signal and yell at you if you don't put #BLM in your instagram bio even though the US literally wanted to bomb your native country at the beginning of the year.
They don't care about people dying of pollution, women in Pakistan being maimed, Coca Cola buying off water supply in third world countries, they don't even care about similar issues in their own country because reading about them is ~too depressing~ but they are all about trans kweers of color and supporting kweer businesses by buying more sparkly trinkets from their instashop.

Many of them don't even have proper jobs, they live off disability benefits or their family's money and cry how hard they have it while expecting everyone to treat them like their mom and dad (while and the same time calling their parents abusive for grounding them when they were 5).

I wish I could at least call people like this out on their bullshit but where I live it's literal hate speech, so… I'm just gonna seethe online.

No. 677166

those "ancestry" tests are so fake like obviously if you send in you last name and all your personal data they will just make shit up that would sound convincing based on that also its like 50 dollars

No. 677172

Academic burnout only happens to gifted kids discourse is on twitter again how f narcissistic do you have to be that you think you’re the only kids ignored by the American education system? You’re more depressed and anxious getting your uni degree then kids that dropped out because no one cared or believed they were worth anyone’s time? Jfc.

Gifted kids aren’t oppressed or special just annoying.

No. 677186

>Student loans allow for people of all classes to get access to opportunities and careers
And the biggest demographic of people who get the most finding for these opportunities are the upper middle class.
>Forgiving inflated student debt is not a big deal
It is a big deal, because those debt dollars are going to hit the lower class the hardest. Employers who get taxed will start laying off their workers and sending people home early to make up for the losses.
>releasing that money when classes have obviously been paid for
Paid for with government dollars. You're expecting the govt to just throw more money at something it already thew money at, which is only giving colleges the incentive to keep raising prices if they are aware people will just continuously take out higher loans. This inflation of prices is similar as to why medical bills are so expensive when you're paying with insurance. If you are not covered, the price is lowered, still unreasonable though. Someone without insurance will be paying $90 out of pocket for a check-up, meanwhile someone covered will be charged $230 with a $20 copay for the same checkup procedure.
>there's not enough positions about its better to let go of interest and debt and let people fucking spend so the economy and capital can increase
There are jobs becoming available every day because the population is increasing and industries get bigger because of it. Maybe not available in a 3 mile radius, but within a 15 mile radius, there's tons more positions. Also, let people spend on what? Things that are unnecessary? You are just letting people get away with less responsibilities. Honestly, why are these people more deserving of $50k when there are people who make $10k a year? That's 5 years of someone's life. $50k for college graduates is a half year of their life. This is just telling those at the lower end they are not worthy of help unless they sacrifice their flow of income, affecting their work-life balance to either switch to part time, risk losing their established job, or stay full time and use up their free time to sign up for schooling and take out loans if the options available to them aren't cheap enough. People keep bringing up cheap alternatives to college too, which is great, so why didn't you guys that took out loans and now want to be forgiven go to those college alternatives if you knew they were an option as well?

No. 677199

I'm sick to shit of people mourning how they used to be considered "gifted kids". No matter what excuses they give, it's clearly just humblebragging. Plain and simple.

No. 677203

It's not even worth bragging about, humbly or otherwise. Who cares how smart you were as a kid if it didn't translate into adulthood? They can make endless excuses as to why their giftedness held them back from getting a good degree and career, but lbr if they were really THAT smart it wouldn't be so difficult.

t. former 'gifted' kid who is simply not very smart after all, and it became immediately obvious after high school.

No. 677214

If there are supposedly so many gifted kids all of a sudden, aren't they then just average?

But they all get immensely butthurt when you even so much as suggest that.

No. 677218

Lol same, I vaguely remember when she died and my mom wouldn't stop saying how beautiful she was, but even 4 year old me thought she looked like a grandma. I saw a documentary about extreme celebrity fans, there was a woman who dedicated her entire life to Diana, she had a giant portrait painted in her living room, what compels people to turn out like this?

No. 677235

what is the title of the documentary?

No. 677255

I can't remember, it was such a long time ago and I don't even think it qualifies as a real documentary since it lasted for 20 minutes and was broadcasted after the local news. I can't even say if the fan was British or French.

No. 677392

Where can I buy this?

No. 677405

Damn farmers are assmad cause anon is spitting facts kek. I hate school and don't want to go back to college but I have too so I don't end up in some wage slave mcdonalds job. Good luck anon and I hope your dreams come true.

No. 677422

>I hate school and don't want to go back to college but I have too so I don't end up in some wage slave mcdonalds job.

So then you don't agree with OP? According to her you can go out into the wild blue yonder with the education and skills that you currently have and be able to achieve higher class status if you just pull yourself up by your bootstraps enough and don't be stupid with money. Follow your dreams.

Anons are mad because that's bullshit.

No. 677425

Is she saying that? I'm having a hard time following the paragraphs. It sounds like she is angry at middle class people for being middle class
I kind of get her point about the issues of student debt but what about places where they have none? Shouldnt that be ideal whether it enrages her or not

No. 677429

That confused me too kek it's like blatantly contradictory

No. 677445

OP probably just read too many stupid comments by entitled upper middle class gender studies majors, who are mad because they won't be as wealthy as their parents.
And now OP's railing against that specific straw man, as if those are the only people that would benefit from loan forgiveness. I think that's why they keep talking past each other. I think OP might even agree that higher education should be cheaper.

No. 677449

OP can't pick a struggle and doesn't know who she's mad at.

No. 677455

File: 1605808223373.jpg (579.75 KB, 1200x900, 1521066077355.jpg)

I just want to add that my family works in agriculture and farming, and most of the young people in agriculture do actually have a varied range of degrees in the area, the younger workers went to vocational school or straight up have a bachelor's degree in Agronomics, Farm Animal Veterinary, Biology etc.
Older workers have over 10+ of experience which makes up for their lack of degree, but even then they will most likely have taken courses to work with the nescessary machinery.
Farming isn't stuck in the 19th century.

No. 677464

oh god this argument is still going? Why did you samefag 23 hours later to add this? what was the point?

No. 677468

Take a chill pill, its /ot/.
Also lmao im not samefagging lol i was reading the discussion and decided to add my two cents on it because it hadn't died yet.

No. 677478

Ah mb then. I misunderstood and thought you were op coming back like a whole day later to add that.

No. 677481

Dark-mode on any social media sites suck and hurt my eyes way more than light-mode ever could.

No. 677536

adding on to your point, alot of ag students also go to LGUs and those schools often have very good ag study programs, research labs, internship opportunities, pre-vet ect. Im at a LGU and my school offers a huge scholarship and there are alot of poor, underrepresented minority's, and women who receive it. they practically encourage people to apply and expand the program, agriculture isnt just farms anymore, its fashion merchandising, culinary/dietetics, animal sciences ect. that are all good paying jobs that are in high demand, that often come with scholarship and networking opportunitys as well.

No. 677567

Same, don't know if that's true but I read that's due to astigmatism and for me personally (-7.0) it would make sense lol

No. 677572

Corona is a leftwinger’s way to blame everything to a boogyman. Prove me wrong.

No. 677575

Wtf does this even mean

No. 677606

>Prove me wrong.
Wow you really started up quite the debate there

No. 677624

For a word to call anybody in Gen Z (born 1995-2009), I really hate how almost nobody uses the word Centennial and almost everyone uses the word "zoomer". I personally think zoomer is one of the dumbest words I've ever come across honestly. Also, Centennial rhymes with Millennial, so that's why I use the word centennial instead of zoomer.

No. 677626

Anon, there a fucking pandemic going on! How dare you be rude, wear a fucking mask!
KEK I agree, people are using COVID as an excuse for random shit totally unrelated to risking getting such, they want an ego trip as well by virtue signalling about people literally dying. I've seen someone blame COVID for making them quit their job, but then they go hang out with out of state friends who flew in days afterwords.

No. 677638

t. mentally ill

No. 677643

how do you pronounce that?

No. 677644

No. 677663

>Also, Centennial rhymes with Millennial, so that's why I use the word centennial instead of zoomer.
But people like zoomer because it rhymes with boomer

OT but pronunciation videos like >>677644 piss me off because there are so many of them in American robot voices that aren't right for British English. I wish they would at least title them "How to Pronounce I'm American English" because sometimes I spend ages looking for how to say a place name or something and the search is clogged up with these.

No. 677669

Well here. You can literally just search "How to pronounce [insert word] [insert accent]" and it'll give you a video.

No. 677674

Some men deserve rights

No. 677682

I didn't know there were videos with multiple pronunciations like that, even if it's still robot voices, very interesting thank you.

No. 677683

I love having diarrhea

No. 677686

Oh you're back?

No. 677785

River Phoenix is not as attractive as a lot of people here make him out to be.

No. 677792

The best time to go into STEM as a woman for university is during this pandemic because there are less chances of scrotes harassing you.

No. 677794

I mean he's dead so yeah

No. 677807

i agree though he’s still cute but def not some kind of god

No. 677814

That's so dumb. You can judge people when they were alive.
He looks kinda ratty, but in a refined way. A more refined version of Harry Styles.

No. 677824

It was a joke, you insufferable retard.

No. 677832

File: 1605854513462.jpg (111.91 KB, 938x528, 1599779246993.jpg)

Someone's mad their joke wasn't funny.

No. 677838

And this doesn’t even work in the real world, for some reason this entire board has the corona caught up their ass as an excuse for neeting. Life still goes on, and yeah wear a mask, but you can do still everything whilst wearing one.

No. 677843

Butthurt your autism prevents you from understanding humor, anon?

No. 677846

Neither of you were funny
River Phoenix is a stupid name and how do you autists even know who he is? He’s hot btw.

No. 677871

> Life still goes on, and yeah wear a mask, but you can do still everything whilst wearing one.
I agree that some NEETs on here are using corona as an excuse but this is also dumb as fuck. There are shitloads of restrictions in certain places, and the situation changes every few weeks. Simply putting a mask on and getting on with it isn’t an option for many people.

No. 677926

I think it's unpopular, inspired by this post >>677737 in twitter thread.

The fact someone did a self destructive act for attention shouldn't be automatically considered a reason to invalidate the attempt; and it really seems to be. We as human beings have a natural need to be heard and understood, being deprived of that could have damaging effects on a person; I wish reactions to a failed suicide attempt wouldn't be "if you meant it you'd try harder" or, more common, with cutting as a self harm method, "if you really meant it you'd cut along the veins not across" or so. Why reject and ridicule a person who already went through so much rejection they had to find a physical way of manifesting their internal pain that was ignored by others up to that point? Do they really have to actually die to be heard?

No. 677930

Objectively ugly people can get away with being bitter mean cunts because on sight they are immediately deemed lesser and not credible.

No. 677938

Hey, at least you are laughing. That's the goal at the end of the day.

also retarded aspies that take everything at face value and never get jokes will never get old

No. 677944

I don’t understand your logic. They can “get away with it” because no one takes them seriously? But ‘getting away with something’ implies that they would avoid detection and be taken seriously?

No. 677946

I believe this anon means "getting away with something" as, someone actively avoids any consequence at all. So even though they might not have taken the uggo seriously, it still has no real repercussions for them because they were ignored and brushed off. Not saying I agree with this anon's opinion, by the way.

No. 677963

Ah okay, I see. Might be true but equally attractive people could get away with that shit due to being considered superior, so more credible even if they’re being bitter or mean or at least more worthy of the benefit of the doubt. I can see both sides.

No. 677967

All bullies are jealous!

No. 677978

Or sadistic

No. 677991

Nah I don't think so. At least not all bullies. As a victim of bullying myself, I know I just was an easy target. There was nothing to be jealous of in my case.

This is what I hink.

No. 677996

Bullies should feel utter shame and misery for the rest of their lives for bullying people to the verge of suicide.

No. 678012


>inb4 but they were just kids, they didn't know!

So was the victim who probably has lifelong trauma depending on how severe the bullying was.

No. 678033

George Clooney is ugly af. Has no charms either. If we didn’t live in a sexist, patriarchal society he wouldn’t be considered a sexy A-list actor. I legit have only seen this man old. No woman would ever be able to have a career like him cause theirs ends at mid 30.

No. 678044

I'm not sure if this is an unpopular opinion? But here.
I don't know if this counts but corpse husband?? he's so overrated, his music is shit, he has ugly hands, and I still can't believe girls are already feeding his massive ego with literal tattoos of his hair and name and online letters he did on twitter
I'm so afraid to talk about it anywhere else but in all honesty it's so annoying to see people on twitter write fucking letters for some guy who sounds like they have lung cancer like their tweet. His ego is so massive and it's so fucking annoying to think about.
sageing for obviosus reasons

No. 678052

Same anon he looks like an old italian man and probably has terrible coffee breath

No. 678054


No. 678055

Anon where have you been kek

No. 678056

I saw a vid of someone reading out hate tweets about that guy and people were sounding ragey over some petty stuff. Never even watched him myself but the hate seems about as mindless as the admiration.

No. 678061

>literal tattoos of his hair and name
Holy shit, are people actually doing this? Most of his fans didn't even know who he was a month ago.
That being said, Corpse has been brought up so many times now, you hating him is not an unpopular opinion here.

No. 678108

Brushing your teeth after breakfast is better. Especially if you drink coffee in the morning. I don't want to clean my teeth just to get them dirty again in a couple minutes.

No. 678110

Isn't this just dentist advice?

No. 678113

File: 1605893315018.jpg (47.14 KB, 405x270, 1579820009462.jpg)

I can't stand people who post like "Recently I have been diagnosed [Insert Mental Disorder]" without showing any medical or hospital proof
Like I know opening up about your mental health is really hard but most people just use it so they can have a special treatment in certain community or some clout chasing shit. Do this people realize that doing this is actually hurting with people who actually struggling and medically diasogned with mental issue . I hate that becoming a mentally ill is a fucking trend.

No. 678114

I’m kinda shocked to read this here. Isn’t that what everyone does?

No. 678121

I was raised to think you're supposed to brush before and I know some people who brush before, so idk I thought this was unpopular.

No. 678122

I hate self diagnosing that doesn't lead into the person actually going in to get diagnosed, it's good people look into symptoms and end up getting help but if you feel sad every once in a while, then happy again, that's not bipolar lol. These types always end up being some gatekeeping fucks, talking down to people with ACTUAL DIAGNOSIS. Then again, what proof could you even provide? You want to see some documents?

No. 678123

I do this but I can't imagine doing this when I have a boyfriend (I'm single). There's nothing better than to be kissed in the morning or morning sex, but wtf are you supposed to do about your morning breath?

No. 678124

I can't stand people that talk about/make their mental, or hell, physical illness part of their personality in general. I'm diagnosed with several MH issues, and I keep that shit in check with meds and therapy the prevent it from clouding who I am. Imagine thinking mental illness gives you clout or makes you interesting. Literally seek help.

No. 678125

Like showing a photo in your local hospital. Doesn't brag their mental issue everytime and stay quiet about it.

No. 678126

But I love eating my first meal with a fresh mouth

No. 678128

I feel this when I see DIDers

No. 678132

File: 1605894678368.jpg (312.39 KB, 1080x1556, 20201121_004608.jpg)

People who use mental illness as a brand is the worst. I hate you because you add more problem for people who actually suffering with mental illness
Pic Related(This pic probably more belong to artist salt but you get the point)

No. 678134

No one is gonna take pics at hospitals just so no one thinks they're faking it, friend. I do agree with you on these fucks being obnoxious but unless it's someone i am close to, i would never ask for proof. Well actually I would if someone was trying to profit from MH shit, so that does change shit huh

No. 678138

> Like showing a photo in your local hospital
Selfies at a psych clinic? You want people doing that?

No. 678141

People do this though kek

No. 678143

My main issue is that most of mentall illness need medical diagnosis. Sure some type of mental illness can be self diagnosis.
DID and Autism usually get a lot of fake clout chaser.
story post anon(24hours post), Picture in the interior in the hospital. Nobody forcing you to take selfie.
Then again do you do anon.

No. 678154

I'm about 15 years into attending various clinics and thankfully where I am people are pretty respectful. You see alot of nervous types where their legs are shaking like mad the whole time they sit there…ime nobody fucks around when that's the vibe. I've been sat next to some really distraught people like those begging for a place in hospital (free health services here but shortages) and it's grim to feel like you're already intruding because you're sat next to them stick hearing them beg to be seen quicker.

No. 678158

>My main issue is that most of mentall illness need medical diagnosis. Sure some type of mental illness can be self diagnosis.
DID and Autism usually get a lot of fake clout chaser.

I think consideration of the individual needs to be taken into account for self diagnosis even for obvious ones like anxiety and depression.
Some people misdiagnose even these for clout as you mentioned they do for other "trendy" mental illnesses.

I have never once interacted with a person that had legit DID and have talked to a lot of these types from all over the internet.
The obvious bullshit ones are the ones that say they have fictional character alters but even people that claim they just revert to a child and have no knowledge I have caught out on lying.

As someone whose mental health has fucked their life beyond repair it is very anoying to see people pretend to be mentally ill.
I do not even like the label.

I have taken pics in a ward before as proof lol

No. 678161

>I have taken pics in a ward before as proof lol
Proof for who though?

No. 678162

Samefagging to say I just went onto youtube and in my subscriptions was two more people covering the whole "Corpse Husband getting so much hate" story

No. 678167

Same, I can't stand self-diagnosis clout chasers because they always choose the "cute" mental illnesses. Or use it as a convenient excuse for bad behavior.

It's even worse when they use it as an easy excuse for bad behavior.

I remember thinking DID was so cool and interesting as a stupid middle schooler, but watching DID documentaries about how fucked up the circumstances were for DID individuals and how the illness completely ruins their lives/stresses their friends and family took all the allure right out of it. I just hope the dumb teens using it for online RP funtimes and popularity grow out of the phase.

(OT and not as serious but does anyone remember when synesthesia was the trendy thing to pretend one had in artist circles?)

No. 678173

File: 1605898153220.jpg (12.14 KB, 270x400, 41RRiOPLgBL._AC_SY400_.jpg)

>Same, I can't stand self-diagnosis clout chasers because they always choose the "cute" mental illnesses.

Or use it as a quirky trait.

Anyway I'm against people profting from mental illness.

No. 678179

File: 1605899013363.png (362.8 KB, 640x563, 1600646324107.png)

> I can't stand self-diagnosis clout chasers because they always choose the "cute" mental illnesses.
Real mental illness is scary to even the most accepting normalfags and I do not just mean schizoprenia I mean depression and anxiety that leaves you living in your own filth self harming to all shit.

I have my own theory for why mental illness is a LARP for these people and I think it comes down to realizing that they are not unique or special as they were told because the internet.

I sometimes like to chat to random people and if I look at reddit on the friend boards most people use their sexuality and "mental illness" as a descriptor for who they are.

>It's even worse when they use it as an easy excuse for bad behavior.

This so much, I am BPD and hate when people blame their behaviour on BPD like I get it I cannot control how I feel but I can control how I act.

No. 678183

>I saw a vid of someone reading out hate tweets about that guy and people were sounding ragey over some petty stuff.
Internet culture has degraded so much I see people on reddit actually get upset over comments people make and then repost it as an image and people all get upset.

Imagine being this much of a faggot that a shitpost gets you mad.

No. 678184

I feel like a lot young people do have at least anxiety or depression. So now people are moving onto other illnessses to seem more unique-er.

No. 678189

File: 1605900510837.jpg (108.07 KB, 1694x861, 20200817_011703.jpg)

>their sexuality and "mental illness" as a descriptor for who they are.
This,I see more people use Their Mental Illness in their bio nowdays to use it some marketing/career boost

People need to realize that their mental illness is not their WHOLE identity

No. 678191

Literally something you learn as a mental health professional language that separate the illness from the person, ie
> person with depression
>depressed person
to prevent reducing the person to their illness and improve their opportunities to heal and thrive. You'd think the professionally mentally ill online would know that, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

No. 678194

Hello I am
>This gender
>This sexuality
>And these illnesses
It's the new ASL

No. 678209

File: 1605902734112.png (576.91 KB, 747x927, 1605128952018.png)

>I feel like a lot young people do have at least anxiety or depression.
I realize this to be true and at higher rates due to social media with zoomers BUT I also think that people get over diagnosed.
My uncles kid has some anxiety label despite being fully functioning and he just admittedly uses it to be a lazy potato.

>People need to realize that their mental illness is not their WHOLE identity
Mental illness plays a huge role in how I function and subsequent lifestyle plus I love to discuss it (not my own but the topic or hear others vent) but I do not list them all as if it helps someone get to now me kek

Usually people ime who list their mental issues as a personality are not really that mentally ill and just LARPing normalfaggots.

This is true but they probably read the DSM lol and think that is all they need to know.
People who are really depressed as in seriously afflicted in my experience of interacting are able to describe in their own way the same feelings I have of physical pain.

I sound like a boomer but I also blame their shitty music for making them think it is cool

No. 678228

Ok, that's a good point, but I prefer centennial. Each to their own.

No. 678424

men will still be able to harass you in the workplace tho

No. 678521

File: 1605940982518.jpeg (261.77 KB, 2085x1564, EFBF43BD-B894-4DCC-B2CC-60FD0C…)

She becomes insufferable in season 4

No. 678525

>BUT I also think that people get over diagnosed.

Isn't it the other way around? That people were underdiagnosed in the past because of lack of general awareness and stigma?

No. 678538

It's ok to suck at art. Plenty of people suck at their hobbies. No one ever gets ragged on for making shitty cookies. Everyone is just like ooh free cookies.

No. 678557

thank you anon

No. 678571

>that pic
like clockwork

No. 678617

File: 1605961964024.jpeg (34.24 KB, 383x384, images.jpeg)

Bullying exists for a reason and I'm glad I was bullied. Cyberbullying is funny as heck too, just walk away from the screen you dumdum.

No. 678620

This is a cope by people who haven't gotten over being bullied and try to reason it away with "I-I'm cool now!!!! fuck cringey past me!!!". There's a difference between bullying and rightfully calling someone out for immoral and unacceptable behavior.

No. 678621

I hate that random ppl on the internet use mental illness as a personality too, especially the -I'm so broken and people don't understand how mentally ill I am- type, they obviously don't know how really serious cases of mental illness can be, they always think they're the ultimate victim

No. 678622

Nah, bullying has improved my life greatly tbh, I learnt how to socialize better

No. 678623

yes but the opposite can happen as well, since theres a lot of people who ho hunting for diseases and bad therapists

No. 678626

> I'm glad I was bullied
Guess you weren't bullied hard enough if you can walk away all happy about it lol

No. 678627

What's the exact reason? There are people who are bullied for being asocial weirdos like your case I guess, but what about kids being bullied for shit they can't help like not being white, having a certain body type, having too much hormonal acne, etc.? Or the kids being bullied for things they haven't done, like when rumors spread about someone who supposedly did something bad except that was invented by someone else? What's your opinion then?

No. 678628

Most people who gatekeep things will never annoy me but the ones who say they should gatekeep movies like american psycho because only mentally ill faggots can watch media with mentally ill people are super retarded

No. 678630

Men cockblock themselves with all their shit drawings (tattoos) on themselves

No. 678631

then get thicker skin or remove yourself from the toxic place you're in, unless you want to comfortably continue being the victim

You can't expect people to change and stop being bullies, you need to change or get better support

and if youre fat just eat a salad, theres a solution for everything besides crying bullying. Some people call being outcasted for being weird and antisocial "bullying" and continue being insufferable.

No. 678632

Nta, I was in school with a 13 year old who hung himself over classmates thinking he was gay and hounding him over it for 2 years. They took it to some extreme lengths.. I don't think he even was gay.

No. 678633

I got bullied and while it did make me think sometimes before speaking and gave me self awareness a lot of it was petty af and mean girls type bullshit. Like I got bullied for being different or not getting caught up in superficial shit and trying to be funny. When I started working, people would call me a breath of fresh air etc but then other people would also pick me out and try and put me down and belittle me. I was extremely depressed and isolated growing up from being bullied and struggle now with relationships and I think it's completely unfair because I was never actively horrible or negative to others, my behaviour didn't need to be constantly critiqued and corrected, I suffered because some insecure fucks were jealous I appeared to have it together and was confident to go against the grain. Now I'm just a lonely adult that doesn't really trust others.

No. 678634

Ntayrt but this gets posted so fucking often already, we get it
'dumb dumb kids just toughen up'

There's no point dealing with vague hypotheticals and making sweeping (retarded) statements like yours when bullying varies that much in severity and effects. You simplifying it like that IS a cope. A poor cope to save yourself from having to think too hard.

No. 678635

Kek who the hell is saying that. I guess only people with dementia can watch still alice then.

No. 678641

I'll just agree to disagree, your commentary is unnecessary and if bullying affected you so much maybe talk to a therapist, I am entitled to my own unpopular opinion on the unpopular opinion thread.

No. 678644

Therapists are another cope. How is a therapist suppose to fix the current culture of petty cunts bullying others for fuck all reason.

No. 678646

well you could fix them by bullying them too

No. 678647

>remove yourself from the toxic place you're in
Are you retarded? That's not always possible. I was bullied over being way shorter than everyone else(because of a disorder that was diagnosed a few years later) and not being white, you're saying I shouldn't have gone to primary school at all for just looking a bit different than everyone else?

No. 678650

sure because I was obviously talking about you in my post when I said lets bully insufferable kids /sarcasm

No. 678651

Ayrt and I wasn't bullied myself. Nobody ever said you weren't entitled to give an opinion?? You are the only one who is acting weirdly thin-skinned about discussing it
>your commentary is unnecessary
Threads are for having conversations anon kek

No. 678656

If multiple posters have called you a tard now and you're still going..maybe you do still have a lot of social problems, despite you claiming otherwise

No. 678657

Maybe bullies should go to therapy and get some self awareness although I do know a bully that got 'qualified' to practice reiki or whatever the fuck and she has been known to talk shit about her clients. Bullies are a trip. They're so egotistical when really most of them are trying to cope with being ugly uninteresting cunts.

No. 678659

>noooo my heckin bullierinos
Go help a bullied kid then instead of virtue signaling on a gossip forum of all places

No. 678660

Diff anon, I think too many people overlook the fact that bullies become insuffereable people as adults when uh oh you can't rage at people all your life consequence free. Nip that shit in the bud early.

No. 678662

You were talking about bullying in general, not about bullying stupid brats, maybe learn how to write before posting stupid shit.

No. 678663

It's called not suffering from tard rage. Seek therapy.

No. 678664

Honest question but why do you guys care so much about people faking or exaggerating it? it's like you said, normies already don't care or are afraid of mentally ill people so what is the harm a couple of fakers on twitter do?

It's a bit annoying but i can't bring myself to hate or care, good for them that they're not actually ill and having to go through this shit everyday. And it's not like we get any perks or special treatment so they're not taking anything from us.

No. 678665

No u seek therapy for not getting over your elementary school petty bullying lmao, it takes a tard to know a tard

No. 678668

That just proves the point that bullying is beneficial to keep people in check lmao

No. 678670

I know a couple of insufferable bitches that use their mental illness as a shield for being insufferable. Which makes other people become wary of anyone with a mental illness when most people suffering and actively working on mitigating symptoms don't throw pity parties for themselves daily or even tell people their diagnosis due to stigmas. And the stigmas aren't going to vanish just because people are talking about mental illness uwu. Same as trans shit. Caitlyn Jenner had a credible transgenderism story that did turn the tide of acceptance even if people don't want to acknowledge it and then you've got the twitter trannies that make trans seem like a fad etc. When you make mental illness into a trend or fad it doesn't get taken seriously, especially when there's people being performative on social media with their illness but never actually seeming to be actively pursuing treatment for it. Or in the case of those that brag about seeing a GP to update a prescription without taking other forms of therapy they just seem attention seeking. Like no one gives a shit what antibiotics you take so why do people name drop their anti depressants or adderal. It just seems trendy

No. 678673

>it takes a tard to know a tard

I'm not that anon (or interested in whatever this shit is about) but reading this line is a moment for me… one where I truly feel too old to be visting LC anymore. All the time I'm going to save

No. 678674

wdym anon

No. 678678

It already isn't taken seriously though, the stigma is already there and it isn't budging. Even if you don't tell a soul about whatever you have some symptoms will still get through and people will bitch at you for them or believe you're lazy/stupid/dramatic even if they've never seen a twitterfag go on about how they're so depwessed. It's just a non issue in real life it seems.

Also not every sick person is trying to get better lol, treatment is different for everyone plus it's expensive and tiring, sometimes we just give up on meds and therapy, not only fakers do that.

Idk i pity them, if they have nothing else going on besides a label and prescription they sound pretty miserable and not in a good place either.

No. 678711

Not the anon you're replying to, but I believe they had an "epiphany" of sorts from reading that line, "It takes a tard to know a tard." This site is based on laughing at cows, identifying them, archiving them, and just… condemning them; perhaps they felt like this site is just one huge cope for the real cows, the cows behind the screens laughing at others who were a bit too public with their awful behavior. Either that, or they just feel too old for this site and its supposed immaturity (or both!).

I occasionally feel this way too, so I visit /ot/ and /m/ more for anonymous and free discussion, without all the disgusting behavior from 4chan. I also believe, however, that this site has its own culture and it's not fair to judge it when you yourself are using the site.

No. 678715

File: 1605971614277.png (5.22 KB, 278x222, 3374220.png)

>Also not every sick person is trying to get better lol, treatment is different for everyone plus it's expensive and tiring, sometimes we just give up on meds and therapy, not only fakers do that.
Don't forget that some countries has a shitty mental health care( Escpecially Asia region Countries)

>Idk i pity them, if they have nothing else going on besides a label and prescription they sound pretty miserable and not in a good place either.
What are you referring to anon? The faker Uwu Twiiter or people actually suffering with mental Ilness?

Also can we agree that we need a thread about Mental Health Stigma?Society like mental health become a trend nowdays.

No. 678722

I find people who do nothing but play videogames and live with their parents from 20 until age of 24 literal sheltered kids. The "introverted" types whose whole interests are around nothing but: University, videogames and Discord. I can't imagine dating one of those people, especially when they never cook, do laundy or clean.

No. 678732

I hate how people try to convince me having gray hairs and gaining 50 pounds the moment you turn 30 is normal.
Sorry about your shit life choices or poor genetics. But that shit isn't the norm

No. 678738

I had a roommate like this and it was very frustrating to watch and interact with them. It wasn't like they couldn't, but a refusal to learn how to do basic adult things.
I remember losing my temper whenever she put her laundry with mine when I wasn't paying attention. She claimed she didn't know how the machine worked and I call bullshit since modern machines are so simple now a days.

It's funny you mentioned university. She was older than me and graduated collage 8 years ago but didn't do jack shit with her degree. Her life revolves around her minimum wage job at goodwill and browsing the internet all day.

No. 678739

I've had grey hairs since like 18. Its more genetics.

No. 678744

I disagree with the gray hairs part (some people do begin graying in their thirties), but definitely agree with the gaining weight. Unless you have a severe health condition, it's your fault for relying on your young-person metabolism and/or stuffing your face too much. Literally just make better health choices.

No. 678786

File: 1605978082677.jpg (48.74 KB, 529x306, 349488484384.jpg)

nayrt, but my housemate is exactly like this. he spends all his free time on some form of escapism. video games, fantasy books, movies… literally does nothing else. never goes outside unless it's for uni or work, is a slob, barely does any housework. if u aren't a huge fan of the same media franchises as him, he literally won't be able to hold a convo with u.

the worst thing is that ppl like this are also unable to have convos about real life stuff outside of reddit, where ppl use pop culture references non-stop, because they don't know how to express themselves otherwise. robert ebert was right when he said that ppl in fandom are socially inept and use it as a security blanket, kek.

No. 678788

I started getting greys in my late 20s and I think it was a combination of stress and genetics but also I just dye that shit. I lost weight turning 30 and my vain family reckons getting fat in your mid 20s and then losing it makes you look youthful but idk. Either way I got shit hair

No. 678804

File: 1605979574429.jpg (83.08 KB, 945x1024, 20200909_081833.jpg)

Sorry Anon I can't stop thinking about this image when you mention this type of people

No. 678843

what is the quote from?

No. 678855

Where would you say is the line from being interested in something in a healthy way to being a fandom loser?

No. 678863

Papa johns pizza is better than all those fancy upmarket pizzas you get in city centers. Spending like 13 quid for a thin sloppy pizza with like 3 mushrooms as a topping, daylight robbery.

No. 678867

File: 1605984680119.jpg (228 KB, 735x735, Rudys-3.jpg)

dropped pic

No. 678871


having interests is healthy and fun and can bring people together, which is why i don't think it's just being heavily interested in something that's the problem. it's the combination of isolating yourself from others (claiming it's because u are an ~introvert~) and not being present in real life. it's surrounding yourself with the same ppl & the same topics until the point where talking about other (especially real life) topics makes u feel uncomfortable and feeling like u are out of ur comfort zone. it's not wanting to improve yourself, being lazy and not actively trying to grow as a person. and it's taking ur fandom stuff waaaaay too seriously. as long as u are self-aware i think it's somewhat hard to even become a fandom loser.

No. 678887

Nope, it’s attractive people who get away with it. Uggos will have literally nothing to offer people by being mean or venomous and will eventually have no one else around them but spineless uggos. Attractive people being openly mean spirited might get them backlash for a moment, but people will always come back to them because society associates attractive with good. Why do you think attractive scrote dads get applause doing the bare minimum with their kids? Because they’re visually appealing.

No. 678955

I think there's a difference between shame and bullying. I think being made feel ashamed for having weird tastes, talking too much about weird creepy hobbies or being stinky can be building, actually. But straight up bullying and zeroing in on someone just because they're nonconformist in some way just makes them damaged.

No. 678987

how would you shame people without bullying them tho

No. 679011

Agree. Most pizzas that look like that aren't very good. Usually has a thin, soggy crust and doesn't provide much support for the heavy toppings.

No. 679022

I think anon means you can't dominate a conversation or only talk about a weird subject when no one else is interested. It's obnoxious when one person can't read the room and understand that not everyone wants to hear about whatever autistic subject they're interested in.

This guy I used to know would always bring up watching porn (in normal conversations) and it was cringey as fuck. Nobody wants to hear about your fap sessions or how some porn star is ugly, stfu.

No. 679041

>Why do you think attractive scrote dads get applause doing the bare minimum with their kids? Because they’re visually appealing.
That example doesn't really work because
>People applaud them bc atleast they do the bare minimum, which many "fathers" don't even do. People applaud ugly fathers that do the bare minimum also for the same reason
>In a choice between a shit dad and a hot shit dad, people will at least find him to have more value and therefore applaud him, because as an attractive man he could more easily get away with doing nothing
Not everything is about scrotes as much as they try to make us believe

No. 679042

the point still stands, if you're ugly and an asshole not many people will want to interact with you. attractive people can get away with more.

No. 679055

Good post.

No. 679066

anon this is not a fucking Rockstar game you cant just press left trigger B to bully the bullies back

No. 679087

why are you still a cunt then

No. 679119

>NEETs are actually people that had one of these jobs as their first jobs, were pressured to stick it out, snapped suddenly and then couldn't bring themselves to go back to work.
Literally me
I got crushed several times in my previous jobs and nobody supported me. All my friends and family basically said to "not become a leech" and to "grow up" whenever I expressed my problems. It got so bad that I ended up on meds during my NEET period. I'm doing better now, thankfully, but just the idea of being in an office or retail environment for 8 hours a day, meetings, performance reviews, etc, trigger the hell out of me. My current job is remote and all my communications with the company are via email or text, so it's as close to ideal as it gets. I'm also developing my own business, so if all goes well this job will be the last time I ever work for someone else's company ever again.

No. 679213

It's crazy how young people are expected to be exploited in their first or even second job. When I was working my first junior position it was horribly exploitative and abusive, finally making me burn out in my early 20s. I was basically told that it is what it is, everyone has to deal with it. Why? It was almost a decade ago and I still don't see the benefits of breaking down in tears every day and fearing waking up in the morning.

No. 679332

I hate Fenti beauty and everyone kissing Rihannas ass

No. 679348

I like the brand, it has nice products but I don't get why everyone worships Rihanna so much either. I think her clothing brand is kind of hit or miss but I've seen too many people praising every single article she sells under her clothing brand just because she's Rihanna, I don't get it.

No. 679356

I feel something like this too. I think she's a great music artist and understand why people love her for that, but I don't necessarily see how that automatically translates to worshipping all her other ventures in makeup and fashion, especially when they're very expensive and not even wearable by your average person.

No. 679357

Holy shit, literally the same story, the same type of family response. Currently I'm working online as well but the pay isn't great, however, I'll take less pay in exhange for no office politics.
Good luck with your business and I hope you break free from working for someone else eventually!

No. 679365

Some people who get married after knowing each other for a few weeks/months are passionate and brave, not necessarily dumb. The success stories are always the cutest, purest love stories.

No. 679375

I’m OP and I want to add the hype about Zendaya pisses me off just as much

No. 679377

I don’t have strong feelings about Rihanna, but Savage X Fenty just gives off scam vibes. Some of the lingerie is so cute and available in my weird size but £50 membership fee a month in order to buy the lingerie at the discounted price? What the fuck? I know you can pause membership if you don’t buy anything but it’s just so offputting. I normally have to buy more expensive bras anyway due to my uncommon size so I wouldn’t have minded paying full price, but it’s so strange and scammy sounding I refuse to shop there.

No. 679380

Pot meet kettle but lolita attracts the most batshit people, worse than kpop. There seems to be so much drama over so little. From someone outside looking in it's really amusing seeing the extreme nit pick for a girl not wearing name brand. I thought cosplay could get heavy in terms of backhand critique but these FB groups are so ruthless. Don't understand how it can have so much drama put the goddamn dress on and keep it moving.

No. 679386

If that's the case then why is there no fucking milk in the lolita thread on /w/? Where the fuck is it?!
All the lolitas I know irl are chill at, I just want drama that I can discuss anonymously without being named instead of on some Facebook group or Tyler's yt comment section

No. 679388

>lolita attracts the most batshit people, worse than kpop.
Anon I'm not even a lolita but even I can call bullshit on this. Lolitas can be petty and snooty but they're absolutely not batshit chimps like most K-pop fans.

No. 679390

There's no milk because all of the drama is fucking pointless.
No, they absolutely are.

No. 679392

it IS a scam. Its the same sales structure as Fabletics. I love when fatties/trannies simp for Savage X Fenty for 'killing Victorias Secret' when it is a straight up influencer scam

No. 679394

Yes, I forgot to mention that brand too, I hate how it currently works. I managed to buy a lot of things and I was glad to find basic but cute bralettes my size that weren't made for 12 years old girls in late 2018 and there were huge sales that didn't require the weird as fuck membership, now I can't buy them anymore because they're out of stock and even if they weren't, they'd be way too expensive. I never logged in their website when I saw that you needed the membership for specific articles or to benefit from sales.

No. 679396

>he spends all his free time on some form of escapism. video games, fantasy books, movies… literally does nothing else. never goes outside unless it's for uni or work
>if u aren't a huge fan of the same media franchises as him, he literally won't be able to hold a convo with u.
There's nothing wrong with that.
>is a slob, barely does any housework.
Those are problems, but lazy people exist outside of the group people with your roommates interests.

No. 679406

>There's nothing wrong with that.
nta, but if you can't have a conversation about anything besides your favorite media franchise, i'd call that a problem

No. 679408

Ik ik sounds like a stretch but these girls on FB are going in over very little. Again I get all this second hand from whatever my friends put on my timeline but there are so many instances of girls meeting up with other girls in lolita only to have their coord posted behind their back and completely shit on. Just all in poor taste

No. 679417

Incels don't deserve empathy and should kill themselves. I see alot of youTubers empathizing with Incels and blaming "society". I can't empathize with a group that wants state mandated sex from women and has litterally killed people.

No. 679421

Do you know this is the unpopular opinion thread?

No. 679424


Whoops wrong thread sorry

No. 679427

I have to agree. Also Lolita drama is really dry and blown out of proportion or FULL of vendettas. I love the fashion but I have a tiny friend group of Lolita’s for a reason. Most Lolitas are in fact batshit and there’s a very small amount of them who aren’t.

No. 679436

I know some people have total shit lives but usually they still have some form of real life thing that keeps em going outside their escapism thoughts. If the only thing keeping a person going is a franchise next release, can't hold a normal conversation relating to their life and goals, I'd be out. It's not great when a friend or gf starts to live in a game or show.

No. 679451

I like when guys do cheesy shit like call me princess or send long ass text messages declaring how awesome I am. This weird 28 year old arab guy who was only using me for sex did that and I'm like yes this is the kind of energy I need! Enough asking me to link, tell me my body is a work of art ty

No. 679454

Ugh, yes. I especially love corny petnames like 'princess', 'babydoll', etc. It makes me swoon.

No. 679456

It sucks because most men these days dont do it because they wanna look cool. I just want every man I date to call me princess.

No. 679463

I mostly get called queen. I don't know if I like being called either but out of all the pet names, I like being called lovebug, munchkin, and pumpkin and such.

No. 679466

Are you black? I'm black and I've had guys call me queen before. And I dont like it lol seems like they're just trying to show how pro black they are.

No. 679476

No, sorry. I also get called that way by whites. I thought being called (my) queen is really common nowadays because I get that all the time. I know the other person means well but it just sounds weird to me.

No. 679485

I wouldn't hate trade wives as much if they didn't push everyone else to be tradewives and weren't such pickmes .They could at least acknowledge the fact that most men who call themselves 'trad' are scrotes

No. 679498

>who was only using me for sex
So that didn’t end up invalidating the things he did that you liked? I’m asking seriously, I’m curious if you mean you were able to compartmentalize the fact he was using you or if you didn’t care that much/sex doesn’t have much emotional sway for you. When I have been used like this I hate it and find it very hard to come to terms with

No. 679512

Bushes on women are cute
I don't know what scrotes are on about lmao

No. 679516

A 100 times yes! I love bushes so much.

No. 679523

I mean I'm used to guys trying to use me for sex but he came at it with a different approach

No. 679526

Scrotes are walking bushes, they have no room to judge lol

No. 679547

I see. I'm glad you were able to take something fun away from it at least.

No. 679554

Yeah, shaved genitalia disgusts me, it looks so clinical and sterile. I'm not super into the 80s porn full bush either, but hairs is so much better than hairless.

No. 679572

The y2k bimbo aesthetic is cute

No. 679578

If you're talking about McBling, then I agree. It features a lot of pink and clothes I could never envision myself wearing, but I can still admire. I'm not too sure about the actual "lifestyle" part of it though. Seems kinda too outdated to actually carry out on a day-to-day basis now.

No. 679664

I dont mind a bush but thick ones make it a bit harder to give good head, especially if the lights are off

No. 679675

When non-white women start going in on white women it just comes off as jealousy and I say it as a black woman. I also feel like white women get more hate than white men.

No. 679678

they do since they're supposed to always care or be aware of racial, social, economic problems that have nothing to do with their lives usually
meanwhile the men can say fuck all about any issue they throw themselves into

No. 679696

>I also feel like white women get more hate than white men.
Women are just more shit on in general. The same could be said that black women get more hate than black men.
Thought it was funny when 'Karen' took off as a white woman insult after so many derogatory 'name' insults have been made for women of other races already. Just goes to show it was only a matter of time.
Society has no fucking respect for women at all and women themselves are raised to think they aren't shit either.

No. 679722

men have no karen equivalent. men have no words like "bossy" or "fiery" or "cute" to describe their feelings in a gendered and condescending way. men are happy to leap on any new bandwagon that "allows" them to shit on women.

No. 679738

we should come up with a male karen equivalent and see if it takes off. how does kevin sound?

No. 679741

I've heard Ken before

No. 679746

That's the right age group

No. 679749

I feel like it should be more dudebro sounding than that. like daryl or something

No. 679753

A bunch of these have been suggested before, Kyle, Ken, Matt, Brad, etc, it's not gonna stick anon. There are a ton of similar viral videos of angry men being assholes, but they get called out for their individual behavior and not reduced to some dumb stereotype.

Both men and women will laugh at "woman bad" jokes, but men will cry "not all men" if you talk about how old guys in Walmart will catcall a 12 year wearing shorts. The standards will never be the same.

No. 679991

Kyle is the Karen equivalent. Also, do you recall the "scumbag Steve" memes? So Kyle or Steve then.

No. 680002

Kyle is not a Karen equivalent, anon, are you drunk? Kyle drinks monster and punches holes in the drywall. We need a name that is popular with the same age group as Karen.

No. 680037

Don't know how unpopular this is but I really don't like flirting. I just met you, how can I be attracted to you that much? Let's talk for a little bit first ffs

No. 680038

A david?

No. 680045

idk, Randy or Reginald?

No. 680062

Women engaging in casual sex with scrotes kind of messed dating up for all women. Now guys expect sex on the first date and they dont even try to plan dates anymore.

Now if a guy asks a woman out she has to choose the activity or restaurant, they dont even try because they're used to women with low self esteem fucking them in their moms basement within 20 minutes of knowing them.

So many times a man has asked me out and say "ok lets have drinks at my house ;)" and then when I reject that then they're like "ok what do you wanna do?". It takes 2 minutes to do a quick google search to find some where. Women arent getting anything other than walks and coffee dates now, you would be lucky if a man suggested taking you to applebees.

No. 680069

I see it differently, it encouraged guys that only want sex to be forward about it from the start, which is a good thing if you're actually looking from something serious. Why waste time with a scrote that is faking being nice and attentive and just counting down dates to get to fuck you and move on?

No. 680073

Now men believe in situationships and poly so that's not true. It's all because of women accepting the bare minimum now.

No. 680076

>you would be lucky if a man suggested taking you to applebees.
inb4 the war begins again

No. 680119

I agree with this.

Blaming women for scrotes trying to weasel cheap dates and easy sex just sounds like internalized misogyny considering scrotes have been trying to do exactly that shit since the dawn of time. Except back then they were more liable to just rape you, considering you had way less rights and were literal property.

No. 680226

There is NOTHING important about making your bed. Literally no fucking reason besides making your room look tidy. I don't know why people shriek when they find out you don't make your bed in the morning, as if that is a defining characteristic of you as a person.

No. 680233

you’re right and you should say it, anon

No. 680256

Fully agree, basically never make my bed unless I'm having company over that will pass by my room and don't want to seem too slobby. It's just going to get messed up again and it's not any cleaner than before just because I straighten the goddamn sheets

No. 680265

if you live in a filthy city, tangled bedclothes helps prevent bed bugs
it's like lice and not shampooing regularly

No. 680286

yeah I don't think there's anything important about it but I see it as an investment for the night lmao. Getting into a made bed feels amazing

No. 680300

I'm trying to become a more organized and less messy person so I've been forcing myself to make my bed everyday as some kind of starting point for a routine. I agree with you though, it's useless in the long run but >>680286 is right, it feels nicer to slip into neat sheets.

No. 680413

People who have an obsessive hatred of anyone they consider to be in a "younger" generation than their own (or arbitrary things they think "belong" to that generation) just look insecure about their own age. I can't think of a logical reason or motive to dislike a person or a group solely based on that fact that they're younger than me, except for that.

No. 680416

I gotta agree. I also think it's weird when people complain about younger generations making fun of older gens as if we didn't all do that when we were younger. Or stuff thats the fault of their parents. Kids doing kid shit isn't anything to complain about, as an adult I can't be assed to care that much.

No. 680426

Personally, it's more obvious when they act like their generation is somehow superior to the current youngest generation, in the exact same way that their parents' generation did to them, and their grandparents' generation did to their parents, all the while not having the self-awareness to realize what they're doing is cyclical and that it's not an original thought, nor does it make them intelligent or unique. Today's youngest generation could genuinely, objectively improve if they end up being the first generation to not treat the generation following them that way.

On that note, it's funny to see so many early gen-z's trying to convince themselves they're "totally not a zoomer, i'm a late millennial i swear!!! i remember vhs tapes!!" because they're scared of being called "zoomer" online. Fifteen to twenty years ago, when millennials were the youngest generation, being a part of that generation would've be considered just as uncool to gen-x's and to other millennials as being a gen-z is now.

No. 680458

God, zoomers with their insecurity and butthurt are insufferable.

No. 680459

You're the only one that sounds butthurt honestly.

No. 680463

Anon, no one in this thread said anything like that. This is an embarrassing post.

No. 680488

Yes they are.

No. 680516

No one said anything about zoomers but I agree with you they are retards

No. 680543

Kissing? Super wack.

No. 680545

It's always been a thing for the women to choose where to go, what time, etc. Men planning dates start to finish is only in movies lol.

No. 680552

You're blaming women though when you should be blaming men for behaviour you find undesirable. I kind of agree with >>680069, it easily filters out guys who're only after sex if that's not what you're after yourself.

I used to think like this aswell, and I still agree. But I make my bed nowadays because it sets for a productive day and I feel better, especially now in lockdown, when my room's tidy.

No. 680563

Men arent human we cant trust them to make good choices. It's up to us to do that. Men are not capable of genuine love and mostly only get into relationships and go on dates so that they can have an easy access to pussy. With women giving it up so easily they no longer have a need to try now.

No. 680596

File: 1606217592573.jpg (27.43 KB, 480x480, DhWacGkUEAMwTzJ.jpg)

Calling someone insecure while running here after you got called out in the vent thread, funny.

No. 680635

File: 1606225240823.jpg (50 KB, 634x407, article-2715692-203DD1E7000005…)

dog butts are adorable

No. 680638

"Reactive" dogs, either from shelters, rescues or shitty birth environments should not be adoptable and be put down immediately.
Why do people spend so much time, effort and money towards a dysgenic dog? By encouraging people to adopt maladaptive dogs with obvious behavioral problems and genes, we are literally creating a new population of these dogs, which are regressing further and further to wild animals.

No. 680650

Around 3-5 years ago, everyone was bitching about millenials and making literally the exact same complaints they do about zoomers about them.
Now "zoomer" is the hot new word, and so many "millenials" love acting special and pretending they have amnesia about when they were getting sperged out at for literally the same things.
I even remember getting called a "millenial" in the past, and now I get called a "zoomer". All of this shit is retarded.
>"B-But I don't use Tik Tok!! Not the same! Stop!!"
Lmao, cope.

No. 680651

Unpopular opinion: You should be put down. You specifically.

No. 680654

shelter dogs are typically spayed/neutered, nobody adopts dogs to breed them
>Why do people spend so much time, effort and money towards a dysgenic dog?
most people have empathy

No. 680658

NTA, but eugenic people have empathy. Dysgenic people don't, and that anon is one of many examples.
Strange irritation and/or hatred aimed at animals that are literally bred to be our companions is one of the major signs of a defective human.

No. 680659

Reactive means a lot when it comes to dogs. Should a dog be put down because it barks with excitement when it sees a stranger or another dog? Not all reactivity = aggression.

No. 680660

I think labeling generations helps no one anyway, except maybe for marketeers. It just seems to cause friction.

No. 680662

it's also disgustingly america-centric

No. 680664

I don't remember anyone crying about turning 18 back then and lamenting getting old at 20 but go off

No. 680669

File: 1606227906182.jpg (36.47 KB, 500x539, f125g5c2v8841.jpg)

Are you dumb? I saw so many people IRL, here, on Twitter, on other imageboards and Tumblr joke about killing themselves at 30. This screencap was pretty much everywhere.
In stark contrast, I literally never see young people talk about doing that. The closest is when they shit on boomers.

No. 680670

Right, because an animal that terrorizes other animals and humans, and the owner themselves, is totally displaying traits of companionship. These kinds of traits are what we should be encouraging, and that's why we train them INTO dogs and not out of them!
Why even ask such a redundant question? Obviously not, dogs bark and are allowed to do dog specific behaviors. """Reactive""" implies overly aggressive, unpredictable, maladaptive and inappropriately territorial.
These dogs are still being introduced to other dogs, the public, and no, not all of them are fixed/spayed. If they all were, how the fuck are there so many of them in shelters? How is that the shelters are constantly full and piling up if everyone is preemptively fixing these dogs? A great deal of them may be fixed after adoption, but do you think each dog has one puppy per liter? What about all of its siblings, the parents?

No. 680674

Cosmic brownies are not good

No. 680675

Samefagging because I also just had a flashback to this one girl being like "I'm no longer 16, meaning I'm closer to my 20s than I am to being 14. This is unacceptable" or something and people responding "Lol relatable".
Seriously, this is the shit that bugs me. Millenials keep acting brand new.
The internet is forever. The middle-ranging and youngest ones are just as cringy as zoomers, and the oldest millenials are literally the demographic responsible for current internet/pop culture, especially the cringy furry deviantART and weeb BS. Don't act like you forgot.

No. 680678

unrelated but what drama is this from? i remember seeing this cap all over tumblr.

No. 680679

Yeah, at 30, not 18 or 20. Thanks for proving my point ig.
>In stark contrast, I literally never see young people talk about doing that

No. 680683

Did you quote some of the wrong posts or something? One is about cosplay and the other has nothing to do with aging, but about childhood trauma.

No. 680684

File: 1606228709837.png (304.89 KB, 1512x968, 20.png)

All the available comments in your lineup are about cosplay and sewing except one, which has no screencaps or receipts.
Either way, the jokes about aging and wanting to die definitely didn't originate with zoomers. That's you, and anyone can dig through your social media to prove it. Keep coping, though. Check the years on pic related, lmao.

No. 680707

Yes, they were supposed to link to posts on /g/ but I don't know how to crossboard reference. Sorry about that.

No. 680710

People who were 20 in 2018 are zoomers though?

No. 680711

Like this

No. 680719

File: 1606231148115.jpg (56.14 KB, 500x625, downloadk.jpg)

Not sure how unpopular this is, but I kind of hate split dyed hair. It just looks so unappealing to me. Plus it must be really hard to find clothes that go with your hair.

No. 680722

File: 1606231285609.png (75.51 KB, 1280x296, 989381.png)

And 2015, 2014, 2011, etc?

No. 680725

Stopped dyeing my hair non-natural colors because it rendered my 1/3 of my wardrobe unwearable.
There's a reason why alt girls stick to black lmao.

No. 680727

Oh noooo anon. I'm an absolute sucker for split died blonde/black but I know I'll look like a fucking e-girl for sure.

Better than the tumblrette that I look like right now with my green hair. I have nothing to lose.

you are right though, it looks ridiculous… but I just feel like… it's so cute

No. 680730

Lmao I agree. Besides clothes, you have to make sure your makeup matches too, or that you have makeup at all, or else you'll look kind of haggard in contrast to your high-maintenance hair. I stopped dyeing my hair the same reason as >>680725 tbh.

No. 680736

I think it's 'fun' but not 'pretty' if that makes sense.

No. 680739

idk where you're from but it's legally required for shelters/rescues here to sterilize their dogs before adopting them out
which seems like a better solution than hitlering a bunch of dogs you don't like

No. 680748

Trevor Noah is annoying and not funny. He is the liberal equivalent to the Big Bang Theory.

No. 680759

>split died blonde/black
imo this is the only good way to do it, split hair with unnatural colors like >>680719 never looks good

No. 680761

No no you’re thinking about it in the wrong way. It is easier than ever to weed out low value scrotes. Literally just don’t fuck them and demand that they seduce and court you. Let them know that you’re easily bored, hardly impressed and need them to prove that they can keep up with you. A man’s ego cannot handle being told that they can’t stimulate a woman. He will react in two ways: give up (the trash takes itself out) or he will do everything he can to “win” you as to keep his ego intact.
The male psyche is constant contradiction, they may fuck anything that moves but they LOVE a carrot on a stick. They may complain about how women are hard to get and how they wish for a simple low maintenance girl and how much they hate all the cock teasing but it’s all a massive cope. Men love the chase, they love working for what they think is worth it. Simply by being the elusive one, they believe that you have something of worth more than women who kowtow to them. Always remember that.

No. 680765

Nayrt but I’m setting this shit as my lockscreen. Thanks queen

No. 680771

I think ALL people that can't keep their mouth shut while eating should be killed. Stop making those disgusting loud mouth sounds while eating ANYTHING. Arghh it drives me insane the smacking of the lips, the loud sounds coming from their pipehole arghhh

No. 680781

File: 1606235706229.jpeg (231.17 KB, 1078x1004, 150707A9-FCA3-4F1A-918C-618220…)

South Park good until season 13 or whatever

No. 680785

South Park is cute

No. 680788

Not… exactly what I was thinking, but you're not wrong, especially rewatching from the beginning. When the kids act more kid-like, it's pretty cute and makes it funnier.

No. 680790

I unironically enjoy watching it from time to time, however the recent season felt pretty weak. Still, was nice to watch the recent free2watch quarantine episode that was made with everyone in staff being under quarantine.

No. 680791

South Park's die hard fujo fanbase keeps it alive.

No. 680794

South Park went to absolute shit after around season 15, the first 10 were good. The two first seasons are still legendary tier though.

No. 680795

Lots of people find him annoying lbr. I watched his standup way before he blew up and it used to be this interesting look into growing up in apartheid-era South Africa. Now he's so desperate to be the American social justice poster child, which is weird because that's not who he is, so now he's so stale and uninspired. So yeah, like the Big Bang Theory.

No. 680802

File: 1606236779967.jpg (15.24 KB, 270x198, 161_mickey_auton.jpg)

Trever Noah looks like Mickey in the pilot episode of nu-who where he's a weird plastic mannequin version of himself. Does he put makeup in his hairline or something?

No. 680807

oh god i was absolutely obsessed with south park when i was 10/11 and i'm ashamed to say i still watch it every so often

No. 680808

I find her eyebrows more tragic than her hair dye.

No. 680835

Violent sex, even where the violence is perpetuated by the woman, is gross. I'm not sure if that's unpopular as a whole or here, but there's so much casual violence in sex that's "normal" now, and it makes me sad and angry.

No. 680839

I used to love it when I was 11-13 in fujo online circles.
I think it went to shit after that game of thrones black friday episodes, those were the last ones I enjoyed

No. 680936

I personally like to use Greg. It's a very Gen X name, like Karen.

No. 680985

It's not like I disagree with this, but when I see somebody being like this I wonder why would you wanna be with someone who has to be shown that he needs to express effort and not to treat you like a warm hole? Why give him a chance in the first place? I know a lot, if not even the majority of men will do as little as they can get away with but why would you settle for that just because he's reADy tO chAnGE for you?

No. 681097

Same anon
The normalization of that shit is fucking gross.

No. 681102

The yaoi and Warcraft episodes are my favorites. The super early episodes were also really fun. South Park fujos definitely had a hand in keeping this shit alive.

No. 681113

I used to be obsessed with South Park back in high school when I was doing the whole Amy Dunne ~cool girl~ act cause all my male edgelord friends liked it. I watch reruns every now and then. It only really went downhill after season 17. I have absolutely no fucking idea what fujoshis see in it though.

No. 681156

I think being """ableist""" is completely normal and fine.

Dont get me wrong, when I think of true real ableism I think of people who are mean and bad to the people who have weak bodies or can't walk, or need special accomodations.

But nowadays, twitter and tumblr likes calling anything ableism. Are you a dangerous schizo that should be inside a psych ward and people are being mean to you? Ableism. Are you a transtrender who claims to have DID and people call you out? Ableism. Are you having a BPD episode and are insufferable? Ableism. I hate this. I hate these people claiming ableism on the smallest things.

My mom has a scholiosis, my dad used a crane till the day he died and had to had dialysis daily, my uncle had a mental disability and I had another uncle with polio on a wheelchair. These obnoxious bitches really dont know what ableism is.

No. 681162

agreed its way overused

does anyone here remember that period of time on 2013/2014 tumblr when people were claiming "stupid" and "crazy" were ableist slurs and asking people to tag trigger warnings for them or did i dream that

No. 681163

People are still doing that, unfortunately. They're just doing it on Twitter now.

No. 681175

Holy fuck this gave me flashbacks to my tumblr mutual circa 2015 telling people not to say "lazy" because it was ableist. I feel dizzy

No. 681177

nail polish smells good

No. 681182

No. 681185

File: 1606280120461.png (20.79 KB, 595x212, uiogg.png)

I think this shit is retarded. If I could cure someone's disabilities to make their life better I would. I'm not having a sick baby either, you don't even know how hellish that can get.

No. 681198

gasoline it smells good

No. 681201

File: 1606282183786.png (Spoiler Image, 91.25 KB, 600x660, EA10BD67-AD3D-4AD5-AD45-461D24…)

unironically wish i could eat nail polish and nail polish remover

No. 681214

i love the smell of cigarettes so much ngl

No. 681248

I absolutely love the smell of gasoline.

My grandparent's garage always stinks of gasoline and I love it and wish I could hang out there forever.

Hopefully there isn't gasoline spilled on the floor of their garage?

No. 681257

The e-girl/e-boy style makes people look unhygienic.

No. 681258

Canceling only works if you show that you care. This is why people like trisha paytas are never cancelled.

No. 681259

For real. All I see when I look at a typical e-girl/e-boy is unwashed hair and flaky faces under all that crusty makeup. And AliExpress costumes they probably never launder.

No. 681271

I want to quit smoking but fuck I love the taste of rolling tabacco. I managed to quit for a few months years ago and the smell made me nostalgic af.

No. 681275

I love the smell of unsmoked tobacco too! I have never smoked but I keep a packet of cigarettes to sniff sometimes.

No. 681279

> My unpopular opinion, women become more attractive after a pregnancy

I don’t disagree (though personally notice some childless teens look like pic 3 and some moms of 5 look like pic 1), just interested to know how you think they become more attractive?

No. 681282

I thought breasts go down after a while? She had a really pretty body shape pre-pregnancy too.

No. 681283

I mean that opinion can be unpopular, but at the same time "MILFs" are a thing
the woman in your pic is super hot

No. 681286

black/color looks good sometimes but I think you need a neutral undertone to pull it off properly

No. 681288

they do go down some after youre finished breast feeding but some women naturally gain extra weight in the chest area as a result of pregnancy

No. 681289

The woman in the photo has gained weight since before pregnancy so her boobs are probably still bigger due to that. Half of the “going down” is literally going DOWN, drooping, which leaves boobs looking bigger but emptier.

No. 681291

i don't have anything to add except that i agree this lady got….extremely lucky with her pregnancies…

No. 681293

Yeah, and extremely lucky with her existing weight distribution and curves.

I have small boobs and I just know pregnancy/breastfeeding would leave them deflated and sad af, I know you can't really predict it but judging by my mum's…

No. 681297

I agree she does have a desirable body shape which helps but also it’s easier to hide shit when fully dressed. She might have a saggy stomach, her tits have obviously sagged a lot, she might have stretch marks everywhere, her vagina might look messed up. Granted it’s better to have flaws that can be hidden, but she might not look so lucky when naked.

No. 681300

I think it's dependant on the women, there are definitely examples of it but is this seriously what you're using to prove that? She looks awful in that 3rd picture, complete with the ill-fitting dress.

No. 681302

id rather stay poor than lose several years of my life to the degradation that is military service. have fun getting raped while being the governments slave. ill keep funding my studies with government gibs

No. 681304

I would probably want a breast reduction if pregnancy did that to me, personally.

Might look sexy in a pic but who wants to be carrying those as you age and they age with you? They're already aproaching her bellybutton

No. 681318

> They're already aproaching her bellybutton
I’m wondering how far boobs can sag. The furthest I’ve seen is bellybutton level but I don’t see many topless old ladies lol.

No. 681321

Anon thank you so much.

No. 681417

>woman is cerebral narcissist for going to college
>but she hawt if she preggo

Unintended scroting?

No. 681438

If you throw a fit because someone coompliments something or somebody you don't like you are retarded. You can give something/someone a compliment without liking it/them.

The people who say, "I follow this Cow to make me feel good about myself!" are weird and probably cows themselves.

It does not take much to feel better than Shayna. IDK it comes off weird to me to say that.

No. 681440

Same thing I thought, Scrote-tier takes kek
Valuing education over popping babies in a overpopulated world is way better.

No. 681444

I honestly don't envy this body whatsoever.

No. 681451

only scrotes and pornsick women think this body is attractive

No. 681452

My first thought too, I would not want to exist in a body like that. Outside of porn and fucking… women pay good money to reduce their breasts when they reach that point.

No. 681478

yeah, this is retarded, people can find these bodies attractive without being weirdos, shit I do and I'm woman and i know i'm not pornsick. I've dated women who were this top heavy and shaped like this.

No. 681492

>"it's uncanny to see people being hard out cerebral narcissists"
>lusts after women publicly
Vanity and shallowness are not uncanny, no? Also what you call "cerebral narcissim" is not even narcissism, it's simply common sense.

No. 681537

Getting real tired of seeing imagine used in slang. Language evolves and all that nerd shit but it's really frustrating seeing back to back replies with dumbass hyperbole.

No. 681543

i'm "getting real tired" of this dumb twitter slang

No. 681560

Other than the fetish presentation, its a nice, healthy mom body?

No. 681564

Do you genuinely think that is twitter slang, anon?

No. 681583

Retarded take
But what else would I expect from this website

No. 681597

First two are cute, but the third just seems uncomfortable. I can't imagine the back pain she must have and the amount of weight she's carrying on her chest alone. Feeling kinda lucky to have small boobs lol

sidenote, it feels weird to be judging another woman's body like this.

No. 681628

Thanksgiving is an extremely mid holiday because people insist on following the same boring menus year after year after year. Mashed potatoes and turkey taste fine, but they're nothing worth getting excited for. If we're having a whole holiday dedicated to eating a shit ton of food I want to do something special, and not just eat the same recipes that came from companies trying to make people buy more canned soup.

No. 681632

File: 1606334262155.jpeg (144.6 KB, 447x674, 1D03BA48-03D8-4086-958F-9F8256…)

But canned soup is delicious and practical.

No. 681664

definitely possible to do new versions of thanksgiving classics and an interesting spread; harder if you have picky relatives, a busy lifestyle, or no one to help you in the kitchen.
even a lot of people with really boring or nitpicky palates get excited to try interesting variations of old classics if they're not too strange and done well
if you do a smaller "friendsgiving" get together or have a little dinner with a partner or open minded immediate family, the sky is kind of the limit with trying new things. some people are dogmatic and unforgiving about holiday meal tradition, while some would find it novel and fun to do something like a wine and charcuterie/appetizers night, steak and seafood, cozy stew, or brunch instead of a big dinner that you've had for your entire life
it's also nice to be able to be more hands off about putting it together, and spending time relaxing and chatting instead of stressing over cooking all of these different mains and sides. i think this year is probably a good time to experiment with it however you'd like, everyone is a little stir crazy and might be more open to something new.
the stakes are also lower than with christmas so if it's a flop it's not a big deal

No. 681687

Cornbread is HIGHLY over-rated. Pretty much only good for making stuffing.

No. 681699

It's overrated but has its place sometimes. I agree, though, cornbread stuffing is way better than the regular stuff, even though the plain is really delicious as well.

No. 681700

Why do people choose this time of year to make the shittiest opinions when one of their family members makes a shitty dish and they taste it?
That's like if I said "Video Games are HIGHLY overrated" and I've only played call of duty or something. Some doofus on reddit was like "Fried chicken is actually gross!!!" no man. The fried chicken YOU'VE eaten is gross.

No. 681702

Soda is shit and a con.

No. 681705

We get it. You only drink water and piss ambrosia because you're pure and don't eat shooger

No. 681713

I mean. Good analogy. Some people really like COD even if others think it's really shitty. Some people really like cornbread even if other people don't. Nta, but I like the taste but don't like the texture, it's always gritty or dry and crumby. It's just an opinion, relax kek.

No. 681715

I've had a lot of different cornbread made by different people anon, and I've had this opinion for quite a while. I'm just not crazy about cornbread. There's a reason why this is the unpopular opinions thread.

No. 681720

My diet is shit, I just don’t drink sugar, don’t see the appeal of drinking something that makes me thirstier. The flavors are not appealing either even when sugarfree. Coke tastes like drains.

No. 681721

Fair point. Buts it's one thing if someone says "Oh this thing is just gross and bad" because they've tasted a bland version of it or something. The only cornbread I've had has been moist and buttery, but that a subjective opinion. When people go on to describe why they don't like something edible it always sounds like they just haven't had a good version of it. Like the fried chicken guy "it has no flavor and is bland" dude what?

No. 681722

I had been on a bit of a Monster kick for the last few months, my lil backwards country didn't even have alot of the different versions of it til lately… at first I thought they were all pretty good and now I'm already starting to hate some of them.

It's the zero sugar ones that I try to stick to (I'm too fond of caffeine already and I feel like adding sugar is a bad combo) so maybe it's the sweetners tasting off. The full surgar ones give me jitters so I can't win. Back to good ole reliable coffee.

No. 681725

Whenever I drink it my stomach hurts and I feel like shit. I can’t believe people drink it multiple times per day lol it’s disgusting. I’m glad my parents never bought that shit.

No. 681727

I don’t even know what cornbread is exactly but “moist and buttery” isn’t selling it to me lol.

No. 681731

Split hair only works with cartoon characters. I've never seen anyone rock it so that it looks good.

No. 681733

That makes sense for sure. If you ever get a recipe for that good cornbread, you let me know, anon…

No. 681757

Agree, carbonated drinks hurts my mouth. Don't like juice either, the only acceptable drinks are water, coffee and tea.

NTA but I'm a major sugar addict, it's just that sugary drinks are not worth it because the taste is gone in a flash (which is probably why they're so addictive, it makes you wanna taste it longer…)

No. 681768

Are you fucking kidding? I thought my life was over when I turned 19 back in fucking 2013, it was extremely common to see girls on /cgl/ having crying fits about how dressing up or doing cosplay past the age of 21 was unacceptable.

You just don't see that shit as much as you grow older because you tend not to hang out in places that have enough people bellow 18 for this to be a commonly voiced sentiment

No. 681792

kek i have had a mild break down about aging every birthday from 14 onwards (so that was back in 2011), majority of my female friends behaved very much the same. thankfully, i haven't felt as terrible since turning 19 but 30 still seems dreadful.

No. 681802

I agree and I think the idea that there isn’t or that there is one way a pedophile looks puts kids at risk of being too trusting or not identifying inappropriate behaviour with certain people

No. 681805

Chocolate rain is genuinely a good song

No. 681809

I sure hope this isn't an unpopular opinion! Not only is it musically good, but it also has a great message/subtext.

No. 681810

It is! We love a song with a message.

No. 681812

I hate the two pretty best friends meme, it's not even funny. It's even worse when boomers do it.

No. 681837

Chugging carbonated drinks (like shotgunning a beer) is a monstrosity and against human nature - and I guess that's where the appeal comes from

No. 681839

I never want to see another wojak again in my life. It’s not funny and I’m just so sick of seeing them.

No. 681901

does anyone know why its called wojak?

No. 681917

>"wojak" was originally the nickname of the polish user sebastian grodecki, on the english-language "international" board of the defunct german imageboard krautchan. he started posting the picture that later became known as wojak sometime around 2010, often accompanying it with the template phrase "that feel when x" along with variants.
basically the nickname of the guy who popularized it

No. 681931


No. 681940

File: 1606375818852.gif (4.04 MB, 480x270, harmonika.gif)

I miss Krautchan. They had very comfy and interesting threads on various world architectures, foods, customs etc. Also, birthplace of Polandball comic. Each country had distinct memes about it. It made the Internet seem bigger and more diverse. All other chans are hiveminds compared to Krautchan.

No. 682018

I miss /int/. I used to lurk it a lot back in like 2011 but then decided I needed to get off image boards for my health. I never knew it was deactivated, really sad.

No. 682129

hulu is far better than netflix. after you've finished watching the, like, 5 good netflix originals there's no reason to continue your subscription. I have no idea why so many people are subscribed to netflix, its offerings are weak.
bumping the thread so that you guys cancel your netflix subscription

No. 682132

my cable company offers it for free with my fancy internet package. that's the only reason why i have it.

No. 682176

TOTEP is the best thing kero kero bonito has ever put out

No. 682205

Trisha Paytas is really pretty

No. 682236

Woah. Those are some fighting words, friend.

No. 682255

File: 1606412180411.jpg (62.82 KB, 720x879, VewT0Vf.jpg)

Not sure if this is an unpopular opinion, but I'm pretty sure it is in leftist communities. Troons, e-thots, coomers, and genderspecials are fucking ruining anarchism. No, we don't support sw, because it's not essential to society. I'm not going to bake bread and grow potatoes for you, if all you "contribute" is nudes I'll never look at. And I don't really care if someone troons out or wants to be called they/them pronouns, but that's not an anarchist issue. Stop making a political movement that coincided with radical feminism about how you'll cry if someone calls you by the wrong pronouns. And please. Read the actual theory.
I completely agree. We only have netflix, because we use my partner's mom's. I've been thinking about switching to Disney+ though, because Disney owns fucking every thing. But I'm pretty sure we'll stick to Hulu.
Anon, are you a chubby chaser? Even then she has a butter face a hair the texture of pubes.

No. 682260

No it’s facially that I find her pretty, not even in an ‘unconventional’ way I feel like she objectively has conventionally pretty features? But it seems like an unpopular opinion. Idk if people are exaggerating how ugly they find her because they dislike her as a person or if they actually feel that way.

No. 682271

She was pretty before the lip injections

No. 682334

based anarchist anon, I wish I could find a community without all of that twitter cancer

No. 682385

i agree with you 100%, this leftist sexwork troon bs is putting me off of anarchism quite a bit recently I've been reading theory for years but the people associated with anarchism are such fucking snowflakes anymore

No. 682391

I don't understand the fascination with radical feminism. Maybe it's from being a disillusioned, broken baby radfem but the ideology has caused me so much pain, internalized hatred, self-harm, suicidal tendencies, etc. that I really don't understand why it is pushed so much especially when deep into it, you encounter the misogynistic and victim-blaming radfems who are no better than incels that pretend to be your friend but instead only want you to be as miserable as they are especially with all of the internal shit that goes unaddressed.

No. 682400

Fillers look like shit on everyone. They dont make you look younger, or more defined. They just make you look bloated, puffy and weird.

No. 682405

I agree kind of but I think part of it is probably that I can only tell they have fillers when they look bad so I probably see people who have it who look good but I just don’t know they have fillers

No. 682411

File: 1606429160600.jpg (810.77 KB, 2340x1080, Screenshot_2020-11-26-23-01-35…)

I tried to develop an appreciation for and understanding of (certain) contemporary art but all I got is that it's basically the result of an artist's contemplation about something and I'm supposed to care because instead of writing about it in their journal the artist decided to make a physical object for me to decrypt and I'm supposed to think that's great and valuable because it's ~deep~ and ~meaningful~

So I guess my unpopular opinion is that a lot of contemporary art is kind of stupid and made by self-absorbed individuals.

No. 682415

I'm going to be called an sjw for this post, but nevermind. One of the issues in the community is how divided it is. A large amount of radfems are openly bigoted in every other aspect and, inevitably, they end up insulting and making everybody else leave or form cliques. I feel like the "feminism is a 1st world problem" meme is true and it applies to them.

No. 682416

Thought pic was some kind of sex toy at first.

No. 682419

I feel like you’re going to get attacked for this post but I agree with you

No. 682422

Nayrt but this is a good point. Also totally armchairing here but I think people go overboard because they’re so invested in image they want to see a big difference. A woman with mismatched thin lips often doesn’t want to get them evened out and slightly enlarged, she wants big juicy lips like she sees on women with totally different faces. Why pay hundreds of dollars for such small changes when you could transform yourself?

I think fillers likely look fine if they’re small and natural-looking adjustments, your post has made me curious about how many people I see with them done well.

No. 682423

My first thought was 'I want to put my dick in it' I don't even have a dick. Thought provoking lol

No. 682424

I feel like the foundation of radical feminism and the ideas/principles are good and even liberating but in practice radfems take it too far and treat it like a religion and it ends up having the same consequences as following an actual religion like self hatred etc and it becomes the opposite of liberating.

Sorry if that didnt make sense, I'm really bad at formulating my thoughts.

No. 682445

File: 1606432246973.jpg (223.56 KB, 1600x1398, EfKU62D.jpg)

This is a pretty common opinion, anon.
Contemporary art is definitely polarizing (and can feed into money laundering and clout chasing and inflated egos yadadada) but it doesn't always have to be deep. Sure, there's artists who definitely have a specific message (like Dred Scott), but a lot of conceptual and abstract work is an attempt to capture a vibe or mood. Sometimes it's something as universal as "loneliness", but there's also artists who encapsulate the abstract vibe of having to eat microwavable waffles for an entire year in an effort to save money (and so they encase 365 waffles in resin or some shit). Some artists feel like the best way to conveying weird abstract feelings is with weird methods like that.
But yeah, specific emotions and understandings aren't universal so if you don't get it, you don't get it. That's not a bad thing. It's just you and the artist/work don't click.
Also a lot of stuff is just done for the aesthetic and craftmanship of it.
Your picture could be the result of someone going "woah, how would I go about wrapping a safety cone with fur in a seamless way", and not some ten page essay about how the fur industry needs to be shut down or whatever.

Sorry for the essay. I'm just sad that contemporary fine art is positioned as this impenetrable, pretentious ideology when so much of it is fun and sincere. The bigger issue is with art critics, collectors, and curators–they're the ones who really push the exclusivity.

Also that piece is ugly and I find nothing redeemable about it.

No. 682446

Every group has its rotten apples who take the ideology too far, I suggest you step off things like subreddits or whatever. I identify as a radfem but don't really hang around the communities because any group based on some sort of an ideology is bound to become a cult. Radfems in particular host people who are recently disillusioned libfems and crossed to the other side to lick their wounds and are now sperging all over the place to get it off their system, but also people who have been traumatized and developed unhealthy copes to deal with it and have been reduced into seething black holes of hate. Feminism, whichever sect, evokes a lot of feelings in women because it's intertwined into our everyday lives and it brings out a lot of emotions.

No. 682447

NTA but while I feel a lot of abstract contemporary art is just money laundering I agree with the "if you don't get it, you don't get it" sentiment. Personally to me there are some pieces that really speak to me and someone else might not look twice at it or understand it at all. Feelings are hard to explain and sometimes you just understand what the artist was inspired by because you experienced something similar.

>I'm just sad that contemporary fine art is positioned as this impenetrable, pretentious ideology when so much of it is fun and sincere.

This I really agree about. I hate how art has been made into something exclusively for the artist scene itself when a lot of it would be perfectly accessible to a wider audience.

No. 682475

This is very succinctly written anon.
I'm happy being somewhere vaguely in the middle and this expresses my reasons for that very well.

No. 682484

This is very true. Honestly, I’m glad I managed to find a middle ground. I feel bad for anyone who is reduced to a black hole of hatred… been there, it isn’t a good way to live.
I agree. The general principles and foundations are good, but there’s so much nuance missing when certain things are being discussed. Especially when it comes to things that are not related to male violence. It took me so long to realize my female friends were toxic and abusing me because I was always told they’d never hurt me. Sisterhood really ain’t all that it’s cracked up to be and healthy and supportive people in your life >>> sisterhood
This so much. There’s so much open racism, ableism, etc. that it’s ultimately divided and becomes a shadow of itself. The treatment of bisexual and straight women can be abysmal, especially if they have an opinion that doesn’t align with radical feminism even though it’s not a bad one to have.

No. 682497

It also depends on where the radfems are from. Radfems from third world countries tend to be on the more grounded side precisely because they have very real experiences with misogyny that affect them directly. A lot of radfems will make good points no matter where they're from, but there's a difference between screeching into the void and zeroing in on specific issues without wasting energy on hating all men ever.

No. 682555

The last few times I've been stopped by charity people in public I've been fully willing to donate them some cash, but they refuse it. They will only accept ongoing donations of large amounts of money via subscription. I'd love to know the rationale behind that because spare change is one thing, but there's no fucking way I'm signing up to donate $50 bucks a month. Surely that's the case for most people and they're only hurting their cause? It's bizarre and they shouldn't pressure people into donating more than they want to anyway.

No. 682595

As a radfem, I agree with many things you girls said but sadly that's just the fate of many online communities kek
>feminism is a 1st world problem
However this never fails to piss me off. I come from a shithole, I'm poor as hell and the reason I consider myself a radfem is because I've had it much worse than many other women that live in countries that are better off. I've experienced and observed insanely shitty treatment of women and that's why my opinions are the way they are, not because I'm a bored rich white girl that has nothing to complain about. From my point of view, libfems are the ones that usually come from more privileged backgrounds because if they truly knew how bad women had it they wouldn't be so sw and tranny positive for example.

No. 682634

This "women in 3rd world countries know what true misogyny is!!" argument is absolutely unnecessary. Just because we don't get stoned for being raped or sold off to be child brides doesn't mean we don't experience misogyny and sexism that shouldn't be fixed. Women didn't have the right to vote until the early to mid 1900s depending on the country, weren't allowed to own private property or even bank accounts until maybe the 1960s. It's not like we've been considered human beings for ages at this point and despite all the laws made to protect us people still find ways to go around them and women are still earning less than men and getting absolutely screwed in divorce courts.

The evil blue haired feminists who seem to "blow shit out of proportion" probably would've been considered to do the same when they were demanding rape in marriage to be considered a crime in the 80s because "of course sex in marriage is always consensual". Women are still being killed by their SOs at high numbers and are still much more likely to die from partner abuse than men. Now that trannies are actually demanding to take over female seats in city councils like New York (it happened, google Emilia Decaudin) we're starting to regress again, which only signals that we must not ever lull ourselves into some false sense of security that "we don't need feminism in the first world anymore because I can drive a car and go outside without a male minder".

No. 682638

Thanks for posting this, I couldn't be bothered formulating an argument so I'm glad someone did. It's insulting and dangerous to act like women in 1st world countries aren't allowed to stand up for our rights just because we aren't suffering the worst of the worst misogyny. If we can't make progress with all our freedom and money, how the fuck will less developed countries? Feminism needs to grow in order to eventually gain more global influence, not get sidelined out of fear of seeming like an evil privileged ~white feminist~.

>We're starting to regress again, which only signals that we must not ever lull ourselves into some false sense of security t

Definitely. Feminism needs to be an ongoing, persistent effort because the more power we gain, the more men lose and the more backlash there is. You can't let up for a second or they'll do what they can to reverse it.

No. 682640

You missed my point entirely.
Liberal feminism is a first world thing and that everyone outside of America and Europe is by default a radical feminist, if they are a feminist at all, certain privileged groups notwithstanding. Therefore, being angry at radical feminists as a whole is stupid since it's the only legitimate kind of feminism there is in 2020 that fights for women's rights exclusively without pandering to men or corporations. If you are indeed upset with radical feminists for being "toxic", then look abroad instead of writing things off based on how people in your neighbourhood act.
It has nothing to do with rich Western women not experiencing misogyny.

No. 682641

This reminds me of the time I was desperate for a job and applying for hundreds. Employment in the area was really low and 100+ people would apply for a cleaning job. I got a call back from a ‘marketing agency’ and asked to come in for an interview. The interviewer was wearing a flashy suit and took me out to a hipster cafe to chat. After a load of business-speak crap he told me the role was knocking on people’s doors and getting them to sign up for charity donations.

“So it’s minimum wage?”
“No, you only get paid for commissions, but you can easily sign up 4 people an hour and earn £XX”
“Is that… legal?”
“Haha yeah! You’d be freelance, you just have to pay an accountant £100 every tax year to sort out your taxes”
“So… I’d be working for myself?”
“… yeah”
“Why am I at a job interview then?”

I was desperate for a job but even I had to say no to that shit.

I disagree with the method entirely but the rationale is that they don’t get enough through random donations. People often will throw some change in a charity tin or round up the payment on a card machine but that’s nothing compared to donating $50 a month. The aggressive tactics are because genuine charity workers shaking buckets are often ignored (and they have less motivation if they’re not earning a commission). The aim is that you will sign up and forget about the direct debit, though I would argue that most people would cancel it straightaway after such an unpleasant encounter.

No. 682649

>getting absolutely screwed in divorce courts
women get everything in divorce what are you talking about?

No. 682651

>You can't let up for a second or they'll do what they can to reverse it.
This is seriously something people need to realize. We can't just drop our hands and be "Okay, we're done now, no feminism needed anymore". Abortion rights are currently under fire in the western world and Poland even managed to ban them almost entirely. We need to stay vigilant or we'll lose what we achieved the moment we turn our backs, it's not only about gaining more rights but also keeping what we have now.

No. 682653

No. According to studies and statistics women are more likely to lose their quality of life after divorce. They're the ones who usually have to sacrifice their career and income to take care of the kids, and the legal fees in divorce court cuts them a lot deeper than the husband. And because women are often given the custody of the kids (because in most cases the men don't want sole custody) they'll have to support them on a single person's income. A lot of them are also divorcing because of an abusive husband and struggle with mental health issues caused by the relationship and are more likely unable to work. https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2016/04/the-divorce-gap/480333/
>Despite the common perception that women make out better than men in divorce proceedings, women who worked before, during, or after their marriages see a 20 percent decline in income when their marriages end, according to Stephen Jenkins, a professor at the London School of Economics. His research found that men, meanwhile, tend to see their incomes rise more than 30 percent post-divorce. Meanwhile, the poverty rate for separated women is 27 percent, nearly triple the figure for separated men.

And here's a good article summarizing how women get screwed over in divorce court because their allegations of being raped or abused in marriage aren't taken seriously: https://www.theguardian.com/society/commentisfree/2020/mar/05/family-courts-biased-men-dangerous-fallacy-abuse

There are plenty of resources regarding the subject, try reading something else than MRA reddits fantasizing about being cucked out of their wealth by gold diggers.

No. 682657

I had the same interviews twice for two different companies this summer, I ghosted them when they asked to meet me in person to sign the contract and show me their hq. A friend tried that kind of job a few years ago because she had no other opportunities at the time and she earned less than minimum wage while working six days a week, more than full-time.

No. 682666

Late reply but fuck yes hard agree. People think being “anxious” about fucking everything is a personality trait and best part is that just sucking up and dealing with whatever is causing you the anxiety will usually solve it. You try it and you keep doing it and soon enough you see it’s not hard or scary. Wish I could be your friend, anon. Need more people with your mindset in my life tbh

No. 682670

>just get over yourselves
>just grow some fucking balls
That's not how anxiety works. There's undoubtly people who fake anxiety for the cute points but social anxiety and generalized anxiety are real, diagnosable disorders that need treatment. Anxiety is a mental illness amd that isn't the same as just being a lil shy or nervous.

No. 682672

I've been calling and picking up phone calls everyday for 6 years, because that was how I made money to survive. The anxiety and disgust never got better. It was one of the reasons why my mental health was shit for years and refused to get better.

No. 682676

>the ideology has caused me so much pain, internalized hatred, self-harm, suicidal tendencies, etc.
wtf anon, have you considered that it may be a you problem instead of a radfem problem? How can radical feminism make you selfharm and interalize hatred? At it's core, it's about embracing how wonderful women are and fighting for their rights. Is it the 'men hate us and there is so much misogyny in the world' part that made you suicidal?
>you encounter the misogynistic and victim-blaming radfems who are no better than incels
what kind of radfems have you met, wtf

No. 682677

I'm from 3rd world and poor and social anxiety made my life so much harder. Even though there are comics that make it look cute and quirky, it doesn't change the fact that a good amount of people suffer from it and no matter how much they try, it doesn't improve at all.
Also, this is far from being an unpopular opinion so go fuck yourself.

No. 682679

Nta but I think that those points refer to people who don’t have anxiety disorders and are instead, like you said, shy and nervous but claim anxiety without even trying.

No. 682680

this is actually a type of mlm/pyramid scheme and i also almost signed up for it too before i talked to friends who had normal office jobs and noticed the red flags. this YouTube video is really interesting and goes in depth about the business practices of these types of agencies if you’re into that sort of thing.

No. 682681

We should all just agree that men are human garbage and stop filling up these threads with various shades of 'men are human garbage'

No. 682685

These conversations do get boring and circular at times, but I prefer that to women not talking about these issues.

No. 682686

egh was too pedo

No. 682713

I love wearing face masks

No. 682716

Same! Especially now it’s winter here, finally a socially acceptable way to keep the face warm.

No. 682719

My face gets so red in the winter that I like them too. I kinda want them to become the norm in my country, every flu season

No. 682721

Marriage is an overly romanticized misogynistic practice that strips women from their personhood and legally binds them to be subservient to a man's name. I don't understand women who are pandering to men, hate other women and are desperate to get married.

No. 682727

Yes, and if you tell anyone you think this way they’ll think you are somehow defective or jealous.

I also find the obsession with weddings bizarre.

No. 682729


According to a friend who lived in India, many feminists were against non-gendered rape laws and actively fought against men being able to be victims of rape. However, the laws they have basically only cover male-on-female rape which basically means female rapists can get off the hook and their victims get no recourse. Similarly, in some SK boards, female pedophiles are regularly encouraged and defended and some Asian countries have similarly gendered rape laws.

It isn't just about rich western women. Sometimes it's about genuine issues that should be addressed but instead are lost in some power struggle or justification for doing/saying some actually fucked up shit and hypocrisy and it goes unaddressed.

No. 682730

As a divorced woman I see other women thinking there's all this security in marriage too, and I just want to share that the one break up where I was ghosted was my marriage break up… every other ex has stayed in touch with me after we broke up face to face. My husband texted me and then made himself unreachable. You'd think that there must be a backstory to a man suddenly doing that… if he has a reason I still don't know it a decade later lol

No. 682735

I mean I thought most people were in it for the tax advantages or whatever.

No. 682737

File: 1606488998587.jpg (18.44 KB, 388x397, 4114ab315461c06eceb5fb7df9b936…)

I really hate people who make fun of phobias or try to "joke" or "prank" people who have certain phobias. Arachnophbia is what i have, and it boils my blood whenever someone in my family or a random stranger just tells me "oh they are more scared of you than you are of them" or they show me pictures of spiders which gives me alot of anxiety.

I do not get people pranking other people who have phobias and thinking its funny when they are literally inducing anxiety and panic attacks onto those people. It's just disrespectful and honestly makes them look like unempathetic assholes.

No. 682738

How many of those male rape victims had acid thrown in their faces? How many of them were gangbanged and killed? How many of the perpetrators were women? Is your friend a rich girl from Mumbai who posts #BLM in her insta story but looks down on girls darker skinned than her? She had money to emigrate so she's certainly not from a lower class.

The reason feminism, and especially radical feminism, exists is so women have a voice and can fight for rights and justice they do not have. Men's issues are not relevant to women or feminism because they do not affect women. Men have all the power so they should expend some of that to condemn female rapists if it truly is such a problem.

It isn't just about rich western women, you're right. It's about rich women (the privileged minorities I mentioned) overall. Nobody addresses these things because these people have wealth and power to defend themselves.

No. 682740

Because I had been told that I was awful, that I deserved to be abused, that I deserved to be raped, etc. because of my interest in BDSM and attraction to men. I've repeatedly been told that it was my fault if a woman got raped because I wasn't staunchly against BDSM or sex work between consenting adults. I've met and read about radfems who've raped other women and have preyed on minors and children. In fact, even when I tried to come out about my abuse at the hands of a female peer, I had been told that it was no big deal, that I deserved it, etc. because of her justifications for abusing me. And many of this when I was still a child myself.

Even now in non-anon places like Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, etc., or hell, even other image boards, I've been told female on female rape "isn't that bad" because there is no risk of pregnancy. I've gotten messages on tumblr from radfems saying that I (and other women) who decide to participate in BDSM or sex work deserve to be raped, beaten, etc. I've gotten and have seen messages from other radfems saying bisexual women are just straight women and deserve to be abused for being in relationships with men because "all men are abusive" and if you decide to be in a relationship with one, there's no way you couldn't have wanted or seen the abuse coming. Then you have the ones who justify mothers abusing their female daughters because of the "pain of womanhood" or that "it's the mans fault" when a woman kills or abuses her own children and the absolute disregard for people with abusive mothers.

It is legitimately no better than an incel especially when other radfems see, reblog, etc., and don't even bother calling out the fact that another radfem said that a woman deserved to be raped or beaten because of participating in sex work or BDSM. At most, I've gotten a "Well /I/ didn't say it and I don't agree with them." but then they go right back to agreeing with the person.

Yes, at its core it may be about accepting women and fighting for their rights. But the core of almost any ideology is good on paper. When toxic and vile things within an ideology go unchallenged beyond "well I don't agree", "Well they aren't an actual xyz", etc. it taints it.

So to answer your question, yes I have considered that it may just be a "me" problem because I had been told repeatedly that I deserved to be abused, raped, to kill myself, etc. by the same radfems who said they were fighting for my rights as a woman and that I was obligated to fight alongside them. Obligatory "not all" but just like when it comes to men, if there are "just enough" to justify hating them, it's the same for many radical feminists and women. There are "just enough" to where the ideology can be considered toxic when it becomes more about justifying being awful rather than leveling the playing field and maintaining rights for women.

No. 682741

>It isn't just about rich western women, you're right. It's about rich women (the privileged minorities I mentioned) overall.
I wouldn't go that far. It's really only about those who look down on the other women. I'm sure there are some empathetic individuals among them.

No. 682743

She isn't and you don't exactly have to be rich or privileged to emigrate to a different country. Illegal immigrants are still a thing.

Also, I didn't specify whether the victim was a male or not. I said female rapists.

Yes, victims of rape should be protected but just because you may not have acid thrown in your face or killed doesn't mean you are any less a victim of rape. Women can rape other women– one of the biggest flaws in gendered rape laws. Raping someone or pedophilia should be in no way defendable, excusable, or justifiable. That should not be a controversial statement.

No. 682744

Its smarter to have a "normal" wedding ceremoney and spend all the money on future or in worst case honeymoon imo. Never understood people who spend thousands on a wedding for show-offs which no one will remember about after.

No. 682745

I have it too and live alone so dealing with house spiders by myself is always fun lol. I don't know why when it comes to even the most common phobias people act weird about it like… I love rats and rodents but I can easily understand when someone is shit scared of them and I know not to shove my pet under someones nose if they fear that animal. It's not that hard to understand.

No. 682747

I don't think that's unpopular, it's just that most people don't really think about it. I don't have a phobia per se, but I am very weak to jumpscares, including walking up behind me and poking me or screaming at me. My father thinks it's absolutely hilarious when he scares me while I'm too sleepy to process my surroundings yet, and if I act unamused, then I'm being the fun-killer. And I hear about so many girls being pranked with spiders/insects this way by their boyfriends, and they even post it online.

No. 682752

I was married for about 5 years, never changed my name. (It's something you have to file totally separate paperwork to do) .. Taxes were better and best of all I got to be on his health insurance while I went to school full-time. It was an equal partnership, neither of us was "subservient" to the other.

Not to say some people don't end up in unequal marriages. I feel for those women, but I don't think it really has anything to do with marriage itself.

No. 682755

Nta but I’ve also seen the victim blaming thing for choosing to be in a relationship with a man from radfems. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met some really cool and level headed ones but there are a couple out there who do start to sound like incels when talking about other women’s choices.

No. 682759

Having the support of your parents shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of, it’s great to have someone who wants to help you out during hard times and that just wants you to be happy and successful.

No. 682761

Diff anon but yeah scrotes love to power trip whenever you have a certain phobia and they are so cool and brave for just not having the same phobia. My last ex would sit there while I begged him to just sort out a spider for me… insisting that we leave the spider there. I would say if you don't want to kill it that's fine but can you please just catch it and put it outside for me? Nope.

Well he was shit scared of wasps and when wasps came in the window we didn't just let them find their own way back out… no suddenly I was expected to deal with it on his behalf while he ran and hid in another room. No irony there lol

No. 682764

tbf marriage is nothing more than a legal contract which is especially good if you have or plan to have assets or children together.

but that sounds more like an issue with the person or people involved rather than marriage if it legally binds you into or you view it as subservience. That, and the good thing is if anything happens to you or your partner, you are effectively the next of kin which is useful if either of you has toxic/abusive parents and families.

No. 682774

People who give looks or fake cough when they walk or stand close to someone that’s having a cigarette are losers. You don’t know what someone is going through or how they live so imposing your judgments on what choices strangers make in their lives is pretentious. At the same time people who smoke in closed spaces next to people or children are just as much of losers. Showing decency costs nothing and minding your own business also costs nothing.

No. 682778

Anon you replied to. Thank you for the explanation and I am so sorry for your horrible experiences with radfems.
I guess I was extremely luck to not ran into this kind of women… though I did see some lesfem talk shit about 'bihets'. Absolutely horrible, especially since they are preaching about ~sisterhood uwu~ while treating women that are not politically pure enough for them like shit.
It fucking sucks because this is why we will never get shit done. We (women) infight among each other instead of focusing on the real enemy and leaving the rest of shit to sort itself out.

No. 682779

Having a small close knit group of friends is ideal. Hell, maybe even just one friend.

No. 682781

>Hell, maybe even just one friend.
It is until they find someone better and suddenly you don't exist.

No. 682782

>implying it's women who rape men and not other men
Try again friend

No. 682783

not everyone picks shit friends

No. 682786

> You don’t know what someone is going through or how they live so imposing your judgments on what choices strangers make in their lives is pretentious.
I would agree if they were drinking alcohol or something, but people are going to judge when someone’s choice impacts the literal air they are breathing lol. They don’t know what the person they are subjecting to their smoke is going through either.

No. 682792

Late but I agree. If you have "social anxiety," but your anxiety is limited to getting shy in front of strangers, being a bit uncomfortable in crowded spaces, and feelings nervous when presenting projects- you don't have social anxiety.

No. 682793

I’m the op and I miss wrote it a little. It’s supposed to be “smoke in closed spaces, next to people or children” so if you smoke next to people you don’t know or don’t want to be around it then you’re a loser as well. Someone smoking far away from people but then having people walk past / close just so they can moralfag in some way is a bitch thing to do. Someone smoking down the empty street that you can avoid isn’t killing you or affecting you unless they are smoking something much stronger than a regular cigarette lol. Cars, dust and several other things affect the air you breathe so I understand 100% people who want to stay away from someone also smoking but my post is specifically targeted at people needing that lil kick of self importance in their day to bother someone about their life choices.

No. 682795

Yeah I got over my own anxiety with time and practice, I didn't need a therapist, I just needed to not be around my abusive family that would yell at me and insult me for just saying hello to the neighbors and that forced me to be a shut-in until university. I have a friend who's still like this but way worse and everytime there's an opportunity to get over it she finds pretexts to not participate in social events, she became more and more of a shut-in out of choice and I bet the mere fact that she had to make constant phone calls during her internship made her refuse to stay in the company even though it was an amazing opportunity that other people would have killed for. I related to her at first but now I can't at all.

No. 682798

When you're stupid as fuck choices means I have to breathe extremely polluted air that smells awful and could make me physically sick and there are a shit ton of smokers with lung cancer or other diseases that are occupying beds in hospitals, as well as people with asthma or other heavy stuff because of their family members who smoke, yes I'm going to judge you. It's not like a gambling addiction which only affects you and maybe you're closest friends and family members.

No. 682800

This is fascinating because the worst I've experienced is being screeched at for liking anime and I've never heard of radfems raping women or defending female rape or grooming minors. Literally never and I find it really hard to believe. What kind of groups did you hang around in so that I know how to avoid them?

No. 682808

Just don't smoke, you absolute faggot. It's literally that easy.

No. 682815

I honestly just can't stand religous people across the board. I have never in my entire life known a religous person who wasn't logically compromised as a result of their dumb ass belief in fairytales, regardless of what their specific faith is or what their politics are. They're also entitled AF and expect everyone to "respect their beliefs" by letting them say the dumbest shit without challenge or expressing any views that conflict with theirs.

No. 682822

I agree with this. The demand by so many religious people that others respect their beliefs ends up being more coddling and infantilising than respectful. It's a problem across the political spectrum too

No. 682825

>People who give looks or fake cough
Thing is you can't be certain about 'funny looks' or 'fake coughs' There was an anon on here lately asking for what the appropriate response is when someone gives you a look and… honestly if you're in a bad mood it's very easy to just imagine that people are scowling at you. I never read that deep into a look from a stranger

No. 682827

Some of this was irl and other parts were places like tumblr, twitter, reddit, Asian image boards, etc. It can happen on any social media or in any group really. There isn't really a kind of "group" you should avoid but really just keep an eye out for in general toxic people and just stay 10 feet away from them. There's a bunch on tumblr about radfems who defend women who "slept with" underage male students by citing that the male student had power over them and I have been cursed enough to have had to read the terms "consensual pedophilia" in defense of a woman who slept with her underage student.

No. 682828

NTA but anon, I think you have a very misconstrued view of religion and spirituality as a whole. It's not about believing in "fairytales," but they're views based on millenniums of philosophy and questions.

No. 682829

I hope you remember this once someone drops your sorry ass.

No. 682831

When they want you to respect their beliefs but they won't respect your lack of beliefs.. cool.

I had a childhood of forced mass and as a kid with anxiety from a young age everything church related spooked the hell out of me and I cried and fought to try and get out of being in that building where the statues all looked possessed and the priest kept talking about 'a presence being with us' lol. Looking back I could never fight that pointless fight with a distressed kid.

No. 682834

Wow, someone's bitter.

No. 682836

>I think you have a very misconstrued view of religion
Nta but I KEKed at this gem

No. 682845

at least I'm not in denial that you can avoid losing friends by 'not picking shit ones' like people are selfharming fortunetellers lmfao

No. 682851

I'm not sure where you live where religion is just philosophical, but I live in Burgerland, where most religous people straight up believe in fairytails. They typically don't treat it as metaphorical or philisophical, they literally believe there is an omnipresent dude in the sky who knows everything everyone on Earth does and will send you to eternal bliss or eternal torture based on a series of criteria that changes depending on who you ask.

No. 682867

I don't have a problem with "e-begging." Every time I see someone under a tweet, posting a link to help them crowdfund, I wish I could help.

No. 682868

You can, though.

No. 682871

Diff anon, I live in a place where the virgin mary is a big focus… that shit is taken quite literally. And abortion discussions…. centre around shit like that and how god plays a part in creating every last baby on earth so you better not abort one. Want your tubes tied…. nah god wouldn't approve of that either. It finds it's way into too many discussions of womens reproductive rights. Young peoples rights to abort (or marry if you're gay) are being dictated by someone elses fairytales. Fairytales that younger generations are already dismissing. But you can't opt out of having those fairytales rule over you in law..fuck me it's nuts.

No. 682875

You're way too sweet, anon

No. 682880

What's the typical thing they're trying to fund?

Those examples where people are like 'help out a bpd, non binary, neurodivergent person in need of rent money' They put me off. I have my own disabilities too but just say that you need rent money without having to tick a bunch of those pity boxes.

No. 682896

I really hate to antagonize other women but I’ve noticed that internet can be super hostile to thin women. After mentioning my weight in a fashion thread for some advice on sizing and then getting cursed out on here I thought it was just LC but I’m seeing the same thing happening to other women on Reddit (but with downvotes). I don’t understand the hate towards thin people who are seeking clothing advice. I get that some women can have EDs or be gloating about their weight but personally I’m just a narrow person which is why I have so many fit issues. I’m not even trying to brag about a waist to hip ratio bc mine has barely any difference but finding clothes for an abnormally small/narrow body is shit. Especially because my waist is small but then so are my hips so even if I order the right waist size I’ll still have to get the bottoms tailored bc they keep stretching and falling down. And just for reference my body line is not ideal or super attractive (I’m straight waisted and very narrow) and I’m short so I’m gonna be smaller in weight than someone taller. Even if I explain this I’m probably going to get cursed out or asked, “did you really need to put your weight” like I’m fishing for compliments. I’m obviously not the only person that this happens to as there’s definitely women who are smaller and have better proportions.

No. 682902

I think stylized (even anime) art is more interesting than realistic art. I find stylized art charming and unique. I wish normies understood that stylized art is better than your basic realism which you can see everywhere.

No. 682905

I think everyone (on reddit) will assume when a woman says that, that she is lying and actually fat. It sucks if you are trying to get advice and people are mocking you. Funny how when a man says anything, everyone automatically believes him

No. 682923

Lol yeah I am also pretty small with very narrow shoulders and most clothes even extra small ones keep slipping of. I just wanna buy clothes without having to adjust them every time

No. 682924

Are you also Brazillian Jonny?

No. 682928

I've noticed there's deffinitely been an uptick of angry fat chicks here lately. You can't even say an influencer or celebrity looks better after weight loss or gentley criticize certain aspects of the fat positivity movement here anymore without getting sperged at.

No. 682932

>angry fat chicks
Um.. they prefer to be called thicc

No. 682942

Same. I remember venting really hard because I was looking for a pretty dress my size for a wedding I was invited to for four months and mentioned by passing how I hate when fat women complain about the fashion industry when they have way more variety and choice tha I ever will, and so many anons were pissed and called me an anorexic. I think many people, not even just fat ones, just project their insecurities or personal issues on others online way more easily because they can't see what people look like online unless they specifically post a picture. I never have these reactions irl for complaining about not finding cute clothes my size easily and probably never will because people will automatically see that I'm skinny and flat-chested and that I only wear the most basic shit ever.

No. 682943

lol that reminds me of all the posts going around from bitter fat chicks on sites like twitter and tumblr bitching about how thin women with restrictive eating disorders are literally evil because they are afraid of being fat.

No. 682946

Lately, lol? They were always here, and they always get easily triggered. Their most massive trigger is when people in the COVID thread talk about obesity being the prime factor in covid mortality. They always go nuts at that.

No. 682947

It’s pure projection if you’re just stating facts and not saying shit like ‘help me I’m so smol uwu’. Some people online get shitty if you explain an issue for example having big thighs but a small waist, an issue that requires mentioning proportions. They’ll tell you to stop whining as you seemingly have the Kylie Jenner ideal, when you’re not complaining or humblebragging, you are simply asking for advice on which pants will be flattering. In cases like this shrug it off, some people are just super sensitive and can’t even stand reading about a thin person online. I don’t know how they live.

No. 682950

That sounds hilarious if they take that kind of important info so personally, I'll check this out.

No. 682951

>how I hate when fat women complain about the fashion industry when they have way more variety and choice tha I ever will
Because fat women shockingly don't all share the same bodies either, and the reason why they have the options they do is that they lobbied together for it for decades despite people in the industry screeching at and belittling them for existing.

Anyway don't mind me with these pesky facts. Let's get back to the thin persecution.

No. 682952

♥ A lot of people like to say that including a sob story in their description turns them off of wanting to donate, but I disagree. I feel like if you've reached a point where you've got to put your business out there like that, you're really down bad and need the money. Sidenote: the people on here who admit to making up sob stories to get donations make me mad.

No. 682955

Found the angry fat anon

No. 682961

Imagine if fatties put the same amount of effort into being under 200lbs that they do into insisting fashion and beauty standards change to accomodate them.

No. 682962

I don't see how having a "sob story" would even be an issue honestly. If you're donating to someone, wouldn't you want to know where your money is going to? Like, some people do lie to get donations, but a person explaining their story and why they need money isn't a "sob story".

No. 682964

Imagine if fatties didn't live rent-free in your mind so much.

No. 682968

Nta, agree though. People who bitch about ‘sob stories’ don’t understand that it’s someone’s life, it’s not a story. Of course no one’s going to give money to someone who just asks for it with no explanation, but maybe they will donate to someone who explains they have a serious illness and insurance does not cover treatment.

I do wish there was a way for it to be regulated to stop scammers.

No. 682971

uh oh farmers are fighting about weight again

>Nori is gross

>Plain Lays potato chips are too salty and have a weird oily-ness. Way over-hyped tbh
>Mcdonalds fries are the only thing worth eating there
>Gloomy weather is actually great and not sad. Rain with a little bit of chilliness is the best thing on earth.

No. 682973

>people in the industry screeching at and belittling them for existing.
>for existing
Thanks for proving my point. Anyway, just lose weight and calm down lol.

No. 682980

Don't be so sensitive.

No. 682990

>Imagine if fatties didn't live rent-free in your mind so much.
I would have less cautionary tales to remind me of the importance of cardio.

No. 683009

Nta but the last thing I donated to was a no-kill animal shelter that mostly needed money for animal food. I also agree people should put their whole sob story if it was a string of bad events that lead them to have to post for money.

No. 683023

>spends whole life seething about thin women, as if being fat is a race you're just born into and not the result of specific eating habits
>claims fatties live rent-free in everyone else's minds
Stop. Eat less.

No. 683078

Except when you actually have anxiety and it gets worse and no matter how many times you do something and understand it’s not a big deal you still panic and dread over doing it. You sound like my teachers who would say “if you’re nervous just take a deep breath! we’re all stressed about this! etc” during public speaking when I get such tightness in my chest and throat I can barely talk or take a breath anyway. I do get annoyed at social media people who show off their anxieties and frame it as “uwu I’m a wittle bebby I can’t do this I’m scared” because in reality it’s shit and no one cares about how debilitating a simple thing could be but I don’t want people to look down on me for something I can’t control my reaction to.

No. 683207

The thing is, I've been borderline overweight and despite my size being larger compared to now, I still fit best in petite clothing. The same goes for other women because petite/regular/tall sizing comes down to bones/height. Yet mentioning the word "petite" on somewhere like r/femalefashionadvice will result in: 1) downvotes and 2) an angry user mocking you on r/ffacj for being so "smol". Like bitch anyone who is short limbed can be petite and I wish I was taller personally. But why tf are they so hostile to short woman in general. Are they self-loathing giantesses or…?

No. 683237

Nobody thinks about fatties. They let them have their moment in front of the camera to shut them up but they can’t wait to get the beautiful thin or buxom women back in front of the camera. They certainly don’t live rent free in anyone’s mind.

No. 683250

Idk I looked at her "before" pictures. I could see how she's Midwest US pretty. I looked it up and she's from Riverside, so pretty much the same thing. Imo most ecelebs are unremarkable or ugly (mostly the men are ugly).
I mostly talk to post-leftists and egocoms/anarcho-egoists about politics. I don't totally agree with ethical egoism, but they might be a fresh of breath air for you. Egoism deters the woke twitter crowd.

No. 683258

Furry art is ok
The sfw kind anyway

No. 683289

File: 1606565367194.jpeg (33.65 KB, 620x495, C01DC7A2-B90F-4CB3-BD48-348C79…)

I’m Asian and I’m neutral about fat people, except for fat Asians. In a population that is largely healthy weight, any Asians who manage to get obese (not just overweight) are particularly pitiful in my eyes. I don’t see it as a moral failing tho, mental illness is probably a factor.

No. 683302

I think breaking up with someone early on in the relationship because they have mental health issues is a fair reason to break up and doesn't make you an asshole.

No. 683314

File: 1606569027323.jpg (84.23 KB, 819x1024, 20201128_081030.jpg)

They're probably doing it as a fetish anyway. Also I can't see how you can be surprised. With so many shut-ins and possible food delivery and NEETS that live with their parents (I know one of them), how do you think it happens?

No. 683316

Do you think that if it became common for Asians to be obese, you would change your opinion and consider them like any other fat people? I imagine white people felt the same back when very few white people were obese.

No. 683400

Agreed, it’s something I try to tell my s.o’s soonish so no one wastes their time. Too bad men think they can fix everything and stick around forever until they unceremoniously dump you years later for it. Gotta get those savior points built up I guess.

No. 683413

I agree. Hell I also wish I had the self esteem to walk away from relationships when I was sick and their lack of understanding just made it snowball. Either person ending a messy relationship and saving you both that struggle is fair

No. 683445

selling worthless clothes for a few dollars each < giving them to charity

every time i see someone selling forever 21 shit for like £2-3 on facebook/depop/ebay i just think damn, how are you such a bum

total addict behaviour tbh

No. 683455

Kinda similar to this, there's a few charity shops (thrift stores?) in my area and now that bin collection services are expensive and household waste is charged by the kilo… people are putting the nastiest trash items out in front of the charity shops thinking they'll somehow want them or be able to sell them on.

Now that the charity shops are closed with covid people are still dumping that stuff out front..in the rain in front of a closed store. I'm cheap AF myself but I don't act shitty just to save a few quid.

No. 683483

How dare people try to make a buck off their own clothes

No. 683517

Why would charity want those worthless clothes? If you can’t sell them then why would they be able to? you might as well just toss them in a landfill yourself or at least use them as rags instead.

No. 683520

Chutney from legally blonde was right to feel that way and i wish they had picked a different case because it ruined elles character for me.

No. 683537

Did anyone actually feel like she was in the wrong after watching the movie? Her saying her dad married a woman her age disgusted me when I was a teenager and I'm used to married couples with huge age gaps, the only wrong thing here is that she killed someone instead of telling everyone to fuck off.

No. 683545

This is definitely considered an unpopular opinion on here but I do believe there's a hard distinction between trans men or afab non-binary people who wish they didn't have boobs and butches & studs who don't want theirs either and don't say "yeah, the distinction is one group has mental illness".

No. 683547

Yes a lot of people think she had no right to be upset and that it's normal and cool. I wish elle had shown more sympathy to her, it ruined the movie for me.
Killing is wrong obviously, but if she made her dads life hell for it i'd support her.

No. 683553

>but if she made her dads life hell for it i'd support her.
She killed him so I guess she literally just did that. Joking aside, I don't mind Elle not showing sympathy because she had to look professional to prove her skills at the end of the day and she was already biased since her clients is also one of her friends. You're making me want to watch the movie again, it's been so long but it's such a good movie I still remember so many scenes.

No. 683562

Nonbinary is not a real thing, it's just a label for people who want to appear special without making any effort.

No. 683563

In my country I’m having trouble giving away clothes to charity. One reason is covid, some places told me to come next year and some only take a few pieces and only specific kinds like no dresses now or no mens suits

No. 683565

Everyone on lc knows. But this seems to be that topic where some of you say the same things like a broken record.

No. 683580

Selling is actually the best way to discard of clothes which are still wearable. It ensures that the items are going to people who want them rather than throwing them into the void.

Charity shops are generally overwhelmed by donations so the shit-tier brands often go straight in the recycling bin except if they’re BNWT. Recycling is obviously good but the literal pennies charities earn per sack isn’t worth the time or effort. They largely only do it because it would cost money to dump shit, and probably for eco brownie points too.

It’s better for everyone to sell your shit. If you don’t want the few quid, you could give that to charity.

No. 683581

Do you have charity bins where you live? There's a few around my way and I always put my old clothes in them.

No. 683584

NTA but everything in charity bins where I live goes straight to the landfill. Most charities, as anons above pointed out, don't need outdated fast fashion rags or things that look like something chewed on them. They're already receiving too much worthless stuff. They have now started issuing lists of acceptable brands and straight up saying all the other clothes are worthless.

People keep buying clothes from H&M and "giving them away to charity" after one season to assuage their guilt, only to replace them with more H&M tripe they'll "give away to charity" once they're done. If you don't wanna wear your ratty old t shirt, what makes you think someone else will?

No. 683595

Idk, the bins around my way I've saw the actual charity vans come by and sort through the bags of clothes. I can't speak for others but I take care of my clothes I don't donate them because they're in a bad state, it's usually because I've worn the same piece to death. I keep some pieces I've an emotional attachment too, maybe for a future child or something. I mean you're not suppose to donate dirty unwearable things, but maybe common sense is in short supply these days. Once I give my clothes to these bins I don't really care if they use them in their shops or sell them on for recycling or whatever.

No. 683611

And a lot of donated clothes are sold in bulk and exported to third world countries. It ends up fucking up local economies by the lower price point pushing local textile workers out of business.
Additionally, it makes me wonder how much of a carbon footprint and used resources come from shipping containers, of what could be essentially value-less polyester rags, all over the globe.

I don't really see a good solution to the abundance of second-hand clothes. Donating, reselling, throwing away all create problems one way or another. Really, the real root of the problem is fast fashion and hyper-consumerism. People just need to stop buying shit.
Fuck, everything we do contributes to a fucked up system.

No. 683620

unless you live in an area that has dangerous spiders, people who are scared of spiders are cowards

No. 683624

Phobias tend to be irrational, anon.

No. 683650

Isn't there a difference between being unrationally scared and a phobia though? Maybe I'm wrong.

No. 683666

A phobia by definition is based on irrational fear.