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No. 679774

The vent thread now with 100% less anime threadpics.

Previous vents,

No. 679778

HOW DO I GET RID OF IMPOSTER SYNDROME? Why do I always feel like such a moron. Dear Santa, please bring me some self esteem for Christmas.

No. 679788

It'd be cool if the coomer thoughts stopped for a moment. The irrational part of my brain is compelled to set up a Tinder for a hook-up, but it's out of the question considering that 1) there's COVID 2) I have no experience 3) I'd have to deal with moids 4) there's a 99% chance it would be disappointing, unpleasant time. God, I just want to get work done without feeling horny and depraved.

No. 679791

>The vent thread now with 100% less anime threadpics.
The way it should be. Bless you, anon. Where is the thread pic from? It's gorgeous

No. 679804

File: 1606122294619.jpg (198.98 KB, 602x800, main-qimg-d87caf829be22e0a0abd…)

I was just looking at those creepy accurate biblical angels holy fuck

No. 679805

It's Angelic Host Mask by Phillip valdez, I believe.

No. 679810

File: 1606123744209.jpg (74.81 KB, 452x588, Screenshot_20201112-120040.jpg)

Nice new thread ban anime
Somehow I want to vent atm. I fucking hate to be in my highly sensitive flesh of body. Feels dissociating and soaked in hundreds of bugs with their tiny legs. Feel like rotting. On top of that, can't get a call from nurse today so guess I'll hang around lc.

No. 679813

So glad I read this, I keep getting the most absolutely ridiculous outrageous impulses to fuck someone I truly would regret fucking all because I’m beyond bored and apparently am going through some fucked up shit deep down. I’m not even very horny and I have a lower sex drive but my pathetic boredom and bizarre impulses are pissing me off. I haven’t had sex in 5 years (only ever banged my high school boyfriend kek) so I think I’ll blame most of this on covid and being unable to work and unable to do stuff or to really go anywhere.

No. 679817

I just saw the gore pictures someone just posted and I don't even know what to think.

No. 679819

It's some retard still going on that stupid vtuber thread, I've reported it. Sorry you had to see it anon.

No. 679820

ADHD is running my life. I'm a fucking mess and can barley fuction. Everything I try to help with my ADHD always ends in failure. Here I am 2 and half weeks before the end of the semester thinking I can learn everything. I don't know what I'm gonna do when if I drop out of my classes yet again. I'm currently thinking of a contrived plan to show my mom I passed my classes if I do end up dropping them.

No. 679821

That thread proves that being male is a mental illness.

No. 679826

I see, thank you for reporting it anon. i think I'm going to go pet my dog for a while.

Thinking about it you really don't see a lot of women doing that shit.

No. 679828

Who wants to bet it's the same guy furiously switching IPs each time he gets banned for making a blatant seething scrote post?
Sorry you had to see that, anon. Try not to look at the home page or /w/ for awhile, I think this retard's going to keep trying to raid for a few days. I'll report the posts whenever I see them too.

No. 679832

I dont understand why this retard wastes his time whiteknighting a person who will never truly acknowledge his existence.

No. 679833

It really seems to be a moid thing. They love posting gore and disgusting shit. They do it every time they try to “raid” kek.
So pathetic that the scrote did for some fucking vtuber LMAO

No. 679834

It makes me want to die that twitch streamers make as much money as they do. I really just think of all the issues there are in the world and in communities of poverty and it’s fucking sick seeing dumbasses get paid millions to show their face and play a game. Then they waste money on the stupidest shit because they’re mindless and want to be trendy and quirky for their audience. The world is fucking dumb I’m sick of being alive and having to see myself and people suffer and not being able to do anything about it because I don’t have the power.
Also love that people will care more about giving money to a pet animal than someone suffering from an illness that’ll be in crippling medical debt. (Sorry for being poorfag I’m currently in a lot of pain and really emotional because I can’t afford surgery necessary to diagnose me and I didn’t eat today)

No. 679835

This. Vtubers are just Twitch thots with anime avatars. They don't love you, they just want your money lmao. You literally have to pay them to give you even a second of their time. Yet you have retarded moids sperging out in the threads about how they can't believe so-and-so is just doing it for money or is dating behind their backs. Seriously wonder how retards like this even hold down jobs, unless they're just stealing mommy and daddy's money to blow on Superchats.

No. 679839

Anemic anons:
I would try making a really dense stew with lentils, beans, a lot of leafy greens like spinach or kale/chard, and red meat.

If you're vegan, just swap the red meat for more beans.

You can eat Pumpkin seeds, roasted chickpeas, sunflower seeds, top everything with sesame.
A go to lunch for me was:
1 serving of cottage cheese, handful of shredded spinach, 1 small tomato, some cucumber and tuna with spices. It's a good amount of protein and boosts in iron.
Have your doctors run tests on your kidneys if you can't find any other things wrong that's causing the anemia, and see if you can't find some supplements at the local shop/pharmacy if your doctor is a lazy dick about filling scripts.

Best of luck, my advice is from personal so ymmv.

No. 679850

Sorry you're suffering, but the implication that people shouldn't choose to support a pet that they've had and loved for years versus a total stranger is a bit misguided.

No. 679852

File: 1606133047886.jpeg (47.42 KB, 640x377, 1A53ABE1-D579-4DEA-B8EA-FF7111…)

Just why the fuck can’t anyone work properly? Why is it so difficult to set some fucking boundaries? Like this stupid varlet asshole, why the fuck does he have to act like some sort of master hero?
Like yeah, the “kid” a guy in his 20’s who somehow is ripped, is a lazy neet piece of shit, of course he will get shat on a lot by his father if he won’t even help at the fields. But no, the asshole has to whiteknight his ass because “h-he’s a kid with issues!!11!1” Nah, fuck off, he’s a grown ass adult that should stop fucking around and start doing something to bring money to the table, specially with the many economic issues there are.
Now we have to keep the guy from going too often to check out the crops, because
>heem feefeees
Fuck this shit, this was a huge investment and because of some fagass’ feefees we have to go on a slower pace than what we projected before.

No. 679856

File: 1606134196322.jpg (36.54 KB, 500x366, 1431950083784.jpg)

I want to start doing my makeup again, like only eye makeup but I'm so unmotivated in the morning I just don't feel like it. Then when I go out or use public transport I feel kind of crappy looking at all those women with their pretty makeup. I don't think I'm ugly without it but I know it makes me look a lot better, especially since I have small eyes.
Might make this my new years resolution or some shit.

No. 679882

Anon, I don't quite know how to reply to your vent to voice support, but I support you because Harry pic and fuck moids.

No. 679896

I feel so lonely rn. I've never had friends in real life and now I am just in my parent's house in the middle of nowhere. Nobody wants to talk with me after my mental breakdown. Fuck my life, I'd rather be dead. At this point my life is so stagnant and nothing will change for better. I'll never be a proper friend, girlfriend, co-worker for anyone.

No. 679909

It's tough anon, extremely soul-crushing to have no one after something as mentally taxing as a breakdown. Hope you feel better even though things seem hopeless now. Small steps and you'll be able to be a person you want to be.

No. 679919

I hate when im trying to approach my coworker about a simple issue and she just goes into full self-pity mode. Like "oh anon I'm so sorry it all my fault. I can't do anything right!!". Its really dramatic and manipulative. Plus she isn't getting her goal of making me feel bad for her. I'm just annoyed. Maybe next time I should tell her to act like an adult. She's 30 ffs.

No. 679922

Eh, I've been treated like shit back then (bullying in small town's schools are absolutely the worst, because you can't even change the environment) and I have no fucking idea, what should I do with myself at this point. It's hard when my abusive ex is thriving while I had to cut a lot of people from my toxic circle and failed a first year at my college. Nothing works in my favour, even if I try so hard.

No. 679923

anon that's bullshit speak, you're letting your previous experiences change your mind and create your identity. That's toxic and you'll be regressing any future progress you made subconsciously. You need to take the shit that's hurt you in the past and slowly learn to throw it all away. Create a new life if you have to run away from that environment. No excuses. You always have time to restart your life. Breakdowns suck, but what sucks more is letting your breakdown and letting your shit shape possibilities of thriving. you're asking an anonymous image board for what you should do when I bet you already know what you should do. no, don't kill yourself dummy- restart and gain autonomy again duh It's gonna be hard at first. But that's the main point of growth. Good luck and don't try to let this weird cesspool become an addiction to you. love u

No. 679925

Hang in there anon. Keep chatting with us! I know it won't provide much comfort but many others know how you feel. Find solidarity with them, even though you don't personally know them, you know struggle and sadness. I had a huge breakdown myself a few years back, I was well into my 20s. I was in the hospital for a couple weeks. It took time but I tried to kind to myself.

Maybe try to think of someone, even a pet, whom you care for deeply. Think of the love and warmth you have for that person or animal. Then extend that same kindness and love to yourself. You deserve it!

No. 679927

Ok, that made me hopeful a bit, lov u too.

No. 679948

File: 1606147264662.jpg (46.92 KB, 500x412, dumbbitchmemethread.jpg)

i'm so tired of my parents' bs. they're bickering and fighting 24/7 and when called out (because they make everyone in the family uncomfortable) they start shitting on you instead. at least my dad is tolerable, but holy shit i can't stand my mom, who also is a cheater, who knew!!. wowie, i wonder why i turned out so fucked and why all of my relationships are failures.
i wish i could move out already but i'm poor so i gotta rely on them, can't wait to live alone in silence.

No. 679961

I feel so lonely and sad nowadays. I haven't made any friends since moving country. I moved for University and didn't fit in with most people around here because I don't drink or club and people only really hang out with people of the same race/background and people from my background here seem to perceive me as rebellious and bad because I am dating a guy outside our race and dress strange to them in comparison. I made one great friend but she's moved back home now we've graduated and we only really call once a week nowadays and she's made lots of new friends at her workplace. I've got a job in this city, but all my co-workers are perverted middle-aged men who go to strip clubs, openly talk about porn and twitch girls and how it's fine to fuck sixteen year olds. I used to have a tight circle of tumblr mutuals but they all wanted me to fuck off because they found out that I have TERF-adjacent opinions so now I don't really even have many online friends. I don't even know how to make online friends or real life ones now. Where do you even start? I don't know how to make friends on social media (twitter, tumblr) cause it feels like everyone already has their established circle and I feel like a loser attempting to befriend anyone. In real life, I have zero clue how to find friends around me. My country is still in lockdown but even when we are out, I don't know where to look or go to make friends or acquaintances. I just never can feel like I fit in with anyone or anywhere and it's getting so exhausting and depressing. I just spent this weekend bursting into tears because I feel so lost and friendless. I just feel like I am such a freak and don't know how to interact with people in a way that makes them want to befriend me, I come across as confident (I've been told this by a lot of people) and I try to be friendly and ask them about themselves but it doesn't work. The only people I talk to on the regular now are my boyfriend and my sister. I just wish I had friends really badly.

No. 679964

I have to go and pick out new glasses tomorrow. I really don't want to because I find most glasses to be really ugly but can't really wear contact either so yey, here's to getting another ugly pair.

No. 679982

It makes me sad how many children/minors are exposed to imageboards at a young age and they end up having really maladaptive thoughts and personalities. I've seen quite a few anons on here mention it and I imagine a lot of degenerates from other boards had it happen to them too. The anon I saw last night who said they wished they could be a normie was really the nail in the coffin for me. Idk it just sucks.

No. 679988

Ngl that's why I'm sometimes hostile to certain 4chan sounding anons. They're weird.

No. 680042

i really don't know how people make friends and at this point i think it is over for me and there is nothing but complete loneliness ahead. doubt i will even befriend anyone again. but at least there will have more time to work so i can have more money. this is the only thing i think about when trying to muster a will for life - at least i will be able to buy whatever i want and live however i want although alone

No. 680043

Have you got any hobbies, anon? Or are you interested in beginning any? You could try joining a club when lockdown ends or see if there’s any online. You could even try something random just for fun and socialisation. A shared interest or hobby will give you common ground and an instant connection to others, then a friendship can develop from there.

No. 680044

What are maladaptive thoughts and personalities?

No. 680047

In my opinion? Being convinced the Cookie Monster allegory is a humane thought process. Posting gore, fetish porn, and other imagery for shock value. Seeking approval by being depraved/humiliating oneself in the public eye. Basically anything that convinces children or teenagers that they need to garner attention by being jaded or performative.

No. 680091

Are you trying to find in-person friends?

No. 680118

So I really want to just…have sex and not worry about feelings getting attached. But at the same time, I feel so disgusted by the whole act between people. The more I think about sex itself, the more repulsed I get and then the more I think about how I could really get off right now. And no, masturbating is not in the equation. Why is that every person I have been with has essentially ruined sex for me. I hate it. I want to be able to bang one out and not feel disgusted at the end of it.

No. 680123

Exactly, it's the boredom getting to me. I went on an aimless drive after posting and I feel much more clearheaded. But that hunger to touch and hold someone is still so strong. It sucks that intimacy is really only in established relationships and not random fucks. Wish I could just find a guy to cuddle without the burden and stresses of dating.

It's a shame because the anonymity of imageboards is something special. You can slip in and out of discussions without anyone noticing or caring, and if you make an embarrassing post, it doesn't hang over you the way posts on Reddit or Instagram do. There's also no self-curation, since there's no incentive to commodify yourself. Really, being associated with imageboards actively drags down your social capital, so the less recognizable you are the better.

But the kids/teens/people with no sense of self get fucked up by imageboards because without an identity, they grasp at anything to individuate themselves and get radicalized into thinking being depraved is better than a normie/NPC.

No. 680130

Do you enjoy sex? I may be misreading, but it sounds like you don't, and if that's the case, then why force yourself to participate or enjoy it? Not everyone does, and that's okay, anon.

No. 680139

I honestly get so sick of men referring to women as "bitches", "hoes" and "females". It's ok to just say woman/girl, you pos. It's even worse when girls let their boyfriend call them their bitch or whatever. I still say "my bitches" when referring to my friends, but it feels completely different when men do it. Highkey tired of being a black woman.

No. 680146

I do. But after so many relationships of boyfriends getting upset with me because I'm not putting out enough and ruined the act for me.

No. 680149

>perverted middle-aged men who go to strip clubs, openly talk about porn and twitch girls and how it's fine to fuck sixteen year olds
that sounds absolutely horrendous. how are people capable of having existences as miserable as this?

No. 680152

Im starting to realize that guys who call they dont want a girl catching feels etc actually like the attention and upsetting women. Dont ever give them what they want.

No. 680154


No. 680155

This. I think people think we're supposed to be okay with it, especially since how so many people in our community look up to rappers who only call women bitches and hoes, then the female rappers are doing it as well.
I told a friend not to call me a bitch in a friendly way and they got mad at me like i'm being senstitive, No don't call me a bitch.
I've even had to call gay men out on this, do they think we just okay with being called bitch every five mintues?

No. 680157

Og you have an issue with men pressuring you into sex, if you start casual sex it will probably end up traumatizing you even more

No. 680181


No. 680185

samefag ok maybe it is a bit embarrassing that i have no friends and i have to freak out about this on lolcow of all places but i’m just so aaAAA

No. 680188

Congrats, anon!! I'm happy for you!

No. 680189

awesome, congrats anon!

No. 680191

i am so retarded, i can gain acquaintances that i comfortably can talk to from school, work, extra classes (while im there) and all but it never moves past that. i genuinely don't know what is the next step. in the end i just hope the other person takes the first step and is interested enough in me

No. 680218

That's awesome anon, good for you! I'm sure you deserve him and more. I wish you both the best.

No. 680221

In case you decide not to delete, I've recently decided I agree with radfem concepts as well. It's kind of sad that it's considered "radical" to think women still need more respect and protections even in this "woke" era that tries to convince us "misogyny is over now go be empowered by sex work." If your girlfriend really is intelligent and loving, I'm sure she'll at least be willing to hear you out and try to see where you're coming from if you explain it to her. Even my 4chan-browsing boyfriend came to somewhat understand where I was coming from when I discussed it with him, so if he can I'm sure she will.

No. 680225

Anyone else relate to depression that is mind numbing? Just straight up mind numbing.

No. 680234

File: 1606176403789.jpg (13.14 KB, 275x260, 1600305697199.jpg)

I have reason to suspect that I have ADD, and after waiting several months I finally had an assessment over the phone with a doctor that asked me in depth about my mental health history, it lasted about an hour. They asked me to come into the office and see the doctor next week so he can either prescribe me medication or an alternative treatment plan or both. I do everything I can to optimize my ability to concentrate and I think medication would make a huge difference, I'm really hoping to get a prescription. If they ask me to come into the office just so the doctor can give me some pamphlets or make another referral to a different doctor I'm going to be fucking pissed off. I don't really see the need to travel across town to a doctor's office for that, especially during a pandemic lockdown. On the one hand there's the risk of exposure to the virus, but it also takes time and money get there, and I'm stretched for both right now. I really hope it doesn't end up being a waste of my time.

No. 680235

I did but thank you anon, I really appreciate your encouragement. I think I just need to come at it from the right perspective, like you said.

No. 680236

In case you care to hear some suggestions -
>Hey I'm going to x movie this weekend, I know you mentioned you're interested in [genre/topic/actor], would you possibly have the time and interest to come? If not no big deal.
>Have you heard about this new place that opened up in the neighborhood? It seems cute and I think it'd be fun to hang if you have the time, want to check it out?
>Remember when we were talking about x the other day? Well, I found out there's a place where you can do x close by! I'm thinking of giving it a shot, would you maybe be interested in coming?

Obviously you have to get to know them a bit and set some groundwork beforehand so you can talk about things or activities they might be interested in, and in the COVID times this is a bit harder, but you can still get people's numbers and such to ask for "class/homework" help then engage with them regarding more casual things now and then too.

No. 680246

For me It's the worst type, the true meaning of life loses its colors type of shit

No. 680267

Blizzard let me innnnnn

No. 680288

No. 680309

I thought I found a sweet scrote and it turns out he was like the rest. He accused me of only using him for food, weed and ignoring his texts dispite the fact he never asks me to hangout.

No. 680321

File: 1606183442848.jpg (102.43 KB, 398x467, 1363795431766.jpg)

I keep having this intrusive memory of when I was 13 and I can't stop just feeling a disgusting amount of embarrassment about it. I was 13 and staying at extended relatives house and unfortunately at my peak puberty sex drive. At that age all I could think about was sex, when I could next masturbate, etc, it was like a disease and Im so glad that isnt how it is anymore. Anyway I waited until like 1 or 2 am to get out my laptop and masturbate on cam with someone on omegle (I had a guest room to myself)My judgement was fucked in every single way because why would you do this at all at 13 let alone at a family's house for holiday but alas, I was retardation. Im on cam for some stranger for maybe 10 minutes and I guess I was making noise, though I dont recall, because my mom bursts into the room completely furious. Im naked and I can see out into the living room directly that she and two other family members are directly in my line of sight watching a movie on the couch, so it occurs to me that they probably could just hear me the whole time and my mom had to eventually come stop me.She rips the laptop away from me and I have to beg for her to let me close omegle and delete my search history though at that point it didnt really matter. I had never seen her that mad and disgusted and disappointed in me like that moment. Neither of us have mentioned it again for the last near decade but the worst part is the more distant family that had to witness that depravity. I hate seeing them every year because I know they must remember vividly. I wish being a teenager was a part of life I could have skipped and functioned normally at. Im pretty sure this contributed heavily to why my mom sent me to rehab.

No. 680324

Lol I'm sorry anon, that sounds mortifying. I can understand your mother's frustration and embarrassment but also, you were a child and she was the adult. I don't even want kids but if I were in her position I would've felt the need to sit my kid down and say sorry, explain that I overreacted, and earnestly express that while having a sex drive is normal, camming with someone as a child is not only very dangerous but illegal. Maybe you knew that but to just have a parent get furious at you without any additional explanation or concern can be really traumatic and make you feel dirty and bad even though we're all just retarded at that age.

No. 680328

I'm probably alone here on this, but does anyone else here get exhausted in their friend group because you're always helping your friends but your friends don't really help you?

It goes beyond emotional labor for me. Just recently me and a bunch of my friends all found ourselves unemployed due to covid reasons. As soon as I found out, I dove right into researching and looking up the latest ways to make my resume competitive. Once I even paid beaucoup for a professional resume redo to make it stand out. The form to get it redone was nuts and was like filling out an application in itself. I'm not exaggerating when I say I've applied to more than 100 places with tailor-made resumes and cover letters within the past two and a half weeks. Because of that I got two offers in my related field so thankfully I won't be unemployed by December.
My friends couldn't have helped me. Instead they want me to help them. I admit their resumes are super poor and rudimentary. I already made redline edits to one and sent it back to one friend. I wasn't mean but I think she was a bit upset or overwhelmed to see all the markings. Yet she desperately needed it, she got really bad/outdated advice from someone. Like even though she had several years of retail and even supervisor roles, her formatting and lack of details made her look like a kid fresh out of high school. I could see why employers were binning it the second they laid eyes on it, so I gave lots of advice on how to fix the issues. Later she sent me an obvious job scam to ask if it was legit, and when I softly told her no she played it off like she already knew to save face "Oh yeah, I'm not stupid." Then why did you ask me at all? It was obvious. The other friends haven't sent me theirs yet. I think they either don't have a working document for me to even review, or they're nervous about being seen in a way after I see it.
I would never make them feel bad or deride them, but they need to be willing to put in the work and think.

I wish so badly that I had a friend to fall back on during these times myself. Someone to ping ideas off of, but my friends are still tripping themselves up on Nigerian prince email scams complete with broken English. It's like they expected me to hand over my resume that I worked really hard on for them to just copy. No. 1. That won't help them in the long-term because otherwise they will never understand how they need to write their resumes, 2. That's not fucking fair to me after all the work I did, 3. I don't get paid, this is just volunteer on the basis of being pals, and 4. None of them will have any meaningful input to give me in return on mine they're struggling with the basics.

This isn't a humblebrag or putdown, it's just genuinely feeling frustrated and having friends not able to support me in the way I need them to at the moment.

No. 680329

Damn, you sound like a tightass tbh. You can’t even give your supposed friend your CV for them to have a look over and give them a chance to understand what to do? Understandable having this attitude towards strangers or acquaintances, but you do not sound like a nice friend here imo.

No. 680331

Did you miss the part where I went line-by-line making corrections and giving advice on what to do and why to do it? She'll more than understand what to do, and not because I spoonfed her an exact copy of the thing I spent hundreds of dollars and countless hours on. Asshole.

No. 680332

NTA but how is anon a tightass when she helped them? You seem like the type of kid who got huffy in school when other kids wouldn't let you copy their homework lmao.

No. 680334

your friends sound like they're being immature and naive, i can see why you're frustrated. at the same time, i never really understood the "emotional labour" argument. with all due respect, if you want to lend someone a helping hand, you should usually go into it without expecting anything return. sounds like you just need to assert your boundaries with them. anyways, congratulations and best of luck with the job

No. 680362

File: 1606189115593.png (63.28 KB, 300x297, download.png)

When I was a kid there weren't any children being so poisonous towards older people (in their 20s, 40s, seniors, whatever) and young girls insulting even older girls in their late teens for being old and used up (my sister started crying when she turned 18 last year, some younger enby-type girls were calling her 'leftovers' for years apparently).

It feels like teenagers place too much value on their youth now and it scares me to think how they'll cope with getting older. I also wonder why this is happening? Some pedo shit online? Are zoomer guys just more misogynistic? It's scary to think about.

I'm starting to see it more and more even on lolcow, and it's started to be imported into my country as well. Men here are known for wanting to fuck everything that moves so we never had the 'wall' shit until recently, and it's exclusively teenagers and early 20-somethings talking about it, not even the ancient misogynists of yore crawl out of their senior crack dens to do it.

No. 680372

Dunno, I think shit's nuts. But one thing I do miss is when people were respectful towards most adult figures or at least have some empathy. Every zoomer just wants to be young forever, and not in the funny way that millenials do

No. 680384

Because zoomers think they will be the generation to save the world.

No. 680386

coming from a zoomer myself the way a lot of us view aging is pretty horrible and i'm definitely not immune to it myself considering i've felt ancient ever since i stopped being a minor
i often see girls on social media who turn 19/20 and start calling themselves hags or talking about how they want to kill themselves because they're worried men won't want them anymore

No. 680388

Most zoomers have been groomed by men online at some point so it makes sense.

No. 680394

Not when they're busy creaming themselves over Tiktok stars.

No. 680398

samefagging to add on that i'm really grateful i have several female millennial friends who've reminded me that life isn't over once you're no longer 18, i think a lot of other zoomers could benefit from having friends a little bit older than their own age group. i hope to be as emotionally secure and comfortable with myself as my 25+ year old friends are when i reach that age myself

No. 680401

They should start by not maxing out their mom's credit card on mobile games and plastic crap from Wish.

That's really depressing. Don't they have a hobby or something that doesn't revolve around men? Join a convent or something, damn. Anything is better than thirsting for males, especially since they still get treated like shit after all that pretending to like kinky sex, ahegao and making him lunch while he's streaming.

No. 680408

I cant wait until gen z hits 25+ and the younger generation starts roasting them. The milk will be delicious.

No. 680415

>i must talk about how much i hate zoomers because someone mentioned them in an unrelated post
Yeah, shocking, people younger than you exist. Try to curb the insecurity.

No. 680420

Go floss for tiktok or something if you're this buttblasted.

No. 680421

One of the people you replied to here. I'm not insecure about anything, I was making a joke. On the other hand you were so pressed you had to make a whole unpopular opinion post about it.

No. 680429

My boyfriends fuckin loser friends can go get aids and die.
Plan a weekend barbecue to have some drinks and play around with gel blasters cause we’re immature and it was bfs birthday.

One dickhead mate brings his kid along without mentioning it and I’m stuck babysitting this little turd who trashed my sewing room, tells me to make a doll and a full wardrobe for it and hovers over me until I humour him and cut up some fabric, plugs in and unplugs random appliances, drinks sauce from the damn bottle, and is generally up my ass and going through my house while his dad does nothing but get shitty when I tell him to make his sons lunch while I’m making it for everyone else. No thanks for babysitting five hours for free, he got pissy about having to keep an eye on him af the r the kid drank sauce in front of him. Never even said thanks for hosting and feeding them.

Another dude gets blind, pukes in my garden, and passes out on the yard. Doesn’t thank me for getting him water and a blanket, just gets up and leaves.

Third dickhead is incapable of following a few basic requests, please don’t shoot in the landing, the carport, or at the beehives. This man over thirty then immediately shoots at my beehives and throws a fucking tantrum when he’s told to quit it before I hit him with the butt of his toy gun. Tells my big I should just stay the fuck inside my own home so he can play how he wants and somehow thinks he deserves respect but I don’t.

I’m so fucking over it. Any of them come back to my house and I’m bringing out the real fuckin rifles and chasing them into the dam. Absolute most pathetic little crybaby wankers disrespecting me because I’m a woman but cant see how pathetic they are.

No. 680430

I feel like shit. I hate myself so much.
I just want to tell my friends how unhappy I am but I don't want to bother them because it's either just me feeling chronically dead inside, or me overreacting to petty shit to the point of self harm.
One of the only persons I've ever really opened up to told me therapy would help me, but I hate the idea of spilling my retarded guts to some clinical therapist. I don't want to pay someone to just have me tell half-truths for an hour because I know if I tried to explain things fully I'd fall into a crying fit and want to run off and hurt myself in the bathroom.
I just fucking hate how sensitive I am, and I hate myself even more.

No. 680432

I woke up with a swollen eyelid and I can't decide if it is just an infection or my bedbug problem has returned. If it is bedbugs, I'm gonna burn the apartment. I thought they were gone, I TOLD my landlord they are gone after he bought me a new bed and they seemed to have disappeared…I honestly don't know what to do

No. 680433

File: 1606196212064.jpg (35.69 KB, 480x581, uM9cp1D.jpg)

I know that Flash getting disabled isn't new news but there's something I found out a few days ago.

I have spend many months/years playing Flipline Studio games, I have worked so many hours on my restaurants and now they are going to be gone, I stopped playing just because I got busy this year but I don't want to loose all that progress. I feel so angry, I worked so hard on all those games. I just hope that the site manages to save the games without Flash but I don't think it's possible.

No. 680440

I start my first ever therapy session soon and prior to seeing my therapist, I had to fill out a form telling me to check off what I’m experiencing and the amount of stuff I’ve checked off made me so sad

I don’t know why it made me break down sobbing, especially when I know I’m messed but I didn’t think I was that bad when it’s all laid out in front of you. But I just hope it all goes well, especially when it’s been something I’ve been putting off since my childhood. I feel like it’s my last shot to being on the road to recovery

No. 680454

Uh… where was your boyfriend in all this anon? There's a reason people say you can judge someone by the company they keep. I can't believe he let all this happen at his own party while his "friends" were basically treating you like a slave and nearly destroying your property. Honestly, even if he didn't know these things were going on (I don't know how), if you were to describe all this to him and he didn't immediately talk to his friends about how they're giant manchildren and tell them he'd be personally tearing them a new asshole if they ever disrespected you again, that would be a deal breaker to me. Nothing about this is acceptable and your boyfriend's lack of concern and action is inexcusable.

No. 680461

Please get help anon. If you don't like the idea of seeing someone in person then there is online therapy as well. I know BetterHelp has gotten some shit before but I actually have used it myself and it was fine. Just know that you can easily change therapists if the first (or second or third) isn't working for you. Give them a chance but get a legit trained therapist, not some fucking "reiki energy worker" which I have seen on there as well.

Alternately look into self help books that describe how to do cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with exercises you can do on your own time. It's literally the same sort of thing a therapist would work with you on. It does help to have someone to go back and forth with but for me doing CBT on my own was extremely beneficial. Please hang in there and know you deserve love. Whatever reason(s) you hate yourself - I'm certain they're based on false information and bad logic that's been fed to you in some way or another. You owe it to yourself to figure out where things got mixed up and tell the negative voice in your head to fuck off.

No. 680464

Hosting the others, cooking, helping me with the kid, and telling his mates to speak to me properly or fuck off.
They’ve also been told by him that if they care to collect the things they left here they can come by and apologise to me if they want them back, I’ll sell them and keep the money as babysitting comp.

Sounds like they’ve also been pretty shitlisted at work (they all work together) because the work crew all know me. Last night BFF told me he overheard the rudest one being told by a old guy there that ‘you’d kick someone’s head in if they disrespected your mrs like that, so be thankful you’re getting better than what you deserve’

I’m just so mad that these duck heads think they’re alright to be so disgusting because I’m a woman.
I’m well supported and all that but it’s still so frustrating to know that no matter what these little retards will always think they’re important or special or worth a damn when they’re really just blacktown trash.
They genuinely deserve to hate themselves and to never feel anything but shame.

No. 680473

File: 1606201584203.jpg (31.84 KB, 392x495, 8d5.jpg)

My father had a heart attack a month ago and after his 2 week work leave he ended up getting fired and now I can't think about anything else other how the fuck we will pay for his medical expenses now and will he be ok and how christmas will suck even though I have an assignment for uni due tomorrow I need to finish. This end of the year is being absolute hell someone help

No. 680474

I hate soft rules and honestly all rules. If there's not a reward from the people who reinforce the rules (like othet people get) I won't lift a finger, fuck being ignored.

No. 680477

And even the ones who weren't groomed were pressured to think like this by the groomed idiots. This mentality spreads like a virus.

No. 680493

Good then, I'm relieved to hear it. I'm sorry it sucked so much for both of you, it's incredible they'd be so retarded while visiting another person's home. It sounds like your boyfriend even got roped into serving those idiots on his birthday of all times. It's great that you've had people rallying around you though. I agree they deserve to feel more guilt over it, but I do think when men are that pathetic it's a punishment in itself. They'll likely proceed to continue having banal, unfulfilling lives, never accomplish anything of merit and die alone. I hope you can forget about the stress soon and never have to see them again.

No. 680506

One has already informed by that they owe me an apology. I’m just mad over goddamn men and their goddamn entitlement haha.

No. 680507

File: 1606205514513.png (367.26 KB, 328x467, 89645298659826532.png)

I wish I still had the energy to be furious, but at this point I'm just depressed that my vile ex has proven my hopes of believing in a true love fated for me, who would let nothing stand in the way of us being together, were just a crock of shit. I always knew it was unrealistic and tried to approach our relationship in a mature way, but there was a tiny part of me that still dreamed, you know? I gave so much of myself and got nothing but spite back. Now it's over and I suppose this gives me the chance to fall in love with myself this time, and I understand I deserve my own love. It's a good thing and better than relying on another person for your happiness but terribly bittersweet to give up something you've been quietly yearning for your whole life.

No. 680512

It’s not over and it could happen at any point in your life, to any one! I see elderly couples that treat each other this way. You’re just disillusioned because you where with someone that didn’t know how to love.

No. 680560

I'm so glad I live in a shithole where this mentality hasn't seeped into zoomer's brains yet kek

No. 680569

Are you me anon?

No. 680570

File: 1606213888969.jpg (22.07 KB, 387x446, isdki7r7z0161.jpg)

This is this month's vogue cover in Poland. For those who dont know, the polish government has made abortion illegal even if the fetus is heavily damaged and wont survive after being born, or if it kills the woman. So, all the libs are going crazy with "yes girl slay" -ing but I just fucking hate how sexualized it feels. Apparently Anja Rubik designed and selected this photo, so it is "empowering" and all that crap and you should not complain cause you are restricting her bodily freedom etc, but holy fucking shit, it just shows how politics are aesthetic for the privileged. Vogue knows that the people that support the abortion ban do not buy vogue, so they were just playing it to their target demographic so they can score some points. You are a fashion magazine, vogue, and targeted for rich people no less, not a revolutionary zine.

No. 680571

I'll try looking into cbt. I think I understand my own thought processes very well, but all I have really done to try and manage them is avoiding triggers, which isn't always possible. I don't think I would feel ready to talk to a therapist because I don't even feel fully comfortable talking about that kind of stuff with friends irl or online. I don't know whether I'm actually that bad, I'm just being whiny and oversensitive tbqh. I just feel very stupid and want to be able to pull myself together.

No. 680575

her left arm looks like a head of a black baby that she is nursing. wtf
i also hate that this eMpOwErInG cover still portrays an enslaved woman. I hate corporate feminism.

No. 680584

Isn’t Vogue dying anyway?

This is stupid as hell and I don’t give a shit if it’s supposed to be “empowering”. There’s nothing empowering about using a woman’s naked body as a palatable ‘artistic’ medium to convey the fact women are not allowed to be empowered enough to make choices about their bodies, even if it means risking their lives. Fucking stupid.

I’m sorry that your government is shit anon, I hope by some miracle this is overturned before too much damage is done.

No. 680593

My annoying vegan cousin who lectures us about animal cruelty every time she comes to dinner bought a pug and keeps posting videos of it's severe breathing problems cute snorts to social media. If I ever have to hear her talk shit about turkey dinner again I will lose my fucking mind. It's not even a rescue, it's a brand new puppy from a breeder.

No. 680609

I feel like I'll never have a personality. I feel like I'm always forming but I'm never 'finished'. I'm not sure if this makes sense

No. 680613

wildly OT but, i love the thread pic!

No. 680614

In every single social situation with people whom I don't know, my brain shuts down completely and I literally can't say anything. I'm at a new workplace where I'm supposed to prove that I can fit in and be a teamplayer but every single lunchbreak I sit in silence. I fucking hate myself

No. 680615

Anon, I'm trying to find information on the laws in Poland, and it's admittedly very early here and I'm brain dead. To my understanding prostitution is legal in your country, but abortion is not? How is rape and incest criminalized?

No. 680617

i hate the "team player" mentality in most jobs or academic environments! it never fucking works cause some people just sit back and let the others (usually me) do all the work. even when i had forced myself to not do everything by myself i always end up doing it cause i wasn't about to leave my grades to the mercy of brain dead slobs who couldnt do anything on their own. and on a work environment is even worse! since im an autistfag i usually do everything on my own and then seethe in silence cause other people take credit for my work and im too fucking retarded and traumatized to even say anything. hope therapy helps with that

No. 680624

Coming back home from a long day of internship to chores and sick people to take care of. And because I'm the only daughter I have to do everything by myself while my brothers laze around like slobs. Love being a woman in misogynistic sithole country.

No. 680631

File: 1606224626306.jpg (69.39 KB, 720x720, 122842574_359232955501578_5156…)

My boyfriend doesn't normally do drugs or drink until he gets around one of our mutual friends. That friend is moving out of state, so we went to party with him. I just had a few drinks, but my boyfriend did a bunch of key bumps of molly and coke (that I highly suspect was heavily cut with meth).

Now he's being fucking annoying and going off about death and energy in the universe. Everything he's going off about is a word salad. And bugging me to cuddle. He will literally not shut up and it's annoying the piss out of me.

"the sin of my genetic is being white washed". Like shut up. I get he doesn't like being half white, but please, shut up. He's racebaiting me irl. I gave him some of my klonopin so he can go the fuck to sleep. Uhg.

No. 680632

Thanks for taking interest, anon. From what I can see rape in the criminal code is defined as an forcing someone through violence, threat, or deception to have sex (and can be sentenced from 2 to 12 years in jail), additionally if someone uses the same techniques to get perform other sexual activity (I am assuming masturbaring in front of someone without actually doing penetrative sex) can go to jail from 6 months to 8 years. Recently, they made the punishments for the rape steeper, but the issue in Poland is that rape is only considered rape if someone attacked you in a dark alley etc. Prostitution is legal but it is illegal to force someone to prostitute themselves, maximum sentence is 5 years, unless the prostitute is underage and then the maximum is 10 years. Incest is illegal, with similar punishments for pimping. Additonally, all of those laws were established in 1932, so maybe they are quite outdated. I am not a law specialist, so excuse me if this is not what you asked, but Poland is hugely fucked in all ways.

No. 680633

I wish I could make myself not want to buy stuff

No. 680634

Anon, I'm genuinely sorry about the state of things there. The fact that prostitution is legal, and abortion is not is relatively fucked up. I should hope that if termination of pregnancy is criminalized that the fathers that try to escape responsibility reap some kind of back breaking financial repercussions for effectively fucking their population of women over. I'm genuinely surprised that religion has a stronghold of that capacity on a country, especially given that particular sect of Chtistianity's background with pedophilia and well, the fucking myriad of other atrocities. My SO is from a neighboring country and told me that wages aren't exactly great there in Poland either, so I couldn't imagine how easy it would be to raise a child under the forced circumstances.

No. 680641

Yea, i know. It almost makes twisted sense that they would ban abortions but keep prostitution legal, as it is all about commodifying women's bodies, both in the sense that they should be used sexually as well as incubators. You can trust me when I tell you that men escaping their alimony is a common theme here, so I sincerely doubt that men are going to be penalized (quelle suprise). But most of the society (including men) was against the abortion law, so maybe there is some hope. Finally, I thankfully have moved out of that shithole years ago and I recommend doing that to all my mates, cause there literally nothing there for people who aren't already rich. Thank you, sweet anon, for listening to my drivel.

No. 680668

I feel like I am a bad person. It's not that I do something terrible like hurting someone on purpose, but I have this strong feeling that I'm just not a decent person. Not someone you can rely on, or even trust. I don't really believe in astrology, but I guess I really do have almost all of the negative qualities attributed to Pisces, lol. Sometimes I find myself thinking of something or someone in a utilitarian way, and I don't feel sympathy where it'd be appropriate. I can only show it if it's expected but there's no genuine feeling. I'm afraid my friends suspect or even see clearly that I'm a shit person. Like I'm a kind of friend who's tolerated for being entertaining or something. Someone about whom you can't say something nice.

No. 680672

Kek I hate when otherwise fun people get really insufferable when they're drunk or high. It'll blow over, hang in there anon. Good call knocking him out with klonny, hopefully he's normal when he wakes up.

No. 680689

I've geniunely feel the same anon.

No. 680709

Same anon. I feel like the "bad seed" in a group of young kids. Like, the ones that are only "fun" because they do bad things. The girlfriend that is only around when there's gossip to be talked about or to tell drama to. Of course I have always been the one to spout drama to my friends because I feel boring and there's always something going on with me so I think that is the reason why I don't really have close friends because I've pushed them all away by talking about this "crazy thing" that happened all the time.
I also don't keep up conversation well with people. I feel like an awful person, I can't be bothered to call or visit grandparents. I just feel ashamed of myself.

No. 680744

I had a phone interview scheduled with the recruiter of a rental car company. It honestly didn't matter to me anymore because I already have a job offer elsewhere and a second interview of a different job that's actually relevant to my field today. This company was a desperation application in case I couldn't get anything else a few weeks ago, and tbh I have no true desire to work 50 hours a week. I just figure it's good to interview to have options. Anyways, my phone call was meant to be at 9:30. I had a tight schedule because I was wrapping up HR paperwork of the company with whom I had to offer, and I had to try to get to my current job quickly after. I planned on taking the 9:30 call in my parked car before I started to drive. Well time came and went so I thought rental car company had ghosted, I started to drive to my job.

She calls me several minutes after the scheduled time. My car Bluetooth decided not to work and it was an awkward exchange. She asked if it was a good time and I stupidly agreed to continue anyway. I should have said no, sorry, but you called me late and I'm busy so we'll have to reschedule. But no, I'm fucking beta as fuck. I made myself sound nervous and unprepared trying to answer her questions with a phone near my face and trying to pay attention to traffic while thinking of good answers to her insipid little questions.
When I finally made it to my work parking lot I could actually start to concentrate and was asking her questions about the job itself. Towards the end she was fucking antsy with me, and especially when I asked her for feedback on my resume and if she felt I was a good fit for the position but apparently she "wasn't at liberty to discuss my resume" because it was just a phone interview and oh the call had been 15 minutes which is 5 over 10 minutes so she had other people to interview. Of course I was polite and thanked her for her time, but what a fucking bitch. First of all, she was LATE. Second of all, she never told me I had a 10 minute limit to be able to talk and ask her questions. Whatever. Idgaf. Sounds like a shitshow company to work for where I'd have to deal with these bitch ass people and get overworked for it in return.

No. 680809

I wish I was better at saying "no" or not extending myself to people I don't care for that much. I hang out with this one person, who I do consider a friend, a lot because she gets very lonely and bored and I feel bad for her. But she's extremely draining emotionally and mentally, and I probably would only hang out with her a couple times a month if she didn't ask to see me multiple times a week. I've managed to pare it down to maybe once a week only, but it's still too much for me. I dread even texting her much and have been trying to pull away. She's not a bad person, I just don't have the time or energy for that kind of friendship, especially for someone that I don't feel as close to as she does to me. I feel like an asshole for all of this, but recently, I've realized she kind of takes advantage of me financially, whether she realizes it or not, and it's thinned my patience.

No. 680811

Why dont men understand that bras dont go in the dryer? I had one bra and now its all warped

No. 680826

File: 1606238015865.jpeg (138.04 KB, 695x599, E277AFD1-5138-41B1-9E76-FDCA28…)

Dryers are bad for all your clothes, anon. Join us wet-clothes shanty town folk.

No. 680837

Yeah, I only dry my PJs and lounging clothes. Idk why he did that and I'm upset

No. 680865

I want to fucking kill myself I just saw a tampon commercial-a fucking tampon commercial that said 'for people who menstruate". then I googled it, to see why the fuck this was a thing and apparently sex doesnt matter! you can have a period if you want to! explore your options and identity! I want to fucking end my life if this is what is happening to women-to me. to us. better please the 1% who dont get periods but wanna feel included because their fee fee's get hurt.

thats like going to a pizza place and being like 'can i get a pizza' and theyre like 'no we dont serve pizza anymore because some people cant eat it" FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK I HATTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEE THIS WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORLD

No. 680871

>comparing inclusivity to exclusivity

No. 680874

i wanna join anon, but will i ever get bugs in my clothes if i hang them outside?

No. 680881

File: 1606242851998.jpeg (216.24 KB, 700x880, D0998A75-4154-4393-9C8E-F81FA9…)

Getting dressed is soul-sucking, I feel worse about my body the longer I look in the mirror (even though weight is fine, I just feel something's wrong looking) and most my clothes suck. stupidest of all I'm scared to dress certain ways. I'm 21 but since I live with my mom I am scared of her judgment, so stupid but I am terrified. Not even wanting to dress revealing its like if I wear all black. I can't be sure the extent of her unhingedness I recall from my childhood. kms I ruin my whole day's mood by simply getting ready in the morning

No. 680884

I think a kinda better analogy would be if every movie trailer had to include a line that says "out in theaters, for seeing people". Like okay, you didn't forget blind folk but I think they're smart enough to know that it's not for them? Do we have to mention them every time? We don't, and they don't care either cause they're not attention whores who wanna be included in every damn discourse imaginable.

No. 680885

Nta but suck tranny dick

No. 680886

File: 1606243070464.jpeg (134.32 KB, 720x1080, 44DB4D99-EAE6-4069-8CC3-A4190F…)

“Women” is transphobic reeee

No. 680887

I feel your pain . literally it's like the word "women" is being eroded. And no one does this to fucking erectile dysfunction talk for example. Easy for others to say get over it but it's like being gaslit, I hate that word but holy shit it's like going insane or watching the world go insane while it spits in our face for being women. And u can't say a thing

No. 680888

but how else do i make my clothes warm

No. 680890

use a hairdryer on them before you put them on

No. 680893

One of my gay coworkers started sperging over tranny shit, used a mtf friend as an example and misgendered him accidentally. I don't know if I should laugh at him or just cringe. But I wish this kind of topic could just not come up irl.

No. 680895

only women can get periods retard, that in of itself means periods aren’t inclusive. cope harder by sucking off more trannies.

No. 680898

I like to use 'sperm producers' for men to retaliate in a way kek

No. 680901

>better please the 1% who dont get periods but wanna feel included
i think those ads are becoming ~gender neutral~ to appease ftms and female nonbinary people who get periods actually, but yeah it does still suck

No. 680907

i dont own a dryer and never have (not common in my country) so air dry is all i've ever know. i have never found bugs in my clothes, anon. air drying is better for your clothes and for the electricity bill, kek

No. 680916

Harry Dunn's parents have lost their court battle against over whether their son's killer Anne Sacoolas had diplomatic immunity when she fled back to the US to avoid charges. How can the bitch sleep at night? Cowardly scum. Hopefully the re appeal is successful, and she is dragged back here to the U.K. to face charges.

No. 680917

File: 1606245996751.jpg (10.6 KB, 222x227, images6V6FAHOZ.jpg)

You would think.
I'm kidding, that is what it's for, but still. Women isn't a dirty word, and I wish it wasn't treated like one more and more.

No. 680918

the fuck?

No. 680919

File: 1606246021726.png (42.21 KB, 637x516, 654645674756.png)

any androgynous looking anons here? how do you deal with it? irl people assume I'm just a kid but when someone sees my photos they make tranny jokes and it fucks me up so bad, it makes my body dysmorphia way worse, sometimes I just don't want to go outside

No. 680920

Get help.

No. 680921

Do you put them on immediately after washing? That's gross.

No. 680922

I don’t think you are safe here, sadly.

No. 680925

Sure she is, there are a few GNC anons that might be helpful or have advice?
Sorry anon, I'm not one of them, but is there anything you do to make yourself appear more feminine or anything you're willing to do? Or what would you prefer? Obviously I don't think you should troon out or try to be an enby, but it's okay to not fit the mold of what society thinks it means to be a woman in order to be one either.

No. 680927

nta but thank you for this pic, anon. It randomly inspired me to draw a study based off it and it looks amazing. thanks!!

No. 680928

I hangdry my clothes outside every spring and summer and have never gotten bugs in them.

Why do you need your clothes to be warm? That lasts like 0.5 seconds.

No. 680931

Yes, I'm pretty androgenous looking, at least the face that I've been mistaken as my sister's brother by her friends but I also look older than my age. I used to hate it but honestly, I'm starting to really embrace it. I like how my mannish face and broad shoulders make me look serious, wish I was a bit taller though. But I advice you to look at other androgenous looking women, you'll find them really handsome and not ugly. I don't think it's a flaw. Although it sucks that I look stupid in girly or cute clothes kek. I don't wear makeup so I look even more mannish and gaunt and I love it. I'm really sorry about your dysmorphia anon, and those tranny jokes are cruel. I hope you can really own your looks, I bet you look fantastic!

No. 680933

not always. but if it's clean and dry how is it gross?
because it's comfy. and the warmth lasts longer than that ime.

No. 680934

I feel like one day a bug will crawl up my vagina and i'm fucking afraif of this

No. 680937

It's one of my favorite pics of all time kek so powerful

No. 680940

>the warmth lasts longer than that ime
Well duh, it just seems silly to me to be concerned with the out-of-dryer warmth that lasts for just a few minutes max. Especially when hangdrying is so much better for your clothes (and saves on your energy bill if you live on your own)

No. 680944

I have long hair, I buy clothes in the women's department but I dress tomboyish (like flannels, oversized sweaters etc.,). I think it's purely about my facial features and my hands. People joke I look like a 12 year old and my best male friend once told me that I look like a "femininine scandinavian boy" (he was also making sexual remarks towards me, we are not friends anymore). Online people think I'm a trap and I guess my hands look masculine on photos for some reason, even though they're small and thin IRL, but online I often get tranny comments regarding them. I just don't get what's so masculine about them. I tried wearing meake up and more femininine clothes but I just can't stomach it, I'm autistic and I can't stand the feeling of having something on my face and wearing tight fitting clothes literally gives me anxiety. I'm really scared about getting older, people tolerate it when you're in your early or mid 20s but I think they will treat me like shit if I continue to present myself this way when I'm in my 30s or 40s
Thank you for kind words anon, I admire women who can embrace it and feel good with themselves. I wish I knew some gnc girls irl

No. 680945

Did anyone else just… give up? I just want a simple and quiet life all by myself.

No. 680946

>they're small and thin IRL
post pic bc i don't believe it

No. 680948

I wouldn't call it giving up, but yeah, I value my anonymity and having a quiet, private life a lot.

No. 680950

I don't think wanting to have a simple, quiet life is 'giving up'. It's just a different lifestyle. There's a lot of pressure to live fast, busy lives and making as much money as possible etc. but I don't think that's the only good or correct way to live.

No. 680951

I already fucking told you I'M NOT COMING. You’re a whore and i don’t want to surround myself with that energy on my birthday. FUCK OFF.

No. 680954

Pretty much. I've stopped trying to make friends and heal my traumas. Just going to study for an online job and go build a cottage in the middle of nowhere. People don't feel human to me anymore, just predators and nuisances,

No. 680955

Thank you anon. I think it was just the whole fantasy of it, you know? The thought that I could be ~destined~ for someone and we'd meet at this point in our lives where we both feeling alone in the world, but we'd understand one another and "save" each other through the power of our love. I know I still have a chance for love, but realizing it's not going to look the way I thought, and how so much of the world tries to convince us it should be, makes me a bit sad. I have to be complete on my own before ever meeting someone else. They can't heal me and I can't do any saving myself. But you're right, my ex didn't know how to love and there are far better people out there, some of whom may be interested in me. Romance won't look the way I thought it should, but there's no point in mourning too much, because the reality could end up being even better.

Hugs and well wishes to you anon. Here's hoping we both heal on our own time, and maybe find more deserving partners someday if it's right for us.

No. 680960

ntayrt but you're part of the problem

No. 680963

I'm feeling heartbroken and defeated for literally no reason. Nothing special happened, I didn't even have depressed thoughts. I don't know what my problem is.

No. 680968

I love this energy. Happy birthday, anon.

No. 680970

It be like this sometimes, especially this year with whole general depressing vibe out there. Hope you feel better soon.

No. 680978


am androgynous. short hair. sometimes mens clothes. just a straight white female living my best life. sometimes people call me sir or dude and I think its funny when they get all embarrassed trying to correct themselves. its the look I'm going for, I guess? other times i just wear a dress and feel out of place but I do my best as almost 6 ft tall in heels to vibe in the grocery aisle

No. 680986

why the fuck do families treat you like a social outcast freak and then act shocked when you want nothing to do with them? last year during thanksgiving my dad that i only see 2 or 3 times a year said all liberals are heartless and should be round up and shot, implying me, and im not even a political person and wouldnt consider myself a “liberal” im just not a fucking republican in the slightest.
truly the worst 2 months out of the year.
on top of my mom acting careless going out to restaurants 5 days a week not wearing masks and constantly seeing my 83 year old grandma thats in bad health like she isn’t going to potentially give her covid that would definitely kill her

No. 680992

Ugh, that sucks, anon. I'm so sorry. I just don't understand the cognitive dissonance between
>all liberals are heartless
>should be round up and shot
>implying [you]
as though he/other Republicans have the moral high ground after saying this? You're his own daughter? I just don't get it. Are you seeing your family this year or using COVID as a (very valid and proper) excuse to stay away? I wouldn't blame you. Big hugs and happy holidays regardless, anon. They can be really stressful and hard.

No. 681010

i unfortunately still live with my mom so i dont really have an excuse to avoid them, i will probably stay in my room all week and only see them on thanksgiving day because if i dont my mom will cry about it even though i dont really say anything and just sit there uncomfortably. at least there won’t be my entire extended family this year just my mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, and my grandma that i am very close to. but i honestly dont even understand why my dad is here since they arent even together anymore and he lives 14 hours away.

No. 681017

I feel this. I'm a closeted lesbian and my dad is one of those conservative boomers who thinks gay propaganda is everywhere and feminists are ruining men and the society. Car rides and family dinners with him are the absolute worst. My mom is the sweetest most open minded woman ever but holy shit, I can't stand my dad opening his mouth ever. That's why I see them maybe twice a year and my dad's always super passive aggressive about not visiting them enough.

No. 681023

spamming a thread with pictures of a mediocre woman in ugly clothes will not meme her into attractiveness

No. 681026

File: 1606257647607.gif (755.05 KB, 262x200, 33DCCA4F-1119-4E59-9338-56C7AF…)

I’m so done with polyamory being all over the place.
Sure, I do believe there are SOME people who are poly but I definitely think it’s far from as common as internet is trying to project it being. I’m pretty damn convinced most people claiming they’re poly are either:
A) too immature to differentiate between feelings and attractions
B) greedy, using it as an acceptable form of being a player
C) bored of their current partner but too comfortable to get out

Also rolling my eyes at how the number of super likes I’ve gotten on tinder have been cut in half since I added that I’m not interested in poly

No. 681027

That's not very wet ass pussy of you, anon

No. 681028

nta but fuck that song and fuck Cardi

No. 681030

Meg is pretty to me and has a good body but I can see how someone might not find her pretty. She hardly looks “mediocre” though even if you think she’s ugly or pretty, she’s got a distinct look to her IMO.

No. 681032

i've somehow managed to avoid ever hearing that song

No. 681033

I am cackling so hard, you are so pissed off

No. 681036

I agree, people need to stop posting photos of Lana Del Rey. They even made her the OP image. It's the limit.

No. 681038

Crazy thing is, the conversation about Megan probably would have died off, but you just needed to post about how much you hate that anons can find someone you dislike attractive. You were literally mad that people called Lana unattractive, but also mad that anons weren't agreeing that Megan is ugly. It's time to seek help anon.

No. 681047

Not to pearl clutch but it's seriously degenerate. I refuse to date someone who's had more than 3 sex partners. California basically made it legal to spread aids and I'm not playing this shitty game.

No. 681055

Polyamory and casual sex/FWB have both been memed into being somehow more moral/healthy/easy than functional relationships.

Polyamory is especially annoying bc of the "this is how humans evolved to function" but a lot of humans' brain power comes from disabling a woman during pregnancy/childbirth and children for their early years to an extent that a strong family unit is imperative for that to happen.

No. 681058

i don't trust anyone who's poly without an understandable reason for it like bisexuality

No. 681063

The only way I can see polyamory working is with shit like trouples or old-school swinger parties, back when people didn't spin it as something progressive, once you add an uwu kweer twist in your lifestyle, you know it's going to collapse.

I don't really see how being bi correlates with polyamory, being in a relationship with a woman won't make me crave dick and want to go poly. Sounds like a cheater's justification.

No. 681067

That makes no sense. A bisexual person doesn't need to experience sex with both males and females for the rest of their lives to be happy any more than a straight man needs to continue having sex with women other than his partner because she's not a redhead or Chinese or whatever other special trait he also likes.

No. 681072

>California basically made it legal to spread aids and I'm not playing this shitty game.
pls explain

Not at all, I just find them both annoying.

No. 681076

The celeb thread is such a shitshow lmao

No. 681083

I blame the Deppfags

No. 681084

Bitch, Ben sharpio sang it better.
Get over it

No. 681085

You cant open up to people at all so you won't get a therapist? I think that's a sign you should talk to a psychiatrist/therapist even more and be completely honest with them to get the best care that you need anon, they are the only people who are licensed to help you.. I'm sure your friends care a lot about you, but can't be your therapist or responsible for your mental health… Venting to your friends doesn't address real problems you may be having.. You're worth loving and almost any problem is something you can do something about

No. 681087

> "this is how humans evolved to function"

I hate when people use that argument for ANYTHING, humans today are so far removed from our ancestors that it makes that argument null and void. It’s like comparing chihuahuas with the common wolf. What is considered “natural” does not compare with humans of today.

And to continue the fact that there are people claiming poly is more natural than mono is such bullshit, there are several species in the animal kingdom that keep themselves to one partner for life.

No. 681089

i bury my feelings in weed and i can never eat enough anymore
i barely leave my house and i barely see my partner and barely leave my room to see my room mates because im so sad all the time
and no one else is doing any better, usually worse, and i can't deal and don't take being around it well
im ok i just wanted to wordvomit that onto my screen thanks guys

No. 681093

True, but that thread was always kinda shit. I don’t understand why anyone cares for celebrities anyway.

No. 681094

I hope it gets better for you anon

No. 681095

where do you get weed? through friends? it's illegal in my country but I feel like I at least need to try it, I'm so done with medical drugs, they don't lower my stress levels at all

No. 681096

No. 681098

You can grow it easily indoors

No. 681100

i live somewhere where it's legal actually

No. 681101

thank you anon <3

sry for double posting idk if that matters in /ot/

No. 681108

File: 1606266777459.png (134.17 KB, 982x544, Screenshot 2020-11-25 at 01.07…)

Some Americans are so fucking retarded regarding ancestry. I cannot handle this level of cringe.

No. 681111

Jesus christ, like this shit is so bizarre to a northern european, we are all just a mix of shit yet we're not splitting hairs about it. Muh irish blööd mate, shut up dude.

No. 681112

“Our nationality”
You are fucking american.
If I was Irish I would be genuinely weirded out about american’s obsession with it all,

No. 681114

Literally just hit up someone who looks highly (lol) like they smoke weed, be it in your friend list or college class. Chances are they'd love to introduce you. Don't pick sketchy looking poorfags obviously, they might scam you with dirt weed.

No. 681115

I’m tired of being a bitch. I’m not even pretty enough to be a bitch. I only act this way because I feel like my body is gross and I’m embarrassed of myself. I try to cover it up with insult-humor. Everyone else does the same thing, it’s not just internet bullshit, normies do it to eachother irl. I’m afraid they’ll make fun of me so I make fun of them first. It’s the only experiences I’ve had with others. I want to be sweet. I wanna be so nice to everyone that they’ll feel uncomfortable making mean jokes about me and shit. But even when I was just a kid I’d get bodyshamed on a regular basis by kids AND adults and when I see a girl that’s prettier than me I just fucking seethe and I immediately feel the need to nitpick something about her body out loud to any men near me. I’m just a big ugly fat piece of shit and it’s too fucking late for me.

No. 681117

I’ve lost attraction to my boyfriend because he grew a beard.

No. 681119

It was slightly less shitty when it was on /ot/ tbh

No. 681124

We don't really have an obsession with Ireland lol. Its just like a couple people who care to much about their dna results and want to be seen as European even though they're just White American.

No. 681132

i think it would do you good to find a way to feel good about yourself without making other people feel bad first, and accept that some people will always feel some type of way about your body.. but the thing is, some people LOVE your body and want to praise your beauty. i hope you find your security and kindness anon

No. 681138

im so tired of hearing about the god damn vikings
. Every single day of my life viking this and viking that.
Way better shit out there.

No. 681143

Is that like a band or do you just mean big, tough, hairy Scandinavian men

No. 681146

The seafaring norse type

No. 681147

An older lady at work hates me and we always end up near eachother while serving, I'm terrified of going to work tmrw because I managed to step on her toes 3x on friday, and she sent me literal death glares. I hate this. It's irrational but
I'm terrified of her.

No. 681149

what are you doing with your life that this is a problem?

No. 681153

Fucking same, bitch shut the fuck up with your thornsonsjönssonbergs, i always connect them with pathetic far right cucks as well.

No. 681157

i finally blocked/unfriended someone that i should have months ago. feels good but there's a tinge of sadness because they were one of the few people i talk to anymore. sigh. loneliness is the closest friend i'll have in my lifetme.

No. 681159

My area isn’t really anti-mask, but I overheard someone complaining about it the other day at Target. I just don’t fucking get it, why are people so fucking shitty to the workers at grocery stores? They’re just doing their jobs. What could you possibly prove by yelling at some minimum wage worker who’s like 2 decades younger than you about something they can’t control? So embarrassing.

No. 681170

I hate the American healthcare system. I went for a routine yearly check-up at the gyno, and I got a bill for $545. I have to call the insurance company to find out why tomorrow. I'm hoping it's because someone fucked up my insurance information. I'm going to be so pissed if it's one of those situations where this once specific doctor I went to doesn't take my insurance, but others in the same office do.

No. 681179

I hate when my ringer is on and a text notif goes diIIINGGGG quiet and then suddenly blaring like do I have a fucking virus? a trojan whorse? tell me fucking why (not really I frankly don’t give enough of a shit)

Also hate when people sperg about OHH I CANT UNDERSTAND HOW U CAN DRINK THOSE eNeRgY dRiNksSsS like they’re some health guru exclusively sipping hand collected glacial spring water that ran off quartzite charged by a lunar eclipse. I don’t really drink them anymore but I used to really like them as a caffeine top up when I started to crash from my morning coffee also for an extra calorie boost. It was so annoying

No. 681184

I am finally ending an almost 8 year long relationship tomorrow. we got together when I was younger and very naive, and i didn't know any better about what i wanted/who i was. I was afraid to break up with him because I avoid confrontation but no more. I found pedo shit on his laptop last week and I'm done. this is it. I'm scared but i can't be in the same house as him anymore. I don't know where I'm going to go but at least I'll be away from him.

sorry I didn't know whether to post in the confession thread or this one. i hope everyone in this thread is okay, I'll keep you all in my thoughts.

No. 681187

File: 1606280709008.png (61.02 KB, 220x220, Jingbah_render.png)

A bitch got diagnosed with severe OCD today. She also suspects I got some social anxiety and GAD thrown into the mix. I am officially a snowflake.

No. 681189

You’re very strong anon. We sound similar, I got out of a 7 year marriage after beginning a relationship as a teenager with a man in his 30s. You’re absolutely doing the right thing, there’s no doubt about that. I was flooded with relief after I finally left, I got my life back and was able to live for myself again for the first time in what felt like an age. Things are going to get so much better for you from here. (Also I hope your ex gets sent to prison and tortured every day of his miserable, useless life.)

A quick word of advice, which you may not need - don’t rush into dating again until you do a lot of self care. I waited about a year after my divorce and ended up idealizing the first guy I was intrigued by, especially since he returned my affections/intensity. Ended up in an even worse abusive relationship, although we were within a couple years of age that time so that was something I guess. Be careful, love yourself, make some female friends and reach out to family members if there are any you can trust. Be happy with you and the life you build before seeing if a man is worthy of attempting to add to it.

No. 681190

File: 1606280847295.png (798.7 KB, 658x624, f.png)

Some lazy scrote in my class plagiarized one of my assignments and I can't get over it.
I know it's a stupid thing to be upset about but I'm actually retarded and it takes me hours and hours to write these things cohesively / in a way that isn't clunky, choppy, word salad. It's so unfair that some normal asshole can just steal my work like that, and a scrote no less. Scrotes have no shame.

No. 681193

that doesn't make you a cow anon

No. 681195

I hate you, Apple. Loser ass company making my laptop run at 2 fps and turn on its internal fan every time I have more than 5 tabs open.

No. 681202

I closed my Yesstyle tab and now my computer is running normally…uh.

No. 681208


More likely that’s Chrome’s fault for being a RAM black hole.

No. 681212

thank you so much, you're very kind. I'm very excited to actually live my life but a little afraid of what comes next. luckily I have a great best friend and some family to rely on. much luck to you you too!

No. 681213

Venting about myself because I'm a total bitch. I'm terrible at social interaction and find it almost impossible to say no to anybody. I have a friend who pretty much gets me to do whatever she wants because she knows I'll never say no. She's been asking to live together for a few months, and I kinda just half-assed gave a "eh maybe" answer, because I knew I did not want to live with her but did not have the balls to say it.

Well, I ended up just telling her I was probably going to renew at my current place, knowing she hates it. A couple weeks ago she proceeded to tell me that she "sucked it up" and applied here with me. Neither of us signed the lease or anything.

Due to financial reasons, I decided I'm going to move to a different city (that's too far for her to move with me) where rent is way cheaper after my lease is up. I told her this today and she was, rightfully, pissed. She pointed out how unfair this was to her and how now she has to scramble to find a new place to live for next year and I honestly feel really bad.

None of this would've happened if I had a fucking backbone to just say straight up I don't want to live together. I feel awful. Our other mutual friends are telling me what a dick move it was and I feel even more shitty, but I also know I deserve to hear it.

No. 681219

What's a better browser anon?

No. 681224

Brave or Opera.

No. 681232

Hey, I've found myself in this situation before too. I was bad at handling conflict for many years and I still struggle to put my foot down sometimes, especially with people that are for example bad at handling rejection. Try to look at this as a teaching moment, consider what you need to work on so that you can assert your boundaries with people. It's a constant work in progress, but you're capable of changing if you choose to and I think that is pretty empowering. Good luck anon, I hope you can make the best of a fresh start in a new city.

No. 681233

File: 1606286994502.jpg (5.44 KB, 320x300, 711372172.jpg)

I might get kicked out of my major/college, 4 years down the drain and no degree to show for it. I don't know where to go from here. Honestly I'm really scared.

No. 681238

Why would you get kicked out?

No. 681250

I'm about to fail a 3rd retake of a class, it's a policy that you get terminated from the major/school if you fail on your 3rd try.

No. 681254

that… sounds intense, tf it's just one class…
so sorry anon.

No. 681262

File: 1606290994148.jpg (58.59 KB, 577x575, tiredfeel.jpg)

Really love how my family is unsupportive of me going back to school and treats me like I'm a mentally unstable jackass.

No. 681270

It’ll be okay, anon. I promise. Why have you kept failing the class?

No. 681272

ntayrt but i am currently in a very similar situation. the program i'm in has a two strike policy, and i've already failed one of my classes this semester. i'm barely passing by barely 1 point, and if i fail my final and get below an 80%, it's game over. i'm truly wishing you the best, please take care and good luck!

No. 681280

Thanks. I have the final left and I’m going to try and stay positive. I found out I can appeal for a 4th try but it’s nearly impossible to get approved.
I’m just retarded. First time I struggled with the material, second time the adjustment to online learning was difficult and I almost passed. I was prescribed meds for my adhd (diagnosed years ago) to help with this semester and for the past few months I ended up having psychotic episodes as a side effect from Adderall. I talked to my Psych and now I’m on something else, but yeah the damage is done.
I wish you the best too, anon we’re gonna make it ;-;

No. 681285

That sucks anon, it’s not your fault. Keep in mind that you’re unwell, it’s possible to get better and maybe then you can return to studies. Idk how it works where you are, can you keep the credits and finish your degree later? If so it’s not a waste.

I hope everything works out eventually anon.

No. 681292

Thinking about if me accepting that customer service job for a delivery service company that mainly deals with Amazon was a good idea. I work part time at night, which is good, however I don't know if I would be able to deal with irate customers about their packages. I've been told that I would have to do 12-15 calls during my shift (which is only 5 hrs long a day) and I've spoken to two friends and a neighbour who work(ed) in call centres and they told me that that is a lot.
I'm nervous, but it's great that it's 16$ an hour and from home. Maybe I'm just a pussy.

No. 681294

i wish i really fucking wish there was an off button on me. I wish it was that ez

No. 681295

That does not sound like a lot at all. I work in admin, not even a call centre, and I could handle way more calls than that while also making a tonne of outbound calls and doing all my own work. People won't necessarily be irate either, normal and nice customers do exist.

You should just give it a go if the only issue is potentially struggling with call volumes, don't expect the worst and freak yourself out but if it sucks you can just quit. It's not like you'd owe fucking Amazon any loyalty as an employee for $16 bucks an hr.

No. 681301

It is a lot for a 5hrs night shift, I had a similar job with an average of 10 calls in 8hrs so we did admin work as well.
Don't worry OP, most people aren't assholes. I don't know your company's policy but most of those jobs allow you to hang on the customer if he starts insulting or screaming at you.

No. 681312

I wrote my paper for my english class on the same topic I used for my psychology paper earlier in the semester. I changed literally 95% of it and used completely different sources and changed my stance on the issue, but I GOT A ZERO AND I AM GETTING REPORTED TO MY COLLEGE FOR PLAGIARISM lol lol lol lol lol. My life is a joke guess I should just fucking kill myself because I am such a big fat fucking idiot! LOL

No. 681315

Can't you like plead not guilty

No. 681323

I sometimes feel like imageboards aren't affecting kids that much. It's more that kids with maladaptive thoughts and personalities usually find imageboards.

No. 681326

>but all I have really done to try and manage them is avoiding triggers

That is a self sabotaging cope.

> I just feel very stupid and want to be able to pull myself together.

I know the feel, but look where isolating and "finally pulling yourself together" brought you. I really suggest you to look into therapy.

No. 681328

Did anyone tell you wthat they suspect you plagiarized yourself specifically? Does it even count if you "plagiarized" yourself to begin with?

No. 681330

Ram doesn't make your Fan go off. It's just that intel macbooks (so not the new M1 ones) are cooled absolutely horribly and will throttle all the time.

No. 681331

And imageboards encourage them to go further in the rabbit hole

No. 681334

Fair point

No. 681341

File: 1606300775147.jpeg (70.1 KB, 498x703, 65F63114-2DC3-4B0F-A9D2-FFDC6A…)

I’m a zoomer neet who is about to spent all of my savings (bit over 1k) to build a pc for my brother so he can give me his old one.

this is a stupid awful idea but there is no talking me out of it. i have bad anxiety so getting a job for me is harder than it already is

No. 681342

I don't understand why you didn't just buy yourself a new pc and figure out how to build it yourself…

No. 681344

Anon spend it on yourself. You deserve better than your brother’s pc scraps!

No. 681352

Get the new pc for yourself

No. 681355

just explain why please

No. 681359

My professor sent me an email saying “it was unfortunate that you decided to turn in a paper you wrote for another class. I have to give you a zero and report you”

It’s funny bc in my psychology paper I wrote that video games do not cause violence, but in my English paper I argued that they do. My “Hook” was the same, but my thesis is literally so fucking different. Like lol. The criteria of the papers were different, too. My sources and the conclusions are literally the direct opposite.

My guess is it got flagged in the computer bc we have to submit all of our work to this database, but if she read the papers she would see they are different and even if they were the same its my own original thoughts anyway so why does it matter????? Like it’s straight up bullshit, why did I even bother to do any work at all?

No. 681360

anon, are you mental or is your bro is and you are giving him pitybucks? Spend the money on yourself!

No. 681367

Yeah I dont know how common it is but teachers check if submitted papers are plagiarizing other works with a software before reading it iirc. Tell your professor to read the whole thing and maybe even show him the other paper so he can compare and contrast. The way you're explaining the situation it seems like he didnt take the time to read the whole text.

No. 681368

What the fuck? Don't let it pass. Argue with them and tell them to compare the two papers, the sources, literally everything.
They can't just give you a zero because you used the same topic, and that's obviously not the same as "turning in a paper you wrote for another class". Fuck that teacher.

No. 681370

Contact your professor to clear it up. If you can, directly call them or videocall them. (Assuming you can't see them directly in person rn) I've done that before and it's the most effective way. If not, report it higher up. I don't know how it works in school systems abroad but I'd contact the examination board.

Definitely don't allow this to pass.

Also, can you technically even plagiarize yourself? lolol

No. 681377

My best friend of 6 years has pulled the trans card just to piss off his dad(his words), he also thinks that because he's gay and feminine he must be trans despite having no disphoria at all. Bruh I'm so done. His dad isn't even homophobic/transphobic he just wants his grown ass kid to move the fuck out.

No. 681378

>can you technically even plagiarize yourself? lolol
Yes, academic institutions believe you can. But in this case I'd argue that it's not plagiarism because OP used different sources and made a different argument for the new paper.

No. 681380

I'm hoping to go out and get some errands done today but I need to wait on a delivery first. I hear someone drive right up to my front door so I jump up relieved that I can now go get stuff done today… no it's just my neighbors from a few doors down using my front door as a parking space.

No. 681391

Just listening to my boyfriend confess to me he has cheated on me while he sobs and it's 7AM on a day I have no college. I feel nothing. Bleak.

No. 681395

Disgusting. Hope his ass is dumped, anon. I know it's hard. I'm sorry that happened to you.

No. 681405

>while he sobs
Lol, he's so manipulative. Bet he wasn't crying while he cheated on you. Some men can just never own being the bad guy, they gotta empathy bait women to get let off from their bullshit easier.
Let me guess, if you choose not to comfort him and don't coddle forgive him cause he's weally sowwy you will suddenly be the bad guy? Pft. Use this time of numbness to your advantage, look at this bullshit objectively and logically and make the decision accordingly. Save your emotions for a person who's worth it.

No. 681409

I'm still with my boyfriend who cheated on me and I would get out while you can. It's been years now and I kinda wish I left even though nowadays he is really loving towards me. I feel numb to him a lot of time and fantasise about leaving and being with someone who really think's I'm special. I'm so sorry he did that to you, anon. I know how it hurts.

No. 681412

Sorry to hear that anon, hope you follow >>681405 advice because that fucker doesn’t deserve your pity.

Wtf anon please leave, you don’t need a dramatic reason to. You’re not feeling it, and that’s a perfectly valid reason.
Also I believe in ‘once a cheater, always a cheater’. Most men will cheat again, they’ll just become better at hiding.
Get out there and go find yourself someone who treasures you.

No. 681414

I'm sorry that happened to you too, anon. I tried to stay with my bf after he cheated on me as well. He just lied more, and it didn't work. It's not too late for you to leave even if he's loving to you. You're allowed to.

No. 681416

Anon, I'm so sorry. Please do not stay with him. Drunkness is no excuse. Sadness, not an excuse. "You were being cold towards me" no excuse.

I'm so sorry.

No. 681419

…aaaaand I dumped him! Something I keep telling myself is that I deserve to feel good, my time is worthy, and this pain that will come, too shall pass. I must keep my spirits up, I've been through worse!

No. 681420

anon please give us an update on this somewhere when you can because now i'm pissed off for you

No. 681423

File: 1606315018949.jpg (178.09 KB, 1500x1000, queen.jpg)

Good for you, anon!! You are 100% correct. I'm really happy that you dropped that dead weight loser that had the audacity to do that to you and cwy about it. You really are better off and will be feeling much better before you know it. ♥

No. 681424

>>681419 good for you anon! You do deserve to feel good!

No. 681425

So proud of you, anon. Here's to better things in the future.

No. 681426

Self-plagiarism is dumb af and I never would have known about it if we hadn't had a presentation on it in one of my uni classes (and then burned it into my mind by bitching abt how dumb it is).

If you really did change it so much and use different sources, it's something you should be able to fight. Say you're passionate about the subject and wanted to explore it from a literary (or w/e) angle after your interest was piqued.

No. 681427

I wish I could be strong enough to leave. Idk, he's my first everything and I'm his too. It all happened at the start of our relationship. He says things like "I'd feel so empty if you were gone" and the sort when I bring up leaving. He's also the closest thing I have to a true friend in this country (moved here for Uni). I'm happy enough I guess, he is really lovely to me now and he treats me better than I treat him. Idk, it is what it is. He says he'll never cheat again and that it was the biggest mistake of his life, but what cheater doesn't say that? lol.

No. 681428

congratulations anon! well done! im so happy for you

No. 681429

File: 1606315189220.jpeg (55.53 KB, 693x457, BC1E9607-FF09-4E3F-9C25-75840A…)

Seconding requesting an update when you have one because your professor doesn’t know the definition of plagiarism lol. I want to see you get justice.

No. 681432

I deeply struggle with thinking that everyone views me the way I view myself. I will go through a drive thru and for some reason think that the cashier pities me, or thinks I'm weird, or something along those lines. I'm a normal looking and acting girl but I have this strong feeling that all people don't like me or see right through me. There's a starbucks worker who always gives me free drinks, which for any other person would just be a positive and kind act. For me it's something to hyper analyze and break down. It's depressing.

No. 681434

>Yes, academic institutions believe you can.
But doesn't that go against the definition of plagiarism; to take someone else's work specifically and pass it off as your own. Someone else's, not your own.

Although I guess there's nothing you can do if the people who have the ultimate decision believe it's plagiarism.

Stay strong! From the little you've written about it here I think you've made the right decision.

No. 681435

As a teacher, plagiarizing off your past papers has to be taken as plagiarism. This is overkill though. If it was literally the first two sentences, he's bugging. It could also be that you aren't meant to redo topics you've already done in the past, even flip flopped. Who knows, but definitely address it.

No. 681436

Just because you're each others' first doesn't mean you have to be each others' last, and maybe he's your only/closest friend because he's the only one that's been allowed to be? That's had the opportunity to be, ya know?
>he treats me better than I treat him
Is that due to resentment, you not liking him as much, something else? I think it's important to ask yourself if this relationship and how you're feeling is something you want or are willing to do for the rest of your life and if you'll be happy with it. If the answer is no, then it's better to cut if off and start to heal and seek new life sooner than later. That's what I learned when I left my bf when he cheated, even though I thought he was the love of my entire life. I'm much, MUCH happier now and have much more respect for myself in general and in my relationships now. You and every other woman deserve that, anon. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you feel is right for you to do.

No. 681437

File: 1606315440230.jpg (37.96 KB, 640x358, 49211343_1576693909099950_8838…)

proud of you anon, shit will hurt for some time but just remember you're so much better off now <3

No. 681439

I work at an ice cream shop and sometimes give people free little shit if a) they look like they're having a rough day of b) I have a little crush on them or they were super, super nice to me or someone else that I saw in the store. It could be something like that, but I doubt she pities you or feels any type of way in particular, anon. I hope this helps instead of makes you more paranoid, ahaha.

No. 681463

Was in a little local store a few months back and while buying my coffee the guy working there kinda cornered me in conversation wanting to know everything about me (I moved to this small town so he was trying to figure out my accent etc) As I was being asked my life story and trying to not encourage him it dawns on me that it's one of the warmest days of the year and a rare occasion where I'm actually dressed feminine. My gay ass realises what's likely up… I get out of there eventually.

Fast forward a few months, masks are mandatory in stores and it's freezing here so I'm back dressed more like myself with a big winter coat thrown on top. I've been in there twice lately and both times I approached the till and said "just a coffee" only for him to not hear me and shout back "I said is that a tea or a coffee?!" Friendly to the person in front of me and then switching lol. Funny how he wasn't deaf throughout that painfully long convo we had before.

No. 681466

I've had a horrible kidney infection for a week and haven't been able to go to my doctor because I've been at work. My two days off are Thursday and Friday which is the fucking holidays and they don't open back up until Monday. I hope I can survive until then.

No. 681468

Probably just bitter you didn't immediately give him your number last time and beg him for a date.

No. 681472

> which is the fucking holidays and they don't open back up until Monday
I exclusively get sick when doctors offices are closed so I feel your pain. Most countries have an emergency version of a general practioner service that stays open though, kidney stuff is serious enough to warrant that kind of service

No. 681474

Wouldn't you still be able to go to the E.R (or whatever your country's equivalent of that is)? People don't stop getting hurt on holidays.

No. 681475

Every year I like to gift my mum an Advent calendar and normally I like to buy it in october but this year has been such a mess that I totally forgot about it. Now it's the end of december and I have such a hard time finding a decent priced calendar because most shit is sold out at this point or being offered for a lot more money than they were originally sold ugh and I do not want to give her some generic chocolate one …

No. 681482

I'm still extremely salty I'm the only child that my father didn't "claim". He literally only saw me on my birthday, and at one point that stopped for some reason (other than asking my mom want I wanted, but I just said I didn't want to see him). On one hand I feel like it doesn't affect me cause I barely knew him, but on the other hand thinking about it makes me want to cry. What was wrong with me? I was a good child, he just didn't want me. Literally left me to rot with my mentally ill mother.

No. 681488

Sorry that happened, anon. Why did you say you didn’t want to see him? Maybe he thought he was doing the right thing by listening to you.

No. 681489

Why didn't you ask leave from your work then..

No. 681493

He wasn't listening to me. He already decided to stop seeing me. Like I said, he only visited me on my birthday. Literally made no attempt at contact any other time of the year.

Basically on for my 10th/11th birthday he came over I think like 2 days after my actual bday and gave me gifts. At the time I was super socially awkward and not confident at all. I didn't show a lot of enthusiasm, even though I was happy, and said "thank you" very quietly, which was my fault. I guess he didn't hear me and told my mother he wouldn't come over anymore out of anger(?). He didn't come the next year. Didn't even call me. All the years after that I basically just said I didn't want to see him because I felt like he already decided he didn't want to see me at all. I think if he apologized I would have still wanted him to visit, but I felt like he was trying to wiggle back in after hurting me.

No. 681495

It's not about you, it's your mentally ill mother that he wants nothing to do with. You are the extension/reminder of her. It isn't fair, but that's what men think.

It sucks anon but I've dealt with this shit all my life and trust me when I say men are just cavemen with base instincts.
My biological dad abandoned his visitation and parental rights with me when I was a preteen because I fought with him over how he was neglecting me. His excuse was that I had been brainwashed and coached by my mom to be difficult. The reality was I thought about it on my own, and recognized I was being mistreated and missing out on my childhood. Even if I was too inexperienced and loyal to properly articulate exactly how. I haven't seen that man since and he's never bothered to reach out to me after that day again.

Decades later as an adult, my mentally unhinged mother who should have never married has had her third divorce with my stepdad for his physical and financial infidelity.
The ways I am now actively being betrayed by my stepdad who I idolized for years–from what was once our seemingly great relationship–is astounding.
I went to rent with my stepdad after I broke up with my boyfriend and not wanting to live with my actively batshit mother.
My stepdad is constantly making idiotic financial choices despite earning double what I make (I'm paying half the rent on an income as poor as mine) and squeezes me for money constantly because he wants to save even more money for selfish reasons like his new girlfriend. He's also a lazy bum. Comes home and plops after work and doesn't do shit besides smoke and watch tv. I'm expected to do all the chores aside from his laundry, and he audibly bitches when he feels his hand is forced to clean because I refuse to be my mom and maid it up all the time.
When he gets real mad at me for some shit, he'll verbally abuse me with sayings "YOU'RE JUST LIKE YOUR MOTHER." If I wasn't useful to him right now, most surely his contact would be minimal with me.
I'm nothing like my mother, but I look like her. I don't act like her, but I get in his way sometimes just the same. It isn't fair, but we are totems of women they want nothing to do with anymore.

My advice is don't pin it on yourself, it's their deficiency as men and lacking capability to be decent human beings.

No. 681506

I can’t help but have a victim mentality from all the abuse from my family and from outsiders due to the fact that they thought I was worthless as an obvious product of child neglect, the bullies in my adulthood who took advantage of my scarred perception of the world, and losers who sit on the periphery. I used to (and still do) ideate violent ends for these people but I realize it’s destructive. I don’t really know what to do. Every time I go to therapy they focus on something retarded that has nothing to do with my problems because they’re projecting shit onto me. I’m convinced that’s all therapy is and I don’t trust that it will help me. I don’t know what to do to make my life better. What is the end goal? To make money? For what? Nothing matters to me but revenge and nothing can bring me that. Nothing can turn back time and let me correct all the wrongs done unto me. My traumas, shortcomings, flaws, everything is intertwined and I’m stuck in a fucking web. It makes me want to scream

No. 681508

Nta but I think it really is just the way men think too. I didn't have a situation like that, just my parents never got along after they had me. They're most likely both mentally ill, and I know my father really resents my mother because he has some regrets, and no matter how much I try to talk to my him he treats me like he treats my mother, even if I'm nothing like her. If by chance I have the same opinion on something as my mother he'll say I'm brainwashed and I'm just like her. He talks to me like he talks to her, if he's angry at her he's angry to me as well. He's good to my older brother though, maybe because he's a man?
But anyway it's better to get people like that out of your life, even if it's painful. They'll never act like you want them to.

No. 681515

Thank you anon. I feels so weird to think he just sees me as an extension of my mother, especially since I look so much like him, like he spit me out. He should have just been a fucking man about the situation with my mom instead of abandoning me. It's so selfish to leave your kid in a bad situation just to live a better life with your family. I know it's not my fault, but I wish would've had more courage to tell my father how I felt during my childhood. I don't think it would have changed anything anyway though.

No. 681546

File: 1606326765200.png (13.57 KB, 500x330, 4d4848fb-ecc8-4a7c-883e-37abe7…)

I flinch, recoil and tense up when I'm with people one on one. Sometimes it's not noticable and sometimes it's extreme.

When my ex (that I'm on good terms with, just haven't seen him in a year) hugged I tensed up and started shaking a bit. When he tried to put his hand on my shoulder I flinched. Stuff like that. He was never ever abusive and it also happens with other people but I usually freez and tense up.

I was beaten and verbally harassed during most of my school time but could it really have an effect like that? I'm 25 and feel like I'm too old for this shit. I just want to be fucking normal and stop flinching and pullibg away, especially since I'm touch starved.

No. 681553

>could it really have an effect like that
Yes. Had an ex that was physically abused/bullied in his late teens and when we met ~6 years later he still had a tendency to flinch and tense up a lot. If I went to stroke his hair, wrapped my arms around his waist, even reaching for his hand sometimes. Didn't really matter if he saw it coming or not. Made me feel like I was the one attacking him (wasn't guilting him for it or anything, just sad). What did help was a lot of communication. "Hey babe I'm gonna hug you from behind./Is it okay if I touch your cheek right now?/Can I massage your feet?" Probably would've seemed excessive to anyone from the outside but knowing exactly what was going to happen and being given the choice to say yes/no (even though he did want to be affectionate and the answer was almost always yes) helped a lot and we eventually got to the point where I didn't have to say anything and he could just enjoy stuff.

No. 681555

My boyfriend sometimes stutters when talking to others and I often have to interject to finish his sentence otherwise it would lead to a lot of awkward pauses. His brother is autistic so I assumed he picked up quirks from living with him so long. Am I an asshole for doing this? Every time we run errands and do 'adult' things I have to step in and make sure things are completed. I feel like I'm in a maternal role to my bf and it's driving me insane. Maybe I'm just on his case too hard but it's legitimately annoying having to give directions to a grown ass adult to his own goddamn house from the supermarket five blocks down the street. I keep telling myself to let it go but it's driving me up the wall. What is it with these men who are completely incapable of taking care of themself? I'm not one to talk with my own infinity gauntlet of mental illness but jesus christ how taxing can calling the insurance company be? Seriously?

No. 681556

ah, damn. Never thought it would affect me as a damn adult. But thank you for the reply, I guess that could work for me too.

No. 681557

I have to pee so badly and neither restaurants that I stopped at let me use the bathroom so when my boyfriend got back in the car, I started to autistically screech at him and he kept arguing back so I kicked him out of the car right on the road and now I'm sobbing in my car at a gas station I want to kill myself. Why does my mental illness ruin everything. I take my medication and this still happens. Fuck me. I just really had to pee and he wasn't helping…

I want to go back to get him but I'm also still fucked.

No. 681559

Sure thing, and I'm sorry to hear you went through that anon. The more you can practice touch with a patient and communicative partner the better I think, basically reconditioning yourself to associate physical contact with nice things rather than harm. But in the meantime asking friends/family to ask you if they could be a bit more upfront about what they do could be helpful as well. You could also perhaps look into massage? Don't go to just anyone, look for practitioners that are into the "healing" aspect and express to them that you do have hang-ups about touch. The right person will be very verbal and say, "I'm going to work on your shoulders now, is that okay?" and so on. Plus it feels great! Good luck on your recovery.

No. 681566

My trash ass cousin is pregnant again. On her 3rd baby daddy and can't afford to care for the kids she already has. The family is acting like this is great news, even calling it the best thing to happen this year.

No. 681567

Wtf anon, go piss and go get him.

No. 681568

> My boyfriend sometimes stutters when talking to others and I often have to interject to finish his sentence otherwise it would lead to a lot of awkward pauses.
I was about to stay that I'm pretty sure you're just tearing down his confidence and increasing the rate of him stuttering by doing that. Just have patience and let him finish talking, a bit of stuttering or an awkward silence here or there is honestly not a big deal.

but then I read this:
>having to give directions to a grown ass adult to his own goddamn house from the supermarket five blocks down the street.
I mean what the fuck? Is he mentally ill? Why are you enabling this behaviour? I would've been long gone if I had to mommy a man like that.

No. 681569

Go pee, calm down and collect your thoughts and then go apologize to your boyfriend.

No. 681572

>I started to autistically screech at him and he kept arguing back
Why are you saying this as if you weren't yelling at him for no reason? Jesus christ, get your shit together and apologize to him.

No. 681576

>She also seems to be incredibly manipulative to them and preying on their own issues, which I'm rather proud of her
Get help.

No. 681577

Update: I peed at the gas station and then went to go get him but he wasn't there anymore. Texted me and told me he got a Lyft. I just got back home and did apologize to him, for yelling and for leaving him.

Yes I feel like an absolute stupid piece of shit. I should never have screeched at him like that, regardless of how I felt.

No. 681602

File: 1606331201007.png (3.18 KB, 562x25, im-going-to-sell-it-to-a-commu…)

fuuuck it said there were 3 seeders I just want to watch Twisted Tales of Felix

No. 681609

I need to quit my job. I'm officially in love with my co-worker and being around this person some days absolutely destroys me, knowing there's no chance. It's causing my depression to come back, which is absolutely pathetic, so leaving the establishment is the only logical solution.

But holy hell, it hurts. I thought when this started last year it would go away eventually, or that while spending time together I could find flaws and get over it – NOPE. But if you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. I feel like the biggest clown alive after pretending everything was ok. It's suddenly not anymore, especially after becoming close friends.

I'm a very loving, affectionate person and hiding that from the person I love the most is creating a supernova of feelings. I'm going to implode
I know it's not that bad and it'll pass but WEW LAD. Can't stop crying over the fact that I have to leave a job that I love, in a field I'm very proficient in, with the best co-workers ever for something very stupid like this.

No. 681616

Is it possible to just not be around them at work, change departments or projects, or at the very least not see or speak to them outside of work? It sounds like you two are also friends/close outside of work which surely doesn't help. I'm sorry anon. I hope you don't have to lose your job before you've tried other solutions, much less at all.

No. 681617

Why no chance anon? Maybe you should just ask him before up an quiting your job.

No. 681619

why are so upset about some anons posting Meg? Are you jealous?

No. 681623

Stop bringing it up you retard

No. 681625

File: 1606333667820.jpg (383.26 KB, 640x863, Victorial-Velociraptor-with-Vi…)

This is hilarious. I'm picturing a velociraptor girlfriend letting out a giant REEEE as she Sparta kicks the boyfriend from the vehicle for not fetching her the chamberpot to piss in.
Are you broke anon? You should have gotten your boyfriend to buy you something to count as a "customer" in one of those restaurants while you went to pee.

No. 681633

File: 1606334304284.jpg (39.23 KB, 564x564, 6de3009f674d38e33ce74acc432c90…)

Im 19 and almost 20 years old and i still haven't gotten therapy nor can i afford it or the medicine i probably need when diagnosed. I've always had untreated depression and social anxiety and i probably even have some undiangosed illnesses from past mistreatment and abuse.

My mother never wanted to get me a therapist just because we had one therapist once that was being unprofessional and downright rude to me. Im just mentally fucked and i just want to get the help i need, im doing small things for myself from time to time but sometimes i just feel like wanting to get actual help.

I don't wanna admit to my mom that im mentally not alright, shes very judgemental towards me even the time i self harmed due to having a very depressive episode where i felt like absolute fucking garbage. It's making me even more scared to tell her because she always has to tell everyone in my family whats going on, even things i tell her. Both her and my dad and family members are judgemental.

I only have trusted my smaller sister and my older brother with my struggles because they also are going through some hard things, but i cannot constantly rely on them to help. I really do not know what to do, should i just get my shit together and tell my parents? even if its scary for me considering they are judgemental as shit?

No. 681635

I can't stop watching these tornado videos AAAAAAA

No. 681638

>You should have gotten your boyfriend to buy you something to count as a "customer" in one of those restaurants while you went to pee.

Yeahhhh, that was the plan but they still wouldn't let me. Apparently the state is back in Phase 1 of Covid shit so they refused to let me go no matter how much I begged, even after my boyfriend had already started placing an order. The bathrooms were physically blocked at both places.

No. 681639

i know what you mean about judgmental and gossipy family members, anon. are you still living with your parents? i think it's probably best to seek help as best you can without letting your family members know, but if it's also an issue of privacy - for instance, if you manage to get a therapist but they keep interrupting you/listening in on calls you have with them - i think you should maybe turn some attention to trying to distance yourself from them as best you can. just remember that your parents don't NEED to know everything, and you're allowed to keep things private - especially things as important as your own mental health.

No. 681640

Could you report him? I dunno what things are like where you are but colleges can take plagirism very seriously, to the point of suspension or expulsion.

No. 681645

FUCK HIM, absolutely report it! My school and professors took that shit very seriously, I hope yours do too.

No. 681647

File: 1606335547565.jpg (18.78 KB, 500x409, cqq5zfgeu2yz.jpg)

I'm tired of the monotony of online university. There's only 10 days left but I just can't take it anymore.

No. 681650

when I was a barely 15 years old depressed, bullied ana-chan I met a guy online who became my ld 'boyfriend' lol which translates to someone i thought i had feelings for but was actually the only person my age who was nice to me and i desperately clinged onto that until i was 17 and blocked him everywhere because he was a manipulative creep and i finally gained some self confidence
it is something i am still ashamed of but i was a cringy socially awkward kid
>fast forward to november 2020
I unblocked the guy years ago so i could forget about his existence and not see him on my blocklist
one thing I did NOT fucking want to see were friend invites on sc and steam from that exact guy
meaning he had to remember my details for years and decided to check if he's still blocked
considering he used to suicide bait me I am extremely creeped out by this I mean wtf
the creepiest thing is that i changed my steam username and url multiple times since cutting him off so i have absolutely no idea how he found me and now don't feel comfortable launching steam at all even though he's blocked again
if i had money to buy the few games i own on a new account I would, I know I'm being dramatic but I haven't felt this creeped out and uncomfortable in a long while

No. 681655

don't know if you're still here but you can go to a therapist and get an exemption due to covid stress/depression.

No. 681683

The pedo sperging really ruined the Celebritycows thread. It was a mess before, but that was the nail in the coffin.

No. 681708

File: 1606340857953.jpeg (12.86 KB, 462x138, 55DE2542-68F0-435A-8B6E-08F3FB…)

I hate when Instagram account ask when to post NOBODY CARES

No. 681717

>This is hilarious. I'm picturing a velociraptor girlfriend letting out a giant REEEE as she Sparta kicks the boyfriend from the vehicle for not fetching her the chamberpot to piss in.
I actually laughed out loud at this holy shit

No. 681755

I thought I could make a few small things for the holiday but the stores are completely swamped and it'll be worse after the holiday because of all the idiotic black friday stuff. I should have prepared for this a week ago but I was too exhausted working over time. Fuck holidays. Fuck everyone else for not preparing for this earlier either. I just wanted to make mash potatoes and cheese rolls.

No. 681758

I moved to a new city at 20, I feel like my actual life started there, started drinking, made friends, did stuff, work, school all that. My dad is from that city so I already spent a lot of time there and I spoke like I was from there due to my dad's dialect, so everyone always thought I was from there. At the start of the pandemic, I kinda been living in my hometown 96% of the time and my mom keeps joking how I am not really a my new home city-ian because I am from here. Bitch, I never did shit here, I have no idea what to tell people to do here, I have no friends and I don't even talk like the people here, it's a cute town but I truly did most of my actual growing up as a person in that other city and just feel like I am from there, I've lived there almost 10 years for fucks sake. She seems almost offended whenever I tell someone I am from the other city, like ffs I LIVE THERE, I am legally from there, I speak like I am from there. Of course I will always be the usual "lol yea I'm from this place but I grew up in this town yay", this is so dumb but it almost feels like my mom is jealous because she never left this town. I am not better or worse if I am from either but jESUS CHRIST IT'S RETARDED TO GO "ANON, NEVER GONNA BE THAT CITY-AN" TELL THAT TO MY ADRESS THEN, WOMAN.

No. 681778

I feel like my Dyslexia is starting to really affect how I do my job. I was diagnosed with dyslexia when I was in about 1st grade but my school never really gave me any tutoring for it so I just kind of had to deal with it. I had awful grades all of school because I just kind of accepted I was born to be an idiot (also had neglectful parents so they never cared to ask how I was doing in school).
So I've had a job for the last year as a glorified data entry person that sometimes handles medical documents. After being there for 6 months I got a written warning about processing things wrong too many times. They were usually such stupid mistakes and I was always so embarrassed that I even made them. I never let my employers know that I have any learning disability because I was terrified they would fire me. So I got this written warning and was then trying my hardest not to make any mistakes and I was really holding it together. However, these last few weeks I've made about 6 critical mistakes and I'm starting to feel supremely awful about my work. I just sent a super sappy email to my higher up letting her know that I'm so sorry for making these careless mistakes and that I'm trying my hardest to do better. I haven't gotten another warning yet but I just feel like it's coming and I'm so scared of getting fired. I'm planning on quitting in mid-2021 because I'm moving and I just hope I don't get fired before then. I feel like I should just tell them im dyslexic and thats why i make so many retarded mistakes but who the fuck would ever want a dyslexic data entry clerk??? I also am so mad that i'm this worked up over a shitty job that pays $9/hr.

No. 681787

I love my boyfriend and he loves me but my head is telling me to leave him now because we can't work in the long term. I don't know if it's because I'm depressed af by the new lockdown, being alone in a foreign country and working my first job with lots of responsibilities…… or if i'm older and wiser from previous relationships

my lifestyle is really unhealthy, i have a bad sleep schedule and i stress eat

life was looking to be so good for a week and now i'm back in the gutter

i'm so tired of this life, i don't feel suicidal but i just want to go back to my parents and live off being a gardener or etsy artist idk

No. 681790

Wasn't there some kind of function on Steam to share games between accounts? You could get online one last time and connect it to a new account

No. 681793


No. 681795

Oh anon, are you me? Exact same situation, loving relationships but messed up schedule, bad diet, overworked, i doubt everything. It's not wise to make any decision like that when you can clearly see your life outside of relationship is influencing your mindset badly, that can only lead to regret. hope you will manage to sort things out!

No. 681797

>spending all your money to relocate to a new city with ur bf to room with best friend
>realize she’s got a ton of financial problems but ok we can help
>apply to apartments but realize she’s got 1 too many pets
>have to ask her to get rid of the pet she’s holding onto for her dad who isn’t even in the same country or else boyf will go back to home town cause all this is too much
I’m stressed

No. 681798

Did you talk with your boyfriend about this? In my experience there are times in longterm relationships when you are in doubt, especially if you are in a bad place mentally. It is normal and understandable that you feel stressed. Don't be so harsh with yourself and try to change one little thing, like starting to fix your sleep schedule by going to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual maybe?

Regardless of the relationship, the most important thing is your wellbeing.

No. 681801

I was writing a long ass post and I lost it

Thank you tho anon, it's making me hopeful. I know some couples go through actual hard stuff so I can do it too.

The thing is, this is an intrusive thought that's hard to get rid of. I told him how I felt today and he said he didn't realize how bad I was feeling.

I'm still a bit angry at him because he refused a job opportunity where I could be relocated with him to the other side of the globe. He was afraid of committing to the job and doing paperwork so he chose a 3-month internship next year. I don't know how i will deal with the time difference,it's only three months so there's worse…

Lots of love to you anon, first lockdown was easy as we were together but the second one is making me lose it. I know I'm not alone, we're stronger than that!

No. 681806

Sorry for samefag but I'm a boomer on mobile,takes forever to type.

We've talked and he's really concerned about me and trying to make me feel better.

As for my lifestyle, I'm trying to get better but I have the will of a sad looking rag. I have a really hard time sticking to good habits.

Today I bought tea to stop binging on sugary food tho.

I'd like to have a 15 minutes sport session at least every other day, there's a video routine I really like on YouTube so no excuse.

I would also like to try meditating, or stuff like that. And yeah, sleep before 3am.

I'm not sleepy because I'm really stressed and I don't do any exercise, so it's just anxious thought after anxious thought every night.

I know what I need to do i just don't do it because I'm too lazy.

No. 681815

hi anon, it's >>681184. I don't know if you're still around but i just want to let you know that I did it! it was really hard but your comment brought me a lot of peace, so thank you again.

No. 681817

File: 1606350445587.jpeg (88.88 KB, 954x831, 1ED9E46D-2C3D-4DE1-8916-513262…)

his pc isnt bad, he just wants to upgrade. this is gonna sound autistic but me and my twin share a pc he built for us a year or two ago so instead of just upgrading his old parts hes gonna make a new one so we dont have to share.
he plays way more video games than i do and its kinda paying back? so im not too pressed about it. i’m not going to live past 30 anyways so whatever

No. 681818

Just know that if you get a piercing and you never change out the original jewelry to one that fits after the swelling goes down, you look bad and I'm judging you.

No. 681822

im so fucking tired of my family, holy shit they are exhausting! is not that they are bad people but they are such drama queens. every fucking day is a new fucking thing and im at my wits end with them. my sister always have something happening to her and my mom lways have a mental breakdown about it. I JUST WANT A LITTLE BIT OF PEASE! ONE FUCKING DAY DRAMA FREE FOR FUCK'S SAKE! IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK??? and im the one with a mental illness? HOW? i cant believe im the only one who has a diagnosis. i stg even though i have aspergers syndrom i never cause drama except for the ocassional sperg about the FUCKING NOISE THEY MAKE ALL THE FUCKING TIME ABOUT WHATEVER RETARDED DRAMA THEY ARE HAVING AT THE MOMENT! they are loud 24/7 and i try to not be intolerant cause i know im the one that has irrational responses to the noise, so i can manage my spergs quite well… but the drama is what's making me wanna move to a different country and never see them again, even tho i love them as much as an aspie can. fuck this shit

No. 681836

I'm here! Hearing that makes me tear up anon, I'm so proud of you and the next (much better) stage of your life is just beginning. I'm so happy to know you have a solid support system and that you're finally free to explore the things you want and simply enjoy being you without that filth dragging you down. Congratulations. I believe in you and all the wonderful you'll be a part of moving forward.

No. 681856

Oops, I meant to say all the wonderful *things you'll be part of. Sorry I really was getting a bit emotional, so excited for you!

No. 681865

Going thru old photos with my family now & just had to ask my mom not to make sexual comments about my childhood photos, to which she scoffed. gotta love narcissistic mothers

No. 681873

File: 1606360140809.jpeg (40.25 KB, 640x262, DA338D84-5980-45D8-AB2B-8A84D1…)

Thinkin about how all my formative sexual encounters in adolescence were borderline non-consensual and traumatic as my bf plays video games next to me

No. 681875

I really understand tonight that men are pure evil. I was ready to kill myself. None if them gave me anything accept sex or disregard

No. 681876

I only say men are pure evil becuz if a girl sees a man unhinge they just leave them alone. Men will try to fuck or bully a crazy girl.

No. 681896

I want to stab these worthless scrotes in the leg for you anon. I hope things have gotten better for you.

No. 681903

File: 1606366443704.jpg (173.71 KB, 1080x728, 20201125_223246.jpg)

I fucking hate left Anglo twitter. Maradona died and he was a fucking pedophile rapist and everyone is sucking his balls on Twitter. They fucking know nothing about the femicides and violence against women that are rampant in Latin America, they're not comrades, they're dumb idiots that don't give a fuck about how things really are here fuck theeeem

No. 681905

Please for the love of god bring back kink shaming.

No. 681906

Then you'd be putting 75% of /g/ out of business.

No. 681907

It’s anonymous though, people should get kink shamed when they have a name next to their retarded takes.

No. 681908

A friend started avoiding me but still talks to other friends and ignores my messages. I don't know what I did wrong. Last time we talked we were making jokes about something we talked about the night before. Thought they were going through shit so I left them alone for a few days but they're still acting this way. I hate that I allow myself to get attached and let this type of thing bothers me. Who cares if they don't talk to me? Probably busy with life. It's not my weight to carry. I need to stop taking it personally.

No. 681914

I’m a young landlord (in my 20s)

And tenants never take me seriously…I never say I’m the landlord though, and just claim to be the supervisor because I don’t want them asking for favors but sweet Jesus LOL

there’s so much landlord hate on the internet, no one ever talks about how hard it is and stressful it is to actually be a landlord

No. 681915

this is why i try not to get attached to anyone anymore. the only people who would never do this to me are 3 of my best friends who i've known since high school. other than that, all of my friendships and relationships fail within the first 6 months. honestly it's better to say fuck it and focus on yourself. sounds cheesy but i agree that the best people come to you when you're not looking for them lol

No. 681918

I'm also a young landlord, I just let the real estate agent deal with everything and literally never talk to them. I know there's no way I'd get respect and tbh I don't really deserve any cause I don't know shit about managing property, it's just an investment. It's totally worth the cut they take.

No. 681935

my vent is about the retarded final exam schedule for my remote classes. two of my finals are formatted as short essay assignments that we have to complete and submit within a window of 48 hours. the problem is that window of time to complete them overlaps, so i'll only have one full day to work on exam #2. this is potentially going to be a big problem for me because i have ADD (i'm in the process of getting a diagnosis, so for the time being I can't formally request an extension). i emailed my prof and asked if this would be considered a scheduling conflict. he said that the university hasn't set a clear definition of what constitutes a scheduling conflicts for take-home exams and that the one day should be sufficient. i'm sure there are other students in my position, but i just don't think it's fair that some people will have an entire 48 hours to write and edit their work while others have only half that time. i have an appointment with a doctor at the end of the week to finally discuss treatment options, i really hope he prescribes me something that will help me push through exams because i'm having a really hard time at this point.

No. 681941

Well there's a big "no dating" policy and there's only 14 people in the building so it'd be difficult to move departments. But surprisingly/luckily he called after noticing I wasn't doing well, picked me up, and we talked about it. The feelings mutual so we're going to work on it! Thank you for the kind words & suggestions, it's very much appreciated.

No. 681943

I’ve had problems of managers stealing deposits so I unfortunately have to very hands on zzzz

No. 681963

File: 1606377683365.jpeg (50.5 KB, 700x498, ABF3F543-088E-4C8C-BFF6-EAE44F…)

Not having a soul must be really hard and stressful.

No. 681964

No. 681965

File: 1606377817434.png (1.04 MB, 1600x1200, xahpncdw39r41.png)


No. 681967

ITT: people who've never paid property tax

No. 681968

why don't you just buy your own property then

No. 681970

Correct, I have never paid property tax. I’ve also never hoarded a basic commodity and exploited people in order to boost my own wealth, all while whining that it’s soooooo hard for me.

I’m guessing the housing crisis hasn’t reached the rock you’re living under.

No. 681972

>correct, I've never done any of it
Then what the fuck do you know about it kek

No. 681975

Doesn't take a landlord to know landlords are exploitative. Real cope is trying to convince oneself they're moral for being poor and also scamming other poor people.

No. 681976

Wow, you only replied to the first line of my comment. The level of delusion about what you’re doing is off the charts. I almost feel bad for you, but I feel worse for your tenants.

No. 681983

you give them money, they give you housing. sounds fair to me. if it doesn't for you, or if your particular landlord is an asshole, work hard and buy your own home.
you sound mad.

No. 681985

I'm not the landlord, I'm another anon. But when she says it's hard for her, I believe her personal experience over your abstract moralfagging. She's the authority on the matter, you're an opinionated noob.

No. 681993

> work hard and buy your own home.
Work hard to buy a home while giving a landlord a large share of my paycheck, which will enable him or her to continue buying properties, which in turn raises house prices and will mean I will have to keep working hard to afford my own house while giving the landlord a large share of my paycheck which they will use to buy more properties therefore raising house prices again…

Do some mental gymnastics to prove how that’s fair. I want to see, kek.

No. 681994

Poster here but honestly, I don’t take this personally… I’ve dealt with people like you as tenants too lmao

Talk to me when you’ve dealt with tenants who:
>refuse to pay rent for months
>utterly destroy the unit, cover it in literal shit, break walls, and windows, and appliances when they get evicted for it
>have had someone literally spit in your face because you try to explain to them calmly the maintenance man can’t be there until the day after tomorrow, but you can move them temporarily for the night to a vacant unit if they wish
>have had a manager steal 50k of rent and run off
>have had managers over charge tenants on deposits
…honestly I could go on. I like to think I’m very reasonable. I am calm, do my best to get people situated and accommodated to the best of my ability

And if you’re just like everyone else who can’t see the struggles of others, locked in your own hate, fine. but that’s the kind of mind set that keeps keeping like you from making well over 100k a year lmao

No. 682001

Just had an online exam, and the instructor gave us so little time for so much work, that even though I was confident in my abilities, I could barely finish it in time, and even made a really obvious mistake on the last question that should've been obvious to me. Now I'm so frustated I have to cry, and they won't even let people retake it if you got a passing grade. I can't be content with anything, but an A. Online education is hell.

No. 682004

This is exactly why I should have never posted my vent post honestly

I donate to charities, use my money to commission many artists who very unknown, support friends…and so on. I don’t buy expensive cars, clothes, dinners, and all that it usually goes to other people yet somehow I am the bad guy in all this haha

Remind me to never post here ever again :x

No. 682007

> her personal experience over your abstract moralfagging
Renters personal experiences are ‘abstract moralfagging’? You sound like you’d be a perfect landlord, anon. If you don’t go down that route, sucking landlord ass is still a useful skill if you ever have to rent.

No. 682010

Landlord anon here but I definitely agree renters have struggles, everyone does

It’s just not fair to say only one side can suffer, and the other has a very perfect life. There are always two sides to a problem

No. 682019

> It’s just not fair to say only one side can suffer, and the other has a very perfect life. There are always two sides to a problem

Of course there are, if you’re also >>681994 then I understand that it can be hard. The difference between the two sides suffering is that the renter is there out of necessity. They have no choice but to deal with extortionate rent prices, bad landlords, below standard or unsafe conditions, housing insecurity. The only way of opting out of the system is homelessness, and that means resigning yourself to poverty and that’s not winning.

A landlord is there out of choice. They’re doing it for an additional income stream. If it’s that awful, they could (and should) sell their property/properties and would never have to deal with it again. That’s the difference.

No. 682020

We had to redo the paint in my room because of things that happened last year so now I'm rearranging my furniture and despite selling and throwing away a lot of manga, novels DVD sets, video games, etc. I still feel like I have too much shit. I want to sell a few series to some friends or bookstores but I'm very attached to some of them because I read them during my teenage years or because I know it's hard to find scans for some of them. Sometimes I think about the money spent on all that stuff and I regret not pirating everything to begin with as soon as possible.

No. 682021

Yes I am the same anon and I definitely agree! That’s why I try not to raise rent, excuse late rent to trustful people, and during covid I have allowed tenants to pay 30% of rent if they can’t manage any more

Though I am definitely curious , this isn’t a question out of malice or anything of the sort, but as someone from “the other side”, how do you propose to solve the rent crisis of such situations?

I personally as a landlord see this more as a useful thing. The tenant does not pay for repairs, gardening, and in some cases water and electricity, other extra fees that may come with owning a home. If their window breaks or sink breaks, they don’t have to pay it, unlike someone who owns their property..and so forth. I see it more so as a symbiotic relationship but of course I am more than willing to hear what you may have to see on it

No. 682022

That's because you never mentioned any tenant problems and experiences until this moment. You went in the discussion too heated and started borderline insulting instead of explaining your position.

No. 682023

Haha don’t bother with her honestly
They’re just picking a fight to fight it..probably bored and has nothing else better to do

No. 682024

Was having a great time laughing at Shayna's thread until it got to talking about her spending thanksgiving alone and I remembered I'm doing the same. My family doesn't care about me, my friends are all on the other side of the country, and I'm gonna be working cause I offered to cover my coworker's shift, even though Thursdays are my only day off, so they could spend the day with family. Still trying to be thankful, at least I don't sell videos of me shitting plastic eggs for $3 a month.

No. 682025

Hey man it still sounds like a chill time and you seem very kind to do that shift in their stead

Not every year, and every holiday will be as great as we imagine it but that’s all the more reason to look forward to other occasions later on down the road

No. 682029

I just think everything needs to be regulated more to avoid the landlord/tenant relationship becoming exploitative. You sound like a decent landlord but at least in my country there’s not much that would either force or encourage you to be that way. That might be improving since COVID as evictions were banned here for a while, but generally the government wants to encourage landlordism to move away from reliance on social housing. So often tenants will have to deal with broken shit as the landlord isn’t forced to do anything about it, and they don’t care about the state of their property because they know it’s guaranteed to have a tenant anyway due to lack of other options. Better protection for tenants would ease the situation, including limiting rent prices so people don’t end up paying extortionate prices for tiny apartments. Also having the option of buying a house made more achievable somehow so people who work hard are able to afford this as was possible a few decades ago.

I believe in Germany the situation is better, maybe German anons will disagree but my German anti-landlord friend doesn’t mind renting. Apparently the tenants have better protections and it’s not as lucrative as some places, so it doesn’t attract people looking to exploit others need for housing for big bucks. People who fundamentally disagree with landlordism still wouldn’t agree with it obviously but it sounds like making the best of a bad situation.

I can see that renting could be good if the situation was better.

No. 682031

Not in a country with thanksgiving but I've spent the last 6/7 Christmas days alone (including 3 of those years where I had a live in partner and he went to his parents and left me at home?) it feels depressing af the first one or two years and then it just starts feeling like a normal day

I have dead parents and a job that moves me around too much to make deep friendships.

No. 682034

> you never mentioned any tenant problems and experiences until this moment
I literally described renters as “exploited” in the first comment you replied to.

No. 682052

I shouldn't be allowed to not be near my husband when ovulating. At least this time there's no cute males around me, but being horny on a trip with my family isn't fun either. It feels so pathetic.

No. 682063

It's weird to me that people think absolutely nobody wants to rent and people only do so out of desperation and inability to afford their own property. Plenty of people rent for convenience, for freedom and flexibility, it often works out better financially depending on the property market, and expensive properties are rented out all the time to people who are certainly rich enough to afford their own place. Of course, many people would rather buy property but that doesn't mean the entire system of renting out investment properties is inherently evil, or that landlords are directly responsible for the issues with it. It's the govt's responsibility to implement strong protections for tenants and manage the economy in general so that property is more affordable and not an unrealistic dream for renters.

No. 682065

Thanks dude, I don't know if I'm really all that nice but I figured I'd rather know someone is enjoying their holiday. I might be all bitter now but things have to look up eventually, right?
I can't imagine having a live in partner just leave me behind for the holidays like that. I'm glad it's not as hard as the first couple years, but I hope things get better for you.

No. 682091

>I had a live in partner and he went to his parents and left me at home?
Why? I'd find that unacceptable unless there's some strange circumstances that would somehow justify it

No. 682097

I felt invisible for my entire life

No. 682099

Heaven forbid women have a sex drive! Come on now anon, you’re fine, embrace it and get excited for the next time you can have sex with your husband.

No. 682104

For the past few weeks or so I've been so tense and anxious because of something very important in my life and last night I broke and cried to myself for like a good 30 minutes. I felt strangely relieved and content. Today I just feel numb and dissociated. At least it feels better than being constantly on edge. I hate that it always has to go really far till this coping mechanism sets in.

No. 682107

piss off

No. 682108

i see you, anon. you are important and valuable #♥##

No. 682133

Never date an Aspie

No. 682136

I want the full length version of this vent

No. 682162

I'm >>681391 >>681419 anon and my ex is now suicide baiting me. Even as far as asking me to help him. Yesterday he did drugs and went apeshit. Today, seems scarier. I'm not sure what to do, but he's putting the blame on me for not taking him back, hence saying he will kill himself now. Wtf are men? This is my first boyfriend too. I was willing to help him make the break up easier, but no. He resorts to be being dramatically selfish. I'm the one who got cheated on tf.

No. 682167

Tell him you'll call the police on him and block him everywhere. Fuck that manbaby.

No. 682168

I'm sorry he's doing this to you, but don't give in. Many girls have been where you are and it's not your responsibility to take care of his miserable ass. I highly doubt someone as narcissistic as him will actually kill himself anyway. But if you really want to (and have the means to), you can let his family know that he's acting up or call the police on him for suicide baiting and basically terrorizing you. Cut off all contact with him afterwards.

No. 682172

I got accepted onto an experimental two-year treatment programme for personality disorders on the NHS. I was misdiagnosed as autistic 10 years ago and thought I was going to be mental forever, but after getting reassessed and offered appropriate treatment and medication I started to hope that things were going to be different and better. Last week I got a text from my nurse who's the head of the programme saying she's being redeployed for three months and my treatment has been put indefinitely on hold. I'm so disappointed. I feel like I'm back where I started, just with a different stigmatising label.

No. 682174

Oh shit, even though it's textbook behaviour, it's a very hard situation.

Try your best not to give in at all. I know it's hard, but this dude is playing games. Let him play single player.

No. 682175

kind ot from another polanon, I hate how some people over there 'support' women's strike, but won't hesitate to defend a fucking sex offender with a criminal record. Like for fucks sake - you're not supporting women's rights, but you're doing it for woke points.

No. 682177

Every time I talk with him my only thought is “this is why we can’t have nice things”. He’s not terrible, he’s worse than that.

No. 682178

do you mean Maradona or someone else?

No. 682181

nah, I'm talking about one celebrity from Polish version of ANTM. He got Sherry Pie'd from the show, but a lot of people support him because he got a positive edit in the show before.

No. 682184

I wish I had a cursed pussy that would kill any man I fuck

No. 682207

File: 1606408953874.jpeg (147.35 KB, 640x828, 1602615271502.jpeg)

i phoned the mental health hotline and it went to answerphone

No. 682211

I feel like such a beta for getting an IUD instead of just telling my scrote to get a snip.
I never want children but I felt like vasectomy was too much to ask for so I got an IUD.
Now I can feel it if I turn a certain way and my periods always feel like that tension when you need to shit but nothing is coming out. I am always paranoid it's gonna somehow perforate my uterus. I only got it last year so there's 4 more to go.

No. 682212

Anon get it removed and ask your partner to get the vasectomy tf

No. 682220

This is some King Midas / corrupted wish shit anon. You better hope manifestation isn't real.

No. 682222

what did you want to talk about nonny?

No. 682224

Sometime last year I all of a sudden became really insecure about being tall. I don’t feel like a huge hulking amazon woman or anything. I’m not athletic and I don’t have a wide frame and I’m moderately underweight so I just look… gawky and scrawny. I wake up every morning and in my dreams I look so normal but when I get out of bed it’s like oh my fucking god there’s way too much of me. I can almost wrap my arms all the way around myself and my legs are about 43 inches hip to ankle. It sounds so stupid but you have no idea how horrible it looks. I look like Bo fucking Burnham, it’s bullshit. I’m, like, 80% sure it’s the reason I’m nearly 20 and I’ve never even kissed a guy let alone had one interested in me. I know this kind of seems like a shitpost but unfortunately my body is just that fucking stupid looking and I’m really torn up about it. It’s all I can think about lately and I know I should probably see a therapist about it or something but I’m too embarrassed to say anything out loud about it to another person. Plus it’s something I can’t fix so it’s not like it‘ll ever get better.

No. 682228

File: 1606410520132.jpg (71.37 KB, 750x725, 1606266790653.jpg)

being tall is great doe

No. 682231

How tall are you? Since your underweight, wouldn't gaining weight make a difference?

No. 682232

Well last night I had another bpd freak out on a man. I told him that I wished that he would drop dead and that he has a small cock. Of course I sent him several texts describing in detail how I want to kill him. I wish I didn't have this extreme hatred for every man I fuck and having the desire to stab them to death after we fuck.

No. 682235

Get help.

No. 682237

Therapy isnt free

No. 682239

I called another anon crazy on a different thread but after seeing your post I realise her post wasn't negative or harmful in any way so I removed my reply to it.
You should stay away from men, for both yours and their sake. Even if you never plan to actually hurt anyone, someone might report you to police or retaliate at you first in self defense.

No. 682240

I fucking hate men and how they treat. I really wish I could just start killing them.

No. 682241

But you obviously need it.

No. 682243

I know I need it but I'm not gonna get it. Not everyone is rich and has mommy and daddy to pay 100s of dollars for their retarded feelings

No. 682244

I’ve measured as both 5’9 and 5’10, I’m not sure which is right. Anyway, I look and feel very fee fi fo fum if I weigh anymore than 120. I actively make an effort to maintain 115ish pounds. I know that makes me sort of anachan but whatever. I guess I’d rather be gangly than an amazon but both options are horrible. I wish I was a normal girl. I fucking hate my genetics. I hate that my body is so horrible that it makes me sound like a troon when I describe how much I hate it. I wish I was just fat or something, something changeable like that.

No. 682247

What time of the day did you measure? I think people are taller during the day cause our body stretches out while sleeping or some shit

No. 682249

i hurt myself pretty badly a couple of nights ago and i've been lying to my treatment team and stockpiling the months of cns depressants they've been giving me because i want the option to go out gracefully. usually i just act like it isn't happening but i thought i'd be brave and reach out and be honest. i don't want them to think i'm trying to manipulate them though, because they're discharging me at the end of the week so maybe it's just as well i didn't get through. i don't know how they could help anyway tbh i've been on antidepressants for a decade and have had lots of help and worked hard to try and fix it but at this point it's probably incurable. i don't want my life to be like this anymore and knowing that i'm at the end of the road feels terrible.
thank you for asking, anon. ♥ sorry if i made you regret it

No. 682250

You're probably one of the anons who ruined pinkpill discussions for this whole site.

No. 682251

I never measure myself. At the doctor it’s been both 5’9 and 5’10. One time I got measured with a tape measure and it said I was 5’11 and a half which wouldn’t be surprising considering how everyone straight up treats me like a socially inept teenage boy but I doubt that’s accurate considering how far off it is from 5’9. I’m probably really 5’9.5, 5’9.75 but who fucking knows? Lmao

If you’re a bulldyke or an athlete or one of those femdom girls sure but me? I’m a dainty little flower on the inside yet I look like a gigantic skeleton monster so nobody sees it.

No. 682252

Then stop fucking them already. It's like going into a fast food restaurant and chimping out because they serve burgers and fries.
Also, funny how you think you have to either be rich or leech off someone in order to get therapy. The sliding scale exists.

No. 682253

No. 682259

fwiw you're not even that tall, especially not for a woman your age. my entire female friend group is between 5'7"-6'0" and they look great, well proportioned and a visible bone structure. many feminine models are your exact build, in fact.
when you get into your mid-twenties life generally feels a bit easier and more comfortable in regard to your relationship to your body - even if it sounds like a meme. i bet you're attractive, just giving off anxious/tense vibes bc of your self-image. also male attention is soooo not the gauge to mark your self worth by. put some weight on and take care of yourself please nonny, you won't look like an amazon immediately, just a bit softer.

No. 682261

Idk I don't think 5'9/5'10 is that tall? It's on the taller side for sure, but I wouldn't call it gigantic at all. To me it sounds like you have a bit of a disorted look of what your body really looks like. Anyway skinny catwalk models have your height or taller and they look like dainty flowers to me.

No. 682262

Anon I've had theraphy and I'm neither rich nor did my parents pay for it, and many other just like me have had theraphy too. You're just making stupid excuses to not get something you clearly need.

No. 682263

ok then, keep wallowing in self pity

No. 682270

Ntayrt but it sounds like you still need help, would they possibly reconsider not discharging you if you’re honest with them? You’re not incurable anon, you just haven’t got better. The potential is always there. I know how dark it can seem as I have a similar experience of ‘help’ not helping for years, but I’m slowly getting better recently as I’ve tried & tested everything that didn’t work lol. There’s hope anon, please call them again, you deserve to feel better! You’ve suffered enough already.

No. 682278

I'm good with having a sex drive, it's just pathetic when it has nowhere to go. I'll start fantasizing about people and shit and it takes up valuable mental space, when really I'll have to masturbate it away because I'm not a cheater. And fantasizing when I don't want to is not great when I'm with family all the time as I'm now.

No. 682290

Learn to love yourself anon. You're severely underweight and should focus on having a healthier body image. You don't have to love your height, but you can accept it.
I'm 6'0 with a large bone structure. While I don't love it all the time, looking back I'm so thankful for my body type. I hate saying it but I definitely think it's one of the reasons why I haven't experienced a lot of negative attention or sexual harassment from scrotes.
Plus, a lot of how you are perceived is how you carry yourself. Confidence can make or break a look, imo. Fake confidence until you actually get confidence. Stand tall, know you are worthwhile, and understand your physical appearance does not define you as a person - that happens only when you make it so.

No. 682294

Didn't wanna shit up the positivity thread so I'll post it here. This pic >>681886 makes me so sad.
It sounds like a massive cope by someone whose husband isn't very grateful for all the things his wife does for him and his kids and won't lift a finger to help.
My mom didn't have to be grateful for "early wake ups" and "dirty dishes" because my dad wasn't a manchild and took over the household chores so she could sleep longer.

I wish women like whoever made that pic would wake the fuck up and realize that if they don't respect themselves and their time, nobody will respect them. Pickmes always get crumbs of attention because crumbs is all they were bullied into asking for.

No. 682299

Don't even have my own kids but having dated someone with a teen son and having experienced the expectation that after working a 60 hour week I'd somehow be happy to pick up his mess out of sheer love and feminine kindness… There needs to be both an age limit on this and a percentage of that joy that the kids father has to lovingly experience for himself lol

The last point is particularly depressing.. I'm in pain but I'm not dead!

No. 682310

It's nothing special, just the usual if you know about Aspies.

No. 682311

No. 682317

I know that frustration all too well

No. 682319

I was petty enough to tally up the amount of work me and my coworkers do. We have the same responsibilities and it shows through paperwork we have to sign and date once we've done the task, so it's easy to keep track of who did how much on which day, I was alone so I counted.

And I always felt I did more but wasn't sure if it was in my head because of that saying "if you both feel you're doing 60% of the work then it's probably even".

Well, on any given day I do 2x,maybe 3x the amount of work than anyone else.

What amazes me is that there's a bitch coworker who constantly suggests things I could do…shes apparently the one doing the fucking least! I always justified her behavior because I was on the laptop doing not much, and I figured since I was at work I should do work, you know? Finding out the disparity makes me bitter though. I almost want to bring it to their attention but that'd make things toxic.

Also I feel like I've had the attitude of working nonstop then vegging out for 30 minutes when there's nothing to do, and actually thought maybe I was the laziest sometimes.

I wonder how to get out of that pattern. Should I stop working so hard? Should I let them know I work harder than them? Do I just keep doing my thing and get over the resentment? Do I tell that coworker that keeps saying "hmm you can do this :)" to fuck off? How could I while still looking like a team player? I don't know what's the mature way forward but I'm kind of mad lol

No. 682321

I've been so anxious lately that I can't do anything. I have no patience to read,listen to music, cook, eat nothing. I'm so anxious that I wanna rip my hair out and cry and scream. I haven't been able to sleep well lately BC I wake up all the time with this crushing pain in my chest. My chest feels like is going to burst. I took medicine and some other calming pills with passion fruit extract and nothing is making it better. I just wanna be lobotomized at this point.

No. 682322

Let them know about all the things they could be doing, and if they turn it into an issue bring up the fact you do most of the work. Don't bring up the spreadsheet or whatever you made unless they ask for proof you do the most work. That could make you look crazy if you just have it on hand.

Also respectfully tell your co-worker to knock it off. You're not a child who needs to be told how to do your work. And assuming you're equals, he's not in a position to tell you what you need to be doing anyway.

No. 682328

Every little interaction that I have (just the small stuff like saying hi while passing by a neighbour or talking to a cashier) I'm constantly left with this nagging feeling that they hate me, that they're judging me, looking down on me, that I make everything awkward.

I have it in my head that cashiers must actually hate seeing me enter the shop… I know thats not logical but I feel like shit and its really snowballing lately.

No. 682332

yeah I just did a search today, I've done 80 tasks in the past 2 months, my co-worker has done 7 equivalent in the same time period. thanks to remote working they can get away with it for now but not for much longer before i lose my shit.

No. 682335

I need to get something out of my chest or I’ll explode…it’s not that I don’t like her anymore, right now I just hate her. I hate her and it scares me so much how I despise the kind of girl she’s at this moment. I can’t think about a single good thing about her behaviour right now and it makes me sad because I know I’m the only one she has.

No. 682337

You need to stop thinking like this before it consumes you, anon. Do you have the same thoughts about others? I’m guessing not, so why think about yourself in this way? Even if you’re weird and awkward as fuck, people don’t really give a shit. You are your own worst critic. Love yourself more.

No. 682338

not trying to stir shit but how is it fair to make the moid never be able to have kids

No. 682339

>when you get into your mid-twenties life generally feels a bit easier and more comfortable in regard to your relationship to your body
NTA but totally not the case for me, i'm 24 and i hate my body. it's not something i think about often anymore but when i do think about it… i'd rather not. genetically i have no ass (which seems to be all the rage these days), i have no defined waistline, and i'm some weird in between height of 5'7"

No. 682340

I believe vasectomy's are reversible, but I see what you mean. I would never prevent myself from having kids because of someone else, unless they were my life partner and we both agreed to be child-free.

No. 682343

Not those anons but vasectomies are much more easily reversed and cheaper than female sterilization. They are also supposed to be pain free (after recovery). Maybe some would consider it “not fair”, but it’s also not fair that anon is suffering with the IUD and feels like she is 100% responsible for birth control (like many other women).

No. 682349

Samefag but tube ligation is also reversible, so anon could also get her tubes tied. I'm not sure how successful reversal surgeries are though.

No. 682352

I was with my ex the day he had his vasectomy. Cost 200 quid and was finished in the time it took me to sip a cup of coffee in the waiting room. Less fuss than any dentist filling I've had even. Meanwhile I've seen friends suffer for years of ongoing symptoms including depression and mood swings, major weight gain, hair loss, constant bleeding and no sex drive anyway… If a guy has his mind made up about things it's ideal

No. 682353

It's more invasive and depending on country some won't perform it on childless women or women under 35

No. 682354

Ah, good point. I forgot in some countries it's actually not allowed.

No. 682369

Im close to 35 so looked into it lately and women in my country reported that you need 3 kids minimum and even then docs can just choose not to refer you, which they often do to women aged over 35 with the 3 necessary kids and all.. So we've strict enough rules and docs are still given the power to block you just because they feel like it.

I know it varies a lot but fuck my country for being like this, you could tell your doc you're trans and get a full hysto without being overruled by your docs opinion..so give me the right to sign a paper saying its my own informed choice and if I regret it I'll live with it.

No. 682379

my mum terrorised me and made me cry for 2 hours for literally no reason and she won’t apologise to me. she never apologised to me before. i rely on her for accommodation and don’t want to move out. what do i do

No. 682383

This is so fucked up, I can’t believe it’s still such a war. Reminds me of my grandma going to her doctor in the 1960s and asking to be put on the pill. Dr looked at her notes, saw she had five children and commented “yes, I think you’ve done your part for this country”. Yet in 2020, the rules here about sterilization are the same as in your country. Insanity.

No. 682387

I had an ex like this, depended on him for accommodation and felt trapped in that living situation. Endured hours of screaming for no real reason. The only solution is to move. They have leverage over you and you'll have a hard time demanding respect while they have that leverage (and possibly even the growing resentment) of housing you.

No. 682401

the itis fucking sucks

No. 682406

File: 1606428615319.jpeg (26.51 KB, 250x250, 3B229F0D-96CF-4F82-9ACC-E038D8…)

Why do I always seem to make friends with people who take awful photos of me. Whenever I see popular IG girls rather than look at the subject in question and think how pretty she is, I always think “wow… that person has really good friends”. Every friend I make seems to take unflattering photos at bad angles, sometimes not even focused, bad lighting, gives no sense of direction, random shit that shouldn’t be in the photo in shot, half the time I don’t even think they look at the image they are taking just
>Is she in the photo?
>Here you go :)))))))
It really annoys me because I spend so long putting makeup, hair and outfits together and I come home with a photo like poot. I always make sure I take really good photos of my friends and have seen other girl friends crouching, standing at different angles trying to get a great shot for their besties. I lowkey think my girl ‘friends’ are hating on me as guy friends I’ve had take considerably better photos but I rarely see them. Am I the only person this happens to lol?

No. 682426

This has been on my mind the whole day today but I was texting and joking around with my friend and we were sending emojis to each other, and I sent her an envelope emoji and she liked it. Then, as a joke I said “it’s my love letter to you” and then she deleted her previous messages and never texted back. Idk If I’m overthinking things or is it fair to say she misinterpreted what I said to her? She knows I joke around about bullshit a lot or at least I think she does but it doesn’t really explain why she deleted her previous messages lol

No. 682427

File: 1606430442854.jpg (28.97 KB, 500x500, 91sZ0iuLmWL._SS500_.jpg)

I feel like this second lockdown has completely fried my brain, I haven't spoken to any friend in a month, borderline ghosting some of them, and I haven't managed to get productive at all, everytime I wanted to start something I got some mental block. I don't even really feel like myself anymore, I don't recognize my reflection in the mirror (despite nothing having changed) and I feel like I've lost parts of my identity. I'm supposedly going to start working again very soon but I have no idea how I'll manage to do that, my sleeping schedule is fucked and I feel like I don't know how to talk to people anymore.

No. 682433

Sounds like your friends just don't have an eye for photography. Don't despair, poot is beloved by many. On that note, thanks for reminding of poot, I missed her

No. 682436

oh shit, I cringed just reading this. Hope she actually believes when you explain it

No. 682440

>Having friends
>Wearing make up
>Taking photos
What is this shit?

..Crawls back into my cave of isolation

No. 682441

Is she 12? How weird and awkward. If she misinterpreted it as serious why didn’t she laugh it off and change the topic?

No. 682463

my dad has been mocking and belittling me since the day I was born and I'm wondering now if he had an influence on my low self esteem growing up. He always looked down on my interests, my thoughts, and my personality to the point where I stopped expressing any of those to him very early on because I knew he'd just make fun of me for it. Looking back I did the same thing in early high school, I was never myself and I never shared my actual thoughts or interests if not in a self depricating way. I've always attributed it to social anxiety and lack of socialization but I wonder if part of it was because of how my dad treated me

No. 682477

File: 1606438339339.png (337.37 KB, 499x500, _.png)

I'm growing more and more bitter by the day and I'm starting to hate everything.:) So, I play in an orchestra (french horn, hehe) but after every time I leave I just feel like not coming back. It sucks because playing music with people is the only thing that makes me feel kinda normal and like I belong somewhere but it makes me kinda sad when no one even remembers your name and the atmosphere there is so draining.

On a whole different note. GOD I FEEL SO DAMN LONELY! Last time anyone reached out and asked me to hang out was in like 2018. And most times when I ask my friends they decline or cancel. What is wrong with me? I feel like an outcast freak I just wish I was normal.

No. 682482

I hate that my PMS makes my mental health bottom out. I have had the worst episode of OCD these past couple weeks and right when my period is supposed to start I wake up and I don't worry about it nearly to the degree I did. Not to mention I get extremely suicidal as well. It's just so frustrating because I have to remind myself it's probably just my PMS.

I even purposely triggered myself to make sure I wasn't faking it and then I was up for hours in shitty loop.

No. 682512

I'm sick of my retarded roommate, oh God I'm so sick of her now. Ungrateful, useless, annoying and just fucking trying to take advantage of me.

I wish I could kick her out now but she's on the lease. Seriously fuck her. Ugh. Goddamn it.

No. 682537

I'm frustrated with government processes. My parent had to apply for unemployment due to having to quit her job since she wouldn't be able to work for two months after she got out of the hospital. We filled out all the paperwork btu having to file online was such a hassle because it kept giving us weird shit to fill out that didn't make sense. Like they wanted her start and end date for work; but it would only give her a choice between the week we filed. Calling to get help with it would claim they fixed it but still would have that issue so we gave up (and luckily a relative covered the bills for her till her retirement kicked in because she is within retirement age range.)

So she's collected zero unemployment but the government part that covers her food benefits is demanding proof of her income for november for unemployment. It doesn't help they sent out the notice almost at the end of the month and they want her to have the proof sent in by the end of the month. (she got it the notice the other day; they want the paperwork by the end of november.)

Its just really frustrating because they have these programs in place to help people who need it and my mom really needed it (thank god for my relative honestly) but when the online filing doesn't work correctly and they don't listen and just go "oh okay we'll fix it" and it's still broken afterwards…like what do they want us to do?

No. 682543


No. 682548

is this neetlita

No. 682552

my man was like "yeah i don't want kids either, sure i'll get a vasectomy, let me look into freezing my sperm"

so you're telling me you're not sure you don't want kids so you're gonna leave me in 15 years to have a baby with some 20 year old HUH

No. 682561

How do I correctly emphasize with someone so they feel satisfied after telling me about what bothers them.

No. 682562

Did they give you a fax number? Usually you can take a picture and use an online fax number in a free trial version with your mobile

No. 682563

There are more people that hate their roommates, okay anon?

No. 682593

File: 1606463737325.jpg (30.92 KB, 500x334, unnamed (1).jpg)

Boyfriend is a good soul but an absolute fool when it comes to being suckered by branding. He falls for marketing like it's no one's business and gets super set in his ways so much that he won't even look at reviews contrary to his brand.
All his shit has gotta be Apple.
He's gotta buy his groceries from Whole Foods.
Et cetera. Money sinks in most cases.
The biggest point of annoyance is hearing him go on about these half-forsaken 'purple' mattresses and pillows that he believes are grand. He insists we get one when we move into our place in the summer. It's multi-thousands of dollars! The reviews, when inspected closely, are so terrible! Out of 1 million purchases, only 50,000 thought it was a 5-star mattress…that's 5%. No one thinks this mattress is great except shills who evidently have no need for their spines. This brand tried to advertise for Black Friday on fb and their "discount" wasn't even good and was bullshit because you had to buy extraneous products before you even got that. Underneath the ads were real people bitching about the shit quality of these mattresses and that they would never buy them again. They basically warp within a couple years which is absurd.
I on the other hand bought a memory foam mattress worth a few hundred when I was in grad school and several years later it has yet to form a divet.
He has a couple hundred-dollar pillows by them but I swear to you that they are uncomfortable and stupid yet he thinks they're grand. He has a purple mattress at home but wants to 'upgrade' to the king version which is like $3k.

Jfc I need firepower to stop this train wreck. I wonder if there's a youtuber who bashes the fuck out of this dumbass brand so I can show it to bf and scare him out of it.

No. 682596

get a vibrator lol

No. 682624

Not really a vent but just a sad posting.

My grandma was diagnosed with cancer, but they can't tell what it is so it's gone to the mayo clinic for identification. In the meantime, she started vomiting blood and had to be intubated and sedated in the ICU. She got taken off intubation yesterday but the doctors don't think she'll make it out of the hospital between pneumonia and cancer.

I was talking to my now ex and said that I'd just gotten some bad news and needed to step away (my mom just messaged me to let me know her status) and he got so shitty with me about it. He thought I was using it as an excuse to ignore him, but I'd never done that before.
I told him about her condition 2 days ago, and he just flipped on me about it and gave me a shitty apology after.
I'm just fucking broken anons, my grandparents helped raise me, I lost my grandpa in 2018 while I was overseas at work and couldn't say goodbye, and now it's going to happen again.

I'm just gonna go back to crying, sleeping, and drinking coffee to cope with this.
I hope everyone else is doing okay.

No. 682625

When my neighbours have visitors it's like they never actually enter the house. They'll stand outside a few feet from my front door and loudly talk for hours.

It's not a new thing or covid related because it predates that so for the love of god just go inside if you're having what sounds like a family reunion out there at 7am. Last week I was afraid to bring in my wheelie bin too early and wake people with the noise… why do I even worry when I'm years into being woken up by this shit

No. 682635

I want to scream, my shitty job has decided to open the store one hour earlier now and we still close at 9pm. I don't get it, the other years when there were no problems we still opened at the same hour during Christmas time than the resy, nobody will come this early and nobody comes anymore after 7pm. I fucking hate the higher-ups, they still work comfortably from home while imposing these dumb hours. I can't even quit, I'm just going to do minimal work now, don't want to put any effort anymore.

No. 682643

Why does he care about a mattress brand though? I understand some people just really like Apple products and they’re a status symbol. Even the Whole Foods thing, okay a bit weird but many people have a favorite grocery store. But who gives a fuck about mattress brand, no one else sees it?!

If he’s super insistent on it then I would let him buy it with his own money (you could buy something else for your new place so it’s fair). When it turns out to be shit, maybe he will finally learn a lesson.

No. 682644

Okay, ESLfags included, there is no reason any retard on this website should confuse "sperg/sperging" with "spurge/spurging". Every time I clock that word I don't read a single word more of your post because I assume you're braindead and not worth it. I never post about it or say anything to the anon in the thread because derailing is just as cancerous but it's really boiling my piss at 6am for some reason. I'm calmer now after typing this out, but I feel like the "worse/worst" anon by even mentioning this petty crap.
Realistically I've probably missed out on some good zingers by not reading posts that contain that word

No. 682646

stop spurging

No. 682647

Let her spurge on the spergs, nonnie.

No. 682654

Have you tried asking her directly? If she doesn't answer just block her. Not worth the time.

No. 682655

I come to the appropriate thread to spurge, at least.

No. 682656

Where do you think you are? A good part of us are too stupid to survive on our own.

No. 682659

I wish I could believe in magic and shit. Maybe it would help me feel in control and stop just freezing when anything happen.
No wonder witches are popping up in the mainstream again right now.

No. 682665

I feel like I was born with my head locked in an anxiety-cage and I'm still looking for the key to get out.

No. 682667

File: 1606480623925.jpeg (242.98 KB, 750x747, 6FB032E9-C33C-4B3D-A0CE-C6D8C8…)

I can’t sleep I’m too busy thinking about the guy I like. Help anons I’m falling in love.

No. 682671

Someone tell me how he’s just a scrote and my hormones are doing me dirty

No. 682674


My mum is treating me weird and cold because my sister got an interview to Oxford. I'm applying to do my 2nd master's.

She hasn't even gotten in and my Mum came into my room screaming about how I wasn't happy for her (even though I congratulated her warmly) and that I only care about myself.

My GRADUATION wasn't even celebrated like this.

No. 682678

Even though I kept showing her irrefutable screenshots of me congratulating her (As well as in person), she kept screaming at me and calling me selfish.

I just cried and hyperventilated for 2 hours and she came in again twice to provoke me and tell me again that I only care about myself because I didn't answer some question about a key I know nothing about.

My sister and i have both told her she's wrong. She will not apologise or back down and continues to terrorise me over this interview.

No. 682687

I’m guessing this isn’t incredibly unusual behaviour, anon? She sounds psycho.

No. 682692

he watches porn every other day and will never be good enough for you. he thinks women who he appeases in any way owe him, including you, for the time he spends on you even if he’s half-assing it. for your sake I hope he doesn’t like anime or kpop. he thinks his traumas merely existing means that he’s excused for any shitty behavior. he doesn’t care to cook or clean, nor does he want to. you will never be his girlfriend because you’re too busy being his emotional sandbag, the concept of a “significant other” is lost to him because the moment you showed interest in him he didn’t see you as an equal. if you’re better than him you wouldn’t be talking to him, and if you look forward to speaking to him then he must be in a league higher than you. he likes to believe he must be valuable to you. he’ll crave the moments you open up emotionally because your vulnerability and willingness to connect with him are appealing as they’re proof that you were never greater than he is, and he wants to keep it that way. that’s how he sees it.

I hope this vent benefited you as much as it benefited me. I’m fucking stupid and maladaptive daydreaming about a guy who will eventually get a girlfriend and when he tells me it will make me feel like shit because all the little make believe dates I’ve had with him in my head have to come to an end. I’d never even date him in real life. But all of my scenarios involve me confessing and him accepting and we LDR because I’m some sort of idiot who likes dreaming about a guy I’d be repulsed to be physical with irl. This isn’t a winning game and you’re better off remembering he wouldn’t be worth shit if you were the best version of yourself from another dimension. So quit wasting your time on him and start spending time becoming that version of yourself.

No. 682693

I left home at the first oppurtunity because I have a parent who will act like this and feel entitled to act like that for as long as they are accoming me.. It's getting out time. No amount of free rent or whatever is worth that.

No. 682694

Looks like she's so thirsty for drama she's trying to create it out if thin air.
Maybe you should hand her some age appropriate gossip magazine as an healthier outlet.

No. 682697

I'm sorry anon, that sucks. I know what it's like to be the black sheep and have a sister who's the golden child. The only thing you can do is to concentrate on yourself, be happy for your sister and leave home like >>682693 said once you have the means to do so.

No. 682701

Ha same anon I actually have quite a few books about witchcraft but honestly I never believed in it. Sometimes I wish I could be religious because it could help me go through stuff but i just can’t believe in anything that’s not really there except ghosts

No. 682708

If someone is putting a roof over your head you can't exactly get petty and expect them to not treat you like even more of a child in response. Getting out from under their roof is the only way to go.

No. 682725

i need to stop kissing him, and clinging to him in general. we were in a FWB situation, i got attached, and he got a girlfriend… we still see each other, i sleep in his bed when i'm over, and i kiss him when he falls asleep… i don't feel guilty about his new gf (i heard her talking shit about me) but i don't want to make him uncomfortable, even if he's just keeping me as a back-up sex toy

No. 682726

lol why do you hate yourself that much

No. 682731

God, get a grip anon. He does not love you

No. 682733

if your sister clearly sees you are happy for her and that your mum is being a drama queen, just disregard her provocations. she's the one that's selfish and making it all revolve around her anger towards you instead of your sister's accomplishments.

No. 682734

>i don't feel guilty about his new gf (i heard her talking shit about me) but i don't want to make him uncomfortable
We need to start treating other women better than this, maybe she talked shit because you're close to her bf and she senses it? Scrote is living it up while you two hate each other tho.. convenient for him

No. 682742

You're allowing yourself to be used AND actively help a man cheat on another woman, great. This should've gone in the confession thread.

No. 682753

I want to be mean to you for this but you're doing a good job hurting your own feelings, so I'll just watch.

No. 682756


i know he doesn't i'm not actually that retarded although i see why you might assume that


i don't know. i think i want to be with him so badly because he's so emotionally distant and it reminds me of my dad

No. 682757

Fuck everyone who participates in the artist salt thread by shitting on people just trying to draw. Can't imagine how miserable and bitter you must be to spend time doing that. If the artist is a shitty person, that's fine, I'm just talking about those who shit on random people's art. You fucking suck.

No. 682758

What website do you think you're on

No. 682760

Someone posted your stuff in the art salt thread?

No. 682772

>i heard her talking shit about me
>we still see each other, i sleep in his bed when i'm over, and i kiss him when he falls asleep
you do realize that she is right about you? anyway you and the bf are both shit, you deserve each other and I hope the gf absolutely thrashes you both once she finds out. I also hope that the bf will go crazy trying to get her back while still fucking you because you are a dumb slut with no self-respect. GOD

No. 682776

No. 682777

oxford-anon here, yeah this is pretty accurate.

No. 682784

JFC I hate you all. I think it's time to finally leave this site.

No. 682788

No. 682789

Burgerfag here. I can't stand our priorities. I do think people are sheep on both sides of the political spectrum. We need to wake up and realize that politicians, regardless of political party, do not care about the common people.
I also hate the fear mongering around COVID and the constant mention of 250,000 deaths. Yes, that is very bad and unfortunate, and we should be doing what we can to stop the spread. But I really wish that people/Twitter/SJW's would put the same energy into banning cigarettes, which have literally no positive long-term effects and have caused way more than 250,000 deaths, and will continue to give people crippling health complications as long as they are available.

No. 682791

Hey, fuck you. Emotional insecurities aren’t an excuse for what you’re doing to his girlfriend. You’re a piece of shit, grow up.

No. 682794

>ongoing pandemic
>majority of the population is currently under quarantine
>anon thinks people should worry more about smokers tho

No. 682796

What post tipped you over? Cheating anon? Art salt?

No. 682802

A preventable death is a preventable death. My point is it's the government's responsibility to stop COVID because of the negative health effects. So when the pandemic ends, I think it would be hypocritical of people to turn their backs on all the deaths caused by cigarettes and how they are legal for public consumption.

No. 682811

Who's the cheating anon?

No. 682813

Oh nevermind. Just scrolled up.

No. 682814


No. 682816

Anon, I wish I could hug you right now. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. Just know that she knows you love her, always will.
And fuck your shitty ex, don’t worry about him, I’m sorry he made you feel even worse.
I wish everything will be fine for you and your family.

No. 682817

Wait, what? People are already shamed about smoking and we know how detrimental it is to our health. Trying to stop the spread of a highly infectious virus that has been botched by our shitty government because they decided to politicize a piece of cloth and staying home…not quite the same thing. Totally agree with you about the government on both sides don't giving a fuck about us.

No. 682819

I'm sorry anon. I watched a relative go downhill like this with pneumonia and late stage cancer. Don't let your ex further stress you out given these are days you'll remember years into the future. Exes that act like that should be cut off entirely.

Take care of yourself

No. 682837

I hate the whole process of buying second hand stuff online. Every single time I'm talking to someone they treat me like a scammer.

No. 682846

Where are you buying from? A lot of sellers do get scammed on ebay (especially business sellers) so I understand their defensiveness. Personal accounts and depop sellers (non-professionals) tend to be less bitter and more friendly ime.

No. 682864

Thank you anon I hope you get over him. This dude is avoiding being my boyfriend like his life depends on it why do we let these moids disrespect us? You’re Way better than that .
hugs you there there

No. 682866

Just ghost him. When ya do that suddenly they want a relationship.

No. 682869

Your plan won't work. You'll just do terrible damage to your body, mental health, and all your remaining relationships. If you're in a country without subsidized healthcare like the USA, it will also cost you a shit-ton financially. It's not worth it at all. Like >>682270 said, it's not too late for you. Please seek help while you still can.

No. 682872

Goodbye, see you next week

No. 682878

It's been said here a million times before but holy shit I hate men who can't shut up about politics. Their approach is always condescending, gloating and aggressive and once they start they must get the last word even to the point of embarrassing themselves with the whiny sperging. Fuck where's my dumb himbo who doesn't go on these stupid ass big brain contrarian rants and instead sends me puppy pictures or something.

No. 682884

I don't recognize myself in the mirror or in photos, time goes by without being able to get anything done, and I'm feeling overall hopeless and tired, I'm easily irritated and my mood flip flops instantly, I want this nightmare to end already.

No. 682886

I dont understand scrotes. I was talking to this guy and he said he doesnt like me romantically, he never offers to hangout etc

I was look cool whatever and just stopped talking him. Then today I get a text with him bitching about me ghosting him.

I don't get it, if I started acting all clingy and begging to be with him then he would just label me as crazy.

No. 682890

So basically all he has to offer you.. is a headache

No. 682901

My dad lives hours away so I don't see him much. He texted me lately saying he found a kitten in his garden and he'd been feeding it every day. He texted updates and as a man who has never shown great care for animals or children..I thought 'wow at fucking 65 years old he has discovered a joy from caring for a living being' about time I got to see that in him (shit childhood obviously)

He texted me today saying he hadn't seen the kitten since last week. Not worried or anything. I wanted to see my dad in a new light and I imagined something that wasn't there. I thought he had taken the kitten in but no he fed it scraps and then when it disappeared he didn't worry about it.

No. 682904


Thank you anons, it means a lot to me that you responded.
It honestly makes me sob like a little baby because she didn't want anyone to tell me about the cancer until they were sure so I wouldn't be worried for her. I'm her favorite grandchild and right before I moved for college, I sat down and recorded her oral history and looked at old family photographs with her and I listen back to the recordings and just break all over again.

No. 682906

I wish men didn't exist so I wouldn't have to wear bras and my skirts could be as short as I want

No. 682909

I would love to leave my house tomorrow and not see a single man, damn you have you fantasising now. No bras, no checking to see who is walking so close behind me.. no dreading construction spots.

No. 682931

I finally showered after two weeks… Fucking Christ I felt horrible. Glad that's over. Maybe I also feel better because I showered was well… It goes hand in hand…

No. 682953

Eh anons I'm so female friendship starved it's frankly pathetic at this point… I've just talked with one of the new girls at work and she was nice to me and I can't stop my retarded brain for immediately imagining being bffs with her, all the cheesy stereotypical shit like going to coffee shops, doing art together, talking about skincare and just hanging out; it's never happened before and it's not gonna happen now either, feels like at my age women already have friend circles they stick to and I'm just missing out on it; I know I'm not a creep so there's no way I'm sounding too desperate to people yet somehow I can never bond with other women despite craving it ever since my childhood time friendships deteriorated… Just tragic.

No. 682970

File: 1606507951769.gif (640.76 KB, 256x271, 3024f827e4ba14a78e3df989cac386…)

Can everyone or at least half of you stop saying "living rent free in [someone]'s mind" please

No. 682972

well done anon, please keep looking after yourself ♥

No. 682974

File: 1606508192369.png (140.06 KB, 244x451, 5447380564380.png)

Same. Except I just left my asshole ex who was basically my sole friend in the world (although he was never actually very "friendly") and I didn't have any other people to hang with before him so now I'm totally alone again. I just want some nice girlfriends that I can chat about our lives and hobbies and do fun casual stuff together. I know I can work on that, just… I'm so stressed right now and wondering what the point even is. I keep having to interact with customers for my job and I'll go in one room smiling and in service mode then step into the bathroom or my office to quietly bawl my eyes out then clean up and go back out for round 85. Fuck's sake just let me die quietly in a pit

No. 682976

i occasionally get expired ban notifications (like years old) for things i never posted. how does that happen? i use mobile internet all the time so maybe that's it. still i get a little prick of indignation every time it happens like "b-b-but that wasn't me!"
it's inconsequential because they're all expired and this is an anonymous site but still.

No. 682977

2020 culture is this phrase mixed with getting triggered by the stupidest shit. I wish people would make up their minds about whether they are cold-hearted bad asses or super-sensitive little snowflakes.

No. 682978

I used to love this saying..when it was used correctly. People are killing it now.

No. 682983

Happens to me too, it's because you have a dynamic IP address, and when it changes it will occasionally change to an address that was already used by someone else with dynamic IP who was banned. Pay no attention to it, it's normal.

No. 682989

Anon you deserve all this shit for unironically using this reaction pic and for making me see it

No. 682992

My favorite 2020 thing on lolcow is when anons tell each other to “cope” lol. It’s so overused in every thread and is such a cop out.

No. 682994

"but go off sis" is my personal fave. That or "stay mad" Alot of them just scream catty gay man to me. Like are we getting these sayings from bitchy gays on twitter?

No. 682996

thank you for taking the time to reply, anon. sorry that i didn't see this earlier, i hope you see this.
i'm sorry you've gone through the same thing, but glad to hear you're starting to see improvements.
you're kind to say it's not too late, and that i deserve to feel better. nobody's said that before to me. i just can't shake the feeling it's over for me. how did you do it?
i don't want to sound dramatic but what other choice is there? i'm uk and the mental health services can't take me any further because i'm not the worst of the worst. i tried going it alone. i worked hard, i built a life, i'm a lecturer, but i still never stop feeling like i want to die. i don't feel happiness just fear for what's coming next. i was abused badly as a child and teenager and i just feel like there's no way to undo that and be functional. nobody owes me anything. i am entitled to nothing. all i want is to be allowed to drift off in peace and i don't understand why we're not allowed to make that choice for ourselves. i'm sorry if this reads as a whiny rant directed at you, i appreciate you taking the time to reply to me i'm just crytyping like an idiot rn. i just don't know what to do.

No. 682997

or white girls from stan twitter

No. 682999

And i oop- sksksksks terfs dni as a POC- 💀 yasss queeeennnmn uh anyways

No. 683005

Careful with that emoji use, queen

No. 683007

This is a sacrifice i am willing to make

No. 683008

File: 1606510526526.jpg (74.84 KB, 911x585, 1605757616047.jpg)

Lol someone said this to me on another thread when fatties came up and I said they should put the same amount of effort into being less than 200lbs that they do into demanding beauty standards change for them. Like… what does that even mean in this context??? It doesn't even make sense.

No. 683015

Idk what to tell you, it's my life right now. Thanks so much for your sympathy

No. 683018

To me it scream white teenage girl stans who try to imitate pathetic white gays who try to imitate American black women.

No. 683019

>no u
will always be the most superior and timeless comeback of that type. All the others are cringy. "No u" is self-aware of it's cringiness and that's what makes it the best retort in inane internet slapfights.

No. 683021

Anon it’s >>682270, I’m glad you showed up again, it’s not over for you because you’re still here. I did it (still in the process) by trying everything I guess, the turning point was trying atypical antipsychotics even though I wasn’t psychotic. They just worked and gave me some stability for working on my MH, so any unusual medication choices are worth a go.

Also being in such a bad state attracted bad people and when I had some clarity I got really mad! It sound like you’ve been through similar situations with abuse, I don’t want to throw any cliches at you but maybe even try to think of yourself as a teen or child, wouldn’t you hope you got better because you don’t deserve to suffer for years after? Separate it from yourself if your confidence is too low, make it about someone you care about. Abused teenage Anon deserves to feel better.

Amazing that you’re a lecturer, a great achievement even if you don’t feel it. You must be passionate about a subject, no?

Community mental health should take you on again if you’re honest because you don’t sound well at all. Please communicate with them, tell them everything, I know the MH nhs can be shit at times but doesn’t sound like they should be discharging you. Honesty is the best way, if you call up the crisis team and they say to try having a cup of tea tell them you’re way beyond that point! Being assertive can be difficult but do it for teen Anon, maybe you feel like you don’t deserve it but she does.

Sorry I’m drunk so idk if this makes sense, you’ve not only survived but built an amazing career despite your struggles, please give yourself credit, I really hope you get better Anon, will look out for any updates here x

No. 683022

It's as I said in that thread, they're projecting all their issues on others, they think normal people telling them to lose weight once in a while is the same as them obsessing over thin women just living their lives. It's very strange.

No. 683081

my professor flat out refused to give me an extension of 24 hours on a research essay. i mentioned that i was struggling with some health issues and that i could provide a medical note to validate my claims. i don't see why he's being so unsympathetic if i've only requested one extra day. the late penalty is 10% too. on top of that, he's the worst lecturer of all of my professors. he records 2 hour long videos of himself mostly reading from the class textbook and dispassionately bumbling his words throughout. that's it, that's the whole class. i just feel like i've gotten punched in the stomach now, i hate this shit.

No. 683096

I know how hard this is. My mother didn’t told us she had only one year left to life until she had two months left, she didn’t want us to worry.
Someone gave a good advice to me…If you ever feel hopeless, remember that she would have wanted you to be happy, even if she’s gone and even if you miss her, just remember that she would have needed you to carry on.

No. 683097

A woman I went to high school with died this week after an OD, she had four kids she never saw and her mom is heartbroken. The amount of people I know living in squalor and hell because of addiction is dipping only because they keep dying. I get online and see some millenial queer relaying a cry for money on behalf of their friend who can't afford to get his tits chopped off. I find myself wondering if most Americans even know what suffering is. It's going to snow here soon and the homeless are cold and they can't even come in to the lobby of the Cafe where I work because of covid restrictions. I keep thinking about my high school friend, another meth addict and mother barred from seeing her children who was living in a hotel until 2 years ago because 2 years ago she went missing and her family hasnt seen her since. I feel so heavy thinking about all these kids whose moms are just gone this year because fucking drugs and horrible men, but I can't decide who I should be angry with anymore. I'm angry with addicts and people who have no sympathy for them, I'm angry with people who don't have it near as bad asking for help because even asking for help doesn't seem to occur to these people in my community that are dropping like flies. I'm mad at the conservatives that make up the majority of this county and who can't stomach the idea of a homeless shelter so every proposal meets more contention than support and people go day to day hungry and cold or maybe too crazy to know they're hungry and cold. I'm sick of lefties paying lipservice and retweeting statistics about women dying and the awful ways they're dying but then never seeming to help. Just so angry this holiday season and really sad.

No. 683105

I don't begrudge you for wanting to die, not at all. It's your life so of course it's your choice– but it's also the last choice you will ever make. My main point is that if your plan is to OD on anti depressants then you have not done enough research to justify such a drastic decision. Just as much as I believe in your right to die, I believe in exhausting every avenue possible before giving up.

The other anon replying to you has some really solid ideas, and you may even benefit from other unconventional approaches. Clearly I don't know you well enough to offer concrete advice. Just know that I believe in you. It's not over for you yet. The life that you've worked so hard to build… don't throw it away unless you know exactly what you're doing.

No. 683112

File: 1606523535830.jpg (143.61 KB, 750x739, 20201027_105423.jpg)

My significant other of over a year broke up with me over an instagram dm today and I dont know how to feel. I knew it was coming and was planning on it myself anyways once my family isn't quarantining, but I keep going back and forth between sadness of what we had at the beginning and how covid fucked us over so bad, feeling free, anger that they didn't have the courtesy do it irl like i was at least going to do, etc.
I'm at least feeling vindicated that one of their friends agreed that the method was a dick move especially for my first breakup (and when I'm supposed to be working on black fucking friday) and I have no idea how to handle things with them from here as we didn't end on bad terms.
sorry for the run-on style vent, but god this fucking sucks

No. 683115

I'm sorry anon. He's a coward. You're not obligated to stay in contact with your ex at all, even if things ended on good terms. It might be best to block them for a while so you can process everything on your own first and then decide if that's something you even want.

No. 683119

> we didn't end on bad terms
I'm sorry but yes, you did. Getting dumped over DM is not good terms. Not even a phone call? He's a sackless loser. Block or mute him on social media and try and do lots of stuff/engage in your interests to fill your time up so you don't dwell.

No. 683120

idk, you said it yourself that you're angry at addicts so you're on par with the people you mentioned

No. 683129

Its been hours and I didn't even realize that she could have just called me after work instead if it really wasn't impossible to see me. god damn.

I'm calling with some friends tonight and might see another (safely) tomorrow so I'm just gonna have to distract myself over these next few days. without exaggeration we talked every day since the relationship started and even before so the thought of…not interacting is foreign and i was becoming codependent anyways. distance is definitely the best rn even though I literally felt bad not talking to her today so if anyone has any good tips for keeping it off my mind, I'm all ears.

No. 683130

thought the nurse calling me about insurance was a gay man but of course it's a troon. I feel so uncomfortable at the idea of having to share any health details with this guy when I'm having health problems. Probably couldn't even opt out for a woman because "this is a woman anon" fuck me

No. 683140

kek but also not funny… The thought of this happening going for a gyno check up is nightmare fuel.

No. 683142

I've been going through this cycle for my whole life:
>have righteous anger over something outside of my control
>try to ignore it/ focus on positive things
>"how can I be so negative when this nice thing exists"
>but also "if I really cared I wouldn't distract myself right now"
>start to resent positive things

I also dislike people who go on about how "it's the smol things that matter", because the level of cope is incredible.

No. 683143

Thank god it's not gyno related but if it was I'd switch offices. It just disgusts me you cant ask for a real woman in these situations.

No. 683148

if i fucking ping mia and you choose to ignore it and get you and your adc's ass beat, then that is your fucking fault. Stop spam pinging me when you die retarded bitch

No. 683159

someone said the weirdest fucking thing to me. walked right up to me and said it. i want to think its innocent but when its a GUY not a GIRL its an immediate red flag. having a girl walk up to you and say theyve always thought you were cool and asking for your number would be fine, but a moid walking up to me saying hes seen me for 2 years and always thinks about how we'd be the best of friends with his friend cheering him on in the background then asking for a discord is very odd. oh yes, i truly do indeed, yep, admire his cockiness.

No. 683161

where did he see you for two years that you never had to speak to him. what a shadowy loon

No. 683171

I really hate how popular onlyfans has become and in general how porn has became mainstrean. Idk if in a puritan or what but i find it disheartening and idk what's hapoening with the world.

No. 683172

I was on tinder and I was wondering why do the boys look so young and cute. Then I realized my gender was set to man and I was just getting gay dudes. Makes sense now.

No. 683173

me too anon, me too. Sometimes it makes me want to move to Saudi Arabia where women are stoned for even showing their ankles just so I can escape the current widely accepted thottery of the west.

No. 683180

stuff like this has happened to me before. i was a really active member of my community in the city i lived in previously, i also socialized a lot and regularly frequented the same areas. i don't see how people can expect you to not be weirded out if they approach you this way, it's hands down one of the worst ways to approach a stranger. it's not hard to reach out in a simple and friendly way, that's just what regular neighbours/colleagues do. i hope you didn't feel pressured into giving him your contact info. what a retard.

No. 683188

This is quite possibly the dumbest, most thoughtless post I've ever read on this website

No. 683189

I'm playing in the middle here when I say I'm sure (I Hope) she was being facetious but also that was the most 1st world issue thing I've ever read. I hope one day that anon is stripped of all of her rights as a female and gets stoned to death unless of course she was joking

No. 683211

christ the way my mom talks about other women is worse than all the nitpickers on /snow/ combined. like a nitpicker on steroids.

No. 683231

I’ll never know what having friends is like because the only people who talk to me are scrotes who try to fuck me eventually. Yet I talk to all of them and pretend to be oblivious when they make advances. I am so truly alone, I only had one friend and she chose her faggit boyfriend over me.

No. 683264

I was reading online that it's hard for men to be sexually attracted to women they're inlove with. Like if they respect you it's hard for them to see you sexually. Being a straight woman is a meme at this point lol

No. 683269

You need to lurk moar then.

No. 683272

Bit autistic to not take it as a joke kek

No. 683275

How often do men truly respect us or love us in a way that isn't them bsing though?

No. 683280

I definitely can see that being true, especially for men that were raised in more conservative societies (madonna/where complex etc). Anecdotally, my friend was being chased by this one guy for months, he put her on a massive pedestal, granted she is a very well put together woman and definitely what a traditional man would want in a partner (feminine, long hair, doesnt like to show off her body, doesnt swear or drink excessively, she literally was a virgin until 21) and when she finally gave in (I know), he could not get hard with her, but fucked other girls before. We are from a third country shithole.

No. 683281

Looks like generalizing bullshit to me

No. 683285

am bored and lonely at 6 am so just finished doing a dramatic reading out loud of this to myself. thanks

No. 683308

I know it's been two days but FUCK I'm in Italy and every show's still talking about this alcoholic drug-addicted motherfucker as if he's fucking jesus. Everyone knows he hit women all the time, everyone knows he's got like 20 sons he didn't even know existed because he liked knocking up women. But then he dies and suddenly he's the best person in the whole world.

No. 683315

I wish i had friends who liked the same anime as me but its also my fault for not talking to anybody new,also i have attachment issues so it even harder because its ethier open up too much or too little then people just leave

No. 683321

There's a gift-giving holiday coming up next week where I live so I've been spending the day gift-shopping. I love planning and picking out gifts for my mom and sisters, putting effort in thoughtful gifts and nice wrapping etc. but I hate getting anything for my father. He's just so fucking autistic he can't recognize or appreciate any effort but he still wants to feel included.

No. 683322

which anime is it? pls share

No. 683324

I really need to fucking vent.

My mother is a fucking psychopath who fucking hates me who would be in a psyche ward rn if she didn't scream like a fucking banshee every time someone got close to her.

My dad can't fucking deal with me because of the lying tendencies I developed to deal with my mom and even though I've made an honest effort to be a good a person as possible for the last few months my relationship is ruined and he thinks I'm a carbon copy of my mom's sociopathic side and I've lost the only person who cares about me.

I don't trust anyone and I can't make any friends because I don't have any social skills.

Severe anxiety and depression got me ruining my career and my credibility which is (or rather was) the only thing going for me in life.

I thought family shit would magically stop when you grew up but nope.

I wanna go out and stay with a friend, but I‌ really don't wanna catch covid because I'll probably die. And it's too cold in the streets. And all my remaining friends are dudes who are nice because they want to fuck me. I wanna make internet friends but I‌ am genuinely bad at talking.

I'm at my lowest point anons. What's the fucking point?

No. 683333

Are you sick, like diabetes, ashtma, and other chronic diseases? If not, do what is best for your mental health and wear a mask. Covid won't kill you, and you shouldn't wait for this shitshow to end to do what's best for you.

Honestly, shitty families sometimes get better, but it involves distance. Your parents will always have their issues, you will have yours, but since you all won't be togehter all the time, some of the friction will dissipate.

No. 683339

If you live with your family you're just gonna have to stay quiet and listen to what they tell you to do, don't focus on the dumbass shit they expel on you. Try to make money on the side to move out or at least live with friends. When they're yelling at you over some bullshit try to distance yourself from it.
If you don't live with them and they're just making your life a living nightmare by still trying to maintain control just block them, and try to get rid of any connections of them whatsoever if you really feel like it.
Try to go outside nonetheless, and try to take a break from online in general for some periods of time, staying inside isolated and not being able to breathe fresh air makes the most healthy minded people go insane.
To try to help your social skills, try to start commenting on social media posts or YouTube videos. And try to enter groupchats. Maybe start a minor online following so people will try to flock at you without you doing much work.
Also regarding the guy friends who most likely want to fuck you- try to be with the ones who have girlfriends because there's a less chance they'll try to hit on you. Don't be afraid to become a leech and ask them for favors now and then.
You have to wait and let things get better naturally, but if you want to rush the process you have to do some work yourself.

No. 683344

File: 1606573469227.png (854.22 KB, 995x655, 455C77D1-AC56-40BD-A4A2-7FE22E…)

Today I watched the Queen’s Gambit episode where Alma Wheatley dies and for some reason late at night I started thinking about it and crying? I don’t even know why, I usually don’t cry at movies/shows. I don’t know I’m just depressed and lonely and her character felt really motherly to me.

No. 683355

>really hairy in all the wrong places
Is this something the body positivity community touches on much? I feel like even when fatness and stretch marks and moles and birthmarks are all being shown…those women are still freshly shaved.

No. 683362

Yeah you're right. I‌ need distance.

I'm trying to make money but things are so expensive here. But I'm trying my best to stay positive.

I was thinking about starting an online following but I‌ don't know what it should be about. I'm talentless and I‌ don't like showing my face.

But I like the groupchats thing. Any suggestions where to start?

I‌ love you both anons thank you for replying

No. 683367

Wholeheartedly seconding everything in this post. The flip side of 'more things are sexy now' is still that ugliness is a sin.

I would even go as far as to say my personal idea of body positivity includes things like chronic illness and disability, and I believe in treating your body (yourself) with love and forgiving if it 'fails' you. We all fall apart eventually and that should be accepted.

>body neutrality

Yes actually I prefer this or body acceptance. Not everything has to be positive all the time, some things about bodies are awful, but not being eye candy for men isn't one of them.

No. 683376

I just realized that in my country it's the same nutcases who fought (and still want to fight) bloody wars with their own neighbors 20 years ago who now ignore to do anything to fight the virus. They kill our own but won't fight our natural arch-enemy.

I'm fuming

No. 683378

Usually you can just post work or edits of some things your passionate about, like media and showing your opinions on them.
You can go to other social media places and lurk until you find someone talking about joining a groupchat. I usually find some after a few days. I think it's easier to enter a groupchat in twitter but instagram is perfectly fine as well, though it will be slightly harder to find someone advertising it.
stay positive about earning money anon, take your time and try to do as much as you can. I love you too and good luck

No. 683398

which country anon

No. 683404

Serbia. We're currently top in the world in new covid cases per million.

No. 683415

I knew you were gonna say either serbia or croatia. I live in croatia and I hate those boomer types too. They literally won't get something if it has the number 3 because 3 is a symbol of the orthodox church so it's a serbian symbol?????? wtf

No. 683423

That's whack. Plenty of such types here too. Hatred makes people stupid.

No. 683432

Damn, these are the countries we never hear about in the news, only the US or western Europe in my case. I had no idea about that number 3 orthodox superstition, is it only in Serbia or in every orthodox country like Russia?

No. 683460

I just learned from the mtf thread in snow that gaming and chess tournaments are sex segregated and it's such bullshit. Women are discouraged from a young age to do certain things, and when they get the chance to pursue it later in life they give poor results as a consequence of that. I also got reminded of when I was still in school and studied IT, a field that's male-dominated, and I was the one with best grades and knowledge, but my male classmates where the ones getting internships in IT companies. Instead I was called for secretary positions, I was forced to focus on something else and now I have little to no interest in IT anymore. I will never get a job in that field anyway.

No. 683462

Yeah, Russia isn't doing much to prevent new cases outside of Moscow. I still go to classes physically, even though probably 5 of my profs have covid currently. Wack.
Where I live, there's a city-wide 11 pm curfew, but at the same time, a well-known pop singer had a concert very recently, where a couple thousand people were smooshed together for a few hours.

No. 683494

I'm afraid this is gonna happen to me too anon, all my jobs have had something to do with being a secretary, i hate the people in this field.

I wish we could just work anonymously over some fake male identity.

No. 683504

What did they do, anon?

No. 683523

I kinda just got into danganronpa but the other anime is jjba

No. 683558


No. 683560

File: 1606591677762.png (98.51 KB, 275x258, 56E1A3EC-61BD-4B2C-A696-544B31…)

I am so fed up of INTERNET DATING it’s making me so depressed. Guys lose interest in like 3 fucking days then I’ve got to go out and find another one of these assholes to waste my time messaging who’s just going to ghost me eventually anyway. Would it help if I was more proactive? Wanted to talk on the phone or FaceTime more? Because I hate FaceTiming and phone calls and sending pics of myself.

No. 683566

Do you just really hate being single?

No. 683574

I just want a bf, I’ve only ever had one bf and he was the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. I’ve been single for years.

No. 683582

File: 1606594686197.jpeg (184.71 KB, 798x1024, DlrTJcgUcAAmyZl.jpeg)

oh god danganronpa. it has destroyed my life, i am so in love with sdr2. i hope you love it too anon! it gets really good! don't read the next bit because spoilers but i just need to talk about my vision for a future arc.
ok so i really really really want an anime or game of hajime et al working with the future foundation to rebuild jabberwock island, towa city, etc. but also coming to terms with their real bodies, the stuff that happened in the neo world program, adjusting to a more stable (boring) life and talking about adulthood. i wanna see nagito come to terms with the fact that not everything comes down to luck and hajime understand that sometimes hard work just isn't enough so they begin to balance each other out. i'd just be happy to see more of nagito's and hajime's dynamic specifically.
or! an elaboration of how hajime restored the class of 77b and the timeline between the events of sdr2 and the future animated arc/nagito's au ova. help me i'm in deep.

picrel best boys

No. 683583

Online dating is still very much looks orientated. Usually if someone is in to your photos they'll keep talking, if people lose interest that fast they've probably found someone else willing to meet up sooner.

The good thing about dating apps is that if you get ghosted before you've even met them it's not exactly a waste. Just a missed opportunity

No. 683587

File: 1606595205889.jpg (153 KB, 1000x730, christ-in-the-desert-18721-e12…)

How to cope with being completely irrelevant in real life, on the internet, everywhere? I'm so fucking boring, I can't relate to other people and since I was a child I've always felt like everything happened next to me and I was never a part of anything, just an observer, it was like watching a movie

No. 683593

I'm so annoyed by people showing up 2 weeks before the end of the study period of our university, after doing zero class work and having not attended any classes (even though we had all classes online since October) just going "hey, anon! so what do I need to study? what papers do we need to submit? Eow, no way, I need to do ALL THIS in two weeks???!" and crying about how our professors are harsh and unreasonable. One chick wrote into our study messenger group today that X professor is saying he won't let her pass the course "for no reason!!!".
Bitch, we had one assigment to do and had the 3 months for it. I had to bite my tongue, and even helped her, but I probably shouldn't have. Although some white knight will do it for her anyway.
Another one started going on about how Y prof is incompetent because he fucked up an email, and how he must not have two braincells to rub together. I mean, she was somewhat right, as this prof is brilliant, but a fucking lazy asshole. Still, her talking like this when she's easily one (if not) the stupidest person in our programme, I almost told her that he still has more than her.
I'm pretty sure I'll be making some enemies pretty soon.

No. 683596

I came across some nasty male coomer degenerate who uses the same online nickname as I've done for years. Disgusting.

No. 683607

i'm so fucking lonely, making friends at the end/post college feels impossible, especially now. and i'm so tired of using the internet for human interaction.

No. 683609

I see it like this: if you're irrelevant, you have more freedom.

No. 683610

File: 1606597298864.jpg (95.84 KB, 500x496, AA7777774AAAAAALABFGAQA.jpg)

Laying down in bed rn thinking of all the cringy shit I said to a guy I'm into these past few months. I think I'm too embarrassed to keep pursuing him…

No. 683612

Try to initite things more often maybe? Like, invite people to hang out or play a game online

No. 683614

I dont really need friends or a relationship but the issue is trying to be adventurous and free on your own as a woman can have you ending up in a ditch dead somewhere. I would love to get dressed up slutty and roam the park at night but i live in a world with males.

No. 683619

Having to fear sexual assault all the time is so constricting. I would love to do a solo cross-country road trip, but it would be a nightmare if I just made a single poor judgment. I don’t even think a female companion would make me feel any safer. Men can be so lucky.

No. 683622

The last time I tried to be adventurous and go get drinks by myself a scrote try to break into my car with me in it kek

No. 683625

Exactly this. I've had boyfriends, male friends and my own brother not understand my apprehension of going out alone. It's winter, it's dark at night very early and I'd love to go out on walks alone but no chance. There was a man stabbing girls not that long ago and all the advice was "women don't walk about alone".

No. 683634

Damn anon I‌ really want this too now. Write a fanfic anon I will most definitely read it. I've always wondered how they went on with their lives after they woke up again and it's always been an itch I couldn't scratch.
More like I want more of the characters, but yeah.
sdr2 best danganronpa no one can convince me otherwise
also also good taste best boys indeed
I've always wanted to go out and join the danganronpa fandom since it's the only fandom I've actually been interested in for years but I'm scared it's filled with 15 year old fujos rather than 20-something year old fujos. I really just want an excuse to fangirl about danganronpa all day.

No. 683659

> It's winter, it's dark at night very early and I'd love to go out on walks alone but no chance
Maybe this is a weird story but I'm detrans, for about a year of my life strangers took me as being male. I'll never forget the first night when I was walking in the dark with very few people around and I saw a woman cross over the street and I just knew it was to avoid me. I've done that a thousand times when nobody is around but me and one lone male in the dark.

I felt like shit but I understood it and I wondered do men even notice how much we have to do that kind of thing? I was on that other side of things maybe a handful of times and it really fucked with my head to be viewed like that and to know I'm not actually one of them. It kind of played a role in me coming to my senses again. I'm all too aware of what that fear feels like and that for me cemented which side I'm on. I sure felt safer walking in the dark for that year or so.. but god did it make me think.

No. 683674

>but I'm scared it's filled with 15 year old fujos
it is, along with insane kinnies

No. 683699

>I felt like shit but I understood it and I wondered do men even notice how much we have to do that kind of thing?
I'm sure they don't, if they notice they will just think "wow, what a bitch". But your story almost makes me want to take hormones too, just to be able to go outside and not be bothered by anyone

No. 683709

File: 1606603757715.jpg (77.12 KB, 356x512, unnamed (2).jpg)

I've had pretty horrible high school years (more than the usual femcel schlick, I was physically and sexually abused on top of being bullied) and my early 20s are also going badly, I feel like i've completely wasted my youth being miserable and feel awful that I will never be able to have the wholesome and fun experiences of those times, being an adult fucking sucks, the "freedom" of adulthood is a lie and not worth it at all, I feel like my life I will be garbage until the day I snap and kill myself.

No. 683713


No. 683716

No. 683720

Are you me? Anon you're not alone. Your youth isn't wasted, you're not missing out on anything. What's important is for you to realize that your past abuse doesn't define you and you should work on yourself and see what makes you happy. You'll slowly get the opportunity to experience wholesome things, I promise.
I know it sounds corny as fuck, but trust me anon, there's light at the end of the tunnel. You just gotta stick with it.
I believe in you!!

No. 683725

I am angry with addicts, after seeing what their addictions lead to in their families. I'm angry those four kids don't have a mom anymore because her addiction killed her. When young parents keep fucking dying to this shit and leaving our community I feel literally sick with anger cuz now we got more kids about to grow up the same way their dead moms did with all the pain and suffering and poverty that made them addicts in the first place. I don't know what your dumbass point is, its a vent thread.

No. 683732

What i posted, been trying to figure what I need to fill out, which package weights cost what and so on in order to ship Christmas presents. I also just realized how dumb I was for WRAPPING ALL THIS SHIT when customs will most likely tear it open.

No. 683733

File: 1606605042849.jpg (120.58 KB, 1200x1200, 3b5caa33530bab86cb9a8e09dc7bc2…)

Thanks it just feels like i don't fit in the late-twenties world, people my age are getting married, having babies, getting promotions at their jobs etc.
Due to all that crap im genuinely some amount of stunted (im one of those stupid cows who has a pink room full of plushies and flowery bedding) so I struggle even with making friends, as if making friends in your late twenties wasn't hard enough, every time I time dating its even worse, its like I only attract men who want to take advantage of me, I just don't like being alive at all.

No. 683736

I’m so fucking done. Around my birthday some things ALWAYS tend to go wrong, and on the actual day I always end up getting hurt in one way or the other. Every. Fucking. Year. Like clockwork.

I would love to have a birthday where I don’t get suicidal, thank you very much

No. 683738

My father makes up shit just to be angry at me. I'm really starting to think he just hates me. I've never had any sort of emotional support from him, he never listened when I had troubles, he doesn't listen to me now that I'm ill and in pain. I make the effort not to talk to him too much, but he still finds a way to be angry at me and talk shit about me and I don't even fucking know why. What's funny is how he loves to me a supporting figure to other guys he meets. He would brag to my mother how he met this kid at work and listened to him as he cried, or how he helped the son of a neighbour, or how he offered help to some random drug addict that tried to get into our fucking house. And he really believes he's a good listener and someone people can rely on, but then he ignores his own daughter's problems, wants to fight almost every day, screams at everyone when he's upset on his own. He tells my mother that she's fat (it's not true, and my mother has some self esteem issues too) and needs to be raped, loses his shit and breaks things when he's out of cigarettes because he spent all of his money, and then he goes out and acts like a good wholesome person. Fuck him.

No. 683739

I was looking at some of the hentai websites I used to look at as a teenager and holy shit the amount of horrible stuff on there. I remember coming across really creepy shit and looking at it out of morbid curiosity but I didn't realize how easily accessible it was from the front page.

No. 683740

Instagram sucks so much as an art platform. I'm so burnt out between working on commissions and putting out stuff to post consistently, besides working full-time, but it doesn't make much difference. More than anything I just wish my art meant something to people. I could care less about algorithm stuff or getting likes, but I miss Deviantart when people would take the time to say they liked your work if they did. Or even Tumblr. I know this is such a stupid complaint and by Occam's razor I'm just not a good enough artist, but I wish there was an alt platform that didn't make me feel so soulless.

No. 683741

Wow, anon, is your dad like that to other women apart from your mum and yourself? Cause, from your post, I can see that he is rather nice to other men/boys and it just seems like a case of misogyny. I am sorry that your dad is a piece of crap and you have to deal with him, hopefully not for too long.

No. 683743

We all saw fucked up crap when we were younger anon, intentionally or not.
Heck I don't even have the guts to go to Rule 34 considering I use to visit there often when I was in grade school

No. 683748

He's like that mainly to my mother and me, but he's always kind of rude to women in general (things like commenting on how ugly or fat they are, how they're dressed, how they act) unless they're old or women who lick his ass constantly. I feel like he definitely likes men/boys better, I have an older brother and he's basically the golden child that he never gets angry at, though he did hit him when he was little.

No. 683749

Don't pay attention to other people anon. Most other people your age aren't as strong as you and haven't had to put up with the shit you did. Babies and promotions at work don't really matter, and it's not a race. What matters is you liking you and being okay with yourself.
You sound really sweet. I‌ have a bunch of plushies on my bed too. They're the best.
That's most men anon, don't take it personally.
I hate my life too right now, but I know if I‌ stay positive, one day things will be okay, even if it doesn't seem like it right now.

No. 683751

I feel the same. I'm so tired of Instagram for art. So much of the engagement is insincere and it doesn't feel like a community, just competing and clout-chasing. And it's crazy how many amazing, innovative art IGs I come across that have maybe 300 followers.
Tumblr and DA may have had a lot of problems and drama, but at least that meant people were genuinely engaged and involved. Even just the thread/forum layouts made it easy to create discussions and meet people, whereas words on Instagram are just an afterthought.

No. 683752

Again, I am sorry that your dad is a cunt and I hate that it is so common (and almost universally accepted) for men to be like that and it makes my piss boil that men like that are fathers to women. Does the rest of your family notice those patterns? Your mum especially? I bet your brother is oblivious.

No. 683758

Thank you anon. I also hate that it's accepted so much, it's crazy. My mother can't stand him, but she also seeks his attention. I feel that it's like when women refuse to let go of an abusive relationship and even end up justifying all sort of things. And of course my brother pretends nothing happens and never confronts him directly, since my father's behaviour doesn't affect him. Same with other family members.

No. 683759

>read an article where scrotes get into a zoom call for violence against women
>proceed to masturbate and play porn

Not surprised or even angry at this point. Like, men really are just mentally ill tards and project their shit onto everybody else.

No. 683761

>Thanks it just feels like i don't fit in the late-twenties world, people my age are getting married, having babies, getting promotions at their jobs etc.

NTA but what's the expression, "Comparison is the thief of joy"?
Don't compare so much, cause like other anon said it isn't a race. As someone who tried real hard to be a normie, I still don't have those things and probably won't until my 30s, maybe even 40s. I don't feel abnormal, it's just my own pace and a matter of luck. Tons of people don't have babies, marriages, or gainful employment until they're older and that's absolutely fine. Everything will be okay, and stressing yourself in the moment will do you no good.

No. 683763

my point was that you're not the good person you try to seem, tard

No. 683765

Just kill yourself then.

No. 683775

People who start bid wars on ebay 5 days before the listing ends infuriate me to no end. I’m aware I’m a POS wanting to add a sniping bid in the last few seconds but why do people do this back and forth driving up the price. Do they not understand they would get the item 1/2 the price if they didn’t do this.

No. 683777

u first

No. 683778

Is sniper bidding an asshole move? I always thought everyone did that lmao

No. 683785

I think everyone without a smooth brain does but I guess it’s frowned upon by those who lose kek. Boomers have been the downfall on ebay, that and 9000 identical chinese listings

No. 683789

No. 683790

Bidding honestly stresses me out too much. Don't know how people do it.

No. 683792

I'm in my 30s and I noticed my peers act like they're 80 years old. I feel like I still have tons of energy and can party/drink. Its probably also environment, I'm sure people in their 30s living in big cities like nyc arent lame like this.

No. 683798

Father God, today I wish to pray on the behalf of another, just as Christ so benevolently did. Lord, please heal this anon. I pray for Your divine intervention in her life. Heal her in whatever you see needs healing. Heal her of whatever might separate her from You. I pray that you lay Your hands gently upon her and heal her through Your love.
Please help her stay on the right path in fellowship with You, dear Lord, and rescue her from her troubles. I pray that You will reach down and touch her right now. Let Your presence fill the room where she is and let her feel Your divine presence.
May the light of Your truth illuminate her path and bring them to a saving knowledge of Your Son. Amen.

No. 683802

I hate it here. I won't leave because I am toxic inside but I think this place is full of fundamentally terrible people.

No. 683803

Same. lc is very toxic, but something about it is addictive. Tbh getting myself banned is the only way for me to step away.

No. 683804

I can't believe you saw one anona say they practice demonolatry or whatever and really thought we all need to be cleansed

No. 683807

I mean, you can drink and party in your 30s, but knowing that it's going to make your skin look shittier the next day compared to your 20s, and you're going to feel like a walking dumpster fire should be enough to keep it in check.

No. 683808

>Even just the thread/forum layouts made it easy to create discussions and meet people
I always found this difficult on tumblr tbh, and is the main reason why I hate the site's layout.
What if you have endless vpns tho

No. 683811

Idk. It's made me grow a spine and prepare for shitty people and their logic irl, and what to present and hide from those people in order to not make myself a target.
Lolcow has its use.

No. 683812

>I think this place is full of fundamentally terrible people.
Kek as if you aren’t one of them for posting here. You aren’t different.

No. 683813

I use Opera to ban evade sometimes, but I'm not into VPNs and I don't wanna go through the effort so…when I get banned then I'm basically out.

No. 683814

Naw aging good is all about genetics. I know people who did coke and drink through their entire 20s and 30s and look great. I already know I'm going to age like shit because of my Gene's so I'm going to enjoy myself. I never drank or did drugs in my 20s and I still look like shit.

No. 683815

Hey fellow opera anon! every ip on the vpn is banned

No. 683817

What's the point in ban-evading, are you guys catching bans that would even make something like that worth it? Weeks or months or perma?

I think the worst I've gotten is like a 72 hour ban but I think I used my time well doing other things and it wasn't a big deal. Even when I catch an 'infight' ban for butthurt it's only like 24 hours, tops.

No. 683820

Shitposting is an addiction.

No. 683825

I miss my friend. She got weirdly competitive and mean toward me right before covid happened so it was kind of easy to ghost on the whole situation but I wish I confronted her and got closure at least.

No. 683828

I hate how insecure my boyfriend is. I hate that he puts his past hurt of being cheated on by his exes onto me. I think I was too understanding and blinded in the start when we first started to date. Now I'm fed up with it because he treats any tiny thing I do such as not responding right away because my phone wasn't near me as suspicious and accusing me of having a ton beta orbiters because his ex apperently did. Like for fucks sake I've never done anything to make you not trust me and you even said yourself I've been way better than your exes yet you treat me like I am your ex.

No. 683829

Not that anon but they already admitted that they're toxic so why are you getting so defensive lol? This always happens whenever someone criticizes LC. For how many of you act like bad bitches, you sure get booty blasted easily.

No. 683830

The more unwarranted bans there are, the more people will evade. I've read a lot of posts claiming some mods take things way too personally, and even leave cringy ban messages. It probably comes off as a challenge to anons, even if the actual ban length is short.

No. 683831

If that's not a soft form of emotional abuse, it's manipulative behavior that you absolutely shouldn't have to put up with. Although I'm afraid if you start putting up hard boundaries now, his behavior may get hostile due to the fact that you signaled it was acceptable up to this point on account of letting it go for so long. Does he have redeeming qualities beyond his insecurity and jealousy that would make this uphill battle of trying to fix the relationship worth it to you?

Every relationship I've ever been in with a man who's accused me of cheating or having many men after me, has been very brief. I find that discussions and boundaries rarely help over time as it becomes clear that the issues aren't so much about insecurity as it is their need to feel in control of women.

No. 683835

I hate this modern era of over sharing in order to maintain friendships. All the people my age over share every ounce of information they can to people they want to be friends with which I find very fucked up. I understand trusting some one and sharing secrets but I don't want to talk about my childhood trauma just to prove I consider some one my best friend especially since it's something I'm still trying to understand with the help of a therapist. Why do people feel like they deserve to be told secrets and private information just because they told you all of their past in the first five minutes of meeting?

No. 683837

Being an insecure party in my relationship and having my bf deal with a lot of stupid bullshit, if you care about your boyfriend and want to stay in this relationship, please encourage him to get therapy and be patient - not in a "let him walk all over you" way but be open for a conversation and willing to reassure him when he needs it even if it would be excessive. A lot of people jump to harsh conclusions like >>683831 that this is emotional abuse and premeditated manipulative behavior - which it definitely can be, but not always. In some cases experiencing being cheated on may cause an actual trauma that is just impossible to deal with without professional help, and even though it's not an excuse for hurting a partner, it's not caused by intentional malice so in that way some people could be willing to be more understanding about it.

I'm not saying you should put up with it if you're not willing as recovery is long and not fun, but I wouldn't also say it should be treated as a lost cause right off the bat.

No. 683860

Really don't want to call and beg my private student loan provider for forbearance again. It really hurts my pride knowing that I turned out to be such a leech.
>inb4 private student loans

No. 683863

My cat has been gone for two days… I always start to get myself into such a state and thinking the worst has happened, then she suddenly appears back home demanding food and attention. I live in the countryside with little to no traffic really, especially since it’s winter - plus the one road that’s close to us, she’s terrified of, so I know nothings happened in that way. I just keep praying she’ll turn up soon, she’s literally wandered off for a month before during the winter. Speaking it into existence that she comes back tomorrow.

No. 683871

i have a friend ive known more than 10 years, who's family considers me family because i barely have one due to deaths, but i still don't get a stocking on the fireplace. The scrotes who married into the family and barely have known them for 4 years get one. i try not to dwell on it but god it makes me feel so lonely i don't have much family left and barely anyone to hug during this season. why can't i just be official family to them…just because i didnt marry in? Seems so damn stupid to me

No. 683884

I hope she comes back too

No. 683910

Tbh I never really felt LC's toxicity, I never go to cow threads and mostly stay in hobbies or general discussions threads, and honestly, who is bothered by a random kys on an anonymous board?

No. 683922

Lol Americans (just assuming) are so brainwashed they think getting an education makes them a leech.

No. 683928

My brother drives me insane. He is almost 30 years old and he still works part time in hospitality, expecting our parents to pick up the slack (which they gladly do, they pay his insurance, his phone, internet and any other extra costs that he cant afford). He constantly changes jobs, I cant even keep up, for dumbass reasons, like "it wasnt well managed" or "the boss is mean"; as if he knew how things should be managed and as if the best choice in that situation were to quit. My parents spoilt him rotten, whatever he wanted, he got. He was doing really badly in school, he barely passed his A levels, but he wanted to be a lawyer, so my parents paid for him to go to this private university to "pursue his calling". To noones suprise, he failed the first year twice and realized that maybe you need to know how to apply yourself if you want to achieve anything in life. At the same time, I was an excellent student with great work ethics, and they barely paid attention to me. I would get first place in like mathsand physics contests, at one point I was in the top ten in my country in maths. For some reason my parents took it as a proof that my brother also is extremely talented (cause the same genes) but he just needs to get over his laziness. He definitely believes that he is a special boy of vast intelligence. He looks down on his old classmates, cause they work in trades, or are already married with children, because, I think in his head, he has achieved enlightenment through reading science fiction books and through pursuing 19 year old girls, cause that is soooooo much more ambitious than whatever he assumes his old classmates are doing. He posts half naked ladies on his Facebook, he loves Karen memes, he calls all women cunts and bitches, and my mum, a liberal feminist extraordinaire, claps her retarded hands at her little precious boy being such a Chad. She constantly says that he should be a model, and how all women want him and how well she raised him. Puke. I cant stand seeing him interact with some people in my family, because they are underprivileged and he blatantly behaves as if they were trash under his boots. He insisted on playing prodigy during a family function once cause he wanted to show off his superior music taste. I am so happy that I wont be going home this holidays.

No. 683932

I'm low key envious of all the sex positive women raving about casual sex. I have been single for a year and have had more then 15 casual hook ups with dudes from tinder. They all sucked and I did not come once. What am I missing here?

No. 683933

The ones raving about casual sex are coping hard. I will inevitably summon them by saying this, and a 50 reply argument will ensue (which I will not read, so save your energy girls).

No. 683935

Yeah they have got to be coping. I can see if I was someone who had never had casual sex but as someone who has…this fucking sucks. I cant think of one positive experince hooking up with dudes.

No. 683939

The few times I've had casual sex I felt awful afterwards. Like not even because oh I think I'm a slut now, it's more like it just feels icky? I don't know. It doesn't help that one of the experiences ended in the guy telling my friend at the time how small my boobs were and how disappointing it was because he's never had to settle for anyone up until that point. I had one time where a guy kept complimenting my body saying how ideal it was but I still felt gross after. I think sex in relationships with a guy I love is the only kind that I can enjoy.

No. 683943

Yeah I've had similar experiences. Casual sex for me was degrading/humiliating at worst and at best the guy was nice but shit in bed.

No. 683945

Tbh I don’t know how they can trust scrotes so easily. There was a herpes outbreak around here not too long ago and it was because of the shitty hook up culture.
Shit is just not worth the risk lmao

No. 683950

NTA but I always wonder if they're either coping or scrotes larping because I can absolutely not imagine hooking up constantly with random men because they're almost always shitty lovers.

This is awful and one of the reasons why I don't do hook ups. I'd legitimately be devastated if some guy went around my friends telling them how it was fucking me and how my body is.

Also this, I'd be so paranoid if they're filming this or if they're fucking serial killers or something.

No. 683951

Most guys I've hooked up with dont mind fucking without condoms so I wouldnt be shocked if they had something. I think you have to be some what mentally Ill to engage in casual sex as a woman, I was going through a bpd crazy episode when I was doing it so I didnt really give a ahit about my health.

No. 683954

I've tried the Tinder-casual-hookup culture a few years ago, and my experience has been similiar (although I only went on 3-4 "dates"). I also always consumed way too much alcohol just to lower my inhibitions and one time completely blacked out during sex, in the sense that I retained zero memories of it, I just "woke up" sitting on his bed post-coitus. I didn't enjoy any of these nights.

It also made me realize how much my ex bullshitted (or was bullshitted by women) when he was saying how he made all his ONS-s cum, so he's "good at sex" to save his ego, because he couldn't make me climax even once, and he was worse than these guys. I guess most women just lie, or men think every heavy sigh is an orgasm.

No. 683959

File: 1606649055218.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1242x1629, 551B7B2E-CF0B-4067-B73F-0F7270…)

i have been living in this movie for the last 2 years, as the object of another woman’s suffocating jealousy and obsession

i am not even still with the same loser bloke this is over, and she still says god awful things about me online regularly.

it doesn’t bother me but it’s a pity when i have to explain to our mutuals what happened because i’m basically forced to 1) embarrass myself for even being involved in this absurd pantomime and 2) out her as a jealous psychopath who threatened me if i got back together with my ex.

No. 683973

Something that really boils my fucking piss is the fact that I can’t book a drs or dentist appointment, or even order new medication on a Sunday yet the shitty bargain supermarket I work at which sells endless amounts of worthless plastic shit stays open. Because buying some plastic Christmas coasters on the 29th of November and being rude to the idiot checkout girl is far more important than everyone’s fucking mental, physical and dental health isn’t it? Fucking cunts.

No. 683981

Anon pls bless me too

No. 683982

I know it's retarded, but I feel bad when other farmers say anyone who posts here is nasty through and through. I have nothing against nice, normal people in real life. Just internet degenerates who constantly do awful shit, which is why I prefer to air it out anonymously. But somehow I feel so bothered by the idea that I am "fake" for genuinely wanting to be nice to nice people, when I come here and post in /snow/, if I see the idea out there that none of us would be here if we weren't just truly mean.

No. 683983

I didn’t watch the movie but read the book. Do you mean you’re the train woman or the new wife? Finding the analogy difficult to understand due to the ending. and the fact I read it years ago lol

I kind of get what you describe though, some people are insane. I’ve had a colleague pull this shit on me, and an ex’s new gf, at first I got sucked into the drama but now just want these psychos to leave me alone.

No. 683985

I relate to this a lot if that helps. The person is trying to irritate me, turn people against me (failing miserabley at least) IRL, but on internet she keeps talking made-up shit about me. There is also other stalking mentally ill girl, who was very obsessed with my bestfriend to a point where she would make thousands of social media accounts just to watch her block her, always threatning to commit suicide if they dont get back together, etc. Now all she does is joins every community me or her ex are on purpose, screaming to admins in dms a made-up story about how horrible of a people we are and that admins should kick us out so she would feel 'comfortable', later leading into her trying to bait the ex into coming back. She things that isolating her ex(like she did during the relationship) would make her crawl back to her, but i am happy my friend is smart enough to notfall for this bait. But it's so tiring. I got caught in this e-dating fire only because I was defending my friend from all manipulation and abuse she had to go through with this 'I AM SO SOFT N SENSITIVE N UR A BITCH' person, that have been cheating on her ever since the moment they started dating.

No. 683987

You shouldn’t feel bad. I think it’s often said when a farmer tries to act morally superior, just to point out that their attitude does not change the fact they too are on this site.

The idea that we’re all nasty is just dumb. Of course there’s a lot of nitpicking and downright nastiness, but there’s also a lot of legitimate criticism of people who attract it. The #bekind brigade argues against even the latter, because being kind should be the goal at all costs even if someone is lying and scamming. Fucking stupid.

I’m like you, irl I know some personal cows but I don’t want to get involved with that. I’m a boring cuck offline but if an anon wants to think I’m deeply nasty, somehow more so than them, I don’t care.

No. 683988

To the women using hook up apps, why oh why haven't you created spreadsheets for shaming those men that treat sex like a speedrun? For the amount of shit that they expect, they should be in turn expected to provide at bare minimum sex that lasts longer than 5 minutes. How many women are actually getting to come with these dudes? How many that do come are doing all the fucking work themselves anyway?
Not worth it to me, but I would at least have a method to make sure those pricks aren't making other women miserable in bed and getting them out of the Dollar Store-tier sex marketplace.

No. 683989

Why do men catfish so much on dating sites? I've went on too many dates where the guy is like 30+lbs heavier than the pictures he took years ago. That or they wont upload a full body shot. If I'm working to keep myself in shape, why should I feel bad if I'm not attracted to them because they are obese? Should I feel bad for ghosting some guy I talked to for a week, after I meet him in person and feel like I've been catfished? It's so frustrating.

No. 683993

Oh, yeah. Just ignore it, they're being petty. This thread is just an emotional pump and dump station where help isn't even necessarily expected. Women don't have a ton of places to just bitch into the void.
Don't worry about them, they don't know shit about you. A lot of people offering help and advice get satisfaction from it because it's something they can contribute when they can control little else in life.

No. 683997

lol i usually just outright ask them what their body type is while we're still in the texting stage. when they have to admit they're fat usually all of their confidence drops and they feel like they have to compromise by being extra polite and funny. with some of them it can get quite depressing because they go all "i know a girl like you would never look at me", "you will probably run away if you see me irl" etcetc, it's like… why do you even want to meet then if it's that bad

No. 683998

File: 1606653050494.jpg (16.87 KB, 500x500, 08332787.jpg)

Despite never being into glamfur or knowing what it was in its prime, it makes me feel very nostalgic. Never thought I would be so fascinated by furry art kek

I wouldn't look too much into it unless you act like an awful person IRL. I don't take this site too seriously and we're all anonymous anyway.

No. 684002

She was still trying to imply that she was somehow morally better than lc’s userbase

No. 684008

Guilt tripping and manipulating you, as if you’re somehow the bad person despite the fact they’re to blame for posting an inaccurate photo. I wonder how they would react if the situation was reversed?

Weight isn’t an issue for me unless they’re obese but this attitude would put me off. Trying to manipulate someone before you’ve even met is a major red flag.

No. 684009

I thought it was clear. I’m the new wife. And i’m tired

No. 684011

>why do you even want to meet then if it's that bad
Because they want you to go "oh no I'm sure it's not that bad" and "I wouldn't do that!" baiting you into giving them a chance because as a girl you're supposed to be nice and aren't allowed to outright say you wouldn't fuck him because he's ugly

No. 684019

File: 1606656183761.jpg (1.32 MB, 3024x4032, 7jjbjk-ag43vrur2p301.jpg)

Collecting vinyl is the most stupid useless hobby you can get into and I wish I never started, I'm paying extra just to own a physical copy of an album I can listen to digitally for free and in better quality like I'm getting absolutely nothing out of this, but would you look at that another record I like is getting reissued, must buy it!
I can't save any money when all my disposable income goees towards buying records. I'm just as bad as a redditor collecting funko pops even if I like to think I'm cooler. And for every person that comes over and is impressed by your stupid stack of shiny black music thingamajigs there's another person who'll rightly call you out on your frivolous wasteful hipster bullshit so there's no point to this whatsoever.
My records sit on their shelf looking down on me, even they know, and they mock me every day for it.

No. 684020

I didn’t like YoI that much but I have a huge urge to rewatch it now because it got really cold out and some tv stations are airing figure skating. I love this time of the year

No. 684022

Oh I was thinking about collecting vinyl someday. I guess I'll stick to band shirts, not that that's much better

No. 684024

It's a lot better, at least you can wear band shirts and so they at least have a function, vinyl is just a way more expensive and shittier sounding (unless you want to spend even more money on your set up) way to listen to music you already have access to. Sure they're ornamental but there's much cheaper ways of decorating your shelves.

No. 684026

The purpose of a hobby is to have something to do that you find relaxing and enjoy in your past time, not to be a smart financial investment or have a good function or whatever. So as long as you're financially responsible and you enjoy the collecting process, there's nothing wrong at all with collecting vinyl.

No. 684027

Did you fall asleep halfway through? The psycho ex isn’t the psycho. The guy is. The women are just pawns in his game who he turns against each other in order to avoid detection.

No. 684036

Your standard vinyl isn't going to sound much different than any digital recording, even if you have a good ear. Buuut master tapes (if you can afford get your hands on one, i sure won't be able to) sound waaay better to me than comercially released albums. Audiophiles say that a well-preserved or new LP/EP (or any analog recordings for that matter) sounds different. Personally, even as someone trying to get into sound engineering/mixing i dont see much of a difference if you're not going to splurge on equipment like an audiophile. I guess I agree, but the 13 year old part of my brain is still in her hipster phase and likes having physical ownership of music with all the pretty covers. Plus, I have plenty of inherited soviet records with the covers translated into russian from my dad, which is cool. It has its moments i guess.
Also buying FLAC on disks from electronic artists on bandcamp is a good practice to support local artists.

No. 684038

I pretty much just got rejected by my crush because he doesn't want a relationship or whatever. It hurts so bad, I just want someone to hold me, stroke my hair and tell me it's going to be okay

No. 684042

I'm gonna sell books to a friend for cheap face to face and idk why but this idiot sent money directly to my bank account. Or rather, the bank account I don't have anymore because I opened a new account at another bank over a year ago and canceled services in the previous one. And she did it without warning so she only has herself to blame but I'm so pissed she did that. She's going to make me panic over this by spamming messages.

No. 684044

It'll hurt for a bit, but you'll get over it eventually. At least you're not tortured anymore about how he might feel, you have certainty and now it's just learning to live with the fact that this wasn't the road to take. You'll find someone, I'm sure of it.
You can also take the singlepill and focus on self-improvement and reject guys left and right lol

No. 684045

It'll be okay anon. It's good you had the courage to bring up what you want. Let yourself be sad for a few days, or a week, but this too shall pass.

No. 684049

Any hobby that just involves buying shit for the sake of it feels empty to me. Anyone should do what makes them happy of course. I was raised to be materialistic and have had collections most of my life until one day it occurred to me that I was just shopping and storing stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from a minimalist. I just feel more content now my hobbies are more about doing stuff than owning stuff.

No. 684061

I'm a real small time cosplayer but I put a lot of effort in my shoots/edits and I think my post quality is pretty good. Before I took like a 2? month posting break I could get like 80-100 likes on ig (yes small potatoes) and this made me happy enough but I started posting new sets and nothing is cracking 50. Tried diff posting times. Feeling annoyed and then more annoyed at myself for caring and then annoyed again at the terrible new ui.

No. 684068

The Instagram algorithm "punishes" you for taking breaks. If you post regularly your content gets pushed to other users' feeds just fine, but if you take a longer break the chances of getting you exposure dwindle. That's just how it works and also why a ton of cosplayers repost old photo shoots and random selfies just to be considered relevant by the algorithm. I dropped out of that rat race ages ago, it's too much of a second job and a heartache to keep up with the posting practices and tracking like numbers.

No. 684073

I mean similar to me collecting kpop albums. I never take out the CDs because I have it all on my phone but I just love the packages and little extras and how aesthetic it all is. Basically they just collect dust in my shelf but whatever

No. 684088

how did you make the transition and what are your new hobbies?

No. 684103

File: 1606662961222.jpg (104.68 KB, 512x365, f282b37ea62e31fce7e8a476ae3d9e…)

>tfw too degenerate for lc but not degenerate enough for other IBs

No. 684107

I am feeling really depressed and bored so i just cut my hair short and I guess it's not the best, at least lockdown is still on and I can work from home.

No. 684108

I genuinely believe I’m not meant to be in this world, like I was a mistake. It started from young age with my parents abandoning me, followed by a bunch of big misfortunes. For a while I thought I was getting closer to normalcy but life was like nope bitch. And now I’m starting to lose that little bit of hope that I gained again. Watching the same things I’m aiming for work out for all of my friends but me just gives me that sense of unwelcomeness in the world again. Whenever there’s potential for something to go bad for some reason it always ends up being the case for me. I don’t even want extraordinary things from life. I just want to live an average life, just once I want something to go my way. It sounds like it’s only my depression speaking but it’s also reality. Even my friends at this point know that when something goes wrong for someone it’s most likely me. I feel so hopeless.

No. 684113

I dont understand why men are constantly whining about not getting compliments. 99% of them dont even like compliments. They dont like comoliments from men and women they dont find attractive. If they do get a compliment from a woman they find attractive they become cocky or they get turned off because they think shes desperate.

No. 684122

They also never partake in life whereby there would be opportunity to receive compliments. Like of course if they come off as asocial, never leave their rooms, don't dress well, never take care of their hygiene, and refuse to develop things that make them interesting, etc. then they're not giving other people anything to work with!
And quite frankly I think they do receive compliments, they just don't remember the ones not given by hot women or who they would otherwise use to validate themselves. Selective memory with a victim complex basically.

No. 684152

go outside

No. 684180

File: 1606673215163.jpg (213.97 KB, 883x712, 20190620_203720.jpg)

Why are so many programmers so fucking hostile when it comes to their job?

I'm trying to pull my ass out of poverty by trying to learn coding online and meanwhile hopefully save up for courses or college (it's not THAT expensive in the eu) but so many people start screeching the second I tell them this like… it's the only thing right now I could learn and have a somewhat okay career in, I don't want your high paying job, I just want out of the fucking dead end I'm stuck in right now and want into a field where I'll be able to advance.

I understand that the field is or will become oversaturated but if you're that good and have been in it for years then it shouldn't bother you as much.

No. 684182

I get you anon. Although not the degenerate part but I feel like I'm too normie when it comes to my interests and stuff (despite lingering on 4chan since 2008) for some other interesting boards and posting gives me anxiety still so I just lurk forever. To be fair it took me 4 years to finally start posting on 4chan too but oh well.

No. 684214

Because mastermind 420IQ INTJ CS neckbeards like to brag about their high-paying job as a developer and use it as proof of their superior intellect, so it threatens them when a NEET (doubly so a female NEET) even suggests that she could do the same job but without the degree.

t. Finance grad who became a dev, tech bros are really just lower middle class finance bros in a hoodie

No. 684261

File: 1606681203981.gif (1.12 MB, 471x330, 1464316528694.gif)

I'm on this fucking anorgasmic ssri and I'm really horny and keep masturbating with no climax

No. 684268

jesus christ that reaction is accurate

which medication are you on?

No. 684271

Typical gatekeeping and competitive bullshit from people who don't wanna see you succeed for their reasons.
Look closely enough and the same shit happens in any kind of specialized field, even in the arts with the 'progressive' crowd.

No. 684280

lexapro. It'd be easier to talk to my doctor about it if I was in a relationship but it would be too awkward to explain to him that I used to masturbate daily

No. 684287

The pic you used really gets the point across.

No. 684305

File: 1606684496808.jpg (362.8 KB, 525x700, 45977962_p63_master1200.jpg)

anon i just found this on pixiv and thought of you, hope you like
saged for sdr2 sperg

No. 684306

Wtf you don't need to explain that. Just say "this drug is giving me unwanted contraindications in the form of anorgasmia, can you please recommend me an alternative I could try instead" and that's it, they'll offer you something else if possible.

No. 684307

i'm always remimded of this video but they're not even being ironic

No. 684311

I’m someone that loves hugging and physical affection, but since my abusive ex 7 years ago that would force himself upon me and try to convince me everyone secretly wants to fuck me (something I knew even then was 100% bullshit, but I guess a small part of it must have gotten to me) I’ve gotten periodically scared of getting touched, even accidentally touching a finger when someone hands me something almost makes me flinch and for a split second think “shit, what if I gave them the wrong idea”. Sometimes I even feel like I must have infected them with my filth.
There are periods where I’m MUCH better and barely react at all and it always makes me super excited and proud of myself, but then there are also other times where I feel sick by the thought of someone touching me because I’m disgusting.
I miss being able to get touched without it being 50% enjoyment (in lack of better words, ESL here) and 50% fear

No. 684314

I fucking hate being a BPDfag it’s literally like watching myself in situations and having some instinct that overides common fucking sense, normally I’m able to dismiss it and not fall into the behaviours of it but as of right now I’m emotionally and physically exhausted it’s like having someone sitting on your shoulder and constantly suggesting you to do insane things, It’s even fucking worse because I can recognise most of the stupid BPD bullshit I do (Everyone is secretly against you! If you let people get close to you they’ll take advantage of you!) and how it effects my behaviour but it’s like I physically have to fight it and stop myself but I don’t have the energy anymore,it’s probably for the best that I stop talking to people for awhile until I can stabilise myself

I’ve also after trying for years only just managed to get therapy and I’m hoping I can get help with it because I’m also at an age where the symptoms really develop and I feel like I’m loosing myself it’s honestly scary

No. 684317

I'm terrified. My ex boyfriend spontaneously came back to my city without warning. Called me and demanded to see me because he wanted to talk one last time. I told him no and got in contact with his family because they didn't know where he was. He called me again and was refusing to tell me where he was and was threatening suicide if I didn't come see him. I was on the phone with him for what felt like a lifetime trying to keep him on the line while my mom called the cops. It turns out he had broken into my fucking complex and was in the lobby the whole time looking for shit to kill himself with. The moment the cops showed up I could hear him over the phone talking to them so calmly and casually as if he wasn't violently sobbing and telling me he was going to end his life 10 minutes earlier. I was worried he'd be able to talk his way out of it but last I heard he's in some facility under a 48 hour hold. I'm scared of what he'll do when he gets out. I've been advised to get a protective order by friends, family, and my therapist, but he's never directly threatened me and an officer I spoke with said that even though he BROKE IN it's probably not enough without evidence of threats. Still, my gut is screaming that he's fully capable of seriously harming me. He never really hit me, only smacked my arm one time, but he would yell at me and break shit when he got mad about minor things. I just have no idea what to do but keep my doors locked, pursue a protective order tomorrow, and pray he goes home to his family quietly. I'm a moron for not noticing that he ticked off every single fucking symptom of BPD. I was with him for an entire year that was full of verbal abuse and walking on eggshells and I didn't notice his textbook male BPD bullshit. What a fucking nightmare.

No. 684322

>an officer I spoke with said that even though he BROKE IN it's probably not enough without evidence of threats.
Anon wtf, this guy is clearly unstable and is trying to get to you. At least try to get a protective order and file a police report. Document everything so you have something if he tries to do this again. Don’t engage with him anymore at all, he’s suicide baiting for attention. Just call the cops straight away.

No. 684327

Thanks anon. He's blocked on everything, I have the case number from last night, and I'm just waiting for the county office to open tomorrow. Even if I can't get a protective order I still have to try. I think you're right about him just baiting for attention as well. This morning I went in the lobby to check for damage and saw a butter knife on the counter that he was standing by when the cops came. Guess that was the "sharp object" he was talking about on the phone.

No. 684333

Is that you for?Idk wtf you expect us to do with this vague bullshit but u have pretty eyes

No. 684336

Anon is either on drugs or having a schizophrenia moment.

No. 684337

where's christ anon when you need her

No. 684341

You high on nutmeg or something anon?

No. 684346

Well I sure hope she’s ok. Can’t do much except keep Nutmeg anon in our thoughts and prayers.

No. 684349

TW: Cat Death

I needed somewhere to write this out and I hope you guys don’t mind. I am going to spoiler it so sorry if it is one big black square as I don’t want to upset anyone as I know I am sensitive and would be too.

Earlier me and my mum went on a walk and it was dark (even though it was only 6pm or so) as we like to walk at this time! And on a small grassy embankment by the path/road was a cat, I thought it was sleeping it was on its side and looked peaceful. But literally 0.2 seconds we clicked it was dead as it didn’t move when we walked/talked. I started quietly crying and got choked up. And we didn’t know what to do, I went to phone the vets but all the vets are closed. We walked a little further down the road.

I won’t ramble much about the aftermath. But we called a helpline thingie for cats by googling what to do in this situation. Nothing was open. We didn’t finish our walk and got my dad to pick us up as our only way to walk home was to walk past it again.I still can’t stop thinking about it even though I only glanced and couldn’t see much as it was dark. My sister is in a Facebook group which is all about the area we live in. And she went to post about it there. And two people had already posted about it, we did notice a couple of groups of people on our walk. Apparently it was a person from FB walking that moved it from the road to the hill thingie. People on FB also tried contacting the vets. It will be sorted in the morning but I am so upset as that is somebody’s pet. I have a cat and he is a house cat and doesn’t go outside. He is my baby and it makes me more upset. How can someone hit a cat with a car and not move it or check or take it to the vets etc. People are scum and cruel.

Sorry for this negative and sad post anons. I just want to write it out to help get it off my chest I guess

No. 684374

what are you on tho

No. 684375

Do you want to be doxed or just enjoy the attention?
Don't post your pictures.
And if this is a scrote role playing, fuck off.

No. 684376

ok i missed this, who's nutmeg anon?

No. 684377

File: 1606692647822.jpeg (499.04 KB, 4096x2048, 5964C43E-1509-4576-88D1-BC2CD4…)

W h o i s s h e

No. 684378

So were you just taking random unidentified drugs.

Anons clearly on something lmao. Relax.

No. 684380

I just came this close to eating a fly FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 684381

You guys are too trusting.

No. 684383

I don't doubt that anon could secretly be a man, but if they're actually a woman, I feel like it's weird to be like "Do you just want attention?" if she's on drugs.

No. 684385

Bitch no one cares move on

No. 684387

post your face already

No. 684389

>>683599 is nutmeg anon

No. 684391

You may as well just post a full selfie, god.

No. 684392

Honey, you've literally basically almost posted your full face

No. 684393

Yeah, because it's so much better to enable attention whoring on ot.
The possibility of this being a man posting pics is also very high, stop being naive.

No. 684395

why do i feel like this is going to turn out to be some weird vendetta/revenge porn thing

No. 684396

that's what I thought too

No. 684397

Nobodies enabling anything, and I literally agreed that it could be a man. Again, relax.

No. 684406

Jesus, this is a man doxxing a girl, it's so obvious

No. 684408

i hope that girl is okay.

No. 684411

Who posts random cropped selfies to lolcow when they're having an episode? It's obviously some retard doxxing her.

No. 684412

I wish the mods would just delete the pictures, it's just too embarrassing and dangerous to have them here.

No. 684421

Please delete those pictures. This is definitely my freak ex boyfriend trying to get under my skin again. He knows that I browse here and he’s been doing stuff like this for ages to scare me.

No. 684423

My cat made just weird hairball coughing up sounds, i picked her up, looked to see if there was something in her mouth and now she's just purring super loud. My mom was just like "well lol hope it's nothing serious" i don't think it is but i am just fucking worried because she's the only one i have anymore. Cant just go the fuck to sleep now.

No. 684427

This is enough to get a protective order. They don't even need evidence. They will give you one just based on this story but it will only last either a couple of weeks to a few months, to get it extended you will have to have a trial probably.
Go to the courthouse tomorrow and file for a domestic violence protective order and detail any abuse he's done and what he did today. I have been in the same exact situation.

No. 684429

Anon, if this is true I'm sorry. everyone here should just report the posts for now, its a disgusting vendetta.
also ur makeup is nice!

No. 684439

File: 1606696602058.png (742.12 KB, 601x550, 8f82047d2fc21fb04c3134d5cf73ad…)

I hate my job so much, I feel like I'm about to snap. I hate that I got lured into this job being promised it wasn't a call center, then being expected to do a good job handling cases in between taking incoming calls from customers who are usually angry and testy with me.

"You'll take some calls here and there," they said, "you'll have plenty of time to do your job, so we won't measure the time you spend taking calls as part of your productivity rate."

I have people crying to me on the phone because they're not getting their way. One woman called in while driving her car and told me she was going to make me listen to her die, yet my boss has the nerve to inform me that taking phones is considered the least stressful part of the job, so those of us who didn't cry and whine our way out of doing phone shifts are expected to have the easiest tasks. Fuck them.

My contract ends in February. They haven't told me if I will get more work. I don't have another job lined up, but I'm almost happy to live on savings for a few meager months if it means I can sleep at night and feel alive again.

No. 684445

This almost happened to me at a temp agency too!! They promised me an "administrative assistant" position at some printer company. They said I'd be doing very little interaction on the phone, which was what I was trying to escape as I'd worked a call center job for three years before landing baby's first admin assist job for a few months after that.
I show up to the interview all excited, but then they told me that on top of the administrative duties, I would mainly be doing "dispatch." Dispatch you ask? Fielding inbound customer complaint calls and dispatching service to them! And for the same low wagie price, I'd get to do the administrative work when "it wasn't busy." Fortunately I got another offer and noped the fuck out of customer service for good.

Holy fuck anon, get out of there for your sanity! It's disgusting that they lied to you. What scumbags.

No. 684447

File: 1606697696091.jpg (3.43 MB, 2478x2042, bbb.jpg)

My cat left this world today, and though I saw it coming because he's old and sick and was there when he passed, I still feel shocked and miss him so much. We were always close since we essentially grew up together and he was there during some stressful times in my youth.

He was really sweet and pretty extroverted, but also never hesitated to engage in mischief to get what he wanted. He was never very physically affectionate but over the past year he started sitting on my lap when I was on the computer and cuddling next to me at night.

I love him. Maybe we'll meet again someday.

No. 684458

Sorry for your loss, anon. He sounds like a gem, but he is all good now and is having fun till you guys meet again!

No. 684474

I'm so sorry anon, that's heartbreaking. He really did want to spend his last year making sure you knew how much he loved you though. I know it's not for everyone, but cat blogs and instagrams really helped me through my last cat passing away. My favorites are straycatj.tumblr.com and lilbunnytrexcat on instagram, if you think it might work for you.

No. 684481

So embarrassing , but here it goes.

Today I went into my car and just screamed and cried my lungs out. I couldn't stop screaming and when I eventually did, I couldn't calm down or go about the rest of my day.

My birthday was two days ago and something about it just hammered in the already heavy depressive state I've been in for a year. Turning 24 confirmed the thought that there's no hope and that life will never be better for me. People who I thought loved me have gone months and months without hitting me up. My job is remote so I don't even have the illusion of a social life or productive day. I can't stop thinking about what ifs and what could have beens. I tried medication, I can't afford therapy. I don't want to talk about it to people because talking won't change things and I always end up regretting being vulnerable. I'm stuck at a dead end more than ever. I really don't know what to do from here. Today was one of those days where I would have just decided to end my life, if suicide wasn't off the table for me for other reasons.

No. 684486

i just wanted to say that i know it's so corny and annoying for people to say that "it gets better" so i wont say that, but i will say that time changes all situations in all kinds of ways.. and you're so young and have so much time for things to change. i hope you can feel like you won't regret being vulnerable soon. if you want to reply to me right now and vent more that is fine with me

No. 684495

To echo what the other anon mentioned in hindsight, I had a few years in my 20s where it felt like a dead end and that I had no one who cared.
You'll have good years, and you'll have bad years. I just give it time and wait for the good to roll around so life can feel worth living again, it's how I ground myself.

No. 684497

Thank you for the condolences, kind anons!
I do follow a few cat instagrams (especially those with disabled cats just touch my heart a certain way) and will probably start interacting more with them now to cope. I'm not emotionally ready to get a new cat, but still need that kitty fix. They're such special creatures.

No. 684503

File: 1606705564113.png (250.95 KB, 474x500, 3db5a44ee9d5b8ceafd550f723c659…)

warning for gross! usually I do get a bit of intestinal problem side effects from my period, however, this time I have been shitting water for 3 days straight, my a*s is raw because 2 of those days I had to work and the toilet there has the scratchiest 1 ply toilet paper in existence and I am beyond seething!

No. 684523

Anon, get some aquafor diaper rash gel. Put it on your butthole after you wipe each time. It will help protect it and it won't hurt as much.

No. 684537

It really really fucking annoys me when someone will constantly act like an asshole edgelord and be a dick to everyone but can't take shit themselves. Someone in my friend group is always saying how "brutally honest" he is and how people are too sensitive, but I said something to him about how he sucks at a video game and he's like "wow fuck you I never play on Xbox, I don't know the controller, I barely play these games, how dare you"

No. 684575

I'm gonna have to have a talk about my bf maybe spending a few nights at his own place because I can't stand co-sleeping on a queen mattress.
He likes shit hot, and I like it cool. He wants to go to bed at 10pm and I wanna stay up late (fucked bc I'm the one with 1st shift and he has 2nd yet still sleeps in). I'm paranoid about disturbing him, he wakes up on a pin drop. He can't stand for long to have anything playing on the tv even calm music which sucks cause dull noise helps me sleep. I want to be able to stretch out but often my limbs are glued to my sides like a sardine while my bf flops all over the bed getting the most room.
He gets butthurt if I go to the living room to watch tv while he sleeps early cause he feels bad when I'm not in bed. Yet when I'm in there and awake I'm bored and it's a hinderance to him anyway. Fucking ugh.

If I had a king mattress I wouldn't complain cause at least I'd have my own actual god damn spot on the bed. I'm restless now cause I'm annoyed, and of course I'm the one with work in the morning.

No. 684582

I hate that feeling when you talk to someone and you can tell they don't care about what you have to say if doesn't directly interest them. At least pretend idk it kind of hurts my feelings when I feel unheard/ignored.

No. 684586

They added The Parkers to Netflix and it's making me really nostalgic for my childhood. I miss being young even though I'm only 19. Watching this show brings me back to when I didn't have responsibilities. Ugh, this is depressing, but this show is funny enough to distract me from that.

No. 684589

If you don’t actually live together, he shouldn’t even be at your place 24/7.

No. 684592

why are you hanging out with this middle schooler anon, you deserve better friends

No. 684603

So at my (new) workplace the manager is adamant on 'keeping COVID away'. There are testings every day and we have to wear masks at in the office at all times. At first I really liked this proactive approach but I recently realized what the manager meant was that she doesn't want COVID from affecting our work performance. Recently a coworker who was tested positive was asked by the manager to come to work before the obligatory 14-day quarantine was over simply because she did not like him NOT being in the office. Plot twist: said infected coworker sits next to me

No. 684619

My roommate is the staunch anti-drugs type to an almost obsessive point. I do some but we agreed I will never do them in our home out of respect for her. Well I was having a fucking cig out of all things (she used to smoke tobacco as well), and she barged into my room screeching it smelled like weed. Like chill dude, first of all it wasn't weed, second she's getting alcohol smashed every other weekend and I don't care.
Once my lease is up I will fucking move alone istg.

No. 684643

Dev here! If I can give you one pointer, it's don't get discouraged by gatekeeping autists. There are many devs who don't act like that and will help you.

No. 684677

It can be hard at first, but just try to ignore them. I'm a front-end web developer and going by how people talk online you would think I'm basically a retard. However within the dev team at my workplace I get a decent amount of respect, lots of praise, and a very good salary.

Just keep at it. I could be wrong but I think the people who give you a hard time are just threatened and insecure, possibly because they are also trying to break into the field or because they already tried and failed.

No. 684686

I've started a course related to IT but from what I can tell it's a mess and we are taught outdated and/or unecessary stuff which is pointed out by the more knowledgable people in the course.The fact it's public makes it even messier as they aren't organised to do online studies and in general my teachers are shit.I'm not even sure what I need to study or if I'll ever need it.The things I've learned so far are interesting but the whole thing makes me not really give a shit plus I can't care as much as I want because I'm a depressed pos.The main reason I started was to "escape" from an unpleasant stagnant situation I was for years which was good for me but idk what to do and where to focus.Also I can't deal with my shitty self feeling depressed/tired/empty/etc every few hours and I have a very hard time keeping my mood ok.I just want to do well and learn stuff useful to me godamnit but most of the time idc enough
Plus I'm probably one of the least knowledgable people in the class and I feel like I'm a noob regarding computers and shouldnt even be there

No. 684687

File: 1606732265370.jpeg (158.01 KB, 1003x857, 97D0EDBB-79B0-495C-9583-E947D4…)

It's so fucking annoying sorting through product reviews sometimes. I'm searching for a new duvet cover and I can't even tell you how many reviews like picrel there are from people who don't understand what they are ordering. It is insane. Like they really think they are getting that big chunky down comforter in the description pic for $30?? It's funny how product ratings are pulled down just because people can't read.

I'm not one to bitch about such shit but it is just the amount of them that throws me off. I also think reviews that complain about obvious problems from shipping (not the product itself) should be purged since they are completely useless. I feel like there should be a separate review space for products damaged during shipping.

No. 684689

File: 1606732604279.jpg (42.63 KB, 680x387, 4958.jpg)

How the fuck did anyone in previous generations afford to buy a whole goddamn house. How. I went down a youtube rabbithole of house tours (not even those luxury ones, I mean videos taken by local realtors in my actual city) and the price ranges are unreal. I can't even imagine the combined income of a couple affording some of the so-called "starter homes" or "new family homes" I've seen.

No. 684690

get tested for covid if you can. sometimes gastrointestinal distress is a symptom.

No. 684692

House prices went up, wages stayed stagnant. "Starter homes" are also getting rarer because the only people who can afford to buy them are using them for investment/renting rather than to live in. It's pretty shitty anon.

No. 684698

It's fucked but also depends on the area. I like to browse Zillow from time to time and it's pretty shocking going from anywhere urban to like rural Arkansas and seeing the prices plummet.

No. 684704

I'm not American, but is it uncommon for people to move to rural areas for cheaper housing? I see a lot of cottagecore-ish posts and people talking about moving out of urban places to be around nature and live simpler lives. It seems like a very viable plan if even the houses are cheap.

No. 684710

File: 1606737840145.gif (1.04 MB, 1633x871, giphy (2).gif)

Life feels so tiring lately. When I first started taking art commissions because I couldn't find a job this year after moving out (thanks economic crisis and me having no connections), things seemed fine but now I can't help but feel tired as hell. I am spending my 4th sleepless night drawing one commission because of a rough deadline. At first I wished I could catch a break and draw something relaxing or for myself, but now I am just feeling too burnt out to draw anything but this commission in general. But hey, at least it costs 45$ which is a big money for me. I am also having language lessons and I can't help but feel tired. Also feeling horribly homesick, wishing I could spend Christmas with my family. All I feel is tiredness and loneliness over the past weeks, the only recent thing that brought me joy was that I done well during lectures and downloaded some good visual novels.

I feel too tired to do anything, but its also Christmas season which ill spend with s/os family. I want to do nothing but sleep instead of spending time around people and it makes me worry, thinking I am back to my old "weirdly depressed" self. I wish to get an IRL job soon instead of experiencing life crisis and wrist pain. I want to cheer myself up, but all I think of is my lack of sleep.

No. 684714

File: 1606738194367.png (130.56 KB, 500x830, every-time-i-take-pics-for-an-…)

I feel so ugly because of how my ID photo ended up looking! Especially since the one taken 10 years ago was so much better. I feel like a disgusting fat piece of shit. In the photo, my face looks round and weird, my eyebrows are tragic and my eyes tiny. I don't look this bad in the mirror, why can't I have a nice ID photo? I even put effort into it this time, and it's still a disaster.
At least it motivates me to continue losing weight, but it fucking sucks when you are not sure if you really are that ugly or not…

No. 684716

File: 1606738367244.jpg (599.5 KB, 820x720, ily.jpg)

You are very gorgeous to me, anon!

No. 684718

>why can't I have a nice ID photo?
Nobody can have nice ID photo. It's practically the law.

No. 684720

My face ends up looking the same way and I'm slightly underweight.

No. 684728

I look terrible on my ID, but I actually look more attractive than reality on my driver's license for some reason.

No. 684736

omg I love you too, anon!
That's comforting to know! I'm not in denial, I've been slowly losing weight for 2 years now. I am still overweight, but I know that my face is not round like in the photo. I have pronounced cheekbones. It's wild how bad those photos are.
As horribly as my eyebrows look, I'm lucky I have any at all since last month my trich flared up and I picked almost all of them. Wonder what would happen if I sent an ID request with a photo on which I'm lacking eyebrows kek
thank you so much for cheering me up, I appreciate that a lot. I hope that you guys have a good day and lots of pretty photos <3

No. 684740

File: 1606741975116.png (273.79 KB, 370x592, 107203ED-E2E6-4EAE-9E73-108465…)

They’re supposed to be unflattering, anon! The lighting is harsh, you’re not allowed to pose or show off your best angle, probably other factors. Even super attractive people usually have shitty ID photos so don’t worry about it.

Same for me, I think it just happened to be a good photo. About time I got lucky as all my others have been ugly.

Any anons who are getting photos done for ID, if possible where you are use the photo booths like pic rel. It’s basically like taking a selfie so you can look at yourself and adjust accordingly. Also you get multiple attempts. I would never go back to having someone else take the photo.

No. 684747

Dead relatives that left them nest eggs for a reasonable down payment if not the full value of a house.
There I said it.

No. 684748

Why are friend breakups so difficult? I stopped hanging out with my best friend from highschool because of some drama and they kept trying to contact me the entire time, so I caved and forgave them, but now I just don't want to be friends anymore. It's been years. We're out of college. I'm moving forward with my life and just don't want to be friends anymore, but they won't leave me the fuck alone! Every week they text and ask if I can hang out and every week I made an excuse, but now I just don't answer back, but they keep messaging me anyway. Take a fucking hint!

No. 684771

I'm becoming a home owner at 29, but it's basically all thanks to my parents, and it's maybe even smaller than a starter home for americans, but it's insane for me. I never talk about it to anyone, because they're gonna tear me apart, because walloving in pity and talking about being unfortunate and unhappy and pretending you're poorer than you are is so deeply ingrained in our post-sovietic country.

No. 684776

Why does the universe have it out for me? can’t I for once have things go right for me?

No. 684789

I just broke somebody’s heart. I feel so terrible. I never meant to hurt anyone but I couldn’t do it. How do I stop feeling so terrible? How do I forget about it?

No. 684794

I mean not everybody has parents to help them out, so I can see how you talking about it could be seen as bragging and therefore triggering. People don't need to pretend to be poor to be annoyed by that.

No. 684803

you need to tell to stop. ghosting seems "safer" but it's not. it generally doesn't work unless the person is a very new friend. you're probably going to get messages from mutuals and have to actually talk to the friend eventually so just tell them and blocking after.

No. 684808

Congrats on the house anon! I hope I’ll have one too someday. Perhaps after my husband’s parents pass, since my father doesn’t have a dime to his name. I don’t mind living in apartments though tbh.

No. 684819

Oh exact same situation anon, I had some input in my flat and I'm finishing it all by myself but it was mostly thanks to my parents help. There's a lot happening when you get a flat / house so I kinda want to talk about it but I just know how it's going to be received so I stay silent. Even in the past when I got a job that doesn't suck and pays okay I feel like telling that to my friends (in a non braggy way, mind you!) made them kinda distance themselves from me, they stopped ever asking about work and life even though I always ask them how they're doing, it's just so weird. And I'm also from a post-soviet country so it's 100% a thing here.

Either way, enjoy the house! It's such a MAJOR quality of life improvement.

No. 684826

No offense but it sounds like you have friends who don't really have your best interests at heart.

Like I was insanely jealous when my friends got houses or had expensive weddings thanks to the help of their parents, but I always made sure I let them know that I was happy for them cause deep down I do care that they don't struggle and are happy. I just wish I had a piece of that pie for myself is all, yet I made sure to keep my emotions in check. Good friends put aside their selfish emotions and won't make you feel terrible about your gains.

Meanwhile same friends acted so incredibly salty towards me when I'd tell them about new jobs leads and interviews where it was revealed I might make more money than they do. Like heaven forbid me having obtained secondary education and disgusting loan debt for it might have given me some advantage to make a few dollarydoos more than them per hour as if something I had earned on my own merit was more unfair than what they received through nepotism. I'm more hesitant to talk about my successes at all because heaven forbid if it comes off as a brag, even if at the end of the day I'm technically struggling worse than them because of the fact that I pay rent and have debt. People suck.

No. 684831

Someone who has been owing me an art trade since August just removed me on discord after I asked for an update. I'm pissed. Should I call them out publicly?

No. 684835

Yeah, I'm aware unfortunately… Since in my case they're both childhood friends and I don't want to lose them, I try to be understanding and hope they'll come around eventually because I do understand not being able to cope with jealousy right away when you're struggling and someone else is thriving.

It's really upsetting though when you can't really enjoy your own success in worry of spoiling your relationships, it's like there's no winning. Such a bad mentality too, if you succeed it's only natural to celebrate and strive for more. Good friends who really like you as a person, not only as someone to share their misery with are so rare.

No. 684839

If you have a mutual friend(s) try to ask them about it first. That person is definitely trying to scam you though lol

No. 684861

Ha I love those of restaurants that have one star and the comment is “I don’t know this place” or “I haven’t been there” WTF it makes me so mad

No. 684879

I didn't know which thread to put this on but since I might be talking a lot I might as well put it here.
I don't like how people that are trying to be so right and so "socially woke" that they end up being fucking racist. People live in such black and white views of thinking that they end up sounding like fucking children on a playground. It just annoys me how when I lurk on social media I end up finding people that want "black people safe spaces" when that's literally them trying to advocate for segregation. And how people tried to create the /s and /j or some stuff like that as a "way to make it make sense for the autistic people because they can't understand sarcasm!!1!" when it's just a thinly veiled explanation that you see autistic people as being dumbasses who can't fucking learn social cues.
People are trying to say "oh that trans girl who molested a little boy? Please respect their pronouns but tbh they don't belong to our community" like shut the actual fuck up. Not all black people are sjw social activists, some black people use their race for profit and are violent against each other for the pettiest shit. Same with white people and their trailer trash. If you're going to have a community, you're gonna accept that all communities have shithole ghettos. Don't try to leave people out of it because they did something morally wrong, because they're going to be attached to you either way.
I hate how people constantly lie to each other just to make them feel good about themselves when it's obvious both parties need to go outside and realize that the world is going to be ruthlessly cruel. No matter how much we do as a society to protect the future generations there is going to be shit people are going to face, and going online to cancel them isn't going to benefit you in any way except a few woke points that you're never going to use.
Also the whole shit regarding white people being the only race that is terrible. African kingdoms and literally history across the world can prove that anything with conscience of morals is always going to be capable of doing things completely fucking deranged and sickening.

No. 684882

>No matter how much we do as a society to protect the future generations there is going to be shit people are going to face
Here's something we as a society we can do to fix this: stop having children.

No. 684886

File: 1606765376193.jpg (86.19 KB, 1333x1579, 1tKiwkhg0vyQPoTl0P3vn3nz21kvX6…)

why do hard cookies exist

No. 684890

Because they're the superior kind of cookie, anon. Have some decency.

No. 684891

they're crunchie and great

No. 684895

To remind you that the superior soft and chewy cookie exists.

No. 684904

People who started at the same time as me have gotten promoted and people who started after me have gotten promoted, I honestly want to cry and throw up. I work my ass off, why haven't I been promoted yet? This company hands out promotions like candy. Fuck me. It's unfair. Yes I'm crying.

No. 684907

to torture us

No. 684910

I'm sorry anon, maybe you're too good at your current position and they don't want to find someone else?

No. 684913

I’m fucking sick of everything. I keep on having shit days. Why the fuck is the quarantine not over yet? Fucking bullshit.
I just want to kill myself, but I don’t have the guts to do so because getting crippled would be even worse than fucking dying.
I hate being alive.

No. 684915

have you already tried advocating for yourself to be promoted or no? sometimes if you don't ask they won't do it themselves cause they don't wanna hand out more money to people (in my experience)

No. 684917

I wish. I feel like they're trying to "challenge me" to work harder to to test my maturity since starting. To be fair, the two people that were promoted definitely did great things. It's just a little hurtful. I've literally done my job so well and received so many compliments from my supervisor. Ugh, this is just hard for me because I am super hard on myself.

Thank you anyway anon, for trying to make me feel better. <3

No. 684918

I haven't, actually…. Maybe I should… My career counselor was saying "Make it be known that you want to be promoted". It was too late by the time I could've, so I set up a meeting with my boss today, hopefully we can talk about it and what I need to do better. Thanks to you too anon!

No. 684941


I've really been noticing this shit a lot across social media lately and it pisses me off. Good article and I recommend spreading it among any women you know who wouldn't ruin your life for criticizing this shit.

No. 684946

A concept! Will be reading after work, thank you for sharing anon.

No. 684963

totally!! making it be known can be the difference sometimes!! good luck anon <3

No. 685017

Fuck polynomials. Fuck them in their exponent asses, exponentially. If I can just get through this stupid fucking class, I will be at least somewhat sane.

No. 685036

I would sit and feel the regret I have until I calm down. If you have contact with them, I would personally want to apologize and make sure they’re okay. This may not help, but I really wish you well. I hope you feel soundness soon.

No. 685095

I read this earlier today and it's pretty much old news to me but intriguing nevertheless, this shit needs to be talked about more. I've seen so many lonely male geeks sink into the sissyfication lifestyle which absolutely ruins them and everyone around them because they just can't shut up about it or keep it in the bedroom. The worst thing is that if they have female friends they try to entangle them in their awful fetish by "innocuously" asking for makeup tips which turns into "could you please pick my makeup and teach me and in fact just come over and dress me up as a perfect sissy doll mommy~". And before you know it they're trooning out and dressing up like a 12-year old cartoon character posting lewds wearing their garters and frilly satin dresses with a shitty dye job for their ratty hair.

What kills me the most though is the "I want to be fucked and degraded, thus I'm a woman because that's how I see them" aspect. Peak misogyny and nobody calls it out for what it is.

No. 685097

He just nut in me and go play dark souls

No. 685103

Did a "You Died" screen pop up when he finished?

No. 685107

I'm a senior level dev and can tell you straight away that IT tends to be a competitive field. Not competitive as in like a lot of fighting for one position, but people are clashing swords endlessly to see who's the developer with the biggest brain and the most efficient code wizard of them all. I've seen coworkers bust their ass with unpaid overtime even when they didn't have to just so that they can keep their gigantic ego together by delivering in an unnaturally short time. It's dumb as hell and employers naturally exploit it endlessly by betting them against each other. That's why people also like to act like martyrs learning some secret ancient craft with programming. And because most of them are useless scrotes with muh male pride issues.

But also people are trying to, albeit autistically, communicate that the field requires a ton of dedication to get to a point where your career takes off. The people I described above have raised the stales so that junior developers are expected to be at least mid level despite having zero experience. You might have to put a lot of your own time into studying the basics, that's a fact. But keep at it, once you reach the peak of the learning curve it gets much easier.

No. 685109

File: 1606780901618.png (267.2 KB, 533x492, 1582343799239.png)

My best friend moved abroad and I'm sad how there's a pretty sizable time difference, feels bad anons.

No. 685125


No. 685126

Sitting in a mall parking lot and crying like a bitch while my boyfriend Christmas shops. I felt like my boyfriend would have a better time without me panicking in a mall so I made him go in by himself.

We drove in rush hour and I started freaking out because people were driving crazy and I didn't have space to merge so I took a lot of wrong turns. My boyfriend shut down and kept apologizing to me while I was freaking out and it just made my anxiety 10x worse. I didn't say anything mean or rude to him, I was just very anxious and verbalizing it to myself.

So my anxiety ruined the trip and I made my boyfriend feel like shit by being anxious. I really feel horrible. I want him to come back to comfort me so we can eat crappy Chinese food together in the shitty food court and shop together. I haven't eaten anything today either so that doesn't help.

I understand now what those kids who threw chairs across the room in highschool felt. I want to die.

No. 685130

I'm going to suck it up and call him to come back for me.

No. 685132

it's gonna be ok anon. i'm sure your boyfriend was just really worried about you because he loves you a lot. i know this probably won't help because anxiety but.. it's gonna be ok. i know you can do this.

No. 685133

Aw anon. Yeah, been there, not fun at all. I hope it goes well and you have a good night! Mall Chinese is in a league of its own.

No. 685135

Seems like some anons are trying really hard to get into the funny thread

No. 685138

I worry this is how my posts come off. Whenever one of my posts ends up in there, I'm paranoid someone's going to respond to the poster in that thread with "that wasn't even funny"

No. 685139

So tired of working to just feed, house, and pay for my health issues. This isn't life it's living death.

No. 685140

…..You realize anons could just post themselves right? Not everyone cares about being posted there

No. 685142

Right? I feel like a lot of girls who post here are just funny

No. 685154

Suburbs are so alienating to live in.

No. 685156

Maybe this belongs more in the ADHD thread, but I have no official DX since I've been afraid of going to doctors since COVID bc I live with a smoker.

But I procrastinated so bad this semester, I didn't even do anything FUN instead of working, just wasted my life. Now I'm cramming and spending every day with a headache and a sick stomach, working through that to get my final papers written, then crying right before bed every night before I decompress. I can deal with any grade but failing and I'm still so worried. My anxiety was so much better before all this.

No. 685168

I want to get into coding too, anon. Not to turn it into a job but just for fun, but I don't want to go anywhere near the scene because of creepy 'transgirls' pulling up their 'programmer socks' teehee and all of that bullshit. It felt like walking among skinwalkers. I want to code for specific things which have a lot of discords for resources and support but I find myself running into those types (with their sweaty simps) uncomfortably often (not to mention discord is trash anyway).

Not so related but I've always been a tomboy and thought I would always be 'one of the boys' but the older I get the more different I realise we are and I wouldn't be able to stand it being in a room full of people like >>684214 anon says, it's an autistic dick-measuring sausage fest. Like fucking chill, posing about curly braces vs indents doesn't make you a witty superior being, that mentality just screams 'I was a bullied nerd in school and now I'm overcompensating'. And just putting it out there, when computers first existed a lot of the earliest programmers hired were women because it was considered secretarial work.

No. 685171

My long distance partner (same time zone) has a completely messed up sleep schedule and I’m so lonely. I moved recently to evade my abusive family and I don’t really have a lot of people to talk to. I’ve never really had friends but at least at work I had people I saw everyday and now I’m in a new place and the person who should be supporting me sleeps when I’m awake and because of fucking COVID I don’t even know when I’ll see them in person again. I’ve been so let down by people in life lately I just want to be pleasantly surprised for once.

No. 685188

File: 1606791239913.gif (1.76 MB, 320x256, tumblr_o26ja9wvY91tbcweeo1_400…)

My boss keeps scheduling me outside my availability and i want to quit this job, but i n eed the healthcare until my other job's health care period kicks in. I'm just so fucking done with my boss not respecting my availability. It's not even worth the extra money.

No. 685194

Where the heck do you find people to internet date? I'm so depressed and lonely I'm seriously considering dating someone over the internet. I wanted to find someone to date in 2020 but now I'm isolated and all alone. It honestly blows.

No. 685199

I don't internet date, but according to posts here, Discord, imageboards and apps like tinder(tho those are more like hook-up apps). Idk why anons would want to date someone on discord or 4chan though. I'd be too paranoid.

No. 685200

Samefag, but I've also heard anons say they met their bfs through videogames, which is reasonable and kinda cute.

No. 685210

You can meet someone over discord. It doesn't need to be meeting someone in an autistic discord server. Does that make sense?

No. 685216

There are no girls on the Internet, Anonymous.

No. 685226

I feel like guys on the internet are autistic manchildren, coomers, redpilled nazis with a Madonna-whore complex or some other form of mental illness, and then with dating apps it's just a meat market. I'm really sad I didn't get to date anyone before covid and now it's so hard finding opportunities to meet people. Maybe I'm too cynical and should give internet dating a shot. I feel like it'll be a bad idea, though, with the amount of ghosting people go through. But hearing success stories makes me smile and gives me hope.

No. 685254

It's 5am, I've been awake for hours because painkillers aren't killing my period pain and I just can't help but think it's so unfair that nature decided to dump all physical pain and disadvantages on women exclusively. Being female is a damn curse. Please just let me have a painfree sleep

No. 685257

Actually I'm not done venting. This is sleepdeprived rage but it makes me so fucking mad that men can just go without a single sleepless night in pain in their fucking lives and we have to go through this shit every month again

No. 685275


Another good article on a similar topic, from the point of view of living in India, but a lot of overlap with what's going on in the west right now with gender bullshit and its ill effects on women.

No. 685304

File: 1606813367277.jpeg (63.29 KB, 498x498, B6880B29-BCC7-4FD8-9340-30B252…)

I recreated some photos I took at the beginning of quarantine put them next to each other and I got so horribly depressed about how much weight I gained and how much worse my acne got. I was put on mood stabilizers on top of becoming completely sedentary. Like I knew I gained weight but once I couldn't fit into anything non-sweats for thanksgiving and just seeing exactly how I gained the weight in the images ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I need to go on a diet and start exercising I look like shit

No. 685310

Full solidarity with you. There’s been so many times my period starts in the middle of the night so I wake up and spend hours in bed just writhing around in pain. No medication helps either and just makes me more nauseous. Hoping you can find a way to reduce the pain because it sucks having to dread being in severe pain every month. I’m about to beg for a hysterectomy once I get health insurance.

No. 685330

I was friends with this one guy, and after a while he started calling me mommy/talking about buying dresses. I first claimed that made me super uncomfortable and to please stop, but he kept going. It's purely a sexual thing for them, and in the process they make real women feel afraid

No. 685344

I keep waking up in pain from horrible cramps every night and it's driving me crazy. I haven't had cramps this bad in a long time. I have all the period symptoms but no actual period thanks to my nexplanon.

No. 685346

File: 1606822878512.jpg (24.04 KB, 960x526, 127523072_1152896988528334_463…)

Anons I'm tired, I worked for 18h yesterday, slept for 5, another overly swamped day ahead of me today… this should all be over in 2-3 weeks but idk how to make it tbh

No. 685349

you can get through it anon, you're strong. Keep your eyes on the finish line, and maybe try to treat yourself to your favourite drink or snack today to help.

No. 685364

I'm still wary of vacuums because of that guy from the show 1,000 Ways to Die who built a battle bot out of a vacuum and ended up get his hands cut off by it.

No. 685367

God damn it's a neverending cycle in this cursed place. You date discord/4chan losers and then complain that they act like discord/4chan losers.

No. 685368

Anon, look into magnesium glycinate. It's an over the counter supplement, but it helps to relax you. Don't wanna medfag, but sometimes when you're feeling that shit it's because you're depleted

No. 685374

I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed and I'm paranoid something will go wrong, I have TMJ and I'm scared it will somehow fuck up my jaw muscles even more

No. 685385

Thank you; just went and bought a chocolate I was thinking of for a while, you're right, if i have to suffer with work at least I should not deny myself some other pleasures

No. 685397

I fucking hate crazy people/retards/junkies/whatever who act crazy on public transport, they scare me. Today my subway was almost empty and there was some guy a couple carriages from me randomly screaming AAAA in a monotone voice, I was terrified because he was close and I couldn't even get off and wait for the next one because I was going to be late to work. My country should have never closed the insane asylums

No. 685408

Magnesium is great, op go get yo supplements (or eat a bag of almonds or something)

No. 685411

I’m watching a show on Netflix where the male romantic lead is painted as this tragic hero because he got his unlikeable ex pregnant while he was in love with the female lead. Every single character aside from the pregnant ex treats him like a great guy who’s just a victim of circumstance, and people are treating the ex like a villain keeping him and the female lead apart. It’s driving me nuts how nobody at any point questions why he was even having unprotected sex with a woman he didn’t like while he was in love with someone else. He even gets upset with the female lead for leaving town without an explanation after she found out he got someone else pregnant. Gosh dude I wonder what could possibly have upset her?

Also I’m convinced they’re going to kill off the ex, probably in or shortly after childbirth, so the infertile female lead and male lead can raise the babies together and live happily ever after

No. 685413

I'm getting my wisdom tooth removed tomorrow and cried myself to sleep yesterday out of nervousness. It's not even that I'm afraid they'll fuck something up, I trust the dentist, it's just that I hate being in such a vulnerable position, and hope that I can just close my eyes and get over it, because it's my first time for any kind of "surgery". But I also know I should get it done before my teeth get even more fucked.

No. 685420

You'll be okay, anon. I was incredibly anxious when I got mine removed as well. I'm pretty phobic of going under anesthesia for retarded reasons, but at the end of the day, you have to remind yourself that any fears you have are very unlikely. You really will just close your eyes and wake up loopy and fine, tbh. Make sure you take care of yourself after and have someone to pick you up and take you to get those pain meds-they help. I promise that you'll be okay, plus you'll feel much better that it's over with.

No. 685429

What’s the name of this show? Whoever wrote it sounds stupid as hell.

No. 685433

Is this Vikings? I hated that glorified nazi coomer shit.

No. 685447

It’s Virgin River

Does Vikings have a similar plotline? Time to take that off my list.

No. 685476

The first season of Vikings is exactly that except the female lead is not infertile. It's all about uwu poor Ragnar can't be a conqueror because he impregnated an evil noblewoman uwu.
And pregnant woman dies

No. 685483

Thanks, anon. I know it's just something I need to get over. I don't think putting the patient under is common practice in my country though, I think it's only local anesthesia. But I'm planning just closing my eyes and trying to ignore everything going on.