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No. 686078

now with 50% more sperging
previous: >>>/ot/673218

Farmhands' dumbass disclaimers:

>Reminder that if you are a radfem/pinkpill/Terf sperg/gendercrit, the "unpopular opinions thread" is not your reverse uno to continue the discourse. Nor is it your general place to try and fight people. Ignore posters you disagree with.

If you are here to;
>sperg about trannies ruining your board, or your conspiracies that everyone who disagrees with you is a tranny - BAN.
>explain in detail why every man is shit - BAN.
>fight people who disagree with you - BAN.
>post vaguely veiled gendercrit posts to try and evade the no gendersperg rule - BAN.
>reply to someones personal experiences because you inherently disagree with their views - BAN.
>discuss your views on racism - BAN.
>have gender crit discussions - BAN.
>try and score twitter cookie points by dunking on the "bigot" terfs - BAN.

If you are here to;
>complain that your boyfriend did x/ you got cat called/ you had a bad day due to a man - NO BAN.
>talk about your personal experience and opinions. - NO BAN.
>HOWEVER, personal experiences and opinions do not devolve into long political discussions nor do they contain your tangent on how all men are scum or how you want to ethnically purge because once upon a time a (((man))) said you are fat.

No. 686108

Black eyed peas taste like wet dog smells

No. 686109

Every man on earth should look like a young Vincent kartheiser

No. 686121


No. 686122

Idk about that, it'd be real awkward if your father and your boyfriend looked the same

No. 686133

That's a sacrifice I'm willing to take

No. 686136

Ew no, look at that hairline.

No. 686158

Had to look him up but omg what happened to him. Also he looks like Alexis Bledel as ftm

No. 686176

He looks like that Sheldon Cooper guy

No. 686185

The vast majority of western euro/north american leftist """socialists""" are so delusional, self centered, and whiny. western entitlement coupled with a misunderstanding of socialist theory isn't a cute look. a lot of them are middle class and up, not to mention they live in rich 1st world countries, but still think theyre poor or the most oppressed people on the entire planet or whatever the shit lmao. they need to shut the fuck up, even if only for 5 minutes. also, a quick tip: if you have a university degree, you're not working class lol.

tomato soup as well

No. 686192

I agree except
> if you have a university degree, you're not working class lol.
Is just untrue in many places. In the past, yes, but these days considerable financial support is offered to working class students to enable them to continue studying. I went to a shit school in one of the most deprived areas of the country and tens of students went to uni (not necessarily desirable places, but they went).

It’s not even necessarily true that you become middle class financially as many graduates can find nothing but minimum wage jobs. A degree doesn’t guarantee a level of income except in the case of studying something like medicine.

I do dislike when people continue to label themselves WC while being in a definite MC position though.

No. 686194

No one wants to sit there and focus on all the terrible things that someone else is going through when they're upset, there's not a lot of rational thought patterns going on. It's selfish, but if you haven't lived an experience it's not going to be the first thing your mind jumps to when pissed about feeling shortchanged in life.

No. 686211

Okay proletariat-chan, don’t you have some soil to prepare for your potatoes? What are you doing on the internet?

No. 686227

internet friends and dating won't really fulfill human social needs. you'll still feel lonely.

No. 686256

The thread is called unpopular opinions

No. 686260

Sage for ot but I find this thread pic is hilarious for some reason

No. 686261

NEETS have it good. I would love to stay at home all day doing fuck all, living on someone else's dime. Same with these zoomers and their inability to do anything besides e-beg, because apparently having BPD, being bi-polar or depressed means you cannot work. Fuck them all.

No. 686438

Women's fashion looked pretty bad when it was controlled by men imo. I mean, historically

No. 686442

99% of my friends are online and i don't feel lonely. sometimes i feel a vague want for a relationship but then i remember i'd have to sacrifice stuff for it. i'm doing good.
i think SOME people certainly suffer for it though. people think "extroversion" = being loud and confident but i've known so many shut-in, shy extroverts whose friendships are mostly based online and THEY definitely aren't gaining real contentment from that.

No. 686501

It still does and still is.

No. 686522

Every theme except for default sucks. Yes, that's including girltalk and keekweek girltalk is cute tho

No. 686524

Meet me outside after school by the dumpster, nerd. We'll settle this then.

No. 686539

Using keekweek as of yesterday and feeling fine. It feels like I'm in a pool of iridescent gloop

No. 686541

Mental illness is a combination of stress, trauma and inherited personality traits. You can't change your personality, so you need to focus on resolving trauma and removing any environmental factors that are worsening/triggering your symptoms. To ignore or overlook this in favor of biology (ie: "we need to find the right combination of drugs to cure/manage bipolar disorder!!!!" "we need more studies on the genetic properties of ADHD!!!!!111") is mostly pointless and anyone who promotes this kind of thinking is actively dumbing down all of humanity. No, this is not "the best that we have," it's just the most convenient for an age where science and technological advancement has more public interest and funding than, for example, implementing relocation programs and opportunities for unemployed CSA survivors who have spent their entire lives living in Bumblefuck Nowhere with their kiddie-diddling parents.

No. 686560

File: 1606948383492.png (69.8 KB, 979x110, coolest monkey.PNG)

you're objectively wrong

No. 686567

Ugly and Wrong.

No. 686570

Same!! It’s my favorite one, actually. It’s really fun and vibe-y

No. 686573

This reminds me that I have barely used themes on any imageboard I go to because I always browse imageboards on incognito mode so my browser doesn't keep the theme kek

No. 686615

File: 1606956513888.jpg (57.22 KB, 396x400, some sort of bear.jpg)

gonna go even further and say that most mental illness is just environmental stress, especially social, especially subtle types that aren't experienced directly. Like lacking social belonging and stability, which can be very difficult to even recognize if you have mostly existed without really belonging anywhere socially. If you are in a secure environment, this will resolve the maladaptive things you learned during traumatic experiences simply by providing accurate credible evidence that you're safe now.

I think people with very idiosyncratic social and environmental needs can benefit from internal trauma resolving work, stoicism, meditation, etc. because they can't necessarily find the belonging they need literally anywhere (I'm talking people with moderate autism and otherwise extreme mental architectures). But honestly, for most people, if you're in a situation where you start doing daily work to notice the tense feeling in your neck that represents your internal scared child feeling suffocated by the demands of your internal anxious mother or whatever, just pack your bags and leave the country or go wherever you will be likeliest to find a culture and community that fits you.

anyway this is what worked for me, no guarantees

No. 686627

>my brain is so unique and special that i can't fit in anywhere!!
>anyway let's mock those normal people with normal problems
fuck autists. i understand now why everyone hates you.

No. 686648

I'm genuinely confused on how you interpreted that out of their post.

No. 686665

dont lump all mentally ill people with autists most of us hate them too

No. 686715

i don't hate fat people
what someone else does to their own body doesn't affect me

No. 686720

Generally I just pity them, it seems like a miserable existence and I find it hard to feel hatred when their lives are probably shitty enough. I just hate when they do mental gymnastics and make excuses to cope with it, a fat person who can admit they struggle with or don't prioritize their weight is fine by me.

No. 686721

thank you for this. society is unraveling and the world is meaningless. it is difficult to accept that your environment can poison you and that it can be your burden to change it. no wonder people struggle.
anon forgot her medicine

No. 686744

I love the millionaires music

No. 686768

Based. Loved them since middle school.

No. 686769

It does actually. It completely unnecersarily presses on and clogs the healthcare system and the cost of everyone paying for healthcare and using healthcare.

No. 686770

at the cost*

No. 686780

File: 1606991161323.png (116.15 KB, 996x671, 2.PNG)

>have privatized healthcare system
>run for profit
>people with more sicknesses and more ailments make more profit
>people's health worsens by consuming unhealthy products
>health organizations partner with and receive funds from corporations who make unhealthy products
>make unhealthy products ridiculously cheap
>make decent insurance and healthcare services expensive, so the average civilian can't afford quality healthcare
>create society where the most cost-efficient lifestyle makes you the sickest
It doesn't.

Privatized healthcare systems exacerbate the obesity epidemic. It quite literally creates fat people. Fat people are not "clogging up the system", the system works with corporations that produce and heavily market unhealthy products to make sure that fat people continue to exist, so they can continue to generate profit. Socialized healthcare (or even a somewhat-publicly-funded healthcare system) as well as regulations on what dangerous ingredients can and can't be sold to the masses and marketed as "totally normal food" would result in a much lower number of fat people.

No. 686805

> even a somewhat-publicly-funded healthcare system as well as regulations on what dangerous ingredients can and can't be sold to the masses and marketed as "totally normal food" would result in a much lower number of fat people

Nta, I agree in theory but I’m not sure how possible this is in a Western country. I’m from the UK and many people would consider here to meet that criteria because of the publicly funded NHS, apparently decent food regulations (sugar tax introduced a couple years back), high fructose corn syrup not normalised and usually only found in novelty American imports. Far from perfect, but seemingly okay.

I never thought about it much until I saw a Coca-Cola logo on a ‘please wash your hands’ sign in an NHS hospital. A really bizarre sight. Turns out Coca-Cola bribe scientists, including government advisers, to claim their drinks do not cause obesity. They donate their drinks to healthcare workers and food banks. Idk why they are sponsoring NHS toilets though lol, but presumably bribery going on there.

Similar story with baby formula companies. The NHS has breached WHO regulations by accepting money from these companies. They are supposed to promote breastfeeding but obviously there’s no profit in that. (Worth noting the link between formula feeding and later obesity too).

This is just scratching the surface. I don’t know if it’s any better in other countries with publicly funded healthcare, and it’s worth noting that the NHS has been underfunded for years, but it’s hard to envision a perfect system that doesn’t fall victim to corruption.

No. 686865

File: 1607008179848.jpg (182.83 KB, 1024x834, sylvan specter.jpg)

yeah, I said this is what worked for me, so def not counting myself as a person with such an atypical mental life that finding belonging is an insurmountable task. Like most people on this board I'm weird and nerdy however, and even for us finding a healthy ingroup is possible if we recognize the need and act on it. For us the problem IME is that while it's possible, we are too used to the wrong environment (and kinda always feeling socially "off") to start searching for better.

Autism and other disorders that affect your ability to communicate, empathize, and relate to people around you to and extreme degree will obviously make belonging more difficult. I included this bit because I have observed it in a couple of friends, who are so far on the spectrum that I fully admit that to them searching for an environmental solution to their depression and anxiety would probably be impossible, and so for them the best option really is just internal work, meditation, therapy, and meds. (Also worth noting these can also help other people and even give them the energy required to change their environment, just rarely seems these are a complete solution to longstanding mental issues, and people who can find their ideal environment won't necessarily need them.)

No. 687207

File: 1607056566954.jpg (380.78 KB, 1440x1571, Screenshot_20201203-233510_Chr…)

Men hate women because they're a little jealous of us. Every guy I've been with hints my life must be easy because I'm female which means I must get Tons of shit and love for free. They hate young good looking women even more.

No. 687211

this is so disturbing wtf?????? for seemingly no reason at all too??????

No. 687215

He has tons of live streams with him beating up or degrading pretty young girls

Fast forward to 7:57

No. 687216

No. 687220

Just when I finally thought humans were alright, I had to see this. This ruined my night. I want him to die. But if he dies many other men like him will remain and keep being born to this world from our wombs. There's no end to suffering in this planet. I hate having to be reminded about how hurtful and disgusting society is. I want to off myself.

No. 687222

He didnt even get any jail time either becuz ya know Russia.

No. 687223

ugh this just ruined my night anon. I hope he can't take advantage of any more girls after this. Seriously, this guy should never be within an arms length of a woman ever again.

No. 687227

lol anon r u me
I'm surprised nobody even jumped on him to defend the poor girl

No. 687229

I legit want to die over this. I'm done. I want to die so fucking hard.

No. 687237

Ugly people having kids are so selfish. You already know you look like shit and most likely will pass that down to your kids.

No. 687238

ya ugly people have all the recessive genes!

No. 687242

Samefag another unpopular opinion. Super perfect looking and pretty blonde people look creepy and uncanny valley.

No. 687244

seconded, especially overly white and straight teeth and bright blue eyes.

also somewhat agree kek although the prettiest girl i know has 2 godawfully ugly parents somehow.

when are we sending all moids to Greenland again?

No. 687251

File: 1607062365802.jpg (72.47 KB, 800x599, 881b063855a42a2907b73feb00dc96…)

Idk anon genetics are weird, what do you define as ugly? Have you seen Zendaya's parents? Rosie Huntington Whiteley has uggo parents too.

No. 687256

Zendaya being attractive is a meme. She's… really not that pretty.

No. 687266

Zendaya pretty as fuck, don't know what you're talking about anon

No. 687269

Imo she's not all that either but she's certainly not so ugly that her parents are selfish for having had her lol.

No. 687281

Her mom probably looked nice in her twenties I wouldn’t call her „uggo“. Zendaya stans needs to fuck off

No. 687288

I'm not a Zendaya stan, it's just her and RHW were the first people that came to mind. If I'm being honest I don't think there's anything wrong with the way she looks, I was trying to gauge anon's standards more than anything.

No. 687295

I don't understand how anyone over the age 16 can like Zendaya unironically, I get so pissed whenever I see her smug fucking face.

No. 687362

I like using the expression hitting the wall, but on an individual basis and for both genders, not in that scrote way. Like I said it about my (male) boss the other day and that made my coworkers laugh.

No. 687366

File: 1607078358256.png (2.15 MB, 1080x1887, fnbr3iuhgyfu4hrg8trbfuyebfbre.…)

i don't like freckles. i don't mind that they are trending, but to me they look on par with blackheads and scabs

No. 687367

I don't either tbh, lots of people find them cute but I avoid adding to mine as much as possible. I just really like the look of very clear, blank skin I guess, I dislike tattoos for the same reason.

No. 687371

File: 1607079363086.jpg (160.06 KB, 812x816, original.jpg)

i hate those makeup freckles with the power of a thousand suns. I do find the natural intense freckles on the nose very cute though. They only look good if you're pretty to begin with

No. 687380

man i scrolled past this post since i didnt want to get upset and now i came across another article with some russian youtuber who has abusing his gf repeatedly on stream.and on the most current stream got so bad to the point he left her freezing outside and she died alongside her unborn baby as someone payed 900 on the stream so he would keep torturing her like this.and this pos is only facing 2 years of jailtime for basically letting his gf die and it's not even sure if he will get jail time.fuck this shit im feeling sick

No. 687382

what is up with Russian men? I've noticed they seem to be another breed of insane, especially the otaku ones

No. 687388

File: 1607084412042.png (1.73 MB, 961x769, norilsk.PNG)

you'd be insane if you lived in Russia too, it's a harsh country

No. 687390

completely ot but that dancing girl got my cry laughing.

No. 687391

from knowing way too many through work: over a century of constant military and/or social conflict resulting in probably the worst stoic macho hardman bs culture + generational trauma of communism + orthodox christianity + extreme alcoholism + disproportionately low number of men to women as a lot of young men leave the country for work in europe so the remaining less ambitious men know the women don't have any better options = mega scrotism

No. 687406

Every therapist has some sort of mental deficit, that's why they became therapists in the first place

No. 687422

kek, that’s why you only see an MD or a DO. therapists are just baby brains who want to “help people” but were too dumb for medical school

No. 687460

I agree. Never been to one but know a few people who have and they all seem kinda weird. Mentioned it here before too, but one of the therapists I know has a instagram vent/spam account on which she has added her fucking patients. And the people I know who are becoming therapists are all unlikeable. I really don't want to try therapy because of this (anecdotal, I admit) stuff.

No. 687466

>one of the therapists I know has a instagram vent/spam account on which she has added her fucking patients
That's so unbelievably inappropriate and I can't believe no one has reported her. I'm personally pro-therapy, but you're really, really not wrong about a lot of young therapists being absolute fucking retards with no boundaries despite trying to teach people how to enforce them. If you ever do try it, I hope you find a good one, but I understand your hesitation.

No. 687471

Agree. I had a therapist who within the first visit kept pressuring me to describe in detail my experiences with childhood sexual abuse. Like, why? I wanted to ease into that subject after a few visits. I had to keep changing the subject since there was zero trust build up. She was a total freak. I honestly felt like she just cared about the “juicy” stuff, if that even makes sense…

No. 687476

Literally know a woman from my grad program who constantly has emotional breakdowns on her social media and complains about her anorexia which clearly shows she isn't in a stable nor recovered mindset.
She works at an ED recovery center and teaches a high school class remotely.
Scary to think she's in charge of vulnerable people when she's such a fucking mess, but I don't think she's passing on neuroses so to speak. I think she just "gets something" out of it like living vicariously through other anorexics, and making up the feelings of guilt and shame by saying she's helping kids by giving them an easy grade.
People like that aren't destructive but also aren't altogether helpful either, they're in it for selfish reasons that they disguise altruistically.

No. 687575

>cries in darkcow

No. 687583

Tangled >>> Frozen

No. 687589

Agree I just hate how so many NLOGs like Sh0e latched onto and kinned Rapunzel.

No. 687595

File: 1607110006355.png (431.3 KB, 598x456, tradthot.png)

I thought Belle was the NLOG material? And Rapunzel was for tradthots and pickmes.
Belle is my favourite princess.

No. 687655

i would have thought snow white, cinderella, or aurora would have been the tradthot favorites

No. 687666

Well, maybe, yeah. For some reason I keep seeing Rapunzel getting idolized for her penchant for domestic activities and her naivety (she's been a tower shutin for 18 years) but most early disney princess would fit the role just the same.

No. 687667

>her penchant for domestic activities and her naivety (she's been a tower shutin for 18 years)

oh yeah that makes sense. i wasn’t thinking about how tradthots fetishize naivety and childlike traits in women lol

No. 687669

No worries. It's not a big deal anyway. Those princesses were meant for kids but it's sad they get associated with such groups of people.

No. 687677

The reality of therapy, like any other field, is that only something like 20% of therapists are actually good at being therapists, and even within that 20%, it's not a guarantee that you're going to find someone you're compatible with on the first try. I've been through 15+ therapists over the course of almost 30 years and have just sort of accepted that that's how it is. I still think that therapy is important, but we really need to stop feeding into the notion that every therapist is going to work for anyone, or use the excuse of "I saw a therapist once and she was terrible" as means not to keep trying if you actually need to be in therapy.

No. 687688

>Sh0e latched onto and kinned Rapunzel
Is that because its hair based??

No. 687697

What the fuck is it with them thinking being female is life on easy mode? Even troons do this. They think being female means men flocking and tripping over themselves just to buy you drinks and giving you free shit all the time. I guess they think that cancels out the fact that women are murdered, face violence, and taken advantage of at a much higher rate. Fuck scrotes honestly.

No. 687711

It's easier to believe that all men are shit than it is to accept that you have a poor judge of character and a consistent habit of dating people who will mistreat you

No. 687714

I prefer to just believe that everyone is shit and surprise myself when I meet people that I respect and make me happy. I don't know if that's unpopular or not.
They're just aggressively retarded.
It is nice to get shit for free though. A lady in the carline in front of me paid for my whole matcha latte and food the other day. I paid for the scrote in the work van behind me, in turn.

No. 687718

My opinions on men are not based on my exes or any men I know irl as they simply aren't that bad, but from research/statistics and general exposure to, you know… world history, the news, seeing what men themselves have to say, endless anecdotes and discussions posted by other women. idk how a person who actually pays attention and accepts harsh truths could possibly think men aren't shit. The evidence is overwhelming.

No. 687723

nah i think we have to right to think all men are shit as long as incest is the top search on pornhub

No. 687726

They only see pretty women as "women". The non-pretty women are invisible, or seen as a homeslave, or strange non fuckable monsters.

No. 687728

I feel like most radfams here are actually just libfems that are gender critical and have the common sense to hate pornography

No. 687737

The men I know are decent most of the time, if not draining to be around. But they always end up dissapointing/revealing coomerism/falling into male socialization/mantruming/letting their penis over rule all critical thinking/etc. I honestly see them as some kind of unstable disabled human being, they're not needed and life would be better without them. Why else would they try so hard worldwide to keep women birthing male kids?

Very easy to spot which radfems have never read a 2nd wave book

No. 687738

Are you talking about the ones that call themselves radfem? Or just saying ones that speak about gc/pp stuff?

No. 687740

Nta but what books would you recommend as reading for someone looking toward radical feminism?

No. 687747

File: 1607125477769.jpg (138.26 KB, 863x1390, elderly-woman-holding-an-old-p…)

UO threads were much more interesting 2-3 years ago. Past anons were stoopid and could not recognise scrote racebait, which led to endless infighting and things are stricter now as a result. I've been reading old threads for a few hours now, and it's amazing how lax the unpopular opinion threads used to be. A lot of ugliness for sure, but the conversation was always lively, and more importantly, you COULD say what you wanted. So many topics of discussion are effectively off-limits now.

No. 687774

that's honestly how the entire board needs to be. that's why /ot/ exists. it's our /b/.

No. 687778

The race threads were funny
Really let’s you peak into how some farmers think

No. 687824

Completely true, in fact a lot of them are narcs who get off on the fantasy of being some le master manipulator and get way too close to their patients and have a mental breakdown when they cant perfectly control their own interpersonal issues or are on the autistic spectrum who need to study textbooks for years to understand why people like to own pets or whatever and barely engages with the patient at all outside of taking notes.

No. 687827

Quirky shelteredness but by far because she thought Pregory looked like Flynn Rider when they were dating lmao. Well, he certainly has the arrogance at least.

No. 687846

Foot fetishes really aren't that wierd, in the grand scheme of things. I think it's more natural and harmless for a guy to think feet are sexy than other mainstream fetishes like anal, choking, or bdsm.

No. 687865

Promare is a really bad movie and Studio Trigger can't pop out half decent anime lately

No. 687867

I haven't seen promare but I can't stand how the blonde guy outright looks like a woman and is fujobait out the gate lol

No. 687913

Men who are into feet are always sexually submissive, similar to men who are really into redheads.
And when a man enjoys serving and being used he's not far away from bisexuality.

No. 687921

>fitting four separate trolls into only two sentences

No. 687934

Yeah I saw the movie and it was a fun experience but the movie itself is forgettable. I didn’t really get the obsession but I do love the himbo meme that spawned out of it. Galo is cute.

>tfw I thought lio was a really cool woman
>Just like I thought yuri on ice was gonna be about ice skating lesbians
Siked out TWICE

No. 687983

your thoughts say everything about your character even if you don't act on them/feel guilty about them, especially in relation to other people. your first thought on something is more telling than your actions

No. 687991

That's a pretty negative thought to think, I think.

No. 687992

Wayne Goss is the only good male makeup youtuber. All the other males do impractical face ups that don't translate well to real life looks while wayne shows how to do makeup for everyday and photo shoots. I wish more Women beauty gurus follow that trend rather than the wannabe drag queen makeup.

No. 688001

Kill la Kill is fucking shit and I side eye anybody who claims it's a good anime, especially if they are a fan of Mako.

No. 688005

I found it fun back then when it was airing, but it's not good enough for me to want to rewatch it. I found the fanbase cancerous though, that and the fact that the last episode is pretty much Sonic Adventure 2's ending kinda ruins it.

It's mindless fun, but honestly with the hype surrounding it I expected a better story. It's like you're just supposed to just watch the pretty pictures and the "story" is just a pretext for them.

No. 688052

Agree. That's why I care deeply about the media men consume. All this choice and you're watching WHAT? lol. There is no excuse.

No. 688054

His topless video on his insecurities was funny as he only made it after he got ripped, you can read the conceit in his eyes. I agree, as a trained make-up artist, he's one of the few men with any talent, but like a lot of gay men there's some off putting about him - unstable vibes. I feel uncomfortable watching him lol.

No. 688061

I love Wayne Goss. I prefer his much more subtle more beautifully applied make up. I feel like I can trust him because he actually believes in making women look good, maybe because he doesn't see other women as competition so he has no need to engage in the current beauty trend of bastardising females to look like fucked up drag Queens.

No. 688156

>Watching Promare for reasons other than the visual eye candy, the OST and the gay romance
You're doing it wrong, anon.

No. 688161

Housing and food should be free

No. 688172

That one thing I miss from PULL is the Gangnam Unnie Thread. I wanna see those ridiculously shopped Chinese rich kids and maximum Dorito chins

No. 688192

Sorry to anxiety anons who aren’t like this but being friends with y’all is borderline impossible. I’m not your therapist and you can’t expect me to always be able to make you feel better.

No. 688201

not unpopular, imo, just completely unreasonable. maybe if planet earth wasn't bursting at the seams with humans and our society wasn't completely stuck in its current "the rich get richer" model.

No. 688205

Probably not unpopular here but I feel like a lot of the scrotes who use the karen meme are just projecting their mommy issues onto random women. I wonder how many of their moms look like the karen memes I see of middle aged blonde white women.

No. 688207

I hated it too. It made me think "this is what everyone's hyped about?" I know it's not the plot everyone's into (which was uber cliche & predictable) but it wasn't even that gay. Plus blue guy's hair looks so stupid, like a rooster, I can't.
The worst is the people who pretended it had an amazing, mindblowing plot and wasn't just fujobait with Worse Kamina. I can at least understand the ones who admit they solely like it for the ship.

No. 688214

nta, you could help the people who are already on earth and also not have any new people (yes i know it's not realistic)

No. 688217

I agree but this can be true for women too. My mom is a "karen," so it resonated at first. Quickly grew tired of the meme since it should've died by now but misogyny keeps it going I think. I would never call it a "slur" but misogyny helps fuel the popularity of it and it's all socially acceptable.

No. 688232

No hate at anons with big butts, but I fucking hate the big butt trend and cant wait for it to die. At least when men were brainwashing themselves into liking giant breasts, they couldnt come at you with that "uwu just do 2086751785419 squats a day and youll get DD cups!!!'" bullshit like they do with butts now. also, butts and buttholes are fucking disgusting and unhygientic, its where literal shit comes from. why do men always choose the weirdest body parts to fixate on and fetishise?

No. 688233

It depends on usage. Like TERF. Which we all know means "women". Once it's thrown out, you can't win and that's the point. If you object, you're seen as being the thing you're accused of and confirming everyone's sUspIcIoNs. It's an abusive tactic. "Karen" is now used against any white women someone wishes to hate, and if she defends herself, well, SHE'S A KAREN!

No. 688235

Most (white) men IRL still hate big butts, and I say this as someone with a big butt, so no bias. I have small breasts and that has always made my dating life much harder.

No. 688243

I respect your opinion, but you are aware that weight training and squats are actually how you get a big butt, right? Aside from surgery and wearing pads, obviously. Because I'm kind of alarmed by the amount of people I regularly encounter who seem to believe that muscle growth is some kind of conspiracy theory.

No. 688244

I hate it too and I have a giant ass. I don't believe the meme that most men want "thicc" women, being as every girl I've ever known who had shit tons of orbiters were really, really thin.

No. 688247

File: 1607205066771.jpg (206.42 KB, 1200x900, wtf.jpg)

i'm glad it's considered sexy now since i used to get made fun of for having a naturally bigger butt when i was younger. however, yes, men idolize the completely unrealistic, exaggerated, pornsick version of it to the point people get those implants now. which look disgusting and painful.

No. 688249

you're right, they don't want natural women with those proportions, they want the surgically-altered kim k body.

No. 688250

i know thats true, but some people just have genetics and muscle shape/distribution that means they will probably never achieve the "perfect" larg round butt shape no matter how much they exercise.

and also, exercise is good for you, but ive come across too many women who exclusively focus on working out to get a bigger ass, which seems like it would cause problems down the line if youre only exercising one muscle group exclusively.

No. 688251

I especially hate the butt implant trend. It looks so bad and is so fucking risky. I just hate plastic surgery in general.
Same thing with anal. Scrotes need to stop getting meme’d into liking stupid shit and trying to get women into it too.

No. 688261

A lot of them love big butts and not even the grotesque fake proportions kind, you might just be limited by your area.
Your body type is likely very cute and you've just been unlucky so far.
Jesus, a lot of scrotes are easily manipulated into trends. I think that people in general are. It's all about exposure.
Wall incoming but looking at trends in 4chan usage, the t-girl meme didn't hit hard til after GG. After that, it was shilled harder and harder in /r9k/ and /v/. I never frequented either board, and can't give a shit about the place anymore but after talking to my husband about it yesterday, he was saying that at points guys couldn't even bring up attractive women without constant thirstposting from anime avatarfag t3000s replying about how they would "take care of you". He also mentioned discord servers and shit shilled constantly about transitioning. Evidently the only safespace there is /tv/

No. 688265

I know. My point was for most white men it's boobs > butt. Most white girls are small if not flat, and it's not a dealbreaker, very small boobs are. That's why white girls freaking out about having a tiny butt is weird to me. It's complaining about not meeting an ideal, rather than having something that will negatively affect their dating life.

No. 688270

Trends gonna trend. Flat asses and ana were in 20 years ago. In my area, I've heard the "anything over a handful is a waste" meme out of men constantly. I have both, but evidently all the guys I've dated have been butt guys. Move down South where your tush and small, cute boobs are appreciated anon.

No. 688274

This is so inaccurate it's insane. Loads of white men like small boobs, even prefer them. Men who exclusively like big tits are limited to a minority of fetishists and really young boys who haven't developed their own taste yet, but overall it's gone out of style. Meanwhile they have been completely memed into preferring big butts, and they are even more eager to shit on women who lack one than they ever were with flat chests. If you have a flat ass you, personally, are at fault because you haven't spent a tonne of time, money and effort in the gym to fix your offensive physical flaws. They used to make fun of flat chests but at least they couldn't really blame you for it.

I can't STAND the thought of working out specifically to cultivate a body part for men to fap to. I want to look good and be healthy but I seriously resent the thought of doing ass-focused work outs. If I lift weights it will be for the sake of my bone density, not to reach absurd beauty standards.

No. 688277


No. 688285

You're wrong. There's plenty of research done on it and white men prefer small butts and moderate to large breasts. If I had cute perky B cups that would be fine, I know they're well liked, but I am pretty much flat. For a lot of white men, having a bubble butt does not help make up for a flat chest, that's the point I was trying to make. So, freaking out about having a small butt is weird, if your target is a white man, it's NOT a dealbreaker in the same way flat chests/VERY small breasts are.

No. 688286

I've heard of studies that say more blue collar/lower income men tend to prefer "curvier" body types i.e. big boobs/butt and wealthier men prefer thinner women. there are also studies that show the thinner a woman is the more she gets paid.

honestly trends come and go but there are always more benefits to being thin imo. I guess you can be thin and have big breasts, but not naturally unless you are some kind of rare freak of nature.

No. 688288

Preferring 'moderate to large breasts' is NOT the same as small boobs being a deal breaker.

God, what is it with chestlets being so delusionally insecure about their supposed lack of appeal? I can't tell if it's the same person who always posts about it or if there are more of you, but for those of us with normal self esteem and small boobs, I can fucking assure you - guys like small tits. They have no reason to lie when it's proven in the porn they watch and the women they enthusiastically pursue. Big boobs are a bonus, not a requirement.

No. 688292

NTA, but I've heard plenty of guys say they're turned off by very small breasts. A guy I dated once told me he broke up with his (otherwise attractive) ex because she was basically flat and it was such a turnoff, saying things like "it was a little boy's chest." She was very slim and pretty and still got shit for being training bra-sized.

Anon's point is small tits are fine, but if you're basically flat, they act like something is wrong with you.

No. 688297

Why is it so hard for anons on this board to accept that some women actually enjoy anal? Obviously nobody should force you to do something you have no interest in, but it's really weird how many of you seem absolutely deadset on the idea that women liking anal is an invention of the perverse coomer psyche.

No. 688301

Oh boy, this reads an awful lot like incels/looksmax whatever the fuck they call themselves arguing about canthal tilt, shoulder width, jaw/chin width/orientation, wrist diameter etc etc.

With the range of tastes people have for different things, it's like a multi party political race, where even if technically one thing is the "most popular" it might still only be 20% of people.

No. 688323

I've noticed this too. Some anons have a hard time believing some women can actually exist for themselves and not do things for male attention/approval. Like wearing makeup, dressing a certain way, wanting bigger boobs/butt, giving blowjobs, shaving etc… I'm not denying that a lot of women do certain things solely for men, but there are plenty of women that genuinely like to do that kind of stuff.

No. 688333

but like what if some of these things hurt women in return?

No. 688339

How about letting the person with a dick up their ass decide if it hurts or not

No. 688342

Can you be more specific? I'm not saying that they can't hurt women or be toxic, but you're not hurting anyone by enjoying wearing makeup, or shaving or giving bjs. Imo, it only turns into an issue if you are pressuring other women to do those things as well.

No. 688348

I don't get it either. I have an oral fixation and I like the texture of my husband's dick and foreskin and wear makeup because I like accentuating my eyes and lips, but fuck foundation and contouring and all the other stuff. I like big boobs because they run in my family and to me it's a feeling of familial femininity that I can identify with, plus I like playing with them in a nonsexual way.
Porn and degradation behavior is what ruins everything else for women, imo

No. 688349

Women have never pressured me to do anal, just men.

No. 688352

Anon, this is a problem in some cases because a lot of men don't understand the implications of what happens or can happen with it healthwise. It's being broadcasted as something that's as natural and common as brushing our teeth. There's curiosity, but just explain shit in a reasonable way.

No. 688358

no offense but this reads like a Redditor saying 'but men get raped too'

No. 688362

yeah so maybe you do genuinely like that stuff but you can’t act like women aren’t conditioned into acting a certain way or having preferences toward femininity

No. 688366

squats will lift your butt but they won’t give you the huge dump truck ass look that’s so in now. this meme needs to die

No. 688369

And I can't gift other women with the ability to think critically or grant them a feeling of self worth. You can provide other women with information and try to build them up, but what they do with it depends on them.

No. 688370

I never said we aren't. I'm just saying it's ok to genuinely like that kind of stuff, and that anons shouldn't jump to the conclusion of "She wants male approval!" when they see a woman doing something traditionally feminine or something that men also happen to like. Just my opinion. If other women are only acting a certain way to conform to what society tells them what's "right" then you can't really blame that on the people who actually enjoy doing those things. Society is always gonna be telling us some bullshit. You gotta figure out for yourself what you actually enjoy.

No. 688371

File: 1607220748215.gif (379.89 KB, 245x137, motivatedbyspite.gif)


nayrt but I think it's important to have discussions about how and why things like that harm women, but I also think that the number one way to get someone to do something is to tell them they aren't supposed to. Especially if the way the argument is presented boils down to "well it's bad/you shouldn't," my monkey brain goes well you didn't give me the information to let me decide for myself so now I want to go out of my way to do it out of spite.

pic related

No. 688381

whenever women talk about enjoying anal, all i can think about is some shit-tier "comedian" i saw doing standup. he had a bit about why men like anal sex. his reasoning was "we know you women hate it. that's why we like it."

the crowd laughed and cheered. the comments for the video were alight with men agreeing. after seeing this, i cannot fathom personally enjoying anal, if men rather unanimously agree that their main pleasure from it is derived from coercing us into something we don't want.

No. 688483

File: 1607232062618.jpg (70.58 KB, 653x658, Booty-Gains-Before-After.jpg)

Squats alone will barely even do that. Squats with ever-increasing weight over the long term, 2-3x a week with increased calorie intake in addition to other glute-focused exercises like hip thrusts, abductions, etc, will absolutely give you anyone a significantly bigger ass.

I don't know what type of ass you have in mind when you say "dump truck ass." If you mean something like Kim K, probably not, but it's obvious that her ass isn't real because of how disproportionately large it is in comparison to the rest of her. No self-respecting person actually wants to look like that. People who actually commit to weight training typically don't only focus on the ass.

No. 688488

who tf cares what men think/want about buttholes. anyone who is even moderately interested in anal should buy a buttplug and experiment themselves.

No. 688506

>pants that simulate ass sweat stains

No. 688561

Brie cheese tastes like mould.

No. 688562

I think hairy chubby men are better looking than clean-looking fit men

No. 688563


No. 688567

>I have low self esteem and have convinced myself I prefer unattractive men because I'm under the misapprehension that they are less likely to judge women or cheat on them

Fixed that for ya

No. 688568

well yeah i have low self esteem but my pussy objectively starts pulsating harder when i see a chubby hairy guy

No. 688576

File: 1607238704939.jpeg (92.71 KB, 1280x720, 03BD1A29-6492-48F1-BC70-A340FB…)

I think that handsome men are attractive regardless of it they’re a little hairy and chubby. Like Chris Hemsworth clean cut/short hair versus fat Thor. Not his best look, but still attractive enough imo. I wouldn’t find a shlubby guy who didn’t take care of himself attractive no matter what, but a guy being chubby and hairy isn’t an automatic turn off.
I also find completely clean cut men pretty boring aesthetically, but I’m biased bc I dated one, and he was also the most boring person personality-wise I’ve ever met in my life and almost looked like a twink.
Maybe I hate myself too but there’s something that my lizard brain is very into about scruffy dudes. Don’t want a rug, but hair can be very manly and sexy.

No. 688581

ugh I feel you anon, except mine is just chubby, no hair. Ok, he has a little bit of hair, but not as much as I'd want him to have…. He's 25, maybe there's still time for him to grow some????

Now i'm not sure if I genuinely find him attractive or not ngl

No. 688601

Men who enjoyed Catcher in the Rye? 10/10 times evil. Anyone who isn't a man who enjoyed it? On thin ice, but I'm willing to look past it.

No. 688611

Lindsay Lohan was never a good actress. She was just cute and that's the only reason she got jobs.

No. 688614

Ayrt and you'd be surprised. There's a lot of grown men who hardcore identify with Holden and see him as this "misunderstood" character. Also, hasn't the novel been found at the sites of several murders/shootings committed by men? Too many people like to excuse Holden's actions for my tastes. No amount of delirium, mental illness, or outright entitlement on Holden's part could ever convince me that he was someone worth rooting for.

No. 688616

I read the novel as a 13 year old so I forgot almost everything, but what was so evil about Holden? I remember him as as whiny and confused, but not a bad person. What makes him so attractive to sick people?

No. 688620

He went beyond being an angsty teen, imo. Sure, most of us can agree we had a phase where we saw everyone else as being bothersome, but Holden always took it too far. He was so violent for his age. He tried to fight a classmate because he was dating the girl Holden liked. When the prostitute he gypped came back with her pimp, Holden visualized shooting him after he himself got beat up. He was aggressive whenever a male friend tried to help him, calling them gay. He was a really irresponsible kid all around. If I had to take a guess as to why so many dudes admire him, it's probably because they consider themselves outcasts too and hold a lot of pent up aggression about it.They probably also saw him as redeemable because he loves his sister so much and felt regret about his brother's death. These are definitely the same type of men to empathize with characters like the Joker or Travis from Taxi Driver.

No. 688621

same anon but holy smokes sorry for how long that was

No. 688667

I fucking hated this book. Boring, sexist, derivative garbage.

No. 688699

slut shaming makes sense

No. 688701

I have a big butt too and I hate it. Before liking big asses were cool I used to get teased relentlessly for my butt and I prayed to god to make it smaller. Now that they're all the rage it sort of feels like a slap in the face and shows how fickle people are. Like where were all of you when people would rather die than have a big butt.

No. 688702

if you do it to men

No. 688703

FMA is overrated. It's a very good manga, especially for a shonen published at a time where incoherent trash like Naruto was insanely successful, but it's not the best manga out there and I still feel that after the big reveal in the middle of the manga the sense of suspens and mystery just disappear from the manga and everything that happens next is just there to complete the story for the sake of it and not to be fun and entertaining.

No. 688705

Sometimes I think the nlog meme is a cop out for how shitty some women can be

No. 688706

Very rarely are long running mangas consistently good. At some point the quality takes a nosedive

No. 688711

Euphoria is a garbage show. People only like it because it's woke twitter's wet dream.

No. 688725

Exactly, and imo FMA isn't too short or too long but it still couldn't maintain this interesting and unique atmosphere it had in the first half half. That's why I have a hard time getting into new manga, especially popular ones, I don't have the patience to wait for each chapter or volume's release anymore, especially if I'm almost always sure I'll end up being disappointed by next arcs or the end of the story anyway.

No. 688729

She was better at acting as a literal child than she ever was as an adult. The Parent Trap is so good, and she’s good in it. I wonder if it was the drugs/mental breakdown that stunted her acting ability or she was just never cut out to be an actress as an adult.

No. 688750

i'm sort of in the middle. a stereotypically "hot" hunky guy who's really built and manscaped is pretty boring to me unless you add some hair. otoh i have no attraction to fat guys unless they're like, an actor with huge charisma. basically i like a "normal" fit dude.

No. 688767

File: 1607263699493.jpeg (33.68 KB, 554x554, C42FA028-4A3B-4016-B6BD-6BD495…)

Very specific subculture titles are a red flag for boring people nowadays with widespread internet, most self titled “goths” I’ve met are fucking insufferable and make a statement of gothness being the only thing about them.
I listen to goth music, sometimes I dress the part, would I call myself goth? Nah because I also wear pink frilly uwu shit and/or listen to other music genres too.

No. 688768

Yeah, I think in trying to be cool ad different they just end up an unremarkable stereotype

No. 688769

That's a preference(a weird one) not a unpopular opinion
and what anon said here >>688750
a built guy but not with a gym freak artificial body, bur rather a more natural fit body with chest hair

No. 688775

I'm unironically grossed out by men who sleep around, and always think "Put some clothes on, slut" when I see men with their bare chest in inappropriate places (this includes the beach), whether in real life or even just on TV. On one hand I'd like to feel bad for it, but on the other hand I don't care enough about it and think they deserve it.

No. 688786

> I'm unironically grossed out by men who sleep around, and always think "Put some clothes on, slut" when I see men with their bare chest in inappropriate places
um based

No. 688795

A weird preference to think attractive people are still attractive when they gain weight, or for masculine qualities on a man since I can be attracted to men? Kek

No. 688820

I hate reading Korean webtoons because the format makes it so fucking hard to read to me. You suddenly got a bunch of floating speech bubbles, then half a page of empty white to scroll past, then two panels of content that's just character faces. Rinse and repeat. Not to mention the poorly CGId backgrounds that look like a Windows screensaver from 1997. For some reason everything looks super traced and flat too, not sure why. Maybe because compared to manga they have to color each page so they have to cut corners elsewhere.

No. 688830

Corpse Husband is overrated, there I said it

No. 688836

Men who sleep around are walking Petri dishes tbh

No. 688838

File: 1607273450221.jpeg (102.2 KB, 538x552, 9944184E-AD63-465A-87E1-2A815C…)

No. 688846

No. 688847

Yeah, I used to love his creepy content where he just reads disturbing stories. His voice was good for that. It is weird how all of a sudden everyone is obsessed with him. I remember watching him, Mr Nightmare and Lazy Masquerade in the background whilst doing uni work and stuff

No. 688854

Corpse's music is mediocre and I hate this fake "uwu I'm so anxious I'm not ok" persona. I don't believe anyone older than 14 buys into that shit.

No. 688856

I love FMA but can't stand most Shonen anime/manga. They typically go on for way too long. Imagine if the main series of Madoka went on for 3 fucking seasons? I couldn't do it man.

No. 688888

agreed, I feel like people talk about him way too much

No. 688896

Honestly I've never seen anyone here praise him, at most some hipster take like "he was okay before getting famous".

No. 688974

How is 3 seasons too long? Most TV shows usually aren't a single season unless they're cancelled. I wish more (good) anime was that long, as long as it doesn't become Simpsons tier.

No. 688995

Overrated is putting it lightly. I hate him. That song he put out makes my ears retreat into my skull as I crave violence

No. 689003

agreed anon. my sister went to therapy for grief for about a year and is now going for ocd and childhood trauma (of which she has absolutely zero). i think therapists can plant ideas in people's head accidently, making them feel the need to go to more sessions. i really don't like the phrase "everyone needs to go to therapy" because i think it makes them look for problems that might not have surfaced and caused problems otherwise. sage for blog post

No. 689184

I don't care if you're male or female. If you hate the opposite gender, you should not be dating anyone. Unless of course you are gay, but you should still definitely consider sorting that shit out. It's not healthy.

No. 689190

Agreed. I talk shit about men all the time, but I don't think I could ever actually hate them. I get it if someone has been through some kind of traumatic experience (like rape, or like having your entire family murdered or some shit) and that's made them hate the opposite gender, but otherwise I don't think it's good to despise them. Honestly, it's not good to have an unhealthy obsession with hating someone/something no matter what it is I'm looking at you, dog-hating anons

No. 689220

Not sure if it's truly unpopular or just a lolcow thing but I think mousey girls are really cute

No. 689225

>women hate men exactly the same way men hate women
Ur so cool

No. 689244

Just because women hate men for more legitimate reasons than men hate women does not mean that anyone should be actively seeking intimate relationships with people that they vehemently dislike.

No. 689258

The plot is so bad, shameless glorification of pedophilia and self destructive behavior, bad acting. At least in Skins the characters faced real consequences for their actions, and Europhoria has quotes like "she was in control" to describe pedophilia or statutory rape.
Not to mention the fact the antagonist feels like an 5 different archtypes.

No. 689259

How does it glorify pedophilia? I only watched episode 1, but I want to get continue so I'm curious

No. 689265

Same, I want a mousey gf.

No. 689268

what does mousey mean here? I cant get a grasp on it

No. 689275

I don't think I've seen a worse opinion on this board good grief anon what the absolute fuck

No. 689276

Nt anons but typically it means a shy, timid person with an understated presence and plain/drab features that can nonetheless be sweet in their simplicity.

No. 689313

Some opinions are unpopular for a reason.

No. 689315

Slav men is the worst race of men.

No. 689318

>I don't think I've seen a worse opinion on this board
There used to be pedo apologists here.

No. 689319

Can't wait for all Russian women to gang up on the scrotes and throw them into the Arctic ocean.

No. 689328

when they gain weight they aren't attractive or masculine anymore

No. 689330

Buying hauls like vid related sorta disgusts me, sorta like watching a mukbang. Maybe this is the poorfag in me but it feels so wasteful and that she'll just be unhappy with her clothes in a few weeks or months. Although it's possible that she saved up a lot, carefully planned out which specific types of items she wanted, and hunted for these items off-screen, but the way she presents it as if it's one big buying binge

No. 689340

Unless she said otherwise, she definitely got the clothes for free from the company. Idk if that makes you feel better or not, though.

No. 689348

Thumbnail says "buying my dream wardrobe" and shows her at her computer

No. 689349

Maybe unpopular?

So do cis hetro women get to throw a fit because elliot page is playing a cis hetro woman? Turn about being fair play and all.

No. 689354

Try, and they will tell you those women are privileged so no, I swear this is MRAs all over again

No. 689384

her description is full of discounts and brand deal-begging. It could be real but like, you don't believe a youtuber/influencer just because they said/imply they paid for something with their own money.

No. 689418

Im gonna sound like a moralfag but I find it crazy people can go and buy a bunch of clothes they don't need from pretty much 100% fast fashion sites? Especially the more expensive ones that are… Expensive for no other reason than their image. And promoting shitty fast fashion ones because they sponsor her.
Especially when you're in the public eye as a youtuber.

No. 689427

that's why i watch thrift hauls

No. 689540

Non-Muslims face 100x times more discrimination and abuse in Islamic countries then Muslims face in non-Muslim countries, outside China and Mayanmar most Muslims have full legal rights and aren't actively scared for their lives, but in pretty much every Muslim country If you're a non-muslim you are basally a sub-human in all ways

No. 689544

Well, since we're not supposed to play favorites, she no longer meets the criteria. If everyone else is bitched at for playing a role outside of their designated role list, then it should apply to everyone, right?

No. 689545

The store could have/probably gave her store credit to purchase what she wants. Tons of creators, even smaller ones, get $100-$500+ vouchers to make videos like this. It looks like they’re shopping and do get to choose and keep the clothes, but it isn’t their own money at all. Most disclose nowadays, but I’m sure plenty don’t. Unless she explicitly said she paid for it with her own money and without sponsorship, I’m pretty sure that’s the case. Again…not sure if that makes you feel better or not, but it is what it is kek.

No. 689553

I know right. They don’t even need to take off their religious clothing to be treated decently as far as anyone can be treated by someone who works 12 hours shifts daily but once you touch countries like the Arab Emirates, people will give you side looks and treat you like a retard for some reason.
Also, the taxi drivers over there suck ass, I hope their air conditioning breaks down during a heavy traffic jam, assholes.

No. 689568

Yeah that and in my country there are 5000-9000 yearly targeted rape and forced marriages cases every single year

basically Pakistani men decide to cleanse the nation by targeting the few non-Muslim minorities we have (Christian, Sikhs, Hindus as well Ahmedis) they abduct and rape the women of these communities, specifically young girls and force them to convert to Islam and once they legally became Muslim they can't go back, cause Pakistan has a death penalty if a Muslim converts to any other religion or irreligion, according to the UN around 5000-9000's of these marriage conversions happen every single year, and not once has our Prime minister has even addressed this, no instead that old ugly scrote talks about Islamophobia in France

No. 689572

>no instead that old ugly scrote talks about Islamophobia in France
What's going on in France isn't even actual islamophobia, it's just good old racism against North Africans that dates from colonialism disguised as concern over Islamism. That shit is specifically against North Africans, who over here tend to be very moderate compared to the rest of the world, and even non-believers are treated equally as shit while Muslims from other ethnicities are often ignored if people are even aware of them, so basically it has absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with Pakistan and your president is shit. Pakistan in particular seems even worse than the rest of Muslim majority countries.

No. 689575

Race was the main issue behind the Rohingya war and even the Uighur concentration camps, ethnically Chinese Hui Muslims don't suffer the same injustices as the Turkic Uighur Muslim do, but to Muslims these 2 particular examples will always be that Islam is the most persecuted religion in the world

No. 689579

Goth isn't what it used to be. Honestly, I think zoomers should come up with their own subculture(s). Everything now just seems like a rehash of the past.

No. 689588

File: 1607369755543.jpg (177.85 KB, 1080x1310, download (9).jpg)

Seconded. God, I hate zoomer fashion.. it's so underwhelming. Pic isn't goth (I hope standards aren't that low) but still zoomshit fashion.

No. 689596

Most zoomers keep mixing pop punk and scene as emo lol

No. 689597

do zoomers even wear this outside of instagram?

No. 689608

it's funny how fast they cycle through as well 80s-90s-2000s-"goth"/"emo"-scene. Every two years it's a new decade

No. 689610

I would unironically wear this. Not sure if it's goth or whatever but it's cute kek

No. 689613

Zoomer born after 1995 cant even wear cloth outside instagram. All they know is tiktok, have onlyfans, eat tide pod and lie

No. 689614

I've definitely seen guys wearing this kinda stuff more than girls, but that's me in a small town in north europe

No. 689726

yes, i see eboys and egirls out on the street. they got the shaggy hair, one colored streak and chains as necklace too.

>unpopular opinion

men should wear makeup too

No. 689773

A good chunk of farmers either have BDD or this site attracts some seriously bitter women. Literally every girl posted is an UGLY FREAK!!! according to anons lol. I pray to god they are larping troons.

No. 689776

anyone who is passed the age of like 25~ and is still obsessed with uwu kawaii shit and decorates their home with anime figs and plushies are beyond cringey and I will automatically assume they are an autist

No. 689794

/ot/ is the most cancerous board.

No. 689804


Who here hurt you anon

No. 689808

To be fair regarding >>689794 /ot/ is terrible lately.

No. 689826

Erin Painter has always been pretty to me. Even pre-nose job. I feel like I'm betraying this board by saying that but it is what it is.

No. 689834

But that’s not an unpopular opinion.

No. 689845

Agreed. I hate when anons who just nitpick cows' appearances rather than offer any actual milk. It's retarded and embarrassing and it genuinely makes me sad that people are this boring.

No. 689853

no, /w/

/m/ best board

No. 689856

i think they double down on it because the cows in question are often "models" and they're trying to point out how much they suck as models.
dakota for instance isn't fat or necessarily ugly, but compared to her shoops she sure is

No. 689868

Aren’t most of the cows being scrutinized because they’re shit people that also scrutinize others but won’t take any sort of advice of criticism? Honest question, I don’t know.

No. 689955

I must have low standards, but I don't think any of the skinny cows are ugly. I think Ariana/PNP is pretty and Shayna looked fine when she was skinny.

No. 689973

cc is pretty based, i barely post there but i like to lurk

No. 689975

Most cows are average-looking at worst, so the nitpicking is odd.

What photos are you basing your opinion on as aren’t they all edited except for the super old ones?

No. 690090

I'm talking about even the candids/school picture, not just the edited to hell and back ones.

No. 690156

Straight hair is kind of boring.

No. 690159

True, can't believe all the time I wasted trying to straighten mine when I was younger.

No. 690161

This probably isn't unpopular but i'm not sure where else to post this.
The English dubs of foreign live action dramas on Netflix are soooooo fucking distractingly bad. When I used to be a weeb I really did not mind English dubs for the most part but holy fuck the second you dub actual human actors it goes downhill fast.

No. 690166

All of their newer French horror is completely fucking unwatchable because of this. Absolute garbage.

No. 690168

I can't stand Reylos

No. 690177

i don't understand why anyone would ever watch anything dubbed after they're old enough to read quickly enough to follow subtitles. netflix does offer original audio & english subs on basically everything, right?

No. 690179

Is it really that bad? Here in France we're used to dubbing a lot of movies and series with European languages so dubs aren't too bad most of the time because of similarities between all these languages and French but I guess English speaking countries have so many mainstream shows and movies in their first language that they never felt the need to dub anything until recently.

No. 690181

Yeah I feel like it's not that terrible either. Maybe it's because as an ESL almost everything I watched growing up was a dub of foreign origin so I'm used to it.

No. 690270

Frog anon too and our dubs tend to be good because they try to follow closely the lip movements, so it looks very natural most of the time, and traditional voice actors generally come from theatre rather than TV.

No. 690278

if you use the term MLM and unironically get angry about pyramid schemes you're cringe

No. 690283

ime people who expend a lot of energy being mad about pyramid schemes were once involved in one themselves and got screwed over as a result.

which leads into my next unpopular opinion: people who get caught up in pyramid schemes are not deserving of sympathy. if you're not actively researching anything you're throwing your money and energy into from the get-go, you're retarded and literally asking to get taken advantage of. learn something from the mistake and move on.

No. 690288

agree. How retarded do you have to be to buy into an obvious scam

No. 690306

why do you feel like just out of curiosity

No. 690316

because acting like a clearly shady business is some sort of unstoppable evil that must be taken down when in reality they only got as far as they did because there is no shortage of stupid people in the world just screams reddit cringe to me

No. 690318

File: 1607464607256.png (1.02 MB, 1132x1378, Screenshot 2020-12-08 at 21.52…)

Marriage often makes men more entitled and, paradoxically, less committed. BUT it's the safer option for women with children. The first part is probably popular here, but the second part isn't. I would never purposefully have children out of wedlock. This article had me thinking about it again, and it depressed me so much kek. It's stupid it pissed me off so much, as it's only one couple/one data point.


They measured hormone levels throughout a wedding service, and the groom had a HUGE surge of testosterone, with only a small increase of oxytocin compared to the bride. The scientist theorised because the bridesmaids looked hot all dressed up, the groom got horny… I mean, he's not going to admit to that, is he? So who knows… I felt so bad for her.

No. 690320

Yep, it's the same reason why I don't have any sympathy for apple consumers who get angry with each hike in price for new products and having to pay extra for features that used to be included free. They're only doing it because you idiots keep buying it.

No. 690367

Why does that whole chart make me feel sick? Men are nasty. I'm sure James wanted Linda, too.

No. 690416

File: 1607469359170.jpg (14.72 KB, 320x400, s-l400.jpg)

I think using filters/skin smoothing is okay (to an extent). Everyone has a high definition camera on their phone nowadays, it's not like Ye Olden Days when most people used cheap Kodak cameras or Polaroids and only took low quality photos. Any recent phone shows every detail, pore, and stray hair on your face, shit that you would never notice irl. I don't blame people for using filters and wanting to look their best, especially when women are harshly judged for any small flaw.

No. 690425

I think it's one thing to use a filter to even out any skin blemishes but I draw the line at the ones that change the actual structure of your face and unironically share the scrote opinion that it is "lying" about what you look like.

No. 690435

I find it so boring to talk about. I don't know how the antiMLM sub on reddit is so popular. Yes pyramid schemes are bad but I don't need to spend time getting angry about it and talking about how they're bad.

No. 690475

I think moderating any online community for free is pathetic and sad, whether it's reddit or lolcow, sorry farmhands. Like yes I agree to dedicate a certain number of hours out of my day to dealing with retards on a subreddit/imageboard for no pay and almost no gratitude. No I would not rather be spending the one life I have doing anything else.

No. 690500

I mean, if we want to have and use these spaces, we kind of need people who are willing to maintain them. I don’t think it’s automatically pathetic to spend time on maintaining something you like, just because nobody is paying you for it. I would question my life choices if I somehow ended up taking care of some cesspool like kf, but I’m pretty biased there. lolcow doesn’t have too many issues for an image board imo.

No. 690602

Not really invested in the antiMLM scene myself, but I can imagine it's intensely unsettling if someone close to you gets sucked in. Seems like often all your interactions become their covert attempts to recruit you, must be horrible in a kinda unique way you rarely see elsewhere.

Not even close to the same thing, but I remember selling plush toys at a con once because a friend's friend had bailed and they hired me to replace her. After I had spent half a day in "cheerfully persuade randos to buy this stuff" mode, some of my old friends walked by, and I noticed spewing the same shit at them in the middle of our chatting about what's new in our lives. I didn't even have any stakes in the business but still did this and was creeped out by myself when I noticed, can't imagine what it's like when your income depends on recruiting and you're in this mode all the time and every old friend is a potential new recruit.

No. 690607

Oreo filling is fucking disgusting

No. 690611

Agree, it's way too sweet. I don't understand how people can eat the doubled stuffed ones. Oreo flavored things (like ice cream) are delicious though.

No. 690613

Tbf when I was a farmhand I just cleaned up as I was browsing normally and I would check reports when I was waiting for things at work in the same way you might refresh your social media feed.
Raids and farmhand discussions took up time for sure but those didn't happen muchmaybe I was just a shit lower tier mod though.


No. 690732

Oreos suck ass. The filling is sugary, the cookie is too dry, the taste and aroma bland. I will never understand the popularity. Same with Doritos. The chip itself is dry and flavorless and eating them just feel like chewing spoonfuls of dry spices.

No. 690812

Anyone who dates an ugly man because of his """personality""" is delusional. Men do not have any personality to make up for their looks.

No. 690814

t. world-renowned supermodel?

No. 690820

Hope you look amazing anon because you sound like shit

No. 690821

If one with hair would hit me up that'd be class.

No. 690831

I kind of agree. I know way too many cute and downright beautiful girls who bring far more to the table in terms of looks and effort in appearance than the guys they date or even marry.

No. 690852

I like how the guests oxytocin levels were negative or very low lmao

No. 690945

NTA, but seethe, lmao. If men are allowed to have standards, so are we.

No. 691156

File: 1607557964219.jpeg (52.36 KB, 322x450, B579A85D-0096-480B-9BBE-B8B875…)

Christmas covers are fun and nice to listen to, I also love all I want for Christmas is you and lame Christmas movies with overly used stories and themes.

No. 691203

At best a scrote will be boring as fuck and at worst they're abusive. Girls dating ugly men just need to admit they're desperate.

No. 691276

I'm not attracted to 99% of men, not exaggerating. I used to think I was retarded, but every woman I've spoken to in RL has said the same kek.

No. 691469

Sex work is only bad because of how abusive and unhinged scrotes are. If scrotes knew how to respect women/sex workers then it would be an easy mode job, even being a prostitute would be easy if scrotes werent so dangerous.

No. 691473

Samefag. And even doing stuff like cam work isnt easy because you have men coming in chats just to verbally abuse you, you get stalkers and dudes begging. That's why a lot of cam girls seem mentally ill and fold under pressure. Even people like bell delphine eventually showed signs of cracking.

No. 691479

Why do men talk shit for so long after a breakup? It's been two years and this guy is still spreading rumors about me.

No. 691480

Because his ego was hurt. I've met scrotes who are still bitter about girls who left them in highschool. "I'm sad because I'm not over my ex"….bruh it's been a decade.

No. 691504

If you're one of those types of people who say things just to get a reaction out of people, you're one of the lowest life forms.

No. 691542

so…you don't have issues with turning female sexuality into commodity? or monetization and objectification of the female form?

No. 691548

If you give beta and omega males any access to your pussy (either for free or as a sex 'work'), you are a disgrace and should kys. Low value males do not deserve to taste, sniff or see real pussy. They should be left alone while deathgripping their pathetic dicks to loli hentai.

No. 691551

These things are only an issue because men make them out to be a bad thing. There are gay sex workers who suffer the same issues as women do. If men knew how to respect sex workers then it would be a decent job for people who are low key lazy

No. 691559

>sex work
>for lowkey lazy people
I don’t think so, anon, like sure, people are into some random stuff and anyone can be anyone else’s reason to masturbate but if anyone wants to have a decent life while doing sex work, they will want to appeal a majority of a crowd and that means the people into pretty decent looking people if not into beautiful people that are willing to do anything for their lowlife asses.
That means you would need to take care of yourself and workout, if you’re too lazy to do a 9 to 5 job, you’re probably going to be too lazy to actually take care of yourself in order to be appealing.
I mean, isn’t sex work a 24/7 type of shitty work?

No. 691563

vtubers fucking suck and most of the time are creepy and seem like audience wish fulfillment. to me it doesn't seem much different than scrotes watching harem anime

also I'm getting real sick of weebshit and weeb communities in general, I will always treasure the anime I watched in the past but I think I'm outgrowing most modern anime which has been the case for a few years now. Too much coomershit, it all interests me less and less, and it's a bunch of overgrown scrotes and underagers with almost no in between in weeb discussion circles, I'm sick of it after being entrenched in that shit for years

No. 691565

Nta but lmao tons of people who are too lazy for a 9-5 are doing sex work precisely because it is a lazy ass job. I see sex workers all the time who are unappealing as fuck get by. Any difference is usually made up with welfare because they tend to have kids and are 'unemployed' on paper.
Seriously there's so many fat bitches with bad teeth doing sw and all they need is one or two dedicated sugars while they sift for desperate johns to fill in the money gaps. It's not difficult.

No. 691571

Spreading your legs for an hour to make $100 beats 9 hours of wage slaving to make the same amount. Sex work would be the perfect job for lazy people if you didnt have to risk being murdered by some scrote or raped.

No. 691606

File: 1607623593500.jpg (1.56 MB, 1257x1663, Sasaki_Kojirou.jpg)

Long hair on fictional men > long hair on real men.

No. 691620

More like: fictional men > real men

No. 691650

Exactly. If wage jobs were easier then that's what they'd be doing. It should say something that some people would rather be harassed and risk rape or worse than show up at McDonald's for 8 hours. Yikes.

No. 691688

No. 691693

I'm not just talking about stuff like only fans but real sex work like prostitution and being a sugar baby. Those would be easy/lazy jobs if you dont care about fucking randoms. Fucking a scrote who is going to cum in 3 minutes anyway for 100+? Way easier than working at McDonald's if scrotes knew how to treat people.

No. 691696

Lol there's tons of ways to get sex and attention from men without the hassle of a social media platform designed to collect money in exchange for the service. Exhibitionists were already out there doing it long before OF, the influx of sex work on OF is strictly about the money.

No. 691712

I dont understand why its socially acceptable to hook up with men you barely know from tinder but agreeing to have sex with the same people in return for cash for free food is wrong

No. 691723

No. 691724

Lolcow should loosen up and let expand to be like the next 4chan but female concentrated. No one really gives a shit about cows anymore becuz people are more self aware on the internet and less likely to act complete retarded.

No. 691729

no it's not, men's opinions have nothing to do with sexwork making sex into a commodity.

No. 691737

I don't think it's wrong, just don't push that shit as empowering or whatever the fuck they are trying to do now.
Like yes if fucking for cash is empowering to you cool, but they try to make it seem like it's some feminist movement that can't be judged.
And most the people doing it aren't really even doing footwork, they are bitches like Shayna who are safe in their home, posting pictures.
It's dangerous and I feel like soon it's going to become wrong to speak about how dangerous sex work is.

No. 691739

>wants lolcow to be the next 4chan
please anything but this

No. 691743

The push having sex with scrotes you met on tinder and have only known for an hour for free as empowering and everyone seems ok with that. Men actually hate the idea of having to pay for sex.

No. 691746

>people are more self aware on the internet and less likely to act complete retarded.
lol no

No. 691751

no they don't, incels love sex workers because it gets them sex without needing to date or be chad. sex for money implies necessity. sex with a guy you are interested in implies it's on your terms. the way you are talking about dating seems more like incel talk since they view dating as a form of paying for sex.

No. 691755

Ew no wtf, imagine wanting to be like 4chan, fucking newfag

No. 691765

Neither is empowering. Jesus this website fucking sucks now. Fucking a man for free feels unfair because you have shit standards.
If you had knowledge about incel discourse, eeuuhgg, the majority of them express disgust at the idea of using a prostitute actually because whores are even more subhuman than femoids and fucking them doesn’t “count”.

No. 691769

incels definitely like hookers, anon.

No. 691785

They don’t like them, they like the service the provide.

No. 691827

Physical appearance is such a boring talking point and I can't for the life of me understand how anyone gets enjoyment out of nitpicking a cow's looks, unless it's something laughably outrageous or grotesque like Amanda Baggs or gimpgirl.

No. 691828

i think some of them totally deserve the nitpicking, like pnp. she's so obsessed with her looks its funny seeing anons come up with something completely new to shit her on

No. 691832

I'm not really focused on whether or not it's deserved, I just personally find it boring. I can't stand PnP's thread specifically because it's almost nothing but this.

No. 691846

no fucking shit, that's not what i meant.

No. 691848

>tfw I'll never be as attracted to real people as I am to anime waifus and husbandos

No. 691922

thick rimmed glasses are ugly and unflattering

No. 691935


No. 691938

How many times do we have to say this is the Unpopular Opinions thread
>actual unpopular opinion regarding Big Mouth since
It legitimately has moments of really good writing/character development

No. 691947

i don't like bald vaginas. i don't see why i should feel like i have to shave all my pubic hair off. it feels normal to have it there. yeah i'll trim it when it gets long but why do i need to do more than that? kind of upsets me tbh

No. 691952

This is for unpopular opinions, are you new here?
>Why should I have to?
You don't

No. 691953

it may be a popular opinion on lolcow but it certainly isn't elsewhere from what i've seen

No. 691954

Plus Bushes on women are cute

No. 691978

agreed. my partner and i just snip the tufts that get in the way and its just fine. Also does anyone get significantly sweatier when they shave their vulva? i live in texas and i’d get an actual dot on my pants if i sat down for too long in the heat

No. 691982

Totally, it’s really not a popular opinion everywhere else. Nta but same, I shave mine once a month and let it grow out but just trim the sides, I think it looks cuter with stubble or a little bush than it does completely bald but also I have a fat fucking freckle right above my mound so I think it looks weird to be bald then just that

No. 691984

Big agree. I used to shave or fucking wax (RIP) completely bc that’s all I learned, but I never liked how my pubic area looked. Didn’t know why. I keep a nice trimmed bush now and I fucking love it, I think it’s so cute weirdly, kek.

No. 692016

No not weirdly, you’re allowed to say that it’s cute anon. Im hoping one day people start to realize that shaving pure bald isn’t worth the trouble.

And (sorry to be that person but) it’s kind of frustrating that we are expected to hide certain signs of physical maturity by default anyway

No. 692039

Pubes are the eyebrows of the crotch. They look best when they're neat and tidy but none at all makes you look like a bald alien.

No. 692087

>Also does anyone get significantly sweatier when they shave their vulva?
Yes!! I don't even live in a hot climate, it's really weird. Maybe it's always kinda swampy down there and without hair to sop it up it's just more noticeable..? I have no idea.
Lol, words to live by

No. 692268

hard agree. my bf said he prefers it with no hair but he doesn't mind either way and that sort of made me insecure but i still don't see the need to make it hairless.

No. 692270

is this pube convo still going? i hope anons just do what you like. i personally hate body hair of all kinds, even on men. i even shave my upper arms and the peach fuzz on my face. i also hate when men have thick or dark body hair but shave their pubes? it looks retarded af.

No. 692295

I don't see why it's any less okay to shit on poor people than fat people. They're both brought on by a series of poor life choices and lack of discipline, with few exceptions. They're both gross. They both can get bitter, entitled, and cringey AF.

Either both are okay to shit on or neither are okay to shit on. Poorfags don't get to shit on fatty-chans then get butthurt when people point out that it's their own fault they're drowning in student loan debt for picking a degrees that are notoriously worthless.

No. 692298

Preach, anon, what are you saying is the truth.

No. 692302

Americans need to stop thinking the entire planet is exactly like their own country. People don't necessarily become poor just because of student loans, especially when it's barely a thing in many countries.

No. 692303

There's a difference between someone who was born into a poor family and someone who became poor because they made bad decisions in life.

No. 692304

Less talking more licking, I want them boots shiny

No. 692308

File: 1607702300556.jpg (97.05 KB, 668x1134, rococo.jpg)

Men's fashion peaked in the rococo period and it has gone downhill since

No. 692309

File: 1607702370803.jpg (33.33 KB, 490x752, rococo2.jpg)

No. 692310

The same logic can be used for fatties too, though? If you grow up in a family that feeds you like shit to the point where you're 250lbs before you're even an adult, it's extremely hard to lose weight. Hence why I said either both are okay or neither are okay.

Why is it that anytime someone bitches about an American issue like student loans, someone always has to point out there's a world outside of America? Like yeah… we know. We shouldn't have to put a disclaimer anytime we mention something America specific on a board that's majority American.

No. 692311


No. 692312

Did the mean anon trigger you by suggesting your art degree was a mistake?

No. 692319

No. 692326

Holy shit this needs to make a come back. Maybe altered a bit to suit modern fashion so it's not too outlandish.

No. 692329

Not everyone has the same values as you and there's something wrong with you if you don't get it.
I respect people with art degrees more than basic morons with a boomer mentality who pursue things they hate and lash out at others for doing what they like.

No. 692407

I’m about to sound like such a boomer but I hate how a lot of people my age, unless they have a business (kind of debatable) or economics degree, seem to be socialists or communists. Whenever i try to explain to them why their ideas will inevitably fuck up the same people they want to desperately help they just call my major heartless and soulless because we use math and aren’t “critical”
I also really really hate how twitter has reduced economics to be “these 2 lines intersect which is why poor people must exist”

No. 692410

>poor life decisions
Some people have to start working early on to support parents that have a disability. Perhaps oneof the parents even died and they're required to take care of a sibling(s). If you're stuck working full-time and taking care of someone else, you're not going to be able to get your law degree unless you have an insane support system. Going to garner thst most of the people stuck in and endless cycle of poverty don't though.
This is one of the most privileged, sheltered things that I've seen someone post here. People that can't keep from gorging themselves on Doritos and Fun Dip are are fat because they lack self control.

No. 692415

Because one of the very few reasons why someone could be poor according to you is student loans. You realize that a shit ton of people all over the planet are way poorer ans worse off than middle class or lower class Americans with a student loans, yet that's one of the first example you use? Not how people could have loans in general but specifically student loans? There are so many reasons why people become poor or are born into poverty and stay that way because the system is rigged against them and you use that example first, how am I supposed to take you seriously?

>We shouldn't have to put a disclaimer anytime we mention something America specific on a board that's majority American.

Thanks for proving my point with just one sentence.

No. 692438

it's funny, most of the young people i encounter are classical Liberals. the most radical strategy that they advocate is some wealth distribution and market regulation, and they largely base their arguments on what i think is an ineffective moralistic philosophy. do you think that liberal democracy can cope with modern problems like mass migration and new modes of domination though? from my perspective people are generally resigned to the current order of things, but i'm very pessimistic about the future that it presents us with

No. 692443

the issue with some of these people getting degrees isn't the degree itself, but the entitlement. these people either think too highly of themselves and get pissed off when they can only get a trash retail job, or they are brainwashed by doting parents that they are some kind of prodigy and drink the useless degre kool-aid. one of my friends is the 2nd and she resents her parents for letting her get a degree that kept her in near poverty only to go back and get a simple business degree and have way more prospects.

No. 692523

The full nudity and sex scenes in euphoria are unnecessary. You can show 14-16 year olds the issues about sex and life without making softcore porn.

No. 692524

I've never watched it but listened to someone talking about it on youtube, it sounds like skins but at least skins made me look at them like trainwrecks, euphoria seems to show shit like that in a romanticized way? I have no idea why adults keep writing teens having sex, nasty.

No. 692526

Naw skins wasnt anywhere near as vulgar as this. The women in this show are overly sexualized imo.

No. 692534

Oh fuck really? All i knew before that video was that they did lots of editorial type of make up on it, sounds gross, not gonna watch it.

No. 692541

I don't agree with the premise that Euphoria is worse than Skins in that regard. They just have the excuse of being on HBO, which is why they can get away with showing more nudity and sex scenes. The creators of Skins were definitely trying to romanticize self-destructive teen behavior, as well as sexualize the female characters.

The actress who played Michelle in the 1st gen of Skins, April Pearson, has a IG show where she talks to actresses who are well-known for playing specific characters, as is the case for her w/Michelle. On one recent episode, she had on Dakota Blue Richards, who played Franky in the 3rd gen. Anyone who watched all the seasons of Skins probably knows that Franky was one of the most hated/controversial characters on the show, because she went through such a drastic personality shift from season 5 to season 6 (started off an androgynous, quiet, artsy type who was uncomfortable with intimacy in season 5; became overtly feminine, dressed in revealing outfits, was suddenly fucking everyone, acting super toxic, etc in season 6).

Richards revealed that it was a snap decision made by one of the creators upon seeing all the female characters line up in bathing suits as a sort of test run for the first episode of season 6. Apparently Richards had on some sort of masculine shorts + t-shirt combo, and the creator just said "I'm bored, make it sexy," and Franky's character was almost completely rewritten overnight. Apparently Richards was super against it and spoke out about it, but was vehemently shut down by the creators and told she was just trying to cause problems. She also said that a lot of other fucked up stuff happened behind scenes with the actors, most of which were technically of legal age in the UK, but still pretty young for whatever was going on. Pearson kind of alluded to going through similar stuff during her time on Skins, but neither really went that much into detail about it.

No. 692591

aussie accents are so ugly and grating and german accents are the cutest

No. 692633

Arby's has been, is, and will continue to be delicious.

No. 692645

Emma Watson is a crap actress. I didn't even think she was all that great as Hermione.

No. 692659

Only women who have some kind of mental illness engage in casual sex with strangers. Never met a sane girl woman who does it.

No. 692680

Oh no not this again

No. 692683

hahaha sänk yu mai deerist, aiem gläd to heer sätt!

No. 692700

Girl, I just read this copypasta browsing through the complaints thread in /meta/. I get it, but it's not worth the fight

No. 692703

i have a friend who i'd consider a slut in that sense and i don't know what she might have besides daddy issues lmao. i think it doesn't always require a diagnosis, just poor impulse control and a lizard brain

No. 692722

There are 3 kind of women who engage in casual sex.
1. Girls going through a life trauma and trying to get validation and are desperate
2. Mental illness
3. Manipulative orbiter collectors

I never met a woman who does it for sexual pleasure. It's always one of those reasons.

No. 692724

subscription boxes are stupid as fuck and wasteful. if you have to have a subscription box for things like razors and shampoo instead of getting your ass out the door and buying it yourself or merely purchasing it online when you need it, then sorry you're just lazy as shit. plus that, those boxes will probably come with things now and then that you don't want and are never going to use and just throw away.

No. 692731

agreed. not even memeing, my desire to fuck random strangers goes away entirely when i'm taking the right meds and have an actual support system

No. 692732

>I never met a woman who does it for sexual pleasure.

right because you know all of the women in the world. and have such a GREAT LARGE sample size of women to talk to that you just know it can't be possible.

No. 692735

Regarding 1., does the validation have to stem from a life trauma and not just a need to feel physically and emotionally validated for a night?
I can both hook up for sexual pleasure and the momentary validation while knowing full well I don't want a committed relationship.

I can see why hookup culture is toxic in a lot of ways but it's a shame to see regressive attitudes that deny women from having impulsive sexual urges and a need to feel sexually validated. Just reminds me of sexist stereotypes, like we have to be uwu in deep marital love in order to receive a proper lay.

No. 692739

Life trauma can mean anything. No friends? Job sucks? Not feeling attractive enough?
Sleeping with random scrotes is a quick fix for it.

No. 692742

Feeling unattractive is trauma? Lol.

No. 692743

Samefag or you could fall into the last option of scrote collector. You get off on having a bunch of guys trying to fuck/date you because the kind of scrotes into casual sex like to so the exact opposite of what women ask. Are you into relationships?they dont want one. Do you not want a relationship? Suddenly they're inlove with you and working their hardest to "win" and make you their gf.

No. 692747

>Do you not want a relationship? Suddenly they're inlove with you and working their hardest to "win" and make you their gf.
not to sound naive but is that really a thing? i always thought it was a coincidence that the less i showed interest in a guy, the more he'd start to like me

No. 692749

No it's not a coincidence. Men hate being used for sex just as much as women do.

No. 692752

i'm not referring to sex i'm talking about male friends, the ones i'm more distant towards become very clingy towards me and it's always made me uncomfortable

No. 692755

File: 1607745292061.jpeg (248.27 KB, 1242x817, 15B635CB-ACD3-413E-BF0C-427E3F…)

No. 692757

A lot of men want what they cant have. Once you start giving them the same energy then they're going to call you a crazy butch.

No. 692779

Tiktok is better than youtube

No. 692782

Current Rebel Willson after the her weight loss can get it

No. 692786

i agree, maybe in part because i've known some really awful human beings who were australian. i used to think the accent was cute and charming but now i hate it and i associate their country with psychopaths and murderers. i dislike a lot of british accents as well and find them supremely obnoxious.

some accents i like are african, icelandic, russian, and irish

No. 692790

Pasta is actually really good for losing weight

No. 692792

Right?? She looks good

No. 692793

Kek this was effective

No. 692804

Here's an even more spicy opinion: No celebrity has an excuse to be obese in the first place. They have access to a better quality of life and help than the majority of people on this planet, plus limitless surgeries. It's only a shame that what probably did her in was her fading self-esteem and not the reality that she was squandering her opportunities.

Anyways, let's clap for the celebrities who made it against all odds. /s

No. 692821

i don't really have that negative association with australia, idk why the accent gets on my nerves so much kek. i'm okay with most british accents though
>some accents i like are african, icelandic, russian, and irish
i agree on irish and russian! i also think jamaican is cool

No. 692825

On the topic of accents, Spanish accent sounds weird in most languages, it always makes me cringe so much, but I love it when people that speak any other language speak Spanish with a thick accent, it sounds delicious, almost scrumptious, for some reason.

No. 692837

Pickme is a roundabout form of slut shaming

No. 692839

Tbh I don't think you know what a pickme is.

No. 692843

idk, if I was rich and famous I think I would get seriously fat. Constantly access to any and all food you want, always being invited out to michelin star restaurants and going drinking all the time? Sure, I could afford a personal trainer and a chef but the tempation to overeat would be constant. If I managed to stay thin it would be thanks to shame and pressure, not money.

No. 692845

You’re misinformed about what a pickme is if you think this.

No. 692847

While loli/shota is disgusting and gross, I think most people who end up looking at it are not attracted to children and will grow out of it. Most of them are probably younger than 16 and don't fully understand that it is creepy just because it is drawn. Considering how easily accessible that shit is on porn and hentai websites it's easy to normalize unfortunately.

No. 692857

this happened to me, I was groomed into liking it

No. 692876

Same here, I also thought it made me cool and ~not like other girls~ to like loli. I didn't really like it or look at it, but I made SFW art with young characters and would parrot the usual "they're just drawings, she's 1000 years old, don't censor art" talking points. Cringe.

No. 692957

I thought Aussie accents were generally considered ugly and grating. I used to dislike them too until I watched a lot of an Australian youtuber, now I don’t even notice the accent much.

No. 692986

Rice cakes are a waste of calories.

No. 692991

>SFW art with younger characters
god damn when I first heard of loli, that's all I'd ever seen so I didn't mind. I hadn't seen the depths of hentai yet, only cute clothed drawings that I liked in a girly anime fan way. either petite-looking or what I perceived as chibi. I was really naive

No. 692998

I was never aware that it’s literal children. I liked lolis for the aesthetic like they’re tiny and uwu cute and so on. I really thought it’s an art style like chibi but a bit more “realistic “. Nowadays I can’t look at loli art without cringing. I my weebdays I thought everything the Japanese do is cool so…

No. 693000

I'm the anon above you and that's exactly how I felt. I wish it were that innocent, I miss being a dumb kid on deviantart who liked kawaii drawings. Sometimes I still like how the sfw drawings look then I think it's probably sus though.
I agree with OP, I think there are more like us. doesn't make it not fucked up to exist but I'm not thinking it's always irl pedos

No. 693012

loli started to really gross me out when I found out about lo magazine cause they look like actual children in that

No. 693019

anisa is cute

No. 693021

>I my weebdays I thought everything the Japanese do is cool so…
How embarrassing lol

No. 693027

Not every single song that has a baritone singer and a strong, prominent bassline sounds like Joy Division, jfc.

No. 693029

>until I watched a lot of an Australian youtuber
that's how i realized i hated it

No. 693031

File: 1607784587941.jpg (97.85 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

I can't take anyone who uses the word "Islamophobia" seriously, like Islam is literally every type of -phobia in the world, and in pretty much every Muslim country If you're a non-muslim you are basally a sub-human in all ways and treated like the lowest forms of trash, however people if you slightly criticize the Arab Supremacy cult started by a pedophile rapist you're somehow the worst bigot in the world

No. 693038

You'd just have to get lipo/gastric bypass/tummy tucks like they do and then problem solved. Rinse and repeat.

No. 693065

Anon, I think you are being really reductive in your view. Noone is saying that countries where islam is the dominant religion are perfect and beyond criticism. You can both believe that those countries are shitholes and that people who practice Islam are normal and see that Muslims face a lot of prejudices that need to be called out.
I think you stayed online too much, because being critical of Muslims is much more popular irl than people being cognizant of the bigotry against Muslims.

No. 693069

70% of Islamophobia is mostly racism, they would suffer the same abuse if they were Christian or Hindu or whatever, but 30% is genuine criticism of Islam that Muslims will kill you for
It is braver for someone to mock that faith knowing full well they might be killed, then any sort of retard sjw who defends the Pedophile rapist

No. 693075

File: 1607791057101.jpeg (51.76 KB, 540x540, EB9297C6-DB50-4800-B000-3A6D2C…)

I remember having a retarded logic as a kid, I wouldn’t go anywhere that had an 18+ sign, but I used to look at lolisho stuff in anime forums because my brain said well, since they’re not over 18, this is made for our age range, go for it! and that’s how I fucked up myself for a few years until I started reading more in english and paying more attention to what I was doing.
Which is why I think kids shouldn’t be allowed to use any devices that can be connected to the internet until they’re at least 18 years old.

No. 693082

Bald men look bad. Like I'm not even sure how unpopular this is, but whenever I see people discussing baldness, someone feels the need to chime in that bald is sexy, and to not feel bad, to wear it with confidence, because mature women like a confident, balding guy. I'm nearing 30 and absolutely do not find baldness attractive on anyone. I like a beautiful head of hair. I get it, balding sucks, and people try to live with the best they can, but there's no man that looks better bald than with a full head of hair. I also hate the idea of dating a man longterm and him losing his hair, even though I know I will with age too.

No. 693084

If it makes you feel any better both Maternal 80 year old and Paternal 82 grandfathers still have full heads or hair despite going through 2 wars, cancer and 4 dictatorship periods

No. 693085

Hard agree, once I had some kid on kid on reddit tell me loli is ok becaus it's "porn for kids by kids". It's fucked up

No. 693087

>She also said that a lot of other fucked up stuff happened behind scenes with the actors, most of which were technically of legal age in the UK, but still pretty young for whatever was going on. Pearson kind of alluded to going through similar stuff during her time on Skins, but neither really went that much into detail about it.

Interesting anon, thanks. What are they alluding to? Sexual harassment? Sexual abuse? Drugs? I'm confused. Also, I just checked the interview and it goes on for an hour and half! Do you remember (roughly) when they talk about this?

No. 693092

The vast majority of people uses the word islamophobia to refer to racism towards brown people in general as long as they look like they could vaguely come from a maybe muslim country. I don't get why people can't separate the issue of racism towards them well, more like "us" since that includes me too, and I've never been a believer in anything in particular and actual discrimination towards people who are actually muslim. I have a black friend who talked to me about this because she's from the caribbean islands who told me she was shocked that islamophobia was worse than racism towards black people once she arrived in France métropolitaine, it's was really hard to explain to her that a shit ton of black people over here suffer from islamophobia and a shit ton of north africans suffer from straight up racism.

>and in pretty much every Muslim country If you're a non-muslim you are basally a sub-human in all ways and treated like the lowest forms of trash

Now that I think about it, isn't it kind of a recent phenomenon? It's not just something that happens in the middle east because of cultural divide but also for political reasons, right, because of everything that happened during the cold war?

No. 693094

Are you me? That was literally my mindset, too. I thought it was literally meant for kids.

No. 693097

File: 1607795531804.jpg (215.88 KB, 1600x900, 20170713.jpg)

>porn for kids by kids
Are you sure it was a kid?

No. 693098

>Now that I think about it, isn't it kind of a recent phenomenon? It's not just something that happens in the middle east because of cultural divide but also for political reasons, right, because of everything that happened during the cold war?

Throughout history most Muslim states have treated non-Muslims as subhumans, however during the cold war many(but not all) Muslim nations were being led by Ethnic Nationalists and Socialists and often were backed by the Soviets so they would stay in power, they supported ethnic solidity regardless of religion in their nations and did many undemocratic things like imprisoning Islamic religious leaders and suppressing religion on a state level, the CIA funded radical Islamists and Jihadists to counter socialism when the Soviet Union started falling this led to the rise of Islamic republics

the reason Islam is fundamentally flawed is Muslims legitimately believe that 7th century Arabia was the blue print for all of humanity and that a man who raped both a 9 year and 17 respectively was the greatest human being who ever lived and as close to Human perfection that you can get

No. 693117

I checked his post history and he said he was 13, ofc it could have been a pedo larping but sadly it's not uncommon for teenagers who started using the internet very young to be completely desensitized to porn especially on a shithole like reddit where it's practically part of the culture

No. 693124

im glad theres a death penalty and im glad brandon bernard got executed! boggles my fucking mind that retards on twitter are crying over this absolute scumbag. people like him make me wish hell was real so he could rot in it for eternity. how the fuck can you feel sorry for a person like that? he was absolute scum of the earth and people defending him are either subhuman 70 iq inbreds or just so far up the asshole of this whole uwu wokeism degeneracy that they have no clue how fucking detached from reality they are and sound to people who aren't mentally fucking deranged

No. 693141

I wish women become pretty for herself not to please man

No. 693146

i wish woman be person and no need pretty

No. 693149

I wish man become pretty to please woman

No. 693150

i agree. i deleted 90% of social media so i only saw what was going on after he died, but when i googled it i was fucking ASTOUNDED. he murdered a woman by setting her on fire next to her dead husband in the boot of her own car when she was still alive after surviving being shot herself, what the FUCK. and i’ve seen tons of people saying ‘he was only 18!!!!’ like … as if that’s a normal thing any 18 year old could do?!!!?? and these are the same people who cry when white men are treated the same way for doing evil shit, so the double standard is laughable. they rightfully wouldn’t treat a non-black man like that, so they shouldn’t have treated that lunatic in that way either. but yeah, the whole situation is just INSANE.

No. 693153

File: 1607803648427.png (30.69 KB, 598x413, Screenshot_2020-12-13 TALIA JA…)

also see people coming to the Defense of Alfred Bourgeois who ABUSED, RAPED AND KILLED A 2 YEAR OLD GIRL

No. 693155

I wish women would simp for their female friends the way men simp for their male friends. Guys be simping so hard its borderline homosexual.

No. 693156

I agree and I can't believe people give a shit about the lives of these two men. They did unforgivable acts, and if they had the opportunity, they'd probably do it again.

No. 693159

File: 1607804133184.png (15.64 KB, 945x307, Screenshot_2020-12-13 Alfred B…)

but their victims of unfair system anon/s

No. 693164

I hate that when talking about unfair treatment of black people, activists always choose the worst people to use as the face of a movement. Like Jacob Blake. I never checked to confirm if it was true or just something made up by people who don't support BLM, but apparently he sexually assaulted a woman. I understand the real argument which isn't that we should protect rapists and murderers, but just that black people are treated unfairly in the justice system, but we don't have to choose these awful people to make a statement. Makes it so hard for me so support.

No. 693167

I mean even George Floyd had a horrible record, abusing women, cheating on his wife and attacking a pregnant woman, and people replied with "we can't expect everyone to be saints" but no asked him to be a saint or prefect, he was just objectively horrible human being

No. 693171

meanwhile people they don't want to like are monsters for merely being impolite to women.

No. 693172

I'm glad that George Floyd died. Being choked to death was a taste of his own medicine

No. 693174

Me too, men need to follow nature’s order and please the female gaze.

No. 693175

Does it matter what he was like through? The law is supposed to be above petty revenge and mob justice. No matter how unlikable the person affected is.

No. 693177

Men should literally be fighting to death with each other in order to gain a woman's favor, not this modern passive aggressive shit

No. 693180

The only thing worse than straight up bald is baldING. Some guys can pull off a shaved head but a receeding hair line or bald patch makes me dry up like the sahara desert. It's possibly one of the most unattractive traits possible whereas beautiful hair can take a guy from meh to 10/10.

I hate that you could marry a guy without knowing he has male pattern baldness. I also hate hatfishers on tinder, so many times I can't tell if an attractive guy simply likes hats or is trying to hide his lack of hair. I've decided against meeting them just in case.

No. 693182

This. This is the right answer.

No. 693187

Ayrt, I agree that he wasn't a great person at fucking all, and had he been imprisoned or something for what he did no one woulda cared. The issue was that a police officer executed him without the right to. I also don't think the officer would have even known about his record. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but, I don't believe federal offenses would show up if a officer runs plates. Who even knows if he ran Floyd's plates though.

That being said though, I'm glad someone like Breonna Taylor got as much attention as she did, despite the fact her name got made into a meme. Especially now knowing that the officers involved could have sexually assaulted her and other women.

No. 693188

I know it's possible, my maternal grandpa also had a full head of hair up until his death. But asking a guy for photos of his dad and grandpa entering a relationship would be a bit too superficial. And still, genetics are a fucky thing.

No. 693189

Full vid reveals he was high as a kite and screeching about being unable to breathe while sitting in a car completely untouched lol… that's the real reason cops ignored him. Fucking crackhead. Autopsy discovered he had fentanyl, meth and cannabinoids in his system, in addition to having heart disease, hypertension, sickle cell trait AND was positive for fucking coronavirus lmao. I'm also glad this double digit IQ fuckup is dead.

No. 693195

>genetics are a fucky thing.
right about that, My dad had a full head of hair but started losing bis hair when he reached his late 30's, and while my dad's brothers still all have full heads of hair, 2 of my cousins are going bald already while their mid 20's, it really makes no sense

No. 693200

I agree. Islam is a cancer and should be banned IMO. All religions should be, but especially Islam and Catholicism.

No. 693211

File: 1607811127549.jpg (110.64 KB, 600x400, loren_fence.jpg)

Sophia Loren is a bit uggo. She's always picked in the 'most beautiful' threads, and the same make-up plastered, cleverly lighted, blurry lens pics are chosen. I've seen enough candids… she's beaky and rough.

No. 693219

some of us like a woman with harsher features. Those eyebrows are atrocious though

No. 693236

Pheobe was the only good character in Friends

No. 693238

File: 1607814050764.jpg (137.07 KB, 1000x1000, sophia-loren-eating-spaghetti-…)

>she's beaky and rough
Um, yeah? That's exactly why I find her hot lmao

No. 693239

File: 1607814287124.jpg (19.32 KB, 300x300, p-friends-david-schwimmer.jpg)

No. 693240

Anyone got the comic where human men act like male birds?

No. 693241


Exactly, she's so unique looking and yet conventionally attractive enough. This picture is great

No. 693242

Hear hear

Worst character ever

No. 693246

I hate that most of the beauty gurus do only drag-inspired makeup or boring reviews of their PR packages. The only MUA I trust is Picturresque.

No. 693248

I think the people bitching about the lack of AI in cyberpunk city npcs sound like they've never actually been to a city before. If people disappeared after turning corners irl I wouldn't even notice, people in that setting are no more than background noise or obstacles to my destination. I feel the game sold the feeling of traversing an overpopulated shithole decently enough. Its also pretty satisfying to shove past people walking slowly in front of you kek. I'm much more bothered by the people having the same convos every time you pass by them. It seems like some of them were supposed to be unmarked side quests or something. I know there's a lot of other flaws that break immersion, but this one complaint I see repeated ad nauseum. Maybe my standards are low because I never played GTA.

No. 693259

Minimalism is fucking stupid.

I know there are different types and levels of minimalism, I'm not talking about all of it. I'm not talking about people for example who try to use what they have instead of buying new stuff they don't need, or multipurposing things they already own instead of owning different versions of the same thing.

I'm talking about more extreme minimalism, like people in these youtube videos of "I only own 40 items". What even is the point of that? People like that always have this sense of smugness too. I don't care if it's better for the environment, I want to enjoy life and have a place to live that's bigger than 10 square feet.

No. 693266

File: 1607818032357.jpeg (121.57 KB, 874x898, 70BE68A0-908F-4856-910F-198655…)

I mean, I wouldn’t mind if it was like in the comic. Poor birds though.

No. 693267

They’re probably just larping snufkin.lol

No. 693302

File: 1607824181294.jpg (74.1 KB, 893x893, c509741252f8c55a5809dcd02c57a3…)

some dipshit who looks like a redditor posting youtube videos about their minimalism can never be as good as snufkin. tfw no woodsy nomad bf

No. 693304

File: 1607824361231.jpg (97.48 KB, 376x1600, e27.jpg)

The concept art for Gravity falls was so much better than the ugly,lazy family guy looking art style it has
What the hell

No. 693307

i mean… not really. one is calarts/family guy and one is that unappealing tumblr style we've seen a thousand times. both are bad

No. 693342

I dont mind my friends copying my clothes and hair. I dont see why it bothers people so much. It's nice if my friend just admires me, I would only see it as an issue if she was clearly jealous. People complaining about skin walkers just come off as middle school tier.

No. 693356

Sorry anon but it definitely is disturbing to see a friend go from an extreme end to another, people confusing your photos because they shoop theirs to look like yours. It's not about the muh style but about the mental stability of the walker.

No. 693366

It’s always these white hipster dudes which annoys me so bad because they’re often the face for minimalism and it makes the idea seem really dumb/extreme for no reason because it’s these well off boys with a MacBook and 2 pairs of pants in a backpack sitting in an empty spacious room.

No. 693368

Helicopter parenting has made kids act autistic and coddled

No. 693376

File: 1607832226516.jpg (73.03 KB, 263x275, 1442866062043.jpg)

I just find it weird that a lot of farmers think Loren is one of the most attractive women that has ever existed, her nose being her best asset, yet 15+ threads have been written about Victoria's so-called "tragic" face. Look at both women's candids side by side… and no, I am not Victoria before anyone asks.

No. 693378

idk anon there's a difference between your friends being inspired by you and them blatantly copying everything you do. what you described sounds fine but i had a friend for a while who
>started dressing like me, doing her hair and makeup like me, and typing and talking like me
>getting into all of the same media and hobbies i was into after making fun of them previously
>asking people to call her by a nickname that was close to my actual name
>stole some of my belongings so she could make her room look more like mine
and it was hard to deal with at the time, it makes you feel like your whole life and personality is being hijacked

No. 693382

Anon, the only thing that's similar is their nose. The lip shape, face shape, eyebrows, eyes, makeup etc… are completely different. Also, I think farmers only make fun of how Victoria looks cause of how she talks about herself which I don't completely agree with, but the fact she makes herself out to be some perfect goddess with how she styles herself is ridiculous. If she was some random lady that didn't dress like a scene kid I don't think anyone would care lol. Victoria could look fine (even beautiful depending on who you ask) if she didn't dress like that and wear awful makeup.

No. 693400

I don't even know this chick and I think she's pretty, although I don't like her style

No. 693402

styling is everything

No. 693403

In certain cases I don't think there's anything wrong with the death penalty. Seeing retards on Twitter try and martyr two men who murdered and raped people as somehow being bastions of abolishment for the death penalty made me wanna fucking punch someone. If a capital crime can be proven, is severe enough, and the jury convicts the person as guilty with all evidence pointing to their guilt then for all I fucking care if some child rapist gets executed then execute them. Call me harsh and cruel but some people in this world, serial rapists, serial pedos, and mass murderers, don't deserve to live. And making them "suffer" in prison when a lot of these psychopaths don't feel remorse anyway is a waste of taxpayer dollars in the United States and not much better than executing them. I swear I have this exhausting debate every single time involving the legality of the death penalty and I'm not saying it should be used profusely in every case, but if it's clear the guy who did it did it and he's an evil motherfuck who's likely never going to be redeemed then kill him for all I care.

No. 693406

I want a world where most criminals get death penalty, except for minor crimes. I'm tired of retarded people and criminals being out there. If you kill, rape or molest someone, you stop being a human to me. Simple as that.

No. 693412

Yes there's a discernible difference between "guy gets unfairly arrested for smoking weed / stealing / minor offense" and "guy and his friend kidnap two people, torture them, put them in a car, and light the car on fire". The latter is whom the twitter mouthbreathers were defending recently, a death row inmate from Texas. The guy was 18 when he did it, I'm tired of them using the excuse that it somehow justifies it. At 18 you should probably be aware that homicide is wrong. He was in a gang too and had an accomplice help kill the couple, the accomplice was executed before him. The guy is not someone they should put on a pedestal period. And this isn't at all equivocal to someone who got arrested for lesser offenses and went to jail or tried to redeem themselves, this is someone who outright cold blooded murdered two human beings with his friend. There is no defending that. If people are going to try and scramble around to find a valid reason to justify abolishing the death penalty, you think they would've chosen someone who was wrongfully accused of a crime, and not an actual murderer?

No. 693414

she's not too ugly but she would have to fix her rotting teeth, disgusting hair and bad hygiene. most of all she would have to face herself before realising she has to do all of that, which she's not capable of.pp

No. 693415

>making them "suffer" in prison when a lot of these psychopaths don't feel remorse anyway is a waste of taxpayer dollars in the United States and not much better than executing them
except the death penalty is much more costly than life imprisonment? it's actually cost effective to commute all existing death penalties to life without parole, and even more cost effective to abolish the death penalty entirely. do you even bother to research this shit or…?

No. 693416

Thousand times?in 2016 yeah but now it's in Twitter not in Tumblr anymore plus I've actually seen the calarts shit animated a gazillion times unlike the Tumblr art style
So terrible response,anon

No. 693417

completely agree, i can't imagine not being pro-death penalty when there are people like serial killers, rapists, human traffickers, and child/animal abusers out there. i know there are cases of people being framed and that sucks, but that doesn't mean that people who commit violent crimes against innocent people deserve to be alive

No. 693424

I'm against death penalty, but only because I believe that people who commit serious crimes (like rape, murder etc…) should be forced to live with what they did. If it was up to me, I would make the prisoners live in solitary confinement for atleast 1 week a month. The reason why is because of the effect it has on peoples brain. People who go a long time without social stimulation develop mental illness, lose neurons, worse hippocampi function etc… (google it). I believe people who rape and kill are already aware of what they did wrong. They're not actually afraid to die. That's just my evil villian mastermind idea though.

Obviously for shit like stealing or minor offenses, you could just give them regular jail time.

No. 693428

>should be forced to live with what they did
Like you said though, they don't care. Even if they do feel remorse one day, it'll just be for themselves.

No. 693441

People with dumpy bodies in terms of proportions shouldn't bother with things like diet and exercise, they will still look weird as hell and unpleasant to look at. It really is your skeleton folks sorry.

No. 693442

This post is absolutely retarded. Very few people's bodies won't be improved by being slim and fit, and even if they did still have weird proportions… did you consider their health? As if people only diet and exercise for looks.

No. 693444

i mean i'm pretty stubby on account of being short but i'd still rather be healthy and avoid getting fat, you know?

No. 693449

Pear shaped women have the prettiest body type of them all. It’s cute.

No. 693452

Yeah, some people might have a naturally unfortunate body type, but being overweight makes any of your bad features look 10x worse. Being healthy and in shape does so much for your health, I know a lot of older people in my family who have been overweight/sedentary for most of their life and now they can barely walk around Walmart without getting winded.

No. 693456

This may shock and alarm you but there are more potential benefits to diet and exercise than looking a certain way to please men and lolcow.

Fuck it, I'm going to list some in case someone needs to hear it: feeling mentally and physically healthy, being able to run away from danger, the joy of team sports, being allowed to ride any rollercoaster or water slide, only needing one plane ticket and no seatbelt extender, having some goddamn self respect, lower chance of cancer, better clothing options, salad is fucking delicious, get your shit together, better fertility, better organs to donate later, a less embarrassing autopsy.

No. 693457

I did a bit of googling recently about how to stay healthy in old age and exercise is pretty much always the #1 factor, even if it's low intensity. Walking daily is apparently one of the best ways to lengthen your life and retain mobility. I picked it up as a habit myself a few months ago and I found that info way more motivating than the possibility of looking good tbh.

No. 693459

I don't think thats an unpopular opinion at all (aren't pears and hourglasses the most favoured type?), but as a pear shaped woman, thank you anon.

No. 693480

>dark humor is funny
>people who don't like it are too sensitive

i don't mean the "lol n*gger" type of shit, but an edgy witty joke when the time is right is great. i like when someone is brave enough to say one. it shows that they are aware of the horrible side of life, have probably been through shit, and can continue living life positively

No. 693486

Sorry but all of the things on the list are worthless and don't compare to compliments.

No. 693488

not only she has an ugly as hell nose, she has a huge mouth too. you shouldn't smile if your mouth looks like this.

No. 693489

lol ok anon

No. 693492

they're both pretty imo

No. 693494

Most people acknowledge this, but at the same time, so what? Nobody should be allowed abuse their power just because they don't like someone. Your job is not the place for personal shit like this, especially if you're a cop.

No. 693501

Anons you're talking like these people are seemingly everywhere, I mean I do sorta respect even the extreme minimalists and comments like
I don't care if it's better for the environment, I want to enjoy life and have a place to live that's bigger than 10 square feet
just you make you seem like the bad guy, they live a better lifestyle then you do but there not forcing you to embrace it, you don't have to get so offended

No. 693502

Most gym bros and sport chicks are actually very friendly and more than willing to help you out

No. 693509

true! when i first started going to the gym i was so afraid that the people there would be rude to me for not being as fit as they are, but they're very encouraging and, at least where i work out, focus more on exercising for health over appearance

No. 693522

Thanks anon, I would love to see a sensual bird-inspired dance lol

No. 693531

Imagine is the worst mainstream song of all time and John Lennon was a terrible artist (plus everything bad he did), Mark David Chapman was right.

No. 693541

Having friends is mostly a matter of luck. I am a weird bitch with a shitty personality who is often annoying and I still have friends lmao.

No. 693560

fake positive people who act like they have no problems who play sister mary sunshine and try desperately to pretend to please everyone for validation or actual nativities who have barely experienced hardship are secretly the worst and most malignant kind of people. don't trust anyone who's not at least a little cynical and sardonic. or in the very least people who aren't realistic and constantly play the faux positivity card are untrustworthy. nobody actually thinks like that, not even the retards who had good parents and a fairly normal life

No. 693563

fuck you dude, it's your fault that the world is shit. if everyone put the same effort into being positive - or just pretending if they really can't be so much would change for the better.

No. 693567

I’ve known so many downright shitty people who still have friends and get invited to things that I’m convinced it’s mostly about them being there all the time and people simply getting used to having them around.

I had this acquaintance who only ever complained about everything and insulted people and had zero redeeming qualities. Occasionally people would let on that they didn’t actually enjoy his company but somehow it never occurred to them that they didn’t have to invite him along or talk to him. He was part of the group not because anyone in the group actually wanted him there, but because he just was, and nobody wanted to deal with the hassle of actively removing him.

No. 693568

True but you at least need one thing that you have common interest in to make any friend

No. 693570

Americans aren't uniquely ignorant about other countries, I think more focus goes into America cause their current dominant power but pretty much every country in the world is as ignorant about other countries, my people don't know shit about 3 of our own neighbors

No. 693572

its true. not so much the keeping positive, but the fucking act itself. these people are insufferable and act all high and mighty over anyone having a shit time. as if it was all in the head. nope, fuck your hippie dippie bullshit. other people have real problems. these are the type of people that act like acknowledging that the weather sucks is an insult, and treat any unfortunate event happening to anyone as it's an infection. like someone could get raped as a child and they're there thinking "you attract what you are!" and "everything happens for a reason"

No. 693577

Call me bitter, but some people seem to keep "friends" around as punching bags. Or in the case out people that act like cunts people seem to befriend them so they don't become a target. It's hard to find genuine people

No. 693582

When you’re in a relationship, it’s weird to spend hours alone with friends of the opposite sex in my opinion. In a group context, it’s fine- but I think they should make an effort to mostly have friends that are the same sex as them. Most men will only befriend women they on some level, want to fuck, most of the time. It just keeps things less messy.

No. 693587

you can be positive to some degree without being ignorantly optimistic, and be skeptical and careful of the world around you and of its problems. I'm not saying be a negative nancy 24/7, but a lot of people live with problems that affect their life and they're allowed to be sarcastic or cynical about it. even comedy, while intended to make people laugh, is not a positive art and often relies on self mockery and cynicism to deliver a joke, or at least a good one. there is no good in life without some degree of bad and part of the harmony of living is learning to accept that the world can be miserable as well as nice. sorry some of us live with trauma and find it hard to cope with uwu happiness and uwu positive vibes

yeah I have coworkers like that who I feel are constantly trying to flaunt their fake happiness over the rest of us. on the topic the only reason this one ugly ass bitch who embodied the aforementioned faux positivity stereotype was hired as a manager despite having no real experience in the field was because of her fake disgusting peppiness. her entire fucking demeanor makes me wanna kill myself, caught her talking on the phone the other day leaving work and it's clear her entire shtick is an act, I'm surprised anyone falls for it. people like that are revolting to me, they remind me of a lot of the abusers I've met and they often tend to be the darkest, nastiest, most manipulative cunts

No. 693594

I agree with this. I've had maybe one close friendship with a man where there wasn't an eventual declaration of feelings, or I end up hearing that they think I want their dick. I will forever appreciate my one male friend that talks about animals and video games and has never ever touched on the subject. Sometimes his autism about things is overwhelming, but I get to sperg out too and I'll always be thankful that he didn't make me feel uncomfortable.

Unpopular opinion:
I feel like once it's been proven that you're a terrible human being and a danger to others that you're not going to be rehabilitated into giving a shit. I make a solid point this opinion stands regardless of color, creed, or whatever things define a person. Shitty people aren't going to reflect on their decisions for a lifetime and feel bad, they're just going to be shitty people stuck in a containment zone until they're disposed of.

No. 693693

you're not the only one in the world who ever dealt with heavy stuff lol calm down. and i wasn't saying to not pretend that you don't have problems - but to try to be positive in relation to people, don't start conflicts, hold grudges and all that. people hating each other is sickening, end of.

No. 693811

I like trisha paytas because she gets zoomers little panties in a bunch. Shes a piece of shit, does offensive stuff and shes over the age of 25, a woman and fat. They want to cancel her so bad and she keeps coming back.

No. 693827

I don't get the hype for Smash Bros, it looks like a kid's game with an epileptic gameplay and yet people are creaming themselves over it.

No. 693829

I'm a zoomer, everyone I know who discusses her or keeps up with her and what she's involved in is also my age or younger. I thought zoomers loved her.

No. 693841


No. 693843

File: 1607902847921.jpg (49.99 KB, 750x1000, bg,f8f8f8-flat,750x,075,f-pad,…)

Same. I'm also a zoomer and most zoomers like her cause she does dumb shit. There's a lot of memes and reaction pics of her like pic related. Also cause of that picture of her butthole.

No. 693845

>Also cause of that picture of her butthole.
The way you so bravely said that assuming I already knew what you were referring to, lmao. I googled it, to be terribly honest it's not as bad as I was expecting.

No. 693849

File: 1607903426956.jpg (Spoiler Image, 226.27 KB, 1200x1155, EVNwlMBVAAI_eAB.jpg)

>to be terribly honest it's not as bad as I was expecting.
Anon, that shit is gaping.

No. 693851

i got it for ds while recovering from an accident and it was a fun and easy way to let out steam but i didn't realise grown ass people cheer and wait and hype new ??characters? so much. I just like to kick sonic's ass as samus from time to time.

No. 693884

It's easier for men to date women who are like a decade or more younger because most of the time mens maturity level matches up with them pretty well. I'm 30 and men my age really have the same emotional maturity as 18 year olds. This is why young woman/older man relationships can work.

No. 693888

Samefag and I see a lot of women saying "how can he relate to someone so younger than him?". It's easy because most men really are on their level mentally. They revert back to little teenage boys even more around young girls.

No. 693899

i don't agree but i've seen people mirror this argument, and i wonder if men being seen as more immature than women throughout life is why older man/younger woman relationships aren't frowned upon by normalfags, but an older woman dating a younger man is seen as creepy and borderline pedophilic

No. 693900

Men are more spoiled and immature. Most of them will leave their wife if she has cancer.

No. 693902

the reason it isn't frowned upon is because patriarchy. it's "normal" for a man to want to "listen to biology" and saddle up with "more fertile" women.
the reverse would be the same in an equal society. why wouldn't women save their womb for the most virile young men as well?

No. 693905

people usually say that with men there's more factors than just fertility since traditionally men were the providers. Men don't care if a woman can provide, she only has to be fertile, but women care if a man can provide. The ability to provide usually increases with age. A woman can fuck a younger guy for better sperm but he won't be able to provide for her

No. 693906

Funny how men are only considered less mature than women when it means they can fuck younger women, but not when it comes to politics, promotions and leadership positions. Any time it actually matters, we're incompetent and over emotional, hmmm.

No. 693907

These days men dont even provide. I know a 20 year old supporting her stay at home daddy who is 28.

No. 693908

Her dad is 28?

No. 693909

No, she has kids with a 28 year old and hes a stay at home dad.

No. 693910

"that's feminism's fault"

No. 693937

Hard agree + men will even admit they're not ready to "settle down" until their late 30s or 40s.
Tbh I automatically presume most men in their 20s are gonna fuck around and be self-centered douche canoes because they've been conditioned to feel that they're entitled to be so in their 'youth.' The same can't be said for how us women are expected to be maturing as early as our teens.

Sad. I feel for women like this, especially when they're young like that cause it goes to show their good-intentioned naivete taken advantage of by men old enough to know better.

No. 693991

It takes a man 1-3 months to know if he wants you as a gf. I takes him 6 months to know he wants t marry you. If he hasnt made you his gf within 1-3 months it probably wont happen.

No. 693998

Can i ask what you're basing this on

No. 694014

Just experience men know pretty fast if they want something serious with a woman. If you are still in the talking stage after 3 months, it is likely hes not going to commit.

No. 694018

I hope you realize getting married isn't just about whether or not youre ready to get married. You don't know someone after 3 months, especially considering most couples haven't even lived together at 3 months. There are tons of other reasons too.

No. 694025

Men are smooth brained though. Most of them know pretty fast if they want you as a serious gf or a fwb.

No. 694026

Do you date to marry? I agree with other anons that people change and become incompatible through time even if the guy wanted to marry you within three months of dating… Sure, men are stupid, but they're not stupid enough to stay in a diminishing long term relationship even if he thought he wanted to get married three months in.

No. 694030

Anon said 6 months though? And it's just whether they know they want to marry you. People are perfectly capable of dating someone longterm they have no intention of ever marrying.
What anon was saying was that if you're trying to get with some guy, if it hasn't happened 3 months in, it won't happen, which I can only confirm. Lusting after some guy for months on end will only end in disappointment.

No. 694032

Nta but 6 months is still dumb. I could understand dating after 3 months (I mean not my thing, but whatever), but expecting someone to get married, or to even know if they want to be married after 6 months is fucking retarded

No. 694033

NTA, you're missing the point. A guy 'knowing' if he'd marry someone after 6 months doesn't mean he's made some sound, logical decision, or has deep and long lasting feelings for her, or has any solid plans to actually get married, it just means he's decided a woman is wifey material as opposed to someone he's just dating to pass the time until he does find wifey material. Men judge quickly and put women into categories based on minimal information because they are superficial af.

No. 694036

This is my experience too. I've seen plenty of infamous fuckboys suddenly commit after a short time when they meet the girl they really want.

If it's been a few months and you're still ~talking~ then you're not that girl and you're gonna be talking until he meets her. Guys hate being alone and will pass the time with anyone until then.

No. 694038

Imo, thinking someone is wifey material and knowing if you want to marry them are different. Op could have elaborated more in her post, but when I read "know if he wants to marry" I thought that meant he actually decided he wants to get married to that person. To me, wifey material just means someone you would date long-term, but dating longterm doesn't mean getting married. I guess it's just differences in personal definitions.

No. 694041

My answer still hasn't changed with the correction. 3 months, 6 months, it's all too soon to tell and life can be so fickle.

No. 694043

I completely disagree with this as I've never dated men older than me. Always my age or younger. And based on my own parents' relationship, I firmly believe that relationships work out best when the partners are the same age or within a year or two apart. There is absolutely NOTHING indicating dating an old guy will be better for you.

No. 694044

If a man shows the mental maturity of someone a decade younger, he’s not worth dating EVER. It’s an excuse they come up with to be manchildren forever. If a man past 30 has the maturity of a 20 year old I would NEVER EVER date him, not now in my 20s not ever.

No. 694045

im sorry anon but high quality men find high quality women of the same age pretty easily. when they start going way younger it's often born out of a belief that it will be easier to control their partner

No. 694056

I agree with this

No. 694071

queerbaiting isn't wrong and in fact I enjoy being queerbaited

No. 694076

Same. Sexual tension prior to relationships is usually the most interesting part of romance anyway. Also people give too much of a crap about what's "canon". What happened to oldschool fandoms that had all kinds of crack?

No. 694101

File: 1607944494528.jpg (93.19 KB, 1015x1016, 717aee814669d64814a3a98ba13472…)

I don't get people who insult Gigi Hadid or Jennifer Lawrence's looks, but worship Kate Moss. They basically have the same plain sort of esthetic. The only difference is that Kate is/was skinnier in her prime.

No. 694109

Why is it like that?

No. 694140

I literally think it's to do with the sharpness of Moss' features whereas Gigi and Lawrence have more rounded soft features.

No. 694142

Let me clarify what I meant again because in my first post there were types. For men it takes 1-3 months to know if he wants you to be his gf. It takes him 6 months to know if he wants you as a wife one day.

No. 694147

Early morning hot take: Only certain men can pull off a manbun!

No. 694148

>Kate is/was skinnier in her prime
there's your answer

No. 694149

Only attractive arab, hispanic and indian men can pull them off though.

No. 694152

i see where you're coming from they all have a similar frame to their face but their features are completely different, gigi and jennifer have this all-american uppity beach girl type of look and they look alike(although i think jlaw looks identical to bella not gigi) but kate moss has a whole different aura, look at her old pics from when she was brunette she looks like an alien with her wide set squinting bug eyes, super high cheekbones, asymmetrical face, small mouth. There are tons of headlines from 90s calling her the ugliest woman in the world, she had a different charm that most "ugly" hf models dont possess nowadays, i find her captivating. Gigi and Jlaw dont have that edge to their appearence.

No. 694159

File: 1607955852730.jpg (33.91 KB, 900x330, CyuBjUnVEAAO6gi.jpg)

wolfpupy is dril for genderspecials who can only eat sandwiches with the crusts cut off

No. 694161

>There are tons of headlines from 90s calling her the ugliest woman in the world
Was everyone blind…

No. 694164

what's wrong with removing the crust

No. 694195

I used to be part of high fashion twitter when Gigi was hated 24/7 and from my point of view, people were just mad she was a nepotism model and sucked when she first started, so they also bashed her for her looks. I do agree that Kate has a more modelesque look to her but Gigi has an interesting face as well, especially her eyes.
And JLaw is an actress, not a model, why do people nitpick over how "plain" she is? I even think it's better for her to look "average" because it's easier to see the character and not her

No. 694217

It means that you're a pussy. A little bitch who's too afraid to eat a little overcooked bread skin

jk I don't eat the crust on plain white bread either.

No. 694254

I want saying “retarded” to come back into fashion with normies

No. 694286

same. i hate that it became problematic or whatever when it's the same as the word moron (which historically is arguably worse).

No. 694289

I've never stopped saying retarded. It's ingrained into me. Also one of my parents would say spastic a lot and I would too. Only time I've been called out on it is when I called my ex a spastic because he was thick as fuck. He was rightfully offended because he is a spastic. I'd never go full retard and call a retard a retard tho.

No. 694324

People need to learn the difference between calling out child abuse/neglect and mom shaming

No. 694333

I just started using other words like subnormal or abnormal, it kind of works better than special like calling someone a special case.

No. 694334

I don't even understand why it was deemed "a slur". Unlike the N-word, as an insult it's always used against able-minded (or whatever's the correct word) people doing something that's utterly stupid and incomprehensible, not actually mentally retarded people. But then again I've seen people demanding others to stop using the words "crazy" and "stupid" too since they're apparently ableist.

No. 694349

I never stopped using it. I don't get this herd mentality thinking… unless you're using it in an inappropriate place (like workplace, which you shouldn't be being aggro to people in the first place) then why not use it? Because some random might not like it?

No. 694383

It is so frustrating that people get so offended. Here in the uk, the word ‘spaz’ was used all the time but now just like calling someone a retard it is now a ‘slur’. The word ‘mong’ is next I bet

No. 694390

Nothing wrong with mom shaming, if she deserves it.

No. 694408

i wish, i called myself a tard the other day and my boyfriend told me it was a slur as if i was using it towards anyone other than myself..

No. 694411

Guys who get mad at other guys for giving women preferential treatment are either toxic incels with "crab in bucket" mentality, or they're gay/bi on the low. Like, of course your friend wouldn’t give you $50 that he’s readily lending to a girl he likes. He doesn’t want to date you. You should understand that, unless…?
If you do understand, you're not gay, and you feel that way anyway, you're definitely trying to hold him back and bleating "simp" all so you have someone to cry about loneliness with. Kind of despicable.

No. 694414

This is the kind of thing that makes me think friendships are worthless, tbh, you have known someone for years and they drop you for someone they met last week? This is despicable.

No. 694415

Wat. There's a difference between dropping an entire friendship and simply treating your friends and lovers differently.
If your friend gets married, will you demand to kiss them at the wedding, too, and that they take you along on the honeymoon and sleep in their bed? Please.

No. 694417

I prefer crystalcafe for pinkpill discussion but it also has some fucked up shit like threads where anons spew their pro-ana faggotry, so I don't like to spend a lot of time there either. Imageboards these days are full of normalfags with no real problems or bpd anons bragging about their retarded scrotes and starving themselves. Every place on the internet fucking sucks. Tumblr is unironically the only platform where I can still find extremely small communities of redpilled women who don't have normalfag problems, aren't bpd and starving themselves for teh looks. But even with them creating a safe discord seems impossible because s m e h o w it always end up being infiltrated. So yeah, fuck imageboards, fuck discord, fuck normies.

No. 694422

Yeah, or they go in threads that aren't for them and derail the whole thing. I haven't used CC in almost a year.

No. 694426

Lol, what do you consider "not normalfag problems"
Sounds like you seek out imageboards as a safe space for your maladjusted NEET self.

No. 694429

NtA, because when you're talking about a new relationship or where a man is just dating someone, that isn't their fiance or wife. They're not financially obligated to take care of a date or girlfriend any more than a friend unless things are more serious.

No. 694433

I'm not gonna lie, I'm shocked that women like that haven't been canceled off the platform.
Imageboards have become a lot more normalfaggy though. You're right though, there's not really places that are sacred from bullshit.
As far as no real problems, what qualifies as that?

No. 694434

Generally, you don't impress a girl by treating her the exact same as your male friends, even if you just want to fuck. In fact, that often sends mixed messages.
The same guys who do that sort of thing tend to get angry when the girl tells them "I'm glad we're friends", but really, what did they expect? Unless they're both in the "Men and women cannot be friends, if a guy is being nice to you he wants to fuck/date" mindset, there's not much of a way to tell if he doesn't do little favors to show that he wants her.

No. 694436

Nta either but I think you missed the original point being made; the guy isn’t obligated to do give the girl he likes any money, but he is more likely to do that for her to win her affection vs for a friend who’s already his friend. Same with gifts with no occasion, it’s extremely common to do that for your partner but not your friends.

No. 694438

When a guy's friend is asking for money, I'm imagining a hypothetical situation where this is not something that happens often and thry really need it and wouldn't ask unless they were in dire straits. If a man is just on dating level with a woman and foregoes helping his long time friend out so that he can buy her a drink or some dumbass stuffed animal, that's a problem.

No. 694444

File: 1608048406924.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.48 MB, 1800x870, takeme_2005.jpg)

I may not personally like their art, but fujoshis (and femdom anons, to an extent) are based as fuck. So many pick me female artists are drawing sexy girls while claiming to ~just expressing their sexuality uwu~ (pic related is just an example of type of art that I mean, though I'm not certain of Kawasaki's sexuality… her art is extremely male gazey tho). Absolute worms for brains. Have you ever seen a het scrote drawing submissive bishounen while claiming he is expressing his sexuality? Of course not, that's gay as fuck. At least fujoshis are doing the right thing and sexualizing males for the female pleasure. Keep on fighting the good fight, ladies!

No. 694445

The scenario I was talking about was based off a conversation I witnessed where some actual guy telling his friend "Would you give me or any other guy friend that much money to get home? If not, don't do it for her, she's probably a gold-digger!", not a dire situation where the friend is hurting for money and he ignored him or anything.

No. 694448

I think many of those women are just painting what they wish they looked like during sex. It's male gazey, yes, but it's also a valid show of their own ideal, rather than pure "pick me"-ism, and that makes me feel sad.
That, or they're just bisexual. Imagine spending ample amounts of your own free time drawing/painting tits, while only being attracted to men. Massive L.

No. 694451

Why are you jumping to conclusions about the scenario? The OP was making the point men get annoyed other men treat the women they’re dating/partnered with preferred treatment because of the frankly retarded ‘bros first’ mentality they have.

No. 694457

Fair enough. Aren't we supposed to have a friends first mentality too though? I've gotten butthurt over preferential treatment given to some scrote past friends were dating, it's just things you get over.
I'm making a scenario in my head to apply the situation to, and in it the friend is in need of money. If he's just looking for $50 for some bullshit thing and it isn't a necessity then yeah, fuck him. Do people not do this?

No. 694473

the problem with this is like… why don't men ever draw sexy males just being hot lmao? these people are often a victim of male gaze even if they don't want to be. patriarchal society is gross

No. 694477

straight men i mean. it's rare to find one of those

No. 694504

> think many of those women are just painting what they wish they looked like during sex.
yes, and that is the exact problem. Instead of focusing on a hot male to fuck, they focus on themselves as a hot object to be fucked. Don't you see how fucked up that is?
I know for a fact that most of artists drawing those self-objectifying pin ups are het.
It's like the other side of scrote artists portraying the sin of lust as a hot women even though they should portray themself (the sinner), since the gluttony is not portrayed as heaps of delicious food kek.

No. 694629

Do you know any examples? Most of the time the rock bottom doesn't exist, if people find anything resembling a rock bottom they dig deeper. Or at least that's what I have seen.

No. 694684

I don’t believe in enabling addicts, and agree that families should withdraw support if the addict is abusing it, but >>694629 has a good point. The world is full of addicts who live on the streets, prostitute themselves or commit crime to feed their addiction, survive near-death experiences just to almost kill themselves again, don’t give a shit that they’ve lost everything from their entire families to access to a private toilet. So many people live at ‘rock bottom’ and do so until they eventually die. The problem is that when reality hits them, the response is much more likely for them to turn to their addiction rather than break free from it.

No. 694686

Venus is/was the new pixyteri but minus the wholesome slowness.

No. 694689

nta addicts only get better when they decide to, many of them die before they get to that point. This is a fucked up thing to say but some addicts are just meant to die.

No. 694709

it's not, if you mean that calling people pickmes is slut shaming. one doesn't have to "act slutty" to be a pickme, they just have to lie about who they are and try really hard to be something that impresses males, including throwing other women under the bus.

No. 694812

This. I wish my biological father was dead, he's been an alcoholic for almost 20 years and still going. He hit the "rock bottom" many times but nothing works on him. Been to therapy, didn't work, many people tried to help him, didn't work. People who pity addicts don't udnerstand that some of them just don't want to help themselves.

No. 694813

do you idiots not read the full conversation when replying?

No. 694824

Nta, but what do you mean? >>692837
just replied to "slut shaming makes sense" That's the full context of the conversation. Calling someone a pickme isn't slutshaming.

No. 694830

Unpopular opinion for this board but my dad fucking rocks. If I called him tonight and said I was in trouble he would drive 3 states to come get me and my dogs. If I called my mom with the same issue she would give me 10 excuses and then yell at me, lol. I’m not in crisis but sometimes I reflect on how grateful I am to have a dad like mine

No. 694831

No offense but uh…how is this an unpopular opininon? We don't know your dad so what are we supposed to agree/disagree with

No. 694834

Everyone here is constantly shitting on their dads

No. 694865

Ntayrt but yeah my stepdad was my rockstar up until he wasn't and turned into a selfish asshole a couple years ago.
You absolutely should be grateful and cherish the moments when men in your life act decent, because it is subject to change at any time.

No. 694900

>my dad fucking rocks
that's not really a matter of opinion, some of us just have objectively shitty dads

No. 694962

Nobody else knows your dad, anon. None of us have an opinion on him personally so why is this here? kek

No. 695185

Women suck at oral sex. They can't suck dick worth shit and the guy is better off jerking himself off than having to deal with a woman who most likely doesn't even want to be sucking the dick and resents him for making her do it. Women should at least learn how to ACT like it's pleasurable… don't do it while frowning, like you'd rather be anywhere else, look up at him, how about a nice smile while he cums on your face?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 695186

File: 1608119430581.jpg (272.54 KB, 900x720, howdoyoudo.jpg)

No. 695201

The question mark reads like a fine Freudian slip where you mind exposed you for thinking if this tard shit really is worth posting

No. 695209

No. 695247

Disabling comments, or deleting a post, or blocking someone isn't a milky moment. Even if you're a cow, if you don't want to see hate or harassment towards you, then you have the right to that and it's not some kind of "haha owned" moment when they block a farmer. you're just indirectly cowtipping.

ofc if they're some kind of pedo/rapist then they should read the hate until they kill themselves.

No. 695274

Agree none of those things are milky in themselves. Deleting a post to hide something or constantly blocking randoms out of paranoia, stuff like that can be milky. But generally it’s whatever, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with editing your social media or blocking hate.

No. 695355

Being a stay at home spouse is objectively a horrible lifestyle choice, ESPECIALLY if you have kids.

No. 695359

Normies who have a chance to actually meet someone in your city/country and date them, but choose to e-date instead got insecurity issues. They always whine that they don't get anything in their life because of 'insert something here', when in reality they don't do jack shit.

No. 695361

how? my mother didn't work for the first 6 years of my life, then she only worked while i was at school. when my sibling was born she didn't work for the first 5 or so years of their life either until they started school and i could babysit after school. did you guys just have mothers that did not give a shit at all to raise you during your infancy or what

No. 695362

Very unpopular.

No. 695368

… seriously, this needs to be explained to you guys? It's just common sense.

What happens if the husband gets sick, injured, or loses his job? Or if he leaves or ends up being a secret piece of shit?

Yeah, being financially dependant on a man is objectively a bad idea.

No. 695372

Ntayrt but i hate it when people say women don't care about their children because they decide to work. My mom worked part time and if she or my dad could not take care of me i was send to the daycare and it worked out fine. Saying that women who work do not give a shit to raise their children sound sexists as fuck. Some people actually like their job or need the extra mommy, good for you that your mom gave up her job and had to keep starting over again when she got a baby but many women cant effort that

No. 695373

> did you guys just have mothers that did not give a shit at all to raise you during your infancy or what

so mothers who have to work to support their families don’t give a shit about their children. we have such brilliant minds here at lolcow.farm

No. 695375

*monny not mommy kek

No. 695377

okay we get it your family has money since your mother didn’t have to work for 10+ years

No. 695384

It is fine to want external validation. Self love just doesnt work if you have 0 friends, no love interests and a unsupportive family.

No. 695390

I dunno. I think it's great for the early years of a kid's life, assuming the moms actually want to form bonds and teach their kids things. It can also be cheaper cause childcare costs can exceed the wages women make when they work full time. If the mom has a reliable husband, then it's a great setup as-let's face it-moms are often seen as the default parents anyway and raising a baby is like a full time job. The biggest setback like you mentioned is the husband potentially turning into a dick, or getting fired. Or having a gap in the resume. IMO this can be offset by saving up a secret 'fuck-off' fund to escape a bad husband prior to having a kid, and also doing freelance or part time work to at least have something to fill the resume gap. If the husband gets fired for no fault of his own then he'd probably get supplemental income until he finds another, if he drags out then that's what the fuck-off fund is for.

What's bullshit is that moms are forced to work full time and also be the full time default parents too.
My unpopular opinion is that being a "superstar" mom isn't a fucking badge of honor, people should be truly fucking ashamed that women are expected to work themselves bone ragged as a default mode.
My mom was a single mom while having to balance a full time job, and my childhood was fucking torture. Even though I was quiet and well behaved. I remember spending most of my childhood dodging her stress induced wrath, getting shipped to a mean woman's house for daycare and pre/post school care, being left at school, having less free time, needing to pick up more chores and learn them earlier (probably didn't help that I was a girl and socializing me to perform like a handmaiden early), etc. I had zero bond with her, she was so angry and volatile from the stress. She couldn't handle it by herself.
Her best option would've been reproducing with a husband worth a damn, becoming a welfare queen, or not having had a child at all. Anything but choosing to be a working parent.

No. 695411

idk what you anons are talking about but here's my personal personal experience no one asked for: my dad made enough money that my mom never had to work after I was born. she was neglectful and I wished more than anything that she had something else to do with her time because she clearly had no interest in spending it with me during my formative years.

a stay at home parent isn't automatically better than a working one. I've never been a parent but I like to think that if you care about the kid it'll work out fine either way. wouldn't know though

No. 695416

You turn around and have him stay with the kids while you work instead. Yeah, housework will look shittier and men work differently as parents but its an ends to a means. It's a partnership. You're spouses, and not making a business transaction.
If you're just staying at home without kids, just leave.

No. 695428

It's not always a good idea to pay other people to mind your kids.
Babysitters and nannies can be extremely abusive, talk less of what goes on at many daycare facilities. I know you can get cameras and stuff for nannies, but I don't see the point in waiting for something to happen, or letting the cameras be visible as a deterrent, only for the babysitter to find a blind spot if they want to do something.
In the end, the only one you can really trust with your kids is yourself, at least until they can talk, defend themselves and have the cognition to understand right from wrong.

No. 695434

I can understand your point but
> at least until they can talk, defend themselves
What age would this be? Seriously wondering as even adult women can struggle to defend themselves.

No. 695449

File: 1608142859520.jpg (96.17 KB, 1061x1061, D6ekGzSXsAAEOy8.jpg)

Same energy. Sorry buddy but I think you just need to scrub your balls a little harder in the shower next time.

No. 695453

Whenever they're old enough to take martial arts/self-defense classes, I guess.

No. 695457

children are usually abused by their parents. i know your talking about yourself but i’m looking at the bigger picture

No. 695460

Nta, and I agree that kids should always learn some kind of defense, but would that even help them against abuser? A lot of children don't fully realize or retaliate when they are being abused because it's usually from someone they trust (which is not their fault obviously).

No. 695461

It's gonna really fun trying to find work as a waitress or some other shit job after throwing away career building potential to be a trad thot.

No. 695470

Your hypothetical fault for having kids before getting an education and a few years of experience under your belt then. Your fault for not keeping certifications up to date while staying at home.

No. 695473

I think ur doing something wrong if she’s that disgusted of u bruv

No. 695492

But anon why even bother getting education if you want to be an housewife for the kids? That just seems a waste of money. Also you have to keep in mind that even if you do have good education but suddenly took a few years brake with work that people might be less likely to hire you. Those years taking care of your kids means you have less experience and if they know you took a brake to take care of kids then they might be scared you will do that again so they will just not hire you

No. 695499

Because not only is it important to have a backup plan, it's important to actually spend one on one time with kids during those formative years and letting your body heal from parasitic trauma and hormonal warfare, while not having to worry about a daycare giving subpar, shitty care. It's also important that your kids have a good role model. Why are you automatically assuming that people have to stay home for the next 10+ years?

No. 695506

I know this is probably bait, but it does not work this way at all in reality. Any gap in employment is an excuse for employers to not hire/lowball you.

It's good to keep a backup plan, but good luck getting hired in the real world after 5-10+ years of unemployment. Doesn't matter if you had a ton of experience before or kept your certifications up to date, most places would rather hire a younger person who will work 50+ hours without complaining than an older woman who will likely need more time off when their kid inevitably gets sick/needs to be driven to soccer practice.

No. 695536

some of the /pt/ cows are really not that interesting or milky. some of the /snow/ and /w/ cows are funnier and more retarded kek. stefany lauren is one that stands out, and fupa era shay was /pt/ worthy but now she's just depressing. lunas thread is funny at times, that's about the only /pt/ thread i don't get bored reading.

the legacy cow threads are just boring, particularly momokuns, tnds, and lille jean..the threads are so insanely stale. it's the same shit rehashed over and over again.

No. 695545

You can still be a good role model for your kid and spend time with them while also working?
>Why are you automatically assuming that people have to stay home for the next 10+ years?
I didn't assume that at all in my post? In my post it says a few years break not a decade kek. Also i assumed you were >>695361 so that means you expect other women to take a 6 year break and its unrealistic to think that you will be easily hired like that.

No. 695569

There is nothing wrong with talking shit about men. Only because of principle. How is it fair normal everyday men talk shit about women or listen to their friends talk about women and no one does anything? How is it fair that even when talking shit about women with other women you can guarantee they will all chime in to say "not all men"?

No. 695598

men are men. doesn’t matter if they get married at 19 or 39. encouraging women to settle early because all the “good men” are gone by 26 is no guarantee and reeks of tradthot

No. 695599

Lmao you're trading one extreme for another. I could easily anecdotally relate about how all the people I knew who got married and had kids young are not doing as well as their peers at all and certainly aren't as happy.

No. 695614

File: 1608157775765.png (50.97 KB, 633x463, Untitled.png)

nah. women do just fine without moids.

No. 695624

My aunt and her lifelong best friend bought a duplex together and they're living their best lives. Anyone here wanna buy a mansion

No. 695626

I totally believe this. Most women I know who are married with kids are working full time and doing 99% of the housework and childcare. Most fathers don't get judged half as much if the house is a mess or if the kids are covered in finger paint. It's super appealing to be married with children as a man, society sees you as being stable and praises you for the bare minimum.

My cousin still gets criticism from her mom and MIL about how she does certain things, what the kids eat, what they wear, etc. Her husband can take the kids out in messy clothes and feed them frozen tendies and he's "trying his best" and "such a superdad."

No. 695627

That's her girlfriend, doofus

No. 695630


No. 695634

Anon…. they're gay.

No. 695636

You're so adorable, anon. I'm glad for your aunt and her friend in any case. I hope you get to experience something similar.

No. 695637

I wish I could do the same! My best friend asked if I wanted to live with her and I really do want to, it’s going to be great for sure.

No. 695639

Perhaps your aunt really is moving in with her girlfriend as the others said, but also we straight women should start moving in together too because why not, you can live with your friends, it's cheaper to live together and it's better than living with males. And you can paint the kitchen pink with no objections as I am doing in my place where I live with 3 other girls.
Well, we're just renting our place, but I think if I ever buy my own place I will share it with my friends.

No. 695640


No. 695641

so people called out your bs post and now your back with a cherry picked, decade old article to convince women to settle down right out of high school

No. 695647

>It makes no sense that forgoing one of the most essential parts of life, reproduction, would make the average person happier.

this is some pseudoscience evopsych bullshit

No. 695650

Wait are you allowed to paint places you're renting out? I posted that anons aunt is gay, but her post really reminded me of those things in history that are like "These two male BESTFRIENDS spent all their time together, worked together, traveled together, promised to be together forever and never had any romantic interests, but they were just BESTFRIENDS and NOTHING MORE."

Anyway, living with your bestfriend/s for a couple years (or your entire life) would really be the dream. You really gotta make sure they're people that you can actually live with though lol

No. 695654

You'd be surprised how little the elderly get visited by their family. It's depressing actually.

No. 695656

Not saying that never having kids is right for everyone, just that most women I know who are married with kids do everything and still get criticized constantly. I literally only know one couple where the dad cooks. I babysit for my cousin a lot and her husband barely remembers what the kids are allergic to.

No. 695662

okay will do. in the meantime, you keep dreaming about your 18 year old trad virgin waifu who will bear ten of your children but still have the body of a teen. i’m sure she’ll come around eventually

No. 695666

You're having children so you can guilt them into wiping your old poopy ass? I pity them. Imagine being birthed into this world because your parents needed free caregivers……

No. 695670

i hope your children grow up to hate you and never visit you when you’re old

No. 695672

We're allowed to paint our place because the landlords are easygoing and they said we can do anything as long as it can be painted over. And it's all really old and ugly anyway, the furniture is from the 70s and badly repainted in white (and the white has yellowed from age), and the wall behind my roommate's bed was covered with mold (I mean aaaaalll of it was mold when we moved the bed a little, I can't believe she slept next to that for a month) so if they don't take care of the place, we will. I know, I'm just spending money to decorate someone else's house but I will be living there for a while so I might as well look at something nicer. Sorry for blog, I just get really excited about renovating old ugly things, I wish I could show you what it looks like.

No. 695731

Funny, because the most miserable people I know are all people who had kids before 26. The happiest ones I know are the ones who opted out of kids all together and are in their mid-30's basking in their disposable income.

The idea of being content making just enough money to get by while sacrificing all sense of self to a child is just fucking depressing and I don't know anyone who is ACTUALLY happy in that scenario.

No. 695738

Actually, this is one of the most dangerous myths regarding the pros of having kids.

The vast majority of children, contrary to popular belief, DON'T take care of their parents when they are old at all. They rarely even visit them in the facilities they throw them into. People who don't have kids actually have a better quality of elderly life on average because they generally have more money to spend on better elderly care.

Soooo, if elderly care is a major factor in your desire for children, SERIOUSLY RETHINK THAT.

No. 695749

I'm not interested in kids either but that's some faulty data, you can't just use how someone is doing in their 30s to judge if someone made the right decision for their whole life

No. 695754

Could you link some studies on that? I remember reading that childless people are at a higher risk of ending up in old folks homes than those with children. It scares me tbh because I don't want to have kids

No. 695759

I mean thats true, because if you get to a point in your 80s where you genuinely cant care for yourself and dont have kids you will most likely have to be in a care home.

But also you will probably have saved enough money to afford an actually good one, premium quality at that, if you have siblings and have a good relationship with their kids i doubt they would mind managing things once a month for their cool rich auntie who is going to left alot of things for them since she has no heirs, which is exactly what is happening with my aunt and me lol, she also told me having no kids of her own was the best fucking thing in her life.

No. 695760


According to this, only 17% of adults take care of their parents at any point at all. And the ones who do typically make it clear it's a huge burden to them.

No. 695762

File: 1608165645081.png (54.26 KB, 637x481, Untitled.png)

yeah, you're either a scrote trying to reverse-psychology women into thinking they need marriage OR you're the one coping, being a woman in a thankless and tiresome marriage.
i've been single for a long time and i absolutely love it. no plans to get married and that probably won't change.

No. 695833

I don't think being a normalfag is a bad thing. Might sound petulant but their lack of awareness for certain things is truly bliss. To focus on social life, even if imperfect, having a job, perhaps an SO.

No. 695940

It's funny because you don't need to type up these copey, angry bitch-ass dissertations on male-populated sites on why men need women, but you need to try so hard to convince women they need men. You even have to resort to threats on being abused in a nursing home, as if most people are really wiping their grandparent's asses or checking on them at all, lmao.

No. 695973

found the scrote

No. 695982

So you're one of those piece of shit nurses? Amazing how the stereotype proves to be true again and again.

No. 696054

Sage because kinda ot and also nta but this insult made me laugh

No. 696140

My unpopular opinion is that nurses have a disturbingly high rate of people on the sociopathic spectrum or something. Pretty much every nurse I've ever known personally has been a egomaniac prone to power trips.

No. 696144

I remember reading up on female serial killers and a huge amount of them were nurses who killed their patients for easier work load/money/fun

No. 696148

The only nurses I know were terrible people lol. Wish i could find the tiktok of someone shitting on nurses, the joke was basically what the bitches of highschool end up doing. So apt.

No. 696160

I don't remember what thread it was because it was awhile ago but I remember someone wrote this
"Is anyone else's childhood bully a nurse now? Every mean girl I've ever gone to school with works in healthcare….."
some other comments were
"Not a nurse, but the girl who bullied me into an eating disorder and would introduce me to people as her "socially retarded" friend is now a child psychologist."
"The worst people are in healthcare actually. Every time you see an anon that’s in healthcare bragging crinkly about their great width of compassion, you know that they’re a scumbag."

My dad is a retired nurse and he definitely has some anti-social signs

No. 696166

The only (retired) nurses I know are my aunties and I'm pretty sure they aren't sociopaths, but then I think about the types of nurses I've seen in hospitals nowadays and I begin to wonder if this is true.

No. 696173

Agree. So many of the mean or borderline sociopathic girls I knew from middle school became nurses and I would rather pull the plug than be under their control in a hospital. Those types are always the first ones to complain about the pay and hours too and according to other nurses they're working with always tell how they're the ones lazing around and doing nothing. The same goes for psychologists and psychiatric nurses, they seem to be an entirely new level of power tripping crazies. I feel bad for the actually good natured and empathetic people who have to work with them.

No. 696180

Either massive bitches, manic, or so fucking dumb you wonder how they tied their shoes and got to work that day, much less got through nursing school and clinicals. I see prescription theft and abuse pretty often too, and hypersexuality.

No. 696191

It happens with sociology and psychology so much.
I know a woman who is a sociologist and she’s an overall shit person, mostly really classist and unable to connect with people.
And in psychology, I know a girl who studied psychology who is a groomer and a woman who unironically sends stickers, to the neighborhood’s chat, of emojis cutting.
I honestly think that they just pick whatever is easy to them and gives them as much power as possible.

No. 696350

randoms who posted their "metoo" stories on social media when that was a thing were just embarrassing themselves for absolutely no reason. it's not even about the me too concept i just hate when people overshare.

No. 696359

its true. nurses are evil and resentful of the doctors, which are generally nicer and well adjusted people, for having much more power

No. 696360

This is the opposite of schadenfreude.

No. 696372

>are generally nicer and well adjusted people
If you only knew how much they talk shit about their patients.

No. 696375

Nah, both are sociopaths, just a diff flavor.

No. 696380

The evaluation of nurses is true but doctors are rarely any better, just smarter. I have never met a consultant with passable social skills.

No. 696387

Most people agree with you.

No. 696388

goddamn there are so many resentful and jaded people on this website. i think a lot of you have deep seated psychological issues further than the bitch who bullied you in sixth grade becoming a nurse. eventually you need to move past middle school/high school bullies and i say this someone who has teased relentlessly throughout k-12

No. 696393

I think a lot of you need to stop being so passive aggressive
Fucking confront them you cowards

No. 696394

>doesn’t link the milky posts

No. 696395

It's pretty obvious a lot of farmers here have a lot of issues.

No. 696403

Yeah. A lot of the behavior on here is quite antisocial, but I think everyone guilty of it knows that deep down and don't care because there really are no consequences on here.

No. 696406

anyone who can read knows i’m addressing the femcels up thread who think nurses are out to kill them

No. 696408

and? that's the charm of lolcow, anon.

No. 696410

Is this your first day here or just the first time you’ve felt personally victimized by this site? Out of all the posts, this is a strange choice to sperg over.

No. 696413

Doctors are social retards and nurses aren't altogether smart.
Nursing is the easiest "trainable" career path in healthcare which is why so many do it. Pass a few tests and boom–you are on your way. They tend to be low post education but get into nursing because there tends to be job stability and money if they make it to RN status. I know absolute dipshits who are nurses, it's why you hear about coronavirus deniers and antivaxers in nursing despite the evidence being right in front of their faces. Can't even be fucked to read scientific articles or journals. They get into it so they can feel smart, altruistic, and basically boss vulnerable people all day who aren't their own kids.

Sorry but if they had what it took they would have become doctors.

No. 696414

>goddamn there are so many resentful and jaded people on this website.
welcome to the internet.

No. 696416

> Nursing is the easiest "trainable" career path in healthcare which is why so many do it. Pass a few tests and boom–you are on your way.

lmao this is so funny, you have no idea what you’re talking about. you need at least a bachelor’s degree to become a nurse nowadays

No. 696417

I think pornhub getting taken down is a bad thing overall because the methods used to take it down and the reasons it was taken down could 100% be used against any website on the internet where people are allowed to post things. Including this one.
Even if it hurts coomers, it's not worth it because nothing will stop coomers from consooming their porn. Not much is stopping people from taking a few screenshots of his board or just making up some posts to claim that this site is bigoted and needs to be shut down.

No. 696418

Im jealous of girls who can be attracted to older men. I'm tired of being broke I need a daddy to help me with some Bill's.

No. 696420

by nicer i guess i mean professional
as an aside, my nurse eval is based on experience as a patient, not on my opinion of the people i went to school with

No. 696421

Why would you say I don't know what I'm talking about and then post bullshit that's disproven with a simple Google search?
>you need at least a bachelor's
No, you don't.

No. 696423

pornhub was rightfully taken down because its infrastructure allowed there to be a ton of cp and revenge porn. that's the main reason. it's not about censorship, it's about pornhub hosting illegal content. this is very 2+2=5 logic.

i get that free speech online is important and can be under threat, but pornhub is not an example of that.

No. 696424

i'm sick of women with this prostitute mentality

No. 696428

Theres nothing wrong with soliciting money from men on websites like tinder because 99% of them are only there for sex anyway

No. 696432

>pornhub was rightfully taken down because its infrastructure allowed there to be a ton of cp and revenge porn. that's the main reason. it's not about censorship, it's about pornhub hosting illegal content. this is very 2+2=5 logic.
Pornhub had thousands of videos uploaded every day, and an army of moderators to go through each and every one. Youtube has these things uploaded to it for years, for instance. It's a much larger site with many more moderators.
There simply isn't a way for a site with user content, anywhere, to keep itself clean at all times. The report from former PH moderators said they were going through something like 1,200 videos a day just to make sure none of them were exploitative.

Don't you see how this could be used against like normal websites? ask 4chan how easy it is to keep cp and revenge porn off of it, when they have a whole board dedicated to it. Or even our site and some of the stuff posted in /cow/.

No. 696435

Why are you sick of it?

No. 696437

look, i'm not trying to start a discussion or an argument, but why are you taking pornhub's word for this? why do you have so much faith in them? they simply did not give a fuck until mastercard got involved. victims literally had to impersonate lawyers in order to get videos of them taken down.

>an army of moderators

anon plz.

queen take off your tinfoil hat and stop whiteknighting for pornhub.

No. 696438

File: 1608250509255.jpeg (235.21 KB, 750x566, CC2F73C7-5CA1-4683-9358-046FF0…)

it’s definitely preferred and more states are requiring registered nurses to get their bachelor’s degrees.

No. 696442

It's not a requirement. Which is what you decided to pop off about.

My aunt who never stepped foot in an educational institution is an RN. Several catty acquaintances from my friend's circle with no other options to make money are studying to be nurses. All you have to do is take nursing classes and pass for two years, aka an associates degree.
There are office and retail jobs that require (aka demand a bachelor's degree) more schooling than someone designated to take, chart, and report another human's vital signs.
And why act like nursing jobs are scarce? Covid has made it so that there are vacancies everywhere and they're taking pretty much anybody who agrees to be a warm body working the long hours and will risk covid exposure.

No. 696443

Nayrt but still considerably easier than the 10+ years of training to be a doctor

No. 696444

>Not much is stopping people from taking a few screenshots of his board or just making up some posts to claim that this site is bigoted and needs to be shut down.

Isn't this already happening with the Kiwis?

No. 696445

No. 696446

>My aunt who never stepped foot in an educational institution is an RN. Several catty acquaintances from my friend's circle with no other options to make money are studying to be nurses

nice antidotes you’ve got there.

>more schooling than someone designated to take, chart, and report another human's vital signs.

most nursing jobs are way more complicated and vigorous than that and you know it. just say you have some weird vendetta against nurses and move on with your life

No. 696447

Cope. If education wasn't a barrier to them they'd be pursuing professions, like doctorates, to make more money for all the work and hassle that nursing isn't nearly worth. That's why they tend to be idiots, because this is the closest they can get to a decently paid profession in healthcare otherwise. No vendetta here, just waxing hard facts.

No. 696449

you’re the one whose coping hard because you can’t handle any information that goes against your belief that all nurses are retarded bitches.

No. 696450

nayrt but lolcow and kf are different in so many ways. why do you think shit like racebating isn't allowed on lolcow? based on their thread here, kf seem to be a mess. not only is there a ton of drama w the owner, but their user base consists of neo nazis & unstable ppl who make violent threats. lolcow is a strictly moderated website (thank u admin sama & farm hands) for lighthearted gossip.

why are you guys being so dramatic? there is a huge difference between gossiping about public personas and hosting illegal content or making threats. a ton of subreddits talk about the same stuff we do here on the farms.

No. 696452

Imagine starting an argument against someone with a verifiable falsehood and then getting mad when their position won't change because you're not credible lmaooooo. Cry harder man, your name calling won't stop me and you're just backing yourself into a worse corner by the post. Embarassing.

No. 696456

I love going to the dentist, and I love dentists.

No. 696457

what the fuck part of my post was dramatic
I'm just asking since KF's autism is leaking in here more and more

No. 696459

literally no one is crying or getting upset. if anything your the one getting worked up with your 2005 tier pseudo badass on the internet posturing

No. 696470

same here lol. just hate when they tell me i have a cavity

No. 696540

Teslas are boring and ugly cars bought only by people who like wasting their money to prove to others that they have money.

No. 696542

I wanted before one, but only cause I really like the fact it's electric, of all the cool features and you can solar charge them. I've heard the quality is really shitty though, and the paint is waterbased so washing it would be a bitch. this reminded me I should probably start looking for better electric car brands

No. 696553

File: 1608264462756.png (414.9 KB, 592x517, wouldeat.png)

A lot of the British food that people make fun of in memes actually looks fine and I would eat a lot of them

No. 696558

British peoples food is like shit that 7 year olds would make when they're allowed to make food on their own.

No. 696559

A lot of british food hate is just classism.

No. 696561

nahhh it looks like shit

No. 696562

yeah I want to get a thick slice of rough bread and put some beans on it

No. 696563

i hate the british and if i ever have to hear about them again i will kms

No. 696566

me except with Brazilians

No. 696569

at least brazilians are sexy

No. 696570

t. seething britbong
Can't colonize half the world, have the nerve to not even improve your child-tier diet as a result, and then cry "ism" when you get harmlessly memed on, kek

No. 696571

>and an army of moderators to go through each and every one.
This is either a fucking lie, or their mods love verifying videos of toddlers being abused. Choose one.
>ask 4chan how easy it is to keep cp and revenge porn off of it
I've actually never seen CP on 4chan, and I've used it for years. Funny.

No. 696572

my brother has a model 3 long range all maxed out and i actually really like it, i usually feel anxious in cars but the car is super heavy and you can feel it on the road, i feel very safe compared to the piece of shit car my boyfriend has where i feel like i would definitely die in a bad car accident. i also really like the self driving feature and hope with other cars in the future it becomes a standard thing. i don’t drive personally but i would probably learn to drive if i had one because i wouldn’t feel so nervous. i don’t like elon musk and im a NEET so that isn’t happening.
my brother is a wealthy elon fanboy, we are complete opposite people, car is still nice though

No. 696581

File: 1608266640769.jpg (21.05 KB, 600x450, 5108a8e778a94df1ad42baa4c5a27a…)

Beans are disgusting but I see no issue with the chip sandwiches the internet clutches it's pearls over. It's obviously not haute cuisine, just a junky snack but the combo is pretty yum and I doubt it's a staple meal.

I guess I can sympathize with Brits cause I'm Australian and for some reason people think fairy bread represents our eating habits. It's just party food for kids ffs lmao.

No. 696582

The first time I saw one I was shocked by how plain it looked. I would’ve assumed that aesthetics would be a factor for a luxury car and no way am I spending that money on something that looks so basic and clunky.

No. 696588

File: 1608267148647.jpeg (1.57 MB, 3000x4500, 4C957293-8B14-43C1-9C79-34F69F…)

fairy bread at least looks tasty though

No. 696589

File: 1608267259598.jpg (325.98 KB, 1000x1000, FingerBun-WhiteFondant-100s100…)

It's alright, sprinkles taste better on icing though. Finger buns >>>

No. 696590

The white bread version looks better tbh. This looks like a hotdog bun with sprinkles.

No. 696591

File: 1608267456974.jpg (4.21 KB, 250x250, 1608262206901.jpg)

>americucks shitting on anyone else's food
do they even have bread without sugar

No. 696592

Yes? Why would the bread have sugar.

No. 696593

um yes? we eat more than just packaged sliced white bread

No. 696597

They don't even have proper rye bread, savages. i am just joshing you girls, eat whatever the fuck u want

No. 696598

britfags get so assblasted when you shit-talk their stewed slop.

No. 696601

i'm polish. british food is gross but still better than american

No. 696604

Speaking of stewed slop kek

No. 696606

File: 1608269410838.jpg (223.48 KB, 807x1274, Screenshot_2.jpg)

I will not rest until British citizens atone for their culinary sins

No. 696607

seethe americuck

No. 696609

both american and british food sucks ass

sincerely, another eurofag

No. 696611

Enjoy your mix of cold purple soup and tears, sweetie. I'm sure you'll get to experience flavors someday. Maybe even get an abortion.

No. 696612

Name 1 good Polish dish. No perogis.

No. 696614

Nta but WOW

No. 696615

leave the polish alone. you’re losing sight of the real enemy, britbongs

No. 696616

File: 1608270007431.jpeg (36.22 KB, 554x554, Funkoo.jpeg)

Everytime Funkopop touch a new franchise or Movie charactersis always ruined. Waiting for the Dune Nendoroid. If Star Wars Nendoroid exist then should be Dune

No. 696617

I swear we've had like 50 anons say they don't like funkopop already. In this thread and other threads. Is this the new "rap music sucks"

No. 696619

Literally everything here is better quality, even basic shit like vegetables and fruits. All americucks I knew loved polish food. Your soil is as barren as the wombs of white american women.

No. 696636

AirPods are ugly

No. 696638

Imagine trying to make fun of women not having their rights to their bodies in certain countries because those countries don’t put sugar in everything. Between school shootings, domestic terrorism, obesity pandemic, no proper health care, extreme poverty and the choice between a orange sexual assaulting clown and a senile girl sniffing grandpa you’d think Americans would grow some sympathy for women in other countries. I guess all that sugar and grease has clogged your brain to the point sympathy is a thing of the past and you wouldn’t know how real food (not injected with addicting shit that the EU has outlawed since a long time ago) even tastes. Sperg all you want about spices we all known it’s just all about that precious grease and sugar, fat bitch.

No. 696644

Nta, but why the fuck do you anons like to get so offended over these internet country wars. How did we go from British food to this.

No. 696646

Christmas is overrated and perpetuates overconsumption with gift giving and decorations. Maybe I’m cynical and boring but I would rather that money get donated to someone who doesn’t have their basic needs fulfilled. I’ve seen so much misery and it’s hard to take my mind off of those situations and focus on pretty lights and presents

No. 696647

>fat bitch
Nice cope, but no.
Relax. Get back to your bowl of stewed cabbage and doughy unseasoned mashed potato chunklets.

No. 696649

I don’t like when ppl make fun of women for not having abortion rights lmao. That the hambeast happens to be American just gives more ammo but who cares about opinions on food, it’s just that this piggy thought it would a “bad bitch moment” to take a swing at polish women being oppressed all to defend her butter.

No. 696660

What? No it's not. All traditional British food is fucking awful, be it for the poor, middle class or the fucking queen.

No. 696661

Since that was the only part of my reply that stood out to you i highly doubt it’s me that’s trying to cope, insecure fatty.

No. 696673

File: 1608278917705.jpg (37.07 KB, 398x376, 1607983051107.jpg)

>doesn't have a ton of sugar in it >it's "unseasoned"

No. 696677

All guys named Jared are asshole/scumbags.

No. 696684

Hey neck yourself amerifat.

No. 696691

Hot fries>Hot popcorn>Hot cheetos>Takis

No. 696709

File: 1608284218622.jpg (50.28 KB, 760x715, 65486648.jpg)

>stewed cabbage
Not to be dramatic but I will literally kill you if you talk shit about bigos one more time

No. 696710

True. The woke Twitter crowd are embarrassing themselves again.

No. 696712

>to not even improve your child-tier diet as a result
Not true, they came up with Chicken Tikka Masala, which is absolutely delicious

No. 696717

Anon please correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that Indian? unless I'm a dumbass and this is a joke about English colonization

No. 696732

No, its not. It's based on Indian cuisine, but invented by the Brits. Just correcting the anon who said colonisation didn't improve their cuisine.

No. 696755

I'm more worried by the lack of tablecloths. Eating on the table with nothing under the plate feels nasty to me

No. 696761

It is nasty. I could maybe understand if he was eating on a glass table, but wood is notorious for being a breeding ground for bacteria, and soaks up all those nasty grease stains n shit.

No. 696857

Anisa is only talked about because she is a threat in the minds of weird ass girls who had a thing for idubbbz during his peak. She's so boring and basic, like there is no milk.

No. 696860

Can attest to this. I witnessed the first filthy gang/cancer crew (to become pearnisa thread, to be them locked and directed to twitch general). Just look at all these simps:
Also, there was at least one chick vendetta-posting, I have some tinfoils about who, but they're too stupid to share.
and then there's me, I like to gossip about a basic bitch, bite me

No. 696864

There’s literally two bitches filling that thread with Anisa autism even though twitch is chock full of lolcows, males and females.

No. 696867

My disdain of nurses has nothing to do with high school bullies. I personally know 4 nurses and only one of them is a passably decent human being. The other 3 are objectively pieces of shit who shouldn't be anywhere near vulnerable or sick people. One is a literal clinical narcissist who would say he wished he could just let certain patients die because they annoy him and celebrates when someone he dislikes does die.

No. 696869

In my state you just need an associates and you can expect to make at least 70k your first year working.

No. 696876

>army of moderators

Anon, they had less than 100 mods.

No. 696880

>Or even our site and some of the stuff posted in /cow/.
I have literally never seen anything that could be considered CP posted on here. The closest thing was some concerned anon a while ago who found some on Instagram and was asking us what authorities to report it to and to flood report the account. And even that got deleted almost immediately.

No. 696885

>he wished he could just let certain patients die because they annoy him and celebrates when someone he dislikes does die.
There are countless stories about exacty this on the internet. I'm not even surprised.

No. 696902

you are lucky. I haven't seen most of the ugly stuff posted on lolcow but what I've seen was:
>a spambot posting links to an 'adult magazine' featuring half-naked and naked prepubescent girls (judging by pic related in the post, I haven't been to the website obviously). This happened at least twice, probably about 4-5 years ago
>someone (probably a creepy moid) posting a gif of 6 years old girl twirling her dress and showing her panties to the webcam
>the not actually cp, but coming from cp photo of a girl with a cigarette in soren (or was it Ginger Bronson?) thread
>multiple anons asking admins to delete cp in /meta

Sadly, it does happen but I guess it depends when you login. You are lucky if you haven't seen any of this shit or scrotes goreposting

No. 696974

One time, there was literally CP sitting on /ot/ undeleted for hours. I have no clue what happened to the mods on that day, but it was fucked. I remember it because an anon went in on them in /meta/ and basically said what we were all thinking, very appalled about it.

No. 697107

I'm a burger, but I really like these conversations where people roast other countries' foods. It's cozy and it reminds me of shitposting on /int/ as a teenager.

It's so easy to find men your own age to leech off of though. Just find a tech nerd and then you'll be saying you're jealous of women who can be attracted to ugly and annoying men who demand constant emotional labor.

No. 697118

>I'm a burger, but I really like these conversations where people roast other countries' foods.
Agree but I hate how offended non-Americans can get when an American person makes fun of their food or country. Like not on LC specifically, but anywhere. British people especially get offended for some reason, which is weird cause I thought they loved "banter" or whatever over there.

No. 697122

It's honestly so weird. They're the last people I would expect to be like that. An American person could be like "haha you guys have ugly teeth and funny accents" and a Brit will be like "w-WELL YOUR KIDS GET SHOT IN SCHOOL!" like what? What happened? Thought we were just playing around.

No. 697124

ikr? like funny teeth and school shootings are not even on the same level. they also rip into americans for having shitty healthcare, as if that’s our fault. they can’t take a joke

No. 697128

>I have literally never seen anything that could be considered CP posted on here.
I wish that were me. Mods have gotten better about deleting that kinda shit imo
There have been a couple of ads posted here for underage teens and shit. The gore posting happens too, but it's usually retarded moids trying to shock anons and shit. I personally try to report ASAP so no one else gets exposed to that shit. I'm still kinda shocked/amused about those psycho /jp/ scrotes that sperged the fuck out in the vtuber thread.
Peak retardation.

No. 697132

People probably get offended because they’ve heard those jokes a million times before. Even more so if it’s based on inaccuracies, often those that Americans genuinely believe to be true. Your country getting roasted can be funny if it’s done in an original way, but the same old stale jokes getting repeated is just boring whatever the subject.

No. 697134

also never met a tolerable guy named todd

No. 697135

americans have been getting roasted for being fat, dumb, and overly friendly for decades but still manage to laugh it off.

No. 697136

I also really like to follow her. I guess the fact that she's so basic is what makes her appealing. She's a bit like a less extreme Shawna in that she has this extremely regular output of dumb shit.

No. 697140

Yeah but people have been roasting Americans the same way for years (obesity, bad food, school shooting, bad schools, healthcare etc…) and we still laugh at it and make fun of ourselves. Sometimes I've seen people say shit about Americans that's not true either.

No. 697141

> and overly friendly for decades but still manage to laugh it off
That might be why.

No. 697144

"Overly friendly" i'd say fake or shallow polite

No. 697145

Obviously didn't get bullied enough cause you guys are still insufferable and think the world revolves around you. We are forced to know shit about your country while you ask if we have cars in ours.

No. 697151

> (obesity, bad food, school shooting, bad schools, healthcare etc…) and we still laugh at it and make fun of ourselves.
Peak hilarity right there. Absolutely the type of things you should laugh off instead of, I don’t know, being horrified that those are the tired old stereotypes (which are mostly objectively true) of your country. /s.

No. 697190

People are going full retard every xmas season and it gets worse this year. I work across the street from a mall and i see so many drones of people (without masks sometimes) going in and out the mall. are xmas gifts really worth it this year when most people are struggling to pay rent? I hate consumerism

No. 697205

Preach. An American once asked me if we had supermarkets in the UK. This person was from a big city, not from some bumfuck hick town in the middle of nowhere. Nahh mate, we just forage around for nuts and berries, and on a good day we find crumpets and rivers of tea, which you are all so convinced we guzzle down on the daily (hint, we don't). I can understand it might come from a place of genuinely not knowing, but considering the world often has America's exports and ideals rammed down our collective throats, I think they should take the time to learn about the world around them and that we don't all revolve around them.

No. 697228

Maybe they meant supermarkets as opposed to like regular grocery stores?

No individual is in control of institutional corruption and shitty government in their country. Anyways, aside from school shootings, which Americans don't generally laugh about, the rest of those are problems in many countries worldwide.

No. 697233

Anon, joking about it doesn't mean you like it. It's ok to laugh at bad situations sometimes. Obviously Americans don't like that these are problems in our country.

No. 697276

Most of yall have bfs who dont even have a job and cant even wash their ass properly but you act like you're too good for adam driver. Makes 0 sense

No. 697281

File: 1608343948889.jpg (456.28 KB, 1200x1200, AdamBorzoi.jpg)

You can have a preference to not like his face, i like him but not in a secsxxxhual way

No. 697296

Speak for yourself and that ugly ass goblin man

No. 697299

File: 1608346114587.png (1.25 MB, 798x1064, 6AD9A8E0-FDB3-4F34-9057-84DBE5…)

Sure, anon.

No. 697325

File: 1608352229800.jpg (38.85 KB, 409x516, adamdriver.jpg)

more for me

No. 697355

Internet was a great introducting social issue and problem to young people in easy accessible and casual way but the problem was that most of young people are lack of experiencing of actual harsh life and the garsp of the reality

No. 697357

File: 1608358065011.jpg (64.54 KB, 744x540, Anonsbtfo.jpg)

No. 697407

how you feel about america is how the rest of europe feels about brits (maybe frenchies too)

No. 697410

I am actually French living in the UK so I also have shitty opinions about the UK but I am stuck here for now due to personal circumstances. Britain doesn't get away lightly, I just thought it was retarded that an American didn't know another first world country had supermarkets.

No. 697411

Anon that one person doesn't represent the whole of America. Most Americans know that the UK have grocery stores.

No. 697413

They’re bad tourists but Brits are not as significant in Europe as some people seem to think they are.

No. 697416

So, if they have jobless, unwashed boyfriends, they should aspire to ugly goblin men?
Why do you encourage women to be low, anon?

No. 697417

I feel this way, but about Africa and how literally all Americans and Europeans think of it.

No. 697500

This is so true. They have such confident prejudices about a whole continent they know zilch about.

No. 697526

Same, I talked about it with one of my best friends who's from Madagascar, and my family is from two north african countries and we're both asked so many stupid as fuck questions sometimes, like if we can use the internet or our phones there. I also worked with two girls from two different west african countries because they were foreign students and they've been asked equally stupid questions since they moved here. Worst part is that these people tend to not know the most basic shit about the continent even though it's so easy to learn by literally watching the news on tv or online or even just chatting with your African neighbors or coworkers or classmates.

No. 697582

You didn't intend it but you make it sound like Adam is only marginally better than men who don't wash their ass and can't hold a job lel.

No. 697590

File: 1608393973271.jpg (129.08 KB, 680x1020, sweet-potato-fries-5.jpg)

Sweet Potato Fries are better than French Fries

No. 697593

keep on fighting the good fight!
I would die for Adam ahhh

No. 697594

Unrelated but do you recommend any cities to visit in Madagascar if you've been? I want to travel there whenever the pandemic dies down it's so beautiful

No. 697600

I've never been to Madagascar myself I want to visit the country some day because of my friend so I can't tell you anything yet. I should ask her recommendations first.

No. 697603

They’re fucking delicious. I love sweet potato anything though really

No. 697605

No. 697679

wearing makeup every day is unhygienic and disgusting. skin looks gross with foundation/concealer on it. and this shit is full of bacteria and fungi, but then people smear it all around their eyes and on their faces. not to mention how bad it is for your skin in the long term.

i think it would be alright if it was something people wore occasionally on stage, or for special events or something, or even if people used it to actually be creative instead of doing the same generic makeup looks exclusively, but most dont use it like that. most women wouldnt wear it if there wasnt any societal pressure to wear it to be conventionally attractive.

No. 697689

anon every single thing is covered in bacteria, makeup doesn't have fungi unless it's expired or not properly taken care of

I agree women shouldn't wear tons of makeup every single day but lying and overexaggerating isn't helping

No. 697703

I find makeup a bit gross because of the texture but your reasons are absolutely retarded lmao. Why on earth would makeup have more 'fungi' than products which are objectively good for your skin, like sunscreen? What difference would it make when your hands are the most bacteria covered part of your body and you touch your face thousands of times a day whether you like it or not? Do you have any sources for what you're trying to say?

Makeup isn't even bad for your skin, especially not long term. At absolute worst it might give you pimples in the short term, but it doesn't cause damage or aging unless you're really pulling at your skin to apply it.

No. 697717

I personally hate the feeling of any liquid products on my skin but if you think they always look gross you're not using them correctly, don't look at beauty gurus and insta thots who slather 4 layers of complexion products on and only look good under beauty lights, most women use way less podcut on a day to day basis and know how to make it look natural

No. 697756

Sexpats should have their Visa's revoked and not be allowed to travel internationally, they are some of the most digusting men to ever exist.

No. 697776

especially the ones that go to south east asia… kill em all

No. 697784

They should get profiled like druggies and the women that get sex trafficked at the airports. I’m sure those assholes look basically the same: fat, old, wearing a shitty suit with just a few belongings and telling security they’re going out on a business trip or something shady like that.

No. 697791

No. 697793

kek disgusting

No. 697852

Some of the anons here have a really gross scrote-tier mentality toward the cows. Like, shitting on anyone 25+ for not looking barely legal anymore, and calling all cows ugly even when they're convebtionally attractive.

No. 697853

I'm probably not the first person to say this, but I think a lot of anons are projecting their body dysmorphia and internalized misogyny onto cows.

No. 697860

A lot of anons here are genuinely fucking crazy. Cows attract cows I guess.

No. 697862

i wonder if a lot of the anons who act like that are scrotes since once they start sperging it becomes obvious they have no idea how women's bodies work

No. 697864

I think one of the funniest parts is when you call out nitpicking and immediately get accused of being a white knight. People aren’t automatically fat or ugly because you don’t like them kek.

No. 697878

Yeah, the biological cluelessness of how women work is truly disturbing. There was one smooth brain I saw in the 5th Usagi Kou thread who thinks if you had any level of mild weight fluctuation or an early term abortion that you would have loose skin. Like what the actual fuck. How does someone retarded enough to think an early term abortion, or a small weight fluction leads to loose skin???

No. 697879

I hope everyone keeps this in mind when cows get nitpicked. inb4 "just grow a spine" enough farmers have admitted they internalize insults that could apply to them.
I'll admit it's funny when crazy anons treat actually attractive features like imperfections though. it can get creative while still reading like an insecure cope. quite transparent once you notice

No. 697880

There was a certain time here where it was normal to call out nitpicking. We should all bring that back.
We're here to laugh at moronic idiots on the internet, not some crows feet or an outie vagina

No. 697881

If you're above a size 2 you shouldn't try to be fashionable because you'll just look like shit. Looking good should be a privilege for people who don't over eat. Especially not for people who are obese. Most obese people don't care about looking anyway.

No. 697884

>Cows attract cows
the most dedicated thread posters are often part of the cow's community. e-girl thread will be filled with e-girls, sex workers get most viciously attacked by other sex workers, it goes on…
nice bait, no one cares.

No. 697885

I think it's funny when anyone tries too hard to be fashionable, as if you think so highly of yourself that anyone would care what cheap Shein trash you just bought to wrap around your size 2 meatsack.

No. 697886

i kinda agree that fatties look shit in most clothing but
>Looking good should be a privilege for people who don't over eat
this just makes you sound like a bitter ex-fatty who still needs to work on her insecurities

No. 697888

greater than size 2 is fat? ok ana-chan. do you mean for very short women or something?

No. 697889

File: 1608438583714.jpg (77.21 KB, 1300x957, fishing-bait-12061923.jpg)

Do you guys even try anymore

No. 697895

i know i'm feeding into the bait kek but i actually think more fatties should get into fashion, if they're not willing to lose weight then they'd be much less unpleasant to look at if they invested in nice clothes that fit them properly

No. 697898

This. I never understood the weird fashion gatekeeping with fatties. If anything, they're the demographic who should be putting the most effort into looking nice.

No. 697901

Agreed 100%. When your body is nice, you can dress casually and look good no matter what. If your body is average or unfortunate, it helps to compensate by being extra stylish and polished. People can tell you're fat either way, may as well be fat and well dressed instead of hiding yourself in a hoodie in hot weather like I often see them do.

No. 697906

hard agree. also it's unpopular here but, I don't hate fat people… if they dress nicely like you said, I have no problem seeing them and don't think about them being fat. sometimes they're cute or well-dressed. I only dwell on it if they dress poorly then I hate seeing a belly or buttcrack stick out.
>t. you're fat anon?
I have never been, and that may be why I'm less harsh on them, since many fat-haters seem to have struggled with themselves

No. 697909

File: 1608441359789.jpg (193.61 KB, 650x943, tumblr_p56g316JyM1qgj42qo1_128…)

Since we are talking about fat girls, I don't all fat girls look bad. Obviously at a certain point it'll start looking bad and they're body just becomes kind of blobby, but some big women have a good looking body despite being fat. Idk if it's weight distribution or what but I like it. Maybe I'm biased because I don't have anything against fat people though.

No. 697910

Oh sorry I didn't realize I basically just posted the same thing as >>697906 lmao

No. 697914

Not bait. Im a size 2.
Shein is horrible. Nice projection tho.
Anything above a size 2 isn't really ideal imo. Its not really fat i guess.. If I wasn't a size 2 I'd try to be one.

No. 697920

>Everyone that isn't the exact same size as me is fat and looks bad.

No. 697922

File: 1608442719067.jpg (51.46 KB, 629x390, sizes.jpg)

>Im a size 2.
I never doubted that
>Anything above a size 2 isn't really ideal imo. Its not really fat i guess.. If I wasn't a size 2 I'd try to be one.
It's fine you feel that way about yourself but weird you think others above 2 have something wrong with them. Maybe you only look at fashion models but women bigger than 2 can look completely normal and beautiful. Obviously picrel is only a random google example and there'll be variation. If someone's tall, or short, has longer legs vs shorter legs, her waist-to-hip ratio, it goes on… Really BMI is a better judge of healthy looks I guess. You can think how you want, but it sounds very influenced by the fashion industry. Which doesn't actually reflect what's "not fat"… mainly they want skinny rectangle types. Many women have naturally wide hips that are seen as beautiful, and won't disappear with "eating less junk." That is an example that could keep them above size 2.
Sorry I ended up sperging a bit. I only want to give my view, because there really are different body shapes that can still be fit, healthy, beautiful but not below size 2. I'm not talking about "curvy" fatties btw

No. 697934

As long as you’re in the healthy bmi or weight range, body proportions matter more than clothing size for the attractiveness of your body.

No. 697935

your pic is uk sizing tho

No. 697939

These are the kinds of seetheposts some girls make after seeing the guy they have a crush on hanging out with someone who has big tits or whatever.

No. 697942

Tfw u eat 800 cals a day just to look average and your crush still doesn’t want you. anachans seething

No. 697962

Nta, I don’t know what you’re getting at but a U.K. 8 (smallest woman in the photo) is a US 4. Which is slim but not super skinny or modelesque (U.K. sizes generally go down to 4, US 0). The women are still bigger than OP’s size 2.

No. 697977


this is only true for unathletic women with no defined waistline or good legs, boobs, ass who have to get very skinny or else they look mediocre beyond anything else. e.g, most of the women on imageboards or online all the time so theyre too lazy to actually work out

No. 697982

Most people online who say they're gonna commit suicide never do. It's usually the ones who never talk about feeling suicidal that actually do it.

No. 698026

I think anyone, with any body can look nice and 'fashionable' without the need of dieting because in the end it's all about the types of clothing you choose that would actually fit not just your body, but your colours etc.

I do wish fattie-chans were less insecure about themselves and instead of screeching bait like >>697881 , they would have actually accepted themselves and realized that if u dig hard enough, u will find a good clothing store.

No. 698074

Obese people are basically like children and shouldn't be allowed to make their own decisions regarding food. Besides the physical issues, it's a mental problem and people need to stop acting like it's a personality trait to binge eat.

No. 698076

Nice waistline/boobs/legs are largely dependent on genetics though.
As long as you're healthy any size is fine. Obviously oveareating points towards a problem with food you should talk to a therapist about, but unless you're obese who cares. Or who cares in general, idgaf about other women's clothing sizes.

No. 698098

Small, stereotypically girly dog breeds are really cute and anyone who talks about wanting to harm them sounds like a serial killer

No. 698107

Agree. Pomeranians are fucking adorable and people who have a rage boner for them literally sound like psychopaths.

No. 698111

I remember when I was 10 and walking my chihuahua, some highschool kid with two girls was telling them how he wished all chihuahuas died. He also told them he wanted to kick my dog.

Anyone who talks about harming small dogs or cats for being small and yappy is a red flag. Usually they have giant ass dogs who they can barely train too.

No. 698121

I agree to an extent with this, except there gets to a stage of obesity where all clothes just look like bedsheets. No matter how much the colour or pattern suits you, you still look like you’re wearing a bedsheet which is never flattering or fashionable.

I remember reading posts by the fat-activist tumblrs years ago about how plus size clothing isn’t designed well. I agree with their points that you can’t always just take an item and make it bigger, and think plus size women would look better if their clothing options were designed better. However idk how possible that is as the issue also exists for women in straight sizing as not every size S body is proportioned the same, as has been mentioned.

No. 698126

OT There's nothing I enjoy more than seeing buff dudes with small dogs. Once I worked at a retail store where people sometimes brought their dogs in and a super buff guy came in with a little chihuahua tucked in his arm. He set the lil chi down and I could see she had a little pearl leash and that shit warmed my heart.

No. 698127

They're cute if they're well-behaved and don't unreasonably bark. Unfortunately every small 'girly' dog I've ever met was a monstertruck inside a tiny package, it's unbelievable how much loud, bark-happy and aggressive they are. I guess that's their owner's fault for not training them properly.

No. 698132

I don't hate fat people either, as long as they're self-aware and realistic about the fact being fat is objectively a bad thing.

No. 698138

I only really like long haired chihuahuas, and talk big game on not liking small dogs in general, but I love pomeranians. I fucking love them so much, and they're so stinkin cute even when they're angry and popping off like little toys about something. I'm afraid that if I owned one I would turn into a "dog mom" that hauls it around everywhere like a barking toddler.

No. 698141

Even with decent training a lot of them can still be loud as hell but sometimes it's a good thing. I have a really well-behaved pomeranian that doubles as an alarm system. It ended up being really useful when someone tried to break into my house.

No. 698150

The people whiteknighting for normies in /ot/ make me cringe. They remind me of all those kids in their early 20s who outgrew their dweeb phase from high school and are desperate to fit in upon entering college despite all the actual normies looking down their noses upon them because they're still radiating that loser geek aura but they're too desperate for validation to accept it. I'm glad I'm old and confident enough to assert dominance by wearing my cringey anime t-shirt to work on casual days while my younger closeted weeb coworker is terrified of anyone finding out about his secret hobby and trying to lick normie boots while being bullied by them.

Anons, if you're deep enough to go to lolcow and know what normie even means then you're beyond repair. The "normies" who are being nice to you most likely are geeks to some degree but just as undercover as you.

No. 698151

Oh my god anon that's too adorable. I once saw a really buff big dude walking a sweet fluffy pomeranian too and it melted my heart.

Part of it is that they lack the size to defend themselves so they're evolved to use the noise and barking to scare the threat away instead, the other part is that their owners treat them as toys and don't train them. However most small dogs I've met have been really adorable, well behaved and not that noisy, except when alerting its owner. I've been much more terrified of big dogs that can rip my face off if they wanted to.

No. 698158

You still have to operate around normalfilth, or they make your existence a living hell. Even in adulthood this is a problem. Weeb shit is in right now, so if anything you're just gonna be seen as a normie trying to look like a zoomer. Wear whatever you want, but acting like it's a protective badge of honor to wear things that are in trend right now isn't really an argument.

No. 698159

i go on lc and i think weebs are disgusting retards. not being a "normie" is a spectrum, and people will find all sorts of ways to be cringe and weird and you shouldn't just outright accept them because you also have things about you that may be cringe or weird.

No. 698169

Most suicides are just impulsive decisions.

No. 698175

Adele is tying with Taylor Swift as one of the most overrated singers, as well as songwriters of all time

No. 698179

Imagine being “old” yet retaining this middle school level mindset.

No. 698182

I love when people say “oh babe ur on lolcow lol” as if that’s a hegemonic userbase, part of why I love the site is that I would never talk to most of you bitches irl.

No. 698185

The Resident Evil movies were not that bad

No. 698191

it's hegemonic in the sense that none of us care if we annoyed another user, so yes that applies when someone yells "how dare you reply to confession" or whatever the fuck.

No. 698193

oh stfu dork

No. 698202

I fucking hate baby Yoda. I want to roadhouse kick the little fucker across the room

No. 698205

I absolutely agree. I'd punt that nasty little alien abortion

No. 698207

same, i am tired of seeing that little shit everywhere

No. 698220

yes. also the people who obsess over it are just the worst. it's like the millennial version of facebook minion moms

No. 698231

Idk, anon, I think most weebs/geeks tend to be saltier than normies, if anything, I think that as long as you don’t go full retard, anyone can like you and get along with you.
Just like, understand how time, occasion, place works, so don’t go around talking about how Zhongli has the roundest cheeks when you’re at the gym with that cool bodybuilder girl you just met.
But also don’t expect people ready to talk about how much they lift on a daily basis when they’re on a tabletop game, talking about the plot of the story.

No. 698235

overwatch has always sucked

No. 698237

Moomin has some of the ugliest character designs ever. I have never thought any of it was cute, even as a kid. I roll my eyes every time someone here gushes over it.

No. 698243

Sex positivity and women being free with their sexuality doesnt really exist yet. People still think you're nasty and gross if you have casual sex/do sex work. The men you are having casual sex with think you're gross too.

No. 698249

as if there's something good about sex work. If sex work was empowering men would've been dominating this profession

No. 698252

Women suffering from BPD are more oppressed than lgbts

No. 698256

baby yoda symbolizes everything I hate about modern media. fucking funko-pops-collecting-soy-chugging-consoomers getting excited over shitty disney products. yes mandalorian is shit too. the last good star wars related media was kotor 2.

No. 698258


what about the lbs with bpd

No. 698260

Louder for the trannies in the back

No. 698265

they're oppressed by their own crazy cunts

No. 698266

they're the ones oppressing other people. If they weren't crazy people would like them.

No. 698267

Anon, even the cast of the shitquel starwars can't stand baby Yoda

No. 698269

fujos are unironically more oppressed than trannies

No. 698273

>Idk, anon, I think most weebs/geeks tend to be saltier than normies, if anything, I think that as long as you don’t go full retard, anyone can like you and get along with you.
That's the thing though. I've seen people in professional positions with full on nerd weeb gear looking like altgoth disaster yet they're very well liked because they are able to own it by being confident and not giving a shit what anyone thinks. It's the undercover geeks who panic when someone asks them if they like anime that are embarrassing because their whole identity always revolves around trying to pass as normie as possible ending up as a cheap clone of Stacey from marketing.

No. 698300


The best small dog is a cat.

No. 698306

wise anon

No. 698319

I love this post

No. 698328


samefagging but fakeboi fujos are traitors. there is no better term to describe them. how do you ruin your body with hormones to still diddle your skittle to yowiezzz but also yell at slightly better adjusted girls for doing the same thing (cause you're a TRUE and HONEST GAY MAN who doesn't like to be fetishised, yo) only for actual gay men to hate your guts

No. 698339

File: 1608496857507.png (178.36 KB, 500x336, ME.png)

fandom antis are taking it way too far, though i'm not entirely against them. being against lewding underage characters is one thing, but yelling at people for shipping "abuse!!!" is retarded

No. 698345

Agreed. Sometimes I just like the relationship dynamic between two characters, I'm not getting off to the fact that they're underage lmao. I want to say maybe it's just because they're dumb kids but I've seen plenty of adults who participate in this anti shit and it's tiring. Shouldn't you be old enough to have the critical thinking skills to distinguish between fiction and reality?

No. 698355

100% unironically agree, anon.

No. 698357

You can't say that anon, you'll summon all the twitterfags from the artist salt thread to screech about muh tw:incst pdo enabling when you're shipping a 19-year old minor to a 22-year old childhood friend.

No. 698365

File: 1608499230156.jpeg (1.33 MB, 3464x3464, 9714405A-6BB3-469D-A406-41D273…)

this could be a t-shirt.

No. 698394

Reminds me of an IG artist I used to follow who tried to do a callout post for their “abusive” ex with a whole laundry list of general kinda shitty relationship but not actual abuse things and ended it with ‘I was a 17 year old MINOR and they were an 18 year old ADULT!’ They deactivated in shame a week later kek.

No. 698440

Men without cars and men without money(middle class at least) should not be dating and they should not have girlfriends.

No. 698442

i mean unless they are hot

No. 698443

I rather have the good ones dating than seeking escorts. Idk, men are disgusting in general.

No. 698444

>woman with prostitute mentality judges who is or isn't worthy of dating

No. 698445

Not even then. A hot man gains more from being around a woman than vice versa.

No. 698446

A man being able to do the bare minimum is not escorting. Theres more to lose from interacting with men so he should at least be able to tale care of himself.

No. 698448

No that wasn't what I meant, what I mean is I rather have a more or less mediocre man seeking true love than seeking a quick fuck from an escort.

I'm going to get personal here but I found a very nice man myself, but he has no car and sometimes he has no job (he's an animator). He's respectful, loving, smart etc whatever.
Turns out his first time was with an escort because he was feeling like shit and lonely so he would rather lose his virginity. Idk this still disgusts me about him but I try not to be judgamental even if prostitution seeking men make me fucking sick.

No. 698450

You think hes sweet and loving. There are literal bums who have beautiful girls fucking him for free. Whenever a guy is a virgin at a older age theres usually a good reason.

No. 698451

I mean, the thing that happened traumatized him and his dick went limp before any real fucking, he did penetrate her though. He's not seeking any other girl like that in the future, he doesn't even like instahoes or whatever. Idk, I'm trying to believe in him because he's pretty sweet and loving.

No. 698455

Hes probably ugly then and if that's the case you shouldnt be fucking him. Dont enable ugly men.

No. 698456

No, he's nice and cute, I swear, he's just very shy and dumb…

No. 698458

Then hes probably a pedophile on the down low. If he has issues getting sex there is a reason and women with common usually pick up on that and avoid him.

No. 698459

I mean he likes shotacon doujins, is that a bad thing?

No. 698463

Fucking lel

No. 698466

>No car
>No job
>Hired escort to lose his virginity
>"He doesn't even like instahoes"
>"I'm trying to believe in him"

Anon, love yourself. Trust your instincts and don't force yourself into liking this guy.

No. 698468

If he's admitting to that embarrassing story I'd wonder if he would go back. A lot of the whores around here charge £40 for half an hour, like if a guy has already went through that process and wasn't phased by it what would stop him again? It's literally disgusting purchasing a person to fuck, like the fucking entitlement of renting out body parts.

No. 698471

I'm just trying to believe in him… he didn't like the experience and he has me now… and he knows how much I hate prostitution…

No. 698473

My ex said the same shit to me and then I found out from his teenage next door neighbour they both went to a brothel together on a night out. What men say and do doesnt always match up. Just be careful, once someone has went through with buying sex off someone they don't see it as a big deal and they get to shop around for different girls.

No. 698474

Agree, man with no car is a deal breaker

No. 698478

It's funny because men will cry about gold diggers but they have 0 respect for women willing to date them while they're broke with no car. Then when their life is sorted out they try to leave for their dream girl that they can now afford.

No. 698501

I fucking hate Sia's voice, so grating.

No. 698508

Feeling bloated before your period is a nice feeling. Its like I’m getting free body heat for the winter.

No. 698517

File: 1608511178062.jpg (106.98 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

idk how unpopular this is, maybe just controversial? you get weird looks from normies. i fully believe animals should never be tested for human science. all space travel should have been done by humans, not helpless animals forced to endure horrible lives and deaths. same with testing literally anything. let suicidal humans do it so they don't care about the consequences. humans should not celebrate these animals so much as mourn them and feel disgusted at our cruelty. they aren't "heroes"… they're victims.

No. 698519

Agreed and we should test on rapists and pedos instead

No. 698521

yeah idc about the uproar they don't deserve anything better

No. 698524

very brave

No. 698534

File: 1608512686690.jpeg (90.85 KB, 728x410, 41A40983-F3E9-4236-AD6E-CDB6F8…)

Anon, this is the absolute truth, I mean, yeah, some animals can have some similarities with humans, but what a better way to figure out what humans need than having a human to tell you how they feel and what they need when they’re getting tested?
It’s just perfect, gather those that just want to die and don’t care anymore, also those that are lost causes like prisoners and shitty soldiers/guerrilla groups, then there’s going to be a lot more of progress than having someone trying to figure out just why is a tiny rat dying or suffering seizures caused by something that should be used on humans.
>the world if scientists stopped being retarded
>the world of human rights were revoked for some groups of human waste

No. 698577

I'm not the type to romaticise serial killers but Aileen Wuornos was a girl boss for killing all those men and I believe her when she says it was in self defense, at least for the majority of them. Even if it weren't, she killed a bunch of johns ready to exploit a clearly abused and downtrodden woman so nothing of value was lost. Wish she killed a few more tbh.

No. 698578

yeah humanist faggots won't let us do this but they should. so many people die of suicide. so many people get sentenced to death. why can't they be the subject of testing?

No. 698579

no she was literally psychotic

No. 698580

i hope some day a woman snaps and goes on a moid-killing rampage tbh. just like so many incels do. men should feel as afraid of us as we do of them.

No. 698581

Agreed. Humans are fucking cowardly for subjecting animals to shit they're too afraid to test on themselves.
The "Reeee animals are dumb and don't matter fuck you bleeding heart" gang absolutely froth at the mouth whenever this gets pointed out, though. Those types of people are dead and rotten like corpses on the inside, I think.

No. 698583

I hate that she's regarded as being as evil as Ted Bundy, Dahmer or Richard Ramirez. She is no where near as disgusting or psychotic as those sadistic rapist fucks but her name is always mentioned along side them

No. 698587

we are just aren't as violent and psychopathic as moids

No. 698588

No. 698589

fucked up the replying(newfag )

No. 698590

Unpopular opinion:
I love >>698587

No. 698591

You're stupid. It would only be used as ammunition to make men look less worse and maybe spark retaliation attacks. Also rampage killers don't carefully select their victims, it wouldn't just be misogynistic scrotes who would die there might be young woke sons and fathers whose children would miss them.
It's disgusting to hope for senseless killings, your moral compass is broken

No. 698592

It's still not very clear what you are trying to say though? Are you saying women are or are not are psycho as men?

Also, are you that anon? Did you finally learn how to reply, bitch?

No. 698602

i don't really care. if i could make society an oppressive matriarchy, i would.

No. 698609

There are way too many choices in life.
Like I legit wish we were born with a job/career path assigned to us that we had to follow, friends we had to maintain, someone we have to be with romantically. Sounds fucking awful even as I'm typing it yet sounds great. I hate making decisions.

No. 698624

You should have been brought up in Pakistan kek
You could ask your parents what to do, get a life coach, consult a marriage match maker etc

No. 698640

I’m sorry but the born with an assigned job just made me think of the bee movie lmao

No. 698651

Only really young girls care about the wall and worry about men losing attractionto them. Once you're in your 30s you already know men will fuck anyone and most of them arent rich enough to be picky.

No. 698654

the wall is literally just a way for shit tier men to trick women into settling for them early on. if men convince insecure very young women that they're going to be worthless and ugly once they hit 20/25/30 or whatever the fuck age it is for them this week, they're more likely to feel pressured into lowering their standards and dating ugly abusive men just so they can get a bf before the arbitrary time limit men have set. it breaks my heart that some women have actually fallen for it

No. 698659

The wall is mostly made up by incels who want to think women who rejected them are going to suffer in the future.
The whole idea is women date alphas when they’re “pre wall” then they hit the wall and have to settle for betas. This is bullshit and doesn’t make sense because 1. Alphas are a very small amount of the male population, so only a very small amount of women get their commitment and 2. most women never get an alpha even when young anyway. Men are also horrible at judging age, if you showed them a 20 year old and a young looking 35 year old, most can’t even tell the difference. In short, men are stupid, incels are even worse because they’re bitter AND stupid

No. 698664

>Men are also horrible at judging age, if you showed them a 20 year old and a young looking 35 year old, most can’t even tell the difference.
they also have no idea how aging works. you're not going to become wrinkled and haggard the day you turn 30 especially if you've established a decent skincare routine, stay hydrated, and have good eating habits

No. 698675

>The wall is mostly made up by incels who want to think women who rejected them are going to suffer in the future.
Absolutely this. 'The wall' is first and foremost a revenge fantasy, and young inceloids are absolutely DESPERATE to believe that they will become a Chad who can pick and choose by virtue of aging alone. They can't cope with their reality without thinking that something better is coming in future, and that women will be punished for not fucking them.

There is some truth to it, aging is really stigmatized for women, men are pedos who are obsessed with youth in itself (regardless of appearance), and it does become unfair and discriminatory in certain industries. But for normal, average people, women of any age will always be more in demand than men of the same age or even younger. We might go from having endless options to having slightly fewer options, big fucking deal lmao. imo the only reason to ever worry is if you really want kids, but even then you have way more time than men like to think.

No. 698698

That Korean gradient lip trend looks terrible on literally everyone

No. 698704

What I learned about scumbag men forcing "The Wall" meme when I hit my 30s:
>They're preying on young women in their late teens/early 20s because they're easier to manipulate, older women see past their bullshit
>They're afraid of taking responsibility and know that women their age want children because they have a limited time frame to do so, so they want a virginal 19-year old that doesn't have to think about having kids yet
>They're losers who are broke and can't rival an adult woman who has a career but to an equally broke young college student they're like a rich adonis
>They never matured emotionally past 16 so they need a younger woman to deal with their immaturity because they don't yet know better
>Last but not least, they know they're balding so they're in a hurry themselves
Basically they're big entitled babies who are terrified of dating a woman who knows her worth. It honestly has nothing to do with looks or muh fertility because they're not going to want kids with the child bride anyway and because they literally couldn't tell the physical difference between a 22-year old and a 30-year old but still would lose interest the moment they learned the other one was over 28.

No. 698708

Ya like jazz?

No. 698727

Yeah I agree it looks disgusting, it only looks good on dolls (I mean literal dolls)

No. 698747

Is that even a trend anymore? I thought that died out along with Ulzzang. I think it looks weird more than anything.

No. 698795

You mean the 2012 one or the atm blotted look? The latter makes everyone look better without the shaky tranny-ish wobbly liplines imo

No. 698804

File: 1608559768449.jpg (254.5 KB, 1500x1000, wpid-easy_simple_korean_gradie…)

it always just makes ppl's lips look really dry to me

No. 698822

It looks like a medical condition

No. 698837

the sheer/blotted lip trend right now is a godsend, i hate the feel of heavy lipstick and i look like a clown if i put on something with a lot of pigment
lol this looks like my lips do after i've been nervously biting them for a few hours, i can't believe people do this look intentionally

No. 698841

i mean it varies from person to person. i look better with matte lipstick because i have big lips, but if i wear lip gloss i look like i were stung by bees lol.

No. 698845

that's weird, matte colors make my lips look bigger but gloss always makes my lips look smaller. maybe the products i'm using are trash kek

No. 698886

The flood of old photos on the Lori / Usagi Kou thread is boring. It's interesting to hear from old anons who were involved in the vintage drama but after a certain point the thread the old photos add nothing and imo all the old topless photos feel irrelevant

No. 698918

rape of a man is not comparable to rape of a woman. a woman being raped by a man is much more traumatic than a man being raped by a female. for women it is violent and painful as a large organ is being forcefully shoved into a sensitive area where tearing can occur, not to mention pregnancy, with pain lasting for days. a woman drugging a man and putting her vagina on his dick is not physically as traumatic, and can even be pleasurable for the male (even if it’s not intended to be or he is uncomfortable). i hate how redditors consider both events equal when they’re not at all. not that men being raped by women is okay but people need to realize that one is in fact worse than the other.

No. 698919

I wish 18-21 year olds would stop trying to move the goal post that everyone under 25 is a minor. You have got to grow up and be an adult at some point. It's really just an excuse to prolong childhood. If we moved the age of consent uo that would technically mean 25-35 year olds would be teens/young adults or do you expect people to jump from being a child right into being a mature adult? The years 18-29 are the years you figure out what being an adult is about and if we cut off young adult good to jump from child to mature adult that would be retarded.

No. 698920

Young adult hood

No. 698922

Men who own cats tend to be very cringe, weak, creepy, and annoying

No. 698924

People really buy into that meme about the brain not finished being developed at 25, as if that absolves them of any shitty things they did before they hit their 25th birthday and their brain magically wires itself to neurotypical. That's not how it works.

No. 698926

File: 1608571718287.jpg (13.36 KB, 415x276, IGWGTF4OCBBINLHLKGTKSGXOQU.jpg)

There is an exception to every rule

No. 698927

it could be worse, there are people who think everyone under 30 should legally be minors

No. 698934

Better than dog owner men though

No. 698955

File: 1608574354547.jpg (48.47 KB, 640x768, rcmj4j34djw51.jpg)

Sykkuno is pure cringe. Everything he does or says is to seem as uwu innocent anime boy as possible. I recently noticed that he's always doing the anime boy bashful neck rub and it really made me cringe. Mark my words he's going to have some sexual harassment scandal or he'll be revealed as not-so-innocent and people will be like "nooo way he's literally too pure". I just have personal rage towards guys like this since they often do it just to get closer to girls and get away with creepy shit since everyone assumes their innocent smol bean. He's a 28 year old man who answered "what's your body count?" with "Zero, I-I've never killed anyone before!" Give me a break

No. 698960

you know what's odd? i literally never hear about men owning cats unless it was originally their gf's

No. 698962

I've known many dudes who owned cats and got them on their own but then again, they were gay if that has ANYTHING to do with it. Most likely no.

No. 698965

that's actually kind of interesting. i wonder why gay guys would be more drawn to cats than straight guys are

No. 698966

> unpopular opinion
> pullers been spamming shittalks about him on twitch thread for days

I can't stand people like this guy in general, all these adults pretending to be "uwu anime quirky characters! I cant do my makeup, my friends always have to do everything for me".

No. 698970

dog owning men are normies
cat owning men are always complete fucking weirdos unless they're gay

No. 698973

I guess it’s because of the whole issue with cats being feminine pets So they want to look cool and manly with a dog, as if that made any sense.
I think it’s just because men have no patience to deal with cats and because cats are often seen as “cold” pets.

No. 698987

Baguette/bread side at Panera is the superior side. Apple is boring and underripe, chips are greasy. Bread and soup? Mmmm

No. 699014

Euros are wrong about age of consent and "reaching adulthood". When one's brain development, specifically concerning decisionmaking, is scientifically observed you can't argue that Americans coddle their young citizens too much. It's the opposite in reality.

No. 699023

ayrt, my lips are mid-sized but i have a fucked up cupids bow which might be the reason why i struggle so much with lip products unless i round out the bow with liner first

No. 699025

i think japan has the best idea about it with their age of adulthood being 20 tbh

No. 699070

I think it looks good but on Koreans only

No. 699075

adulthood is about tradition more than anything else.

No. 699087

I never considered this but if men aren't anally raped then you're right tbh. There's probably not any 'damage' to their dicks in the same way that female rape victims nearly always have abrasions and lesions in their vaginas.

No. 699095

Inb4 with all other topics related to female things: STOP GATEKEEPING

I need a break from y’all autists.

No. 699147

Cats are the autists of the animal kingdom

No. 699149

No, bunnies are.

No. 699150

When ferrets exist? I don't think so!

No. 699182

>be cat
>scratch and bite owners routinely
>randomly start licking your nuts at the dinner table
>knock shit off countertops
>vomit in random places
>scratch up the nice furniture
>topple the christmas tree over
>be extremely picky and whiny about food
>meow at 150 decibels at 3am cause lolsorandum
>despite all this have most people absolutely adore you for no reason

Cats are ironic weeb chads

No. 699186

100% ferrets

they hoard and have special interests and are social retarded

No. 699189

My nigel cat never scratches nor bites, she doesn't puke either or jump on shit but she is pretty damn bumb in many other ways, i love her.

No. 699277

They'll lower it to 18 in 2022 tho

No. 699332

Having sex with a man shorter than 5'11 feels like having sex with a kid and that makes it weird. Especially if they're skinny. If they're shorter than 5'11 they dont feel like real men to me.

No. 699365


No. 699371

not unpopular unless your only contact with the outside world is via twitter or reddit

No. 699378

it's the opposite for me where i don't like to have sex with guys over 5'11 because i'm short and don't want to feel like a kid next to him