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File: 1602804696631.jpg (16.45 KB, 182x153, download.jpg)

No. 656803

Previous thread:

Farmhands' dumbass disclaimers:

>Reminder that if you are a radfem/pinkpill/Terf sperg/gendercrit, the "unpopular opinions thread" is not your reverse uno to continue the discourse. Nor is it your general place to try and fight people. Ignore posters you disagree with.

If you are here to;
>sperg about trannies ruining your board, or your conspiracies that everyone who disagrees with you is a tranny - BAN.
>explain in detail why every man is shit - BAN.
>fight people who disagree with you - BAN.
>post vaguely veiled gendercrit posts to try and evade the no gendersperg rule - BAN.
>reply to someones personal experiences because you inherently disagree with their views - BAN.
>discuss your views on racism - BAN.
>have gender crit discussions - BAN.
>try and score twitter cookie points by dunking on the "bigot" terfs - BAN.

If you are here to;
>complain that your boyfriend did x/ you got cat called/ you had a bad day due to a man - NO BAN.
>talk about your personal experience and opinions. - NO BAN.
>HOWEVER, personal experiences and opinions do not devolve into long political discussions nor do they contain your tangent on how all men are scum or how you want to ethnically purge because once upon a time a (((man))) said you are fat.

No. 656869

Watching Rachel and Jun just to see what they’re about made me realize how much I don’t fucking like cats. They were trying to clean out their kitchen and the cats were absolutely everywhere getting into everything while they organized. I have no patience for people/things that get in my way while I try to clean and I would just end up locking them up until I was finished. I also had an old roommate dump her cat on me when she left unannounced and I was far too busy to take care of it so I had to give it to the shelter. While I was gone at work it would destroy my carpet trying to dig into my bedroom to be nosy and mark its territory. I kept my room closed because I didn’t want cat hair all over my sheets and clothes. Bless you anyone who has the patience for cats because I don’t anymore.

No. 656878

Kek as a cat person all I can say is it becomes endearing when they get in the way, it's like they do it on purpose to get your attention and cat affection is weird so you take what you can get. But yeah they'll get on your keyboard when you type, on the counter when you're trying to cook, on your legs when you sleep, etc etc just inserting themselves in the most inconvenient place possible.

No. 656881

File: 1602815582497.jpg (110.1 KB, 933x696, ugh.jpg)

There's way too much anime avatarfagging and I really hate that so many threads start with unfunny cartoon faces now.

No. 656889

File: 1602816584875.jpeg (120.39 KB, 587x960, C0F31A9D-DC53-42C8-928D-5E37D8…)

New school tattoos with the weird bug eyes, fish eye lens distortion are fucking garbage. You wasted money and precious skin if you get shit like this.

No. 656890

I don't think you know what avatarfagging means

No. 656892

It means it's really obvious this thread and the vent thread was made by the same person. There's been an influx of anime reactions in general, don't whiteknight this cancer pls thanks.

No. 656894

NTA but that's not avatarfagging. You have a point, they are garbage choices of OP pics and now that you've pointed it out I'm gonna get annoyed every time I see them. But it's not avatarfagging.

No. 656940

Maybe just an unpopular opinion within lc or radfem circles but I don't think drag is irredeemably misogynist. And I mean OG drag, when it was in the form of drag balls held by flamboyant gay men in their local clubs. At least then it was more about how well can you transform these cheap clothes and accessories into a good impersonation of wealth or celebrity. And it was a genuine refuge for gay men who'd been cast out for being too feminine. And before you ask, yes I've watched Paris Is Burning, kek.

I have way less patience for like, Rupaul's Drag Race style drag though. What they've produced is a bunch of Z list Twitter celebs who pad their asses and wear huge breastplates under skimpy clothes, and inflate their lips and give themselves sultry doe eyes and congratulate themselves for "smashing the gender binary." And don't get me started on the tranny contestants who regularly mock real women for not looking as glamorous or feminine as them. And fuckkk them for trying to normalize child drag queens.

No. 656954

Most tattos are garbage anyway and make you seem like a criminal or a maladjusted person

No. 656955

NTA but yes it is

No. 656962

Look up Anima and Animus by Carl Jung. I truly believe every man has a subcounscious feminine side, like if you put makeup on your bf he'd probably feel great.

No. 656963

I don't think this is an unpopular opinion kek

No. 656968

Sage for off topic but I convinced my very manly man boyfriend to let me put nail polish on his toes and he ended up liking it a lot and even asked for different colors. At first he was careful to hide his feet when he went out but when I saw him leaving in sandals one day, he said it was no big deal and he didn't care if people saw him. I was very proud lol. Obviously a very small win for more lax gender expression, but it was cute and wholesome.

No. 656976

It should be completely normal, we had a nice little stint in the 80s where it was finally acceptable in western society to groom as a man but it’s like we did a complete sharp turn from that. Now you have to either be genderspecial or a troon. Sucks.

No. 656977

Agree. I’ve never seen a good one or heard a good reason for getting one

No. 656985

>criminal or a maladjusted person
I get disliking them but do you seriously look at a person with a tattoo and think this? Where do you live? In the U.S. 35% of adults have tattoos, I only am weirded out by face and neck tats.

No. 656988

I know a few young guys who like their nails painted, one is even a gymbro but they always want them black.
My bf looks quite manly as well (broad figure, manly jaw, beard) but he loves wearing eye makeup and grooms his beard and eyebrows. IMO grooming should be standard and men who put zero effort in their looks should be dissed.

No. 656992

NAYRT but I agree (am a Eurofag). I don’t necessarily think maladjusted to a severe extent but the idea of tattooing for aesthetics is weird to me. Just go buy a new outfit lol

It’s strange how quickly it has gone from criminal/freak show status to normal here. I understand some cultures have tattoos deeply ingrained and can appreciate the perspective of a Maori girl getting her chin tattooed, just like her ancestors. Can’t relate to some white girl getting whatever’s fashionable this year permanently etched into her skin

No. 656994

I've been really fond of using masks since the beginning of the covid crisis, I have less acne on my chin since I touch my face less and I don't force myself to smile anymore. Also with the weather getting chilly it keeps me a bit warmer. If the crisis ends someday (as if kek) I'll keep on using them during cold seasons, if it keeps me from getting the flu it's worth it.

No. 657005

You do know this may harm you on the long run, right? Getting a cold or the flu every year won't kill you unless you have a weakened immune system but if you protect yourself from them for a long time when you eventually get one it will be much worse since your body won't have the antibodies to fight it. Just like allergies are much worse in Asia then in the west because of the prolonged mask wearing. If you don't have healthcare I get it but it will still harm you.

No. 657008

I agree. I'm a eurofag and even some of the legit Stacies where I live are tattooed (and I'm not talking about a small cursive text but well-made full sleeve tattoos).

No. 657013

Uh, no, the myth that masks weaken your immune system has been debunked. The simple act of going outdoors and exposing your body to outside elements is enough to keep your immune system chugging. I don't even know where you got the "allergies are worse in Asia" factoid. t. an Asian living in Asia

No. 657028

I didn't say they weaken your immune system, I said overprotection will be a bitch when you finally get a cold or the flu again. We need germs to build defenses and keeping all of them out can't be good.
As for the mask-allergy correlation I'm sorry, I might be wrong since I can't find anything but I remember reading about it years ago, before the mask or anti-mask fanatism.

No. 657054

Do you live somewhere where tattoos are still tabboo? I think most tattoos are pretty fucking ugly personally but it's common to see completely normal functioning people have tattoos, like no one bats an eye at that.

If anything I think thinking that having a tattoo makes you seem like a criminal or a maladjusted person says more about you than the person who has the tattoo.

No. 657087

I’m even used to face and neck tattoos by now kek I would never and think they’re a bad idea but I got a finger tat so who am I to judge

No. 657102

File: 1602851055925.png (1.41 MB, 1040x1244, 0.png)

Women who defend and support "sex work" remind me of those working class conservatives who defend billionaires under the delusion that human rights and opportunities are available to everyone equally.

Men who openly support "sex work" are just the modern day equivalent of picrel. Absolutely clueless about the issues, only care about the aspects of women that they can jack off to.

No. 657114

No. 657132

File: 1602855033734.jpg (22.34 KB, 260x260, 1585591160821.jpg)

No. 657135

Late, but that's so cute! I've took my bf to get a manipedi once, and he got purple toe polish and his cuticles trimmed, and he loved it. He used to let his students paint his nails sometimes when school was in session too. So adorable. He gets called metro by some basics solely because he's not a disgusting moid. Not even a footfag but I keep begging him to let me repaint his toes kek.

No. 657213

File: 1602860044065.jpg (111.67 KB, 888x666, EkWJ6g8VkAAXU8a.jpg)

> He used to let his students paint his nails sometimes when school was in session too.
> *cue not like other moids

No. 657224

I genuinely don't understand how those things are related

No. 657225

Men really have bitches singing them praise for coloring their nails, really smashing them gender roles

No. 657234


No. 657235

Criminal and maladjusted? Maybe the wannabe gangster type tattoos, but most people's tattoos are just generic and cringy, like having "live love laugh" framed in your living room, except on your skin instead, or wearing a graphic t-shirt every day of your life.

No. 657239

Are you sad that nobody wants to paint your nails, scrote?

No. 657240

>He used to let his students paint his nails sometimes when school was in session too

No. 657244

that's not a scrote? can't you read

No. 657247

File: 1602861638241.jpg (28.41 KB, 526x300, 5c9[1].jpg)

>He used to let his students paint his nails sometimes when school was in session too.

No. 657257

You know what I was initially mad, but it's my own fault for including that tidbit on this stupid website tbh

No. 657269

My boyfriend wears pink, he is liKE sO feiMinsit

No. 657271

kek i take back the pedo comment, but that is fucking creepy. how old are his students? how old is he?

No. 657273

It's scarier that you find nothing inappropriate or off about it to have included it so casually.
The "man"icure discussion was at a level 2 and you shot it up to 400 with this weirdness.

No. 657286

At least you admit you're a dumb bitch

No. 657318

Hah I wish my cat got in the way sometimes. My cat just sits perched on her cat tree whenever I’m doing chores and watches me like a judgmental mother in law

No. 657335

Why so salty, literally no one said men wearing nail polish makes them feminist or heroic. It’s uncommon because most guys are so obsessed with rigid gender roles that they worry about how people will view them. (And frankly they’re right, if you’re not in a liberal area something as simple as this will get comments.) Guys are mentally weak since they have suffered far less judgment than women, so all people are saying is that it’s endearing when some manage to get past that. Endearing =/= deserving of an award.

No. 657337

anti-NLOGs are more obnoxious than actual NLOGs (and are giant hypocrites to boot)
>it's wrong to put down women for liking girly things and act like you're better than them
>so i'm going to put down women for liking masculine things and act like I'm better than them
>n-no it's different when I do it
>gee why are girls trooning out all of a sudden
half the time they're not even talking about NLOG behavior, it's just "stop liking what I don't like"

No. 657352

This is strictly internet if not LC specific behavior.

No. 657435

Latin America so it's pretty common here, but my point still stands. Never seen anyone with visible huge tattos having a nice job, unless it's a Youtuber or famous person.

No. 657450

Then it’s not that common

No. 657537

bunny lines are cute

No. 657546

>A girl is sad she isn't accepted as herself not being conventionally feminine and naturally being more masculine or androgynous
Happens like clockwork. The recent sperging in the vent thread pissed me off to unhealthy levels, like I always knew non-feminine women were disliked but the anons chimping out about butches being rapey scrote worshipers sounded unhinged.

No. 657552

The Yumi King pregnancy saga truly DISGUSTS me.

No. 657556

why anon?

No. 657559

The baby boom as of late seems to be getting to the worst people possible, especially couples with large age gaps and tons of other health/mental issues which is practically guarantee mental illnesses and more health problems but it's okay because uwu tradition and pregnancy is sexy and cute smh

It would be a fucking miracle is people actually cared about the quality of life of their children after they come out the womb instead of shoving their pregnancy and child in everyones face like its a fancy new bag

No. 657568

I feel this with piercing, they are ugly and make you look ugly, they hurt and get infected and you look dumb af. I also don't understand the nails autism, long painted nails are ugly and makes you look like a whore and imagine the smell…

No. 657676

you sound fucking unhinged, no one called anyone a rapist.

No. 657677

I’ve seen this literally once in the last week and nobody said anyone was rapey/scrote-like, what the hell are you people on about?

No. 657681

File: 1602913492234.jpg (134.35 KB, 995x488, hjhgj.jpg)

there's this type of hpd having ~gncs~ who are having their bowties on a twist because of butch oppression even though 9 out of 10 they don't even look like the proper biker butch dykes most of those stereotypes are about

No. 657682

File: 1602913931122.jpg (149.75 KB, 931x443, instagram.jpg)

I follow several hair stylists on social media and it honestly rubs me the wrong way when they complain about having to deal with people who have dyed their hair with box dye. like, isn't that part of your job?? why do they think they're entitled to have only customers with perfect virgin hair?

No. 657684

Not a hairstylist or anything, but my best guess is it has to do with bleaching. A lot of people bleach their hair and eventually end up slapping black box dye on top of it (myself included). That being said, when these same people end up in a salon chair hoping to get the color removed, they get upset about having to come back if it doesn't lift all the way. I'm not sure how high end the colorist in pic related is, but I feel like charging $100 alone for someone coming in with black box dyed hair is a little excessive.

No. 657690

That reminds me of one annoyance, on these hair makeover ig reposts when it's a girl with really long ratty flat horse girl hair that gets a shorter cut and will invariably look better, the comments will just be full of scrotes and blind people claiming how she looked so much better with long hair and how much she obviously hates it because she is close to tears or whatever

No. 657692

You're right. People are gonna fuck up their hair and come to you to fix it if you're a professional. It's part of the job.

Black hair dye sucks to remove, but she can charge more for time/resources so idk what she's bitching about. She can also just refuse to touch it if she hasn't got the skills to deal with it. I work in IT and see people fuck up their computer in dumb ways daily, you don't make them feel like shit for it or lecture them. You try to explain where they went wrong and resign yourself to some people aren't going to listen either way.

Short hair makes moids rage so much I love it. I hope Katy Perry never grows her hair out again kek

No. 657696

Hair salons and plastic surgery clinics have extremely annoying and condescending social media accounts. They also make their own stupid memes complaining about clients. Wish they’d please just shut the fuck up and do their jobs.

No. 657703

You can add tattoo shops/artists to that list. They do absolutely nothing on social media but complain about their clients. And a lot of the time it's just their customers wanting basic things that arent hard to accomplish. The yt channel for inked mag has a bunch of videos of artists just whining nonstop.

No. 657704

So box dye can come out shitty and uneven, can fade unevenly, etc. Some of them also have something called a "direct dye" that stains the hair. All of these can fuck up how haircolor comes out on your hair, possibly even requiring a corrective color service. Either way, none of it's predictable. Obviously this can make things more expensive, since you're effectively making a fucking puzzle for the colorist to figure out on your head.

No. 657707

I get that it makes it more expensive. what I don't get is why they're always complaining about it thought. you'd think they'd like it since they make more money off it.

No. 657709

Would you want the potential to be sued because your client used some cheap shit from the pharmacy in her hair and it caused a chemical reaction or weakened the hair to the point of fucking melting?

No. 657712

no, but don't you have to sign a bunch of shit if you get that done so that you can't sue if that happens?

No. 657713

they can't sue if they warn the customer beforehand and get them to sign a waiver. Plus they should be doing strand tests.

No. 657718

Clients with enough money have loopholes for everything.
Outside of that, yes, a strand test should be performed. A strand test isn't going to be predictable when you have multiple types of dye on your hair in different spots that may have varying degrees of staying power in the hair strand. Unfortunately, not all of the hair on your head is exactly the same. It can have different porosity or damage depending upon where on the shaft you're looking, or if that part of your hair is exposed more often to sun/heat damage. It's unpredictable and takes a long time to do carefully.

No. 657772

I'm proud of how well I can play the ukulele even though I learned at peak glasses/ukulele combo on YouTube.

No. 657778

Just take your l and go

No. 657850


that's sweet anon, and well done, you should be proud! I think music is its own reward no matter the circumstances you learned it under. Einstein said the thing that brought him most joy was his violin.

No. 658143

i don't think fucking your sister in law would be weird. fucking your sister's husband's sister is fine, it's not blood related. the argument against it is that it's incestuous but i don't think so

No. 658279

I feel like true crime documentary movies are a dying art. I fucking hate how netflix and now HBO (which used to make the best of the best documentaries) are constantly churning out shitty docuseries. Most of these cases do not warrant a 5 episode series when they can be wrapped up in an hour and a half long movie! I swear if documentaries like There's Something Wrong with Aunt Diane or even Dear Zachary came out now they would be made into these drawn out boring multi episode series…

No. 658290

File: 1602989900607.png (1.46 MB, 1702x874, 0911.png)

Men who watch a large amount of mukbang videos of other men slurping noodles (or slurping in general) have bisexual leanings.

No. 658306

Tbh I don't understand why anyone besides food fetishists watches mukbangs. If you want a story time video, just watch a story time video

No. 658457

File: 1603016886731.jpg (290.06 KB, 1000x667, strawberry-frock.jpg)

So goddamn sick of seeing that Lirika strawberry dress everywhere. My first impression was that it was just ok. And I think its universal flattering-ness is way overestimated.

No. 658461

The tulle looks itchy, and I think that shade of pink clashes with most skin tones.

No. 658462

Tbh I always thought it was ugly and Aliexpress tier

No. 658464

I cant get over how clowny it is that everyone and their moms is wearing it. petty of me but I would like it better if it wasnt being worn by everyone, as a marker of clowns. Disgusting
yes I realize its innocent for people to all like the same thing and Im bitter. its just annoying

No. 658466

The sleeves are ugly, but if it had no sleeves it would look fine.

No. 658470

I never found it pretty. Looks like cheap curtains in a nursery room.

No. 658476

>even though 9 out of 10 they don't even look like the proper biker butch dykes most of those stereotypes are about
Isn't that exactly the problem though? You don't need to even be a bulldyke or even a lesbian to find the whole sperging about butches being this and that stupid. The people in that recent "useless lesbian" discussion were just screeching about how "you should get over it" when people were talking about this exact thing, the worst of the worst stereotype being applied to all women who are unfeminine and tradthot leaning bihets frothing at the mouth with anger whenever they see a woman in short hair and a hoodie. So to summarize whereas it's true that there are butches who objectify women to have some weird kinship with men, the issue is that all women who are GNC (lesbian or not) are put in the same box because some people take their sole existence as an offensive NLOG statement. That was the whole point of the OP but she was proven right by all the derailment back to the "some butches are like that it's based on facts just deal with it ayden!!!" shit instead of addressing the original point.

No. 658477

The quality of the fabric is extremely cheap, the price tag is merely a status symbol.

No. 658478

Is the aiden on the right more feminine than the one on the left? The left one is not even gnc.

No. 658506

Does anyone have that screen cap about NLOG bashing and how its often used to bash gnc girls, It was posted on LC like half a year ago

No. 658518

It looks like the impractical toddler clothes on Aliexpress. Wouldn’t even be wearable on a 3 year old. The skirt does nothing for anyone

No. 658536

I think the one on the left is supposed to be other anons listening to the GNC aiden throw a shitfit about being told to put on a dress and called a rapist (even though neither of those things actually happened outside her imaginary scenario).

No. 658562

i don't care about psychology, especially psychopathology and personality psychology. it's especially exhausting when someone brings it up at parties or social gatherings and everyone immediately perks up because they've seen some netflix show or youtube video and have a billion recitations at the ready to flex their "knowledge". people will act so mind blown over some jordan peterson lecture about pseudoscientific jungian crap and immediately put "psychology" as one of their "interests" in their social media bios along with a book emoji or something. so cringe.

No. 658565

based, psychology isn't a real science

No. 658566

It just looks very costume-y to me. Like you're going to a themed tea party or something like that.

No. 658568

Word. I also think that therapy is overrated.

No. 658596

Psych majors always shit on Freud without ever having read him

No. 658597

File: 1603033296693.png (579.36 KB, 500x703, d3cd84488c7f02885e5622cc783aad…)

I'm not a weeb but I prefer Japanese and Korean style makeup over cakey, contour heavy western styles.

No. 658598

Therapy is completely different from psychology. There's a psychologist and then there's a therapist. Have you ever had therapy?

No. 658605

Therapists use psychology no? I thought they studied psych and work by what they have learned etc. And no, I'm not retarded enough to waste my money and time so some overpaid headass can listen to me complain.

No. 658608

So how do you propose people who are a danger to others/themselves be treated so they can adjust to society? Honest, good-faith question

No. 658611

I’ve been meaning to ask, how do I find more of these old magazine tutorial pages? I still have a few issues of Cawaii from when I was a kid but I’ve never known what to look up to find these early 2000s ones.

No. 658612

I think therapy is overrated but I don't think it doesn't work at all. It just isn't a solution to every problem. I've been told to get therapy by everyone I've confided in and that's the only reason why I'm bitter. It's great if it benefits someone and stops harm from happening.

No. 658613

Ahh, I see where you're coming from.

No. 658616

No, not every therapist studies psychology. Like I said, a psychologist who becomes a therapist does.

Other therapists study mental health counseling and talk therapy. (I'd know, my mom's a mental health therapist). Yes, they could use some materials outlined with the DSM which heavily uses psychology I think but that's only for clinical health, which they need that to diagnose and prescribe (IF they even prescribe medication).

To put it concisely: a therapist does not need to necessarily know psychology at all. Like you said they're over paid to listen, most of them, and give advice. But that doesn't require psychology.

No. 658617

File: 1603034835351.jpg (146.55 KB, 521x765, tumblr_o9q3f7HaqS1t0mux8o3_540…)

>thinking women w/ long hair are automatically gender conforming

the retardation

No. 658618

I get them from Google and Pinterest. I'm sure there's Tumblr blogs that translate the pages.

No. 658620

Not to be a fag about this but I don't think therapy is a solution at all. If you haven't had it you wouldn't understand. Therapy is like… ugh, I hate to sound fucking corny, but it's like the vessel to a solution. You really go if you've had a fucked up past or are currently in a bind, need to understand why that is, and then the therapist will give you a possible solution to your problem and you either do it or you don't.

No. 658624

The one you posted is still very feminine. Try again.

No. 658628

Nta but
>still very feminine.

No. 658630

I'm pretty stupid, but I thought only psychiatrists who had an mbbs degree or something could prescribe medication? Or is this outdated information? And thank you a lot for the informative answer, very enlightening.

No. 658631

Stop replying to scrote bait. Goddamn it.

No. 658635

File: 1603036126931.jpg (22.45 KB, 398x305, ok.jpg)

No. 658636

Therapy is for talking about your personal problems so you don't burden the people in your life, figuring out what blindspots you have/what traumas resulted in you being fucked up, and getting a treatment plan. The rest you have to do all the work.

No. 658651

So, I literally just called my mom and asked and she said you're right, therapists can't prescribe but
they can make a referral for their clients to get medication from a psychiatrist

No. 658652

Back to asherahs with you.

No. 658666

Anon, you're such a sweetheart. Thank you to you and your mom for answering my inquiry.

No. 658670

Are we doing GNC Olympics now? Stop.

No. 658672

File: 1603038155095.jpg (50.76 KB, 722x480, 2479279-orig.jpg)

Only women with matted chest hair and faces like they were bashed in with bricks are true GNCs anyone else is an Elizabeth faking true Berthas rise up

No. 658675

It's not about "true gncs" but about some of you insulting normal-looking women by calling them gnc.

No. 658679

File: 1603038862370.jpg (60.78 KB, 473x700, 79a3e30f4bbabc36bd40c7872f1562…)

Why do you think calling someone gnc is an insult

No. 658680

Is she holding onto big Bertha’s tits?

No. 658697

Being GNC would only really be offensive to those hetties and "bihets" that were being complained about.

No. 658844

goals tbh.

No. 658848

looks like shes playing with her nipples tbh lmao

No. 659036

Wings are horribly overrated. Theres hardly any meat on them, i swear to god theres more gristle and fat than there is actual meat, and they are expensive as fuck for such little actual meat. They are messy as fuck and get everywhere, cuz they are practically serve them in a soup of sauce. You literally cant even glance at a fucking plate of wings without looking like the B-Dubs buffalo shot a big, greasy malibu barbecue load all over your face. And FOR WHAT? One bite of meat you have to eat in 5 because its so FUCKING INCONVENIENT TO TRY AND GET OFF THE BONE. I mean God fucking forbid you eat regular sized chicken wings/drumsticks that arent literal gnome sized. Ya know, the ones where you dont have to stick your tongue between two little bones trying to wrest it out of that little alcove like an inexperienced scrote trying to eat a pussy. The ONLY food that is worthy of that level of overpriced, ungodly mess of a meat to bone ratio is ribs. This is a hill im not only willing to die on, I expect to be buried on it.

No. 659038

Try some Korean wings like Bonchon. American wings are way too soggy and messy.

No. 659040

you really out here not just eating the flats?

No. 659042

How about you go vegan and not be disgusting

No. 659048

I agree with you
Legs >>>>>>>> dirt with a piece of shit >>>>>> wings

No. 659050

Based beyond recognition. I feel the same way about fatty steak too. I don't care what anyone says, maneuvering around fat is a hassle.

No. 659075

I used to hate wings until my mom started making them with only breading, no sauce. They're so fucking good that way, with a really crisp and crunchy skin so there's not much of a mess.

No. 659078

I fully agree with most of this. No sauce please. Also full size drumsticks are better.

Though, when you say "God fucking forbid you eat regular sized chicken wings", did you know that a drumette and a wingette are just two halves of a whole chicken wing? They don't have more or less meat/gristle or different sized bones.

No. 659084

Wes Anderson's plotlines are slow (and sometimes bland), but I love his style of cinematography and find the characters endearing.

No. 659085

What's with all the crazy vegans on this board lately
Go suck on a celery stick and calm down, damn

No. 659087

Is this not literally everyone's opinion about him though?

No. 659089

I'm only accustomed to hearing about him from Film Bros who have pretentious opinions about his stuff tbh. If you're bringing it up though, I guess so!

No. 659096

I always assumed wes anderson films mainly had a female audience

No. 659199

Tim Burton's work is not that great, and now that everyone's coming down on him, I'm glad I can say it.
Him being unable to imagine a world with humans who don't fit his Brady Bunch inspired "vision" isn't the main problem, it's just a symptom of a larger issue with his work. His aesthetic is just very samey all around. Some of it is nice, but it gets corny pretty fast.

No. 659200

The Batman movies were cool, and uh… Beetlejuice. The rest was meh goth bait.

No. 659203

Your right, but there's so few films content for my aesthetic choices that I have to take what I can get

No. 659227

No. 659232

what about Edward Scissorhands

No. 659235

Funnily enough, my favorite film of his was the one where he leaned on his cute-creepy crutch the absolute least, Big Fish.

No. 659247

Same. I feel less bad about finding Corpse Bride a snooze fest now. I do prefer his animated movies over his live action stuff though.

No. 659262

No "social science" is actually scientific. That goes from the more serious and evidence-based disciplines like economics and history, to the evidenceless bullshit guesswork that are sociology and psychology. Hell, even biology gets super sketchy in some areas.

No. 659266

Psychology isn't a science, but statistics is. Pshychometrics are pure statistics, and do hold scientific merit. So some part of psychology has the basis to be scientific. However pshychometrics is mostly applied in marketing, it's not very applicable for therapy.

No. 659268

People seem to fail to make a distinction between research-based psychology and applied psychology. Some psychologists don't even actively do research on a day-to-day basis and rely on statistics generated by researchers and scientists. Clinicians rarely do research unless it's on the side. Making an overarching statement like psychology as a social science isn't a science at all is false. It may be based on falsifiable theories, but that doesn't mean it's not scientific.

No. 659291

What about the reproductibility crisis? Psychology has so many methological, statistical AND theoritical shortcomings, enough for it to be unscientific.

No. 659295

The replication crisis is in the midst of being addressed and fixed through things like Open Research and meta-analysis. The reason so many people think it doesn't hold a candle to more "concrete" scientific disciplines is that it's not always visible/tangible. It's harder to operationalize something like personality traits versus observing something like physics in action. That's why psychology has seen an overhaul and methodology regarding research in recent years. There's always going to be professionals who slip through the cracks though. Not to mention, psychology as a field, in general, is constantly developing. Mental illness was once believed to be caused by demonic possession but as scientists and engineers have managed to bring forth new technology, more biological (i.e. brain) components can be attributed to the psyche.

No. 659323

Same. I really don't want to hear about how you find bipolar and schizophrenia soooo interesting or about what mental disorders a killer has according to true crime podcasts. Also i don't want to hear about how depression is just a ~chemical imbalance~ again in my entire life please.

>The reason so many people think it doesn't hold a candle to more "concrete" scientific disciplines is that it's not always visible/tangible.
Nta but not really, you can have studies and theories on other "invisible" things and still be taken seriously, people say psychology is not the same because it's built on a shakey foundation and psychologists still try to apply their knowledge to treatments with certainty when it has a profound effect on who we are as people.

A ton of people feel the same about psychiatry for example because doctors don't really know the ins and outs of what meds can really do to a patient and their mental state, they make an educated guess and change them along the way, but still they insist on categorizing and treating everyone like their current knowledge is absolute truth, when it has an even bigger effect on our lives, sometimes even forcibly.

The field is advancing for sure, but you can't really blame people for distrusting it right now and not wanting to be guinea pigs.

No. 659369

I'll admit I am not the most up to date on how the reproducibility crisis in psychology and the biomedical field are being tackled. I'll have to read about it more thoroughly.

But it's hard to take a discipline seriously when glaring mistakes were made and flawed results were held as scientific truths for decades. You don't see these kinds of faulty science in theoritical physics or chemistry where you can find tons of examples of predictive models that were only experimentally proven decades later. This is not more visible than what psychology is supposed to study, it's just more robust scientific thinking.

No. 659390

I hate eyeliner with a passion, mainly because I can never do it in a way that looks half decent, so if I dare make a mistake I have to wipe off my eyeshadow and eyeliner, reapply my eyeshadow and try again until I succeed. And all for what? An eye decorated to look like a cat's?

No. 659401

>if I dare make a mistake I have to wipe off my eyeshadow
Just do the outer parts of your eyeliner first, then your eyeshadow. You can easily go back over the guideline of your eyeliner again after you put eyeshadow on

No. 659503

I like his stuff out of nostalgia at this point. >>659084
Everyone thinks this except for retarded film scrotes.

No. 659507

Your mistake is eating disgusting bar food wet wings anon. Also just git gud, I can put a whole wing in my hole and only clean bones come out, not even connective tissues left. Raaahhh!

No. 659512

Please don't call your mouth a hole. I thought you were putting wings in your asshole or something.

No. 659521

The drumettes and flats are just by products of breaking down a whole size chicken for their breasts, thighs, and legs.
I think it's a creative way to use up meat that used to be discarded ordinarily.

I love fat, skin, and gristle though, so I'm biased. I used to break down the chicken wings so greatly that after I'd eat the cartilage off the ends, I'd crack em open and suck out the marrow.
I'd use the drum bones as makeshift spoons and swirl them around in the leftover sauce to lick em clean. I savage the fuck out of them.

If yall ain't gonna eat your chicken wings you can send them to me~

No. 659667

Women who go out of their way to sexualize their own pregnancy and use their baby as an accessory should be charged for child abuse and have their children taken from them

No. 659674

File: 1603140998378.png (Spoiler Image, 249.75 KB, 521x462, 1572314575954.png)

Instantly thought of Gimpgirl when I read that.

No. 659676

I hope you're not being literal… taking children away from their parents statistically results in very poor outcomes for them. Attention whore mothers who want male validation are far from the worst case scenario and that's not actually abuse or a guarantee of future abuse, just pathetic and concerning.

No. 659677

attention whore narc mothers who live vicariously through their offspring are the most likely type of parent to abuse their kids

No. 659680

what the fuck who is gimpgirl

No. 659683

Self proclaimed pick me who has a thread in /snow/

No. 659684

Ok and if/when they abuse a child obviously child protection agencies should get involved. But a woman sexualizing her own body during pregnancy and using their child as an 'accessory' isn't abuse and you can't take children away because someone MIGHT abuse them in future. It's not guaranteed and if the abuse hasn't actually happened yet wtf is the justification?

I'm not saying it isn't fucked up behaviour, I just think you're being flippant about the concept of removing children from their birth parents. There's a reason foster agencies always prioritize reconciliation with family over being fostered/adopted by a new one.

No. 659686

Kek I wish I was able to read about gimpgirl for the first time again. What a crazy bitch.

No. 659718

She's really become my favorite cow of all time, there's nobody else quite as absurd as her

No. 659743

cosplay culture and lolita fashion are ugly and cringe

No. 659746

Agreed. /cgl/ was my original cringecomp

No. 659754

This is why Yumi King makes me sick recently, and why I fear for the children whenever a lolcow announces pregnancy in general.
I don't think many will be guilty of outlandish physical abuse, but I do believe they will exploit their children who cannot understand or consent for their own gain.

No. 659793

I thought it's gonna be "so crazy it's funny", went to read but she's just plain depressing, can't imagine what must have happened in her life to mess her up so badly

No. 659865

thongs are uncomfortable and idk why they are a thing, they also look ugly to me

No. 659869

They’re what scrotes find hot. The more cheek, the better.

No. 659872

The only ones I own are ugly and skin coloured for wearing under certain clothes, like white pants. I definitely need them on occasion but not to look good, that's for sure.

No. 659901

at that point is like they might as well ask to see the whole ass though? makes more sense

No. 659910

I refuse to conform to a world where visible panty line is shameful for women, god forbid we have underwear on. I wear my panty line with as much consideration a man would wear his spare tyre stomach

No. 659912

If you're confident enough for it you do you but there's nothing wrong with wanting to keep your underwear private, it's not 'shameful' but it is an opportunity for pervs to see more than I'd like them to. I don't care about like, the very edge of my underwear being visible but some clothes are sheer enough that you can see the whole garment.

No. 659918

I don't disagree with you as nobody sane would want to attract perverts, but I think those of us who live in safe enough places where we can care less about this stuff without being at risk should make it normalised

No. 660461

Deep dish pizza is fucking disgusting

No. 660463

This is the reason I wear bras. I have small boobs so I don't need one and I love how nipples look through shirts, but I'm sure perverted men love it more than I do.

No. 660464

I agree. I prefer Detroit style. It's like deep dish but actually has cheese and is square.

No. 660469

Mozzarella sticks taste disgusting. It's like grease and a 70 year old mans burp make a solid crust covered baby.

No. 660470

Idk i heard it’s bc they get to see the ass but there’s still some sorta coverage that emphasizes the shape lol. Kinda like thigh high socks.

No. 660483

Therapy should be mandatory and free for people at least during their academic years (k-12-college). It would be extremely beneficial to just have someone non-biased to talk to about the good and the bad during the most important years of your life. I say this as someone who hasn't even been to therapy though.

No. 660492

Every school has a guidance counselor, it's a requirement. What you mean is that everyone should be told about their options to speak to one and should feel comfortable going.

No. 660496

Guidance counselors are overbooked, undertrained (My cousin is one) and rarely see students on a regular basis unless they are "high risk". The sessions are like 15 minutes. I'm talking about something more substantial. Guidance counselor's are also mandated reporters.

No. 660497

My high school had 5 guidance counselors and all of them refused to provide any assistance when it came to mental health. All they did was push you to go to college and if you brought up that you were struggling, they basically just shrugged at you.

No. 660500

They also were never really mandatory .

My unpopular opinion is that therapists in general only needing to get their masters is fucking scary. I feel like therapists should require just as much schooling as a doctor.

No. 660501

wouldn't that just be a psychiatrist?

No. 660503

Clinical psychologists diagnose/provide therapy and have to go to graduate school. It's upwards of 8-12 years of schooling when you also factor in shadowing and internships. That's what I plan to do after undergrad. I see where you're coming from though. Social workers go through some of the least amounts of education but are expected to deal with some heavy topics.

No. 660505

my ex-friend is essentially a social worker but in the private sector and i feel so bad for the girls she works with. she has no common sense or life experience and is rich as fuck and is trying to help under-privileged 18-22 year olds with ridiculous shit she can neither empathize with or understand.

No. 660506

Why? Every therapy style is different, some of those people don't need doctorates. I think doctorates is a highly overhyped thing, especially in fields that require emotional intelligence over just book smarts.

No. 660510

Honestly, all of it has to do with weeding out the crazy and ill-intentioned. I'm sorry but the most insane people go into psychology fields, it's obviously not unanimous, but everyone I know who did psych in college were nasty , mean , or mentally ill. Graduate and doctorate programs are largely about connections and recommendations, and while crazy but smart/determined people could obviously get through it all and still be licensed, it would be much harder.

No. 660512

I think therapists and social workers are two sides of the same coin. You're either taking a gamble with someone who has less experience/education but might at least try to be more inviting versus someone with more education but may act jaded/pompous. It makes me sad to hear people say they don't trust therapy anymore because their previous practitioners dismissed their problems without even a referral.

No. 660550

lol i plan to go to social work graduate school then be a private practice therapist. i only have to go to two years of grad school that will be easy as fuck and then i have the opportunity to do other other kinds of work besides therapy in case i need to. my parents are rich and have a lot of experience dealing with insurance, so starting a private practice won't be too difficult.

i'm looking forward to my future even though my undergrad gpa is shit and i'm weird as fuck.

No. 660572

Cat eye, or other similar eyeliner makeup is ugly and tacky.

No. 660584

Since we're talking about therapists: therapy doesn't always help you and it's not that almighty cure to mental illness everyone likes to make it out to be. It's also not so easy to get therapy unless you're willing to spend 60 bucks for an half-hour session possibly every week. A lot of therapists can be bad people, have complexes, are unable to understand your situation and do their job just to stroke their own ego. You catch the wrong one and you end up being more fucked than before.

No. 660586

so you’re not a fan of winged eyeliner at all? Or just the hardcore chunky fat long eyeliner with edges that could cut glass?

No. 660588

This. Therapy never really helped me. I also felt betrayed by one of my therapists. When I was 18 she admitted she couldn't be my therapist anymore because she developed too emotional attitude towards me and she basically started projecting onto me her motherly feelings, I could literally tell she was getting offended when I constantly criticized my abusive mother and she started implying it wasn't THAT bad because my mother didn't "starve or torture" me. She couldn't understand the source of my anger. So yeah.

No. 660589

I like the bread they use at Subway, especially when it’s toasted, I like to eat all the filling and save the bread till last.

No. 660590

people that bitch about this are always the ones that are bitter they can't pull it off kek

No. 660600

Zoomers are so stupid you can tell the ones that are new to being """"alt""""" because they try to cancel artists that made songs from ten years ago that are either not serious or just actually tackling certain sensitive subjects . Not every alternative song is an 100gecs song about hello kitty. I also fucking hate how soft the alternative scene has become. I miss when everyone was catty and 3edgy5me now it's full of woke bitches who screech about bodyshaming and pronouns.

No. 660601

I'm not into make up at all so tbh I don't even know what good make up is versus bad make up but this look always stands out as ugly to me

No. 660612

The combo sharp eyeliner+bright red lipstick is a libfem favorite, I tend to be wary of women who wear this kind of makeup everyday.

No. 660613

Word anon
I can't even call it 'alt' anymore cause it's literally the normie fashion/attitude for zoomers/young millennials now kek
I unironically prefer scene kids and their autism to this

No. 660622

Wearing socks to bed is deplorable. The only time I sleep with socks on also happens to be when I take an overdue nap.

No. 660628

Red lipstick looks great on no one.

Not even you, anon.

No. 660634

Makeup is a load of shite full stop

No. 660636


> the hardcore chunky fat long eyeliner with edges that could cut glass


No. 660637

For me it depends on how pigmented it is. I hate super pigmented makeup in general, it's just way too much.
Looking like you lips are actually red colored though? Fuck yeah

No. 660660

File: 1603798923293.jpg (84.22 KB, 486x960, 089b09cbfe717e45275df791c6ec6e…)

No. 660681

I don't get Genshin Impact's popularity, the designs are very bland and the gameplay looks boring. Every six months there's like a new gacha game that everyone fawns over and completely forgets once the new one is out. Previous one was Arknights, and it at least had a soft edgy aesthetic that gave the game some kind of visual identity, Genshin Impact doesn't even have that. I know gacha games are the bottom of the barrel in the VG industry, but I really don't understand how it immediately got popular at launch.

No. 660691

It's Zelda BOTW with waifus, scrotes eat that shit up

No. 660693

Are you trying to make the case that social workers are pieces of shit with no experience because…

No. 660711

nayrt but in my opinion it looks good in that gothic style, just not on insta baddies. maybe im biased

No. 660735

RBG was short-sighted and selfish for not retiring during the Obama administration.

No. 660820

Lamp of Murmuur sucks

No. 660845

Never heard about them till now, but seeing they are an American BM band I side eye them immediately, this scene is fucking cancerous.

No. 660851

Ramona Flowers did not "ruin a whole generation of women" and I'm tired of scrotes on the internet.a

No. 660856

File: 1603816408760.jpg (87.54 KB, 953x960, 1252327-ramona_brain_damage.jp…)

Ramona is a very well written and complex character, in the comics, and she's literally the opposite of egirls in many factors, the major one being that she genuinely hates being the center of attention and is a pretty lowkey person boyfriend-drama aside.

Cue in the whole Lisa arc when she's jealous she decides to isolate herself from scott and his group and just be alone with her own bad feelings.

No. 660857

Based, she was always chill as hell in the comics.

No. 660868

>she's literally the opposite of egirls in many factors
Please elaborate, I see so many egirls saying they're just like Ramona

No. 660869

Because they misunderstand her character, they're basically a bunch of Knives Chaus

No. 660883

File: 1603818083366.jpeg (85.53 KB, 452x678, 3449C8E4-0BD0-47F2-96C4-C34573…)

>hates attention
>bottles her feelings, even to an unhealthy degree aka wouldn’t post sad ig stories complaining about a breakup
>doesn’t attack other women or has pick me behavior, actually is nice enough to envy and tries to warn her boyfriend is a creep and cheater, doesn’t hold a grudge against Knives or Lisa.
>the opposite of self centered, she’s seen as mysterious because she doesn’t like talking about herself, she even talks about this in the comic and how she’s not mysterious at all her boyfriend just doesn’t pay attention to the person she is on her day to day life.
>good music taste

Basically egirls only see that she’s “desirable” and has dyed hair and go wow she’s literally me!! When they are much closer to Knives and Envy.

Literally this kek.

No. 660896

For some reason incel haters and egirl fans alike think Ramona is a Manic Pixie Dream Girl archetype, when really it's Scott that fits that trope, he's the immature one manically ingratiating himself into his more introverted jaded partners affections while trying to fix all their dating life based problems with wacky results.

No. 660906

Didn't read the comic or w/e but she sounds very boring and unsympathetic.

No. 660911

She’s very funny imo, her sense of humor is one of the highlights of the more down to earth moments of the comic.
But the whole point is that she’s as much a bad person as Scott is and they both deserve each other, they are both assholes but Ramona knows she’s one and Scott doesn’t.

No. 660912

I always thought it was scrotes sour graping over 'woman is fought over by multiple men' trope while bemoaning her because she's not an uguuu princess overly concerned about winning over male attention by looking and acting a certain way, making her "unsympathetic" throughout the ordeal because women are supposed to be sacrificial and empathetically aware of male suffering–such as their unrequited love for her.

No. 660915

> the whole point is that she’s as much a bad person as Scott is and they both deserve each other
What really? How is Ramona an asshole? I've read the comics and seen the movie and I don't particularly remember her as one besides her evil exes drama, which I don't particularly read as her "fault."

No. 660916

I could never give this comic a chance because of the art style. Everyone looks like a fucking monkey.

No. 660921

She cheated on almost everyone she dated, shuts Scott off whenever he tries to know how she’s really feeling then gets mad at him for not understanding her, just straight ups leaves both Scott and Gideon without notice not even telling them its a breakup, doesn’t even ask anything about the situation with Lisa and leaves Scott to sleep on the street.

No. 660924

File: 1603821024345.jpeg (21.14 KB, 300x300, 50CD615F-E54E-4A7A-B160-D82BA4…)

Winged eyeliner just makes me think of this

No. 660927

Ah fair enough, it's been a while since I've read and I always remembered Scott's bullshit more than Ramona's

No. 660932

is this boxxy or belle delphine?

No. 660933

No. 660934

I hate that annie by sublime never got hate and gets defended and yet people are shocked when pedo celebs get exposed

No. 660935

Isn’t the song meant to be dark and dissing early sexualization of girls in low income areas?
The videoclip even shows pedos as clowns.

No. 660945

Every cosplay cow thread is filled with autists going full "oh my god how dare she go outside for a photoshoot without a MASK!!!!!!!" sperg are tiring. We get it, it's a dry season because nobody's active due to cons being cancelled but jesus christ you can let the thread go into hibernation until something comes up. You don't have to force this shitty dry milk all the time.

No. 660948

sublime is incel tier band when it comes to lyrics

No. 660949

Whats even the point of wearing a mask in an empty park with no one around while you’re taking photos?

No. 660963


>Tim Burton's work is not that great, and now that everyone's coming down on him, I'm glad I can say it.

A bit late to this, but what happened? I looked it up and only read about the beetlejuice 2 and the addams family series …

No. 660977

I only listened to sublime out of pure pickmeism, never looked back jfc

No. 660980

They still sexualize the 12 yr old girl, even then I really doubt the mental health of any guy who writes songs about 12 yr old girls tits and buying sex from her

No. 661000

this discussion is reminding me of that song little girls by oingo boingo

No. 661048

Little Girls isn't comparable in delivery to Annie at all. It was written deliberately to oppose the hollywood paedos Danny Elfmann saw picking up borderline illegal young women from their limos on the street - shit like that made him see red, so he wrote "Little Girls". The lyrics literally diss the kind of guys preying on adolescent women, saying they're too weak in character/stupid to have someone their own age, they're predatory, etc. Oingo actually got a lot of flak after the release of the song, even though the intent was to reveal the hypocrisy in the way shameless, affluent men in LA "walk down the street" with their young "gfs", but the media will censor the shit out of a song saying the same thing.
>t. big oingo boingo fan

No. 661131

He said he doesn't put black people in any of his work (except Miss Peregrine, with Samuel L Jackson as the villain) because they don't fit his "aesthetic", and it's only recently that people seemed to have noticed and gotten angry about it.

No. 661141

that's interesting, I didn't know that. thanks for informing me lol now I can go back to liking danny elfman

No. 661145

neither. it's shoeonhead

No. 661150

In the same vein, it's gross that no one ever took issue with Panty Shot by Mindless Self Indulgence.

No. 661153

That's because MSI makes a bunch of music like this. They've been misogynistic, said "nigga" in their covers talk about rape and murdering etc.

Of course no one is gonna talk about their music.

No. 661158

From what I've read, most of their lyrics have some sort of punchline/message, or they're just nonsensical. That one was pretty straightforward and made sense, with no punchline in sight.

No. 661162

It has good husbandos too so as a cumbrained weeb girl I eat it up as well

No. 661175

what about cradle of love by billy idol

No. 661205

I like Taylor R's videos, she's sweet and pretty. I wasn't around for most of her threads and controversy but she just doesn't seem like the cow type.

No. 661211

The 1975 is genuinely an amazing band. Their instrumentals are like nothing I've ever heard before.

No. 661212

She’s neurotic but most of us who have been around for awhile have long since moved on from her, the few clingers she still has are strange people that seemed to have chose her as a special interest like Kiki.

No. 661223

I started to watch her years back in her doll/kawaii days. As that’s what I WAS into too kek. But she has ditched the whole doll thing and has matured over the years! I still watch her now occasionally and have always liked her personality. She seems very genuine and sweet! Not really milky IMO. However there was so controversy about her husband a while back, something to do with owning a forum or website to do with young girls idk? It was on another gossip site. I can’t remember much? Not to sound rude but he is definitely punching above his weight. But I like her!!

No. 661238

Been wanting to try listening to their stuff, what are your faves?

No. 661242

I would love it if a popular shonen anime had the male leads turn out to be gay for each other at the end.

Not for fujoshit or wokefag reasons, but because the milk from robots reeeing about homos ruining their precious anime would be so delicious kek it'd fuel me for weeks

No. 661243

Praying for Togashi the madman to do it, if he ever finishes HxH

No. 661246

i used to think the same but i saw a post on here once saying that her fashion videos are just body checking, now i can't look at her the same

No. 661252

Fingers crossed, anon. Fingers crossed.

I'd also love it to happen with Bakugo/Izuku from My Hero Academia, for the wokefag "b-but abusive!" twitter shitfits that'd ensue on top of all that, but I doubt it will.

No. 661254

nta but by album
1975: chocolate, sex, settle down, girls, robbers
I like it when you sleep: she's american, somebody else, the sound, paris, this must be my dream
A brief inquiry: give yourself a try, love it if we made it, tootime, sincerity is scary, its not living if its not with you
Notes on a conditional form: if you're too shy let me know, i think there's something you should know, tonight i wish i was your boy

No. 661255

Thank you so much anon!

No. 661257

original anon, I'll just give you my suggestions from their first album since gave good suggestions for some of their more well known/popularized songs.

12, The 1975, intro/set3, Antichrist

No. 661335

I like anime OPs
I want to see cute girls and I love anime artstyle
But animal OPs are always a blessing too

No. 661368

File: 1603868197460.jpg (19.73 KB, 477x268, MV5BNjQ5NmE3YzEtMmNkOS00MzI1LT…)

I think the original FMA is better than Brotherhood.

No. 661507

I can't escape shounen fags, not even here. i hate shounen there no end to my suffering.

No. 661518

Unpopular on this site maybe. But I freaking love Joji.

No. 661534

Did you watch his show a few days ago? I bought a ticket and stayed up all night to watch the first showing of it

No. 661536

I DID!!! I am from the UK so I stayed up until 3am kek. And then watched the next two showings the next day. I loved it.

No. 661546

Name some good shojo and josei, I’m curious?

No. 661565

nta but Skip Beat and HanaKimi are 2 great shoujo mangas.

No. 661595

Maybe controvserial. But I believe human euthanasia (to relieve suffering) and assisted suicide should be legal. Those who are in constant agony with a disease that will kill them eventually. People trapped in comas. These poor children in a vegetive state where they can only move their eyes. The world is so cruel. If I were to ever go blind, loose a limb, become disabled. I would end my life.

No. 661660

File: 1603904783526.jpg (264.94 KB, 744x1052, 156465478984.jpg)

Can not wait for Hetalia to comeback

No. 661669

Agreed, prolonging life at all costs is inhuman. I wish to be able to make a decision to comfortably end my life in some clinic instead continuing living in pain, disabled, a burden to other people.

No. 661693

This isn't an unpopular opinion at all, shounenfags are in a minority here and are always shat on.

No. 661701

omg same, fuck this turd genre
how are they a minority? someone constantly posts about Muh Hero Acumdemia or some other retarded shit

No. 661705

There is nothing interesting about h3h3 at all, Ethan is not even fun to laugh at.

No. 661711

Most posts about MHA are complaining about it, but maybe I'm not looking hard enough. I will get beheaded for this but I don't think it's that bad, it's average at worst. I never got the extreme reactions people have towards this series, on either side. it doesn't do anything better or worse than any other anime tbh

No. 661713

Where? Just post more shoujo or precious seinen or whatever you're into, not hard

No. 661714

Just contrarians who can't stand their animu being normie lol

No. 661739

Most hyper-popular anime are extremely bland.

No. 661742

All anime is boring and predictable

No. 661746

Murder can be justified and moral

No. 661748

Are "vigilante justice" and "murder" really the same thing though? unless that's not what you meant in which case elaborate

No. 661749

Inuyasha shouldn't be listed as shounen

No. 661755

It’s been 20 years

No. 661758

It's still relevant.

No. 661768

It’s been 20 years

No. 661777

wait, it's considered shonen?? I'm pretty sure it's been shoujo forever. Now im confused

No. 661817

Yeah it was published in a shounen mag and there's been disagreement about its genre since forever basically. Shoujo action is only allowed to exist in sparkly magical girls outfits apparently. While we're at it, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles is also classified as shounen even though it is clearly more popular with girls than with boys.

No. 661892

Wow, didn't expect that.

No. 662078

File: 1603931432254.jpg (Spoiler Image, 227.11 KB, 1200x501, bdc2 (1).jpg)

I don't like when people use celebrities who have struggled with some form of addiction in "minorities don't age, white people age like shit" memes. A lot of the examples I see include people like the Olsen Twins, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, etc. All those women have dealt with eating disorders/substance abuse issues for years which obviously contributed to how they aged and their looks. Acting like they're a normal example of ageing and comparing them to black celebrities who haven't lived as harsh of a lifestyle seems to invalidate the point being made; like duh of course they look better, it isn't that hard to age better than an addict. Plus it makes me uncomfortable to degrade a mentally ill person's looks.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 662082

bpd is mild inconvenience at worst, outside the fringe cases. Most guys actually prefer some spice in their relationship

No. 662085

Ok. Here’s the attention you ordered.

No. 662090

Gonna grasp for superiority somehow, no matter how petty and shallow kek

No. 662095

File: 1603933182731.png (2.19 MB, 1619x717, jlo is 51 kac is 53 america ex…)

I think this is a very cherry picked example. Only because I know for sure most of the "minorities age better" doesn't always involve celebs with drug addictions. A lot of the time, the people they talk about are just literally old white people that look OLD, way older than they should be. Kellyann Conway for example. that's just my own experience though.

No. 662100

I don’t like Takahiro Kagami’s work, he makes the characters ugly as sin that I found it a chore to watch certain episodes based on his work.

Fuck that nigga

No. 662103

Whitney Houston was a drug addict, but she still didn't look as aged as some other celebrities. Honestly, everyone in Hollywood seems to be on some substance. It just shows on some more than others, sadly.
I agree it's unfair on the Olsen Twins, though. With the rest…eh. Everyone's been dishing it out on black women/girls since forever, I think white girls can handle their own medicine for a bit.(don't racebait)

No. 662110

Why the redtext on this? It's the unpopular opinions thread, plus this is a completely reasonable perspective. I don't get it.

No. 662117

It's racebaiting

No. 662120

Admin hates cracker bitches, it's illegal to say yt women don't age worse than everyone else, or something(racebaiting sperg)

No. 662124

Lay it on thicker why don’t you

No. 662131

Apple butter is better on toast than any kind of jam, INCLUDING strawburry.

No. 662140

Shojo is trash

No. 662144

I agree! apple butter is amazing. I picked up some local apple butter last week and it'll be a miracle if the jar makes it to halloween.

No. 662147

Agreed. A lot of shoujo has the same problems as manga/anime made by men. The only difference is male authors are slightly pervier.

No. 662174

I try so hard to get into k dramas but they’re all retarded. I’ve sat through so many thinking I’d grow used to it and it only makes my rage worse. Top tier dumb. Korean beauty culture in general is pathetic, but I guess it’s only natural your country would get bored and overcompensate when you’re the size of Indiana.

No. 662221

I haven't tried apple butter, it doesn't seem popular in my country. Is it like apple sauce?

I want to add that fruit curd > jam. Lemon curd is the obvious best choice but I've also been eating passionfruit curd which is delicious. Jam is too sickly sweet and lumpy in comparison.

No. 662227

Like a thicker apple sauce you can spread, yes. You just reduce the apples until they're browned and concentrated. Depending where it comes from (southern US for example) it can be way too sweet.

It's not hard to make if you feel like experimenting. That way you can control the sugar input.

No. 662232

why does everyone on lolcow have such a hateboner for y2k/2000s fashion? Doesn't suit my body type but I like the aesthetics and fashion style on other people.

No. 662234

Because it requires you to be skinny and well…. anons on here can't even mention their weight even when it's relevant to the discussion if it's under 130 pounds or they get chewed out.

No. 662238

Outside of being tacky and ugly, it’s built entirely on fast fashion. Only zoomers who were literally drooling through the 00’s want to pretend they lived it.

No. 662249

It's too hyper-sexualized and cheap looking.

No. 662250

Because I actually lived through that period and remember how horrible it was. I get how zoomers of today think it's the coolest looking shit together because it does look a lot more interesting than today's fashion, but I also remember how much it glorified actual fucking anorexia and being a dumb bimbo. I mean today being thin and vapid is still in style but back then it was so bad, so many fucking girls developed EDs during that time.

No. 662255

Because a lot of the alleged “y2k” isn’t even y2k at all. It only ever looks good on attractive people with nice bodies, I’m sure they’re tired of seeing butterfaces and fat chicks wearing floss up their cottage cheese asses with low rise jeans and thinking they’re hot shit probably.

No. 662258

The 00s were objectively shit except maybe for TV and the internet. But the decline of the internet also happened during this decade and reality tv shows quickly replaced series at some point so that's debatable.

No. 662260

It doesnt even look good on skinny women most of the time. And the anons you mentionned just yell at any thin and skinny anons saying which size they are for "humble bragging", to prove your point even more.

No. 662264

>It doesnt even look good on skinny women most of the time.
This. Y2K fashion simply doesn't look good on anyone. The extremely low-rise pants and tight crop tops make anyone look stocky, the bell bottomed overly long, washed-out jeans make your legs look dumpy and short. Those t-shirts with short sleeves emphasize your arm flab and so forth. The only people who could somehow pull it off were the ones with long, thin limbs and a very very small waist and very narrow hips i.e. those who "lucked" out with bone structure. Being simply "thin" isn't enough.

Back when I was a teenager in the early 2000's the girls in my school dressed themselves in this style even though they knew they looked like dogshit in the clothes with their chub spilling all over the place, so a lot of them started starving themselves to reach the beauty standard of 2002. You had girls fainting because they hadn't eaten nothing but two rice crackers in three days. Shit was fucked up.

No. 662267

Yeah, I lived through that time as a teenager and got the lifelong body image issues and ED as a complimentary gift kek

It was so bad that even the people whose job it was to "look the part" struggled with it. Britney and Jessica Simpson were both really unhealthy, and Jessica was on constant starvation diets plus diet pills to just look right in those stupid clothes. Unless you really, really lucked out and were skinny, narrow, and built like a fucking Q tip, you looked terrible in those clothes.

No. 662275

File: 1603960759597.jpeg (921.09 KB, 828x1222, ACDA5CFF-59FE-48DB-9AF9-8E22B3…)

Same. It’s strange seeing the ‘revival,’ all of these pussy zoomers cry over everything and couldn’t handle the pressures of early 2000s diet culture, they’d call it toxic and try to cancel anyone who bodyshamed them for showing off their lovehandles in a pair of holographic lowerises. If you weren’t rail thin you were harped at for having thunder thighs.

No. 662279

File: 1603962442184.png (700.9 KB, 500x701, a066aad13feac6c354ee81915ebbfe…)

they're focusing on the western y2k fashion that show's a fuck-ton of skin
you can probably pull off this outfit at 200 lbs, at least it'll be comfortable in the winter

No. 662280

Semi-blogposting but I was called a fatty because the trendiest girls of the school were literal skeletons and it caused me life-long body dysmorphia as well. Looking back on photos of myself from that time I was of perfectly healthy weight, skinny even. That's how bad it was back then, trends like "thicc" would have never existed in that environment. If you had even a bit of spillover from those lowrise pants you were deemed a fatass right there and then. Girls were bullied relentlessly for even the slightest amount of chub or even muscle.

And not only the extreme body standards, also you were expected to be a shallow mean girl obsessed with makeup, boys and looking good. As annoying as today's woke trend is at least intelligence and being insightful is valued much higher than it was during the Y2K dumb bitch phase. Zoomers idolizing the trends from that time have no idea how horrifying it was to live through those years, but at least it contributed to creating a lot of subcultures to counter it.

No. 662286

This.fruits y2k fashion >>>>>> western y2k fashion

No. 662288

Because I was a fatty teen in those years and struggled because everything "fashionable" meant I had to show my fat belly and my love handles. Plus it looks thrashy and it's associated with prostitutes where I live.

No. 662290

True. Sometimes I get nostalgic for the decade too, but I don't think many positive improvement were made during the 2000s. I was just younger.

No. 662292

I was called thunder thighs all of the time for having muscular legs as a teen, I genuinely thought I was disgusting and it’s extremely bizarre looking back because I was under 110lbs then. It wasn’t even in a coy way—I truly hated myself and my body and thought something was wrong with me because no matter what I did I wasn’t built like that. I’m mad as hell now kek, wish someone would’ve told me to stop being a basket case over a trashy social movement that idolized heroin chic and had ugly overplucked eyebrows.

No. 662294


THIS, so much this. I always say this. Back then you were praised for being an actual dumbass who aggressively veered for male approval which is why I don't understand why so many self-declared "feminists" are so nostalgic for that trashy anti-female time period. That time was so distinctively brutal on women and so misogynistic (probably as an intense reaction to the feminism of the 20th century) that I was relieved when it was finally over. The fashion was trash, the music was trash, the mentality was trash, everything about Y2K was fucking trash and extremely mean spirited. Good riddance.

No. 662301

the 2000s misogyny makes 1960s and 1970s misogyny look like a cake walk. Just look at the tropes used in movies and shows from then to the 2000s. There were far more intelligent characterized women or women with more diverse personalities other than "bimbo" or "freak" like in the 2000s. the 2000s was absolutely shit outside of the internet.

the 2000s was also a time where the really obnoxious internet/rl personalities we see today started to be normalized, like manchildren who base their whole identity off of childhood nostalgia or women who found it empowering to look/act like bimbos. african-american music/culture took a massive hit during this time as well for reasons that warrants its own discussion

No. 662303

Not only that, but girls who were drugge, raped, and filmed or photographed were ostracized to a terrifying degree and blamed for sexual assault. Plus like rampant cp all over the internet.

No. 662315

Some of the fashions of that time period were retarded. I have fond memories of it because it was acceptable live in shell toed trainers and tracksuits. I also hate the skinny jeans trend that appeared in the late 2000s, so Avril Lavigne style baggy pants were preferable to me.

No. 662317

I miss the baggies too. Old those books I've put in those big ass pockets.

No. 662319

I miss the fuck out of rollerball-everything

No. 662327

I just think a lot of it is plain ugly.

No. 662339

God shut the fuck up(don't reply to bait)

No. 662409

Asushinji is the superior ship

No. 662411

Shit taste anon, leave right now and don't come back until you're camp kawoshinji

No. 662431

No. 662485

I swear I'm not ana or trying to humblebrag at all so don't jump down my throat, this is just my two cents. I'm rail fucking thin so I like y2k fashion because I see myself in it. Nowadays full-figured women are the desirable standard and I feel like a skelly undeveloped idiot in comparison. I still kind of beat myself up for just being narrow and not having big tits and wide hips. So y2k fashion at least makes me feel better about myself in the sense that I can rock a pair of low rise jeans. I guess I'm biased because I like seeing my body type being the "standard" but whatever, trends come and go and trying to chase a fleeting ideal is dumb.

No. 662488

File: 1603989523693.jpg (920.38 KB, 4211x1845, trex.jpg)

i think this is somewhat confirmed but i think t rexes had wings and feathers, not scales. their tiny arms would make sense

No. 662490

youre wrong, but you can say it

No. 662493

Same, anon. The current baddie fashion only looks good if you have thicc thighs and a full figure, I can't pull off fashion nova so let me have crop tops and low-rise jeans and tracksuits. I think its kinda cool that the current fashion really suits bigger girls, and the y2k throwback looks good on skinny girls, it actually does feel like most body types can pull off some cool fashions these days

No. 662494

i don't know either, i love "normal" looking y2k fashion and i'm 24 years old so i'm not even a zoomer. i honestly think it's just fatties that hate it

No. 662502

why would anyone hate the tacky and shitty look of y2k fashion? you sound like a retard

No. 662507

not a fatty, just hate how sexual and low-quality it is. also I think it looks bad on skinny people too.

No. 662510

Regular soda is too sweet and makes me feel mildly ill. Diet soda tastes genuinely better regardless of sugar/calorie content.

No. 662511

I say who gives a shit. Ladies here can be hella judgmental for no real reason. Let young girls express themselves the way that makes them feel good about themselves.
Shit I wore was tacky as a teenager too. I’m more of a sweatpants girl now.

No. 662513

but the 20th century fashion required slim figures just as much, probably even more since people were thinner/smaller back then

No. 662516

it doesn't have to be sexual at all

No. 662517

I like diet/sugar free Red Bull and Monster and agree with those being too sweet, but not soda. In soda I can taste that weird aftertaste really strongly, for some reason. Soda is super sweet, though, and I can only do a few sips/half a normal can at a time unless I'm realllllyy craving one.

No. 662525

I've been drinking it since I was a kid. I probably just got used to the aftertaste, tbh.

No. 662528

The internet's really bad now, the google search engine barely works, and there's hardly any positives to browsing the internet or engaging in discussion anymore

No. 662529

File: 1603991183170.jpeg (124.34 KB, 502x810, 15A20CC9-ED2F-4DDD-B99C-08DE90…)

How tf are you people finding this fashionable. I’m even a zoomer and I don’t get it

No. 662530

diet drinks are bad for you and can give you stomach cancer or diabetes due to all the fake sugar. please be careful, anons.

No. 662533


Got a feeling the only people who like this are the ones who unironically have or like the cringy "dumb bimbo bitch" persona. That is the only way I can see it.

No. 662535

Oh yeah, probably! Also, I weirdly think diet soda tastes like it's a mixed drink? Like, they taste like a vodka soda to me and makes me sick, especially brown ones like diet coke or diet dr. pepper. So weird, it's not like I ever drank with diet soda lol. Anyone else?

No. 662536

File: 1603991370384.jpg (65.69 KB, 485x742, 845fddac19623386a344e05acf4ea2…)

maybe not the color combos or uggs in your photo but I like the short shirts and layers. the jeans in picrel are nice too.

No. 662540

File: 1603991496406.png (502.38 KB, 1000x375, y2k.png)

not any of these anons but i don't think this is a good example? maybe mroe like this image. for skinny people at least.

No. 662541

>beat myself up for just being narrow and not having big tits and wide hips
Imagine how much extra sexual harrassment these things get you though

No. 662543

Current fashion has extremely bad fabric and it's bullshit how you have to shell out a lot of money to get some decent fabric these days

No. 662545

samefag, to add onto what i was saying; current fashion also has incredibly unflattering cuts and is very shapeless.

No. 662546

i think most girls get sexually harassed no matter what they look like. if you dont have big tits scrotes will pick something else to bother you about

No. 662550

This is why I buy most of my clothes vintage/from thrift stores. The difference in quality is nuts. The only new things I buy (besides undergarments) are cool t-shirts from etsy and leggings since they didn't really exist back in the day kek.

No. 662554

File: 1603992081296.png (106.81 KB, 1300x232, wrvgrrg.png)

are you this same triggered anon over fatties on /g/?

No. 662556

The whole big ass fetish is bringing new levels of harrassment to women who happen to have that body type.

No. 662557

ayrt and nope that's not me. i dont have a problem with bigger women at all

No. 662558

even the nonsexual outfits look so fucking cheap. if it's about wanting clothes for a thinner body type why not choose any other pre-2000s decade

No. 662559

70s fashion is the cutest

No. 662563

because i like wearing bizarre shit and media from that time makes me happy, including the clothes. i can understand associating it with trashiness though.

No. 662579

Isn’t looking cheap and tacky the point? Like no one is thinking the rhinestones are real diamonds. The clothing is obviously poor quality and made with cheap material. It’s also not very subtle in terms of colours and cuts. 2000s culture was all about being trashy even when dressing it up as ‘classy’. I don’t wear the style myself but I can appreciate how authentic it was

No. 662583

Y2K red carpet looks were so bizarre kek, "classy" wearing jeans under skirts on the red carpet with uggs. When else?

No. 662586

Yeah exactly, I think it kind of had a humor too? Like it was fun. Wouldn’t wear that shit myself but prefer it to the try-hard styles of today

No. 662597

I legitimately wore the flare jeans under plaid skirts in middle school kek maybe I did deserve to get boolied after all, even if it was the style of the time

No. 662598

File: 1603994264784.jpg (50.06 KB, 600x337, 1980s.jpg)


Nah, it was definitely also tryhard, remember this was also the start of mean-spirited humor and obnoxious reality television like Jackass or South Park being prevalent in media. The last time stuff was actually tacky/fun and light spirited was in the 80s. it's actually kind of crazy to think about how the 2000s was just 20 years after the 80s kek

No. 662604

French men are sexual harassers and American men are better behaved in that regard

No. 662606

Now you're also expected to be a mean girl and sassy, especially online, but not TOO mean, otherwise that would be racist/transphobic/homophobic/fatphobic/ableist/problematic/misogynistic/etc. At least back then when people were assholes they weren't as hypocritical about it as they are now.

No. 662614

The expectation to be a mean girl over people not being empathetic enough by their standards, kekkkk

No. 662615

I agree, French men also tend to be unfaithful assholes
American men are extremely patronising though and think they're the main character of everyone's life, so I can't stand them.
Germans are perverts who bring STDs home, Slavs are lazy and violent, Scandinavians have a superiority complex and pretend to be woke for pussy, Aussies… I don't know how anyone could hate themselves that much to ever touch one.

Wherever you go, scrotes are scrotes,just in slightly different flavours

No. 662619

Have 1 french ex who is a stupid asshole so i'm inclined to agree off that kek

No. 662630

Demon/exorcism isn't the scariest subgenre of horror movies. Not sure if this is generally unpopular, but I hear this a LOT and idgi.

No. 662634

File: 1603997034133.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 8.63 KB, 310x163, emilyrose.jpeg)

It's only scary if you think it's real. When I was Catholic the exorcism movies used to give me chills.
Now they're just renditions of severe mental illness and the incompetence of unqualified people trying to fix them. It makes me mad more than anything.

No. 662641

I think my biggest gripe with the dress is most people don't know how to style themselves so the dress looks horrible on almost everyone who wears it.
>far left has bland hair, an ugly septum and ugly glasses and lipstick
>middle left decided black should be worn with the dress for whatever reason
>middle right greasy weeb hair and checkered vans for whatever god forsaken reason
>far right looks best overall but low ponytail could be sleeker and makeup could be worn for a better look
sage for sperg

No. 662644

Yeah having been hospitalised with depression at one point I saw women acting like they're possessed. It's just psychosis. The only scary thing is knowing in some countries they would rather send you to a priest then a psych ward for help

No. 662716

File: 1604002972164.jpeg (62.81 KB, 297x600, 6C8AB8B8-5092-48BA-BC15-5665FB…)

I’m also skinny and straight figured but I find 60s fashion better for my body type than y2k

No. 662718

I feel like it must be younger women who didn’t grow up in that atmosphere who want to bring back the fashion style

No. 662723

Word. I'm going for a Gen psychology major and it's waaaaay more philosophy than actual science. I've been having fun with the AI/cyborg/body hacking community because everything is just so fucking out there I swear I have to be on multiple hallucigens and designer drugs just to comprehend wtf anyone is going on about. I fucking love it but yeah it's about as scientific as graffiti. Banksy is popular and seen as deep but most of it is just white guys carving a penis and an ex's phone number into a bus station toilet stall

No. 662734

I've never seen Pulp Fiction before so I watched the dance scene and it was quite underwhelming kek.

No. 662738

There are way better scenes/moments. It's still a bit underwhelming as a whole imo though, but probably bc it's very overhyped. Reservoir Dogs is best.

No. 662752

Irony or nostalgia for what they think was a simpler and more innocent time.

No. 662765

Majority of the anons here don't have taste take it with a grain of salt

No. 662768

the best scene is the one where mia is dying from od and the junkie couple tries to find the medical book

No. 662906

File: 1604022662165.jpg (30.92 KB, 363x568, 52686112381170cd71062a4ca76df8…)

I like the shirt Paris is wearing. Plus, she's tall/skinny like a model, so stupid clothes just look fun and ironic on her.
Otherwise, yeah, trainwreck.
Megan Fox looked pretty good in it, though this wasn't as early in the early 2000s.

No. 662911

seconding aussie men are trash
"scrote flavour" is something i hate to read but also has me rolling, ty anon

No. 662925

i hate this shit so much. i cant remember the names of them but i love watching reality tv tattoo shows for the terrible art and knowing that that shit will forever be on someones body. that's sadistic i know
this is extremely retarded as has been noted

No. 662947

I support sex work in that I hate men that hate sex workers and slut shame women for profiting off of an industry that the men created in the first place. It's like ordering a burger at McDonalds and then hating on the employee that makes it.

No. 662948

This is exactly how I feel tbh, but I do still get angry at SWers for being predatory and enticing more young girls into it by glamorizing it as well. It’s complex and weird.

No. 662949

This can also be applied to underdeveloped women.
Men in general can just be gross as fuck. They get their dicks stuck in vacuum cleaners.

No. 662954

White people age more because they don't have pigemnts in their skin that absorb harmful UV. leads to sunburns and aging. I use sunscreen all the time now but as a kid my parents let me burn all the time and now my skin is starting to wrinkle in my early 20s rip

No. 662982

>early 20s
25 isn't "early 20s", honey

No. 662996

Did I miss something? Did anon mention their age somewhere else or something? If not you look totally schizophrenic rn

No. 663000

you sound obnoxious

No. 663006

lol i'm BPD, don't mind me :D(:D)

No. 663020

File: 1604045494198.jpg (68.22 KB, 640x625, s-l640.jpg)

I think this is accurate, I was in elementary/middle school during the 2000s and I do enjoy getting to wear clothes my younger self idolized before I was old enough to shop for myself lol (mostly I just like putting together outfits that I liked from my Bratz movies and games lmao). The stuff that was popular with zoomers at that time like Bobby Jack and Happy Bunny aren't coming back because zoomers want to leave them in the past just as much as millenials want to leave y2k in the past lol.

No. 663033

I cannot understand the appeal of yaoi is you're a straight girl. I especially cannot understand the appeal of yaoi if you're a lesbian. Why would you want to watch boys love each other instead of (you) or a girl you're obviously supposed to self-insert as?

No. 663040

Straight girl here - I get to see double the hot men / don’t care to see bare tits and vagina, and the stories are generally more interesting and appealing. I typically don’t relate at all to female protagonists nor their submission in bed so they don’t work as self inserts.

No. 663045

most female mc's or self-inserts are written so badly it's extremely difficult to see yourself as them. They act in ways no living girl would. Man on man avoids that problem, and it's double the dick. I especially enjoy any kind of 'we shouldn't be doing this' element that it can have too.

No. 663046

Ngl Thirteen is still one of my favourite movies

No. 663047

I'm a straight girl who watches gay porn sometimes (not into the hentai stuff tbh) and it's just hot to watch two or more guys fuck. It doesn't feel "taboo" or anything, it's just sexy and the sometimes they do fun positions. Plus more penis.

in the other hand, I could also be pornsick considering some of the other things I find hot

No. 663048


Well, to me is because when I look at straight porn, I can't fully enjoy it, or enjoy it at all, because no matter what type of porn I look up, it mostly centers on the girl and it doesn't give any attention to the guy, which is the one I am going to be attracted to. Sometimes they don't even bother to make him look somewhat attractive, but the woman has to be a 10/10 all the time, so it kinda misses the point for me. With Yaoi or gay porn at least 1 of the guys is attractive to me, so I enjoy it more than straight porn.

Also, because it's cute… UwU

No. 663053

Fucking exactly.

No. 663060

Is this a scrote bait? Why would I need to self-insert into my porn?

No. 663061

Is it weird that I'm straight and I don't mind the focus on women in porn? Like I imagine myself in her place

No. 663072

This is my thought process too anon!!

No. 663073

Sooo what's the "unpopular opinion"?
Imagine if you can look at pictures of food and taste them with your eyes. Sometimes I just want to taste the food and not actually eat it. It's like that.
I never have and never will feel the desire to self-insert in BL or in general. Self insert fiction just makes me feel encumbered with thoughts about how they are simply not me. In fact, it probably explicitly has do with how I can't project myself into a man that draws me to it. Straight/lesbian (I'm bi) romance stories often really want you to project into one of the characters, I find that so mentally exhausting. BL fulfills all my needs voyeuristically. I find irl porn fucking repulsive.

No. 663078

i'm bisexual but I only watch Gay male porn. I don't feel bad for watching it as much and you can visibly see how turned they are and cum shots.
I feel like women in porn don't enjoy it and they always seem dry. Then I think of Rad Fem shit and I feel bad, so why watch something I don't want to support and it does nothing for me anyway if I pay too much attention.

No. 663093

File: 1604060907187.png (114.93 KB, 682x610, Screenshot 2020-10-30 at 12.25…)

the mother's bruises are nauseating and this maniac needs to be in special ed.

it is not teachers or students responsibility to deal with violent, remorseless children.

acab and all but what else were they supposed to have done? the article is misleading.

people like this used to be put in insanitoriums. society is not required to tolerate bullshit like this which has resulted from lack of discipline.


No. 663096

Considering how many disorders the kid has, its not even the mother's fault, dealing with something like this must be nearly unbearable, imagine trying to discipline a kid who you will just beat the shit out of you.
She shouldn't even be in a normal school, tard schools are a genuine nescessity, sometimes even group homes.

No. 663097

im sorry but this makes me so sad, i used to have meltdowns at school (i'm autistic too but back in the 90's high functioning autism or asperger's wasn't a thing and even less so if you are a girl. granted my meltdowns were never violent or anything like that but as a kid you really dont know what to do or what is happening to you/ why you feel like that. sorry for my retardation but cuffing her seems a bit excessive to me

No. 663099

She's very violent anon, the kid had to be sanctioned and aprehended by police multiple times.

No. 663105

half the disorders listed arent even real




No. 663106

Sorry if it will be worded to harshly but recent events in my country made me very upset about the topic on hand - I HATE the narrative that down's syndrome is not so bad and shouldn't be a reason for abortion. There's nothing "cute" about adults with it, it ruins their families lives forever, there's nothing noble or rewarding about raising people like this. Most of the time they can't do anything on their own, are aggressive, there was even a story of mother being raped by her down syndrome son because once he grew up he became stronger than her and she couldn't control him. Even if parents want to make this choice and raise a kid like that, what's gonna happen after they die? You gonna force siblings to take care of that person? Extended family who never wanted that?

No. 663107

yes totally agree. if i found out on a scan that my child had any sort of disability i would abort.

women who knowingly procreate with genetics that are high chance of disability or severe impairment and tout their 'disability mom' status are fucking sick in the head. munchausens extreme.

No. 663113

ODD is a thing. When neither offering a recompense for good behavior or punishing and the kid basically will tell do whatever the fuck they please, it's ODD. Most kids can be lured by reward or scared into behaving do it's a pathology.

No. 663114

There's a SVU episode where this old lady is looking after her 20-something year old daughter with down syndrome. The girl ends up pregnant and the mom tries to get her an abortion despite the girl wanting to keep it. In the episode the cops etc are telling the mom off saying the girl needs to be given a chance to raise her child etc.

Like what fuckig bullshit is that? The woman was in her 60s and knew she'd have to care for the baby but the tone of the episode was "downys can do what everyone else can if given a chance" but that's not fucking true.

No. 663116

I would too. Definitely. I mean especially diseases that would limit the quality of life for the child.

No. 663117

Yeah exactly, from the safe distance people who never experienced taking care of down syndrome person would be like aww look at them, they can fully construct an understable sentence, help the mom pack groceries and paint a pretty picture, so cute, they're just like us how can you think otherwise! No, just no.

No. 663129

stay strong fellow polanon. I'm so mad I wanna puke. And obviously I agree with you

No. 663130

Dzięki, we're in this together. As if there were not enough worries without abortion ban in our country nowadays, fml.

No. 663144


schools receive funding when they accept disabled students in the UK so it's no surprise they don't wanna lose her

No. 663148

how is anxiety NOT real?

No. 663154

> Even if parents want to make this choice and raise a kid like that, what's gonna happen after they die? You gonna force siblings to take care of that person? Extended family who never wanted that?

They become wards of the state in my country. Shipped off to facilities ripe with abuse, as you can imagine.
My aunt had/has a severe developmental delay, I don’t remember what it was, but she needed round the clock care and my grandparents had no money or time for that so that’s what they had to do.
I remember visiting her as a child and it was really sad because she never remembered anyone - she couldn’t really talk much. I don’t think my grandmother even saw her in the last 15 years of her life although I think she might have talked on the phone to her sometimes. I don’t know if my mom even thinks about her now. We certainly never talk about her.
That’s the sad reality of it, anyway. People say every human life has value, and that’s true in a sense- until it comes time to take care of someone who can’t care for themselves. Then everybody fucks off, has their own lives, they can’t possibly do it, let the government handle it- all the while voting for fuckers who cut budgets for care, ignoring shit conditions for these people and the emotional/financial toll on families.

No. 663160

People really get the wrong idea what Down Syndrome is like. The one you see outside that seems docile is the extremely few, and even then you don't know about their tantrums behind closed doors. Most DS people are severely retarded and unmanageable. I hate how they are painted as "cute" and "sociable" when it's the complete opposite.

No. 663167

I personally don't believe conventional and unconventional beauty/attractive. It just sound like a concept from unrealistic beauty standard

No. 663171

>anxiety isn't real
This is just delusional.
>inb4 "delusion isn't real"

No. 663211

Oh my god she's so BASED!!! It sucks that she's the villian because she says some amazing shit. Please everyone look at this. Just straight facts

No. 663215

anon, i…

No. 663227

everyone experiences anxiety and millennials weaponise it to try and get out of making dr appts, doing normal adult shit, assignments in college/classes, its pathetic.

No. 663229

People are acting so retardly in everything
My entire town just went through a hurricane, all but one or two gas stations throughout my entire 80 mile long area. Traffic was TERRIBLE, despite everything being closed, lights going out, gas going out, people are so fucking stupid and weak they can't stay home for like 12 hours? Because the entire football field of walmart parking lot being packed every single day of COVID isn't enough. I hate living in a Republican area, this is literally the most stupid and weak shit I've ever seen.

No. 663230

the fact that people weaponize it and use it as an excuse to gain pitty points over the internet doesn't make it less real for people who actually suffer from it, anon… smh

No. 663231

I'm 22. didn't think I had to specify damn

No. 663233

Hozier isn't all that. I don't know why he's propped up so much as a king or whatever. Shouldn't idolize people that much.

No. 663236

I don't idolize him, but I definitely think he deserves the fame he has. His lyrics are genuinely beautiful, he's a very talented musician and vocalist, and he puts on a great live show. Like, he got to where he is due to his talent, not hype or nepotism imo.

He's also super sweet and has soft hands, have met him twice kek.

No. 663253

Actual wrinkles or just fine lines?

No. 663266

I used to consume yaoi as a teen because I was repressing my attraction to women kek. I thought if I was into two guys fucking then I was totally straight and not attracted to icky girls. I've embraced my attraction to women and yaoi just reminds me of what a cringy kid I used to be.

No. 663301


kind of both? my forehead has fine lines deep enough to crease makeup. and I have deep creases under my eyes and then some fine lines under those.

No. 663360

Incoming rant but Straight porn is just disgusting af. The guy usually is ugly as shit and even if he’s fit, he’s still ugly some way or another. The girl doesn’t even look into it most of the time and the moans are annoying as shit. It’s either “oh fuck me harder!” Or some cringe shit that scrotes get off to. I can’t even self insert because that’s not even how normal girls let alone me act, and if it was a self insert thing they should film more of the guy doing the fucking instead of the girl. How am I supposed to self insert and get off to the porn when Barely even see the guy? I’m straight ffs I don’t get off to looking at tits and pussy. I want to look at the cock and balls. Clearly, straight porn is made for men. In yaoi the guys are always hot , the storyline is much better, and the sex scenes are hot too.

No. 663391

Porn (made for men by men) conditions women into arousal by self-objectification and not arousal by their partner's beauty. You get turned on by the thought being used like an onahole, not because you get to fuck beautiful men.

No. 663404

The late 90s early 2000s revival is cool. Inb4 zoomer I'm in my early 30s.

No. 663414

I fucking LOVE flossing. Nothing is so satisfying to me as getting gross stuff out from between my teeth. I feel 10 lbs lighter after flossing lol.
I always see people complain about flossing and it flummoxes me. What could people even be annoyed about?? It's fun and good for you. If you don't floss you are a joyless husk with questionable dental hygiene.
(Is cleaning other people's teeth this fun? Is this why people become dentists?)

No. 663433

My gums always bleed when I floss, and my dentist doesn't recommend flossing on a daily basis. I feel like flossing is more of an American thing.

No. 663434

File: 1604096109937.jpg (15.75 KB, 518x334, 22.55.28.jpg)

Flossing really sucks at first because of the bleeding, it takes some time before you get to like it and I'm sure tonnes of people give up before that point.

I got braces and I kinda miss flossing with string. But water flossing is also super satisfying, and so is sticking these things between my teeth.

No. 663437

Water flossing feels amazing, I got an at home kit for it recently and it's so relaxing to use

No. 663439

your gums only bleed because theyre swollen from bacteria buildup. you should always floss once a day, your dentist probably just undershoots the number for people who cant remember to do it everyday.

No. 663441

Honestly, same. Im 31 and love that it’s making a comeback. I’ll be wearing all the trends (that suit me) and don’t care if I look dated and old or like a dork. I love the aughts!

No. 663443


>What could people even be annoyed about??

I feel like it's super tedious and takes way too long. You also need to be careful af because cutting into your gums isn't good either. I mean It's late, I just want to sleep and not play around with the long ass string around my fingers …

No. 663446

You could just clean your teeth earlier, and it doesn't take long with practice. I have a weird way of doing it where I thread the string across my mouth and do two teeth at once on opposite sides, it's pretty quick.

I can't blame people for not wanting to floss because for a long time I didn't either and I started and stopped so many times, but eventually I just had to suck it up and make it a daily habit. It's really important for your oral hygiene, I consider it on par with drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, eating nutritious food, exercise etc. You just have to do it whether you like it or not.

No. 663564

This post resonated with me, I agree completely. It's devastating to see the anti abortion movement sweep across so many countries. Standing in solidarity with my polish sisters. I dream that someday all women will have easy access to safe abortion procedures and all men will be locked in cages

No. 663566

Honestly I can’t clean my teeth earlier than bedtime because I often eat at night

No. 663576

doctor who sucks.

No. 663630

In my early 20s I loved the shit out of the first 3 doctors from the reboot but I still agree with this lol

No. 663663

doctor who sucks at what?


No. 663734

I tried watching it when it was all the rage in the nerd community in the early 2010s, but I thought the effects and the acting sucked, the plots were dumb and I hate english accents. I gave up after like 3 episodes, I couldn't take it seriously (wasn't it a children's show originally?).

No. 663943

I am tired of every girly weebtoon I read being full of male x male fan service. Enough!! I am tired of gays

No. 663944

Death grips sucks

No. 663953

I liked it when it was all the rage on tumblr around 2012. But tbf I was living in the uk at the time and I was literally 12 kek. Doctor who is a fun show to me, but it’s not exactly deep. The American tumblr idiots who were trying to make it all deep and meaningful back in the superwholock days were extremely cringe. It’s just a low budget sci fi show that’s meant to be hokey fun.

No. 664007

Couple videos are cringy

No. 664013

Everyone around me fucking loved the show and kept saying "just watch one episode and you'll be hooked!" because that's all it took for them. I watched multiple episodes from the 9th and 10th doctor and couldn't give a rat's ass about the show. After a break up I was on somewhat good terms with my ex who fucking loved the show and I finally got into it with the 11th doctor, but honestly I'm not sure if I actually just finally found a doctor I liked, or if it's because I was just forcing myself to like it for her lol. I know a lot of people around me hated 11th even though I enjoyed him, so it really made me question if I thought it was good and I just had trash taste or if my unhealthy obsession with my ex made me overlook how bad 11th supposedly was.

No. 664034

the only reason I ever looked into dr who fandom content was because I wanted to fuck david tenant at some point but I never actually watched the show kek

No. 664053

me reading ao3 smut about characters i don’t know jack about

No. 664059

The only thing I remember was my friends sperging out about me writing dr who because "it's not dr who! it's doctor who! stop writing it like that!"

No clue as to why, it was just annoying

No. 664065

Snickers and Reese's are good, but overrated. There are other halloween candy like Twix and KitKat that are better, imo. Also fruity candy and chocolate are equally good. I feel like most people like chocolate more but I like both the same.

No. 664066

Oh I agree, fruity candies are very good and somehow it's as if chocolate candy is default. I think caramel candy is also underrated
I watched doctor who when I was a kid and I forgot almost everything about it except for daleks because my mom keeps telling this awful joke and laughing at it like crazy: "a dalek asks his son: what do you want to be when you grow up? And the son says: a doctor!"

No. 664147

Am I the only one who doesn't consider sexting as cheating? I was just texting with my ex, convo got lewd, even to the point of dick pics and shit. Not the first time either but he lives like a state away.

I mean my bf probably watches porn too so feeling guilty makes me feel like a pickme.

No. 664156

Yeah you’re the only one

No. 664163

Astrology is dumb and people who go spouting signs everywhere like it actually means anything are insufferable.

No. 664164

Seconded. I hid the astrology thread, even in passing the posts in it make me cringe

No. 664168

you should be ashamed

No. 664169

I hate that it's a behavior so strongly associated with girls. It's really hard to meet other girls who don't act like this. Even grown ass women still do this shit.

No. 664176

always got me thinking "if she loved herself she wouldn't be into astrology"

No. 664179

When they start spouting stuff like oh how very taurean of him I’m like okay great, so you’re full of shit

No. 664183

nothing pisses me off more than someone thinking they've figured me out from my sign. It's funny when I tell them and it's not at all what they guessed. But it's easy to adjust their preconceptions because horoscopes are made to be vague.
god but why would you live that way? must be boring to view people in types. gives a sense of false certainty I guess. Theyre always so smug

No. 664188

Vegetables are a better pizza topping then meat. I especially don't really like pepperoni or sausage pizza. It just gets TOO greasy. The best pizza toppings are peppers, onions, tomatoes, and/or spinach. Also, it's just fine to eat pizza with a knife and fork. It's just neater.

No. 664189

This goes in the based opinions thread. I just ordered a pizza with garlic sauce, pinapples, onions, spinach, and jalapenos.

No. 664193

Ooooh there's a place near me that does a pizza with these exact toppings but uses a korma sauce as the base. So good. I agree with both of you. Veggies are the superior topping.

No. 664216

Same and I feel similarly about witchcraft, which might be more of an internet thing but it seems very closely associated with feminism and femininity these days. I mean, both ideas are kind of cute at best but still utter nonsense and it does make us seem kinda dumb and frivolous. But at least it's exclusively ours and men don't have any involvement or influence on it.

No. 664249

Drinking alcohol is stupid. Alcohol sucks.
>halp i'm wasted and i wish i was sober

No. 664252

File: 1604209712109.jpg (40.93 KB, 620x474, ddb81adb917766e783f1ccd154b427…)

Sort of related but I guess an unpopular opinion is that I prefer the earlier seasons of the show compared to the new ones. It wasn't as obnoxious/cheesy and it had some good cinematography. The only problem is their pacing was really slow and a lot of the episodes were just completely lost with time.

No. 664303

>Oppositional defiant disorder
That's one of the fakest fucking things I've ever heard. I remember first hearing that term about 7 years ago and thought it sounded made up. Most of what's listed in the DSM is straight up fiction.

No. 664323

File: 1604221424417.jpg (768.03 KB, 2000x3000, emily-ratajkowski-depressie-15…)

I think Emrata is really beautiful. Idk what she's like as a person, maybe terrible, but I was honestly surprised to read that a lot of anons find her ugly or strange looking. If I'm going by looks alone, she's 100% girlfriend material.

No. 664326

Yes she is gorgeous. I remember getting in a fight with a male friend that said he thought Emma Watson was prettier! U wot mate? It was years ago lol

No. 664338

Her lips are a little much, aside from that 10/10

No. 664340

Astrology fag here lol. It's fun hobby for me.

Looking at ancient cultures in the middle east, europe and asia it's interesting how devoted they were to the practice (obviously they're different iterations from what we see in the West today). Particularly in asia I noticed astrology is still widely practiced. The ancients tended to be highly learned in astronomy as well. In antiquity these subjects were considered twin disciplines. I'm also a history fag lol.

No. 664345

if she toned down the lip fillers
the trend needs to die

No. 664349

She's kinda bland imo, the same kind of conventional beauty as most famous women.

No. 664357

I'm also annoyed that MTS was in school for health administration and constantly goes out with no masks to clubs. She had a picture where she was in DJ Khalid in what seemed like his house or somewhere that wasn't public, yet won't wear one while getting drunk in clubs?

I used to like her but I don't really like her anymore, also her songs sound the same too me. All celebrities who've ever spoken about trump & corvid, but are out without masks every week partying and shit are hypocrites and prove they don't give a fuck about anything they say.

They just repeat things.

No. 664358

*in the picture with Dj Khalid she was wearing a mask

No. 664515

>She's beautiful but bland because she doesn't have any extraordinary features
Imagine being this desensitized

No. 664533

All the NXIVM women that were actually attracted by that Keith nutcase are literally retarded.
You have to have a serious learning disability in order to truly believe that midget is the smartest person in the world with all the esoteric bull he spouted.

I have no respect at all for them and I think they are a shame for the female gender and should feel bad for being retarded.

No. 664556

File: 1604254727674.jpg (12.9 KB, 400x317, ea45dac9-00f1-4f9a-8f00-d2b342…)

Depends on how she's styled

No. 664558

lol I remember watching that video where Keith is answering Alison Mack's question and it blew my mind…they were literally discussing NOTHING for almost one and a half hour trying to sound smart and deep

No. 664559

To be fair that black eye style makeup is a no go for anyone

No. 664560

Hook up culture is 100% catered around men and it's annoying.

>no emotions

>its ok to be treated with 0 respect. You're supposed to be a bad bitch and giggle it off.
>no dates, therefore the man never has to pay for anything.
>all women are objects. Any girl not ok with this isnt a bad bitch and is a crazy prude.

How are feminists too dumb to see this?

No. 664561

> How are feminists too dumb to see this?
Liberal corporate feminism.

No. 664572

agreeing with other anon. resevoir dogs is tarantino's best movie and has the superior dance scene

No. 664573

File: 1604256805980.jpg (7.77 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

She looks better now after her nosejob

No. 664574

>no emotions
I'd argue sometimes women just don't develop emotions for men they sleep with and that's 100% okay, we shouldn't be made to feel like whores if we sleep with someone and don't really want much more to do with a scrote than that. Sometimes good dick is just good dick.
>its ok to be treated with 0 respect
Not all sex is degrading sex, but I will concede that the types of girls who are getting into hookup culture have been groomed to have 0 boundaries and are shamed to be passive about male transgressions on themselves.
>no dates, and he won't pay
This is a problem in general even for women who are 'prude' and want to be taken on dates and be treated seriously. Men are just lazy and cheap fucks. Women are conditioned to accept this lest we be labeled as golddiggers.
>all women are objects
I don't know a feminist who really says this. This is mostly a man thing.

Nah, this is the type of feminism that cropped up from women getting dragged as sluts and prostitutes because they dared to enjoy sex.
Objectifying women, not giving them due respect, and not paying for dates is largely perpetuated by scrotes. Feminism can't be blamed for everything.

No. 664596

>The types of girls who are getting into hookup culture have been groomed to have 0 boundaries and are shamed to be passive about male transgressions on themselves.
This. Also I get the impression some of these people care more about bragging than the sexual experience itself. They also just have horribly low standards when it comes to sex in general, and are content with no foreplay and not orgasming.

No. 664617

Nta but it's not about extraordinary features, it's about being unique. A symmetrical face, full lips, tiny nose and sculpted cheekbones. Mmk and? Barbie and Ken may technically be beautiful but they're also generic. "Perfect" is not fun to look at for me, it's usually just manufactured. Despite high fashion promoting anorexia and underage girls, I do appreciate that they often use models that have "ugly" and uncommon looks, because the individualism is far more interesting.

No. 664629

>we shouldn't be made to feel like whores if we sleep with someone and don't really want much more to do with a scrote than that.
I do agree with this in theory, but I can't imagine casual sex being worth it for women. There's way more risk than reward. Pregnancy is solely the woman's responsibility and men will rarely suggest condoms without you insisting, or they'll whine about having to use one because muh sensitivity.

Most guys will talk a big game about ~loving to eat pussy~ or something and still wind up being disappointing. Then you have the chance of them being absolutely crazy and becoming violent if you back out for some reason, or wanting some kind of violent sex that they coerce you into doing. Getting an orgasm or two (at best) just isn't worth it.

No. 664633

I am an advocate for casual sex but I am finding it extremely difficult to complete (lol) upon. Idk if because I've basically been in relationships and never had a one night stand, but I can't go through with it lol. Some guys build up that part with me so much romantically that by the time it's time I've decided I don't want to do this anymore and then have to ghost or dump someone I'm not even in a committed relationship with or the men are so sexually aggressive and whores that I don't want to sleep with them. I'm at a crossroads and I can't cope

No. 664640

That's another problem too, guys in casual relationships will treat you like a girlfriend without committing. They'll text you all the time, tell you all their stupid baggage, ask for advice, ask you out, blur the lines constantly, but you're the crazy one if you think you're in a relationship.

Ideally, there wouldn't be any blurred lines and both people could enjoy casual sex, but it doesn't work like that in most cases. Most of these guys want a temporary girlfriend until they find someone better.

No. 664647

File: 1604264264747.jpg (15.91 KB, 270x417, almost-famous-movie-poster-200…)

This movie isn't that good.

No. 664660

this so much. men who want casual sex rarely want only casual sex, they want a girlfriend with no commitment. Seen this happen so many times.

No. 664663

Agreed. Cool aesthetic/parts but overall meh.

No. 664664

File: 1604265439850.jpg (325.89 KB, 1520x999, cinema classics.jpg)

It's worse than the Cameron Crowe film with Orlando Bloom and Paula Deen.

No. 664668

Absolutely the only one wtf. I hate porn and moids who watch it but even I get that they’re not talking to the porn stars/participating, which sexting is.

No. 664683

ask your bf what he thinks

No. 664710

File: 1604267730280.jpg (5.04 KB, 279x181, emily.jpg)

I'm so dumb, I was just about to post this picture going, "OMG, she looks just like Emily Long Last Name!"
Then I looked at the file name. I thought "Emrata" was a whole nother celebrity.

No. 664719

grown-ass adults who are picky eaters need to be slapped

No. 664723

picky eating doesn’t bother me per se, I get that some people are raised poorly but god picky eaters who say ew to everything instead of just keeping their mouths shut are insufferable yes

No. 664736

is this really an unpopular opinion

No. 664739

Yea, we're supposed to be "understanding" ie enable these pathetic fucks who think vegetables are gross and have a tizzy if they're served something that's not the 6 things they've eaten all their lives… Food allergies is one thing, being so childish and mentally immature that you only will eat mac n cheese, chicken tendies or nuggets, or french fries like some walking embodiment of a kids' menu is really fucking sad

No. 664748

I'm pretty sure we're not supposed to be understanding. People that are picky eaters famously brag about it in the infamous way. They know that people are going to react negatively when they say they don't eat a common food so… I think you're wrong about this. It's not an unpopular opinion.

No. 664749

I don't think this is an unpopular opinion but I agree nevertheless. I understand adults having a few select foods they can't stand (like anchovies or liver or something) but being well into your 20s and refusing to eat pretty much anything but the cardboard flavoured comfort food from your childhood is ridiculous. I used to have a friend who refused to eat pretty much anything but a very, very picky diet and trying to go out to eat with her was a fucking nightmare because she basically lived on water and air.

No. 664870

Tiktok is better than youtube

No. 664900

omg my mom used to be so mean to me when I didn't eat the food she made or something someone at a party made

NOW the Boomers are picking literal vegetable pieces out of my salads and looking me in the face, "OH WE DON'T LIKE X. TEEHEE."


No. 664902

i’ve come to the same conclusion. women who think they actually benefit from hooking up with random men seem to forget that most guys would fuck a tree if they could. they literally treat sex as a simple physical motion and forget about you the second you go out of the room (probably discuss all the details and how ugly he actually thought you were with his buddies later)

No. 664923

Youtube doesn't sell your data to China though

No. 664931

Maybe not but they definitely sell your data to 3rd parties. These sm platforms are all about data mining, that's how they make most of their money.

No. 664933

Adam driver is cute. Anyone saying hes not…take a look at the average scrote. Hes a 10.

No. 664937

Teehee letrolololl

No. 664955

Based anon.

No. 664960

Around March/April when the lockdown hit HARD, a lot of nicer brands were having essentially doomsday sales (everyone from Alice + Olivia/For Love and Lemons prices all the way up to designers like Chloe) and I stocked up hard. I have now been spoiled and can never go back. I hate to admit it, but nice clothing is literally what motivated me to get a better job.

No. 664971

File: 1604300741644.jpg (71.12 KB, 470x710, tumblr_o1xcjhUFIA1rxnfefo1_500…)

this, we stan longnose tallking

No. 664973

i want him to sniff me

No. 664975

File: 1604301985797.jpg (74.36 KB, 735x490, andrzej-duda-budze-sie-codzien…)

religious people are stupid, most of them are antycovid,flat earthers,pro life ect. i live in poland so most of the people here are like that.i hate it here,kurwa!

No. 664978

How quirky and brave of you

No. 664984

They're the same thing.

No. 664997

File: 1604310721086.jpeg (38.75 KB, 888x821, 5.jpeg)

if you have a short attention span
have an rcdart kylo

No. 665000

Strong mood every day; all the shit that happened with the ruling party and their support is still on over 30% levels? FFS. Secular country or bust.

No. 665008

thank you, heterophobia is brutal

No. 665009

Please unlock the Ugly Containment Thread.

No. 665014

>Men are just lazy and cheap fucks. Women are conditioned to accept this lest we be labeled as golddiggers.
This reminds me of how I was reading a thread from another site about this and a ton of women were recounting how they had gone on a date with a man and after they split the bill the man said he was "testing" her if she's ask him to pay because he "wouldn't want a gold digger". Like what? It's okay to expect your date to split the bill but actually being autistic enough to admit to believing the incel meme that women are only preying on poor little men for a free dinner is another thing.

No. 665017

File: 1604316524314.jpg (20.8 KB, 500x418, e0a4e250aecd71542bd357c8958a7f…)

No. 665037

I swear somehow a certain type of ugly has become attractive if that makes sense?

No. 665121

I feel this way about some celeb men (not the unholy trinity) but I don't autistically take it to multiple fucking boards.

No. 665142

if you want to sperg about your celeb favorite in /ot/ you probably should talk about him indiscriminately and not reveal who he is

No. 665144

File: 1604332070911.png (17.91 KB, 179x320, 8F5B06B3-7903-4EF0-B2C5-36ADA2…)

No. 665147

>not reveal who he is
I hate when anons do that. That's just baiting people to ask 'omg who is he anon???'

No. 665148

Why are straight women like this? It's always the ugliest men you guys want to shill as attractive. I bet you're the same people who insisted Tom Hiddleston is hot all over the internet years ago.
The Jojifags will probably pop up soon to make this thread even more disgusting. Hate this shit.

No. 665151

They're trolling you idiot.

No. 665153

No. 665155

don't think it's bad in generalities and not be too specific, like how there were anons confessing they had developed them during the pandemic without being too explicit as to who the guy was. if too specific it can come across as bait-y though

don't personally find the unholy trinity attractive but could care less if someone else did. like it's their taste, i may not agree with it but as long as it's not delving into delusional territory

No. 665158

Show us your supreme taste in men then. We straight women clearly need an les/bifags to teach us how to straight correctly.
>I bet you're the same people who insisted Tom Hiddleston is hot all over the internet years ago.

No. 665159

Wait, who are the unholy trinity?

No. 665161

File: 1604333595465.jpeg (200.91 KB, 1290x720, 21E51B9B-6E62-4036-B3CC-12D67D…)

No. 665163

I don't, though. I've talked about him in /g/ where appropriate. That's what I meant by not taking it to other boards.

>Show us your supreme taste in men then. We straight women clearly need an les/bifags to teach us how to straight correctly.
NTA but you absolutely do if you're one of the driverposters kek

No. 665166

sorry I meant the driver anon, not you anon

No. 665169

File: 1604334077755.jpg (60.56 KB, 720x708, 89e.jpg)

>NTA but you absolutely do if you're one of the driverposters kek
ok, this happens right after we teach lesbians/bis what carpet to munch on. Fuck off(stop infighting)

No. 665171

ruh roh, the heteros big upseteros(stop infighting)

No. 665175

File: 1604334398831.jpg (6.74 KB, 229x200, 197.jpg)

cranky because you're straight, aren't you?(stop infighting)

No. 665177

Imagine getting this mad over the ugliest man on the planet

No. 665182

I wish. They're clearly just autistic straights.

No. 665190

File: 1604335755797.png (224.78 KB, 610x330, adam-driver-does-the-derp-face…)

No. 665201

i can barely rationalize this and i'm probably wrong but the popularity of the "aesthetic" trends (in the zoomer sense) annoys me. every basic style that has been around forever has to have a name like ~art hoe~ and ~cottagecore~ and people think they have some kind of artistic sense or individuality for being able to follow generic themes. and basing your habits off of seeming "dark academia" or something is cringe. inb4 "let people enjoy things"

No. 665221

kinda agree, I think naming aesthetics is not the worst thing because it can help people figure out their own personal style, but it can also make people feel constrained. Lol I remember seeing I think a reddit post where someone was posting pics of their desk and asking for tips to make it look "more dark academia" like wtf lmao just do your homework on it mf

No. 665318

Jenny Nicholson isn't funny.

No. 665329

File: 1604349917875.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 632.86 KB, 2048x2048, 493F5BBA-BDBD-4482-BCD5-907D9F…)

Praising fat people like this is like glorifying anorexia. It’s great as a brand that they’re displaying their plus size on actual plus size ppl but it’s still not healthy to look like this. I don’t know if normalizing looking super big/small should be promoted

No. 665332

I used to like her theme park videos because those are my interests but her sarcasm is just too much now to the point it’s exhausting like she can’t ever articulate a thought without treating someone’s argument like it’s stupid. There’s only so much entertainment I can get from someone reading bottom of the barrel fanfiction and making fun of Star Wars fans.

No. 665333

I agree and I think this is a good analogy, even though a lot of proponents of so called body positivity would probably strawman this argument

No. 665334

her connection to lindsay ellis automatically makes me dislike her

No. 665338

I actually really like her but her most recent video (the Hallmark one) is really boring. She has always seemed like someone who makes her videos for her tho, so at least she's authentically boring, as opposed to boring for clout

No. 665342

File: 1604351767553.jpg (44.67 KB, 700x394, 2D274905720837-plus-size-tout-…)

It's weird how there's such a disconnect between models in fashion advertisements. They're either anachans, IG wisdom tooth-shaped baddies, or deathfats. It's not really representing anyone but the extreme minority.

I wish there were more "average" women in these kind of ads, like models who are shorter, rectangle body shapes, or slightly overweight without being 500 lbs, etc.

No. 665346

The people that constantly kiss their professors ass and the professors that ended up loving the attention are the absolute worst.

No. 665349

File: 1604352649777.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1242x1854, 656F58B3-90DF-47BC-9156-715F19…)

Places like Aerie/American Eagle and Target are pretty good for using normal women to model their clothes and not shooping them. I think the Girlfriend Collective and some place called Showpo will show models of multiple sizes trying on the same thing as well. You’re so right, though, it’s annoying as a whole.

No. 665352

Most egg-based dishes are disgusting, like milk.
I think that you can't have a large dog, like a huskey, in a small flat.
Despite being a cat lady, parrots are the superior pet.
And I like my first dates on Mcdonald's, Burguer King, fast-food joints or just walking in the park while chatting and eating sunseeds and watching the sundown.

No. 665355

Being obsessed with husbands and celebrities is a better way to live than actually dating scrotes

No. 665359

loudmouths who take up class time talking about irrelevant drivel are the worst. there's a neckbeard in one of my classes that keeps his mic on throughout zoom classes, states his dumbass opinions and constantly talks over other students and the professors. it drives me mad. i don't know why the prof doesn't ask the guy to compose himself. people who interrupt others when they're talking is probably my number one pet peeve, and ime it's often a major red flag

No. 665370

Follow up everything he says by asking the person he interrupted to repeat the last thing they said because you didn't hear it, be shameless like him but use that power to give people their voice back
You can also suggest to your professor that everyone should keep their mics muted until they have something to say, it reduces feedback noise

No. 665382

>More women should be size queens, actually all women should, to the extent of cheating or leaving their boyfriends and husbands for men with larger and better dicks, encouraging their daughters to exclusively date big dicked men, calling everything below 9 inches small, and penis enlargement surgery centers should be everywhere but men should be discouraged from having the surgery while their wives cheat with men who have had it

>salmon and ahi are the only good tasting fish that doesn't need to be smothered to death with seasonings, breadcrumbs, fries, oils, sauces, etc

>eyelashes can make or break brown eyes

>if you determine if someone was ugly by bad candids then every person is ugly

>people who are above 20 and refuse to leave their hometown for even a day or two assuming they have the financial and physical ability to are stupid and weak

>people who only communicate/hang out/go out with their SOs suck, looking at you girls who ghosted all their girl friends after high school

>people who see crowded stores or other areas and still go in are stupid unless you absolutely have to or work several jobs/go to school/etc and only have very few hours a day to go shopping

>people willing to wait half an hour are stupid

>if it turns out the carol baskin murder thing is true, I support her or any other woman for killing cheating husbands

>people who aren't fat but fuck/date fatties are contributing to the obesity epidemic by showing fatties it's okay to be fat because they can still get laid

No. 665396


>More women should be size queens, actually all women should, to the extent of cheating or leaving their boyfriends and husbands for men with larger and better dicks, encouraging their daughters to exclusively date big dicked men, calling everything below 9 inches small, and penis enlargement surgery centers should be everywhere but men should be discouraged from having the surgery while their wives cheat with men who have had it

What troon shit is this, every actual woman knows, unless you've got an abnormally long vaginal canal, anything over 8 inches is going to hurt.

No. 665398

Presumably anon has shit spatial awareness, most people cannot estimate size that well. I dont think people realize how rare 8-9+ inches is, most people will consider 7 big when faced with it.

I agree with anon's sentiment though. I think the important thing is that men should anticipate a woman's inevitable disappointment if he has a small d, and lower his standards accordingly. A 10/10 with a micropenis should aim for a 5/10 girl at best, for example, because he's not actually equal to a 10/10 girl.

No. 665400

only if you're not relaxed or you're in positions where it hurts like doggy

No. 665404

This reminds me of the 10/10 guy i was hooking up with a small fucking dick. I could not even feel his cock in me. He still had the ego of a hot man I guess no girls have told him he has a small dick yet….

No. 665406

>people who aren't fat but fuck/date fatties are contributing to the obesity epidemic by showing fatties it's okay to be fat because they can still get laid

This feels aimed at fat women cause everyone knows an obese dude has nothing to offer and isn't getting laid anyway.
Women don't operate like cumbrains, in case you weren't aware.

No. 665409

I can agree with both of those, im personally good with sizing stuff by eye so maybe that's where im coming from, micropenis should genuinely be considered one of those "oh my god im so sorry for you yikes" conditions, like severe burns.

Eh I don't know, I briefly dated a guy who was 8.5, measured with a rule because everyone i know that knows him treats it as something of a party novel to gawk at, and it was horrible, even missionary was uncomfortable.

No. 665412

you were probably just tense, vaginas are supposed to be stretchy and flexible
depends, I live in the south and fat guys are praised. Hopefully no anons come in and say my experiences don't count but I have definitely been close and met women who encouraged men to be overweight, especially at my old job were like 5 girls were crushing on a morbidly obese guy and some said he "wasn't that big" even though he was almost 300 kek

No. 665419

>especially at my old job were like 5 girls were crushing on a morbidly obese guy and some said he "wasn't that big" even though he was almost 300 kek
Well was the guy tall and facially attractive? Good genetics can be alluring even if someone doesn't control what they eat.
However I refuse to believe women are giving ugly manlets with titties bigger than theirs a chance.

No. 665421

>Well was the guy tall and facially attractive?
he was average tall (like 5'11) and had an average face, that being said the point the anon I was replying to making (b4 any samefag fights start) was that obese men can't get laid period, obese men get laid all the time, but if you're obese, short, ugly and poor then just like the rest of the 2/10s good luck with catering to fat fetishists if you're too lazy to lose weight

>However I refuse to believe women are giving ugly manlets with titties bigger than theirs a chance.

well no shit, anyone who looks like a complete goblin isn't going to do well in the dating field unless they have money, a good personality can only get you so far but if your physical appearance is vomit-inducing then I don't see what it means to anyone if people won't date you

No. 665424

I think that multi generational homes are better than the ones that kick their kids out at 18. Think about that, you can save money and be given knowledge by your old folks while living in home. In my country most young people don't get out of their homes until they can afford it or get married.

No. 665425

the problem wasn't my vagina, the problem was that he couldn't thrust without hitting my fucking cervix and that hurts alot.

No. 665430

Holy shit, the fatty chasers here are insane. All they need is to be funny and the women will just slobber all over them. Shameful.

No. 665434

most people who do that are just white trash, especially if you live in an area like most parts of america where jobs are hard to get, shitty paying and the wage to price of living comparison is horrible

I also notice a lot of white trash people have scewed morals, as in they'll be okay with abusive or cheating relationships, molestation and so on but flip out over little things like elbows on the table or girls wearing shorts

No. 665436

That sounds hellish, but I don't want to deal with my grandparents.
Pretty glad I can't take massive dick, personally. It's better to just find someone that actually fits with your body.

No. 665439

>More women should be size queens, actually all women should, to the extent of cheating or leaving their boyfriends and husbands for men with larger and better dicks, encouraging their daughters to exclusively date big dicked men, calling everything below 9 inches small, and penis enlargement surgery centers should be everywhere but men should be discouraged from having the surgery while their wives cheat with men who have had it

now this is a real unpopular opinion and I agree. Men have no issues scrutinizing female bodies but god forbid you like a big dick

if it hurts, it's bc you're not properly turned on. its 2020 and women still have no idea the cervix rises out the way when you wanna really get dicked down

No. 665441

I wish muslims would get the fuck out from europe.(bait)

No. 665445

>Men have no issues scrutinizing female bodies but god forbid you like a big dick
lol this, men conspire about women are ruining around demanding fit, rich, tall men with large dicks as if losers like boogie, the amazing atheist, armoured skeptic and so on aren't getting laid despite being ugly and broke. Might as well go for it anyway instead of falling for mens attempts of negging to make women's standards already lower than what they are

No. 665449

Idg people saying that big cocks hurt. If you're super into it and you're wet it's not going to hurt.

The issue is the scrote you're fucking

No. 665451

>encouraging their daughters to exclusively date big dicked men
I can't be the only one who thinks this would be weird and creepy right?

Anyway, some women really just don't like big dicks, even if it doesn't hurt them. The cheating thing is the only thing I disagree with. No women should settle for dicks that aren't to their liking.

No. 665452

>The issue is the scrote you're fucking
Can confirm. My ex was bigger than average and the sex was awful. Sex with current bf, who is average, is great because he actually gives a shit about making me feel good.

No. 665453

>I can't be the only one who thinks this would be weird and creepy right?
it is creepy and weird, I only said it because of yin and yang, men (and some gross women) encourage their sons to only date girls with large tits and ass, on top of some people supporting the men cheating on women with small breasts. I don't think it's good or anything but to keep the world balanced it needs to happen and men certainly aren't going to end it anytime soon

No. 665455

The cervix can’t stretch into oblivion anon, you guys genuinely don’t know what 9 inches are.

No. 665465

I don't think we should stoop to their level of creepiness and degeneracy, but I understand what you're saying.

No. 665466

How many men are rly packing 9 tho? Like when you see an alleged 9 inch dick, is it an actual 9 or does it just look like a 9

Shit, idk if you saw the dick of that black guy Jeffree star allegedly fucked, that thing was GROTESQUE. my cervix would've needed to take a bus to the next town to fit that shit in

No. 665467

Some women have a higher cervix than others, anon. I need that ten foot pole dick to really feel anything. Some women are normal, though, and it's lower down for them.

No. 665481

awesome, more dick derailing.

No. 665498

File: 1604364034384.jpg (62.63 KB, 1024x797, 1603487646233.jpg)

Im so glad I am not attracted to men

No. 665499

Gender targeted spaces are childish.
I won’t even say inb4 scrote because it’s all so damn childish. I hate 4chan I hate all imageboards and I hate all quirky autists and their stupid fucking opinions.

No. 665500

this isnt even unpopular

No. 665503

I hate images like this

No. 665505

Responding to the dick argument above me.

No. 665507

It is though. 80% of bisexual women end up with men

No. 665508

Bisexuals are just hypersexual straight girls anyways. Lots of lesbians are around, still.

No. 665509

bad bait lesbincel

No. 665511

this opinion is so controversial, I feel myself being cancelled vicariously

but I agree. sometimes they'll even admit it in safe spaces lol

No. 665512

Please god bisexuals do not reply to this saying "well I'm a bisexual and" no1curr

No. 665515

It would be easier if lesbians didn't start with this shitty argument everytime bisexuals are concerned.

Bi women end up with men because its easier, family doesn't nag them, society is more welcoming, the list goes on, it has nothing to do with attraction being real or not.

No. 665516

Love is only exciting age 14-22. After that all the scrotes start losing their looks, things start being boring because youve done it all and you cant enjoy the moment anymore because now you have relationship anxiety from all the fucked up shit scrotes have done to you.

No. 665525

But genuinely all that you've said is twitterfag shit, i've never seen a bisexual irl, like actually bi, act like people do on the internet, heck most of them actually admit to being more privileged than homosexuals that they can just date the opposite gender and shut up about it.

No. 665528

no one cares.


anon,ur right and not alone. I wish bisexuals would stfu. liberals have made lesbians existing a controversial opinion lmao

everyone's on the internet now, boomer. internet opinions shockingly belong to people irl

anyway, unpopular opinion: men getting circumcised is to protect themselves from themselves since most scrotes barely wash, needing to wash their dick so they don't get dickrot would be too hard. jokes about Europeans being stinky make sense if you consider all the fucking dickcheese hiding

No. 665529

Absolute truth

No. 665530

Opposite experience, I live in liberal hell. I sperged a bit there pms but I feel so tired.

No. 665531

Yeah but thanks to open relationship memes and bdsm filtrating to high schoolers most children will never know what it like to be fully loved and exclusive to someone, on top of that body standards for young girls are worse now than ever. I remember being bullied for having a B cup from 10-14 kek. The future for children is doomed

No. 665532

not lesbian/bi or any of the anons you responded to, but your butthurt is very obvious and embarrassing

No. 665533

Damn anon, you're swedish or canadian?
I live in a more conservative area and most bisexuals I know are chill as fuck, I mostly hangout with a LGBT crowd and the consensus is that homosexuals and trannies are most opressed, its a place where trannies can get murdered if they look the wrong direction tho.

To be honest I feel live over-liberalness actually created a huge infighting on the LGBT community in general, the straights aren't opressing us anymore so we have to be opressing eachother in some way so we can still complain kek.

No. 665534

not rly, anon. you don't realize anecdotal experiences of bisexuals don't account for everyone lol. great you don't know any obnoxious bis irl

No. 665535

I hated the movie Drive. The plot was retarded, over the top and none of the characters were relatable and felt like real people. The fact that so many incel scrotes worship the main character just solidifies my hatred of this stupid film and makes me more assured in my assertion that it is actually bad.

No. 665538

This fighting always existed in LGBT spaces, according to older gays. It's just more people know about it because gay issues are now more out in the open.

No. 665548

Why are you here then?

No. 665568

Men dont like women who want them equally because many men have very low self esteem and they think a woman liking them must have shit taste. They dont like themselves, so how are they supposed to respect a woman who likes them?men know they are trash deep down inside.
This is why in relationships the guy always has to love the girl more and feel she is some what better than him for the relationship to work.

No. 665570

>men getting circumcised is to protect themselves from themselves since most scrotes barely wash, needing to wash their dick so they don't get dickrot would be too hard.
by that logic men should chop off their assholes too

No. 665571

No. 665572

File: 1604370569785.png (506.9 KB, 584x788, Screenshot 2020-10-28 at 10.13…)

When I see things like this on any site, all I can think is that it's some sort of humiliation tactic on the model.
There's no way they thought this looked good. Not the photographer, not the model, not whoever picks out the "best" photos.

No. 665577

Lowkey this is so fucking true. Find you a man who thinks you’re emotionally unavailable and out of his league and he will probably worship you/ try to marry you.

No. 665580

File: 1604371204299.jpeg (139.19 KB, 749x936, 15FA0722-03FA-4EE2-AE28-470358…)

you think if they'd photograph a girl whose not "model" size they'd at least pick an appropriate outfit, the material on that skirt looks so cheap and tacky. pic inset is a better example of that type of style that actually fits the "larger" models body type

No. 665582

File: 1604371338152.png (599.29 KB, 603x844, nope.png)

>There's no way they thought this looked good.

Babe you're shopping on DollsKill, the majority of those clothes look like shit on anybody and it's clear the demographic of people buying these clothes aren't exactly concerned if they come off as traditionally attractive.
What you posted is tame.

No. 665589

A skinny girl in an edgy sort of look doesn't really feel the same as completely ill-fitting clothes on a plus-sized woman, though.
The latter looks like it's meant to be painted as cute and sort of conventionally attractive (some of DK's stuff is like that, even normie celebrities sometimes wear things from them), but then they refused to even put the girl in a decent skirt. >>665580 would've looked fine and fit their aesthetic.
Shit like the blue skirt just has a spiteful feeling about it, somehow.

No. 665596

The skinny girl looks like shit, anon.
You're reading into it way too much.

No. 665601

On another note why does it seem like so much modern fashion is purposely unflattering?
At least with the unflattering emo styles of the 2000s it was comfortable, all this looks unflattering and uncomfortable kek oh and don't even get me started on modern fashion shows

No. 665603

how are skintight jeans and greasy bangs comfortable

No. 665605

I'm not saying she doesn't, I'm saying the fat one is a different kind of "looks like shit".

No. 665606

They want to look relatable and cutting-edge at the same time.

No. 665608

Anon they put her in unflattering body suit that makes her look like a titless tranny and then made her wear accessories that make her look even worse and then gave her horrorcow makeup in post-edit such as red shit on her lips that looks like herpes infection.

You can believe DollsKill secretly likes to dunk on fatties, or that generally the site selling OnlyFans women poorly marketed fashions probably doesn't have the best tastes and doesn't care.

No. 665612

Most people I knew just wore skinny jeans, which are usually flexible, as for greasy bangs most people with greasy bangs were comfortable with being greasy in general, don't know anyone who purposely made their bangs greasy kek

No. 665615

Sometimes I look at gen z girls in their little outfits and think "they must be really cold/unconforable".

No. 665623

I don't feel bad for cardi bs victims. Majority of them are married men trying to pay their way to a hookers pus and got robbed, that's just karma

I find cardi b ghetto and pretentious but I will always support women who give cheating and/or trashy men what's coming to them

No. 665629

Nta but I think her point was that both models look bad but the skinny models outfit is purposely ugly/edgy/alt while the plus size models outfit is attempting to be cute and conventional but it fails at that. So they’re not very good comparisons. But yeah either way the fashion on that site is always subpar

No. 665630

probably because i think it's not a girl at all

No. 665632

Cardi b did nothing wrong in that aspect. imo

No. 665664

That’s a girl, you’re just an asshole

No. 665667

The point is to anyone not into edgy fashion, the fatty looks misfitted and the skinny person looks like a crack smoker. It doesn't matter, I promise you.

No. 665671

Edgy fashion was good for a while but now it's just turned into a joke

No. 665676

This looks like an addict who stole her younger sister's jazz class leotard and didn't realize it was too small. She looks like she has a massive front wedgie and the beanie gives her head a special brand of bulbous. Saying it's meant to be ugly and look like shit doesn't protect it against people saying it looks ugly and like shit.
You could easily argue the plus size model was given unflattering clothes cause the intention is to be body inclusive and show off her girth on purpose, therefore it's not shit cause they meant for her to look that way.
You all look like shit.

No. 665686

Yep she did nothing wrong. The only reason I worry for hookers that steal from Johns is how violent moids get but Cardi was drugging them kek smart moves

I like how reddit twisted it into "she raped them" based solely on the fact that's what they would have done.

No. 665699

>people who only communicate/hang out/go out with their SOs suck, looking at you girls who ghosted all their girl friends after high school
b-but anon!! relationships should go above everything else in your life!!!!!! you should devote your ENTIRE BEING to living for your SO or it's not ~true wuw~ uwu

Seriously, I've seen so many doormat women sperging about this shit and how they should be able to ghost their girlfriends and not keep in contact once in a relationship because "a true friend" would endure going on for a year without so much as a phone call and still stay loyal. These are the people who will have a mental breakdown once they break up and then abuse all their "friends"' emotional resources for comfort shortly before repeating the process. No fam, you can fuck right off, I'm not setting myself up for a fun girls night only to have you cancel because you'd rather hang out with boo tonight.

If you're going to ditch all your friends in favor of some scrote then you better accept that they won't be there waiting for you later. Thank god this is mostly limited to women in their 20s, once in the 30s you realize that there are so many things to life than just your romantic relationship. One of my closest friends did this shit when we were in our early 20s and it ruined our friendship for a very long time until she finally learned that you don't have to spend every waking minute with your boyfriend and you can have separate lives.

No. 665705

>you all look like shit
Where did this come from?

No. 665718

Horseshit, body standards are lower all across the board for everyone. Zoomers would have a never-ending anxiety attack and cry their little uwu hearts out if they were subjected to the beauty standards of the early 2000s or the 90s.

No. 665761

nayrt but man it has nothing to do with being tense. Vagina depths, like dick sizes vary. I can get so wet I leave a whole puddle under my ass but I can still feel my boyfriends dick hit my cervix in certain positions and he's not even 7 inches.

No. 665780

Most of my friends started ghosting me around the time I met my boyfriend-now-husband and the only thing that annoys me more than that is the thought that they might be going around telling people I ditched them for a guy. It’s stupid but I’ve kept all the chat logs of me repeatedly reaching out and being ignored just to prove to myself that I wasn’t the one who ditched them, since that stereotype is so pervasive (probably for a reason, but still).

No. 665788

each of these photos are shooped to hell and back and they still look hideous because the clothes are fucking ugly and the poses are ridiculous. i wish womens fashion would not look so stupid and childish. dressing like this is nothing short of humiliating for any adult.

No. 665872

Same thing happened to me anon.
Whenever I get a bf I automatically get invited to hang out less even though the frequency in which I chat and reach out doesn't really change. Male orbiters masquerading as friends are especially the ones to dip the soonest.
Tbh I don't really believe all anons who claim their girlfriends go quick to ignore them. It's likely the case that they presume their friends would rather hang out with their men more, and therefore don't bother asking them and interacting as they usually would. Yet they chalk up the dropped effort to the friends rather than face the guilt that maybe they themselves caused some of the rift.

Idk it seems to me that friends who assume this aren't very good friends to begin with and they just needed an excuse to make the other person seem like a dick to justify distancing.

No. 665885

I think sometimes anons have wires cross in their heads and they think every picture they see by a post is some representation of the poster (or at least some aspect of their being). I've seen it happen before.
It seems like a subconscious thing, sort of like how scrotes see anime reaction pics and start to think of the person using them as a cute girl with huge eyes.

No. 666047

americans over the age of 22 should be fucking embarrassed if this is their first election they’re voting in, not posting proudly about it.

No. 666105

It's better to be a selfish person who doesnt give a shit about anything else but your own pleasure and happiness. People like that are always more successful and happy. Yes people who cheat and lie without conscious are scum but they're happy anyway because they dont give a shit.

No. 666108

>cheat and lie without conscious
That's impossible for the vast vast majority of people, supressing shit isn't the same as it not actually being there. Eventually you have your mental breakdown

No. 666109

Tons of men cheat and lie and couldn't careless. They feel entitled to it

No. 666114

>like how scrotes see anime reaction pics and start to think of the person using them as a cute girl with huge eyes
When I see someone online use an anime girl reaction image, I think of nothing except a scrote.

No. 666116

That's how most non-scrotes see it

No. 666158

i envy these people. i wish i had the mental strength and worldview to allow myself to be an asshole. on the flip side they're still worthless, despite all of their "happiness" so.

No. 666160

I don't necessarily see anime posters as cute girl with huge eyes, but I do think they pick images with girls that resemble them, kinda like a self-insert

No. 666161

cute girls*

No. 666162

And guess what? They still wouldn't care about your opinion. Whatever you think about them doesn't matter. They are still happier than you and will always be.

No. 666164

why are you defending them, anon?

No. 666167

>People like that are always more successful and happy
I think you're forgetting that there's a difference between people who are legitimately happy and people who pretend they're happy because they want people who are honest about their identity and their life to feel jealous of their fake happiness. People who don't care about anything but achieving pleasure and happiness at the expense of others can never be truly happy because they will never be satisfied with what they have enough to feel happiness. They will always want more, therefore, will always yearn for the "happiness" they want but can't reach.

“Do not feel envious of the happiness of those who live in a fool’s paradise, for only a fool will think that it is happiness.” ― Bertrand Russell

I imagine she wishes she was one of those people.

No. 666169

"defending" That's a strong word, I was honestly just going along with the rhetoric. Those people don't care what you think. kek just because I dont agree with you means I'm defending them… huh.

No. 666173

My cheating ex has alochol problems and a temper that can explode at any moment, That's a man with terrible coping mechanisms and impulse control issues. My empathy for him is limited but I do understand that he's not a carefree guy. He's just spreading the suffering to each new partner

No. 666183

I've had things happen to me on both ends tbh. I guess people are just so use to girls ghosting their friend group after they get a boyfriend that they assume, by default, that it's going to happen

No. 666225

How men treat you has very little to do with how you look. The amount of respect you receive from men you date is accepting no bullshit ever. Plenty of beautiful women get treated like shit because they are door mats.

No. 666241

Agree, though I think men are more likely to expect you to accept shittiness from the start if you’re less attractive. However, if you cut them off at this point then it makes little difference. Being a doormat is the one common denominator in women with shitty relationships, not attractiveness or lack thereof

No. 666283

I said this is another thread and got raged on, but men can sense low self esteem. If you walk around looking for a male to save you and fix your confidence you'll only attract the ones that want to expolot that. High value Men aren't going to date a woman full of self esteem issues because they don't have to.

No. 666286

It's not respect, it's knowing not to fuck you over or they'll get repercussions.

No. 666298

If that's the case they'd post characters with natural eye colors that look older than 16

No. 666371

Making a daily lunch for your s/o to bring to work is fine so long as they don't start expecting you to. They need to understand that it's simply a kind and voluntary gesture.

No. 666406

In order for them not to think that, I would probably not do it daily. A little less often , this is true with most things. well, mainly if it's a scrote because they quickly take things for granted ime

No. 666713

I think men shouldn't call themselves "pro-lifers".

No. 666716

I think the opinions of people who can't get pregnant on pregnancy and abortion are worthless.

No. 666717

You don't include infertile women in this, do you? If so, why, jw? Not trying to be facetious, just retarded but curious kek

No. 666719

No. There is a difference between being infertile and entirely lacking the chromosomes needed not just to become pregnant, but to have the physical attributes that could cause you to become pregnant.

No. 666725

Men and people over 60 can fuck off with their most vocal opinions on this. At least in my country it's always men and 70 year olds screaming about this on corners

No. 666727

I mean, I see where you're coming from in a generalised sense but there are situations where men are also deeply affected by abortion regardless of carrying the child. I've litetally know men who react similarly to the stillbirth of their baby as the mother who carried them. I'm not discounting your stance but the child is equal parts theirs. I don't think that gives them the final say but it's insensitive to assume the other contributor of that life isn't deserving of a seat at the table, particularly with the growing popularity of late term abortion.

No. 666733

a man just has to spunk to have a kid, it's not that deep

No. 666736

I've just been on a roll watching documentaries about women who were murdered or went missing while pregnant. Mostly because they refused an abortion. Ah yes mens place at the table, we must protect it lol

No. 666738

A guy just has to cum to make a child, while a woman has to sustain one inside her body for 9 months, bear all the physical/emotional/social changes that come with that, and finally push an entire living baby out of her vagina. Imagine pushing something the size of a watermelon out of something the size of an unblown balloon.
"Equal" my ass.

No. 666749

if a pregnancy wouldn't change you body, you dont get to decide on abortion/keeping the baby. and to make things worse, most scrotes give up their parental responsabilities either way afterward, so why would they get a say on it?

No. 666775

"No uterus no opinion" as the wise Rachel Green once said

No. 666802

Oh fuck off. Men's hypothetical feelings are not more important than a woman's right to bodily autonomy and self-determination.

No. 666853

I mean if a guy is against a woman getting an abortion maybe he should go after one who'd willingly want to have his baby

No. 666882

it's lonely af though

No. 666896

> I've litetally know men who react similarly to the stillbirth of their baby as the mother who carried them

Lol how would you even know this, factually? Are you a mind reader?

No. 666956

Until there's a way to transfer pregnancy to men and insure men can either get equal or full responsibility during and after pregnancy then men get no say on if a woman aborts or not. All they had to do is cum when have to go through pregnancy

No. 666959

They're too busy calling those women crazy mooches

this, on top of that men get to leave at anytime or even get custody if they actually try to get custody instead of handing the baby over to the mom and bitching about how inequal custody rates are

No. 666980

men apparently love their kids so much yet diddle and abandon them at alarming rates kek

i would laugh in a mans face if he told me he was hurt by an abortion. should have worn a condom or got the snip before spooging inside someone when you weren't sure if they would want to carry your baby or not.

No. 667048

File: 1604543130708.jpg (254.75 KB, 1280x1634, AF7468M-BLK_F.jpg)

I love tripp pants, JNCO jeans, flare jeans, low rise wide leg jeans, and all bizarre wide-legged pants. Tripp pants are my favorite, I own a pair I got a while ago and if I could afford to buy more I would.

No. 667062

Same ma

No. 667069


Tripp did a collab with iheartraves and I'm so mad the good shit sold out.

No. 667105

File: 1604554492304.jpeg (755.31 KB, 1600x1600, spin_prod_ec_1175875910.jpeg)

BBQ potato chips are absolutely disgusting and I don't know why everyone loves them so much.

No. 667107

The problem is you're eating these disgusting soggy types, baked ones are the best

No. 667113

i love dogs but i hate when people make a huge deal out of OMG U CAN PET THE DOGGO IN THIS VIDEO GAME online

No. 667119

Liking dogs is one of the cornerstones of traits boring people exaggerate in order to seem slightly less boring. Same thing with liking bacon, wine, coffee etc.

No. 667122

Holy shit they still sell these? I have 3 pairs that are almost 10 years old now.

No. 667125

File: 1604559696263.jpg (493.69 KB, 1276x1276, tripp.jpg)

I used to have these Tripp pants in the mid 2000's, but eventually gave them to Goodwill. I've been trying to find them again online for the past few years with shit luck. Earlier this year I found them in just a size too big, but I was broke so I couldn't get them on the spot. By the time I got paid they were already gone.
I love Tripp pants.

No. 667126

You have faggots in the military like Mike Pompeo that call themselves pro-life, I'm like excuse me but don't you KILL for a living? Fucking moron kek. He's a "Christian" too.
They can have a seat at the table but mom gets the final word. Certain people can't wrap their minds around the fact that a fetus grows inside a woman's womb and hence is part of the woman's body until birth. This is too complex a concept for some people apparently.

No. 667128

>men get to leave at anytime
True. This is why older, wiser societies were matrilineal.
I love the people who say things like "abortion isn't a form of birth control/women should keep their legs closed" but NEVER say anything about a man keeping his dick in his pants lol.

No. 667129

You can find out a lot about a persons level of emotional intelligence if they like bjork or not. People with low emotional intelligence usually cannot stand bjork's music.

No. 667130

imagining a world where this is the official test, and people reference it like horoscopes

No. 667131

Think about it though. Usually scrotes who like bjork are nicer and have more empathy

No. 667133

>they're happy
eh that's debatable. They might have a kind of superficial, fleeting contentment but deep down they're the most miserable empty people on earth. There has to be a nice balance between not being a doormat and not walking on other people just to satisfy your personal whims.

No. 667168


Ricardo López (January 14, 1975 – September 12, 1996), also known as the "Björk stalker", was a Uruguayan-American pest control worker who attempted to kill Icelandic musician Björk in September 1996.

No. 667176

>citing the wikipedia of an extremely autistic and mentally ill individual that was obsessed with her
>autism … emotional intelligence…. autism…. emotional intelligence

not clicking, try again

No. 667177

what about the ones on 4chins

No. 667181

Men don't like Bjork because of her music LMAO it's because she did the quirky manic pixie dream girl wild child thing.

No. 667206

>men like 54 years old renowed musician because she is manic pixie dream girl


No. 667228

No man I know is interested in her or the music she made the past decade. They, like most people for that matter, are only enamored with her in youth and stay liking her based on that image. Being dense on purpose doesn't help your argument.

No. 667248

I don't get why looking for a cure for autism is a bad thing. I feel like autistic people who are adamant that we shouldn't even be trying to cure it are more high functioning and are able to function somewhat normally, which is great for them but there are tons of low functioning autistic people who are completely disabled and will never be able to lead a normal idependent life, why tf shouldn't we be trying to cure that?

No. 667251

Because they'd lose their "uwu speshul quirkz"

No. 667256

I completely agree, there's a lot of parents who would love for their child not to throw violent tantrums and be able to communicate, taking care of a low functioning autist is a lot of work and it becomes dangerous when the child grows up. I'm even sure there are some high functioning ones who also wish there was a cure, being autistic is exhausting and can make your life a living hell. From what I've seen the most vocals against a cure are the aspergers who don't give a fuck about the people around them and the self-diagnosed kids from Tumblr. Everybody should watch that Louis Theroux documentary to get an idea of what it's like to live with non verbal autistic children.

No. 667262

Yeah I'm high functioning (as in didn't even get the diagnosis til I was 30) and I see alot of people with aspergers level autism getting offended by any talk of treating autism or in the future possibly curing it. Watch a parent struggle with a not-so-high functioning kid and tell me that's all cool. It's a disability, not a personality quirk to embrace.

No. 667273

To be fair, the same section of autistic people seems to take Great Offense to any hint of disapproval at their shitty, offensive, hurtful behaviour, bc they just behave differently than neurotypicals and that must be accepted as such without criticism or question, I guess?

Far cry from the nonverbal, violently tantruming autist kids, but still. It's not all just "being different" that requires "acceptance and love" - I feel like a lot of autists and aspergers people especially get a free pass for being shitty because "that's just the way they are", and that makes people resent the whole group wholesale.

No. 667274

That would make life so much easier to most of us. I have aspergers and it’s not a fun, quirky ride with lots of cool facts about trains and shit. I wish I was normal with normal hobbies and likes, but It’s difficult and sometimes trying to stop being like how I am feels wrong and tiresome.
I’ve been around kids with actually deep autism and downs, sure, some of them can be really sweet and smart. But some of them are, to be really fucking honest, disgusting to say the least and it’s frustrating because some of them just have no idea of what the fuck is going on.

No. 667288

In a weird way there's pros to being diagnosed late. Being coddled isn't the best thing for aspergers. Having met those types I can't get my head around the contradiction of
> I'm perfect just the way I am
> make exceptions for me because I struggle so hard with basic daily tasks and interactions

No. 667295

i was also diagnosed as an adult and what i felt most of my life was just confusion. people often get offended by what we say but instead of explaining why, they just treat us poorly. im aware that we might sound like rude bitches to most neurotypical people but we just dont realise it.
i dont really agree with >>667288 cause in my case, if i had known i had asperger's i wouldn't have doubted myself so much and felt that the abuse i recieved from other people was justified "because i was just a blunt bitch/ shitty person". but it benefitted me in the sense that i had to learn how to mask better and i'm a somewhat functional human being

No. 667330

yanks talking about the election on threads where it's uncalled for is peak autism, ban me again do it.
sick of your reeees take it to /pol/ retards

No. 667564

There's a difference between expressing negative opinions about a certain group and wishing legit harm upon that group or wanting to take away their rights, that's why I have no problem with "casual" racism, as long as it doesn't affect the quality of life of the group. There are some prejudices against people from where I live and who work in western countries, but I think that people in those countries have the right to those prejudices, I also think every group or a country has the right to figh for the integrity of their society.
I also agree with Noam Chomsky that even holocaust denialists should be allowed to speak their minds, especially at a university, which should be a place of open discussion. You need to hear those people in order to be able to criticize them and prove them how wrong they are, and others should be able to witness it.

No. 667566

I agree with you generally speaking and
>You need to hear those people in order to be able to criticize them and prove them how wrong they are, and others should be able to witness it.
is exactly why. You shouldn't have to hear/engage without inviting it, ie randos in your inbox or on your FB if you still have one for god knows what reason, but yeah. I don't think living in an echo chamber does anyone any good, hearing the worst of the worst takes and talking about it, as long as both parties are in good faith, is very productive imo.

No. 667613

Hard disagree.

No. 667616

That's why it's in this thread, NTA

No. 667618

I think the problem is that these kinds of people esp on the alt right more often don't speak rationally and just start screaming obscenities and vulgarities at the groups they are targeting rather than stating why they hate them and that isn't what could be considered "rational dialogue" at all. A lot of what they say isnt worth discussing because there's not much to discuss beyond "muh stereotypes" explaining why they hate the group. Frankly I don't understand how anyone can put such stock into hating things so deeply that don't affect them for shallow reasons, other than growing up prejudiced or mento illness luv

No. 667624

Well damn, you sure showed me. Sorry.

No. 667627

Tbh I think it's acceptable for my people to be racist and prejudiced against another country that has oppressed us and continues to threaten us for thousands of years. Committing various cultural and actual genocides, actively seeking to destroy local economies, literally attempting to change our borders in the current fucking year. This country's government brainwashes its people into thinking they're superior race to neighboring countries so I can't even virtuesignal with the "hate the government not the people" thing. Fuck the chinese.

No. 667629

do you have some arguments besides "oh my feee feees"?
that's correct if you're basing your opinion on retards from youtube. I've seen a substantive and cultural discussion with holocaust denialistst (one of whom was jewish himself btw)

No. 667630

Sorry the second answer was meant for >>667618

No. 667639

>I have no problem with "casual" racism, as long as it doesn't affect the quality of life of the group.
How does it not, though? "Casual" racism always mounts up to behaviors and actions that reduce the quality of life of whoever the punching bag is. The same goes for "casual" misogyny.

No. 667648

I imagine she thinks "casual racism" is whatever doesn't personally affect her, since she then won't be forced to acknowledge or care about it and can return to her comfortable ignorance.

No. 667656

Which country are you from and which country are you referring to if you don't mind me asking?

No. 667682

Yeah lol. How can you define whether casual racism affects people or not? If we accept prejudices, aren't we implying that's because we think its true? Of course people can think whatever they like. But I really dont think racism should be encouraged, casual or not.

No. 667723

As someone who loves their mom wholeheartedly, I feel like what gypsy rose did to her mom was honestly rational. Like really think about living 21+ years in a wheelchair, only eating carrots, having to interact with 5 year olds and have unnecessary operations.

No. 667725

Gypsy didn't deserve prison time. She was held prisoner in that wheelchair her whole life, her mum subjected her to so much unnecessary pain and who knows what would have happened if she was still alive to torture her?

No. 667768

She did what she thought she had to. Simple as that. Maybe she wouldn't have been able to escape her abuser any other way. I'm wondering if police or doctors or anyone would have actually believed her if she'd come to them for help.

No. 667776

Just read the Wiki about this case and damn, they really gave her a life sentence for eliminating an abusive leech on society?
It's obvious her mom was a lazy cow who didn't want to work and thought it better to fleece peoples' sympathies through lying about her daughter being a handicapped potato with a bunch of maladies. Her child was nothing but a welfare check to her.
They ought to give Gypsy a medal.

No. 667781

I hate chocolate chips or chunks in cookies, brownies, whatever. I’m not a big chocolate person to begin with but whenever I’m in the mood, chocolate chips/chunks ruin it for me. I hate the change in texture, especially in brownies. I’m eating a nice soft gooey brownie then BAM hard chunk just ruined it.

No. 667782

I honestly believe Venus is a victim that needs extreme help and people shitting on her for her choices just makes her entire situation sadder. Imagine having your whole life documented online, shilled to pedos and controlled by your narc mother, nearly dying to surgery that was linked to an eating disorder and people still shitting on you being unable to regain control over your life. She’s made bad choices as an adult but I don’t believe for one instant that she’s as bad as people make her seem. I hope someday she finds her way. It would be tragic if she ends up in a really bad place.

No. 667786

Being a victim doesn't stop someone from being a cow.

No. 667801

I wish this board and other boards like PULL didn't revolve around cows. It's ironical given this site's name I know but this just plays into the 'women are gossipy and mean' stereotype.

No. 667809

Women will be stereotyped regardless, even without the gossip people will stereotype over something else. Plus KF is similar and that place is filled with men.

No. 667811

>I wish this gossip site and this other gossip site weren't about gossip

i know what you're trying to say but that was retarded. just say you want more female-centric communities that don't focus on gossip

No. 667821

Men are massive gossips. Have you ever heard of 4chan or reddit or been around drunk males they can stfu

No. 667826

Lol you act like it’s because we don’t want to, we are explicitly forbidden from talking about more than vapid girls things. Women discussIng nuanced, difficult, politically-charged subjects is hate speech.

No. 667837

I can understand what you mean to an extent, but at some point she needs to be held accountable as an adult just like every other human being on this planet.
Did she have a poor childhood due to her narcissistic mother? Yes. Are there traumas from that that make her life more difficult? Sure.
That said,
>nearly dying to surgery that was linked to an eating disorder
No, I feel bad for you because you really bought into the lies she told about this. Her mother was long gone at this phase and she had Manaki who was supporting her at the time. Venus claims he threatened to divorce her if she got the stomach surgery, but why should he have doormatted for a procedure that was going to debt him and make her seriously ill? For another thing, no one forced weight loss surgery on her. She made the decision to go to a surgeon. In a country where this surgery is unethically given to non-overweight women who wouldn't qualify for this in other countries that actually prioritize the health of a woman over her waistline. This decision was not a typical ED impulsive action like throwing up a meal or methodically avoiding a trigger food. This required planning, rumination, and a commitment to lie. The reason why those surgeries are supposed to be given only to those with severe obesity issues is because it's a matter of obese people dying prematurely if their bodies aren't drastically changed. In order for those people to qualify they must seek dietary counseling, must be cleared of EDs, and need to adhere to the rules of their new digestive systems lest they are warned of the consequences.
The reason why Venus's gastric bypass went wrong is because she popped her stitches on her reduced stomach while binge eating, which happens to obese people who get the surgery but lie to doctors about having their eating habits under control. She made a video (now deleted) where instead of taking responsibility for what happened, she tried to make it seem like it was all the doctor's fault that she malingered for an unnecessary surgery where she couldn't be assed to follow the dietary rules.
Then she made up another giant lie for sympathy by claiming ignorance that she didn't know they were going to remove her gallbladder (and claims appendix too), when that's actually a common routine in bariatric procedure. She would have been advised of it beforehand, but obviously she didn't pay attention. Patients often find themselves having to remove those organs years later anyway as what happens when they get gallstones and chronic inflammation from one's altered post-bariatric body. What's funny is that she expects her audience to be so fucking dumb to not realize those surgeons did her a fucking favor. Do you seriously believe for a second Venus would ever shut up if someone took out an organ against her will? The reason why that video is gone is because shit didn't add up sis. She lied for sympathy and you ate it up. Lying for attention is an unfortunate narcissistic 'flea' she picked up from her mother.

Yeah, this is a sperg but this specifically is so shameful. We make fun of women on this site who get unnecessary cosmetic surgeries that go botched–they too have mental illnesses. And yet you endlessly simp for this woman who had to be asian-thin no matter the cost, and schemed her way into a serious surgery that's supposed to only be reserved for people with actual health problems. There are consequences she's responsible for now, and this you argue is off-limits to make fun of. Really?
I bet you think her OnlyFans isn't her fault either.

No. 667842

Holy shit, go to asherahs garden you crybaby. This board was literally made for cows. Ot didn’t even exist.

No. 667873


All I said was that I thought she was a victim and that I hope she doesn’t end up dead in a ditch somewhere. Where did I simp?? Your hateboner for her is embarrassing, borderline obsessive and I can only assume you need to take your meds. Just because she had a fucked up upbringing doesn’t mean she’s free of criticism but I don’t think she deserves to live the shittiest life imaginable. This thread is for an unpopular opinion. Calm the fuck down and go sperg in her thread.

No. 667892

So far I've been through innumerous male forums and imageboards and haven't seen threads made specifically to bash ppl, doesn't mean they don't exist, it's just I don't see it. These websites weren't made for gossip too

There's some insightful discussions here, not as much the retarded ones. I used to participate in the gc and terfy threads and it got pretty redundant after a while.

Doesn't matter. Except for ot, this board is shitty af. You sure have a lot of time to waste following cow's lives

No. 667896

KF is way bigger than lolcow and started just to troll Chris-chan. /b/ literally has the "not your personal army" catchphrase because so many newfags used it just for raids/trolling other people.

No. 667913

File: 1604648825067.png (504.79 KB, 970x1642, muh democracy..png)

USfag here. Sorry anon. Most of us are only in it for the memes. Can't wait to see how many people didn't vote this year.

No. 667916

Anon there are plenty of threads here that don't revolve around cows lol. Maybe they're not as popular tho.

No. 667917

That's how i feel about Taylor Nicole Dean, minus the animal hoarding she deserves to get dragged for that.

No. 667919

>I also agree with Noam Chomsky that even holocaust denialists should be allowed to speak their minds
In the US criticism of Israel tends to be discouraged mostly because of the billions of dollars the US govt "invests" in their military every year. The Israeli govt has most US politicians in its back pocket - most of them happily bend over.

I think more people should stop being afraid of being "edgy" and speak their minds more often. I'd also like to see more rational discourse without people screaming in each others faces like chimps.

No. 667923

anon choosing not to vote is part of a democracy you retard.

No. 667927

Exactly, this is America baby! And the majority of non voters are low income, poor, and in minority groups. Not because of voter suppression, because they proudly made that choice not to vote because they know the system isn't there to help them.

No. 667934

I agree. Her life has been a fucking mess from childhood due her mom. She needs intensive therapy to have any hope in life but no one seems to care about her, and she doesn’t care about herself. I think she’ll just live the rest of her life making the same mistakes unfortunately

No. 667973

Not everything is political and it doesn't have to be. Let me enjoy my hobbies and stop trying to turn people against each other. I'm sick of hearing "not having a defined political stance IS a political act uwu", fuck off and leave me out of your shit flinging contests.

No. 667979

File: 1604661997051.jpg (199.04 KB, 1242x1743, 588d725a12955e76c2f186551687e6…)

I don't give a fuck about morality of BJD recasts and people that buy them. Let them enjoy their Aliexpress dolls. Bootlegs exist for literally every costly consumer product, BJDs aren't special. Get over yourself.

No. 667987

Tbh I considered buying bootleg bjds just to piss off that community. They're legitimately insane and it's my favorite thing

No. 667990

File: 1604663324910.png (192.88 KB, 500x671, its-a-big-club.png)

Costa Rica is one of the oldest democratic countries and they have compulsory voting, so nah.

In 2016 46.6% Americans chose not to participate, using your studied expertise on American demographics this would mean nearly half of Americans live under the poverty line.

America is several trillions of dollars in debt, debt that you, your children and their children and their children's children will never pay off. Anyway I hope you like whoever the electoral college chooses for you this year like they have for the last 20.

No. 668007

Doesn’t it make more sense to buy a bootleg/recast if you’re trying to get into doing doll faceups anyway?

No. 668022

nta but this is has always been my rationale. why butcher a perfectly good doll when you can dremel, dye, and sand a recast to your heart's content with sinking hundreds to thousands of dollars in the process?

No. 668084

because bOoTlEgS bAd and you're ~literally~ killing Azone or whatever other big ass company.

No. 668094

I can start a collection and kill a huge company? Nice!

No. 668270

I greentexted specifically where you tarded out for her, sorry facts are a hateboner against your feefees and it's perfectly fine to say your unpopular opinion is stupid.

No. 668414

I'm straight and mostly into het but I like BL/yaoi ocasionally, cause it's easier to find good content with submissive males in BL than het. I just wanna porn of cute boys getting gently bullied by girls, but all the femdom porn I find is female-focus, so I have to read BL if I want something that focuses on the man.

No. 668420

I know people age differently but it will always weird me out how some people start getting gray hairs and wrinkles by 30. Like, what kind of genetics?

No. 668435

File: 1604719554417.jpg (44.44 KB, 322x454, WAKE ME UP.jpg)

>tfw you have wrinkles and eyebags since childhood

No. 668460

Grey hair is purely genetics, but wrinkles that young are from sun exposure/smoking/super dry skin etc. It's usually pretty obvious to me, they tend to be the outdoorsy or beachy type and don't wear sunscreen.

No. 668475

>from sun exposure/smoking/super dry skin etc. It's usually pretty obvious to me, they tend to be the outdoorsy or beachy type and don't wear sunscreen.
I'm literally the opposite of this and still look 50. Even the people who do those things daily look healthier than me.

No. 668478

Jelly beans suck!

No. 668483

Exactly why I'm getting plastic surgery

No. 668486

tbh I think eyebags can be cute

No. 668499

Although Courtney is a major cow and a fucking psychopath on her own, I don't think she killed Kurt.

No. 668502

I don’t think she did either. Also, Hole is good.

No. 668548

Is this because of that image I posted in the random picture thread kek

No. 668589

all of this, agree

No. 668653

I hate how people are pretending like Politicians haven't been using rappers/athletes to get black votes/attention on both sides, since forever. I'm sick of people whining about 50 cent and ice cube, saying, "They are so racists! Rappers don't represent us!" Ignoring the fact Biden literally sat down with Cardi B and the history of the left ALSO using rappers/entertainers. Jay z and Beyonce endorsed Hilary heavily. People praised Cardi B, but now it's so horrible because Trumps doing the same thing thats been done since forever?

I'm a leftie and I voted for Biden, but it's the hypocrisy that kills me. They've been doing this shit for years. I have no issues with Athletes, but the fact they go to people who make music about killing, selling drugs,gangs, selling ass and promote shit that actively ruins the black community and then go, "Hey so what do you think we can do to fix it?" is crazy.

No. 668663

I'm more annoyed by the sudden emergence of stat experts talking nonstop about rigging and fake ballots who, interestingly, only focus on the presidential election and weren't making noise when Trump won. Yeah, sure, question the process but what the fuck are you gonna do about it? What power do you have to stop it whether it's true or not? Absolutely nothing. By next month the media will point a new red dot for everyone to chase.

No. 668665

all this shit is retarded tbh, there's so much fuckery I wish I wasn't even in the US.

No. 668669

Hoooly shit save your fucking novel for other overly invested and unhinged weebs. Beenisfags are the worst.

No. 668673

File: 1604756494445.png (964.93 KB, 1920x1080, Kaworu_on_Hand_(Rebuild)_01.pn…)

I recently watched Rebuilds and I think they're way better than the original Tv-release or EoE.

The animation, music, plot and pacing. Everything is just so refined, I don't understand how people can even rewatch original evas anymore

No. 668727

Aside from the new chick, i really dont mind the rebuilds. More screen time for Kaworu is good for me. I cant complain. And the animation is really beautiful

No. 668791

File: 1604771438099.jpg (203.17 KB, 1262x1630, owajsp7jdyd51.jpg)

the only reason i prefer original eva to rebuild is nostalgia and asuka. i cherish her character so much in NGE, its not even funny. reubuild!asuka is great in her own way, and i also love that kaworu got more screentime, but nothing beats her character arc in NGE for me.

No. 668834

Is rebuild worth watching if I want to watch it purely for Asuka and Misato? Asuka is my favourite NGE character, loved her story.

No. 668878

I like the original series the most but not EoE. It's even more shinji centric than the anime. EoE has some great animation though.

No. 668905

I have a broad range of interest in many different genres of music, especially various subgenres of hip hop and rap. Trap music is one of the absolute worst kinds of music though, I can't fuck with it at all, and I hate that I can't make this claim without retards telling me that I'm a "traitor to my race"

No. 668908

Posted in the wrong thread(sorry).

Just want to rant for a bit.

I feel like the spirit of this site has been incredibly lost. I remember when we were on /cgl/ and everything was very milky and funny. It was actually fun and interesting to go through the threads.

Now we got threads about people discussing the most nitpicky of things and just grasping at straws to throw actual hate at people(getting actually offended) when the whole point of it all was to make it funny. Not to mention the sudden spawn of SJWs on every thread cutting off anyone who tries to be actually funny.

To be honest my favorite cow has been Mariah for a bit but the threads are so incredibly nitpicky and unfunny now, like who cares if she voted or not, or who she voted for or who she was hoping to win. I miss the memes and the fun /ot/.


No. 668910

bad taste wtf. misato is best girl.

No. 668914

May have posted in the wrong thread again. But w.e. I'll take my ban.

No. 668930

Ewww, Misato is a pedo

No. 668950

and asuka is a 1 dimensional shell of a PSMing 14 year old stereotype.

No. 668981

Gossip threads on here are so nitpicky, sometimes I get so annoyed, I don't post a lot in them but I end up reading a lot of them, I think it's because I don't use social media anymore. I've used imageboards for so long, but I find I can only tolerate female only imageboards nowadays, even though it's still a bit sketchy sometimes.

No. 669005

I fail to see how that's somehow worse than alcoholic hag preying on a prepubescent boy.

No. 669020

File: 1604796195696.jpeg (110.88 KB, 540x446, 49BC7BCC-E1F3-4F88-9804-B7543E…)

Kaworu is the only one who can handle Shinji. He’s also interesting instead of some coomer fantasy girl.

No. 669182

I believe in God.

No. 669187

me too. contact me when we meet the fuck up in heaven.

No. 669188

How is that an unpopular opinion?

No. 669193

They believe in God in a largely godless society

No. 669194

Depending on where you are, I guess. I would argue a lot of places are still ruled by religion.

No. 669195

I love being a godless heathen

No. 669198

Based and same.

No. 669207

The two parties always accuse each other of doing things they're both equally guilty of, nothing new.

No. 669208

File: 1604816936695.jpg (176.97 KB, 676x626, -Sleep Paralysis Demon.jpg)

Politicians only exist to be memed. no I didn't edit his face#

No. 669212

File: 1604817850715.gif (969.94 KB, 320x240, tenor (2).gif)

Come join us heathens anon

No. 669215

David Attenborough isn't that special and I don't know why everyone is obsessed with him. In fact his voice is kind of annoying. The people who actually work to produce those nature documentaries deserve way more recognition than him.

No. 669221

>the system isn't there to help

You said it. Did you know that people fleeing abusive partners/family can be tracked down by their abusers through voter registration records? Like no thanks ballot box I'd rather not get murdered.

No. 669229

Hes also been the poster boy for forcing contact between indigenous tribes and the british crown to rope them into the modern economy and exploit them for their resources - like in the documentary Blank on a Map. Fuck him.

No. 669256

winged eyeliner itself is played out imo. i like eyeliner but the super-defined black liner look is so boring.

No. 669267

Wtf, there's no anonymous vote in the USA, and anybody can see who you voted for?!

No. 669350

They can’t see who you voted for but they can see where you registered.

No. 669362

This happened to me. My full address was listed on some peoplesearch website and my ex-husband was able to find it and called me for weeks.

I was so fucking angry.

No. 669365

Samefag, I should mention it was a website specifically for voting and his calls weren't desperate, he was threatening to pay a visit and hurt me so. If you should find your shit on a site like that, find it and take it down.

No. 669435

I don't like watching movies or tv shows, I have a hard time following them and have trouble recollecting characters and plotlines, like when I watched The Godfather, I didn't understand anything, I was completely lost. Also, it's going to sound pretentious but movies don't let themselves open to imagination, when I'm reading a book, I can imagine what the characters look and sound like. With movies I feel like I'm just passively sitting here and it frustrates me.
I always feel like a jerk when people ask me what my favorite movie is or if I've seen the latest Netflix original.

No. 669561

No offense but are you dyslexic, autistic or have adhd/add?

No. 669596

No. 669600

> when I'm reading a book, I can imagine what the characters look and sound like
I'm incapable of doing this, I just can't create pictures in my head. Must actually be pretty cool to enjoy books like that. Are you a heavy reader?

No. 669609

Same. Whenever I try to envision characters from book descriptions I just substitute in another person or character from TV/movies, usually ones that don't look anything like the description.
The funny thing is I'm an artist and I have pretty good visualization for my own pictures and ideas, I just can't do it for other people.

No. 669612

Not dyslexic, but I heavily suspect I'm on the spectrum or have some kind of ADD. I never got diagnosed, I really would like to though.
I used to be one up until college when I got my own computer and Internet rotted my brain, now I only ever read while commuting (which roughly amounts to 20 minutes per day, basically nothing). I'm trying to get back on reading more thoroughly since the lockdowns started.

No. 669614

I've heard similar stuff from my adhd friends who are also slightly autistic, i suggested them to portion movies into smaller sections and it helped them. I have always been very into movies but also see books in my head like a movie, odd how some people don't see the characters and whatnot in the head.

No. 669696

Ayrt and I don't think portioning movies will help, I'll probably forget what happened, I already forget some details when turning a page in a book. The only movies I appreciate are the kinda artsy, slow ones with a small cast of characters, like a (somewhat) recent movie I really enjoyed was The Hateful Eight, very long, simple plot and few but unique characters.

No. 669734

I hate it because all the characters feel watered down and more stereotypical than the original versions. Also the new OC donut steel character.

No. 669790

>Rebuild plot
WTF are you smoking, it's a steaming pile of shit that changes direction every single movie. All characters are simplified to weaboo stereotypes. It's NGE for people that don't even like NGE.
all of this

No. 669795

the real unpopular opinion is to be that person who just hates nge entirely, fuck nge

No. 670037

File: 1604933195561.jpg (19.29 KB, 291x360, kdlang.jpg)

I'm a lesbian myself, so please don't hate me for saying this. But, as much I love the butch aesthetic (picrel), a lot of butches irl seem physically unattractive. They're either quite old with heavily wrinkled skin, or fat with the fashion sense of a teenage boy.

No. 670050

Good chunk of butches have complex about femininity/masculinity and don't take care of themselves kinda like men who don't moisturize because it's gay

No. 670054

I feel like there's a subset of people (among both lesbians and men) whose idea of butch is being dumpy and gross. "Butch" should just mean people who are athletic and into practical clothing, maybe also tattoos.

No. 670058

I just think the butch aesthetic isn’t for every woman. Like, you have to be quite athletic so you don’t look like a complete sack of pus on tripp pants, but also kind of tall as well so it’s not like some teenage kid picked some rave clothes and threw it over herself because it’s cool.

No. 670067

File: 1604936295773.jpg (99.64 KB, 640x429, ff0d8f1a-df8e-4919-956d-99399b…)

My unpopular opinion is that I don't mind if butches are old or wrinkly with lame fashion sense I'll still love them kek.

No. 670096

On this topic, I hate butch women who try and act like men and call women thots, bitches and all that shit.
Like, I'm dating women to get away from that garbage, not have it be repackaged and sent to me again. It's such a huge turn off.

No. 670127

no he is the coomer fujo fantasy.

No. 670138

File: 1604944940657.jpeg (255.29 KB, 1242x803, 1B84FF9F-279F-406C-AED4-01741D…)

Same! I’m usually so attracted to older butches, but even if I’m not bc they’re on the dumpy side, I’m still in awe of them
God she’s so hot, excellent taste anon.
What I, personally, I wouldn’t give for an 7+ Winona, especially that 9 though.

No. 670158

File: 1604946497247.jpg (35.9 KB, 762x390, Chloe Duryea earth 1.jpg)

Dancing is absolutely disgusting and so are professional dancers.
They make people look like animals, it stinks, gets people all sweaty and gross looking, etc.
Group dances are even worse, whenever I see people dancing at protests, that I support, I cringe.
Stop moving your body weird like that, fucking gross.

No. 670172

Soft butch Winona with red lips looks incredible, what's that from?

No. 670176

I'll take any winona any day

No. 670245

What about like kpop dancing?

No. 670250

Nta but kpop dancing is fucking retarded looking, especially the girl group dances these days. I don't agree with above anon though, dancing looks cool for the most part.

No. 670255

We get it. You're immobile.

No. 670259

Wow, this really is an unpopular opinion. I never thought about dancing as looking animalistic before but I get what you mean. Interesting.

No. 670262

the tiktok videos of people doing those dances are so cringe. zoomers have no right to talk shit about harry potter houses when they do that shit.

No. 670271

You get me anon! I wish people would stop flailing their arms and legs for no reason, it's disgusting. What kind of mindset must you be in to not find wanting to do this kind of stuff bizzare and gross?

No. 670279

> What kind of mindset must you be in to not find wanting to do this kind of stuff bizzare and gross?
Not autistic?

No. 670280

Finally we have an actually unpopular opinion. You sound autistic or one of those religious people who aren't allowed to dance, very entertaining!

No. 670307

What about ballet? It's not really about flailing arms or legs around and the movements are slow, elegant and far from animalistic.

No. 670313

While I do agree that there are relationships where the woman is more abusive than the man, it is never as bad as the alternative. The effects of abuse on a woman are objectively worse than they are on a man due to their lower status in society. Always.

No. 670318

I don’t understand how people can have tattoos. I hate tattoos. Mostly big, coloured tattoos on tacky places too. Like on your shoulder or bottom of your back. The worst is thigh tattoos. So tacky and gross. And portraits and names of people too. Stupid

No. 670323

Very unpopular indeed. Dancing is fucking sick. Literally cures depression and anxiety.

No. 670327

Agree. I can sort of understand black and white tattoos but big ass coloured ones look fucking awful, especially since the colors start to fade in just a couple of years and end up looking like washed out splotches on your skin. The absolute worst are the big disney princess tattoos an alarming amount of people cover their arms with.

No. 670329

NTA but I don’t understand dance either. I know ballet is technically impressive but it just looks weird to me. I can’t take it seriously, it amuses me to see people twirling and leaping around

No. 670337

girls who get pregnant and obsess over their own pregnancy without even preparing for the childs future is the worse

No. 670348

How can a simple activity and the people who spend hours training on it hit a nerve this deep. I'm genuinely hoping this is a bait because there's no way you can be so hateful about something that's 100% positive

No. 670350

I'm not hateful, I just think it's very gross.
Sure people can be good at it and put in effort and all but it just irks me out.

No. 670356

Do you suffer from social anxiety?

No. 670396

File: 1604970977392.jpg (Spoiler Image, 62.74 KB, 736x893, u9zlztc9t4k41.jpg)

NTA and I don't hate dancing, but ballet actually does kinda gross me out. All I can ever think of is how fucked up their feet must get and how unnatural it is to dance on one's toes. It looks uncomfortable and painful to stand like this. I don't see the point (lol) at all.

Spoiler for messed up feet.

No. 670397

Please tell me you have the self awareness to realize you have a weird irrational phobia rather than a legitimate opinion. Like when people get grossed out by holes in things or autists can't tolerate certain textures or w/e.

No. 670400

not that anon but i'm just laughing at you saying their opinion can't be legitimate just because you don't agree with it

No. 670404

I mean a legit reason as in rational and thought out with a basis in reality… sometimes we just get a gut instinct to be repulsed by something even if there's no logic to it, and that sounds like what anon is feeling. If she tries to justify it as something that actually makes sense then yeah I would have to point out how not legit her thought process is.

No. 670406

I particularly don’t like is the ballet dancers being obsessed with their injuries they decided to have by constantly practicing. Like, I get it, it’s something new and I guess exciting to someone trying a new hobby or whatever. But it’s extremely cringy when someone is like oh! And did you see my fucked up feet? They’re like, fucked up but It’s because I looooooove ballet just stop, get over it.

No. 670408

Kek. What's a legit enough reason to dislike dance for you, then? Do tell.

No. 670552

There's a big difference between not understanding it and thinking it's gross.

I'm in the former category where I see dancing as being like rugby, where I don't get why people like it so much but then I just don't watch it and everything is fine. To hate it like these other anons is next level.

No. 670602

File: 1604993283729.jpg (65.59 KB, 828x865, j6wcfttkvtt21.jpg)

If you give money to Twitch streamers, you're a fucking retard, and if you justify wasting money that way by saying "it's like tipping a waiter!11!" you deserve to have a waitress spit in your food. Being a Twitch streamer doesn't require skill, it just requires that you be a pathetic waste of space who has a shitload of free time and owns too many video games. Waitresses make less than minimum wage, are on their feet all day, and provide an actual service to other human beings. I've also seen autists try to argue that Twitch streamers are "basically" actors. Cracking random jokes while you play games for fucking children also isn't tantamount to acting or directing in terms of skill. Doing those things requires a formal education, whereas streaming is what people do when they drop out of college.

It's fucking shameful that people drop upwards of a hundred dollars just for some retarded emojis and clout with the other neckbeards and 12 year olds who watch the stream. Do you think giving streamers money will make them be your friend? Because it fucking won't and you're delusional if you think streamers care about anything other than your shekels. "B-b-but streamers put a lot of work into fostering a community!" No they fucking don't. They're just well connected, and most of the big ones were Youtubers first.

And I fucking hate that, too. It fucking sucks to go from watching well-edited videos of someone you like on Youtube to having to sit through unedited crap because they decided to move to Twitch. I get that Twitch is more ~creator friendly~, but it sucks for viewers. Editing means you have to stare at an empty chair when the person goes to take a dump, or listen to them disgustingly eat, or watch them pause the game 500 times to look at a walkthrough, see the retarded chat full of insufferable tweens, and hear all the obnoxious notification sounds they use. Your fucking dated meme notification sounds aren't funny to anyone over the age of 14.

The reason I'm sperging about this is because when I was younger, there was a Youtuber I really liked who moved to Twitch. I recently decided to give his streams a try, and they are absolute cancer. I experienced pretty much all the shit I'm bitching about here during a playthrough of just one game. No, I didn't make an account on Twitch– I just looked at the streams he reuploaded to Youtube. He comes across as a total twat, constantly stopping the game to look at walkthroughs while also squawking at the chat to "stop backseating11!!1" Maybe look at the walkthrough before you get on camera, dipshit.

No. 670609

Homosexuality and love don't mix together. There's nothing more off putting than a same-sex couple with real feelings for each other.

And I say this as an bisexual.

No. 670611

Dam where do you live where your waitress get below minimum wage. At least here where i love you get your minimum wage on top of your tips

I don't remember if I said these here before but females who give their child the father name who is a deadbeat, not married to them, or not in a relationship with them that clearly leading to an actual future. It's very pickme imo. The father going to dip and now your child has the last name of someone who isn't even there for them. Have a backbone and don't think just because your kid has their name they are gonna stay.

No. 670612

Kek I’m not that into twitch but you’re disproportionately salty lol what’s stopping you from turning on the webcam and make 6 figures doing nothing anon. Just watch walkthroughs instead of live streams then. The latter people watch for the socializing aspect more than the former which emphasis gameplay. It just sounds like you hate that guy you were watching.

No. 670613


I did the surname thing, can confirm, big regret.

No. 670614

not an unpopular opinion in most of the world.
I can't relate whatsoever, seeing happy same sex couples makes me feel good about the world. Especially married lesbians. I am also bi and hoping that's bait though

No. 670616

Boring bait.

No. 670617

Most people in general, of both sexes, look ugly (I'm including myself too). Especially people who constantly get pushed as "attractive"/"cute." A lot of so called conventionally attractive features look hideous and unhuman to me even if they're natural. But normal features do nothing for me either.

No. 670622

huh… I do find "attractive" people super boring (so sick of button noses + many's personalities suck) but not inhuman. never heard your view, you win the thread if you ask me

No. 670623

samefag, what is your idea of someone attractive (or not hideous)?

No. 670625

I honestly don't know. Nothing's ever good enough.

No. 670627

I thought about it and I actually relate… most people's faces do repulse me, I can't look at porn for that reason (not because of their bodies lmao, if it's just that I still feel weird imagining the face). have dated in the past, but I never was deluded to finding those guys too attractive. I also felt uncomfortable if they touch me. The exception is a girl I crushed on, and another but she mostly grew on me. Ironically I doubt I'm a lesbian but… you got me thinking again lol.
sorry we are like this anon, even if we are a bit different. I have a strong urge to hate anyone shilled to me especially, and in general it's rare to feel physical attraction until I get to know them. I don't know if that's "demisexual" but that's the closest term it gets even if I don't consider it lgb or really believe in it. k sorry for blog, but maybe you can relate. it's all cool if not

No. 670628

this is in the same category as >>670158, and i find this stuff funny for some reason

No. 670635

I wish it was a bait. I almost puked when my fwb tried to ask me out…

No. 670640

Slap heteroromantic bisexual in your tumblr bio and go bitch

No. 670641

I sorta relate, I've never really been physically attracted to anybody (except for a few celebrities), and most people shilled as attractive are bland at best, ugly at worst. I wouldn't go as far as to say they look inhuman, but I can see where you're coming from.

Lol, demisexuality is not a thing.

No. 670643

Genuinely curious, why did you give the kid his surname in this situation? I have no backbone but never even considered using his surname. It would have felt almost as weird as using a random surname, and it can cause problems too

Same applies to putting deadbeat dad on birth certificate. It just gives him undeserved recognition and allows him to make life harder for you. Fuck that

No. 670644

>demisexuality is not a thing
Like I said I don't believe in it, but it's the only thing I've heard of that comes close. wish I knew more people like you anons to try and understand this

No. 670668

AYRT and honestly I wouldn't know how to call it either, it's probably more complex than a low sex drive. In my case, even if I'm not attracted to people, I don't see myself as asexual because I still masturbate, but only hentai turns me on, so it's probably just plain autism. Without sounding mean, are you an autistic person?

No. 670672

Heteros don't have real feelings either, it's just a guy wanting to stick his dick in a woman and the woman agreeing to it thinking that he cares for her emotionally.

No. 670688

You're right, but people will reject your message

No. 670694

>asherahs garden
Just went there. Is it just me or is it ugly af? The actual website design is just bad. And having to register? Fuck that.

No. 670696

Women are just as cruel about appearances as men are. Perhaps even more.

No. 670707

I guess I can kind of see it, sometimes I look at people and I just find us really bizarre looking in general. What a weird animal we are, human faces are really weird if you really think about it.

I do find that make up makes people less attractive though, it aint fooling no one.

No. 670726

I don’t think this is unpopular but agree

No. 670727

Anon, please start streaming on twitch and tell us in a month how easy it is and how much easy money you made.

No. 670728

The proof is all over this site lol.

No. 670734

Agree, but personally find it easier to deal with from women so I don’t really care

No. 670737

I mean, what did you expect? Men and women are humans, of course both sexes will be picky about what they particularly find beautiful or ugly.

No. 670738

nta but once you have an audience you'll get paid just for farting on screen i don't get what you think is so hard about that lmao

No. 670741

>once you have an audience
this is the hard part, yes. IDK why it's so common to be dismissive towards all the hard work that has to be dont to build and keep an active, engaged audience; if someone is good enough to do that in such a competitive environment, they deserve the money.

No. 670743

Agree, the only difference I guess is that the women being cruel are often wrapped up in trying to meet beauty standards themselves. Meanwhile the ugliest no-effort men can be just as bitchy.

No. 670749

inb4 someone calls me a scrote for this, but it's not hard to build up an audience as a woman. you're not going to be making as much as pokimane off the bat, but there's no shortage of braindead simps who are ready to throw their money at you even if you're boring and untalented.

No. 670760

> braindead simps who are ready to throw their money at you even if you're boring and untalented.

What about if you’re ugly?

No. 670762

men have no standards, so yes. you'd be surprised at how even legitimately ugly women get lusted after.

No. 670772

Look at momokun…

No. 670803

No thanks, I have self respect and an actual job.

Also, Twitch popularity obviously isn't merit-based, it's luck based. Obviously only a handful of the morons who do it are going to make decent money– that's just how online popularity works.

No. 670815

>Twitch popularity obviously isn't merit-based, it's luck based.
Tbh you can say this about a lot of IRL jobs.

No. 670817

> I have self respect and an actual job
What ya doing on here then silly?..

Only joking

No. 670821

Generally however, women aren't going to treat you as if your humanity stops when they don't want to fuck you. Women will judge for different reasons. At least on lolcow I have seen anons admit when an unattractive cow at least has talents and skills, and didn't act like their life depended on the ability to cater to a man.

No. 670823

>And having to register?
Wat. It's an imageboard. Did you go to the wrong site?

No. 670827

Are you retarded
This isn’t unpopular

No. 670841

Kiwis are better with skin. The only downside is the hair makes your mouth itchy

No. 670851

Am I the only one peeling my kiwis? I didn't think eating the hairy part was safe

No. 670855

It's safe and nutritious. I've heard most people say they scoop the insides out with a spoon, idk how common it is to eat the skin. Imo, scooping it is too messy and unnecessarily hard.

Eating the skin gives the kiwi a little snap.

No. 670856

of course you say that as a bisexual bisluts think like that

No. 670861

here we go again

No. 670862

I agree with you, but I’m curious what you see as conventionally attractive? Any photos for reference?

No. 670907

Lmao this has to be exaggerated right? I really can't take this seriously. Maybe you only mean really wild contemporary abstract dancing?

No. 670920

I'm not sure how unpopular this is, but the whole concept of fanfics about irl people grosses me out so much, especially smut. It is so sexualising and objectifying. If I were a public figure and I knew there were people writing about having sex with me or pairing me with other famous people or my friends I would be disturbed.

No. 670927

I see a lot of younger people now telling off others for even shipping two celebs together so I think it's becoming more popular to view it all as creepy and inappropriate.

In a way though that's just the female alternative to porn, we're more inclined to enjoy a story where we 'know' the person versus men just watching strangers fuck. I don't read it but I get how for teen girls that's their sexual outlet

No. 670934

oh my god did you grow up in a nunnery????

No. 670943

Something about anons with autism: they’re gonna tell you without even realizing they’re telling

No. 670951

I kind of get what you mean. I don't have a problem with most dancing except for these "abstract" or "contemporary" types of dances like vid related. Just looks strange and unpleasant.

No. 670953

I've always hated IRL fiction. It feels like you're stripping away a real person's personhood and it's all-round creepy. I'm ancient as far as old fandoms go, and I always had that stance. Glad to hear there are others who dislike it.

No. 670954

I hate goths sm lol, in particular the OG smiths/cure/joy division/whatever-the-fuck culture. let it die, you were always and will forever be annoying and pretentious faggots sucking up to mediocre britbongs.

No. 670955

Yeah drawn porn or fanfics of IRL people was always fucking weird to me. I'm glad there's been a push back with it. People should just stick to fictional characters.

No. 670959

Same, I used to think goth/alt people were cool, now I just think they're super cringy and annoying. Am I old?

No. 670968

Society values the opinions of people under the age of 25 more and it doesnt make sense. For example if you say something people dont agree with, the first thing they're going to come for is your age. Especially if you're a woman.

No. 670975

This is how I felt by the time I reached like 20, and it’s only gotten worse in the past few years.

No. 671005

Even if you're not a woman, people try way too hard to appeal to "the youths" and take it super personally when a teenager calls someone old or lame. Like why do you care so much about what some children think?

Fortunately I think that's shifting thanks to zoomer teenagers being increasingly cringy and idiotic on the internet, but in general I've noticed people worry too much about being "too old" to do fun things or wear fun clothes and get so butthurt whenever a teenager calls them grandma, and it's precisely why people prey on their insecurities so much, because they know it hurts.

No. 671014

Shakira’s voice is absolutely terrible but that’s not the unpopular part. I think she’s a huge culture vulture and idk why she’s spared from cultural appropriation accusations by the Twitter gang. She’s low key being orientalist (wtf was that rope shit during the halftime? )and she profits off of a dance from Middle Eastern woman despite her having absolutely no connection to Middle Eastern culture except for being half Lebanese. But does that really mean anything?not really. Probably never been to Lebanon either or can speak a sentence in Arabic. I’ve never seen this woman speak out for Middle Eastern women or give them credit either. Even when she belly dances she shouts out her city in Colombia.
She also promotes sexual stereotypes about Latina women. I mean, she put herself in a cage for her music video ffs.

I overall really find it hard to like her. She’s lucky she did Waka Waka and that song about “gypsies” before cultural appropriation became a mainstream thing.

No. 671016

No. 671018

I think hozier posted that filter video on his story on purpose because he wanted some attention

No. 671020

Shut up bitch

No. 671022

Wtf kek

No. 671025

This post is so hilarious to me for some reason. Hearty chuckle. I wonder though… did he?

No. 671026

It's very possible, but either way pretty harmless imo. He's a cutie.

No. 671031

He absolutely did
Too manufactured for me and he looks like he sleeps under the underpass

No. 671043

>despite her having absolutely no connection to Middle Eastern culture except for being half Lebanese
Did you even read what you just posted? I agree that her voice isn't really good though.

No. 671044

i really dont like her/her music/her voice either but this is a reach and a half kek

No. 671064

Mads Mikkelsen is so ugly

No. 671067

And that is okay. He could still stick his fat old cock in my mouth.

No. 671070

KEK anon I'm crying. Not a response I was expecting. I'm glad you're happy, genuinely.

No. 671077

What makes you think he actually has a big dick though? Some of you really need to stop getting your hopes up.

No. 671078

>the implication that any of you will fuck him

No. 671082

You see, anons who like Mads don’t need you to understand. Some real ass women. They aren’t like the kiddies who try to force that black haired dog face man with the disproportionate shoulders and incel-reminiscent scowl down our throats.

No. 671083

>the implication that your aspergers prevents you from catching on to a joke

No. 671093

we don't have to, you are literally doing it to yourself lmfao

No. 671100

Shut up

No. 671102

No. 671103

Yeah, I always figured the anons into him have daddy issues, brain damage, or both.

No. 671107

Grown women liking grown men, so fucked up

No. 671125

File: 1605040188015.jpg (195.9 KB, 658x370, The-Hunt-Mads-Mikkelsen.jpg)

have you seen The Hunt? He is so cute in it, looks like a certain type of a bishie from a 90's shoujo like Saiyuki. Or Ovan from dot Hack

No. 671127

>the implication that your own autism prevented you from realizing the greentext was also a joke

No. 671129

You really said "The Stacy Mads Mikkelson Liker vs The Femcel Adam Driver Liker", kek.

Not with those nasolabial folds, honey

No. 671132

File: 1605040758050.jpg (4.71 KB, 226x223, fuck lol.jpg)

i'm losing my mind at both of your replies anon kek

No. 671134

It was more a reference to anons being disappointed by Chris Evans' penis, the shape AND the size.

No. 671137

KEK and it’s the truth.

I also love the discussion about Willam Dafoes equally confusing yet massive hanger.

No. 671180

>excellent taste anon

You too, anon! 90s Winona was a total dreamboat.

>They aren’t like the kiddies who try to force that black haired dog face man with the disproportionate shoulders and incel-reminiscent scowl down our throats.

Reported. I can't just let you insult Adam Driver like that, sorry.

No. 671189

posts like >>671082 call for a second wave of driverposting so salty anons have something to whine about for the next month

No. 671194

Not everyone who thinks you’re annoying is salty

No. 671334

I can't believe this is considered bishounen tier. He looks like an old grandpa. 3Dfags have no taste.

No. 671394

File: 1605069490949.png (662 KB, 769x654, Mads Mikkelsen in Early Talks …)

Today's your lucky day Mikkelsen stans.

No. 671395

omfg yes please!

No. 671401

thanks for the laughs anons

No. 671417

File: 1605073417496.jpeg (283.18 KB, 1436x1080, 925580EF-FB29-4FFE-A8CB-898F43…)


No. 671420

reading the term 3dfags made me glad i stopped watching weebshit this year

No. 671423

The term 3Dfag just makes me laugh bc it’s so absurd kek

No. 671451

NTA but people who like 3D don't have taste. Most IRL men are ugly as shit.

No. 671457

It’s depressing how ugly men are irl

No. 671459

I have to agree. I've only seen about 10 attractive men irl. But then, I don't really find men of my race attractive at all (south asian).

No. 671460

i think porn is fine because it weeds out the manhating disgusting scrotes that never pay 1 thought to what they consume and it makes picking a partner much easier

No. 671463

Delayed, sorry— not autistic (if you can believe) but guess we need to lay off the 2d. personally I like characters bc they simulate familiarity you don't get in porn/with strangers. maybe that's part? If we just need to be familiar, that is not so bad to live with. I still feel foggy about how it works.
don't know what else. trust issues/cynicism maybe. As in, I think "that hot guy is probably a shit person" which turns me off. Maybe that's what it is.
sorry if blog and you don't relate, I intend to look into what asexuals say, because some claim to still masturbate like you said. possible it genuinely is low sex drive but on a low end of a scale rather than no interest

No. 671467

File: 1605082713214.jpg (60.18 KB, 750x727, EeOW4UtWsAAtO0U.jpg)

2D boy reaction pics>>>>>2D girl reaction pics
since it's likely the person using the former is a woman

No. 671471

File: 1605083783044.jpeg (41.8 KB, 575x319, E6BB0397-BE7F-4691-BBE7-648F1E…)

that's true except when you like jojo. then you're cursed with a scrote infestation. i'll admit some 2d girl pics amuse me a lot, when they're good they're really good because girls are great. sucks that most pics I see are shitty waifu tier with no creativity

No. 671481

How is a personality trait a sexuality now? Sexual attachment is very different from sexual orientation which the -sexual suffix is used to describe. There are people who are sex-repulsed, sex-avoidant, hypersexual etc. Most "demisexuals" are people with either a low to average sex drive, attachment issues, bad self esteem or just, idk, a healthy sense of self-preservation so that you don't get into bed with some creep who could hurt or defame you with revenge porn or something. I don't think most people just hook up with anyone and have sex with any person willing to take their pants off.

I remember when my pickme friend said that women should just give sex to their husbands even if they don't want to to "keep the marriage happy". I was left speechless.

No. 671484

My related unpopular opinion is that high femmes are usually vain and shallow bihets who couldn't get a man to tolerate their BPD fits so they resorted into catching an insecure butch lapdog to abuse. I'm of course being hyperbolic but seriously, as someone who has dated and met a lot of "lesbian" fems this is an epidemic. Right off the bat I can count at least four couples I know in which the butch is basically a punching bag for the narcissistic femme girl and constantly cucked by her flirting with men. I'm attracted to femmes and know there are sweet and sensible ones but trying to weed through the trash is relentless.

No. 671489

File: 1605087801695.png (180.47 KB, 563x622, 165465465456.png)

>>671467 >>671471
I hate men and troons for ruining this, some edits are really funny. But whenever I see a bad take on here accompanied by anime girl image, my scrote alarm starts blaring.

No. 671494

File: 1605089237280.jpg (46.61 KB, 373x550, profound sadness.jpg)

Especially if it's a reaction image of a very young girl/"loli." I love stuff like Cardcaptor Sakura and other young girl characters from kid's anime, it sucks to think about how sexualized/waifu-ized they are by scrotes.

No. 671502

File: 1605090737314.jpg (128.65 KB, 2048x774, 023b76a34c67208797dd24da00e84c…)

Absolutely agreed. The only ones ok in my book are from some 90s anime who clearly didn't pander to scrotes.

No. 671506

damn ngl he is hot

No. 671514

Where is the pic from?

No. 671531

Hila is not pretty and her voice is annoying as shit.

No. 671538

An anime called Oniisama e…

No. 671548

Most men are pedophiles.

No. 671550

That is a retarded thing to say anon

No. 671552

Most are at least hebephiles

No. 671560

I find it wildly unusual that the UK allows for term abortion for downies and gets away with practicing eugenics without being shit on by human rights movements

No. 671561

Men can't post on here, Freud.

No. 671563

fangirling profusely rn kek. i was so sad that JD stepped down (i guess that's my unpopular opinion) but this makes it a bit better. i wasnt gonna watch the rest of the fantastic beasts franchise cause i only watch the last one cause of JD but i guess i will watch it if MM is in it kek

No. 671565

They should have culled you, downie

No. 671568

I think wide-set eyes are an attractive trait. Of course there’s a limit but slightly more than one eye-width apart is ideal. Close-set eyes look derpy and I don’t understand how so many people find Ryan Gosling attractive.

No. 671571

Thank you for pointing out what it is that makes Ryan Gosling look ugly and retarded. I could never put my finger on it.

No. 671574

this isn't the retarded sperg thread. fuck off

No. 671586

>this isn't the retarded sperg thread
do you know where you are

No. 671594

As a gay woman I've had two different instances where I found myself somehow let in on conversations where guys declared that "once she has pubes she should be good to go" or "once their first period hits they should be considered legal"

For some strange reason they expect lesbians to be cool with that? I just reminded them that I got my first period at 11 and that's some pedo shit

No. 671595

Close set eyes are grotesque. Girls that look like slayyyter or whatever her name is are beyond clapped.

No. 671596

Colonization is an act of progressivism, decolonization is an act of conservatism. Leftists got the most backwards ass mindsets.

No. 671597

As someone from a culture that literally inherited homophobia from heavy Christian indoctrination during colonization, I'm going to have to disagree with that, lmao.

No. 671599

Is this a real thought you had? I promise you forcibly stripping nations of their native cultures to indoctrinate them into a Western standard is not progressive.

No. 671600

Not sure how unpopular this is, but Asia has some of the best cuisines. Unfortunately, being from the Midwest, I don't encounter authentic Asian food too often, but when I do, it's always pleasant. I definitely need to dabble more in South Asian and West Asian food more though.

No. 671602

I absolutely hate how those long acrylic/gel nails are a bad bitch/badass symbol now. Bad bitch my ass, you can't even make a fist properly.

No. 671607

But she's part Lebanese, what are you on about?

No. 671608

Christian indoctrination is another culture trying to spread their religious beliefs onto yours, that's an act of progressivism. I'm saying this in a case where progressivism becomes toxic. Conservatism would be when Christianity wouldn't be pushed into your culture and your culture would stay preserved.
You're applying a modern view of progressivism and conservatism into your statement, which is why it doesn't make sense. People wouldn't be colonized if they kept to themselves, which is conservative.

No. 671621

I disagree with both of your statements. You're using the word "spread" loosely here. In cases of colonization, natives are expected/forced to adopt the new religion and culture. The Conquistadors were not merely "spreading" their religion to Aztecs to be progressive; they killed them if they didn't adopt Christianity. The reason we use the modern interpretations of progressivism and conservatism is because they have their respective connotations for a reason. Conservatism, in plain terms, is by nature traditionalist, but when you add the cultural component that is consistent with colonization, you have to factor in the intent of the act. Spreading one's own views with the intention of making others assimilate to your own values would be fundamentalist/conservative on the grounds that it adheres to your own personal beliefs that you want to be the rule of the land everywhere.

No. 671630

i don't understand why they're even a thing. long nails are very unsanitary. dead skin, food residue, and other particles get trapped under them. it makes my skin crawl to see people with those ridiculous acrylic talons eating in public.

No. 671639

MTFs look better that FTMs.

No. 671644

This, but I also think they're just ugly af.

Only with filters. Outside digital space they're both ugly in their own ways.

No. 671645

This has to be a cope. FtMs generally pass much better, and often look like cute tomboys or twinks pre-HRT.
Unless you're just trying to say you're attracted to masculine people attempting to present as feminine, regardless of whether they succeed or not.

No. 671646

I crush on FTMs all the time, to the point where I might be dealing with a fetish for big clit butch women

No. 671651

It's an obvious bait, anon.

No. 671652

I'm saying that MTFs at least try to look like a beautiful woman while FTMs just turn into butterfaced, girly incel and call it a day.

No. 671653

I see the resident scrote is baiting well today and people are biting. Anons, love yourselves and leave this little shit unnoticed.

No. 671666

I don't get how that post is spergy. A lot of men are like what >>671594 described, even the "normal" ones.

No. 671669

This makes me want to die. I want to think men don’t realize how young girls get their periods, but still, they know they’re getting them in their early teens so…they deserve death regardless.

No. 671679