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No. 649527

previous thread: >>529582

feel free to air your grievances about twitter (twat + shitter)

No. 649530

File: 1602140207955.png (251.1 KB, 599x470, andy-richter.PNG)

lowkey twitter is good for exposing celebrities who probably have women locked in their basement and 10TB of cp on their computer. one look at andy richter's twitter or patton oswalt's twitter and you can tell they're hiding something

No. 649532


Where is that meme which says "Pedophiles are using this symbol to signal each other and disguise themselves from the others" or something similar and the symbol is the Twitter blue checkmark? Google doesn't help at all

No. 649534

File: 1602140896218.jpg (127.58 KB, 720x626, 463.jpg)


Nvm found it, why is it so funny

No. 649536

Take your pills

No. 649760

File: 1602166125500.png (44.81 KB, 300x279, NO.png)

what makes kpoppies like this

No. 649775

What? He’s a cat boy with a vagina? I wish someone could translate that and send it to him.

No. 649782

File: 1602167554617.jpg (35.85 KB, 320x319, 60abb68a7b68462feeb9d162730614…)


Why so many hybrid Jimin fanfiction? Why Jimin? Why hybrids?

No. 649786

File: 1602167707320.jpeg (27.62 KB, 500x396, images (22).jpeg)

No. 649787

I can't imagine how surreal it must be to see these things written about yourself
But this made me wonder, are korean kpop fans like this too? like do they write porn about them? do they know about the existence of abo and catboys?

No. 649789

>do they write porn about them? do they know about the existence of abo and catboys?
you don't want to know

No. 649790

I hate this. I dont get it. Why Jimin. Why is it always bts fans.. this is some level of insanity i never want to reach.

No. 649791

File: 1602167986559.jpg (48.94 KB, 479x629, 1827as8eh299182ae97a9e.jpg)

No. 649792

I really want the k-pop thread back, I'm not that much into the music, I just want to point and laugh at the fandom retardation without having to spam other threads

No. 649793

It's honestly just insane ass tumblr people, (probably underaged too.) I'm all for expressing yourself through writing, but this shit is some next level disturbing. I dont get it

No. 649795

I miss the kpop thread for the laughs and lurking. I just want a containment thread to see what the fuck is happening now a days. I think containment threads are good for that reason.

No. 649800

Why is Jimin always the ultimate bottom who gets abused? Do people hate Jimin that much? Or is he so boring that people use him as self-insert? Why is he always some random animal hybrid? I’m so, so confused, I’ve never payed too much attention to the k-pop hell and now I can see that it is a different type of hell than what I expected.

No. 649804


>or is he so boring that people use him as self-insert

I think that one's the most likely explanation, exacerbated by the fact that he's the shortest and "girliest" looking

No. 649810

The kpop threads on cc are so fucking chaotic, more so than the threads that were on lc. Some anon cursing and hexing other anons for thinking her oppa was ugly.

No. 649821

File: 1602169644100.jpg (61.76 KB, 392x381, mento ilness.jpg)


Imagine unironically believing in magic AND being a K-pop stan. Like, pick a struggle

No. 649826

File: 1602169854933.png (16.2 KB, 745x190, srs bsns.png)


No. 649834

Who has this much time to even ponder about shit like this? Or even thinking their take is of any significance.

No. 649840

File: 1602170365307.jpeg (270.99 KB, 1125x497, B137C6D0-7C6B-4955-9AE5-47140C…)

sooo pronouns don’t matter in terms of gendering or classifying someone as one thing or another. if only the trannies could come out and say their she/her pronouns are there to denote that they simply draw inspiration from women

No. 649847


I just noticed the k-pop pfp, i'm dying

why does it always come back to k-pop

No. 650103

File: 1602179735521.jpg (91.56 KB, 564x564, 4d9796b4eb0843e928b750412670f3…)

No. 650104

File: 1602179790470.jpg (28.72 KB, 256x256, download (40).jpg)

in other words this bitch was born in america

No. 650158

File: 1602181583080.jpeg (317.36 KB, 750x748, 62A7A61C-2056-4C20-B5EB-3FD079…)

>nya / nyas
I hope this isn't an adult…

No. 650163

this person probably isn’t even old enough to remember 2009

No. 650173

nvm that's definitely like an 11 year old
are kids this young even allowed on twitter

No. 650177

How is this actual child into a dead webcomic from 2009

No. 650178

> 2009 vibes
you were 4 in 2009…

No. 650181

I worry for kids raised on the internet

No. 650219

>if only the trannies could come out and say their she/her pronouns are there to denote that they simply draw inspiration from women
This is actually gold. Thank you, anon.
>"You're not a woman, you're woman-inspired"

No. 650224

Probably born in 2009

No, the minimum age is 13. But I know that didn't stop me from signing up to 13/16/18+ websites when I was 10 so it's definitely not going to stop kids now.

Trannies are woman-inspired, that's perfect, gonna use that from now on

No. 650226

File: 1602183292941.gif (1.4 MB, 500x275, 2a867141c8a9e9659d51e16e8921b4…)

>kids talking about your high school graduation year like it's ancient history

No. 650254

this is the worst image i've ever seen, thank you. suicide material

someone please get this fucking kid off twitter they look like they're 10, i can't even tell what gender they are because this kid hasn't even started developing a smidge of secondary sex characteristics. what the hell?

No. 650280

Why do pigshit thick Americans think that they are connected to places they’ve never lived because their descendents of people who were?

No. 650285

File: 1602185623660.jpeg (333.58 KB, 567x1029, AB78A7F0-9DDC-4C57-8B54-F63239…)


Many such cases….

No. 650287

This reminds me of witch twitter having a shitfit over "omg these edgy nu witches cursed the moon! And Apollo is mad you hurt his sister!"
It's always Hellenis. Always

No. 650288


>they make me feel so nice

imagine being so self-absorbed you completely miss the point of third person pronouns, it's not for your personal validation, but to make it easier for people to refer to you

No. 650291

Holy shit I snorted at this hard

Each day I'm happier that admin decided to nuke the k-pop threads here

No. 650313

It's the narcissism.
In all seriousness, how do these people think neopronouns would work in non-english languages? The most retarded take I've seen so far from someone on tumblr with cat neopronouns is that people in China should "draw" a cat when referring to her. Again, it's the narcissism. No concern for anyone else but themselves.

No. 650359

key this is hilarious. My language is not gendered at all, which probably pisses gender retards off so much

No. 650362

Neopronouns are utterly retarded, you just made me wonder how it would be like in a language like Spanish or French
>Miau me dijo que miau mamá miau pega
>Miau y Fae se van a casar la semana que viene
>Miaou était très contemiaou
>Quand miaou est ennuyemiaou miaou est tristmiaou
They would probably die mad dealing with actually gendered languages.

No. 650364

File: 1602188920086.png (29.54 KB, 742x151, image_2020-10-08_163004.png)

gen z is so based ! yaaas kween !!!!!111

No. 650365

>synonym for bimbo

No. 650368

Imagine preferring being called a bimbo than being called a radfem.

No. 650376

best part is this is probably a minor brainwashed by the trans cult into thinking saying shit like this is normal and not a warning sign

No. 650384

>synonym for bimbo
next level retardation

No. 650392

why would there being another insult for women be 'cool'?

No. 650402

File: 1602190148837.png (16.77 KB, 1167x515, dr phil ranch asap.png)

>synonym for bimbo
>obsessed with shipping zim characters
>D0UBL3Z DNI in bio
>pic related
Twitter actually causes brainrot

No. 650408

Notice how she literally uses she/her… Wtf is the point anymore . "zimz" why the fuck did tumblr immigrate to twitter ffs.

No. 650409

>why the fuck did tumblr immigrate to twitter ffs
Porn ban

No. 650416

File: 1602190804330.png (114.68 KB, 740x419, image_2020-10-08_170007.png)

twitter is great because its a cesspool of the internet so other social media can finally start to mellow out. eventually tiktok will be fully migrated there, i'm sure jack had this in mind.
also i love the trigger warnings kpop fans use. idk why they said tw rape…

No. 650431

When you're bake sale kin

No. 650465

File: 1602195226799.png (95.23 KB, 590x832, twittertrash.PNG)

Every tweet in this thread except the op one got progressively more awful

No. 650468


Pick one

No. 650478

These are not mutually exclusive, hypersexuality is caused by trauma or hormone imbalances, it has nothing to do with sexuality or attraction.

No. 650479

You lost me the moment you implied asexuality was real

No. 650482

Idk i can’t find a better label for myself when i have no interest in sex or masturbation.

No. 650485

So are you telling me that an Asexual, a person who feels no sexual attraction to anyone and has a low libido, Can also be hypersexual? Which is someone addicted to sex? How? Enlighten me.

No. 650489

Yeah, it will be a form of self harm derived from trauma?
Having sex when you don’t want to for validation or addiction is self harm.

No. 650492

Which means selling nudes on Onlyfans and receiving sexual messages is not a coping mechanism, just a way to torture oneself.

No. 650496

Yeah that was the whole point of the screenshot being posted?
I didn’t disagree with that, just that the other anon said that an asexual person can’t be hypersexual, since hypersexuality is a health issue not a sexuality.

No. 650513

First anon here.

Thank you for explaining this, I was sceptical about this because I often see people that go insane after being asked like >>650485 did, it feels dishonest to me when people go full defensive after one question and I never got an answer, so thank you for answering!

No. 650521

No problem! I feel like people get very defensive because its hard to admit that hypersexuality is damaging as it really is, specially if someone could be considered asexual, it ironically seems to be a taboo subject in sex posi spaces lol

Its very saddening to see self harm like that being normalized behind a yass queen werk!! façade, hypersexuality is very emotionally damaging, ruins relationships and messes up your relationship with your body, it should be treated not praised.

No. 650591

One thing I’ve noticed is that troons, self hating sex workers, idiots in general all say that it took [their age] years to figure themselves out

No. 650684

it's called being a normal person and probably stressed/depressed

No. 650699

I was just gonna say that.. I cant believe in 2020 people are still into Homestuck

No. 651804

File: 1602308093855.jpeg (263.16 KB, 1611x695, 7EAAB3B1-16B3-4703-B60E-998E7F…)

No. 651807

but I /am/ poor communities, that's why I'm shopping at Goodwill and trying to hock used Abercrombie on ebay

No. 651809

I mean its true, in alot of bigger cities like LA and San Fran poor people can’t thrift shop anymore because the shops have raised their prices thru the roof due to it being trendy and cool.

No. 651811

oh that's fucked up, nvm
haha, flyovers for once

No. 651813

Based and true

No. 651818

Im really happy to see them being tumblrized because while it may wreak havoc on some naive souls , hopefully it will make a bigger amount fucking quit shitter

No. 651866

(Rant because this shit is annoying to me)
That buzzword tho. Gentrifying by buying clothes (practically infinite inventory that is given to the store for free) at the set price and blaming the people who need that little extra income instead of shops who jack up prices on the trendy brands because they want more money. Do people not understand that most clothes donated are sent to landfills and clothes aren’t unattainable? I don’t see an issue with more people cycling through the used clothing that’s already produced instead of buying new shit.
Sourcing decent clothing and listing it for sale is also a huge time sink and every place I’ve gone to it’s practically impossible to find anything worth the time to examine and research. It’s not like actual wealthy people or people with full time jobs are camping out at the bins and thrift shops to dig through stained torn up fast fashion to snatch up all the fancier shit and leave rags for the rest of us. It’s so easy to get good deals on those reselling platforms also because people are desperate to declutter so again there’s no shortage of ways to get clothing. I don’t see a problem that someone might happen to sell something to a willing buyer for a mutual benefit.

No. 651874

>It’s not like actual wealthy people or people with full time jobs are camping out at the bins and thrift shops to dig through stained torn up fast fashion to snatch up all the fancier shit and leave rags for the rest of us.
This. Bitter poorfags who really think well off people are there hogging all the quality stuff instead of, you know, buying it new with the money they have. The only hockers I've known have always been low income people who are doing it because they need the extra money so bad they're willing to go through that extra hassle.

No. 651901

I think the constant e-begging I see on Twitter might be the thing that makes me drop it. It started during BLM protests where people were (rightfully and kindly) donating to bail funds and funeral drives… it's like troons got a whiff of the monies in the air and decided that them and their mothers all suddenly needed gofuckme's for their gender reassignment surgeries. Can't go a day without seeing a paypal link on my TL.

No. 651940

File: 1602329868523.png (544.72 KB, 1424x1228, 1602065800254.png)

Troons: "did you just assume my gender?" jokes are not funny and literally no trans person actually acts like that!!

Also troons:

No. 652062

File: 1602343344707.png (34.22 KB, 596x262, twitterthrifting.PNG)

I don't find stuff like this that bad, because of what >>651809 said, but I find the whole "don't buy oversized clothes while thrifting cause you are stealing from fatties!!" thing that always comes up in twitter thrifting discourse insufferable. I wish I could find this chick's tweet where she said she wanted to walk up to a thin girl at her thrift store and smack and oversized sweater out of her hand, but this is another example.

No. 652068

thrift stores in my old city were being paid off to raise prices by fast fashion shops like f21. there was a huge scandal about it.

No. 652069

>hypersexuality is a health issue not a sexuality
Agree, but a lack of sexual interest isn't a sexuality either, especially when considering your own logic.

No. 652072

this reply made me kek, truly the longest way to say "I'm an American".

This has been the case where I live as well. Most of the time it's much cheaper or equally priced to get fast fashion crap than to thrift. Like buying a worn out, second-hand non-brand blouse might go for 10 euros while you could get a new one from H&M for the same price. Thrifting used to be an efficient way to save money back when clothes weren't polyester crap produced with slave labor in Bangladesh. Sometimes you might find nice shoes for cheap but never in your own size.

No. 652077

How so? Lack of sexual attraction does not have negative impacts in someone’s mental and physical health, and sexuality is basically defined by WHO you want to fuck, someone wants no fuck no one therfore asexual.
Im going to strawman myself here but Im not depressed, don’t have any traumas and im fairly healthy, not a virgin or a teenager either, I still have no interest in sex and don’t enjoy it or masturbation at all, I can’t call myself straight or lesbian or bisexual because im not interested in men or women sexually at all, im not interested in anyone.

No. 652113

Nayrt but as an asexual do you actually care about asexuality being included in the pride flag and lgbt+ ?
For what it's worth I agree with you about asexuality being valid as there have always been people who are genuinely happy living asexually, however there will also be many people who are actually just suffering low libido for whatever medical or psychological who may latch onto the label because it feels better than trying to find out how they are "broken". And then you get the demisexual aromantics.
Imo I don't have a problem with asexuality, but I can see why others argue over it.

No. 652133

Agreed. If someone feels no sexual attractions or desires and is content with it, I'm happy for them, but I'm concerned about the number of farmers I've seen who genuinely think that routine sexual stimulation isn't important to one's physical and mental health. It's been proven to be beneficial for the physical functions of both sexes.

No. 652156

But I kinda don’t? I don’t care for the sex of the person I have relationship with because im not interested in having sex at all, ive had female partners as well.
Those are all very valid points, I also see alot of autistic people identifying as asexual when they probably just have sensory issues due to their autism.
Its a hard subject because people get veeery defensive when it comes to stuff like trauma or being told they have a health issue, and also because other asexuals don’t want to be the asshole gatekeeper lol, I completely understand how it can come off as a fake sexuality.

As for the LGBT flag and pride in general, look no one is getting kicked out of their family home for not wanting sex, or beat up on the street, sexual assault does happen rarely when you say “I don’t like sex EVER” but its more of an issue of being around people who don’t respect you in general, it feels nice to go to pride and shit and asexuality should be talked about for clarity and awareness sake but it doesn’t have to be as important as other LGBT topics.

Cue in my gynecologist saying I should at least do pelvic floor excercises and use those balls because muscle atrophy is a real fucking thing and very dangerous.

No. 652164

Because it's quite literally the opposite of hypersexuality, which you explained is not a sexuality. I'm not saying you're mentally ill, I'm saying from my perspective you conform to gender preferences (traditional sexuality) without the libido. How is it a sexuality in itself and not just a descriptor?

I'm definitely not trying to argue of invalidate anyone. I just think you don't need to identify with perceivably trivial labels to be a complete and worthy human being. I'm cool with asexuals but I agree with your point some are probably struggling. What I meant predominantly by that post was I disagree with missguided assumption it's a unique sexuality or a necessary label.

That's definitely a concern, one that goes both ways. There's a middle ground which I think most people need to feel balanced mentally. Seen plenty of coomer anons here who care way too much about other people devoting their existence to things other than cooming too.

Repost because it's 5am and I didn't read shit properly soz

No. 652167

Soz for samfag but I'm not claiming being straight is the only traditional sexuality. The first 3 letters of LGBTQ-whatever the fuck it is now have been applied since time immemorial.

If it makes you happy calling yourself that, I unironically hope it brings you joy. I just have a different opinion on the legitimacy of it being a sexuality.

No. 652211

File: 1602355341716.jpg (23.3 KB, 750x120, tumblr_a4ffbb1463ff005cd3bc57f…)

No. 652250

I just hate how it seems normalized and almost like it's required to be "sassy", "sarcastic" or, what it really is most of the time, to be constantly out for confrontation, condescending and over the top rude as soon as people join the platform. It seems like twitter's culture at this point. I get being a bitch on imageboards just because you can and because it's contained exclusively there, but twitter is almost like a social media, people attach their identities with it and get personal. It's like those early 00s boomers psa's (when internet-addiction was still something that was warned of) where people forget that there are also people on the other side of the screen.

No. 652276

I think their interpretation is radically feminine = bimbo(you know, because that's what being feminine is about), which is even worse.

No. 652303

Does the OP image look like Sonic the hedgehog or is it just me

No. 652308

File: 1602363861051.png (59.27 KB, 591x564, coomerade.PNG)

Ah yes, the real priority America should have in 2020

No. 652320

Ok, so porn that the proletariat decided was appropriate to create and distribute. This is so nonsensical.

No. 652448

I'm so tired with (some) americans obsession with communism. Yeah it's cool in theory but I beg you, look at ANY country that tried.

No. 652455

As someone who lives next to Russia I agree. The people who support straight out communism are usually leeches anyway, they think that once glorious communism gets implemented they get to laze around with everything coming to them with absolutely no effort. When in reality they would be assigned a shitty position and forced to work there each day to contribute to society while earning no money but instead calculated rations with only the essentials handed out. Their hedonistic asses would be even more miserable.

No. 652471

A lot of people out here simping for communism are more likely than not middle class and have been treated fairly when asking for government assistance because they are seen as "useful" members of society. It's only when you are in poverty and lower class, the government does the bare minimum in helping you and asking for assistance requires more steps and limitations correlating to your wealth, basically if you start getting back on your feet, they will initiate a cycle that will bring you back down to poverty.

No. 652543

THIS. Communism is shit, and everyone who supports it has clearly never worked a shit job for meager pay and been told to be grateful for it while your efforts and profits go to someone else. That's literally communism, your work makes money for everyone else, who is just as bad off as you.

No system exists in this world where the working class have as much as the ruling class, and that's by design. The closest you coild ever hope to get to functioning communism/socialism is if taxes were used for their intended purpose.

No. 652764

>sex work will work under communism and absolutely will not be exploited trust me guys
>bluh bluh bluh i don't have any arguments sub to my onlyfans xoxo
so what? is the state going to have to pay for trannies to show off their cone tits and atrophied penises? kek
>m-muh CIA sabotage of course it didn't work!! the USA sabotaged everything!! it's just propaganda!!
As a third worlder I just don't listen to any first worlders talking about communism. This apparently triggers any commie I talk to because they immediately start talking about how Brazil and South America were sabotaged by the USA, and I'm just like, sorry your mommy and daddy didn't renew your discord nitro subscription. What the hell?

No. 652855

Twitter Stans is a mistake. Kpop , hollywood Actor/Actress,western Musician, you name it.
I just want twitter collect these account and transfer it another server or something.

No. 652864


blue checkmarks are still worse tho. at least stans can be entertaining in their own retarded way

No. 652902

>sorry your mommy and daddy didn't renew your discord nitro subscription
Based, anon

No. 652918

This is so funny oh my god

No. 652922

No. 653006

File: 1602451451928.jpg (121.65 KB, 946x2048, audacity.jpg)

She literally just posted a photo of herself and this 2/10 scrote just rates her. Also, there're a bunch of pickmes and scrotes in the comments talking about how he's entitled to have his opinion

No. 653009

No. 653039

File: 1602454536377.jpg (92.79 KB, 719x295, Screenshot_20201011-231537_Chr…)

And there we have it.

No. 653041

Ah yes, let me insult you but then i will tell you that you’re totally pretty because of how insecure I am, I won’t say I’m sorry though.
It’s basically the “I’m sorry I offended you” type of tactic.

No. 653042

Isn't there an entire practice dedicated to that with PUA?

No. 653043

The scenecore community had discourse recently about nya / nyaself pronouns being offensive / appropriation of Japanese people. I love seeing these dipshits eat each other alive

No. 653060

I think shes very beautiful. She has a unique but still pretty face unlike whatever shooped wig-wearing e-thot the scrotes jack their necrotic dick to these days

No. 653069

File: 1602458612859.png (47.99 KB, 590x462, showmewhereiasked.png)

These comments are legit so enraging, holy shit. This girl's selfie is so "revealing" (it's a photo of her face) so she's clearly begging for slimy men to objectify her? Nani the fuck.

It's absolutely depressing how many people actually think like this. This pickme has a photo of herself up too, does that mean I'm welcome to objectify her as well? What an abhorrent fucking attitude.

No. 653151

File: 1602464940040.png (89.15 KB, 583x406, 0.PNG)

No. 653194

File: 1602468325335.jpeg (336.18 KB, 738x720, 44F10597-2775-40FC-9EC0-B9D9DE…)

when incels try and get "intellectual", and some just post shitty scrote memes

No. 653228

Saw this tweet and the backlash on my tl this afternoon, feel so bad for this girl who just wanted to post a couple selfies

No. 653265

They're so fucking dense and stupid. It's incredible how when the scrote rates her because he's feeling brave, he's "entitled to his opinion", she does the same and doesn't receive the same treatment what the fuck. I can already predict these scrotes making it a trend to rate random girl's pictures and all the pickmes defending them

No. 653281

I hate the pickmes for defending a scrote that’s unnecessary in the genetic pool, he’s an absolute nobody and those retards will defend him for what? A crumb of phimotic dick? Asspats from other pickmes and scrotes?
Those fucking idiots need to know that neither Ryan, Brad, Phil nor Arthur or whoever’s dick they want to ride, will never pay attention to them just because they defended a fucking nobody asshat on Twitter.

No. 653295

File: 1602480203005.png (24.33 KB, 1416x1056, 6842d95cdc36b36d12e6a260c84b9f…)

Kill twitter. Kill twitter forever. Anyone else notice how the op image looks like Sanic. Yes very fitting of the pure autism twitter has inflicted upon greater society. If I had a time machine I would go back in a time and brutally murder tumblr before the cancer that is twitter could emerge from its cloaca.

No. 653323

Twitter is a psyop devised by Chris-Chan to make everyone as retarded as him… and it's working.

No. 653326

I love you lmao.

No. 653336

Love you too bitch

No. 653389

God, my hatred for men grows everyday.

No. 653404

God imagine posting an innocuous picture of yourself and someone insults you for literally no reason, causing a giant shitstorm. Twitter is like the worst things about Tumblr combined with the worst things about Reddit.

No. 656314

File: 1602765570153.png (813.57 KB, 588x1549, seraphine.png)

This whole Seraphine thing really is kinda weird. I don't mind social media managers joking between each other using brand accounts because having worked in marketing enviromnent I know it's usually real, genuine fun for everyone involved but things like this or for example, SunnyD's tweet "I can't do that anymore" from the past are kinda crossing the line of what - at least as for now - should be considered normal.

No. 656315

samefag, forgot to explain the context:
Seraphine is a new character from League of Legends game and this account is an official account used to roleplay as she's a real person to promote the game/character

No. 656320

I find it unsettling and a bit immoral tbh, how they are trying to get players attached to her by getting her to act like a real influencer who might speak to them or retweet their art, just to sell some skins.
I get that it's just marketing but it's kind of evil to take advantage of lonely people who take crumbs of "human" interaction through twitter, twitch or whatever.

No. 656339

Wow, now that’s just creepy. What the fuck, it’s like those weird ass kinnie larps but people are taking it seriously.

No. 656367

Looking through the way her twitter is managed if not for pictures of a 3d model of the character it would never occur to me it's not a real person with a real life. Unsettling.

No. 656390

All the work for that champ, she has a ig a Twitter etc and she is only a Sona 2.0 sad.

No. 656437

I don't feel bad for people pathetic enough to fall for fake influencer marketing

No. 656640

They fucked over my main and copied her for this? I'm putting riot in a dumpster.

No. 656798


i know this is old but had this shit on among us today, someone asked another player if they were lesbian because they were called something like "redgirl" and then said "i'm nonbinary". she got killed in the first round kek

No. 657233

File: 1602861061039.jpg (25.49 KB, 828x427, twitter.jpg)

I'm surprised this has not been posted yet, but minor tinfoil. twitter has such a massive pedo problem because they enable it which is why they tweet shit like this.

No. 657255

but you can see the tweet they were responding too right below it?

No. 657261

ugh, atleast other websites have the decency PRETEND they care about the CP on their platform. when megalinks was at it's peak i went through the tag and mass reported everything i found (crying as i did so), got twitter replying about 48 hours later saying "thank you for reporting, we found this account did violate our community guidelines. thank you for keeping twitter safe!" but when i checked again the posts and accounts were still up so…. what did they do about it? nothing. just sent some stupid automated message to sedate me. yet when i report bots for nudity and spam they get taken down in hours.
absolutely disgusting.

No. 657264

samefag and this is completely uninteresting to anyone other than me but i deleted twitter last night because a new episode of a show i like came out and i do not want spoilers and yet im still getting twitter notifications!! aaghhhhhhhhhh.

No. 657276

Go to your settings and turn notifs off!

No. 657282

Sometimes I wonder if it’s some kind of FBI sting. Like we know they keep certain cp sites up and running so they can catch these disgusting freaks or so the story goes

No. 657288

File: 1602863229160.jpg (123.51 KB, 1666x905, Ej_9oEMXYAQCgZA.jpg)

OP won't deliver but I will, obviously it was completely innocent

No. 657302

File: 1602863983879.png (180.01 KB, 400x574, D3BEC059-DDBA-4E8E-845E-C684A6…)

Twitter discovers dark ambient music

No. 657305

File: 1602864016240.png (50.2 KB, 400x185, 6B635BBF-792A-4863-8764-E6780F…)

here’s more

No. 657309

HOLY SHIT 'trauma'? This is why I don't take it seriously when someone online says they have gone through traumatic experiences, this is the shit they consider traumatic.

No. 657320

histrionic personality disorder

No. 657325

Hahaha I am getting secondhand trauma. What's the account @ please.

No. 657328

File: 1602865498592.png (20.37 KB, 590x162, Przechwytywanie.PNG)

I couldn't find the comment so I thought it's trolling, but i've finally found it was posted by a twitter user @TessasTeaTime who seems to have deleted their account, but if you search for that name you'll see responses of people who interacted with that tweet and were VERY serious about it…. unless people are just larping, i dont know anything anymore

No. 657330

File: 1602865874777.png (15.46 KB, 594x128, huh.PNG)

not to be mean to some twitter rando but IMAGINE going to your parents and saying "Mom… dad… i'm PLURAL"

No. 657331

that's copypasta

No. 657333

it's private

No. 657336

I'm familiar with that faggot, isnt that a crazed "plural" with a thousand alters? I'm surprised she went private

No. 657345

I mean, that musical piece is pretty hard hitting but I wouldn't say traumatic. Maybe they just didn't have the words to describe what they felt and trauma was the closest? Bad choice of words still.

No. 657418

You're talking about negging?

No. 658574

I don't get this image, its bringing out emotions in me I can't understand, like is this left wing cringe or right wing cringe

No. 658575

Left wing

No. 658584

sage for super off topic but I live in a Islamic republic where the words of a 8th century Arab fantasy book is above everything else, I would much rather live in a communist shit hole then a Islamic shithole
I would rather the Entire Muslim world have embraced state communism or socialism but yanks had to ruin it by funding Islamists,
I mean fuck you supported a coup against our democratically elected socialist president and placed a Islamist dictator who brought such things as stonings and public whippings to Pakistan and my country stiff suffers from the after effects of a decade Islamists policy that were never changed

No. 658626

Based anon. I'm no fan of commies, but the US needs to gtfo of international affairs (like that will ever happen though).

No. 658659

State level Islam is cancer no matter how liberal it gets, we needed a communist state that utterly destroyed the faith

No. 658689

File: 1603039484853.jpg (103.72 KB, 830x553, download.jpg)

He tried to make it happen with the Non-Aligned Movement and then his whole country got ransacked after he died.

>tfw we should've listened

No. 658741

Related but
>tweets and accounts making fun of troons gets deleted immediately
>pedo shit gets to stay up

I’ll never forget running into an account that sold child sex dolls. I hate it here

No. 658752

File: 1603045734488.png (30.84 KB, 600x360, gggddd.PNG)

my retarded ass posted this in the old thread yesterday, anyway it's amazing how much woke culture benefits men, how dare women date who they want.
Tweets about what women are or are not doing with their bodies always get a lot of attention on twitter. Funny how when it's the opposite (telling men they are weird for not wanting transwomen or even telling men they "fatphobic" for no wanting fat girls) the comments are ALWAYS full of men telling the OP to fuck off.
These comments however are a circle jerk of rainbow flags, troons and even the odd straight men/lesbian, ALL complaining that women aren't dating/fucking how they want them too.
Crazy how men don't want to be dick watched by women, transwomen and trans men, but sure LOVE to clit watch, even the ones who don't even like women come in trying to talk shit.

No. 658757

Wouldn't fathom the thought of talking to a man that's slept with or is attracted to men outside of friendship.

No. 658766

File: 1603047115541.jpeg (377.16 KB, 1242x1763, FCBB49B6-BAD9-4B4E-8CF1-072DC0…)

This person is obnoxious as fuck but wasn’t the cannibal artist kidding?

Is she not aware that a lot of bi men are either nutjobs, degenerates or both? Gay men don’t even like them KEK but anything to seem woke I guess

No. 658770

Women need to stop being door mats and letting retards like this gaslight them into dating people they don’t want to.

No. 658780

No. 658784

The ethical cannibal artist was not joking lmao. I feel like it was just a coverup. They made so many tweets about eating people

No. 658810

I wonder if that's the mf that was posting here. The cannibal anon.

No. 658815

Good point, but gay men are MEN they are allowed to have preferences. Rather it's wanting magical straight men who fuck men, not wanting bisexual men or not wanting troons. I've seen men understand why gay men wouldn't want trans men more than they did Lesbians not wanting transwomen.
Not to mention troons get out of fucking eachother by saying,"It triggers my BD", yet fucking a woman with a vagina doesn't.

Everyone male is able to have a preference and it not seen as problematic.

No. 658817

Twitter / woke culture in general hates women if they’re not doing something to benefit or appeal to men

Want to get your tiddies out online? Sure go ahead!
Want a discussion about how sanitary products should be provided free to the poorest in society, just like condoms? Go fuck yourself you terf, condoms are only free because millions of gay men died during the AIDS crisis, it’s incomparable!!!1!

No. 658838

>wanting magical straight men who fuck men
I’ll never understand this fetish. What is it with them and straight men?

No. 658931

Maybe it has something to do with feeling "special"? Like they can attract a straight man and he "changes" for them

No. 658940

>Maybe it has something to do with feeling "special"?
Its exactly this. Its the exact same reason men are obsessed with fucking/converting lesbians.

No. 660116

File: 1603603486523.jpeg (196.46 KB, 750x882, 7BCA80B5-0B1D-45E1-B1AE-0F6806…)

No. 660117

>telling the OP to fuck off
Which is all every girl should do with insane scrotes like this kek

No. 660118

Lol this is kinda cute ngl I'm not even mad.

No. 660119

I hope it’s a joke.

No. 660120

What the fuck is a xenogender?

Anyway, cute moomin.

No. 660121

Any adult worshipping moomin in 2020 are legit autists

No. 660151

Virgin Twitter artist that immediately backtracks when people call them out for just thinking about buying bones vs. Chad Tumblr Witch who goes on the defense and calls people racist for saying they shouldn’t steal bones.

Twitter does Tumblr drama 4 years late and yet somehow manages to make it extremely boring.

No. 660166

File: 1603684180754.png (443.92 KB, 665x1104, shit discourse.png)

How does lolcow feel about americucks just finding out about the word gringo (lit. american/foreigner. can also mean white foreigner) because of Hetalia, and then immediately rushing to call it a slur, trampling and imposing their meaning of a word into another culture? Also I don't care about that faggot anime but I do have to mention this hashtag did spawn from Hetalia being revived.

No. 660167

File: 1603684227709.png (133.62 KB, 344x702, faggotry.png)

No. 660172


I was just waiting for /ot/ to get unlocked so I could post about this!

Anyways, I am actually quite glad that other countries are standing up for this sort of thing, not just for Hetalia, but for pretty much everything that the western wokefags choose to call ~Pwowematic~

It's seriously tirying when I can't enjoy something because some random person on the Internet comes to me and goes "Oh you little brainwashed poc wahman~ you seriously don't seem to understand how offensive this is for you, but don't fear! I will educate you on how do you have to behave and blah blah blah…"

Just shut up and let me enjoy my cute anime boys in peace!

No. 660187


Also, sorry for samefagging but I love how they deflect the blame here.

>Gringo is a term in spanish to make fun of Americans, and it's being use to let them know to stop with the hero complex

>"Th-those poor poor black people being oppresed by white Latinxs"

Because latinos are poc or white depending on the situation kek

No. 660190

I love how they play the victim " ir a WHITE latino You can't call me a gringo"

We are white for them when we call then out, but when they have to use us for woke points then we are poc

No. 660192

well, gringo is a slur, as "sudaca" is a slur in spain. latins (fuck that inclusive shit, isn't "latin" neutral enough already?) will call everything that comes from USA, Canada or that might look gringo enough will be called gringo, although the evidently over-usage of the word has soften the slur part of it. it's common to hear americans in South America calling themselves gringos. i wish these ignorant "woke" twats would shut up already with the word tinfoiling, pah.

No. 660207

>white latines
What did they mean by this?

Honestly this, loving how the same people screech and yell about wypipo appropriating sugar skulls or something but then this comes up and suddenly latinos are white.

No. 660218

I come from probably the most racist country in Latin America but no one here calls afroamericans "gringos". No one. Here it isn't a slur either, it's just used to refer to white people, mostly from Europe. It can be used as an insult, but it'll be towards non-latin white people, almost exclusively
This also reminds me of white people "educating" latinos for using "negro" to refer to black people. Negro it's just the spanish translation fot "Black", it isn't a slur per se, like the n-word. There were people "cancelling" J Balvin for having a song called "Negro" and he was just referring to the color. They're just so dumb, being an ignorant sjw like them might be exhausting

No. 660219

lots of south american people pass as white, yet we are still latinos. and gringo is not a slur smh. burgerfags don't know what else to bitch about. i would invite them to spend 24 hours on any latin american country and see what a difficult life is like. what true oppression is like

No. 660220

argentina? lol same

No. 660225


I mean it sometimes is used as a racial slur. I guess the counterargument is that it can also be used in a friendly tone, though you could have said the same thing about the N word a couple hundred years ago.

No. 660226

latino isn't a race, only amerifags think it is

No. 660228

Lots of South Americans pass as white, mostly because they ARE white. Latino isn’t a race. You can be both white and Latino. You can also be black and Latino.

No. 660229

You pass for white because you're the descendants of white colonizers who never left, so you guys ARE white. Reminds me of people saying Kat von D is a poc.

No. 660231

i know anon, im one of them. but every time i say im white, everyone gets their panties in a bunch (from both sides)

No. 660233

That's because they're dumb and dont know the bare minimum about your country and the American countinent as a whole, dont pay attention to them.

No. 660244

File: 1603741300734.jpg (55.29 KB, 649x680, yywEcjd.jpg)

I'll just leave this here…


No. 660245

No. 660246

>We are white for them when we call then out, but when they have to use us for woke points then we are poc
It's exactly like this, it's impressive. One moment I'm a poor brown person living in the middle of the jungle with macaws, but the other moment I'm a white latino crushing black americans under my heel? What the hell? I knew twitter sjws did not give a single fuck for any person living in a third world country, but this is something else. Now all the gringos are crying about muh first world issues
The "negro" discourse is truly the funniest shit to me. That rainbow six siege game had a huge confusion start because Spanish and Portuguese speaking players were getting banned for saying an item's name, "Espelho Negro" lit. "Black Mirror". We cannot even have our own language without asspained individuals trying to infiltrate it and tell us what our words mean.

No. 660247

File: 1603741360808.jpg (60.5 KB, 750x720, g8tRggU.jpg)


No. 660249

This is a parody right

No. 660250


No. 660254

I hope she's getting bullied

No. 660258

What kind of "I'm more special than everyone else and not like other girls!!!!11!" bullshit is this

No. 660260

ok this is just a joke, i'm like 95% sure it's making fun of "bi lesbians"

No. 660263

This has to be a troll.

No. 660264

Most SJWs are Americans, they're the same people who argue about whether non-Anglo Europeans are actually white while also saying that native north Africans are white oppressors that killed all the black people in Ancient Egypt. Don't bother trying to make any sense out of anything SJWs and anti-SJWs say.

No. 660265

File: 1603742481170.jpeg (688.36 KB, 1242x1514, 22ED2FE8-3503-45D9-9CA8-B3012D…)

It definitely is, but they’re RTing from real accounts with unironic retardo takes like this.

No. 660266

god the rena pfp

No. 660281


To be honest, I'm still not sure if is trolling or actually being serious, but either way, I thought it was pretty funny.

No. 660284

This is a different account that is legitimate, unfortunately.
>active since Nov 2014

No. 660361

File: 1603751266374.jpg (46.67 KB, 541x680, Z7LLuGH.jpg)


Same energy.

No. 661440

File: 1603880414821.jpg (47.39 KB, 720x347, Straightfacefish.jpg)

Makes me kek. Wasnt she everyones lord and saviour before?

No. 661442

What did I miss, where is this allegation coming from?

No. 661449

File: 1603882098912.jpg (Spoiler Image, 127.76 KB, 680x1430, quitbeingafagDD.jpg)

It's a stupid allegation, but it's from this drawing. I'm pretty sure it's been stated she was a minor when she made this too.
and it is indeed funny as fuck

No. 661452

oh samefag but i was wrong, she was actually 20

No. 661455

so, one drawing from 13 years ago when internet was a VERY different place, people are really grasping at straws.

No. 661465


The current moral panic would have all minors completely repress anything sexual until they turn 18. What could go wrong?

No. 661492

How is that related to an adult drawing lewd shit depicting underaged characters? Are we really defending adults sexualizing minors?

No. 661512


I read that she was 16 when she did that comic, I haven't seen any sauce on her being 20 other than anon asserting it. I can't research it myself because no joke, cartoon porn of minors is very illegal where I live.

No. 661665

File: 1603905022764.jpeg (179.87 KB, 750x712, 40733677-9FF1-4AAD-ABDC-AF1755…)

apparently this cunt is 19 and uses neopronouns which would explain her thin skin

No. 661667

File: 1603905093975.jpeg (137.55 KB, 750x526, D676E855-34FA-426B-AFF8-393B8C…)

No. 661671

>use it without knowing the meaning
No we know, delusional schizo retard

No. 661683

I do hate when people say shit like
"omg you are actually, literally being psychotic right now!"
Based on someone raising their voice or some shit. Not because it's ableist but because it's something dramatic retards say

No. 661808

>appeals to woke crowd
>they turn on her
Every time.

No. 661926


I'm not so sure that's true. It's pretty hard to turn a blind eye to it but most of them are doing a convincing job of that.

No. 662566


This bi/pan/mspec/straight lesbian junk gets my blood boiling. If I can find the exchange again I'll post the screenshot, but someone asked "can lesbians be attracted to men?" and someone in the responses had the fucking gall to say "yes because men can be feminine"

No. 662570

File: 1603992727410.png (21.5 KB, 575x217, Capture.PNG)

the consequences of publicly engaging in…what, steven universe? she-ra? these people need to go outside

No. 662584

I hate this shit. Remember some retard saying something along the lines of the term lesbian can mean what you want it to be stop dictating others sexualities!!! Also the phrase “stop dictating others sexualities” is the most repeated phrase every, they always say it.

No. 662587

File: 1603993535076.jpg (101.47 KB, 720x859, aids.jpg)

Show me your best surprise face, anons.

No. 662589

File: 1603993569301.jpg (93.01 KB, 686x1024, aids2.jpg)

No. 662591

I think it means Hetalia or South Park or something like that

No. 662622

I think it may be as well because CN just released a (very cringy) anti-racism PSA where Garnet makes a shippy comment about two kids who just met

No. 662791


… did they HAVE to use Steven Universe for this? Like, regarless of my own opinions, no one at CN thought it was a bad idea, like make a short about 2 boys getting all lovey dovey, when people have Sugar under the radar for her Ed Edd and Eddy drawings.

Also, the ~Use your privilege to help~ message in the tweet, totally a good thing to send to the kids!1!!!!1 NO

No. 662836

File: 1604013701224.jpeg (130.61 KB, 720x1440, Eldhs-0VMAAl2bL.jpeg)

This actually makes my blood boil. These men are so fucking transparent

No. 662844


They talk about rape and murder so calmly like if they lack of any sort of empathy.

No. 662848

Implying that the revolution requires rape….?

No. 662893

are twitter commies unable to experience human emotion?

No. 662894

I hate twitter commie dudebros so much, holy shit

No. 662904

Am I bugging? I know late response but I'm pretty sure gringo is what Hispanics sometimes call white people. Its not the nicest word i think but not like calling a black person the n-word. This coming from a white Hispanic who was called that growing up surrounded by Dominicans and Puerto Ricans that was tanner with curlier hair or black Hispanic.

These Twitter people really look dumb and don't know shit.

No. 663788

File: 1604147359156.jpg (143.09 KB, 591x753, 97867.jpg)

Black male culture is garbage to begin with but when they are weebs too it becomes insufferable.

No. 663791

Being a greasy, obnoxious and annoying male otaku is a pretty universal thing, different languages and races won't prevent them from bothering female nerds for not being as greasy as they are. It's the exact same behavior as these Japanese guys complaining about fujoshi and creating the word, or "hardcore" gamers all over the planet.

No. 663794

I thought the whole 'fake geek girl' thing died

No. 663795

It never died, it's just less visible online because of women telling men to fuck off with this meme in the early 2010s. If you go on some imageboards you'll dee a lot more shit

No. 663796

It came back mostly among black folks because more and more attractive black women are doing cosplay and talking about anime and it really pisses off black guys who watch generic shit like Jojo.

No. 663798

I can't understand this. It's so innately bizarre to me to shit your pants "R-rebecca sugar is a LITERAL pedophile" because of edgy ed edd and eddy smut she drew in her teens. What the hell? You really believe that? Are the anons entertaining this twitterfags themselves?

No. 663808

File: 1604149290731.jpg (50.4 KB, 439x680, EgOCHDUXoAUXimV.jpg)

No. 663809

why do men still act like being a weeb is some achievement to gatekeep? it's like I still know you're addicted to hentai, kek. Anons, you haven't cringed till you heard dudes reference hentai and the most basic anime memes irl… it wasn't just white guys either. truly a universal illness

No. 663810

They have a trauma from being bullied in high school by other men and they lash out on women because scrotes will never admit that men have a problem

No. 663812

that's a flex? embarrassing
the irony is that girl weebs and fujos have always existed. Did these guys not notice or did they think they deserved to be bullied instead?

No. 663813

Why do men act like this only happened to them? If u watched anime at all u were a laughing stock in middle school…

No. 663820

Hypocrisy and misogyny maybe. I know some guys judged the girls for being ugly or awkward while being that way themselves. Meanwhile we know they hate fujoshis, who aren't cultured enough to drool over the most depraved hentai like them. Being a girl somehow makes it different to them I guess, they only have their own backs

No. 663821

Like most men they don't see fujoshis or awkward women as women because they're not attractive enough, and to men only the women they want to fuck matter. The moment they see a beautiful woman being into cosplay and anime they go full incel mode.

No. 663853

the blatant misogyny is obviously stupid, but also unsurprising. speaking as a young millennial, it is a bit jarring how much the cultural tide shifted in favor of nerdom, especially in the last decade. being really into anime, japanese shit, vidya, and the internet all used to be viewed in an extremely unbecoming and unusual light. even by the time i was in college, anime was still viewed by most as those weird chinese cartoons, and the vast majority of vocal enthusiasts were still just stereotypical gross weeaboos and disgruntled neckbeards, very much making it a boys' club. the older you got, the more hard pressed you were to find women who wanted to associate with this weird, unwelcoming crowd, even if they were interested in the same things. nerd shit has always been extremely misogynistic and hostile towards women, so the hot take in the picture is an attitude that's been carried over. it's not as woke to hate women in your hobby anymore, but the attitude never went away despite nerd shit becoming a mainstream interest.

i do think there are more clout seeking thots than ever reaching for popularity and attention amongst desperate men– and now, given nerdom's mainstream success, fame, as well– who have latched onto this formerly niche hobby/subculture, but women with genuine interest have always outnumbered them, even if silently, and will continue to do so.

No. 663854

This argument is so tired. Any time a girl or woman talks about anime, here come these motherfuckers to quiz us, call us attention seekers (and then break out into a long-winded spiel about how they used to get bullied…oh the irony), or to call our tastes mid/subpar. What they fail to realize is, in actuality, they got bullied because they were fucking weird outside of their interest in anime. Girls and women have always been fans of anime, but they don't make it their personality like these musty ass dudes.

No. 663860


No. 663868

I bet this bitch only watched Naruto Shippuden and DBZ with the American dubs and thinks that makes him an actual cultured nerd.

No. 663873

They're not nerdy enough to interact with axtual fujoshi irl and online, they're the fake nerdy guys all along.

No. 663878

Wait, who are these characters? It's ugly as fuck

No. 663887

from a kids show called ed, edd, and eddy

No. 663909

although I was quiet, I was largely ignored by everyone in early highschool for my interests in video games and anime. too weird for the girls, but also too ugly for the boys that actually shared my interests.

hate those types

No. 663922

I don't get this sentiment. There are entire genres of anime and manga targeted to young girls and women. Many famous anime and manga series were written by women. It was always common to see girls discussing anime online on forums, creating fansites, making fanart, making AMVs, etc. I genuinely don't see how somebody can think that girls never watched anime until now unless they're completely ignorant.

Gamers, weebs, and geeks with persecution complexes are so annoying.

No. 663924

I hate how men like to pretend something is ruined just because girls like it.

No. 663925

Men don't have to even notice the existence of women because it never threatens them. Women always have to be aware of being women when we are around men. It's only when it's extremely attractive woman doing something they notice "wow female".

No. 663985

They don't actually care about manga and anime as a whole despite describing themselves as anime and manga fans, usually they only care about anime adaptations of manga from the Shonen Jump magazine, and if you're really lucky enough, that includes things older than BNHA that aren't One Piece, Naruto and DBZ (never Dragon Ball though, for some reason). Whenever I see these people online trying to question me I ask them questions about classic insanely popular shojo manga and they don't even know them. You could talk about Ai Yazawa and they'd be absolutely clueless.

Men who actually know about different genre and authors usually don't give a shit or are happy to share their hobbies with other regardless of gender ime, I talked to many guys who genuinely recommended me series and I'd do the same in return, those were fun conversations, usually in anime cons. The only time I've seen this shit in a con was when a bunch of talented girls were selling prints of Fire Emblem characters and some guy wouldn't stop asking if they were real fans and were asking stupid obscure questions on the series and the girls couldn't convince him to fuck off. This is despite the fact that these games were so popular with girls from the very beginning that there are many Ogma/Navarre doujinshi out here that are way older than the vast majority of fans. I've aso met too many men who think they're hardcore games for playon CoD and FIFA and who had NO clue about insanely famous series like Street Fight, Resident Evil, Pokemon or Final Fantasy or whatever the fuck.

No. 663990

Yeah that's because you watched DBZ and Naruto exclusively you fucking faggot

No. 663999

File: 1604171967786.jpg (57.49 KB, 331x591, 755564.jpg)

This guys really just hates black women

No. 664000

Tbh I kinda get it. I used to be the weird kid for watching anime too and now it's cool and mainstream.

No. 664002

Yeah but he’s saying “females” when this yard looks like he JUST started watching anime himself and only the popular ones,

No. 664003

Ok but how is it a female thing? Normie males hopped on the trends too

No. 664009

Don't worry, I still think you're weird for watching cartoons as an adult.

No. 664012

>What they fail to realize is, in actuality, they got bullied because they were fucking weird outside of their interest in anime. Girls and women have always been fans of anime, but they don't make it their personality like these musty ass dudes.
This lol. Incels get so triggered seeing girls enjoy the same nerdy interests while also being attractive and actually having a life unlike them. Men are so one-track minded I swear.

No. 664025

mfers say they are otakus yet not know what the Year 24 group is

No. 664029

Didn't Megan Thee Stallion talk about liking Inuyasha since she was a kid?
I really think it's more that this entire generation kind of grew up with anime in their lives, so of course newer, younger artists will openly embrace it more.
The only ones who come off as fake to me are those who've been in the industry since forever and are only just now jumping on the bandwagon.
These scrotes are just mad because some women have the nerve to be attractive, not in a relationship with them and not be broke and while enjoying anime.

>Whenever I see these people online trying to question me I ask them questions about classic insanely popular shojo manga and they don't even know them. You could talk about Ai Yazawa and they'd be absolutely clueless.
Basically this. I've seen some men try to weasel out of this situation by saying "N-No, I only watch good anime, heh". Nice try, fake fan.

No. 664069

>I've seen some men try to weasel out of this situation by saying "N-No, I only watch good anime, heh"
Imagine the meltdown that would happen if you replied like this to a scrote quizzing you about Nerutu Sand Ninjas, My Litle Sister Can't Be This Pedo or some other waifu bait.

No. 664081

kek, do you even know where you are?

No. 664098

And then the "I only watch good anime" doesn't work because they either cite trash like Naruto Shippuden, like not even the manga as a whole but the part where it turns to complete shit, and they only argue about powerlevel instead of liking things for their stories or characters. Then you recommend them things they may still like based on their taste and they don't want to listen because it's less than 70 volumes long or not recent enough.

No. 664105

The "this used to be a site about anime" shit is really dumb. Facebook used to be a site used to rate womens fuckability and now your grandma uploads her christmas cookies onto it. Weebs suck.

No. 664107

this ain't 4chan my dude

No. 664144

It’s okay anon, it’s a lolcow inside joke At this point. The bitches who hate anime the most are bitches who watch anime.

No. 664392

File: 1604231678031.png (304.51 KB, 1048x1584, 1603736147702.png)

I got bullied from both boys and girls for even mentioning I liked anime or geeky stuff, I don't get this garbage incel argument. Literally the same dudes that picked on girls for liking nerdy stuff turning around and calling us fakes, lol. I think the other anons are right too, girls just kind of have to keep up appearances if they like geeky shit or the bullying gets ten times worse.
I mean there's bitches like momokun that will marathon an anime or a game and immediately go out and buy a sexy cosplay to cash on it, but again it's these same coomers giving them easy money so what gives? blame coomers for the fakes

No. 664740

idk what these communities are like in other countries, but in scandinavia anime and cosplay and all types of weeb communities and conventions have always been run by like 90% girls. video games have always been a male oriented hobby but anime and manga has been mostly consumed by girls (again, at least in my country). i feel like this guys take is just false and delusional

No. 665276

File: 1604344493487.jpeg (102.48 KB, 774x960, 95715349-FD58-406A-ADA5-C0E615…)

No. 665279

Unhop please. Reverse hop.

No. 665280

File: 1604344972029.png (70.6 KB, 231x302, b2a580ee-e943-477c-b3a8-8682a7…)

No. 665283

Lmao it looks like his mom tried aborting him

No. 665287

He looks like a Hartley Hooligan drawn from memory.

No. 665303

Mm. A guy with greasy, unkempt hair, sunken in face framed by coke bottle glasses, a wifebeater and a can of Monster energy drink. What girl wouldn't fall for this magnificent beast?

No. 665317

he legit looks like kids whose mothers drank during pregnancy

No. 665327

There's no way I could talk to this dude about abortion in person without laughing in his face. His face is just laugh-inducing. Why do people dunk on themselves like this?

No. 665394

>usually they only care about anime adaptations of manga from the Shonen Jump magazine
This. Fake ass faggots call others "fake fans" and then turn around to watch only Netflix shit and Shounen Jump adaptations and then call people who like the more underground material stupid weeb nerds for being "too invested". Casualfags are the absolute cancer I swear.

No. 668221

File: 1604691791210.png (65.31 KB, 678x587, 8951890e-e348-4f4f-935d-9fa8ab…)

The people asking for money are annoying like we are in a pandemic I get it its hard but shit everyone's fucked. Try and look for another job or buy less things, move back home or with friend. Fuckin adjust.
Shit im fucking gay and lost my job cause of covid. Can I get money too????

No. 668305

New account, RTs black artists, then does nothing but beg for money. Definitely not a scam kek

No. 668344

>"burner" in the username of the account
oh no there is totally nothing sus about that at all!! not at all!

No. 668671

I am so beyond sick of all the twitterfags in the Shay thread. Every third post has "is sending me" or the dumnb "it's the [x] for me"
And every single time someone compares her to something else, the response is "Don't do [x] like that"
twitter e-whores please attempt to integrate reee

No. 669342

File: 1604842470370.jpg (91.79 KB, 1080x950, f885b87f-4379-4199-b4b9-4dd1fa…)

This take is retarded, so of course it got reposted on Instagram and Tumblr where a more retards agreed with it.

No. 669351

I didn't get diagnosed til my thirties. I passed as 'she just has an anxiety problem' for that many years. I'm sure as hell going to include the fact that I'm high functioning when I disclose my diagnosis to people. Like yes its important to differentiate.

No. 669364


Such a stupid hot take that's supposed to sound woke but just shows how out of touch with reality people like this are.

No. 669368

The only autistic people these twitter idiots ever saw are fictional male characters who are geniuses who solve crimes while looking dumb as fuck or rude and nothing else, there's no other reason to say something this stupid. I bet if they saw low functioning autists who are super strong and violent, can't talk and just spend their time smearing shit on walls for fun they wouldn't even realize that these patients also have autism because of how severe it can be.

No. 669372

Reply with this video

No. 669373

why does it always have to be muh aspergurs every TWO FUCKING SECONDS. why does everyone have to mention this shit every two seconds? cant tell whats worse, this fake woke autism shit or the beepeedee sexwork kweens.

No. 669376

The funny thing is..the man that aspergers was named after was linked to nazis. Professionals no longer use the term aspergers for that reason. So saying shit like 'I'm on the spectrum' and 'I'm high functioning autistic' is already the pc version of saying it…what do these tards want now?

No. 669382

I have worked with severely autistic people who'd start masturbating in the middle of street or can't communicate in any other way than growling or screaming and I just know that these self-diagnosed autists don't even consider themselves on the same level as those people.

No. 669395

haha my god it's this discourse again from the woke (most likely) self dxers that wear mental health conditions like badges on their chest, while for the rest of us it's an active liability.
also obligatory reminder that mental conditions are not some funny little club with a bouncer at the door, you can't gatekeep something like that. there is no gatekeeping because there is no gate, you're either in or you're out

No. 669400

These people keep hammering in the message about how autistic people are just regular normal people with super special savant features but still demand you to excuse any socially destructive thing they do because of muh illness. Now they're started pushing the narrative that those dirty low-functioning autists aren't ~TRUE~ autists, their severe behavior is just caused by comorbid intellectual disabilities that are totes not autism because autism is supposed to be cool quirky detective characters. Bitch low-functioning autism is the diagnosis given to a brain abnormality, that's literally the intellectual disability they have.

No. 669431

I'm autistic and wish I were more normal. I'd be further ahead in life if I didn't keep losing jobs due to it.

No. 669495

File: 1604862796297.jpeg (259.43 KB, 750x809, 652CBEA6-A6FE-4454-B7A4-32D164…)

Can someone give their two cents on this? Currently my brain cells can’t process what this is about.

No. 669498

They think that somehow they are women and therefore are not predator which is the most stupid logic. I can't even understand this, majority of men I met claiming to be trans then stopped being trans says they did it as a fetish and to be in women spaces. Also, women can be predators too if they really think being mtf is going to save face, it won't.

No. 669500

It's insinuating that the reason people view trans women in bathrooms as predatory, despite there being a lack of basis for it, is that their real issue is bc they perceive these women to be men and that's rooted in already personally being subjected to misogyny. By viewing every trans women as harmful/dangerous when they just want to use the bathroom, is inherently misogynistic as well though.

No. 669503


Girl… no. Lol

No. 669511

But they are men.

No. 669512

Honey you have a big storm coming

No. 669516

Trans women thinking they are subject to misogyny the same as actual women is the biggest lie I have heard. I don't want a guy in my spaces who only can be there by a claim. If you cosplay like a woman but act like an entitled man then expect women to put up with this shit is exactly the shit that is misogynistic. Imagine feeling so entitled as a man to think women have to deal with men being in their spaces and should like it, the fuck no.

No. 669517

just go back to twitter

No. 669518

Don't reply to bait.

No. 669519

This is what I hate, because those people you mentioned aren't likely even able to speak for themselves in the movement. It's as if they don't exist within their own community. Yet apparently we have to "listen to autistic people!! apply the same view to every one of us! low-functioning is a construct!!!" I hate these woke high-functioning (or fake) autistic twitter users so much, they say "don't speak over autistic people" when that's exactly what they are doing.

No. 669520

File: 1604865058576.png (322.97 KB, 1702x780, Screenshot 2020-11-08 at 2.50.…)

No. 669531

>stop trying to frame trans women as predators when in reality you're just scared of men being predatory

Who the fuck isn't afraid of men being predatory, especially when they can get access to more private places meant for women? Troons are outed as creeps and predators transitioning to escape consequences all the time. Why is this so hard for people to accept? Why are women so bent on making this a thing?

No. 669532

why are people responding to this godawful bait please stop

No. 669555

Not everyone who advocates for trans people is bait.

No. 669570

The people saying "don't speak over autistic people" are always the same ones claiming self diagnosis is valid… the irony of basically saying everyone is free to call themselves autistic while also saying not to speak over autistic people is just… how do they not see it?

No. 669577

In reality if you are classed as low functioning it means governments will often spend a good chunk of change on putting you through special education and providing supports to parents, extended support into adulthood. You often have adult daycentres to attend, housing provided etc. It's classed like that so those people most in need of help can have their needs catered to. God knows why these twiiter autists jump to thinking about nazis and eugenics.

No. 669585

You can't advocate for trans rights on here if you know a majority of people will disagree with you.

Guess what that's called?

No. 669611

File: 1604877235101.png (55.64 KB, 656x774, day of the rope2.png)

fuck trannies and fuck zoophiles

No. 669615

File: 1604877656633.png (49.01 KB, 652x670, oh no.png)

No. 669645

Why do they think that those unknowingly offending their closet zoo/MAP friends (translation: animal abusers/pedos) care? If I said “wanting to fuck dogs/kids is gross” and a friend was hurt by that I think that reflects more on them than me. I’d be glad to offend those type of freaks. Why do these people think they’re to be treasured lol

No. 669965

File: 1604924247721.png (798.72 KB, 810x1443, 75E0A3D3-142A-444C-BB5B-662F06…)

Sage for slight sperg/long explanation

I’m not saying he’s perfect or anything but Tom (head writer of Apex Legends, a battle Royale game with a diverse cast of characters-including three well rounded LGBT members) gets so much shit it’s ridiculous. The amount of entitled ass, whiny adults I see in his replies all the time.

For context, Caustic (only cis White male in the game) has beef with Crypto (Korean male) character repeatedly due to an event that occurred in last seasons story. He calls everyone some form of rat (because he’s a scientist and they’re all lab rats) and apparently when he called the Korean a gutter rat that was ‘anti Asian’ and they actually removed the line last season.

This time the SJWs have their panties in a twist because Crypto mutters something in Korean at Caustic, obviously angry at him. Caustic replies ‘don’t hide behind your language’ (aka, don’t be a pussy and just say it to me up front). Any logical fucking person, including the Korean VA, could see that it’s not racist and just him bickering.

But nope, apparently it’s racist and that the writers are all ‘anti poc’ and ‘never respect their fans’ (despite changing that voice line last season to accomodate their whiny asses). Never mind the fact that he wasn’t insulting his race, just the fact that he’s deliberately omitting what he wants to say using Korean. Twitter and tumblr idiots forget that not every white person speaks English, and that the exact same thing could’ve happened to the Icelandic or French character had he been pissed at them. I’m white as snow but naturally, if I started busting out japanese or Norwegian at someone I was mad at, they’d assume I’m being bitchy. No critical thinking skills

No. 670100

Well, now I know where the bitchy overwatch fandom went. They went to apex legends and scream MUH RACISMS at everything. This is what happens when you pander to the woke retards.

No. 670789

File: 1605017504389.jpg (94.86 KB, 801x900, brainlet shit.jpg)

oh my god

No. 670793

So basically give people a false sense of security, then immediately call the cops when they tell you they fuck kids and dogs. Hmmm, not a bad strat actually.

No. 670802

I do something similar when I start dating a guy. I act like I'm the most open minded person sexually and guys end up telling me about how they've fucked trannys in the past and whatever other weird shit they are into thinking I'm so cool with it.. and I dump.

I had a housemate years ago who was a crossdresser and fucking men behind his gfs back while telling me how boring and close minded she is. I think that's where I got the idea to do it.

No. 670813

This one made me laugh out loud

Genius idea, weed out the degenerates

No. 670819

Reading things like this makes me hate men even more.

No. 670829

That is a very good strategy

No. 670848

I do this too and it's honestly worked quite a lot. Men are so eager to tell you their degenerate wank fantasies.

No. 671527

lolcow dating strategy thread when?

No. 671529

i tried this once and the guy felt comfortable enough to admit to me that he was a pedo, i didn't take it any further and reported all of his accounts to law enforcement but needless to say i'm still terrified of getting involved with men again

No. 672001


This is the flaw in the plan. What if some scrote tells you he likes to murder hookers and now you've got a whole dead men tell no tales situation.

No. 672397

Was it Jared Fogle?

Hats off to the lady who took him down though, she not only had to sit through a lot of disgusting phone calls but she had to pretend to be into it just to get the FBI their evidence. Even though it was for a good cause, that would have fucked me up.

No. 672921

File: 1605233954229.png (412.46 KB, 591x723, kek.png)

Some random egirl wants to sue Riot Games because she's delusional kek. She claims that a champion named Seraphine is based on her because she dated a Riot employee for three months.


No. 672926

Having pink hair, glasses, and a cat are some of the most basic traits I can think of lol. I hate that this shit just gives gamer boys more fuel to hate women over though. She's embarrassing as opportunistic and this whole thing is cringy but so many replies are just like "femoids amiright".

No. 672942

NTA with the egirl but reading the article, it goes a lot more in depth. The dude took her over to Riot HQ, framed an essay the chick gave him as a gift (she was apparently a fan of the game itself) and shared it around with his co-workers, asked her to voice a “super secret project” and got the artists to draw her as a character in the game, all of which is attached in there.

Dudes can do some really desperate shit to get attention and the dates line up for development time. He and the chick met on Twitter and only dated for three months and he did all that shit during that brief time. Am I a retard for thinking some Silicon Valley cuck working for a company with a rep with women as Riot Games does would do something like this for a random pretty face?

tried to sage for all the sperging cause newfag. Hope it worked

No. 672943

Samefag, i meant to say TINDER not TWITTER. Maybe I really am retarded

No. 672945

Men will hate women anyways. Always.

No. 672947

I've seen more disgusting coomers saying the character looks like disgusting belle delphine so this is new and very concerning if is true,sadly everyone will laugh at her because this incident already happen with the champion "irelia" a random asian took over instagram yeling at the void saying her face was stolen and dumb shit so..

No. 672956

File: 1605240503347.png (151.02 KB, 642x569, fasfsaffaf.png)

The dates don't actually line up at all, furthermore here's input from a woman who actually worked at Riot on skins/KDA related shit. In short, just your average utterly delusional egirl. Virtually impossible for everyone who gets involved in several different departments of a triple A studio to just come together and rip off some random twitter thot because she dated someone who wasn't, by her own words, responsible for anything design wise in any way.

No. 672958

Samefag from before, thanks for the new info anon.
For the record Stellari also said Riot is probably mad at potential leaks. So like yeah, the e-thot is wrong but she was probably being lied to by whoever “John” is.

Wonder if they’re gonna spot the dude and kick him out, since thot here actually has art made under the Riot brand, so it did involve guy being a creepy egotist to woo egirl to some degree

No. 673104

>Wonder if they’re gonna spot the dude and kick him out
Riot has already said in this statement that he's an ex-employee

No. 673107

I do this all the time. Needless to say 90% of men aren't a romantic option

No. 673769

What the fuck did I just read(imageboard)

No. 673815

File: 1605339681965.png (86.85 KB, 680x306, 207.png)

This new "What Is Something That Isn't Racist But Still Feels Racist To You?" Trend is a fascinating glimpse into the mind of the average Twitter user. I can't imagine going through life and having "feelings" that random things are racist.

No. 673819

In tongues? Like… dead languages or just foreign languages? I've never heard 'speaking in tongues' outside of the context of exorcisms

No. 673828

Tongues as in when people go to church and god takes over their bodies, or they’re communicating with the spirits. I’m sure it exists in other religious cultures that I’m not well read on, I just do know that it’s tied to African Americans and coastal cultures and that those practices specifically are what the tweet is referencing. This video recently went viral in African and African American communities and is an example of what that tweet is talking about. She starts speaking in tongues at 1:54.

No. 673887

File: 1605353619519.jpeg (257.32 KB, 750x546, D5E59545-5596-4DE9-8275-18EC2E…)

Wtf is up with the claiming slurs trend on twitter, do ppl do this because theyve actually been called these things or as an excuse for being assholes?

No. 673907

way to be edgy while still maintaing "woke" image

No. 673938

I'm black and distinctly remember my mom taking me to baptist church where I was asked to do this in Sunday school and nearly broke down at the age of 8 because I could not comprehend the concept. It just sounded like gibberish but the teacher was so passionate about it. I couldn't fake it

No. 673955


Moses Sumeny? Oh no not him lmao, I really like his music

No. 673997

Gas the kpop twitter fandom

No. 674083

I'd bet money every one of those accounts saying they can say "fag" is a fakeboi

No. 674177

What's fascinating to me are anons getting uptight about Twitter users sharing their racial experience and getting big mad over it. What's cringy about this beyond you not being in on the joke?

No. 676055

File: 1605636264607.jpeg (446.02 KB, 828x1091, D81BA234-9FF7-4069-A43F-8FC102…)

I hate these “clapback” quote tweets. Just enjoy the video, it’s not that deep.
The replies are all saying that anyone who likes historical clothing is definitely racist, as if fashion history isn’t a subject that people of all races study.

No. 676057

Idk, that's kind of a funny response kek. I don't think she was implying that liking fashion history makes you racist, but if that's actually a thing people do, that's obviously retarded.

No. 676060

Nta but that user isn't implying being into fashion history makes you racist, she's just implying white people are racist

No. 676062

The replies to her qrt are where people are saying anyone into pre-1980’s fashion is racist. Her post itself isn’t saying people who like historical fashion are racist.

No. 676063

I just don't like that she's focusing on it being racial when the original video caption is more about historical sexism.

No. 676077

I hate when twitterfags think sexism is ok when compared to racism.

No. 676127

Is she not aware that Black women would wear fashion like that as well?

I swear people say the edgiest shit just for clout.

No. 676131

File: 1605644248948.jpeg (12.66 KB, 126x288, 0E88B1D4-156F-44B3-A40D-313DAE…)

I hate that ignorance so much. There are many pictures even on pinterest of black women in their times' styles. But I guess she wanted quick clout for a low hanging fruit.
The replies sound idiotic. I know racism is sensitive being recent, but come on. no one says we shouldn't have interest in Greek mythology for example— despite slavery, misogyny, and pedophilia in that society then rape and incest directly in the myths. Also, sexism has been around forever and remains relevant too, why is that treated like something to "get over" in comparison?

No. 676172

File: 1605649498079.png (466.62 KB, 798x912, 8935893.png)

I like historical fashion, and I just thought the post was funny.
I don't think she's reducing the work of dressing that way or sexism as a whole, she's just commenting on the wider context of this particular time period. What should she have said? "Wow, mad respect to massa's wife"? It's not that bad, kek.
Also, I liked this response.

No. 676372

File: 1605673632476.jpg (308.09 KB, 1080x1039, Screenshot_20201117-202301.jpg)

Do men have any hobbies that aren't centered around trying to get their dick wet

No. 676387

I'm no expert but I think he was also into politics

No. 676392

At least he admits it was embarrassing in retrospect. Some men never do, unfortunately.

Although the description of the women he would try to hit on is cringe. It reads like a post from a PUA forum, rather than the former president of the U.S.

No. 676407

Everyday I dislike him more and more

No. 676572

And why is he still on your mind, anon? To the point where it's every day?!

I voted for him and supported him during his presidency and I don't even think about him anymore. Seek help if you are thinking about him so much.

No. 676574

>I voted for him
samefag, I didn't vote for him (I was 12 kek) but my family did and I would've at the time. just wanted to clear that up

No. 676593

File: 1605713076258.jpeg (450.15 KB, 750x1032, C80CABDE-25D7-4205-9935-090411…)

Honestly I agree that the tweets w a shit ton of emojis are annoying but why is this getting attention only now…I thought stan twitter was notorious for these kind of tweets.

No. 676616

Kind of funny how ”woke” twitterfags call out people for using words like stupid, dumb, retard but don’t do helpful things like this lol

No. 676649

Why do people have to change their twitters so some random blind cunt can read their deep thots

No. 676670

>Deep thots

No. 677123

File: 1605762361339.jpg (162.48 KB, 1125x942, y7aQxeg.jpg)

Strong claims for someone who wrote MLP rape fanfintion.

No. 677127

FanFiction* sorry.

No. 677129

how big of a chance it even is that a blind person stumbles upon a twitter page of some random? I can sort of understand being inclusive if you are running a huge and important account (ie potus), but come on…

No. 677192

Sorry, this is old. But I'm tired of these retards calling themselves ancoms when they've clearly never read theory. What use does sw have in an anarchist society? None, because it's not real work. Learn to bake some bread and grow crops, cunt. Read some Goldman. Admit that you're capitalist scum.

No. 677222

This thread was so funny, it was less writing advice and more "waah stop liking what I don't like", he got roasted so much he ended up deleting it in a typical "I'm not owned I'm not owned" way. This dude thinks he is God's gift on Earth when it comes to writing, would anybody be stupid enough to follow his advice?

No. 677254

what's with these crazed trannies having a backlog of mlp rape fanfiction

No. 677330

Twitter is thinking it's a good idea to add insta story feature in their site.

No. 677337

The little bar on top of the app is so irritating it might be what makes me abandon ship for good.

No. 677376

File: 1605802977896.png (36.85 KB, 592x498, pickme.png)

Of course men immediately gave her creepy comments about her boobs for this but that's probably what she was going for

No. 677430

That's Ash she's a pickme who thinks pickmeism will shield her from misogyny. She says misogynist things herself and bends over backwards for the males who still see her as inferior kek

No. 677470

File: 1605809451763.jpeg (300.75 KB, 750x865, BA5BE369-6B7F-4567-9DD3-0A59FC…)

Twitter is freaking out and coddling men today I guess, but still gotta blame women.

No. 677479

High five, my dudes. You're still on top, making sure that every field women move into is sufficiently fucked over as you move on. You have testicles, yay!

No. 677480

Anyone can get away with saying misogynistic crap these days as long as they make clear the women they hate are white lol. We all know why black women make out white women are the anti-christ, but why right-wing white men do it, I don't know. What's their end game?

No. 677486

Revenge because white women dated outside their race

No. 677488

the addition of "white" is so transparent here, holy shit. Like it really pops out as unnecessary in what he's getting at. how anyone falls for this is pure willful ignorance

No. 677501

To me this comes off more racist to me, "Woc never think like that, they must not mean it if I see it, those white karens really mean it"

Meanwhile, myself and other WOC regularly talk shit about Men's day.
It's just like with trans shit, for some reason they think only "White cis men/women" are agaisnt it and everyone else is 100% on board.

No. 677503

>white women
This white dude needs to check himself lmao
Also, he's really crying about how people are being mean about international men's day? That shit is fucking NOTHING compared to the disgusting shit men pulls on international women's day and everyday in general kek.

No. 677504

hahahah look at the profile pic it screams pick me!!!

No. 677508

I know lol I cringe every time I see it.

No. 677531

This would have been annoying but reasonable without that last retarded dig at uwu scawy liberal women. Liberal women love men actually, why do you think they let men beat them and call it sex.

No. 677534

Yep. Or think fat 50 year old beer gut divorcees are better women than them, cos they whinge how extra laborious it is for them to tweeze out their Lady™ chin hairs.

No. 677543

> tweeze out their Lady™ chin hairs
Diff anon. I mean some real women pluck our chins too but without all the oversharing afterwards lol.

Still considered shameful for us but a hot topic of conversation for them! Let me tell you all about my hair removal routine again… because everyone needs to hear about it any time they put an ounce of effort into that shit. They need pats.

No. 677547

Because it's a very successful way to shut down discussions about sexism and drive an even bigger wedge between groups of women. Obviously black women have very valid complaints about white women, but dudes (all of them, black men are no exception) don't give a single shit about black women's struggles. By associating feminist arguments or any discussion of sexism whatsoever with uppity old white Karens, they've planted the implication in a lot of stupid people's minds that misogyny isn't actually real and is just made up by racist old white ladies so they can pretend to be oppressed. Not saying racism or sexism is "worse" than the other because that kind of thing is hard to quantify. But it is definitely worse (socially, economically, and politically) to be seen as racist than it is to be seen as sexist. Just look at the reaction on twitter to a white woman wearing cornrows or something vs a black man calling women sexist slurs. Most people don't even bother to call the latter example sexist anymore because it'll get you ridiculed for being a Karen. I knew men never took misogyny seriously, but I have noticed a really worrying trend that a lot of people now seem to think it just straight up doesn't exist.

No. 677571

>I have noticed a really worrying trend that a lot of people now seem to think it just straight up doesn't exist.
Agree, I've noticed this too. Every time I try to speak up about issues that women face even the wokest motherfuckers stand up to do the dance you just described - everyone complaining about misogyny and sexism is just a crusty old white bitch wanting to talk to the manager of the patriarchy, making up shit because middle aged women are literally the devil incarnate. Trying to bring up issues regarding porn? Shut up Karen, nobody likes your slut shaming. Talking about women being belittled in the work place? Ugh, I have never seen that happen, you're just making shit up and being overdramatic Karen. Rape and sexual harassment? Well men get raped too so shut your hole, KAREN!

It's enraging. They found a loop hole they can exploit under everyone's eyes and nobody can do shit. You can literally call a woman a dumb roastie as long as you make sure you're talking about white women, when everyone knows it's just your general hate of women of all races.

No. 677578

>Obviously black women have very valid complaints about white women
You aren't entitled to our time, space, sympathy ,or energy. Contrary to what you may think. The World doesn't revolve around you.

No. 677583

She got a thread here?

No. 677585

That's all you got out of that post? Is this a larping male trying to bait?

No. 677586

File: 1605819638848.png (1.01 MB, 1280x1102, Screenshot 2020-11-19 at 20.42…)

Agree re: loopholing and men, but a lot of women (especially black) fucking hate white women. And no it isn't uNdERsTaNdAblE. Clearly most white women are NOT Karens, as they seem to be pretty timid when it comes to this topic… not a lot of honesty, even on lolcow.

BW don't really believe they're victimised en masse by ww (stats would debunk this anyhow), they have serious hang-ups regarding black men and their sex appeal and want WW bullied. 9/10 twitter bw sjws confirm this as does Lipstick Alley/Black ladies reddit/ YT comments…

In the comment section BW were agreeing Mrs Duncan must be a white-passing black woman, because there's no way she could be nice and caucasian… I mean they're not exactly subtle kek.

No. 677587

File: 1605819680794.jpeg (166 KB, 750x867, A0515101-DBAA-4FE6-AF78-4CB5B6…)

#MinisterForMen is trending in the U.K. after an MP suggested there should be one in the government, much like there is a Minister for Women.

The poor voiceless men, only having 430 MPs, 66% of the House of Commons. That’s really not fair on them, is it? /s

Sorry for Britpol fagging but I can see this actually happening with the current government.

No. 677588

It's all too convenient to divide women like that and watch them attack each other while men sit back and feel cleared of any real sins because 'oh but look at the entitled women'

No. 677589

It’s on /pt/ but it’s not very active. IIRC it was started when she was still married to Peter and people thought she was a sex doll he’d dress up and take photos of.

No. 677592

You sound kind of schizo, this post doesn't make much sense.
>In the comment section BW were agreeing Mrs Duncan must be a white-passing black woman, because there's no way she could be nice and caucasian…
This is called a joke, anon, lmao.

No. 677594

Just ignore them. If they're being serious then they clearly don't know what anon even meant by that.

No. 677596

Sorry i am a shit writer lol. The top comment is the classic misogynistic loop hole karen line, but the comments below (which i did not post) were not a joke. As i said, you find this attitude is pretty common amongst bw, ww are seriously naive. 80% of conversation in bw dominated space is about white women and very negative.

No. 677597

And what percentage of murderers and rapists are men again? or Pedos? They love to then claim that statistics don't matter or 'aren't accurate' when you mention those stats lol

Men commiting violence doesn't count as statistically worrying… but men receiving it does! When the person hurting them is also male we just ignore that part.

No. 677600

I've frequented a lot of BW spaces and you're overreacting. At most, they'll make Karen jokes or discuss how lots of white women are complicit in racism in passing, but that's because, surprise, most of them actually have experiences being bullied by "Karens" at work, uni, HS, etc. Stats aren't going to reflect "Times women were passive-aggressive, rude and/or bitchy", kek.

No. 677603

I agree with this. As someone who frequents LSA, it is common to see them debating about mixed-raced or LS people, but other than that most places for BW aren't like that. Plus, the race topics are divided into different alleys, so you can avoid it pretty easily.

No. 677604

I stopped reading at that point. People feeling they have some sort of moral right to attack you tends to tends to cause me to lose interest. I've heard more than enough of bw complaints about ww. Entitlement and envy get tiring real quick.

No. 677605

And what about Becky? Look have you ever been in a WW space where discussion turns to how much you'd desire to see BW wiped off the planet? or ww thrilled to learn a raped girl was black, literally phrased as "good! don't care, not my people". the callousness on LSA is pretty shocking.

They use white as a slur, they discuss endlessly how hideous ww are. You have clearly been in different threads than I have, bcos i am far from a sensitive and exaggerating this.

all i'm saying is the becky/karen tropes DO have a racial element, and some (not all) of it has sexual competition at its root.

like i said, a lot of ww are reeeally fucking naive about this.

No. 677607

100%. It’s funny (not really) because most men who think like this are also gammon types that will say the higher crime rates against black men for example is okay because it’s often black on black crime. “Just let them get on with it”

But they don’t want to admit that they are also perpetrators when they are trying to play victim.

I’ve changed my mind - let them have a Minister for Men. I fully support it. Let them develop a wealth of research that proves men are responsible for the majority of their sexes problems lol.

No. 677609

Nta, I've never seen that on lsa, but believe it or not though, there are white people out there that are like that. I'm not saying that it's right or that that excuses their behavior btw. But let's not act like there aren't a lot people who say that kind of stuff about black people (and non-white people in general).

No. 677612

Yeah, you can find all types. I am asking you have you ever been in a white female space where something like that was discussed even once?
I'm going to drop it now, all I wanted to make clear is that, in my experience, white American women are pretty naive politically, you let everyone shove you around. It really pains me.

No. 677613

>Look have you ever been in a WW space where discussion turns to how much you'd desire to see BW wiped off the planet?
That was literally this site, Lolcow, before we got a Latina admin who makes sure excessive /pol/ shit gets banned, lmao. There is/was still racism on /cgl/, too. The mod team got diversified and it's banned sometimes, but let's not act innocent.
>or ww thrilled to learn a raped girl was black, literally phrased as "good! don't care, not my people". the callousness on LSA is pretty shocking.
I've never seen anyone say "Good" to any girl getting raped on LSA, anon. More like a "Not my business" in a sea of sympathy posts. Also, how many "WW spaces" have you seen where they're all rallying to support a black girl who gets raped? There's indifference on both sides, and it's sad, but also a discussion for another day, not a "gotcha, they hate us" thing.
>all i'm saying is the becky/karen tropes DO have a racial element, and some (not all) of it has sexual competition at its root.
LSA almost universally hates black men because they're known abusers, very misogynistic, etc. It's weird to bring up "sexual competition", it's not like anyone actually wants black men.

No. 677614

It isn't confined to LSA. Anywhere bw congregate you will find them bitching about ww. The new breed of pick mes this has created are intolerable. Even if you do avoid bw spaces you'll still encounter their pick mes spouting their bs and expecting praise for it.

No. 677617

Discussing if black women shit talk white women or not is pointless because it all traces back to misogyny and plays right into this "(white) women am i right" discourse by dividing the demographic. Sexist men will hate women regardless of race, end of. The disdain black women have for white women is misguided hate and I can't really blame them, women across ethnicities are taught to police and hate each other to keep them from realizing that it's the men who are at the root of all their gender based problems. It's much easier to vent out your frustration on white women and demonize them as these uppity snooty Karens than go against the men of your community.

No. 677618

I don't go on white female spaces so I wouldn't know.

No. 677619

>That was literally this site
No, it really wasn't. Racebait has been around but to my recollection it's been muh wypipo venting and both black and white women being jealous over Asian girls than "I want to see black women wiped off the planet".

No. 677623

Either you're very new, or the anon who said you're a LARPing scrote was right. This is just dishonest.
There were entire threads on /ot/ made solely to shit on black women, calling them apes, subhumans, "things", etc that would take days to be deleted. There are maybe 1-2 old bait threads still floating in the catalog.
Even posting black snowflakes/cow threads attracted that crowd a bit, we'd have racebaiters in Micky threads. It was pretty bad up until the site changed hands.

No. 677625

I'd like to see some proof of this shit or I'm putting my money on a trip dropping admin with her "white karens making me slave away for free" complex.

No. 677627

Enough with the topic of race. These twitter threads always devolve into that shit. Stop posting your crybaby screenshots that are cherry picked from Twitter that you KNOW is going to kick up drama and infighting here.

No. 677629

>proof of this shit
Of old, deleted racebait? I'd have to actually be a mod or admin to be able to do that.
If you're actually curious, try scrolling down in the /ot/ catalog. In fact, one example was posted in the last /meta/ complaints thread.

No. 677631

NTA but I know exactly what you're talking about.

Don't spoonfeed this newfag.

No. 677664

You're so embarrassing

No. 677737

File: 1605837931864.jpeg (755.36 KB, 1517x3464, D0D063E5-7E6E-4872-A954-746A37…)

It’s amazing how these men go up in arms about men’s mental health but lazily relate women’s suicidal behavior to being for attention, and therefore somehow not real suicide in their minds? It’s amazing how they scream that men don’t get hwlp fwom societyyy but trash all over women’s issues

No. 677742

What the fuck even is this argument? They're saying women don't actually want to die so their attempts aren't actually attempts…just self harm for attention? What do they consider successful suicide attempts then? Accidents? The woman in this situation wasn't even trying to discredit male suicide occurrences/rates, but someone still called her an attention-seeker? Uh, ok?

No. 677772

Didn't you know? Even wanting to kill yourself is a gendered competition.

No. 677894

File: 1605867835475.jpeg (44.08 KB, 320x240, 35B7C592-B472-4CC8-B084-3540A8…)

Men are insane. Literally trying to act like words don’t mean their dictionary definitions if women are concerned.

No. 677899

File: 1605870281473.png (225.53 KB, 542x902, uhhhhhh.png)

every day this website gets worse and worse. this person is probably really young too

No. 677903

>boys LITERALLY CANNOT abstain themselves from sexually harassing women! They have no choice but to degrade and dehumanize women showing any skin!

No. 677915

Disgusting. They conveniently ignore the fact that most gun owners in the US for example (which the stats are usually based on) are men, and that's usually their chosen method of suicide. Women can't just grab a gun and end it because they rarely own one, so they go for the pills because that's what they have at their disposal when a spontaneous depressive and suicidal episode hits. Of course shooting yourself in the head with a shotgun is going to kill you at a much higher probability than pills. The end goal for both of them is to get rid of the pain and end it all, not to ~look for attention~. The only reason why men have higher suicide statistics is guns, women top them in attempted suicide statistics. If pills were as deadly the stats would look quite different.

No. 677928

I don't even take this shit seriously anymore. If a man says this around me, I just want to reply with "Yeah, if I were a man, I'd kill myself, too. As painfully as possible".
I'm convinced women's suicide methods are cleaner (and thus less definite/more likely to fail) because they're not interested in leaving a mess or traumatizing people for no reason. They try to find tidy ways to do it.
Men are selfish, so they don't care and will blow their heads off, jump in front of trains and inconvenience people, etc. Someone has to deal with it, but it's all about themselves, so it doesn't matter. Some of them even kill their own families, including their children, out of selfishness.

No. 677929

>they can't stop
ah yes, the two conflicting dichotomies of misogyny
>Men are the sex of rational thinking, logic and order, while women are irrational and hormonal and can't control their emotions like men do
but also
>Men literally can't control their hormonal and emotional instincts, it's up to women to be constantly defending themselves from men because they are just fundamentally unable to not think with their dicks

No. 677956

God, the zoomers growing up on twitter are all going to be so fucked in the head. The ones who aren't already, that is.

No. 678031

She's not even showing a ton of skin. It's strange how these kids have such a Victorian-era mindset. It's the same with some of those redesign artists too.

No. 678090

File: 1605891862051.png (837.52 KB, 1242x2208, 66451C50-AD91-4E5D-80D0-2574DC…)

Yes, because BLM and other activists really give a shit if a white person uses black hairstyles in Animal Crossing instead of worrying about other pressing issues.

No. 678094

Lmao the last reply, love to see it

No. 678100

I bet that bitches not using those pOc HaIrStYlEs would also be a reason to bitch about upholding white beauty standards.

No. 678102

“i am so so sorry” kek shut your mouth and you won’t have to bend over to appease like that

No. 678106

Bitch wtf are cornbraids. I wish people who don't actually understand black culture would stop saying shit like this. If you have to google what cornrows are you should not be the person making this tweet in the first place.

No. 678118

Sorry but that wouldn't happen. Not every ridiculous expectation has an equivalency in the reverse.

No. 678131

I mean if you have to make up hypotheticals get upset about.. then you're reaching. Get upset about the facts of what they have done, not the next step that your imagination stretches it to.

No. 678135

File: 1605894951697.png (101.65 KB, 500x373, 7F7DE3A5-9972-488B-9474-AF081B…)

You already know that poster just doesn't like some girl and needed a #woke way to subtweet her, lmao.

No. 678146

good lord i wish animal crossing never went mainstream, now the fandom is chock full of these low IQ zoomer discoursers

No. 678180

Whats wrong with making your animal crossing character look different from how you look irl? Who cares if someone with straight hair picks the cornrow style. Its a fucking game, I dont have blue hair irl but my character does, these idiots make us look like butthurt retards

No. 678181

blm activists exclusively have time to drag ppl for using the 'wrong' hairstyles in video games

No. 678192

I'm fucking dying lmfao maybe I should get a twitter

No. 678215

>3.2k quote retweets
Oh you know they're tearing that retard apart.

No. 678216

Oh shit, good catch anon. I didn't notice the massive ratio before but I bet the replies are delicious

No. 678241

Any suggestions on who / which communities to follow if you just want to see idiotic discourse and cows to post here?

No. 678243

File: 1605906919783.png (Spoiler Image, 302.02 KB, 804x588, skhbvsj1.png)

95/100 chance she's an insecure, possibly unattractive girl mad that more conventionally attractive girls get engagement for dressing cute.
This is the shit NLOGs post when they feel in their bones that nobody wants to see them dressed like that, lmao.
Pretending they're more proper while publicly posting/RTing sexual content about 2D husbandos.

No. 678551

File: 1605950661304.png (168.42 KB, 1080x766, Screenshot_20201119-114028~2.p…)

I can't stand how smug these people are, you know they are the same ones at the beginning of the crisis who went "it's just the flu calm down". I'm all for social distancing and wearing masks because I'm as sick of the situation as everybody else, but to me this is just a condescending lack of empathy, especially towards people who lost everything because the economy is in shambles. We've been inundated by corona news 24/7 for close to a year now, just let people daydream a bit.

No. 678559

I actually agree with the sentiment lol but also agree it’s so nitpicky, it’s like if someone describes their morning routine as “the first thing I do after waking up is make coffee”. You wouldn’t correct them with “no, you actually open your eyes, get out of bed, move to the kitchen, blah blah”. Of course everyone is supposed to follow the guidelines and most people are fantasising about AFTER that.

The stupid shit that people put out for twitter likes, it’s so fucking formulaic.

No. 678564

good god why did i unspoiler this
why is it always fujos with the retard-tier misogynistic takes
i don't even get the point of these tweets? there's already enough animosity around the vaccine, no need to create more and risk people not getting it.

No. 678574

Some people are really getting off on playing the responsible parent or whatever on the internet, as if without passive aggressive posts like that, everyone will forget to wear masks and socially distance.

No. 679147

File: 1606025542123.png (32.29 KB, 751x342, Capture.PNG)

I thought it was impossible to be this retarded but clearly I was wrong

No. 679153

File: 1606026906022.jpeg (338.85 KB, 750x838, C20363B6-65E8-4646-99CF-6FC9E0…)

on the topic of sia's autism sperging while I do think what she did was retarded, these people are even more embarrassing than sia herself. they're sperging about how they think vaccines are eugenics and calling themselves disabled when they're asswipe aspies at worst, mentalfags on twitter are so embarrassing

please fucking nuke all autists please just do it

No. 679155

This is probably derailing, but I do think the nuclear family is kind of bad. It's probably the reason why the US has 50% divorce rates compared to other Western nations, because a family is more than just the parents and children.

This is probably a dumb opinion, I know. I really shouldn't make a post I know will solicit a lot of unrelated discussion, but I can't help myself. I need the serotonin from voicing my opinion to random strangers who won't benefit, because I'm addicted to getting off on it. Oh, wait, isn't that what Twitter is, essentially?

No. 679199

I had to look up what this was even about. Why would anyone call in a nonverbal autist to play a role? At the end of the day, the actor needs to communicate with the staff and can't be going around throwing tantrums. Also I assume Maddie was casted for her dancing ability and longstanding relationship with Sia, how could you pretend any random autist will work just as well with the director?
That said, I'm not interested in watching it, so whatever.

No. 679209

I also had to google the fuss and ugh, having an autistic actor in a high-stress film production sounds like it would be very bad situation for all parties involved. Or if they did cave into the criticism, it would be like the teacher giving a kid the pity-role of “tree” in the school play. And, there would probably be backlash of “how dare they force an autistic actor to put up with all this stimuli”

No. 679217

Op is right

No. 679239

Children of single parent households are more likely to experience poverty. I know scrotes are useless so I don't advocate having kids for the sake of having kids. But it's best if children have 2 healthy functioning parents.

No. 679254

the point isn't that it's bad for kids to have 2 parents or that it's bad to have families.

the point is that the nuclear family model often separates people from others, kids having only two adults they can depend on makes abuse easier, 2 parents get tired when they have no one else to help them, elderly get put alone into nursing homes because family is just the parents and the kids. nuclear family is bad because family can be bigger than that, western humans are alienating themselves from relatives and other people.

No. 679280

Elderly get put into nursing homes because they live too fucking long now, and pretty much only at the mercy of prescriptions.
If our elderly all died at 70, and that was that it would be different.

No. 679287

You love to post bait, don't you.

No. 679290

What would be the purpose of baiting you regarding the obligations of caring for the aging population again?

No. 679291

NTAYRT but I don't see that as bait. I agree with them - we've extended human life without extending the quality of that life. Our bodies, and more importantly our brains, aren't designed to live for 70, 80, 90+ years. I'm not suggesting a mass culling of the elderly, just that pouring so much of our medical funding into that age range is doing nothing for our society in the long run.

No. 679293

What's not bait in saying that old people should hurry up and die earlier?

No. 679299

D for reading comprehension, but I'll bite because I'm stupid and bored.
>What's not bait in saying that old people should hurry up and die earlier?
They don't have to die earlier. However, I refuse to feel obligated to care for the elderly in my home when they're living as long as they are and in absolutely awful condition. If you want to ruin your marriage and be miserable cleaning up your incontinent father-in-law's shit, and micromanaging your elders like extremely dangerous oversized toddlers, enjoy.

No. 679306

Midsommar had the right idea tbh

No. 679315

I totally agree, there are just very few people who can still function normally at the age of 80-90 but I feel like the majority is not and modern medicine is just unnecessarily prolonging things; I guess there's probably no real data on it but just looking at the elderly people of my or my boyfriend's family; his grandma is filthy rich, living in the best ever elderly care home in the country and for few years already just complaining about wanting to finally die in peace. I can imagine how much worse it has to be for the elderly who don't have the luxuries she does. I really don't get why can't we make euthanasia legal, it doesn't have to be free for all easy access but just let it happen to these who want to pass peacefully with dignity.

No. 679318

It's "either die or let them rot" so them dying is preferable to you. Kill yourself.

No. 679325

Well, yes. I will put myself first, since I haven't lived a full life yet and don'tfeel like sacrificing it so that someone else can be a strain. You have an extremely skewed concept of what letting someone rot is, when I'm talking about putting elderly people in professional, qualified care instead of dealing with their literal shit in my home.

No. 679338

They’re absolutely right.

No. 679381

I absolutely hate how the tech twitter is full of trannies hijacking the whole discourse. They're forcing the narrative that instead of women the most vulnerable demographic in need of dire protection and attention in tech is none other than trans women, always co-opting the narrative from talking about the discrimination against women to sperging about tranny issues. I'm sorry Lily my ma'am, but the reason you're not employed is that you're an insufferable incel piece of shit who's garbage at both programming and team work. I'm so fucking DONE. And the cis handmaidens simping for them are never programmers themselves, they're always "community managers" or some stupid middle management position that never has to deal with the fallout of pandering to troons. I'm so fucking glad I never come across these types in my real life career but online they seem to be everywhere.

No. 679437

File: 1606066611034.png (28.76 KB, 597x286, gagmewithaspoon.PNG)

Yeah, fuck anyone who wants the person they married to be happy or treats them like a human being capable of making decisions, am I right?

No. 679442

What’s up with all the pick-mes on Twitter?

No. 679445

File: 1606067261700.png (837.46 KB, 900x680, sick-stimpy.png)

No. 679447

(also of course americans also think that people become immobile seniles at the age of 70 because of your shit life habits)

No. 679449

What kind of social problems is she even talking about

No. 679469

I really think these women spend too much time online or around male spaces. They act like everything is black and white and that men and women are completely equal and there is no nuance to anything. Any phrase like "happy wife happy life" is sexist, if a woman tweets "men are trash," it's literal hate speech against men.

No. 679484

> However, I refuse to feel obligated to care for the elderly in my home when they're living as long as they are and in absolutely awful condition.
I agree and I have a hard time seeing why someone would think it's okay to be obligated to do this. I never asked to be born and considering how most parents aren't really great, it would be a lot to ask from their progeniture to make such sacrifices.
But at the cost of being called a femcel, I hate that such duties and tasks are often delegated without question to the women in the family.
And personally, I'd rather be given euthanasia if I had to rely on someone else to do the basic things like defecating and walking and whatnot. Why would anyone want to live such life anyway?

No. 679495

can't even go on twitter for one second without seeing some pickme begging for attention from some group. it's either
>ohhh god king please let me in your harem i'm not like these other girls
>please please colored person please tell me i'm a good ally
bonus if she has pronouns in her bio

No. 679581

File: 1606084671758.jpeg (104.42 KB, 640x360, 3750322B-C9A1-4332-ADF0-F467E8…)

I used to think people making a big deal about men making shit up to infiltrate women's spaces was fake, but holy shit now 6'6" neck beards are identifying as "non-binary" for the ability to whine and police how other people refer to them. This site is a fucking nuclear waste dump at this point.

No. 679593

File: 1606086968631.jpg (Spoiler Image, 33.42 KB, 1024x698, EnVMuUgXIAArZce.jpg)

No. 679595

Lmao anon, this has to be fake.

No. 679601

But, anon, water is scawy!

No. 679638

File: 1606092525770.png (49.48 KB, 592x663, lmaooo.PNG)

All this over a video game

No. 679640

File: 1606092749328.jpg (Spoiler Image, 112.56 KB, 836x1023, EmTjBkGXcAEQDpu.jpg)

it's most likely bait, my friend sent it to me- I just wanted to post it on this thread. But here's one that's most likely not bait.

No. 679652

lesson: no matter what you do to be inclusive, woke crowd will shit all over you.
Mass Effect Andromeda devs had to apologize and rewrite their transgender character (extra forgettable NPC) because woke crowd didnt think the dialogue carried a "good enough, realistic portrayal"
or recent gender neutral addition to COD is super problematic because having the gender "classified" and your character go with they/them somehow implies that there's "something wrong" with being not CIS

give me a break

No. 679656

File: 1606095832086.jpg (153.89 KB, 719x1280, tumblr_d98ff9dcbc2d012c8891b3e…)

tbh cottagecore does have a bit of an issue with tradwife neonazis getting into it, amassing a ton of followers, and only then disclosing their beliefs, happens almost every week on tumblr.
>Picrel Fairmaidnelly with her horrendous shoops and uber christian fundie spergs is one of the milkiest ones.

No. 679662

That's a shit ton of cleavage for someone to be so spergy about Christianity.
I would really like to see those people exposed for what they are, because there's no way that you're being respected by the men in those communities, or shit-even other women within your shitty church when you're dressing like that.
>when cottagecore goes hardcore

When are we going to end up coming across a webm with her fucking a tin of off-brand canned biscuits?

No. 679716

Tell that to Anthony Hopkins. I don’t think that people lower on the spectrum should be expected to reprise roles , however there are high functioning autistic actors that do just fine. That being said, it’s a non issue if the actor playing someone autistic is autistic or not, as long as they do their research for the portrayal as to not offend, it should be fine.

No. 679727

What are the chances these people are even going to play the game why claim ownership over something you have no general interest in other then your 'wokeness'

No. 679765

I think the issue is that they seemed to want to have a non verbal austic person in the role. However, if the autism is so severe that they're non verbal, they probably aren't going to be able to follow directions as needed.
I do think that high functioning autistic people can probably act just fine, but then they would probably be high functioning enough that people would still get pissed about it.
I'll probably piss people off, but I think that Aspergers and Autism need to be separated. While they're similar, there is a huge difference in how much a person can function and I think a lot of people with Aspergers now think that their experience applies to all autistic people.
Source: I have Aspergers, and I've also worked extensively with autistic children. There is very much a difference.

No. 679769

the problem is that nowadays people are saying it's "ableist" to separate severe autism from high functioning autism. the thing is there's a clear difference between the two. someone who's a slightly different brained aspie isn't going to be on the same level of mental retardation, nowhere near, as a severely disabled autist with the mental capacity of a four year old. and now it's not even considered to call aspies aspies, and then people are saying it's ableist to use "high functioning" or "low functioning" as labels. also fucking sick of seeing clearly high functioning asswipes calling themselves "disabled" mentally when their mental handicaps are nowhere near befitting actual "disability". you certainly don't see the same spergery that surrounds the current autism discourse amongst bpdfags since bpdfagging isn't hip anymore. I wish these idiots would realize it isn't hip or cool or empowering to call oneself "disabled", but whatever, I'm probably too old to understand modern spergery, to me this is like the autism version of the shit I saw on tumblr as a young bpdfag. the fact that mental illness is trendy and that they're saying it's ableist to use medical terminology to describe it or ever distinguish the types or do anything but collectivize the disorder as one thing only is gross. for autism and various other disorders it's a spectrum, and for some it's a sliding scale of functionality, there's nothing wrong with using the terms "low" or "high" functioning, it's way less offensive than "special needs", "disabled", or "handicapped"

No. 679772

based cdpr, achieving all this shit in one swoop

No. 679782

This has been mentioned before but I absolutely hate the "activists" who screech about the "ableist" distinction between high and low functioning autists. What their discourse is saying basically is that autists are only allowed to be uwu smol bean savants uwu but those icky low functioning beasts just have a "comorbid leaning disability" that causes them to be incapable of speech and self control, it's not the autism that makes them be like they are. It's some fucked up form of gate keeping.

No. 679792

File: 1606120580479.png (346.61 KB, 974x441, aaaaaaa.png)

Astounded that these people even know how to read

No. 679812

The more I see shit like this the more I'm starting to believe that "good times create weak men" image that circulates 4c/8c

No. 679825

This makes me want to write even more of that dark shit with miserable endings than before.Thanks for the inspo!

No. 679846

Wow, this is a type of cow I didn't even know I needed

>fucking a tin of off-brand canned biscuits
Anon please spare me, I am slain

No. 679858

don't care didn't ask still buying the game because i've been waiting for it for 7(looking like 8 by the rate it's going) years now
also troon opinions are irrelevant
you could sneeze at these people and they'd fall apart. how do they even live?

No. 679879

Sounds plausible. I myself just keep thinking about that rat society behavioral sink experiment.

However I feel like these people don't actually get panic attacks or anxiety over book endings or shit, they're just looking for any crumbs of attention by being overdramatic to seem like poor widdle babies.

No. 679883

not related but you reminded me of that time during a blm protest a girl was having a panic attack for being arrested for the first time in the most gentle way possible. Her friends were yelling at the cop telling him to unarrest her because she was going through a panic attack. Ironically she had a "be gay do crime" shirt on her.
it was not a riot protest, but your local protest of just holding up signs- also I don't know why I mentioned it I'm sorry

No. 679887

These people haven't read anything past the mandatory classic books in hs, have they? These are probably the same people that whine that there aren't happy gay stories when there's an extensive gay litterature written by and for gay people.

No. 679892

From what I remember I've read at school (from primary school to hs) as many books with happy endings as books with bad or bittersweet endings, maybe it depends on each country, region and year's program but there was a lot of variety. I bet they only read YA books.

No. 679901

I think they want uwu coffee shops AU type of stories where there's minimal to zero conflict and everybody is always happy. Like for example, while the endings of Harry Potter or LotR are happy, there was still a lot of suffering and dead people to get there, I think it's a big no-no for them.

No. 679921

> I bet they only read YA books.
Probably. The only genre that’ll pander to this shit aside from children’s fiction.

> “Life has enough gritty realism on its own”
By this logic, life also has enough happy sappy shit so fuck writing books altogether.

Surely half the point of tragedy in books is to reflect life? Unless you lock yourself in a room and never interact with anyone ever, negative things will happen. People you love will die. You’ll go through break ups. Friends will hurt you. You or someone close will likely become seriously ill. And even if you experience all that, that’s an average life, not a trauma narrative. How sensitive do you have to be to shield yourself from fictional depictions of average, expected life events?

I don’t read misery lit as a rule but this utopian shit sounds boring and unrelatable as fuck. There’s fiction, then there’s utter delusion.

No. 679931

Nothing wrong with wanting to read fluffy cutesy books but wanting everyone to be forced to see spoilers for books they're reading because you're too stupid to look into what you want to read is just silly. And having variety is good. I just can't even be angry at these people on twitter anymore, I'm just laughing at them.

No. 679952

This confuses me so much, I've yet to read a YA or Fantasy series that doesn't have an at least somewhat happy end. And let's be honest, it's not like these people are going to read anything else.

No. 679985


I went to college with this girl. She's switched ideologies like 6 times now and trad thot is the latest one.

No. 680905

File: 1606244621026.jpg (46.3 KB, 598x509, dislike.JPG)

>Twitter is currently "exploring" adding a dislike button or some kind of downvoting system, presumably à la Reddit, announced the company's product lead on Tuesday. The potential change, confirmed Twitter, is part of a larger effort to make Twitter a place amenable to more nuanced conversations.

>Unfortunately, we weren't able pin Twitter down on when you might actually get a dislike button (or even if you will definitely get one). But it's noteworthy that Twitter is exploring such a button at all.


No. 680958

As if twitter wasn't already a shitshow.

No. 680967

I can already feel the suicide baiting of randos when they get mad after a few dislikes.

No. 680971

Good. Let it all burn to the ground. All of it.

No. 680975

if they want nuance why not allow for different reaction options?

No. 680979

I would hate this, seeing people get ratio'd for retarded takes is infintely more entertaining

No. 681012

File: 1606256681838.jpg (77.02 KB, 1080x549, Screenshot_20201124-142252.jpg)

The replies to this are abysmal

No. 681024

I'm gonna take a wild guess and say it's filled with bitter scrotes

No. 681135

File: 1606271840204.jpg (80.37 KB, 749x1015, 20201125_093526.jpg)

The reaply in this tweet make me lost hope of hummanity and I realize learning another culture and value is important

No. 681136

I still am not used to the phrases "bodies" and "body count", it's so creepy. their meaning doesn't help much, it still is a weird way to call it, like that's all they were. I guess /sage for ot?

No. 681148

I feel the same way, it's gross and makes you sound like a serial killer.

No. 681249

File: 1606289150700.jpg (29.26 KB, 523x339, dajlkdfjlknvlx.jpg)

Holy shit this is so funny. Good thing most people are sane and on her side kek

No. 681372

I wonder what type of people would have been considered the equivalent to these twitterfags 50 years ago… humanity has always been fucked but getting mad over a hairstyle in a nintendo game is just…no words

No. 681374

no one because even just 20 years ago these people were lone idiots having their dumb beliefs shut down by their more sane friends, instead of validation from people online.

No. 681376

At first I thought it meant some kind of "I have multiple personalities" bullshit, not lays. You never know on twitter.

No. 681379

Maybe the kind of people who sent really weird letters to TV / radio shows that Monty Python always parodied? That's just a guess though

No. 681401

NTA but that puppy decor is so cute.

No. 681430

>the replies
It would be fun to be able to see them, you didn't link tho

No. 681449

File: 1606316957773.png (97.73 KB, 1334x750, 41rnqk8it6ay.png)

There has always been crazies but they mostly kept it to themselves by writing in their diaries or some shit. The internet has given a way for all people to transmit and amplify their thoughts so they feel they are allowed to say whatever they want.

No. 681453

File: 1606318280454.png (214.3 KB, 652x736, wtf.png)

woke twitterfags are genuinely psychotic

No. 681458

File: 1606318824557.png (299.79 KB, 1246x514, kys.png)

5 trillion hours in ms paint but i just want to give you guys an idea of who's getting mad about space buns
it's people who refer to their age as "levels"

No. 681461

That fucking sucks so much, I’m so sorry for this girl. What the hell is wrong with those twitties retards? What’s next? Will they do a huge protest with a mass suicide stunt to make the girl change her fucking animal crossing character’s hairstyle?

No. 681462

File: 1606319297063.jpg (23.2 KB, 852x480, spy.jpg)

yep, that's a fakeboi

No. 681465

wait how does that make any sense a white person could just say they were black in the questionnaire

No. 681469

Obviously, the next level is that Nintendo requires a photo of your hand to verify your skin color, like the black subreddits do.

No. 681471

Oh yeah, a white savior helping us dumb brownies because we can’t defend our shit ourselves/s

No. 681477

File: 1606320757103.jpg (139.99 KB, 600x1018, just collect seaweed.jpg)

Or the idiots who write into newspapers

No. 681481

i don't get it are people really that mad over a hairstyle? i was expecting to find some genuinely racist stuff on her twitter by the way people are acting holy shit

No. 681593

>harassing someone over a hairstyle in animal crossing

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