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No. 621890

Are you stupid? Do you have questions? This is the place for you! Let other farmers enlighten you.

Previous thread:

No. 621906

File: 1599117379161.png (2.92 MB, 1822x1192, 630.png)

Am I stupid? Do I have questions?

No. 621907

File: 1599117648027.jpeg (188.39 KB, 1122x844, 1598391436589.jpeg)

Have humans evolved more recently? Like since 1910 or even back to the 1700s?

No. 621911

Anons, why is it so common that kids that dealt with csa become hypersexual? It is the same case with me and I would like to know why it happens, so maybe I can understand my own behavour better. Does anyone know any good books or reading material about this?

No. 621920

Is constantly being gaslighted and persuade to have sex (like denying things when refusing) a heavy form of abuse or is it just a bad relationship but nothing to worry about?

No. 621922

I get heart palpitations about 1-2x a months and it's scary but I read that it's supposed to be normal to have them every now and then. Do you guys have them too? How often?

No. 621927

That is abuse.

I get them sometimes. It can be due to anxiety. Heart palpitations are usually nothing to worry about at that frequency

No. 621928

Thank you. I'm just searching for reasons to leave his ass

No. 621940

Why are the japanese so into mecha and shit

No. 621944

Full on abuse. I'm three years out of that situation and I'm still pretty fucked up from it

No. 621957

Ditch his sociopathic ass, anon

No. 622006

Stupid new thread pic. Why is One Piece appealing to people at all?

No. 622010

I'm sorry anon, i thought the bright colors were pretty

No. 622011

Oh no anon, don't be sorry, I've just always hated One Piece with a passion

No. 622018

Was the gucci model thing only in my country or an international thing?

No. 622023

What are you referring to, anon?

No. 622031

Why do farmers post pictures in /snow/'s Ridiculous Photoshoppers thread of people who openly admit that they photoshop their pictures? Isn't the thread for people who deny that they photoshop and claim they actually look that way? I mean,
>Thread for those who abuse photoshop to gain fame off their fabricated looks while claiming to be “all natural” or “not photoshopped”
>Please keep this thread for people who lie about shoops and who make dramatic changes to body/face
are bolded in the OP.

No. 622035

cuz people don't read

No. 622036

Basically an unconventional looking model was in a Gucci's 100 most beautiful women list thing. Scrotes REEEE'd and bullied the girl, wokes started writing papers on beauty standards. The model actually responded to the criticisms (also, tf does she have to do with the fact they put her on the list in the first place?).
I only saw posts talking about it in my language which is weird because the model isn't from here.

No. 622041

Does sleeping on your stomach affect the shape of your breasts? I saw an anon mentioning it in another thread, but I feel it's bullshit.

god do I hate Luffy's ugly mug

No. 622042

My boobs make it impossible for me to sleep on my front, sounds painful

No. 622044

Armine? She's unconventional but pretty.

No. 622047

EU anons do internet spaces just seem much more dead when you're awake? Do you go on places where people are active or of your own language then?

I'm a night owl not in eu, everything seems dead or games are slow to find anyone to play with.

No. 622054

Does anyone just feel weird around their family members? Not totally unpleasant but that they're rude?

Recently I had some cousins come visit my family and it just felt weird. It just seems really hard to have a real conversation with them. It's kind of judgey, but I don't understand how they only seem to be interested in making a bunch of money and then buying top-shelf alcohol or Lululemon. To each their own?

However, they never ask me how I have been either or try to get to know me. I feel kind of slighted by that. Whenever I see them never seem interested in seeing me, only in seeing my parents. I guess they're not being hurtful on purpose, but it feels rude. My cousins on the other side of the family don't act that way towards me.

No. 622056

I was just reporting on what happened

No. 622057

>EU anons do internet spaces just seem much more dead when you're awake?
I wouldn't call it dead but you can definitely tell when America is asleep.
>Do you go on places where people are active or of your own language then?
I'm from a small country where (young) people speak English quite well. Most internet spaces in my native language have died out… forums I used to go on, games etc. they're extremely slow or completely inactive. I've watched my favourite prominent forum going from being very active when I was a teenager to a few messages a month nowadays. Most people here have moved on the English speaking spaces, and so have I.

No. 622058

Three shits before 1pm… I know some women get diarrhea during their period but how many get it as a pre-menstrual symptom too?

No. 622062

Yes, you can definitely notice this.
When I post before lunch there's seemingly barely anybody online, during the afternoon it's still rather slow, you often don't get anybody engaging with you, but when I check in the morning and go back to whatever I posted the day before, there usually are a couple replies (or likes or reposts or whatever, this doesn't only apply to lc), the reason likely being that during the time I'm asleep it's afternoon/evening in the US, meaning main posting hours for Americans.

No. 622075

Is anyone even going to do Inktober this year, considering the drama with its creator and even devianart cancelling it?

No. 622076

Are you from nl anon? If yes what forums did you used to go on? I’m curious lol

No. 622082

i get it most of the time..it's completely normal. i think most of the women get the shits its just no one wants to talk about it lol

No. 622083

Do any of you alternate between periods of self-confidence and independence and periods of crushingly low self-esteem,comparison to others and fear of shame and judgement?

It's like I function normally most of the time but every three of four weeks I have a few days of hiding in my bed and thinking the fucking worst, then I have afew days of fixing my fuckups and go back to normal? How can I stop this vicious cycle?

No. 622088

Lasts a few days..happens every four weeks. Does it line up with a certain part of your cycle?

No. 622095

I've thought about it, but it doesn't really line up with it. I am on the pill but I take it continuously some months, so my cycles vary in length between 28 to up to 56 days.

I don't think it's related to my physical health, it's more like I "slip up", procrastinate, start stressing out like crazy, spiral down and become a mess that's afraid of her own shadow. Then I pull myself up by the bootstrap, realize things are not so bad and fix everything. It's like a semi-regular mini-depression I suppose.

No. 622109

I have this aswell, I just got out of a "mini-depression" last week. But I suspect I've had (real) depression in the past and once you've been depressed you'll always be more vulnerable to becoming it again, so I've always assumed/suspected it was because of that. I have no clue to break the cycle but I have noticed that when I'm more productive, eat better and excersise I'm less likely to spiral down and when I do I get out quicker.

No. 622127

What kind of productivity/habit-tracking apps do you guys use? I'm a procrastinating lazy bitch and I need to get my shit together

No. 622147

I don't think many people will participate anymore, I personally won't either. What seems to be a popular replacement is OC-tober

No. 622162

Serious question so please don't think I'm trolling, but can you be a straight woman yet hate penis? I'm repulsed by the way that it looks and the things that it does (erections, ejaculation). I thought that meant I might not be straight, but then I've seen a lot of straight women say they don't actually like it much either and just like it for the function ie. PiV sex. So I'm just wondering what you guys think. Thanks.

No. 622166

Yeah, every "un-woke" artist who doesn't follow drama is still gonna do it. Especially since Jake Dunn is denying and plagiarism.

No. 622168

I'm the same! I think they're pretty ugly and I don't wanna even THINK about putting one near my face. Once it's inside me it's all good but apart from that I'm not interested.

No. 622170

Honestly have never met a straight woman who didn’t find penises either gross or comical

No. 622182

I kinda like them, I'd say of the penises I've seen 3 were great, 3 were meh, and 1 was gross. Also flaccid dicks can be rather fun to play with.

No. 622183

I've seen a few of my artsy friends share the prompt list on their fb/twitter, I'm sure they have no idea about the drama. Living in the internet bubble sure is weird, everything is constantly on fire and some people just live their lives peacefully never seeing any of it.

No. 622187

at least it's not Yuru yuri

No. 622189

i really like penises…

No. 622191

Will a guy turn you down if he knows that you’re poorer than him? Like, if he’s older and independent with his own place and you’re younger but also independent with your own place, and you may or may not work together, but If you do he’s a position above you & he sees you grab the free food in the break room freezer and realizes you’re a little babby poorfag… does that make a girl untouchable? Asking for a friend.

No. 622192

What country are you in? I guess it could be different around the world but imo I don't think that way of thinking is very common at all. I think the reverse is maybe slightly more common but even then I'm not sure it would make the guy 'untouchable' unless there's like a huge difference.

No. 622193

If we're to trust Aggretsuko plot, it will make the guy fall in love with that woman immediately.

No. 622224

You're talking about men here, most men can't stand it if their girlfriend is earning more than him, has a better position or career than him, a bigger place, a bigger car etc, it gives them an inferior complex. They want and/or need to feel like they're the big man in charge even if it's not a concious thought. So no.

No. 622257

>will a guy avoid you if he thinks you're in a vulnerable financial position where you would rely on him and couldn't easily leave if the relationship goes south?

Teehee anon I wonder what men really think~

No. 622289

If anything he'll get with you, move you in with him and then abuse you knowing that you can't afford to move back out again. That's how guys think in that scenario. They see oppurtunity.

Yes I am projecting my own experience.

No. 622291

I don’t think a guy will care, especially if you’re financially responsible. I’ve dated guys much poorer than me before and that was never an issue cause it was all about how they managed their money, I’ve also dated guys who were richer than me and managed their money poorly and that was what led me to breaking up with them.

No. 622296

This is true in my experience. Every guy I've dated who had less money/shitter job than me acted really jelly and insecure. There are some studies about men feeling more anxious in relationships where the woman earns more, and they're more likely to cheat/get divorced.

No. 622299

Can you be considered a good (or at least non-boring) artists if you only do portraits? I've been drawing for a while but never expeeiences other types of drawing like gesture etc. I do art just to past time so I never forced myself to learn new stuff.

No. 622321


You could probably get to be good at portraits but not other stuff, and you’d probably progress at getting a better at drawing overall a lot slower if you don’t draw other things.

You’d probably be considered boring though. But if you’re just drawing for funsies and not to develop a skill then who cares, draw what’s fun.

No. 622328


Probably depends on the guy. I think it’s common for men to get wrapped up in traditional gender roles and feel like their self worth is dependent on their ability to fulfill those roles. Other men would step back and realize that’s stupid, though.

Basically a man not liking being the lesser earner in a partnership is inverse-corrected with maturity/independent thinking/healthy self-actualization.

No. 622338

Have you ever given a man who randomly approached you on the street your number? I always find it so creepy and bizarre when they do that and feel like surely it must not actually work, like who would want to give their personal details to a total stranger they know nothing about. But considering how often it happens it must work sometimes I guess or they wouldn't keep doing it?

No. 622343

United States. Specifically silicon prairie part of Texas; I went to a really elitist high school and stem uni, and most guys I know expect the women they are with to be on the same level as them. If you want a man who can provide then that means you’re either a golddigga or too dumb to get a ~real job~ and take care of yourself.

True, I’ve known a lot of guys who make bank but then do stupid shit to waste their money on booze and payments on cars they didn’t need, plus have student loans on top of that. Hence why the female is expected to take care of herself.

Where are you guys meeting men like this though?

Good point

No. 622345


I haven't obviously, but it's what all the PUA youtube channels show so ig that's why they keep doing it.
I mean if you're Chris Hemsworth and charming to boot it would probably work on at least a couple women.

No. 622346

If a stranger approaches me on the street I usually assume they’re a human trafficker

No. 622349

Me too I find it scary honestly

I feel like I would still be paranoid they were a human trafficker or a murderer or something but either way these guys are definitely not attractive or charming usually. I don't get how it's not extremely obvious to them that it's a bad idea, I feel like maybe they know it puts people in an anxious/uncomfortable position so maybe some woman will feel pressured to give their number just to leave the situation

No. 622353

I was gonna say if it was a fuckable celebrity, yes, otherwise, no

No. 622355

>most guys I know expect the women they are with to be on the same level as them.
didn't you just answer your own question then?

No. 622364

I did when I was 12 and another kid came up to me and asked for my number but I wouldn't do it now. I'll give them my Instagram or snap though so it's probably counter productive lol.

No. 622366

I was approached a few months ago and asked for my phone number after a couple mins of small talk. I was polite but said no and then made excuses to walk in the opposite direction. As I tried to walk away he followed me and repeated over and over "why not though, why not?"

That man has no idea how much anxiety that caused me both that day and in the months since. I fucking hate him. It was first thing in the morning, I had no coffee in me and little sleep, I already have an anxiety problem so I would usually play deaf or just tell men to go away immediately but that day I didn't.

I don't know whether to blame those youtube pickup artists telling men that's normal. In my town it isn't. At 8am it fucking isn't. He seemed older than me too. Most people look at me and think I'm lesbian. I should've said I was but again I was half asleep that morning.

No. 622372

I remember back when I was 16 and at dentist because of braces, waiting for my turn in a tiny corridor next to a window some very old man approached me. He was either my grandpas age (in 70s) either in 60-mid 60s. I was standing next to a window in this small coridor because it was the only place that had mobile data. He approached to me, said hello, i said hello back thinking he will keep going down (he was coming from 3rd floor) and do his buisness but he started casually talking to me, staring with that "He wants to make a friend", to which I would say that I do not need any, where he would STILL keep making me feel awkward by pushing this damn small talk about "the weather" that still felt weird, then he would ask me about my age, and again ask me to be friends to which I would refuse, however I did stated my age, thinking that'll make him go away. But it did fucking not. He literally started asking for my number, and kept staring at me and standing, while asking for it abojt 3 times, all smiling even though my only response would always be "Sorry, I do not want to do that" and giggle awkwardly.

In the end he left only because my mother came over, asking if everything's okay and I left to doctor with her. I do not even know what would happen if she wasn't there. I am happy I did not give it to him.

It's been 5 years and this situation still creeps me out. All I wanted to do was mind my buisness with my phone, talking to my friends and preparing myself for exams.

No. 622375

No because I’m being told different things

No. 622378

>I feel like maybe they know it puts people in an anxious/uncomfortable position so maybe some woman will feel pressured to give their number just to leave the situation
This. They're counting on you being taken by surprise with your guard down and not wanting to be rude. If you give a polite no thank you, he'll want to know why. If you say you have a boyfriend, "what, your boyfriend doesn't let you have friends?"

It's all just to continue the conversation and turn it around on you being the rude one if you walk away/don't give your number. If he wasn't trying to pull this trick, he'd just offer his number instead.

>That man has no idea how much anxiety that caused me both that day
He knows anon.

No. 622386

File: 1599164306844.jpg (10.49 KB, 200x300, froghoodiegirl.jpg)

I remember there being a chick in the unpopular opinions who has nagito brain. Could somebody link me to the post? I can't seem to find it. I want to see it because I use to go through that when I was a wee girl, but it has been a long time since then. I sorta envy her and wish I could experience that too

No. 622405

don't call it that you weeb.

No. 622407

What's the best website to pirate videogames?

No. 622408

If you don't exercise but you are skinny (no ana) are you automatically skinnyfat? Or does it refer to a more specific body type?

No. 622409


No. 622412

>don't call it that you weeb.
What do you mean by 'it'? Nagito brain? that was a mistake, I meant Nagito brain rot

No. 622415

My roommate spergs whenever I leave my dishes in the sink. Even if it’s only for an hour. She tells me that I should leave them to the side of the sink instead (even if I haven’t washed them yet). Is there an actual reason for this or is she just being high maintenance? Mind you I’m definitely not the type of roommate to leave my dishes in the sink for days on end.

No. 622417

I had an uber driver ask me for my number, I've said he can give me his number when the ride is over and I'll message him later (obv planned to "forget") but he insisted i give it to him NOW and when I did he immediately tried calling me to see if it's legit. I'm so glad uber allows you to ensure you'll never be paired with a specific driver again.

No. 622426

this has happened to me and i immediately called the uber customer service.

No. 622429

Honestly I didn't even consider it as an option! How did they help?

No. 622434

Leave them to the side, she might want to wash her own stuff without having to handle yours or move yours out of the way

No. 622435

I have read this kind of thing so many times, uber drivers and delivery drivers getting pushy

No. 622437

why do moids always want to watch shit movies

No. 622444

Not really a habit tracking app but more of a productivity one, google tasks, google keep and google calendar are pretty good especially for University. I bookmark calendar and always make it a habit to open it first before I do anything else when I open my computer.

No. 622445

All moids want to watch is quentin tarantino taxi driver and fight club

No. 622446

skinny fat refers to people who look overweight or a little chubby despite being a normal weight, or even (close to) underweight

No. 622448

Thanks anon!

No. 622453

I would take tarantino at this point. My bf only wants to watch Indiana Jones ,Total Recall and shit like that, like movies have come out in the last 25 years ffs

No. 622456

it really intimidated him and she basically logged the issue when i was on the phone. i don't know if he got in trouble or what.

No. 622458

I like the Tarantino movies where women play big parts tbh (SANS THE FEET)

No. 622466

Hopefully they at least recorded that there was this type of issue with him so if it would ever happen next time they'd see a pattern and ban him from working with uber anymore. All I did is one-star the guy and at the time I was questioning myself whether it's an overreaction or not, and I didn't even report it unfortunately.

No. 622502

Has anyone tried to shove legos up their ass for “satisfaction” purposes?

No. 622513

I mean isn't that what legos are for? That's what my dad taught me

No. 622514

the single tile pieces (and maybe 1x2 depending) are definitely more fun than the longer pieces and really satisfying to shit back out, wouldn't recommend the rectangle pieces or people though

No. 622516

I had the opposite problem, my ex pretty much refused to watch anything from before the 90s because "movies were boring then" kek. There were several well-known classics that he hadn't even heard of, like Psycho and Casablanca.

No. 622522


No. 622525

How do you deal with involuntarily remembering embarrassing (sometimes unintentionally rude or hurtful) things that you did as a child and didn't realize were wrong to do? How do I stop being so damn mortified about it as an adult? Sometimes I sit and worry about if those people remember what I did/said, and if they still hold that against me.

No. 622531

Oh god anon, I have this one memory from my mid teens that appears in my head occasionally just to torture me with embarrassment. Even though no one I currently hang out with knows about it, it still makes me feel like jumping off a cliff

No. 622540

Which fast to make noodles brand is the best in EU? I keep trying to find a nice one w at least fake meat pieces that also appears to be spicy but so far I've found only shitty ones that would say that they are spicy when in reality itd be nothing but noodles with some tiny veggies without any spicy soup… I give up.

No. 622542

File: 1599176715040.jpg (50.44 KB, 500x500, 3d89eeb54f4a94f96cd894b41647.j…)

I would SWEAR when I had these in Germany they had tiny meat pieces, but then when I bought them in Poland they didn't; so I'd say you have a 50/50 chance here

No. 622546

Mama are the most similar to the real stuff

No. 622547

is it illegal to sell feet pics… someone messaged me on depop saying they’d give me money to preorder a ps5 in return for pics

No. 622550

no…? unless you consider the kink shaming police

No. 622560

File: 1599178156674.jpeg (280.38 KB, 960x540, 9A2E2540-19C5-45AA-80D9-6B1BCD…)

Ma’am, I’m going to have to ask you to put your shoes on and walk slowly towards the vehicle

No. 622612

Idk if it's allowed on depop but in general, no it's not illegal. Get that ps5 girl. But make sure they send the money first.

No. 622691

File: 1599192878008.jpg (8.13 KB, 318x159, download (1).jpg)

Is it really ok to keep snakes in plastic containers like pic related? I see so many snake owners keep them in these nearly empty containers and idgi. Won't the snake need more stuff to keep them entertained?

No. 622692

Do men consider it to be a turn off if a girl collects dolls (and other toys), and would they be bothered by the fact that a girl has her collection on display in her bedroom? Assuming of course the guy is a huge normie and doesnt collect toys himself…

Seriously wondering because I am recently single just got my own place, and when I start dating again I am worried that any guy I meet may think that my hobby is childish, creepy, and/or an irresponsible waste of money.

No. 622696

I have a few questions-

>> Do ugly feet have a market on only fans?

Feet-Chan anon->>622547 made me think about an idea I was having. Putting my ugly ass feet on onlyfans, I was thinking of that episode of King Of The Hill, except I have both BIG and ugly feet.
Is there a market for it? Do you guys think I can create one?

No. 622697

Yes it's okay if they're young or if they're being bred. Snakes don't really "need" stimulation, it just makes snake owners feel better. Think about it. In nature, a snake could be good living under a flat plank in some mud and they'd be happy.

Me on the other hand, have so many fucking leaves and logs I can't see my baby girl.

No. 622703

Guys will disrespect your hobby no matter what it is. Might as well enjoy yourself:

No. 622713

Oh that makes sense. I guess it just confused me cause other reptiles seem like they need a lot more than that and then snakes are just cool chilling with a hide and stick

No. 622718

no they won't.

No. 622793

Anons with cats how much does your cat eat? how many times a day?

My cat seems to eat a lot, usually he eats wet food around 5 times a day. We didn't have a cat before and he is a outdoors cat which adopted us and decided we are him humans. So he usually only comes to get feed, sleep or get pet.

No. 622795

Of course not, anon. Milk him

No. 622797

I don't have a cat so can't help but omg that's so cute that he just decided to adopt you

No. 622801

Cats are not supposed to eat that often but they'll surely try to persuade you they do. Since your cat used to be an outdoor cat, he has the outdoor cat's survival mentality that every meal may be his last for a while so better eat as much as possible. Once the cat is more domesticated it realizes there always will be food provided and there's no need to worry and eat more "just in case". Ideally you should feed him only in the morning and in the evening, with water available all day.

No. 622806

Is it ok to not have friends? I really only have my boyfriend but i don’t care. Sometimes i wish i had a best friend to hang out with and do girly stuff but it’s almost impossible to find someone

No. 622807

It's not objectively okay or not okay, it just depends on the person how they would feel. If you're happy/don't care then it's fine.

No. 622809

It can definitely be unhealthy in some cases but it's down to the individuals. I've been there before and I'm so introverted that it suited me.

It can make the break up a whole lot harder to deal with though. You feel like you're losing everything at once kinda thing.

No. 622811

We’re getting married next year probably so no break up heh
But yea most of the time i feel like i don’t have the capacity to have more people in my life but now I’m turning 30 and nobody can celebrate with me (sounds sadder than it is)

No. 622812

Do Biotin supplements work?

No. 622822

I mean I got married and then separated two years later, never saw it coming despite y'know divorce being a 50 percent chance in all marriages. I always thought that the only people who contemplated suicide after a break up were people with BPD but with no friends around me I was close to that myself. He had become my everything and I had rested my entire future on assuming he'd be there forever and be all that I need.

Not trying to be depressing, just realistic lol. Aim to stay together but don't screw yourself over with no fallback plan or support system. Look up divorce rates.

No. 622825

It's not something I would worry about. You do what's best for you. I had one friend when I got married. After buying a house in a different area I met new people and become friends with a few of them.

No. 622860

Straight anons can you tell when another woman is looking at you in a crush or sexual aspect?
I've always felt embarassed to keep glancing at women I find beautiful or possibly like in my classes. I worry they magically know somehow.

No. 622868

Only if you’re actually deficient in biotin. If not, it’s useless as you just piss any excess out. What’s your specific issue?

No. 622885

Only if you are deficient/lack it in your diet. You’ll have better results keeping hydrated and eating less processed food etc etc.

No. 622887

File: 1599223761325.jpg (67.67 KB, 900x900, IMG_20200904_144852.jpg)

Is this really whitewashing like Twitter spregs rage about? The cartoon on 2nd pics always uses superbright but pastelish colours bc its a show for children that are all about colorful stuff and whatever. I am confused tbh.

No. 622889

maybe if sjw types weren't so obsessed with white passing they wouldn't be so sensitive to this shit. i legit saw someone talk about how they think video interviews are racist because they never get hired after the video interview but get chosen beforehand due to their white-passing voice. it's nuts.

No. 622892

Has anyone had their eyebrows microbladed? Were the results worth it?

No. 622897

I’m going to be dying some undyed jeans and I was wondering what the safest/easiest to not fuck up color would be to use besides black?

No. 622899

It's not whitewashing but more colorism. I don't understand why she needed to be lighter without the afro hair?

"bright colors" is not really and excuse considering cyborg is the same skin tone as he is in Teen Titans Go.

No. 622900

*an excuse

No. 622902

File: 1599225629265.jpg (25.08 KB, 426x450, 3176652-0058545473-Bumbl.jpg)

It's kinda weird and unnecessary to change a character's skintone that much, yeah. There was nothing wrong with the character's original color, to be honest, and you can see from the dark brown of her sweater (and from other character designs on the show, like Batgirl, on a quick Google search) they weren't just shying away from all dark colors.
I also don't get why they would change her eye color. I don't really see the point in that. Is it really even meant to be the same character?

No. 622935

Who do you guys think will win the American elections?

No. 622947

Yes, it’s white washing. ‘Muh style’ is not an excuse to remove all the racial markers from a character. Black people should be able to exist in any style

No. 622963

Some old senile cunt

No. 622973

I collect dolls too anon, I don't think it should be an issue if he's someone worth your time. Like, obviously this hobby is meaningful to you (why else do it),you should be with someone who respects it. In my experience when it weirds someone out they quickly move past it. Like they give you a look, or tease you but accept it as part of who you are or just a quirk. I always tell people first though, before they come over, so I would advise doing that. I'm sure there's guys who could overreact to it, but then that in itself should be a turn-off for you don't you think? Like what you like.

No. 622974

This guy’s abs look really weird to me. Is it possible for abs to look like this naturally?

No. 622976

Not dolls but I collect soft toys. Any half decent guy will just let you have your harmless hobby without shaming you. It's healthy to have your own separate interests and it'll always be easy to think of gift ideas for you lol

My last ex bought me a massive amount of the toys in my collection but then belitted me over it whenever we had an argument.. I left him but kept the toys. Still collecting now but it sucks when someone tries to attach shame to such harmless shit. A nice guy will be supportive of the little things that make you happy.

No. 622978

Anon do what you want with your own hard earned money in your own private space. It's such a waste of your life to value what a future man could potentionally think more than your own enjoyment of a hobby.

No. 622993

I would definitely let a guy know before he comes over to my place lol. In fact one of the first things I usually mention when discussing my hobbies is my love of thrifting/antiquing/collecting, then I get into the things I collect (dresses, magazines, vinyl, toys, etc).

One of the few charms of my ex was that he was generally accepting of my hobby, cause it was one of my ~quirks (I was his MPDG), as long as I was frugal and didn’t get depressed over losing bids (lol)… but like you, any time he argued with me he’d do a 180 and shame me for it, calling my collection “Chinese plastic shit.”

I know but I want a boyfriend/husband someday and I don’t want my hobby to be a man repellent

No. 622994

shit like this reply is so useless.

No. 622997

For a userbase hellbent on accusing women of being pickmes, some farmers seem really threatened by the idea of not caring about men's opinion on what makes you happy.

No. 623006

Who cares. My ex collected and displayed Amiibos. So many men collect and display fucking funko pops. Do whatever you want and be unapologetic about it, and if someone is rude about it, then they aren't for you.

No. 623009


I feel bad for people who are this insecure.

No. 623010

I don't, at least they get picked!

No. 623017

Why? Would you rather be told "Yes, guys hate it when an adult woman collects dolls, you should dump your hobby and just get into fitness so you can get as hot as you possibly can to please your future bf!"? Come on.

No. 623019

Guys find a girl having any hobbies/interests that font directly benefit them annoying. Dont lose yourself for some cock.

No. 623020

>I know but I want a boyfriend/husband someday and I don’t want my hobby to be a man repellent
You'd really sacrifice your own enjoyment for a boyfriend? My god, get a better taste in men and love yourself.

No. 623021

no i mean because it's not what anon asked. saying just to do whatever you want is a logical conclusion that she'll come to on her own, but she needs to actually have real answers to make that decision. you can't just tell her to care less as if it will happen simply because you know better already.

No. 623031

Why don't you date a guy who also collects toys and figures and would be understanding?

No. 623034

But imagine the lack of shelf space, anon. The shelf space.

No. 623040

I don't get what answer people want from these kinds of questions. Obviously it totally varies person to person what they think of it?

No. 623041

Is it normal to have memory problems when you're depressed, have anxiety or have hormonal problems or similar physical health issues?

No. 623042

It's definitely not uncommon, anon.

No. 623049

File: 1599240456502.jpg (839.61 KB, 1961x2622, 173115_GD_1y.jpg)

Does this necklace look childish?

No. 623051

No and it's quite in style right now.

No. 623052

No. 623053

No, but it looks very boring. I don’t like it.

No. 623055

It’s kind of the opposite of childish, I feel like that type of necklace is pretty nice to wear in general and versatile as well.

No. 623059

Thanks, do you know if there are studies about it?

No. 623062

It's kinda boring but that makes it a good staple piece tbh. Anon will probably be able to wear this for a long time (if it's real gold) with a lot of outfits.

No. 623065

dont overthink it, if you like it buy it

No. 623067

Is it weird that I'm physically repulsed by most males?
Even guys who are supposed to be physically attractive. I'm not even gay and I'm like 30 so I cant use my age as an excuse. Even if I'm fooling around with a guy I feel physically sick almost. I think it is because I associate males with bad experiences.

No. 623070

It doesn't sound very healthy

No. 623071

No,althoigh basic, it reminds me of pocahontas or anastasia though.

No. 623073

Sorry to double post, i zoomed in and think it's quite ugly, wouldn't gift or wear.

No. 623160

File: 1599250555007.jpeg (38.28 KB, 500x682, 72586D6F-8C94-4795-9071-21E3A0…)

No. 623168

Relating so hard to this

No. 623181

Me too lol, I can picture an appealing guy in my head/in fiction but irl their looks mostly let me down and I settle. I guess my standards are too high in my case but you are not alone. why are guys so unappealing 'specially in the face

I see an "attractive" guy and just get weirdly pissed at the way he looks lol like punchable faces

No. 623183


samefag but do you think the discomfort around them is "fear of intimacy"? Thats all that comes up when i google this issue, of being repulsed by their advances. But idk about that.

No. 623189

Yes. I don't remember the specifics, but the parts of your brain that are responsible for organizing and consolidating memories are literally impaired when you're in survival mode.

No. 623205

File: 1599255559202.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 47.29 KB, 499x338, 3A7CF3C2-99F7-4050-AB99-2E04BC…)

Same anon but I should’ve posted a screencap instead

No. 623211

Why am I so attracted to men who resemble male relatives on my moms side of the family? Specifically my uncles, and now more recently men that my female relatives remarried. My ex looked like one of my uncles that passed away when I was five, and even had the same name as another uncle… Is it some weird oedipal / freudian thing? A tendency to bond with similar genetics? Similar taste among women who are related? All of the above? It's so weird the guy I have a crush on rn literally looks just like my uncle and even has the same ancestry…

No. 623212

I swear I remember reading a study about how people tend to be subconsciously attracted more to people who look like them.

No. 623222

That's the catch though: I don't really resemble these guys much. I'm mixed race, and don't look especially like my mom's side of the family. The guys I am attracted to are my mom's race and usually have a similar ethnic background. I always see my uncles' features in them. Even the way they smell reminds me of the way my family members smell. It's weird at first but then it feels warm and cozy. A reaction to pheromones or something?

No. 623225

I've heard some guys get ab implants, so anything is possible.

No. 623228

Most guys collect starwars toys and capeshit. Do whatever you want, anon. I like dolls too and sewing little outfits for them. It's therapeutic.

No. 623230

Cats are only supposed to eat twice a day. You are overfeeding that poor cat.

No. 623234

Yeah I bet it’s implants because even when he arches back his abs literally don’t move at all. They just sit there looking all inflated

No. 623235

That would explain why my memory went to utter shit for so many years and got way better and almost back to when I was a kid some years ago. But I'm having a hard time understanding how my physical disorder and constant fatigue I had when growing could also have affected my memory back then. Thanks, that feels like it could be some sort of clue.

That screenshot alone looks fucked up, I don't even want to know what it looks like in motion.

No. 623239

“Most guys” nerds maybe

No. 623276

File: 1599263793632.jpg (75.01 KB, 462x660, 31833_main_mr1k.jpg)

Blogpost, but several years ago I knew a girl with a huge porcelain doll collection. She probably had 40-50+ dolls like pic related in her room. I guess they were collectable, but it legit felt like a horror movie to walk into her room and see dozens of dolls staring at me.

No hate to you anon, do what you love. Nobody will judge if you have a small collection, but I do think most people will judge a little bit if your room is wall-to-wall dolls.

No. 623280

OT but you reminded me of when my bf's mom asked if she could store her porcelain doll collection at my apartment for a few days. Most were packed away but a few were in standalone decorative cases. It was so friggin creepy lol.

No. 623284

Where were you for the last decade or so? Super hero and capeshit has been shilled to hell and back and now 'nerd shit' is mainstream as fuck. Every dude i know has seen the avenger movies even though they never read a comic book into their life.

No. 623290

I feed mine 3 times a day to alleviate begging. One is nearly 7kg (not fat, he's just a roided out stray who wandered up a few years ago and I adopted him) and the other is only 3.5kg, but the smaller one is the one who begs the most and acts like an asshole about it. Their portions are measured for the correct calorie intake for their size, just spaced out over the day so they feel like they're getting a lot.

5 times a day is a lot, even for an outdoor cat. Keep in mind he's may still be hunting and you're probably not the only people he's getting meals from either.

No. 623301

I kinda thought you meant figurines or collectibles though? Not one of the men I know own stuff like that, movies and games yes.

No. 623316

>I don’t want my hobby to be a man repellent
Jesus, that's pathetic.
Have you seen scrotes collecting titty anime figures, spending tons of money on funkos and capeshit worrying about that?

No. 623330

How I stop being jealous of my cousins and angry at my aunts? I have two aunts who have acted as my guardian at times because my mom is a neglectful piece of shit. Those were some of the best times in my life. I know my aunts love me and I know they will always be supportive of me but it's not in the same way as their kids. I feel so stupid this is even affecting me so much.

No. 623347

File: 1599271279417.jpeg (327.72 KB, 1280x912, 0C161B4E-8F7F-48DD-BBF9-81BD39…)

No my room is not Nicole Dollanganger tier, I also don’t collect the kind of porcelain dolls that come to most people’s minds when they think of creepy dolls. It’s just one singular shelf with contemporary stuff on it (60s and onward) like vintage barbies, Disney characters, Sailor Moon, and some Japanese fashion dolls, also kitsch figurines and a few plushies. The only thing I am really self conscious about is my Blythe dolls because 90% of people I know think they’re creepy.

I know I’m pathetic, that’s why I’m here for advice. An anon earlier stated that I should find a guy who also collects toys and that’s my dream but all the guys I know who do just collect fuknos and waifus and shit.

No. 623349

Is there anywhere good to talk about current tv shows these days? Reddit is way too sensitive and /tv/ is too full of people obsessed with race and can't stop talking about Jews every five seconds

No. 623358

File: 1599272711766.jpeg (8.7 KB, 263x192, images.jpeg)

>wanna collect dolls
>worried about repeling scrotes
just collect these, problem solved

No. 623360

Why have I never gotten a UTI or yeast infection? At least that I'm aware of. Every girl I know has had one if not MULTIPLE, and I just never have.

No. 623361

anon i have a few of these dolls too (not a collection yet) and never have thought it to be weird. i saw a cute 80s bowling barbie at an antique store and thought this shit is suck as fuck and now she watches me masturbate from my shelf. just do you and fuck anyone who judges you, if your hobby isnt draining your bank account or fueling some coomer obsession you're gonna be fine. people who have collections are usually endearing as it shows some depth of interest beyond "i like to watch tv and listen to music".

No. 623365

I'm in the same boat anon. I think sometimes you just get lucky. Let's not jinx ourselves!!!

No. 623369

Does alcohol heavily contribute to weight gain + bloating? I'm not talking about beer and cocktails, I mean a few glasses of red/white/pink wine every couple of nights. I've always been skinny but I've gained around 17 elbees recently and wonder if it's been because of the amount of wine I drink. I don't eat a lot throughout the day, probably under 800 calories. I'm not an ana-chan, I'm just generally not really hungry unless I'm craving something so I just eat less. I know I should eat more than 800 calories

No. 623372

Calories are calories but booze will absolutely make you bloat up. I know you know but eat more ya dummy.

No. 623389

File: 1599277001005.jpg (260.75 KB, 1500x1990, mapplethorpe-3.jpg)

Why are men in their 20s so boring?

Im almost giving up on dating because they all come in like 5 boring flavors.

>Right Wing Prick in Camo

>Consoomer MCU fan
>Misogynistic Gamer
>Less than Average Intelligence sports fan
>Balding Male Feminist

I literally only know one guy in my acceptable age range who has a semblance of a personality and interests but he is in a relationship.

Its gotten to a point I get mildly obsessed with niche male youtubers who actually seem to be passionate about the things they talk about.

Not saying women are the pinnacle of depth but even the staciest of my stacy friend has varied interests and is passionate about things, even if gourmet gastronomy is still normie shit.

No. 623397

Thank you anon, for some reason your words felt very motherly. Eating chicken, pasta and a salad now

No. 623422

How does one make new friends? I'm so lonely. Serious question though.

No. 623432

My boyfriend is into gourmet gastronomy and jazz and tbh, I'd rather date someone with normie interests and hobbies than some 4chan scrote whose niche interests are anime tiddies and 3D modeling.

No. 623434

You need to get out of your comfort zone, go to events and concerts (after corona, if there's ever gonna be an "after"), join some drawing classes or dance classes or whatever might even slightly interest you. I guess that's how you find friends as an adult.

No. 623438

you should only drink a max of 1 glass of wine a day, you need to drink less. (and yeah eat more)

not straight but I don't think people can tell unless you're staring really hard. Women look at each other all the time. Dw about it

No. 623440

Do we have a plastic surgery thread? I’m interested in asking anons if any of them have had any sort of cosmetic procedure and if they did what, +how did it effect their lives and self esteem.

No. 623442

we do in /g/ but it's not very active

No. 623444

Anyone here doesn't like their parents as people? How often do you guys talk to them/meet them? My mother is an emotionally dependent person who lives her life through others and my (absent) father is a paranoid mess who's afraid of everyone and everything

No. 623447

File: 1599301063464.jpg (46.18 KB, 500x749, fig1.jpg)

What parts of a character design make it easier for that character to be cosplayed? I hear that character designs that have pockets can help, but what else?

No. 623448

I dislike my mother as a person and if I was her age; I'd never be her friend. She's the type of person who can't talk to people without making it all about her and her problems. Easily angered. Screams a lot. I try to keep my interaction with her minimal. I've never really met my father so I don't know anything about him.

No. 623454

Idk, I, as her daughter, don't reeeaally dislike her as a person but I sure as hell wouldn't be my mom's friend if I was her age. She's the one everyone always come to for life advice, but she's also kinda narcissistic and thinks she knows everything. When she doesn't agree with someone, even if they're a friend, she will express that in a very harsh way. I don't understand why they accept this behaviour.

No. 623455

Yes my father. I can completely detach my personal problems I have with him and look at him and still wonder what the fuck my good person of a mother saw in that asshole.

No. 623457

There was a point in my life where I hated my parents and avoided contact with them for three years. As I got older and had more life experience I realised that why they're like they are is more to do with the abuse and dysfunction that they experienced in their own families, instead of them being just horrible people. I love them because they're my mum and dad yet I don't always like them because of the things they do.

No. 623458

why does my sweat smell like mcdonalds sometimes? and i swear i very rarely eat mcdonalds.

No. 623463

I feel you. My pee smells like popcorn

No. 623464

holy shit i thought i was the only one!

No. 623467

Mine smells like this or sometimes like sugary cereal, I'm slightly concerned that it's a sign of incoming diabetes?

No. 623472

Idk? I like my mother as a person, but I feel like she would hate me in a different context. She has a type of person she hates and whenever she complained about people it was someone kind of similar to me? But I don't think she realized.
My father is an asshole, good riddance.

No. 623476

Do siblings count? My sister is exactly the type of person I would not befriend if she was just a girl from school or something. Although we get along fine as sisters.

No. 623478

File: 1599305445249.jpg (27.75 KB, 423x383, rokit.jpg)

Is rokit a decent place to get second-hand vintage clothing?

No. 623487

>Consoomer MCU fan
>Misogynistic Gamer
Don't they tend to just be the same group of men anyway? The """nerdy""" guys with very mainstream, normal tastes and possibly a persecution complex for not being "normie" enough?

No. 623498

Should I make a reddit anons? I wanna connect with other people (preferably women) who have similiar experiences to me. Are there any good subs where people share stories and advice on child abuse, loneliness, dysthymia that are more female-oriented? Or am I better off not trying?

No. 623499

I remember seeing a post on reddit where a woman said that, when she was 12, her 14 year old cousin tricked her into giving him a handjob. She was too young to know what she was doing at the time, and was just doing what she was told by her cousin. A lot of the responses to her post essentially said 'it's okay. Both of you were young and didn't know any better', but I felt like the 14 year old boy should've known better than to try to get his 12 year old cousin into giving him a hj and that, although the difference between 12 and 14 is 2 years, I feel like there's quiet a mental difference between, particularly regarding the topic of sex. Am I being unreasonable in thinking this?

No. 623500

Each to their own. I like reddit for it's fandoms sometimes, I like seeing fanart and discussion (before the gatekeeper incels come in) but the only time I accessed a more serious, emotional support board I could tell it was full of people lying for internet points and trolls offering crappy 'advice' that was just mocking actual sufferers of abuse. So personally I'd only recommend reddit if you want to talk about a show you're into or a band you like and then get some real therapy for deep issues you want to get off your chest. But with that being said: my experience is only my own and maybe you'd find some super incredible helpful subreddits that would change your life. Idk.

No. 623501

Better off

No. 623503

There is an age difference and also the woman didn't at the time know what was happening, that is very disturbing. Kids assaulting other kids is a legit thing. You wouldn't brush off a kid for hurting animals. Even if it was a one off thing and not a pattern, it is still concerning.

No. 623504

I agree sort of.

It was shitty of the boy of course and he probably did know, at 14, he was making her do something sexual. I can't imagine a 14 y/o boy not having looked at porn or experimented with touching themself at some point before so I don't doubt he knew what would happen when she gave him a hand job.

HOWEVER I'm not entirely sure a 14 year old has the mental capacity to know that it's wrong to request sexual favours like- they might be too young to grasp what consent is and even what constitutes an act as being sexual. Like, the same way children under 16 (or 18 depending where you live) aren't legally considered able to give consent because they don't understand, I feel like this boy may not have understood what he was asking for and just sought out what he knew felt good.

Obviously it was still wrong of him and it should never have happened, and I'm very sorry to the 12 Y/o girl who this happened to. This is why we need sex ed in schools.

No. 623514

So how many anons are there roughly? Sometimes it seems like there's hundreds of us but other times I swear I'm watching the same
two anon arguing with eachother all day

No. 623515

Why does north Korea STILL try to push propaganda saying that everything in NK is perfectly alright, even though absolutely nobody outside of NK is convinced that at all. Do they think foreigners are dumb enough to not realise that the way people act in their videos are unnatural?

No. 623518

I disagree anon. Sounds like he asked his 12 year old cousin because there was a power imbalance and he figured he could goad her into doing it. He was likely counting on her to not say anything because they’re family and taking advantage of her inexperience.

14 year olds might not have a great idea of consent, but I don’t buy the “he didn’t know it was wrong” thing. Is he also asking his teacher or kids at school for sexual favors, or just his cousin who he can convince to keep it a secret?

No. 623520

I'm the anon you're replying to and yeah you're right, I didn't think of it like that. I wonder if OP posted an update about how they're both doing now.

No. 623524

The only time I've been able to post on reddit without constantly getting weird aggro was when I made a new account and made sure to never mention or hint at my gender in any of my posts.

No. 623527

My first ever message on reddit (besides from the welcome bots) was a random person from the Death Note subreddit telling me to "kill myself and get raped" because I made a post saying I preferred the Near arch to the L one. Such a warm welcome to the community!

FR tho everyone is constantly pissed off on there and if you mention you're a woman and your post gains any kinda of attraction just prepare yourself for the reminder that you deserve to be raped.

No. 623561

I don’t think they’re trying to convince foreigners that North Korea is doing alright, but rather themselves and their people. Although dictators like Kim Jong-un have zero disregard for the people who suffer under their power, they still like to believe that what they are doing is right.

No. 623562

Well foreigners and Americans are dumb enough to believe that NK poses a threat militarily to the world so why not

No. 623570

Can an anon tell me to go study angrily? I'm gonna get behind in my schedule if i don't get my ass in gear. Pls?

No. 623572

I get in contact with a lot of men on tinder who just want hook ups. They will fuck anyone even girls they're not attracted to.

Idgi. If they dont care about stds(many guys have tried to fuck me raw on the first date)or how the girl looks why not just go pay a cheap hooker?

No. 623574

I've had good experiences with them

No. 623575

Because they don't want to support human trafficking and engage in paid rape anon

No. 623576

Lol you know damn well men dont care about that.

No. 623581

No one can be this naive, surely?

No. 623584

>men are the sole cause behind human trafficking and sexual exploitation of women
>men don't engage in human trafficking and sexual exploitation of women
pick one

No. 623585


You're right, I do, but anon so flippantly implying that there is a group of women who are meant to be putting up with disgusting scrote behaviour ticked me off

No. 623589

Men will fuck anything as long as it lets them insert their dick inside, really.

No. 623595

>>621907 I'm not sure but since child mortality is at so low right now, kids with "bad" genes who would have died in childhood 200 years ago are living to adulthood and reproducing so there is no selection for those with "better" genes. Evolution can't take place if people with "weak" genes are reproducing.

No. 623613

You pretty much answered your own question. Why pay for a hooker when you can get sex for free? Getting a bunch of hookups from tinder is also more of an ego boost than having to pay for a prostitute.

No. 623624

File: 1599326424069.jpeg (820.11 KB, 1228x1987, A7B56E12-884C-4EA3-928B-BC1E80…)

How do I get the confidence of a scrote?

No. 623633

Which body parts do you guys think will be IN in the 2020s?

In the 2010s it was first the ugly fat instagram eyebrows a la Cara Delevigne (I hated that phase), then it was large butts and then big lips.

No. 623634

Freckles/fox eyes will probably keep going for a year or so

No. 623635

I think thin brows are going to be a thing again

No. 623636

Those "anime eyes" obtained with e-girl make-up.

No. 623639

I think super skinny will be back, maybe even heroin chic.

No. 623655

I think so too.

No. 623662


nobody cares how much you hate people who smoke weed dude, at least they advertise it in their bio's so you dont waste your time. Now he just needs to find an equally quick and concise way to advertise that he's a fucking narc.

No. 623665

Not really about body parts but more natural makeup looks are going to be more and more trendy. I think highlighters are already less in than a few years ago, I don't know if that's also the case for contouring though since it always seemed to an american trend specifically.

No. 623673

Are melatonin supplements alright to use if you just need them for occasional insomnia? I couldn’t fall asleep until almost 3am last night so I kind of want to try them tonight but I heard you shouldn’t take it all the time

No. 623680

They're alright for occasional use but be very careful not to become reliant on them so don't use it any more than absolutely necessary. And get a very low dosage. I don't know up to what dosage they sell in drugstores where you are but definitely don't get the 1mg per tablet or up, start with 0,1mg.

No. 623685

Idk why but I love reading people's predictions for this kind of thing. I wish there was a prediction thread or something where people could post predictions and you could look back and see if any came true/what people in the past thought was going to happen

No. 623689

Damn, he’s hot and I love that pornstache. What a shame.

No. 623691

I always find it so creepy when people post non public figures and just random people from tinder/they know irl on imageboards and include pictures of them

No. 623693

I’d love to see this thread

No. 623695

There is one somewhere

No. 623721

Nah he’s probably insecure and just being spiteful lol

No. 623724

2020 Predictions thread >>>/ot/495717
2019 Predictions thread >>>/ot/344260

No. 623728

I can't believe I never noticed we had one, thankyou! ♥

No. 623742

Is it too soon for someone to make a 2021 prediction thread?

No. 623744

We should probably save it for december.

No. 623747

How does the Sonic totem thread work? I see no explanation anywhere in both threads…

Also, to avoid samefagging, do we have a shitty tattoo thread somewhere on LC?

No. 623753

Post a question for the totem, and the last number on your post (or the last 2/3 if you get a dub/trip) is the answer from Sonic

And no we don't but I would be interested in one! I really like that snake pit instagram page.

No. 623754

I don't think it's too early honestly. I think it would be interesting to see how the predictions change over the months considering how rapidly things seem to be changing currently.

No. 623757

Is 'homely' positive, negative or neutral ? Like, could I call a lady 'homely' to say that she's not conventionally attractive, but her unconventionally attractive features makes her look charming?

No. 623759

I think homely means motherly and some scrotes wish to fuck their ma's so I suppose it depends on the audience. Anytime I've heard homely IRL it was usually about someone chubby idk if that helps. It's a weird descriptor imo.

No. 623760

Everytime I've heard someone describe a person as homely, it's been negative. Homely basically is used to describe women as average in the worst way, boring and old.

No. 623762

File: 1599340183053.png (19.82 KB, 634x257, homely.png)

Homely literally means ugly sis, it's not a compliment in any form.

No. 623770

Has anyone here used Bumble for making friends ? And if so, do you recommend it?

No. 623771

it's positive outside of the US. it means girl next door.

No. 623799

How do popular portrait artists on Instagram that paint Pinterest girls make money? Also are painting those portraits profitable in general?

No. 623805

Why does everyone hate Zedd

No. 623807

1mg is all you need, your body can’t even process more than 1mg per hour

No. 623828

Hah. No.

I went to dinner with a girl I met and it was so un fucking comfortable and she never messaged me again.

No. 623837

How can I become more intelligent? I feel like I've fried my brain and it's hard to learn and produce intellectual and new things

No. 623856

basically this >>623828. everyone is wine and brunch normie.

No. 623858

Wtf is this true? Dude I take like 10mg, twice sometimes lmao

No. 623864

Get rid of all the escapist shit you waste your mental energy and time on like social media, pointless youtube videos, channel surfing, image boards, binging anime, ect. Then get used to putting effort into thinking, start by doing basic things like reading a book or doing a crossword puzzle and after a while you'll find yourself feeling it's easier and easier to learn more and solve problems.

No. 623870

Stop doing that! The most that can do is give you a migraine or even bad dreams lol. 1mg an hour is all the body processes, scouts honor.

No. 623900

Does it come off as creepy to just draw east Asian people if your white?

No. 623902

If you only ever draw one group of people and it's not a group you're considered a part of, regardless of intention people will wonder why.

No. 623904

What? No jesus

No. 623921


I was waiting at a crosswalk and some autist fuck came up to me asking something that I didn't catch at first. I said, "sorry what?" and he said "Will you be my girlfriend?" uhhh… I said no man wtf, and he demanded to know if I was single, I said yes (stupidly) but that it didn't matter. He got irritated and stepped closer to me and demanded that I tell him WHY I won't be his girlfriend if I'm single?

I told him to get the fuck away from me and that he was way too forward. He told me "that's your opinion".

Fucking hell. Crossed the street and took some pictures of him and put a warning up on my IG. That's like 1 of 10000000000x creepy scrote stories from my city. Unfuckingbelievable.

anon I feel you 100%. I felt so creeped out and invaded. I don't feel comfortable being approached by men ever, this shit gave me so much anxiety.

No. 623922



No. 623924

File: 1599356867556.jpg (20.75 KB, 275x275, c4edb2d1a18ec5e84561def680079e…)

I know this might not be a very intelligent reply but thank you so much, anon!

No. 623945

File: 1599359240180.jpg (24.34 KB, 263x350, SF-210-sherpa-lined-winter.jpg)

>and now she watches me masturbate from my shelf
kek. i don't have my display shelf along the wall facing my bed. i also keep my blythes' eyes turned away from me like pic related so they don't have to watch in horror when i schlick.

No. 623949

Date a dude in his 30s there’s just something about them idk. Literally raised in a different time and from my experience they are way more fun and interesting

No. 623950

god these stories give me so much secondhand anxiety, I'm so sorry that happened to you anon.

reminds me how at the very start of COVID I was walking a few blocks away from my apartment to go to the pharmacy and a random man (perhaps homeless or mentally ill?) who was walking behind me wrapped his fucking ARM around my shoulders out of nowhere, like I was his girlfriend, saying nothing. this incident was also at like 8 AM too and I was so out of it and shocked my instinctive reaction was to blurt, "No, sorry." (fuck female socialization)

No. 623961

ntayrt, but where can i meet guys in their 30s who are single and will take me seriously? every guy i know that is 30+ is taken, assumes i'm a zoomer/zillenial dumbass, or is only interested in me because i'm fresh meat and he hits on anything 25 or younger that has a pulse.

No. 623985

Is moving to a new city is a good idea when you don't like your life?

No. 623996

As long as you tie up loose ends. I'd honestly love to do this but I have a job here ://

Good luck on your journey anon!

No. 624028

Lmaoooo this was probably written by a man in his 30s.
Sure, date one if you want some reddit-tier scrote who has already started profusely balding, gaslighting, financial abuse and being talked down to and disrespected just because you're younger

No. 624046

Huh. I have a doctor's prescription for 5mg. How does that work then if the body can't process more than 1mg per hour?

No. 624102

Do you refer to yourself as I or you in your head?

No. 624103

I've noticed I use you a lot and then I worry I'm schizo

No. 624112

No. 624123

File: 1599401397682.jpeg (199.5 KB, 828x795, 93514051-DF15-4D96-9D40-D6A0C8…)

> How does that work then if the body can't process more than 1mg per hour?
So you’re asking me how it’s possible to be prescribed excess of what your body actually needs?

No. 624124

I use 'you' when I criticize myself in my head

No. 624128

How does an internal monologue sound like? I read an article about it recently and realized I don't have one…do normal people constantly talk to themselves during the course of a day?

No. 624129

My ex was in his 20s and immature af but already balding plus he did all of the above. Meanwhile I know guys who are 10+ years older than him who still have hair and have their shit together. Scrotes are men, but not all Men are scrotes.

No. 624132

Melatonin anons: I know a lot about this because melatonin is a big part of my field of study, not being condescending or anything. Our melatonin comes mostly from our pineal gland and aids our bodies in ways a lot of us don’t realize, for example it also helps convert the suns rays in our skin into a protective tan rather than a sunburn. A lack of melatonin is also linked to cancer, ie how longtime nightshift workers are mire at risk. Since synthetic melatonin is incredibly cheap to create and was just as cheap even when it was made using the pineal gland tissues from horses and pigs, it isn’t studied, picked up by conglomerates, or marketed to it’s full potential because there’s no payout from investing in it. Melatonin is very powerful when used properly, but you risk becoming almost immune to it by taking too high of a dose. It’s half-life is just under an hour at best, and the mg your body can’t use will be pushed through your liver and excreted through your urine and saliva. Micro-dosing melatonin has many benefits that you can’t receive while taking high doses. It’s in the same vein as the supplement myth that’s peddled pretty heavily to America, your body’s functions are just too nuanced.

No. 624134

So you don't think? Or do you mean you just think when you want and otherwise not? A lot of people have a constant inner monologue. I had that too and only after a lot of meditation it's still in my head. Consider yourself lucky

No. 624136

I do think lol. I just don't narrate it, I guess? Like, if I want to do something, I imagine doing it first and then do it. What does an internal monologue sound like? Do you describe everything to yourself while you're doing something?

No. 624138

maybe you have mastered living in the moment

No. 624139


I bought a bottle of 10mg a while ago and discovered that it totally fucks me up the next day, even if I take it super early like 8pm and go to bed at 9pm and get up at 7am I'm still drowsy all day as if I'd only had 3 hours of sleep. I now snap the tablets in half and have 5mg pills and it's a lot better, I'll try snapping down to 2.5mg quarters. I only use it an average of about once a fortnight, usually in tandem with other stuff like no screens / early night, on nights when I really need to be up and functioning early the next day.

So, to answer the original anon and agree with the other more knowledgeable answers, my anecdotal experience is that a high dosage is counter-productive. Technically I saved a lot of money with these though, they barely cost more than the 1mg tablets but because I'm snapping them into quarters I get 4x the quantity.

No. 624141

I do, I literally can't shut up, always talking in my head. I automatically comment on everything that's happening around me. If I see a cat, I'll hear myself saying some inane bullshit like "hey it's a cat doing cat stuff how cute". Even if I'm just sitting doing nothing, my mind will continue to blab on. I daydream a lot, and will have entire conversations with myself concerning the subject I'm daydreaming about.

The weirdest thing is, when I'm not even daydreaming or thinking about anything, sentences will still keep forming in my mind. They will be nonsense sentences often with nonsense words, like "and if a chrotoblaz underfups, it will be kulpler for tomorrow and juniper". My mind just won't tolerate being blank and does that ridiculous "chat" instead.

Im pretty happy with my overactive mind, I like that it keeps tirelessly yapping away.

No. 624143

Nayrt that's cool anon, I remember reading how some people think in images only. Brains are amazing, there's no wrong way to think. My internal monologue is constantly talking about how I feel or what I'm worrying about or thinking about what I should do next but it isn't a literal play by play of what I'm doing I'm the exact moment but it's often interrupted by random intrusive images or fears. Sometimes if I hear an accent my "inner voice" might get stuck in that, or when nothing is on my mind music or film dialog will just replay in my head. My boyfriend says his mind is mostly just going through tasks as he does them, he doesn't have constant chatter.

No. 624144

I wish, haha. I do have a lot of anxious thoughts sometimes that make it hard to focus on the moment unfortunately

No. 624145

So you think in images?

No. 624146

I google searched inner monologue because of you and now know that not everyone thinks in literal sentences. But what are ones thoughts like if you don't think in complete sentences? I'm thinking in full sentences to myself all day often accompanied by images.

No. 624150

My bf and I both are meat eaters, but we're also both interested in becoming vegetarians, though I think I'm more serious about going through with it.
Any ideas on how to best do it without getting tempted when he's eating meat or proposing to do so? Or do you have any ideas on how I can push him to also take this step with me?
I've thought about watching some documentaries that include gruesome slaughter scenes but I don't know if he'll agree to do it.

No. 624152

I analyse my own thoughts and actions constantly. The only time it stops is when I either slide into day dreaming or when I'm asleep. It sounds negative and self critical but it's balanced. Sometimes if I've done something well I'll tell myself that I did a good job and if I've done something wrong, I question why and what I could do differently next time.

No. 624153

Wow, this is fascinating. So this happens completely automatically, right? You don't have to make an effort to comment on things in your head?
>there's no wrong way to think
Thank you, this made me feel less insane

No. 624154

I dont exactly know what to fucking call it but sometimes when I lie down and do nothing i get this weird numb feeling around my brain and feet and feel like floating and going mindless. Am I close to astral projection or what.

No. 624156


I'm deliberately meat-free on mondays, take special care to pay attention to vegetarian options at restaurants if they look tasty, and often buy fake-meat schnitzels/steaks at supermarkets for general shopping. I'm also mildly obnoxious about discussing this with people whenever it happens to come up (and very frequently get a positive "oh, maybe I'll do that too…" reponse). Overall this makes me feel considerably more moral than doing nothing, even if I am still murdering and eating the occasional cow. I'm also precommitted to voting in favour of any anti-factory-farming or meat-ban type of government policy.

I realise that's not really advice, but, maybe it helps to see this perspective.

No. 624158

Yes it's completely automatic.

I've noticed that there seem to be 2 different types of internal monologue. I'm >>624141 and my monologue is usually centred around things I see/hear at that moment, it's focused on the external, I think about what is happening around me. These anons >>624152 >>624143 are internally focused, thinking about their feelings and actions. Anon's boyfriend is more like me, focused on external tasks.

No. 624159

I have the constant chatter and that shit is tiring

No. 624175

Is PT a virgin

No. 624176

How many friends do you have? I'm not even talking about best friends, just people you consider friends and keep up with?

I have 1….. I'm not even a weird shut in or anything, people just dont wan't me around and think I'm awkward I guess. :/

No. 624177

No, I remember at one point she was dating an awful man that demanded a lot from her and she later talked about with many people. It's really sad to think about.

No. 624179

4, but I don't have any like 'casual' friends only a handful of really close friends. I want to make more friends but I'm kind of a shut in and feel too anxious to use social media for some reason.

No. 624181

I consider my boss and big boss my friends. They’re both 25-30 years my senior, but we talk outside of work often and do nice things for each other. Other than that I have my fiancé and I rely on him for social fulfillment. I find it very hard to make friends my age. Either we have nothing in common or they don’t seem to like me. It would be nice to have someone to do things with

No. 624193

One. And that's my ex fiance lmao.

Sucks that the older you get the harder it is to make friends.

No. 624198

Thank you, I've seen a lot of anons mentioning its predictions are often correct, so I wanted to try it for fun.

I'd like to try to make this thread, but where do you think it would fit better, /g/ or /ot/?

No. 624204

File: 1599413772121.jpg (51.31 KB, 590x600, 9a0f8c39fc55bf70d92e1cd94b3ae8…)

Would you wear this? Be honest.

No. 624205

For the laffs

No. 624207

do former IRLs count?
former IRL best friend of 10+ years, a list of people from abroad, then a few in the city I moved out of…14?
my best friend is the only friend i still have from the country i was born in and lived 18 years in. then the rest i met within the last 2 years. top kek. it's never too late, girlies.

No. 624209

/ot/ would be a better fit I think

No. 624217

from a distance you'll probably look like you have weird tits hanging out. His eyes are the nipples. This effect will be worse if you have large breasts and a similar skin tone

No. 624229

Maybe /ot/ or /m/. Theres a bad art thread so we should be able to have one for bad tattoos. Unless mods think that should be the same thread?

No. 624231


No. 624233

Question for my fellow ana chans- is it just me or is the thinspo you find nowadays just not as good as it was in 2013

No. 624235

Nothing beats black and white bonespo with ‘nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’ overplayed on top

No. 624236

Can any dutch anons explain what kind of corona rules exits in the Netherlands? I live next to the dutch border and while myself haven't been shopping in NL since the pandemic started, I've heard that you don't have to wear a mask in shops etc. Only in buses and so on. I also follow a few dutchies on Insta and they posted about going to concerts and shows in these times (while not wearing a mask) and I really wonder how you guys are doing over there. Isn't it that bad or?

No. 624237

Since tattoos are considered a form of art, this kind of thread would not look weird on /m/, but I don't think they should be on the bad art thread, shitty tattoos are a goldmine on their own.

No. 624239

You only have to wear masks on public transportation. You also have to keep 1,5m distance from people outside your household. Other than that, the basics: wash your hands, don't go to busy places, if you have any health complaints stay home and get a test, stay home as much as possible etc.

Can confirm most people aren't actually keeping distance or staying home as much as possible though. I went shopping last week and it was busy like normal times, no one was actively trying to keep distance.

I guess it's not "that bad", the intensive cares haven't been overloaded in months.

No. 624261

I think it can be fun using astrology to analyse this phenomenon. I have mercury in Virgo and have a very wordy monologue when I think. I see words before I speak them sort of. I can stumble over people's names because of how their spelt because when I go to say their name I think of what it is, see the word and can fuck it up if it's a weird spelling or not spelt phonetically. This process all takes seconds though.

Wonder if other anons that know astrology can say what mercury sign they have idk lol

No. 624290

My Mercury is in Capricorn and my inner monologues are usually about reaching conclusions. Like my brain automatically rambles in everything going on with my life unconsciously but then when I tie ends up I become conscious.
Other time it's just me giving myself an earful for doing something dumb.

No. 624293

I've seen so many couples where the woman is vegetarian/vegan and the man is a meat eater. I never seem to see the reverse (vegan man dating a meat eating woman) why?

No. 624295

Because us meat-eaters don't stand whiny bitches with a penis.

No. 624296

Nta, but your answer makes no sense. Men are bitches with penii if they're veg(an)…?

No. 624298

Because a man is not going to tolerate being with a woman who doesnt follow his life style.

No. 624300

I've seen quite a few but I think part of the reason it's less common is that for some reason eating meat is kind of considered a 'manly' thing? I think it can make the woman feel less feminine/ the man less masculine kind of like if the woman is taller/ the man is shorter.

No. 624303

Take this with a grain of salt but my theory is
1. From my observations, there's a lot more men who're avid meat lovers than there's woman who're huge meat eaters

2. Woman are more compasionate and caring in general so they're more likely to give up eating animal products.

Therefore there's simply more woman who're vegetarian/vegan than men.

Again just a theory lol

No. 624318

I can't for the life of me find it, but I remember seeing on here a screenshot (I think from reddit?) of a man talking about how he found the perfect women for him personality-wise, but still wouldn't date her because he wasn't attracted to her appearance. I've checked in the how to cope with being ugly and the reddit hate threads and I can't find it. I think the anon who posted it said it made her sad. Anyone here happen to have it?

No. 624321

Yes. Vegan men are the whiniest pieces of shit and they remind you constantly they have the moral higher ground. I would never date one of those assholes.

No. 624329

>Vegan people are the whiniest pieces of shit and they remind you constantly they have the moral higher ground. I would never date one of those assholes.

No. 624331

how come the more I watch funny videos, the more depressed I feel afterwards?

No. 624335

will biotin actually help my hair grow?

No. 624341

Because you wasted your life consuming media instead of doing something tangible that will last more than ten seconds???

No. 624345

tl;dr not as an external thing (like in shampoo), yes as an internal thing (like in a supplement), but can come with side effects you might not want (like acne). rosemary essential oil has some scientific basis in hair regrowth, some people swear by castor oil but it's less scientifically backed. your best bet is probably a keratin+biotin supplement, which will also help your nails.

No. 624346

File: 1599432794078.jpg (63.14 KB, 360x475, Brain Flying Away.jpg)

Can somebody explain to me what the fuck evolutionary anthropology is? Can you study that? Also what is the difference between anthropology and ethnology? I feel like I'm losing my mind.

No. 624368

Who the fuck is 32 inch waist chan? What does it meeeaaan?

No. 624372

God I wish I were this new so bad

No. 624400

I found it, anon! It was in the "Ugly men with beautiful wives/gfs" thread. The post number is 585483.
Here's the thread link: >>>/ot/581191

No. 624424

Thank you I love you I hope you have a great day sweet angel baby

No. 624425

Depends where you are. The field of anthropology is understood a bit different in the US and Europe, in the US ethnology would be a subfield in anthro, in Europe it's more of it's own thing and anthro leans more biological. Might be different again somewhere else.
Whatever your interested in, you can definitely study it though! Evolutionary anthropology encompasses a bunch of things from genetics, paleoanthropology, comparative behavioral studies and psychology, linguistics, archaeology. Basically understanding how humans came to be what they are now. Ethnology it's more studying and describing the societies of different living peoples and goes more into a sociological direction.

No. 624442

File: 1599449060664.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.81 KB, 350x330, partypizza'.jpg)

How do I resist the urge to eat the pizza rolls in my freezer? I am starving and craving something warm and savory, but I pledged not to eat any junk food especially not with dairy and also not to eat after a certain time. Like I know it's not going to kill me but I'm trying to master the art of self discipline and not fuck up my body.

No. 624443

Just eat them and then don't buy new ones

No. 624444

I'm worried that I'm going to break out/gain weight/have an overall negative reaction to all the additives though.

No. 624446

Well throw them away and pour out bleach on top you big baby.

No. 624449

What if I throw them up afterwards?

No. 624451

You want us to sign off on your purge? Pathetic, anon

No. 624453

Anon… just eat it if you want to eat it and don't if you don't. lmao

No. 624456

Oh my god just throw them out, eat them or eat something healthier. Like rice or some shit. If you really have no self control that you have to consider eating them just to throw them up then maybe you shouldn't be fasting.

No. 624460

i studied this in university, didn't end up being my major but took a year worth of classes in it. im not an expert by any means but this is what i got from it: it's a discipline that can involve a lot of areas of focus such as biology, archaeology and early human culture. think of it as a way of understanding early hominids in the context of their evolution. how they may have lived, ate, acted, talked, walked, etc. some people may do this solely with dna and hapla groups etc. etc, whereas other can sit on the more speculative, sociological side and look at archaeological sites and objects (this was me lol). we can extract dna and look deep into the earth to see what the climate looked like in the past and what the hominids consumed. look at small markings on animal bones to deduce what type of stone or flint tool was used to extract the meat and cartilage of animals. even find the tools themselves. see rudimentary burial sites and deduce what kind of religion these early humans may have had or if they even gave a shit about their dead. it's important to know anatomy and how evolution shaped each hominid type, where that hominid lived and if they thrived or died in their environment. it's interesting, some skeletal remains of early show such great sex differences in size/shape that people have considered them to be from different human groups altogether. what we can deduce from early humans really changes depending on what subspecies they are and their environment. lots of human remains have yet to be classified into specific hominid groups, some are misidentified and fuck up everything we know about human history and migration. imagine finding a neanderthal remain in new zealand or some shit, shit would be crazy. evolutionary anthropology helps us map out human evolution from it's infancy and how patterns of migration, adaptation and branches into subspecies tell the story of prehistory. it really digs deep into the differences between early hominids, as there is so much more to be discovered in the field and in the lab. i know many people in the area of study who are positive that a fully preserved and intact body of a early human is somewhere in the artic ice and waiting to be found, lol. depending on the college that teaches it, you may be taking medical/biology classes. it's an interesting field of study if you wanna maybe pursue archaeology or work in a university.

also afaik ethnology is study of interactions between culture and people, it's more specific. i think it's a comparative field in that you study a culture and how it develops and interacts alongside another culture. im not sure, didn't really touch it in school. you're right tho, it's all confusion to me.

No. 624464

File: 1599456614125.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.25 MB, 500x214, dune 03.gif)

I did it, I ate them. I ate two plates and failed to purge everything and I'm going to wake up looking like this tomorrow.

No. 624466

oh my god get help for your fucking ed and stop telling us about it

No. 624473

File: 1599458648359.jpg (82.22 KB, 630x420, G-Eazy_YouTube.jpg)

How would you guys feel about a World News/Politics thread? We could discuss news and political topics, including the upcoming elections

No. 624476

well all i can tell you is that it'll become a massive disastrous shitshow extremely quickly

No. 624479

It'll be Protest Thread Part 2

No. 624490

>World News/Politics thread
>We could discuss the upcoming elections

It’s just going to be Americans fighting about Trump, isn’t it

No. 624492

isn't that dude a cow

No. 624497

Alright guys, I won't do it. Just thought it'd be interesting
Yes, he's a shitbag rapper

No. 624498

File: 1599463325768.gif (406.63 KB, 220x124, average farmer.gif)

It's a good idea and I like all these new threads lately but as other anons have said I'm afraid the topic is too loaded and would end up in shitflinging :~)

No. 624512

I’m >>624490 and think it’d be funny as fuck. Do it anon

No. 624513

Yeah, I've never understood why heavy discussion isn't wanted on lolcow though.

No. 624520

soooooo, I have only a hs diploma, graduated around 3 years ago and late due to being sick but w/e, I'm trying to figure out how to even begin to try to start college. I never was able to even take my SAT or w/ it's called and im super anxious and just scared overall, is it possible to talk to a college counselor to kinda idk, know where to start? i feel so overwhelmed and useless like a kid, im looking online for basic info but its still super hard for me to absorb it and get frazzled. I want to be an obstetrician

No. 624530

Why are people suddenly canceling Ellen DeGeneres?

No. 624531

Why exactly do so many people get uncomfortable seeing their parents cry?

No. 624545

Does consuming liquid chlorophyll have actual benefits or is it just new age hippy bullshit?

No. 624552

Apparently she's a huge asshole to people she works with and is condescending/mean towards anyone who isn't as high status and wealthy as her. A bunch of people came forward to reveal their experiences with her, including some really out there stuff like guests on her show not being allowed to speak to her or look her in the eye before the cameras start rolling.
Later on it also became clear that the work environment on her show in general is shitty, higher ups involved in sexual harassment and racism towards the crew.

No. 624554

Thank you anons! I think I understand it now more or less. I just got really confused while researching because everything I found for studying it are masters and I couldn't find what you are supposed to do for your bachelors. My uni offers something called cultural studies and ethnology (whatever the difference between these two is) but not anthropology so that added to it. Kinda regretting to have settled for psychology now since anthro seems a bit more up my alley.

No. 624555


No. 624557

For what it's worth, psych isn't too far off and you still could easily get into a related master's program e.g. comparative behavioral studies with animals or developmental psychology with children.

No. 624563

Are there any anons here with English degrees? What do you guys work?

No. 624566

The protest thread was full of Euros going ??? and !!! about American politics, with nary a Yankee commenting. Personally, I would like a such news/pol thread.

t. An opinionated Euro

No. 624572

It didn't help me, all I got was pimples.

No. 624603

Lol, it’s just going to be a bunch of finnanons drunkenly pounding their keyboards, going off about American politics

No. 624604

I see this type of filename a lot


What site is it?

No. 624609

uploads from phones I think.

No. 624617

What happens if you have a bad period but a serious job?

I've been in uni, and have somehow managed to escape having a bad period day on any of my insecure minimum wage jobs. But in those ones where it needs to be 9-5 mon-fri…what happens?

The first day of my period I'm doubled over and lay in bed and shit at least 10 times for the first 6 hours and bleed around a mug's worth, then I can slowly move around, that's with meds. But with proper jobs it's not good to call in sick once a month, right?

So how does it work? I've literally never seen anything on this before. Do they quietly give leeway? Is it expected to suffer through it?

No. 624620

>>624617 This is why I am on birth control anon. If you have a diagnosed condition, they might be lenient otherwise it's get on birth control or suck it up sadly.

No. 624622

that's terrible news. I've been on birth control which exacerbates my migraines, so I wouldn't be able to go into work anyway.

I guess once I get hired I can see the doctor for an official diagnosis on whatever it is I have (i'm sure it's common but it ain't normal), so they'll give me a half day/I can come in the evening or whatever.

No. 624633

Can you find out the identity of people who view your videos on instagram OR the identity of people who simply visit your page? In any way (third parties, etc.)?

I stalk a friend of a friend because I'm a creepy loser, but I'm 100% sure she blocked me and idk why or how.

No. 624635

If you're logging in and you watch someone's stories they can check who watched within the 24 hours window. I've noticed that the very few times I posted stories because I had no idea that was the case. I don't think that's the case with regular posts, whether they're pictures or videos. How many followers does this person have and how often do they post stories?

No. 624638

Afaik Instagram only shows users the accounts of who viewed their stories (and liked posts ofc). It doesn’t have any way of showing users who visited their account page or just simply viewed their post / picture. Don’t know about 3rd party methods though.

No. 624639

I don't know about how it works in your country (and honestly, it probably depends from employer to employer) but your doctor should be able to arrange for you to get some extra sick days. My mom used to get 3 extra sick days every month because of her cramps, so 1 day a month doesn't sound really that outlandish to me.
Also forgive me, but I have to give some unsolicited advice because I am annoying like that;
NSAIDs are really good at diminishing the amount of menstrual blood, cramps, shitting and any other pains you have in general, especially if you remember to take them before your period starts. I used to take 75 mg of diclofenac on the first day and my periods became really manageable, I went from dying the first couple of days to just living normally.

No. 624640

They can see if you watched your igtv videos as well. I’m sorry anon but you must have lurked a little too hard…

No. 624647

Nta but I take NSAIDs pretty often for periods (to the point of developing tinnitus) and there isn't much of a difference with cramps/shitting/blood etc. It only affects mild pain ime.

No. 624655

Hi anons, I am from EU (SK) and my russian friend wants to send me a custom dress she made, so the question is… Will I have to pay customs after?

No. 624661

I haven't watched any of her stories (I'm careful about that) or any igtv in months, so it would be very sudden if that was the case. She also has 900 followers or so and gets a good amount of views on her vids/igtv.

Maybe it's possible my friend just showed her my account (I post art) and she decided she disliked me kek. She intuitively made the right decision in that case.

No. 624683

I had to google it but I actually already take mefanamic acid, which turns out to be an NSAID. It can help when my bleeding is heavy, but either it's ineffective past a certain point or I don't detect how bad it'll be quickly enough. Last time it began at 6am, woke me up and I was vomiting and in a cold sweat on the floor til midday, really quick onset.

Damn 3 sick days a month sounds sweet. I'm in northern europe so I think it'd be possible, but maybe something to not bring up before an official diagnosis.

This is reassuring, thanks

No. 624693

I'm trying to remember the name of an internet girl I found on lolcow somewhere.

I can't remember if she had her own thread or was just mentioned in a thread (I don't think she was mentioned on /pt….)

She was like, a seemingly wealthy influencer who claimed to have earned all her money from her art business doing both contract work & shilling prints of her paintings, which people found dubious because her art was fairly unremarkable. She would post a lot of pics of her condo that she claimed to have bought. Does anyone know who I'm thinking of? I think she was maybe asian or mixed.

No. 624694

I know exactly who you mean. She posts like thirst trap-y pics too right? I can't remember her name tho, sorry anon

No. 624696

Yeah I was going to ask if maybe she found your account by herself and blocked you on her own. Maybe your mutual friend showed her your account as you said, or maybe she also lurked too or you showed up in her recommendations. Since I use the same email address to log into fb and instagram and started by following irl friends on both my recommendations were full of people I knew irl and even now I'm recommended accounts of my friends' friends whom I never heard about or met before, so if you and that girl both follow your mutual friend on instagram it's possible you showed up in her recommendations very fast.

No. 624697

Dude the struggle is real. My recommendations:

- Start taking ibuprofen/tylenol/aleve/whatever 2-3 days before your period starts. (this is hard for me because I'm not regular but it works when I can time it correctly). Once your period starts, increase the amount of NSAIDs you take a bit. This will significantly reduce your cramps. Do be careful though because ibuprofen can fuck up your GI tract if you take too much, and fuck up your heart health over long term use

- In my experience, cannabis works really, really well for period cramps. If you don't mind being a little high at work, vaping (in a dry herb vaporizer, not a vape pen) even just a bit of weed before you start work will relieve your pain very quickly and will keep the smell more minimal than smoking. If you can't be high, vaping CBD flower will help too. You can also just try CBD/THC tinctures and edibles but they take longer to work and the edibles are tough to dose. All of these might make you drowsy so pair with coffee if necessary.

Godspeed anon, I feel for you, I have this struggle too but have luckily been able to work from home since the pandemic.

No. 624700


No. 624703

Damn yeah I remember her too, her condo is gorgeous and so is she, don't think it's something one can get with honest work but it's also 100% true I'm just jealous.

No. 624707

Alyssa Silos, she’s in the artcow thread lol

No. 624708

Anon-chan, there's been her Photoshop vs IRL photos both on PULL and LC as far as i recall. That also remembering she did a boob job.

No. 624709

lmao yes, thank you anon

this girl is wild. no milk rly but her whole personal brand of "i love being an #artist! i financed this wayfair set with my dropshipped keychains that you can buy on my wix site." is just fascinating

No. 624711

Not to be a dick anon but someone probably ratted you if you’ve ever expressed negativity about her or you forgot to cross your ts somewhere more likely

No. 624748

Ended up making it:
I'm a Europoor as well, hiya there

No. 624752

Can anyone explain fashion to me? High fashion and what ‘fashion enthusiasts’ wear. not what normies wear. I don’t understand what is artsy/cool/valuable about crap that looks like it was designed and made by a blind child with ADHD. I also don’t understand why one outfit that looks like it cost $10 at a thrift store for old people is cool but a similar outfit would be unfashionable

No. 624755

Asking the important questions

No. 624757

Fashion as any form of self expression is subjective. Artsy stuff is just not for you, there's nothing to explain.

No. 624758

File: 1599507782625.jpg (421.84 KB, 1365x2048, 82056206_3486736434731901_2131…)

just another day in the bad part of town

No. 624760

something something drape

No. 624761

File: 1599507953928.jpg (505.73 KB, 1365x2048, 83038055_3486735964731948_7812…)

Anon, if you don't understand the appeal of this, artsy stuff is just not for you, duh

No. 624762

If you mean avante guarde and haute couture, then it’s art and about new and interesting/weird/innovative construction and craftsmanship. Just watch any of Chanel’s making of videos.

No. 624764

It’s all about quality of materials and the work of the people under a name that got famous.
The designs can be appealing for one reason or another, most of the times they’re made for one specific client who wants something for some reason, so, after the celebration/photoshoot, they sell the outfit they won’t wear again because it was a one time thing, it accomplished its purpose.
Then someone will be like “OMg! This is what Jane doe wore for that photoshoot and I neeeed it” they will buy it, tailor it, wear it and sell it again.
If you’re talking about the catwalk type of clothes, the high couture, they’re made to show the skills of the people working for a designer or the designers themselves, the idea is that the outfit looks not only interesting, but also somewhat appealing for a new client that might want to wear it someday.

No. 624765

God I fucking hate French.

No. 624766

he looks like he cries about not being an highschool girl

No. 624770

omg its the onceler….

No. 624774

File: 1599509086445.jpg (171.88 KB, 640x960, garbagebagcore.jpg)

what kind of person would wear this tho. like you can't even walk in half of this shit

No. 624787

It's not made to be actually worn by anyone in any other situation outside a photoshoot. What you see on the runways is the "extreme" and artsy version of a vibe that - if intended to be sold to common people - is gonna be toned down to be actually wearable. On the runway though it has to be immediately readable and leave a strong, memorable impression.

No. 624789

There's different types of high fashion on the catwalk: there's ready to wear/pret a porter collections aka the stuff that ends up in stores and there's runway. The latter is often the crazy
unwearable stuff, taking trends and ideas to the extreme.

No. 624791

Isn't it an art form, visual design meant to be worn on the runway like a performance on stage but less anywhere else? Its fun seeing the interesting things they make and wear

No. 624796

File: 1599510494993.png (Spoiler Image, 1.52 MB, 832x865, whu.PNG)

I know I know it's a cesspool but I just want to know what is this image even trying to imply?

No. 624799

Original image is probably implying people don't share their real fucked-up lives on the internet, incel took it to mean women don't share all the men they have sex with.

No. 624803

Considering the images on the wall is of girl's happy life with one guy I think the incel interpretation might be right. Not to assume anything but the art style would fit an incel artist too.

No. 624809

Why are 90% of the users here ana-chans?

No. 624812

Ah yeah that makes sense! I thought the bf was like in the army or away and she was doing that behind his back or something.
Made me laugh because it's so dramatic.

No. 624813

Poor self-esteem and mental illness.

No. 624823

Define ana-chan, fatty

No. 624824

I feel like currently I see more posts calling normal weight people ‘anorexic’ than ana-chans

No. 624827

Why is every ana-chan's first reaction to call everyone who accuses them of being ana a fatty? It's so pathetic and honestly laughable.

No. 624829

You just prove my point further

No. 624831

So you gonna answer the question?

No. 624834

They aren’t. There’s delusional girls at high or medium weights that love to larp tho, I’m sure some are under that spell. However I cringed in disgust at the bulimic who felt comfortable posting about their purges, like fuck off rotten toothed glutton.

No. 624837

Deflection. Someone fat can still tell when someone is ana but this is like the sickest burn in an ana's brain sooo.

No. 624854

is there any site that helps you memorize speeches by letting you type the words and then letting you know when you mess up? All I find are touch typing sites.

No. 624855

google it, genius

No. 624866

Because I feel like punishing myself after I eat pizza rolls

No. 624884

Get help or stop posting that gross shit on here,lolcow isn't mpa.

No. 624885

So in your mind puking up your pizza rolls and sharing it with the board is punishing yourself? Vomit breath, swollen salivary glands, and rotten teeth sure sounds like a form of masochism I’ve never heard of:

No. 624904

I'm not bulimic and I've never thrown up my food on purpose before. Last night was the first time I ever thought about doing that, only because I felt gross having junk food so late, and I couldn't. I know what bulimia does to your body and mind and I'm not about that life.

No. 624905

Maybe you shouldn’t have talked about purging so casually, you really did a good job at sounding like a nasty bulimic lol

No. 624907

No offense but you sound really unstable if you get that worked up about eating junk food late at night. Get a grip and some perspective.

No. 624911

everyone but bulimia-chan, what’s your favorite snacks? going on a grocery store run later

No. 624914

I just really love chocolate

No. 624916

If you aren’t veg, some thin-sliced meat or pepperoni and mozzarella or pepperjack with a sprinke of cayenne pepper on ritz crackers truly bangs. If you are idk what to tell you.

No. 624929

File: 1599520453695.jpeg (43.59 KB, 852x480, C00D6054-CF2C-4FC9-A995-D445CF…)

Waffles, delicious waffles with honey.

No. 624934

Recs for entertaining period dramas with historically accurate costuming?

No. 624942

Grapes, apples, bananas, loaded doritos doritos with black beans, sour cream, cheese, soy chorizo, orange tofu, granola bars. Idk how many of those are considered snacks tho.

No. 624957

Potato chips, the classic kind.

No. 624971

Is toe jam a real thing? How do you even get it?

No. 624995

File: 1599529665141.jpeg (305.28 KB, 1000x1500, D0184C8C-7158-48DD-A76B-B1D2BF…)

I really like this movie & I ordered this poster but im wondering if it would look weird to just have a big poster of a guy’s face on my wall?

No. 624996

Its Joaquin Phoenix, guy is probably one of the prettiest most crushable men in hollywood, nothing weird about that lol

No. 625021

Does anyone else really regret getting their ears pierced as a child? It’s such a common piercing for women and I feel like a dumbass for hating it so much, but I really hate having pierced ears.

No. 625023

I fucking love the movie and the poster, go with your heart anon

No. 625024

mine was pierced when I was a baby so I didn't really have a choice

No. 625031


I hate mine because they are really messed up, whoever pierced baby me put the holes in the place people get the second ear piercing, its way too up there and wearing earrings looks weird af

No. 625034

get the lower ones and have 2, that's what I did.

No. 625036

At least we weren't circumcised

No. 625044

hey sisters whats up? anyway i have been farting like crazy for two days now and they smell so bad can someone help me please how can i reduce tbe farts lol

No. 625049

How can I comfort my roommate whose cat just passed away?
My roommate and I both have cats and one of her more elderly but most cherished cat suddenly passed away. I am really not good at comforting people and i've never been in a position in which someone I care about had to deal with something like this. I feel terrible for her. How can I be there for her as a friend? I'm not sure how much I should bring up the situation without making her sad. She's extremely depressed over it, she's had this cat since she was in elementary school and basically told me that this cat was her reason for not killing herself at times.

No. 625055

Is "your guys'" bad grammar? It sounds bad

No. 625058


No. 625066

different anon but what would be the alternative in a sentence like "Is that your guys' stuff?"

No. 625069

Aww anon you're sweet. Honestly just ask her if she wants to talk about and listen to her if she wants to vent. Idk how long you've known her or how close you are but sometimes just letting someone know that you're there for them is enough.

No. 625072

I mean it's not a big deal to just say that cause it doesn't sound weird in conversation. but, it could be changed to "Does that stuff belong to you guys'?", "Is this yours?" or something like that.

No. 625090

It sounds bad but English doesn’t really have a proper second person plural anymore so it’s the best we have

No. 625111

What's the oldest Macbook Pro model that can run the Adobe suite, film editing softwares and Sketch fast and without problems? I've always wanted a Macbook but I'm broke and planning on buying a used older model instead

No. 625124

Oh, they sell CBD cigarettes in my Lidl so I'll get a pack of those and test it out, thanks!

Some kinda vanilla ice cream with milkshake powder on top. Banana is my fav.

No. 625132

I never got my ears pierced as a toddler and I resented my parents for that because I'm a coward who nearly fainted when I finally got them done.

No. 625166

>mfw I'm a finnanon and I would totally do this
But I just hate Americans and most Eurofags so much, I can't help it.

No. 625171

Why is it that the biggest pickmes are usually the ugly, fat ones?
At least those that I know irl are.
So every time I see an anon calling anyone remotely being critical of men a femcel, I cannot but imagine a fattie behind the screen. lol

No. 625174

Same. I have met only chubby and unfortunate-faced ones that are very insecure about themselves. One of them does so much make-up that she looks like a completely different person. Is also unable to even take out the trash without layers of makeup.

I wish these women knew that they shouldn't pander to men, screaming how trad and edgy they are while also hating other women and actually accepted themselves.

No. 625179

iPhone photos

No. 625192

anyone ever cut themselves whilst on blood thinners? How bad of an idea is it?

No. 625197

If your child asked you this what would you say?

No. 625201

>"Help, help, I'm being haunted by an aborted foetus!"

No. 625208


No. 625231

File: 1599572223807.jpg (64.16 KB, 1100x825, download (10).jpg)

Unless you absolutely need Mac OS, you're better of getting a second hand business laptop like a Thinkpad.

No. 625285

Dark, anon. I laughed

No. 625294

is wearing kpop merch like sweaters/tees always cringe, even if they have a cute design and you would’ve wanted them even if they weren’t merch/you didn’t listen to the group?

No. 625296

How do I cope with a year of extreme stress and loneliness? I have to do well this year but it’s taking a horrible mental toll on me already and I’m only a few days in.

No. 625305

No. 625309

as long as you don't think you'll get recognized in public by someone who knows the group but you like the design I don't see why not, just make sure their name isn't on it

No. 625313

^don’t listen to this anon, yes it is.

No. 625337

>well, as long as nobody sees you in it
>oh and as long as it's not actually showing what it's supposed to be showing…
What a long-winded way of saying "yes"

No. 625343

ty anons, you’ve no idea how much you just helped me. grateful i’m broke atm so i couldn’t have made the mistake even if i’d wanted to.

No. 625347

hello. how is everyone doing?

No. 625351

Drunk and horny anon, ty for asking.

No. 625354

I'm hungry. I'm gonna lose weight not because I want to but because I'm too lazy to exit the house and buy junk food to eat in the middle of the big meals. I'm sorry mom.
What about you, anon?

No. 625363

Keep in mind most people on this board hate K-pop, so you're going to get biased answers. Not everyone you meet in public is going to find it cringe. Most probably won't even know what you're wearing.

No. 625367

No. 625384

Is staring at myself for 2 hours too short? Should I go longer?

No. 625389

Stare until your reflection averts it's gaze.

No. 625393

watching a movie, kinda cozy atm but i gotta take a shower soon oofie. thx for asking btw!

No. 625439

No. 625441

At best, you risk some zoomer taking a creepshot of you and posting it to their shitty stan account with ‘yaaas armyyy < 3!’

As if.

No. 625460

any farmers have experience getting tattoos over any scars? I’ve gotten several other big ones, so I know how it feels and how much it stings already, but I want to cover up old dumb sh scars and feel very… nervous?

No. 625465

should I text him?

No. 625466

File: 1599589557425.jpeg (83.82 KB, 1920x1080, 095DC332-7704-4308-9694-AB837F…)

No anon

No. 625473

>seeing this right after I just got done spray bottling the cat

No. 625485

Having seen friends get old, deep scars tattooed over I can tell you to keep moisturising them and prepping, and be ready to look for an artist who has experience with scars. They also need to be older scars, meaning non red. They are kinda prone to get blow outs and have to be worked more but it shouldn't be terrible.

No. 625487

I've had many cats and never have i needed a spray bottle, may i ask why you use one?

No. 625491

We have one extremely naughty cat, I don’t have to use it often but it’s sole purpose is to keep him from sneaking into the work room, he ambushes and runs in and likes to trash supplies. It works. (Any anon that thinks it’s ‘abusive’ idgaf.)

No. 625495

Ok ok, as long as it's not pnp level of spray bottle war i guess it's cool

No. 625499

Oh not at all, he’s a grown cat with a kind of evil disposition and it’s been the only method that has kept him out. Our other cat loves to play with my mini spray bottle and that’s how we found out this one didn’t like it. Fuck Ariana Cusack.

No. 625501

Ok I’ll try 10 hrs

No. 625513

One of my late cats actually got the spray bottle treatment via a woolly hat she was scared of now that i think of it. We are the same anon. Fuck Ariana Prolapselips.

No. 625572

What are some websites that are good for buying secondhand clothes aside from mercari, fril, depop and vinted?

No. 625573

Ok so I full on admit that I don’t know that much about autism speaks, but can anyone tell me… are they actually as evil as people say? One of the big complaints is that it focuses on the caretakers too much. I kind of wonder is that the reality, or do they just tell the caretakers honest stories and feelings, but because they are (usually) women, they are being selfish instead of good little servants sacrificing themselves and shutting up about their own feelings and needs?

No. 625577

We'll need more context to give actual advice. I embraced solo hobbies and got my social interaction off of imageboards. Cycling, geocaching, embroidery, whatever.

No. 625581

take it with a grain of salt because my source is my autistic friend ranting, but I think it's more that they view autism as a disability to be cured than supporting resources for people who have it. I think it's quite dehumanising for higher functioning autistics.

No. 625582

They created a commercial solely intending to frame autism a disease that needs to be "cured" before it's "too late"… rather than, you know, a different type of brain. They actually don't focus much at all on taking care of autistic people or providing resources to autistic people and their caretakers, but instead milk people for money, a very small portion of which they use for futile "research" trying to find a cure.

Here's another good video (if you have 11 minutes) from an autistic woman, explaining what exactly they've done wrong.

No. 625584

So another question is unless you are very high functioning, in what way is it not a disability? And why would they not want it curable? Why do super high functioning autistic ppl get to be the center of the discourse

No. 625586

What is that feeling when you don't want someone around but you really wish that they are happy

No. 625587


No. 625603

Is there a budgeting thread on /ot/ or /g/?

No. 625616

you clearly haven't met someone who has really bad autism…

No. 625635

I don't know if it'd be considered "bad" or not, but I have autism.

No. 625638

NTA - I don’t have autism but I have sound and sometimes touch sensory issues that are really similar to what autistic people commonly have. It’s annoying as fuck and makes life more difficult. If there was a magical cure I’d take it in an instant. That’s nowhere near what a lot of autistic people deal with either, so I don’t understand

No. 625640

The tone of this commercial is very unpleasant but having in my family a severe case of autism and - through her - knowing other families with severly autistic children - everything said there it's very true for majority of the (severe) cases. There was not enough awareness when my autistic cousin was born and sure she was just odd and cute as a tiny baby, but she grew to be an barely communicative, strong adult that throws tempers the second something displeases her, her dad left my aunt because he couldn't bear dealing with a person like that anymore, my aunt's life is centered around the cousin, she cannot go anywhere for longer than an hour, she has no vacations ever, the autistic adult child is all there is. Maybe if there was more awareness how life-ruining this may be in the future, maybe if more was done from the early years of my cousins life, maybe things would be different now.

No. 625644

>her dad left my aunt because he couldn't bear dealing with a person like that anymore
Are you defending him?

No. 625649

I’m listening to the ask an autistic video and it’s retarded as fuck. She’s making it out like research for prenatal signs of autism is evil. They discuss the possibility of abortion with children who have other health issues and people accept that just fine. Autism can be really severe and debilitating and moms should be allowed to know what they’re in for. Thinking otherwise is anti-choice, no?

And then she tries to compare it to feminine gender roles…

No. 625652

I'm not defending him but I understand why.

No. 625665

I feel for your aunt, anon. Having severe autism is nothing like being high functioning, they need constant care.

No. 625678

Should chocolate chip cookies be cakey, chewy, or crispy? I prefer crispy

No. 625681

If anything it just shows that the burden of taking care of a child like that probably tends to fall on the mother

No. 625685

A girl from class i hung out with was poking me am i getting bullied? I felt and still feel uncomfortable.

No. 625686

Crispy on the edges and and chewy for the rest

No. 625690

Chewy, when they’re crispy they taste like absolutely nothing to me.

No. 625696

I got my sh scars tattooed over a few months ago, they were a combo of flat, faded scarring & mildly hypertrophic ones. It didn't hurt going over them any more than the non-scarred skin, but I have seen some people say otherwise. I think it really depends. The biggest downside was that the part that went over the scars hasn't healed the greatest, some of the lines are a little blown out & some ink has fallen out where the deeper and more raised scarring was. That's kind of inevitable when getting scars tattooed over, but luckily you can always get it touched up or reworked if you're really unhappy with it. I was super nerous too, so I understand anon!

No. 625703

Did you ask her what she wants

Is she a crackhead

No. 625704

File: 1599610535054.jpeg (58.17 KB, 415x237, C4662B9C-E2FC-4046-99EE-ED4D29…)

Do you ever just feel self-conscious about your habits as a consumer? Sometimes I catch myself wanting something I didn’t even care about a few months ago because of some random commercial or comments on the media I consume and such.
I mean, it’s not bad to want stuff that catches your fancy, but sometimes it’s like:
>character in movie wants food from some specific place
>damm I kind of want that too
Isn’t that kind of weak minded of me?

No. 625708

Nah. If it's not putting you in the red and you enjoy the product it's fine. Think of it this way: it's nice to live in a world where you have access to nice things and you have the final say and personal agency to determine if you really want it.

No. 625709

Some very smart, creative people get paid a lot of money to ensure people react exactly like that, I wouldn't feel too bad about it.

I remember when I was a teen and used to read girly magazines I'd get serious urges to buy shit I didn't particularly want or need just because of the colours and layout of the page it was advertised on. I vividly recall some of those ads and a bunch of specific products even over a decade later, it's crazy how effective it was.

No. 625712

Things like this is what made me want to be a graphic designer. Obviously there's much more going into whether product is desireable or not than just good visuals, but it's a fascinating part of it, the psychology of marketing.

No. 625724

Marketing is no joke.
I fell into a internet rabbit hole about the jolly green giant mascot, and now I'm sat reading this thread with an open can of cold sweetcorn balanced on my belly that I'm eating by hand. I know that reading about those advertisements made me want corn, but it's satisfying to be able to have the means to give in to it.

No. 625761

What are some good healthy/low cal foods that are really soft and easy to eat without chewing? Aside from soup, yoghurt and oatmeal?

I'm getting braces next week so I just got spacers in my teeth, and it hurts so bad omg. I just cried like a baby trying to eat a salad wrap because chewing it was so painful lol.

No. 625766

Why do I keep seeing posts lately where it’s like

>>_ _ _ _ _

With a space under the reply like this. What’s the reason. It looks dumb.

No. 625767

Liquid puree? Soup? Scrambled tofu? Maybe some baby food? Hope you get better anon!

No. 625774

I had a dry socket last month after getting mu wisdom teeth extracted and had to get creative since it took a while to heal.

Potato, Sweet Potato (baked with cinnamon and honey), Pudding, Mashed Baked Apples, Jello, Asian Style Rice with a Spoon lol, and those pre packaged chocolate milks for kids with lots of vitamins.

No. 625776

I was rewatching Ghostbusters once and got hooked on cheez-its for a month because of it. We are hard wired creatures

No. 625777

ive always wanted to know why emojis/emoticons are banned. is it for aesthetic reasons? does it mess with the website/system when someone uses them or something like that?

No. 625778

Probably users from reddit or PULL are posting in lolcow without knowing our format.They are the same users who dont sage too. Didnt mean you, anon

No. 625781

mashed cauliflower, bouillon cubes for soup, apple sauce, cupped fruit or mandarin oranges, bananas with peanut butter, refried beans, scrambled eggs is all i can add

No. 625785

When I had a salivary gland stone, I would just puree regular meals in a blender. Blended chicken tastes nice and creamy, like a delicatessen paté, goes well with mashed potatoes. You can blend any meat and vegetables, no need to restrict your diet.

No. 625793

they're generally not a part of board culture so it helps weed out people who came from another website and haven't been lurking enough.

No. 625807

I think because it can take away anonymity if there is a user who always uses the same emoticons

No. 625809

Thanks for the ideas anons, I'll go shopping this afternoon and see what I can find.

No. 625824

austism speaks is based. fuck spergs, they are a plague

No. 625916

Is having an email that doesn't include your full name unprofessional? Should my email have my full name?

No. 625928

It seems to be more professional yeah, the emails i receive from higher ups and teachers all have their names at the bottom of each email and on their profile.

No. 625930

I’m a pale white woman who is strictly attracted to tanned or relatively darker men.
Race doesn’t really matter though I’ve always ended up with hispanic men to the point that my friends and family make jokes about my ‘preferences’. I feel guilty from a privileged racial standpoint as a white person who is into tanner/darker complexions but I’m genuinely never attracted to pale men. Is this on par with racial fetishization and should I actually feel guilty?

No. 625931

Hey I'm just going by what my friend said, and I don't think you need to be super high functioning.

My opinion is colored obviously but my friend was regarded as not very high functioning. He didn't know how to read a bus timetable or cook or tie his shoes. But it turned out that everyone just had little faith so he was never taught and he assumed it was just somehting autistic people couldn't do. Literally just took making spaghetti bolognese with him, and explaining the column denotes the hour and the row up top denotes the days and he could then cook and read timetables, respectively. I'm wondering how common this is amongst people with autism. They're put in a box and restricted.

I think autism speaks frames autism overall as a disease. My friend has come to terms with and is happy being who he is.

I've also seen very low functioning autism that's definitely debilitating and personally I wouldn't keep a child like that, and they need huge amounts of resources and care. But Autism speaks doesn't seem to outline the difference or spectrum at all, which sucks.

No. 625940

What's a mundane/common noun you think would make a pretty name if it didn't have the definition it had? I like Debris.

No. 625941


No. 625973

Why is there no link to the NSFW board on Crystal Cafe? You gotta type it in the URL instead

No. 625976

Smart techanons, help an IT illiterate out. My Adobe trial has expired. Is there a way to block the 'Your Trial expired' window and bypass the restriction?? I have Windows 10 btw

No. 625983

I think they said it was to keep men and brigaders out

No. 626000

Okay, what drugs makes you lose weight

No. 626001

Healthy diet, CICO, trampolines.

No. 626008

Ecstasy coupled with nonstop dancing at EDM festivals.

No. 626009

No. 626010

File: 1599656229156.png (487.85 KB, 416x750, D080CEF5-7B65-44FA-9CBA-583B22…)

what the hell is a skinhead? a racist/nazi? a punk with short hair? a nazi puncher? every time i try to find an answer i find something different. and how do they correlate today?

No. 626011

File: 1599656329910.jpg (94.85 KB, 396x640, F314B5D4-FC1B-4F41-A474-C476A7…)

No. 626013

Maybe i'll try a combo, I do all of these anyways besides the Refreshing Coke

No. 626015


No. 626016

A skinhead is a neo Nazi, specifically a punk neo Nazi. Think Norton's character in American History X or, if you've seen The Green Room, the bad guys.

No. 626049

who uses a password keeper / generator, and which one? I want to start having random passwords for my accounts and save them on my PC, is this smart?

No. 626056

I do, and I use an app called Valt on my phone. It either stores passwords that you create or generates passwords for you. I really like it but haven't tried others so idk how it compares, but I have 0 issues with it.

No. 626093

They're racists, the worst kind, that's all you need to know about them. They've been banned in my country since 20+ years ago because they beat a little Gypsy boy to death with a pipe just for being a Gypsy.

No. 626096

ephedrine and caffeine

No. 626104

I use the Kaspersky password manager since I also use their anti-virus systems on my devices. But I don't save super important things like e-mail, online ID account, paypal and bank account in it just to be safe.

No. 626105

Why are girls with masculine faces or slightly/moderately off features more likely to be obsessed with styles like lolita? Is it a form of overcompensating?

No. 626107

From my understanding, SHARPs (Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice) are currently trying to reclaim the meaning of the term. Apparently the original version started in the UK as a punk subculture or something back in the 60s and then neo-nazis co-opted the hairstyles and somehow became more associated with the term. The SHARPs I've seen online make it a point to make the distinction and call the neo-nazis boneheads instead of fellow skinheads.

No. 626120

That sounds like a reach

No. 626124

Too bad it isn’t tho.

No. 626125

I don't trust this one bit.
So these sharp guys, they're not racist like skins, and they listen to non-racist music unlike skins, so that means they're only in it for the style.
And what kind of person gets so stuck up on a style they have to wear it even though it's associated with child-murdering racist Nazis? Is it that important to them to shave their head and wear those boots?
Smells fishy.

No. 626144

Damn why can't unattractive women just exist?

No. 626158

I don't get it either, but that also could just be because I'm not a part of it. Afaik, the original iteration was also populated by the working class to rebel against the establishment/rigidity of society like a lot of other punk subcultures do and to enjoy Jamaican culture.
Sorry to blog but I follow an influencer who had a Chelsea haircut earlier this year and she essentially had to shave it all the way off after a Jewish person told her having that style was triggering and the average person who only knew about boneheads would likely assume she's also one and feel threatened. The way I see it is it's like how the older Black Panthers are coming out to denounce some of the younger groups who are trying to use their name, when in reality they're festering with bigotry. I agree with you though, I feel like you can't call yourself a skinhead in today's day and age without being considered a neo-nazi before you're considered the opposite.

No. 626160

I know that there are cows that lurk on lolcow, but I wonder if they ever go past the cow threads & into /ot/ or /g/

No. 626162

Too many of them put on these ridiculous giant frilly dresses and look special needs, that’s why.

No. 626171

No one cares about your opinion scrote

No. 626173

they're going to exist whether you like it or not

No. 626180

Who pissed on your dilators, let the girls look like fools if they wish

No. 626195

Why can’t people say good night to someone as a greeting but say good morning and good afternoon? Like if you were meeting someone at night saying good night sounds wrong because it’s more of like a goodbye, or something you say just before you go to sleep. I wonder why that is?

No. 626200

to be fair the skinhead style of dress and music (first wave punk, oi and ska punk) was created mostly by working class people, lots of 'em immigrants. Some shitheads in the 90s took over the style and added their nazi bs but but there's still plenty of anti-racist skinheads out there. Lace code is definitely still a thing and nazis will wear white or red ladder laces.

No. 626217

There’s good evening for that

No. 626218

If you're Dracula

No. 626226

vampire spotted

No. 626230

>implying trannies aren’t the biggest weebs of them all

No. 626235

File: 1599675875328.png (88.16 KB, 680x383, 65432343.png)

Ow, this hurt. I can't speak for other alt fashions but lolita is generally about wearing what you want without regards to how attractive you are to other people (especially men). I feel like super attractive women probably encounter less situations that would make them want to rebel against fashion/beauty norms

No. 626238

NTA and I'm not sure if that anon is really a tranny, but I can see trannies seething over bio women existing and enjoying weeby things, to be honest.
Probably fucks them up that even the wonkiest-looking girl who wears Lolita or other alt fashion is still closer to being a real life animu girl than they ever will be.

No. 626244

Even though you stated most of the men you’ve dated have been Hispanic, you also made it clear that it’s more of an aesthetic preference to like tanner skin over pale skin, so it isn’t really a fetish if you’re coincidentally with another race for that reason rather than specifically going after them because you have a ~thing~ for guys of that ethnicity.

No. 626247

I’m not a tranny or a scrote. I get along with weebs okay, but the kind that are obsessively into burando are always so ugly, I’m sorry. No, I don’t think it’s normal to be nearing your 30s with a whole closet full of very expensive costumes and no prospects in sight. But I should’ve have to paste a disclaimer so that offended butters don’t call me male? Idk I just feel bad for women whose entire lives revolve around it when they’re a social pariah, it’s just kind of sad and it doesn’t look cute. But I suppose that could be said with all hardcore hobbyists that fixate on something to the point it appears to be a “special interest”.

No. 626249

Skinheads existed in the 60s, usually associated with the mods and rockers subculture. Skinheads then got into punk in the 70s. Punk originated from the white working class. One of the major issues of the time was how white working class neighbourhoods were being changed by mass immigration. Some of the skinheads embraced and welcomed them. Some didn't and joined parts of the far right such as the National Front. That's why you find skinheads on both the extreme left and the extreme right.

No. 626250

Sorry, I didn’t mean offense to any farmer of course. But thank you for answering honestly, it puts it into perspective. That’s kind of what I meant by overcompensating, it makes more sense that girls who are more conventional are less likely to venture into that sort of rebellion. Thanks.

No. 626257

Ok, so it's the special interest part that's the problem. People that have a problem with it tend to be the least interesting.

No. 626260

File: 1599677007496.jpg (101.09 KB, 932x1116, 1599454833096.jpg)


true, we should make fun of troons in lolita above all

No. 626264

I guess it’s the concoction of weeb delusion + superiority complex + burando that is a deadly combination? Personally I’ve just seen a lot of girls into it that are too old to be acting the way they do. I don’t think it makes them more interesting, it just makes them look really pitiful, and they usually have a strange attitude. Perhaps that’s soured me from it. I’d never bully someone just for liking cute things tho.

No. 626267

File: 1599677355323.jpeg (374.53 KB, 828x535, F702A868-EE75-4887-88D8-3666DA…)

No. 626268

I totally disagree. Lolita is definitely not like it was in the 80s/90s. People who are still asserting that are idiots. Lolita itself is based around traditional femininity and inspired by clothing styles and fads from other time periods. It still leans heavily on Japanese beauty standards and only really ignores socially acceptability as far as the clothing being excessive and not minimal, it even follows informal rules for Japanese women's clothing, such as often covering shoulders and breasts. Not only that but it's prevalence in anime in recent years shows that the style is fairly well received by men.

Also, the idea that attractive women don't want to rebel against beauty norms is kind of unfounded.

No. 626270

File: 1599677587538.jpg (81.71 KB, 538x800, bdefbef99d2535bbe5d9ad4bdca2c4…)

This is now ita thread

No. 626272

I doubt anon meant it that literally, they probably just meant conventionally attractive women are a lot less likely to specifically choose to dress in expensive tutu dresses and petticoats with bad wigs and kitten heels? I mean it’s true.

No. 626274

If someone posts multiple confessions in the confession thread, multiple vents in the vent thread, etc. for the other threads, would that be considered samefagging?

No. 626275

File: 1599677717959.jpg (130.04 KB, 1080x1080, e5ff5fc9bfeaf84ff51a64511958c3…)

You can say white pipo anon, we all know you're thinking it

No. 626277

File: 1599677799185.jpeg (84.54 KB, 960x640, E158CA6C-052E-4A8E-8FB6-B849A8…)

Balls of steel to dress like this for sure

No. 626278

Samefagging means posting under pretenses of being different people

No. 626279

Oh my god anon, nod to you for understanding what that was politely coded to say.

>the style is fairly well received by men.
If it’s worn by someone who isn’t ugly.

No. 626281

For the same reasons ugly girls feel they need to develop personalities.

No. 626284

Thank god you don’t have to be ugly to do that.

No. 626285

I don't think you get how crazy lolitas are about "muh feminism" and "muh anti-male fashion". It's pretty ridiculous, many of them think they are woke as fuck and super unique for wearing this stuff.

No. 626286

Goodness, you're right. I forgot
>and the ones with low self-esteem

No. 626287

That’s as psychopathic as it sounds, huh?

No. 626289

So if you're hot you don't need a personality? It's something everyone has to do.

No. 626292

Anon was apparently trying to make a joke and it didn’t really land, chose to ignore it.

No. 626295

Honestly, there's no issue wanting to dress for yourself and not care about male attention, but I respect GNC women so much more. Lolitas seem really ignorant about what the fashion actually is, and cling ont it's antiquated roots to justify their obsession. Not to mention that for the most part men are actively accepted into the community.

No. 626297

Yeah that seems like they’re just extremely pretentious and disguising it as some sort of purist ideal.

No. 626302

Exactly that. Sorry I am sperging about this so much, I just had a friend try to explain it to me over and over, even though I have interacted with the community and it's just pretentious vapid consumerism, especially the "comms" and meetups and stuff. They are just super shallow hobby groups based around collecting. Of course they are going to want to have meetups and show off their super obscure, expensive crap, no one else cares about it.

I am fine dressing how I want and acknowledging that I engage in some stereotypically feminine practices.

No. 626307

I don’t consider it sperging personally, what you’re saying makes a lot more sense than when girls reee about muhburando because their taste being challenged sends them into a condescending tailspin. I would hardly call spending every bit of your spending money on oversized childrens costumes while living with your parents well into your 20s empowering.

No. 626313

That's fair, I guess this thread can get derailed a bit anyway. But again, I agree. How can you claim to not care about attention when your entire fashion revolves around getting approval and validation from others? Again, that's not to say it's impossible to dress for yourself, but lolita is not the way.

No. 626318

Some you bitches ita and it shows

No. 626319

Yeah, and the Swastika was originally a Hindu symbol, but tattoing it nowadays and saying it's to "claim back" it's original symbolism will not be tolerated, with good reason.
It's the same with "non-racist" skins. Nobody's fashion sense is more important than history and the lives lost by Nazis and racists.

No. 626321

I smelled the BO trapped in the lace causing friction rashes in their armpits from a mile away

No. 626330

No. 626335

most of us don't wear fugly baby dresses, can't even be ita in the first place.

No. 626338

Stop dressing like a baby. Get a cooler coping mechanism like drugs or alcohol like the rest of us

No. 626341

File: 1599681622506.jpeg (25.34 KB, 580x386, mermaid.jpeg)

Does the charity ,mermaid, actually try to help teenagers with their gender dysphoria, or do they just push kids into doing hormones?

No. 626343

Literally all of you wear fugly baby dresses fym

No. 626345

/cgl/ gets extremely triggered over drugs, even minor shit like weed

No. 626349

Literally never heard that one before
Good old normalfags with their roundabout excuses of muh consoomerism muh elitism to shit on some frills lmao when you can just say you think it's ugly and move on
Drugs and alcohol still aren't personality btw

No. 626350

Of course they do. It’s the superiority complex cope.

No. 626352

That anon was obviously making a joke you uptight twat

No. 626407

Lolitas trying to act like wearing that shit is woke fucks me up.

No. 626423

Does anyone else get the feeling that Lolcow is being infiltrated by glow-niggers posting as anons to derail topics and purposely infight so the topic gets dropped altogether?

4chan, Reddit and possibly kiwi farms are so why would we ever be safe from the alphabet agencies?

No. 626425

How worried to you feel about the current political unrest/recession/effects of the pandemic? I have such an extreme feeling of impending doom but I feel like other people don’t seem worried at all and maybe it’s all in my head

No. 626426

Not really, I feel like lolcow has always been full of spergs looking for any excuse to pick a fight

No. 626428

yes, they are posting borzois to distract you from your tinfoils

No. 626436

No, women are just retarded.
>inb4 anything
am one

No. 626439

lolcow kept being brought up on multiple 4chan boards for days now so yes, just something that happens to female boards

No. 626448

I mean… I've been here since 2018 and have seen countless claims just like this one about lolcow being "rAiDeD" any time regular autistic derailing and infighting happens. It's not men or trannies, some anons are just weird, stupid, or not adjusted to imageboard culture.

No. 626452

I’ve been here for so long it doesn’t even phase me anymore. This is an imageboard of gargoyles.

No. 626465

>admitting to being newfag

No. 626473

So if you're ugly, you're not supposed to wear cute clothes? Got it.

Half of the people on this site are losers with drug problems and are former sex workers poking fun at people marginally less pathetic then themselves. It's not that hard to feel superior to the typical lolcow user.

Most of the people left here are mentally unhinged or male.

No. 626474

How come it seems like in the past artists had a more productive output while still maintaining quality? Like in the 1960s you had a new Beatles (or any famous 60s band really) album every year which are all regarded as some of the best of all time. Similar to how in the 1800s you had authors like Dickens releasing a new huge novel every 1-2 years. Now it seems like you have to wait 4-5 years for something new from your favourite band or author.

No. 626477

Are you done being condescending? Relax

No. 626483

Why are you here

No. 626488

File: 1599689643195.jpeg (69.16 KB, 400x533, 7A985829-3D8C-4B9B-9D39-BF4646…)

Because she looks like this

No. 626497

>Most of the people left here are mentally unhinged or male.
Which one are you?

No. 626504

You can’t feel the mental illness radiating off that post?

No. 626532


No. 626541

Well you’re not wrong. Throw in somebody /cgl/ refugees and you got a a party.

I really got to get off this website

No. 626556

We're actually devolving

No. 626564

Is the internet getting worse or better?

No. 626575

When you microwave tea, why doesn't the little staple thing on the tag set off the microwave?

No. 626578

Worse for sure. There is no privacy and it’s alll about the clicks. The disappearing internet thread is relevant to mention

No. 626581

>steeping the tea before you heat it

No. 626591

I wanna buy you a kettle

No. 626602

It doesn't want to be a burden. But in all seriousness, the staples they use probably aren't the right type of metal, if they're even made out of metal at all, to send sparks flying. What you should really be worried about is your tea bag exploding. One time I put mine in for too long and ended up sipping tea leaves the whole time.

No. 626605

Worse imo. I don't necessarily have an issue with people being super vulgar and sexual with no shame on the web, but I think it's making more men and women have an unhealthy view on sex and kinks/fetishes. People spend more time encouraging kinky stuff, instead of actually educating people on whats safe and healthy (mentally and physically). Also so many underage girls are growing up to fast. I know all of us wanted to act and seem older than we were when we were younger, but they shouldn't be allowed to actually act so…grown. I won't get to deep into it cause i'm shit at articulating myself when it comes to stuff like this, but I hope you get my point. Also cancel culture has so many flaws

Anway, other than that I think the internet is super cool. People create so much amazing stuff in different ways and I love the memes and shit people come up with. I think people on the internet are great.

Tbh I feel like it's not that much better to being microwaved. I will get a kettle one day tho for other things.
That makes sense, ty anon! How long did you leave it in? I usually only do mine for 1-1:30 mins.

No. 626619

Well I have a busted ass microwave that chooses when it wants to actually heat things up. Normally, I have to put it in for at least 2 minutes for it to be relatively warm-hot. The aforementioned time I think I put it in for 3. Must have been a long day or something.
Don't listen to the other anons. Kettles do effectively boil your water, but they're still more of a hassle compared to just microwaving a mug with the tea bag already in it. Not to mention different types of tea have different temperatures they should and should not be heated to, so I don't like running the risk of putting a certain type into the kettle/pouring boiling water onto my tea bag and it being wrong so my leaves are destroyed.

No. 626628

i need to take a passport photo and want it to look nice, how do i do that? i don't know anything about makeup and always look autistic in photos

No. 626634

I'm wearing a black Yu-Gi-Oh shirt that I bought from Hot Topic in my passport picture, and I will have the passport for another 7 years.

No. 626637

Finally, somebody who isn't delusional like

No. 626638

Don’t sweat it, anon, everyone looks like drug dealers in any legal document.

No. 626639

I am fucking glad you asked anon, you said you don't wear makeup but taken that it is a bw photo, some added definition is a nice touch. I am so autistic with passport photos that I finally managed to take one that didn't suck by just practising in the mirror and adding just enough shading and lipstick that i don't look like a white blob. Eyebrows and lips make that shit anon.

No. 626641

Why do you make tea like a tard? Tea goes in after it reaches desired temp. Microwave offers less control over temperature, especially when you put the bag in first. Putting the bag in first is the biggest sin in this scenario, wtf anon

You can also just boil water in any saucepan….

No. 626644

How do I get rid of my five o clock shadow?

No. 626648

Not that anon but some passport pictures are (unfortunately) in full color.

No. 626649

File: 1599700126673.jpg (7.66 KB, 280x180, sus.jpg)

Anons, my period has been going for more than two weeks now. Not super heavy, just a normal flow, and no cramps at all.
Am I dying? Am I getting some weird early menopause thing? Should I be worried?
It literally re-started after one week of my normal one.

How do I close the blood dam?

No. 626652

Idk if this is ok or not but I feel bad for you anon. I think you should go to a doctor, honestly. Just to be safe.

No. 626658

Let me guess, you also put milk in your hot tea. I'll fully admit to being a lazy fuck, but microwaving my tea has made for a great experience (minus the time I acted like a buffoon and put it in for too long). Also, who just sits there waiting for their water to reach a desired temperature before putting the tea bag in? That's literally the equivalent of watching paint dry.

No. 626669

Nta but what with the hate for tea with milk? It's bomb

No. 626671

>entire post is "I'm not like other farmers" despite posting with the rest of them
>calls other anons delusional

No. 626674

Ayrt, kek don't get me wrong. I'm a sucker for milk tea from a boba shop. My issue is with hot milk in tea. The only time you'll catch me sipping on hot milk is if it's in hot chocolate or a latte.

No. 626686

Is this sacrilege or something? Hot milk tea is great in the winter.

No. 626702

Where are you from that milk in tea isn’t normal? Anyway I think most people use electric kettles which automatically heat your water to the proper temperature

No. 626707

I’m that anon and actually no, I don’t even drink tea western brewed most of the time, I never use milk. You’re just making your tea taste like bitter cardboard, even more than bags already do

But there’s nothing wrong with milk in tea either

No. 626709

Those are literally just two examples. Most people are just not as prolific as them

No. 626732

>Where are you from that milk in tea isn’t normal?
NTA, but Burgerland. I didn't know that people in the UK put milk in their tea until I was 18, when my friend from NI mentioned she did that. I was shocked, I love both milk and tea but couldn't imagine drinking that.

No. 626740

Have any of you experienced or witnessed someone who completely changed personality wise after moving in with them or getting married to them?

No. 626742

that's a sign of autism actually. (it sucks)

No. 626751

Wtf Americans know about milk in tea. Have you never read a book or seen a tv
Show or movie? I just can’t believe you never encountered in your life or at least saw it in media.

No. 626765

Did the names of that couple who basically lit California on fire leak yet? I'd love to see what these asshats look like.

No. 626766

Perhaps it's my region (Arkansas) but I've drank sweet tea for my entire life and yeah, didn't know people elsewhere put milk in it until adulthood.

No. 626797


kek burgers from places like yours actually think the two kinds of tea that exist are sweet and unsweet

No. 626803

Those are the only kinds you can get in this region, yes. Lol.

No. 626816

I'm sure this has been asked a million times but I'm like 95yo with no social media so can someone explain to me what the "spam" community is and I just saw "irony" community or something

Are they just doing what we used to do in aol chat back in the day but on insta? Idk man

No. 626831

Anons, is pizza with tuna any good

No. 626836

If with onions and black olives, yes. It is often a bit too greasy though.

No. 626842

I personally don't like it

No. 626844

I just really want to order something with tuna, however I am not a big fan of sushi.

No. 626864

How do you figure out your angles for photos? When I look in the mirror I find myself attractive but when I'm on a pic I look super autistic and borderline troonish due to my strong features, plz help.

No. 626868

with onions and olives is best. I find that actual italian pizza is the best, so if your eurofag, try find an actual italian restaurant that delivers. Tuna pizza from dominos and co isn't worth it.

No. 626876

I'm probably gonna ask sanic later but I want to hear you anons' opinions. My hair is brown with pinkish balayage which has now faded so it's more blonde, orange and some pink here and there, very uneven. I can't make up my mind, should I just dye it dark brown already or should I use the pink colour again and keep the balayage for a while?

No. 626880

I'd go for the dark brown but I personally don't like balayage and artificial colors, they more often look bad than good imo.

No. 626884

Sonic said maybe, my bf told me to "just keep this colour". I'm probably going to do it anyway. I feel like I'm looking kinda trashy like this.

No. 626889

Is it normal to feel like you interact with too many nutcases on the daily? Or am I the nutcase for that?

No. 626892

Probably neither. It's usually a matter of where you live. Some places are full of nutjobs, some places are more normal. These two types of people tend to stay away from each other and live with their own kind.

No. 626902

Oh you might be right! I feel this way only now that I'm far from home. Back there everybody seems chill and people acting up are rare, now everybody throws a tantrum over feeling insulted for nothing or acts… weird. It's also the first time I've ever be called unpolite in my life (by a boomer btw) and it came out of nowhere??? And this happens to several people I know.
It also may be a component of feeling at home vs being somewhat alienated/slightly different ways of communicating? But it's not like I changed country, only city.

No. 626925

> it's not like I changed country, only city.
That's more than enough. Even different neighbourhoods in big cities can make a big difference. It's important to carefully pick where you live, and the kind of people that will surround you are one of the most important factors.

No. 626947

I moved from a big city to a rural village. I'm a butch lesbian but every lonely old man in the town has tried it on with me. Was only telling a friend recently that I felt like I was living in another world. I do nothing to look enticing and every pervert within miles seems drawn to me. Sounds like just a location issue? You might stand out as being different or 'a new face' still.

No. 626954

Can eye color change with sun exposure? I know babies change eye color after a while but I had deep blue eyes til my twenties. After that I moved to a way sunnier country and now that years have passed I see them light muddy green.
Could sunlight cause discoloration?

No. 626956

I feel like my eyes change they're anything from a light grey blue colour to sometimes looking green, there's like an orange hue too. I have astigmatism so I wonder if light plays a bigger role in me not understanding my eye colour lol

No. 626957

I did the opposite thing, moved to the "city". It's a bit of a particular place though because despite being a super tourist city it's also very small and people know each other, so maybe they see every student as invading their space somehow+they naturally hate tourists. I think it's common in uni cities. I'm sorry to hear old men won't leave you alone, wtf.
Hopefully I'll move out soon and people will be calmer there.

No. 626962

this is starting to sound like some "my eye color changes depending on my mood" shit. they're most likely just a normal blue

No. 626978

Why does discord have so much drama associated with it? I don't have an acc there but everytime i've heard it mentioned is due to some dumbass drama. Does it attract weirdos or something

No. 626985

tbh I wish I had the original color, they look so washed up now.

No. 626988

Everyone’s eyes look different under different lighting lol they don’t “change” though

No. 627014

What are your desktop wallpapers, anons?

No. 627028

I could have sworn we had a desktop thread

No. 627029

Filthy Frank

No. 627043

It has kids and adults with the mental age of a teenager, so drama is just bound to happen.

No. 627045

File: 1599752396129.jpg (63.44 KB, 1280x720, thelads.jpg)

Set this one as a joke last year and I still have it. They look like they are having a great time, idk amazing energy in this picture

No. 627071

File: 1599754353407.png (210.96 KB, 1920x1080, tumblr_nuvyngE6gX1rsq581o4_640…)

Mine is outer space, sometimes I use fractal images I made in mandelbulber and sometimes space, I have a few anime wallpapers but I never use them because I'm ashamed. I put one on my lock screen though (this one)

No. 627074

lol I like this

No. 627122

Should I get a ps vita?

No. 627136

That‘s crystal cafe

No. 627149

As someone who got a PSVita not too long after its release, no. Most of the interesting games on it are either ports and/or were ported on other platforms (especially thinking about P4G, Dangan Ronpa as a whole, and Gravity Rush), some of them were never translated and released in the West, getting a memory card is a pain in the ass because they're rare and expensive since they're made specifically for the Vita, and physical copies of games are hard to find or very expensive so you'll need to get a super expensive memory card to play games you'll buy on the PS Store. I think accessories are hard to get in the West as well, good luck getting a Vita TV that's not overpriced and I bought a new charger in Japan a few months ago because they're not sold where I am.

Getting one is even more useless if you already have a PS3 and/or a PS4 because of the point I made about ported games. If for some reason you want to hack your Vita and you manage to find a cheap one, then why not, I've read on/v/ that you can do some manipulations so you can just use normal memory cards but I have no idea how that shit works exactly. I love my PS Vita and the games I have on it but if I could have predicted the future I would have saved my money and spent it on a small TV and a PS4 later instead.

No. 627177

Is under 1000 calories a day too little for a non moving (besides walks) fatty too little?

No. 627182

Yeah that’s too little for pretty much everyone unless you are like 4’5 and in a coma

No. 627204

For fucks sake, thanks. I am starting some program thing next week and I am already scared to show them my food diary because it is just fucking chicken and veggies and they 100% will think i'm lying my fat ass off.

No. 627255

I am not an edgy kid or a neckbeard or whatever but why the fucking fuck did I chuckle at this video?

No. 627258

Ok i am op but i’m looking at the thumbnail and i’m chuckling again. The kid looks 8 or something and they’re actually scared of him.

No. 627270

Uhm…because their SON is a PEDOPHILE who not only wants to rape his siblings but other young children and sees no problem with his behavior to the point he had to be put into a hospital? As a mother, would that not absolutely scare you? Wtf

No. 627273

Anon, this kid is 15 and wants to rape his siblings. They had to put locks on the other kids' doors. He said he's attracted to kids under 5.

What the fuck is not horrifying about that?

No. 627278

why wouldn't you be scared of a kid willing to rape toddlers? It's a pretty good sign of what else he could potentionally be capable of.

No. 627284

What I wanna know is was he born like this? Can it be caused by trauma? Why did he tell his parents to get him help if he doesn’t think it’s wrong, do you think? Did he have any victims…?

No. 627292

Op here. The way they deliver the message makes this a bit crazy. Why is this on dr phil ffs? After the Rachel Dolezal thing I don’t trust in parents who expose their kids. Besides it’s not even his mother, step mother…

No. 627297

Bingo. I'm sick of these fucking shows showcasing fucked up kids with parents who are depicted as confused and scared. Bitch it got to this point for a reason. The kid ended up that way for a reason. Why would you expose your child on a national tv show, even if he's doing/thinking messed up shit? Yes not everything is caused by trauma or bad parenting, but this is… an extremely disturbed kid, something happened to him or around him. Jesus…

No. 627298

>I don’t trust in parents who expose their kids.
Exactly. One has to wonder why these parents chose to take this personal issue and magnify it into a public scandal for the viewing entertainment of strangers, just like any other family-manufactured scandal coming out of a reality talk show. You can't feign caring about your children's safety and use that as an excuse to use them as tools to gain publicity and attention.

No. 627300

Why does my crush only talk to me when no one else is around? Why does he ignore me when there’s other people around?

No. 627312

bc he's more worried about what others will think of him when interacting with you. That or he's a docuhe that believes ignoring you will make you want him more

unrelated, but what's up with the new trend of putting a clip of that guy shooting himself in the head in "calm" tiktok videos and fancams on twitter? What kind of degenerate does that?

No. 627317

How do I overcome my codependent mindset?? Even when I'm in a conversation with a stranger I immediately try to figure out what they want to hear or what they want me to act like

No. 627319

He sounds kind of insecure maybe?

No. 627368

Because he doesn’t want people to see him talking to you? Married, girlfriend, thinks it’s embarrassing, pick one

No. 627372

is he shy at all? I sometimes catch myself ignoring the guy I'm crushing on right now when there are other people around because he makes me feel shy (I'm normally not) which is in turn intimidating, and I start overthinking everything I say and do. When its just me and him I feel fine though.

No. 627376

After a series of shitty events with men (one pretty much stalking me) I reached my breaking point and stopped being polite and overly concerned with pleasing strangers.

No. 627389

File: 1599774783520.jpg (288.44 KB, 1920x1080, lastsupper.jpg)

Late to the party, but apparently I deleted this off my regular pic folder and it's a bitch to Google.

No. 627396

Is it wrong I don't feel bad being in my mid 20s and mooching off of my parents so I can eat out all of the time?

Long story short, because of COVID I wasn't able to get a job like I hoped to this year. I did find something that pays less than min wage, but it's not exactly the most luxurious lifestyle.

Meanwhile my parents have been find with supporting me. They still are willing to give me an allowance. And they have plenty of money, and have been spending less than usual because of working from home and such.

Meanwhile I've been eating out quite a bit which isn't the most thrifty behavior and spending money on random junk with my allowance. But I don't feel bad about it. Rather than having money sit in my parents' savings account, I'm helping restaurants and other small businesses stay afloat.

I kinda feel guilty since literally no one else I know my age is like this. But we're about to face a huge recession and businesses need more money than ever. And to someone in my position making less than minimum wage a Benjamin or two a month makes a big difference in me not having to worry about money so I can enjoy my time in my position more.

No. 627408

Is there a Conrapoints thread anywhere?

No. 627409

Enjoy it. You shouldn’t feel guilty over your parents being parents and supporting you. You didn’t make a plague. You did seek employment despite shitty odds.

Go get brunch if you wanna. You’re not hurting anyone, you’re not flaunting your good fortune like it’s a trophy you slogged for. Enjoy yourself.

No. 627420

File: 1599775915835.png (55.02 KB, 568x502, wtf is this.PNG)

was browsing ooooooold bad art threads and saw one that had this written in it. it looks really nice, can anyone identify the language?

cropped because there was a bird with a pussy next to it.

No. 627423

just turn your computer/phone upside down dumbass.

No. 627425

Looks like Georgian to me

No. 627428

hahha i actually fucking did it. i'm a dumbass, anon. you got me.

No. 627440

Ho ho ho, hee hee hee. You think you're really funny, don't you? A really funny bitch? A comedian? A jokester? A comic? A humorist? "They'll chortle with glee!" That's what you thought when you wrote this inane, stupid, pathetic comment. You really ruined my day. I hope you're glad.

No. 627453

i hate myself thanks

No. 627455

LOL because you’re his last source of validation. He comes to you only when he can’t get female attention elsewhere. Sorry for the harsh reality but don’t play yourself.

No. 627460

He's ashamed to be seen with you but he'd prob still fuck you in private

No. 627466

>>>/snow/537938 Here but it's barely active, if you don't mind Kiwi Farms, it's better to follow his antics there.

No. 627502

not OP but this rant is hilarious

No. 627549

Is it likely that your child will have kidney disease if the father has it

No. 627564

this is my new favorite post thanks

No. 627605

Why are so many women obsessed with men's heights? A friend of mine is on a dating app and mentioned that literally like 70% of the profiles he saw said "If you're not over 6' don't message." I know he's looking at a specific pool of people but I've heard this from friends and represented in media. Maybe it's because I like domme-y shit and the thought of being able to push my boyfriend around more easily is a turn-on, but what's the big deal? Are most women obsessed with the idea of a big stronk He-Man looming over them?

I probably sound like a clueless bro asking this (manlet uprising or whatever), but I genuinely don't get it. Sounds as shallow to me as guys saying they only want to be with girls that have big boobs and a little waist.

No. 627609

Are we calling copypastas rants now

No. 627610

I think a lot of women feel less feminine when the guy is short. It as shallow as both those things. Physical preferences in dating are inherently shallow I guess but realistically most people have them, especially on a hook up app like tinder where it’s obviously going to be more appearance focused.

No. 627613

Dating app bios are hell on earth to write so a lot of people opt to copy what's popular. The height thing is a meme but also, tall men look hot. It's a stereotype rooted in fact

No. 627618

I like short men

No. 627620

Okay fair enough, I didn't really think about Tinder being hook-up focused but that makes sense people would focus on more shallow attributes when that's the case. I must be too far out of the dating pool at this point to recognize the obvious.

They can, but I think short guys can be hot too. Even talking purely about physical traits, height would basically be at the bottom of what I'd have a preference on. Nice face and proportionality do more for me, especially when tall guys can get that gangly look.

No. 627623

Height in general accentuates good looks. Short people usually have smaller faces which means all their features accumulate in a way you can tell their frame/height. Tall people usually have more harmonious faces, but actors are usually short because their features are more expressive because of placement. I don't know how to explain this.

Tall men are just hot in general I think it's more niche to actively favour a smaller guy. Obviously when you know people attraction is different but on dating apps you may as well shoot for what you prefer.

No. 627628

Lol damn I must be really fucking ugly then

No. 627632

He could just be insecure. Honestly lolcow is not a good place to get this kind of advice especially when you don’t explain any background info about the person/situation. Anons always assume the absolute worst.

No. 627633

What setting are you guys in what age etc

No. 627646

We are coworkers. I'm mid twenties; I can't tell how old he is, but he is definitely older than me. No idea what his relationship status is either. I am also mixed so maybe it's a race thing? Idk

No. 627648

It's weird they you're coworkers and yet he won't speak to you in front of other people. I don't know what to make of it. Like is he friendly with you alone? Maybe he does have a girlfriend and other people know

No. 627673

Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't. Like when it's just the two of us he usually speaks first, is very polite, wants to get to know me and talk about things besides work, etc.. But if he approaches me when I'm around male coworkers he only greets/converses with them, avoids eye contact with me, then scurries away. On the flipside, if it's a mix gender group or me around a bunch of other women, he will only say hello to me… Yeah I don't really know what to make of it either.

No. 627684

That’s not complimentary anon. Take it from someone who has worked in boys club environments for a long time now: he is ashamed by the idea of men knowing he talks to you.

No. 627693

What are some reasons he would be ashamed, non? Also again, sometimes he does sometimes he doesn't… Like if we are around my coworkers his age or older he will acknowledge me and include me in the convo, but if it's the younger guys he's quiet and awkward.

No. 627696

It sounds more to me like you’re fishing for anons to tell you that he has a crush on you

No. 627697

I'm not fishing for anything I just don't know what the fuck is going on because I can't read men. Jesus what the fuck do you want me to say?

No. 627699

Odd…the last time a dude did that to me was because he was dating someone at the time and would only try to hit on me, when I found out I stopped speaking with him and that was it so… I don't think he's shy but rather trying to hide the fact that hes trying to get closer to you, now for the why…

No. 627701

Thanks anon, this was the kind of explanation I was looking for and it makes sense. I've been hit on by guys enough times to be able to tell when they are interested in something, but at this point I've usually gotten close enough to them to get asked out or at least find out they're single. The fact that this guy is still holding back makes me think something fishy is up. I guess I will wait and see, and if I find out he's taken I'll just btfo because ew.

No. 627719

File: 1599795398547.jpg (8.31 KB, 251x201, download (1).jpg)

How common is porn induced ED now (I don't have sex, so IDK)? A doctor friend of mine said he couldn't believe the sheer amount of zoomers coming into his practice for Viagra prescriptions, he told me that in a year or two it'll be seen as a massive public health issue.

No. 627724

Anons who grew their hair out, did you start notice more when it falls off?

I'm worried because i'm noticing it fall off more but don't know if you just notice longer hair strands more than short ones. There is a lot more on my brush too but again i don't know if it's because of the lenght, never had long hair before.

No. 627727

Yes definitely, it looks like much more but it’s just because it’s longer. Unless you’re noticing any visible thinning it’s probably nothing to worry about.

No. 627733

Ooh thanks, i'm glad!

No. 627734

This is more because of the huge uprise in ssri prescriptions. It’s still contested if there even is a link between porn addiction and erectile dysfunction, some studies have actually even found the opposite - increased sexual arousal in men who consume porn. There’s no way to say how ‘common’ it is because it’s not even an established link currently and in most cases it wouldn’t be able to isolate what the cause was anyway.

No. 627737

Such cope

No. 627738

Nah, I asked about that link as well and he said half the zoom zoomies getting these prescriptions aren't even on anti-depressants. So that could explain some of it, but not all. He personally blamed internet pornography, it's what he speculates is at fault.

No. 627739

NTA, but there have been more statistics correlating SSRIs with sexual dysfunction (in both sexes) than there have been with porn consumption. Just because something doesn't fit your personal narrative doesn't change it.

No. 627742

It’s literally just a fact. You can still have a moral objection to it if you want to.

No. 627746

Everyone knows antidepressants can cause sexual dysfunction. Why are you assuming that everyone with a limp dick is on ssri? Are you implying that a lack of data abundance means the hypothesis is wrong? You’re certainly eager to attribute a singular cause to a huge number of cases. Could be the increase in 5G towers too.

No. 627747

>Why are you assuming that everyone with a limp dick is on ssri?
Where'd I do that?

No. 627748

Nta but where did they assume that, they just said there’s an established link. The anon wasn’t putting forward a ‘hypothesis’ they were asking how common it was. Also it’s not just a lack of data supporting it, it’s extensive data disproving it (showing no link or the opposite affect). Anyway it’s pointless to go back and forth over this with the kind of people who post here. Believe what you want.

No. 627751

Agreed. These conspiracy tards are laying it on a little thick.

No. 627755

fellow hamplanets, what fast food joint would you say has the best breakfast selection and what is your go-to order? I think starbucks breakfast sandwiches (specifically ham cheese egg)are unmatched.

No. 627757

Before going vegetarian my fav was a sausage and cheese mcmuffin and a small orange juice.

No. 627758

How the fuck do I stop sleeping on my sides. Please someone help me

No. 627768

If it’s a small enough village, it could be that they know everyone already, or they know they can’t try it on with any local girl your age because they know their parents. So it could be safer to try and hit on you so nobody in the village can start gossiping (I come from a fucking tiny town and the gossip was horrendous)

I feel like it’s part natural (I like being about 10cm shorter than guys I date) and part of a social group thing. The big 6 number is really getting to people’s head like a guy being 5’10 is somehow noticeably short?

No. 627801

When I used Tinder, I swiped left on every guy who mentioned his height in his bio (the ones who even bother mentioning it are usually at least 5'9 if not 6'2), because this height obsession really turns me off. It's so dumb and shallow.

No. 627820

Does wikipedia in your language put the place of birth alongside the date in the introduction?

No. 627824

French anon and yes it does, same with place and date of death. Why?

No. 627827

Why do 4chan trolls post gore and cp when they "invade" other places? Don't they have better things to do?

No. 627829

Because they're cool and edgy, anon

No. 627832

Sometimes I read articles on the English one, look near the name out of habit and never find the place. It seems like it's the only one to do that.

No. 627847

There are two profiles in my facebook search history I have definitely not searched for and I don't know these people. Is there any explanation to this or is my account compromised? There's no other suspicious activity but these two searches.

No. 627854

Would drinking irish coffee still help if I'm drinking whiskey for a cold/sore throat?

No. 627856

File: 1599817212603.jpg (144.53 KB, 891x632, IMG_20200911_113143.jpg)

Why do we have to pretend that this is normal?

Way too many people nowadays are absolutely sick. That "don't shame people for X" trend started with the goodnatured thought that maybe we shouldn't hate on people for their outer appearance and quickly evolved into utter degeneracy. Teen girls doing onlyfans instead of working a normal parttime job is totally a-okay, pedos are already trying to convince people that there's nothing wrong with their "preference", soon these freaks will try to make public sex legal or some shit. Honestly nothing would surprise me anymore at this point.

No. 627865

Gargling a lil whiskey is meant to be good but yeah I drink irish coffees when I have minor enough colds and it takes the edge off symptoms

No. 627867

That's just a drunk post, she said it herself

No. 627876

Being drunk is not an excuse. Normal people could never be aroused by the thought of hurting their partner til they bleed and cry.

No. 627878

It do be kinda sexy tho..

No. 627884

Who is borzoi chan? Why was there so many posts of Borzois today?

No. 627886

File: 1599820526903.jpg (119.52 KB, 683x1024, b73276573d5dd6d6ab2c3ed0b58464…)

why not

No. 627953

I don't think it's one person posting borzois. It's probably multiple. Tbh it was kinda cute at first but now these long nosed motherfuckers are getting on my nerves.

No. 627967

McDonalds is probably my favorite, their hash browns are god tier

No. 627977

that anon sounds based tbh

No. 628007

McDonald's is so good, I go for the bacon egg and cheese biscuit and a hashbrown, but Burger King's breakfast is also surprisingly delicious. Their croissantwhiches are amazing. Best Starbucks breakfast item is the spinach egg white and feta wrap.

No. 628079

Anons here hate sexual violence against women but somehow applaud disgusting shit like this. If you’re this sadistic you need treatment.

No. 628084

Should I let my pubes grow into a bush? Or should I just trim like regular tomorrow?

No. 628090

>Anons here hate sexual violence against women but somehow applaud disgusting shit like this.
it's almost as if there's different dynamics or something

No. 628096

Everything is fine between consenting adults, I thought the issue with that post was that it kinda implies that OPs boyfriend doesn't get off to being treated like this and that OP kinda sounds like she really wants to hurt him emotionally, not just in a "mutual consent bedroom scenario".

No. 628098

how do i give myself an allergic reaction? pls no poison ivy also need to know bc used bimatoprost for 5 days and i just read about periorbital atrophy. threw 3ml bottle away and dont plan to use it again, but just in case it already started to eat my fat cells away, i want to overcompensate

No. 628102

I don’t care what gender you are, if you get off on making someone bleed you’re fucking weird

No. 628104

Wtf are you trying to achieve? Are you saying that an allergic reaction would counteract the atrophy? Because I’m not sure about that.

No. 628105

File: 1599846052939.jpg (568.17 KB, 986x797, 1586509299335.jpg)

top kek

No. 628106

please no ban

Are we supposed to sage in /ot /g and /m? I see a lot of saged posts that are responses to other anons which I'd consider a contribution to a discussion and not sage myself. I'm confused now, please help me become a lawful anon.

No. 628107

No. 628112

I'm growing mine out at the moment, trying to shake that last bit of 'body hair shame' that haunts me

No. 628113

File: 1599846827665.jpg (10.98 KB, 239x250, 8h0c8.jpg)


No. 628117

You don't have to, but it's more polite to sage

No. 628118

You don’t have to, but I still sage sometimes out of habit or when I think that my post isn’t important enough to bump a thread.

No. 628120

Hell yeah i support you in this endeavor! I've never shaved mine, but i give mine a little trim with scissors if they get an inch long. Letting it be bushy after so long sounds nice. It looks really cute to me all wild and hairy

No. 628123

You don't have to, but it's more polite to sage

No. 628128

Sorry for double post. I can't delete it now rip.

No. 628134

Does anyone else get massive painful gas from eating corn?

No. 628138

no, well to be fair i haven't eaten corn in years. But i think it's safe to say that most people don't get painful farts from corn. You sound like you're allergic mildly to it. I poop a lot when i eat grapes and used to actually be allergic to it as a child. Hope this helps

No. 628142

>The Chad civilized, "I will sage my replies out of habit unless I'm posting OC" anon
>The virgin cave(wo)man-tier "all of my posts make this thread relevant and top-of-the-page worthy >:)" anon who may or may not be a newfag

No. 628144

you don't have to but a lot of anons sage anyway. Personally I almost always do so out of habit.

No. 628150

Where did based come from and why are the tumblr kids saying it now?

No. 628154

Thanks! Time for me to ascend to the Chadhood.

No. 628158

i think the first time i saw it used was for lil b, based god.
it's been pretty common on imageboards for years, and has recently spread to other sites. i'm sure tumblr is just picking it up from twitter/reddit.

No. 628169

what youtube channel should i play in the background while i clean today?

No. 628171

Snake Discovery for wholesome animal education or Deangelo Wallace for funny and comprehensive tea

No. 628172

How do you guys feel about servers having secret channels/another server for the ingroup?

I'm on a pretty small one and I feel like the people who get to join those are just picked based on how much the few mods like them, instead of who has been on for the longest time/has good posts. Like I've been there for way longer than some people, but I don't have access to them, but I know they exist from someone who left it. Idk it just seems so clique-y and that they are talking shit about the other members

No. 628175

I've been seeing it since 2012 at least, Tumblr included, where were you all this time?

No. 628178

File: 1599851856854.gif (966.05 KB, 500x281, TyoOqBS.gif)

Stupid question ? So where are the lolcow GC girls now… I'm so tired of being pushed to the neckbeard corners of the web for being peaktrans, shut up by my man when I bring up relevant news and contradictions … and most recently being absolutely disgusted by people defending softcore child pron (Netflix 'CUTIES') and exploitation, all protected by the identity cloke of a WOC filmmaker and the industry using her.

It makes me so hopelessly angry and I feel so alone in fear of losing my career.

Sorry if I'm in the wrong thread..

No. 628179

Taylor R, unironically. I don't actively watch her videos, I just find them be the most unoffensive easy-going thing to have in the background while i'm working on something else.

No. 628182

File: 1599852253309.jpg (44.89 KB, 452x579, EaqkmzZWsAILk3j.jpg)

No. 628184

isn't it a 4chan thing?

No. 628186

men are not women anon. they never will be

No. 628187

crystal cafe has a board for terf talk. there's ovarit, gc saidit, spinster and private discords. the unfortunate thing is that it's all wrapped up in lame brands and has no edgy board culture. i think one of the main reasons asherah's garden didn't take off is that no one wants to go to places called like artemis' glasses wipes or athena's swordhand callus because it's so unbelievably heavy-handed.

No. 628190

based anon posting the tranny mod kek

No. 628193

>rapper Lil B, nicknamed Based God, starts gaining attention online
>uses "based" to describe his music
>4chan picks it up to mock him and his music, uses "based" to describe things that are good/cool/right
>eventually becomes a commonplace term as people forget who Lil B is
>tumblr rap fanbase (OFWGKTA fans, cloud rap fans, etc.) also picks it up
>use of "based" on 4chan becomes associated with /pol/ and right-wing ideologies, tumblr stops using it
>primarily a 4chan thing for a few years
>fast forward to 2018
>4chan has resurgence in popularity among tumblr/twitter/instagram zoomers trying to prove their "edginess"
>4chan terms start being used elsewhere
Thank you, Based God.

No. 628194

This may seem like a dumb question but has anyone noticed that the women that are very active on Reddit and Discord are absolute freaks?
I've been a part of female-only communities for years. I used to be a mod for a very popular community that's stereotyped to be full of high-maintenance women but what I found was that a lot of the women were visibly nerdy and socially awkward, or just downright insane (which was the other mods usually). The people there were honestly kind of cow-tier, especially if you compared their post history to how they looked irl.

No. 628195

Men will never be women, and women will never be men, but domestic abuse and physical assault will always be domestic abuse and physical assault.

No. 628205

What community?

No. 628215

And it's still worse for women than it is for men. that anon said she's not gonna do it anyway. plus the guy's over 6 ft tall

No. 628219

What’s the line between skinny fat and anachan? At what point (weight? fat level?) do you stop telling someone they’re skinny fat and tell them to go see a doctor for their ED?

Yes I know where I am, where else would understand what I’m talking about lol

No. 628221

wow full circle.

No. 628225

When there is no fat anymore but only APT. Skinny "skinnyfat" people are just skinny with bad posture and a forward gut.

No. 628228

When there’s no longer fat on their body, then they’re just skinny.

No. 628230

If you’ve lost your period or experienced hair loss then you should be concerned

No. 628232

File: 1599856165330.png (133.18 KB, 261x274, sq.PNG)

>mfw 116 lbs/52 kg but my stomach sticks out further than my boobs or ass
It's pitiful. Not anachan, I'm just short and don't exercise enough.

No. 628240

why are scrotes triggered by women dying their hair and act like it's the end of western civilization? i know some of you might agree but i don't get it.

No. 628247

Dyeing one's own hair is a minute expression of independent choice and bodily autonomy, which threatens the same position of power that (they feel) they have and try to use to use to control women and make choices for them, in physical appearance and in action.

No. 628248

> i know some of you might agree
why would we agree? i just think it’s ugly tbh but i’m ugly too so whatever

No. 628276

>i think one of the main reasons asherah's garden didn't take off is that no one wants to go to places called like artemis' glasses wipes or athena's swordhand callus because it's so unbelievably heavy-handed
The name is pretentious but what really gets me about the site is the ugly default css and that any discussion is so dry and devoid of humour.

No. 628281

>the ugly default css
This. I can barely bring myself to browse any imageboard that doesn't use a Yotsuba-style theme. Even changing the horrid purple shade to light blue doesn't help.

No. 628290

The people who made spinster are cows

No. 628291

Care to share any milk? I considered joining.

No. 628308

I really want to get into martial arts even if its just for self defense more or less. I think thai boxing, kick boxing or taekwondo might be the best for me. Has anyone got experience and can tell me if it's worth it? And how bad is it dealing with the men there?

No. 628312

If its self defense you really want, get a gun, tazer or pepper spray, maybe the three of them, a woman will almost always be at a disavantage in a physical fight no matter how fit she is.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thay considered to top of tier of martial arts nowadays.

No. 628315

cc only has a thread for memes, though. and most of the users seem to be robot sympathizers (and woman haters).

No. 628323

nta but depending on where anon lives she might not be allowed to carry any of these. It's not allowed in my country. Although I know plenty of girls/woman who illegaly carry pepperspray just in case anyway. It's better to pay a fine than to get raped or stabbed I guess.

Also weapons can be used against you so I'd personally feel iffy about using them. Would a woman who's fit, quick and practiced in the right techniques really not stand a chance again a man who only knows how to throw a punch with his muscle?

No. 628348

Depending on his height or weight, actually no she wouldn’t, in most of the cases a woman would lose the irl fight.

A 6’2, 260lbs lardball man, talking full obese, can take out a very fit woman who is below 5’5 easily, real life situations are very differently from a gym where you are just sparring with guys and the woman might win based on skill.

A female MMA Fighter versus a skinny unfit 20 something, sure she will win but a normal fit woman versus a guy who has more than 5 inches and 30 pounds on her will lose badly.

This is one of shittiest parts of being a woman tbh, when i researched it i basically gave up from going out alone at night ever again since self defense items are illegal in my country too.

No. 628373

What happens when you put "Furries DNI" on a tumblr bio?

No. 628380

Why are men so obsessed with anal? I don't get the appeal of it at all.

No. 628385

1. The taboo of it and how most women hate it, so submitting to it or agreeing to it probably turns them on
2. It's tighter for them probably
3. It's a gross act, probably something they like "whores" to do

>t. had an ex that liked anal and explained this stuff

No. 628387

It's an act of sexual humiliation and power/dominance. You can put the rest together.

No. 628392

I read somewhere that anal is just a tight ring and just loose bowel for lack of a better term. It doesn't even feel that much better for the dick-animals.

No. 628394

the opening being tight is what makes it good apparently. i actually like anal but i am weird. it actually feels good for me.

No. 628406

Do men today expect anal? I don’t have much dating experience but I’ve had one LTR ex who thought anal was disgusting so luckily I wasn’t ever pressured into it.

No. 628410

no one i have dated (a lot of people)

No. 628414

I enjoy anal as well but haven't done it with a irl dick because I'd rather not

No. 628431

i have only done it irl with one person.

No. 628435

How shitty of a person am I to continue to go to work with active cold symptoms, even if the place I live in has no covid community transmission?

No. 628436

Yes because now you are spreading a cold that might fuck someone else up. None of that "haha if you die from a cold and then covid boohoo" for me tonight thanks.

No. 628439

Taxi driver is unironically one of the best movies ever made

No. 628441

You would be a huge asshole for that, you don't want to possibly put other people at risk. Even if it's just a cold and not the rona, you still don't wanna give that to someone else. Having a cold makes people more susceptible to corona. Also, having no confirmed community transmission literally doesn't matter cause the virus is still going around. Like, it still exists even if you don't know who brought it.

No. 628445

What is roblox even about? I looked up the game last year and it seemed so… toddlerlike that i don’t get why is it popular at all.

No. 628448

Well that's cause the game IS for kids anon. It's literally only teenagers and children that play it.

No. 628461


Thanks guys I really needed that. As much as I didn’t want to go to work, my boss was guilting me hard. My people pleaser ass almost fell for it too.

No. 628462

Is it normal that I rarely ever study in college/uni? My class grades have almost always been based on papers and discussions so I’m mostly just reading and writing. I’ve never been to the library to sit and study and I’ve never studied with my friends.

No. 628470

What the fuck did the Gen X/Baby Boomer generation do to their children that so many of them because useless, arrogant adults who base their personalities on their childhood nostalgia and waste their days arguing with people online all day?

There really needs to be a psychological study on this because this phenomenon has been bothering me for awhile.

No. 628477

It’s a generation that’s basically never known life without internet/social media. That’s probably why they (more like we lol) act like that.

No. 628486

It probably has something to do with how they were raised in the 70s and 80s that made them adults with weird morals and that don't genuinely care about their offspring.

No. 628548

Do shadows on on (chest) radiographs always mean cancer?

No. 628568

What are French people's thoughts on Cuties? The French posts I've been defend the movie but saying ' It's mean to start a discussion about how bad it is to sexualise kids, that's why it's perfectly okay for the film to sexualise the actress' bodies. Don't question how the camera looms over their asses and it's not filmed in a way that's disturbing'

No. 628579

What does MOTI/MATI mean on KF?

No. 628583

Mad On The Internet, it's when people start to rant too much and too violently about a cow.

No. 628597

Audience ratings are mostly positive (3/5 on the biggest movie rating site in France). Critics are very positive.

No. 628624

File: 1599907292917.jpeg (170.84 KB, 902x1076, 82280A21-B28A-4B60-B9BC-8915DA…)

Do you also feel like the whole miss universe stuff has been swept under a rug? I can’t remember the last contest, it used to be a huge thing in my country a few years ago, but now it’s like everyone forgot about it. I mean, I know that because of the pandemic it won’t happen any sooner, but even last year I didn’t hear nor see a single thing about it.

No. 628639

Farmers: are any of you adopted, have you adopted, or were you a biological child of parents that adopted children? I want to hear all your thoughts on it. I’m considering doing it - I already have a daughter of nearly 3, and I’m just scared of making a mistake that wrecks her life/our relationship, that would kill me. But I am in a happy marriage, with the means to afford another child. Should I do it anons?

No. 628641

Anyone else sometimes smoke and then get anxious and delete all any recent tweets that could antagonise anyone? I'm just trying to vibe

No. 628644

I'm interested in this too! I know two people with some experience. One woman's mother fosters children, oldest about 11, youngest 6 and her own children in 20s/30s. They'd help out with the kids. Everyone seemed normal and happy, you'd hear cute funny stories about them. Because they were fostered their bio parents where in the picture but unable to care for them for whatever reason. All happy for their situations though.

Another girl was fostered by a minister. She seemed happy but she wouldn't really talk much about how she really felt, but she respected her guardians.

I've thought about adoption later on. I'm the last of my friends to have kids, I enjoy spending time with my friends kids and my nephew but I'm just not in the position for myself to have kids. There is a joy though you get from kids though.

No. 628651

French people on social media are also arguing over this movie, they either watched it when it got released weeks ago or they haven't because they just heard about it and saw some out of context scenes online or they just didn't want to watch it to begin with.

No. 628653

I myself am adopted and it made me very loyal/grateful to my family as I've grown older. In my eyes, they're the only reason I turned out as well as I did so I'm incredibly thankful because my alternatives weren't very good. I was adopted around the age of one by an older couple and the only downside is how much I fear their deaths/living without them. This is apparently suuuper common for kids adopted by older folk though. I always said I'd pay it back by adopting as well but decided I probably shouldn't raise a child if cyclic behaviour exists because I could totally make that child feel awful without even realizing.
Do your research too, a lot of kids can come incredibly damaged despite only having "small" traumas simply due to their age. My mother adopted another child and he turned out to have a physical brain abnormality and now has life in prison despite every other child my mother helped becoming something incredible and happy. She still blames herself despite seeing his fMRI and genetic tests, and that guilt is lifelong.
Sorry to babble, I never talk about this IRL and it felt cathartic

No. 628662

Hangover cures, anons? Help me, please.

No. 628665

A lot of times when I want to draw something just casually, I draw myself in different versions and styles. How often can you do self-portraits before it becomes weird and narcissistic?

Gatorade, Powerade or similar sports drinks, and those vitamin tablets that you drop into a glass of water and they fizz and dissolve, idk what they're called.

No. 628667

Consume plenty of either fat or salt. Pickle juice, prairie oysters, a good omelette with plenty of cheese and bacon. Sparkly/mineral water works well, but drink a lot of water in any case. Coffee helps, too.

No. 628681

Holy shit yes, I forgot those pageants even existed. It used to be a big thing in my household to watch it every year and I just realized it’s been like swiped clean from my memory drive.

No. 628684

It's neither weird or narcissistic unless other signs of "daily life narcissism" come in. A lot of artists since beginning of times made countless self-portraits, it's just how it is. It's self expression, also it's a "human template" you see every day in the mirror so know best how to draw it, making it kind of a comfort-zone drawing. Don't overthink it, especially if you enjoy it.

No. 628694

File: 1599918732084.png (448.8 KB, 475x679, hmm.PNG)

So I've just found a bunch of hair that isn't mine and is definitely human. It's like tangled cluster of long blonde hair you'd maybe pull out of your comb or sth.

Weird part is: I live alone, no one has visited me lately, and it doesn't seem like something a person would carry on themselves without noticing it's there. What are the odds wind carried some shit from neighbor's balcony onto my laundry or something? This is so bizarre.

No. 628708

Why does prairie oyster sound so dirty

No. 628718

i am going to use it as slang for my cooch.

No. 628740

File: 1599925600538.png (516.52 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200912-194642.png)

Does anyone know who this guy is?

No. 628746

No. 628756

Kaitlyn bennet got punched?

No. 628762

The trick is to prepare the night before. Here's my stack:
>lion's mane powder tea, once a day, twice a day before and after drinking
>n-acetylcysteine, turmeric and curcumin, and milk thistle 1-2 hrs before drinking and the day after
>knock-off pedialyte before bed

Then if you're not watching your weight, a fatty meal during and the morning after drinking. Being active helps a lot; if you're a couch potato then the shitty feeling lasts longer.

t. heavy drinker

No. 628765

Omar ayuso..?

No. 628795

Wow, that‘s creepy, anon. Do you have any blonde friends? Maybe it‘s been there for a while because… uh… someone cleaned their hairbrush in your apartment?

No. 628797

Be honest: these two fuck each other right?

No. 628801

Fuck, yeah, I’d be freaked out by that too. Where’d you find it? Maybe it was from the last tenant who lived there and it was just never found and swept away

No. 628805

That's creepy, but I think it may come from the neighbour's balcony like you said, I sometimes get rid of my hair balls through the window, and since it's so light, it may fly a bit in the wind.

No. 628815

Anon stoooop it

No. 628816

Thanks for this, anon!

It’s not babble, this is really helpful information. Do you mind me asking questions? Did the couple that adopted you have biological children? If so was it ever an issue for them/you? That’s my biggest concern tbh, my mum’s a social worker so I’m pretty aware of the problems that fostered/adopted kids can have, but she doesn’t really interrogate kids on whether they like their adopted siblings or not.

No. 628822

File: 1599933841997.jpg (23.11 KB, 410x539, twiggy.jpg)

How do I know at what weight I look best? After becoming almost underweight, I feel like I look too skeletal, but I always felt like I looked too fat until actually looking at a photo of myself and seeing how thin I look

No. 628829

How comes my self-esteem/ confidence changes almost every day? How do I make myself okay with being ugly (I think it's better to accept ugliness, rather than convince yourself you're beautiful 24/7)

No. 628835

I know by pictures and looking at my own reflection from a distance in windows, far away store mirrors etc.

No. 628855

File: 1599939310967.png (1.31 MB, 2048x731, Screenshot_20200912-152757.png)

Whos this banner of? Any back story? I never seen this one before but I'm sure it's old since they haven't been updated recently

No. 628859

What the fuck is going on with the fashion sense on Reddit? Taking a quick glance at the streetwear subs is so painful. Everyone dresses like a queer white kid who pays 20 for a gram. Some of the fits are so bizarre

No. 628885

Post pics plz. I detest the state of streetwear rn.

No. 628892

Anons who have a roth IRA, who do you have your account with? Would you recommend them or a different company?

No. 628893

File: 1599941974150.jpg (52.43 KB, 680x678, 1504079561090.jpg)

I wanted to buy some Twitch Bits with Paypal and even tho I have enough money in my account, I am taken to a screen that basically forces me to associate a card in order to continue the purchase.
Does that mean that my funds are actually not enough? (maybe with taxes + conversion rate differences/interests I need more money than I have in my account?). Or do you HAVE to obligatorily associate a card if you want to purchase things through Paypal? Never used Paypal to buy anything before tbh. And I also didn't have a card associated w my account because I originally made it just to recieve payment from commissions.

No. 628904

Why does my cat love liking computer screen? She constantly does this licking the side of my screen as I type rn. Is it a cause of conern?

No. 628939

I don't know about the big pageants like that but for a few years now, at least in smaller competitions, the judges always tend to pick the most unconventional looking one as some kind of political statement about "everyone being beautiful", and not the traditional pretty girls that the crowd votes for. I guess that might have something to do with it. Everyone I know used to love Eurovision too, but I haven't heard a peep about it for years now, it probably suffered from the same thing.

No. 628947

Maybe because it’s warm. Idk cats are weird

No. 628951

File: 1599944400611.jpeg (887.46 KB, 828x1442, BF5F8318-FC51-4443-9DF6-FC3BA2…)

Nta but I found this on the womensstreetstyle subreddit and it’s not street style not is it a woman

No. 628997

He undoubtly knows it's not streetwear, he's just submitting it there to insert himself in a female space and get validation for it.

No. 629000

No. 629486

Any anons here have dysthymia? When were you diagnosed and how do you deal with it day to day?

No. 629490

Javier Bardem in Jamón Jamón

No. 629499

When was the last time you felt happy? For me it was 2 days ago when I hung out with my cousin and we laughed a lot

No. 629501

This morning when my dog cuddled with me. I'm always a little grumpy when she wakes me up barking like a loud asshole, but once I sit down on the floor, she excitedly trots over and smushes her face into me for snuggles. Not entirely sure if it's because she just really wants to get off her eyeboogers or if she just really wants morning cuddles, but I like to tell myself it's the latter lol.

No. 629514

How is it that most transgender people are disabled with SOME sort of disability?

There is literally not a single transgender person I know that isn't disabled in some way, physically or mentally. Not to mention, that percentage is mostly trans bois

No. 629535

Long blogpost incoming, sorry anon.

I was diagnosed at age 19 during a depressive episode. I then spent two years in therapy doing cognitive behavioral therapy (which changed a LOT) and weekly group therapy. I’ll be honest and say I barely feel like I struggle with the disorder in my day to day life now.

CBT helped me find a few things to stay sane. First off I hold myself to drastically lower standards than people probably should. I accept when I’m tired or stressed and allow time for self care instead of pushing through. Secondly I’ve also learned not to give a fuck about others’ validation or approval and in that regard I’ve also learned not to share things with people I don’t trust. The people closest to me do support my decisions however.

I’m very aware my current happiness is dependant on the balance I created for myself in my life and worked very hard for. So for example the pandemic obviously hit pretty hard. I reevaluated my goals and lowered my standards. I was doing a double degree so I dropped out of the one least important for my future, and I gave up on looking for a summer job to sit home all summer instead. Five years ago before my diagnosis I would have pushed through till I burned myself out and felt suicidal over the littlest things.

I think one of the most important things, no matter how depressed you feel, is to have some semblance of a daily routine. If I do too much in a day for a routine I take things out. If I don’t do anything at all I add things like meeting friends or exercise. Keeping a bullet journal has been amazing too.

No. 629537

No need to apologize for your reply anon, I'm happy you took the time. And i'm really happy for you that you've managed so well. It gives me hope for myself. I agree with you that having routines really help, I like writing down my tasks for the day and ticking them off. I wish you the very best anon

No. 629538

She totally loves cuddling with you anon, what a cutie

No. 629573

Would if be wrong/weird for a 20 year old to date a 17 year old?

No. 629575

reposted from advice on g because i couldn't find this fucking thread lol

I have yellow ass teeth from genetics. I don't really care about them but I may move to LA if america still exists after covid and the elections.

Are you really so hung up on teeth color? I'd just like to know if it's really a huge thing outside of influencers, won't be moving to LA to become a cow unfortunately, I'll be working in tech

No. 629576

No irl yes if you live in the usa or lurk on lowcow. Because god forbid the 17 year old to turn 18 next week.

No. 629577

Not really imo. 20 year olds still kinda act like braindead teenagers themselves.

No. 629581

Gross but not wrong

No. 629585

No imo, 16 is weird but 17 is fine. 17 and 20 year olds are pretty much the same.

No. 629586

File: 1600014721067.png (71.39 KB, 264x340, 1598461092595.png)

Is this Lindsay Lohan? It looks like her

No. 629605

Stay safe anon

No. 629623

I made that shitty banner ages ago. It was a reference to the lifting (shoplifting) community that used to be huge on tumblr.

No. 629630

thin ice

No. 629632

Munchhausens. if they can pretend they're the opposite sex they can pretend to have deafness in one ear or dyslexia etc.

No. 629633

yeah, think its from the first Machete movie

No. 629641

I think it’s important to burgers to a degree. Your teeth don’t need to be perfectly straight and bright white, but if you’re young and they’re noticeably yellow people will definitely assume you have hygiene issues. A box of whitening strips probably wouldn’t hurt.

No. 629643

I'll look into it, I have sensitive teeth and gums and I don't want to damage them. If it's not harmful, why not. At least they're perfectly straight…

Anyway this is all projection since I'm not gonna be able to go anytime soon given the situation lol.

No. 629650

>If it's not harmful
it is/can be.
I don't know where you're from but a lot of those crest whitening strips that are popular have amounts of peroxide in it that dentists in the EU aren't even legally allowed to use to bleach client's teeth. Be careful.

No. 629657

Unless your teeth are really noticeably yellow, I doubt anyone would care. I don't see the point in risking your dental health to get your teeth temporarily whiter, but of course that's up to you. Those strips can definitely mess up your enamel though.

Most people don't have perfectly white teeth. Get regular cleanings and you should be fine anon.

No. 629664

Thanks for the heads-up! Don't worry I won't do anything without my dentist's approval anyway.

I feel like I have grown past being an insecure teen, but I have a lot of apprehension about LA/American culture and it's sometimes eating me up lol.

No. 629673

How do I cram effectively for my exam tomorrow? I have some things I really need to learn and memorise, how do I stay awake and do that?

No. 629679

practice test. Braindumping and flash cards

No. 629704

many 20 year olds will pretend they're too good and mature to date 17 year olds but they absolutely are not.

No. 629710

you da mvp, thank you anon

No. 629725

Make yourself a "cheat sheet", that is pretend that your instructor allowed you to bring 1-2 sheets of paper with all of your study material on it.

No. 629803

have you ever tried rewriting the most important parts of your notes you need to study? I've found that rewriting key points from the original notes helps my memory retention

No. 629822

I’ve always wondered what happens if you’re card gets declined at like the hairdressers/a restaurant/a store etc and you don’t have cash, what do they usually do?

No. 629860


it depends on the context - i'm 20 and in my last year of university, and a 17 yr old would just have finished highschool, so imo generally yes lmao. it's not as big of a drastic gap, but still 2 different stages of life

No. 629915

you run out the door and hope you don't get caught

No. 629924

File: 1600055933205.jpg (40.99 KB, 800x474, imagine-card-declines-at-swimm…)

Did you think this cause of the 'imagines your card declines at x and they x' tweets? Anyway, they probably tell you to come back later and pay it and if you don't they'll probably try to file criminal charges or something.

No. 629928

File: 1600056183404.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 41.74 KB, 612x612, cbc5adde-fa66-42cf-af93-438295…)

Why does shapewear always have the ass out like this? Is it just to keep the extra layer fabric from compressing your ass when your wearing clothes? Looks uncomfortable.

No. 629931

Most restaurants will ask you to go to an ATM. If you can’t, they might just ask you for a copy of your ID and for you to come back later to pay.

It’s pretty unlikely for them to actually call the cops unless you have a ridiculous bill and you’re clearly trying to get out of paying. Most places are pretty understanding if you’re not an asshole about it.

No. 629934

It's to make the butt look bigger by giving it more lift.

No. 629937

>a store
can't speak for the other places but where I work we have an ATM in the building so I suspend the transaction and re-run it when they come back with cash. If they can't pay at the moment we just put everything back in the cart and put it on hold for them until they can come back, or just totally void the transaction if they prefer. Nine times out of ten when this happens, its a couple crackheads trying to test the limit on some card they found or stole, so I tell them I'm putting their cart in the hold room and then we just put everything back when they leave lol.

No. 629938

That's different than when you have a service performed already.

You and >>629931, isn't the assumption that you don't have the funds in your account if your card is declined? So the ATM trip wouldn't really be helpful.

No. 629939

are any of you familiar with web of science? is there a difference between a search being refined as chemistry organic or organic chemistry or am I crazy lol

No. 629944

They mentioned stores which is why I chimed in, though I did figure the question was geared more towards situations where you pay after the service. And yeah the ATM trip is never helpful but people always seem willing to try when I point out we have one.

No. 629948

Why do men reply to messages from women they aren't interested in? If it were me, I'd just ignore them instead of giving one word replies.

No. 629970

Men love the attention they get from women. The thought that someone would be into them excites them even if they aren't interested

No. 629993

Why does every man seem to become barrel chested when he approaches 40

No. 629998

was this site really made for shoeonhead? whats the lore? how did it become Lolcow?

No. 629999

no, it was made for our queen pixyteri, hence the /pt/

No. 630000

Drinking and poor eating habits. Mostly drinking.

No. 630002

oh i've seen people say some dude made the site for shoe, or did they mean /snow/? So it was created to chat about pixyteri and branched off?

No. 630012

I thought it was made as an offshoot of /cgl/ because drama was banned on that board?

No. 630013

>Moot bans drama from 4chan's /cgl/, the /cgl/ oldfags are looking for a place to migrate with their drama. Cue Staminarose, which gets shut down due to a legality scare
>People migrate to Lolcow.farm
>Lolcow.farm was made by the original admin, Ian, as a honeypot for shoeonhead to gather the IPs of people posting in her thread
>shoe herself was one of the mods
>They apparently have a falling out and shoe leaves
>Ian leaves too in around 2016 or so
>Shoe is trying to erase all traces of her ever being involved with "the farms"
There's the gist of it.

No. 630074

If you get a IUD, can you still use a cup?

No. 630107

You mean a menstrual cup?

No. 630108

Do face characters working at Disneyland/Disney World right now have to wear face masks or any other sort of protective gear? (Too lazy to research myself.)

No. 630110

Yes. Since the cup does a succion around the cervix, I'm wondering if it can influence the position of the IUD.

No. 630119

Does lolcow traffic slow down on the weekends? I realized I never use it over the weekend but am on it consistently through the day at work because I get bored and it's entertaining and fun. Do most people use this site similarly or is it usually more hype over the weekend and I'm missing out?

No. 630124

Thank you for answering banner-chan.

No. 630128

Lol I only browse at work too.

No. 630130

Has anyone used tinder to meet female friends? I’m so lonely

No. 630133

I’ve seen horror stories on the birth control subreddit (/r/birthcontrol). Wouldn’t risk it.

No. 630136

How do you guys use your washi tapes?

I kinda want to decorate present box with washi tape, but im not sure if its worth it.

No. 630143

If you don't use it for anything else, you might as well!

No. 630147

Thanks a lot for your answer, those mere words made me squirm.

No. 630149

Anyone read a blue book in their teens about these girls talking through IM? I would die for the name, used to love reading the series so much.

No. 630170

File: 1600095180010.jpg (23.44 KB, 275x375, L8rg8rNovel.jpg)

No. 630218

File: 1600098624406.jpg (40.99 KB, 500x500, whydoesGod.jpg)

What's up with the Tiktok beautiful site? Is there a way to access the AI? I'm curious how the AI would rate some of the cows here, as well as myself

No. 630339

Where did the whole "32 inch waist" thing come from? I've seen it repeated in a few threads but idgi

No. 630383

Does anyone here wax at home? Do you have any tips/wax recommendations? I have a wax warmer already and it's gotten a lot easier with practice, but I still wind up with stray wax pieces on my legs.

I was going to ask in /g/, but the hair removal thread is like 2 years old and I didn't wanna necro.

No. 630430

How old is this website?
I’ve been around for almost 3 years now, but I never really paid attention to things outside of the threads I was interested in. I want to know more about the history of this place

No. 630465

I tried sugar waxing during quarantine, it was pretty easy to make and the results lasted about a month for me! To make your own at home all you need is 1 cup of sugar (I used regular granulated sugar), 1/4 cup lemon juice, and 1/4 cup water; combine those ingredients in a sauce pan and cook it on the stove top over medium heat until it’s a honey color. The YouTuber of the video attached has a bunch of helpful videos on DIY sugar waxing that I followed, she goes into detail about how to avoid making the wax too soft or too hard, but I just looked for the color change and it worked for me kek.

No. 630479

Should I rewatch Lost? I had some good times wathcing that show before the finale completely shit the bed

No. 630483

Do guys really desire sex more than women?when men dont get sex/attention for a while they act like feral animals who havent had food for months so it has to be more than just social conditioning…

No. 630491

Reading the threads here should teach you enough that women can become sex crazed too
Imo it is exactly social conditioning that leads men to have such tantrums about it, they're used to getting what they want and never being told no and they get to fall back onto the idea that men "need it".

No. 630493

Go for it! I rewatched first 4 seasons of LOST about 2 years ago, for the first time since I watched it as it came out in 2004 and even compared to everything that came out after it, LOST still holds up and these first seasons at the very least still remain one of the best tv shows I've ever watched.

No. 630495

It started in 2014, so it’s about 6 years old!

No. 630499

Personally I don’t think they do, I think it’s more because casual sex has a higher social and physical (pregnancy) risk for women, plus the fact being submissive/‘lady like’ is considered ideal for women that makes it seem that way

No. 630506

Before lolcow, it was staminarose. You’ll occasionally see an anon refer to SR.

No. 630528

How common is it to experience indigestion problems when getting your period? I got my period today and it's coincided with wrenching stomach pain and uh…brief episode of diarrhea, which is unusual for me

No. 630529

It’s extremely common!

No. 630536

If there’s any oldfags currently present… do any of you ever get this hunch that Yukapon is a farmer and contributing a lot of posts to /w?

No. 630539

Pretty common sadly, but it should pass soon!

No. 630543

Every month here, I didn't get it so much when I was younger

No. 630547

>Lolcow.farm was made as a honeypot
>shoe herself was one of the mods
Nightmarish, fuck

No. 630570

Wow, I just watched one of her videos the other day, she was genuinely so insightful and in depth with her explanations of everything.

I've been using regular hard wax, didn't really want to try sugaring because the process seems kind of messy, but I might try it after all since it seems less painful. Thanks anon.

No. 630572

Am I stupid and weak for not enjoying group hangouts ie. > 5 people including me? I realized I'm not good at socializing without alcohol (and I no longer drink) and also don't care as much. I much prefer group hangouts where < 5 people are present…

No. 630575

File: 1600137533320.jpg (48.09 KB, 540x517, 5cb5_3f0d18e0_540.jpg)

What websites do you anons spend the most time on? (that isn't LC)

No. 630579

youtube. i wish chrome had a screentime function so i could see the detriment

No. 630610

No, I feel similar. That many people means people are talking over each other, conversations get derailed, the group splits up into different conversations… I mean it can be fun but I prefer smaller groups

No. 630613

File: 1600144329309.png (88.56 KB, 250x250, tumblr_pea80hg6Z31v30v1fo5_250…)

did the bitch who gave me my flu shot fuck up and impale a muscle or is it normal to be very sore after getting a shot in the shoulder?

No. 630622

yes you idiot

No. 630649

I'm having to book travel insurance for the first time, is there anything I should know from anons who have had it before?

No. 630651

It's usually really straightforward, as long as you're not going skiing or doing something that needs extra cover. If you have a credit card you might be able to get it for free through them, I set it up on my banking app and it saved me like 80 bucks I guess.

No. 630721

Am I the only one who doesn't like celebrating her birthday? It's not because I'm getting older or anything, I just don't like the attention I get from people I'm not very fond of, and I've always been uncomfortable receiving gifts. Also, I don't really have a friend group, just individual friends scattered here and there, gathering them to celebrate my birthday would be kinda awkward imho (and since I've removed my birth date on social medias, nobody knows when it's my birthday lol).

No. 630726

Is being bald a hairstyle?

No. 630730

Is being naked a dressing style

No. 630732

I think it depends on the amount of baldness. If it still has a layer of hair then yes, if it's completely hairless then no.

No. 630736

Thank u anons, this had been troubling me since last night

No. 630744

File: 1600173413919.gif (869.85 KB, 500x288, FrayedGrimColt-size_restricted…)

Looking at all this birthday talk, I'd like to ask a question
How would you celebrate a birthday together with your s/o?

Thing is, he is even going to take a day off on my upcoming birthday but I've been so busy with courses lately that I realized that I do not even know what I want to do on my own birthday. Our city barely has any covid cases (usually not at all) thanks to our tiny country.

I LOVE going to cinemas, but the only movies they are screening right now are the ones that I am not interested in, and when it comes to restaurants I am more of'delivery order' kind of person, even though idm trying out some new places.
I also been to all the museums in our city because I am art-hoe wannabe.
I thought of renting a tiny boat because I loved boating when I was a kid, but now you can't do that because people are scared of COVID.

No. 630768

Ever been geocaching anon?

No. 630771

A fellow geocacher I see? Howdy do, anon

No. 630782

File: 1600181338615.png (418.06 KB, 492x493, 1547434096379.png)

Is it still possible to share song previews from spotify to facebook? If so, how do I do it? Google didn't help

No. 630784

is it worth it to loose your vCard to someone who doesn’t care about you and will ghost you but is incredibly handsome?

No. 630786

Go for it if you're sure your virginity doesn't really matter to you much and he's good in bed/has good manners. I lost my vcard in my teens to a pedo I knew for like a week and I regret it every single night. Be careful anon and don't get an std.

No. 630788

What is an encounter group? Is it like group therapy?

No. 630789

imo it's never worth having sex with a person like that unless you go in with the expectation of never seeing them again.

No. 630791

Depends on how you personally feel about virginity, is it sentimental to you?

No. 630793

Hello fellow geocachers! And yeah >>630744 should look into it, it's a great activity to rediscover places you though you know well

No. 630817

What does

No. 630820

it means like 'yours truly', 'sincerely', or 'regards'. basically just signing off a post. it stems from a finnish word that means the same thing, but starts with t. can't remember the specific word off the top of my head.

t. channer

No. 630841

>been talking to this guy online for about a month
>we have chatted every day
>he would message me to check in even if he was busy
>tells me to even send offline messages to him because he likes reading what i'm up to and thinks i'm really sweet
>hasn't spoken to me since saturday night
>hasn't been online at all
>barely uses social media but hasn't blocked me, hasn't posted anything for 2 days either though

he didn't ghost me right? i have really bad anxiety so i am really stressed out. i know i probably sound dumb but i am really into him and think he is too. i just want someone to tell me to relax…

No. 630846

If he wasn't online I don't think he ghosted you, maybe he's been dealing with something personal.

No. 630848

you're probably right. i have a lot of trust issues with men though especially after my last breakup. this guy seems very nice though, but a lot of men do. i am just jumping to the worst conclusion right now and should calm down…

No. 630854

Oh wow, never would have guessed that! Thank you, anon.

No. 630870

Are there reverse image searching sites that won’t store your images?

No. 630882

It's a bit early to know but if it turns out he did ghost you..well at least he did it within the first month. No huge loss of time there. I find that common in the first month.

Try and keep distracted for the next couple days if it's stressing you. If you don't hear by then I'd say to move on

No. 630894

File: 1600190758438.png (34.36 KB, 332x128, banner.PNG)

Who's that? Everytime I see this banner I always get a sense of disgust, she looks nasty.

No. 630929

No I dread my bday every year for the same reasons

No. 630930

Isn't that pixielocks

No. 630943

How do you even act around someone who just lost her father??? My brother's gf lost her father yesterday and after the funeral she's coming stay with us (I share an apartment with my brother) for a while and I have no idea how to react/console her. I can't even imagine the pain she's feeling, what do I do?? Is there any nice thing I could make/give her to help??

No. 630954

Just let her know you're here for her and that you're willing to support her in any way she needs. It's okay not to know how exactly to treat her, be honest about it and show that you're sincerely interested in her wellbeing. If she's the physical affection type you can hug her, it really helps to touch your loved ones when you're sad.

Also imo don't say shit like "I can't even imagine what ur going thru" it just never made sense to me. Focus on her needs and don't talk about yourself.

No. 630959

One thing I'd recommend is to just be considerate, offer some food, ask if she wants to watch a movie, etc. A lot of times people will say things like "I'm here if you need anything," but oftentimes you don't really know what you need when you just lost a loved one. Having a friend take the initiative and offer company is really nice. She might just want some alone time though, and that's cool too.