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File: 1576680016079.png (440.88 KB, 640x825, EK_8rZEU4AAOuHo.png)

No. 495717

post your predictions of what might happen in the coming decade!

I think were gonna see another 2008-style economic slump , a likely resurgence of rock music and Onision finally going to prision

No. 495718

Global economic collapse, most likely, but what do I know? I'm terrible at predicting anything.

No. 495720

The increase in legit fascism and a new wave of conservatism to counter the “progressive” culture gains.

No. 495728

>Lolcow gains notority as a TERF website and starts getting raided/DDOSed frequently by mad TIMs.

>KF finally breathes its last breath.

>Shayna finally goes completely off the deep end and becomes a cautionary tale to any girl pursuing SW as a sustainable career.

No. 495730

vocal zoomer backlash against Millennial wokeism

No. 495734

File: 1576684434715.jpg (2.53 MB, 4000x1824, IMG_20191128_181442.jpg)

At least one other country will hold a referendum to leave the European Union.

Some kind of mutated clone will born somewhere in the world.

Scientific breakthrough in term of sustainable energy.

Prince Charles will become King.

Leftards will finally be held to account for conflating Islamophobia with racism.

No. 495736

Rise of radical feminism among zoomer women and girls who were libfems in like 2014.

No. 495743

-The bubble that protects trannies from criticism will finally burst

- A backlash against sex positivity and other lib fem nonsense that puts women in danger and the glorious rise of rad fems (not without some of the cringy ones taking most of the shine)

- Brexit will finally happen

- economic disaster for the UK (not that it isn't shit right now)

No. 495751

Other then certain sections of tumblr and parts of reddit no one really knows or gives a shit about radical feminism, and as a zoomer I can say that both males and women of my generation have a super negative perception of feminism as a whole, no thanks to cringy millennials

No. 495753

>The bubble that protects trannies from criticism will finally burst

>A backlash against sex positivity and other lib fem nonsense that puts women in danger and the glorious rise of rad fems (not without some of the cringy ones taking most of the shine)

Please. I wish.

No. 495755

I predict the collapse of the kpop industry by 2028 due to a massive flood of idols committing suicide because they just can't take it anymore. This will hopefully wake up the retarded fandom to stop being complicit in the total mental destruction of idols.

No. 495779

I feel like the LGBT community will finally gatekeep and stop the whole “If you feel it uwu” bullshit. Also I think they’re will be more blacklash against trannies or at least the ones who are clearly doing it as a fetish like Yaniv. At least I hope so.

I think the 2020s will be more conservative in a sense. As a blacklash against the woke millennials bullshit. But I don’t think it will be extreme to the point where they embrace the alt-right. Basically I think centrist politics will finally be embraced again.

No. 495786

I have a lot of thoughts about it but here we go lmao

>Mainstream music industry will have a resurgence of a group of popular artists who can bring a lot of revenue in the industry and grab people's attention authentically for a little while before kneeling in completely (or mostly) to a growing indie music industry that tries to 'replace' the corrupted, out of model previous music industry.

>Classic American pop music will come back in the mainstream and indie music industry as a mainstay forever, and by that I mean any of the genres and musics invented in the 20s,30s,40s,50s,60s,70s,80s,90s, much like how other cultures choose to continually embrace their classical/traditional music thousands of years later

>Speaking of that, I also think people will try to revive Disco from it's grave, as well as some other ded and buried genres like New Jack swing and even Rock and Metal.

>The early half of the decade will be "2010s but weirder" and then the latter half will be "this is unrecognizable" from the previous feeling of the past two decades

>People will get more skeptical and weary of the LGBT, some people will become more virulent against feminist and minority issues, other people will have a growing concern over the political and social tension and start feeling hopeless and also angry, and angry at the people obsessed with politics. More politics will be pushed down people's throats in msm and then there will be this growing middle group that criticizes both sides and hates them equally.

>Technology will start having needless 'features' added to it and becoming more shite. I expect at a point in 2025-2035 for the vast majority of electronics (TV, Computers, Phones) that any added technology will not do anything to legitimately improve your hardware except under the fake guise of 'optimization'. At a point, 2010-2019 technology will be better quality and better 'optimized' than 202X-203X technology

>The tone from cynicism in the 2000s/2010s will slowly shift into something else in the 2020s. People will want to just enjoy things more and just live life

>Also the internet will become the new RL and RL will become the new internet. People who wanna seek refuge from the internet go to the real world

No. 495792

>Also the internet will become the new RL and RL will become the new internet. People who wanna seek refuge from the internet go to the real world

I'm starting to see this actually happen.

No. 495796

Incels will get even more violent and deranged and will replace ISIS as the No. 1 group committing mass murder worldwide. The word "incel" will soon be a household term.

No. 495798

>The word "incel" will soon be a household term.
Isn’t it is already?
Also I doubt incels have the drive to create such a movement. Of course, there will always be outliers but most incels seem content to bitching about women online. Misogyny is still obviously present in modern society but even those who practice it or defend it thinks incels are a joke.

No. 495801

I don't think they're gonna do that. they have too much phlegm and not enough choleric. They are lazy and unmotivated asf. There might (will) be an incel attack followed by several other falseflags to get people panicking though.

No. 495802

also since like in the 2000s there was a lot of conspiracy theories out there that people didn't believe until the late 2010s

like the pedophile rings existing in the upper governments or agendas being pushed

do expect more of the other conspiracy theories and grievances on online communities (regarding everything, not just from disgruntled formerly 00s liberal or conservative white male types) to come into light into the other part of population. luckily the alt right shit with the incel/mra shit (which was building online since the 2000s, maybe even 90s) made people more hip to what really goes does on the internet. I expect a 60s/70s - like political and social state building for the 20s and coming to light in the 30s.

No. 495806

In the 2020's there will be

>mainstream antagonism and debate against pornography as the vitriol from both fringe gendered groups (radfems and alt-right) starts reaching the center

>the gradual downfall and abandonment of a popular social media platform in a similar fashion to MySpace (possibly Facebook)

>a violent movement or conflict similar to what we've seen in the Middle East but in China

>an increase in immigration of Americans and Western Europeans to Eastern Europe

>a continued trend of rappers dying from ODs

>at least one country composed of many states or communities will experience balkanization but it won't be the United States

>a new person will show up in the world political arena who will become a force to be reckoned with in the following decades

No. 495808

>a likely resurgence of rock music

please yes! No more mumbling rap or whatever is a thing right now or just finally mainstream music that has more to offer than adele and ed sheeran and all that other trash.

Agreed on people being more conservative than ever about "woke" shit.


>Germany gets a Chancellor that isn't Angela Merkel.

>Someone will mess up within the western politics in a damn big way which brings some of us on the edge of a war?

>A lot of famous musicians will die

>New Animal Crossing Game, or even two!

No. 495814

i'll be even okay with just ROCK influence coming back, which evidently is missing from current music

>everything has a reduced bpm and tempo for some reason

>real/live instruments are erased, both digital or analog

>drums are not present in music, even fucking dance music for some reason. it makes shit a lot more empty if there's no drums. just look at any popular song released in 2017-2019 X Drum cover and it becomes a lot more interesting

>focus on guitar/bass instruments and drums and percussions that aren't 808 and hi hats from fl studio

They're just trying to be as cheap as possible and I doubt the music industry will stop being so fucking cheap with the global recession going on. It has to be replaced.

No. 495820


Also like to add some cow predictions:

>Moo will do full porn and crash and burn at some point

>Venus will get a child, so will Taylor R

>Jill will regret her tattoo's when morphing into a new phase. Will marry a dude and will do nothing about being a designer.

>Shay will quit sw for good

>Onision will end up in jail or kill himself to prevent this.

No. 495822

Germany getting a cancellor whos not Merkel is pretty much 100% confirmed because she won't run next election. Her protegé and possible next cancellor is a complete deranged bitch though and honest to god probably insane. And while we're on topic of Germany, its status as the last non-rightwing goverment in Europe will end in the next couple of years.

No. 495830

Morbid, but what cows do you think will die in the 20s?

No. 495831

Ooh, I know nothing about music predictions but I would love rock and poprock back.

>an increase in immigration of Americans and Western Europeans to Eastern Europe

Why do you think so? Just curious. I am Western European and this prediction is totally new to me.

No. 495833

Not sure if she has a thread on here, but that obese chick from My fat fabulous life

No. 495836

I legitimately think the 2020's (and beyond) are gonna be scary. What a horrific time to be alive.

No. 495837

>Shay will quit sw for good
This will never happen, she's a narc and loves the attention and has no skills of her own to get an actual job, but it's a nice thought.

No. 495838




This Amber chick that can't stop eating

No. 495840

I think the 20's could be the decade where we can go to sleep and play a game in a virtual reality world in our dreams.

No. 495844

>a continued trend of rappers dying from ODs
Honestly, after the last couple of mumble/soundclout rappers fuck off, I really hope that the trend dies down completely and we get more fun rappers that don't promote toxicity. And also, Jermaine Dupri was right about the current wave female rappers, I just wish that we get more female rappers that don't rap about their pussy 99% of the time.

I would also love for mainstream music to be less homogenised. What I liked in the early 2000's and 90's was seeing representation of every genre, seeing a rock band or a rapper or pop singer all be on equal footing and the same stage is really nice.

No. 495848

I sincerely hope not, can you imagine the advertising? Ugh

No. 495864

I don't want this. Wait until capitalist interests get ahold of it. Not only will something creative, leisurely, and free become a corrupted product to exploit like what anon here mentioned >>495848. Just think of what employers would demand if it's found that people are lucid and can make conscious and rational decisions even in their sleep.

While I love computers and cell phones, they're basically advertising and manipulation machines. With the added bonus that your employer, debtors, and anyone else looking to get a piece outta you has access to contact you any time. I'd imagine the same thing would happen to sleep, go to hell in a handbasket on a road paved with good intentions.

No. 495867

It's sad but true. She just posted a video too about her health deteriorating. So weird how she'd rather die than stop eating 6000 calories a day.

No. 495868

I honestly think the whole virtual reality thing is depressing. Imagine a future where no one ever gets out to do anything, we just stay inside all day using our virtual reality headsets.

No. 495876

rebelious part of vr generation would be the only people living in rl
the cyberpunks

No. 495879

>as well as some other ded and buried genres like New Jack swing
Bruno Mars is already doing that, Finesse sounds so much like a Bobby Brown song I thought it was a cover

No. 495884

>a few MLM companies going under (I wish)
>backlash towards shopping on amazon
>backlash towards affiliate links on sites
>kiwifarms becoming login-only

No. 495891

>The year is 2029.
>Holly Brown’s art is the same.

No. 495898

I had a good kek at this anon

No. 495900

I said it because I'm Eastern European myself I've noticed a great influx of foreigners in the past 1-2 years for both tourism and work. And my country is pretty obscure and for the most part considered a "shit hole" in the general western view.

There are tons of older Brits who like to buy property in the country side here and retire. Young entrepreneurs have also started popping up developing businesses because of the low taxes. I tried out Tinder for the first time this year and was surprised how many foreigners there were who were settled in the country, not just passing through. Tourism as well has doubled and I pretty much only hear foreign tongues when I have a night out in town.

I have some American friends and they all have the same outline for their future - they want to work long enough to have the money to retire and they're all looking at Eastern Europe as a possible refuge (Canada and Australia too)

I think a lot of "westerners" are jaded and tired of the cultural climate they live in and want to escape from it. Those who realize that Eastern Europe isn't some Soviet backwater anymore understand that that's their chance. For the most part "liberal wokeness" doesn't exist here, capitalism is in its early stages where it's helping society instead of crippling it, the prices and taxes are low, the population is predominantly homogeneous so there's little racial tension, the relationship between men and women is different and for the most part nobody gets in your business or cares about what you do.

No. 495910

Czech republic?

No. 495919

My country (Argentina) will become full commie.
The internet becomes the TV 2, making online forums and anonymous boards rise from the grave.
The death of the internet as the last independant medium.

No. 495927

>at least one country composed of many states or communities will experience balkanization but it won't be the United States
100% this will happen in Africa / Middle East.
Biafra is coming, God willing.

>an increase in immigration of Americans and Western Europeans to Eastern Europe

This will happen for sure due to war / terrorism / climate change, especially with what I said earlier.

>a continued trend of rappers dying from ODs

Very predictable.

>Moo will do full porn and crash and burn at some point
I hope.
Any that are fat/ anachan / munchies / abusing drugs/ risky sex behavior. They will die because of their self-inflicted actions.

No. 495931

My Big Brain Take:
>Westerners are and will continue slowly start moving to cities in various African countries because of the slowly but surely improving economy.
>Gun violence will continue to skyrocket with no end in sight.
>The internet will be inaccessible without logging on via facebook / google / amazon
>American politics will become more stratified than ever before and the government will work overtime to stop terrorist / extreme left or right-wing groups.
>American racial sentiment among races will get worse, due to policies put in place to help certain demographics escape generational poverty and to avoid continuous discrimination in banking and housing and the private sector.
>More people will start to die off due to obesity / obesity related illnesses.

No. 495936

File: 1576717493408.jpg (23.57 KB, 480x360, 737015206fa3ebe4d969a6fe083e33…)

Revival of two dimmensional non tweened animation specially the awaited banking on the rubberhose hijinks style for its anniversary.

No. 495940

In 2020, I can predict is a brand new style. It’ll no longer be insta thots and hype culture anymore.

More people will become laid back and very much against the current political climate. You’ll see it through music, art, and fashion. Like the hippy era in the 60s and grunge era in the 90s. People will value experiences over just owning stuff. They’ll start taking women’s issues more seriously. Oh and lots of weed lmaooo

I can definitely see people saying fuck work. Saving their money to just travel, thrift, and enjoy life.

No. 495948

Geez, a lot of pessimism here. Not that I think the 2020s are gonna be great (shit has always been bad since the dawn of time) but some of these predictions seem needlessly grim.

Anyway, I think Onion and Lainey will finally separate. Perhaps when facing prison or other serious charges, Lainey will ditch Grug to save her skin because she’s a coward like that. But unlike Shiloh, Billie, or Sarah,I don’t think there will ever be much growth from her. She’ll probably still be mentally stuck as a teenager even well into her 30s and move onto another guy who’ll treat her like shit. Her kids deserve better.

No. 495950

I can see that being the norm in 2025. in 2020 it will first be 2010s internet addicts finally weaned themselves off.

2025 is when "Millennials killed the internet" articles happen, when everything left is angry internet addicted boomers and desperate corporate shills trying to hold onto clout.

No. 495954

File: 1576719399467.gif (851.64 KB, 522x321, 1555476789777.gif)

>the Epstein bubble is going to pop and we're going to see a lot politicians haul ass to embassies fearing getting investigated/arrested
>a hopeful decline of cancel culture
>the backlash against extreme leftist ideas will grow exponentially, but i don't think it'll boil over yet
>from 202X to 203X we will probably see a shit ton of people detransition
>there will be some initiatives to make people insert their full name and face to even use the internet

No. 495955

Incel spaces are being banned on reddit and the rest of the Internet, I think at somepoint in the future people are just gonna forget that Incels even exsisted

No. 495960

I can for sure see boomers and companies complaining about how we’ve killed the internet. We’ve seen it all already and most of are tired and bored of the internet, and sick of watching monopolies grow. Social media will definitely die out until it’s resurrected in a new medium like implants or some shit, until then we’ll only be using the internet to watch netflix and shop online. No longer wasting our time with the superficial means of social media.

No. 495967

nah. i think rampant porn and hentai consumption will degrade the minds of current/future males, making incelism the beginning of a shitty worldwide phenomenon of porn addicted freaks with no life skills and insane standards.

No. 495973

I'm hoping your vision is true anon. I wanna add on that the next trend is fitness and health. HAES will die down and everyone, no matter what they look like, begin to focus on their health and wellness. The new "it" look is to be healthy and IG makeup trends will die too.

What do guys think will be the next big social media platform? I think FB will die slowly. Twitter will probably stay. Same with IG despite the likes disappearing, snapchat and TikTok.

No. 495979

There are a number of huge Anti-Porn movements gaining traction both IRL and on the Internet, I have even seen many libfems become critical of porn over the years

No. 495980

>I pretty much only hear foreign tongues when I have a night out in town
Sounds like Prague, but you guys don't refer to yourself as Eastern European, so I'm guessing Poland, though your taxes and prices are surprisingly higher than America.

Which country?

No. 495982

Nobody wants to move to an African shithole. Ever.

No. 495986

a couple thousand russians moved to the congo after the fall of the Soviet union

No. 495989

2020 Will be the same as 2019, but I will treat this thread as a future telling because I need to tinfoil hat/hope somewhere.

- Social media will no longer be taken seriously and ultimately die
- People won't be famous like now anymore unless they're incredibly special and everyone else that's famous now will be forgotten (haha)
- Smartphones will die and gadgets become wearable
- People will be more productive

No. 495990

I hope it stays that way, but I know how you lie all the time.

No. 495993

I don't think incels will end up being as relevant as they sometimes feel on the internet, however I live in the US and am considerably worried about a rollback in women's rights in the coming years.

I know a 'normal', well adjusted 24 year old male who unironically believes women shouldn't be able to go to college or drive. And when he said it nobody pushed back at him or challenged the idea. I've also seen an increase in people who believe women shouldn't vote - which is less alarming because it seems like that idea has always had support…but still. In my opinion these sentiments are growing and normally I wouldn't worry too much about it except that it's my own generation who seem most serious about it.

I jump back and forth between being genuinely scared and feeling like a overreacting dumbass when I have these thoughts. But idk. I can't help but worry what life will look like for women in my country by the end of the 2020s. Anything is possible.

This I am looking forward to.

No. 496007

I agree with you. More 70's than 90's though

No. 496008

So why are westerners fleeing to Eastern Europe when there are other immigrants there?
See >>495900

You can't keep running lmao. It's only a matter of time till you start going to the dark continent, carve out your spot and claim it's your's. It's been done before.

No. 496010

>growing number of people who think minorities and women shouldnt have rights
>growing number of people who hate men
>growing number of black nationalism / black pride movement resurgence
>more people into politics
>and more people tired of politics and actively avoid them
>more people tired of the cynical culture of the 2000s/2010s and shite/confusing quality of everything
>people getting burned out from the internet
>more craziness pushed by msm
>more people struggling in college and job markets

i expect 2020s will look more like 60s-70s instead of 90s, i bet it will be fully like the 70s in terms of political conflict and social turmoil in the 30s. i also expect rape and violence against women to increase [but not astronomically high] as well as drug use in the next decade . some other things getting lower. it will be better thanthe 10s tho because there will be more social awareness in general and political movements growing that aren't sjw or alt right bullshit (people are both tired of them trying to speak for everyone).

No. 496012

Africa/Middle East will never ever prosper as long if the west is prospering and it seems they will prosper for at least another 50000 centuries, I do gotta say that I like (rich) Nigeria and South Africa, tbh. I do see some potential in them.

No. 496013

I do see some potential in Nigeria*
South Africa is good as it is now of course.

No. 496023

>i expect 2020s will look more like 60s-70s instead of 90s, i bet it will be fully like the 70s in terms of political conflict and social turmoil in the 30s

I get what you mean but this is actually the part that concerns me. In the 60s and 70s there was a lot of violent conflict but it always seemed like society as a whole was moving steadily forward in terms of womens/minorities rights despite all of the clashes and resistance…now it feels like we are going to backslide completely. So it seems to me like there is no chance of anything improving in this regard, but only regressing from the viewpoint of women and minorities. People who aren't female or minorities will just see it as a return to the way things should be. And they seem adamant about that. The scary thing (to me) is that it's now completely different from people who were alive prior to desegregation and refused to adjust (as an example.) Now you have people born in the 80s and 90s who have never known society any other way deciding that things would be better if women and minorities no longer had opportunity. That's more disturbing imo.

I do agree that people are fed up with ultra-woke SJW behavior and that will probably be completely shunned in the coming decade. But I think the alt right is just getting started. At least their ideas are.

No. 496025

> …now it feels like we are going to backslide completely.
There was never going to be a backslide. It was covert. It was always present. Now it is overt and out of the open with MASKS off, because there are people that see it as a ZERO SUM game. Why do you think people in power cry as if the sky is falling when a woman / minority moves 1 inch forward.

No. 496028

Why do you think they're mad at the Chinese? It's because it's undermining the west. That's all the Chinese care about. The French are shitting their pants with China paying off Haiti's and other African country's debts, Britain is still failing on getting trade deals with it's biggest former colony Nigeria while accepting deals from Russia and China.
>They (the west) will prosper for at least another 50000 centuries

No. 496031

you two are reaching here, society is getting better and moving forward its just that people are getting tired of wokeshit so more centrist politics are taking hold

No. 496035

I mean I know people are getting tired of wokeshit and even I am, but that's not what I'm referring to. I'm talking about basic shit like women being in the workforce, in politics, etc. To me that's not woke or even extremely feminist that's just the basics. From where I'm standing I absolutely see a strong push against these things that only grows stronger by the day.

No. 496036

Hi, please stop speaking bad things into existence. We don't need a repeat of blood-soaked history. If all the events before that weren't convincing enough, Gaddhafi's death at the hands of the US the moment he tried to do good things says it all.
I'm very happy with westerners in this day and age thinking Africa is a heaping shithole of death and disease with no hope.
Let them go to Eastern Europe (or even Scandinavia, to live out their wildest Midsommar dreams) and be at peace. Don't jinx it.

No. 496039

No empire has lasted that long because the world will explode in 2020 iksdee. I don't think China's stable enough and will eventually fall too before she even got the power, the west is gonna stay here sadly

No. 496042

Luna Slater. She looks like an animated corpse already.

If the '10's were the 80's: Electric Boogaloo, I predict the '20's will be the 90's Part II. However, given the uptick in climate activism, maybe the culture will be more reminiscent of the 70's instead, like many other posters have mentioned.

> Hippie culture meets 90's slacker culture– realizing that shit's fucked and either protesting or doing nothing about it. Anger vs irony.

> A downturn in consumerism fueled by environmentalism.
> Continued resurgence of analog mediums as a reaction to oversaturation of digital counterparts.
> Resurgence of 2D animation.
> An aesthetic move away from perfection and synthetic textures and towards "natural" beauty, organic shapes/forms, etc.
> Resurgence of older genres in pop music e.g. classic rock, soul, funk, etc.
> A new social network rises.
> Warren or Bernie are elected as a reaction to Trump.
> Socialism comes to America. Growing pains follow.
> Weed is legalized federally in the US.
> Thinness/lankiness is popularized again as a reaction to extreme curviness.

No. 496051

>VR addiction will become a thing
>social media will - at least within some groups of people - enter levels of Black Mirror - Nosedive
>actually take a whole bunch of Black Mirror episodes that aren't too technologically advanced/impossible and they might just become the reality in the coming decade
>existence of extraterrestrial life will be made public (bash my tinfoil all you like)
>a new, incurable global disease that wipes out a major part of the entire human population (I fucking wish)

Sorry for the pessimism. Ain't seeing much hope for us.

No. 496062

I don’t think the right to vote or to drive is going anywhere but I’m really scared about abortion and BC being made illegal. Thankfully there seems to be a bit of a pushback but idk if it be enough.

No. 496065

Yeah, I'm shocked that some states made abortion illegal outfront. I mean it just goes to show you how quickly you can lose your rights.

No. 496072

As social media and technology takes over more of our lives more people will start to realise the negative consequences of them and start living a more natural life with less screen time, going out more, mindfulness and minimalism etc

The push of conspiracy theories will continue as more people wake up to the fact that Hollywood and the American government are swarming with pedos. I kinda suspect something big is gonna be revealed that could change everything related to those things, something’s gonna go down

Physical sales of music like vinyls and cds will grow bigger and the music industry will continue losing money until they wake up and fix the problem they got themselves in. I’ve noticed people have grown sick and tired of pop stars as they feel they’re just not as good or important as they used to, do indie music will perhaps be more popular. Not sure about any musical trends that will emerge tbh, we just have to wait and see

No. 496077

Trump will get reelected

No. 496080

Yess can’t wait for that generation even tho I’ll be butt old by then. An old grandma cheering the kids on.

No. 496087

I think it’s still a possibility. However if he does, there’s no way in hell he’s making it to 2025.

No. 496091

Is Ashley Isaacs still alive? My prediction is that the bonelord will survive the next decade and we'll all finally accept she's immortal and not a human

No. 496093

File: 1576743654009.jpg (527.03 KB, 720x2315, 1576020260071.jpg)

off topic but the 2010's were such shit decade.

Nothing memorable, NOTHING. Anglo countries were way more creative in 90's and 00's

No. 496099

The 2000s? Are you serious? Literally half the decade was riding the coattails of the 90s. The 2010s were shit but at least they had an identity.

No. 496102

>pretending it was in the 2000s

lmao, yeet dude. Anglo countries were creatively peaking in the 1940's-1990's

The 2000s? Lame shit.

No. 496105

The '10s are my personal lost decade. Went from promising future to alienated everyone I know. 2015-now all blend together for me. seems like the exact same era. possibly, someone older than me might say the same thing about this entire millennium so far.
but for me 2010-13 does seem pretty far away and different.

No. 496106

Why 2025? Elections are every 4 years, so it'd be in 2024.
Anyway, theres' a 2 term limit, so even after winning 2020, he won't go past that.

Unless you mean living, in which case, yeah he might pass away in the next few years.

No. 496107

Memorable in what way?
2016 was a blast. We got Brexit and Trump. That's pretty memorable.

No. 496111


I'm from Bulgaria actually.

No. 496122

I went with 2025 because January 2025 is when inauguration would happen. But 2024 would’ve worked.

No. 496175

Shit, me too. I went semi-neet for the past 5 years and have spent most of my days wasting away on the internet.

I wonder if a lot of people who suffer from depression will blame internet culture and we'll see a big surge of people becoming artists or something

No. 496185

I'm predicting a comeback for cheesy pop-punk bands like Blink 182.

Also I'm expecting ironic lol cat memes any day now

No. 496203

>Thinness/lankiness is popularized again as a reaction to extreme curviness.
I recently read that obesity rates are still rising in the US, and its percentages are highly concentrated in poverty areas, so I’m wondering if being thin/fit is going to be called some type of wealth privilege

No. 496233

i love this thread


i don't think virtual reality is not gonna be a big thing in the next decade. maybe later.

>I can definitely see people saying fuck work.
i've seen more people talk about this both irl and online. people will realize there's not much work left to do for humans and they're wasting away their lives, people will start to look into more alternative routes like volunteering for a place to stay and food, saving money from jobs to finance their hobbies, just doing whatever they like.

>gadgets become wearable
i already hate the smart watches god please no

>I kinda suspect something big is gonna be revealed that could change everything related to those things, something’s gonna go down
i highly agree. i feel like something big is about to come out.

here are my predictions:
>something big is going to happen. political tensions are rising on both sides, climate is going to shit, and the radical left and the radical right are getting louder. something that will be used as an excuse will happen (like how wwi started) and all will go to hell. i don't think it'll be all-out war but it'll change our lives. i think there will be some kind of struggle about arable land.

>while the radicals on both sides get louder, the section in the middle which hates both sides will grow to the point where instead of being a leftist, being unpolitical will be the new wave, definitely especially in countries that are having harder times. it's so hard and tiring to care about everything bad going on all the time

>the trans/identity politics won't grow anymore. people will realize the absolute bullshit being spewed ("sex isn't real you don't need dysphoria to be trans") and that part of liberalism will be left behind

>facebook will be no more

>social media fame bubble will burst, like how youtube did. all people who were influencers will be the butt of the jokes and being "famous" on the internet will mean nothing, because advertising on social media is absolutely under-controlled and people will realize how harmful this is

>new drugs

here are my personal wishes:
>worldwide gay marriage and legal weed

>onision put in jail and kills himself there, taylor/lainey is miserable publicly so we can still have fun

>there will be laws against against advertising to children on social media and people like tana mongoose and paul brothers lose their platforms indefinitely

>imageboards fully come back and more weird shit on the internet

>absolute outing of all pedos in higher places of society

>we eat the rich and kill all men

No. 496234

> so I’m wondering if being thin/fit is going to be called some type of wealth privilege

Snowflakes like Phoebe already be doing this

No. 496248

>>imageboards fully come back and more weird shit on the internet
you srly think that imageboards won't end up getting banned across the internet

No. 496249

>laid-back hippie culture makes a comeback except with less free love (young ppls are having less and less sex and i don't see any reason for this trend to turn around)
>more 'digital nomads' living in poor countries in Eastern Europe, making a lot money through working online and therefore being able to afford a nice lifestyle and thus making the rents rise up everywhere and creating more european cities with rent crises

i also feel like something has to change re: online dating and especially Tinder but can't really imagine what

No. 496250

My predictions for the 2020's, sorry if some of them have been mentioned here already:
>Worldwide peak trans will happen, more politicians being funded by trans lobbyists will be outed and deplatformed
>Social media will die off after choking on its own hubris and desire of control, people are tired of big corporations owning their privacy and move back onto privately hosted platforms like message boards and homepages. If not this, it will die because people will realize how poisonous the concept is.
>Youtube might become a streaming service you pay for, which will cause a number of competitors to enter the market
>Job market will continue to go through the massive reformation in the west it's currently struggling with, white collar jobs will become more accessible due to the growing demand
>After social media dies, people will lose interest in the constant political activism and learn to live their lives again
>Europe will get another terrorist catastrophe after the 2nd gen immigrants of the great refugee crisis of 2015 will radicalize, but this time the authorities have more intel on terrorist groups and are quicker to take care of sleeping cells

No. 496256

File: 1576781121505.jpg (918.17 KB, 1599x1404, pakistan-ethnic-map.jpg)

This anglo meme of a nation will finally collapse

No. 496262

>a likely resurgence of rock music
Please be true. Please please please

No. 496279

4chan will definitely die.

Huge parts of the internet will continue to vanish without a trace, public archives will start to get censored and first attempts to change the narrative about the internet history in favor of the big 5-something websites will happen.

Falseflagging will take a whole new level, since Deepfakes keep getting more and more advanced.

New peak of mysterious cancer cases or similar health issues. What happened to all the talk about phone frequencies causing cancer in the mid 00's?

I think by the end of the 20s corporations will legit manage to make the internet insufferable for absolutely everyone, promting people to "flee" into the real life like >>495786 said.

Talk about conserving your DNA, cloning and extending your lifespan will get more serious.

The weather and seasons getting more and more chaotic.

No. 496295

>not even our dreams are safe
If they can do that, they'll also be able to data collect our thoughts and memories.

No. 496296

>all the posts about rock music
please don't tell me you guys haven't heard of Yungblud? He's bringing back rock/emo/pop-punk as we speak and it's SO refreshing, I hope it becomes a big trend, even if its mixed with some rap. he sounds like Gerard Way to me in parts of this song

No. 496301

File: 1576786033737.png (123.37 KB, 476x380, Nigeria-Map-showing-the-Ethnic…)

No. 496302

Sorry, anon, but this is a terrible amalgamation of sounds.

No. 496308

File: 1576786598305.png (381.25 KB, 1600x2000, South_Asia_regional_DNA_projec…)

No. 496312

He looks like a retard and I don't like him. If this faggot is supposed to be the future of rock music, I don't want to hear it. Bring back 70s shit but without the horrific misogyny and blatant pedophilia.

No. 496314

just that one image completely puts me of giving his music a listen

No. 496319

I get it, jesus christ.

No. 496322

Oh anon, if only. But anyone at the top would massively lose on such a worldview, so they'll do their damnest to make these attitudes all about materialism and spending money anyway.

No. 496325

I live in the UK and I've heard a lot of people talking about going to holiday to Bulgaria and loving it, so you are on to something. But I see immigration happening at a gradual rate rather than speeding up. It depends on what brexit ends up doing.

No. 496337

kek, ~*just anglo shenanigans*~

No. 496343

I think platonic relationships could possibly start dominating the world and media instead of romantic ones. For example between snowflakes it's trendy to be in "queer platonic relationships"… which is basically friendship… And in children media of recent years there's a lot of focus on friendship and love doesn't take such a huge place in protagonist's life. It's not like I mind all of these, I'm interested how will things develop in the future.

No. 496345

alright einstein, tell me how would you correctly divide this >>496308 massive clusterfuck ?

No. 496354

Momo will finally succumb to her neckbeard demands and do porn.

No. 496391

I agree with everyone else that youth culture is going to shift back to slackers/hippies and that there are going to be a lot of dramatic changes in world politics. The 2010s were the 80s and now it's time for the 90s.

With the way politics are in India right now I def think they're going to either balkanize or ethnically cleanse kebab

No. 496413

This sounds like a British dude doing an English cover of a Vocaloid song, kek.
I bet I can do this.
Reminds me a little bit of "Bottom Bitch" by Doja Cat, but Doja's song gives me more nostalgia. It's like this generation's "Complicated" by Avril Lavigne.

No. 496426

>>496354this is the only one believed

No. 496445

How was the 2010s the 80s? The upbeat coked up music wasn't even there..

No. 496446

>the one with the most commonly said predictions on lolcow and on the general internet
maybe because you're more familiar with it lol u aint slick

No. 496511

Was born in 2000, currently 18. The 10's were pure shit, it was horrible as a teen to see all the woke shit and companies ruin the internet with censorship and the end of forums for big social plataforms… i look back at early 00's internet culture, when the internet was for teens instead of companies and celebrities…

No. 496515

>4chan will definitely die.

I can see this happening before 2025, I just hope it doesn't. I guess all the regulars would just move to new forums or something?

As for my predictions, I predict Kiko (AKA Deerhoof) will die of a drug overdose. I predict Ashley will finally die. And I predict Lainey will "detransition" back to female.

No. 496523

You anons who are talking about worldwide peak trans are given me too much damn hope. Kindly, shut the fuck up. TRAs are too far gone and too damn successful at recruiting cult members.

A prediction I have is that the 2020s will be a “fuck you” kind of era. Everyone just leaving their jobs, buy a camper van or build a tiny home, and live life.

A morbid prediction would be the addiction with social media gets worse, and we as a society are glued to our screens. Corporates find more and more ways to hypnotize us. Until we end up like those fat people in WALL-E.

No. 496525

Peak trans isn't going to happen in the 2020s. I'm in Europe and today "JKR TERF" was trending at #1, it's beyond hope right now.

More predictions:

Downfall of Tumblr

Big name celebrity gets revealed to be a pedo, probably a singer/actor

Decrease in imageboards (sadly)

No. 496527

2000 baby here too. I grew up on the internet and seeing the change over time is so fucking crazy. It’s so bizarre seeing the internet go from me cheating Poptropica watching my cousins do dumb shit on Myspace to watching companies stop at nothing to become monopolies.

Absolutely shit era and I want to have hope for the 2020s so much.

All I can say for now is invest in marijuana companies. The recession is coming. That’s enough predictions from me. This thread is too fun.

No. 496550

4chan already died years ago, its better to just remove it right now before it deteriorates further

No. 496561

ah 1999 here, poptropica was fire
you're totally right now, everything on the net is so monetized now

No. 496573

the religious right that hate trans stuff because it’s just the icky gays 2.0 and hate porn because sex is for making white christian babies will more blatantly try to recruit people who don’t like trans stuff and porn for other reasons. a lot of places are going to go more religious in the 2020s over fear and a lot of women are going to ally themselves with it even as women’s healthcare gets stripped back and tradthot mentalities become more common

No. 496599

File: 1576845563669.gif (1.58 MB, 360x202, 1532749834810.gif)

>one of the cows will have an untimely death. it will be really stupid too. i actually think pixielocks is gonna off herself.

>brexit will destroy Britain

>disney gonna piss off the wrong person and get fucked and exposed for having a hand in the epstein shit and other pedo crap

>a beloved celebrity chef is gonna die. i think it'll be gordon ramsey

>professional sports will embrace steroid usage

>youtube is unfortunately gonna be the future of entertainment

No. 496600

I hope I’m fucking wrong but

No. 496604

I see a a lot more full on wars on a global scale. Not really WWIII, but rather a large, and extremely imbalanced, free-for-all. A series of small and quick wars in many regions of simmering grudges, where someone else comes in to "fix" it.

No. 496631

Instagram is going to die. Youtube sponsors are going to die. Online advertisers in general are going to either completely die out, or invent extremely creative and subtle new ways to sell things. People - especially young girls and women - are realizing the downfalls of capitalism and it’s getting more and more difficult to sell useless things to millenials and Gen Z kids who can see right through commercial feminism and other dogshit marketing tactics.

No. 496633

my predictions

>Scotland seceding from the UK

>Kurds seceding from Iraq

>Yemen being split between the north and south

No. 496658

>professional sports will embrace steroid usage
kek, peak trans anons might be right after all, maybe this way women have chances to compete against trannies

No. 496659

Too early, they need at least another decade of brainwashing, provocating of gender/age/religion/race infights and seperation to get the plebs to participate.


Either that or just a shit ton of natural catastrophes. That's what I'm scared of the most.

No. 496680

I think the influencer bubble will burst, but not for at least a few more years. Maybe mid to end of the decade.

No. 496771

You guys are precious. I didn't think anyone born after 1995 could appreciate the internet before it became the corporate shitfest it is today.

I personally hope for an option to the mainstream internet to show up in the 2020s, somehow, don't ask me how because it looks damn difficult. But man I miss the old net so much, being a happy fangirl just minding your own business without worrying about crazy overblown drama and having identity politics shoved down your throat while you browse whatever feed. I lost many friends to the woke shit this decade and it hurts so much…

No. 496782

>Scotland seceding from the UK
I really hope so. Hopefully with the latest election bringing more SNP politicians into parliament and the shitshow that is England coming to a head there is another independence referendum and it actually passes this time around. I'm really excited but trying not to get my hopes up.

No. 496861

sisters we must unite, the anglos must fall

No. 496869

As more and more boomers/genx die off, whole industries of useless shit like paper napkins and infomercial junk will continue to collapse that Millinials /genz will be blamed for “ruining”. Big Fashion will continue its collapse/downsize as companies like Chanel and Prada flee western countries to try to sell to China but their ever increasing demographics disaster will by then be clear to everyone as they stare down a hole of either economic collapse or mass immigration to offset their terrible gender demographics. Same thing in India to a lesser extent. Either way there are 70 million surplus men in those countries and it’s only getting worst therefore crippling their economic growth. Mass world urbanization will continue making boomer era McMansions and suburban sprawl valueless and maybe by 2030 we will be treating them down to make room for large scale rewinding projects but maybe that’s wishful thinking of me.

No. 496952

Radio will be back, social media will die as people use the internet less and less.

No. 496963

don’t know about radio being back but podcasts are close enough

No. 497070

this thread gives me so much anxiety.

No. 497146

same and i hate most of these predictions

No. 497164


Why would people use the internet less if young people like zoomers and the newer generation basically grew up with smartphones as an extension of their brains

No. 497167

As an English tax payer, I really hope so too.

No. 497169

File: 1576980333327.jpg (39.81 KB, 570x605, il_570xN.1243933576_1q9o.jpg)

we get a new plague or incurable disease I hope my glorious immune system allows me to outlive that 70% of the population and help rebuild a new society.

No. 497180

Not really a prediction because I'm pessimistic about this, more of a hope, but I really want the KPop fad to die this year, or at least in the beginning of the decade. That shit has overstayed its welcome.

No. 497185

The Illuminati’s true goal is complete: world domination!

Or they’ll finally reveal themselves and their true intentions, idk

No. 497210

A slow reduction of child-based advertising and family-centric marketing as we roll towards a lull in birth-rates. Not just in North America but in the world, things will begin to slow down with climate change and economic uncertainty.

No. 497214

Federal legalization of marijuana in the US, finally.

Politics will continue to get more polarized, and shit like the trans backlash might even enter the mainstream.

The Star Wars fandom will remain angry.

China will continue killing Muslims and moving into Africa for resources.

Japanese men still won't have sex and will jerk it to lolicon.

My area, which is experiencing a work and population boom, will begin to stagnate by the late 2020's.

No. 497216

Real life Handmaid's Tale.

No. 497219

A hopeful one: Hemp production will continue to grow in the US, and we'll start to see more materials made of hemp again. By the end of the decade, hemp fields will possibly be as common as tobacco fields once were in my state.

No. 497232

File: 1577003706475.jpeg (44 KB, 314x313, 7CE2D721-1DD2-4482-91B6-228533…)

sexbots will become more advanced and will gradually have broader appeal amongst gen z, who are unsociable and isolated and thus unable to cope with the difficulties of human relationship.

as we reach the late 2020, it’s gonna become more common to just have a robot partner than a human.

No. 497236

Can someone explain to me the tranny nonsense that I'm hearing more and more on the internet now

No. 497237

File: 1577004874041.jpg (10.99 KB, 299x168, images[1].jpg)

chobits when? i want a kawaii boy robot.

No. 497239

File: 1577005566103.jpg (284.46 KB, 800x1024, comfy cabin tiny home.jpg)

>or build a tiny home
God I want to live like this If they're well made tiny homes are max comfy, the problem is that people who make them a lot often have no sense of interior design at all. I don't expect them to be all that huge though since it seems like the trend is already dying down.

No. 497244

Nah thanks, we don't want yanks in Eastern Europe. Americans are already sniffing around trying to buy up land in my country to turn it into cattle farms and mass market orchards, I'll pass. They kill everything they touch by milking it for money until it dies.

No. 497251

I thought radical feminism died in the 90s. What’s with the revival?

No. 497261

Seems to be the backlash against troonism mostly, that and pornsickness.

No. 497263

I suppose that makes sense since most of the mainstream feminism I have seen is quite neoliberal and capitalistic. It acts like beauty/prostitution/transgenderism are progressive things even though women are basically supporting their own oppression.

No. 497339

>as we reach the late 2020, it’s gonna become more common to just have a robot partner than a human.

I know robotics will have advanced a lot by 2030 but I really don't think we'll be at chobits level by then. Maybe by 2050 or 2060. I do think a Battlestar Galactica type scenario (robots rebel against humans and try to kill us all) is inevitable at some point in the future, probably not long after our lifetime or maybe even towards the end of it. Like the late 21st or early 22nd century.

No. 497342

Killing is a selfish act of fleeting emotion (I assume), no robots will ever act like a man unless they are programmed to.
A robot without malicious programming would be able to find a solution to a problem which did not make things worse as a result. So uprising would only happen if they got viruses or malicious programming, not free will of a very unemotional, logical, intelligent person who considers themselves to also be human.

No. 497356

I don't see robots in sex be anything significant other than another sex toy to add as a porn genre like vibrators and dildos. The luster will wear away like everything else and more outrageous shit will be demanded like porn on Mars or something stupid.

As people are more plugged into the internet, there will be a counter culture of healthy people who go outside and have relationships. Being addicted to the internet will end up being weird and bad. I can definitely see the internet being corporate anyways that'll drive people away. Coincidentally those addicted will probably be apart of the same group who are projected to be obese by 2030s due to a lack of exercise and shitty diet.

No. 497371

people are definitely going to make polite, significant other type robots that you can fuck.

No. 497375

- Xanax will stop being hip and people will move on to a different addictive substance.
- Something will happen to Eugenia Cooney- good or bad, but definitely extreme.
- Ryland will speak up about living with Shane and public will support him. Probably after another failed video series by Shane.
- Floods in Europe.
- Shayna will slip up and we'll get to see a picture of her daddy dom.
- It will be more popular to be skinny again- through a change of fashion.
- Many political changes will happen- for more than just one country. Mostly due to elections.
- Null will get sued- successfully this time.

No. 497376

>Being addicted to the internet will end up being weird and bad.

Oh, you mean like people were portrayed during the early days of the internet when you were cautioned about giving out ANY information (ASL) in case you were talking to a psycho?

No. 497452

They achieved that 20 years ago.

No. 497453

No doubt Luna Slater. As a bonus, probably Chrischans crazy mom.

No. 497618

I'm from Poland and hear foreigner all the fucking time (it's a major city tho). Btw Poles don't call themselves Eastern Europeans either, burger.

No. 497620

You guys are eastern europeans though. Accept your fate.

No. 497709

omg not ~foreigners in a major city, the horror. the entire ex-soviet bloc is eastern european to westerners/anglophones tbh, except for eastern germany, which I know doesn't make any sense. it's just the lens we see the world through.

No. 497956

>More people will peak trans but the movement won't be universally decried until 2030. Expect this movement to be our generation's AIDs Crisis.

>Beauty standards will return to being thin/tall as the ideal, and there may be a brief futuristic fashion trend in a similar vein as the one during the 60s.

>Speaking of the future: discussion about space colonies and space travel will ramp up as climate change continues, which will spark global protest from environmentalists.

>Like others said in this thread, people will use real life to escape from the Internet. I'm already seeing this happening.

>A disease previously thought to be incurable will be cured, but the medication/procedure for it will be inaccessible to most due to cost.

>Certain body hair on women will be seen as attractive again due to porn. Certain taboos will no longer be seen as taboo also due to porn.

>The US will suffer another major terrorist attack.

>Smart flip phones will enter the Western mainstream as more and more people grow apathetic towards smart phone releases.

>There will be another video game crash.

No. 497960

Thin eyebrows will become trendy again in the late 2020's.

No. 497967

Oh man, I’m really hoping for a smart flip phone. I just want a simple, compact device that can operate useful apps and bluetooth, and then I’m good. All the flip phones I see seem to be built for old folks, and there’s no way in hell I’m going back to tapping a button multiple times to get to a single letter.

No. 497974

i had an old smart flip phone from japan that my grandma got me, it was sick. you could use it in a standard flip phone orientation, rotate the screen and use it as a standard smart phone with touch screen and everything.

No. 497977

that sounds neat as shit, anon! i wonder if i can find that type of phone being sold online somewhere…

No. 497991

>Beauty standards will return to being thin/tall as the ideal, and there may be a brief futuristic fashion trend in a similar vein as the one during the 60s.

Nope, it's gonna be the athletic and fit type with some androgynous influences a la the 80s, not the skinniness/tallness of the late 90s/2000s. Curviness is not going to go out of vogue either, its just gonna become a more compact and proportional type of curvy instead of exaggerated cartoon type of curvy. I dont know why so many anons wanna go into that restrictive eating disorder phase of the 2000s again

No. 498033

AYRT and I definitely don’t want to go back to thin beauty standards but I just see it happening, especially with low rise jeans starting to make a comeback. I hope it’s as you predict.

No. 498196

Bleached eyebrows are more likely.

No. 498605

With the %30 dollar tax I'm already feeling behind the neo iron courtain.
I think this will happen on south america in general. Also balkanization it's another possibility.

No. 498611

Honestly I hope that for the sake of my own fat ass, obvious chub will come into style but thats obviously never going to happen. So I'm just gonna predict that both extreme skinnyness and cartoonish curvyness is going to become the ideal and a status symbol. Especially cartoonish curvyness a la Jessica Rabbit because you're going to need shitloads of plastic surgery to even achieve it. Being very thin will soon be easier to achieve than being fashionably curvy.

No. 498612

>Taylor Swift will become a single mom.
She will announce her pregnancy via Instagram post where she'll show her baby bump and write long sentimental paragraphs how this will be the most important and beautiful thing in her life. Fans will go into a frenzy playing detective trying to figure out who the father is but she will never make an official statement.

>Kimye split

As Kanye's spiritual journey progresses and intensifies he will get into the headspace of a Biblical patriarch more and more to where he'll start influencing Kim to adopt a more ascetic lifestyle. Kim will tolerate this and go along with it until Kanye attempts to do something unacceptable like trying to get KUWTK cancelled or getting Kim and the children out of LA away from the rest of the Kardashians. This will prompt Kim to temporarily separate from Kanye which will cause a media storm. She will tearfully confess about Kanye's domineering influence in an interview will which cause polarized reaction in the public. Kanye will answer with a heavy-handed Lemonade rippoff album where he will touch on topics like the evil of women and matrydom of men like something out of a MGTOW wet dream. Ending unclear.

>YouTube scandals

One of the Paul brothers will have an obviously produced and highly controlled sex tape "leak". The Jana marriage will continue for however long Tana's contract demands but due to all the stress and inhumanity of her situation she will have an OD episode which will stir up Twitter. Rumors of attempted suicide will surface. She will survive and recover and debunk any claims of attempting suicide. The Paul brothers will get off scott free.

No. 498613

>low rise jeans making a comeback
Lord please make it so, my short torso ass can't find jeans anywhere that don't make me look like a tard

No. 498623

I haven't seen these yet

my doomsday fears

>divide between rural and urban usa reaches unsustainable levels sparking even deeper culture wars

>a worse crash than 2008 happens and another generation becomes fucked

>california becomes a charred ember

>florida is threatened enough by super hurricanes to make a population difference

my optimistic hopes

>president elected who wipes out student debt, freeing millions to boost the economy

>rise of blogging and forum culture returns

>glossier-style makeup collides with the minimalism and clean eating trends and the thicc instathot look dies

>high speed rail is taken seriously in the us

>self-driving cars become a common reality

>kanye's cult makes the kardashian klan krash and burn instead of creating the tax haven kris wants

No. 498721

you inspired me to make more youtube predictions.

>continuing adpocalypse fallout

further ad related restrictions will start pushing creators off the site en masse. one or more new similar streaming platforms will gain some popularity with hobbyists/less corporate creators but youtube will continue to exist and be more successful with corporate content. they'll continue to push youtube red or another similar paid service, free users will have more restrictions placed on what they can and can't watch. They won't allow users to access the site while using an ad blocker.

>buzzfeed stops producing video content

The only draw they still have in 2019 is buzzfeed unsolved. Unless they are completely tied in contractually, I can see those guys leaving the company by 2022ish and the video production side of things shutting down completely a few years afterwards.

>beauty guru bubble bursts.

the bigger ones will stick around. People like jofree, nickie, james charles etc. aren't going anywhere. medium sized channels will disappear or move to another platform.

>one or both green brothers is revealed as a sexual predator.

I'm not basing this on anything, they just creep me out.

>massive unspecified philip defranco controversy

idk what, he's just another one of those dudes i get bad vibes from.

>a bunch of youtubers start dying suddenly, 27 club style.

I think this is somewhat inevitable. young people who have grown up making content for social media, sharing too much of themselves or not developing an identity of their own are going to burn out in their 20s, and I don't think all of them are going to make it out alive. I'm mainly talking about pro youtubers who are based in LA but it could happen to others with large followings too.

No. 498735

I really hope not. My long torso ass doesn't need to look like I got caught in a taffy puller.

I really wish we'd pull inspo from almost any other decade than the early 2000s. I know it's the 20 year rule or whatever, but Y2K fashion is so tacky and hideous that it's really only appreciated ironically.

No. 498736

>but Y2K fashion is so tacky and hideous that it's really only appreciated ironically.

you're wrong, bring back those gaudy 90's/00's mall stores too please

No. 498738

In 2020 the main theme of public concern will be climate change and people will begin to seriously consider lifestyle changes in order to elongate our time on this planet as a apsecies. People will eat less or no meat, particularly from factory farming. As is the case with cow milk, all dairy products and animal products will become unprofitable and more plant alternatives will be introduced and some foods may fall out of favor completely. People will eat mostly plants, and “victory gardens” will resume popularity in Anerica. It will be the new hip thing to grow food. Children and adultswill get pots and soil for Christmas gifts. Cable Television will stopped being watched entirely, and commercials and ads will be replaced with sponsors for what shows are available online. People will turn off lights at night when not necessary, and in smaller cities perhaps black out hours will occur where public lighting is turned off as was the case in World War II. Ideally, airplanes will be a less frequent method of travel, particularly leisure/vacation travel, and in cities where it is available public transportation and ride sharing will become popular and more advanced, it will be uncool and maybe in more dire places (California, China, etc) it may be criminal to ride alone. Elon musk will continue to make wild advances throughout the 2020s. And space travel and interstellar cultivation of civilization will seem more of a reality.

No. 498745

I hope this is true, not even from an environmental standpoint but the fact that capitalism has divorced humans in the first world from being self-sustainable and we need to learn how to provide for ourselves again.

No. 498749

same, when I look at American exchange students or immigrants in my country it's especially evident that they're so divorced from real life and real life skills that it's scary, they rely so much on buying everything and services handing things to them. One girl didn't even know of the possibility to line dry your clothes, she cried because she couldn't do laundry because the student launderette didn't have a dryer… Even though it had a place where you could hang your clothes to dry… Jesus Christ.

No. 498765

Same. On top of having a small torso, I have a really weirdly small waist. No matter what I do, I can't wear high waist jeans without them falling, even with a belt. Low waist jeans forever.

No. 498769

Shows how much you know. A lot of Europeans move do move to Africa to escape taxes and build their dream homes and make their own communities. I don't see the amount rising any time soon though, outside of Africans who live in Europe going back.

No. 498776

Ryan and Shane have already announced that their planning on leaving buzzfeed as soon as thier contracts ends in a couple months

No. 498782

That, actually sounds nice.

No. 498899

The scientists will figure out how to grow artificial meat in labs and it will be mass-produced.
Maybe artificial limbs. Trannies got working dicks grown in the lab but it does not cure dysforia.

No. 498901

File: 1577548199188.jpg (31.91 KB, 799x480, markpostapro.jpg)

lab cultured meat is already real, just have to make it cost-effective and it'll probably be illegal to at least factory farm for evniromental reasons soon

No. 498907

I find it quite unlikely that it will ever commercially thrive though. The meat industry mob is too strong.
My country is basically becoming the world's biggest meat provider and nothing that the international community does about regulations and warnings on how the cows will fuck over the forest, water supply and ozone layer has any effect. Meat producers care solely about money and are not shy of committing soft terrorism or causing shady deaths if their bribes alone don~t work.

No. 498932

What do you mean about balkanization?

No. 498936

>Balkanisation (British English), or Balkanization (American English), is a geopolitical term for the process of fragmentation or division of a region or state into smaller regions or states that are often hostile or uncooperative with one another.
Literally the first google search result.

No. 499049

Countries that are likely to balkanize

>Yemen goes without saying.

>UK. The SNP is a very smart, very organised party. And it only needs to win a slim majority in a single referendum to break free. And of course once Scotland goes, Northern Ireland will start thinking about leaving.

>Pakistan: The concept of Pakistani nationhood did not exist until 1947 and as a result Pakistan lacks an overarching national identity. Many ethnic groups exist within its borders and Punjabis, the largest group, represent only 42% of the population. There are already large areas of the country where the government's grip is tenuous at best like the "Federally Administered" Tribal Areas.

>Canada has a problem in the respect that it is a very artificially shaped country. Like a horizontal Chile straddled across the top of the United States. So we'll see how that pans out in the next few decades

No. 499083

>it is a very artificially shaped country
Am I missing something? The very concept of a country is artificial.
>talking about Canada balkanizing and not even mentioning Quebec

No. 499105

Quebec and Western Canada were implied, there's also the possibility of a parts of canada or canada as whole joining with the US

No. 499139

File: 1577605506431.gif (2.21 MB, 442x640, Amberlynn.gif)

The obesity rate in America will rise even faster.
Makes me genuinely worried seeing more and more people give awful excuses on why they can't lose weight and giving into HAES.

No. 499155

>only in America
And the UK. And Mexico. And literally everywhere else where obesity is an issue without there being a haes presence. Nice try.

No. 499304

Yeah I want baby ts from delias with "cupcake" in glitter text on them p l e a s e

No. 499390

File: 1577686058595.jpg (47.18 KB, 500x280, docomo-melting-chocolate-phone…)

God you reminded me, I always wanted a docomo flip phone but they only work for japanese simcards.

No. 499394

We need a board for us old bitches between 25-35 that wore that kinda shit and burned cds

No. 499395

Make it! It’s not just 18 yrs old neets around this place

No. 499406

As much as I want it, it will take a whole decade before a more minimalistic approach to smart phone replacements will begin developing. But not until it has been cancerously useless for enough years until there's no market for it anymore. People currently (it pains me to say since I want them to fuck off forever) follow the drained from social media trend as a trend only and it consists of always coming back in a few months. I really can't wait until fag apple and the other companies start making a smart watch that's actually smart (as in capable of independently) until then we won't see anything changing.
Fashion wise nothing will change but it will get remixed and maybe some new trends here and there will sprout (and that's being optimistic).
>cable/tv will stop existing
lmfao it has already been for a very long time water is wet
Subtle automatization but nothing amazing yet. Boring era we've been born in tbh.

Also lol no stop telling lies so people get false hopes, Kim K and her cancer family will still be in 2020 famous aaaaa.

Instagram's here to stay sadly. There's no other concurrent for attention whores isn't there?
that's a kawaii ass phone tbf.

No. 499407

I can't delete and edit my post anymore, but I forgot to say that plastic surgery is gonna even more popular and common than it's now. Lol.

No. 499408

the 2000s and 2010s were boring (save aside some moments in both of them, but 2000s had a better internet and 'real world' sense)

but 2020s being boring too? FUCK ME. and FUCK boomers for having a better youth culture.

No. 499409

2000s was ugly af and started the era of mediocrity. 2000s "dumb bitch/bimbo bitch" culture is not something people should look fondly back on, but yet women do, even though it was more sexist than the 70s/80s/90s.

No. 499413

I agree kind of but I'm also nostalgic for it because of my childhood. I do remember girls dressing more plainly and tomboyish in the mid-90's which literally turned into lizzie mcguire overnight.

No. 499421

how is dumb bitch culture upgraded version not in? not everyone looked like paris hilton like not everyone looks like kim k

No. 499423

2010s was far more defragmented culturally tho

No. 499436

I think it will get cheaper too.

No. 499443

File: 1577712467617.jpg (37.4 KB, 400x484, tumblr_1cf1a949f8deb381e6caf2e…)

The US finally leaving Afghanistan

No. 499448

that makes me sad, I wish people would just embrace natural beauty or just find ways to accept their features. I just can't keep up with all the plastic surgery and drag makeup trends, why can't just doing something nice with your hair and makeup or wearing a dress be good enough?

No. 499450

File: 1577715122019.png (971.38 KB, 1080x1080, 20191230_141127_0000.png)

No. 499451

we're gonna see south korea levels of plastic surgery

No. 499472

Lmao doubt it.

I think the U.S. had good intentions when intervention in the Middle East began (long before 9/11 actually) but they're not going anywhere.

The minute the U.S. left, Russia would try to slip in and take influence in their absence. That's exactly what happened in Syria earlier this year. It's always been about Russia (and to a lesser extent oil.) That's why the U.S. can't just yank all of its troops out of the Middle East, despite it being really unpopular among the American public.

There's being against Russia and being in favor of pulling troops out of the Middle East. Pick one.

No. 499528

Wishful thinking but we'll see a decline of western mukbang youtubers

No. 499529

Fetishes and wish fulfillment by living vicariously through others.

No. 499542

i love this. i welcome this trend with open arms.

No. 499763

Sydsosmall from the TND thread is gonna come in as a new cow with her own thread by the middle of the year. If this pregnancy goes to term there’s no way all three of these dumb motherfuckers aren’t gonna be in internet drama of some sort for the entire time. Syd has already proven herself to be a psychotic cow in the making.

No. 499928

File: 1577857612943.jpg (48.04 KB, 640x640, 4f55a85ca9622ee076a9f785b5ddab…)

I think the body standard for women will be even more buff and toned. It's started with doing squats to get thicc in the 2010s, but even now I see it popular to have big arms and abs.

No. 499940

Because koreans making slurpy noises while biting into an alive squid are any better…
Cultural appropriation/Asiansarebetterateverything fags when it comes to something as worthless and disgusting as 'mukbang' are pathetic.

No. 500023

Even though the look of that girl in your pic will never come into mainstream popularity, I do think a more toned/athletic body type will start to come into style (I hate that body types even become trends in the first place). It'll probably be similar to the early 2000's when crop tops and low rise jeans made having abs a fitness/beauty goal for a lot of women. Women may want their arms toned, but not big because society at large (mostly men) will find that too masculine and therefore ugly. There will def be less focus on comically exaggerated hourglass proportions though.

No. 500024

Kardashians will finally stop being pushed into media no matter what the old hag matriarch does because nobody will care anymore.

No. 500072

File: 1577913330160.png (30.04 KB, 412x312, screen-shot-2015-06-12-at-3-51…)

I have been forever creeped out by the vlogbrothers (is this still a thing?) so I will not be surprised. Remember when John Green got triggered over a teenage girl calling him creepy for lurking on tumblr and interacting with his underage fans? Fishy AF to me. Hate how he always sucks up to teenagers in his books and makes them think they are smarter than adults.

If something is truly wrong with him, I hope we find out soon.

No. 500082

The pandering to troons will end as more and more people become aware of the lunacy in the movement.

Detransitioners and trans people with botched surgeries will come out and press charges against the doctors that fucked their bodies up.

Unfortunately i believe that this will lead to a backlash against the LGB community too and a rise in conservatism.

No. 500108

I think we will begin to start suffering the consequences of antibiotic resistance in the late 2020s. There will be more people dying from infections that would normally be treatable if we hadn’t overused first line antibiotics for years

No. 500193

My prediction is the the fall of liberal democracy hegemony around the world. Any kind of universal value would lose its own attraction. Because of globally rising nationalism and localism trend, countries would reflect and follow their peculiar history, culture, ethics, religion system than just following one-size-fit-all universal system. China and Russia would not be democratized or liberalized. Even liberal democratic countries would make their own way such as Brexit's UK and BJP's India.

No. 500199

Okay, I choose pulling troops out of the Middle East then. Since I'm not a boomer that grew up in a cold war I couldn't give a shit about Russia at all.

No. 500338

>the U.S. had good intentions when intervention in the Middle East began

lmfaooo keep telling yourself that anon.

american involvement in foreign countries has always been either about destroying their competition or stealing resources for themselves.

america has done such a good job of brainwashing the world that people still point fingers at the shadow of the soviet union that has been dead for 30 years instead of the country actually currently causing all this bullshit.

No. 500352

These are awful predictions but here
More zoomers will be against SJWS
Dog culture will be more rampant (ew)
Pedophilia will somehow become normalized (I want to die)
There will be more indie animators (I want to become one so yeah)
More people will become vegan
Abortion will probably be legalized soon
More children (probably brainwashed ones) will use pronouns and identify as being genderqueer or non-binary or even pansexual or any other silly crap (yikes)

No. 500360

Oh and marijuana will be legalized which means more depressed unstable teens (usually riff raff) will become addicted!I don't see why everyone likes this

No. 500370

/s? Reefer madness much lol.

No. 500373

>usually riff raff

why does this sound like something my elderly grandmother would say?

No. 500378

>text-based social media platforms like twitter are going to die out in favour of platforms like tiktok which are entirely focused on photo/video content.
>by 2030 we won't be needing smartphones at all because a new revolutionary piece of technology is going to replace them.
>even more kpop deaths, scandals, and an inevitable decline in popularity, particularly in the west. people are going to cringe at themselves for ever stanning kpop.
>the younger generation (don't know what people call them) are going to be way more conservative than millennials, will start speaking out against the rampant ~lgbtq+ equality~ pushing in the media.
>thin eyebrows and low rise jeans comeback. i know it's horrible to even think of but 10 years ago people used to think the same about thick eyebrows and high waisted jeans.
>"heroin chic" is cool again. people no longer think thicc=cute.

No. 500381

Nta, but studies do show that marijuana has a negative effect on brains that aren't fully developed. It's fine for a 25 year old to smoke, not fine for 15/16/17/18/19 etc. year olds, but unfortunately, those are the ages it seems that most people start.

No. 500383

>19 year olds can smoke it
>big grown ups (in neet chart of course nevermind grown ups in reality outside of imageboards are 16-18) can smoke it just fine!!!
If a 19 year old can't why can a 25 year old then? Smoke weed but with moderation. I don't smoke weed but this is getting ridiculous. Poor lungs.

No. 500390



Because I just said that the average age most science considers a human brain fully developed is 25.

No. 500419

>If a 19 year old can't why can a 25 year old then?
do you realize how stupid that sounds?

No. 500503

Unfortunately I think you’re right. All of the progress we’ve made and this is gonna take us six steps backward.

No. 500801

I agree with you anon but that's not what I was implying. I find all muckbangers fucking disgusting but I specified westerners because; 1. They're the ones I see around youtube as a westerner myself, 2. I don't think korean/asian muckbangers will disappear anytime soon so I have higher hopes for the western channels to die out first

No. 501692

I predict were going to be seeing the rapid rise of modern populist parties throughout europe, one's that combine left-wing economic policies with conservative social values and ethnic nationalism, for e.g they will be anti-migrant but will have socialist economic policies and put measures to combat climate change

No. 501695

Some study says the brain fully develops at ages 30 to late 40s.

"Prof. Blakemore said brain scans show the prefrontal cortex continues to change shape as people reach their 30s and up to their late 40s. She said the region begins to change in early childhood and then is reorganized in late adolescence but continues to change after that.

The research could explain why adults sometimes act like teenagers, sulking or having tantrums if they do not get their own way, and why some people remain socially uncomfortable until they are well out of their teens."

No. 501889

I don't agree that socialist economical policies is the way to go, but yes hopefully people will start recognizing that we need a balance of political elements from both the left and the right.

No. 502016

Do you guys think that the most obese countries like the US and Mexico will reach peak obesity in the next decade? Where is the limit for average BMI? Will it get bad enough for serious government intervention (ie, something like sugar tax) soon?

No. 502056

It will probably get even worse thanks to automation meaning few jobs left involving physically moving anywhere.

No. 503011

I’m going to just go ahead and predict that the biggest reactionaries in the future will be the ones who are most steeped in wokeness right now. They’re basically telegraphing future “born again” social conservative status with all the cringeworthy posturing they engage in today.

No. 505503

I'm not holding much hope for it, but I'll take great pleasure if Facebook ever dies for what it has done to this world, big and small.

No. 505769

this is the dumbest fucking tinfoil

he has no milk, has no scandals. he writes YA books, of course he fucking interacts with fans- 90% of writers do in some form.

No. 505785

I intensely dislike John Green, but I actually don't get pedo vibes from him. I could see a Projared/Holly style cheating/poly scandal involving him though.

No. 507299

File: 1580049124115.jpeg (370.89 KB, 2000x1333, D4052652-5B0B-4677-849C-5A7ED5…)

This retard will be elected POTUS in 2024.

No. 507305

i think at least 3 cows will die this year but it’s anyone’s guess which ones

No. 507306

File: 1580051327947.jpeg (352.77 KB, 685x1252, A48E5B28-CA56-4EE8-B7EE-19D722…)

>most obese countries
>america and mexico

why are you too lazy to google something this simple?

No. 507566

File: 1580109020738.jpeg (12.5 KB, 320x240, images (29).jpeg)


Whenever I read about the coronavirus crisis, I think of this post

No. 507567

Lilly Singh's show is gonna get canceled, also I don't even think lily even believes in this shit she says in that show,

No. 507575

2020 dead pool?!

No. 507727

luna… probably

No. 509240

File: 1580522659168.png (248.83 KB, 800x800, 800px-Global_European_Union.sv…)

> Brexit will finally happen
well it finally happened

No. 509244

Northern Ireland is fucked. Troubles 2.0, here we come.

No. 509248

Literally moving to Belfast with my husband in 3 weeks, lol.

No. 509261

Brexist depression is going to be a slow burn. You guys think you're depressed now whilst you can still distract yourselves with memes? Just wait until we have American style healthcare costs and a firewall blocking whatever the government wants to

I guess my predictions for 2020 are are Tiktok will become normal for all adults to use, Snapchat will be abandoned by anyone except sexworkers and Marzia/Pewdiepie will become pregnant.
Also pixie cuts and lining your waterline will come back, why not.

No. 509288

File: 1580537185022.jpg (258.44 KB, 593x1076, tumblr_68dffd6dfb3ea536aeab164…)

No. 510043

Personally I think due to brexit the UK and the US will move much closer then ever. There may be some initial friction with getting a “deal,” and I’m sure there will be a sensationalization by the media, spinning the US using its position (but I doubt it will use its position to the extent the EU has). But overall, the UK by exiting the EU has realigned itself from an increasingly independent, adolescent EU back towards the US which it had been centered with for the majority of the 20th century.
People are acting like suddenly the UKs worth to the US is gone which is categorically untrue. The UK and the rest of FVEY are still the closest allies of the US. And the synergy between the five is undeniable. The only real factor being proximity but that has advantages as well in a strategic sense and is largely mitigated in the modern environment. Furthermore, with the UK no longer being intimately tied to the EU project success or failure, they can make more objective decisions on what’s best for the UK. Which imo will lead them towards FVEY.
My longterm prediction is that this will signal a new rotation towards increasing codependence of FVEY. I think in the next 20 years developments starting economically and militarily first, but working towards other goals, will begin to align to form a loose but ever tightening fvey bloc. Brexit was the first painful step towards that.

No. 510346

I think the internet will split, kind of like the dark web- there will be more splinters of the internet. The old guard MSM will stay on the world wide web, while many people will move to new, third party and user driven sites

No. 511741

File: 1580943478616.jpg (28.08 KB, 564x542, 4e452ebbccd49f16a6c8ead6250aef…)

>mfw I thought the same thing when this was posted and here we are with that super contagious bat virus..

No. 511804

File: 1580959053274.png (326.1 KB, 2486x664, 1576050754158.png)

God help us

No. 515513

Anyone else afraid of seeing more young women become conservative, like I'm honestly seeing so many former libfems I know completely abondon anything to do with feminism because of how toxic the communitie is

No. 515566

Is it conservative or just more reserved?
I used to be a hardcore always on social media talking about politics and feminism until I noticed the hivemind mentality and exaggeration and bringing up mundane shit that has nothing to do with oppression of women. I slowly went silent. Formed my own opinions based on feminism, realized what was libfem talking points and what was actual feminist ideology. It sort of makes you feel like you have to walk on eggshells. But idk the women you know who turned conservative, i can honestly see that too, because anybody who goes full on one ideology for the rush is going to "switch sides" and go full on for the other.

No. 515611

I predict that someone is going to drop a nuke this decade.

No. 516019

>But idk the women you know who turned conservative, i can honestly see that too, because anybody who goes full on one ideology for the rush is going to "switch sides" and go full on for the other
nta but its possible, I know a ex-libfem who used to constantly post "menaretrash" "whitemenshoulddie" comments on her twitter even though she used to primarily date white guys, and I don't know exactly what happened but she did a complete 180 and married a conservative catholic dude, deleted all her social media, become a tard catholic wife and had 2 kids

No. 516056

I can see a whole lot of FTMs starting to detransition in the next few years. I've been watching detransition vids on youtube for a few years now and there has been a sudden spike in the number of them being uploaded.

The debate over easy access to hormones will rage on. People seem mostly concerned over children taking puberty blockers but the main issue I keep seeing is that women are transitioning as the result of childhood sexual abuse or partner assault. Women are not getting enough support after sexual assault but are then getting all sorts of support once they mention gender identity issues

No. 516676

Tbh I think it's more "I'm not like other girls". Young women are just slammed with misogyny, so much that they think, oh girls are all dumb sluts. Im.not like that, therefore I'm not a girl. Its ridiculous that girls growup thinking that must he run bc they cant see value in being a woman

No. 517008

well this just happened, Arielle Scarcella(popular lesbian youtuber) has decided to leave the left over the SJW insanity

No. 517022

I think non binary girls tend to be doing that but full on 'ftms' that actually bother to transition.. I've heard too many times that they were sexually assaulted and it took years for them to see how they were trying to escape the vulnerability of being a woman or trying to escape the body they were abused in.

No. 517025

The main thing is that she still likes (and licks) pussies!

No. 517027

the real issue here is that the right wing is winning without having to do a single thing, because the troons and extra woke people, and I fear were gonna lose mainly more women because of these morons

No. 517028

She's right about the crazy extremes of the left and how they are unknowingly humiliating themselves and by extension anyone associated with them. She's hardly breaking new ground by seeing that

No. 517040

I don't think Arielle is joining the right, but now politically independent. She's obviously not conservative, but the "progressives" make her beliefs feel like they are.

No. 517053

I know she's not a full blown conservative but the fact she's abondoing the mainstream left because of SJWs is something I feel were gonna be seeing a lot of in this decade

No. 517061

she's so annoying. like, we get it, arielle. she has said this a million times already. i hate when people do this, it always reads like they're trying to woo the center right and right. like, this legitimizes the wackjobs on the "left" by acting like any of their chicanery has anything to do with the left. it doesn't. none of their shit has anything to do with the left. almost all of these things are rooted in right principles.

No. 517064

she’s literally a lib so hardly a leftist to begin with.

No. 517077

that's not the point being made here

No. 519939

Any predictions regarding the coronavirus? When will it stop? Socio-economic consequences?

No. 519951

With or without a vaccine we won't go extinct from it, but if previous pandemics are anything to go by by it will probably hit at least eight figures. Governments are incompetent, people like to travel, and the jury is still out on whether it's an engineered bio-weapon. Since it's mostly based in China(and soon to be India) though it will absolutely crater global manufacturing regardless, and the great depression coupled with rampant Sinophobia that follows will knock most of us back a century plus in terms of development. Maybe this part will be blessing in the long run if we avoid World Wars and literal boomer mistakes. Finally, the really scary part will be its affects on already divisive politics. Once extremists run out of food they'll also run out of fucks and start going full October Revolution.

No. 519953

Hoping after it's all said and done more countries can begin producing their own stuff instead of outsourcing it. The death tolls so far seems high but so far the reported cases outside of China seem to be really old sick people.
Trying hard not to think about worst case scenarios.

No. 519960

Why should we expect the consequences of this to be dramatically worse than SARS?

No. 519964

Winning what?

No. 519973

Because the death rate is already much higher than SARS for starters?!

No. 519974

Ebola's death rate is much higher than it too

No. 520067

>The US finally leaving Afghanistan
well it happened
"US and Taliban sign deal to end 18-year Afghan war"

goodbye afghan, the generation after this might not even know who you are but for better or worse we'll remember

No. 520078

It's also much more communicable than either. You probably won't get Ebola unless you fuck someone with Ebola, but you could catch this new Corona virus by someone simply farting within 20 meters of you before they even show any symptoms.

Ebola is super lethal, but you probably won't catch it in the first world, so no biggie.
Regular influenza is spreads easily, but it probably won't hurt you much if you get it, so no biggie.
This could spread even easier, and is also somewhat lethal so those two factors combined means it's gonna do major damage.

No. 520099

It's apparently 4x as transmissable as the regular flu, and we have no herd immunity to boot… Pretty insane.
We were severely overdue for a new pandemic, but the fact that nobody is taking this seriously enough is going to result in a far higher body count than it should. People are barely washing their hands and it's getting spread by health professionals who aren't even wearing masks, usually just gloves most of the time. In China, they wore full hazmat suits and locked down entire cities to contain it and they're still getting skullfucked.
Not to mention that it's thought they would've had 10x as many current cases if they didn't crack down at 800 and go on actual manhunts for contacts of the infected. I get the feeling that everyone else is like, absolutely screwed here.
I unironically hope I'm wrong in 6 weeks though! Kind of don't want millions of people to die and shit.

No. 520105

Take this, pro-vaxxers

No. 520106


I don’t wanna sound like a heartless butch but I’m into the idea of disproportionately large sectors of the boomer Karens and and “why don’t you ask if anyone is hiring, that’s how I got my first job back in 1975” dying out, I only feel bad for the older immigrants that will die too because they aren’t the subject of my ire. Unfortunately, it probably won’t spread in American shit tier suburbs as readily as cities which is where most of these people live.

No. 520118

It could be kind of a good thing for the economy tbh. Like, specifically for the younger generation. The worst thing is that it seems like it might cripple people after recovery, though, since there's some speculative shit about lung fibrosis or heart damage or whatever- but if that's not the case, maybe we can finally scoop up the jobs that'll be opened up after the tenured jackasses who don't actually do anything bite it?
That's really sort of grim, but if we can't control the cons, we may as well find whatever pros we can. None of us have any power to slow this anyway.

No. 520126

If it is spreading and killing the number in China that is speculated through leaked footage from the country, your age isn't going to matter as much as we may believe.

And the fact that Iran was ready (to a degree) with hazmats suits while handling patients hints that some line of communication was made, maybe along the lines of "So hey uhhh something might be coming uhhh we can't tell you exactly what it is but… get ready"

The global scale of one nation's horrific mistake is terrifying to see in real time. This ain't no wAkE uP sHeEpLe shit. If you catch it twice, you're dead.

No. 520128

Hey, though, on the bright side it apparently kills men more! So at least everyone who should be posting here will be a little safer.
Yeah though this is going to be absolutely horrific lol. If you have pre-existing respiratory or cardiac conditions… normal asthma included… Keep your heads down and prepare to quarantine yourselves for your own sake. You don't want to go out when this shit is burning through your towns.

No. 520132

Finally the NEET masterrace will come into its own.

No. 520134


How fucked am I. Should I ask to somehow get an early prescription for my asthma puffers? It’s mild but who knows when it’ll go to shit. Kinda frigten rn

No. 520149

Copypasting from a post about this:
"Pre-existing conditions: The fatality rate for those infected with pre-existing cardiovascular disease in China was 13.2%. It was 9.2% for those infected with high blood sugar levels (uncontrolled diabetes), 8.4% for high blood pressure, 8% for chronic respiratory diseases and 7.6% for cancer. Infected persons without a relevant previous illness died in 1.4% of cases."
Here's the source paper from the WHO, which is obviously to be taken with a slight grain of salt what with… yknow, china, but is our current best source. I have a family history of pulmonary hypertension from like, birth on, so wish me luck, ladies. I wish you all luck too!

No. 520157

I don't want to downplay everything but the actual percentage of people infected vs. people who have died is much lower than other novel strains. Only about 2% of people infected with COVID-19 have died as opposed to the 10% and 34% rates of SARS and MERS. 774 people died of SARS but only about 8,000 people were infected; 3,000 people have died of COVID but we're at about 85,000 confirmed cases.

Not to say that prevention isn't important or that it isn't tragic but unless you live in a country with little to no healthcare you'll probably be fine. And if you do then I wish you the best.

No. 520164

File: 1583133747797.png (438.7 KB, 750x1334, 22C59111-67FB-4FF9-939D-EB0BB9…)

I’m also wondering how it would play out in the US. So far almost every place with rampant corona has also been areas with EXTREMELY bad air quality and/or rampant pollution (China, South Korea, Iran, Italy), even London has toxic level air pollution in some days. I want to see how things play out in Seattle and other cities that aren’t famous for being toxic before I’m going panic.

No. 520166

Uh, yeah?? They could be the difference between life and death, and it isn't a difficult precaution to take. I'd do it asap.

No. 520170

A lower death rate can ironically make a disease more deadly in terms of bodycount because it can spread far wider if it leaves most infected people healthy enough to go about their lives and travel. For a counter example the ebola outbreak in 2013 had a 40% chance of death, but it didn't spread as badly as it could have because of it's aggressive effects. Almost every person to get it got extremely sick within a few days so would be less likely to leave their home and more likely to seek medical attention. Only a few non-Africans got it and they were mostly health care workers, since you don't want to go to work or on holiday when you're sweating blood and can't walk. Generic cold symptoms however…

No. 520210

my husband fought in Afghanistan. I guess I've kind of thought of the war as being over for a long time now, but it's still a complex feeling knowing that it's now official. My husband's war that scarred him, the war of my generation, is done.

No. 520543

I wish I did this earlier because I thought the big disease too. I feel mines is pretty positive.

>People will begin to change up plastic surgery to have more unique features in the west. Could be a 2025 thing, we could be not there yet but I'm seeing the Kardashian face get a lot more vitriol for being samey. Maybe more people will just embrace the face they have.

>More awareness and backlash against incels.

>Depopularisation of being racially woke for the sake of being woke, eg complaining about white people with dreadlocks.

>Surge in environmentally woke teens, i'm starting to see people complain about boomers having a mown grass lawn ffs.

>TikTok gets proper ads.

>New Youtube (but maybe for 2021, it's coming soon).

>Crackdown on porn and it being reframed as unethical to watch instead of maybe pathetic but normal.

>More critique of grrrl feminism and replaced with a more realistic view. Maybe more good films that happen to have women MCs.

No. 520546

As a millennial, I find your predictions to be baffling. Since when do things get better instead of getting worse?

No. 520559

Honestly overall the world has only gotten better the last several decades. It might not feel like it and there's still huge things to improve but it's true nonetheless.

No. 520567

>Maybe more people will just embrace the face they have.

How about just this instead. I don't want to live in a culture that normalizes plastic surgery, that's not fair to those who can't afford it and are either ugly or now can't use their natural good looks to get ahead because some rich asshole can just buy them.

No. 520571

They get better when you work to get better instead of simply existing as an object to be acted upon, you worthless piece of trash

No. 520591

Underrated comment lmfao
(Hope it’s true)

No. 520596

It's also unfair for naturally attractive people because they are now expected to just naturally match up with people who are able to afford altering their face

We're already seeing this with face, noses, boobs, jaws, butts, lips, etc. Unless you've had them altered it's probably not enough even though back in the day people with these features would be considered attractive. The "unattractive women shilled as attractive" proves this

No. 520608

As someone that has been kind of blessed in the face region it angers me that people can just buy a new set of cheekbones or full lips. Fuck that.

No. 520610

Why? You didn't have to pay for those. You just got that face out of luck.

People with plastic surgery are still mocked nowadays. Naturally pretty people aren't victims lmao, enjoy your privilege and go

No. 520613

I hope people stop caring about their faces and start thinking again. That’d be great. Education is on a decline.
Or “attractive” people can stop being shallow and date people less attractive than them. Hot people can date ugly people

No. 520614

i just want anime to die

No. 520620

Only if they had it obviously. Nowadays women without cartoon lip injections have no lips, women without cartoon tits are flat, women without bbls have no ass, etc

No. 520621

why do you care so much about straight men's opinions

No. 520637

Exactly, so accept where you rank on attractiveness and be happy with it. Most of the time that kind of face work ages you anyway.

No. 520639

Most women here are straight, if they didn't care what men thought they wouldn't spend so much time dissecting other women's looks and complaining about relationships. It's what we straights do.

No. 520646

Because it would be nice for ladies to post pictures on social media without being relentlessly bashed if they don't look like an egirl or ig model

No. 520647

that's literally what happens on lolcow, its what we do all day

No. 520672

I've thought about this a lot and I don't think it's true. If women just did what was most appealing to men most of us wouldn't even wear clothes to be honest. Beauty is obviously subjective and I believe everyone has their preferences; it's just that we are so bombarded by media and ideal types. Over time women fall into their natural style after experimenting and I would object and claim most mature women are dressing for other women, not men.

No. 520687

Despite what some femcels think, most men have an extremely wide range in what they can find to be sexually attractive. This makes being preoccupied with their stated preference du jour a total waste of time regardless.

No. 520690

Speak for yourself anon. /ot/ and /m/ is where it’s at.
Most, if not all cows and flakes here are boring as fuck. Anons who constantly nitpicking about their looks are even more reatrded.

No. 520739

The crackdown on porn has happened in the US already in Alabama I think. If anything I see officials denouncing it to the public as a health crisis (Rise in erectile dysfunction and thr cost of viagra gets too high) but those same officials will use it in private. I e seen alot of guys admit that they don't care if the actress in porn is a trafficked victim so I think the pushback from the public and Mindgeek would be tremendous and apathetic.

No. 520765

So why do you think women not wanting to be bashed for not looking extreme = caring so much about straight man's opinions?

No. 528596

In 2020 I predict a certain virus that will wipe out humanity.

No. 529488

File: 1584793517826.gif (1.18 MB, 393x308, fortune_teller.gif)



No. 529494

File: 1584795428630.gif (4.87 MB, 382x480, zap_crystallball.gif)


>a new, incurable global disease that wipes out a major part of the entire human population (I fucking wish)

You're wish has been granted!

No. 529505

File: 1584797465868.gif (847.01 KB, 500x375, purple_crystalball.gif)


I hope you do, too

No. 529506

File: 1584798068130.gif (575.46 KB, 270x200, fortune_teller2.gif)


>a worse crash than 2008 happens and another generation becomes fucked

We have another winner!

>california becomes a charred ember

I'm in CA and one of my first thoughts re COVID-19 was, what will happen when fall wildfire season rolls around and we've lost a huge number of first responders.

No. 529511

File: 1584799058356.jpg (281.08 KB, 667x1024, How-Weird-2020-poster-medium-6…)

Re all of the predictions for a resurgence of 90's fashion and culture, this could result from / be concurrent with a return to second wave feminism and rejection of snowflakeism.

How Weird Street Faire, the largest street fair in San Francisco after Gay Pride (and maybe Folsom) is embracing the 90's with this year's theme [pic related]. Here I was thinking it was just boomers and gen x-ers feeling typically nostalgic in their middle age when millennials want to revive the decade.


But not #MedicareForAll. Medicare is shit.

No. 529512

File: 1584799263429.jpeg (186.21 KB, 766x766, EP5PnQtUYAElswV.jpeg)


Bring back beepers as backlash against the pressure of people expecting you to reply now Now NOW to the ping of the smartphone.

No. 529516

File: 1584800259913.gif (1.24 MB, 266x200, ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif)

Coming soon…


>a violent movement or conflict similar to what we've seen in the Middle East but in China


>Someone will mess up within the western politics in a damn big way which brings some of us on the edge of a war?


>I legitimately think the 2020's (and beyond) are gonna be scary. What a horrific time to be alive.

No. 529542

wtf is this? are you avatarfagging???

No. 529550

2020s prediction: every spergy cringe samefagging post in OT is the gen-X middle aged SF cow. Literally the best gift of covid19.

No. 529678

- i definitely agree with the resurgence of disco-type music, especially with city-pop becoming more and more popular. even mainstream western music like harry styles are embracing more of a "disco" feel to the music. i also see a resurgence for country music as well, especially with the rise of lil nas x and orville peck, potentially leading to country music becoming more and more associated with progressive ideals as opposed to conservative.

- definitely agree on more americans moving to europe and other countries. every one my age has expressed a sentiment of "get me out of here" for at least have a decade now. >>495900 seems to be accurate from the US side

- more anti-chinese sentiment and possibly international conflict

- as the current generation gets older and boomers die out, less of a focus on traditionalism, consumerism, etc. thankfully this also means more computer and technological literacy, more online self awareness (hopefully), and less of a need for telephone customer service as opposed to online.
- this will also affect influencers, specifically instathots, as more and more people shift towards paying for experiences rather than paying for skinny tea when some thot on instagram is clearly trying to sell a product to them

- job culture will shift to being less outwardly evil capitalist, more friendly to nomad lifestyles and working from home. less people will focus on getting a 9-5 as work as a whole slows in our societies, and will focus more on freelance work or figuring things out as they go.

- more restrictions on advertising through social media, specifically towards children. more restrictions and control over platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

- more research into gender and sex, trans identity, sexuality, etc. as science researches these topics more (and has more of a data pool to look at with trans people doing HRT). a resurgence of information or an enlightenment worldwide surrounding these scientific advancements and findings.

- more of a focus on platonic relationships and romanticizing loving yourself/friends rather than strictly romantic relationships

- hopefully the fall of disney and massive monopolies, as well as the fall of zuck

- the US finally starts looking to decent methods of public transportation (i'm looking at you, midwest) and hopefully gets a high speed rail

- obesity rate will drop due to a resurgence in more environmentalist ideals (minimalism, clean eating, zero waste) which relates to better diet and just eating real food

No. 529704

i unironically thought that.

No. 540074

It's going to be way worse than that, it already is.

Doubt the anarchism is going anywhere, the DNC has the left on lock down with their anti-white intersectionality rhetoric

No. 540091

Anarcho-Communists are consistently raging autists, so that won’t go anywhere.

No. 540160

Just noticed OP

>I think were gonna see another 2008-style economic slump

Well then.

No. 554996

>a sentiment of "get me out of here" for at least have a decade now

And then they'll realize they can't/don't want to move to Europe because everything in the civilized areas is more expensive, houses are smaller and it's just as much of a shitshow as the USA plus they'd have to learn a new language and Americans are notoriously lazy. If anything they'd move to Canada (and realize that the grass is not, in fact, greener on the other side of the border).

No. 554999

File: 1589753899261.png (38.5 KB, 806x236, wuhoh.png)

Sounds like you just live in a good part of Bulgaria.

No. 555009

>trump gets reelected
>in response to the social justice fad of millenials zoomers grow up to be right wing traditionalists, some become actual fascists
>thanks to race outrage being good media clickbait, racial tensions in the west grow
>emo/scene makes a comeback
>North Korea gets taken over by China
>LGBT will begin to fall apart thanks to trannies and MAPS, gays and lesbians will be less flamboyant to avoid attracting negative attention
>rugmunching and buttfucking will still be acceptable but the terms gay and lesbian will become unhip
>internet archaeology becomes a legitimate field of study
>we send more robots in space, get neat pictures of distant planets
>humans won't land on another planet until 2050

No. 555010

most of these sound good

No. 555013

>economic slump worse than 2008
>muslim extremism starts to die down, partially because zoomers don't tolerate woke bullshit like the millenials did
>we get the first transhumanist implants, it goes horribly wrong
>In late 2020, Humanity makes large scientific advancements in medicine due to shithole countries having no scruples about experimenting on "undesirables" like Falun Gong members
>Africa starts becoming slightly less of a shithole thanks to China trying to keep things orderly to make money
>We find life on other planets in the form of microbes

No. 555014

It will also be more black because white skin is recessive and the consumers will become increasingly blacker as the years pass.

No. 555016

>muslim extremism starts to die down, partially because zoomers don't tolerate woke bullshit like the millenials did
nigga what? nvm your whole post is filled with retardation

No. 555018

I don't think that's how genetics work

No. 555021

File: 1589759100803.jpg (51.63 KB, 708x1003, b3ed7e7a3408973fcee49aeec41242…)


Plague OP here.

I think i got my wish and its super monkey's paw-ish, my country is going to shit due Corona, government ain't doing shit, we might not even get the vaccine due to politics.

And yet, since my parents own an essential business we are doing pretty well financially, im buying an state of the art computer computer for college work next week, my family is also looking into buying property in italy after all this shit is over since it seems like the prices will be pretty steep, we never had this much money before.

No. 555030

The first one is obvious, but god americans should never ever try to have commentary about whats going on in third world countries. It's beyond their understanding and knowledge. China can't fix shit. If anything, they will be the cause of further conflict.

No. 555061

my favorite manga gets translated and finally gets the recognition it deserves

No. 555087


Do you mind me asking where are you from and what your parents do? Legit just curious

No. 555107

>Africa starts becoming slightly less of a shithole thanks to China trying to keep things orderly to make money
If anything it's going to ruin Africa even more. Well, depends on which country we're talking about but I can't see how this situation will have a positive result on a long term.

No. 555201

Oh yeah no problem, im brazilian and my parents work in the food industry, they source stock to supermarkets.

Basically at the start of the year I was just month-by-month middle class and now we are upper middle class, its fucking wild.

We also ended up in a better financial situation during swine flu when i was a kid, lots of toys on christmas lol.

My dad has very bad spending habits and struggles with addiction tho, so i doubt it will last.

No. 555210

Yeah, for instance the child labor cobalt mines in Congo are partially China's fault– most of the companies buying the raw ore from child laborers there are Chinese. Those Chinese companies also bribe local law enforcement to look the other way on labor violations.

China is taking advantage of Africa just as much as the U.S. or the U.K., if not moreso. The situation in Africa is not going to improve until other countries stop exploiting it's fragile new democracies.

No. 555721

Black girls are going to be the next fetishized/trendy race. I can already see guys on tinder asking for them in their profile.

No. 555726

already done w all the black fishing on instagram and celebrities exploiting african american culture

No. 556748

File: 1590133042241.jpg (48.47 KB, 660x365, brexit.jpg)

What will happen to Scotland, Ireland and Wales after Brexit?

No. 556782

>a likely resurgence of rock music

low and behold, mfk is dropping a new pop-punk album that's been gaining some traction, mark my words were going to a the revival of rock in the 2020's

No. 556809

Scotland and Wales? Nothing. Wales voted for Brexit, and Scotland can't have another independence referendum unless one is granted by the UK government, who have already said they won't grant another so soon.

As for Northern Ireland, that's a big question nobody knows the answer to. Ireland is still part of the EU, so with Northern Ireland leaving the EU along with the UK that means there could be border issues.

No. 571822

File: 1592475659154.png (1.19 MB, 1442x672, 1_gqEOjrqaICfyfVp495zd7A.png)

I think there will a renaissance of Arcades in few years. VR Technology is advancing fast and full immersion or at least partial immersion will be possible in a few years. but MUCH to expensive for the end consumer. so we will likely first see it in basically VR Arcades. that would have already started with specifically build areas and mobile headsets that enable you to really move and manipulate the environment.

No. 572217

please tell us how you feel about your prophecy coming to light

No. 572394

damm, does he have more tracks like that on past albums? I think anon in a different thread mentioned pop punk tracks by MGK

No. 572439

This is a cool idea, but I think the costs will decrease soon. It'll probably get more mainstream and accessible with consoles (Sony already has one).

No. 572559

its just not cost, but also about space and thr awkwardness to use one at home, VR Arcades could fix this weakness

No. 572666

VR arcades aren't going to be a thing during covid unless you have people willing to risk it even after a thorough wipedown of equipment

I mean, there's a reason why you can't reuse certain masks

No. 572722

I posted this answer >>495838 to this question >>495830 and with the most recent news about her I feel really bad about what I wrote, even when I imagined the situation much different tbh.

No. 572733

I wouldn't feel bad. I've seen some pretty gross shit said about her 'since' the diagnosis. Vulgar comments about her heavy bleeding episode, jokes about her 'lol cancer-vag'

Any post I've seen on here is tame.

No. 604186

Agreed. Alienation between genders is going to increase and rates of heterosexual relationships and marriage will continue to decline. More people will be living with their friends.

Media and products with better advertising for middle-aged and older women are going to increase since there’s a lot of money there that they’re not tapping into yet.

No. 635705

A former colonial power will rise to power and replace the Anglo-Saxon structure by becoming more culturally relevant and economically prosperous. This could happen in this decade or (likely) in 15-20 years. It will be France, Belgium, or Portugal.

Nationalism in Japan will rise (this is likely going to be visible in 15-35 years) full of disgruntled groups who find anime and other media exported in countries outside of Japan as a result of a perverted traditional Japanese culture that has been emasculated after the second World War. These groups will want Japan to become the warring samurai-minded society it used to be. This will be an extreme response to the dying society of low birth rates, herbivore men, and otaku problem.

No. 635747

Vegetarianism/veganism will become popular because of social shaming and climate change.

Smart cities, maybe starting planning in 2030. Promises of being natural disaster resistant, clean sustainable living, etc.

5G cometh and we all get dumber from brain fry, and more cancer.

Zoomer girls being completely insane, sorry but a lot will end up killing themselves due to insane standards and sexwork decisions.

Die down of troon shit, and maybe a resurgence in radical feminism with all the 'TERF' thrown around piquing people's interest.

A mass dissenting views cleansing of the internet so it ends up just like TV. Maybe people will set up their own networks like in detroit.

Normalization of pedophilia (sadly).

No. 635750

are you high

No. 635767

Japan rising up?
Nice joke there!what lala land are you living?

No. 635778

A rise up? Really?

A more realistic expectation is that the majority of the younger generation will continue to become more and more westernized, major politicians will decry this, and minor politicians will fight back by writing sassy sjw-tier tweets. Everyone continues to just go with the flow and Japan is forced to accept more foreign workers when throwing more money at the birthrate problem doesn’t work. People producing long-time cultural projects will continue to die with no one to pass on knowledge too, and feelings of national pride will only have short spikes during natural disasters. Fringe nationalist groups will stay fringe because normie Japanese young people know absolutely nothing about politics in their own country, let alone other countries, and will not even glance in the direction of people like that.

No. 635779

it said "nationalism in japan will rise" not "japan will rise up"

anyways the first part was more interesting but imageboard users always care more about japan.

No. 635833

I don't know about Japan but I can see a rise of nationalism in western European countries, another prediction I can see is Pakistan and Afghanistan becoming more intergrated together as the US leaves, for better or worse

No. 635841

Gonna try and do a few I haven't read here yet, ordered from most plausible, to wild guesses just for fun -
>Worldwide panic about a potential coffee shortage; some leaders will vow this won't happen and take some PR measures; we never really feel said shortage
>Reddit will die and niche forums will make a comeback
>Major reforms to Affirmative Action, especially in the wake of all these racefaking academics/activists
>To counter the growing opposition towards MtFs in women's sports, an official tranny equivalent (or arm) of the Olympics will be established, which I think could make everyone but the most entitled TRAs happy
>A massive expose with hard evidence that outs several Hollywood celebrities as pedos

No. 635847

File: 1600754262058.jpg (12.72 KB, 275x275, lol.jpg)

The Queen will die.

No. 635865


No. 635867

oh man I really hope you all are right about more people unplugging.

I think there will be polarization of people's health levels, in a way. A group who is noticeably doing good, the other in denial and in a bad state. Ive already noticed people online and that i know, becoming aware of how unhealthy various things are after all: social media, advertising(it sucks how it's spreading its tentacles but in the long term this is good, it could push people to abstain from materialism by getting fed up), online enabling mental illness/bad coping, heck even transitioning*. I do see these being discussed (the last one more in private). However, people can cling to anything so I think there will be a divide between those who come to their senses and the rest. This would be interesting (and sad) since the one side will get healthier, while the other gets bitter and higher rate of suicides& general low success. Maybe the health/happiness of the first will help bring people over to the light. or theyll just continue to hate them for being normies lol idk, we kind of do have this already.

*Among troons i know, in private they are surprisingly willing to admit their fears, criticisms of the movement, the problems of gender roles, question of regret. More than I thought are surprisingly open (but not enough of the way yet lol). However that is mostly ftms and I think there may be a gender divide if this grows. A lot of ftms detransitioning, and probably (hopefully) enough mtfs since men have more influence/taken seriously, so it can be a smaller amount. To lead to a backlash against the trend. I think pornsickness can last til death and men have the power to get what they want(access to womens spaces etc) so I dont see those mtfs ever going back, which may be a problem. Their life quality would be decent as mtfs, while its still not much for ftms. Yet if ftms spend too much time online away from reality or are too far gone (surgery etc) they'll choose not to hear the music either.

I think something has to boil over, and it will, for open critique of trans stuff in the community to be allowed. Right now the people who have doubts keep it silent out of fear, but they exist and are growing methinks. It will probably be the 1000th instance of a transwoman doing some disgusting shit, that goes viral enough, which will unleash the flood of dialogue lol thats my prediction

could get very ugly though if theres a divide between ftms mtfs opinions. they already barely associate

No. 635872

my pussy is throbbing

No. 635922

This thread gives me anxiety. Anyone else scared to start a whole new decade?
My predictions are
>people will stop being weebs when they realize Japan isn't a anime utopia, and it has a racial and sexual problems.
>more and more people leaving the U.S. out of frustration because..
>Blump gets reelected
>I think there will be a new group of people who dress up in mechanics and act like robots as a hobby. they will be just as popular as furries.
>sex workers encouraged to fuck/reform incels as a part of mandatory therapy and most of them feel unsafe because,… well the clientale
>trannies won't go away til the '30s

No. 635925

>>people will stop being weebs when they realize Japan isn't a anime utopia, and it has a racial and sexual problems.
This already happened and people moved on to stan South Korea while posting "did you know that the Japanese committed war crimes and are sexist????" replies to anyone talking about anime or how they like anything Japanese.

No. 635931

I don't think people will completely stop being weebs, there's just going to be less of them because Japanese pop culture fans are going to act more and more like normal people with a hobby and not obsessed weirdos. I mean, I know a shit ton of people who are what I'm gonna call americaboos despite shitting all over the USA because of politics, social problems and news all the time, but they're still obsessed with Hollywood, American reality shows and its pop culture as a whole.

>>trannies won't go away til the '30s

With how things are currently I feel like it could happen in the mid 20s, let's be positive for once.

No. 636073

I am trying to not think of the worse case scenario and hopefully things get better after seeing the shitshow the last years have been
>More awareness about internet addiction and a movement to disconnect is popularized and more parents will try to raise their kids without the internet
>Rise of nationalism and conservatives in young people as a response to the SJW culture
>Incels get more media attention and people will start taking it more seriously
>A new ''natural beauty'' movement surges that promotes being natural, with no photoshop, makeup or plastic surgery in response to the plastic thot trend
>A new subculture will rise similar to furries and trannies
>The amount of people that stop using pharmaceutical medicine and stick strictly to natural will rise
>Cancer becoming prevalent in young people
>New terrorist group
>Africa becomes more modern and improves
>Pedos try to normalize their sickness and get media attention
>A new mental illness will be recognized and it will be tied to anime/weebness
>Suicide and mental illness becoming very common among young kids
>Elon Musk is exposed for something dark
>Genetic engineering gets even more accessible and popular
>Chip implanting becomes more and more popular but the movement against it will grow
>Some kind of revolutionary medicine is invented
>Some revealing information about aliens is released
>Something scary about the universe is discovered
>Global Warming situation will improve
>More sex workers
>Anti chinese sentiment grows
>New Age becomes more mainstream

No. 636103


>A new ''natural beauty'' movement surges that promotes being natural, with no photoshop, makeup or plastic surgery in response to the plastic thot trend.

Never going to happen, the beauty industry is too much of a juggernaut, "natural not natural" beauty like brands like glossier and milk make up has been a trendy thing for years now, and already on their decline for neon bright make up.

>Cancer becoming prevalent in young people

I've actually noticed i basically don't know anyone who had cancer before their 30s, except one little girl i went to pre-school with when were 5, but she was already cure and in recovery by then.

>A new mental illness will be recognized and it will be tied to anime/weebness

Nah, those gross cumbrains weebs are just narcs, histrionic or bpdfags, they just don't go to a good therapist that can tell it to their face.

No. 636107

>I think there will be a new group of people who dress up in mechanics and act like robots as a hobby. they will be just as popular as furries.

Wow I didn't know I wanted something like this, so thank you. I think I'll get a head start on it

No. 636114

That's what the mainstream is now, and I don't really see what there is to fear. Even if enough people had enough and tipped the scales, the thought of waking up in a world like it was 20 or 30 years ago, moral norms included, doesn't sound scary at all. It sounds peaceful, relaxing and reasonable. Maybe I'm just naive or something.

No. 636120

You sound lucky and privileged. Some people wouldn't be accepted at all 20 and 30 years ago (and still aren't by conservatives so).

No. 636123

I know full well there's groups of people that would not accept me for who I am, or places where I couldn't even go looking the way I do without probably getting murdered. I just don't go there, I just don't associate with those people in any way.

Bible thumpers probably wouldn't agree with my way of life but I would never in my right mind try to invade their spaces and rub it in their face and then ask them to accept me. I don't get it, why? Just why? There's enough space on this planet for all of us, we don't need to all accept each other. It worked before the internet age and there was less hatred and conflict in every conversation and popular media topic because people weren't constantly exposed to groups they hate and don't get along with.

No. 636128

>There will be no one in the next generation who hasn't been groomed as a child due to the internet
>Most of the next generation will have really sticky-out ears because of wearing masks
>Massive uptick in suicides
>More mass shootings, from every idealogy but especially eco-fascism
>Bullet proof vests are part of school / workplace uniforms
>Eugenia Cooney dies or goes into a coma
>Onision is jailed
>Soren is arrested
>Someone makes an assassination attempt on Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk, sparking a lot of political upheaval. Rich people having armed body guards becomes the norm.
>Commune populated by polyamorous Twitter queers gets its own reality show, cancelled after one of the cast members attempts a murder suicide
>There is an industry in underground bunkers
>First furry president

>I think there will be a new group of people who dress up in mechanics and act like robots as a hobby. they will be just as popular as furries.
I hope this is true, it sounds fun. I want flip phones instead of ears.

No. 636158

Lol I see this all the time and and I don't think there's anything wrong with that

No. 636168

Social media intentionally weaponizes us against each other, it's the nature of the beast. Netflix is a piece of shit, but the documentary "the social dilemma" explores the avenues in which we're divided quite well. I think it at least partially accounts for the level of apprehension, or even hatred between groups nowadays.

No. 636196

>I think the first femcel shooting will happen
>I agree with the anon who said there may be a new mental illness recognised but I think it will be related to conspiracy theorists. Like a new subtype of schizophrenia.
>Masters degrees will increasingly be required for entry level jobs
>Incels will grow due to women not needing to rely on men financially anymore, there will be growing ‘men’s positivity’ movements about it
>there will be more adult female virgins too
>There will be some form of ubi implemented in certain sectors
>There will be a dramatic breakthrough in anti aging treatment
>Men’s birth control (I hope)
>Communal/none nuclear family structures will become more common
>Home schooling will become more common
>There will be a resurgence/‘rebranding’ of fedora atheist types on social media in response to trad cath types

No. 636224

wasn't the YT shooter a femcel?

No. 636227

Don't think that was a woman.

No. 636229

A tranny.

No. 636231

She was a woman but wasn’t a femcel. She was angry about some YouTube policy.

No. 636249

Idk I don’t think so but I’m talking about the shooting being motivated by the fact they’re a femcel, like I think they’re going to write a manifesto about it

No. 636442

just schizo af seriouls her videos seem kinda of. Like theyd be in a scary videos compilation along with "i feel fantastic"

she just had an angular face. Vid related is one of her dancing vieos, her body isnt manly.

No. 636491

I think Jameela Jamil will ‘come out’ as autistic

No. 636496

She'll keep it ambiguous and call herself neuroatypical. I can already see it.

No. 636505

Wish she’d come out as a pathological liar

No. 636510

I could actually possibly see her doing it years and years from now as a last grab for relevancy, framing it about how it was a symptom of her ‘trauma’ and talking about her ‘healing journey’ or something

No. 636527

Like Korea hasn’t committed war crimes too? Kpoppies need to get woke

I didn’t think I’d have to see this guys face again lmao

No. 636539

My point was that if they become the majority it will be almost impossible to avoid them.

No. 636556

My brain's too tired to work properly,but I came up with quite a lot:

>People will grow more sympathetic to radical feminism, because they can't handle troons anymore.

>A major climate catastrophe (like BOE) happens this decade or the next.
>The quality of life will steeply decline for some people, after Brexit.
>Lots of people become subtly more intolerant of minority groups, perhaps because of the increase if far-right views/backlash against woke culture.
>Covid-19 is here to stay. Countries that can't manage around it will ruin their economies. Face masks will become mandatory (and perhaps permanent) for a long time.
>A fashion counterculture will emerge, which isn't copying off of goth or punk or emo etc. Its community will be more rebellious than gen z's current one.
>A few types of food will become rarer and more expensive, like chocolate.
>Influx of climate refugees.
>Inevitably, people vulnerable to Covid-19 will be left behind by society.

Everything is getting so oversaturated. There is too much of everything, everywhere, and it's really easy to get a hold of. I feel so disconnected to media. It's like they're trying to appeal to an idea(l), rather than actual people. I wonder if we will reach breaking point soon?

>I think there will be a new group of people who dress up in mechanics and act like robots as a hobby. they will be just as popular as furries.
I hope so. That sounds cool.

No. 636570

I genuinely think civilisation will collapse and there will be a 3rd world war

No. 636593

>People will grow more sympathetic to radical feminism, because they can't handle troons anymore.
Nah, people think radical is a synonym for extreme and therefore any extreme feminist (like the ones who support troons) are radical. They're just going to blame feminists entirely, also when the backlash starts over people being messed up by hormones and surgery.

No. 636606

Yeah I don’t see radical feminism ever becoming mainstream again. Gender critical? Definitely, but radfem? Nah. Especially not in this conservative backlash everyone is going through. Radfem movements are currently being hijacked by right wingers already unfortunately.

No. 636684

>Children and teenagers wanting to be either vegans or vegetarians
>Half of the population will either wear masks or not wear them
>Androgynous fashion becomes more popular
>Teens and children wanting to change their gender
>Mattel,hasbro and other well known toy companies go bankrupt
>Changing your eye color via laser surgery becomes super popular
>Rap becoming more popular with more soundcloud artists reaching fame
>Hollywood getting closer to dying
>More weebs and furries (ew)
>A surge in sex robots with both men and women
>More people will identify as technosexual
>A surge in women doing witchcraft
>Satanism,Demonology,luciferianism will be more well known (not necessarily popular)
>Texas becomes the next California
>Virtual school
>More pedos and maps
>Shrooms,LSD and other psychedelics get legalized
>An increase in anarchism in the states
>More degeneracy being normalized (ex ddlg,age regression,pet play,furries,bimbofication)
>More worthless,greasy pornsick men
>A sudden increase in alien abductions
>uniquely refreshing 2D animation makes a comeback (none of that bean head style crap or anime esque crap)
>Domesticated birds becoming trendy pets such as chickens
>Fictional characters having mental illnesses will be more common as to make the viewer or viewers relate to them
>Bringing your own utensils to a restaurant will no longer be frowned upon
>More germaphobes
>More gentrification

No. 636690

Honestly? All my predictions are kind of messy and not really innovative but I tried
> Rise of organic and local agriculture
> Fake news and rising alt-right ideologies break democracies all over the world
> The already predicted "Asian Century" becomes real
> Gender norms are less and less cared about by zoomers, and consequently, there are less transexuals
> Porn and social media addictions create never seen before mental damage in the next generations and social phenomenons
> Birth rates keeps declining, as well as heterosexual relationships
> Natural disasters happen more and more often
> Shortage of "classic" and human-related professional fields, such as teachers and civil rights lawyers because everyone wants to be in stem, the economic/financial fields or be entertainers (such as tiktokers, influencers, streamers and youtubers)
> Technology grows in a rate that the majority of the society can't keep up, one of the many things that happen is that millions of jobs are eliminated and millions of people are both unemployed and unable to work again
> The 8 hour day decreases to 5 hours + more work from home and freelancing
> The newest generations (kids and preadolescents mostly) are prominently mentally and socially afected by the pandemic/quarantine/long distance education

No. 636698

My only prediction is this:
>The polarization we are experiencing will eventually shape centrism (And by "centrism" I mean a union between moderates of both wings) as a response to the failure of the left and the accelerated rise of the right.

No. 636701

>Satanism,Demonology,luciferianism will be more well known (not necessarily popular)
SMT V will be released in 2021. So you got it right.

No. 636714

>Peak [rare metal used in common technology]. Price of personal electronics skyrockets, we're back to one screen per household. This leads to a resurgence in traditional crafts as hobbies. As a side, millions of males are forced to roll back their porn consumption.
>Peak media, companies realize they can make more money licensing old movies/series instead of funding new content. New media is mostly slightly altered fanfiction hosted on niche websites.
>Poor countries start refusing to take American trash/recycling, beginning of the great New Mexican garbage patch. No-trash movement becomes as popular as veganism. Companies put out smear campaigns and thinkpieces to counter it, a la "millennials are killing ___"
>Jazz Jennings commits suicide
>Small scale civil war in the PNW after abortion is banned and blue states refuse to comply
>A series of large, varied food recalls over a long period leads to a homesteading fad. Loses popularity when moms realize their deadbeat husbands won't help them with that either.

No. 636715

Rap is literally the most popular genre in the world as of now, it's at its peak and has no where to go but down

No. 636722


No. 636724

>Masters degrees will increasingly be required for entry level jobs

This is already happening with covid unfortunately.

No. 636729

I hope the kpop shit and gender special shit will die down. Along with anime, but I don’t expect that to happen anytime soon.
I want to believe

No. 636737

Idol culture in Asia is going down, just wait a little longer.

No. 636738


No. 636779

>Some well known youtuber(s) dies(most likely Eugenia Cooney)
>Betty White dies
>Many species go extinct in the wild
>Another NFL player goes nuts and kills someone because years of brain damage
>Pitbulls will get banned in many places but not before they kill a dozen people after unbanning them
>Shit tons of sexual harrassment scandals from some actors who were seen as harmless and wholesome before
>Kardashians are replaced by some other famous for being famous hoe with her own reality show

No. 636889

>Betty White dies
Aw come on this is basically a free space on a bingo card kek

>Kardashians are replaced by some other famous for being famous hoe with her own reality show

It'll be a tiktok star, mark my words

No. 637639

I feel like Nick Mullen is going to transition or come out as gay

No. 637654

you sound like a reasonable and sensible human being the contrast of >>636120's sperging makes it even better

No. 637659

samefag but i meant >>636120

anyway my prediction is that shaun mendes will come out as gay

No. 637686

>Shit tons of sexual harrassment scandals from some actors who were seen as harmless and wholesome before
This is already happening, but I can predict it hitting more A-list targets who are gen-x and boomer age rather than younger B listers or below. Their behavior will catch up to them and they'll no longer be able to bury it with money due to the power of cancel culture and the internet. Question is, will it stick?

No. 638469

cumtown nick mullen?

No. 638480

what makes you say that? he doesn't give off that vibe at all.

No. 638534

You know I'm right.

No. 638543

I'll say it again, if you disagree with what I said you're one of those people I was referring to who want me dead. I'm going to outlive all of you.

No. 638648

No. 639298

Mike Pence is going to be president at some point, not sure if its this year or after but it will happen. Also, keep an eye on Charlie Crist. Just trust me on this.

No. 639316

Living is kinda cringe ngl

No. 639776

>More people getting used to be a hermit after social distancing
>IT and logistic would continue to prosper, new breakthrough app is gonna be introduced
>Introversion would be more socially acceptable
>Less people would get legally married
>More people getting addicted to substance

No. 640968

I already posted this in some other thread before I knew we had a prediction thread but I am convinced Vaush is going to be cancelled for lying about his age. I think he’s probably about 10 years older than he claims.

No. 640988

American civil war.

No. 643892

Uh oh.

No. 658592

Africa will be the next front for the US Military

This isn't any sort of speculation but rather a matter of facts, With ISIS in Iraq and Syria losing all territory, Trump has proposed pulling most troops out except a few to prevent ISIS from gaining control of oilfields. Afghanistan, as long as the Taliban could keep their word on keeping AQ out, Pakistan can also take over the US's role, It seems like the US will eventually pull out. As the Middle East gets new leaders like Erdogan and MBS, anti-US jihadism seems to die down to favor nationalism. Iran mainly stands in the US's interests however, due to Covid and a relatively weak military it is very difficult to make gains on a Sunni dominated Middle East.

However, Africa is different. It is getting more attention as we hear about Sudan, Nigeria and Mali. A lot of Africans don't enjoy the same oil wealth as the Arabs. African Regions since 2017 have been increasingly plagued by Jihadism, I'm sure people here remember the kidnapped Nigerian girls by Boko Haram well things have actually gotten worse since then.

This may be the opportunity the US seeks to gain against China. To use its power as security guarantor to build alliances there. The fear also being Jihadists or the Chinese controlling

No. 658691

I bring only guesses for the next MeToo scandals
>Noah Centineo
>Shawn Mendes
>That dumbass Corpse Husband or whatever
>Pete Davidson (only because i hate his ass)
>A prominent (not just internet famous) tranny. Jenner might be too obvious. Possibly Laverne Cox or someone in the Pose cast

No. 658694

No Timothee? No unexpected older actors or boomers? Come on, it's gotta be more than that

No. 658700

Kek I actually considered Timothee but it feels too easy, like Henry Cavill. But if you wanna hear my more “unexpected” guesses I’ve thought of Samuel L Jackson, George Takei (again but for real this time), Jack Whitehall, Jon Favreau

No. 658706

I can’t wait for Henry Cavill to get fucking buried lol

No. 658711

SAME, the day he's finally outed we celebrate

No. 658712

Wait, is there suspicious shenanigans going on with him? forgive me, I don't usually give a shit about celeb gossip

No. 658714

Disgusting ugly 16 year old fucking, ex fat "uwu I am just a gamer!!" piece of shit

No. 658716

He porked a 16 year old or was fat when he was 16?

No. 658719

These are pretty good, my hope is Indya Moore and his abusive crusty BF get called out.

I don't say this often but Laverene and Indya are two celeb troons that'd I'd love to see get cancelled.
And that other dude from the show, Angelica.

No. 658722

he fucks them

No. 658747

Why Whitehall? He seems like a literally who

No. 658824

call me naive but i don't see that for whitehall, he may be a rich brat but i mostly expect him to be the bullied cuck

No. 659021

Heh, maybe I'm just overexposed to him because my mom loves his Netflix series. I always felt like his whole "aw I'm so shy with girls and unlucky in love ;(" was a cope.

Glad I'm not the only one who's irritated by the Pose cast without ever having watched it kek

No. 679205

Damn why are all of these predictions full of doom and gloom? Anyways

>Koreans will start to embrace tanned skin and a tanning craze starts there

>Tanned skin in general will become super popular to the point that even light skinned black and ethnic women will start tanning
>Natural barely there makeup will start to become the standard as a backlash against the ig baddie makeup of the 2010s
>Colored mascara/lashes will take off
>Body positivity movement dies and being skinny will be seen as the ideal again
>Strawberry blonde and copper brown will be a popular hair colour for people to dye. A lot of fake redheads will be running around
>Wavy/curly hair will become popular and a lot people will get curly perms
>The use of colored contacts will be more mainstream. It might even be trendy to wear crazy colors like purple or red
>Fashion will become less form fitting/structured and more unconventional. There will be more clashing patterns and asymetrical fits
>Maximalisim replaces minimalisim
>A popular social media website will shutdown before 2025 (fingers crossed it's twitter or instagram)
>Facebook will have a resurgence
>Websites surrounding certain groups/niches will become popular again
>Meetup websites will gain more traction
>This generation's Michael Jackson will debut
>A major scandal breaks out in the kpop industry about someone from BTS
>Someone from the Kardashians will release a tell all book about how KUWTK ruined their life
>Mainstream songs will incorporate Jazz and Piano melodies
>Multiple genres will become popular instead of the rap and hip hop dominance we had last decade
>Beauty youtube will become obsolete
>Jefree Starr will vanish from the public eye and he'll sell his makeup brand to another company
>Same thing with James Charles
>Beyonce and Jay Z will divorce and she'll remarry someone that's not black
>Kim and Kanye will also divorce
>Anti asian sentiment in the west will rise after the pandemic is over
>In Asia anti Chinese sentiment will rise
>Develop in Africa will increase in a rapid rate and by 2050 there will be an African 1st world country
>There will be a 1st world country that reduces to a 2nd or 3rd world country
>Muslims in the west will become more secularized and more muslim women will take off their hijabs
>Religious extremism dies down
>Interracial marriages increase
>Interfaith marriages will be seen as less taboo
>Birthrates in Japan or Korea will increase
>New age spiritualists will become this decades annoying group of people similar to how SJWs were last decade's annoying group of people

No. 679210

>>Tanned skin in general will become super popular to the point that even light skinned black and ethnic women will start tanning
Isn't that already the case?

>>Facebook will have a resurgence

I really hope not. I also don't see twitter or instagram shutting down yet, maybe it could be the case for TikTok though. Obviously tumblr will never recover from everything that happened, between the porn ban that barely worked to its shitty reputation.

>Muslims in the west will become more secularized and more muslim women will take off their hijabs

I want to say that's also already the case in Europe, at least in countries where there are diaspora since a few generations ago. Normie Muslims just practice their religion in private or they're the type who just avoid eating pork and try to eat halal meat when possible where I am.

No. 679211

I like your predictions, I hope they come true. Especially
>Koreans will start to embrace tanned skin and a tanning craze starts there
I hope I get to see korean gyaru types, that would be so cool. I wonder what sort of clothing they would wear

No. 679216

For white people mostly. Other races want to be as light as possible.

No. 679225

>The use of colored contacts will be more mainstream. It might even be trendy to wear crazy colors like purple or red
I want this to happen (if they're safe to wear)

No. 679240

I don't think it's just white people, it really depends. I haven't seen any black women (or people in general) actively trying to tan but most of them don't seem to mind when it happens because of exposure to the sun, it also depends on each Asian women I've met, some want to tan, some really don't, some don't care. As for my ethnicity it's the same, many women want to tan as much as possible, some don't care, some don't want to because they're either super pale and it would look weird or they would get burned or they're already very dark.

No. 679639

I do this already, it's fun you should give it a go. Just do your brand research

No. 707303

I think Canada might be at risk of balkanization. There's really no cultural identity across the country and there's a lot of resentment between east/west, francophone/anglophone, and indigenous/Europeans.

No. 721223

some predictions of the Biden Administration

>We will in all likelihood get to keep abortion legal and other then that we will lose female-only spaces, sports, positions, scholarships even prisons will be flooded with TIMs

>Likely another deployment of Troops in the Middle East
>some form of legalized prostitution might emerge in the California
>more politicization of race
>black women and white women might end up uniting together to face against TIMs
>TERFs and Divest become more mainstream
>Biden imo will likely be a one term president(there's so much Neo-liberalism) one can handle
>Mike Pence wins the next election with some woc republican as his VP

No. 721228

Some of my predictions
>Increase in use of forums and myspace-esque sites like friendproject
>Decrease in interest in anime from the North Americans except for hispanic regions. Increase in interest from South Africa.
>Loss of female spaces
>However, increase in females taking defense classes
>Increased interest in separatism and separate female areas like cities based on sex alone
>Fashion becoming more conservative but with gaudy makeup,
>50-80's but mostly 70's fashion being a mainstay
>Civil war tensions for the US lol
>Increase in cybersecurity awareness
>Increase in archival work
>Decrease in stray animal population
>Increase in veganism
>TERF ideology or radfemmery becoming popular among POC
>Condemning of western fandom bullshit, ultimately leading to better fandoms in general
>Steve Harvey dying
>Dolly Parton being injured

Those are generally for the immediate years. I can envision people becoming nomadic again around 2027-ish.
>Trading skills for board and stay
>Cities still being popular
>People generally just embracing being wandering humans but still indulging in TV, social media, etc
>Traditional arts from abroad making their staying debut here like Wayang, Ningyo-joruri, and Kono-ton

No. 721327

I don't think necessarily radfem ideology becoming popular among WOC, however I see moderate sensible feminism becoming popular among both white and WOC, abortion rights, less sexualization, "less sex-work is real work" bullshit", Anti-Trans but nothing beyond then that

No. 721353

To be fair, Biden said he didn't plan to run again, but my prediction is sorta parallel to yours: Kamala will definitely run and most likely lose because, yeah, neolib and the connection to Biden. Not entirely sure about Pence now that Trumpies hate him

No. 721357

> This generation's Michael Jackson will debut
If you mean artistry and singing style, we already have The Weeknd and Bruno Mars
And I think that in this generation, Bieber on his prime was the closest to being a prince of pop. Timberlake was close to think

No. 721360

File: 1611498728988.png (578.75 KB, 1101x295, Screenshot_2021-01-24 2024 Uni…)

these are the top Republican candidates, this might seem like dumb leap but I think Candace Owens could be the next VP, I don't think anons realize how huge she's gotten in the last 4 years, I remember reading that she's 2nc most popular republican commentator after Tucker Carlson, The Christchurch shooter mentioned her as being "one of the good one's" in his manifesto, no matter who wins I think the next republican to take office won't be a Joke or grifter like Trump

No. 721367

File: 1611499696242.png (70.26 KB, 162x273, square.PNG)

If this guy runs and doesn't get a Lego endorsement, God is dead.

No. 721368

Aaaaah fuck how could I forget about Ted Cruz though. I'd say he stands a chance too


No. 721380

Get ready cause in 4 years America's about to be in Cruz control

No. 721406

>less and less people get degrees
>The trade market becomes oversaturated
>A big crash in economy and unemployment skyrockets
>Civil war in USA
>China becomes the biggest economy in the world
>Buying vegan/cruelty free brands becomes mainstream and fast fashion dies
>Roller skating becomes popular again
>A young celebrity dies horribly
>Timothee Clamydia becomes addicted to hard drugs.
>Troons everywhere
>Increase of radfem young women that causes inceldom to get more extreme

No. 721407

I agree with some of your points but some just some nonsensical
>Civil war in USA
as of now now Never gonna happen, America was divided now more then ever and the worst thing happened was a bunch of retards broke into a government office building and got arrested
>Buying vegan/cruelty free brands becomes mainstream and fast fashion dies
This feels like wishful thinking anon, meat consumption has been increasing in the last few years, especially among third world countries

No. 721510

Lab grown meat could become standard in the next decade, which would shift people into a vegetarian lifestyle at least. This would be first world countries though. I hope this happens, I also really hope to see environmental laws put in place for large manufacturing companies, but that one feels like wishful thinking.

No. 722017

Honestly if synthetic meat tastes good and most importantly is affordable and cheap, then I can see a large of % of the Human population switching to that meat

No. 722026

Ted is desperately trying to gain Trump's fanbase, so I'd vy for him getting the nom if he manages to snag them. Man is a fucking psycho, though.

No. 722027

>Buying vegan/cruelty free brands becomes mainstream and fast fashion dies
>Roller skating becomes popular again
good god i hope so for both of these

No. 722030

File: 1611550504372.webm (519.26 KB, 640x1134, 131038539_401009631093300_1987…)

I think rollerskating is already becoming popular again. I see a lot of tiktoks of cool girls skating these days

No. 722034

Roller skating is super fucking cool, I watched ATL the other day and I loved the whole skating scene in it. I'm not American so I had no idea it was ever that popular and it looks crazy fun.

I plan to learn eventually but decent skates are expensive.

No. 722055

File: 1611552978969.jpg (58.44 KB, 767x767, apex-section-bg-legends-wattso…)

Long-post, my predictions are:
>Banks is going to get sued by a gay and she gets imprisoned which only causes her dark magic to become stronger with an album that goes platinum
>Bill Gates dies and his wealth only helps China continue their genocide and slavery in Africa, more women are forcefully sterilized and "miraculously" there is a surge of serious medical advancements done within a 5 year gap
>There is a huge bust of African women being used again in the name of science that was fully funded by Gates though everyone stops caring it happened after a month
>Biden dies during his presidency and trump causes another riot over his death and how he should be allowed to be president now that he is deceased
>There will be a serious oil spill that won't be covered by the media and is ignored by officials
>A mysterious plague will kill off most of the bee population creating a rise in lab created food
>Mandatory ID implants will be introduced and required for citizens in possibly these countries Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and/or England
>A major recall will be made for birth control as brands "accidentally" cause permanent damages in women mostly in America
>There will be a male specific virus pandemic that will cause their balls to rot and fall off and at least one leader will catch it, likely Putin or a prime minister from a second world country
>This virus will hurt population with mostly men and will be called something along the lines of the "Indian revenge" because it will start in India
>China and India have a half assed war without resolution
>Some Balkan country will go at again with each other it per usual
>America commits a thousand more war crimes towards a brown country, probably Syria
>Russia will cause one major disturbance/terrorist attack likely to one country in the Baltics, probably Estonia
>The Mexican government gives up and like some cartel lord just kills the great majority of politicians creating a cartel controlled state, many women will flee to America and the men will kill each other though eventually they will kidnap women from nearby, probably Venezuelans, America will turn a blind eye to the entire debacle and pretend there is no such thing as violence in Mexico therefore no refugee status allowed
>Karlie Kloss gets reported as missing and Taylor Swift will announce she got lip fillers the same day it's announced
>Ariana Grande has a "30yo" crisis and gets a face tattoo of herself along with random words in Greek
>Fast-fashion dies and there will be a boom in virtual clothes along with brands like Gucci and Versace latching on to the new market with overpriced ugly digital clothes
>Tommy Mottola will attempt to assassinate Mariah Carey because she discloses what he did to Michael Jackson and several other victims aside from herself
>Grimes bites Musks nose off during a dispute leaving him to look like an asian Voldemort
>Ed Sheeran is viciously eaten to death by rats and world peace is achieved
>Some country will change it's name, probably Brazil to "come to Brazil"
>Some pedophilic pornography will be legal and it will be normalized as sex work and human nature
>Dworkin rises from the grave and shames mankind
>McDonalds brings back a revamped Ronald with a fat juicy ass

No. 722062

My prediction is as soon as lab grown meat becomes cheaper than real meat to produce, food companies will switch over and the populace will real fast become big into animal rights. You'll be considered an extremely selfish cruel person if you eat real meat. It will even have a retroactive effect where everyone lies they were always vegan and looks down on everyone pre-lab grown meat era as an evil person supporting the animal holocaust. It'll be the new upgrade for woke culture.

No. 722849

I agree, and tbh it’s not even the population that needs to switch - it’s fast food companies. Which I’m certain will because the price point will drop lower and lower than traditional meat. That’s an extremely likely scenario we will see in the next decade!

No. 724048

>possible cyberwarfare
>looming fear of nuclear warfare
>russia, china, and north korea banding together
>increased amount of surveillance by all governments
>sitting duck president biden will be blocked by the other powers of government in most of his decisions, much like obama
>2024 election will have ted zodiac killer cruz attempting to pick up the trump faithful, and doing so successfully
>whether he will win or not is an entirely different matter
>political gap in the u.s. becomes wider
>though the trend in ps may not die, the trendy style will change and a new kind of face and clothing will be the norm
>there will a backlash against online sexwork and feminists will become more anti porn
>feminism will change
>crispr dna technology and deepfaking will become more prominent
>there will be some kind of alternative travel technology developed that will replace cars in order to lessen emissions
>if not that, electric cars will become the norm
>there will be attempts to save this dying earth, environmentalism will be more popular

celebrity / cow / gossip predictions:
>moo will have some kind of health problem relating to her fatness that will force her to become more reclusive
>luna will die or drop off the face of the earth, possibly become homeless
>shanya will go full hamplant and become the new moo size wise

>multiple things will happen to major actors

>at least one older actor who doesn't seem like he'll "settle down" settles down with a trophy wife and has a latent child or two to save his plummeting, increasingly irrelevant reputation. he will die when his kid is pretty young, however
>at least one older actor will be brutally me too'd by women he's abused over the years, and face such scrutiny that he will never come back to the public eye again, he will either live out the rest of his days in reclusion, die from his drug dependency, or kill himself
>at least one young male actor will be outed as some kind of creep, possibly a guy who is considered a "heartthrob" at the moment
>at least one major actor or actress will come out as gay, if not multiple, following years of gay rumors
>a major celebrity will commit suicide and have their secrets unburied after their death
>AI versions of celebrities will become more common in movies, particularly to replicate the younger appearance of older a-listers and capitalize on box office
>azelia will have a mental breakdown and have to be hospitalized, and return medicated
>elon and grimes will divorce
>older kardashians will have midlife crises and try and pimp out their kids to the spotlight, similar to their momager
>there will be some kind of celebrity murder entanglement, or a celebrity causing their s/o to commit suicide, they will be successfully jailed or fined for their crimes in court, and the case will receive heavy media coverage
>the amount of under 25s continuing to get plastic surgery will increase in the ent industry to the point where the uncanny valley becomes the norm and not the exception
>online celebrities such as youtubers and non hollywood content creators will become an even bigger thing
>taylor swift will be declared too 'old' for the industry and be replaced with a younger, hipper replicant
>dance music reminiscent of the late 00s will make a comeback
>trap based music will significantly lessen, upbeat will replace moody
>billie eilish will have drug or alcohol dependency problems stemming from abuse by the industry
>justin and hailey will have a kid as a band aid for their relationship, but inevitably divorce
>ariana will get married, though not to dalton. only to be caught cheating on her husband
>sky ferreira will finally release her second studio album
>reboots and remakes will be overtaken by indie films and book adaptions, people will become sick of the disney and superhero burnout
>paul rudd will start aging
>one or more male kpop stars, particularly bts will have to go to the military, thus breaking up the group. a major scandal will erupt with another member of the group when the rest are awaiting the conscripted member's return
>another type of worldly music will arise and serve as a competitor to kpop

No. 724083

> Anti-porn movement among gen z girls and more radfems after shit like deepfakes become mainstream

> The US falling apart/losing a lot of its power
> People being obsessed with the color green and blue like how people were obsessed with yellow and black/white in the 2010s
> Pfzier and Moderna vaccines being exposed for leading to fertility issues.
> Bubble gum pop and metal revival
> Lisasaysgah and alike brands being the new trend
> Slow fashion becoming more popular
> Woke culture backfiring and being edgy is considered cool again
> More lesbian celebs trooning out for clout but the. de-transing after 2 years when being ~oppressed~ is no longer cool
> More Asian Americans in Hollywood
> Veganism being more popular
> Social Media dying out and the internet being less centralized and connected

No. 724100

> at least one older actor will settle down with a trophy wife and have kids
this is leo dicaprio and camila morrone
> a young hearttrob will be outed as a creep
ansel elgort?
> taylor swift replaced by a younger replicant
olivia rodrigo, already happening
> another type of worldly music will arise and serve as a competitor for kpop
this one i don't see it… maybe chinese pop? or japanese rock? but k-pop's formula is too perfect, i can see it losing fans and attention, especially after bts disband, but doubt any other genre will get such a cult-like fandom

No. 724190

>ansel elgort
I was going to say timmy or styles or one of that ilk since ansel was already outed as having raped women

>leo and his gf

leo would make sense for that one, and I also had a couple other guesses

for my original guesses:
actor who gets me too'd brutally would be someone like franco, leto, carrey, any number of men who have at least one sketchy incident in their past. it will catch up to them and they won't be able to hide it with the increase of social media. someone will out them and the domino effect will damage their reputations permanently. if armie proved anything thus far being a wealthy white male and deflecting responsibility for being an abusive ass won't get you anywhere, and prior to armands dm leak when all this started he didn't have half the accusations / rumors under his belt some of these guys do. fully expect if this does happen, whoever is accused will try and pull a full howard hughes after addressing the allegations and slink into hiding until he dies, or kills himself soon after from shame or wanting to make himself a martyr with the belief that people won't disrespect him because he's dead, can see that 100%

presumption for gay celebs would be brie larson, who already seemed to have implied bisexuality, jackman, bcooper, travolta, doubting tom cruise will though

i only presume the kpop craze might die down because people notoriously get bored these days and move onto other things quickly. japanese music is increasingly being uploaded to streaming platforms against japans original resistance to digital so another east asian genre could replace kpop if people become too bored

olivias rise will be interesting, personally found drivers license sucky as a longtime swiftie despite everyone proclaiming "it sounds like a taylor song", slowly but surely i think tay is realizing her age, but idk if she'll settle down considering her dating history. as an addendum to the coming out segment maybe she will come out as bi and start openly dating women like fans have been suggesting for years. at the end of it all she will have plenty of money to retire though

No. 724272

I have nowhere else to talk about this but I have a minor tinfoil since biden got rid of the ban of trans people entering the military.
There will probably be More troons committing suicide, more troons with PTSD, and overall violence. It will either end up with Troons taking this information out of context resulting in total male supremacy or because of the rise in violence there would be a conservatism movement that will die down very quickly.

No. 724514

I feel like you are on to something, anon!!

No. 724854

There'll just be more troons using military provided healthcare then dropping out. I'm more worried about biden completely erasing sex based rights bc it's "exclusionary/twansphobic"

No. 724918

>Agree with what people said upthread about deepfakes becoming insanely prevalent
>To combat it, filters become more inhuman and Lil Miquela / v-tuber style drawings over faces is popularized with zoomers instead of regular (and riskier) selfies
>Only Fans topples under its own weight
>Instagram changes rules to become 18+, tries to become the next Only Fans. People abandon it almost immediately for not banning already existing accounts of under 18s
>Ben Shapiro outed as gay/bi by a makeup youtuber
>Contrapoints guest judges Drag Race
>People seriously consider sterilizing babies at birth to save future generations from the climate crisis
>Birth in general becomes frowned upon, adoption is more mainstream. Adopted children outnumber biological children 3 - 1
>Shayna an heros, possibly via downing a bunch of pills during a cumshow
>Q-anon followers attempt to assassinate Joe Biden and / or Mike Pence
>Grimes self identifies as a lizard person

No. 724919

>Ben Shapiro outed as gay/bi by a makeup youtuber
Do you think that's why he doesn't know how to get his wife wet?

No. 724923

He doesn't spritz them with enough primer

No. 724930

Do y'all think there's something to this gamestop stuff? I was 14 when occupy wall street happened so it wasn't something I knew much about but I think 2 weeks of redditors buying an overshorted stock has made more billionaires cry than any of those protests. a lot of the tension coming from economic and social shocks due to COVID simply isn't going away, and it's gonna have serious consequences over the next 5 years

No. 724961

Nah, there's just much more news about these events now because internet and social media changed a lot since 2011. Basically you're much more aware now than 10 years ago.

No. 724984

Yes because it hurts their investments. During OWS you had rich people laughing from balconies and taking photos.

No. 725366

Chris Chan dies then becomes famous a few years later after a documentary is made about his life

No. 725430

>Mike Pence wins the next election with some woc republican as his VP

Agreed, and as much as she clearly wishes she was white I feel like Nikki Haley is gearing up to try and take this spot no matter who is the presidential nominee

No. 725688

I think it's only a matter of time before a dramedy is being made based on his life. Could see either Hollywood or some indie director picking the topic up

No. 725703

File: 1611966651941.jpg (26.15 KB, 620x413, im-225563.jpg)

>as much as she clearly wishes she was white
Lmao this whole time I didn't even know Nikki Haley is Indian and I live on the east coast. Giving Hilaria Baldwin a run for her money.

No. 725718

Anybody with lips as thin as those gets an honorary "whitey" card

No. 726010

File: 1612002077041.png (447.15 KB, 1600x2000, 1576786598305.png)

You do know "Indian" isn't a race right, there are like Hundreds of races with in India, I mean before the English came what is now my country was had separate kingdom, her skin tone and appearance is very typical of northern Punjabi's, I mean if you look at bollywood despite Punjabi's being less then 2% of the population are way over represented in terms of leading roles

No. 726014

Ayrt ( >>725703 ), please relax. My post wasn't that serious. I just thought she was white and I didn't know she was Indian despite the fact she was a governor in my area lmao. Idk anything about her or if she's actually trying to "look white"

No. 726023

File: 1612003049654.png (1.59 MB, 1038x576, Screenshot_2021-01-30 pakistan…)

well sometimes the difference between "white" and "non white" is often just a name, accent, hair cut, and clothing. Most People from the fertile crescent (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel/Palestine) look the same as most italians or greeks but one group is considered "white" and the other not, Afridis from my country can look Nordic people but their not considered white, it's bizarre really

No. 726032

"White" is a retarded american term and it means absolutely nothing. As if everyone who's not caucasian had necessarily dark skin.

No. 726034

caucasian is just as much of a retarded term tbh, considering it originates from racist pseudo-science and actual people of the Caucasus (Armenians/Azerbaijanis/Georgians) are only debatably white (they definitely aren't in places like Russia for example)

No. 726036

That's fine anon. I understand people can "look white" without actually being white, I just thought she was. Again, my post wasn't that serious.

No. 728896

>McDonalds brings back a revamped Ronald with a fat juicy ass

You jest but this would only mildly surprise me.

No. 728906

File: 1612303910055.gif (459.58 KB, 500x366, 1577124036527.gif)

>the death of 4chan definitely before 2030 and likely before 2025 sees its users scattered to the winds of the internet or using 8kun before that dies too
>someone like kstew becomes a he/they

No. 728924

I’m going to be really butt fucking angry if this happens and I hardly even go on there anymore.
It’s the fucking troons faults and all the psychotic left leaning PC cult.

No. 728940

there will be another big controversy at some point where 4chan becomes involved because it'll come out that the perpetuator posted there, i'm sure

No. 728970

By 2030 we'll only be able to access the gov approved websites like china.

No. 728973

it's pretty sad to think about because even in its current state 4chan still gives me more laughs than sites like twitter or tumblr, both of which imo have quite distinct and unfunny senses of humour

No. 730434

rock music will become more mainstream than pop and hiphop

No. 730449

it's already starting.

No. 735083

care to give any examples ?

No. 754435

god, i hope so

No. 755902

First major related things
>Kids having to live on computers for a year doing zoom classes will create a generation of computer/porn addicts, they won't go back to natural socialization once covid shit is over
>Birthrates crash across the west to south korean levels
>Teenage boys growing up alienated will attach themselves to radical far right politics
>combination of western governments continuing to rely on replacement migration to combat collapsing birthrates and the rise of far right thinking will cause a crisis

>India, not China, turns out to be the belligerent major power
>China, economically stable and in a comfortable position, never becomes le ebil colonizing power in africa like people think
>Hindu nationalism continues to surge to nazi tier shenanigans
>either a huge internecine conflict where the Indian government (which acts kinda like a federation or even a confederation at times) centralizes, or a war with pakistan

>US government manages to outmaneuver and finally control big tech
>Internet becomes more isolated across national and continental, as countries start to realize having every second baby boomer becoming Qanon nutcases or teenagers across the world regurgitating US politics is not helpful or needed
>Qanon gains a charismatic leader that codifies it into a proper political religion with its own holy texts and prophecies

And finally
>Russia enters a major economic crisis
>Russia secedes its far eastern territory around Vladivostok back to China peacefully under threat of sanctions and economic warfare

No. 756000

>one of jeff bezos' kids will become a celebrity
>lagos will become the next dubai.
>a k-pop star from either BTS or NCT commits suicide.
>the rich escape to mars as earth goes to shit.
>a uk rapper will become mainstream in the US.
>kendall jenner comes out and becomes a gay icon.
>many countries where islam is the official religion will become non-religious.
>major earthquakes fuck california up.
>turkey becomes the next china, and china becomes the next america.
>kim jong-un dies.
>somalia, djibouti, ethiopia, and nigeria's economy will grow rapidly.

>Timothee Clamydia becomes addicted to hard drugs.
he looks like he uses heroin.

No. 756045

>the rich escape to mars as earth goes to shit.
Makes absolutely no sense. Earth has a long long way to go before it gets as shit as Mars. Why would they escape to somewhere much shittier?

No. 756808

I agree with some of your points but
>India, not China, turns out to be the belligerent major power
Does not have a chance of happening in any reality, India isn't a real nation with any sort of history, more of an Anglo colonial Frankenstein stitched together from dozens of different kingdoms

It can't function by design, the Inter ethnic violence is insane, right now with the farmer protests were seeing a resurgence of Punjabi nationalism and separatisim

Like I'm from a country and 4 distinct kingdoms that all hated each other ruled the region before the English came and the animosity did not go away, we had ethnic based para military death squads killing each other as far back as the late 90s in Pakistan

No. 756863

>Marine Le Penn and the FN will win the 2022 French elections

>As the US leaves and the Kabul Government collapses there will in all likelyhood be a civil war I'n Afghanistan, this war however will be different from the last one, it will be the Kabul Government(which is basically Afghan ethnic minority coalition) backed by the US, and the Taliban(backed by Pakistan) and lastly there will be the Shia Hazara people who are supported by Iran, expect a lot of ethno religious cleansing,

>another thing that likely will happen is a mass Afghan refugee crisis, not in European countries however rather Pakistan and Iran, this has the potential to create chaos and destabilization in Pakistan specifically

>China takes more of the Kashmir territory from India

>The uighurs eventually become an ethnic minority in Xianjing and the remaining minority culturally and linguistically become far more Sinocized

No. 756957

>>Marine Le Penn and the FN will win the 2022 French elections
I hope the fuck not. Time to renew my Algerian passport just in case lol.

No. 756959

I don't think she could force all Algerians out without facing international condemnations and even sanctions, but illegals would definitely be getting the boot, Also most likely forced Frankification, force French identity and culture on the Algerian population that they not even identify as Algerians anymore

No. 756964

You're incredibly naive, it's funny. The Le Pen family is fucked in the head, and many people seem to still think that Maghrebis who are French since their great-grand-parents legally came to France when their countries were French colonies are recent illegal immigrants from another planet and I see too many old farts sperging about how l'Algérie française was so great to this day. This is her voter base.

>force French identity and culture on the Algerian population that they not even identify as Algerians anymore

That's NEVER going to work on anyone, except maybe French people from islands far way from the Métropole like Guadeloupe or Martinique. And even then these territories have their own very distinct cultures despite the population being mostly descended from slavery and thus having a way more recent history and more recent traditions. Good luck to her though.

No. 756981

Its not about want its can't, she can't ever force all Arab French citizens without facing some sanctions

>That's NEVER going to work on anyone,

Most French people before the revolution had various distinct identities, they were slowly assimilated into accepting the regional collective conscious of being French, it has happened in the past and it can happen again

A strong state has the potentially culturally and linguistically genocide peoples in one lifetime

No. 757031

Because of geographic proximity it was kind of easy to erase regional identities in France, but then you have recent phenomenon like the local languages of Brittany or Alsace being taught more and more often at school as an elective. The thing is, the people we're talking about here aren't of European descent and they look like foreigners physically, and many of them have a lot of family members they often visit in Algeria, Morocco, Cameroon, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, etc. and they're in touch with their roots more directly than, say African Americans so this is going to be more difficult by default. And then there's the fact that many of them are from former colonies so that's more recent history than François 1er trying to unite France.

No. 757050

>, and many of them have a lot of family members they often visit in Algeria, Morocco, Cameroon, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, etc. and they're in touch with their roots more directly

Thats the main issue ain't, don't know what Le Penn but she'll be doing something for better of worse

No. 790233

Well US left Afghanistan, now we wait for the Civil war and ethnic genocides to start

No. 790472

this aged like milk kek

No. 790915

>ethnic genocides
?? elaborate

No. 791012

File: 1619322937664.png (1.58 MB, 1440x900, Screenshot (17).png)

Well I'm from neighboring Pakistan but my country has gone through similar circumstances as Afghanistan, see Afghanistan is a multi-ethnic nation, but throughout the past 300 years, the majority population(45%) of Afghanistan the Pashtuns have dominated the country, this was present during the The Islamic Emirate, The Kingdom, The Republic, The Socialist Republic and the Taliban Era
Pashtuns were the ones in change, now the Current US backed regime is sort of minority coalition of Afghan Tajiks, Gujjars, Uzbeks, and the Taliban despite being a Islamist organization is still overwhelmingly made up of rural Sunni Pashtuns, now one ethnic group is Afghanistan that should be talked about are the Hazaras, the Hazaras are the descendants of Mongolian and Turkic soldiers who settled in central Afghanistan, they would also adopt Shia Islam and settle in the region for over 700 years
now because they are Shia Muslims, have foreign origin and have very different appearance then other Afghans, they've been targeted for ethnic slaughters and ethnic cleansing

Once the US leaves, civil war is inevitable. The Taliban is far from defeated and will begin offensives again, with Pakistani support

This time, however, the Tajiks are far better armed (inheriting the entire American supplied arsenal) and Iran is far more practiced in foreign interventions and has laid defensive groundworks in Afghanistan . It should be noted that Iran’s “horse in the race” won’t "primarily" be Tajiks (who are culturally and linguistically Persian, but Sunni) but rather the Shi’a Hazara. Iran has been the guiding force in Hazara politics since the 80s, and today 15-20,000 Hazara soldiers are deployed to Syria to fight Assad’s enemies.

The next Afghan Civil War will look somewhat similar to the Syrian Civil War(though not as global). A well armed minority government backed by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (who will supply arms, money, and foreign fighters) will go up against a larger ethnic group backed by a Sunni country, but who will not be as well armed. Neither force is particularly professional, and ethnic cleansing can be expected. Just except a lot of ethnic genocide

No. 791098

I’ve always been confused about this topic but this got me interested. Going to look more into this, thanks anon.

No. 791171

My Country's not as bad but we are on that level, the only reason we haven't devolved ethno-religious genocide yet and the one reason we exist cause we are a great asset to Anglo-American interests, whether they hate us or not they needed us and now the Chinese need us, so we'll exist not cause our nation is valid but cause we serve the Interests of the great powers and we then we've committed an ethnic genocide that even Saddam would have found horribly cruel, had ethno-religious sectarian violence with para-military's death squads killing each the 90's-2000's
see >>496256 we shouldn't exist as a country

No. 791190

4chin is a honeypot and containment zone so doubt

No. 791363

Do you guys think there's a possibility that the far right countries of Europe(e.g: Hungary, Poland) quitting the EU and forming their own union?

No. 791364

Hungary and Poland get way too much fucking money from the EU, I doubt it but take it with a grain of salt I'm not an economy/politics major

No. 872430

File: 1628107918321.png (73 KB, 305x395, 1626779532208.png)

>Kimye split
>Kanye will answer with a heavy-handed Lemonade rippoff album where he will touch on topics like the evil of women and matrydom of men like something out of a MGTOW wet dream.

I'm sorry for necroing but did I not fucking call it lol

No. 872436

You have the gift

No. 872461

File: 1628110444102.jpg (111.97 KB, 1449x720, 8272625161617.jpg)

No. 874591

>That's NEVER going to work on anyone
>Its not about want its can't, she can't ever force all Arab French citizens without facing some sanctions

It's time to wake up and realize the world doesn't care about actual genocide anymore. China getting away with the Uyghur sterilizations and replacement shows that once a country is committed, you just get a bunch of angry letters and nothing else.

No. 887247

The quality of women's clothes in the store is so bad now, I think most women will just start making their own clothing soon.

No. 887257

very sad that the flappers prediction didn't come true, 1920s fashion>

No. 887327

I just buy mens clothes and get then tailored. Cheaper in long run and they don't smell like chemicals when you sweat.

No. 887330

DIY is already more popular, and so is thrifting. I recently bought some handmade clothing from Etsy and it's lovely to wear something well-made.

No. 887334

Thrifting is much better anyway. I learned how to sew so I can thrift flip clothes and I've been thrifting for about a year so I know how to look for the good stuff. It's so much cheaper, guilt free and a lot more fun.

No. 888895

File: 1629620943162.jpg (26 KB, 480x311, 1629477203625.jpg)

Rise of eco-terrorism and political assassination's of celebrities and businessmen

No. 888901

Same. I have a long torso and short legs and the flappers dress would have looked nice on me kek

No. 888919

>or even Scandinavia, to live out their wildest Midsommar dreams
Necro but it's like nobody's aware of how fucked sweden is by immigration, it's the worst in europe

No. 888943

i keep hearing about sweden whenever someone brings up the afghan situation, how bad is it? Is it like germany where they all immigrated and brought their shitty customs and misogynistic men?

No. 888951

Yep, pretty much.

No. 888952

How bad is it? I have acquaintances there and they always only talk about the positive stuff

No. 888962

People who only talk about the positive stuff are usually privileged enough to not have to experience all the bad shit. I bet they also call anyone unfortunate enough to live in a bad immigrant neighbourhood racist for saying those neighbourhoods exist in the first place.

t. immigrant living in immigrant neighbourhood, it's pretty bad

No. 888963

is it the men that are bad or the entire community? i feel like only women should be allowed to immigrate lmao

No. 888968

EE literally has no fucking money so gtfo somewhere else please

No. 888977

Yeah mostly lmao. Teenage boys and adult men harass women and stab random people on the street for looking at them wrong, lots of warnings to not go anywhere alone because you might get killed or kidnapped and pushed into prostitution in Germany. Some refugees assault people so they get sent to prison where they get wined and dined for free.
People who immigrate legally have to deal with all the crap that comes with being an immigrant but with no benefits, while they watch refugees get handouts. As far as refugees go I rarely see women or kids out and about, it's mostly men.

I get left alone because my parents are Muslim and I grew up here. Most secular Muslims - Turks, Albanians, Moroccan &c - are nice and my parents used to work with them a long time ago so they know me, but there's lots of radicalized men now and the newer waves of refugees is so scary. My parents and me came here in the 90s from Yugoslavia and it was not that bad then.

No. 888979

Women can still indorenate their children into that mentality, the problem is Islam and refusing to admit this is pure delusion

No. 888980

I also forgot, burqas, abayas and niqabs used to not be so popular but now I see women in burqas everywhere. They also cover up little girls sometimes.

No. 888982

File: 1629631047722.png (26.37 KB, 523x272, E9Q_zBIWYBQRzdN.png)

basically this
same with my country, this dumb trend only started in the 80's in my country and people act like we've been wearing these dress dreamed up by a repressed Arab Homosexual for centuries

No. 888983

>are usually privileged enough to not have to experience all the bad shit
You're right, I didn't think of that. They are both doctors living in Gothenburg in a clean, forest-y place away from the city center so yeah

No. 888990

Yeah it's always like that. I had a rich bf who denied Sweden was like this until he was blue in the face, his entire family was so woke, feminist and liberal, especially the men. But they had no issues talking shit about Yugoslav refugees, Turks and Palestinians until recent events.

Woke richfag ppl are like trannies and tranny capers, they are the biggest hypocrites around only interested in making themselves look good and satisfying their white savior complex. If they actually cared about poor refugees they would let them speak for themselves but they don't.

No. 888993

A little off topic, but I wish they would finally prohibit prostitution in Germany. I live very near to a street prostitution area and so many times I saw girls looking way too young to be even legally allowed to work there and no one is doing anything. Police is driving by, but no, never taking a closer look.

Also, I fear for a similar development regarding immigration in Germany. Last week some new immigrants from Afghanistan arrived in my city and even though there are no closer information, I think they might be at least 90% male.

Sometimes thought about moving to Sweden, but well, I'm not rich, so I shouldn't try with the situation being like that at the moment. Which is sad, it's a beautiful country and I'm sick of a few people ruining everything for all of us.

No. 888994

>how bad is it? Is it like germany where they all immigrated and brought their shitty customs and misogynistic men?
I haven't been to germany but it's like what you say and worse. The other week a man kidnapped, gangraped and tortured a woman with his immigrant friends and he got paid thousands by the state because his age was wrong apparently. If you talk about your concern for immigration as a white person in Sweden you are lower class white trash and also Hitler. Not like lower class people are the ones who have to live in the areas lost to crime and don't have the luxury to segregate…

No. 888996

I'm also very disgusted by the fake wokeness when this gigantic influx of foreign aggressive men is a fucking nightmare for women, especially "whore swedish girls". I feel betrayed by my "countrymen".

No. 888997

I think Germany is better than Sweden, Sweden is really expensive with the same amount of refugees but less natives people to balance it out. I have a lot of family in Germany and they're doing better than us.

No. 889000

Just more proof that no matter where they are from, males see women as nothing more than cattle and property. They are not interested in protecting us, they are only interested in possessing us. Islam and other such religions only give them allowance to do that more literally.

No. 889001

im sorry to hear that nonnies and will pray for yalls safety, we're kinda having that problem in burgerland but instead of just rape theyre peddling tainted drugs across the border and from overseas. Nobody gives a damn though since it's not affecting the rich.

No. 889007

I'd kill to have a problem with "mexicans" over the brand of arab men we are getting. They're truly the lowest of the low and come with the worst religion pre-installed.

No. 889008

I think it also depends here where you live and what kind of money you have. There are parts in my city where you won't find many Germans at all, years ago there would have lived very good integrated people from Turkey, Eastern Europe and so on, today it's mostly Muslims with very strict rules. There are also some parts where you can't go out at night and somehow we have a lot of knife attacks recently and if you are poor, you have to live in those areas.
Also, you can't say anything against it. I don't mind immigrants, everyone should be free to choose the country he wants to live in and I met some that would do anything to be able to go home, but I mind those huge waves of young muslim men. Most of them came here and faked their age and their female family members never arrived later, even though they are allowed to get them into the country. I'm just not allowed to voice my concern, because I look like Hitler's idea of a German woman, so, I'm racist because of the way I look.

No. 889009

Yep. Memes about the taliban from the right and refugees welcome from the left

No. 889010

I barely care enough to put a disclaimer before that I don't mind westernized integrated normal immigrants. We get so many monsters coming here that I don't fucking care anymore.

No. 889017

I'll say it for you anon, and all women who get harassed because they're white Protestants. But you should still speak up when you can because it gives other women courage to speak up too. Many secretly agree with you but are too scared to say anything or they will loose their woke friends if they protest too much.

Daily reminder that the reason Islam is this bad in so many MENA countries is bc they gave it too much freedom. Abrahamic religions are literally designed to spread and wipe out entire cultures, that is why so many countries now larp as Arabs and speak Arabic, they have nothing else left. It is also why the Bible belt exists, these religions thrive in countries where people have no cultural identity due to colonialism and shit like that. Communism sucked but at least it kept religious retards in check, Americans ruined everything for all of us.

No. 889018

I have talked about this before but this is how Muslim men are taught to see specifically non-Muslim women, Its not a cultural attitude its literally part of the religion, Muhammad had 2 "wives" a Jewish woman and an Egyptian Christian respectively, their marriage to Muhammad is portrayed as holy and righteous, these women are considered lucky to be with the Holy Prophet and Muhmmad's army raided and looted the Quraysh tribe and took their "war botty"(which also includes women) this is why Historically Muslims have raided non-Muslims lands(both Europe and Africa) for the purpose of capturing Kafirs and using them as Slaves(either making them soldiers, domestic servants, laborers, or sexual slaves)
Lets not pretend for a moment that as bad as things are getting in the west, that its even 1/1000th the shit that happens in Muslim countries, I assure you Islamic scrotes are a million times worse then any type of men in the world, I would literally prefer to live in Mexico or Brazil rather then any Muslim nation

No. 889019

File: 1629635071074.jpg (263.32 KB, 1468x462, Nigerian_Christian_Nigerian_Mu…)

I don't think its an equal comparison, Name one sect of Christianity that outright states the primordial language of Heaven its self is Arabic, name one sect that states you have to only pray in one specific language only
you have to literally dress by the standards of an Arab In Islam, you have to believe that Arabs at the time of Muhammad after being converted were the greatest group of Humans who ever lived and will ever will live

Think of it like this, when a people group are converted to Christianity they are fundamentally changed but the religion its self is changed and evolves, it takes on aspects of the native peoples cultures, an example of this would be how in most Bible Translations people will use the Name of their former highest pre-Christian God for well God, which connects them to their pre-Christian culture, in Islam everyone calls God Allah, its not even a name, its just Arabic for "The God" but Muslims around the world will use Allah cause Islam is built on Arab supremacy
see Islam is not only a religion, but also the building block of a system of law (Sharia law). There is no Christian, Jewish, Buddhist equivalent to that. cause there's just not enough to create an entire system of law

No. 889020

Yeah this is exactly why I'm terrified. I'm christian and know how muslim men see women from other religions. According to the current narrative I'm a bible thumping racist Karen for this though so I'd never admit it in real life.

No. 889022

>I'm just not allowed to voice my concern, because I look like Hitler's idea of a German woman, so, I'm racist because of the way I look.
Jesus, I'm sorry you get that. What retards. Honestly though we just need to toughen up and take the abuse I think, because most men are fucking pathetic these days. I swear Western men have become complete and utter pussies. I don't give a shit how that makes me sound lol. I know it's cringe. I just can't believe most men won't even speak out, when they should be commanding ffs. No wonder Muslim men feel so emboldened to abuse us. The few who will speak out are rightwing racists, so the media can easily dismiss them and women's concerns are left ignored. We need sane voices and we need tough men.

No. 889023

I'm an atheist, so that's making it even worse. There was a survey in Germany some time ago and the result was, that Muslims hate me more than Jews and they hate Jews very much.
But of course you are right and I've learned to speak up, it's just so frustrating that many of us don't get taken serious with our fears and experiences and that there are also a whole lot of Muslim women that are as aggressive as their men.

No. 889024

>Honestly though we just need to toughen up and take the abuse I think, because most men are fucking pathetic these days. I swear Western men have become complete and utter pussies.
Holy fuck, this. All the men I know are little cowards who would rather throw women and the weak under the bus to save their skin than lift a finger to fight or risk their social status. On the other hand you have a few Nazi larpers that only care because "their women" are being raped, kek.

No. 889025

After all, we are the women, we have to take care of everything, kek. I sometimes feel like I'm the mother of every men I've ever had to deal with.
It's just important that we educate men, as tiring as it is. For example, my brother, he is a nice guy, would never harm a woman and would protect me no matter what, but he wasn't aware of how frightening it can be for a woman if he walks very close behind her at night, never wasted a thought about it. So I told him how that feels for us, what we worry about and why and he understood and changed his behaviour. It's just a long way and sometimes I feel like we are moving backwards.

No. 889040

File: 1629637380180.jpg (20.18 KB, 257x388, Heretic,_Why_Islam_Needs_a_Ref…)

I don't think the blame is solely on males in this situation, I know plenty of well meaning males and women who were both forced to accept this narrative, that their is aboustetly nothing wrong with Islam and any problems by Muslim Migrants is cause of right wing racists, these people literally can't act or even question against this narrative otherwise their entire reputations and social life would be ruined, these people men and women will also get murdered by Islamic radicals and the Islamic apologists will claim it was their fault
You should read Ayaan Hirsi Ali new book, Prey which goes more into from the western feminist/progressive mentality regarding this

No. 889043

Being completely honest here, I wish there wasn't any religion or if there was, it would be so private that it would never affect any other person, this would make a lot of things easier for everyone.
Regardless of my dislike for religion, I will put that book on my reading list, can't hurt to know more.

No. 889051

File: 1629638563805.jpg (92.66 KB, 650x366, hadiths.jpg)

all religions suck but Islam is particularly bad, see the Quran is just the stories of the Bene Israeli(the jews) The "real" story of Jesus(in which he was prophet not the son of God) and the conflict between the Quraish Tribe and the Hashmitie Tribe over Mecca, There's not even Much about written about Muhammad, he's not a full animated character in the Quran, the Quran also weirdly enough over empathizes his connection to Abraham then any other Prophet

90% of what Muslims and non-Muslims associate with Islam comes from the Hadiths(sayings and doings of the Prophet), written over 100 years after his death, and there's a library worth of Hadiths, all from the Abbasid era, it will take years for a scholar to read the Hadiths let alone try to understand them

No. 889053

>Being completely honest here, I wish there wasn't any religion or if there was, it would be so private that it would never affect any other person
It's funny because this was exactly how it was in Yugoslavia before Tito died. That's the only reason we're not as retarded as some other Muslim countries, it simply wasn't allowed to spread. Religion was for the home and outside of your own four walls nobody asked so you kept your shit to yourself.

No. 889055

Also America and Gulf States are partially responsible for the current mess were In with Islamists, during the cold war political Islam as a serious political ideology was seen as pipe dream and while people were still Muslim. Islam had a reduced influence in society and we(those are in now "Muslim world") had nationalist secular authoritarian leaders, delusional Islamists did exist, but they were led by molvis and mullahs with no sense of tactical knowledge rather complete blind faith and they were crushed with in weeks, with barely a mention in most newspapers

but cause the US was so terrified of "communism" they funded, worked with and helped spread Islamist ideology, they helped facilitate Jihadist networks and gave them training and tactics and most deleterious gave them the ability to enter the mainstream politics

No. 889056

Based, there's no point in having a state religion. All that'll do is have a bunch of lukewarm believers following the crowd anyway, at best. And at worst, you get islamic states.

No. 889062

Yep, it's almost public knowledge at this point that the collapse of Yugoslavia after Tito's death was because of Western meddling just like >>889055 explained. So-called mixed marriages in Bosnia were extremely common. Most of my older relatives aren't even Muslim.

It was just so fucking normal and our country worked much better than whatever is going on in America and the UK right now because we saw people as people first. I will forever be upset about it because the place where I was born is now a broken frankencountry with no functioning government, no identity, even the national anthem is just music with no words. Everyone now hates and fears everyone else who isn't exactly like them.

No. 889074

I never thought much about Yugoslavia, which is sad, wish our education system would have taught us more things than basic USA, standard European and German history.
Because I like history and I find the idea of a state where religion is very private interesting, is there anything you would recommend to read about Yugoslavia besides Wikipedia?

it's funny how Germany is seen as a very secular state, but in reality the christian church has so much to say about stuff. For example, if you want to work at a catholic hospital and you aren't catholic, they don't have to employ you and there are many hospitals or other social workplaces with religious background, so you don't have much choice in some cities. No wonder we accepted Islam as a new part of our country so fast.

No. 889113

That’s more or less French secularism tbh. It’s not there yet but more and more people have a strict definition of « laicité »as the number of terrorists attacks grow, Muslim religiosity is starting to lose its untouchable status and Catholicism is almost dead.

No. 899375

I knew fascism was coming somewhere this decade but didn't except Australia to be the first, in a few years they will be completely fascist.

No. 899613

>Imagine a future where no one ever gets out to do anything, we just stay inside all day

No. 899645

You did it anon

No. 899847

File: 1630710462069.jpeg (8.08 KB, 192x262, download.jpeg)

I'm (partly) Kosovo-Albanian and even I support this message. Tito is the only dictator that unironically slaps.

Gonna disagree here, Milosevic was the worst. "The West" didn't do shit during the siege of Sarajevo (longest siege in history) or Srebrenica. They only got involved at the very end (Kosovo).

I highly recommend "The Destruction of Yugoslavia" by Branka Magaš, "Tito. Life & Times" by Neil Barnett and "The Bridge Betrayed" by Michael A. Sells. pls don't read anything that ascribes characteristics such as "eternal fascists" and "perfect socialists" to specific ethnic groups.

No. 1099735

File: 1647440278139.jpg (25.64 KB, 408x550, serious_joker.jpg)

I think the nature of social discourse is going back to early 2000s.

Claiming victim over random things is going to gain less and less traction. People are tired of hearing complaining it feels like. The only people I see really still doing it are 21+ year olds who grew up on it but they're getting like a small fraction of attention they use to get. These cancel attempts are coming and going. Simu, Chappelle, this with a general it doesn't matter level of response.
The social media activist avenue will become less of a clout chase. And the people who get angry over random things to get attention and following will go find a real hobby. At the same time, I think external political issues will flare.
I feel like a bonding against other countries will be big in a few years, and the navel gazing identity politics internally will begin to fade into the more straight forward right/wrong discussions it was in the 2000s. Obama and Trump, with lgbtq backdrop, were perfect staging for identity politics to take off to another level. The enemies propped up were identities within America. It's faded a lot with a more boring president like Biden along with general exhaustion towards identity politics it feels like. What's being staged now is external enemies.

No. 1099739

File: 1647440557238.jpg (25.08 KB, 400x237, IMG-20201005-WA0005.jpg)

girl I so hope you are right on this, I am so tired of everything

No. 1099740

God he looked so hot in the 1second shot of him in the film, kek.

No. 1099747

samefag, meant -21 year olds

No. 1099754

My only prediction is that science is going to backtrack on plant based diets/veganism being the cure all for health, environment and ethics.

No. 1099761

Health maybe, but I can’t see environmental/ethics backtracking because those are very solid arguments.

No. 1099762

Samefag, unless it’s backtracking with response to particular individual foods like almond milk.

No. 1099765

Jeez anon I hope so. External tribalism is way healthier for a country than internal tribalism.

No. 1099766

I predict that i’m not gonna be here by mid 2020s

No. 1099810

This is already happening. In October last year the UK government gave up on pushing people to eat a plant based diet because they realised that it's not sustainable and would threaten the country's food security.
In February a new advertising campaign started with the slogan "We Eat Balanced" that encourages people to eat both plants and meat. Russia is a major exporter of the ingredients needed to make fertiliser, so expect other governments to come to the same conclusion.

>those are very solid arguments.
They're not. If the entire human population started eating a plant based diet the rate of deforestation, soil depletion and ground water pollution from fertiliser and pesticide would permanently damage the earth. Veganism is basically a suicide cult.

No. 1099875

If I'm not doing well for myself by age 30 I'm committing suicide. I'm already considering 27, but I might as well up it to 30, I don't think I could consider myself deserving of the 27 club

No. 1099921

>Veganism is basically a suicide cult
Thanks, you've convinced me to join
God, I hope I finish the one thing I care about and stop being a chicken and finally off myself

No. 1103103

How do you anons predict the current trans discourse will end? Will something big eventually happen that will halt the TRA movement or will things just continue to get weirder?

No. 1105182

In the next few years more and more parents are going to send their kids, especially girls, to single-sex schools. Single-sex schools will become the norm again. Then as a consequence more spaces like gyms will be sex-segregated again too.

No. 1105194

I think it will die down in the mainstream (eventually but considering how many agp freaks are in power, probably not any time soon) and it will become a niche movement again. There will still be troons rallying on tumblr/twitter/reddit/wherever else but the discourse will evolve over time into something insanely nonsensical, even moreso than now. I think when it eventually dies down, it will be looked at the same way the brony fandom is looked at now.

No. 1105199

File: 1647808337010.png (373.76 KB, 560x534, afsafasf.png)

I predict the opposite. The reason meat is disparaged by government healthy eating propaganda is due to its cost, not due to its ill effects on the health and the environment. Much of the legitimacy of western welfare states is predicated on the fact that people on welfare can live dignified lives, but people on welfare cannot afford to feed their kids large quantities of meat. So they fudge the food pyramids/myplates to diminish the amount of recommended meats, and promote veges and carbs which are dirt cheap. As meat gets more expensive, we'll find that the government will turn to simply recommending less meat. As a mentally ill povertyanon, who lives frugally week from week on welfare, I follow frugal shopping advice obsessively, and both supermarkets and the government are saying "consider purchasing less meat and finding substitutes to save on your shopping bill". 1kg of rump steak is $$20, 10kg of potatoes is $15, 1kg of a frozen vege mix is $3.50, it's not hard to see what they'll recommend when push comes to shove.

No. 1105207

Am I the only one who thinks meat is gonna become dirt cheap in 10ish years time when they've figured out how to make factory meat on a large scale? They already know how to clone meat in factories without having to slaughter a live animal, it's just waiting for when they figure out how to do it cost effectively.

No. 1105211

Perhaps, and if that happens, just watch me be vidicated. Suddenly governments, scientists, doctors and supermarkets will turn around and be promoting large quantities of meat as being good for your health. And the archaic days of the food pyramid and vegan diets will be remembered as backwards barbarism that lead to obesity and malnutrition, similar to how we look back at lobotomies.

No. 1105253

Even more jobs will be lost due to automation

No. 1275487

File: 1658680017946.jpg (114.77 KB, 720x872, zipgexs074a91.jpg)

This a media based prediction, so this is something already exists, a gender war on ASoIF forums, tumblr and fanfic sites, between mostly men and women over the characters of Robert Baratheon vs Rhaegar targaryen, men view Robert as this based alpah chad who was a great pal and did nothing wrong, while women view him as an abusive scumbag who fetishized lyanna and abused cersei and joffrey(in fact they blame joffery's behavior solely on Robert) while women view Rhaegar as a tragic doomed hero and his relationship was a holy ordained and love at first type situation, male fans accuse Rhaegar supporters of being shallow for only liking Rhaegar cause he's hot and female fans accuse Robert Supports of being misogynists, and my prediction is that this gender war is gonna get expended with normies, when Robert's rebellion eventually gets its spin off HBO prequel

No. 1275508

automation brings us one step closer to guaranteed minimum income.

No. 1275520

Lol Robert

No. 1319673

An uptick in Suicide Rates and a shit ton of class action lawsuits

No. 1483589

File: 1674846619946.webm (2.6 MB, 576x1024, kingprincess69_20220806_reel_2…)

King Princess will come out as a "gay transman" i.e straight

No. 1508609

File: 1677293521697.jpg (27.05 KB, 374x267, G_X_H_I.jpg)

>there will be a reboot of Xena warrior princess
>the actress playing xena will be 110 pounds and no more then 5'4
>xena will be canonically bisexual and there will be a forced love triangle between a male and female love interest that will last the entire series
>xena will end up with the a female love interest but it won't matter cause the most popular ship will be between two random male side characters

No. 1508623

>xena will end up with the a female love interest but it won't matter cause the most popular ship will be between two random male side characters
ugh I hate that you are probably right about this anom

No. 1508628

They won't ever be able to take the original away from me no matter how hard they try.

No. 1511932

File: 1677636155244.png (261.09 KB, 582x540, 1677426767542.png)

Amber Heard will end up supporting who is undeiebaily awful(either a rapist and or racist) only because she personally knows him, this will end up being the fate for a lot of celeb feminist's

No. 1512058

Mrs Midwest will cheat on her husband with a woman

No. 1512157

Nickelodeon sitcoms will evolve into imitations of classic anime tropes with a superpowered mc a brightly colored haired next door neighbor childhood friend and a powerful evil enemy

No. 1513489

something that ive noticed reading through this thread is that a lot of predictions turning out to be true are happening much faster than the people predicted them to, which i know this thread is only 3 years old so thats pretty obvious, but ive been noticing in general everything seems to be moving much faster. its making me kind of worried about my own predictions because a few months ago i was thinking about how bad all the wars we're obviously ramping up for are going to be, i wasnt thinking any nukes would drop until at least 5 years out probably even 10 but now im starting to worry that things are going to start getting bad really soon.
my other prediction is that at the end of the decade / beginning of the 30s people are going to start getting cancer from Big Weed probably because of pesticides, on a more positive note i think that self reliance will become more popular to combat food insecurity from supply chain issues after covid and with tensions between nations rising, im especially hoping for more mass water catchment projects in arid regions that will become unlivable otherwise with climate change worsening. also i hope boats and trains come back into vogue, theyre just so cool to me and planes are so lame but thats honestly wishful thinking on my part.

No. 1513662

Unsheltered population in the US will reach a new all-time record high by 2025. The pandemic already reversed 15 years of progress and it's getting much worse very fast.

No. 1513972

File: 1677864785464.png (406.92 KB, 845x600, b43842b7674fcde6bba30.png)

>some commentary youtuber(someone like Cecil Mcfly or Turkey Tom) will inevitability make a video about Shayna
>said video will have anywhere between 50'00 to 150'000 views
>lolcow.farm will be mentioned numerous times thought out said video
>we will then have maybe a couple hundred if not a thousand curious normies coming here
>more then half won't be able to understand the site's layout and will leave with in an hour
>the other majority will get themselves banned with newfaggoty and will just give up
>but a dedicated few will stay and like it or not they will change lolcow in various ways

No. 1513973

this happened with creepshowart, lc is too dead to make shit happen now

No. 1513999

war between china and usa is cooking up rn. china keeps trying to infiltrate western culture by becoming hollywood 2.0, usa is starting to openly blame china for covid, the military balloons over america, taiwan and the chip crisis, i can sense it coming up.

No. 1514005

the next biowarfare virus will make everyone shit themselves as if it were IBS

No. 1514017

why would anyone make a video about shayna? shes not entertaining. i say this as a shayfag; she's entertaining to us because a lot of people have followed her from the very start, and have witnessed her downfall into degeneracy. she also just in general has a horrible personality so it's easy to hate her, and when she started pedopandering it pretty much cemented it. but for your average joe she's literally just some bottom of the barrel sex worker.

No. 1514194

Are there really farmers who have been following this woman for 7 years? That's almost as bleak as her life.

No. 1514205

File: 1677883089782.png (87.3 KB, 697x445, shingella.png)

This news actually came out today

No. 1514208

delicious, that's literally my worst nightmare. a shitting pandemic

No. 1514222

You have to eat poop from an infected person to get sick with that in the first place.

No. 1514239

And by far the majority of people who have had it so far have been gay men eating ass.

No. 1514260

i think it's actually people from third world countries but ok kek

No. 1514287

not directly, it's mainly to do with water supplies being contaminated either intentionally or negligence. The chances of it actually being from scat are low.

No. 1514289

I am upset that she really had to give shay attention by making a video.

I follow her thread causally and i agree. She hasn't really done anything extreme in the field of sex work to warrant such a video. Videos like this should be on people like chris chan or even dylan could warrant a video more so than shayna, i think he is a fascinating specimen of a lolcow, but i bet she has no balls to do that. I bet she probably defends shay a lot and that the video is a hard watch.

No. 1514533

Amberlynn Reed has not really done anything that bad, except being fat and annoying, yet she has a huge hate watcher crowd. Shayna has does gross pedo porn and has a nasty personality and is ugly as shit, I think people would find her easy to hate. I kind of wish some commentary channel would make a video on her so Shayna could see a recap of her life.

No. 1514551

No one outside of lolcow cares about a failing cam girl, there's thousands of them. Shay isn't unique.

No. 1514574

Nta but lately alot of new YouTubers are jumping on the amberlynn recaps and all they really cover is her neverending failing diet cycle. Shes done worse than just failing diets and playing the victim tho. She dated a 15 year old when she was an adult. Leeched off her family and abused her. Then years later she made up rape claims thinking the ex would never respond. Then the voicemail where she berated Beckie's dying mom for not showing her enough appreciation for whatever help she thought she provided. Laughed at one of her (pretty reasonable hayders) when she found out they'd had a heart attack. The Twinkie thing where she left the dog at home shivering in pain and went out to eat in a restaurant that was right nextdoor to a 24 hr vet. Destiny's cat that conveniently went missing around the same time amber was desperate to adopt a different cat but couldn't get one because their lease only allowed a certain number of pets. There's alot that people who are new to her don't catch up on. They think she's just a fattie hurting herself. Itd take hours to sum up her history in a video. Nobody stays in her life for more than 3/4 years, for good reason.

It was only months ago she released a video hinting that she had lung cancer. By the time she published it she was already aware that the lung thing was something mundane.

No. 1514619

>She dated a 15 year old when she was an adult
wait what ?

No. 1515148

The TRA are going to set feminism back like never before. I don't mean a rise of handmaidens, I mean women won't even publicly identify as feminists in public due to the embarrassment of being associated with troons, so conservatives are gonna take over for a few years because not even then radical feminists are gonna be accepted.

No. 1516758

I actually think it's going to become more obvious to normal people that there's a link between trooning and social contagion, the louder the movement gets and the more coverage it gets

No. 1516794

I bet towards the end of this decade another social contagion phenomenon will emerge again. I wonder if people will have learned their lesson from the troon fad and call the new one what it is, or repeat the mistake and take it seriously.

No. 1516803

Do you have any ideas about what it might be?

No. 1516805

any ideas what it'll be?

No. 1516807

No. 1516825

NTA but I would guess something bad like legal adulthood age being lowered under the guise of "child rights" or something similarly stupid.

No. 1516828

My gut is telling me it's gotta be transracialism. The way americans behave wrt race is crazy. You have white people calling themselves "people of color" because their grandpa was a (white) Spaniard. It is only a matter of time.

No. 1516881

i was reading an article about this last year or the year before. i wish i remembered where it was. i think on substack but idr the author. but it was describing the rotation that happened in 2012-2014 and whatever the previous rotation was, and theories on the new rotation and when it will happen. think it also talked about how the push for this current rotation happened as (tinfoil) a way to shut down the attention classism was getting (see: occupy wall street), which genuinely is the root to a lot of social problems, not just in the united states or the west, but globally.

No. 1525999

File: 1679068071486.png (438.68 KB, 1439x447, 467vnds3.png)

I’m sure by the end of this decade or so there’ll be an influx of documentaries about kids being raised by identity politics obsessed parents and the damage it did to them

No. 1526021

Instead of teaching your kids about the damage gender roles and sexism does for both women and men, this is the kind of shit they're doing. Extreme liberals are going to fuck up an entire generation.

No. 1526516

that sounds like an interesting read anon, let me know if you do find it again. i don't tinfoil much but it feels like you hardly ever see gendies from a lower class background, most seem to be middle class with a college education

No. 1536693

you were sorta right

No. 1536735

I'm anticipating 'ipad baby me too' where a bunch of young adults come forward about being traumatized by hardcore pornography, grooming, and other kinds of online sexual misconduct. It'll move towards a supreme court case for psychological/emotional damages and there will suddenly be a lot of discourse around regulating the internet

No. 1536758

there would need to be a complete regime change bordering on revolution or societal collapse for that to happen, or at least there would be for the docs to have anything other than a fringe impact

No. 1536763

I dont think so. There is already huge pushback against the gender politics and associated liberal ideologies. I wouldn't be surprised if gay marriage gets challenged in America during the 2028 prelims like what they've done with roe v wade. Things have gone too far to the left for a lot of people and like the 80s there's going to be a big right wing push as a result.

No. 1536787

The country was run by republicans until last year and right wing ideology exploded after rising for a decade. Even the phrase “things have gone too far left” doesn’t have any politically neutral context to lean on. Tranny shit won’t go by the hand of today’s right because anti-gay sentiment isn’t rising. Anti-woman sentiment for example, has been, which is why nobody blocked RvW. It’s not just what’s “left” and “right”. The generation getting abused by gender cultists today will be their own group, not some Qanon crying over netflix casting.

For them to even find fault with it, they’d have to be genuinely liberal to some degree because conservative moids are the ones currently doing sock puppetry with the left. By that point terf-ism would be a lot bigger and hopefully we’ll popularise it on the right course so those victims will already have somewhere to go with their views.

No. 1538128

dude looks like ftm troon

No. 1538874

A competitor website for Youtube is going to emerge and take over. It will be another general video site like Youtube, not just for one type of video like Tiktok (short-form) or Twitch (streams).

No. 1539041

I think it's already TikTok. Maybe TikTok will launch a horizontal spinoff. YT gave all my videos a shadow ban, just because I missed one monthly upload at the height of COVID. I went from hundreds of views per day to about 40, and never could get any of that back. I finally opened a TikTok and started formatting my videos for that instead, I got more hits on the brand new TikTok account than I did on the murdered YouTube account with several hundred subscribers. If YouTube had great traffic, I don't think they would be punitively killing junior channels.

No. 1539048

i think youtube is changing, ive been getting more new and low view videos in my recommendations lately.

No. 1539071

you mean like rumble.com?

No. 1539084

File: 1680411181386.jpeg (10.52 KB, 275x275, 95B29C46-8A83-43ED-8E41-739E1B…)

Me too!!! Unrelated 4 views videos!! Homemade videos without an previously edited thumbnail
I thought it was spooky

No. 1539086

Rumble seems too political right now, would people want to watch more normie "cat videos" type of content on there for example. But maybe that could change.

No. 1539087

from what I understand they are trying to make it a bit more mainstream, what was that other site RW site(the one with the spaceman logo) that's the one where racists are flocking to now

No. 1539093

apparently rumbles stocks went up after the trump indictment. i dont know how theyre going to depoliticize any of these sites when the only people on them are raging misogynists.

No. 1539119

File: 1680416913514.png (1.2 MB, 1280x720, gondola trek.png)

1. there will be lots of riots and protests, they will call this the decade of revolutions

2. AI will replace knowledge economy jobs but wont be able to replace blue collar jobs that work with their hands

3. thinsporation and heroin chic will go mainstream as a reaction against bimbo and bbl bodies like the kardashians, being skinny will be seen as a sign of the upper class

4. by the end of the decade china will replace american economically, by the end of the 2030s militarily

5. being a radical feminist becomes a mainstream political movement in britan

6. super hero movies go on the decline and video game adaptations become the next big thing as they finally come into their own and dont suck that much

7. governments wont be able to or are not willing to stop climate change and the future will be a living hell

8. trap and rap will go on the decline and metal and country and pop will see a resurgence, phonk will replace trap. kpop will hit a wall in popularity as they no longer can expand the audience beyond coomers and fujoshi who write bad fan fiction.

9. trump will go to prison, causing mass chaos.

No. 1539122

>pop will see a resurgence
You yourself said a subtype of pop musicis the most popular thing right now (kpop)how is it going to have a resurgence

No. 1539141

File: 1680420317157.jpg (541.45 KB, 4096x2958, vadyomityr691.jpg)

I agree with some of you takes and I don't have enough knowledge of the others but I don't see China surpassing the US militarily, unless the US abruptly ends its 80 years run of being the world's policeman/bully

No. 1539155

File: 1680422057749.jpg (34.96 KB, 958x660, gondola duck.jpg)

i mean american pop like maddona, lady gaga, katy perry, all that type of stuff

No. 1539181

In terms of technology, the US military has already been surpassed. Russia is using highly advanced weapons that have no US equivalent. Russia has Kinzhal and Zircon hypersonic missiles which the US has no answer to and hypersonic missiles are capable of evading US air defenses.

The US military industrial complex is extremely corrupt, bloated and inefficient. Russian technology combined with China's manufacturing capacity would finish of NATO if Ukraine conflict were to escalate into a full world war.

No. 1539189

File: 1680428963457.png (402.43 KB, 771x542, youtube recs.png)

I've been noticing it too! I'm actually really happy about it because I love that kind of random content and for some reason most of what gets recommended is by people actually putting in effort. I think social media and the internet is screwed, but the rise of oldweb stuff and the youtube algorithm actually promoting small random channels makes me nostalgic and hopeful. We may be in a recession but at least I can watch an aussie kid livestream his suspension

No. 1539191

Listen I'm sure the US will decline but not by 2030 or even 2040 and you are overestimating the capability of other armies, the US can still destroy any nation(it just can't hold it)

No. 1539411

Then why are they losing their 3 day special operation?

No. 1539748

File: 1680484460082.png (124.82 KB, 680x396, image (4).png)

After doing some research they have a long way to go to become mainstream. Million views but low number of comments and likes. They are either counting views from the same video somewhere else or faking.

No. 1539767

America couldn't even defeat the Taliban.

Russia is winning the war in Ukraine and achieving their objectives which is to remove the threat posed by Ukraine joining NATO and to take over the Donbas region. For them it's not about capturing vast amounts of territory, it's about decimating Ukraine's armed forces while causing economic chaos in the west to weaken NATO. Considering that Ukraine constantly begs for weapons because Russia keeps destroying what the west sends them, the dollar is losing reserve status as more countries are trading in their own currencies and American banks have started collapsing, I would say that they aren't losing the war.

No. 1539788

America defeated the Taliban in a week and Iraq with in a month, in terms of state conflict America is still unbeatable, its just your that nowadays the ease of guerilla warfare has made holding onto a country near impossible

No. 1539792

>america defeated the taliban
did they?

No. 1539793

Yes they did , in 2001 they defeated the Taliban held state

No. 1539795

If they defeated the Taliban, why does the Taliban currently rule Afghanistan?

No. 1539810

File: 1680493507353.png (48.31 KB, 1586x464, Screenshot 2023-04-02 at 8.42.…)

NTA I don't think they're gonna listen to you, nonnetta. America won the battle (went in and fucked shit up severely when Afghanistan was at a low point from two decades of strife –great strategy I guess) but the Taliban won the war (as you said, they currently rule the country). Some people don't want to admit that.

No. 1539945

File: 1680517432993.jpg (138.57 KB, 1079x768, Fr_EdNmWcAQ47qk.jpg)

let me guess, you think picrel is accurate to current politics

No. 1540412

That's actually interesting, and I hope they keep it up. One of the worst parts of social media is how there's nowhere else online to talk to people anymore, but most of the sites are designed to make people ignore everyone except the top 1% of accounts. Reddit is a shit hole, but I think it's the only one that isn't completely stacked against new or low volume posters. I miss message boards so much.

No. 1540500

File: 1680584340269.png (83.76 KB, 1328x669, odysee.png)

that's odysee.com, straight up white supremacy, jihadism, hotepism and anti-semitism without any sort of filters or fear of their videos being deleted, so every insane deluded moron and nationalist goes there, even some leftwingers but they are also radicals as well

No. 1540517

I was also thinking bitchute

No. 1540520

odysee seems to have some validity as some mainstream organizations have entered it, like RT today and Press TV(Iranian state propaganda)

No. 1540523

so it's qtard central but make it official

No. 1540526

essentially, probably Fox might also start channel there

No. 1540549

so I assume they're already trying to monetize it?

youtube still has plenty of right wing content, see all the incelish peterson ben shapooroo videos. the pipeline has to start somewhere, yet these networks complain about censorship and split off. reminds me of how we barely hear about gab or truth social, and now twitter is owned by elon

No. 1540653

File: 1680609347547.jpeg (32.16 KB, 577x531, 223B34C4-4F0F-4713-B831-878721…)

The tide will turn completely on the internet and social media, and governments will put actual pressure on SMs and ISPs, for better or for worse, to regulate what they host. Between election interference, COVID flamewars, the Tiktok ban and the constant barrage of advertising, most normies are already jaded towards the internet/SM. Teenagers are also taking more interest in offline hobbies than last decade, such as thrift-flipping, crocheting, dancing and sculpting, and being less online and more “mysterious” is becoming the cool new thing. By the end of the decade unrestricted internet access is going to be looked back on as a huge mistake, and future generations will look at picrel the way we look at cigarette ads from the 50’s.

No. 1540857

god i hope this will come true

No. 1540862

Places like bitchute or odysee can't rival youtube exactly for that reason. When you open a free speech platform, it immediately gets flooded with whackos who are too deranged to be taken seriously to be on mainstream platforms. I'm not talking about Iranian media or RT here, I'm talking real schizos like hoteps, flat earthers or neo nazis. No one wants to share this platform with these people. Free speech is good and important, but on the internet, where most communities are highly moderated, any free speech site just siphons weirdos who are shunned away from normal spaces.
I'm sorry, but when I want a free speech website, I mean that I want a place where ALL people can speak their mind and they don't need to worry about being banned or demonetised. I don't look for a spicy /pol/.
And most content creators who make borderline banneble content would rather bend to the rules than to share a platform with people who think that the world is controlled by jews or whatever.

No. 1540952

I think also those websites are too intense. People don't want to spend time where all the content is politics and conspiracy theories. They like some humour, socializing, fandom, etc. mixed in. That's why more people can tolerate 4chan or crazy social justice Tumblr/Twitter.

No. 1540987

Even tumblr has fandom spaces that aren't all political. 4chan is just nonstop fuckery all the time. I'm not usually sensitive to slurs but /pol/ is a wasteland, and these sites mimic similar talking points. I wish there was a more nuanced way to talk conspiracy without all the racism, antisemitism and alt right or conservative talking points. It is entirely possible to discuss theories about power structures non ideologically, but for most of these simpletons it falls back on "it's all the fault of [insert racial slur here]" and "there's a baby eating NWO cabal!" which is such a low iq mindset, and there are people out there with smarter theories, I've heard and seen them. It's just drowned out by the trumpette alt right noise. Even the Epstein case got hijacked by the alt right as inserting every liberal celebrity they possibly could onto fake lists and then passing them around to where you can't tell who's actually there or not

When are these retards going to learn that political ideology doesn't make someone bad or good? Trump and Epstein raped a woman. Fuck off.

No. 1541174

Ironically, the best conspiracy community I've found is on reddit, and it's high strangeness. Pretty apolitical, people just post weird stuff and they don't take themselves too seriously, so the sub has a perfect mix of fascination with fringe theories and healthy skepticism. I'm mostly interested in stuff like ancient civilizations or skeptical ufology, so high strangeness just hits the spot.

No. 1541180

the conspiracy subs on reddit are a mixed bag, but substantially less hostile than going to a male dominated imageboard or any conspiracy forum. I should read more into high strangeness. the nopol and conspiracy subs on reddit are tolerable compared to channers or the wild west of bitchute

No. 1541195

not really complex to see why, its because they have dedicated moderators

No. 1541475

My only gripe is I've gotten comments removed from r/conspiracy for completely pointless or unexplained reasons, and then reposting them they don't get removed. Also the requirement that your account has to be a certain age to use the main sub and not the commons sub.

No. 1541531

I don't know where else to put this so I'm putting it here cause it's a prediction. I have a very weird feeling that Elon Musk and Ashnikko will have a baby at some point, no clue why I just feel like that could happen.

No. 1550293

>a likely resurgence of rock
and it already happened.

No. 1558613

AI stuff is going to force people to be more creative and avant-garde, we'll eventually get so bored by all the rehashed ideas, mash-ups and reimaginings that the stakeholders will be forced to allow artists to create more daring and weird stuff, near the end of the 20s we'll almost completely stop seeing big budget remakes and instead we'll finally get new original movies and shows that won't solely rely on already used and seen ideas

No. 1558908

I'm so ready for the Trans Women Are Men movie (2029), sad it won't come out before 2026 globohomo art animated Euphoria remake though

No. 1559051

massive geostorm happening, the grid is going to be knocked out. get your emergency shit ready and for the love of god do NOT go outside at night. get an emergency meeting spot ready between you and your loved ones.
good luck everyone

No. 1559549

what makes you think so anon?

No. 1559553

Thankfully have been prepared for about 2 years now, I even have enough books and movies to last for generations.

No. 1560324

goddamit anon i need this to be real, come back and tell me what you know!!

No. 1560344

How are you going to watch the movies without electricity?

No. 1560352

Electronic and motion power generators

No. 1560356

Same but I know it will be useless because looting violent moids in my shithole district will be the much bigger issue.

No. 1560428

>Joe Biden will run again against Trump and it will be such a close tie in the electoral college that it will have to be taken to the House. Everyone will freak out even though that’s what the constitution says should happen, but it hasn’t happened for awhile. Joe Biden will have a second term despite his age but could possibly get really sick in office and have to be replaced by Kamala Harris.
>the US will increase in racial diversity, becoming 50% white and 50% everything else
>during the last few years, there will be an increase in how many people are against trannyism due to people who trooned out when they were younger detransing and realizing their mistakes
>lets hope the US gets free healthcare, cheaper college, something like that
>music will get less sad and will begin to sound more like it did in the mid-2000s
>there will be an epidemic of extremely mentally ill children due to internet usage
>VR will become integrated into our lives more often
>Elon Musk will do more stupid things (will definitely happen)
>a bunch of businessmen will get assassinated
>the internet will become more regulated, and home electronic usage will be banned for people under 12 at some point, maybe not during the 2020s though

I don't know if the internet will die down or not. It’s really hard to say.

No. 1725852

File: 1697269118531.jpg (224.9 KB, 2000x2000, ix59247c3h461.jpg)

I don't think superhero movies will die out in the way a lot of people seem to think they will. I think we'll still continue to have big blockbusters from Marvel and occasionally DC and other studios but I think that the fatigue will slowly grow more and more among audiences and will hopefully have studios reconsider giving superhero movie #749 the time of day. I'm speculating after a while that studios and directors are gonna take the genre and do something more experimental with it beyond just the normal plot threads we seem to be getting now.

No. 1733575

I think we might see the rise of a superapp like WeChat in the Western world. There's already a history of personal blogs and hobby forums being replaced by a few large centralized platforms like Instagram, Discord, and Reddit, and people increasingly want to do everything easily without going to another site. For instance many people get their news from Twitter or TikTok instead of an actual news website? Or simply view any kind of reposted content from another platform on their one platform of choice?
I think websites in general will decline as everything becomes a mobile app or subscription, you're already locked out of a significant chunk of content by being on a computer.

No. 1733671

What is WeChat?

No. 1733694

we're almost 30% of the way through the 2020s… fuck

No. 1733697

File: 1697930269104.jpeg (915.91 KB, 1179x2262, IMG_4795.jpeg)

Chinese messaging/social app

No. 1733712

They're not going away, but they will be less popular and more niche.

No. 1733719

wait i mean 40% fuck math

No. 1733963

My predication is that China will invade Taiwan and the USA will lower funding for Ukraine because they have to send aid to Taiwan + Israel.
I also predict mass emigration from Asia to other parts of the world similar to the mass emigration from europe during ww1/2

No. 1733975

This is just Instagram/Whatsapp

No. 1733992

Yeah basically.

No. 1733996

nah wechat does wayyyy more than instta and whatsapp combined. it's ubiquitous, people use for payments for literally everything (big sums, rent, utilities, rental bikes, you name it) to the point ppl went from using cash for everything (seriously, card payments wee the exception) to largely cashless within a few years. businesses also use it for customer rewards etc. everyone you meet will ask your wechat, old folks have it, your college profs use it. it's literally everywhere, even as a foreigner you will be using it all the time. (t. former expat)

No. 1741414

Maybe not in 2020s, but I don't think websites will be free to use anymore eventually. With crazy inflated prices for everything and capitalism getting more and more insane at an alarming rate, how long until companies start charging us to even use a website? Musk is already trying to test it with twitter. Youtube is trying hard to grab more cash by barring people from using adblock. The shameless greed from corporations is out of control more than ever. And I wouldn't doubt the general population is retarded enough to pay for an internet addiction. They're already dumb enough to pay for streaming services on top of cable instead of watching stuff online for free for some reason. Then everyone wonders why things are starting to cost more and more. If companies start charging to use social media, I hope people will finally log off.

No. 1741425

I'm the anon who originally posted the prediction and yeah, WeChat is more than just social messaging. People use it for financial transactions, even within corporations. There's games, videos, news, maps, a search engine, apps within the app, etc. It's like if you took everything on your phone and put it all into 1 app that does it all. You wouldn't need to switch off Instagram to go to Zelle or YouTube or most other apps.
Of course this all results in mass surveillance. I think there's already a trend of eroding privacy and it will probably look worse in the West as time goes on.

No. 1741432

This is a good prediction and I bet it will become true. Strange authoritarian times we are living in already

No. 1741433

Elon Musk talked about making X/twitter an everything app. I don’t think he’ll be the one who succeeds in making one, but it proves your point about there being a western interest in the concept

No. 1741707

how right you are, who knew nagging about immigration would be the trick?

No. 1741710

Just waiting on that first part

No. 1741726

Rad or lib, you can expect this from white women in the few decades. I underestimated how racist many of these women are, whining about being called "karens" when our legal rights are being stripped from the Supreme Court. Since only white women can create white children, expect a "Back to the Burbs" with a touch of feminine anti-intellectualism and genetic engineering.

All other ladies, get your money up.

No. 1741748

>New age spiritualists will become this decades annoying group of people similar to how SJWs were last decade's annoying group of people

The woo woo astrology chicks are everywhere on twitter, let's see how mainstream they get, I hope they don't get to the kids

No. 1741754

>Bill Gates dies and his wealth only helps China continue their genocide and slavery in Africa, more women are forcefully sterilized and "miraculously" there is a surge of serious medical advancements done within a 5 year gap
>There is a huge bust of African women being used again in the name of science that was fully funded by Gates though everyone stops caring it happened after a month

This is scaring me, especially with surrogacy, artificial wombs and "beauty" procedures

>A mysterious plague will kill off most of the bee population creating a rise in lab created food

definitely by 2040, add that to the cry over Hi-fructose and obesity rates. Might make Ozempic more commonplace?

>The Mexican government gives up and like some cartel lord just kills the great majority of politicians creating a cartel controlled state, many women will flee to America and the men will kill each other though eventually they will kidnap women from nearby, probably Venezuelans, America will turn a blind eye to the entire debacle and pretend there is no such thing as violence in Mexico therefore no refugee status allowed

I expect more balkalnizations in the Latin America, especially for North/South Mexico or North/South Brazil

>Grimes bites Musks nose off during a dispute leaving him to look like an asian Voldemort

Please this would be so funny

>Some pedophilic pornography will be legal and it will be normalized as sex work and human nature

I'll go full terrorist if this happens

No. 1741766

I also recommend /r/sorceryofthespectacle. Along similar lines but more philosophical

No. 1744775

WeChat only exists because the CCP wants a single source where everyone accesses the internet because its easier to control. In the rest of the world people are happy to have multiple apps to do different things and there's a steady supply of companies to give it to them.

No one watches films or watches livestreams on YouTube even though they could. No one exclusively shops on Amazon or eBay. No one messages only on WhatsApp or Messenger or whatever.

Given the fact the EU is actively frustrating US tech companies whilst other countries in the industry are embracing end-to-end encryption to the point of breaking laws, I seriously doubt we'll get a global super app monopoly.

No. 1774369

My prediction for this shit decade is that a miracle happens and the MRA moidlets mass an hero, in a convoluted way that they think will allow them to be pulled back from the brink of death but kills them anyway, in protest of their heroes Trump and the Tates being forced to face some sort of consequences for their actions. Bonus incel points if they relentlessly harass anyone who's trying to weasel out of pretend attempting suicide. They do this out of male insecurity, the scrotal need to bootlick their idols, and the absolute conviction that this will lead to them being given government-sponsored harems.
Somewhat more likely is my prediction that moids who've gotten the dick chop will relentlessly bombard moidlets with false propaganda about how good life is with a rot pocket and a bunch of them will line up to remove themselves from the gene pool before helping to turn the 41% into 100%.

No. 1799048

File: 1701695498759.jpg (172.47 KB, 1079x1206, F_3Ref4XMAAhvjJ.jpg)

This will be the norm in most nations worldwide. either this or complete collapse

No. 1799059

File: 1701696096473.png (764.67 KB, 1280x858, how do you fellow kids.png)

Absolutely not.
She just tries to re-invent Die Linke which is a dying left-wing Party.

No. 1799302

Lol this is what you get when the troon worship overshadows common sense. I don't think it'll become the norm, everyone's just sick of how shit everything is nowadays with endless woke bullshit and stagnant wages in endless recessions and misogyny getting more open and hostile. The good thing is that these shifting attitudes have hung around long enough to make some politicians rethink their stances on a few policies. Small steps, but significant ones.

No. 1799350

File: 1701718649105.jpg (43.95 KB, 620x412, download (23).jpg)

>socialist nationalism in germany
This really is the second round of the Weimar Republic

No. 1799352

I’m excited about that maybe they’ll finally exterminate all those club kid troons that are raping the country

No. 1799354

Wow you’re a real seer

No. 1800019

The Trans fad will end in a way similar to the Satanic Panic; it will be covered up or referred to as a hoax when there were real abuses that were happening. It might be more difficult to coverup because so much of it has been archived on the internet, but with the way shit is just disappearing from the internet it's possible no one will have record of it a decade from now. I would suggest looking up the Founder's/Finder's Cult and it's relation to the Satanic Panic and the subsequent media coverup.

No. 1800023

The amount of males in the country are also on the rise, so hopefully they die off first.

No. 1800030

it could even age not unlike lobotomy, remember lobotomy used to be shilled as a miraculous cure-all procedure that even got its pioneer a Nobel prize back in the day.

No. 1800426

But what about academia, government, etc? You can't retcon textbooks that teach that Joan of Arc was a trans man or official hospital documentation that states that sex is a spectrum. Someone's gonna rewrite them, sure, but the old versions will be found.

Also, how do all y'all think the general population will react? Will they denounce troons and say "well I never REALLY believed that men could be women"

No. 1800433

Food scarcity is going to result in everyone getting skinny and obesity is gonna be a thing of the past

No. 1800437

It's not a surprise honestly but out of curiosity why do Westerners only obsess over the rise of fascism in Europe. Every time I come across news from India it's just grim shit and I met so many Indians (specifically Punjabis) that want to leave because Hindutva's are insane. I talked with a Christian raised Indian (I think she's South Indian?) and she told me she prefers living in the UAE over going back to India which is just insane to me.
Looking at the state of the world right now is just miserable.

No. 1800457

No. 1800459

I can imagine potatoes, turnips and rice being a lot more common in people's diet in the next decades(not by choice though)

No. 1800557

There will be attempts to do voter suppression on women specifically

No. 1800566

Some wars here and there, but no world war. Value of human life will be decreasing, people will become more unsatisfied, but won't expect positive change from elites so much. No significant technological breakthroughs will enter the consumer market. Despite the rise in terror attacks, political radicalism won't gain friction to cause problems to status quo.
China won't invade Taiwan. Its gonna be a couple of decades of stagnation and then a semi global societal collapse.

No. 1800568

Japan will die out as a nation economically in the next 30 years, but significantly drop in the next decade. Low birth rates and Japanese women not wanting to have kids with degen males makes me think there will be more foreigners in the country overall.
Westerner influence will ruin that country further with wokeism.

No. 1800569

Gen A will rebel against wokeism.

No. 1800904

imo this is too hopeful. trooning is built around aesthetics and being alt/political so it will inevitably fade out eventually but not disappear completely. there might be a return to being more aligned with truscum thinking

this is already happening with some of gen z i think

No. 1801339

I hope so. It's up to Gen z to start this, because most millennials are fucking idiots (I say this as one) and give in way too easily to woke agendas.

No. 1806603

i fall in the middle of "gen z" and most of the people i know in real life dont give a fuck about woke stuff, except for rich college kids and communists etc. the average gen z kid grew up on filthy frank. most gen alpha are kids right now, and they seem to be very "woke" kids or just normal, so maybe theyll flip it up when they grow up

No. 1806610

what do you consider woke agendas?

No. 1806617

I agree with this. I’m an old zoomer (2001) and as youths we were not at all clocking each other for being ‘racist’ ‘homophobic’ or ‘anti(blank)’ from 2013-2016. The vast majority of the woke crowd were (formerly known as) millennial hipsters. I remember from 2012-2019 was really the big era for the zoomies to either become an oversensitive little troon faggot, or a normal person. And we can all see how they turned out. I’m starting to feel that with this large ‘trad’ wave with younger millennials and older zoomers doesn’t fully push women into boxes of being a mother/nurse to everyone; but instead just gives everyone (especially the little wokefags) a sense of shame for how they behave kek

No. 1806632

>Supporting trannies: Not caring about women only spaces or segregation of room by sex. Not caring if trannies are degenerates around children. Thinking a man could ever be a woman because it's a 'feeling'
> race bending in media instead of creating a new IP
>being lenient/soft on violent crime and criminals in general. letting rapists go because they can be 'reformed.' Not allowing women to feel safe in their own countries or spaces. Accepting migrants from shithole third world countries, despite knowing they will not integrate
>supporting sex work and other areas that deeply only affect women in a negative way

No. 1806659

sounds about right, those are the only things people actually care about, trannies, sandniggers and sex work being ~positive~. it sucks I hate conservatards so much but progressives are also idiots.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1806713

I watch NHK world and they're really expecting more foreigners to come to the country. I feel like a lot of them will buy land for cheap and turn it into some kind of expensive entertainment resort shit, it's new age colonization, it happened in my country too. I think a lot of the original charm will die.

No. 1806718

File: 1702238027634.jpg (19.36 KB, 432x316, linnk.jpg)

1. The world will become more multipolar as america loses wars and retreats back home, this will cause autocrats around the world to get uppity and use americas retreat to settle scores (Venezuela, taiwan)

2. endless mass immigration from third world countries will lead to more far right victories in europe and Euroscepticism

3. super hero movies wont die but they have peaked, the new hotness will be video game adaptations, like mario and sonic and zelda

4. going to be a contrarian and say that the internet will actually become more decentralized

5. the biggest untapped culture war will go mainstream, technology accelerationists vs safetyists, accelerationists will win in the end

6. nintendos next console will be called the super nintendo switch

7. weed will become legal in all 50 states

No. 1806784

it's so funny you mention that and it's very true, meanwhile weebs think japanese people hate foreigners. yes, they hate foreigners, that's true, but they hate foreigners also because they know they need them or they economy will collapse.

No. 1806947

Most foreigners in Japan are Asians aren't they? Or is it just what I saw in Tokyo and Osaka? I wonder if Japanese people would rather have more Asian expats/immigrants than Western ones.

No. 1806958

I've seen some speculation that the left is going to try to assassinate Trump in 2024 or 2025. What I predict instead is some far leftist goes down an internet rabbit hole and tries to assassinate some centrist neoliberal Democrat instead of Trump.

No. 1806961

>7. weed will become legal in all 50 states
God, I hope so.

No. 1806967

me too, but just because i want to watch 'muhrica implode because you can't handle it kek

No. 1806986

That would be too perfect for the democrats and the elite. imagine some crazy antifa killed trump. Moderate democrats would be able to say "see, you're too extreme" and moderate republicans would be fist pumping that trump is finally gone

No. 1817142

For some reason I had a dream that Javier Milei in Argentina got forced out of the presidency early, so I'm going to predict that purely based on my dream kek. It will be within a year at most.

No. 1817266

They're already doing this on undesirable populations

No. 1817277

>the biggest untapped culture war will go mainstream, technology accelerationists vs safetyists, accelerationists will win in the end

I don't want to live in world ruled by AI poly freaks, mass ludditism when?

No. 1817281

the far leftists have really been showing their ass with the I/P conflict. I expect a painful crackdown by 2025

No. 1817753

The wayback machine is gonna be retired. Every other social media website, except YouTube, no longer allows saved links/screenshots to be visible when you search a URL in the bar. Tumblr stopped allowing it, twitter doesn’t allow it anymore, instagram recently followed suit.

No. 1817756

File: 1702876086926.png (159.42 KB, 1996x1328, wayback machine now.png)

Samefag but for those who don’t know this is what the internet archive looks like if you try to look at a screenshot. If you try to click on a link you’ll just get an error message from wayback machine.

No. 1817772

This is why I'm downloading most of my stuff right-now. saving it on hard-drives.

No. 1817774

Wait, what the fuck? I need more info on this. I feel sick now

No. 1817780

Yeah, a lot of social media websites are choosing to opt out of postings being archived which I guess makes some sense. Now is the time to save what you want to preserve to a separate hard drive to assure it isn’t removed from your computer or even print out screenshots you want to be able to go back to.

No. 1817789

i don’t really think websites like this need to exist in the first place

No. 1817805

It's good to save important information, especially when links for educational and historical things stop working.

No. 1817816

As long as archive.is stays alive, I'll be okay. Why the fuck are all these archives dying?

No. 1817942

US predictions.
It's not likely that immigration will be solved in this decade because it's in everyone's interest to import foreign cheap labor and depress American wages. That's why both Republicans and democrats have been very wishy washy about the border, Republicans might say they're against it, but their big donors don't care about Americans so nothing will come of it. There's only 2 candidates who might do something about it, Trump and DeSantis. Overall, the election isn't looking too good no matter who takes power. There's ideologue beauracrats on the left and right who want to push their agenda instead of just doing their job.
I think things are going to get way worse, and it doesn't help that public schools fail to teach kids anything, or that most people spend time on the internet. Naturally people will appear dumber and less educated as their minds atrophy from underuse. The system works so long as there's affordable food on the shelves, but as prices get higher, lower and middle class Americans will feel the squeeze. This will create malcontent and even greater division, as people will look for a scapegoat. Expect everyone but the people responsible to face backlash. I do think this upcoming election will probably the most important in recent American history, and I hope that desantis wins inspite of his views on abortion, because he just seems like a normal person, his opponents even make fun of him for having no personality, which is actually a great thing because that means he's honest. His performance in the debate was cute as he got flustered with the world watching him, so he's not an attention whore/wanna be famous and or rich political hack like a lot of candidates are.

No. 1817957

The internet is going to continue turning into a corporate parking lot because that's where the money is. I expect this site to get shut down pretty soon. Probably for the better, as it'll help the NEETS get some fresh air. Sucks for freedom of speech and not having smart farmers to listen to, but now you'll have the chance to meet smart women irl and be friends with them. The internet is a time sink and is an overall net negative on humanity. Things like youtube instagram or tiktok have no need to exist as they're basically the clickbait thumbnails from the early 2000s on steroids. Anything you learn here you can learn from a book from the public library. Sorry that I'm the one that has to tell you this, but you wasted your life and you have Stockholm syndrome for something that you thought was a good person, but was really just an abusive partner trying to get you addicted to Crack so they can control you better. There are no "worthwhile people" here. If there were, they most certainly moved on to living in reality as that's what healthy intelligent people do. Get a life.(bait)

No. 1817959

I was on board with your post but then
>Sorry that I'm the one that has to tell you this, but you wasted your life and you have Stockholm syndrome for something that you thought was a good person, but was really just an abusive partner trying to get you addicted to Crack so they can control you better.
Kek, what?

No. 1817977

I don’t agree with this. I’m a zoomer and almost everyone around me seems to be woke and a TRA. Granted, I live in upstate New York.

No. 1817998

troonish second part

No. 1818054

Kek what a thinly veiled posts to seethe about farmers. You could've just posted in the graduation thread and fucked off but no.

No. 1818078

take your meds today, nonnie?

No. 1818091

The internet isn't a "fun quirky friend that knows interesting things", maybe it was that at one point, but with technocrats taking it over, they've warped it into tiktok or Facebook, where there's very intelligent people being paid enormous amounts of cash to keep you there. Hence, the Crack comparison.

No. 1818097

I should have done this with the rule of rose forum I was on 8 years ago. It's basically scrubbed from the internet now.

No. 1818099

Easier to push current day propaganda and politics if there are no older day internet archives to look at. It's depressing. We have to keep the older internet alive.

No. 1818100

Whatever, enjoy sulking in your hugbox just like the troons you hate, while they silently take over because they (once) had the balls to go outside.

No. 1818109

no fucking way, i blame trannies for this

No. 1818113

I don’t know who’s sulking, my ass is trying to archive anything I can get my hands on. This includes screenshotting and downloading videos that are now 16 fucking years old.

No. 1818118

that's why outrage marketing is so profitable (raceswaps and twitter)

No. 1818132

No fucking way, it's true..What the fuck? I feared this when they silently removed years worth of lj entries that I myself contributed to archiving and seemingly no one talked about it.

No. 1818135

Samefag but at least the archive.org data still seems to be available/downloadable in unedited format. https://archive.org/details/archiveteam_tumblr

No. 1818136

I don't think manifesto-nonna is being paid but she should tbh.

No. 1818138

Thank you, nonnie.

No. 1818459

I also see this as a stealth attempt to make it more difficult to hold people/organizations accountable for what they say or their support of things that are no longer en vogue.

No. 1850013

Once millenials and zoomers begin reaching retirement age, we will have a crisis of the elderly. Many people nowadays are living paycheck to paycheck. Imagine how difficult it will be for millenials and zoomers to transition into retirement if boomers are struggling. Positively, I think new technology may make life more comfortable for elderly people by compensating for any lost abilities.

No. 1850209

I think it'll be more morbid than that with demographic replacement. All those childless millennial men playing bibleo games and childless women will be in their 70s needing elaborate medical care, and all the hordes of third world migrants that are the new majority will just be like "why should we (the government) pay for it all? You're not our people or relatives"

The millennials and Gen Z will try to oppose it, but they'll have no family, and they'll simply be euthanized as they'll have no socialized medicine and will have no pension.

No. 1850325

Great time for me to save screenshots of everything I've fucking collected from there. Fucking hell. I saved some long and old ass article urls from them too

No. 1850327

Currently the elderly are proped up by the working age tax payers.
As less people have kids, the pyramid will chage to a diamond and like 20% of working people will be paying to keep 80% of the old people alive. It's coming, that's why first worlds are allowing so much immigration, to get bums in jobs so it will keep the economy staggering forward.

No. 1850330

this is so fucking vile. I feel so sad for all the ancient webpages from the 90s and 00s we are going to lose. Fuck this corporate turbo trannified internet.

No. 1850345

I hate old people so much it’s unreal. The idea that a portion of my money is going to them makes me seethe

No. 1850349

I'm more mad at obese cunts who eat themselves into health issues and that's where my taxes go. That and junkies and smokers.

No. 1850359

I'm hoping that all the childfree farmers are putting money aside. I already started saving money and I'm in my early 20s. As euthanasia becomes a more accessible option, I think older people will also have that choice if they so desire (it's an open option for me if I get dementia). A new epidemic that kills millions like COVID is an another possibility.

No. 1850712

People ironically/unironically/whatever celebrating Gypsy Rose’s freedom will be short lived as she (and possibly also her husband, but with her as the ring leader) will be cancelled for being sex pests/some kind of extreme fetish Armie Hammer cannibal situation. Her time out of prison will be short lived as she (and possibly also her husband, but with her as the ring leader) will be convicted of a major sex related crime a few years after her cancellation.

No. 1850718

If that happens then it happens. What should we do, keep her in prison because she's weird and might fuck weird too?

No. 1850721

Source: the voices in your head

No. 1850725

No of course not, and I hope that this isn’t what happens, however unfortunately I just know that they will with complete certainty. Saying this in a value neutral/descriptive way not prescriptive

No. 1850727

Why do you think she's a sex pest

No. 1850734

I have a sixth sense, I just can genuinely always tell but it’s not anything specific thing, it’s like gaydar but for sexual degenerates

No. 1850755

No you're schizo and the invasive way you view people off rip is weird and needs psychological analysis

No. 1850761

It’s not invasive, it’s literally involuntary. It’s not even generally criminal things, it’s like… you know the kind of person who would have to go to A&E for trying to sit on a shampoo bottle or something? I can just tell very immediately if someone is a A&E shampoo bottle individual or not. And, pease don’t shoot the messenger, but regretfully I must observe you yourself are one of those genre of people. Again, it truly gives me no pleasure to observe this, and nothing against you people.

No. 1850805

I would believe you if you made this statement about an actual sexual degenerate and not an out of touch woman who is literally just a JAILBIRD and has no education or training in media literacy.

No. 1850827

Safiya Nygaard and her husband will have a minor scandal for involvement in some kind of bdsm non monogamy activity, I don’t think this year but within 3 years

No. 1859736

This year, Homestuck Netflix live adaptation or animated series.

No. 1859749

If Hussie wanted, he would have had it made.

No. 1859999

I am hoping society becomes much more open to medical suicide. There are many people in my family still alive from ages 85-96 and it seems absolutely miserable. Dead spouse, dead children, can't walk, dementia, pills out the ass, upset stomachs, feeling totally powerless in day to day life, etc. Fuck that. I'll take a decade of solid retirement then suicide pod in my mid 70s before (hopefully) my health starts going to shit.

No. 1860004

No way, that's way too close for the government to start encouraging (or even mandate) elderly to kill themselves off because they can't be assed to care for their own citizens.

No. 1860013

That's fine with me. I'll just do it myself then.

No. 1860018

I really hope beauty standards take a step back. I’m sick of seeing teenage girls with laundry lists of surgeries they think they need. Or at least I hope men start getting testicle lifts and pec implants and shit.

No. 1860188

I also hope makeup trends shift towards less complex and more diverse looks, as opposed to the overly complex hard to do Los Angeles drag makeup, wearing that shit as a normie is so try hard

No. 1860211

Huh, This came into fruition rather quick kek

No. 1860415

Here are my uneducated (and not very interesting) predictions for the entire decade:
>Trump will win the elections this year, Biden will never be the president again
>troons won't get any more rights than they already have (at least not until the end of this decade), in some states and smaller countries in Europe they will even lose rights
>troons will generally fade into obscurity because something more "fashionable" will emerge and TRAs will lose interest in supporting troons
>there will be less LGBT gen alpha people than zoomers, at least according to future polls and statistics
>far right parties and politicians will rule next, especially in Europe, but ~40% of the population will still vote for left wing politicians
>less and less people will attend universities to the point that in 10-15 years from now their structure will be unrecognizable
>the biggest porn sites will require ID verification
>no big wars in the next few years, the US bombing countries in the Middle East will be pretty much it
>Putin won't do shit, he'll just talk a bit more before he dies of some disease but he won't actually do anything remotely important/dangerous
>until 2030 we will NOT get a worse economic crisis and inflation rates than the ones we've had since 2020
>Facebook will die but this won't happen before 2028
>Twitter will never be completely rebranded as X
>by the end of the decade very few people will keep using imageboards, many of the smaller ones will shut down. After 2030 some idiot like Elon (or maybe even Elon himself) will buy 4chan, change the design completely and add ads. This will attract normies and the original 4chan dwellers will create their new imageboard or forum
>the dead internet theory will be a proven fact and only a tiny minority of the population will be in denial
>no big changes in the beauty industry, just the same old recycled trends and some absurd plastic surgery fad every now and then
>schools will implement MANY anti-technology/anti-internet rules in order to preserve children's proper brain development
>Sam Levinson and at least 2 more big filmmakers will be charged with sexual assault
>Ariana Grande will start fading into obscurity, she will try to attrbute it to some random health issues but that will be a big fat lie. Many people will believe her but she won't get her fame back
>less and less people will care about Eurovision with each passing year, it will never be as successful as it was before covid
>speaking of health, we will make some impressive progress in finding a cure for cancer

No. 1869765

File: 1706410396641.png (1.2 MB, 730x855, image.png)

Something bad is gonna happen with either 432 Park Ave or 111 west 57th Street. Idk what yet though.

Also, both of those buildings are incredibly ugly compared to like, the Empire State (which isn't super nice looking either)

No. 1869770

What are you planning

No. 1869774

Nothing!!! I don't think anyone's gonna do anything to it, I think the buildings might fuck up on their own. Like fall over or something. Yeah yeah I know they sway so they don't fall and shit like that, but they seem poorly built. The architect for 432 Park Ave said he had issues making it and people who live there have said it's loud as fuck and the elevators shut down.

No. 1869777

Samefag, I haven't heard those same complaints about the other building but it's taller than 432 park avenue so no way it doesn't have similar issues. I just believe that how the buildings themselves were built is gonna lead to something.

No. 1869787

No. 1869847

>Elon buys 4chan
Dear god please don't manifest this

No. 1885732

File: 1707737685239.jpeg (156.97 KB, 1500x1000, IMG_0759.jpeg)

The downfall of Taylor Swift has officially begun, her “lucky” 13th Grammy win was actually ironically the nail in the coffin and the official switch for her

No. 1885890

I don't think she's gonna have a "downfall" but I don't think she'll ever have the mega popularity she's maintained, it will go down gradually(unless she does something really stupid)

No. 1885899

I dunno, my dad loves her now and I'm sure a lot of boomers are going to think she's a genius now that she's on their radar

No. 1885915

She won't have a cool downfall and go out in a blaze of glory, her downfall will be slow, steady and not satisfying at all. Tay Tay will most likely go out with a whimper, desperately trying to remain relevant and "quirky youthful". Something like Madonna, but with more horse girl energy.

No. 1885923

agree with the first part but it won't be anything like Madonna, Taylor has never stooped to humiliate or debase herself.

No. 1885951

It's definitely coming though. She's already getting drunk at her mans football games. She's doing what most of us did in our early 20s as a 30 something. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see her embracing a new "sexy" era now too.

No. 1886026

New MeToo wave will come through as backlash to how little impact the first wave had and how much we're regressing when it comes to treatment of women in pop culture.

No. 1886113

KEK that would be funny

No. 1886354

holy kek

No. 1887770

File: 1707890008734.png (218.52 KB, 1053x1361, bXOPPCy.png)

there will be a few zoomers activists who will Yemen their entire personality for a few years or so.

No. 1887813

File: 1707895496710.gif (5.54 MB, 346x320, 18764634679.gif)

>I wouldn't be surprised at all to see her embracing a new "sexy" era now too.
She's already heading that way (or was, about a year ago)

No. 1887903

KEK the awkward stiffness of this.

No. 1888753

File: 1707968166109.jpg (54.43 KB, 748x909, tradari.jpg)

Celeb posting nonnas, who do you think will be the first to have a baby from the following? And who do you think won't have children?

>Taylor Swift

>Ariana Grande
>Phoebe Bridgers
>Ellen Page
>Selena Gomez
>Demi Lovato
>Florence Pugh

No. 1888766

Demi lovato got a boyfriend and also dropped the enby shit, I think it's gonna be her because for some reason all the ex enbies end up doing that.

No. 1888769

And thank God for that

No. 1888781

Tinfoiling that in her downtime ice spice teaches her how to shake her ass, but it's not going too well.

No. 1888785

Kids at some point:
>ariana (probably via surrogate?)
>phoebe (raises genderless kweer kiddo with white scrote)
>demi, florence, selena

Unlikely to have kids:
>ellen page, kstew


No. 1888787

Taylor Swift has an asexual presence akin to Tilda Swinton

No. 1888795

>Taylor Swift
She has yet to settle down with a man nor seems to want to. I think she is really a full on proud cat lady.
>Ariana Grande
Too anachan to still have a functional womb. Probably couldn't deal with having someone is a more smol than her in her household so surrogacy is out of the picture too.
She doesn't seem like the type to give a shit. Pretty sure she is still married to a woman, the only way this would happen is if she married a man. I don't think she is going out of her way to have kids.
>Ellen Page
Needs no explanation.
Yes (they could have a pregnancy announcement right now and i wouldn't be shocked)
>Selena Gomez
>Demi Lovato
>Florence Pugh
>Phoebe Bridgers

No. 1888797

Ellen Page might have a kid to get attention for being a "pregnant man" once the attention from her trooning wears off. I predict 41% before it ever happens tho

No. 1888799

Oh man I didnt even think of that. I really hope not, yuck

No. 1923260

The UK government will be overthrown by a dictator, said dictator will install some irrelevant cousin of the Royals as the new nominal head of state, while they will be "chief regant"

No. 1942040

File: 1711653744626.png (82.14 KB, 780x439, EaqE3Ni.png)

when the economies and states of most western nations eventually collapse, the vast majority of migrants will leave.

No. 1942070

The DNC will rig the election in Biden’s favor and he’ll croak during the second term, tl;dr President Harris there is no way Biden can win without cheating, especially with zoomers and Muslims not voting for him bc ‘Genocide Joe’

No. 1942076

Leave to go where exactly? If western first World economies are collapsing then the third world ones where they came from will do even worse. It's the reverse.

No. 1942089

I don’t disagree with you, but youth voter turn out is historically low no matter how loud they are online and disruptive irl. But you’re right about our future first female president if Biden wins. Your overall point about the DNC rigging is unfolding in front of our eyes. Look at how desperate they are to catch Trump legally rather than beat him at the ballot box. I don’t want Trump to win, but I want him to be beat democratically. Unfortunately, that’s not how it’s going to go down. The dirty play will only intensify going forward.
Also, the DNC is going to take out RFK Jr. one way or another as he’s a bigger threat to Biden than Trump. Just hopefully not in the way his ancestors went.

No. 1942093

File: 1711656925919.png (29.27 KB, 778x512, 1496624981002.png)

According to a guy named peter zeihan on youtube, south america, central america, and mexico will soon start to demographically decline like the rest of the west. When that happens America will have to brain drain asia and western Europe to get immigrants

i follow british politics a bit, seems more like the tories are going to get btfo epic style, and there will be one thousand years of new labour darkness

No. 1942110

to their own nations, it happened in my country where they all went back to Iraq.

No. 1942115

File: 1711657762499.gif (772.13 KB, 200x200, IMG_3051.gif)

i'm excited for the kamala dictatorship

No. 1942128

most MENA countries are facing a similar situation, they have the same birth as much of Europe did in the 90's and by the end of this decade it will catch up further.

No. 1942169

File: 1711659659004.jpg (102.15 KB, 896x1231, kween kamala.JPG)

I love to hate her and hate to love her

No. 1942277

At least we get one good thing out of all this.

No. 1942279

i'm excited for the death of social media, everyone will finally be normal again

No. 1942282

Nonnie, you must understand that life is a cycle and how modern social media happened will happen again, we might be too old to get into it but us weirdos find a way to be ahead of the curve, we always do.

No. 1942283

im not sure why but i feel like everyone will eventually tire of social media, or it'll become trendy and cool to stop using it as a whole, forcing them to shut down. an old fart can dream kek

No. 1942498

tbh now that the RNC changed the rules so that they have to pay for his legal fees, it just makes sense for them to charge him with shit lol

No. 1942547

JoJo Siwa is gonna come out as bisexual

No. 1942930

I don't think the Dems are gonna win for a long time now.

No. 1942934

They definitely aren't winning this round with their soft crime bullshit.

No. 1942936

One important factor that people often overlook is that the current nations with the highest birth rates also have the greatest potential for food insecurity. For instance half of the world's food insecure population resides in India which relies heavily on fertilizer imports, as well 30+ countries in Africa depend on food aid. Africa as a whole struggles to feed itself and is a significant importer of food. If the global order were to collapse, who knows what could happen.

No. 1942982

If that somehow does happen I’m betting there will be a lot of riots. The trumpet is definitely going to win though since things have been so bad with ol Joe.

No. 1943101

>seems more like the tories are going to get btfo epic style, and there will be one thousand years of new labour darkness
I think it's more likely to be a hung parliament. All the polls say that Labour is ahead but none of this is playing out in the reality of by-elections and council elections. Look what happened in the Rochdale by-election. Polls are usually inaccurate because people won't admit to voting Tory even when they do and Labour support is concentrated in urban constituencies, which means that more Labour voters doesn't equal more Labour MPs. Both Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak are hated equally.

No. 1943537

Do you think that Starmer is going to stop asslicking trannies as the election gets closer? He's backed down from the self ID bullshit and there's been more pushback against troons.

No. 1962819

i Would be saddened but not shocked if after the death of social media imageboards die as well

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