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File: 1595533685039.png (1.51 MB, 2000x1500, thread pic.png)

No. 1011715

Love Letter: My True Feelings (previously using the abandoned Yansim title LoveSick) is a bad attempt at reworking Yandere Simulator. Claimed by the dev to have been made entirely in one week, when in reality they reused every asset from Yansim and slightly changed the existing code to make it run better.

Currently working on the game:
>Lead developer
>Too much of a pussy to kick off incompetent artists from his team just because they are friends
>Even more pussyness with posting an apology video (though this is now removed)
>His only defense for reusing Yansim assets is that Yandev too stole assets

>Muh style uwu
>Goes on a 13 year old level insultfests against people in her comments and calls it arguing with TERFs
>Posts a vague apology about this after anons pointed out how unprofessional sounds in the art salt thread (possibly lurking?)
>At the time of writing this thread her Twitter was locked shortly after the apology was posted

>Apparently Lead artist?
>Has better work than Shortcake, though that isn’t a big hill to climb

>Only competent artist on the team
>Potentially ulterior motives to join a project way below their skill level

The full list of people working on this game is unclear as there’s no list and the people under the “game volunteer” role on discord don’t all have social medias linked, or are just not milky.


No. 1011719

File: 1595534103026.png (110.9 KB, 592x824, 1595330149506.png)

Thought I'd include some extra screenshots for more context from the art salt thread


No. 1011720

File: 1595534126005.png (818.91 KB, 2048x1537, 1595359966201.png)


No. 1011721

File: 1595534268333.png (264.35 KB, 1446x344, 1595497350508.png)


No. 1011728

What is up with all these yansim clones? First Kiwi, then some literal who, and now these trainwrecks.

No. 1011732

Beautiful thread and good containment for all this.

I still think it's too early on to be giving any sort of opinion on this game since it reeks of a down hill slope to drama town

Also sage for kinda off topic video. His opinion changed super fast about the game. Maybe he's happy about the minor changes, but the game itself has been, and always will be a hilarious jab at Yandere Dev.

No. 1011743

File: 1595535651906.jpg (46.81 KB, 1125x558, axx8bb2b16951.jpg)

Also for people out of the loop, here's a reddit talking about Yandere Dev. Basic drama on him is
1. Uses unit assets but thinks he's original
2. gross fetishes in his game, even admits it should be legal to fuck 14 year olds (pedo)
3. Scamming his paetrons to keep producing a game that will never be finished. You see him streaming games more often than working on Yan Sim
4. incompetent coding. Hired coders in the past but got rid of them for petty reasons
5. mental break down at least once a week

No. 1011753

Thanks, and I agree since this won't even have a super duper early pre-alpha build public, just a demo possibly. The people working on it already sounded milky and farmers were interested, so thought it would be good to have a thread already.

Thanks for posting a summary on him, thought his drama was mainstream enough so I left that out from the op.

No. 1011765

Don’t forget he was buttmad they used code he didn’t understand that would actually make the game run smoother on more pcs

No. 1011766

these sprites are actually so off-puttingly ugly. is this person’s art actually meant to be incorporated into the final game? or is it just for the cringey trailers and promo?

No. 1011800

File: 1595546176942.png (137.97 KB, 1142x586, uhh yikes.png)

maybe this is just this particular volunteer, but they sound so defensive. yandev fucking around and not actually working on stuff that mattered was a pretty highlighted issue with the yansim development, of course people are going to be concerned for this one too.

No. 1011805

Problem is they really shot themselves in the foot with their first promo of "We made a better game in just 2 weeks"
So people expect huge progress in just a weeks time because the team said they were just that fast. I wouldn't be surprised if people expected a playable demo by next month

No. 1011810

exactly, i was also seeing this exact same volunteer being condescending about people not realizing if something they were showing is a finished version or a work in progress. they are riding entirely off the yandev hate train, so they have expectations on them to do better both time and quality wise.

No. 1011819

They are all back peddling cowards. First they were totally ripping on yandere dev. Then they made that weak apology video to Yan Dev. Then they took the video down. They flip flop a lot.
At first they admitted proudly they were trying to one up Yan Dev and shame him. Now they are lying their butts off saying they were inspired by the yandere concept.

No. 1011905

This game IS using Yansim assets. I can’t stand when people say HURR ITS JUST THE UNITY ASSETS! No it isn’t. All the killing animations and various others were made specifically for YanSim. Plus you can see posters and shit in the background that’s original as well. And a shit ton of the hair models are original too.

No. 1011948

kek I am betting 5 monopoly dollars that this thread is made by yanpedo dev and his army of crazy teen fans. Honestly I didn't think yandev could fall any deeper but gurll… this is def smells like a vendetta thread. I mean why isnt anyone talking how yandev threatened to kill himself in order to stop developers from making games similar to his or the fact that he harassed several teens that use to be fans of the game. or the fact that he post pretty predatory shit on his discord.

>yansim fans attacking in 3…2…1

No. 1011951

Both are shit. GTFO.

No. 1011952

no need to get mad, friend
yeah I agree with this statement. One is tryhard that wants to "beat yanderedev" the other one is a fucking weirdo who thinks its okay to have sex with teens. The funny thing is that the weirdo thinks that the tryhard is scamming people while the weirdo has a patreon that use to give him around 3k a month, it just recently started dropping as some of his fanbase stopped believing in him. Then he goes and weeps to his discord lackeys "the intwenet is bweing mean to mehh wahh" if he wants his fans and his respect back he should stop spending money on sex dolls and actually learn to fucking program and at least make the game playable.

No. 1011976

it kept spamming the artist salt thread, so there's enough things to talk about to grant its own thread. Yandev got ripped apart there also.

No. 1011977

It's possible to think they're both crap. Yansim was a scam with a creepy manchild of a developer, Love Letter is a game that's going to end up just like it after the initial hype dies down.

No. 1011999

Imagine thinking talking about a game that's going to be a trainwreck right from the start somehow means you support the even more of a dogshit game it's based on. Why are you trying to push attention towards yansim? That drama is very well known and another anon already gave a summary. Also the suicide baiting thing was very unclear and later yandev denied having said that he would kill himself.

No. 1012004

I agree but Yandev used to use the "it's a placeholder!" excuse so much when it comes to stolen assets that it's just doesn't bother me that much at this point
Eventually they will replace everything before making the built available to the public so they won't be accessible to extract, contrary to the original Yansim where you could the stolen stuff (from what I read from KF they aren't even deleted and still in the files?)

No. 1012005

* where you could see

No. 1012098

It’s still really odd to me the witchcherries would want to work on this project despite having enough skill and talent to work on literally anything else. Either she deep down knows her art would get them the attention the game needs cause she believes in it or it’s a way(a really poor way imo) to get more followers and get her art noticed

No. 1012102

File: 1595609455999.jpeg (171.82 KB, 1901x2048, DABCC320-94DB-40CA-96F0-B6DDC7…)

Your art looks like this and you choose to work on a yansim clone, I know she’s 18 and could still be into that kind of stuff I guess but man

No. 1012109

Honestly it wouldn't surprise me if Witcherries has a bunch of hidden milk about her. This game seems to attract the most milky people.
I don't doubt her age, but I wouldn't be surprised if she was much older than she claims and pulls the old "My internet sona is 18" card.
All tinfoil, but main fact is, her intentions and her whole demeanor are sketchy

It seems all yansim clones are dumpster fires. It was a cool idea a few years ago but now it's an annoying dying fad.

No. 1012110

actually epic meal dev confirmed that the conversation was true, also the fact that yandev keeps talking shit about other developers talks so poorly about him, yeah loveleter is a fucking circus itself but lets not forget about yansim shit show as well or are you going to tell me that the sexual harassment against minors and the purchasing of sex dolls using patreon money is also "fake news"

No. 1012112

Dude no one is saying Yandev is a good guy. Everyone agrees he's a piece of shit relax. It's just this thread is mainly for loveletter. You can talk about Yandev here, hell post up the screen caps like this anon did >>1011743
But don't get your panties in a twist because people think that loveletter is a shitshow as well. We already know about Yandevs milk. This is new milk that needs to be cultivated

No. 1012113

oh no i am not mad and I do agree with you loveletter is just a shitshow as well and the people behind it are probably big cows, both games and their teams should just fuck right off.

No. 1012143

Exactly this, no idea if there's a yansim thread here, but this was created for loveletter, both can be talked about.
Also it wasn't that I didn't believe the screenshots being real, but that the message was unclear so I wasn't sure if he was actually trying to say what it was interpreted as.

No. 1012152

File: 1595618174180.png (24.48 KB, 1059x134, jfjdfjgj.png)

people are really expecting the game to have a demo soon, they really set themselves up for impatience.

also op forgot to link DrApeis's youtube channel, i think it's important for it to be here since that's where he posts previews and has been posting tracks from the ost.

No. 1012154

I don't think there's enough milk here to warrant its own thread. There's already a YanDev thread. Could we not just move there?


No. 1012157

the yandev thread hasn't been active in 20 days, i don't think it's worth reviving for a separate project.

No. 1012209

This is what happens when you claim to make a better game in two weeks.
I have no idea why they made that ridiculous claim in the first place unless they really like stress

No. 1012234

File: 1595628803410.png (344.96 KB, 680x916, 0ae.png)

This is actually a more tame break down Yan Dev has frequently. Lemme see if I can find the one where he says he will kill himself if the love letter team keep making the game

No. 1012235

Also plenty of people have offered help to YanDev. It's just he's a massive asshole
That and keep in mind over the 6 years of working on yan sim he gathered like 20k

No. 1012246

It's funny because I recall YandereDev complaining about people offering help and spamming his email with offers. Maybe he meant unqualified help but the way he addressed it in his videos was very off-putting to anyone considering helping, I assume.

No. 1012247

File: 1595630826166.png (163 KB, 1266x833, fgsgsg.png)

they just keep getting worse and worse artists

No. 1012248

File: 1595630850928.png (137.02 KB, 380x609, Untitled293_20200724033530.png)

No. 1012255

File: 1595631575386.png (33.32 KB, 801x448, Screenshot_2020-07-25 NitroNix…)

branching off to other stuff before the game even has a demo is the stupidest thing they can do

also apparently shortcake unlocked her twitter, but she didn't post anything milky, just purged the apology and other stuff

No. 1012262

? That's the point of these threads. You dont bump them unless there's milk. 20 days is not that long, compared to other threads that have been bumped once in awhile.

No. 1012278

nah I disagree it's kinda cute, and isn't this a fanart rather than official ? (still better than cake tho) They should stop hyping the game because I'm pretty sure they don't even have a writer yet, it's nice to have a gameplay but without coherent story it won't really go anywhere

No. 1012280

You sweet summer child. That’s the OFFICIAL art for the manga.

No. 1012281

100% agree. I don’t think she’s 18 and her willingness to work on a project that outsiders can see is doomed to fail because it’s drama and handicap to be known as “better than yandere sim”

Does anyone know what this means, “love letter manga”?
Is it in game items or..?

No. 1012286

>Does anyone know what this means, “love letter manga”?
A manga. Based on the game.

No. 1012288

File: 1595639346737.jpg (170.73 KB, 1057x428, Screenshot_20200724-210814_Dis…)

The manga wasn't even a real thing. Is the whole team a bunch of unorganized teenagers that don't communicate?

No. 1012292

What, why would they… they are really following Alex path

Oh, but why do I get the impression that they ACTUALLY wanted to make it an official manga but saw it didn't worked out lol

No. 1012308

I think they are trying to keep the hype train going by letting people do content for it but making the mistake of calling it official. They should just encourage fan art, that's it

No. 1012310

Every post in the announcements channel just shows how incompetent the staff is. I think the people working on this are no older than 25 or just have absolutely no experience or ability to work on a big team project.

No. 1012332

From what Apeis has said he is fresh outta collage and was making code. Him and his friend were ex supporters of YanSim and were tired of waiting for YanDev. These two are the only "Professionals" on the team;
They have accepted help from many volunteers, but with no quality checks for the sake of feelings being spared it wont be a professional game, but it will be something

At first it was a fan game (it was a burn, but a funny one) but after YanDev threw one too many tantrums they are saying it is now a stand alone game that is competing with YanSim.

Also note that YanDev recently threw another tantrum saying his feelings are hurt and the development of his game will end in 2021. No more sex dolls for him

No. 1012343

File: 1595648514110.png (82.59 KB, 454x373, Screenshot (115).png)

It's official, to spare ShitCakes feelings the dev team made Bow Chan a "thicc" white girl even though they claimed to aim towards a Japanese setting
They are currently having problems with the model breaking and showing expressions since forcing it to be that large is proving problematic

No. 1012387

lmao what the fuck is up with the mouth?

No. 1012388

Lmfao fucking up a whole model and setting just to spare a shit artists feelings jesus

No. 1012443

Didn't Shortcake even say that Bow-chan wasn't even supposed to be thicc and that it was just her art style that made her look that way?

No. 1012449

That was obviously BS. She's one of those body positive types, only because she herself is a chunky girl. I can't find it but she mentions Bow Chan has "real proportions"
Which is funny as fuck

No. 1012460

what the hell, i didn't think to screenshot it but they made a manga updates channel shortly after i took the screenshots. they are really stupid if they thought people wouldn't interpret it as a full manga over just small skits.

i'm gonna give it to them that i think the mouth is supposed to look weird on that shot because that's also a screenshot from a stupid skit, but it's possible they were just trying to pass off the issue as a joke.

also drapeis has finally "~uwu distanced himself~" from the server this time, which is somehow an excuse for them to shut down the questions channel since they already barely cared about answering anyone.

No. 1014569

Refreshing to see someone have a neutral stance. I agree, games built only on drama wont end well. But we can hope for the best that love letter will be an okay game

No. 1014716

File: 1596105578312.jpg (45.53 KB, 881x788, 456123.JPG)

They are working on a new model now

No. 1014743

This one actually looks cute and more like Witcherries style.

No. 1014783

I really like it and it will def make it stand out more from YanSim. Can't wait to see it finished

No. 1014815

this is pretty good actually, would be good to know the 3d artist though cus i'm still confused over what each volunteers roles are.

No. 1015085

File: 1596181737967.png (535.04 KB, 769x728, EeI6525VAAED4ey.png)

This project is desperate for a website where people can get information. The official Twitter and subreddit are so flooded with fanart and makes it hard to find information on progress and who's doing what.
3D model seems to be by @MoccaDeShibe on Twitter, using witcherries character design.

I can't even tell if Shortcake is still involved anymore.

No. 1015129

yea i'm not sure either, she hasn't been tweeting at all and only has "the TRUE creator of bow-chan" in her bio, nothing about working on the project.

maybe i'm just being overly suspicious but it feels like they are trying to hide who's a volunteer on the project? the discord doesn't have the volunteer role anymore, also it seems the entire admin team changed again? outset isle who runs the loveletter twitter isn't an admin anymore and even left the server and i can't see the other admin who's name i forgot, but i remember them having a gif of zuko from atla as a profile pic.

No. 1015147

I think when they saw the model based on Shortcakes design someone was like "Nuh uh!" and took it into their own hands. Horay for them for accepting help. They sure dodged a bullet "Sorry I didn't fire you, the fans did. But I can credit you for the basic design"
Them giving Shortcakes credit for the design is already generous imo

No. 1015155

That does seem hella suspicious. However, this was a game birthed from drama. There was no team at all. Here's something to think about

The project started off with 2 coders who were cocky AF. They ripped the game and made an announcement they did it in 2 weeks. They were using Yansim assets and made an apology video.

They removed the apology video when they got a bunch of artists donating their hard work and new assets for them. So they removed the apology since now they can 100 percent say they didn't use any of Yan assets.

Still no playable demo even though they are still currently bragging they are further ahead in game development than Yansim. No release date either. Though they never asked for money and donations so it isn't scummy.

But at this point so many people are donating their time and creative imput I can't really say it's Apies game. More like this is a community game.
Writers, artists, other coders and so on.

No. 1015183

File: 1596209722666.png (86.26 KB, 824x750, FAA5E76D-F632-4D0B-886B-CEBFFB…)

Witcherries/seekndestroy isn’t part of the LL team anymore. 1/2

No. 1015184

File: 1596209811947.png (77.25 KB, 713x732, EBA100F8-3878-49BE-B73A-3B5976…)


No. 1015185

Oh boy, the kettle is boiling. Can't wait for that tea to spill

No. 1015187

wow they basically had her on the team long enough to have her redesign the main character so she doesn't look like shit and then scarred her off.

No. 1015199

what the fuck did she expect? anyone with eyes can see the whole project is built upon incompetence and spite from a mile away, and you're frustrated with the team being autists? enjoy the new followers and bounce, as if you were ever actually interested.

No. 1015200

It was. Apies was once a huge supporter of Yandev too but he wanted to ride the hate train and get his 5 minutes of fame.

Though Yandev still wins the award for biggest cow. You can't really top that. But it's like picking the lesser of two evils

I think the only way to make a yandere game that's drama free is to not post any of the development and just release the game like "Surprise!"

No. 1015269

File: 1596225634937.png (57.54 KB, 968x412, anon.png)

I mean I understand her as an artist, this could had helped her portfolio since basically in her artstation she has no other credentials or experience. It's dumb, but understandeable. She got what she wanted (exposure) so w/e

No. 1015271

Are you sure that's her? She seemed to promote the project just a day ago, I thought that was the lead artist

>I think the only way to make a yandere game that's drama free is to not post any of the development and just release the game like "Surprise!"
Indeed, even YandereDev acknowledged that. The reason I was interested in past fanmade projects (Watashi no mono etc.) was too see this concept put into development without Alex's mistakes but Love Letter is the first one that does all of them…

No. 1015279

how many yandere simulator inspired games are there?

No. 1015284

Watashi, Yandere School, Love Me, that one I forgot with a blue theme and probably another I forgot (excluding Limerence), there's a list in the kiwifarm yansim clone thread. So far all of them are cancelled except YanSchool (finished) and this one.

No. 1015289

File: 1596227827722.jpg (20.51 KB, 322x359, 456789.JPG)

Welp that is her nvm

No. 1015300

File: 1596230140292.png (1.15 MB, 1372x906, Screenshot_2020-07-31 Lovelett…)

people were saying that making this thread was jumping the gun, i think dedicating your entire youtube channel to new game with not even a demo is a way bigger jump.

No. 1015315

To no surprise Yan dev ripped his whole old school build from a hentai game. This is funny because he was bitching at Apies for ripping his initial game as well.
But we already knew Yandev was a pervert anyway

No. 1015364

File: 1596243904609.png (562.74 KB, 1080x1273, Screenshot_20200801-110224~2.p…)

Yet another redesign now witcherries is gone, and replaced with a far worse artist

No. 1015365

File: 1596243951791.png (1.61 MB, 1259x2048, Screenshot_20200801-110250.png)

Shortcake confirmed fired and kicking up drama.

No. 1015366

>we've spoken to lawyers

yeah right lmao.

No. 1015387

File: 1596245869400.jpg (12.89 KB, 391x80, IO.JPG)

kek (from cake's twitter)

No. 1015391

of course he did, it might be just a little lie but this kinda stuff just makes me 100% more suspicious of him. of course the two week thing was a lie too but with witcherries leaving it makes me wonder what's going on behind the scenes.

didn't watch the videos, but this might mean the leaked stuff this guy >>1015300 was talking about is actual leaks

No. 1015401

File: 1596246689528.png (179.11 KB, 598x837, 1.png)

shortcake made a thread about how the creation of bowchan wasn't a group effort

No. 1015402

File: 1596246711803.png (869.57 KB, 1552x2727, 2.png)


No. 1015406

File: 1596246830832.png (107.99 KB, 598x776, 3.png)

she obviously won't sue so i'm not even sure what's the point of bringing up the copyright law. it's nice to get another perspective on drapeis though, he went off the discord pretty quick and he doesn't have a lot of (known) background to get a handle of his character.

No. 1015408

File: 1596246882917.png (96.49 KB, 598x687, 4.png)

after this tweet she also posted some screenshots of process pictures she uploaded to discord but i didn't think that was too important to put here.

No. 1015409

File: 1596246931605.png (296.99 KB, 1668x1250, 5.png)


No. 1015416

>multiple volunteers have come foward me about their experiences
plz leak Cake

No. 1015427

Well that's no surprise. She's one of the hugest factors this thread was made. But the fact that other volunteers have already quit as well makes me wonder what's behind the scenes

The fact that this much drama has popped up in just one month is not a good look

Honestly she and Apies have no idea how copyright work. She can fuck off. She made a generic female character in 5 minutes and is hoping she will get more than 5 minutes of fame for being a shit artist. I don't feel bad for her seeing her past tweets against "the turfs"

That and the character in game looks nothing like her shitty art. She doesn't own a hair style

No. 1015434

I think one of Apies main issues is not looking into people. Looking at Shortcakes profile for 5 minutes would have shown she is an attention seeking, unstable troll.
Witcherries was also only in it for attention as well. Now he has a shit ton of drama because of these crazy bitches and it is his fault for being this damn sloppy and frankly? Lazy.

It's been confirmed he was working on the Yansim rip for months, not 2 weeks. He didn't want to create new assets for the game until all these people jumped in to offer up free labor. He was too lazy to check who they were and accepted the free help right away.

No. 1015435

shortcake is definitely not right up there, but acting like drapies is just too dumb for his own good when we already have two volunteers talking about mistreatment and we don't know much about his character is blatant ignorance, even defending. his lying also doesn't point to anything good.
also where did you get that he has been working on it for months? everywhere i've seen he said he threw it together in 2 weeks with some other guy.

No. 1015536

Is Kiwifarms high or something

I keep seeing them praising this shortcake snowflake

No. 1015585

Holy shit. This team becomes more and more of a dumpster fire. People have too much hope for this piece of shit kek

No. 1015589

File: 1596288042011.jpg (23.43 KB, 581x103, 4568.JPG)

Looks like they are redesign her yet again, also do they really have to roleplay

No. 1015608

File: 1596293464837.png (158.48 KB, 409x224, de24wf8-52d1e7de-cafc-4ae7-ba2…)

It's interesting they are changing Bow's hairstyle, when this person I follow on Deviantart posted recently that he thinks they "copied" it from a fanmade hairstyle they created for Kizana (a YanSim character). They seem to want no drama with Love Letter though so I feel a bit bad for posting this lmao

Though I don't believe you can "steal" a hairstyle, the way it's drawn looks really similar, also this artist has 6.5K followers so it's not like their art was hidden in a corner of the internet. I wouldn't be surprised it Shortcake heavily referenced it, her art doesn't seem creative at all

No. 1015611

I dont think you can still a hairstyle either but there's no way she didn't reference this character. The hair swirl at the bottom is exactly the same and are the bang swoops and curl placements.
I don't see a problem with it but her whole argument about it's her property and she's being original is just laughable

No. 1015612

Even the bangs look the same, along with a bonus curl on the right… It's so dumb of her to copyright the character that was mostly 'inspired' by other yansim one, lmao. All she done was placed a ribbon. I bet you if she could draw in anime stile, it would have looked the exact same.

No. 1015613

File: 1596294330375.png (994.42 KB, 1209x2248, EeU39RpX0AUnGgd.png)

yeah i feel like she really can't come up with original ideas and over-references a lot. she posted this early design of bowchan too on twitter, and she looks to be pretty based off of yansim's protagonist at this point.

No. 1015618

fatcake is really sucking kf's dick

No. 1015626

Not even her own "friends" use the silly they/them pronouns. Amazing.

Yeah, it was specifically funny because she implied that she literally just used her own body proportions as a model and of course got thirsty emote reactions on the discord message. She must have felt really validated knowing incels were going to fap to the thought of her THICC double chin that night.

No. 1015628

File: 1596297359846.png (Spoiler Image, 145.6 KB, 500x500, 12227759_895351343883271_68084…)

Reminds of Ayano from Kagepro

No. 1015644

I don’t understand why she’s bringing this up unless she isn’t being given credit for the initial design. Even if other people “pitched in”, she should still be given credit for her work (hell this kind of stuff works in businesses).

No. 1015662

File: 1596305614793.png (177.35 KB, 1344x905, rip.png)

so they redesigned the main character again only to… go back to a design that looks similar to yansim's protagonist?

No. 1015664

File: 1596305655996.jpg (60.32 KB, 923x1200, EeWkyGxWoAE1rwx.jpg)


No. 1015665

File: 1596305730832.jpg (98.95 KB, 1000x1000, EeWo_MRXkAESU6o.jpg)

at least senpai finally doesn't look disgusting and is different from yansim, but still extremely boring and basic. i wonder who the specific artist is for these designs.

No. 1015670

so… plain. can we finally get a design with some personality?

No. 1015674

i'm ngl i'm enjoying this part of her anime arc

No. 1015682

This art is better, but this design is not iconic or memorable in any way. It's not protagonist material. She looks like a stock character.
At most, a character like this would be senpai's childhood friend that gets slaughtered in the first chapter to get the story and atmosphere of the game rolling. The most we'd see of someone like this is missing person posters, and maybe a photo of her and senpai together.

No. 1015683

They are putting too much focus on what the main character should look like when the initial Bow chan was just fine. It must be very annoying for this person

No. 1015686

They shoulda just stuck with Bowchan. Her design wasn't anything crazy, but It was still more unique, cute, memorable than this.

I wonder what was the thought process behind this new design. There's no way the creators think this is better than the original.

No. 1015687

I’m surprised that the team doesn’t just make a whole cast of senpais. Each with their own personality, and the plot has the yandere go on different routes to get “acquainted” With said caste.
They could make the game memorable with different cast of characters rather than make a yansim 2.0
It could be like a fucked up version of otome games

No. 1015714

I hate the way she draws, it’s so reminiscent of tumblr and how everyone is drawn ugly on purpose. Only trannies seem to enjoy her work.

No. 1015719

That would just waste more time. The more time wasted the more drama will pop up. He needs to shit out a somewhat decent game and be done with it. And then he can do what the creator of FNAF did and just make a bunch of other small games or release updates or something.

No. 1015723

File: 1596316097116.jpeg (297.24 KB, 750x681, 57479336-BE81-47D5-99F0-B31CAF…)

No. 1015728

horay for her standing up for herself. But remembering how annoying she was, and the fact she's trying to copyright a hair style someone else already made. Imma just enjoy the show

No. 1015730

I looked on the official twitter discussing the drama (bowchanfeelings) and it seems like all the cases and reports would’ve been easily avoided if the team never hired people under 19

No. 1015731

That's what makes it funny

No. 1015736

File: 1596317271495.jpeg (282.08 KB, 750x909, 0590C6EF-37F7-485C-9C59-670FA6…)

I love how we know exactly when shortcake stepped in with her allegations. But like I said before, why is she so bothered by the character rights if she will receive the credit. Like, as soon as she dissented from the team, did she want to take the character design too? What a cuck

No. 1015740

She was an obvious cow before she joined the team. She THRIVES off drama. Hell in her past tweets she would do it on purpose. She's probably creaming herself at the idea. It's their fault for letting someone so cringy on in the first place. Just because she was the first artist to volunteer. She is only in it for the attention because no one liked her shit art before.

She's also stupid as fuck. People only cared for her art for 5 seconds because it was burning Yansim. Now that she's not attached to it she's going to go back to obscurity since no one liked her shit before.

It's not even character theft. She has no idea how this works. It's just as stupid and cringy as YanDev saying he owns the design of Yandere chan even though she's just a unity asset.

No. 1015741

File: 1596317821290.png (213.95 KB, 717x608, Screenshot_2020-08-01 Media Tw…)

wow the drama is moving unbelievably fast now. they are trying to pass this off as proof of someone sexually harassing someone and apeis wanting to bring them back on the team, but they keep censoring names out, and this is just some people having a conversation about it, literally not proof at all.

No. 1015745

File: 1596318289565.png (140.43 KB, 717x560, Screenshot_2020-08-01 #OurTrue…)

this definitely shows the team to be incredibly petty and childish, but disliking a bad clickybaity video (from the guy, cameron, who was apparently getting the leaks from shortcake) isn't ""raiding"". this entire account is just blowing things out of proportion instead of highlighting the real bad parts.

No. 1015748

One… this is just hersay
and two?… how do you sexually assault someone on the internet?

This reminds me of the Spoctor situation all over again.
Prepare for conveniently cropped screen shots of flirting where she baits him into saying something pervy.

Honestly this game is a shitshow. The yan game genre is cursed

Also ShitCakes over here pissy cuz she thinks she owns a hair style but she was the one doing leaks of the game without permission. She can fuck right off

No. 1015750

from the replies i gathered that it happened in a voice call, but you can totally sexually harass someone over the internet. i just don't think that was the case here.

No. 1015751

File: 1596318707931.png (31.03 KB, 899x589, EeT77qVXoAAcpGv.png)

it annoys the shit out of me that this account doesn't reveal names, but by lead artist, i'm assuming kibby who has been in full radio silence left the team. not like they had any milk, it's just stupid they made them lead artist for nothing.

No. 1015753

I knew this was gunna be a good thread
Haha fuck

No. 1015757

File: 1596319410065.jpg (55.71 KB, 720x960, tumblr_oz6tnwy8mn1qzfsnio1_128…)

you either die a hero or live long enough to be dismissed for drama

No. 1015760

How are basically all the people involved dismissed for "drama"??? WTF does that even mean?

No. 1015763

This game was due to failure. He made the game in drama and spite. Of course it's going to end the same way too

No. 1015764

goddamn i should have posted screenshots from this long post first, everything from that account is taken from here, but uncensored and going into details. this entire project is a train wreck of amateur, petty and childish people who don't know how to organize shit.

No. 1015767

Wait, they made her the voice actor too? Fucking hell they deserve the fall out from this bitch.

No. 1015768

File: 1596321013161.jpg (37.92 KB, 634x325, 123.JPG)

When Yandev is making a poll

No. 1015769

ShitCakes makes it painfully obvious she wants to take the project down just because they fired her

No. 1015791

File: 1596325970253.png (14.72 KB, 773x136, Screenshot (121).png)

Dude this just shows that she got an inflated ego when she gave her voice in that youtube video and did the art and was running around the server moderating it.

I do agree with Shitcakes on 1 thing. She thought it was a mistake Apies didn't do a background check and looked into her social. You're telling me.

The moment she joined the team the drama just escalated. Hell, she seemed to have her nose in every incident. Like Apies and YanDev are shit but how is no one noticing ShortCakes is a drama whore?

She even threw a fit when the dev team found an official VA for Bow chan. So she helped convinced another VA he should be Bow Kun instead of the guy they chose.
Apies really dropped the ball when not checking her social and seeing she was problematic before hand.

No. 1015810

File: 1596327984024.jpg (222.33 KB, 1085x1765, 1595333847593.jpg)

And there are people defending this chick. She's a literal autistic sperge
This one wasn't even a month ago. I wouldn't give a person like this credibility.

No. 1015812

Note she also deleted her old account once she found out people were taking screen caps of her behavior. I don't trust anyone hiding shit like that

No. 1015815

The voice actor is a different person. She tweeted in >>1015723 that she was submitting her story to the expose blog.

No. 1015865

I like the design of the guy more than the girl tbh even if it isn't that interesting. The girl looks like a side character, maybe changing her hair color would be better but I guess at this point they don't care

No. 1015935

People like this are so cringe

No. 1016027

They need to stop replacing people's work once they quit/are fired/whatever.

It's bad enough they basically announced the game when the development is in such early stages

No. 1016032

you do realize that this post isn't by shortcake, but by this voice actor called original bee?

No. 1016041

she's such a retard. and so are kf for falling for her "uwu im nice and just want to improve!!" act

No. 1016042

File: 1596366896113.jpg (50.64 KB, 601x550, 123.JPG)

Stop. Roleplaying.

No. 1016077

The best damage control they can do is stop all public interactions. Do a private discord and make a youtube announcement that they will be gone for 1 month to work on development in secret to gain some damn direction. They keep putting on these people who want their 5 seconds of fame by donating 5 minutes of their time

No. 1016323

this is so fucking dumb but i'm here for it

No. 1016606

Not surprising, idk she should have seem that coming somewhere down the line. The team is full of insecure children with no skills whatsoever, of course they don't want to keep anyone too good around. Fans seeing the good quality work sets up an impossible standard for the rest of the team, which probably means it's not a ~safe space~ anymore for them bc they are forced to be aware of how incompetent they themselves are.

No. 1016956

File: 1596502205486.png (309.75 KB, 711x950, setsuna.png)

Another redesign of Setsuna has been posted. Thoughts? I kind of like her.

No. 1016961

She looks fine but isn't this like the 3rd redesign in two weeks?

No. 1016969

Literally 0 direction why aren't the fan smelling that

No. 1016983

This one is actually really cute.

No. 1016991

File: 1596506641668.jpg (38.68 KB, 611x440, 2c9beff9d89be9cea30be8c673f918…)

Reminds me of the Kyousou Giga MC

No. 1017065

Man what are the chances? I wanna chalk it up to "Everything has already been done, just a weird coincidence" but I wouldn't be surprised if it was inspired by it

No. 1017100

Yikes the similarities are strong. The new character looks cute tho. Rip the new artist, I wonder how long they’ll stay

- I also looked on the new artists’ twitter and they seem pretty big, I’m surprised they want to work on this despite all the clear red flags (unless she was just there for a character design)

No. 1017132

YanDev may be scum, and hardly codes, but he doesn't light up Twitter with rapid fire responses like DrApeis does.

Dude. You're just making it worse for yourself by feeding into this shit lol.

No. 1017996

File: 1596651759505.png (69.83 KB, 598x915, Screenshot_2020-08-05 DrApeis …)

so apparently apeis had another failed gameproject under his belt just he used as another name at the time. it failed so hard i can't find any info on it, but because of the name i'm assuming it's also a yansim clone.
also i love how in the comments little kids are going "but he is owning up to his mistakes!!!!!". a new generation of kids getting fooled by the yandere game is in the making.

No. 1018001

File: 1596651981238.png (607.08 KB, 598x953, a.png)

i have absolutely no idea how they got a person who's the artist of a mayor webtoon and has 40k followers to be a volunteer, either this was a one time thing or she is actually getting payed.

No. 1018066

This annoying art-chan ALWAYS seeks for any chance to gain clout, I've seen her everywhere. The thing that annoyed me about her is her literally begging her followers to vote for her snow miku design, but ofc she didnt even get to finals which made her throw a pity party and whine that miku snow contest doesnt allow foreigners to win.

No. 1018383

He only revealed this because Kiwifarms was making a huge document to show he was that person and because people who had volunteered for him picked up on it

No. 1018390

File: 1596715182128.jpg (523.62 KB, 1080x1850, IMG_20200806_135327.jpg)

Isaky has released an statement officially retiring her support from the game but she says the design of the protagonist belongs to them now and that she can't do anything about it… did she even try asking them nicely or

Funny how a 28yo woman with lots of followers and a popular webtoon to her name got involved in this mess yet never realized it could be dangerous to her reputation lol she's a personal cow of mine, she's constantly begging for attention and crying about her depression yet she's spoiled as hell, bought a dog from a breeder just to have the same dog as one of her comic's characters and the Snow Miku rant >>1018066 said

No. 1018394

how much of an idiot do you have to be to 1. give your work away for free and 2. do work for something you haven't bothered to actually research

No. 1018420

a 28yo woman who dresses like 12 yo girl

No. 1018427

Even came here with a plushie to hug during interview…why…?

No. 1018436

What the fuck is happening anyway?
I wanna blame the attention whoring artists but why do they all leave in less than a week? Well, smart artists wont touch this with a 50ft pole anyway

No. 1018439

aaah so nothing bad personally happened to her. She just saw the drama and dipped. Not like she could have donated a lot of time to it. She has to draw for a comic after all

No. 1018464

Spanish artists are obnoxious as hell and will get involved in anything for a drop of clout. They sometimes jump into shady projects and work unpaid if it will promote their art, even if the project is recieving negative attention. Not surprised by any of this, I'm sure she knew what she was getting into.

No. 1018468

wow, she is stupid as fuck to do free work, but i guess it was worth it for her because she can get a meager amount of clout for talking about something that's getting a lot attention because of drama.

No. 1018469

File: 1596729791860.png (380.29 KB, 652x831, Screenshot_2020-08-06 Love Let…)

how in the bloody hell do they keep getting so many volunteers, do they just ask any person who makes fanart for the game to give them their art and they just do it without looking into them?

No. 1018483

it's probably "oh named artist did art for them? I should do art for them as well!"
lol before you know it every twitter artist will do art for this shit show

No. 1018491

Me over here hoping Ponder Sprocket gets a wiff of this and starts diggin

No. 1018522

ugh I hope not. her videos are not amusing in any way. I'm sure spoctor will get around to this tho (I don't like him either)

No. 1018527

WAS he doxxed?
I hate that a lot of people recently are going on the hype train, saying that they have been doxxed when they themselves have put out that info once before, you know, in PUBLIC
So it’s getting hard to believe some people when they say that they were doxxed, especially when if the other person DID, they could sue or put the other in jail

No. 1018530

Wait, is she the creator of that weird merfish Yaoi on webtoonz?

No. 1018534

What’s funny is that we don’t even know if half of the accusations are even true or exaggerations kek

No. 1018537

File: 1596737611349.png (169.8 KB, 676x609, Eejb8IHXgAA1j3k.png large.png)

it's actually kinda confusing, apies posted this screenshot as proof i think, the post is now deleted, but the public love letter server has a bot posting his tweets, so they are basically logging his stuff lol.
kiwifarms actually only posted his real name, no address so this is barely a dox coming from them. i'll post a screenshot of some of the info that hasn't come up here about him, i'll censor his name just in case that's considered doxxing by the standards of this website.

No. 1018540

File: 1596737828810.png (137.15 KB, 1350x662, Screenshot_2020-08-06 Love Let…)

above the text there's a screenshot of him showing his face in a facebook post where he asks if he looks like hitler.

No. 1018551

File: 1596739618948.png (180.95 KB, 1492x903, Screenshot_2020-08-06 Love Let…)

i don't use kf so i'm not familiar with it's board culture, but i don't understand how they are okay with someone directly involved with the drama (and being the exact type of person they usually hate) posting on the thread.
on the other hand though, this is a really fascinating tidbit.

No. 1018556

nah she's the author of Lalin's Curse, a mediocre mystery/supernatural series, but her style is very similar to that comic's and she's a fan of it

No. 1018629

Honestly, I think a lot of people on that board are ex employees or those close to shortcake. They’re all disgusting. I don’t know much about Apies, but he lies a lot and I believe who bit off more than he can chew with this volunteered expressed game. It’s like, not all of the problems are directly his fault. It comes from managers, Shitcake, and overall the fact that almost everyone isn’t past 17. He’s on the younger side, So I hope he’ll take this all in experience, whether or not the game comes into fruition.

No. 1018633

Lmao, she has no proof. I hate sounding pro-apies, but it’s so gross how obsessed this girl is with trying to ruin this guy’s career with accusations W/o clear evidence.
She acts all “poor me, being fOoLed, and not being protecTed by this inexperienced, volunteer team uwu”.
I don’t normally like YouTube commentators, but I hope someone does a precise vid that gives the shitcake whiplash on her own gross behavior

No. 1018637

Does anyone have a look at these kiwi profiles? See how long ago they were made, what forums they spend the most time on?

No. 1018645

are you the same anon who sounded like they were defending apies a few days back? no one is saying everything is his fault, but being the project head and the one who started it makes you responsible for everyone under you. most drama in this project can be traced back to his his mistakes and inactions too anyway.
>So I hope he’ll take this all in experience, whether or not the game comes into fruition.
he has two previous failed yansim clones, i don't think he is going to learn anything anytime soon lol.

No. 1018671

It's too bad we don't have documented proof other than the few screen shots we got before she deleted everything and made new accounts to seem so innocent. We got gold from just looking at her tweets for five seconds. Who knows what kind of drama this nobody was in

No. 1018731

Not the same anon as the one you’re referring to, but from the website/document made on the drama associating With LL, you can’t deny that it makes it sound like everything is Apies fault, and I said that in my own post.
The most problematic action that he has taken Was that vote He done to ask whether or not bring back a guy reported to be inappropriate.
The rest, Are from issues that should not be in his definitive control,There’s a reason why he has Team “managers”, so that they can deal with the problems before he can. But the team, primarily shortcake, is putting the blame all on his end.
Like I said, I don’t want to sound bias, but from what I’ve seen so far, he may not be the main culprit, but rather a massive miscommunication between Overestimated “managers” and employees, making a disgusting environment to work in, which we don’t even know if Apies is trying to help fix due to all the drama coming in from a week ago(and which most the reports of work issues occurred within that particular week rather than various months prior)

> he has two previous failed yansim clones

Yuck, then nvm maybe he won’t learn

No. 1019038

I think they support her being there because she is giving them info just like the rest of the previous staff are. Though I have to say, most of the time she says nothing that valuable anyway

No. 1019481

File: 1596848629547.png (178.46 KB, 1346x652, New canvas.png)

the public server's mods are so incredibly childish too, why would you even make a channel for talking about drama in the first place if you wanna play ~uwu we are so nice~ act on the server?

No. 1019768

Because this game was born from drama in the first place. There is still no playable demo despite their claims they are further ahead in development in yan sim. Knowing this clown has 2 failed games under his belt, I feel like he only does it to get some attention to feel good about himself.
Everyone on this "team" seems like total flakes

No. 1020250

File: 1596965083674.png (108.26 KB, 530x886, New canvas.png)

these tweets back to back made me loose my shit, this fucking dude

No. 1020251

File: 1596965383321.png (72.55 KB, 717x719, Screenshot_2020-08-09 DrApeis …)

how do people still lick his ass when he posts shit outright admitting he has barely worked on a game that started with him fucking over someone else?

>[..] i came to help out for a bit for two weeks until we released the announcement trailer

i only wanted to help out for a bit since i didn’t really have any plans but eventually i ended up programming most of the core mechanics of the game since i got too into it
>then narwhals decided to tell a random group of people that i’m actually epicmeal-dev without my consent
i decided to leave because i didn’t wanna contribute to the reason why i left in the first place and because narwhals broke our agreement to keep my identity hidden


No. 1020317

Honestly its my fave design so far. Its so much more interesting than both bow chans.

No. 1020404

Way to look down on every single artist of an entire country just because of this one's behaviour. Should I do that too with American artists? They're the ones making this clusterfuck of a game, along with yansim or validate after all

No. 1020443

I'm surprised people aren't calling out this shit show. Or maybe they're waiting for more drama.
The drama seems to have more progress weekly than the actual game

No. 1020724

> not a predator
> is a stalker

No. 1020963

Fucking hell. Epicmealdev was the one who made the other YanSim fangame, Watashi No Mono, and it was actually fucking original because they made everything from scratch. They explicitly stated that it was a fangame and credited YanSim and YanDev despite creating their OWN models and characters and gameplay mechanics from the get-go, which is already miles ahead of Dr-"We created a better game than YanDev in two weeks!!! 1!"-Apeshit.

Epicmealdev released the source code for Watashi No Mono and announced that the project was cancelled because they didn't like all the comparisons people made (tho there are alleged screenshots where YanDev is having a hissy fit and telling EMD to delete the game because it's plagiarism and deleting would be the honest thing to do).

Honestly, I wish that Watashi No Mono had taken off instead of Love Letter. The dev just seems much more competent and genuinely nice.

No. 1020992

What I'm hoping for is he's secretly just completing the game on his own and will just release it and state he just wanted to dodge all the drama by making the game in secret and not in the public eye.

No. 1021026

What an unorganized shit show.

No. 1021038

File: 1597112331555.jpg (87.69 KB, 300x400, 1596847775720.jpg)

>yandev tries to spite mike z
>love letter team try to spite yandev
>both projects are a dumpster fire that bit off more than they can chew
Like pottery.

No. 1021042

A comment I found that perfectly describes why this was doomed from the start

>I think the reason we’ve seen such a problem with “yandere games”, not just love letter or yandere sim, is because of the audience it attracts. Even though the violence isn’t appropriate it is mainly young children and teenagers who really want these games and are the prime audience, so management for love letter should’ve realised this and be conscious of who they are hiring for volunteers. Children and teenagers are inexperienced by nature, and like you say it’s probably very noticeable the skill level when you have inexperienced teenagers and those that have at least worked on games before.

>Teenagers may think they are acting mature and professional but they likely are not, not to say every teenager is like another and there were probably mature teenagers on the project, but predominantly, again, they are inexperienced.

>I do genuinely want Love Letter to do well, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen and I hope Dr Apies and management learn from these mistakes and actually be professional. I feel like you’re sharing your thoughts out of concern for the workers on the project and to help management see where they are going wrong. The fact he even considered to bring that person back was just wrong, you know if the person has done sexual harassment before they will do it again when they have power.

No. 1021071

Didn't EMD already create the whole game on his own though? I remember one of the the gameplay channels I watch talking about Watashi No Mono a while back and as far as I can tell, it's a one man team?

I agree. It's a real shame it didn't get completed, considering EMD has worked on it for actual years on his own, unlike Apeis who is hiring sexual predators and minors to complete this shit show. I imagine Yanderedev is rolling in his basement right now.

No. 1021104

YanDev threatened him to call off the project

No. 1021161

> "Love Sick" was claimed to be done in 2 weeks
> EpicMealDev worked on Love Sick/Love Letter for 2 weeks

Was he really coding tho

No. 1021579

Same. This design is super cute

No. 1021764

File: 1597242657571.jpeg (373.44 KB, 750x1255, 3BD14441-F495-495D-8E42-A45546…)

At this time, we can all agree that she isn’t doing this because “her poor character was stolen”
Like, she straight up spent money to keep this shit oc, now what pisscake?

No. 1021816

so she's like. fine that she essentially bought the IP to a character she KNOWS is based off of someone else's? And she's bragging about that? For a character they aren't even going to use anymore?

No. 1021818

File: 1597249559553.jpg (81.19 KB, 1386x876, 45698.JPG)

She only noticed it after the drama, and guessed that was the reason why Apeis wanted her design, just read

No. 1021826

Wait, I’m confused. Wasn’t bow-Chan already designed (except for the colours) as an oc or something that she volunteered to the project? This as example: >>1015401
How can she be pushed to design Bow-Chan like that character when her character already looked like that (minus the colours)
That doesn’t make sense

No. 1021850

Does this really qualify as stolen..? It’s so generic, and the clothes are quite different. Just the same color scheme really

No. 1021857

Honestly, now I’m wondering if I’ll get sued for posting any art of a girl with a skirt and knee socks or any other resemblance like auburn hair
I don’t get it, does shitcake want this character or not, she went through this whole process for a generic character that she prob won’t use professionally just to piss on a project that SHE volunteered for

No. 1021860

what a shady bitch seriously, she is such an atention seeking slag. "lul i didnt kno she looked like the main character heheee too bad I own it now" seriously she fucking knew from the start, you know she acts all innocent but she is the one that started the "love letter our feelings" twitter, she is doing all of this to spite dr fuckass , I bet she is gonna try to say "ohh the new character totally looks like an old design I had im gonna copyright it now heeheee that will show him" omg she soo deserves her own thread, what a fucking cow.

No. 1021903

Honestly, and the ass licking she gets at kiwifarm, they straight up say “wow she has changed”. I wouldn’t be surprised if that thread is filled with the ppl from the “tea server” or the LL our feelings Twitter

No. 1021916

IKR! for reals! dont even get me started on the KF love letter thread they treat her as this "savage queen who owns it" gurl… she worse than everyone else even worse than the developer himself (he is still a lil shit as well tho), the whole thing is a shit show but she is the ring leader of said shitshow. The messiest part is that she was fucking giving pedo dev's mods information on love letter, this girl is just messy all over, she doesnt want to own her fuck ups and all the nasty shit she had on her twitter feed before she cleanse everything, here she is all high and mighty but she is a piece of shit herself, like I said true cow potential.

No. 1021936

Does anyone understand the kiwifarm’s obsession over Dr. shithead’s family?
I keep reading over their stuff, and it seems like it’s some kind of irrelevant shit like, “haha, he’s from a broken home”. I really hope I’m reading it wrong because, as nit picky as I know people on lolcow/kiwi is, this shit is disgusting. Even the people on the holly brown forums weren’t as nasty and keep bringing it up as if it’s evidence against the shithead

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